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Let me tell you a little something about women who are over
weight. They are easy prey. They usually have very low
self-esteem, and are ripe for the picking. I have spent a
considerable amount of time hunting, capturing and controlling
fat women. Not capturing like you would an animal---More like
sweeping them off their feet and bringing them under my total
control. They are easily abused since they have been insulted and
rejected by a lot by men because of their physical appearance.
Without knowing it--they accept the fact that men abuse them. You
can, if you so desire, treat them like worthless human
beings---and they will take it---if you do it in away that will
make them think they are lucky to get the attention---even
negative attention. As you read more about my experiences with
them---you will start to see how to manipulate and take advantage
of their weaknesses and insecurities. Not everything I do works
all the time. You have to look at each case individually--and
find out what you have to do to get the situation just exactly
like you want it to be.

I want to tell you about a lady named Bernice. Even her name is
not one that would attract a lot of men. She is 38 years old.
Married once, but it only lasted about 8 months. She has only had
dates with men who got drunk and horny and wanted a blowjob or a
fuck. They didn't care whom it was with since they would be gone
the next morning and never see her again. She is 5 feet 5 inches
tall and weighs in at about 175 to 180 lbs. Her fat is the loose
kind that shows rolls and saggy skin when naked. Her medium size
tits just hang down flat against her chest---even in a bra there
is not much support. Her bra cups droop down too. Bernice has
stingy hair, which looks like she has never had it professionally
done. Her face is average (not attractive not terribly ugly). A
PLAIN JANE would be a good way of describing her appearance. She
is not repulsive--but doesn't have anything that would attract a

I met Bernice at a hamburger joint where she was car-hopping. I
knew as soon as she brought out my order and talked to me briefly
that she was an easy target. I went back to the drive-in
hamburger stand about every 3 or 4 days and we would always make
small talk. She got comfortable around me and I learned a little
about her. She lived in a trailer park about a mile from the
drive-in and walked to work (she could not afford a car). She
worked the afternoon shift---till 10:00 PM. One day it started
raining really hard about noon and the weatherman had said it
would storm all night, and the storm would stop sometime the next
morning. I went to the drive-in at about 9:00PM. When she brought
my order--we could talk a little longer since there was almost no
one there. The weather wasn't good for business. During our small
talk--I ask her if she was going to have to walk home in the
storm. She said yes, since she didn't have anyone who could come
pick her up after work. I told her if she wanted me to---I would
wait and give her a ride home. She was very happy not to have to
walk a mile home in the rain.

At about 10:20 PM she came out to the car where I was waiting for
her. She had changed out of her uniform and had on a pair of
Capri pants that clearly showed her fat belly, and a white long
sleeve pull over sweater. She did not have a jacket or
raincoat--so she got soaked when she walked out to the car. When
she got in she made a comment about how sorry she was getting my
car all wet. I told her it was OK. She gave me directions to her
trailer park and I drove her to her trailer. When we got there I
jumped out in the rain and went around and opened her car door
and walked her to the door. She seemed surprised that I had not
just let her out. I told her I would see her later that she
better get inside out of the rain and get her wet clothes off.
She said thanks again and I turned to go. I was about half way to
the car when she yelled (above the thunder)--why didn't I come in
for a cup of hot coffee? I said sure. She had the door open by
the time I got back to where she was standing. We went inside and
walked to the kitchen area. She started getting out a coffee pot
and stuff---I told her she looked like a drowned puppy. She
looked down at her clothes the sweater was soaked and stretched
out just hanging on her. Her shoes were making a puddle on the
floor. I told her I would sit on the couch if she wanted to go
change clothes. She asked, "Do you mind waiting"? I said, "heck

When she came back into the kitchen area, she had changed into a
huge white t-shirt (thick material like a practice jersey players
wear) and a pair of sweat pants that had been cut off at mid
thigh to become shorts. She had not put on a bra (obvious by the
way her tits and belly wiggled like 2 cats fighting in a bag). I
walked back into the kitchen area and leaned against the counter
while she worked on the coffee. I kept my distance from her not
just physically (so many feet) but mainly by not saying anything
about her or doing anything that would make her uncomfortable. My
plan was for her to feel comfortable and happy around me. We sat
down at the little table (barely big enough for two) and talked
as we drank the nice warm coffee. I said, "This has to be the
best coffee I have ever had. Is it some special blend"? She sort
of laughed and said, "No, it is just regular store bought---in a
can". I said, "well if you can make coffee this good I would let
you come over and make it for me everyday". Again she laughed.
She was really relaxed and comfortable now about being around me
(I could see it) I steered the conversation towards her (women
love to talk about themselves). She told me that she did not have
a roommate or live with anyone. She had at one time---but they
didn't get along. She had no kids and no family of any kind
within 700 miles. She basically just lived alone and worked at
the hamburger drive-in. She had no boyfriend and had not dated in
quite a while. She enjoyed movies, sports, camping, and cooking.
I told her how much I had enjoyed the coffee and getting to know
her and said it was late. I told her I would stop by and see her
at work in a few days. I watched her face to see even the
slightest reaction. She smiled when I told her I would see her

I stopped by her job to see her about 4 days after that night in
the rain. She was only able to talk briefly since they were
pretty busy. She said she had the next two days off and she was
wondering if I would possibly consider coming to her trailer and
take her to the store--and to get some more minutes for her cell
phone. I said, "I don't mind at all. When do you want me to come
by"? She said about 10:00AM would be fine. I said, "OK then--see
you tomorrow". When I got to the trailer the next morning, she
had me come in and we just sat on the couch for a while talking.
I asked about the type of shopping she had to do and where she
needed to go. She said she just needed a few groceries and that
she couldn't go to the phone place--because she didn't have
enough money to get her phone card charged. I said, "Well, lets

By the time we had gotten her shopping done, it was lunchtime. I
asked her if she would let me buy her lunch. She said she didn't
want me to do that---I had already been nice enough to give her a
ride to the store so she would not have to walk. We were at the
check out line when we were talking about this. I reached around
her and gave her a hug (fat girls love any attention they get but
in public well lets say it makes them feel like they are as
beautiful and desirable as anyone else) and I said, "I insist".
We went to a Mexican food restaurant. I made sure we got a booth
and not a table. I seated her and then slid right in beside her
instead of going to the seat across from her (another thing that
shows fat girls you are not ashamed to be seen with them). We had
a good meal and then headed back to her trailer. When we were
inside, I stood and watched her put the groceries away. She kept
looking my way as we talked. I made sure she noticed me looking
at her tits and ass. She got a couple of soft drinks for us and
we sat down at the little table again. I ask her how much it cost
to get her phone card charged. She told me she always got $35.00
worth because that was all she could afford. I said that was
nothing---she should have let me get her a card while we were
out. She said, "I can't let you do that. You were nice enough to
use your gas and time to take me shopping---and you bought me
lunch too. I won't let you give me the money for the card." It
was now time to get down to business----I told her I would not
give her the money for the card---if she got it---she would have
to earn it. She asked me what did I mean. I reached over and put
my hand on her thigh and said, "I know you have noticed me
looking at your body. I want you to show me your tits". She said,
"Are you serious"? I told her, "Hell yes!!!". She just looked at
me and into my eyes. I took two $20.00 bills out of my pocket and
laid them on the table. She looked at them and then back into my
eyes and said, "You just want to look, right"? I said, "That's
right". She hesitated and then reached down and grabbed the front
of her blouse and lifted it up to the bottom of her bra---then
put her fingers under the bra and lifted both the blouse and bra
up over her tits. She only held it there for about ten seconds
and started to pull it all back down. I said, "Oh no---that isn't
going to get you the money---you have to take them off and sit
here while we finish our soft drinks". She said, " You said all
you wanted to do was look". I told her she was right---I would
not touch her---but she had to let me see more than just a peek.

I know you are all saying she was only showing me her tits for
the money. That is not true. Fat girls need (and want) to think
they are sexy and desired like other girls---she would have shown
me her tits anyway. The money just gave her a way to justify it
in her own mind. AND she "did" sit there naked from the waist up
for the next 25 minutes. I made sure to stare and grin and
generally make her think I loved her sexy tits. She even relaxed
and sat there like nothing was unusual. When we finished the soft
drinks I got up and walked into the living room area. She
followed and started to get dressed (in front of me). I ask her
if she wanted me to come back tomorrow and take her to get her
new phone card. She said it would be nice but I didn't have to.
She even asked me if I would let her fix me dinner later that
same evening. I said, "Sure, when do you want me to come back"?
She said I could come back about 6:30 PM --- then she added---or
you could just stay here till then and watch TV or a movie. I
asked her if she really wanted me to stay from now till after
dinner. She said yes. I told her if I did stay---I might want her
to show me her tits again--it fact it would be nice if she was
nude from the waist up from now till after dinner---could she do
that? She didn't answer for a long time. I didn't let her off the
hook I kept looking her right in the eyes waiting for an answer.
Finally she said she thought she could--since I had already seen
her tits anyway. I said, "then I'll stay, but I want you to put
on a movie and sit with me on the couch to watch it". She shook
her head yes.

I took her to get her phone card the next day and spent about an
hour with her at her trailer. There was no nudity or talk about
anything sexual. She was now showing me by her actions that she
really liked me spending time with her. I knew I had her (she
would be my total slave soon). I told her I wanted to pay her
back for making me dinner last night so I would be back at 7:00
PM to take her out to eat. She told me she didn't think I should.
I looked her right in the eye and said, " I didn't ask you---I
told you I will be here at seven. I want you to wear a skirt and
blouse that buttons down the front----Oh yes---NO BRA!!". She
just stood there with her mouth open as I left. I knew she would
be ready at seven AND dressed just as I had told her. She wanted
to please me I knew it and she knew it (even if she wouldn't
admit it to herself).

She was dressed exactly like I told her to be and she was waiting
on me I didn't have to wait on her. As we drove to the restaurant
I handed her a package and said I got this for you---I want you
to put it on. The package contained a sheer (see-through) bra. I
knew from checking her bra out in her kitchen the other day she
wore a DD cup---This one was just a D cup. When she opened the
package and saw the bra, she asked me how I expected her to put
on a bra since we had already left the house. I told her I
expected her to put in on---in the car---and to do it now (while
we were driving). She was embarrassed (I could tell) but she also
wanted to do what I asked her to do---so slowly she undid her
buttons and took her blouse off and then as fast as she could she
put the bra on and then the blouse. She looked at me and said in
a disgusted voice, "Are you happy now"? I told her, "Hell
yeah---your nipples really look nice through that sheer bra--and
now instead of laying flat against that fat tummy of yours---they
sort of show through the blouse".

As you can see---no matter if you humiliate them--or say things
that hurt them (like telling them they are fat)---they will
accept it. As long as they have hope you will continue to have a
relationship with them. As we parked the car, I told her when she
stood up (after she got out of the car) I wanted her to tuck her
blouse into her skirt and unbutton the top two buttons of her
blouse. Her response was, "I will not". I smiled at her and told
her, "Yes you will". Then I reached across the seat and started
tickling her--and she laughed. This took the edge off the
situation. By the way she did as she was told. I stared at her
cleavage the whole time at the restaurant. I knew she was more
excited that someone would think she was sexy---than she was
embarrassed. Things were going well in my plan to break her. Soon
she would let me do anything I wanted to her and she would obey
my every command.

For the next two weeks I continued to do things for her and I
even gave her few gifts. We did go out a few times for lunch or
dinner, but we spent a lot of time at her house alone. I was a
perfect gentleman. I had her convinced that I was a kind and
considerate man. Then one day while we were together at her house
I ask her to let me take some nude photos of her. She got angry
and said no. I acted like I was really mad. I grabbed her and
marched her to her bedroom. "Get your clothes off NOW I yelled at
her". When she didn't make a move--I grabbed her t-shirt and
yanked the front up over her tits and head and down her back. It
was still over her arms so it, in effect, held her arms
motionless. She had on those sweat pant short--I yanked them and
her panties down to her ankles. She was unable to resist what I
was doing---partly because of her arms being held by the shirt
but mostly because she was in a state of shock. I spun her around
so she was facing the mirror. I grabbed her by the hair and shook
her head hard and said, " Look at yourself---look in the mirror
what do you see"? She didn't answer she just started to cry. I
said, "Look at that fat cow Look at those saggy tits--- look at
that fat, ugly belly. That is why you don't have men beating down
your door to go out with you. YOU LOOK LIKE SHIT!!!! So when you
have a man who cares about you and does things to help you---You
tell him NO he can't take pictures of you". She was crying and in
a state of hysteria. I told her again, "Get a good look at that
fat ugly cow---go on look--damn it. And I was stupid enough to
care about you--take care of you and help you. You don't deserve
to be loved". I then pushed her hard to the floor and walked
out---leaving her laying there crying.

About two weeks later I went to the hamburger drive-in where she
worked--I knew which side she covered--so I parked on the other
side and ordered a soft drink. She saw me when she was walking
back in after delivering an order to her side--and stopped in her
tracks. She went on in and rang up the money for the sale---then
she slowly walked out towards my car watching through the
windshield to see if I was going to leave. I let her come over
and did not look her way until she tapped on my window. I rolled
the window down and just looked at her. Tears filled her eyes and
she said, "I'm sorry---I I thought I would never see you again. I
am so sorry". I said as detached as I could, "Sorry about what"?
She said, "I don't want to loose you. I am so sorry about the way
I acted".

I told you at the start of this story how you could manipulate
fat girls--she was apologizing to "me"--for the way "I" had
treated "her". Like it was her fault. Now you see what I was
talking about when I said you could use their own feelings of
inadequacy and low self-esteem to get them to do anything you
want them to.

I looked at her and said, "You don't deserve a good man who will
take care of you". She (still crying) said, "Please --- Please
give me a second chance. I know I was wrong. I promise I will do
anything I can to make it right". I said, "I don't believe
you----but I tell you what---I will come to your house after work
and we will talk---OK"? "OK OK yes that would be fine", she
said. When I got to her house (about 11:00PM I gave her time to
walk home) she invited me in. I could tell she had been crying
and was about to start again. I walked past her and into the
kitchen. When she followed me I told her to get me something to
drink. She didn't speak---just went and got me a soft drink. I
told her she had better tell me how she was going to prove to me
she wanted me to come back and have a relationship with her. She
told me she would do anything it took to make me happy. I told
her, "Then take your clothes off---RIGHT NOW". This time she
looked like when they speed up the movies----you know moving as
fast as she could. When she was totally naked---I told her I
didn't know if I could stay with someone as fat and ugly as she
was---she would have to be awfully good at giving blowjobs,
swallowing cum, and servicing me anytime anyplace --- AND SHE
promise---I really promise I will". I said, "You promise you will
what"? She told me she would do ANYTHING I told her to do. I
said, "OK---Lets just see about that. I am going to beat you with
my belt for being such a stupid cunt--And you better take it--or
I'm out of here".

I had her move into the living room. I told her to stand in the
middle of the room and put her hands on top of her head. She did
exactly as she was told. I walked around her slowly and removed
my belt. She was shaking with fear. I talked to her as I walked
around her telling her what I was going to do---making her even
more terrified. I told her no matter where I hit her she had
better not move her hands from the top of her head or I would
throw her to the floor, kick her till she passed out, and then
leave---and she would never see me again. She was so scared her
knees got wobbly and I thought she would pass out. I told her to
stand up straight. I beat her for about ten minute--Her back, ass
and legs turned solid red but the front of her body got the worst
and most concentrated effort. Her tits and belly were black and
blue. I told her to spread her legs as far apart as she could
then I hit her cunt with the buckle end of the belt five times.
She could no longer stand and fell to the floor. I bent down and
told her I was proud of her. I told her I guess she meant what
she had said. I kissed her and told her to get up. I took her to
the couch had her lean against me and I hugged her. I was mixing
what she thought was love--with stern discipline. I had her
grasping at any kindness or consideration and telling herself
that I cared about her. I actually didn't give a shit about
her--- I just wanted a plaything to torture and a mind to fuck

I played with Bernice for about six months. I had her drinking my
piss. She would stick anything I told her to up her cunt or ass
hole. I constantly called her an ugly cow, stupid cunt, or
worthless piece of shit. She took it all the whippings, the
beatings with my fist, the needles in her cunt and tits, and the
gangbangs I arranged with a bunch of black men. I never once
fucked her. But she would swallow my entire cock at least three
or four times a day. I quit taking her out in public and
generally made her feel like she wasn't fit to be with normal
human beings. When I left--the black guys were shooting her full
of dope and turning her into their own torture toy.

I may have some more stories of fat girls I screwed up. But it
will have to wait till I get time to write it all down.

Having Sex and Fun With Fat Girls

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