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Cecily and Josh Graham were staying at their grandparents house for a few
days while their parents were out of town. One day Glenn, Cecily's Grandpa
came into the living room and there was Cecily almost up to the roof of the
room. She had a chair stacked on top of a chair on top of a chair and she
was standing on the top chair. Glenn says, "Cecily, What the heck are you
doing standing on top of those chairs? They could fall over and you'd get

He then goes over to her and looks up at her and is surprised at what he
sees, Cecily isn't wearing any panties and he could see everything that she
had. He says, "Cecily, You're not even wearing any panties and I can see
everything you have. I can see your pee-pee when I look up at you. She
says, "That's alright I don't mind you seeing it. You can look at it some
more if you'd like. When I get down from here you can see it closeup if
you'd like. Glenn says, "You get down here, right now."

She says, "OK Grandpa Catch me." She then jumps down from the top chair
and as she does her dress goes up in the air and her legs land on each side
of Glenn's head and her pussy is about an inch away from his mouth He makes
a good catch of her and brings her body even closer to his mouth and gives
her little pussy a couple of licks. She says, "That felt good Grandpa,
would you do that to me some more, please? I liked the feel of you licking
my pee-pee.

He says, "You must be mistaken Honey, I didn't lick your pussy, OH! I
mean I didn't lick your pee-pee." Then comes a voice, "It sure looked to me
like you licked her pussy." Ellen, His wife says, " He says, "You sure you
should be using that word in front of Cecily." She says, "Cecily, You've
heard that word before when referred to you down there haven't you, honey?"
Cecily says, "Yes, Grandma I know the word and have heard it called my
pussy and also my cunt."

Glenn says, Just what were you doing climbing up them chairs, what were
you trying to get?" She says, "Well I saw that tape on the top shelf there
and wanted to see it." He says, What tape is the one you wanted to see?"
She points and he moves his hand and finally he reaches the one that she
wanted and he says, "Shit, Honey This is a porno tape." She says, "Yeah I
know that's why I wanted it , so I could watch it. He tells her that this
tape is for adults to see not little girls like her.

She tells him that she wants to see the tape anyway. Ellen then asks
Glenn if she tasted pretty good and he winks at her and says, "Yeah, she
does." She then asks Cecily if she can lick her pussy also like Grandpa did
to her. Cecily then gets excited and tells her that she can lick her as
much as she would like. and lays down and Ellen gets between her legs and
begins licking and sucking at her pussy.

She must have licked and sucked her pussy for a good 5 minutes and
finally when she is finished she asks Glenn if he would like to take over
and try her for a little longer that just a lick or two that he had before.
He says, "You mean that you wouldn't mind if I was to eat her pussy?" Ellen
tells him to go ahead and eat her that she knows that he wants to eat her
and she wants him to eat her also. He then takes over and begins eating
her pussy and continues eating her for a good 10 minutes and loved doing it
to her.

When he is finished he asks Ellen to tell him what is going on and why
she is willing to let him eat her pussy and also why she was eating her
also. Ellen says, "I'd be willing to bet that if you were given a chance
that you'd like to fuck Cecily also wouldn't you." He says, "Are you out of
your mind, I couldn't fuck Cecily as little as she is, it wouldn't be right
to do that to her though I must say that I would like to try it and see how
it felt to fuck a little girl like her."

Ellen says, "Well now is your chance, If you don't do it to her you'll
never get another chance with any other little girl. Cecily say, "Please
Grandpa, Please go ahead and fuck me. I really would like you to fuck me.
Mommy says that she wishes that she could get you to fuck her also." He
shouts, "YOUR MOTHER WANTS ME TO FUCK HER, Shit, I'd love to fuck your Mom.
Did she say how long it's been that she's wanted me to fuck her?" Cecily
says, "She says that she's wanted you to fuck her ever since she was a
little girl."

He says, "Ellen, Do you have any idea of what the fuck is going on here
with Cecily and Emily?" Ellen says, "OK, Yes I do Honey. It started about
a year ago and I didn't want you to find out about them doing it together.
One day while you were at work about a year ago I went over to Emily's to
visit and their front door was closed but it was unlocked and I went into
the house and there in the living room was Emily and Cecily eating each
others pussies.

I was shocked to see them doing such a thing together and the best part
was that Josh was sitting there in the nude and watching them eat each
other and his cock was standing tall. He shouted, "GRANDMA , WHAT ARE YOU
DOING HERE." Emily heard him and stopped eating Cecily. Emily says, "Mom
I'm so ashamed to having you see me doing such a thing with Cecily." I
said, How long have you been eating pussy, Emily and she told me that she's
been eating pussy ever since she was about 12 years old and had always
wanted to eat my pussy.

Well I told her that if she wanted to eat my pussy that she could eat it
now if she'd like and then we started to eat each other's pussies and it
was great. She said that she had always wanted to have you to fuck her
also. Well it ended up that Josh also fucked me that day and from then on.
I'd go to their house or they'd come over here and we'd have ourselves some
sessions while you were at work. and make sure that we were finished
before you got home, so you didn't find out about us playing together, I
guess I had better also tell you the complete truth, Cary has also fucked
me a couple of times also.

He was off work when I went over there and he knew about us fucking
together and wanted to know if I would let him fuck me and I told him that
he could and he did about 3-4 times and he's a great fucker. Glenn says,
"So they all fuck their kids and you. So if I was to want to fuck Cecily
you wouldn't mind me fucking her?" Ellen says, "Absolutely not, In fact I
wish that you would and Cecily also wishes that you would fuck her. and
then you can be included with us in fucking each other and you'd fuck Emily
and she'd finally get to have you fuck her."

He says, "Alright, if you don't mind and Cecily don't mind, I think I
will fuck her and see how tight she is on my cock." Cecily says, "I think
you'll find that my pussy is stretched pretty good, Grandpa, and I can take
some mighty big monster cocks in me. Daddy has a couple of friends that
comes over all the time and fucks me also and they have cocks on them that
are way bigger than Daddy's cock.

Glenn then had Cecily spread her legs and he inserted his cock into her
hairless pussy. He had no trouble getting his cock into her just as Ellen
had said, Her pussy was stretched and had plenty of room for the entry of
his cock into her opening and began fucking her. After about five minutes,
he shot his load of cum into his grandaughter. Ellen asks him how he liked
do it to her and he says, "Shit I got a bigger thrill fucking her than I
think I have ever gotten while fucking anyone before, including you Honey.

She says , "I know I feel the same way when I'm being fucked by Josh,
Emily's son. It gives me a thrill to be fucked by him and I thought that
it would also give you a thrill to fuck Karen. They continue to fuck
together and eat pussy for the rest of the day and then the next day Emily
and Josh came about noon to pick up Karen, She rang the bell and Ellen goes
to answer the door and is naked and opens the door and stands behind it and
then comes out from behind it and stoops down and hugs Josh and then sees
that their next door neighbor is also with them.

She finally sees the neighbor Grace and says, "Holy shit, Grace, what
the fuck are you doing here?" I was on my over here when your daughter and
her son arrived and we got to talking and just accompanied her over her. I
hope you don't mind me coming over, From what I can see of you I don't mind
being here myself and hope that Glenn is dressed as good as you are. Ellen
says, "I guess you might as well come on in and Glenn is dressed just like
I am. So you wouldn't mind seeing Glenn naked? "

She says, "Fuck no, I wouldn't mind at all. I love to see naked men and
wouldn't mind seeing a naked little boy either if it was possible. You do
have sex together with your daughter and her son, don't you Ellen. I've
always thought that I would like to try that myself and was wondering if
maybe I could give it a try also. " Josh says, "It's OK with me, Get your
clothes off and lets see your tits and pussy." Emily says, "Josh be quiet."
Ellen says, "Well I guess that you've caught us Grace and if you woud
really like to join us, why don't you do like Josh said and get your
clothes off.

Just then Glenn come out into the hall and Grace sees him naked. Grace
says, "Yeah, Now we're getting to the good pieces and Glenn has a very good
looking piece on him. Ellen tells her that she's welcome to go ahead and
try some of him if she would like. Grace says, "You wouldn't mind if I was
to suck his cock?" Ellen says, "I wouldn't mind in the least and I'll bet
that Glenn wouldn't mind you sucking him off either, if you wanted to go
that far." Grace says, "If he wouldn't mind me sucking hm off, I wouldn't
mind taking him all the way to his climax."

He says, "Shit It's alright with me for you to do whatever you want to
do, Grace. I'd even love to fuck you if you'd like me to. Grace says, "I
wouldn't mind you fucking me if it'd be alright with Ellen." Ellen says,
"Go ahead and let him fuck you, I don't care and besides I would imagine
that from now on we all will be fucking together. I don't suppose that
John knows what your doing over here and how do you think that he'd feel
about doing this also, Maybe like fucking me for example."

Grace says, "I think that he would love to fuck you Ellen and I'll find
out just as soon as he gets home and we'll probably come over later tonight
also, if you didn't mind" Ellen says, " You can come over and the sooner
the better if he is willing to fuck me. and I'm sure that Glenn wouldn't
mind fucking you again. Grace get her clothes off and Ellen says, I just
got an idea, Why don't you go ahead and let Josh fuck you. I'm not sure if
they'll be here tonight or not, though their welcome to stay the rest of
the day, and if she'd like to spend the night she could sleep with Glenn
and get her wish that she could be fucked by him.

Grace finally goes home after Josh fucks her and waits for her husband,
John and when he gets home she tells him what happened today and asked him
if he would like to join them and fuck Ellen and maybe Karen and see how it
feels to fuck a little girl. He tells her that he would love to fuck Ellen
and woouldn't mind fucking a little girl and see how it feels to do it to
her. Later they go next door and get undressed and Ellen is all over John
and begins sucking his cock and later being fucked by him. They switch
partners for the rest of the evening and Emily does stay the night and
Glenn spends half the night fucking his daughter. From then on the
neighbors were always at one or the other's house and Emily and Karen were
around also more often that they had been before.

OK Grandpa Catch me!

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