A 50 something plumper gets used and abused - sex stories

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I was surprised to get a reply from the ad I placed on
the net looking for a women who wanted to fuck in front
of her husband. I had requested a woman aged from 35 to
50, over weight and not uncomfortable with it.

The reply was short requesting a meet in a hotel in
London, I had said when I would be visiting London etc.
and the meet was arranged.

When I walked into the hotel bar I saw her straight away
sitting at the bar, she was dressed as she said she would
be in a knee length skirt, white blouse with her hair
down and lots of make up. She was as requested over
weight and about 50-ish, with what looked like an
enormous pair of tits and a ass that hung over the bar
stool on both sides.

The man beside her, her husband I found out later was
about 5'10, 50 years or so and skinny. He looked nervous
as hell drinking his pint of beer. I walked up and
introduced myself to them both, she gave me a big smile
but he just shuck my hand and said nothing.

After two drinks me and Ann where getting on fine, she
had moved closer to me brushing her knees against me and
flirting like mad. We where ignoring the husband
completely and he didn't seem to want to join in the
conversation anyway. The talk turned to sex and we became
more and more intimate telling funny sex stories, Ann was
very relaxed now and I couldn't keep my eyes of her
cleavage. When I moved my hand onto her leg she said
nothing but moved closer still.

The bar was full by now with music playing and people
coming and going. I managed to move my hand up between
her legs until I reached her stocking tops and touched
the flesh above them. This works for me every time and my
cock was hard in my pants. I leaned closer to her and
said "I want to see those tits, they're driving me
crazy." She laughed out loud and in one go finished her
drink, stood up and announced we where leaving.

I followed them both to their hotel room on the second
floor, which was nice and big with a sofa and bed. Once
inside she told the husband to fix us all more drinks and
turning to me she said "John tells me my tits are driving
him crazy so I better get them out" and with that she
opened her blouse dropping it to the floor, she was
wearing on old style bra which looked reinforced to hold
her massive tits. When she reached around and opened it
her tits flopped out and down below her waist band, the
nipples where like cigar butts and the dark rim around
them the size of saucers.

"Well, what do you think?" she asked smiling as she could
see I was very impressed." Get your skirt off now, I want
to that big ass and pussy" I ordered. She struggled out
of her skirt and removed her knickers at the same time.

There she stood in her high heels, stockings and
suspenders and nothing else, her belly was big and hung
down almost hiding the mound of her pussy.

Meanwhile the husband had made the drinks and had sat
down near the bed to watch drinking slowly as his wife
sat on the edge of the bed. "What would you like me to do
now?" she asked me. Her tits where resting on her knee's
they where so big." I want you to show your husband how
much you love sucking cock" I said and moved over to her
taking out my cock and standing in front of her. It was
rock hard and standing up like a flag pole.

She took it in her hand and pulled back the fore skin
smiling all the time. "Oh peter just look at how big this
sucker is, mmm! Come here." Opening her mouth she took
the whole thing down her troth and began sucking it like
a pro. Peter sat staring and gulped down more of his

"That's it bitch suck my big cock," I looked over at him
and smiled saying "Man your wife's done this before." He
didn't reply.

After she had sucked me for two or three minutes I said,
"Ok, slut get on your back and spread your legs wide, let
me that fat pussy."

She did as I said and lay back opening her legs wide, I
could see her cunt now large as life. The lips where open
and wet and I was pleased to see she had shaved all the
hair away. Standing there wanking my cock I looked at
Peter and said, "Get over here you prick and lick her
pussy for me, I want it nice and wet so I can fuck it."

He quickly moved over between her legs and started
lapping and sucking her pussy like I asked. I moved over
onto the bed and offered my cock to her mouth again,
grabbing her tits and squeezing them one at a time,
pinching her big nipples. " Hurry up asshole, I think she
needs some cock now, am I right?"

She roughly pushed him away and said, "Yes, I want that
cock in me now, please come here and give it to me."

Poor Peter fell away and left me room to move between her
legs. Pulling her legs up and apart I shoved my cock into
her gapping pussy, now wet and hot and started fucking
her hard and fast. Her tits and belly where wobbling
about as I pounded her cunt violently.

"Yes, fuck me harder you bastard. Oh its so good..." she
panted. She looked over at Peter and said, "Look at how
he's fucking me Peter, that's how I like it. Go on, fuck
my cunt, make me come," she was grunting and panting as I
fucked her harder and harder. Her pussy was making
sucking sounds as it got wetter from the onslaught.

Then she was coming like mad, bucking her hips up to meet
my trusts and crying out "Yes I'm coming, Oh peter he's
making me come."

When it looked like she was finished I pulled my slimy
cock out and sat back to look at her open pussy with
juice dribbling down from her cunt to her asshole. She
lay there panting getting her breath back.

"Get on your hands and knees slut I want to see your big
fat ass now, move it."

She rolling over and raised here big ass up onto her
knees. The straps of her stockings digging into the flesh
of her ass cheeks. Peter looked like he had a hard on
setting there red faced and starring. I moved up behind
her and started sliding my cock up and down the crack of
her ass touching her pussy and asshole. She wriggled her
hips from side to side and tried to reach back to grab my
cock but I slapped her hand away.

"I'm going to have to fuck her in the ass now Peter, you
know that don't you."

She protested immediately calling out, "No, please we
don't do that, please fuck my pussy again."

I laughed, "Shut the fuck up whore, I'll fuck you any way
I like and right now I'm going to have that ass of
yours." I started to push the head of my cock into the
entrance of her ass but she pulled away falling onto her
stomach, "No please don't, I've never done that."

Peter moved as if to intervene but stopped when I shot
him a nasty glance saying, "Set down you little fuck and
watch how you should be fucking a bitch like this."

Grabbing her hips I pushed half of my cock up her ass in
one move making her cry out in pain. Peter looked on in a
trance. "No please don't! You're hurting me!" she cried.

I grunted and shoved the rest in up to my balls. Her ass
was tight and hot the way I like it and I stayed still
for a moment to let her get used to it. No one said a
word as I slowly started moving my cock in and out, her
ass was becoming more and more open and she just lay
there with her face in the pillow. I began to move a
little faster and her ass responded to the fucking
becoming wetter allowing me to speed up and really start
to pound it.

Peter moved over slowly to get a better look and stood
there amazed as I pounded his wife's virgin ass. I pulled
her cheeks apart for him to see better as we watched my
cock sliding in and out of her tight puckered ring. There
was no question to whether she was enjoying it as she
started to moan softly through the pillow. "Yes, what an
ass. Cheek this bitch Peter she loves it." He was now
standing right beside me watching and rubbing his cock
through his pants.

Just then I pulled out and leaned back leaving her on her
tummy waiting, her ass was wide open wet from the

I looked at Peter and said, "Hey get over here and fuck
this whores ass, she hasn't had enough yet."

She tried to get up but I moved fast and pushed her back
down holding her still as Peter got his cock out and
moved behind her. He quickly replaced my cock in her ass
and started fucking her with fast short strokes. Within a
minute he was coming up her ass crying out as he did so
with pleasure until he lay limp on top of her. I was not
yet done with the slut so I told him to get off her so I
could continue the fun.

"Get up there and get her to clean your cock for you."

While he moved up to her face I returned my cock to her
ass and began fucking it good and hard. She was not
complaining now as he feed his limp cock to her lips and
she took him in her mouth sucking greedily. I played with
her moving my cock from her ass to her pussy every couple
of minutes until I felt her coming again, then before I
could come I pulled out and told her to roll over. "Get
on your back again bitch, your going to suck us both off

With a whimper she rolled over and waited for us to climb
on each side of her head, her make up was smeared all
over your face from sweet and tears. Peter was hard again
and we both pushed our cocks into her open mouth, she
managed to suck us both at the same time opening her
mouth wide to accommodate us.

"That's it you little cock sucker, suck our cocks. clean
your ass juice off before we come on you."

Her legs where hanging open and I roughly fingered her
cunt while she sucked. Peter came first and I pulled out
to allow him room to shout his load into her mouth and on
her face. I now had four fingers up her cunt and was
wanking my cock over her face, she started coming again
on my fingers when I felt my spunk rising.

"Take it bitch," I said as I shot my load all over her
face and hair sending jet after jet onto her eyes and
open mouth, the slut lapped at my cock drinking what she
could and I smeared my spunk all over her face using my
cock and hand.

A 50 something plumper gets used and abused

Sashaa Juggs tőgyei

Sashaa Juggs tőgyei

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