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Dad left us years ago. Mom got sick, and they farmed us all out to
relatives. I went to live with Uncle Jack and Aunt Ginny. One night I was
watching TV in the living room and Uncle Jack came in and asked me if I
wanted to watch a video with him. I said okay. It was a hot summer night,
and he wore a t-shirt and a pair of boxer shorts. I just had my jockey
shorts on.

The video turned out to be a porn story about two gay men who sucked
each other's penis, among other things. I wasn't really gay, I don't
think, but I felt my teenage cock grow and get stiff. I also noticed Uncle
Jack fondling his cock inside his boxer shorts. He asked me if I liked the
video, and I nodded, without looking at him. He came over and sat beside
me on the couch. He put my hand on his hard penis and moved my hand up and
down his shaft. After I figured out what he wanted, he pulled my jockey
shorts down and took hold of my throbbing cock. We stroked each other
until we both ejaculated. It was really intense. I had jacked off before
lots of times by myself, but it was never like this.

The next night, Uncle Jack asked me if I wanted to watch another video
with him. I said yes; the memory of our time together the night before
still etched in my brain. He put the tape in, and it was a video of him
and Aunt Ginny having sex. I was flabbergasted, but really turned on at
the same time. Seeing my aunt naked and being fucked by Uncle Jack was
incredibly arousing, and I didn't mind at all when Uncle Jack wrapped his
hand around my shaft and pumped it. He put my hand on his hard cock, and I
did the same to him. I almost didn't notice Aunt Ginny standing in the
doorway, watching us. She wore a see-through nightie, and she stood there,
hand on hip, impatiently waiting to be invited in to join the party.

Part 2

At first I was shocked when I noticed my aunt standing in the doorway. I
immediately pulled my hand away from my uncle's cock, and I could feel my
face get bright red. My aunt took a couple of steps into the room, enough
so that she could see the video playing on the TV. She asked me if I liked
watching it, and I could only nod my head silently. It happened to be a
scene where she was kneeling on the floor in front of Uncle Jack, who was
sitting in a chair. Her hands were tied behind her back, and she was
sucking his cock. She watched me as I couldn't tear my eyes away from the
screen, and asked me if I would like to see it up close and personal-like.
I wasn't sure what she was getting at right away, and she just laughed and
knelt down in front of the bed. My uncle had swung his legs around and put
his feet on the floor, his hard-on prancing in front of her face.

My aunt wasn't exactly a supermodel type. She was fairly...plump, for
lack of a nicer word. Of course, my uncle wasn't all that attractive
either, what with his round belly, flat ass and skinny legs. Still, my
cock ached as I watched her take my uncle into her mouth and start sucking
him. I naturally wrapped my hand around my own penis and stroked it. My
aunt must have seen me out of the corner of her eye, and waved her hand at
me frantically. I pulled my hand back, and she grabbed my erection and
began pumping it with her fat fingers.

I was in shock; not really believing what was happening at first. I
must have been really turned on, because I shot sperm all over the place
almost as soon as she started her hand motion. I guess she could see my
embarrassment over making such a mess. But she didn't seem upset at all.
First, she licked her hand clean, and then she used her tongue all over my
spasming shaft and cleaned my penis too. She patted her hand on the floor
next to her and told me to kneel down beside her, which I did.

I got another shock when she slid over and pulled me by my arm until I
was face-to-cock with my uncle's glistening erection. Auntie coaxed me to
try putting it in my mouth. I was hesitant at first, having never even
thought of sucking someone's penis before, but she was very encouraging and
convincing, making it seem like everything was okay.

I leaned in towards my uncle and he took my head in both of his hands
and gently pulled it towards his stiff member. My mouth opened
instinctively, and before I knew it, I was sucking my first cock. This
seemed to delight my aunt to no end, and she clapped and congratulated me,
making it seem alright. My uncle didn't say anything, but it was clear
that he was enjoying fucking my young mouth.

I didn't realize it at first, but my aunt had slipped behind me. I had
been busy concentrating on my uncle's pleasure. I was on my hands and
knees, trying not to gag when he pushed it in too far. When I felt two
hands rubbing my ass cheeks, I finally figured out where my aunt had gone.
She was kneeling right behind me, firmly massaging my ass, which felt
pretty good. Just as I was getting into it, all of a sudden she spread my
cheeks wide and started licking my exposed ass hole. This caused me to
lurch forward immediately, and Uncle Jack's cock nearly made it all the way
down my throat. Coughing and sputtering, I started to panic a little, but
he held my head in place while my aunt soothed me by massaging my back and
shoulders until I calmed down.

After that, I really got into feeling her hot, velvety tongue slide in
and out of my dirty hole. I felt my cock getting hard again as she sucked
on my ass while I sucked on my uncle's cock. I was hooked from then on. I
became a willing whore for them, and they knew I would do anything they
asked of me. And did they ever! I wondered if all adults and married
couples were as kinky as my aunt and uncle. I figured I would find out
sooner or later, but for now I had my hands full...and my mouth too.

I could tell that Uncle Jack was getting close to cumming, and I wasn't
sure what to do. But Aunt Ginny must have sensed my awkwardness, because
she reached around and took my throbbing hard-on in her hand and began to
pump it feverishly, which took my mind off my uncle's invasion of my mouth.
I could feel my own orgasm welling up just as my uncle started fucking my
mouth in earnest. I choked a little, but my uncle held my head so tight, I
couldn't move. At the same time, my aunt had managed to lie under me and
take my shuddering cock in her mouth. I felt like I would panic as my
uncle's hot jizz began filling my mouth and I swallowed again and again.
His explosion triggered my own orgasm, and my cum came squirting out with
such intensity, I thought I might pass out. But I didn't want to miss out
on the feeling of my aunt's soft tongue coaxing every last drop down her

Part 3

I was in a state of shock for several days afterwards. They must have
sensed it, because they didn't speak about it to me. Just as I convinced
myself that it must have all been a dream or something, Uncle Jack left for
a business conference. Aunt Ginny and I drove him to the airport, wished
him a safe flight, and left.

Imagine my surprise when we got into the car and auntie silently took my
hand and put it between her legs. She wore no underwear, and I was
surprised to discover that she was hot and wet down there. As she pressed
my hand harder against her sex, she moaned quietly, turned to me and said:
"You're mine for the next three days."

She clutched my hand even tighter, and pushed my fingers inside of her,
spreading her legs wider and wider:

"Oh god yes! Oh, that's it. Finger me, boy! Deeper! Make me cum!"

I was dumbfounded, to say the least. I did as I was told, and my
teenage erection pushed against my shorts, just begging to be released. I
couldn't believe what she said about 'being hers' for the next few days. I
buried my fingers deep inside of her juicy cunt and I felt her fingers wrap
around my wrist and squeeze. She pushed and pulled my hand until her body
jerked and writhed uncontrollably for several minutes.

Finally, she slumped forward against the steering wheel, breathing
heavily and moaning in appreciation. I waited silently as she regained her
composure. She lifted her head up and stared out the windshield. She then
turned towards me and said:

"Wait until I get you home."

She started the car and off we went. I still had the matter of my
stiffy trying to get free. I couldn't help but touch it every once in a
while. When we stopped at a red light, she looked over at my crotch and
saw my dilemma:

"Take it out. Go ahead. Let me see it."

I slipped it out underneath my shorts, and she reached over and grabbed
it and caressed it several times.

"We'll take care of this when we get home," she said, and then drove off
down the highway.

Part 4

She barely got the car up the driveway when she ran into the house and
closed the bathroom door. I wondered what I was supposed to do while I
waited. I'd had a hard-on for so long, it was beginning to hurt. But, I
didn't have to wait long. I heard the toilet flush, and Auntie emerged in
a sheer robe.

She took my hand and led me to her bedroom. She stood in front of me
and opened up her robe. She pulled me close and presented one of her bare
breasts to my face. Instinctively, I opened my mouth, and she stuck it in.
She swooned as I began to suck on it. I had never done anything like it
before, but I guess she didn't care, because she switched to her other boob
and hugged me tight against her body. I felt her falling down onto the
bed, and she pulled me on top of her.

Her legs were wrapped around me, and she started kissing me. When I
felt her tongue push into my mouth, it confused me and I pulled away. Her
grip just got tighter and she assured me that I would like it if I used my
tongue too. I didn't resist after that, and our mouths got hot and steamy.

"I want you to fuck me now. Would you like that?"

I nodded, even though I had never done it before. She pushed me up
until I was standing, and she told me to get undressed. As she positioned
herself in the middle of the bed, I could see that her eyes didn't leave my
boner for even a second.

She patted the bed and told me to come up and lay on top of her, which I
did. In a flash, she took control and I was inside her. She sighed and I
groaned at the same time. She told me to go slow, there was no hurry. But
I doubt if I made it ten strokes before I was filling her love box with my
generous offering.

She hugged me and laughed:

"Well, there goes your virginity! Glad we got that out of the way. Now
we can get serious."

"Now, I'm going to teach you some things that you'll thank me for later
on down the road. We'll call it Hands-on Sex Education...the kind of stuff
they don't teach you in school," she said, laughing heartily at her attempt
at humor.

I was at once curious and terrified. I was eager to learn about sex,
but the thought of spending the next three days as my aunt's personal sex
slave made my spine tingle, and not in a good way. I felt her thick hands
squeeze my shoulders and push me down her prone body until my face met her
juicy pussy. She held my head steady in her hands and spread her legs
wide. She sensed my hesitation:

"Go ahead and start lickin', boy. Don't be afraid, it's just your jizz
mixed with mine. You might as well get used to it."

I swallowed hard and did what I was told; slowly at first, because the
thought wasn't all that appealing, to be honest. But the more Aunt Ginny
squirmed and groaned and tightened her grip on my head, the more I got into
it. My cock began to grow, and I was aroused quickly.

"My clit! Lick my clit!" she demanded, as she pushed my face tighter
against her steaming womanhood. I hesitated, and she must have realized
that I had no idea what her clit was, or where I might find it. After she
straightened me out I flicked it rapidly with my stiff tongue, and it
wasn't long before she exploded all over my face. I was amazed at how hot
her juices were, and I found myself eagerly sucking on her cunt, trying to
swallow all I could. By now she was gripping my hair and bouncing her
pelvis up and down feverishly until her movements finally slowed and
eventually stopped.

"Well, well, if we don't have the makings of a first rate cunt sucker,"
she finally declared between gasps of breath."

She rose up on her elbows and stroked my head, beaming a smile as wide
as her hips.

"How about we shower up and have some dinner?" she suggested, "later on
tonight I have something special planned."

Part 5

It felt good to get clean and have a full stomach again. Aunt Ginny
might not be much to look at, but she was a great cook. She must have been
feeling okay herself, because she even poured me a glass of wine at dinner.
I wasn't used to alcohol, but I tried it and it was pretty good. After I
helped her clear the table and do the dishes, she gave me my new
"Go into my bedroom and you'll see three outfits laid out on the bed.
Pick the one you like the best, put it on and then meet me back here in the

dining room," she said, as she poured herself another glass of wine.

I had no clue what she was talking about, but I did what I was told, as
usual. When I opened the bedroom door, I was a little confused. There on
the bed were three negligee outfits with matching panties. I had my choice
of pink, black, and turquoise. They were all about the same except for the
different colors. I wasn't sure what she had planned, to say the least,
but I must admit I got a little tingly at the idea of wearing women's lacy
unmentionables. I chose the turquoise set. I wasn't really sure why. As
I began to put it on I was surprised how sexy I felt. By the time I
figured out how to wear the panties, I already had an erection.

"Whoa, look at you!" Auntie exclaimed, as I walked into the dining room,
a little red-faced. "Come over here and let me see...OH MY!"

She spied my hard penis right away, and couldn't resist reaching under
and giving it a squeeze. I winced, more out of embarrassment than anything

"Your Uncle Jack is going to be SO happy when he sees you in this," she
predicted, "now come over here and kneel on the chair and then lean over
the table."

I did as I was told, although I was nervous. I had some idea of what
she had in mind, but it wasn't all clear to me yet. Just as I assumed the
position, I heard the sound of an aerosol can going off. Right after that,
I felt my sexy thong being pulled down to my knees, followed by some kind
of soft, warm foam being rubbed all over my ass.

"I'm going to get you ready for your uncle...he'll just love this!" Aunt
Ginny announced rather proudly. With that, she began shaving the hair from
my ass and balls. It felt kind of good, I guess...well, at least it didn't
hurt. When she was done, she rinsed the lather off with a wash cloth and
dried me with a towel.

"Boy, you're about to experience something you probably never expected,
but you'll thank me once your uncle gets hold of you!" she declared. I
heard the clinking of metal on metal behind me, but I only took a quick
glance, and saw my aunt stepping into some kind of leather harness and
tightening the straps around her thighs. I didn't immediately notice the
black dildo swaying in front of her naked body.

I felt her chubby fingers massaging my smooth ass cheeks, while she
moaned quietly. It felt good, I'll admit it. But then I heard a jar lid
unscrewing, and before I knew it, Auntie Ginny had her finger shoved
completely up my hot, dark passage. I couldn't help but wince, not in pain
so much as in shock.

"It's okay, young man, I'm just getting your ass ready for this big cock
you're about to take," she explained calmly. Now all of a sudden, it all
made sense to me, and I wanted to panic and run, but she calmed me down:

"Don't worry, it won't hurt: well, not for long'll end up
loving it, I swear!" she cooed, reassuringly. So, I figured I had no real
choice in the matter, so I just kind of shut down and waited for her next

"YIKES!" I blurted out, as the black intruder found its target and slid
into my virgin asshole. It felt like my brain exploded, and I could
literally see stars and fireworks and bright lights behind my closed eyes.
She backed off a little and went slower, and eventually my sphincter
relaxed and allowed the rude and unwelcomed guest to penetrate my hind

She fell into a gentle rhythm, and proceeded to fuck my tight ass,
eventually reaching around and stroking my screaming erection at the same
time. It began to feel good, and I could tell that she was now burying
that dildo as far in as it would go. I bucked back against each new stroke
and closed my hand around her hand that was pumping my cock towards the
Promised Land. I wanted to make sure she finished what she had started,
and soon I was pumping hot come down her hand and all over the chair. It
was the most intense orgasm I had ever had.

"Well, you sure are a fast learner," she stated, as she pulled the toy
out of my ass, apparently proud of herself and of me as well. "Your Uncle
Jack will go crazy when he sees you in your sexy outfit!"

I wasn't sure if I should be happy or scared to death at the idea of
seeing my uncle's face when the time came. But I didn't have much time to
think about it, because auntie grabbed me by my ear and marched me to her
bedroom. She flung me onto the bed, climbed on top of me, and my face was
buried in her sweaty, hairy muff for the next several minutes.

Part 6

As we drove to the airport when the day came to pick up Uncle Jack, my
aunt was downright giddy with anticipation. She couldn't wait to see what
would happen when they got home. She planned to offer my ass as a precious
gift to my uncle: sort of a 'Welcome Home' present. I, on the other hand,
was pretty nervous and shaken by the idea, but I didn't have much choice
than to play along.

We got home, and Aunt Ginny was all over my uncle, fixing him a drink
and then bringing him his slippers and robe as he relaxed in the living
room. She could barely contain herself. Dinner was cooking, and she acted
like a little one waiting for Santa to come down the chimney. Finally, she
could no longer contain her enthusiasm:

"Jack, I have a special surprise for you after supper," she whispered in
his ear with a wicked grin on her face.

"Oh? Tell me what it is!"

"No, silly, it's a surprise!" she giggled, quickly glancing over my way.

"Okay, well then, let's eat!"

When we had finished, Auntie Ginny got up and began to gather up the
dirty dishes. She shot me a look and motioned with her head that I was to
disappear into my room and get myself ready. I guess I was dessert. Uncle
Jack helped her clear the table and do the dishes while I carried out
auntie's plan. I locked my door and started preparing myself, just like we
had discussed: she had taught me how to do my eyes and lips, which I was
actually pretty good at. Next, I stripped down naked and selected the red
negligee this time. She had even lent me a pair of her black heels, which
fit fairly well.

A knock on my door signaled me to come out to the living room and
present myself:

"Sweet Mother Mary!" my uncle blurted out, as he quickly jumped out of
his easy chair. "Glory be to heaven and earth!" He was beside himself.
"Well, well, well, my very own Sissy Boi to play with! Come over here,
lad, and let me look at you!"

By now, I was really into it, and I happily obliged. I kind of twirled
around for him, as best as I could with the heels on and all. I even bent
over right in front of his face, revealing the little red thong that barely
covered my balls. I felt his rough hands cupping and squeezing my freshly
shaved ass cheeks and squeezing my balls and my stiff erection. I couldn't
wait to feel his thick cock pushing its way into my forbidden 'boi pussy'.
Maybe, I silently hoped, he would come in my mouth after he was done
fucking me.

Asstr aunt pantyhose licked

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