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It was Robyn Berry's first day at Mountain View High
School. She had just moved to Mountain View during the
summer when his company had transferred her father to
Denver, Colorado. Robyn hadn't had a chance to meet
any of the other juniors in her class yet, and felt a
little nervous walking around campus not knowing
anyone. That first day dragged on until the final bell rang,
and all the kids hit the doors in a loud torrent of
noise, running and yelling as they left the school day
behind them. Robyn was a little surprised at all the
casual attitudes and unruly behavior that went on at
her new school. Having spent the first two years of her
high school experience at St. Mary's, a Catholic School
in Freeport New York, she was used too much more super-
vision during school hours. She noticed boys kissing girls in the halls, and
several young couples were acting disgracefully
intimate right there in front of everybody. Robyn
wasn't sure if she would fit in at this new school,
everything made her so uncomfortable. As she walked toward the parking lot thinking her
thoughts, a loud noise startled her. She spun around,
heart pounding in fright, to see two boys running
toward her as if all hell had broken loose. The boy
on the right grabbed her arm and breathing hard,
whispered harshly to her, "Pretend that we've been
walking together!" The boy quickly pulled his jacket off and shoved it
under her arm, and without another word he started to
leave the campus grounds, firmly holding her arm. The
boy that had been with him did the same thing to
another girl several feet away. Suddenly a security guard came running around the
corner of the building, yelling, "Did anyone see two
boys running past here?" He looked directly at Robyn
and the boy with her, then at the other boy and girl. The boy beside her said, "Yes, we saw two guys jump
that fence just before you came around the corner. They
were really going fast. What did they do?" The guard mumbled something about vandalism, and
stalked off. Robyn had been in a mild state of shock, standing
there with knees trembling, not knowing what to do or
say. She knew that if the man had asked her any
questions, she wouldn't have been able to utter a word. But as the guard went back into the school building,
she started to get mad. How dare this boy use her like
this? How dare he! She disengaged his arm from hers and
turned to face him, saying, "Are you the vandal that
he was talking about?" As she asked this question, she noticed what he looked
like; she had been too frightened to see anything be-
fore. The boy was several inches taller than she was,
probably 5'7" or 5'8" and really, very handsome. He had
black hair, in kind of an Elvis Presley unkempt style,
and very dark brown eyes. Robyn noticed his lips; she
liked the way they curled at the edges. But his looks
didn't change a thing, as far as his actions in involv-
ing her in his little prank. She shot him a withering stare and said, "Do you al-
ways go around grabbing strange girls, and getting them
involved in your problems? Not very manly to hide be-
hind a woman is it?" The boy just stood there in front of her, looking at
her quietly, then all at once his eyes lit up, and his
face broke into a wonderful smile, he held his hand out
to her as if to shake hands and said, "Pardon my
actions, beautiful. Had I known it was you, I'd have
lain my life down to protect you. My name's Max and
that scruffy looking dude over there is Jerry. We got
in a little trouble back there, but it wasn't our
doing. I get in trouble all the time because I say it
like it is, and the football team doesn't like me for
it." Robyn a little less mad now, asked, "What are you
talking about?" The other boy and girl came over to them and stood
waiting. Max said, "You could call me a smart ass I
guess, I'm always pointing out the obvious, like what
a bunch of losers the football players are. And for
some reason they take offense to that." He flashed that smile again. After that, he introduced Jerry's girlfriend whose
name was Kelly, and invited Robyn to the Phoenix, a
cafe where apparently all the kids hung out after
school. But Robyn had had all the experiences she
cared to have for one day and excused herself. Max
wouldn't let her walk home alone, so Robyn finally
gave in and let him walk by her side all the way to
the sidewalk in front of her house. -=*=- That night at dinner Robyn got the third degree about
her day. Her parents were very conscientious about
their only child. They wanted to make sure she was
safe and happy. In short, they wanted to know every-
thing that went on in her young life. "Robyn, how were things at school today?" her father
asked while he served himself a portion of casserole.

Robyn didn't want to complain about her school, and
couldn't really talk to her parents about how she felt,
because she really didn't want to go to a Catholic
school again. She had insisted that she be allowed to
attend a public school this time, and if she made the
smallest complaint or let them know how confused she
was they'd probably force her into a private school
immediately. "Things were fine today Dad. I figured out how things
work, and feel pretty good about the place," she
smiled. Robyn's mother looked at her silently. Her father said, "Well you know, if things don't work
out, you can always enroll at St. Bartholomew's. I hear
that their academic record in unparalleled in both
mathematics, and English literature. And you know how
much you like those subjects." "Yes Daddy, but things seem to be working out just
fine at Mountain View," she said, trying to sound
confident. After dinner, Robyn helped her mother clear up the
plates and things. And as they were loading the dish-
washer her mother said, " Robyn, you know that we love
you, and that we're proud of you. You've always been
such a good girl, and you're so smart. I trust you to
make the right decisions." With that, she wiped her hands on the kitchen towel
and turned to leave. Robyn wasn't sure what her mother was trying to tell
her, so she asked what she had meant by "Trust her to
make the right decisions." Her mother looked a little embarrassed, and stuttered
nervously, saying, "Baby, it's just that you've always
been in a protected environment, and now that you're in
a public school, and in a strange city... well I guess
I worry about you," she sighed, then concluded, "I just
hope that you aren't hurt by anyone, and that you meet
nice people, that's all." Robyn looked at the worry etched on her Mother's face,
and hugged her tightly, reassuring her that she could
take care of herself. -=*=- That night, Robyn couldn't sleep. She was nervous
about school, and Max, and Jerry and Kelly, and the
events of the day. It all scared her deep down inside,
just too many things were different, but it also
excited her more than anything had ever before. Robyn really liked that boy, he was so smooth, a term
she and her girlfriends had used for boys that looked
dreamy. Her thoughts turned to Max, and her teenage
fantasies about a silver-clad knight on a white horse
began their familiar swirl through her thoughts. As
she thought about Max, and what he'd be like, Robyn
began to brush her erect nipples with her fingers.
This fantasy was her favorite, and Max fit the bill
perfectly. Although she'd never actually sleep with Max, Robyn
did have a healthy teenager's sex drive. The thought
of the handsome boy making love to her was all it took
to bring her graceful hand to rest between her silken
thighs. As Robyn slowly massaged her breasts and her
mons, she brought herself to another sweet gentle
orgasm. It was always the same, and 'dreamy boys'
would always make her come. At least in her dreams. She would certainly never do anything like that in
real life; not until she was married. Then, she knew
that she'd want to do it every night. She could imagine
that, and the imagining made her excited again, and
shortly she had another, longer more intense orgasm.
Then, after a time, Robyn drifted off to sleep. Her last conscious thought was 'Let tomorrow take care
of itself, and a quick flash of an image of her fantasy
Max naked, standing before her. -=*=- Robyn's mother called out, "Robyn, better get the lead
out, you'll be late if you don't leave right now!" But
Robyn wasn't ready to leave just then. She'd gotten up on time, and ate a fast breakfast, but
just wasn't satisfied with her clothes. This was the
third change that she'd gone through, and she was still
unhappy with the effect. But time was up and she had to
leave for school and another stressful day at Mountain
View High. Leaving through the front door Robyn stopped still in
her tracks as she saw Max standing almost exactly where
she'd left him the night before. She had the strange
feeling that he'd stood there all night, but knew
better. "Hi beautiful, sleep well?" he asked. Robyn looked into his eyes trying to tell if he meant
anything by that statement. Why would he say something
about her sleep unless he's seen her? There's no way. She covered up her uncertainty, and gave him a bril-
liant smile, saying, "Yes Max, I always sleep well.
Thanks for asking." They walked to school together, Robyn trying to get
information about the town and school, and Max trying
to get information about Robyn. Since it was just a
ten minute walk, neither one got very much of what
they sought. Robyn found out that the school revolved around foot-
ball, and that the players where some kind of god-like
boys that could do no wrong, that she would probably
like Mr. Stephens, their home room teacher, and pro-
bably not like the principal, Mrs. Lucas. Max didn't find out much, he just looked at her a lot.
Robyn was 5'5" maybe 120 lbs., and beautiful. Max
thought that the nickname he'd given her "Beautiful"
really fit. He knew that her hair was really blonde,
no way to fake those highlights, and she had such a
supple body, and graceful way about her. She was
different from all the girls he'd known in town.... "Max! Are you listening to me?" Max jumped, he'd been walking beside this beauty,
drinking in her loveliness, and not listening to a
word she was saying, "Sorry, I guess I have a lot on
my mind. What were you saying?" "Typical man! Why don't guys ever listen?" Robyn was
smiling, and not really put out. But Max silently
answered her question with the thought, 'Hard to hear
though all those good looks, baby!' ** 6 weeks later ** School went along just great, and Robyn quickly found
that she would have no trouble remaining at the top of
her class. She enjoyed the challenge, and even thought
she might come out at the top of the Junior class if
she applied herself. Things had developed with Max, and the gang. Robyn was
part of the tapestry of daily life now. After school
she would invariably end up at the Phoenix, and hang
out for a couple of hours. But she would always excuse
herself in plenty of time to get her homework done.
Her social life and academic life were going great. And
her parents where proud of her. The only cloud on Robyn's horizon, was the animosity
between Max's faction, and Taylor Carry the captain of
the football team, and the football 'groupies,' as Max
called them. There was constant rivalry, and conflict
between these two groups of students. Robyn tried to stay friends with everyone, but one day
some of the boys on the team cornered Max and Jerry by
themselves and beat them up. Robyn was mad that they
could get away with something like that, and went to
the principal, Mrs. Lucas, to complain. She was told in
no uncertain terms that it was Max's fault, and to mind
her own business. After that, there was no love lost between Robyn and
the football team captain. She knew that it was Taylor
who had personally beaten up Max. And Max made it worse
by saying it didn't matter, that things like that hap-
pened in life. This was also the event that made Robyn
change her direction in life. Max looked so much in pain that afternoon as Robyn
walked him home. He was leaning on her strong young
shoulder as he limped up to his front door. They
entered the quiet house, and Max yelled for his mother.

"Damn, I forgot. She's at Aunt Lori's today. Oh well
beautiful, I can take it from here," he said. "There's no way I'm leaving you until you're tucked
up in bed. I know you Max! You'll sit around and watch
TV and eat potato chips all night!" Not listening to any arguments, Robyn led him up the
carpeted stairway. "You get out of those dirty clothes and into a robe,
and I'll get a hot bath going for you." Max - looking at his very determined, very attractive
girlfriend, shrugged, then limped into his bedroom to
follow orders. Robyn wasn't sure how to care for Max; but her young
heart went out to him. She thought that maybe it was
her maternal instinct taking over, but she felt kind
of aroused by Max's obvious vulnerability. Seeing a
Max who wasn't in complete control of the situation,
made Robyn feel loving and close to him. As she tested the water filling the big bathtub, Max
stepped in behind her. "Hey beautiful, I really
appreciate this." Robyn stood up in front of him and was enveloped in
his arms and was rewarded with a kiss, and brief hug. In a rather husky voice she said, "You better get in
there while the water's hot." As Max stepped into the
tub, Robyn pulled his robe down and away from his body
letting it drop to the floor. She couldn't stop her-
self, and knew that what she was doing was wrong, but
at that moment it just seemed so right. She just had
to see what damage had been done to his body; she also
wanted to see if he measured up to her fantasy of him. Max was startled as he felt his robe being pulled
away. He'd expected Robyn to wait in the bedroom for
him, or maybe in the hall so they could talk. But this
was totally out of character for his girlfriend. But
a moment later, he was standing with one leg in the
tub, one outside of it, and naked. He turned and
looked at Robyn. She stood there, first looking at him in the eyes,
then looking at the bruises on his neck and shoulders. He felt an electric current run through his body, as
her eyes dropped down to look at his manhood. Max felt
himself become instantly hard. He quickly finished
stepping into the big Jacuzzi style tub and sat in the
hot water, then stretched out full length in the muscle
relaxing tub, as he settled in, he expelled a heart-
felt "Ahhhh!" All muscles relaxed - but one. Robyn couldn't believe it ... he looked better than
she'd imagined! A boy's body was beautiful to look at.
So different than a girl's, so muscley, and brown. The
bruises where terrible intrusions into Robyn's vision,
but they weren't too bad. Then she felt her face become
hot with embarrassment as she realizes that she had
been staring at Max's erection, and now Max was watch-
ing her stare. She couldn't help it; her eyes as if
all by themselves began to roam up and down Max's body. Robyn's blood began to rush through her veins as she
saw Max's swollen penis magnified in the water. She
hadn't known what to expect, but to see him have an
erection in front of her like that was beyond anything
she'd ever fantasized. He was beautiful, it was beauti-
ful. Then Max sat down in the tub, and Robyn, unable to
speak, kneeled down beside him and watched. The sight
of her boyfriend sitting naked in the hot clear water
mesmerized her. Max started to wash his shoulders in
an awkward self-conscious way, until Robyn realized
that her staring was making him uncomfortable. Without
a word, she took the wash cloth from his bruised hand,
and said, "I might as well be of some use, lean for-
ward, handsome and let me wash your back." Max painfully leaned forward and Robyn began to gently
wash his back. She dipped the washcloth in the tub and
ran the hot water over his back, then swirled the cloth
in hand all over his back. Soon the cloth was dropped
in the water and just her hand was rubbing his back. 'Bare skin on bare skin,' Robyn thought, as she rubbed
her boyfriend's back. After Robyn had finished his back, Max laid back and
relaxed in the tub. They were talking now, about small
things, things they both had experienced, things that
couples share. Robyn was kneeling at the side of the tub washing his
shoulders and chest, and Max was enjoying the sensa-
tions of her hands on his skin, and her eyes on his
body. He had never had an experience like this one be-
fore. He was surprised that it was so intense just
knowing that his beautiful girlfriend was looking at
him. He kept his eyes closed, because he didn't think
he could take watching Robyn watching him for very
long. Then... Max jumped up as Robyn's hand swooped down
his chest to his crotch. "Wow! How about warning a
guy!" Then, 'Hmmmmm, that's really nice Robyn, yeah!" Robyn had run her hand down to Max's hard-on, on
impulse. She had been looking at it through the water,
but the soap was starting to obscure it from view, and
the thought of what it would feel like was overpower-
ing... to her amazement, he felt soft and silky! Robyn had never though about what a boy's penis would
feel like, but soft and silky wasn't what she'd
expected. She ran her hand down to cup his testicles,
and gave a light squeeze. She knew that boys were
sensitive there, so she was careful. Then she ran her
fingers up his shaft, then around his swollen head. "Mmmmm, Max you feel heavenly," [she whispered as she
grasped his erection a little harder, and began to jack
him. She knew about male masturbation, but only what
books could tell her, and she hoped she was doing it
right. Max was now lying like a live wire in the water. He
wasn't sure where this would lead, he was totally
surprised by Robyn's actions so far, but when she
started to masturbate him, all he could do was lay
there with his eyes closed and let the sensations rush
over him. As Robyn brought him closer to orgasm, Max thought
about her, and the possibility that they might have
sex. He had thought their relationship was going to
be a platonic one, because of the way Robyn had always
acted, but new possibilities were crowding his mind.
He felt so good, she was making him come, "Unggh...
Ahhhhhhhhh, Robyn, Oh yeah, oh God! Robyn!" Robyn was watching her sweetheart squirming in the
water as she masturbated him. She couldn't believe how
hot it made her to watch him take his pleasure in her
hand. Then her eyes were riveted to his penis, white
jets of sperm began to pump from his pinkish purple
helmet. She giggled a little when she thought of the
description that had popped into her mind. The sight
of him coming was just so erotic, she thought. First, one big spurt jumped up and hit his chest, then
followed by smaller ones that hit his stomach. As his
come began to ebb, Robyn could see the strings of sperm
begin to sink into the water. She noticed some on her
fingers also, and without really thinking about it she
brought her hand to her lips, all the while looking
into her boyfriend's eyes, and licked the glob of sperm
from her fingers. Afraid that it would taste funny,
Robyn was determined not to make a face in front of
Max, but it turned out to taste okay. In her aroused
state, it actually tasted sexy. Then a moment of silence as the two young people
stared into each other's eyes ... realizing what had
just happened. Max reached for Robyn, "Robyn, why don't you come in
the tub with me, there's plenty of room." She responded, "I have all my clothes on silly, and
besides you're bruised and need to rest." Max smiled, and said, "I feel like a million dollars!
I just wanted to return the favor." Robyn was sorely tempted to undress then and there,
but she wasn't on the pill (mental note: probably
should take care of that) and she knew that one thing
would lead to another, and it all came back to preg-
nancy. "Max, I want to but I can't now. Maybe another
time, but..." Max had taken Robyn's hand and was gently pulling her
toward him. She was forced to move forward, or fight
him. She didn't want to hurt him, so slowly Robyn was
pulled into the tub. The sensation of being in a bathtub of water fully-
clothed was strange to Robyn. The clothes clung to her
skin, she hadn't even taken off her shoes, and they
were filling with water. Max scooted over to one side
and Robyn sank to her neck in the warm water. As she
lay there she could see a little floating string of
Max's sperm settle against her jeans-clad thigh. Max was all attention now. No longer the passive re-
cipient, he wanted to return the feeling that Robyn had
given him, but he knew he couldn't fuck her. He loved
her too much to get her pregnant. It was going to be
hard for him, because he knew he could do it if he
really wanted to. He knew he could get her to. Robyn was warm and aroused by the experience she'd
just gone through, and now her boyfriend's hand was
massaging her breast ... now her nipple. She was in her
personal fantasy, but now it was a boy doing it to her
instead of herself. It felt fantastic. Her eyes flew open when Max's hand slipped into her
blouse, and over her soapy breasts. 'God what a
feeling,' she thought. Max was hard again, and fighting his urges, he just
wanted to give Robyn an orgasm, he had to keep that in
mind as he began to unbutton her blouse. Then the front
opening bra, then his lips were on her nipples ...
first one, then the other. Then his hand was at her
pants fly, then in her panties... Robyn had a vague
idea that things probably where going too far, but she
trusted Max ... she loved Max. His hand pushed her wet panties down her thighs, then
he was rubbing her; her private fantasy was in full
swing! Robyn began to fantasize what it would be like to have
Max between her legs ... to have his big swollen cock
buried inside of her. As Max began to finger his beautiful girlfriend's
silt, he thought to himself, 'I don't think I can stand
this much longer!' Robyn was pushing herself onto Max's
fingers, rubbing herself against him, faster and
faster. Her breathing was coming in ragged gasps, as
Max brought her closer to an orgasm. Max reached out with his foot and flicked the drain on
the tub. The water level began to drop, and at the same
time Max eased himself on top of Robyn's wet body.
There they were - two teenage kids, the boy totally
naked, and the pretty young girl under him with her
jeans pulled down to her ankles, and her sodden blouse
completely open. Robyn gasped as Max entered her. The pressure of his
body on top of hers pushed her down into the water, so
that her ears went under, her face was still exposed to
the air. In that position Robyn couldn't hear anything.
Total silence was her world, as the young boy began to
move within her. The only thing Robyn could hear now
was her own heartbeat. It was pounding hard in her
chest, the sound was internal, deafening. Every nerve
was taught, as the young couple thrashed in the dis-
appearing water, making love in earnest. It flashed through Robyn's brain like a beacon that
they were "doing" it! They were really "doing" it! She wasn't sure what to think - her thoughts just
wouldn't come together. Max was thrusting in and out of
her, and she was pressing herself back at him almost in
a reflex action. She was reaching her orgasm fast now.
The thought of having Max on top of her, and in her,
was pushing her toward a gigantic orgasm. Max just couldn't stop himself. Robyn was just too
beautiful, just too sexy looking to allow him the con-
trol he wanted to show. And now the feeling of her, it
was just too much. With one final firmly held thrust,
Max emptied himself into his lovely bath-mate, making
a low growling noise as he came. The water in the tub was gone now, and the first thing
Robyn heard Max's gasp as he came in her. Her eyes
where wide open as he came, she could feel him pulsing
inside of her. She knew instinctively what was happen-
ing, and she made a little noise as she started her own
orgasm in response to her lover's. Robyn's beautiful
young body began to buck uncontrollably under the
boy's, as she reached the mind-numbing zenith of her
own pleasure. All she could say was, "Max, oh Max..." As the young couple began to regain their senses, they
saw the comedy in the situation. Here they were in an
empty bathtub, wet and entwined. Robyn was the first to
start giggling, then Max chuckled and then they were
both laughing and hugging. But after a moment or two, it was time to think about
what had happened. Max began to worry that he'd put his
sweetheart in jeopardy. "Baby, I'm so sorry. I don't know what came over me, I
didn't mean for this to happen! Honest I didn't." Robyn was worried too, but said, "I wanted it just as
much as you did, Max. If I didn't, it wouldn't have
happened. I just need to get on the pill, because I
have to have some more of that," tweaking Max's now
semi-limp penis. She looked at it and said, "Oh, watch it grow! Guess
I'd better dry off and get something on before we have
a repeat performance!" With that, they both padded to Max's bedroom wrapped
in towels. Robyn put on Max's robe and went down stairs
to the laundry room to dry her clothes in the electric
drier. Max slowly dressed, thinking the whole time
about Robyn's wonderful body, and the pleasure he'd
just had.

Transfer Student

Transfer Student

Transfer Student

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