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At last I lay still, bent over Sarah's naked form, my prick still
throbbing, embedded in her ass. She continued to moan softly beneath me.
I could feel her back heave as her panting breathing slowed. I watched as
Robin released John from her scissor lock around his ass, her legs falling
down, fanned open. Ellen, forgotten in our collective bliss had gotten
off the bed and already put her robe on.
'All right , brother,' said Ellen determinedly, taking John's hand and
almost pulling him from between his sister's thighs, 'You owe me one.
Time for bed.'
'Hey,' said John, slightly annoyed, 'there's no rush.'
'John, it's 3:30 AM,' said Ellen, handing him his robe. 'We have to be
in Boston tomorrow.., today.'
As usual now, I was sure there was something else going on here, but I
didn't give a fuck anymore. Maybe if the two of them left, I could just
hole up here with Robin and Sarah for the rest of my life. Heaven. But
Sarah pushed herself up against me, forcing my hard dick out of her
exquisite backside. Her clothes were in the other room. She slipped a
robe on over that impeccable body and left me only her long, tan, smooth
legs to ogle as she left the room with John and Ellen their robes, leaving
me alone with Robin.
Still naked, but sated now, I laid down on the bed next to her. Her
eyes were closed and she still had her hands on her thighs, her knees bent
and her legs still splayed open, baring her sperm drenched vagina. I
softly slid my hand over hers, catching a little of her brother's cum
dripping out and trailing it down her thigh.
She sighed and said, 'Oh Greg......'
We talked for awhile, easy and casually. I would occasionally touch
her private parts or stroke her skin, but it was with a rightful
intimacy. We were friends. She told me about the power performances and
head games that they played with each other and their lovers. At one
point she cried. That was the first time that her brother had fucked
her. She figured it was going to happen sooner or later, but...
That was also the first time that Mr. Parnes had fucked her in front of
his wife, although Ellen and John got it on all the time....
It had only been three months since she had left school and they had
been on the road, but already she had transferred to another universe than
the one I was living in. I might be perverse, kinky and anxious, but my
pursuit was one of pleasure, not how to one-up my wife or partner or
We talked. I massaged her and eventually worked my way back between
her legs. I cleaned out her pussy with my tongue, with my lips, with my
fingers and playing with water and a wash cloth, wetting her cunt hairs
and laving her tender vaginal lips. She did the same to me, thoroughly
licking every iota of sperm, Sarah's shithole, Ellen's cunt and whatever
else off my cock, pubes and balls, rinsing her mouth with water and
dribbling onto my genitals. We played and enjoyed each other's tired
flesh. Finally, we fucked. We fucked happily and hard. We fucked
erotically and giddily. We continued to fuck even though I had this
peculiar soreness in my cock. Another new thing.
We were lovers and friends and had no secrets from each other. We made
love a long time...
We made plans to stay in touch, to see each other. I made internal
plans to make her mine, to marry her. But it was not to be. I would see
Robin again, but not soon and we would have traveled far apart by then.
But at the time, I was convinced that she was the most wonderful person in
the world. I fantasized about our life together; our fucking each other
and our friends....
At one point she sat on my cock for awhile, not moving, but simply
enjoying the erotic sensations, as we talked about our futures....
She orgasmed while still on top of me. She cried again a little. I
don't remember if I came or not. We fell asleep that way, my hard manhood
still inserted in the warm wet folds of her womanhood, her soft naked
breasts against my stomach, her face on my chest.
A week later, I was in college.
Years later, when John was my roomate in a different college, I figured
out that although he could indeed fuck any babe he wanted, and he did, he
enjoyed having violating the most intimate relationships with other
intimate witnesses. More on that if I get there after going through the
next three years of my fairly odd and active sex life.

1972, Autumn, the first year away at college.
It was depressing.
I didn't realize it was depressing then, but from the tunnel of time, I
can look back and see that I was a sad, little man.
I had chosen to gone to Dunwoody University, a pretigious private
college located in the North woods. One of the reasons that I had wanted
to go there was that it was in the North woods, isolated from everything;
in a small town in the middle of nowhere. Oh, also because I was a
stoned, foolish boy without a clue as to what I wanted to do or where I
was going in life.
I rapidly discovered that I had made an error.
Dunwoody had its own 18 hole golf course; its own riding stables; its
own ski slopes; canoe house; lodges in the mountains; etcetera ad
infinitum. And the less than 2,000 students who went there were the kind
of kids who were used to this kind of life. All Prep school graduates.
Neatly combed, conservative, potential pre-med students and inheritors of
daddy's businesses. The radicals among them might wear 'mod' clothes, the
precursor of disco. And here I was, a long haired, scraggle bearded,
hippie dressed, flower childed freak. I had gone from being king of my
high school; king of the road; a sexual stud; to being too bizarre to
accept into a fraternity. Not good.
After my outrageously good times fucking Robin and Sarah and Ellen and
getting fucked by a rock star and fucking rock groupies, I figured that I
had conquered all fears, inhibitions and that I was fantastically
attractive. Not true. I was as unsure of myself as I had ever been, and
I had no friends to support me in my misery.
I spent a lot of time getting stoned ( a big no-no at Dunwoody) and
jerking off in my eight foot by twelve foot freshman dorm room, built in
the late 1800's. I got turned down for dates. The ones who went out with
me, turned down my clumsy attempts at seduction. I couldn't pick up girls
in the local bars or at the frat / freshman / dance / beer blasts. Not
I finally managed to entice one skinny sophomore back to my room during
a dance, several months into the year. I had said something foolish like,
'you want to come back to my room and get high?' to her and she accepted.
When we got to my room, I got out the workings for a joint, but she was
rather blunt and said, 'Well, are we going to fuck?'
I was somewhat taken aback. I had been scoring so low on sex that I
didn't know how I was supposed to proceed with this brash opening on her
part. I went to her hesitantly and took her into my arms. She kissed
me. When our mouths met, she immediately stuffed her tongue into my mouth
and crushed her body to mine. After no more than about thirty seconds of
this, her hands were busy at my waist, undoing my pants, which she opened,
freeing my instant erection.
She slid down my body to her knees, grasping my stiff cock and taking
it into her mouth. Instantly, her head was bobbing up and down on my hard
member in a somewhat clumsy fashion. In spite of the fact that I had
been so long without sex, I was barely turned on and this fact alone
really wierded me out. I was afraid that I was going to lose my erection
(the first and last time I was ever worried about that, ha! The more
pertinent problem was how to keep the perpetual erection from showing,
especially when I didn't usually wear underwear at this time), so after a
minute or so of her cock sucking, I pulled her up and we rapidly
disrobed. She was thin with small tits and tight, kinky pubic hair that
matched her frizzy head hair. She was barely wet when I entered her, but
I instantaneously went over the edge and shot my load into her young
cunt. She ground her crotch against my in frustration, but I was done and
I lay there, enjoying her humping me now than her pussy was soaked with my
sperm. I don't think she got off then, but she didn't show her
disappointment in me. She gradually just stopped moving beneath me as my
erection softened.
I got off her and sat on the edge of the bed as she got up and started
to get dressed.
She looked at me in that peculiar, sultry manner that young girls of
the sixties had at the time and started doing a reverse strip tease as I
sat on my bed naked, watching her. It was an interesting show.
She deliberately spread her legs as she slowly put on her bra and
shirt, and I could see my sperm clinging to her kinky pussy hairs. All
the while she stared at me, judging my reaction. I smiled at her
behaviour, feeling more relaxed now that we had fucked and I was still
nude. Then she slowly turned around and, remaining standing, she bent
over without bending her knees and started putting on her socks and
shoes. Her legs were still spread and her asshole and cunt were staring
me in the face. I watched my cum actually dripping out of her as she took
her time.
By this time, my dick was hard again and I reached out and touched her
ass. She wiggled it in reponse, so I moved my fingers to her open pussy,
spreading my sap on her inner thighs. She murmured softly and remained
bent over. I continued manipulating her cunt lips, rubbing our combined
wetness up her ass crack, over the exposed brown hole of her bottom. She
moaned in appreciation. Now, this was turning me on! She stood there and
sort of swayed to the rythmn of my hand, until I placed both hands on the
front of her still naked thighs, bent over and placed my mouth on her wet
cunt. A thrill ran through me as I started sucking her flesh, saturated
with my sperm. She pressed her backside to my face and moaned, the tip of
my nose pushing directly into her brown asshole. I stuck my tongue deep
into the warm, drenched tunnel of her vagina and breathed in the aroma of
our fornication. Combined with the musky smell of her ass, I was inhaling
a glut of raunchy sex. My cock was quivering with new need.
'Ohhh, yes, that's, ooohh, nice,' she moaned, her head still near the floor.
'Turn around and stand up,' I instructed her.
She did and I put my mouth back to her wet gash and licked the nub of
her clitoris. Her smell and taste were arousing me overwhelmingly. I
increased my licking and nibbling, grunting into her pussy as I tried to
devour her sex. She moaned and shook with appreciation at this new
assault. Eating pussy! I liked eating pussy! I wanted to suck her
juices, make her moan and quiver. And she obliged me, humping my face
with her hot slit.
With my mouth still fastened to the moist flesh of her vagina, I
grabbed her naked ass, turned her around and sat her down on the bed next
to me. All the while licking and sucking her wet hot cunt and clit, until
she finally exploded in orgasm.
'Uhh, Euhh, uhh, uhh, uhh,' she mewled in high pitch tones as her hips
bucked into my face, grinding her pulsating sex into my mouth. 'You're
making me cum with your mouth. Uhh, uhh, uhh,'
Before she was done jerking, I got up and awkwardly postioning myself
as she lay half across my small bed and half on the wall, I again plunged
the length of my hard meat into her hot love tunnel. She gasped and
moaned as I slammed my cock in and out, fucking her hard and deep. I came
again quickly, jeking my body, spewing my cum deep inside her, my prick
buried in her belly. I rubbed my crotch over hers, ginding my pubes into
her, in blissful splendor at this joining of our two bodies.
I pulled out and rolled over, slumping in the corner of the little twin
bed of my dorm room. She finished getting dressed as I started snoozing
out, asking me if I wanted to come back to the dance. I couldn't believe
she was actually going back, but I just mumbled no and lay there naked as
she opened the door and stepped out into the hallway.
She was friendly to me afterwards and I think she was waiting for me to
ask her out, but I was lost in my sad fantasy world of Playboy Bunnies and
Penthouse Pets. Somewhere in my addled brain I had figured that if I
could fuck a babe like Sarah or even Robin, I deserved a really good
looking girlfriend, and my frizzy haired fuck didn't qualify.
Thoughtfully and stupidly I didn't even use her again to get my rocks
off. I deserved better..... Ha.
When I hitchhiked home for breaks, everybody whom I could possibly fuck
was always away or unavailable, so I was again sexless for several months,
well into the winter. I pulled my pud in isolated boredom.
The next guy that came along was Ivy. He was a slim black student at a
nearby State University. He started talking to me as I was serving
breakfast one morning (I worked in the kitchen for extra money) and we had
a funny conversation about religion and how men used to kiss each other
without fear. Now, as many sexual experiences as I had had with men, I
had never knowingly talked to a gay man who was coming on to me. So, I
just thought Ivy was being friendly. I was still sort of a stupid dweeb.
After breakfast, he asked if he could stop by sometime and, as lonely as I
was, being surprised that this good looking, cheerful, and sensitive black
guy wanted to be my friend, I eagerly invited him to my dorm room.
He stopped by that evening (I never did figure out what he was doing in
our dining hall at breakfast - probably looking for a new white boy to
shag.... ), and I invited him in. There was no place in those little tiny
dorm rooms to sit except for my bed, so we both sat down, side by side. I
thought it was odd when he resumed the conversation about men kissing men,
as it was really apropos of nothing, but I was still happy to shoot the
bull with him. When he suggested that we kiss so that I would know what
it felt like, I was adventurous enough to try. We kissed, full on the
lips I felt his tongue slip in, probing my gums, licking my teeth and
entering my mouth.
It occured to me then that this was more than a friendly philosophical
discussion on his part.
He pushed me back onto the bed, and continued kissing me hard and
passionately while groping at my crotch.
I was only wearing loose sweat pants with no underwear, so my instant
hard on was readily apparent and available to his questing hand. He
caressed my stiff cock through the material of my sweat pants with one
hand and started pulling down the waistband with the other.
Shit. I was horny. This guy wanted to have sex with me. He was
better looking than my hand. What the fuck..
I helped him pull off my sweat pants, freeing my stiff cock. He leaned
over and took me in his mouth.
'OOhhhhhhh,' I moaned, leaning back. It felt so good.
Even as he sucked my aching tool, he continued to undress me until I
was entirely naked. Then, as he still fervently licked and sucked my
throbbing member, he undressed himself until he was as naked as I.
He had a very slender, very well muscled, very black body. His dark,
elegant hard cock was no thicker than mine, but slightly longer. It was
also very black. I was fascinated. I reached out to touch it as Ivy
continued to suck me up the wall. It was smooth and velvety to my touch
and he moaned in appreciation.
Ivy pushed me back onto the bed and still running his hot tongue up and
down my quivering prick, he straddled my body so that his pulsing cock and
balls hung before my face. I opened my mouth and started licking the
already wet tip of his dick. As soon as I got his cockhead past my lips,
he lowered his hips, driving the length of his hard black meat into my
mouth. I was so excited and turned on. My own hips shook and trembled at
his hot mouth on my cock while he fucked my mouth with his long, hard
rod. He kept pushing down, down as far as he could, threatening to choke
me, and then withdrawing before violating my oral cavity again.
'NNnnngnghhhhh,' I groaned around his hard cock in my throat.
I was a fuck machine and I loved the sensation of his mouth on my eager meat.
'Yeagh, mmm, yeagh, mm,mm ,mmmm,' I panted feeling the beginning of
that sensation, knowing I was about to cum.
Then he pulled his mouth off of my hard dick and squirmed around on the
bed, pulling his cock from between my lips.
'I want you to fuck me,' he said.
I just gaped at him rather stupidly while he laid back on the bed,
opening his legs and holding them apart with his hands, exposing his
smooth brown ass and dark brown asshole.
'Go ahead,' he breathed. 'Put it inside me.'
I guided the tip of my dick to his anus, which I could see was slightly
open as he pulled his asscheeks apart to give me access. I slowly pushed
the head of my cock into his ass as Ivy grunted slightly, his butt
quivering, opening his crack wider, his stiff black cock trembling in
front of me, its tip wet with pre-cum.
'Uuuuuhhhahhhhh,' he moaned happily as my stiff manhood easily slid
into his open ass.
'Ohhhhh,' I moaned, enjoying the tight sensation of my hard prick
buried in Ivy's shit hole.
I immediately started pumping my cock in and out, eliciting groans of
pleasure from Ivy as he began stroking his throbbing erection, his fist
encircling his own black meat. God. He felt so tight. And I felt so
perverted. Here we were, two stark naked fuckers, my throbbing meat
slamming in and out of his black ass, burying myself to the hilt inside
his asshole.
My little dorm room was sandwiched in between the rest of the little
dorm rooms; my door was right across the 4 foot wide hallway from the
Resident Assistant. I had already gotten busted once for pot fumes under
my door. He used his master key and just walked in on me getting high. I
thought about what could happen now, if he were to overhear us grunting
away in heat, and walk in to me driving my hot dick into Ivy's black ass.
The thought made me hotter and I started groaning in real passion. The
hot friction of my horny cock sliding in and out of that hard black butt
made me moan as I felt myself going over the edge.
'Uuuuuhhhhhhhhh, Fuckmeeee,uhhhh' squealed Ivy as he squeezeed his hard
black cock and started shooting his white jiz up onto my stomach and
'Unnnghhhhhh' I moaned, releasing my sperm into his ass, shooting my
cream deep into his guts.
I shuddered and trembled as I came, feeling his hot cum splash against
my red curly hair, soaking my front with spunk.
'Oh, uh, oh, ou , uh,' we groaned and jerked in rythmn, cumming,
spewing our juices.
I slammed into him as deep as I could go, making him moan with pleasure
and pain, raising his ass off my bed, rubbing my sperm saturated chest
against his smooth black skin; slithering against him in hot ectasy.
Finally, we stopped twitching and we lay there for awhile, my cock
embedded in his ass; his sperm soaking into our skins.
He was a little aloof after we got dressed, but said he would stop by
and see me the next time he was at our college.
I felt ashamed in the aftermath that I couldn't seem to get laid, but I
could be a homo again. Even worse, a week later, my crotch started
itching. I chalked it up to crotch itch, but as time went by it got worse
and worse and finally I started noticing these orange stains on my bed and
pubic belly and chest hair. I went to the college doctor. He told me I
had lice. Awwww yechhh! I was totally grossed out (I didn't even know
that a person who 'bathed regularly' could get lice.) I ended up shaving
off all of my pubic hair and chest hairs.
After that, which was about two months after I had fucked Ivy, he came
back again. Although the sex was about an exact duplicate of the last
time he stopped by, he went wild over the fact that I had shaved. I
didn't tell him that it was because he gave me lice. Yechh. But I was a
horny little bastard and fucked him anyway. And, yep, it was his lice.
He left some behind. That time I cleaned up rather carefully.
But I couldn't get laid to save my life. I did a few nude modeling
gigs for the art classes at Dunwoody, but no offers. There was another
chick who modeled nude for the classes all the time and we did a couple of
sessions together. This was a hot looking babe with skin the color of
light chocolate. She came on to a friend of mine and he said that he
ended up fucking her five times in one night - at her insistence! He
thought she was nuts and said his dick got really sore. But I, who was
publicly almost rubbing my naked bod against hers - nothin'! Shit.
By the end of my freshman year in college, that was the sum total of my
sexual experiences. Well, I did go back to my old habits of getting naked
and masturbating wherever I could get away with it. But the only public
place I jerked off in a lot was the small theater in the arts building.
It was about the size of a high school gym, but there was a place up above
where I could be hidden from view and nobody ever climbed up there. I
would lie there naked while a class was going on or a theater rehearsal,
pulling my pud, while studious little collegiates worked not twenty feet
away. I was usually stoned. I fantasized about orgies as my sperm shot
up and landed on my naked body.
As far as fucking goes, things could only improve. And, at long last,
during the summer of '73, sex got better.

My Sex Life

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Melidna Shy pornó

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