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Torres teaches Seven of Nine what embarrassing means by having
her play a game of strip blackjack. Upon loosing to the holodeck
characters she is immediately transported into a populated area of the
ship, NAKED. I apologize if there is already a sequel, I haven't see
one. "It's time" Seven said to B'Elanna.
"One moment, Seven." B'Elanna continued to work at her console in
"I have only reserved the holodeck for one hour. We must go now or we
will lose it." She grabbed B'Elanna by the arm and began pulling her
out of engineering. B'Elanna brought this on herself. She insisted
Seven take more leisure time, and since the strip Blackjack game, Seven
continued to ask her for help with recreation. Both arrived into an empty holodeck. Seven looked up.
"Computer, run B'Elanna Exercise program A-4, include Seven of Nine
modification R." B'Elanna's exercise program was not aerobics or
treadmills, but a rocky, hilly terrain area where she fought several
holograms in basic combat. She introduced it to Seven shortly after the
Blackjack game, Seven kept insisting she could make it better, obviously
she felt she had now.
"So what are the modifications?" B'Elanna asked.
"Simple, similar to before, but hits are scored differently. This
modification allows us to fight each other in total safety to our
"Doesn't sound too fun." B'Elanna knew the reason one on one combat was
not challenging was because of the safety protocols on the deck forced
the hologram weapon to pass though harmlessly any person it struck. It
was against ships regulations to use real weapons. B'Elanna removed her engineering short jacket to reveal her standard
duty jumpsuit. One piece from neck to foot, gray, it was accented by
her yellow undershirt/mock turtle neck. This one was short sleeved. Seven grabbed the holodeck generated batala and flung it toward
B'Elanna's bare wrist.
"Shzzzzeeeettttt�/..Whoosh" it passed completely through. B'Elanna was
left rubbing her still connected wrist.
"Hey that hurt!"
"The blade will cause a slight discomfort whenever it strikes the skin,
but no permanent damage will be sustained. If the blow is not
sufficient enough to cut through it will remain in place until removed.
So will the discomfort." B'Elanna thought she could make out a smirk on
Seven's face. Seven had her typical silver formfitting catsuit on. Secretly all the
men on Voyager loved it. Her fantastic figure constantly made heads
turn. The fight began. Each warrior testing each other's blade and
technique. A lot of clanking from the blades striking and for more than
10 minutes no one scored. Then B'Elanna dropped her guard. Her Batala
dropped and Seven took a clean shot to her shoulder area.
"Shzzzzeeeettttt�." B'Elanna winced in pain as Seven pulled it out. It
only cut down about 3 inches. B'Elanna reached up to rub her sore
shoulder to discover a surprise.
"My uniform, it's ripped." While the blade made no lasting mark on her
body, the uniform around it was cut just as if from a real blade.
"Interesting." Seven said. B'Elanna stepped back, she thought about
stopping it, but remembered she won the last 5 times they did this. She
was clearly the better fighter, Or so she thought. More clanking , a few near misses, the B'Elanna's turn.
"Shzzzzeeeetttt�./�.Whoosh" Seven's arm was exposed and B'Elanna cut
cleanly through just above the elbow. The severed sleeve slid down and
Seven was forced to remove it.
"Nice one." Seven too felt the discomfort but continued. Part II More hits were scored, nothing major, simple strikes and scrapes, the
worst being a cut to Seven's right leg. Then B'Elanna took a gamble,
she would strike center, then up, then back to the exposed center, a
classic move. Seven knew the move and prepared for it. Instead of a
full counter to the up move she parried it and spun B'Elanna's blade,
forcing her to release one hand, Seven spun around completely and
swiped for the center. "Shzzzzeeeettttt�./�.Whoosh." Seven's blade
passed cleanly across B'Elanna's hips and out her right side. B'Elanna
stood stunned as the bottom of her uniform fell to her ankles.
"Why Lieutenant I don't believe those are standard issue
undergarments." B'Elanna turned beet red. She stood there virtually
naked from the waist down. Exposed was a bright yellow pair of lacy,
see through string panties. They hung just low enough on her hips to be
missed by the strike. Her red pubic hair showed through prominently.
"That's it." She was fired up now. The Klingon blood boiled between
her veins. B'Elanna kicked off the useless bottoms and attacked Seven
with tremendous vigor. As she fought her ass wiggles coercing the lacy
material to work it's way between her firm ass cheeks. Clang, clang, Shzzzzeeeetttt, whoosh, clang shzzzzzeeeeettttt, whoosh,
brought both legs exposed on Seven. B'Elanna skillfully use the blade
to rip apart each leg. Reducing the catsuit bottom to a pair of short
shorts. Seven did not allow B'Elanna to continue. She immediately
slashed back. Cutting into the center of B'Elanna's midsection, a few
pieces of fabric fell to the ground exposing her belly button. Both
stood back to catch their breaths. B'Elanna bent down and adjusted her bright yellow lace panties. They
were her only covering below her waist. Her red pubic hair had
penetrated the lace material quite easily. She ran her fingers around
the material pulling is from her crack. The pubic hair was no longer
protruding from the front now. She knew they would return to the
embarrassing state once they started again. Seven was examining the
remains of her silver catsuit as well. Her legs were completely exposed
as were parts of her mid section and one arm. The two women warriors
prepared themselves once again. Clang, clang, whoosh, clang. The noise was deafening, then B'Elanna saw
an opportunity. She hit Seven's blade down and sliced straight up
hoping to catch her midsection. Seven was aware of this move and
immediately straightened up. Seven did not calculate on her enormous
assists. Her DD breasts were in the B'Elanna's line of slice.
Shzzzzeeeetttt, whoosh, the silvery material from around her tits fell
to the ground. Seven did not like the feeling. For the first time her
incredible boobs were freed for B'Elanna to see. B'Elanna could not
help but notice how firm they were especially for their size. She also
discovered the nipples were erect. Seven just stared at her chest for a
moment. She was mortified, she tried not to show it. B'Elanna did not allow her to rest for long. After the momentary pause
to admire her handiwork, she continued to slice into Sevens uniform.
Seven's shock over the exposure caused her to drop her guard once
again. Shzzzzeeeetttt, whoosh, B'Elannas blade cut down from Seven's
side onto her crotch. The left third of her outfit fell to the ground.
Seven actually blushed. The remainder of her outfit clung onto one leg
and up to one arm. Her clit was exposed completely. Seven put her hand
between her legs for a moment, but not before B'Elanna got a direct
look. She was shaved completely!
"I didn't know Borgs shaved down there." B'Elanna grinned.
"We, um, it's an experiment." B'Elanna didn't buy it, but she let Seven
have her fantasy. Besides it would make a good story later in the
officer's mess. Clanging sounds began again. Seven struck high forcing Belana to raise
her blade to block. Then with a exposed midsection, Seven kicked
B'Elanna, she fell to the ground. Shocked, B'Elanna had never seen
Seven use a move like that. She was impressed. That did not last for
long. Seven stabbed the blade down and struck B'Elanna in the chest.
B'Elanna felt a sharp pain from the simulation as Seven pulled back. As
she pulled the blade out, Seven twisted it and therefor the material
from the top of the jumpsuit as well. She jerked back like a fisherman
reeling in a catch. Rippppppppp!. B'Elanna's whole top came
completely off. Mock turtle neck and all. Seven smiled as she looked
down at B'Elanna. Lying there in the dust, B'Elanna now was clad not only in a pair of
micro bright yellow lace panties and matching bra, which was equally as
miniscule. Her large brown nipples were very visible though it. For a
moment Seven admired what she saw. She secretly wished she had smaller
tits. Her's kept getting in the way when she crawled through Jeffrey's
Tubes. Part III As B'Elanna stood, her bra fell to the ground. It seems a earlier cut
by Seven had snapped the back. Her boobs were now exposed. As she
dove toward Seven they bounced nicely. Seven's great tits did the
same. In the flash of a second, B'Elanna got her revenge. The cut was
completed. Straight across Seven's midsection, then up to the
shoulder. The remainders of the catsuit fell to the deck. Now totally
naked Seven actually did blush. There was no hiding her shaved pussy,
or enormous DD tits. She bowed her head. She was defeated. "Interesting addition." B'Elanna said with respect. Both ladies
clothes were in tattered ruins. Seven was standing there totally naked,
B'Elanna in just her bright yellow lace panties. "Now what do we do for
clothes?" B'Elanna laughed. Suprisingly so did Seven.
"Here" Seven opened a gym bag and threw a duty jumpsuit to B'Elanna.
"You can wear this. The captain has been after me for a while to wear
it. But I don't believe you would fill out my silver suit." She was
right at that B'Elanna was a B cup at best, maybe pushing a C. But
definitely not a DD. Seven bent down, placing each leg in her replacement catsuit. As she
bent over B'Elanna could not help but notice a little excess moisture
between Seven's legs. Lifting the suit up each leg, it tightly
conformed to her toned body. Wiggling slightly she worked it over her
incredibly firm ass. Then sliding each arm in each sleeve, her DD tits
hung over the top of the silver material for an instant. Seven pulled
it up and over her shoulders, once again concealing her superior body.
"Could you zip me up please." B'Elanna walked behind her and grabbed
the zipper. She pulled it from the top of Seven's butt crack to her
neck and fastened the collar snap.
"Don't you wear underwear?"
"Why no. I don't need the support." B'Elanna swore she could make out a
little ego in Seven's voice.
"I don't know why you wear those impractical underclothes."
"When you get a boyfriend, you'll understand." B'Elanna said quietly.
"What was that?" Seven did not hear her too well.
"Never mind. I'll explain later." B'Elanna finished dressing in the jumpsuit and her short engineering
jacket. Seven grabbed the gym bag.
"After you." Seven allowed the doors to open and patted B'Elanna on the
back as she readjusted the gym bag on her shoulder. The two walked to
the turbo lift and entered. As the lift progressed B'Elanna spoke.
"I enjoyed that, perhaps another round sometime?"
"I would enjoy that also." Seven said. The lift doors opened and
B'Elanna stepped out.
"My stop." As she stepped out the com signal rang.
"Doctor to Seven,"
"Seven here."
"Are you finished yet. I need that back."
"Sorry doctor." Seven reached out to B'Elanna and grabbed a device
attached to the back of her collar. It was the Doctor's mobile holo
emitter. As the doors shut the B'Elanna turned quickly. Her clothes
dissolved around her. She was left standing there wearing only her
short engineering jacket, which was barely covering her breasts, and
bright yellow lacy panties, with red pubic hair poking through. She
gasped. The doors of the turbo lift opened again. This time inside were Captain
Janeway and Commander Chakotay. They scanned the red faced B'Elanna's
body or a moment. Then both walked right past her. Without looking
back Janeway commented, "Why Lieutenant, I don't believe those are
standard issue undergarments.". End Comments Welcome
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Seven's Revenge

I was licking her cunt gently

I was licking her cunt gently

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