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A few days later, Jake got home from school. He made himself a sandwich and watched some TV. He was waiting for his mum to come home because, naturally, he was damn horny!
Debbie got home at six, a little later than normal.
"Hi mum!" called Jake, slumped on the sofa.
"Hi honey," Debbie called from the hallway, "I'm just going to get changed, I'll be down in a minute."
"'Kay," said Jake, frowning slightly. Normally his mum just strolled into the living room and they'd invariably make out on the sofa before whipping their clothes off and fucking like the randy pair of lovers they were.
A few minutes later, Jake heard his mum coming down the stairs. The living-room door opened and Jake turned and saw his mum stroll into the room.
"Ta-daaah!" grinned Debbie, striking a pose with her hands on her hips as she stood for her son's appraisal, "How do I look?"
Jake was speechless for a moment. His mum was sexy at all times of course, especially naked! But now she looked so damn hot!!
Debbie was dressed in a kinky school-girl outfit. She had on polished black shoes and knee-length white socks. Her thighs were bare and exposed because the tight black skirt was so short, barely reaching more than a couple of inches down past her arse-cheeks. Debbie wore a tight white blouse - no bra on underneath, so her stiff nipples could be made out through the thin cotton material - with the sleeves rolled up. Finally, to cap it off, Debbie had tied her blonde hair into bunches, splayed out fans of golden hair sprouting from each side of her head, tied up with pink bows.
"Holy shit mum," Jake gasped, "You look so sexy!"
"Thanks honey," Debbie giggled. She looked like the ultimate fantasy, a hot and sexy babe dressed in her school-girl outfit, clearly itching for a fuck. She was the best mum anyone could have, Jake thought!
The boy began to undress, hurridly removing his clothes, his dick rock-hard and eager to penetrate his sexy mother. Within moments he was naked.
"Let me suck that beautiful cock," Debbie purred, sauntering forwards to where Jake stood, his long cock nodding in the hair. The frisky single-mum knelt down and gripped the base of Jake's cock, placing her lips over the head and swiftly moving her lips down the shaft until nearly all of Jake's erection was wedged in her throat. She had quickly mastered the art of deep-throating and began bobbing her head, Jake lightly thrusting his hips, fucking his mum's mouth.
"These pig-tails are cool, I've got something to hang on to," Jake giggled, holding his mother's hair-bunches like they were motorcycle handle-bars, thrusting his prick to and fro in his mother's hot and wet mouth. Debbie felt so damn horny! On her way home from work she'd popped into a department store to pick up a new blouse. After accidentally wandering into the children's wear department, she'd been about to turn around when her eyes had caught a row of white schoolgirl blouses. She'd smiled at the idea of giving herself the schoolgirl look and had deliberately picked up a blouse a little bit too small for her (ages 13 to 14 it said on the label, although being petite, Debbie found the garment to be the perfect size for her - just nice and tight around her firm round tits). Debbie had quickly got carried away and, armed with her credit-card, had soon bought some nice shoes, long white socks and this lovely tight black skirt to finish off her kinky-schoolgirl look (the skirt itself was for "Ages 11 to 12" which is why it was so damn short on thirty year old Debbie!) The bunches had been inspired by Debbie's own sordid imagination as she'd driven home, her kinky purchases in the bag on the passenger seat, her cunt dripping wet with the idea of dressing up sexily for her son! She'd had a bit of a laugh paying for the school-uniform when the cashier had casually asked "Are these for your child?" just to make conversation. "Yes, they're for my child," Debbie had said, grinning to herself the way the cashier would have thought that meant they were for a daughter off to a posh Catholic school and not, as was the case, for the titillation of a horny motherfucker of a son!
Debbie sucked deeply on Jake's thick erection for several minutes before the itch in her twat and arsehole became too much to bare. She'd been horny for so long, ever since leaving work, that having her mouth fucked was not going to satisfy her. She honestly couldn't believe how - as enjoyable as it had been at the time - she'd been able to go weeks by just mutually masturbating with Jake. That would never keep her happy now, having fully embraced the delights of full-on incest and hard fucking with her beautiful horny boy.
"I need fucking," Debbie moaned, standing up, "I'm so randy Jake, mummy needs fucking!"
"Then I'll fuck you," grinned Jake, groping at his mum's tits through her blouse and kissing her lovingly on her mouth, "I'll give you a damn good fucking. Come on, let's do it here, on the floor."
"I've a better idea, why don't you do me from behind over the table," Debbie suggested. She turned and strolled towards the pine dinner-table, which she stood in front of before bending over.
Jake walked up to his mum, standing behind her. He lifted her skirt, thinking that his mum might have not bothered with any panties but, to his delight, she had done! Furthermore, they were not from her rapidly-growing collection of sexy, lacy, silk panties but a simple pair of white cotton ones. They were too small for her and hugged her beautiful pert bottom wonderfully and, even better, they had cute pattern consisting of red hearts embroided into them.
"Wow, what sexy panties mum," grinned Jake, stroking his cock-head over the soft material of the aforementioned garments.
"I picked them up with the rest of the schoolgirl-uniform," sniggered Debbie, wiggling her pantie-clad bottom sexily, "They're designed for ten year old girls I think, which is why they're rather tight!"
"Oooh, well, I can't have your lovely arse being damaged by panties that are too tight for you mum. I'd better take them off, quickly!" He hooked his fingers in the hem of the panties and tugged them down to his mother's ankles. Now his mother's sexy arse was bared, the cheeks slightly spread, her arsehole winking out and, below it, her wet cunt. The pink lips were glistening hotly.
"Fuck me honey, fuck mummy's cunt," Debbie panted, "I need it, I need you cock in me! Fuck mummy good and hard in her cunt sweetheart, then do the same for my arsehole."
Jake didn't need any encouragement! He placed his cock to his mother's cunt and, with a single smooth fuck-stroke, shoved his entire shaft up into her cunt.
"Aaaah, yeah mum," he growled, "Mmmm, what a hot and wet cunt you've got!"
"Fuck me Jake, fuck me darling!" begged Debbie.
Jake held onto the black skirt his mother had bunched up around her waist as he began to slide his dick to and fro in her clutching snatch. He soon built up a good pace, fucking his mum's cunt from behind, his pelvis clapping against her arse.
"Uh, uh, uh, Jake, that's it," Debbie splutted, "Oh fuck I need this, I needed fucking so much! Mmmm....uuuuh....oh honey. Fuck me hard, fuck my cunt!"
"You're so sexy mum," declared Jake, shafting his mother's cunt deep and hard, "You look so fucking HOT in that outfit! You ought to get more...cop uniforms, nurses outfits....leather stuff...yeah!"
"You are kinky honey!" giggled Debbie, resting her elbows on the table which she was bent over, having her cunt shafted by her horny son.
"You started it mum," Jake declared. He started increasing his pace further, ramming his pole hard into his mother's slit. Both mother and son were well aware of how their relationship - whilst previously close and loving - had become even more so since they'd started frolicking together, first with mutual masturbation and now with unrestrained screwing! They were more than lovers and more than just mother and son, they'd reached a complete unity far beyond that which could be attained through just one of those types of relationships. Being both related and physically and emotionally in love to an infinite degree meant that they shared the same emotions and desires and could second-guess one another's thoughts. That enabled them to be so confident with each other when they fucked and, indeed, during the (increasingly rare) times when they weren't actually fucking! The fact that the relationship was entirely private and had to be kept a total secret from the outside world only made them closer.
"I'm gonna cum honey," Debbie began crying a moment later, "Uh, uh....oh Jake....mummy's gonna cum....with that big dick in my twat! UUUH! FUCK!"
Jake slammed his prick repeatedly into his mother's twat whilst holding onto her shoulders, gripping the cotton material of her blouse in his fists as he forcefully fucked her for all he was worth. Debbie began squirming and squealing, climaxing hard on the end of her son's big throbbing tool.
"Take it mum, cum as hard as possible you beautiful babe!" Jake declared, triumphantly, "Uuh, fuck, I can feel your cunt spasming round my cock!"
"Aaaah, Jake, I'm cumming!" panted Debbie, her body wracked with ecstasy. She tossed her head around, hitting herself in the face with the elaborate bunches she'd tied her hair into. Sweat broke on her forehead and she humped her arse back, grinding her cheeks into her son's lower abdomen as the boy held his throbbing meat in cunt. Finally, Debbie's climax ebbed away. "Have you cum yet honey?" she asked.
"Not yet mum," Jake replied, proudly.
"Good, because my arsehole needs some attention! Take you lovely big cock out my cunt and shove it up mummy's arsehole honey."
Being the loving and dutiful son he was, Jake happily obeyed, tugging his cunt-juice-slathered cock out of his mum's steaming snatch and placing the slippery tip to his mother's arsehole. He knew his mum was incapable of feeling discomfort in her anal region when she was this turned on so, not bothering to be slow or gentle, Jake roughly rammed the head of his cock into his mother's arse. Debbie gritted her teeth and let out a long moan of pleasure as she felt her son's swollen prick push past her sphincter, sliding in deeper and deeper into her arse. Within moments, Jake had sheathed his cock in his mother's bowels.
"I'm gonna fuck your arse hard mum," Jake promised, "I'm gonna give you a deep arse-fucking and then I'm gonna pull out and sperm up on your lovely pretty face."
"Mmmm, that's good honey," groaned Debbie, her stretched shit-ring burning with pleasure, "Do it! Do it! But don't shoot too soon though, I want you to spend a while fucking my poop-chute! Fuck my shitter hard!"
Jake began working his prick back and forth in the vice-like grip of his mother's anus. He was soon picking up pace and shafting his mother's arse, that beautiful blonde babe panting with sluttish delight as she was sodomized. It was at night-time that their sex was usually more slow and restrained. During the daytime though the mother/son lovers would fuck like animals in heat. Debbie panted like a whore, Jake grunted like a rutting stud, both of them wracked with pleasure.
For ten-minutes Jake fucked his mother's shitter with his rampantly erect cock. His sperm eventually began to rise, threatening to boil up from his nuts. He slid his dick out of his mother's arsehole with such abruptness that her anus remained gaping open to a diameter of almost two-inches before it began to close once the ravished sphincter realized that the thick hard invading cock it had been accomodating had withdrawn.
"Turn around mum, I'm gonna cum on your face!"
Debbie did so, kneeling on the floor, tilting her head back, eyes closed, mouth open, tongue stretched out.
"Cream me!" she ordered her son, "Drown me in jism, I want to fucking shower in it!"
"What a beautiful target," Jake grunted, standing in front of his kneeling mum, pumping his cock in his fist. The nozzle was aimed right at Debbie's pretty little nose and when the flow began it was awe-inspiring. "AAAAAAAAH, mum, fuck!!" wailed Jake, jerking off furiously, watching his hot gouts of cum explode forth and spray across his mum's visage. "Uh, wanted creamin' mum, here it is...all over your face...oh fuck...aaah!" It was an intense orgasm, his heavy nuts barely able to empty themselves quick enough! One thick spurt of semen was quickly followed by another, and another...and another.
Kneeling in her schoolgirl-uniform, Debbie was totally drenched by the time her son's impressive explosion of cum slowed down. White goo was slashed over her nose, cheeks and forehead, big drips hanging from her jaw and chin, messy splatters of semen in her hair and on her blouse. She'd swallowed the dollops she'd caught on her tongue, but that wasn't enough! She took Jake's still-erect cock in her mouth and sucked deeply on it, tasting her own pooh on that lovely, tireless organ. Debbie slurped out the last of Jake's jizz, reaching up to tickle his balls, knowing that - given her son's youth and stamina - he'd almost certainly have enough cum in there to shoot another load before dinner!
Then of course, he'd have some time to recover before an early night!
It was a Friday, Jake's favorite day!
Not only was there a whole weekend to spend making love to his mother, but she would be at home waiting for him, probably working out. The teenager's cock was stiff in his pants when he went through the front door, shutting it behind him whilst kicking off his shoes.
"I'm home mum," he called, strolling down the hallway. He went into the living room and, as he expected, his mum was working out (naked, naturally) with dance music pumping out of a stereo.
"Hi honey," Debbie grinned, jogging on the spot, her firm nude body slick with sweat. Her hair was tied back in a pony-tail and the only item of clothing she was wearing were a pair of pink wrist-bands.
"You look hot mum," Jake observed, "as always!" He began undressing, watching his mum as she stopped jogging and stood up straight with her feet apart and her hands on her hips. She began leaning to oneside, then the other, breathing deeply, her body looking so perfectly formed and gorgeous to her son. Jake was now naked too, and Debbie cast an appreciative gaze across his frame. He'd begun to work out a bit, his slender torso growing more sculpted and his previously flat belly forming a bit of a six-pack! His limbs were growing more muscular and stronger too, and a growth spurt meant that he'd grown a bit to five-foot-seven, a good four-inchs above his petite, sexy little mummy!
"You're looking good yourself," Debbie commented as she continued with her hip-twists, "You're going to grow up to be a strong you man aren't you honey?"
"Well, I get a lot of exercise working out with you mum," smirked Jake, standing there and stroking his throbbing erection.
Debbie stopped her exercises and took a few deep breaths.
"I'm hot," she gasped, "I'm so HOT! Damn! I could do with a shower."
"Oh, I dunno mum, you look even sexier all sweaty!"
"I've an idea honey," Debbie said with a sudden look of mischief, "Pass me that towel."
Jake took a big white towel that was folded up on the sofa and handed it to his naked mother. She laid it flat on the floor and knelt down on it.
"Do you need to pee honey?" she asked her son.
"Er...sort of. Now that you mention it, yeah. Why?"
"I fancy a golden-shower honey. I want you to drench me in piss."
"Really? Wow, that's kinky!"
"Hey honey, the kinkier, the better," smirked Debbie, "Come on sweetheart, come over here and piss all over mummy. If you do a good job I promise to piss all over you."
Jake couldn't refuse this offer! He stepped up in front of his mum, his cock nodding out in front of him. He could feel his bladder feeling full simply at the thought of urinating, the power of suggestion making him suddenly in need of a piss. He held the base of his erection and pointed his cock down at his mother's pretty expecting face.
"It might go in your mouth mum," Jake said.
"That's okay honey, I don't care! I want to shower in it, I want to drink it! Mmmm....I can't wait. I'm feeling so horny."
Jake felt his piss begin to rise. Suddenly, his hard cock began shooting out a long stream of hot steaming golden piss. It splashed across his mother's face and, as promised, the beautiful blonde babe was driven to intense heights of ecstasy.
"Oh honey, oh Jake, piss all over mummy," she begged, eyes closed against the stream of urine hitting her in the face, her hands between her legs and frigging her sopping cunt, "Oh yeah, yeah....mmmmm...!"
"Have a drink mum," grinned Jake, aiming the stream at his mother's mouth. Debbie opened wide and guzzled the liquid that squirted hotly into her mouth. She swallowed it down. Jake suddenly squeezed the appropriate muscles to temporarily halt his flow of piss. He squatted down, still facing his mother, and starting urinating again. This time his cock was level with his mother's stomach and he pissed all over her belly and thighs. He aimed his stream in particular at his mother's cunt which she busily frigged.
"Shit, that was good mum," Jake panted, his bladder now empty. He stood up and his mother sucked the last drops of piss out of his cock.
"I'll piss on you now honey," she said, her voice husky with lust, "Lie back sweetie."
She moved to oneside and Jake lay back on the piss-soaked towel, his cock throbbing across his belly.
Her naked body dripping with piss and sweat, Debbie squatted over her son's thighs. She looked so beautiful to Jake as he looked up at her, dishevelled and grinning like a naughty girl.
"Ready son?"
"Ready mum! Piss all over me! Aim some at my mouth and my dick too!"
Debbie relaxed her bladder and the flow began with wild abandon. She'd conjured up this idea earlier and had deliberately drank several glasses of water before her son had arrived home from school. She'd been dying for a piss for while now and the jet of urine was powerful, arcing over Jake's torso and splashing onto his face. He caught some in his mouth, swallowing it down whilst more pee splashed across him. Debbie altered her pose a little to ensure a good amount of her urine landed on Jake's firm torso and belly. When her stream of pee was dying down she shuffled back a little and let it splatter across Jake's throbbing cock, which looked so hard that it seemed to be out to burst at any minute.
"Holy shit mum that was good," Jake panted, holding his erection upright and proud, "Fuck! I'm so horny. Impale your cunt on my cock mum, I need to cum! I need to cum so hard!"
Debbie knelt astride her son's hips and impaled her slick cunt onto his cock. She planted herself right down, taking Jake's cock in her cunt to the hilt.
"Oh mum, I love you so much," Jake grunted, reaching up to grope her sparkling tits as he fucked her cunt from below.
"I love you too honey," Debbie panted as she began to ride the horny youth. She bounced up and down on his thick cock, both of them grunting and panting like rutting animals. Debbie climaxed after just a few moments, crying out with wild lust. "Oh Jake, I'm cumming, I'm cumming!! FUCK ME! Fuck me with you big cock, uuuuh!"
"Me too mum, I'm cumming toooo!!"
Jake held his mother's hips and pulled her down onto his cock, lifting his arse off the piss-sodden towel and driving his cock to the root in his mother's tight snatch. His cock exploded a hot geyser of cum into her womb, both of them wracked with the ecstasy of their mutual orgasms as they climaxed together.
"Oh fuck, oh yeah...Jake honey...fill me with cum....uuuh, fuck mummy HARD!" urged Debbie, grinding her snatch onto her son's jizz-pumping prick.
Jake let out a long sigh of satisfaction as his orgasm died away, the last of his sperm pumping into his mother's slick quim. Debbie slumped over her son, both of their bodies burning hot and drenched in piss. They kissed one another hard, tongues sliding into each other's mouths.
After a moment, Debbie dismounted her son, proud that the boy's cock was still very stiff and erect.
"I'm thirsty mum," Jake said, sitting up.
"Grab some water honey," Debbie suggested, nodding towards the coffee table, on which a big glass of mineral water sat. Jake took it and guzzled down a large quantity of it.
"I might need another piss soon," he smirked, "In fact...I've an idea. Bend over mum, lend me your bottom."
Debbie was excited at whatever sordid idea her beautiful young son had cooked up. She got on her hands and knees, her pert arse thrust out.
Jake knelt behind his mother, his cock sticking out straight from his groin, the bulbous head slick with sperm and piss. He gripped the base of his cock and slid it into his mother's arse, all the juices along his throbbing shaft enabling him to push his cock past his mother's rubbery shit-ring and deep into her tight rectum with ease.
"Mmmm, there's nothing better than a good arse-fucking," Debbie purred, "Fuck me honey, fuck my arse good and hard. Blow your nuts in me and fill my shitter with cum."
"I'll fill it with more than cum," Jake promised his horny mother. He began to fuck her arse deep and hard, ramming his pole far into her rectal passage. Debbie had an idea of what her son might be planning. She bucked her arse up against his pistoning cock, urging the boy on with breathy obsceneties.
Ten-minutes of rampant fucking later and Jake blew his load. His climax was as intense as the previous one and he let out a long moan of joy as he pumped his cock back and forth in his mother's clutching arsehole whilst ejecting his sticky load.
"Oh mum!!" gasped Jake, fucking her arse hard, "Oh mum, oh FUCK yeah!" He rammed his dick into his mother's arse one last time, burying it to the hilt, squirting out the last of his semen into her rectum. He felt exhausted, but he wasn't finished yet!
"Are you going to pee now honey?" asked Debbie.
"I sure am mum," Jake replied. His bladder was fit to burst from the water he'd drunk earlier. His cock was softening slightly in the tight confines of his mother's spunk-filled bowels. "Here we go mum....uuuuuh."
His piss began to flow from his cock, filling up Debbie's shit-guts with alarming speed.
"Oh wow, oh FUCK that's good," Debbie gasped, feeling her son's semi-erect dick jetting out warm piss deep in her bowels. The urine sloshed around in her guts, filling up every available space. It was like a colonic-irrigation, only far more kinky and intimate! Debbie moaned with pleasure and, like her son, made a mental note to try this far more often! Jake finished off pissing up his mother's arse. As sexy as it felt for Debbie, it was also a little uncomfortable after a moment or two with that amount of liquid pumped up her intestines, especially as her arse was already full of cock and spunk too! Jake pulled his softening penis from his mother's bum and as soon as he'd done so, a jet of piss squirted out from Debbie's gaping anus before she could snap it shut. The piss splashed over Jake's stomach and he and his mother laughed at the absurd kinkiness.
"Wow, my arse feels so full," Debbie commented, standing up, "This is fantastic! We'll definately be trying out more games with pissing in the future. I need to get rid of it though, or I'll be leaking piss out of my arse all evening, which would be a bit weird!"
"How about ejecting it into this?" offered Jake, picking up the big empty glass on the coffee table. Debbie took it from him and sat it on the floor. Then she squatted over it, hovering her arsehole directly above it before relaxing her arsehole. Jake's hot piss - mixed with cum - jetting from her bottom into the glass, filling it almost to the brim. It took almost ten-seconds for Debbie to squirt her piss-and-cum-enema into the glass. Without any hesitation she then picked up the glass, put it to her lips, and drained it. She gulped and gulped, moaning inwardly with joy, drinking her own son's cum and piss after they'd been sloshing around and mixing up in her own bowels.
Jake watched his mother as she drank the sordid cocktail, grinning as he realized that the fantastic sex he enjoyed with his beautiful mother/lover would only improve now that they'd scaled new heights of perversion!

Slutty MUM

I've always loved aliens. I guess they love me, to.

I've always loved aliens. I guess they love me, to.

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