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Only days ago, I witnessed a man being killed not far
from my house, the killer saw me. He chased me down, and
enraged, he cut into my eyes with a knife, permanently
blinding me. After wards he raped me giving me syphilis.
I was rushed to the hospital and my parents were

I lay quietly in the unfamiliar sheets of the hospital
bed with my eyes sore and bandaged. A stranger comes
into the room, so silent his footsteps are as he comes
to my bedside. "I brought you this rose," he said
calmly, "its blue."

The stranger gently holds open my hand and places the
rose in it. With saying nothing else, he left. I gently
ran my fingers up the stem of the rose to the petals.
Blue. How odd, I've never heard of a blue rose before, I
thought, and continued to hold it. It had been hours
since my last meal, and it felt late. I was tired.
Thoughts of suicide ran through my head for a long
while, until a tranquil voice convinced me otherwise. It
spoke kind, caring words, that held no pity or sorrow.
"Who is that?" I asked. There was a long pause, before I
heard an answer. "God." He replied.

"God?" I asked, slowly sitting up.

"Take those bandages off child." He said.

Hesitantly, I unwrapped the cloth from around my eyes,
but continued to hold them shut.

"Look at me." He said patience in his tone. Not knowing
how to reply, I weakly opened my eyes. Blurry at first,
everything before me came into focus, including the
thing that stood before me. It wore no clothing, and
appeared to be a sexless being, although it's body
seemed somewhat masculine. Large horns curved upwards
out of it's skull and it's skin was gray.

"What are you?" I asked, almost unbelieving of what just

"I am your god." It said softly, and approached my
bedside. "I will heal you of your disabilities, only if
you do me a small favor." I thought...

How is this even logical? Was I still dreaming?

"What do you want me to do?" I asked warily.

He immediately replied, "To kill the man that did this
to you."

I sat back, still thinking.

"Okay," I paused, "How?"

"First, let me heal you." He said with a smile, and
knelt next to me on the bed. The skin between his spread
legs tore open, and a bulging penis slid out.

For some reason though, this didn't bother me. The
situation almost didn't seem real. There wasn't much I
could do, so I nervously lay my head on my pillow and
grasped the sheets tightly, not sure what to expect. I
looked into his emotionless eyes, searching, but they
revealed nothing. He slowly leaned over me, his penis
disappeared underneath my hospital gown, and its warm
tip touched me ever so gently. It penetrated, and my
body went into complete ecstasy. It happened so fast, I
shuddered; it was only after he filled me with freezing
sperm, that I clenched and sat up quickly, feeling
ashamed. Icy cum ran in a thin line down my leg, sending
shivers crawling up my spine. The being stepped off of
the bed.

"You no longer have syphilis… I want you to kill him
now." He said, with a tone that held no emotion.

"How?" I asked, surprised.

"Take my hand," He said, holding it out for me to grasp.
I took it with my own, and he held on firmly. My arm
throbbed in agony, and my heart pounded. He released his
grip and my arm fell limply to my side. Before I could
register what was happening, the flesh on my back ripped
open, and violet feathers appeared. Large wings
unfolded, feather tips scathing the walls and roof.
Still damp with fresh blood, they were too heavy to
stretch. The creature faded into the shadows.

My trembling body went numb, and I watched myself thrash
about the room in an uncontrollable frenzy, as
adrenaline and fear took their course.

Feathers, my feathers, they settled around me, and my
back and shoulders ached with the weight of my new
burden... Or gift... Could this really be the reality
that is? The room dark, with no windows, fluorescent
lights shattered, and glass all around me, yet I can
see. I can see the damage I have caused, and the
creature I am becoming.

My body was now almost completely covered with fur and
feathers, and my arms wielded a sharp blade. I am
mutating. Images of what that man did to me ran through
my mind, and I began to shake with rage. Sickle talons
curved their way out of my fingertips, in a numbing
pain, and again adrenaline overtook my body. It was
time. Now sitting up from the dark corner that I had
rested, I charged the door, splitting it into pieces. I
slid across the hall, almost hitting the opposite side.

The hallway was empty up until the receptionist's desk.
The lady at the counter looked up from the book she was
reading, horror appeared in her eyes when she saw me. I
sprinted towards her, and past; out of the hospital and
onto the streets. It was a busy night, cars filled the
highway, and although late, people still roamed the
streets. I looked into the sky. The full moon, amber
orange in color, illuminated over the night time city,
calling me into the heavens.

My new desire to fly free overwhelmed me. Running to
gain momentum, I unfolded my wings, the large feathers
feeling wind beneath them for the first time. I took
flight. Up I flew, past the headlights and streetlamps
and into the jungle of high rises. I had to hurry,
daylight lurked just below the horizon. I became unsure
of where I was going, so I turned and headed back
towards the hospital, hoping to see a sign, or the thing
that... helped me.

Suddenly, in rhythm with every wing beat, my eyes burned
hotter and hotter, everything in my vision became a
shade of blue. My heart pounded. Everything around me
seemed to blend together, instinct told me to fly
upwards, and avoid anything that I was in danger of
flying into. Once at a safe height, I looked down upon
the city. Near the far outskirts, a speck of red shined
in the vast blue. I bet that was my way of finding that

I soared over many neighborhoods, the homes getting
closer as I descended. So, I was going to kill him in
his own house, I figured, as my vision returned to
normal; his home in sight. I landed in Center Street. My
legs were not ready for the sudden impact and I stumbled
to regain my step. Restless dogs barked at me from
behind fences. I looked around; making sure no one had
seen me. Nope, good. His home was still and dark, except
for one room whose light leaked out of a closed curtain.
Just out of curiosity, I checked to see if his front
door was unlocked, although very unlikely. To my
surprise, it creaked open.

All was dark, much darker than the outside. The fear of
sneaking into some ones home got to me. I nervously
crept into the living room, and looked for a door with
light underneath. Found it! Just down the hall. I wanted
to break it down, but it opened. I froze. There he was,
staring at me in the darkness. Could he see me? I rushed
him out of desperation; he backed into the corner,
terror in his eyes.

"I hate you, you ruined me," I growled, feet away from
killing him.

His face changed, he let out a laugh and stepped out of
the corner. "I know who you are," he said grinning,
"You're that bitch I fucked. What happened to you?"

"I'm going to kill you," I cried, lunging at him, the
blades on my forearms slashed into his shoulder and he
jerked away. "What the hell are you? Did that damn demon
make you do this?" He asked, gripping his serrated
shoulder. "He's the one who told me to hurt you in the
first place, you stupid bitch!" He yelled.

I lunged at him again, this time, not missing his
throat. He fell lifelessly to the floor, his body
crippled in a pool of blood. There I stood; horns
appeared on my shadow self. A cold hand on my shoulder.
"I should have known you were a demon, you look like
one," I said, turning around. His eyes still revealed

"I'm not a demon," he whispered, "I'm Lucifer," and he
held in his hand, a blue rose. Smiling, he handed it to
me. I was speechless… The pedals floated to the ground
when I touched it, so did my fur and feathers. My claws
and wings disappeared into my flesh, and as the morning
sun arose, all evil faded into the dawning light.

A God For Tonight

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