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When I was younger, I had an obsession. I still have it
now. I’ll tell you about it, and then what happened a
little over a year ago.

I was seven when I read my first book about UFOs and
aliens. I was immediately a believer, never questioning
whether they could truly exist. Although I lived in
Manhattan, I would take my little monocular Grandpa had
given me to my dirty window, and search the lit sky for
any mysterious activity.

Of course, I never saw one. They don’t like New York.

As I got older, people found out about my love for
extraterrestrial life. It scared some people off, and
drew others closer. One of those people was Phil. I met
him in fifth grade, when we were just nine years old. I
was a little older – he was born in March, I in
January. We became best friends, sharing a weird

When we got to eighth grade, the alien thing really
started to surface – like it never had before. During
classes, we’d read alien books behind our math ones. We
always sat in the back of classes so no one could see
what we were doing. We’d discuss aliens and UFOs over
lunch, asking each other, "Have you seen one yet?"

But of course we didn’t. We were still in Manhattan,
after all.

We graduated from high school together, and we knew
what we were going to do. We’d been planning it since
ninth grade. We would make enough money for a round
trip to Roswell, and stay there as long as it took. We
were going to find some aliens.

We never thought about college – the real way to get
money. We just went on to odd jobs, and Phil actually
got a day job at Cheesegrease Pizza. Weird name, greasy

We finally saved around four thousand dollars – it took
half a year to get. Our parents encouraged us to
college first, so we could get a job in Roswell. Of
course, they didn’t really want us to go, but at this
point they had learned that we’d do anything to find
out more about aliens.

And this was the ultimate alien-seeking trip.

Roswell, New Mexico, USA. The place where at least half
the town claims to have seen a UFO and quite a few have
been abducted. Never any real proof… but we believed.

We left on my birthday, not even thinking about the
fact that I’d just turned nineteen. Phil’s birthday
would be soon, but it might be forgotten, too.

It was the first time I’d flown, and all I could think
about was "This must be how it is in a UFO." Phil was
thinking the same thing.

When we reached Roswell, it was daytime. We checked
into a diner/hotel called "E.T.’s Hideout." It sounded
like a perfect place. Then again, every diner in
Roswell has a name like that.

We searched the skies all the time, talking to locals
about what they’d seen. They all described it a little
differently, but one thing was always the same: "The
thing could just hover. Like a helicopter, but no
noise. It was the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen…"

We especially watched for lights at night. Night seemed
to be the aliens’ favorite time to show up.

If so, why weren’t we seeing anything? We were in the
most alien-ridden place, at the most alien-ridden time
of day. What were we doing wrong?

On our third week in Roswell, we saw one. A green light
was speeding around in the sky, far away and fast. We
weren’t gonna let this one go. Phil fumbled for his
camera and snapped a few shots of it. I just got up and
started running. "We’ve gotta catch that thing!" I
yelled. Phil agreed and followed me, the camera still
around his neck.

We ran for at least fifteen minutes, until we came to
the light. It was directly above us. We’d been waiting
for this. Phil took a shot without flash of me looking
up at the light.

It then hovered, just like everyone said it would.

"Oh…" said Phil, gasping for breath. "It’s so awesome…"

All I could do was nod.

Suddenly, more lights came on, swirling in a concentric
circle around the first one. We realized now how big
the UFO was – the diameter had to be at least a hundred
feet. We just stared.

The UFO dropped slowly, a quiet, deep moaning noise
coming from its engine – or what ever made it go. It
landed on the desert floor ten feet away from me. I
could see three feet on the bottom of it, keeping its
circular body from tipping over. Phil was snapping
pictures like crazy.

A little tube came out from the center of the bottom of
the hull. A hole opened in it, and there stood an

I was so nervous that I said something goofy. "We are
friends. We come in peace." I don’t know where it came
from, but it’s what I said. The alien responded in a
voice with an accent like I’ve never heard before.
"Come inside. We must discuss something." Its voice was
high and strange sounding – I can’t describe it.

Phil kept snapping pictures as he followed along.

The alien told us to stand in the tube it had come out
of, and we did. We had to stand next to it, and I could
smell the alien. It was a good smell, but just so
weird… Inside the UFO, there was enough light to see
what the alien looked like. It was pale green, just
like I’d heard it described, although its body and face
were more human-like than I had expected.

The inside was clean and white, what material I don’t
know. We passed a few other aliens along the way, and
they made no indication that they’d noticed us. We
couldn’t tell a lot of difference between the males and
females. They all looked the same, and wore no clothes.

Phil said, "How the hell do they have sex?" I shut him
up as we continued.

The alien led us to a warmly lit room, with a square
pedestal in the middle. I felt it, and it was soft,
like a bed. I guessed it was for sleeping on.

"So why are we here?" I asked the alien who was our

"We need servants on our home planet. Where better to
get them than earth? All the other life forms in the
universe are either too weak or too stupid. Humans are
perfect." I was scared to death. Would they take us as

"Lie down," instructed the alien, and I was too afraid
to refuse. I was almost sure this one was male, but I
couldn’t tell. Phil was directed to another room, and I
felt pretty lonely.

The alien left the room and closed the door. A few
minutes later, another alien came in. I had heard all
the stories, and knew what was going to happen.

My vision wavered for a second, and then cleared again.
The alien was gone, replaced by one of the most
beautiful women I’ve ever seen. It was a trick; this
was the alien, but I couldn’t help getting hard when
she took off her clothes. She was so sexy…

She lay down on top of me, and got right to business.
She unbuttoned my pants and pulled of my boxers,
exposing my throbbing cock. I knew this was sick and
wrong, but I couldn’t help myself. She lowered herself
onto my penis, and I felt a warm, wet pussy surround
me. It felt so good… I pushed myself into her, gasping
for breath. I was almost paralyzed by this. Finally I
came, spurting my juice into her. She got up and walked
away, back into the depths of the UFO.

"Thank you for your contribution," said the guide
alien, as we left the UFO. "Your semen will be used to
create a long line of humans. You should be proud." I
was freaked out.

"What about Phil?" I asked, but he ignored me. He just
handed me the camera and escorted me onto the desert
again. He said thank you again, and then the UFO lifted
into the air, out of sight.

I still think about it sometimes. I sometimes wonder if
it really happened and then I study the pictures Phil

I've always loved aliens. I guess they love me, to.

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