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I am not the best writer in the world, nor am I a glory
hound! I do believe in sharing ideas and knowledge
freely. That is one of the gifts of Father Creator! It
has often be said that you do not need to write about
violence to tell a good story. I wrote this story for
one reason. I want to observe where or how far a chain
story will go. I want this to be a continuing work in
progress by other people?

The year is 16-MI. Most of humanity has been
exterminated by the bio wars. We are the forgotten
children, possible the last generation of mankind.
Even now we struggle against the unknown future!

Janu is awoken by the sound of a raging dust storm
outside. looking around she watch's the reddish-orange
dust blowing thru the many cracks of the 60ft diameter
20ft high domeshelter house. That she's been squatting
in for the last year and a half. The air begins to fill
with chocking dust in minutes.

She tries to cover herself with what little protection
she has, but still coughs from the fatal dust. Moments
later she hears a familiar voice calling her from the
lower unprotected level of the shelter. Janu! Janu, are
you still alive? She tries to respond but coughs out an
almost inaudible, "Here, I'm here."

Seconds later she hears her name again Janu! "Here,
I'm here!" She cried out louder! The dust is now
thicker than fog as she tries to feel her way to the
familiar voice. Janu! someone cried again. A half
second later she feels a hand touch her arm! Janu it's
me Xeo!

Xeo quickly grabbed her, covering her with a large
blanket like material. Trying to shield themselves from
the fatal dust storm. "Xeo I'm so glad to see you , I
missed you!" I missed you to Janu! "where have you
been?" I was in the badlands looking for food and
water. "Did you find any?" No, there is nothing out
there. I barely made it back alive.

"Promise me you wont leave me again?" I will never
leave you Janu, you know that! "Its so good to hear
your voice. I thought I was going to go mad not being
able to talk to anyone." Oh Janu you can go mad in my
arms any day! Janu gives him a light punch to his chest
with her fist. Oooww, that hurts! Just kidding Janu.
"Oh you?" Yeah, you know I gotta have some fun?. "Did
you see any body in the badlands?

"No but I did see some tracks heading towards the big
domed city! "You did? when?" Two days ago. "How many
tracks were there?" I think there were three tracks I'm
not sure. "Can we go there and look for them after the
duststorm?" I don't know, they may not be friendly?
"But Xeo?" Now Janu I don't want you to get your hopes
up. They may not survive the dust storm!

"Oh Xeo Please?" OK? but you have to give me a kiss
first? Janu and Xeo started to slowly draw closer to
each other's lips. Seconds passed as they met mouth to
mouth. Another moment passed and the two were deep
french kissing each other.

Xeo started to reach under Janu's tattered shirt,
softly pinching her right nipple. Causing Janu to moan
in delight for the long awaited touch. "Oh that feels
so Xeo, I really missed you!" I missed you to Janu!
Janu started to really deep throat Xeo with more
passionate kisses. They continued to kiss and fondle
each other while the dust storm raged outside the
dilapidated shelter.

Hours later they both heard the dust storm slowly die
down, then finally absolute quiet. "Xeo is the storm
over?" Xeo tried to lift their protected cover only to
find the air still lightly permeated with chocking
dust. Janu we have to get out of the domeshelter and
into the clean air outside! "Ok."

They both made their way down the stairs and out thro
the broken sliding door. The air was cool, moist like a
fine mist had fallen along with the dust storm. Janu
looked at the fleeing storm in the distance, spotting a
slight rainbow. Then she gazed at the almost clear blue
sky with reddish-orange colored clouds passing

A moment later Xeo cried out, Janu look at your garden,
its destroyed. "Oh no!" She replied in gasping
disbelief. "And I was going to harvest it today!" We
should try to save what we can. Then head for the domed
city, OK? "Alright Xeo." Both Xeo and Janu spent the
next hour gathering and saving what they could.

Then Janu and Xeo went back into the shelter, storing
and preserving what food the could. Janu grabbed a
large poach, pocketing some of the precious food. She
also grabbed a large 2ltr bottle of water, it was not
the last they had. But their supply was getting low and
the sand storm was a good sign that the rainy season
was coming.

Janu Hurry up I want to get to the domed city before
nightfall! "Ok I'm coming!" Janu quickly grabbed a few
more items then walked out of the shelter. "Xeo, Do you
think they survived the dust storm?" I don't know, if
they did it would be a miracle? "Xeo I hope they did,
it would be nice to have more friends to talk to." We
don't even know if they're friendly Janu! "I hope they
are?" I hope so too, come on we're burning daylight.
"Ok Xeo."

Janu and Xeo took a quick look around, spotting more
dilapidated shelters in the distance. Some were
completely destroyed and some still had half their
domes intact. Looking further off into the distance
they could see a hazy shape of the big domed city. Some
15 kilometers away. Janu decided to take one last look
at her shelter, thanking the powers that be that it
still stood. Even thou it was falling apart.

Janu, what's the holdup, we gotta go! "Ok Xeo!!" Don't
worry it'll be here when we get back now come on! "I'm
comin Xeo!" They both headed for what resembled a six-
lane highway. Scanning the weight and head high sparse
vegetation around them as the walked. "Xeo, do you
think there from the domed city in the alpha quadrant?"
Could be, the track were from there?

Two hours pass as the two continued to walk towards the
domed city. Passing the burned out and sand blasted
hauls of many vehicles. Janu barely had the courage to
look inside them. But to Xeo was used to seeing the
bleached white bones sitting in the seats as if nothing

Janu started to think about her life before that last
terrible day. The good times she had with her mother
and father. About her last birthday with them when she
was 8yo. A few minutes passed and she fell to the
ground sobbing! Xeo quickly turned and hugged Janu
tightly, trying to console her. Janu, What's wrong?

"I miss my parents, I wish they were here, still
alive!" I know Janu, I wish mine were here too! "Why
did they have to die!" I don't know, but I think there
in a better place! Janu continued to sob for a while,
remembering all the good times she had that awful year.

Xeo continued to console Janu, "Janu, don't give up on
me now baby. We've come so far you and I need you. "I
know but it hurts." I know baby but there nothing we
can do. Maybe we should walk away from the highway,
would you like that? "Yes, I would!"

A few minutes later Janu rose to her feet and dried her
eyes. Then followed Xeo as they walked away from the
highway. After walking 20 meters they found a small
trail leading in the same direction to domed city.

Xeo couldn't help but think about the same thing that
happened to him some ten years before. He just turned
12yo when the last bio bombs fell. He faintly
remembered hearing something about the negotiations
between Mars and Earth had broken off. That Mars
declared its independence from Earth. Xeo started to
curse under his breath. Gawd damn bustards why couldn't
they just let us live in piece! All we wanted was to
live free, not under Earth's rule.

"Xeo, Slow down, XEO! XEO!!" yelled Janu, trying to get
his attention. "XEO!!!" Uh, what'd "Xeo you spaced out
on me!" Oh I'm sorry, I was thinking about finding
those survivors! Xeo didn't want to tell Janu what he
was really thinking. He knew it would upset her again.
"Xeo, do you really love me?" Yes baby, you know I do!
Why would you think other wise?

"Well what if one of them is female and she prettier
them me?" Oh baby you're the prettiest thing in the
world to me. Come on don't think like that? "Xeo, hug
me please?" Ok baby, come here. I'll give you a hug.
"Would you still love me if I told you that I'm
pregnant?" Yes baby, even more! "Thank you Xeo!" Xeo
gives Janu a long lingering kiss while hugging her

Ok baby we got to hurry it'll be dark in three hours.
"Ok Xeo!" They continue walk for another hour slowly
approaching the ever growing domed city, Janu could see
what looked like a large crack in the center of the
dome. Xeo was becoming apprehensive, not knowing what
he or Janu would find inside.

He had been there a few years ago and remembered the
stanch of death permeating the air. Also the many
unburied body lying all around. He also knew of a few
survivors living inside. But he was somewhat scared
knowing that they were completely insane!

A half hour passed before they reach the outer wall of
the 30-kilometer in diameter-domed city. Both Xeo and
Janu were aw struck by its massive size! "Xeo where's
the way in?" I don't, I guess it's this way? "Your just
guessing Xeo!" Yeah I know, but that's the fun part!
"Oh Xeo, your always kiddy around!" Like I said baby
you gotta have some fun. Both Xeo and Janu laugh in

Xeo and Janu walked a little while before potting the
half buried tracks left by the survivors "Xeo, there
are three sets of tracks, they made it!" Xeo took a
closer look at the tracks, finding one of them smaller
then the other two. Janu one of them is a child? "Then
one of them has to be female?" Looks like it?

Xeo and Janu followed the track even further, almost
running to catch up with the mysterious survivors.
Another half hour passed before they found the opening
into the domed city. Xeo became even more scared but
didn't show it to Janu. Janu I need you to stay here,
ok baby? "why Xeo? Because it may not be safe inside?
"Ok I'll stay here?." Thank you baby!

Xeo grabbed a small piece of jagged metal lying on the
ground outside the entrance. Then slowly entered the
dark corridor. Ten minutes later he returned, calling
for Janu to come with him. She quickly followed him
through to the other side. As They enter the large
domed structure and continue to walk around the vast
interior. Walking thru endless rows of tall and small
plant life seeing many structures burnt out or fallen
over. The smell of fire still permeated the air but
none were seen.

Both Janu And Xeo called out in unison, hello? is
anybody here? Hello? Nobody answered them but they
continued to call out a few minutes more. Janu turned
to Xeo and ask him a question as they walked through
the dense rows of vegetation.

"Xeo What was this place?" I think they called it the
nursery. "How long has it been here?" I don't know
Janu! Janu stops to look at a square see through object
sitting on a metal rod protruding from the floor. With
curiosity she tries to touch it.

A second later the device lights up. Beep! Beep!
Chirp! "Greetings how may I help you?" Both Janu and
Xeo Jump back in fear. Trying to shield them self's
from an attack by the mysterious object. Beep Beep
Chirp "Greeting how my I help you?"

Xeo quickly grabs his club from his side and swings at
the intrusive device, destroying it with one blow. They
continue to cautiously walk thru the rows of plants.
Stopping at a water fountain. They momentary gaze at
their reflecting images in the water.

Janu sees her dirty face then follow her reflection
downward. looking at her badly torn braless shirt that
barely covered 34c breasts. Then continued to her young
tan but taught stomach. Past her belly button to her
slim but shapely waist, and onto her tattered and torn

Xeo saw his dirty face covered with a beard and a
mustache. then follows himself downward to his
uncovered muscular chest. past his chiseled belly and
on to his tattered coverings They both quickly took a
drink from the shallow water before continuing their

A moment later Xeo and Janu heard a loud shrieking howl
coming from the top of a tall tree. They both looked
up and saw a winged creature fly away, deeper into the
domed city. "Xeo what the hell was that?" I don't know,
I've never seen it before!

This is where I pass the story onto anyone that wants
to contribute to a, forgive the word, chain story!

The year is 16-MI

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