Bitches in Ditches shemale porn story

I was rolled over so Doc could ride my pussy; he did pushups into me, so
lovely. I raised my pussyass up for the downward motion to get deeply
penetrated and feel the slap of skin and balls more intensely.

"Oh Trish you're so good! Your body is..." Doc stopped talking but not
fucking, he was close, the strokes were shorter and faster.

"Shit Doc fuck me, cum in me!"

The burn was fabulous as Doc went rigid over me, his cock buried, spasming
several times.

"Oh Doc so good!"

I loved the thought of his cum inside my pussyass being a permanent part of

He slowly lowered himself onto me, a big sigh against my back.

A brief quiet, "Trish I can't express how good this is!"

He wrapped me in his body, arms, legs surrounding, warming me.

We lay still for some minutes, his cock softening but inside me. He kissed
the back of my neck, "Trish, OK?"

"Better than OK, Doc. I'm happy!"


We lay for a while enjoying the `after' feelings. My arm wasn't hurting
after the sex which made me happy because I wanted more sex! Doc washed and
came to my open mouth. MMMMM!!!

He had a satisfied smile, stroking my breasts then down across my belly to
hold my old parts cupped in his palm. "Trish, you are quite a woman no
matter the equipment!"

Naked in my slippers with a bib apron of Morey's on, a knife in hand,
ready! Doc was washing the veggies and fruit, stacking them up for me to
work through.

"I like the veggies chunky is that ok with you?" Doc patted my butt, "Trish
you're the cook, decide!"

It took a while with one and ½ arms with Doc right there helping but
letting me do it the way I wanted.

I had the dumpling recipe in my head so after the chopping I had my hands
full of flour, working it and my chosen spices into walnut sized balls. A
plastic bag over the cast kept me from dusting it.

Doc made a comment that he could see where I got my skill playing with
balls from. I waved my posterior in his direction. He applauded!

The soup cooked waiting for the dumplings. Doc kissed me; being tightly
held against him was no bad thing.

"It smells very nice already! What now?" he watched as I worked the fruit
salad, damn easy. Red and green grapes, blueberries, fat banana slices,
quartered strawberries and raspberries all lightly sugared and a tablespoon
of water. Mix until everything coated, let sit in the fridge.

Doc smiling, "Simplicity!"

I lifted his cock in my palm, I said the same word. We laughed and kissed
for a while. Naked together. I was in his lap, "Trish, you're a real fine
person to have around! Dangerous too! You know don't you?"

I nodded taking his face in my hands, kiss, soft. My cheek on his
shoulder. Oh my nipples hard under his gentle caress. A hand sliding down
across my flat belly stroking my thighs, "You're really built the way I
like, slender, nice legs" he parted my legs, "only here are you different
from Morey."

Doc was quiet then he began to talk about Morey. They had known each other
since they were toddlers. Their parents were friends so there was a family
closeness. Morey had been his first kiss at 6, whenever they played it was
always them together as a team or a family or sidekicks. Morey had a fast
draw and was handy with a rope for hours of cowboy games in the woods.

In a fort they built in a nearby pine woods, they cached food and
equipment, hid out from family and had their first kiss. "We sat there
after, it had been part of a game but holding her hand, warm in mine, we

He was shaking his head, "Trish, just 6 and we knew!"

I dropped the dumplings into the soup, covered it, turned it down to
simmer. I perched on Doc's lap. His hands going over me slowly as he

"We did everything together. Teachers at first believed we shared homework
until they realized we just thought the same." He shook his head, walking
to school each day and back always chatting about something. History or
English or Math or Science, talking about it all. Sitting on her families'
back porch after dinner, doing school work or sharing thoughts on books we
read or TV, damn near anything.

Whenever there was a shared class teachers went crazy trying to keep up
with us. Doc said it would start with one of asking a question but
inevitably the other would follow with another question and so on. It only
got worse in high school because our thoughts were more organized. Doc ran
cross country, liking the solitary nature of it, it came easy but Morey,
the more gregarious, did school projects and student government.

A warm summer day when they were 13 in one of the old `forts' there was
another kiss which lasted much longer with the first touching. "We both
started at the same time, our hands stroking each other. Morey had on a
short blouse which I went under with a whispered `gently they're tender'
admonition. I have to laugh now she was her usual fearless self, holding my
penis through my shorts then reaching inside. She said `I want to see you'
so we undressed each other, we were completely relaxed doing it, a natural
thing. We sat naked kissing, caressing all over. Morey lay on me full
length, `Jer, I don't want to go any further right now, OK?' I was cupping
her butt cheeks at that moment; I remember her smiling as I made them
bounce. She kissed me, giggling as she lay on my hardon with her thinking
face on, `Jer, I will make you cum.'"

I could see the memory of that rising in his eyes and between my thighs,
"She knelt beside me giving me a hand job as I caressed every bit of her,
she was wet, so I reciprocated. We were both surprised by our orgasms. When
she leaned down to lick me I was amazed. I pulled her over me and we tasted
each other."

I was holding a stiffie, gently moving my fingers on it. Doc leaned back
with a sigh, "I've never told anyone about Morey and I. You see what I mean
about the danger?" I kissed him with that beauty in both hands.

"Trish, you better check our dinner." It was nearly done, dumplings got
turned over again.

I knelt between Doc's legs engulfing his cock, his fingers slid through my
hair, "We kissed a lot after that tasting ourselves on each other's'
lips. We were standing pressed together as we both started to say `I love
you' which made us laugh but after that we never needed to say it."

Doc slipped into slacks and shirt, I did shorts and top so we could eat
outside. His deck table was in shade, he set the utensils, and all. I
ladled soup and dumplings into nice big soup bowls, Doc cut some French
bread. The fruit salad went into a large bowl. We sat eating, smiling at
each other, "Trish, this is good! The dumplings are positively fluffy!"  I
squeezed his hand, I'm sure I had a Cheshire cat grin.

Doc held up his empty bowl, "More?" I started to make a crack about
porridge but was forestalled by a kiss.

I put the ½ bowl with one dumpling he asked for before him and got
another kiss. I liked the trade!

We sat cuddled in a corner of the bench seating that had some sun,
digesting. Doc's moved me so I leaned back on him his arms around me,
"After our day at the fort junior high was different. We were on the same
wavelength like never before. My mother was shelling peas on our back porch
when we came home from school one spring day. Warm and sunny, we were
holding hands; Morey kissed my cheek said hey to mom as she went on to her
house. My mother looked at me, `Jerome, you two are tight, maybe too
tight?' I told her we fit! She cocked her head to the side as she always
did when deciding. It became an established fact for her. Done!"

I hand one dark hand in my tanned one, interlacing our fingers. Doc
laughed, "Subtle Trish!" We both started laughing!

We were still like that when Jana came around the corner to the deck steps,
"I thought you two might be out here in a nice evening." She had a smile, a
slightly wicked one, "I smell something nice from your kitchen, Doc. Is
that you or Trish?"

Doc told her to go try it and decide for herself. Jana upon returning
parked herself, "The dumplings give it away, you'd never go to that
length. And yes it tastes as good as it smells! Good on you Trish. I was
going to ask you to eat with us tomorrow but Avy said you were going to

Doc explained the trip and after leaning over to look at me, seeing what he
wanted, "We'd be happy to. A big group?"

"No Doc, you know I'd never suck you into that. It's to be you two and
Tanner and me. Maybe you can bring a salad?"

"Did you see the fruit? It's very good is that ok for you?" Jana squeezed
my good hand, "Fine about six?"

Done! Jana left smiling.

"She's just checking up on us. I got impression after dinner last night she
would wander by per chance, you know just on the off-chance, on a trivial
errand where a phone call would do kind of thing." I was laughing half way

Doc hugged me, "I would have been happy to eat out here with you bare-assed
but planning ahead with a nearby sister..."

Doc adjusted my sling as he offered a short walk to settle dinner
further. The sun was low as we took our time along a path which bent beside
a stream. In the quiet the sound of the water flowing was nice, some stones
and sand gave it a new timbre as we strolled next to it a ways. It made a
hard left at a spot where it was covered by several willows which gave
shade to a bench. We sat holding hands as we had been during the walk, the
tendrils of the willows rising and falling in the stream.

Quiet until Doc came out with, "Trish, stay longer! You know why. I know
it's a question of your being able to make it work which I hope you can."

It was a bit less than scintillating but I did know why! I was the first to
make a dent in the 'Morey values set' Doc had built up. I'll say it was
quite a compliment given what I did know.

My hand was tight in Doc's, "Kiss please." I got it and more. I rested my
head on his shoulder, "Doc I will need to work, it's what defines me now
BUT I have some flexibility."

I retrieved my hand to slip the good arm around him my face on his chest;
he gently ran his fingers through my hair. "Doc don't mind my manners but I
really like your cock, OK? I'd stay if only for that! I do have several
articles to get out and more in the pipeline. I'll need to do research and
interviews for them. How good is the pickup and delivery service to and
from airports hereabouts?"

I was kissing the skin at his open collar, teasing as my head drifted
downward; I went face down on a rising cock bulge. "Trish..." He decided to
open his pants, commando, the now rigid pole in my mouth. I sucked as we
sat, the bubbling stream ignoring my discreet sucking. Doc's body wasn't!

I worked myself over his leg to kneel on the mossy ground slurping on what
was the best cock I'd had since that afternoon! Doc's noises were low but
rising as I ate the the penis to the root. His pubic hair was wiry but soft
on my nose. He eased the pants down at my request, I wanted balls!

Lovely brown warm things in my mouth, wet, sloppy wet as my tongue swirled
over them. Each was sucked in and popped out with gusto. I loved those
sounds. Doc's rigidity was greater if possible as my lone hand stroked the
shaft was those testicles were attacked by the evil ball eating goddess.

"Trish, I'm close either stop or..." Nothing more needed I gobbled the dick
all the way! Cum! I wanted Doc's very badly. His cockhead in the top of my
throat pulsing against my stretched opening.

He delivered after some after a few minutes of intense hoovering, sucking
hard and bobbing, three loads on my tongue. Ah, warm, thick, nice! I leaned
back letting the cock go into my hand for gentle squeezing. I opened my
mouth to show Doc my reward, breathlessly Doc managed to speak, "Trish, you

I tilted my head back letting his cum slide down my throat. I bent over the
cock to lick it, up, down, sideways!

I pressed my face against his soft sex letting my tongue flick on the
head. His hand rested lightly on my neck, "Trish, you suck with
abandon. I'm overwhelmed!"

We rested like that for some few minutes before Doc helped me up. He pulled
up his pants but my hand was an obstacle, "Trish, we can't walk until you
let me go."

It was a difficult decision but I gave in. I got a hug, his hand on my back
stroking me. Arms around our waists we walked back.

"Doc weren't we a bit public back there?"

"No, I own all this land. Nearly a square mile, the stream runs through it
going west to east. Yes, it's a big piece that I've added to over the years
whenever parcels have come available. It's not a square more like a
rhomboid. That bench is almost in the center. My private spot. The family
knows about it but they would never go there. It's part of my Morey life."

"Doc, you mean I just sucked you at some place where you and Morey..." He
stopped me, "No Trish, I meant they all think I go there to remember her
but we rarely went to it unless we were walking past. The parcel beyond the
bench is the last added just a few years ago."

We stopped on the deck, "Trish, there isn't any place I could take you
which wouldn't be associated with Morey. This whole area," his arms spread
wide, "was our living space. Besides, the bedroom upstairs was where Conrad
was made. Could there be any doubts that you are welcome there?"

I knelt to press my face against the hidden sex; I could feel its heat
through the light summer weight slacks. I gently nuzzled. Doc's fingers
again in my hair gently caressing my scalp, soothing.

I sat and watched as Doc did the kitchen cleanup. The leftovers carefully
saved. I tried to do some drying of things before being shooed to sit.

As darkness came down we kissed on the deck, softly.

Doc got me up with him in the morning. I got washed so sweetly, caressed
with soap a better description. The plastic on my cast making crinkly
sounds as the shower stream splashed over it. Doc's cock got a throughout
washing by my mouth which while not antiseptic surely was tasty.

Another lovely breakfast, Jana's Special a must on my toast. Coffee in the
light on the deck.

Doc's fingers playing with me under the short robe, "I can certainly see
the design advantages of this," as his hands roamed about. My squirming
didn't deter him in the least, "It's a finite space Trish, you can't get
away." Which had me giggling and making my own forays finding zippers no
barrier either. We collapsed in laughter.

We picked up Avy at Jerome's place at 11. Jerome waved from the door as she
parked her butt in the back with Mom, "Hi Mom, on our way again."

The day promised heat so we were doing shorts and crop tops; Doc said it
wasn't like a funeral more like a reunion.

I got to see Gillisonville which wasn't memorable and the fabled
Coosawhatchie that Jolly had sent us to the other day. Was it just three

Beaufort is a military town, lots of Marines from an airbase and not far
from Parris Island training center. Buff guys in mufti on the sidewalks
with the occasional uniform.

The National Cemetery on the main road into town was completely flat
fanning out from the entrance, covered in Bermuda grass and white
stones. Some nice trees, Dad was near the back brick wall under an ancient
live oak with strands of Spanish moss drifting in the onshore breeze. Doc
parked on the path close by, we walked over to the marble slab. Dad's name,
birth info and eras of service. Korea, Vietnam etched in the stone. He'd
been in the Reserves, returning to temporary duty every year until he

The director was pleased we made it. When I had called and told him of our
problems he told me they would be ready. He had an opening made in the
grass at the back of the stone for Mom, "We'll join her with him, cover her
and you can have all the time you want."

I hadn't thought they would do that but it was fine. We waited in the shade
by the car. The Director asked us to stop by his office afterwards.

Standing with Avy holding one hand and Doc the other was nice, quiet. I
loved my parents but they drove me crazy. It's over now!

Doc was going to hang back, I wasn't having it. Avy squeezed my hand at

I gave Mom's details to the Director for the back of the headstone. Nice. I
was glad to hear she'd be visibly as well as physically re-connected to

Back on the road we went further into Beaufort to the old town area on Bay
St. Doc knew a restaurant that did good seafood. We went through the long
dark bar section to a covered deck with a view over the waterway out to the

The food was sort of pub grub but very good. They did a finger-licking
steamed shrimp appetizer, Guinness on tap and the big scallops were
tender. `They been in the water yesterday' from the waitress. She was a
curvy redhead with nose freckles who showed a keen interest in Avy, who
being the polysexual go-getter returned the mild flirtations.

Doc's smile was legendary, aside to me, "Do we leave her here?" It cracked
me up; Avy not even slightly abashed said it might depend. Rose, it said on
her ample chest, brought Avy a shot of Old Bushmills, "it goes good with
the beer."

I told Avy we would do some window shopping along Bay St. and check back
with her later. I gave Rose a $100 to pay, "Give Avy the change."

Doc and I wandered out into the tourist trap. Chic but bland women's
clothes, cute kitsch, paintings of seagulls by moderately talented artists
who liked doing derivative subject matter. One place with silver and
turquoise jewelry??? What is this... New Mexico???

It wasn't too hot with the sea breeze but it was bright. Strolling was
nice. We held hands, comfortable together. Behind our sunglasses we could
watch people's reaction to us as a couple, mostly nothing but a few white
women though paid a bit more attention. A guy who looked like your
stereotypical cracker, dirty, worn-out baseball cap with a rooster on the
front in red and ratty jeans, smiled at us and held the door as we made our
way through a doorway.

We had walked to the end of the waterfront and back without hurry, in the
dark bar portion of the restaurant we heard Avy. The bar area empty in the
mid-day quiet. She and Rose were tightly connected in a booth; it looked
like some heavy petting had taken place.

Avy closed her shorts with one of her infamous wicked `I've been bad but
I'm so good at it' grins, "Trish, Doc, I'm gonna stay over with Rose
tonight. She starts her `weekend' this afternoon so she'll bring me back
tomorrow and maybe stay over. I called Jerome already." Rose excused
herself to close out for her day.

Avy licked her lips, "Rose likes the way I'm built."

I looked at Doc, he was smiling, "OK Avy but if you need bail money call."
I thought Avy would bust from laughing at that. Doc and I kissed her
goodbye as Rose came back, "Take good care of her please." I squeezed Avy
in a hug.

The drive back was quiet except for Miles Davis. We stopped for gas; I
leaned out the window as Doc pumped. He looked at his watch, "It's four." I
recognized we had two hours before dinner.

I was trying to strip myself as we went through the kitchen; Doc said no,
it was his job. My clothes were left on the floor; fortunately the stairs
were wide enough for me in his arms.

Flat on my back I pulled the now naked Doc over to get that
cock. MMMMMMM!!!!! Fuck scallops! This' what I wanted.

Doc opened the drawer, I half turned I knew he would lube me. Yes, cool and

I munched on cock, warm, hard now, delicious. Tongue applied to a vein to
feel the pulsing, under the helmet, flicking across the frenum, a bit of
teeth under there carefully done. The BALLS!

Licking them all over, sucking each into my mouth, popping sounds! Doc
smiling down, "You're ready for me Trish."

Pillows propping my arm, legs open, Doc eased in! I loved the feeling as a
cock opened my ass, pushing into the narrow channel. In Doc's case all the
way past the narrows into me properly. Then resisting the withdrawal. Doc's
eyes were closed as I worked a nipple gently too early for more.

He had a wonderful hip motion angling each thrust into a different part of
me that cock giving me great pleasure. I could feel the head popping past
the last part of my channel deep inside then back. I knew it had to be good
for him. Even with the air conditioning Doc was dripping sweat on me as his
power built.

"Trish, damn you're so nice! Ahhhhhhhh!"

The left nipple in my fingers again hard and being pulled a bit, my thumb
nail working it some. The sounds of his thrusts were loud in the room,
slapping of flesh so exciting!

Our heat was defeating the A-C. I loved it. I could feel each slap of our
connection the power and pleasure but more was there, it felt right!

Doc withdrew and plunged back; my depths were getting a good and proper
fucking. Few men had ever given me an orgasms but I was starting my third
with Doc's exertions. I could feel the heat rising in my belly spreading up
across my chest. Voom!

I tightened my boy cunt on him involuntarily as I climaxed. Doc knew it, he
was close. My hand snaked around him searching for his anus. I just reached
it and stroked the ribbed opening as he orgasmed inside me.

"Damn... Damn... Trish!" He was taut, the cock a bar of steel in me. My
pussyass felt each pulse of Doc's cock; I wanted him to go on forever
fucking me.

He slowly relaxed to lay on me; I brought my arm and legs around him.

"Doc, I never..." I didn't go on. Just holding him, his lips on my neck.

"Trish..." He lifted his head our lips met, a passionate kiss. Tongues at
it then his cheek against mine.

My good hand caressing his back, light fingernails in long slow strokes.

He slipped out of me, wet on my skin. We remained like that for a while,
breathing slowed, perspiration damp between us, a bit sticky.

Doc pulled the covers over us, kissed me, "Trish, I only have Morey as a
model but it's fair to say sex has never been better!"

I caressed his face, "Sweet Doc!" Lying there warm, comfortable and happy.

Doc smiled, "When Morey and I first had sex we had researched it so we
wouldn't be foolish and be able to enjoy ourselves. It was our junior year
after several years of giving each other pleasure orally. We had kept it a
deep secret, no one knew. Our parents did know we were stuck on each other
but to have sex was a big thing.

Our folks were all going to a Christmas party which was also an engagement
celebration for some friends. We were let off from going, it was near end
of semester exams, so we pleaded study time but Jana was joining them
because she was special friends with the party-givers daughter.

We got some old towels that were going to rags for Morey's bed to be under
her, I got some condoms from a close friend. He and his girl had just
started and his dad ran a store so he could sneak them out, putting a sale
in for something else but the same amount.

Like I said we did some planning. Naked holding her was always a
pleasure. I was so hard Morey with my penis in her hand smiling, `I guess
you mean business Jer!'

We kissed lying there, petting like we had been doing, I got her wet and
she me. We jointly rolled the condom on. Her legs open, knees up, my hardon
on her belly, she reached down to guide me in as I opened her labia. So
warm, then hot as I entered. Snug but yielding her eyes on mine, `Jer it's
nice I like your opening me! Go on I'm fine.'

Well her hymen gave way easily I was fully inside! A big sigh from Morey, I
leaned down to kiss her, she responded by holding my face giving me our
most passionate kiss. She brought her legs up around me.

I began moving in her, stroking smoothly, almost out then all the way in. I
popped out rubbing myself through her slit, easing back in. Morey was
breathing rapidly as I picked up the pace.

`Jer, so good! Go on' then she smiled, `Fuck me Jer!' Out of the blue a
word I had no idea she would use. It seemed to galvanize us. Gripping each
other fiercely we `fucked' to completion. I shot four or five times each
more powerful than any time she had sucked me.

Morey clasped me to her, `Jer I orgasmed too!'

It was quite the moment. I think we stayed like that for fifteen minutes
kissing, petting lightly. Her nipples were iron nubs. Finally we got up to
wash, a quick shower. Condom flushed. The old towel had a small spot of
blood. Morey said she'd take care of that.

We got dressed, had a snack at the kitchen table and spread out our school
work. We looked like angels when her folks came home. I got a cheek kiss

The next morning as we walked to school she told me she was a bit sore but
had slept soundly. I had too. Morey holding my hand, `Jer, we are a couple
made for forever!'"

He was quiet, softly, "Nothing but love is forever." I got a sweet kiss
that became more as he drew me very close.

Doc stroked my belly, "I like knowing my seed in inside you. Is that odd?"
Kissing him, pressing close, "Doc I thought the same when you came in me

He checked the clock, "We have a few minutes."

As if we never stopped the conversation, "Columbia probably has more
flights but we are equidistant from there or Charleston once on the
interstate. Teddy would arrange a car for you if I couldn't be there."

I'd been ignoring work, email, etc... since the crash. "Doc do you have an
internet connection?"

Comcast cable TV and internet.

We did a wash up. I did jeans, black skinny Levis with a yellow short
sleeved blouse and black ankle boots, light make up. Doc did a repeat of
the fruit salad, to a T. MMMMMM!!! Fast learner. Big covered bowl in my lap
as we drove the couple a hundred yards.

Just the four of us. Tuna salad sandwiches thick like tree trunks, lightly
toasted bread. Moist, a bit of onion, good spices! Crisp Caesar salad, I
went for the optional anchovies! Doc smiling as his was served the
same. "Only person around here who eats those things is Doc... I thought!"
The fruit salad.

We talked about lots of things, my writing and travels, Tanner close to
retirement from the school system, Jana as Doc's occasional assistant, Doc
in D.C. at Howard, how did Conrad get the flying bug, what Jerome was going
to do and on.

They wouldn't let me do anything to help clean up but Jana nodded to the
French Press. Done!

Sipping coffee on the deck with Jana. The guys doing something in the

"So your Mom's done, that's good. They do ok for her down there?"

I gave Jana the rundown. "How long until the head stone is done?" 4 weeks.

She was tap dancing around asking about Doc and me. I was of two minds on
it, go on and say something or wait. I decided it was Doc's job.

Jana asked about my works in progress, I gave her the skinny on a piece for
a magazine on how weddings were changing in NYC as fewer and fewer churches
were involved; another about the changes on Governor's Island, how
accessible it would be for New Yorkers. My pipeline had research on girls
writing new and innovative computer games and how parole officers couldn't
maintain control of their parolees.

"We have several parolees in town now. They got in trouble in other places
but have moved back home. It was drugs for both. Jail in D.C. was bad
according one's momma."

We kept on that safe topic until the men showed up. Doc and I took our
leave. I mentioned Jana's dancing during the short drive. Doc had a smile,
"She's been after me for years to get on and find somebody. It always
sounded like I needed a fishing pole and reel because I had the bait."

I laughed as we went in, Doc's hand on my tush, "Now girl you got bait!" We
both cracked up! We stopped in his office so he could review the Monday
appointments. Busy but not too bad.