Diary of a Fat wife

So, this is going to sound really strange, but I think my husband is trying to make me gain weight.
At first I didn’t notice, I just thought Jack was being sweet and considerate. At first it was just a bowl of M&M’s on the coffee table. He knows that chocolate is my favorite treat. Chocolate seems to be my absolute weakness! I have been known to devour whole pans of brownies and pints of chocolate ice cream. I would often sit down with him in the evenings to watch our favorite shows and I would grab a handful or two. Now that I look back I don’t recall him eating any of the candy at all. Pretty soon I would eat a bowl through out the day, especially if I had the day off like a lazy Sunday. Then as the weeks went on, I found that I was eating a whole bowl in an evening of T.V.

It became such a part of our evening routine that instead of thinking something strange was happening I was elated when he upgraded to different candies. Whole bags of snack sized snickers went in the bowl. I indulged when he mixed different kinds of mini candy bars. Jack is such a wonderful man that he knows all of my favorites. Twix, reeses cups, butter fingers. I would finish whole bowls. I didn’t notice until a couple of weeks ago that if I settled into the couch without that candy bowl in my lap he would bring it to me and gently place it next to me on the couch and eventually I would mindlessly start snacking on them.

I started working over time and Jack was getting home from work earlier than me by hours. It is a dream come true, I come home and he has dinner already made for me. He is such a fabulous cook. His kitchen skills are one of the reasons I married him! He makes all sorts of delicious foods all from scratch! Pasta, burgers, fried chicken. Every night I come home and even as I walk up the driveway to our door I can smell all of the delicious food he makes. Once I get inside he always has something mouth watering waiting for me. I am such a spoiled wife!
I only felt more spoiled when he started making gorgeous desserts along with dinner. Vanilla cupcakes, ice cream with hot fudge, trifles and tiramisu. All of the things he knows I love to eat… and even though I at the rich desserts I would still snack on all of those chocolates that seemed to materialize on the coffee table.

I didn’t even get suspicious when on the weekends Jack started making me breakfast in bed. Bacon, waffles or pancakes with crispy hachbrowns or cheesey Omelettes. On Sunday mornings he brings me Mimosas, and lets me go right back to sleep until noon or so when he wakes me up and we will have a nice date. Our dates usually consisted of going to restaurants and maybe a movie or playing some pool. I have noticed a shift though in where we go. We had been going to American restaurants that served burgers and wings and such, mexican restaurants… and we still do, but now it seems that for at least the past four weekends we have been going to buffets.
whenever we go to a buffet I always get my first plate on my own. Then my Darling Jack asks me with a big grin on his face what I would like to try next. I can never say no to Jack’s wonderful smile. He would bring me one plate, and then without me asking get up and get two more. If I can finish the fourth plate he will bring me a fifth, which I can never finish.
I have to say even after all of this, I never even thought about how much i was actually eating. But All of my clothes were getting tight. The buttons on my shirts were straining, my pants could no longer button unless I did some serious sucking in. Finally one day I popped a button off of one pair of pants and when I tried to slide on a pair of jeans they got stuck around my thighs and wouldn’t budge an inch over them.
I was frustrated and threw my shrinking clothes in a teary huff in the trash can in the kitchen while he was making me one of his famous breakfasts. He looks at me with wide eyes and of course I have to explain to him.
My Jack is such a sweet heart though, He put down the spatula he was holding, came over to me and kissed my forehead. He told me not to worry, he will take me out shopping that afternoon so that I can get new clothes to wear.
In the last two weeks though I started putting the pieces together. Like I said, I have been working a whole lot and getting tons of over time… but sometimes I have to work right through my lunch hour. I have complained to Jack that when I am at work I am starving all afternoon because I keep missing lunch. Every day for the last two weeks… and I mean EVERY DAY. He orders take out for me that shows up at the office. Some days it’s sandwhiches, some days it’s pizza or chinese food. He has on Occasion shown up himself if he happens to have a day off and whill bring me Mcdonalds or KFC. Without fail, I still come home to a beautifully crafted dinner and dessert and candy.
In the past two months I have gained almost twenty pounds! I can’t believe it. Seriously! when I first saw my weight I stepped on and off the scale a few times to be sure. I am a pretty short woman, a whole five feet and one inch. I have never been a skinny lady. When Jack and I met I was a very curvy 180 pounds. For the first time in my life I am 200 pounds. That is a shocking number to see on the scale! I look in the mirror and I have a double chin for the first time in my life! My breasts are huge and my 38 D bras are getting to be too small to contain them. I can feel my belly wobble every time I walk.
Jack and my sex life has gotten so much more active though. He buys my cute lingirie, but sometimes the cute lacy outfits he picks are too small and are hard for me to get into. It seems like he can’t keep his hands off of me. Even in public he always has his hands on my hips or is hugging me tight. Some nights he will be a real doll and give me a full nude massage, rubbing oil into my skin making me so relaxed and carressing me and kissing my neck. He is as sexy as even with his long arms and strong hands. With all of this food, it doesn’t seem like he has gained a single pound, which is another reason I am suspicious that maybe he is actually trying to make me bigger. He makes me feel so beautiful and sexy though, he kisses me deeply, even when we wake up in the mornings. He is always calling me gorgeous and he has done all of these nice things for me.
He asked me if I would like to go shopping for some new clothes this weekend, which I am so relieved about because I noticed that all of the new outfits he got me are getting a little snug.

Diary of a fat wife: Jack’s side.

I think Angelica is on to me!
I can’t help it though, the curvier she gets the more beautiful she becomes. I love watching her get more and more beautiful curves.
I do feel guilty though, sneaking in all of this food and watching her gain weight without her knowledge. I was pretty sly at first, and it seemed pretty harmless. I can’t stop the urge to want to keep her eating though. I love watching her eat and eat. I love watching her sit down after a long day at work and unwind at the table with delicious food. I love making spaghetti for her. I cook the noodles and then coat them in melted butter and garlic and sauces with cream in them. Any where I can sneak in butter or cream I will!
I love watching her absent mindedly eating chocolate when she watches TV. All those little candy wrappers around her cuddled up on the couch. It’s a bonus if she is in her pajamas. One week I went through a whole twelve bags of candy! Next week I will go for fourteen.
My favorite thing to do for my wife though is make her breakfast in bed. She is so sexy when she is eating in bed. It is so decadent giving her mimosas on Sunday and letting her sleep off her meal until lunch time. It is so sexy when she gets out of bed having done nothing but eat and sleep and then take her to a buffet.
Bringing my Angelica plate after plate of food at the buffet drives me so wild. I hope that soon we can get past that fifth plate. In a few weeks I may get her a sixth plate.
She has really started filling out since I started bringing her lunch at work. Her clothes are so much tighter. Part of me wants to keep her in those tight little outfits. I love seeing her muffin top over the band of her pants. Those tits are straining against those bras of hers, and threaten to pop open some of her shirts. She tried to put on a belt the other day and the ends didn’t even touch. I hated seeing her upset over not fitting in those jeans though no matter how sexy those tight clothes are. I got her new clothes and now that it’s been a few weeks she is starting to strain those clothes too. I may buy her some stretchier, more flowing clothes so she doesn’t realize how much bigger she is getting.
Angelica is fatter than I have ever seen her. I loved her curves when I married her. To me she is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. She has gotten rounder in the face and her arms wobble now when she reaches up to hug me. I love how much softer her belly and thighs have gotten. She now has adorable rolls of fat on her back. It’s so hot when I lay her out on the bed and massage all of those sexy rolls. Her body is so soft and warm. She has gained quite a bit of weight, but she hasn’t told me how much yet. It is drving me crazy, and I don’t want her to stop. I feel a little bad, but I want to feel her body get softer. I would love to see her hips get wider and thighs thicker. Her belly is amazing, but I want it to start filling up her lap. I can’t keep my hands off of her, she is just so sexy.
I don’t know what else to do to help her gain more, especially without blowing my cover. She seems to be enjoying all of the treats, but I am afraid she will get spooked and go on a diet.

First time eating pussy

I had known that I was bisexual for a long time so behind my moms back I would date girls because she’s a Christian and thinks being gay is wrong and disgusting

I was 17 and my girlfriend was 18. We had been going out for a while and I had never had sex with a girl but I have had girlfriends.

One day me and her were cuddling on the couch getting high and I started to get horny. I whispered in her ear I wanna eat your pussy. She started to kiss me and then she grabbed my hand and we walked into the bedroom. She was on top of me kissing me and playing with my pussy. I flipped her onto her back and started kissing her and rubbing her extremely wet pussy. Pussy felt so good. I started to kiss her from the neck down and eating her out.

Her pussy tasted so good. I started to finger her and lick her clit I watched her as she enjoyed every moment she looked so beautiful. I ate her out till she came in my mouth loving the sound of her precious moan. Then my mom came and I had to go home…

Seduced by a girl 5 years younger than me

At a age of 19 I was seduced by an over seed 14 year old. Starting with wearing see through teddies, spread legs, and brushing against my dick; she got what she was looking for.

I had moved in to my best friends house for the summer. We were working different shifts, and his little sister and her best friend were home when I was.
His little sister had been trying to seduce me for most of my memory. But, her friend was a real little temptress.
After dinner, I’d take a shower and come out in clean shorts (no underwear), and a tshirt. If Roxie was staying over, she usually came into the den in a short teddy. So did my best friend’s sister. But she had given up trying to seduce me. Roxie was just starting.
By 19, I was into real women. Not wanna be’s.
But, you couldn’t ignore what she was doing. She would walk in with her budding nipples poking straight out. They were mostly nipples not sumptuous breasts I was used to by now. Then she sit down across from me, spread her legs shamelessly for me to see her hairless pussy. When she got sleepy, she’d change couches and ‘fall asleep ‘ with her face in my lap.
After enough teasing, I decided to give her what she wanted. Pulling my cock out, I shoved her face straight into it. As she opened her mouth to say something in protest, I shoved my dick down her mouth. As she gagged, I told her to suck me. If she didn’t do a good job, I’d pull down her panties and spank her.
Oh, she could suck, but I was going to teach her a lesson, no matter what. I told her to pull her panties down and be prepared to be spanked. I said I’ve had better blow jobs by her mom and grandma.
Getting her ass bright red, I stuck my middle finger all the way in her asshole. Flipping her over, I stuck my other middle finger up her pussy. See sawing back and forth I told her to take my dick out of her mouth since she couldn’t suck worth a damn, and to sit on my cock. I fucked her so hard and so long she was practically crying with joy.
After I came, I told her to go fuck boys her age and not to bother me again.

Brother and Sister watching a porno tape

Dilton and his sister Sabrina had just been watching a porno tape on the big screen TV in the livingroom late at night. Dilton had found the secret hiding place his father had for these tapes and this was the perfect night. Their parents were out for the evening. This particular tape had a lot cocksucking and pussy-eating and the scenes of the young people fucking were just wild. They sat in front of the screen watching intently, getting more and more excited themselves as they watched. After it was over, he quickly put the tape back where he had found it so his father couldn’t tell it had been moved, and they quickly headed upstairs to Dilton’s room after turning off the TV.

“It sure gave me a hard-on, Sabrina,” Dilton said, a catch in his voice.

“I saw it,” Sabrina confessed. “You’re still hard too, Dilton.” Her eyes glanced down, staring at where his cock was pushing up at his pajama bottoms.

“You wanna see it up close, Sabrina?”

“Maybe we shouldn’t, we’re too little,” Sabrina protested, but her eyes were hot on the rounded head of his cock as it pushed at his pajamas.

“Does my cock look too little?” Dilton asked. “if I can get a hard-on, I guess we should be able to do it.”

“Does it hurt?” Sabrina asked.

“I don’t know, Sabrina. I’ve never done it before either.”

“Well . . . we don’t have to really do it, do we?” Sabrina asked. “We can just sort of play a little.”

“Can I see you pussy, too?”

Sabrina lifted her sweet face and looked into her brother’s eyes for a breathless moment. Then she nodded, licking her lips, her eyes going back down to her brother’s lap.

“Take it out, Sabrina,” Dilton urged, his young voice husky. “Take it out and look.”

Sabrina’s small hand moved toward her brother’s cock. Her eyes were big and hot, half-glazed, lips parted. She touched Dilton’s cock through his pajamas with the tips of her fingers, and jerked her hand back.

“Ohhhh, Dilton, it’s hot!”

“That’s because it’s so hard, Sabrina,” her explained. “Go on . . . just wrap your hand around it and squeeze.”

I thought you wanted me to take it out of your pajamas?” Sabrina said, her voice throaty. “Don’t you want me to take it out and look at it?”

“Yeah!” Dilton moaned, leaning back on his hands, spreading his knees and offering his crotch to his sister. “Take it out and look at it.”

Sabrina’s small hand moved slowly to Dilton’s cock again. This time, as she touched his cock through his pajamas, she didn’t jerk away. Her eyes became larger as she ran her fingertips along the concealed shaft, from the head to his balls. Dilton writhed his hips, grinning at his sister.

“Ooooh, it feels so hard and hot!” Sabrina giggled. “I’m gonna take it out now. I wanna see it.”

Her small hand sneaked into the fly of his pajamas, and she pulled his cock out, making a purring sound of pleasure as she looked at it. He had a lovely swollen head on it. His pisshole was glistening wetly. His heavy balls were hairless and loaded with cum. She closed her small fist about his cock, flexing her fingers, gasping as she saw the head bulge, juices seeping from his pisshole. She flexed her fingers time after time watching the head of his cock.

“Move your fist up and down, Sabrina,” Dilton urged, lifting his hips up. “Pump it with your fist.”

“Like this?” Sabrina asked in a soft voice, jerking her fist up and down, sliding her hand from the base to the head.

Dilton couldn’t believe it. This was better than the time he and his best friend Jughead were in the woods and decided to jerk each other off. They had been in the showers after gym class, the last period of school, and Dilton noticed his friend Jughead’s hard- on. Jughead was soaping his balls and playing with himself and wasn’t at all bashful when he saw Dilton staring. It was almost like he wanted Dilton to look. Dilton couldn’t help noticing how plump and round Jughead’s ass was and how Jughead’s dick got longer and stiffer the more he stroked it. He also noticed how Jughead was looking at his, Dilton’s, dick and how it was rising into one of the best boners he had ever had.

His mind wandered back to the two of them walking home after school and into the woods, finding a secluded spot and both of them dropping their pants and underpants and each one grabbing the other boy’s dick. He was a little embarrassed at first, but the feeling of someone else’s hand on his boner and his hand on another boy’s dick made him quickly get over it. He almost hoped that Jughead would offer to suck him off, rather than just jerking him off. Jughead began feeling Dilton’s ass and Dilton did likewise to him. Before long, they had kicked off their shoes, pants and underpants. All that remained was their tee-shirts and their socks.

Suddenly, Dilton’s silent wish came true and Jughead removed his hand from Dilton’s dick only long enough to turn around and sink his mouth onto it! Dilton was in ecstasy! Jughead started to suck for all he was worth and began to fondle Dilton’s ass-cheeks. “WOW!” he thought. They were going to ’69’! With Jughead turned around working on his dick, he decided to do the same for Jughead.

It was the first time in his life he had ever seen another boy’s prick close up and he thought it was great. Oh sure, he had watched himself many times when he jerked off, but it wasn’t the same as seeing another boy’s boner like this. Jughead’s cock was very hard, yet the skin was so smooth. Jughead had just a little bit of hair at the base of his prick, and his balls, which hung low in their smooth sack, had no hair, just like Dilton’s. He ran his hands up and down Jughead’s smooth legs and plump ass-cheeks and began to suck away at his dick. The electric feeling was almost too much as Jughead began to fondle his legs and ass in the same way. “Man, this feels great!” he thought, having someone feel up his ass, as Jughead spread his ass-cheeks and probed his asshole with his finger. He though he would go out of his mind with delight!

Pretty soon both boys were rocking back and forth on the grass, each boy reaching the point of no return. They kept fondling each other’s ass, occasionally reaching around with a free hand to tug at and lick each other’s balls.

Suddenly, Dilton felt Jughead’s load of cum start to empty into his mouth. It tasted so good! With Jughead’s throbbing dick in his mouth, his own explosion started to rise in his prick and he let loose with the best load of cum he had ever had! Each boy kept sucking and sucking until they were both drained, and Dilton was sorry to see it end.

But it wasn’t the end. Jughead kept sucking on Dilton’s wilting cock and massaging Dilton’s balls with his free hand. His cock started to stiffen all over again! He had never been able to get a second hard-on so quick, but with Jughead’s expert tongue working on his shaft it was about to happen! Jughead sucked and licked on his boner like there was gonna be no tomorrow and it shot up into full erection. The massage his balls were getting was driving him crazy, and a fresh load of sperm was beginning to rise in his dick. Jughead kept licking and sucking his boy-meat lollipop and had his middle finger wedged between the cheeks of Dilton’s ass. When his finger reached its target of Dilton’s asshole, he couldn’t hold back any longer, and he let loose with a load of sperm as thick and creamy as his last one and filled Jughead’s mouth to the brim.

Jughead kissed Dilton’s dick and looked up to him with a smile as he licked some of Dilton’s cum dribbling from his mouth. Returning his head to Dilton’s crotch, he kissed and licked Dilton’s well-drained balls and dick and licked any dribbled cum off of his thighs and stomach. He continued to kiss, higher and higher, working up to Dilton’s bellybutton and stomach, reaching his chest and still hard nipples, and then his neck. When he reached Dilton’s mouth, they both french kissed for what seemed to be hours, but in reality lasted only a few minutes. Jughead made Dilton promise not to tell anyone of their little sex outing and said that he would love to do it again anytime Dilton wanted. Dilton promised, and secretly hoped that Jughead and he could do it again real soon.

Both boys started to get dressed and Jughead came up behind Dilton for one last feel. He reached around and under Dilton’s arms to feel his soft stomach and higher to rub his soft nipples, then slowly he worked down past his bellybutton to have one last feel of his ass and softened dick and balls before Dilton put on his underpants. Dilton reached around and pulled Jughead closer so he could rub Jughead’s ass, all the while Jughead had a hold on his crotch. Even after having been drained twice, it still felt great to have Jughead’s arms around him playing with his dick and balls. And the feeling of Jughead’s dick up against the crack of his ass was just too much. Maybe next time he would ask Jughead to spread his cheeks and stick his big boner in him!

Dilton’s mind was brought back to the present by his sister’s hand pounding on his dick and the cum beginning to swell in his balls.

“My pussy is so wet that my panties are soaked,” Sabrina giggled softly, shyly at her confession. “I’ve been wet before, but this time I’m drenched down there.”

“Let me see.” Dilton said.

“You really wanna see?” Sabrina replied, pulling her hand off his cock reluctantly. “Have you ever seen a girl’s pussy before, Dilton?”

“Sure,” he admitted. “I peeked one time when you were in the shower.”

“Dilton! You didn’t!” Sabrina squealed. “Well, you didn’t see much anyway.”

“No, not too much,” he said. “I saw your tits, but it was so fast, I wasn’t sure, and your ass.”

“Really? You peeked at me?”

He nodded.

“You’re naughty.” Sabrina giggled.

“Yeah, I know. Her brother grinned. “Isn’t that nice?”

“Well . . . sure,” Sabrina agreed.

“Come on, show it to me now, Sabrina.”

“Okay, I will.” She giggled softly.

Sabrina pulled her feet up onto her brother’s bed, lifting her little ass to jerk her gown away. Sabrina spread her slim legs and bent them at her knees slightly. She pulled her gown to her waist, showing the crotch of her tight little panties. Instead of pulling the crotch away, Sabrina shoved the elastic waist downward, opening her legs wider. She leaned back on one hand, holding her panties down with the other. Dilton made a gulping sound as he stared.

Sabrina’s young cunt was pink and sweet-looking. The slit was fine, with puffy little lips. It was hairless: nothing to hide the succulent slit of her cunt at all. She watched her brother’s face with glassy eyes, a slight flush on her face that could have been shyness or desire.

“You are wet, Sabrina,” Dilton said in a husky voice. “I can see you’re really wet.”

“Sometimes I play with it,” Sabrina confessed. “It makes me feel good when I rub on it, and you know what? . . . I can put my finger inside too!”

“Show me! Dilton groaned, turning on the bed so he faced his sister, his legs crossed, his cock standing up with jerking hardness. “Show me how you put your finger in it, Sabrina!”

“I’m embarrassed,” Sabrina giggled, but sat up and rubbed at the slit of her cunt a few times, then slowly eased her middle finger into it.

“Yeah!” Dilton moaned, leaning forward and watching closely. “Can I do it, Sabrina?” Dilton asked, sliding his hand up his sister’s inner thigh. “Let me stick my finger in you!”

“You gotta do it slow,” Sabrina said. “I like it slow, then go real fast when it starts feeling good.”

Sabrina pulled her finger out of her cunt, staring down between her thighs and watching her brother’s finger slip into it. She gurgled softly.

“Ohhhhhhhh, it feels better when you do it, Dilton.”

Dilton probed his sister’s cunt with his fingers, pushing and pulling it. His eyes burned as he watched. Sabrina twisted her little ass on the mattress, spreading her bent knees wider, her heels almost together. “Now do it faster, Dilton! It’s starting to feel good!”

Dilton stabbed into his sister’s cunt fast, making wet sounds as his knuckles smashed the sugary lips. Sabrina leaned back on her hands, lifting her cunt to him, her eyes closed as she cried out with growing ecstasy. Her cunt was very slippery and wet, with the juices seeping out and over the creamy curves of her cute little ass. She lifted her hips, pushing her cunt to her brother’s finger.

“Oooooh, Dilton!” she sobbed. “Faster please! It’s gonna happen!”

Dilton rammed as fast as he could, leaning down close, his eyes blazing on her pussy.

“Now, Dilton! Ohhh, yes, now!”

Sabrina’s hips jerked upward, her body stiffening. Sabrina tried to muffle the sounds of her rapture, but they came gurgling out anyway.

Dilton was panting, feeling his sister’s cunt grabbing at his finger. He was awed by the action seeing those pretty pink lips of her cunt squeeze and flex. He could see the tip of her small clit throbbing. He thrust his finger into her cunt, holding it there, and feeling the waving ripples of the soft, satiny flesh of her cunt grip him.

Sabrina’s small body shuddered, then with a long sigh, she relaxed, her ass lowering back to the bed. Her face was flushed and her eyes shone as she smiled at her brother.

“You can take your finger out now, Dilton,” she said, breathing heavily. You made me do it.”

Dilton pulled his finger out of his sister’s pussy, looking at her face. “I made you cum, didn’t I, Sabrina?”

“Ooooh, yes,” Sabrina sighed. “You made me cum better than I do it for myself.”

“You wanna make me cum now?”

“You’re really hard, aren’t you?” Sabrina said, seeing his cock jerking from the fly of his pajama bottoms. “I bet you’d cum real fast.”

“I’m almost afraid for you to touch my cock,” he said. “I might cum right then.”

His cock rose inside his pajama pants, the head looking as if it were trying to find a way past the leg.

“Touch yourself, Sabrina,” he whispered. “I want to see you play with your little cunt while you take my cock.”

Sabrina didn’t hesitate. Her hand moved up her thigh and she ran a finger up and down the slit of her cunt. Her other hand sneaked to her brother’s lap, where she squeezed his cock through his pajamas.

Suddenly, with a soft cry, Sabrina twisted her body around until she could push her face onto her brother’s lap. She pulled Dilton’s dick from the fly of his pajamas and Dilton let out a gasp of pleasure when she began to run her wet tongue about the swollen head of his cock. Sabrina closed her eyes as she licked, running her tongue up and down the hard shaft, then swirling it eagerly about the smooth head, tapping the tip into his pisshole. As she licked her brother’s hot rod, Sabrina shoved her hand into her cunt, smashing at her knotted clit, stabbing a finger into her slit. She held one leg high, knee bent, exposed lewdly.

“Suck it!” Dilton hissed. “Oh Sabrina suck my cock! I want you to wrap those pretty lips around my cock and suck! Ohhh, baby, take it in your hot little mouth!”

Squealing eagerly, Sabrina opened her mouth and closed her soft lips about Dilton’s cock, sinking her face down. Her fingers plunged even faster into her pussy as she tasted the hard heat of his meat. Her lips spread and stretched as her mouth filled.

“Oh, God, yes!” Dilton whimpered. “Eat it, Sabrina! Ohhh, baby, eat my hard dick!”

Sabrina bobbled her sweet face up and down, sucking on Dilton’s throbbing prick with hunger. Her wet tongue swished and twisted. She alternated her speed, sucking fast a number of times, then slowly as she purred with delight.

“Take my fucking pants off!” Dilton groaned. “Pull these fucking pants off my ass and suck that dick, Sabrina!”

Sabrina lifted her mouth and tugged at her brother’s pajama bottoms. Dilton lay back, his face expressing his ecstasy. His cock stood up stiffly as his sister removed his pajamas. She loved the smooth feeling of his plump ass as she rubbed up and down his dimpled buns, and the way her fingers could run up and down the crack of his ass. Dilton moaned and she could tell he liked it as much as she like doing it to him. Then, lying at his side, Sabrina leaned over and began to suck his cock again, cupping his young, hot hairless balls in her hand. Sabrina pushed her mouth down on his cock as far as she could, cooing in ecstasy.

Sensing he was about to explode with a load of cum, and wanting to keep his hard-on up as long as possible, she moved her hands down and spread her brother’s feet, and began to lick up the inner surfaces of her brother’s thighs, tantalizing him and giving him a slight chance to cool off a bit. Then, without warning, she pushed her face into Dilton’s crotch, nuzzling at his hot balls, kissing them, licking them, gazing at his beautiful, stiff dick.

“Ohhh, sweet, sweet little cocksucker!” Dilton moaned as Sabrina pulled her brother’s hot balls into her mouth, sucking and licking hungrily.

“Ohhh, Sabrina!” Dilton grunted as he felt her sucking his balls. “Oooooh, that’s sooooo good! My balls . . . Oh, suck my balls! Eat my prick, Sabrina! Lick my balls and suck my dick!”

Dilton decided he couldn’t keep his hands off his sister any longer. He moved his arm across the velvety flesh of her slender thigh and caressed Sabrina’s tight little ass as she sucked him.

Sabrina wiggled her ass to her brother’s hand, purring softly about his cock. Turning her body, she opened her legs wide. She lay on her side, her mouth stuffed with her brother’s hard cock, while he cupped her sugary pussy. The he began to rub at the steamy slit as she sucked his hairless balls.

“Fuck me Dilton!” she cried out. “Fuck me with your finger! Oh, please fuck me!”

Dilton shoved two of his fingers into her cunt and began to plunge them in and out. Now that her cunt was being stimulated, Sabrina began to suck wildly on her brother’s cock.

“Ohhh, go to it, Sabrina!” Dilton gasped. “Suck it hard! Oh, baby, eat my balls . . . eat my balls and eat my cock!”

Sabrina alternated sucking hard on his balls and bobbing up and down on his dick. Dilton drove his fingers faster and deeper into the gripping cunt of his sister and she churned her hips with the motion.

“Ohhh, that’s fantastic!” Dilton gurgled. “Stick a finger up my ass, Sabrina!”

Dilton had his ass lifted from the bed, urging his sister to swallow his cock. Sabrina darted a stiff finger into the crack of his ass and rubbed the crinkle of his asshole. She exerted pressure, and her finger slipped deep into the tight ring of his asshole. Dilton yelped, but otherwise made no protest. On the contrary it started to feel fantastic and it almost made him cum.

Once again Sabrina greedily spread her lips about Dilton’s cock. She didn’t find it difficult at all to pump her finger in his asshole and lick at his cock and balls and then take him deep into her throat.

Dilton twisted his ass about, gasping as his balls hardened and throbbed. He was dripping pre-cum juices from his pisshole, and when his sister lifted her mouth, it ran down the shaft of his cock. But his sister, with soft murmurs, began to lick up and down, on both his cock and his balls. Sabrina was squeezing and twisting his balls while fingering his asshole. He was about to go out of his mind with ecstasy.

“I’m about to cum!” he shouted. “Suck meeeee! Oh, please, suck me! Ohhh,my balls are on fire and my cock is gonna really spurt!”

Sabrina gave a little gasp as her tongue moved faster on his dick. When Dilton exploded, she had her tongue right over the head of his dick. She squealed as Dilton came, spewing creamy boy-juice over her tongue and into her mouth. Then, as he spewed hotly, rapidly, Sabrina flicked and licked at his pisshole and up and down his now drained balls as he came.

“Ohhhhhhhh, that was so fucking good!” Dilton moaned softly as his cock deflated. “I sure came!!”

Sabrina giggled again, licking at the juices clinging to his softening dick. With a little cry, she pushed her cunt onto Dilton’s fingers, and came. Dilton felt the tight little pussy clutch his fingers, and pumped them in and out until the spasm ended.

Backyard Bbw

Linda carefully hung the sheets and clothes on the backyard line to dry. Of course she had a clothes dryer but it couldn’t match the fresh smell the summer breeze imparted to the clothes. Besides, hanging the laundry in her backyard was a pleasant, leisurely activity that she enjoyed on these warm mornings. The only sound was the gentle breeze in the trees and the birds singing.

At 57, Linda was, as she often told herself, ‘terribly typical’. She was a mom with two grown and married kids, one of whom had recently made her a grandmother. Her very natural looking chestnut brown hair was the result of twice monthly tinting to cover all the gray. She had always struggled with her weight but had pretty much given up the fight in recent years. At five feet six inches, she tipped the scales at 175, fat by anyone’s measure. She had never had a problem with cellulite but her thighs were thick, her buttocks large, and prominent love handles bulged at the small of her back. There was no way to conceal the swell of her belly. She’d always been large busted but now she’d ballooned to 44DDD.

She sighed. Not that it mattered. Sex with her husband George was a rare thing, usually happening only when he’d had a few drinks. And since menopause she didn’t get as wet as she had when she was younger so even George’s five and half inch penis was often not comfortable. He quite often ejaculated as he attempted to penetrate her. Her doctor had not been much help, simply explaining that older women often experienced some shrinkage of the vagina.

Yet her own sexual desire sometimes surprised her. Often, after this pleasant backyard chore, she went into the house and masturbated in her bedroom, lying across the bed naked on her stomach with both hands holding and massaging her crotch as her wide hips rose and fell. Not even George knew she did that. Linda had been raised in an era when ‘nice girls’ didn’t do things like that. Of course, she’d been a virgin when she got married and George was the only man who had ever known her intimately.

What caused her backyard arousal was what she wore, not that it looked at all sexy to the casual observer. She was always covered nearly to her knees by a very loose smock, usually with a floral pattern. Like many heavyset women, her main reason for wearing the smock was to conceal her figure. But one day, she realized that there was no reason to wear anything under it. For a woman with Linda’s background, this was a very daring thought. Her first foray into the backyard had only lasted a few minutes before she scurried back inside to put on a bra and panties under the smock. But she soon started to enjoy the feeling of her huge breasts bouncing and jiggling and the way an occasional breeze would sneak under the smock to ruffle the thick, curly hair between her legs.

Besides, she told herself, who would bother looking at me? Men didn’t spend a lot of time looking at women of her age and weight. The only house with a clear view of her backyard was owned by Jim, a young guy in his early thirties who had recently been divorced. He was nice looking and, she was sure, had no interest in her.

“Hi! Hanging clothes again?”

She was startled and turned to see Jim standing at the back fence only about ten feet away.

“Yes,” she smiled, putting the last clothes pin on a sheet. “Laundry never seems to end.”

“I remember my mom hanging out stuff,” he said. “Sure makes things smell nice.”

Linda nodded, thinking a little glumly that reminding him of his mother wasn’t exactly flattering.

“How come you’re home today?” she asked.

“Oh, plant’s on summer shutdown as they change tooling for the new model year,” he answered.

“Nice, extra vacation,” she bent over to get another item from the basket.

He laughed. “Better hope the wind doesn’t blow!”

“What?” Linda asked, puzzled.

“When you’re bending over in that loose thing you’re wearing,” he grinned. “You won’t have any secrets left.”

Linda laughed too. “At my age, you don’t worry too much about that!” But she felt a girlish pleasure about his comment.

“Lots of perverts around,” he smiled. “But I bet you’re careful about what you wear under that.”

Linda was a little surprised at the personal nature of the remark. She’d only talked to Jim a few times. But she found his attention flattering.

“I really don’t bother,” she found herself saying. “Here, in my own back yard.” She immediately blushed and avoided looking at him. What did I say THAT for? she asked herself.

“Really?” he said quietly. “Nothing at all?”

She tried to sound casual, but knew her voice was tight. “Oh..no..you know…this smock covers me up.” Linda managed a nervous laugh. “Not really very sexy.”

He smiled. Linda quickly made some excuse, picked up her basket and went into her house. She was too nervous to go the bedroom so she took a shower instead.

She rarely did wash two days in a row, but found some excuse to do so and was back out in the yard the following morning. She felt oddly daring after the encounter with Jim on the previous day.

He again surprised her when he called a hello from his yard and wandered over to the fence.

“Say, I hope I didn’t offend you yesterday by anything I said,”

Linda pretended at first not to recall the conversation but then forced a laugh. “Oh..no..of course not. I wasn’t offended at all!”

“Good, good!” he said. “Thought I might have embarrassed you into wearing undies under there. I know it must be more comfortable without.”

Linda hesitated. “No..I-I still don’t have anything on under it.” This time it didn’t bother her as much to say that.

He grinned. “That’s good. I bet your husband likes to think of you being out here like that.”

Linda genuinely laughed. “George? He has no idea! If he did, he’d probably tell me to go put my underwear on.”

Jim seemed truly surprised. “Really..wow..I can’t imagine why. I mean…Well, I guess I shouldn’t say it, but it’s, well, nice to think of you that way.”

Linda looked at him. “Naked?”

He seemed only slightly embarrassed. “You really are naked under that?”

Linda stared at him, feeling very odd. “Yes” she said in a hollow voice. Her hands were at her sides and she began to gather up material from the smock in her fingers. This made the hem begin to rise and it was soon above mid thigh. He watched her, transfixed. Linda didn’t dare look down at herself because she knew she’d lose her nerve and stop. She continued to pull the smock upwards. It rose up to her hips and past them. She stopped as the hem reached her navel.

Jim looked wide-eyed at the large patch of dark brown hair between her legs. It was untrimmed, sending a wispy trail to up just below her belly button.

“See? I really am,” she said with a calmness that amazed her.

“Can you..can you keep pulling it up,” he asked with desperation in his voice.

She felt wonderfully dirty, “So you can see my tits?” He nodded dumbly.

She obliged and soon had the smock up under her armpits. She felt the warm sun on the massive globes of her breasts, warming her three inch wide tan nipples. “Oh Jesus!” he breathed.

Linda was stuck momentarily with her normal practicality. She looked around and realized that, because of the bushes and trees in her yard and others, Jim was the only one who could see her. She pulled the smock up over her head and off. She was nude except for the sandals she wore. She dropped the smock on the ground.

Jim gawked at her, mumbling, “Oh man..Oh man…I’m sorry Linda, I know you’re married, but I’ve always liked mature women, especially queen-sized women!”

Linda had never heard that term, but liked it. ‘Queen-sized’. It sounded nice. She turned to let him look at her exposed ass and he made appreciative noises. When she turned back around, she could see through the chain link fence that he was fumbling with his pants. He mumbled another apology and pulled out his erect penis. It was Linda’s turn to stare as she looked at the thick seven inch shaft. Now she was somewhat alarmed. Self consciously, her left hand moved over her bush, only partly concealing it.

“Jim..I-I..don’t think I can!” she said, a little breathless. “I mean..I never have. It’s been only George..” He opened the gate and stepped into Linda’s yard, pulling off his pants as he approached her. “Linda, it’s seems like a long time since my wife left. And no one will ever know…” Now he was in front of her, hefting one of her breasts in each of his hands. Her nipples almost instantly stiffened. She gasped as he bent down and sucked the left one hard, like he was inhaling it. His other hand slipped down and plunged between her legs. This frightened her but her legs parted and her hips moved forward on their own. She felt a kind of fearful gratitude as a finger found her hole and plunged up inside her. He hugged her and reached behind to manhandle her buns as he furiously fingerfucked her. Linda’s breath hissed between her clenched teeth and her hips moved back and forth rapidly as she rode his finger. She felt the wet tip of his cock smearing precum on her thigh.

“Jim!” she gasped. “I-I’m not wet enough. Eat me! Eat my pussy then fuck me!”

He pushed her down on her back on the grass, pulled her legs open wide and shoved his face into the forest of hair covering her cunt. She felt his lips and tongue push open her labia. He lapped at her already erect clitoris then moved down and plunged his tongue up inside her cunt. Linda felt a finger against her puckered anus and came as it went into her ass. He continued to eat her as her fingered her asshole, bringing two more quick orgasms. When he dropped her legs, she lay limply spread out before him.

“From behind!” she panted. “Do me doggie style! It’ll go in further!”

He rolled her over and, looping his arm around her large waist, jerked her up onto her hands and knees. He held one of her hips in either hand and pushed his hips forward. Linda groaned as his cock plunged up her cunt, stretching her further open than ever before. “Hard!” she demanded. “Fuck me hard!”

He began pumping her with merciless force. Linda gasped and sighed as the painful intrusion gave way to pure ecstasy. Her head hung between her shaky arms and her huge breasts nearly hit her in the face as they swung beneath her. With the next orgasm she dropped onto her elbows.

His pumps became more rapid and she feared he might withdraw. She pushed back against him. “Cum in me! Every drop! Shoot it in me!” She came yet again as she felt herself being flooded.

At last he finished and pulled it out, allowing Linda to tumble onto her side on top of her discarded smock. Already she could feel his load oozing out across her thigh.

“Wow! You’re a good fuck!” was all he could manage to say. Linda reached over and played with his still erect cock.Then she put the slippery, wet fingers into her mouth and licked them clean, murmuring “Mmmmmmmmmm!” This excited him and he gently pushed her onto her back. Linda smiled as he leaned forward over her. She opened her mouth and greedily sucked his cock while she fondled his hairy balls. He had a smaller ejaculation which she eagerly swallowed.

At last he took his penis from between her lips, then helped her to her feet. He assisted her as she got her smock back on.

She smiled at him tiredly. “You know, I think I’m going to be doing a lot more laundry from now

Tommy and his bbw mommy

Mom’s a dream, a real treasure. I’d gotten in a day earlier than expected and she was out. I’d driven through the night and wanted to get a little exercise in; I was stiff from the drive. Thought I’d swim a few laps then maybe take a nap. So I was in the pool when she got home. Of course she’d seen my vehicle in the drive, she knew I was there but still, I’m her only child, I’d just gotten home from college for the summer; she was on the pool deck calling to me,

“Tommy, come here and give Mommy a big kiss.”

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Slutty wife

I’d just gotten up and had breakfast one fine Saturday morning when the woman from next door came knocking on my door. I’d opened the door and we’d exchanged greetings and just chatted for a few moments. I didn’t mind. I knew Sylvia would get to the reason for her visit sooner or later. She always took a while to get to the point.

Sylvia and Martin, her husband, were new to the neighbourhood. They were friendly enough, with Sylvia proving to be a bit of a flirt, but always rather genteel with her flirting, never going too far or embarrassing anyone.

She was in her early twenties and quite a looker. Fair skin augmented by very fair hair and bright blue eyes. It was amazing what she could do with those eyes when she fluttered her eyelashes at you. Charm personified. She was also what I would call generously endowed around the bust without being over-endowed. Her breasts were very shapely and I’m sure every man in the street had wondered what they’d feel like if they could only get their hands on them. I certainly had had such thoughts. As a matter of fact I was having them right now, and it wasn’t my fault.

It was shaping up to be a very hot day and Sylvia had dressed accordingly, wearing this cute little white sun-smock that barely reached her thighs. I knew damn well that she wasn’t wearing a bra under that dress as I could see the darker skin surrounding her nipples. I’m not saying that the dress was see-through by any means, as it wasn’t, but standing this close to her I could see the slight differentiation in skin tones. That alone wasn’t enough to make my palms itch. It was more the way that Sylvia tends to talk with her hands. Her hands would go flying about and her breasts would bounce right along with them, their subtle movement automatically drawing the eyes.

By this stage in our conversation we’d reached the point where I was given to understand that Martin wasn’t at home. He’d flown out yesterday to a convention that he had to attend and wouldn’t be back until Monday. Unfortunately there was a little chore that he’d intended to do before he left but had simply run out of time.

“So I was wondering if you can help me,” Sylvia finished up.

“Probably,” I admitted, “but I can give you a better idea of that if you tell me what the little chore was.”

“Oh, didn’t I say?” she asked with a laugh. “It’s that stupid tap in the kitchen. It keeps dripping and it’s driving me mad. The drip is getting worse and I couldn’t get to sleep last night due to the incessant drip, drip, drip. I finished up going outside and turning off the water, just so I could get some sleep. When I turned it back on away it went, dripping like crazy. It’s stupid to spend a fortune on a plumber to fix something so small but I’m going mad listening to it. I know you do all your own repairs so I thought maybe you could change the washer for me.”

Not the hardest thing in the world. I would only need to unscrew the tap, change the washer, and screw the tap back together. Piece of cake.

“Not a problem,” I assured her. “I’ll come over right now and get it done. Why don’t you go and turn off the water again while I get my tools. Do you have a new washer? If not, I have some spares.”

“Oh, yes, I have a washer,” she said. “Martin bought some. It’s just that he didn’t get a chance to change it. If he’d been home he’d have done it last night just to get some sleep.”

She trotted off to turn off the water and I shortly followed with my portable tool chest. The first thing I did when I was there was turn the tap on to make sure she’d turned the water off properly. Assuming that someone followed your instructions in this regard is a mistake you only make once, and I’d had my go. No problems, however, as the pipes were dry.

I took the tap apart, chucked the disintegrating washer to one side, dropped in the new washer, and reassembled the tap. A couple of minutes and the job was done and Martin was a lazy bastard if he couldn’t find two minutes to do it. Sylvia ran out to turn on the water and I turned on the tap. Water ran and I turned off the tap and the water stopped with nary a drip. Problem solved.

Sylvia had been talking the entire time I was fixing the tap and she wasn’t stopping now. The girl just plain liked having someone to talk to, I guess. She insisted I sit down while she made us a cup of coffee so I did. I had no objection talking to a pretty woman. It wasn’t as if I had anything more important to do. She fussed about turning on her coffee maker and then she reached for a couple of mugs and that’s when things got interesting.

Sylvia opened an overhead cabinet and it seemed the mugs she wanted were right at the top. She stood on tip-toe reaching up, with her smock rising as she stretched. I think I mentioned that her smock hadn’t been all that long to start with and as she stretched it grew shorter and shorter. It only needed an inch or two to demonstrate that a bra wasn’t the only thing she had chosen to go without when she got dressed.

Two questions immediately came to mind. Did she know that she was flashing me and if she did was I supposed to do something about it? The answers that popped to mind were both in the affirmative. She knew all right. That was why she’d reached for the mugs at the top of the cabinet rather than ones on the lower shelves. Getting the mugs gave her plausible deniability as she couldn’t really just lift her dress and flash me. As for whether I was supposed to do anything about it, if I wasn’t, and she was just teasing, she’d have done a quick flash and that would have been that. She help the position just a little too long for innocence.

I got to my feet and moved quietly up behind her. She had the mugs on the bench now but there was a slight flush to her cheeks and she was breathing slightly harder. My hands slid across her bottom, first down, then back up, but under her dress on the way up, hands running over her smooth flesh.

She gasped.

“What do you think you’re doing?” she demanded, trying to sound shocked but only succeeding in sounding a little breathless and excited.

“It occurred to me that there’s another little chore that Martin didn’t get around to so I thought seeing that I’m here I might as well attend to that, too.”

One hand slid down and between her legs, first cupping her pudenda and then massaging it. I guess I was just fortunate that she’d been standing with her legs parted enough for me to do that. It seemed to me that I could already feel the heat inside her.

“But you can’t do that,” she gasped out. “I didn’t say you could do that.”

I ignored her comment. She hadn’t said that I wasn’t to do it and her resistance was purely verbal. Her body was pressing against my hands just as much as my hands were pressing against her body. I started running my hands up the inside of her dress. I was finally going to get hold of those two luscious globes of hers.

She gave a little squeak when my hands closed over her breasts but that was her only reaction. Well, only reaction apart from her bottom pressing back against my groin. I can only imagine what she was thinking about what she was feeling there, but she didn’t recoil.

Her breasts were soft and warm, just made for holding and rubbing. Her nipples were hard little nubs, already erect before I even touched them. I spent a few pleasant moments making their acquaintance.

I reached down and cupped her pussy again, rubbing more firmly now. Sylvia was now protesting. It wasn’t a case of her saying no, don’t do this. It was more along the lines of oh, you shouldn’t, and oh, you mustn’t.

I lowered my trousers and lifted the back of her dress, my erection now pressing firmly along the cleft of her buttocks. She gave another little squeal.

“Oh my god, you’re really going to do this. Oh, this is so embarrassing. I never dreamed that you’d do something like this.”

Embarrassing, I asked myself? An odd word to choose. Still, I didn’t worry about it as I was contemplating another problem. Did I take her dress off, leaving her naked, or leave it on. It’s not as though it would get in my way but I wouldn’t mind seeing her naked. The problem was her state of mind. Touching her while she was dressed she could claim she couldn’t stop me and it wasn’t her fault. Taking off her dress would mean she was committed to what we were doing and I suspected she wanted that get out. Maybe I could talk her out of her dress afterwards.

I adjusted the position of my erection so that it was now pressing between her legs. A slight rocking motion and the length of it was dragging back and forth along her slit, rubbing against her labia, teasing them even more. I could practically feel them trying to kiss me.

Sylvia was rubbing right along with me, even while she was saying, “Oh, we shouldn’t, we really shouldn’t.”

“Shouldn’t what?” I asked. “This?”

I lifted her hips slightly while bending a little to adjust my position. My erection rose to the task, you might say, and was now pressing light against her mound, right at the sweet spot, demanding entry.

“Yes, that,” she gasped and I shrugged. Yes was OK by me. I pressed a little harder, feeling myself starting to slide into her.

She shrieked something that sounded like, “WHOA,” drawing the word right out as she pressed firmly back against me, pushing almost desperately to meet me as I drove forcefully home.

Let me tell you that she felt wonderful wrapped around my cock. She was hot and wet and tight and, oh, so responsive. I started moving at a decent rhythm and she was right there with me, meeting my every thrust with the greatest of ease. As far as I was concerned it was breast time again and my hands closed greedily over them.

And a fine time was had by all.

At least I know I was enjoying myself and from the amount of noise Sylvia was making she was making the most of what she was getting. I thrust in happily, enjoying the feel of her hot silky passage sliding against my own hot and tumescent flesh. It seemed to me that every thrust was better than the one before and with every thrust my cock felt as though it had swollen a little. I kid you not – I was prepared to swear that by the time I was getting ready to finish my cock was twice the size as when I started. Maybe it was the increased sensitivity with all that friction, but who cared. It felt great.

Sylvia was pushing hard to meet me, taking me as deep as possible, gasping deep in her throat every time my cock thrust into her. I toyed with the idea of pausing and asking if she wanted me to continue but discretion ruled. The way she was reacting I think she might have killed me if I stopped.

I was now pumping into her a damn sight faster than when I started. Not a conscious act on my part but a rather subtle increase in speed brought about by our mutual need. By this stage my balls were telling me in a not so subtle way that they were ready and past ready for some relief. From the sounds that Sylvia was making I was prepared to say that she was also just about ready to cut loose, so I did my humble duty.

I drove in hard and fast, giving it all I had. It didn’t take more than a few strokes and I was shooting my load and Sylvia was screaming and climaxing hard. I let her have all I had. Like I had any choice in the matter. Her passage clamped so tightly around me that I was lucky to get my cock back.

I relaxed while she just sagged against the counter for a couple of moments. I was wondering how she was going to react now and how I could get her dress off to admire her naked body.

It wasn’t to be. She suddenly straightened up and turned to face me.

“I can’t believe that you did that to me,” she said, for all the world as if she’d just been standing there as an unwilling spectator. “Out,” she said, “and don’t ever speak to me again.”

She was busy shooing out of the kitchen so I grabbed my tool box and departed.

“Listen,” I said as I left, “if you get any more problems with dripping taps just give me a yell. You know where I am.”

She nodded and closed the door firmly behind me. I went on home.

The rest of the day passed uneventfully but in the evening I got to thinking. I went over and knocked on Sylvia’s door. I guess she must have been going to bed early as she was wearing a frilly dressing gown. I immediately started wondering what sort of nightie she was wearing under it, if anything.

She seemed to rear back slightly when she saw me.

“What do you want,” she asked suspiciously.

“I got to thinking that if Martin is away still then he can’t do those little things that you need done, so I thought I’d come around and see if I could fill in for him.”

“Are you mad?” she said in a voice that was half scream. “I think you’ve done enough for the day.”

She turned and stalked down the hall. Seeing she hadn’t bothered to close the door I just naturally followed. She didn’t go down to the kitchen but turned into the front room. The TV was on and a DVD was frozen in place.

Sylvia glared at me.

“Do you realise how guilty you’ve made me feel. I feel terrible. I feel that I’ve cheated on Martin and it’s all your fault.”

Technically, she did cheat on Martin but I deny that it was all my fault. Not that I was going to say that. Instead I considered the question judiciously.

“If you’re feeling guilty about it then you will continue to feel that way until you feel that you’ve been punished. I can help you out there.”

“Ridiculous. How?”

“Well, we’d just have to make the punishment commensurate with the crime. What I’d suggest is that I’ll put you across my knee and spank you for your bad behaviour and to make the punishment more fitting I’ll then push you to the floor and ravish you. Instead of me taking you from behind I will spread your legs and you’ll have to watch me ravishing your body, knowing this is your punishment.”

“You have got to be kidding!” she rather flatly stated, looking as though I’d gone mad.

“Why? It seems reasonable to me. You get beaten for misbehaving and then a demonstration of what might happen if you think of cheating in the future. It will be a salutary lesson that will leave you contrite, and content that you’ve had a punishment suitable for your misdemeanour.”

She just looked at me, not knowing what to say. Seeing she wasn’t saying anything, notably not saying things like, “No, I won’t do it,” I strolled over to the couch and sat down.

“Come along,” I said, patting my knee. “You know what they say, soonest started, soonest finished.”

“Well you know what they can do with their pithy little sayings, whoever they happen to be,” she snapped, but for all that she was moving closer to me. I reached out and caught her arm and drew her slowly closer. I didn’t use any real force, just enough pressure on her arm to have her move closer. Once she was standing next to me my arm went around to her back and pressed and she bent over my knee in an almost dreamlike state. The dream finished abruptly when I flicked her dressing gown up, leaving her bottom bare. No nightie and, again, no panties. Didn’t she ever wear panties? Not that I was going to ask her.

“Hey, what are you doing?” she demanded, trying to push her dressing gown down over her bottom.

“Spanking you, remember,” I said. “I mean, you can’t expect to get spanked with your dressing gown in the way. A bare bottom is the only way to spank you. Um, would it help to take the dressing gown right off? Would it feel more of a punishment that way?”

“No,” she said, sounding rather indignant. “The gown stays on.”

OK, so she won that one. At the same time she was agreeing to be spanked on her bare bottom, so I wondered if she’d consider it a win if she stopped to think about it.

“A very nice bottom,” I said, running my hand over it in an appreciative fashion. “It seems a shame to have to do this.”

I lifted my hand and brought it down in a quick stinging spank and Sylvia gave a satisfactory squeal. I repeated the penalty, shifting to the other cheek and getting another squeal in return. I didn’t go pounding on her bottom, just a series of sharp spanks that would sting without damaging. Sylvia proved to be a worthwhile spankee, giving out with a little wailing cry with each spank.

Mind you, that little wailing cry changed when I delivered a spank to her mound. Her legs had drifted apart, giving me a choice of targets, and her fat rosy lips were too tempting a target. When my hand landed her little wailing cry turned into a full, “What the fuck?” shriek.

“What are you doing?” she demanded when another spank landed in the same place.

“Ah, spanking you,” I said, leaving my hand resting for a moment where it had last landed. Well, maybe more rubbing gently, than resting.

“That’s not how you spank someone,” she protested.

“Of course it is. I know what I’m doing. Just relax and take it as it happens. It’ll be over soon.”

I continued spanking, mainly on her bottom, but a few of those little stinging slaps were landing on her pussy, to her great agitation. They also seemed to be arousing her. Her pussy was flushed and her lips were swollen, her inner labia already peeping through, wanting their share of the attention.

“That should just about do it,” I finally said. “I’ll just give you a little finishing touch here.”

With that I gave her a quick tattoo against her mound, the little slaps coming very fast, and I wasn’t totally surprised when she suddenly had a climax, her cry as it hit showing she was.

While she was gathering her wits together from her unexpected climax I was laying her on the floor. It turned out her dressing gown was only fastened by a tie and that became untied very fast, with me opening the gown wide, leaving her totally exposed to my lecherous gaze. That is, my gaze felt lecherous from my side but what I tried to show her was a look of honest appreciation.

“What are you doing?” she asked plucking at the sides of her gown but not getting anywhere as I was holding it open.

“Do you remember what I said would follow the spanking?” I asked and she blushed and nodded.

I smiled and shifted my hands to her ankles, lifting them high and wide until she was almost bent double, able to look down and see her own mound. I held her legs there with my shoulders while I dropped my trousers, displaying my erection to her interested eyes.

I’d promised her she’d have to watch what happened to her and now she couldn’t help but see. She was shaking her head slightly as she watched but for all the shaking her eyes didn’t budge from where my cock was pressing against her.

“You see what happens to bad girls?” I asked her and she nodded.

“Yes. This is terrible. Are you really going to do this?”

I didn’t answer, just pressed forward a little, her lips yielding and letting the head of my cock slip past them. I stopped at that point and pulled back a little, letting her see how her lips were clinging to me. In a little deeper and back again, with her starting to writhe a little under me, wanting more. In a little deeper and she’d had enough, giving an irritated cry and pushing firmly up to meet me, taking me fully into her, giving a satisfied groan as our groins came together.

Now I started slowly moving on her, pulling back and sliding back into place. I was surprised at the almost fascinated way Sylvia was watching my cock slide back and forth, disappearing into her and then slowly returning. I wasn’t providing all the action. Sylvia was certainly doing her part, lifting her hips and pushing up to receive me. When I said I’d be making her watch what happened I certainly hadn’t expected her to take me seriously or with such great interest. What was her sex life normally like, I wondered. In the dark and under blankets, maybe?

There was only so much of this slow movement that we could stand, our respective excitement levels rising with every slow thrust. I was holding back, when I wanted to start really thrusting home, waiting for Sylvia to make her move. She finally did, her legs coming down off my shoulders and wrapping around my waist, and she had a renewed urgency in her movements.

Now we were really moving, with me putting some muscle behind my thrusts, hitting home nice and hard. Sylvia had the advantage arousal-wise as she was already hot and bothered by the spanking climax. Now she was heading for another climax and I was working overtime to make sure I got there at the same time.

She screamed and I nearly did the same when her vice-like grip dragged me over the edge whether I wanted to go or not. I exploded inside her and she just lapped it up, accepting it as her due as she climaxed very happily.

“I hope this has been a lesson for you,” I said afterwards. “There’s always a penalty when you misbehave.”

She nodded then gave me an odd look.

“Ah, but didn’t you misbehave as well?” she asked.

“Certainly not. I’m not married,” I said sanctimoniously. “I’m allowed to do that sort of thing. Anyway, this evening I was just providing you with the correction you thought you needed. A good deed on my part.”

She didn’t say anything to that. Just gave me another look and then chased me out of the house. I went home to bed and presumably she went to bed to catch up on the sleep she lost to a dripping tap.

What would happen if I visited again tomorrow evening? Would she still be feeling guilty and need some more correction? An interesting thought.

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