Bondage and restriction

If someone had looked into the room, it would have seemed very normal. Two couples sitting around a table in the great room of a rustic cabin with drinks in front of them. If the observer had guessed that we were fairly new acquaintances, one young couple and one older couple, they would have been correct.

The many video and still cameras and the bright lighting would have puzzled them, as would the fact that most of those cameras and lights were focused on a large bed behind me. I believe the observer would also have wondered at the tension in the room.
“I will deal out the cards face up to each person. The first person to get an ace will be in charge. The person to get the joker will become the plaything of the other three.”
The tension was there despite the fact that the game was rigged and we all knew who would get each of those two cards. This was, after all, part of a business venture for the younger woman, April. April and my wife had met each other at horse shows and, despite the 15 year difference in their ages, had started hanging out together. Overindulgence in wine and oversharing had let each woman learn that the other indulged in bondage and domination with their husbands, specifically female domination. Jean also learned that April and her husband recently started operating a website that featured their sex lives. April had a degree in film-making and her work had attracted a fair number of subscribers. These subscribers were expressing an interest in more content, specifically group sex content. After much discussion, my wife agreed to help out and I went along with it.
Her husband Brad and I had never met before we arrived at their rented cabin. He was younger and larger than me, a linebacker versus a wide receiver. April had already set up her cameras and the girls had decided on the scene’s basic storyline. The rest would just happen spontaneously.
The first card Jean dealt herself was the ace of hearts so, after that, she only dealt cards to the other three of us. I swallowed nervously as the cards were turned, even though I knew what was coming, and gasped a little when the joker appeared in front of me. My wife had said that the decision was based on three things. One, Brad was the bigger of us; two, I was the only man who had already been dressed in lingerie for a scene and three, she knew I really wanted to be the sub.
“Let’s get you ready,” Jean said, taking me by the hand and leading me into the large bathroom while April and Brad began adjusting cameras and doing other setup.
A great deal of prep work had already been done. Every hair of my body had been shaved off, except for the hair on my head. April had used her training in makeup to subtly change our hair and faces so that we were not going to be easily identified. She had made me decidedly younger and more feminine looking. Jean and I had also been dieting and exercising religiously for the past month so we looked really good.
There were two cameras already running in the bathroom as Jean opened a suitcase and began rummaging around inside. She quickly produced a metal studded collar, thong panties, thigh-high fishnet stockings and high heels, all black and brand new. Part of my prep had been learning to walk sexy in the high heels, which took a lot of practice. Nervous in front of the cameras I stripped off my clothes and awkwardly put on the collar, lingerie and heels. Then Jean led me out of the bathroom and into the scene.
April and Brad were seated in chairs facing the bed, which was an incredibly large one with white sheets that practically glowed in the multiple lights focused on it. A number of ropes and chains were laying across the top, one end of each secured to the bedframe. At my wife’s command, I strutted back and forth next to the bed, noting that the other couple had completed their prep work. A complete selection of bondage items and sex toys were laid out on a table near the bed. Prominent among them was a large bottle of lube and two strap on dildos. I was acutely aware of the cameras, with the video cameras red lights on and the still cameras clicking automatically. A pang of anxiety shot through me as I noticed Brad avidly watching my ass wriggle past him and I wondered if I was really ready for this.
“Come over here,” Jean ordered motioning toward the bed. “Time to prep you.”
She grabbed some black leather cuffs from the table and secured my hands across my back. Soon I was tied to the bed, pillows stuffed under my hips to raise my ass up high, ropes tied to my ankles, a chain leash wrapped around the headboard and clipped to my collar. I watched as my wife selected a belt from the table and wrapped it around her hand. She knows I love being tied up and whipped so she waited until I actually whined and wriggled my ass before starting. Starting slowly with rather gentle strokes, she rapidly increased the force of the blows until I was gasping and jumping at each one. Despite the presence of another man in the room my cock strained against the fabric of the thong. I whined again when she suddenly stopped, just as the belt began to really sting and the crack of leather on flesh had become very audible.
“He is such a slut for this,” Jean laughed. “Your turn, April.”
The younger woman selected another belt from the table and nervously approached the bed. She drew her arm back and gave me a tentative stroke. At my wife’s urging she hit me harder and harder until I was moaning and writhing in my bonds under her enthusiastic whipping.
“Your turn, Brad,” my wife said to the obvious disappointment of April, who delivered one final hard crack across both buttocks.
Now Brad selected a belt and approached me. He didn’t seem nervous at all and I trembled as he set his feet. The belt whistled audibly through the air and a line of fire materialized across my ass, causing me to stiffen and cry out. He whipped me relentlessly and I shamelessly lifted my ass to meet each blow. Soon I was deep into the submissive state of mind, alternately whimpering and howling, afraid it would continue and terrified that it would stop.
“OK,” my wife said, to my and, I believe, Brad’s disappointment “That’s enough. Let’s get undressed.”
Tied to the bed, my whipped ass high, I watched as my three doms disrobed. April was first, quickly tossing away her clothing to reveal her slender body. Her skin was pale and her smallish breasts had prominent nipples. Her reddish pubic hair was trimmed into a small vertical strip and her ass was truly outstanding. Jean’s body was fuller with heavy breasts and well-rounded hips. Brad pulled off his shirt and dropped his jeans, revealing a powerful build and a bulging pair of boxer briefs. As he reached for those, however, my wife stopped him.
“Let’s wait on that,” she grinned. “I’ll go first. You two untie him.”
She went to the table and picked up her favorite strap on dildo while the other two unbound my hands and released me from the bed. Dildo waving in front of her, Jean walked closer and pointed to the floor in front of her. I scrambled off the bed and knelt before her, eagerly taking the fake cock into my mouth, so lost in sub space that it didn’t even occur to me to hesitate. As I sucked and slobbered on it, she rested her hand possessively on my head.
“I told you he was a total slut,” she said, after a few moments. “Tie him up, whip him and he’ll do anything for you. Now you want to be fucked, don’t you, baby?”
“Yes, Mistress, please fuck me, mistress.”
“You want all of us to fuck you, don’t you?”
I hesitated, glancing sideways at the other couple, then heard myself say “Yes, Mistress, all of you. Please fuck me.”
Climbing onto the bed, I got on all fours and shamelessly presented my ass to her. April and Brad joined me on the bed leaning back against the headboard together, eyes locked on the scene before them, while Jean collected the large bottle of lube from the table. I shivered as she squeezed cold lube in the crack of my ass and smeared it up and down. Brad’s hand slid between his wife’s legs and hers rested on his bulging crotch as Jean coated her erection with a generous layer of lube. She added another healthy glob of it to my ass after getting between my legs and sliding the string of the thong panties out of her way.
The familiar hard tip probed up and down the crack of my ass and I moaned as it located my opening. One hand on my left butt cheek, she used the other to patiently push it in. Arching my back I wriggled back against her, gasping as the head overcame all resistance and slid deeper. She gasped in triumph as her hips made contact with my inflamed ass. Then she fucked me with long hard strokes as I pushed back eagerly, our breathing growing faster and more ragged, both grunting in unison, an audible smack of her hips against my ass. Brad’s hand was working between April’s thighs and her hand spasmodically gripped his shorts as they watched us fuck. Then, disappointingly, my wife stopped.
“April, you should try his tongue,” she hissed. “He gives really good head, especially when he’s being dominated.”
The girl slid down the bed and spread her legs in front of me. I obediently leaned down to lick and suck her already sopping wet pussy while my wife went back to fucking me. It was a gentler slower fuck as she let me concentrate on getting the other woman off. In a remarkably short time, April grabbed my head and came hard against my tongue, gasping in pleasure. I continued to gently lick her as she came down.
“Let’s trade places,” Jean said, pulling her cock out of my ass.
I waited docilely as April grabbed the other strap on and Jean removed hers, laying down on the bed before me. Brad watched with obvious lust in his eyes as I lowered my head to service my Mistress and his wife prepared to mount me. April fucked me long leisurely strokes, grinding her hips against me gently before starting another, as Jean aggressively gripped my head and moaned in pleasure. It didn’t take long before Jean threw her head back and howled as she came. April lay across my back, cock buried deep inside of me, all of us breathing deeply. Eventually Jean disentangled herself and rolled off of the bed.
“Your turn, big boy,” she said to Brad as she took him by the hand and he got to his feet.
April also got off the bed, leaving me still on all fours, feeling dazed. The other man, however, had a small smile on his face as my wife turned him to toward me and then slowly slid his shorts down. The cock that popped free was the largest I had ever seen in person, far bigger than either of the dildos that had just finished violating me. I shivered as he stepped out of his shorts and then just stood there, looking at me hungrily.
“You were not kidding,” Jean said as she and April got on the bed and leaned against the headboard to watch. “He is enormous. Has he ever done a guy before?”
“No, this will be the first time for him. How about your husband?”
“No, first time,” the women giggled. “This should be fun.”
A large string of precum leaked from the tip of Brad’s cock as I watched, unable to look away from the veiny monster. Finally, he pointed to the floor in front of him. Obediently, I slid off the bed and knelt before him, literally quivering with anticipation as the massive head loomed closer. Lost in my subservient role, I stuck out my tongue, collected the stream of salty fluid and swallowed it.
“That is so hot,” April whispered.
Brad just kept his hands on his hips as I opened my mouth and wrapped my lips around the head. I had only sucked on my wife’s dildo before this and the experience was very different. The cock was hot and pulsing, leaking more salty juice into my mouth as I bobbed my head up and down. I’ve always felt that, if you’re going to do something, do it well, so I did the best that I could. I licked his balls and took the shaft as deep as I could, eventually eliciting some low moans from him.
He stepped back and went to the table and picked up the lube. I submissively crawled on the bed and got on all fours, noticing that the women were sitting close together, Jean’s hand resting on the younger girl’s thigh. Brad, however had other ideas for me, grabbing my hips and flipping me onto my back, where I lay docilely awaiting his pleasure. He knelt between my spread legs and literally ripped the panties off of my hips, sending a chill through me and letting my poor neglected cock flop onto my stomach. Then he very deliberately coated his erection with a thick layer of shiny lube, still staring into my eyes. Unnerved, I turned my head to look at the women and saw that each now had her hand between the other’s thighs as they watched entranced.
Grinning wolfishly, Brad pushed my legs higher and further apart and ordered me to hold still. I have never felt more exposed in my life than when he prepared to mount me, one hand holding my right leg up and back, the other guiding his cock to its target. The massive head quested up and down my slick crack for what seemed like a long time. I gasped and went rigid as it finally pressed against my opening. He now gripped each thigh firmly, pushing them up and out as he began to rock his hips and relentlessly penetrate my ass. Ignoring my whines and groans he entered me centimeter by centimeter. The girls had stretched my asshole already but it was not ready for the monster now violating it.
“Man, this bitch is so tight,” he muttered and, somewhere in the distance, I heard my wife moan a little.
I wriggled against him, struggling to accommodate the colossal column of flesh, thrashing my head. I moaned and wailed shamelessly while he grunted at each gain. Sweat broke out all over my body as it crept inside. Then, unexpectedly, my body gave up its resistance and the remaining inches slid smoothly inside, eliciting a loud gasping cry from both of us. He released my legs and put his hands on either side of my body as I whimpered and moaned. He held still like that while I settled down, hips pressed firmly against mine. I realized that I could feel his heavy balls against my stretched out ass. My breathing still ragged, I experimentally moved my hips, drawing another predatory smile from him.
“Ready to fuck, huh?” he said. “I am going to fuck you so hard, bitch.”
He began to fuck me with long slow strokes, pulling all the way out before gradually forcing it back in. A brief pause and he did it again…and again…and again, a little faster and harder each time. Without even thinking, I wrapped my legs around him and worked at meeting his strokes. The wet sound of his hips striking mine and our groans filled the rooms, soon joined by the now-familiar sounds of the women’s orgasms. That set him over the edge and he pulled out, and spraying come on my cock and balls, further asserting his dominance.
He rolled off of me and lay at the girls’ feet, breathing hard, as were all of us. No one moved or said anything for a while, although I was acutely aware that I was the only one who hadn’t had at least one orgasm. I was also aware that everyone in the room had now had my mouth and my ass while I had had no one’s. Brad’s copious load was slowly dripping off of me, physical evidence of my utter submission.

Animal sex story

William Robert James Dunlop was a bully, he had always 
been a bully, his father encouraged him to be a bully. 
"Weak fools get nowhere son, exercise your authority, 
make them crawl."

The town where Billy as he was known to his friends did 
just that, his father was wealthy, people in the town 
didn't really know what he did, to be fair neither did 
Billy. Billy treated people and especially girls like 
objects to be used and discarded at will.

When he was eighteen he tried to rape his younger sister 
who was sixteen at the time, he had already alienated 
himself from his Mother with his attitude and now she 
put her foot down.

She was prepared to bring in outside police forces if 
something wasn't done about her son, it seems her 
husband was paying someone high up in the force.

James Dunlop the elder relented, he sent Billy away with 
a healthy allowance for a five year travelling trip 
which was how Billy ended up in a strange club in 

Billy was only twenty but looked older, with his fake ID 
he managed to fool most of the clubs and bars he 
frequented. A friend had taken him to this one, he was 
in awe of some of the people there.

He sat next to a lady dressed in a revealing dress 
holding a lead that had a girl on the other end of it. 
She was kneeling by the lady's side looking down at the 

Billy struck a up a conversation and found out the girl 
was her slave, she explained that she had three slaves, 
if she wasn't in the mood her slaves would suck her 
boyfriend's cocks and clean her cunt when they fucked 

Billy was fascinated, the lady went on to say she 
punished them for any indiscretion to let them know who 
was Mistress and who was the slave. The lady said she 
was training another slave and was looking for a buyer 
for this one, Billy jumped at the chance, before the 
night was out he had bought himself a slave for five 
thousand dollars.

The girl's name was Anna, Billy treated her appallingly, 
she would do the housework, he would let his friends 
borrow her for the weekend and punish her at will.

Billy had a dog in the house he rented, a large 
Alsatian, Billy loved nothing more than tormenting Anna 
watching her as she cowered in terror while he 
threatened to set the dog on her.

One day Anna was cleaning up some mess on the floor, 
naked as usual as Billy insisted she stay naked, the dog 
crept up behind her. Anna jumped as a cold nose suddenly 
started sniffing her cunt.

Billy laughed and ordered her to stay where she was, the 
dog carried on sniffing and then licking Anna's pussy as 
Billy sat entranced by the dog's antics. Anna gasped out 
loud as she felt two strong legs encircle her waist and 
the dog's cock probing and jabbing for a entry.

"Please no, not this," pleaded Anna but Billy just 

"Stay still you fucking bitch, he wants to fuck you, let 
him fuck you or you'll be sorry."

Anna couldn't see the huge dog cock, but she sure felt 
it, dogs don't do foreplay, a quick thrust and the 
massive cock was inside her cunt as the dog fucked her 
like a piston engine.

Billy was howling with laughter as he listened to Anna 
screaming and the dog slobbering over her fucking her 

Anna was screaming, the dog cock felt huge in her pussy, 
she wanted to get away but the dog had her secured 
between his forelegs. Now dog cum was pumping into her, 
she could actually feel each spurt as it hit her belly, 
she felt sick as the dog continued to fill her up.

At last the dog pulled out with a plop as cum ran down 
Anna's inside thighs as Billy laughed even more. This 
was to be Anna's party piece now, Billy would invite 
friends over just to watch Anna being fucked by his dog, 
they thought it was hilarious, Anna didn't.

This went on for about six months until Billy said he 
was bored, he remembered what the lady in red had said, 
she was training another slave, Billy would go out and 
get one for himself and train her to be his second slut.

The summer vacation was starting soon, Billy hung around 
and soon spotted a loner, she was dark haired and looked 
exotic, Billy thought she would do nicely.

Billy forgot his bad manners and bullying to charm her 
into going for a coffee all the time trying to think of 
ways to get her to come to his house.

He found out her name was Gloria Marinetti, she said her 
father was Italian and her Mother American, but both 
were in Europe for the next six months.

Billy googled her name but could find nothing about her, 
he tried to find out something about her but found 
nothing. This was perfect for Billy, with no parents 
around he could take his time to make her his slut.

Eventually he got her to visit his home, he was 
prepared, a powder slipped into her drink and she passed 

"Make sure you get her face," shouted Billy to Anna as 
he positioned the dog to make like it was fucking Gloria 
who was now naked.

Anna lay back on the table as Billy pushed Gloria's head 
between her legs as though she was eating her pussy. 
Between them they took loads of pictures, some with cum 
all over the girl's face; others with the dog and so on.

They dressed her and waited for her to wake up. "What 
happened?" she asked as she came round. "My head hurts, 
what happened to me?"

Billy grinned as he held up the photos, "This," he said 
with a smirk.

Gloria's face went bright red as she looked. "W-what are 
you going to do with these? Is this blackmail? I haven't 
got any money."

"Sort of, you're going to move in here to be my slut 
just like this fucking slut here, I'm getting bored with 
her, I'll train you to be a fucking dirty slut just like 

"What if I refuse," said Gloria now getting her senses 

"Then these go all over the internet and to your school, 
you can't prove it's not real and I'm nowhere to be seen 
in the pictures."

"I see, so what happens now?"

"You'll go home, tomorrow night at six you'll come back 
her with your stuff and live here for a while. If you're 
not here by six these go viral on the net."

"I don't have any choice then do I?"

"No you don't, now fuck off and be back here at six 
tomorrow night, one minute late and I click the button," 
said Billy demonstrating with his finger.

Billy was pleased with himself. "Bring me a whisky slut 
and then you can suck me off, looks like you'll have a 
companion to help you tomorrow," he said, pulling off 
his pants and laying back on the sofa as Anna sucked on 
his cock.


Two minutes to six the doorbell rang, Billy was watching 
television, "Answer the door slut, go and welcome the 
other slut."

Ana opened the door, a man in a very expensive suit 
stood there with two of the biggest men Anna had ever 
seen. Gloria stood behind them with her finger to her 
lips to keep quiet.

The two large men walked in, "Right on time slut," said 
Billy without looking up.

Billy opened his eyes and looked around, he was tied to 
a chair naked in the middle of, the room. Two huge men 
were looking at him along with another man who just 
stared at him, without saying anything he walked up to 
Billy and punched him hard on the nose bringing blood 
pouring from it.

He was dazed. "W-who the fuck are you? What are you 
doing in my house? Get the fuck out of here!"

Gloria walked up to him and grabbed his balls and 
twisted them ignoring the screams that came from Billy.

"I lied when I said my parents were abroad, this is my 
father, his name doesn't matter yet, but I can tell you 
one thing, you are going to be very sorry you called me 
a slut and took those pictures," she hissed twisting his 
balls even harder.

"Do you want us to kill him darling? It's no problem."

"No, I have an idea, let me talk to Anna first, come on 

Anna relived the life Billy had made her lead, she told 
her about the dog, about being lent out to his friends, 
all of it. Gloria hugged her and told her about her 

"Papa, can you ring the police here, you've got some 
powerful friends, tell them if they ever see this thing 
here," pointing to Billy, "To arrest him and charge him 
with blackmail, rape kidnap sodomy, in fact every charge 
you can think of if he's out alone."

"Can't we just kill him, it's no problem."

"No Papa, Anna and I are going to keep him as our pet, 
we're going to make him suffer just like he did to Anna 

"Okay darling, any problems you just ring me, as a 
matter of fact ring me every night for a while, if he 
tries anything we'll come back."

"Okay Papa, oh by the way Billy boy," she said grabbing 
his balls again, "this is my father Victor Marinetti, 
I'm sure you've heard of him."

Billy had heard of him, who hadn't, Victor Marinetti was 
the boss of bosses in gangster land, no one ever crossed 
Mr. Marinetti and lived.

He walked up to Billy and held his face, "I pity you, I 
know what my daughter can do. Why do you think she's 
here at this school, she'll tell you one day, if you're 
still alive," and laughed a menacing laugh.

"Don't forget darling, ring me every night just in case 
he tries anything," as he kissed his daughter and said 
goodbye to Anna, "you'll be alright now," he said to 

Billy was still tied in his chair, his balls and his 
nose were hurting, Anna and Gloria were chatting when 
they suddenly stopped and untied him.

"Go and fetch your clothes you fucking pathetic excuse 
for a man," ordered Gloria.

Billy hesitated, she grabbed his balls and squeezed 
hard, "when either of us tells you to do something you 
do it right away or be punished, now go."

"Now pick those clothes up and take them to the trash 
can outside, NOW!"

"But I'm naked."

"I'll let you off this once, if ever you speak without 
permission again you will be severely punished, now do 
as you're told."

The girls laughed out loud as he walked naked with his 
clothes, passersby whistled and jeered him, an old lady 
stared wistfully maybe thinking of times gone by.

Billy came back in his face bright red, "Where's your 
credit card? Get it," ordered Gloria.

Anna punched in the pin number and took the cash, she 
walked to the shop and bought the goods Gloria had asked 
her to get and went back home feeling happier than she 
had done for years.

"Good, hold your leg out slut," said Gloria as she 
fastened the chain around his ankle and locked it. Next 
she took the chain attached to it and fastened to the 
radiator in the kitchen.

"That's better, the chain is long enough for you to move 
about, tomorrow we'll go shopping for some clothes for 
you, you're going to like them," laughed Gloria.

"Gloria," said Anna.

"Anna, while we're in here my name is Anjelica, that's 
my real name, I changed my name when I came to this 
school, Papa arranged it all."

"Oh, I see, I don't want to pry but what did you do that 
your Papa said you did."

"Oh that, nothing much really, a boy at school wanted me 
to go out with him, I said no, he called me a prostitute 
and a lesbian, me and three friends kidnapped him, we 
made him lick our asses for hours, then I burned the 
hair off his genitals with a lighter, you should have 
heard him scream," and laughed out loud.

"Then we all urinated on him," she said when she finally 
stopped laughing

"So what happened?"

"Oh Papa hushed it up as usual, but I had to leave 
school and come here for a while. That's why I changed 
my name to Gloria/ Hey, I reckon Gloria would be a great 
name for this," pointing at Billy.

"Hey, why don't you invite your friends to stay here for 
the summer, I'm sure they'd enjoy Gloria here, he'll 
make a nice plaything."

"What a wonderful idea, I'll ring them later, see if 
they can come."

Billy/Gloria listened with a heavy heart. If these 
bitched were anything like they were described, he was 
in for a rough time.

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