Swapping Faces Cock Rings

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Her Goth guitar will he rob her love strings what color is her love star? Bloody red salad shredded or crimson and clover is my life over? Will I regret it? We need better communication with the sin of temptation. She turned her head to see this drop dead sexy man using the scanner machine he was even built like a sex machine whenever she saw his face blood line came out in his family.

The word f was all over the place in her cheating surroundings and she thought it was standing so proud and tall she needed to get back to her firm. All she sees is the fuck word all cheaters and sly fox they were so easy to convince Masks on their face and then they just stripped. But it turned out to be another change rock hit her face she had to sit down to contain herself

She saw the word and it crept inside her blood it said you fit the face perfectly. She arched her brow she was shocked. The word came close to her Face game of scanning scripted copy faces way out of existence (are we ready) friends what bloody ties of a family. Musically you fade drifting through your head twisted seeing her twin set. Looking into the pool he was pushing my French waves of blood water he took the music away. He was a creep so demanding and he was competitively smart. I had to be strong to face it speed all my affairs racing Lexus car backed up into my ass he got me crazy. Continue reading Swapping Faces Cock Rings

Turning Susan into a whore

Sue was raised an arrogant, snobbish little bitch that always thought she and her family were better than most people on earth. I started dating her when she was only 15 and because of her attitude, she didn’t have a lot of friends. Within 2 weeks I was fucking her every day. The first time was in my parents attic. I fucked her on the floor and saw the blood drip out of her pussy, so I knew she was telling me the truth when she said she was a virgin. She was the most submissive girl I have ever fucked.

I can’t tell you the number of times I would have her strip stark ass naked and ride that way in our car. I would drive down the interstate, slowing down when I was pulling beside a semi, just so they could get a good look at her pussy and her firm little tits. She would want to hide her face, but I refused the request telling her to look right at them while holding your pussy open. The only things she was against was letting another man fuck her or me fucking her in the ass. That was about to change with our divorce.After several years of marriage, Sue and I decided to call it quits. We enjoyed each other, but we wanted our freedom to do as we pleased. We divorced, but she still wanted to retain a sexual relationship with me. I knew then that this was the time to turn this bitch into a common whore.I bluntly told her that the only way I would continue fucking her would be in her ass and she was to always keep her pussy shaved. It was clear she did not want to agree to these terms, but she was so horny and wanted to keep seeing me, so she quietly agreed to my terms. I made her repeat our agreement back saying  “You can fuck me in the ass anytime you want ” and  “I will keep my pussy shaved “.

Immediately afterwards, I bent her over the side of my bed and slowly eased my cock into her tight little asshole. She cried out a little bit, but held still while I fucked the daylights out of her ass. After a couple minutes of really pounding her ass, I could feel her relax somewhat. I remember Cumming that first time in her ass, I thought she was going to keep my cock lodged in her ass she squeezed it so tight.After several months of fucking her in the ass, I stepped it up a notch. I made a rule that the only way she could be in my house is if she was completely naked before entering. She would go onto the back porch and take off all of her clothes and throw them into the corner before entering. We took so many pictures of her and her agreeing that I was to post them on the internet for others to see. I wanted everyone to see every inch of her body and the humiliating things I did to her or made her do. As a result of our picture taking, we have posted several pictures on the internet under Susan or Susan Ann.

The next step was to get her fucking other men. These would be men she knew and some she would just meet. The objective was to turn her into the ultimate common whore.I called her one night on my car speaker phone while riding with a long time buddy. This buddy had known Sue for all of our married life and always thought she acted like she was better than others. I asked Sue if she was horny and she replied she was. I asked her if she wanted me to come over and fuck her and she replied,  “yes “. I asked her how she wanted to be fucked and she said  “in my ass “. I could see my buddy was getting excited just listening to our conversation, and hearing Sue talk like a whore so I told her to strip while talking to me on the phone. She promptly took off all of her clothes and I asked if her blinds were open and lights on. She said that some lights were on and the front blinds were closed, but the back ones were open meaning that her neighbors behind her could potentially see her walking around her house naked. I told her to turn on all her lights and to go over and open the front blinds and stand in front of her picture window while talking to me on the phone.

Until I told her otherwise, she was to stand naked in front of her picture window so that everyone driving or walking by could see her naked ass. After she acknowledged she had done what I told her to do, I told her to put a couple fingers into her pussy and describe how her pussy felt and tasted. She said it was wet and tasted as usual. My final instruction to her was to unlock her front door and leave it ajar, go upstairs to her bedroom and get on her hands and knees with her head under the pillow. I did not want her to see me that night while I had my way with her. She could fantasize about someone else fucking her if she wanted.My buddy and I arrived a few minutes later and the door was ajar, all the lights were on, the blinds were all open and her clothes including panties and bra were lying on the floor in front of her picture window.I quietly walked up to her room and there she was naked on her knees and elbows with her head under the pillow, her bedroom lights on and the bedroom blinds open. Her neighbors that lived behind her were getting quite a show.

I motioned for my buddy to quietly come into her room and he walked to the foot of her bed just staring at her upturned ass and her shaved pussy. I motioned for him to play with her pussy and ass and he did. Slowing running his fingers the length of her crack and then slipping his fingers into her pussy. I could tell she was getting turned on because she pushed her ass back as far as she could toward him. Her cheeks were wide apart and her asshole was in plain view. It was slightly open from all the ass fucking she had. I pointed to her asshole and motioned for him to stick his finger in her ass. He began rubbing his fingers around her asshole and letting one slide into her ass. She was bouncing around the bed, moaning and pushing her ass back toward him, clearly enjoying having her ass played with. I could see his cock was straining against his shorts while he was enjoying playing with my ex-wife.

I told her to keep her head under the pillow, but turn onto your back and get your legs into the air. Holding the pillow, she flipped onto her back and placed her knees beside her chest. Just the site of her legs wide open like a whore while a man she had known for years as a friend was playing with her pussy and asshole was almost too much to bear. She has no idea that it was not me bringing her to a orgasm. I asked her if she wanted another finger in her ass and she said yes. He pulled out his finger and then slowly slid two fingers in her ass and brought her to an orgasm which he later told me he could feel her asshole squeezing his fingers as she came. With her holding the pillow over her head, I slid her to the edge of the bed so her ass was on the edge. I motioned for my buddy to go ahead and eat her pussy and he immediately dropped to his knees and started eating Sue. He was really sucking on her clit and when he came up for air, her clit was beet red and swollen. I motioned for him to fuck her and he dropped his shorts and rammed his cock all the way inside her in one thrust. He was rolling her clit with his thumb while fucking her pussy and it didn’t take long before he shot his load inside her.

As he quietly left the room, I spun Sue around and had her lying on the bed with her head off the side of the mattress and proceeded to face fuck the bitch. It felt like I shot a quart of cum down her throat when I finally came. A couple weeks later, I spoke to her about that night and asked why she thought I had her keep her head under the pillow. She was clueless, so I told her that I had someone with me and they are the person that brought her to orgasm that night by finger fucking her asshole, eating her pussy and then fucking her like a common whore. At first she did not believe me, but I told her it was true and he wanted to get together again, if she was interested. She said she would be, but wanted to know who the other guy was. I told her she would find out later, but to get used to other guys fucking her and again she agreed to do whatever I told her to do.We set up our next meeting to meet in a grocery store parking lot. She was to make sure she was freshly shaven and was to wear a short skirt and a white top and nothing else.

She was game so we decided to meet at the Pic-n-Sav parking lot on a warm Saturday morning. My buddy, Doug and I discussed on the way all the things we would make Sue do. We had the camera and agreed we would make her beg him to fuck every hole she had.As we pulled into the parking lot, I saw Sue’s car parked in the back. I stopped and told Doug to get in the back of the car. He quickly jumped into the back seat and I pulled over to where Sue was waiting. When Sue got out of her car, she opened the passenger door and I told her to get in the back with Doug. You should have seen the look on her face when she realized it was Doug who had a week earlier made her cum with a couple of his fingers deep in her asshole. She had known Doug most of her life, but they were just friends. Now they were going to be lovers and Sue would be his whore by doing anything he wanted.

As Sue got into the backseat, I turned in the front seat and said  “well “? Sue raised her skirt for me to see her smoothly shaved pussy. I told her  “show Doug ” . She slid on the seat placing her left foot on the seat while keeping her right foot on the floor and lifted her skirt to her waist showing Doug her freshly shaved pussy. I told her to spread open her pussy for him and she slowly reached down placing her fingers on either side of her pussy and pulled it open for him to appreciate.  “Get on your back, pull your legs up and spread your ass cheeks so Doug can see the asshole he was playing with last week I demanded. Without a word Sue laid on the seat lifted her legs into the air and pulled her ass apart for Doug. Thank Doug for finger fucking your asshole so you could have an orgasm I demanded.  “Thank you for fingering my ass so I could cum ” Sue told him. Sue, tell him what he can do to you.  “You can eat me, I will suck your cock, you can fuck me in the ass, fist fuck me or anything else you want just don’t hurt me ” Sue told him. Will you spit his cum out or swallow it, Sue? She said she would swallow it, which became a rule after our divorce, she always swallows cum. Can he take pictures of you and show them to his friends and place them on the internet for others to see?  “Yes, you can take pictures of me and show them to your friends and put them onto the internet for others to look at ” Sue replied. Tell Doug from this day forward you will be his fuck whore.  “I will be your whore from now on and will do whatever you want me to do ” Sue told Doug. All during this conversation, Sue was in the grocery store parking lot, legs in the air holding her ass cheeks apart while Doug was savoring the view of her asshole and open pussy.I told Doug to reach up and see if his whore was wearing a bra. He reached up and was fondling Sue’s tits while she laid on the seat and said  “Nope, no bra “.

Let’s go into the store and buy some veggies we can use on her I suggested. Sue walked with Doug and the three of us went into the store to get some toys to use on her. In the store, Sue stayed with Doug and he was constantly squeezing her ass or reaching under her short skirt for a feel and I know damn well others saw her ass and pussy, because I saw it several times as they walked through the store. Doug would have her bend over and dig through the cucumbers or eggplant bins while he would play with her butt, pushing her skirt up as he did. Sue finally had a selection on veggies that would be used in her ass and pussy, so we proceeded to the check out and Doug made her pay for them.

As we got into the car, me in front and Doug and Sue in the back, Doug told Sue  “Take all your clothes off “. Without a word, Sue stripped stark ass naked right there in the parking lot in broad daylight! Doug was really getting into his role of helping me humiliate and break down this once arrogant bitch into a most common whore.  “Spread your pussy and beg me to eat it ” Doug demanded of Sue. Sue reached down and pulled her pussy open and begged  “Doug, will you please eat my pussy “? Doug asked  “do you really want me to lick your pussy “? Sue only said  “Yes “. With that, Doug bent down and began to eat my ex-wife’s pussy, his friend of 20 plus years. He placed a couple fingers in her cunt and was sucking away on her clit and licking her cunt like there was no tomorrow. I watched as Sue raised her legs higher and as they were drifting further apart she began to moan. I knew Sue was getting close to Cumming. Here we were, in a well used grocery stores parking lot and watching as Sue was shamed into being naked and brought to orgasm in plain view of anyone that would walk by the car and look. Her orgasm was pretty powerful and she was whimpering like a little pig as she came.

Doug continued eating her pussy as I drove out of the parking lot headed for another area to show off Sue. As we drove down the highway, Doug has Sue bend over in between the bucket seats so her face was by me and her ass was in his face. We drove for several miles like that until Doug told her he wanted her to suck his cock. She spun around and in a few moments had his hard cock in her mouth sucking for all she was worth. We took her to a room and spent the entire after noon eating her pussy, getting our cocks sucked and fucking her. As she was sucking Doug’s cock, I slid my cock in her ass and fucked her until I came. She then asked Doug if he would like to fuck her ass and he jumped on her and pounded her ass good. She was pretty sore by the time we finished using her mouth, pussy and asshole, but she never complained.

We have had several other threesomes since that time and she really enjoys two cocks at the same time.

Now it was time to take her further in becoming a common whore, she needed to fuck other men, a lot of them.We were looking at the dating adds and one popped out, Male looking for a Female for fun get together, call for a great time. I had Sue contact the agency and they gave Allen the number to contact Sue. Within a couple days, Allen had made contact and wanted Sue to come over the coming Sunday to watch a football game with him and have a couple beers. Sue agreed although I could tell she was nervous as hell over doing this. I told her to be sure her pussy was freshly shaved and I expected her to have sex with Allen this first meeting with him. If he didn’t initiate sex, she was to suggest it. Sue was going to get fucked by someone she did not know and she was inviting it. The only difference between her and a common whore is she was not charging for the use of her pussy, it was free.

The Sunday came and Sue called me as she was heading over to Allen’s house which was about 15 miles from where she lived. I asked if she had shaved her pussy for him and she replied  “yes, she had shaved it in the bathtub this morning while taking a bath “. I again reminded her that I expected her to have sex with Allen and to call me afterwards and tell me the details. Sue agreed and nervously went to Allen’s.About 3 hours later, Sue called saying that she really didn’t like Allen, but after about an hour Allen had her on the couch with his tongue in her mouth her top off playing with her tits, squeezing her nipples and reaching into her shorts and panties rubbing her pussy. After a short time playing, Allen stripped her naked and had her lie on the floor where he began by inspecting her body as closely as she had ever been inspected and then started eating her pussy. He was really surprised that her pussy was shaven, but he loved it. He finally stopped and took off his shorts, leaving his shirt on and told her to suck his cock while he continued eating her pussy. She said he was pretty good at oral sex, but she really enjoyed it more as he inserted a finger up her ass. She said it didn’t take long and she had cum and he came partly in her mouth, but mostly on her face.After Sue finished telling me the details, I asked  “Did he fuck you “? She said no, it was all oral sex, but again said she really didn’t like this guy and didn’t want to see him again. I told her that was too bad that she didn’t like him because she was going to fuck him, probably several times. With that I told her to hang up and call Allen to see if she could come over again and that she really enjoyed what they did and she wanted more.

Sue was told to let me know what he had to say.Susan called Allen and asked if she could see him again and really enjoyed the time they spent together. He was happy to hear she had fun and invited her over the following night. When Sue called me back and told me the arrangement, I reminded her that I wanted him to fuck her and to cum inside her. After Sue said she would let me know how it went, I hung up the phone knowing that Sue was on her way to becoming a common whore. No more would she have this air of arrogance.That Monday evening Sue called and said that  “Well, I saw Allen again and he fucked me tonight and came inside me “. I told her to tell me the details which went something like this: As soon as she walked in Allen’s house, he had her strip all her clothes off. They then laid on the floor and had a repeat of Sunday’s oral session, but he did not cum this time, but she did while he was eating her pussy and fingering her asshole. After Sue had cum while Allen was eating her pussy, he pulled his cock from her mouth and raised her legs onto his shoulders and started fucking her. She said his cock was about average, but he could fuck for a long time without Cumming. She said he ground his pelvis into hers and would thrust as hard as he could into her and after what seemed like 30 minutes, he came inside her. She knew he shot a lot into her because she said it instantly started running out of her pussy, so she just pulled her panties and shorts on without cleaning up, put on her top and left. She again said she did not like this guy, but she did as I wanted. I told her to call Allen and make another date, and she should try to like him because she was going to be fucking him often. Reluctantly, she called Allen again and made another date with him for later in the week. She fucked Allen about 20 times over the course of a couple months and it progressed to him using toys on her and having a couple friends come over where they triple teamed her several times. She said he or they used every hole she had and one would pull out of her ass and go right into her pussy or out of her pussy and into her mouth. Sue said much of this he either filmed or took pictures. She has no idea what he plans on doing with the movies or pictures, but I told her I am fine if he places them on the internet for others to see her being fucked like a whore.

Now that Sue was fucking men she didn’t know, I knew we were close to her going out looking for some strange cock, which she ending up fucking close to 25 different men on a first night basis. Many of her new fuck buddies were married and a couple were black.

I was looking for some variation in Sue’s sex life and decided she needed to fuck some black guys. Then one night I arranged for one of my friends from a local bar to stop by for some drinks. He was a nice looking man probably 5’10 ” tall and very slim, but he was black and I mean coal black! Sue was a little unsure about sleeping with a black man as she hardly even ever knew one, her circle of friends were all white. This meeting up to humiliate Sue and degrade Sue to the depths that she would become the ultimate whore.

Bobbie and Sue sat around for the evening drink wine and Crown Royal whiskey. It didn’t take too long before Sue was to the point that she was ready to try anything. She was getting so drunk and horny. They were sitting on the couch and before Sue knew what was happening, Bobbie leaned over and kissed her, sliding his tongue into her mouth. Sue was so worked up by this time that I knew she was going to fuck Bobbie and I was looking forward to it.

It wasn’t long before Bobbie had his hands inside her tank top and was playing with her nipples. Bobbie unfastened my bra bringing her tits into full and unobstructed view for him. He leaned forward and began sucking on her tits while his hand slipped into Sue’s shorts and was rubbing her pussy. Her pussy was dripping, Damn, she was so wet! It wasn’t much longer and Bobbie said ” Sue, take off your shorts and show me what you have “.

Sue stood up and slid off her shorts and standing in just her panties. Bobbie told her to take off her panties and show him her pussy. Sue pulled off her panties and there she was, standing completely naked in front of a black man that she had just met a couple hours before. Now the games were about to begin…Bobbie had her bend over the table in the living room and spread her cheeks for him to see.

My god, she was bent over like a whore on display with her ass pulled apart showing a black man her most intimate parts. After Bobbie did a complete inspection of her ass and pussy from behind, Sue was told to lay on the floor with her legs spread apart as far as she could. Bobbie took out his cock and knelt down by her side placing his cock next to her face. His cock was huge! It had to have been 9 ” and it was still growing.

He rubbed his cock on her lips and Sue just opened my mouth and began sucking him off. After Bobbie’s cock was completely hard and wet with her saliva, he knelt between her legs and placed her legs on his shoulders. Slowly he began inserting his cock into Sue and I know he was not all the way in and she had came twice. It wasn’t long and he was fucking Sue with everything he had. I honestly believe his cock was into her womb as he was going places with his cock that she said other guys had never approached.

After what seemed like an hour, Bobbie shot his cum into Sue and all she could do is lay there panting like a overheated dog! Her legs were spread apart and Bobbie’s cum was dripping on her asshole and onto the carpet. From that night, Sue was hooked on black guys. She still will fuck white guys, but she gets off much more when she is being used as a black man’s whore. She now loves black men and give herself completely to them to use as they want.

Sue has been with about 8 different black guys and been used at 1 gang-bang with 3 black guys and a black girl (whom she was forced to eat out after being fucked by one of the guys).  Matthew is one black dude that gets into humiliation of white ladies and has her do sex acts where people can see her performing on him and his buddies. When he is at her house she has to have all the blinds open and lights on while completely naked. When Sue sucks his cock and when he fucks her, it has to be in front of a window so neighbors or anyone driving/walking by will see them. When they are in public, he will fondle her pussy or tits when he knows that white people are watching them and Sue just seems to love beingpissing sexd.

Fucking my ex GF

Marnie came over to hang out with me one night and she and I were sitting on the couch; she was wearing a pair of blue jeans, sneakers and a white t-shirt. She was bored at home and wanted to do anything.so marnie and me were watching a movie I rented ,she laid her head on my shoulders and got comply and I put my arm around her laying my hand on her leg. After a while I started rubbing her leg and kissing her neck. She seemed reluctant at first, put soon enough she gave in turning her head and we started kissing each other. Then my hand went in-between her legs, teasing her pussy through her jeans .as I was rubbing her wet twat through her jeans she was getting into it more and more. Then I took my other hand and began to pull up her t-shirt exposing her plain white bra she was wearing. Her nipples were already hard, I could see them poking through the white lacy fabric of her bra. She spoke up and said it’s been awhile done anything like this and to take it slow, I agreed then I cupped her breasts with my hands and began to pinch and grope her nipples between my wondering fingers , hearing her  moan was telling me  she was already to go father . We sat up, I finished taking off her shirt and undid her bra tossing both on the floor beside us. She laid back down on the cushions of the couch her big breasts now exposed  I got on my knees beside her continuing  to kiss her wet lips I moved my attention to her juicy nipples  sucking on them an biting them gently  while my hands were sliding down the front of her blue jeans and under her moist panties  my fingers got wet from playing with her cunt , hearing her moan slightly every time my fingertips rubbed her clit  all of a sudden she got off the couch pulled of the rest of her clothes , pulled me up and told me to get on the bed .so I did but before I got to lay down she did instead . And then i got between her legs, took my erect cock slowly sliding it into her wet twat .feeling her wet juices surrounding my cock as I was penetrating  her. She took her legs wrapped them around my back forcing my cock in and out of her dripping wet pussy hearing her moan in pleasure  made my tool harder by the second pumping it out and then hammering it back in was making me come closer to finish, I said I’m going to  cum she said not yet  . She let me lose got up and told me to lay on my back, she got on top and started riding my erection like no tomorrow lay forward as she was riding me she began to suck on my neck like a vampire the every time she came she was sucking harder and harder until I couldn’t hold back any longer I exploded in her excited and soaked cunt of hers she rolled over and laid my arm telling that’s the best she’d had in a while. After about five minutes she laid in between my legs grabbing my cock stroking it back to life and then deep throating it all the way down her willing mouth. After getting it erect again, she climbed on top of me again slide it in her inpatient pussy. Riding my cock with her wet cunt sliding up and down my erect shift for about ten minutes using the lips of her vagina  to extract the cum out of my  hard tool . She kept riding it until she knew that was all of my hot cum inside her; she got up and we both got dressed  it was late so she told me she had to go home and asked me if I wanted to go with her ,I said yes and we both went to her place . I told I needed a shower and went to the bathroom got in the shower enjoying the cool water .then I heard marnie come in and by the sound she was making she’d couldn’t get  undressed  quick enough. She then pulled the certain open revealing me all wet and it seem to get her hot and bother again , she reached around and started rubbing my crotch until it was hard again . I turned around put my arms around her neck and we began to make out in the shower, kissing her wet lips feeling her rub her pussy against my knee it was too much to bear. Before I knew it we were on her bed, she had her legs wrapped around my waist sucking on her neck and was fucking that hot pussy of her. All over again pounding my cock into her insatiable cunt. the faster I fucked her the more she wanted it I forced my way out of the grip of her legs and told her I wanted it doggy style , she got on all fours . I got behind her slide my hard cock back into her quivering wet cunt  .she let out a loud moan as I entered her excited hole of hers , my ball smacking against her ass was  making it hard to maintain my erection , I pull it out and laid on the bed . She would not hear of that. She climbed back on top and inserted my tool back into her. After a couple of minutes I finished inside her the look of fulfillment on her face   said enough as she fall on the bed worn out. She laid on my arm and we both fell asleep naked, and very tired two or three hours later I woke up. Feeling Marnie,s lips on my cock giving me a blowjob . I was still tired so I didn’t try to fight as she was sliding her wet lips up and down my entire shift. It was feeling good but I had no energy, I got up and got in-between her  fucking that pussy as hard as I could beating my balls against her outside of her wet cunt . Leaving both of us beat red as I reached my point I pulled it out and came all over her wet, beat red cunt of her  as I laid down and closed my eyes enjoying all four times I fucked her that night.

Backyard Bbw

Linda carefully hung the sheets and clothes on the backyard line to dry. Of course she had a clothes dryer but it couldn’t match the fresh smell the summer breeze imparted to the clothes. Besides, hanging the laundry in her backyard was a pleasant, leisurely activity that she enjoyed on these warm mornings. The only sound was the gentle breeze in the trees and the birds singing.

At 57, Linda was, as she often told herself, ‘terribly typical’. She was a mom with two grown and married kids, one of whom had recently made her a grandmother. Her very natural looking chestnut brown hair was the result of twice monthly tinting to cover all the gray. She had always struggled with her weight but had pretty much given up the fight in recent years. At five feet six inches, she tipped the scales at 175, fat by anyone’s measure. She had never had a problem with cellulite but her thighs were thick, her buttocks large, and prominent love handles bulged at the small of her back. There was no way to conceal the swell of her belly. She’d always been large busted but now she’d ballooned to 44DDD.

She sighed. Not that it mattered. Sex with her husband George was a rare thing, usually happening only when he’d had a few drinks. And since menopause she didn’t get as wet as she had when she was younger so even George’s five and half inch penis was often not comfortable. He quite often ejaculated as he attempted to penetrate her. Her doctor had not been much help, simply explaining that older women often experienced some shrinkage of the vagina.

Yet her own sexual desire sometimes surprised her. Often, after this pleasant backyard chore, she went into the house and masturbated in her bedroom, lying across the bed naked on her stomach with both hands holding and massaging her crotch as her wide hips rose and fell. Not even George knew she did that. Linda had been raised in an era when ‘nice girls’ didn’t do things like that. Of course, she’d been a virgin when she got married and George was the only man who had ever known her intimately.

What caused her backyard arousal was what she wore, not that it looked at all sexy to the casual observer. She was always covered nearly to her knees by a very loose smock, usually with a floral pattern. Like many heavyset women, her main reason for wearing the smock was to conceal her figure. But one day, she realized that there was no reason to wear anything under it. For a woman with Linda’s background, this was a very daring thought. Her first foray into the backyard had only lasted a few minutes before she scurried back inside to put on a bra and panties under the smock. But she soon started to enjoy the feeling of her huge breasts bouncing and jiggling and the way an occasional breeze would sneak under the smock to ruffle the thick, curly hair between her legs.

Besides, she told herself, who would bother looking at me? Men didn’t spend a lot of time looking at women of her age and weight. The only house with a clear view of her backyard was owned by Jim, a young guy in his early thirties who had recently been divorced. He was nice looking and, she was sure, had no interest in her.

“Hi! Hanging clothes again?”

She was startled and turned to see Jim standing at the back fence only about ten feet away.

“Yes,” she smiled, putting the last clothes pin on a sheet. “Laundry never seems to end.”

“I remember my mom hanging out stuff,” he said. “Sure makes things smell nice.”

Linda nodded, thinking a little glumly that reminding him of his mother wasn’t exactly flattering.

“How come you’re home today?” she asked.

“Oh, plant’s on summer shutdown as they change tooling for the new model year,” he answered.

“Nice, extra vacation,” she bent over to get another item from the basket.

He laughed. “Better hope the wind doesn’t blow!”

“What?” Linda asked, puzzled.

“When you’re bending over in that loose thing you’re wearing,” he grinned. “You won’t have any secrets left.”

Linda laughed too. “At my age, you don’t worry too much about that!” But she felt a girlish pleasure about his comment.

“Lots of perverts around,” he smiled. “But I bet you’re careful about what you wear under that.”

Linda was a little surprised at the personal nature of the remark. She’d only talked to Jim a few times. But she found his attention flattering.

“I really don’t bother,” she found herself saying. “Here, in my own back yard.” She immediately blushed and avoided looking at him. What did I say THAT for? she asked herself.

“Really?” he said quietly. “Nothing at all?”

She tried to sound casual, but knew her voice was tight. “Oh..no..you know…this smock covers me up.” Linda managed a nervous laugh. “Not really very sexy.”

He smiled. Linda quickly made some excuse, picked up her basket and went into her house. She was too nervous to go the bedroom so she took a shower instead.

She rarely did wash two days in a row, but found some excuse to do so and was back out in the yard the following morning. She felt oddly daring after the encounter with Jim on the previous day.

He again surprised her when he called a hello from his yard and wandered over to the fence.

“Say, I hope I didn’t offend you yesterday by anything I said,”

Linda pretended at first not to recall the conversation but then forced a laugh. “Oh..no..of course not. I wasn’t offended at all!”

“Good, good!” he said. “Thought I might have embarrassed you into wearing undies under there. I know it must be more comfortable without.”

Linda hesitated. “No..I-I still don’t have anything on under it.” This time it didn’t bother her as much to say that.

He grinned. “That’s good. I bet your husband likes to think of you being out here like that.”

Linda genuinely laughed. “George? He has no idea! If he did, he’d probably tell me to go put my underwear on.”

Jim seemed truly surprised. “Really..wow..I can’t imagine why. I mean…Well, I guess I shouldn’t say it, but it’s, well, nice to think of you that way.”

Linda looked at him. “Naked?”

He seemed only slightly embarrassed. “You really are naked under that?”

Linda stared at him, feeling very odd. “Yes” she said in a hollow voice. Her hands were at her sides and she began to gather up material from the smock in her fingers. This made the hem begin to rise and it was soon above mid thigh. He watched her, transfixed. Linda didn’t dare look down at herself because she knew she’d lose her nerve and stop. She continued to pull the smock upwards. It rose up to her hips and past them. She stopped as the hem reached her navel.

Jim looked wide-eyed at the large patch of dark brown hair between her legs. It was untrimmed, sending a wispy trail to up just below her belly button.

“See? I really am,” she said with a calmness that amazed her.

“Can you..can you keep pulling it up,” he asked with desperation in his voice.

She felt wonderfully dirty, “So you can see my tits?” He nodded dumbly.

She obliged and soon had the smock up under her armpits. She felt the warm sun on the massive globes of her breasts, warming her three inch wide tan nipples. “Oh Jesus!” he breathed.

Linda was stuck momentarily with her normal practicality. She looked around and realized that, because of the bushes and trees in her yard and others, Jim was the only one who could see her. She pulled the smock up over her head and off. She was nude except for the sandals she wore. She dropped the smock on the ground.

Jim gawked at her, mumbling, “Oh man..Oh man…I’m sorry Linda, I know you’re married, but I’ve always liked mature women, especially queen-sized women!”

Linda had never heard that term, but liked it. ‘Queen-sized’. It sounded nice. She turned to let him look at her exposed ass and he made appreciative noises. When she turned back around, she could see through the chain link fence that he was fumbling with his pants. He mumbled another apology and pulled out his erect penis. It was Linda’s turn to stare as she looked at the thick seven inch shaft. Now she was somewhat alarmed. Self consciously, her left hand moved over her bush, only partly concealing it.

“Jim..I-I..don’t think I can!” she said, a little breathless. “I mean..I never have. It’s been only George..” He opened the gate and stepped into Linda’s yard, pulling off his pants as he approached her. “Linda, it’s seems like a long time since my wife left. And no one will ever know…” Now he was in front of her, hefting one of her breasts in each of his hands. Her nipples almost instantly stiffened. She gasped as he bent down and sucked the left one hard, like he was inhaling it. His other hand slipped down and plunged between her legs. This frightened her but her legs parted and her hips moved forward on their own. She felt a kind of fearful gratitude as a finger found her hole and plunged up inside her. He hugged her and reached behind to manhandle her buns as he furiously fingerfucked her. Linda’s breath hissed between her clenched teeth and her hips moved back and forth rapidly as she rode his finger. She felt the wet tip of his cock smearing precum on her thigh.

“Jim!” she gasped. “I-I’m not wet enough. Eat me! Eat my pussy then fuck me!”

He pushed her down on her back on the grass, pulled her legs open wide and shoved his face into the forest of hair covering her cunt. She felt his lips and tongue push open her labia. He lapped at her already erect clitoris then moved down and plunged his tongue up inside her cunt. Linda felt a finger against her puckered anus and came as it went into her ass. He continued to eat her as her fingered her asshole, bringing two more quick orgasms. When he dropped her legs, she lay limply spread out before him.

“From behind!” she panted. “Do me doggie style! It’ll go in further!”

He rolled her over and, looping his arm around her large waist, jerked her up onto her hands and knees. He held one of her hips in either hand and pushed his hips forward. Linda groaned as his cock plunged up her cunt, stretching her further open than ever before. “Hard!” she demanded. “Fuck me hard!”

He began pumping her with merciless force. Linda gasped and sighed as the painful intrusion gave way to pure ecstasy. Her head hung between her shaky arms and her huge breasts nearly hit her in the face as they swung beneath her. With the next orgasm she dropped onto her elbows.

His pumps became more rapid and she feared he might withdraw. She pushed back against him. “Cum in me! Every drop! Shoot it in me!” She came yet again as she felt herself being flooded.

At last he finished and pulled it out, allowing Linda to tumble onto her side on top of her discarded smock. Already she could feel his load oozing out across her thigh.

“Wow! You’re a good fuck!” was all he could manage to say. Linda reached over and played with his still erect cock.Then she put the slippery, wet fingers into her mouth and licked them clean, murmuring “Mmmmmmmmmm!” This excited him and he gently pushed her onto her back. Linda smiled as he leaned forward over her. She opened her mouth and greedily sucked his cock while she fondled his hairy balls. He had a smaller ejaculation which she eagerly swallowed.

At last he took his penis from between her lips, then helped her to her feet. He assisted her as she got her smock back on.

She smiled at him tiredly. “You know, I think I’m going to be doing a lot more laundry from now

Sex with Shruti, Kuman’s sex story

Hello friends my name is Kuman. This is my first ever sex story on this site.I belive masturbation by imagining rather than watching porn.

So to start the story.This story is about south indian hottest mikly milf Shruti hassan.I and shruti where school friends.I often used to vist her home.I was alone at my home so I called shruti for timepass.I came to shruti was also alone bored at home because all family members had gone for family function.She offered me to come to her home.I was very excited as you know shruti has became so soo hot.She has perfect lips , hips , her asss ,her big bounce boobs.I was very Eger to meet her.I got freshen up and left for shruti’s home.
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Extreme stories about a reluctant housewife becoming a whore

It was 6:15 am and the alarm woke Jan from her sleep, she was so tired. Another sleepless night and another night of frustration, Jan had not had sex with her husband for nearly two weeks, and she desperately needed his stiff penis or hand inside of her. All night she was hoping that he would take her as he so often had in the past. It was not uncommon that many a sexual drought has been broken by the realisation that she wasn’t having sex in a dream, but that her husband Jeff was making a duck’s beak with his hand was pushing all five fingers inside of because when it came to sex, she was always conflicted.

So, this morning she woke to the realisation if she didn’t have sex soon she would go crazy. After several weeks of no sex she realised she need to cum badly, and if he wouldn’t do it for her, she would reluctantly do it herself. She swung her legs out of bed, and slowly forced herself to get moving. She placed her dressing gown on, grabbed her clothes and, made her way to the bathroom.

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Pissing sex stories – In the pool

This particular Saturday afternoon was hot but not overwhelmingly so. We had done the usual summer Saturday routine of mowing and trimming the lawn in the early morning, cleaning the house and doing laundry in the early afternoon. About mid afternoon, we decided to kick back, relax, have a few beers and lounge around the pool. I put half a dozen beers in a cooler with ice, put one more each in a couple of cool can holders while my live in girlfriend used the bathroom, changed into her bikini and picked up the beers on the way outside. I then used the bathroom, changed into my swimsuit and went outside.

She was already laying on the air mattress in the pool. Boy did she look good laying there, tan, small beads of water on her skin, etc.. I jumped on the other air mattress and settled in. In between talking and diving in the pool to get cool every once and a while, at this point we had each gone through a couple beers and about an hour had passed.

It was about then we heard our next door neighbor splash into their pool. Over time we had become friends with our neighbors Joan and Tom. Curious as to who was in the pool, Kathy, my girlfriend, called out “hi neighbor”, then stepped out of the pool, peered over the fence and began a conversation.

As it turned out, Joan was the one who dove in. Tom appeared to not be around. Joan hopped out and now stood on the other side of the fence continuing her conversation with Kathy. The fence was low enough so that, with their respective heights, they could see each other from just below the neck up. Joan looked my way and said hi. Never missing a chance to see Joan’s long blond hair, slender body, and huge tits up close, I stepped out of the pool, grabbed three fresh beers and walked over to join the conversation.

This was my and Kathy’s third beer since getting into the pool now over an hour ago, and I offered one to Joan. She took it, popped the top and did one of those lick the entire length of the can things and laughed. Joan loved to taunt guys. God I bet she was fun. Anyway, so that got it started. The beer was kicking in and the lick was provocative enough to get my mind going, right down the gutter. As I said, about now the beer was starting to kick in, in more ways than one. I was aware that I was beginning to have to pee, real bad. The combination of beer, no food and all the water we drank throughout the day to keep ourselves hydrated during our Saturday chores was catching up to me now.

I was standing behind Kathy at this point and we were both close enough to the fence that Joan could probably see down to just above our waists but not much lower. I’m thinking at this point, the right thing to do is excuse myself, go inside and use the restroom. On the other hand, we were having one of those “interesting” conversations and my mind was beginning to wander. It is probably a guy thing, but I started to think of ways to remain there in the conversation, and pee yet not let on that I was doing so. How totally erotic, standing right there in front of our very sexy neighbor and peeing right in front of her without her knowing. I was starting to get a hard on just thinking about it.

The problem is that with the heat, Kathy and I were both nearly dry. Our bathing suits were not dripping anymore, and the pool water around our feet was nearly gone. It would have been easy to pop out and pee while I was still dripping wet but now, this would not go unnoticed. So how do I do this and not have it drip so fast onto the sidewalk that Joan would notice the sound. I was pretty sure Kathy would be cool about however I did this, heck it may even get her excited as well but I am sure that is just the beer talking at this point. Several more minutes go by, the conversation continues. My mind is racing, I really have to pee now, but I’m committed to do this. The question is how.

I look down and see the blue floral bikini bottom covering Kathy’s nice tight butt. It rides low in back exposing the start of the division between her two rather firm, exquisitely shapely butt cheeks. What if I could casually pull my dick out, pull her bathing suit down a little in back, put my dick down her suit between her cheeks and pee. I was tall enough to make it feasible. The pee would run down Kathy’s crack, past her butt hole, past her pussy, then down her legs and no splashing or dripping anywhere. I remember thinking I might actually get away with this nasty little fantasy. If I did it slowly, discretely, I figured Joan would not suspect a thing.

So now I shift my weight, move in closer behind Kathy and hook my finger in the nice little gap between her suit and butt cheeks. Kathy feeling my finger in her crack, casually reaches her hand behind her, open palmed and runs it between my hand and her skin moving the swim suit bottom down slightly as she does so. Oh my God, for real, what is Kathy doing I think to myself. Joan can see Kathy’s hand has moved behind her back and can probably see according to the position of my arm that my hand is on her but butt. I hope she suspects nothing yet and continue talking as if nothing is going on. Kathy slides her hand back up her cheeks then outside of my hand guiding my fingers down her crack, lower and lower, exposing more and more of her very cute ass in the process. It is hard to concentrate now. I don’t know what Kathy is up to, but I do know I have to pee so bad I can’t see straight any more. Would I spoil the moment if I peed down her bathing suit interrupting what she seems to want to do, or would it be OK, decisions, decisions.

Clearly Kathy is into this “let’s do something erotic right there in front of Joan without Joan really catching on” thing. By now, her hand has guided my fingers to her poop shoot and is pressing me to go there with one of my fingers. I respond with a slight pressure to knock at the door with my finger but then slowly move my hand signaling my way out of her bathing suit. She starts to go back down with her own hand as if to do herself what she wanted me to do but slowly comes back up and crosses her arms in front of her. Meanwhile, I shift my weight, move slightly closer to the back of Kathy and decide that I am going to try this kinky little fantasy that I have been having.

I’ve totally lost track of the conversation by now, but Kathy is still going strong. Joan unexpectedly leans forward enough to see below our waists but it is more a matter of just moving around, shifting her weight, not that she is looking for something or expecting something. Joan resumes her stance and so now I slowly reach my hand down, pulling the front of my bathing suit down in the process. I reach further and pull my now semi hard dick out and point it toward the back of Kathy, brushing up against her back with the head of it in the process. I take my hand and once again hook the fabric of Kathy’s suit and pull it down slightly. I glance down to see that the fabric has stayed and her gorgeous butt crack is in full view.

Kathy now shifts her weight and lets her arms fall to her sides for a moment. She then reaches around in back finding my dick in the process. She directs the head down to where she can feel it rest at the top of the swimsuit fabric and stops for a moment. Mind you, she is dong this all the while continuing to talk with Joan. Kathy is amazing I think to myself.

So now I need to just relieve the pressure and I nervously let out a small amount of pee down her butt crack, then I stop, looking for some sort of sign whether this is OK or not. I know she can feel it and am honestly worried she will move away or pull her hands back around to her front. Then, all of a sudden, with a subtle but convincingly firm stroking motion, I have my answer. Holy shit, this is going to be OK. I am sure Joan can tell I am distracted by something but doesn’t waiver in her conversation with Kathy as I begin to try and let my pee out slowly enough to go where it is supposed to go. The problem is that I have to go so bad that within a few seconds, pee is gushing from me, and flowing outside of Kathy’s swimsuit and onto the pavement, making that unmistakable sound of water hitting a hard surface. I instinctively summon all my power to stop the flow and quiet the splashing. If I am lucky, Joan did not notice, If I am not, I am so busted.

No visible reaction from Joan so I shift my weight again, this time guiding both Kathy and my hands so that her suit is lowered a bit more and my dick is further between her sweet butt cheeks. I start to pee again, this time it is a stronger stream and it is all I can do to hold it back from full pee mode. To my relief it is working and all of my pee is going where it is supposed to go. Kathy is still holding her now pee drenched hand on my dick as I continue to let more of the clear warm liquid make its way down her butt crack, her legs, and finally to the ground.

After what seemed like forever, I am finally done. Kathy’s hand however remains firmly attached to my dick, and now she shifts her position a little bit. I glance down and notice the puddle of water at our feet making its way to the planter at the side of the cool deck. Now I notice the size of the puddle is not diminishing but is growing. Obviously Kathy is peeing too. Oh how I wish my dick would go far enough down her butt crack for her to pee directly on it, maybe another time. This however is so fucking cool I can hardly stand it.

Until now I had wondered why Joan had glanced behind us a couple times in the last few minutes. Now it was clear, where there had been no “water” in her view, now there was. No one had recently stepped out of the pool so where did it come from? Oh where oh where. I surmised she knew but said nothing. Heck, for all I know she was doing the same on her side, we just couldn’t see from where we stood. I asked if everyone was up for another beer and got all thumbs up/ I broke away from Kathy and walked over to get the last three beers out of the cooler and returned to the conversation. It was all I could do to keep a straight face as I handed the beer to Joan, hoping the bulge in my swimsuit was not as visible as I felt it was.

Lord and Lady Mudford

Harold stood feeling relieved that the cum-coated Sarja was now gone. At the same time however he was aroused, what with his cock and balls still out of his trousers. He looked to see Alfred standing beside Charlotte seated in her wing chair. His pants crotch was bulging as he and Charlotte exchanged loving glances. Harold made his way over with his upright cock swaying from side to side.

Lady Mudford had welcomed home her husband from his long absence in Africa as any dutiful wife would. Never mind that his potbelly was grosser than ever. The year’s added age had also served to prolong his pounding her away in bed. But eventually he did manage to implant his seed yet one more time. That was as much a duty for him as it was for her.

“Sorry, dear.”

“I understand Harrold. There’s no need to apologize. We are both aging at the same rate, you know.”

“I do hope you were able to enjoy yourself and your little fetish in my absence.”

“Rest assured, dear. I kept the cane hard at work.”

“That’s nice. Servants should continually be reminded of their place.”

“Alfred was of big help in that department.”


“The chauffer, you know. Oh I guess you don’t know. I hired him in your absence.”

“So he wields a wicked cane too?”

“To a degree.”

“Is he as ruthless as Beatrice?”

“As housekeeper? Of course not. He’s hardly a sadist.”

“I trust that you have a fresh servant girl available for my four o’clock ritual.”

“Of course, Harold. I’m quite sure she will . . . will inspire you.”

Harold propped himself up on his pillow and lit that infernal cigar which his wife Charlotte detested. “Describe her.”

“Finnish; around eighteen; shy; on the petite side.”



“Her English?”

“Barely passable.”

Charlotte smiled as she watched him respond to her words as one of his hands made its way south under the sheet while his other held his cigar. When he inhaled the glow from it illuminated his eyes as he savored the thought of what lay in store for himself come four o’clock. He could already vision her pleading green eyes looked up at him as he throated her while she was being caned. That was his four o’clock routine.

The ritual was fully acceptable for her ladyship in more ways than one. First it served to have him satisfy his sexual appetite at another’s expense. Second it satisfied her own sadistic lust and third his lordship couldn’t object to her being serviced during the event. It had become a lovely family tradition.

Charlotte’s hand made its way to His Lordship’s crotch. She brushed aside his own as she felt for his cock. The search was short-lived as His Lordship was rock-hard; harder than he had been while inside her just minutes before. Why kid themselves. Certainly Harold would rather be throating a young servant girl as she was being caned than getting with it mechanically yet one more time with his old lady – Her Ladyship. Just as clearly Charlotte would prefer watching the servant girl’s torment as she was being throated and caned and seeing Harold’s filthy cigar a-smoking as his ugly, hairy cock smoked.

Lady Charlotte’s hand gently wrapped itself about her husband’s super-thick cock. Now was the time to bring up the little problem she had been worrying over with regard to four o’clock.

“Harold dear.”

“What is it dear?”

“Would you mind if Alfred paid me some . . . some attention this afternoon while you . . . you are . . . are.”

“How thoughtful for you to ask. Of course not, dear.”

She started to stroke his joint which was now throbbing. Never could she get over how thick it was. No wonder it painfully stretched her insides.

“Now Charlotte.”

Oops; had she misjudged him?

“No; don’t.”


“I have to save myself,” he explained as he moved her hand from his shaft to his hairy balls.

“Oh. Yes, of course.”

“I have no problem with you being serviced while I am but I don’t want this . . . this Alfred staring at me. I mean. Especially with his not be sadistic.”

“Harold you don’t give me the credit I deserve. It would be the suffering servant girl that his eyes would be focused on and not you.”

“Would be?”

“I doubt that he will be able to see much with his head buried deep in my burrow.”

Harold began to inhale and exhale smoke as his testicles were squeezed and un-squeezed. It was nice to be back home; back home with such a compatible wife.

“It is such an honor to at last meet you, my Lord,” said the handsome young man with a broad smile as he stood before Harold seated in a high-back wing chair. “I’ve heard so much about you.”

“And I as well, Alfred.”

“Thank you sir. If I do say so myself, I am a good driver. I so enjoy driving the Rolls.”

The two men stared at each other eye-to-eye until they both broke out into smiles.

“Do you wish for me to cane Sarja this afternoon, your Lord?” Apparently that was the Finnish girl’s name.

“No; Beatrice will handle that. I’d prefer that you learn my taste – my style – as an observer. But don’t let that keep you from attending to her ladyship’s needs.”

“Of course.”

“I’ll see the Finnish wench now.”

Alfred clapped his hands twice.

Into the great room came the girl carrying a large rattan cane upon her open palms as if making an offering. The size of the cane served to emphasize her pettiness. With her head down and the Housekeeper Beatrice walking close behind her she made her way over to His Lordship and Her Ladyship sitting in their marron wing chairs with Alfred standing beside Charlotte.

“Welcome home, my lord,” said Beatrice as the girl stood there before him. “I hope you had a splendid time while in Africa. We all did so miss you.”

“Thank you, Housekeeper. And I the same.”

“The Scandinavian wench here goes by the name Sarja.”

“She has had the cane, I assume.”

“Of course, my lord.”

“Of course. The cane remains our primary tool in instilling and maintaining a proper attitude in our house servants.”

“And well it should.”

Harrold looked over the lass standing before him offering up the horrid cane with her face down in submission. She was wearing the standard maid’s cotton, black and white uniform with a white ruffled bonnet.

“How are her teeth, housekeeper?”

In an instant Beatrice lifted the girl’s head and squeezed her cheeks. “Open wide.” The girl stared at the housekeeper as she peeled back her upper lip to reveal pearly white uppers and then her lower lip. Then she spread her mouth as wide open as possible in a rough manner as the girl’s eyes darted around.

“Very well. She’ll do.”

Harold took the cane and handed it to the housekeeper. With that Harold stood, spread his legs and placed his hands on his hips. “Now for a proper introduction.”

Having already been explained the proper procedure the servant girl went down on her knees and began unbuttoning his lordship’s fly. With that done she inserted her petite hands to locate and bring forth the hairy monster.

Out sprung his lordship’s thick cock into the fresh room air. Both the girl’s eyes and mouth opened in amazement. Good lord. How could she ever hope to obey her instructions and have that horrid monster completely disappear into her mouth?

After absorbing that expected facial shock Harold turned to look at Charlotte and Alfred. The handsome young man’s face was also registering shock at seeing the size of His Lordship’s cock.

“What did I tell you,” said Charlotte with a look of self-pride. The housekeeper’s face also showed a measure of pride coupled with a slight sadistic smile.

“I think she has forgotten something, housekeeper.”

“HIS LORDSHIP’S BALLS, GIRL! You stupid Finns.”

Back inside his open fly flew one of the girl’s petite hands. Feeling their immense size she inserted her other hand. With two hands she brought forth his lordships balloon-sized ball along with some black pubic hair and some foul crotch odor.

As many times as the others had seen his lordship’s cock and balls they still held the sight in awe. Good Lord but was his lordship hung. And well did he know it. For that reason he never hesitated in having his family jewels put on display. After all, was he not lord of his own domain?

Sarja watched from her kneeling position as his lordship began to strut his stuff. He walked proudly around the poor sacrificial lamb smiling as Beatrice the housekeeper began to swish the horrid cane. The girl didn’t know which was the worse, that thick, hairy, upright cock or the rattan cane swishing the room air. Truthfully, there was no need for comparison as she would be receiving both at the same time under the lustful gaze of others. When the kneeling girl turned her head away he grabbed her by her blondish hair and turned her face to his pride and joy. “What do you think of it? What’s her name again?”


“Sarja. Do you like it?”

Pitifully the kneeling girl nodded her approval.

“Answer His Lordship, girl,” ordered Beatrice.

“It is a good one sir. Yes, a good one.”

“So you like it, do you?”

“Yes sir; I likes it, sir. It is a good one, sir.”

Harold released the girl’s hair. He looked to the housekeeper to see her busy sliding her thumb and index finger over the surface of the coarse cane. God did she love her job. And to think that in just moments now she would be smashing the cane into that servant girl’s ass.

Harold returned to his oversized maroon wing chair but this time he sat on one of its arms with his legs spread wide and his hands upon the arm. His cock was pointed up at the ceiling in readiness for sweet Sarja’s attention and care.

“Get a move on, girl,” instructed Beatrice as she tapped the cane in her palm. “Position the footstool.”

The young maid dutifully stood before Beatrice. When the housekeeper held out her hand the girl slid off her white knickers and hung them over the extended cane. When Beatrice nodded to the footstool he retrieved it and placed it in front of His Lordship.

Down she went on her knees again but this time upon the footstool with her face right in front of that horrid, waiting cock. She placed her hands atop the chair arm with her arms wrapped about those of Harold. Again she smelled the foul odor arising from his lordships privates. Even their airing out had not killed the obnoxious odor.

With the girl’s head bowed Harold’s cock was against her head with his hairy balls on her forehead. He nodded to Beatrice who lifted Sarya’s full length skirt up over her back which exposed her pale white Scandinavian ass. He watched as Beatrice stood back up now almost choking the cane in relishing the moment. The servant girl and housekeeper was now ready.

Harold looked over at Charlotte sitting there in the other wing chair with handsome Albert sitting on her chair arm. Seeing the pleading look in his wife’s eyes he nodded his consent. Down went handsome as Charlotte lifted her skirt in welcoming him.

“Begin,” ordered Harold.

The girl raised her head. Her nose made contact with the underbody of the horrid cock. Her tongue followed as it slid upward as her nose took in the rancid odor.

The young lass had difficulty in getting her mouth over the knob of his lordship’s cock for it kept swaying front side to side. Finally in desperation she lifted herself until her head and mouth were above the monster. Now she was able to get her lips over the knob. Harold almost sighed in relief.

“All in,” came the command from the housekeeper as she tapped the cane on that lily-white ass that was elevated by her being kneeled upon the footstool. Slowly the girl lowered herself to feel the entire cock-nob now held within her stretched mouth.

Harold looked down to see that the girl’s eyes were closed. “Damn you girl. I want those eyes open and looked at me. Housekeeper, didn’t you explain?”

“I did indeed, sir,” she replied as she unleashed a savage cut of the cane to the middle of the waiting white ass.

The jolt from the shock sent the girl’s head down and with that a couple of inches of his lordship’s cock’s shaft entered and was thrust to the back of her mouth. The sound of the rattan hitting the fresh flesh was a delight to all those in attendance, save but one.

As the servant girl looked into the eyes of her master she tried to cope with her lips being spread to their fullest by her master’s thick cock and the feel of its knob pressed against the back of her mouth. As she absorbed that feeling and that of the thick shaft occupying her mouth, she further began to absorb the fiery pain beginning to burn in her upraised ass.

Beatrice looked at the servant girl’s ass giving birth to a tramline welt. How much nicer it was to see the formation on a pale white ass as opposed to one of darker skin. How she loved the contrast and how the pink tramline would begin to darken into red while knowing that its transformation was manifested in the girl’s brain as a developing line of fire.

“Well,” asked Harrold. “Why have you stopped? I’m not even half way in, girl.”

“Get with it, Sarja,” commanded Beatrice as she delivered another vicious cut.

It seemed as if the girl didn’t understand. But when she heard the swoosh of the cane again followed by a sickening THWICK she quickly came to understand. They was no way to continue except for the massive cock to enter her throat. Feeling that her nose was just touching pubic hair she knew that there was ample shaft of his lordship’s cock still remaining outside in urgent need of entry.

With the intensity of the pain from the two vicious cuts now increasing she had no choice but to proceed. Fortunately it was just at that moment that his lordship made a thrust which caused the knob of his cock to enter her throat. In doing so her head was thrust further over and down. This caused her almost to break eye-to-eye contact, but not quite.

Harold looked into the girl’s green eyes and smiled. Now they were making headway with his head. He looked over to her ladyship to see that she too was clearly making headway as she was holding the handsome man’s head beneath her skirt with both of her hands.

Harold grabbed Sarja’s head with both hands he nodded to Beatrice. Just as he yanked the girl’s head towards him and thrust Beatrice smashed her ass for the third time. With that the girl’s head was rammed fully home her nose twisted against his belly and his entire cock now burrowed inside her mouth and throat and his balloon-size hairy balls pressed against her cheeks. At last all was in readiness.

“CANE THE BITCH!” Beatrice was now given her full freedom. She took the cane far back over her shoulder and with a twist of her torso unleashed a crippling cut that brought a muffled cry to come from His Lordship’s crotch as he sat there on the wing chair arm with his hands gripping the poor girl’s head.

No longer could eye-to-eye contact be kept for Sarja’s face had disappeared when Harrold had begun to jab her head against his crotch. Only the top of her head and her hair could be seen but that didn’t keep Harold from continuing to thrust and move her head all about down there in his crotch as Beatrice wielded the cane. His pot-belly further hindered his view.

Now sounds of gasping and gurgling came from his crotch. Harold was nodded continuously for the housekeeper to cane and to cane and to cane. Each cut brought a muffled cry which was mixed with the sounds of gasping and gurgling. To an observer it would appear that Harold was an orchestra conductor and that Beatrice was his percussionist.

When Harold’s pelvis started to fibulate housekeep got the message. His grace was about to come. “FASTER FASTER,” he shouted loud enough even for other within the manor even to hear.

Harold’s cries of YES YES YES were met with those of Charlotte. They had done it again. Praise the Lord.

Itis always so nice to have a husband and wife climax together. There can be no better expression of true marital bliss.

The master was back home.

Sarja emerged from Lord Mudford’s crotch who watched as his spent cock slithered its way out of her mouth and throat accompanied by her gagging. Seeing her face covered in his lordship’s goo he shoved her away before some of it got on his trousers. “That’s disgusting. Was she not told that my seed was to be swallowed?”

“I’m so sorry,” said the housekeeper. That was so rude of her. Quick, get the towel there, girl.

When Beatrice saw her start to wipe her face she almost fainted. “Not for you, you idiot; for his lordship.” So with gooey cum covering her face, some of her hair and even one eye, she started to towel off Harold’s cock and balls.

“You will pay for this outrage, Sarja.”

The servant girl managed to whisper a sorry sir as tears now streamed out of her eyes and her gagging faded.

Once Harold’s cock and balls were clean the girl held the towel up near her own face. “May I, sir?”

“You most certainly may not. You must now pay for your insolence and disrespect. Six of the best, housekeeper.”

Stand up girl.”

The girl stood still holding the towel with her face still covered in royal cum. “Grab hold of your ankles.” When she did the housekeeper lifted her skirt once again bringing her welted ass back into view. “Keep your eyes on his lordship and say you are sorry after each stroke.”

With Harold now seated on the chair seat cushion with his cleansed cock and balls still on display, he relit his cigar. Bent over as she was, the girl’s face was level with his own. He looked at her, eye to eye. Never mind that one eye still had residual cum covering it and its eyelashes. Harold nodded to Beatrice. Swish – Thwick! The pitiful girl grimaced.

“I sorry, sir.”

Harold’s response was to blow cigar smoke into her face. He nodded again to the housekeeper who quickly delivered a horrific backhand.

Apparently there had been a tad bit of cum still left somewhere inside her throat as she coughed until it came slithering out of the side of her mouth.

“I sorry, sir.”

Harold leaned forward and blew more cigar smoke into the pitiful girl’s face.

“Let this be a lesion to you. Always swallow. That way you avoid having cum in your eyes.”

“Yes sir. Thank you sir.”

SWISH – THWICK. Three more followed as Harold’s cock hardened and came to its full upright and locked position.

“Now clean yourself and get out of my sight.”

Beatrice watched as the girl’s welted ass disappeared when she stood and her skirt fell back down. She handed her knickers and pointed sternly at the doorway.

Harold stood feeling relieved that the cum-coated Sarja was now gone. At the same time however he was aroused, what with his cock and balls still out of his trousers. He looked to see Alfred standing beside Charlotte seated in her wing chair. His pants crotch was bulging as he and Charlotte exchanged loving glances. Harold made his way over with his upright cock swaying from side to side.

“Did you enjoy your meal, Alfred?”


“Her Ladyship’s pussy, my good man.”

“Oh that. Yes sir. I considered it a high honor, sir.”

“Yet I feel that you are being rude.”


“I have my privates on display. Good manners would dictate that you do the same.”

Charlotte smiled.

“Oh yes sir. Sorry sir,” he said as he struggled to get his own cock and balls out of his black chauffer’s pants.

Harold studied them and snickered. “Not up to my standard, I see.”

“Oh no so. Not at all, sir.”

“Don’t fret; few are, right Charlotte, dear?”

“Right, Harold.”

“Tell us how we compare dear.”

The housekeeper smiled. God she loved this job. This man could even put Lady Charlotte on the spot.

“I’d say that the lengths of both of yours are about the same. But the girth. I’d say you may be double his size in that department, dear.”

“And our balls. Don’t forget the balls.”

“None can measure up to yours dear. But . .”


“In the age department I’d have to say.”

“Don’t. How do our loads compare? Which delivers the more?”

“Now Harold, how would I know such a thing?”

“Then let’s find out. And remember, I have already discharged once. Are you game, Alfred?”

“Under the circumstances I shouldn’t think it would be a fair game.”

“I’ll run the risk. But to even things up I’ll cane you to cum. That should serve to help replenish me.”