Extreme Sex Story

She had gotten married at 21 to a guy who she thought at the time was the most exciting man she had ever met, but somehow along the way his black attire and fuck all night every night stamina had worn away and she was left with a middle aged man who was happy to climb on top of her and pound for about 15mins every two weeks or so.

She had been separated now for 6 months and the first thing she had done was go on all those websites her girlfriends had told her about. Three days after she moved into her tiny little apartment she loved she had been out on a hook-up. It had been the first time she had let a practical stranger fuck her and she was hooked.

When she had first started out she had hooked up with what she thought of as “vanilla” guys. Just guys who wanted an easy lay, a little cock sucking or maybe something on the side that their wives wouldn’t give them anymore. Then one guy she hooked up with started spanking her hard while fucking her from behind all the while telling her how much he loved hooking up with dirty sluts from the net. That night she discovered two things. One, she loved the pain that came when he spanked her and when she sat down later, and two she was a dirty slut and knowing that, hearing it come out of a man with his cock buried deep inside her made her insanely hot. Continue reading Extreme Sex Story