Old fat mother in law

Me and my mother inlaw could not stand each other,the first time I meet my future mother-inlaw, (joy) I thought see was a nasty fat bitch, me an her daughter got married a year later her is tammie, me an tammie had a daughter 2 years later an a son 8 year’s later, after are son was born my parents were sick my mom was diagnosed with a brain aneurysm an father had back surgery an was forced to retire so moved back home to take care of them ,my wife and 2 kids moved in with my mother inlaw a couple of years went by an my parents were getting better they operated on my mom an it was a success but they still needed me there to help with the every day things, during this time me an my mother inlaw started hate each other even more. my wife became sick an was put in the hospital,my wife and mother inlaw asked me if I could come stay with my kids an help my mother inlaw with getting the kids to school an taken my mother inlaw to an from work? I told my wife yes I would go stay with my fat bitch mother inlaw an kids. eventually my wife slipped into a coma, about a week later she came out of her coma me the kids an my mother inlaw would visit her offten she was in the hospital for over a month an during this time me an joy start to get along really good, on a visit to the hospital to see my wife she said TIM are you FUCKING my mother? I said no why are asking that? She said because you 2 are getting along really good, my daughter asked my wife if her and her little brother could spend a couple of nights at her friend’s house my wife said yes that her friend mom already phoned her an talk to her about tonight (Friday night​ ) sleep over and Saturday a birthday party that was out of town an they will not be back until late that night so they will be brought back to me earlier Sunday morning so me an my mother inlaw dropped the kids off on the way home I need to bring back some clothes for the both of them,as I drove back to the apt my mother inlaw asked TIM could you stop at a liquor store? I said sure I pull up in the parking lot of a liquor store as joy gets out she said TIM would you like a beer to drink tonight? I said I sure would, she gose in an comes back out with a 12 pack of Tecate under her arm an a paper bag in her hand,she hands me the 12 pack of Tecate Thur the window I grabbed it an set it on the floor she gets in an said I got you a 12 pack an me 2 bottles of wine because it’s just you an me at home tonight an tomorrow so we can do whatever we want with no interruptions from the kids don’t have to worry about them hearing or seeing anything? I thought to myself what is she saying,I drove us home I got the kids some clothes for the weekend as I was about to leave joy said TIM I’m getting in the tub to shower an to shave so I leave the door unlocked so if you need to go pee or anything ok!