Pissing sex stories – In the pool

This particular Saturday afternoon was hot but not overwhelmingly so. We had done the usual summer Saturday routine of mowing and trimming the lawn in the early morning, cleaning the house and doing laundry in the early afternoon. About mid afternoon, we decided to kick back, relax, have a few beers and lounge around the pool. I put half a dozen beers in a cooler with ice, put one more each in a couple of cool can holders while my live in girlfriend used the bathroom, changed into her bikini and picked up the beers on the way outside. I then used the bathroom, changed into my swimsuit and went outside.

She was already laying on the air mattress in the pool. Boy did she look good laying there, tan, small beads of water on her skin, etc.. I jumped on the other air mattress and settled in. In between talking and diving in the pool to get cool every once and a while, at this point we had each gone through a couple beers and about an hour had passed.

It was about then we heard our next door neighbor splash into their pool. Over time we had become friends with our neighbors Joan and Tom. Curious as to who was in the pool, Kathy, my girlfriend, called out “hi neighbor”, then stepped out of the pool, peered over the fence and began a conversation.

As it turned out, Joan was the one who dove in. Tom appeared to not be around. Joan hopped out and now stood on the other side of the fence continuing her conversation with Kathy. The fence was low enough so that, with their respective heights, they could see each other from just below the neck up. Joan looked my way and said hi. Never missing a chance to see Joan’s long blond hair, slender body, and huge tits up close, I stepped out of the pool, grabbed three fresh beers and walked over to join the conversation.

This was my and Kathy’s third beer since getting into the pool now over an hour ago, and I offered one to Joan. She took it, popped the top and did one of those lick the entire length of the can things and laughed. Joan loved to taunt guys. God I bet she was fun. Anyway, so that got it started. The beer was kicking in and the lick was provocative enough to get my mind going, right down the gutter. As I said, about now the beer was starting to kick in, in more ways than one. I was aware that I was beginning to have to pee, real bad. The combination of beer, no food and all the water we drank throughout the day to keep ourselves hydrated during our Saturday chores was catching up to me now.

I was standing behind Kathy at this point and we were both close enough to the fence that Joan could probably see down to just above our waists but not much lower. I’m thinking at this point, the right thing to do is excuse myself, go inside and use the restroom. On the other hand, we were having one of those “interesting” conversations and my mind was beginning to wander. It is probably a guy thing, but I started to think of ways to remain there in the conversation, and pee yet not let on that I was doing so. How totally erotic, standing right there in front of our very sexy neighbor and peeing right in front of her without her knowing. I was starting to get a hard on just thinking about it.

The problem is that with the heat, Kathy and I were both nearly dry. Our bathing suits were not dripping anymore, and the pool water around our feet was nearly gone. It would have been easy to pop out and pee while I was still dripping wet but now, this would not go unnoticed. So how do I do this and not have it drip so fast onto the sidewalk that Joan would notice the sound. I was pretty sure Kathy would be cool about however I did this, heck it may even get her excited as well but I am sure that is just the beer talking at this point. Several more minutes go by, the conversation continues. My mind is racing, I really have to pee now, but I’m committed to do this. The question is how.

I look down and see the blue floral bikini bottom covering Kathy’s nice tight butt. It rides low in back exposing the start of the division between her two rather firm, exquisitely shapely butt cheeks. What if I could casually pull my dick out, pull her bathing suit down a little in back, put my dick down her suit between her cheeks and pee. I was tall enough to make it feasible. The pee would run down Kathy’s crack, past her butt hole, past her pussy, then down her legs and no splashing or dripping anywhere. I remember thinking I might actually get away with this nasty little fantasy. If I did it slowly, discretely, I figured Joan would not suspect a thing.

So now I shift my weight, move in closer behind Kathy and hook my finger in the nice little gap between her suit and butt cheeks. Kathy feeling my finger in her crack, casually reaches her hand behind her, open palmed and runs it between my hand and her skin moving the swim suit bottom down slightly as she does so. Oh my God, for real, what is Kathy doing I think to myself. Joan can see Kathy’s hand has moved behind her back and can probably see according to the position of my arm that my hand is on her but butt. I hope she suspects nothing yet and continue talking as if nothing is going on. Kathy slides her hand back up her cheeks then outside of my hand guiding my fingers down her crack, lower and lower, exposing more and more of her very cute ass in the process. It is hard to concentrate now. I don’t know what Kathy is up to, but I do know I have to pee so bad I can’t see straight any more. Would I spoil the moment if I peed down her bathing suit interrupting what she seems to want to do, or would it be OK, decisions, decisions.

Clearly Kathy is into this “let’s do something erotic right there in front of Joan without Joan really catching on” thing. By now, her hand has guided my fingers to her poop shoot and is pressing me to go there with one of my fingers. I respond with a slight pressure to knock at the door with my finger but then slowly move my hand signaling my way out of her bathing suit. She starts to go back down with her own hand as if to do herself what she wanted me to do but slowly comes back up and crosses her arms in front of her. Meanwhile, I shift my weight, move slightly closer to the back of Kathy and decide that I am going to try this kinky little fantasy that I have been having.

I’ve totally lost track of the conversation by now, but Kathy is still going strong. Joan unexpectedly leans forward enough to see below our waists but it is more a matter of just moving around, shifting her weight, not that she is looking for something or expecting something. Joan resumes her stance and so now I slowly reach my hand down, pulling the front of my bathing suit down in the process. I reach further and pull my now semi hard dick out and point it toward the back of Kathy, brushing up against her back with the head of it in the process. I take my hand and once again hook the fabric of Kathy’s suit and pull it down slightly. I glance down to see that the fabric has stayed and her gorgeous butt crack is in full view.

Kathy now shifts her weight and lets her arms fall to her sides for a moment. She then reaches around in back finding my dick in the process. She directs the head down to where she can feel it rest at the top of the swimsuit fabric and stops for a moment. Mind you, she is dong this all the while continuing to talk with Joan. Kathy is amazing I think to myself.

So now I need to just relieve the pressure and I nervously let out a small amount of pee down her butt crack, then I stop, looking for some sort of sign whether this is OK or not. I know she can feel it and am honestly worried she will move away or pull her hands back around to her front. Then, all of a sudden, with a subtle but convincingly firm stroking motion, I have my answer. Holy shit, this is going to be OK. I am sure Joan can tell I am distracted by something but doesn’t waiver in her conversation with Kathy as I begin to try and let my pee out slowly enough to go where it is supposed to go. The problem is that I have to go so bad that within a few seconds, pee is gushing from me, and flowing outside of Kathy’s swimsuit and onto the pavement, making that unmistakable sound of water hitting a hard surface. I instinctively summon all my power to stop the flow and quiet the splashing. If I am lucky, Joan did not notice, If I am not, I am so busted.

No visible reaction from Joan so I shift my weight again, this time guiding both Kathy and my hands so that her suit is lowered a bit more and my dick is further between her sweet butt cheeks. I start to pee again, this time it is a stronger stream and it is all I can do to hold it back from full pee mode. To my relief it is working and all of my pee is going where it is supposed to go. Kathy is still holding her now pee drenched hand on my dick as I continue to let more of the clear warm liquid make its way down her butt crack, her legs, and finally to the ground.

After what seemed like forever, I am finally done. Kathy’s hand however remains firmly attached to my dick, and now she shifts her position a little bit. I glance down and notice the puddle of water at our feet making its way to the planter at the side of the cool deck. Now I notice the size of the puddle is not diminishing but is growing. Obviously Kathy is peeing too. Oh how I wish my dick would go far enough down her butt crack for her to pee directly on it, maybe another time. This however is so fucking cool I can hardly stand it.

Until now I had wondered why Joan had glanced behind us a couple times in the last few minutes. Now it was clear, where there had been no “water” in her view, now there was. No one had recently stepped out of the pool so where did it come from? Oh where oh where. I surmised she knew but said nothing. Heck, for all I know she was doing the same on her side, we just couldn’t see from where we stood. I asked if everyone was up for another beer and got all thumbs up/ I broke away from Kathy and walked over to get the last three beers out of the cooler and returned to the conversation. It was all I could do to keep a straight face as I handed the beer to Joan, hoping the bulge in my swimsuit was not as visible as I felt it was.

Caffieri sex stories – fuck in the car park erotic stories

It seemed like just an average day at the time. In other words, about as appealing as dogshit on a cheese board. I was out performing my wifely duty and picking up some last-minute groceries for hubby’s evening repast. Well, I mean, wouldn’t you put off something as spiritually riveting as shopping for pre-cooked chicken and pre-washed salad till the last minute?…second?…okay, I was running a little late. I don’t know why I just don’t stock up on a year’s worth of dinners in one massive microwavable-meal-buying spree; the guy only eats 6 different things. That way, I could shop at Costco instead of Trader Joe’s and save myself having to play bumper-cars with ultra-trendy eco-bitches in that goddamn parking lot. It’s probably all that fiber that makes them such terrible drivers. Gotta be tough to concentrate on steering when you’ve got a colon like a circus cannon.

So, I’m aimlessly wandering around the produce bins, trying to decide how many boxes of Two-Buck Chuck my trunk will hold if I put off purchasing kitty-litter and Kleenex, when I see this youngish guy giving me the eye. Now, it’s not like I don’t get my fair share of hungry looks from anonymous be-testicled gentlemen in commercial establishments, but this was far deeper than your average “nice tits” ogle. While he wasn’t “lift up your skirt and jump up on top of the Granny Smiths” attractive, there was a certain intensity to him that gave me a little warm rush in a place of unspeakable privacy. So…I sort of returned his gaze. Not a lot! I was just sort of acknowledging the fact that I was not hugely offended that he thought I was hot. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with a little harmless flirt before going home to watch The Amazing Race reruns, is there? A little sneaky glance, the smallest of smiles and I was out of there. It was on to steel cut oatmeal, Red Leicester cheese and a couple of boxes of all natural frozen turkey burgers. He may have been out of my sight, but he was certainly not out of my mind.

God, what was it about that guy and his weird “I really want to do you” gaze? Even as I’m picking through the salmon fillets, I continue to semi-obsess over my brief encounter with Mr. Starer. I actually caught myself peering down the aisle to see if he was possibly lurking nearby, but of course he wasn’t. Time to get back to reality girl and go home to that nice safe husband of yours! So I’m about equidistant between the Korean Style Beef short ribs and the organic Mango lemonade and I start thinking that maybe I might give good old Gordon a little “sugar” between the main entre and our post-prandial coffee. Fuck, the way my man-magnet was feeling right at that moment, I might just jump his bones before dinner and order out. So, with my little produce-section romance fast becoming a fading memory, I give a horny little sigh and head off for the cash register. Maybe the cashier will take a quick gander down my top to keep my “bone-me battery” charged at full. Yet again, I stealthily peruse the surrounding vicinity for any signs of my legume lothario, but alas in vain. Ka-chingggg. Goodnight.

I lugubriously wheeled my liberally-stocked cart out to the furthest most section of the Trader Joe parking facility in search of my seriously-space-deprived and lonely SUV. The sun was fading even quicker than me as I push the little button on my Escort key remote and heard it chirp out a welcome. This is where my “just an average day” suddenly got very interesting. Before I could open the passenger door and fling in my hastily gathered provender, I felt a pair of strong firm hands grip the sides of my blouse and push me flat against my vehicle. “Unbutton your blouse, then lift up your arms and grab the roof rack,” a soft but serious sounding voice commanded. I knew right away, it was the stranger from the produce section. I could see his face in the reflection of my tinted windows but I do not turn to look back. I silently did as he asked, popping open my buttons with trembling fingers and then gripping the shiny aluminum bar in breathless anticipation. Immediately he drove his taut and insistent body into mine, jamming my almost-naked breasts and stomach forcefully into to ice-cold passenger-door window. My nipples were so hard; I’m surprised they didn’t shatter the glass. I could feel his alarmingly-sized nookie-nightstick pressing into me from the crack of my ass to well up into my lumbar region.

Still, I chose to do nothing. I could have screamed, but I didn’t. I could have called for help but I remained obediently mute as his rough hands brazenly dropped from my sides to the very brink of indecency. What was I doing? What was I allowing this stranger to do? Before I could even think, his teeth sank hungrily into the nape of my neck at the precise moment that the sanctity of my skirt hem was boorishly violated and my underwear unceremoniously wrenched from its appropriate location. Christ! My last line of virtuous defense had been obliterated. I was now his to do with as he pleased and it was apparent that he pleased to do much. Wanton shameful fingers imposed themselves upon the cheeks of my naked ass, taking lascivious liberties of untold impropriety and yet I did not protest. As I stood there pinned against my car door, my fervent and only prayer was that he had not reached the limit of his crude and barbaric groping. It turns out, I needn’t have worried. Within seconds his wet mouth released my teeth-ravished neck to go in search of more sulliable flesh on which to find purchase. I could hardly breathe as I felt him repel down my spine and when he shoved his head up under my skirt, I almost lost my grip on the roof rack and fell backwards on top of him. I could now feel his nose and cheeks prying my ass-crack apart as his hand reached between my thighs and stroked my sopping girly-flaps. The more he debased and fondled the absolute core of my womanhood the more my legs drew apart to welcome the salacious assault. Shit! I should have shaved. My poor throbbing clitoris was begging to be put out of its misery. It ached to find release as he expertly swirled his thumb in rhythmic rings around my beautiful love button. And then I felt it.

His profligate tongue began to paint a circle of his warm gooey saliva around my backdoor. The lingual probing as he wandered back and forth from the very edge of my vagina to the epicenter of my sphincter was mind-blowing. This was a tactile intimacy that I had never before received, even from my best girlfriend in high school. I almost snapped the aluminum bar I was holding as his ring-finger slowly breached the initial tightness of my girlie-opening and slipped up inside me. I let out a few involuntary whispery squeals and moans as he plumbed the very depths of my ever-moistening delicates. I wanted to grunt and kick like a rutting elk but because of our location, could only drool down the tinted glass.

I had no way of knowing if anyone was watching us at that point because the window was completely fogged from my hot steamy panting. What’s more I didn’t care. There could have been a class of 7th graders staring at me and it would have mattered not. I only knew or cared that I was heading towards the kind of orgasm I hadn’t experienced since I found my mother’s vibrator in a drawer. I could feel the pre-cum rush growing between my legs like a huge self-inflatable raft. Overpowering sensual sensations were shooting up my vaginal canal and into my abdomen like the fireworks at a Chinese New Year. Meanwhile, my ass had been reborn as an insatiable whore-hole of unbridled carnality and desire as he had burrowed and slithered his way inside and was now sodomizing me with the tip of his tongue. I could tell by the towering waves of concupiscent, pulsating pleasure battering the very core of my being that the final moments of blinding consummation were upon me. Everything I had was his to take. Nothing would be denied. “Fuck me right here in this parking lot. Jam your unholy cock wherever you want. Stain me with your goo. Just don’t stop! Don’t…! JESUS…FUCKING…That tongue!” The shudders and spasms were so violent; I thought I was going to set off my car alarm. I couldn’t see. All I could hear was the sound of my own gasps and moans and sobbing. My knees collapsed and I found myself writhing on the filthy, black tarmac with my hands between my legs desperately trying not to be torn in two by the almost unbearable climactic surges shooting out of my clit like the sparks from an exploding electrical relay station. Hours seemed to pass before the merciless blood-engorged pounding of my pudenda ebbed to the point where other senses began to function again. And when I finally did open my eyes…he was gone. All there was to see was some crazy lady lying next to her car in a parking lot with her shirt undone and her underwear around her ankles.

I staggered to my feet with as much dignity as I could muster and insouciantly dusted-off my debris-encrusted skirt while holding my blouse together with my other hand. “Yes,” I thought as I fumbled for my keys. “Definitely take-out night.”