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A next door neighbor from my teen years calls for help. For Oral and more. Plumbing and sex. Eating pussy, rimming ass and eating cream pie.

A neighbor from my teen years moved to a new home. She is now in her eighties. She said since she moved to her new home she was not able to take a hot bath or shower. I am now a plumber and she called me for help. It was easy to adjust the maximum temperature on the faucets. She called me about a week after I had done the repair and ask me to stop by. She said she really enjoyed to hot showers. Then she said she had not enjoyed hot sex for quite some time either and thought I could help. She was wearing a silk robe and reached down and undid the belt and let it fall open. She was small and as old as she was her wrinkled saggy body turned me on. I fantasied about her when I was a teen and her daughter was my first romantic kiss. She took my hand and we walked back to her bedroom. She dropped her robe and sat down on the bed and told me to undress. I took off my clothes as I stood in front of her and she reached up and squeezed my balls and bent over and started licking my dick. I told her I fantasied about eating her pussy. She told me to lay down on her bed and then straddled me and started rubbing her pussy as she sat on my mouth and face. She wasn’t old her pussy was juicy and musty and I licked and sucked her juices. Then she moved up and told me to lick and suck her ass. She turned around after a while to the 69 position and sucked my dick as I licked her pussy. She slid down and pulled my dick into her pussy and pump as I looked down at her ass, I rubbed her ass hole and stuck my finger deep in her ass and came in her pussy. She slip back to the 69 position and told me to eat her ‘Cream Pie’ as she licked my dick clean. Her juice and my cum really turned me on as I sucked and swallowed. We got up and took a ‘hot’ shower together. We have been together many times since then. She has a femdom personality and ‘makes’ me do things for her. I will post in the future. Next I will tell you about my strap-on experience with her.

Birthday sex chronicles

Quest to fufill the birthday sex rutal , of getting two completely different woman to please me on my day

The day I got the pleasure of pleasing two women

It’s my birthday , and shouldn’t I get what I want . I have always enjoyed having two women , Ive enjoyed that lot in my last relationship. But I’ve been working so hard and long . But I have managed to still see two beautiful chocolate women , both complete opposites.

One I have giving the nickname ‘young nomadic turn up addict’ we’ll call her YNTUA, we cant use names. She was the girl I meet when my life was set to failure and depression, having her around gave me the escape from reality I needed . I knew from the start that there was no taming her spirt or, beginning a relationship with her . I would just love her for the moment. When we made love, it was never when I asked, it always happen spontaneously. She was so wild and excited with passion . Her pussy would always pull the life out of me , O my god! and her chocolate smooth skin, and curves that deserve to be gripped. I could always tell she was fucking for herself , she always would cum many times compared to my one.
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Extreme stories about a reluctant housewife becoming a whore

It was 6:15 am and the alarm woke Jan from her sleep, she was so tired. Another sleepless night and another night of frustration, Jan had not had sex with her husband for nearly two weeks, and she desperately needed his stiff penis or hand inside of her. All night she was hoping that he would take her as he so often had in the past. It was not uncommon that many a sexual drought has been broken by the realisation that she wasn’t having sex in a dream, but that her husband Jeff was making a duck’s beak with his hand was pushing all five fingers inside of because when it came to sex, she was always conflicted.

So, this morning she woke to the realisation if she didn’t have sex soon she would go crazy. After several weeks of no sex she realised she need to cum badly, and if he wouldn’t do it for her, she would reluctantly do it herself. She swung her legs out of bed, and slowly forced herself to get moving. She placed her dressing gown on, grabbed her clothes and, made her way to the bathroom.

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Camp suck, gay group sex

 Don had seen Zeke around camp but he had never before visited the
Nursing Station. He'd filled out a lot since last year and now at seventeen
he looked like a classic hockey player: About 5'9", broad shoulders, thick
arms and thighs. Overiszed testicles hanging low. Solid.  "What's up?" said

     "Poop, that's what. I'm not real regular, not a daily crapper. More
like two or three times a week, but it's been two and a half weeks and I
feel like I'm going to explode." Don had him lie on his examining table and
on examining his abdomen felt firm feces all the way up the left side to
his ribcage. Don lubed a finger, slipped it up the boy's rectum and felt
firm stool.  Good sized juicy prostate too. By the time hs removed his
finger the boy had popped a full boner. Again, not overly long, maybe five
inches, but thick with an oversized glans.

     "OK, lad, help is on the way. First we have to grease the slide, so
come on over here by the toilet and I need you on hour hands and knees."
Don went to his little atached kitchen, found a small plastic funnel, then
poured four ounces of mineral oil into a glass and took a disposable enema
from his cabinet. "Here's a towel to rest your head on. Now I need your
cheek on the towel and your fanny pointing at the ceiling." Don slipped the
funnel into the boy's rosebud and slowly poured the mineral oil into Zeke's
colon. "The tough part is, I need you in that position for about fifteen
minutes to get the oil all the way up."

   After a couple of minutes, Zeke said, "Hey, this is pretty
uncomfortable. Maybe if you tickled my dickie a little it would take my
mind off my misery." Don sat down behind him and slowly stroked his
cock. When his hand went up, Zeke's balls rode up on the top of his
hand. Soon a tiny drop of Cowper's fluid appeared on the tip of the boy's
penis and when it elongated to a three inch string Don rolled over so he
could lick up that precious stuff, and he began to gently, slowly suck
Zeke's stonyhard cock. He didn't want the boy to cum before fifteen minutes
was up, so he was careful to stay slow and gentle. "Oh man.", Zeke said,
"I'm gonna cum before long..." So Don, with only the tip of boycock between
his lips, just tickled his piss slit with his tongue. After a few minutes,
without warning, Zeke's pecker leaped out for his mouth and a stream of
warm boycum splashed down on Don's face. Don pulled away and watched gush
after gush pour out of the boy's dancing dick. He counted thirteen shots
before Zeke was empty, so those balls were not just for decoration.

     Don got up, wiped the jizz off his face and said. "OK, now for the
depth charge." and he squirted the disposable enema into Zeke's
rectum. "Pretty quick you're going to have a real urge to unload that
colon, so be ready to hop on the john." It took about two minutes before
Zeke jumped on the toilet and unloaded his first pile of poop.

     Zeke: "Whew! I feel better already. Hey, I noticed you had a hardon
all the time you were sucking and I was wondering if you've ever been blown
by a guy on he crapper?"

  Don laughed and replied "Never.", but looking at his hardening cock, said
"I'd certainly be happy to try it." He straddled Zeke's legs and his pecker
was at just the right altitude. Zeke took him into his mouth and started
sucking. He wasn't the most accomplished cocksuker Don had ever enjoyed,
but he was horny and it felt awfully good. When he started to ramp up to
his climax, he warned Zeke, but the boy didn't slow his sucking and began
to fondle Don's balls. "OK, I'm gonna pop pretty quick......pretty quick
now.  o. o. ohh.  OH, YEAH!" ZEke pulled back to make room for the cumload
so only the nurse's cockhead was in his mouth and was just in time: "I'm
cumming!" Don yelled and Zeke felt the tickle on his tongue as Don erupted.

     They both felt much better having lightened their respective loads,
and with the admonition from Don to cut out the potatoes and eat more fruit
and vegetables Zeke, all smiles, departed.

     Billy was sitting by the lake just staring into space and Jon was
curious. The boy seemed to be something of a loner. Small, maybe 5'2" and a
hundred pounds, blonde with a small patch of peach fuzz for pubic hair. Jon
sat himself next to him and said, "I notice the boy's call you BF. why's

     "Bug fucker. Billy the bug fucker 'cause I have such a small weenie."

     "You're what, thirteen?" The boy nodded yes. "How tall are your

     "My dad's six feet and my mother is five foot six.", said Billy.

     "Hey, no problem. You haven't hit your growth spurt yet. Pretty quick
you'll start growing like a weed and in a year or two you'll be taller than
most of the kids calling you BF. And your penis is normal for your size now
and it'll get a lot taller too. None of my business, but where are you on
the 'gay-straight chart?"

     "Dunno. That's why I came to this camp so I could find out. So far,
dammit, I haven't done anything with anybody so I'm clueless.", said the

     "This may be your lucky day." Said Jon. "You are talking to a guy who
gets a big kick out of sucking small dicks."

     "Oh, you're just saying that to make me feel better." Said Billy.

      "Look at my pecker." Said Jon. It was fully erect. "It wouldn't be
staring up at you like that if I were bullshitting you. I really would like
to be the first guy too lick the cum out of you."

     For the first time Jon could remember, the boy was smiling, and he
said, "I'll let you, but only if you let me do you too." Jon had the boy
stretch out on his back and he took his three incher into his mouth. It was
easy to get his little ball sac in too,so he did. He gave the boy a couple
of gentle sucks and then just massaged his 'nads and the underside of his
dick with his tongue. He was going slow, he remembered the first time
someone had sucked his cock and how fast he got off. The boy was in ecstasy
and he wanted it to last forever, but quickly the feeling he knew so well
escalated in his pelvis. It felt like a little penny balloon blowing up;
tighter and tighter and then POW! The jizz ripping down his cocklet felt
hot and he blurted, "EEEEE, e, e, e, ehhhh, oh wow! Oh, wow! I never felt
anything like that before. Whew.  Now can I suck you?  But I've never seen
another guy shoot his goo, so tell me when you're going to so I can watch."

     He wasn't the most accomplished cocksucker Jon had ever enjoyed, but
he was hotter than a firecracker after swallowing Billy's load and it
didn't take more than a couple of minutes before Jon announced he was about
to unload. Billy stopped sucking and started stroking. After about six
strokes he felt Jon's dick throb and when the first squirt of jizz erupted
he let go and watched with openmouthed fascination as Jon's cock jumped and
spurted. Shot after shot, seven in all, arced from a foot to three feet
from Jon's bobbing tool. Billy bent over and licked the cum oozing from
Jon's piss slit and announced, "That tastes pretty good. Maybe next time
I'd like to have you shoot in my mouth."

    As they walked back to the campsite, Jon said, "Really, your cock is a
desirable thing. Most girls are scared of big ones for fear they're going
to get hurt, so you have something to really offer. How about wee Molly?
She's cute as a bug, so maybe Billy The Bugfucker...."

     "Oh, you mean that redhead? Hmm, she is a pretty little thing. I think
maybe I'll take youd advice."