Hot Hotel Maid

The process of growing up and passing through adolescence has been characterized by great inner turmoil, uncertainty, and tremendous pressures from family, close friends, and peer groups. Certainly, in our complex society, the problems youths now face seem more marked than ever before.

Misty Marsh is a young girl who is embarking upon her own special journey into adolescence. Plagued with powerful emotions, sometimes fearful of the drives and desires she feels, she finds herself experiencing a series of explicit encounters that change not only her view of herself, but her life.

HOT HOTEL MAID — the story of a young girl coming of age. A story of how others view her.


Misty Marsh was just falling asleep when the racket started. The people next door seemed to be laughing, running around, and jumping on the bed. The hotel walls were so thin, she couldn’t help but overhearing them. The noise made it impossible for her to sleep.

“Oh, darn!” Misty sighed, using the naughtiest word in her vocabulary.

The noise was getting louder now. Misty wondered what on earth the people were doing. She blinked, getting used to the dim light, and that was when she saw the little hole in the wall. Bright light was shining through from the next room.

Misty could kneel on her bed and look right through the hole. Who knew what the hole was for, maybe some long-ago electrical connection, but it gave her a perfect view of the next room and the guests who were staying there.

Misty recognized them now, newlyweds who’d arrived at the hotel that afternoon. The man was tall and handsome, a real hunk, and his bride was a slim brunette. He was chasing her around the room, making her laugh and squeal.

“Come on, Amy,” he chuckled. “You’re all mine now. As my wife, you have to do what I want.”

“No way, Ron,” Amy grinned. “I didn’t promise to obey. It wasn’t in the ceremony.”

Ron rushed at her, and she jumped up on the bed, making the springs creak. He lunged at her, and she jumped off laughing. They were making an awful lot of noise, and Misty knew she wouldn’t be able to sleep till they’d run out of steam.

She’d get something out of it, though. At least she could watch them. She knew it wasn’t nice of her to spy on them, but then it wasn’t nice of them to keep her awake, either. She figured it was a fair exchange.

Now Ron was chasing Amy around the room again, and he finally managed to trap her in a corner. He grabbed her and pulled her close for a kiss. Amy struggled for a second, then went limp, moaning softly as he slid his tongue into her mouth.

“Mmmmmmm!” she sighed.

Pretty soon she snaked her anus around his neck and began rubbing her crotch against his. He cupped her nice little ass and squeezed it. They seemed to kiss forever. Misty watched them with great interest. She might just learn something tonight.

Little blonde Misty was just out of high school, and she’d been very strictly raised in a conservative small town. Now she was working her first job, making money for college by working as a maid in this big resort hotel.

Secretly she’d been hoping to learn how sophisticated city people lived. She knew so little about anything, especially sex. Her mother had refused to discuss the facts of life with her, and she was burning with curiosity. Well, it looked like some of her questions might be answered tonight.

Ron and Amy finally came up for air, both of them flushed and breathing hard.

“There,” Ron said, “isn’t it more fun to obey me?”

Amy looked suddenly timid.

“Yes, it’s fun, honey,” she said, “but I have to admit I’m nervous. I don’t know if I’m ready for this.”

“Ready for what?” Ron smiled. “Marriage?”

“No, I mean for going all the way,” Amy replied. “I know that sounds silly.”

“Not at all, honey,” Ron said. “We’ll just take it slow and easy. I know how to relax you.”

He scooped her up in his arms and carded her to the bed. Now they were only a few feet from the wall, and Misty had an even closer view of them. Her heart was pounding. She prayed they wouldn’t turn off the light before things got started. Very gently Ron removed his bride’s clothes. Amy was blushing, but she didn’t resist. She must have decided to go through with it, no matter how nervous she felt. Like Ron had said, it was her duty as his wife.

Amy had a beautiful body, slender yet curvy. Her tits were apple-size and high-riding, and they stood up firmly even as she lay on her back. Her bush was small and dark and triangular. Ron ogled her young body, his eyes hot with desire.

But true to his word, he didn’t rush her. He let her lie there naked while he took off his clothes. Misty got really excited about that. She’d never seen a naked man before. She could hardly wait for him to take off his shorts.

Of course she knew that men and women are built differently. She’d managed to pick up a few facts from her school friends. But she’d never seen a cock, and she was dying to know what size and shape it was. She watched breathlessly as Ron skinned out of his shorts.

“Oh, my gosh!” she breathed.

Then she clapped a hand over her mouth. There wasn’t much chance of the young couple hearing her, but she had to be careful. She stared wide-eyed at Ron’s stiff prick. It was a whole lot bigger than she’d imagined.

In fact she couldn’t understand how a woman could take such a huge thing into her body. Ron’s cock was a good eight inches long and as thick as a girl’s wrist. It was so engorged it lay flat up against his belly, and it bulged with big blue veins.

Misty knew about fucking. She knew the man had to put his cock into the woman’s cunt to make a baby. But she didn’t see how that monstrous thing was going to fit into Amy’s tiny pussy. She glanced at Amy to see how she was reacting. Amy looked terrified.

“My God, it’s huge!” she exclaimed.

“Silly, you already knew how big it is,” Ron grinned.

“Yeah, but I only felt it,” Amy said. “I didn’t see it.”

Ron chuckled and then said, “Wasn’t that romantic, groping around in my car?”

“Oh, for sure,” Amy sighed. “And you trying to get into my pants all the time. Well, you had to marry me to get what you wanted, didn’t you?”

“I haven’t gotten it yet,” Ron leered.

He started to reach for her, but she drew back and said, “Easy. You promised you’d relax me first.”

“Right, I will,” Ron said.

He slid a hand between her thighs and did something that made her squeal. Misty wished she could see what he was doing. Amy seemed to like it, because she didn’t draw away or tell him to stop. She just lay there breathing hard while he played with her pussy.

“Mmmmmm, I like that!” she gurgled.

“I can make it even better,” Ron said. “Open your legs wider.”

She did, and now Misty could see everything. She had a brief glimpse of Amy’s lovely pink slit and its fine fringe of dark curls. Then Ron’s hand got in the way. He slid a stiff finger over the tender flesh, sawing back and forth between the plump folds. Amy moaned and writhed.

“Oh, yeah, I love that!” she sighed.

Misty wondered how it would feel. Her mother had been very stem about such things. She’d warned Misty never to touch herself down there. Even when she bathed, she had to soap her pussy with a washcloth, not with her fingers.

Well, it would be easy to find out. She reached up under her nightgown and slid her middle finger between her thighs. She rubbed it back and forth over her cunt, just like Ron was doing to Amy. It felt very nice, very exciting.

Of course her mother would have a fit if she knew, but Misty was on her own now. She was earning her own money and paying her way to college. She could do whatever she wanted, and she decided she wanted to play with herself.

Breathlessly she copied everything Ron did to Amy. She matched his slow sensuous rhythm as he worked his thick middle finger over his wife’s slick pink cunt. She could see pearly juice leaking from Amy’s little fur-fringed cunt mouth and soaking Ron’s sliding finger.

Soon she was creaming just like Amy. Her pussy felt all hot and wet and swollen, and even her lightest touch gave her a steady buzz of pleasure. She wondered why her mother had been so against something that felt so good.

Her mother had been against everything that had to do with sex. Misty had gotten the impression that Mom never wanted her to go out with men or get married. That figured. Mom had been a man-hater ever since Daddy walked out on them, years ago.

She’d tried to make Misty into a man-hater, too, but it hadn’t worked. Even though she wasn’t allowed to date, Misty just loved boys. She’d always had a secret crush on somebody, and she was always fantasizing about boys and sex.

Now she watched Ron giving his bride hot pleasure, and she wished she had a man to do it for her, too. But she was doing pretty well for herself as she stroked and massaged her seething little cunt. Even without a partner, she was having fun.

“Mmmmm, honey, that’s so nice!” Amy gurgled.

“How about doing something for me, too?” Ron asked, his voice hoarse with lust.

“Of course, darling,” Amy said. “Just show me what you want.”

He took her hand and placed it on his stiff standing cock. She flinched a little, but she conquered her fear and let him wrap her fingers around the thick column of blue-veined meat. He showed her how to pump his cock, slowly and sensuously.

“Got it?” he smiled.

“I think so,” she said shyly.

While she pumped his prick, he massaged her hot pink cunt. Soon his finger was dripping with her sticky cunt juice. As her excitement overpowered her fears, Amy pumped his cock faster and harder, and it began to leak big hot globs of juice.

Of course Misty was fascinated with all this, and at the same time she was getting to know her own body. She was exploring her pussy for the first time and finding out how tender and sexy-feeling it was. She just loved playing with herself.

Then Ron did something new. He took Amy’s clit between his thumb and forefinger and started kneading the slick little button. Amy squealed and shivered with pleasure, and she drenched his whole hand with a big rush of sizzling cream.

“Ohhhhh, God, Ron, yessssss!” she cried. Naturally Misty had to try that. She searched out her own clit and grasped it firmly, then began to knead it like Ron was doing to Amy. The pleasure was so hot and intense, she almost squealed. It felt much more exciting than just rubbing her gash.

“Unnnnhhh, honey, don’t stop?” Amy whimpered. “Keep doing it, please!”

Ron was kneading her clit faster and faster, and she was writhing with pleasure. Her pretty face twisted into a lusty grimace, and she closed her eyes as the dizzying pleasure overpowered her. She stiffened, gasped, then began to convulse.

“Ohhhhhh, God, whaaahhhhhhh!” she howled.

Misty was wondering what made her yell like that, when suddenly the same thing happened to her. She gave her cunt an extra firm squeeze, and her whole body seemed to explode with pleasure. She barely kept from screaming with ecstasy.

It was a few moments before she could see straight again, and when she looked through the spy hole, Amy was staring wonderingly at Ron. “My God, that was fantastic!” she panted. “What happened to me?”

“You came, honey,” Ron said. “You had a climax.”

Misty almost gasped. That meant she’d had a climax, too, her very first. It was even better than she’d imagined, the hottest pleasure she’d ever felt in her young life. How could her mother be against something like that?

“Get me off now, baby,” Ron said, putting Amy’s hand back on his cock.

She fisted his cock and started pumping. Ron lay there panting, his nostrils flared. His bucking cock dripped thick cream. Amy wasn’t so shy and nervous with him now. She was grateful for the climax he’d given her, and she wanted to return the favor.

She held his huge prick firmly in her curled fingers and pumped it faster and faster. That was something Misty couldn’t imitate, and she felt envious. She wished she had a big fat cock to play with and explore. She watched breathlessly, memorizing every detail.

“Ahhhhhh, yeah, harder now!” Ron groaned.

Amy gave him what he wanted, pumping his engorged cock with lightning speed. Ron’s eyes rolled, then closed, and he bared his teeth in a lusty grimace. He went absolutely still for a second, then let out a yell and began hammering his exploding cock in his wife’s fist.

“Awwwwww, yeah, aaaagggghhhh!” he shouted.

Thick wads of come-cream shot from his piss hole and splattered the wall. Misty watched breathlessly, finally understanding how men climaxed. She was learning so much tonight, and she sure hoped the show wasn’t over. She wanted to know everything.

“Ahhhhh, yeah, great!” Ron sighed, sinking back on the bed. He pulled Amy into his arms and gave her a deep steamy tongue kiss.

“Now,” he grinned, “let’s get down to serious business.”


Amy gazed lovingly at her new husband, but she still looked frightened at the prospect of going all the way with him. He took her hand and placed it back on his cock. She wrapped her fingers around his meat and started pumping.

“Yeah, just do that for a while!” he sighed. “I’ll get you warmed up, too!”

He slid his thick middle finger between her thighs again, and this time she willingly parted her legs. Misty stared through the spy hole and watched Ron slide his finger into Amy’s cunt. He did it slowly but steadily, and she gasped and writhed.

“Ah, yeah, you’re real tight,” he said excitedly.

“I told you I was a virgin,” Amy said with a wicked grin. “Money-back guarantee.”

She was wiggling around the skewer of his finger as he pushed it in as deep as it would go. She seemed to enjoy having his finger inside her. That was something Misty could explore for herself, and she got right down to business.

She slipped her hand under her nightgown again and made her middle finger stiff. She tried to find her cunt. It was funny how hard that was, but finally she located the moist little pit at the center of her pussy. She started pushing her finger inside.

“Mmmmmm!” she sighed softly.

It felt so good. She loved the sensation of something long and hard in her cunt. She wondered if fucking felt this nice. But how could it? A guy’s cock was much bigger than her finger. It would have to hurt. Misty wasn’t thrilled by the idea.

But her finger felt just fine, and she pushed it into herself as deep as it would go. Now Ron was pistoning his finger in and out of Amy’s cunt, and Misty copied him, finger-fucking herself slowly and deliciously. She loved the hot friction.

And so did Amy.

“Mmmmmmm, honey!” the young bride sighed. “That’s really sexy!”

Ron just pinned. While he finger-fucked her, she was pumping his cock and getting it hard. It grew long and rigid and thick, and then it started dripping big globe of cream. Before long it was fully engorged and ready for action.

But was Amy ready? Ron gently drew his cream-soaked finger out of her smoking cunt, pushed her legs wide apart, and knelt between them. He guided his stiff drooling cock to her tiny cuntal opening. Amy stiffened and looked very awed, but said nothing.

Ron pressed his massive purple cockhead into the little wet mouth of her cunt. It stretched her delicate pussy lips very wide, and she gave little whimper of fright. Misty didn’t blame her. Ron’s cock looked way too big for her.

“Try to relax, honey,” he said gently. “We know it’s gonna hurt you the first time, but after that you’ll love it.”

“I sure hope so!” Amy squeaked.

Misty was holding her breath as she watched. She just didn’t see how Amy could take that enormous slab of meat and not be split in half. But Amy was gritting her teeth and submitting, knowing she had to get it over with.

“Unnnhhhh, unnnnhhhh!” the young bride gasped.

Ron was pushing into her slowly but steadily, filling her virgin cunt with his rock-hard wrist-thick cock. Amy clawed the bed but didn’t make a sound. She seemed determined not to chicken out, even though she was terrified. Ron was panting, barely restraining his lust as he penetrated her deliciously tiny pussy.

Then he seemed to come up against some kind of barrier. He grunted and pushed, but he didn’t get any farther.

“Honey I’m sorry,” he said hoarsely, “but I have to push hard now. It’s gonna hurt, but then the worst will be over.”

“All right!” Amy moaned. “Go ahead!”

Ron took a deep breath and crammed his steely cock into her as hard as he could, breaking through the barrier of her cherry. He reached her womb in one rough thrust.

“Owwwwwwww!” Amy howled.

Ron put himself down on her, hugging her and nuzzling her face.

“That’s it!” he panted. “That’s the worst it’s gonna be! Now you can start to have fun!”

Amy stared at him like he was crazy. How could she have fun when her tiny bruised cunt hurt like hell? But she didn’t say anything, just lay back submissively as he began to fuck her. He stroked her sore cunt gently, slowly and deeply.

“Ahhhh, yeah!” he groaned.

Misty thought Amy was so brave. If it had been her, she’d have yelled her head off, fled from the room, and refused to ever fuck anybody. She was sure she could never enjoy it. But finger-fucking was something else. She was really getting off on it.

She imitated Ron’s rhythm, working her stiff finger slowly and sensuously in her virgin pussy hole. She was giving herself steady hot pleasure, but she never took her eye away from the spy hole. She didn’t want to miss a second of that exciting show.

As Ron patiently fucked her, Amy began to relax. He wasn’t hurting her now, apparently. Her frown disappeared, and she began to sigh with enjoyment as his stiff cock sawed up and down over her clit and filled her cunt.

“Mnmmmm, Ron, I may learn to like this after all!” she gurgled.

“I sure hope so,” he chuckled. “Otherwise I’ll have to give you back to your folks.”

He slid his hands under her ass and cupped the hot little globes, pulling her tight against him and working his throbbing cock to her molten depths. His shaft was sawing ever harder against her clit, and she really seemed to enjoy that. She began to gurgle, and then she was working her hips to his rhythm.

“Yeah, you like it now, don’t you?” he panted.

“Mmmmmmm, yesssss!” she moaned. “It’s starting to feel real good!”

Misty shook her head in disbelief. She didn’t see how anything that brutal could feel good. Amy’s tiny cunt must be almost bursting with Ron’s enormous hard cock. Yet the young bride’s face was flushed with pleasure, and she was moaning happily.

“Oh, yeah, do it faster now, honey!” Amy cried.

“Sure you can take it?” Ron panted.

“There’s only one way to find out,” she grinned.

Ron firmed his grip on her pumping ass and speeded up, fucking into her faster and harder. Amy moaned hoarsely and clawed his shoulders. Molten cream spurted from her cunt and gushed down her ass crack. Her face twisted into a horny grimace.

“Oooooh, shit, oooooh, yesssss!” she hissed. Misty blushed. She wasn’t used to hearing dirty words. A lot of the guests at this fancy hotel used that kind of language, but Misty hadn’t adjusted to it yet. If she’d talked like that at him, her mother would have washed her mouth out with soap. She was just glad Mom couldn’t see her now.

Poor Mom would have had a fit. There was her strictly raised daughter spying on a couple while they fucked, drinking up every exciting detail. Not only that, but her finger was working stiffly and deeply in her virgin cunt.

Misty just loved finger-fucking herself. She didn’t think she could ever get enough of it. She kept matching Ron’s rhythm as he speeded up, and she felt just as hot and excited as Amy did. But she was glad she was taking a slim finger, not a huge hard cock.

“Unnnnhhhh, honey, so fuckin’ good!” Amy moaned. “I can take it now! Fuck me faster!”

Ron was only too glad to oblige. All evening he’d been patiently holding back his lust, being gentle and careful with his virgin bride. His every instinct was to hammer his cock into her as hard as he could, but he’d restrained himself.

Now his patience was paying off. Amy was starting to love his fucking, and she liked it fast. Her jerking hips outpaced him as she signaled for even harder action. She clawed his shoulders, bit his neck, and soaked his prick with molten cream. She was whimpering and gurgling steadily.

“Yeah, fuck it to me, fuck it to meeeeee!” she moaned.

Ron snorted with lust and went into high gear. He really hammered it to her and their bodies met in loud smacks. She shuddered with the impact of his fucking, but she didn’t complain. Misty couldn’t understand it, but the girl seemed to love Ron’s roughness.

“Ohhhhh, God, Ron, yessssss!” she wailed.

She arched her body till her ass left his hands, rubbing her clit greedily against his sawing shaft. Her eyes rolled, then closed tight, and she bared her teeth in a grimace of ecstasy.

“Mmmmmm, unnnhhhh, gonna come!” she groaned.

Misty was keeping pace with them, working her finger as fast as Ron worked his cock. She was masturbating with lightning speed now, loving the red-hot friction in her juicy virgin cunt. She felt the pleasure growing till she thought she’d burst.

And that was just what happened a few seconds later. Misty had no experience with sex, so she didn’t know the signs of orgasm. She didn’t realize that she was right on the verge of coming. As she pistoned her finger in her smoking pussy, she was absorbed in watching Ron and Amy fuck.

“Unnnnnhhh, honey, yessssssss!” Amy suddenly wailed. “You’re doing it to me! Yes? I’m cominggggggg?”

“Ohhhhh, gosh, unnnggghhhhh!” Misty gasped.

She slumped down on her bed and fingerfucked her self like crazy as the delicious orgasm rocked her body. She just hoped Ron and Amy hadn’t heard her helpless gasp of ecstasy as she started coming. But probably it had been drowned out by Amy’s howls.

“Ooooooh, fuck, shit, oooooooh!” Amy cried.

Misty finished coming and got dizzily to her knees to look through the spy hole again. Amy was just finishing her climax, too, shivering and gurgling with the delicious aftershocks. Ron raised himself on his elbows and grinned at her.

“Well, now how do you feel about fucking?” he asked. “Still want to go back to Daddy and Mommy?”

“No way,” Amy laughed. “I want you to fuck my brains out. You won’t be able to get rid of me now.”

“Good,” he leered, “because I’m just getting started. Let’s do it another way now.”

Misty was all attention. She didn’t know there was more than one way to fuck. Of course she knew so little. She was delighted to get this chance to learn. She watched eagerly as Ron drew his dripping cock from Amy’s smoking cunt and flipped the slim girl over onto her hands and knees.

“This is how animals do it!” Amy giggled.

“You make me feel like an animal,” Ron chuckled.

He ogled her cute little ass and wet pink cunt, then grasped her hips to steady himself. He pushed the fat purple head of his prick against her cunt mouth, spreading the tender lips wide. But this time Amy showed no signs of pain.

“Mmmmmm, yeah, stick it in me, honey!” she panted. “Fuck me again!”

Misty could hardly believe what she saw and heard. Amy was eager to take that monstrous hunk of meat into her tiny bruised cunt. She was begging for it. Ron snorted lustily and sank his thick cock into her till only his big hairy balls showed.

“Unnnnhhhm, yessssssss!” Amy moaned.

He wasn’t gentle this time. He fucked her at a steady fast pace, pistoning his blue-veined prick in and out of her small but slippery pussy hole. She dug her nails into the bed to brace herself against the impact, but she was gurgling with excitement and soaking his meat with hot spurts of cunt juice.

“Yeah, that’s it, fuck hard!” she moaned. Misty still didn’t understand how fucking could be any fun, but obviously it was. It was ecstasy to Amy and Ron. It looked like they were going to fuck each other into exhaustion. Maybe some day Misty would understand what the big attraction was.

She wondered if she’d ever fuck. She hadn’t even dated yet, thanks to her strict upbringing. She’d never held hands, never kissed. And until tonight she’d never masturbated or had a climax. Fucking seemed like a pretty remote and scary thing.

But in spite of her puritanical mother, Misty was a pleasure-lover, and if there was a way to have fun, she wanted to try it. She was getting more and more turned on to the idea of making it with a man. She wanted some of the excitement Amy was getting.

“Fuck it to me, fuck harder!” the young bride moaned. “Ohhhhh, shit, yesssss!”

Ron was hammering it to her now, his flat belly smacking her ass. His cock was making an obscene sucking noise as it reamed the hot cream from her squirting cunt. She threw back her head and began to wail as a gigantic orgasm suddenly ripped through her body.

“Oooooooh, shit, you did it, oooooh!” she howled.

“Take my load, baby — I will fill you up!” Ron yelled.

Misty watched breathlessly through the spy hole till the exhausted young couple kissed goodnight and turned out their lights. It was quiet enough to do now, but she wasn’t sleepy any more. She had so many exciting things to think about.

She didn’t know if she’d ever have the nerve or the desire to fuck a man, but she sure wanted to make out. Ron and Amy had taught her that sex was fun, not dirty. For Misty, that was a whole new way of looking at things.


All the next day, as Misty cleaned hotel rooms, she couldn’t get the newlyweds off her mind. Spying on Ron and Amy had given her the sex education she’d been unable to get from her mother. She could hardly wait to learn more.

There was a sure-fire way to do it, too. She sneaked a look at the hotel register and found that Ron and Amy were staying one more night. She was sure they’d spend it making love, and they’d never know she was watching them.

After having dinner with the rest of the staff, Misty hurried to her room, leaped onto the bed, and peered through the hole in the wall. To her great disappointment, the newlyweds weren’t in their room. Probably they were having a romantic last dinner.

She settled down with a book to wait, and it seemed like ages passed before she heard voices in the next room. She got to the spy hole quickly and saw Ron and Amy moving into each other’s arms for a long steamy tongue-kiss.

When they finally surfaced, Amy smiled adoringly at her new husband and said, “That was a lovely dinner, honey.”

“It’s gonna be even nicer when we get to Hawaii,” Ron said. “Speaking of which, I suppose we’d better get to sleep early. We have a plane to catch.”

“Yes,” Amy sighed. “I guess you’re right.” Ron turned away to undress, but Amy stood there pouting. Was she disappointed and hurt because Ron didn’t attempt making love to her? Misty felt just as upset as the young bride. She’d been hoping to see some more action.

Ron slipped naked into bed, and Amy finally took off her clothes and joined him. He had his eyes closed already. Amy propped herself on one elbow and looked at him longingly, but when he didn’t respond, she sighed again and started to reach for the light.

Just then Ron kicked back the covers, pinned, and said, “Just kidding.”

“Oh, Ron, you nut!” Amy laughed. “You didn’t mean it about going to sleep early?”

“No way,” he leered. “This is our honeymoon. To hell with sleeping.”

He pulled her into his arms and kissed her, and they rubbed their naked bodies together. Misty breathed a sigh of relief. She still had so much to learn about sex, and this was her only chance to do it. She waited breathlessly till they ended their kiss.

“I wanta teach you some new stuff tonight,” Ron said to his cute bride.

“I wanta learn,” she grinned. “What are you gonna teach me?”

“All about giving head,” he said. “I’ll do it to you, and then I’ll show you how to do it to me.”

“Great, let’s get started!” Amy cried.

Misty didn’t even know what giving head meant, but she could hardly wait to find out. She watched as Ron arranged Amy the way he wanted her, on her back with her knees bent and her legs spread wide. Her luscious pink cunt was fully exposed.

Then he went belly down between her legs and brought his face within an inch of her gash. She giggled when she felt his hot breath tickling the sensitive flesh. Then his tongue shot out, and she flinched and gasped.

“Ohhhhhhh, God!” she cried.

Ron started licking her pussy. He ran his stiff tongue tip up and down the juicy flesh, and Amy whimpered and gurgled with pleasure. She seemed to love what he was doing to her. Hot cream spurted from her little cunt mouth, and Ron licked it up and gobbled it.

“Ohhhhhh, shit, honey!” the little bride moaned. “That feels wonderful! I could let you do it forever!”

Misty was very curious, of course. She wished there was some way she could duplicate what Ron was doing, so she could experience it for herself. But she couldn’t imagine how. She could only watch and learn.

Ron licked faster and faster over his wife’s hot pussy, lapping up her tangy cunt juice as fast as it squirted out. He seemed to love the taste of it. Amy was writhing and clawing the bed, even more turned on than she’d been last night.

“Ooooooh, shit, unnnnhhhh!” she moaned. The faster he tongued her, the harder she creamed. Even a pussy freak like Ron couldn’t gobble all of her juice. The pearly liquid flooded down the crack of her ass and puddled on the sheet beneath her. She was shaking and gasping with excitement.

“Honey, I’m going crazy!” she whimpered. “Want to get off?” Ron asked, his voice hoarse with lust.

“God, yes!” Amy moaned. “I have to!”

“No problem,” he said.

He trailed his tongue up to the very top of her slit and raked it over her little hooded clit. That was the most sensitive spot of all, as Misty had discovered when she played with herself. Ron rimmed the throbbing nub, and Amy squealed.

“Ooooooh, fuck, make me come!” she cried. Ron suddenly jammed his lips down around her clit and began to suck it loudly. He made an obscene wet slurping noise, and it was punctuated by Amy’s hoarse sobs of ecstasy. This seemed to excite her more than anything he’d done.

Misty tried to imagine how it would feel to have a guy tonguing her pussy and sucking her cunt. She was sure it would be fantastic. But she’d never how till she had a man of her own, and she didn’t even know how to get started on that.

“Ohhhhhh, unnnnhhhhh, unnnnhhhh!” Amy moaned.

Her eyes were screwed shut and she was clawing frantically at the sheet as Ron sucked her clit faster and faster. She arched her body, greedily, shoving her pulsating clit harder against his mouth. She gasped, then began to convulse violently.

“Oooooh, shit, whaaahhhh!” she howled. She was coming very hard. Ron cupped her churning ass and steadied her so he could keep his lips on target. He sucked her loudly through her long orgasm, making her shriek and sob. At last she fell back with a happy groan.

“Oh, honey, I just loved that!” she sighed. “That felt fantastic!”

“Catch your breath, and then I’ll teach you to go down on me,” Ron said.

Misty was glad she had the spy hole. Without it, she’d be really frustrated. She’d be lying in her bed listening to all these weird noises and dying to see what was happening. She waited eagerly to see the next thing Ron would teach his bride.

“I’m ready,” Amy said. “Show me what to do.”

Ron rolled onto his back. His cock was semihard already. He drew Amy over to kneel at his hips and had her wrap her fingers around the hairy base of his prick. She wasn’t shy about it this time.

“DO I pump it?” she asked.

“Nope, you lick it,” he leered.

“Wild,” she giggled. “I think I’m gonna like this.”

“I sure hope so,” he said. “It’s one of my favorite things.”

Amy dipped her head down, stuck out her cute pink tongue, and began licking his cock head slowly. She was clumsily at first, but soon she speeded up and got a good hot rhythm going. Ron snorted with excitement, and his cock mushroomed into total hardness.

“Oooooh, it grew right in my hand!” Amy squealed.

“It likes what you’re doing!” Ron rasped.

She went back to swirling her hot wet tongue around the engorged head of his dick, and soon big gobs of cream oozed from his pies hole. She dabbed at one with the tip off her tongue, drew the juice into her mouth and savored it.

“Mmmmmm, yeah, I’m gonna love this!” she grinned.

She was just as hungry for his cream as he’d been for hers. She lapped up the hot salty liquid as fast as it oozed from his pies hole. Ron watched her in mounting lust, his eyes hot and horny. He shivered with pleasure as she tongued his meat.

“Honey, you’re doing great!” he panted. “You’ve got a natural talent for this!”

Misty wondered if she had any talent for it. She wouldn’t know till she had a cock to play with. But she felt very aroused watching Amy, and she wished she could be doing the same thing. She was dying to know what it was like.

“Mmmmmn, uuummmmm!” Amy sighed as she gobbled Ron’s cream.

Ron was breathing raggedly now, and his big cock was bucking and juicing like crazy.

“I want you to finish me off now, honey,” he said hoarsely. “Take my cock in your mouth and suck it.”

Amy shot him a delighted grin, then started easing her lips down around his fat rigid prick. The fit was tight. Her lips looked hugely stretched. But she was eager to give him pleasure, and she kept going till his prick butted right into her throat.

“Unnnhhhhh!” she choked.

“You took too much,” Ron chuckled. “Draw back a little. Yeah, that’s good. Now suck it.”

With her new husband coaching her, little Amy began her first blow-job. She started out clumsily but quickly got the hang of it. Ron was right, she had a natural talent for giving had. Soon she was sucking his meat smoothly, hard and fast. Ron snorted with excitement and got flushed all over.

“That’s terrific, baby!” he groaned. “Just keep doing that, suck me off!”

Amy’s head bobbed up and down, her blond curls bouncing. She was making a lewd wet sucking noise as she worked the hot cream from his cock and gobbled it. Misty watched her intently, memorizing everything the girl did.

Who knew, someday she might give a blowjob of her own. It only she could rind out how to approach men and get dates, she could have a sex life. Her mother would be horrified, of courage, but Misty was in charge of her own life now.

There were so many things she wanted to try, almost everything she’d seen Ron and Amy do to each other. The only thing that frightened her was fucking. She just didn’t think she could take a huge hard cock into her tiny box.

“Mmmmm, mmmmm!” Amy moaned as she auctioned out Ron’s thick salty cream.

“Aw, Jesus, I’m gonna come!” Ron groaned. “Get ready, baby!”

Amy sucked even faster on his nearly-bursting cock, and his eyes rolled wildly. He shot out of control and began fucking her mouth. He was careful not to thrust into her throat and choke her, but he pistoned his prick fast and urgently over her slippery tongue.

“Unnnnggggghh, shit, yeah — aaagggghhhh!” he roared.

Amy’s cheeks suddenly ballooned. Ron was pumping a huge load of boiling jism into her mouth, and she couldn’t swallow it fast enough. She gulped, and he pumped, feeding her blast after blast of the stuff, till it squirted from her lips.

At last he fell back with a satisfied groan, and she gulped the last of his come.

“How’d I do, teacher?” she grinned.

“You were incredible,” he panted. “Boy, did I get lucky. I got myself a natural-born cocksucker. You get a reward for that.”

“What kind of reward?” she smiled.

“I’ll show you,” he said with a leer. “Just lie on your back and spread your legs.”

Amy quickly did as he asked, and he crawled between her hot thighs and stuck out his tongue. Instead of raking it over her pussy like he’d done before, he went right for her cunt. He plowed his whole tongue into the hot little hole.

“Ooooh, ooooh, yesssss!” Amy squealed.

Misty shivered with excitement. This was something she could easily imagine happening to herself. It would feel fantastic to have a man’s big hot tongue cramming her horny little cunt. She felt so envious of the young bride.

Ron’s head bobbed as he worked his tongue in Amy’s twat, pistoning it up and down just like a cock. She closed her eyes and clawed the bed, whimpering with delight. In no time at all she’d soaked his face with gushing cunt juice.

“Ohhhhh, honey, I love it!” she sobbed. “Don’t ever stop, do ft to me forever!”

Misty listened to the girl’s hoarse cries of pleasure and to the lewd wet sucking noise Ron’s tongue was making as ft reamed her cunt. This was something she just had to experience for herself. Somehow she had to find a man of her own.

Ron tongue-fucked his moaning bride faster and harder by the second, and Amy arched her body till her ass left the bed, wanting his slamming tongue as deep as she could get it. A few more seconds passed and she suddenly began to buck and convulse.

“You’re doing it to meeeee!” she wailed. “I’m cominggggg — whaaaahhhhh!”

After that they turned out the light and went to sleep. Misty got into her own bed and tried to settle down, but she couldn’t get sleepy. She was far too aroused and excited for that. Her pussy was on fire with need.

Then she giggled softly to herself as she thought of the solution.


“Dummy,” Misty muttered to herself, “why didn’t I think of it sooner?”

If she was horny, she didn’t have to stay that way. She could take care of herself. She’d learned that last night. There was no reason at all to toss and turn and go without sleep. All she had to do was masturbate.

Just for a second she thought of her mother and all of her stern warnings about wickedness. Wickedness included just about everything that was fun, but it especially meant sex. Nice girls weren’t supposed to want or like sex.

Misty considered herself a nice girl, but she was also very horny. She realized it was natural to be horny. It wasn’t a crime, and it didn’t hurt anybody. And she could take care of it without involving anyone else.

Sorry, Mom, she thought, but you’re wrong about this.

She reached under her nightgown and touched the slick fever-hot folds of her virgin pussy. She wasn’t surprised to find her slit wet and throbbing. She’d gotten really turned on from watching the newlyweds. She began rubbing her juicy pussy.

“Mmmmmm, yessssss!” she gurgled.

She kept her voice low, because the walls were thin. If she could hear Ron and Amy, they could hear her. She just gurgled and sighed softly as she massaged her burning slit. She gave herself steady hot pleasure, and she creamed all over her stroking fingers.

Next she took her clit between her fingers and kneaded it. That felt even more exciting. She wished she had an attractive man in bed with her, licking her throbbing joy button, but she had to do the best she could by herself.

She could have come easily by kneading her clit but her cunt was demanding attention, too. She wanted something stiff in there, something pumping hard and deep. Ron’s tongue would have been perfect, but she could do a pretty good job with her finger.

With one hand she went on massaging her clit, rolling it fast between her fingers. She used the other hand to take care of her cunt. She slid her middle finger into her sizzling cunt, pushing it as deep as she could.

“Unnnnnhhhh, yesssss!” she gurgled.

She’d come up with a really good technique this time. She could work on both her clit and her cunt, her biggest sources of pleasure. She panted and moaned as she fingered herself toward the climax she needed so urgently.

It took her no time at all to get there. She was like a bomb set to go off. She’d been ignoring and denying her natural sex needs for so long now, but tonight she was unleashing them, and they were overpowering her.

“Ummnnnhh, ooooohhhhh!” she gasped.

She wanted to howl with pleasure as she came, so she buried her face in the pillow and wailed away. She rolled her squirting clit between her fingers and pistoned her stiff finger in her cunt till she’d wrung out every last drop of hot sensation.

Now she could sleep. She slept very soundly. When she woke, she glanced through the spy hole and saw that the newlyweds had already left. She felt sorry about that, and she just hoped that an equally exciting couple would take the room next.

At work that day, Misty wondered how she was going to get a man of her own to learn sex with. It might not be so hard, except for one thing. She wasn’t ready to fuck yet, and she didn’t know if she’d ever be. The idea terrified her.

It would be difficult to get a man to neck with her, finger her, lick and suck her, and then refuse to fuck him. He wouldn’t understand, and he’d probably get mad. Misty wouldn’t blame him. She puzzled over this problem most of the day.

By evening she hadn’t come up with a solution, so she decided just to forget about it till tomorrow. She had a long shower, got into her nightgown, and picked out a book to read. Then she heard someone unlocking the room next door.

Instantly she was on her knees looking through the spy hole. A couple were entering the room, carrying their luggage. Misty guessed them to be in their mid-thirties, and they were a very attractive pair. She felt a tingle of excitement.

The man was a burly six-footer, getting a little bald on top but still very nice-looking. Misty was aroused by his powerful body. The woman was a tail slender brunette. They were both expensively dressed, like all the other guests at this exclusive resort hotel. Misty wondered if they’d make love.

“God, I’m bushed,” the man sighed. “I think I’ll lie down awhile before we go to dinner.”

“All tight, dear,” the woman said. “I’m going to take a shower. I feel so grubby after that long flight.”

Misty frowned. The situation didn’t look promising. These people acted like they’d been married forever. The man stripped to his shorts and undershirt and stretched out on the king size bed. The woman stripped completely and headed for the bathroom.

“You know something, Linda?” he said. “You’ve still got a terrific body.”

“George,” Linda smiled, “if I didn’t know you better, I’d say you were coming on to me.”

“But you know me better than that,” he laughed.

She laughed, too, and disappeared into the bathroom. George lay there watching the door, as if he could hardly wait for her to come out. Seeing her naked seemed to have refreshed him, and he wasn’t thinking about a nap any more.

He was thinking about something a lot more exciting. That was obvious, because his cock was stiffening. Misty kept her eyes on his fly, and soon it was sharply tented. George suddenly sat up and removed his undershirt, then his shorts. He tossed them carelessly on the floor and stretched out again.

Misty ogled his cock. It wasn’t as long as Ron’s prick, but it was thicker, even more menacing-looking. Misty wanted to touch it and explore it but she couldn’t imagine taking it into her tiny untried cunt. It would split her in two.

Pretty soon Linda came out of the bathroom wearing only a towel. She glanced at George, then did a double take. Her pretty green eyes focused on his rugged hairy body and on his massive stiff cock. A wicked little grin spread over her lips.

“Why, George,” she said, “I believe you’ve been having naughty thoughts!”

“I have to confess,” he chuckled. “I was thinking what a great body you have, and I got pretty turned on. We’ve got time for some fun before dinner, don’t we?”

Linda glanced at the clock and frowned.

“Well, not more than an hour or two,” she teased.

“That’ll do just fine,” George said. “Get rid of that towel and come over here.”

Linda dropped the towel where she stood. Her body was slim but curvy, and she had gorgeous big tits that thrust out firmly. George ogled her tits, and then his eyes dropped to her small dark cunt bush. His cock began to leak thick cream.

Linda walked over and got onto the bed. He rolled onto his side as she lay next to him, and he cupped her magnificent melon-size tits and began stroking and squeezing them. Linda got flushed with excitement and made little gurgling noises.

“I thought you were tired,” she said.

“I thought I was, too,” he grinned, “but I’m not. Anyhow, this is going to be a lot more relaxing than a nap.”

“I’m going to enjoy it a lot more than a nap, that’s for sure!” she laughed.

George leaned down and started sucking her nipples. He pushed her big ripe tits together and managed to get both soft pink cones into his mouth at the same time. Linda gurgled with pleasure as he sucked noisily and wetly on the tender nubs.

“Mmmmmmmm, you know that drives me wild,” she told him huskily.

George couldn’t reply with his mouth full. He just went on loudly sucking her nipples till he’d worked them into long rigid buds. Misty watched with hot excitement and wondered, how it would feel to have her tits sucked. She had a hunch she’d love it.

George raised his head and let Linda’s spit-soaked nipples slip from his mouth. Then he started licking and kissing his way dawn her body, over her tits and ribs and belly. He nosed into her neat little bush, and as he did so, she moaned and spread her legs.

“Eat me, darling!” she panted. “You know I love that more than anything. Well, just about anything.”

George chuckled as he slid between her stretched thighs. He folded back the dark delicate fur of her bush and exposed the little bud of her clit. His tongue shot out, thick and glistening, and he lashed it over her joy button.

“Ohhhhhh, my God, yesssss!” she moaned.

Misty almost whimpered with lust and envy. This was the thing she wanted to experience most of all, a man running his hot wet tongue over her super-sensitive pussy. It was easy to imagine how great that would feel. She felt her own cunt heating and creaming.

Linda was letting her legs fall wider and wider apart, offering George her whole gleaming cunt to eat. He raked his tongue over the engorged flesh and lapped up her tangy juices. Linda whimpered and shivered with ecstasy.

“Oh, God, you’re driving me wild!” she sobbed. “I love it, but I want to do it to you, too!”

“Well, there’s a simple solution for that,” George said, raising his head and grinning at her. “We haven’t done it in a long time, but I’m sure we’ll remember how.”

“Of course,” she smiled. “Why didn’t I think of it right away?”

Misty didn’t know what they were talking about, but she soon found out. George stretched out on his back, and Linda backed up over him till her dripping gash was almost touching his face. She crouched so her head was right over his rigidly standing cock.

It was an ingenious arrangement. This way they could go down on each other at the same time. Misty was fascinated. She hardly blinked as she watched through the spy hole. This older, more experienced couple might teach her even more than the newlyweds had.

George thrust out his tongue and began lashing it up and down Linda’s hot tangy-tasting pussy. She bent low and started licking the enormous purple head of his cock, swirling her tongue around and around the hard knob of flesh. They both shivered with excitement as they gobbled each other’s cream.

“Mmmmmmmmm, darling, I’m so glad you thought of this!” Linda panted.

“I’m not senile yet,” George chuckled.

“Not at all,” Linda agreed huskily. “And your cock still works great, too.”

She licked up more of the thick glistening cream that oozed from his piss hole. She rolled the stuff around in her mouth and savored it before swallowing. She went for more, drilling her tongue tip right into the cleft of his cock.

“Mmmmmmmm, uuuummmmm!” she gurgled.

While she had her snack, George got his. He licked every inch of her seething cunt, gobbling her musky cream, gorging himself on the thick liquid. He drilled into her cunt to scoop out more. Linda especially seemed to like his tongue in her pussy.

“God, yes!” she panted. “Get me off that way, darling! Fuck me with your tongue!”

“Only on one condition,” George growled. “You suck me off.”

“Darling, I’d adore to,” Linda purred.

Instantly she sank her hot juicy mouth down around his thick cock. Her lips looked like they were going to split, but she was eager. She took in every inch of his prick and started sucking loudly and greedily on it. George shuddered with excitement.

“Jesus, yes, suck!” he cried.

Then he crammed his whole big tongue into her cunt, thrusting clear to the root. Linda gave a muffled moan of ecstasy as he stuffed her full of the wet hot meat. He began to jerk his tongue in and out of her twat, fucking her with it.

Misty watched and felt molten cunt juice trickling down her inner thighs. It was so fun to spy on lovers, but she was starting to want more than that. She wanted some action for herself. She sure wished she could be doing what George and Linda were doing.

They went at each other faster and faster, gobbling each other’s cream and growling like rutting animals. George thrust his tongue very hard and deep into Linda’s squirting cunt, and she gasped and began to convulse. She gave his cock an extra-hard suck, and he bellowed and shot his load.

“Mmmmmmmm, uuuuummmm!” she moaned, her cheeks bulging with his jetting come.

“Unnnnnhhhh, unnnngggghhhhh?” he groaned.

They sucked and tongued each other through a long hard mutual orgasm. Misty watched enviously. There were so many kinky and thrilling ways to get off, many more than she’d dreamed. She wouldn’t be happy until she’d tried them all.

Linda tumbled off George and looked at the cock.

“I like a late dinner, don’t you?” she asked.

“Yes,” he grinned. “I’m not even hungry yet. At least not for food.”


To Misty, who was just out of high school, people in their thirties seemed pretty old. So she was amazed at George and Linda’s stamina. They’d just had a hard mutual climax, yet they were already thinking about more love-making.

Linda snuggled up to George and grasped his cock. As she pumped it, they kissed, darting their tongues into each other’s mouth. That was something Misty really looked forward to trying. It was ridiculous that she’d never even been kissed.

Linda’s little fist was busy on George’s prick, and it wasn’t long before she got results. His meat began to thicken and engorge. It grew long and rigid, and it started drooling big glistening slobs of cream. The sticky liquid ran over Linda’s fingers.

“Mmmmmmm, just look at that!” she gurgled.

She slid down till she could lick bis cock. She speared up the salty prick juice with the tip of her tongue and gobbled the stuff. George’s nostrils flared, and he began breathing hard. His cock bucked in her fist.

“Time for something serious!” he growled. He rolled Linda over onto her back and slid on top of her. Eagerly she bent her legs and opened them wide, and he sank down between them. He pressed the hard head of his cock against her juicy cunt mouth and shoved hard.

“Unnnnhhhhh!” Linda gasped.

Misty winced, thinking that was a cry of pain. It would have to hurt like hell to take something that big. But she was wrong. Linda arched her body to take George’s thick prick as deep as she could get it, and she clung to him and kissed him.

“Unnnnhhhh, yes, darling, get in as deep as you can!” she moaned.

Misty shook her head. She just couldn’t understand why Linda wasn’t in pain. But Linda was panting and moaning with excitement, and as George’s huge cock touched bottom, cramming her completely, she creamed hard. The molten liquid squirted out around his cock.

“Fuck me, honey!” she panted. “Fuck me good!”

George wasn’t saying much. He was too excited. Flushed and growling with lust, he began hammering his stiff cock hard and deep in Linda’s juicy cunt. She fucked right back at him, jerking her hips to his hard rhythm. She clawed his powerful shoulders and whimpered with pleasure.

“Ohhhhh, God, that’s so good!” she cried. George was holding himself up on his elbows, watching his thick cock as it pounded in her cunt. That meant Misty could see the action, too. She watched his wrist-thick cock stretching Linda’s delicate cunt lips very wide and ramming deep into her body.

That should have hurt, but obviously it didn’t. Misty still hadn’t figured out why, but she had to believe the evidence of her own eyes and ears. Linda was in ecstasy as she took the rough thrusts of her husband’s massive prick.

“Uunnnnhhh, honey, fuck me forever!” she wailed. “Fuck my brains out!”

Her lovely face was contorted with lust, and she was jerking her hips swiftly, taking George’s cock deep into her sizzling twat. Her eyes rolled, then closed tight, as she blotted out every other sensation. Her voice was hoarse with pleasure.

“Fuck it to me, fuck it to meeeee!” she groaned.

George gave it to her faster and faster as his own excitement mounted. Growling and snorting, he fucked into her so hard that her slim body shuddered with the impact. His thick cock reamed out her cream and raked her clinging cunt. Still she seemed to love it.

Misty was almost beginning to think that she’d have to try this herself. She feared the idea of taking a man’s hard engorged cock, but how else would she solve the mystery? How else would she discover why it felt good instead of hurting?

“Harder, darling!” Linda sobbed. “Fuck me as hard as you can, make me come!”

George obeyed, snarling lustily and hammering it to her so fast that their bodies were almost blurs to the spying hotel maid. Linda arched her body so high that her ass left the bed. She was taking her husband’s pistoning prick to her fiery depths.

“Unnnnnhhhh, yessssss, you’re doing it, whaaaaahhhhh!” she screamed.

Her slender body bucked and writhed as the powerful pleasure spasms ripped through her. She flopped back on the bed, taking George with her, and as she climaxed, she locked her legs around his waist. Scorching come-juice poured from her cunt and down her ass crack. Finally she went limp and gasping.

“Oh, God, that was good!” she panted. Then she opened her eyes and said, “But you didn’t come!”

George leered at her.

“You know me when I get my second wind,” he said.

“I sure do,” she laughed. “We may not make it to the dining room till midnight.”

He rolled off her and flipped her over onto her hands and knees. Crouching in the doggy-position, Linda clawed the bed and gurgled in anticipation. George grasped her hips and socked the fat purple head of his cock into her juicy cuntal pit.

“Mmmmmmm, yesssss!” she gurgled. “Do it to me again, darling! I can never get enough from you!”

Misty held her breath as she watched George ease his huge fat cock into Linda’s tiny cunt. The thick meat forced out her cream, and it dripped down her inner thighs. She dug her nails into the sheet to brace herself as George gave her the whole length of his steel-hard prick.

“God, yessssss!” she moaned.

George pushed into her till only his big hairy balls were showing. He caught his breath and started fucking her slowly, deeply and sensuously. She gurgled with delight, and molten juice kept overflowing her crammed twat and running down her legs.

“Mmmmmmnun, honey, I love you to fuck me!” she moaned.

Linda may have loved it, but Misty wasn’t very turned on by the sight. It looked so menacing and rough. She’d been a lot more aroused by the kissing and sucking and finger play. Still she wasn’t exactly bored. She wanted to learn everything there was to know about making love.

It was hard to believe that she’d graduated from high school without ever once getting the facts of life from an adult. Here she was about to enter college, and she’d never kissed a boy, never had a date. She intended to make up for lost time.

First, though, she had to complete her sex education. She didn’t want to get it on till she knew what she was doing. She didn’t want to come off like a clumsy amateur. She wanted to know all the delicious and kinky ways to please her partner.

The newlyweds had been a big help, and now George and Linda were teaching her even more. She watched in total fascination as George gradually speeded up his fucking, rocking Linda’s body with the rough impact. Linda moaned with bliss.

“That’s it, honey, fuck harder!” she whimpered. “Fuck the living shit out of me!”

Misty had already noticed that even nice women used dirty words when they were horny. Linda was a refined rich lady, and even she was using filthy language as George fucked her to a fever pitch of excitement. Her voice was hoarse with pleasure.

“Harder, damn it, fuck me crazy!” she wailed.

George’s leer broadened, and he began really pounding it to her. She almost toppled over. She had to brace her hands against the headboard, he was fucking her so hard. But she never complained. Just the opposite — the harder he did it to her, the more she loved it.

Now she was squealing with excitement and creaming thick hot floods. She screwed her eyes shut and bared her teeth in a lusty snarl. As George fucked into her with lightening speed, she stiffened, gasped, and then convulsed violently.

“Ooooooooh, shit — whaaaaaahhhhhhh!” she screamed.

She was coming hard, her hot little cunt squeezing George’s cock almost flat. He snorted with excitement but managed to hold off his own climax. Instead he fucked her hard through her long powerful come, then drew his smoking cock from her dripping pussy.

He rolled onto his back. His monstrous prick stood up like a fireplug, thick and hard. When Linda had caught her breath, she turned and saw him lying there, and she grinned wickedly. She crawled over and got on top of him.

Straddling him, she rubbed the slick hot flesh of her pussy over his swollen cock head. She wriggled around till she’d lodged the massive knob of flesh in her small cuntal opening. Then she slid right down the fat impalement of his cock.

“Oooooooh, yessssss!” she squealed.

As she sat on his balls, George grabbed her by the waist and started fucking her hard and deep. His face was red with lust, his nostrils flared. He’d shown a lot of endurance, but Misty sensed that this time he wouldn’t be able to hold back his load.

“Unnnnnhhhh, God, I could fuck you forever!” Linda gurgled.

“I wish I could do it for you,” George panted, “but even a fantastic stud like me gets tired.”

Linda laughed, but her voice soon hoarsened with pleasure as George fucked into her like a pile driver. Her big tits swayed heavily, and sizzling juice poured from her crammed cunt and dripped all over George’s belly and balls.

“God, yesssss!” she wailed. “Fuck hard, as hard as you can!”

Misty sure didn’t understand Linda’s lust for speed and roughness. Gentle fucking didn’t seem to do it for her. The more savagely George fucked her, the more insanely aroused she got. Once again she closed her eyes tight and forgot everything but her wild pleasure.

“Ohhhhhh, shit, I’m going to come!” she moaned.

“You and me both!” George growled.

A few seconds later Linda’s slim body shuddered violently with the first blast of orgasm. Her cunt clamped and sucked at George’s engorged cock and he bellowed and pumped her womb full of scaring jism.

“Ohhhhh, God, yessss! Yes! Yessssss, whasshhhhh!” Linda wailed.

“Take my load in your cunt! Take it, aaaaagggggghhhhhhh!” George bellowed.

They rolled apart and caught their breath, and then George said, “I suppose we better get to the dining room before it closes.”

“Right,” Linda said. “Now I’m finally hungry. Must have been the exercise.”

“You give terrific exercise, honey,” he chuckled.

They dressed and left, and Misty flopped down on her bed and began stroking her hot juicy cunt. She’d gotten very aroused from watching them, and she just had to get herself off. Her stroking felt great, but there was a nagging question at the back of her mind.

How would a real cock feel? She was dying to know, yet she was scared to find out. She stuck her middle finger into her slippery hot cunt and jerked it up and down. It felt great, but of course it was much smaller than a cock.

She glanced around her room and spotted a banana she’d sneaked from the servant’s dining room. It was just about the size of a real-live prick. She decided to experiment. She bounced up, grabbed the banana, and took it back to her bed.

Nervously she pressed the end of the banana into the juicy pit of her cuntal opening. She eased it slowly deeper, spreading her delicate cunt lips wide. The fit was very tight, and that figured, since she’d never had anything in there before but her slim finger.

“Unnnhhhh, unnnnhhhhh!” she panted.

Her virgin cunt was wet and slick with arousal, and that helped. She felt crammed breathless, but the banana was going in without any problem. She discovered that her twat was like elastic, stretching to take something as big as a banana-or a cock.

That explained the mystery. If a woman was horny, her cunt would expand to take even the biggest fuck tool. Misty managed to ease the thick banana all the way into her steaming cunt. She found that she loved the cramming sensation.

But the big test was still to come. She started working the banana in and out of her cunt, doing it fast and hard, just the way George had fucked Linda. To her amazement, it felt great. The thick cramming and hot friction gave her steady pleasure.

“Ooooooooh, shit, ooaooooooah!” she squealed.

It was the first dirty word she’d ever used, but somehow she couldn’t help it. As she swiftly fucked herself with the banana, she got wildly turned on, and she wanted to yell every obscene word she’d ever heard. She was creaming like crazy.

She pumped the banana faster and faster in her squirting cunt and felt her pleasure building till she wanted to howl with it. She closed her eyes and forgot everything but her hot excitement. One more deep thrust and she was coming.

“Ohhhhhh, fuck! Fuck, yes! Ohhhhhhh, whaaaahbhbhhhh!” she wailed.

It was the hardest and longest come she’d had yet, rocking her body with violent pleasure spasms till she almost blacked out. At last she pulled the dripping fruit from her tingling cunt and sighed with satisfaction.

It had been terrific fun, but Misty didn’t think she wanted to make it with a banana for the rest of her life.


The next day at work, Misty thought about how she could get a boyfriend. She knew she was attractive, but she’d never come onto a guy before and didn’t even know where to start. And there was still one big problem.

She was still afraid to fuck. After her little experiment with the banana, she thought she understood why women liked fucking, but she was still frightened about frying it. Could she keep a boyfriend if she wouldn’t put out for him?

She was lost in thought when someone walked into the room she was cleaning. She looked up and saw a really gorgeous guy, tall and blond and well-built, maybe in his mid-twenties. He grinned at her, and she couldn’t help smiling back.

“I guess I’ve got the wrong room,” he said.

“Yes, sir,” Misty replied, “this room is vacant right now.”

“Too bad,” he smiled. “I like what’s in the room. And I don’t mean the furniture. Can I stay and talk with you a minute?”

“I really should be working,” Misty said.

He ignored that.

“My name’s Ted,” he said. “What’s yours?”

“Misty,” she said.

“And of course you’re married, aren’t you, Ted?”

“Darn,” he laughed, “how’d you know that?”

“Lucky guess,” she said.

In fact since Misty had been working at the hotel there’d never been a single guest. They were all married. That was another problem for her when it came to finding a boyfriend. She really wished Ted was single. He was so cute, and he was obviously attracted to her.

“I suppose a lot of married men come onto you, Misty,” he said.

“Nope, you’re the first one,” she said.

“Then they’re blind,” he said. “You’re a really pretty girl. I like petite girls, and I love blonds.”

As he spoke he was moving closer to her. Misty started backing up, and the next thing she knew, he had her trapped in a corner. He stood there grinning at her, and she kit a rush of hot lust for him. She really wanted him to touch her.

She got her wish. Ted suddenly grabbed her and pulled her into his arms. He kissed her, his mouth hot and hard on hers, and he slid his tongue into her mouth. Misty felt her knees turn to rubber. She creamed right through her panties. She hadn’t dreamed that a simple kiss could be such a turn-on.

It was her very first kiss, and it was super. She just melted against Ted and let him probe her mouth with his hot tongue. He slid his hands down her back and cupped her firm little ass, squeezing it suggestively. Again she soaked her panties with molten juice.

“Mmmmm, mmmmm!” she sighed.

She felt her whole body reacting to his steamy tongue-kiss. Not only was she creaming helplessly, but her tits were swelling up taut. Her nipples went rigid and poked against his chest. The guy was turning her on like crazy.

Finally he drew back and grinned at her. He had such a sexy grin.

“Misty, I think maybe you like me a little bit,” he said.

“How can I like you, Ted? I don’t even know you,” Misty blushed.

“I’ll take care of that right away,” he said. “I’ll make sure you get to know me real well.”

He walked over and locked the door. Then he returned to Misty, picked her up easily, and carded her over to the bed. He drew her down beside him and started kissing her again. It seemed even more exciting when they were lying down. She opened her lips and let him slide his tongue into her mouth.

Now what? she wondered.

As far as she was concerned, he could go on kissing her for hours. She just loved it. But she didn’t know if she was ready for more heavy stuff, and she knew it was wrong to make out with a married man. Ted was so cute, but he hadn’t won her over yet.

“Ted,” she panted, “what about your wife?”

Ted sighed loudly.

“My wife is a tennis nut,” he said. “I thought we were coming here for a romantic vacation, but all she wants to do is play tennis. By the end of the day, she’s even too tired to fuck.”

That explained why he was stalking a hotel maid. He was horny, and his wife wasn’t taking care of his needs. He’d come onto the first woman who attracted him, and that happened to be Misty. He was hers for the taking, but did she want him?

It was so hard to think straight when he went on kissing her like that. He used his tongue in her mouth and drove her wild. Then he started unbuttoning the front of her uniform. Misty tried to pull his hands away, but he was way too strong for her. He got the uniform open to her waist and slid his hands inside it.

He unhooked her bra and pushed it up out of the way. As his hot hands closed over her apple-size tits, Misty shivered with excitement. It was the first time a man had touched her. Ted knew just what to do, too. He squeezed her sensitive tits lustily but gently.

Her stiff nipples throbbed against his palms, and she creamed heavily. She just wanted him to go on playing with her body all day. But she was still terrified of fucking, and that kept her a little on edge. She loved what he was doing, but she couldn’t let it go too far.

He broke their kiss and rolled her onto her back. He worked her uniform off her shoulders and down to her waist, then ogled her gorgeous firm teenage tits. Her small red nipples were stiff buds, supersensitive now that they were swollen.

He leaned down, stuck out his tongue, and gently tickled her nipples.

“Ooooooh!” she squealed.

“You like that?” he grinned.

“Yes, but I have to tell you something, Ted,” she panted. “I’m a virgin, and I’m not gonna fuck anybody till I’m married.”

That was kind of a lie. She didn’t know what her plans were, except that at this stage of her life she wasn’t ready to go all the way with a man. But she hoped Ted would respect her feelings, and he did.

“Okay, honey, I understand,” he said. “I won’t force you into anything. But there’s plenty of ways we can have fun together without fucking.”

That was more like it. That was what Misty wanted to hear. She was very eager to try out the kinky pleasures she’d spied on. And if she didn’t go all the way with Ted, she wouldn’t really be involved in adultery. She wouldn’t have to feel guilty.

“Show me what you’re talking about,” she said shyly.

“Sure,” he said. “I think you’ll like this a lot.”

He raised her skirt and tucked it up around her waist. He ogled her tiny bikini panties, then gently pulled them off. Misty blushed hard because it was the first time a man had seen her pussy. Ted gently drew her legs apart and studied the moist pink flesh.

“Jesus!” he sighed. “I wish you did fuck! But we’ll still have a good time.”

He slipped his hand between her thighs and cupped her sizzling wet cunt. He started squeezing it sensuously, and Misty moaned and creamed right into bis hand. She couldn’t help that. What he was doing to her felt so damned good.

“Mmmmm, yesssss!” she sighed.

He used one stiff finger to saw slowly back and forth between the moist hot folds of her pussy. That was just what she did to herself when she masturbated, but it felt a thousand times more exciting when a man did it to her.

“Oh, yes, Ted, I like that!” she panted.

“It gets even better,” he promised.

He explored every steamy fold and cranny of her slit, making her writhe and moan and cream. She wished he’d go on doing it for hours. She was totally reined and submissive now that he’d promised not to fuck her. He was the teacher and she was the willing student.

“Have you ever had an orgasm?” he asked.

Misty hesitated a moment. He knew she was a virgin, so if she said she’d had an orgasm, he’d know that she played with herself. She still felt uptight about confessing that.

“No,” she lied. “At least I don’t think I have.”

“You’ll know in a few minutes,” he said. “I’m gonna get you off.”

He took her small throbbing clit between his thumb and index finger. Holding it gently but firmly, he began to roll it between his fingers. Misty squealed with pleasure. She couldn’t believe how good it felt. She soaked his hand with squirting cunt juice.

“Oooooh, I love that,” she cried.

Ted didn’t say anything, just grinned. He seemed so cool, but his eyes were hot with excitement. As he rolled her clit between his fingers, giving her hot sparks of pleasure, she glanced down at his fly. There was a big hard bulge there.

As far as Misty knew, he was the first man ever to get a hard-on for her. She felt excited about that, but she wasn’t going anywhere near his cock. She was still terrified of hard cocks. She moved her eyes away from his sharply tented fly.

He was kneading her clit faster now, and she began to claw the bed and pant. The pleasure was searing, and the faster he manipulated her, the hotter she got. She closed her eyes and forgot everything else. She lay there whimpering and creaming till all of a sudden her body was rocked with ecstasy.

“Ohhhh, shit, oooooh!” she howled.

She was coming hard, molten juice spurting from her spasming cunt and soaking Ted’s fingers. He kept rolling her clit as she came, making her orgasm long and intense. It was almost a full minute before she went limp and gas ping.

“Oh, wow, that was wonderful, Ted!” she panted. “Was that an orgasm?”

“It sure was,” he grinned. “And now I’m gonna give you another one.”

That was just fine with Misty. She was developing such a hunger for orgasms that one wasn’t enough any more. The more she had, the more she wanted. She’d just come very hard, but already she felt horny again. Eagerly she opened her legs even wider.

Ted made his thick middle finger stiff and slid it slowly into her cunt. It wasn’t as thick as the banana, so she took it easily. She loved the penetrating sensation, and she loved it when his [missing text].

“[Missing text] jack me off.”

He drew out his cock, and Misty stared at it. It was thick and rigid and blue-veined. She was so scared to touch it, but it wouldn’t be fair to deny Ted his release after he’d gotten her off twice. Her hand shaking, she reached out and curled her fingers around the hot hard column of meat.

“I-I’ve never done this before,” she said. “Just pump it, honey,” he said. “There won’t be any problem getting me off.”

He lay back, and Misty ran her hot little fist up and down his throbbing prick. She remembered how other women had done this, and she imitated the things she’d seen when she spied. She seemed to be doing a good job, because Ted groaned and panted with excitement.

“Yeah, good girl,” he said hoarsely. “Just keep doing that.”

Misty found her fears fading as she got used to holding a cock in her fist. Jacking him off was kind of fun. She liked making him groan and writhe with pleasure. She slowly but steadily increased the speed of her pumping, and he liked that even more.

“Jesus, yeah, I’m almost there!” he panted. Molten cream dribbled from his piss hole and ran down to soak her fingers. His cock started bucking in her fist, and it throbbed so hard that she was sure it would explode. Suddenly Ted let out a hoarse yelp, and thick wads of cream jetted from his piss hole and splattered all over the place.

“Awwwww, yeah, aaaggghhhh!” he shouted. Misty felt pretty proud of her work. It was her very first hand job, and Ted was coming like crazy, shooting his load high into the air. He finally flopped back red-faced and panting, and that was when they heard a woman’s voice out in the hall, calling his name.

“Oh, shit, it’s my wife!” he groaned. “I better split!”

Misty lay on the bed grinning after he left. She’d found a lover after all, and it hadn’t been nearly as hard as she’d thought.


Misty’s first love affair didn’t last very long.

Just a few hours later she saw Ted in the hall, and he whispered to her, “I’d love to see you again, honey, but my wife’s suspicious. We’ll just have to cool it.”

Misty felt sad about that. She was really turned on to Ted and dying to have more fun with him. But she didn’t want to make trouble for him or cause a scandal that might get her fired. She’d just have to look for another man.

She went on with her work, cleaning the rooms that had been vacated, bringing fresh towels and linens to the ones that were occupied. The next room had guests, so she knocked before entering. But there was no reply.

Misty entered and changed the sheets. As she was doing it, a stark naked man stepped out of the bathroom. He and Misty stood there gawking at each other. He was a well-built young guy with dark hair and sexy blue eyes.

Finally Misty found her voice.

“Oh, I’m terribly sorry, sir!” she exclaimed. “I knocked, but you didn’t answer!”

“I had the shower running,” he said with a smile, “so I didn’t hear you. My name’s Ray. What’s yours?”

“Misty,” she said, blushing.

Ray was standing there smiling and chatting with her, not at all bothered by the fact that he didn’t have any clothes on. Misty had to force herself not to stare at his cock. She found herself very attracted to the guy. But there were women’s clothes in the room, and that meant he was married.

“I’d better go,” she said.

“Oh, no, go on with your work,” Ray said. “I don’t mind. My wife’s out sightseeing, and I need some company.”

Still blushing, Misty finished making the bed, then took a stack of fresh towels into the bathroom. When she came out, Ray was lying on the bed pinning at her. Was it her imagination, or had his cock started to stiffen?

“You’re a very pretty girl, Misty,” he said, “too pretty to be a hotel maid. How come you’re working a job like this?”

“I’m earning money for college,” Misty said.

“Do you have a boyfriend?” he asked.

“No,” she sighed. “As a matter of fact, I’ve never even had a date. My mother wouldn’t allow it.”

Ray’s eyes widened.

“No kidding?” he exclaimed. “Then you’re a virgin?”

Misty blushed again and said, “Well, yes.”

“I’ll be darned,” he said. “I didn’t know there were any virgins left. Come over here.”

Misty didn’t know why she obeyed, except that he was very handsome and she was hoping he might kiss her. She walked over to the bed, and he pulled her down beside him. Without another word he started undressing her. She was so stunned, she was speechless.

Ray carefully removed her uniform, then her little lacy bra, and finally her bikini panties. He stared at her gorgeous young body, ant she watched his prick rise into a rigid column of thick meat. She began to get a little nervous.

“Ray,” she said, “I ought to tell you that I don’t intend to go all the way with a man till I’m married.”

“Good girl,” he said. “I respect that. I just want to touch you.”

Misty was sure he wanted a lot more than that, but as long as he behaved himself, she’d stay. She might learn something, and she might have some fun. Ray reached out and cupped her cute tits. She shivered as he began playing with them.

“Does that feel nice, honey?” he asked.

“Mmmmm, yessss!” she gurgled.

He molded and squeezed her firm high-riding tits, then bent down to flick her nipples with his tongue. The soft cones responded right away, growing into stiff nubs. Misty loved having her tits licked. She felt her pussy heating and creaming.

Then Ray sank his hot wet mouth down around her left nipple and started sucking it. Misty squealed with excitement, and she felt scalding cream squirting from her cunt. She wanted Ray to go on playing with her for hours.

He sucked both nipples, leaving than tingling and glistening. Then he slid a hand between her thighs and caressed her slick sizzling cunt. Just as she’d done with Ted, she creamed right into his hand. She couldn’t help it. Ray felt the hot squirt and looked at her lustily.

“Honey,” he said, “I think you’re a little horny. I could help you out.”

Misty shook her head.

“I’m not gonna change my mind, Ray,” she said. “I won’t fuck you.”

“I didn’t mean that,” he said. “I know lots of other ways to get you off.”

“Okay, show me,” she said eagerly. Ray lifted her legs and bent them, then drew them wide open, fully exposing her luscious looking pink cunt. He crawled between her thighs, and she felt his hot moist breath fanning her pussy. She got very excited. She was dying to have her pussy eaten.

“Are you gonna go down on me?” she panted.

“That’s what I had in mind,” he grinned. “Do you want me to?”

“Oh, yes,” Misty said. “I wanta know what it’s like.”

“Well, you came to the right guy,” Ray said. “I’m an expert. At least my wife says so.”

Misty wished he’d leave his wife out of it. She didn’t want to hear about his marriage. But her annoyance vanished as Ray stuck out his tongue and made electric contact with her sensitive swollen slit. He started licking her, and it felt fantastic.

“Ooooh, ooooh, yessss!” she squealed.

Ray’s big hot tongue was all over her cunt, lashing and licking. It was the most sensuous sensation she’d ever known. She creamed furiously, and he lapped up the tangy juice and gobbled it. The guy really was a pussy freak.

“Mmmm, unnnhhhh, I love it!” Misty gurgled.

Ray tongue-whipped every inch of her seething gash, then concentrated on the another and receptive spot of all, the tiny hooded lump other clit. Mewed the stiff tip of his tongue to flick across the little button, and Misty sobbed with relief.

“Oh, yeah, lick me right there!” she cried. “Oh, that’s great!”

She closed her eyes, blotting out everything but the wonderful sensations she was getting from Ray’s busy tongue. He teased her clit for awhile, then began rimming it, running the pointed tip of his tongue around the slippery little shaft.

Misty couldn’t lie still. She was writhing, and she was working her hips in a helpless fucking motion as Ray tongued her clit into taut engorgement. Floods of molten cream poured from her aroused cunt and dribbled down her asscrack. She felt the sticky juice puddling on the bed beneath her.

“Ohhhh, Ray!” she whimpered. “You’re driving me crazy! Please, please get me off!”

“You got it, baby,” he said, his voice hoarse with lusty excitement.

She felt him sucking her clit between his lips, getting a firm hold on the wet throbbing nub. He began sucking her off. The pleasure was so sharp and sudden that she writhed and squealed. She soaked his face with spurting cunt juice.

“Oooooh, shit, yessss!” she wailed.

The incredible pleasure seared through her pussy, and she couldn’t stop her furious creaming. The room echoed with Ray’s obscene wet sucking noises as he worked her toward orgasm. He sucked faster and faster on her bursting clit.

Misty wanted the wonderful sensations to last forever, but she was so turned on that she couldn’t hold back her climax. She felt it building in her throbbing clit. Suddenly the fleshy button exploded with sensation, and a gigantic climax ripped through her body.

“Ohhhhh, fuck, ohhhh, whaaahhhh!” she howled.

Ray grabbed her churning ass and steadied her so he could suck her all the way through her orgasm. The pleasure was so intense that she almost blacked out with it. She came and came, then flopped back with a breathless sigh of delight.

“Oh, God, that was fantastic!” she moaned.

“Want me to do it again?” Ray asked, raising his cream-soaked face and grinning at her.

“Mmmmm, I’d love it!” she gurgled.

She’d just come like crazy, but she was greedy for more cum. She was beginning to wonder if she’d ever get enough orgasms. The more she had, the more she craved. Now she opened her legs as wide as she could, giving Ray plenty of room to work.

He lashed his tongue over her come-soaked slit, gobbling up all the musky cream. Then he made his tongue long and stiff and started easing it into her virgin cunt. Misty howled with excitement. This felt even better than being sucked.

“Unnnnhhh, yeah, stick it all the way into me, Ray!” she moaned. “I want the whole thing!”

He gave it to her, thrusting his tongue right to the root in her deliciously snug and creamy pussy hole. Misty adored being crammed with the thick hot slab of meat. She wondered if fucking felt this good, but she quickly dismissed the idea. She wasn’t ready for that yet. Cupping her hot little ass, Ray began fucking her with his tongue. He started out slowly, teasingly, getting her wildly aroused with the deep thrusts. She drenched his face with sizzling cream. Then he speeded up, and that felt even better.

“Yes, yes, really give it to me!” she moaned. “Do it hard, Ray!”

Ray’s head bobbed swiftly as he pistoned his big tongue in her squirting cunt. This was the most powerful pleasure Misty had experienced yet. She gurgled and whined and clawed the bed. She closed her eyes and forgot everything else.

“Ooooooh, shit, ooooh!” she squealed.

Again she wanted the fantastic pleasure to go on forever, and again she was too quickly aroused. She couldn’t stop the orgasm building in the fiery depths of her cunt. She went into a helpless fucking motion, jerking her hips up to take Ray’s thick tongue as deep as she could get it.

“Unnnnhbh, unnnnhhh, whaaahhhh!” Misty howled. “I’m comingggg!”

Ray kept a firm grip on her grinding ass and tongue-fucked her through the long powerful climax that seared her body. Misty was so glad she’d run across an expert pussy-eater. She wouldn’t have missed this experience for the world.

“God, I loved that,” she gurgled as he finally drew his tongue from her smoking cunt.

“I’m glad, honey,” he rasped. “Now how about going down on me?”

“I’ve never done it before,” she smiled. “But I’d like to learn!”

Ray grinned at her and rolled onto his back. His handsome cock stood up rigid and drooling. Misty crawled over to kneel beside him, recalling the things she’d seen when she spied. At least she knew how to get started. She fisted the thick base of his throbbing prick.

“All you have to do is lick and suck,” Ray told her.

Misty nodded, bent low, and stuck out her tongue. She timidly licked the gleaming purple head of his cock, but as soon as she tasted his hot salty cream, she speeded up. She loved the flavor of cock juice. She greedily cleaned the head of his prick, gobbling up every single drop of juice.

Then she slid her mouth down around his stiffly standing dick. It filled her mouth and stretched her lips wide, but she wasn’t afraid. She liked turning men on, giving them pleasure. She caved in her cheeks and began to suck hard.

“Oh, yeah!” Ray yelped. “Terrific!”

Misty was glad she was doing it right. Her natural horny instincts seemed to guide her. She just did what was fun, and she soon learned just how fast and hard Ray wanted to be sucked. She got a good hot rhythm going, and Ray writhed and moaned with excitement.

“You’re doing great, baby!” he panted. “Keep doing it just like that!”

Misty suctioned the delicious cream out of his piss hole and gobbled it. She wanted to gorge herself on the stuff. She liked feeling a big hard cock cramming her mouth and throbbing on her tongue. Yes, she was going to like cock-sucking very much.

“Mmmm, nunmmm!” she gurgled.

Ray wasn’t talking now. He was too tar gone for that. He was just groaning and writhing as the cute hotel maid sucked him to the brink of orgasm. Suddenly he bellowed and began fucking her mouth, filling it with a huge load of sizzling come.

“Eat it, baby, aaaaggghhhh!” he yelled.

“Mmmmm, mmmm, unnnhhhh!” Misty moaned.

She held his load as long as she could, till it dripped from the corners of her lips. Then she had to swallow or her cheeks would have burst. She gulped down the delicious hot cream, and Ray sank back with a happy groan.

“Thanks a lot, honey,” he said. “If you want to have more fun, look me up. But you better leave now. My wife’s due back any minute.”


Misty was beginning to get impatient with married men.

Just when she was having a terrific time, they had to quit on account of their wives. But there weren’t any single men at the hotel, so she didn’t have much choice when it came to lovers.

That night was a restless one for Misty. No one was staying in the next room, so there was nothing to see through the spy hole. Although she’d made it with two terrific lovers that day, she was horny again, and she had to beat off to get to sleep.

The moment she woke up the next morning, she knew she was ready to lose her virginity.

Somehow she’d made a decision in her sleep. She’d done everything else there was to do, hand jobs and licking and sucking. She wouldn’t rest till she’d done the most daring thing of all. She was still a little scared of the idea, but she had to satisfy her curiosity.

Now all she needed was a man willing to take her cherry. She knew it wouldn’t be difficult to get volunteers. She grinned to herself as she thought of putting a notice on the hotel bulletin board: “Teenage virgin wants to fuck.” There’d be a stampede. But Misty didn’t want just anybody.

She wanted a special guy to give her first fuck. He had to be attractive and sexy and experienced. Ted or Ray would have been just right, but it would be tricky catching them alone. She put on her uniform and went to work, hoping to bump into one of her lovers.

She saw both Ted and Ray that day, but they were with their wives. They just sneaked her looks of lust, but they couldn’t talk to her. By afternoon, Misty was feeling very horny and frustrated. It seemed she couldn’t get anybody to take her cherry.

When she got off work, she decided to go to her room and beat off. Her pussy was on fire, and she just had to get some relief. As she walked down the hall, a very attractive man came out of a room, and Misty stopped and stared at him.

He was a lean six-footer with brown curly hair and a nice mustache. He was also wearing a wedding ring, but that didn’t make Misty hesitate. She walked right up to him and flashed him an inviting smile. He looked a little puzzled, but he smiled back.

“Hi,” she said, “my name’s Misty.”

“Hi, Misty,” he said. “I’m Vic. And I’m confused. Have we met before?”

“No,” she said. “I just like your looks, and I’d like to know you better. Are you doing anything right now?”

“Well, no,” Vic said. “My wife is lying down for a nap, and I thought I’d better leave her alone. I was going down for a drink.”

“I have a better idea,” Misty said. “Come with me.”

She knew what she was doing was crazy, but it was what she wanted and needed. She’d just picked up the first attractive guy she ran into, and she was going to take him to her room and get him to fuck her. She’d always liked the direct approach.

When they were inside, Vic laughed uneasily and said, “What’s going on, Misty?”

“I’m lonely,” she said, “and I’m horny. I want to get it on with you!”

His mouth dropped open. Misty took advantage of his surprise to wrap her arms around his neck and kiss him. She snaked her slick little tongue into his mouth and wantonly rubbed her mound against his fly. He gave a muffled gasp.

He drew back flushed and wide-eyed and said, “Hey, honey, take it easy. I’m not the guy for you. I’m married.”

“Your wife doesn’t have to know about this,” Misty said soothingly, “and you’d be doing me a real big favor. See, Vic, I’m a virgin, and I’m so tired of it.”

Vic groaned.

“Oh, shit,” he cried, “of all the lousy luck. I’ve always wanted to make it with a virgin, but now I can’t. I just don’t believe in cheating on my wife, honey.”

Misty groaned, too. For days she’d been holding out, refusing to go all the way, but now she was ready. And she’d bad the back luck to pick a guy who refused to fuck. It wasn’t even funny. But she was determined to change his mind.

“Vic,” she said gently, “we don’t have to go all the way if you don’t believe in it, but could we just neck a little? Your wife will never know, and it would make me feel better.”

“Well, I guess there’d be no harm in that,” he said.

Of course Misty was lying to him. She fully intended to fuck him before he left her room, but she could see that he needed coaxing. She’d have to trick him into it. Smiling, she began to undress. Vic watched her hungrily. When she was naked, she walked over to him and began taking off his clothes.

“Maybe we shouldn’t undress,” he said hoarsely.

“It’s more fun this way,” Misty insisted.

She pulled off his upper garments, then went to her knees and removed his shoes and socks. She unzipped his pants. She grasped his pants and shorts and tugged them off. Still kneeling, she looked squarely at his handsome cock.

She just couldn’t resist playing with it. She grasped the base firmly, and Vic groaned and shivered. Her little pink tongue shot out, and he gasped as it contacted the sensitive head of his cock. She lathered his prick with her hot saliva.

“Oh, Jesus!” he groaned. “I shouldn’t let you do that, but it feels so great! My wife won’t go down on me! She thinks it’s dirty!”

Misty let him babble on, not paying much attention to what he was saying. She was too busy enjoying his cock. She licked it all over, then returned to the fat purple head, tickling and lashing it with her juicy little tongue. She felt his cock give a lusty buck and start to swell.

“Oh, terrific!” he groaned. “I didn’t mean for that to happen!”

But Misty did. She fully intended to give him a hard-on, to get him so horny that he’d do anything she wanted. She popped the sensitive head of his dick into her mouth and sucked it greedily. Vic shivered and sighed with pleasure.

Hot juice began to drip from his pin hole, onto her tongue. She savored the salty cream and gobbled it. She sucked harder, drawing more delicious cream from his cock. Vic was getting red in the face, and his nostrils were flared.

“Misty, you gotta stop that,” he said hoarsely. “I don’t want to bee control.”

“Okay,” Misty chirped. “We’ll just neck.”

Vic breathed a sigh of relief as she led him over to the bed. But he couldn’t have been relieved, because she hadn’t really given up. She didn’t want to suck him off. That would be wasting a perfectly good cock stand. She just wanted to get him maddeningly horny.

They stretched out on the bed and kissed and felt each other up. Misty wiggled her tongue in his mouth and rubbed her soft bush against his engorged cock. Vic was a terrific kisser. Soon he had her squirming and moaning with desire. Her pussy was soaked with her dripping cuntal juices.

He cupped and molded her nice firm tits, then explored lower, squeezing her ass, petting her small blond bush. He slid a hand between her thighs and touched the wet scorching flesh of her pussy. She creamed all over his fingers.

“God,” he said breathlessly, “you really are horny. You say you’ve never gone all the way before?”

“Vic,” she laughed bitterly, “I’ve never even had a date. I’m way overdue for this.”

“You sure as hell are,” he said. “Look, I know a way to get you off. That’ll be some help.”

He eased his middle finger into her cunt and started jerking it in a quick cock-like motion. It felt exciting, and Misty enjoyed it, but she wanted his cock in there, not his finger. If he thought she’d settle for a finger-fuck, he was wrong.

But apparently that was his plan. He hoped to satisfy the horny girl by masturbating her, then get out of her room before he lost control of himself. Misty sensed this, and she planned a counterattack. She grabbed his rock-hard throbbing prick and started pumping it fast and hard.

“Oh, yeah!” he groaned. “That’s it! We’ll get each other off this way!”

Like hell we will, Misty thought.

She was getting hot stabs of pleasure from his finger-fucking, and she could easily have come, but she intended to outlast him. She firmed her grip on his big pulsating cock and pumped it even faster. Vic shuddered with excitement.

“Oh, yeah, just a little more!” he groaned. “I’m gonna came any second now!”

“Oh, no, you’re not,” Misty said, rolling away from him.

She landed on her back, and she quickly bent her knees and spread her legs wide. Vic stared helplessly at her cute pink cunt, taking in the delicate fringe of blond curls and the cream-soaked flesh. Misty let him look awhile before she spoke.

“There’s only one way you’re gonna get off, Vic,” she said, “and you know what it is. Come on, please. I want to lose my cherry.”

Vic groaned in deep frustration. He obviously was dying to fuck ha, to take her virginity, but he couldn’t forget his marriage vows. His cock was at war with his conscience, and Misty feared his conscience would win. She decided to mate the decision for him.

She lunged at him and pulled him down on top of her. Before he could recover from his surprise, he’d slipped down between her hot silky thighs, and the head of his cock lodged in her tight but juicy cunt mouth. Her twat sucked greedily at his prick.

“Come on, fuck me!” she whimpered. “I want it so bad, Vic! I just have to know what it’s like!”

“Oh, shit!” he groaned. “You only live once!”

He slid his hands under her and gripped her writhing ass. Then he started pushing his thick steel-hard cock into her virgin cunt. Misty was surprised at how ready she felt. Her tiny cunt expanded and juiced heavily to take his prick.

“Ohhhhh, fuck, yessss!” she moaned.

She’d only wanted to satisfy her curiosity. She’d expected that her first fuck would hurt like hell. But it wasn’t hurting at all. It felt fantastically good and exciting. She creamed furiously as Vic inched his throbbing cock deeper into her.

She didn’t even have a cherry to break. Maybe she’d gotten it during her little experiment with the banana. Vic’s engorged cock made a very tight fit in her untried twat, but it felt wonderful to her. As he touched bottom, she moaned and clawed his shoulders.

“Finally!” she sighed.

“You like it?” he rasped.

“God, yes!” she moaned. “Fuck me, Vic, show me what it’s like!”

He began doing it to her very slowly and gently, letting her get used to the sensation. But she soon wanted harder action. She jerked her hips hard to let him know, and he speeded up, fucking her deep and fast. She whimpered with excitement.

“Mmmmm, unnnhhh, yesss!” she cried.

She wasn’t afraid of fucking now. She was only afraid she’d never get enough of it. She clung to Vic and jerked her hips to his hot horny rhythm, taking his stiff prick as deep as she could get it. She drenched his meat with a steady flood of sizzling cream.

“Fuck it to me, fuck it to meeeee!” she babbled.

“Ahhhh, Christ, so fuckin’ tight!” Vic groaned. “I love fucking you, baby!”

Misty loved fucking him, too, but she was beyond words by now. All she could do was pant and squeal and moan as he fucked into her faster and faster. She’d been crazy not to try this years ago. She wondered how she’d survived without it.

One thing was for sure — she was hooked on fucking. Her body was taking over, and years of pent-up lust were being satisfied at last. She writhed and jerked to Vic’s stiff fucking, and she felt herself spinning helplessly towards a gigantic come.

She tried to hold it off. She wanted to go on fucking till she fainted. She clawed Vic’s shoulders, licked his ears and nibbled his neck. Her molten cunt juice gushed down her ass crack to make a huge sticky puddle on the bed. She’d never felt so excited in her life.

“Oooooh, really give it to me now, honey!” she moaned. “Fuck the living shit out of me!”

Vic went into high gear, fucking her so hard that her petite body shuddered with the impact. He was snorting and growling with lust as he hammered his rock-hard cock into her velvety hot cunt. They went at each other like rutting animals, making the bed creak and groan.

Misty felt the huge orgasm exploding out from the depths of her cunt, searing through every nerve in her body. She threw back her head and screamed in ecstasy.

“Ohhhh, shit, fuck, whaathhhhh!” she wailed.

“Awwwww, Jesus, awwwwww!” Vic bawled. Misty sobbed with pleasure as she took her very first load of come. The sizzling juice seemed to make her orgasm even more intense and delicious. She and Vic writhed together for a long wonderful time, gorging themselves on hot sensation.

“Shit, that was fantastic!” Misty moaned. Then she sensed that they weren’t alone in the room. She gasped, glanced around, and there was Ted, standing by the bed watching them.


Ted gave Misty a sheepish grin.

“Hi,” he said. “I wanted to see you again, so I got your room number, and I thought I’d just step in here and wait till you got off work. Only it looks like you’re still at work, sort of.”

“What the hell?” Vic exclaimed. “Who’s he?”

“A friend,” Misty said, “like you.” She could hardly keep from giggling. “Vic, this is Ted.”

“Well, Vic,” Ted said, “it looks like you’re a better friend of Misty’s than I am. She let you go all the way.”

“Oh, Christ!” Vic groaned. “I just couldn’t resist, but I don’t want my wife to find out about this!”

“I don’t want mine to find out, either,” Ted said. “This can just be our little secret. But if you’re finished, I’d like to be alone with Misty flow.”

While the men were talking, Misty was thinking. She was ready to fuck Ted now. She was excited by the idea of taking on one handsome lover after another. But wouldn’t it be even more fun if she got it on with both of them at the same time?

“Don’t go, Vic,” she said.

“Aw, come on, honey,” Ted said. “He’s had his turn.”

“Maybe he’d like another,” Misty said. “I want both of you to stay.”

Ted and Vic looked at each other and began to grin. They were turned on by Misty’s kinky idea. In fact Ted was so turned on that his fly suddenly bulged. He took off his clothes as fast as he could and slid onto the king-size bed.

“What made you change your mind, Misty?” he asked. “How come you decided to fuck him?”

“I guess I was just ready,” she said. “But now I’m ready for you, too, Ted.”

“Fantastic!” he leered.

He kissed her and ran his hands over her hot little body. Vic had politely moved to the far side of the bed, giving them plenty of room, but he was watching eagerly. Somehow that thrilled hell out of Misty. She loved having an audience.

She felt Ted sliding his hand onto her soaked pussy, caressing and squeezing the sensitive flesh, and she drenched his fingers with sizzling crew. He grasped her clit and began kneading it, giving her hot stabs of pleasure.

“Mmmmm, yeah, I love that!” she gurgled. Vic inched closer so he could see what Ted was doing to make her so excited. Half an hour ago she’d hardly been able to get him into her room, but now he was cager to join in her spur of the moment orgy. She was sure he wasn’t thinking about his wife.

While Ted kneaded her clit and made her cream uncontrollably, she grabbed his cock and pumped it. It didn’t really need any encouragement. It was already hard as a rack and throbbing with readiness. It leaked hot sticky cream into her fist.

“Jesus, honey, I can’t wait!” Ted groaned. “I’ve been thinking about fucking you since the minute I saw you!”

“Then don’t wait any longer,” Misty grinned. She rolled onto her hands and knees. She wanted to try one of those different ways of fucking. Ted didn’t care what position they did it in, as long as he got his swollen cock into her exquisitely tight teenage cunt. He knelt behind her and grasped her hips.

“Vic!” he panted. “You lucky dog, you got to take her cherry! But at least I’m gonna be her second fuck!”

“Go for it,” Vic chuckled.

Misty felt the huge hard head of Ted’s cock stretching her hot cunt lips, and she clawed the bed and braced herself. He gave a lusty snort and pushed into her, slowly but steadily cramming her tiny cunt full of his thick hot cock. She loved that cramming sensation.

“Unnnnnihhh, yeah, give it to me, Ted!” she moaned. “Give me every inch of it!”

“Jesus, she’s tight!” Ted groaned.

“Yeah,” Vic sighed, “tightest cunt I ever got into.”

Misty glanced at him. He was lying a lot closer to them now, flushed and excited, and his eyes were glued to Ted’s thick cock as it slowly but steadily filled Misty’s dripping little cunt. There was no doubt in Misty’s mind that Vic would want another turn with her.

Well, she was up for it. She didn’t think she could ever get enough fucking. She clawed the bed and gurgled with delight as Ted’s throbbing prick finally touched her womb. He caught his breath and began fucking her in deep, slow, sensuous strokes.

“Mmmmmmm, yeah!” she sighed. “Fuck it to me, Ted, fuck me good!”

“Oh, man, incredible!” Ted panted.

“Watching is a turn-on, too,” Vic chuckled. “Yeah, it is,” Ted laughed. “I sure got turned on watching you guys.”

Misty wasn’t paying much attention to their talk. She was just enjoying the deep thrusts of Ted’s big hard cock. She was creaming steadily, soaking his meat, and the hot cream overflowed and ran down her legs. She felt like she could fuck forever.

“Unnnnnhh, Ted, do it harder now!” she panted. “Faster!”

“I aim to please,” Ted chuckled.

He speeded up, and the red-hot friction between cock and cunt made Misty squeal. She felt her tits bouncing like crazy with the impact of his blows. His flat belly smacked her ass. She jerked her hips to his rhythm, fucking right back at him.

“Yeah, that’s it!” she cried. “Really give it to me, honey!”

“God, she’s something else, isn’t she?” Vic sighed.

Misty glanced at him again, and she wasn’t surprised to see that he had a colossal hard-on. His engorged dick lay flat and rigid against his belly, and it was leaking big globs of hot cream. She just wished she could fuck both men at once.

Unfortunately that wasn’t possible but there was still a way she could enjoy both those gorgeous hard cocks at the same time. It was a wild and outrageous idea, but she was sure it would work. She looked Vic right in the eye and leered at him.

“Is this making you horny, Vic?” she cooed. “Shit, yes,” he groaned. “I never watched anybody get it on before. My cock feels like it’s gonna explode.”

“Well, I can help you out,” Misty said with a wicked grin. “Why don’t you get in front of me and let me suck you off?”

Both men gasped.

“Honey, you’re incredible,” Ted said. “It’s hard to believe you were a virgin just yesterday.”

“I’m making up for lost time,” Misty laughed.

“You sure as hell are,” Vic said, scrambling around to kneel in front of her.

Her and the drooling head of his cock over her lips, and she stuck out her tongue and licked up his delicious sticky cream. She licked her lips, then his cock head, getting every drop of the hot juice. Vic shivered with lust, and Ted was panting as he watched her arousing the other man.

Misty gobbled Vic’s tasty cock juice as fast as it bubbled from his piss hole. Ted leaned over her and watched, and the more excited he got, the faster he fucked her. That was just fine with Misty. She loved being fucked hard.

Now Vic was pushing his dripping cock head urgently against her lips, and she knew what he wanted. She opened her mouth wide and let him slide his throbbing cock inside. She fastened her lips around it, drew in her cheeks, and began to suck.

“Awwww, yeah!” he groaned.

“Fantastic!” Ted panted.

Misty thought it was pretty fantastic, too. Even in her most curious and horny moments, she’d never imagined herself making it with two guys at once. But she was delighted that she’d gotten the idea. It was incredibly exciting.

Ted’s thick hard prick pounded in her greedy little cunt, and she was sucking Vic’s pulsating prick and gobbling his dribbling cream. She was taking all the cock she could handle and loving it. She wished the fun could go on and on, but as usual she was rocketing helplessly towards orgasm.

“Mmmmm, uummmmm!” she moaned.

“Man, I can’t believe this,” Vic rasped.

“Yeah, how’d we get so lucky?” Ted grinned. Misty was shaking with pleasure as Ted fucked into her with lightning speed and Vic shot out of control and began fucking her mouth. Everybody was hurtling towards climax now, and it was just a question of who’d come first. Misty sure didn’t intend to be last.

She deliberately tightened her cunt around Ted’s jack-hammering cock, getting all the delicious friction she could. Ted yelped with excitement as he felt the velvety squeezing action. She sucked like crazy on Vic’s dripping boner.

“Unminlihh, unnnggghbbh!” Ted yelled.

“Eat it, unnnhhh, awwwww!” Vic bellowed. Misty felt her cunt deliciously flooded with Ted’s huge searing load. At the same time Vic was pumping her mouth full of tasty thick conic. She held the load till her cheeks almost burst, then gulped it down with greedy gurgling noises.

The trio groaned and writhed together, then fell apart panting. Misty’s naughty plan had worked very well, but there was just one problem. She’d used up both hard-ons at once, and now there wasn’t a stiff cock to enjoy. She kicked herself for not thinking of that.

But she wasn’t ready to quit, so she’d just have to get her partners aroused again. Vic and Ted were lying near each other, flushed and gasping. She crawled between them, bent over, and stabbed at Ted’s cock with her hot painted tongue.

Ted gasped, and she shifted her attention to Vic, lashing his meat with her juicy tongue. She kept going back and forth between them, coating their cocks with her hot spit, driving them wild with her kinky antics. She had their attention, all right.

“Jesus, Misty, don’t you ever get enough?” Ted laughed.

“Yeah, honey, have some pity on us,” Vic chuckled. “We’re a couple of old tarts compared to you. We need a rest.”

“Well, you’re not getting any,” Misty said stubbornly. “I’m still horny, and I need you.”

She went on licking their cocks, and the men began to respond in spite of their protests. Ted’s cock bucked and ballooned into a thick column of meat. Vic’s prick swelled up taut and drooling. Misty leaned back to admire her work, grinning shamelessly. She just loved giving men hard-ons.

“See?” she grinned. “You weren’t so tired after all.”

“I guess not,” Vic chuckled. “Wanta trade places this time, Ted?”

“Sounds like a winner,” Ted agreed.

Vic crawled around behind Misty and arranged her in the doggy-position. His hot hands clasped her slim hips, and she shivered lustily, dying to feel his thick hot cock cramming her tireless teenage cunt. Molten cream dripped from her fur-fringed pussy hale.

“Yeah, Vic, stick it in me!” she panted. “Fuck me!”

Ted crawled aver to watch. Like Vic, he was very aroused by observing others as they made love. Misty could relate to that. She’d had a wonderful time spying on the couples in the next room. Watching was almost as exciting as doing it.

But not quite. Misty moaned with ecstasy as Vic lodged the thick head of his cock in her small but slick cunt mouth and started pushing into her. She creamed sizzling floods as he worked his hard cock to her fiery depths. He stuffed her full of throbbing cock meat in one lusty shove.

“Unnnhhhh, shit, yessss!” she hissed.

Vic was too aroused to be slow or gentle. He just started fucking her quickly and roughly, but that was the way she liked it best. She dug her nails into the bedspread and gurgled with pleasure.

“Oooooh, fuck, I love it!” she cried.

Then Ted was in front of her, stuffing his big swollen cock into her mouth. She took it hungrily, firming her checks around it and sucking hard. Ted yelped with excitement and fed her big hot globs of salty cream.

“Mmrnmm, mmmmmm!” she moaned.

“Yeah, suck it, honey, suck me off!” Ted growled.

Once again she was taking two cocks and loving it. She didn’t know what had given her such a wild idea, but she wondered if she could go back to ordinary sex. Maybe she was some kind of sex fiend. She was having a fantastic time. Vic was groaning as he fucked into her faster and faster, and Ted was breathing raggedly as she sucked ravenously on his drooling prick. The three of them were headed for another big mutual orgasm, too horny to hold back. Misty was the first to come, her petite body blasted by a sudden climax.

“Mmmnun, mmmm, unnnhhh!” she gasped.

“Awwww, shit, eat it!” Ted roared.

“Aaaggghhhh!” Vic bellowed.

Misty took Vic’s searing load into her womb and gulped down Ted’s sizzling juice. They were still at it when suddenly the door opened and there was Ray barging into the room.

“Hey, Misty, I’ve been looking for you,” he said. Then he paused, stared at the incredible scene on the bed. “Holy shit!”


“Mother one of your friends, Misty?” Vic asked dryly. “You’ve got more damned friends than anybody I know.”

“Yeah, baby, who’s this guy?” Ted demanded.

“This is Ray,” she said. “Ray, meet Ted and Vic. And please close the door.”

Numbly Ray obeyed, closing the door and locking it. He wandered a little closer to the bed, blinking as if he didn’t believe his eyes. Misty was still on her hands and knees, licking her lips to get the last of Ted’s come. Vic was just pulling his dripping cock from her cunt.

“Looks like you’re a little busy,” Ray said, finally regaining the power of speech. “Maybe I should come back another time.”

“Oh, no, please stay,” Misty insisted. “Ted and Vic need a little rest, but I’m still horny.”

Ted and Vic stared at each other. They really did feel fucked out now, but the lusty little hotel maid was still hot for action. She slipped off the bed and went to Ray, kissing him and rubbing her mound against his fly. Vic and Ted shook their heads and moved to the far side of the bed, clearing the decks for action.

Misty snaked her arms around Ray’s neck and shoved her hot little tongue into his mouth. While she probed sensuously, she round her mound against his cock. He still seemed kind of stunned, but his cock responded, swelling up hard and hot.

When they came up for air he said breathlessly, “Let me get this straight. You wanta make it with me while those guys watch?”

“That’s the idea,” Misty grinned. “It turns me on.”

“Hey, try it, you’ll like it,” Ted laughed. “It’s part of the deal, Ray. We all get it on with Misty, and nobody tells anybody’s wife.”

“Oh, I get it,” Ray said, starting to smile. “Well, I never got into anything this crazy before, but it sounds like fun.”

“Oh, it’s fun, all right,” Vic chuckled. “And it’s all Misty’s idea. She thought it up.”

While the men spoke, Misty was undressing Ray. Soon she bad him down to his shorts. She knelt before him and helped him out of the garment, then stuck out her tongue and began licking his cock. He snorted with lust and leered down at her. She could see she’d have no problem getting him to join the orgy.

“Hey, wait a second,” he grinned. “You told me you were a virgin and you weren’t gonna fuck till you got married.”

“I changed my mind,” Misty said. “I just couldn’t wait that long.”

She didn’t waste time on words. She was too busy enjoying his cock. It was fully engorged now, wagging stiffly before him and leaking thick drops of juice. She licked up the tasty cream as fast as she could get it, gurgling hungrily.

“Mmmmmm, shit, I love to do this!” she sighed.

Vic and Ted sat on the bed, leaning against the wall, watching with great interest as Misty worked on Ray. She didn’t have to work very hard. His cock was drooling and bucking with readiness, and he was flushed and panting.

Unable to hold back his lust any longer, he suddenly bent, picked Misty up, and carried her over to the bed. He set her down and then stretched out on his back, his massive cock standing at right angles to his hairy belly. Misty ogled his prick and sizzled with desire.

“Come and sit on it, honey,” Ray invited. Misty knew there was more than one way to fuck, and this was one she hadn’t tried yet. She could hardly wait. Her pussy was steaming and dripping as she moved to straddle Ray. Crouching over him, she rubbed the slippery hot line of her cunt over his hugely engorged cock head.

Of course she had everybody’s attention. Vic and Ted were practically pop-eyed with lust as they watched her. Ray leered up at her, grasped her tiny waist, and started easing his thick prick up her tiny but slippery pussy hole.

“Oooooh, yeah, oooooh!” she squealed. “Get into me, Ray, give me every inch of it!”

She was just glad her mother couldn’t see her now. She would have died. Poor puritanical Mom couldn’t have survived seeing her daughter fucking three men in a row, fucking one while the others watched. But Misty didn’t feel a shred of guilt.

It was her body to enjoy. Her sex instincts were perfectly natural. She rejected everything her mother had told her, and now she was free to enjoy herself in any way she wanted. As long as her secret remained in this room, nobody would be hurt. She didn’t hide her hot desire as she took Ray’s throbbing cock.

“Yessssss!” she hissed. “Get in as deep as you can!”

“You sure this was a virgin?” Ray groaned. “Oh, yeah,” Vic said. “I can testify to that.”

“Well, she’s tight enough,” Ray panted, “but I never saw a girl take to it so fast.”

“She says she’s making up for lost time,” Ted grinned.

Misty didn’t join in the conversation, even though it was all about her. She was concentrating on the wild excitement she felt as Ray eased his rock-hard prick into her insatiable little cunt. When he finally touched bottom, she groaned with relief.

“Ohhh, yeah, now fuck me good!” she sighed.

Ray started out slowly and gently, as if he feared hurting her. That made Misty impatient. Those slow thrusts were just teasing and tantalizing her, making her ache for harder action. She jerked her hips fast, signaling her hot need.

“Come on, honey, fuck harder!” she moaned.

“You sure you can take it?” Ray asked.

“Oh, she can take it,” Vic grinned.

“Take our word for it,” Ted pat in.

Ray speeded up a little, and Misty wailed with pleasure and soaked his cock with a huge burst of sizzling cream. She kept pace with him, fucking right back at him, and her pretty face twisted into a horny grimace. Her cunt was hot and hungry around his cock.

“Yeah!” he rasped. “She can take it!”

He firmed his grip on her waist and fucked into her even harder. She bounced up and down with the impact, her cute titi wobbling. She could hear Ted and Vic panting as they watched, and that turned her on even more.

In this position, sitting on Ray’s cock, she couldn’t hide a thing. Ray and Ted and Vic could see her lusty face, her bouncing tits, and her cream-squirting cunt. Misty didn’t feel a bit bashful, though. She felt horny out of her mind.

“Fuck it to me, fuck it to meeeeee!” she wailed.

Ray obviously wanted to give it to her as hard as he could, and he responded fast to her request. He snorted with lust and fucked into her like a pile driver. If he hadn’t been holding her by the waist, she would have bounced right off his cock.

“Oooooooh, shit, ooooooh!” she howled. She had a dizzy image of Vic and Ted leering at her and Ray snorting with lust as he fucked into her harder and harder. Then she closed her eyes and concentrated just on the searing pleasure she was getting from his jack-hammering cock.

It was wild to think that she had three horny handsome males to make love to her. Only yesterday she’d thought she could never even get a date. She’d been afraid to fuck. Things sure had changed since then.

Now she didn’t think she’d ever get enough fucking. Even as Ray hammered her to the brink of another hot orgasm, she knew she was going to be horny again when it was over. She’d denied her own needs for so long that she couldn’t control her lust now.

As she rode Ray’s big hard cock and moaned with ecstasy, she wondered how she could have believed her mother’s stern teachings for so long. She’d accepted everything Mom said about nice girls not liking sex, about sex being sinful and dirty.

Yet the whole time her body was trying to tell her that this was crazy. Her teenage body hasted after boys, and she couldn’t get her mind off sex. When she’d left home at last away from her mother’s constant preaching, she couldn’t hold back her lust and curiosity any longer. Now she knew how wrong Mom was.

“Ohhhhh, yeah, Ray, give it to me as hard as you can!” she wailed. “Fuck the living shit out of me!”

This wasn’t dirty or sinful. It was fantastic fun. Men and women could make each other feel so damned good, and what was wrong with that? Misty felt totally liberated from her puritan past, free to enjoy her own body.

The searing friction from Ray’s pounding cock was taking her over the edge. She felt a huge blast of pleasure in the smoking depths of her cunt, and then it was shaking her whole body. She threw back her head and screamed in ecstasy.

“Unnnnhhhh, you’re doing it to meeeeee!” she howled. “I’m comingggggg! Yes! Yes! Unnnnnnhhhhh!”

“Awwwww, yeah, baby, take my load!” Ray yelped.

He scorched her sucking cunt with blast after blast of boiling jism. Misty rode his jetting cock till he fell back panting, then rolled off him and writhed on the bed, still enjoying the hot aftershocks of her powerful come.

“Oooooooh, shit, that was good!” she gurgled.

“I’ll say!” Ray groaned.

“Well, kid, had enough now?” Vic asked. “Bet she hasn’t,” Ted said. “At least I hope she hasn’t.”

Misty opened her eyes and took a look at Ted’s cock. It was stiff again, rigid and drooling. When she grinned at him, he crawled right over to her and rolled onto her hot little body. She spread her legs wide and let him sink down between them.

“Mmmmmm, yeah, fuck me, Ted!” she gurgled.

“Jesus, I don’t believe this!” Vic exclaimed.

“She doesn’t quit,” Ray rasped.

Misty and Ted ignored them. He plugged the fat head of his prick into her juicy hot cuntal pit, then cupped and squeezed her writhing ass. Keeping a good grip, he shoved his throbbing cock clear to her womb. She wailed with excitement.

“Shit, yes, fuck me!” she cried.

Following some horny urge, she wrapped her legs around his waist and locked them there, letting him fuck easily to her womb. He growled lustily and went right to full speed and force, rocking her little body with the impact. Misty clung to him and squealed with delight.

“Yeah, fuck it to me, motherfucker!” she babbled. “Fuck me forever!”

Ray and Vic had thought they were through for the day, but as they watched Misty writhing with pleasure and howling hastily, they quickly got aroused again. Soon there were two more stiff cocks waiting for her. But Ted seemed like he’d never quit.

He went on fucking her lustily for minute after minute, and Ray and Vic got impatient. Then Vic smiled and whispered something to Ray. Ray grinned broadly. They crawled over right next to the fucking couple.

“Hey, Ted, do us a favor,” Vic said. “Share her. Just put her on top and we’ll do the rest.”

“Oh, all right,” Ted sighed.

He didn’t seem eager to share but, as he’d said himself, it was part of the deal. He rolled over onto his back, taking Misty with him, and she ended up sitting on his cock. The moment they were into position, he began fucking her as hard as ever.

Then Vic was in front of her, straddling her chest and poking his drooling prick against her lips. Misty was delighted with his plan. She opened her mouth and let him slide the throbbing column of meat inside. She started sucking it loudly and greedily, and Vic groaned hoarsely.

“Yeah, baby, suck!” he cried.

Then she felt Ray getting behind her, straddling Ted’s legs. She gave a muffled gasp as he began easing his swollen prick up her tiny untried asshole. She didn’t even think to be scared. She was just wickedly aroused by his naughty idea.

“Mmmmmmm, mmrnmm, unnnnhhhhh!” she moaned.

Ray was careful not to hurt her, but he pushed in steadily till his hot hard cock was cramming her shifter. Now she was taking three cocks, something she’d never imagined even in her wildest fantasies. She sizzled with excitement.

Ray’s thick prick matched Ted’s rhythm, and the two throbbing cocks sawed deep in her ass and cunt. Vic was fucking her mouth, pistoning his engorged cock over her tongue and feeding her a steady supply of delicious hot cream.

It was all too much for Misty. She started to come and couldn’t stop. A whole firecracker string of orgasms thundered through her body. Her excitement was catching, and all the men started coming, too, flooding her mouth, cunt and asshole. By the time they finished, everybody was breathless and exhausted.

“Christ, I’m totally fucked out!” Ted groaned. The others nodded in agreement as they tried to catch their breath.

“Gosh, you guys, I think I’m actually a little tired,” Misty said.

“No kidding?” Vic laughed. “Well, we’ll split, honey, and let you rest. Hope we’ll see you again.”

Misty hoped so, too, but she knew that if they checked out of the hotel there’d be other men to take their place. She’d have a steady supply of horny married men all summer long. By the time she got to college, her sex education would be more than complete.

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Raped Captives

Immoral people capitalizing on the innocence of others to attain their goals — a story as old as man. The Bible, history books, law books — all contain examples.

And when the innocent victim is young, the story is so much the sadder.

The young girls in this book are the victims of immoral people. They find themselves caught in a web of depravity and perversion they never dreamed existed. And, after being forced to suffer one humiliation after another, they become little more than obedient animals, catering to the whims of their captors.

RAPED CAPTIVES — the shocking story of innocent girls learning the sordid truth about human nature. A story with a lesson for our uncaring society.


“Here? In a crowded department store?” asked Jerry in surprise. He looked at his slender girlfriend with a mixture of awe and lust in his eyes. The en tire floor was still swarming with customers, although he had gone off duty almost ten minutes earlier.

She thrust out her chest so that he could see her nipples slowly growing with her lust. They hardened to the point where they showed up as pebble firm mushrooms impudently wrinkling her thin blouse. The flare of her tits above the low neckline of that silken blouse left no doubt in the man’s mind what the woman really wanted.

“Fuck, right now?” he repeated.

“Sure,” she laughed lightly. “Why not? Those beds over in the furniture section aren’t being used right now.” She brushed back a stray strand of her honey blonde hair, her blue eyes dancing with mischief. She was horny and she wanted to get laid. And the idea of doing it in a deserted corner of the busy department store only added spice to it. The thrill of possible discovery made fucking in public extra-good, she thought.

“I don’t know. Look, Lynda, I could lose my job if anyone came by and saw us.”

“And you could lose me if you don’t.”

He hesitated and she knew she had him. He wouldn’t really care if he lost this job or not. It wasn’t all that good. But the idea of fucking in a semi-secluded spot turned him on as much as it did her. She could see the revealing bulge at the man’s crotch. His cock was stiffening into usability. It was changing from a limp, worthless dick, into a steely hard, fully erect cock.

And cocks were great for fucking.

“There’s a nice-looking bed over there,” she added, pointing to a bed with a fancy headboard and mirrors hung on the walls around it. “I think that would be a real kick, fucking with the mirrors all around us.”

“The Lover’s Special,” he muttered. “Only six hundred and ninety-nine dollars, delivered and assembled.” He kicked himself out of his sales pitch and said, “What the hell? You only live once. And you know how I feel about you.”

“And you know how I feel about you.”

To show him exactly what she meant, the blonde girl rubbed his prick. Before he could move away, she had his zipper down to let his prick leap out. She firmly gripped the convenient handle and pulled him along after her, almost like a small child with a balloon on a string.

“Not so hard,” he whispered. “I might just spurt off in your hand. Neither of us want that.”

“You won’t,” she said confidently. “You’re too much of a stud to do that.”

“Yeah, Jerry,” came a chorus of voices, “you’re much too much the stud to ever come like some teenager getting his first piece of tail!”

Standing nearby, watching everything, were two of Lynda’s friends, Christine and Jackie. Jerry had to swallow hard when he saw them. He had fantasized balling both of them but had always stopped short of propositioning them. With Lynda, he was kept sexually busy. But that didn’t stop him from eyeing the other two women.

“Can we watch?” asked the auburn-haired Jackie. “Or is this going to be a private affair?”

“Maybe we can sell tickets,” suggested Christine. “We could make a fortune. See the Fuck Fest of the decade! Never again in the rectangular arena will two such superbly matched fuckers ever meet!”

“Buzz off, you two,” snapped Lynda. “I want this to be private.”

“In a department store? Why not go and screw in the window?” suggested Christine, her hazel eyes sparkling. “Ah, hell, Jackie, let’s split. Its almost closing time. We can let the love birds get it on in private.”

“Yeah,” said the other girl, “but be sure to give us a blow-by-blow account, huh, Lynda?”

They went off, laughing. And Lynda immediately turned to Jerry, whose prick had turned into a hot, hard bar of virile manmeat. “You’re turned on by them, aren’t you?”

“I’m not going to lie to you,” he said. “But sometimes you talk too much.”

His mouth crushed down passionately on hers. For a moment, she remained stiff and unresponsive, then she melted like an icicle in the morning sun. Her arms went around the man’s neck and pulled his head down even harder. Her lips were bruising and she didn’t care. The desire surging through her loins was electric.

The pressure of his prick against her pussy mound told her that she had wanted more than a simple kiss when she had made her suggestion to Jerry. Reaching down, she tugged imploringly at his prick, pulling it toward her snatch where it belonged.

“You are a hot bitch,” he whispered hotly in her car. “Let’s not waste any more time. Let’s fuck!”

She didn’t answer him with words. The blonde let her actions give him the best answer possible. She slid one of her legs between his, hooked his knee and pushed him down. He tumbled backwards onto the massive round bed, her weight pinning him delightfully to the soft surface.

“Ummm, nice,” he said, bouncing a little. “Springy enough to give us both the action we want.”

“All the action I want is right here in my hand,” she said, stroking along the turgid length of his bucking prick. She lightly fingered the fuck stick until she wondered if he might not be turned on to the point where he could come too soon. She stopped stroking him so fervently to let him get that cock into her cunt where it would give them both the most pleasure.

“Yeah, sure,” he agreed. His strong arms carried her onto her back, his weight now on top. Wantonly, willingly, she spread her legs in obscene invitation for him.

“Your panties,” he said, his hand stroking up along the smooth white inner thigh. “Can’t fuck with you wearing those damned things. Or can I?”

She could hardly hear what his objections were. All she knew was that he hadn’t stuffed his cock into her pussy yet, and that was what she wanted more than anything else in the world. She struggled to sit up to get her panties off. But he kept her pinned flat on the round bed.

“Let me handle this,” he said. She felt his prick rubbing along the inside of her leg. The frothy flood of her cunt juices leaked from her cunt and soaked her panties.

Her legs went up into the air, on either side of the man’s narrow waist. She locked her heels behind his back to insure that he wouldn’t escape her clutches, as if he wanted to.

His heavy breathing warmed her chest, made her tits come fully alive. He burrowed around in the deep scoop of her neckline until he managed to push her left tit past the confines of the blouse. Naked and jiggling like a mound of Jello on a plate, the tit received the best tonguing possible.

He teased the nipple with the tip of his tongue, then slowly traced out the coppery disk of her areole. Not content with this, he stabbed down and pressed the rock-hard nipple into the marshmallow softness of the titflesh underneath. Her heart beat faster, stronger, and he could feel it transmitted through the aroused nubbin of flesh. Tiring of tormenting her nipple, he released his pressure and went slithering down the sides of her boob.

When he came to the deep canyon between her boobs, his tongue went berserk. He roughly licked and lapped and sucked at her flesh until she writhed with uncontrollable desire.

“Fuck me, damn you,” she cried. “Give it all to me. I need it!”

“Not so loud,” he cautioned. “There are still customers in the store. They might hear you and come see what’s going on. You wouldn’t want to be caught like this, would you?”

His hands worked under her curving ass and lifted. All her weight was now pinned on her shoulders, her slender legs flailing wildly in the air on either side of his body. She turned her head and sent a cascade of blonde hair out onto the bed. She looked in one of the mirrors hung on the wall and saw everything.

She almost came when she saw his red cock, thrusting closer and closer to her panty-clad pussy. His hands kneaded her asscheeks and his mouth never slowed as it devoured her boobs, both of which now flopped free of her blouse. The sight of what was happening added a great deal to her excitement. Seeing every intimate detail of the fucking thrilled her.

But she needed cock, and she wasn’t getting it. Not yet. But the man worked on it in the most pleasurable way she could imagine.

His prick rammed forward directly into her cunt. The tip of his cock was stopped by the thin cotton panties she wore. The wet cloth pressed into her pussy mound, compressed her cunt lips and tightened up around her ass. He rammed again, this time driving another half inch up her twat. She struggled now, more from the sexual tensions mounting inside her tender young body than anything else. She was anticipating the feel of that cock surging balls deep into her seething hot, gripping cunt.

“You… you’re driving me wild!” she cried. “I feel my clit rubbing into my panties. It… it’s great!”

His hands tightened on her asscheeks. He began rotating the thick, meaty mounds of assflesh in opposite directions, trying to tear them from her body. This tightened her cunt even more. How she wished she had a cock inside her now!

He never let up the pressure on her panties. His cock shoved harder. She gripped at the man’s forearms to keep from sliding away. She wanted all his prick and wasn’t going to miss out on a single inch of it.

The pressure on her twat increased as he began savagely stabbing his cock into her pussy. She heard the material of her love-juice-soaked panties begin to rip. His cock was a mighty battering ram intent on driving all the way into her cunt.

The final threads on her damp panties gave way, and he surged balls deep into her pussy. She screamed as she climaxed. The suddenness of the entry sent messages of supreme delight blazing along her nerves. Her aunt walls had to strain to stretch and accommodate the huge bulk of this male invader. But in a few seconds, her pussy walls had expanded enough to tightly clutch at the man’s cock without any discomfort.

She felt nothing but ecstasy coursing through her body. Everything he did turned her on a little more. The feel of his hot breath against her tender jugs made her shiver with desire. His hands ripped and tore and worked furiously at her ass. And his prick was now buried to the hilt up her twat. That was what she wanted.

“Fuck me good,” she demanded. “I need it sooooo baaaaaad!”

He began stroking in and out of her blast furnace hot pussy. The rhythm was slow and teasing. She thought he was sucking her guts out behind his meaty piston of pleasure as his cock drew back ever so slowly. A lewd smucking noise sounded as be broke the intense vacuum he had formed inside her cunt. But he didn’t pause as he rammed hard back into her body, his crotch grinding feverishly into hers.

She came as she felt his bush dragging over her clit. The meek little organ had poked up its head only to find the tattered remains of her panties. Now the man’s pubic fur crushed into the sensitive tip and sent a message of stark carnal need to the woman’s brain.

As he fucked her, she came and came and came. Weakened by the successive climaxes, she wanted to beg him to slow down, to stop, but the words jumbled in her throat. The air began to burn at her straining lungs. The sandpaper coating her throat made any speech difficult.

And then she was positive she didn’t want him to stop. He had picked up the tempo of the fucking. His strong arms lifted her ass entirely off the bed and he fucked into her tight little cunt at a brand new angle. Nerves inside her twat that seldom touched a cock now received a full dose of an all out fucking.

Her hair like a golden halo around her head, she tossed from side to side, her entire body trembling like a leaf in a high wind. She felt the hot flush of blood rising to her tits and shoulders and throat. She was coming like a string of Fourth of July firecrackers firing.

She turned and saw through her sex-blurred eyes the entire fucking reflected in the mirror beside the bed. The sight of his prick parting her pinkly scalloped inner cunt lips and vanishing into her cunt thrilled her almost as much as the feel of his mighty fuck stick digging deeper and deeper into her belly. She tensed up, and then came again, even stronger than before.

“AAAIEEEEE!” Her entire body went into convulsions and he had to hang on for dear life as she thrashed and writhed in the ultimate of human pleasure.

“Not so loud,” he said hotly in her ear. “There are still people around. Why, they might be watching us even this very second!”

She couldn’t see out into the store but knew what anyone watching would see. He was lifting her up and off the bed. They would be able to see every detail of his hard, virile prick fucking hard and fast into her softly yielding cunt. Just as she could see it in profile reflected in the mirrors, they would be able to look and see the hot and heavy action directly.

The blonde woman didn’t know if anyone was watching. But the idea that someone might be turned her on. She had discovered a streak of exhibitionist in her that posed problems at times. The woman loved screwing at football games, in the back seats of buses, anywhere in public.

She came harder than before.

His prick began to work in a less rhythmic fashion. She guessed that he was about at the end of his fuse, and would spurt out his white-hot jism into her hungering pussy at any second.

She wasn’t disappointed.

The first surge of his come spattered her convulsing cunt walls, and set her off again. She came, her fingers clawing fiercely into the bedspread on the round bed. She tried to watch what was happening in the mirrors, but her eyes refused to focus. She finally gave up and lost herself in the divine feelings ripping through her lush, young body.

Lynda relaxed and felt her ass rubbing into the bed. She opened her eyes, and saw Jerry’s cock dribble from her twat amid a stream of her cunt fluids and his own jism. His prick was useless to her for some time.

And she was still horny.

“Did anyone see us?” she asked eagerly.

“Maybe Jackie and Christine stayed around, but I don’t think anybody else saw us. My job’s still safe, I guess.”

“Who cares about your job?” she asked. “I was interested in knowing how they’d rate our performance.”

“What is this, a diving competition like in the Olympics?” he demanded. “You want judges to sit around and holdup cards with numbers on them?”

“Sure, why not?” she answered. “And you would get straight tens. You were great, Jerry, simply great!”

Her hand stroked along the side of her body and up his leg. She hesitated for a moment, then found his prick and tugged lightly at the sleeping snake. He grunted but he didn’t make any move to get away. This was all the encouragement she needed to spin around on the bed, and work on getting him hard again.


Lynda’s blonde hair fell over Jerry’s crotch as she kneeled down on the bed in front of him. Her agile fingers captured his limp cock and pulled it toward her eager lips. The taste of jism thrilled her as she began licking his prick clean.

Even the taste of her own cunt oils made the woman shiver in excitement. This was kinkier and more fun than she’d thought it would be when she’d suggested it. In her crouching position, almost worshiping at the man’s prick, she could look around his body a little bit and see that the entire furniture department was empty of people.

In a way this disappointed her. She wanted to put on a hell of a fine live sex show for someone, but even Christine and. Jackie had left. She would just have to take her pleasures when and how she could.

For starters, she had to get the man’s cock back into action.

Lynda rolled over onto her side, pulling the man’s limp cock with her. He grunted but didn’t protest this cavalier action. She could tongue and suck and kiss his prick and look into the mirror hung on the wall at the same time. The sight of her lips parting slightly and admitting the pink worm-like penis into her mouth turned her on in a big way. She felt her pussy begin to throb with need.

“This is an added bonus,” said Jerry, relaxing and enjoying the feel of the woman’s tongue all over his cock and balls and crotch. “I just expected to knock off a quick piece and that would be it.”

“You’re too good,” she said. “You got me hot and I want more! And for more of this, I’ll work on you all night long!”

“Promises, promises,” he laughed, delighting in the way the woman was giving him head. He could watch the entire thing in the mirror. “A round bed,” he mused. “I think I’d like to fuck you in every direction of the compass. Let’s start with the principal directions.”

“South?” she asked.

“Yeah, about. And this is cast. Keep sucking, bitch, if you want to make west and north tonight!”

She eagerly returned to her delightful task. Her tongue stroked all over the end of his prick, teasing the tiny flap of skin dangling under the cleft head. She knew this was the most sensitive portion of his anatomy, but it didn’t seem to be responding like it should. If anything, his prick shrank even more until it was hardly the size of her thumb. Disgusted, she sucked the entire cock and balls into her mouth.

Her tongue batted the balls around until she could feel the thick stew of his jism slowly coming to a boil. But the prick remained flaccid and useless to her. She had to have a real pussy pleaser. Nothing less would do. When Jerry was up and hard, he sported an eight-inch prick. Not the biggest she had ever found, but certainly Jerry knew how to use it better than any other man she had discovered in a long, long time.

“No good, darling,” Jerry said. “Let me work on your sweet little pussy for a while. Maybe that will keep you busy while my poor old body’s recuperating from that fine fucking!”

She didn’t protest at all when his strong fingers worked between her thighs and separated her trim white thighs. Giving up on his prick, she pressed her back into the smoothly muscled curves of his chest and belly. His fingers lifted her skirt out of his way and then thrust between the ragged edges of her now crotchless panties.

The blonde woman tensed as his finger shot all the way up into her pussy. It wasn’t cock-thick but it felt good. She sighed and tried to relax. The swiftly moving finger in her pussy prevented her from totally relaxing. Every movement in and out of her cunt thrilled her, excited her, pushed her to new levels of arousal.

“Ummm, feels good when you finger-fuck my poor little cunny, but I want cock up there! Get hard, damn you, get hard!”

He laughed. “Not so easy. Can’t perform on command like that, not after the great fucking we just had. Just watch things in the mirror for, a while. You won’t be disappointed.”

She blinked rapidly and focused her blue eyes on the mirror in front of her. She lifted one leg high into the air and lewdly exposed her snatch. The sight of his finger-fucking her blonde-rimmed pussy did turn her on more than the feel of the finger rubbing into her cunt walls. The woman sobbed mightily when he found her clit and teased it.

But this wasn’t what she wanted. The desires for his prick mounted incredibly inside her body. She saw him take one of her blue-tinged cunt lips between thumb and forefinger. He dragged his fingers along that puffy ridge. The electric shock of desire jolting through her body rattled her teeth.

She was openly sobbing, almost at the point of crying.

“Fuck me, dammit, I need you so bad!” she cried out. “And I don’t care if the whole Goddamn world sees us!”

She couldn’t see into the department store in the position he held her in. And it didn’t matter to her. All she cared about now was the intense longing inside her pussy. She was being eaten up with desire. She had to have his cock driving in and out of her pussy before she would feel any better.

The feel of his lips and tongue moving against her aroused snatch caused her to come. The suddenness of it took her entirely by surprise. As she drifted down from her sexual high, she saw the top of the man’s head pressed firmly between her white thighs.

Her legs crushed down on the sides of his head to make sure he didn’t go away. The sensations she felt were so great she didn’t ever want them to stop. They weren’t the same as the feel of a cock fucking her, but they were still great. Different, but delightful.

His tongue raked along the edges of her cunt lips and then plunged fast and cock-hard into her pussy. She stiffened and almost came again. This time, she held back enough to prevent it. She wanted to hoard all these wondrous feelings like a miser hoards gold, and then release them in one huge orgasm.

He sucked and licked and made lewd noises as he tongued her pussy lips, and tongue-fucked her cunt hole. She began tossing her leg up into the air. This caused her pussy to contract around his hidden tongue. While it wasn’t quite the same as having her cunt entirely filled with cock, it gave a good enough imitation for her to get off in a big way.

All her carefully protected feelings of lust gushed forth as she came again. He sucked and licked and used his teeth to lightly gnaw on her agitated flesh. The blonde knew this was heaven on earth. Nothing could be better then the delights spearing into her pussy.

She twisted onto her back and stared up into the air above them. She wondered what it would have been like having a mirror there. She would have to order one of these beds — and when she did, there would definitely be mirrors on the ceiling overhead. That would give the most possible stimulation to both of them.

Her legs draped behind the man’s head. By flexing her thigh muscles, she could pull his face even more powerfully into her flowing gash. His tongue raked up and down her sex slit, parting the cunt lips, teasing them, stroking along the rigid edges. She could feel his tongue drive in and out of her cunt and then slip back to her asshole. Her back arched and she tried to get away from him tongue fucking her anus.

“No, oh, sweet Jesus, no, not there!” But her words weren’t matching her actions. As she lifted herself off the bed, her body turned and she shoved her asscheeks into the man’s face. His nose parted her meaty asscheeks, and then the probing tongue licked her asshole.

She came — hard.

Still twisting, she moved so that she was facing the man, her head between his thighs. His prick was slowly stirring back into life. This heartened her. Gobbling it up, she licked and sucked and gave him every bit as much pleasure as he was giving her.

“It… it’s feeling good, Lynda,” he moaned. “Just keep on sucking and I’ll be hard again.”

She fondled his balls, and stroked the thick, black pubic hair around his cock and balls. Popping the hairy little bag containing his nuts into her mouth, she showed him just what it meant to get a good blowjob. She sucked and stroked the sides of the sac until he was trying to get away from her. She felt his cock stiffening even more alongside her cheeks. She turned and saw the purple knob on the tip begin to throb and pulse with renewed life.

He was almost there.

This spurred her on. She lightly shoved the balls from her eager mouth and went back to the stalk of his cock. Nipping at the limp flesh, she teased and aroused him until he had a full fledged boner again.

Like an eagle swooping down on its prey, she engulfed the end of his cock and sucked for all she was worth. Her tongue tried to force its way down his piss-slit. They both knew it was impossible, but just trying set both their pulses to racing faster.

She loved the taste of prick. She couldn’t get enough of it. Her lips softly caressed the sides of his cock, and then her tongue roughly slithered along the same terrain until she had erased every single fold of loose flesh. His cock was as hard and throbbingly alive as it could get.

Bobbing her head up and down, she began face fucking herself. At the same time, she felt the man’s mouth working eagerly at her pussy. They were locked in the classic sixty-nine position, and it worked beautifully for both of them. On their sides, they could look into the mirrors on the walls.

Lynda saw every single detail of what was happening. Jerry’s head vanished between her soft thighs and he avidly ate her cunt. She could see her own reflection taking the thick stalk of his cock into her ruby lips. Closing her lips in a tight ring around his cock, she started sucking for all she was worth. She saw her cheeks go hollow under the pressure she exerted. Her head snapped forward, and she felt the rubbery tip of his cock bounce off the roof of her mouth.

Swallowing hard, she gobbled up his entire cock. It rested hotly in the tight confines of her throat. She was no Linda Lovelace but she knew how to take a man’s cock — all of it.

“God, honey, that’s fantastic,” she heard him cry out. “Give it to me. Give it all to me!”

She swallowed so that her Adam’s apple would bob up and down. This massaged his cock on the most sensitive portion. Needing that, feeling as if she would gag any second, the blonde cock eater pulled back. Her teeth lightly stroked the sides of his prick as it left her mouth. Ugly red welts were left behind, but she quickly soothed them with her dancing tongue.

She licked and sucked and tongued as fast as she could. The sexual forces inside her belly were threatening to drive her insane with lust. The feel of the man’s hot tongue, fucking her pussy helped. The way his nose raked along her cunt lips turned her on in a big way. But it was the way he sucked at her tiny little clit that finally got her off.

She blasted into a sexual orbit, flying and diving as the winds of ecstasy blew through her body. She didn’t even know how hard she was sucking on his prick. She was totally lost in the wonder of the orgasm crushing her in its ice and iron grip.

The cock pulsed hotly against her lips and she tasted the bitter drop of pre-come beading at the tip. This was the tip-off that the man was about ready to get his rocks off. She hastened to suck and tongue his prick even more. She wanted as much of this meaty, tasty cock as she could get before the hot flood of his jism jetted forth.

The increased activity on the end of his cock caused the man to tongue-fuck her pussy with longer, more powerful strokes. She could feel his jaw strain to drive his tongue ever deeper. The cracking sounds told her he wouldn’t be able to keep it up for much longer.

As she toyed with his balls, she felt them tumbling and lurching inside. This was all the trigger he needed. The first blast of his come arched past her tongue and spattered into her tonsils.

This wasn’t the way she wanted it. She had to taste his creamy man seed. Her tongue shoved into the widening slit at the end of his cock. This allowed her to smear every single drop of his jism across her tastebuds. The salty, tangy taste of his came thrilled her.

Sucking even harder, she began face-fucking herself again. She knew this would milk his balls of every last drop of that precious come.

And it did.

As his prick went limp, she straightened out one leg and thrust it into the air. This tightened up her own crotch and magnified the effects of the man’s tongue working all along her cunt lips. She felt the delicious shivers of impending climax stalk her. When she finally cut loose and came, the entire bed shook with her reaction.

“Iieeeee!” she shrieked. “This is tooooooo muuuuuuch!”

His hands gripped firmly at her quivering flesh to hold her in place. He didn’t want her dancing away from his questing tongue. He continued to torture her with his licks and tongue strokes until she got off twice more. Sliding his tongue up and down along the tiny erectile spire of her clit made her come a last time.

This was the most potent orgasm of them all. She screamed unabashedly, her body vibrating with lust.

As she collapsed to the softness of the bed, relaxing and studying the picture she saw reflected in the mirrors around the bed, she smiled.

“That was good, Jerry. Damned good.”

“Likewise. But you know something?”

“You want to do it again?” she said hopefully.

He laughed, looking at his shrunken cock. There wasn’t a chance in hell of him getting another boner any time soon. She had sucked him off too well for that to happen.

“Nope, not that. Least ways, not for a while. But the lights are out in the store.”

“So that means the building’s locked up for the night. We’re locked in.”

She sighed, then said, “I can think of worse places to be.” Her fingers showed him how true that was.


“Ummm, that was great,” sighed Lynda, curled up next to Jerry. The man’s strong body moved slightly against her and she craned bet neck around to look at him. The glow in her eyes masked her tiredness. He had screwed her silly — and she was tired. But if he wanted to have another go at fucking, she wasn’t about to tell him no.

“Yeah, but we’d better see about getting out of here. I know they’ve got alarms all over the place but those are just for robberies. If we triggered one, we would be in bigger trouble than we are now.”

“So why should we worry about getting out?” she asked. “Let’s just stay here and be nice and cheerful looking when everyone shows up in the morning.”

“You mean stay here and fuck all night long?”


The man hesitated. She could tell the idea appealed to him. As long as they didn’t, do anything they weren’t likely to set off any hidden alarms. Lynda didn’t know for sure but she didn’t think there were any armed guards that patrolled the empty department store. She was positive the store didn’t use guard dogs. They’d had problems with the dogs pining on everything in sight.

“Come on, Jerry, why not stay here? The people would show up in the morning and it would just seem like we got here early. I could stay hidden until the customers came.”

“But my clothes are wrinkled,” he protested. She thought he was just making up excuses. Her heart wasn’t in arguing this point.

“So get some new ones. We’re in a whole Goddamn department store. We can go on a shopping spree that’ll last all night long!”

“But we’d have to pay for the stuff we took.”

“So we just borrow the stuff for the evening,” she said persuasively. “I’ve had my eye on some of that fancy lingerie downstairs for a long time. Wouldn’t you like to see me model it for you?”

“The baby-doll nightie?”

“That, too, but I was thinking more of the black net stockings and garter belt.”

“What else?”

“Nothing else,” she said. And she knew he was going to give in then. The faint twitch in his prick told the entire story. “Come an, Jerry, let’s get moving. We’re wasting precious time!” She grabbed his hand and pulled him off the bed, intent on getting downstairs as fast as she could before his cock decided to go back to sleep.

“Shit, Jackie, we got locked in this damned place. I told you we shouldn’t have taken so long in the restroom.”

“Don’t sweat it, Christine. There’s got to be an emergency exit.”

“But that’ll set off an alarm or something.”

“So we’ll be long gone before anyone comes. Or we can stand around and point and tell any cops that show up that the people escaping from this dump went down the street. Hell, I don’t know how they could have locked us in like this.”

Jackie stood in front of a side door, hesitant about opening it. A sign proclaimed that the door was alarmed. Just as Christine started to push past her, the handle of the door jiggled a little. A scraping noise sounded and both women knew someone was hard at work on the lock outside.

“That takes care of our problem. Somebody’s trying to get back in. Look, see? We’ll just explain to the manager or whoever it is that…” Her words trailed to nothing as she stood staring in shock at the two men framed by the door.

Whoever they were, they didn’t belong in the store. Both held guns in their hands and one carded a large bag, obviously loaded with something heavy. For a split second, all four were frozen by shock. The two men reacted first, their guns coming up to cover the frightened women.

“Move and I’ll burn you!” snapped the larger of the two men. His finger tightened perceptibly on the trigger of his revolver.

“Goddamn, you asshole!” cried the other, smaller man. “You told me that this was gonna be the best fucking place in the whole Goddamn world to hide. And here are two dames watching us already!”

“Shut up, Mollusk. How the fuck was I to know anybody’d be here?”

Jackie and Christine looked at each other and back at the men. The bores of the two guns appeared larger than firehoses. Jackie started trembling and said in a shaky voice, “Who are you?”

“We’re the guys who just knocked off the jewelry store down the street,” said the one called Mollusk. “And we thought this department store was gonna be the place to hide till the heat cooled down.”

“Shut up,” repeated the larger man. “Don’t spill nothing. And close the Goddamn door. If some cop sees that, we’ll really be in it up to our asses.”

“Look, we just got ourselves locked in. We, uh, we won’t say a thing about seeing you two. So, just let us go, huh?” stammered Christine. The way the gun swung toward her, told her that this wasn’t likely to happen.

“Let’s be flexible about all this, Mollusk. Let’s have ourselves some fun while we’re waiting.”

Mollusk smiled, a broken tooth making him appear even more evil than before.

“I follow you, Len. Why not? This place ain’t got any alarms we can trip by accident — we checked that out. And these two are good-looking broads. We might be able to have some great times with them. How about it, cutie?” He placed the muzzle of the gun up under Jackie’s chin. The auburn-haired woman trembled and started to back away. Mollusk moved the gun, hooked it up under the hem of her skirt and jammed the cold steel barrel against her snatch.

“Don’t go getting any fancy ideas, lady,” he said, menace in his voice. “I’d just as soon stuff this gun all the way up your cunt and pull the trigger as I would fuck you. You choose.”

Christine answered for her terrified friend.

“We’re expected somewhere else right about now. If our friends don’t meet us, they’ll call the police.”

“Like hell they will,” said Len. “Two lookers like you, they’d figure you just got picked up and went off to fuck somewhere. Right? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Come on and let’s explore this place a bit. I’m getting horny just thinking about getting it on with this one.”

His gun barrel lightly pressed into Christine’s left tit. Her flesh crawled with the steely touch, and gooseflesh raced up and down her spine.

Jackie used the opportunity to knock Mollusk’s gun away and dart off into the darkened store, dodging and ducking to take full advantage of the heavy shadows cast by display cases.

“Shit,” said Len, “you shouldn’t’a let her go. Take care of this one and I’ll show you how you have to treat them.” He ran off in pursuit of Jackie’s rapidly disappearing form.

“Just you keep it cool and we’ll get along okay,” said Mollusk, his gun stroking along Christine’s jawline. The woman backed away and found herself pressed into a wall.

Trying to distract him, she asked, “Wh-why do they call you Mollusk?”

He laughed, ugly and evil. “I like lots of hairy clams, that’s why. And I bet your little pussy’s a sweet one, isn’t it?”

Both Mollusk and Christine turned when they heard a soul-wrenching scream. Christine knew instantly that Len had caught Jackie.

“Let’s go see what Len’s got in mind for punishing the little fox. She shouldn’t’a run like that. Len’s got a nasty temper, and he don’t mind hurting women who piss him off. You know what I mean?”

Christine mutely nodded, her voice trapped somewhere in her throat. She allowed the man to shove her down the aisles until they came to the woman’s clothing section. All she could see were dim figures moving in one of the dressing booths. While the images were indistinct, she could tell that Jackie didn’t have a prayer of escaping the more powerful man. He had her backed into one of the dressing booths, his arms holding her captive.

“Get away from me!” shrieked Jackie, her blouse already torn off by the man’s clawing fingers. He laughed and continued to rip her clothing. Soon her skirt hung in tatters. She tried to kick him, got tangled in the rags hanging around her waist and tripped. He used this to swarm all over her. He had the skirt off in a flash, leaving her clad only in bright red bikini briefs.

“Shit, now that’s the kind of broad I like. You got class, kid.”

“You monster!”

“Hell, no — I’m not a monster, but I got one for you. Look at it!” He pulled down his pants, and a huge prick, already stiff, leaped out. Jackie stared at it in amazement. It wasn’t that his prick was so huge, but the fact that the fighting had gotten him hard was frightening. He enjoyed seeing her helpless and almost naked!

“Please,” she pleaded. “Don’t do this to me.”

“Aw, fuck it, baby. You’re gonna be thanking me for giving you a taste of my cock before we’re done!”

She couldn’t effectively fight the man as long as she was trapped in the narrow dressing booth, and he wasn’t about to let her get past him. He pinioned her wrists and pulled them high over her head. She felt her tits flattening out as he stretched her upwards.

“Damn, but you’re a hot one. Fucking you is going to be a blast!”

He easily held her slender wrists in one meaty hand while he fumbled around and found a wire coat hanger. He bent this around her wrists, and lifted her up even more until she was standing on tiptoes. He fastened part of the coat hanger around a clothes hook before tightening the wire around the woman’s wrists to the point where she moaned in pain.

Len stood back and studied his handiwork. Strung up before him was a mostly naked woman, clad only in her red bikini briefs. Her tits rose and fell heavily as she sobbed. Not an ounce of fat marred the perfection of her body. He moved forward again, the gun in his hand.

“You’re really something. A stud like me has his share of broads, but types like you are too high priced usually. Now I got the money — and I got you.”

“Wh-what are you going to do to me?” she sobbed, tears running down her cheeks and dripping onto the tips of her tits.

“Nothing you ain’t had done to you before,” he snapped.

He jammed the gun into the waistband of his pants and moved forward. She tried to kick him. This only played into his hands. One strong hand grabbed her trim ankle, and pulled her away from the wall. He quickly captured her other leg and held them at his sides, splitting her apart like the wishbone of a chicken. “Yeah, I’m gonna love this.”

Still holding her legs, he bent down and pushed his face into the wide-spread vee of her legs. She felt his teeth raking across her heaving belly. He managed to catch the top edge of her panties. With a savage jerk of his head, he ripped the thin fabric off her body. Her auburn snatch was lewdly exposed to his smirking face. He kissed her pussy, then stood.

“This is gonna be something you’ll remember for a hell of a long time, babe,” he said, moving his hands up under her ass.

Jackie sobbed openly now, not even trying to hold back the show of her misery. Her hands ached terribly. The wire coat hanger cut off the circulation. The way she was hanging from that coat hanger put an incredible strain on her shoulders and upper arms. Worst of all, she could see the man’s ugly cock coming toward her pussy.

“Don’t do this, please, I beg you!”

“You’ll beg for more when I get done,” he said. He stabbed with his hips. His cock went skittering along between her cunt lips. She moaned, not sure what she was feeling. A man’s cock should bring her nothing but pleasure. The thought of being fucked in this disgusting manner by this horrible criminal should have turned her off. She felt revulsion — and she also felt her pussy begin to dampen.

It might have been lust or it might have been fear. She didn’t know. Her eyes widened as he realigned himself and pistoned forward again. This time his cum was much better. The purple head of his cock rammed directly into her cunt hole.

“Yeah, baby, you’re gonna beg for more before I get done with you tonight!”

His hips thrust strongly, and he sank balls deep into her unwilling cunt. She screamed in pain. Her cunt wasn’t ready for this type, of fucking. Her pussy walls were still dry, the lubricant not working yet. She felt wet cunt lips parted obscenely by the thick plug of the man’s raping cock. The more she tried to tell herself this couldn’t possibly be happening to her, the more panicked she felt.

It was happening. This criminal was raping her. He had tied her wrists together with a coat hanger, and strung her up in this dressing booth like a side of beef. She was nothing but a cunt to be fucked to him. And he was doing just that.

Whatever he could do to humiliate her more, he did. His prick worked in and out of her dry hole with the precision of a jackhammer. Bending forward slightly, he sucked and licked at her huge tits. She felt excitement mounting inside of her, in spite of her predicament.

The more he fucked, the more pain she felt from her arms and shoulders. The cruel wire binding her wrists so securely, cut into her flesh, and caused her hands to go totally numb. Soon, they would begin to turn purple from lack of blood. But not yet.

While the agony of her arms and shoulders was just beginning, she had to endure the full torment of knowing he was fucking her when she didn’t want his prick inside her. She could look down and see his ugly red stalk vanishing between her delicate, pink, inner cunt lips. And, in spite of herself, she felt her pussy beginning to respond to him. She tried to tell herself this was only a means of self-defense. If her twat could cause enough of her love juices to flow, he wouldn’t rip her sensitive pussy apart.

That’s what she told herself.

She was lying and she knew it. She was getting hot for his prick. The idea of being so helpless secretly thrilled her. She had had rape fantasies, and now she was living one out. The man wouldn’t really harm her, she thought. He wanted what only she could offer, and he was taking it. It didn’t matter to him that she wasn’t freely offering her pussy.

He fucked her so hard that her body slammed into the thin plywood wall. Echoes of the fucking filled the deserted department store. She sobbed and moaned as he continued to drive his prick in to the hilt.

She felt his balls wetly slapping against her ass. He held her legs firmly under his arms as he might hold a wheelbarrow’s handles. He used her body to give himself the maximum pleasure possible. While she couldn’t move freely, he could and did swing her from side to side, his hands gripping her firm thighs with steely ferocity.

“Don’t! Don’t fuck me like I was trash!” she pleaded. Her pleas foil on deaf ears. The man was intent on fucking her. He didn’t care if she enjoyed it or not.

His hands slipped to her knees. This caused her ass to drop, and his cock to almost slide from her cunt. He then jerked her back up, his cock sinking deeper into her cunt than ever before. He twisted her hips, jerked her around, and dropped her repeatedly. The woman felt as if he were driving a corkscrew into her tender pussy.

Everything began to come together for her. The pain raced down her arms and exploded with fury in her body. The way he occasionally leaned forward to nurse at her tits gave her pleasure. The pleasure and pain didn’t quite cancel out each other. She felt an odd mixture of desire and horror, mounting inside her tender, trapped body.

His cock swelled inside her tight fuck tunnel to the point where she was sure he would rip her apart. Sobbing, she tried to kick away from his iron grasp. She was too weak, and the position he held her in was against her. He continued to ram his prick into her obscenely wide-spread cunt.

The smucking noise of his cock reaming her out filled the tiny booth. She trembled all over, wondering what was happening to her. When she came, it took her entirely by surprise. She had gotten off on both the thrill of feeling a virile prick fucking her pussy and a sharp jolt of pain racing down through her young body.

The shock of her orgasm caused her pussy to convulse powerfully around his deeply buried cock. She felt every single contour of his swollen prick as she rocked from side to side, lost in the throes of stark desire.

“Shit, baby, you’re both tight and hot. That’s the kind of pussy I just love to fuck!”

His hips went berserk. He rammed her back repeatedly into the wood wall, until she had the air knocked out of her. Then his cock exploded inside her twat. She felt the hot, sweet rush of his jism rifling her up. He came and came and came gallons of man-seed, whitewashing her insides.

Confused, Jackie tried to understand what was happening to her head. At the very end, it hadn’t mattered to her that the man was raping her. She had actually gotten off on the and humiliation. She loved fucking, but this was something totally new and different for her.

He dropped her legs and stood back. She strained to support her weight on the tips of her toes. Jackie had thought she preferred this to being raped by the man. She was wrong. Soon, her calves began to knot from the strain of supporting her weight only on her toes.

“You just stay there, honey, and we’ll see what your friend and Mollusk have been up to. Knowing him, I bet it ain’t pleasant. That dude’s got a nasty streak in him a mile wide!”

She shuddered and cried hot, salty tears now. Jackie couldn’t imagine the kind of punishment her friend was enduring, if even Len thought Mollusk was mean. What had started as a simple shopping spree on her part, had turned into a nightmare.


“Hey, look at that. Ain’t that really something else?” gloated Mollusk. He jammed the gun firmly into Christine’s back as he forced her to watch what Len was doing to her friend.

Christine cringed, hardly able to look. Yet she felt an unreal quality, seeing her friend tied up so securely and raped like that. It was as if she were watching a movie. She knew it was actually happening, and still it seemed so impossible, that she watched in rapt fascination.

The woman watched every single motion in that obscene act. She saw Len’s huge prick part Jackie’s pink inner labia, and then drive balls deep into her pussy. She saw the cunt juices leaking out and dribbling onto the floor of the booth. She heard and saw and practically felt every single thing that Len did to her friend.

“Looks like fun,” observed Mollusk. “Let’s try it ourselves. You’re a hot bush. You gotta have ideas that would pleasure me.”

“Go to hell!”

“No way to talk to the guy who’s got a gun rammed into your ribs.” He brutally thrust the gun at her side, and twisted it a little until she felt the front sight cutting into her flesh.

“Wh-what do you want?” she stammered. She was hardly able to keep from breaking down and crying. And all the time she kept her eyes on Len fucking Jackie. She saw the expression on her friend’s face. It was such a curious mixture of lust and terror that Christine hardly recognized Jackie. The entire rape was degrading and horrible.

Christine knew Jackie’s hands would surely fall off from lack of circulation at any second. She could actually see her flesh turning an ugly blue.

“I dunno. But we got this whole fucking store to find things to do in. Hell,” he said, “why go anywhere else? We got some really nice stuff right here.”

He lifted one of the frilly nighties with the tip of his gun and tossed it to Christine.

“Get into it,” he ordered. “I want to see how you look.”

“No.” She had decided she would be firm. He couldn’t make her do anything she didn’t want to do.

She was wrong.

He slapped her so hard, that she stumbled and fell to her knees. The ringing sound in her ears from the blow made her dizzy, and her vision blurred. She hardly even felt it when he pulled her to shaky legs and shoved her hard against one of the display cases.

“Strip,” he ordered. “Get naked. I want to see bare ass in ten seconds, or I’ll ram this gun barrel where the sun never shines.”

To show that he meant business, he jammed the long barrel of the revolver into her ass. She felt her asscheeks parting under the pressure and the sting from the gun sight cutting into her tender flesh brought her back to her senses. This man was capable of anything, even murder. He had robbed a store, and had fled to hide from the police. Perhaps he had already killed that night, and was looking for another victim.

Only by cooperating with him could Christine possibly survive. Hesitantly, she began unfastening the buttons on her blouse. It wasn’t fast enough for the gunman.

“Hell, lemme show you how to do it right.” He reached out a meaty hand and gripped the fabric at her neckline. A savage tug sent buttons skittering across the floor, dancing and spinning away. The blouse hung open, and exposed her lush, ripe tits.

She shivered and looked down stupidly at her naked boobs jiggling to and fro. The woman hardly knew what to do or say. When Mollusk laughed, it was evil and promised her nothing but more humiliation.

“Like that, huh? Good. Now get the rest of those duds off. And do it now, or I’ll do it myself.”

He reached into his pocket and pulled out a knife. A dull snick brought the switchblade knife open. The steel blade gleamed in the dull light. The sharp tip looked like a needle to the frightened woman.

Shrugging her shoulders, she dropped the ripped blouse to a small, pathetic pile on the floor, and immediately began working on the snap holding her skin. She didn’t get that far. A quick backhanded slap knocked her sprawling on the top of one of the display cases. She was stunned and couldn’t do anything but quiver like a fish out of water for a moment.

This was all it took for the man to come aver to her. She felt the icy, cold blade of his switchblade cut lightly into her flesh. He dragged a bloody line down the side of her body until he came to her skirt. A savage slash cut through her skin. The man ripped it from her body, actually scooting her a few inches along the top of the slick glass case.

“Pantyhose,” he sneered. “I hate those fucking things. Don’t do nothing but get in the way of my pleasure.”

“Don’t hurt me, please!” she begged. She saw no mercy in the man’s lustful eyes. He was going to have his way with her and nothing she could do would change that.

“Least ways, you’re wearing those damn things with the panties built into them. That saves me some time.”

She almost passed out when she felt the cold tip of his knife press hard into her tender flesh again. He pulled the knife forward until it rested just under her belly button. He caught the edge of her pantyhose and began slicing through the fabric. When the sides of his blade touched her cunt lips she almost passed out from fear.

“Don’t go fainting on me,” he said viciously, slapping her. “I want you knowing what I’m doing. I ain’t no necrophile who gets his kicks fucking dead chicks. I want you responding to me, got that?”

“Y-yes,” she said, looking down in abject fear as the knife slowly worked lower between her legs. Involuntarily, her legs spread wantonly for the man. She didn’t want him cutting her, not there, not her pussy lips.

A quick twist of his wrist and her pantyhose were completely cut into two pieces, one on her left leg and the other on her right. Her snatch was widely exposed to the man’s lascivious gaze.

“Now that’s a pussy,” he said, licking his dry lips. “And this is what I call a real man’s prick.”

Reaching down, he pulled out his cock, about half stiff. Christine almost laughed, and then bit it back. Laughing at Mollusk now would be her death sentence. The man was insane and would do terrible things to her before he allowed her to die. The way he used that knife told her more than she really wanted to know about the man.

He moved into the vee of her legs and stuffed his half erect cock into her pussy. She sighed, and leaned back, supporting herself on her elbows. This wasn’t too bad, she tried to tell herself. The man couldn’t fuck her until he got a real boner. If she had him pegged right, he might never get it up.

“D-do you like it so far?”

“Hell, babe, it ain’t even started yet.” He moved his hips back and forth but the woman couldn’t feel his prick getting any stiffer inside her. She almost thought she wouldn’t have to put up with any more than this simple humiliation when he pulled back and slapped her again.

“Bitch! You ain’t doing nothing for me. You’re supposed to help me along.”

“Doing what?”

“You ain’t no virgin. You know what a woman’s supposed to do!” He pressed the point of the knife into the underside of her right tit until a tiny drop of blood appeared. “I’m gonna cut this off if you don’t get to work.”

“What do you want me to do? I don’t know! Honest, I don’t know!”

He glared at her for a second, then turned away, pulling his prick from her pussy. He stood with his hands on his hips for a moment, then pointed silently to a lingerie display.

“Do you w-want me to put something on?”

“The crotchless, frilly ones. Nothing else.”

She stripped off the severed pantyhose, acutely aware of the man’s lusting gaze on her as she worked. The pantyhose came off slowly, one inch at a time. She stroked her fingers down over her smooth, firm thighs to her well-rounded calves and ankles. Kicking, she got rid of one half of her ruined pantyhose. The woman quickly worked off the other side, feeling totally naked and completely helpless as she did so.

It surprised her that she could feel even more vulnerable than before. The slight wisps of nylon that had remained on her legs had given her some little comfort, a little taste of normalcy. All that was gone now. She hurried to put on the panties, hoping this would give her back a feeling of safety.

The silk panties flowed across her flesh. Her ass amply pushed against the thin fabric, making her feel almost as naked as before. The thin wisp of the panties pressed against her pussy mound, and caused a small tuft of her bush to poke up over the top. This seemed to arouse Mollusk more than anything else. Christine watched in abject terror as his prick jerked up to a full erection.

“Yeah, baby, that’s what I like to see,” he said, moving closer to her again. A quick shove against her tits made her sit down on the top of the display counter. His hands captured her legs and lifted them up on either side of her body. She closed her eyes and waited.

She felt the heavy bludgeon of his cock press into the slit of the frilly panties, and find her cunt hole. She hated herself for responding to the man, but she couldn’t help it. It might have been fear or it might have been real lust. She couldn’t tell. All she knew for a fact was that her pussy was beginning to get damp from her love juices.

“Naw, I ain’t gonna fuck you there. That’s a sloppy, big hole. Too many guys have beat me to it.”

Shocked, she opened her eyes and started to complain. She never got the chance. Mollusk reached under her left asscheek, gripped hard and then lifted. Christine felt herself rolling over on the top of the counter. Her legs got tangled up with the gunman’s body, but he quickly pressed her ankles forward until they touched in the middle of her back. She was agile but he was pushing her muscles too far. She cried out in pain.

“Bend, damn you, bend. I want to keep you nice and limber because I’m gonna fuck you up that shit chute of yours.”

“What? What do you mean?” she asked. She understood the words, but was too frightened of Mollusk to be able to figure out what he was going to do to her. All she could fathom was that it wouldn’t be pleasant — for her.

“I’m gonna butt-fuck you, lady. You know. Cornhole you. Teach you a little Greek culture. What the fuck do you call it?”

“You’re going to fuck me up the asshole?” The words came from her lips, almost lifeless with shock. She had never had a man screw her up the rear before. And she hardly wanted to start now with this brutal man.

“You called it. I’m gonna butt-fuck you like you’ve never been butt-fucked before. Might as well relax and enjoy it.”

“No!” she screamed. “You can’t. Nobody’s ever done that to me before. I… oh, dear God!”

His hand pressed into the small of her back to keep her from moving. Legs trailing over the edge of the case and not even reaching the floor, she had no leverage to pull herself erect. Her pussy was widely exposed to the man’s prick — and so was her asshole.

She felt the blunted tip of his throbbingly erect cock push against the tightly held ring of her anus. The anal sphincter tightened up, refusing to allow any male invader up her back door. But the man wasn’t going away. He kept a steady pressure against the pink ring of ass muscle. He kneaded her buttocks in an attempt to get her to loosen up. If anything, it only warned the woman not to give in an inch.

An inch of prick in her rectum would give him the chance to stuff in two, and two would lead to four, and then he would be raping her ass.

“Please,” she moaned, straining to get away from the man’s probing cock. “Don’t do this to me!”

“Hell, baby, you’ll love it. Just wait till I get buried to the hilt in that virgin ass of yours. You do want your cherry for a tail-light, don’t you?”

She sobbed openly, her fingers gripping the edges of the counter. The harder she tried to keep him out, the more it seemed he was sinking into her body. Finally, her asshole gave up entirely. She felt her ass fill with hot, hard cock that threatened to rip her apart.

Never had she felt such pain, even when she’d had her cherry popped. The pain inside spread like wildfire. She moaned, and cried bitter tears of humiliation and agony now. The man’s prick slowly expanded her resilient shit chute walls, and the pain slackened — a little.

“Yeah, baby, you got a tight ass. I love ’em that way. And hot! Shit you make me feel like I just fucked into a vise, and then the vise was tossed into a furnace. Tight and hot, that’s the way I like to feel ’em around my cock.”

He shoved in another couple of inches, and she felt his balls wetly slapping against her pussy lips. Ironically, this turned her on. She loved the feel of the hairy little bag rubbing against her puffy cunt lips. She began to struggle, but in a more passionate way.

The cock up her ass wasn’t all that bad, she decided. It was even sexy, sort of. And if he actually started fucking her ass, it could be nice.

She thought she’d lose her mind when he began to pull back, however, the intense suction that was formed in her ass by the tight fit between her ass walls and his cock, threatened to pull her guts out with his cock. A loud fart sounded and then he was plugging her tightest passage with his prick again. The pain lanced into her ass, and slowly went away as she felt his hot cock pulsing hard inside her. He started fucking her then with a slow, powerful motion that built up her desires in spite of her intentions. She didn’t want to enjoy this. That would be perverted, even obscene. The man was raping her up the ass. She didn’t want him doing this. How could she possibly be expected to enjoy such a thing?

But she was. Until she felt the sharp nick of his knife against her flattened tit. Her chest pressed down firmly into the glass case. His knife point slid forward and lightly cut the base of her right tit. All the time the knife blade was drawing blood, his powerful body was fucking her.

She felt his cock sinking deeper and deeper into her cunt with every forward thrust. He tore at her tender inner flesh until she was positive he was ripping her into bloody shreds. She broke down and cried openly now, not even trying to hold it back. Everything was wrong.

He was humiliating her horribly. He stripped her and forced her to wear those revealing crotchless panties. Not content with fucking her up the pussy, he butt-fucked her instead. She felt his cock expanding in her tight ass, and tensed up herself.

This made his cock feel even larger in her than before. She could feel every single contour of that mighty fuck stick. The broad arrowhead of his glans pressed firmly into the walls of her asshole. The big blue vein on the top of his prick pulsed and throbbed in tempo with his beating heart. The thickness of his shaft made her feel as if he were pulling her apart from the inside.

But the way he fucked drove her out of her skull now. Short, quick movements built the friction in her shit chute to the point where she was sure she was on fire. The burning felt more like acid had been dumped into her ass.

“Keep moving like that, baby,” he ordered, “and I’ll give you the sexiest enema you ever got in your short life.”

His prick raced in and out of her ass with increasing authority. He was getting his rocks off on ass-raping her. She felt shame and embarrassment. The woman couldn’t turn around and look, but she knew that both Len and Jackie were standing nearby and seeing every second of her humiliation. She tried to escape by sliding backwards off the display case.

This only rammed her ass back into the curve of the man’s groin. She felt his cock bury itself a full inch deeper into her body. Everything she did worked against her. The more she tried to elude that hard-driving cock, the deeper she seemed to get it.

Her tender flesh ached from the strain. And the man’s cock reached everywhere in her ass. She felt him rubbing against the humid sides of her asscheeks, before sinking through the tight ring of her anus. Then he surged harder and shot full length into her body. A grinding motion caused his cock to work even more erotically against her inner flesh.

Her entire ass churned and burned. Tiny nerves never before touched started to respond. She simply knew that millions of fire ants had been poured into her asshole and they were eating away at her flesh. The pain and indignity of the position made her kick out her legs.

This had an effect totally different from what she had expected. She’d wanted to scoot forward and get away from the probing cock. Instead, it caused her body to buck up and produce a different angle of entry for the man’s prick. She felt the sudden swelling of his cock, and then her asshole was filled with his white-hot jism. The constant surge of his come almost made her faint in shock.

“Why, why me?” she moaned over and over.

Panting, his prick already beginning to melt, Mollusk answered, “Because you had a virgin ass, that’s why. Now if Len wants sloppy seconds up your butt, he can have them.”

“Who, me?” answered the other thief. “I got all the pretty meat I want right here, don’t I?”

Christine heard Jackie make a choked sound. She realized they were both in big trouble and not likely to get away alive. As her feverish mind worked, she came up with an even worse fate. Len and Mollusk wouldn’t kill them — they would merely use them all night long and leave the two women degraded and ashamed of their own bodies. That was the fate worse than death: self-hate.


“Damn, but she has a tight ass. A good fuck,” smiled Mollusk. Christine looked up from her sprawled position on the display counter and shuddered at the sight. The man’s broken tooth made him appear absolutely evil. Never had she seen a man who could make her quake and fear like this one.

“I got off on this chick, too,” said Len, not to be bested. “I think she’s got a tighter pussy than yours. That’s why you wanted to cornhole yours.”

Christine looked into the small dressing booth at the bound Jackie. The woman was white with fear. Christine didn’t blame her at all. They were in a terrible fix. These two men had them under absolute control and there didn’t seem to be any way they could escape.

“What are you going to do with us?” asked Christine, trying to keep her voice as calm and level as possible. She realized that, as with animals, the slightest show of fear might mean her death.

Len shrugged, and Mollusk leered. “I think you know what we got in mind. We ducked into this store thinking we could hide out all night and then split in the morning after the heat was off. With you two, well, that sorta complicates things, don’t it?”

“Not really,” Christine said hastily. “We… we won’t say a word about this. Honest. You can let us go and…”

“And you’d go squealing to the cops,” snapped Len. “We ain’t that stupid. You just been ass raped and she’s been raped up her nice little cunt and you expect us to believe you wouldn’t report it?”

“No, no!” cried Christine. “Listen, women always get a raw deal in a rape case. You ought to know that. We… we wouldn’t want to go to trial and then have to spill every intimate detail of our personal lives. That’s the way the defense would go. You know that.”

“Yeah,” said Len slowly. “You got a point. But you got to have a lot of really kinky things to tell before that would mean a thing. Tell us about them, and me and Mollusk will decide if we can let you go.”

“What do you mean?”

“Tell us all the sordid things you wouldn’t want to tell on the stand if you had to testify. If they’re sicko enough, then maybe we’ll let you both go. Your argument sounds good, if you’d really be telling a lot of shit.”

Christine licked her lips. She hardly knew what to say. Luckily, she was rescued by Jackie crying out, “I’ll tell you all the awful things I’ve done. But let me loose first.”

“Do it, Mollusk. And get over her so we can watch both these pervo chicks.”

Jackie was brought over. Her blouse hung in tatters on her shoulders but her skirt fell to cover her recently raped snatch. Her hands were swollen and numb and totally useless for gripping. Christine felt pity for her friend but hoped she could come up with a twisted enough set of imaginary sexual doings to convince Len and Mollusk to let them go.

“You’ll let us go?” asked Christine hopefully.

“Hell, no!” exclaimed Len.

To show exactly how upstanding he was, Len moved and showed both women the way his prick was slowly jerking to full mast. His erection throbbed as he stroked along the length of his cock and soon the plum-tipped head looked as large as a golf ball.

“What do you say, Mollusk, would you let ’em go?”

“Shit, no.”

Len and Mollusk hurriedly bound Jackie’s wrists to her ankles. In this kneeling position, she could move but she wasn’t able to grab either of the men.

“Yeah, that’s the way I like to see ’em. All tied up, and ready to suck on my cock!”

Len stood boldly in front of the bound woman, his prick just inches away from her mouth. He tempted her with it, holding it out for her to suck on, and then moving backwards just enough so that she was still sucking him.

“Come on, kid, let’s see how good you suck cock. Give me head, damn you, and do it fast!”

“Go to hell,” Jackie snapped. And this cost her. Mollusk had found a length of nylon rope in a nearby sports good display. He used this as a lash to land across the woman’s naked back. An ugly red welt appeared under the rope as he repeatedly applied it to her once-virginal white flesh.

“Aieeee!” she cried, sobbing openly. “Stop! That hurts. Don’t do this to me. Please, I’ll do anything. Anything!”

“Then suck his prick,” said Mollusk, obviously enjoying giving the woman a beating. Christine could see the man’s prick actually jerking aloft into a full-fledged boner as he continued to whip Jackie.

Christine started to edge away while the men’s attention was focused on her unfortunate friend. She felt like a traitor but this was a matter of life or death. As long as Jackie gave a good enough blowjob, neither of the men would notice anything amiss. And she might be able to get away and find the police.

Her hopes were crushed when Mollusk tossed the rope around her neck, and pulled her off her feet. The rope was like a noose, and he pulled her kicking and strangling along the floor.

“Don’t go getting any smart ideas, babe,” he told her. “You’ll end up dead if you do.”

She got the message when Mollusk forced her flat on her belly, with her tits pressing into the cold floor. He looped the other end of the rope around her raised ankles. She was pulled into a bow. If she dropped her legs, she would strangle herself with the rope. He quickly took a couple turns around her wrists to prevent her from unfastening his handiwork. He stood back and leered down at her.

“That should hold you. And you got a front row seat for what’s gonna happen to your dog-loving friend. She’s gonna get a real man’s prick stuffed up her cunt, now. Just you watch, and take notes, huh?”

Mollusk dived and slid at a right angle into Jackie. She had to rise, to accommodate his bulky body. With Len’s cock lightly brushing her lips she was too confused to know what to do.

Len continued the beating that Mollusk had started. “Keep sucking, damnit, you slimy cunt. Don’t you know a real stud’s prick when you see it? Worship at my cock, bitch!”

She took his prick into her mouth and sucked for all she was worth. Her cheeks went hollow under the suction she applied. She used her tongue the best she could. The pain from the whipping distracted her from giving the superb blowjob that she was capable of.

And Jackie also noticed something going on between her legs. Mollusk’s fingers groped under her skirt, and started jerking on it. In less than a minute, he ripped it from her body. She was now totally naked, kneeling over the man’s crotch, and sucking on the other man’s cock.

Never had she been in a worse jam. And, to add injury to her humiliation, Len’s continued whipping of her back and shoulders was beginning to draw oozing red lines of blood. She only hoped he didn’t transfer his attentions to her more tender and vulnerable tits. He could ruin her, if he tried whipping her turgid nipples, or the slopes of those pointy tipped mounds of titflesh.

The auburn-haired woman felt Mollusk forcing her legs farther and farther apart. She could do nothing but allow him to do it. She felt as if he might split her in two, but she couldn’t even call out and tell him to stop as long as Len’s cock thrust insistently into her mouth.

She rose up enough for Mollusk to position himself under her. He was flat on his back, and had grabbed both of her asscheeks. She hated to admit it, even to herself, but the feel of his hands moving over her ass was sexy, and turned her on. She was sucking cock and getting her ass fondled. What more could a woman want?

She snapped back to reality when she felt the harsh lash of the nylon rope stinging her shoulders. Tears came to her eyes. And then she gasped.

Mollusk wiggled a bit farther under her, and shoved his prick between her wide-spread pussy lips. He was going to fuck her while she was sucking off Len!

“No, no, don’t, please. I’m so sore up the pussy!”

Her entire body shook, as the man shoved himself all the way into her cunt. He didn’t care that her pussy was still sore and aching from when Len had raped her. All he cared about was his own insane lust. He wanted to get his rocks off, and it didn’t matter to him if she felt any pain or not.

Or maybe it did. Maybe he got his kicks from knowing that she hurt all over. The woman was too confused to understand her own feelings, much less those of the man intent on raping her again.

“You in good, Mollusk?” asked Len. “I’m gonna pick up the tempo. My balls feel like they’re gonna pop any second now.”

He was as good as his word. Forceful thrusts sent his cock in and out of the girl’s sucking lips.

She felt the friction mounting, and then his cock shot all the way down her throat. She gagged and pulled back. She was rewarded with the sharp sting of the lash again.

“Don’t want to suck a man’s prick, huh? I’ll teach you!”

And he did. She felt the blood oozing from the lash marks criss-crossing her back. Her tits heaved up and down in agony, as the man continued to shove his prick in and out of her mouth. She could hardly breathe, but that didn’t stop him. If he could suffocate her with his prick, he would. He was cruel and heartless.

Heavy hands pressed the small of her back. She bent forward in response and found that Mollusk’s cock danced delightedly in the tight confines of her juicy cunt. He had only to lift his hips slightly to ram deeply into her pussy. The angle of entry was excitingly different for her. She hated herself for responding so powerfully, but she had to. Her body demanded it.

Mollusk drove in and out of her clutching cunt with all the power locked in his body. She could feel the masculine power seething in his prick and balls. He rammed and drove and ground his crotch into hers. She shuddered as the sexual tensions got too much for her.

She came.

And as she came, she gasped and felt the hot rush of Len’s come spattering into her face and hair. He was missing her mouth on purpose. He wanted to mark her with his jism, like a dog marks a fire hydrant with its piss. She tossed her head, trying to avoid the hot gobs of come that arched through the air, but she failed. The thick rivers of manseed poured down her checks, and dripped onto her tits from her chin.

Jackie hardly had any time to hate Len for what he had done to her. She loved the taste of come and would have cheerfully sucked every single drop of his come if he had shot off in her mouth. Just the thrusting, fucking, dancing prick in her cunt demanded more of her attention now.

She shrieked as she came again.

She felt strong hands gripping her waist, lifting her and guiding her in the motion Mollusk wanted most from her. She obliged. The sensation of his cock stirring so strongly in her pussy thrilled her. Yet she knew she should hate every single instant of this rape.

And rape it was, too. Her hands were tied to her ankles, then her legs were pulled far apart for Mollusk to get under her crotch. She couldn’t look into his face, and see how she was pleasuring him. She was a prisoner being used, like she might use a Kleenex. The woman didn’t doubt that after they had finished with her body, they would discard her in the same way.

But now she loved it. It was a kinky feeling.

Now the whipping had stopped, Len’s prick was dead, and Mollusk fucked deep into her cunt. What more could any woman want?

The sudden start of the lashing brought her off unexpectedly. She came harder than she ever had before. The woman discovered that she was responding as strongly to the pain as she was the pleasure. That confused her, but she didn’t have the time to figure it all out.

Mollusk shoved into her. She felt his prick actually bending inside her. She moaned as it slid a little bit from her cunt, but the intense pressure of his cock against her sensitive cunt walls brought her off again.

Her legs and hands rocked up into the air. She had been knocked off balance. Mollusk’s strong hips picked her off the floor, and he sank his cock even deeper into her softly yielding cunt. Just as another orgasm was mounting inside her, the man’s prick exploded furiously. She felt the hot rush of his come and this triggered her own climax. Together they shook and shoved and fucked.

When he sat up, she tumbled forward onto her face. His prick went flaccid in her tight, clinging pussy and she found no support at all. Face down on the floor, his come dribbling from between her raped pussy lips, she realized what they had done to her.

They had forced her to say terrible things and declare them to be the truth. Then they had tied her and whipped her, and forced her into sexual acts she would never have done if allowed free choice. She’d sucked one of them off, while the other raped her. And all the while these horrible things were being done to her, that nylon rope was brutally scoring her tender young flesh.

She had welts on her back and belly to show for this little fuck fest.

Jackie went cold all over when the thought hit her that this was just the start. It was hours and hours until the store opened again. And she was at the men’s mercy.


“I heard voices, I tell you,” said Lynda emphatically. “And I think there were more than just two. That means it couldn’t just be Christine and Jackie. Unless they found somebody who…”

“Come off it, Lynda,” said Jerry. “You’re imagining things. Just because we accidentally got locked in doesn’t mean anyone else did.”

“If whoever closed up got careless when it came to finding us, he could have screwed up with others, too,” she pointed out. “I tell you, I heard voices. And it sounded weird.”

“How weird? Funny weird or nasty weird?”

“I don’t know,” she admitted. “Let’s go find out.”

“Why?” the man asked, sprawling back comfortably on the huge round bed. “I seem to remember I still owe you east by southeast. We’ve fucked in just about every other direction. I think I enjoyed true north the best.”

Lynda smiled at the memory of the multiple fuckings. Jerry was a real stud. He had given her more pleasure in the last few hours than she thought possible from any man. He was a tireless fucker, his prick drooping but immediately coming back harder and longer and stronger than ever before. Her cunt actually ached from the repeated fuckings. Not that she was complaining. This was the very thing she had hoped for when she discovered they had been locked in.

“The bed’s a mess. We can fix it up a little, go explore and if no one else is around, came back and mess the bed up again. It’ll give us a chance to rest a little.” She stroked her slender fingers across the hairy mat of the man’s chest. “Besides, you were wondering how I’d look in some of that incredibly sexy and very naughty lingerie. You can find out. We can find out — together.”

He heaved a big sigh. “You always did have a way of convincing me to do things I didn’t want.”

“Don’t hand me that line, Jerry!” she said. “You want to see me dressed up in that stuff just as much as I want to feel it against my skin. It’s so sexy having on silk stockings. Feeling them move along your legs, stroking you and turning you on.”

“You can turn me on any time you wear that garter belt and stockings. I’ll leave the actual wearing to you. I don’t look so good in high heels, either.”

“Come on. Get off that dead ass of yours and let’s explore.”

“Do we have to put on any clothes?”

She thought about it a moment and then said, “I guess not. If we’re alone, then we’re alone. If there are others, maybe we can join in.”

“Shit,” he muttered under his breath. “All you think about is fucking.”

“That’s not true!” she flared. “I think about blowjobs from time to time, too.”

“Yeah,” he agreed, remembering the softness of her lips caressing his hard cock. She could give head like no other woman. Just thinking about how she could suck cock was making him stiffen again.

“Hmmm, maybe we shouldn’t explore just yet,” she said, seeing his erection return. “We could put it off — till morning!”

“Up and out!” Jerry demanded, swatting Lynda on one of her pert asscheeks. “You got me curious about what’s happening in other parts of the store.” He pulled on his pants but nothing else. She sat up and reluctantly put on her blouse and skirt. The woman made a big show of not putting on her panties. She wanted him to know that she was totally naked and immediately available to his prick.

Hand in hand they went to the escalator and walked down stationary stairs. The odd sounds Lynda had heard grew louder. They stopped at the foot of the escalator, Lynda’s hand gripping hard at Jerry’s arm.

“It sounds like someone crying.”

“Or in pain,” added Jerry. “Or even both. Let’s go see what’s going down. Seems to be over in the women’s clothing section, too. We were headed that way to start so it’s not out of the way.”

Silently they walked together through the darkened aisles, clinging to one another for support. Lynda was the first to see what was going on. She put a hand to her mouth, gasping in disbelief.

“Good God, that’s Jackie! And look at what the men are doing to her! They are raping her!”

“And whipping her. But what’s that choking noise? It… oh, shit, look! It’s Christine! They’ve got her ankles tied too tight to her throat. She’s choking herself to death!”

Jerry broke free of Lynda’s grasp and ran to free Christine. He should have paid more attention to what was happening with Jackie. Both Len and Mollusk beard the scurrying noise of Jerry’s bare feet against the tile floor. They spun, their guns out. Jerry looked up and went pale in fright. The guns looked like they were the size of firehoses as they honed in on him.

“Shit, what the hell’s going on here?” he demanded. “Who are you? Why are you two doing this to my friends?”

“Hey, Mollusk, he says he’s, a friend of theirs. Can you dig it?”

“Sure thing, Len,” said the smaller man, his gun slowly leaving Jerry and wandering around. It didn’t take him but a second to see Lynda’s blonde hair gleaming in the dark. “You there, get your ass over here, or we put holes in your boyfriend.”

Lynda moved into the small area where the men stood. Both Len and Mollusk smiled lewdly at the sight of her trim form, her impudently thrusting tits, the fuckable curvy ass and, the slender legs half-hidden by her skirt.

“Now we’ll be able to find out if blondes do have more fun,” said Mollusk.

“Sure they do,” said Len. “They’re easier to find in the dark. You there, blondie, get over here. We want to really look at you.”

Lynda had never felt more self-conscious in her life. The men gazed at her young body, not missing a single sexy curve or sinuous movement as she shifted from foot to foot.

“Yeah, fucking her is going to be fun.”

“I’ll break your bloody neck if you try!” raged Jerry. Len casually lifted his gun and landed the barrel on the side of the clerk’s head. Jerry fell like a ton of bricks. He moaned and struggled weakly to get back to his feet. Len kicked him viciously in the ribs. “You stay there while we decide what to do with your friend.”

“I can’t do a damn thing right now,” said Mollusk, looking at his limp cock. “I burned it out inside that chick’s hot pussy. And she sucked you off good, too. Look at it!”

Lynda gasped when the meaning of the men’s words penetrated her dazed mind. They had raped both Christine and Jackie. And they had forced them to do things which they probably would never have done. That explained the lash marks on Jackie’s back and the horrible way Christine was trussed up. These men were dangerous criminals and could be expected to do anything — even murder. She knew then that she didn’t want to anger them at all.

“Look, we just sort of happened by. We haven’t seen anything. We… we’ll just be going.” The sound of the revolver cocking stopped her. She didn’t doubt for a second that Mollusk would shoot to kill.

“No, I think you and your boyfriend are going to get it on. We can’t do anything about that blonde pussy of yours right now, but we can get our kicks just watching.”

“How do we know she’s a natural blonde, Len?” Mollusk moved to Lynda and started running his grimy hand through her lustrous hair. “I mean, they do great things with dye these days.” He stroked down the side of her body, caught the band of her skirt in his finger and savagely jerked. She squealed as the fabric cut into her body. The skirt came free and fell to her feet in a pile.

“Unless she has a snatch patch to match, she’s a natural honey blonde. The kind I love to eat!”

“Let her boyfriend try her nut first, Len,” suggested Mollusk. “You know, I saw the garden department over yonder. I got this idea.”

“Your first one. But I think I’m following you. Let’s go. Just the four of us. You two chicks will stay here.” Jackie was quickly tied just as Christine was and the two criminals herded Jerry and Lynda to the garden area.

“See? A riding lawn mower. Just like I always wanted. But I never had any grass to use it on,” said Mollusk, pointing at the contraption with a large metal seat on it. He bent down, grabbed the starter handle and yanked. The sound of the mower’s powerful motor, filled the enclosed area.

“Now what if he sits on that thing and she straddles his lap, see? It would be like driving a vibrator into her cunt.” Len smiled broadly and motioned with the gun he held loosely in his fingers.

Jerry hesitated, then obeyed. On the way, Mollusk had stripped him of his pants.

“I think these two have been at it earlier. Otherwise, why are they stripped for action? This dude’s not wearing anything now and she was only wearing a blouse and skin.”

“Get the blouse off,” ordered Len.

“Burn in hell,” said Lynda. And she immediately regretted it. She hadn’t seen the length of nylon rope that Mollusk carried with him. She shrieked as pain lanced through her shoulders and into her body. She felt the nylon rope hungrily seeking her flesh, ripping and tearing at her blouse. The man was pulling her blouse off without bothering to unbutton it. She tried to help him along but the continued thrashing with the rope brought her to her knees.

This allowed him to swing the rope in short, vicious arcs. “Get that blouse off, damnit, you stupid cunt,” snarled Mollusk. He continued whipping her with it while she fought to get the garment off her shoulders. Feeling a tiny trickle of blood welling up and oozing down her back spurred her to more action.

Totally naked, on her knees, she looked up at Mollusk, her blue eyes ice cold with hatred. Never in her life had she hated a man more than she hated him. And he seemed to thrive on it. The man smiled and bowed sardonically, painting to where Jerry sat on the quivering lawn mower.

Lynda looked at her boyfriend and almost cried out. His prick was thrusting upward, completely stiff, and was dancing around because of the motion of the running motor. For a second, she wanted to do exactly as the men commanded her. She would be getting what she wanted most. Then she stubbornly refused.

“You’re not making me do anything I don’t want to do,” she said. “Go on and use that rope on me. The more pain I feel the less likely I’ll do anything.”

“Okay,” said Len pleasantly. “If that’s the way you want it. I’ll shoot the stud and you can shoot her, Mollusk.” Len pulled his gun out and aimed it directly at Jerry’s temple. The frightened look on Jerry’s face convinced her to agree.

“Wait!” she cried. “I… I’ll do it! Honest I will.”

“Get on and ride,” said Mollusk jamming his cold gun between her asscheeks. She wanted to protest but stopped. Arguing how would only infuriate the men. She doubted they would actually kill either her or Jerry, but she couldn’t take the chance.

Lynda straddled the lawn mower, watching in frightened fascination as Jerry’s prick traced out figure eights in the air just inches under her pussy lips. She hesitated, worrying that she might end up hurt if she allowed this odd fucking to continue.

Then she was convinced she would be hurt even more if she didn’t get on with it. A garden hose landed across her naked back. The jolt rattled her teeth and drove her hips downward. She felt the purpled knob of the man’s prick push between her puffy cunt lips.

In that instant she knew she could defeat the men who forced her to do this terrible thing. She could get off on the forced fucking. She could extract her revenge by actually enjoying what she was being forced to do.

Happily, she lowered herself even more. The feel of Jerry’s vibrating cock thrilled her strangely. She had always liked the idea of fucking so that others might see her. That was how she and Jerry had gotten off so hard upstairs in the furniture displays. But she knew that two men watched her now. This was like a live sex show put on strictly for their benefit.

She shuddered as the man’s huge prick shot all the way up into her seething hot cunt. Her pussy walls contracted immediately, gripping firmly at the male invader. Jerry’s prick seemed to go berserk. It quivered and bobbed and jerked powerfully against the walls of her fuck tunnel. Sobbing, she realized then how incredible this was.

She had used a vibrator on herself a lot of times. A man can fuck only so much and her sex needs sometimes weren’t satisfied by the time her stud partner was. She would masturbate with the vibrator while he watched. It never failed to arouse him and they could fuck again. After all, she loved the hot, hard feel of a real man’s prick better than any plastic dildo.

But this!

Her fingers clawed into Jerry’s back as the full impact struck her. She bit her lower lip as she felt him fuck her. The way it shook drove her wild with desire. There was no way in hell she could sit still and simply allow him to do the work.

The action of the powerful motor caused the entire lawn mower to shake from side to side until her tits jiggled and jostled like Jello in an earthquake. The watching men seemed to approve. She could hear their lewd comments, but that hardly mattered to her.

All she cared about was the intense pleasure generated by Jerry’s hard-fucking, fast-bucking cock.

She changed her mind when Mollusk started whipping her with the garden hose. Pleasure and pain blurred inside her until she was too confused to figure out what she was getting off on the pain raced forcefully into her back, down her spine and made her body ache horribly. But the fast-fucking cock burned her twat, and made her come totally alive with pleasure. The two forces — pleasure and pain — mingled and exploded in wild orgasm in the center of her belly.

She arched her back, drove her snatch down hard into the man’s groin to get as much of his shaking prick into her needy cunt as she could. The garden hose landed with sickening regularity on her back, but it was bearable. The pain was less than the joy she received from the fucking.

Len added a touch of real terror for her, though. She felt the cold barrel of his gun press between her asscheeks. Twisting to get away only brought a flurry of harder strokes on her back. She subsided and let the man do what he wanted.

The barrel of the revolver slowly thrust up into her asshole. She cried in both pain and terror at the thought of Len’s trigger finger slipping. A bullet would blast up into her body and kill both her and Jerry. There was no way in hell that a bullet could miss his prick, either.

“Keep fucking, cunt,” came Len’s cold command. “I want to see if you can get off on this steel rod.”

Both men laughed at the small pun. She continued to drive her hips up and down, but now she received not only the man’s prick in her blast furnace-hot cunt, but the man’s gun up her ass, as well. Fucked by a gun barrel!

The woman felt too confused to know what to do. She should stop. The way Jerry’s cock grew to an even greater swollen size in her pussy told her not to stop. She could stop. The gun ramming in and out of her ass ordered her to continue.

She continued.

Jerry’s hot jism blasted into her twat just as she peaked herself. The mutual orgasm practically ripped the top of her head off. But it wasn’t the intense come she thought it should be. As she climaxed, the worry that Len had pulled the trigger shot through her mind.

Sobbing, clinging weakly to Jerry’s strong frame, she slumped forward, drained. The barrel of the gun plopped from her asshole.

“You done okay, kid,” said Len. “Not many chicks get off on fucking themselves on a gun barrel like that — and up the ass, too.”

Jerry’s eyes widened. He had thought the only torture for the woman was in having to fuck. The action of his balls against the shaking metal of the mower had made him come sooner than normal. Now he was glad.

Until he heard what Mollusk ordered him to do.


Len leered at the pair sitting on the lawn mower. His voice was low and menacing as he said, “I think it would be just great if you’d fuck her up the ass now. Let her see the difference between my gun and yours!”

He held up his revolver and smiled even more broadly. Jerry cringed back a little in disgust and Lynda clung to him, trying to get some support from the man. She realized that Len and Mollusk were capable of doing anything. They were cruel and brutal. Murder might be the least of what they’d done in their lives. She had seen enough of the sex play with Jackie and Christine to know that these two had raped them repeatedly while torturing them. She shivered again in the cold of the garden department, remembering what they had just done to her.

On the surface, it had been fun. Rut they had a way of perverting the best of fuckings. They had beaten her with the garden hose. Her shoulders and back ached now, the muscles battered and bruised. And she could hardly remain seated due to the pain in her guts. Jerry’s vibrating cock had been nice — that was something she would have wanted to try if she’d though of it hers if. But the gun up her asshole had hurt. It HURT!

“He can’t do anything, not yet,” she pointed out, as if logic would do any good with these two. She still hadn’t learned the full viciousness that they could summon up to haunt her.

“Then let’s have some fun with you while we’re waiting,” said Mollusk, dragging her off the mower. Jerry tried to stop him and received a long barrel of hard steel alongside his head for the effort. He collapsed to the floor, moaning.

Len pulled Lynda along, dragging her rather than letting her walk. “I don’t know what I should do with you. I don’t want no sloppy seconds.”

“Hose her out,” suggested Mollusk.

“Good idea,” Len said, allowing Lynda to collapse to the floor. She simply stayed on hands and knees, sobbing. She didn’t think they could do anything to her that they hadn’t already done. But she was wrong.

She felt Len thrusting something round and cold and hard into her pussy. Opening her blue eyes in horror, she saw him stuffing one end of the garden hose between the pinkly scalloped lips of her pussy.

“Don’t do that!” she cried. She received a flat handed slap that made her ears ring. She tried to get away from the man, to elude him. It wasn’t possible. He followed her everywhere, shoving more and more of the hose up her cunt until she screamed in pain. He had pushed close to a foot into her guts when he grabbed her slender wrists and used the same hose to securely fasten them behind her back.

“Now we’ll get that slimy fuck pit of yours cleaned out,” he said. “Go on, Mollusk, turn it on.”

“Hey, this isn’t my style,” Mollusk said. For a moment, hope flared inside Lynda that the other man would argue with his partner. She felt that hope die miserably when she saw what he really meant.

“Go on, cocksucker,” Mollusk ordered Jerry. “You get it turned on. I want you to do it, or I’ll shoot your balls off. You ain’t much, but being a eunuch will make life even more worthless for you.” He cocked his pistol and shoved it into Jerry’s groin.

“Lynda, I…” The look of fright on the man’s face told Lynda that he thought Mollusk meant business. She looked away and slowly nodded, her blonde hair falling in long streamers around her face. She knew what Jerry had to do. It would be painful for her, but it would be mutilation for him if he didn’t.

“Go on and do it, Jerry. Oh, dear God, why are you doing this to me?” she begged. She heard the faucet squeaking open, felt the garden hose wrapped around her wrists stiffen and jerk with the surge of the water, then gasped and almost passed out.

The water hit her most delicate tissues like a sledgehammer. The cold piston of water tore away at her guts before gushing around, expanding her pussy walls and flowing from her cunt. She wasn’t even aware that she was writhing on the floor, kicking and screaming. The pain filled her and blotted all else from her mind.

She had no idea how long they left the water on. It might have been years. She knew she would die from the agony filling her cunt. If only they had used warm water, it might not have been so bad. It was as if an icy knife gouged into her belly and threatened to kill her at any second.

As suddenly as it had come, the water vanished. The hose resting in her tight fuck tunnel seemed almost benign now.

“You want to have some fun or do we keep going?” asked Len.

“Anything,” she whined. “I’ll do anything you want!”

“Get the other chick. I want to see some lezzie stuff while her boyfriend cornholes her.”

The buzzing in her head refused to go away. She hardly felt the strong hands pulling her upright so that she was on her knees again. With her hands still tied behind her back she couldn’t support her own weight. Opening her eyes, she saw that Mollusk had dragged Christine into the room. She was still trussed up in the bow shape, although Mollusk had undone the rope around her neck and connected it to her wrists. She wasn’t likely to strangle herself to death now.

“What have they done to you, Lynda?” asked Christine, horrified at the way her friend looked. “They just raped us, but you, you’re so pale!”

“No talk,” commanded Len. “And you, blondie, start eating cunt. I want to see you lapping at this dyke’s cunt right now.”

“Eat,” repeated Len. “Lick her pussy, tonguefuck her cunt, do it all. And do it, now!”

Lynda licked her dried lips and saw that they had moved Christine in front of her so that the woman’s pussy was widely exposed. Strong hands at the back of her head forced her face down into the sex slot. She gasped and found her nose burrowing through thick pussy fur. The blonde woman had no choice but to obey. Her tongue hesitantly slid back and forth along the puffy cunt lips. She had never done this before and had no idea what she was supposed to do.

Then it occurred to her that she was a woman, and knew what she liked a man to do when he was eating her. She could do the same things and do them better. With this added confidence, she began slurping and licking and lightly nipping at the cunt lips and clit of the other woman.

Christine obviously enjoyed the attention. She moaned softly. It wasn’t a cry of pain, either. She was enjoying it. This spurred Lynda on to be even bolder. The taste of cunt juice should have turned her off. Instead, it made her even hotter. Her tongue thrust the cock — hard — into the other woman’s pussy, then rolled around touching the velvety soft cunt walls.

The more pussy she ate, the more she liked it.

“See, she takes to it like a natural. Or maybe that should be unnatural,” joked Mollusk.

“She’s getting her rocks off for sure,” said Len. “And it’s about time to let our friend bugger her. Get him over here.”

Jerry was pulled along, his hands securely fastened behind his back. He hated to admit it but he was getting another boner just from watching Lynda eat the other woman’s pussy. It was almost perverted, he knew, but he couldn’t help himself.

He struggled a little but the men were stronger than he was. The pair of them forced him to kneel behind the upturned ass of the beautiful blonde woman. His prick jutted up and thrust forward between the half moons of her luscious asscheeks. It was all he could do to keep himself in control then. The way his balls tumbled and lurched in the tight little bag containing his balls, he knew that it wouldn’t take much more to get him off.

“Fuck her ass,” came the cold order from Len. Jerry looked up and saw the man fondling the barrel of his pistol. The implications was obvious. Either Jerry did as he was told, or they’d all be shot dead.

“I… I can’t get it in like this. Not with my hands tied.”

“Good point,” said Mollusk. “I’ll do it for you.”

And he did. Jerry cringed as the other man grabbed hold of his prick and jerked it forward. He thought Mollusk would pull his cock out by the roots, but the man successfully guided him to the ring of Lynda’s asshole.

“Fuck,” said Mollusk. “I done all the work for you, now.”

“D-do it, Jerry,” stammered Lynda. “They’ll kill us all if you won’t. And this isn’t so bad, really.”

She said that just to irk the two criminals. She had never been more degraded and abused in all her young life. The blonde tossed her head back and got some of her hair from her eyes. She couldn’t see much more than Christine’s widespread pussy in front of her but she could feel all that was being done around her. The way Jerry’s cock bucked and lurched, she guessed it wouldn’t take much fucking for him to get off.

That was good. She had never liked ass-fucking. The feel of the cold barrel of the revolver fucking her ass while she and Jerry had screwed on the running power lawn mower had been bad. But she had endured it. The idea of a long, hot and hard cock following that gun up her tightest passage didn’t thrill her. She felt a tiny trickle of blood where her inner most membrane had been torn by the metal barrel. A cock would only make her injuries worse.

Being tied like she was didn’t help either. She felt as if she were continually falling face forward. And the garden hose remained firmly lodged in her cunt. That wasn’t as bad for her as it had been, but the humiliation was incredible.

The two robbers had been thorough in their systematic degradation of all their captives. They hadn’t missed a bet in putting them down or twisting the knife in their psychic wounds.

Lynda felt like homemade shit and realized she would be feeling even worse before these men let her go — if they ever did.

“Eat pussy, dammit,” said Len. “I want to see you licking up and down that juicy twat. Do it, now!”

She obeyed when Mollusk started hitting her with the short length of the nylon rope again. The pain blasting into her body was far worse than anything they wanted to do. She applied her tongue to the blue-tinged pussy lips of the other woman. The salty, tangy flavor actually allowed her to get her mind off her predicament for a few seconds.

Sure, it was perverted what they were forcing her to do, but it wasn’t as bad as she’d thought it would be. She enjoyed having a man eat her out. Lynda guessed that Christine liked it, too. What difference was it if a woman’s mouth was substituted for a man’s?

“And you, turd face, get to fucking her ass. I want to see that pecker of yours vanishing into her shit chute. Now!”

She felt the tremors of desire quaking through her entire body as Jerry applied more and more pressure to his cock. It had been resting lightly in the middle of her asshole. Now the man shoved more insistently and the muscle tightened up. She tried to relax. It wouldn’t do any good, having him fuck her tensed-up body. That way could only lead to injury for her.

But it was difficult to obey. She remembered the cold steel of the gun raping her ass. To substitute a flesh and blood cock was something else, but she couldn’t convince her body.

Finally, the man sank his glans into her rectum. He paused for a second, allowing her to adjust to the fact that he had driven his mighty bludgeon of cock into her tightest passage. Then Lynda heard a loud whack and felt Jerry ram his prick balls deep into her bowels.

The pain blotted out the world around her, but she did hear Len saying, “When I tell you to fuck, you fuck. Got it, shit for brains?”

She knew what had happened then. Jerry had been willing to butt-fuck her gradually, allowing her body to accustom itself to the thickness of his cock. Len had hit Jerry hard, and driven him unwillingly into her ass. She silently thanked Jerry for his consideration and cursed Len for his brutality. The two robbers had a limitless supply of evil they were willing to force upon their helpless captives.

The cock resting so firmly in her rectum jiggled and danced a little. She felt her rectum crushing down hot and tight around the thick plug of cock. Every single contour burned itself into her body. The big blue vein on the top of his prick throbbed with the beating of his distant heart. That made her feel a little better. The hood of his glans spread out like an arrowhead, pressing insistently into the walls of her ass.

The ring of muscle surrounding his prick chopped down hard on the man’s cock. She couldn’t help herself. Her bound hands had detected the first twitchings of the garden hose. Mollusk had turned on the water again!

She braced herself a split second before the cold water gushed into her unprotected cunt. The water smashed into her like a solid bar of iron. She screamed, and then found her cries of agony and outrage smothered by the hot bush of Christine’s snatch.

Strong hands held her face down as the water ripped and tore at her guts. Jerry’s cock went wild inside her. He fucked frantically, reaming her out. It felt like an electric drill buzzing and humming inside her body. The friction of his butt-fucking burned her up inside, even as the cold water seemed to freeze her guts.

Cunt contracting with the cold and her ass on fire, she didn’t know how to respond. The fucking finally shoved her over the brink of orgasm. She came, her entire body trembling like a leaf in a high wind. She shivered and moaned and tried to thrash around. The strong hands on the back of her head kept her face shoved fully into the juicy warmth of the other woman’s cunt.

She felt Jerry’s cock begin to go limp. She had no idea whether he had come or not. The hot rush of his come would have been disguised by the coldness filling her twat. Then again, his prick might just be responding to the cold, an inch away in her guts. The thin inner membranes separating her cunt from, her rectum couldn’t prevent the cold from seeping into his prick.

It didn’t matter to her. The pain and humiliation she felt were too great for her to care about anything now. If she could have died then and there, she would have.

But the men tormenting her wouldn’t allow her such an easy out. They kept their fingers laced through her honey blonde hair, forcing her face ever downward into the humid warmth of Christine’s pussy.

“Eat,” came the command. “Eat or we’ll turn on the water again.”

She tried to obey. Her muscles almost refused to do her bidding. A hesitant tongue licked along the quivering cunt lips, but her tongue simply couldn’t thrust far enough into Christine’s cunt to please the men.

The cold water blasted into her unprotected cunt again. Never had she felt such pain and punishment. Her body was able to take its share of agony, but this was worse than any toothache she’d ever had. This was pain starting on the inside of her body and forcing its way outward. Her entire spine felt like a raw nerve ending.

“Eat pussy, or we’ll keep it going!”

She forced herself to really suck and lick up Christine’s cunt oils then. Her tongue lashed forth, rough and pink. She found the tiny cunt hole and shoved her tongue in and out with the fastest tongue-fucking she could muster. Christine moaned and began writhing passionately, controlled by just the tip of the blonde’s tongue.

Christine came. Lynda envied the other woman in that instant. She was the only one getting pleasure from this depraved sex torture. Lynda’s entire body hurt like hell. Her pussy was shivering from the repeated douching with the cold water and her asshole felt like a red hot poker had been jammed up it. Her jaws ached from having to eat cunt. Her frenzied mind told her to keep going. She pushed Christine over the edge of another orgasm and then Lynda blacked out.

Her body wouldn’t take any more.

When she regained consciousness seconds later, she heard Mollusk saying, “I think I’m getting another hard-on. What say, Len, shall we fuck ’em again?”

The other man’s answer almost made her faint again. “Sure, and this time, let’s do it up good. And I mean good!”


Lynda stared with disbelief at the two robbers’ hard-ons. They jutted and bucked with enough force to make her think they hadn’t screwed a woman in months and months. She knew better. Her aching pussy told her that they had been getting their rocks off, and she guessed that both Christine and Jackie could testify to that, too.

“Why don’t you let us go?” she pleaded. “We haven’t done anything to you. We won’t talk, honest!”

“We’ve been over that with your friends,” said Mollusk. “We decided that it didn’t seem right just letting you rush right out, and go squealing to the cops. And we know that’s just what you’d do. I imagine there’s one hell of a big reward out for us now.”

“What did you do?” she asked, almost in spite of herself. The blonde kept telling herself that the less she knew of these men the happier she would be in the long run. Rut she had to know.

“We stuck-up a jewelry store. Got away with close to half a million bucks worth of diamonds and shit like that.” Len smiled broadly at the thought of all the jewels they had stolen. “It was a dream heist,” he continued, almost glowing with pride. “They were shipping the ice to Europe and had tons of it just sitting in a damned weak safe. We blew it, and blew off with almost enough to give us both a hernia.”

“Yeah,” agreed Mollusk, “and speaking of things like hernias, I think my cock needs some tender loving care. Like being shoved all the way up a hot and tight pussy.”

Lynda swore under her breath. She had hoped to get the men talking about their crime and take their minds off rape and torture. The blonde woman guessed that really wasn’t possible, not with three sexy women like Christine, Jackie and herself.

“Maybe we should have him fuck them some more. I aorta dug watching him ball the blonde chick,” said Len.

“Could be, but it doesn’t look like he’s up to it. What’s the matter, big boy, ain’t you go no lead for your pencil?” Mollusk flipped the end of Jerry’s limp prick with the barrel of his gun. The man tried to move away and found himself pressed against a wall.

“Let him be. I want to get my rocks off, and that means I gotta sink balls deep in some hot chick’s pussy.”

“You’re right, Len. I’m so Goddamn horny right now I’m about to pop. Just looking at them makes me want to shoot my wad.” Mollusk leered at Christine and Lynda.

The blonde woman felt a thrill of horror pass through her. She knew that Mollusk craved her body. He wanted to fuck her worse than anything else in the world. While she hated the way she was forced by the man to screw Jerry, it would be infinitely worse having that man’s huge prick reaming her out, fucking her until she cried for mercy.

Her ass ached terribly from the butt fucking he had given her with the barrel of his gun. And her pussy was churning from the frigid water that had blasted into her belly. Already she had been tortured and abused and the blonde realized it was only starting for her.

“You and the other chick, the one we left tied up in the clothing department, let’s fuck them,” said Mollusk, licking his lips.

“Yeah, but let’s do it different. I’m tired of the same old in and out fucking,” said Len. “I want to do something we’ll all remember for a long, long time.”

“Just leave that to your old buddy,” said Mollusk. “Drag the other bitch back in here and let’s see how hot her cunt really is.”

Mollusk sat on the edge of the counter for a second, then hopped down and grabbed Lynda under the arms and hoisted her to the top of the display case. He laid her flat on her back so that she could stare up with frightened eyes at him. Just the touch of his hands against her smooth, naked flesh made her uneasy. The man licked his lips again and let his fingertips lightly flick over the tips of her tits.

Her nipples sprang up, hard and throbbing. She hated herself for responding but as long as he was being gentle with her, she couldn’t help it. Soon, her nipples pulsed with hot, aroused blood and visibly begged for a man’s mouth.

Mollusk didn’t hesitate giving it to her. She sobbed openly when she felt his hot breath against her titflesh. His rough, pink tongue slithered out and raked the snowy white slopes of her boobs. He skied down one of the conical jugs and lavished great oral care in the deep valley between her tits. His tongue licked and danced until she was moaning in abject pleasure. This was such a change from the pain he had given her before by shoving the gun up her butt or stuffing the garden hose into her cunt that she actually thought the fucking would be ordinary.

She was wrong.

She felt his callused hand spreading her legs. The pleasure rocketing down into her chest from his sucking her nipples made her wantonly spread for him. Her blonde-rimmed pussy was wide open for the man to stuff his prick into her. But he stopped.

Opening her eyes to see what was wrong, she saw nothing but ferocious evil on the man’s face. He was toying with her, playing with her like a child might play with a dog — or a cat playing with a trapped mouse.

“Your cunt’s wet,” he said.

“Please,” she begged, “let us go. I’ll do anything if you’ll let us all go afterwards.”

“I’ll do whatever I damn well please. And why should I let any of you go after I’m done?” he said. “You’re our prisoners and we intend to have a lot of fun with you, one Goddamn fucking hell of a lot of fun!”

Lynda cringed when she saw Len dragging Jackie in, the other woman was pale with fright. Lynda could only guess what the men had already done to the woman. She didn’t have any spare time for speculation. Len dumped Jackie face first on top of her.

The two women struggled for a moment on the counter until strong hands maneuvered them into the desired positions. Lynda found her face pressing into Jackie’s twat and Jackie’s mouth was just inches away from her cunt. They were forced into the sixty-nine position.

“Go on and eat. Don’t you chicks see the television ads? They all say eating out is fun. So do it!”

Lynda felt Jackie jerk hard and heard the dull thwack of the nylon rope descending on bare flesh. They were whipping Jackie to force her to eat pussy. Lynda moaned softly when she felt the other woman’s tongue licking and stroking along her cunt lips. The woman was being forced to do the very thing she had been ordered to do for Christine, and it felt good.

Lynda hated herself even more for admitting that. She loved the feel of a tongue all over her cunt — and it didn’t matter to her if it was a man’s tongue or a woman’s. It was the rough, agile action against her trembling pussy lips that got her off.

But the men didn’t allow her to simply enjoy. A rough hand grabbed a handful of her blonde hair and jerked her upwards so that her own mouth touched Jackie’s pussy mound.

“Eat!” came the harsh command.

Again, Lynda felt that she was able to cheat the men of their sick pleasures by actually enjoying this. She would never have done it on her own, but eating out Christine had been fun. Her tongue stabbed out and caught the end of one of Jackie’s pussy lips. Teasing it, she maneuvered the rigid flap of cunt flesh into her own mouth.

Gently gnawing on the turgid cunt lips with her teeth, she felt the other woman stiffen and begin to move on top of her. The weight of the other woman’s body struggling passionately on top of her crushed her tits flat. Even this wasn’t real torture. Compared to what the two robbers had made them do before, this was heaven on earth.

When Jackie’s pussy began to flow with its thick love oils, Lynda felt the strong hand lacing through her lustrous blonde hair again. Her face was jerked away painfully.

“Enough,” said Mollusk. “Now it’s time for us to get our jollies. Pull hard on her, Len.”

The strong hand held her head firmly. She screamed as Jackie’s body was dragged away. The way her hippies rubbed against the other woman’s body was bordering on the painful. And then it was over. Their tits rubbed together and each stared down into the other’s belly.

“Lick belly buttons,” came the cold command from Len. Lynda didn’t know what was expected of her. Her legs dangled over one edge of the counter. Jackie, still lying face down on top of her body, had her legs dangling over the other edge of the counter.

The blonde woman didn’t have to wait long to find out what the men were going to do. Jackie’s body stiffened and the auburn-haired woman moaned out, “Your cock! It’s so damn biiiiig!”

Then Lynda felt the blunted head of a prick driving into her well-greased sex slot. Her cunt lips were shoved apart and the cock poised at the entrance to her cunt hole. Her legs were pulled wide apart and held by the man fucking her. She couldn’t even tell which man it was, but she thought it was probably Mollusk. He had had that look in his eye every time her tits bounced, every time her blonde pussy had been exposed to his lusting gaze.

The women were being fucked, both at the same time, while they were lying one on top of the other. Lynda bore the full weight of the other woman, but decided she had the best of the deal. The counter supported her fully. The only points where they really touched — their boobs — were crushed, but not in a painful way.

What really hurt was the way the men used them. They weren’t human to the men at all. They were simply holes to be fucked.

Then the cock poised at the entrance to her cunt shot forward, burying itself all the way. She felt the balls wetly slapping against her slightly upturned ass. Her slender legs were held like the handles of a wheelbarrow under Mollusk’s arms. This allowed him to thrust with added power into her softly yielding cunt.

Every singe thrust rattled her teeth and assaulted her body. She felt his cock digging deeper and deeper into her already tender pussy. The cold water had been a shock to her system; this hard fucking burned her with the friction of cock against cunt.

“Please, no, no moooore!” she cried. “I can’t stand it any longer!”

“Baby, I’m longer than most chicks are deep,” came the mocking reply. “And I’m gonna fuck you till you come apart all the way to the chin. Just you wait and see!”

“Shut up, Mollusk, and do your thing,” said Len. “I’m getting one hell of a lot of action out of this chick’s cunt. She’s holding my prick inside her like she had a velvet glove in there or something.”

Lynda knew what was happening above her. Len had stuffed his prick into Jackie’s cunt from behind. He held her legs the same way Mollusk held hers. The only real difference was that Jackie’s body was forced down into hers every time the man fucked hard and long and deep.

Lynda’s mind was filled with conflicting pleasures and pains. She loved it when a man fucked her pussy. There wasn’t anything in the world she craved more than that. But this wasn’t a simple fucking. This was rape. And the way Mollusk pulled her legs apart sent arrows of flaming pain into her belly. She thought the man would make good his boast of ripping her apart. It felt as if he was already halfway there.

Pulling at her legs tightened her cunt around his prick. She felt her pussy walls actually crushing down forcefully on his hidden pecker. This increased the friction from the fucking. The warmth spread like wildfire through her loins and made her breath come in harsh, hard gasps.

Jackie responded to her rape in the same way. Their bodies moved against each other, their tits stimulating each other until they were both poised on the brink of orgasm.

Lynda got off first. The swollen length of Mollusk’s prick fucking deep into her strained cunt did it. She heaved and bucked as her emotions were allowed free rein, but she couldn’t dislodge the woman on top of her. She felt her nipples harden until they were firm little points trying to poke all the way through Jackie’s boobs.

Just before Jackie got off, her nipples stiffened in the same way. Lynda hated to admit it but the feel of those lust-hardened points digging into her own soft tits turned her on.

“Oh, oh, ohhhhhh!” she moaned as she came. Her mouthings were muffled against the heaving flesh of the woman on top of her. The blonde woman thrashed around as much as she could. For the first time she noticed that pain was creeping into her shoulders due to haying her hands bound behind her back. As long as she lay on top of her arms, this cut the circulation off.

But the feelings rampaging through her tender young body made up for any discomfort she might feel on this account. The huge prick bludgeoning her cunt made her come again. The walls of her tensed, gripping cunt refused to allow the cock to leave. The man struggled and grunted as he pulled back. In the end, it was her own body that betrayed her, and allowed his cock to slide free. The flood of her fuck fluids was simply too much to keep hold on that hard-driving prick.

Lynda opened her eyes and saw nothing but sweaty, heaving belly. Turning her head to one side and peering back over her shoulder, the blonde woman saw Jackie’s legs being pulled upward, Len’s prick forcing its way into the tight warmth of her pussy.

That explained the way Jackie’s body grew heavier and heavier. More of her weight was being shifted forward onto her shoulders and tits as the man lifted her legs and tried to make her sway back. But Lynda couldn’t protest. Her own legs were held in a similar bondage by Mollusk.

The man grunted and hissed every time he sank his fleshy prick into her seething pussy. He seemed tireless, a fucking machine rather than a man. But she knew he had to be reaching the end of his endurance. His balls no longer swung against her ass. They had tightened into a hard little sphere filled with lead-heavy come.

He pumped in and out like a piston and then screamed out his joy as his prick exploded like a stick of dynamite in her cunt. She felt the hot rush of his jism surge into her belly.

He continued fucking her tight, hot hole until she got off. Even then he seemed tireless. His prick drove and drilled and fucked deeper and deeper, even as it spewed out its heavy load of man-seed.

She sagged with relief on the counter top, but she wasn’t relieved of all stimulation. Mollusk’s prick might have gone flaccid and dribbled from her twat, but Len still fucked in and out of Jackie’s pussy.

“Look at ’em,” said Mollusk. “Like two bitches in a rut. They can’t get enough of a real man’s prick. Len’s really putting it to the dark-haired one, ain’t he?”

“You animals,” snapped Jerry. “Why can’t you just leave us alone, and go about your own sordid business?”

“Hell, man, we are going about our business. This is fun and I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Hot holes to fuck and willing chicks, what more could a man want outta life?”

“They aren’t willing and you know it,” said Jerry. “You’re raping them. You’re forcing them to.”

Lynda didn’t hear the rest. A loud smack sounded, and she knew that a meaty fist had silenced Jerry for the time. She felt sorry for him but she felt even sorrier for herself and the other girls. They were the true victims. They had endured the whippings and rapes. She had a garden hose stuffed up her cunt and then turned on. The cold water had almost killed her.

The gun barrel raping her ass could have. And now this bizarre double rape. She was turned on by the motion of Jackie’s body against hers, and she reluctantly had to admit the fucking she had gotten from Mollusk had been fine, but the whole scene was demeaning. The two criminals used them, beat them, had their way with them. There was no affection in the fuckings, only stark animal needs.

With both men holding the guns, it wasn’t likely the power balance would shift. Lynda shivered, as much from the effect of Jackie’s body against hers as from the knowledge that the night was young and these men had endlessly evil minds. They would think up new and more terrible tortures to inflict on the women.

She felt Jackie stiffen and come. The woman actually bit Lynda on the belly, so intense was her orgasm. Lynda whined but the sound was drowned out by Len’s bellow of joy.

“God-fucking damn, this is one tight cuuuunt!” he screamed as he got his rocks off.

Lynda heard Jackie’s legs, drop and bang into the other side of the counter. Len moved away and Jackie managed to roll off Lynda. With her hands tied behind her she couldn’t control her motion. She kept rolling, and landed hard on the floor, momentarily knocking the wind out of her. Lynda succeeded in sitting up, and looking around.

The sight of the men’s guns sent a lance of fear into her body. Her cunt ached and her asshole burned and she knew that the men were only getting started. They would torture all their captives long into the night.

And none of them might ever leave the department store alive.


“Looks like the old pecker is about wore out,” said Len with satisfaction. “That bitch has got the tightest, hottest cunt I ever fucked. I can’t wait to give it another try.”

“That’s the trouble with you, Len,” said Mollusk. “All you ever think about is fucking. Why don’t you branch out and consider some other stuff? Like, what can we do with all these foxes lurking around that doesn’t require us to have hard-ons?”

Len and Mollusk looked at their prisoners. Lynda shivered under their intense gaze. She was totally naked and felt more vulnerable than she ever had in her life. These men were vicious and would stop at nothing. They had proven that they had no charity at all in their souls. They would do the most obscene things possible to all their captives and enjoy the hell out of it.

“I like the blonde a hell of a lot,” said Mollusk, kneeling beside the prone Lynda. “I like you a bunch, babe.”

She stiffened when she felt his gun poking between her slender thighs. She rolled over and tried to avoid the gun. The stiff barrel forced its way up to her cunt lips. A tremor of stark terror passed through her. She could hardly believe the man would fuck her with the pistol.

But he did.

“Yeah, I like this hot little bush a hell of a lot,” he said, his hand pressing between her thighs and forcing them wider apart. “And if she doesn’t spread ’em for me, I’ll pull the fuckin’ trigger.”

Frightened, Lynda did as she was told. Her legs drifted apart until she felt the cold air blowing through the garden department caress her damp pussy lips. She was still hot and ready after the fucking she had gotten from Mollusk. While she didn’t like lying around stark naked and having her hands so firmly tied behind her back, she had gotten off on the fucking. The man’s prick had seemed larger than life to her. She thought it might be due to the circumstances of the fucking — the rape, she corrected herself. Mollusk wasn’t just fucking her, he was raping her repeatedly.

“Look at the way her blonde pussy fur is all crinkly. Sort of curls up around her cunt lips. Yeah,” the man smiled. “I like them a whole bunch. Felt like a Goddamn hand inside clutching at my cock. I can’t wait to get it up to go where my gun is.”

He shoved and she felt the cold metal sink into her pussy. She sobbed and bit her lower lip in pain. The front gun sight cut into her tender flesh. The man had raped her up the butt with his gun and now he wanted to finish up with her pussy.

The robber began stroking the gun in and out slowly, twisting the gun and smirking as the fear spread over the woman’s features.

“See the way her nipples harden up when she gets excited?”

“That’s fear, you stinking son of a bitch,” snarled Jackie. “Anybody would be scared shitless of a bastard like you!”

“Shut your mouth,” said Len coldly, “or I’ll make sure it stays that way permanently.” He glared at the woman, then said, “What the hell? I might as well make sure you don’t go mouthing off any more.”

While Mollusk continued to stroke the pistol barrel back and forth in Lynda’s pussy, she was forced to watch what Len did to Jackie. The man dragged the helpless woman across the garden center and lifted her up, the hose in his hand. With a powerful motion, he bent her forward at the waist and rammed the hose all the way up her ass.

“Aieeee!” the woman shrieked in pain. “That thing’s ripping me apart inside!”

“Baby, you’re gonna get the coldest damned enema you ever saw if you don’t shut up,” he said, savagely twisting the hose in her asshole.

“Fuck off!” she shot back.

And she sank to her knees, the most stark look of pain and terror on her face that Lynda had ever seen. Len had turned on the water. As if the whole thing happened in slow motion, Lynda saw the hose buck and jerk with the pressure of the water passing through it. When the water surged up Jackie’s asshole, she opened her mouth to scream. The nylon rope in Len’s hand quickly went between the tortured woman’s lips. Len pulled the rope tight and cut off any possible outcry from Jackie.

“There, bitch, now you just keep quiet and I’ll turn the water off. Maybe,” Len said. He watched for a second, the woman’s belly beginning to bulge from the pressure of the water in her bowels.

“Stop it!” cried Lynda, ignoring her own plight. “You’ll kill her!”

“Now, cunt, you shouldn’t criticize my friend. One more outburst and you’ll regret it,” said Mollusk in a quiet voice that carried more menace than if he had screamed at her.

“But he’s killing her. The water!” protested Lynda. Then she shut up, her eyes widening in fright. She saw the tiny smile dance on Mollusk’s lips. The man’s thumb moved against the soft skin of her inner thigh. The hammer of the revolver pulled back with a dull click.

Lynda watched the muscles in Mollusk’s forearm tighten as he pulled the trigger.

She passed out, only to wake up a second later when a blast of hot water hit her in the face. She looked up, blinked and sputtered. Jackie stood straddling her face. The water that had awakened her had been the water that Len had forced up the other woman’s ass.

“Ain’t it nice to have helpful friends?” Mollusk asked, spinning the cylinder of his revolver. He smiled and said to Lynda, “I always keep one cylinder empty so the hammer doesn’t fire off a round by mistake.” He aimed the gun at her face, waited for the shocked expression, then turned the gun to one side and pulled the trigger.

The blast almost deafened her. Every muscle in the blonde’s body went tense, and she cringed away from the pieces of tile that, exploded next to her head.

“That was dumb, Mollusk,” said Len. “What if somebody hears the shot? They’ll have the cops here in a second.”

“Bullshit. One shot and nobody bothers. Two and they start to think. They’ll ignore the noise as being a backfire or something. Don’t break out in a sweat, man. We’re supposed to be enjoying ourselves.”

Lynda involuntarily pulled her knees in to her chest, hoping that this would cover her snatch enough so that Mollusk wouldn’t feel invited to rape her again. She didn’t know if she could stand either his prick or his gun barrel again.

“Let’s see if our friend over there’s got the spunk in him to fuck our hot little bush.” Mollusk kicked Christine in the ribs. The woman moaned and tried to escape further punishment. She couldn’t scuttle away fast enough. Mollusk easily caught her leg and pulled her back like he was reeling in a fish on a line.

“What about them?” asked Len, pointing to Lynda and Jackie. “We can’t leave them all by themselves. They’d sure as hell get into trouble. And none of us would want that, would we?”

“I got an idea. Get me that electrical tape over there. Yeah, toss it here.” Mollusk pulled both women to their feet. With a quick motion, he stuffed the garden hose all the way up Lynda’s pussy. She struggled and tried to move so that it would fall out. A liberal use of the electrical tape across her pussy mound and between her asscheeks made sure the hose wouldn’t easily come free. Then Mollusk crimped the hose and shoved it between Lynda’s huge tits.

“Get it close, dammit,” he ordered Jackie. He shoved the woman face to face with the blonde, then crushed their bodies together so that their faces were less than an inch apart. “Kiss her. Go on and do it!”

Lynda felt fear rising inside her as Jackie’s lips touched her. The idea that the hose was all the way up her cunt wasn’t something she could forget easily. Why Mollusk hadn’t turned the water on she didn’t know. But she was afraid she would find out all too soon.

She did.

The hose bucked and quivered as the cold water raced through it all the way to the crimped sect ion held firmly between her tits. As she felt the hose strain against her boobs, she knew then the true horror of what the man had in mind. As long as Jackie kept her own jugs pressed against Lynda’s chest, the crimp wouldn’t relax and allow the water to gush into the woman’s pussy. If they lightened up on their kiss for just an instant, Lynda’s cunt would be filled with impossibly icy water.

“There, now stay that way,” Mollusk said to them. Turning to Len, he ordered, “Bring our two budding young lovers and let’s go to the household appliance section. I’ve got a dynamite idea to see exactly how hot a bush this chick actually is.”

“I bet I can track you,” said Len. “I bet she’s got a hell of a hot ass. Or will have before our stud’s finished fucking her!”

Together, the men shoved Christine and Jerry off. Helpless, Lynda could do nothing but watch them go. The constant reminder of the pain and torture between her tits kept her tensed up. The slightest relaxation on her part — or Jackie’s — and she might feel the polar blast of water into her already ripped and torn cunt.

“What are you going to do with us?” asked Christine. “You just can’t…”

“We can do anything we want,” said Len. “And we’re going to. With you and your all-star lover.”

“Hey, here’s the stove I want,” said Mollusk. “A gen-yoo-wine electric stove with four burners and everything. Now does that big burner’s size remind you of the size of anything else around here? Say, something that looks like a couple of half moons and is white and soft and hot?”

Len laughed harshly as he lifted up the bound Christine and unceremoniously dumped her onto the burner.

“What are you doing? You can’t get away with this!” raged Jerry, impotent to stop the men. With his own hands firmly bound behind his back, he could only do as the men with the guns commanded. But he could try to talk them out of this inhuman torture.

“Shut up, buster, or I’ll blow your balls off,” said Mollusk, turning to the woman sitting on the stove top. “Now let’s get things nice and hot for you.” He punched the lowest power button on the stove. “There. Just wait a second.”

Christine tried to move when the burner began to singe her flesh. Len’s meaty hand shoved her back. She writhed and moaned and finally sobbed out, “Please please! I’ll do anything, but turn it off.”

“You’ll do anything whether we turn it off or not. Try a setting higher and see how your pussy likes it!” Mollusk pushed the next button and knocked Len’s hand away. The woman managed to arch her ass off the stove, lifting it away from the dully glowing electric burner.

“Now that we know she can stay that way without really hurting herself — if she stays away from the burner — get our friend the stud over here. Put him up on a stool.” Mollusk watched in cruel satisfaction as Len pushed Jerry up onto the low stool he’d found.

“Now fuck.”

Christine’s pussy was wide spread and rimmed with crinkly brown pussy fur. In other circumstances, Jerry wouldn’t have to be told twice to fuck. But now the woman struggled to keep her white ass away from the cruelly hot element on the top of the stove. And if he stuffed his prick into her cunt and fucked, his balls would be perilously close to that burner if the woman relaxed the arch in her back for a single instant.

“Fuck, damn you, or we’ll shoot your balls off!”

Jerry braced his head against the vent fan above the stove and leaned forward, his prick questing between the woman’s wide open thighs. She had sweat pouring off her forehead with the strain of keeping herself away from the burner.

“Do it, Jerry, but hurry!” she said. “I… I don’t know how long I can stand this!”

“Yeah, Jerry darling,” mocked Len, “do it. We want to see a stud fuck a really hot chick!”

Angered at the men’s cruelty, Jerry shoved his hips forward. The tip of his cock bounced off the puffy cunt lips and went skittering along the woman’s gash. For a second, his cock was cradled in her warm flesh, cunt lips on either side of his throbbing manhood. He pulled back quickly when he felt the heat of the burner.

His second try speared the woman directly in the cunt hole. And in that instant, he thought they were both lost. She sagged just a little, her ass almost brushing the electric burner. His balls trembled from the heat, and he knew the bush around his balls was beginning to smolder. He rammed harder and lifted Christine up with the sheer force of his cock.

He became a robot, fucking a hole that was almost entirely dry when he started. As his prick worked in and out of her cunt, he felt her lubricants begin to flow. Soon he was squishing obscenely back and forth in the juicy fuck tunnel. Now and then a drop of her cunt oil would drip onto the burner and sizzle and pop. This was evidence enough that the burner was still deadly for both of them. With the lewd taunts of the two robbers ringing in their ears, Jerry and Christine fucked and fucked and fucked.

Finally, Jerry’s prick began to swell in the tightness of the woman’s juicy twat. She was sobbing now, as much from the fucking as from the exertion of holding her body off the stove top. As his cock erupted and gushed out lava hot come into her hungering cunt, she came too. Her body twisted and thrashed, her pussy grinding down hard onto his fuck stick.

Together, they soared in the ultimate in human pleasure. The experience was perverted by the nearness of the searing burner, but they hardly understood the odd mixture of pleasure and strain racing through their veins. Finally, when the man’s cock had gone entirely limp, Len reached over and turned off the burner.

But it remained hot and would for several minuts.

“Just you folks stay that way a while,” said Mollusk. “We’re going to the camera department. It’s a real trip taking pictures of something like this.”

“Are they gone?” asked Jerry, gritting his teeth as he braced his head against the over head vent fan.

“Yeah,” said Christine. “Let’s move. Together now!” Her body arched and they twisted as one. They fell heavily off the top of the stove and onto the floor.

Panting, they lay there listening to the come hiss and sizzle on the burner. Jerry and Christine were totally exhausted, but they had survived. And they would continue to survive until they could get back at the two men torturing them like this.


Lynda trembled from the strain of remaining so close to Jackie. The woman’s entire body felt as if she had been beaten with rubber hoses. She ached and her muscles screamed in protest. Yet she didn’t dare relax for a single instant. If she did, the crimp would go out of the garden hose and the cold water would rush into her pussy. The full force of the water might not kill her but she didn’t know if she could stand much more of that type of punishment without real injury.

Her tits had developed gooseflesh. Gone was their usual smoothness as she shoved her chest forward as hard as she could against Jackie’s. She felt the hard points of the other woman’s nipples biting deep into her own soft flesh. Lynda wanted to thank Jackie, to congratulate her on her own efforts. The other woman wouldn’t have been able to answer, though.

The nylon rope still cut cruelly into Jackie’s mouth. Jackie didn’t have to keep this sort of strain in her body. After all, she wasn’t the one with the garden hose rammed all the way up her cunt.

But the woman seemed to recognize the fact that if this didn’t provide any sick amusement for the two robbers perhaps they would stop it. She was protecting herself against future tortures by keeping Lynda’s pussy as free of the icy cold water as possible.

“Well, well, well,” said Len as he came back in. “I think I’ll take a picture of these two. They look just like marble statues, don’t they, Mollusk?”

The other man grunted. Lynch heard the click of a camera shutter and felt an irrational surge of anger. They had tortured her and abused her sexually, raping her and threatening her and psychologically mangling her but this was the last straw. They were photographing her and Jackie as they stood pressed so closely together!

“You slimy sons of bitches!” she screamed. “I wish I could do to you what you’ve been doing to all of us. Goddamn, but would you ever regret having been born!”

“Hey, the little lady’s still got a bit of spunk left,” said Len, taking another picture. He moved around so that Lynda could see him take a full picture of her face, her tits with the rubber hose crimped between them, her brutally taped snatch. He didn’t miss a single shot that would contribute to her humiliation.

“Yeah, and seeing the fucking her boyfriend and her other friend have been doing in the appliance section’s made me hot for her again,” said Mollusk. “What shall we do this time?”

He walked around her, studying her, examining every curve of her luscious body as if she were meat on a hook. Lynda hated this man more than she’d thought possible. Never had such anger and fear and loathing welled up in her. She had never seriously considered murdering anyone before. Now she knew she could do it, and Mollusk would be the first name on that list.

“Think you would use her nice, red lips on your cock, sucking and making you even stiffer, Len?”

“I expect it would be nice. But what about you? You gonna fuck the other chick?”

Mollusk looked Jackie over and shook his head. “Naw, she’s got a cunt like a sewer pipe. Every stud in town must have fucked her a hundred times. The blonde, though, has got a sweet ass on her. Fucking that would be a treat, believe me.”

“You’ve got a big thing for her, Mollusk. Is that so good? You know what I mean, you’re making this a personal thing.”

“She reminds me of that cunt who turned me in to the cops five years ago. I spent fourteen months in the slammer because of her. I can’t find her but I have another cunt who looks just like her.”

“So that’s why you’re taking all the time to give her the best you can deliver, huh?” Len moved around and finished off the roll of film in the camera. He smirked as he slipped the exposed film from the camera and put in another roll. “I guess it wouldn’t be so bad having her suck me off. I can take pictures of her giving me the blowjob.”

“Anything you want, kiddo, anything,” said Mollusk. With a strong shove, he pushed Jackie away from Lynda. The blonde panicked. The hose fell from between her tits and the crimp came free. She braced herself for the rush of cold, punishing water into her cunt.

It never came.

Shivering with fear, she opened her eyes and saw Mollusk laughing. He shook his head and told her, “You dumb cocksucker, I turned the water off.”

Hatred flared even brighter in her body. She felt the hot rush of blood to her shoulders and her neck as she flushed. A convulsive shudder, then she spit at Mollusk. He carefully slapped her with the flat of his hand, but he never said a word about it.

“Get her over here and start her sucking, dammit,” said Len. “My poor cock’s getting cold out here.” He pointed down to his half-erect prick. The pulsing movements of the cock told Lynda that he was nearing the end of his endurance. He had fucked and fucked and fucked that night and this might be the last time he would be able to get it up.

She didn’t know what she felt in that instant. Hope, perhaps. Fear, definitely. But the hope rode on the fact that the men wouldn’t be able to fuck indefinitely. If she could wear them out maybe they would give up on torturing their captives and allow them some peace.

“Suck his prick, you stupid bitch,” commanded Mollusk, watching her with hooded eyes. She didn’t know what evil thoughts lurked in the man’s head, but she could guess they weren’t going to be good news for her.

She began to rise from the floor when Mollusk kicked out and swept her feet from under her. With her hands bound behind her back, she was unable to catch herself. Falling heavily, she lay in a naked pile, panting, and hating him more by the second.

“On your knees. Never rise when you’re going to give a real man head,” said Mollusk. Lynda turned and saw that Len was puffing himself up with pride at his friend’s words.

A real man, she thought to herself, wouldn’t have to force her to suck his prick. She would want to do it because he was a real man. But she had no choice in the matter. As long as Mollusk had the gun and had the upper hand, she was going to do what the robbers demanded of her.

Painfully getting her knees under her, feeling the movement of the garden hose in her pussy and moaning as the electrical tape across her pussy mound pulled at her bush, she rose up a little and began walking on her knees. She thought the distance to Len’s crotch was a light year away. She gritted her teeth and forced herself to move. It didn’t matter to her that the man took picture after picture of her. She was his captive — now.

Some how, some way, the tables would turn. She would get the advantage and these two would rue the day they had tortured her and Jerry and Christine and Jackie.

“Suck me off!” said Len.

She looked up at him and saw only the single eye of the camera. He snapped another picture as she felt the hot lash of the nylon rope across her shoulders. She didn’t have to be told that Mollusk was punishing her for not being quick enough to obey.

“Atta girl,” said Mollusk as she pressed her cheek into Len’s thigh and got her tongue moving across the man’s semi-flaccid cock.

She felt Mollusk moving around her, heard a strange hissing noise and then felt his hands moving all over her body. He put the electrical tape over her nipples, and down the sides of her tits, across her taut belly and then moved his attentions to the garden hose taped up her pussy.

“I think you should get that cock all the way into your mouth,” he said.

She felt a foreboding of evil. He didn’t command her, he suggested. This could only mean something ruthless was going to occur. But she did as she was told, her tongue snaring the limp prick and pulling it between her soft lips. As she began sucking on the worm-like cock, she stiffened and then screamed in total pain.

He had ripped the electrical tape over her pussy mound off with one swift jerk. Pain rippled through her body and raced up her spine. Never had she felt such intense agony all over.

“Keep sucking, damn you, you cunt!” snapped Mollusk. He obviously enjoyed giving her abject pain. She felt the hot tears of pain welling up in her eyes. Her cunt burned with an intensity she had never thought, possible. The blonde pussy fur had been jerked from her body in a broad band the size of the strip of electrical tape.

The only consolation was the removal of the garden hose. But she wondered what kind of added tenor Mollusk had in store for her. She couldn’t imagine him taking away a source of pain and not substituting one even worse.

“Yahooo!” cried Len. “This is really living. We’re the two richest studs in the whole Goddamn world and we’ve got all the foxy women we want. I told you, Mollusk, things would be coming our way!”

“Yeah, and I got something I want to go her way,” the other man said. Lynda felt him moving behind her, on his knees.

She shuddered as his hard prick parted her slender thighs and drove toward her cunt. The flesh surrounding her pussy was still sore from having the tape yanked off. She cringed a little as he rammed his iron-hard cock repeatedly at her pussy.

“Spread wider, damn you,” he ordered.

The woman felt dizzy, spinning through space. She had a cock in her mouth that was only slowly responding to her sucking and tonguing. The man she was giving head to was snapping picture after picture, any of which would have sold for big bucks in a porno store. And now, after she had been abused, the man behind her wanted to fuck her up the cunt.

She almost passed out when the thick, strong cock found her cunt hole. She stiffened and tried to press closer to Len’s body. The man betrayed her even in this minor way. He spread his legs wide and squatted down so that her mouth never left his prick and her ass began to jut up in the air. As her smooth white bottom presented itself to Mollusk, the man took full advantage of it by driving his cock into her cunt all the way to the hilt.

“Ummmm, oh!” she cried around the stiffening plug of cock in her mouth. “That hurts so baaaad!”

“And you’ll love every inch of my prick before I’m done,” said Mollusk.

His hands gripped strongly at her waist, pulling her hips backwards. This was the only support she had. If he released her body she would fall on her face. Her hands were still securely fastened behind her back.

“Gee, Mollusk, that’s a damn fine, shot there. I got a great picture of your cock drilling into her pussy,” said Len.

“Shut up, and let her suck on your cock. Or is it too dead?”

“Naw, it’s still got some life in it.”

As if to prove his point, the man’s prick began to harden against the woman’s questing tongue. She stroked along one side of his shaft and then cradled it with her rough, pink tongue. Swift jabs with his hips sent the cock racing in and out of her mouth. He face-fucked her with growing assurance.

“Damn, this is great!”

“I know what you mean, Len,” said Mollusk. “This is better than I’d thought it would be, too. Her fuck tunnel is like a glove around my cock. Squeezing down hard on me. No virgin, but she’s still got a tight, hot cunt. I love the way it sort of ripples and massages my prick.”

Lynda was on the verge of breaking down and crying. She had never been in a more humiliating position. Hands tied, her ass pressed against the man’s hairy upper thighs, his prick buried balls deep in her cunt, and she was forced to suck off another man.

She craned her neck to the breaking point as Len shoved harder and faster into her mouth with his trembling prick. She tasted the bitter drop of pre-come and knew the tasty flood of his jism wasn’t far behind. Remembering her vow to get him off as fast as she could — and maybe exhaust him totally for the rest of the night — she used every trick she had ever learned. Her tongue pressed hard into the very tip of his cock, teasing and tormenting the piss-slit.

“Hey, she’s trying to drive her tongue down the inside of my prick. It… oh, shit, I’m commmmming!”

As the salty blast of his come filled her mouth, making her gag, Lynda felt a small thrill of victory. Len was out of the picture for the moment. The man’s cock soon melted in her mouth and slipped free, dripping white droplets of come.

Without the support of the man’s body against her head, she tumbled forward. Lynda banged her blonde head against the floor but she hardly noticed it. The woman’s body hurt too much for her to notice a thing like a bump on the head.

“Tighten up around my prick, damn you,” snarled Mollusk. “I need to feel that tight cunt of yours smashing my cock flat!”

She tensed and relaxed her muscles as the man commanded. She did it not only to pleasure him, but to give herself some small measure of arousal. Her pussy was being plugged with the man’s thick cock but there was none of the joy she should have felt.

He had whipped her and raped her and tortured her. She couldn’t respond normally to this man no matter how huge his prick, or how much of a stud he was. The woman had to psych herself up into full enjoyment of the fucking.

Imagining it was Jerry screwing her like a bitch in heat helped. She could think it was anyone else in the world but Mollusk and this allowed her to concentrate on the warmth spreading outward from her pussy walls. Tensing and relaxing her pussy muscles gave the man the stimulation he wanted and it provided her the arousal required to make her fuck fluids flow copiously.

“Shit, baby, you’re tighter than any virgin lever fucked. You gettin’ good pictures of this balling, Len?”

“Sure am, Mollusk. Damn fine, pictures, too. Wait’ll you see them blown up to poster size. You’ll want them all over the walls of your place.”

Sweat poured off the bound woman’s body. She felt the electrical tape across her tits begin to chafe and itch but she could ignore it because of the thrill volting from her cunt and into her belly. The warmth of the friction from the cock pressing so tightly into her cunt walls spread and soon puddled molten lead in her belly.

“I… aaaaaaaeeeeeee!” she shrieked, her voice breaking as she felt the ice and iron grip of orgasm smash down firmly on her.

The man started fucking her harder, faster, deeper. His prick reamed her cunt out good. She trembled in reaction to the hard, all-out fucking.

His hands reached around her waist and began to fiddle with her clit. The feel of his finger on her pleasure trigger made the blonde come again. It no longer mattered to her that he had ripped the electrical tape off her snatch and left bare patches of aching skin. The garden hose he had rammed all the way up her pussy was forgotten. The tortures and whippings were something more like a bad dream.

She came and came and came.

And then the woman cried out in absolute terror. The man hid reached up and jerked off the electrical tape crossing her taut, heaving belly. The sudden pain in the middle of so much pleasure shocked her. She couldn’t adjust to the pain, when she was enjoying the wondrous sensations of orgasms crushing her so delightfully.

“It huuuuurts!” she protested.

And another strip of the electrical tape was yanked free of her body. Bits of skin came with the sticky tape. She felt a red, ugly welt where the tape had been.

And still the man fucked her with the long, powerful strokes. She could feel his cock pulsing hotly in the depths of her pussy. The way the thick, purple knob on the tip of his fuck stick throbbed made her feel more like a woman than anything else he had done. She was a woman being fucked by a man.

He ripped the tape off her tits.

She screamed and came at the same time. The blonde woman couldn’t understand what was happening to her. She loved the feel of his prick moving so powerfully inside her tight twat. But the pain! It filled her like water fills a jug. And he continued to fuck swiftly, burning her up inside with friction of cock against cunt wall.

He fucked and fucked and fucked until she felt his prick expand to an impossibly swollen size. She thought he would rip her apart with such a massive hunk of cock.

“This is it, babe,” he grunted. She felt his rhythm turn jerky as his body took control of his hips. He fucked as hard and deep into her cunt as he could. This pushed her own passion to the breaking point.

As the hot rush of his jism filled her cunt, he ripped the last piece of tape from her boobs. This was the strip across both of her sensitive nipples. She came and thought she would die in the same instant.

Never in her young life had Lynda felt such pain and pleasure mixed together. She couldn’t straighten it out in her head if she was coming due to the punishment he inflicted on her or because of the fucking. It didn’t matter. The man’s prick was already beginning to turn flaccid in her hot, clinging twat, but her nipples burned hotly from the mistreatment given them.

As Mollusk leaned back on his heels, he laughed at her. “That was a damn fine fuck, baby,” he told her. “But I don’t think your cunt would have crunched down on my cock like that if I hadn’t used the electrical tape on those fine titties of yours.”

She felt nothing but hatred for this brutal, savage man. But she said nothing since she was still under his control.

But soon, soon, she would have the upper hand. She would get even then — if she could.


“Damn, but I’m tired,” groaned Len. “And my balls ache. I never got my rocks off so many times in one day before. Think my cock’ll recover?”

“Don’t count on it,” said Mollusk. “Even mine is tingling all the time. A good feeling, though. I’m glad we just happened into those broads — and the blonde and her boyfriend. This has been a hell of a nicer way to spend the night than just sitting around in any empty store.”

“I’ll say!”

Lynda felt the muscle strain the most in her upper arms as she tried to roll over and look at the men. She hoped their comments about their pricks were right on. She didn’t want to suck either of them off, or have either man fucking her again. She ached and hurt and was humiliated beyond belief. She had had things done to her tonight that should never be done to anyone.

“Even if we can’t get it up again, how’s about our friend the stud?” asked Len eagerly. Lynda hated the man even more in that instant. He wasn’t about to let them all rest in peace. He wanted to feed his own sick desires and make them perform even more degrading acts.

“Go get him. And bring along his friend, too,” said Mollusk, watching Lynda’s reaction. He knew that she loved Jerry and just wanted to taunt her. “He and the brown-haired bitch really got it on,” he added cruelly.

“You forced them. Just like you forced all of us.”

“Don’t believe it,” said Mollusk. “They were hot to trot, believe me. You should have seen the way he rammed in and out of her juicy little twat. It was exciting, truth to tell.”

Len pulled Jerry and Christine back with him. Lynda had no idea what had been done to the pair but they looked the worse for wear and tear. The bums on Christine’s ass puzzled Lynda at first. She couldn’t figure out how she had gotten a target imbedded on her soft white flesh. Then it hit her. “You made them fuck on a stove top!”

“Sure,” smiled Mollusk. “It was great, too. Wasn’t it, you two?”

Neither of the pair deigned to answer.

“Hell, you’re being unsociable. Why don’t all four of you get it on? You’re gonna be in hogs heaven, man,” said Len. “Three chicks all to yourself.”

“What do you want us to do?”

In way of answer, Lynda felt Len swinging the nylon rope near her head. She ducked and struggled to get closer to Jackie. The other woman’s mouth was no longer gagged with the shorter length of the cruel rope, but she wasn’t in as had a shape a Lynda. While she had been tortured, she had had time to recover her strength.

Lynda pretended to lick and kiss the other woman’s ear to keep the brutal lash from landing on her exposed ass.

“Jackie,” she whispered hotly, “you’ve got to get away. Try to get to the gun department. Get a pistol or something and shoot these bastards! I’m too weak to do it!”

“Isn’t that cute?” asked Mollusk. “She’s whispering sweet nothings in the other cunt’s ear. Get it on, you two. I want to see some of that hot lezzie stuff you were talking about earlier.”

The rope landed with a dull thwack on Lynda’s ass. She groaned but she continued to speak rapidly. “I’ll distract them. You run for all you’re worth and we’ll try to keep them back.”

“But the cases will be alarmed!” protested Jackie.

“You’re not thinking. That’s fine! Get the cops here! We can sure as hell use them more now than ever before. But do it!”

“Between her legs,” said Len. “Get that face of yours down into her snatch. Eat pussy, bitch!”

Lynda moved down so that her face pressed into the sweaty crotch of the other woman. She thought she might be revolted by the idea of eating out Jackie’s cunt but she found herself pleasantly surprised. The odors made her mouth water. Her rough, eager tongue lashed out and dragged along the puffy ridges of the other woman’s pussy lips.

Jackie moaned in stark pleasure, twisting and turning. “Oh, yes, yes!” she cried. “Tongue-fuck my poor little cunny gooooooood!”

Lynda couldn’t tell if the woman was acting or not. She suspected that the passion was real. Something inside her made Lynda feel happy at that. She knew this was perverted. One woman didn’t make love to another woman. Yet she felt good that she could do something for Jackie to help take away some of the hurt the two robbers had given them all.

Her tongue worked its way deeper into the juicy twat. She stroked along the velvety cunt walls and felt the strong muscles inside ripple and pulse with power. The blonde guessed what it might be like to be a man and have your prick in this tight, hot, clinging fuck tunnel. Her tongue was being given one hell of a nice squeezing — a man’s cock would be crushed delightfully.

Lynda sucked and licked and felt other bodies pressing into hers. Jerry and Christine had been added to the pile. Together, they were expected to perform and create an orgy for their two captors. The blonde woman was more than happy to oblige them. This gave her a chance to soothe the hurts the others had, and made her feel she was getting back at the men.

She rolled over and pulled her cunt-juice-soaked mouth away from Jackie’s snatch. She immediately began licking and kissing Christine’s burned ass. The flesh wasn’t as badly burned as she’d thought at first. It had only been turned a rosy pink. And it was sensitive, damned sensitive. The woman groaned and arched her back to shove more of the tortured assflesh into Lynda’s mouth.

As she licked and kissed and caressed with her tongue, she felt nimble fingers working on the hose binding her wrists. She refrained from crying out in joy when her fingers came totally free.

The dancing needles that signaled the returning of circulation made her sob in pain, but the robbers didn’t even notice. They were too busy goading the four naked people on to do even more depraved things. When Lynda felt she could move well enough to escape, she began passing the word through the pile of naked, writhing flesh.

“Give me a chance to run for it!”

And they did. Jerry rolled over, his legs locking around Len’s. The armed man tumbled to the floor hard enough to knock the wind out of his lungs. Christine kicked Mollusk in the balls. The man doubled up and turned purple. Lynda didn’t stay around to see what was happening next. She ran, fleet as any deer in the forest.

Her mind was filled with a jumble of things. But she remembered where the firearms department was. She ran up the escalator, the segmented steps cutting harshly into her bare feet. Across the darkened floor, stumbling and falling several times. And then she found it. Case after case of pistols. Racks of rifles and shotguns.

She heard the sounds of pursuit behind her. Without hesitation, she rammed her elbow through the side of one case and pulled put a powerful handgun. Bleeding down her arm from the glass cuts, she struggled to get behind the counter and find ammunition. The box of shells finally came to her hurried hands. She fumbled out six rounds and put them into the cylinder. Hefting the .357 magnum, she rose up from behind the counter.

Len stood there, a stupid look on his face as he saw the loaded gun aimed at him.

Even as he was saying. “Don’t shoot!” his own gun was coming up. Lynda closed her eyes and pulled the trigger. The gun bucked hard in her hands and knocked her backwards. The roar deafened her for a moment, but she quickly recovered and peered over the top of the display case.

Len held his lower belly as he rolled on the floor. She didn’t have to check to know that she had blown his balls off — one down and one to go.

She left the man in abject pain, stopping only to kick his gun away, and then she went hunting. Len was a minor irritant as far as the blonde woman was concerned. Mollusk was the man who was most responsible for her agony. He had jammed the garden hose up her cunt and had come up with other outrageous tortures just for her.

Lynda walked tenderly down the escalator. She dropped from sight when she heard Mollusk shout, “Did you shoot her, Len? Goddammit, man, answer me!”

She waited. She had no reason to rush now. The man’s hold over her was gone. He didn’t dare stop to do anything to his captives because he had to make sure she was taken care of — immediately.

Lynda’s patience paid off. Mollusk fearfully came around the corner of the escalator. This time she didn’t close her eyes as she pulled the trigger. She shot him directly through the wrist holding his pistol. It was as much luck as it was good cum, but she wasn’t going to complain.

“Don’t!” the man cried. “Don’t shoot me! You-you’re violating my civil rights! I demand to be arrested! Where are the cops! Gimme my lawyer!”

She pulled back the hammer of the powerful handgun and said in a voice that was cold and deadly, “I’ve seen a lot of movies where they use guns like this. A shot through the head and that’s it. But if I shot you in the belly, you might live for days or weeks. Should I do that? It wouldn’t begin to repay for what you’ve done to my friends and me, but I would get great satisfaction out of it.”

The man’s face paled as her finger tightened on the trigger. She finally snapped it on an empty cylinder.

But Mollusk had fainted. She nudged him with the point of her toe and found he wasn’t faking. She immediately went and freed Jerry, Jackie and Christine.

“God, Lynda, you look like an avenging angel with that gun in your hand. The muzzle’s still smoking. Don’t tell me you…” Jerry’s voice trailed off as he realized he had heard a shot.

“I shot Len but he’s still alive. I don’t know what to do with Mollusk. I actually wanted to kill him, but that’s too good for him. I want to do something that’ll really pay him back for what he did to us.”

The four of them exchanged glances, then they all smiled. Together they trooped off to find their clothes and to make use of the time they had before the police came in to investigate the alarm set off when Lynda broke into the gun case.

When Mollusk regained consciousness he found himself back in the appliance department, his hands stretched out on either side of his body and firmly secured with bits of the nylon rope he had used to beat them with. His cock was shoved under a steam iron and placed carefully on an ironing board.

“What are going to do to me?” he demanded. “You can’t torture me. I know my rights. You gotta have the cops come and arrest me!”

“Let’s see how efficient the cops actually are. Lynda set off the alarm about ten minutes ago — and the police still aren’t here,” said Jerry.

“Right,” continued Jackie, moving closer to the bound man. “Let’s take a little poll and see how long it will take them. Five more minutes? Another ten? What do you folks think?”

“Ten minutes minimum,” said Christine.

“Time enough to do the ironing,” said Lynda, plugging the iron in. She tapped the indicator on the handle of the iron and said, “That’s at permanent press touchup, Mollusk. Think that should be hot enough to get the wrinkles out of your Goddamn prick?”

“You can’t!” the man shrieked. “It… it’s getting hotter. You’ll burn my pecker off.”

“What a pity,” said Jackie.

“It’s a real pity that Len and Mollusk had this falling out,” continued Jerry. “Imagine Len doing a terrible thing like this to his partner. It’s a good thing that Lynda shot Len. I mean, a man who could put his partner’s prick under an iron is pretty sick.”

“Or bent on revenge,” added Lynda.

“We don’t have to stick around, do we?” asked Jackie. “We should split before the cops do get here. Let them figure out what happened. After all, Mollusk and Len robbed the jewelry store. I figure they must have some sort of description of them.”

“You mean we should cut out and let the cops find them like this?” asked Christine. She smiled slowly and said, “That seems like a good bet to me. I don’t want to spend the rest of my life testifying against them for all they’ve done to us.”

“I’ll finger you, Goddammit if I won’t!” screamed Mollusk, glancing down in fear at the heating iron on his prick. “If you don’t take this off right now, I’ll spill my guts to the cops!”

“No, you won’t,” said Lynda. “We have the film that Len took. You want to testify against yourself? You want to confess to torturing and sexually abusing the four of us? We’re all fine, upstanding citizens — with the photographic proof if you want to even so much as mention us. Let’s split, gang,” she said to the others. “I have this great idea.”

“Cops,” said Jackie in a low voice. “Coming in the front.”

“My idea,” Lynda continued, unperturbed, “is that we should all go up to the bedroom displays and just wait for the cops to leave. They won’t be looking for us after they find these guys.”

“And then?” asked Jerry, getting the idea.

“We’ll think of something.”

The four hurried up the escalator and went to the back of the store. They heard the police come in — after Mollusk began screaming in pain. Lynda felt a cold lump in the pit of her stomach knowing what she had done to both Mollusk and Len. Guilt assaulted her senses, then she sneered a little remembering what the two men had done to her.

The hose up her cunt. The ass-rape with the gun barrel. The whipping. The repeated sexual abuses. She had been forced to do so many things she wasn’t even sure she could remember them all, not that she wanted to. She had her revenge and it tasted sweet.

The four of them stayed out of sight as the police made a quick sweep through the store. They overheard one cop saying, “Hell, we nailed the two of them. We got a positive ID that they’re the ones who robbed the jewelry store. We got the loot back. Why should there be anyone else?”

“Who shot the one in the balls?”

“Who the fuck cares?” the cop came back. “I say he got what he deserves. They both did.”

“You can’t mean it. You’d have to be the devil himself to deserve what the guy with the hot iron on his prick got. Or the one with his balls blown off, for that matter.”

The first cop had just shrugged and the blue suited men vanished. For a long time the four simply lay an one of the huge beds and waited. Stillness. Ten minutes passed and nothing disturbed the quiet of the store.

Finally Lynda rolled over and ran her hand up and down the inside of Jerry’s thigh. “Anything?” she asked quietly.

He answered her in the best way possible. He unzipped his pants and let his long, hard prick snap to attention. The three women all caught their breaths and held them, then laughed.

“Let’s get it on! And this time, it’s all for us!” Lynda straddled Jerry’s hard-on, her pussy savoring the hotness inside it. The way she fucked herself was therapy. She could set the pace and not be tied up or whipped as she was doing it. The woman felt the desires mounting faster and faster in her taut belly as she drove the prick repeatedly into her hot, needy cunt.

When Jackie started licking her cunt lips and Jerry’s balls and cock, Lynda thought it was heaven on earth. But she had forgotten Christine. The woman had straddled Jerry’s face and was letting him eat her out while she reached out and began fondling Lynda’s tits. The other woman’s hands hurt a little as she stroked gently aver the electrical tape-ravaged boobs, but Lynda could put up with a little pain in return for a lot of pleasure.

The four of them lasted all night. It didn’t erase the ordeal they had been through, but Lynda thought it helped.

It helped a lot.

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His Loving Little Sister

The process of growing up, of passing through the age of adolescence has, through the ages, been marked by great inner turmoil, uncertainty, and tremendous pressures from family and peer groups alike. Certainly, in our society today, the problems of youth appear to be more marked than ever before.

We hear constant reports of the pervasive use of drugs and alcohol in our schools. Of shoplifting and other petty crimes. Of promiscuity and dangerous VD epidemics.

Robin and Brent Caldwell are teenagers embarking on their own special journey into adolescence. Plagued by powerful emotions, confused about their awakening sexuality, they turn to each other for comfort and guidance and find themselves on a frightening journey into the forbidden.

HIS LOVING LITTLE SISTER — the story of two teenagers and their coming of age. A story of the powerful and conflicting emotions of adolescence.


Robin Caldwell was staring out through the window of the old farmhouse where she lived. Fields stretched as far as she could see and she hated the sight. Not only did she hate the fields, she hated the town of Hanksville, hated the people and most of all, she hated her stepfather who was just as crude as every other man or boy in the community.

The population of Hanksville, a small cattle town isolated on the prairie, was made up of cow-hands, pen keepers, feeders, railroad herders, truck drivers, slaughterers and packers, but every man considered himself to be a cowboy. Swearing, fighting and drinking was the normal way of life for the men of the community. The only social life was the Saturday night dance that always ended with a few broken jaws and noses.

Robin Caldwell was a gorgeous little blonde girl of fifteen whose only dream was to get out of this town someday. Her yearning to get away had been intensified when her mother remarried. Robin’s stepfather was one of the crudest men in town and was constantly trying to feel the child up when he was drunk, which was mast of the time.

Other than her poor browbeaten mother, the only person she cared for was her brother, Brent, a tall sixteen-year-old boy who rarely mixed with the other young people. Being a quiet boy who enjoyed reading rather than drinking and fighting, he was pretty much a loner.

Unlike most of the young girls around town, Robin had never been balled. Because there was nothing else for the young people to do but fuck, there wasn’t a virgin in the community over fifteen years old except Robin. It wasn’t that her morals were set so high, because quite to the contrary, she was a habitual masturbator who constantly dreamed of being fucked. She just couldn’t stand the thought of being pawed by the crude boys and listening to their smutty jokes and filthy language.

Whenever the lovely girl fingered herself off, which was often, she fantasized about handsome young men from far away who would treat her gently and with respect. In her sexual fantasies, they would fuck their cocks into her with love and passion, and their naked bodies didn’t stink of cow shit. She even sometimes pretended that her own brother was fucking her. Robin knew it was wrong to fantasize about her brother, but he was the only kind and gentle boy she’d ever known, and it was a nice young man like him that she hoped to meet someday.

With her stepfather in the field, her mother visiting her sister in the next town, and her brother at the library, Robin was alone in the house. As always when she was lonely and restless, Robin spread herself out on the couch with only a thin robe on. With her eyes closed and vaguely dreaming of beautiful faraway places, she unconsciously slipped her fingers through the front opening of her robe. Lightly touching the pleasant warmth and smooth texture of her nipple, it began to swell and harden to her tender caresses. Little tingles of pleasure raced from her tits to the soft moistness between her legs. Knowing that she’d soon be bringing herself off, she sensuously moved her hand down over her smoothly rounded belly, the soft flesh of her stomach feeling like velvet against her fingers. After deliciously teasing her navel for a few moments, her hand moved farther down her lovely young body until Robin’s finger grazed against the soft blonde hair of her aroused little pussy.

Running the tip of one finger up and down the edge of her cunt lips, her entire young body began shivering with delight. Still probing between her widely spread legs she caressed the slippery flesh of the pink-lipped hole that would someday deliciously encircle a thick hard cock. Thinking about it made the pretty youngster shiver with passion.

Taking a deep breath, her fine-young tits lifted up. Her nipples, covered with little goosebumps of excitement, were as hard as rocks. With her free hand gently squeezing and kneading her quivering titty-buds, the fingers of the other continued teasing her wiggly little pussy lips. As she became more aroused, a trickle of warm slippery moisture seeped out of her sweet young slit. With her finger now probing deeper and rolling obscenely back and forth over the thickening tissues of her clitoris, her whole snatch was getting soppy wet from her flowing juices.

Moaning softly, she wormed her finger deeper into her dripping hole. Plunging it in and out, it was soon coated with the slick slippery juices that were lubricating her fully aroused cunt. Plunging her finger rapidly in and out of her creaming pussy, she reached her other hand under her butt, probing the tip of her finger against her tingling asshole.

This was something she’d never done before, and a new excitement rippled through her writhing body. Wanting to further enhance the joy she was feeling, Robin slipped the very tip of her finger up into the hot tightness of her squirming asshole. Taking an excited breath, she wormed her finger halfway up into her little forbidden hole while her other hand continued strumming a delicious tune on her clit. When she finally forced her finger all the way up into her shitter, both her cunt and asshole were tingling from the intense pleasure she was inducing in them.

With fingers racing wildly in and out of her two steaming, churning holes, Robin’s eyes flew open to see her stepfather standing beside the couch grinning lewdly down at the girl.

“Well, well,” he smirked, spit drooling down over the stubble of whiskers on his chin. “It looks like little Robin needs a hard cock.”

From the stench of whisky on his breath, it was obvious to the girl that he’d been drinking in the field all day.

“This is what you need,” he leered, pulling down his zipper and whipping out his big hard prick.

“Get out of here,” she cried, filled with shame and mortification.

“Not ’til I fuck that cute little pussy,” he panted.

“You wouldn’t dare!” gasped Robin.

“I’m just doin’ you a favor,” he grinned with an evil gleam in his eye. “A hard cock sure beats a finger-fuck.”

While he was speaking, the man had completely disrobed himself. This was the first hard cock that Robin had ever seen and the size of it thoroughly frightened her. She’d never dreamed that a man’s prick could be that long and thick.

“Come on, Robin,” he drooled, pulling the girl to her feet and tearing her robe off. “We’re gonna have a little party.”

“No!” she sobbed. “Please don’t do it, Jason!”

Robin knew there was no one around to hear her, but she instinctively opened her mouth to scream for help. Raising his hand back, he struck her across the face, knocking the girl back down on the couch.

“Now keep your fuckin’ mouth shut!” he panted, throwing himself down over her.

“NO! NO!” she sobbed as his rough hands forced her legs apart.

Robin could feel his big hard dick nudging hotly against her inner thighs as the huge brute guided it into position. The man was panting and snorting like a wild beast as he moved his big muscular body over hers.

“Please don’t,” she whimpered, feeling the blunt head of his thick knob pressing between her cuntlips.

“Now just shut up,” he panted, spit drooling out of his gaping mouth. “You’re gonna get it and like it.”

“No, Jason, no!”

A searing pain scorched through her little cunt when he lunged forward, drilling his huge cock through the tight little hole. Tearing hysterically at the cushions, the child twisted from side to side as she tried to dislodge the big cockhead that was so brutally stretching her little cuntlips.

“Stop it!” she cried. “You’re killing me!”

“Stop yelling!” he shouted. “I’m gonna use this hot little cunt of yours whether you like it or not.”

Once more lunging his hips forward, he drove his prick farther into the youngster’s painfully stretched pussy.

“Please, Jason,” she sobbed. “Please take it out. I can’t stand it.”

Giving another vicious thrust, he drove the full length of his huge rod deep into her little writhing belly. Panting excitedly, he dropped his massive body heavily over her tits.

“Now ain’t this better than a finger?” he gasped. “Please pull it out,” she begged, tears of pain running down her face.

“Not on your life,” he panted, excited by the feel of her tight hot little pussy squeezing against his thick tingling shaft. “You’re gonna learn to love it before I’m finished.”

Robin couldn’t understand how her mother could have married this vile, cruel person. His crudeness was the symbol of all the filthy boys and men in this rotten community. Feeling his stubbly whiskers rubbing against her face while his filthy prick throbbed obscenely in her belly, filled Robin with a burning hate for the beast.

After letting his cock soak in the snug warmness of her tight pussy for a while, the man slowly withdrew it until only his massive cockhead remained buried. Pausing for just a moment, he once more lunged forward, driving deep into her little hole again.

“You dirty bastard,” she sobbed. “You rotten asshole.”

Ignoring the girl’s remark, he began rhythmically drilling his deliciously tingling dong in and out of her cunt. The hot tightness of the child’s little fuck-hole was the wildest tiling he’d ever felt.

As the brute of a man continued fucking into Robin’s pussy, the initial pain was slowly replaced by a dead numbness. Spread out beneath the humping man, the girl seemed to lose all sense of feeling. God, how she wished the man would shoot his load and go away. As the time passed, Robin became vaguely aware of a rather pleasant sensation down between her legs that began growing in intensity.

“Stop it,” she cried, ashamed that she was beginning to enjoy what was happening to her.

“Please take it out!”

Robin hated herself as she felt the pleasure building and building in her loins, but she couldn’t deny the delicious friction of his prick against the tight slippery walls of her cunt. She suddenly realized that she was excitedly anticipating each thrust of his plunging dick.

“Doesn’t this feel good?” he panted as he humped over the girl.

“No,” she sobbed. “I hate it! I hate it!”

Jason grinned to himself, knowing she was enjoying it from the way she was unconsciously squirming her twat around his prick. He knew that from now on he could enjoy her little body anytime he desired her.

The intense ecstasy was mounting in Robin’s writhing body as her tight little cunt walls grasped and sucked against his deliciously hard cock. She now fully realized that her finger was no substitute for a man’s big dick, and as much as she hated her crude stepfather, she was thoroughly enjoying what he was doing to her.

“D’ya like it?” he grunted between plunges.

“Sorta,” she reluctantly admitted.

“That’s the girl,” panted Jason, driving his cock still deeper into her writhing little belly.

The pleasure mounted and mounted as her cunt juices flowed hotly around his big pistoning prick. Every vein and sinew on his thick gnarly cock was rubbing deliciously against the tight walls of her widely stretched fuck-hole.

“Oh, God,” she sobbed, clutching him in her arms as she writhed her hot dripping slit up around the base of his shaft, trying to suck every inch of it into her aroused cunt. The intense ecstasy was the most glorious thing she’d ever experienced. The child couldn’t believe that a cock could feel so good, and it was feeling better with every violent plunge.

“Faster, Jason, faster!” she squealed.

“D’ya like my prick?” he panted.

“Oh, yes,” she whimpered. “I love your big fuckin’ cock.”

The rhythm became faster and faster as his juice-slickened boner slammed violently in and out of her hot, slippery little slit.

“Fuck me, honey. Fuck me!” she squealed with delight. “Fuck me harder!”

Spurred on by the youngster’s wild erotic cries, the huge lust-crazed brute began plunging his massive cock into her with all his power, and little Robin was screaming for more.

“That’s it, Jason!” she cried out. “Fuck me good, you big beauty! Fuck me good!”

The room was filled with the sounds of his muscular body slapping against hers as his jolting cock slurped noisily in and out of her little hot, juicy fuck-hole. Robin could feel his prick growing bigger and harder with every violent thrust. The man was drilling his shaft into her with all his strength, and the squealing youngster was wildly enjoying every cunt-filled second of it. Grasping his stubbly face in her hands, Robin pulled his drooling mouth down against her own sweet moist lips as she screwed her pussy up tighter around the base of his plunging rod.

“That’s it, Jason,” she sobbed. “Fuck the shit out of me!”

“Hang on, baby,” he panted, thrusting his tongue into her mouth. “Here comes my fuckin’ jizz.”

“Oh, yes, yes!” she squealed. “Fill me with it, honey! Fill me up!”

Crazed with animal lust as his ejaculation drew closer, he was slamming his cock into her like a mad man.

“Ready?” he roared, rearing back and slamming his prick deep into her cunt. “Here it comes!”

Feeling a man’s thick hot cum gushing into her twat for the very first time triggered Robin’s wild orgasm.

“Oh, Jason!” she squealed, wrapping her arms and legs around his huge naked body as his throbbing cock fired a hot stream of jizz up between her legs. “I’m coming, honey! I’M COMING! COMING!”

They clung desperately to each other on the couch, his slowly shrinking prick still buried in her sperm-filled little twat. It was only when Jason pulled his limp dick put of her dripping hole that Robin came back to reality. Staring at his disgusting face, she couldn’t believe that she’d allowed this filthy beast to screw her. She was filled with both disgust and shame when she realized that she’d actually enjoyed it. Now that her passions had been spent, her intense loathing and hate for the man quickly returned.

“Well,” he leered, at her. “How did you like that?”

“I hated it, you filthy pig,” she sobbed.

“Don’t shit me,” grinned Jason. “You were hot to fuck.”

“You rotten bastard,” cried Robin. “Get away from me!”

“What’s going on here,” came her brother’s voice from the open door.

Brent stared at the slimy string of jizz hanging from the end of Jason’s limp wet dick, and the thick cum oozing out from between his little sister’s legs and knew exactly what had been going on.

“What did you do to her?” shouted Brent.

“I fucked her, sonny,” growled Jason with an evil grin. “What are you going to do about it?”

Unable to control himself, Brent lunged at the huge naked man, but he was no match for his stepfather’s strength. Jason, who towered over the boy, grabbed his shoulder and started pounding Brent’s head against the wall. Brent slumped to the floor when Jason released him and left the room.

“What happened?” panted Brent as he slowly rose to his feet.

“He raped me,” she sobbed, putting her robe back on. “I’ve just gotta leave this place.”

“Where would you go?”

“I don’t know,” she sighed. “But I can’t stay here any longer. I want to get as far away from this town as possible.”

“How would you travel?”


“Do you have any money?” he asked her. “A little,” answered Robin. “I’ve saved about fifty bucks.”

“Robin,” Brent said excitedly. “Let’s go together.”

“Would you really go with me?” she beamed.

“Sure,” smiled Brent. “I hate that bastard and this town as much as you do. I’ve saved a couple hundred bucks and we can go in my old pickup truck.”

“Oh, Brent,” she whispered, throwing her arms around him. “When can we leave?”

“How about the first thing in the morning?”

“Oh, Brent,” she giggled. “I love you.”


Leaving a note for their mother, explaining that they would write, the two youngsters took off before dawn the next morning in Brent’s old International pickup.

“Where are we going?” asked Robin when they’d driven for two or three hours.

“I guess to California,” her brother answered.

“Everybody seems to head for there.”

“I hope we can get jobs,” she smiled nervously.

“Don’t worry about that,” he tried to reassure her. “I’ll take care of us.”

“I know you will,” Robin smiled at her handsome brother, sure that she could depend on him.

Watching Brent as he drove, Robin prayed that someday she would find a man as good and kind as her brother for a husband. He was only sixteen, but Robin knew she could always depend on him.

“Do you think this truck will make it to California?” she suddenly asked.

“I really don’t know,” admitted Brent. “It’s an old pile of junk, but it’s worth a try.”

“What if it conks out on us?”

“Then we’ll take a bus,” was his answer. “We have enough money for that if we’re careful.”

“What kind of a job are you going to look for when we get there?” asked Robin.

“I’ve been studying accounting in school,” explained her brother. “I can probably get a bookkeeping job somewhere.”

“Maybe I can be a waitress,” suggested his sister. “I don’t know whether they’d hire you since you’re only fifteen.”

“I can always lie a little,” giggled Robin, brushing back the long blonde hair from her pretty face.

They drove all day long, stopping only for gas and a hamburger. It was almost evening when they pulled into a rather large town.

“We’d better look for a motel,” suggested Brent. “This has been a long day and I’m tired.”

“Me too,” she grinned.

“Sis,” he said as they pulled into a motel with a vacancy sign. “Would you mind sharing a room with me. We could sleep with our clothes on and it would sure save some money.”

“That’s okay with me,” smiled Robin. “Every penny counts.”

Later that night when they got into bed, Robin wore her bra and panties while her brother kept his shorts on. Brent dropped right off to sleep, but Robin was restless in the rather warm room and tossed awake for a long tine. Finally getting up to go to the bathroom, she returned to find her sleeping brother had kicked the sheet down and the tip of his prick was sticking out from the opening in the front of his shorts.

Carefully sitting down on the edge of the bed, Robin just stared at the cock that was so clearly illuminated by a street light just outside their window. Her little twat was getting all itchy and juicy as she gazed hungrily at his beautiful soft prick. It wasn’t gnarly and ugly like her stepfather’s horrible cock, but was smooth and round with a pinkness that excited her. From the thickness of his limp penis, she could see that it would be even bigger than Jason’s if it were hard.

He was sleeping so soundly that Robin had a wild desire to touch it and make it firm and rigid. She was dying to see if it was as big as her stepfather’s filthy cock. Reaching out with a trembling hand, she moved the tip of her soft finger up the length of it, feeling the delicious hotness, of her brother’s naked penis. It began slowly swelling under her gentle caresses, the pale pinkness growing brighter as his prick expanded. As the beautiful organ began to rise, she cupped the thickness of it into her palm. Within a few moments she was grasping a full-blown erection that was much larger than her stepfather’s cock.

Robin had never heard of cock-sucking, but she suddenly had an overwhelming desire to kiss the tip of his big sweet dick. She knew that it might awaken him, but she just had to do it. Robin realized how dumb it was to try it, but she just couldn’t control the wild desire. Making certain that he was still sleeping soundly, she moved her face closer to his throbbing boner. The rich, ripe aroma of a man’s cock drifted to her nostrils for the first time. She noted the musky scent, but found it extremely exciting. Her lips were moist and trembling as she eagerly parted them to taste her sweet brother’s beautiful prick.

Lowering them down she lightly touched her softly parted lips against his big smooth cock head. Glancing up to make certain he was still asleep, she let her mouth linger lovingly as she ran the tip of her hot wet tongue over the sensitive surface. She knew that she’d gone far enough, but she couldn’t seem to stop herself.

At first the girl had only wanted to kiss his prick, but now she wanted to feel it in her hot wet mouth. As if possessed by demons, she was going to taste his cock even if it awakened him. He would probably be angry and disgusted with her, but there was no way she could control her wild urge.

Once more leaning over him, she opened her mouth wide and covered the head of his cock with her lips, feeling the hotness of it against her tongue. Closing her soft mouth around his deliciously big knob, she hungrily lashed her tongue all over the sensitive underside of his cockhead. With his big tasty knob fitting snug and hard in her mouth, she sucked softly on it, feeling it swell even larger between her lips. When she pushed her head down, it slithered back into her throat, thrilling her with the juicy bigness of it. Feeling the veins and sinews of his thick rod rubbing against her soft wet lips was one of the wildest sensations she’d ever experienced. Her dripping crotch was tingling with joy as the delicious taste of his oozing seminal fluids began trickling down her throat.

Pumping briskly up and down, she soon had his thick, meaty shaft drenched with her warm, slippery saliva. Crazed with lust, she sucked harder, giving his cockhead a delightful tongueing as she stroked the base of his shaft with her fingers.

Still sucking and stroking his magnificent prick, Robin was suddenly aware that he was moving his hips to the rhythm of her bobbing head. The girl didn’t know whether he was awake or not, but she wasn’t going to quit until he stopped her. Sucking hungrily on his throbbing rod, she could feel her own hot wetness dripping out from between her legs.

Her brother’s hips were now thrusting violently beneath her and she responded by sucking deeper and harder on his bloated dick.

“Oh, God, Sis,” she suddenly heard him cry out. “That feels so fuckin’ good!”

His entire body gave a violent lurch and her sucking mouth was suddenly filled with his slippery hot cum. Startled by it, Robin started to pull her mouth away from his spurting cock, but plunged it back down. Her mouth was filled with her first taste of male sperm, and, the belching cream was almost choking her, filling her cheeks, running down her throat as his exploding cock fired spurt after spurt. She was swallowing frantically, gulping down every drop of the delicious jizz he was pumping into her mouth.

When she’d drained the last drop of sperm from his slowly shrinking prick, Brent gently grasped his sister, pulling her up into his arms.

“God, that was wonderful,” he whispered, pressing his mouth to her sperm-drenched lips.

“How long have you been awake?” she asked.

“Almost from the beginning,” smiled the boy. “I just didn’t want to stop you.”

For the next several moments they just clung silently to each other, thoroughly enjoying the nearness of their bodies.

“Oh, Brent,” she finally whispered as she tenderly fondled his limp dick. “I love you.”

“And I love you, Sis,” smiled her brother.

After another long period of peaceful silence, Robin could feel his prick starting to swell in her fingers.

“Oh, Brent,” she giggled. “You’re getting another hard on. Are you gonna give me another drink of jizz.”

“If you want it,” he grinned.

“I’d rather fuck,” whispered Robin.


“I said I’d rather fuck,” she repeated.

“Christ, Robin,” he gasped. “I’m your brother.”

“I know that,” she giggled. “You have a cock and I have a cunt, so why not use them.”

“That’s incest.”

“Shit,” she whispered. “Just ’cause we can’t get married doesn’t mean you can’t fuck me.”

Looking down into her cute smiling face, he slipped his finger inside her wet little panties.

“What are you doing?” she asked excitedly.

“I’m gonna finger-fuck you,” was his gentle answer.

“But I want to be cock-fucked,” she argued, pulling down her pants and removing her bra.

“That’s out of the question,” said Brent. “I’ll just bring you off with my finger.”

“Okay,” she finally agreed. “But take your shorts off so I can play with your cock and balls.”

After removing them, he reached down between her naked legs again, searching for the juicy warmth of her little slit.

“Oh, darling,” she whispered, closing her eyes and reaching out to take his thick hard rod in her hand.

Slowly and tenderly they began lovingly caressing each other’s genitals, both of them trembling in ecstasy as they deliciously teased each other’s sex organs.

“I could do this all night,” she sighed feeling him gently rubbing the outer edge of her lust-swollen cuntlips.

Covering her soft moist mouth with his, Brent slipped the tip of his middle finger into her hot, wet little twat.

“Oh, God,” she moaned, feeling his finger slipping into the mushy hotness of her roused cunt. Her horny young body quivered and lurched at the feel of his finger worming deeper and deeper into her hot pussy.

She began pumping harder and faster on the big blood-engorged prick that she was holding in her fist. She could feel her sweet brother’s body lurching from the intense pleasure she was giving him. On and on they teased, slowly bringing each other closer and closer to a climax.

Remembering how good her horrible stepfather’s cock had felt in her pussy, she knew how much better her gentle brother’s big prick would feel.

“Brent,” she whispered, releasing his throbbing dong. “Please stick your cock in my cunt.”

“Absolutely not,” he sighed. “What we’re doing is bad enough, but I’m sure as hell not going to ball my little sister.”

“You don’t have to ball me,” she argued. “I just want to feel your prick in me.”

“That’s fucking.”

“But you can pull it out before you come,” she giggled.

“No,” he exclaimed. “And that’s final.”

“Okay,” she panted. “But when we get to California, I’m gonna let the first guy I meet fuck me.”

“Like hell you will,” he growled. “I’ll kick the shit out of you if you try it.”

“Oh, shut up and go to sleep,” she snapped, turning her back on him.

Brent had been almost ready to shoot his load into her hand, and now he was left with nothing but aching balls. The sudden frustration was almost more than he could stand as he tried to get to sleep. The longer he lay there, the more his stiff boner throbbed with maddening desire.

“Robin,” he finally whispered. “If I put my prick in you for a minute, will you suck it off again.”

“Maybe,” she said in a pretended sleepy voice. “Will you, or won’t you?” he demanded in an angry voice.

“The best way to find out is to try it,” she giggled, rolling onto her back and lewdly spreading her naked thighs. “Here’s my pussy.”

Gazing lovingly into his little sister’s glowing eyes, he crawled down between her widespread legs. Shivering with delicious expectations, Robin drew her knees back against her chest, blatantly exposing the entire pink length of her hot, wet cuntal slit to him. She was thrilled at the excited expression on his face as he gazed down between her widespread legs.

Clutching the thick base of his shaft, Brent slowly moved his throbbing cock up between her parted legs, guiding it toward her dripping young hole. Robin trembled with excitement when she felt the heat of his lust-bloated cock head brush against the naked flesh of her inner thighs as it moved closer and closer to her sizzling little twat. Feeling the head of his hard prick lightly touching her downy-soft bush of golden pubic hairs, she reached down and tenderly grasped her brother’s burning shaft and slid the sensitive knob up and down against the soft wet lips of her slippery hot slit. The boy’s hard smooth glans was soon glistening with the hot juices that were oozing out of her aroused little cunt.

Brent fully realized that it was his own little sister’s twat he was about to enter, but he no longer gave a shit. He couldn’t wait to feel the smooth slick hotness of it around his cock as it filled her delicious little twat.

Filled with an uncontrollable passion, Robin slowly eased his big shiny cockhead between her lust-swollen cuntlips and up against the hot little mouth of her ravenous pussy.

“Oh, Brent,” she whispered. “Your cock feels so nice and hot.”

“So does your pussy,” he panted. “Are you ready?”

“God, yes,” she gasped. “Hurry up and stick it in me.”

Unable to wait any longer, she reached for his ass, and arching her hips, she drew him toward her.

“Oh, God,” she gasped, feeling his big thick cockhead slipping through the tight little opening of her cunt. “It sure feels big.”

Clutching him tightly, she held the boy perfectly still until her widely stretched cuntlips adjusted to the bigness of his thick boner.

“Please don’t move for a minute,” she whispered. “That thing really hurts.”

When she felt him start withdrawing his cock, she clung tighter to him.

“Don’t take it out, honey!” she cried. “Just lay still for a while ’til I get used to it.”

When her tense little body began to relax a bit, she carefully arched her hips up again, feeling his glorious cock sinking a bit deeper into her tight little snatch. This time there wasn’t the discomfort of his initial entry.

“Have you had enough?” he asked, feeling the snug hotness of her cunt squeezing deliciously against his swollen rod.

“God, no, honey,” she whispered excitedly. “I feel it all the way up in my belly.”

“Okay,” he answered gently. “But don’t let me hurt you.”

“I won’t,” she smiled, thinking how much sweeter and gentler he was compared to her filthy stepfather.

Robin continued arching her hips and drawing him against her, feeling his nice big prick slowly slipping deeper and deeper into the expanding walls of her sweet young twat. She was becoming even more aroused as the hard thickness of his hot cock rubbed deliciously against the raw nerve ends of her slippery cuntal tissues.

“Oh, God, honey,” she gasped excitedly as his tool slid deeper and deeper into her passion-slickened channel. “Your nice big prick feels so fuckin’ good in me. Jesus Christ, it’s good.”

When he reached full penetration, Brent lay perfectly still over his little sister’s naked body, letting his cock luxuriate in the hot wet tightness of her squeezing pussy. Lying stiff and still over her, he could feel the girl’s cunt walls grasping and sucking against the thick length of his throbbing boner.

Spread out beneath him with her soft naked thighs squeezing his hips, Robin thought how her brother’s loving penetration had differed from the cruel attack of her stepfather. Now that Brent’s prick was completely buried in her cunt, Robin hoped she could give the sweet boy a fuck he’d never forget.

Brent thought he’d go crazy when his little sister started rotating her clasping pussy around the length of his deeply embedded shaft. His whole body trembling with excitement, Brent began unconsciously squinting against her, trying to drill his cock even deeper into her sucking hole.

“Oh, God!” she sobbed, suddenly aware of the movement of his prick as it throbbed hotly in the depths of her clasping pussy. “Jesus, that feels so good.”

Unaware of what they were doing, brother and sister began slowly grinding their bodies into each other. The delicious new sensations were driving Robin almost out of her mind as she began wildly thrusting her cunt up around his hard slippery boner.

Suddenly realizing what they were leading up to, Brent began slowly withdrawing his cock. He’d agreed to let her feel his prick in her cunt, but to actually fuck his own little sister was out of the question.

“Don’t do that!” Robin shrieked when she felt him pulling his prick out.

“That’s enough,” said Brent, reluctantly pulling his cock further out of her delicious little silt.

“Just a minute more,” she begged, grabbing his ass and pulling him violently back into her.

Brent shuddered with ecstasy at the feel of his tingling cock gliding back into the tight hot wetness of his little sister’s slippery cunt. The incredible feeling was more than he could handle and he suddenly began thrusting it in and out.

“Oh, sweet baby!” screamed Robin when her brother suddenly threw all caution to the wind and began drilling his rod into her with a wild passion. Faster and faster he pounded as she lifted her knees up so her dripping twat could better receive the battering attack.

Every wild thrust of his bloated cock was sending new and wonderful sensations streaking through her entire young body. The ecstasy was almost beyond her endurance as she clung to her brother who was giving her pleasure beyond her wildest dreams. The delicious friction of his cock against her clitoris was driving her wild.

“Faster, honey, faster!” she shrieked, feeling his big juice-slickened boner driving madly into her passion-soaked cunt.

The two naked young bodies were pounding lewdly against each other, the sound of flesh slapping against flesh filling the room as they frantically fucked on.

“Oh, honey, fuck me! Fuck me!” squealed the writhing little blonde, thrusting her hips up to better receive every glorious thrust of her brother’s cock. “Fuck, baby, fuck!”

As the unbelievable sensation of her impending climax began building up in her body, she clutched him tighter, frightened of the intense ecstasy she was feeling.

“Oh, Brent!” she shrieked. “I’m gonna explode!”

Realizing that his little sister was in the throes of her climax, Brent drove even harder and deeper into her spasming slit. Robin was going wild with ecstasy as the massive orgasm washed through her body, sending her to the very heights of sensual pleasure.

Feeling his own cum gushing up through the length of his shaft, Brent barely had time to whip it out of her cunt. The head of his cock had barely cleared her cuntlips before it started gushing jizz all over his sister’s naked tits and belly.

When Robin’s wild orgasm subsided, Brent pulled her naked little body up against his and they soon dropped off to sleep in each other’s arms.


Their progress toward California slowed down drastically after that first night. Spending most of their time fucking, they would stop at a motel around four o’clock in the afternoon and wouldn’t leave until the noon check-out time the next day. Their money was diminishing rapidly, but they were too happy to worry about it. Their thoughts were on nothing but each other’s naked bodies and their next hot fuck.

“God, I feel dusty,” smiled Brent when he and his sister checked into the next motel.

“Me, too,” giggled Robin. “Let’s take a shower together.”

Robin had seen plenty of her brother’s big thick cock lately, but when he dropped his shorts, the girl was just as thrilled as the first time. Staring at the stiff boner that was thrusting up from between his legs, she could almost feel it twisting around so deliciously in her juicy little twat. Thinking how much fun it would be to wash his precious dick, Robin quickly undressed and led him into the shower.

“God, I’m sure gad you have such a nice big prick,” she smiled when they were in the bathroom. “I just love it when you fuck me.”

Clutching his sweet little sister, Brent drew her soft, naked body into his arms, covering her moistly parted lips with his hot, hungry mouth, her soft youthful flesh was burning deliciously against his. Finally releasing her from the passionate embrace, they got into the shower together and began lathering each other with the soft soapy suds. Brent began trembling with excitement as her slippery fingers slid up and down over his soapy boner.

“Oh, Brent,” she whispered, staring down at the big suds-covered cock she was fondling. “I just love your big sweet tool.”

Continuing to caress his prick, Robin was lathering his balls with the thick rich suds while he soaped her firm lush boobs, his fingers strumming deliciously on her erect nipples. When his big hairy balls were completely lathered, his naughty little sister slipped her hand under his swollen nut-sac and began soaping the sensitive crack of his ass.

“Jesus, Sis,” he gasped when her fingertip slithered into his soap-covered asshole.

“D’ya like that?” she giggled, worming her finger further up into the buttery hotness of his rectum.

“Shit, yes,” he gulped as she teasingly plunged the full length of her finger up his butt, the tip of it lewdly massaging his prostate.

“I’m glad,” she whispered, twisting her naughty finger around deep in his quivering shitter while her other hand slid up and down his hard soap-lathered cock. “I want to please you so much, my darling.”

When his sister finally removed her finger from his tingling butt, Brent drew her sweet young body up tight against him, his hard thick cock sandwiched deliciously between their soapy, writhing bellies, her lush sudsy tits rubbing firmly against his broad lathered chest.

“Oh, Brent,” she sighed, pressing her hot wet lips against his. “You’re the neatest big brother a girl could ever have.”

Still holding the naked girl in his arms, Brent eased his hands down until he had her wiggly little asscheeks cupped in his palms. Writhing his hard hot cock against her smooth young belly, the boy started goosing his fingers into the soft soapy flesh between the cheeks of her ass. His cock almost shot a wad as he dug around in his sister’s sweet tender ass-flesh.

They spent a long time teasing and soaping each other’s responsive bodies before finally getting out of the shower. When they’d finally dried each other off, Brent picked up his freshly scented little sister and carried her back to the bed.

Spread out together on the fresh clean sheet, Robin was snuggled against the secure warmth of her brother, his comforting arm circling her shoulders.

“You’re such a wonderful brother,” she whispered, pressing her warm moist lips against his neck, her tongue licking his masculine flesh.

His hands were gently caressing the bare flesh on her back when she lifted her face and eased her juicy tongue between his lips. Brent sucked her delicious little tongue deep into his mouth, his stiff prick throbbing with excitement.

“Oh, Brent,” she whispered, twisting around and pressing as much of her warm naked body against his as possible. Nestled happily in his embrace, she opened her thighs and wrapped one of them around his leg.

Reaching down, she affectionately grasped his thick rod, that beautiful cock she loved so much. It was hot, throbbing with pleasure under her touch as she moved down and tenderly covered it with her open mouth. Gently sucking it in between her ovalled lips, the delicious thickness of his prick was pressing out against the inside of her cheeks.

Sucking deeply on his spit-drenched cockhead, Robin ground her wet naked crotch up firmly against his leg, further igniting the sweltering tissues of her dripping cunt. She continued working on his glorious rod with her lips and tongue while her hand pumped incessantly on the thick shaft.

While she was greedily devouring his thick column of rich male meat, Brent’s hands were deliciously kneading her big quivering tits together. Her nipples, all covered with little goosebumps of excitement, were turgid and erect. Writhing with lust, Robin removed her lips from the head of his prick and dove down for his balls. Licking wildly at the loose, crinkly skin of his bag, she gulped one of his balls into her mouth, rolling it around her tongue. Releasing it, she gently sucked on his other sperm-filled nut until Brent was writhing in ecstasy.

Unable to stand the wild pleasure any longer, he grasped his little sister’s hips and pulled her loins up against his face while the girl continued mouthing his cock and balls. Forcing his face up between her soft thighs, he was staring at her dripping pussy and the soft white cheeks of her ass. Shivering with excitement, he kissed the soft wiggly buns, and then forced his tongue up into the deep crack between them.

Little Robin began sucking even harder on his big juicy cock when she felt his tongue leaving a fiery trail of wetness as it licked ever closer to her quivering asshole.

“Mmmmmmmmm,” she whimpered, gulping more of his prick into her mouth when he brushed his hot, wet tongue across her tight little shitter.

Brent continued circling the tiny hole several times with his tongue, feeling his sister quivering with anticipation then pointing the tip of his muscular tongue, he forced it up into her tight little shitter with relative ease. After drilling it in and out for a few brief moments, Brent removed it and moved on to her juicy little slit.

It felt to Robin as if a string of firecrackers were going off in her loins when his tongue began licking her clitty. The hard little nub of her clit responded wildly to his lingual caresses as it throbbed, jerked and twitched with electrified joy.

“Oh, God!” she squealed, momentarily pulling her mouth away from his cock. “Yes! Oh, yes!”

Her soft ass was squirming wildly as the pretty youngster ground her wet, sopping cunt down tighter against her brother’s slurping mouth as he forced his swirling tongue into the dripping depths of her, lusting little pussy. Robin had never heard of anyone licking a girl’s twat, but it sure as hell felt good. Her drooling pussy was pouring a stream of boiling juices over his tongue and into the back of his throat.

“Oh, it’s so good,” she squealed as his tongue danced around in the juicy hotness of her slippery slit.

Brent’s tongue was making rapid-fire jabs into her twat, playing a wild tune on her clit as her entire body trembled and jerked from the intense ecstasy. When she gulped his cock back into her mouth, Brent began sucking and pulling on her wiggly cuntlips, letting the deliciously hot juices of her aroused cunt spill into his mouth.

Clutching the base of his shaft in her hands, Robin was passionately sucking and licking his massive cockhead. She twisted her lips and tongue all around his big smooth knob until it was a fiery-purple color. Taking more of his delicious prick into her mouth, Robin reached down between his thighs and lovingly caressed his big swollen balls. His big lusty cockhead filled her mouth, but she continued taking more of it until it was lodged deep in her throat.

With his face squeezed between her soft thighs, Brent was battering her clitoris with his tongue until his little sister could hardly stand the intense ecstasy. Squealing with joy, Robin began grinding her cunt down so hard on his face that her brother’s teeth were grating on the soft tissues of her cuntlips. She was starting to climax and her fiery young cunt was creaming all over his face.

Grasping tightly to her sweet young ass, with both hands, he kept her climaxing slit welded to his mouth as her spasming twat rippled and jerked around his swirling tongue.

“Oh, my God!” she shrieked, releasing his throbbing cockhead from her mouth. “I’m coming, honey! I’m coming! OH, SHIT, HOW I’M COMMMIIIIINNNGGG!”

As the wild climax slowly abated, Robin plunged her mouth down over his thick meaty prick again, anxious to draw his delicious juices from deep in his loins. Brent’s sperm-swollen balls began tingling with excitement, ready to unleash the pent up jizz that was screaming for release. Each deep suck of his little sister’s sucking, pulling lips was bringing him closer and closer to an ejaculation. Still licking the hot juices from her cunt, he knew the supreme moment was almost there, that delicious moment when he’d release his burning jizz into his sister’s mouth.

Robin could feel his thighs tensing, his cockhead swelling to new extremes. Knowing that he was about to cream, she couldn’t wait for the explosive moment. A wild lust streaked through her loins, thinking about drinking his thick, rich jism, swallowing it down and loving every slippery drop of it.

His big cock suddenly exploded a gush of cum into her mouth, streaming down the back of her throat. This was followed quickly by another blast against her tongue, filling her cheeks with the tasty fluid. She continued sucking and drinking from his spewing prick until it was completely drained.

When it was over, she licked every delicious drop from around the edges of his cockhead until the shiny knob was thoroughly washed.

Completely satisfied and relaxed, Brent lay back and let her baby-soft lips clean his wilting dick.

“Oh, Brent,” she whispered when she’d finished cleaning him. “You’re so wonderful.”

“So are you, Sis,” he smiled, drawing her back up into his arms.

They spent the next half-hour in silence with their naked bodies pressed lovingly together.

“Brent,” his sister finally whispered. “Are you ready to fuck?”

“Shit, yes,” he panted.

“Here it is,” she giggled, pointing down at her naked little twat. “Why don’t you get busy and use it?”

Staring down between her open thighs, Brent could see the slippery juices dripping out of his cute little sister’s twat. He could clearly see the hot, slippery inner flesh of her creamy slit as the youngster parted her cuntlips with her naughty fingers.

“It’s all ready,” she whispered. “Now it’s up to you.”

Crouching down between her open legs, he placed the back of her knees over his broad shoulders.

“Ready,” he smiled, moving forward until his cockhead was snugly lodged between her hot, open pussy lips.

“Oh, yes,” she moaned feeling the tip of his prick burning hotly against the opening of her twat.

Not driving his cock all the way in, the boy just wiggled around in the hot slippery entrance, letting it tease against her erect little clitty.

“All the way in,” she panted, trying to lever her cunt up around his prick. “Please don’t torture me.”

Not wanting to upset his sweet little sister, Brent suddenly lunged forward, driving the full length of his tool deep into her slippery cunt.

“Ooooooooh!” she squealed with joy when his thick shaft drilled up through the slick, slippery flesh of her little fuck-hole.

With his cock buried to the hilt in the little blonde’s quivering belly, Brent couldn’t get over the hot tightness of his sister’s little cunt. The way her hot, juicy cunt walls squeezed against his throbbing boner was absolutely incredible.

“Oh, Brent,” she sobbed, frantically screwing her wiggly little slit up tighter around the thick base of his shaft. “You’re just wonderful.”

Reaching under her butt, Brent was goosing his fingers into the soft pliant flesh between her quivering asscheeks as his thick rod glided in and out between her hot sucking cuntlips.

“Oh, honey, that feels so good,” whimpered Robin as her brother’s big virile cock pumped into her scalding little fuck-hole.

When he parted her asscheeks with his fingers, Robin’s smoldering young cunt also spread, letting his massive shaft drill deeper into her belly in a series of fast, jabbing thrusts.

“Oh, sweet fuckin’ Jesus!” she squealed as her brother’s juice-slickened rod speared into her cunt from different angles while his finger teased around the sensitive ring of her asshole. The way he was changing the tempo and the angles of his thrusts was driving the child wild. The slippery hardness of his bloated shaft was deliciously pulling the hood back and forth over her clitoris, sending a screaming ecstasy through every nerve of her body.

“Oh, sweet Brent!” she squealed, pulling her brother’s body down tighter against her own, feeling her big firm tits squishing back and forth under his chest as he drilled his thick cock in and out of her tight, clinging fuck hole. “I love it! I LOVE IT!”

Feeling the boy’s big rod pounding into the scalding depths of her tight little twat was pure heaven to the girl. Although only recently introduced into the wonderful world of fucking, the unbelievable joy was beyond her wildest dreams. She had secretly enjoyed the intense sensations when her stepfather raped her, but that was nothing compared to the thorough fucking she was getting from her big brother.

Crazed with the feel of Robin’s little gold-fringed cunt, Brent was fucking into her with a wild passion, his virile young shaft storming furiously into the girl’s writhing belly, sending wave after wave of unbelievable joy screaming through her writhing young body.

Feeling her brother shift into another position that seemed to intensify her pleasure, Robin snaked her legs up over him, lifting her slit up tighter around the base of his plunging rod.

“Oh, darling!” she squealed. “You’ve never fucked me like this!”

“Practice makes perfect,” he panted. “Do you like it, honey?”

“I love it! I love it!”

“I’m glad,” he gasped, still fucking furiously into her lurching cunt. “Because you’re sure a sweet little fucker.”

“Good,” she cried, thrusting her frothy little pussy up to receive every plunge of his cock. “Are you gonna give me a nice cuntful of jizz?”

“You’re not just shittin’,” he panted. “And soon.”

“That’s what I want, honey,” she whimpered with joy. “I want you to fill me up with it.”

Mewling with pleasure, the horny youngster was frantically writhing her ass down into the mattress as each of her brother’s lusty strokes drove deeper and harder into her little belly. God, how Robin wished she and her brother could live together forever. She loved him with a passion she’d never felt for anyone else, and the thought of him leaving her someday was absolutely terrifying. God, how she’d miss this beautiful big prick of his if he ever went away.

“Christ, Sis!” he panted, pounding deeper and deeper into her little fifteen year-old pussy. “You’re sure a hot little fucker!”

“I know!” she squealed. “And I hope you won’t forget it!”

Her excited squeals seemed to spur him on and he began violently increasing the wild tempo of his frantic screwing. Pumping into his little sister, he was vividly aware of the intense pleasure she was giving. Brent had fucked two or three of the girls back home, but had never found a cunt that sucked and squeezed and clung to his cock like this one. He also knew that every time he fucked his sister, it was better than the last as their techniques improved.

“Fuck, honey, fuck!” she began screaming hysterically as the boy poured it to her at an even faster tempo, literally lifting her hot little ass off the bed with every thrust.

Robin’s battered little twat had never taken such a beating in her life, and she was thoroughly enjoying every second of it. The delicious friction of her brother’s thick dick sawing in and out of her slit was lifting her to new heights of ecstasy. Each hard plunge felt better than the last as the intense joy mounted in her loins.

“Fuck, baby, fuck!” she began screaming. “I’m almost there, honey… almost there!”

Robin’s body was filled with such intense heat that she thought she’d explode. She and her lurching brother were locked lewdly together by the massive cock that her clinging cunt was squeezing and massaging. Her little pussy was frantically milking on his prick with a wild frenzy.

Brent’s tingling dick was aflame with fires that were reaching every nerve in his body. He couldn’t believe that any snatch could be as tight and hot as his young sisters’ ravenous pussy. Feeling an explosive climax building up in his sperm-swollen balls, he hoped he could hold back until Robin could reach her own orgasm.

“Oh, honey!” she suddenly screamed, locking her arms and legs around his lurching body. “I’m coming! I’m coming! COMMMMUINNNGGG!”

As her thunderous orgasm streaked through every nerve and muscle of her body, Brent fucked harder and deeper into her cunt, wanting to prolong her climax, making it the most intense she’d ever had.

“Oh, God!” she shrieked, feeling his thick hot cum gushing into her twat. “That’s it, darling! Squirt me good, you sweet fucker!”

Writhing her cunt up tightly around the base of his spewing cock, she clung desperately to him as he rapidly filled her hot little hole with his thick, slippery jizz.

“Oh, Brent darling,” she whispered when her brother finally pulled his spent prick out of her sopping cunt. “That’s the best fuck you’ve ever given me.”

“God, honey,” he panted. “You’re the sweetest, hottest little girl in the whole fuckin’ world.”

“I’m glad you think so,” she whispered puffing his mouth down against her soft parted lips. “Are you going to fuck me again tonight?”

“You know damn well I am,” he whispered, running the tip of his finger up and down the slippery wetness of her little sperm-soaked slit. “We’ll fuck as long as I can keep getting a hard-on.”


Two days later when they were only a few miles from Reno, the engine in Brent’s old pickup began clattering loudly. He carefully nursed it along to a garage where the mechanic said he’d burnt put a main bearing. Having very little money left, and not nearly enough to pay for the expensive repair costs, Brent sold the truck to the mechanic for a hundred and fifty dollars, took two suitcases out of the pick up and walked across the road, hoping to catch a ride. Brent was wearing jeans and a shirt, and his pretty sister was a lovely sight in a blouse and short cut-offs that deliciously exposed her shapely, tanned legs.

They’d only been standing there a few minutes when a man and woman stopped in a big Continental.

“Where are you kids going?” the man asked when they got in.

“Just to Reno,” smiled Robin.

“Visiting friends there?” asked the woman.

“No,” explained Brent. “Our truck broke down and we want to catch a bus to Frisco.”

Watching the couple in the front seat, Robin couldn’t get over how nice looking they were. He was in his mid-thirties with a thick head of dark well-groomed hair. His features were extremely handsome and there was a soft gentleness in his deep brown eyes. His wife was one of the most beautiful women Robin had ever seen. The creamy skin of her flawless complexion was further enhanced by her long red hair. The woman was in her late twenties with full lips and amber eyes that sparkled when she smiled.

“I’m Brenda Lasser,” said the woman. “And this is my husband, Phil.”

“Hi,” grinned Robin, thinking how much more refined these people were, compared to the assholes back home. “I’m Robin Caldwell and this is my brother, Brent.”

“Oh, honey,” giggled Brenda, a naughty twinkle in her eyes. “You don’t have to give me that brother and sister crap. I know how you kids live these days.”

“But we are,” said Brent.

“How old are you, Brent?” asked Brenda, ignoring his denial.


“How old is your girlfriend?”

“She’s my sister,” he argued.

“How old are you, honey?” asked Brenda, turning to Robin.

“Fifteen,” she answered. “And he is my brother.”

“Okay,” laughed Brenda. “Have it your own way, but if I were fifteen, I wouldn’t mind traveling with a handsome stud like him.”

“Where do you come from?” asked Phil, deciding to change the subject.

“Nebraska,” answered Brent.

“Gee,” sighed Brenda, smiling at Robin. “You kids sure have it made these days.”


“It’s the so-called sexual revolution,” smiled the beautiful redhead. “When I was your age, we sure couldn’t roam around the country balling each other.”

Watching through the mirror, Phil couldn’t keep his eyes away from Robin. It was very obvious that the two kids were fucking around together, and the sight of the little blonde’s shapely bare legs and her firm tits pressing out against her tight blouse was giving him a horrendous hard-on. Phil and Brenda were real swingers, and the thought of screwing this little blonde who was undoubtedly pretty free with her body really turned him on.

Watching her husband’s expression, Brenda knew what was on his mind, and the big bulge in the front of Brent’s tight jeans hadn’t gone unnoticed by the woman. The thought of the four of them balling together seemed like a great idea to Brenda.

“When do you have to be in San Francisco?” asked the woman.

“No special time,” Brent answered. “Why?”

“Well,” continued Brenda. “My husband and I are heading for our summer home at Lake Tahoe, and I was wondering if you’d like to spend a few days with us?”

“Do you mean it?” gasped Robin.

The girl had heard about and seen pictures of Lake Tahoe since she was a little child, but had never teamed she’d ever actually go there.

“Sure, I mean it,” smiled Brenda. “Phil and I would love to have you.”

“D’ya wanta go?” Robin turned to her brother.

“You can sleep in the same bed,” giggled Brenda.

“Okay,” blushed Brent. “It sounds great.”

The two youngsters were shocked when they arrived at the Lassers’ summer home. It was a beautiful house, complete with swimming pool, sitting in a forest of towering pine trees that overlooked the lake. Having never seen anything except her hometown, Robin was completely shocked with the luxurious home. She found it hard to believe that anyone could live in such a fine style.

Shortly after they arrived and had a snack to eat, Brenda suggested they all take a dip in the pool. Phil almost shit his pants when he saw little Robin in the bikini that his wife had found for, her. Her lush big boobs were barely covered by the small bra, and the brief bottoms hid practically nothing.

After a quick dip in the pool, Brenda excused herself and went back into the house, leaving Robin and Brent with her husband.

“Brent?” the beautiful redhead called down from her bedroom window a few minutes later. “You’re a big strong boy. Can you come up here and help me with these boxes?”

“Sure,” he volunteered, standing up and walking toward the house.

Phil grinned to himself when the boy disappeared, knowing his wife would keep the boy well occupied for the next couple of hours. With them both gone, he could start concentrating on Robin. God, what a delicious little fuck she would make.

Entering the bedroom, Brent almost choked when he saw the beautiful woman standing by a group of boxes. She was dressed in a nearly transparent black negligee that revealed every line of her curvaceous body beneath the sheer material. His eyes ogled the fleshy contours of the woman’s seductive figure beneath the revealing garment. She was not wearing a bra, and he could clearly see the dark circles of her nipples as her swollen tits pushed out against the sheer material. Below the soft smooth curve of her belly, he could see the hint of pussy hair between her legs.

“Brent,” she smiled. “These boxes are so heavy. Would you help me get them up on those shelves in the closet?”

When he’d lifted the last box up on the shelves, Brenda undulated across the floor and stood very close to him, resting her hands on his shoulders.

“That was very sweet of you,” she whispered. “Now is there anything I can do for you?”

He stared down at her. The twin mounds of her magnificent boobs, the silky smoothness clearly visible through the transparent material of her negligee, were almost touching his chest.

“Are you sure there isn’t anything I can do for you?” she repeated in a soft sensual voice as she slid her hands from his shoulders down over his bare chest. “There must be something.”

“Don’t w-worry,” he stammered. “It was no problem piling those boxes.”

“I didn’t mean that,” she whispered, moving her soft hands down over his belly, “I thought maybe… you know… you might want to… fuck me.”

For the second time since he’d entered the room, he was rendered completely speechless.

“You would like to screw me, wouldn’t you?” she smiled, stepping back and staring down boldly at the big bulge in his shorts. “I can see your cock’s ready to fuck.”

Still unable to speak, he gaped at the almost naked woman standing in front of him. Then suddenly she was against him, her soft warm body pressing close as she slid her arms around his back.

“Brent,” she whispered. “Come over on the bed with me.”

“How about y-your husband?” he stammered nervously.

“Don’t worry about him,” she giggled. “He’s probably already taking your little girl friend’s pants off.”

Brent suddenly wondered if his sweet little sister would let the older man fuck her.

Leading the boy over to her bed, Brenda released his hand and dropped onto the mattress, leaning back on her elbows so that the front of her negligee fell open to deliciously expose the red, silky hair of her pubic mound. His head spinning with excitement, the boy sat next to her. Looking down between her soft creamy thighs, he could see the soft coral lips of her red-fringed little slit. Noticing the way he was staring, Brenda spread her legs a little wider and gave him a naughty little smile. Trembling with excitement, the boy could see the slippery drops of moisture glistening in her open slit as she shamelessly exposed herself.

“God,” he panted when she loosened the tie-cord at the waist of her negligee, letting her full ripe tits spill out. “You’re beautiful.”

“You’re not bad yourself,” she smiled. “And from that bulge, I’ll bet you’re built like a fuckin’ bull. Have you had many girls besides the little kid you’re shackin’ up with?”

“She’s my sister,” he argued.

“Oh, Brent,” she giggled, throwing her arms around the boy. “I don’t give a shit whether she’s your sister or not.”

Pulling him savagely down on her, one of his legs fell between her open thighs and she brought one of her own legs up to deliciously grind it into his crotch, feeling the hardness of the big prick in his shorts. Smashing his mouth down against her softly parted lips as her body melted against his, Brent could feel the wetness of the seminal fluids seeping from the tip of his bloated cockhead.

She continued massaging his crotch with her soft naked thigh until Brent thought his throbbing cock would explode. Feeling his cock jumping and jerking around in the tight confines of his shorts, Brent thrust his tongue deep into her soft open mouth and let her gently suck on it, her nibbling little teeth sending chills all through his aroused body.

“Brent,” she whispered in his ear. “Is Robin a good piece of ass?”

“I guess we’re both a little inexperienced,” he admitted before realizing how she’d trapped him.

“If you’ll take your shorts off,” she smiled. “I’ll teach you some things you’ll both love.”

Quickly rising from the bed, the boy hastily removed his shorts while Brenda slithered out of the flimsy negligee, leaving her deliciously naked on the bed. Her breath caught in her throat when the beautiful redhead first glimpsed his long thick cock thrusting up from between his legs. Brenda had literally been fucked by hundreds of cocks in her depraved life, but she’d never seen one as huge as this young stud’s.

“My God,” he gasped. “That’s gotta be the biggest fuckin’ tool in the world. Shit I can almost feel it twisting around deep in my belly.”

Throwing herself back on the cool, fresh sheet, she lewdly kicked her legs apart and reached down to spread the hot lips of her cunt apart with her fingers.

“In here,” she panted. “Ram that beauty in as far as you can.”

Choking with excitement, the boy threw himself down on the bed, frantically digging his hands into the soft flesh of her ass, cupping her delicious buns in his palms. Her asscheeks were firm, yet wiggly as he pulled her warm soft body up against his. They faced each other on their sides. She pressed her mouth to his, welding their lips tightly as her hand searched between them for the hard thickness of his cock. Kissing him passionately as her cool fingers circled around his thick boner, her lips were soft and yielding, sending little chills up and down the length of his spine.

“Oh, God, baby,” she panted, tearing herself loose from his embrace as she rolled onto her back again, puffing him on top of her as she lewdly spread her legs to take him between them.

As he lay on top of her deliciously naked body, her soft teasing fingers were running all over him, exploring his hard, trembling young flesh. His massive prick was lying hotly between her thighs; the head of it nudged between the slippery cuntlips of her dripping slit. Arching her hips up for a moment, she reached under her sweet ass with both hands and slowly pulled her pussy-lips farther apart, giving his throbbing dick more contact with the hot inner flesh of her steaming twat.

“God, that’s big and hard,” she whispered, pressing her hot open lips against his mouth as she writhed her juicy slit around the tip of his prick.

Cupping her ass-buns once more in his palms, he pulled her writhing loins up tighter against him.

Slowly moving back and forth, the length and thickness of his cock was rubbing up and down against the sopping wet furrow of her widespread pussy, feeling it getting wetter and wetter with excitement.

“Oh, Brent, baby,” she sobbed. “Put it in. I can’t stand any more of this.”

No longer able to control her wild lust, Brenda reached down and grasped his stiff rod and stuffed it directly into the se ding wetness of her open cunt. The lustfully writhing redhead let out a wild scream as his massive pole glided up into the hot tightness of her passion-slickened hole. Brenda had never taken such a huge cock, and the pleasure-pain of it was the most incredible thing she’d ever experienced. The thickness of it was pressing out against every tingling nerve in her widely stretched fuck-hole. When the boy began thrusting his huge dick in and out, the delicious friction against her sensitive cunt walls was the most ecstatic sensation she’d ever felt. She couldn’t believe that any cock could be so long and thick and so wonderful. Her cunt had never been so deliciously stuffed full of prick in her life, and the joy of it was incredible.

“Oh, you sweet baby!” she whimpered as Brent increased the tempo of his lusty strokes.

On and on he fucked until the screaming woman was almost delirious with this newfound ecstasy.

“Oh, God, it’s so good… so gooood!” cried the depraved woman. “Stick your finger up my ass!” As their hot naked bodies pounded relentlessly together, Brent excitedly reached under her buttocks, his middle finger probing for her asshole. Goosing into the soft flesh between her ass cheeks, the tip of his finger soon found her tight little hole. He pressed hard at her puckered little shitter and the tight rubbery nether ring gave way under the pressure. His obscenely invading finger slid up to the first knuckle in her hot buttery asshole.

“Aaaaaggghh!” she shrieked, trying to wriggle her ass free from the initial pain of entry. “God, that hurts!”

Realizing that the lurching woman was enjoying the discomfort, Brent wormed his finger further into her butt.

“Yes! Yes!” shrieked Brenda. “That’s it, honey! Hurt me more!”

Despite the pain, the excited redhead frantically writhed her ass back around his finger until it was sunk to the palm of his hand. Wildly rotating it around in the tight slippery hotness of her rectum, he could feel his cock through the thin wall of flesh that separated her two holes as it pistoned in and out of her cunt. Becoming more excited by the second, he began alternating the thrust of his dick with the plunges of his finger, carrying the screaming woman to new heights of ecstasy.

“That’s it, you big-cocked beauty!” she shrieked. “That’s the way to fuck a girl! Shit, honey, I’m never gonna let you get away!”

In all her life, Brenda had never experienced such a fantastic fuck, and here she was getting it from a sixteen year-old kid. She suddenly wondered how little fifteen year-old Robin had been able to take this much cock in her young little body. It was almost unbelievable to Brenda that any man could have such a huge prick.

“Drill me, baby! Drill me!” she screamed on the verge of hysteria. “Fill me with hot cum, honey! Oh, fuck… fuck… fuck!”

On and on he fucked into her as the room echoed to the slapping of wet flesh against wet flesh and the sobs and moans of the lewdly coupled pair. Then, as the speed of his thrusts increased, Brent urgently wanted to unload his hot jizz into her writhing belly.

“Oh, my God!” she screamed from beneath him. “That’s the way, honey!”

Brenda had enjoyed every second of this cunt-filled fuck, but it was getting better with every thrust. The intense ecstasy in her passion sickened pussy was almost more than she could tolerate.

“Oh, sit!” she screamed, suddenly shuddering and stiffening in his arms. “I’m coming! I’M COMING!”

Pulling her knees back and throwing her legs over his shoulders, she offered the entire juicy length of her slit to his delicious assault. Her loins were writhing wildly beneath him as the intensity of her climax increased. With her beautiful mouth hanging slackly open and her long red hair flailing wildly around her lovely face, Brenda rolled her eyes back, staring blindly at the spinning ceiling.

Slamming her cunt up around the length of his thrusting boner, she welded herself to him with her squeezing thighs, her belly jerking spasmodically against his. As the intense orgasm ebbed, she collapsed back on the bed, her pulsing cunt still clinging tightly to his deeply embedded cock.

The lust-crazed youth was still fucking his huge prick in and out of her fuck-hole, anxious to explode a stream of cum into the beautiful woman’s pussy. He’d never felt anything like the hotness of her slit in his life. Aching to release his load into her belly, Brent further increased the tempo of his wild thrusts.

“God, that was wonderful,” she panted, slowly opening her eyes.

“Hang on,” he gasped. “It’s not over yet.”

“Oh, my God,” she whimpered. “Didn’t you come?”

“Not yet,” he panted, still slamming his big thick rod into her. “But I’m almost there.”

“Oh, yes, honey!” she squealed, instinctively screwing her cunt up around the base of his cock again. “Fill me, baby! Give me a nice big cuntful.”

On and on he fucked, lifting her hot little ass off the bed with every wild thrust. The friction of his thick plunging prick was rapidly building Brenda up for another climax.

“Oh, God,” she sobbed. “I’m gonna do it again… do it again!”

Brent suddenly felt his jism starting up the tingling journey from his balls, feeling the joy of it speeding up through his shaft.

“Aaaaaagggghh!” he gasped, giving a final wild thrust as the white-hot cum exploded from the head of his cock.

“Oh, Brent,” she squealed, feeling his scalding sperm jetting into her writhing belly. “I’m coming again, honey! I’M COMING AGAIN!”

When the youth had emptied the last of his hot load into her sperm soaked cunt, Brent collapsed over her soft quivering body.


While Brent and Brenda were fucking up a storm in the house, Phil Lasser was down by the pool hungrily watching little Robin. She lay stretched out on the chaise lounge next to his, her delicious young body only partially concealed by the skimpy bikini that Brenda had outfitted her in. Her full young tits were heaving up and down with her steady breathing, her hands resting on her soft rounded thighs which were slightly parted. He’d been dying to fuck this sweet little youngster since they’d first picked her up. Knowing that she was traveling around the country with a boy, Phil had decided that she was probably a hot-cunted little bitch, but he didn’t quite know how to approach her.

“Why do you think Brent is staying in the house so long?” she smiled, turning to the handsome man.

“He’s probably balling my wife,” was his honest answer.

“You’re kidding?” she giggled.

“No,” he smiled. “She digs young men.”

“Doesn’t it bother you?” asked Robin.

“Not at all,” he answered. “I like to fool around with young girls myself.”

“How young?”

“About your age.”

“Oh, Mr. Lasser,” she giggled, “that sounds like a proposition.”

“That’s the way it was meant,” he smiled staring her straight in the eye.

There was something about the way he was looking at her that strangely excited Robin. There was a fire burning in his deep brown eyes that she found a bit disturbing. She had thought him a very handsome man from the first moment she’d seen him, but the idea of balling him had never crossed her mind.

“Do you really think Brent is in there screwing your wife?” she finally spoke.

“I’m sure of it,” he smiled. “That’s why she invited you kids over here.”

“And you intend to screw me?” she asked.

“I’d like to.”

Robin suddenly decided that if her brother were in the house fucking Brenda, it might be fun to let Mr. Lasser lay her. He was sure handsome, and would probably give her a real wild fuck. Getting up, she walked over and sat down on the edge of his chaise.

“What makes you think I’d let you screw me?” she whispered, reaching out and gently caressing his handsome face with her soft fingers.

“I’m just hoping,” he answered, kissing the tip of her finger as she lightly brushed it across his mouth.

“You’re sweet,” she giggled, throwing her arms around his neck.

Caught by surprise and off balance, Phil rolled off the chaise with the girl still clinging to him. They sprawled out together on the lawn and Phil ended up on top of her nearly naked little body. Crazed with lust for the pretty young blonde, Phil mashed his mouth down on hers and began sucking on the sweet tongue she slipped between his lips. The softness of her young body was sending hot flames of anticipation scorching through his loins.

His hands moved swiftly, sweeping the brief bra aside as they roamed over her soft little body, digging into her nubile young breasts. Eagerly cupping her big taut nipples in his hands, he ground the turgid buds between his forefinger and thumb, listening to her soft whimpers of undisguised lust. Excitedly raising her hips to assist him, the trembling child let him peel the bottom of her skimpy bikini down over her sweet little ass.

Just like the man, Robin was filled with a surge of passionate lust that was almost beyond her control. Her mind was reeling dizzily from the excitement caused by the sensuous touch of this handsome man’s hands on her young body.

Staring down at the youngster’s nakedness, Phil was trembling with lust. He could see the soft triangle of her golden pussy hairs as his searching finger wormed its way into the juicy hotness of her pink little slit. His middle finger groped through the moist hotness until he found her twitching clitoris.

His first caresses had ignited a wild passion in Robin’s body, but now the vibrant tingling of his finger against her clitty was driving her wild. This handsome strangers fingers were sending chilling surges of pleasure through her body as they explored the slick moistness of her quivering pussy flesh.

“Oh, God, Mr. Lasser,” she whimpered. “Don’t stop… don’t stop. It feels so gooooood!”

Excitedly twisting and grinding her soft nakedness up against his body, she rubbed the thick hair on his chest and torso against her tits and belly. This handsome man had intrigued Robin when she first met him, but to have him fondling her nakedness was pure heaven.

She could feel his thick hard cock throbbing against her belly through his swimming trunks. As he squirmed over her, Robin could feel the hardness of his prick grazing against her thigh, occasionally poking against her swollen clit. There was a sexual magnetism to the man as he lurched and humped over her, his finger twisting around deliciously in the hot depths of her pussy. She could hardly wait to feel his swollen cock grinding around in her belly as it plunged hard and fast into the deepest recesses of her cunt. God, how she wanted him to fuck her to death!

It had been wonderful being fucked by her brother, but the thought of this handsome mature man drilling his prick into her was almost breathtaking. Her entire young body began writhing up hotly against him when his fingers once more began strumming her quivering clitty.

Aching for his cock, Robin grasped the elastic waistband of his trunks and violently pulled them down over his sinewy ass and legs. Her breath caught in her throat when his cock sprang into view. It wasn’t nearly as huge as her brother’s but it was smooth and hard, a tool that was more than capable of doing its job.

“Oh, Mr. Lasser,” she whispered. “It’s so beautiful and hard, I love it.”

Lowering her face she rubbed his burning rod against her cheek, enjoying the delicious heat of it against her flesh. Squirming around, she rubbed it down her neck, over her chest and finally against the softness of her big lush tits, rubbing his cockhead briskly against her big swollen nipples, she could feel the hot cunt juices squishing out from between her legs.

“God, that’s a beauty,” she smiled up at him through lust-glazed eyes. “I’m so glad you want to fuck.”

Once more moving her head down, she licked her hot wet tongue lightly across his gleaming knob, feeling the handsome man shudder with joy.

“Oh, God,” he sighed.

Then Phil suddenly felt the incredible softness of her wetly parted lips close down over his sensitive cockhead, felt her tongue licking circles of liquid fire around his tool.

“Ouuuuuuuh!” he moaned, reaching down and digging his hands into her long blonde hair as he unconsciously drove the full length of his male hardness deep into the soft warm confines of her sucking mouth.

“Mmmmmmmmmm,” Robin slobbered, then drew back a little so she could taste the moist stickiness of the hot seminal fluids that were dripping from the end of his prick. Swirling her tongue around his cock, she began rhythmically bobbing her head up and down as she sucked, using the expertise that she’d learned by sucking off her brother for the past few days. Because this man’s stiff dick was smaller than Brent’s, Robin was thrilled at how much more of it she could take into her mouth.

Phil stared down excitedly at the way her tightly ovalled lips worked on his cock, the softness of her mouth puffing outward as it moved up his shaft with such delicious suction. His loins were tensing and jerking as he sawed his spit-drenched boner in and out between her hot grasping lips. Sucking voraciously on him, the youngster’s full naked tits were jiggling wildly as her head bobbed up and down over his hard juicy cock.

“Suck, honey, suck!” he panted.

Faster and faster she sucked, her cute little ass heaving and twisting in the air, and her tits flopping in a wild dance. Feeling the man starting to tense up, Robin began slowing her action. She didn’t want him to cum until he fucked her. There would be plenty of time to suck him off after he first filled her cunt with his thick white jizz.

Finally removing her mouth from his quivering dick, the little blonde teen-ager rolled onto her back, still clutching to the man’s shaft. Wildly aroused by the delicious suction of her sweet young lips, he crawled over her naked body, his hard spit-drenched cock throbbing wildly between his legs. Sliding his hands beneath the silky smoothness of her firm young ass, he cupped her sweet wiggly buns in his palms. He’d been lusting over this child all day, and now he was going to fuck her, fuck her deep and hard and passionately. Looking down, he could see the hot juiciness of her little fifteen-year-old slit as it quivered impatiently for, his cock. Her hot juices were creaming out over the slippery pink flesh of her eagerly waiting cuntlips, covering them with a glistening film.

Trembling with expectation, Robin tenderly wrapped her arms around his shoulders, then drew her knees back and opened her thighs, offering up her dripping young slit for both of their enjoyment.

“Come on, honey,” she whispered, looking up at him through dreamy eyes. “Please fuck the shit out of me. I’ve never felt so fuckin’ hot in my life.”

Groaning softly, Phil lowered his lips down over her soft young mouth and grasped the cheeks of her ass as he slowly moved his hips forward. He felt his cock grazing lightly against the juicy cuntlips between her legs, and then he pushed gently forward against her little teen-aged hole. He shoved toward it as his hands lifted her butt, trying to draw her little cunt around his cock head. The man was panting with unconcealed excitement as he felt her loins straining up toward him, trying to assist him with his entry. Clinging tightly to him with her arms, she hooked her legs around his back and dug her bare heels into the crack of his sinewy ass, trying to screw her cunt around his slowly advancing prick.

The man could feel the head of his cock starting to ease through the tight juicy opening of her delicious little twat. The small entrance, dripping with her hot pussy juices, was widening to hungrily receive him. Pressing a little harder, his prick skidded a bit against her lust-slickened flesh and suddenly plunged into her. The trembling man continued inching his throbbing rod deeper and deeper into the deliciously hot tightness of her adorable little pussy. He’d never experienced such exquisite sensations in his life as her snug little cunt closed hotly around his tingling shaft.

“Mmmmmmmm,” Robin moaned with delight, feeling the hot hardness of his shaft in her cunt. It didn’t stretch her pussy walls out like her brother’s big thick cock did, but it sure felt neat. Her young twat was small enough that his hard cock completely filled it, pressing deliciously against every tingling nerve in her slit. She was frantically writhing her cunt up against him, feeling the incredible joy swirling through her loins as Phil’s cock moved deeper and deeper into the juicy hotness of her pussy. Her lovely young face was glowing with excitement as soft moans of joy came from deep in her throat.

It was heaven how perfectly they were fitting together. The smooth slippery folds of her warm cuntal sheath clutched tightly to his lust-swollen prick, sucking, pulling and squeezing deliciously on the entire length of it, making his rod thicker and harder with every passing moment, Phil had done plenty of fucking in his life, but this was the tightest little cunt his cock had ever entered. The wild flames of lust were sweeping glowing fires of passion to every nerve ending in his entire body.

Drilling his cock in and out of the youngster’s little cunt, Phil was amazed by her prowess, by the way her naked young body responded, fucking back at him for all she was worth. Fucking into each other with perfect harmony, they were both giving and taking the intense passion they felt for each other. The intensity of their ecstasy was carrying them to a pinnacle of unbelievable pleasure that neither had ever experienced before.

Screaming with joy, the horny little teen-ager screwed herself up tighter around his prick, feeling his lusty balls slapping softly between the cheeks of her ass, enjoying the way his pistoning cock plunged deeper and harder into the molten furnace of her sizzling twat. Humping wildly, his cock built up an intense friction on her tingling clitty as it glided in and out through her lust-lubricated fuck-hole, each thrust pounding her ass into the lawn. Lunging steadily back and forth, lost to the world and everything else except the burning lust that was devouring his body, Phil was filling the girl’s naked flesh with rapturous delight, sending shivers of passionate joy streaking through her writhing loins.

Filled with an unbelievable ecstasy, the man was fucking to please them both, drilling in and out with long powerful strokes. The highly aroused youngster was clinging passionately to him, heaving her crotch up to meet every skewering thrust of his rigid pole.

“Oh, you sweet little bitch,” he panted, boring into her tight hot cunt with greater exhilaration, his eyes glazed with lust. “Oh, fuck it, little darling. You’re fantastic!”

Robin could feel him drilling more and more deeply into her as she fucked wildly back at him. Her urgent cries were lengthening out to long wails of joy as the intense pleasure built up between her legs. She was slamming and revolving her slit around his stiff boner, wringing every ounce of ecstasy from his wonderful spike.

Wanting to prolong the intense ecstasy of it all, Phil slowed down, using long sweeping thrusts that tore deep into her belly.

“Oh, yes, fuck me… fuck me!” she squealed, her thighs tightening around his lunging hardness.

It was as if they’d both been lifted beyond the heights of human awareness, their bodies filled with feelings that had never been shared by anyone else. Up and up they soared through this newly discovered world of unbelievable sensuality, seeming to be flying through eternity.

Robin’s youthful little body was filled with a heat so intense that she was almost afraid of being devoured by the flames. It was a heat that was scorching up from her cock-stuffed cunt, searing through her entire body and ending with bunts of excruciating pleasure in her hot swollen nipples. The joy down between her legs was intensifying with every delicious thrust of his dick.

“Oh, sweet fuckin’ Jesus!” she shrieked, her screaming voice piercing the thin mountain air. “I can’t stand it… it’s so good… so good! Fuck me harder!”

“D’ya like ridin’ this hard pole?” he panted, drilling deeper and deeper into her little teen-aged slit.

“Shit, yes!” she squealed. “I’ve never felt anything like it! Oh, fuck… fuck… fuck, you beautiful bastard!”

Then suddenly her body began to quiver and quake with a wild new sensation. Her wildly rippling pussy began clenching around his thrusting cock as the man screwed mercilessly into her quivering little belly. Seeing the look of raw ecstasy burning in her glowing eyes, Phil knew she was on the verge of climaxing. He pumped faster and faster into the youngster’s slippery hole, feeling his cock expanding and throbbing as his own ejaculation approached.

“That’s it!” she shrieked. “FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!”

Down between her legs she was dimly aware of the delicious friction of Phil’s rigid tool sawing against her screaming clitty, and suddenly it was as if she’d been struck by a lightning bolt.

“Oh, God!” she screamed up at the cloudless sky above the towering pines. “I’m gonna come! I’m gonna come! Don’t stop… keep fuckin’ faster… faster! Oh, shit, I’m coming! COMMMMIINNNNGG!”

She was almost momentarily paralyzed by the intense ecstasy that exploded throughout her lurching body. Her orgasmic juices began flowing hotly around his plunging prick as it continued pistoning in and out of her clinging pussy.

“FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!” she screamed.

Clutching him frantically with her arms and legs, she clung to him for dear life as the convulsive spasms of her wild orgasm lifted her ass high off the grass. Her little fifteen-hear-old body was spasmodically jerking as her gaping mouth obscenely screamed out all the joy she was receiving from her mind-shattering climax thrusts prolonged her orgasm. “Keep fucking, honey! I’m still comin’… comin’!”

She could feel her tight little pussy sucking hungrily on the stiff pole that was still slamming deep into her scalding fuck-hole. Her entire young body felt as if it were bursting apart as her cunt contracted wildly around the hardness of his plunging cock.

“Aaaaaaggghh!” she sobbed. “Oh! Oooooh… Eeeeeeegh… Aaaaaaaaggh… Ooowwwww!”

Completely crazed with the ecstasy she was enjoying, Robin was suddenly aware that the handsome man’s hot, jerking dick was expanding wildly in the clinging wetness of her tight little twat.

“Aaaauuuuggghh!” gasped Phil as he suddenly shot a thick wad of cum out of his cockhead.

Then another jolt of ecstasy hit Robin’s body when the man started coming in her cunt. Her prolonged orgasm seemed to intensify as wave after wave of ecstasy swept through her writhing naked body as his exploding shaft gushed floods, of scalding white cum that was splattering against her womb, filling her spasming hole with the hot creamy juices. His deliciously thick sperm was spewing into her in long hot spurts. Her brother had always withdrawn his cock before coming, and Robin was wild about the feel of this hot jizz filling her body. Even in her state of excitation, she made a mental note to do something about getting on the pill. She never wanted her brother to pull his cock out again until after he’d filled her twat with cum.

Her hungry cunt seemed to milk and suck on his prick until the last drop had been emptied. Never had the child experienced such a tumultuous orgasm as this one, and she had this handsome older stranger to thank for it. His cock wasn’t nearly as big as her brother’s, but this man sure knew how to use the equipment he had.

“God, Mr. Lasser,” she whispered as the man continued soaking his shrinking dick in the hot wetness of her sperm-filled cunt. “That was just fantastic.”

The man could still feel the final tremors of his passion slowly ebbing as he lowered his mouth and tenderly kissed the youngster’s softly parted lips.

“You’re so sweet,” he whispered.

“Thank you,” she smiled, her big blue eyes filled with contentment. “Are you going to fuck me again sometime?”

“Just as soon as I get another hard-on,” he promised. “And you can count on that.”


Upstairs, in the bedroom, Brenda was tenderly licking Brent’s limp prick back to hardness again, anxious to feel it stuffed into her cunt once more. It was slowly starting to expand and swell as her tongue traveled wetly around the flange of his cockhead, licking up the sticky sperm that still clung to it from their last fuck. Even in its state of softness, his prick was thick and meaty as it gleamed wetly with the woman’s spit.

“God, that’s a big beauty,” she whispered as her lips and tongue brought it slowly back to hardness.

“Is my cock bigger than most guys’?” he asked, not realizing what a huge dong he had.

“Christ, baby,” she smiled, licking her tongue over the shiny head of it. “I’ve had plenty of cocks in my life, but this is the biggest fucking tool I’ve ever seen. You could make a fortune with it.”


“I have a friend in San Francisco who would pay at least a hundred bucks to have this big cock stuffed up her cunt,” she answered.

“Are you kidding?”

“Shit no,” giggled Brenda, still lustily licking his now fully erect boner. “And she has rich friends who would pay even more for it.”

“That’s a lot of money,” he gasped.

“Listen, honey,” Brenda smiled with a naughty glow in her eyes. “I’ll give you her address and my letter of recommendation before you leave. Then you can look her up if you’re ever broke.”

“Gosh,” be grinned. “That’s a lot of money.”

“And you’ve got a lot of cock,” she whispered. Lowering her mouth back down to his cock head again, her nostrils flared with excitement as she inhaled the pungent masculine scent that was steaming up from his bulbous knob. Her amber eyes rolled crazily as the lusting woman opened her mouth wide, revealing the sparkling whiteness of her teeth and her pink wet tongue. While Brent’s hands rolled and squeezed her soft naked tits, Brenda grasped the root of his shaft and wrapped her hot wet lips around his big bloated cockhead. She moaned with wanton lust as her drooling mouth clamped, sucked and milled wetly on his meaty knob. Brenda could feel the hot juices of excitement boiling out from between her legs as she ravenously attacked his big meaty boner with her lips and tongue.

“Oh, God!” gasped the boy, his loins writhing, under the delicious assault.

His wet slippery dick was stirring around in her slurping mouth as she greedily slashed at it with her tongue, scooping up the flow of seminal fluids that was oozing from the end of his fat juicy knob.

The taste of his swollen dong further inflamed her, as did his hands as the boy’s fingers toyed and squeezed her big erect nipples. There was something about the randy flavor of the big teen-aged prick she was sucking and licking that was driving her wild. God, how she loved the taste and texture of his big smooth knob against her tongue and lips. Moving her mouth up and down, she could feel his fantastic dick probing at the back of her throat as she expertly sucked and tongued his big throbbing cockhead.

“Oh, Christ,” he moaned, writhing his young muscular body around on the bed.

“D’ya like this?” she giggled between slurps on his dong.

“Shit, yes!” he gasped, squeezing her big luscious tits. “This is fantastic.”

Locking her lips more tightly around the base of his big mushroom-shaped knob, the beautiful redhead began a deep suction that almost blew his mind.

“Jesus Christ!” he panted, pounding the bed with his fists. “Suck, honey, suck!”

Realizing that her young lover was about to shoot his load, Brenda quickly removed her mouth from his jerking cock.

“Don’t stop!” he cried out. “Please don’t stop! I’m ready to squirt!”

“Then squirt it in here,” she whispered, rolling onto her back and parting the slippery lips of her wet slit. “Fill my cunt, honey. Fill it with your nice hot cum.”

Trembling with excitement, the boy crawled between her lewdly splayed thighs, staring hungrily at her drooling cunt-mouth, surrounded with fiery-red pussy hairs.

“Hurry, honey,” she begged, pulling her slippery pink cunt lips further apart. “I want that big fuckin’ cock right in here.”

Grasping his thick meaty shaft, Brent guided his big blunt cockhead between her slippery open twat-lips.

“Oh, Brent,” she sighed softly, feeling his monstrous boner worming up into her lusting fuck-hole. “You sweet beauty. That’s what my cunt needs.”

Brenda could feel her sensitive pussy walls stretching deliciously wider as the thickness of his huge prick plowed deeper and deeper into her scalding twat.

“Jesus Christ, honey,” she moaned in ecstasy as his big bloated dong moved further into her hot sucking fuck-hole. “Oh, God, what a fucking big cock that is!”

When his horrendous fuck-tool was completely lodged in her grasping pussy, Brenda screwed her hot sucking cuntlips up tighter around the base of his thick shaft, wanting to make sure that every throbbing inch of it was in her brutally stretched slit. She could feel the crinkly growth of hair around the root of his cock scratching deliciously against her red bush.

“Now start fuckin’, baby,” she whispered hotly, wrapping her soft arms and legs around his young naked body. “Just fuck the shit out of me.”

Reaching down and grasping her soft wiggly asscheeks in his hands, the boy began fucking his monstrous cock in and out of her tight cunt with a teasing rhythm that soon, had Brenda squealing with joy.

“Oh, sweet baby!” she whimpered at the feel of his big meaty rod grinding around in the depths of her gash. “Jesus, how I love that big hot cock.”

Encouraged by her squeals of delight, the boy began slamming his thick dick into her deliciously stretched cunt with faster and harder thrusts. The entire surface of his prick was tingling with the glorious feeling of her slick pussy rubbing and squeezing against it. The harder he drove his rod into her, the wilder her hot little twat fucked back at him, her hungry pussy-lips nibbling and sucking deliciously on the sensitive flesh of his juices slickened boner. Screaming with the intense joy she was feeling, Brenda was tearing at his butt with her fingers, trying to pull even more of him into her body. On and on they fucked, the bedroom filled with their squeals and moans, mixed with the wet slurping sound of his big slippery dick sluicing in and out of her wet sucking cunt.

The couple was so engrossed in their wild fucking that they didn’t even notice when Robin and Phil walked into the room. They’d heard Brenda’s wild squeals of ecstasy from down by the pool and had come up to join the party.

“Wow!” giggled Robin. “Look at them fuck.”

“My God,” Phil gasped. “Look at the size of that kid’s cock.”

“And he sure knows how to use it,” smiled Robin, proud of the way her brother was fucking Brenda to death.

Robin began excitedly stroking Phil’s stiff prick as they stood watching the wild scene on the bed.

“Oh, shit!” they heard Brenda screaming as she pulled her knees back against her tits. “Harder, baby! Fuck harder! I’m almost there… almost there!”

“Fuck, baby, fuck!” squealed Brenda. “Don’t stop! Fuck harder! HARDER! HARDER!”

With his ejaculation boiling up in his balls, Brent was slamming his huge cock into the scalding wetness of Brenda’s slippery cunt with all his might.

“Oh, God!” screamed the beautiful redhead, wildly throwing her legs into the air. “I’m coming! I’M COMING!”

From the way Brent began jerking over her, it was obvious to Phil that the boy was exploding a hot load of cum into his wife’s spasming hole. When Brent finally pulled his limp wet prick out of her sperm-drenched twat, Brenda dove down and stuffed it in her mouth again.

“I see you like my brother’s cock,” giggled Robin.

“I love it,” panted the redhead, momentarily releasing his prick when she saw Robin and her husband for the first time. “Is he really your brother?”

“Sure,” grinned Robin. “But we fuck up a storm together.”

“I’ll be damned,” smiled Brenda, locking her lips around his wet dick again, eager to suck it back to hardness for another wild fuck.

With Brenda’s attention once more on Brent’s cock, Robin turned to Phil.

“Would you like me to lick yours?” she giggled.

“In a minute,” he smiled, spreading the little blonde out on the bed next to Brent and Brenda. “But I think I’d like to taste your sweet little pussy first.”

“Ooooooooh, yes! Yes!” she squealed with delight. “Please eat me!”

Crouched over the naked youngster, Phil gently caressed the soft cheeks of her pretty young face, and then let his hands move down to the creamy flesh of her heaving tits where he lightly rolled her lust-swollen nipples between his fingers. Moving farther down, he lifted the child’s knees and spread her thighs widely apart. Staring at her obscenely exposed crotch, he could see every fold of her pink wet cunt flesh, her soft bush of golden pussy hair that gleamed like whipped butter and the crinkly little dot of her asshole. The entire region between her legs was lewdly spread out for his eyes to enjoy. Phil unconsciously licked his fevered lips as he gazed at the shimmering droplets of pussy juice that were gleaming wetly on the moist pinkness of her open slit. Her erect clitoris was standing hard in its hooded cover, the pink head gleaming like a jewel.

Trembling with excitement, he continued holding her thighs apart as she lay on the bed, offering up her succulent young pussy for his feast. Moving his face down into the humid hotness between her legs, he inhaled the fragrant aroma of her burning crotch. He began by lightly tickling the tip of her clitty with his hot wet tongue.

“Ooooooooh!” she shivered with delight, her hips involuntarily jerking, causing the man’s tongue to slither along the slick hot flesh of her open slit.

Panting excitedly, the experienced man wormed his tongue into the hot moist folds of her pungent cunt flesh. Thrusting his tongue in deeper, he began reaming out the child’s deliciously sweet twat. He licked up and down in Robin’s wet humid cunt, breathing in the horny scent of her aroused juices. He twirled his tongue deliciously around her quivering cunt, making the youngster squeal with joy as he beat a tattoo against the tip of it.

“Oh, shit,” she shrieked. “I love it! I LOVE IT!”

Suddenly remembering how much fun it had been when she and her brother licked and sucked each other at the same time, Robin quickly pushed his face away from her crotch.

“What’s the matter?” he asked.

“Nothing,” she beamed excitedly. “Roll over on your back.”

When the naked man had done as she suggested, his rock-hard cock was standing proudly up from between his legs. Facing his feet, the girl excitedly straddled his face. With her dripping twat hovering just above the man’s mouth, she leaned forward, lowering her head down toward his throbbing boner.

Trembling with excitement, Phil stared up at the full length of her pink juicy, little slit, so deliciously exposed between the youngster’s soft smooth thighs. The soft pink folds of her pussy were glistening with little droplets of clinging juices. Excitedly grasping the soft firm buns of her ass, he gently eased her dripping twat down toward his open mouth. Again the fresh scent of her tumid cunt filled his dilated nostrils. Burying his face into the soft garden of golden pussy hairs, he began hungrily lapping up the tasty juices that were dripping out from her adorable little slit.

“Ooooooooh!” she squealed with delight when she felt the heat and wetness of his tongue licking on her pussy.

Staring down in front of her, Robin could see his hard cock lying stiffly back against his belly. His smooth cockhead was filled with his pulsing blood, and the veins stood out under the hard length of his tightly stretched cock-skin. Below the base of his shaft, she could see his big lust-swollen balls, the crinkly skin covered with hair.

Squirming with delight as his tongue slithered obscenely around in her twat, Robin grasped the base of his rod, eager to taste the hot hard flesh of his prick. Lowering her mouth down over his big bloated cockhead, she was thrilled with its strong male scent. There was a thick pungent odor to his aroused dick that sent wild tingles racing through her young loins. Gently taking the base of his stiff boner in her hand, Robin began wetly licking the entire surface of his smooth cock head. The taste of his rubbery-hard knob was as exciting as the aroma, and the hard meaty texture of the purple knob felt fantastic against her tongue.

“Goddamn!” spluttered Phil into her cunt when he felt the first hot wet contact of her tongue on his sensitive cock head.

As the pretty youngster continued licking the head of his prick, Phil could feel her aroused body shivering with pleasure as he burrowed his tongue deeper into her hot, dripping slit. Forcing it in as far as possible, the shivering man began licking her slick hot cunt flesh, her hot juices boiling around his tongue as he lapped up the slippery moistness of her dripping fuck-hole.

“Oh, God,” she whimpered with joy. “That feels so shittin’ good.”

Little Robin was sliding her hot wet lips and tongue up and down over the sensitive underside of his quivering boner. The excited teen-ager was boiling with lust as she passionately sucked, licked and slobbered on his hard meaty cock.

Spreading his thighs with her hands, the excited youngster leaned farther down over his stiff prick and buried her pretty face in the thick tangle of black hair that covered his crinkly nut-sac. Whimpering with uncontrolled passions, the aroused girl began feverishly sucking his balls while Phil’s tongue danced around in her smoldering hole. The pungent odor and the strong taste of his sweaty flesh further excited the girl and she lowered her face until her wet tongue found the puckered ring of his asshole.

“Oh, God!” Phil panted when the girl’s slippery tongue forced its way into his quivering butt.

After tongue-fucking the forbidden hole for a few delicious moments, she lifted her head and began licking up his shaft until she’d reached his big shiny cockhead. Opening her hot wet lips as wide as possible, she wolfed the big knob into the hot moistness of her mouth.

“Jesus Christ,” gulped Phil, feeling her lips and tongue working on the head of his cock again.

The feel of her hot sucking mouth around his prick and the taste of her fresh young twat was incredible to the man. He could feel and taste her hot juices boiling around his tongue as he licked and lapped around in the slippery warmth of her deliciously scented slit. Phil had eaten more than his share of pussy over his depraved years, but none had ever tasted as good as this little gold-fringed twat.

Watching them as Brenda stroked his new hard-on, Brent was thoroughly aroused at the way his little sister and Phil were eating each other out. There was something erotic about the way Phil’s lips were welded to the girl’s dripping pussy as her hot young juices drenched his face. He could almost feel his own cheeks cradled between his sister’s soft thighs.

He was even more turned on by the passionate lust on the girl’s hot flushed face as her clinging lips sucked and pulled so wetly on Phil’s cock. She’d sucked Brent off several times in the last few days, but the sight of her sucking on another man’s prick was almost blowing his mind. It was fantastic how the pretty girl’s mouth was drooling over his prick, lathering it with her sweet warm spit.

“Jesus,” whispered Brenda as she frantically stroked Brent’s thick cock. “She’s some cocksucker.”

“She sure is,” gasped the boy, “and she just learned how to do it.”

“You can sure tell that she loves it,” giggled Brenda.

Brent couldn’t wait for Phil and Robin to finish so he could stuff his throbbing boner into his sister’s hot little cunt again.

“Ooooooooh, honey!” Robin squealed with delight when Phil removed his tongue from the hot depths of her fuck-hole and began flicking it around her quivering clit. “Oh, yes! Yes! That’s it, baby! Oh, shit, that’s good!”

Sucking on the youngster’s sensitive joy-button, Phil could feel the child’s lurching body tensing for a climax.

Realizing that she was about to come, Robin began sucking more vigorously on his swollen dong, wanting them to reach their sexual paradise together. Getting more excited as the supreme moment grew closer, she was gushing a torrent of hot pussy juices into Phil’s mouth as she bobbed her mouth up and down over his dick, feeling the hard hotness of it rubbing across her tongue.

“Oh, shit!” she suddenly squealed, grinding her hot wet slit down tighter against his face. “I’m gonna come… gonna come!”

“Me, too!” he panted, thrusting his hips up and driving his cock deep into her throat.

Robin was pleased with the vast amount of jizz that suddenly spurted out of Phil’s jerking knob, filling her mouth to overflowing. She was swallowing as fast as she could, but she still couldn’t take all the cock-cream that Phil was pumping into her.

Watching his little sister, Brent could see the slippery cum oozing out from the corner of her cock-squeezing lips, running down over her chin and onto the man’s hairy balls.

Then with her mouth filled with his slippery sperm, little Robin exploded into her own wild orgasm.

“Phil! Phil!” she screamed, momentarily removing his drooling prick from her mouth. “Keep suckin! I’m coming, honey! I’M COMING!”

Locked lewdly together, they sucked frantically on each other until their wild climaxes slowly subsided.

“Well,” grinned Brenda who’d been excitedly watching. “You’re one helluva cock-sucker, honey.”

“And I’m a helluva piece of ass,” giggled Robin, staring hungrily at her brother’s super-swollen dick.

“Can you use this?” Brent asked excitedly as he stroked his massive shaft.

“You better believe it,” whispered the horny little blonde as she untangled her body from Phil’s. “Just try me.”

As her brother crawled across the bed toward her, Robin rolled onto her back and spread her thighs for him. Even after her thunderous orgasm, she was still hot for more, and knew her brother’s big tool was just what the doctor ordered.

“Okay, honey,” she whispered up to him when he knelt between her legs. “Give it to me good, baby. Just fuck the livin’ shit out of me.”

“Don’t worry,” he panted, nosing the head of his massive cock between her soaking cuntlips. “That’s what I intend to do.”


Brent and Robin spent almost two weeks with the Lassers before they continued their journey to San Francisco. The four of them slept together in a big king-sized bed every night, and it was just one big long orgy of fucking and sucking each other. Before putting them on a bus, Phil gave the youngsters two hundred dollars to tide them over.

When they arrived in San Francisco they spent the first day trying to find an inexpensive furnished apartment, finally locating one in a rather run-down building on Grant Avenue near Chinatown. By the time they’d paid the first month’s rent, plus a deposit, they had very little left for food.

Brent went out every day, looking for a job while Robin tried to stretch their limited money for food. When Brent left on his fourth day of job hunting, they only had three dollars left between them. Sitting alone in the apartment, Robin began worrying about the desperate position in which they found themselves. She could think of only one way to raise some quick money, but she had no idea of how to sell herself. The thought of walking up to a strange man on the street frightened the unworldly youngster.

Wondering where she could go and who she could proposition, she suddenly thought of Carl Jackson, the apartment house manager. He lived downstairs with his fat rude wife, but Robin had noticed how he ogled her youthful young body when they passed in the hall. He was a rather sloppy-looking man in his early forties, but Robin was acutely aware of how he’d been lewdly lusting for her since the first day she’d moved in.

Brent had replaced a light bulb the day before, and the burned-out one was still in the waste paper basket, so she decided to replace it for the good one in the kitchen. Her plan was to get the apartment manager alone with her on the pretext that the light switch wasn’t working.

It was only about ten o’clock in the morning, and not having dressed yet, she threw on a robe and walked down to his apartment.

“Hello,” smiled Robin when his fat, slutty wife answered the door.

“Yes,” said Mrs. Jackson, without smiling.

“Is your husband in?” the girl asked.

“No, but he’ll be back in a few minutes.”

“Well,” sighed Robin. “The light switch in my kitchen isn’t working. Would you ask him to check it when he gets back?”

“Yeah,” sighed the woman, closing the door in the girl’s face.

Hurrying back to her apartment, Robin removed the robe and slipped into a short little nightie that barely covered her sweet young ass. Looking into a mirror, she was pleased to see her nipples faintly exposed beneath the thin material of the low-cut garment.

She put on a pot of coffee and had only been waiting a few minutes when she heard him knocking.

“Hi, Mr. Jackson,” she beamed when she opened the door.

She was pleased with the way he gulped and sputtered as his eyes traveled from her visible nipples down to her shapely bare thighs that were so deliciously exposed beneath the short nightie.

“M-m-my w-wife says you’re having trouble with a light switch,” he stammered, beads of perspiration breaking out on his bald head as his eyes moved back up over her lovely young body.

“It’s in here,” she smiled, leading him into the kitchen.

Following the girl, he was literally drooling as he stared at the soft round cheeks of her ass through the thin material.

“Is the bulb okay?” he asked, flipping the switch up and down.

“I’m sure it is,” she lied. “We put a new one in last night.”

“Well,” he spoke in a trembling voice. “Let, me get a bulb out of the bathroom so I can check it.”

While he was gone, Robin hoisted herself up on the sink top, lifting the hem of her nightie and spreading her thighs so her pink little slit would be clearly visible to him. Returning, he screwed in the bulb and the light immediately came on.

“It was just the bulb,” he said, turning to face the pretty little blonde who was perched on the drain board of the sink.

His mouth dropped open and his eyes almost popped out of his head when he saw her juicy pink cuntlips peeking out at him from the golden swirls of her downy pussy hair.

“I’m so sorry to have bothered you,” she smiled coyly. “I feel so stupid. May I offer you a cup of coffee?”

“That would be nice,” he gulped, not in any hurry to leave.

Hopping down from the sink, she poured him a cup of coffees and then picking up a large carrot that she’d purposely left on the table, she jumped on her perch again. He sat in a chair not three feet from where she was sitting above him. He just stared numbly at the delicious pussy tucked so sweetly between her open legs.

“Aren’t you having any coffee?” he stammered, frying to make conversation under the wild circumstances.

“I’ve had plenty,” she grinned. “I like to suck on carrots.”

“What do you mean, suck on them?” he asked, completely confused with her behavior.

“Ooooooooh,” she giggled, suggestively sliding the fat end of the carrot in and out between her obscenely availed lips. “I like to suck on long, hard round things.”

His cock began throbbing violently as he watched the passionate expression on her face. The wild lust in her eyes as she sucked and licked on the obscene-looking carrot was almost blowing his mind.

“What’s so neat about sucking a carrot?” he asked, his trembling hand placing the cup back down on the table.

“Please don’t think I’m naughty,” she giggled, “but it reminds me of sucking on a man’s hard prick.”

“Do you suck your husband’s cock?” he asked excitedly, getting more aroused by the minute.

“Sure,” she bragged.

“Funny,” he grinned. “You kids don’t even look old enough to be married.”

“Don’t worry,” giggled Robin. “I’m old enough.”

Seeing how the trembling man was drooling, Robin was quite confident that she would land her first customer. Smiling down at him, she removed the carrot from her mouth, and spreading her bare thighs wider apart, she began lightly running the thin tip of it up and down her blatantly exposed slit.

“God, that feels neat,” she whispered.

Seeing that the bald headed man was almost out of his mind with lust, she turned the carrot around and slowly pushed the fat end of it up between her slippery cuntlips. The sweating, drooling man could hardly believe his eyes when she began plunging the length of the thick carrot in and out of her hot dripping twat. The orange surface of the vegetable was soon coated with a milky film of cunt juice as her young pussy began creaming all over it. Trembling with the most intense lust he’d ever felt, Carl could see her deliciously pink cuntlips sucking and clinging wetly to the juice-slickened carrot every time she drew it out for the next thrust.

“Oh, God,” she panted. “I’m gonna come all over this fuckin’ carrot, but I’d rather have a cock fill me with jizz.”

“Would you?” he gasped, excitedly rubbing his cock through his pants.

“Sure,” the cute little blonde giggled. “Would you like to fuck me?”

“Shit, yes,” he panted.

“Okay,” she whispered. “Take your clothes off and come into the bedroom.”

The man began frantically ripping his clothes off as he followed her from the kitchen.

“My,” she beamed when he finally ripped his shorts off. “That’s a neat prick.”

It wasn’t as large as her brother’s, but it was long and thick with a big acorn-shaped cockhead with a thick flange at the base of it. The thought of his dick drilling into her cunt was getting the horny youngster almost as aroused as her potential customer.

When he sat down on the edge of her bed with his cock thrusting up proudly from between his legs, Robin removed her nightie and dropped to her knees in front of him.

Momentarily forgetting that she was after money, Robin firmly took his shaft in her hand and lowered her mouth down toward his big, blood-bloated knob. As with every prick she’d tasted, it felt so deliciously big and hard as she lightly brushed her half-parted lips against the big rubbery cockhead. Her wet little tongue darted out, gently flicking against his sensitive male flesh. Swirling her tongue around the end of his swollen knob, she could feel the man’s body trembling with excitement.

Smiling up at him, she could see little drops of sweat breaking out all over his bald head and brow. His eyes were rolled crazily back in their sockets and his open mouth was twisted into an imbecilic grin.

Lowering her head again, she began running her tongue up and down the entire length of his shuddering shaft. It pleased Robin to feel it throbbing as she teased her wet tongue around the base of his dick. Completely forgetting that she was going to charge him for her favors, she slowly took the whole of his big cockhead into the wet hotness of her mouth. She could feel him lurching as her soft slippery mouth slid down over his rod, her lips tightening around the base of his thick knob, trapping it securely in her moist oral cavern.

“Oh, God,” he gulped, staring down at his shaft buried between the baby-soft sucking lips of the pretty little blonde.

“D’ya like having your cock sucked?” she softly whispered, momentarily releasing his prick from her mouth.

“Shit, yes,” he gasped, clutching at the edge of the bed.

“Good,” she smiled, suddenly remembering why she had him there. “Because we’re gonna have a lot of fun this morning.”

“What are you doing?” he gasped when the pretty girl stood up. “Aren’t you going to suck me off?”

“Maybe,” giggled Robin. “But that was just a sample.”

“A sample of what?” he panted, his amused, spit-drenched cock throbbing wildly.

“A sample of what you’ll get for twenty-five dollars,” was her calm answer.

“What?” he gasped.

“I think you’re neat, Mr. Jackson,” the youngster spoke in a sincere voice. “But I’m broke and need twenty-five dollars, and this is the only way I can earn it.”

“I can’t give you twenty-five bucks,” he mumbled. “My old lady would kill me.”

“Why tell her?”

“She handles all the money in our house,” was his dejected answer.

“Oh, poor Mr. Jackson,” she whispered, reaching down and lightly caressing his lust-crazed boner. “Wouldn’t you like to stuff that nice hard prick into my juicy young cunt?”

“Sure,” he grinned. “But my wife ain’t gonna give me any money so I can fuck a girl.”

“Don’t you think my cute little twat’s worth the money?” she mewled, taking his hand and inserting the tip of his finger into her hot dripping slit.

“Jesus, God,” he gulped, twisting the length of his finger around the slippery hotness of her slick pussy flesh. “That sure is a sweet little pussy.”

“Wouldn’t you just love to put your nice big cock in there?” she teased, still tenderly sliding the man’s foreskin back and forth over his quivering shaft. “You can find the money somewhere.”

“Can I owe it to you?”

“No, honey,” she whispered, stepping away from him. “Either pay up or get out.”

“Well,” he stammered, his eyes drooling over her cute naked body. “I got a little money the old lady don’t know about.”

“How much?”

“Let’s see,” he answered, walking over and picking his pants up from the floor.

He took out his wallet and began fumbling through it.

“Here’s twenty,” he grinned, pulling out two ten-dollar bills.

“Let’s see that,” giggled Robin, snatching the wallet from his hand.

After thoroughly searching it, the girl came up with two more dollar bills.

“Oh, Mr. Jackson,” she teased. “You were trying to hold out on me.”

“Can I fuck you for twenty-two bucks?” he asked excitedly.

“Well,” the little blonde whispered. “Maybe this time.”

“Will you suck my cock again for a minute before we fuck?” he timidly asked.

“Don’t worry, honey,” she giggled, walking over and putting the bills in her dresser drawer. “You’re really gonna get your money’s worth.”

Returning to where he was sitting on the edge of the bed, Robin dropped to her knees in front of him and gently grasped his lurching boner. With his big hard cock thrusting up from his lust-swollen balls, she could feel it jerking in her grasping fingers as she lowered her mouth and began licking his knob with her wet little tongue again.

Robin’s mouth slobbered up and down the entire length of the squirming man’s cock, soaking it from tip to base until the entire wet shaft was glistening with her warm spit. Reaching down under his stiff boner, she tenderly cupped his balls in her hands, and then lowering her lips, the youngster sucked his nuts gently into her mouth. Delicately sucking on his balls, she tongue-washed the loose crinkly skin of his swollen nut-sac.

The highly aroused man could see her long blonde hair falling luxuriantly over his trembling thighs, her face buried deep down between his legs as she worked hungrily on his balls. The only sound in the room was the wet, smacking noise of her slippery lips and tongue sucking and slurping on his swollen cock and balls.

Lifting her mouth, Robin again closed her lips around his sensitive cockhead while she continued gently kneading his big spit-soaked balls with her fingers. Stroking the base of his hard dick with the thumb and forefinger of the other hand, her slippery lips began sucking rhythmically up and down over his cockhead.

“Holy shit!” gasped the trembling man, digging his hands and fingers into her long golden hair, feeling the softness of her tongue swirling around the head of his prick as her lips sucked and pulled up toward the tip of his knob.

Continuing to suck and slurp on his juicy boner, Robin glanced up at the man she was sucking off. His face was flushed and his heavy jowls quivering as the perspiration glistened on his bald head. There was a wild expression of idiotic bliss on his face as he writhed under the ecstasy of it all.

“You’re a naughty man to let a little girl suck on your prick,” she teased, her eyes sparkling impishly. “Do you want me to stop?”

“Shit, no!” he gulped. “This is wonderful.”

“Good,” she giggled, thrusting his cock back in her mouth.

Her hot slippery lips tightened deliciously around his shaft, taking it deeper and deeper into her mouth until she felt his big cockhead nudging against the back of her throat. Then, slowly raising her mouth with a deep sucking action, her lips pulled deliciously on the sensitive tip of his prick. When she began excitedly increasing the tempo, the man began unconsciously thrusting his hips up to meet every downward plunge of her slobbering mouth.

“Suck, baby, suck!” he gasped, half-crazed with the feel of her mouth slithering up and down over his screaming rod. His hands and fingers digging into her long blonde hair, he began pumping her head over his bursting cock.

“Suck it, baby, suck it!” he panted like a wild man, thrusting his prick as deep into her mouth as he could.

Realizing that he was about to climax in her mouth, Robin pulled her lips away and flung herself out on the bed.

“In here,” she whispered, parting her cuntlips with her fingers as she writhed on her back. “Finish it off in here. I want your cock to give me a big cuntful of jizz.”

Trembling with excitement, the apartment manager crawled up between her legs while little Robin grasped his prick and slowly guided it toward her steamy little fuck-hole. She could feel the older man quivering with excitement when his fiery cock head nudged between her slippery young pussy-lips.

Having fucked no one but his fat, slutty wife for the last twenty years, the man almost lost his mind when he felt the tip of his knob slithering up through the hot squeezing flesh of her deliciously tight little pussy. The unbelievable sensation became even more intense as his prick plowed deeper and deeper into the hot juiciness of her tightly grasping twat.

“Oh God,” he moaned at the feel of her hot young cunt walls clasping soft and wet around his dick, sending delicious tingles racing up and down the length of his sensitive shaft.

When the man had finally reached full penetration, they lay perfectly still as he luxuriated in the feel of her juicy little slit squeezing soft and hot against his throbbing rod. After several motionless moments, he began slowly drilling his hard shaft in and out of her hot, slippery pussy.

Little Robin was soon writhing in ecstasy as his bone-hard cock slithered in and out against the moist slippery walls of her grasping fuck-hole. The thick ridge of his bloated cockhead was causing a delicious friction as it rubbed briskly through the hot inner flesh that was sucking and squeezing on his thrusting shaft.

“Oh, God!” she whispered, listening to the erotic slurping sound of his tool pumping in and out of her slippery slit. She could feel her cunt juices oozing out from between her cock-squeezing cuntlips and dripping down over her ass where his big hairy balls were slapping against her wet flesh.

Even though she was only doing it for money, Robin felt as if she were floating suspended under this naked male body that was filling her loins with such intense joy.

“Oh, Christ, Mr. Jackson!” she squealed when he began speeding the tempo of his thrusts. “That’s it, honey! Give it to me good!”

It had been years and years since the man had fucked into a lovely young body, and never anyone as luscious as this cute little nymphet. The pure joy of it was making him rise to the occasion, and he was suddenly fucking with the gusto of a young stud.

“Oh, baby!” she whimpered, clutching him tightly. “That’s it, you sweet fucker! God, can you fuck… fuck… FUCK!”

The horny youngster was screaming hysterically as the older, puffing man slammed his cock in and out with an unbelievable vigor.

Rapidly approaching an ejaculation, the man was losing all control of his movements. Muscular spasms had taken over and were frantically thrusting his jerking prick in and out with short frantic strokes into her deliciously scalding cuntal sheath.

“That’s it, baby! That’s it!” she squealed as his jerking dong pounded in and out. His iron-hard cock was ripping and tearing into her cunt with ruthless abandon.

“Oh, sweet fuckin’ Jesus!” she suddenly shrieked. “I’m coming, baby, coming!”

Feeling the man’s hot cum gushing into her twat, triggered the girl into a wild orgasm that lasted and lasted.

“Oh, God,” he sighed a few minutes later as he held the girl in his arms, wondering how he’d be able to steal money from his old lady. “That was wonderful, Robin, just wonderful.”


When Brent returned front another fruitless day of job hunting that evening, Robin couldn’t wait to show her brother the twenty-two bucks and tell him how she earned it.

“My, God!” he sighed. “You don’t have to do things like that. I’ll get a job soon.”

“Don’t be silly, honey,” she giggled. “It was sorta fun. You know how much I like to fuck.”

“I know,” he muttered. “But it’s my job to take care of you.”

“Are you mad at me?” she asked.

“Of course not, Sis,” he grinned. “But I don’t want you to be doing that any more.”

“Oh, Brent,” she begged. “I’ll only do it until you get a job, and besides, I think it’s fun.”

After dinner that evening, Brent was quietly thinking while his sister washed the dishes. He hadn’t realized how hard it was to get a job without any previous experience or references. Sitting there worrying, he suddenly remembered about the name and address that Brenda had given him. He hadn’t paid much attention when Brenda told him to call this Arline Mason if he ever needed a quick hundred bucks.

Searching through his wallet until he found the woman’s phone number, he walked down to the pay phone in the hall and dialed her number.

“Hello,” said a soft sultry voice on the other end of the line.

“Is this Mrs. Mason?” he stammered.


“Well, you don’t know me,” he nervously continued. “But Brenda Lasser suggested that I call you if I were ever in town.”

“Are you Brent?” she asked in an excited voice.

“Yes,” he gulped. “But how did you know?”

“I just got a letter from Brenda, and she told me all about you,” she giggled. “And I mean all about you.”

“That’s n-nice,” he stammered, not knowing what else to say.

“She said nice things about you,” the sultry voice continued. “She says your cock is worth a hundred dollars, and if it’s as big as she described it, I’m ready to pay.”

“Will you really?” he gasped, unable to believe his good fortune.

“I’ll have to check your plumbing out first,” she whispered with a naughty lilt to her voice. “And if it’s as nice and big as Brenda says it is, you’ve got a deal.”

“When would you like to see me?” he asked. “Just thinking about it turns me on,” she giggled. “What’s the matter with right now?”

“Nothing, I g-guess,” stammered Brent. “Where do you live?”

When she gave him an address in the exclusive Nob Hill area, he realized it was only a short cable car ride up the hill from where he was living.

“Okay,” he said excitedly, “I’ll see you in a few minutes.”

Returning to his apartment, Brent told his little sister all about his conversation with the woman.

“Leapin’ Jesus,” she giggled, “I’ve been suckin’ and fuckin’ a hundred-dollar cock and didn’t even know it.”

When he rang the bell at the sumptuous Nob Hill apartment, it was opened by a handsome man in his middle forties.

“Excuse me!” gulped the shocked boy. “I’m looking for a Mr. Mason.”

“Are you Brent?” the man asked.


“Please come in,” he beamed, extending his hand. “I’m Duane Mason, Arline’s husband. We were expecting you.”

Completely bewildered by what was happening, Brent followed him into the lavishly furnished apartment. He was completely stunned when he saw Arline Mason standing in the middle of the room. She was a beautiful full-figured woman with long dark hair, wearing nothing but a sheer black negligee that blatantly exposed her big nipples and the dark triangle of pubic hair through the thin material. She was about, thirty years old with big lavender eyes that glowed passionately from beneath her long black lashes.

“Hello, Brent,” she whispered when Duane introduced them, her full red lips smiling generously, displaying a row of dazzling white teeth. “I’m so glad you were able to come right over. I’m really hot to fuck this evening.”

Brent was too stunned to even move. He couldn’t believe this beautiful woman could be like that right in front of her own husband.

“Well,” she smiled as a nervous silence fell over the group. “Shall we go in the bedroom and get better acquainted.”

Brent glanced nervously at the woman’s husband, completely confused by what was going on in the apartment.

“Come on, honey,” she urged, taking Brent’s hand as she turned to her husband. “Excuse us, darling. We’ll call you when we’re ready.”

“What’s th-this all a-about?” stuttered Brent when he was alone with the woman in her bedroom.

“You don’t mind fucking in front of him, do you?” she whispered.

“I don’t understand,” gulped the boy.

“Well,” Arline began explaining. “Duane hasn’t been able to come in a girl for over ten years, and the only way he can bring himself off is by watching another man fuck me with a huge cock.”

“It sounds crazy,” gasped Brent.

“I know,” she giggled. “But I don’t mind. It takes a mighty big cock to make me come, and Duane is willing to spend the money to find them for me.”

“Doesn’t it embarrass you to fuck in front of him?” asked Brent.

“Shit, no,” she giggled. “It turns me on to know he’s watching. Okay, take your clothes off so I can see if your prick’s big enough.”

When he’d removed his shirt and pants Arline began excitedly licking her lips, seeing how far the front of his shorts was poking out.

“How old are you, Brent?” asked the woman.

“Sixteen,” he answered dropping his shorts, letting his massive shaft spear up into the air.

“My God!” gasped Arline, completely stunned by the unbelievable size of the youth’s thick boner.

“Is this big enough?” he asked, pleased with the obvious excitement in the beautiful woman’s eyes.

“Jesus Christ, honey,” she panted, nervously licking her wet open lips. “I’ve never seen such a big prick in my life.”

Dropping to a sitting position on the edge of the bed, Arline reached out and hungrily grasped the hard thickness of his shaft.

“Oh, Brent,” she whispered, squeezing the hotness of his big rod in her hands. “What a magnificent tool!”

She sat on the edge of the bed as she lovingly stroked the standing boy’s huge cock. The front of her negligee had fallen open and a stream of hot cunt juices was oozing out, of her inflamed pussy. She couldn’t remember ever being this hot in her life, and her swollen, slit was itching and burning with desire. She could almost feel his huge meaty dick screwing around deeply in her hot sucking fuck-hole.

Releasing his prick, Arline grabbed the boy and pulled him down on the edge of the bed with her.

With his butt perched on the sheet and his wide-spread feet planted on the carpet, Arline dropped to her knees between his legs. Once more grasping his big throbbing shaft, the beautiful brunette began hungrily licking the fat head of his prick.

Her wildly aroused body was quivering with lust as she slurped her wet tongue all around the rubbery hardness of his beautiful knob.

“Do you like having your big cock sucked?” she whispered, feeling his body tensing with excitement.

“Christ, yes,” he panted, his ass writhing around frantically on the edge of the bed.

Running her tongue around his thick meaty prick, Arline was thrilled with the strong randy scent and taste of his big pungent cock head. Holding his massive rod straight up in the air, Arline was feverishly running her hot dripping tongue up and down the length of his beautiful boner.

“Oh, shit, Mrs. Mason,” panted the youth, feeling the hot wetness of her tongue slashing greedily against his meaty dick.

“Call me Arline, you sweet bastard,” she gasped between the strokes of her tongue.

Bending his cock slightly forward, the amused woman opened her mouth wider and slid her soft slippery lips over the head of his prick. She was shivering with delight, as she tasted the exciting drops of seminal fluid boiling up out of his cockhead.

“Oh, my God,” he gasped as the intense suction of her soft full lips increased.

On and on she sucked, bringing the boy closer and closer to his inevitable climax. Arline had never had such a gigantic cock in her mouth before, and the way it was spreading her lips, pushing out against her cheeks, and nudging at the back of her throat was absolutely fantastic. She didn’t know how she’d ever be able to thank Brenda for sending her this magnificent young man. She couldn’t get over how delicious the thick meatiness of the boy’s cock felt as it pumped in and out between her hot sucking lips.

“Jesus Christ,” he panted. “I’m almost there. D’ya want my load in your mouth?”

“Shit, yes,” she slurped. “Why do you think I’m sucking you? Please fill my mouth with it.”

Lurching with excitement, Brent stared down at her full red lips sucking and pulling on his quivering cock head.

“Oh, sweet suckin’ Jesus!” he cried out as the aroused woman took his massive rod deeper and deeper into her sucking mouth.

Further excited by the boy’s obvious pleasure, Arline was slurping noisily on his big tasty fuck-pole, anxious for a big mouthful of his rich virile sperm. The horny woman always enjoyed sucking her men off before putting on the fuck-show in front of her husband. She thoroughly enjoyed sucking off cocks, and this was the biggest, juiciest one she’d ever tasted.

“Oh, shit!” he panted, digging his fingers into her long black hair, forcing her gulping mouth down tighter over his bloated dick. “Don’t stop! Don’t stop! I’m almost there… almost there!”

Wild for a big mouthful of the young man’s thick slippery cum, Arline’s full red lips were sucking feverishly on his big jerking prick.

“That’s it!” gasped Brent, thrusting his loins up as his exploding cockhead began spewing a stream of hot jizz into her eager mouth. “HERE IT COMES!”

The massive discharge of fuck-cream was almost more than Arline could handle, and it began oozing out from between her cock-sucking lips. She desperately sucked and swallowed until she finally had the belching flood under control, and then lovingly sucked the last delicious drops from his slowly shrinking prick.

“Jesus,” he panted, falling back exhausted onto the bed. “That was fantastic.”

When Arline slipped out of her negligee and crawled up onto the bed with him, Brent’s eyes traveled down over her smooth dimpled belly to the sweet little twat that was tucked so deliciously between her soft creamy thighs. The most exciting thing about the beautiful woman’s cunt was the soft bush of dark silky hair that surrounded her juicy slit. Her cuntlips were a shocking pink, and were deliciously parted to show the warm wetness of her slippery inner flesh.

“Arline,” he whispered nervously. “Would you let me lick your pussy?”

“God,” the beautiful woman smiled. “I’d love it.”

Rolling onto her back and spreading her thighs far apart, Arline grasped her knees and pulled them back against her tits, deliciously exposing the long hairy furrow of her slit to his excited eyes. Moving down, Brent covered her soft pubic mound with his hot open lips. Feeling the steamy wetness of her slit against his mouth, he probed at the slippery crack with his tongue, the clean sweet aroma of her twat wafting gently to his nostrils. Trembling with excitement, he found the tangy taste of her twat was just as delicious as the lovely scent.

With her thighs open and knees drawn back, she was lewdly exposed from asshole to navel. Starting at the puckered dot of her shitter, he licked all the way up the soft furrow to the silky hairs above her cunt. Using the flat of his tongue like a wet paint brush, Brent was soon lustily licking up and down the length of her furry little slit, unable to remember anything that had ever tasted so fucking good.

When the woman’s pubic area was completely saturated with spit, the boy hungrily attacked her hard little clitty.

“Eeeeeeeeeegghh!” she squealed with delight when Brent’s mouth made ecstatic contact with her sensitive joy-button. “That’s it, Brent darling! Oh, you sweet, sweet cunt-lapper!”

Holding the hard little button between his lips, the boy flicked his tongue rapidly against her quivering clitoris, driving the beautiful brunette almost out of her mind with the intense joy of it.

“Oh Christ, Brent!” she screamed, hysterically grinding her sopping slit up against his mouth. “God, that’s good, baby! Ooooooooh! Shiiiiittt!”

Locking her soft naked thighs tightly around his juice-drenched face, Arline’s hands held his mouth securely down over her cunt while the boy’s hot lips and tongue ravaged her hot, slippery hole.

“Oh, Brent!” she screamed when she looked down and saw his new thick hard-on. “Fuck me, honey. I can’t wait any longer!”

When the boy pulled his face out from between her legs, the woman called out to her husband, telling him they were ready to fuck. The man must have been waiting just outside the door, because he entered the moment she called to him. Duane was stark naked when he walked into the room with a rather large cock hanging limply between his legs. Grasping an armchair, he dragged it over by the bed and quietly sat down to watch the show.

When Brent crawled up between her legs, Arline stared down to see his massive cock advancing toward her dripping crotch. Again drawing her knees back against her tits, she excitedly offered the length of her hot, wet, slit to the biggest fucking prick she’d ever seen in her depraved lifetime. Feeling his massive knob pressing between her slippery cunt lips, she closed her eyes in preparation for the thrilling penetration. She could feel her slit being stretched wider and wider as his huge boner began filling her cunt. Arline was momentarily a bit frightened, suddenly wondering if her pussy would be able to take such a big dong. Clinging tightly to the boy, she could feel, his magnificent tool sinking deeper and deeper into her unbelievably stretched hole. Her quivering body was filled with both ecstasy and agony as his enormous cock plowed up into her belly.

When she’d finally taken the entire length of his thick rod, their naked stomachs were pressed hotly together as they lay perfectly motionless in each other’s arms, her widely stretched cunt completely stuffed with his throbbing fuck-pole.

“Oh, lover,” she whispered, grinding her hot, sucking cunt up tighter around the thick base of his deeply embedded shaft, “That’s gotta be the biggest fuckin’ cock in the whole world.”

Watching from his chair, Duane was sweating profusely as he frantically stroked his limp prick. The sight of that huge dong stuffed into his wife’s cruelly stretched hole was driving him wild.

“Oh, sweet fucking Jesus,” she whimpered when Brent began fucking into her with long rhythmic strokes. “It’s so fuckin’ good, baby. Oh, how I love that Goddamned big dork.”

The thick meatiness of his hard cock was carrying her to new heights of sexual bliss as his magnificent tool drilled deeper and deeper into her writhing belly. Brent was just as excited with the hot tightness of her wet, sucking pussy. The clinging smooth walls of her slit were sucking and milking on his dong with a passion he’d never before experienced.

“Oh, you sweet baby,” she whispered as the boy continued drilling the hard thickness of his dick into her hot, slippery gash. “Oh, God fucking damn, that feels so shittin’ good!”

Watching them as he sat in the chair pounding his meat, Duane could feel his own prick swelling in his fist. The sight of his wife being fucked by that huge cock was driving him wild. God, how he wished he could get a hard-on in her cunt.

On and on the couple fucked, his big prick pounding savagely into the beautiful woman’s lusting pussy. With her legs wrapped around his lurching body, Arline was excitedly digging her bare heels into the crack of his ass, trying to urge him on. Never in her life had she felt anything as good as this big boner slamming in and out of her dripping cunt.

“Oh, God, lover!” she wailed, locking her legs tighter around his humping body. “Fuck harder! FUCK HARDER!”

Duane’s prick had suddenly exploded into a full erection, and he was stroking it faster and faster as he watched the deliriously fucking couple.

“Ride me, baby, ride me!” Arline was squealing as she frantically thrust her loins up to better receive his pounding strokes. “Fuck, honey, fuck!”

With her legs waving crazily in the air, Arline could feel an orgasm building up hotly between her legs.

“Hold me! HOLD ME!” she suddenly shrieked, clutching the wildly humping boy in her arms. “I’m gonna come! I’m gonna come!”

Duane was beating his own meat more violently as he watched the naked couple thrashing toward their climaxes.

“I’m coming! I’m coming!” squealed Arline when she suddenly felt the youth’s big cockhead squirting a torrent of cum into her writhing fuck-hole. “Eeeeeggghhh! AAAUUUGGGHH! COMING… COMING!”

Clinging tightly to him, she could feel her cunt filling up with his hot spurting cock-cream.

“Oh, sweet baby,” she whispered.

Unable to control himself any longer, Duane jumped up and pulled Brent off of his wife and then, standing over the naked woman, he pointed his cockhead at her and began stroking his prick at an even faster tempo. Within a matter of seconds, his cock began squirting jizz all over her, drenching her face, tits and belly. When he’d discharged the last drop, he collapsed completely exhausted into the chair.

Not saying a word, Arline got out the bed, and after picking up their clothes, she escorted Brent out of the room.

“I feel so bad for him,” she said to the boy when they were alone. “He used to be such a wonderful lay.”

“What happened?” asked Brent.

“I really don’t know,” she sighed. “He can only get a hard on when he watches someone fuck me with a big cock.”

“Does he fuck anyone else?” the boy asked.

“No,” she smiled. “We’ve brought lots of girls over for him, but he just doesn’t get a hard on for them.”

“Gosh, that’s strange,” said Brent.

“Sometimes I think he’s insecure with women and is afraid he can’t live up to what they expect of him,” she tried to reason. “I’ve even thought that maybe a little girl could bring him around. He might feel that a child wouldn’t expect so much from him.”

“Have you tried it?” he asked.

“No,” Arline smiled. “Just thought about it.”

“I’ve got a little fifteen-year-old sister that loves to fuck,” Brent volunteered.

“Really!” she gasped. “Is she cute?”

“A livin’ doll.”

“Could she pretend that she was defenseless, and let him think he was dominant?” asked Arline.

“She’s a pretty sharp little kid,” grinned Brent.

“Do you think she’d try it?”

“Sure,” he answered. “But she’d want a few bucks.”

“That’s no problem,” beamed Arline. “I’ll give you each a hundred dollars if you’ll bring her to dinner tomorrow night.”

“Fine,” smiled Brent.

“But Duane mustn’t know she’s being paid,” warned the woman. “He must think he’s dominating a horny little girl.”

“Okay,” Brent grinned, “he can think she’s just my little hot pants sister.”

“Great,” giggled the woman. “But you’ve gotta promise to fuck me with that big cock again tomorrow night.”

“I wouldn’t miss the chance,” laughed Brent.


Robin was thrilled about the hundred bucks when her brother told her about it. Deciding to look as young as possible, she wore a ribbon in her hair and absolutely no make up. To further the image, Robin wore a short little fluffy dress without panties or bra under it.

“My God,” grinned Brent when she spun around in front of him. “You don’t look more than thirteen years old in that outfit.”

“Good,” she giggled. “Let’s go make our hundred bucks.”

When they arrived at the Masons’ apartment, Robin was pleased at the way the man studied her. It was obvious that her youthful body attracted his attention, and she hoped it would be a successful evening.

“I hope you didn’t mind my bringing Robin with me,” lied Brent to Duane Mason when they were momentarily alone. “She’s getting to that age where I don’t like to leave her by herself?”

“What do you mean?” asked Duane.

“Well,” grinned Brent. “I don’t quite know how to say this, but she seems to be such a horny little girl.”

“I wouldn’t worry about that,” Duane laughed. “All children go though that phase.”

“Maybe so,” sighed the boy. “But I came home the other day and found a little kid screwing her.”

“Really,” gasped the man.

“That’s right,” Brent laughed. “He just had a little prick, but Robin was sure enjoying it.”

Duane had a strange stirring deep in his loins when he thought about a cock drilling into the pretty youngster’s pussy. She had looked so fresh and innocent to him that the thought of her being fucked was strangely exciting to the man.

When dinner was over, Arline whispered to her husband that she wanted to be alone with Brent for a little while before they put on the fuck-show for him.

“I want to suck off his big cock first,” she giggled, knowing this kind of talk would excite her husband. “Will you watch Robin until we come back?”

“Sure, honey,” smiled Duane. “Have a good time.”

When the couple had retired to Arline’s bedroom, Robin moved across the room and sat down next to Duane on a couch, making sure her short skirt was pulled up to expose most of her bare thighs. Staring down at the naked flesh, the man could almost visualize a hard cock stuffed up between her legs.

“Where did they go?” she innocently asked.

“Never mind,” he explained. “They just want to be alone.”

“Are they gonna mess around?”

“Why do you ask that?”

“Well,” she giggled. “When I’m alone with one of the kids in the neighborhood, we always mess around.”

“Is it fun?” he asked, intrigued with the child’s innocent honesty.

“Gee, yes,” she whispered. “It’s real neat.”

“What do you do?”

“Well,” she beamed excitedly, “sometimes I play with his prick while he finger-fucks me, and then sometimes we screw.”

“Do you like screwing?” asked the man, excited by the naughty conversation he was having with the youngster.

“Sorta,” she giggled. “But the kids I play with have such little pricks. Someday I want to be fucked by a real man.”

“How old are you, Robin?” asked the man.

“Old enough to have nice big tits,” she giggled. “Would you like to feel them?”

“Are you serious?”

“Sure,” she teased. “I like it when guys play with my boobs.”

Excitedly reaching out, he cupped her tits through the thin material of her dress and was shocked at how fully developed the child was. Her breasts were big and firm, yet here was a delicious softness about them that was luscious. The hardness of her swollen nipples burned against his palms through her dress.

“Gee,” she whispered, squirming delightfully around on the couch. “That feels neat.”

Robin put her head back against his shoulder as the man continued kneading and caressing her luscious boobs. His face was buried in her long blonde hair and the fresh fragrance of it filled his nostrils.

“You can play with my pussy, too,” she whispered, taking one of his hands and easing it up between her soft young thighs.

He almost choked with excitement when the tip of his finger brushed against the moist hotness of her slippery young cunt lips. Her little twat was soon creaming all over his middle finger as he wormed it into the girl’s passion-slickened cunt. He could feel the hot slippery flesh squeezing deliciously around the length of his deeply embedded finger.

“Shit,” she panted. “Your finger’s bigger than any of those little peckers I’ve had. Will you finger-fuck me until I come?”

“If you want me to,” he stammered, enjoying the way this pretty child was allowing him to molest her.

Jumping up, Robin quickly pulled the little dress off over her head, revealing her deliciously naked body to him. Her firm young breasts were thrusting out proudly from her chest with big ripe nipples exploding from the tips. Though she was a mere child, they were the firmest, most exciting tits he’d ever seen. The oversized nipples were taut and erect, and the swollen flesh of her pink asshole was covered with exciting little goosebumps.

His eyes wandered down over her smooth, rounded belly to the golden V between her creamy soft thighs. The passion-swollen lips of her delicately pink slit glistened with little droplets of hot pussy juice. Soft curls of downy blonde hair swirled deliciously around her adorable little cunt. Her youthful nakedness was one of the most exciting things he’d ever witnessed.

Reaching out, he pulled the lovely youngster onto his lap. With his left arm around her shoulders, he drilled his middle finger between her partly open legs. Lowering his head, he took one of her big luscious nipples into his mouth while fervently finger-fucking her hot, dripping slit. Sucking gently on her quivering tit, he rolled the erect nipple around his tongue while the youngster writhed her hot pussy up against his plunging finger.

“Oh, Mr. Mason,” she whispered at the excited feel of his mouth and finger filling her trembling body with pleasure.

Turning his head, the man wolfed the second tit into his mouth while he continued stimulating her wildly aroused cunt. Time seemed to almost stand still for him as he continued ravaging the child’s naked little body.

Finally lifting the youngster from his lap, he spread her out on the couch. Lowering his face over her deliciously naked body, he began lovingly licking her dimpled navel and belly. Then parting her soft young legs, he moved his face down until his eyes were only inches from her exquisite little pussy. Robin began shivering with excitement as she felt his hot breath against her juicy twat.

“Oh, Mr. Mason!” she squealed, feeling his tongue slowly easing up into her slit. “Shit, that feels good.”

He started slowly, but was soon lashing his tongue rapidly in and out of her hot, juicy little hole. The man was suddenly aware that his cock was throbbing violently in his pants, something it hadn’t done in years except when he was watching his wife being fucked. The almost forgotten sensation of tingles racing up and down his cock was fantastic.

“Oh, Mr. Mason!” she screamed with joy when his probing tongue found her clitty. “God, that feels good.”

The hot sweet scent of her steaming pussy was filling his nostrils. He couldn’t get over the tangy taste of the youngster’s deliciously hot juices dripping onto his tongue, trickling down the back of his throat. Twisting his face from side to side, he tried to drill his tongue even deeper into the slippery hotness of her dripping little slit.

As the man lustily devoured her delicious pussy, Robin was thrashing and lurching all over the sofa. The man was having one helluva time trying to keep his slurping lips welded against her squirming little twat.

“Suck, honey, suck!” she shrieked. “Don’t stop, Mr. Mason! Don’t ever stop!”

The man continued slurping on her cunt, completely aware of the horrendous hard-on that was throbbing wildly in his pants.

Robin’s little clit had become rock-hard as the wildly aroused man sucked and rolled it between his tongue and lips. The squealing youngster’s ass was drenched with the hot juices that were running out of her creaming slit. Frantically rubbing her sopping cunt up and down against his slavering wet face, the girl was almost out of her mind with the intense ecstasy.

“Oh, honey!” she whimpered, “I’m gonna come, gonna come!”

He began sucking harder and faster, anxious to carry the child over the crest of her impending climax.

“Help me!” she shrieked. “Oh, Christ, I’m coming! I’M COMING! AAAAAUUUUGGGGH! EEEEEEAAAAH!”

Thrusting her crotch up, she violently ground her spasming cunt against his face, and with one last scream, she collapsed into a limp mass of trembling flesh.

Gathering the girl up, he drew her naked little body into his arms.

“Are you okay, honey?” he asked, tenderly running his fingers through her rumpled blonde hair.

“Yes,” she whispered.

“Did you enjoy that?”

“Shit, Mr. Mason,” she whispered. “That was fantastic. You’re some real man.”

Pleased that he’d been able to satisfy the girl so well, he cradled her in his arms, covering her softly parted lips with his mouth, gently probing his tongue between her teeth.

“Oh, Mr. Mason,” she giggled, feeling his cock throbbing against her body through his pants. “You’ve got a hard-on.”

This was the first time anyone had said this to him in almost ten years, and it was music to his ears.

“Yes, darling,” he whispered. “I know it.”

“May I play with it?”

For a brief moment he was struck with fear, afraid it would go limp when she touched it. Then realizing that the youngster didn’t expect him to try and fuck her, the thought of her soft fingers toying with his prick was rather exciting.

“May I?” she repeated.

“If you want to.”

“Good,” she giggled excitedly. “Now take your clothes off.”

“All of them?”

“Sure,” she grinned. “I did.”

When the man stood up and removed his clothes, Robin reached out and tentatively touched his hard cock with her fingers.

“Gee, that’s neat,” she whispered as he sat back down on the edge of the couch.

Duane suddenly had a frightened feeling that his cock wouldn’t maintain its hardness. He momentarily wondered what the cute little kid would think of him if it suddenly went limp. Then glancing down, he was alarmed to see it slowly sagging.

“It’s such a sweet prick,” she whispered, clutching it in her fingers when she realized what was happening. “I’m so glad you’re letting me play with it.”

The feel of her soft little hand against the hot bare, flesh of his cock sent a shiver of ecstasy through his loins that momentarily blanked out his fears. The pleasure was quickly increased when the youngster began sliding the thick foreskin up and down over his shaft.

Robin’s little pussy started tingling with joy when she felt his cock starting to thicken again in her fingers. Sliding the skin back and forth over his sensitive cockhead, she could feel his dong getting stiffer by the second until it was as rock-hard as it had been a few moments ago.

“Isn’t this fun,” she giggled as he writhed around under her tender caresses. “This is the neatest cock I’ve ever played with.”

Dropping to her knees in front of him, she touched the tip of his prick with her hot, wet little tongue. As always, the aroma and taste of a hard dick sent delicious shivers up and down her tingling spine. Holding his cock straight up in the air, she began licking the underside of his twitching knob as if it were an ice cream cone.

“Oh, my God,” he moaned, feeling her deliciously hot tongue lapping wetly against the network of nerves under the base of his cockhead, “That feels wonderful.”

Bending his prick slightly forward, Robin opened her mouth wide and wrapped the soft wetness of her lips over the head of his hard rod. She could taste the tangy flavor of lubricating fluids that were oozing out from the tip of his excited boner. The suction of her lips around the head of his dick was driving him wild.

“Oh, Mr. Mason,” she whispered, momentarily removing her mouth from his cock. “You’re such a wonderful man and I just love the taste of your nice big prick.”

The man was trembling with the intense pleasure of her soft warm lips sucking and pulling on his lust-bloated cock head. On and on she sucked, bringing him closer and closer and closer to a thundering climax. The child was excitedly waiting for him to fill her mouth with delicious cock-cream when she suddenly remembered what she was being paid to do.

“Oh, God, baby!” he gasped. “Don’t stop, honey! I’m almost ready to squirt!”

Afraid that he would, the youngster quickly pulled her lips away from his lust-bloated tool.

“Jesus Christ,” he roared. “What the hell are you doing? I’m ready to shoot!”

“Then shoot it in here,” she giggled, facing the man as she straddled his loins.

He just stared wildly at the youngster as she slowly lowered her hot dripping twat down toward his lurching rod. In his aroused state, he shuddered violently when her hot, wet cuntlips brushed against the tingling tip of his cock head. Suddenly wanting to fuck her more than he’d ever wanted to do anything in his life, he excitedly grasped her soft young ass cheeks and guided her juicy twat down over his throbbing cock. He could see the flow of slippery cunt juices dripping out around his prick as her slippery pussy lips closed around it. He was thrilled at how easily the big swollen head of his knob slithered through the slippery little opening.

“Oh, Mr. Mason!” she squealed with delight as she threw her arms around his neck and rubbed her luscious tits against his face.

Still holding her quivering asscheeks, he lowered the girl’s hot, tight cunt farther down over his straining pole.

“That’s it, honey!” she whimpered. “Deeper, baby! Ram it in deeper!”

Robin’s tight, slippery twat walls were squeezing deliciously against his screaming prick as it sank deeper and deeper into her hot little belly. It had been years since he’d felt slippery hot cunt flesh closing around his dick, and the glorious feeling of it was driving him wild. He’d completely forgotten the intense pleasure that a hot sucking pussy could give a man.

“Oh, Robin,” he sobbed. “I’ve never felt such a hot little cunt.”

“God, Mr. Mason,” she whimpered when she’d taken all of his hard rod. “I want you to fuck me silly.”

“That’s what you’re going to get,” he grinned, nibbling lightly on the big turgid nipple she was rubbing against his face.

Firmly grasping the wiggly cheeks of her sweet young ass, he began moving her up and down over his hard shaft.

“Oooooooh, Mr. Mason!” she cried out with joy. “That feels so fuckin’ good!”

Every nerve along the length of the man’s tingling cock was alive with the delicious sensations he hadn’t experienced in years. The heat, the moisture and tightness of her hot sucking little cunt was driving him wild. It was as if his whole future was opening up for him, a world of ecstasy he hadn’t felt for years. The feel of her soft hot flesh slithering juicily against the entire length of his thrusting dick was almost more than he could stand. With his hands cupping her soft buns as he bounced her up and down over his throbbing boner, Duane unconsciously slipped the tip of his finger through the tight ring of her asshole.

“Ooooooooh, Mr. Mason,” squealed Robin with joy. “That feels funny, you naughty man!”

Thrusting his finger a bit deeper into the forbidden hole, he began propelling the girl up and down over his screaming rod at a much faster tempo.

“Oh, yes!” she whimpered. “I love it! I love it!”

With his burning cock slashing into her slippery little slit, Robin held him tightly in her arms, frantically rubbing her excited nipples against his hot open mouth. Unable to stand the wild ecstasy much longer, and with his cock still deeply embedded in her hot grasping pussy, he stood up and eased Robin back on the couch with him over her body.

“Oh, yes, Mr. Mason,” she gasped, wrapping her soft young legs around him. “Fuck me hard, honey! Fuck the shit out of me!”

That was exactly what the man had in mind. Flexing his ass, Duane began drilling his prick into her with a wild passion. His cock was tingling ecstatically as it streaked in and out her little teen-aged pussy. The friction of her soft slippery cunt against his pounding boner was unbelievably good. Half crazed with lust, the man was slamming his dick in with a brutal force as he felt an ejaculation building up deep in his balls. It had been so many years since he’d last emptied his thick hot sperm into a cunt, and now that supreme moment was only moments away.

Robin was more than delighted at the way he was hammering his dong into her slippery little lust-crazed fuck-hole.

“That’s it!” she squealed, wildly thrusting her loins up to meet every delicious plunge of the man’s streaking rod. “Ride me, baby, ride me! Fuck me harder! HARDER! HARDERRR!”

Biting into his shoulder as her shapely bare legs waved crazily in the air, Robin could feel a climax building up in her passionately aroused body.

“Hang on! Hang on!” she shrieked, frantically clutching the man in her arms. “I’m gonna come! I’M GONNA COME!”

Wild with the newfound lust that was flaming throughout his entire body, Duane began drilling harder and deeper, anxious to blast his wad into her little spasming pussy.

“I’m coming, honey… coming!” she squealed, locking her thighs tightly against his big humping body. “Oh, honey, EEEEGGGGHH! AAAAUUUGGGHH!”

Clinging desperately to the man as she exploded into a bell-ringing orgasm, Robin could feel his thick hot cum splattering against her cunt walls. It felt all hot and sticky and delicious as it spewed deep into her wildly climaxing fuck-hole.

“That’s it, Mr. Mason!” she cried with joy, thrilled that she’d been able to bring off the impotent man. “Keep squirting, honey! Fill me up!”

When his cock finally stopped squirting, Duane collapsed over the trembling girl. Opening her eyes, Robin could see Arline beaming at her from the open door to the bedroom. Smiling contentedly, the teen-ager felt certain that Duane Mason would have no trouble fucking any woman in the future.


“Congratulations,” smiled Arline, walking into the room with Brent following her, his recently sucked off cock hanging limply between his legs. “You’ve done something that no one else has been able to do.”

“He was so sweet,” giggled Robin, glancing over at the exhausted man. “I’m so glad he was able to fill my cunt with jizz.”

“Are you going to fuck me?” Arline asked her husband.

“You can bet your ass on that,” laughed Duane. “Just as soon as this thing gets hard again. I’m going to make up for ten fucking years.”

“Good,” she smiled. “But I’m ready to fuck now.”

“Me, too,” giggled Robin. “But they both look like they’re out of commission for a few minutes, and I sure feel horny.”

“Maybe I can take care of that,” whispered Arline with a naughty smile.

“What do you mean?”

“Come into the bedroom with me,” smiled the beautiful brunette, taking the little blonde’s hand. “Have I got a surprise for you.”

Spreading her lovely naked body out on the bed, Arline held her arms out to Robin.

“Come here, darling,” she whispered. “Let me hold you.”

A bit puzzled, Robin lay down facing the older woman on the bed. When Arline enveloped the youngster in her arms, a strange excitement rippled through Robin’s loins as their soft warm bodies came together. The woman’s deliciously big tits crushed against her own. A bit nervous about what was going on, Robin instinctively tried to pull away, but Arline’s strong arms held her tightly as she twined one of her soft naked thighs around the youngster’s leg. A strange tingle raced through Robin’s body when she felt Arline’s hot open cunt rubbing wetly against her own hairy pubic mound.

“Just relax,” whispered the beautiful brunette. “Doesn’t this feel good?”

“Sorta,” gulped Robin. “But it makes me feel funny.”

“I know,” Arline assured her. “I’m not going to do anything wrong to you. I’m just going to bring you off in a brand new way.”

Robin had never felt another woman’s naked body pressed against her own before, yet she felt wickedly excited. The strange fire had started in her loins the moment their two naked bodies made contact, and now as Arline’s hairy wet pussy rubbed against her, the fire was turning into an inferno.

“Doesn’t this feel good?” Arline asked in a husky whisper, her cunt rubbing hotly against the girl’s.

“I don’t know,” panted Robin, feeling a bit guilty and perverted for secretly enjoying it.

As the moments rushed by, the little blonde was growing more excited and her pussy was throbbing with lewd anticipation of even more intense joy from the woman’s naked body. The feel of Arline’s big hot tits squishing against hers, the insistent grinding of their twats together and the feel of the woman’s fingers goosing in between her wiggly ass cheeks was driving Robin wild.

With her body being consumed by a flaming lust, the youngster suddenly wanted the woman to kiss her, finger-fuck her and even eat out her cunt. Robin began grinding her hot wet cunt harder against Arline’s when the seductive brunette obscenely probed her fingers around in the soft crevice of her quivering buttocks.

Robin made no resistance when Arline rolled her onto her back while the woman continued probing her finger around her tight little asshole. Arline’s other hand was clutching one of the girl’s milky soft tits, stroking and toying with her desire-taut nipple.

With the last vestige of guilt gone, Robin eagerly accepted Arline’s passionate kiss on her lips, even responding by snaking her tongue into the woman’s soft hot mouth. With their hot slippery lips welded together in a deep tongue-sucking kiss, Arline moved her hand down over the girl’s soft belly until her middle finger parted Robin’s steamy cuntlips.

“Oh, God,” gasped the little blonde, violently arching her hips up to receive the finger into her dripping twat.

Still sucking passionately on Arline’s tongue, Robin reached up and grasped one of the woman’s swollen breasts. A delicious thrill raced through the child’s trembling loins when her fingers touched the hot silky flesh of Arline’s naked tit. Aroused by the spongy heat and fullness of the lusciously big boob, Robin suddenly wanted to suck on the turgid nipple, realizing for the first time why men were so crazy about tits.

Arline was spreading Robin’s moist, sticky cunt juices generously around the girl’s open pussy lips, working her finger up closer and closer to the swollen clitty. The wildly aroused little blonde let out a squeal of delight when the tip of Arline’s finger found her quivering joy-button. Wanting to further arouse the youngster, Arline began rapidly rubbing it, vibrating her finger around it at a frantic speed. Robin began squirming and squealing with joy as the wild ecstasy increased in her writhing loins.

“Oh shit,” whimpered Robin, cruelly squeezing her older friend’s tits. “Put it in me. Please finger-fuck me. I wanta come!”

Anticipating how much she would enjoy the little blonde’s naked body before she was through with her, Arline plunged her finger deeply into the youngster’s seething pussy, circling it around deliciously against her passion-drenched cunt walls. She brought the child up near to hysteria before she suddenly jerked her dripping, finger out of the juicy little honey-pot.

“Oh, Robin,” whispered Arline as she rolled over on her back. “Come over here and lie on top of me for a minute.”

Eager to do anything the beautiful brunette wanted of her, Robin quickly straddled her and threw her body down over the woman’s hot naked flesh. With their lips locked in a wild kiss of lust, they frantically rubbed their pubic mounds together as Arline stroked the soft asscheeks of the girl above her. Robin began sucking hard on her friend’s big swollen nipples while Arline’s fingers continued goosing into the soft quivering flesh between the girl’s buttocks.

Making wild little animal sounds, Robin fondled Arline’s lush big tits while her sucking lips and tongue worked greedily on the big juicy nipple.

“Oh, baby,” panted Arline. “You’re sure some tit-sucker, honey.”

Delicious little ripples of delight streaked through Robin’s body as she passionately sucked and vibrated her tongue against the sweet hard nipples, feeling gloriously depraved at what she was doing. Sucking frantically on the dark-haired beauty’s ripe tits, Robin suddenly had a wild desire to bury her face between Arline’s lovely naked thighs and lap up the slippery juices from her sweet furry twat.

“Arline,” she suddenly asked, lifting her mouth from the juicy nipple. “May I kiss your pussy?”

“Yes, lover,” whispered the woman. “You may do anything you want with me.”

Quickly moving down over Arline’s soft warm body, the excited little girl began teasing a circle of wet fiery kisses around the perimeter of the woman’s sweet scented cunt. Turning her face to one side, she rested her cheek against the hairy wetness of Arline’s dripping pussy while her tongue licked the soft sensitive flesh of her inner thigh. Finally lifting her face a bit, Robin could see the soft wetness of her pink cuntlips peeking out from the soft bush of dark silky hair. Inhaling the deliciously musky scent of the woman’s dripping slit, Robin had never seen anything so obscenely beautiful in her life. Just as the blonde opened her mouth to snake her tongue into the moistly inviting hole, Arline grasped Robin’s head and slammed her mouth down over her hot wet pussy.

With a sob of passion, the aroused little blonde thrust her tongue deep into the scalding wet flesh of Arline’s palpitating cunt. It tasted so fucking hot and sweet as the delicious cunt flesh seemed to suck back on the girl’s swirling tongue. The gorgeous brunette began writhing around wildly on the bed as the youngster’s mouth slurped greedily on her cunt, seemingly unable to get enough of this delicious new taste treat.

“Oh, honey,” whimpered Arline, feverishly grinding her hot wet twat up against the youngster’s slavering mouth. “That’s the way to eat pussy, baby. Oh, you sweet little cunt-lapper.”

The intense joy was carrying Arline to new heights of ecstasy, molten waves of bliss flooding through her loins like wildfire as Robin sucked hungrily on her dripping pussy. Half-crazed with the maddening pleasure, Arline began squeezing and pinching her own tits to the tempo of Robin’s thrusting tongue.

“Faster, sweetheart, faster!” squealed Arline, rhythmically smashing her hot wet cunt up and down against the girl’s mouth when Robin suddenly discovered her swollen clitoris. Sucking the hard knob of Arline’s clitty between her lips, Robin was wildly vibrating her tongue against the quivering little joy-button, sending electric-like tingles all through the woman’s screaming body. Arline was heaving her ass high off the bed as she smashed her scalding wet slit up against the youngster’s hot sucking mouth.

“Oh, you darling little pussy-eater,” she sobbed. “God, can you eat cunt!”

Wildly working her head from side to side while she worked on the woman’s tingling clitty, Robin could feel Arline convulsively clawing at the sheets. Suddenly remembering how good it had just felt when Mr. Mason stuck his finger up her ass, Robin began probing her thumb between Arline’s writhing asscheeks.

Finding the tight little rubbery ring, Robin pushed until the tip of her thumb plunged into the tight, hot little hole. Thrilled with Arline’s wild screams of pleasure, the little blonde forced her thumb deeper into the hot buttery softness of her friend’s tight little asshole as she continued sucking passionately on her dripping cunt. Completely lost to her wild passions, Robin was lewdly wriggling her thumb around in Arline’s hot rectum while still plunging her tongue as deep as possible into the woman’s aroused pussy.

Brent and Duane had followed the girls into the room and both were staring excitedly at the scene on the bed. Watching the naked girls writhing together had given both of them horrendous new hard-ons.

Watching Robin’s cute little butt wriggling around as she knelt between Arline’s legs, hungrily sucking on her pussy, Duane Mason couldn’t take his eyes away from the little blonde’s puckered asshole. It looked so small and tight to the man as he unconsciously stroked his boner, wanting desperately to ravage the youngster’s sweet young ass.

Unable to control his depraved lust any longer, Duane crawled up behind Robin on the bed. Gently grasping her hips as he knelt behind the girl, he lowered his face and began softly blowing his hot breath against the tight little hole. Next, he touched her quivering anus with the tip of his tongue, deliciously lapping the sensitive little ring.

Sucking on Arline’s frothy cunt, Robin was vaguely aware of the feathery touch of his hot wet tongue against her asshole. She didn’t know who it was, but she was thoroughly enjoying the erotic sensations. She let out a soft moan into Arline’s pussy when she felt him tenderly parting her nakedly exposed asscheeks with his thumbs. Robin could feel the hot wetness of his lips and tongue burning delicious circles around the sensitive ring of her anal opening.

Aware that the youngster was enjoying the tongue bath he was giving her sweet young bottom, Duane thrust out his tongue and drove it between the fleshy cheeks of her ass. As the girl squirmed excitedly, he pressed his lips tighter against her flesh, obscenely sucking and licking the entire wiggly crevice between her quivering buns.

Still sucking avidly on Arline’s twat, Robin began churning her soft yielding globes back against his face. Duane pointed his tongue, pushing hard against the youngster’s spit-drenched asshole until he forced it through the tight opening. His tongue was soon plunging in and out of her tingling asshole, each thrust adding to the little blonde’s ecstasy.

“Oooooooh! Oooooh!” she squealed into Arline’s smoldering pussy as the man expertly tongue-fucked her quivering asshole.

Knowing that Robin was fully aroused by the action of his tongue, Duane grasped the base of his shaft and eased his bloated cockhead up against her little spit-drenched shitter. Firmly grasping her hips, the man lunged forward, his hard cock ripping through the tight little ring.

“Aaaaaaaaggghhh!” she screamed with pain, trying to squirm loose from his hot skewering rod. “Oh, God, you’re killing me!”

Ignoring her cries, he stared down at the deliciously obscene sight of his swollen cock buried between the twisting cheeks of her ass. Grasping her tighter, he rammed his stiff boner another inch or two into her cruelly stretched rectum as she screamed again.

“Don’t worry,” whispered Arline to the sobbing girl. “You’ll love it when your asshole gets accustomed to it.”

Grunting, the determined man wormed another inch of his cock into her tight little shitter.

“Oh, Arline,” she sobbed. “It hurts so fuckin’ much.”

“I know,” smiled the lovely brunette. “But the pain will soon go away and you’ll just love it.”

“That’s right,” panted Duane. “Just fuck your ass back against my cock.”

Deciding to take their advice, Robin began rotating her painfully stretched ass back around his prick, taking a bit more of it into her rectum. The pain didn’t seem to decrease, but wasn’t increasing as he slowly worked his knob deeper and deeper into her widely-stretched asshole. Finally she felt his lusty balls pressed hotly against her flesh and knew she’d taken his entire cock into her guts. Slowly the pain began to ease, and Robin once more lowered her mouth down over Arline’s deliciously scented pussy.

Clutching firmly to the youngster’s hips, Duane began easing his swollen rod in and out of Robin’s tight young bung. The girl began strangely liking the new sensation as her rectum became accustomed to the big foreign object buried so deeply in her bowels. Her tense young body began sensually responding and there was no denying that she was beginning to enjoy the way he was sodomizing her forbidden hole. There was something deliciously depraved about having a man obscenely fucking into her lewdly exposed butt. As the tempo increased, her mouth began slurping wildly on Arline’s cunt while she buffeted her buttocks back around Duane’s hard pistoning dick, her cute little ass doing a wild dance of depravity.

“Ooooooooh,” she whimpered into Arline’s slit as the man’s shaft slammed harder and deeper into her hot slippery rectum. Her entire body was filled with a delicious pleasure-pain that was filling every part of her writhing body with a strange, but wonderful ecstasy.

The man’s loins were slamming loudly against her soft quivering ass flesh, his heavy balls slapping wetly between the hot dripping lips of her open cunt. Robin was thrusting her sweet young butt back around the unbelievable hardness of his plunging rod, reveling at the way she was being sodomized by the wildly humping man. Maybe it was depraved, but Robin was thoroughly enjoying every ass-filled moment of it as her lips and tongue were bringing Arline closer and closer to a wild climax.

Her loins burning deliciously from the obscene assault on her asshole, Robin was being gloriously buffeted by every thrust of the man’s pounding cock. Looking back over her shoulder, Robin could see the wild look on Duane’s face. His teeth were bared like a wild animal’s and his eyes were staring crazily up at the ceiling, as he bored deeper and harder into her tingling asshole.

“Oh, shit!” Arline suddenly squealed. “Keep sucking, honey! I’m coming! I’M COMING!”

The beautiful brunette squeezed her soft naked thighs against Robin’s juice-drenched face as her cunt exploded into a wild spasming orgasm.

“Oh, God,” the girl heard Duane roar as he suddenly reared back and slammed the length of his prick to the very depths of the girl’s bowels. “Here it comes, baby! Here it comes!”

Shuddering with joy, Robin experienced a rather intense mini-climax when she felt Duane’s thick hot cum gushing into her rectum.

“My God,” whispered Arline a few minutes later as they all relaxed nakedly on the bed. “You kids should make a fortune with Robin’s cute little body and Brent’s big cock.”

“Do you really think so?” beamed the little blonde.

“I know it,” laughed the woman. “I could get on the phone and have you both booked for at least a month at over a hundred bucks a trick.”

Robin smiled to herself, thinking how much fun she was going to have being a whore, and she decided that she’d work herd and be the best whore in the whole fucking world. She wondered what the slobs back home would think if they could see her now.

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Boys For The Wife

It has been said that nearly every community contains a cross section of Americans within its confines, thereby maintaining an image within this country today. Every town has its doctors and lawyers, its coaches and teachers, and its clerks and carpenters, and each individual has in turn been touched to some extent by emotions common to all men — greed, lust, envy, and distress.

BOYS FOR THE WIFE is a story of everyday, responsible people whose lives are wrought with common frailties; people who seek pleasure, profit, expediency; people not unlike those who may live in your town or your neighborhood. Respectable citizens — yes, but not without the foibles and weaknesses seen every day in nearly every city. BOYS FOR THE WIFE provides a unique insight into those emotions with which we all must live, a look at America at the grass roots level.


The moment Jessie touched herself she knew her fingers wouldn’t be enough. She slowly rubbed the slick folds of her wet cunt and let her legs fall open as she contemplated her dilemma.

She frequently went to bed long after her husband John was asleep. She had enough energy for six women while John started yawning by eight o’clock.

Sometimes she wondered why she married John, but in her heart she knew. For one thing she loved him and she knew he loved her.

Even as a young girl, a teenager, she’d known that one man wasn’t enough for her. She had never tried being faithful to John and after ten years of marriage he still gave her all the freedom she needed to canyon with her affairs.

Working part-time helped. She met lots of men at work and had many brief encounters. And then there was David, her boss. She and David had a very special relationship. The sex was good and they made no demands on each other. Yes, her job was important to her life.

Dear John, she thought as she rubbed her gooey fingers around her pussy. I wonder if he’s sleeping. Sometimes she sucked him off while he slept. Occasionally he awakened and they fucked that didn’t happen often, but it might be fun to try. Anyway, sucking him off always turned her on, especially since her fingers now weren’t giving her what she needed.

John was snoring when she entered the room. As usual his clothes were strewn all over the place. She slipped out of her robe and gazed at him. The blanket covered him from the waist down. He had a good body and a year-round tan. He mumbled in his sleep when she touched his chest. She slowly pulled the covers back. His cock was hard. He had a hard-on but when he was awake, his interest in sex was minimal.

Neater, his cock was hard now and she was horny. While she would have loved having it deep inside her juicy cunt she would settle for blowing him.

Now she kneeled over him and took his cock in both hands. She quickly ran her tongue-tip up and down his thick cock shaft. He didn’t stir. Not even when she whipped her tongue over the sensitive underside near his plum-shaped cockhead.

She began drooling at once. Sucking cock always made her drool. John sighed and shifted his ass around, but his breathing remained regular and she wasn’t afraid of awakening him.

Her pussy drooled too. It fairly dripped with anticipation. She would have loved climbing on top of John and taking his cock inside her. That would be taking a chance that he would awaken and roll over onto his belly, depriving her of even a blow-job. No, it was better not to take the chance. A cock in the mouth was better than no cock at all.

Some of her friends complained about their husbands. They said their men were bored with them sexually. That wasn’t Jessie’s problem. John’s sexual needs hadn’t changed one iota. No, she never complained about John in female bull-sessions. She was getting exactly what she expected when she married at the age of eighteen and so far she was happy enough with the arrangement.

Now she concentrated on making his cock even stiffer. She made a ring of her lips and slid them halfway down his cockshaft. Just then he stirred in his sleep and she felt his fingers on the back of her neck. Still sucking his prick, their eyes met.

“Come here,” he yawned.

She moved up close to him, kissed bun on the lips and crawled on top of him.

“Fuck me,” she said.

“I’m too tired. Finish sucking me off.” As he spoke he casually squeezed her tits. Impatient, Jessie pushed her nightgown down and exposed her big tits.

“Suck them,” she said.

“Jesus, I was sleeping.”

She shoved a tit into his face. “Suck it anyway.”

“Aw, hon, first you wake me up and now you want me to make love to you.” Of course he was right.

“Just suck me a little.”

He opened his jaws and began sucking her tits.

“Are you satisfied now?” he mumbled. “You’re a good boy, John.” His cock throbbed violently against her thigh. “Next thing you’ll be wanting me to suck your pussy.”

She immediately brightened. “Are you in the mood?” When she raised her nightgown and exposed her cunt, he yawned again.

“Okay, I’ll give it a little suck.” She was happy to take whatever he offered.

It wasn’t every day she could get him to go down on her. Stretching out on her back, she opened her legs. The puffy lips of her pussy opened. John smirked when he bent down over her.

“You’re always wet.”

“Play with it.”

Instead of licking her cunt he reached down and touched it. She shivered when his single finger caressed her cunt folds. The closer his finger came to her clit the more excited she became.

“Are you satisfied now?” he said. “I’m awake. God knows when I’ll fall asleep again.”

“You’re a sweet guy, John. I really appreciate what you’re doing.”

It was true. He didn’t much enjoy playing with her pussy. But he knew she liked it so occasionally he accommodated her.

“Are you anywhere near coming?” he said.

She sighed. “I will be if you kiss it.”

“I should have pretended I was still sleeping. Then you’d have sucked me off and stopped bugging me.”

“Is that what you usually do?”

He wrapped his arms around her ass and pressed his lips to her cunt.


“Mmmmmmm, that’s nice,” she said, writhing her hips.

He pushed a finger into her cunthole and licked her clit. She thrashed her legs around.

“Keep sticking your finger in me,” she said. He thrust his finger into the slippery heat of her cunt.

“Do you want to fuck?”

“Yeah, but not yet. Suck me a little longer.”

“My cocks going down.”

“I’ll bring it up again.”

He screwed a second finger into her pussy. She gyrated her ass and moaned to let him know she was enjoying it. Her pussy creamed around his fingers.

“Why don’t you turn around and let me suck you too?”

“I’m not in the mood.”

“But you love when I suck your cock.”

“Don’t press your luck. I’m finger-fucking you, aren’t I?”

She was becoming wildly excited. She rammed her curt up at his screwing fingers and let the intense pleasure build.

“Yes, darling, yes.”

As her excitement increased her body tensed up. Suddenly she exploded in a climax. She shrieked and trembled and when it was over John had rolled over onto his belly.

“Why did you stop?” she said.

“I’m bushed.”

“But you haven’t come.”

“I don’t care.”

She tried wedging her hand under his crotch. He pushed it away.

“It went down. Go to sleep.”

She knew that tomorrow her boss would be happy to douse the fire in her snatch. But she wanted it tonight. Sometimes John was so damn exasperating.

Pushing him over, she took his cock into her mouth. He groaned, but rolled onto his back.

“Okay, okay, take it easy.”

She sucked him ravenously. She snaked her fingers into his asscrack and toyed with his brownie while she sucked. At one point he grabbed her by the hair and lifted his ass from the bed. Then with a violent lurch he came in her mouth.

She was sorry at once that she’d brought him off. I’ll never get to sleep until I’ve masturbated, she thought as his jism filled her mouth.

Jessie closed her thighs around David’s hand. She felt her excitement mount. He had been driving her home from the office when he pulled off the freeway and parked. That was one of the things she loved about her boss. He was so unpredictable.

“How did you know I was horny?” she said.

He slipped his fingers inside the crotch of her panties and touched her wet warm pussy.

“You get a look on your face that’s unmistakable,” he smiled.

“What would I do without you?” She whimpered as his fingers penetrated her cunthole.

“What would I do without you?”

His fingers reached far inside her cunt. She snapped her pussy around his fingers.

“It’s too bad we can’t go all the way here,” she said.

“We could if you want to.”

“Maybe we better not, but that sure feels good.”

“I’d know your pussy anywhere Jess.”

“Oh, Lord, David, you can’t do that here.” He had pushed her skirt all the way up and exposed her crotch to passing cars. His thumb was firmly pressed against her clit as his fingers sawed in and out of her pussy.

“Not my asshole!” she giggled when he managed to wedge a finger inside her bung. “Why not your asshole?”

She trembled violently as he rimmed her asshole with a fingertip.

“Oh, that’s too good!”

It was David who had shown her sensitive spats on her body she had never known existed. He did things to her no other man had ever done. She was lucky to have him and she knew it.

Now she gasped as his fingertip entered her shitter. He still had a finger in her cunt and she wriggled around excitedly.

“You’re going to bring me off, you stinker.”

“Isn’t that the idea?”

“Mmmmmm, that’s heavenly.”

Her panties were down to her ankles now and her legs widespread.

“I was just going to bring you off and take you home, but I’m getting turned on. When I’m through with you, I’m going to need some attention.”

“You know that’s no problem, but we’ll both have some explaining to do when we get home.”

“Myra’s visiting her mother. She’ll be home late.”

Jessie brightened. His fingers were driving her crazy, but she wanted more. And if Myra was away she could get at it at the risk of being late herself. But she wanted his cock inside her. She wanted to get fucked. If John’s dinner was late, well so what?

She watched David open his fly. Cars whizzed by and it was light enough for them to be seen by prying eyes. Just then the big head of his cock came into view. In a matter of minutes he’d be shoving it into her pussy. Audience or not, she couldn’t resist.

“Should we get in the back seat?” she said, reaching for the door.

“There’s a big tree over there. No one can see us there.”

They climbed out of the car. Jessie made a dash for the tree while David grabbed a blanket from the trunk before following her. He was laughing when he reached her and took her into his arms.

“This is crazy — even for us!” she giggled. “You know what they say about all work and no play.”

His hands were on her ass, squeezing and kneading and inching between her legs.

“Remember the time you fucked me in your office?”

“It was a little awkward, wasn’t it?”

He plunged his tongue into her mouth and rammed a finger up her pussy.

“Oh, God, I think I’m coming!”

“Let it out.”

She let out a husky growl when she came. Her juice drenched his hand and when she stopped groaning David was laughing.

“Now your pussy is ready for me. And I want it, baby. I want to stick my big cock right into your juiced-up pussy and dump my load.”

“Do it, David.”

“Get down on the blanket.”

Together they sank down on the blanket. He quickly covered her body with his.

“Put it in, quick,” she whispered.

She reached for his cock and squeezed and caressed it. It was thick and hard and she’d felt it stretch her pussy hundreds of times.

He was a highly sexed man. When she went to work for him, he quickly told her he was insatiable when it came to sex and his wife didn’t satisfy him. But then no one woman could. In essence David was Jessie’s male counterpart.

Now she felt wild and free and a little frightened too, stretched out half-naked on the blanket. They could no longer be seen by passing cars, but they were visible to anyone walking by.

The air felt strange on her bare ass and cunt.

Tingles ran up and down her spine as she waited for David to mount her.

She heard herself moan as his cockhead touched her pussy. Her erected clit snapped to attention as his cock plowed into her depths. She raised her legs and held them out, knees bent and thighs spread. The violent contractions of her cunt made David wince.

“Oh, God, give me all of it!” she gasped. With a final lunge he penetrated her deeply. “Now you’ve got it all, you hot bitch.”

“And I love it.”

“It’s so damned good out here in the open.” She didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. A single bee flew in circles near them. What if it stung David on the ass at the moment of climax?

He slowly eased himself out of her body and then thrust in again, almost brutally. Her pussy held him tight and when he pulled out again she welcomed the rapid succession of violent blasts that followed.

“Fuck me!” she gurgled, her ass thrashing wildly.

“Oh, baby, I’m going to fuck you until you scream.”

As he pounded her pussy his cock rasped against her clit. She felt another climax surge through her. It was warm and liquidy, delicious as ever. She floated into space momentarily as the exquisite sensations engulfed her.

“Oh, David, that was a good one!”

“I can feel it on my cock.”

Her pussy continued spasming around his prick. She came again and this orgasm was more intense than the first two. It started in her toes and traveled up to her throat. She showed, her gratitude and affection as her cunt sucked on his prick.

His jism started spilling into her and she welcomed it with her strong milking cunt muscles. When he was through, he held her against him until he caught his breath.

“That was the greatest,” he said after a while.

“For me too.”

“The blanket’s full of come.”

“My clothes are a mess.”

“So’re mine.”

“Maybe we better get up. John hates when his dinner’s late.”

“Yeah, I almost forgot.”

He walked at her side as they returned to the car. She tucked her panties into her purse and brushed her hair briefly. She fixed her stockings and smoothed down her skirt.

“Do I look like a woman who just got fucked?” she giggled.

“You look well-fucked, if that’s what you mean.”

Driving home, Jessie thought about John. She was in a good mood. Maybe I’ll fix his favorite salad, she thought as she linked her arm through David’s. It’s the least I can do, coming home late like this.


“Why don’t you take my cock out and pump it? You’re not the timid type. Hell, I’ve seen you bopping around here, shaking those tits of yours. And you’ve been checking out my crotch too. Don’t think I’ve missed that.”

His name was Brad. He was in his early twenties and had only been with the company a few weeks. As usual Jessie was anxious to try him out. She and David played a game. She fucked all the new male employees and he fucked all the new girls.

Now he leaned against her desk and pushed her tits out. Folding her arms over her chest, she cocked an eyebrow at the young man.

“Kind of fresh, aren’t you?”

“Yeah,” he leered.

“What makes you so sure I’m interested in you?”

“You’ve been around. I told you. I’ve seen you checking me out.”

“Maybe you’re not my type.”

He grinned as he opened his fly, took her hand and moved it inside. “I’m your type all right.” She closed her fingers around his half-stiff cock. “Take it out, baby. You can jerk me off now. And if you’re dying to suck it, I can take a break from my work. We can get down to some serious fucking later, on my lunch break.”

He was fresh and horny just her type. His cock felt warm and strong against her fingers. She couldn’t help begin pumping the shaft.

“I guess it wouldn’t hurt if I just took it out,” she drawled.

“It’ll get even bigger.” His eyes glittered as he stared at her cleavage.

“You certainly don’t lack confidence.”

“That’s why the boss hired me, isn’t it?”

“No, he hired you because he knew I’d like your big hard cock, silly.”

“Go on, get down there and suck it.”

“It’s too risky in here. Someone might walk in.”

“You’re dying to.”

“I don’t deny that.”

She kept stroking and pumping his prickmeat. She giggled to herself. She knew the door was locked.

“I think I’m gonna like this job just fine,” he grinned. “Come on, baby. You know you want to. Get those pretty lips wrapped around my cock and we’ll both have a more productive afternoon.”

Still smiling, he pushed her head down. Kneeling before him, she placed her lips over his plum-shaped cockknob. Her senses reeled. She loved starting a new affair.

“You’ve got a tasty cock,” she said, gazing up into his eyes.

“I noticed you the first day I got here. I’ve been wondering how long it would take for us to get together.”

“I don’t normally suck off strange men.”

“Yeah, I can see that,” he snickered. She opened her jaws wide and sucked his entire cockhead into her mouth. He laced his fingers in her long thick hair as she lapped her tongue back and forth over his piss-slit. He began fucking her mouth.

“Is it true you’re David’s right-hand woman in more ways than one?”

He moved his hips slowly, careful not to feed her more cock than she could handle easily.

She nodded, scraping her teeth over his shaft and on the sensitive underside of his cockhead.

“You could say that. Let me take your balls out.”

“I dig older women.”

He shoved his pants down to his knees. “If anyone walks in here now, what’ll we do?”

“You were the one who started this. Stop worrying. I locked the door.”

He gazed at her with open admiration in his eyes.

“You’re something else!”

“Shut up and let me suck.”

The blood was coursing through the veins of his cock. She was enjoying herself.

“Faster,” he said, sawing his prick into her throat. “Use your fingers to beat it. I’m gonna come soon. Do you swallow?”

She whipped her fist up and down his cockpole and sucked the knob.

“Sure I swallow. You’ve been playing with girls, not women.”

“You’re a real woman, aren’t you?”

She shrugged. “Do you want to come now? We can fuck later if you want. Is that okay?”


“We can’t do it in here, but I can come to your office.”

“Jesus, yeah!”

“This thing is about to go off. Can you get it up again by the lunch hour?”

He trembled. “Yeah, sure.”

“Come in my mouth.”

He groaned and rammed into her gaping mouth. His jism splashed hotly into the back of her throat. She swallowed convulsively, catching every drop and relishing its taste.

She squeezed her thighs together. A tiny orgasm coursed through her. She continued sucking after his balls were limp. When she rose up, she licked her lips and winked.

“I’ll see you at noon,” she said. “And remember, you promised you could get it up again.”

He looked stunned. “I figured you fort tease, but this sure beats all.”

She moved behind her desk, picked up the telephone and began dialing.

“You do fuck, don’t you?”

He nodded, zipping up his fly as he stared at her.

“Yeah, I fuck.”

“I think you’ll fit into the company very nicely. Now get out of here and let me finish up my work. I’ll be in your office at noon.”

Brad was shaking his head as he left her office. When David answered her ring, she giggled.

“I just had Brad in here,” she whispered. “The kid’s okay.”

When she hung up the phone, she went into her private bathroom to pee. She thought about how she’d masturbated that morning and she looked forward to her lunch date with Brad.

As she wiped herself she thought about Brad. He was a sweet young man and she looked forward td fucking him. Jerking off after John left for work just made her hotter for cock. Thank God for work, she thought, still rubbing her clit. Her brothers had spoiled her and given her lots of attention. No wonder no one man could satisfy her now that she was a mature woman.

I’m just a horny bitch, she thought as she flushed the toilet and rinsed her hands. She glanced at herself in the mirror and freshened her lipstick. Then she couldn’t resist squeezing her thighs together. That felt so good she lifted her skirt and shoved her hand inside her panties.

She had always masturbated a lot. Her brothers had taught her how at an early age. Even as a bride she had jerked off daily. After ten years of marriage she even used her fingers in front of John.

Another hour and she’d go to Brad’s office.

The secretary in that area was a prim old-maid. David liked to keep her around for contrast. Seeing her made him appreciate Jessie that much more.

When Jessie returned to her office, she felt restless. She was worked up and unable to get anything done. She wondered what kind of lover Brad would turn out to be. Sometimes the ones who talked a good game were lousy at the action. Soon enough she’d find out. God, she was horny!

As usual the old maid secretary glared at her when she showed up at Brad’s office.

“Is he expecting you?” Miss Smith said sternly.

Jessie breezed by. “You’ll never learn, will you?”

Miss Smith winced. “Learn what?”

Jessie thrust her pointed tits out. “Oh skip it.” She flounced off into Brad’s office.

“I’ve been waiting for you,” he said, rising up from his desk and crossing the room to greet her.

She grimaced. “That damn Miss Smith always makes me feel like a slut.”

“She’s just jealous.”

“No woman has to look that dowdy. I think she’s got a crush on you.” Jessie giggled. “You’ve got to be kidding,” Brad smiled, put his hands around her waist and undressed her with his eyes. He wasted no time in pushing his hands under her sweater and pawing her tits.

“Why don’t you give her a thrill and slip it to her?” she asked. “Maybe I will.”

“You know, I wouldn’t mind being a fly on the wall if that happens.”

He pushed her sweater up to her neck and squeezed her nipples.

“I’ll let you know. Who knows what lurks under those baggy clothes she wears.”

“Forget her,” Jessie sighed. “I don’t give a damn who you fuck as long as you take care of me now.”

He pushed her bra down and lowered his head to her chest. He brushed his lips over her stiff nipples and murmured softly.

“I can tell you now I never thought you’d show me…”

“Do you like my tits?”

“Who wouldn’t? They’re big and sucky.” She caught her breath and touched his cock through his pants. It felt stiff ad stood straight up. Immature or not, he had irresistible equipment.

She felt her face grow warm and flushed with raw desire.

“We can use the sofa,” she said. “Let me take the rest of your clothes off.”

“Let’s not make a big deal out of a quickie, after all.”

He looked hurt, almost like a little boy. Suddenly he grinned.

“You really got a swell pair of tits…” She softened when he almost reverently squeezed her tits.

“I’m ready whenever you are,” she whispered, pulling his head down and kissing him.

“Jesus, I’d love to suck your pussy first.”

“You don’t know the first thing about office sex.”

“Teach me.”

He looked so sweet and horny she melted. “Tell me exactly what you want to do.”

“I want to suck your pussy.” She sighed impatiently. “Why?” He looked confused. “Because I dissecting wet cunt.”

“We’re making progress.”

She glanced at the sofa. It was small. There was no way they could stretch out.

“I guess I could try lying down.”

“Yeah, lie down and spread those legs for me.”

She moaned when he nuzzled his mouth against her crotch-covered pussy. Her cunt twitched with anticipation as he licked up and down the damp nylon.

“Take them off!” she hissed.

“In a minute.” He pushed her thighs back and cupped her asscheeks. “Man, what a meal.”

“I have to admit you’ve got good hands. Stick your fingers in there. Yes, in my asscrack. I like being touched there.”

“Like this?”

“Yes, that’s good. You can stick your finger in there if it turns you on. I like having a finger in my ass.”

Suddenly he yanked her panties down.

“Jesus, what a feast this is!”

“Get your mouth on it. I’ll bet that damn fool woman is listening at the door.”

“You’ve got a beautiful pussy.”

“You told me that before. You wanted to suck it, so get moving. I don’t have all day.”

He lapped his tongue tentatively over her cuntslit.

“You ought to see how your clit is standing up.”

She reached down and felt her clit.

“I know what it looks like. Don’t you think I’ve used a mirror? Come on, Brad, baby, it needs kissing. Give it a kiss and suck my clit. Then we’ll fuck and take Miss Smith out other misery.”

Her cunt felt inflamed. Brad had come on strong she thought he’d be an experienced cocksman. Now she realized he had a lot to learn. She didn’t mind teaching him, but right now she wanted to get laid, period.

She knew she was intimidating him, but she couldn’t worry about that. She grabbed his head and shoved his face right into her trench. She closed her thighs around his head to imprison him. Moving her hips in a circular motions, she urged him on.

“You’re a good little cunt-lapper,” she whispered, toying with his ears. “Mmmmm, baby, I like what you’re doing with your tongue.”

“You’ve got a gorgeous cunt!” he mumbled.

“How many have you actually seen?”


His warm breath, coupled with his wet tongue, made her more anxious than ever to get fucked.

“Is your cock good and hard?” she said.

He snickered, his face still imprisoned inside her thighs.

“What do you think?”

“I think it’s very hard. I think it’s time it was inside me, screwing me. What do you say?”

When she opened her thighs and released his head, he straightened up. His face was wet with her juices and his eyes were wild and glittering.

She sat up, ran her hand over his crotch and felt the hardness of his cock.

“Take it out,” she said, rolling into her hands and knees and shoving her bare ass out.

“You want me to come in from behind?” He seemed surprised at her position.

“Of course. It’s a very good position for a woman.”

“Jesus, you’re something,” he murmured, climbing onto the sofa behind her.

“Stick it in.”

“I’m trying.”

He worked his stiff cock into her wildly twitching hole. She wriggled her ass to encourage him. He fed more of his cock into her hot sucking hole and she heard him shudder.

Jessie giggled. “You mean who else have I been fucking?”

“Of course, darling.”

“A high school boy.”

“Bully for you! Is he delicious?”

“Of course. Aren’t they always?”

“Does he have a friend?” Molly demanded. “Better yet, we can share him sometime.”

“Speaking of sharing…”

Her words hung in the air.

Jessie knew what she was referring to. The two friends had been making it together for years.

“It’s been a while, hasn’t it?” Jessie said. “Yes, and today would be good for me.”

“The kids?”

“They’re with my mother.”

“You sound horny.”

Molly sighed and lowered her voice. “It’s easy for you. You don’t have two toddlers under foot listening to every word you say and suspicious of everyone who comes to the house.”

“You wanted to be a mother.”

“I still do, but those little prying eyes!”

“Tell me about your latest.” One of the games they played was describing their latest lovers in minute detail.

“His name is Roger and he only fucks ass.”

“You’re kidding!” Jessie squealed.

“Well, let me tell you a girl’s asshole can get sore pretty damn quick.”

“I’ll bet. Tell me more.”

“He comes over here last week, see and the kids are at my mother’s so everything’s cool. So we go up to my bedroom and get undressed. Well, before I know it he’s sawing away in my butt and the phone rings.”

“Did you answer it?”

“Yeah, it’s instinctive. I always answer the phone.”

“Go on.”

“It was my mother. Toby fell and had a nose bleed. Roger’s still fucking me in the ass and my mother is yelling and I feel myself starting to come. Listen, it’s a wonder Roger didn’t get turned off, but he didn’t. I managed to tell my mother I’d be over to get the kids in a half-hour and to put a wet towel over Toby’s nose. Then Roger finally came and I tell you, or do I have to, there’s nothing like a jizz-enema.”

“You’re crazy,” Jessie giggled. “Has Roger been back?”

“No, but my ass was getting sore anyway. Say, did I tell you about Sam?”

“No, but all this talk is turning me on.”

“Me too. Your place or mine?”

“You sound funny suddenly. Are you jerking off?”

“Yeah, a little. I can’t pull anything on you.”

“What does a little mean?”

“I’ve got my fingers in my pussy.” Jessie squirmed round, lifted her leg and touched herself.

“Now, you’ve got me doing it.”

“How’d you like my tongue down there?” Molly’s voice was excited.

“Come here. Come here and make my day.”

“You’re on. Be there in half an hour.” Molly slammed the phone down. She arrived in twenty minutes and the two friends embraced. As usual Jessie was struck by Molly’s vibrant good looks. Even after giving birth to two children her figure was sensational. Molly stalked into the living room, bristling with energy and sexuality.

“I’ve been thinking about us a lot lately.” Jessie followed her, carrying a six-pack and two glasses. “What about?”


Their lesbian relationship was dear to Jessie, even though they didn’t have sex more than four or five times a year.

Molly was sprawled put on the sofa. Her tits spilled out of her low-necked sweater and her eyes sparkled.

“I’ve missed that sweet pussy of yours.” When Jessie sat down, Molly took her into her arms. As they kissed, their tits mashed together. The old special magic returned. Jessie sighed.

“Sometimes you just hit the spot,” Jessie said.

“And as I remember, that’s some spot you have.”

“Yours is pretty big too.”

“I was thinking in terms of sensitive.”

“Oh, Molly, let’s take our clothes off. Did I tell you that Chuck never got undressed?”

“Sounds like he knows where it’s at.”

They took the beer upstairs to the master bedroom and undressed. Jessie was delighted to see that Molly had no panties or bra on. She was naked under her sweater and skirt.

Jessie took a perverse delight in balling Molly on the bed she shared with John. John was so damn laid-back and casual about sex. She liked doing kinky things where he put his head.

Usually the two friends took turns being dominant and passive. Today Jessie felt like being aggressive. Molly quickly understood.

“Take me, I’m yours,” the redhead giggled, holding her arms limply at her sides.

“Let me suck those gorgeous tits,” Jessie said, her lips already close to one of Molly’s pink nipples.

“Mmmmmm, you can suck my tits anytime.”

“You’re just happy not to be taking it in the ass for a change.”

“You’re so right.”

Jessie moved her mouth from one tit to the other. Molly toyed with her hair and murmured endearments. Jessie’s hands weren’t idle. They were all over Molly’s lush ass and between her velvet-soft thighs.

“You never have any trouble finding my clit, do you?” Molly giggled.

“How could I?” Jessie mumbled, her lips fastened to the redhead’s tit.

Molly squatted slightly, opening herself to Jessie’s probing fingers.

“Please,” she moaned. “It’s been days since I’ve had anything in my pussy.”

“What about Robert?” Robert was Molly’s husband.

Molly sighed. “He’s in a celibate mood.”

“Not again?”

“Yes, he says it cleanses his soul.”

“Oh, God!”

“Mmmmm, I like what you’re doing with your tongue.”

“How’s this?”

“Your fingers feel good too. They’re so deep inside me. Jesus, I can feel them in my belly.”

Jessie used her thumb to massage Molly’s clit while she frigged her. Molly began moving her hips up and down in rhythm with Jessie’s thumb.

“A little harder,” Molly moaned. Jessie rubbed her clit harder while the redhead bounced her ass up and down on the bed.

“You’re adorable,” Jessie said. “Eat me, Jess. Eat me, Jess, honey.”

“Not yet, baby. Let me use my fingers a little longer.”

She loved being the aggressor with Molly. “You know me so well.”

“I should after all these years.”

“Do you remember the first time we did it?”

“We caught one of your brothers jerking off and it made us so hot we couldn’t wait to jerk off too.”

“Only we did it together.”


Jessie lay on her belly now between Molly’s wide-spread legs. She hovered over her, kissing her tits and manipulating her pussy with bet fingers.

As they made love they talked almost nonstop. Occasionally Jessie would curl her tongue and run it into Molly’s navel. Once or twice she brushed it over the redhead’s pussy. Whenever she moved her tongue near Molly’s pussy, Molly moaned and wriggled her ass.

Jessie lapped her tongue in a circular motion around Molly’s belly button. Soon, very soon, she would plunge her tongue into Molly’s hairpie. Soon she would flick her tongue relentlessly over Molly’s clit.

She continued caressing Molly’s pendulous tits. Molly caressed Jessie’s hair as she described one of her lovers.

“He’s got a small cock, but he sure knows what to do with it.”

“Is he the one who likes to take pictures?”

“Yeah, but I always cover my face — just in case.”

“It’d be a kick to see yourself fucking.”

“Yeah, wouldn’t it though?”

“Does this feel good?”

“Go a little lower.”

“You’re just dying for me to eat you.”

“Mmmmm, you bet, hon,” Jessie said. Molly’s thighs over her shoulders and faced her cunt. With a hungry groan, she began licking the redhead’s pussy.

“Baby, at last,” Molly said, humping her ass off the bed.

Jessie started out by fluttering her tongue over Molly’s clit. When Molly tried grinding her cunt gash against Jessie’s mouth, Jessie moved the tip of her tongue to Molly’s cunthole.

“Fuck me with your tongue.”

“Now’s this?”

“Great! Oh, yeah, wonderful!” Jessie thrust her tongue into Molly’s pussy-hole a few times before moving it into her asscrack and licking her bung.

“Oh, you devil, you!” Molly giggled.

Jessie moved her lips and tongue faster and soon Molly went rigid and cried out. Jessie knew her friend was about to come. She knew all the signs. The flushing of the skin on Molly’s chest. The glaze in her eyes and the wild expression. Yes, soon Molly would come and her ink… would fill Jessie’s mouth and it would taste delicious because it was Molly’s cunt juice.

And then, when Molly caught her breath, it would be Jessie’s turn. As much as Jessie wanted to be eaten she was hesitant about switching roles. Then she thought about what an expert cunt lapper Molly was and smiled to herself.

Sometimes Molly teased her by pretending to be too tired to eat her. Most of the time the redhead went after Jessie’s cunt with zeal. Molly wasn’t a woman to hold back. She had strong appetites in all areas. Food, sex, booze. What a woman!

Now Jessie concentrated on giving Molly a mind-blowing orgasm. She thrust two fingers into the redhead’s pussy and paused. Molly’s paused damped down on her fingers.

The two friends giggled.

“How’s that grab you?” Molly said.

“I wish I had a cock to give you,” Jessie said. “Your fingers feel pretty good to me, baby.” While Jessie’s fingers clawed at Molly’s cunt she sucked and licked her clit. Molly’s face was crimson now and she pushed forward, grunted and shuddered as her climax engulfed her. In a moment it was over. Molly loosened her grip on Jessie’s head and lay still.

Jessie waited a moment before raising her head. She couldn’t resist licking the juice from Molly’s inner thighs and cleaning up her pussy. Molly looked so pretty and peaceful as she lay there with her eyes closed. When their eyes met, they giggled happily. They hugged, rolling around the bed like two healthy young animals.

“It’s all right, huh?” Molly said.

“It always is.”

“Just give me another minute, baby.”

“Take your time. It’s sweeter when I have to wait.”

“I know what you mean.”

They kissed. Not urgent kisses, but slow, gentle kisses that needed no words. Gradually, Molly took over. She peppered Jessie’s face with kisses and hovered over her tits.

“Now it’s your turn, baby,” she whispered.

“Or should I say, my turn?”

Jessie’s breathing was shallow as she gazed at her friend. Now it was her legs that were spread and her thighs and pussy that were being kissed.

She took a deep breath. How she loved it! What a treat to have Molly’s sweet lips brushing knowingly over her sensitive flesh. Only another woman knew all the secret places to kiss and caress.

She groaned when Molly started licking her cunt folds. She rolled her head from side to side on the pillow. She was ready. So turned-on. All it would take was a few licks of Molly’s tongue on her clit. All she needed was…

“Oh, God, lick it!” she hissed.

Reaching down with both hands, she grabbed Molly’s head. Molly, sensitive to her needs, began licking her clit and finger-fucking her cunthole.

“Darling, you’re so hot,” Molly said. “Oh, darling, girl, you’re almost there, aren’t you?”

“Yes! Yes!”

Jessie thrashed her head from side to side wildly.

“Yes, bring me off. Oh, God, yes!” Jessie tore at the sheets as her orgasm crashed through her. Molly’s tongue flew back and forth on her clit as her fingers soared high inside her cunt.

When Jessie stopped shaking, Molly pushed her thighs further apart and ran her tongue into her asscrack. Jessie giggled when the redhead poked her tongue against her asshole.

“I need another one,” Jessie said. “Let me stick my tongue in here, please.”

“You’ve let Roger get to you.”


“My God, it’s going in!”


Jessie lay perfectly stile while Molly’s tongue penetrated her ass. She squeezed her tits and shrieked shrilly as she came again.

“Oh, Molly,” she breathed when the exquisite spasms dissipated.

Molly climbed over her, pressed her tits against Jessie’s and kissed her lips.

“Was it a good one, toots?”

“They were both good ones.”

“Want more?”

Jessie giggled. “You know I do.”

Molly crawled back down between Jessie’s legs and planted a kiss on her gaping cunt. She ran her tongue up the length of Jessie’s pussy.

“Molly’s here, baby. You’ll get as much at you want. Just don’t you worry.”


David had a video recorder in his office and occasionally he and Jessie watched a porno film while they had lunch. They had been watching these films for over a year and enjoyed them immensely. Usually afterward they would lock the door and fuck. Sometimes they waited until after work. Jessie liked those times best. She had the whole afternoon to get turned-on. Now she munched a ham-and-cheese-on-rye and watched the teenaged blonde on the screen deep-throat a young bruiser. David wasn’t eating. He watched the blonde intently while he stroked Jessie’s thigh.

Jessie had begged John to take her to a porno film. He refused, saying only perverts did things like that. She insisted perfectly nice married couples used porno films to get turned-on. As usual John remained stubborn and she finally gave up.

David was so different. The stories in the films were always silly, but the fucking was great. He especially liked the ones featuring teenagers. The little blonde in the film was gorgeous and the boy she was sucking off was a young stud.

The teenagers in the film were suddenly surprised when another young couple entered the room. They changed partners and now the blonde began sucking another boy’s prick while the bruiser went down on the new girl.

Jessie looked upon it as good clean fun. She remembered her conversation with Molly about their desire to be filmed while fucking. It was only a fantasy, but fun to think about.

Now she stopped eating and snuggled closer to David. His hand was all the way up her skirt and his fingers were touching bare flesh.

“That little blonde is making my balls turn blue,” he said.

“Aw, and I thought all the time it was me.” He squeezed her thigh. “It is you, Jess. You know that. But just like you dig that kid, Red, I like a young piece once in a while.”

An occasional groan came from the soundtrack. Now the two girls were licking each other and the boys were watching. I wonder if that’s what Molly and I look like, Jessie thought.

Now all three teenagers went to work on one of the girls. One boy sucked her tits, the other ate her pussy and the girl frenched her. The center of attention, the little blonde was squirming around, moaning and writhing rhythmically.

Suddenly she let out a scream. “I’m coming!” The camera zoomed in on her pussy that one of the boys was still licking. Her pretty face was contorted and she seemed to be perspiring heavily. Jessie wondered if she was faking it.

“Is she really coming?” she whispered. “It looks like it. What a little cunt!”

The other girl began fucking the blonde’s pussy while the boys took a rest. Suddenly one of them climbed around and stuck his cock into the blonde’s mouth. The girl began, sucking hungrily.

“Gimme!” she squealed.

“Suck it, cock-sucker,” the boy snickered. “Hey, what about me?” the other boy said. “Her mouth’s big enough for both of us.” Jessie watched as the girl sucked cocks. The boys chuckled as they fed her their meat. The other girl lay nearby masturbating. It was a wild scene.

Jessie realized then that David was fondling, her tits. She glanced down. The bulge in his crotch was throbbing. She giggled and when she placed her hand on his crotch, she felt his cock pulsate through his pants.

“More! More!” the blonde in the movie screamed.

The boys continued thrusting their cocks into her mouth. She was deep-throating them in turn. Jessie admired the girl’s prowess. Kids nowadays sure knew the score.

David’s hand was inside her bra now, squeezing her cushiony titflesh. The boys in the movie looked tense as they fucked the blonde’s mouth. They were no longer snickering. Their balls were full. The climax of the movie was approaching.

“Do it, baby,” one of the boys chanted.

“Drain my nuts.”

“Yeah, mine too, baby,” the other boy said. “Give my cock another lick or two.”

“I’m so hot,” the other girl giggled. “And I’m only finger-fucking myself.”

“When we’re through here, she can suck you off,” one of the boys said.

“Ooohhh, baby!” the blonde cooed, her lips firmly fastened to the taller boy’s cock.

“Suck me off, baby?” he said.

She was obviously teasing them. She writhed her adorable body around, sucking first one cock and then the other with a practiced and hungry tongue.

Finally one of the boys shoved his cock balls deep into her throat. He moved it rapidly in and out of her mouth, going in deeper with every stroke. When he came, she went wild, sucking his cock so hard he finally had to force her to release it.

“She’s an animal,” the boy said.

“Yeah, and ain’t that nice?” the other boy snickered.

“I’m still jerking off,” the other girl said.

“Keep it warm for us, baby,” one of the boys said.

The little blonde licked her lips clean of jism and turned her attention to the boy who hadn’t come yet. “I want more,” she pouted.

“Jesus, I’ll never be able to work with this thing,” David said, unzipping his fly and releasing his cock.

He grabbed Jessie, kissing her frantically and shoving his cock into her hand. His tongue surged into her mouth and dueled with hers. His hands were all over her tits and belly and thighs.

They fell back onto the length of the sofa David climbed on top of her and pushed her skirt up. Their lips were locked as his hand pushed the crotch of her panties to the side. He fingered her slick cunt and put his cock into position between her warm thighs.

When his cockhead touched her clit, Jessie trembled.

“Oh, David, keep rubbing it like that.”

She wriggled her ass as he stimulated her clit. They forgot about the film in their zeal to get to each other.

“Oh, David, put it in!”

“I’m trying. You’re so damn tight.” She lifted her ass. “Here. Try again.”

“Oh, baby!”

“Fuck me, David! Fuck me!”


“I forgot where we are.”

“That’s okay. It’s going in.”

“Oh, David!”

His cock pulsated with desire. She loved when he got like this. She knew it was the blonde in the film that turned him on, but it was her pussy that would satisfy him. Her pussy that would snap shut around his cock.

When he drove his cock all the way inside her, she closed her eyes and lost herself in his wild strokes. His balls banged her ass with every thrust. From the expression on his face she knew he wouldn’t last long. She didn’t care. She was ready whenever he was. She raised her legs and pumped back at his cock.

“Fuck me, baby! Give it to me!”

“Oh, yeah, I will. I’ll fuck your brains out.”

“Do it, David, do it. Now! Pound your cock into me!”

And with that his jism squirted into her and his cock sawed her in two. His love-juice spread through her belly and warmed her very being. It ended as suddenly as it started and after a while they sat up and resumed watching the movie.

Jessie glanced at her watch for the second time in less than a minute. David and Chuck were out of town and she couldn’t seem to be able to keep her mind on her work.

She was bored and restless and horny. She was sorry she had agreed to work this week. She hated the place when the men were away. Filing and typing bored her. The other women bored her too — especially Angie.

For the past week she’d been especially horny. She always got that way at that time of the month. John was giving her a hard time too. Even David appeared to be bored with her.

She sill had her fantasies and masturbated regularly, but her fingers weren’t enough. Red hadn’t been around recently. The trouble with kids was they had so much stimulation from other sources.

After glancing at her watch one more time she arose front her dat and went to the door. After peeking outside, he locked it and told the receptionist to hold her calls.

Breathing a little rapidly, she unbuttoned the top of her blouse and touched her tits. The glass on the top of her desk told her she was still desirable. Her tits were big and pointed. As she bent down they shifted around in her bra. A surge went through her clit as she gazed at her image in the glass.

She rummaged around her top drawer. She kept personal articles in that drawer and now she withdrew a bottle of scented oil. Moving to a small lounge chair, she felt her pussy moisten as she anticipated the next few minutes.

My hungry little clit, she thought with a giggle. Needs attention night and day.

When she sat down, she raised one leg and touched herself. She moved the crotch of her panties to the side and dabbed some oil on her finger. She touched the oil to her clit and shivered. The sensuous aroma wafted up to her nostrils. She moved her finger faster. As horny as she was she would come quickly.

She pushed a finger into her pussy and used her thumb on her clit. She squeezed her asshole muscles and shifted her ass on the seat of the chair.

I should have gone into David’s office and stretched out on his sofa, she thought. I need a cock. A big one, as long as I’m dreaming of a nice, big, fat cock inching up my pussy.

The slick folds of her cunt gripped her finger. She added a second and then a third. The outer office was quiet. The itch between her legs was driving her crazy. Even a short skinny cock would be welcome right now.

She began thrusting her hips forward. Her ass edged off the chair. I’ll go to David’s office now. I can lock the door, lie down on the sofa and do this right. I’ll do it after I come once. Just one little come to take the edge off.

Every nerve-ending in her body felt raw. She felt her nipples harden and her heart pound. She ached to have her tits sucked and kissed. If only Molly were here. If only someone was around to se vice her.

She felt like screaming. As hot as she was she couldn’t come. Damn, men didn’t have that problem! Why did women have to be so complicated?

She tried widening the spread of her legs and jamming three fingers into her cunt. She felt the tickle that signaled an orgasm. Her tits rose and fell. She smeared more perfumed oil over her clit.

Almost weeping, she glanced down and saw her fingers, clawing at her pussy. And then she came and the explosion rocked her senses and pounded through her temples.

It didn’t last long and she needed more, but it was better than nothing. She still needed a cock. A cock, stayed inside you and you could squeeze it and come again before it dwindled and lost its starch. Damn it, why did all the men have to be away at the same time?

She needed the warmth of hot jism bursting into her body. She needed to be filled with fuck sap, not her empty fingers.

Still digging her fingers into her cunt, she swore under her breath. When she finally withdrew her fingers from her pussy, she rose unsteadily to her feet and returned to her desk.

She used some tissues to wipe her fingers clean. Now she would go to David’s office and do it right. She’d never get any work done anyway, horny as she still was.

She sensed that someone was in David’s office before she opened the door. There was something, some strange feeling in her guts that told her not to barge in.

Turning the doorknob slowly, she inched the door open and peeked inside. What she saw made her blood race. It was Angie Smith, sprawled out on David’s sofa with her skirt up to her waist and her tits sticking out of her blouse.

Angie Smith! With her hair down around her shoulders and her legs open. Cheeks flushed and eyes wild. And standing over her was one of the boys who worked in the mail room. A young stud who at this moment was eyeing her hungrily.

“Quick, we don’t have much time,” Angie said.

“You said you’d suck my cock,” the boy said.

“Come here and let me have it.”

Outside the door, Jessie stared with disbelief. My God, she’s going to suck his cock. Angie gives head! And she almost looks pretty. Who would have guessed it?

“Come here, Billy,” Angie said.

Billy’s cock was out of his pants and Angie giggled as he pointed it at her mouth.

“Don’t make the gun go off,” the boy snickered.

“But that’s exactly what I’m going to do,” Angie said.

Suddenly Jessie was gazing at the Angie Smith in a different light. Angie was no slouch in the sex department. She was going after Billy’s cock like a starving animal.

Jessie forgot about her own horniness as she gazed at the scene before her. She squeezed her thighs together. If she made a sound Angie would hear her. She wanted to see and hear everything. Oh, David would be so shocked to find out that old Angie was a cock-hound!

Billy grunted as Angie gobbled up his meat. She took his balls in her hand and fondled them as she fluttered her tongue around and around his cockhead.

“Say, you really dig blowing, don’t you?” the boy said.

Angie gurgled, obviously unwilling to release his cock for the moment it would take to answer him.

“Jesus Christ!” Billy hissed, rocking back and forth on the balls of his feet.

Angie licked from the tip of his cockhead to his balls. Suddenly she pulled him down on top of her. Jessie watched, fascinated by the sight of Angie forcing the boy’s cock into her cunt.

“Bombs away,” Angie cried as they started fucking.

“Jesus, yeah!” Billy rasped.

“Fuck me, Billy,” Angie said, locking her legs around the teenager’s back.

“Yoweeeee!” the boy replied.

Outside the office, Jessie watched and listened. What a story she’d have to tell David when he returned!

Everything happened very quickly after that. Angie rolled on top of Billy. Jessie was amazed to see that her tits were quite large. They flopped around wildly as she raised and lowered her ass to fuck the teenager. Her hair flew wildly around her face. She not only looked wild and sexy, she looked pretty.

“Gimme that cock!” she hissed.

Billy lay back, nostrils flaring and ass pumping. Jessie could see Angie’s cuntjuice glistening on his prick.

Just as Angie fell forward over Billy’s chest, Jessie felt a tiny orgasm surge through her. She closed the door then and dashed back to her office.


Jessie yanked her skirt up, adjusted her seatbelt and whipped out of the driveway. It was a sunny day, one of her free days, and she planned on doing her weekly grocery shopping. While she was at the shopping mall she planned to buy some new clothes. She had a fetish for shoes, the sexier the better. The money she earned working made it possible to indulge herself and John made good money too. Yes, today she would also pick up some new under wear. Something black and sheer to keep in her desk and wear after-hours with David.

When she stopped at a red light, she saw Red on his bicycle. She waved, he waved back and she sped off. Red sometimes worked at the supermarket as a bag-boy. Maybe her shopping would have to wait. Going to bed with the boy would be more fun.

He was growing up. In the past six months his body had changed. Barely perceptibly, but changed nevertheless. He was getting taller and huskier.

Today his biceps rippled. He was wearing a tight tee-shirt and even tighter jeans. His red hair was hanging long on his neck. He smiled adorably when he waved. He was a better lover now than six months ago. Yes, Red was okay, a real find.

In a way she felt guilty about corrupting a teenager. But he never needed much persuasion. Today she would wait until he was through working. She tried not to interfere with his schoolwork or his after school jobs.

She felt a tingle in her pussy. There was nothing like looking forward to a good fuck. The day looked brighter and the sun felt warmer. I’m gonna get laid, she thought with a giggle.

She turned into the mall and parked. She checked out her hair and makeup in the mirror, added a touch of lip-gloss and discreetly dabbed some perfume between her thighs.

She saw Red’s bike parked in the employees’ area. Her high heels tapped the pavement, in rhythm with the beating of her heart.

As usual she had forgotten her shopping list. It didn’t matter. She wasn’t much interested in cooking. She kept lots of fast foods in the house and John seemed happy enough with cold-cuts.

She started throwing things into her cart. She picked up some light beer for Red and deliberately pushed her basket near the back of the store where the bag-boys gathered before they went to work.

She brushed up against him. “Want to come over here you’re through?” she said.

“Sure, but it won’t be until three.”

“I’ll be waiting. We haven’t been together for weeks.”

He flushed. “I know. I missed you.”

“I missed you, too.” Her hand was still on his arm. “I do believe this muscle is actually getting bigger.”

He grinned. “That’s because of all the exercise I get when we fuck.”

“Hmmmm, I think you’re right. See you later, darling. Don’t be late.”

She finished her shopping and went home. The rest of the day passed slowly. If Red arrived at three they would have two solid hours in bed. That was enough time for some good hard fucking. Much more fun than clothes shopping.

She tried looking as young as possible when Red was around. Now she brushed her long mane of hair into a ponytail and tied it with a pink ribbon. She put on her tightest tee-shirt and jeans, but underneath the jeans she wore her usual garter-belt and stockings. Red always got a hard-on when he saw her in her garter-belt and stockings.

When her groceries were put away and after she’d downed two martinis, Red rang the doorbell.

“Hi, darling,” she said, kissing him lightly on the lips. “You’re early.”

“Yeah,” he grinned.

She pressed up against him and shoved her knees between his legs.

“What do we have here?” she smiled. “I think there’s a hard cock in here somewhere.”

“Can I have a beer?”

“Sure, help yourself.”

She stepped back and let him go for his beer. She retrieved her martini and sipped it reflectively.

“Let’s take our drinks up to bed.” Linking her arm through his, she guided him out of the kitchen.

“Are you gonna suck my cock?”

“If you want me to.”

“Yeah, I was thinking about it all day.”

“And I’ll bet you bragged to your friends that you have this older woman who just loves sucking your prick.”

He opened his mouth, grinned and shrugged. “I really dig you, Jessie.”

She grabbed his crotch and squeezed. “I dig you too, baby. But what I really dig is this big thing in here.”

She swiped her hand between his legs. “You men can get away with anything if you know how to use this thing.”

In the bedroom, they kissed. The kid sure knew how to french! His hands moved awkwardly over her body. Somehow he always seemed to be all arms and legs and elbows. No finesse but all balls.

“Just the way I like it,” she whispered, holding his face and kissing him.

“What’s the way you like it?”

“Never mind. Take your jeans off and let me see that gorgeous cock.”

It took him moments to remove his jeans and shorts. She made a grab for him.

“I forgot to eat lunch today,” she said. “SO I’ll just have to make a meal out of this.”

“You really love blowing, don’t you?”

“You know I do, baby. No, don’t sit up. Stay here and let me just lick here. Mmmmm. And here. Yummy. And down here too.”

“Jesus, you’ve got some tongue.”

“What a tasty cock. I’ll bet you didn’t shower this morning.”

“How can you tell?”

“Because you taste just a wee bit gamy.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be. I like a slightly gamy taste. Mmmmmm, there, it’s almost gone. I’m getting it all cleaned up. Now all I can taste is this.” She poked her tongue into his pisser. “And this.” She dragged it into his asscrack. “Oh, man, you sure can suck.”

“I do well what I enjoy.”

“You sure must love cock-sucking.”

“Sweetie, you know I do.” Suddenly she stopped sucking. “What’s wrong?” he said. “I have an idea. Do you like orange marmalade?”

He wrinkled his nose. “No.”

“Well, I do, and I’ve got a taste for it now.”


“Darling, go downstairs and on the fridge door you’ll find a jar of imported marmalade. Bring it back to me while I undress. I’m going to fill two needs at once. Go on now.” He looked confused, but obeyed. She tore her clothes off. When she was down to her garterbelt and stockings, he returned and handed her the marmalade jar.

“I don’t know,” he said, shaking his head. “Don’t worry about it. Just lie down and spread your legs.”

“What are you gonna do with that?”

He eyed the marmalade suspiciously. To distract him she brought her mouth down to his cock and licked it lightly. Reaching for the jar, she began smearing marmalade over his cock and balls.

Red raised his head from the pillow.

“Jesus, I don’t believe this.”

She gazed at his jam-covered cock and giggled.

“Next time I’ll use chocolate syrup. Would you like to eat chocolate sauce from my pussy some time?”

He groaned. “Sure.”

“And whipped cream?”

She stiffened her tongue and began licking up the marmalade.

“This is out of sight.”

“Mmmmmm, tastes great.”

She stroked his thighs as she licked. She nibbled the tip of his cockhead and lapped her tongue down to the base of his prickshaft. The marmalade was all over her face on her nose and chin and in her eyelashes. It didn’t matter. She was having a ball.

She was getting hornier by the minute — and hungrier. She moved her hands under his ass and dipped her tongue into his ass crease. She forced a fingertip into his ass while she licked his balls.

“Oh, fuck, that’s good!” he hissed, swaying his hips.

She smeared more marmalade on his nuts and licked the excess off her fingers.

“Does this give you any ideas?” she giggled. “Oh, fuck! You’re driving me crazy!”

“Easy, baby, easy. I’ve got a lot more eating to do.”

She ate him in a frenzy now. Finger-fucking his asshole, she gobbled his cock and balls. He humped his ass off the bed and groaned.

“I need something in my pussy,” she said.

“Swing your ass over here and I’ll kiss it.”

She climbed around and dropped her pussy over his face. Still devouring his cock and balls, she pressed her pussy to his mouth.

“I always did hate to eat alone,” she said, inhaling his cock.

He dabbed his tongue up and down her cuntslit.

“I like the taste of your pussy just the way it is.”

“Mmmmm, eat me, baby.”

Writhing her ass, she ground her cunt against his wide-open mouth. “What a feast I’m having!”

His tongue was all over her. Plunging into her cunthole and licking her clit. Her pony tail whipped back and forth as she slid the ring of her lips to the base of his cockshaft. Deeper and deeper, she took him. The marmalade made everything sticky, but she loved the sweet taste coupled with his cockmeat.

And then he groaned, flung his hips up and came in her mouth. Now the marmalade was mixed with jism. She hungrily swallowed down his fuck-glue while she rubbed her cunt against his face.

Without a word, he climbed on top of her and thrust his still-hard prick into her depths. He didn’t last long, but she came twice before his cock dwindled away.

“Oh, baby, what a nice surprise,” she said. “I never had a blow-job like that in my life.” When they had rested, they showered and Jessie changed the sheets. Then they climbed back into bed and sipped their fresh drinks. Pressing against his strong, young body, she hungrily kissed him. Her tongue split his lips and met his. She brushed his teeth with her tongue tip and mashed her tits against him.

She felt a great surge of warmth for the boy. A desire to intensify his pleasure. His prick was half-hard and as she caressed it she dropped to her knees before him.

His clean flesh made her nostrils flare and fired her blood anew. She salivated as she began sucking his cock. She never tired of having a piece of cockmeat in her mouth.

She wrapped the fingers of one hand around his cockshaft while she capped her mouth over his cockhead. She sucked hungrily, but gently, alternately dragging her lips up to the flared rim under his prick knob and sliding them to the root of his cockstalk.

He breathed deeply, toying with her ponytail and untying the ribbon to free her hair. He forced her to take more of his cock into her mouth and for a moment it blocked off her air passages.

She didn’t gag. Her pleasure was so great she managed to breath through her nose and swallow around his prick. His cock was very stiff now and she soon had to pull back. She took tiny bites of his cockhead, loving the feel of his spongy cockmeat and tightening her lips in the grove behind it.

The steady stream of jism gushing from tie pisser tasted even better than the. Her pussy lubricated heavily. She held his balls and pressed her lips into the sack. When he groaned, she took hold of a mouthful of ball sack and bit into it.

He let out a roar and thrashed his legs straight out. She drooled freely, slid her lips over his cock and bobbed her head up and down over the length of his cockshaft.

“Let’s fuck,” he said.

Her heart leaped. When she spit his cock out, he flung himself over her, grabbed her tits and kissed her.

“Yes, yes, let’s fuck,” she warbled. His bone-hard prick was inside her in a moment and her tightly clutching cunt welcomed it. The horny housewife reveled in the sensation of being filled with teenaged cock. She med her fingernails up and down his upper arms and wrapped her long legs around his back.

“Oh, baby, I love when you fuck me!” she cried.

They writhed wildly as his cock plunged into her. She felt depraved and yet innocent as the teenaged boy rammed against her cunt. He closed his eyes and abandoned himself to his needs. She moaned softly each time his cock crashed into her pussy. Wriggling her ass, she pulled his head down and kissed him.

“Kiss me,” she murmured, biting his lips and giving him her tongue.

“Oh, man,” he muttered over, and over again. “Jesus, what a fuck!”

She cried ant when his cock jabbed her insides. Even when there was pain her pussy responded by tightening around the invading prick.

“Your cock is rubbing my clit,” she said, shuddering wildly.

His face was flushed and contorted. He was beyond words and she knew it.

“Fuck the shit out of me!” she shrieked. “Make me come good! Make me see stars, baby! Oh, God, fuck me good!”

The harder he fucked her the more she loved it. The bedsprings shook as the lovers tore at each other.

“Gonna shoot!” Red panted.

“I want it! I want it all! Give it to me! I’m ready, darling!”

The teenager grabbed her tits, squeezing them hard as he banged into her. “Jesus, I’m almost there,” he said.

“Me too!”

She pulled his head down to her tits and felt the flash that signaled her orgasm.

He battered her. He punched his spurting cock into her cunt in a frenzy and she took it and loved each thrusting jolt. She thought it would never stop and prayed it wouldn’t, but when it did they remained attached to each other.

Gradually, very gradually, they separated. She rolled on top of him, took his still-hard cock inside her and came again.

His cock jerked and throbbed inside her spasming pussy. She had never felt so fulfilled, so wildly aroused. She stayed on top of him, holding his cock in her succulent pussy. They started fucking again, slowly and rhythmically, passionate but tender.

At one point Jessie looked down into her teenaged lover’s eyes. On an impulse she released his cock and fell to her knees. With long sweeping strokes of her tongue, she licked his cock and balls clean. Like a mother cat, she tongued every inch of his crotch until his skin glowed anew.

“Did you enjoy that, darling?” she said. “Yeah, sure,” he croaked, his eyes filled with awe.

“We do have a good time together, don’t we?”

“Yeah, we sure do,” he breathed.


The next morning when Jessie awakened, John was already sitting up. The covers were pushed back, his cock exposed and it was hard. He mumbled under his breath and Jessie sleepily reached for him.

“Want me to do something with that?” she yawned.

He pushed her hand away.

“There’s no time.”

She snuggled closer, hungrily eyeing his hard-on.

“I won’t take too long. Just let me suck it.”

“No, I’ll do it.”

“You’d rather jerk off than let me suck it?”

“There’s no time,” he repeated. Awake now, she sat up and shook her head. “I don’t believe this!”

“You don’t believe what?” he said as he… slowly pumped his cock.

“I don’t believe you’d rather jerk off than let me suck it.”

“You still think you’re the cute little cheerleader, don’t you?”

“I’m not exactly ugly.”

He chuckled. “My hands did okay when I was a kid.”

“Kids use their hands when they have nothing else.”

“The old fingers know what feels good.”

“My fingers know too. Let me jerk you off.”

“Naw, there’s no time.”

She reached for a cigarette and frowned as she lit it.

“You don’t know what you’re missing.”

“If you want some action, go on and play with yourself.”

“You like watching me play with myself, don’t you?”

“Yeah, it’s a turn-on.”

“Well, I won’t do it.”

He shrugged, whipping his hand up and down his prick.

“Suit yourself.”

She inhaled deeply. “I don’t know why you got married. You don’t need a wife.”

“Lay off, will you?”

“Sonic men find me very attractive.”

“Good. I’m very happy for you.”

“Doesn’t your hand ever get tired?” He snickered. “Naw.”

“We used to have pretty good times together.”

She snuggled up closer to him. “You’re crowding me.” She reached out and took his cock into her fist. He didn’t push her away, so she started squeezing it.

“That’s better,” she murmured. “Okay, okay, but don’t take too long. I think you like what I’m doing.” He grimaced. “Just do it, huh?” She tightened her grip on his shaft and moved her fingers up and down. Her pussy grew warm and wet. Maybe he would fuck her before he left for work.

“Don’t get too comfy there, hear?” he said.

“Aw, fuck me, John.”

“I knew it. I knew you’d start bugging me.” He pushed her hand away and resumed pumping his cock.

On an impulse she climbed between his legs, dipped her head into his lap and took his cock into her mouth. He groaned, but didn’t push her away. Her heart pounded and her blood raced. She sucked hard, afraid that at any moment he would make her stop.

If only he was more interested in sex. She was certain there was no one else in his life. He always came right home after work and he never disappeared mysteriously. He was a good man in many ways. In any event, even if he was more interested in sex she would still cheat.

Now her saliva coated his prick as she eagerly licked his cockshaft. A few drops of tasty jizz fell onto her tongue.

“How about it, hon?” she said.

“How about what?” He stroked her hair affectionately.

“How about a quickie?”

“I’m letting you suck. Don’t press your luck.”


“That does it. Get up.”

He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her off his cock.

“I’ll finish up.”

“How can you actually prefer your fingers to my mouth?”

“They don’t nag me.” She lit another cigarette. “John, you’re incredible.” She exhaled slowly.

“You’ve still got a great pair of tits.” She bounced off the bed and reached for her robe. She stuck her tongue out and winked.

“You’re full of shit, but I love you.”

“Go ahead and let me jerk off in peace.” As she peed she listened to him groan. It seemed so crazy to be sitting on the toilet while her husband jerked off. Soon his hand would be covered with jism. It would serve him right if she ran back to bed and licked his fingers clean after he came.

“You’re so darn uptight,” she called out. He grunted. “Shut up, will you?”


She heard him mutter. “I was just about to blast off, bitch,” he snickered.

“Good.” She wiped herself hurriedly. “I’ll be right there to help you.”

“Keep away.”

“Here I come.”

She bounded back to the bed, jumped over him and made a grab for his cock.

“Jesus, what a cunt you are,” he laughed. “Give it to me.”

“You’re too late.”

Disappointed, she looked down at his limp prick.

“You came!” she hissed.

“Fooled ya,” he chuckled.

Now he climbed off the bed and, whistling, strode to the bathroom to pee. She lay in bed and listened to the sound of piss crashing into the toilet bowl. It was a good comforting sound. She liked it.

“Don’t you have to go to work today?” he said when he returned to the bedroom.

She raised her arms over her head and stretched.

“Yes, I’ll start dressing in a minute.”

“How’s the old-man treating you?”

John referred to David as the old-man. He had never met Jessie’s boss.

“He’s okay. I have no complaints.”

“Good. Glad you’re enjoying it.”

He took a quick shower and shave and was half-dressed before Jessie dragged herself out of bed. When he was about to leave the house, she kissed him goodbye and took a hot shower.

What a guy, she thought as she soaped up her beaver. Thank God for David.

She remembered then that an important client was coming to the office today and David wanted her to entertain him. It was fun taking clients out to lunch and she usually looked forward to those times. Today she was a little restless. John’s attitude depressed her more than she liked to admit even to herself.

Later, at the office, she spent the morning filing and was happy when David interrupted her toward noon.

“I’ve got an assignment for you,” he said.

“Great. The client?”

“Yeah, but he’s not coming up here. He’s waiting for you down in his car.”

“What about you?”

“I’m coming with you.”

“Any instructions?” They walked toward the elevator.

“Just make him happy. He’s one of the ten richest guys in the state. He can do a lot for the company.”

The man looked vaguely familiar. His name was Jake Powers and he was a local politician. He wasn’t handsome, but he had a rugged look Jessie preferred.

“We’re going to Jake’s place,” David said after the introductions were made.

“I need to unwind,” Jake said. “I’ve been traveling all week.”

“I could use a little unwinding myself,” Jessie said, aware that they would probably all wind up in bed together.

They drove to Jake’s apartment in an exclusive section of town. There, in the lavishly furnished living room, Jake fixed them drinks.

They settled down, Jake on a leather arm chair and David and Jessie on the massive sofa.

Jake and David talked business, but the politician stared incessantly at Jessie’s tits.

She felt turned-on by the electric charge in the air. Her experience with threesomes was limited, but she always enjoyed fucking two men at one time.

Now David refilled their glasses and turned to Jessie.

“Why not take your clothes off for Jake?” he said.

Jessie felt herself flush.

“You want me to take my clothes off?” Both men nodded. Jake grinned.

“I hear you’re really built.”

“I don’t mind getting undressed, but I’ll feel a little foolish being the only one.”

“We’ll join you soon enough,” David said. “You’re not shy about fucking both of us, are you?” Jake said.

“Not really.”

Both men laughed.

“She loves it,” David said.

“My preference is to be with two women,” Jake said. “But you look like woman enough for both of us.”

Jessie placed her drink on the coffee table and rose up.

“I still feel silly, but here goes.”

“Wait a minute,” Jake said Jessie dropped her arms to her sides. “Yes?”

“I want to look you over first. Walk over here and let me see your ass.”

Jessie moved into the middle of the room and turned her back to both men. Jake had joined David on the sofa and they both leered at her as she craned her neck.

“More?” she smiled.

“Lift your skirt,” Jake said. Jessie’s heart pounded. There was something about Jake that really turned her on.

“Like this?” she said.

Jake’s eyes narrowed as he gazed at her thighs.

“Yeah, like that.”

“She’s a doll, isn’t she?” David said. “The dolls are sometimes lousy in the sack.”

“I assure you she’s the best!”

“I hope so. I haven’t gotten fucked in a week.”

“I wish you wouldn’t talk about me like that,” Jessie said.

“She’s got spirit,” Jake said. “I like that.” David chuckled. “She’s the best. Go on, Jess. Show him what you’ve got.”

As she wriggled her ass, David rose up and took her into his arms. When he kissed her, he whispered in her car.

“Give him a good time. Remember, he’s important to the company.”

Jake eyed her hungrily. “My balls are turning blue just looking at you.”

“Should we all hit the sack?” David said. “Sure, I’m ready.”

Jake rose up and took Jessie’s free arm. Scooping her into his arms, he carried her into the bedroom.

Jessie laughed when he dropped her down on the king-sized bed. Both men surrounded her and David undressed her while Jake pawed her tits and ass.

“I think you men are just horny,” she giggled.

“Leave the garter belt and stockings on,” Jake said.

“There she is in all her glory,” David said. “What tits!”

“She’s got a tight cunt too.”

Jessie stretched out on her back, her big round tits wobbling enticingly. Her panties were off and her muff was exposed. She touched her fingertips to her mound and winked at the men.

“I’m waiting, fellas.”

While Jake bent down and kissed her tits, David undressed. Then when Jake undressed, David sucked her tits.

“Good show, honey,” David murmured.

“I’m so damn horny,” she sighed.

“Make it a good one, Jess.”

“Don’t I always, boss?”

Jessie was familiar with David’s body. She knew his cock and balls well and his body never failed to excite her. But Jake was new in her life and she found she couldn’t take her eyes off his cock.

It was long, for one thing. And it hugged his belly in a giant hard-on. The head was mushroom-shaped and crimson. It was already leaking too. A big drop of whitish jizz oozed from his pisser.

“Wow!” she said.

Jake palmed his balls. “Still think you can handle both of us?”

She licked her lips as she gazed at his taut, jism-filled balls.

“I know I can.”

David knelt on her right side and stroked her tits and thighs. She was aware that he wasn’t as aggressive as usual. He was holding back, giving Jake im opportunity to get at her goodies.

“Now that’s gash,” Jake said, taking her hand and wrapping her fingers around his cockshaft.

“Please, someone, fuck me,” she said. “Oh, baby, will we,” Jake said as her fingers tugged on his prick.

“You can fuck her in the ass,” David said.

But Jake was already mounting her and pushing his big cockhead against the mouth of her cunt. Jessie let out a gasp when he tried entering her. As wet as she was his cock was too big.

He wasn’t angry. He obviously found it exciting.

“She sure does have a tight pussy,” he said. He used two fingers to open her up. She lubricated heavily and writhed her ass as he frigged her.

“Now give me your cock,” she begged. Jake grinned. “First I’ve got to taste this sweet pussy.”

She was delighted when he pushed his face between her legs and began licking her cuntslit.

“Oh, yes!” she moaned, clamping her thighs around his head.

“Yeah baby, go for it,” David said, sucking her tits.

She pulled David’s head down and french kissed him while Jake forced his big tongue into her cunt. When his tongue wasn’t in her pussyhole, it was rasping back and forth over her clit.

“Oh, God, that’s good!” she cried when Jake dragged his tongue into her asscrack.

“I’ve got to have this sweet asshole,” Jake said.

“She loves taking it in the ass,” David said.

“Somebody please fuck me!”

“Don’t be so impatient,” David said. “Let him lick as long as he wants.”

“Mmmmm, wonderful! Oh, yes!”

She melted when Jake zeroed in on her clit and began lashing it with his tongue.

Her pussy leaked a steady stream of cuntjuice and Jake scooped it up with the flat of his tongue. By now her clit was throbbing delightfully. Her orgasm was close and she braced herself for the onslaught.

When she was least expecting it, Jake entered her. He thrust his cock in arid out of her, snatch a few times and then pulled out again.

“Noooo!” Jessie whined. “Don’t stop!”

He paid no attention. Bending down, he plunged his tongue back into her cunt gash. The pleasure was so intense she came, losing all control and grinding her pussy against his mouth. When she opened her mouth to scream, David shoved his cock inside. She heard both men chuckle as she hungrily inhaled David’s prick.

“Now, she’s ready,” Jake said, ramming his cock into her snatch.

“Give it to her,” David said, sawing his cock in and out of her mouth. “She loves it the harder the better.”

“Mmmmm!” Jessie mumbled, her lips racing up and down David’s prick.

“Shit, what a tight cunt!” Jake growled.

She arched her back and thrust her pelvis to meet Jake’s fuck-strokes. Above her, David forced his cock into her throat.

“Do you dig it, baby?” Jake said.

Jessie couldn’t answer, but she clawed at his arms in response. David snickered.

“She loves it,” he said.

“I can go a long time,” Jake said. “Want to change places?”


Jessie took a few deep breaths when the men changed places. Soon it was David plunging his cock into her cunt and Jake fucking her mouth.

“What a hot number she is,” Jake said. “You’ve got the business, Dave. We’ll sign the papers in the morning.”

“You won’t be sorry,” David said.

“I never could resist a tight pussy. Hey, look at her come.”

“Get over here,” David said, pulling out of her cunt. “You’ve got to feel her pussy on your cock when she comes.”

Jessie’s climax went on and on. Her cunt contracted powerfully around Jake’s cock, causing him to blast off inside her depths.

“Fantastic piece,” Jake said as he finished up.

“Yeah, she’s the best,” David said.

“God, that was good!” Jessie sighed, arms and legs wide spread.

Jake reached for a cigarette and chuckled. “We’ll do it again, after the papers are signed, doll.”


Red began coming to the house once or twice a week. He came after school to help with the yard and Jessie paid him well from her own money.

To avoid neighborhood gossip, she kept him busy with chores far the first hour or so. After he was through with his work they had a few beers and fucked.

One day they sat and talked while they sipped their beer. Red told her about the first time he got fucked. She described how she lost her cherry. They spoke as one adult to another. At times Jessie forgot he was only a boy.

Suddenly she rose up. “Dance with me,” she said, switching on the stereo.

She stood in front of him for a moment, swaying back and forth in time to the music.

“You’re terrific,” Red said as he took her into his arms.

She rubbed up against him. “You’re pretty terrific too.”

“I wish I was older. If we were the same age we could get married.”

“But I’m already married.” The boy frowned. “Yeah, but you don’t love him.”

“Who says I don’t love him?” The teenager held her possessively tight. “If you loved him you wouldn’t be fucking me.”

“Oh, darling, in so many ways you’re still so young.”

He tightened his grip on her.

“And in some ways I’m elder than you.”

“You’re holding me so tight I can hardly breathe.”

“I don’t care. I want to be with you all the time.”

She forced him to relax his grip. “You know that’s impassible,” she said lightly.


She didn’t bother stifling a giggle.

He flushed. “Go ahead and make fun of me. I don’t care. I love you.”

“I love you too, darling. I love when you fuck me. When you fuck me, you’re all man. Wonderful, hard-cocked man.”

He backed her into the wall and pressed up against her.

“When I graduate, I can get a job.”

“I guess you can.”

“And we can get married,” he blurted out. She froze. “We can what?”

“Get married.”

His entire body shook as he stared into her eyes.

“I love you, Jessie.”

“Nonsense, darling, you’re just a kid. You don’t know what life is all about.”

“I know enough to know I love you.” She realized then she had a problem. Trying to sound casual, she brushed her lips against his cheeks.

“You’ll be in love a hundred times before you settle down.”


He hugged her so tightly she had difficult breathing.

“I’ve got an idea,” she said, sounding more confident than she felt. “Let me fix you a real drink.”

She managed to escape his arms and head for the kitchen. He followed on her heels.

“You’re trying to change the subject,” he said.

“What if I am?” She began mixing a pitcher of martinis.

“Don’t laugh at me.” His voice was low and dead serious.

She melted. “Oh, darling, I’m not laughing at you. It’s just that a boy your age is vulnerable. You’d fall in love with any older woman who looked at you.”

“No, I wouldn’t. I love you.” His chin jutted out. “I really do.”

“Let’s not argue.”

She handed him a martini, took his hand and led him back to the living room.

“Now, where’s that smile?”

“You’re not fucking anyone else, are you?” He wrinkled his nose when he tasted the martini.

She realized then he thought he was the only man in her life beside John. She didn’t know whether to lie or tell him the truth. She didn’t want to lead him on, but at the same time she didn’t want to hurt him. She decided it would be best to evade the entire issue.

“Kiss me, Red.”

Taking his hand, she placed it over her right tit. Her blouse was open and her cleavage peeked out. His eyes glistened when he gazed at her tits. He squeezed her tit and smirked.

“Kiss me,” she repeated, and he leaned over and kissed her on the lips. “That’s better, darling. All that serious talk was depressing me. Promise you won’t bring it up again?”

He shook his head. “Aw, Jessie…”

She placed a finger over his lips.

He hesitated. “Okay, but some day we’ll talk about it again.”

“Meanwhile, there’s this thing down here.” She made a grab for his crotch. He automatically pushed his knees together. “Hey, watch it!”

She threw her head back and laughed. “Trying to protect the family jewels? Honey, I wouldn’t hurt you for the world.”

“You’re laughing at me.”

“No, I’m just happy we’re together.”

“Just don’t laugh at me.” She rubbed his crotch and as his cock stiffened the blood rushed to his face.

“Hmmmm, I like what I feel in here.”

“I love fucking you.”

“You’re darling.” She touched her hand to his cheek. “So young and dear,” she mused.

He trembled. “Can we get into bed now?” he croaked.

“Let’s get on the rug,” she said. “I don’t want to wait to get into bed.”

And then they were on the floor and he climbed on top of her and they kissed. As his mouth came down on hers, she caressed the back of his neck. They were like two young lovers, probing each other’s mouth and touching all over.

His lips were the lips of a men. If she closed her eyes she could imagine he was her peer and not a mere child. But most of the time she kept her eyes open. The fact that he was a teenager turned her on. The feel of his strong arms around her made her weak with lust.

They drank each other’s essence. One kiss blended into another. His hands cupped her tin and hers stroked his ass. He lay squarely on top of her and his body cut her off from the world.

“Jesus, Jessie,” he murmured. “You’re so beautiful, Red.”

“You’re the beautiful one.” She stroked his hair. “We’re both beautiful.”

She began unbuttoning her blouse. Soon her bra was off and she was naked from the waist up. He mashed his chest against her tits as she ran her hands across his strong young back.

He sucked her neck, suctioning little pieces of flesh between his teeth and leaving love marks on her throat. He dug his fingers into her tits, flicking his thumbs over her nipples.

She managed to unzip his fly and free his cock. She touched the bulbous head and squeezed the thick root.

“Oh, darling,” she said.

“I love you, Jessie.”

“Ssshhh, darling, no more of that. Let’s just enjoy each other. We’re going to have a nice long fuck. Kiss me, Red. Give me your tongue the way you’re going to give me your cock later.”

His cock throbbed in her fist as they frenched. God, how the kid satisfied her! She didn’t have a better lover. If only he didn’t start giving her trouble.

“Suck my tits.”

“Jesus, I love your tits.”

His jaws opened wide and captured great mouthfuls of titflesh. She held onto his prick and moved just the skin up and down his stiff prickrod.

“Darling,” she sighed.

“I love sucking your tits. Does that hurt?”

“No, I love when you bite them like that.”

“I hope my cock doesn’t explode.”

“I know how to take care of that. Mmmmm, my pussy’s getting good and hot.”

“Does your back hurt?”

“No, I love having your weight on me.”

He trembled convulsively, his face showing strain. “You better stop doing that for a minute. Fuck, I don’t want to come yet!” He grimaced as he fought for control. She stopped pumping his cockmeat. “Keep sucking my tits, darling.”

“Let me put it in, Jessie.”

“Yes, darling, put it in. I want it so.”

She spread her legs and he pressed his cockhead against her slickly lubricated pussy. She held back for a moment, denying him entrance.

With his throbbing prick poised at the mouth of her cunt, she pushed downward. He groaned when she pulled his head down and pushed a tit into his mouth.

“Suck them, darling,” she sighed. “Suck them while you go in.”

“Oh, yeah!”

“That feels so good. You’re making me so hot and excited.”

“Me too.”

“I’m so glad they’re big. You don’t like small tits, do you?”

He shook his head, his mouth stuffed with titflesh.

“Mmmmm,” he mumbled.

She laced her fingers through his bright red hair.

“My little baby lover,” she said, her voice husky with passion. “Soon you’ll be inside me, my lover, and we’ll see the stars together.”

“I love you.”

“I love you too. But more important, my pussy loves you. Do I give you enough pussy, baby?”

“Mmmmmm!” His lips and tongue worked hungrily over her tits.

“I love making you happy, I love keeping you supplied with pussy.”

She took him into her pussy then and he lunged and thrashed deep inside her. Suddenly she pushed him out, climbed over him and lowered her face to his glistening cock.

“What’re you doing?”

Jessie felt her cunt spasm with excitement. “I’m just going to have a taste of my favorite cock, baby.”

She squeezed her thighs together, putting pressure on her clit. Flicking her tongue out, she tasted her essence and his.

“Take it in your mouth,” he said.

“I’m going to, lover.”

Opening her jaws, she took the big head of his cock into her mouth. A drop of jism dropped onto her tongue. She let it stay there a moment, relishing its flavor and consistency. Then she wrapped her lips around his cockhead and suctioned it into her mouth. He groaned and widened the spread of his legs.

“Aw, Jessie, that’s great.”

She sucked his cockhead for a few moments and then she stopped and made him take the rest of his clothes off. When he was naked, she could no longer contain herself. She slid the ring of her lips to the base of his cock and deep throated him.

When she released him, she pressed her entire body to his.

“I want you to fuck me in the ass, lover.”


“Yes. See? I’m getting into position.”

His eyes widened when she rolled onto her hands and knees and thrust her ass out. She pried her asscheeks open and watched his expression as he gazed at her fleshy round ass.

He licked his lips.

“God, I love fucking your ass.”

“My little asshole’s so excited. See how it’s opening up for you?”

“Yeah, I see it.”

“Come on, darling boy. Fuck me. Stick your big cock into my shitter like a good boy.”

Still holding her asscheeks open, she touched bet hung. Her passion had made it loose. With just a touch of cuntjuice it would need no more lubrication.

“Wet it a little,” she said.


He swiped his fingers over her pussy and used her cuntjuice to moisten her brownie.

“Now, your cock, baby.”

He placed his cockhead against her butt. Reaching back, the horny housewife touched his prick.

“I’m putting it in,” he said.

She squeezed her tits, wetting her fingers with cuntjuice and painting her nipples. She knew he was teasing her deliberately by holding back.

But the feel of his prick against her shitter was enough to make her tingle all over. She began rotating her hips in a circular fucking motion.

“I can’t wait until it’s in,” she cooed.

“I’m putting it in now.”

“I’m ready.” She held her ass perfectly still as he pushed.

“It’s going in.”

Reaching back, she held her asscheeks apart, straining as he forced his big cockhead into her ass. Her asshole opened up and half of his cockhead lodged inside it.

“Lover, it’s in,” she said.

“Wait, there’s more.”

She heard the excitement in his voice and reached underneath to touch his balls. They were packed with fuck-jam. Soon her bowels would be warm with his jism.

He groaned when her asshole put pressure on his cockhead. Inch by wonderful inch he filled her ass with his stiff cockmeat. And the further his cock went the better it felt.

She tried to keep still, but she couldn’t help writhing and twisting with excitement. He bent over her back and shoved in. Then he was all the way inside her, splitting her asshole in two.

“It’s all the way in,” he croaked.

“I know, I can feel it. Don’t move. Not yet. I just want to feel it fill me up.”

“Oh, fuck, it’s tight.”

“You’re all the way in, lover. No, don’t move yet. Just let me feel it a moment.”

“My balls are gonna explode soon.”

“Oh, darling, I can hardly wait!”

“Jesus, you’re playing with your pussy.”

“Yes, I’m masturbating.”

“Can I do it for you?”

“Yes, if you like.”

He substituted his fingers for hers and she returned her hands to her tits. Finally she wanted him to start thrusting. The pressure was too great. She needed stroking.

“Now, move it in and out,” she said. “Fuck me in the ass, my lover.”

“Yaaaaa!” he growled, pulling halfway out and pushing in again.

He flicked her clit as he stroked and soon, she was screaming and coming. When he thrust a finger into her pussy, she screamed again.

“More! Give me two fingers!”

She pulled wildly on her hanging tits. The carpet was burning her elbows and knees, but it didn’t matter. She had never felt so fulfilled.

“You’re fucking me so good,” she said. “This is the best yet.”

“Yeah, me too. Jesus, your asshole’s so tight.”

“Try and hold on. I’m coming again.” Her body undulated as another orgasm surged through her. This time her asshole clamped down hard on his prick and held it in a viselike grip. He stuffed his fingers into her cunt and left them there while she held his cock inside her shitter.

A long moment passed. The wildly aroused cheating wife held her breath and waited. The teenager growled and filled her asshole with his thick jism. He gripped her hips and pistoned his spurting prick into her.

When he finally tried withdrawing, she used her strong asshole muscles to keep him inside.

“Keep fucking me,” she gasped. “Keep fucking my ass.”

Her entire body went rigid as she came one more time. Her cunt and ass felt like a giant clit. Every nerve-ending in her body tingled.

He no longer tried pulling out. His cock stayed hard and pumped into her savagely. Another few splashes of spunk surged into her. When his cock finally softened, he withdrew it slowly and she didn’t object.

“Oh, God, honey, that was wonderful!” She rolled over onto her back and cradled him against her.

“There’s no one like you, Jessie,” he said. “There, there, darling. That’s my sweet teenaged stud.”


One morning six months later Jessie watched John drive off to work. Her life was full and satisfying. She was busy with her various lovers and enjoyed sex more than ever.

Today she felt excited, but she didn’t know why. David was out of town and she didn’t have to go to the office. She had no plans and yet she had a feeling something exciting was about to happen. A new lover perhaps?

Strolling naked to the bathroom, she examined her body in the full-length mirror. Reassured that her body was still firm and her skin smooth, she examined the skin around her eyes. A touch of mascara would wipe away the slight shadow. Her face was prettier than ever. Thank God. Being pretty was fun and made life so much more pleasant.

Sometimes John’s indifference still depressed her, but basically she’d made her peace with that long ago. Occasionally she envied women who were faithful to their husbands, but she knew she wasn’t the type and didn’t dwell on it.

All in all she was a happy fulfilled woman and she looked it. Her life style suited her. Knowing oats needs and filling them was what life was all about.

After a self-satisfied smirk, she turned away from the mirror and stepped into the shower. She never stayed in the shower long. Too much hot water could make the skin pruney. Lotion took care of any dry spots on her hells and elbows, and perfume and dusting powder of the same scent made her feel feminine and sexy.

Still with no plans for the day, she slipped into a sleeveless dress and went down to the kitchen where she enjoyed a piece of toast and a freak cup of coffee.

When the doorbell rang, she wasn’t surprised.

She had a feeling something nice was going to happen. She’d felt it all morning. Who could it be?

She decided before opening the door that she would take to bed whoever it was. Man or boy, or woman, for that matter, she was in the mood for a new adventure. Hopefully it wouldn’t be some derelict.

She needn’t have worried. He was about twenty-five with dark blond curly hair and innocent eyes.

“Mrs. Walton?”

Nodding, she silently appraised him. She let her eyes flicker sensuously over his slim body.

“Yes, I’m Mrs. Walton.”

He smiled tentatively. He had a nice rather than handsome face. He was well-groomed and well-mannered. And he obviously liked what he saw standing in the doorway.

“Well?” she smiled.

“I, uh…” He gawked at her.

“You must be selling something. What’s the matter? The cat got your tongue?”

Braless, she was aware that her tits jiggled slightly.

The young man’s eyes never left her tits.

“I was just admiring your chest, I mean your antique chest.” He blushed furiously.

“Oh, that old thing,” she said, an amused smile on her lips as she waved at the old chest in the hallway.

“I hope I haven’t offended you.”


She had no intentions of making it easy for him. She shifted to her other foot and placed a hand on her hip.

“You were saying…”

“Yes, uh, may I come in?”

Nodding, she opened the door wider. He brushed past her into the kitchen.

“Uh, thanks.”

They stared at each other.

“You know my name,” she said. “Isn’t it time I knew yours?”

“My name is Marty and I’m selling magazine subscriptions.” His voice was barely audible.

“I don’t give a damn what you’re selling,” she chuckled, moving toward him. “You’re cute.”

Without another word she placed her hand on his crotch. She cupped his basket. His eyes bulged.

“I don’t believe this!” he whispered under his breath.

“You do want the same thing I want, don’t you?”

“Uh, sure.”

“You’ve got a hard-on in here, I can feel it. Are you always this nervous?”

“Lady, you’re driving me crazy.”

“That’s the idea. Okay, then, we’re on the same wave-length, right?”

“We sure are.”

“I was afraid for a minute.”

“No problem.”

He took her into his arms and crushed her against him. He was stronger than he looked.

“I think you might be a man of few words, but lots of action.”

“I try.”

He smiled, less nervous now as his excitement increased. Her tits pressed against him.

“You know, I had the feeling something exciting was going to happen to me today.”


“Yeah, like meeting a new man.”

“Jesus, I really don’t believe this.”

“I’m really drawn to you, Marty.”

“Me too. I mean drawn to you.”

“Do you find me attractive?”

“Are you kidding?” she laughed. His expression was so intense, she was amused.

“I just love to fuck, don’t you?”

“You bet.”

She continued rubbing her hand over his crotch.

“Do you give head? I’m in the mood to have my pussy eaten. If you like them hot and juicy, that’s what I’ve got for you.”

Without a word he dropped to his knees and pressed his face between her legs.

“Does this answer your question?” he said. Even through her cotton dress she felt his warm breath on her crotch.

“Pull my skirt up and kiss me,” she breathed. He raised her skirt to her waist and she held it there while he pressed his nose into her nylon covered pussy. “Can I take your panties off?”

“I’ll do it. You get your cock out.” She stepped out of her panties while he tore his clothes off.

“You got a bed here?” His face was flushed and his eyes excited.

“Of course. But we don’t have to use a bed. That’s so ordinary. Are you adventurous enough to fuck on the floor?”

“You bet. Sure. Anything you say.”

She knew he would do anything she wanted. She left her dress on, but he stripped all his clothes off and let her feast her eyes on his meaty cock and balls.

“Good body,” she said.

“You too.”

“I’ll bet you’re dying to see my tits.” He nodded, standing with his arms at his sides and his big cock straining upward.

“Yeah, I’m dying to see them.”

“No, not yet.”

She stepped back and continued admiring his prick. His cockshaft was thick and dark and covered with small blue veins. His piss-slit was big and wet, glistening with jizz.

She looked carefully at his balls. They were beautifully formed and large, hanging down rather heavily and thickly covered with hair. Now Jessie fell to her knees and, opening her mouth, began licking his nuts.

When she glanced up at his face, he was pale and his eyes looked glazed over. She suddenly realized she was jerking his cock up and down while she wet down his balls with saliva.

He spread her legs wide apart and tried to give her more room. He his hands on her head and silently urged her on.

“Oh, you’re the best,” he murmured. “I’ve only just begun.”

“I can tell. Oh, lady, you’re dynamite.”

“Tell me that later, when we’re through.”

“I never want to be through with you.” She stopped talkin. It was much more satisfying working her lips and tongue over his cock and balk. She closed her eyes and concentrated on the taste of him. She felt his balls tighten up. Maybe she would take his first load in her mouth.

Suddenly he pushed her down on her back. She lay in the hallway, on the carpet, her legs sprawled apart and her skirt pushed back and mounted her, aggressive in his eagerness to enter her.

Eyes shut and grimacing, he rubbed his cock up down her slit. Her tangle of cunt-hair got in his way. He muttered under his breath.

“What did you say?” she said.

“I wanna eat you, but later, after we fuck.”

“I’m going to milk your cock once you’re inside.”

“Oh, Jesus, I don’t believe this!”

Jessie lost herself in the wonder of the moment. As the thickness of his cock entered her, she began bucking her hips and raising her ass from the floor. He slid his hands under her ass.

“Here, I’ll help,” he said. “You fuck. I’ll take care of my ass.”

“Oh shit!”

He thrust in and out, his fuck-strokes deep and hard. Jessie yelled for him to fuck her harder and faster and deeper and he complied until she thought he would tear her insides apart.

“You’re tearing my cock off!”

“Get it all in there!”

“Jesus, what a cunt you’ve got!”

“Why can’t John fuck like this?”

“Who’s John?”

“Never mind. Fuck!”

“I can’t do it any harder.”

“Oh, God, you’re splitting me in two!”

“I’m sorry.”

He stopped thrusting. She grabbed him by the ass and rammed herself at him.

“Don’t stop! Keep fucking!”

“Oh, shit, lady, you’re gonna bring me off!”

“That’s okay. I’ll get you hard again.” She raked her fingernails down his ass. “I’m coming!”


But it was too late, his balls erupted and in a moment she was filled with spunk. Afterward he was contrite.

“I’m sorry I came so fast.”

“You did just fine. Let me up. Let’s have a cold beer and catch our breath.”

She opened two beers, handed him one and led him upstairs.

“Did I hurt you?” he said politely. “No, but we’ll finish up in bed.”

“Jesus, I hope it’ll come up again,” she gasped. “I promise you it will.” In the bedroom, he climbed into bed while she undressed.

“Here’s to your tits,” he said, watching her intently as she removed her dress.

“I’ll drink to that.”

Sliding onto the bed next to him, she pushed her tits against him.

“I never met anyone like you.”

“I’m just your ordinary, everyday housewife.”

“Yeah, sure,” he grinned. “You need a lot of sex, don’t you?”

She took his limp cock in her hand as she sipped her beer.

“Yes, and I like the way you fuck. Feel free to stop by occasionally.”

“You bet.” He gulped his beer. “Jesus, you better believe I’ll stop by.”

“You really didn’t eat me before.”

“I’ll make it up to you…”

“Will you really?” His cock was slowly stiffening. “Yes, I do believe you will.”

“I always thought these things happened to other people.”

“Well, now you know better.”

“Yeah, Jesus, and to think I dreaded starting this job.”

“Don’t tell me this is your first day?” He nodded. “Yeah, and yours was the first house I stopped at.”

“I don’t believe it.”

“It’s the truth.”

He grinned, glowing with confidence and brash sexuality.

Suddenly he crushed her into his arms and kissed her. She returned his kisses and welcomed the feel of his teeth tearing into her lips. His tongue darted lustily into her mouth and his saliva flowed. His hands sought and found her nipples and she whimpered as she surrendered to his demands.

And then he was eating her, shoving his face between her legs and whipping his tongue over her cunt folds. Between his fingers and his tongue he soon had her screaming.

“Oh, my God!” she shrieked.

His tongue was all over her, lapping up the juice gushing from her cunthole and rasping over her clit. She shook all over when he pressed his nose into her pussyhole.

She surged toward another orgasm as he hungrily licked every nook and cranny of her cunt gash. Waves of exquisite sensations crashed through her. She tore at the sheets and waved her legs in the air. She didn’t know when she lost control of herself, but this salesman, this seemingly timid man, was devouring her.

“I’m coming again!” he cried. “Oh, my God, you’re sucking me so good!”

Marty held her thighs back and forced her to hold still as he flicked his tongue up and down her clit. She thrashed her head back and forth on the pillow, moaning and crying as she ground her pussy against this mouth.

Just as suddenly as he began eating her, he stopped and straddled her. With one well positioned lunge, he was inside her. She fastened her legs around his back and rode with him. Squirming frantically beneath him, she became a mindless mass of cunt and ass.

He was rapidly approaching climax. His cock soared into her and in moments he began spitting his load into her pussy. Her cunt gripped his cock and in the flurry of excitement she lost all control and sank her teeth into his arm.

He roared as he rammed his cock into her depths. At the end she laughed happily. What an animal I am, she thought. What a wonderfully happy animal.

“Want to do it again?” he said, leaning over and kissing her.

“You can’t be serious.”

“Try me.”

Taking her hand he moved it between his legs. She was delighted to find his cock was still hard.

“I don’t believe it.”

He rolled on top of her. She gave a little squeal when he entered her. Since she was so wet he had no trouble getting his less-than-rigid cock inside her. As he proceeded to thrust, his prick quickly stiffened.

“I can’t believe it’s hard again,” she said. “Lady, I think we’ve both met our match.”

“Dear Lord,” she said, wrapping her arms around his neck and fastening her legs to his back. “I had no idea you were such a cocksman.”

“I didn’t either.”

“Ride me.”

“I’m riding.”

“I know. Oh, God, do I ever know!”

“Fuck!” he grunted.

“Let ‘er rip!”

“Go for it!”

“I knew something nice was going to happen to me today.”

“Fuck, don’t talk.”

That’s what I’m doing, she thought. I’m just an old married fucker.

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Niece In Torment

Who can judge a person’s reactions during stress situations? The prisoner of war who gives in to his captors’ demands, the kidnapped heiress who joins forces with her abductors — both must act without past experience to guide them. The end result can be either a very negative or a positive experience.

In NIECE IN TORMENT Faye Madden finds herself in just such a situation. Held captive by her uncle, degraded and forced to perform abnormal sexual acts, she nonetheless finds within herself hidden resources, a strength of character she never realized she had.

Faye Madden suffers through an unspeakably horrible experience, but she comes through with her sensibilities intact, knowing she is more of a woman.


Faye Madden looked out the rain-streaked window of the droning 747 at the blurred city lights below. She clasped her trembling fingers together, folding them in her lap and trying to fight down the panic that made her heart pound like a trip-hammer.

“Weather making you a little nervous?” a ruggedly handsome dark-haired man who was sitting next to her asked.

Faye turned her head slightly to the right and shook it back and forth, afraid that she might choke if she said anything. Flying terrified her, and this storm was driving her wild with fear.

“Come on. Holding hands at times like these makes it easier,” the broad-shouldered stud said, reaching over and gently covering Faye’s folded hands with his big right paw.

“Th-thanks,” Faye stammered, feeling her terror subside a little. At the same time, she felt her nipples press against the thin fabric of her white cotton blouse.

There goes that damned feeling again! Faye said to herself, closing her eyes and trying to ignore the fact that her cunt was slowly erecting itself, that her cuntal membranes were starting to stretch and swell, and that her pussy-lips were moving apart slowly, exposing her hot, trembling hole. All through the flight the dark-haired man had tried to make polite conversation with her. And she knew why. Faye knew that he wanted to sneak into her panties and slip his big fat dick in her snatch. That’s the way all men were. All they cared about was climbing on top of a woman and crushing her titties with their big paws while they hunched their drooling cocks in further and harder until they got their rocks off. Her Uncle Fred taught her that ten years ago on her father’s farm when she was fifteen and when he…

No! She wouldn’t think about that anymore. That was a long time ago, and Faye was always telling herself that she’d recovered from that…

That… experience.

“Sure you’re okay?” the big man asked.

Faye smiled weakly, then turned her head and looked out the window again.

Men and their cocks! Faye thought bitterly, fighting down the nagging suspicion that she desperately needed dick-meat now. She needed it, yet hated it at the same time. Faye kept telling herself she’d recovered from that humiliating rape in the barn years ago. But she secretly knew that it wasn’t true. Since that hot July night, Faye had declared a silent war on men and on the hot, tight feeling that occasionally swept across her near-virgin pussy with the ferocity of a California brush fire. She loved wearing revealing clothing, knowing that her big tits and her full, creamy thighs and well-rounded ass-cheeks made men’s cocks stretch and thicken with hot blood. Then she put them down. God, how good that made her feel, telling a man panting after her ass to go stick it!

Her routine did everything Faye had hoped it would. It frustrated men, and it kept her pussy free of any invading cock. And that was the problem. Even with the extreme fear and hatred Faye had of men, she couldn’t ignore her own sexual drives that were growing stronger with each passing year. She felt them welling up inside her somewhere deep in her gut like a swollen river pressing up against a weakened dam. There were occasional moments when Faye thought of going to a singles bar and really letting a man pick her up and — but no! She couldn’t even think of the possibility of what would happen. Fucking! The ward made her skin crawl with horror.

But now, flying in a plane trapped in a violent thunderstorm somewhere over northern California, Faye forgot about her war on men and mentally, as well as physically, started to lean on the big man’s shoulders.

“First flight?” he asked in a deep bass voice, squeezing her small trapped hand slightly with his powerful fingers.

“N… no. Flying always does this to me especially in this kind of weather,” Faye stammered, smiling as she turned her head and looked at him. He winked, gave her hand a reassuring squeeze, then turned his head and raised his right hand to signal a passing stewardess. While he was busy placing an order for a drink, Faye had a chance to examine him better. He was about thirty, dressed impeccably in a dark brown three-piece business suit, and wearing no wedding ring. His skin was darkly tanned, something that seemed to make his black curly hair even darker as she looked at it.

“I’ve ordered us a drink,” he said, turning back to her and squeezing her fingers again.

“I’m fine now, thank you,” Faye said, pulling her hand out of his with a little trouble.

“My name’s Jack Moore,” he said, flashing a broad smile and revealing a straight row of brightly white front teeth.

“Faye Madden. I’m sorry I caused you so much trouble. I’m really not such a baby. It’s just that this rain and wind… well, enough of that,” Faye said, laughing nervously as Jack continued to stare at her. Jesus, does he have to drill those eyes into me? Faye wondered as she felt her pulse quicken. There was that disgusting itch in her cunt again. But there wasn’t anywhere she could go run off to now and finger that rising clit. She had to stay there, cringing under Jack’s hungry, sparkling brown eyes while her pussy-lips swelled thicker and thicker with each passing minute.

“Glad to meet you. Here’s our drinks,” Jack said, taking his eyes off Faye for a second to pay the stew. The blonde sighed with relief, settling back in her seat and breathing a little more easily. When a man started to stare at her like that lately, Faye began to weaken in her resolve not to fuck another man again.

“Have a good flight, sir,” the stew said, smiling as she handed Jack the two drinks. Faye turned to take one of the drinks, then dropped her eyes for some reason down to Jack’s crotch. There was a bulge in his trousers! An erection — a hard-on, right there on the plane! The effect on Faye was electrifying. Her nipples were getting stiff and rigid, poking at her blouse like two steel spikes. That itch in her pussy was slowly turning into a dull ache. Her cunt began to ooze out rivulets of foamy juice, matting down the kinky curls surrounding her hot, puffy snatch-lips. God, how she wanted to reject him! How she wanted to cut him down the way she’d cut down so many other men! But what could she do? She was in a plane with no place to go. How could she risk creating a scene, embarrassing herself as well as him? Besides, Faye was so horny that she almost wished he’d ask her for a fast fuck.

“This’ll settle you down,” Jack said, handing her the vodka and tonic. They clinked glasses in a silent toast and drank down the burning booze. As Faye continued to small-talk with Jack Moore, the blonde felt the liquor firing up her pussy like gasoline on a bonfire. Taking that drink was the worst thing she could have done.

“Come on, let’s go up to the lounge,” Jack finally said, unfastening his seatbelt and starting to stand up.

“If you don’t mind, I’d rather stay here,” Faye said, wondering why he was so anxious to go upstairs.

“You’re paying for a first-class seat and ignoring the goods that go along with it. Come on, it’ll do you some good. There’s more room up there to breathe,” Jack said brightly.

And to fuck, Faye thought, looking cynically at him. Then she shook her head. What was this with her? She was thinking fuck, fuck, fuck all the time. Maybe all he wanted to do was help her out. Maybe — but then there was that hard dick. Standing up, the big man didn’t show his hard-on trough the fairly loose-fitting trousers. But it was there. Faye knew it was there, just waiting to fly out and slip into some hot pussy.

“Well, I don’t know,” Faye said as her forehead broke out into a sweat. Her fingers shook so hard that the ice in her glass clanked together. Fight it! Fight it! Faye screamed to herself.

“Come on. You don’t have to be nervous. I’ll be there,” Jack said in a low, husky voice.

Faye sucked in a deep breath. She could smell her cunt juice. She couldn’t go up in that cabin with him now. She wasn’t in any condition to be with a man. No! No!

“Alright, but you’ll have to hold me. I’m a little unsteady,” she said, unfastening her seatbelt and crawling out to the aisle. Faye balanced her drink carefully in her right hand as the two of them walked carefully to the spiral stairway that led up to the first-class lounge. What’s happening to me?

Faye wondered to herself as she climbed up to the lounge. Each step was deliciously agonizing. The friction of her slick cuntal walls rubbing against her erect clit with each step she took sent hot/cold flashes through her body. That steady, pulsing, itchy ache in her cunt seemed to be robbing her of any strength. Faye at least tried to control herself outwardly. She didn’t want everyone to know she was this worked up sexually. But as the blonde passed two old men sitting together in the first row of seats in the lounge, she saw them stop their conversation and look up strangely at her. They could see it! Her face was flushed red with excitement and beads of sweat broke out on her forehead. They could smell it! Her vaporized cunt juice trailed after her like a shadow wherever she went.

“Let’s sit back here,” Jack suggested as he took her left hand and pulled her along.

Faye took another gulp of her drink and followed him. It didn’t occur to her that the only other people in the lounge were those two old men, and they were getting ready to leave. The stewardess had turned the lights down very low, leaving the cabin in semi-darkness. Occasionally, a bright flash of lightning lit up the black sky around the plane and brightly illuminated the lounge. But by and large, the two of them were alone in the darkened cabin.

“This is a lot better,” Jack said in a husky voice, sitting next to Faye in a large swivel seat.

“These airlines think of everything,” Faye giggled, twirling around in her swivel chair and finishing her drink with one big gulp. The cabin was beginning to swirl around in her head. A loud buzzing filled her ears as the jet gently pitched and rolled in the turbulent weather. That aching hotness between her legs! It was driving her crazy! If only she could get to it somehow. If only she could sneak off to one of the bathrooms for a few minutes and let her fingers…

“Why did you take off your jacket and vest?” Faye asked in a panic, suddenly realizing that Jack was stripping down.

“Just to get more comfortable,” he said, loosening his tie, then taking it off. The big man started to unbutton his shirt as Faye sank back into the well-padded chair in honor. Was he going to rape her right there on the plane?

“Does comfortable mean turning the lounge into a nudist colony?” Faye asked in a broken, excited voice. She was horrified at Jack’s actions. But at the same time those thick clumps of black body hair poking over his shirt as he unbuttoned it excited her. She wanted to see more of his body just as much as she wanted him to stop undressing and leave her alone.

“It might. Depends on what you want,” Jack said, continuing to strip down in front of her.

Faye’s breathing had grown shallow. The sharp tickling sensations in her cunt were making her nipples scratch the cool, silky material of her blouse. The lush, buttery heat spread in her cunt until the blonde’s entire body ignited with sexual fire. Faye licked her dry lips and tried to turn her head away.

“Stop that. Please,” Faye said hesitatingly in a soft husky voice.

“You don’t really want me to stop anything, do you? You want more, right, Faye? I could smell it down there. I know what you want, baby,” Jack said, bending down and slipping off his shoes and socks. Faye couldn’t say anything. She felt as if her blood had been turned into concrete and frozen her motionless. She sat in her chair, holding the empty drink glass while Jack pulled off his shirt and laid it carefully on top of his jacket and vest. The blonde inhaled sharply. The muscles in his chest rippled with each movement he made, radiating an excitement, lust and power that tore down the last shreds of resistance Faye had. The blonde dropped her glass, sending the ice cubes scudding across the thickly carpeted floor while she reached up and cupped her titties with both hands. It felt so good to hold them now. She squeezed her long, slender fingers into the spongy tit-flesh and sighed. When she pressed her steely nipples in with her thumbs, her cunt contracted at the same time, giving her some relief from the almost unbearable itchy feeling that gripped her entire body.

“Wh-what are you doing to me?” Faye suddenly wondered out loud as she dropped her hands to her lap. She felt horribly shamed and guilty that a man was making her feel herself off like that in public!

“You’re doing it to yourself, honey. I can tell that you’ve been needing and wanting cock-meat for a long time. Well, I’m just the guy to feed it to you, inch by inch,” Jack said, leering hotly at her as he started to climb off his seat.

“You stay where you are,” Faye said in a terrified voice as Jack slid off the seat and stood up in front of her. She shifted her glance from his sparkling eyes down to the crotch that was only inches in front of her. The big bulge was noticeable now, twitching nervously.

“Go on. Touch it!” Jack said.

“What? Are you crazy?” Faye cried out, wondering why she just didn’t stand up and run away. That’s what she should have done. But her knees were so weak. And that pulsating itch in her pussy was sapping her of all strength and resistance.

“Come on. Don’t play the reluctant vestal virgin with me,” Jack said, bending down and grabbing both her hands with his. With one quick move the big man pulled her fingers up and forward, pressing them against that hot, big bulge. A flush of shame shot across her cheeks as Faye felt the tempting heat of Jack’s big, thick cock through his trousers.

“Go on and tell me that you don’t want to get fucked,” Jack said huskily, rubbing the blonde’s fingers slowly up and down that cloth-imprisoned dick. “You want that prick, and I want to slip it in between those fat, hot pussy-lips of yours,” Jack growled.

“But here, in the plane?” Faye stammered out, racking her brain for excuses.

“We’re in the back of the lounge. We’ve got at least an hour before we land in San Francisco, and it’s late at night. There won’t be too many people up here. Besides, you want it so bad you’d do it in a public park in broad daylight,” Jack said, letting go of her hands while he slid his up to the top button.

“Oh God, no,” Faye groaned as she watched him unfastening his trousers. Her eyes glued themselves to the big man’s fly as he slowly unzipped it. Before she knew it, the zipper was all the way down. Jack pulled his slacks open, letting loose the ten-inch monster Faye had felt through the material seconds earlier.

“Like it? Most women do,” Jack said, pushing his slacks down to his ankles and stepping out of them. While he folded them neatly over his other clothes, Faye almost broke out laughing. The whole thing was crazy, absurd! Stripping down in the middle of a crowded airliner — the idea of it was beyond belief! Yet there he was, standing completely naked only a few feet in front of her, fingering that thickly-veined, long, drooling dick with both hands. The whole thing was crazy.

Yet Faye felt a strange excitement that was taking over her mind and body. She didn’t care about the rest of the passengers. She didn’t think they would come up to the lounge any more. But fuck them if they did! She was too hot and willing to care. All her former resolutions not to fuck men dissolved with the booze and lust that ran through her body now. As Jack continued fingering his dick, Faye pushed herself up off the seat and slowly unbuttoned her blouse.

“That’s a good girl. Shit, I knew you had beautiful tits!” Jack said appreciatively as Faye shrugged her opened blouse off her shoulders and sent it floating down to the floor. Faye shuddered as Jack walked up to her and put his big arms around her waist, drawing her tightly to him. The stiff hairs that covered his chest tickled her stiffened nipples. She dropped her head back and opened her mouth in delight as Jack reached up with his right hand and started squeezing her right boob. His big, powerful hand felt so good doing that! He stroked her hot spongy flesh, finally flicking his thumb over and over her fiery tit-tip until Faye thought it was going to ignite. At the same time Jack rolled his hips a little and his swollen dong rubbed against Faye’s silky belly. She gasped at the feel of that hot roll of cock-flesh.

“Oh, Jack, Jack,” Faye moaned, rolling her head back and forth as the big man squeezed her hard nipple between his thumb and forefinger. He rolled it around like a pea, sending strange bolts of pleasure/pain ripping through her swaying titties down to her oozing cunt.

“Take off your skirt and panties, babe. I’m gonna fuck you,” Jack growled as he let go of her boobs and stepped back to give her enough room.

Fuck! There was that word again. Suddenly the old panic gripped her again. Her clit burned like a hot coal between her fat cunt-lips. But still there was that word again! She couldn’t go through with it! No! No man would have her again!

“Get away from me!” Faye cried out, covering her tits with both hands as she started to back away from him.

“Quit the act, baby. You’re hot for my dick. Any asshole can see that. So drop the crap and strip down!” Jack said angrily. If she wasn’t going to cooperate, he’d rip the clothes right off her.

“No, I’m not! Just get away from me or I’ll scream!” Faye threatened.

“Scream, eh? I’ll give you something to scream about!” Jack said angrily, leaping forward and grabbing the retreating Faye tightly around the right wrist.

“HELP!” she cried out.

“Little bitch!” Jack said, taking a quick look around his shoulder to make sure no one was coming up. Then he yanked down on the woman’s arms, pulling her down to the floor. Jack kneeled down in front of her and pushed her back before she could regain her balance.

“Stop it! Stop it!” Faye cried out as she felt him roll on top of her. His weight was crushing her down into the carpeting while his big dick rolled and slid up and down her panting belly. Her tits were pressed down into two flat puddles of flesh as Jack’s wiry chest hairs scratched and tickled her sweaty flesh.

“Come on, baby. A little cooperation,” Jack grunted as he pushed her skirt up, hooking his big fingers over the elastic band of her panties. Faye gasped as the sheer nylon was skinned over her plump ass-cheeks. This was no game! The big man had every intention of raping her right here and now!

“Rape! Rape!” Faye cried out in a panic as she made a quick lunge, trying to catch Jack’s wrists. But the panties were pulled down too quickly. She groaned as she felt them slide over her thighs, over her knees then slip off her toes.

“Get this fuckin’ thing off,” Jack growled unzipping her skirt and tearing it off. Faye rolled on the floor, sobbing and begging Jack not to fuck her. But it was useless. Soon she was stripped completely naked and the big man was on top of her, digging the full length of his big cock into the juicy, dark gash that ran between her puffy labes.

“OHHHHHH!” Faye cried out as that blood-engorged dick crushed into her clit.

“Gonna do a little eating before the main course,” Jack said as he started to slide down Faye’s twisting, hunching body.

“God help me! OHHH, NOOO!” Faye groaned guiltily as she felt Jack’s thick lips slide over her hot belly and down, down into the blonde, burning bush surrounding her gnawing pussy-lips.


“Oh, no! Don’t! Don’t!” Faye moaned as she rolled her head from side to side. Long strands of sweat-soaked blonde hair clung to her flushed cheeks and opened mouth while beads of perspiration trickled down her forehead into her eyes and ears. She dug her fingers into the thick carpeting, squeezing her plump ass-cheeks together and hunching slightly up into the air.

“MMMMMMMM!” Jack hummed happily as he moved his head from side to side, burrowing deeper into the blonde’s hot mushy box. His fingers dug into Faye’s inner thighs as his tongue licked the furry surfaces of her fully stretched pussy-lips.

The big man lapped like a hungry dog at Faye’s pussy-lips, trailing the tip of his tongue along the inner ridge of her outer labes. No one had ever done that to her! Faye thrashed wildly on the carpeting as the strange, new feeling took over her mind.

“Want cock now, baby?” Jack said softly, puffing his head out of Faye’s bucking pussy for a second.

“Yes! Yes! Cock! Cock!” the blonde cried out deliriously as the fire in her pussy burned out of control.

“That’s what I like to hear,” Jack said, diving his head back into her hot pussy. This time he started licking and digging into her snatch like a madman. He licked deep into her cunt, searching for hotter and hotter places. Then he backed away, rimming the top of her cuntal mouth with the tip of his tongue. Faye stiffened with delight as his fingers slid down from her thighs and into her box. He was holding her cunt-lips apart now with his fingers as he scoured every tiny nook and cranny with his tongue. His strong fingers cut into her swampy box while he lapped up the torrent of pungent pussy juice continually flowing from out of her hot hole. The blonde whimpered and sobbed loudly now, banging her fists wildly against the carpet.

“It’s been soooo long,” Faye wailed as Jack’s teasing pushed her beyond endurance. “Oh God, sooo long!”

“Can tell that, baby. You’re tight. But old Jack can take care of that real nice,” the big man whispered, moving his fingers in and out of her pussy. They made wet, sloppy sounds as they explored Faye’s rolling, jerking cunt. The blonde moaned in shame and excitement, but the words begging Jack to fuck her still bubbled out of her mouth.

“Woooo, I don’t want you jerking off in my mouth, baby. I’ve got a lot of jizz saved up for a cunt like yours, and I want you hopping hot when I shoot it off,” Jack said, backing off Faye’s pussy.

The blonde cried out with frustration when she felt that chewing mouth suddenly drop off her pussy. She’d never felt anything like that before. But it didn’t take her long to love it. That rough, wet sensation of a hot male tongue scraping along her juicy snatch blew her mind. That sexual drive that had been dammed up inside her for ten years suddenly broke out with Jack’s insistent tonguing. Faye felt her entire body swept with powerful waves of sexual lust. She was completely out of control now. Ten years of frustration suddenly shattered to pieces, releasing drives that should have been satisfied years ago. Now, her pussy jerked, contracted and spasmed wildly and almost painfully as it begged silently for Jack’s big dick.

“Fuck me! Fuck me!” Faye whimpered desperately as she pulled her hands up and ran her fingers through the swampy bush of her pussy.

“I said I don’t want you jerking off,” Jack growled, pulling her fingers off her hot, fiery, furry mound before she had a chance to finger her clit.

“I can’t take this,” Faye cried out.

“Can you take this?” Jack asked, crouching forward until his cock dangled over her lips.

“Suck? Oh, please. It’s so big!” Faye said in a small, whimpering voice. But she was so hot that she’d agree to anything now.

“Just relax and open wide, baby,” the big man said, dropping his hands to either side of the blonde’s face while he knelt down on either side of her shoulders. Faye looked up pleadingly at Jack, then dropped her lower jaw as she got ready to swallow that knobby, purple cock-head. Drops of pre-cum oozed out of the long piss-slit, dripping off the swollen dick-head and splashing down on her chin. Closing her eyes, Faye raised her head and opened her mouth as far as she could.

“MGGGFFFFF!” the blonde groaned as she felt the silky, hot bulb slide over her lips and past her front teeth. Jack hunched forward, grunting as he fed her inch after throbbing inch of his dick-meat. Faye was desperately trying to keep from gagging as Jack kept thrusting his hips forward, forcing more and more of his thick dick-shaft down her throat.

“Don’t back off, baby… not when I’m this hot!” Jack said as Faye tried to pull her head away. The big man grabbed the back of her head and shoved it back against his hairy, sweaty groin.

Slowly, Faye started to get used to that hot meat jerking between her milking lips. This was the first time she’d ever sucked dick. But something told her that the more friction she applied with her tongue and lips, the more excited Jack would get. And the more excited he got, the hotter her pussy fired up. It was a deliciously vicious circle, and one that Faye had every intention of staying in as long as she possibly could.

“UHHHHHH!” the blonde groaned as she felt her clit tingling unbearably. She reached down to stroke it; grabbing the pea-like organ between her fingers and rolling it like a marble until she thought she’d piss from the excitement. At the same time the woman ran her tongue in circles around the skin just under Jack’s pulsing cock-head, dipping into the tight cock-slit. She was amazed! Jack’s prick seemed to still grow and thicken with each passing second. She could feel those hard, rope-like blue veins that wrapped themselves around his dick-stalk throb against her tongue and the insides of her cheeks as the big man kept on filling up her mouth more and more with his prick.

“Ohhh, baby, faster. Faster!” Jack moaned, carried away by Faye’s increasingly frenzied tonguing. “Feel those balls, baby. Come on, feel ’em,” he grunted.

While she kept fingering her throbbing clit with her right hand, Faye raised her left up to Jack’s crotch and started to play with his heavy, swinging balls. She brushed the fiery black hair that surrounded the thick root of his cock. Then she ran her fingers up the thick, pulsating vein that ran down the entire length of his big prick. She felt Jack’s dong wiggle wildly in her mouth, threatening to shoot off if she didn’t let up.

“Easy, babe. I’m hotter than I thought,” Jack grunted out.

Faye did as she was told, holding his hot dick in her mouth without doing a thing. She even stopped fingering her clit. Now she just trailed her juice-slicked fingertips along the rim of her outer labes, playing with her plastered-down cuntal curls as Jack was trying to get himself back together.

“Okay, now,” he said in a thick voice as Faye felt his hands clamp back on her head. He shoved it further onto his cock until she felt the hot tip of his prick ramming against the back of her sucking mouth. Faye started to finger her aching clit again, growing more excited with each passing second as she heard Jack moan for more. Faye slowly slid her hand from the big man’s cock and started pushing it up his belly, shoving through the thick bush of hair until her fingers found his navel. She dug them into it, feeling the result in Jack’s twitching prick.

“Bitch! Little bitch!” he cried out, almost crashing forward on his face from the sudden attack. She was almost choking from the spittle and cum that laved her tongue. That strange, hot salty taste that seemed to be seeping from his prick let her know that he was close to shooting.

“No good. I’m not gonna blow my load this way,” Jack said, yanking his twitching dick out of Faye’s sucking mouth with a loud, squishy pop. He bent down and kissed her lightly on the forehead, then slid down until his cock was pressing against her hot, fuzzy mound again. This time Faye knew that there wasn’t going to be any more foreplay. The time for fooling around was over. Jack had every intention of fucking her. A real fuck — the first one in ten years. And this time, she was asking for it — begging for it!

Faye couldn’t keep her mind straight any more. She felt Jack’s hairy, muscular ass hunch up as he dragged his dick across her lower belly and through the wet curls of her cunt hairs. He was positioning himself for the initial downward thrust. She could feel his bulbous, hot, drooling cock-head slide gently over her erect clit, sending tiny shivers of sexual delight through her snatch. Then it was pressing against the long gash between her puffy, reddened, slicked-down labes.

“It’s so big!” Faye cried out in real fear as she felt her ups gradually stretching and peeling back to make way for the invading prick.

“It’ll fit,” Jack grunted as he slowly lowered his body onto Faye’s. He wanted it to be a long, slow, hard fuck for her. He could sense just what kind of woman she was — wanting that fucking, but terrified of it. He had to go slow, or she’d go bad on him.

“OHHHH, GOD!” Faye groaned as the tip of his dick-head finally pushed past her outer labes and slipped into the throat of her cunt. Jack gave a quick downward hunch and buried the rest of his cock-head in her pussy. Both of them groaned as the blonde’s tightly-clenching pussy-lips sucked in the dick-meat, then squeezed down on the invading cock.

“Jack, I’m afraid! I’m really afraid!” Faye groaned as she reached up and clung to his neck. She felt her nipples scrape against his curly chest hairs as he slipped one of his big hands under her neck. She suddenly felt so small and fragile under him. There was a power that radiated out of his body now that seemed to melt her into a puddle of nothing.

“You won’t get hurt or knocked up, baby. I promise,” Jack groaned.

“Ohhh, it feels like I’m going to break apart,” Faye cried out in a low voice as she felt another inch of cock-meat slide into her. His cock was forcing her cuntal membranes into a tight tunnel as it screwed and churned its way into her box.

“Just relax,” Jack ordered.

Faye tried, closing her eyes and willing her snatch to slacken up. She moved her right hand over to the mess that was her pussy until she could feel the hot dick-stalk with her fingers. It was so hard and hot that it nearly scalded her fingertips. Yet just the sensation of touching that thing, and the knowledge that the big, flanged head was buried in her pussy thrilled her. She felt his cock slipping further into her cunt and felt her fingers being pressed back by the sinking rod. Faye circled his spearing dick with her fingers, feeling chills run up and down her spine as the throbbing veins tickled her slender fingers.

“Ohhh! OHHHHH!” Faye cried out as Jack’s thick dick burned down into her hole like a red-hot poker. She started to move her hips involuntarily, changing the angle her cunt made with Jack’s monstrous dick. He was halfway inside when her cuntal muscles spasmed and tightened down on him. He inhaled sharply and moaned deep in his throat.

“Shit, you’re really something else. I don’t know too many women who can do that!”

Faye smiled weakly, then pinched her face again in delicious agony as another spasm ripped through her stuffed cunt.

“UGHHHH!” Jack cried out, concentrating on his sinking dick and trying to keep from shooting. “Shit, baby. I’m almost ready to fire now.”

“NOOO! NOOOO!” Faye cried out. This was the first fucking she’d gotten in ten years. She didn’t want it to be a bust.

Jack stopped breathing for a second, closing his eyes and groaning. Faye prayed that he’d manage to control his dick. Looking at his face and watching it slowly relax into a smile, the blonde knew that he’d been successful in keeping his jizz packed down in his balls for a few more minutes.

“Down we go,” Jack said, hunching his hips down again and pushing his dick into Faye’s rumbling box.

“Ohhh!” the blonde hummed, digging the back of her head into the carpeting as she felt her insides stretching out around the huge, sinking shaft. She tensed up, waiting for that bulging cock-head to reach the bottom of her cunt. The blonde couldn’t believe that she was taking something that big and thick down her snatch, especially after ten years of nothing else but finger-fucking. His big, hot rod was scraping against her clit, making her babble meaningless obscenities as his cock speared deeper and deeper.

“Yeah, yeah,” Jack grunted as he kept sinking further down into her pussy. Faye could hardly believe it when she felt his hot, leathery balls swinging closer. She felt them bumping against her fingers. He was so deep. She could feel the added heat inside her belly firing up her pussy and tits. She could hear the slick, sloppy noises of his cock-shaft sliding on a layer of cum and pussy juice as it drove past her stretched snatch-lips.

“God, I can’t take much more!” Faye cried out as she hunched up slightly with her hips.

“Shit, you’re tight!” was Jack’s only answer. “You’re tighter than most teenagers,” he grunted, ignoring the blonde’s warning.

Faye gasped again as she felt his heavy balls swing against her ass-cheeks. Her body felt like a stuffed turkey’s. Jack’s dick was making her dizzy thinking about it and feeling it pressing against the sides of her cunt. When Jack started to drag his cock back, it felt like the insides of her pussy were being sucked out with it.

“UHHHH! OHHH, GOD!” Faye cried out between her tightly clenched teeth. She felt every square inch of her body on fire. Her toes curled up with excitement and her legs kicked and jerked as Jack pulled his long, thick rod halfway out.

“It doesn’t hurt now, does it?” Jack gasped.

“No. Oh God, no. It feels sooo good!” Faye groaned softly.

Jack shoved down again, pressing deep one more time. One big ball nestled against her ass-cheeks. God, it felt so good to feel him all the way inside her. Her hand was crushed between their bellies. Just for curiosity’s sake, Faye searched around her stretched hole, feeling down inside a little where the thick, pulsing cock-shaft had pushed her snatch-lips apart. He had buried the full length of his cock inside her. She never thought that he’d be able to do it. But there it was, completely stuck inside her.

“Fuck! Fuck!” Faye cried out, throwing up her thighs in incredibly fast, short hunches. Jack didn’t get a chance to start humping her. She was fucking her own cunt up and down his rigid pole, rubbing her waxy, stiff clit up to a hot, blasting climax.

“Jesus, don’t move!” Jack cried out suddenly.

“Oh, I can’t…”

“Just don’t move!” Jack instructed her, reaching up and pressing her thighs down on the floor.

Faye held her breath as she fought the desire to fuck her pussy on his dick again. Their hearts pounded close together. The blonde moaned softly to herself, drinking the hard, hot feeling of Jack’s crushing, hot, hairy body. She loved the feeling of his heavy legs against hers. His chest and muscular arms almost crushed her, while his fingers were sliding around her hips toward her ass-cheeks, digging into the soft, downy flesh. It was all so good. It made Faye wonder for an instant why she’d fought something like this for so long.

Finally Faye couldn’t take this waiting much longer. She had to do something. Her clit was vibrating like a tuning fork, begging for some kind of friction. This teetering in limbo was too much for her.

“Fuck me, damn it! FUCK ME!” Faye groaned as she started humping her hips up and down. Her hips started to grind. She lifted up her hips, swallowing up the full length of Jack’s cock before hunching back until his bulging cock-head was just inside the powerful ring of muscles that controlled her pussy. Faye tightened up those muscles again, making milking-like movements with her pussy as Jack closed his eyes and groaned.

“More?” Faye asked teasingly, glad that she was able to make a stud like Jack whimper and moan. She was new to fucking. But Faye could see that she was doing all the right things and more.

“Oh, baby. I want to fuck your fuckin’ brains out!” Jack growled, unable to hold himself back anymore. Faye felt the breath crushed out of her as the big man flopped down hard and started burrowing his dick into her pussy. She was tossing her ass around in wild, feverish movements while he drove his squishing dick into her, throwing his cock-meat down into the blonde’s cunt like an oil drill. His hands reached down and cupped her ass-cheeks. Faye gasped out as she felt Jack’s fingers pressing hard against her sweaty butt-flesh. He was searching for her shitter, making his fingers crawl over the tender flesh until they found that wrinkled, puckered skin.

“OHHHH! OHHHH! OHHHHH!” Faye screamed as she felt him rape her shitter with his right forefinger. She didn’t care what he did to her any more. Those hot, painful flashes from her shit-chute added to the spasms that were already tearing apart her pussy. She felt completely divided, split-fucked!

“Stop, baby, stop!” Jack warned.

“Can’t! Can’t!” Faye cried out. It was true. She was completely awash with lust. The convulsions in her cunt were coming regularly now. The mouth of her pussy tightened, released, then tightened up again. Jack gave up trying to drag out his fucking much longer and went into his final lunges. Faye felt the heat of his cock gouging against her cunt-lips and rubbing her clit. Jack was fucking his cock wildly in and out of her pussy now. Faye could actually feel it swelling up and throbbing more desperately as a strange, hot, wet feeling flashed through her cunt and around her stiffened nipples.

“Think I’m going to cum!” Faye moaned out suddenly, throwing her hands up in the air. “CUMMMMINNNNNNNNG!” the blonde cried out now, bringing down her hands and digging her fingernails into Jack’s hunching back.

“Blow it away, baby! Shoot off!” Jack growled, bending down and clamping his thick, sensuous lips on her mouth. Faye cried out into his throat, raking his back with her nails as the first orgasmic spasms rolled throughout her pussy. It was a long, itchy, achy contraction that was as painful as it was agonizingly delicious. It shot through her box, then radiated up to her sputtering nipples. At the same time, Faye could feel something hot and wet suddenly spraying into her pussy. It was Jack’s hot cum, wadding up into thick balls of spunk and dumping down into her sucking, cumming snatch!

“Cum! Cummmmmm,” Faye cried out, tearing her mouth away from Jack’s and crying out those words as she felt herself drifting away from the jet. She was flying higher than the 747, contracting and whimpering and begging and fucking as Jack dumped the final loads of his hot cum into her welcoming, stretched pussy.


“Ohhhh,” Faye moaned, feeling a delicious warm glow spreading over her box and titties. Jack was still kissing her neck and face, tickling her titties with his fingers while he hunched down with his powerful thighs and churned his softening dick around in Faye’s squishy, cum-filled twat.

“Told you you’d like it,” Jack said, raising his head and gazing softly down into Faye’s eyes. The blonde sighed happily and smiled weakly. It had felt so good to be fucked like that! Why hadn’t she? Then the reason flashed suddenly across her mind. Her uncle! That filthy, foul-mouthed man who’d raped her in the barn ten years ago. It was a horrible, humiliating experience that nearly taken her life. And now she was flying from New York to the West Coast to see him again!

“Something wrong, babe?” Jack asked, noticing her smile slowly fading into a frown.

“Uh? No, just thinking,” Faye said, forcing the unpleasant thoughts out of her mind.

“Hope it wasn’t about me,” Jack said, kissing her lightly on the lips, then hunching back and dragging his long, flaccid dick out of her slackening pussy.

“Ohhhh!” Faye cried out as she felt his big cock-head slip out from between her snatch-lips. It had felt so good to have a man’s dick stuffed in her. She suddenly felt so empty now.

“We’d better get dressed,” Jack said, glancing down at his wristwatch as he scrambled to his feet and pulled his trousers off the seat. “We’ll be landing in a half hour. The stews usually come around to check to make sure everybody’s belted in.”

“Will we have a chance to get together again?” Faye suddenly blurted out as she staggered to her feet and looked around for her panties.

“Can’t get enough of me, huh?” Jack asked, laughing as he playfully slapped her on the ass. “Sure. I’ll give you a business card. Say, where are you gonna be staying?” he asked, pulling on his shirt.

“Out at my aunt and uncle’s ranch in Mann County. It used to be a farm. But now they raise horses and sell them to riding schools. In fact, that’s why I’m out here,” Faye admitted a little sullenly as she stepped into her panties and pulled them up over her creamy thighs.

“To learn how to ride? I thought you did pretty well myself,” Jack said as he buttoned up his shirt and reached down for his tie.

“No. My aunt’s terribly ill, and she wanted to see me right away. I think she’s going to will the place to me instead of to my uncle. You see, it’s really hers,” Faye said as she zipped up her skirt and started to pull on her blouse.

“But if they’re married, you might have a hell of a lot of trouble in court. I might be able to help you there, baby. You see, I’m a lawyer. We work on divorce and probate all the time,” Jack said, pulling on his vest, then reaching back for his wallet.

“I might need that help. My uncle’s really not my uncle. I mean, he’s my aunt’s second husband, and it’s a marriage that didn’t turn out to be made in heaven, if you know what I mean,” Faye said sourly, surprised that she was talking so openly about all this to an almost perfect stranger.

“Here it is,” Jack said, puffing out a rectangular white card from his billfold and handing it to Faye.

“Hmmmm, you’ve got an office on New Montgomery Street. Business must be good, counselor,” Faye said, smiling at him as she read the gold embossed business card.

“Not bad. People always dying and getting divorced in California,” Jack said as he finished dressing. Faye reached up and smoothed down her long, silky blonde hair, then stepped in front of him as she was about to climb down the spiral stairway to the first-class cabin.

“Hey, wait a second,” Jack said, putting his arms tightly around her waist and drawing her back into him. Faye felt her pussy flutter teasingly as the big man’s crotch bumped against her rounded ass-cheeks. “Don’t I get a goodbye kiss?”

“After all that, you want a kiss too?” Faye asked, laughing lightly as she turned around and slipped her hands around Jack’s back. Her lips parted as she saw him bending down. The blonde moaned with ecstasy as she felt his thick tongue drive between her teeth and push down over her tongue toward the opening of her throat. Spittle sloshed back and forth as the two of them rubbed their heating bodies together.

“Uh, excuse me, but the captain’s turned on the safety-belt and no-smoking signs. We’re about to land at San Francisco International,” a stewardess said a little embarrassedly from the top of the stairway.

Faye broke away from Jack immediately and spun around, feeling a hot flush of shame redden her cheeks. She thanked the girl and started to walk down the stairs, ignoring the curious stare of the stew as she sniffed the air and picked up the distinct odor of stale cum and cunt juice.

“That was humiliating!” Faye said under her breath as the two of them took their seats and buckled in.

“What? What the girl said?” Jack said, smiling broadly at the stew as she passed by and winked at him.

“It’s not so much what she said. I know she knows,” Faye grumbled as she saw the runway suddenly appear under the 747.

“We’re all adults around here. Don’t be so uptight, baby,” Jack said, reaching over and patting her right knee lightly with his hand as they touched down.

Faye didn’t say anything during the landing and taxiing to the terminal. Her mind was growing more occupied with her uncle. She’d phoned her Aunt Helen and told her not to tell the man she was coming. Faye didn’t want him knowing anything about her arrival until the last possible minute.

“We’re here,” Jack finally said, getting up and helping Faye out of her seat as the crew announced tat they could leave the craft.

“I’ll call you if I have any trouble,” Faye said almost mechanically as she walked toward the exit of the cabin.

“Call me for any kind of trouble,” Jack said, reaching forward and giving her butt-cheeks a little squeeze before they moved down toward the door.

Faye ignored the mocking stare of the stewardess and walked briskly to the baggage claim area. Jack kept talking to her, trying to get a definite date when he could see her again. But this was the wrong time to be asking that kind of question. Right now her mind was on Aunt Helen and Uncle Al — Uncle Al, that animal who had raped her three times that one July night and dammed up her sex life for ten years after that!

“There it is,” Faye said, pointing to a large blue suitcase that just slid onto the carousel.

“Got it,” Jack said, pulling it off. “Now, where to?”

“What about your bags?” Faye asked.

“Don’t have any. I keep a place in New York as well as San Francisco. I do a lot of business in both cities. Too much trouble carrying bags back and forth,” Jack said, as Faye walked toward a rent-a-car counter.

“Of course,” Faye said, impressed with Jack’s obvious success in life. Well, maybe she’d have similar success. Up to now, she hadn’t done all that well. Graduating from Cornell University with a teaching credential, Faye had floated from one part-time teaching job to another. When her aunt phoned and told her that she was going to leave her the ranch in a will and in fact wanted Faye to come out now and start taking it over bit by bit, the woman was ecstatic. She didn’t much like thinking about Aunt Helen dying. But the possibility of taking over a business like that — and of giving Uncle Al the shaft she’d been dying to slip him for all these years thrilled her beyond belief.

“How about next Monday?” Jack asked as Faye picked up the keys to her car and started walking toward the terminal exit doors.

“I don’t know, Jack. I really don’t. But I do want to see you again,” Faye said, smiling gently as she reached out and took her suitcase from Jack’s hand. “It’s alright. It’s not that heavy, and I can walk myself to the car. I’ve got a lot on my mind right now. Once I get that straightened out, I’ll give you a call.”

“Have to wait, eh?” Jack said, holding the door open for her.

“Sorry, but them’s the rules,” Faye said, turning back and waving as she headed for the brightly lit parking lot. Tossing her suitcase in the rear seat, Faye climbed into the car and started it up.

As she pulled out of the lot and onto the freeway that would take her across the Golden Gate Bridge and into Mann County, the blonde started thinking about that horrible night ten years ago. It had started innocently enough. She was staying with her uncle and aunt for the summer while her parents were off on a vacation in Mexico. And while Uncle Al seemed to look at her with other than fatherly eyes, he seemed kind and considerate enough, even if he wasn’t her real uncle.

Then one night it all changed horribly in a few seconds. Aunt Helen was sick and couldn’t cook. Faye had offered to prepare a meal for her uncle, who’d just gotten back from the railroad yards. They were then in the process of converting their farm into the stud horse ranch. After dinner, Uncle Al had invited Faye to accompany him to the barn. He wanted to show her the new stables he’d constructed for the horses and some other equipment he had. Faye couldn’t see anything wrong with the suggestion, and hurriedly finished washing the dishes.

Wiping her wet hands on her jeans, the young girl practically skipped out to the barn. It was late at night — about eleven o’clock — when the two of them entered the dark, musky-smelling building.

Faye thought it was strange that Uncle Al didn’t flick on the lights as soon as she stepped in. It didn’t take her long to figure out the reason why. That slamming barn door still echoed in Faye’s ears. She remembered how she wheeled around when she realized that she was trapped in that barn. The young girl just was barely able to make out her uncle’s silhouette as he started coming for her. Faye pleaded with him not to hurt her. But he just laughed, gripping both of her arms tightly and forcing her into a pile of hay next to a newly constructed stall.

The smell of fresh cut wood, stale hay and horse piss and shit filled her nose as her uncle crawled on top of her struggling body. She fought him with every ounce of strength she had. But he was too powerful. With quick, jerking movements he ripped open her blouse and tore off her bra, clamping his lips on her titties and sucking that spongy flesh. She screamed, and was rewarded for that with a loud slap across her face. That open-handed punch dazed her. For a while, all she could feel was something hot and wet lapping at her titties. Then there was that horrible, ripping-like sound of her zipper being forced down. Faye remembered hunching down her ass, trying to keep her jeans on as Al pulled down on the opened Levi’s. It was hopeless. He peeled off the pants and threw them into the corner. Before she knew it she had her legs in the air, resting on her uncle’s shoulders as he reached down and unzipped her fly.

“Oh God!” Faye cried out in the car, almost driving off the road as she approached the Golden Gate and remembered her uncle’s cock. It was long and skinny, looking like a knife of some kind sticking out of his pants. She pleaded with him not to fuck her. She was still a virgin!

But her uncle just laughed and pinned her down tightly with his big body. His rancid breath filled her nostrils as he hunched forward, digging his dick-head into the virgin folds of her pussy. The pain was agonizing. Her snatch membranes were pulled open for the first time by a dick, stretching wide into a tunnel as Uncle Al hunched and hunched.

The rest of the incident was still a blur for the blonde. She remembered the awful pain of her cherry bursting; the feeling of blood trickling out of her pussy as her uncle ignored her cries and pleas and fucked himself into a hot cum. Then, when she tried to crawl away from the exhausted man, he grabbed her around the waist and rolled her over on her belly. Faye remembered sobbing and begging with him to stop as he crawled on top of her and dug his fingers in her shitter. It took her uncle a while to get his dick stiff. But once he did, the man was plowing it into her virgin shitter, making Faye shriek that he was ripping her body apart. While he grunted, sweated, and thrust his stiff cock into her ass, the girl groaned with pain as pieces of stiff hay crunched into her stretched, bloody pussy. Then there were those terrible grunts of satisfaction as he fired another load into her stretched shitter.

When Faye tried to crawl away a second time, Uncle Al rolled her over again, finishing her off with a second fuck to her bloodied cunt. After it was over, he climbed off the sobbing, violated girl and fell asleep at the bottom of the pile of hay. Faye remembered lying there for what seemed like hours, trying to decide if she should tell her aunt or her parents. They’d never believe her. They’d figure, if anything, that she tried to seduce her own uncle and he’d merely given in. Ever since her folks caught her petting heavily with the student body vice-president, they were suspicious of every move she made.

Finally Faye decided not to say a word. She stifled her sobs and crawled off the pile of hay quietly, careful not to wake up her snoring uncle. She found her bra, shirt and jeans and gathered them up in her trembling arms. She wanted to get out of the barn as fast as she could.

“Oh God!” Faye said out loud as she felt her skin crawling with revulsion and disgust. She remembered staggering across the moonlit barn yard with her tattered clothes in her hands. Her cunt ached; her tits were sore from all that pulling and scraping; her legs were streaked with cum and dried blood. She walked into the darkened house and felt like screaming. Nothing seemed different from the time when she walked out of the kitchen with her Uncle Al. But in reality everything had changed. That night Faye Madden had lost her innocence. She’d been brutally fucked three times by her own uncle, right under his wife’s nose. The horror of what happened finally crushed the young girl to the floor. Everything spun wildly inside her head. She didn’t know how long she’d knelt in the middle of the living room with her clothes still clutched in her trembling hands. Suddenly she heard dragging sounds outside and knew that her uncle had woken up and was coming into the house. The girl shot up and ran through the living room, feeling her heart beat wildly against her ribs as she heard the front door squeak open.

“Faye,” he called out sleepily.

The young girl crouched on the first step of the long stairway in terror. Would he fuck her again if he found her? Even though she was in her aunt’s house and her aunt was sleeping just above her, Faye didn’t put anything past that animal.

“Faye?” he called out again, stumbling past the cringing girl and staggering blindly into the kitchen.

When she was sure that he couldn’t see her, Faye shot up the stairs and ran into her room, shutting the door as quietly as she could and bolting it tight. She leaned against the closed door and shut her eyes, panting heavily as her hands dropped limply to her sides.

“Ohhhh,” the girl moaned, feeling safe for the first time. The aching in her pussy was nothing compared to her sense of disgust and horror that filled her head. Her fingers curled into two tight little fists as she swore from that moment on that no man would touch her. No man!

“No man,” Faye said to herself, laughing lightly as she cruised over the Golden Gate Bridge and drove into Mann County. Well, she hadn’t ever planned on meeting a stud like Jack Moore. Wasn’t it Robert Burns who said something about the best-laid plans? Well, it didn’t matter. For ten years she’d fought men and now she found out she’d actually been fighting herself. Jack had showed her that. Now, all she had to do was get through the next few days at her aunt’s ranch. Then she could leave all that hate and ugliness behind her and start remaking her life with Jack.

Mill Valley, Faye read as she turned off the freeway and drove down the dark, winding road toward her aunt’s ranch. She felt her pulse quicken as the car shot past familiar old landmarks. At night, under the glare of the headlights, those landmarks took on a grotesque flavor. There it is. Get yourself together, girl, Faye said to herself as she spotted the big sign spanning the entrance road to her aunt’s ranch. Bar-G Ranch the sign stated. Faye inhaled sharply as she turned the wheel and pulled into the entrance of the horse ranch. It was a good mile drive up the pitch-black road to the cluster of buildings that made up the main ranch area. The eucalyptus trees hung threateningly over the road, swaying in the light breeze as he car sped on through the night. There was something wrong. Faye could feel it as she headed down the road. As soon as she turned in, she felt a kind of heavy sickness crushing down on her.

“Thank God!” Faye said out loud in relief as she rounded a curve and saw the bright lights of the main ranch house. She could never understand why her Aunt Helen had bought this place right after her first husband died. She’d always been a horsewoman. Born and raised in Montana, Helen Pohl knew horses better than she knew people.

But she never was a businesswoman. She knew how to raise and breed homes. But when it came down to the dollars and cents of the operations, Helen was adrift; it didn’t take her too long to run through the money from her first husband’s insurance policy. Faye remembered her mother and father talking about “poor Helen” and how she’d have to sell the business. Then came Al, the marriage, and business success.

Some success, Faye thought wryly as she drove into the courtyard of the ranch and stopped the car. Turning off the lights, the blonde inhaled sharply and mustered up all the courage she could as she stepped out of the car and got ready to meet the man who’d raped her three times ten years ago.


“Aunt Helen?” Faye called out in a nervous voice as she slammed the car door behind her and started walking toward the two-story wood-frame ranch house. The blond could see that the lights were on in the living room, kitchen, and one upstairs bedroom. But there wasn’t a sound coming from the house, or from any other part of the ranch for that matter. It sounded incredibly quiet to Faye.

“Aunt Helen?” Faye called out again.

“She ain’t here right now,” a voice thundered out from behind her.

“Oh!” Faye cried out, feeling her skin crawl with terror as she wheeled around to see who was behind her. It was Uncle Al!

“Wh-where is she?” Faye stammered, trying to keep herself under control as her uncle slowly walked out of the shadows into the soft glow of light that flooded out from the house into the courtyard.

“Off to Oakland for a spell. Said she had something to do for the church social tomorrow night. Your aunt’s always got something to do for the church social,” Al said mockingly as he stopped about eight feet in front of Faye.

“Well, I’ll just take my bags in and wait for her,” the blonde said, turning around and walking back to her car. She tried to keep from running as it dawned on her that Al and she were alone one more time. Of course she was older, and the man might have changed. But from the sneer he had on his face while he talked to her and the way he seemed to be mentally undressing her, Faye doubted if that was true.

“She just told me you were coming this morning,” Al said as Faye walked past him and started up the tiny wooden stairway to the porch. “You’ve got your old bedroom,” Al called out as the blonde opened the screen door and stepped into the living room.

“Thanks,” Faye said as she sighed in relief. At least she felt safer in the house.

“And when you’re ready, you can come in the barn. I’ve got some things I can show you,” Al blurted out, laughing loudly as he swaggered away from the house.

“Oh!” Faye cried out loud. She felt her heart skip a beat when her uncle said those words. It was almost the same phrase he used ten years ago! The blonde wanted to slam the door shut and lock it until her aunt came. But this was Al’s home too. All she could do was barricade herself in the bedroom and wait.

Faye ran upstairs and down the hall toward the bedroom. Her uncle’s sarcastic laughter still rang in her ears as she flipped on the lights of her bedroom and dropped her suitcase to the floor. A flood of unpleasant memories swept over her as she looked at the bed and dresser. Nothing had changed. The furniture all looked as it did ten years ago. And Al hadn’t changed either.

“Like it? I cleaned it up this morning,” Al said behind her.

“OHH!” Faye cried out again. She thought he’d walked back to the barn. He must have followed her silently into the house after she started up the stairway to the second floor. That only meant that Al was up to no good. “Thank you,” she said, fighting down the urge to scream down the walls.

“You’ve sure grown up since the last time I saw you,” he said, standing with his fat legs spread widely apart and his big, hairy arms crossed over his chest.

“Well, if you don’t mind, Al, I’ve got to change,” Faye said as she started to close the door on her uncle.

“You don’t have to be so formal with me, Faye. You forget we shared a lot one night a long time ago,” Al said leering at her.

“You filthy pig!” Faye blurted out as she flushed a deep shade of red. She suddenly felt dirty and shamed in front of this grinning, sneering man. Al had gained about twenty pounds in the past ten years and lost a good deal of his curly black hair. But otherwise he was the same — the same ugly, scarred round face, the same beady brown eyes, and the same crooked smile that made her want to take a bath every time he flashed it at her.

“Oh baby, you wanted that fucking as bad as I needed it,” Al said, dropping his hands to his sides and starting to walk into the bedroom. Faye felt a hot flash of panic rip through her body as she stepped back. Was he going to try the same thing tonight he did ten years ago? And this time, it was going to be right in her aunt’s own home!

“Leave me alone, Al. I don’t want you. Leave me alone!” Faye said, her eyes widening in terror as she watched him reach down to his crotch and start squeezing a noticeable bulge between his legs.

“That’s what all you broads say: ‘Leave me alone’,” Al said in a mocking, high-pitched voice. “But you all want that cock-meat bad.”

“My God! You’re disgusting!” Faye cried out as she looked around for anything near her she could use to defend herself against the approaching man.

Al just grinned and ran his fingers through the balding mop of his hair. Then suddenly he lurched forward with the speed of a striking rattlesnake. Before she knew it, Faye was pinned against the wall and fighting the urge to vomit as Al slid his greasy lips up and down her neck.

“OHHH. NOOO, NOOOOO!” Faye shrieked out, suddenly racked by a series of dry heaves that churned her stomach. It was happening again! That filthy old man was going to pounce on her like he did that July night!

“UHHHH! Gonna fuck the shit out of you,” Al grunted, raising his hands until they were milking her big spongy tits. He fumbled with her blouse, trying to rip it open while Faye fought to get control of herself. Just as Al ripped the front of her blouse open, Faye reached up and dug her fingernails hard into the fat man’s forehead.

“ARRRGH!” he cried out as the blonde raked them hard down his cheeks to his chin.

“That’s what you get, you filthy bastard!” Faye cried as she backed away from the howling man.

He was covering his face and screaming while he staggered around the tiny bedroom. Faye took a chance and made a break for it, squeezing around Al and heading for the doorway.

“You bitch!” Al cried out, reaching out with his right hand and curling his fingers around her streaming blonde hair. He yanked it back and forced the screaming woman to her knees. “Think you can do something like that and get away with it?” Al growled as he looked hellishly at her. Blood streamed down his chin and dripped to the floor as fire flamed in his eyes.

“God only knows you asked for it,” Faye said, too angry to be frightened now.

“Bitch!” Al growled again, raising his right hand and bringing it down hard across the right side of her face before Faye could duck.

“Ugh!” she cried out as the force of the blow knocked her semiconscious to the floor. Faye tried to force herself to full consciousness as she felt her uncle pick her up under the arms and drag her out of the bedroom.

“You’re gonna pay. You’re gonna pay real hard,” Al kept grunting as he pulled her down the stairway, through the living room and out into the cool night air.

“Where… where?” Faye asked dazedly as she felt her feet scraping across the loose gravel.

“Back in the old barn. But this time I’ve got some new surprises for you,” Al said, chuckling evilly to himself.

Faye didn’t have to wait too long to see what these surprises were. When Al kicked open the barn door, a flood of light nearly blinded her. He twisted his body to the left, then spun to the right and let her go, sending the blonde spinning into the brightly lit barn.

“Ohhhhh!” Faye cried out as she stumbled forward, then lost her footing and crashed into the foul-smelling dirt floor.

“Juan! Mike! Get out here!” Al shouted as he stepped into the big room and closed the door behind him.

Faye pulled her legs under her ass and folded her arms tightly across her tits as she saw two tall, muscular ranch hands walk out from somewhere in the barn into the main room.

“We were in the back with that new mare. She’s having problems with…” Juan started to say. He was big, broad-shouldered, and ruggedly handsome, with a bushy black mustache that seemed to cover half his face.

“Never mind about that! I brought us a little entertainment,” Al said, grinning at Faye.

“What does she do?” Mike asked as he noticed Faye crouching on the floor.

“Get out Spike and I’ll show you what she’s gonna do,” Al said, winking slyly at Juan.

Faye watched curiously as the two hands grinned sheepishly at each other, then broke out laughing as Juan turned around and ran back into the barn.

“You gonna strip, or are we gonna have to rip those clothes off you one piece at a time?” Al said slowly.

“You filthy bastards! You… you animals!” Faye hissed out at them.

“She’s lively!” Mike said, laughing loudly as he stepped up to her and reached down to rip off her blouse.

“Get away!” Faye cried out, slashing at his face with her razor-sharp nails.

“Whew! A fighter too!” Mike cried, backing off and just missing being cut. He grabbed her wrists tightly with his fingers and twisted them down, making the blonde groan, then cry out with pain.

“AHHHH!” Faye groaned, her face turning red as tears sprang to her eyes.

“I think she’s gonna behave now,” Mike said, still twisting her wrists as he kneeled down and forced her down onto the ground. Faye felt all the fighting spirit drain out of her with that painful attack. The big blond ranch hand pinned her to the dirt, still gripping her wrists tightly with his fingers as his legs pressed hers down. She couldn’t move one inch as Mike started kissing her neck.

“She likes it in the ass!” Al grunted as Mike let go of one hand and slipped his fingers under Faye’s back. He unfastened the blonde’s bra, pulling if off and throwing it to Al.

“Please, don’t do this to me!” Faye cried out as she felt the big man’s hands crawl up to her bare titties and start milking them. He pulled and yanked at the sensitive flesh, sending bolts of pain trough her body while he ground his crotch against Faye’s groin. She tried to keep from crying out. The blonde suspected that showing pain was something that these men really enjoyed. But when Mike took her nipples and pinched them hard between his forefingers and thumbs, Faye couldn’t keep quiet.

“AHHHHH! NOOOOO!” she cried out in a high-pitched wail, thrashing as best she could under Mike’s heavy, muscular weight.

“That’s what I like,” Mike growled as he let go of her titties. He started to crawl back and get up, making Faye think that he was through with her. Just as the blonde was about to sigh in relief, she felt his hands clamp down hard on her thighs. He flipped her around like a pancake, pressing down on the small of her back with his right knee while he curled his fingers around the hem of her skirt and yanked it up.

“Oh no! NOOOO!” Faye cried out as she felt his big hands roam freely over her plump, rounded ass-cheeks. He was slowly pulling down her sheer pink silk panties, tugging at the tight elastic waistband as Faye kept on begging him to leave her alone.

“Likes ass-fucking, eh? Not too many broads like it that way. Say it makes ’em feel like shit!” Mike said, laughing as he finally tugged Faye’s panties down to a position just below her ass. Mike moved quickly, crawling between her legs and spreading them far apart while he reached down and unzipped his fly.

“NOOO! NOO!” Faye screamed when she felt something big, fat and hot press against her right butt. Suddenly, all the horror of that night ten years ago came back to mingle with the terror of this night, almost driving the moaning blonde insane with fear.

“Feel that, babe? It’s gonna ram your shitter,” Mike said as he lubed up his seven-inch, thick rod with the cum that oozed freely from his cock-slit.

“Hey, you talk too much. Get goin’ with her before Juan comes back with Spike,” Al growled.

Mike grunted, reaching down and cupping his palms over Faye’s full, rounded butt-cheeks. He felt her skin immediately pucker up into gooseflesh as he stroked her soft, downy ass-skin. Faye had given up struggling, and she waited for that first, ripping plunge of cock into her bowels.

“Ummm, good and tight,” Mike said, digging his big fingers into the tight, hot crevice that ran between Faye’s smooth butt-cheeks. The blonde dragged her right hand across the floor and shoved her fingers into her mouth. She bit down hard, trying to keep from whimpering with disgust as the big blond ranch hand trailed his fingers up and down the narrow valley. Faye groaned loudly, biting down on her fingers as she felt Mike circling closer and closer to the wrinkled brown skin surrounding her shitter. Chills of revulsion and fear rippled up and down her spine when the big man dragged his fingertip across the wrinkled shit-hole skin, stopping when it slid across the tiny hole. Faye held her breath. She knew what was coming. He was going to dig that digit into her.

“AHHHHH, OHHHHH!” she cried out as she felt Mike’s finger slide into her shit chute. It dug down past the second joint, wriggling around inside her bowels and scraping the delicate, slick walls of her ass. Then there came a second finger, stretching the tiny hole even further. When the third jammed into the slick shit tunnel, Faye couldn’t keep quiet any more.

“AHHHH! STOP! STOP IT!” she cried, pulling her hand out of her mouth and beating the dirt floor with her tightly clenched fists.

“Sure. I’ll take ’em out,” Mike said, yanking his fingers out with a loud, squishy pop.

“OHHHHH!” Faye cried, relieved that that painful stretching sensation was finally gone. But the blonde had barely enough time to catch her breath before Mike was in her again. This time he was hunched over her prone body, towering over her while his dong jerked teasingly against her puckered asshole.

“Get ready, babe, I’m gonna dry-fuck your ass,” Mike growled. He couldn’t wait any longer. The big man aimed his throbbing dick-shaft carefully above Faye’s twitching asshole, then rammed it down with all the power he could muster in his muscular thighs.

At first Faye felt only the pressure of his fat, drooling cock-head pressing hard against her shit-hole. Then there was a bolt of jagged pain as Mike’s bulbous knob pushed steadily into her shitter. Her eyes opened wide in terrified pain as her jaw slackened. The blonde wanted to scream, but all the breath seemed to have been pressed and squeezed out of her. She gasped out, then fought to get back her breath as the flanged tip of Mike’s prick-head finally slid past her tightly clenching ass-ring and sank further and further into her bowels.

“FUCK! She’s like fuckin’ a keyhole!” Mike grunted as he drew back slightly, then hunched forward again.

Faye felt herself being ripped apart. Her belly ached along with her ass. Finally she was able to scream out the agony that was tearing her body to pieces.

“AHHHHH! NOOO! ARRRGHHHHH! WAWWWWWHHHHHH!” the blonde cried out. She rolled her face in the dirt, digging her fingertips into the loose soil and clawing the ground as the pain increased with each inch of hot dick-meat Mike slipped and pushed into her tight ass. This was worse than the night with Al. At least her uncle didn’t have that big a cock to fuck her with. Mike seemed to have a barber pole dangling between his legs!

“Uhhh,” Mike groaned as more and more of his throbbing, thick-veined dick sank into Faye’s asshole. The blonde moaned and whimpered. She swore she could feel every rope-like vein in his dick-shaft as it slid past her shitter-ring. Gradually, her sphincter muscle relaxed and Faye could take more of the big man’s cock up her ass with less pain. But she never felt any pleasure. She was too terrified and too humiliated to enjoy it. At best, Faye endured the screwing. She tried not to think of Mike grunting, sweating and hunching behind her while her uncle stood only a few feet away and grinned at the scene.

Think of anything — Jack, anything, Faye said to herself as she finally felt the thick root of Mike’s dick press hard against her ass-hole. One ball, and then the other slipped down and pressed against her butt-cheeks. He was all the way in! Faye gasped out in horrified surprise when she realized that his big dick was speared completely into her bowels, throbbing and jerking against the slick, sensitive walls of her shitter. It was like being impaled with a soldier’s spear! The blonde was afraid to move, fearing that any motion would break her body in two.

“Whew! Can lose my rocks right now!” Mike grunted as he rested for a few seconds. Sweat rolled off his face and splashed down onto Faye’s neck as he hunched down slightly, then rotated his big ass around in tiny circles, churning his dick around and around in her gut.

“OHHH!” Faye cried out in anger, fear and pain.

“Let’s get it over with!” Al said impatiently, getting a little tired of this act.

“Shit! I just got started!” Mike growled as he pressed his hands down on either side of Faye’s shaking shoulders and hunched his big hips up. The blonde shook from the hot shivers her asshole gave off as Mike’s dick slowly slid out of her shitter.

“MMMMMM!” Faye groaned, clawing at the dirt floor as she felt the big man’s fat dick-meat about to slip out of her shit-chute.

“Yeah!” Mike hissed between his clenched teeth as he hunched down, forcing his cock-shaft back into her gut with a sloppy, squishy sound. Then he repeated it — in and out, up and down until he was pounding her violated ass like a drill.

“OHH! OHHH! OHHH! OHHHHHH!” Faye cried out with each down-stroke. She could hear Mike’s big, fat balls slapping noisily against her upturned ass-cheeks as his groans and grunts filled the room. From the increasing frenzy of his ass-fucking and his, shallow breathing, Faye knew that he was about to unload his hot spunk into her bowels. She closed her eyes tightly and clenched her teeth as that realization almost made her retch.

“NOW! AHHHH, SHITTTT!” Mike cried out as he arched his body and dug down with his trembling dick. Then he fell on top of the groaning blonde, digging his big hands into her sides while wad after wad of sticky, white-hot jizz sprayed out of his fat prick-head and splashed down into Faye’s churning bowels.

“OHHH! OHHHH!” the woman cried, feeling the thick cum scalding the slick sides of her shitter.

Faye sucked in a ragged breath as the man on top of her crushed her into the dirt floor. His legs jerked on top of hers; his knees dug down into her tender flesh; his fingers pressed against her ribs until she thought he was going to break them, while his chest pounded against her back, forcing her bare titties to rub agonizingly across the floor of the barn. Mike jerked and twitched for what seemed like hours, crying and groaning into Faye’s ears as his cock dumped what must have been quarts of his hot jizz into her gut.

Finally, the man sighed and collapsed on top of her.

“Ohhh,” Faye groaned, feeling filthy and contaminated. She wondered what her uncle had in store for her next. Knowing Al, he was working up to one hell of a climax.


“You got ‘im?” Al called out as Juan walked back into the main area of the barn.

Faye didn’t notice anything at first. Mike had yanked his flaccid rod out of her aching shutter just a few seconds ago. The blonde just wanted to lay on the ground quietly and catch her breath. The hot, rubbing sensation from the ranch-hand’s dick still burned her shit-hole, and her gut was still churning and rumbling from the violent assault it had just endured.

“You bet. Here, boy,” Juan said, turning around and hunching down while he clapped both his hands between his knees.

“Good ol’ Spike’ll give us a hot show. Remember those two Chicana girls he fucked last week? Shit, they wouldn’t let him go,” Al said, putting his fists on his hips and laughing at the memory.

“Those girls work with fuckin’ dogs all day down in Tijuana. This one, I’m not sure about,” Juan said as he looked at Faye.

The blonde slowly began to realize that the men were talking about and looking at her. She raised her head and brushed some strands of blonde hair away from her eyes. What she saw terrified her. Juan was kneeling some ten feet in front of her, stroking the thick, muscular, furry neck of a big gray and white German shepherd! The girls! Dog show in Tijuana! It all added up to one thing. They were going to force her to have sex with that animal!

“No you don’t!” Faye grunted as she scrambled to her feet and ran toward the closed barn door. She was staggering, losing her footing on the uneven ground as she heard the big dog barking excitedly. Her brain buzzed and spun crazily around in her head as she felt the cold, iron handle on the door with her fingers. Just a few more seconds and she’d be free!

“Not yet!” Al growled, grabbing her right arm and pulling her back as she tugged and yanked wildly at the big, locked door.

“Noooo!” Faye groaned as Al spun her to the ground. Her panties were still wrapped around her knees as she crashed to the floor. Both Al and Mike were on top of her in a flash, holding her still as best they could while they tried to unzip her skirt.

“Keep it quiet, bitch, or you’ll really have something to scream about,” Al said as he reached down and tore open her zipper. Faye shrieked as she felt the loose-fitting material slip down to the floor. Al peeled off her panties, then helped Mike drag her over to the panting shepherd.

“No! No!” the blonde moaned, twisting her shaking body around as she tried to break free of Mike’s and Al’s fierce grips. Her skin crawled with terror as she watched the big dog pant heavily. He was staring hotly as her bushy snatch, growling with excitement. A long string of drool started oozing out from his black, fleshy lips.

“Old Spike’s really turned on to you, babe,” Al said, as Juan continued to stroke the German shepherd’s neck. Faye felt her cuntal muscles contract as she saw the hair on Spike’s back bristle with lust. His powerful legs trembled with excitement as the growl deep in his throat got louder and louder. Her ears rang with the men’s laughter and the animal’s sounds.

“Think she can work him up?” Juan asked.

“Work him…?” Al started to ask.

“You know. Blow him,” the Mexican said, grinning foolishly at the blonde while his hands traveled down from Spike’s neck to his underbelly. Faye watched in fascinated honor as Juan scratched the big dog’s furry belly, moving back slowly to his sheathed dick. The dog’s growl turned into a high-pitched whine when the Mexican bumped his wrist against Spike’s dick.

“Wooo! Old Spike’s ready to go,” Juan said, moving his hand away from the throbbing dick. Faye’s eyes widened as she saw something red and pointed slowly sliding out of the furry sheath. It was Spike’s pointed cock-head, poking its way out into the air as the German shepherd got more excited.

“Come on, baby. Get down and start suckin’ that dick,” Al grunted, pulling Faye down to the floor. As she sank reluctantly to her knees, the struggling blonde kept protesting and begging them to let her go. She couldn’t imagine sucking a dog’s dick! It was too revolting! She couldn’t put her lips around that German shepherd’s knobby prong and suck him off!

“P-please. Don’t,” Faye moaned as Mike pinned her arms behind her back. She was kneeling in front of the big dog now, crouched slightly forward as Al signaled Juan to move the shepherd forward. She could feel the weight of her big boobs pulling at her chest as they hung out from her angled body. Suddenly Spike leaned forward and opened his mouth, sticking out his long, pink tongue and lapping at her tit-tips. Faye felt a shudder of revulsion shoot through her body as the shepherd slathered down her nipples with a thick layer of doggie spit.

“Hey, maybe he wants some milk. Think you can nurse him?” Al said, making the other two men howl with laughter. Faye ignored the big man’s taunts as she tried to pull back away from Spike. But Al and Mike held her tightly. The big dog’s tongue sloshed up and down her hanging boobs until those tits glistened with dog spit. Spike lapped hungrily at her dangling titties, growling louder and deeper with lust as Juan kept scratching his soft belly.

“Hey, come on and get her down on the floor,” Juan said impatiently.

Al pushed Faye forward, forcing her flat on the ground as Juan backed the dog up a few feet. Faye tried to kick her uncle in the face. But Mike held down her flailing legs. The two men rolled her over on her back and quickly slid her under the big animal’s legs. Faye looked up and saw Spike’s fully unsheathed cock dancing just inches above her nose. It was long and red. Its tightly stretched, smooth skin revealed a series of bumps and knobs that protruded up and down the full length of the animal’s dick. A tiny, opaque drop of cum hung at the pointed tip of that dick, threatening to let go and splash down on Faye’s cheeks as both Al and Mike urged her to start sucking.

“Come on, honey. You get sucking and swingin’ on that dick, or we’ll be here all night. Your aunt’ll never know what happened to you if you don’t play along,” Al said threateningly.

Faye didn’t know exactly what he meant by that. But she had an idea that he wouldn’t hesitate in doing anything to either of them. Maybe he’d found out about her aunt’s decision to leave everything to her and cut him out of the will. If that was true, this might just be a preliminary action to what he really had in mind for both of them. The will hadn’t been changed yet. If he wanted to, Al could collect on the property now. Of course, that meant doing away with both Helen and Faye. If that was so, what he was doing now was what a big cat does with its prey when it’s not too hungry — play with the food first!

“Suck it!” Juan said, letting go of the dog and sliding his hands under Faye’s head. He was pushing her face up, shoving her lips against the hot, slick sides of Spike’s dick.

“Ughhhh!” Faye cried out in disgust as the knobby surface of the shepherd’s dick pressed hard against her lips. She realized that she couldn’t fight them. All the blonde could do was play along and hope they’d eventually let her go.

“That’s it, baby. Suck that dick!” Al said as Faye moved her head down a little and opened her mouth. She licked the hanging drop of doggie jizz, thinking that it tasted about the same as a man’s cum.

“Eat that doggie meat,” Al taunted, running his fingers slowly up and down her inner thighs. He dug his fingers into her tender flesh, growing more and more excited as Faye opened her mouth and slowly clamped her full, red lips around Spike’s jerking dong.

“Hey, hold that fuckin’ dog still!” Al growled as the shepherd howled with surprise and delight. Faye slid her mouth back, swallowing the entire knobby length of Spike’s prick until her lips brushed against his tiny fuck sacs.

“Keep goin’, baby,” Mike said, joining Al in fingering her thighs. Then they slid their hands up until they were pulling and dipping into her snatch.

Faye slid her head back until her lips were wrapped around the dog’s slender, pointed dick-head. Spike whimpered and howled as Faye rode back on his cock, feeling her lips move up and down over the lumps while Mike and Al kept on digging into her pussy. She moved her head back and forth faster and faster as Spike started hunching down his hind legs, jabbing his dick into her sucking mouth. Faye groaned, feeling Spike’s smooth cock start to vibrate and swell between her puffed-out cheeks. She could tell that he was close to coming. Faye steeled herself, getting ready for the onrush of dog-cum that would soon be spraying down her throat!

“Pull her away. I wanna see a fuck,” Al grunted. Juan and Mike pushed Faye away from the growling dog. Al moved around and forced her knees under his hips while Juan pulled her arms up, then down. She was in a crouching position, her ass facing the whimpering, growling German shepherd. It was a position she’d seen hundreds of bitches take just before another dog mounted them. But she was a human being! It was wrong and sick to force her to do this horrible thing!

“Up boy, boy!” Juan yelled out behind her.

Faye closed her eyes and clenched her trembling, icy-cold fingers into two tight fists. A hot wave of humiliation washed over her as she prepared herself for her first doggie-fuck.

“Come on!” Juan encouraged the hesitating dog.

Spike looked up at the Mexican, then turned and raised his pointed snout, sniffing the air surrounding Faye’s exposed, bushy box. His ears pricked up when he caught the scent of female juices and he moved forward, pushing his cold nose against Faye’s fat labes.

“UGH!” the blonde groaned as she felt her belly contract sickeningly.

The big dog growled deep in his throat, then pulled back for a second. Slowly he opened his jaws, revealing a long, white row of sharp teeth. His tongue hung out, then slurped up as he started licking Faye’s furry pussy-lips.

“OH! OHHH! OHHHH!” the woman cried out each time she felt his rough tongue sanding across her snatch. Soon she could feel the hot spittle pouring into her fuck hole, mixing with her juices as Spike kept on lapping and licking her pussy.

“Think of it, baby,” Al said, bending down and whispering in her right ear. “Think of it. You’re down here, stripped naked in front of us and gettin’ your fuckin’ pussy licked off by a dog! Think of it!”

The words burned into Faye’s mind like a branding iron. Her uncle was enjoying this immensely. Not only was the sight of a dog lapping up a woman’s cunt turning him on, but the idea that he was publicly degrading his niece was exciting him, too. And there was something happening inside of Faye that she couldn’t explain to herself. She still felt horror at the idea of being lapped up by an animal. Yet the idea that this was being forced on her and that she couldn’t escape from it was easing the disgust that at first tore through her mind. In fact, not only was she enduring the licking, bit by bit she was actually beginning to enjoy it. Faye hated to admit it to herself, but that rough licking was slowly beginning to excite her.

“Ohhhhhhhh!” Faye moaned again. But this time the moan had a different tone to it. No longer was she groaning in disgust, in horror, but in reluctant delight. The blonde hung down her head and looked back between her hanging boobs. She watched the muscular shepherd nosing his snout in between her trembling legs, lapping at her thighs before moving back up to her pussy and sticking his tongue into her swampy box. Faye watched his furry balls twitch and jounce nervously between his powerful hindquarters while his long, red, spit-slicked cock-shaft pointed at her exposed cunt-lips.

“Hey, she’s really gettin’ it on!” Mike commented.

“Yeah, just like those two Chicanas we had up here last week,” Al said, leering at Faye as she started hunching involuntarily against Spike’s probing nose. The dog licked her snatch hairs until they were matted and plastered together. Spittle dripped down her thighs and dribbled to the floor as the blonde swayed back and forth and started moaning for more.

“Oh, there, there!” Faye babbled involuntarily as she felt Spike’s tongue shoot across her sputtering, sparking clit. The animal seemed to understand her and concentrated his lapping on that sensitive tiny organ. Faye moaned and hunched, feeling the breath slip out of her lungs as bolts of unspeakable ecstasy rocketed through her sweating, swaying body.

“Christ! She’s gonna shoot off if we don’t get him off her now,” Al said, motioning Juan to pull Spike away.

“Christ! That bastard almost bit me!” the Mexican cried out as Spike turned his head and snapped at him.

“Never fool around with a hot dog,” Mike said, laughing at his pun as Juan slapped the growling dog across the head.

“Jesus! Cut it out and let him fuck her!” Al said impatiently.

At a signal from Juan, Spike barked, then jumped up, wrapping his big paws tightly around Faye’s panting sides.

“Ohhhh!” she cried out, feeling his hot, pointed dick pressing against her sweaty ass-cheeks. The claws of Spike’s front paws scratched her belly and chest while his weight nearly crushed her to the ground. Faye grunted and stiffened her arms as she felt the big dog hunching automatically. His pointed dick-head jabbed without direction for a few minutes. Then he found her exposed pussy.

“You got it boy,” Al said as the big dog lowered his muscular ass and humped forward. He buried the first two inches of his knotty prick with one hard thrust. Faye cried out in surprise, horror and delight. The three feelings swept over her, mingling into some strange new sensation that she couldn’t explain. Part of her wanted to throw up in horror and disgust. Another part of her wanted to cut all restraints and fuck back, sucking as much doggie jizz into her cunt as possible. The two halves battled back and forth in the bucking blonde as Spike continued to drive his spearing dick further into her cunt.

“OHHH!” Faye groaned again, feeling her cunt-juice beginning to ooze from between her snatch-lips. She felt his furry underbelly pressing down on her back and rubbing against her upturned ass. The fur on his sheath tickled the swelling lips of her cunt. And as he kept on humping and hunching his cock-meat into her, Faye came to realize that getting fucked by Spike wasn’t that bad at all.

“Tell him to fuck you, baby. Say it out loud. Say how bad you want him to fuck you,” Al whispered into her ear.

“Yes. Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Faye moaned. Her moans joined with Spike’s growls as she felt his cock pistoning in and out of her musky box. “Oh yes, fuck me! Fuck me!”

“Shit! You really started somethin’,” Juan said, shaking his head back and forth in disbelief as he watched the blonde shaking, bucking and writhing under the big German shepherd’s sexual attack. The barn was filled with the sounds of fucking as both Spike and Faye shot higher and higher toward climax.

“OHH! OHHH! OHHH!” Faye moaned as she squeezed her cuntal muscles together, trapping the dog’s dick inside her hot, fiery pussy for several seconds. Spike whimpered and tried to back out as the pulling sensation sent twitchy thrills rumbling through her pussy. She let go, and the dog resumed his fast fucking. His furry balls bobbed and swung back and forth each time he humped his hindquarters forward and drove his dick into her snatch. Faye could feel that pointed, drooling dick-tip sinking further and further until she thought it was going to spear into her womb.

“CUMM! CUMMMMM!” Faye babbled mindlessly. Her hot pussy suddenly flashed like an exploding star, sending blinding bolts of sexual energy ripping through her belly, tits and brain. At the same time Spike’s dick vibrated furiously inside the blonde’s clutching cunt, threatening to blow its first wad of jizz into the throat of her drooling pussy.

“Shoot, damn you!” Al said to himself as he bent down and waited for the first contraction to ripple through Spike’s cunt-embedded prick.

“AHHHHHWWWWAH!” The sound tore through Faye’s strained throat as her box spasmed suddenly. Her cum was agonizingly slow. A dog’s dick isn’t as thick as a man’s, and couldn’t give her the friction her clit needed for a fast, hard orgasm. Faye hunched down, wriggling her ass back and forth as she tried to rub her stiff clit against the shooting, spraying doggie-cock.

“Wow! Ol’ Spike mustn’t have shot off since those two Mexican girls!” Juan said, watching the thick river of dog jizz flow out from between Faye’s swollen pussy-lips.

The blonde ignored all of them, backing against the dog as she squeezed, then released her cuntal muscles. Her belly rolled with excitement as she squeezed, stroked and massaged Spike’s spraying dick with her slick pussy walls. She held his cock with her cuntal vise while her head bobbed up and down and from side to side in sexual excitement.

Slowly, the spasms weakened. Faye felt herself floating back down to reality.

“Get him off her. The old lady’s gonna be back soon. I don’t want her to know about this… yet,” Al said, glancing down at his watch.

Faye almost collapsed to the floor in exhaustion as Juan pulled the still-growling Spike off her back. Cum leaked out of her sore pussy and trickled down her plump ass-cheeks to her thighs.

“Get up and get out,” Al growled to her as Juan took Spike back outside.

Faye didn’t even want to look at him. She could hear the contempt in his voice. She knew what they were all thinking about her! It was unfair! They were the ones who forced her to do this horrible thing! Yes, she had finally started enjoying it.

But that wasn’t her fault. At least, she didn’t think it was. Or was it? Was there something sick and dark hiding in some corner of her mind that was just waiting for an opportunity like this to leap out and take over her life? She’d never be able to forgive them or herself if this was true!

The blonde staggered to her feet and started for the door. Al ran in front of her, unlocking it and kicking it open. He handed her the torn pile of material that used to be her panties, bra, blouse and skirt.

“You’ll find your shoes out there somewhere,” he growled as Faye shrank past him. “And if you tell your aunt about this…” Al said, not completing the sentence. He didn’t have to. Faye knew that after tonight, her uncle was capable of anything. Anything!


As Faye staggered naked and sobbing into the living room of the house, she realized that this was a replay of what had happened long ago. It was as if her past had come to haunt her. But this time it was worse! Now she could feel dog-jizz leaking out from between her violated pussy-lips and trickling through her spit-slicked cunt-hairs. She had been humiliated, degraded in front of those men by that pig of a human being called her uncle.

Fucked by a dog! Faye thought to herself as she slowly climbed up the stairs. Those words rang like jangling bells in her head. How could she ever face anyone after an experience like that? She could never tell her aunt what had happened. And Jack?

As Faye stumbled into the bathroom and locked the door behind her, she pictured the look of disbelief and honor on the lawyer’s face once he found out what she’d done. No! This was a problem that she’d have to try to solve herself. No one would believe her if she told them what happened. And if they did, she could just picture the smirks and sniggers and…

No! Faye thought to herself as she dropped her tattered clothes to the floor and turned on the shower. As she felt the relaxing warm water splash against her arms, Faye thought she could hear someone on the other side of the bathroom door knocking lightly. If it was her uncle again, coming for a second conquest…

“Faye? Is that you, honey? It’s Aunt Helen. I just got home and saw a strange car in the yard. I thought it might be yours,” a female voice said.

Faye almost felt like sobbing and shrieking at the same time. Her aunt sounded so relaxed and loving. For a second, the blonde almost forgot what happened to her only a few minutes before.

“I’m taking a shower, Aunt Helen. I’m… a little dirty from the trip,” Faye said, shuddering as she looked down and saw the tiny rivulet of dog cum trickling out of her bush of matted, tangled pussy-hairs and trailing down her scratched and clawed thighs.

“Good idea, Faye. I’ll be in my bedroom when you get out,” the woman said, then turned and walked down the hall.

“Oh God!” Faye cried out loud as she stepped into the shower stall and let the hot water cascade over her firm, scratched body. The blonde soaped down her body three times, scrubbing her pussy-lips so hard that they ached under her attack. She had to cleanse herself of that filthy act she’d been forced to commit minutes ago. Her mind reeled as she scrubbed and scrubbed the violated portions of her body with the washcloth, rinsing down, then soaping one more time.

Finally Faye turned off the shower, stepping out of the stall and reaching for a bath towel. As she dried herself, Faye managed to calm herself down and started thinking more about her aunt and why she wanted to see her. What must their marriage be like lately? Al didn’t seem better — he was worse! Had he forced her aunt to do anything… like that? Helen was a strong woman. But she wouldn’t have a chance if Al got his men to help him. And if he knew that she was cutting him off without a cent!

Faye shuddered as she put the towel back on the rack and opened the door cautiously. She didn’t want to step out into the hall naked and run into Al. He’d fuck her right there.

Good! The blonde said to herself as she saw the long hallway was empty. There was a stream of bright light coming from under her aunt’s bedroom door, but the rest of the hall was dark. Faye tip-toed to her bedroom, carrying her torn and filthy clothing in her hands. When she entered her room, she stuffed the material under her bed, then opened her suitcase and pulled out her bathrobe. Aunt Helen can’t ever learn about this! Faye said to herself as she tied the robe tightly around her slender waist, then brushed her hair back. Flicking off the light, Faye walked back out into the hall and up to her aunt’s bedroom door.

“Aunt Helen?” she called out softly, knocking on the door.

“Come in, honey,” the woman said softly.

Faye opened the door and stepped in. She smiled at her aunt, who was sitting on the edge of the bed. In front of her was a small, portable card table with stacks of deeds, titles, and other official-looking papers.

“Looks like a real estate office,” Faye commented as she closed and locked the door behind her. She had an idea that Helen didn’t want to be disturbed by anyone from now on.

“That’s just what we’re going to discuss,” Helen said, as she looked up from the papers for a second and smiled at her niece. Faye had to admit that although Helen was forty-five, she looked incredibly attractive and young for her age. Her black hair still gleamed with the richness that young woman had. Her long legs seemed to be free of any flab and her hips, in tight-fitting jeans, were still narrow and tight. And those big tits! Faye could see what side of the family she took after. As Helen went back to shuffling through the pile of papers, Faye realized that Helen appeared to be more of a friend or sister than an aunt.

“I take it you saw Al,” Helen said dryly as she separated what looked like a deed from the rest of the papers.

“Yes… yes I saw him earlier. When I first pulled in, he was here,” Faye said, trying to keep the low tremble out of her voice. But Helen noticed it and looked up at the shuddering blonde.

“Is something wrong?” Helen asked curiously. She put the papers down and folded her hands together while she stared at her niece.

“No, it’s just that…” Faye started to say. But the words didn’t come. Her aunt shouldn’t have asked anything like that. If they’d just gotten down to business, everything would have been fine. She’d have managed to push that horror show to one corner of her mind for a while and talk freely as if nothing had happened. But that sympathetic, loving look her aunt was giving her completely unraveled her.

“Faye, listen. If that man did anything to you… if he so much as touched you…” Helen started to say, clenching her fingers into two tight fists as her eyes sparkled with hatred.

“Oh God!” Faye finally cried out, closing her eyes and grabbing hold of her stomach as she staggered toward her surprised aunt.

“What’s wrong?” Helen asked as her eyes widened with fear and suspicion.

Faye couldn’t talk for a few seconds. Her mind exploded with horror and disgust as she looked at her aunt. Finally she managed to find the power to speak.

“Oh, Aunt Helen. You’re not going to believe me,” she started to say.

“Try me,” Helen said as she stretched out her arms and motioned her niece to come to her.

“Oh God! You won’t want to hug me when I tell you that… that… that he forced me to… to get fucked by a dog!” Faye confessed. The last words came out in a flood. She couldn’t look at her aunt now. The blonde hung her head down, then felt her knees folding under her. Faye sank down to the floor and broke out into a series of convulsive sobs. She rocked back and forth while she cried and moaned. That motion somehow seemed to soothe her frazzled nerves.

“Ohhhh, noooo,” Helen finally managed to say as she looked at her sobbing, choking niece in horror. “He finally hit the bottom!”

Faye almost blurted out that Al had fucked her ten years ago. But she sensed that this wasn’t the time to tell her aunt. She’d already confessed enough to her.

“I’m… I’m sorry,” Faye stammered.

“Oh Faye, honey. I should be the one who’s apologizing,” Helen said, pushing the table away and sliding off the edge of the bed. Faye felt her aunt wrap her arms around her. “I asked you to come up here, and look at the result!” she said bitterly. “It just goes along with my reasons for cutting that son-of-a-bitch out of everything!”

“The will?” Faye asked, controlling her sobs. Helen’s gentle hugging was reassuring and enabled the blonde to calm herself down.

“Everything! I’m going to divorce that slob before he can do anything else to me or my family,” Helen said determinedly.

“Oh, Aunt Helen. He didn’t… not to you?” Faye asked in horror.

“Oh no. But this isn’t the first time he’s pulled that doggie act. He and his cronies have gotten girls back there before. And a few of them weren’t willing — just like you,” Helen said. “Oh, I managed to cover up the scandal. But I warned him. I’m pretty liberal, and I know that our marriage just hasn’t worked out. I know a man’s gotta be a man, and I’m willing to overlook a lot. But when it comes to something like this, it’s just too much,” Helen said, patting Faye once more on the shoulders before she slid her arms away and went back to the bed.

“But what if he finds out?” Faye almost wailed. “God knows what he’ll do!”

“He’s not going to find out until we’re out of here. As far as Al’s concerned, you’re just up here getting away from the city,” Helen said as she took the deed off the table and handed it to Faye. “Here, half of this is yours now.”

“Oh, Aunt Helen!” Faye cried out, noticing that it was the deed to the ranch. “But I think Al knows a lot more than you give him credit for. I think he knows that you’re trying to cut him off.”

Helen wrinkled her forehead and rolled up her eyes for a second.

“He just might. I’ve been so busy with arranging things, he might have found out. We’ve got to be careful, then. He’s capable of anything, that animal!”

Faye felt her heart beat quickly. She silently agreed with her aunt.

“You’re going to sleep with me tonight. I’m not going to have you sleeping alone when that big gorilla can pounce on you any second,” Helen said, smiling at her niece and patting her on the knee.

“But where does Al sleep?” Faye asked as she got up from the floor and helped her aunt turn down the bed.

“He hasn’t slept with me in over five years. After I found out about his little ways, I couldn’t stand to have him touch me,” Helen said, fluffing up the pillows on the king-sized bed. “Now you just make yourself comfortable while I get ready for bed. We’ll talk about all the legal business tomorrow,” Helen said as she kissed her niece lightly on the forehead and started out the bedroom.

“Thanks, Aunt Helen,” Faye said, feeling secure and safe. As she unfastened her robe and let it float down to the thickly carpeted floor, Faye felt a strange kind of happiness begin to drift over her. She was going to be rich! She was actually going to have money, position and power. It was amazing the way things seemed to be working out. One day she had next to nothing. The next day she was half-owner of one of the finest stud stables in California!

The blonde crawled between the sheets, sliding her long, tapered legs back and forth over the cool material. All she had to worry about was getting off the ranch alive and in one piece. But then there was her aunt to protect her. Helen was a strong woman, and Al seemed to respect her. If only they could survive a few more days, it would be all over. Then she could go back to San Francisco and tell Jack and then — well, Faye didn’t know what would happen. That was for the future.

Slowly she drifted off to sleep, pushing out of her mind what had happened to her in the barn. All she wanted to think of were happy thoughts.

Faye didn’t know how long she’d been asleep when she awoke suddenly. There was a tight, wet feeling gripping her pussy. At first the young blonde thought that she’d been having another one of her “hot” dreams. How could she finger herself off with her aunt right next to her? Then, as her mind cleared and her eyes focused, Faye realized that her Aunt Helen was the one causing that tight wetness! It took Faye several minutes to react to the new situation.

“Having nice dreams, honey?” Helen asked as she kept running the fingers of both hands lightly along the furry ridges of Faye’s cunt-lips.

“Oh Aunt Helen! How could you?” Faye cried out, jerking up and trying to pull the older woman’s hands away from her drooling pussy. This was just too much. First forced by her uncle to be fucked by a dog, then seduced in bed by her aunt! “Very easy. Just like this,” Helen said, moving her right hand up until the fingertips just barely brushed the red tip of Faye’s rock-hard clit.

“Ohhhh!” the blonde cried out involuntarily. She wasn’t a dyke! Faye kept telling herself this as Helen plowed her fingers through her swampy, bushy mound. She’d done a lot of things lately, but this seemed to be some kind of new low.

“Your uncle turned me on to this, really. After throwing him out of bed, I was pretty fed up with men. But a strong sex drive seems to be something inherited in our family. So, what was more natural than…” Helen said, trailing off as she moved her thumb just under Faye’s outer labe and gave it a gentle pinch.

“All those church socials your uncle thinks I’m at,” Helen said, laughing lightly as she stared hotly at Faye. “There’s a group of us out in Oakland who, well, do what I’m doing to you now.”

“But, but…” Faye stuttered as Helen started to lean toward her. “No, I’m not into something like… like this.”

“First time for everyone. Why don’t you just lay back and enjoy this, honey. I want to take care of that sore little pussy that those nasty men hurt tonight. You don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to,” Helen said, reaching forward with her right hand and gently pushing Faye back down to the bed.

The blonde sighed and did as she was told. She didn’t have much of a choice. In any case, getting screwed by her Aunt Helen was a lot better than being humiliated and brutally fucked by Al’s troops.

Faye sucked in a ragged breath as she felt her aunt pushing her firm thighs apart. Those fingers knew exactly what places to touch and rub. Her snatch shivered with unspeakable delight as Helen peeled back Faye’s fat outer cunt-lips and bent down. Seconds later, the young blonde felt something hot and wet pushing its way into her cunt. My God, it’s her tongue! Faye screamed to herself as she shuddered half in revulsion, half with pleasure. This was a whole new experience for her. And as she found out with the dog, it wasn’t as horrible as she might have thought it was.

“See, baby? Not bad at all,” Helen cooed as she pulled the woman’s cunt-lips further apart so that her tongue could twist its way into Faye’s wet, hot hole.

“Ohhh, Goddd!” Faye cried out, closing her eyes and clenching her teeth together as she felt a ripple of pleasure shudder through her mushy box. This couldn’t be happening to her! All in one night! And yet here she was, naked on her aunt’s bed with her legs spread wide apart and Helen’s face between them. Her tongue lashed around the young blonde’s drooling snatch, lapping up her flowing cuntal juices as Faye rolled her head slowly from side to side and moaned with delight.

“That’s it, baby. Let that feeling take you over,” Helen encouraged the girl.

But Faye didn’t need any encouragement. There was a fire raging in her snatch, burning its way up he rumbling pussy walls as the older woman licked her frazzled snatch. Faye gritted her teeth as she felt her aunt’s tongue snake up toward her clit.

“Oh, don’t tease me, please,” Faye begged the older woman.

“That’s half the fun,” Helen said as she flicked the tip of her tongue at the ends of the blonde’s wiry pussy hairs. Droplets of hot cunt juice hung on those hairs. Faye reached up and grabbed her boobs, mashing in those stiff, twitching nipples with her fingers as Helen lapped and slurped between her quivering legs.

“Oh God, I can’t take it,” Faye cried out, digging her head into the pillow and arching up her thighs. She pushed her swampy box into Helen’s face, nuzzling her fat labes against the older woman’s nose, lips and chin. Faye’s aunt fought back, slipping her hands under the blonde’s plump ass-cheeks and squeezing the goose-flesh skin while her tongue fucked in and out of the hot hole like a tiny cock.

“Eat me! Eat me!” Faye moaned as she slammed her crotch harder into Helen’s face.

“Let’s try something else for a while,” Helen said as she pulled her lips off Faye’s snatch and wiped her mouth. The young blonde moaned with frustration. Helen’s mouth felt so warm, wet and good. Why did she have to pull it away like that? She needed something now on her box. She could feel those hard, stiff contractions rippling through her snatch. Her cuntal walls were swelling with excitement, rubbing against each other, while her pussy-lips slowly parted and exposed her swampy hole. Sweat trickled from under her arms and gathered in tiny, glistening pools on her flat belly while Helen slid off the bed and walked quickly to the bureau next to the bed.

“What are you looking for?” Faye asked as Helen rummaged through the contents of the top drawer.

“You know, sometimes I just couldn’t get to those women over in Oakland. So I had to do a little satisfying on my own,” Helen said, pulling something out of the drawer.

“What’s that in your hands?” Faye asked nervously as Helen slid back onto the bed.

“Commonly called a dildo, honey,” Helen said, twisting the bottom of the plastic cock and turning it on. The older woman leaned forward, bringing the gleaming knob forward until it lightly touched Faye’s trembling pussy-lips.

“Ohhhh, it feels good!” Faye stammered out as the vibrations poured out from the dildo into her box. Every square inch of her body seemed to vibrate in sympathy with that plastic dick. If Faye thought about fighting, that idea was driven out of her mind when she felt that latex cock-head disappear into the folds of her juicy cunt. Helen churned it around like a pole, moving its vibrating, smooth sides around her cunt and finally touching Faye’s clt.

“Just like being sucked, but better, right?” Helen asked as she pulled the dildo almost all the way out, then pushed it in with a loud, squishy sound.

“UMMMMMMM!” Faye groaned, unable to answer her aunt as the vibrations poured through her cunt. It wasn’t at all like being fucked by Jack. But it was probably the next best thing. She shuddered as the powerful sensations gripping her pussy spread outward from her cunt and took over her belly and tits.

“Take it, baby. Take all that cock,” Helen groaned, as fucking her niece with the dildo excited her more and more. She increased the fucking speed, making Faye twist and thrash on the groaning bed. The young blonde curled her fingers and toes in excitement as she pulled up her legs until her knees flattened her titties into two flat fleshy puddles. When Helen rotated that vibrating dick around one more time, this time concentrating on Faye’s stiff clit, Faye’s right leg kicked up in the air involuntarily. She felt her shitter pucker up as thrills of electric sexuality sparked and sputtered through her body. Faye squeezed her own titties harder and harder, flicking her thumbs over the half-inch long nipples as Helen fucked and fucked her pussy with that artificial dong.

“AWWWWW, FUCK MY PUSSY! OHHH, DO IT! IN! IN! IN!” Faye cried out mindlessly as her mind exploded with images of thick, fat, long, drooling dicks slamming and spearing into her pussy. She thought of Jack lying on top of her, crushing down her titties with his massive, hairy chest while he threw more and more of his hot dick-meat into her snatch. Then her mind focused on the big ranch hand who’d fucked her ass. Even that turned her on now. She wanted to be filled with dick-meat. Faye craved cock now like she never did before. That dildo was turning her into a nympho!

“Helen needs a little relief too,” the older woman finally groaned out as she shoved the plastic cock into Faye’s squishy cunt, then let go.

“UHHHHH!” Faye groaned as the dildo buzzed and droned unattended in her snatch. The young blonde opened her eyes and saw something dark over her head. When she focused her vision, Faye saw that it was her Aunt Helen’s dripping pussy slowly lowering itself toward her mouth!


“Eat my snatch, baby. Lick up that hot juice and shove your tongue into my pussy,” Helen groaned as her thighs quivered in the air.

“Oh, I can’t do that,” Faye groaned as the smell of Helen’s pungent, steaming snatch juice filled her nostrils. Her aunt’s pussy hairs bristled with sexual excitement. Even in the dim moonlight, Faye could see Helen’s labes actually twitching slightly as she kept on lowering her twat toward the blonde’s face.

“It’s easy,” Helen said breathlessly as she reached down and wrapped her fingers around the sides of the protruding dildo. Slowly, Helen twisted it around and around, making Faye gasp for air as she arched her back and squeezed plump ass-cheeks tightly together. Her mind flashed white with ecstasy as she felt something tickle the tip of her nose. My God! Faye thought to herself as she blinked her eyes opened and saw that Helen’s drooling pussy was almost touching her lips!

“Eat it!” Helen cried desperately as a spasm tippled through her cunt.

Faye didn’t have time to think. Her aunt’s wet cunt was suddenly pressed tightly against her mouth. She couldn’t help but taste the sharp, salty flavor of cunt juice. When she opened her mouth to suck in a breath, Helen moaned with pleasure. Even that slight movement sent ripples of pleasure through her box and tits.

“Oh, you feel soooo good, baby. Your mouth feels so hot and wet and good!” Helen crooned as she wriggled her squatting ass back and forth in tiny, jerking motions. Faye sighed, then opened her mouth more, sticking out her tongue tentatively and licking the slick inner folds of Helen’s labes with tiny back-and-forth motions. Helen kept on moaning, jerking her body up and down and crying and babbling meaningless phrases of delight. Her big boobs jounced up and down on her chest as the older woman felt her body heating up toward orgasm.

“MMMMMMM!” Faye cried out as Helen got carried away with the dildo. She was hammering it in and out now, slicing into Faye’s cunt recklessly.

“My clit. Get that clit!” Helen cried out.

Faye obeyed quickly. She’d forgotten her earlier feelings about screwing with her aunt. Suddenly it seemed to be the most natural thing in the world. That buzzing dildo in her pussy excited her so much that she could think of nothing else except satisfying the aching itch tightening up in her pussy and that hairy box squishing and leaking all over her face.

“AHHHHHH!” Helen sighed out as Faye moved the sharp tip of her tongue against the swollen, pea-like sex organ. Helen gasped, then cried out again as Faye attacked her clit one more time. The young blonde then moved her lips up, opening them a little more, then closing them down on the hard little rod. Helen growled deep in her throat as Faye attacked her clit with pursed lips and sucked gently on the tiny mound of sparking sex-flesh. The older woman’s growling turned into helpless whimpers as Faye gave herself completely up to the dildo. She could feel its slick plastic skin heated up by her churning pussy. Its sides were slicked down by the torrents of pussy juice that seeped out of her cuntal walls and lubed the artificial dick.

“AHHH! AHHHH! AHHHHH!” Helen cried out suddenly, losing control of herself. Helen’s excitement was contagious. It made Faye gasp, buck and twist faster, pushing up against her aunt’s heaving belly. Those big tits slapped against her thrashing thighs. Helen rammed and churned the vibrating cock in and out of Faye’s snatch as she started to lick the stretched rim of the younger woman’s outer labes. She lapped her tongue at the tight membranes while she gave her ass a few quick, short jerks and left splotches of cunt juice over Faye’s cheeks.

“Faster!” Helen cried, bringing her cunt down hard onto Faye’s sucking mouth. The blonde could hardly breathe. Her aunt’s snatch was bouncing all over her upturned face. Sometimes it impaled itself on her nose. Other times it completely covered her mouth, grinding down until it peeled back Faye’s lips and rubbed back and forth across her front teeth.

“MMMMM!” Faye hummed again, sticking her tongue deeper into Helen’s bouncing pussy when it came down on her mouth again. At the same time Faye reached up and down, wrapping her hands around the groaning brunette’s ass and digging her fingernails into the sweaty skin. Helen groaned happily, swirling her ass in mid-air as Faye dug deeper and deeper into the flesh. Slowly she let her fingers crawl over the sweaty skin until they reached the long, hot crevice that ran between Helen’s ass-cheeks which were amazingly firm. Faye knew what an ass massage did to her, so she wasn’t surprised that Helen screamed when she pushed her right forefinger into the woman’s tight, musky hole.

“Bitch!” Helen cried out as Faye felt the puckered skin relax for a second, letting in the first joint of her finger. Then it clamped tightly shut again, trapping her finger inside that shit-chute.

Faye’s thighs were bouncing on the bed now, slamming down, then heaving up into Helen’s face as the vibrator was pushing her quickly toward climax. Her nipples were tightening up, sputtering with tension as she felt a strange light feeling suddenly take over her cunt and belly. Then a loud rumbling blew through her mushy pussy. This was it! She was actually cumming with another woman!

“Let it cum, baby. Let it cum,” Helen said as she increased the fucking speed of the dildo. She shoved the dildo deeper and deeper into Faye’s cunt, churning it like the stick of a butter chum. Faye felt her insides being mixed together into an excited, electric mess. All she could think of was that juicy, hot, hairy cunt battering her face like a hammer while the buzzing cock was pushing her over the edge into orgasm. Faye gasped as she felt the spit and cunt juice trickling down her cheeks. Then there was a spasm in her crotch, followed by another one. A few seconds passed as she felt her pussy tightening up for a big contraction. Then it came, sending the girl’s ass high off the bed and into Helen’s face.

“CUMMMMMM!” Faye shouted into Helen’s pussy as a twitching series of contractions roared through her cumming pussy. “Yes! Yessssss,” Helen cried back as the vibrations from Faye’s strained voice bounced off the trembling walls of her snatch. Then Faye felt Helen’s cunt jerk once, then again. Helen’s asshole tightened around her finger while the blonde could feel her aunt’s back stiffen up. She tasted a new trickle of hot juice and knew that Helen was cunnmng now.

“AHHHHHH!” the older woman sighed, grinding her spasming pussy down against Faye’s face and sliding from side to side as her cunt was racked with violent contractions.

The two women shuddered and thrashed, grinding their sweaty skins together as orgasms took over their bodies. It seemed like hours before the last contractions rippled over their pussies. Helen reached down and pulled out the dildo with an audible squish. She turned it off and tossed it down onto the floor.

“Now you see how a woman can entertain herself without a man,” she said, laughing a little tiredly as she crawled off the exhausted Faye and turned around until she was resting her head on the pillow next to her niece.

“Oh, Aunt Helen. I don’t know what to say,” Faye said, feeling embarrassed for the first time. She’d been fucked by her aunt! The blonde felt a hot blush rush over her cheeks. She couldn’t turn her face to look at the older woman.

“Hey, don’t worry about it, Faye. Chances are that you’re just a normal woman who’s curious about different ways of fucking. That’s one thing Al taught me, if nothing else,” Helen said wryly. “There’s all kinds of ways and positions.”

“But…” Faye started to say.

“Nothing wrong with being curious. Doesn’t mean you have to make a habit out of it. Now don’t worry and just go to sleep,” Helen said, pulling the covers over them and curling up next to her niece.

Faye couldn’t help but feel a little strange as she heard her aunt’s breathing become heavy and regular. She was relatively new to the game of fucking. And already she’d been screwed in a jetliner, fucked in the ass, fucked by a dog, then seduced by her own aunt! It was too much for her to think about now. And on top of all that, she was going to have half of the ranch in a few days. Everything was happening so quickly. Faye’s head spun around and around with all these thoughts as the blonde slowly lost consciousness and fell into a deep sleep.

When she woke up the next morning, Faye reached over and felt nothing. She opened her eyes and saw that her Aunt Helen had already gotten up. The blonde threw back the covers and slid over to the other side of the bed. Carefully, Faye pulled back the shade and peeked out into the courtyard. There were Juan and Mike, leaning against the old well pump and talking quietly. Faye moved her eyes across the space and saw that the barn door was still open. There was no sign of Helen or of Al.

Faye pulled her head back and let go of the shade when she saw Juan turn his head and start to look up at her window. Her skin crawled with horror when she thought of meeting those men again.

“Aunt Helen?” Faye called out nervously as she slid off the bed and bent down, picking up her robe.

There was no answer. As Faye pulled on her robe and tied it tightly around her waist, she silently hoped that her aunt hadn’t confronted Al with what had happened last night. Faye didn’t know what would happen then.

“Aunt Helen?” she called out again, opening the door and peeking down the hallway. There were no sounds coming from anywhere in the house, and there was no sign of her aunt.

Faye crept down the hall to her bedroom. She peeled off her robe and dressed quickly in a simple plaid shirt and a pair of jeans. She wanted to find her aunt quickly so they could talk about the transfer of property to her name. Then she’d take care of the legal matters as quickly as possible and get off the ranch. The longer she stayed in the house, the more depressed she became.

As Faye started climbing down the stairs, she noticed that the pictures on the wall had since fallen off and were lying scattered on the stairway and bottom floor. One of the frames was broken. Faye’s heart began to pound more wildly as she stepped down further and further on the stairway. As the living room came completely into her view, she realized that some kind of violent struggle had taken place. The cocktail table in front of the couch was overturned. Some of the cushions from the chairs and couch were scattered on the floor, and two vases lay broken on the floor near the kitchen.

“Aunt Helen?” Faye called out in a shaky voice. It was too quiet for comfort. Slowly, she began to suspect that Helen had met with the same violence she’d experienced the night before.

Faye tip-toed across the littered floor to the kitchen. From the back window she could see the courtyard. Both Mike and Juan were gone now and the barn door was closed.

I should call the police, Faye thought to herself as she walked over to the kitchen table and lifted the receiver off the phone.

The line’s been cut! Faye said to herself as she clicked the button of the phone. Her pulse was pounding in her head wildly as she replaced the receiver and stared helplessly out the window. What could she do? She was trapped here and — but then, maybe there was nothing wrong. Maybe her aunt had just gone to town. But the phone! It was dead. Probably he wires had been cut by Al or one of his cronies!

Get it together, girl, Faye told herself. She was probably overreacting. Her aunt might have driven off to Oakland for another one of her “sessions”. And the lines might be down somewhere else than on the ranch. Faye laughed at herself as she opened the back door and decided to drive off the ranch for a while. Nothing might be wrong, but she still felt uncomfortable staying there with… “OHH GOD!” Faye cried out loud. The wires were cut! They were dangling in front of her!

Faye stopped dead in her tracks and looked quickly around her shoulders. There still wasn’t anyone around. Stealthily, Faye walked to her car and opened the door. Thank God I took the keys! Faye said to herself as she reached down in her right pocket and pulled them out.

“Ohh, it won’t start!” Faye said out loud as she turned the key and heard the engine churning. The sound echoed through the courtyard. The blonde knew that it wouldn’t be long before someone ran out of that barn or wherever they were hiding to stop her. “Start, damn you, START!” she screamed.

But the engine just kept turning and turning, refusing to completely turn over. As Faye glanced into the rear-view mirror, she saw the barn door shoot open and Al, Juan and Mike run out toward her. Behind them was Helen, staggering, her body scratched and bleeding and all her clothes stripped off! Faye’s heart skipped a beat as she gave the engine a final try. No luck!

“Okay sweet tits, out!” Al said, ripping open the door and pulling the screaming Faye out. The blonde fought with all her might, slashing at the grinning animal’s face while Mike sneaked behind her and wrapped his big arms around her waist.

“UGHHH!” Faye cried out when Mike squeezed her tight, forcing all the breath and fight out of her. The blonde felt her head grow fuzzy and light as Al told Mike to take her into the barn.

“Where the fuck you think you’re goin’?” Al cried out to Helen, who’d stumbled across the courtyard and was trying to sneak into the house.

“Leave me, ohhhh,” she cried out as Al ran up to her and slugged her across her puffy face. Faye watched in horror as Al kept hitting the semi-conscious woman until Mike shouted out to quit it.

“Bitch!” Al said, as he reached down and yanked her up to her feet. “Get back in there,” Al ordered, pointing to the barn. “That’s what a wife should always be — obedient.”

Faye kept struggling in Mike’s grip, even though it was hopeless. She was dragged into the big building where Spike had fucked her the night before. She sighed in relief when she was that at least there weren’t any dogs in sight.

“Strip ‘er,” Al ordered as he closed and locked the barn doors.

Juan and Mike grinned, quickly getting to work. Faye gave up fighting. She gave up completely. It was useless. Whatever they wanted to do, they were going to do it no matter how hard she fought or how loud she screamed.

“Mmmmm, forgot about those big titties. Almost like your aunt’s,” Juan said as he ripped Faye’s blouse open. The blonde tried to keep from reacting as the Mexican lowered his face and cupped his big lips on her right nipple. But she finally cried out in pain when she felt him sink his sharp front teeth into the hard flesh.

“OOHHHHHH!” Faye groaned, twisting away from Juan’s face.

“Knew she’d do something if we tried hard enough,” Juan said as Mike still held onto her. While he pinned her arms tightly to her back, the Mexican quickly unzipped her jeans and peeled them down over her creamy thighs. Before he’d pulled them off her ankles, Juan shot his head up and forward, burying his thick, greasy tongue into her bush. The sudden oral attack startled the blonde and she cried out in horror and surprise.

“Hey, you two. I didn’t get her in here for that. I told you that these two bitches are gonna take over the ranch and probably toss us all out,” Al growled.

“You know,” Faye gasped out.

“How dumb do you think I am? While you and Helen were hiding upstairs, I nosed around the house. I suspected something was going on. Then I found this,” Al said, reaching into his rear pocket and pulling out a wrinkled piece of white paper. “It’s a letter from her lawyers in San Francisco,” he said angrily, shoving the paper in front of Faye’s face. The first thing she noticed was the name and address of the legal firm. It was the same one that Jack worked for! He might not be on this particular case, but his associates were. If she’d only known this before! “It’s about a transfer of title and a pending divorce. It didn’t take me too long to put two and two together. I know why the fuck you came up here. And believe me, baby, you’re gonna be one fuckin’ sorry chick for doin’ it.”

With that Al grabbed Faye away from Mike and spun her around. She tried to break free, but his grip was too strong. Everything turned into one big blur. She saw Mike’s and Juan’s grinning faces, her aunt’s black-and-blue face twisted into an expression of horror, and Al’s leering eyes as her feet stumbled across the sharp hay stubble on the barn floor. Suddenly Al let her go, sending the blonde whirling across the floor into a small stall to the right.

“Ohhhhhh!” Faye cried out, landing on her back on a pile of hay. She shook her head and looked up. A large, shiny, muscular stallion towered above her, snorting with surprise and rage at the blonde’s sudden invasion of his private territory. She was about to get up when Al stopped her from rising with a violent gesture of his hands.

“Meet your new lover,” he said, pointing at the stomping horse.


Faye kept screaming for help while Mike and Juan grabbed her by the ankles and dragged her out of the stable. Al led the black, muscular stallion from that tiny wooden bin, pulling him to a position about ten feet away from the struggling blonde. Faye clawed at the loose dirt of the barn floor, trying to stop herself from going any further as the two men dragged her closer to the big animal.

“If you think dogs are great, wail ’till you get onto this dick,” Al said, sneering at the cringing woman while he rubbed his right hand soothingly up and down the big animal’s long head.

Faye couldn’t say anything. Fear and tenor gripped her like a powerful vise, choking out any response to the man’s taunts. She crossed her arms over her bare tits and stared wide-eyed at the black stallion. His big black eyes rolled around with excitement while he stomped on the floor, creating little puffs of dust wherever his powerful hoofs crashed down. His black, sleek sides glistened with a thin coating of sweat under the bright lights.

“A good breeder,” Al commented wryly as he looked first at the home, then down at Faye’s exposed, hairy blonde pussy.

“Oh, no. You couldn’t want me…” Faye started to say. Then her eyes shifted down to the animal’s powerful hindquarters. She saw his dick, long, tubular and black, handing down like an elephant’s trunk. Slowly, its wrinkled skin began to stretch out, and the blonde could see the stallion’s thick, meaty, bulbous cock-head pushing out of the prick-shaft.

“But in case you don’t know how to do it, your aunt can teach you,” Al said, laughing cruelly as he motioned to Juan and Mike to get Helen.

“You lie!” Helen cried out as the two men grabbed her by the wrists and hauled her up to the home.

“Like hell I do. She doesn’t like to admit it, but your aunt turns on to animals the way I turn on to cunts. If you don’t believe me, just ask her about the time I caught her in here about five years ago with this one’s sire,” Al said, smirking as he nodded his head toward the stallion.

“Don’t listen to him!” Helen cried out, flushing red with shame.

“Oh, she didn’t have his dick in her. I stopped that before she had a chance. But there was this old lady, her bra and blouse off, kneeling under that fuckin’ horse’s legs. She had his big, stiff cock in her hands and she was rubbing it between her titties. You should have heard her, talkin’ to that animal like her was her lover or somethin’,” Al said, breaking out into laughter after he finished telling his story.

“Aunt Helen!” Faye cried out, looking at her aunt in amazement.

“I’m sorry, Faye. But he made me do it,” Helen said, hanging her head down in shame.

“Like hell I did,” Al retorted.

“Not physically. But after being married to you…” Helen started to say.

“We’re gonna take care of that pretty soon,” Al said, turning around and winking at both Mike and Juan. They laughed with him, and their combined joking made Faye’s blood curdle. “Get that bitch swingin’ on him,” Al said suddenly, pointing at his wife.

“Get away from me,” Helen cried out in a choked voice as both men carried her struggling to the horse. They stopped when she was only a foot away from the animal’s pointed snout. Standing on either side of the horse’s head, they pushed her forward, brushing her big titties against the startled stallion’s snout. He snorted loudly, whinnying in his throat while Juan and Mike kept on pushing the moaning woman against that cold nose. Finally he calmed down and peeled back his black, fleshy lips, revealing an incredibly long row of straight, white teeth. Faye felt her skin crawl with disgust and honor as the stallion started licking her aunt’s big titties. Helen cried out over and over, twisting and hunching as Juan and Mike held tightly onto her arms. Soon her entire chest, belly and boobs were covered with a sloppy, glistening layer of thick horse spit. Faye reached down and grabbed her belly in an effort not to throw up. It was too revolting to even think about. She was watching her aunt getting it on with a horse!

“Get her in back,” Al said in a loud voice.

Juan and Mike nodded and pulled her away, dragging the groaning woman behind the stallion. They forced her to her knees, then quickly let go of her wrists. Before she had a chance to scramble to her feet and try to make a break for the door, Juan had his powerful fingers clamped hard against her skull and was forcing her face against the long, dangling, black dick-shaft.

“Oh my God!” Faye groaned, turning her face away from the sight. Helen was licking that stiffening cock-shaft, sliding her tongue along that leathery, fourteen-inch prong while Mike grabbed her hands and forced her to feel the grunting, snorting, whinnying animal’s balls.

“See how she likes it? Your fuckin’ aunt thinks she’s so fuckin’ holy she won’t keep me around any more. Shit, she’s no better than any of us here,” Al said as he still held the big animal tightly by the reins. Helen’s licking increased in speed as the horse’s dick throbbed and jerked more rhythmically. Her slender fingers trailed along the bristled bottom surfaces of the animal’s fuck sacs. “Okay, baby, let’s see how good you can swing on that fuckin’ dick,” Al finally said.

Juan and Mike knew exactly what to do. The Mexican tilted the woman’s head up and pushed forward. Even if Helen didn’t want to suck that cock, she wouldn’t have had much of a choice. The pressure on her lower jaw forced it open, and the way the Mexican held her head made it impossible for her to avoid that cock.

“MMMMMFFFFF!” Helen cried as the knob at the head of the horse’s cock-shaft dropped into her opened mouth like a cue ball into a side pocket. Faye watched in disbelief and horror as her aunt started sucking. The stallion started to go wild, grunting, panting, and snorting as Helen’s head bobbed up and down. Faye watched as her aunt’s lips stretched around that big dick like a glove. Spittle foamed out around her mouth as she slid her head at least seven inches up the big animal’s prick. Her titties swung back and forth as her up-and-down sucking motions increased in speed. Faye hated to admit it, but her uncle seemed to be right about her aunt. Helen really turned onto this.

“Okay, get her fucked!” Al said quietly.

Helen didn’t hear his last order and kept drawing more and more of that hot horsemeat into her mouth. Juan and Mike pulled her away, then flipped her over like a pancake. Slowly, it began to dawn on Helen what they were going to do.

“No, I’ve never done this!” she cried out, kicking her legs in terror as Juan and Mike tried to get hold of them.

“First time for everything, Senora,” Juan said, grabbing hold of her left ankle while Mike took the right. In a second they had yanked her pussy up to fucking range of the stallion’s dick-head. Helen threw back her head and let out a long, thin wail of terror when her pussy pressed hard against the big horse’s hot dick-shaft. Juan and Mike laughed, moving quickly under the horse to get Helen’s pussy speared onto the fleshy hot pole.

“No, please, nooooo,” Helen wailed as Mike grabbed her tightly around the waist and pushed up. At the same time Juan took a handkerchief out of his pocket and wrapped it around the stallion’s dick. Then he grabbed onto that hot pecker, pushing it down until it was aimed directly at Helen’s puckered pussy-hole.

“AHHHHHH! AIYEEEEEEEEE! AIYEEEE EEEE!” Helen cried out as the big knob pushed in her pussy-lips. It wouldn’t go in at first. But Mike and Juan were persistent, pushing and shoving until that fleshy, bulbous cock-head speared into the woman’s violated snatch.


Faye covered her eyes as more inches of the horse-cock shoved into Helen’s cunt. She couldn’t stand to see her aunt like that. Her legs were wrapped around the snorting stallion’s sweaty back, her head was dangling in mid-air while Mike elevated her trembling ass with both his powerful hands. And in between it all was that throbbing, big black cock-shaft, pointed down at a forty-five degree angle from its root just in front of the stallion’s hindquarter and buried in her aunt’s up-tilted cunt.

“Hey, watch it!” Juan suddenly cried out.

Faye uncovered her eyes to see what was wrong. The horse was getting excited, stomping his hind hooves around the floor and whinnying nervously. Al tried to calm down the animal. But soon he lunged forward, breaking away from the big man. Helen screamed as the cock speared almost all the way into her cunt. Mike and Juan jumped back to avoid getting trampled by the big horse. Helen wasn’t so lucky. Faye shot to her feet and screamed in horror as she watched her aunt dragged several feet by that stiff dong. Then she slipped off, only to be kicked on the right side of the head by the stallion’s left leg.

“My God!” Faye cried out, running toward her prostrate aunt.

“Leave her alone,” Al said, reaching out and grabbing Faye tightly by the right wrist. He twisted her arm up, forcing the blonde to her knees. “What she couldn’t finish, you will.”

“Oh my God, no!” Faye cried out as she watched Juan and Mike walk up to her. She felt her head buzz with terror as the two men took her by the arms and dragged her behind the horse. Faye decided it wouldn’t be too wise to fight. She didn’t want that animal to stomp her as he did her aunt.

“Get her up,” Al said, holding onto the reins again as Mike and Juan started to flip her over. “No. Let’s try another position. The last one didn’t work out too good,” Al said, chuckling as he nodded his head over at Helen’s still body. Faye sighed in relief, grateful for this minor reprieve. She looked at her aunt. Thank God! She’s still breathing! Faye said to herself as Al led the horse back to his stall, then walked quickly over to a large wooden table about five feet from the stallion. He dragged it across the floor until it was in front of the blonde. Faye guessed that it was about two feet high, maybe a little less. “Get her crouchin’ on this,” Al said gruffly.

Juan and Mike pushed her forward, sending her crashing down onto the low table.

“Tie her down,” Al ordered as he walked back to the stall.

Faye begged and pleaded with the two men, who ignored her completely. Juan pulled out a piece of half-inch rope from his back pocket and tied it tightly around the blonde’s left wrist. Mike had a similar piece of rope on him and did the same to her right wrist. Both of them then looped the strong rope through two of many metal hooks that protruded from the front edge of the table. They knotted them tightly down until Faye couldn’t move her wrists or hands at all.

As she still moaned and begged, Faye noticed that the men had centered her on the table. There was still about a foot and a half of space on either side of her. She didn’t have to guess what it was for.

“Okay, bring him on,” Juan said, checking the ropes and wiping the sweat off his forehead.

Al smirked, then walked up to the crouching blonde with the black stallion in tow. The horse reeled back for a second, surprised by this strange, new pussy.

“What’s the matter? Scared by this?” Mike asked, reaching over and sticking his right forefinger all the way into Faye’s upturned snatch.

“OHHHH!” the blonde cried out in pain and shame as she felt that painful, spearing digit dig into her pussy.

“Hey, watch it!” Al cried, pulling in the reins as the big stallion whinnied and nearly bolted away. His eyes were rolling excitedly around his head once more. “Get her ass up a little more,” Al said.

Juan and Mike looked around the barn, then spotted a pile of canvas tarpaulins lying in the far corner of the building. Both men ran over and pulled several from the pile, hauling them over to the table and sliding, them under Faye’s knees. They made a tiny mountain of material there, forcing her ass to point higher in the air at a steeper angle then before.

“Perfect!” Al commented, pulling the horse forward.

Faye shuddered and cringed as she heard the front hoofs of the animal paw the ground anxiously just behind her. Then the sound of his hoofs on the wooden table nearly made her faint from fear. She wished she could lose consciousness.

“See? All we have to do is watch,” Al said, as the big stallion stomped forward until his jerking dick-head bumped up against Faye’s upturned ass-cheeks. The blonde moaned in horror as she felt that big, hard hot knob sliding up and down her outer labes. She could feel something hot, greasy and bubbly coating her pussy-lips, and guessed that it was the stallion’s cum leaking out of his big cock-slit. Faye drew her elbows into her sides and shuddered as she felt the animal hunch his dick harder against her twat. At the same time his front legs stomped nervously around her tied-down hands. He snorted loudly now, blowing his hot, heavy breath through the blonde’s hanging hair.

“Oh God!” Faye shuddered as she felt Juan and Mike grab her thighs and spread them widely apart. They were making sure that the stallion wouldn’t have any trouble in burying his big dick inside her pussy. As each man pulled in opposite directions, Faye’s fuck hole widened and started to let in the animal’s cock-head.

“OH, NOOOO!” Faye cried out, closing her eyes and tossing her head wildly from side to side. Her long blonde hair whipped across her whitened knuckles as a hot, aching, splitting sensation rocketed out from her violated pussy. The animal’s dick-head was slowly sinking into her twat, burying itself in the hot folds of her cunt. Faye lost her breath and fought to get it back as she felt her pussy-lips spring open, then clamp shut on the stallion’s plunging prick-head. Her butt trembled with pain as Al urged the big horse on further.

“Come on, buddy. Come on. Ol’ Faye wants more of that dick,” Al said mockingly.

“Come on, come on,” Juan and Mike echoed their boss as Faye groaned and jerked under the painful pressure on her pussy.

“Oh, I’m breakin’ apart!” Faye moaned, knowing that nobody really cared. She swore she could feel every vein in the animal’s thick, long leathery dick as it pushed past her stretched outer labes. The stallion’s throbbing dick made Faye’s pussy throb in sympathy. But the sensation she felt wasn’t pleasurable. At best, Faye could say that she was incredibly stuffed. But in reality, the blonde suffered terribly from the pain and pressure on her snatch. Then there were the mocking comments of Al, Juan and Mike that cut into her pride like knives. As the hot, splitting sensation ripped through her tortured body, the men laughed at her and told her how much she was turning on to the big horse!

“He’s really fuckin’ her now,” Al commented.

Juan and Mike agreed as the big stallion hunched back, then slid his dick further into Faye’s cunt. He seemed to realize that he couldn’t get all of his prick buried in her violated cunt. He’d have to settle for half. While Faye kept crying out in pain and fear, the big black stallion hunched back and forth, rocking his body and snorting excitedly as his prick dug in and out of the blonde’s incredibly stretched cunt. As the home’s fucking speed increased, Faye’s cries turned into high-pitched, shrill shrieks of agony. His dick seemed to be sinking in toward her uterus. She thought the animal would literally split her body in two before he dumped his load of spunk.

“Go, baby, go!” Al encouraged the animal, still holding tightly onto his reins.

“UHHH! UHHH! UHHH!” Faye screamed with each downward thrust. She felt his big, coconut like balls slapping against her ass-cheeks. The force of them hitting her butt nearly sent her knees flying off the tarp. She could hear the squishy sound of the big animal’s cock pile driving into her upturned pussy. He whinnied and snorted more now as his front hooves pounded dangerously close to her trembling hands. He was going to shoot! Oh God in heaven, he’s going to shoot! Faye thought to herself as she braced herself for the flood of horse-jizz.


“Look at ‘im. Shit, he’s gonna dump his load into her now!” Juan said, bending down and watching the big horse’s dick jerk wildly.

“AHH! ARRGHHHH!” Faye cried out as she felt the first scalding load of cum blast into her waiting pussy. She wanted to retch! It felt as if she were being given a long, hot douche of something hot and sticky as the stallion kept on firing his jizz. She cried over and over again, screaming for help as the big animal snorted, whinnied and stomped around her. “NOO! NOOOO!” Faye moaned as jizz leaked out from between her badly stretched outer labes and trickled down her thighs. She prayed God that the stallion would stop his cummmg. But the big animal seemed to have an unlimited supply of the sticky spunk.

“I think he’s finishing up now,” Juan said as the animal’s cock jerking stopped.

“Ohhh, ohhhhhh,” Faye groaned, hanging her head and swinging it slowly back and forth. She felt utterly degraded. Her pussy ached, her wrists were bruised by the tight ropes, and her pride lay in tatters around her as the three men laughed and pointed at her.

“I guess we can untie her,” Al said, pulling back on the reins.

“Hey, looks like he doesn’t want to let go,” Juan said, nudging Mike and laughing as the stallion whinnied in protest at Al’s pulling. His cock still lay imbedded in Faye’s pussy, trembling slightly.

“Can’t leave them here all day,” Al said, pulling back again. This time the stallion gave way, whinnying loudly as he pulled back and yanked his big, flaccid black dick out of her snatch with a loud squishing pop.

“Aiihhhhhh!” Faye cried out, feeling her knees fly out from under her. She lay prone on the pile of canvas, groaning in pain and shame as Juan and Mike walked over and untied her wrists.

“Okay, baby. I don’t know what he’s got in store for you, but it’s gonna be hard to top this one,” Juan said as Faye rubbed her bruised wrists with her fingers and looked hatefully up at them. She never despised two people more than she did right now. And then there was Al! If she could only get her hands on a gun or knife — anything that she could kill them with.

“Take her and that old bitch down to the cellar. I’ll think of some way we can get rid of them,” Al said, chuckling softly to himself as he led the horse back to the stall.

Faye shrugged off Juan’s hand, struggling to her feet and walking to the door by herself. She didn’t want any help from them. If they were going to kill her, all right! But she wasn’t going to have them help her along the path to — what am I saying? Kill me? Faye thought to herself as her flesh crawled with fear. Something inside her told her that that was what Al was going to do with both her and her aunt. They couldn’t be left around to talk. People might not believe them if all they had to say was that Al forced them to get fucked by horses. But with the knowledge that Helen was going to cut Al off without a cent by divorcing him, people might start thinking twice.

“Hey, I think she’s still kickin’,” Juan said, bending down and examining Helen.

“Thank God!” Faye said as she bent down and helped the Mexican lift the older woman to her feet.

“Ohhh, what happened?” Helen moaned, shaking her head slowly as Faye brushed the hair out of her eyes.

“Faye managed to finish the job you didn’t,” Al said sneeringly.

“Oh honey, I’m sorry,” Helen said as Juan and Mike led them out of the barn and into the bright courtyard.

Faye shook her head and squeezed her aunt’s hand. Her pussy still shuddered from the violent and brutal attack she’d received from the big animal. Horse jizz dripped from her slackened cunt, oozing down her thighs. Juan and Mike led the two women up to a set of weather-beaten wooden doors that were level with the ground.

“Okay, in here with the two of you,” Mike said, bending down and raising the doors.

“Careful,” Faye said to her aunt as she turned around and stepped down the ladder. She felt so vulnerable, walking around in the nude like this in broad daylight. But what choice did she or her aunt have? They were at the mercy of her uncle and his helpers.

“Get down there,” Mike said, pushing Helen toughly forward by the shoulders. If Faye hadn’t caught her in time, Helen would have catapulted down the stairs and crashed down onto the concrete cellar floor. As it was, the blonde grabbed her aunt by the waist, then gently turned her around and supported her as she stepped shakily down the steps.

“Don’t go anywhere,” Juan said, breaking out into loud laughter as he slammed the door shut.

“What’ll we do?” Faye finally moaned. They were in pitch blackness.

“Don’t give up yet, baby,” Helen said in a strangely confident voice.

“What do you mean?” Faye asked, feeling a ray of hope shoot through her. Her aunt knew something that Al and his buddies didn’t. Maybe there was a way out of here after all!

“Before your uncle dragged me out to the barn, I was on the phone with my lawyers. They’re supposed to be out here this morning sometime. If we can only stay alive until then,” Helen said, reaching out and taking her niece’s hand in hers.

“But how are they going to know we’re down here?” Faye asked, feeling hope and frustration at the same time. There was a chance that the two of them could be rescued. But at the same time, they’d have to signal the men somehow. How could they do anything, locked up in the cellar like they were?

“I don’t know,” Helen said thoughtfully. “We’ll just have to climb back up that ladder and listen for voices.”

Faye agreed, then climbed back up the steep vertical steps to the locked wooden doors.

“By the way, do you know a lawyer by the name of Jack Moore?” Helen asked suddenly.

“Why?” Faye asked a little guilty. Somehow, dragging Jack’s name into the present situation seemed a little obscene.

“Nothing. Except I wound up talking to him. He’s not on my case. But I started going on about you and how you just flew in from New York and all. Seems the two of you met on the plane,” Helen went on. “He’s supposed to be here with my lawyer,” the woman added.

“Oh no, not Jack!” Faye cried out. “Oh God, if he sees me like this… If Al or those others say anything about what happened… Oh God!” Faye cried out, laying against the ladder and breaking into sobs. Her humiliation and degradation were complete. She could just imagine Jack’s face when he walked in and found the two of them crouching in that small, dark cellar like two rats in a sewer. And when he found out what happened in the barn, wouldn’t that really please him? Faye thought her trip to California was going to solve all her problems. Well, it might, if Al had his way.

“Shh, I think I hear a car,” Helen whispered.

Faye choked down her sobs and pricked up her ears. The older woman was right. There was an automobile coming down the drive and turning into the courtyard. She could hear the sound of the crunching gravel.

“Wait ’til they get out. Then bang like hell,” Helen said.

“I hear somebody talking now,” Faye whispered down to her aunt. She could hear the sound of three male voices. As they got closer, she could make out the words. Jack and a man she’d never heard before were asking Al about Helen and her. Al was playing dumb, saying that he hadn’t seen them since last night.

“Now!” Helen cried out.

Faye curled her fingers into two tight fists and banged like hell on the wooden doors. At the same time both women shrieked at the top of their lungs, screaming out for someone to help them.

“They’re fighting!” Faye cried out. “I think those other two are going to help Al.”

“They won’t have a chance,” Helen said, referring to the lawyers. She scrambled up the ladder and edged over to one side. “Come on, push up. Maybe we can break the lock on this damned thing. It’s so rusty, it might give way.”

Faye pushed as hard as she could, grunting as the sounds of the scuffle rang in her ears. With one last burst of strength, the two women pushed up and broke the lock.

“We’re free!” Faye cried as she pushed the doors open. Faye crawled out first, turning around and helping Helen up.

“Look!” Helen cried. The blonde turned around and saw Jack and another man being held by Juan and Mike while Al threatened them with a long hunting knife. Neither of the five men saw the two women, nor did they hear the doors fly open.

“Come on,” Helen said as she crawled behind Juan and reached for a pair of shears that were lying against the side of the house. Al finally spotted her. His eyes widened with surprise as he watched her grab the shears and spring to her feet.

“What the?” Juan started to say as he saw Al start to run forward. But it was too late. Helen held the shears with both hands and drove the point deep into the Mexican’s back.

“AAAARRGHHHHH!” he cried, pitching forward as he released Jack. Mike loosened his grip on the other lawyer in surprise. That was all either lawyer needed. Jack sprang free and lurched forward, knocking the knife out of Al’s hand, then cutting up with his right hand and sending the big man reeling across the courtyard. Juan groveled in the dirt, bleeding from the gaping wound in his back as Mike stood still with his hands in the air. Faye watched the scene, then breathed more easily. At least she and her aunt were free from the threat of Al and his cronies.

Then she turned and saw Jack staring strangely at her.

“I… I…” Faye started to say, feeling her courage fail her. How could she tell him what had happened to her?

“Better call the cops and get an ambulance,” Jack said to his partner. Faye lowered her head in shame and sank to her knees. How could she tell him? How could she?

“Well, the old man’s locked up. And from what I know, they’ll be cooling their heels for years,” Jack whispered softly in Faye’s ear as he reached over and stroked her right tit.

Faye closed her eyes and sighed happily. It all turned out better than she’d hoped. Fortunately, Helen’s lawyer managed to find out exactly what had happened in that barn before Jack did. He convinced Al and the others not to say anything about the horse and dog-rapes. It would only hurt their cases. The men grudgingly agreed, and the sick rape was ignored, if not completely forgotten. Helen was questioned by the district attorney and released. It was one of the clearest cases of self-defense he’d ever seen.

As for the ranch, Faye’s claim to it was clearer than before. There’d be no problem in getting a quick divorce for Helen and Al. With that out of the way and Faye half owner of the ranch, the blonde’s future seemed pretty well secure.

“I don’t care about them right now. All I know is that you didn’t invite me up here to your apartment to talk shop,” Faye said a little breathlessly as Jack slid his hand lower toward her crotch. After Al, Juan and Mike had been arrested and Helen cleared, Faye drove back to San Francisco with Jack. They’d had dinner, attended the theater, and were now about to celebrate Faye’s good fortune.

“Nope. You’re right about that,” Jack said, chuckling as he rolled on top of her. He stuck out his long, pink tongue and started licking her hot skin, lapping at the quivering flesh and sliding down lower until his tongue touched the first hairs surrounding her juicing snatch.

“Ohhhh, ohhhhh,” Faye groaned, digging her head into the pillow and squeezing her ass-cheeks together. It felt so good to have someone as big and powerful as Jack straddling her bucking body. She felt a sexual shock sear through her snatch as he dipped his tongue deeply into her sunken navel.

“AHHHHHHH!” Faye cried out, lifting her ass high off the bed in a silent plea for more licking. Jack ran his tongue teasingly up the insides of her thighs, darting back and forth from one to the other. He lifted his face for a second and smiled sheepishly at her, then dove back between her trembling thighs.

“AHHHHHH!” Faye gasped loudly, reaching down and grabbing his hair and yanking his head into her pussy. She started to push her pussy against his face. “Ohhh, do that to me again! Oh gooooood!” she sighed.

Jack parted the swollen lips of her pussy and shot his tongue straight in like an arrow. He lapped up the salty juices, pushing further and further inside her sucking hole until his jaws ached. Her pussy grabbed at his tongue while she fucked his face harder and harder. Fresh hot pussy juice ran onto his tongue, almost drowning him in the thick, foamy fluid that bubbled out from between her puffy hot labes.

“Ahhhhhhh! MMMMMMMM!” Faye groaned, lifting her ass higher and higher off the groaning bed. “Do it, do it!” she sighed desperately.

Jack didn’t say a word. He licked out and up until he soaked her clit with his hot spit. That tiny piece of sex-flesh felt like a stiff piece of wax as he lapped teasingly at it. Then he grabbed that wet flesh between his thumb and forefinger and rolled it back and forth while he shot his tongue into her hole once more. His chin and nose were soaked with the mixture of her hot juices and his spit. Jack was having trouble staying inside her. Faye kept hunching and twisting, moaning louder and louder as Jack squeezed her trembling clit harder.

“NOOO! NOOOO!” Faye cried out, feeling as if she were going to piss on the bed from the excitement that gripped her pussy.

Jack let go of her clit and grabbed her ass-cheeks, forcing her to move around the bed the way he wanted her to. Every time he jabbed his tongue inside, the blonde groaned and hunched back.

“FUCK! FUCK M-M-MEEEEEE!” Faye cried out, bucking straight up at him. She held tightly onto his hair and yanked so hard that it nearly pulled out by the roots.

“OHHHH, HURRY! HURRY!” Faye cried out urgently. Her head rolled from side to side and her lungs screamed for air. She reached up and grabbed her stiff nipples, pulling and pinching them until it was almost painful.

“Right on, baby,” Jack moaned, pulling back and letting Faye calm down a bit. Finally her ass sank down on the bed. Jack stayed between her legs for a second or two, then slid up suddenly and tossed her legs high in the air. Faye cried out in surprise as the balls of her feet slid up on his broad shoulders. In a flash his big dick was squishing into her pussy, pushing the fat lips wide apart and forcing her cuntal flesh into a round tunnel.

“OHHHH! YESS! YESSSS!” Faye cried out as Jack’s big dick crushed her clit. He started rocking back and forth, fucking his throbbing rod in and out of her hot hole. The friction of his thickly-veined pole rubbing against her stiff clit was too much for her. She started screaming louder and louder. Her head dug deeper into the pillow, and the veins stood out in her throat. Her belly heaved wildly for several seconds. Then her body froze.


Faye shrieked wildly as her cunt clamped down tightly on his sliding dick. First one spasm, then another shook her mushy snatch. Then the blonde felt something hot and wet spray into her gut. He was cumming, dumping his hot load of rich male cum into her rumbling cunt.

Jack clenched his teeth tightly together as spray after spray of jizz shot into Faye’s bucking pussy. She couldn’t seem to get enough of his cum. She kept begging to be fucked harder. Faye wanted to be crushed by him, completely swallowed up under his muscular, hunching body. She spread her legs out as far as she could, flattening her plump ass-cheeks on the mattress as he fucked and fucked her stretched pussy.

“Ohhh, that was good,” the blonde finally said as the final spasms rumbled through her jizz-filled snatch.

“Baby, as far as I’m concerned, there’s gonna be a lot more times when this happens,” Jack said in a husky voice, kissing her lightly on the neck.

Faye sighed happily and closed her eyes. She wondered just how loving he’d be if he knew the truth about what happened to her on her aunt’s ranch. No man could be that understanding! She felt a bolt of shame and humiliation run through her body when she thought of that big dog and the black stallion towering over her. Faye still had nightmares about what happened, and she knew that she’d probably have them for a long time. No woman could endure something like that without a lasting impression being made.

“Something wrong, babe?” Jack asked, sensing a change in her attitude.

Faye looked back into Jack’s eyes. She felt her body melt under his, and knew that whatever happened in the past, it was dead and buried.

“Nothing wrong at all,” Faye said, smiling happily as she drew him closer to her and pressed her lips to his.

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Fun With Daughter

It has been said that every person has some dark passion in his soul — some hidden secret, desire or whim that may never surface to be seen even by the closest confidante. Such a secret can be evil or sinister, or it may be trivial and trite.

In America, such passions are easily submerged and hidden by the complexities of modem everyday life, yet sometimes these dark passions surface, and the headlines scream of someone’s antisocial behavior or, in some cases, illegal acts. In fact, hardly a day goes by without these hidden passions coming to the fore and resulting in big news.

FUN WITH DAUGHTER is a dramatic representation of a family who dare to let their most base desires come to the surface, who dare to indulge their taboo cravings. They are the exceptions in our society — people who are willing to accept the consequences, be it reward or punishment, for allowing themselves to become completely liberated. Their story is a startling insight into the lives of people who dare to let it all hang out.


Nikki Andrews left her sister Margo’s room with a smile, a smile of sexual satisfaction and pleasure. It was the middle of the night and the two horny teenagers had just gotten it on, and not for the first time.

She paused briefly before her brother Mark’s room, then continued on.

Still smiling, Nikki padded barefoot down the hall back toward her room. As she was about to pass the master bedroom, she heard a strange sound that made her pause. Her heart raced and she began to breathe faster, recognizing the groan as the kind of sound that she and her sister made when they were making it together.

The door to her parents’ bedroom was slightly ajar. When Nikki pushed it open farther, peering into the moonlit darkness, she saw her mother sitting on the bed with one hand wrapped around her dad’s cock.

Nikki gasped and unconsciously she moved a little farther into the room, the darkness giving her the cover she needed. The only illumination in the room came from the bed which was dimly lit with moonlight.

The girl gasped with excitement when she saw her father’s prick for the first time in her life. She swallowed hard, loving the sight of the long thick cock. Best of all, his prick was rock-hard and a dark red shade from aroused blood.

So that’s what a man’s cock looks like, the virgin thought and, in a strange way that the girl did not understand.

Nikki narrowed her eyes and squinted into the darkness to get a better look at her dad’s prick. His cock was a sturdy, long rod of dark meaty flesh with big blue veins that seemed to be throbbing.

God, it’s beautiful! the teenager thought to herself.

“Mmm, you’re really something! You know how much I adore this huge cock of yours!” Karen Andrews sighed, squeezing her husband’s big hard cock.

“Come on, baby,” Steve Andrews responded, “quit playing with my prick. What I need is a good hard fuck!”

“Oh, me too, honey,” Karen moaned. “Jesus, but you’re really hard!” She wound her hand tighter around the man’s pulsing prick.

Nikki kept her eyes glued on the spot where her mother’s hand connected with her father’s big prick. As she watched, her mother hoisted her short skirt up and exposed a black garter belt.

Since Nikki knew that her parents had gone to bed at least two hours ago, the teenager correctly guessed that her mother was deliberately dressed this way as a part of some sex games.

“You sexy bitch!” Steve growled, staring at the fully exposed cheeks of his wife’s ass.

With a triumphant grin, Karen lifted her skirt higher, straddled her husband’s hips and worked the head of his prick around with her fingers.

Karen was not wearing any panties. At the angle she began to lower herself, her daughter could see everything. Nikki could see the deep, moist, pink cleft of the woman’s ass. And she could see the juicy pink gash of her wanton cunt.

The girl saw the dark, moist pussy fur that encircled the woman’s rosy cunt hole, and she saw her mother’s pussy silt — a deep, wet crack that seemed to be beckoning Steve’s prick.

The man’s mighty prick was like a knife, slicing right into his wife’s pussy slit. Karen poised for a breathless moment on its tip, savoring the hot feel of meaty cock against her sensitive pussy nerves. Then, as her daughter watched with widening eyes, Karen began to bounce up and down, lightly at first, then a little harder.

Each time Karen bounced her ass on her husband’s hips, a little more of his cock disappeared into her hot cunt-crack. Her gushing fuck juices mingled lewdly with his pre-cum as she fucked him up and down.

Nikki gasped again, aroused beyond belief by the erotic sight taking place right before her eyes. She felt like moaning but knew that she did not dare, for if they discovered her presence, she would be forced to leave, and she could not bear that. No, she had to stay right there and watch her parents fucking each other until they both came.

Nikki could see her dad’s loaded balls, too. They were big and hairy, and the sight of them made the teenager’s pussy throb.

Karen pressed the palms of her hands against the head of the bed and lifted her ass high into the air.

Again, Nikki got a great view of her father’s ruby-red cockhead. With a speed that took the teenager’s breath away, her mother slid her ass down and crammed her father’s huge prick all the way up her pussy.

Karen rose up again, revealing Steve’s big fuck-stick all coated with cunt honey. His cock glistened in the moonlight, the sight making Nikki’s heart pound crazily. Karen pumped her hips down once more, moaning softly and tossing her head from side to side.

Nikki began to feel hot and flushed all over, especially deep in her cunt. She pressed her cunt against the hard wooden door but that didn’t help too much. She needed relief!

She spread her legs apart and almost felt steam rise out of her pussy. She placed one hand under her nightgown and pressed her soft fingers into her pussy-slit. The spongy fur that grew over her mound felt wet and hot, and its touch excited the girl even more.

She groped for her crack. Her plump inner cuntlips were already poking out from the outer ones and she had no trouble finding her clit.

She pressed her fingertips against the fat clit and felt a rush of pleasure. She smiled, thinking that at least she could fingerfuck herself while she watched her parents fuck.

As the girl began to stroke her clit, she thought about the exciting fuck session she had just had with her sister, Margo, and about all the suck and fuck sessions they had shared. Margo was no virgin to boys as Nikki was, and Margo had often told Nikki how much she loved fucking boys with great big cocks.

Nikki moaned very low now and wiggled her middle fingers up into her cunthole, stopping when she reached her cherry. She strummed her clit with her thumb, massaging and giving herself jolt after jolt of sexual pleasure.

No, Margo didn’t have anything to worry about, Nikki thought now, wishing that she could say the same about herself. Since Nikki was still a virgin, and since her sexual experience had been limited to making it with other girls, including her sister. Nikki had begun to fear that she may be gay.

She pushed her tits against the hard door, feeling as if her entire body needed relief from the desire that threatened to consume her.

But could I be this turned on from watching Mom and Dad making it together if I’m lesbian? she thought.

She had to find a way to prove that she wasn’t a lesbian, a way to prove that she was every bit as normal as her sister and all the other girls she knew.

From the tips of her toes to her hairline, Nikki was surging with sexual desire, and she felt a thrust of envy for the fucking couple in front of her, even if they were her own parents.

She continued to fuck her finger in and out of her fuckhole, clutching with her strong pussy muscles while rubbing her clit as hard as possible with her juice-slickened thumb.

Meanwhile, Karen glided her rounded ass up and tilted over her husband, unknowingly shoving her juicy pink cunt folds toward her daughter, who was watching the fuck scene with an ever-increasing desire.

Nikki saw her dad’s huge cock fucking in and out of her mother’s wet pussy, stabbing her harder and deeper with each plunge. She broke out in a sexual sweat, aching with a need to be fucked.

“Unnhhh, ohhhh, baby, your prick’s fucking me soooo deep! I can feel it banging away at the back wall of my pussy!” Karen groaned as her husband reached up and gripped her tits, pinching her nipples hard.

“Aaaarghhhh, yeah, Karen, you’re fucking my dick really good!” Steve cried as his wife continued to ride his hard cock.

Each time she bounced down on him, Steve lifted his ass up from the bed and rammed his prick into his wife’s tight fuckhole. As she began to rise again, he pulled back until only his broad, pulsing cock-knob was in the wet embrace of the woman’s tightly gripping cuntlips.

Nikki’s pussy burned with lust, and she felt as if she needed something inside it. Her sister’s fingers again? Her own finger? No, that wasn’t quite it, she thought. Could it be that I need a cock inside me? The wondered excitedly.

Tears of sexual frustration burned in her eyes as Nikki fucked her finger in and out of her cunthole while stroking her clit with harder, frenzied strokes, longing to come.

As Nikki watched, her mother’s entire body began to shake violently and ride Steve’s lusty prick up and down as fast and hard as her body would ride.

Karen clutched the brutally thrusting cock with her pussylips and rammed it into her hole, her cunt churning uncontrollably. Up and down, she rode the man’s massive sword.

She launched her hips into a series of hot, erotic circles, stirring her cunt hard and deep with the rock-hard fullness of his rod.

“Ohhhh, God,” Karen moaned as she gritted her teeth and tossed her head back, her hair flying about her flushed face.

“Unnhh, ohhh, baby, you’re fucking me so hard… I’m gonna pop in a minute,” Steve grimaced, his own teeth clenched.

“Good, Steve, come! You know how much I love it when you fill my whole pussy up with your thick cum!” Karen groaned.

Yeah, come, Dad, I wanna see you coming inside Mom’s cunt! Nikki thought to herself excitedly. She could hardly wait for her father’s loaded balls to pump their load of fuck cream into her mother’s cunthole. I’ll come with you and Mom, the girl thought, fucking her finger deeper and harder into her fuckhole, each time making the tip of her finger bounce off her hymen. At the same time, she jerked her clit with her thumb and forefinger, feeling the stiff nub pulsing against her lewd touch.

Karen rode her husband’s prick at top speed now, sliding up and down his juicy cock.

“Ooooo, I’m coming, darling!” Karen shrieked as she trembled violently on top of the man’s prick.

“Meeee too, bitch! Fuck my cock harder, you cunt!” Steve bellowed as he dumped his entire load up his wife’s cunt.

Oh God! Nikki cried inwardly, fucking her hand in and out of her sex-starved cunt. She saw her dad’s thick white jizz spilling out of her mother’s pussy and pooling obscenely about the man’s cock-root, completely drenching his prick hairs and the woman’s pussy fur.

And Nikki came powerfully.


By the time Nikki Andrews returned to her own bedroom after watching her parents fucking each other, her cunt was on fire again, even though she had fingerfucked herself to orgasm while spying on her mother and father.

She pulled her nightgown off and stretched on the bed, lying on her back. She gazed down at her cunt and found herself wondering if men would like her cunt that way or if they would prefer hairier pussies.

Nikki knew, from all the times she had made it with her older sister, that Margo’s pussy mound was very hairy. The older girl even had hair growing between the cheeks of her ass.

Nikki sighed now as she began to stroke her nipples. She could feel the muscles in her thighs tighten up when she touched her tits and she heard herself moan with renewed desire.

The teenager felt her nips growing hard and long against her fingertips. She was gyrating her hips now, grinding her virgin ass against the sheet.

“Oh,” she moaned again, feeling her cuntjuices pooling at the base of her cherry pussy, in between her inner cuntlips at the mouth of her tight fuckhole.

She clutched her nips in between her thumbs and forefingers and pinched them lightly, teasing herself. She felt ripples of erotic pleasure rolling up and down her spine.

She pinched her nipples a bit harder, until they hurt. She did not mind the pain. She welcomed it, right along with the ecstasy that flooded through her.

She pulled on her nipples until the flesh all around them was taut and both of her tits looked super pointy. Then she released her grip on her nips, letting her ripe tits snap back into position. Nikki placed her hands over her tits and spread her fingers apart.

She groaned, feeling her nipples throb against the centers of her palms. Her tits were so firm that they hardly flattened at all.

Now she began to move her tits in slow, erotic circles, and then she moved them together. She pushed her tits up toward her neck and then down toward her tummy, moaning all the while.

She began to purr like a kitten as she pressed her tits together, squishing them against one another as hard as she could, forming a deep valley between them. She felt her pussyjuice dribbling from the base of her swollen pussy, down her thighs and into her ass-crack.

“Mmmmmm,” she moaned, feeling her clit pulsing insistently, as if demanding attention.

She began to stroke the flatness of her belly with her soft fingertips. She dipped one fingertip into her belly button. She wanted to stroke her clit right then and there until she came, but she knew from past experience that if she teased herself before coming, her orgasm would be all the more intense and all the sweeter. It was an important lesson she had learned from the only lover she had, her sister, Margo.

She spread her legs far apart and raised her knees. She touched the insides of her naked thighs with her fingertips and drew them slowly downward. She caressed herself slowly and sensuously, working the tips of her fingers downward only inches at a time.

Nikki paused when her fingertips were but a fraction of an inch from the sides of her swollen, juicy cunt. She did this several times, feeling the burning desire in her pussy growing hotter each time.

She felt as if her entire body were one gigantic erogenous zone at that, moment. All of her nerve endings were singing with pleasure and she purred again, sounding like a cat in heat.

The horny girl lifted her ass up from the bed and stroked her asscheeks gently. She could feel her virgin asshole burning and tingling. She remembered one of her schoolmates telling her how great it had felt to be fucked in the ass by a man’s big meaty cock, and Nikki felt her asshole burning with lust.

Again, the girl had to ask herself if she could really be gay if the idea of being ass fucked by a man could thrill her so.

She turned her fingers inward so that her fingertips were toward her ass-crack. She pressed her middle fingers close to her aching shitchute on either side of the pulsing asshole.

Nikki curled her fingers at the knuckles and pressed the tips of her fingers into the flesh hard. Then she began to pull her asscheeks apart, slowly and teasingly.

Nikki didn’t stop pulling her asscheeks apart until the skin in the crack was as tight as it could possibly be without actually splitting.

She put the tip of her middle finger at the top of her ass-crack, holding her asscheeks as far apart as they would go. She drew her finger up to her asshole and felt her asshole tingling with desire as she made direct contact. The more she rubbed her shit-chute, the more she felt like sticking her finger right up that tight virgin asshole.

She took her finger into her asshole and raised it to her face, popping it into her mouth. She sucked and rolled her tongue aver the finger at the same time. She soaked her finger in her warm saliva and then returned the finger to her asshole.

Her face and tits flushed with excitement as her asshole opened up to take her finger. She pushed her saliva-slickened finger deep inside. She felt her fingertip pushing past her tight ring of ass-muscles into the softer flesh of her bowels.

“Ohhhh!” she gasped, pushing her finger up her shit-chute as far as she could. She didn’t stop penetrating herself until her asshole was gripping her finger at the third knuckle.

She wiggled her finger around inside herself, deliberately teasing herself and turning herself on more and more.

The violation of her bunghole felt both good and painful at the same time. She felt a ball of fuck-lust forming deep in her bowels that was separate and different from the desire that burned deep in her pussy, yet the two seemed to merge, overwhelming her entire body.

Slowly, the girl began to fuck her finger in and out of her asshole, moaning louder and louder as her desire grew. She closed her eyes tightly and bit hard into her lower lip to stifle her whimpers of pleasure as she fingerfucked her ass faster and harder with each lustful plunge of her finger.

Even though it felt good, Nikki had the feeling that a man’s cock would feel even better inside her ass, and she trembled all over with the lewd thought.

The hard way she was fingerfucking her ass only made her pussy need to be stroked that much more. She could feel her clit growing so large that the clit sheath was being pushed up and back, making her shiver with excitement.

She pulled her finger out of her ass and held that finger up to her nose. She sniffed, finding that she liked the scent of her inner bowels.

She sucked her finger clean and put both of her small hands between her legs, over her pussy, pressing with her palm and the insides of her fingers. Her entire cunt was throbbing intensely now and she relished the feeling, though she wondered if she would ever be able to satisfy herself as much as she needed.

She took one finger and stroked the area between the base of her cunt and her pulsing asshole. She began to caress herself up and down her outer cuntlips, all the way from the top to the bottom, and she groaned again, a little surprised by how good it felt.

Although the teenager had brought herself off many times with her fingers, she had never done much more than just stroke her clit until she came. Now, having watched her parents fucking each other, she was more aroused than ever before in her entire life. She was experimenting, seeking new and different ways of exciting and pleasing herself.

She whimpered and writhed on the bed, bouncing up and down feverishly. She tossed her head from side to side, all her muscles tensed. She touched herself just above her clit. Then she stroked her pussy on both sides of her clit. But, still, she did not allow herself to touch her clit directly as much as she longed to.

The ultimate tease, she thought with a little giggle. She let the tip of her finger come within a hair of her clit without touching it, determined to save that pleasure for the very last.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned, now running her fingers up and down the outer edges of her inner cuntlips which surrounded her virginal fuckhole. She could feel those lips opening and closing, as if hungry for her finger… or a cock.

She pushed the tip of her finger between the wet lips, spreading them wide apart. She found herself touching her piss-hole directly beneath her clit.

Nikki squirmed about on the bed as she pushed her finger down toward the base of her cunt. She could feel her ache of desire spreading deep inside her cunt and asshole. She wanted to plunge her finger deep inside her pussy and touch herself where she had never been touched before.

She found her cunthole and began to push her finger inside. She was panting wildly now and her tits were bobbing up and down on her chest.

She pushed her finger in only to the first knuckle before she felt her cherry blocking her path. It was her hymen. A part of the horny girl wanted to pop her cherry right then and there so she could touch herself way up deep inside her cunt.

But another part of her wanted to keep her cherry intact until… she wasn’t exactly sure what… maybe until she got fucked by a big fat cock.

Somehow it seemed appropriate to the teenager that a big prick pap her cherry instead of her finger.

She was so horny that she felt that she would come soon whether she even touched her clit or not. She was teetering on the edge, about to topple into the bottomless pit of sexual pleasure.

Her fingertip ran down the center of her cunt mound, resting directly between her sparse curls of pussy hair. She touched her clit lightly, trying for the mast gentle of caresses. Then she pulled her finger away as a bolt of erotic ecstasy shot through her.

Nikki was so close to coming now that all of her muscles were contracting and tensing on their own. She clenched her teeth together tightly. Then she put the tip of her finger on her clit once again, but this time she kept it there.

Gasping with excitement, Nikki began to roll her clit in a slow, sensuous circle. In a matter of seconds she felt the beginnings of an orgasm.

Her cunt spasmed and her pussy cream gushed out thickly.

“Yesssss!” she screamed loudly as she felt the waves of orgasmic pleasure starting at her clit and spreading outward through her entire body.

The teenager felt her orgasm all the way to her fingertips and to her toes. Her mind numbed as she lost all sense of time and place.

As she continued to come, Nikki arched her back sharply and lifted her ass up high, pressing harder against her trembling clit with her fingers. Hot gushes of pussyjuice washed out of her cunthole and drenched her fingers, finally rolling down her thighs and splashing wetly onto the sheet below.

The room seemed to spin about the teenager as she continued to stroke and press her clit, coming all the while. She began to flick her fingertip across her shuddering clit. She pushed her clit up and down, faster and harder.

“Ohhhh, that was soooo good,” Nikki groaned as her orgasm began to subside. She kept her fingers on her clit.

Gradually, her breathing grew normal once again and her heartbeat slowed. The intense pleasure of her orgasm was soon replaced by the warm contentment of orgasmic afterglow. She felt the hot sweat cooling on her naked flesh, and she sighed.

She pulled her juice-coated fingers out of her pussy and held them up to her face.

She pressed her wet, sticky fingers together tightly. Then she spread her fingers apart and smiled when she saw strings of her pussyjuice bridging her knuckles.

She parted her fingers further until the strings broke and her juice rolled down the sides of her fingers. She held her fingers under her nose and sniffed. She breathed in her own pussy-scent deeply and then popped her fingers into her mouth. She loved the flavor of her fuck juice as much as the scent. She sucked and licked at her sticky fingers, moaning all the while.

As she sucked on her fingers, she remembered Margo telling her how exciting it was to suck a man’s cock. Nikki frowned slightly, wondering if she would ever have that experience. And, if she did, would she like it? Would she be able to satisfy a man?

Margo had told her sister that the greatest thrill of all in giving a guy a blowjob was sucking him really hard until he came and then swallowing all of his cum. Guys always loved it when a girl did that, Margo had said, and besides it was exciting Margo loved the taste of cum.

Nikki shuddered all over, thinking how nasty it sounded. She didn’t think she could manage to suck a guy’s cock, much less eat his cum. The very idea repulsed her and made her feel a little sick to her stomach.

As she pulled her fingers out of her mouth, Nikki felt a deep sadness sweeping through her. If the idea of sucking a guy off could make me feel this sick, the teenager thought worriedly, then I must not be normal! Jesus, I guess I was right all along. I must, be a lesbian.

And with that disturbing thought, the troubled girl turned over onto her tummy and buried her face in her pillow, her sobs muffled.


The following evening found Margo and Nikki home alone. The two sisters sat together on the sofa in the living room, watching television. The Andrews had cable television and when a particularly erotic scene suddenly came on the set, involving several young men and women in an orgy, Nikki blushed and looked away. Margo saw her sister’s discomfort and she laughed.

“You’re such a baby! You’re still a virgin, aren’t you, Sis?” the older girl asked teasingly.

“Yeah, I am. So what?” Nikki asked defiantly.

“So I think it’s about time that you branched out a little, Nikki. I mean I love making it with you, you know that, but you can’t just keep making it with girls for the rest of your life,” Margo said.

“I know,” Nikki said, blushing again and unable to meet her sister’s penetrating gaze. “But I took a big step last night.”

“Oh, yeah? What did you do?” Margo asked with interest.

“I spied on Mom and Dad while they were, uh, fucking,” she said softly.

“Wow! You didn’t really?” Margo asked, feeling her pussy growing damp.

“Yeah, I really did!” Nikki said.

“And then I played with myself for a really long time and I had a huge orgasm!” Nikki said proudly.

“Hey, that’s neat!” Margo said, nodding her head in approval.

“It felt really good,” Nikki murmured.

“As good as when I touch your pussy?” Margo asked, her eyes lighting up.

“No… I like it better when you do it with me,” Nikki said, blushing again.

Margo laughed delightedly. “I’m so fucking horny right now! How about you?” Margo asked thickly.

“Yeah… I’m pretty horny too,” Nikki admitted.

The thought of her older sister eating her pussy and making her come with her tongue had the girl panting and flushing all over with sexual excitement.

Margo laughed again, seeing her sister’s obvious horniness.

“Come on. Let’s go to your room and get it on,” Margo said, reaching out and taking the other girl’s hand.

“Mmmmm, my pussy’s getting all hot and juicy just thinking about making it with you, Sis,” Nikki said excitedly as they made their way to the girl’s room.

“Yeah, incest is great!” Margo said as she closed the bedroom door behind them.

The two horny girls fell into each other’s arms as they stood near the foot of Nikki’s bed. Margo could feel her sister shivering with desire in her arms. The two teenagers explored the insides of each other’s mouth thoroughly with their horny tongues. Then, as they broke off their torrid tongue-kiss, both girls panting heavily, Margo began to kiss and lick the sides of the girl’s neck.

“Mmmm,” Nikki moaned as she felt her sister’s mouth and tongue running up and down her flesh, all the way from her shoulder to the base of her ear.

Margo licked and bit and kissed and finally flicked the tip of her tongue lightly back and forth across Nikki’s earlobe. Then she explored the inside of the girl’s ear with her tongue, making Nikki shudder and groan with a swiftly rising fuck-lust.

With a little moan, Margo pulled away and quickly removed her clothes, urging her sister to do the same. When both of the girls, were completely naked, Margo lay down on the bed.

Nikki joined her big sister on the bed and began to kiss the older girl’s neck just as had been done for her. She kissed Margo’s neck, throat, and lips, working her way down to the pair of big tits that seemed to be beckoning to her.

“Ohhh, yeah, honey, kiss my tits!” Margo cried.

With a little squeal of excitement, Nikki kissed her sister’s left tit for long moments. She kissed with tight little wet circles, moving in closer and closer to the nipple that seemed to be stiffening and enlarging before her very eyes. Nikki parted her lips and stuck her tongue out, placing its tip directly on the pulsing nipple. She flicked back and forth for a few minutes, making the other girl writhe on the bed and cry out her pleasure.

Nikki licked across Margo’s nipple with the flat part of her teasing tongue. Then she pulled away and blew a stream of cool air onto the nipple.

“Suck it, you bitch!” Margo screamed, beside herself with desire.

Nikki grinned, glad that she had been able to arouse her big sister to such a fever pitch. Then she took the girl’s nipple into her mouth and began to suck it hard.

“Yessssss!” Margo yelped as she felt her sister licking and sucking her nipple at the same time.

Nikki moved her mouth back and forth from tit to tit, kissing, licking, sucking, nibbling on the twin peaks of stiff nipple-flesh.

“Oh, God, that’s good,” Margo moaned.

Nikki began to kiss her way down the older girl’s flat belly. Then she lay on her own belly between Margo’s legs as she kissed and licked and nibbled on the older girl’s inner thighs.

“Awww, shit, eat meeee! Eat my cunt until I come!” Margo cried hornily.

Nikki poked her tongue against the base of her sister’s drooling cunt. She put her fingers on the sides of plump pussy, pulling the swollen cuntlips very far apart.

“Ohhhhh, Margo, your pussy is soooo beautiful,” Nikki whined, thinking that the fully exposed cuntflesh resembled a slab of raw meat — very tasty meat.

“Just eat meeee!” Margo demanded, her eyes filling with tears as she turned on more and more.

“Okay, Sis, take it easy. I want it bad, too,” Nikki giggled, and then she began to run her tongue up and down the swollen cuntlips.

As she licked her sister’s cunt, Nikki could see more and more thick pussyjuice filling Margo’s cunt and she moaned softly, thinking of the delicious treat in store for her.

Nikki licked the sides of Margo’s clit. She moaned again as she felt the nub of clit-flesh throbbing against her lewdly licking tongue. The girl lashed at the pulsing clit with her tongue.

“Awwww, shiiiit, that feels soooo fuckin’ good, Sis. Keep it up! Keep licking my clit!” Margo wailed, half out of her mind with lust.

Nikki slipped her hands beneath her sister’s legs, lifted them up and licked and bit at her trembling asscheeks. She pulled the older girl’s asscheeks apart and rimmed the tight asshole until it was all clean and shiny.

“Ohhhh, Christ!” Margo yelped, wondering how much longer she would be able to stand it before she would have to come.

Nikki expertly moved her tongue back to Margo’s cunt and eagerly and hungrily licked the throbbing lips, sucking on the thick hairs growing there. She shoved her tongue between Margo’s pussylips and pushed deep inside, tilting her head a bit to one side so as not to touch the older girl’s clit; not just yet anyway. Nikki wanted to make her sister wait for her orgasm.

Every single muscle in Margo’s body was tensed now as she bucked up and down hard on the bed, turning on more and more, her hands clawing at her own tits. The older girl could feel her clit sheath being peeled upward, away from the fiery bulb of raw nerve-flesh.

Suddenly, Nikki licked up and down the trembling clit as hard as she could several times and then she stopped.

“Ohhh, God, why’d you stop! I coulda come, you bitch!” Margo whimpered, but she knew why her sister was doing this to her for she, herself, had done the same thing to Nikki many, many tines, teaching the girl that the longer you had to wait for an orgasm, the more powerful it was.

Margo bucked her loins upward, mashing her cunt snugly against her sister’s hot, hungry mouth. Nikki could tell that her big sister was in no mood to be teased any longer. She knew that she would have to let the older grl come soon or she would be in real, danger of losing her mind. Nikki had heard about that happening and she didn’t want that to happen to her own sister.

“Ohhh, yesss, honey, yesss,” Margo sighed as she felt Nikki’s tongue stroking her clit once again, not stopping this time.

Nikki licked up and down the length of the trembling bud over and over again and then, as she felt the beginning of her sister’s orgasm, she wrapped her lips tightly about the base of the hard clit and sucked for all she was worth.

“Yesssss! Oh, God, yesss, Nikki gonna come! Keep sucking my clit, you beautiful bitch!” Margo yelled at the top of her lungs.

Nikki sucked her sister’s clit harder and harder, feeling the older girl’s cunt vibrating against her juice-smeared face as Margo began to come.

“Aieeee! Commiiinnngg!” Margo screamed. Just when Margo felt her orgasm beginning to subside, her sister sank her sharp teeth into the sides of the pulsing clit. Margo shrieked as she came again, her spasms of pleasure just as intense as they had been with her first climax.

The older girl saw bright colorful lights flashing before her eyes, in spite of the fact that her eyes were tightly closed.

“Omigod! Omigod! I’m coming! I’m coming so fucking hard I can hardly believe it! Jesssus, yesssssss, Nikki, you hot bitch! You made me come sooooooo hard! I’m still comiiinnnggg! Keep it up, Nikki, don’t stop eating me now! Keep sucking my clit! Lick it! Bite that sucker! Suck it harder! Keep making me come!” Margo shrilled.

Long moments later, Margo’s orgasm slacked off and the girl lay there on the bed, weak and trembling.

“How’d you like that?” Nikki asked.

“Shit, I loved it! You really know how to eat pussy!” Margo answered with a grin.

“I had a good teacher… the best,” Nikki said warmly.

Nikki crawled up beside her sister and they embraced and kissed each other lustfully. They were lying on their sides now, facing each other, their nipples poking lewdly against each other.

Margo moaned as she tasted her own pussyjuice on her sister’s mouth and tongue. That obscene sensation never failed to turn her on powerfully.

“I love making it with you, Sis. I hope that we can always get it on together because you’ll probably be the only lover I’ll ever have,” Nikki said.

“What are you talking about?” Margo asked in surprise, pulling slightly back from the girl.

“Well, why should I need anyone else? I mean we make each other came, don’t we?” Nikki asked.

“So what? I love the way you make me come, but I still need cock.” Margo said with a husky laugh.

“Well, I don’t,” Nikki said defensively.

“Hey, wait a minute, Sis! Just ’cause you’re a virgin now doesn’t mean that you always will be! Someday you’ll meet someone you want to fuck!” Margo said.

“Well, I’ve met a lot of boys but I haven’t met anyone yet that I want to fuck. In fact, I turn off when they start to touch or kiss me,” Nikki admitted, flushing with embarrassment and hoping that her sister would not think her perverted.

“Listen, I’ve been thinking, honey. You really turn on to incest, I know. I remember your telling me just last week how a lot of your pleasure in making it with me comes from the fact that we’re flesh and blood sister,” Margo said, thinking hard.

“Yeah, that’s right… but so?” Nikki asked.

“So… why not think about having our brother pop your cherry for you?” Margo asked excitedly.

“Mark?” Nikki gasped, hardly able to believe her own ears.

“Sue, Mark. I happen to know for a fact that he’s really horny for you — he’s told me so many times. How about it? Do you want to fuck with Mark? Since he’s our own brother, maybe he can really turn you on in a way that those other boys can’t.”

“Oh, God, Margo, I just don’t know. I never thought of such a thing…”

“Come on, Nikki, go for it. Having your pussy eaten out is great, but it’s just not the real thing. Only a guy’s cock can give you the sexual thrill you really need,” Margo said.

“I don’t know if I’m ready for that. It scares me just to think about it,” Nikki said softly. “You know, Margo, sometimes I’m afraid that I’m gay.”

“You? Don’t make me laugh! But, if that’s your fear, then what better way to find out for sure than to fuck with Mark?” Margo asked. “Don’t you ever feel horny when you’re around Mark?”

“Well… no… yes… I don’t know. But I do know that I’m feeling horny right now,” Nikki said with a giggle.

“Well, then, what are we waiting for?” Margo said thickly as she pushed her sister onto her back and eagerly began to suck her throbbing nipples.

“Don’t worry, baby, I’m gonna make you feel real good but I won’t pop your cherry. I’ll save it for Mark,” Margo said huskily.

Her big sister’s obscene words made Nikki tremble with lust, and she wondered if she ever would get up enough nerve to make it with her own brother and let him pop her cherry for her.

Then Nikki stopped thinking. All thought was driven from her lust-filled mind as she surrendered herself completely to the joy of haying her pussy eaten out by her horny sister.

Margo licked upward from Nikki’s asshole to her shivering virgin cunt.

“Yesss, that feels great, Margo, great! Eat meee!” Nikki cried.

“It’ll feel even better before I get through with you honey,” Margo said hoarsely, beginning to lick her sister’s pussy harder and faster with her raspy tongue.

“Ohhhh, you’re making my pussy feel soooo hot! It’s burning up, Margo!” Nikki yelled, thrashing her head from side to side on her pillow.

Margo licked her sister’s pussy with the fiat part of her rough tongue. She lengthened her strokes until she was licking the entire length of Nikki’s cunt with each wet lick. She began each lick at the bottom of the girl’s juicy slash and didn’t stop licking upward until her tongue was resting on the top of Nikki’s pussy mound.

“Oh, God, yessss,” Nikki moaned.

She could feel the flat part of her sister’s tongue rubbing across her swollen clit with each stroke, and she felt her orgasm growing.

“Ohhhhh, you’re gonna make me come, Margo! You’re gonna make me come so fucking hard!” Nikki yelled, her voice strained with sexual tension.

Margo now began to concentrate on her sister’s clit. She made her tongue as stiff and pointy as possible. Then, using her cock-like tongue, she began to roll Nikki’s clit in circles, over and over again before whipping hard with her tongue.

“Commmiiinnnggg!” Nikki shrieked at the top of her lungs as deep spasms of incestuous pleasure began to pour over her, making her cunt shudder violently against Margo’s sucking face.

Gushes of warm pussyjuice shot into the older girl’s mouth and she greedily smacked her lips, swallowing down every single drop of her sister’s tasty girl-cum.

Margo did not stop licking her sister’s pussy until Nikki’s orgasm ended. Then the older girl pulled her juice-smeared face away from Nikki’s pussy and crawled up on top of the still trembling girl.

“Ohhhh, that was soooo good,” Nikki moaned as she began to lick her own cuntjuice off of her sister’s face. “Why can’t we just go on making it with each other? You always make me come so hard! Why do I have to get it on with a man?”

“Honey, you and I will always make it with each other. And why not? We’ve got a good thing going! But, I’m telling you, there’s no thrill like the thrill of being fucked by a big meaty cock! And, besides, don’t you want to find out once and far all whether or not you’re gay?” Margo asked with concern.

“Y-yes, I guess I do,” Nikki said tremulously. “You know you do! You can’t live with a thing like that all your life! Come on… Mark wants to fuck you… and he’s good, I promise you,” Margo said.

“You mean you and Mark have fucked?” Nikki asked incredulously.

“Wow! You really are an innocent,” Margo laughed. “Sure! We’ve been getting it on for ages now! And his cock is really big and it gets super hard and, best of all, our dear brother knows just what to do with it!”

Nikki found herself giggling with her sister in spite of herself. “I-I guess you’re right. I should find out once and for all if I’m a lesbian or not.”

“Right! So you just leave it up to me. I’ll set it up for you so you won’t have to worry about seducing Mark,” Margo said.

“Okay, but, remember, I don’t think I’ll even be turned on by him,” Nikki said.

“Don’t be so sure, honey. Just think about this — when you got all horny and wanted me to eat you out, it was right after we talked about you and Mark fucking. I think you are turned on to him whether you’re ready to admit it to yourself or not!” Margo said as she began to suck the girl’s tits again.


Margo kept her word. She told Mark that their sister was ready to have her cherry popped. The first day everyone else had something to do away from the house, leaving it entirely to Nikki and Mark, the brother and sister went for a swim in the family swimming pool.

They dove into the water and swam vigorously, more or less ignoring each other at first. Both of the teenagers were trying to work off their excess sexual energy.

Finally they stood in the shallow end of the pool, their heads and shoulders above the water, facing each other. Mark felt an ache in his balls, and the blood pumping into the head and shaft of his cock.

Nikki had taken note of the large bulge in the crotch of her brother’s bikini briefs. She had never seen a real cock before, and she could hardly wait to get her first glimpse of Mark’s, although she still was not at all sure that she was ready to be fucked.

Mark reached out and placed his hands on the sides of the girl’s slender waist. His hands were large and as he held his sister around her middle, the tips of his middle fingers almost touched at the small of her back.

“Margo told me what you want, baby,” Mark said huskily, thinking how sexy his sister looked in her skimpy bikini.

“I-I don’t know, Mark,” the girl said.

“Shhhh, just leave it all to me,” Mark said soothingly as he pulled her up tightly against him.

Her hands instinctively moved up to the back of his strong neck and she laced her fingers together. She found herself rising up on her toes and pressed her tits against his manly chest.

Mark bent down a bit and their mouths touched. The teen’s cock grew thicker and harder as the teenagers kissed for a moment and then stuck out their tongues, tongue-kissing each other over and over again. Nikki’s nipples were making visible bumps in the top of her bikini, and Mark groaned as he felt the rock-hard nips crossing against his muscular chest. Mark and Nikki rolled their tongues together erotically, holding each other tight. Nikki could feel her aroused blood pumping downward in her body toward her crotch, and she knew that her pussy was swelling.

“Mmmm,” she moaned into her brother’s mouth.

The virgin felt her nips throbbing and burning against her brother’s chest, demanding to be caressed by the teen’s fingers and mouth.

The girl’s pussy was flowing with fuck juice now. She knew that her bikini panties were soaking wet, not only with pool water but with cunt sauce.

Nikki felt her clit growing to three times its normal size, and it was pushing out from its fleshy sheath. The teenaged girl thought, with a pang of hope, that perhaps her sister was right after all. Maybe, just maybe, the fact that Mark was her own brother would be such a turn-on for Nikki that she could match his passion and lay to rest once and for all her fears of being gay.

Mark had a raging hard-on crammed inside his tight briefs. It felt to the teen as if his cock were going to tear right through the material at any second.

The brother and sister continued to tongue kiss each other for long moments, turning on more and more. Then they climbed out of the pool and sprawled together on a broad chaise lounge near the pool.

Watching each other hornily, they quickly tore their suits off and Nikki gasped with sheer sexual excitement as she saw her first cock… her brother’s cock.

A full nine inches of throbbing cockmeat was standing at attend on, jutting straight out from the teen’s bushy loins. His prick was thick, too.

Nikki broke out in a sweat as she wondered just how far her virgin cunt was going to have to stretch to take that mighty prick. She swallowed hard and stared at her brother’s balls, which dangled low beneath the base of his prick. Her mouth began to water as she saw that the entire length of Mark’s prick was bobbing up and down with sexual anticipation.

“Ohhh, Mark,” she said throatily, feeling her pussyjuice rolling thickly and hotly down the insides of her naked thighs. And she groaned as she felt her clit twitching violently at the top of her pussy-slash.

“Unh, oh, baby, you’re really something! I’ve never seen you naked before, but believe me, I’ve wanted to!” the teen cried.

The girl’s inner cuntlips were so swollen with lust that Mark could see them dangling out of her pussy. He couldn’t believe how almost bald his sister’s cunt was. He had never fucked such a pussy and, for some reason, the idea of fucking one now made the ache in his balls increase. Suddenly, Mark’s cockhead snapped upward, slapping him in the belly.

“Oh, God!” Nikki groaned, rising to her knees.

She licked his balls, and then sucked them while her brother lay back in the chaise lounge, groaning with excitement. Nikki thought about sucking him off, but she wasn’t ready for that. She didn’t know if she would ever be ready for that. The thought of sucking a guy’s cock and swallowing his cum still made her feel sick to her stomach. She lay back in the grass now, her cuntjuice dribbling out from between her puffy cuntlips, and running into the crack of her ass.

Mark stared down at his virginal sister, feeling his prick throbbing harder and harder. His cum-slit pulsed relentlessly, and his heart raced.

He watched as his sister spread her legs wider and then he fell to his knees between her splayed thighs. He sprawled on top of her and they both moaned with incestuous pleasure as they pressed their naked bodies together.

Mark could feel the girl’s huge tits pressing against his chest and he felt her nipples, rockhard now, throbbing against his flesh.

Nikki moaned, feeling the entire length of Mark’s prick pressed up against her lower belly. She shuddered, thinking just how deep her brother’s cock was going to have to go to completely penetrate her cherry cunt, and she knew instinctively that deep penetration was exactly what they both needed.

For now, the horny girl was no longer trying to fight against her natural desires, no longer trying to tell herself that she may not want to fuck with her brother. She did want to very much so. But there was a bit of nagging doubt at the back of her mind, and she had to wonder just how much she would enjoy it.

The idea that this virgin fuck was a sort of test for her, that it would answer for her the tormenting question of whether or not she was a lesbian, filled Nikki with tension.

The base of Mark’s cock was pressing against his sister’s golden pussy patch, just above her pulsating clit. She groaned again, realizing that in just seconds the tip of her brother’s prick would be lodged deep inside her cunt. She just hoped that she wasn’t taking on more than she could handle.

Maybe I should have chosen a guy with a much smaller cock, she told herself. Almost before she finished that thought, she had to admit to herself that a smaller cock would not have turned her on nearly as much as the massive one pressed against her, now.

She tried valiantly to push her fears into the back of her mind, trying to think of nothing but the pleasure she was sure to experience when her brother popped her cherry for her. Brother and sister kissed each other hungrily, both of them panting like wild animals in heat.

“Mark? You know that I’m a virgin, don’t you?” she asked nervously.

“Sure, baby, Margo told me. She said that you and she have made it a lot of times but that you veneer been fucked by a cock before, Mark said, his mouth and throat going dry with the exciting thought that soon he would be popping this sexy girl’s cherry.”


“I feel privileged to be the first, baby,” he said thickly.

“Oh, Mark, I’m so scared! And I’m afraid that if we wait any longer, I may change my mind! Please fuck me now, Mark!” the girl cried tearfully.

Mark grinned down at her, only too happy to give her what she was begging him for. He put his hands flat on the ground on either side of his sister’s head and pushed down, straightening his arms as he did. He arched his back and lifted the upper part of his muscular body.

“God, yes, do it, Mark!” the girl gasped, feeling just the tip of his cock touching her now.

Mark moved his hips back and, staring down directly into his virgin sister’s eyes, he pushed the head of his prick between her swollen cuntlips. He knew that her pussy was super tight and tiny and that his huge cock was going to hurt her. He knew that it would take same brute force just to bury his prick inside her. There was no way he could prevent the pain she was bound to feel. He figured that he should just pop her cherry as quickly as possible, getting that painful part out of the way before getting on with the serious business of fucking.

“Please, Mark,” the girl whimpered, “please fuck me! I don’t care if it hurts!” It was a lie. She did care, but she knew that she could not afford to let her fear of the pain stop her from doing this thing that needed doing.

Mark took a deep breath and then stabbed down with his cock just as hard as he could.

“Yeeeeeegaawwwdddd!” the girl cried, her eyes flying wide open as she beard the tearing sound of her cherry being ripped away and she felt the most agonizing pain she had ever experienced shooting through her ravaged pussy.

“Does it hurt, baby?” Mark asked, realizing immediately what a stupid question it was.

“Yesss, oh, gaaawwdddd, yesss, it hurts like hell!” she sobbed. Tears filled her eyes and she gasped for air as the pain stabbed through her again and again and she desperately clawed at the ground, not even realizing that her curled fingers were tearing up huge clumps of earth. Her mouth opened and closed soundlessly now and her senses dimmed.

“Do you want me to stop, baby?” Mark asked, even though he knew that there was no way in the world he could stop now.

“Nooo!” his sister wailed, “I have to do this! Fuck me!”

“Okay, baby,” Mark said, relieved.

He pulled his prick out of his sister’s pussy until only his throbbing cock-knob was still locked inside her pussy. And then, taking another deep breath, he rammed deeper into her again, knocking the breath out of the trembling girl.

“Oh, God! Deeper! Deeper!” Nikki yelled, beginning to feel a deep, pulsing pleasure that blended with the pain.

Mark could tell that it would not be easy to get the entire length of his nine-inch prick inside his sister’s tight fuckhole. Her cunt was tight and tiny from lack of use. He would have to pry her pussy open with the thick head of his cock so she could take his whole prick.

Nikki could feel the tip of her brother’s prick moving into her aching cunt a fraction of an inch at a time. She sensed that something magical would happen to her when the head of his prick finally reached the depths of her pussy. She only hoped it would be so wonderful that it would convince her once and for all that she was normal.

Instinctively, the teenaged girl began to lift her ass up from the ground. At the same time, she tried as hard as she could to relax her inner cunt muscles so her brother could more easily and fully penetrate her pussy.

It wasn’t easy. The pain and the fear of more pain blended with the sexual tension in her loins, making it very difficult for her to relax even one bit.

Mark took another deep breath, paused slightly, then plunged downward as hard as he could. The tip of his prick banged hard against the very back wall of Nikki’s cunt and she immediately came.

“Aieeeee!” she cried.

Her inner pussy walls convulsed around her brother’s huge cock as she came. Even though he had managed to sink his prickhead into her as far as the back wall of her cunt, his cock was only about halfway inside her, and the thought that there were still about four or five inches of hard meat left to fuck into her filled the orgasming girl with both fear and excitement.

“You came, didn’t you?” Mark asked thickly, feeling his hot cum churning about within his swollen balls. His sister’s tight pussy was giving his cock the snuggest hug of its life and it felt to him as if his cock were about to burst into a million fragments.

“Yessss,” Nikki sighed, sure that it was only the first of many orgasms her brother’s big cock would give her.

She threw her feet up into the air and her brother’s prick slid deeper inside her. Pussyjuice was gushing out of her fuckhole now, lubricating her brother’s prick as he sought greater and greater depths within the girl’s virginal pussy.

Nikki squeezed her brother’s hips with the insides of her thighs, enjoying the feel of his tensed muscles each time he fucked his prick into her.

She crossed her ankles at the small of his back, spreading her thighs even farther apart at the same time. She wrapped her arms around the teen’s strong back, hugging him closer to her.

She whimpered with joy as Mark continued to fuck into her, trying to cram the entire length of his massive prick into her. Nikki was thrilled that her cherry had finally been popped. Her virgin days were over, thank God. And she was sure that Margo had been right. The fact that it was her very own brother who had ripped her cherry from her turned her on beyond belief. She still wasn’t sure that it would be enough for her but she already knew that it was more than she would have felt had she let any of the other boys she knew fuck her.

“How’s it feel, baby?” Mark asked hoarsely, fucking deeper and deeper into his sister’s pussy with each cock-thrust.

“Ohhh, it’s sooo good, Mark, keep it up,” Nikki responded, hardly able to believe how stuffed with cock-meat she felt. She only hoped that her pussy would not burst with the pressure of the hard prick inside her.

“Don’t worry, baby, I will. I’ll keep fucking you until I get my whole prick inside you and until we both come!” Mark cried, his face contorting with fuck-lust.

As he fucked into her again, a couple more inches of his prick sank in. Nikki groaned with pain and pleasure. She was surprised at just how elastic her pussy was. The thickness of her brother’s cock was stretching her pussywalls to the limit.

“Here goes, baby. This one should do it,” Mark growled as he fucked forward violently, finally sinking the full length of his prick inside his sister’s aching cunthole.

“Unnhhhh, aaaaarghhh,” Nikki groaned, her eyes rolling back in her head.

The girl felt thoroughly impaled on her brother’s huge cock, and she trembled all over with excitement. The teen’s cockhead throbbed deep inside her cunt. She could feel the entire length of his cock pulsating against the taut walls of her tight pussy.

“Wow! That’s great, baby! You’ve got the tightest pussy I’ve ever fucked and, baby, I love it!” Mark groaned, churning his hips and stirring his prick deep.

The girl had her wish. Not only had her cherry been popped but her brother’s cock was touching her in places which had never been touched before, places so deep inside her that she had thought it would be impossible to reach them. She was filled to the brim with hot, hard prick.

“Fuck me,” she wailed, throwing her cunt up against the teen’s prick.

“You sure you can take it?” Mark asked with a grin.

“God, yesss!” she cried hornily. “I want you to fuck me until I can’t walk!”

Mark continued to press down with his hips, grinding his crotch against hers. He rubbed the top of his cock-base against her blood-engorged clit. She shuddered with lust.

Mark gyrated his hips, stretching the inner walls of his sister’s cunt in every possible direction.

“More, more! Fuck me hard!” the girl begged.

He pulled his prick out of her pussy with a teasingly slow motion.

“Unnhh,” Nikki moaned, feeling the thickness of the meaty cock tugging her inner cuntlips, stretching them out as he withdrew.

The teen pulled his prick almost all the way out of his sister’s pussy until only the head of his prick remained inside her cunt. Her cuntlips gripped the base of his gigantic cock, and she trembled all over. He paused, took a deep breath, and fucked down as hard as he possibly could.

Nikki felt her cunthole filling up again in one fell swoop, and a rush of intense incestuous pleasure shot through her entire body. She flushed all over and broke out in a sexual sweat as her brother began to fuck her tight cunt as hard and fast as he could…

“Fuck me hard, Mark! I don’t care how much it hurts!” the girl shrieked.

The girl’s cunt made wet squishy sounds as Mark fucked into her over and over again. The lewd sounds just aroused the brother and sister all the more.

Nikki thrust upward with her hips each time the teen fucked downward with his nine-incher. Their loins slapped together rhythmically, slick with sweat now. The teenagers moaned and groaned in unison as they fucked each other smoothly, more and more rapidly, both of them straining for the orgasms they needed so badly.

“Ohhh, commmiiinngg!” Nikki cried just seconds later, pleased to find that this second orgasm was even longer and more intense than the first.

After several more strokes, feeling his sister’s tight cunt orgasming violently against his prick, Mark knew that he had to come.

He shuddered all over and his muscles tensed. He fucked the entire length of his meaty cock into the girl’s cunt, and she came… along with him. As she came for the third time, she felt her brother’s cock twitching and spasming against the stretched walls of her pussy. Her orgasmic convulsions grew even more intense.

“Yeeeooowwww!” she shouted.

“Yunnnnhh, commmiinnngggg!” Mark grunted, the veins of his neck standing out in bold relief as he came hard, dumping his load of jism.

He bathed her inner pussy with his hot sticky cum, filling her cunt with his fuck cream. She instinctively contracted her cunt muscles and tugged at her brother’s cock, trying to milk his balls of every single drop of cum.

“Aaarghh, yeah, way to go, baby, work those muscles around my dick!” Mark grunted, feeling as if his sister’s pussy were sucking his balls dry. He continued to shoot his load inside her.

“Mmmmm, that feels good,” Nikki purred as the last of her brother’s cum shot into her and her own orgasm began to subside.

Mark’s prick began to soften as he pulled out of Nikki’s spongy cunthole. He lowered his face and they kissed each other passionately.

“Well, how was that? Was it just about the greatest thing you ever felt or what?” Mark asked, his voice filled with pride.

“Oh, yeah, it was great all right,” Nikki sighed, closing her eyes so she wouldn’t have to talk to her brother anymore.

Let him think that she was asleep. How could she tell him that, even though she had enjoyed their fuck, even though she was thrilled that she was no longer a virgin, their fuck had not quite been the super-thrilling experience she had hoped for?


Over the next few days, Nikki gave a lot of thought to her reaction to her first fuck. She had tried to explain to Margo, but the older girl had not understood.

Not surprising, Nikki thought with a wry smile, since I don’t really understand it myself.

She had loved being fucked by her brother, no doubt about it. But somehow she had expected something more, some sort of super thrill that just hadn’t happened.

Even at its best, her incestuous fuck session with her brother had not really been much more exciting than those times when Nikki made it with her sister. Somehow she felt that that should not be the case, that somehow getting fucked by a guy should be a lot more thrilling than getting fucked by another girl.

Maybe Mark should have been rougher with her. Maybe a really savage fuck session would do it for Nikki.

She sighed and stretched. It was late morning, and she knew that no one else was in the house. The night before, her parents had told her that they were taking Margo and Mark into the city for a full day of shopping. She had been invited to go along, of course, but she just wasn’t in the mood for shopping.

She planned to spend day at home, maybe take a swim and try to figure out a solution to her persistent sexual problem.

Nikki sniffed the air, sure that she smelled bacon frying and coffee perking. But how could that be? Had someone broken into the house? Then she giggled, realizing that even if a burglar had broken into the house, it was not very likely that he would be taking the time to prepare breakfast for himself.

Wearing only her short nightie, she moved toward the kitchen. More tantalizing smells greeted her nose as she approached. Then she heard strange sounds. Who was in there?

She stoic to the kitchen door and peeked around cautiously. A tall, beefy man was flipping pancakes on the griddle. He wore a teeshirt which hugged his brawny chest. His arms were bulging with muscles and the backs of his hands were as hairy as his arms, chest, and back.

“Uncle Frank?” Nikki asked with a grin.

Frank turned and grinned at his favorite niece.

“Hi ya, honey.”

“I didn’t know you’d be here today,” Nikki said.

“I didn’t know it myself until this morning. Your dad called me up and said that since everyone but you would be out of the house today, it was a good time for me to get some unfinished work done around here,” Frank said, his eyes roving aver the girl’s near-naked body.

Nikki smiled again at this uncle she loved so much. She pulled at the hem of her nightie self-consciously and sat down at the kitchen table. Uncle Frank owned his own construction company and frequently did some of the work for various members of the Andrews family.

He had several projects going on in Nikki’s house: installing a fireplace in the living room, remodeling the kitchen, and building a gazebo in the back yard near the swimming pool.

Nikki knew that some people did not like Uncle Frank. In fact, some people were even afraid of him because of his brute strength and short temper. He had never really hurt anyone, and Nikki had always liked him, finding his enormous size and muscular strength strangely exciting.

“You’re looking really good, honey,” Frank said, his eyes moving over the skimpily clad girl, his gaze focusing on her big tits.

Nikki blushed and pulled again at the hem of her shortie gown.

Frank brushed against the side of his niece’s arm as he set a plate of pancakes down onto the table. “Help yourself, kiddo. There’s bacon wand orange juice, too,” Frank said. “You should eat something.” He sat at the table next to the teenaged girl.

“You don’t have to treat me like a girl, Uncle Frank. I’m old enough to take care of myself,” Nikki said with a smile.

“Yeah, I can see that, baby,” Frank said, still staring at his niece’s tits. “I can see a lot when you lean over, too!”

“Uncle Frank!” the girl cried, a little shocked but more than a little excited.

“Anyone ever tell you that you’ve got the nicest set of tits in town?” Frank asked with a wink.

“Jesus, Uncle Frank! You’ve never talked like this to me before!” Nikki gasped.

“Maybe that’s ’cause you and I have never been totally alone before, baby,” Frank said.

Nikki thought for a minute and realized that it was true. Not since she had been a very little girl had she been alone with her uncle like this, and she felt a fluttering deep in her belly.

“You’re really a sexy piece, baby. I could really get it on with you,” Frank said. “Pass the butter, honey.”

Numbly, Nikki passed the butter to her uncle, stunned by his words. It was all happening so fast. She wasn’t sure what she really thought or how she felt, but she did know that she was beginning to really turn on.

The teen ate only half of a pancake and then she pushed her plate away from her, too disturbed and excited by what was happening between her and her uncle to eat anymore.

“Why don’t you sit an my lap, honey? I know I’d like that and I think you would, too,” Uncle Frank said, draining his coffee cup. He had already polished off several pancakes along with about half a pound of bacon.

“I-I don’t know, Uncle Frank,” Nikki stammered nervously, “maybe I’ve kind of outgrown that kind of thing.”

“Hell, baby, no one outgrows that kind of thing! If it feels good, do it, that’s my motto!” Frank said with a booming laugh that filled his niece with a fluttering fear and a deep, growing sexual excitement.

“I’ll bet you’ve got a pussy like a mousetrap!” Frank said with another laugh.

“Oh, God, Uncle Frank!” Nikki gasped, flushing all over.

“Yeah… a pussy like yours should get, screwed by a big, thick cock, Nikki… like mine,” Frank said huskily.

The teen winced as she heard the sound of her uncle unzipping his fly. She watched in silence as he stood up and moved closer to his niece.

To her amazement, Uncle Frank hauled his cock out of his pants and set his prick on the kitchen table right next to Nikki’s breakfast plate. She couldn’t stop herself from staring down at the huge cock. She was surprised and excited by just how hot and hairy and juicy his prick looked.

“That’s nothing! You call that a cock?” she asked in mock disgust, trying to pry her eyes away. She thought that if she could insult her uncle, he might leave her alone, though she was not at all sure that that was what she really wanted.

“You fucking lying bitch! This is the most prime hunk of meat you’ve ever seen and you know it! Now it’s time to show what you really think of it,” Frank said.

To her dismay, Nikki’s cuntlips were twitching, and her clit was tugging against the upper part of her clit sheath, filling rapidly with aroused hot blood.

“I’m going to my room,” she said, rising from the table.

“You know you’re just playing games… with yourself as much as with me, bitch,” Frank said, resting a hard-muscled hand on her slender shoulder and stopping her dead in her tracks.

“No,” she protested weakly.

“Yes! You know you’re dying to wrap those wet, sexy lips of yours around my cock. Now get down on your knees and suck it, baby,” Frank husked.

“Oh my God!” Nikki gasped.

“Yeah, baby,” Frank said, a silvery drop of pre-cum oozing out the cum-slit on his fat cockhead. “I can tell you want it bad. Come and get it!”

Slowly, Nikki made her way toward the table where her uncle’s huge prick lay, twitching ever so slightly, as if beckoning to her.

His cock lay there obscenely with its blunt-ended knob visibly throbbing. The teen had never sucked cock before. She was sure that she wouldn’t be able to do it now. The thought still filled her with fear and disgust.

She studied the huge cock excitedly, realizing, with a jolt of excitement, that his was even longer and thicker than her brother’s.

She found herself wondering what it would feel like to have that massive prick crammed inside her horny cunt. She felt her pussy growing wetter and hotter.

Nikki swallowed hard as she continued to inspect her uncle’s enormous prick. She couldn’t imagine even being able to fit her mouth around that, even if she wanted to.

“Come on, quit stalling,” Frank snarled. The girl braced herself against the table and reached out with one trembling hand. Uncle Frank grabbed her by the wrist, and placed the flat of her palm against his gigantic prick.

“Oh!” Nikki yelped. His cockshaft felt red hot to her touch. As she stared down at his prick, she saw the huge cockhead turning redder and redder.

She longed to move in closer, to really get the feel of her uncle’s prick with her whole hand, bat she hesitated, not wanting Uncle Frank to know that she was that hot for him for then he might force her to suck him off. She knew there was no way she could stomach such a perverted, disgusting act.

Her excited gaze moved to her uncle’s balls. They were enormous, of course, and set off by a thicket of dark coarse hair.

“Stroke it, baby,” Frank said, pushing her hand down onto the head of his huge prick.

Nikki began to stroke her uncle’s cock. She was fascinated by how thick his cock was. She was glad he had ordered her to stroke his prick, even though she was afraid of what it might lead to.

“Unnhh, yeah, do it, baby, rub that pecker!” Frank grunted.

As she stroked her uncle’s prick, Nikki stared down, noticing the way his cock swelled beneath her touch. The veins bulged out and the slit oozed out more pre-cum.

Nikki widened the grasp of her hand to fit around the fullness of the thick, throbbing cock. It took both of her hands to squeeze the full thickness of his hard prick.

With both hands, she gripped her uncle’s prick, staring down into the twitching cum-slit.

“Lick it!” he demanded, giving her a hard shove to let her know who was in control.

Knowing she had no choice, Nikki lowered her head and speared his piss-slit with the tip of her tongue.

“Ohhhh, yeah, baby, that was nice. Suck your uncle’s big fat cock! I’ll reward you for it, you can be sure of that,” Frank said thickly.

“Mmm,” Nikki purred, tasting pre-cum on her tongue. She was surprised at how good it tasted, salty and thick and smooth.

With both hands still clasped about the pulsing prick, Nikki aimed his cock toward her mouth. She knew that her uncle could easily force her to do what he wanted. Besides, she had to admit that she was curious what it would feel like to suck his cock.

She licked all over the throbbing cockhead and it bulged and reddened under her obscenely lashing tongue. She flattened her tongue now and pressed it against his vein. When she felt the bulging vein throbbing against her tongue, her pussylips twitched even more. Her clit was growing harder now and more and more juice spilled from her fuckhole.

“Put it in your mouth, baby,” Frank ordered.

Nikki hesitated.

Frank reached out with one hand and cruelly twisted his niece’s nipples through her thin nightgown.

“Do what I say!” he thundered.

Nikki whimpered and filled her mouth with the head of the man’s mighty prick.

“Sheeeeiiittt!” Frank groaned, tossing his head. “If I’d known you were such a good cocksucker, I’d have made you suck my dick ages ago!”

Nikki had expected to get sick to her stomach when she started sucking Uncle Frank’s cock. She had thought she would at least gag and feel like barfing. But none of that had happened. Instead, as she continued to suck on the big pulsing prickhead, she began to feel hot and feverish all over, especially between her legs.

Following her desires, she reached down and cupped Uncle Frank’s big balls in both of her hands. She locked her wet mouth around his shiny prick. She could feel his huge cockhead forcing its way deeper into her mouth, striking her teeth and the walls of her cheeks.

“Ummmfff,” she groaned with pain as her mouth was forced to stretch very wide. The corners of her mouth burned and felt raw as the big prick continued to shove its way inside her. She flicked her tongue across the huge, hard cock-knob, then let her tongue rest against the floor of her mouth to make room for the man’s fat dick.

“Good girl,” Frank said huskily, sensing the change in his niece’s attitude. He was thrilled that she now seemed willing to suck him off.

Frank jammed his aching prick into his niece’s sucking mouth. His cock struck her hard palate, then angled down along the roof of her mouth toward her tight throat.

As the man expertly angled his cock into the girl’s mouth, he pushed down hard on her shoulders, forcing her to kneel on the cold floor.

In this position, he could control and dominate her totally. He could force his prick into her mouth and make her deep-throat him.

“Mmmmrnfff,” Nikki moaned around the thick meat in her mouth, surprised that she was enjoying this so much. She sucked harder on the huge cock that glided down her throat. She molded her wet hot mouth to the shape of the man’s enormous cock. She closed her eyes and began to suck harder and faster.

Uncle Frank began to fuck his niece’s face. In and out he fucked his prick, all the way down her constricting throat with each downward plunge, puffing out until only his throbbing cockhead was locked in the grip of her rosy lips.

As he fucked his prick in and out of her mouth and throat, Nikki could feel all of his veins throbbing between her sensitive tongue and cheeks. She hollowed her cheeks inward to be sure that every single inch of her uncle’s prick was being sucked. “Unnnhhhh, yeah, you sucking bitch! You horny cocksucker!” Frank growled, picked up speed now.

Nikki clutched the root of her uncle’s prick hard as he fucked his cock in and out of her mouth. She flicked her tongue over the meaty prick and instinctively tightened her throat muscles, making her uncle groan with pleasure.

Her pussy was so hot and wet now that the heat distracted her. She began to rub her tiny cunt up and down along her uncle’s leg. Uncle Frank grinned and pressed his leg against the girl’s pussy, rubbing hard.

“Ummffff,” Nikki responded in a throaty moan. She loved the rough way he was treating her. She loved sucking his big hard cock. She loved the way he was rubbing her raw with his fast and brutal face-fucking movements, and she loved the way he was rubbing her horny cunt with his leg.

The man was so brutal. Maybe this was what had been missing in her fuck session with her brother. Maybe it was this brutal, macho attitude that would give her the extra thrill she needed.

“Suck it hard, bitch! Deep-throat me!” the man demanded as he plunged his cock all the way into her mouth and down her throat.

Nikki groaned with pain and pleasure as she felt the hard thickness of his cockshaft engorged her throat. She tightened the muscles of her throat.

The man rocked back and forth on his feet and cursed. He churned his hips, working his prick around inside the tight confines of his niece’s sucking throat. The muscles and hot wetness of her mouth and throat were sheer pleasure to the man. He knew he had to come.

The tip of his prick spasmed. His cock-shaft throbbed. His balls churned and boiled with his hot load. Frank struggled to control himself so he wouldn’t come just yet. He wanted some more of his niece’s hot cock-sucking action.

“Ummmffff, mmmmm,” Nikki moaned.

She felt her uncle’s big cock pulsing and jerking wildly against the walls of her throat and mouth. She suspected that Uncle Frank might be about to come, and she found herself surprisingly, wanting it. She didn’t know if she would be able to swallow his cum, but she did think she wanted to feel his spunk filling up her mouth.

The friction along Frank’s prick increased as he fucked in and out of his niece’s tight, hot mouth. Her wet lips hugged tightly as he fucked his big prick in and out.

Nikki played with her uncle’s loaded balls with both hands. She felt them growing hotter as she continued to deep-throat him.

She couldn’t understand her own feelings. Just a short time before, the idea of sucking cock had filled her with loathing and disgust. And now, here she was, hungrily sucking her own uncle’s prick, longing to make him come.

No, she didn’t understand her own feelings. But she knew that she really didn’t care either. All the girl really knew at that moment was the exquisite pleasure she felt deep in her cunt.

This brutal ape of a man had managed to arouse her beyond belief with his savage ways and his huge cock. She was thrilled to every single thrust and bump.

She pressed her thumbs against the seam between his big balls and ran them up where they met the base of his prick. Her clit throbbed violently and her nipples grew as hard as steel. Her pussy oozed more and more fuck juice.

The man was fucking his niece’s face with brutally swift strokes now, and the wet, sucking sounds of her own mouth made her feel weak in the knees. She rubbed her randy pussy harder against her uncle’s leg. He responded by thrusting his bent knee into her pussy-slit and rotating hard.

“Ummmffff,” she groaned.

“It’s gonna be a real pleasure to fuck you, baby. Your pussy is nice and hot. Yeah, bitch, it’s really hot. I can feel it through my pants!” Frank said, his voice thick.

No one had ever talked to Nikki like that before. And the fact that it was her very own uncle who was saying all those dirty things to her aroused her.

Frank shoved the inflamed knob of his prick into the deepest reaches of her hot, sucking mouth. In and out, he fucked her face, faster and harder with each savage stroke.

“Mmmmmffff!” the girl cried, the sound muffled by the thick prick that filled her mouth.

She kept her mouth locked around the heavy, saliva-slickened tree trunk of a cock that her uncle fucked in and out of her mouth and down her throat. His balls smashed her lips each time he fucked in.

Savagely, the man raped his niece’s face. Over and over again, the ape-like man violated her sweet sucking mouth. And the girl loved every second of it.

“Awwww, sheeeeiiiiitt!” he roared.

The huge cock was fucking in and out of Nikki’s mouth so fast now that it became a blur of purplish meat. The man was building toward an earth-shattering climax.

“Commiiinnngg!” he roared. Moments later, his load of hot jizz rushed down the tube of his dick-shaft and spewed forcefully out of the gaping piss-slit.

His spunk exploded inside Nikki’s mouth. She groaned with excitement as she got her first taste of cum.

“Oooommmfffff,” she moaned hornily. She was surprised by the taste and texture and warmth of the jism that flooded her mouth and ran down her throat.

Nikki sucked even harder on her uncle’s prick now, eagerly swallowing his thick jizz, thrilling to her first experience of sucking a man to orgasm and eating his jizz. Swallowing the tasty cum was not disgusting at all. It was not even very difficult. Somehow, sucking up his slimy cum seemed to come naturally to the girl, surprising both her uncle and herself. As she swallowed down the last of the flowing cum, she found herself wishing for more.

As the girl continued to suck her uncle’s still-hard dick, she came.

“Ohhh, I’m coming sooo hard!” she cried as her uncle pulled his cock out of her mouth.

“Jesus!” the man said with a grin, staring down at the girl who was writhing orgasmically on the kitchen floor, “all these years wasted. I only wish I’d known a long time ago just what a hot cunt I’ve got for a niece! Come on, baby, it’s time to fuck.”


“Come on, baby, I’m gonna fuck you now!” Uncle Frank repeated as he hurriedly pulled his clothes off and settled down on the kitchen floor next to his niece who was still shuddering from the impact of her orgasm.

He reached out and pulled the girl’s nightgown off over her head while the trembling teen stared dazedly at her brutish uncle.

“You’ve got the best pair of tits in town!” Uncle Frank said with a husky chuckle as he caressed his niece’s rounded tit-mounds. He pressed her swollen nipples between his fingers, moving them about, pinching them lightly.

“Oh, yeah,” Nikki moaned, glad to realize that she enjoyed her uncle touching her tits more than when Margo or even Mark stroked them.

Maybe I’m normal after all, she thought with a sigh, letting her head fall back. Her uncle caressed every single inch of her naked tits.

Uncle Frank grunted and rolled his niece’s nipples around and around, pinching them as he kneaded her firm tit-flesh. Then he lowered his head and licked his tongue up the deep valley between her tits.

He twirled her nips around and smashed his wet tongue against them.

Nikki yelped, loving what her uncle was doing to her tits.

The large, hulking man swished his tongue around the high peaks of his niece’s tit-mounds. He sucked as much of the throbbing tit-flesh as he could into his wet mouth, lashing with his tongue.

“Mmm, yessss, Uncle Frank!” the girl cried, turning on more and more.

Even though she had just come, the girl was heating up fast. She could feel her hot clit bulging and pulsing. Her asscheeks twitched. Her pussyjuice rolled out of her cunthole and began to dribble down her thighs.

Still sucking on his niece’s tits, Frank moved one hand down between Nikki’s legs and stroked her pussy mound.

“I wanna take a shower with you, Uncle Frank,” the teenager said suddenly.

“A shower? What the fuck for?”

“Oh, come on, humor me. It’s just something I’ve always wanted to do with… every other girl I know says it’s real sexy and all. Come on, let’s shower together and then we can fuck.”

“I could rape you right here and now without all that shower crap and there isn’t a thing you could do to stop me,” Frank said, narrowing his eyes menacingly as he gazed at the horny girl.

“Yeah, I know you could,” she admitted, still grinning.

“Okay, I just wanted to be sure that you know that. Come on, then, I’ll humor you just this one time. Let’s take that fucking shower!”

“Come on, Uncle Frank!” Nikki cried, jumping to her feet and racing toward the bathroom. “I wanna soap up your cock real good!”

Moments later, she stood with her uncle beneath the warm spray of the shower water. She was running her hands up and down his body, now and then letting her fingertips brush against his raging hard-on.

She stared down at her uncle’s hard cock. She thought his prick looked like a huge, juicy, red club and wondered what it would feel like deep inside her cunt.

There were two bars of soap in the spacious shower. While Nikki soaped one bar up in her hand, her uncle went to work getting her pussy mound all sudsy.

The man worked the foaming lather into her juicy cunt-slit, spreading the bubbles around with his probing fingers. The girl rose up on her toes, trembling all over.

“Wow! That feels great, Uncle Frank,” she pared.

She lathered her hands up and slapped the peaks of white foam all over her uncle’s cock.

She soaped up the cum-slit and licked her lips hungrily when she saw a trickle of clear pre-cum dribble out over the layer of white suds.

“Ohhhhh, yeah, baby, feels great,” the man groaned, his cock growing longer and fatter under his niece’s skillful caresses.

“Mmmmm, I love doing this,” the teenager moaned, spreading the soap out and down to cover the man’s balls. She reached back and lathered her uncle’s ass-crack.

Meanwhile, Uncle Frank was working the suds over his niece’s mammoth tits, dropping big drops of the foam over her pulsing red nipples. He coated her flat tummy and made lewd patterns down on her pussy mound. He fluffed up the sparse coat of fur, wiggling his way back down past her pussyhole and on to her writhing asshole. He smeared the lather all over her ass, dipping his fingertip into her tight asshole.

“Ohhhh, God, you’re making me feel so fuckin’ good!” the teenager gasped.

“You sexy cunt! Look what you’ve done to your uncle’s cock!” Uncle Frank said with a hoarse laugh.

Nikki giggled delightedly when she saw that the man’s prick was so hard and stiff now that it was lying up against his taut belly.

“Beat my meat, baby,” Uncle Frank demanded suddenly.

With an excited grin, Nikki grabbed the man’s cock in one fist and began to slowly pump up and down. Her uncle stroked her swollen cuntlips. He dipped his fingers inside several times, scooping out cunt honey.

She continued to pump his huge prick up and down, beating a steady rhythm as she stroked. As she jerked her uncle off, she moaned with desire, her pussy on fire, and her nipples harder than they had ever been before.

“Aren’t you gonna fuck me, Uncle Frank?” the girl asked.

“Goddamn right I’m gonna fuck you, bitch! But when I’m good and ready! We’ve got all day and this house all to ourselves, so I want us to have a little fun first… then I’m gonna fuck you so good and hard that you won’t be able to sit down for a month!” Frank said, grimacing as his niece continued to beat his meat.

The harder she pumped her uncle’s cock, the firmer and fatter his prick got. The cum-slit is the round, smooth knob spasmed just like Nikki’s pussy muscles were spasming now. And the deeper he dug into her cunt with his fingers, the more those muscles twitched and spasmed.

She squeezed the head of his prick and brought a thick droplet of pre-cum up to the surface of his slit. It ran down, making a little trail in the white, foamy suds that still clung to his cockshaft and balls.

“Am I jerking you off good, Uncle Frank?” Nikki asked in a girlish voice.

“Unnnhhh, yeah, baby, you’re jerking your uncle off like a real pro!” Frank grunted.

She wrapped both of her hands around her uncle’s big hard prick, loving the way his prick angled toward the ceiling. She began a slow, teasing trip up the full length of his shuddering cockshaft, working her hands from one side to the other. She rolled the massive prick between her hands, working the head up and down with short, fierce strokes.

“Ohhhh, I love the way you’re touching my pussy,” the teenager groaned.

He seemed to know all the right places to touch her and massage her, both inside and outside her cunt. And everything he did made her feel hot and horny.

Frank shifted his weight from one lean hip to the other, thrusting his prick forward for the girl to squeeze even harder.

“Jerk me off real fast now, bitch!” he demanded.

“Okay, Uncle Frank,” she said meekly.

Frank braced his knuckles against the fleshy meat of her inner cunt and thudded them against her clit. Then he worked two fingers up her fuckhole, enjoying the way she clutched at them with her strong pussy muscles.

Her pink, stiff clit protruded out from its protective sheath and he rolled it around and began to pump it again with his fingers.

More fuck juice ran out from the teenager’s cunthole and down over her naked thighs, coating the man’s fist. She jerked him off faster and harder, just the way he had told her to. He continued to fingerfuck her and jerk off her clit.

She spread her legs and braced her asscheeks against the back of the shower. Uncle Frank reached round and braced his meaty hand against the backs of her asscheeks. Then he began to pry her tight asshole open and stick his probing finger in.

“Unnnhhhh, yeah,” she moaned, unable to stop him.

She couldn’t have stopped him even if she had wanted to. The big brute of a man could have easily overpowered her any time he wanted to. That realization aroused the girl more than anything else.

He fingerfucked his niece harder and deeper now, feeling her pussy muscles grabbing at his fingers on each inward thrust.

The girl was jerking her uncle’s prick with the same rhythmic movements he was on her abnormally large clit. She kept her two hands closely wrapped around his huge prick and beat him up and down just the way he liked.

“Yeah, good, now I want us to suck each other off,” Frank growled.

“Okay!” Nikki agreed, more excited than she felt she could let on.

The uncle and niece rinsed the suds off their body and then the two of them curled up on the floor of the shower in the classic sixty-nine position.

Frank lashed his tongue over the girl’s wet clit and delved into the pink folds of her cuntlips. At the same time, Nikki whisked her tongue around the full round head of her uncle’s gorgeous prick and dipped her tongue-tip into the twitching cum-slit.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned with pleasure, tasting his tangy pre-cum.

She stroked his balls and asshole, making him jerk forward excitedly. While she continued to caress him there, she used her hot, wet tongue to lick up and down the full length of the man’s cock. Her tongue traced the path of the bulging blue vein and Frank’s entire body shuddered.

Nikki flattened her tongue against his nuts, swabbing them all over. She worked her tongue up in between his balls and the base of his prick.

Frank sucked the rubbery nub of his niece’s clit with his entire mouth, making loud suction, noises, noises which served to turn his niece on even more.

While Frank continued to suck his niece’s clit, he worked her pussylips over with his fingers, tweaking and rubbing them hard.

With his lips still wrapped around her firm, ripe clit, he managed to thrust his tongue down and dive into her hot, steamy cunt-slit. He pushed his tongue up inside her as hard as he could, enjoying her girlish taste.

He sucked a mouthful of her slick pussylips into his mouth along with her wriggling clit.

“Ohh, God!” Nikki cried against her uncle’s hard cock. She felt as if she were going crazy with desire under his skillfully sucking mouth.

Suddenly, her cunt spasmed and she came. Waves of incestuous pleasure washed over her, releasing a flood of fresh cuntjuice which rained into Frank’s mouth. He drank it all down greedily, relishing the delicious taste.

“Don’t you want to come now, too?” Nikki asked breathlessly as she lay there on the floor of the shower, the last tremors of her orgasm coursing through her, staring at her uncle’s rock-hard cock.

“No, baby, I’m saving this hard-on for your cunt! Come on, enough of this shower crap! Let’s go to your room where I can fuck the holy shit out of you!”


Nikki lay nakedly on her bed, her uncle hovering over her. At that moment, Uncle Frank was tracing the head of his hard prick around her pussy-mound.

“Pull your muscles together now,” the man demanded, peering down the long, red rod of his prick and into the tempting pussy slit his niece had exposed just for him.

“Now rein,” he said hoarsely.

Nikki followed her uncle’s instructions. A wave of lust washed over her whole body. She stared down in between her splayed out legs and took in the erotic sight of Uncle Frank’s cock roving around the folds of her cunt.

“Oh, God, that feels so hot and wet… and so good,” she told her uncle.

“You think this feels good? You just wait till I get my big hard dick into your cunthole!” Frank husked.

“Ohhh, Uncle Frank, I can hardly wait! Why don’t you shove it into me right now?” the girl pleaded.

“That’s just what I’d love to do… if you weren’t ready for me yet,” Frank said with a cruel laugh. “But since you’re so hot to trot, I’m gonna make you wait for it.”

Her uncle’s cruel words made Nikki shiver. She had been right. The man was brutal. She shivered again, reminding herself that maybe, just maybe, being savagely fucked by this big brute of a man would give her the intense thrill she needed.

Nikki moved one hand down to her pussy and she began to caress herself.

“Take your Goddamned hand out of your pussy — that’s my property now!” Frank bellowed, reaching out and slapping her hand away viciously.

“Owwww!” she cried, bringing her stinging hand to her mouth. “I thought you’d like watching me play with my pussy, Uncle Frank.”

“I’ll tell you what I like! Now shut up, cunt!” the man said sternly.

“What am I supposed to be… your slave?” Nikki asked, her voice touched with a little laugh.

“Yes! You’re my fuck slave and don’t you forget it!” Frank bellowed and his niece knew that he meant business. She trembled all over, thinking of the brutal fuck in store for her.

Suddenly, Frank dug his fingertips into the girl’s tits as hard as he could, squeezing both the tops and bottoms of the huge tits with both hands. To Nikki’s surprise, her uncle tightened his grip even more, making her nipples flit up and out at an odd angle. She liked it but it hurt.

“Ohhhh, it hurts, Uncle Frank. Can you squeeze my tits more gently?” she begged, tears filling her eyes.

“No, afraid I can’t do that, baby,” Frank muttered and as he continued to painfully dig into the girl’s tits, she felt a surge of sexual pleasure race through her.

Suddenly, Frank reached out and slapped his niece hard across her startled face.

“What was that for?” the girl sobbed, feeling her face-flesh burning from the blow.

“For being such a fuckin’ tease!” Frank said with a laugh, obviously enjoying himself. And, with that, he slapped the teenager again, harder this time so that he left his big red handprint on her face.

“Yeeeooowww!” Nikki yelled, but she felt a gush of pussyjuice shoot from her fuckhole and she had to admit to herself that she was getting off on her uncle’s savage treatment of her helpless body.

“Now spread your legs wider,” the man commanded, his cock jerking wildly as he stared down at his niece’s squirming naked body.

“They’re already spread wide,” she whimpered. Her legs were splayed out so that her toes were pointing at the corner posts of the big bed.

“Wider, bitch! I want your legs spread so wide that your fuckin’ feet are off the bed! And if you can’t do it yourself, I’ll help you,” Frank spat.

Nikki tried to spread her legs even wider. Before she could stop her uncle from “helping” her, the man moved forward. He quickly and brutally forced her legs farther apart than she had thought possible, so far apart that she feared her bones would break. When he finished, grinning down at her triumphantly, her feet were off the edge of the bed, just as he had wanted. One foot was aimed at her bureau and her other foot was pointing right at the door to her room.

“Ohhhh, God, that hurts!” she moaned, feeling the muscles of her thighs straining painfully.

“This is better… much better,” Frank groaned, staring down at his niece’s crotch.

He could see all of her now — the moist rosy inner lips of her cunt, the fiery bulb of her hard clit, even the gleaming pink ring of her asshole.

As much as the girl was hurting, another part of her was enjoying every savage second of her uncle’s rough treatment. She wanted more.

“You’d better stop doing these things to me right now, Uncle Frank!” she yelled.

“Oh, really?” Frank growled and he reached out and cruelly twisted the girl’s nipples until they all but came off in his rough hands.

“Aieeee! Awwww, shiiiit, that hurts!” Nikki cried, tears of pain and pleasure filling her eyes.

She had been right about how it would make her feel. She loved it. Her nipples hardened even more and her pussy grew wetter.

“You bastard!” she cried out, wanting more pain, the kind of pain which she was quickly learning only increased her sexual pleasure.

“Shut up, you fuckin’ bitch,” Frank spat as he smacked her face again.

“Owwwww!” she yelled, but she loved it, even though she sensed that she could not let her uncle know that he would stop fucking her. That was how sadistic the man was.

“And this is for being such a cock-tease!” Frank yelled as he slapped the girl yet again. “Ever since you were just a tiny girl, you’ve been teasing me… deliberately turning your own uncle on!”

“But I never…”

“Shut up, I said.” Frank said, hauling off and biting her again, this time slapping her four times across her face in rapid succession.

“Ohhhh, God,” the girl whimpered, her face red and smarting, and her horny pussy growing hotter with each new incestuous abuse.

“Yeah, you were just a little girl with that sweet innocent face of yours… but man, every time you sat on my lap and squirmed that sexy ass of yours all around, you gave me an instant hard-on and you knew it,” Frank said.

“No, no, I didn’t know, I didn’t know,” Nikki whined, tossing her head from side to side in denial.

“You lying cunt!” the man growled as he twisted her few pussy hairs hard, as if to pluck them out.

“Yeeeeeoooooww!” Nikki cried. “Please…”

And he did. With a grin that was growing wider and wider, Frank once more twisted the girl’s cunt hairs, delighting in the way her lovely face twisted with pain and pleasure.

“Jeeesus, Uncle Frank, you’re just a brute!” she cried.

“Yeah, I know! And girls always love it! You love it too, you whoring slut, even if you won’t admit it to me!” Frank roared, pawing at his niece’s firm tits so hard and feverishly that in a matter of minutes they were red and raw.

Nikki sobbed, feeling her tears spilling out and flowing down her cheeks. Her uncle was abusing her badly, and she didn’t know which she enjoyed more, the pain or the excitement.

She was so turned on now that her tits throbbed with desire and her nips pointed up stiffly toward the ceiling. Her pussy gaped open widely and spilled out more cuntjuice than the girl had thought was possible. Her clit stood up rigidly.

She licked her lips as she stared at her uncle’s prick. It was so big and hard now she thought it would burst any minute. His balls looked huge, as if overloaded with his creamy cum.

She moaned softly, wriggling her hips about. Uncle Frank chucked her under the chin and he laughed.

“You have to obey me, whore. You have to do everything I want,” he said menacingly.

She gazed up at him almost adoringly. He was managing to make her feel more turned on than she ever had been in her life. And, again, she found herself desperately hoping that the fuck that was about to happen would give her such thrilling pleasure that she would never again doubt that she was normal. She would never again have to wonder if she were gay.

At that moment, the horny teenager realized that she would gladly do anything her uncle wanted, just as long as he kept savaging her in this way.

“Suck my asshole!” Frank demanded as he straddled the girl above her heaving tits.

She smelled the clean, soap-scented flanks of her uncle’s muscular asscheeks and trembled all over. His cheeks were large and hairy, just like the rest of him. He shoved his ass-crack toward her face and his asshole throbbed as the girl ran her tongue over it. With no prodding, she skewered her tongue into the hot asshole.

Frank’s ring of ass-muscles parted just enough to let the girl’s tongue enter. She swirled her tongue around the hot, tiny space of her uncle’s shit-chute, hardly able to believe that she was performing this perverted act. Not only that, but she was thoroughly enjoying herself.

“Yeah, baby, suck it!” Frank grunted.

He thrust his hard asscheeks down on her face, forcing her to suck his asshole. He spread his big beefy balls out inside the valley between her tits and rubbed his meaty prick over her pulsing nipples.

“Suck that ass, you horny, cock-teasing bitch!” he demanded, wriggling his ass over her face. “Suck it deep!”

Now, Nikki was fucking the full length of her tongue in and out of the man’s asshole, now and then pausing to wrap her lips about the small ring of muscles and suck hard.

She couldn’t get over how good it felt to suck her uncle’s ass. Nor could she get over how exciting it was to be ordered around sexually by her powerful brutish uncle.

As she continued to tongue-fuck and suck her uncle’s shit-chute, she remembered the man’s words about how she had been turning him on all these years, and she suddenly realized that, if that were the case, he had a right to treat her this way. She had unknowingly given him hard-on after hard-on and he had been powerless to do anything about it. He had waited all these years to get relief for the special brand of incestuous desire he felt for his cock-teasing niece and it was only understandable and fair that he completely dominate her now.

She speared the rubbery asshole again and again until her tongue gave out. She felt the hard shaft of his prick pressing against the rigidly stiffened tips of her tits. She moaned into his ass-crack. She felt her uncle rubbing his balls inside her tit-valley.

She knew that she was close to coming.

“Now I’m gonna fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before, you sluttish bitch!” Uncle Frank shouted, rising from the girl’s face and kneeling between her legs.

He gripped the base of his cock in one meaty fist and flattened the broad cockhead against Nikki’s squirming inner cuntlips, angling toward her fuckhole.

“Oh, God,” Nikki moaned, knowing that she was about to be raped by her own uncle.

Frank grinned. He reared back and viciously fucked his hard cockhead into his niece’s snug cunthole. He grinned again. The man had been waiting for this incestuous thrill for a long time. Too long to be anything but brutal with the gorgeous, sexy teenager.

“Yeeoooowww!” Nikki screamed at the top of her lungs, writhing violently as a wave of deep mindless lust took possession of her entire body.

“Take it, whore! Take it all!” Frank growled as he shoved forward brutally, sinking the entire length of his cock inside the girl’s cunt.

“Yeeegaaaawwwdddd!” she shrieked, her eyes rolling back in her head.

She had thought her brother’s prick was huge but it was nothing compared to Uncle Frank’s humongous cock. He pulled it almost all the way out of her and then viciously slammed into her again, burying his prick balls-deep within the teenager’s seething pussy.

“Holy shiiiiit!” she cried, feeling the forceful head of Uncle Frank’s huge, hard prick sliding violently into her cunt and bruising her cunt walls all the way. She felt the raping prick thrusting her cunt-flesh out of the way as it careened recklessly into her.

Nikki rolled her hips from side to side, groaning loudly with pain and pleasure, again not knowing which she enjoyed more, and again not caring. All she cared about was her uncle’s huge, delicious cock and the savage way it was fucking in and out of her pussy which was only a hair away from a powerful orgasm.

“I know you love it, you whoring cock-tease! I know you love to be raped by a big fat cock, especially if it’s your own uncle’s!” Frank yelled, panting hard now as he continued to shove the full length of his prick, in and out of the girl’s cunt just as hard and ruthlessly as he possibly could.

“Yessss, yessss, Uncle Frank, you’re right! I do love it! God, yesss, it’s great! You’re hurting my pussy soooo much but it feels good, too! Don’t stop, you big beautiful man, you! Don’t ever stop!” Nikki shrilled insanely, lifting her ass up from her bed and meeting each of the man’s savage fuck-strokes with slams of her juicy cunt.

Her uncle’s prick was hot and hard and fully erect, filling up every single inch of her pussy, filling her to the brim.

She felt as if she were completely helpless beneath the viciously pounding man, and she savored the feeling. She was willing to let him treat her just as roughly as he liked. If he wanted to completely reshape the inside of her cunt with his relentlessly thrusting prick, that was just fine with her.

“Take it, baby. After all these years of wanting you… take and love it!” Frank grunted as he reared back and fucked into her again with a mind-numbing violence.

With his entire cock buried balls-deep inside his niece’s twat, he stirred around inside her, making her follow his movements with her churning hips.

His cock-thrusts were fast and deadly, leaving the girl breathless and more than a little frightened.

He fucked his niece ruthlessly. He fucked her until her body was one writhing mass of agony beneath him. He fucked her until she struggled for air, hardly able to breathe. He fucked her until her senses reeled and she no longer knew night from day, and she no longer cared.

Each time she felt the tip of Uncle Frank’s prick strike against the very back wall of her cunt, she cried out from the pain and the ecstasy. Her entire body shuddered from the vicious impact. She was amazed that her cunt was so deep and that the huge prick could penetrate her so far.

She arched her back as her uncle fucked his massive prick even harder into her. He slid out with a wild, sucking sound that turned her on even more. Again, she felt as if she would come any second.

“Unnhhh, aaaarghh, you horny bitch, you’re one great lay!” Frank grunted, plowing his mighty prick into the sweet, tight chasm of his niece’s juicy cunthole.

Her tight pussy muscles hugged his cockmeat obscenely, making him groan with fuck-lust. He could hardly wait to dump his load into his hot cunthole. He knew that it would be the most thrilling climax of his life.

Again and again, he fucked the girl, completely impaling her cunt on his prick. Their hips ground together, and their flat tummies slammed wetly together. Their sweat-soaked bodies fucked feverishly toward orgasm.

“Ohhhh, yessss, dear God, yesss!” Nikki cried, clutching at her uncle’s cock with her strong pussy muscles.

Frank’s cum-slit vibrated. His balls boiled with his load of cum, smacking wetly against his niece’s pussy mound.

Nikki tossed her hips up and down, feeling waves of incestuous lust pouring through her.

“You fucking bitch! Gotta fuck you hard… harder,” Frank grunted, his face flushed red now. He plunged his fat prick into the girl’s cunt, bruising the sides of her sweet pussy with each savage thrust.

“Yeeeeoooww!” she screamed when she felt the man’s cock-knob hanging hard against the back wall of her pussy. Her entire body shuddered with the pain of it, and the sweet ecstasy.

She clenched her eyes shut, moaning continually now as she experienced the excitement of her uncle’s prick viciously fucking into her again and again. It was as if his hard cock were delivering blow after blow like a knife to her helpless pussy. She lay there, her legs splayed wider than she had thought was humanly possible, fully exposed for her uncle’s use.

The man punched his rock-hard cock into his niece’s quivering pussy, caught up in the erotic joy of her juicy pussy. Her muscles clutched at him and wrenched his prick powerfully.

In and out, he fucked her. Over and over, he impaled her tight cunt on the full length of his punishing prick. The girl moaned and groaned, thrusting her crotch up to meet each of his downward slams.

“Shiiiiiit!” Frank bellowed as he began to come.

Nikki grinned deliriously as she felt thick wads of her jizz shooting into the deepest reaches of her pussy. More and more of the scalding cum burst into her, filling her pussy to overflowing. The creamy goo began to dribble out from between her swollen cuntlips and run down her quivering thighs.

Her uncle’s orgasm released her, and Nikki came.

“Commmiiinnngg!” she shrieked as her climax raced through her.

“Can anyone join this party?” Mark’s voice boomed from the doorway.


“Mark!” Nikki yelled, blushing at being caught by her brother with their uncle’s cock still buried inside her orgasming cunt.

“What the hell are you doing home?” Frank growled, pulling his still-hard prick out of his niece.

“I think I’m the one who should be asking questions, Uncle Frank… like what are you doing with your prick inside my sister’s pussy?” Mark said with a grin.

Frank relaxed, knowing that his nephew wouldn’t go running to his parents about his torrid fuck session with Nikki.

“What do you think we were doing?” Frank said, grinning back at his nephew.

“We were all out shopping,” Mark began as he undressed, “and suddenly I didn’t feel too well. I hitched a ride home. But now, I’m feeling just great! Maybe I was just horny.”

The teen stood naked by the bed.

“Come on, we can both fuck this bitch!” Frank said.

Laughing huskily, Mark settled onto the bed next to his sister. “She’s got the body of an angel, doesn’t she, Uncle Frank?” the teenager asked, reaching out and running his hands all aver his sister’s still-heaving tits.

“She may have the body of an angel but this hot tease fucks like a two-bit whore!” Frank said, and the two guys laughed while Nikki blushed again.

Nikki gazed down at her brother’s and uncle’s cocks, getting horny all over again as she saw him pulsing and jerking slightly. She had no idea what they had in mind for her, but she felt as if she were good and ready for anything.

She felt her pussyjuices beginning to ooze out of her cunt once again. Her clit stiffened up and pushed out from between the depths of her lush cunt folds. Her nipples burned with lust.

“Let’s get her!” Frank suddenly cried.

Before Nikki even knew what was happening, the guys had her in the middle, right between the two of them, their muscular bodies squashing her.

“Get up on your hands and knees, bitch,” Frank ordered.

“Now what?” she asked, assuming the position.

“Now you’re gonna suck your brother’s prick,” Uncle Frank demanded. “You’re gonna suck it till it’s all nice and polished, and then you’re gonna suck mine!”

“Aren’t you gonna fuck me?” she asked, a little disappointed.

“We’ll fuck you when we’re good and ready when you get our cocks all hard and juicy. Then we’ll fuck your cunt and ass at the same time,” Uncle Frank said with a nasty-sounding chuckle.

Nikki gasped, thinking that being fucked by her uncle’s and brother’s cocks at the same time would tear her apart. There was just no way that her tiny asshole and cunthole could take that kind of pressure without splitting wide open, especially the savage way her uncle fucked!

“Mark!” she cried, turning her eyes to her brother, “you’re gonna bugger my ass?”

“No, Sis,” the teen said. The teen pointed to their uncle. “He is.”

“Oh, shit!” Nikki groaned.

The next thing she knew, her brother fucked his big cock between her lips.

“Seeing you lying there with Uncle Frank’s cock inside your cunt really turned me on, Sis. Now suck me off!” Mark demanded.

Nikki’s pussy quivered when she felt her mouth stuffed to the brim with delicious cockmeat.

“She’s got a hot, sweet mouth on her, doesn’t she, Mark?” Uncle Frank asked lewdly, pulling on his own cock while he watched her pussy run with cunt honey.

Mark slipped his prick in a bit farther, then pulled out.

“Jesus, she sucks cocks great!” Mark groaned, rubbing his balls.

Frank nodded his agreement as he continued to stroke his own prick, his eyes riveted to the incestuous blowjob taking place right before his eyes.

The teen’s prick grew harder and fatter, digging into the roof of his sister’s mouth. He angled his ass downward so he could fuck her mouth far back toward her throat.

“Ohhh, yeah, Sis, yeah,” he groaned, feeling her tight throat muscles closing around him. It felt hot and wet in her throat, and he thrilled to the lewd sensation.

Uncle Frank began to play with his niece’s pussy with his free hand. His other hand rubbed his prick up and down until his cock grew harder and thicker. Pre-cum began to trickle from the gaping cum-slit.

The man pulled Nikki’s pussylips apart, staring inside at the hot, wet meat inside. Then he pulled her asscheeks apart and stared at her winking asshole.

He could hardly wait to sink his prick inside that tiny virginal fuckhole. He knew her ass would probably be even tighter than her cunthole and would give him one hell of a fuck.

He could almost feel his prick sliding in there right now. He knew that the girl’s shit-chute would probably get all torn up because her ass was so tiny and his prick was so huge, but if anything that thought only thrilled him all the more.

“I’ve gotta stop!” Mark suddenly shouted. “If I don’t, I’m gonna blow my wad and I don’t wanna come until I can get inside her cunt!”

“Then fuck my pussy.”

Frank traced the pink ring of her ass hole with his fingers.

“Ohhhh,” the girl moaned, wriggling with delight.

“Just wait till I get my cock up your asshole, you sexy girl!” the man said and both he and Mark chuckled.

“Wow!” Mark cried.

“I can’t wait for you to run your cock up my pussy, Mark,” she said, breathing heavily.

“She’s got a cunt like a vise!” Uncle Frank growled.

“Get up on your knees, honey,” Mark said as he knelt before the girl.

She obediently got on her knees and her brother fucked his hard cock into her pussy. She rode up off her knees a moment and then settled back down onto the stiff meat.

She moaned as she felt the teen’s prick sliding in all the way to the back wall of her cunt. She ground her hips in eager response.

“See what a wild whore she is?” Uncle Frank asked, laughing delightedly. “Go on, fuck her hard, she loves it!”

Mark groaned and fucked his prick even deeper inside his sister’s clenching cunthole.

“Unnhhh, yesss, that’s good, Mark, good,” she sighed happily.

The horny girl stared down the rippling tips of her red nips and down over her flat tummy and onto the hard, throbbing prick that so deeply penetrated her cunt.

She tensed her asscheeks and bucked her girlish hips forward to swallow more of the delicious cockmeat into her wanton cunthole.

Mark began to work the swollen staff of his prickmeat in and out of the girl’s tiny, churning pussy. It felt incredibly hot and wet inside and her flowing cuntjuice drenched his entire prick.

He fucked his prick in and out of her at an angle that was guaranteed to rub along her clit.

Uncle Frank was smearing his own saliva all over his massive cock. He knew he had to get his prick good and wet if he hoped to pierce that tiny asshole.

Yeah, the horny man thought to himself, she’s got a real tight ass on her. He licked his lips in lewd anticipation of the tight fuck in store for him.

He was in a good position to fuck the asshole that seemed to be winking right at him. Her asshole looked juicy, but he knew that her ass would be dry inside and as tight as a glove.

Frank reached around the girl’s waist, holding her in place tightly.

“Okay, cunt, now sit on it,” he demanded as he lifted his hips and steered the head of his pulsing cock against the wriggling asshole.

At first, her asshole wouldn’t give. He thudded his hard cock against it, but only vibrated back against him. He dropped his hips and started again. This time, he held her asscheeks wide apart and fucked his shiny purple cockhead into the tight asshole.

“Ohhhh, Gawwwdddd!” Nikki cried.

“Ohhhh, God, Uncle Frank, it hurts too much! You’re killing my ass with that huge monster of a cock!” the girl wailed, throwing her head back.

“You haven’t felt anything yet,” Frank boasted, slipping one arm up from her waist and gripping her tits tightly. With deadly aim, he pushed his steely hard prick deeper into the aching asshole.

She flinched in pain, feeling the two cocks fucking her deeply, one in her cunt and one in her asshole.

All this time, Mark continued to fuck his sister’s cunt, pulling his cock out until only its head was locked in the grip of her pussylips, and then ramming it back into her again.

Nikki writhed and wriggled in excitement in pain. Her uncle’s cock was massive, and her asshole was just a tiny tube that was being all stretched out of shape.

“Unnhhhh, I’ll bugger your sweet ass so hard you won’t know what hit you!” Uncle Frank spat, fucking into the girl’s shit-chute with harder, deeper strokes.

There was only a thin membrane separating the girl’s cunthole from her asshole. Nikki could feel the two cocks thudding away in the middle, banging her hard in the deepest recesses of her cunt and bowels.

“Jesus, Uncle Frank! Your cock feels like a tree trunk up my ass!” she said with a grimace.

The ring of her asshole locked tightly around the man’s prick. He groaned with pleasure.

“Awww, gawwddd, it hurts, but it feels good, too,” the girl groaned.

Being fucked by two cocks at once made the girl’s body shudder and shake violently. Bent as she was, floods of pussyjuice ran out from her well-fucked pussyhole and dribbled down into the crack of her ass, lubricating her uncle’s prick. At the same time, Mark’s prick sloshed through the lake of juice on its inward and outward thrusts.

“What a fucking tight hole! Jesus, it’s squeezing the shit out of my cock!” Frank cried. His huge prick stretched his niece’s asshole wide and wider still.

Both her asshole and cunthole were on fire, and she moaned with incestuous pleasure.

“Oh, God, it feels so good! It hurts and I love it!” she cried, not realizing how confusing and contradictory her words sounded.

But no one was listening to her anyway. They were both too busy fucking her hard, matching their fuck-strokes to the movements of her hips as she thrust them forward and back. The two pricks were fucking the girl in perfect unison, banging away at each other on either side of the thin membrane that separated them.

“Unnhhhh,” she moaned, thrilled by the fact that she was being lustily fucked by two cocks, and that those pricks belonged to her own uncle and brother.

“Fuck, but your shitter is tight!” Frank cursed.

The man knew that he was popping his niece’s ass-cherry. That lewd knowledge turned him on so much that seemed to grow another inch inside her. He loved fucking meat for the first time, especially when it was his sexy niece’s meat.

Growing more and more aroused with each passing second, Nikki thrust her girlish hips forward and felt Mark sink his huge cock into her burning cunthole. She moaned with lust as more fuck juice flowed out.

Her asshole ached and burned as she thrust her hips back now, timing it just right so that when Mark slid his big cock out of her pussy, she slid her ass back and got an asshole full of her uncle’s prick.

His cock was fiery and hard and demanding. Uncle Frank’s prick bruised her ass walls as he fucked into her.

“Good girl,” Uncle Frank grunted, digging his brutal cock into the girl’s quivering asshole. He stirred up her shit-chute with his hard, bulging prick, hurting her deeply and giving her even more pleasure.

Frank groaned as she worked her tight ass muscles about the massive cock.

Frank knew he would come any second, but he struggled to hold back, determined to last at least as long as his nephew did. I’ll be Goddamned if I let any snot-nosed teenager outlast me, he thought savagely.

Nikki fell forward from the waist. Mark caught her with both hands, holding her up by bracing his hands against her soft, smooth shoulders.

He sucked first one rose nipple and then the other into his hot, wet mouth.

“Ohhhh, yeah, Mark, suck my tits!” the girl cried, still throwing her hips forward and back, matching both her uncle and brother fuck stroke for fuck-stroke.

The room was filled with fucking and sucking sounds now, turning the incestuous trio on all the more.

Mark sucked his sister’s nipples until they were raw and then he nuzzled his face in between her mammoth tits. All the while, he fucked her pussy with harder and deeper strokes.

Uncle Frank stuffed his prick up his niece’s asshole and he groaned and grunted with ecstasy when he felt her ass muscles massaging the full length of his throbbing cockshaft.

Mark knew he had to come soon and he speeded up his strokes, driving his prick into the depths of the girl’s pussy as hard as possible and then pulling out sharply.

Suddenly, his cum sprayed out of his cum slit with a violent force and jetted deeply into his sister’s pussy.

“Yessss!” Nikki screamed as she felt her brother’s jism filling up her pussy to overflowing.

Knowing that his nephew was coming, Uncle Frank let himself go. He rammed his hard cock into the sweet, tight, squeezing asshole, stabbing at her very core. And he came.

His thick, hot jizz shot into Nikki’s churning bowels, spraying every nook and cranny of her shit-tube. Gobs of thick creamy spunk were now flowing out of her asshole and cunthole, greasing her thighs.

“Shit!” Mark groaned.

As she felt the hot, thick cum burning a path down her inner thighs and the backs of her legs, Nikki came.

“Commmmnnnggg!” she screeched at the top of her lungs. Her orgasm began deep in the inner reaches of her pussy and spread to her tortured asshole, firing up her bowels. Waves of incestuous pleasure washed all over her, crashing into each other. Her writhing, shuddering body felt assailed by ecstasy on all sides.

She gave herself up to the incredible intense sensation, continuing to fuck back at her uncle and brother as she came. She had been right in thinking that the savage fucking style of her brutish uncle would give her more pleasure than she had experienced before. And she had been right in thinking that being fucked by two cocks at once would even be more exciting.

Even as the girl continued to come, she felt like cursing with disappointment, for even this savage three-way fuck had not managed to give her the extra thrill she sought. Something was still missing.


A few days later, thinking that they were completely alone in the house, Nikki and her big sister, Margo, met in the girl’s bedroom for a pussy-sucking session.

The two sisters had been so busy making it with guys lately that they hadn’t had much time alone, and they felt ravenously hungry for each other’s pussy.

They were moaning and groaning in a tight, naked embrace, kissing with their tongues, just as Karen Andrews walked down the hall past Nikki’s room. The girls’ mother recognized the sounds of passion, and she felt a twinge of jealousy. It sounded as though her daughters were having so much fun. She longed to join them.

She pressed her ear against the bedroom door and heard Margo begin to squeal with the unmistakable sounds of orgasm. Inside the room, at that moment, Nikki was biting Margo’s nipple as she stoked her older sister’s clit with two juice-slickened fingers.

Karen waited until her daughter’s squeal of pleasure subsided, then knocked lightly on the door.

Nikki and Margo hopped out of bed and struggled to put their clothes on again.

Before getting married, Karen had had a lesbian relationship with her own sister so the woman saw nothing wrong with what her daughters were doing. She knew how exciting it could be to make it with another girl.

The incestuous nature of her daughter’s relationship did not bother their mother at all. It struck her as perfectly natural, and she just wanted to be a part of it.

“You don’t have to worry, darlings. Don’t get dressed. I’m not angry. Just open the door for your mom,” Karen said, trying to make her voice soothing.

The two girls were surprised. They detected a knowing tone and a note of excitement in their mother’s voice when they had expected anger and condemnation. They unlocked the door.

Karen had come home early unexpectedly from a shopping spree. She had been about to leave again to meet her brother, Frank, for one of their satisfying fucks. The second she had heard her older daughter’s moans of orgasmic pleasure, the horny woman decided that she could have just as exciting a time right there in her own house. Thoughts of Frank faded.

She opened the door and entered Nikki’s bedroom with a grin on her face.

“So… you two are lovers,” she said, running her fingertips over her own nipples, which were poking against the tight blouse she wore.

“We… we didn’t want you to know,” Nikki stammered.

“But it’s okay… really,” Karen said reassuringly. “In fact, I like the idea… I think it’s exciting.”

Nikki and Margo exchanged glances.

“I was hoping you two girls would take pity on your horny mother and let me join in on the fun,” Karen said with a warm smile.

“Sure, Mom,” Nikki said. “I think we three could have a lot of fun together! But if Dad found out…”

“Don’t worry about your dad. We’ll keep this a secret. You’re right, of course. He considers himself very liberal when it comes to sex, but if he found out that his own wife and daughters were getting it on, he’d be furious!” Karen said with a dramatic shiver which made her laugh.

Karen thought for a few seconds.

“Dad won’t be home for hours yet. Let’s go into the master bedroom where we can be much more comfortable in the king-sized bed there.”

The two girls squealed with excitement. When they all got to the master bedroom, Karen removed her own clothes.

Completely naked, the three excited females climbed onto the oversized bed together. Karen kissed both of her daughters hungrily on their soft mouths.

Both Margo and Nikki moaned with shared desire, feeling their pussies drooling with lust. They all embraced, tongue-kissing each other for long, breathless moments. Nikki thought back to the night when she had spied on her parents fucking. She remembered how beautiful and sexy her mother had looked in the moonlight, her naked body all aglow.

At that moment, Nikki realized that, ever since that night, she had been hot for her mother. She had wanted to eat out the older woman’s cunt. She had wanted to feel her own mother’s mouth hungrily pressed against her cunt. But she had pushed those desires down, sure that they were wrong. It was one thing to make it with her sister but her own mother was another.

But, now, here was her mother, completely naked on her bed with her daughters, eagerly kissing and stroking both girls.

And if she sees nothing wrong with it, why should I? Nikki asked herself now. After all, she is my mother and she knows best!

The girl eagerly and unconditionally abandoned herself to her desires, throwing herself in the three-way fuck with her mother and her sister.

“Ohhhhh, I’ve got a great idea!” Margo cried as the threesome ended their long, torrid kiss. “Let’s make Mom feel real good, Sis.”

“Yeah, great idea, Margo!” Nikki said eagerly. “Just spread out on your back, Mom. Then let Margo and me do all the work. We’ll make you feel real good!”

“Mmmmm, you’re both such good girls,” Karen said as she followed her daughter’s instructions and lay on her back in the center of the big king-sized bed. “And I can tell by the way you both kiss that you both know how to make me feel really good.”

The older woman stretched her legs wide apart for her daughters, who were already eyeing her hungrily.

Nikki licked her lips with anticipation, thinking that she would like to concentrate on her mother’s big tits, for now. She placed her small hand beneath the older woman’s left tit and lifted it up.

At the same time, Margo moved onto her belly with her head between her mother’s splayed thighs.

Nikki began to kiss her mother’s tits, harder and faster, her soft, wet lips moving ever closer to the taut nipple that seemed to throb before her eyes.

The girl parted her lips and stuck out her tongue, placing its pointed tip directly on her mother’s nipple.

“Yessss,” Karen sighed, closing her eyes in pleasure as her daughter rolled her tongue over her tit. The older woman began to pant and move her ass in a slow, seductive circle on the bed. Karen could tell that all of the pink cuntmeat between her widely parted legs was completely engorged with the hot blood of her incestuous lust. She felt more and more juice pouring out of her fuckhole, filling her pussy to overflowing and running down her thighs. Her clit arched and burned and throbbed, demanding release.

Nikki lashed her mother’s tits with her tongue for long moments, her face moving quickly and hungrily from one tit to the other. She licked all over the quivering tit-mounds, until they were both completely coated with her, warm saliva. Then she concentrated on the twin nipples, stiff and rock hard. She whipped both of them with her tongue, relishing her mother’s moans of pleasure. Finally, the girl wrapped her lips around one of her mother’s nipples and began to suck.

“Ohhhh, yesss, that feels so good, Nikki! Suck your mother’s tits hard, darling!” Karen groaned.

“Yeah, that looks hot! Suck Mom’s tits hard, Sis!” Margo cried, all this time watching the exciting action from between her mother’s legs where she inhaled the heady aroma of the older woman’s fully aroused cunt.

Nikki moved to the other tit and she sucked that one hard, too, tonguing the pulsing nipple and grazing lightly with her sharp teeth.

“God, that looks hot!” Margo groaned, deciding that, as thrilling as it was to watch her sister sucking their mother’s tits, it would be even more exciting to lick her mom’s pussy.

The older girl stuck her tongue out and licked up and down the full length of her mother’s cunt, tasting the delicious pussyjuice which rolled out onto her tongue. She hungrily drank it all down as she continued to lick the hot hairy cunt as hard as she could.

“Ummmm, ohhh, yesss, Margo, eat your mom’s cunt. Make me come, you two darlings!” Karen cried, lifting her ass up from the bed and squirming all around in a fit of lust.

As her mother’s ass lifted, Margo took the opportunity to lick the older woman’s asshole hard. Then she returned her tongue to Karen’s cunt, poking her tongue between the puffy folds of her cuntlips.

“Unnhh, eat me out, Margo, eat your mom’s cunt!” the woman cried shrilly, delighting to the double excitement of one daughter eating her pussy while her other daughter sucked her tits.

She was touched by her girls’ desire to give her so much pleasure. She had never felt closer to them than she did at that moment.

While Nikki continued to suck her mother’s tits, moving rapidly from one to the other, Margo fucked the full length of her horny tongue up the woman’s cunthole.

“Yeeeooowww! Yesss! Tonguefuck meee!” Karen wailed.

After tongue fucking her mother for a few minutes, Margo turned her attention to the rigidly quivering clit that seemed to be almost crying out to her. She licked the stiff bud hard and then she wrapped her lips around its base, sucking for all she was worth. Long clits seemed to run in the family.

At that exact same instant, Nikki sank her teeth painfully into one of her mother’s nipples. The woman came.

“Commmiiinnnggg!” Karen shrieked, screaming with joy as gallons of orgasmic cuntjuice flowed out of her cunt and into her older daughter’s sucking mouth.

“Mmmmmfffff,” Margo moaned, her sounds of pleasure muffled by the wet cuntmeat that was spasming against her sucking mouth. And she came, too.

Still sucking her mother’s tits, Nikki moved one hand down between her own legs and began to feverishly stroke her clit. She knew that both her mother and sister were coming. She had no desire to be left behind.

“Unnnhh, ahhh, oooohhh,” Nikki cried, releasing her mother’s tit with a wet popping sound as she came too.

The three orgasming females clutched at each other, grabbing tits, squeezing running pussies, as their naked bodies writhed violently on the bed.

Still coming, Karen suddenly knelt between Nikki’s legs and attacked her daughter’s cunt with her entire mouth, using her tongue, lips and teeth to tease the girl to another orgasm. Margo sucked on her sister’s tits.

After eating each other out several more times, the fucked-out trio fell asleep in each other’s arms, Karen forgetting to send her daughters back to their own rooms before their father came home.


Karen, Margo, and Nikki were still all asleep in the master bedroom a couple of hours later when Steve Andrews entered the house.

He knew that his son, Mark, had gone to a friend’s house and would be spending the night there. That didn’t explain why the house was dark and why no one was around to greet him.

He sniffed the air as he made his way toward the kitchen, wondering why he didn’t smell any aromas of dinner in the making. When he saw that the kitchen was empty, too, he frowned, beginning to worry. Could something terrible have happened to his wife and daughters?

Steve took the stairs two at a time, his heart racing with concern for his family. He dashed into Margo’s darkened bedroom, flicking on the light. Empty.

He rushed into Nikki’s bedroom and turned on that light. He gasped, seeing the scattered piles of clothing on the floor. He frowned, guessing where the bitches were.

He quickly closed the distance between Nikki’s room and the large bedroom ha shared with Karen.

Jesus, he thought, I can hardly believe that my own innocent girls would do such a perverted thing.

He inched open the door of the master bedroom and gasped again, Margo’s head rested on Nikki’s thigh. The girl’s head was between her mother’s splayed legs, her mouth still pushed up against Karen’s cunt.

Steve Andrews closed the door of the room quietly as he had opened it and tiptoed back downstairs. He told himself that he had to remain calm. He went to the bar and poured himself a large drink, shaking his head in a vain attempt to clear his mind of the memory of what he had seen in his bedroom.

He sat down in the living room and downed his drink quickly. He rose and poured himself another, which he drank just as rapidly as the first. As if in a trance, he set his empty glass down on the coffee table and slowly climbed the stairs once again.

In Nikki’s bedroom, he gazed down at the clothing on the floor. His eyes locked on Nikki’s bra. He bent down and picked up the garment, noticing with surprise how large the cups were. He realized for the first time that his daughter was no longer a child. She was becoming a woman.

His mind spun. He was unsure how to handle this thing. Should he storm into his own bedroom, awaken his wife and children and have it out with them right then and there? Or should he just pretend that this thing had never happened?

He fingered his daughter’s bra again, thinking that if tits were the measure of maturity, his daughter was a woman. How could he possibly deal with a young woman about something this delicate?

The vision of his daughter’s sleeping face came to him, the vision of her naked and contented in bed with her own mother’s cunt pressed against her mouth.

He fingered Nikki’s bra again, recalling the curled posture of the girl, asleep in his bed, her thighs parted to hold her sister’s head.

He groaned again, realizing, with a shudder of guilt, that he wanted his own daughter! He wanted Nikki! He realized that as he stood there with her bra in his hands, telling himself that he was only trying to calm down. In reality, he was stirring himself into a lust-filled state by going over the image of her lying in his bed.

Feeling desperate now, he ran back downstairs and poured himself another drink. He drank it. He stood still, his daughter’s bra still in one hand, and breathed heavily as he saw a vision of the girl again.

This time she was a fantasy, a fantasy that he only wished were true. Nikki was standing nakedly before him, beckoning to him with one hand while using her other hand to cup her huge tits.

He shook his head to clear his mind of the forbidden image. Then he poured himself yet another drink. He downed the contents of his glass with one gulp. He felt a little numb.

The fingers of his left hand still clutched Nikki’s bra and he trembled all over with sexual need.

“What the fuck am I agonizing about?” he said suddenly. “It’s not as though I’m thinking of raping the hot cunt! I mean, if she’s making it like that with her own sister and mother, she’s hardly Little Miss Innocent. She’s probably not even a virgin anymore. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s been fucking her own brother! Hell, she’s no better than a tramp, a big-titted tramp! She needs the firm hand of her father to set her straight… I’ll fix her and I’ll fix her good!”

He climbed the stairs again, this time knowing exactly what he would do. His steps were firm and determined as he moved quickly down the hall toward the master bedroom.

He quietly turned the doorknob, nearly gasping again when he saw the three naked bodies sprawled there so lewdly. In the dim light from the hallway, Nikki looked even younger and more desirable than before. She was an object of sexual desire… her father’s desire. The man’s balls ached with lust.

He stood there in the doorway for a few minutes, his eyes lingering on Nikki’s full rich curves. His cock was throbbing between his legs, completely stiff and hard now.

Any inhibitions he had felt had been swept away. He felt slightly drunk and that feeling, combined with the heady sight of his daughter’s smooth teenaged body sprawled nakedly before him, shattered the few small doubts that still clouded his mind.

He entered the room quietly, leaned over the bed and put one hand over Nikki’s mouth. With the other hand, he shook her awake.

Nikki’s eyes opened slowly at first. Then they widened in fear as she saw her father leaning over her naked body.

“Get up, Nikki,” he whispered sternly. “Get out of that bed and follow me to your room.”

Without speaking, her eyes downcast, Nikki slid from the bed and stood before her father. Obediently, she followed him to the hall and down its length to her own bedroom, all the while trying to still the wild racing of her heart.

Steve stood in his daughter’s bedroom, waiting for her to enter. Then he snapped on the light and closed the door.

“You slut!” he roared.

The man’s eyes ran from the girl’s lovely face, down over her trembling tits, to the tangle of sparse pussy fur which was still damp from her incestuous orgy with her mother and sister.

“Oh, Dad, please don’t be angry. I didn’t…”

“You didn’t what, you whore? Are you going to stand there and try to tell me that I didn’t really see what I saw? That I didn’t see you lying in your parents’ bed with your sluttish mouth against your own mother’s twat?” Steve bellowed.

“I can’t speak for your whore of a mother, Nikki. God knows that I’m sorely disappointed in her. But, speaking just for myself, I’ve tried to raise you and your sister like decent young ladies and you wind up a tramp with your own mother and sister! You’re probably fucking every cunt-hungry prick in your school!” Steve snarled angrily.

“No, Dad, honest! I’m not!” the girl said tremulously, her eyes filled with tears, her entire body shaking with fear and anxiety. She couldn’t help but, wonder what sort of punishment her father had in store for her.

“Shut up, Nikki! I’m here to tell you one thing for sure! You’re not going to get away with this!” Steve said, aware that the lust he felt for his girl might explode any minute.

“What… what are you gonna do?” Nikki asked nervously.

“I’m going to ask you something, Nikki, and I’m only going to ask it once. I want you to promise me that you’ll answer me truthfully. Will you promise me that?” the man asked, trying to keep his emotions under control.

“Y-yes, Dad,” Nikki answered meekly. “Have you been fucking your brother, Mark?” Steve asked sternly.

“Oh, Dad, please don’t ask me that!” the girl cried desperately.

“Well, that’s exactly what I am asking you and I want an honest answer right here and now!” Steve bellowed.

“Y-y-yes,” Nikki said softly, her head hanging down.

“Yes what, slut?” Steve asked nastily.

“Yes, Mark and I… we’ve been fucking,” she said so lowly that her father could barely hear her.

“Just as I thought,” Steve said, sighing deeply and shaking his head. “Do you have anything else you want to tell me?”

Nikki trembled, thinking that she didn’t dare tell her father anything more. He was already so angry! But she was afraid that if she didn’t, he would find out anyway and then her punishment would be even more severe.

“I-I… Uncle Frank and I…”

“My God!” Steve cried, genuinely shocked. “Are you trying to tell me that you fucked with your own uncle?” He felt a twinge of envy, wishing that he had gotten to his daughter’s pussy first.

“Y-yes. And Margo and I… we’ve been getting it on for a long time. And today Mom joined us and…”

“That’s enough!” Steve shouted, his face a dangerous dark red now. He was unable to hear anymore, he was so consumed with jealousy and lust.

“What… what are you going to do with me, Dad?” the girl asked, her voice trembling in fear.

“I’ll tell you what I’m gonna do with you, you whore! You slut? You obviously think you know all about fucking, do you? Well, then, I guess it’s up to me to show you a thing or two about what fucking can really be like!” Steve yelled.

Nikki raised her head and stared at her father in amazement. He wanted her! Her own father wanted to fuck her! And, at that moment, as her pussy drooled with desire, she realized that she wanted him too.

Nikki took a step toward her father. She looked deep into his lust-glazed eyes. She reached one hand out and touched his hard-on, which was throbbing within the confines of his trousers.

“I’m sorry, Dad,” she purred. “I’d never want to do anything to make you ashamed of me. Please don’t be angry with me.”

“I’m not angry any longer, Nikki,” Steve said, moaning slightly as his daughter’s hand continued to caress the huge bulge in his crotch. “But I am going to have to punish you, you know.”

“I know,” she breathed excitedly. “I have it coming! I want you to punish me, Dad!”

With a lust-filled groan, Steve reached out and pulled his girl tightly against him.


A short time later, the girl was stretched out on her bed, flat on her back, her father’s cock fucking away at her juicy cunt.

“I’ll make you come harder than you’ve ever come before, you hot slut!” Steve roared as he fucked the full length of his huge cock in and out of the girl’s clutching cunthole. “I’ll make you come so hard that you’ll know once and for all how great fucking can really be!”

“Unnhhhh, it feels sooooo good,” Nikki groaned, feeling the beginnings of a gigantic orgasm.

“Come, Nikki, come for your dad!” Steve shouted.

As the girl came powerfully, she felt the uncontrolled throbbing of her dad’s prick within her pussy, snapping back and forth as he continued to fuck in and out of her. She arched her hips to meet his. Waves of orgasmic pleasure were moving through her faster now, crashing into each other.

“Ohhhh, I’m coming hard, Dad!” she gasped, lifting her knees, locking her ankles together, and clawing her sharp fingernails down his back, pulling his body as tight to her as she could.

“That’s my girl! I knew I could make you come like this!” he growled, still fucking in and out of her juicing, running pussy with his big hard cock. He could have came then too. In fact, his balls screamed for release. But the man was determined to hold back until he had managed to give his sluttish girl the most thrilling fuck of her life.

Steve rose on his palms until his muscular body hovered over his daughter. She opened her eyes and gazed up adoringly at his handsome face, his sweat-dampened hair. She looked down over the matted fur of his chest to where his huge hard cock was still buried deep within her. She managed weakly to contract her pussy muscles around his big prick one last time as her orgasm began to subside.

The man pulled his still-hard prick out of his girl’s juice-drenched cunt and began to massage her tits. The girl’s hand reached out to stroke her dad’s upper thighs. She grasped the turgid shaft of his prick, moaning softly. “Unnnhhh, Dad, I’m still so horny! Please fuck me again!” she begged.

“Sure, baby, my pleasure,” Steve said. “Let’s do it dog-style this time.”

“Oh, goody, Dad, I want to feel your huge cock dog-fucking me!” Nikki cried as she got up on all fours and shook her ass.

Steve knelt behind his girl’s ass and licked both of the trembling mounds with his eager, hot tongue. He let his wet tongue travel between the asscheeks. Then, spreading them far apart, he stabbed his tongue inside.

“Ohhhh, yeah, that feels great, Dad!” Nikki groaned. “Hurry up and fuck me like a dog, Dad! I can’t wait!”

Steve grinned, delighted at his daughter’s attitude and, spreading her legs far apart, fucked his hard prick directly into the girl’s twitching pussyhole.

“Aiieeee!” Nikki screamed, feeling her dad’s big prick fucked up her fuckhole, buried balls-deep with the first hard stroke.

She came. And, as she came, she slammed her ass backward to meet the man’s hard cock thrusts. Steve grunted and fucked his prick even deeper and harder into his girl’s juicy cunt, making her swollen cuntlips tremble.

In and out the man fucked his daughter, battering her pussy so hard with his cock that the teenaged girl was forced to flatten her hands on the bed and grip the covers below to support her quivering body. Being dog-fucked by her dad was thrilling her even more than she had expected, and she knew that she would soon come again.

“Dad, I love your big hard cock! It’s filling up my whole pussy!” she groaned happily.

“Yeah, baby, dog-fucking is great ’cause it lets me get my prick even deeper inside your tiny cunt. Jesus, you’re so tight! And wet! I love fucking you, baby!” Steve said with a grimace as he continued to fuck the horny teen.

Nikki grinned, pleased that her dad liked fucking her so much. She rotated her ass lewdly while she slammed back to meet his cock thrusts.

“Oh, yeah, baby, yeah,” he grunted, feeling each twist of her hips, each grind of her ass. He could smell the exciting musk of teenaged pussy in heat.

The girl came again, whimpering and howling like an animal as her tits flushed. Her fuckhole released hot fuck juice that spilled wetly onto the bed below.

She screeched.

She threw her ass around violently, clenching her dad’s prick with her tight cunt muscles. As she continued to come and her dad continued to fuck her relentlessly, the teen twisted and shook, sobbed with wild relief and incestuous ecstasy.

The thrilling sensation of his own girl’s cunt spasming in orgasm around his twitching prick turned him on beyond belief, but again he reminded himself not to come just yet. He wanted to wait until his daughter was completely fucked out. Only then would he dump his load of cum into her cunt.

He fucked the full length of his prick into her orgasming pussy with brute force, each savage stroke a bit harder and deeper than the one before.

He was fucking her savagely now. She almost collapsed onto the bed. Her dad’s hands reached out and gripped her throbbing tits, using them as handles to force her to stay on her hands and knees.

Still coming hard, the teenager once more threw her ass back, enjoying the hard contact of her pussy with her dad’s eagerly thrusting prick.

Steve pulled his cock almost all the way out, then looked down lustfully at Nikki’s swollen, pink cuntlips. They hugged his prick to her cunt walls. With a loud grunt, he fucked his cock back into the tiny pussyhole.

“Come, Dad, come inside me,” the girl begged.

“Not yet, baby, not yet,” he said, still fucking her hard.

The girl’s orgasm subsided. She begged her father to stop, saying that she couldn’t take anymore. Steve grinned and pulled his still-hard prick out of his daughter’s wet pussy.

Father and daughter rested in each other’s arms, stroking each other all over. The girl grinned up at her handsome father.

“I’m ready again, Dad! Make me come again!” she cried eagerly.

The girl’s mouth watered as she stared down at her dad’s prick.

“I changed my mind, Dad… I wanna suck your big delicious cock! Besides, you turn me on so much that I’ll probably come just from sucking you off even if you don’t touch me one bit!” the girl said with a husky laugh.

“Suck it, baby,” Steve whispered hoarsely. “Take your dad’s prick in your hot, wet mouth and suck hard. But I’m not gonna come. I wanna save that for your pussy.”

With an excited groan, Nikki slipped her lips over the upper part of her father’s cock, drilling her tongue hornily into his gaping piss-slit, tasting a delicious drop of pre-cum. Her lips engulfed his twitching cockshaft.

“Yesss, Nikki, suck it!” the man groaned, thrusting her hips up to fuck his girl’s face.

With a rising sense of lust, the teenager went down on her dad, feeling his broad, smooth cockhead pressing against the roof of her mouth. Then the upper part of his blood engorged prick entered her throat. She sucked more and more of his cock into her mouth and down her throat.

“Yeah, baby, deep-throat your father’s prick, you whoring slut!” the man grunted.

Steve pressed down on the top of his daughter’s head, forcing her lips to kiss his prick hairs. Her head bobbed slowly up and down while her tongue slid all over his cockshaft. He clenched his teeth together tightly as he started fucking into her mouth.

“Unnnhhhh… do it, baby… just like that… aarrgghhh… every inch of my prick your mouth is so hot and wet… feels just like your cunt!” Steve groaned.

“Ummffff,” Nikki moaned with pleasure, the sound muffled by the thick meat that packed her mouth and throat to the limit.

Saliva oozed out of the corners of her mouth and down the man’s cockshaft, mingling with his pre-cum. Her teeth lightly scraped the sides of her dad’s jerking cock while her tongue relentlessly licked and her mouth sucked hard. She tightened the muscles of her throat about the hard prick.

He reached down and ran his eager fingers through her damp cunt fur. He stuck his stiffened middle finger up into her tight fuckhole.

The teenager groaned in ecstasy as her father played with her rigid clit. She could already feel the beginning of yet another orgasm.

“Yeah, baby, you’re doin’ great! Suck your dad’s dick just like a good girl, Nikki,” he said thickly.

There was not a square inch of his prick left untouched by his daughter’s feverishly probing tongue, her grazing teeth, her clutching lips, and her clenching throat muscles.

She could feel his prick expanding, and she knew that he would soon make her stop since he didn’t want to come inside her mouth. But Nikki was not ready to stop sucking him off. She was enjoying herself too much for that. She slowed her sucking pace, hoping that his prick would soften just a bit.

Steve stabbed two fingers into his girl’s juicy pussy and pinched her clit until she squealed with joy.

“Aaarghhh, you’re sucking me so good,” he groaned, still pressing down on her head and forcing even more of his cock down her throat.

He watched excitedly as his cock was sucked in and out of the teenager’s hot, wet mouth.

“Ohhhh, baby!” he cried as his prick jerked in her mouth, hanging against the walls of her throat and mouth. “Enough, baby, stop now. I don’t wanna come in your mouth.”

Reluctantly, the girl pulled the rockhard prick out of her mouth and sighed, staring, and wishing she could feel her father’s heavy load of cum gushing down her throat.

“Don’t touch me, baby,” Steve murmured, rolling away from the girl and resting on the other side of the bed, his big hard prick sticking straight up toward the ceiling.

“Why not, Dad?” Nikki asked tearfully, wondering if her dad were angry with her.

“Oh, baby, you’ve made my dick harder than it’s ever been before. If you so much as look at it right now, I’ll come! You stay over there on your side of the bed and give me a chance to cool down,” the man explained.

“Oh, okay, Dad, I get it,” Nikki said with a little giggle, relieved to know that he wasn’t angry with her.

For a few minutes, father and daughter lay there on opposite sides of the bed, both of them breathing heavily, while they waited for his cock to soften just a bit. Every now and then, the teenager cast a secretive glance toward her dad’s crotch.

“Come on, Dad, we don’t have to wait any longer, do we? Please fuck me again! Now, Dad, now!” she whimpered.

“Jesus, what a horny chick I’ve got for my own girl,” the man said with a grin.

Steve kissed and sucked his daughter’s tits for a few moments. The girl writhed with desire beneath his muscular body. Then the man moved between her splayed legs and stared at her pussy.

“First, I want to eat your cunt, baby. Then I’ll give you a fucking you’ll never forget!” the man said, licking his lips hungrily.

“Ohhh, yeah, Dad, yeah! Eat my pussy for meeee!” Nikki wailed, spreading her thighs even farther apart.

Steve stared at Nikki’s clit. Her clit was swollen, surrounded by wet folds of quivering cunt-flesh that made his mouth water.

He began tongue-kissing her mound all over. “Ahhhhh! Yesssss!” the teenager screeched the second she felt her dad’s wet hot tongue touching her moist pussy.

She felt as if a jolt of electricity had just shot through her. She instinctively opened her legs even wider, offering her dad as much of her sweet-tasting pussy as he wanted. She felt her inner thigh muscles aching with the strain but she didn’t care. All she cared about was the hot mouth on her pussy.

“Dad, tongue-fuck my pussy!” she begged. With a groan of desire, Steve thrust the full length of tongue up into his girl’s tight fuckhole, groaning again as he felt her strong pussy muscles clutching at his tongue, holding it wetly in place before letting it slip out again, only to fuck into her once more.

“Ohhhh, yessss,” Nikki screamed, her entire body shaking and shuddering with desire.

Now, Steve moved his tongue out of Nikki’s cunthole and used it to whip at her clit.

“Oh, God, oh, God,” she whispered, humping her cunt up hard against her father’s teeth and tongue and lips, trying to urge him to kiss and lick as much, of her pussy as possible, knowing that she was about to come.

Over and over again, Steve fucked his tongue deep into his girl’s pulsating pussyhole, feeling the sensation of her strong cunt muscles closing as he fucked into her. Then, she loosened her hold on his tongue, allowing him to slip it out again.

He tuned his attention to her twitching clit now, sucking hard with his sensuous lips until she finally came.

She yelled