Stripped And Whipped

Although Americans appear to the rest of the world as frank and open people, the truth is often the opposite when relating on a personal basis. This is particularly true regarding sexual matters.

The fact is, Americans are only now beginning to learn to discuss sex and sexuality with candor, and usually that is within limits of marital sex.

While no one is advocating sex as the main topic of conversation, and while sexual privacy is very important, many adults harbor fears about themselves, and their sexual behavior that could be erased if they were more aware of other people’s behavior. Most of us have been brought up to be at least slightly ashamed to discover that we are not different, naughty or even perverted in our sexual practices. In discussing sex with others, people find out how truly normal they are.

STRIPPED AND WHIPPED — a shocking story, certainly, but one which may not be as unbelievable as it first appears, one which could hold many valuable lessons for a large segment of our diverse population.


“You’ll sleep in here, even with all the money you think you’ve got.”

The words were sharp, uncompromising, shattering. Lisa Eldridge clung to her black and white suitcase, her fingers turning while she stared at the bleak cell. She knew it was real. She knew she would be here for at least six months until a parole board heard her case once more. Still it all seemed like a horrible, horrible dream to the blonde teen, her world of parties and the good life shattered by a careless, mindless drunken driving accident.

“And you won’t have a chance to do the things you normally do with boys,” the tall, slender matron said, her thin lips curling up into a wry smile.

“Wh-what?” Lisa realized she was being addressed.

“Fucking. We all know that’s what rich little girls like you do, besides drinking, which is obviously why you’re here,” she said, arching her eyebrows while looking down at the teen coolly.

Lisa felt the coolness between the two of them. Anna Beddingfield, the matron in charge of her floor, was hostile toward her from the beginning. The way she eyed her made Lisa cringe and draw more inside her clothes. All those prison stories she’d seen on TV, she thought, were real.

“I never…”

Anna raised her hand to stop her. She backed away from the room to let Lisa enter, barely brushing her fingertips over the girl’s ass as she passed. Lisa nearly yelped, but managed to swallow her surprise and fear.

“You’ll find the uniform in the top drawer. All girls wear the uniform until they’re discharged,” Anna said in a business-like tone, folding her long bony fingers over one another. “You’ll change and be ready to meet the matron in twenty minutes. All girls meet the head matron at the start. I think you’ll find the experience most — educational!”

With that Anna stepped from the room, her black heels clacking against the brightly polished tiles of the first floor.

Lisa could have sat down on the narrow bunk and wept. It wasn’t her fault. None of it was. She wasn’t behind the wheel. She hadn’t even gone in and bought the bottle. But her parents had been so horrified, they felt a stay in a place like this would straighten her out, as her father had coldly told to the judge. Straighten out? Hadn’t they looked at this so-called halfway house before they’d committed her? The outside reminded Lisa of an eighteenth century mansion — all gray stone with high, narrow windows. The grounds in front were well kept, edged with tall, graceful trees, and small round islands of brightly colored flowers broke up the manicured green of the sloping lawn. It was, all in all, rather pleasant, until you stood at the front steps. Then the enormity of the building and its stony severity chilled you to the bone. All the gardens, trees and grass didn’t cover the horrid nastiness that seemed to waft from the building.

Lisa sniffed, putting her small suitcase down next to the wooden nightstand and turning to the small bureau to her right. Pulling open the top drawer, she saw the shapeless gray uniform the matron had been talking about. Lisa felt as if she were in prison. Reform? There was nothing else, she saw only fear and a severity that made her flesh crawl.

“Oh God, please help me!” she whispered, saying a little prayer as she shrugged off her blouse and skirt, folding them up carefully and pulling out the gray thing tossed into the drawer. “How could this — have happened?”

Lisa whispered the question as she slipped the gown over her head, straightening it as best she could. In the hall, she heard several footsteps shuffle past her locked door. Stiffening, Lisa thought it might be that dreadful Anna coining for her. Nothing. Relaxing once more, she sat on the edge of her tiny cot, wondering what they would do to her here at the school, and if she would survive.

“Good! You’re ready. Come this way.”

The door had shot open and slammed against the wall with the sound of an exploding pistol. Lisa jumped from the bed, feeling Anna’s fingers grip her upper arm and pull her away from her bed. The matron nearly flung her into the hall, closing the door behind them, then pushing the blonde teen roughly forward. Lisa shrank away from the couch, keeping her eyes lowered while quickly moving in the direction Anna indicated.

They walked for what seemed like miles. At times, Lisa caught sight of another girl or two being ushered down the long, polished hall. But she didn’t dare look up until they stopped in front of a large oak door. Anna rapped lightly with her knuckles, then opened it and pushed Lisa into a large, dimly lit room.

“What is this? This isn’t an office!”

There was no furniture, no rug. There were no paintings, nothing that would suggest an office. But there were plenty of large, frightening-looking things hanging on the wall, things that made the girl’s blood freeze in her veins. Whips, riding crops, prods, bridles, bits, Lisa recognized many of these things from all the horseback riding lessons she had taken before all the trouble had started at home.

She wheeled around, staring at the matron behind her. Anna was grinning widely, her fingers working against one another as her eyes skipped from one instrument of torture to another.

“This isn’t — what are you going to do to me?”

Lisa’s body shivered as she backed away. Anna was now looking far taller and more cruel than she ever had. Throwing her slender arms around her body, the blonde teen looked around her wildly. Surely there had to be some escape path, some way she could get out of here! Dashing to one side, Lisa rushed to the door, hammering her fists on it and shouting for help. In an instant, she felt Anna’s fingers gripping her elbows, the digits feeling like steel bands cutting into her flesh. The matron pulled Lisa around and brought the back of her right hand hard against the girl’s cheek.


Lisa’s head snapped back as she fell to the floor, the room spinning. Crumpled on the floor, Lisa cowered back, dragging her body away from the matron. Stretching one hand above her head, the teen tried to reach the door once more. Surely someone would hear her and would rescue her from this madwoman. But Anna was following her, a hellish grin on her face, her fingers clenched into fists as she brought one leg back and snapped it forward, burying the toe of her black shoes into the girl’s right side.


Lisa jerked, bringing her knees up to her chin and rolling onto her other side. Anna followed her, shouting obscenities at her, kicking her in the ass, in the sides again, and telling the girl she was no more than a thieving, drunken whore.

“No, no, I’m not!” Lisa shouted back, trying to cover herself and protect herself from the horrid rain of pounding blows.

She was on her stomach now, crawling away from the door, the hair in her eyes partially blinding her as she tried to drag herself away from the matron. At last the beating stopped. Her tummy and shoulders hurt from all the blows. Quietly, she drew her elbows to her sides, hugging herself and trying to sink from sight.

Anna pursued her, grabbing hold of her long blonde hair and pulling the teen up from the floor.


Lisa’s eyelids fluttered as she felt the tearing pain race through her scalp. She could feel several strands of hair ripping from her flesh as she jerked her hands back and began pounding her fists against the offending fingers.

Anna ignored her, pulling the shrieking teen back from one end of the room. Lisa sobbed, tears blinding her. Anna let her go, kicking her once again in the ribs, then bending over her until her face was nearly pushed into her nose.

“You’re nothing but a little slut! That’s why you’re here, and that’s the way you’ll be treated! Now get up! Now!”

When Lisa hesitated, Anna slapped her hard across the face, the fingers burning into her flesh. Pushing the hair from her eyes, the girl realized she had no choice. Bracing herself against the floor with one hand, Lisa staggered to her feet and tried not to sob too loudly when she felt Anna remove her gown and throw it to one side. The matron felt her up and down as if she were a piece of meat to be sold at market, obviously pleased at what she had.

Lisa shuffled to another part of the room, spreading her legs widely apart as Anna had instructed her and placing them on the outside of two large eyehooks that had been cemented into the floor. The teen stood there, her flesh puckering up into goosebumps as the wrinkled skin of her nipples just under her bra was tickling with a kind of delightful itch. What on earth was she feeling? Stripped half-naked like this in this awful place, how could she feel anything approximating pleasure.

“No! Oh, no, what are you doing to me?”

Where had she gotten those leather straps? And why was Anna tying them tightly around her ankles, then looping them through the eyehooks? Lisa wanted to pull them off. But again she remembered the matron’s fists, the hands that nearly knocked her unconscious.

Trying to remain calm, she felt Anna cinch the first strip of leather against her ankle, doubling it over until it pressed hard against her flesh. She had secured it to the first hook, then bent over and did the same with the girl’s other ankle. In a moment, Lisa felt her ankles bound securely to the eyehooks, the quarter-inch strips of black leather creasing her flesh.

“Now, you’ll hold your hands over your head, please? Yes, like that.”

It had been too dark in the room for Lisa to notice everything. But now that she had her hands over her head she tilted her face up and saw a narrow four-foot wooden bar suspended from a single chain swaying directly over her head.

Anna went to one wall and pushed a button. Immediately, the room was filled with a soft humming sound and the crossbar lowered to within reach of Lisa’s strained fingers. Anna walked over to the girl and smiled once more, slipping the straps over Lisa’s right wrist and attaching her hand to one end of the pole. The girl could feel her body stretching even from this light bit of work. She had to stand on tiptoe while the matron finished attaching her left wrist to the pole.

“Oh, that hurts!” the girl moaned, wincing with discomfort. Her arches were hurting her from standing on her toes, but it was the only thing she could do to keep the pain from her shoulders and upper arms.

“Too bad! We’ll see what we can do to stop it,” Anna said, laughing softly, then slipping two fingers between Lisa’s bra cups and tearing them down.

The girl screamed, feeling her halter rip from her body. Her tits flopped loosely against her heaving chest, the nipples pink and hard. For a second, Lisa thought she had seen Anna licking her lips. That thought evaporated when she felt the matron pulling down her panties.

But the briefs were around her knees now, slipping no farther as her legs were spread on the floor.

“What a nice, pink little ass. I could do such naughty things to that plump ass.”

Lisa’s cheeks burned with shame as she felt Anna’s fingers crawling over her ass. She had never been stripped like this, felt up like this, humiliated like this! And there would be more, she was sure of it.

“Now, then, let’s see how much we can stretch.”


Anna went back to the control panel, flipping open the back door and pressing a button. Immediately Lisa felt the pressure increase around her shoulders as the bar slowly rose back toward the ceiling. Lisa’s eyes rounded, her head jerking from side to side as she stared at the bonds around her wrists. The leather grew more taut, pulling her body up from the floor while the ties kept her ankles against the floor.

Lisa let out a shriek, her head falling back as she felt something popping in her shoulders. Her skin seemed to be pulling apart as her spine stretched, sending flashes of agony rushing through her back and into her shoulders. The girl let out another shriek, her legs trembling as her knees seemed to be separating from their sockets. The girl could feel the tendons stretching, the muscles tearing as the leather bonds chewed mercilessly into her ankles.

Just when the teen thought she would faint, Anna stopped, lowering the beam a little more, then stopping it. Lisa felt her body stretching taut like a pulled rubber band. Shaking the hot tears from her eyes, she looked down at the floor, half expecting to see her ankles bleeding from the cutting leather bonds.

“Now then, that’s the first thing we teach the girls here — just what could happen to you should you break any of our rules.”

“But-but I don’t know any of the rules!”

“You’ll learn them soon enough. You’ll be pleased to know that our success rate in rehabilitation is incredible. The governor has lauded our program, although he doesn’t know a thing about it. That’s fine for us.”

“But I’m not a criminal!” Lisa cried, her fingers growing icy and numb as the leather straps cut info her wrists. It hurt being stretched like this, her tits flattening against her chest while her ankles throbbed with agony.

Lisa watched as the matron turned and walked to the far wall, studying the various instruments hanging on wooden spikes driven into the cinderblocks. Anna tapped one long forefinger against her chin thoughtfully, then selected a multi-thonged riding crop for her weapon. Lisa cringed as much as she could, writhing in her bonds as her eyes widened with horror. No one had ever spanked her. She had been a spoiled child, a loved child. No one had done anything so mean to her. Sweat rolled down the sides of her tits and over her chest as she stared at the awful thing coming at her.

“No, please — no, please don’t hurt me with that thing! I’ll tell my father what happened, and he’ll be here with the police!”

Anna said nothing, studying the hanging girl, then moving in around the back. Lisa let out a gasping breath. She felt the woman working the crop into her asshole, twisting the handle around and around while pushing up at Lisa’s shitter. Her face blanched and her legs trembled as much as they could. Lisa threw back her head, shouting to the ceiling as the muscles in her arms knotted. Just when she thought she could take no more, Anna pulled the crop out, stepping back and cocking her arm back.

Lisa knew what was going to happen. She heard the leather thongs sizzling through the air as they crashed down against her assflesh. For one agonizing moment, the girl felt the black leather slice into her skin, snapping hotly against her asscheeks and leaving four long red marks on her lightly tanned ass.


She jerked and twisted, her head snapping from side to side as tears oozed from under her blonde lashes. Her ass burned from the blow. And then there was another one, the thongs crisscrossing the marks of the first.

Lisa jerked against her bonds, the pole overhead shaking from the force of her jiggling, thrashing body. Anna was wheezing behind her, bringing the thongs down again and again against her asscheeks, reddening them until long purple welts began to erupt on the girl’s flesh. Then the cut of the leather moved to Lisa’s thighs, the thongs biting along her flesh there until they whipped dangerously close to her exposed cunt.

Lisa let out another scream of horror, her thighs ridging as her fingers worked against the bar holding her arms apart. The pole seemed to move closer to the ceiling. Or was it her imagination? Lisa didn’t know. Her arms ached, shooting pains racing up and down her stretched muscles as the awful riding crop burned into her ass and thighs. And just when Lisa thought one of them or the other would give out, Anna found new strength, bringing the lash around to her belly and leaving a long red mark just above Lisa’s navel.


Anna’s face was distorted with lust. The black hair she had kept knotted in a severe bun had come undone, splashing over her face as she brought the crop down on Lisa’s tits.


One leather thong stung across Lisa’s tight nipple, making the girl arch her spine and snap backward, her body rattling against the cruel bonds. And then the matron brought the whip down to her cunt, purposely keeping the knotted tips from actually touching Lisa’s pussy.

Lisa’s face whitened again, her lips working against one another as her brain fried from horror and agony. She felt the tiny tingly muscles around the top of her pussy knotting up and cramping, but her clit was actually growing stiff from the hot, stinging blows torturing her belly and thighs.

Anna saw that. Anna saw everything. Her eyes lit up like glowing coals. Bringing the whip down once more, Anna purposely let the knotted tips of the thongs chew into the girl’s upper thigh flesh. Lisa yowled like a cat, her body jerking back and forth as the chain overhead rattled and groaned from the force, of her twitching body.

Lisa didn’t know what to think as she hung there, stretched to the ripping point. Her eyes widened as she felt the glowing between her thighs reach up into her cunt, making her virginal pussy walls hot and swampy, while her clit throbbed in time with her wounds.

Anna brought the crop down again and again, the dry smacking sounds of leather against flesh echoing in the room.

The room was growing smaller and darker, Lisa thought, looking around as she felt her cunt tightening like a tiny fist. The constant blows were working her up to climax, making her pant heavily as she threw back her head and screamed. Suddenly she felt her pussy throbbing, aching and pounding, while everything around her went black. The room grew silent as Lisa fainted, and the last thing she remembered was the incredible force of her climax against the burning sensation of the leather whip.


As Lisa’s head lolled. She caught glimpses of overhead light fixtures. Someone carried her upward. The echoing walls of the stairwell amplified the breathing of the men who held her. She was half-wrapped in a coarse blanket that scratched her nipples and cunt. She had no idea where in the building she was, or even if she were in the same building. Her muscles ached from all the stretching. Thank goodness, she thought to herself, that she wouldn’t be hanging from the ceiling again. At least she didn’t hurt any longer. Her head felt hard and numb and twisted inside.

Then one of the men shifted his grip on her body and opened a door. Men! Men at a girls’ institution! Curious, Lisa wanted to look around her and see where she was, who these men were. But instead she lay limply in her blanket, sensing they were carrying her down another hall. Perhaps they were taking her to the head matron, where she would learn all the rules.

“Yes, what is it?” a muffled woman’s voice asked.

“The girl who just came in. Lisa.”

More footsteps. A door opening.

“Yes, yes, of course. Bring her in.”

The men half-carried, half-dragged Lisa into the room. She heard them say something to the woman who then turned and lowered the shades. It grew very dark-nearly as dark as the grave, Lisa thought grimly as she heard them moving furniture all about. She felt herself being lifted, then set down onto a hard surface. Still keeping her eyes closed, she let herself dangle onto it, lying with her arms half off the sides. She breathed slow and easy, hiding the flutter of terror in her belly.

This could be the chance she needed, the girl thought, the chance for escape! She would tell her mother and father, show them the marks. Surely those would wake up her parents and indicate what kind of hell-hole this place was!

“Secure her, just like the others,” the woman said dully.

Lisa peered to the right from under one slitted eyelid. She could see book shelves lining a wall, all very medical-looking volumes. A window to the left had been heavily shaded for her benefit, Lisa thought. Lisa tried hard to think of the date. How long had she been out? She felt a ravenous hunger start to gnaw at her stomach.

“Well, we have a new arrival,” she heard the woman whisper as the men left the room, closing the door behind them. “I wonder if you’ll be more cooperative than the others.”

Lisa put every ounce of her being into staying still, breathing slowly while watching as best she could what was happening. The head matron was walking around her. Her voice came from one side, then the other.

Lisa tried to roll when the woman pulled the coarse blanket from under her. She felt hands pulling and tugging at her. Lisa cringed at the clammy touch. But the matron didn’t appear to notice. This had to be a special table, Lisa thought grimly as she felt the woman putting her hands together above her head, then shackle them to something hard and cold.

Lisa winced again, the cuffs burning into the spots where the leather thongs had cut. For a moment the girl wondered why her feet and ankles were left untied. The cold table under her rolled toward one of the walls she hadn’t been able to see. The matron was breathing a little more heavily now. And then Lisa felt the table tipping. Her head rose. The pivot was apparently near the small of her back. She let her eyelids open a whisker’s width. She was facing a narrow wall, blank except for a small picture depicting some country scene. The table reached vertical.

Lisa let out a gasp, the muscles still sore from the horror earlier. She stayed calm until she realized her feet didn’t reach the floor. She would hang there from her wrists, just as she had hung from them in the other room.


Something smashed into her belly. Lisa doubled up, her knees jerking to her tits. The matron had taken a small club and swung it into her tummy, knocking the wind from the teen.

Lisa gagged, the dull pain seemimg to wrench her guts inside-out. Her eyes opened wide.

“Good. I knew you were awake from the moment the guards brought you in. My name is Elena. Elena DuPoint. I’m the head matron here. Undoubtedly, Anna, your floor matron, has shown you some of the things that can happen to a girl here should she — well, cross me or one of the guards.”

Lisa nodded her head up and down, biting down on her pouty lower lip. If she played by all the rules, perhaps she would be let free of this contraption.

“Good. See, we’re making progress already,” Elena said, sitting on the edge of her desk and folding her long fingers together over one knee.

Lisa could see the woman was very tall and attractive, her dark-brown hair pulled back severely from her face in much the same style Anna wore.

Elena wore a long white doctor’s gown, tied tight around her waist. Leaning to one side, she tapped one long red fingernail lightly against the polished top of her oak desk. She was studying Lisa, narrowing her eyes while her thin red lips curled into a smile.

“Please, Miss DuPoint, when will you let me go?”

Elena’s smile broadened as she tilted her head back and narrowed her eyes even more.

“That, my dear child, depends on you. We have various rules here, rules you’ll learn soon. Perhaps we should start now, no?”

“Yes, yes, anything!” Lisa gasped, the pain getting worse in her shoulders.

“Good. Then we’ll start with these.”

Lisa’s eyes widened. Elena was holding what appeared to be tiny clamps. It was then the girl realized just how naked and vulnerable she was.

Squirming her ass against the smooth polished surface of the table, Lisa felt the metal cuffs chewing into her wrist flesh. She watched Elena, watched those slender fingers squeeze one of the clamps open to reveal a double set of tiny copper teeth. Lisa trembled, her forehead creasing while tiny dots of cold sweat beaded on her face. The matron lowered one hand, brushing the tip of the clamp against the girl’s right nipple, then let the teeth bite into the little bud.

“Ah! Haghhhhh!”

Lisa arched her spine, pressing her shoulders against the table while curling and uncurling her tiny fingers. She could feel the tiny teeth sinking into the short pink stub of her nipple, creasing the sensitive flesh, making her feel the throbbing, itchy sensation that began to make the nub swell. She bit down harder on her lower lip, until she could taste her own blood while the head matron walked to the other side of the table, caressing the teen’s cheek with one hand.

Elena was toying with her, trailing the cold clip against her upper chest, letting the wires cup around the girl’s trembling chin before she brushed the girl’s free nipple with the steel clip. Lisa watched as the jaws opened, then snapped down on the pink nub. Grinding her teeth together, she felt her jaws aching as the wires tugged her tits apart.

“Good. You’re a better inmate than most,” Elena said with satisfaction, pulling the wires taut to a position behind her large desk.

Lisa turned her head to the side, watching the matron attaching the free ends of the long black wires to something near the center drawer. The woman then produced three more clamps from the right drawer, holding them in one hand while she brought down her right hand and started stroking Lisa’s cunt. The girl whimpered through her flared nostrils, trembling as Elena stiffened her right forefinger and pushed it into the teen’s tight, wet pussy.


Lisa tugged at the iron holding her wrists, her legs undulating against the smooth surface of the table she lay on. She could feel her pussy muscles tightening around the probing digit, stroking it while Elena brought her thumb around to Lisa’s clit. Again the teen moaned, this time the sound almost resembling a cat’s purr. The woman was fucking her, fucking her and stroking her clit at the same time. It was an irresistible sensation, one that made the young woman’s mind spin as she shifted her thighs from side to side, licking her dry lips and drinking in the probing, filling sensation.

“Yes, it is rather nice, isn’t it, Lisa? It’s probably the same sort of feeling you had many times when your boyfriends touched you that way.”

There was something in the tone of Elena’s voice that cut through the pleasant fog blurring Lisa’s mind. She struggled up through her stunning pleasure, shaking her head and trying to deny what the head matron was implying. Elena’s face darkened, her ridged eyebrows meeting together in a vee in the center of her forehead.

Lisa felt her finger pushing in until the jagged nail pricked her cherry. The girl let out a gasp, her jaw slackening as her eyes rolled back into her head. The matron was going to take away her virginity.

Elena’s face showed obvious surprise as she stabbed her nail against the bunched flesh, pushing it until Lisa thought surely it would give way. The woman withdrew her hand, examining the tip. There was a little blood on it, blood Lisa knew came from her nearly ruptured cherry. Whimpering, the teen closed her eyes in defeat and she felt as if her entire body had been cruelly violated.

“I would have thought you a little liar like most of the girls here,” Elena said almost to herself, examining the bloody nail, then wiping it on the back of her uniform. “In any case, our little session here will serve as a warning in case you decide not to tell the truth when asked!”

Elena moved the alligator clips around to the girl’s pussy.

Lisa held her breath, her cheeks puffing out while the cords stood out against her neck. Elena opened one clamp and let it bite down on the teen’s right cuntlip. Lisa groaned, thumping the backs of her legs against the table.

It was so close to her clit, so very very close to the thumping thumb-like organ that began to quiver and stiffen at the biting touch of the clamp.

Elena noticed the girl’s reaction and smiled pleasantly, sliding the other clip down around Lisa’s thighs until the pointed tip was pressing against the brown bunched flesh of the teen’s asshole. Lisa shook her head violently from side to side, guessing what the woman was planning to do. She tried shoving her ass flat against the table, but nothing worked. Elena won in the end, spreading the teen’s asscheeks apart and pushing the slippery cold head into her shitter.

Lisa rolled her head from side to side, her eyes lighting on the books lined like soldiers on a nearby shelf. It was so innocent-looking-a doctor’s office, perhaps. Then she felt again the tug of the wires. Lisa turned back toward the desk and saw Elena attaching the wires to something behind her desk.

In a moment, the matron was ready, reaching back and pulling out the pearl-colored clip holding her hair in a tight bun. The locks tumbled down around her shoulders, fanning out as she untied her white doctor’s gown and let it slip off to the floor.

Lisa gasped. Elena was naked underneath, her long red nipples poking out with excitement, and her swollen cuntlips easily visible through the brown bush of her cunthair. The woman was obviously excited by what was going on.

“If you haven’t determined what is going to happen to you, let me explain,” Elena said simply, as if giving a lecture, stepping behind her desk and turning on a switch.

Immediately there was a hum, and Lisa thought of the overhead bar that had stretched her from the basement floor.

“I’ve read your current record. You deny you had anything to do with the buying of that liquor, and of what happened afterward. We’re here to help you accept the blame,” Elena said with a smile, brushing a stray strand of hair from her face and dropping her eyes to the panel. “Of course, recognizing a weakness is very difficult, even in the best of circumstances. So we’re here to help that process along. Soon you’ll be a more mature person.”

“You’re-you’re crazy!”

Elena frowned again.

“And I thought we were making such good progress. Perhaps this will help you realize how guilty you were.”

Lisa watched Elena’s right hand drop to what she guessed was a control panel. The humming sound increased, and with the higher pitch came a dull, distinct thumping sensation in her tits, asshole and cunt. She stiffened, jerking her body against the table and curling her fingers into tight little fists.

Lisa licked her dry lips again, her throat going dry as her belly tightened with fear. Electricity! The head matron was going to electrocute her! Lisa panicked, her eyes widening and her bowels churning with terror. She had read about certain South American countries still using electricity as an effective way of torturing their enemies. It was said to make believers of even the most dedicated radical!

Lisa raised her ass from the table, feeling the alligator clip shoved up her ass slide up even farther. It seemed alive, gnawing at her insides while her nipples grew even thicker and pressed against the nibbling metallic teeth of the clips.

“You see. Now, do you realize you were doing wrong that night?”

“Ohhhh, what-what night?”

Elena smiled again, twisting the knob up two notches.

Lisa screamed, her throat going raw as sharp fangs ripped into her nipples, cunt and asshole. She was pissing on herself, her thighs rippling as the urine stained the table and short-circuited the clamps for a moment. Her head shook, and the dreadful current made her muscles cramp painfully against one another. She was about to shriek when Elena brought the current back down. Lisa collapsed against the table, sucking in raspy lungfuls of air as she looked pleadingly at the matron.

“Please, please, I swear, I didn’t do anything wrong! I didn’t know they were going to buy liquor! I-I just went along, I guess!” Lisa cried, her eyes warily studying the desk.

“You went along? That’s a start,” Elena said, nodding in approval. “But you still see yourself as innocent. No one’s innocent in something like this.”

“No, please! No more, no — aghhhhh!”

Lisa jerked like a puppet, biting down on her tongue while the buzzing, spinning flashes of electricity exploded through her brain once more. Her tits bounced, the nipples swelling more and more as her tummy muscles hardened and ballooned against her sweaty flesh. She jerked up and down, her asscheeks fluttering against one another while her clit swelled to the bursting. It was awful, acting this way in front of the matron. But Lisa couldn’t help it. The electricity was doing this to her. She didn’t have a choice in the matter. There was Elena, towering over her, mocking, demanding that she tell lies about herself. No, she wouldn’t give in, no matter what the woman made her do!

Elena turned the switch a notch higher, and Lisa arched her spine more, beating her head against the table. Sweat cascaded down the sides of her jiggling tits as she felt pain tearing through her clit and asshole. She tried to scream out, but nothing would come. Her bones throbbed, her muscles tearing. It felt as if her joints would come apart and blast open. Again and again the girl twitched and jerked, her body bouncing obscenely against the table.

Then Elena raised the setting yet another notch.


Lisa found her voice. Her lips were purple with blood, while more and more agonized cries escaped from her throat. The pain was awful, feeling as if someone were tearing the flesh from her muscles.

Lisa felt raw, exposed, torn to pieces. Her skull felt as if it were going to rip apart, and the smell of burning flesh filled her flared nostrils. What was more humiliating and incomprehensible was her climax erupting the way it was, her thighs rippling under the electric attack while her cunt snapped shut on the clips and spasmed again and again. Her face was a blur, her head rocking violently from shoulder to shoulder as her legs kicked out, back, up and down, the heels hammering against the table.

Elena’s eyes were wide as she shut off the current, moving quickly from behind her desk and pushing the table down. Lisa was still irrational, screaming and beating her body against the table as Elena straddled her shoulders and shoved her cunt right against the teen’s mouth. The taste of hot pussymeat pressed against her lips brought Lisa to. She writhed, more violently than before, protesting against the vile act and tasting the pungent flavor of Elena’s hot pussy rubbing back and forth over her mouth.

“Oh yes!” Elena whispered, closing her eyes and bracing her hands on either side of the helpless girl’s body. “Eat my sweet pussy? Stick that tongue in there and — ohhh, ohhh, ohhh!”

Elena stiffened, her voice cracking as she shoved her cunt hard against Lisa’s lips. The girl could feel the matron’s fat cuntlips working against one another as spasms rippled through her cunt. She cried out in protest again. But as always, there was no one interested enough or bold enough to interrupt the matron. She sniffled and cried, her cunt slackening as Elena’s pussy finished its climax. This, she thought, was only the beginning.


Lisa lay huddled in a ball in the cellar of the building. Elena hadn’t bothered to give her any clothing, saying there would be time enough for that. One man — Elena had called him Gus — took her by the arm after she’d been released from the table, and dragged her to the basement without saying a word. It was obvious Gus would have enjoyed doing something to her other than guide her to this filthy, dark room. But the matron was firm about what would happen to Lisa — for now.

Where were the other girls now? For a while, Lisa had heard someone nearby moaning and gasping. The noise had stopped for some time now. Was it coming from another room? Another cell? From across the way? Lisa couldn’t tell. It was so dark she could hardly see her hand in front of her face.

Tentatively putting out one hand, she could feel that the walls and floor were slippery. She cringed, putting her hand under her arm for a moment. Lisa didn’t dare try to find out more about the blackness surrounding her. The clawlike skittering of small animals had stopped her when she first tried to feel her way along the wall. Maybe, she thought, it’s another day outside. It could be later than that.

She thought about something else, about a hot bath, about food. A hot steaming tub of clean water would feel wonderful now. The picture in her mind grew brighter. She would slip into the warm water and feel it cleaning away all the filth and hurt she had endured.

A shrill scream of terror cut through the clammy air of the cellar. Lisa jerked to a sitting position, her ass sliding back against the slimy floor until her spine pressed against the wall. The heavy door grated open. She saw black shapes against the yellow light of the corridor. One of those shapes stumbled in, its arms stretched forward while its legs tangled up with one another.

“Enjoy your new friend,” Gus said, slamming the door shut.

The person screamed again, thrashing around the floor before growing quiet. Lisa was terrified, her hair standing on end, her former pains and horrors evaporating for the moment as she sat there quietly and listened to the sobbing. It was another girl. She was sure of it! Gently, tentatively she reached out with one hand and waved it gently back and forth, stretching it until she brushed something soft and warm with her fingertips.

“No! Oh, get away!”

“What is it? What did they do to you? It’s all right, I’m a friend.”

“They hurt me! They-they beat me and then they-they raped me!” the girl cried, her words becoming irrational in moments.

“What can I do?”

Lisa felt desperate. There was nothing in the room — no medicine, no help. Just her. The girl felt fear and nausea rising in her throat, and her belly turned over.

“Oh please, water, water…”

She felt the girl trembling against her touch. Her flesh crawled as she thought of what could happen to her in the next few minutes. In spite of what they’d done to her, she still had her cherry. No man had touched her, even though Gus looked as if he wanted to rape her until she bled.

“I’ll see if there’s some around.”

She had to keep busy, do something to keep from thinking about herself and her pain. She touched the wall and crawled blindly ahead, licking her lips. She realized then that she was parched, in spite of the dampness of the cellar. Lisa creeped around, feeling ahead with her hands. Her muscles were starting to tighten and cramp from the long time she had spent hanging from the table, then squatting here unmoving in the dark. The floor was rough in spots, tearing at her naked knees.


Lisa gagged, lurching back while drawing one hand under her arm. It was unmistakably some animal she had touched, some-some rat, probably watching her, studying her, waiting to bite her. Shaking, Lisa got a grip on herself when she heard the thing patter away. She listened for the girl’s breathing to tell where she was. What if she had found water and couldn’t find her way back?

Lisa crawled forward, sensing a wall in front of her. She heard the echo of her breath deadening as she moved forward a little more. Oh God, what kind of place had her parents confined her to? It was like a German concentration camp the girl thought, touching the wall.

Lisa moved away, feeling her muscles spasm. Crawling around, she felt the throbbing aches in her shoulders caused by the horrible, iron cuffs. She tried to ignore them. She wished the girl had never come in. Then she wouldn’t be crawling around the cellar searching for water. She would be stretched out there on the stone floor, thinking about a hot bath.

Rising shakily from her knees, the girl moved forward. She arched her toes up and slid her feet out slowly, hoping to find something. Sliding a foot at a time, Lisa started to move faster. Her first few steps hadn’t located anything.

Suddenly, her right foot splashed into icy liquid. She jumped back with a squeal.

“Oh, did you find something?”

“Yes, yes. Keep talking. I’ll bring some back.”

The girl made nonsense noises, sobbing in between while Lisa put her hands into the pool and raised a handful of the liquid to her mouth. It tasted bad. But she couldn’t be choosy. Her achievement lifted her spirits. She drank some, then drank more, the sloshing of the water making the girl in the dark wail more loudly. Lisa stopped, hearing the girl crawling across the floor.

“Please, oh please, give me some!” Lisa felt terribly selfish. Only here one day and she was acting nearly as cruelly as Elena and that dreadful Anna.

“Yes, yes, keep talking!”

The girl moaned softly, breaking off every now and then. Lisa moved toward the sound, stepping carefully. She almost dropped the water that hadn’t already dripped from her hands. She nudged the girl with her foot. Kneeling slowly, she let out a deep breath. She could feel lips against her fingers, then a tongue lapping at the water in her hands.

“Oh no, not yet! Oh God, God, thank you!” the girl groaned, leaning heavily against Lisa. “My name’s Kathy — Kathy Foster. My parents put me in here because they caught me with a guy. I’ve been here one week. They kept me locked up in the room all the time. That is, until today!”

Lisa put one comforting arm around the girl, hugging the naked teenager to her chest.

“Have they — you know, raped you?” Kathy asked.

Not yet, in any case. She didn’t want to volunteer what else they had done to her. Thoughts of the electricity, of the horrible riding crop, of her multiple climaxes, and especially of Elena riding her mouth with her cunt flashed through her mind. They were unsettling images — images she would rather put to rest.

“You probably haven’t been here that long. I managed to talk to one girl once while we were waiting for one of the matrons to fetch us from the shower room. She said they hurt you real bad here before they let you go. Did you hear that too?”

“No. I haven’t met anybody here, other than you, of course,” Lisa said, forcing down the memories of Anna and Elena.

Kathy sighed, tugging at her hair.

“I guess — well, you’re lucky so far. I don’t know how much more of this I can take. They say some of the girls go crazy here! I don’t know.”

Lisa sat, stunned. She thought of the two women, of Gus, and of the others who had to be nearby suffering and creating agony. Her flesh crawled again, and she wanted to find the door and beat on it. But her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the door grating open.

It was Gus. “You! Come with me!”

Kathy squeezed Lisa’s hand, shivering and shrinking back into the blackness of the room as the blonde stood up and shook the hair from her eyes.

“Wh-where are we going?”

Gus stood there quietly, his face silhouetted by the bright light behind him. There was no recourse. She couldn’t run, couldn’t hide. Mustering what courage she had, the teen walked forward, feeling the man’s rough hand grip her right forearm and pull her into the bright light.

Lisa squinted her eyes, the light hurting her as Gus shoved her down the corridor. She stumbled, regaining her balance, trying to cover her cunt and tits. They walked for what seemed like miles, turning several corners, until Lisa didn’t know where she was. When they came to the end of one hall, Gus fished out a ring of keys, taking a long copper one and opening a green door to Lisa’s right. Lisa stepped in, not knowing what she would find.


The girl half-expected to find Anna or Elena behind the door, smirking at her as she entered. Instead there was nothing — nothing but old machinery stacked every which way against the bare cinderblock walls.

Lisa turned around, wondering if there had been a mistake. When Gus slammed the door behind him, she knew there had been none. Remembering Kathy’s story of how she’d been raped, the girl backed away, her eyes growing wide. The pain, the beating, the humiliation had been enough. Slowly, Lisa shook her head from side to side, her flesh puckering up around her nipples and her thighs ridging with mounting terror.

“No, no!”

Gus rushed her, knocking her hands from her tits, then shoving the screaming teen back. Lisa stumbled away, her heels striking an uneven metal plate on the basement floor. Gus moved fast, jumping on top of her, his weight knocking the wind from her. He was kissing her throat, his teeth tearing at her flesh while his knees shoved hers apart.

Clenching her teeth together, Lisa felt the bile rising in her throat. So this is how it is to be raped! She could understand why women felt outrage and fear. But Gus was enjoying her fear, laughing at it as he pawed her.

“Get up!”

Reluctantly, Lisa dragged herself to her feet, drawing her upper arms together to try to hide her naked tits. Gus laughed at her vain attempts, moving around her and studying her as if she were some sort of animal. When he reached down and started grabbing for her cunt, the girl screamed and bent over at the waist, trying to cover the bushy hair from his view. Gus laughed, moving quickly behind her and slapping her white shivering ass with the flat of his right hand. Lisa squealed, slapping back at him and wheeling around, trying to keep him in front of her. He wiped the back of his hand over his lips, grinning at her.

“Why-why are you doing this to me?” she screamed, tears welling up in her eyes.

“Because I wanna!”

With that, Gus walked up to her, raising both fists in the air. Lisa let out a sharp cry and stumbled backward, expecting to feel blows against her head at any time. When she saw his fists come down at her, she let out another shriek and jerked to one side, her tits bobbing as her asscheeks slapped against one another.

Gus pursued her, his fingers just missing her as she crashed into all sorts of things. Once Lisa stumbled over an engine, tumbling head over heels onto some loose crates. Gus kicked them to one side, nearly grabbing her. She felt his fingers touching her flesh, but managed to shrink away successfully.

It was when he grabbed her hair and began pulling the girl back that she lost control. She felt a warm trickle on her right thigh and knew she was pissing out of control. She was disgracing herself in front of this pig.

Gus saw the urine seeping from her fuckslot and laughed, tearing more hair from her head. Somehow the girl managed to wrench free, slipping back, stumbling over her own feet and pitching hard against the wall. Brushing the hair from her eyes, the young teen shot forward, rushing for the door. But Gus was behind her, stepping out of the shadows and reaching for her streaming hair once again.

Lisa tried once more to step away from him. But Gus was determined to get her this time. Grabbing her hair, he pulled back hard to stop her. The girl yelped, her head jerking back and her arms stretched in front of her as her curled fingers clawed the air. Despair rushed through her brain as Lisa felt her knees grow weak and wobble. She was sinking to the floor, and Gus was on top of her once more, his knees hurting her. She could feel his brass belt buckle pressing against her belly as his paw-like hands slipped over her thighs.


Lisa’s face was red and pinched as Gus pinched her ass and smoothed his other hand over her flat belly. No one had touched her naked flesh like this. Not even on the hottest of her dates had she let a guy so much as lay one finger on her thighs. And now this animal had stripped her and was feeling her all over. She groaned through her clenched teeth, worming her ass back and forth as his fingers dug into her firm flesh.

“No, don’t — oh God in heaven, no, don’t do this to me!”

“Yeah, baby, you wanna get fucked back, real bad! I think you’re gonna get your wish!”

She felt one hand moving down between her thighs, the fingers squeezing her white flesh, gathering it up into tiny balls and pinching it until she had wailed and jerked her legs farther apart.

Lisa rolled her head from one side to the other, her eyes staring at the ceiling as she felt his digits inching their way up toward her pussy. She could feel his thumb squeezing into her cunthole for leverage as his other fingers clawed along her cuntslit.

Lisa let out a groan, feeling grossly uncomfortable. And then Gus jammed two fingers into her cunt.


Lisa’s eyes rounded suddenly, her spine, arching back while she wallowed her shoulders against the floor behind her. The breath left her lungs as she screamed at the sudden, violent intrusion. He was fucking her with his fingers, twisting them around and fucking in and out until the callused, dirty fingertips touched her cherry. It was too much!

Lisa’s knees jerked out and her fists beat at the big man’s face. He was hurting her, spearing into her with his fingers while his body pressed hers flat against the floor. She could hardly breathe! And now there was the awful pain, the humiliating pain of his fingers fucking into her virgin cunt.

Gus pushed his fingers in a little more, making the puckered, bunched flesh in her pussy throb more intensely. Lisa let out another howl, tears flowing from her eyes and her cheeks flushing with the agony.

“No, don’t — oh God, don’t do this to me!” she cried.

“Man, you ain’t never been fucked before! That’s a trip!”

“Please, don’t-don’t…”

Gus felt her pissing on his fingers once again. Cursing, he jerked his hand away from her cunthole, then shoved his piss-slicked fingers against her lips. Lisa gagged, pulling her head away from the foul-smelling fingers. But Gus refused to let her get away that easily. Once more, he pushed his fingers up to her lips, rubbing them back and forth until he was coating her teeth with urine. It was more than the girl could stand. Retching, Lisa thrashed and kicked, feeling her world coming unglued as Gus readied her for her first fuck.


Lisa sighed with relief when Gus finally pulled his awful-tasting fingers from her mouth. She caught her breath. He was licking her nipples now, the nubs still a little sore from having been clamped by the awful alligator clips and the electricity that had surged through them.

Gus bit down hard on her nipple, rolling up his eyes and watching the teen’s face grow white from the pain. Laughing, he pulled back, struggling to his feet. Lisa watched him unblinkingly, wishing she had a knife, anything sharp she could stab into his belly. She could see a large cock-bulge tenting up the front of his jeans. It was big, and he was going to shove that prick into her.

“Get up!”

“What-what are you going to do to me now?” the girl asked.

Lisa had no wish to leave the floor now. Gus was thinking of something vile, something horrible to do to her before he finally fucked her. Thoughts of Anna and Elena rushed through her mind once again.

“Gonna warm up that ass. Since you haven’t had a cock in you, baby, you’re gonna need something to get you goin’.”

“No, don’t!”

He jerked her up from the floor, wheeling her around and nearly sending the teen stumbling back to the concrete once more. Lisa found herself stumbling into a wall, her hands braced on either side of her body as her nose crushed against the rough cinderblock. Gus took her by the elbows and dragged the protesting girl to a set of pipes running parallel to the floor. They were warm but not burning to the touch, Lisa found as she slipped her hands around them and waited for Gus to make his move. She had little time to wait. Moving quickly, the big man pulled two pieces of rope from his rear pocket, taking one and looping it around her right wrist.

“Looks like they’ve gotten to you already. Well, that’s okay. They haven’t popped your fuckin’ cherry yet,” Gus said, “and that’s all that matters to me, baby.”

Lisa watched fascinated as he threaded the quarter-inch line around itself, securing it and her wrist with a double knot to the narrow pipe. He worked the second rope in much the same way, tightening the line until it creased her flesh. Lisa was firmly bound to the pipes, her knees pressing against the wall while her feet slipped over the cold, smooth floor. Gus crooned gently, his fingers smoothing over her ass, back and thighs, inching toward her cunt. The girl let out a low groan, her head falling back.

Then Gus’ fingers slipped away from her.

There was a soft hissing sound, the sound of leather sliding over material. Panicked, the girl turned around just in time to see Gus folding his belt in two, gripping the black leather strip with one hand and rubbing his prick with the other. She knew what was going to happen. Already Lisa felt her flesh becoming terribly sensitive flesh becoming terribly sensitive as she jerked and twisted, her movements making her asscheeks jiggle invitingly.

“Man, somebody really took the leather to you already,” Gus said, examining the bright red marks on her flesh. “Bet you could use another lashing thought, right?”

“No, no, you’re all crazy!” the girl wailed, tugging wildly at her ropes.

She felt her long hair splashing across her face and whipping over her narrow shoulders as Gus paused for a moment before cutting the air with his belt.


Lisa jumped from the floor, her head jerking back as she felt the leather slicing through her assflesh. It was harder, much harder than the blow she’d received from the floor matron earlier that day. Her knees buckled, banging painfully against the wall in front of her.

Gus laughed behind her, rubbing the leather with his fingers, then bringing it back once more and snapping it above his head. Lisa jumped each time as if he had let out a pistol shot against her ear. The pain throbbed through her ass, making the flesh pucker and rise in an ugly purple welt. Lisa sniffed, shaking the tears from her flushed face as she tensed and waited for the next blow. Her asscheeks bunched against one another, tightening as Gus snapped the black leather belt again and again.

And then Lisa let out another chilling shriek. Another hot, stinging blow savaged her ass, the end of the belt cutting cruelly into her white flesh. This time the tip curled around her inner assflesh, making the young woman’s asshole wink with agony as she hurled herself against the wall again. The ropes cut into her wrists like knives.

Gus moved around this time, bringing a third blow hard against her asscrack. It was as if someone had squeezed hot wax into her asshole. Lisa shrilled out a high-pitched squeal, her body jerking and twisting, her arms knotted with cramped muscles as she jerked and pulled against the cruel ropes holding her to the pipes.

Gus started beating her regularly now, slapping the belt again and again against the backs of her shivering thighs. He was timing the blows to match the opening and closing of her asscheeks, snapping the leather into her shitter again and again, until Lisa thought he would rip her asshole open.


“Like I said, gotta warm up that ass,” Gus said, kicking her in the ass with one booted foot and threatening her with more.

Lisa sank down to the floor, her head back, her hair sweeping over her lower back while her knees spread widely apart. She couldn’t take any more. She just couldn’t.

Gus brought the belt down between her shoulder blades, scarring the white flesh and making the teen roll forward. She struck her forehead against the wall, the blow knocking her senseless. Hanging there, feeling her nerves separating in her wrists from the pulling weight of her body, Lisa wanted only to die. Surely that had to be better than enduring this agony. She felt the blows against her upper arms, over her ass and down across her back. But they were dulled now.

Swearing, Gus threw the belt down for the moment and grabbed the teen around the waist, twisting her around until she was facing him. Lisa’s arms were twisted over one another, her forearms aching from the awkward position, while her ass hung inches from the floor. She tried rising from that position, but Gus’ beating kept her down. Kneeling in front of her, he stuck two fingers up into her cunt while jamming two more into her shitter.


Lisa let out a cry of agony, her face a wrinkled mask of pain. He was fucking her up both holes, stroking her cherry teasingly while screwing two other fingers up into her bowels. Lisa kicked her feet out, bouncing her ass up and down while the fingers savaged her body.

“No, no, out! Out! Take ’em out!”

Gus shoved another finger into her shitter, twisting them around until the girl’s knees jerked together. Pulling his fingers out with a popping sound, he picked up the belt again, doubling it and rubbing it against her, cheek. Lisa flinched back, her eyes round, focused on the horrible thing that had only recently scarred her body. He was rubbing it over mouth, bringing the belt around her neck like a collar, then cinching it tight. Lisa found it difficult to breathe, and was about to protest when she realized that he intended to hurt her that way.

The girl felt real panic shoot through her as she shivered against the ropes holding her arms tied high above her head. He was choking her, tightening the leather belt more and more until she could feel her windpipe squeezing shut. Her head grew light and buzzy and her, nostrils flared, trying to draw in more and more oxygen to feed her twisting body.

Lisa wanted to scream, wanted to beg for mercy. But she couldn’t say one word. The leather was tightening more and more, shutting off her voice, her oxygen. The girl’s head shook as if she were having a fit, while her tongue lolled out and wet her blackening lips. The world seemed to be fading away as Gus began choking the life from her with the awful leather belt.

Just when she thought she would faint, the girl felt him loosen his grip. He shoved his face against hers, a face that showed lust and excitement and anger all rolled into one awful mask. Lisa pulled back as far as she could, her legs slipping out from under her. Dropping the belt, Gus reached up to the ropes, untying them and letting the teen fail down to the floor. He moved back, rubbing his cock and opening his jeans as Lisa held her throat and crawled away from him.

She hurt all over. He had managed to whip her ass raw, then choke her half to death. And now he was going to fuck her. He grabbed her ankles quickly, pulling her down toward him.

Lisa screamed, shaking her head, reaching forward and trying to knock his hands from her legs. He only laughed at her futile attempts at escape, stretching his right arm forward and striking the teen hard against the right side of her face. Lisa fell back against the floor, her body still, almost lifeless as Gus climbed on top of the girl and held her down by her shoulders.

She could feel it now, feel his prick flattening her cuntlips and shoving in. She pressed the flats of her hands against his chest, pushing up as she felt his knees spreading hers apart. He was slobbering all over her, licking her tits, kissing her throat and biting at her lips until she thought she would vomit from revulsion.

When she screamed again, he slapped her twice, cracking his knuckles against her chin and silencing the wailing girl. In another moment, Gus, was fucking his cockhead in, the fat, double-lobed thing poking into her dry cunt and forcing her pussy walls apart.

Lisa’s mouth opened, a rush of air escaping over her front teeth as she felt his prick fucking into her pussy. In another moment, she could feel her outer cuntlips close over the cocktip, cinching tight as his cock seemed to burn into her cunt. The girl moaned as Gus left his prick there for a moment, stroking her cunt while biting on her nipples. Then Lisa felt something, something she thought was shameful and delightful at the same time. She was responding to Gus’ caresses, her pussy growing hot and moist, embracing the fat cock as her legs spread farther apart.

And all the while Gus was telling her filthy things about her body. He loved the way her pussy felt snugging up against his cock. He loved the way her tits felt against his kneading fingers.

Jerking his T-shirt up, he pressed his chest against hers, making sure she could feel all of him. His touch and words made her feel filthy, low. She hated his touch, the feel of his fingers crawling all over her thighs and squeezing her ass as he fucked her. Now that his cockhead was wedged tightly into her cunthole, he was fanning his fingers out onto her belly, rubbing them over her sweaty flesh and watching how his touch revolted her. And the more pain he caused her, the more excited he became.

Gus moved one hand down to her cunt, strumming her clit with his fingers while fucking yet another inch of cock into her cunt. At the same time, Gus slipped fingers into her shitter — two of them again — poking them in while pushing his prickhead against her cherry. Lisa cried out in protest, beating her fists against him more savagely. But Gus enjoyed her revulsion all the more, jamming a third finger into her asshole.

Lisa’s eyes fluttered. She felt a terrible pain, a concentrated pain between her legs she had never felt before in her life! The girl screamed, arching her back and jerking her knees against Gus’ big body. It was hurting more and more as Gus increased the pressure, his hipbones bruising hers.

Lisa wailed again, the pain fighting with the terrible pleasure she was feeling now. She wanted him to stop the hurting. But against her will, the young teen felt more pleasure building up in her, making her cunt so very, very hot and tight.

“Hold still!”

His eyes bored into hers as he grabbed her roughly by the shoulders and held her down. His weight came down again as he fucked into the tight hot hole of her cunt.

Lisa screamed, tossing and twisting in his grasp, as he stabbed down. The girl shrieked, her eyes nearly popping from her skull as her nostrils flared in painful horror. It was tearing! She could feel her cherry, feel the flesh rip and tear away under the steady onslaught of his fucking prick.

Lisa let out another howl and fell limp against the floor. He was in her all the way. She could feel his balls pillowing out against her upturned ass. He had torn her cherry, the last thing in the world she had of innocence. Gus held his prick in all the way for a while, his fingers stretching down to her ass now, kneading the flesh as he fucked the fingers of his other hand in and out of her asshole.

Lisa came back to life when he began fucking her, driving his cock in and out, in and out, abusing her cunt while stretching her shitter more and more with his awful, probing fingers.

“No-uh, no!”

Lisa could have vomited from the awful horror. She cried for her lost innocence, now aware of the two things fucking in her body. Gus was fucking her like a maniac now, his body making hers shiver with each downward fucking stroke. In a moment, his cock was burning a tight little passage into her slippery cunthole, making the girl grunt again and again. She felt the rushing of his prick as it ripped through her tight cunt.

Deliberately changing the angle of his fucking Gus hammered his cock against her cunt, slowly arousing the tiny nub until it was long and stiff and throbbing. Soon all Lisa could think about was the hot, clinging sensation between her shivering legs. Fucking. They were fucking — doing the thing her mother had hoped to prevent her from doing by sending her here! Lisa wanted to laugh. If only her parents could see what they had accomplished!

Gus was fucking hard. It felt as if his fuckthrusts would force his cock right into her mouth. Lisa gasped, her body rubbing back and forth against the concrete floor. It was so awful, so humiliating. And yet there was something in her that responded to the brutality and loved the fucking that was tearing her in two right now. His fingers were hurting her deliciously now, reaching up to her tits, pinching her nipples and tearing at them until the girl was screaming and laughing at the same time.

“Uh! Uh! Uh!”

The long thick cock fucked into her cunthole like a fat greased finger. The heavy flow of her cuntjuice made Lisa’s cunt slippery for the invading prick.

Gus fucked her harder, savaging her, hitting her now and then across the face while twisting his hips and fucking her even more brutally. In another moment, the girl couldn’t disguise the awesome feelings building in her cunt. She had never felt anything so comprehensive, so overwhelming that it made her belly swell with tension.

The young woman fucked back for all she was worth. Gus gave his cock a sharp jerk, reaching up and twisting his fingers in her hair. He pulled back, tearing more hair from her scalp while shoving his mouth down on hers and sticking his tongue down her throat. She could feel his spit oozing down into her belly as he fucked down deep and hard. Tearing his mouth from hers, he ripped at her hair mare savagely than before.

“Tell me you wanna get fucked, and fucked real good by me!”

“No, no, no!”

Lisa couldn’t. Clenching her teeth together, she fought back to keep the terrible words from exploding over her lips.

“Tell me!”

He was shouting now, tearing at her hair and fucking her harder, hammering his prick against her clit until she felt the tiny organ shrinking back from the heat. And while fucking his cock into her pussy, he pushed his fingers all the way up into her asshole once more. Lisa let out a cry, her face turning white once more.

“Yes, oh yes, fuck me, fuck me hard!” she cried, her words bouncing off the walls.

“Just what I’m doin’.”

Gus laughed at his triumph, twisting his fingers around in her asshole as he fucked his prick in all the way. He was going to cum! He was going to cum and she was going to climax with him! Lisa could feel the tension building in her, her pussy tightening around his cock, holding it as his balls started to tremble. Her belly rubbed against his as his bruising fingers on her nipples made every bit of her big tits ache.

Then the girl felt teeth clamping on the side of her throat while his fingers fucked deep into her ass. She needed that odd release, needed to feel his prick, sending streamers of cum into her cunt. Yes, cum! That’s what the boys at school called that sticky white stuff that shot out of their cocks. And that was what she would feel spitting from Gus’ prick.


A flash of delicious fire singed Lisa’s clit, making the tiny organ throb and spasm. It was happening, Lisa thought, feeling her world explode as she kicked her legs high in the air and hugged Gus’ body. The itchy, burning sensation around her pussy grew more and more concentrated, until Lisa found herself gulping in oxygen to feed her bruised body.

“Man, that’s it, come on, rut it out, bitch! Gimme that good piece of ass!”

Lisa couldn’t stop. It was as if she were a runaway train, going out of control as her cunt clamped down on the cum-shooting cock. The whirling knot of tension in her belly finally exploded as she came and came, her cunt clenching on his prick at least twice for every wad of cum that shot from the piss-slit.

And as Gus hovered over her belly and dumped his spunk into her cunt, Lisa shivered, wondering whether she would ever become as terrified and spineless as Kathy.


Elena was right. Lisa had learned the rules in a very short period of time. On the third day, she lost a good deal of her long blonde hair. A severe-jawed matron cut it short, almost making her look like a boy. After Gus had finished with her, he’d dragged her, half-bleeding and naked, back to her cell, where Anna was waiting for her. It must be a regular, horrid routine, the girl thought as she was led to the showers and washed.

The next few days dragged on without incident. At least, she thanked God, there were no more beatings. She saw some of the other girls, none of whom looked as if they wanted to talk. They all wore the same, sullen, dulled look — as if the life had been beaten from them. Lisa wondered just how long they’d been there. On the fourth day, she was put on garbage detail.

“Clean out the garbage,” Anna said, pointing to a stinking part of the kitchen after turning on a switch that filled the room with a sickly yellow light.

Lisa looked inside. She staggered, grasping the wall for support. It was filthy. There were rats scurrying in and out of the decaying food, and clots of something undefinable stained the floor.

“Get on with it! Drag out this mess and clean the floor,” Anna said, slapping Lisa hard across the ass.

“Where-where’s the other girl?” Lisa asked, backing away from the matron. She looked at her feet, then at the garbage, trying to keep her distance.

“Kathy? She didn’t feel well. She’s at the clinic.”

The matron drew herself up taller as she stepped through the door. Her keys rattled against her thighs. Lisa watched her, remembering how lustful she had looked when she had whipped the teen mercilessly.

“Pray to God you’re stronger. We don’t like girls who try to slack from work!”


There was no use arguing with the matrons. They made the rules, and they ran the ship. Lisa sighed, turning around to the filth on the floor. She wished she could die.

“You heard me,” Anna said, leaning toward her threateningly. “Work!”

Lisa shrank back. The woman seemed to grow a foot when she shouted her commands at the cringing girl. The images of the crop, of the electricity, of the awful fucking she’d endured on the floor of that back room all flashed back in her mind. No, she couldn’t go through that again. She looked at the bloodless fury in Anna’s face and kept her eyes on the matron, bending over to start dragging out the garbage.

Anna stared at Lisa, her eyes narrowed. It was difficult to clean. There were no tools, no shovels, not even a broom. It was, Lisa assumed, a way to humiliate the new girls even more. She scooped up a pile of the smelly rotting mess only to find a decomposing body of a large rat. Turning, Lisa vomited up yellow bile, messing her dress and the garbage, while her guts seemed to be tearing out. Her dress was covered with the horrid mess, and she shook her head, weeping. Looking up at Anna, she hoped the woman would have pity. But the matron simply stared back, her eyes wide.

Lisa felt her entire body quivering like a willow in a gale. Her muscles were weak. Mustering her strength, the girl dragged herself to her feet when Anna looked as if she might strike her with the keys. As horrible as it was, the girl still wanted to live, to keep herself in one piece and not feel more whips slamming into her. She grabbed the garbage again and dragged it toward the doorway. Other girls outside stood as stiff as statues, watching as Lisa moved quickly from the large bin outside back into the cellar, scooping up more of the rotting mess and taking it out, until it was all packed away in the garbage bin.

“Now clean it up! You’re lucky I didn’t decide for you to lick the floor, as well!” Anna shouted, pointing one crooked finger toward a bucket and pail.

Lisa went to her hands and knees. The scrubbrush and bucket waiting there for her seemed to be the sanest thing she’d encountered at the school since she’d arrived.

Lisa worked from the door toward the back wall, the clean space fanning out behind her like a river delta. Moving from left to right, she always scrubbed just in front of herself. Her knees started to hurt. The whip-stripes glued the dress to her skin. But Lisa scrubbed on, her nails shredding from the harsh soap solution. Her knuckles were raw. The fan-shaped area she’d cleaned was less than halfway to the wall in back when the matron called to her.

“You! You’re finished with the cleaning over there,” she said with a gesture.

Lisa rose to her feet, pushing loose strands of hair from her face. Wiping the sweat from her face, she picked up the bucket and wearily moved toward the doorway.

“Look who’s here.”

Lisa shrank back, banging into the matron behind her. It was Gus, the stupid, hellish smile on his face making her stomach turn over.

“No! Don’t make me go with him! No, please!” Lisa moaned, curling her fingers into Anna’s soft white gown.

“It looks as if you’ve made an impression. No, you’re not going anywhere with him — at least, alone. We have another school, one more — uh, remote for special cases. You, Lisa, are special to us.”

Lisa shrank from the thought, looking from the woman to the man and feeling as if she were being sold to the devil.

“You’ll be transported in that truck over there. We’ve got some of the boys from our other school in there,” Anna said. “Make sure you don’t do anything in there you wouldn’t do in here.”

Special school? Where were they taking her? She thought about Kathy and wondered if the girl was in the truck. It stood there, some boys peering out from behind the canvas covering. They were sullen and quiet too, their spirit having been obviously kicked out.

Gus took her by the arm and dragged her to the vehicle. It was all Lisa could do to lift her body over the tailgate. She teetered on the edge for a long instant, about to fall backward. But Gus slapped her hard on her crotch, pushing her forward. Lisa fell down, bruising her elbow on the wooden floor of the truck. The center of her cunt mound started to swell immediately from the blow.

Skittering into the back of the truck, Lisa felt fingers and hands touching her, sliding up her skirt and trying to grab hold of her thighs. She slapped them away, drawing her sore knees together and pushing back her hair. She would have to be cool. She would have to appear as if they would all go to hell if they as much as looked at her the wrong way.

A heavy jolt of the truck pushed her back, but the constant pitching and jerking of the ride lulled Lisa into a daze. She heard some, of the boys talking to the girls, their voices low, frightened, nervous. Gus and another guard had drawn a tarp over the back, partially blocking the view. At times, Lisa could see other cars behind them, and she wanted to rush forward and wave for help. But no one would stop. Instinctively, she knew that. Besides, there were signs all over the vehicle proclaiming it a prisoner’s van. If she tried to escape, the good citizens outside would doubtlessly return her like a bad penny. And then there would be hell to pay, Lisa knew.

The dull, throbbing ache in her crotch and the knotted fatigue of her muscles were like a pool of pain where she floated just under the surface.

The truck moved all night. The drone of dispirited voices paused each time it slowed, making them all think they had reached the end of the line. Lisa slept. The thick presence of a cock against her right thigh intruded. She felt someone, some man, rubbing against her. It was probably one of the filthy boys, and she would slap him away. But then the slow, certain motion of a man about to take possession of a woman intrigued the girl. She had been raped cruelly, her cherry torn from her viciously by that animal driving the van now.

What would it feel like, Lisa wondered, if someone took her lovingly, carefully, the way a man would fuck a woman? The interwoven network of arms in the cramped truck hindered Lisa and the unknown boy who had turned his belly against hers.

She heard the others dozing, and some snoring as she felt a hand over her left tit. She twisted her shoulders, acknowledging the hand by moving her tit against it. The boy was tall and thickly built, probably some gang member who had been in and out of reform schools for years. She let her head fall forward against his chest.

Lisa surrendered, feeling she was trapped and might as well make the best of it. She could feel the boy’s hot breath gusting through her short hair, warming her face as he moved his other hand. She had a brief glimpse of light hair and a long, straight nose. Then his lips pressed against hers, his tongue working between her lips and down her throat as the wind whistled through the open slats of the truck. His big, strong-fingered hands opened the buttons of her dress, then the front of his gray workshirt.

Oh, this was better, far better than the raping fuck she had endured! Her cunt was warming, simmering, the muscles swelling with excitement as juice frothed from her jagged pussycrack. The itchy, tingly sensation was growing into something much more intense, something more overwhelming. Lisa felt the scratchy hairs on his chest sting the cuts on her tits. Wincing, she kissed even more hungrily at him. His hand moved down between their tightly pressed bodies, oblivious to the others around them.

He slid his hand down into her crotch. And she could feel the long, thick mass of his cock against her belly now! How long and fat it was, far bigger than the thing that had ripped through her cherry. But then Lisa had been half-crazed with pain and terror. She couldn’t remember too much about that raping fuck, except that it hurt her terribly. This was so different. She could feel the stubbly strength of his fingers on her cunthair.


It was all the noise she allowed herself. If the others knew what was going on, there would be a free-for-all, Lisa being the target. She felt the boy undo all her buttons now. Her pussy warmed even more, boiling hotter than it had earlier. The tight mass of bodies all around was like a hundred strong hands massaging every inch of her body. The bony hardness of the boys and the curves of the girls all molded against her, everything accentuated by the rolling and lurching of the truck.

Lisa pulled away from the tonguing kiss, every tooth in her mouth throbbing. She rose higher, feeling the sliding, rolling fingertips moving from the top of her cunt mound to the wet, slippery zone around her cunt. It was a revelation, so much more intense, more overwhelming than what she’d felt earlier. The hands on her cunt moved, squeezing her puffy cuntlips together and rubbing the inner folds against her clit. She let out a long soft sigh, feeling her breath rebound from his face.

In a moment, the boy rolled his hips, his cock pushing against the knotted top of her cunt mound. The cockhead pressed right against her clit. Lisa sighed, her body trembling as she rocked her ass from side to side. He sucked and bit at her neck as he fucked his cock into the greasy crack of her pussy. The girl squirmed, trying to slide easily onto the tower of prickmeat. It wasn’t easy. She had only been fucked once. But the boy was insistent, pushing forward, grunting with the effort, and finally with a greasy slide, pushing his prick all the way in.


Lisa let out another long, low moan, all but inaudible as she felt her cunt stretched itchily by the big cock. Afraid to move any more, she felt his cock pushing down deep into her fuckhole.

Lisa contracted her cunt muscles to milk that fat thing while she felt the boy driving his tongue back into her mouth, down her throat. The rising heat between her white, shivering legs made her move again. He was fucking down with all his might, pushing his prick in and rocking his hips as best he could while holding her thighs as hard as he could. In a moment, Lisa felt his long fingers digging into her fleshy ass, scratching at it as she fucked up and down. Lisa felt the tide of lust overwhelm her, wash over her as she ground against the boy harder. She felt the long bar of hard cock fucking deeper, pressing her guts aside.

Lisa moaned aloud now, not worried if anyone heard or saw what she was doing. The big boy managed to fuck down as hard as he could, actually creating some room for them in the cramped truck.

Lisa heard herself sobbing as the roar of the truck, the rumble of the double wheels underneath and the noisy breathing of the boys and girls there all merged with the swelling tension in her belly. She ground her clit hungrily against him, loving the sensation of stretching in her cunt. Every bump of his cock sent her feelings higher and higher. It was all she could do to keep from screaming out her pleasure. The salty sting of sweat added to the lewd excitement racing through her.

She was all the way down on his big cock now. Lisa thought her cunt was being forced up into her chest by that long prick. She moved her ass in frantic little circles, feeling his cock stirring her insides up. The mass of tension in her tummy swelled more and more. She pushed down, her torn, burning asshole pouting outward as her asscheeks flexed, then softened. The boy dug his fingernails into her ass. Lisa could feel all her nerve endings standing up on end, while the insides of her thighs alternately chilled and burned. Her body was turning into a rubbery, melting mass of clinging pleasure as the whirling ball of hunger within her threatened to explode.

About to cry out, Lisa felt his lips cover hers again, muffling her moans and sighs as his prick jerked around inside her cunt. She could feel her womb trembling, and her belly bloated out as if inflated with air.

The tossing of the truck inspired the teen to fuck harder, while her pulse raced through her sweaty body. Lisa tossed her hips with wild abandon, slapping her naked ass again and again against the wooden truck bed. Someone behind her was laughing and pointing at her. But the teen didn’t care. She was too far gone. She could feel her climax coming, and she was holding her breath until it came.

A fire started around her cunt mouth, the gathering rush exploding into her belly, then careening into her brain. Lisa groaned, ramming her cunt up onto the rock-hard bar of cockmeat impaling her. She felt the boy’s fingers pinching her nipples, squeezing them until she squealed, as his prick staffed spitting out squirt after squirt of his jizz.

She wept and struggled, her fists striking the big stud as her cunt milked at his bucking cock. Her head bent back and her tits jiggled like pudding from the furious blasts of her cunt’s reaction. Even when the thrusts of the boy’s cock faded, Lisa’s orgasm went on and on. Finally slipping off into a coma-like sleep, the young girl knew only that she’d been fucked by the best cock of her young life!

How long she slept, Lisa had no idea. When she awoke, it was bright again. Someone had pulled her dress up round her shoulders. Some of the girls were frowning at her and turning away when her eyes met theirs. Had she slept that way? Had someone else taken advantage of her while she was asleep? No. She couldn’t be that numb.

Modestly, she pulled her dress down, sitting up and feeling the muscles cramping in her neck and back.

The truck lurched.

Lisa recalled where she was. The interwoven arms and shoulders around her made her feel hemmed in. She was about to scream when the truck finally rattled to a stop. The engine soon stopped. Lisa and the others sighed with relief as Gus pulled the tarp back and signaled them with a whistle to climb out.

It was difficult for her to move. She nearly tumbled out onto her face from the high tailgate. And nobody helped her, least of all the girls who had probably witnessed at least part of her fucking spree the night before.

Lisa looked around. There were long wooden buildings standing under tall pines. At first sight, it looked as if it might be some religious retreat, or a camp. But then she caught sight of the barbed wire fence and guard towers. No. This was just another prison, even though it seemed more pleasant than the first.

“You, Lisa!”

She felt as if the devil himself had signaled her out. Trembling, Lisa looked up and saw Gus and two other guards leering at her. Just in front of her was Kathy. Quickly, she ambled up to the girl, touching the brunette lightly on the forearm.

“Oh-oh how good, you’re here!” Kathy exclaimed, tightening her fingers around Lisa’s hand.

It was the first sign of anything civilized since Lisa had arrived.

“Shut up!” Gus shouted.

There were at least five guards there with the two matrons who obviously ran the camp. They had just come from what appeared to be an administration building standing on high ground just in front of the barracks-like buildings.

“You’ve all been chosen to come here for one week! This is, in a way, an honor camp! We want you to see what rewards you can get if you follow rules!” one woman said, lifting her chin slightly and talking at the top of her voice.

The prisoners all remained silent, terrified to speak, the boys being pushed to the left, while the girls huddled under a tall redwood tree.

“This is an honor for you. You’ll work here for three days, then return to the main building. Additional trips will depend on your individual behavior.”

Lisa grimly looked up at her friend, who was visibly trembling.

“You two over there. Come with me,” Gus said, motioning toward Lisa and Kathy.

Kathy turned white, but Lisa held onto her.

“Don’t let them know you’re afraid. That’s the worst,” she whispered, guiding her friend up the hill as the others watched them silently.

Lisa felt as if she had years of experience on Kathy. And yet she had only been imprisoned a little more than one week.


Lisa and Kathy walked for some time with two guards following them. Gus was whispering to the other guard as she and Kathy carefully picked their way up the hill, moving away from the main campground. Behind her, Lisa could hear the sounds of work starting. She was afraid Gus and his friend had other plans for them, plans that didn’t quite fit in with ideal prison life.

“Go for her!”

Lisa froze at the command, her blood chilling as she heard the rapid padding of footsteps behind her. But the tall red-headed guard shot past her, heading right for Kathy. Lisa gasped at what she saw. The big man grabbed the girl’s shoulders, swinging up on her back. His knees grabbed the teen around her hips, and he leaned forward, preventing her from falling backward. Then Lisa realized the man wasn’t wearing his jeans. He was buck-naked, his prick stabbing up against the girl’s dress. He was pulling and tearing at the material.

“No, oh no, don’t-don’t — aghhghghhh!”

“Go for it, Red! That’s it, man, fuck the bitch in the ass!”

Was he doing it? It was hard for Lisa to tell from where she was standing. Besides, she didn’t particularly want to see the man fucking her friend in the ass. From the girl’s screaming protests, Lisa thought the brunette was getting some cock in her shitter.

For a moment, Lisa thought Kathy would collapse to the ground. Red was thin and lanky. And her friend was far from big. Amazingly, the girl found the strength to walk, driven on by Red’s ass-slapping and obscenities. Kathy waddled, bent over under the guard’s weight.

Lisa looked the other way, unable to bear the stupid look of satisfaction on Red’s face as his prick fucked in and out of Kathy’s hot, squishy asshole. When Lisa stopped for a moment, she heard Gus coming up behind her. She didn’t want his cock up her ass. She would rather die than have him fuck her that way. She hurried forward, her feet bleeding from the rocks and rough round as she nearly caught up with the squealing Kathy.

Lisa wondered how Kathy could stand it. She had complained about getting raped the other day, and was hysterical in the cellar. Perhaps the threat of something more harmful than fucking had calmed her.

Again Lisa fell behind, stopping for a moment to catch her breath. A sharp pricking on her right asscheek made her scream, her knees jerking as she nearly fell forward on her face. Turning around, she saw that Gus was armed with a skinning knife. That was enough to give her strength. She watched as her friend trudged up the long hillside, reaching the top, then starting to go down. Kathy finally couldn’t go any farther, her knees buckling under her while Red beat her head and shoulders with both fists.

“You leave her alone, you pig! You — ahhh!”

Lisa had started to run to her friend’s assistance when she felt a rough hand slide under her dress, cup her ass, then pinch her asscheeks cruelly.

Lisa wheeled around, nearly falling to the ground as she slapped his offending hand away.

“Feisty slut!”

“You-you stop calling me names like that!” Lisa cried, hearing her friend screaming on the other side of the hill. “What’s he doing to her?”

“None of your fuckin’ business!”

Lisa backed away, her flesh crawling with horror as she watched Gus lunge for her. She jumped away. But her move wasn’t fast enough. He knocked her down.

With a scream, Lisa fell to one side, her head striking the exposed root of an old elm tree. Stretching her right hand forward, she grabbed a fistful of loose dirt and threw it at Gus, her knees digging painfully into the ground as she tried to escape. Catching her by the ankles, the big guard wrestled the teen back to the dirt, laughing at her and pulling her down the hill, while Kathy shrieked to the heavens.

“NO, no, don’t-don’t-don’t fuck me!” Lisa cried.

“Baby, that’s not all I’m gonna do to you,” Gus said.

She felt his fingers play with her asshole, then move up to her cunt. Desperately, the blonde teen tried squeezing her legs together while crawling back, the dirt caking around her exposed thighs and arms, while sweat streaked her flushed face. And then Gus’ hand was between her thighs, spreading them.

When Lisa started to fight back again, she saw something glitter in the air. It was the knife coming down at her. She screamed, one hand covering her throat protectively while the other was pinned between her body and Gus’. There was a stinging, slicing sensation on her right arm. With a sob, Lisa looked at a curving red line on the top of her arm. Blood oozed out, coloring her tanned flesh. He had cut her. And doubtlessly, he would cut her again, perhaps more severely, if she didn’t bend to his will.

“Over on that fuckin’ belly!”

She felt him grabbing her roughly by the hips, twisting her around and shoving her face in the dirt. He pressed the cold flat end of the blade against her throat, then brought it down slowly, letting the razor-sharp end of the knife barely cut her flesh, until Lisa was nearly hysterical with fear. If she moved, Lisa knew she could force the knife blade through her flesh.

Opening and closing her mouth like a fish, the young teen lay there quietly, her fingers clenching and unclenching as her cunt became warmer and tighter. Curiously, Lisa wondered what something so cold and sharp would feel like pressing against her hot outer cuntlips.

Gus cut the prison gown open from the back, the knife blade nearly cutting her ass.

Gus was having fun with her, twisting the blade, then bringing it around in a broad arc until he was tracing a thin line over her asscheeks. The young girl whimpered, digging her fingertips into the soft dirt as she listened to Kathy screaming from the other side of the hill.

Gus was slow and deliberate in moving the blade around in ever-decreasing circles, getting closer and closer to her shitter, until he was nearly touching the wrinkled flesh.

Lisa let out a gasp, her asscheeks clenching as she felt the knife pricking her asshole. Her eyes widened, her lips working against one another as her nostrils flared. It was awful! He was going to slice her open. Already he had cut her arm. The wound throbbed as he continued to play with her ass.

“Up on your knees, slut!”

The young teen rose from the dirt, her elbows bowing out as she stuck her ass in the air. The girl wanted to sink out of sight. She was exposing herself shamelessly to this man — out in the open, like some kind of stupid animal. Slowly, she brought her knees up, raising her ass. The wet, sticky line of her cuntslit was exposed. Gus fucked one finger up her cunt, laughing as he saw the jagged opening snapping shut on thin air.


Lisa felt it again, the awful steel tip pricking her ass. She closed her eyes and bit down hard on her pouty lower lip, mentally tracing the knife’s path. She could almost see it now as it moved around her ass, then slipped down to the curve where her ass met her thigh. The pressure increased as the surgically sharp tip slid closer to her cunt. Lisa wanted to scream. Her heart was beating so hard she thought it would surely burst!

Lisa could feel her pussy sucking in air, opening in uncontrollable spasms as the knife traced the outer line of her cuntlips. The moist, soft vulnerability of the area terrified her. She shivered, her face twisting into a mask of fear, while Gus began to hum some country and western tune behind her. Her eyelids wrinkled and perspiration began to drip from under her shaking arms.

The knife pulled away.

Lisa let out a soft sigh, feeling her body relax from the easing tension. Perhaps he had cum while watching her kneel under his attack.

Lisa felt a trickle of cuntjuice ooze from her pussy. She was about to turn around when suddenly a shocking chill froze the center of her cunt. The flat of the blade pressed against her wet fuckslit. Gus was rocking it from her cunt to her cunthole, watching as the girl nearly fell flat on her face.


Lisa wished she could have sunk into the earth at this point. She could feel her cunt cinching down on the blade, the cuntlips cutting themselves on the razor-sharp edges of the knife. She was slitting herself on the dagger!

Gus was having the time of his life watching her, purposely teasing her as he rocked the knife down, pressing the tip hard against her clit.

Lisa gasped. The pressure on her half-erect sex center created a shock as sharp as the blade itself. She arched her spine, presenting her open cunt eagerly for the big guard to stare at.

“Yeah, yeah, that’s the way, baby, move that ass!”

He slapped her ass with his free hand to emphasize his point. Lisa squealed with the blow, feeling her cheeks warm and redden.

“Man, oh, man that’s the way I like it — good and hot and ready! Your folks were right to put you away!” Gus shouted, moving the knife up a little and watching as her cuntlips milked at the blade. “We’re gonna give you plenty to think about before you leave!”

Lisa didn’t want anything to think about, here or later. She could only sense the rocking of the knife back and forth against her cunt. The repeated touch and the chill of the steel made the young woman hotter and hotter. Slowly Lisa became terribly aware of all the tiny cuts on the edges of her cuntlips. The stinging fuckjuice dribbling across the small wounds made her clit swell bigger and bigger, the tiny nub bloating up until it was red and throbbing. Lisa found a hotter, more intense lust flowing from her crotch. She fought with herself, knowing it just wasn’t right feeling something so good with Gus.

But still she couldn’t stop herself. Her pulse raced. She opened her eyes and looked over one shoulder. Gus was kneeling behind her, his pants down and his cock out, the fingers of his free hand stroking the thing harder and thicker.


The tip of the knife pierced her clit. The searing pain was inseparable from the electric thrill of the direct contact. Then some pussyjuice trickled in, stinging the wound and at the same time exciting Lisa more and more. Her pussy was on fire. The constant rush of fuckjuice across and into the slits was like salt rubbed into wounds. Her head throbbed from all the arousal. Lisa wondered what else Gus would do. Would he cut her throat, slice her open? The thought made her cuntjuice flow all the more.

Lisa felt the rising warmth of her aroused blush on her cheeks, tits and belly. The fiery sting in her cuntlips pushed her excitement higher. She hated herself for feeling excited.

“Man, you’re gonna burn my cock off when I fuck you!”

“Fuck — yes, fuck!” Lisa murmured, lowering her head and letting her hair sweep over her whitened knuckles.

Gus moved the edge of the blade back, cutting a groove down to the edge of her cuntmouth. The buzzing, spinning flashes from her clit slackened off. But the fear of having her throat slit still kept her heart beating.

Then the girl shoved her ass back at the big guard in a bold move. The tip of the knife slipped around the wrinkled rim of her cunt, then past the puckered ring of her shitter. Lisa wanted to hide her aroused pussy from the guard.

The spasm in her shitter let her cunt unclench. Air in her overheated fuckhole blew out. She shot a quick look over one shoulder again to stare at Gus. He still stroked his long thick cock, oblivious to her noisy cunthole.

Lisa knew she was shaming herself. Her body was hungry for his red-knobbed prick. She wanted Gus to fuck his cock into her raw, hungry cunt. The tender tissues were still raw from all the cutting, but she needed to have something in her, something stretching her, scratching all the hot, throbbing, itchy cuts the knife had made.


Gus had poked the knife at the rim of her asshole.

Lisa stiffened, her ass bobbing and weaving as she cried out with shock.

The pinprick stabbing forced the gray rubbery ring of her shitter inward, barely breaking the skin. The same forbidden pleasure she got from shitting after a spicy meal rose in her guts. For a second, the girl let herself imagine the unnatural probing of Gus’ cock in her asshole. Fucked in the ass! Lisa nearly laughed, throwing her head from side to side. What a whore she was becoming!

Gus was breathing heavily now, his breath catching as his fist moved faster and faster over his cock. He poked the tip of the knife into her puffy cuntlips, then drew it back until he cut into her asscheeks. Lisa groaned, her head spinning.

She was confused, feeling fear and pain and arousal all mixed together. She rolled her thighs from side to side, arching and shoving her punctured ass back at him. It was all she could do to keep from cumming right against the wonderful slicing knife while Gus jacked off behind her.

“Oh, oh!”

“That’s it, bitch! You really want this cock in you, don’t you? The idea of gettin’ sliced and fucked at the same time turns you on, huh?”

“No, no!”

Her protests were weak. The cuts around her slippery cunt were like small fires in her flesh. The entire cunt blazed with heat and stinging pain. Lisa’s sweat trickled into the bleeding cuts making them burn and itch. She felt the oily, slippery sweat rolling down her thighs and mixing with her cuntjuice.

“So, you like lookin’ at my cock too, eh?” Gus had caught her swinging her head around once more and staring at his big prick.

“Okay, baby, take it, take my cock!”

Lisa wanted to tell him she wasn’t a slut. She wanted to scream out that she was a good girl, a decent girl as her mother had told her time and time again. But her cunt wouldn’t let her.

She felt Gus kneel closer behind her, his hands grabbing her hips as his prick stabbed blindly against the sides of her cunt. The head of his prick slipped into the wet crack between her cuntlips. A salty drop of cum on his cockhead set the wound in her clit on fire. It burned like acid. Lisa rolled her hips forward, bending her spine. The cockhead lodged in her cunthole as she felt the cold knife resting against her jutting shoulder blades. Gus was moving the blade up until the sharpened edge was shaving flesh from her throat.

“Now, nice and easy, nice — uhhhh!”

He was scraping more and more flesh, making the girl’s eyes widen, while her head shivered and shook with terror. She could only hear the pounding and rushing of her pulse as he bore down to fuck her. His long, thick prick slipped into her cunthole, easing down and prickling at all the sensitive cuts, while Gus moved the knife blade around until it was just opposite her throat. The heavy, fear-driven flow of her cuntjuice and the arousal made Lisa’s tissues more and more slippery for the raping cock.

Once Gus had fucked his prick halfway into her torn, dripping cunthole, he let go of her hips and shifted his grip to her ass.

Pinching and squeezing her asscheeks, the big guard brought the knife back down to her spine, shaving the sharpened edge over the bumps and hollows of her spinal column. Lisa shuddered under the attack, shoving her ass back, squeezing her cuntal walls together and milking the big stud, hoping to bring him off quickly.

She loathed the man whose prick fucked deeper and deeper into her pussy by the second. But she hated herself all the more for letting him do it. The dog-like position made her feel degraded. But the worst part of it all was the response of her body. She found she actually enjoyed the pain and agony. She had secretly enjoyed what Anna had done to her. And Elena’s electrical torture had aroused her to no end. Now the awful rape was turning her on. She couldn’t hide it from him. Gus could see it in her, and he took advantage of her perverted lust.


Lisa hunched back against the guard even harder. She wanted him to hurt her as his long thick cock was shoved up into her fuck hole. She felt the cockhead beating her womb, drawing out, then slipping back in. Then Gus moved the knife down until he had it back against her asshole.

Lisa let out another cry, her nostrils flaring as she pushed back and jerked her ass up. She could feel the sharp blade prickling her shitter, stabbing into the wrinkled flesh as his cock fucked down hard.

Again and again the girl tried to stop the chain of dreadful events. She protested against what her body was doing, against what Gus was doing to her. But the guard only moved the blade farther against her shifter, pricking more of the gray wrinkled flesh, until Lisa learned to keep her mouth shut.

She swallowed down a lump of fear, feeling a terrible tightening in her chest and throat as she tried to draw in more air to feed her bursting lungs. Gus thought she was protesting against his cock rather than against her own pleasure. He slapped her ass viciously, bringing the flat of the knife blade against her throat again as he draped himself over her. She felt his panting breath against the back of her neck. In a moment, he was biting her, threatening to tear her flesh from her body as she sobbed and gasped.

Lisa screamed, the teeth on her neck making her throw her head back. She raised herself up on her arms, the constant movement of her ass continuing. She had to have that hot, hard release now. The knife, the humiliation, the fucking, everything pointed to that need. Behind her, she knew Gus needed the release too. She felt his belly slapping loudly against her bloodspotted ass. She felt the wiry hairs of his cockbush against her pricked asshole. Every scratchy curl, seemed to find a little cut near her shitter. The itching, burning sensation in and around her cunt and ass drove her half mad. She shoved back against the big man’s pounding cock, her ass arching and thrusting as she fucked herself toward a climax.

Gus pushed his free hand at her sensitive nipples. Lisa grunted and sobbed with the pain. The combination of the stretching in her cunt and the gouqing, nasty pain around her nipple filled her mind. All she wanted was to have those feelings increase until the pain and the swelling, spinning knot of tension in her belly swept over her.

Lisa cursed and shouted, her head rolling. She could hear Gus laughing at her, calling her all sorts of names as he fucked into her like a maniac. He nearly upended her more than once with the force of his blows. The soft firmness in her ass intensified, her asscrack grabbing at his cockhair as she and Gus fucked back and forth on the ground. The driving thrusts of the guard’s prick and the bucking agony of Lisa’s body filled the air with groans and sighs.

“Man, oh, man, gonna shoot! Gonna shoot my fuckin’ cockhead off in your pussy, baby!”

“No, no, take it out, you pig!”

Lisa shivered, feeling a rush of chilly heat sear her clit. Gus’ confession sent streamers of weird delight racing through her body. She growled like a dog, a low harsh noise that tore at her throat. The whirling knot of lust in her crotch was about to explode. She hated the excitement, the lust, and the cock that was causing it. Gus was riding her expertly, riding her into the ground.

Lisa tried to hold off. The great blasts of heat in her pussy grew and grew. She heard the squishing of her juices between the heavy slaps of his belly against her ass.

The tension in her pussy was building, making her clamp her cunt tightly. Lisa grit her teeth. She had no energy left for growling or gasping. All her energy was focused in on her cunt.

Then the tension in her belly slipped. Lisa let out another cry, feeling Gus’ cock stiffen.

“Fuckin’ slut!” Gus cried out at her, drawing the knife around her asshole, then pushing it in a little before finally letting it drop with a thud to the ground.

Lisa heard him grunting heavily, his breath breaking. She readied herself. With a furious savage jab, Gus banged his cockhead against her womb. Blind with determination to ruin him, she held on.


An explosion of cum erupted inside her. Lisa could feel the hot gush of spunk spattering against her cuntwalls, burning them like acid. She gasped, blowing out the breath she had held as her pussy buckled in from the sexual heat.

The first massive fuck-jolt of her orgasm shattered the girl completely. Her shitter went into spasms, wringing tighter than ever before. Her hips moved uncontrollably. Lisa heard herself screaming as Gus’ teeth broke through the skin of her neck. Another blast of cum struck deep in her belly.

The terrifying impact of her orgasm ripped outward from her cunt. Lisa felt it in her nipples, fingers and knees. The punctured skin around her cunt and shitter was on fire. After each shivering throb of her cuntwalls, the ripples left a mad echo of emptiness that stopped the pain until the next spasm.

Lisa sobbed, knowing that she couldn’t stop herself. She was no better than a slut, a whore. They could do what they wanted with her, and she would just go along.


It was all Lisa could do to walk after the maddening fuck. Gus had recovered quickly enough, slipping the juice-smeared dagger back into the case hanging from his belt and drawing his jeans back up.

Lisa stumbled upward, holding the slit back of her dress together while picking her way over the uneven ground to the top of the hill. She gasped, holding one hand over her mouth. Red had tied Kathy to an old dead tree. He was taking off the last of the reign from her wrist, catching the naked girl throwing her over his right shoulder.

“I’m gonna have to carry the bitch!”

Lisa stumbled down the hill, scraping her knees and elbows painfully, while Gus kicked small stones and rocks into her face. There was a large cabin at the bottom of the hill, a thin wisp of white smoke drifting from the brick chimney. She stopped once she reached the bottom of the hill, hearing Kathy’s sobs. The girl was barely conscious, looking up at her friend with tear-filled eyes.

There were sounds coming from inside the cabin. Then Elena strolled out onto the broad shaded front porch, her hands on her hips. Lisa nearly fainted from shock. There was no hope for them now!

“Bring them inside. We’re ready.”

Elena eyed Lisa. She no longer wore her uniform. Dressed in tight-fitting riding pants and a white blouse, she nodded in Kathy’s direction. Red dumped the girl onto the ground. Kathy rolled over twice before coming to a stop.

When she heard Elena approaching, she managed to draw herself together and stand shakily in front of the matron.

“He-he raped me! He raped me and tied me up and-and…”

Her voice faded as Elena’s face grew hard. Jerking one hand up, the matron brought the back down hard against the girl’s face, knocking Kathy to her knees.

“You don’t have to tell me stupid, foolish things. Of course he fucked you. That’s all you’re good for until you show us otherwise. Meanwhile, you’ll be used for our pleasure — and your own enlightenment,” Elena said, her voice softening a bit as she looked at Lisa.

Gus shoved the blonde forward, muttering something in her ear.

They all walked into the large cabin. Immediately, Lisa could see it was no different than the torture room she had endured back at the institution. This was, of course, far more secluded. Undoubtedly they could do even more here without the worry that someone might accidentally overhear them.


Kathy backed away as Red took more rope and bound her arms behind her. She dropped her head, her body bending over as he threaded the line around her wrists, cinching it tight. He pulled the rope tight, making sure the girl’s cries shrilled high before he stopped.

Kathy staggered forward, her head down, her brown hair covering her face. Lisa gasped when she saw Elena pick up what appeared to be a black leather dog collar and slip it around the girl’s neck, adjusting it until she could hear the teen gagging. Kathy brought her head up, her eyes wet with tears, pleading with the head matron to stop. Elena ignored the girl, slipping the buckle tight against the back of her neck.

Next Elena took a red handkerchief handed to her by Gus and pushed it into the teen’s mouth. Red pulled a roll of masking tape from the drawer of an old desk pushed to the side and tore off a piece, wrapping it around the girls head to keep the handkerchief in place.

Kathy struggled, her arms bulging against the ropes as her lips worked against the handkerchief.

“Bring Johnny out here. Johnny is going to be an old friend of yours if you don’t obey,” Elena said.

“What-what’s Johnny?” Lisa asked, pressing her fingers against her thighs.

“We have him here, although he’s been known to make one or two trips back to the main building with us. Here he is.”

Lisa found herself staring at a long pole mounted on a brass, circular stand. Instantly, the girl saw a thick ten-inch pink latex dildo standing straight up from the top. She pressed one hand over her mouth as Kathy screamed wide-eyed through the gag. Her cheeks reddened with the effort, and she backed away from the awful thing.

Red and Gus were on her in a second, each one taking an arm and lifting her effortlessly off the floor. Her toes scraped along the polished wood and her tits jiggled teasingly together.

Kathy jerked her head from one side to the other, the leather collar cutting into her throat. She looked wildly at Lisa as if the blonde teen could do something to help her. Lisa shook her head, her hands still pressed against her mouth in horror as she watched the men raise Kathy over the dildo. Centering the teen’s cunt over the smooth pink cockhead, they began to lower her.


Kathy’s eyes were so wide Lisa thought they would pop from her head. Her chest rose and her forearms shuddered with horror. She kept kicking her legs out, scissoring them back and forth while her head snapped back and forth. The girl was hysterical, the cords sticking out from her throat as scream after strangled cry barely escaped from the spit-soaked gag. Lisa saw her friend stiffening the second the dildo touched her cunt.

Both Gus and Red worked slowly now, twisting her body back and forth with easy, screwing movements, lowering the girl onto the awful dildo. Groaning, Kathy closed her eyes and surrendered as they pushed the greased pole up into her cunt.

Lisa let out another cry, watching as her friend’s legs kicked out once more. She could see the head of the plastic prick disappear under the bushy brown hair of her friend’s cunt. Kathy stiffened, her head rolled back, her eyes wide and unblinking as she stared at the open-beamed ceiling overhead. Her fingers worked against one another as more and more of the long, thick dildo fucked into her pussy.

Gus and Red stopped for a moment, shaking the sweat from their foreheads, then lowered Kathy down until nearly half of the dildo was buried in her cunt.

Twisting the girl around completely, they laughed at her cries, raised her up a little bit, then brought her back down, her legs swinging helplessly against one another and against the men. The muscles in her legs and arms bulged against her sweaty flesh, and her eyes reflected the pain and humiliation she was enduring.

Elena was resting against the desk, tapping one forefinger against her chin and watching the scene with bright, glowing eyes. For one mad second, Lisa thought of scrambling from the table and making a break for it. Surely she could run outside and disappear in the woods. But then, where would she run?


Kathy let out one last protesting grunt before going limp.

“Hey, c’mon, baby, you can’t faint on us now. Come on, get up.”

They dropped her down two inches. The jabbing sensation of the pole against her cuntwalls woke the teen. She screamed, jerking and twitching as they finished.

“Okay, Kathy. You’re all the way down. You can stop yourself from goin’ down farther by just shovin’ up with your toes. Careful now, or you’re gonna tip the stand over, and that’s gonna fuck you up real bad, understand?” Red asked, patting the teen on the thigh.

Both men backed away, looking at their handiwork with growing satisfaction. Kathy explored her situation, looking down, then curling her toes and pushing up as far as she could, until her arches ached from the pressure. Pushing and screwing as hard as she could, the young teen couldn’t slide off the dildo.

“That’s right,” Elena said, tilting her head back and narrowing her eyes. “The dildo’s shoved up so far you won’t be able to jump off. I suggest you relax and enjoy it. You can fuck yourself all day with Johnny and not worry about the cock going soft.”

The dirty language seemed shocking, coming from Elena’s mouth. But then, Lisa thought, so was everything the woman did. Shifting her gaze back to Kathy, the blonde teen saw her friend’s gathering panic. She was still standing on tiptoe, staring wildly at her feet and moving from side to side while grunting through the spitty gag. Twice she tried sliding off the dildo, and twice she failed.

“There, she seems to be adjusting to it.”

“Sure wish I was a gal with somethin’ that nice to sit on,” Red said, running his fingers through his hair and laughing at the girl.

“She ain’t had one bigger than that, but I bet she’s sure gonna want one after she gets used to fuckin’ herself on that mother.”

Kathy flashed scarlet, staring with fear and humiliation at her tormentors.

“She probably ain’t gonna want to leave this place by the time we get through,” Gus said, scratching his prick through his jeans.

Lisa stared at him, wanting to mash his balls with her bare feet. Only Elena’s presence kept her from doing something so foolish.

“You try jumpin’ up and down on it, girl. It’s gonna feel damned good,” Red said, roaring with laughter as he walked up to the girl and tried to push her all the way down on the stabbing dildo.

“You’ve had your fun with her for the time being,” Elena said, her burning eyes the only indication that she was enjoying the scene. “But you’ve forgotten Lisa, our new — uh, guest. Take her and bind her to that pole the way I told you to earlier.”

The men looked at one another, then grabbed the protesting teen, shoving her past Kathy. Gus ordered the teen to bend down, pulling her torn gown from her shoulders and tossing it onto the floor.

Lisa did as she was told, keeping her hands on her feet and spreading her legs apart. Elena walked behind her, noticing the cool jizz oozing from her pussy. She smiled with approval, inhaling sharply. Looking up, Lisa could see Elena’s nipples poked against the front of her white blouse. She was enjoying this terribly, watching the two girls being tortured this way. And now there would be more rope, more bondage.

Behind her, Lisa could hear Kathy struggling on the dildo, her cunt spread wide open by the thing as the girl fought to get off. Standing on tiptoe again, she fell when a cramp attacked her arch, fucking herself painfully.

Gus returned with two long pieces of quarterinch line.

“That’s fine. Keep your wrists on the tops of your feet, dear. You’ll enjoy this, I’m sure,” Elena said.

Red dragged a heavy board over to Lisa, throwing it over the tops of her feet. The girl squealed with pain, then set her jaw firmly, determined not to yell the way Kathy was. Gus bent down on one knee, slipping the rope around her ankle, then pulling it over the wood. Fixing the rope in a surgeon’s knot, he slid across the floor to her other wrist and did the same thing. In the end, Lisa found herself spread apart as before, her cunt exposed and her pricked asshole stretched, while her ankles and wrists were bound together and attached to the board.

“Now, walk,” Elena said, tapping Lisa lightly between her jutting shoulder blades.

Walk? Was she serious? Lisa wondered.

An impatient slap across her ass told the girl she was. With difficulty, the teen pushed one foot forward, feeling the cutting pain of the board against her ankle. Wincing, Lisa pushed her other foot forward, nearly losing her balance with the effort. Elena moved behind her, smoothing her long fingers over Lisa’s naked ass and letting one finger slip into her cunthole. Lisa let out a gasp but said nothing.

“I see Gus has been a little cruel to you. Well, that’s to be expected,” Elena said with a sigh, glancing over at the guard. “He had his way — with knives, especially. But I suppose you know that already.”

Lisa walked, starting to master the awkward way in which she was roped. Waddling like a crippled duck, she moved around the large room, her hair curtaining her face as blood rushed to her head. At times, Gus or Red would kick her, slapping her ass and laughing, while Elena looked on, pleased with her handiwork.

They forced Lisa to walk around the room three times, her tits swaying as they pinched her ass until she squealed. But Elena soon tired of the game.

“We’re here for more interesting games. We’ll see just how strong Lisa is — and Kathy. If they’re really strong,” Elena said, “then perhaps they’ll have earned themselves some good-time. And good-time means an earlier out.”

Oh, yes, yes! Good-time! Lisa felt herself growing stronger, her soul hardening to steel as she watched them. She would get out early come hell or high water!


A pillory of sorts was standing in front of her, dragged out from a small room just to the right of the main section of the cabin. There were holes meant for arms and legs cut into the yellow pine. To one side was a three-legged stool, the seat of which had been modified to support a twelve-inch dildo that appeared to be made, of steel. Unlike the one currently fucking Kathy, this one seemed more threatening, deadly in the way it reflected the single overhead lamp.

Lisa shrank back, feeling Elena’s steely fingers gripping her and pushing her forward. As the woman pulled her toward the odd block, she could see a bench several inches higher than the two top arm-holes. Her eyes narrowed, examining the stool, and discovered several straps of thin black leather fastened to the wood. Again she pulled back, whimpering softly, while Kathy began riding her dildo in earnest.

“You seem a little afraid. Here. This will be a little more amusing than what your friend’s doing. Besides, this will teach you the discipline we want you to have — in your bones, so to speak.”

Elena let her go for an instant, opening the bottom half of the makeshift pillory while Gus scooped the teen from the floor and pushed both legs in. He held the twisting girl, who was too terrified to make too much of a fuss yet still protesting against the rough, splintery feeling of the hewn wood against her flesh. Elena dropped the device down, locking a small padlock to secure it, then moving around to the top.

Lisa knew what she had to do. Meekly, her eyes lowered, the girl thrust her arms into the top holes, grimacing as Elena closed the top portion snugly against her forearms. Gus moved away, letting the girl sag down, her asscheeks spreading open from the weight of her hanging body. Lisa blushed furiously, knowing full well something awful would happen now. She looked from the men to Kathy, then to Elena. She could see something odd in their eyes, a kind of anger and lust mixed together that made her shiver in the stocks. Gus moved around to her ass, smoothing one hand over her asscrack and starting to stick his right forefinger into her, cunt.

“No! Not yet. She has to be primed, just as always.”

“Not all the time,” Gus muttered, reluctantly backing away and sniffing the heated cuntjuice on his digit.

“And you don’t look too comfortable, dear. We have something for you to rest on. But then of course, you saw what we have for you to rest on.”

Elena moved the stool up to Lisa. Instantly, Lisa knew what they were going to do. Jerking her head to the right, she looked at Kathy, her legs spilt apart, the awful dildo slipped into her fuckhole, slick now with her hot juices.

She was going to have the sane sort of thing up her cunt, only this one was cold steel. Her cunt buckled, puckering tightly as the tendons in her thighs bulged against her flesh.

Elena was moving the dildo to Lisa’s ass, watching her closely, her thin lips curled into the awful smile that made Lisa shudder as if she’d just stepped on a dead rat. Elena slipped both hands under Lisa’s ass, raising her asscheeks up a few inches as she pushed the stool forward until the silver dildo was directly under her cunt.

Lisa chewed down on her lower lip, her eyes closing as she felt the cold touch of the dildo against her pussy. This would be her next lover, that dead thing pushing into her. And yet — and yet in some mysterious way her body was starting to respond to what was happening around her. She felt a sudden glow wash over her flesh as her body responded against her will. Heat concentrated in the furry bundle between her legs as Gus and Red watched with increasing interest. Kathy was nearly forgotten off in the corner, impaled like a pinned butterfly, while Elena gently lowered Lisa’s ass down onto the jutting steel dildo.

At the hard touch of the dildo, a jolt of terror mixed with a strange kind of hope raced through her mind. Her tits were itching and her fuzzy cunt was generating more and more heat. It was odd the way the smooth thing was unsticking her cuntlips, stretching them thin while burrowing into her overheated pussy. A knot of tension formed between her tummy and her cunt as Elena pushed down a little harder.

Lisa started to tense, her legs, pushing up, trying to stop the inevitable, although she knew it was foolish and futile. In a way, the girl wished she could control the tremors that ran through her cunt. It was maddening to feel so good while knowing she was being tormented and laughed at as if she were some odd laboratory animal.


It was going in steadily now, pushing aside the hot, tumid cuntmeat, stretching all the secret pink hollows of her young pussy while making the girl buck and writhe. It was magic, a kind of magic that brought tears to her eyes as she let them fuck her with the thing.

Lower and lower she went, until the teen felt her cunt boiling with juice and heat, her cunt rubbed up to near climax. Deep in her body, only inches away from the tip of that steel dildo, her womb was starting to spasm.

“Uhhhhhhh, oh no, no, don’t!”

She was full of the dildo, stuffed with the steel until she opened her mouth to gasp. Her body shivered against the pillory and her eyes clenched tightly shut. Lisa refused to look at any of them, turning her head away, keeping her eyelids shut, and in the distance, she could hear Kathy moaning.

“Attach the wires!”

Lisa started, opening her eyes and looking at the tall matron. Wires? Electricity? More current? She tugged frantically at her hands, hurting her already-scraped wrists while Elena busied herself stretching the black wires leading from the dildo to a small gray box Lisa hadn’t noticed when she first entered the cabin. There were wires leading from the thing Kathy was impaled on as well. She could see they were going to hook all of the wires together.

“Pull the gag out of that one,” Elena said, nodding in Kathy’s direction.

Gus complied while Red helped the matron screw the two wires into two brass leads at the back of the transformer.

“This isn’t your ordinary train transformer. They can kill,” Elena began to explain, sweeping one hand over the dials. “We’ve developed this sort of thing for treating patients in mental institutions, although now this sort of thing is frowned on. Too bad, but I’ve found other uses for it. It can discipline one without really causing damage as the commercial transformers can. The secret is all in the amperage. Here, do you want to see what it can do?”

Lisa dispaired. She knew Elena was going to show her, one way or another. The matron switched on the box, then turned it so Lisa could see the two pulsing needles in the small plastic bubbles in front. The girl was mesmerized by their movements, nearly thinking that their pulsing matched the throbbing going on in her cunt. She moved her ass ever so slightly, feeling the warming steel rub up against her cuntwalls. The sensation was delightful. Her cuntlips snugged up against the rodding dildo, milking it as if it were a cock.

“No, don’t — oh God, they’re going to electrocute ue!”

Kathy was hysterical, staring bug-eyed at Lisa as Gus finished wiring her up. Lisa wanted to offer some word of encouragement, something that would ease the teen’s mind. But there was nothing to be said. She couldn’t comfort her now any more than she could have in that awful cellar where they’d huddled.

Lisa looked away, wishing she could draw her hands out of the stocks and cover her ears to block out the horrible sounds of Kathy’s plaintive cries. She felt her cuntlips tingling and tightening around that steel dildo, milking at it. Then there was that awful humming sound, the sound she’d heard before in Elena’s office.


There was a sharp jolt, one that made the girl jerk up on the dildo and nearly shoot off the thing. Her arms pulled wildly at the stocks, and her legs jerked back and forth as best they could.

Lisa cried, blinking away the tears, remembering how awful it had been in Elena’s office when the woman had fried her with the current. Again the matron shot her a jolt of current, watching as the teen stiffened and rose up on the dildo, her muscles spasming and her arms and legs knotting involuntarily.

Gus moved around and put both hands down on her shoulders, shoving her down until her ass nearly touched the bottom of the stool. Lisa shivered, feeling the cold steel stretching her cuntwalls even more, rummaging through her young body. It was terrible feeling split by something so hard and unyielding. Oh, how much better it was to have a man fucking her! She would have preferred to have Gus or Red fucking her.

“Now, to be fair, we’ll give Kathy something to think about.”

“No, no!”

Kathy’s face whitened, her eyes riveted to the box, while sweat coursed down between her jutting tits. The young teen was panting like an animal, her roped hands behind her back moving slightly up and down and her toes curling against the copper stand. Elena smiled, turning the second dial and watching as Kathy’s face jerked, snapped, then slackened.


The teen impaled herself competely on the dildo, sinking all the way down and nearly tearing her body in two while the current soared through her body. She screamed and shouted, her head lolling from shoulder to shoulder as her nipples turned the same color purple her lips had. She slobbered and groaned, her eyes rolling up into her head until only the whites were showing.

Elena turned the dial down, frowning at the girl’s reaction.

“Obviously, we must be more careful with her. She’s more sensitive. Well, that can be arranged,” Elena said. “Now, we’ll play a little game. I enjoy games, don’t you? All you have to do is tell me to give the other girl more current, then what you’re experiencing will be gone. That’s easy enough, isn’t it?”

“Oh God, no, no!”

Kathy was still hysterical. She looked at the machine, having since regained her balance and voice. Elena shook her head, looking at Lisa and smiling.

“You first, as you’re the strongest.”

Lisa braced herself, murmuring a prayer as she watched Elena’s fingers tighten around one knob, then suddenly switch to another. It was a big surprise for Kathy.


Again the girl screamed and jerked like a crazed puppet, her legs kicking out, her knees jerking together, then snapping apart, her belly ballooning as if she were about to give birth.

Kathy snapped back, her lips working against one another, her teeth chattering as she cast one baleful look at Lisa, then shouted, “Her! Her! Give it to her! She can take it more than I can!”

“Well,” Elena said, arching one eyebrow and looking meaningfully at Lisa, “we certainly know who our friends are, don’t we?”

“Oh, God!”

Lisa felt her thighs tightening, her fingers and toes curling until they cramped. There it was, that same, tingling feeling. Only this time it was concentrated in her cunt. She felt the tiny muscles become rigid, gripping the steel dildo and shaking it while her head fell back, her long blonde hair sweeping over her ass. She thrust her ass up, her tits flopping forward as her nipples hardened like two glowing rocks. She felt herself cumming, a small, fiery climax that exploded between her legs and took her breath away.

Lisa let out a blasting breath, her teeth chattering. Elena was studying her, smiling, knowing full well what had happened. There was another burst of current, snapping the girl and making her spine rattle as her fuckjuices were starting to fry under the steady sparking current of the gray box.

“God, give some back to her!” Lisa moaned. “Let her enjoy this!”

Elena smiled at Lisa, switching the dial down and twisting the second up to the third notch. Kathy’s hair seemed to stand on end, and her legs scissor-kicked back and forth. She bounced up and down on the dildo, her tits jumping to her chin and slapping back down against her chest, while her asacheeks jiggled like two white pillows against one another. She was gagging, hardly able to get a sound out from her throat as she looked wildly about the room. Her shoulders hunched forward, her face a mask of agony as she stared at Lisa and tried to speak.

“Lisa! Lisa! Give it to Lisa!”

“I’ll give it to both of you since you both enjoy it!”


Lisa protested. But it was too late. She could smell the burning flesh as Elena turned both dials to the fifth setting. Her eyes blurred as her cunt fried under the current. Jerking and twisting against the pillory, Lisa felt her pussy go into spasms that wouldn’t end. It was an infinite cum, one climax after another that took her breath and strength away. Her torso flopped back and forth while her head smacked twice against the top edge of the pillory. In the vague distance, she could hear Kathy shouting and cursing, her body bouncing up and down the pole like the horse of a merry-go-round.

Lisa found herself scratching at the pillory with her fingernails, crying out again and again as she fucked her cunt down onto the dildo and nudged her womb with the rounded, sparking tip.

Lisa wasn’t sure what was happening next. The men were rushing around and Elena was doing something with the box. In a moment, she saw a set of white legs draped loosely over the top of the pillory while something dark was shoved into her face. Rearing back and rolling her eyes up, she realized it was the halfconscious Kathy, her ass flattened against the splintery top of the stock and her cunt drooling fuckjuice as her heels rested against the front of the pillory. She had her eyes closed, her long brown hair clinging damply to her cheeks and forehead. She looked drunk as Gus pushed her cunt closer to Lisa.

“Eat it! Eat it, or I’ll turn the dial up to ten!” Elena shouted.

Her voice was thick, breaking at the end. At a setting of five, the girl thought her pussy would fry up. Quickly, she pressed her lips against her friend’s pussy, tasting the pungent flavor of the girl’s pussy. Kathy let out a moan, some of the current from Lisa’s body passing to her cunt through Lisa’s tongue. In a moment, she was making strange wheezing sounds, her cheeks puffed out and her eyes glazed over.

Lisa began a steady falling and rising action on the dildo as she started pushing her tongue into the teen’s cunt. She wanted to feel more slaps, more whips, more belts as she twisted her shivering white ass on the steel pole. Slurping harder into Kathy’s hot cunt, Lisa drew her tongue up the hot pink flesh, sticking it in at times. Kathy’s fleshy legs folded over Lisa’s face, pressing in as she rode the teen’s tongue.

Lisa found herself beyond pain. The pressure in her tummy was growing more and more as her arousal increased. Somehow she managed to rise and fall faster and faster, moaning against Kathy’s cunt. The resulting vocal vibrations drove the teen half wild, her body lurching forward, perspiration streaking the sides of her face.

Lisa liked the idea that her friend was enjoying the cuntlapping. She bobbed up and down on the dildo even more, feeling the thing rummaging around in her cunt. She loved that sensation as she pushed her tongue in all the way, stiffening it and fucking it in and out as if it were a cock.

Kathy was riding Lisa’s tongue and moving her ass back and forth as much as she could while working her fingers against the binding ropes behind her back. Gus was rubbing up against her, obviously wanting to fuck her. But Elena was firm, calming him down with a stare while closely watching Lisa.

The blonde teen was moving faster and faster, the pressure building up around her cunt, the top of her pussy knotting up with cramps while her clit throbbed and jerked as if it would rip off. Her legs shivered and cuntjuice spurted from her hot, hairy pussy.

Lisa groaned, fucking her tongue in Kathy’s cunt as fast as she could, concentrating on the hot tight feeling about to explode with the fury of a burst dam.

And then it happened. Her ass bounced furiously up and down on the stool, nearly upending it as Kathy squealed and twisted above her. Both girls were cuniming, feeling their cunts explode as the electricity sparked heavily into Lisa’s body. She squeaked, tightening her cuntmuscles around the dildo and drawing it in deep as the powerful spasms hit her pussy.

“Uhhhhhhh — ooooooooh!”

Lisa calmed herself, letting out a long sigh as Elena finally turned off the transformer and passed a shaky hand through her black hair. Gus took Kathy from the top of tbe pillory, laying her on the cold floor as Red moved in and slipped the stool and dildo away from the young blonde.

Lisa almost hated to have the dildo slipped from her cunt. It had felt good and hot and hard in there, pushing up into her pussy and rummaging around. But she knew there would be more.


The trip back to the correctional institution was somewhat disappointing. Lisa had hoped that somehow she could have learned if her performance had somehow shortened her term. The others around her sat sullenly, talking about all the hard work they had to do and the poor food they got.

“The slop’s better in jail than that bird shit they fed us out there,” one girl said bitterly, tugging at her stringy black hair.

Lisa sat quietly, her hands in her lap and her mind whirling around wildly. She thought about all she’d endured, the fucking, the beatings, the electricity. She looked around the small truck at the other girls and wondered if they’d done the same thing. No one was talking much. That was usual. They had been kept separate for the time they’d been at the institution, meeting only briefly for meals.

Looking to her right, Lisa saw Kathy. She was half in a catatonic state.

When they arrived, the girls filed out quietly, their heads down and their eyes showing the defeat and disappointment each felt.

“You! Not yet!”

It was Gus’ voice sounding in the air like a gunshot. Some of the other girls turned and smirked as they watched the guard swagger up to Lisa and catch her by the arm. She was so used to abuse she didn’t even cringe, grimly wondering what else he had in store for her.

“You wanna get outta here — fast? You know,” he said, panting down her neck and making her flesh crawl. “I got a way with Elena. She likes you, but she’ll listen to me if you go along.”

Lisa turned, staring him squarely in the eye.

“In other words, you want to fuck me, or do something, without Elena knowing, right?”

She was surprised at how hard her voice sounded. She was becoming seasoned, hard as diamonds, and she had them to thank for it!

Gus grinned, scratching his flat chin and leering down at her. “Just be ready, that’s all.”

Be ready. The words made her shiver as she thought of all they could mean. All through the day as she scrubbed floors, swept down the sterile halls and avoided Kathy’s pleading glances when she could, Lisa thought about freedom. Yes, she would do anything to get out of here. Surely they couldn’t hurt or humiliate her any more than they had. Toward the end of the day, she felt hungry and weak. It was hard to get her thoughts to focus. She squeezed her eyes shut, trying to press the fog away. She put fingers over her face, dragging her skin down. The tips of her fingers were hard.

Then a hand on her shoulder made her jump. Gasping, Lisa spun around, seeing, the white, stony face of Anna, the floor matron.

“Come with me!”

Lisa glanced up. It was four-thirty, the time when most of the girls had finished with their work and had returned to their cells before dinner. Classes of various sorts were to start around seven-thirty and last until ten. The classes, however, were a terrible joke. Everyone knew it, including the so-called teachers, who were more into leering at the girls than teaching.


“You heard me! You’ll be excused from classes if need be. I hope you enjoyed yourself at camp,” Anna said almost as an afterthought as she led the girl down the corridor to the stairs. “We did our best to bring some of the boys from the correctional center to — uh, amuse all of you.”

Lisa let out a hard laugh, shaking her head and shuffling her sandals over the smooth tiles. She had no idea where the matron was leading her. They passed, she thought, the room where she had initially met Anna. Through the door, Lisa thought she could hear screams. Another victim, Lisa thought grimly, quickening her pace as Anna turned her in one direction and pushed her down a narrow corridor.

Lisa put one hand to her throat, her cuntlips starting to tingle and rub sexily aver one another. They were going to do something to her, something that would excite as well as terrify her. She wrinkled her forehead, curious to know why she was growing more and more delighted by these sessions.

Anna stopped her, putting a hand on her shoulder and holding her back while opening a small brown wooden door to her left. Lisa stepped back, wrinkling her nose and feeling bile rising in her throat. It smelled awful — a latrine, or worse, she thought.

“Why are you so picky all of a sudden?”

Anna pushed her in, and Lisa slipped on the greasy floor and fell flat on her face. She put her hands on either side of her shoulders and pushed herself up, shaking the hair from her eyes and staring wide-eyed around her. There was hardly any light, objects looming in the shadows nearby.

Then the girl saw movement to her left. Drawing her hands back, she rolled back onto her ass, her coarse woolen dress gathering up around her thighs. Frantically, the teen pulled down the hem, drawing her knees together and still trying to act modest in spite of what had happened to her at the institution thus far.

It was Gus and one other man she hadn’t seen earlier. They were coming at her, while Anna’s thick-thighed silhouette blocked the doorway. Lisa backed into a corner, pressing her fists against her thighs and feeling her ass pillowing up against the wall. Gus bent down, curling his thick fingers around the top of her dress and tearing down.

Lisa screamed, beating at him as he ripped open the front of her dress. Her legs swung around in front of her, her ankles striking the big guard as he hauled her out of the corner and flung the teen face-down onto the floor. Yes! It was urine! She could smell the awful odor now. Gagging, Lisa pushed herself up. She would rush past Anna and and run somewhere.


Gus put out one foot, tripping the girl and sending her sprawling once again against the floor. Lisa slid on her chin, bruising her palms and cheeks. Her knees hurt her terribly. Sobbing, she felt Gus gripping her by the hair and pulling her back, her eyelids fluttering and her legs dragging behind her.

In a moment, Lisa felt something very hard and cold strike against the back of her head. Turning slightly, she saw it was an old-fashioned bathtub — high, wide and white, with porcelain legs. Lisa struggled against the man as he scooped up her legs and threw her into the bathtub.

Lisa quickly jerked her arms up, protecting her tits, which had spilled from her ripped-open dress. Both men were standing at the foot of the tub now, and Gus was bracing his thighs against the front.

“Well, are you going to just stand there, or do it?” Anna asked dryly from the doorway.

Gus turned around and gave her a grin, then reached down, opened his fly and pulled out his cock. The other man did the same, unable to keep his eyes off the girl. When Lisa began to move back, Gus walked around to the side of the tub, catching the torn section of her dress and ripping the garment open as if it were made of tissue.

Lisa cried out, grabbing at the rough material and trying to drag it back over her exposed body. She knew what being naked meant — pain, horror, humiliation. But Gus only laughed, at her, throwing the dress onto the filthy floor.

The first man was closing his eyes now and rolling his cockhead between his thumb and forefinger. He was young, Lisa thought, almost like a teenager, although in the dim light it was hard to see well. He was handsome, attractive. She looked at him, wondering if he would help her escape from this horror.

“Uhhhhghhhhh! No! No! Don’t!”

They were pissing on her. She could feel the hot watery sting of the hot urine spattering against her right ankle. Feeling her throat constrict, the teen slid all the way back. The stream splashed over her tits, then back down onto her belly, until it was slicking down over her thighs once again. Lisa could feel the hot piss spattering around her cunt, the droplets wetting down her tummy and tits. Gus moved around, aiming his cock at her face.

Before she could think twice, Lisa felt another hot stream of piss spatter against her right cheek. She screamed, bringing one hand up to her face and protecting it while scooting to the other side of the tub. Urine gurgled down the tiny drain in front of her, slicking down the surface of the tub. Reaching up, Lisa tried gripping the curled lip of the bathtub to haul herself out. But Gus brought his piss-stream up to her mouth, drawing a line across her lips and up to her eyes. The girl gagged and fell back, striking her head against the back of the tub. The young boy was moving the yeliow stream up and down her belly now, stinging her nipples, then bringing it down to her navel, where urine gathered in a sickening yellow pool.

Lisa crawled forward, her hair dripping with piss as her fingers sloshed through the hot, oily, smelly liquid. She smelled like a toilet! She hated herself, loathed herself for submitting to this ultimate degradation. The girl hauled herself to the opposite end of the bathtub and rested her chin against the edge. Fighting for breaths of air, the young teen sucked in gulps of oxygen, aware that Gus had moved around now and was in front of her.

He gripped her hair, tearing back so hard her mouth opened automatically to scream. Gus managed to block that by sending a stream of piss down into her mouth.

Lisa was horrified! Her eyes widened and deep, gagging sounds ripped from her throat. The young teen fought back with everything she could. Lisa could feel the piss sloshing around over her teeth, spattering over the back of her throat and slicking down her tonsils until it swirled around and spilled over her lips.

Gus’ cock went dry, and he threw the girl back as if she were trash. Lisa struck her head on the tub edge, sprawling over the surface.

“I’ve got some more. Wait,” the young boy said, spreading his legs and bringing his knees up against the front of the tub.

It was useless, Lisa thought with a sob, feeling herself fall into a faint. The young boy, whoever he was, was as corrupt as they were.


She lay there in a pool of urine, the smell of piss rising sickeningly from the tub and her body like a deadly vapor. Lisa let out a sharp laugh, then fell back into the pool of piss.


Lisa never thought of herself as particularly weak. Still, she hadn’t managed to keep conscious after the men had pissed on her. Vaguely the girl remembered someone washing her. At least there was the dream of being ducked in cold water and scrubbed.

But when they carried her to a cold, hard table, Lisa couldn’t fake her unconsciousness any longer. She felt something hard tapping insistently against her right arch.

Someone struck her foot hard, the pain shooting up her thighs and crashing into her brain. Opening her eyes and dragging her foot back, Lisa found herself staring right into Elena’s pupils.

“You’ve passed all the tests — as best as anyone can at your age,” Elena said. “Now you’ll be ours — forever! And you’ll carry that mark with you.”

Lisa looked around frantically. Anna was there. So were Gus, Red, and the young boy, who was more handsome than she had originally thought. He looked down at her, his eyes glittering, feasting on her naked body.

“Gus, tie her down. This will be only for a second.”

Lisa saw she was in a small room. Raising her head slightly above the wooden table, she saw Elena’s office through a half-opened door. The room was bare except for the table and what appeared to be a large metal pot of some sort sitting atop a cabinet. There was a sour, pungent aroma in the air like gasoline, something that made her skin tighten.

Lisa felt Gus pull a rope over her ankles, drawing her arms back until her big tits were pulled flat. Looking down, she saw Anna hand Red more rope, stand back, cross her arms in front of her and watch approvingly. It was as if she were in some sort of initiation, with all of them watching as judges.

Lisa twisted her head around just in time to catch Elena opening the cabinet door to pull out a poker. When she watched the head mistress thrusting the iron into the large pot and heard rattling sounds, Lisa immediately knew that the poker was a branding iron, and she was to be its next victim. The cords stood out in her throat, and her arms and legs writhed against the cruel bonds.

Lisa didn’t care if the rope burned her flesh. She didn’t care if the splinters on the large butcher’s table pricked her ass until the skin began to seep tiny drops of blood. She screamed, beating the back of her skull against the table as Elena slowly, deliberately and calmly thrust the poker in and out, in and out, heating the disc at the end until it was red-hot.

The young man walked forward now, unable to keep from touching her. He ran his fingers lightly along her ridged thighs, gently caressing her, then moving up until he was tracing them over her nipples. Just as Elena drew the poker from the coals, the young man twisted her nipples cruelly, his blue eyes growing more and more intense as the teen writhed in agony. He was pulling her heavy tits up by the nipples, crushing the rubbery tips until hot flashes exploded through her chest and cunt.

Elena smiled, nodding in Gus’ direction. The older guard pulled the boy away and whispered something in his ear, something that pleased him very, very much.

Elena moved over to the bench, looking down at the girl. At the end of the poker there was the glowing disc. Elena’s fingers were tightened around the wooden handle as she brought the branding iron directly over her belly, slowly lowering it, watching the girl twist and squirm below.

Lisa watched the poker, her eyes wide and her head shaking, her fingers working against her sweaty palms. Her body glistened with perspiration as she writhed against her bonds. The girl could feel the splinters sticking into her asshole now, producing a hot sensation that radiated to her cunt. Elena brought the branding iron down a little farther, until it was less than an inch away from the flesh of her right thigh. She could feel the stinging heat reddening her flesh, making it blister as she whimpered and strained to be silent.

Elena moved the poker closer and closer to Lisa’s cunt. With a whispering crackle, the first few curly hairs on the teen’s cuntlips burned.

Lisa let out another whimper, unable to stand the pain, and unable to comprehend the pleasure coursing through her pussy that made her clit stand on end and throb like a festering wound.

“Look, Claus, she’s aroused, just as I said she would be. This is a special girl,” Elena said, her voice low as she moved the iron up to Lisa’s nipples. Lisa let out another cry, her tit tips burning under the branding iron. “This is a girl who will mature into a fine woman, a woman who understands pain and pleasure!”

Lisa fought the idea, shaking her head and denying it in her soul as she lay helplessly on the table. The poker dropped a little more. The pain was horrible. It felt as if Elena was burning her with flaming gasoline. Lisa screamed as Elena dropped the poker against her right thigh.


The ropes groaned under her straining body as the teen arched her spine and jerked spasmodically against the bonds. For a moment, Lisa thought she would faint. But her mind and will were too strong. She felt the hot iron burning through her flesh, sending hot and cold throbs of pain crashing through her body as the smell of burning flesh filled the tiny room.

Lisa sagged back down to the table, sobbing, tears flowing from her eyes. She felt stiff and awfully weak. Yet there was a kind of anger that flowed through her now, an anger directed at no one in particular. She saw Elena getting something from the cabinet, flipping open the top of a can and spraying the small burned area of her thigh. Lisa winced, the stinging pain nearly worse than the hot burning agony that had nearly made her faint.

“Disinfectant,” Elena said, putting the can down. “Now, you’re one of us — one with the institution. We have to leave an impression on you — and the other girls here. You have one more job to do. And then, Lisa, dear, you’ll be a trustee of sorts.”

Gus and Red released her. She rose from the table, wrapping her upper arms modestly over her tits, her legs swinging back and forth. Elena and Anna led her through the doorway and down the hall.

When they entered another room, Lisa saw five young girls, still in what she would call their outside world dresses. They were huddled together, their eyes wide with surprise as Lisa walked in stark naked, the burning red circle on her right thigh all too obvious.

Lisa turned and saw what had been occupying their attention until she had arrived. It was a wood-framed rectangular contraption — a frame within a frame. The inner rectangle was attached to the outer one by two large wooden pegs, enabling the smaller frame to swing around. And tied to the corners of the twin boards were quarter-inch black leather thongs.

Lisa blushed and looked down as Gus led her to the frame. The other girls glanced up, their lips trembling and tears spilling as Lisa stepped into the frame. Gus stretched her arms out and fixed her hands on either side of the inner frame. Lisa wondered what was in store for the girls, and what Gus was going to do to her here as she stood naked in front of them all.

The blonde teen had little time to think, though. Gus fixed her ankles to the bottom of the inner frame, snapping two iron cuffs over her feet to hold them in place. Backing up, he grabbed the smaller rectangle with one hand and pulled on it.

Immediately Lisa swung forward. The inner frame rotated until the girl was upside-down, her long blonde hair splashing over the floor and her tits pillowed against her chin.

Gus pulled his belt from his pants, doubling it, then bringing the black leather down hard across Lisa’s ass. But instead of the agonizing pain Lisa had earlier felt, there were explosions of hot lust, making her cunt simmer and her body shiver under each savage blow. The welts, red marks and streaks of blood that began to appear just under her tits all were delicious to the young teen.

The girls watching didn’t see her leer of pleasure, however. They hugged one another, screaming at each dry smack of the leather belt. They watched as Lisa’s upside-down body shook and twisted with each biting slice of the weapon.

Grabbing hold of the frame once again, Gus twisted it around until the girl was upright once more. Lisa swallowed hard, her head still spinning while her flesh glowed with the heat of the recent whipping. When she blinked her eyes clear, she saw two men — Claus and Gus — standing there with their cocks out.

Gus went first, standing on the foot of the frame behind her as the handsome young guard gripped his nine-inch prick and stuck the fat prickhead up against her greasy, bloated cuntlips. Lisa threw her head back, pulling at the ropes when she felt the double-lobed cockhead fuck into her cunthole. Then hot shivers made her asshole spasm as Gus fucked his prickhead against her shtitter. Soon both men were fucking her at the same time, with Gus’ knees pressing against the backs of her legs while Claus sealed his mouth against hers and shoved his long cock into her pussy.

The girls were hysterical now, sobbing and groaning as the two cocks sawed away at Lisa’s body. She felt splitting pain radiate out to the curves of her ass, and her knees trembled. Fucked in the ass! And by that animal! But having Claus fuck her cunt took away from the revulsion she might have felt earlier. Elena was right. She was enjoying this immensely, her grunting moans filling the room and accenting the cries she heard from the other girls.


She screamed her climax shamelessly, throwing back her head and writhing as both men emptied their balls into her. She could feel Gus’ cum sucking down her bowels, giving her the enema of her life as Claus’ prick made her cunt-walls buckle in on his spitting cock.

When they finally stepped down and zipped up their trousers, Lisa looked around the room. The girls were appropriately cowed. Lisa looked away, feeling a kind of power rising in her. Yes, Elena was right. She was a special person. They had trained her and turned her into one of them.

And as Gus began unbuckling the straps holding her hands to the frame above her head, Lisa looked at the young women in front of her and wondered who — if any of them — would first taste her own version of cruelty in the days to come. She didn’t think she would be leaving the institution soon — not when she had so much to learn. Elena, in the end, had won.

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Every Guest Was Good

It was Henry David Thoreau, in Walden, who remarked, “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.” This statement appears to be just as true today as it was then. Perhaps it is even more valid today considering the pressures and frequent monotony of today’s world.

The majority of today’s men and women live in boring circumstances, and when the opportunity for change arises, they are often quick to seize the chance. For the characters in this story, the opportunity is one which many would consider perverse and deranged for it is one of incest. But it provides a release and a need. All morals and scruples are cast aside in a moment of madness — a chance to grab pleasure before it is taken away.

EVERY GUEST WAS GOOD — a novel about the quiet desperation in so many of us — and the extremes to which it may drive us.


The storm struck with a sudden and savage fury.

It was a freak storm, unpredicted and unexpected, and it was going to have a profound effect on the lives of several people who had been strangers before the storm, but who would be thrown into intimate circumstances by it.

Anna and Richard Wellington were in their car, driving home from an evening at the Riverview Inn.

Claire and Jason Curtis were still at the Riverview Inn, slow-dancing to the jukebox.

Their sexy teenaged daughter, Barbara, was entertaining her boyfriend, Nick Hannible, at home, taking advantage of her parents’ absence.

The links between these various people were only circumstantial up until the moment when the storm began to rage with an abrupt fury.

But those links were going to become far more concrete in a very short time.

Anna and Richard were going home to fuck.

They had been watching Claire and Jason grinding together on the dance floor and it made them both horny. They didn’t know the other couple, but that made no difference to their arousal.

Richard was turned on by the voluptuous blonde woman in the tight sheath dress as she pressed her lithe loins to her partner’s groin. Anna was excited by the well-hung bulge in Jason’s pants and she, too, was fascinated by his curvaceous wife — because Anna, although she was a happily married woman, swung both ways — with her husband’s approval.

If they had been introduced to the other couple, they might have tossed out a few hints about doing some spouse-swapping, but it was hardly the sort of thing one could suggest to total strangers, so they decided to go home and fuck each other while each enjoyed some lurid fantasies about the couple who had inspired their passion by dancing so provocatively.

Richard was at the wheel and raven-haired Anna was snuggled up to him, her head on his shoulder and her hand rubbing his groin.

They had gone some distance and were driving through a quiet residential district when the rain began to fall, not in drops, but coming down in solid sheets, as if they had motored into a waterfall.

The windshield wipers couldn’t cope with the sudden deluge and visibility was nil. It was impossible to drive on.

Richard pulled over to the curb and stopped, grumbling in annoyance.

By sheer coincidence, he had pulled up outside the house where the couple who had made them horny lived — and where their daughter and her boyfriend were ardently making out on the couch.

Intimacies were impending.

“Shit — I wonder how long this fucking storm is gonna last?” Richard muttered.

His cock was as hard as a rock and his cumbags were full, and he was eager to get home and sink the one into his wife and empty the other up her cunt.

Anna was just as eager to get stuffed and pumped full of hot, thick spunk.

But it would have been fool-hearty to have attempted to drive on under the circumstances, no matter how horny they were. They were hoping that the rainstorm would abate as quickly as it had begun and allow them to proceed with their plans. But it showed no signs of letting up in the slightest, pelting the car like hail-stones and turning the windshield opaque.

Anna was still stroking his big cock through the material of his trousers, but that loving caress was only making Richard’s frustration greater.

“This reminds me of when we were dating, darling — how we used to park,” she sighed.

That, in turn, reminded her of the things that they had done in their courting days.

She gave him an impish look. “Want a blowjob while we wait?” she offered.

Richard most certainly did…

Claire and Jason were the last customers at the Riverview Inn and were just about to leave when the storm began to pummel the windows savagely.

“Jeez — we can’t go home in this,” Jason said.

He had a hard-on, and her pussy was steaming from the dance-floor action. They stood by the door, as frustrated as Richard and Anna, who just happened to be parked outside their suburban home.

John Knight, the tall, handsome guy who owned the Riverview Inn, wandered over.

He had a bulge in his pants, too.

Knight, like Richard and Anna, had been watching the slow dancing and getting turned on.

He smiled diffidently.

“I got a room upstairs. You’re welcome to spend the night here. Only, uh, only there’s just one bed.”

They looked at him and he shrugged.

“It’s a big bed, though,” he added. “Plenty of room for the three of us.”

“That will be okay, won’t it, darling?” Claire asked her husband.

“Sure — it’ll be a ball,” Jason replied. John Knight had struck it lucky.

Barbara Curtis had her tongue down Nick Hannible’s throat when the telephone rang.

She broke off the embrace with a sigh and went over to answer it. If she had looked out the window, she would have seen a strange car parked in front of the house, but it would have meant nothing to her — yet.

She picked up the phone and spoke briefly.

When she returned to the couch, she was smiling with delight.

“That was my mom,” Barbara said. Nick arched his eyebrows. “They aren’t coming home tonight, darling,” she added significantly.

“Oh, wow!” Nick cried. “Can I stay?”

“Oh, yeah!”

And so the cast was assembled and the stage was set.

The storm had created a drama of desire…


If they couldn’t see out of the car, conversely no one could see in and so, although they were parked in a residential neighborhood, the Wellingtons were safe from prying eyes, and Anna had no qualms at all about sucking her husband’s prick as they sat in the car.

It would be a great way to kill time and relieve his frustrations — and her own, as well, because the raven-haired woman adored taking it in her mouth, and she always got her rocks off when she was drinking her husband’s cum — or any other guy’s, for that matter.

“Yeah — go down on me, baby!” he gasped.

She unbuckled his belt and unfastened his waistband, then pulled the zipper down with teasing pauses. She reached into his fly and hauled out his huge cock and swollen balls in one meaty handful.

She gazed down hungrily at the tasty feast.

He had a hammer-headed cock, the knob of his prick seemed to glow a dull red, like a smoldering ember. His cockshaft was long and thick, as hard as iron and seamed up the underside by a pulsing ventral vein as thick as her little finger.

His balls were as big as melons, making her drool at the prospect of drinking what they held.

He heaved his cock up toward her face. Anna leaned over and started working on his balls. She purred as the nutty goodness of the gamey ball-bag hit her tastebuds.

She licked all over the bloated bag, then sucked on his balls greedily, as if she were trying to suck his cum right through the flesh — to drink his fizz straight from the swollen source.

“Ahhhhh!” she moaned.

“Yeah, kid — tongue my nuts!” he grunted as she worked on his meaty prick.

She groveled on his groin, her tongue sliding back to the crack of his ass. But it was too awkward to rim his asshole as they sat in the car, although she always loved a snack of shit-ring, and she worked her mouth back up to his balls and sucked them some more.

His prick was vibrating like a struck tuning fork and gooey pre-cum was oozing from his pisshole.

Anna began to lick up the underside of his cockshaft, running her tongue up along the ridge of the throbbing vein and lapping up to his cock-knob.

Goo gushed down his cock-shaft, and she gathered it up and savored it, then she swallowed it, whetting her appetite. “Yummy!” she moaned.

Her parted lips ringed the base of his cock, and she pulled her mouth up and down the long shaft as if she were playing a flute.

More preliminary spunk flowed and dribbled into her mouth.

Anna was enjoying this suck-job, but his piss-slit was weeping so heavily by this time that she was afraid that he might blow his wad too soon — before she had his bulging cockhead where it belonged.

She licked his cock-knob, laying the slimy slopes and licking his pisshole, slurping up the spunk as it came pouring from the cleft.

His pre-cum was creamy and as rich and thick as heated honey. She lapped it up and swallowed it with relish, becoming hungrier by the moment.

Richard was spilling out the goo so lavishly that he had already fed her as much as the average man would have when he got his rocks off.

And she still had more in store for him.

She licked, then let her lips part, slowly feeding his cockhead into her hot mouth.

He placed his hand on the back of her dark, glossy head and pushed firmly down as he humped up, fucking deeper into her face.

“Ummmmm — ummmmm!” she purred.

“Suck it, baby!”

Anna needed no coaxing.

She began to bob her head up and down, feeding all of his massive cock into her mouth and throat. Her chin brushed against his balls, and her nose nestled in his bush, and her lips were plastered to the hairy hilt of his cock-stalk.

Her magic mouth was making Richard surge steadily towards the crept.

“Gonna cum, baby!” he gasped.

“Yeah-yeah! Slime me, darling!” Her pleas were choked off as her throat was clogged with his cockhead, then she sucked back up and panted. “Jizz for me, honey! Feed me your hot, thick spunk!”

His cock seemed to hiss between her lips, and she was making lots of suction sounds in her feeding frenzy.

“Here it cums!” he howled.

His balls blew as she swallowed.

His first gooey geyser splashed the back of her throat and poured down her belly in a steamy tide, so that she didn’t even get a taste of it.

But she sucked back up to his cock-knob and the second squirt gushed over her tongue, thrilling her with the taste and texture of his jizz.

She sucked and swallowed, swallowed and sucked, and he kept on pumping the jizz out, spurting as her head bobbed down and spraying out more as she pulled up.

She milked his cock dry and drank all of his jizz.

Richard sighed and slumped back.

His balls were slack and drained now, but his enormous prick was still fat and firm.

Anna kept on sucking for awhile, then she drew her spunky lips off his cock and used her tongue to slurp up the stray cum that had escaped her lips and trickled down over his balls.

She raised her head and opened her mouth so that he could see the last traces of semen coating her pink tongue in a creamy film. She gulped the last of it down, swallowing with her mouth open for his benefit.

“Nice!” she purred.

“Oh, baby! You got a mouth like a vacuum cleaner!” he wheezed. “You damned near sucked my asshole inside out, you sweet cocksucker.”

She kissed him lovingly on the lips, grinding her gooey mouth to his passionately.

Richard knew that now that she had sucked him off, she would be keen to get fucked. But they were no longer a courting couple and the thought of fucking awkwardly in the car didn’t turn him on.

He wanted her spread out naked in bed. He lowered the window and looked out, squinting through the falling rain.

“There’s a light on in the nearest house,” he said. “I wonder if they can put us up for the night? We sure as hell can’t drive anywhere, and, what with the storm and all, they might have a spare bed for us.”

Anna agreed that it was a good idea. The sooner they were in bed, the better. Her cunt had creamed when his cock had exploded, but she was still hot to get a good, hard screwing.

They got out of the car.

Richard stuffed his still-stiff cock back into his pants and zipped it up, then they dashed up onto the front porch.

The porch was enclosed and sheltered from the storm. Richard approached the front door — but Anna had paused to glance in the window.

“Ooooh! Look, darling!” she whispered. Richard came back and looked in — and grinned.

A pair of teenagers were necking on the couch.

Richard and Anna had no idea that the girl happened to be the daughter of the sexy woman and man who had been dancing at the Riverview Inn and who had caused the watchers to get randy.

But the girl was turning the Wellingtons on even more.

Because Barbara Curtis was sure doing a lot more than dancing!


Barbara and Nick had been seeing each other steadily for several weeks, and they were both eager to fuck — but so far they had not had the opportunity.

Their love life had been limited to heavy petting, giving each other handjobs and dry-humping.

They generally made out on Barbara’s couch when he visited her at home, and, because there was always the danger that her mother or father might walk in on them, they hadn’t dared to start sucking or fucking and, in fact, they had never even seen each other naked.

The storm that prevented her parents from coming home was a Godsend to the teenagers.

Of course, it was also proving a blessing for Barbara’s mom and dad and a lucky guy who was sharing a bed with them, and it was also giving another couple a thrill as they played the peeper on the porch.

But the kids, didn’t know about those things.

Barbara was a bouncy and nubile nymph, with golden-blonde hair like her mother’s and showing every promise of developing as spectacularly as that voluptuous lady — and of using her charms just as effectively, too.

Nick was tall, athletic, and hung like a stallion.

Barbara loved to play with his huge prick — and if jacking him off was such a treat, she could hardly wait to get his prick stuffed up her pussy.

They French-kissed and felt each other up, unaware that there was a fascinated audience who, seeking shelter from the storm, had found a passion play in progress — just the sort of thing the Wellingtons loved.

“Wanna get naked?” Barbara asked, her lips teasing his.

“Yeah!” Nick exclaimed.

They began to strip.

Richard had his eyes glued on the gorgeous girl, and Anna was looking back and forth, turned on by both of the sexy teenagers. Anna loved young meat of either gender.

The kids got naked and cuddled up again. Nick felt her tits, and Barbara stroked his prick and cupped his balls, lifting the heavy sac in her palm.

Her pussy was open, and pussyjuice was flowing down her crotch like a swampy waterfall. Cuntjuice was seeping into the crack of her ass and a damp, sticky patch was spreading out on the cushion under her.

Nick fed her a tongue sandwich.

Barbara sucked on his tongue and, naturally, she thought about sucking his cock.

He kneaded her plump tits and pulled at the explosive pink nubs of her nipples, making her whimper.

“We gonna fuck, baby?” he croaked. “You bet your ass!” she panted. He started to lower her down along the couch, but she struggled back up.

They had the whole night together now, thanks to the storm, and Barbara didn’t want to rush things. She wanted to do everything, but by gradual degrees, lingering over each stage from foreplay to finale.

“Let’s fool around first,” she sighed. She leaned over his lap and gazed adoringly at his huge cock. She frigged down with her fist, skinning the head out in a naked slab of purple meat.

Pre-cum oozed out abundantly. “Don’t jack me off!” he squealed as her hand pumped up and down again.

“Why not?” she giggled.

“Ain’t we gonna screw?” he whined.

“Sure. We can fuck all night, Nicky. You can fuck my sweet ass off. But you’re gonna shoot off right away, the first time, right?”

He nodded.

“I don’t want you to cum as soon as you shove it up my twat, baby. If I pump you off for starters, you’ll be able to fuck me longer, right?”

He grinned, seeing the clever logic in her statement. Now he was grateful that the storm had allowed them to spend the whole night together.

And the idea excited the voyeurs, too.

Seeing a handjob was as good, in a way, as seeing some fucking and sucking — because Anna got to see all the jizz when it spurted out.

Barbara bent over Nick’s groin, her tits jiggling saucily, staring at his meatrack fondly. Whacking him off always gave her a thrill, and tonight it would be all the better. Knowing that his second hot load was destined to be spilled in her pussy.

She began to frig him rhythmically, and he humped up from the couch, fucking her fist.

Preliminary goo washed down his meaty cockshaft, greasing her strokes. The heel of her hand hit his balls, then she pulled up to the cock-knob. His cockhead was flaring out, lathered with a spunky seepage. It looked like a fat purple plum coated with whipped cream.

She leaned lower and twisted her torso from side to side, brushing her tit-tips against his cockhead. He nudged his prick into her cleavage and shoved up again, fucking her titty tunnel.

“Cum, Nicky!” she moaned.

Her blonde head was hovering over his cock, eyes glazed with lust, lips parted and panting. Her breath was wafting over his. “You’re gonna get a faceful!” he warned.

“Ummmmmm — good!” she sighed.

She jacked faster, squeezing his throbbing cock-stalk as she pumped merrily away.

“Milk my meat, Barb!” he croaked.

“Ummmmmm — shot off for me!”

His balls surged and exploded violently.

His prick jolted in her hand as the fuckjuice came spurting up through the core of his cock.

A creamy geyser of goo shot out and splashed on the blonde girl’s chin. She squealed with joy and pumped away, jerking him off steadily.

Jizz sprayed all over the place, drenching her tits, soaking into her cleavage, skidding along her chin and lacing her parted lips. She had cum in her blonde hair and a squirt went up her nose, making her sputter.

His cock was pouring the stuff out like a cornucopia full of cum. Her face and tits were lathered, glistening like a glazed donut.

His nuts drained off slowly and a final squirt skidded over her cheek.

Nick gasped and slumped back, grinning with pleasure. She kept on frigging away to make sure that she had coaxed out the last drops.

His balls were deflated — but his big cock was still standing rampant and tall. A single handjob had hardly diminished his virility at all.

Barbara was sure glad of that.

So were Richard and Anna.

Anna was pressing her nose to the window, fogging the glass with her heated breath.

Richard was standing behind her, his groin jammed tight to her solid ass. He held her by the hipbones and ground his hard-on against her ass.

Anna reached behind her and fumbled around, opening his fly and hauling his cock out. His prick was huge and hard as if he hadn’t gotten his rocks off in a week, despite the lavish load he had spurted into her mouth just moments ago.

Anna yanked her skirt up above the hips. Richard tugged her bikini panties down her legs, and she kicked them off.

Holding his cock by the root, she guided the bloated crown into her cuntslot. She worked it around, using the knob of his prick like a ladle to stir her honeypot of a cunt. He grasped her hips again, ready to hump.

She leaned back, resting her head on his shoulder and moaned. “Shove it up me, darling…”

Richard shoveled the cock to her, sinking in balls-deep on the first thrust. He held it all buried as she fondled his balls in her groin.

Her cunt was working on his prick, the inner rings rippling up the length of his cock as if she were jerking him off with her pussy. The wet walls of her cunt molded to the contours of his huge cock.

He started to slide his cock in and out, feeding it to her pussy.

She took a few fuck-strokes, then tightened her grip on his balls, restraining his movement.

“Wait, honey! Don’t fuck me yet! Just leave it all up me for awhile — while we see what those naughty kids are going to do next.”

Richard, who shared her enthusiasm for voyeurism, figured that was a good idea.

They stood there, coupled, his flat belly tight to the curves of her ass, waiting for the teenagers to put on another erotic performance.

They didn’t have long to wait.

But first there was an interruption.

The phone rang again.


“Jeez, I hope your mom and dad ain’t changed their minds.” Nick groaned.

“Me, too,” she whimpered.

What a fucking tragedy to have jerked him off if they were soon to be interrupted!

The naked blonde jumped up, tits bobbling, ass wriggling, her cuntjuice spilling down her inner thighs. She bounced over to the telephone and answered cautiously.

Then she smiled and spoke.

She returned to the couch, her attitude telling Nick that all was well.

“It was your mom,” she said. “She was worried about you trying to get home in the storm. I told her you were gonna stay the night in the spare bedroom and she said that it was okay.”

The storm had worked its wonders again. And it was also more than okay with Nick Hannible’s parents.

Gus and Gloria Hannible liked to fuck and suck a lot, and it was always embarrassing to have their son home and know that he could hear them — which he sure could, because his sexy, redheaded mother was a real loud fuck, especially when she was creaming off.

Gloria returned from the phone and told Gus that they had the house to themselves tonight.

“I wonder if Nick is fucking that sexy little Curtis girl?” Gus mused.

“Jealous, darling?”

Gus grinned sheepishly. “Wouldn’t you love to screw her yourself?” Gloria asked, as she began to undress.

“Well… she is a doll,” he admitted. Gloria shoved him down and squatted over his face, moving her pussy around enticingly. His tongue snaked up to meet her pussy-muff and he began to suck her cunt with relish.

Gloria knew that her husband was probably thinking about their son’s sexy girlfriend as he munched merrily away in her cunt.

But she didn’t give a damn what he was thinking about, as long as he pumped her pussy dry.

And she screamed so loud when she melted that even the neighbors could hear her noisy joy.

Barbara sat down beside Nick again and kissed him with her spunk-soaked lips. His cock was half hard. She avoided contact with it, not wanting to take a chance of bringing him off a second time by hand.

But she played with his balls, feeling them balloon, as another arm load seeped into his sac.

To titillate him and speed up his revival, she drew back and ran her tongue across her lips.

“Your cum tastes scrumptious!” she sighed.

Nick stared at her in awe. He knew that Barbara had fucked a few boys before they met, but he had never been sure if she was a cocksucker or not.

Barbara cupped her bouncy tits in both hands, lifting her tit-mounds and deepening the cleft between them. Her head bobbed down, and she licked her swollen, cumsoaked nipples, still watching Nick, thrilled by the look of lust that masked his face.

“Ummmmm! Yummy spunk!” she sighed.

She was putting on quite a show for her boyfriend — and for the people on the porch, too.

Richard Wellington would have dearly loved to sink his cock into the nubile teenager’s cunt.

And Anna was thinking what a treat it would be to stick Barbara’s tits and cunt, right after she had fucked her boyfriend.

The Wellingtons weren’t humping, but Richard’s prick was pulsating in Anna’s pussy, and her cunt muscles were sucking on it, giving bun a meat massage.

It took a lot of willpower not to start ramming away in a randy rutting.

But they waited — and watched. “Jeez! You like the taste of jizz, huh, Barb?” Nick asked.

“Ummmmmm! It’s delicious!” Barbara purred as she tongue-spooned some out of her cleavage.

“Do you give head, baby?”

“Sure!” she chirped impishly. “I blew Tommy Jones and Doug Mitchell a few times.”

They were her previous boyfriends, and the knowledge made her current boyfriend groan with jealousy. But jealousy, being also a powerful aphrodisiac, made Nick’s prick pulse, which was precisely why Barbara had mentioned her previous experiences.

“How about blowing me, then?” Nick croaked.

Barbara looked demure and coy. “Well, I might. I don’t know, though. If I suck you off, will you still be able to fuck me?”

“Oh, yeah! Wow, I can cum lots and lots!” Then he added an inducement. “I’ll eat your pussy, too!”

Lucky kid! Richard thought.

Anna thought precisely the same, being hungry for both Barbara’s cunt and Nick’s prick.

Anna squirmed on a cuntful of her husband’s cock.

Cheek to cheek, the Wellingtons peered through the window, engrossed in the drama unfolding within.

Barbara licked her lips. “I’m in the mood for a mouthful, Nicky.”

Nick felt like he’d won the lottery. Barbara leaned back, resting her blonde head on the back of the couch. She formed an oval with her sensual lips and her tongue curled out teaser fashion.

“Fuck me in the mouth, baby. Use my mouth for a cunt.”

Nick got up on his knees beside her, his cock looming out over her thrusting tits. The knob of his cock seemed to glow like a lightbulb.

Barbara went cock-eyed as she gazed at his prick, turning her attentions to the meaty cock-knob.

Nick rubbed his prick against her fat tits, then against her chin. The slimy cock-head was leaving a spunky trail.

He rammed it against her lips. Her mouth parted wider, stuffing it in.

Barbara tipped her neck and took over half of the elongated cock-stalk before it clogged her throat and made her gurgle.

Her cheeks were sucked in, and her pliable lips looked peeled open around his cockstalk as she mouthed his prick. She purred and moaned with pleasure, dancing her tongue against the veined underside.

Anna was emulating the action in the living room. Her mouth was working as if she, too, were sucking a prick — and she sure wished that she was.

Richard glanced at Anna’s face and saw how hungry his wife looked. It made his cock surge inside her pussy. He knew that Anna adored sucking off young boys and that was fine with him — as long as she told him all about it afterwards or, better still, if she let him watch her do it.

They were both wondering if the young couple would welcome some like-minded guests.

But later — at the moment, the Wellingtons were not about to interrupt the action they were watching.

Nick began to fuck Barbara’s mouth, fucking her mouth and back into her gullet. Her lips were stretched wide as his cock meat hissed in and out.

Barbara gagged as he rammed his cockknob back into her throat. But she took it gladly, then sucked every sweet inch of his cock as he pulled back.

His prick came out glistening with her slobber and streaked with pre-cum. She fingered his balls, then looped her hand back under his groin and nudged her middle finger into his asshole.

Nick jerked as if electrified.

She was fingering the root of his hard-on from inside his asshole. His cock jolted savagely. He wondered where she had learned that little trick — but he figured it was better not to ask. It was bad policy to look a gift horse in the mouth.

Barbara gulped some preliminary goo with a gargling sound, sucking like crazy.

He held her face between his hands and shagged the meat in, burying almost all of his cock into her mouth. His balls banged against her lips.

“Cum, baby! Feed me some fuckjuice! Umphhhmmmffff! Give it to… Ahhhhhh! Whitewash my throat — gluggggg!”

Barbara was begging for his jizz on the backstrokes and sputtering as he rammed his cock into her throat.

His balls went off like time bombs.

“Swallow it, Barb!” he wailed as his jizz started to spray from the end of his cock.

“Glubbbb! Glubbbbb! Glubbbbb!” she gurgled as she drank from his cock.

His cum was as thick and rich and sweet as condensed milk, and the blonde girl was gulping it down. She drank most of it, but his load was so huge that some of it overflowed her lips and spilled down her trembling chin. Slimy gobs of jizz fell on her tits.

“Don’t stop, baby! Keep cuming!” she moaned, when he missed a stroke.

The potent youth rammed in and poured more jizz onto her tongue. The slime was sizzling on her tongue and swirling in her mouth. Each time she swallowed a mouthful, he topped her up again.

He face-fucked her, draining off spurt by spurt, finally beginning to flag and falter as his balls deflated and the last of his juice ebbed out.

He stopped humping, but edged his cockhead back down her throat as the last slimy trickles came oozing out of his pisshole.

The blonde paused and sighed as she got the last of his jizz. His cock was sagging slightly now that he had cum twice, turning rubbery, but still fat. She nibbled on the roof of his cock.

Jizz ran out of her lips and down onto his balls.

By this time, Anna and Richard could wait no longer for their own relief — both were so totally turned on by seeing the girl swallowing slime.

On the enclosed porch, with the rain pelting down and the wind howling, they began to fuck up a storm.


Watching as Barbara continued to nurse on Nick’s spent prick, still sucking out the last traces of his cum, Anna couldn’t contain herself any longer.

Richard was already stuck up her pussy from the back, buried balls-deep and clinging to her hips. The raven-haired woman went up onto her toes, pulling her sodden cunt up until only the flaring head of his prick was in her pussy, then she dropped back onto her heels.

Her solid, round ass was pressed against his flat belly and her thighs rippled sinuously as she danced up and clown on his rampant prick.

Her head went back and forth on his shoulder, tresses tumbling about her cheeks. Her lovely face was twisted by hot passion, eyes narrowed, sensual lips parted and panting.

Anna was still licking her lips as she stared at the teenaged cocksucker. The blow job was finished, the meat course relished and the rich, creamy dessert swallowed, but the prick-hungry girl was still mouthing away greedily on Nick’s prick.

The vision caused Anna to steam as much as the vigorous action in her cunthole.

“Oooohhhhh! Ahhhhhh!” Anna wailed, knowing the sounds would be masked by the loud storm.

Her ass swayed from side to side, and her gently curved belly rolled up and down. Her tits heaved up as her hips worked like pistons.

Richard fell into the fuck-rhythm with her.

He fucked violently up her fuckhole, shaking her pelvis, rattling her hipbones. His cockhead was surging to the depths of her pussy as the steely stalk of his cock worked in her pussy like a lever.

Anna felt spiked through and through, thinking that her husband’s cock must be plunging damned near up to the back of her skull, fucking her brains out.

Richard dragged his glistening cock out, then slammed it back in. His balls pulsed against her crotch, splashing in the juice that oozed out of her pussy.

Anna reached down, feeling around the slippery coupling, fondling his balls and thumbing her taut clit.

“Fuck — fuck — fuck!” she panted.

Richard was shaking spasmodically.

His cock was rock hard, and the rest of his body was flopping as if he had become disjointed from his hard-on. He knew now why they called a stand-up screwing a knee-trembler.

His hands slid up her smooth flanks and slid around to cup her heavy tits and pluck at the swollen tips just like she was tugging at her clit.

He hunched back and his cockhead pulled from her cunt and ballooned between her pussylips, then he plunged up and stabbed into the core of her cunt again.

Anna played around under her bushy groin, fingering his sliding cockshaft, stroking her cuntlips, caressing her clit again. She squeezed his balls, finding them big and solid with jizz, feeling the thick stuff sloshing around inside the hairy bag.

She whirled like a dervish, spinning around on his prick, dancing a wanton waltz, almost doing a bunny hop on his cock.

Her pussy seemed to be melting, and his prick pulled out, drenched with her pussy goo. Preliminary seepage spilled from his pisshole and mingled with her juice. Creamy ribbons of pre-cum streaked her cunt nectar as the combined fluids poured down his pounding stalk.

He fucked in, and Anna shoved back to meet him. His nuts hit her groin like a blackjack.

“Cum in me!” she gasped.

“It’s cummin’, baby!”

“Yeah-yeah! Spunk my cunt!”

Richard snorted like a stallion and drove his cock in as his balls started to drain. The sex sap shot up his cock-stem and flooded her fuckhole.

Anna cried out in rapture when she felt his cum gushing into her cunt and her own cumming peaked. Her clit went off again and again as her pussy kept creaming.

He pumped the spunk into her, pulled out, then rammed back in, driving his cock through the slimy sea of his own juice and her cunt-cream. When he stuffed her pussy full, globs of goo came oozing from her pussy-slot and ran down her inner thighs. A tide of pussy-cum poured out, laced with his jizz.

Anna could feel every sweet squirt of his cum. He was shooting up her cunt as plentifully as he had shot down her throat, and Anna cherished every spurt.

Richard gave her the last of his cock spine and clung to her hips, trembling and gasping in the aftermath of his dynamic release.

Anna kept riding up and down on his cock, working her craning off through the last spasms.

Although Richard had finished cuming, his cock was still stiff and swollen as she rammed it up her cunt.

She knew that there was a lot more action left in his loins and that she was in for more hot fun before this stormy night had ended.

And there was more to see, as well.

Barbara finally pulled her soaking mouth off Nick’s cum-slippery cock and used her tongue to slurp up a few errant cum-blobs off his balls.

His prick was no longer standing ironhard. The fat tube of his cock was looped out in a parabola over his belly, the weighted cock-knob bobbing up and down.

Semi-hard, his cock was still an impressive-looking hunk of meat, and she knew that it would be no trouble to make it get fully erect for fucking.

But the boy had promised her some pussy sucking, and what a pleasant pastime that would be, while she waited for his cock to turn to steel again.

Barbara sprawled back and spread out. “Eat me, Nicky! Munch my muff now! Then you can screw me silly!” she moaned.

Nicky grinned. Gobbling her sweet cunt would be a pleasure and he knew he owed her some oral action, as well.

He leaned over her loins, his face close to her cunt-slot, his breath billowing over her steamy groin.

Barbara tilted her cunt up and wriggled her hips invitingly, eager for his tongue.

The boy gazed at her open cunt-gash like a hungry kid admiring a cream-flied donut. His nostrils flared open as he breathed in the fumes wafting from her fuckhole.

Barbara jerked her hips up higher, her trim little ass writhing.

Nick was hungry for her cunt, but he was in no hurry. He knew they had the whole night to be naughty, and he was in an adventurous and experimental mood.

He began to kiss her ass as she lifted up the solid, smooth cheeks of her ass. She squealed and jerked up higher. With her knees drawn up to her tits, her ass was turned up under his face, and Nick could see the puckered bud of her tight brown shithole.

He was fascinated. He had never had his tongue in an asshole, but Barbara’s little slitter looked scrumptious and he figured that it would be a good place to start in on the tongue-fucking that she craved.

He licked up through the musky cleft between her asscheeks.

Barbara gasped with glee. She could see that her lover was going to be attentive to all the details that made a head-job a treat.

“Ooooh! Lick my ass!” she panted. Nick slurped up her ass-cleft, then started to lick lightly at the ring of her shitter.

“Yeah! Yeah! Suck my asshole! Eat my shiner, baby!” the blonde nymphette wailed.

Even though he had only just begun, it was evident to Barbara — as well as the watchers on the porch — that the young man was a skilled quit-lapper and ass-rimmer, his tongue talented and nimble and enthusiastic.

Nick had no doubt come by the knack honestly, inherited from his father, who was even now sucking the shit out of Nick’s mother who was screaming so loudly that the neighbors could hear her despite the raging storm.

It amused most of the neighbors.

One disgruntled old maid phoned the Hannibles to complain that they were keeping her awake, but Gloria, in a neighborly way, told the old maid to go fuck herself, then she jumped back onto her husband’s head.

Like father, like son.

Nick’s nose nudged into Barbara’s asshole and nuzzled around, sniffing and snuffling in that fragrant slot like a pig at the trough.

Barbara kicked her feet in the air and shoved her ass into his face. He began to stab his tongue into her asshole, causing her to squeal and wail.

His tongue felt lovely in her ass-ring.

It made the girl wonder what it would feel like to have him ram his prick up there.

It would bear some consideration during the course of this stormy, all-night session.

Nick licked at the rim of her shitter and then tongue-fucked up into her shit-chute. He began to suck on her shit-socket as his lapper slurped in, French-kissing her asshole.

He drooled into her sitter, then sucked his own saliva back out and swallowed it, savoring the flavor from her delicate rear rut.

The boy was going suck-crazy on her sweetly scented shithole, eating her ass as an appetizer, with the main course of her cunt still ahead of him and getting steamier by the second.

“Eat ass! Ohhhh! Rim me, baby! Ream me out!” Barbara wailed.

Her asshole was sucking on his tongue as if she was trying to swallow it right up into her guts, and he was lapping in so deep that he wondered if his tongue was splashing in the cum that she had gulped down from the other end of her digestive tract.

Her feet kicked and pawed and pedaled as she rolled her haunches against his face and he groveled down in the pit of her ass in a feeding frenzy.

Barbara was in pure paradise as he snacked on her sensitive shitter, and Nick was having a ball as he ate away.

The scene was turning the voyeurs on boundlessly.

Richard, naturally, envied the young man, watching Nick taste sweet teenaged ass and the scrumptious pussy she would serve him next.

And Anna was doubly aroused. She would have dearly loved to have the boy’s face clamped to her own ass and cunt but, equally as well, she wished she could take his place at the girl’s groin.

Richard was still fucking Anna from behind, and they began to slow-fuck, making it last. Slow-screwing was always nice.

Nick crammed his tongue into Barbara’s tight asshole and nursed on the tart, tangy slot. His prick was as hard as a crowbar again, but he knew there would be plenty of time to get his rocks off in her cunt. For the moment, he was more interested in having her cream off in his mouth.

As he ate her asshole, her pussy was pouring out scented streams that wafted up to his face, the fragrance of her fuckhole blending with the fumes coming from her fudge slot. He was savoring her back passage, but he could tell that she was going to cream off at any moment.

Having her cum while he sucked her asshole would be nice, but it would be even nicer to have her sweet cunt melt in his mouth.

He took a last slurp of her tight shitter ring, then began to lick back down her asscrack, bound for her cunt.

He was heading for her pussy.

Barbara spread out wide, ready to feed him her cunt.

“Suck me off!” the girl cried.

Those words thrilled Anna.

She only wished that they had been directed to her.


Barbara jerked her cunt up, and Nick flicked his tongue lightly at the soaking lips of her pussy, then slurped into her cunt-slot, spooning out the cunt-goo.

He rested his forehead against her plump blonde cunt-bush and lapped at her taut clit, then he snaked his tongue as far up her cunt hole as it would go.

He flailed and churned and lashed, and her pussy sucked on his tongue like a mouth being French-kissed. The hungry youth alternated, first sucking on her swollen clit, then sucking on her unfurled cuntlips.

He held her by the hips, twisting her groin around as he wallowed in her pussy. He stabbed in and ladled out a mouthful of cuntjuice. He tongued the goo out with his curled lapper and sucked more out with his mouth, working like a blowfish in her pussy.

He pulled back for a moment, to gaze adoringly at what he was eating, letting some cream run around on his tongue. His tongue soaked it up like a sponge. Sucking her pussy was making Nick so hot that his drool seemed to be sizzling as much as her cuntjuice.

His parted lips were plastered to her pussy like a suction cup on a clogged drain, mouthing the hairy lips as his lapper shot up her cunthole.

He was glugging and gurgling in her groin, adding sound effects that enhanced the pleasure for the peepers on the porch.

The Wellingtons were licking their chops as they slid together in a slow, sustained back-skuddle.

Anna laid her head on his shoulder and whispered in his ear: “Do you wish you were doing that, darling?”

He grunted a passionate affirmative.

“So do I!” Anna moaned. “I wish you could watch me eat her cunt, baby.”

Richard groaned at the thought.

He loved to see his sexy wife eat pussy as much as he loved to eat cunt — and maybe more so!

They didn’t really expect to get the chance.

But still — on a stormy night like this one, who could say what might develop.

Barbara was trying to hold back from cuming, loving his mouth on her cunt so much that she wanted to make it last for hours. But the girl was so hot and horny from having sucked him off that her climax was ready to crest.

The spillage from her cunthole was getting hotter and thicker and richer as her cuntjuice flooded from her fuckhole.

Nick’s tongue seemed to axe into her pussy.

Her groin was so gooey by this time that it felt as if he were positioned face-down in a pool of quicksand.

He came up for air.

But her pussy kept on streaming and, not wanting to miss a single drop, he dove on her cunt again and began to wolf up the deluge.

His face was coated with cuntjuice from his chin to his cheekbones.

She mopped her pussy on his mouth, and he gulped like a glutton in her cunt-gash.

“Juice me, Barb! Cream me!” he panted. “Yeah — cumming!” she gasped. Her nubile body was shaking convulsively, vibrating with the joy of her orgasm. Her blood was boiling in her veins as every nerve-ending registered her climax. Her ass churned and her hips pumped in a fucking movement. She mashed her pussy wildly into his face.

Nick raised her up by her ass. His mouth was filled with her fuck fluids. He swallowed as she fed him another mouthful, drenching his tongue, smearing his lips, cuntjuice pouring down his gullet.

He was sucking her clit and cunt-slot together now, as she climaxed again and again.

Her clit seemed to go off like a blasting cap, setting off another explosion in the core of her seething pussy.

Barbara foamed off for a long time, and Nick relished every scrumptious drop.

He drained her pussy dry.

Barbara moaned and sprawled back, moving jerkily now, as she worked off the last sweet spasms of her joy.

His mouth stayed glued to her cunt for awhile, milking out the ebbing drops, sucking up the residue. Then he raised up, grinning like a glutton who had been well fed and was now sated.

She gazed down at him with a dreamy smile.

He raised up higher to show her how hard his prick was.

His cock was so taut again that he could have used it to break into a safe, and his balls felt as full as inflated water wings.

Barbara sighed. She had been well sucked, but she was as hot for a cuntful of hard cock as ever.

Nick started to mount her.

She slid away.

On a thrilling night like this one, fucking in the missionary position seemed sort of tame to the horny little vixen.

“Lie down, baby. I wanna sit on your prick and fuck myself silly!” she moaned.

Nick grinned and lay back along the couch, his cock standing up like a rocket.

Barbara bent down and lapped his balls, then his cock-knob.

She threw one knee across him and straddled his hips.

His cock towered up in front of her tummy. With his balls jammed in her crotch, the head of his long prick was brushing against the under slopes of her tits.

She looked down, seeing how high his cock reached up the outside of her torso and panting in anticipation of having his cock rammed up her cunt so deep.

She rolled her belly against his cock, then began to rise up. His cock slid against her tummy as she lifted up.

His cockhead was scraped by her cuntbush, spilling out some gooey pre-cum.

Then she rose up another inch, and his cock snapped back into her crotch.

Barbara had no idea that they were being observed as they prepared to fuck. But if she had, she could not have designed it better.

If Nick had mounted her, the Wellingtons would have only seen his pounding ass and swinging balls, but with Barbara on top, they could see all the juicy details.

The Wellingtons were very appreciative.


It was only fate or coincidence, of course, but as Barbara Curtis started to put on another show for Richard and Anna Wellington, her mother, Claire, was also about to get laid.

John Knight had escorted the storm stranded guests up to his bedroom over the bar. Knight was biding his time, cautiously optimistic, but behaving correctly until he was certain that they were game for action.

Claire soon put him at his ease, for she had no reservations whatsoever. She began to strip off as soon as they were in the bedroom.

So did Jason — and John Knight naturally followed suit, in his role as host.

Both men had stiff pricks, and as soon as Claire’s curvaceous body emerged, their pricks began to throb.

Knight was aroused by the definite promise of some strange blonde pussy, and Jason, being a kinky fellow, was excited by the prospect of sharing his sensual spouse with the other man.

The bed, as Knight had promised, was plenty large enough for the three of them.

Naked, Claire lay down in the center of the bed. She was smiling expectantly, obviously happy that the sudden storm had brought this situation about. Her nipples were standing out like high-caliber bullets, and her tantalizing pussy was flowing creamily.

Knight glanced at Claire’s husband questioningly.

Jason winked and nodded, and the guys, naked, as well, got on the bed, one on either side of Claire.

She didn’t waste any time.

She slid both hands down and held a hard prick in each, stroking them gently. Both men were hung heavily and she was in her erotic clement.

Her husband began to suck one tit and, after a pause of several seconds, Knight began to nurse on the other tit.

She played with their pricks, but very gently, being careful not to make either of them cum by hand. Claire loved to be the centerpiece in a hot threesome, and she wasn’t about to waste spunk on a hand-job.

Her blonde head turned on the pillow. Jason lifted up from her tit and she kissed him, then she turned and kissed Knight, in turn.

Her mouth was hot and wet, and Knight fed her some tongue, happily surmising that his voluptuous guest was a cocksucker as well as a fucker — and all with the hearty approval and encouragement of her husband.

Both men simultaneously reached for her groin. They began to frig her fuck-hole. Jason rubbed her clit and Knight stabbed into her cunt-hole.

Her cunt was so full of thick goo that it was like playing in a mud puddle.

“Somebody fuck me!” she moaned. The men looked at each other across her tits, and Jason gave their host a meaningful nod.

Knight grinned like a fiend and rolled on top of Claire.

Screwing in the missionary position seemed a likely way to begin, although he felt confident that they would be fucking in all the positions, before this stormy night was over.

She arched her supple back, hiking her hips up and lifting her cunt to the angle of union.

Knight guided the head of his throbbing prick into her cunt-slot and churned it around, then he braced his knees on the bed, tightened his asscheeks, then shoveled his cock into her cunt with a jolt that buried his prick to the hilt.

“Ahhhhh!” she moaned.

Knight was pleasantly surprised. Her cunt had felt so sodden that he had been afraid her pussy would be sloppy around his cockshaft, but her inner cunt muscles had contracted, molding to his prick firmly.

“Fuck my wife!” Jason panted.

“Yeah-yeah — screw my brains out!” the wanton woman wailed, wriggling the full penetration.

Knight began to slog it to her.

Claire turned to her husband and kissed him lovingly on the lips as she whipped her ass about, fucking the other man.

Knight wasn’t sure that he understood their kinky attitudes, but he was sure as hell happy about it. He put his weight on his hands and knees and reared up so that her husband, looking down as they kissed, could see his cock going in and out of his wife’s cunt.

Claire flopped around frantically as Knight drove his cock in and out steadily.

He whipped his cock in fast and hard, and his nuts seemed to explode as they thudded against Claire’s jerking ass.

His spunk poured into her pussy lavishly, and Claire creamed again as his cock spurted jizz.

Jason stared at her groin, watching the other guy hosing her hot fuck-hole. He was panting as he inhaled the aroma of heated cunt and cockmeat, the cunt-cum and spunk blending into one passionate perfume.

Knight stuffed her pussy to the brim. As his prick filled her cunt, cream came oozing out from the pink cunt-slot, trickling down her crotch, turning her groin to goo.

Knight grabbed her grinding asscheeks and hauled her higher as he pumped in, draining off. A last squirt of jizz went into her pussy, then he stopped pumping, holding his prick buried inside her pussy while the woman wriggled and writhed and squirmed, finishing her own cumming.

“Jeez, man! Your wife’s a great fuck!” Knight croaked.

He pulled his spent cock out of her sodden pussy, withdrawing slowly. The knob of his cock popped out like a cork from a bottle, and he squatted on his heels. His balls were empty now, hanging loose, but his formidable-looking cock was still at half mast, bobbing up and down with the promise of renewed vigor.

Claire’s cunt-slot stayed open in a wide oval, retaining the shape of his cock-size.

Cunt-cum and jizz flooded out of her pussy.

Her clit was still stiff, and the juice was making it glisten. Her husband had his face right up close, his eyes burning as he stared at her flowing fuck-slot.

Jason was obviously no deviate and usually had no interest in licking up another man’s cum from his wife’s cunt.

But suddenly his tongue came out and he began to lap into her well-juiced pussy.

Knight was watching with damned near as much fascination as her husband had watched, realizing that this was going to be an all-night session.

Claire was obviously a lady who could take prick by the yard, and her husband obviously approved of her promiscuity.

“Ummmm! Suck my cunt, darling! Eat my pussy!” she moaned as she whipped her fuck-hole frantically against his face.

He tongue-fucked her, then clamped his mouth to her pussy and sucked as he stirred her fuck-hole with his tongue.

She had cum while the other man was fucking her and now her hot pussy started to cream all over again, as her husband mouthed her muff.

He sucked and swallowed. Juice ran off his jaws and dripped from his chin as he wolfed away, dining at her lunchbox loins voraciously.

Jason glanced toward Knight, as if grateful to the man for having stirred and heated this savory stew.

Claire bowed and arched and bridged, whimpering and panting as her husband ate her pussy so diligently.

Jason sucked on her stiff clit for a moment, then placed his lips on her pussylips and sucked out the cream that came gushing from her cunt.

His head moved in her crotch like a terrier worrying a bone, then he went up and down as he tongued out the seepage from the crack of her ass. His lapper ran up from her asscleft, through her cunt-split, over her clit and into her cunt-bush.

Knight had another full erection by this time and his balls were recharging. Pre-cum was seeping out, drop by drop.

Claire reached down and held his slippery cock, drawing it up toward her face. Her lips were parted and her tongue was sliding back and forth hungrily.

Knight knelt beside her head.

The blonde bombshell snuggled up to his groin, holding his slimy cock against her cheek.

He expected her to start sucking it.

But she didn’t — yet.

With her husband’s head buried between her thighs, Jason would not be able to see the action in her mouth — and having Jason watch her was half the fun for Claire. Soon Jason rose up for a look…


Jason sucked Claire up to another peak and drank her off with glee. Then he lifted his glistening face from her crotch and moved up, mounting her the way that Knight had done.

He fucked his cock into her pussy.

His cock slid up and in, and his balls drew up to the root of his prick. He fucked into her pussy as she hooked her thighs around his haunches.

Jason sucked her nipples, switching back and forth, then he kissed her passionately on the lips, as she held Knight’s cock against her cheek.

They were screwing very slowly, showing a control that amazed their happy host.

Jason’s head drew back.

“Watch me, darling!” Claire purred. The lascivious lady began to lick at the cum-greasy head of Knight’s prick. She was gazing at her loving husband as she did so, and Jason was staring intently at her tongue as it swiped on the meaty slab.

“Ummmm — his cock is scrumptious!” she sighed.

It was, especially since it had been steeped in her pussy, but she would have said it, regardless, for her husband’s benefit.

“Lick it, baby!” Jason groaned. “Ummmm — ummmm!” she purred, winding her pliable pink lapper all over Knight’s cock, laying the sides and licking his pisshole.

She moved his cock away from her mouth, as if she were shifting a lever.

Jason ducked down and kissed her adoringly.

Then he rose up again as she drew Knight’s cock back to her lips and licked it some more.

Claire went up and down his stalk as if she were gnawing a meaty bone, then she kissed her husband again.

Her lips parted, and she sucked the head of Knight’s throbbing prick, nursing on it ravenously. She began to alternate, sucking cock, then kissing her husband.

Jason sucked her tongue, then she sucked Knight’s cockhead. It was love play dear to them.

“Shall I suck him off, baby?” she moaned.

“Yeah — drink his spunk!” Jason exclaimed.

Knight was all in favor of that. Claire swallowed down on Knight’s prick, but she kept on alternating, French-kissing her husband in between slurps on the other guy’s cock.

The kinky situation soon had Knight trembling, pre-cum spilling from his pisshole. It slimed her tongue and frosted her lips.

Jason continued to kiss her passionately, now that her mouth was flavored by the flow of fuckjuice. He licked her lips with relish and sucked her tongue with gusto, then stabbed his own tongue into her mouth.

Claire was in seventh heaven, her lovely face glowing with rapture. She had a cuntful of pounding prick and a tasty mouthful and, best of all, her spouse was looming right over the action, bobbing up and down, licking at her chin and cheeks, then running his tongue across her trembling lips again.

“Fuck her face!” Jason urged.

Knight began to feed his cock in, sinking a bit deeper on every stroke.

“Umpppphhhhh!” she sputtered, adding sweet sound effects to the visual.

Jason licked the corner other lips as the other man’s thick cock slid into the oval socket, avoiding any tongue-contact with Knight’s cock, concentrating on licking his wife’s cocksucking mouth.

“Ummmmm — ahhhhh!” she panted.

“Cram in her mouth! Whitewash her tonsils!” her husband groaned in ecstasy.

Lots of pre-cum was pumping from his pisshole now.

Knight’s fat cock pulled from her lips, glistening with slime and saliva, then he fucked back in. He was plunging in balls deep now, going down her gullet as Claire deep-throated him, pleasuring her own mouth and pleasing her husband even more.

“Milk him off, baby! C’mon! Jizz in her mouth! Use my wife’s mouth for a cumbucket!” the enthusiastic spouse panted.

Jason was going crazy. Although eager to get his rocks off in his wife’s clit, he was holding back, screwing her pussy slowly.

He knew from experience that his own cumming would be all the more thrilling if another man was shooting into her facial fuckhole at the same time.

Claire stopped alternating between sucking and kissing. She began to concentrate on making Knight cream off. She gulped his cock, her magical mouth working like a pump.

Knight thought that she was going to suck his asshole inside out through his prick.

His balls swelled. “Gonna blow!” he croaked. “Ahhhhh!” she howled. “Feed it to her!” Jason cried.

Knight’s cock began to hose off savagely. Jism spurted down her throat. Claire swallowed with joy, but then pulled her lips up to the head of his cock, holding them around the tip, so that her husband could see the fuckjuice squirt from Knight’s pisshole onto her tongue.

Watching his wife drink from another guy’s cock, Jason began to fuck frantically, fucking her cunt with thundering thrusts.

“Cum! Cum!” Claire gurgled.

Knight continued to cream off in her mouth as Jason hammered into her pussy, starting to surge towards his crest.

Claire’s pussy was melting on her husband’s prick as she salivated on a strange man’s spurting cock.

Knight fucked her mouth as if it was a cunt.

And her cunt was sucking like a mouth on her husband’s cock, soaking up his spunk.

Jizz swirled into her pussy and splashed into her own creamy cunt-cum. She kept on gulping away, swallowing the jizz that spurted out of her meaty mouthful.

Their host finished first.

He shifted away, and his cock came stinking from her mouth, turning rubbery now. He panted, as if he had been poleaxed by his cuming.

Claire kept her mouth open, and Jason began to French-kiss her again as his ass cork screwed and he shot his jizz into her pussy.

Knight watched the happily married couple as they fucked each other through their simultaneous orgasms.

They were obviously deeply in love. He could tell that by the tender way they finished fucking.

Jason was kissing her, with her mouth full of spunk.

It seemed a strange way to express their bliss, but Knight was not about to question it.

He stayed back at the edge of the bed, knowing they would want to be left alone for awhile now, sharing the tender moments that followed their frenzied fucking.

But not for very long, to be sure.

The rain was still pelting the window heavily, but the raging elements were not nearly as stormy as what had taken place in the bedroom above the inn.


A sudden gust of wind battered the windows of the enclosed porch, with drops of rain pouring through the chinks in the siding, but by this time Richard and Anna were paying no attention at all to the weather.

They concentrated on watching the teenaged lovers begin to fuck for the first time. Barbara was squatting on the head of Nick’s prick like a flagpole sitter, squirming around and getting the meaty cock-knob seated comfortably in her cunt before she began to ride up and down on the stiff stalk.

The watching Wellingtons had a perfect view of the action. The girl’s slim, supple back was toward the window, and they could see beneath the half moon curves of her wriggling ass, to where Nick’s bulging cockhead was firmly seated in her wet pussy.

Her coral-pink pussylips were pulling on the purple head of his prick as if her hungry cunt was going to swallow his meat in.

Cunt-nectar streamed down his heavily veined cockshaft, making the shaft gleam.

Richard was thinking about ramming his own cock into the nubile girl, and his wife was wishing that she could tongue the juice from the boy’s cock, getting a taste of cock and cunt at the same time.

The Wellingtons were screwing jerkily. Richard slammed into Anna’s cunt, then paused between strokes, not giving her any steady friction.

Anna twisted her ass and pound down on his prick, enjoying the sliding action but still more interested in watching the naughty kids at play.

Then, to the delight of their voyeuristic eyes, Barbara began to shove her cunt down on Nick’s prick.

She descended slowly, stuffing the hot meat into her pussy, bit by sweet bit. She had fucked half of the load, when she halted, with several inches of cock sticking out at the junction.

Then she sank down and took it all.

Nick’s balls were jammed against her crotch. Every inch of his prick had disappeared in her pussy. Her cunt-slot was glued to the hilt of his buried prick and she wriggled around on the full penetration.

Nick grasped her hips and began to haul her up and down, as if he were using her cunt to jerk himself off. He humped up as he pulled her down.

Her cuntlips were stretched taut around his shaft as her cunt clung to him, damned near dragging her pussy inside out when his cock emerged.

“Yeah — wild, baby! Ride my cock!” the teen wailed. “Fuck yourself to a frazzle!” She sank down and her cunt gripped the hilt of his cock, then she pulled up and her wet cunt hole squished as it sucked his sliding prick.

Her fat tits flopped up and down. Her trim ass jolted and pumped. She moved her cunt so that his cock was rubbing over her clit as she fucked up and down on his prick.

She leaned over to kiss him, as if to show him how grateful she was for the sweet screwing she was getting while sitting on his rampant prick. Then she arched back and her tits flopped near his face as her ass jerked back.

Nick’s thick shaft came out drenched, covered with pussy-nectar as he plunged back up into her pussy. The trim cheeks of her ass quivered when she shoved down. Her groin was flooded with juice.

Anna gazed at the teenagers, yearning for a taste of that, cock and cunt.

Richard watched Nick’s prick sliding in and out of the girl — he sure as hell wanted a crack at the cunt.

The wedded watchers were still slowly screwing.

The teenagers were jolting together in a frantic fuck-action now. They surged toward another peak.

Nick rammed his cock up like a rocket blasting off, driving into the core of her cunt hole.

Barbara’s cunt was juicing, and his cockshaft drove through her pussy paste, stirring her swamp.

His balls seemed to blow off on the upstroke.

Cum spewed into her like a deluge from a bursting dam, flooding her fuckhole and hitting the depths of her pussy so hard that he damned near blew her off the end of his prick.

The blonde slammed her cunt down furiously on his squirting cock. Her clit smoldered like a fuse as her loins turned to goo.

“Arghhh!” Nick grunted, pounding in. Each time his big plunger plugged her pussy, cunt-cum and jizz came out in a foaming white tide, running back over his balls.

The boy’s balls kept blowing off and his jizz kept spurting out in geysers as he steadily fed his meat hose up her fuckhole.

Barbara squealed with ecstasy as she creamed off and felt his fuckjuice pouring into her, loving to have him cum as much as she loved to cum, herself.

It felt as if she had a fire extinguisher spraying a blast of foam into the inferno of her fuckhole, where the oily fire raged out of control.

She rode his cock in a rapture, her clit and cunt climaxing constantly.

His cock felt like a stick of exploding dynamite.

Their simultaneous orgasms seemed endless.

Nick shot again and again, and Barbara bounced up and down on his prick as the waves ripped through her belly and shot like a high-voltage current through her rippling thighs.

She fucked down firmly, then flopped about, limp with sated lust.

Her head flew up and down, and her big tits surged like balloons. Her ass slid from side to sick as her fuckhole filled with jizz.

Nick moaned as the last of his jizz splashed into her cunt and his nuts stopped surging.

He was drained. He slumped back along the couch, his chest heaving, his eyes looking glazed.

The greedy girl continued to whip her cunt up and down on his cock for a few minutes, whimpering and trembling as she fucked herself through the final sweet spasms of her blissful climax.

Slowing the pace as her climax ebbed, then ended, she screwed down deliberately, holding her groin tucked back so that she was massaging her clit against his slimy shaft, working out the last tingling thrill.

The waves of her orgasm gently diminished.

Barbara slumped over him. His cock was still stuck up her pussy as she bent down and kissed him lovingly. They embraced, panting in the aftermath of their cumming.

Nick’s cock was at long last beginning to diminish in her cunthole. His meat was softening, turning rubbery inside her cunt. Then it began to shrink and slowly came out of her pussy. The slimy stalk came looping out and his cock-knob was lodged in her pussy-slot momentarily, then it came out with a juicy slurp, followed by a lavish flood of their combined cum-cream.

His prick fell limp along his hard, trembling thigh. Even limp, his big prick still damned near extended down to his knee.

Barbara’s cunt stayed open and the mingled slime kept oozing out.

Anna was gasping and drooling at the sight.

The young man’s cock was soft, but it was coated with cunt-cum and jizz, and it was still a mouth-watering prospect, nutty and gooey and gamey.

“Ohhhh — I’m hot for those kids!” Anna gasped in her husband’s ear.

“I know, honey,” Richard replied.

They watched as Barbara dismounted from Nick’s loins, smiling contentedly.

She twisted around and lowered her radiant face, sucking his slimy cock into her mouth. She nursed the nourishing nectar from his slack stalk, obviously hoping to suck him up to yet another erection.

But Nick, virile as he was, had spent his bolt for the moment, and his cock stayed limp. She wound her tongue around on his greasy cockhead and her lips pulled wistfully on the stalk, sliding it in and out.

Barbara had every confidence that she could soon get his prick stiff again. They had tile whole night still ahead of them.

But the sooner she got his cock hard and his balls bloated, the sooner they could have some naughty fun. The clever little girl knew full well how effective some saucy talk and fantasizing could be.

She gave him a bewitching smile, her sensual lips curling up around his cockhead.

“Your prick is really delicious, after it’s been up my cunt,” she purred. “Cunt-cum is yummy — I never ate a pussy out — but I wouldn’t mind…”

Nick stared at her in astonishment.

Was she serious? Was she saying it to excite him, or did she really mean it?

Nick knew damned well that Barbara was not a lesbian. The events of this evening proved that, even if he hadn’t known it before.

The naive young man didn’t realize that even the most normal girl could be a cunt-lapper.

Anna sure knew that!

Hearing the sexy teenager express a desire for pussy, Anna felt her pussy grip her husband’s cock, and her mouth filled up with so much hot drool that it felt as if a guy had just shot a wad onto her tongue.

Oh, how Anna was yearning to do some cunt-sucking with the ravishing young girl!

Her mouth was so hot that her breath was clouding the window, making it hard to see in.

But they could still hear Barbara.

“I bet it would really turn you on to see me lick a girl’s cunt, huh, Nicky?”

He couldn’t deny that.

It was really kinky, to be sure — but that only made the idea more exciting.

“Yet!” he gasped, starting to grin.

“I wish that we had a girl here right now — it would make you so hard to watch me tongue-fuck her and see her melt in my mouth.”

What had begun as talk designed to stiffen his prick was getting out of hand. Barbara had thought a lot about lesbian love. She wanted to try it, and, talking about it to her boyfriend was making her smolder.

She rose up from his prick, which had begun to jolt and quiver promisingly. Taking his face between her hands, she began to lick his lips, then stabbed her tongue into his mouth.

“I wish your mouth was a cunt, baby. This is what I’d do to a pussy!” she moaned as she flailed her tongue against his lips.

The idea made Nick so hot that he almost wished that his mouth was a cunt.

He sucked her tongue as she pound her lips on his, sucking his saliva up as if it were the seepage from a creaming fuck-hole, demonstrating the imaginative way that she would eat out a girl.

Barbara was getting really carded away.

“Do you know any bisexual girls, Nicky? Can you find me a cunt to suck?”

“I-I don’t know…” he murmured, confused.

He had never thought about it before. But if his ultra-feminine girlfriend wanted to be a cunt-lapper, it seemed likely that it was not a rare desire.

“If only it wasn’t such a stormy night. We could phone some girl and invite her over,” Barbara mused.

She glanced toward the window, to see if the storm was lessening in intensity.

And, as she did so, Anna had just begun to wipe thc glass that her panting breath had fogged.

Barbara gasped, seeing a hand rotating on the windowpane.

Someone was watching them!

Barbara jumped up and dashed across the room, intending to castigate the dirty Peeping Tom and draw the curtains.

Barbara supposed that the spy was some neighborhood boy getting a vicarious thrill.

Anna was busily wiping the window and failed to realize that she had been seen.

The teenager was crossing the room, scowling furiously, yet blushing in embarrassment at the same time.

Then the windowpane was clear and Anna lowered her hand — finding herself face to face with the blonde teenager as they gaped at each other through the window.

Now Anna blushed, too.

Barbara lowered her gaze and gulped when she saw that the watching woman had a huge set of balls bulging under her groin — and, evidently, an equally huge cockshaft was jammed up her cunthole from behind!

The girl looked startled.

Then she began to smile.

That change of expression was not lost on Anna, who smiled back and began to lick her lips suggestively. Her tongue flicked out. She licked the windowpane.

As if working in sympathy, Barbara’s tongue came out and touched the other side of the window. If the glass had not been between them, the two females would have been French-kissing each other!

Barbara realized that the woman must have heard her express her desire for cunt and the woman was responding in a very suitable fashion!

“Er, we were seeking shelter from the storm,” Anna stammered.

“Was that all you wanted?” the girl chirped. Anna licked her lips as Barbara invited them in…


Richard pulled his cock out of Anna’s pussy, but he saw no reason to tuck it away, so he left it jutting out of his fly.

Anna left her skirt hooked up above her waist, then tucked it into the waistband.

Barbara opened the front door and, still naked and totally enthusiastic about playing the hostess to these unexpected but more than welcome guests, she led the way down the corridor and into the front room, where Nick was waiting on the couch.

Nick was looking bashful and flustered.

He was not nearly as uninhibited as his sexy, saucy girlfriend, and he was not at all sure that it had been a good idea to ask a pair of perverted porch-peekers to join in the action.

But as soon as he got a look at Anna’s big tits and juicy pussy, the boy began to look more enthusiastic about the arrangements.

He definitely looked forward to watching Barbara and the raven-haired lady do some loin-licking together and he knew that, although it might distress him a little if the man fucked his girlfriend, it would be worth it — as long as he got to screw the guy’s wife.

Jealousy had no part to play in an orgy, other than as a stimulant, and this was certainly no time to act shy or coy or nervous.

Thinking it appropriate to exchange names, Anna introduced herself and Richard.

Barbara gave them an introduction, in turn, but her last name meant nothing to the Wellingtons, yet how surprised they would have been to realize that this was the daughter of the dancers who had started them seething with desire.

Not that it would have made any difference at all in what they were going to do.

Properly acquainted now, Barbara clapped her hands together gleefully and brazenly suggested that the new arrivals get naked.

“Ummmm — but are you sure that we won’t be disturbed?” Anna asked. “You’re only kids — lovely, sexy, yummy kids, but still just teenagers. Isn’t there a chance that your parents might come home and catch us having a clusterfuck? That might be, uh, awkward.”

“Don’t worry. My mom and dad got stuck in the storm and won’t be home all night,” Barbara assured them. “We can do it ’til dawn!”

So it was that, seeing only refuge from the storm, Anna and Richard had found a far snugger harbor than they had expected.

And the situation was remarkably similar with Barbara’s parents who, by their failure to return home, had made another orgy possible.

John Knight stayed out of the way while the loving couple embraced after screwing. But it was obvious that Claire and Jason were not the types who would let a spare guy remain unoccupied for long.

They rolled apart, with one last soul searching kiss, and Claire got onto her hands and knees, facing away from Knight and wriggling her ass provocatively.

“Fuck me like a dog!” she moaned.

Knight knelt behind her gorgeous assglobes and got a firm grip on her hips.

His prick was nice and stiff again although he had already juiced her twice. He began to slide the stalk up and down in the crack of her ass, as if he was getting it warmed up for the job below.

Her tight asshole looked interesting, and Knight knew by now that this was not a couple with which a guy needed to be subtle or discreet.

“You assfuck, baby?” he croaked.

“Yesssss!” she moaned. “But fuck my cunt again, first! We got all night!”

He shagged up through her ass cleft a few more times, then dragged his prick down and fitted the bulging knob into her pussy-slot.

Claire shoved back as he humped, and his cock sank to the hilt in her pussy.

She squirmed round on his prick as he held it jammed in to the hilt.

Jason hovered over them, staring with approval. He bent down and began to suck his wife’s asshole, while his gaze was centered on her cock-filled cunt-slit just below his face.

Claire started to pull her pussy up and down on Knight’s prick as he moved in counterpoint, stuffing it up her cunt as she shoved back.

Jason rimmed out her shit-ring and watched the glistening cock go in and out for a while.

The sight made his own prick hammer savagely.

He shifted around and knelt in front of her, and Claire took his cock into her mouth.

She sighed as Jason rammed his big prick into her mouth.

The two men grinned at each other across the arched span of the kneeling lady’s back. Working in unison, they fucked her at both ends.

Knight was throwing a doggy fuck into Claire, and, as his cock thundered into her fuck-hole, she fed Jason’s hot cock into her greedy mouth.

Claire was in rapture as she took it from both ends, feeling as if she was transfixed like a pig roasting on a spit — but it was sure not an apple that was stuck into her mouth in this randy roast.

Knight fucked in, his flat belly slapping I on the curve of her butt as Jason shagged her head, his balls bumping against her trembling chin and then rolling up and jamming against her lower lip.

She seemed to be trying to swallow his cock, nuts and all — and, at the other end, her talented pussy was sucking like a mouth on Knight’s prick.

Claire, insatiable and getting a double dose of delight, was creaming in her cunthole and drooling in her mouth. But the men were lasting longer this time, since they had already emptied their cumbags lavishly.

Claire panted like a bitch in heat that she was emulating — and, like a dog, too, she swallowed down and gnawed Jason’s meaty bone.

They dragged her back and forth on their cocks, stuffing in and drawing out as her voluptuous body undulated between them, rolling up like a fleshy, high-tension spring and then extending as they pulled out.

“Cum — cream — slime me!” she babbled. Claire was so greedy for cock that she was anxious for this two-way action to finish so that she could take a double dose some other way!

She would have liked it if both cocks had exploded at the same time.

But her husband had different ideas. He pounded into her head and wailed like a banshee and shot a heavy load of cum down her throat.

He pumped away as her magical mouth milked him off to the dregs. He left his cock laying on her tongue for a moment, then withdrew from her mouth and shifted back to the other end of the action, so that he could get a good look when Knight shot up her pussy.

From behind, Jason couldn’t see the details because the man’s ass kept getting in the way. Jason moved his head back to his wife’s butt and started eating out her asshole again.

As he rimmed and reamed her tight shitring, he glanced down and got a good view I of the fucking transpiring at her pussy.

Knight, being a gracious host, arched hi back so that his torso wasn’t blocking Jason’s line of sight. His thick prick went in and out steadily, lunging and plunging, all lathered with her juice.

Jason stabbed his tongue as deep into his wife’s shit-chute as it would reach. As he licked into her ass, he could feel the other prick throbbing as it slid in and out of her pussy, separated from Jason’s questing tongue only by the slender membrane of her cunt.

Claire was melting yet again and hot flashes shot through her bowels as Jason worked on the socket of her asshole, so that it felt as if her ass was creaming, too.

It felt wonderful to have a tongue up her asshole and, naturally, it gave Claire ideas for the way that the next coupling should be arranged.

Knight soared to the peak again. Hauling Claire back by her hips, he began to spray his jizz into her seething pussy in a torrent.

Jason panted as he watched the other man hose his wife’s cunt just below his face.

Knight drained off and pulled out, knowing that Jason would want to see the cum pour from her vacated cunt.

Jason’s drool was running down the crack of her ass and mixing with the flow that came from her fuckhole. Steam seemed to be wafting up from her groin.

Claire turned to glance at Knight. She grinned when she saw he still had a hard-on.

“Oh, goody!” she cried. “What’ll we do next?” Jason gasped. Claire smiled demurely. “Did someone say something about ass-fucking?”


When she had stripped naked, Anna moved to the couch and sat between Nick and Barbara.

Nick expected her to turn to him, pairing off for a simple swap or, better still, an orgy.

But teenaged boys don’t understand a whole lot about such situations, and Nick was surprised when Anna turned to his girlfriend instead of him.

Barbara slid into the curvaceous woman’s arms willingly, and they began to kiss deeply.

Nick remembered the things that Barbara had been saying about lusting for cunt, and now he began to realize that it had been more than just a ploy to get his cock stiff that his girlfriend had been perfectly serious in her deviate desires.

He watched the nubile blonde teenager and the voluptuous, raven-haired lady kiss passionately, seeming to be feeding on each other’s mouth.

Barbara wasn’t a dyke, and the woman was married, so Nick wondered what imp of perverse was making them behave like a pair of lesbians.

Yet their embrace didn’t seem sordid, the way it would have been between two males, and Nick began to fathom the ways of the female mind — and tongue, for that matter — and to realize that sex play between women was natural. It was plenty exciting to see.

Nick glanced at Richard.

Richard hovered over them, grinning, his cock erect like a derrick. If the man so evidently approved of his wife’s lesbian lovemaking, why should Nick object to having his girlfriend dabble in dykedom?

Man and boy watched as woman and girl began to get it on together.

Barbara had never made love with a woman, but she had often considered it, and she was more than willing — and Anna was the perfect partner to teach her the sweet secrets of Sappho.

Anna dove on Barbara’s tits, lapping up the girl’s cleavage and sucking the swollen nubs.

Then she thrust her own big tits out and Barbara nursed with equal relish.

Barbara gave Nick a smug look as she mouthed Anna’s tit, amused by his puzzled but intrigued expression — but Barbara was much too horny to feel such amusement, or any other emotion. Now that she finally had a chance to make it with a woman, the girl was eager to get on with it in detail.

She wanted to try it all.

Her tongue was as hot as her pussy, and Barbara was just as hot to suck Anna’s pussy as she was to have that glossy dark head buried in her own groin.

She would gladly have eaten first, but the older woman was setting the pace and since everything felt so lovely, Barbara was willing to be submissive, as long as she got to feed on Anna’s fuckhole eventually.

Anna rubbed her tits against Barbara’s, brushing the tips together. She sucked some more, then gave the girl another mouthful of tit-meat. But they were both too horny to linger long over the preliminaries, and soon Anna began to lick down Barbara’s slim belly.

Anna slid from the couch and knelt on the floor between the blonde teenager’s thighs.

Barbara tilted her pussy up invitingly.

But Anna liked to savor the appetizers before she munched the hairy main course.

She licked down the insides of one trembling leg, then tongued back up the other. She slurped into Barbara’s tawny cunt bush and into her belly button.

“Don’t tease me! Tongue my cunt!”

Barbara pleaded, hiking her groin up.

Anna’s ebony-tressed head hovered just over Barbara’s hair pie, a hungry look in her eyes as she savored the sight and the spicy scent.

Anna had gobbled plenty of cunt in her time, starting at boarding school where she was a very popular roommate and carrying on after she was married, giving her husband a visual treat as she savored pussy. But she doubted that she had ever been confronted with such a delicious-looking, sweetly redolent cunt.

Barbara was relatively inexperienced since she had only screwed three boys, counting Nick. So her pussy was tight and trim and fragrant. The prospect of tasting teenaged pussy was always a thrill for Anna, and, because that creamy cunt had recently been shot full of a teenaged boy’s spunk, it was even more tantalizing.

She breathed in the girl’s pussy-odor, whetting her appetite, making her tongue steam in her saliva.

“Eat me!” Barbara pleaded.

Anna dove in tongue-first, licking clit and slot, her tongue fluttering as fast as a hummingbird’s wings. She slurped up Barbara’s folded cuntlips, flicked at her clit, dipped into her fuck-hole.

Barbara was going crazy.

With the very first touch of that talented tongue, Barbara quickly realized that another female gave better head than any man could hope to.

She felt sure that, when her turn came to eating pussy, she would be every bit as skilful — and she knew damned well she would be as enthusiastic as Anna was.

Anna stabbed her tongue up the girl’s cunt and took a suck on the gooey slot.

Then she came up for air.

The girl’s pussy was so hot that Anna knew Barbara was going to cream off with very little effort, and she wanted to make the teenaged treat last for awhile.

The best part of sucking pussy was when it melted in her mouth, certainly, but the voracious, bi-sexual beauty liked to savor a long snack before she drank down the hot cuntjuices.

Anna smiled at her husband with gooey lips, then she winked at Nick.

She dove on Barbara’s tangy pussy again, but she only mouthed for a moment.

Anna pulled away again.

“Don’t stop! Make me cum!” Barbara squealed.

But Anna carried on, licking a little, sucking some, then pawing again.

“Ooooooh! Make me cream! I’m hot to juice off! Finish me so I can suck you!” Barbara panted. “My mouth is as horny as my cunt!”

Anna gave Richard a meaningful look. He stepped up and offered his big, throbbing prick to Barbara’s face.

She almost turned away, declining that meaty mouthful he was presenting. She had sucked cocks in the past, and she had milked Nick off in her mouth quite recently, but the adventurous, imaginative teenager was far more interested in her first suck of pussy.

But it was impossible for a hot-mouthed nymphette to resist sucking hot cockmeat — and, besides, she realized it was only going to be for starters, with the main course of cunt to follow.

She sucked the man’s prick in greedily, then began to work on it with joy.

Nick groaned as he saw his girlfriend giving head to another guy.

But Anna grinned at the youth and formed an oval of her own lips, to let him know that he would be fucking her face soon — so how could a fellow be angry or jealous when he had her mouth to look forward to?

Anna continued to lick and pause, taking a few slurps in the girl’s pussy, then lifting her head away from Barbara’s crotch and watching her husband fucking steadily into the girl’s mouth.

The sight enhanced the pleasure of the meal that she was devouring.

And Barbara was truly relishing sucking on that massive prick, too — all the more so because it had just been stuck up Anna’s cunt, so that the girl was getting a hint of what a succulent feast she would soon have in the woman’s pussy.

“Ummmmm! Umpppfff.” Barbara moaned.

Her cheeks sank in and puffed out as Richard poured the prick back over her flashing tongue and into her throat, his bloated balls swinging heavily under his sliding cock-stalk, getting set to explode.

“Cum in her mouth, darling!” Anna encouraged her spouse. “Feed her your hot, thick fuck juice! Then I’ll finish sucking her off!”

Richard ground in and grunted.

His cock went off so hard that his ass jolted back on the recoil.

Anna and Nick could almost hear his jism splashing into Barbara’s throat. Then they could see it, as well, for his load was too huge for her to gulp it all down. Cum spilled from Barbara’s lips and streamed down her chin and dropped in gooey, globs onto her tits.

Barbara sputtered and gurgled and gargled the goo as Richard fucked in and out, creaming her mouth. He emptied his balls, and they seemed to collapse — but then they began to balloon again, without delay. He pulled out of Barbara’s mouth and stepped back, ready to watch his wife root around in the girl’s gooey cunt now.

Barbara tipped her head back and swallowed the last of Richard’s slime, then she looked down as Richard’s wife dove on her cunt again.

This time Anna began to suck for the creamy conclusions.

Barbara was hornier now that she had swallowed the jizz from Richard’s cock. She began to melt the moment that Anna started to gulp in her cunt.

Her cunt turned to cream, and the goo came gushing out into Anna’s mouth in a steaming tide.

Anna shot her tongue in, lapping up the cunt-cum from the inner folds. She sucked on the cunt as she filled her mouth again and again. Cunt-cream poured down her chin and flowed along the line of her jaw.

Anna seemed to have her face buried to the ears in the girl’s cunt, oblivious to all else, not even aware of the fascinated onlookers as she sated her sordid longings. Anna drank to her heart’s content, getting more sweet nectar out of that teenaged pussy than any female fuck-hole had ever fed her before.

She sucked out every drop and lapped up the overflow with her frenzied tongue.

Barbara writhed and wriggled in ecstasy as her cunt peaked again and again.

Then she slumped back, smiling happily, glowing with a well-sucked aura.

But now that her pussy was satisfied, she was more aware of how her tongue and lips were yearning for the other half of the feast.

Anna raised her head, her jaws dripping.

“Was that good, baby?” she purred.

“Yeah-yeah! Let me eat you, now!” Barbara gasped.

With the flavor of the man’s jizz still tingling on her tongue, Barbara was crazed with desire to dine in his wife’s love hole.

Anna rose up, ready to feed the starving child.

But there was a slight delay.

Because Nick had started to jerk off.

He knew it was absurd to even think about giving himself a handjob, when so many other options were available to him, but he couldn’t help himself. He had gotten so excited, while he watched his girlfriend drink from a cock and feed her fuckhole flow to the gorgeous woman, that his hand had fallen automatically onto his prick and began to beat away.

Pre-cum had already begun to seep out heavily, greasing his cock-stalk for his fist.

Anna looked startled and alarmed when she saw that the boy was about to shoot off.

She wasn’t about to let his sweet spunk load go to waste!

“This…” she said to Barbara, “… will only take a moment, honey.”

She twisted away from the girl’s groin and lowered her dark head to Nick’s lap. Her mouth opened wide.

Nick was on the final cum-strokes, unable to control himself. He kept on pumping away as her face descended.

His spunk squirted out before Anna had taken his cock in her mouth. Her parted lips were only two inches above the head of his prick when he gasped and a gooey geyser spurted from his pisshole.

But it wasn’t wasted.

Anna had gotten into position in the nick of time and the thick, milky, jizz juice shot right into her mouth. She gulped and went down on Nick.

Nick kept on pounding his prick as her lips enveloped the knob.

He had jacked himself off, after all.

But it was in her mouth — and that was a far different thing!

With Richard and Barbara looking on, Nick finished beating his meat, and Anna drank it all up, loving it. She sucked out the dregs.

Then, the delay having been fleeting, Anna turned back to Barbara.

As Barbara prepared to eat her first pussy, she wondered what her mother and father would say, if they had known what was happening at home, while they were stranded by the storm.

They probably would have approved…


Since Claire was still on all fours, in the doggy-fucking position. Knight started to mount her again, thinking it the most appropriate position to give her the ass-fucking she wanted.

But the blonde lady crawled away from him as she gently lowered her husband down on the bed.

Claire straddled his hips and rubbed her cunt on his saliva-soaked cock-stalk, then she fitted it into her fuck-hole and slid down, taking his cock balls deep.

Knight hung back politely, supposing that they were simply going to screw again as man and wife.

But Claire groped behind her, fumbling for his cock.

Knight laid the meat in her palm. She tugged him toward her as if he were a dog on a meaty leash.

“Butt fuck me, baby!” she whined. He knelt behind her as she perched on her husband’s prick. She pulled his cock closer.

Knight spread the cheeks of her ass with his open hands, parting the crack and exposing the puckered brown object of his desire.

She guided his cock-knob into her shitter.

That fat purple slab looked much too bloated to fit in her tiny crevice of her asshole, and Knight hesitated, not wanting to hurt her, and sure as hell not wanting to skin his dick in the tight tunnel.

But Claire knew what she wanted and what her shit-chute could accommodate.

“C’mon! Ram it up me!” she urged. He gave a tentative lurch. His cock-knob was stuck at the rim for a moment. His cockshaft was too taut to bend. He nudged her, causing her wet to slide about one third of the way down on her husband’s cock.

Then her whole opened, loosening enough to contain his cockhead.

He thrust again, and the head of his prick disappeared in her asshole. The tight brown ring snapped closed around his thick cockhead.

He waited, crouched back on the angle of his hard-on, to make sure the fit was right and that his cockhead wasn’t hurting her ass-ring.

But he needn’t have worried.

Still squatting on her husband’s rampant cock, Claire shoved her ass back and took another inch of Knight’s prick into her ass-passage.

Her shithole began to suck him in just like her mouth had swallowed his cock!

He marveled at her magic body. It felt as if she was giving him another blowjob from the rear end. Her shitter pulled him in deeper.

He gaped down in awe, watching his long, iron-hard cock sink in inch by inch. How was it going in so easily into that snug slot? It was a mystery to Knight — but a sweet one, at that.

His cock-knob, being the widest part of his prick, had opened her ass-passage as his cockshaft plowed in, spreading her shit-tract for his stalk.

Her ass took him smooth as silk.

The amazed man wondered if the head of his prick was stirring the cum that she had swallowed from the other end of her digestive tract.

More than half of his cock was buried and Knight humped and hammered the rest home.

She squawked and squealed — but there was no hint of distress in her tone of voice, hers were the sounds of pure, sordid pleasure.

She hunkered down on Jason’s cock, stuffing both of her loin tunnels to the brim.

Knight’s balls were cushioned to Jason’s nuts at Claire’s crotch.

Knight tiled to pump in and out, eager to fuck her sweet ass, but the inner rings were clinging to his cock, holding him buried to the hilt, while she squirmed around, getting seated comfortably for the action.

She pulled her pussy up to the head of her husband’s towering cock, paused there, then dropped back down and took it all into her pussy again.

Then she dragged her shit-chute up the other man’s prick and shoved back in the same way. She fell into a steady rhythm, stuffing her cunt to the brim, then packing her shitter, in turn.

The men could feel their stiff pricks rubbing against each other as they passed in her twin tracts, adding sensation to the suction and friction of shitter and fuckhole.

Knight loved fucking her ass.

And her husband loved having a stranger up his wife’s shithole even more, kinky as he was.

Jason humped up from the bed, tossing Claire on his hard cock as Knight fucked steadily into her asshole.

But Claire was still setting the pace, and she began to take both cocks at the same time now, getting both of her holes filled.

Claire was in ecstasy.

Could a woman ask for more?

Well, not most women, maybe — but greedy Claire was thinking that it would be nice if she had a third cock for her empty mouth.

Jason’s prick fucked into the depths of her cunt, and Knight pumped his prick into her hot bowels, then pulled back, having to tug hard to withdraw against the suction.

Her ass-ring tightened, reined, tightened again. Her shit-shute was elastic and pliable.

Knight guessed that she could have taken an even larger cock than his own up her turd tunnel.

Yet the fit was still snug and slick, and he was soaring to another crest.

“Ahhhhh! Fuck my cunt, darling! Pack the fudge up my butt, baby!” she moaned.

Her fuckhole was creaming, and her bowels seemed to be melting in their own unique fashion.

Both men shot off together this time. They were buried to the brim, and their balls were jammed together as they went off, like a chain-reaction exploding in her groin.

Her husband’s spunk hosed straight up, splashing in the core of her cunt while the other man’s hot jizz-enema steamed into her bowels.

Between then, they filled her to overflowing.

Jason sprawled out, spread-caged on the bed.

Knight slumped over her haunches. Claire wiggled around a bit longer, finishing off her cuming.

“That,” she sighed, “was swell!” Claire was unable to dismount from the still-stiff cock in her cunthole because she was still impaled on the prick up her ass.

Knight dragged his soiled cock out as it had gone in, inch by inch. Her asshole clung and slurped, and his prick came out like taffy being pulled.

He flopped over onto his elbows, his cock swaying, shaking off cum and ass-juice from the knob.

Freed from the shit-chute spike, she pulled her pussy up and uncoupled from Jason’s rampant prick. She twisted onto all fours again, wagging her ass in her husband’s face.

He gazed at her groin and licked his chops.

Cum was spilling out of her asshole and streaming down into her crotch, where the gooey tide mixed with the stream gushing from her pussy.

Another hot meal had been prepared in her loins now, steaming in her cunt and bubbling in a savory stew out of her bowels.

Jason began to lick her slimy ass-crack and to suck her shit hole with relish. He slid down and gave her cunt some action, eating her out doggy-fashion now, alternating between the two well-jizzed slots and lapping up the streaming flow that connected them down the crack of her rear.

Knight was impressed by Jason’s appetite and unslakable lust.

While Jason was sucking her cunt and rimming her ass, Claire inched toward Knight. Her face loomed over Knight’s swaying cock. Her blonde head moved over his prick.

Then she ducked down and took the ass flavored cock into her mouth and began to nurse and milk on the soiled shithole stuffer with glee, relishing the tainted taste of his cock.

Claire was having so much fun tonight that she hoped the storm would last for days.

As she bobbed up and down on Knight’s cock, she glanced at the rain-rattling window. The storm was still raging as fiercely as ever.

How lovely to be stranded here for a week.

But, being a mother, she was a bit worried about her innocent little girl.

She hoped there was enough to eat in the house, if the storm lasted for a week.

There was plenty to eat, of course. Although the food wasn’t quite what Claire had in mind to try it all.

Anna spread her ass open with her hands. “Eat ass, darling!” she urged. Barbara ran her lapper up through the gamey ass-cleft, a few times, slurping and slobbering.

She licked lightly around the rim of Anna’s asshole, flicking at the puckered hole.

She nudged her cute little upturned nose into the woman’s tart asshole, sniffing and snuffling, inhaling the tantalizing fragrance of the fudgy slot.

The teenager was starving for hot pussy, I but she was in no rush to get down there.

It was a real kick to start with some asshole-tasting.

Nick was looking in from one side and Richard was watching from the other.

Anna pulled the cheeks of her ass wider I apart, so that both of the fascinated watchers could get a good look at the rimming.

Barbara began to dip her wet tongue gently into Anna’s tight taffy slot. Her tastebuds sparked crazily as the flavor of shit sludge turned her on.

If cunt was even more scrumptious than whole, she knew she was in for a treat!

She snaked her tongue up the woman’s turd tunnel as far as it would go. She seemed to be trying to taste the cum that Anna had swallowed from the opposite end of her alimentaty canal.

“Oooooh, baby! Bugger my bun with your wet tongue!” Anna moaned, wriggling in ecstasy.

Anna was delighted by the way that the teenaged novice was learning her lessons.

Barbara was taking to lesbian love like a duck takes to water!

Barbara drooled into Anna’s whole, then sucked the slobber back out and swallowed it.

Anna’s tight shitter was sucking on Barbara’s tongue, pulling it up her guts.

Nick, gaping in awe, was wondering what it would feel like to shove his prick up into that tight brown ring.

Richard didn’t wonder — he knew.

“Suck that whole, kid!” he gasped.

Barbara murmured as she munched. The girl felt deliciously depraved, wanton and sordid and sinful. Sucking mother female’s asshole with two miles watching her was a tremendous turn-on.

Pussy perfume was steaming up from Anna’s neglected groin, wafting into Barbara’s face, the aroma blending with that of her shit-chute.

Barbara adored eating out asshole, but she was getting desperate to suck pussy.

She rimmed and reamed a bit longer in the caramel-colored crack of Anna’s asshole. Then drew away and turned face up on the couch.

“Sit on my face, Anna,” she whined. “Feed me your fuckhole.”

Anna mounted the blonde girl. Her ass rested on Barbara’s tits.

Barbara craned her neck, lifting her head up and gazing into the vee of the crotch just above her face.

She breathed in the fumes, and her ass flavored tongue tingled ravenously.

Holding the voluptuous lady by the solid cheeks of her ass, Barbara tugged her up as her face clipped down to meet the snack steaming in Anna’s groin.

Her tongue slid in.

“Ahhhhh!” Anna moaned.

With the very first lick, Barbara knew that cunt-lapping was for her! It was even better than she had imagined it would be.

She loved the taste and the texture and the scented aroma of that succulent pussy, and the prospect of having it cream in her mouth was driving her wild.

Barbara knew that she would never lose her lust for cocks, certainly — but from now on, the girl intended to suck every cunt she could get her mouth on.

A whole lot of local ladies were going to get lucky in the future!

She slid her tongue in and flailed it around, lapping the nourishing nook, exploring every crevice and cranny of the intricate inner folds.

Then she clamped her open mouth to the gash and began to suck with such enthusiasm that Anna thought her eyeballs were going to cave in.

Barbara needed no training or practice or previous experience — no coaxing or instructions or hints on how to go about it.

She was a cunt sucker born and bred. Anna mopped her cunt-muff on the girl’s mouth, then up her face, sliming her from her trembling chin to her cheekbones.

Barbara dipped her nose in as Anna’s pussy was plastered to her face like a suction cup.

Barbara’s tongue aroused Anna’s cunt, and Anna’s cunt aroused Barbara’s tongue.

The teenager’s mouth kept filling up with cunt nectar. She gulped it down greedily only to have Anna’s pussy fill her mouth again.

The flow was getting hotter and thicker and creamier as Anna soared to a crest.

Barbara tipped her head back for a moment, to gaze at what she was eating.

The sight of Anna’s pussy thrilled the girl almost as much as the sweet taste of her cunt.

Anna’s fuck-hole was open wide, the coral-pink lips unfurled like a fleshy flower and the oval slot full of thick cream. Barbara dipped in like a hummingbird seeking nectar in that blossom.

She dove in to lick. Her head was going up and down in the classic blowjob-action, as if she were swallowing a cock, as she alternated gazing with grazing.

She sucked Anna’s clit into her mouth and worked on it awhile, making it explode. Then she opened her mouth wider and sucked all the cunt juice out from the woman’s steamy pussy.

“Cum! Cum! Cum!” Barbara moaned, the words muffled by the raven-haired woman’s cunt.

Anna jerked her hips and ground her ass down on Barbara’s upthrust tits. Waves of rapture were rushing across her loins and shooting up her thighs.

“Drink me off, baby! I’m creaming! Swallow my slime, you sweet sucker!”

Barbara squealed with joy as Anna’s clit cum gushed lavishly into her mouth.

She rooted in the rut, gobbled in the gash, munching the melting muff voraciously. Barbara drank and Anna drained.

The sexy woman was feeding the nubile girl as much cum as any guy ever had, and, if it wasn’t any more delicious than jizz, it was just as good.

Anna finished foaming. She slumped, smiling.

Barbara kept right on sucking.

When Anna started to dismount, Barbara grabbed her ass and pulled her back.

“I wanna do it again!” she moaned.

She had become a nympho for nooky!

Anna was pleased to feed her again.

But now two horny males were hot to get into the act.

But she didn’t give a shit.

Getting fucked and sucking cunt at the same time was a thrill beyond compare.

Richard began to fuck Barbara with slow, rippling fuck-strokes, rubbing the length of his long cock across her clit as he pushed in and pulled out.

He bent down and began to lick his wife’s asshole as her butt wiggled on Barbara’s tits.

Anna moaned with delight as a second tongue was added to her pleasure. Now she was getting her shithole sucked and her pussy plated at the same time.

Nick was desperate again, his prick pounding and beating and surging.

Richard was fucking his girlfriend and, logically, he should be sinking his cock into Richard’s wife. But Anna’s cunt was fully occupied on Barbara’s face, not available at the moment.

The boy looked for a hot hole.

Anna’s mouth was vacant, but he had already jacked off into that facial fuckhole, and they both sensed that in an orgy like this it wasn’t proper policy to repeat the same couplings twice in a row.

The incontinent boy grabbed his thundering prick and began to whack off again.

This time it was Richard who came to his rescue and prevented Nick’s conclusive self-abuse.

“Shove your prick up my wife’s ass!” he grunted as he sucked that tiny slot, getting it slimy with saliva and ready to be fucked.

Nick mounted Anna’s arched torso. He stroked his hot cock up and down in the crack of Anna’s ass, then hiked his haunches up and angled the cock-knob into her cornhole.

The fat prick got stuck for an instant. Then her well-sucked shit socket opened, and his prick went in like a hot knife through butter.

Anna cried out in bliss as her bowels were filled up with teenaged cockmeat. An ass full of prick felt even better than a tongue.

Nick and Richard were mounted on Barbara in tandem, the man on her loins and the boy straddling her slender torso as he wedged his fat reamer up into Anna’s ass.

The moment that Barbara felt cock spume flooding into her fuckhole, she melted in a wild and prolonged climax, her pussy dissolving on his spurting stalk, cunt goo mixing with jizz-slime.

Anna began to cum again, her clit exploding and her cunt creaming into Barbara’s face.

Then Nick was pouring his hot jizz-enema up into the dark-haired nympho’s bowels.

As he drove his cock in, cum and ass-juice bubbled around her tiny brown eye. The stuff ran down into her crotch, where Barbara lapped it up joyously, adoring the combination of cunt-cum and jizz that was tainted with asshole.

They ground together in perfect harmony, like some well-oiled fucking and sucking machine, working one another through the fiery spasms, slowly spending off the ebbing waves of the clusterfuck.

Finished, they clung together in a jumble of arms and legs, cocks and cunts, balls and boobs.

Richard was the caboose in this carnal train and he uncoupled first, dragging his greasy cock out of Barbara’s sodden pussy.

His cock was still fat and firm.

Nick tugged his cock out of Anna’s asshole. The cock-knob came free with a wet slurp and more jizz oozed out and trickled down into her groin, where Barbara greedily sucked it up like a sponge.

Anna stayed in the saddle of the girl’s ardent face for a few more moments, while Barbara used her tongue to gather up the last dregs.

Then she dismounted.

But they didn’t stay uncoupled for long.

They just linked up differently.

To complete the cycle, Nick fucked Anna’s cunt, and Richard fed Barbara her first-ever asshole full of prick — first but definitely not the last, as she discovered the beauty of butt-fucking.

They had to rest after that.

But the storm was still bellowing away and they had the rest of the night.

They went upstairs and all crawled into bed together, sleeping in a cluster — so that when they awoke at dawn, they were all ready to have a scrumptious breakfast in bed.

They munched on fat sausages and hot crumpets and, although they didn’t have coffee, there was plenty of cream.

When they had eaten their fill of hearty morning fare, they had another cluster fuck and, sure enough, the energetic screwing whetted their appetites for brunch.

They all dined in a daisy chain. And then, at last, the eventful night had ended and a brand-new day had dawned.

And the storm had ended.


Anna and Richard hated to leave, but knew they had better be gone by the time that Barbara’s parents got home.

Nick figured it would be better if the Curtises didn’t know that he had spent the night, and the Wellingtons offered him a ride home. They made arrangements to get together again soon.

The world was wet and sparkling on this bright, sunny morning following the black night.

He staggered as he got out of the car and wobbled as he went into the house, and he was so exhausted that he didn’t even stop to watch his mother and father, who were fucking like crazed stoats in the kitchen.

Anna and Richard stayed in the driveway long enough for a marital fuck.

Then they drove home.

On the way, Anna had a chance to look around and see how much damage the storm had done.

Wires were down, trees were uprooted and gardens were trashed by the lacing wind and pelting rain.

The sexy woman grinned with a sudden thought.

“It’s true what they say, darling,” she remarked.

“What’s that, honey?”

She giggled with sperm-gooey lips. “It’s an ill wind that blows no one…”

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Sucking, Spanking Family

Of all the social institutions which have had to endure change and weather criticism, the family concept is, perhaps, the mast pronounced. Subjected to the undermining forces of alcoholism, the use of drugs, and internal and external factors, the family unit has undergone immeasurable challenge in the wake of social change.

SUCKING, SPANKING FAMILY is the story of how some people adjust to the liberated moral standards within the family unit. Beset by such common problems as jealousy, age differences and differing moral attitudes, the characters in this story find an unusual solution to their dilemma. Their method, that of incest, may well be considered unusual or shocking, but it is nonetheless successful here.

SUCKING, SPANKING FAMILY — a novel of fiction for entertainment. A reminder that what is debased and perverted for some may well be normal for others.


Marcy Stewart suddenly awoke and fumbled for the clock next to her bed. Two o’clock in the morning! What had awakened her? Then she heard voices coming from the living room, and she realized that that was what she had heard before… the sound that had awakened her.

Feeling excited and not really knowing why, the teenaged girl slipped out of bed and, wearing only her very short, very sheer nightgown, silently made her way down the hall toward the living room. She stopped short, gasping with shock and excitement as she stepped back a little and peered around the doorway so she wouldn’t be seen.

There, on the couch, were her Aunt Laura, who had been visiting from a nearby town for a few days, and Marcy’s big brother, Fred, wrapped up in a lewd embrace.

“Jesus, Aunt Laura, I wish you didn’t have to go back home tomorrow,” Fred muttered dejectedly.

“But I do have to leave here tomorrow… early in the morning, Fred, so let’s not waste anymore time,” the woman said with an eager grin.

Fred pulled his aunt closer to his muscular body, and his tongue shot out, between the woman’s soft, sensuous lips. Aunt Laura’s tongue eagerly met her nephew’s and she pressed into his mouth.

Her hands moved down and very gently she unzipped the boy’s fly and slipped her hands inside, caressing his loaded balls. She pulled Fred’s huge, hard cock out and quickly lowered her head, taking her nephew’s prick between her lips.

Closing her mouth over the head of his cock, she sucked deeply.

Fred could feel the hot soft inner cheeks of his aunt’s mouth against his hard fuck meat as his swollen prick bounced from cheek to cheek, and she sucked in harder, letting the boy’s cock slide halfway down her throat.

“Ohhhh, God, Aunt Laura, that’s great! Keep it up, Aunt Laura! Suck my cock!” Fred sighed, and his own hands moved, unbuttoning the woman’s blouse and releasing her naked tits. His fingers pressed into her nipples, pinching and pulling at them hard, the way he knew she liked it.

Just outside the room, hidden in darkness, Marcy stood watching her brother and aunt. She was shocked. But she was also very, very excited, and her little virgin pussy began to drool as she continued to spy on the couple.

The young girl began to stroke her tits through the sheer fabric of her nightgown, and her nipples at once hardened as she kneaded her firm tit-flesh, turning on more.

Aunt Laura closed her lips tightly, sucking hungrily on the head of the boy’s swollen cock. His prick throbbed obscenely inside her mouth and she sucked harder and harder in response.

Marcy stifled a moan and rubbed her tits harder, pinching her nipples painfully but pleasurably through her nightgown as she spied on her brother and aunt.

The teenager had had no idea that the boy and the older woman were, attracted to each other in “that way”. The two of them had gone out alone to the movies that evening, but that was nothing unusual. Ever since Aunt Laura had come to visit her family a few days ago, she and Fred had beep spending a lot of time together… alone.

Oh wow, Marcy thought excitedly, so that’s it! This isn’t their first time doing this kind of stuff with each other. They’ve probably been getting it on for days! God, if I’m good and lucky, maybe I’ll get to see them fucking!

The young girl was very curious about sex. Never having fucked, anyone herself, but feeling hornier and hornier all the time, she welcomed the chance to see what fucking was really like. And the incestuous nature of what was going on before her very eyes gave the teenager an extra surge of lewd excitement.

Aunt Laura ran her fingers through her nephew’s prick hairs as she continued to suck his cock. Fred’s hand moved beneath her skirt, and he slipped his fingers inside her panties, searching for her pussy.

Aunt Laura moaned and slipped the boy’s prick out of her mouth.

“Come on darling, let’s strip! This is so frustrating… with our clothes on,” she said as she stood up and quickly removed her blouse, skin and panties.

“You’re so beautiful, Aunt Laura… and so sexy,” Fred groaned, his eyes raking over the woman’s naked body.

“Thank you, dear. But now it’s your turn. Come on… strip!” she said thickly.

With an eager grin, Fred rose and hurriedly shucked his clothes and then turned to his aunt, his long, thick prick nakedly pointing straight at her.

“Come on, beautiful, back on the couch!” Fred growled and, wrapping his arm around the woman’s waist, he pulled her down onto the couch.

As soon as they were settled, the boy moved his hand between his aunt’s legs and his fingers pried open the lips of her cunt, stirring up the pussycream in the creases, searching for her clit.

Her clit popped up from its hood, hard and red, pushing insistently, demandingly against the boy’s fingers. Flicking the nail of his index finger against his aunt’s clit, Fred moaned and lowered his head, biting hard into one of her round, firm tits.

“Ohhhhhh, yesssss,” Aunt Laura moaned as she closed her mouth on her nephew’s cock once more, sucking hard.

Outside the doorway to the living room, Marcy was beside herself with fuck-lust. Keeping one hand on her tits, rubbing them harder and harder with each passing moment, she moved her other hand down between her legs. She slipped her hand beneath her flimsy nightgown and stoked her moistening pussy mound.

Fred stuck two fingers into his aunt’s cunt and caressed her inner cunt-folds, arousing the woman half out of her mind.

“Ummmfffff,” she groaned, licking up and down the boy’s prickshaft with long wet strokes, then licking at the underside of his bloated meat, feeling the big blue vein pulsing with hot blood against her tongue.

She licked at the little pearly drops of pre-cum that oozed from the twitching piss-slit. Closing her mouth again over Fred’s fat cock, she tried to swallow his prick whole.

“Unnhhh,” Fred moaned as his prick slid down Aunt Laura’s throat, the tight throat muscles closing tightly around him.

“Ohhh, Jeeesus,” he groaned, struggling not to come yet. Oh, God, Fred, hurry up and come, Marcy thought as she rubbed her little pussy frantically, feeling her horny clit jump around inside the wet folds and creases of her cunt. Hurry up and come inside Aunt Laura’s mouth! I wanna see it! And then I want you two to fuck! I wanna see that too!

Aunt Laura moaned with incestuous pleasure in response to her nephew’s fingers which were fucking deeper and deeper into her cunt. Now, she stuffed all of the boy’s throbbing prick into the warm moist cavern of her mouth, expertly deep-throating him.

As much as she needed him to fuck her, she wanted to feel him coming inside her mouth. She wanted to taste his cum, to feel it spurting down her throat.

Fred’s fingers moved in and out of his aunt’s pussy, finger-fucking her harder and deeper with each stroke. Then he traced a slow, erotic outline from her cunt to her asshole. He pressed one finger against the small tight asshole and worked it in.

“Ummmfffff,” Aunt Laura moaned around the thickness of her nephew’s prick as the hot membranes of her asshole closed tightly around his probing finger.

Her body writhed from side to side as her mouth slid up and down on his bursting cock. Her full round tits flattened out against his chest.

The extra surge of sexual excitement Fred felt was all it took to trigger his orgasm. Large hot wads of thick jism shot into Aunt Laura’s sucking mouth as her nephew came.

Oh God, Marcy thought, as she continued to rub her little horny cunt, it’s even more exciting than I thought. Look at Fred come! I didn’t know he had it in him. She was almost giggling aloud at her little joke. Ohhhh, keep coming, Fred. Marcy slipped one finger between her bloated pussylips and began to stroke her tortured clit.

Aunt Laura’s pussy exploded in orgasm as she thrilled to the lewd sensation of her own nephew’s cum shooting into her mouth. It tasted delicious!

“Oh, Fred, your cock’s still hard!” Aunt Laura cried excitedly as she swallowed the last of the boy’s jism and slipped her mouth off of the jerking prick.

“Yeah, have you any suggestions what we can do with it?” Fred asked with a teasing grin.

“Yes! Fuck me now, Fred, hurry!” the woman cried as she pushed him out of the way and lay down on the couch, flat on her back.

God, yes, Fred, fuck her! Fuck Aunt Laura! Marcy’s brain silently shrieked as the young girl continued to rub her aching little clit.

As Fred slid on top of his aunt, her hands reached eagerly for his big hard cock and, grasping his prick tightly, she guided his cock right into her wet cunt.

“Ohhh, yeah, Aunt Laura,” Fred groaned, sliding easily into the hot tight fuckhole, easing his way slowly between the cushiony walls of her horny pussy.

My God! Marcy thought excitedly, they’re actually fucking! What a trip! I get to watch my brother fucking my aunt!

And, while she continued to spy on the unsuspecting couple, Marcy thrust her stiffened finger into her fuckhole all the way up to her tightly stretched cherry while still strumming her clit with her thumb.

As Fred fucked the full length of his long, thick prick in and out of his aunt’s juice-soaked cunt, he leaned down and pressed his mouth against one of her stiff nips.

“Unnhhhh, yesssss, Fred, yesssss,” she hissed between clenched teeth as she clasped the boy’s prick with her strong cuntmuscles.

The teenaged boy sucked his aunt’s nipple deeper into his mouth, trying to suck in as much of her silken tit-flesh as he could. All the while, his crotch ground obscenely against hers, hipbone against hipbone, his cock locked in her pussy.

“Mmmmm, you’re fucking me so good, Fred, keep it up, fuck me good and hard! That’s how I love it!” Aunt Laura cried, thrusting her hips up and slamming her cunt up against his plunging prick.

Her arms closed around his muscular neck, and she let her head fall back against the sofa cushion, moaning with pleasure as her nephew’s big cock continued to fuck into her seething hot cunt.

“Your little cunt is so hot… so tight… it’s turning me on so much… my cock’s never been this hard… sexy little… whore,” the boy growled, feeling so turned on that he wished he could ram his balls up her cunt too.

With that lewd thought, he fucked her harder, deeper, his fingers tearing at her heaving tits, painfully twisting and pinching the long, throbbing nipples.

He wanted to dump his load of cum right up her horny little pussy. And he wanted to make her come. He wanted to make her writhe and scream and claw and curse and tear at him and pound her pussy so hard against his prick that it would hurt as much as it would feel good.

“Aaaarghhhh, it feels soooo good, keep fucking me… harder… deeper… fuck meeeee!” the woman shrieked, clawing at his broad back with her sharp fingernails, as if reading his mind.

“I’ll fuck you all right! I’ll fuck you harder than you’ve ever been fucked before, you little slut!” he groaned, fucking his cock into her just as deeply as he could.

The swollen straining head of his dick bounced off the back wall of her cunt and she moaned with incestuous excitement, clutching his meat hard with her pussy muscles.

Fred withdrew his prick until only the pulsing cockhead remained, and then he slammed into her again. Her long, slender legs folded around his taut ass, just at the small of his back.

“Good… good… soooo good,” the woman murmured, feeling as if her cunt would literally burn up, she was so hot. And her pussy grew still hotter with each searing plunge of her nephew’s prick.

Gallons of thick, creamy cunt sauce poured from Aunt Laura’s fuckhole, completely filling up her pussy and overflowing from between her puffy cuntlips.

Marcy closed her eyes and sagged weakly against the doorjamb as her orgasm began. She moaned softly, knowing she couldn’t possibly be heard above the loud grunts and groans coming from the incestuously fucking couple in the living room.

The young blonde gripped her own tits, one in each hand, and pinched her turgid nips as her powerful climax blasted through her, releasing a flood of fuck juice which ran down the girl’s trembling legs. Wave upon wave of sexual pleasure raced through her entire body, making her shudder with excitement.

Although she had finger-fucked herself to orgasm many, many times in the past, she had never experienced an orgasm like this one. And she correctly sensed that it was the added thrill of watching her own brother fucking their aunt that had brought her off so excitingly.

As her orgasm subsided, Marcy peered around the doorway again, wondering what was going on inside the room. She hoped that her aunt and brother would come soon so she could maybe see Fred’s cum shooting out of is prick and her aunt dancing with lust beneath his hard muscled body.

As if on the same wavelength as his sister, Fred began to fuck his aunt harder now, violently, brutally, needing to come, and longing to feel her pussy coming around his cock meat.

He fucked his prick into her pussy with short, rapid strokes that left them both breathless.

“Ohhhh, God, you’re hurting me, but I love it, Freddy! I’m gonna come! Keep fucking me… just like that, darling! Make me come!” Aunt Laura yelled.

Hot fuck cream surged in his balls and shot up into his prick. His brain dizzied and he had trouble concentrating on what he was doing. The head of his cock swelled to unbelievable proportions and ached painfully with the need to explode.

“Ohhhh, Jeeesus!” the boy cried.

He arched his back and his hips jerked forward. He fucked into her, his ass rising and falling, with a surge of frantic orgasmic energy.

Their bodies trembled and ground against each other as they came together.

“Ohhh, God, yesss, I can feel you coming inside me! It feels sooo fuckin’ good! Keep shooting, Freddy, keep shooting! Gimme all your cum!” Aunt Laura gasped.

She locked her legs around the boy again as he pumped his hot fuck cream into her. Her body lifted and dropped with each spasm. Her cunt swelled, vibrating with orgasmic pleasure as her nephew continued to shoot his load of thick jism into her.

“Yesssss, yessss, yew,” she chanted over and over as she came. More and more pussyjuice shot from her pussyhole, drenching the boy’s jerking cock meat, and dribbling obscenely down her quaking legs.

Her entire body exploded in orgasm, slamming hard against his, then slowing into rigid rhythmic spasms as her pussy clutched and squeezed his prick harder than ever.

Fred continued to fuck his orgasming cock deep into her, and she clamped her legs tightly around him, as though she wanted to lock his prick inside her cunt forever.

They rocked back and forth, rolling to their sides, and aunt and nephew kissed each other tenderly as their orgasms eased off and they lay, trembling, wrapped in each other’s arms.

Out in the hallway, Marcy came again. Even though she wasn’t even touching her little pussy this time, her orgasm was triggered by the excitement she felt while watching her aunt and brother coming together while they continued to fuck.

Seeing that the incestuous couple was finished for now, Marcy tore her eyes away from them and exhaustedly but happily made her way back to her own room.


Once Marcy had spied on her brother and aunt while they were fucking each other and she knew just how exciting it was, the young girl thought of little else. Over the next few days, she became obsessed with the subject of sex. And she knew that she had to see more.

Desperate to find an opportunity to spy on people while they were making it together, the teenager kept a close eye on her family: her parents, Jerry and Rona, and her brother Fred.

Unfortunately, Aunt Laura had returned home the morning after fucking with Fred, but now Marcy was bound and determined to catch her parents in the act, or maybe she would be lucky enough to catch her brother with one of his many girlfriends.

Her chance came just a few nights after seeing, for the first time, what fucking looked like. It was late and, as before, Marcy was awakened by the sound of voices, this time coming from the den where she knew her parents had been watching television when Marcy and Fred had gone to bed.

Glad that she was a light sleeper, Marcy slipped out of bed and, with a swiftly rising sense of excitement, she padded quietly down the hell and, just as she did before, she stood just outside the den and peered cautiously around the doorway to see what was going on there.

The lamp next to the couch was lit, spotlighting her parents as if they were on a stage, and as if the sexual performance they were giving was just for their daughter’s benefit.

Jerry Stewart was lying flat on his back on the large couch and his wife, Rona, was lying on top of him. They were both stark naked, their robes lying in a heap on the floor, both of them obviously hastily discarded.

Jerry’s hands were folded about the woman’s small tight asscheeks and he massaged the trembling ass-flesh. Rona ground down into him and she could feel his cock, hard and insistent, pressing into her belly.

Out in the hallway, Marcy grinned, realizing that she had lucked out. It looked to her as if things were just beginning to heat up between her parents and she would get to watch every lewd detail of their fuck session.

With that thought, the young virgin moved one hand to her tits and her other hand moved between her legs, beginning to stroke her pussy, which was already growing wet with desire.

His wife’s warm, full tits pressed into Jerry’s chest and he could feel her stiff nips poking into his hard manly flesh.

“Mmmm, I’m glad the kids finally went off to bed… I’ve been wanting to get you alone all evening,” Rona murmured, sliding up and down the man’s hard, lean body.

“Yeah, me, too, baby… shit!” Jerry cried. His wife slid her hands down between their naked, bodies and she grasped his balls. She stroked her husband’s balls gently, cupping them in the palms of her hands, and, at the same time, she pressed her mouth against his, licking at his lips, sucking in his tongue.

Then, her full, red lips slid down his chest, sucking at his nipples, licking and nibbling her way down his hairy belly, sucking in his nest of prick hair.

“Ohhhhh, unnnhh, yeah, baby, yeah,” Jerry groaned and his hard, powerful muscles trembled with desire.

His balls churned and tightened with a delicious surge of longing. The head of his big cock, already swollen and red and tight, ached unbearably.

Rona lightly brushed her tongue over the engorged cockhead, licking up the small drops of pre-cum.

“Mmmmm, good,” she said with a husky laugh.

“Ohhhh, baby, what you’re doing to me!” Jerry cried.

Out in the hall, their daughter moaned softly as she finger-fucked herself, already feeling as if she were half out of her mind with fuck lust. Her eyes were riveted on her daddy’s cock. Never, in all her wildest dreams, had she imagined that her father had a prick so huge! Her brother’s prick was big, too, but her daddy’s was thicker, and just looking at his cock, all naked and hard and jerking like that, made the young teenager’s mouth water. She felt a jolt of jealousy toward her mother — the lucky woman who at that moment had her mouth wrapped around Jerry’s big prick.

God, Marcy thought lewdly, it should be me! I wish it were me! And with that thought, she began to finger-fuck her horny little cherry pussy harder and deeper than before, tears of lust filling her eyes.

Rona’s mouth closed over the head of her husband’s prick, and she hungrily sucked it into the hot, wet cavern of her mouth. With long, lingering strokes, she lifted up and down the jerking rod of meat.

“Ohhhh!” Jerry groaned.

She ran her tongue along the big pulsating vein, up and down… slowly… teasingly.

“Ohhhhhh!” he cried again.

Circling and licking and sucking, the woman’s expertly moving mouth filled with warm saliva, bathing the man’s tortured, aching cock.

Jerry’s head pounded loudly and his entire body shuddered. He felt so overwhelmed by a multitude of erotic sensations that he could not move to save his life.

Then, moments later, he managed to sit up and move his hands. He stroked his wife’s smooth hips. His fingers brushed over the soft curves of her full, womanly ass, groaning with pleasure as she continued to suck him off.

Then, still sitting up so he could reach her ass and crotch, the man slipped his hand beneath Rona’s body and stroked her wet pussymound.

The mouth of her pussy was hot and tight, and closed hard around the probing finger Jerry pushed in. Her legs parted eagerly and she sighed deeply over his cock as her husband pushed another finger up into her cunt.

His fingers moved from her cunt folds to the mouth of her pussy to her resisting asshole. His fingers moved slowly, tickling and caressing and probing, pausing now and then to feel the electric responses of her body as she writhed against him.

Marcy grinned. This was great! She felt more excited than she ever had before, and she wandered what her parents would say and what they would do to her if they caught her spying on them.

Rona sucked her husband’s prick harder and harder until it grew so swollen and tight that she knew he would pop soon. She slid her mouth off of the twitching meat and grinned up at the man who stared down at her as if dazed.

“You’re gonna come soon, aren’t you?” she asked, her voice thick with lust.

“Yeah… think so,” he mumbled.

“So what should I do? Keep sucking you till you come in my mouth? Or do you wanna fuck now?” she asked excitedly.

“It’s your choice, baby. You wanna eat my cum? Or you want me to shoot it into your pussy?” he asked lewdly.

Ram chewed her bottom lip and looked very thoughtful for just a few seconds while both her husband and daughter waited impatiently for her answer.

“My cunt! I want your cumin my cunt!” she cried excitedly with a broad grin which lit up her entire face.

“All right! Let’s go for it!” Jerry said, returning his wife’s grin as she wriggled back up onto his body.

Rona guided his throbbing prick between her legs and into the hot wet mouth of her cunt.

Oh God, Marcy thought as she watched her parents with lust-glazed eyes, continuing to finger-fuck her own little cunt while she turned on more and more to the thrilling sight of her own mother and father beginning to fuck each other.

The first few inches of Jerry’s prick sank into his wife’s cunt, and it took every ounce of his self-control not to come on the spot. With a lunging movement of his hips, he fucked into her, ramming through the wet folds of her pussy which were now bubbling with her hot fuck juices.

“Unnnnhhhh, yessss,” Rona moaned, and her knees came up on either side of him.

She pushed her pussy down as hard as she could at the same time that her husband lifted his hips again, plunging into her even deeper and she gasped with pleasure and excitement, covering his mouth with hers.

Husband and wife fucked each other in perfect harmony, knowing each other’s body so well, bringing each other more and more pleasure even as their desire increased.

Each time that Rona shoved her crotch downward, Jerry’s ass rose from the couch and he helped her bury his prick inside her cunt to the hilt, his hard cockmeat throbbing lewdly against the clenching walls of her pussy.

Jerry’s arms closed tightly around her and pulled her down closer against him. Diving deeper into her, the pulsing head of his thick prick struck against the back wall of her pussy and it was immediately rewarded with a spray of cuntjuice.

He fucked in and out of his wife’s cunt as she slowly rose and fell rhythmically with him. Her full asscheeks vibrated and trembled in his hands.

Her hips molded themselves perfectly into his and she curled into him as she had done so many times before. Her tits, warm and full, spilled over onto his broad chest, squashed beneath her, and her hard nipples grazed lewdly against his.

“Ohh, baby, you’re always such a great fuck! A terrific lay!” he groaned, grinning up at her.

“Takes… one… to know… one,” she panted, returning his grin.

They were both sweating hard now, their breathing ragged, and their sweat-soaked bodies slapped together with each inward plunge, making a wet, sloshing sound that just aroused their spying daughter all the more.

Jerry rammed his prick in and out of his wife’s cunt, pumping up and down, sliding and slipping in her juices. They fucked each other harder and faster, each of her moans pressing him on, and each of his gasps and groans urging her to shove her cunt down even harder on the man’s prick.

Suddenly, needing to be in control of this fuck session, Jerry grasped the woman firmly by the waist and turned her over onto her side, and then onto her back as, swiftly and skillfully, he moved on top of her.

He guided his cock back to her pussy and glided it back in.

“Ohhhh, yessss, I love it,” Rona groaned, her legs beating against the sofa under them.

He plunged deeply into her, his cock banging against the uppermost wall of her pussy.

“Ohhhh, God, you know I love it when you do that! Ohhh, Jerry!” Rona cried, moving her hands up to her tits and squeezing the heaving tit-mounds, digging her fingers into the soft but firm flesh, then pinching her nipples and rolling them between her fingers, reaching new heights of erotic pleasure as her husband continued to expertly pole his big cock into her wet cunt.

“You hot little cunt,” he growled in response.

Out in the hall, Marcy came suddenly and she moaned softly, pressing one hand against her mouth to stifle the sound as she came hard.

Rona’s mouth puckered and she raised her head, silently begging her husband for a kiss. Jerry lowered his face and sucked her lips into the hot cavern of her mouth.

The woman’s hands folded around his hard muscular ass, pulling him down deeper into her. Jerry groaned and fucked her harder, faster, deeper, knowing that she was ready to come any time now. And he was too.

He fucked his prick in and out of her cunt, moving rapidly in and out, his shaft scraping teasingly against her aching clit.

“Ohhhh, yessss,” she whimpered and her eyes opened and closed over and over again.

“Aaarghhhh, baby, you’re such a great fuck such a nice tight little pussy,” the man groaned.

Deeper and harder he fucked her, feeling her strong pussymuscles clenching him tighter and tighter, trying to milk the jism from his cockmeat.

“Gotta fuck you hard, baby!” he moaned. “Yes, yes! Hard, Jerry, hard!” Rona cried. The woman stared with unfocused eyes at some point beyond her husband’s shoulder, so turned on she could not think straight any longer. Alt she was aware of at that moment was the deliciously erotic sensation of the huge cock fucking in and out of her, and her need to come, and to feel Jerry’s jism rushing up into her aching cunt.

She continued to thrust her hips up from the couch, slamming her naked crotch against her husband’s. His back arched and his hips jerked uncontrollably. He fucked his hard prick into her seething cunt deeper with each plunge.

Rona moaned and whimpered beneath him, pushing up, slamming up, against his muscular body. Her pussy went numb with swelling, and her orgasm began.

“Ohhhhh… ohhhhh, Jerry, I’m coming… really hard… ohhhh, honey! It feels sooooo good!” Rona cried loudly.

Her body bolted and slammed against him, her legs tightening almost painfully around him. They rolled and pressed hotly into each other, sweat dripping down their faces and coating their naked bodies.

The feel of his wife’s pussy spasming orgasmically around his cock was all the man needed to trigger his own climax. He began to shoot thick wads of hot, creamy jism into her shuddering cunt.

“Yessss, yessss, come! Come inside me! Gimme all your cum, darling!” Rona begged tearfully.

Wad after wad of the man’s creamy cum splashed into his wife’s cunt, coating the walls of her pussy and running out between her tight cuntlips, mingling obscenely with her spilled pussyjuices.

They were clutching each other with a tight grip and the forceful explosions of their orgasms caused them to roll over, right off the sofa and onto the floor.

Marcy made her way back to her room, deep in thought. I’m gonna get Fred to fuck me, she thought resolutely. I can’t very well ask Daddy to screw me but I can ask Fred, and I’m sure he’ll be only too glad to pop my little cherry for me. Now that I’ve seen for myself just how exciting fucking can be, I don’t want to be a virgin any longer!

And, having made that important vow to herself, Marcy slipped between the sheets on her bed and, with a dreamy smile on her young face, fell into a deep, dreamless sleep.


Marcy had the opportunity to make good on her erotic vow the very next night. Her parents were out for the evening and would not be home until very late. Her brother, Fred, had gone out on a date but now, hours later, as Marcy lay in her bed waiting for him to come home, she heard him enter the house, use the bathroom, and then go on into his own bedroom.

Trembling with excitement, Marcy slipped out of bed, tore her nightgown off and nakedly made her way out of her room and toward her brother’s.

This was the virgin’s big chance to find out first-hand what fucking was all about, and to have her little cherry popped in the process. It was the teenager’s big chance and she was about to seize it.

Talking a deep breath, she knocked on her brother’s closed bedroom door.

“Who’s there? Is that you, Sis?” Fred’s deep voice came from inside.

“Yes, Fred, it’s me. Can I come in?” Marcy asked shakily.

“Sure, kiddo, come on in,” the boy answered.

Marcy entered her brother’s bedroom and closed the door behind her, breathing hard with sexual excitement. The light on the bedside table was on, allowing Fred to clearly see his sister in all her naked beauty.

“Hey! What the hell do you think you’re doing… coming in here naked?” he demanded angrily.

Marcy smiled and moved toward his bed. She yanked the bedclothes back from her brother’s body and gasped when she saw that he was naked, too.

“Well, well, well, you’re naked too!” she laughed.

“Yeah, okay, so I’m naked too, but I’m in my own room and I had the decency to cover myself when I knew you wanted to come in here!” he spat.

His tone was still filled with fury, but Marcy noticed that the young boy made no attempt to cover his naked body again, and his eyes kept taking up and down the full length of her body, pausing to stare at her tits and pussy.

“Forget about me being naked, brother dear. I came in here because I need your help,” Marcy said softly, smiling affectionately at her big brother.

“What kind of help?” Fred asked as his cock began to harden.

“It’s about sex.”

“What about sex?” Fred asked, his voice thick and hoarse.

“Well, I’ve known for a long time now that I don’t wanna be a virgin anymore,” she began, sitting down on the edge of her brother’s bed. “Jesus, Marcy!”

“And, I feel so horny all the time. I really need to be fucked, you know?” she continued, ignoring her brother’s shocked exclamation.

“What are you saying! You’d better stop right now!” Fred yelled sternly.

“And then I spied on Mom and Dad fucking in the den last night and…”

“You did what!” Fred shouted, sitting up in bed and gripping his sister by her arm, digging his fingers into her naked flesh painfully. “Yeah, I watched Mom and Dad fucking and it was great! What a turn-on!” she said happily, flashing a grin in her brother’s direction as she tried to ignore his fingers clutching at her arm. “But that’s not all,” she continued, “I watched you and Aunt Laura getting it on the night before she left! Wow, were you two hot!”

“When did you get such a filthy mind? And mouth? Talking about fucking… at your age! And watching people fucking! You had no right to do that, Marcy, no right at all!” Fred growled, gripping her arm even tighter and throwing his legs across hers so she couldn’t get away.

Marcy pushed at her brother, tears of pain filling her eyes as she fought to get away from her brother. The young virgin hadn’t planned on this reaction from Fred. She had thought that by the time she finished telling him what she wanted, he would be all too happy to fuck her. But she hadn’t counted on his anger or on his brute strength as he held her captive.

“Get off of me, you filthy bastard!” Marcy screamed. Her free arm flailed about her, trying to connect with her brother’s head and shoulders.

But the young boy only laughed, blacking each of her blows. He grabbed her hands, locking her wrists together with one meaty hand of his own.

His penetrating eyes laughed at her and Marcy fell back against the pillows in a rage of helplessness.

“You gonna be a real good little girl, now?” he asked mockingly.

“I’m not a little girl!” she spat, as angry now as her brother had been only moments before.

“No, I guess not… not if you’re spying on people fucking and trying to get some dude to pop your little cherry for you!” Fred said with a cruel laugh.

“I… I’ll be good… if you let me go,” she said softly.

“Okay, Sis that’s better,” Fred said as he released her wrists.

Lunging forward, Marcy’s hand clenched into a fist and she punched her brother in the balls, making the boy double over with pain.

“Owwwwww! You little lying cunt!” he growled.

Marcy dashed off the bed and scrambled for the door. Still half-doubled over, Fred ran after her. Just as she approached the door and fumbled for the knob, he lunged for her feet, pulling them out from under her.

Marcy hit the carpeted floor with a dull aching thud and she screamed with pain when her elbow struck the edge of the bookcase.

“Owwww! You bastard, you hurt me! Let me go!”

“I hurt you?” Fred yelled. “What do you think you just did to me, you little bitch? And I promise you one thing: I haven’t even begun hurting you, you fucking dirty-mouthed whore!”

“You should talk! You talk dirtier than I do,” she said tearfully in protest.

“That’s different. I’m a guy. And I’m older,” he said.

“Bullshit! That’s a crock!”

“I don’t care what you think, you little bitch!” he growled, trying to bang onto her feet as she tried to scramble away from him.

He grabbed the calves of her legs and grasped them firmly. Pulling her back along the floor, toward him, he slid her between his legs and then he sat down on her thighs.

“Get the fuck off me, you bastard!” she yelled.

“Shut up! You deserve to be punished, Marcy… for spying on our parents… and especially for spying on Aunt Laura and me… we thought we were alone and we had a right to our privacy,” Fred said earnestly.

“I know… that’s what made it so much fun… you two had no idea I was there, spying on you, watching every move you made,” Marcy giggled delightedly.

“You cunt!”

“But I had to watch, Freddy… after all, I had to find out what fucking looked like,” she said softly.

“I don’t even want to hear that kind of talk from you… it’s clitty… and you’re too young to be talking about fucking, Marcy!”

“Get off my legs! You’re hurting meeeee!” she wailed tearfully.

“I’ll let you up if you’ll just be good,” he said.

She responded by reaching down, gasping his ankle in her hand and scratching it as hard as she could with her long, sharp fingernails.

“You bitch!” the boy howled. “You fucking bitch! Now I’m gonna make you pay!”

He slid her down farther between his legs. When he had a firm grasp on her waist, he climbed off her and pulled her over his naked lap.

“What the… don’t you dare even think about spanking me, Fred!” she cried, feeling much more fearful than she sounded.

“Hell, you’ve got this coming and you know it! Someone has to punish you for spying on Mom and Dad, and on Aunt Laura and me. Shit, Mom and Dad always did spoil you… if Dad had spanked your little ass a long time ago, you wouldn’t be doing such filthy things!” Fred growled.

And, with that, the boy’s hand went high up in the air and slammed down hard on Marcy’s naked, quivering asscheeks, first on the right one, then the left, then the right, then the left. Over and over again, Fred spanked his sister’s ass as hard as he could.

“Yeoooowwwww!” Marcy screamed with each stinging spank, trying desperately to pull away from her brother, but he held her firmly around the waist.

The young girl was in tears now. This was much more than anything she had bargained for when she had come into her brother’s room to get him to fuck her!

She deliberately tensed her asscheeks, trying to ward off some of the sting from the painful blows. But Fred saw through her right away and he laughed cruelly.

“Go ahead, kiddo, tense your muscles. I’ll just wait you out. You’ll hafta relax them again and, when you do, I’ll spank the shit out of you! So, it’s up to you! You want to cooperate now and let me finish punishing you the way you deserve? Or you wanna play games and get it twice as hard later on?” he asked.

Marcy choked back a sob. Her tender asscheeks felt red and hot and stinging. And still, Fred’s hand came down again and again, burning the imprint of his large, rough hand into her ass-flesh.

Tears of pain and humiliation began rolling down her beautiful face but, even as she moaned with pain, she felt her little pussy responding excitedly to the savage spanking, sending out a flood of cuntjuice which filled her cunt and trickled down her inner thighs.

She twisted her head to look at her brother. His thick blond curls fell forward on his forehead, his deep eyes burned with a savage intensity, and suddenly Marcy knew that she wanted her brother more than she had ever wanted anything before in her life.

“Please stop… spanking me… Fred,” she panted as the boy’s hand continued to come down on her ass relentlessly.

“When you apologize… and mean it, that’s when I’ll stop,” the youth responded.

Slap! Slap! More sharp blows rained on her helpless little ass. The heat from the spanks spread deeply from her ass into her cunt.

“Pleeeease! I’m… sorrrryyyy! Please stop!” she sobbed.

Through the pain of the spanking, she felt the wet stickiness of her cuntjuice overflowing from between her bloated cuntlips. Hot rippling contractions shot through her pussy. Her tits tingled, and her nipples grew hard.

Fred reluctantly stopped spanking his little sister. She had apologized and so he was forced to stop. He rested his hand on her red, flaming asscheeks.

Marcy made small choking sounds now, and she trembled all over, feeling more turned on than she had thought possible. Fred stroked her red, naked ass. Then, he turned her over in his lap and looked down into her eyes.

“I didn’t mean to hurt you, baby,” he said soothingly as he caressed her silken thighs, still holding her on his lap.

The young girl stared at her brother, feeling at a loss for words. She watched the muscles in his jaw working tensely as he carefully took in everything about her face, her hair, her aching naked body.

Fred glanced down at her thighs.

The hot tangy aroma of aroused pussy wafted up into his flared nostrils, and he felt his cock hardening more.

Lying across her brother’s lap, Marcy felt his big prick stiffen and poke against her sore ass. Pleased, she cocked her head and grinned up at him.


With her brother’s big cock poking up against her naked ass, Marcy moaned, wanting to feel his prick fucking into her pussy, ripping through her cherry, cutting through all her, hot fuck cream, and fucking the holy shit out of her.

As she thought about what it would feel like to have Fred’s enormous cock fucking her, she trembled, and her tits popped up hard and aching, the nipples growing harder.

She felt Fred’s cock stirring beneath her ass, and she longed to beg him to fuck her but her throat was suddenly parched, and the words stuck. She could not say a word.

“Baby… you’re so fuckin’ sexy,” Fred groaned, finally breaking the sexually charged silence.

“Oh, Fred, fuck me!” Marcy cried, finally finding her voice. “Far God’s sake, fuck me! Pop my cherry for me, Freddy! Now! Right now!”

“Yeah, baby, let’s fuck,” Fred whispered as he released the girl, and, hand in hand, they returned to his bed.

With an eager grin, Marcy stretched out on her brother’s bed and Fred settled next to her, lying on his side. He flicked out his tongue and stabbed it into her ear, making her gasp with pleasure.

Marcy shivered and closed her eyes, sucking in a deep breath while rapidly rubbing her silken thighs together. Her pussylips were growing hotter and hotter, swelling up, oozing out more and more cuntjuice.

Fred kissed his little sister on her neck, moving his lips and tongue over her feverish flesh while sliding his hands over her body. His hands roamed over her heaving tits.

He bent forward, tightened his grip on her waist, and pressed his hard mouth against hers. Marcy felt her brother’s tongue invading her mouth and she hungrily sucked, turning on more and more.

With her brother’s hands on her naked body, and his mouth on hers, Marcy felt an all consuming fire of lust rage through her entire body, and she trembled with need… for her brother’s huge cock.

Now, Fred lay on top of his sister and kissed her passionately, their tongues stabbing at each other. Marcy moaned as she felt his long, thick prick throbbing against her thigh.

The lusty feelings surging through the young girl’s cunt were just too powerful for her to ignore. They had been building up for years, had been fueled by the fuck and suck sessions she had witnessed lately, and now she knew she could control them no longer. She tossed her head from side to side and groaned with sheer, unbridled passion.

“You really want it, don’t you, baby? You really want me to fuck you!” Fred cried delightedly.

“God, yes, you have no idea how much I want this! I need it soooo bad, Freddy! Please fuck me!” Marcy screeched.

Fred held his sister’s head with both hands and pressed his lips against hers. As his thick, hot tongue lashed down her throat, making the virgin moan with pleasure and excitement, she felt his fingers rubbing the flesh between her asshole and her cunt.

“Ohhhh, yessss, Fred!” she yelled.

She churned her hips, feeling her brother’s huge cock pressing against her soft, furry cunt mound. His prick was so huge that she knew it would probably hurt her, but she didn’t care. She was so turned on that the idea of pain excited her.

Fred cupped Marcy’s pussy in one hand, pressing down lightly, moving his palm back and forth until the girl could feel her entire pussy mound moving, shifting. Torrents of cuntjuice gushed from her cherry fuckhole.

“Ohhhh, God, what are you doing to me?!” she cried, rolling her head from side to side as her brother’s fingers greedily worked over her swollen cuntlips. She shifted her thighs, opening and closing her legs as her firm ass bounced over the bed.

“Your pussy is gorgeous, Sis… nice and tight… and hot as a pistol!” Fred groaned, clenching his teeth together.

He gazed down at her pussylips as he milked them, watching her creamy cunt sauce bubbling up, completely soaking his grasping fingers.

“Nice tits, too, real nice,” he gasped as he moved one hand to her chest and he began to toy with the young tits, milking them, kneading them, squeezing them hard, rolling the long, taut nips between his strong fingers.

Then, he lowered his head to her tits, taking one of her large, fat nips into his mouth and sucking it hard, gazing the nip with his sharp teeth.

Marcy closed her eyes and arched her back, urging her brother to take even more of her tit into his sucking mouth. She shuddered with joy as his hot tongue lashed over her throbbing nipple. His front teeth scraped over her tit-flesh as he increased the suction on her gigantic tit.

“Ohhh, yessss, Freddy, suck my tit! Suck it haaaard!” the horny teenager screamed in a frenzy of longing.

Fred grunted and sucked even harder, sinking his teeth into the girl’s sensitive tit-flesh. She moaned loudly as the erotic sensations in her tit radiated all the way down to her drooling cunt.

Fred sucked just as hard as he could, first on one tit, then the other, his head moving rapidly as he sucked and nibbled and licked on her pulsing tits, making his little virgin sister writhe in ecstasy and beg for more.

Suddenly, he grabbed Marcy’s hand and pulled it down to his cock, then released her hand, letting her natural instincts take over.

“Ohhhhh, Freddy, your cock’s soooo big! And, God, it’s sooo hard!” she moaned as she felt his huge, throbbing prick.

“Atta girl! Squeeze my cock, baby!” the youth ordered as he continued to squeeze and stroke his sister’s swollen pussylips.

When Marcy felt her brother’s hand slipping into her wet cunt, she went wild and she eagerly grabbed his cock firmly, squeezing hard.

“Oh, yeah, baby, way to go,” Fred murmured, closing his eyes and trembling with pleasure.

Marcy sighed, loving the wanton feeling of being sprawled nakedly before her brother, his hand still in her pussy. She raised her head and admired the boy’s broad, hairy chest and his thick, muscular arms. His long, thick prick jutted out straight in front of him, and she could see the broad prickhead twitching impatiently.

“Ohhhh, please don’t make me wait any longer, Fred! Fuck me! Fuck me now!” she gasped.

“Okay, baby, you want it, you’ll get it! I’m gonna fuck you now,” Fred said as he grinned down at his horny little sister.

“Hurry, Fred, hurry! But just don’t forget that I’m still a virgin! I want you to pop my cherry for me, but go nice and slow, okay?” the girl asked shakily.

“Sure, baby, don’t worry, I’ll be nice and gentle… for now, anyway,” the boy responded with a wicked grin.

Marcy felt her brother’s hairy legs on top of hers, pushing them apart. As he shoved the spongy head of his cock down, he opened her up, as though he were peeling her apart.

He pushed his prick up to her pussy, sliding his prick toward her little cherry fuckhole. He kissed her passionately, and she trembled as she wondered how the boy’s huge cock could fit up her little pussy without tearing her apart.

“Unnnhhh,” Fred grunted as he worked his huge, pulsating prick into his little sister’s tight cunthole.

He had never fucked such a tight pussy, and he was loving every second of it, even though his prick wasn’t even all the way in yet.

“Don’t worry, baby… your little cunt will expand… my prick’ll fit just fine in your cherry pussy,” he panted, as if he could read his sister’s mind.

“Ohhhh, God,” Marcy moaned, breathing raggedly, the veins protruding from her neck as she sucked in air desperately while her brother fucked her.

“Aaaarghhhh, it hurts sooo much!” she cried, tears filling her eyes.

“Want me to stop?” Fred asked, pausing for just a minute and staring down at his beautiful sister.

“Oh, God, noooo, don’t you dare stop! It hurts but I don’t care! I want you to pop my cherry! I want you to fuck me! Keep shoving you big cock up my pussy!” she gasped.

“Good girl! ‘Cause I wasn’t gonna stop anyway!” Fred said, laughing delightedly.

“Ohhhh, you bastard!” she said, laughing along with him.

Fred shoved his ass down and slipped his cockhead just inside the girl’s fuckhole. Marcy felt her tight cuntlips parting, then hugging her brother’s cock as he fucked it into her pussy.

“Jeeeesus H. Christ, but your cunt’s tight! Even for a fuckin’ virgin, you’re really tight! I love it!” he groaned.

He continued to fuck his big, hard prick into his little sister’s small, tight cherry fuckhole.

Marcy moaned over and over, wanting more and more of her brother’s raw, pulsating cockmeat. She felt his cockhead straining against her cherry, and she groaned loudly — a cry of pain and pleasure.

“Ohhhh, Jesus God, your big cock hurts me sooo much, but I love it! Fuck me, Fred!” she yelled, digging her long, sharp fingernails into her big brother’s broad, naked back as he continued to push his hard cock against her cherry, trying to break through.

Marcy arched her back and moaned in pain and incestuous pleasure. It felt to the young virgin as though her brother were pushing a sharp spike right up her cherry cunt.

“Ohhhh, unnhhh, God, you’re killing me!” she wailed, struggling for breath as the pain increased.

Fred glanced at her face and saw that, along with the pain in her eyes, her features were twisted with raw fuck-lust.

She may be hurting like hell, he thought excitedly, but it’s obvious that the sexy little cunt wants me to keep right on fucking her until I break through this tight little cherry of hers and give her the best fuck of her life!

The red-hot pain lanced through the girl’s pussy, making her entire body shake with its force. But even as the pain filled all of her senses, her little cunt oozed out more and more thick, warm cuntjuice in response to the intense incestuous pleasure she felt.

“Jesus, baby, your little cherry’s really tight in here. So brace yourself. I’m gonna have to force my cock on up your pussy and it’s gonna hurt,” the boy grunted.

He clenched his teeth tightly together. He felt as if he would go mad if he didn’t hurry up and get his cock inside his sister’s virgin pussy. He had to shoot his wad and he wanted to be buried balls-deep inside her cunt before coming.

“Unnhhh, yesss, Freddy, yesssss! Do it! Fuck me! Don’t hold back! Don’t worry about hurting me! I have to have your big dick all the way up my cunt! Do it! Hurry up and fuck meeeee!” the young blonde virgin whimpered to her brother.


“Okay, baby, if that’s what you really want… it’s what I want too! I’m gonna fuck the holy shit out of you!” Fred shouted as he leaned back as far as he could, still keeping the head of his pulsing prick inside his little sister’s small, tight pussy.

Then, with no more warning, he fucked forward just as hard and brutally as he could, knowing that his sister no longer wanted him to be gentle with her and taking great pleasure in the feel of her tightly stretched cherry splitting as his big cock drove on through.

“Aieeeee! Yeeeoooowwwww!” Marcy screeched as she felt her cherry ripping, ands he clawed frantically at Fred’s muscular shoulders as his raw cockmeat rushed all the way into her cunt for the first of what would be many times.

The intense pain mingled with the exciting pleasure she felt. Her big brother’s prick felt so good buried up her pussy that she hoped he would never take it out, even though she longed to feel him coming inside her.

“How ya doin’, babe?” Fred asked thickly, pausing for a minute before beginning his heavy fucking.

“Ohhhh, I love it, Freddy! It feels soooo good! It still hurts but I don’t mind!” she said.

“I knew you’d love it, baby. Now just relax and, when you can, start fucking back at me. This is your first fuck so enjoy it!” the boy said with a husky laugh.

“Mmm, I’ll enjoy it all right! I already am!” Marcy moaned, stroking her big brother’s powerful arms with her soft, gentle hands.

Grinning down at his sister, Fred began to slide his cock in and out of her tight pussy, and his meat quickly became coated with her cunt sauce.

Marcy scooped up both of her heavy tits in her hands and began to squeeze them obscenely.

With a low growl, Fred pushed her hands away and squeezed and kneaded her sensitive titflesh, pinching her nips hard between his rough fingers.

Marcy writhed with fuck-lust on the bed as her brother fed her inch after inch of his huge, hard prick. His cockmeat raked over her twitching clit making each of her pussy nerves come to singing, tingling life.

She could feel his huge prick filling her cunt tunnel, and she began to contract and loosen her strong pussymuscles hugging his prick tightly to her, then releasing again so he could slip his cock out and fuck back in her cunt again.

Her cunt cream was coating Fred’s cock and wetting down his loaded balls as her fuck juice greased her thighs and pussy fur. She moaned as she felt every inch of his fat prick.

“Ohhhh,” she gasped with joy, tossing her head back and forth, her long blonde hair whipping back and forth across her young face, which was now contorted with lust and pleasure.

“Ahhhh, soooo good,” she groaned.

“Damn but you’re tight! You’re gonna be a great lay, baby!” the boy moaned.

He fucked his sister hard and fast, them pumped his prick slowly, shifting his angle of entry, getting the maximum amount of friction by corkscrewing his cock in and out of her sucking little fuckhole.

The girl’s strong cuntmuscles grabbed at Fred’s fucking cock, holding his prick in place, squeezing down greedily. Then she loosened her hold, and he pulled his prick free.

“You learn fast, baby! You’re squeezing my cock like a pro!” the boy said, his voice filled with admiration.

“Am I doin’ good?” Marcy asked breathlessly.

“Ohhh, yeah, baby, you’re doin’ real good! Keep it up!” Fred groaned.

Marcy grinned, pleased that, by following her own natural instincts, she was able to make this fuck session so good for her brother. That was important to the girl because he was making her very first fuck better than in any of her most exciting dreams.

Fred’s face was red with exertion and passion as he continued to fuck his long, thick prick in and out of her tight, clasping cunt.

Just then, the young virgin came hard. Her pussy spasmed violently, and she snapped her head back and forth, crying out of as if wounded. Her pussy muscles clamped down hard around her brother’s cock, and she bounced her ass high up off the bed, almost dislodging his prick.

“All right, baby, come hard!” Fred cried, trying desperately to hold his own cum back.

“Yessssss,” Marcy screamed as the full force of her orgasm blasted through her trembling body. She closed her eyes tightly and sobbed hard with wild excitement.

Fred was fucking his cock in and out of her orgasming cunt rapidly now, making sure that his swollen cockhead teased both her smaller cuntlips and her trembling, spasming clit.

“Oh, God, yessss,” the young girl cried out over and over as her orgasm peaked and passed through her shudderingly. Every inch of her moist cuntmeat throbbed and burned with lust. Her entire body glistened with a fine sheen of sexual sweat.

The sound of her brother’s cock fucking in and out of her wet, gurgling pussy filled the teenaged girl with even more excitement. All she cared about now was fucking and being fucked.

“Oh, baby, your little pussy’s soooo hot and tight,” Fred growled, knowing that he could pop any second, but he knew that he wanted to try to hold back, to delay his orgasm just as long as possible so he could give his little sister’s pussy the best fucking of her life.

With that in mind, he deliberately slowed his fuck-strokes. But each time he fucked his cock into Marcy’s trembling pussy, he fucked into the hilt, feeling her cunt muscles milking his cockshaft, pushing him toward climax.

“Harder! Faster! Deeper! Fuck me haaaard, Freddy!” she moaned, clutching his shoulders, trying to pull his prick deeper into her wet, spasming cunt.

“No way, bitch! I want this fuck to last, and you’ll thank me for it later on! I’m gonna fuck you nice and slow for a while. But don’t worry, then I’ll get back to the hard and fast fucking!” the boy said earnestly.

“Ahhhhhhhh, yessss, whatever you say,” Marcy moaned, loving his cock any way he would give it to her.

Every single thrust of her brother’s cock into her sucking cunt just added fuel to the fire of her lust, and she ached to come again.

Fred lifted her ass up off the bed and buried the full length of his prick deep within her juicy little pussyhole. His gigantic rod of meat touched nerves inside her that she had never felt before, and she came again.

“Unnhhh, yessss,” she hissed.

Over and over again, Marcy tensed, then reined, the walls of her cunt, thrilling to the lewd sensation of his huge cock pulsing inside her.

And she came again, waves of hot orgasm crashing through her gurgling pussy as her big brother continued to fuck her with a steady, relentless rhythm.

Her little tight pussy expanded to allow room for the boy’s brutally thrusting prick. The flexible inner walls of her cunt took his prick and then clutched hard. She tightened and loosened her muscles and came again. She couldn’t believe all the orgasms she was having, and she trembled with incestuous pleasure.

Fred reached under her and gripped her ass tightly. He squeezed her asscheeks and found her little cunt smashing down even harder on his big cock.

“God but you’re horny! What a hot little bitch! And to think that you’re my very own little sister!” the boy panted, half out of his mind with fuck-lust for the young girl and her clutching pussy.

He arched his back to fuck his prick even deeper into her soft yielding cunt. His strong fingers pulled at her firm ass. Each stroke of his mammoth, hard prick caused his heavy balls to slap wetly against her ass, and she moaned, loving everything he did to her.

Finally, the young boy realized that he couldn’t hold back any longer. He had to come. He had to fill his sister’s tight little pussy with his cum or go stark barking mad with unrelieved desire.

And so he began to fuck her harder and faster and deeper, pumping his cock furiously into her seething pussy. He gasped as she tensed her cuntmuscles again around his pulsating prick. He jerked, and Marcy felt the delicious hot rush of his jism filling her pussy to overflowing.

“Ohhhh, yessss, Fred, do it! Shoot all your cum up my tiny cunt! I need your jizz badly!” she cried, arching her back and humping her crotch up against his to capture even more of her big brother’s meat up her pussy.

As Fred’s hot jizz began to overflow from her pussy, she came again, moaning with pleasure as yet another orgasm rocked through her body, leaving her shuddering with incestuous ecstasy.

“Commiiinnngggg!” Fred shouted as he continued to shoot his thick fuck cream into his little sister’s orgasming pussy.

“Ahhhhhhh! I’m commmiiinnnggg toooo, Freddddyyyy! I’m coming sooooo fucking hard!” the young girl wailed as the peak of her climax shot through her wet cunt, almost forcing her brother’s cock out of her pussy with its force.

“Ohhhh, thank you, Freddy… thank you for popping my cherry sooooo great!” Marcy panted as, moments later, brother and sister lay contentedly in each other’s arms.

“My pleasure, baby,” the boy laughed as he pinched her nipples which immediately hardened against his fingers.

“Owwwww! Stop it! That hurts!” Marcy cried poutingly as she tried to free herself from her brother’s grasp.

“Hey, hey, what happened to the sweet, loving girl who just had her cherry popped, huh?” Fred asked teasingly as he pinched her nipples again, even harder this time.

“I said stop it! Now we fucked and it was great but it’s over now and I wanna go back to my own room,” Marcy said as she got up on her hands and knees, about to scramble across her brother’s big bed.

“Oh, so that’s how it is! You selfish little cunt! You got what you wanted so now it’s over! Is that what you think?” Fred spat as he grabbed his sister’s ass when she moved in front of his angry face. “Well, you’ve got another thing coming! Look at my prick! Does it look like it’s over for my cock?”

Wriggling in her brother’s grip, the young girl twisted her head around and gasped when she saw that the boy’s prick was once more rock-hard and ready for action.

“That’s not my problem! Lemme go!” she cried.

“You lousy bitch! Look at your nipples… all hard… that shows you, don’t even know what your own body wants! You want another fuck! Admit it!” he growled.

“Noooo! I don’t! I got what I wanted and now I’m going back to my own room!” the girl cried, wriggling desperately to get away from her brother.

But he had a savage grasp on her ass and her struggles were in vain.

“Oh, isn’t that sweet?” Fred shouted as he took one hand away from her ass and used it to slap her asscheeks hard.

“Owwwww!” she wailed.

“Shut up, cunt! You’re such a spoiled little cunt! You got what you wanted so now you want to leave me high and dry even though my prick’s hard again! You don’t give a fuck, do you?” he spat angrily.

“No, I don’t care! Let me go! You can’t make me do it if I don’t want you to fuck me again!” she whimpered, beginning to feel afraid.

“The hell you say! That just shows how much you know, you lousy little prick-tease!” Fred yelled.

He pushed her forward and Marcy suddenly found herself sprawled face down on the big bed. She didn’t even have time to turn to look at him, or to beg him again to let her go, before he dove on top of her, his big cock pressing against her soft ass.


Marcy gasped with shock and fear. She was lying there on her belly, stark naked, her brother’s hard-muscled body on top of her.

With the weight of his body on hers, her tits were squashed beneath her. Her hard, swelling nips press into the bedspread, and she moaned with excitement in spite of herself.

“What… what… are you going to do?” she asked and she beard the hysteria in her own voice.

“What does it look like I’m going to do, you stupid cunt?” he retorted.

“Don’t you dare try to fuck me in the ass, Fred Stewart! I swear, I’ll make you pay if you try to do that to me!” she yelled frantically as she stared, as if hypnotized, at her brother’s big prick which hovered, stiff and ready, over her ass.

“Oh, really, you’ll make me pay?” Fred growled with a cruel, mocking laugh. “And just what will you do, bitch? Tell Mom and Dad? I wish you would ’cause then I could tell them how you spied on them while they fucked! And I could also tell them how you walked naked into my room and got me to fuck you!”

The young girl moaned in despair, realizing that her brother was right. If one of them had ammunition for blackmail, it was her brother and not her.

She struggled futilely in her brother’s grasp, trying to wriggle away from him.

“You cunt! You asked for it!” Fred growled and, with that, he hauled his large, meaty hand back and slammed down on first one trembling asscheek, then the other.

“Yeeeeooowww! Nooooo!” Marcy wailed. She buried her head on her folded arms and clenched her teeth as Fred’s hand smacked against her ass again and again. Her nipples burned into the bedspread and her tits felt as though they would burst if they swelled even more. Bubbles of fuck cream seeped from her pussy as the girl tuned on more and more.

“Ohhhh, Fred, nooooo,” she cried.

“Shut up, cunt! You baited me, you teased my prick, and now you’re gonna get it whole! I’m gonna fuck your little ass to shreds, until it’s raw, then we’ll see if you ever lead a guy on and try to leave him high and dry when he wants to fuck you again,” Fred said menacingly and that somehow frightened his sister more than if he had shouted at her.

She ground her cunt against the bed and her naked slit popped out against the nubby fabric of the bedspread. She rubbed down into it, and slithered lip and down the spread, trying to get away from her brother, but, with each of her struggles, be brought his hand down on her ass again.

She felt like a helpless girl, and a part of her enjoyed that feeling.

Suddenly, Fred slid off her and flipped her over on her back. Her raw ass stung against the rough bedspread. She gazed up at her big brother with tear-filled eyes, but the young boy did not meet her gaze. Instead, he stared at her tits. Then, his hand darted out and he grabbed one of her fat nips between his fingers, turning and pulling.

“You like that, don’t you, cunt? You love it when I pull on your nipples and make them ache, make them sore…”

Humiliated and angry now, Marcy tried to back away from him but he held her nip firmly and turned and pinched it hard. Waves of pain and unbearable pleasure shot up from her swollen nips into her pulsing tits and rushed all over her body.

“Won’t even answer me now, huh?” Fred said angrily. “Then maybe you like this better.” He twisted her nip even harder between his fingers.

“Ohhhh God,” the young girl moaned.

Still grasping her nip in a tight grip, while the pain and pleasure cascaded up and down her body, he flipped her back over onto her belly. Then, he brought his hand down hard on her ass again and she screamed.

Her entire body trembled and twitched and she sank deeply into the bedclothes and twisted her head around, looking at her brother over her shoulder. She could see, from the boy’s lust crazed expression that he was enjoying tormenting her.

Fred pushed his little sister up onto her knees and grasped her aching nips between his fingers. He pulled and pinched them as he shoved her into the right position.

The girl’s ass trembled and wriggled under Fred’s nose and Marcy felt like a little trapped animal. She felt the hard swollen tip of her big brother’s cock nudging against her tight little virgin asshole.

“No, no, no, pleeeease, ohhhhh, noooo!” she pleaded, pounding her arms against the bed.

She had never been ass-fucked. Even a finger thrust up her tiny asshole hurt her unbearably unless it was worked in very, very slowly, but she was afraid that her brother was in no mood to be gentle with her.

Fred kept his sister’s trembling asscheeks spread far apart as he pushed and pressed the swollen head of his cock against the girl’s tight little asshole.

“Nooooo, oh, God, Fred, don’t, I beg you,” she pleaded, trying once more to scramble away from the boy’s strong grasp.

But his fingers grasped her sore nips and pulled viciously on them.

“You lousy little cunt! You fuckin’ slut! No way am I gonna listen to you now! You’re really gonna get it, baby! You’re gonna get your ass fucked… and fucked hard!” he panted.

He lunged forward and the hard head of his cock penetrated the tight cherry asshole.

“Aiiieeeee!” Marcy screeched.

She felt as though her ass were being torn wide open and every muscle in her ass ached and trembled with pain.

“Just relax, baby,” Fred laughed as he fucked his cock into her asshole.

“Yeeeeooowwww!” she yelled tearfully and fell forward, but her brother’s hard fingers twisting her nipples prevented her from pulling forward too far.

“Owwww! Ohhh, God, it hurts sooo much! Help!” she yelled, collapsing on her elbows, sobbing hysterically as Fred’s prick worked its way into her asshole, thrusting against the dry tissue-thin membranes.

“Noooooo!” she screamed, and her body was racked with her hysterical, pained sobs.

She felt as if she were dreaming a horrible nightmare, but her brother’s fingers twisting and pulling on her tits reminded her that this ass rape was really happening to her, and that there wasn’t one thing she could do to stop him.

Fred’s hard fat cock thrust itself farther and farther up her bunghole, spreading the sensitive virgin tissues with each push. Each dry push was agonizing to the young girl. She felt as though her savage of a brother was going to split her wide open.

She couldn’t escape the boy’s huge cock. His prick pushing and pressing, harder and faster, stretching out her untested ass-walls. And, with each grunt and thrust, Fred’s fingers closed even more tightly around her sore tits. His strong, rough fingers tugged and stretched her nips until they felt as though they were locked in a vise. “Ohhhh, God, noooo,” she groaned as she felt the aching rip of her ass-flesh as her brother’s enormous prick pounded up her shitchute. He was tearing her apart. He was killing her. But, still, her ass felt full in a way it never had before and she found that she enjoyed that sensation.

A slow heat began to swell up in her tits. Fred’s fingers smoothed and stroked the hot satiny flesh and suddenly the young girl needed to feel his strong fingers twisting her nips again.

They stood up from the base of her tits, nudging and poking at the boy’s hands in a demanding way.

She could bear her brother chuckling with delight from behind her, and the erotic huskiness in his voice made her want him even more. She bowed down and rubbed her tits along his hands, letting him know that she wanted him to hurt her tits again.

“Oh, so now the girl wants me to play with her tits again, is that it?” he asked mockingly.

The horny girl nodded wordlessly and at once her brother’s fingers began to grope up and down her belly, caressing the smooth slopes of her tits until his fingers were once more locked around her throbbing nips.

“Oh, God,” she gasped, moaning from the combined pleasure and pain she felt from his hard, twisting fingers.

“Okay, baby, I promised you my whole cock… here it comes!” the boy shouted as, with one mighty push, he shoved the full length of his long, thick prick all the way up into his sister’s asshole and she groaned as she felt the head of his cock bang up against the back wall.

Suddenly, Fred’s fingers had moved from her tits and were now between her legs, caressing her hot, wet pussy, prying the cuntlips open, and stirring the fuck juices within.

His finger pressed against her clit.

“Ohhh, yesssss!” she hissed between clenched teeth.

Marcy’s body fell forward, and her elbows ached from rubbing against the surface of the bedspread as Fred fucked cruelly into her asshole.

“You love fucking this way, don’t you, bitch? Huh? Tell me all about it, cunt! Tell your big brother how much you love it when I fuck your little ass!” Fred yelled.

When Marcy didn’t answer him, Fred savagely fucked his huge prick even harder into her shithole, and the girls ass burned and ached with a burning pain she had never experienced before.

He pushed harder and harder into her, as if trying to cram his swollen balls up into her asshole along with his prick.

“Ohhhhhhh, God, nooooo, I mean, yessssss, I… don’t… know… what… the fuck I… mean,” she panted, tears of pain and pleasure streaming down her face.

The boy’s fingers tore at her clit, rubbing, fucking hard. He stuck two fingers up her pussy and rubbed them against the wet, trembling cunt-flesh of her pussywalls.

“Oh, God, yessss, Freddy, I love it when you treat me this way! I love the way you’re fucking my ass! Yessss, yessss, yess!” she cried hysterically, finally giving her brother the answer he needed to hear.

The boy’s fingers stroked Marcy’s cuntwalls, burning her flesh wherever they touched her.

Her cock-stuffed asshole vibrated against Fred’s cock, and she instinctively tightened her ass-muscles around the rod of fuckmeat, squeezing hard, and her brother groaned with pleasure in response to her surprising move.

Her cunt quivered and ached with his hard, probing fingers, and she felt as if she would come soon. She felt totally overwhelmed by a multitude of sensations in her ass, tits, and cunt.

“Ahhhhhh!” she screamed, pounding her arms and hands against the bed.

Every square inch of her aroused body was being abused by her brother… abused and loved. And the young boy was giving Marcy more pleasure than she had ever before known. And the fact that he was her own brother just added to the girl’s excitement.

“Unnhh,” Fred grunted, fucking harder into his little sister’s asshole.

He fucked in and out on the lubrication of his own pre-cum and her pussyjuice which had seeped into her, ass-crack from her overflowing cunt.

Fred slammed up into her, balls-deep, his lean belly bouncing against her trembling asscheeks.

“Fuck me, Freddy! Fuck my ass haaaard! God, you’re making me feel sooooo good!” Marcy walled.

“Fuck me, Freddy! Fuck my ass haaaard! God, you’re making me feel sooooo good!” Marcy wailed.

“I’ll fuck you all right, you little whore!” Fred grunted, grasping the girl by the hips and pulling them back against him as forcefully as he could.

Brother and sister were fully attached, like two dogs in heat. With each thrust, they groaned with pleasure and more sexual sweat broke out on their naked bodies.

Marcy’s eyes rolled back in her head. She suspected that she was about to have, the best orgasm of her life when her brother shot his wad up her quivering asshole.

Gripping her aching tits again, pinching the fat nipples, Fred continued to ass-fuck his sister. Faster and harder and deeper, thrusting and thrusting. Her ass muscles tightened around his prick each time he fucked into her.

“Ohhhhh, God, yessss,” she whined, lunging backward to help impale her ass on her brother’s prick.

“Yeah, baby, yeah!” Fred shouted as he fucked his prick harder and deeper and faster into the girl’s asshole.

“Aaaarghhhhh, yessss, fuck me, harder, faster, I love it! Fuck myyyyy ass!” the girl cried frenziedly.

Deeper and deeper the boy fucked his sister’s ass, striking the back wall of her asshole with the swollen head of his prick until Marcy didn’t know if she could take it anymore, even though she didn’t want this sensational ass-fuck session to ever end.

He was pulling on her nipples so hard that she was sure he would pull them right off her tits. She didn’t care about anything at all at that moment except his huge cock fucking in and out of her asshole. And she cared about coming she needed to came so badly, just as badly as she needed to feel her brother’s cum rushing up her asshole.

“Ohhhhh, unhhhhh, ahhhhhh,” she whimpered.

Harder and harder her brother fucked into her asshole, fucking into her with even greater force as he began to come.

“Oh, shit, commmiinnnggg! You horny slut! I’m coming hard, you sexy whore!” he cried at the top of his lungs.

“Ahhhh, yessss,” Marcy hissed as she felt the violent force of her brother’s cum shooting into her asshole.

The creamy goo soothed the brutalized assflesh and Marcy groaned with incestuous pleasure. The feel of the boy’s arm spurting into her raped asshole was incredibly exciting and her own orgasm began.

“Oh, God, I’m commmmiinnngg, Freddy! Don’t stop fucking me! Keep fucking me while I come!” the young girl cried hysterically.

“You got it, baby,” Fred panted, continuing to fuck his little sister with his hard cock while they both came.

Gallons of hot pussyjuice seemed to shoot from the girl’s fuckhole and splatter lewdly into her asscrack, mingling with the boy’s cum and sloshing noisily there.

Finally, long moments later, their orgasms ended. Fred’s cock began to soften as he pulled it from his sister’s cummy asshole and fell on top of her, pushing her fully down onto the bed. Panting hard, they lay silently, no words necessary at that breathless moment.


“God, I’m sore all over. I feel as if I’ve just been run over by a Mack truck!” Marcy said a short time later, and both she and her brother laughed.

“What you need is a nice hot bath.” Fred grinned as he scrambled off the bed and reached his hand out, helping the girl to her feet.

“Great idea… a nice hot bath in that great sunken tub in the master bathroom,” Marcy agreed with a fond smile at her brother.

Once in the large bathroom, Marcy quickly turned the faucets to fill the sunken tub with hot, steamy water. Then she turned and cocked her head at her brother.

“You’re gonna take a bath with me, aren’t you?” she asked with a note of challenge in her voice…

Fred chuckled, realizing with delight that his horny little sister was already beginning to turn on again.

“Sure, baby, we always used to take baths together when we were little kids… why not now?” he asked huskily.

Marcy squealed with excitement and, when the tub was filled, she grabbed Fred’s hand and pulled him in after her. In the tub, brother and sister stared openly at each other’s body and smiled.

Without a word, Marcy ducked down under the water and closed her mouth around Fred’s soft cock. Still sore, he tried to pull away.

“Cut that out,” he said, laughing, and Marcy knew that he really liked what she was doing.

He yanked her long hair, pulling her head out of the water and she grinned impishly at him.

“Don’t you like what I’m doing?” she asked thickly as she moved her hand down between his legs and fondled his hardening prick.

“No, I hate it!”

“Liar!” she laughed and, taking a deep breath, she dived down under the water again. Her tongue licked around the edges of his cock, and she closed her lips around the spongy prickhead.

“Unnhhh, ohhh, baby,” Fred groaned, lurching his hips up so that his cock bobbed on top of the water with his sister’s mouth still wrapped around.

This way, the young girl could suck the boy’s cock without having to worry about drowning. Fred accommodated his sister by jumping up and sitting down on the edge of the big tub. Marcy moaned with a lewd, hot pleasure as she kept her mouth-hold on her brother’s prick and worked her tongue against the soft sponge-like tip, sucking more and more of Fred’s huge cock into her hungry mouth.

“Go for it, Sis! Feels great! Suck my prick!” the young boy demanded.

With a growl from deep in her throat, Marcy easily slid her lips down her brother’s long broad prickshaft with ease, sucking in the full length of hard pulsating prick with one smooth motion. Fred groaned and thrust his hips forward, rubbing the base of his prick into her lips, and then moving back once more so that only the pulsing cockhead was still trapped in the grip of her lips.

Marcy stroked the loose flesh of her brother’s prick up and down, making his fuck meat pulsate in her hands.

“Unnnghhh,” the boy groaned, closing his eyes, “good girl, real good.”

She squeezed his cock hard and licked up the cum that burbled out of his piss slit. Then she licked all around the spongy knob of his prick, making his hard-on ache and throb with new blood.

Then she started sucking again… just as hard as she could.

As she sucked, she took in more and more of her brother’s prick until she felt his broad cockhead strike the very back wall of her throat, nudging against her tonsils. She sucked even harder and the meaty cock slipped easily past the gagging point.

“Ohhh, baby, yeah!” Fred yelled. “Ohhh, shit, unnnhhh, oh, fuck, fuck, don’t stop, keep it up, just like that, baby!”

He thrust his hips up toward his sister’s greedily grasping mouth. Marcy widened her lips. Fred’s cock was so thick she could hardly believe it. And then, finally, she had the full length of her brother’s dick in her mouth, with about half of the thick, cock down her throat.

She sucked and kissed and licked her brother’s cock, making wet, gulping sounds around the thickness of his bursting hard-on. “Oh, fuck, this is great! Suck me good. Marcy!” Fred urged the horny young girl.

While Marcy continued to suck the boy’s cock, she fondled his balls. His big cum-swollen balls were tight against his throbbing prick. She squeezed them gently, rolling the twin globes between her fingers, warming and loosening the load of fuck cream.

“Aaarghhhh,” Fred grunted.

A feverish fuck-lust enveloped his entire muscular body. His huge cock trembled and throbbed in his little sister’s throat. The idea of his own sister sucking him off turned him on powerfully, and he knew that he would not be satisfied until he had dumped his entire load down her sucking throat.

Marcy’s thighs were coated with her pussyjuices which continued to flow out of her drenched cunt, run down her legs, and finally splash into the bath water which churned about the girl’s shifting legs.

Her clit throbbed and she longed to come. She was turned on by the lewdly exciting sensation of having her own brother’s enormous prick throbbing down her throat.

She hollowed her cheeks inward, increasing the suction even more, her hot fucking mouth urging her brother to spill his fuck cream into her hungry mouth.

While Marcy continued to suck as hard as she could, her brother jerked his hips forward, fucking his prick in and out, fucking his sister’s mouth, which was slick now with his pre-cum. “Ohhh, yeah, unnnhhhh, Marcy, fuck your mouth with my dick! I love it! Aaarrrghhhhh, yeah!”

Marcy flared her nostrils to breathe around the rigid thickness of the boy’s prick, inflamed by his obscene words. She bobbed her head up and down, letting her big brother’s swollen cockmeat fuck in and out of her throat.

Fred groaned over and aver as his hips lunged forward, fucking his prick down the girl’s clenching throat. Marcy tightened her throat muscles, feeling his prick trembling in response between her wet gripping lips.

Marcy knew that she was giving her brother enormous pleasure with her hot juicy mouth, and that knowledge turned her on almost as much as the taste and texture of the big rod of fuckmeat pulsing in her mouth and down her throat.

The horny young girl licked and sucked the boy’s throbbing cock from every angle. She slurped noisily, sucking harder and deeper with each bob of her head.

“Yeah, Marcy!” Fred hollered as he felt her teeth digging lightly into his pulsing prick. “Bite it! Suck it! Make me come, you sexy little slut!”

Marcy was overcome with excitement as she felt her brother’s big cock swelling even larger in her mouth. She felt her cuntjuice oozing out of her bloated pussylips and trickling down her quaking thighs. She swallowed hungrily, wanting him to fill her mouth with cum.

“I’m almost there, you whore! Keep it up, Marcy! Suck it! Eat me, cunt!” Fred cried as his cock jerked and twitched, swelling stiffly.

His lewd words turned the teenaged girl on even more, and she felt her pussy beginning to spasm, and her clit burned and twitched.

She took her left hand away from her brother’s cock and moved her hand down to her pussy, rubbing her hard jerking clit.

“Ohhh, fuck, commmiiinnnggg!” Fred shouted, humping his hips forward violently.

Creamy hot jism squirted violently from his cock-knob, bursting explosively into his little sister’s hungry, sucking mouth. His prick throbbed between her lips as the cum pumped out of his balls.

“Ummfffff,” Marcy groaned, savoring the tangy taste of her brothers jism spilling down her throat. And she sucked even harder, gulping down all the tasty jizz.

Suddenly, Marcy’s clit jerked convulsively against her hand, and she began to cream. Waves of pleasure cascaded through her pussy as her orgasm smashed through her.

She tried valiantly to swallow all of her big brother’s cum but it was impossible. There was just too much of the frothy fuck sauce and some of it burbled out of her lips and splashed onto her brother’s prick hairs below.

The instant that Fred stopped coming, the girl slipped his softening prick from her mouth and eagerly lapped up all of the spilled jism from his crotch, sucking in his hairs, feeling them tickle her ups.

Then she pulled her hand from her still spasming pussy and licked her cuntjuices from her fingers.

“You’re really a horny little chick, aren’t you, baby?” Fred asked, laughing with delight.

“Yeah, I’m always turned on!” Marcy responded, as she slipped back into the bath water, pulling her brother in with her.

Fred grabbed the bar of soap and worked up a good lather in both hands and then ran his hands over his sister’s chest, soaping her bruised, aching tits.

“Mmm, that feels good, Freddy,” Marcy purred dreamily, as she lay back in the hot water and gave herself up to the soothing pleasure of her brother’s hands on her nipples and tits.

“Wow! You sure are always horny!” Fred said, laughing and shaking his head in awe.

Marcy laughed, too, knowing exactly what her brother, meant. For, the instant he had touched her tits, her nipples had sprung up, hard and jutting once again.

Suddenly, as Fred continued to play with her tits, thickly lathering them up, Marcy found herself wondering what it would be like to fuck her father.

After all, she reasoned, if her young brother was such a skillful lover, wouldn’t it be all the more thrilling to get it on with an older, more experienced man like her father? As her pussy throbbed with the lewd thought, the young girl admitted to herself for the first time that she had always had a “thing” for her good-looking, distinguished father.

She had pushed her natural desires down all these years, thinking that there was something wrong with wanting to fuck her own father.

Then she had watched her brother and aunt getting it on, and that had been the beginning of the teenaged girl’s sexual liberation. Next, she had spied on her mom and dad making it together and that had turned her on even more, and her lust for her father had grown even stronger, although Marcy had continued to suppress it.

But now that she had actually fucked and sucked her big brother, now that she finally had found out first-hand what fucking was all about and how exciting it was, now that she realized that there was nothing wrong with fucking a relative and that incest only added an extra dimension, an extra thrill to the fuck act… now that she knew all that, she was ready — ready to fuck her own father. “Mmmmmm, that’s great… now wash my little pussy, brother dear,” Marcy moaned. “Sure, baby… exactly what I was thinking,” the young boy muttered as he slipped his hand beneath the water and began to stoke his sister’s pulsing pussy, unaware that, at that exact instant, Marcy’s thoughts were on her father, and that she was pretending it was her daddy’s hand on her cunt.


The next night, after everyone else had gone to bed, Marcy stayed up late to watch an old movie on the late a how on television. But about halfway into the film, the girl’s attention wandered from the TV screen and focused on the voices she heard coming from the bedroom right next to the living room.

It was the master bedroom and it was her parents’ voices she could hear now. Feeling strangely excited, the young girl turned the sound down on the TV and sat there on the sofa, listening to the sounds of her mom and dad talking in the next room.

Then, hardly aware of her own actions, she rose from the couch and began to make her way toward the bedroom. She wondered if her parents were going to fuck. She hoped they would so she could watch them again, but, as much as she wanted that to happen, she felt a stab of jealousy toward her mother, and she wished it could be she in her parents’ bed with her father.

Now Marcy was peeking into the master bedroom through a narrow crack made by the door which had not been completely closed. Her mother and father were sitting side by side on the big bed. And Marcy could almost smell the heat of their desire for each other, and she felt her own pussy growing wetter and hotter in response.

Jerry leaned forward and, with a slow and teasing finger, outlined his wife’s cleavage about the elastic of her sheer nightgown.

Rona’s flesh trembled, and Jerry pressed his lips against hers. The woman pushed up against her husband, her ripe tits squashed between them.

Jerry’s fingers played at the elastic. Then, without warning, he pulled it away from Rona’s tits and pulled it on down. Her tits came pouring out at him in a warm scented rush of feverish flesh.

Watching her parents, Marcy trembled and found her own nipples pressing against her baby doll pajamas.

Jerry took each of Rona’s nipples between his fingers and tugged on them, twisting them, making Rona gasp and moan, leaning into him. Jerry took his wife’s tits in the palms of his hands and pushed up at them.

The woman’s tremulous tit-flesh overflowed out of his hands and he captured her nips between his fingers. Rona gasped, and her tits swelled uncontrollably.

Forgetting all sense of caution, their spying daughter moaned with lust as her own tits swelled up and jutted straight out in front of her, as if in search of her father’s hands and mouth.

The teenager sank to the floor, feeling the little bubbles of pussy sauce that were pouring out of her pussy now.

Suddenly, with a sense of shock, she heard the bedroom door being opened all the way. She looked up and gasped, flushing a deep red as she saw her mother and father standing over her, exchanging glances and looking very angry.

“Marcy! I’m shocked! How dare you spy on your own parents this way!” Rona said sharply.

Marcy’s eyes widened with fear. She shrugged helplessly, unable to explain the lust that had driven her to spy op her parents.

“This is what we get for always being so soft with you,” Rona continued, flushing with anger. “You’re spoiled rotten! I think we should give you the beating of your young life!”

Marcy stared wordlessly from her mother to her father, not knowing what to say to make the embarrassing situation any better. Jerry stared at his young daughter for a few minutes, then exchanged a meaningful glance with his wife, a look which Marcy did not understand.

And, suddenly, Rona smiled mysteriously and nodded at her husband. With a grin, Jerry reached down and yanked Marcy up from the floor by her arm.

The girl stared at her father, stunned, and she tried to pull away, afraid of what he would do to her.

“Oh, no you don’t, you little brat, you’re not getting away so fast,” Jerry said calmly, menacingly.

Marcy stood stock still, unable to move.

“Do you know what you did? Do you know just how bad a thing it is to spy on other people… especially when they’re in the privacy of their own bedroom?” Jerry asked.

Marcy was suddenly overcome with anger toward her father for humiliating her in this way, and for making it with her mother when Marcy wanted to be the one to fuck him. “Fuck off, Daddy!” she spat angrily.

“Marcy! How dare you talk to your father like that?” Rona asked, genuinely shocked. “You apologize to him right now! We’ve brought you up better than that!”

“I’m not going to apologize. I don’t have to!” Marcy cried, feeling a strange sense of power which tuned her on.

Again, Jerry and Rona exchanged a glance that seemed to speak volumes to them but not to Marcy. She had no idea what they were saying with their eyes.

“I’ll take care of this, honey,” Jerry said quietly. “If you want me to.”

“Yes, please, darling, you do it… I’ll just stay and watch,” Rona responded, feeling her pussy beginning to drool with excitement.

Jerry dragged his daughter by the arm into the bedroom. He sat down on the edge of the king-sized bed and stood the young girl in front of him. Then, he placed his hands on her slender waist and stared into her eyes.

“Don’t you think you owe me an apology, Marcy?” he asked softly. “In fact, don’t you think you owe both your mother and me an apology for spying on us?”

“No, I don’t!” Marcy said, staring at her father with a cold expression. She couldn’t believe he was treating her this way, and in front of her mother!

“No? You’re sure?” Jerry asked.

“No way! You should apologize to me for humiliating me this way!” Marcy said saucily.

“Marcy! Apologize this instant!” Rona said sharply as she settled into a chair next to the bed.

“The fuck I will!” Marcy said hotly, trying to pull away from her father.

“I think we’ve been spoiling our daughter far too long, honey, what do you think?” Jerry asked, looking at his wife.

“I think I agree,” Rona said with a smile. “Yes, Marcy,” Jerry said, returning his attention to his daughter, “it’s our fault, especially mine. I should have taken you in hand long, long ago. Every father should discipline his daughter.”

“I’m not a little girl!” Marcy retorted with disgust. “I’m all grown up!”

“Right, and that’s why you’re much too old to be doing the kind of kid stuff you just pulled,” Jerry said.

“Fuck off!” Marcy said again, wriggling in her daddy’s powerful grasp.

“Fresh little brat, isn’t she?” the man asked his wife.

“I’ve never seen her like this. I don’t know what’s gotten into her, honey,” Rona said sadly.

“Don’t talk about me, right in front of me, as if I weren’t even here,” Marcy said firmly.

Jerry stared at her and shook his head. Then he looked at his wife again and she sighed, knowing what was coming, what she wanted to have happen.

“Okay, Marcy, I can see that we’re gonna have to teach you a lesson long overdue,” Jerry said calmly.

He turned to Rona and Marcy swung her head around in time to see her mother nodding in agreement.

“I don’t want you to teach me anything!” Marcy spat out. “Take your hands off me!”

“Take it easy,” Jerry said mockingly.

“Don’t call me a little girl! I’m not a little girl!” Marcy said.

“You could have fooled me… the way you’ve been acting,” Jerry said, staring directly into the girl’s angry eyes.

“Take your hands off me, Daddy!” she cried, angrier than ever now.

Jerry’s face hardened and his jaw tightened. “That’s about all I’m gonna take from you, you little brat,” he growled.

His hands grabbed tightly around Marcy’s waist, cutting through the thin fabric of her sheer baby doll pajamas, into her satiny curves, and he pulled her down across his lap.

“Nooo, Daddy! Let me go! You can’t do this! Mommy, make him let me go!” Marcy yelled.

She struggled, trying to slide from her daddy’s lap, but his hands were strong and he easily held her in place.

“It’s been a longtime since you’ve had a good spanking,” he said with barely restrained rage.

“Don’t you dare! Nooooo!” she cried.

Jerry’s hand came down on Marcy’s pantied ass in a sharp slap.


He hesitated as her firm ass-flesh jiggled in the aftershock of the blow.

“Oh, God, that hurt! Don’t you dare do it again!” Marcy cried, wondering where she had gotten the nerve to talk to her own father the way she had been doing.

In that instant, the teenager realized exactly what was happening: she had been unconsciously goading her father, spurring him on with her insolent mouth until he was so angry he would spank her, just the way she really wanted!

Wanting to feel his hand on her ass even harder than before, the young girl suddenly bit into the side of his tight muscular thigh, getting a mouthful of pajama fabric and some flesh.

“Owwwww!” Jerry yelled, shocked by his daughter’s attack.

“My God!” Rona cried from her chair, feeling more and more excited by the strange scene she was witnessing between her husband and their daughter.

Marcy continued to struggle, trying to pull away from her enraged father.

“Okay, you little bitch! You want to play this out violently? Fine!” Jerry growled.

And, before the young girl even knew what was happening, her daddy had grasped the elastic of her pajama panties and pulled them down, off her ass.

She felt a rush of air strike her naked ass. Then there was a slight hesitation as Jerry stared at his daughter’s quivering asscheeks.

Marcy’s face flushed with heat, and tears of embarrassment and excitement rolled down her face. Her pussy grew even wetter.

Jerry’s hand came down sharply on her ass and she cried out and shook uncontrollably. The man paused and he excitedly watched the color rise to her satin asscheeks.

“Ohhh, nooo, pleeease,” Marcy begged, not knowing whether she was begging him to stop or to continue.

“Shut tip, little bitch! I’m gonna spank your little ass until it’s raw and until you learn some respect for your parents!” Jerry responded.

The man slapped his daughter’s naked ass a few more times while the young girl cried out with pain and pleasure, sobbing hard now.

“You don’t like it when your privacy is invaded, do you, bitch?” he spat.

She continued to sob and didn’t answer her father.

“Answer me!” he demanded, shaking her by the shoulders. “You don’t like it when I bare your little ass like this right in front of your mother, do you?”

Again she didn’t answer.

“Answer me, Marcy!” he said in a warning voice.

She twisted around in her daddy’s lap and stared up at him, not knowing what to say.

“Well now,” Jerry said in a deep, calm voice, “maybe you don’t mind this. And, maybe you don’t mind it because I haven’t invaded your privacy enough yet!”

“I think you’re right, dear,” Rona said in a voice that shook with sexual excitement. “I don’t think you’ve taught her enough of a lesson yet!”

Jerry sat Marcy up in his lap and stared at her with a strange gleam in his eyes.

“Okay, baby, we’ll try this…” His fingers flew to the top of her baby doll pajamas, to where her full young tits pressed against the flimsy fabric. He pressed in at her waist so that the outline of her tits pressed through and were visible through the sheer material.

Marcy gasped and tried to pull away from him.

His fingers flew up and grasped one of his daughter’s nipples through the cotton and pressed it between his fingers.

“Does this do it, baby? Is this enough of an invasion of privacy for you?” he asked thickly.

Marcy turned away from her father. She loved the way he was touching her, feeling her body, and she didn’t want him to see the excitement and lust in her eyes. She was afraid that he would stop if he knew how much she was enjoying her “punishment”.

“You know, honey,” Jerry said, glancing at his wife who had begun to rub her own tits through her nightgown, “she still doesn’t seem to get the idea.”

Rona nodded wordlessly, her mouth slack with desire. Jerry slipped the young girl off his lap and stood her up in front of him. Without a word of warning, he pulled her panties all the way down her legs and yanked them off of her.

He stared at her young, naked pussy, and Marcy gasped and crossed her legs, acting as if she wanted to hide her nakedness from her father when, in truth, she wanted him to see her. Her hands flew down to cup her bush of cuntfur.

Jerry grabbed her hands away and held them both in one strong hand. With his free hand, he reached up and pulled the top of her baby doll pajamas over her head, revealing her naked tits.

“No! No!” Marcy cried, still playing the part of the innocent young, girl, and trying to pry herself loose from his strong grasp.

Now, she was standing stark naked in front of her father and he was openly staring at her, first her tits, then her pussy. Then he spun her around and admired his red handprints on her naked ass. He spun her back around again.

All this time, the teenager couldn’t hide her nakedness because her hands were locked in his meaty grip. With one hand, Jerry reached out and captured one red nipple between his fingers. He pulled on it, pinching slightly, not wanting to hurt her, but to humiliate her, to teach her a lesson. He flicked at her nip with his index finger, watching her face closely.

“Do you like this? Do you like your father playing with your tits? Does it feel good? Do you like your own daddy staring at your tits and your little pussy?” he asked as his cock hardened more and more in his pajama bottoms.

“Ohhh, Daddy,” the teenager moaned, half out of her mind with desire for her father.

Jerry’s fingers slid down her body and he suddenly stuck a probing finger between her legs, prying her cuntlips open.

“No! No! Pleeease, noooo!” she wailed.

“Spread your legs, bitch!” the man demanded.

“No, no, pleeease, nooo,” she whimpered, but she wanted nothing more at that moment than to spread her legs for her father.

“Do what your father tells you, dear,” Rona said softly, panting hard.

Marcy twisted her head to look at her mother. The young girl gasped with excitement when she saw that the woman was now finger-fucking herself.

“I said, spread your legs!” Jerry growled and he flicked his thumb and forefinger into her pussy against her clit.

“Ohhhh, God,” Marcy groaned and her entire body trembled. Her tits swelled up with aroused blood. Her nips grew stiff, becoming erect and pointed, and her pussy poured out more and more hot, thick fuck juice.

Jerry leaned forward and took one of his daughter’s hard nips into his mouth, flicking his tongue against it.

Marcy’s body trembled and she moaned with lust. But then she remembered that she wasn’t supposed to be enjoying what her father was doing to her. This was supposed to be her punishment, and she had better act as if that was just what it was for her or her daddy might stop!

So she made a move, as if trying to pull away from him, and, at the same time, she stared at him with tear-filled eyes. But only she knew that her tears were caused by excitement and not by humiliation or anger.

“So you don’t like it when your privacy is invaded, do you, bitch?” Jerry asked, backing away from her body but still staring at her heaving tits and drooling pussy.

Marcy shook her head violently.

“Then tell me you’re sorry, and apologize to your mother, too, and be quick about it,” he ordered.

“I… I… apologize,” she sobbed, closing her eyes tightly and swaying in front of her father.

“Well, okay, then,” Jerry said soothingly. He closed his arms around her and lifted her onto the bed and pressed her down. She curled up and closed her eyes again, enjoying the feel of her father’s hard, muscular body against hers.

Rona rushed over and sat down at the edge of the bed and slowly stroked her daughter’s body, fondling the girl’s bruised ass and her hard-nippled tits. Over and over, she stroked her daughter while Marcy moaned with pleasure and snuggled up even closer to her father.

“Do you promise you’ll never spy on us again, honey?” Jerry asked gently.

“Yes, Daddy, I promise,” she said softly.

“Good girl,” he said approvingly. Then he scooped his naked daughter up into his strong arms and rose from the bed.

“You go on to bed, honey,” he said, glancing at his wife, “I’ll take our daughter back to her room. I think she’s been punished enough.”

“Yes, darling, I agree. You take Marcy to bed now and stay with her awhile if you want. I think she needs a little cuddling now,” Rona said, smiling fondly at her daughter.

“Oh, yes, I do,” Marcy cried, winding her arms around her daddy’s powerful neck as he carried her off to her room.


In Marcy’s bedroom, Jerry put his daughter gently down on her big bed and settled down next to her, cuddling her close, just the way his wife had suggested.

The young girl rested her head on her daddy’s chest and sighed happily. Then she pulled her head back and smiled up at the handsome man.

“I’m so glad that you’re my daddy,” she murmured.

“Oh, really?” Jerry laughed. “Do you want me to give you another spanking?”

“No, no, Daddy,” Marcy purred. “I think I’ve had enough of that for now. But there are other things you can do for me.”

She curled up against him, deliberately pressing her naked tits against his hard body. Jerry smiled and leaned down, taking a hard popping nipple between his teeth.

“Ummmmm, ohhh, yesss, I like that, Daddy, ohhh, yessss,” she moaned.

Jerry savagely sucked on his daughter’s warm swollen nip. The more he sucked, the more her nipple ached and needed to be sucked.

Marcy’s pussy released a ripple of hot fuck cream, and it bubbled out between her tight cuntlips. She guided her daddy’s hand down to her crotch, and he quickly rammed two fingers into the hot moist flesh, prying her pussylips open and stroking her swollen clit.

While rubbing his daughter’s clit, Jerry continued to suck on her nipples, coating them thoroughly with the hot juices of his saliva.

“Oh, Daddy, let me undress you,” Marcy groaned as she quickly and expertly peeled the man’s pajama bottoms off him. Since he hadn’t worn a top to begin with, the man was now completely naked.

His cock was hard and long and thick and pressed up against the girl’s belly. Marcy toyed with the head of her daddy’s prick, running her fingers over the swollen fuckmeat.

Jerry ducked down and fucked his tongue into the soft velvety folds of her pussy, licking quickly and hungrily.

“Ohhhh, yesss!” Marcy moaned, her body tossing from side to side.

His hands crept back up her body. While his tongue fucked in and out of her gaping cunt, his fingers pulled, and plucked at her nips.

“Ohhhhh, God, Daddy, what you’re doing to me!” the girl cried, realizing that at long last her dream was coming true.

Jerry thrilled to the hot aroma of teenaged pussy in heat. His eager tongue ran up and down the length of her cunt slit, and his daughter moaned and wriggled her ass on the bed. The man’s strong hands held her by her tits as he continued to eat her juicy, quivering cunt.

Groaning, he mashed his lips against her cuntlips. Marcy sucked in her breath sharply as she felt her father’s teeth grinding into her hairy cunt mound.

He fucked his tongue up into her twitching cunthole as far as he possibly could and kept it there, wiggling his tongue around.

“Oh, God, Daddy! I love what you’re doing to meeee!” Marcy squealed excitedly. “Do it, Daddy, eat meeee!”

She spread her legs farther apart and arched her back, thrusting her wet cunt upward, forcing more of her horny cunt into her daddy’s sucking face.

His teeth bit into her and a violent incestuous pleasure swelled and burst all ova her ripe body. Her father pinched and squeezed her aching nips, filling the girl’s body with even more excitement.

“Unnhhhhh, make me come, Daddy, make me come!” she cried.

Jerry gripped his daughter’s heaving tits tightly while he fucked the entire length of his tongue in and out of her juicy cunt. He swallowed hard as rivers of thick, creamy fuck juice poured from her cunthole, filling his mouth to overflowing.

He kissed his daughter’s trembling clit, sucking and nibbling on the little bud with his sharp teeth. And Marcy went wild.

“Yessssss, you horny bastard, yesss!” she hissed between clenched teeth. “My clit, yes, my clit, Daddy! Lick it! Suck it! Bite it! Make me come!”

Now, he swished his hot, rough tongue across her pussy, lapping up the creamy cuntjuice. He had never tasted such delicious pussy cream before, and the knowledge that it was his own daughter’s cunt sauce made his head spin with forbidden joy.

“Ohhh, Daddy, I can’t stand it!” the teenager cried as she thrust her cunt up against her daddy’s face, trying to capture his tongue in her throbbing cunt.

Jerry worked his tongue in and out of the quivering wet cunt of his daughter. He licked and sucked and nibbled her delicious pussy, gobbling up her white pussy sauce as quickly as it oozed from her gaping fuckhole. He sucked his daughter’s pussy skillfully. Marcy’s body wriggled, dancing with lust on the end of his fucking tongue.

Jerry stroked Marcy’s hard, throbbing clit with the flat, broad underside of his tongue, over and over again, bringing her to the point of climax and then pausing to lap up her tasty fuck juices. His hands roamed over her tits, squeezing, pinching, stroking, kneading the firm flesh.

The man fucked his rigid tongue deep into Marcy’s small, tight cunthole, feeling her cuntmuscles grasping and sucking hungrily at his tongue. While he tonguefucked his daughter’s pussyhole, he moved one hand down from her tits and slid the middle finger of that hand between her quivering asscheeks and fucked it deep into her tight little asshole.

Even though Fred’s big cock had fucked her little asshole, the ass-ring was still tight and felt virginal to her father’s finger. Marcy bucked and squirmed in pain and pleasure as her father finger-fucked her shit-chute.

“Ohhhhh, that hurts, Daddy! But it feels good too! Keep it up, Daddy, don’t stop!” she whimpered.

Jerry’s long, thick cock jerked and twitched impatiently. He felt more turned on than he ever had before. His daughter’s obvious fuck-lust and the sweet taste of her cunt in his mouth filled his body with a raging desire, and he longed to feel her sweet hot mouth on his cock, sucking him off.

His tongue continued to fuck her pulsating pussyhole, faster and faster now, deeper and rougher. And, at the same time, his stiffened finger continued to fuck her small brown asshole.

“Ohhhh, God, Daddy, please make me come! I can’t stand it!” Marcy cried.

Still finger-fucking the girl’s tight asshole, and still flicking his tongue rapidly in and out of her snug cunthole, the man turned all his attention now to her clit. And he once more began to suck the little nub of clit-flesh, nibbling and tonguing her hard little clit until, at last, Marcy began to come.

“Aaarghhh, yesssssss!” Marcy screamed as her cunt muscles tightened painfully, and she felt her clit rushing out of her fuckhole.

As she came, her father sucked even harder on her cunt, making noisy wet slurping noises that just served to turn on father and daughter all the more.

“Ohhh, God, yesss, I’m commniiinnnggg!” she shouted. “It’s soooo fuckin’ good!”

Jerry sucked the girl-cum out of his daughter’s pussy, swallowing and then sucking more, working his mouth on her streaming cunt as if his mouth were a small, powerful vacuum cleaner.

“Ohhh, God!” Marcy shrieked, tossing her body around so violently that she almost fell right off the bed.

Jerry took his finger out of her tight asshole and grabbed hold of her asscheeks, holding her as still as he could while he finished bringing her off.

Violent waves of orgasmic pleasure washed over the young girl’s writhing body. She jerked and bucked and moaned, grinding her flowing cunt against her daddy’s sucking mouth.

Marcy felt as if she had died and gone to heaven. Just as she had suspected, her father’s maturity and sexual experience gave her an added thrill.

His cheeks and chin were smeared with foamy cuntjuice. As he continued to suck on the tender young pussy, Marcy came again and grabbed hold of his thick hair with both hands. She tossed around even more, trying to keep his mouth glued to her coming pussy.

The teenager’s entire body shuddered under her father’s raping tongue and teeth and lips. “Unnhhh, yessssss, Daddy, it feels soooo good!” she cried.

At last, the last ripples of Marcy’s long, powerful orgasm passed through her shaking body. She rested there on the bed, panting hard and drenched with sweat and pussy cream.

Jerry grinned at her, his mouth smeared with her cum.

“Ready to return the favor, baby? Want to suck my cock now?” he asked lewdly.

“Oh, yesss, Daddy. I was hoping that you’d let me suck you off!” the young girl cried, clapping her hands together excitedly.

Her father lay flat on his back on the bed, and she eagerly crawled between his outstretched legs, her eyes fixed on his huge cock which was hard now. His prick rose straight up from its nest of prick hairs, pointing right at the ceiling, its broad, smooth head visibly throbbing.

Marcy licked the length of her daddy’s prick, then lifted her head and smiled at him.

“Does that feel good, Daddy?”

“Ummm, oh, yeah, baby, that feels real good,” he murmured.

Marcy ducked down and took the head of his cock between her wet lips. She sucked, taking his prick into her mouth an inch at a time, letting the hard cockmeat roll over her tongue.

Her tongue ran up and down the prickshaft, licking and pressing against the pulsing blue vein.

“Ohhh, yeah, Marcy, that’s real good, you’re sucking your daddy’s cock real good, baby,” the man groaned.

Marcy pressed her lips closer to his cock, swallowing some of the long hard prick into the hot hollows of her mouth.

“Nnnhhh, I love it when you’re licking and sucking my prick, Marcy,” Jerry moaned.

Encouraged by her father’s lewd response, the teenager sucked even harder, folding her tongue around the spongy head of his prick.

“Ummmhhh, oh yeah, I love that!” The girl’s tongue did a fast hot dance up and down her father’s trembling cockshaft. The hot tangy pre-cum ran down his cock, and she slurped the stiff into her mouth, licking her lips with pleasure.

“Ohhh, yeah, so good, keep doing that, baby, just like that,” Jerry cried, lifting his ass up from the bed and fucking more of his cockmeat into his daughter’s mouth.

Marcy’s tongue circled under the swollen mushroom cap and wrapped, itself around the pulsing hardness.

Jerry’s body jumped. His mouth opened to tell her how much he loved what she was doing to his prick, but no words came out, just a slow, shuddering sigh.

Marcy raised hex head. Her mouth, dripping with drops of pre-cum and her saliva, was poised directly over the head of her daddy’s prick. Then, taking a deep breath, she lunged back down to his swollen cockmeat and sucked violently.

Jerry moaned as his daughter’s lips circled around his prick, and she pulled his cock into her mouth, swallowing hard. His prick plunged down her throat which immediately tightened against his fuckmeat.

His crotch pushed up into the air and pumped against her mouth.

Marcy opened her mouth wider so that her daddy’s prick would not scrape against her teeth. He pushed up at her, fucking his prick into her throat.

Her fingers slid under his ass and she probed into his tight asshole.

“Unnhhh,” he groaned.

While she finger-fucked her father’s asshole, her head bobbed up and down over his long, thick cock. She sucked and tightened her throat muscles against his prick.

“Unnnnnn, ohhhh, yeshhhhh,” he moaned.

Suddenly, the man sat up and he held his daughter’s head gently between his hands, smoothing the palms of his hands over her silken hair.

Her tongue slid up and down, bathing her father’s cock with the juices of her mouth.

She deep-throated him for long moments before forcing his prick back up out of her throat. Then she sucked furiously, her tongue dancing over his smooth swollen prickhead between sucks.

“Mmmmmm, unnnhhhh, ohhh, baby,” Jerry groaned.

He stroked her head gently as her fingers closed around the soft furry sac between his legs, and she jiggled his balls in the palms of her hands.

She moved one hand away from his balls and probed into his asshole.

“Aaaarghhhh, yessss,” he moaned with pleasure.

She pressed her finger just inside the rim of the man’s asshole. The pad of her finger smoothed over the hot puckered flesh there.

Marcy pushed up with the heel of her hand, massaging her father’s ass and his balls. Her hand smoothed its way back around, sliding up and down the length of his cockshaft.

“Unnhhhhhhh,” Jerry groaned.

Her mouth worked faster now, and her head bobbed up and down even harder. She took all of his long, thick prick down her throat, her teeth lightly scraping the pulsing fuckmeat.

“Mmmmm, ohhhh, Marcy,” Jerry cried as the cream churned hotly in his balls and exploded into his daughter’s mouth.


“Mmmmmmm, your cum is yummy, Daddy,” Marcy purred as she licked her lips and swallowed the last few drops of her father’s jism.

“So is yours, baby,” the man responded. He and his daughter laughed and exchanged affectionate glances.

“Time to fuck you now, honey,” Jerry said softly, reaching out and stroking his daughter’s tits.

“Oh, gee, Daddy, I don’t know if I want to fuck or not,” Marcy said coyly, deliberately teasing her father when, actually, she wanted nothing more in the world than to feel her daddy’s big cock fucking into her horny little pussy.

“You’re not still a virgin, are you, Marcy?” Jerry asked.

“No, Daddy, Freddy popped my cherry for me!” the teenager responded, laughing.

“Why, that little bastard!” Jerry laughed, feeling both proud of his son and a little jealous, too.

“I just don’t know if I’m in the mood to fuck now, Daddy,” Marcy said, yawning exaggeratedly.

“Why, you prick-tease!” Jerry growled, knowing that his daughter was just teasing him.

But he was enjoying the little game as much as she was. He grabbed her arms and pinned her down to the bed.

Marcy made a show of struggling against him but her heart was racing madly and her pussy was soaked with cream.

The man flipped his daughter over onto her belly and slid on top of her, his big hard cock creeping in between her legs, poking around for the tight wet fuckhole.

“Ohhhh, noooo, you’ll have to rape me, Daddy!” the teenager cried hornily.

“Fine with me, baby!”

He guided his cock to her tight little cunthole and pressed forward with the head of his prick. Marcy held her legs together and would not open them. She wanted her father to force her legs and take her forcefully. That was the way she had been dreaming about this moment and that was the way she wanted it now.

Jerry pressed down on her and her clit scraped against the sheets, popping and straining. The young girl moaned and tossed under his muscular weight.

He parted her ass, holding one cheek in each hand, and her body sank against the bed. His prick pushed in at the mouth of her pussy and thrust on in.

“Ohhhh!” Marcy gasped and the lips of her cunt closed tightly around the hard swollen head of his cock.

He thrust up into her, feeling the hot moist flesh of her cunt folding tightly around his aching prickmeat. The membranes of her pussy pressed in, closing tighter and tighter around his prick, expanding and contracting with each achingly delicious thrust.

“Ohhh, God, Daddy! It feels sooo good!” Marcy groaned, and she tossed her ass back at him, pressing up into his lean belly.

Jerry pushed down against his daughter’s willing body, and his arms closed under her swollen tits. His fingers pulled at her nips, turning them tightly and pulling hard as they stretched and hardened.

“Ohhhh! Ahhh! Daddy! Oh, Daddy!” the girl yelped.

The man’s cock rammed up into his daughter’s wet cunt like a sharp hot knife slicing through melted butter. Her cuntmuscles tightened even more around her daddy’s prick.

“Ohhh, baby, your little cunt’s sooo tight! It feels like you’re still cherry!” he grunted, longing to explode, to feel all of his hot cum shooting up into her unbelievably tight cunt and feeling her hard muscular contractions around his cock.

But he knew he had to hold back, to make this fuck a memorable one for both of them. For, he realized now that this was a dream come true for him. He finally admitted to himself that this was something he had always wanted. He had always been attracted to his sexy, beautiful daughter. He had always wanted to fuck her tight little cunt.

But, just like Marcy, he had repressed those natural desires. He might have gone on year after year being sexually frustrated if it hadn’t been for his daughter’s spying ways which had unwittingly given them both the release they had needed for so long.

He fucked his long, thick prick into her pussy, thrusting harder with each thrust, his taut ass bobbing up and down in the air with each plunge of his prick.

Father and daughter were both panting hard now, and a thin sheen of sexual sweat coated their naked bodies.

Marcy’s hands scratched at the sheets and her head tossed violently from side to side in an agony of fuck-lust.

“Ohhh, unnnhhhh, Daddy! I love it! Fuck me, Daddy! Fuck me good and haaaard!” she wailed.

He fucked into her, thrusting hard and fast now, as the head of his big cock slammed against the tight back wall of her juicy cunt.

“Aaarghhh! Soooo good!” she cried.

Harder, faster, deeper, the man thrust into the creamy softness of his daughter’s cunt. He plunged into her again and again, withdrawing teasingly slowly before plunging into her cunt again, filling her with his hard prick.

“Oh, God, Daddy!” Marcy yelped, jerking her hips back and pumping her ass against the man’s belly.

“Unnhhhh, ohhh, baby,” he groaned, thrusting harder and faster into her seething cunt.

He could feel hot fuck cream bubbling in his balls about to shoot up into his cock. His prick throbbed and pushed up into Marcy’s cunt, faster and harder, pressing deeper and deeper into her.

“Ohhh, Jesus H. Christ!” she shrieked.

She pressed her ass back at him, wanting to capture every single inch of his massive hard-on inside her pussy. Jerry groaned in response and repeatedly fucked his hard aching prick into her hungry pussy.

Jets of hot thick fuckjuice ran from her pussy, coating the man’s cockmeat and running unchecked down her trembling legs. And, all this time, Jerry’s fingers were plucking at his daughter’s nips, stretching them and pulling them from the areolas of her white tits.

“Yesssssss,” she hissed.

She writhed uncontrollably against her father’s hard, pumping body. More pressure built in her cunt, and she knew that that burning pressure, that hot sweet swelling sensation meant that she would be coming soon.

“Yeah, baby, yeah! Take your daddy’s whole prick up your wet little cunt!” Jerry growled, fucking the full length of his enormous cock up his daughter’s twitching pussy.

He fucked into her so hard and so deep that the young girl was sure he was going to tear her apart, and she loved the lewd sensation, turning on more and more as her orgasm grew nearer. At that moment, the teenager was not sure which she longed for more: the feel of her father’s hot cream jetting into her pussy, or her own climax.

The last tremor passed through Marcy’s pussy. Her father collapsed exhaustedly on her back.

Marcy closed her legs tightly shut, trapping her daddy’s drained cock between them, holding his prick tightly in her contented little cunt.

A few minutes later, Jerry rolled off her back and onto his side, lying next to his daughter. He reached out and stroked her trembling ass affectionately. Marcy turned her head toward him and father and daughter exchanged a loving glance.

“That was long overdue, baby,” Jerry said softly.

“Yeah, I know, but I think we more than made up for the long wait!” Marcy said with a laugh as she reached out and fondling her daddy’s soft prick.

“You’re one great lay, honey,” Jerry said admiringly. “I’ve never fucked such a hot, tight cunt.”

“Mmm, thanks, Daddy, and I’ve never been fucked by such a big hard cock! And this is my first time being fucked by a guy who’s really experienced. I like that!” she chirped.

“The way you’re touching my prick there it’s getting all hard again. How about another go-round?” Jerry asked huskily.

“Mmmmm, yeah, I see what you mean, Daddy,” Marcy said as she felt her father’s prick growing harder and thicker beneath her lewdly stroking fingers.

“Think you can handle my dick again?” Jerry asked.

“Just try me!” The young girl responded by throwing herself onto her back and splaying her legs as wide as possible.

“You got it!” Jerry said as he positioned himself between his daughter’s legs and aimed his hardening cock at her pussy.

“Ohhh, hurry up and fuck me, Daddy!” Marcy squealed as she reached down and held her cuntlips wide open.

“Yeah, baby, I’m gonna fuck you right now!” Jerry growled as he aimed his hard-on at the girl’s puckering cunthole.

Suddenly, there was a startled gasp from the doorway. Both Marcy and her, father looked toward the sound, gasping themselves when they saw Rona standing there with an expression of utter shock and disgust on her pretty face.

“My God, I don’t believe what I’m seeing!” Rona cried, tears filling her eyes.

“Rona…” Jerry said helplessly.

“Mommy, please…” Marcy whimpered.

“My God, Jerry! Is that what you call cuddling? This is hardly what I had in mind when I suggested that you spend some time comforting our daughter,” Rona said, her voice filled with anger.

For a few minutes, the three people stared at each other, no one knowing what to say to ease the tension that filled the room now. Jerry’s cock had gone completely soft and he reached for his pajama bottoms as he rose from the bed.

“Yes, leave, Jerry. Go on back to our room. I’ll talk to you there later,” Rona said, moving toward the bed.

“Later? Why not now?” Jerry asked as he started out of the room with an apologetic glance in his daughter’s direction.

“Because first I think that I need to have a serious talk with our daughter,” Rona said firmly.

“Oh, for Pete’s sake, Rona! Leave the kid alone!” Jerry said impatiently.

“I’d be glad to if I thought I could trust you to do the same, my dear,” Rona responded, her voice dripping with sarcasm.

“But, Mommy, Daddy didn’t…” Marcy began, wanting to defend her daddy.

“Shut up, Marcy! I’ll deal with you in a minute!” Rona snapped.

“Aw, shit,” Jerry mumbled with disgust as he left his daughter’s bedroom and made his way down the hall toward the master bedroom.

Marcy had never seen her mother so angry. The teenager shrank back against the bedclothes, her naked body trembling with fear and anxiety, as the woman reached the bed and sat down on its edge, her eyes blazing with fury.


“Marcy, I can’t tell you how shocked I am that you let your own father fuck you!” Rona said, almost choking on her anger as she gazed furiously at her trembling daughter.

“I didn’t let him, Mommy, I…”

“What do you mean?” Rona interrupted. “Don’t try to tell me you didn’t let him fuck you! I saw you! And if I hadn’t stepped in when I did, he would have done it! He would have fucked you and you wouldn’t be an innocent any more.”

“No, Mom, it wasn’t Dad. It was Fred who popped my little cherry for me, and I begged him to do it. I walked naked into his room and got him to fuck me!” she finished proudly.

“Oh, God, Marcy!” Rona cried, closing her eyes against the rush of emotions that raced through her at her daughter’s confession, emotions she could not quite identify.

“Yeah, it’s true, Mom, and as for getting here in time to save me from Daddy, we were about to have our second fuck! We had already fucked once! And that was after we sucked each other off!” Marcy said in a rush, watching her mother closely for her reaction.

Her eyes still closed, and moaning softly, Rona moved her free hand to her chest. Her heart was racing like mad and, for a few minutes, the woman actually was afraid that she was about to have a heart attack.

Never in all her life had Rona been as shocked and confused as she was at that moment. But, for some reason she didn’t quite understand, all anger and disgust had left her. And now she felt a special kind of love for her daughter, and she pelt something else, too, that she didn’t cognize, something that made her pussy begin drool and her nipples harden.

“Hey, Mom, lighten up,” Marcy laughed gently as she reached out with her other hand I caressed the woman’s cheek. “Just think about it for a minute. There’s nothing wrong with any of this. Both Daddy and I used to think there was, but now that we’ve finally gotten it on, we’re both a lot happier. It’s only natural to want to deepen your relationship with someone you love, isn’t it?”

“Well, yes, I guess so,” Rona mumbled, feeling more confused than ever. “But sex?”

“Sure, sex! It’s the obvious way to deepen what two people feel for each other. And desiring another attractive human being is only natural. So what if he’s my brother? Or father? Or son?” Marcy said, sending her mother a knowing look.


“Sure, admit it. Haven’t you sometimes wondered what it would be like to fuck Fred?” Marcy asked.

“God, Marcy! The things you say!” Rona said protestingly, but her mind was racing with lewd thoughts of her son naked… her son tongue-kissing her… her own young boy fucking his big cock into her horny cunt.

“You have thought about it, haven’t you?” Marcy cried triumphantly, watching the play of emotions on her mother’s beautiful face.

“Not until now…”

“But now you’re thinking about it?” Marcy asked eagerly.

“Y-y-yes, I am,” Rona admitted, flushing.

“And you like the idea?”

“Yes!” Rona cried, grinning suddenly at her daughter.

“Oh, Mom, I knew you’d come through!” Marcy said as she hugged her mother.

Rona laughed and returned her daughter’s embrace, feeling uncomfortably aware of the young girl’s naked tits pressed against her own tits which were barely covered by her sheer nightgown.

“So, how you feel okay about Daddy and me? Now that you realize you’d like to get it on with Fred, I mean,” Marcy said with a questioning tone in her voice.

“I guess I do feel okay about it,” Rona answered thoughtfully.

“Oh, goody! And who knows… maybe you and Fred will end up fucking each other!” Marcy said, giggling.

“Yeah, maybe we will!”

“And there’s something else I want to explain to you,” Marcy said, feeling, strangely, as if she and her mother had switched roles and it was up to the daughter to teach the mother what she knew about sex.

“What’s that, honey?” Rona asked as her eyes moved over the teenager’s naked body, focusing on her tits and her little pussy. Rona swallowed hard as she saw the small drops of cum and pussyjuice on the girl’s cunt fur.

“Well, it’s just that not only isn’t there anything wrong with making it with someone in the family, but it’s extra exciting,” Marcy said.

“It is?”

“Sure! Making it with anyone is great, but making it with someone you’re related to… well, it’s fantastic!” Marcy explained.

“Hmmmmm, sounds like I’ve been missing out on things around here,” Rona said with a warm smile.

“Yeah, you have, Mom! But that doesn’t have to continue. It’s time that you got in on the fun around here!”

“You mean me and Fred?”

“Well, sure, Mom, eventually a… but right now, I was thinking that maybe you and I should make it!” Marcy cried excitedly.

“Oh, I don’t know, honey,” Rona said, feeling uncomfortable again.

“Pleeeease, Mommy!” the teenager pleaded, tears filling her eyes.

Before her mother could protest any further, Marcy suddenly rammed two fingers up her own wet pussy.

Rona gasped at the sight. Her own pussy began to itch and burn furiously as she stared at the incredibly erotic sight of her daughter fucking her fingers up her tight little cunt.

Marcy’s nips were rock-hard, pointing straight out from her milky-white tit-flesh.

Rona licked her lips and rubbed her own cunt hard as she continued to watch, her daughter. But, as her desire grew, she knew that she couldn’t just watch the young girl. She needed to touch, to kiss, to lick, to suck, to bite.

Oh God, the woman thought feverishly, I want to fuck my own daughter! But then she remembered the teenager’s words about it being only natural and right to want to make it with someone she loved, and Rona smiled, realizing her daughter was much wiser than her mother.

“C’mon, Mom! Get naked like me!” Marcy cried, as turned on by the lust-filled expression on her mother’s face as she was by her fingerfucking movements.

Rona laughed and tore her nightgown off over her head. Then she pushed Marcy’s hand away from her cunt and lunged her fingers into her daughter’s pussy.

“Ohhh, yesss, Mommy!” the teenager gasped as she felt tiny lances of hot lust shoot through her loins.

“Why, you’re sopping wet, Marcy!” Rona laughed. “You must be super turned on!”

“Yes, I am!” the teenager answered with a blush.

Rona threw one leg over her daughter’s and pushed against the young girl’s pussy with her hard knee.

“Ohhh, Mommy, that feels soooo good!” Marcy gasped, hunching her little pussy up against the ramming knee.

“Yeah, it sure does!” Rona said breathlessly, her own pussy beginning to drool hot, creamy fuck juice.

A few minutes later, the woman rolled over onto her side, facing Marcy, and reaching out, she squeezed her daughter’s wet, twitching pussy.

“Mmmmmmm,” the teenager responded, squirming with desire.

Rona moved her hand harder and harder against her daughter’s cunt as Marcy writhed uncontrollably on the bed in a frenzy of excitement and fuck-lust.

As the older woman increased the pressure of her hand against Marcy’s trembling pussy, she moved her free hand up to the girl’s bursting tits and began to squeeze and knead them, moving rapidly from one tit to the other.

Marcy’s pussy was drooling so much pussy cream now that it was running in lewd streams down the teenager’s thighs. And her mother’s snatch was just as wet.

Rona rubbed her daughter’s stiffening nipples, rolling the turgid titflesh between her greedily grasping fingers.

“Ohhh, Mommy, that feels soooo good!”

Marcy murmured, closing her eyes in ecstasy. “Oh, honey, you have such a beautiful body and I love the feel, of your tits!” Rona cried.

As she continued to stroke her daughter’s tits, Rona slowly climbed on top of the young girl, kissing her passionately on the mouth before Marcy even had a chance to react. Rona placed a hand on either side of the teenager’s face, tongue-kissing her over and over again as she began to grind her hips against Marcy’s.

“Mmmm,” Marcy moaned, returning her mother’s kisses, feeling more turned, on than ever. She felt her mother’s tits burning into her own as their hot wet tongues touched again and again. She felt the older woman sucking and nibbling on her tongue, and she squirmed and moaned with incestuous pleasure.

My daughter was right, Rona thought to herself. Nothing that feels this good can be wrong. And touching her like this, kissing each other this way… I feel even closer to her than before, as though I bye her more than I had thought possible.

Marcy’s soft, gentle hands began to caress her mother’s hips and ass. Both of the horny females moaned and groaned with excitement.

“Spread your legs, baby,” Rona whispered huskily, finally taking her mouth away from her daughter’s.

With an eager little cry, Marcy obediently spread her legs far apart and gasped with joy when her mother reached down and slipped her finger into the juicy heat of her snug little pussy slit. Rona rubbed her own pussy against the younger girl’s thigh as she fucked her finger rapidly in and out of the teenager’s hot pussy.

“Ahhh, yesssss,” Marcy hissed between clenched teeth, “I love it! Don’t stop, Mommy! Keep fucking my cunt with your finger!”

Rona grinned with delight. It had taken her own daughter to convert her, to initiate her into the joys of incestuous sex. But now, the woman was fully convinced, and she felt every bit as whorish and wanton as her daughter, and she thrilled to the lewd sensations.

Marcy was writhing violently on the bed now, thrusting her young pussy up against her mother’s hand. She pulled Rona’s head down to hers and tongue-kissed her again and again while her grasping hands found her mother’s tits.

“Ohhhhhh, yesssss, Mommy,” she moaned happily.

“Oh, baby, I need to suck your little pussy!” Rona whispered hoarsely. She took her juice drenched finger out of the girl’s hot steamy cunt.

“Great, Mom! Do it! Suck my cunt! Make me come!” Marcy yelled as she tossed and turned on the bed, her eyes glazed over with lust. Her daughter’s obscene words and pleas aroused the woman all the more. She knew she couldn’t wait to bury her hungry mouth up the girl’s twat.

She licked Marcy’s nipples, then licked a hot, wet trail across the teenager’s firm belly to the patch of blonde hair between her slender legs. She all but drooled at the sight of her daughter’s lush pussy.

Marcy quivered all over as she felt her mother’s hot breaths on her naked thighs. She spread her legs even farther apart, giving the older woman a good view of her wide-open cunt.

“Ohhh, hurry, Mommy!” she groaned. “I’m so hot! So horny! Please hurry up and suck me! I can’t wait!”

“Unnhh, baby, I can’t wait either,” Rona groaned as she touched the pink bloated lips of her, daughter’s moist pussy.

The older woman rammed one finger between Marcy’s puffy cuntlips and immediately found her little hard clit. She stroked the clit, feeling it harden even more and jerk beneath her fingers. She continued to rub the twitching lovebud until she knew that her daughter was about to come. Then she took her hand away, not yet ready to have the girl come. Rona spread Marcy’s wet pussylips apart with her trembling fingers.

Marcy moaned as her mother’s finger rubbed around the wet inner walls of her dripping cunt.

“Ohhh, please, Mommy! I’ll go mad if you don’t lick my pussy now!” the teenager screamed, twisting and turning, feeling her mother’s hot fingers burning into her cuntflesh.

“Oh, yeah, baby, that’s just what I’m gonna do now!” Rona cried as she crawled into position between her daughter’s thighs.

Marcy tensed, her body trembling with excitement and anticipation as she waited to feel her mother’s tongue shooting up into her fuckhole. Rona ran her hot tongue across Marcy’s quivering cunt, feeling her own fuck juices flowing freely as she turned an more and more.

“Mmmmm, delicious!” Rona murmured as she licked the creamy fuck juice from Marcy’s delicate pussylips.

“Ohhhh, Mommy, that feels fantastic!” Marcy groaned. “Do it, Mommy! Do it! Eat my cunt!”

Rona buried her face between Marcy’s lush thighs, darting her hot tongue into the steaming depths of her, daughter’s cunt.

“Yes, yes, yes!” Marcy moaned, thrashing around wildly, trying to capture every tantalizing inch of her mother’s long, licking tongue.

Rona worked her tongue in and out of Marcy’s wet quivering cunt in a cock-like fashion. She wanted to give her daughter the best possible tonguefucking.

She licked and licked around Marcy’s tasty pussy, sucking up the white fuck cream as quickly as it dribbled from the teenager’s small cunthole.

“Awwww, shiiiiit!” Marcy shrieked, closing her thighs tightly about her mother’s juicesoaked face. “I love it! I love it!” She felt her trembling body being brought to a feverish pitch as the older woman stroked her throbbing clit with her tongue.

Rona’s hands roamed over her daughter’s ripe body, squeezing and kneading her soft girlish flesh. Then she cupped her hands beneath the young girl’s ass to hold her cunt firmly in place, while she sucked on it.

“Ohhh, yessss, suck me, Mommy! Suck meeee!” the blonde girl screamed, thrashing her body about wildly.

Rona thrust the full length of her tongue deep into Marcy’s tight cunthole, feeling her cuntmuscles grasping and sucking at her tongue hungrily. While she tonguefucked the girl’s dripping cunt, she slid her middle finger between Marcy’s asscheeks and rammed deep into her tight little asshole.

Marcy bucked and squirmed in pain and delight.

“Aaarghhh, Mommy! That hurts! But I love it!”

Rona was aroused half out of her mind by the sweet tangy taste of her own daughter’s young cunt. The teenager’s obvious desire and pleasure, and her wildly thrashing movements just served to inflame the woman’s lust all the more.

Rona’s tongue continued to fuck Marcy’s pulsating pussyhole, faster and faster, deeper and deeper. And, at the same time, her stiffened finger kept fucking the girl’s small brown asshole.

“Ohhh, God, Mommy! Please make me come! I need to come soooo bad!” the teenager shrieked.

But, again, Rona deliberately slowed her tonguefucking motions, not wanting to let her daughter come just yet. And, for several more moments, the woman fucked the full length of her tongue in and out of Marcy’s pussy while she fucked her finger in and out of the teenager’s asshole.

“Ohhh, Mommy! I have to taste you too! I want to eat your cunt!” Marcy suddenly cried.

Her girl’s words made the woman’s pussy burn with excitement and desire. She raised her juice-covered face and grinned at Marcy, who eagerly grinned back.

Without another word, Rona quickly straddled the girl’s flushed face, positioning herself so that her open cunt was directly over her daughter’s wide-open mouth.

She went down again on Marcy’s juicy pussy and sucked hard, drawing out a steady thick stream of creamy fuck juice.

Marcy groaned as she stared up into her mother’s red, gaping pussy. She felt a hot thrill of lust shoot through her body, and she trembled all over with desire.

Rona’s pussylips were swollen with lust and wet from the cuntjuices that continued to seep from her fuckhole. Her little clit was hard and protruding stiffly from its protective sheath, and glistened lewdly with fuck juice as it twitched impatiently, waiting for Marcy’s tongue.

Marcy took a deep breath and then fucked her rigid tongue deep into her mother’s hot, tight cunt.

“Awwww, yessss!” Rona cried as she continued to suck and lick her daughter’s pussyhole.

She spread her legs apart, giving Marcy more room to lick and eat her pussy. She squirmed her ass and pressed her crotch hard against the girl’s sucking mouth.

“Yes, baby, yesssss, that’s it!” Rona yelled as Marcy’s tongue flicked in and out of her trembling pussy. “Do it, baby, do it good and hard! Suck your mommy’s pussy!”

Mother and daughter squirmed and twisted on the bed, moaning loudly as their bodies desperately sought release from the fiery lust that consumed them both. They sucked and licked and chewed each other’s pussy with wild abandon, thrilling to the obscene act of licking and being licked at the same time.

Marcy gripped her mother’s hips as she humped her own ass upward. Her long, thick tongue fucked deep into Rona’s sopping pussyhole, then pulled out and licked the hard throbbing clit. She felt her mother chewing greedily on her pussy, and she fought against coming, wanting to wait until they could both come together.

The two horny females lustfully clutched at each other, their hungry mouths moving wetly over each other’s hot trembling cunt. Their naked, sweat-soaked bodies twisted and shuddered as they climbed higher and higher toward their much-needed orgasms, both of them lost in their own private world of incestuous lust and pleasure.

Rona’s tongue teased Marcy’s soft outer cuntlips, licking the tasty pussyjuice as it dripped from the girl’s swollen cunt. She fucked her tongue deep into the hot depths of Marcy’s creamy cunt, licking the sensitive walls of her twitching pussyhole.

“Aaarghhhh!” Marcy cried as she shook uncontrollably. “My clit, Mommy, bite my clit!”

She wiggled her cunt against Rona’s face as she buried her face once more in the woman’s wet cunt.

“Unnhhh, ummmmmm,” Rona moaned, feeling her daughter’s hard tongue slashing across her aching clit. She took her face from her daughter’s pussy and snapped her head back, her eyes glazed with hot, unrelieved lust.

“Ohhh, baby, I’m gonna come! I’m almost there, Marcy! Help meeeee! Help your mother come! Suck my clit!” she wailed, losing all control.

Marcy’s own clit burned hotly with her mother’s obscene words. She needed to come too. She could make her mother come and then she could have her own orgasm. She could hardly wait to taste her mommy’s thick creamy cum.

She tongued Rona’s hard clit. Hot fuck juice was dripping from every part of the woman’s pussy as the teenager ate her cunt. Over and over again, Marcy’s hot cock-like tongue stabbed against Rona’s twitching clit.

“I’m commmiiinnnggg! You made me come sooo haaaard, Marcy! Commminnng!” Rona yelled as she clutched her daughter tightly. She wriggled and shook uncontrollably as waves of mind-blowing orgasm raced through her body.

Marcy gulped as her mother’s cunt exploded, sending torrents of hot thick cum pouring into her mouth. She pulled Rona down harder on her sucking mouth as her mother’s pussy twitched against her lips.

“Aieeeee!” Rona screeched as the peak of her climax struck her with full force. Her body shuddered and trembled under the savage tongue lashing her daughter was giving her orgasming pussy.

“Ohhh, darling, that feels sooo good!” Rona yelled.

Finally, she stopped trembling and buried her face in her daughter’s cunt once again. She began to tongue the girl’s clit which was poking out rigidly from its soft folds. She licked the tasty fuck juice that continued to ooze out. The older woman panted as she buried her tongue inside the soft lips of the teenager’s pussy.

“Ohhhh, yessss, suck me till I come, Mommy! I wanna come hard just like you did!” Marcy squealed, squirming and jerking beneath her mother’s exploring tongue.

Ran took her daughter’s clit between her lips and moved her head back and forth as she tongued the tip, looking for all the world like a dog worrying a bone. She reached under and cupped the teenager’s tight little ass, teasing at her ass-crack with her finger.

As the older woman continued to tongue and suck the trembling clit, she rammed one finger up the younger girl’s asshole, making Marcy’s entire body jerk and jump off the bed in a burst of shock and lust.

“Ahhh, I’m gonna come, Mom!” she yelled as her little cunt exploded in a thundering climax, pouring out a steady thick rainfall of cuntjuice directly into her mother’s mouth, which was still sucking.

Rona sucked hard on Marcy’s sensitive clit as it burned and throbbed in her mouth. Hot fuck juices poured from the teenager’s cunt, coveting Rona’s face and running unchecked down her chin.

“Don’t stop, Mommyyyy!” Marcy sobbed. “I’m still coming!” She jerked and bucked, kicking her legs out, pounding her fists against the bed as another climax raged through her hot little pussy.

“Aaarrrghhh! Ohhhhhhh, sooo good!” the young blonde whimpered.

“Oh, baby, that was so exciting!” Rona groaned as she pulled her mouth away from her daughter’s still-spasming cunt.

“Stay… stay on your hands and knees,” the teenager panted as she quickly scooted behind her mother and jabbed her thumb between the older woman’s swollen cuntlips.

“Unnhhhh, that feels great!” Rona moaned. Marcy grinned and worked her thumb up and down the hot, slick crack for a moment, giggling excitedly as her mother continued to cry out with joy. She fucked her thumb inside the woman’s pussy, then pulled it out again, and repeated the erotic action. Rona moaned and danced and wriggled on the end of her daughter’s thumb.

To the aroused woman, her daughter’s thumb felt like the imaginary prick that she pretended was fucking in and out of her cunt. And she groaned happily, fantasizing that her son was fucking his big hard cock furiously in and out of her steaming snatch.

“Aaarghhh! Soooo good!” she moaned shuddering violently as she felt Marcy’s thumb up her cunt. “Ohhh, God, you’re fucking me sooo good!”

Marcy’s index finger brushed lightly against the older woman’s stiff clit as she continued to fuck her thumb in and out of the tight hot pussy. Marcy held her fist firmly against her mother’s cunt and rocked her hips to and fro, just as though she were actually fucking a cock into Rona’s cunt.

Then, Marcy held her thumb still and Rona began to instinctively fuck her pussy.

“That’s right, Mom, fuck yourself on my thumb!” Marcy cried, urging the woman on.

“Why should she, when she has me to fuck her?” came a lust-hoarsened voice from the doorway.

“My God, who is that?” Rona asked, unable to see that part of the room and unwilling to change her dog-fucking position. “Oh, Mom,” Marcy groaned as she stared at Fred who was standing nakedly by the bed now, his big hard cock in one hand, aimed directly at his mother’s ass. “It’s Fred! He’s come to fuck you, Mom!”


Fred moved forward so that his mother, still crouched lewdly on the bed on all fours, could easily see him.

“Oh, God, Fred!” she gasped as she took in the exiting sight of the naked boy, holding his stiff cock out toward her, as if in offering.

“Looks like you could use some of this, Mom,” the youth husked, his eyes moving over his mother’s sexy body.

For just a minute, the woman thought of protesting that fucking would be wrong. For just a minute, she thought of getting up from her daughter’s bed, putting her nightgown on and leaving the room, never again to even think of having sex with her own children.

But then she remembered the valuable lesson she had just learned from her daughter. And she reminded herself that sex with her children could only deepen the love they felt for each other. If she needed any more convincing, she had only to realize that now, having made love with her daughter, her love for the young girl was deeper, surer, and warmer.

So she raised her head and smiled encouragingly at her son, licking her lips excitedly as she stared at his huge hard rod of cockmeat.

“You’re right, Fred. I do need your cock! Fuck me, Fred! Fuck your mother now!” she cried, all doubts gone from her lust-tortured mind.

“Ohhh, goody!” Marcy squealed, clapping her hands delightedly as she moved back from her mother’s ass to make room for her brother who was already scrambling onto the bed. “Fred’s gonna fuck Mommy! Fred’s gonna fuck Mommy!”

“You crazy kid,” Fred laughed as he affectionately ruffled his sister’s hair.

“Hey, Mom, turn around and lie on your back. I’d love to dog-fuck you some other time. But right now, I wanna be able to see your face and your tits while I fuck you!”

Moaning with excitement at her son’s obscene demand, Rona quickly and obediently got into the position the boy wanted — flat on her back with her legs spread wide for him.

“That’s better, Mom.” Fred grinned as he rubbed his huge rough hands across her soft milky tits, savoring the way her nips throbbed against his palms. He straddled his mother’s body, pleased by the expression of raw incestuous desire in the woman’s eyes.

She was unable to take her eyes from her son’s strong muscular body. She could feel the heat coming from his crotch, and she could smell his aroused musk.

The youth fiercely, passionately kissed his mother, forcing his hot tongue between her lips. At the same time, his hands roamed over her hard nips, bruising and pinching her titflesh.

“I think you should suck my cock first, Mom,” he said, his voice ragged with lust, moving up over his mother’s body and holding his prick out near her mouth. “Suck me, Mom!”

“Ohhh, yeah, suck him, Mom! You’ll love his cock! It tastes sooo good! And so does his aunt,” Marcy squealed, settling back on the bed and beginning to finger-fuck herself.

As Rona opened her mouth, her son shoved his bursting cock inside.

“Goon, Mom! Suck me hard!” he growled. The tip of Fred’s prick struck the back of Rona’s throat and she moaned, with sexual excitement as she felt her son thrusting his hand between her legs and rubbing her steaming pussy. Grinning, he fucked more of his thick cock into her mouth.

The mother felt her boy’s prick rubbing against the inside of her cheeks. His balls bounced against her chin, and her entire body trembled with lust.

She sucked deeply on her son’s throbbing cock as Fred moaned and groaned with ecstasy. The taste of her own boy’s prick drove the woman mad with excitement and desire. Marcy was right, she thought to herself, my little boy’s cock is delicious!

“She loves it, Freddy!” Marcy cried, watching the obscene action in front of her with a growing, raging lust as she continued to fuck two fingers in and out of her clenching fuckhole.

Fred groaned, his eyes on his sister as he felt his mother’s teeth graze the underside of his bursting cock.

Suddenly, Marcy moved toward the lovers and put her head between her mother’s legs. The musky smell of her mother’s cunt made the teenager’s head spin. She licked on the little trembling clit as Rona bucked and moaned in delight.

Marcy sucked wildly as her own body filled with intense pleasure. She wanted to make her mommy come, just as she had before. She wanted to taste her sweet pussyjuice again. And she longed to see her big brother’s cum spill from his cock out into her mother’s mouth and out over her face and tits.

“Good thinking, Sis! You suck Mom’s cunt while I feed her my dick!” Fred husked.

Rona responded feverishly to her daughter’s sucking mouth and to the forbidden taste of her son’s prick. She teased his cum-slit with the tip of her tongue as he fucked his cock in and out of her eagerly sucking mouth.

“You love it, don’t you, Mom? You love sucking your son’s prick!” Fred groaned.

“Ummmmfffff,” she responded, her mouth stuffed with the boy’s hard meat.

Fred’s entire body shuddered from the hot pleasure he was receiving from his mother’s mouth. While he fucked his prick in and out of her mouth, he thrilled to the sounds of his sister’s mouth slurping up their mother’s fuck juices. The pussy-eating sounds were behind him and, even though he couldn’t see what Marcy was doing, the loud juicy sounds coming from her mouth filled the boy’s mind with vivid images of what was going on, and his cock hardened even more inside his mother’s mouth.

Rona continued to suck her son’s prick, moaning and groaning over and over again. To have her own son’s cock fucking in and out of her hot wet mouth was a dream come true for the woman. She no longer fought her natural desires.

She longed to feel her son’s cum filling her mouth. She wanted to taste and swallow and savor the thick, white fuck cream when it poured from his cock.

Marcy’s hot tongue in her pussy drove the woman mad with lust and she twisted violently on the bed.

“I’m gonna come, Mom!” Fred cried suddenly as he fucked his bloated prick in and out of his mother’s greedy hot mouth.

Rona opened her mouth wider and prepared herself for her son’s jism. She felt his balls slapping against her chin as he fucked her mouth savagely now. Her body was a raging inferno of desire as she worked her tongue and lips on his hard pulsating prick.

“Here it comes, Mom! Ahhh, arrghhhh, unnhhhh!” the boy hollered as his cum squirted out violently, filling his mother’s hungry mouth.

“Ummmffff,” Rona moaned as she gobbled the delicious-tasting cum, loving the way the stuff slid warmly down her throat. She sucked harder as each wad of gooey cum spurted into her hotly sucking mouth.

“Commmiiinnnggg!” Fred cried, fucking his cock in and out of her mouth deeper and harder with each thrust. Shuddering with uncontrollable excitement, he spurted even more cum into her mouth, then finally fell over onto his side, his prick still hard and throbbing.

“Suck me hard, Marcy! I’m almost there!” Rona yelled, trembling as she felt her daughter’s tongue slashing brutally across her bunting clit. Marcy licked inside her mother’s wide-open cunt, tasting the woman’s delicious fuck juice as it flowed over her tongue and the back of her throat before she eagerly swallowed. She slurped noisily at the cunt, her tongue swishing inside, then out across her twitching clit.

Fred sat up and grinned, toying with his still hard prick, as he watched his sister eating out their mother’s pussy. His cock hardened even more as he watched the lewd actions of the two females who were carrying on like whores.

“Ohhhh, yessss, darling,” Rona groaned as every nerve in her body responded eagerly to her little daughter’s tongue. “I love what you’re doing to my pussy! I have to come! Don’t stop, baby! Make your mother come!”

Spurred on by her mother’s obscene pleas, the young girl continued to suck and tongue the woman’s cunt. She teased the little twitching clit with her stiffened tongue, then softly nibbled with the edges of her teeth. She sucked noisily and hungrily, wanting her mother to come in her mouth. An all-consuming lust swept through the teenaged girl’s body as her mother jerked and trembled on the bed.

“I’m coming, darling, comiiinnnggg!” Rona finally howled with excitement and relief as she reached the peak of her orgasm.

The woman screamed and thrashed wildly on the bed, snapping her head from side to side. Her cunt exploded as the thundering climax pulsated through her spasming pussy.

“Ohhh, yessss,” she hissed as her daughter’s hot tongue licked across her aching, spasming clit.

Marcy sucked and drank her mother’s creamy cum as the stuff poured from her hot orgasming pussy. And she fucked her tongue into her deeper than ever.

“Ohhhhh!” Rona moaned as the last of her climax tore through her, leaving her shuddering with passion and pleasure.

“Fuck her now, Freddy!” Marcy cried as she took her juice-smeared face away from the woman’s trembling cunt. “She’s really ready for it now… fuck her, Fred!”

“Yeah, Marcy’s right, Mom, it’s time to fuck you now,” Fred said huskily as he knelt between his mother’s legs, rubbing his swollen cockhead against her cunt.

“Mmmmm, yessss, it’s time now, Fred! Fuck me! Fuck your mother hard!” Rona yelled, tossing her head from side to side in a frenzy of fuck lust for her son’s big hard prick.

With a triumphant cry, the young boy suddenly fucked forward hard and fast and buried the full length of his enormous cock in his mother’s cunt.

“Yeeeooowwww! Ohhh, God, yessss!” Rona screamed as she felt a hot piercing pain mingling with a deep, satisfying pleasure.

“Unnnhhh, ohhh, Mom, your little cunt’s soooo fuckin’ tight!” the youth groaned.

He paused for a few minutes, savoring the sensation of his hard meat being hugged tightly by his mother’s expertly clutching cuntmuscles. This was a dream come true for him too. He had had more than one fantasy, and more than one wet dream, thinking about fucking his sexy mother and now, here he was, with his big hard prick buried up her willing little pussy.

Rona sobbed with incestuous pleasure as the ecstatic sensation spread through her entire body, making her quiver with pleasure and excitement.

“Ohhh, yesss, Son, yesss! Fuck me! Fuck me good and hard!” she groaned, thrashing wildly beneath her son’s fucking cock.

“Take it all, Mom! Take my whole cock up your little pussy and beg me for more!” Fred yelled, grinning obscenely at his mother’s lust contorted face.

“Oh, yesss, Son, I want it all! Gimme your whole cock! I need it! Ohhh, God, how I need it!” she rasped.

The violent twisting movements Rona was making beneath her son’s muscular body turned him on all the more. He loved the way his mother’s beautiful, sexy body felt under his, writhing and twisting frantically.

“Great, Mom! I love the way you’re moving! Wiggle those sexy hips of yours! Slain your little pussy up against me! Give me a good fuck, Mom!” he cried.

The woman’s cuntjuice was flowing free, nicely lubricating her son’s thick meaty cock. Her cuntmuscles gripped his hot cock, and she sighed with pleasure, totally surrendering to the boy’s fucking prick.

“Faster… harder… deeper,” she panted breathlessly.

Fred laughed and increased the tempo of his fucking. With a steady, relentless rhythm, his cock fucked deep into her cunt.

Rona’s body eagerly responded and she felt consumed with pleasure — hot, incestuous, orgasm-seeking pleasure. Each thrust of her son’s swollen prick was met by an upward thrust of her crotch as she tried to suck his cockmeat even deeper into her cunt.

“Fuck her hard, Fred! Fuck her fast! Fuck her good! The horny, bitch loves it!” Marcy shrilled.

The young girl was busily finger-fucking herself, having climax after mind-blowing climax as she watched the forbidden scene of her big brother fucking their mother.

Marcy’s fingers slid up into her flowing pussy hole, and she began to finger-fuck herself faster and harder, grinning excitedly as she watched her brother fucking his thick hard prick into their mother’s grasping cunt.

“Ohhh, yessss, Son! Give it to me! Give me all your meat!” Rona yelled, feeling an exciting surge of heat in her pussy with each thrust of Fred’s gigantic prick.

“Aarrgbhh!” the boy groaned as he felt his mother’s strong cuntmuscles massaging his fucking prick. He fucked his prickmeat deep into her pussy, his cockshaft scraping against the raw sensitive walls of her throbbing cunt.

“Unnhhh, I love this sooo much, Freddy! Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Make me come! Fill my little cunt with all your cum.” Rona yelled as ripples of incestuous pleasure raced through her entire body.

“Go, Freddy, go!” Marcy cried, only half aware of her own words, she was so dazed by fuck-lust. “Fuck her hard like she wants it! She loves it like that!” she cried, flicking her wet fingers in and out of her own slick cunthole.

Fred glanced at his finger-fucking sister and he groaned with even more excitement. He gazed at the young girl’s wet fingers fucking in and out of her spasming pussy. He felt blessed to have such horny females at his beck and call now. He licked his lips and grinned as he thought of all the years ahead, years to be filled with sucking and fucking, with both his mother and sister begging him and his father for more.

He felt his mother’s tits pressed against his broad chest, and, lowering his head, he bit brutally into her turgid tit-flesh, making her nips harden even more and throb with pain and pleasure.

“Yeeeooowww! Yessssss, I love it!” Rona screamed. “Bite my tits, Son, bite your mother’s tits!”

Fred grinned and bit hard into her tits again. He groaned with excitement as he lapped at her tit-flesh, thrilling to the knowledge that it was his own mother’s tits he was licking.

The tight walls of the woman’s cunt clung to her son’s prick as he fucked into her cunt. Each violent lunge of his prick sent jolts of ecstasy through the woman’s body and her quivering cunt. Her clit trembled each time he fucked into her.

Rona wriggled and writhed beneath her son’s fucking body. As he continued to fuck the full length of his cock into his mother’s juicy pussy, her orgasm mounted, each nerve of her pussy tingling. The base of Fred’s prick pounded against her twitching clit.

“Ohhh, unnhhhh, I’m gonna shoot, Mom!” the boy bellowed as his balls tightened up painfully against the base of his cock. “I’m gonna shoot all my cum up your pussy!”

“Ohhhh, yessss, Son, do it! Come! Fill my little cunt with all of your hot jizz!” Rona screamed as her own climax exploded through her cunt.

Wave after wave of all-consuming passion raced through her trembling, feverish body as she came and came. Brilliant spots of dizzying color danced behind her closed eyelids, and her mind spun crazily as she continued to come.

“Commmiiinnnggg, oh, God, my own son’s making me come with his huge cock!” she shrieked.

“I’m coming, too, Mom! It’s soooo fuckin’ great!” Fred roared as thick torrents of cum spurted from his cock, flowing into the woman’s sucking cunthole, drowning her entire pussy and dribbling lewdly from her firm, quaking thighs.

Rona thrilled to the lewd sensation of her own son’s cum burning a path up her cunt and into her belly.

“Ahhhhhh, darling!” she cried as her spasming pussy pulsated against his thrusting prick. “Fuck meeeeee!”

Suddenly, Rona felt the bed shifting and she raised her head, gasping with shock and excitement when she saw her naked husband crouching behind Marcy, the young girl already on all fours as she impatiently waited for her daddy to fuck her ass.

“My God!” Rona gasped, turning on even more.

“Jesus!” Fred exclaimed as he turned his head and saw his father, with cock in hand, preparing to ass-fuck the young girl.

“Well, after all, I thought I might as well join in. With all the noise you three are making, I can’t get any sleep!” Jerry said with a grin, making his family laugh.

“Then it’s all right, darling?” Rona panted, reaching one hand out toward her husband.

“It’s more than all right, Rona,” he responded, taking her hand and clasping it warmly in his own. “It’s wonderful! It’s about time we all got together… like a real family.”

The couple exchanged tender smiles before letting go of each other’s hand and concentrating on their children once again.

“Oh, hurry, Daddy! Watching Mommy and Freddy getting it on like that made me really horny!” Marcy cried, wriggling her little trim ass impatiently.

“Okay, okay, baby, just relax… here comes your daddy’s great big cock… right up your ass!” the man answered with a laugh as, using both hands, he peeled the cheeks of his daughter’s ass back and aimed the pulsing head of his prick toward her quivering little asshole.

“Do it, Daddy, do it! Fuck my ass!”

“You got it, baby, you got it!” he said thickly.

With that, the man fucked forward forcefully, burying the full length of his massive cock in his daughter’s bowels.

“Yeeooowww! Aiiieeeee! God that hurts, Daddy!” the girl gasped, but her voice was filled with pleasure and lust. They all knew that she enjoyed the pain as much as the pleasure.

Jerry pulled his prick out of his daughter’s asshole until only his broad cockhead remained in the clasp of her firm assmuscles. Then, after rearing far back for the greatest leverage, he fucked forward again with so much force that his thrust knocked almost all the air out of Marcy’s body.

“God! God! God!” she gasped, tears of excitement and pleasure filling her eyes.

She turned her head toward the other couple and gasped again as she saw that they were still fucking each other. Even after dumping all that thick cum into his mother’s pussy, Fred’s prick was still hard and he was continuing to thrust it in and out of the woman’s steaming twat, aiming for another orgasm.

“Ohhh, it’s sooo beautiful,” Rona moaned as she watched her husband ass-fucking their young daughter.

Fred and his father exchanged a meaningful glance, both of them grinning, as they continued to fuck their big hard cocks in and out of the hot little holes before them.

“More, more, more!” Rona cried, tossing her head from side to side, her body soaked with sweat as she thrust her crotch up hard against her son’s, trying desperately to suck even more of his prickmeat into her pussyhole.

“Harder… faster… deeper,” Marcy gasped, humping her taut ass back onto her father’s cock, which neatly impaled her.

“Unnhhhh, I’m gonna pop!” Fred cried moments later.

“Me too!” Marcy cried as her orgasm struck her with full force.

“Ohhh, God, I can’t hold back… gonna come!” Jerry groaned as he shot his wad into his daughter’s asshole.

“Unnhhhh, aiiieeee!” Rona yelped as her own climax crashed through her.

Marcy grinned as she looked around at her beloved family, all of them coming together, all of them in sync, feeling more loved and loving than ever before, and she realized that this was just the beginning for all of them.

Now that they were all sexually liberated, she knew that she could look forward to years of more fucking, more sucking, many more orgasms while their love for each other could only continue to grow.

And she came again.

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Peeping Tom Mom

PEEPING TOM MOM is the story of a teenage boy and his mother. They find themselves victims of the ravages of sexual need, and seek release in the heat of each other’s body. They have no trouble setting aside the traditional taboo against incest as their lust becomes the most important factor in their lives.

Once they break the taboo, one perversion leads to another until they find themselves roaming the streets of their small town, mother and son peeping through windows and looking for cheap thrills. Their friends are drawn into the web of carnal delight and their lives are devoted to greater and greater pleasures.

This account of sexual aberration is strictly fictional, but we all know that some of our neighbors and acquaintances are acting out these scenes in their real, everyday lives. In these pages, those of us who’ve had no first hand knowledge of these practices can get a glimpse of what goes on behind the drawn drapes of middle America.


The woman’s cunt was hairy, very hairy. Peggy Mason stood outside the window in the darkness, peeking into the bedroom. The woman, about her age, was on her back, legs wide apart. Her tits, Peggy noticed with pleasure, were not nearly as good as her own. Neither were the woman’s legs, nor her hips, nor her waist. But, although Peggy’s cunt was quite hairy, it was nothing compared to the hair that covered this woman’s cunt.

In fact, Peggy found nothing really attractive about this woman. She was average in looks, average in height and weight, nothing special to look at.

Crouching in the shrubbery, the full moon over her shoulder, Peggy watched the woman, feeling oddly excited. It wasn’t exactly the woman that excited her; she had seen plenty of naked women before, mostly while in school. Her excitement came from the fact that the woman had no idea someone was peeking in the window, seeing her naked.

Peggy had never been a window peeper. She had never thought that that would excite her. Peggy got her kicks by doing, not looking. Still, there was a tingling between her thighs, and her tits seemed a bit more swollen, her nipples especially.

She would not have been crouching in the bushes now, looking in at the naked woman, if it had not been for her son, Jeff.

He had been acting strangely lately, and she found he was slipping out of the house late at night when he thought she was asleep. After giving some thought to it, Peggy had followed her son the night before and was surprised to see him looking into lighted windows. She had not peeked into any windows herself, but had followed her son for a while. Finally she went back home, troubled by what she had discovered about her son.

She could easily see why this naked woman would excite Jeff, though. This was the window he had looked in the longest the night before. But then, any naked woman would probably excite him. He was at the age where something of this sort would thrill the hell out of him. And the woman in the bedroom, lying on the bed, her legs wide apart, was one of the teachers in his school. Peggy had met her, talked to her.

Of course she would appeal to Jeff, Peggy thought as she watched the woman start fondling herself. In a way, it excited her, too, watching a woman caress her naked body. The excitement was, Peggy knew, the idea of watching without anyone knowing she was watching.

She stayed for a while longer, but when the woman began to vigorously finger-fuck herself, Peggy turned and went quietly back to the sidewalk and started home.

It bothered her that Jeff was going out late at night and watching people secretly. The town was not that large; everyone knew everyone. If her son should be caught, they would have to move, and quickly, because Peggy would be unable to face the shame.

Maybe she should not have gone out this night and looked into that window. But the urge to see what her son had been watching the night before had been too strong for her to resist. And now that she knew, what was she going to do about it? Bawl him out, whip his little ass? Peggy had not spanked her son. She could, maybe explain to him that what he was doing was wrong, that he could be caught and they would have to move. All his friends were here, too. That might be a good argument with him. They had lived here for ten years, ever since Peggy had divorced his father. They knew almost everyone.

Reaching her home, she paused and looked at the dark house. It was much too big for the two of them, but it was given to her by her grandfather. There were no payments and no rent to come out of what money she had. The only light in the house was coming from her son’s bedroom. Feeling a bit guilty, Peggy slipped alongside the house until she could look into her son’s bedroom.

Jeff was on his bed, wearing white shorts. She could see the slight bulge of his cock, and somehow that thrilled her. She had not seen her son undressed for the past few years. She had, of course, seen him in bathing trunks and cutoff jeans, but seeing him in his shorts was different. It was erotic, she thought. Yes, that was it… erotic.

Her eyes stared at the bulge of his cock. Jeff had a book propped up on his chest, and as she watched, he started getting a hard-on. Peggy’s breath caught in her throat as she watched his cock swell, growing into hardness. She could now see the outline of his cock, even the swollen head. There was a twitch between her thighs, and Peggy realized her cunt was hot, very hot and wet. In fact, she was so wet the crotch of her panties was becoming soaked.

Peggy could hardly believe what she was feeling. She could never be sexually attracted to her son, never. Yet, at this moment, she found it very difficult to pull her gaze from his cock. His was not a very large cock, at least from what she could see in the window. But Jeff was still young, and his cock would grow. He was expected to grow, to learn. But her? She certainly was not expected to feel so wet and hot between her thighs! She was not expected to become aroused so intensely by the sight of her son’s cock, so very hard inside those white shorts.

She saw her son move his hand down his stomach, then lightly press his palm upon his prick.

That was all he did.

And her cunt almost exploded with an orgasm.

Weird, Peggy thought. Weird as hell!

Jeff did nothing else, just pressed his cock, and then removed his hand. And she almost came in her fucking panties!

Peggy slipped away from the window, aware that she was shaking, that her legs felt weak, that her cunt was almost boiling. She stood in front of the house for a time, her mind reeling, confusion flooding her.

The house was old, but in good condition. Like most old homes, there was a front porch, and a porch swing, with two other chairs near by. Peggy climbed the stairs slowly and sat in the wooden porch swing, rocking back and forth. She folded her hands in her lap and thought. But all her thoughts were jumbled up, the hardness of her son’s cock getting into her mind, her weird reaction to the sight. It was possible, she thought, her response to that would have been the same if it were any man, some stranger she had seen through the window. Peggy wasn’t certain about that since she didn’t go around looking into lighted windows.

But her son?

Seeing his cock, making her so very wet and shivery?

But she had not seen his cock — all she had seen was that he had a hard-on.

The night was very warm, with only the slightest of breezes. She swung back and forth slowly in the porch swing, hearing the crickets and the soft, comforting sounds of other night creatures. The hot throbbing of her clit continued, and the puffy lips of her cunt twitched.

Peggy had no idea how long she sat on the porch swing, her thoughts tumbling about in her mind. After a while she stood up and entered the house, her movements stiff and wooden. A quick check on her son told her he was now asleep, and she went into her own room. Turning on the lights, she filled her bedroom with brightness and stood before her mirror looking at herself.

Peggy had long, wavy chestnut-colored hair that hung past her shoulders in soft strands. Her face was slightly oval, like an egg. Her wide eyes were blue. They were wide and clear and sparkled when she felt good. They could, in turn, become cloudy with heat when aroused, still retaining that sparkling look. Her nose was small, right for her face. Her lips, full and moist, drew the eye of these speculating upon her erotic nature. Her neck was long and slender, very graceful.

Peggy opened the man’s shirt she wore, sliding it from her shoulders, letting it fall to the floor. Her tits strained against the confines of a lacy bra. The light brown of her nipples could be seen through the transparent material. As she arched her shoulders, reaching behind to unhook the bra, it looked as though her tits would break free. The bra fluttered to the floor, and Peggy stood with shoulders back, gazing at her tits, turning to view them in profile, then facing the mirror again. Her tits were rounded, firm with a creamy texture to the skin. They sloped downward, then curved sharply underneath. Her nipples pointed out and up, almost toward the ceiling. They were quite sensitive nipples, always swelling at the slightest provocation.

Her tits were, she was pleased to see, a hundred times prettier, firmer, curvier, sweeter than those of the woman her son had been peeking at.

Peggy opened her jeans and shoved them dawn. They were tight on her hips, and she had to wiggle her ass a bit. She drew them from her feet and they joined the shirt and bra. She stood before the mirror wearing her tight bikini panties, examining her body critically, searching for flaws and finding none.

Her waist was narrow and small, hardly any change since her high school days as a cheerleader. Her stomach was flat, with only the slightest hint of a curve to it. Her belly button was a perky, attractive dimple. A very thin but dark line of hair came from her belly button and disappeared into the elastic of her bikini panties. Peggy rolled the tight panties down, bending to kick free of them, her tits hardly moving, they were so firm and tight.

Her hips rounded outward in a feminine, yet slim way, blending gracefully with her very long, slim thighs. As she placed her knees together, the flesh met sweetly. The hair of her cunt was dark, long and still curly. Although her cunt was quite hairy, hers was nothing like the woman’s she had seen tonight, the one that fascinated her son so very much. The hair on Peggy’s cunt was thick, a most beautiful triangle. Where some women found it necessary to trim and shave their cunt hair, Peggy had no reason for that. Her cunt hair grew in straight three-sided perfection.

Peggy spread her feet on the floor, and the mirror reflected her body. The pink of her cunt was exposed as she arched her hips forward, the thick curls parting to expose her pussy. Again she looked at herself in profile.

Her ass swelled out teasingly front her waist, curving into her thighs. The crack between those rounded cheeks looked deep and inviting, hot and eager. Turning her back to the mirror, she looked over her shoulder, and gave herself a playful wink, shaking her pretty ass.

“Idiot,” she whispered to herself, jerking the sheets down on the bed, then going around and turning off all the lights. The night was too warm for a blanket, so she pulled the sheet up to her neck, turned onto her side, drawing her knees up and shoving her hands between her thighs.

It was a long time before Peggy could sleep.


For two days Peggy followed her son around when he slipped out at night.

She watched him closely at home, trying to detect any signs of abnormality. All she found was a normal, healthy young boy, but a boy who was peeking into lighted windows at night.

One day, while he was gone, she searched his room carefully but had no idea what she could be looking for. His nocturnal wanderings had aroused her curiosity. She found a few things that would interest a boy his age a couple of centerfold pictures of naked women, a few books intended to arouse, a rubber still in the tin foil. Nothing at all unusual for a boy like him.

Peggy wasn’t sure her son could come. He was still so very young. But the ability to come had nothing to do with interest in sex or looking at naked women.

Peggy was often outspoken and blunt. She was not hesitant to discuss such intimate subjects as sex. But after searching her son’s room, she realized she had been neglecting his education in this vital area. The school, she knew very well, failed in this area of teaching. Most schools left that up to the parents, as if they were too ashamed to mention the very word sex.

She decided to set Jeff down and have a long talk.

But it was her son who did most of the talking.

That evening, after dinner, she sat next to him on the luxuriously soft couch. She took her son’s hand and said, “We have to talk about something, honey.”

Jeff lifted his wide, innocent eyes to hers, and Peggy felt at a loss for words.

“You wanna talk about sex, Mom?”

Peggy felt her heart flip-flop.

“Well, yes… I think we should, don’t you?”

“Sure!” Jeff replied eagerly, his eyes shining. “Are we going to talk about boys or girls?”

His eagerness was contagious, and Peggy smiled at him. “I’m sure you want to talk about girls,” she said, her voice strangely husky.


In a faltering voice, Peggy began by telling her son she knew what he was doing on those nights he slipped out of the house. She thought he would be embarrassed, but instead Jeff became quite excited.

“I sure see some funny things, Mom,” he said, the excitement obvious in his voice. “You should see the things I do! I saw this woman, a teacher, all naked and playing with herself. And that’s not all, either. I saw a girl, babysitting, I think, and she had her boyfriend over and she done a lot of things with him.”

Peggy knew her son was controlling the conversation now, and his eagerness, his intense excitement, his total lack of embarrassment or shame clutched at her emotions. She observed his excitement and found that, too, becoming contagious. She was surprised to find herself becoming excited, to find her tits swelling, her cunt twitching.

“And there’s a man and his wife. I think it’s his wife. I’ve never seen her around town. And, Mom, they were doing it! I saw them doing it!”

She thought briefly of asking him what “doing it” meant, but was afraid Jeff might tell her, and tell her in a way she could not fail to understand.

Jeff went on and on about that, about watching the man and the woman “doing it”. The more he talked, the more excited he became. Peggy dipped her gaze and saw her son had a hard-on bulging against the front of his pants. He was working himself up, becoming more and more excited as he told her of seeing the man put “it” in the woman and how they moved and all of it.

Strangely enough, Peggy was becoming intensely excited herself. She wasn’t sure if it was because of her son’s excitement or the way he described what he had seen. Probably a little of both, she thought.

Then he said, “Come with me, Mom. You can see them doing it, too! It’s fun to watch. Come with me, please!”

Peggy felt herself wanting to, and thought she was losing her mind. Go walking around in the dark of night and peeping into windows, secretly watching the private activities of others? Yes, she admitted to herself, it could be exciting. She had a curiosity about what people did when they thought no one was looking. Before she knew it, she was nodding her head in agreement.

As the evening wore on, she found herself becoming as excited as Jeff, hardly able to wait until it was dark enough and late enough. She drank two tall glasses of iced tea and almost went out for cigarettes, a habit she had quit a number of years ago. The fluttering in her heart and the swelling heat between her thighs was bothersome. In fact, she changed her panties twice in one hour because they had become so soaked with her seeping fuck juices. Jeff, going on and on about what they might see, seemed oblivious of his bulging hard-on. His prick swelled against his pants, almost in perfect outline, and Peggy kept shifting her gaze from his cock, only to find she was staring once again.

At midnight, they left the house. Peggy wore a shirt that buttoned down the front and her tight jeans. She even thought about tying a handkerchief over her lower face and giggled about the dramatic idea.

Jeff slipped his hand into hers as they walked, and he walked swiftly, dragging her because she was holding back. Jeff had been peeping into windows for some time before she had discovered it, and he seemed to know just where to go. He didn’t search for lighted windows. He passed up some with the comment there was nothing interesting there. They walked past the schoolteacher’s house, although her bedroom was lit up.

“This is where I saw the man and his wife,” he whispered as they came to a corner house. “And, look, Mom! There’s a light in the bedroom! Come on, we don’t wanna miss anything!”

Her son pulled her alongside the house, and she was so frightened she tried not to breathe. Jeff pulled her up to the window. It was open, and the soft sound of music drifted to them.

Peering over the sill, Peggy saw a man on the bed. He was stark naked, and his cock and balls were easily seen. She knew the man. He ran the local supermarket, the manager or something. He was always looking at Peggy with a gleam in his eye, making her uncomfortable. His cock was thick and stubby, with an enormous head. His balls, full and large, were the hairiest Peggy had ever seen.

“Will you hurry the fuck up!” the man called out to someone in the bathroom.

“I’ll be there,” came a feminine voice, “just hand job that fucking cock until I’m ready, you horny asshole!”

Peggy felt her son’s hand tighten in hers, and she glanced at him. The light from the window reflected on his face, his eyes huge and slightly glazed, his mouth open and his tongue running about his lips. She could hear his heavy breathing and realized how excited he was. Turning her eyes back to the man on the bed, she watched him stroke his throbbing cock slowly. The deep burning sensation in her cunt became more pronounced, not because she wanted to grab the man’s cock herself, but because she was watching him.

A woman stepped into view. Peggy didn’t know if it was his wife or not; she had never met the woman. But she was an attractive woman. Tall, with a good body, good tits, and strong legs. Peggy watched the woman lean over the bed and grasp the man’s cock. She pumped it a few times, grinning lewdly at him.

The hair on her cunt was almost red, like a burnished copper penny. “You’re still hard, I see,” the woman said, her other hand cradling his balls, still pumping on his prick. Then the woman leaned forward and kissed the head of the man’s cock.

Peggy heard her son gasp in pleasure and felt his fingers grip hers tightly. The man grabbed the back of the woman’s head and arched his cock upward, fucking half of his prick into her mouth. The woman struggled away, glaring at him.

“I’m not a fucking cock-sucker, you asshole,” the woman said. “You want some pussy, okay, but I won’t take that thing in my mouth. You try that again and you can go diddle it yourself.”

“Damn it, other women will suck a guy’s cock,” the man replied.

“How would you know?” the woman said, jacking on his prick again as she sat on the edge of the bed. “Have you been getting blow jobs in the lettuce or something at the store?”

“I bet Peggy Mason would suck a cock,” the man said.

Peggy’s breath felt like a huge, hot ball in her throat. She shot a glance at her son, and saw his eyes gleaming hotly.

The man, apparently, not only looked at her with those eyes, undressing her all the time, but talked to his wife about her, too. Although what she had heard came as a surprise, she was very much aware of the fiery heat inside her jeans. Being talked about that way sent a rippling shiver up and down her spine. She did not feel any anger against the man. Men talked about women that way all the time.

“You let me catch you with this cock in her fucking mouth, or anyplace else, and I’ll shove it up your asshole, buddy boy,” the woman said.

“I still think she’d suck a guy’s cock off, under the right circumstances,” the man said, fondling the woman’s tits.

“Well, you just pretend my cunt is her mouth,” the woman snickered, swinging her legs over him so that she was half-sitting and half-squatting above his upright cock. “You can fantasize about her sucking you while I fuck it. I bet my pussy is wetter and hotter than her mouth, anyway. Besides, you old fart, you’ve never had better pussy than mine.”

Peggy was holding her breath and her eyes were huge and hot as she watched them. Her cunt was boiling, something she had not expected to feel earlier. Her son was gripping her hand very hard, his breathing even louder now. She just hoped the man and woman were much too excited to hear him.

She watched the woman reach behind her naked ass and take hold of the man’s cock, twisting her ass until she had the swollen head positioned. Peggy and her son could see the hairy wetness of the woman’s cunt, and they stared as the big head of his cock disappeared into that wet pussy.

“Oooooooo, so big and nice!” the woman murmured, her eyes closed as she settled her ass down, the man’s cock fully inside her pussy. “God, I love it when you’re so hard and big!”

The woman leaned over and braced her body with her hands, her tits dangling close to the man’s face. She began to thrust her spreading ass up and down, her cunt fucking his cock slowly as she mewled with pleasure. Peggy and Jeff were in a position to see the woman’s cunt stretching about the man’s cock, to see the glistening wetness on him, to watch his balls writhe and draw up. The pucker of the woman’s asshole winked as she moved her ass.

Jeff tightened his fingers about his mother’s hand, squeezing hard. Peggy was breathing heavily now, fascinated by what she was watching. She had never felt so aroused in her life. Her tits seemed painfully swollen, and her nipples felt as if they would burst. Her cunt was on fire and her ass flexed, her knees becoming weak. She could feel her son trembling next to her and felt an almost overpowering desire to grab his cock. Somehow, she managed to keep her hands off him, her eyes wide and hot as she watched the man and woman fucking. The woman was bouncing her naked ass up and down faster now, groaning loudly. She wiggled her ass and slammed down hard on the man, grinding her crotch against him as she took his cock as deep as she could.

“Oh, you hot fucker, you!” the woman groaned. “I love that cock, Hank! You’re so fucking big in my cunt! God, do you stretch my pussy! Oooo, I’m going to suck your cock off!”

The man ached his hips up and clawed his fingers into the woman’s ass, trying to bring her down tighter. “You’ve sure got a hot one,” he groaned. “Always so fucking hot and wet! Has your cunt always been this hot and wet?”

“Always!” the woman gurgled, fucking her cunt up and down on his cock again. “I’ve always had a hot cunt, and you know it! Now, shut the fuck up and let’s get to going, you asshole!”

Peggy had to lean against the house, her knees shaking very badly. She felt as if she would be coming in no time. The way the woman swung her naked ass up and down, she and her son could hear the wet slapping sounds. She wanted to curl her hand between her thighs and press hard against her bubbling cunt, but one hand was bracing herself on the wall and Jeff was clutching her other hand so tightly, she wondered if she would have a broken finger or two when he released her.

The man was thrusting his hips up and down now while the woman held her ass up. She and her son could watch his cock penetrate the woman’s hair-rimmed, very wet cunt. They could see her pink flesh cling to his cock, then sink inward as the man fucked into her power fully, his balls tight now at the base.

“Uh… uh… uh!” the woman gasped as the man fucked his cock in and out, causing her tits to swing and sway. Her nipples were long and hard. She had her head back, her eyes closed, her face contorted with ecstasy. “Bang me! Bang the piss out of my cunt! Ohhhh, Hank, fuck the hell out of me!”

“I’ll fuck your hot ass!” the man grunted, fucking powerfully into her pussy. “I’ll ream your cunt good! I’m going to fuck you until smoke comes out of your fucking ass!”

“Oh, God… yes, yes!” the woman wailed.

The woman’s naked ass cheeks jiggled from the force of his fucking, her tits swinging about. The man clawed at her ass, spreading her ass cheeks, unknowingly revealing the fullness of her cunt and asshole to Peggy and Jeff. He hunched up and down, grunting with his effort. “I’m about to come!” the man growled. “Ready? Are you ready to come with me?”

“Go… go… go!” the woman shouted, her naked body shaking now. “Squirt it to me! Shoot it in my cunt! Ooooo, I’m there! I’m coming… I’m coming!”

The man fucked hard into her cunt, holding his cock deep. His balls became very tight, then writhed as he yelled in ecstasy, his body stiff.

Peggy and Jeff were frozen at the window, their eyes hazy with passion. Jeff continued to cling to his mother’s hand in a painful manner, but Peggy felt no pain. They watched the woman relax, sliding her legs down the man’s, her naked ass shivering as she stretched out on top of him, kissing about his face. The man caressed her back, but spent most of his time feeling the cheeks of her ass and thighs.

Finally the woman rolled from him, and his cock glistened wetly. Peggy and Jeff stood there, watching them stroke and fondle each other. The woman bent one leg at the knee, swinging it back and forth, running her hand about her tits and down into the thick curls of her cunt.

“Now tell, me a blow job is better than that,” the woman said. “There isn’t a mouth around that can do what my cunt can do to your cock, Hank.”

“You’re probably right,” the man said. “Still I’d bet a head of lettuce to a rotten tomato that Peggy Mason could suck a mean cock.”

“You think any pretty woman will suck your cock,” the woman replied.

“I’d sure like to have her give me a knob job,” the man said, teasing the woman now. “I’d drink up a few gallons of her piss just to see how pretty her cunt was.”

“You’re a fucking pervert,” the woman snorted. “All you think about is getting blow jobs.”

“Hell, a guy can dream, can’t he? When did they pass a law saying a guy couldn’t dream about that?”

“Dream all you want, lover boy,” the woman said, sitting up and swinging her legs over the side of the bed. “Just make sure you don’t go sticking that cock anyplace but up my cunt, you hear me?”

Peggy and her son saw the woman enter the bathroom, and she pulled at her son’s hand, wanting to get away now.

Jeff came along reluctantly. On the sidewalk he said, “But, Mom, they’ll do it again. They always do it two times.”

“We’re going home,” Peggy said firmly.

Jeff walked beside her quietly. She knew that if he had been by himself he would have stayed and watched them again. But she wanted to go home. There was the strangest feeling in her. Her cunt was very wet, almost soaking the crotch of her jeans. Her nipples were so sensitive and tender she could hardly stand the way they brushed against her shirt.

Entering the house, she told her son to get into bed and go to sleep. Once she made sure he was in his room, she went to her own. The scene remained in her mind, and the comments of the man seemed to burn there, too. She had had no idea he thought of her that way. She had been nervous enough when he looked at her that she had started going to the more expensive market down the street.

Climbing into bed, Peggy could not resist doing something she thought was a long-gone childhood habit — she began playing with herself.

The scene she and Jeff had witnessed had excited her more than she would have thought. Her cunt was fiery, her pussy lips swollen, her clit tingling and almost too sensitive for her to touch.

Peggy turned onto her stomach and drew her knees under, raising her ass high. She spread her knees and placed her face on a pillow sideways, her tits on the bed as she bowed her back. She shoved her right hand to her hairy cunt and squeezed a tit with her left. She rubbed at her cunt, waving her naked, succulent ass about, moaning softly, her eyes closed. The tingling pleasure grew inside her, then became intense. She was about to come, and her fingers moved faster and faster. Her moans became louder. The scene of the woman fucking the man burned in bright heat behind her eyes, and she saw it all once more as her fingers agitated her clit into a shattering orgasm.

She remained with her naked ass high in the air, her breathing slowing. Finally she shoved her legs out straight and rested on her stomach, the cheeks of her sweetly rounded ass quivering.

“Peggy Mason, the cock-sucker,” she whispered to herself.

A soft giggle bubbled from her. She pictured herself with that man, on her knees, surrounded by fresh leafy lettuce, sucking his stubby cock hungrily.

“That’s the silliest thing ever,” she whispered to the darkened room. “If I was going to suck some man’s cock, it sure wouldn’t be his!”


Since she had been out so late the night before, Peggy didn’t wake up until almost ten that morning.

The sunlight came in the window, and for a moment she wondered why that was. She always pulled the drapes. A frown came over her pretty face, remembering how excited she had been when she and Jeff got back home. She had forgotten to pull those damned drapes! She wondered vaguely if someone else had been prowling the neighborhood, someone peeking in at her as she finger-fucked herself so wickedly.

So what? She thought, stretching and yawning. Give the horny kid a break. She swung her long beautiful legs over the bed and sat up. Her eyes became wide. Why would it have to be a horny kid peeking at her? If anyone peeped at her, it could just as easily have been a man, or a woman. Why did she think it would be a kid?

Jeff, for instance.

She shrugged that thought away and stood up. She walked nakedly into her bathroom and added scented oils as the tub filled. She sat on the toilet as the tub filled, watching the steam rise. Steam like last night, she thought to herself with a soft giggle. I was sure steaming last night. I never felt so damned hot in my life. Did Jeff… Peggy frowned, but the thought remained. Did Jeff jack off in his bed, the way I did to make myself come? The image of her son in his bed, his cock gripped by a fist, pumping frantically up and down, sent a thrill shooting from her toes to her head.

Peggy sank into the hot water, leaning back as the heat soothed her flesh. She found herself wondering about the coming night, if Jeff would want her to go out with him again… and if she would go. Mother and son, she thought, wandering around at night and looking in windows, watching people fucking! It was about as crazy as could be. A man, or a boy, peeping it windows was common enough, and perhaps a girl or woman now and then but mother and son? Crazy as all hell, that was for sure!

Crazy it may have been, but Peggy found herself anxiously waiting for darkness. Jeff was in and out of the house most of the day and she had little time to talk to him. However, she found her gaze straying to the front of his pants every time he came in the door. She wondered if she was looking to see if his cock was hard or not, and wondered why she was looking at his crotch in the first place.

Jeff paid no particular attention to her, no more or less than he always did. In a way, she felt he should be talking to her, looking at her, or something. After all they had, just the night before, shared one unusual thing together. Somehow Peggy felt he should act differently toward her, but she wasn’t just sure how.

During dinner, he talked about his day, who he had seen and played with. But not once did he mention what they had seen the night before. Nothing had changed. Every thing was as it had always been. Peggy was beginning to wonder if her son was a Jekyll and Hyde type boy. Maybe he was a little boy during the day, and, when it was dark, became a horny boy who had to peep into windows and watch people fucking. The idea was outlandish to her. If a boy or girl was horny, they were horny whether it was day or night. At least they were, to her way of thinking. Day or night had nothing to do with when a person got all steamy for a fuck… or a jack off… a finger fuck. They were horny no matter what time of day or night it was.

At bedtime, Jeff still gave no indication about her going with him. She was becoming nervous again. Not nervous, really, but anxious. Peggy had to admit to herself she wanted to go with him, and maybe they could see more excitement together.

At eleven, Jeff came to her. “Ready to go, Mom?”

Peggy’s heart thudded. “Go where?” she asked innocently.

“Like last night, Mom,” he said. “Don’t you wanna go with me tonight?”

Peggy was in her chair, and he stood near. Her eyes raked the front of his pants, but he didn’t have a hard-on. Then she noticed her son was gazing openly at her thighs. Her skirt had hiked up past her knees as she sat there, almost to her lap. Peggy didn’t flush or feel embarrassed. Instead, her gaze went back down to his pants, and she admitted she was disappointed by his lack of a hard-on. She stood up, saying, “Let me change first.”

Again she dressed in tight jeans and shirt, wondering why she felt it necessary. Her skin and blouse would have been okay, and probably cooler since it was so hot.

By the time she had locked the door and put the key into her pocket, Jeff was clutching her hand again, and they walked off down the sidewalk. The street lamps cast a silvery kind of harsh light, and they walked slowly. Peggy noticed her son was looking at houses as they walked and hoped he would not choose a house nearby.

Roughly four blocks away, he pulled his mother off the sidewalk and they crept silently along the side of a house until they reached a lighted window. Peggy wondered how many people in this town left lights on in the bedroom, with the drapes wide open. It was, she thought, almost as if they wanted someone to peek in at them, to watch the things they did with one another.

There was no one in the bedroom, but when she started to pull at Jeff’s hand, he drew her back, whispering, “Wait, Mom. Someone will bet here in a minute.”

Jeff was right.

A man and woman came from an adjoining bathroom, both of them naked and still damp from a shower or bath. Peggy recognized the man right away. He was the young doctor who had recently set up practice in town. She had seen him once for a minor throat problem. The woman she knew, too. And it sure wasn’t the doctor’s wife. It was Sandra, Peggy’s next door neighbor. Peggy wondered if Sandra’s husband knew what was going on. He probably didn’t; he was out of town so much on his job as a salesman.

“That’s Sandra,” Jeff whispered excitedly.

“Shhhh!” Peggy shushed him. “They might hear us.”

“The window is closed, Mom,” Jeff pointed out. He was staring with hot eyes into the room. “She’s so pretty,” he whispered. “Pretty titties, too.”

Peggy gasped. Jeff had never said things like that in front of her before. But she had not gone out peeping into windows before, either, with or without her son.

Sandra was a tall redhead, with the creamy flesh usually associated with a redhead. Her green eyes shined with friendliness all the time. Her tits jutted out beautifully, with pale pink nipples. Even the hair on her cunt was red, Peggy noticed. She had very long, very luscious legs, and a swelling ass that was almost boyish.

The doctor was tall, with dark hair and dark eyes and a muscular body. His cock, standing out very hard with a huge head, was covered at the base with dark hair, but surprisingly he had very little hair on his balls.

“Have you seen them before, Jeff?” Peggy whispered to her son.

“Only the doctor,” Jeff whispered back, “and with a different woman, his wife, I think. I’ve never seen Sandra with him. I saw her in her bedroom once, though.”

Peggy had not realized just how beautiful her next door neighbor was until now. In fact, she would not have suspected that Sandra would be with any man except her own husband. And here she was, stark naked with the new doctor in town.

They watched the doctor and Sandra hug each other, kissing hotly. The doctor’s hands moved down Sandra’s back and caressed the swell of her ass, squeezing her ass cheeks as he pulled her lower body against his hard-on.

Peggy was breathing noisily as she saw Sandra pull back from the doctor, looking down at his cock with a smile on her face and heat in her green eyes. Sandra went to her knees before the doctor, caressing his cock with both her hands, grinning wickedly up at him. The doctor held her head, urging Sandra’s lips to his prick. Peggy saw Sandra say something to the man, but they could not hear because of the closed window.

Sandra ran her tongue from her lips. Peggy thought it was the longest tongue she had ever seen. Sandra lapped the head of the doctor’s cock, twirling her tongue about, then licked up and down the thick prick shaft. When she got to the cock head again, she opened her mouth, took his prick inside and sucked on his cock for awhile. Sandra, Peggy noticed, could not take all of it into her mouth, but only about half. But what she could do with that half sent a burning stab of hunger through Peggy, making her cunt throb and seep against the tight crotch of her jeans. The seam of Peggy’s jeans was tight against her cunt, smashing at her clit, and she wiggled her ass as she watched Sandra sucking the doctor’s thick cock.

After a few moments, the doctor pulled Sandra to her feet, kissed her again, then sat her on the edge of the bed. The doctor squatted on the floor as he spread Sandra’s legs wide. Peggy heard her son grunt as they saw Sandra’s wet, pink cunt. The red hair was thick at the top, thinning out along the puffy, steamy lips of her cunt. They could see the hardness of Sandra’s clit.

“Ooooooo,” Jeff moaned as the doctor squatted between Sandra’s opened thighs, kissing and licking at them. They could see his tongue lick at the soft, creamy inner surfaces, going toward Sandra’s cunt. “That’s nice.”

Peggy shivered, almost feeling the doctor’s tongue probing her thighs. Jeff was not clutching her hand tonight, and she moved it along her lower stomach, but not quite touching her crotch.

Sandra was leaning back on her elbows, her legs spread very wide, her eyes closed, her red hair hanging down. The doctor ran his tongue higher, and then Peggy moaned as she saw him flick his tongue tip about Sandra’s clit. She stared with hot, glassy eyes as the man lapped up and down Sandra’s cunt, licking from her asshole to the tip of her clit, up and down… up and down. Sandra shook, lifting her hips from the bed and grinding her cunt into the doctor’s face. Peggy and Jeff could almost see his tongue as it dipped into Sandra’s cunt, flicking in and out like a cock. The man was holding the naked cheeks of Sandra’s ass, lifting Sandra’s bubbling cunt into his face. The doctor seemed to bury his face into that wet hairy cunt and smear his cheeks.

Again the doctor began lapping his tongue up and down Sandra’s cunt, wiggling it into her pussy now and then, but paying most of his attention to her rigid clit. Sandra, Peggy and Jeff could see, was twisting and churning her cunt into the man’s face with ecstasy. Once in awhile a shudder seemed to go through Sandra, and Peggy realized she was coming time and again.

Before she knew it, Peggy had her palm resting on the front of her son’s pants, feeling the hot hardness of his cock on her palm. She had no idea how her hand had gotten there. She was sure her son had not pulled her hand to his cock, and she didn’t remember putting it there herself. She felt his cock throb and her cunt boiled into a small orgasm, making her moan softly.

The doctor, still squatting between Sandra’s thighs, was licking up and down the woman’s cunt with obvious hunger. He fucked his tongue deep into Sandra’s pussy, his mouth wide open. It seemed to Peggy that he was sucking on those puffy, hairy cunt lips as he fucked his tongue back and forth. Sandra was hunching her crotch up and down, grinding into his face and, from her expression of intense ecstasy, probably coming like crazy.

Peggy wished she could hear them, as well as see. But the window was closed and not a sound came to her. She still felt her son’s cock against her palm, and it seemed that Jeff was pushing his prick harder into her hand. Her mind was telling her to move her hand, but her cunt was telling her to leave it there.

The doctor had shoved Sandra’s legs back until her knees were smashing her tits, burying his face into her crotch. Peggy saw the doctor drag his tongue about Sandra’s asshole, licking at the pucker, then move his tongue back to her extremely wet and slippery cunt, lapping at the fuck juices eagerly. Sandra had her legs high in the air, twisting her head from side to side, obviously squealing or moaning or something as the doctor made her come and come with his lips and tongue.

Finally the doctor allowed Sandra to rest. Sandra’s long legs hung over the edge of the bed, wide apart, her cunt twitching visibly. Peggy watched Sandra say something to the doctor, which made him laugh. His cock, when he stood up, thrust out hard at an angle. Since the lights were bright and Peggy and Jeff were hardly five feet away, Peggy could see his cock was dripping from the piss hole. She ran her tongue over her lips as she stared at it, wondering what that thick cock would feel like between her lips, if she could get his prick all in her mouth, could deep throat his cock. Sandra had been unable to.

Feeling her son’s cock throbbing against her palm, Peggy shot a quick glance at Jeff. He did not look up at her; he was totally absorbed in what they were watching. She thought it would be best if she moved her hand, yet she didn’t want to. The fire between her thighs sent shivering thrills up and down her spine and not all of that feeling was because of watching Sandra and the young doctor. Part of that delicious sensation was because she was pressing upon her son’s hard cock. She felt only a minor guilt as her son pressed his cock harder into her palm. She should not have touched him there. Still, she didn’t know how her hand got there in the first place.

The doctor had moved onto the bed with Sandra, lying on his back, arms under his head, his cock standing up very hard and beautiful. The thick mat of hair at the base created an intense erotic picture to Peggy. Her eyes burned upon the sight as the heat boiled through her body, fuck juices seeping from her cunt so hot they seemed to be scalding her flesh. Sandra shifted on the bed, her green eyes still somewhat glazed from the many orgasms the man had given her with his tongue and lips.

Peggy and her son watched Sandra stroking the doctor’s thighs and hips, her face near his prick, her expression one of eager anticipation. Sandra drew teasing circles about his balls with the tips of her fingers, whispering something to the man, who nodded and grinned down at her. Sandra cradled his balls, twisting and squeezing them, causing the man to close his eyes with delight. Sandra’s face was close to his hip, and Peggy moaned with desire as she saw the woman’s pink tongue flick out. She heard her son grunt as they saw Sandra lick at the man’s flesh with the tip of her tongue, her hand on his balls sliding up to grip that thick, hard cock, to stroke a few times, to squeeze with a sensuous, loving pressure. And, all the time, Sandra’s tongue was flicking about his flesh, moving over his hip and darting along his thigh, tasting, kissing.

Peggy’s cunt quivered, twitched, and she moaned low in her throat as an orgasm suddenly ripped through her. The sound she made caused her son to glance up at her, but Peggy was the one now absorbed in what Sandra was doing with and to the young doctor. She did not see the look her son gave her, but she did feel the greater pressure of his throbbing hard-on against her palm. Peggy pressed her hand against his cock and moved slightly, rubbing him there. Inside the window, Sandra had parted the man’s thighs, running her tongue about the inner flesh of them. Sandra was on her stomach with the lower half of her legs hanging over the bed, her naked ass swelling up in twin, lovely cheeks. Her ass writhed as she lapped almost gently at the insides of the man’s thighs, her tongue making circles. Peggy saw Sandra suck at his flesh, her lips pursed, her eyes open and fiery with an intense, hungry desire.

Peggy had never seen anyone so hungry to kiss and lick between someone’s thighs. She thought the young doctor had been hungry for Sandra’s pretty cunt, but Sandra seemed like a woman starved, as if the thick hard cock and almost hairless balls were her sole source of life. Sandra pressed her face into the man’s crotch, burying it there and twisting from side to side, her naked ass twisting lewdly. Peggy and Jeff watched Sandra rub the man’s balls all over and into her face, both knowing the ecstasy Sandra felt from her expressions. Oddly enough, it was Sandra’s ecstasy that Peggy enjoyed more, not the pleasure the man must surely be getting from this. Jeff, on the other hand, was considering the feeling the doctor must have because that lovely face of his next door neighbor was rubbing into his crotch. His cock throbbed very hard against his mother’s palm, and he twisted slightly, rubbing the hard-on into her hand. Peggy responded by applying more pressure upon her son’s cock.

Sandra was licking up and down the man’s prick now, her tongue protruding what looked like a good three inches to Peggy. Again Peggy licked her lips, almost tasting the hot hardness of the man’s cock. Sandra twirled her tongue about that swollen cock head, swiped it about the smooth tip, licking up the dripping fuck juices. Again Sandra took, the doctor’s swollen cock into her mouth and nibbled her lips around the head, sliding her mouth downward. Peggy watched as Sandra struggled to take more of that hard cock into her mouth. She still could not swallow more than half. But Sandra sucked hungrily on that half, using her fist on the rest, licking up and down, her other hand busy with his delightful balls. As Sandra lifted her mouth from the doctors cock, Peggy moaned as if she had lost the taste. Sandra kissed the smooth cock-head, then licked down the prick-shaft and onto his balls. Her lips opened widely, and one of the man’s balls disappeared into her wet, hot mouth. The doctor twisted his hips, grinding his crotch into Sandra’s face. He shoved his hands from his head downward, cupping Sandra’s cheeks while he looked down the length of his body, watching her suck and lick at his sensitive balls. Sandra’s naked ass was twisting around in a more pronounced manner, Peggy saw. Knowing herself, Peggy knew very well Sandra was most likely enjoying many orgasms, just by sucking and licking the man’s balls and cock. She, too, had come when sucking cock, so she was very familiar with what Sandra was feeling. Going from ball to ball, Sandra sucked them both, once trying to get both of them into her mouth and failing just as she had with his cock. But her tongue and lips were all over his balls, kissing, sucking, and licking. As she used her mouth, her hands were busy with his cock, stroking, feeling, pumping, and squeezing. Once, Sandra lifted the doctor’s legs, pressing them back to bring his ass off the bed. Peggy gurgled in a hot, soft way as she watched Sandra’s tongue flutter about the man’s asshole, her nose and eyes pressing into his balls. Sandra licked at the doctor’s asshole for a while, then let his legs down, going back to his cock and balls, running her tongue up and down the prick-shaft, sucking the swollen cock-head between her lips, then licking the shaft of his prick again, lapping at his balls. The man was beginning to wiggle about now, and he said something to Sandra. Peggy wished they could listen to what was being talked about, knowing the words would increase her excitement and probably that of her son. Peggy realized that Sandra was having herself an erotic time, giving the man a fantastic tongue job between his thighs. His cock jerked about, throbbing and becoming harder and thicker, and longer all the time. Now and then, when Sandra probed an especially sensitive area in his crotch, the man would lift his shoulders from the bed, his handsome face contorted with almost unbearable pleasure. When he did that, it seemed to delight Sandra. Peggy could almost hear the tinkling giggles the lovely woman made as the man almost doubled up with ecstasy. Sandra began running her tongue swiftly about his balls and cock, going to his swollen prick-head and sucking, then moving back down again. The man was twisting and thrashing around almost as if in pain now. But Peggy knew it was not pain but the most intense of all ecstasy. He was close to coming, and Sandra knew it as well as Peggy. Her tongue and lips moved swiftly, going all over his cock and balls, her swelling naked ass writhing and grinding on the bed now. Obviously Sandra was enjoying strong multiple orgasms, Peggy realized.

The doctor came.

Thick, creamy come juice gushed from the piss hole of his cock, flying almost a foot into the air, then arching back to splash directly into his belly button. Sandra raced her lips and tongue up his squirting cock, but he spurted once more, this time spattering her face. Then Sandra had her lips around the head of his cock, her cheeks sinking inward, then ballooning out, sucking in a frenzy, taking his spewing come juice into her mouth.

Peggy’s cunt convulsed again with a very strong, very hot orgasm. She moaned loudly before she could stop the sound, and her son pressed his cock hard against her palm. Her tongue ran over her lips as though she were jealous of what Sandra had in her mouth, jealous of the sweet, thick come juice flooding her throat.

She became aware that her son was twisting his hips, rubbing his cock hard into her hand. There was an increase in the throbbing. She felt the writhing of his prick through his pants. Wetness soaked through and onto her palm, and she realized her son had came, too. He had come off in his pants.

They stayed a bit longer, both fascinated, to watch Sandra remove her lips from the doctor’s cock, flick her tongue over the piss hole, then started licking away the come juice on his stomach. The scene they had just witnessed had created a flurry of erotic sensations within Peggy, and she knew how much her son had enjoyed it. The evidence of that was the mess in his pants.

They watched Sandra crawl up and rest beside the man, her naked body pressed against his. They kissed and fondled each other, talking. The doctor lit up a cigarette, sharing it with Sandra. Even without being hard, the man’s cock seemed to remain thick and long. His prick fascinated Peggy, just as Sandra’s pretty cunt seemed to fascinate Jeff.

Finally Peggy pulled at his hand, and they went back to the sidewalk. Both were emotionally drained, holding hands as they started back home. They didn’t talk. Yet both Peggy and Jeff were aware that something had changed between them this night. Peggy did not mention feeling his cock through his pants, nor did Jeff comment on it.


Peggy realized she was excited.

She had suppressed her natural erotic nature for too many years, and now it was bubbling from her. Seeing the things she had seen the past two nights was creating a storm of erotic feelings.

She had never been one to sit back and observe when it came to fucking. But then she had never been anywhere near someone else fucking, until now. Peggy was — or had been — a participant in sex. She had never so much as thought about watching others fucking and sucking. If she had, it must have been so brief she could not remember it. She did, though, fantasize. All people did that, didn’t they? Only in her fantasies, she was being fucked, sucking on a cock, or having her cunt licked. Her fantasies never consisted of being an outsider, an observer while others received all the pleasure.

Now, though, she could understand the raging desires of some people to watch others. She had found the pleasure of peeking in, secretly watching people fuck and suck them selves to orgasms. Jeff had introduced her to this secret kind of pleasure. Not exactly introduced her to it, but showed her the enjoyment to be found in it. Following him that night had shown her.

And now she and her son went out together at night to peek into windows.

For a week they went out, usually leaving the house about eleven, and they always found something going on. Sometimes it wasn’t much; perhaps some man jacking off or a lonely woman feeling herself up. During the week, they managed to watch a man and woman fucking once, and it had not been all that exciting. He simply climbed between the woman’s legs and fucked her, nothing more. It was, all in all, a disappointing week for them.

Until she discovered Jeff trying to look under her dress.

Neither of them had mentioned her pressing against his cock, feeling him come off. It was as though they were ashamed to mention it, afraid something would happen they could not halt.

One morning Peggy had awakened feeling someone looking at her. It had been one of the hottest nights yet, and she had kicked the sheet from her body during the night. For some reason, she had slept in her panties, so actually she was not all that naked. Before she moved at all, she slitted her eyes and saw Jeff looking in at her. For a moment she almost grabbed for the sheet, but decided instantly it didn’t matter. He could see her tits, but not her cunt, so it was all right.

Later that day, she found her son watching her, his eyes burning hotly, and Peggy felt as if her son could see through her clothing or that he was undressing her. At first she was uncomfortable, but then found it pleasant to have him look at her that way.

She had not touched his cock since watching Sandra and the young doctor, either, but she felt that her son wanted her to. It was nothing he said, but he was close to her a lot lately.

Peggy had seen Sandra since that exciting night. She had seen her one morning turning on the lawn sprinklers and had chatted with her. Sandra seemed no different than always, friendly and cheerful. Peggy found out her husband was out of the state, that he would be gone for the next two weeks, and that Sandra actually missed him.

“In a way, Peggy,” Sandra said, “you’re sort of lucky. You don’t have to miss a husband. I wish he would quit that damned job and get something so he could be home with me.”

Peggy thought she might be lucky in that sense, but she missed the steady diet of a hard cock. She didn’t however say this to Sandra. She wondered what Sandra would say if Peggy told her she knew all about the doctor. But Peggy had no desire to embarrass her friend.

Sandra was perhaps twenty-six, a very beautiful woman. She usually wore shorts and some skimpy halter on the hot summer days, and the pair she wore that day was so brief, the half-moons of her pretty ass were showing. Peggy often admired women who could dress in such an exposed manner, but could never bring herself to do so. It wasn’t that her body was anything to hide; hers was as beautiful as Sandra’s any day.

Jeff came out as Peggy stood talking to Sandra, and Sandra greeted him, mussing his hair. “You’re getting to be quite a big guy, aren’t you, Jeff,” Sandra said. “Peggy, you’re going to have to watch this kid. The girls are going to be after him in a year or two.”

Peggy smiled affectionately at her son, putting an arm around him. “Not my boy,” Peggy laughed. “He’s going to stay with his mother forever, aren’t you, darling?”

“You bet, Mom,” Jeff replied, wrapping his arm about her waist, but glancing at Sandra’s thighs. “I won’t ever leave you.”

Sandra laughed. “That’s what you think. Some cute little girl is going to wiggle her behind at you one of these days, and you’ll forget mamma pretty damn quick, believe me.”

“Never,” Jeff said, firmly squeezing his mother’s waist, then dropping his hand.

Peggy gasped softly. Jeff had placed his hand on her ass, giving her a fast squeeze, then jerking his hand away. It happened so fast, Peggy wasn’t sure it happened at all.

“If you were a few years older, Jeff,” Sandra said, winking, “I’d take you away from your mother fast. Come to think of it, I just might try it anyway.”

Sandra turned around, looking at Jeff over her shoulder as she wiggled her half-exposed ass. Jeff’s eyes became huge and his mouth opened.

Sandra laughed. “See what I mean, honey?”

“Oh, stop teasing him, Sandra,” Peggy said, but she wasn’t angry. She knew her son was imagining Sandra naked again, sucking on the doctor’s cock and balls. “It’s cruel to tease a guy that way.”

“Who’s teasing?” Sandra giggled, and Peggy saw the woman’s eyes rake over the front of Jeff pants. “I mean every bit of it.”

She really does mean it, Peggy thought. Sandra would really fuck her son! Somehow, so [missing text].

The idea of Sandra fucking Jeff was exciting to her. She didn’t think Sandra was one of those confirmed cock-suckers, but someone who would love to fuck a hard cock just as much as take a prick in her mouth. Peggy looked at Sandra, seeing the beautiful face, those green eyes sparkling with what she decided was erotic mischief.

“You can have him,” Peggy heard herself saying, “but he must be returned to me.”

Sandra laughed. “I think you mean that, Peggy.”

“I mean it if you do,” Peggy replied.

“And what does Jeff think about that?” Sandra said, gazing down at Jeff.

Jeff grinned at her, pressing against his mother.

The conversation drifted away from unsaid sexual activity and soon Peggy returned to her house, Jeff following.

All afternoon, Peggy and Jeff skirted the conversation with Sandra, but she could see he was wondering about it, wondering if Sandra meant what she had implied. She wanted to assure her son that Sandra did, indeed, mean every word. But she wasn’t certain herself. Perhaps Sandra was only teasing, not intending to go through with anything like that at all. Still, the hunger Peggy had seen in those green eyes had been obvious. But then again, Peggy thought, the hunger could have been deceiving. She had watched Sandra and the doctor alongside her son, so maybe she was seeing something that wasn’t really there.

They were going out again that night, and both were hoping to find something a bit more exciting and stimulating than what they had seen the past few nights.

By ten-thirty, it seemed as though she and her son had reached a turning point. There was something in the air now, something neither wanted to speculate about, but both knew something would happen tonight.

When it came time to go, Peggy realized she was still wearing a flowery summer dress. She had always gone out in tight jeans and a shirt before. But, as she thought about changing, she saw Jeff was eager to leave. Deciding what she wore made no difference, they locked up the house and started walking around. It was surprising no one else was out, but it was a fairly small town, and everything shut down when the sun set.

They had been out only a short time when they found something promising.

They had gone between two houses and entered the back yard of one, where they found a well-lighted bedroom. It was, according to the furniture, the master bedroom of the house. They peeked in and saw nothing but an empty room and started to walk away. Then Peggy caught her son’s hand and pulled him back. A woman’s clothing was on the bed, laid out the way a woman would who was bathing or taking a shower. And she had heard water running which indicated a shower. “Let’s wait just a minute honey,” Peggy whispered to Jeff, holding his hand. “This could be interesting.”

In a few minutes, a tall woman came into the bedroom, fluffing her hair with a towel, stark naked. Peggy had seen the woman around, but didn’t really know her. The woman was perhaps forty years old, somewhat slender. Her titties weren’t all that firm, but her ass looked good, as did the thick curls of her cunt.

“I’m ready, Joey,” the woman called.

A young boy perhaps a year or so older than Jeff came in. Jeff giggled. “I know him, Mom,” he whispered to his mother. “We go to school together.”

“Is that his mother?” Peggy asked.

“I think so… I don’t know for sure,” he replied.

They stopped talking, afraid the naked woman and the boy would hear them. The boy was wearing a pair of striped boxer shorts, the fly gaping open.

The woman shoved her hand into the fly and pulled the boy’s cock out.

“You’re almost hard, Joey,” they heard the woman say. “Mother will make it real hard for you. You like it when mother makes your little cock hard, don’t you?”

Joey replied by nodding his head.

“And what are you going to do with this cock, baby?”

“I’m gonna fuck you, Mother,” Joey said.

“That’s right, Joey,” the woman murmured, jacking on her son’s cock, feeling his prick grow into hardness in her hand. “But you’ve got to say where you’re going to fuck me with it. I want you to say it the way I taught you.”

“I’m gonna fuck your cunt, Mother,” Joey replied, handling his mother’s titties. “I’m gonna stick my cock up your cunt and fuck it good. I’m gonna fuck your cunt and fill it up with all my come juice, Mother.”

“That’s right, Joey,” the woman gurgled, stroking her son’s cock vigorously. “Mother is a cunt, Joey. You must never forget that mother is a cunt!”

“I won’t forget, Mother,” Joey said, sliding one hand to his mother’s thick pussy hair. “You’re a cunt, nothing but a cunt! A cunt to be fucked, a cunt that has to be fucked because that’s all you are — a fucking cunt!”

Peggy knew immediately what this situation was. This woman, apparently, had masochistic wishes, and exercised them with her son. But Joey didn’t seem in the least reluctant. Perhaps, Peggy thought, Joey was sadistic, and if that was so, they made a perfect pair. They could both exercise their desires together.

“Yes, Joey,” the woman moaned, jerking on her son’s cock with a tight fist. “I’m a fucking cunt! You know what you’re supposed to do with your fucking cunt, mother, don’t you?”

“I’m gonna fuck your fucking cunt, Mother,” Joey said, and suddenly thrust two fingers into his mother’s cunt almost violently. “Ohhh that’s good!” the woman groaned, spreading her legs, pumping almost frantically on her son’s cock now.

“Fucking cunt!” Joey shouted. “Fucking cunt mother… fucking cock-crazy cunt mother!”

“Yes, yes!” the woman urged in a thick voice. “I am cock crazy, Joey!”

“You’d fuck a Goddamn dog, wouldn’t you, fucking cunt mother?” Joey snorted, fucking his fingers in and out of his mother’s pussy as site half-squatted now, legs wide. “You’d fuck a dog’s cock, wouldn’t you?”

“Yes! Oh, God yes! I’ll fuck a dog, lacy!”

“You’d suck cock and eat cunt and assholes, too, wouldn’t you, fucking cunt mother?”

“Let me!” the woman shouted, excited to a frenzy by now. “Let me eat your fucking asshole, Joey! Let me shove my tongue up your fucking asshole and eat it! I’ll eat your asshole, your cock, your balls!”

“You’d eat a dog’s cock, too, wouldn’t you?”

“Yes! Oooo, yes I would!” The woman groaned in a sexual frenzy, dropping to her knees and trying to swallow her son’s cock, balls and all.

Joey grasped his mother’s head and fucked his cock so hard into her mouth, the woman gagged. But she shoved her lips down tight at the base, the full length of his cock deep in her mouth.

Joey began to fuck his mother in the mouth brutally, banging hard against her lips, watching her.

“Eat my cock, cunt mother!” Joey shouted down at her in a thick, gruff voice. “Suck my cock with your cunt mouth, you asshole fucking cunt mother!”

“Mmmmm!” the woman gurgled wetly.

Peggy trembled at what they were seeing. It was brutal, but no one was being physically harmed. And in a way, it excited her. She was still clutching her son’s hand. When she felt him pull it to the front of his pants, she made no resistance. His cock was hard, straining at the front of his pants as he watched the woman on her knees, sucking wildly on Joey’s cock.

Peggy was aware that her son was fumbling with his fly, but she was so interested in watching this woman sucking on her son’s cock so greedily, she wasn’t really aware of what Jeff had done until her fingers were wrapped about his hard prick. Feeling her son’s cock this way caused a stab of burning ecstasy to explode between her thighs. She squeezed Jeff’s prick tightly, but did not move her hand. She held his cock in her hot fist as they watched and soon realized Jeff was fucking her fist slowly. She tightened her fingers on his cock even more.

“That’s enough cock sucking!” Joey ordered. “Lie on the bed and spread your fucking legs out, cunt mother!”

They watched the woman scramble to the bed, spread out on her back, her legs as wide as she could make them go. Her hair-lined cunt was fully exposed, her pussy lips gloaming with wetness. When Joey told his mother to finger-fuck herself, the woman rammed two fingers into her cunt and fucked them in and out, lifting and churning her naked ass.

“Take those fucking fingers out of your hot cunt,” Joey said. “You can lick the juice off them while I fuck your hairy cunt!”

“Yes, yes!” the woman groaned, arching her hips up as Joey pulled at her, his cock jerking about.

He stood then at the edge of the bed, and Peggy and Jeff watched him fuck his cock up his mother’s steaming cunt. He began to fuck her fast and hard, the soft, wet smacks of his lower stomach against her crotch coming to them.

“Oh, God. Oh, dear God!” the woman shrieked in ecstasy, thrashing about with wild movements, arching her cunt onto her son’s cock.

Jeff was fucking his prick in and out of Peggy’s tight fist a little faster. She clung to her son’s cock with an almost desperate grip, watching the boy in the room fucking his mother. It wasn’t a gentle fucking, either.

Suddenly Joey yanked his cock out of his mother’s cunt, slapping her on the hip. “Get on your fucking knees,” he demanded. “I’ll fuck your hairy cunt like a dog! I’ll fuck your cunt like you were a bitch dog, cunt mother! Come on… shove your fucking naked ass in the air for me!”

“Oohh, please, Joey!” the woman cried, twisting onto her stomach and drawing her knees under, lifting her ass high. “Fuck my bitch dog cunt! I’m a bitch dog, Joey! Fuck me like a dog!”

“You wish I was a dog, don’t you?” Joey said, fucking his cock into his mother’s cunt from behind. “If I was a dog, you’d suck my dog cock, wouldn’t you?”

“God, yes! I’d suck your dog cock!” the woman screamed, waggling her ass frantically as her son fucked her swiftly.

“You like to fuck a dog, don’t you?”


“You suck dog cock, don’t you?”

“Yes, I do!”

“You suck wet cunts, don’t you?”

“Wet cunts… Yes!”

“Hard cocks?”

“Yes, yes!”

“Eat assholes!”

“Ohhhh, I’ll eat every asshole I can get my hot, fucking tongue up! Yes, I eat assholes! Fuck me… fuck my fucking hot cunt! Ohhh, shit… I’m coming! Ream my cunt with your hard cock! Fuck my face with your cock… With your asshole! Fuck my face and cunt and asshole!”

The woman’s uplifted ass shuddered wildly. As she came, screeching loudly, her fingers clawed at the sheets on the bed. Joey continued to fuck his cock in and out of his mother’s spasming cunt, fucking hard and fast and deep.

“Don’t come!” the woman shouted. “Oooo, don’t come in my cunt, Joey!”

“I won’t,” her son replied, grunting. “I know where you want my cock to come, fucking cunt mother!”

As soon as the woman finished coming, Joey jerked his throbbing cock from her. The woman twisted about quickly, her tits swinging. As she turned, Joey climbed onto the bed and stood between his mother’s thighs, his cock standing out, soaked with the juices of her pussy.

Peggy choked back a groan as the woman began to devour her son’s cock and balls with her mouth, making wild-sounding animal noises, gripping his ass cheeks tightly. Her stretched lips sucked back and forth hungrily, her eyes closed. She sucked in a noisy way, slurping in soft wetness on Joey’s cock. Then she pulled her lips away and shoved her mouth to his young balls, licking in mindless ecstasy, cleaning his cock and balls of her cunt juice. Then she started lapping up and down his cock and balls, her tongue stuck way out.

Joey held his mother’s head, his hips arched forward, watching her work her tongue about his balls and the shaft of his cock.

Then he came.

The woman pulled her face back a few inches, gripping her son’s cock in one hand, jacking on it as the come juice spurted directly into her face. She held her mouth wide open, her tongue almost touching her chin. Come juice splashed into her mouth, but most was on her face. The woman gurgled and whimpered, and, the way her body trembled, she was coming again.

Peggy’s son was fucking his cock in and out of her fist and she clung to his prick hotly, her eyes glassy as she peered into the window.

Jeff suddenly came…


“Ohhh, no!” Peggy whimpered softly, feeling her son’s cock squirting. She quickly cupped the swollen prick-head, feeling the hot come juice spurt into her hand.

While Jeff came off in her hand, Peggy’s cunt squeezed in a contraction that almost made her cry out in ecstasy. She stood there, pressed against the wall of the house, watching Joey squirt come juice into his mother’s ecstatic face, her son coming off in her hand, and her cunt going through series after series of delicious, steamy orgasms.

Her mind was reeling. This was not sup posed to happen; Jeff was not supposed to come; Jeff was not supposed to take his cock out of his pants; Jeff was not supposed to…

But he had.

And Peggy was clinging to her son’s cock and coming so strongly her knees almost doubled, her legs shaking very badly. She clung to the swollen head of Jeff’s cock, feeling his hot cum juice smearing her palm, dripping between her fingers… and she came and came and came.

It seemed a long time before she calmed down. She pulled her hand from her son’s cock and wiped her hand on her dress, not looking at him. Jeff was breathing heavily from the discharge, and Peggy hoped those in the bedroom could not hear him.

Joey was now smearing the head of his cock about his mother’s face, wiping his prick through the viscous come juice that glistened on her flesh. The woman was licking at his cock with her tongue every time his prick came within reach. After a while, Joey sat down on the bed, leaning at the headboard, his knees bent. His cock and balls dangled there, and the woman kept trying to shove her face into them, but Joey would push her away.

“Not yet, fucking cunt mother,” he said. “I’ll tell you when you can suck my cock.”

“Yes Joey,” his mother said almost shyly. “You tell me when to take it in my cock sucking mouth, darling.” She lifted the corner of the sheet and wiped her face, then seemed to wait patiently until her son wanted her again.

Peggy thought about leaving, but she had a hunch there would be more in a few minutes.

Jeff stayed, too, of course, and his cock had been replaced in his pants. Peggy’s palm felt sticky, but it also felt good. She thought about bringing her palm to her mouth and licking at it, but felt her son would notice, and then he would want something else from her. Perhaps he would even try to fuck her when they got back home. Peggy didn’t think she was ready for that. She didn’t think she was ready to have Jeff fuck her, but there was something going on in the back of her mind, something that seemed to be pushing her into it. She wondered, briefly, what it would be like to have her son fuck her, the way Joey had fucked his mother. No, not that way! Peggy, if she fucked Jeff, would not want it violent that way. She had no desire to be abused in any way.

This mother, however, seemed to thrive on being abused by her son in any way he wanted.

“Suck my ass,” Joey said. Peggy gasped.

“Are you gonna suck my asshole, fucking cunt mother?”

“You know I will, Joey,” the woman replied. “You know I’ll do anything you want me to do, anything.”

“Then suck my fucking asshole!”

“Sit on my face!” the woman urged in a thick voice. “Sit your sweet ass in my face, and I’ll suck it good for you. I’ll tongue-fuck you in your sweet asshole, Joey!”

“I know you will,” he said, climbing on top of his mother, facing her feet. “Because if you don’t stick your fucking tongue up my asshole, I’m gonna pull your fucking nipples off!”

He squatted in his mother’s face, his knees apart. Peggy and Jeff could see his cock and balls, and could also see the woman’s tongue dart against his asshole. Joey twisted and pulled at his mother’s long nipples as he twisted his ass into her mouth. The woman was moaning again, the sounds muffled now because she was sucking at her son’s asshole as her tongue fucked in and out.

Peggy felt her son’s hand sliding about her ass. She turned and looked at him. The light from the bedroom was on his face, and he was smiling, his eyes bright with desire. Peggy returned her son’s smile, and turned back to what was happening in the bedroom. There was no harm in Jeff feeling her ass, she felt. After all, she allowed him to fuck her fist and even come off into her hand. Besides, he was very excited, and it would be terrible to make him suffer. He wanted to touch her, to feel her ass as they watched this crazy mother and son fucking and sucking and everything else.

If Jeff wanted to feel her ass while they watched, there would be no harm in that, she decided. He was moving his hand about her ass almost shyly, as though he expected his mother to make him stop. Peggy wiggled her ass, away of letting him know it was okay.

On the bed, Joey was pulling hard on his mother’s nipples as he began to grind his ass into her mouth. There wasn’t much Peggy and Jeff could see now, except Joey’s cock and balls on his mother’s chin, and the way she smashed her mouth into his asshole. They could see, too, right up between the woman’s legs, could see her hairy cunt, could watch her writhe her naked ass, open and close her thighs. They could hear, too, the moist sucking, sounds the woman made on her son’s asshole. Now and then Joey would lean forward and thrust a couple of fingers into his mother’s cunt. When he did that, she would lift her ass from the bed and try to make her son fuck her this way, but Joey refused.

“Eat my asshole, damn you!” he shouted. “You can finger-fuck your own fucking cunt when you finish! Tongue my ass, cunt mother! Eat my ass out… Shove your tongue way up my fucking asshole. Cunt, bitch… Asshole cunt-sucking mother!”

The woman apparently loved it when her son talked that way to her. It was obvious in her movements, in the hungry sounds she made as she licked, and sucked and tongue fucked her son’s asshole.

Jeff was now squeezing her ass cheek, and Peggy looked at him again. Jeff didn’t turn his face toward her; he kept gazing at the two on the bed. Peggy liked the way her son squeezed her ass and quickly, before she could change her mind, lifted her skirt and placed his hand on her panties.

Then Jeff looked at her.

Peggy grinned at him, very lewdly. “Play with it while we watch them,” she whispered.

Her hand moved to the front of his pants and found his cock hard again. He had not zipped his fly. With her son’s hand feeling about her ass, Peggy slipped her hand into his fly and pulled his cock out, stroking his prick now as they turned their attention back to the bedroom. Peggy turned loose of Jeff’s cock, sliding her hands back into his open fly. She cupped his balls tenderly, rolling them about in her palm. Encouraged, Jeff shoved his hand down the elastic of his mother’s panties, feeling the smooth heat of her naked ass, finding the split between her ass cheeks. Peggy shivered as her son fondled her ass inside her panties, and she pulled her hand from his pants and began to jack on his cock.

“I’m gonna come again!” they heard Joey groaning. His cock was standing out hard, jerking up and down, and he was still grinding his asshole into his mother’s face. He dug his hands hard into his mother’s tits, and thick come juice spurted over the woman’s trembling stomach, some of it flying as far as her cunt hair. Time and again, Joey came, spewing come juice until his mother’s stomach was drenched. It seemed to Peggy that the woman was so intensely aroused by having her son squirt come juice onto her body that she was sucking wildly at his asshole, twisting her hips hard, and probably coming herself.

Jeff was clutching her ass hard, and his cock throbbed hotly in her fist. Peggy pumped on her son’s prick without hesitation now, thrilled to have his cock in her hand. She seemed to have a problem deciding what to hold and caress because she kept scooting her hand into his pants to fondle his balls, then returning to jacking him again. She found herself wishing Jeff would slide his hand around in front, feel her cunt, rub at her swollen clit, maybe even stick a finger up her tight, scalding wet cunt. But he seemed to be content feeling about her ass at the moment. She wondered if Jeff would come again, and decided, if he did, she would keep jacking him off and help him splatter the side of the house with that come juice. It would be a waste of come juice, she thought, but there was no place else for him to come at the moment.

At the moment!

Peggy was almost shocked by what she felt go through her mind. It had been a fast thought, very fleeting.

I’ve got to turn him over to Sandra, and fast! She told herself. The fleeting idea had jumped into her mind that all she had to do was lift her skirt, stretch the crotch of her panties to one side, and her son could fuck her quickly from behind as they stood there.

On the bed, Joey was standing up, straddling his mother’s body now. He was looking down at her, and Peggy heard Joey saying, “…right in your fucking cunt!”

“Oh, yes, Joey!” his mother urged in a very thick voice, spreading her legs very wide and arching her cunt up into the air. “Piss on me! Piss on me, please, darling!”

Peggy wasn’t certain she was hearing right. No one would enjoy being pissed on, would they?

“I will, cunt mother,” lacy said. “I’m gonna piss right on your fucking hairy cock sucking cunt!”

“Do it! Oooo, do it!” the woman urged, twisting her hips around, the lips of her cunt glistening with wetness. “Piss on my fucking hairy cunt, darling! Piss on my hot fucking cunt and I’ll eat your asshole out again!”

“You’ll do more than that, cunt mother!” Joey snapped, aiming his cock toward her hair-lined pussy. “You’ll let me piss in your cock-sucking mouth, too!”

“Oh, I will! I will!” the woman gurgled, her eyes bright as she anticipated her son pissing on her cunt. “If you want to piss in my cock-sucking mouth, Joey, you can! You can do anything with your fucking cunt mother!”

Peggy and Jeff’s eyes went huge as Joey began to piss directly upon his mother’s cunt. The piss splashed all over her, matting her cunt hair, drenching her pussy good. The woman was wailing in delight, clawing at her cunt, pulling her pussy open to let her son piss in. She was screaming that she was coming again, that she wanted piss all over her naked, fucking body!

Joey lifted the stream, and pissed on his mother’s tits. The woman lifted her hands and washed her tits in his piss. And when Joey lifted the stream higher yet, she opened her mouth as wide as she could. Joey pissed into his mother’s mouth, and the woman began to lift herself up, mouth wide open. Joey kept pissing into his mother’s mouth as she sat upright, and her lips moved over the head of his cock. Peggy wasn’t sure, but it seemed to her that the woman was swallowing, drinking her son’s piss directly from the head of his cock. She knew Joey was still pissing because she could see piss spray from the woman’s stretched lips. When Joey finished, she released his cock. A drop of piss clung to the piss hole, and the woman licked it away.

“That’s enough for tonight,” Joey said. “I’m going to bed.”

Peggy and Jeff watched him leave, and the woman curled up on the wet bed, her expression showing her delight. Peggy and her son slipped from the window and returned to the sidewalk. It was well past midnight now, and she realized they had been watching Joey and his mother for a good hour and a half.

“Wheee!” Peggy said. “That was really something, wasn’t it honey?”

“I never saw anything like that before, Mom,” Jeff said. “That was the first time I saw them. Boy, I wish I could tease Joey about it. But I guess I can’t say anything. He’d know I was peeking then.”

“That’s right, Jeff,” Peggy said. “You can’t ever say what we do. We’ve got to keep it a secret.”

Then she noticed his cock was still out of his pants. They were standing beneath a street lamp, the harsh glow casting shadows about them.

“Your cock is still out,” Peggy said.

Jeff giggled, shoving his cock into his pants. Peggy realized what she had said, and for a moment a hot flush came over her face, then she giggled too. They started home, holding hands, but before they had gone a block, she stopped and turned her son toward her. There was no street lamp here, and she could barely see his young face.

“You came in my hand, Jeff,” she said in a low voice. “And you played with my ass. That wasn’t supposed to have happened, you know that, don’t you?”

“Well, you jacked on my cock, Mom,” he accused. “It wasn’t me that took it out, either. You did that.”

“But you took it out first, and it was you that wrapped my hand around it.” She looked hard into his shadowy eyes.

“But you lifted your skirt for me,” he said.

“Yes, I guess I did,” Peggy whispered, then looked around. All the houses were dark now, everyone probably asleep. She moved her hand along the front of his pants and found his cock throbbing away there. She squeezed his prick, then pulled his cock from his pants again, holding his prick-shaft. “Well, it’s done, so I guess I can touch it again.”

As she clung to his cock and started walking along the dark sidewalk again, she felt her son lift her skirt in back and once more shove his hand into her panties, cupping the cheek of her ass. They walked home this way, hardly caring if anyone could see them. They were both intensely excited by what they had watched this night.

Unlocking the front door, Peggy left the house dark as they entered. There was a yearning between her thighs, and, although she must have come a dozen times watching Joey fucking his mother, she realized she wanted more than that. She wanted to be fucked!

But Jeff, fucking her? She wasn’t like that woman they had just seen. She wasn’t like her in any way.

But she wanted a cock in her cunt, just the same.

Peggy went into the kitchen for a glass of water, feeling very thirsty. By the time she returned to the living room, Jeff was no longer there. She felt a deep sense of disappointment. She had, while drinking the water, decided neither she nor her son could avoid any further intimate contact. Things had gone so far, so fast that fucking each other had become inevitable.

She didn’t check on him. Going straight to her room, Peggy removed her clothing, including her panties, and crawled beneath the sheets. She was restless, aroused to a high pitch. Her cunt kept burning, throbbing. The images of Joey and his mother whirled about in her mind. She experienced all of it once again, and found herself even more restless than before. If she could keep the images out of her mind, Peggy thought, perhaps she could sleep. It wasn’t the images, exactly, that made her so restless. It was remembering how she had held her son’s cock, the way he had come off into her hand, the way her son had fucked her fist, feeling her ass.

The sun was coming up by the time she finally went to sleep.


Jeff’s attitude toward her was one of shyness, of nervous glances.

Peggy realized her son was wondering if and when they would get it on with each other. She knew it frustrated him. But no more than her! Both were hesitant to make the first move, the initial approach. They avoided talking about that particular night, about watching Joey.

They were polite in their conversations, going out of their ways to do something for the other.

It created an atmosphere of tension, of almost coolness toward each other, a coolness that neither wanted. It was almost like a man and wife, who, after a bitter argument, were searching for ways to make up, but wanting the other to start.

A day or so later, Peggy found the car had a dead battery and refused to start. She had to do some shopping, but the center was too far to walk. The town was quite small, but spread out. There was a local bus service that ran, often as not, late and inefficiently. It was the only means of transportation, though, and she asked her son if he wanted to go with her.

The bus, at first, was not crowded. She and Jeff sat on a bench type seat, and directly across from them was a woman perhaps in her early twenties. Neither had seen this woman before, but both noticed right away that she was very careless in the way she sat. Peggy glanced at Jeff and saw the brightness in his young eyes as he looked at the woman. She saw the same thing her son saw — the woman’s creamy thighs under her dress and the shadow of her panties. The woman was quite good looking, sitting unconcerned with her knees open. Jeff, of course, had a raging hard-on before long. He squirmed about in the seat, licking his lips, gazing boldly at the woman, looking under her dress.

The closer they got to the shopping center, the more crowded the bus became. Peggy stood up a few blocks before their stop, with Jeff standing behind her. She felt his hard cock pressing against the back of her tight jeans, felt his prick throbbing there. She began to sway her hips from side to side, rubbing against his cock. She looked over her shoulder and smiled at him, getting a grin in return.

Her shopping was done quickly, and they took the bus home again. This trip was uneventful, and Jeff talked about the woman they had seen. He still skirted what they had watched the previous night, and Peggy didn’t mention it either. When they got home, her son, though, disappeared often into the bathroom, and Peggy was sure he was jacking off. She wanted to watch him, to just open the bathroom door and stand there and watch as his fist moved up and down his cock. But she didn’t want to embarrass her son, either.

Shortly after dinner, while it was still light outside, she saw his cock bulging from his pants. He had been talking again about the woman they saw on the bus. She allowed her eyes to gaze unabashedly at the lump in his pants, and when her son started for the bathroom again, she surprised herself by saying, “Stay here, honey. You don’t have to go to the bathroom for that.”

“For what, Mom?” Jeff asked, his gaze on the swell of her tits, pretending he didn’t know what she was talking about.

“For playing with it, baby,” she said, her voice going throaty.

“You know?”

Peggy nodded her head. “It’s obvious you’re playing with it.”

“I can’t help it, Mom,” Jeff replied. “I get so excited, sometimes, talking like this.”

“I’ve noticed,” Peggy murmured, “but you don’t have to use the bathroom. Do it here.”

Jeff said nothing, but his eyes burned on his mother’s swelling, round tits. Peggy gazed hotly at the front of his pants, almost seeing the outline of his throbbing cock.

Peggy was on the couch, her legs crossed, her foot swinging back and forth. There was a tingling feeling between her thighs, and her cunt was wet with excitement. Jeff was in the middle of the floor, stopping there on his way to the bathroom. Peggy brought one hand toward her neck, then laid it on one firm tit deliberately, her fingers moving slowly.

No more words passed between them, but Jeff opened his pants and took out his cock. Peggy’s breath caught in her throat as she stared at her son’s prick. His cock stood out a good five inches, the head swollen and smooth. She swallowed hard as she looked, her fingers digging into her tit, her nipple burning through onto her palm.

As Jeff realized his mother meant it, he opened his pants all the way, letting them fall to his feet. Peggy began to breathe again in ragged gasps. His balls hung heavily beneath his cock. A lurching sensation shot through her crotch and her clit became knotted. Her swinging foot moved faster, although she was not aware of it. Jeff wrapped his hand about his prick and, gazing directly at his mother, began to jack off.

Peggy was moaning softly in her throat as she watched Jeff’s fist moving, sliding from the base of his cock to the sweetly swollen head. His balls swung with his fist-pumping motion and his hips arched forward. Peggy felt a steamy excitement rumbling through her body. She uncrossed her legs and leaned forward, her eyes bright, somewhat cloudy, with erotic desire in them. Jeff slipped his fist back and forth on his cock, panting as he jacked off in front of her. Watching her son jacking off openly sent hot flashes searing up and down her flesh. She leaned back on the couch, opening her knees and pulling her skirt up a bit.

Jeff’s gaze followed her skirt, seeing his mother’s very long thighs, then the frilly lacy crotch of her panties. Peggy’s legs trembled, and she parted them a few inches; her eyes glazed as she stared at his jacking fist on his cock, his balls swinging back and forth. There was an overpowering desire to take hold of his cock and let him fuck her fist the way he had done the night before. She wanted desperately to feel that hard prick throbbing in her hand, to feel him come into her palm again. She shook with an overwhelming urge to grab his cock and jack him off herself. Her cunt was on fire, the liquid flames devouring her. Her hair-lined pussy lips twitched and swelled, and her clit was throbbing with each beat of her heart.

“That’s beautiful,” Peggy murmured, opening her knees farther. “That looks so beautiful, you jacking off, Jeff.”

Her son made no reply except to grunt.

“You have such a beautiful cock, darling,” she went on, her voice very low and throaty, her eyes fixed upon his cock, fist and balls. “So hard and long… A really beautiful cock, Jeff.”

His body was shaking, hips arching forward. His gaze was hot on her crotch, and Peggy felt as if her son could see through her panties, see the wetness of her cunt, see how hot and excited she really was. His fist was moving faster and faster, his tongue hanging out of his mouth now. Peggy knew Jeff was about to come off. With a soft sob of pleasure, she threw her knees very wide, lifting her ass up from the cushions of the couch, her crotch totally exposed to him, dark curls of cunt hair twirling from the lacy crotch of her panties. Peggy’s hands moved along her thigh, and, a few inches from her cunt, she dug her fingers into the sensitive flesh just as Jeff came.

“Uhhhh!” he groaned, the thick white come juice spurting out of his cock and flying a foot away before falling to the carpet.

“Ohhh, nice!” Peggy moaned, watching his cock spurt time and again. Her cunt convulsed almost at the same time her son began to come. “Nice! Beautiful! Oh, you’re coming, honey! Ooooo, you’re coming… really coming!”

When he began to spurt, Jeff squeezed his cock at the base, his other hand gripping his balls, his eyes turning glassy with self-induced ecstasy. Peggy whimpered softly as her cunt contracted in those delicious spasms, her gaze hot on the head of his cock, watching the white come juice fly from his flaring piss-hole. She dug harshly into her thigh with sharp fingernails, her ass writhing uncontrollably.

When he finished coming off, Jeff slowly sank to his knees, then sat back on his heels, panting heavily, his cock still oozing come juice. His eyes focused again on his mother’s widely spread legs, on the crotch of her very wet panties. They both became still, looking at each other… Peggy at her son’s cock, he at his mother’s pantied cunt.

The room was dim and the puddle of white come juice on the carpet stood out. No lights had been turned on yet. Slowly, Jeff got to his feet, fishing in his pocket for a handkerchief.

“I’ll clean it up, honey,” Peggy said in a soft voice. “Leave it.”

There were tears in her eyes but they weren’t tears of shame. Her eyes were flooded with delight, with a release of the pressure that had built inside her. It was as if a safety valve had finally worked. She smiled at her son, receiving a smile in return. She closed her knees and stood up, finding a Kleenex to wipe up the come juice on the carpet. As she cleaned it, the back of her hand brushed the seeping piss hole of her son’s cock. She felt as if she had suddenly been branded.

Lifting her hand, she gazed at the wetness there. Looking at Jeff, she giggled, a somewhat nervous, half-crazy sort of sound.

With her gaze on his eyes, she kissed the back of her hand, then ran her tongue through the slippery wetness.

Jeff’s face brightened as he watched her tongue move along the back of her hand. He reached for her, his fingers touching her bare knee lightly. Peggy shuddered, letting her son stroke her knee and a few inches of creamy thigh flesh. Then she stood up quickly.

“We better get ready if we’re going out tonight,” she said in a shaky voice.

They always spoke of it as “going out”, never about looking in windows. And why she said, “get ready” made no sense. There was nothing about getting ready — they wore no special clothing, took no special precautions. Peggy had spoken out of a sudden nervousness.

They went out earlier than usual, and walked a great deal. It was much too early to catch something exciting going on, and they finally stopped at a small cafe for something to drink. They lingered over their drinks, talking quietly to each other.

They spent two hours searching the neighborhood, and found nothing of real interest. The only thing they saw, about midnight, was a man sitting on his bed jacking off and looking at a centerfold picture.

Returning home disappointed, she went to her room and Jeff went to his. Peggy undressed and rested on the bed, the light on, feeling very frustrated. Watching her son jacking off and failing in seeing anyone fucking and sucking had drained her.


Peggy sat up. “What is it, Jeff?”

“You just gotta see this!”

His voice was filled with excitement. She swung her legs off the bed and grabbed a gown, throwing it over her shoulders quickly, holding it together with one hand, and walked to her son’s room. Jeff’s room was dark, and she saw his outline in front of his window. She went up behind him… and giggled.

Jeff’s bedroom window faced the bedroom window directly across the ten-foot expanse of lawn. It was Sandra’s home, and it was Sandra’s bedroom.

Sandra was walking about with every light burning brightly, undressing. By the time Peggy arrived to see, she was down to her bra and panties.

“It’s only Sandra,” Peggy whispered to her son. “You’ve seen her before, with the doctor, remember? What’s so exciting about looking at her undress?”

“I’ve never seen her do this before, Mom,” Jeff said. “She’s always had her lights off or the drapes pulled or something.”

There was something exciting about watching her friend, undress, prepare for bed, secretly.

She stood behind her son and looked over his shoulder, but it was obvious Sandra was not simply preparing for bed. For one thing, the way she moved about, slowly removing her clothing as if she were on a stage doing a tease, Peggy had a hunch Sandra wanted to be seen. For another thing, she wiggled her ass and shook her titties more than a woman would while getting ready for bed.

They watched Sandra remove a pair of nylons from her dresser and slowly pull them up her long, slender thighs. Then she put on a pair of high-heeled shoes. Again she walked about, in bra and panties, nylons and heels, fluffing her hair. When she lifted, her arms, it caused her fabulous tits to protrude deliciously. After a while, Sandra removed her bra, and faced the window. Her tits were beautiful, round, almost pointed, with lovely sugary nip pies, erect with desire. Turning her back to the window, she began to peel her panties down, wiggling her creamy ass in a tantalizing, inviting manner. Tossing the panties to the floor with the bra, Sandra opened her dresser drawer again, and brought out two candles. Peggy knew immediately what Sandra was going to do.

“Why does she want those candles, Mom?” Jeff asked.

Peggy was leaning against her son’s back and felt him shaking. She wrapped her arms around his waist and held him lightly. “Just watch what she’s going to do with them, Jeff,” she whispered close to his ear.

Sandra leaned back on the bed, her legs facing her window. She spread her legs wide, her hair-rimmed cunt revealed to Peggy and Jeff. They watched her lick a candle with her long tongue, then place it into her mouth, sucking on it, fucking it between her lips. She wiggled her naked ass while sucking the candle, then moved it down her body, slowly, until she came to her hairy cunt.

“She’s gonna fuck that candle, Mom!”

Peggy nodded, feeling her son’s ear against her cheek. She tightened her arms about his waist, feeling his hard ass cheeks against her body. Jeff was naked except for a pair of shorts, and she began to stroke his chest, playing with his nipples as they watched Sandra.

Sandra rubbed the candle about her swollen clit, then ran the shaft up and down the wet lips of her cunt, twisting her ass, lifting from the bed, drawing her high heels to the mattress, knees wide. She began to press the candle into her cunt very slowly while agitating her clit with the fingers of her other hand. The candle went deep into her cunt, and for a long moment Sandra held it there and writhed, twisting her hips about.

“Fucking a candle!” Jeff cried. “That’s crazy, Mom!”

“Not so crazy when a girl is hot, honey,” Peggy murmured against her son’s ear.

“Then why don’t she go to the doctor?”

“Maybe he’s busy at the hospital or something,” Peggy whispered, and she found she was stroking her son’s ear with her wet tongue. She pinched his tiny nipples, both of them. She pressed harder against his tight ass, twisting from side to side.

Sandra, holding her crotch in the air, knees wide, began to fuck herself with the candle, fucking it in and out, still rubbing her clit with her other hand.

“I wish we could hear her,” Jeff said.

“All we’d probably hear would be moans and sighs and…”

“I’d still like to hear her,” Jeff said, his voice thick.

“I’ll moan for you, baby,” Peggy said, and began to make ecstatic sounds against his ear as they watched Sandra fucking herself with the candle. She moved her right hand down his chest, her fingers playing with the waist of his shorts.

Sandra lifted the other candle, still fucking herself with the other one. She began to fuck her mouth with the second candle, her naked body twisting around on the bed as pleasure flooded her. They watched her turn onto her side, drawing her knee up, moving her hand behind her creamy sweet ass, keeping the candle moving in her cunt as she sucked the other one.

After a bit, Sandra flipped onto her stomach and drew her knees beneath her body, arching her rounded ass into the air, her feet hanging over the bed. Peggy and Jeff stared at Sandra’s naked ass pointed at them. The candle was still shoved up her cunt, and Jeff gasped as they saw the other candle come sliding along the spreading crack of her ass, then probe at the tight pucker of her asshole.

“What’s she gonna do, Mom?”

“It looks like Sandra is going to fuck herself in the cunt and asshole at the same time,” Peggy replied. It was kind of strange that they only talked this way, used those words, when watching someone, never when alone. “Yes, Sandra is going to fuck her cunt and asshole at the same time! Look!”

Sandra was pressing the candle into her asshole, bowing her back and slowly hunching her ass. The candle moved slowly, going deeper into her tight asshole, the other one still inside her cunt. Sandra had her free hand holding the candle up her pussy, while using the other hand to push a candle into her ass.

Peggy’s hand at the waist of her son’s shorts slipped downward, finding his cock throbbing hard, pressing against the fabric. There was a wet spot where the head of his cock was and she rubbed lightly, then closed her fingers around her son’s prick, squeezing and jacking in short, quick strokes.

Her robe flapped open and her tits were against his naked back, her nipples tingling hotly with the contact. She rubbed her tits there as she jerked on his cock, holding his prick through his thin shorts.

Sandra was now fucking the candles in and out of her cunt and asshole together, her naked ass twisting about in erotic movement. She began to alternate the strokes, pushing one candle up her cunt as she withdrew the one inside her asshole, then pushing a candle into her ass while withdrawing the one up her cunt.

“Is she gonna come that way, Mom?”

“I’m sure she is,” Peggy murmured, licking at his ear again while she jerked on his cock. “I bet it feels very good, too.”

“You ever fuck yourself with a candle, Mom?” Jeff asked, pressing his cock into her hand.

Peggy made a noncommittal sound as she probed his ear with her tongue. Jeff’s cock was throbbing sweetly in her hand, and she loved the way his naked back felt against her swollen tits. She smashed her tits into him, feeling a very sweet sensation flow through her. She stopped jerking his cock and cupped his balls tightly, not wanting to make him come just yet.

Sandra was fucking the candles faster into her cunt and asshole, her ass swinging about. It was obvious she was about to come.

When Sandra came, her whole body shook, and it seemed as if she were screaming. After she came, she slowly sprawled out on the bed, the candles still fucked up her cunt and asshole.

Peggy and Jeff watched until she eventually pulled the candles from her body. They watched as she replaced the candles in her dresser, peeled her nylons and high-heeled shoes off, and turned out her lights.

Peggy and her son remained at the window.

She squeezed his balls and pressed her body tightly against, then moved her hand back to his cock. She stroked his prick with light fingers, then shoved her hand into his shorts, grasping his cock tightly with hot fingers. She ran a thumb over the piss hole and found he was dripping an awful lot. Pushing his shorts down his hips, she began to pump her son’s cock vigorously, her tongue fluttering about his neck and ear, her cunt boiling as she pressed tight into his ass.

“You feel so good, Jeff,” she whispered. “You’re so very hard! You have a beautiful cock, honey.”

She felt her son’s body shudder, and, afraid he would come off, she removed her hand. She pulled the drapes across the window and moved to his bed, fumbling in the darkness for his bed lamp. It filled the room with a dim light, plenty to see by, but not bright or harsh.

Jeff turned to face his mother and saw her robe hanging open, her tits and bushy cunt revealed for the first time.


Peggy smiled at her son as he gazed at her body.

His cock stood out firmly, his balls very tight. Peggy held her robe wide open, her legs a few inches apart, letting her son gaze at her nakedness all he wanted. She knew how lovely she looked, and holding the robe wide created an erotic, invitational gesture to her son.

After a long time, Jeff moved to his bed, sitting on it, his cock arching up from his lap. He leaned back and pulled his leg up onto the bed, and his cock stood straight up as he rested there, looking at his mother’s naked body with hot, moist eyes.

Peggy sat on the side of his bed and wrapped her hand around his cock again, pumping slowly, squeezing, and watching fuck juice drip from the piss hole. She fondled his balls, bringing her other hand into play. She squeezed and twisted her son’s balls tenderly while jacking on his cock. Twisting on the bed, Peggy drew her knees up, sitting on one foot. Jeff’s Jeff’s eyes raked over her swelling tits, gazing at the light-brown nipples. Peggy’s nipples were rubbery in hardness. Then he lowered his gaze to her slightly shivering stomach, then to the thick curls of her cunt hair. His mother lifted her foot to the bed, bending hex knee but keeping her legs wide. Jeff gazed at her cunt, seeing the glistening wetness, the curly hair along each cunt lip, the protrusion of her clit.

“You can touch me,” Peggy whispered with a very thick voice. “You can touch mother if you want to.”

Jeff nervously stroked the inner smoothness of her thigh, his fingers going up and down as she jerked slowly but firmly on his cock, still twisting his previous sweet balls. He moved his fingers closer to her cunt, but hesitated.

Peggy smiled, her dark eyes shining, smoldering now.

“You can touch that, too,” she whispered. “You can touch my cunt, play with it. You can play with my tits if you want, and feel me up.”

Hesitantly, Jeff moved his fingers through the soft cunt hair.

“Pretend I’m Sandra if you want, honey,” she said, gripping his cock hard. “Pretend I’m Sandra, and you’re feeling me up and this is my hand on your cock. Pretend I’m Sandra if it will make you feel better about this.”

“I don’t wanna pretend, Mom,” Jeff said in a strangled voice. “I don’t wanna pretend you’re Sandra.”

Peggy’s eyes glowed down at him. “It’s me you want? You want me, darling, not Sandra?”

Jeff nodded his head.

“Oh, that’s nice!” she cooed. “I was hoping you’d say that, Jeff! I don’t want to be some dream girl to you, some phantom girl. If you touch me, I want you to know it’s me, your mother, you’re touching.”

He toyed with the soft hairs of her cunt.

“Feel me!” Peggy hissed. “Feel my cunt, honey! Play with mother’s cunt, please!”

She trembled with ecstasy as her son’s hand moved to her pussy, rubbing lightly, feeling the puffy lips of her cunt and the liquid heat. She shivered, and moaned when he worked a finger into her cunt. A squeal of pleasure bubbled from her when her son began to fuck his finger in and out of her cunt. But she was sitting down, and it was a little hard for him to do.

Lifting to her knees, she spread them. She had to turn loose of his cock for a while, but she didn’t mind too much. Standing on her knees, she arched her hips forward and gurgled softly as her son fucked his fingers in and out of her cunt. His eyes were bright and hot. Peggy shoved her hands to her crotch, pulling the lips of her pussy apart, trying to look down between her legs, wanting to see her son’s fingers fucking her. But she couldn’t see anything but his wrist. This was the first time he had touched her anyplace but on the ass, and her emotions were soaring with burning desire.

Neither spoke. She remained on her knees for some time while he finger-fucked her, and she held her cunt wide apart so her throbbing clit protruded into view. His cock jerked about, dripping and fuck juice running along the shaft. Peggy knew what she was going to do, and there was no way she could stop herself.

She was going to fuck her son.

Everything seemed to move in slow motion. The only sound in the room was their breathing, which was loud and jerky. She placed her hand on his arm and removed his fingers from her cunt. She noticed his hand was soaked, as were the insides of her thighs. She had never been wetter in her life.

Swinging a leg over his, she straddled him for a long moment, as if gathering her nerve. Jeff waited, hardly breathing, watching her, his eyes fixed upon her pussy.

When she began to inch her way up his body, sliding her knees along his thighs, Jeff lifted his eyes and looked into the hot ones of his mother. They stared into each other’s eyes as Peggy now held her cunt above his upstanding cock. She took hold of her son’s prick at the base and slowly rubbed the swollen head back and forth on the slit of her cunt. Still looking into her son’s eyes, she lowered her hips, feeling her son’s cock spreading the lips of her fiery pussy.

And then there was a sound other than hot breathing.

“Oooooo!” breathed Peggy, her eyes almost closing as the ecstasy began.

Very slowly she lowered herself, taking more and more of Jeff’s very hard cock into her cunt. The more she took, the better she felt. Her cunt stretched about the hard, throbbing prick shaft, the friction burning her. She pulled at her cunt as she went down lower. Then the full length of her son’s cock was stuffing the gripping, fiery cunt. She felt his balls touch her ass as she sat there on his prick.

“Oooooo!” she mewled again.

Jeff’s shorts were still at his thighs. There wasn’t much she could do about them right now. But there was something she could do about her robe. She slipped her arms from it and tossed it to the floor, never lifting her cunt up on his cock. She sat there, naked now, and began to writhe onto him, sliding her crotch a few inches back and forth, her tits jiggling in a tight way.

“Ooooo honey!” she moaned softly. “Ohhhh, baby! Ahhhh, you feel so good.”

His hands rested on her knees, feeling his mother’s wet, searing cunt gripping his cock. His eyes rolled and became unfocused.

Peggy leaned over, a hand on each side of his shoulders, her tits dangling above his face. She began to lift and lower her ass on him, fucking his cock with her pussy. Jeff slid his hands up her slender, smooth thighs. Then he was cupping the cheeks of her ass.

“Suck my nipples,” Peggy pleaded in a hot voice. “Suck my titties, honey! Please, Jeff suck my titties!”

She leaned down farther, rubbing a nipple back and forth on his lips. When he captured it with his hot mouth, Peggy moaned with delight. Jeff’s tongue swirled about her rigid nipple as if he had been sucking tits for years. His lips were wet and hot, making her shiver with pleasure. He drew hard on the nipple, his tongue swirling about eagerly, his hands now digging into her ass cheeks.

Peggy began to fuck him faster, moist sounds coming from her cunt as she rode up and down his cock. Jeff arched his hips up, shaking with ecstasy, his ass off the bed, letting his mother fuck him. Peggy didn’t mind; she didn’t care if he moved at all. The fiery hardness of her son’s cock filling her cunt was all that mattered to her. She bounced her ass up and down, groaning with ecstasy now. Jeff pulled hard at her tit, his fingers digging into the smoothness of her now churning ass. Her hairy cunt clung tightly to his prick as she thrashed, holding him like a vise of wet heat.

“Oooo, so sweet!” Peggy mewled, watching him suck hard at her tit. She banged her cunt up and down, fast and hard, thrilled to have his cock fucking, in and out of her fiery cunt at last. “You’re so sweet, Jeff! Oohhh, it feels so very good! God, honey, but you seem so big inside me!”

Peggy slid her legs downward, holding him tightly as she stretched out on top of his body, his cock buried deep in her cunt. Jeff clung to her tit with his hot lips, and she began to fuck him swiftly, pumping her ass up and down with swift, short thrusts, never losing his cock. She fucked her hairy cunt up and down, twisting now and then, sighing with the fiery ecstasy. Her naked ass thrashed, and the way he was gripping her lovely cheeks did nothing to prevent her movements.

With an abrupt, surprised squeal, Peggy rammed her cunt down tight. “Ohhh, I’m coming!”

Her naked body shook as she came, her orgasm sending a flaring heat through her. Her cunt flexed around her son’s cock with wave after wave of contractions. All the time she was coming, Peggy squealed in a throaty way. Jeff kept sucking her tit hard, making whimpering sounds. As soon as Peggy’s orgasm was over, she lifted her head and looked into his eyes.

“You didn’t come,” she said, a statement of fact. “But you will. Oh, how you’re going to come, honey!”

She began to fuck him again, bouncing her ass with an eager vitality. She was surprised at the swiftness with which her ass moved, surprised at the friction of her cunt on her son’s intensely hard cock. She had never fucked anyone this way before. She had been on top, but she had never fucked with such erotic abandon. She was gasping, more from the delightful sensations than from her efforts. Jeff was clinging to her naked, thrashing ass with an expression on his face indicating he might make it.

“Mmmm, you’re so very hard in me,” Peggy gurgled hotly. “You fill my cunt so full, Jeff! Your cock stretches mother’s cunt and fills it so sweetly! You’re going to come, baby! Mother promises you that… you’re going to come like you’ve never come jacking off!”

She fucked her cunt up and down violently on his cock.

“I’m going to fuck your cock, Jeff!” she growled with a deep voice. “Mother is going to fuck your cock… jack your cock off with her hot cunt! That’s what I’m going to do, jack you off with my wet, hot, hairy cunt!”

All Jeff could do was grunt and gasp in ecstasy, his eyes rolling about in his head. He lay there, stiff as a board, his hips uplifted, his cock being fucked with the wet heat of his mother’s beautiful and ever-so-tight cunt.

Peggy felt herself on the brink of coming again, and her hips churned even more furiously. She began to pant in short, ragged breaths, her own eyes closing and becoming cloudy with ecstasy.

“I’m going to do it again, Jeff!” she screamed loudly. “I’m going to come again!”

She rammed her cunt down tightly as she erupted into tremendous orgasm. Her cunt convulsed in a powerful way around his cock, squeezing with wave after wave of liquid fire. Peggy could not stop screaming. The ecstasy was about to drive her insane.

Although she was coming mindlessly, Peggy felt her son’s cock explode. He made a sound that seemed to come from a far distance as he came. His come-juice burst from his cock with rapid squirts, splashing the satiny walls of her eager, thirsty cunt. This triggered another orgasm in Peggy, and she lifted her head, neck straining and howled with the sweetest of all ecstasy, her ass shaking as she pressed her cunt hard onto his gushing cock.

Everything seemed to stop at once.

She slumped on top of her son, breathing noisily, her tits smashed almost flat against his face. She was only vaguely aware of his hands sliding up and down her back, fingering her spine, caressing and feeling hat naked creamy ass cheeks, the backs of her shivering thighs.

After her breathing had slowed, she rolled from him, looking down at his cock. His prick glistened with the moisture of her cunt, looking so pretty to her, so lovely and… delicious.

“Did you enjoy that, Jeff?” she asked in a whispery voice, moving her hand down his stomach to very tenderly fondle his balls. “Did it make you feel better?”

“I loved that, Mom,” Jeff replied. “I had no idea it was this good.”

Peggy lifted her head and looked at him. “You mean to tell me you’ve never fucked a girl, Jeff?”

He shook his head, as if ashamed of the fact, his face slightly flushed.

“I got your cherry?”

He nodded.

Peggy squealed, and she began kissing her son with hungry pleasure, running her tongue about his lips and chin, then probing at his throat. “I’m so glad!” she said in a soft voice. “I’m glad I was your first piece of ass, honey. You don’t know what that means to me.”

She curled her arm beneath his head, cradling him in her armpit. Jeff moved a thigh across her body, curling a hand about a tit. She lay there, looking up at the ceiling. The dim light was still on, and she felt so good. Her body felt as if she were tingling all over. She enjoyed the way he pressed his wet cock and balls against her hip, the way his breathing warmed her naked tit. Somehow, he had gotten his shorts off his legs, she noticed.

Peggy felt no guilt about what she had done. Everything had all been leading up to this since that first night she went out the door with him, peeking into those windows. She had known, in the back of her mind, when she had left with him, had watched the supermarket man fucking his wife that this would happen sooner or later, that she would fuck her son.

She looked down at his sleeping face, seeing how terribly young he was. But his youth made no difference. The age a boy was when he felt those hot juices running meant nothing. When those juices boiled, something had to happen. Boys his age jacked off like crazy constantly, she knew. Jeff had probably been jacking off for at least the past six months, once he found out he could come and the amazing feeling coming provided. She wondered when and how he discovered peeping into windows. She wondered if it was something he had thought up himself, or if he had seen someone by sheer accident and had just kept it up because it was so damned exciting.

Her thoughts drifted away as sleep overcame her.

Peggy awoke later, feeling pressure against her ass. She was on her side, her back to Jeff. She was facing the window, and could see it was daylight even through the thick drapes.

She felt her son’s hand caressing up and down her thigh, felt the pressure of his cock upon her naked ass cheeks.

“Mmmmm,” she said sleepily. “You want some, honey?”

“You feel so warm, Mom,” Jeff said, against her back, his cock throbbing at the crack of her ass.

“So do you,” she replied. “Especially your hard cock there. Did you wake up with a hard-on, darling?”

“I always wake up with a hard-on, Mom.”

“Want to stick it in something nice and warm and wet?”

“Warm?” he laughed lewdly. “Your cunt isn’t warm, Mom… Your cunt boils!”

“Well… If you don’t want it…” she teased, starting to pull her ass away.

But Jeff grabbed her hip and held her tight against his cock. “I didn’t say that,” he yelped, as if afraid his mother would get out of bed. “I want it!”

She giggled like a little girl, shoving her ass against his cock. “Put it in me, Jeff.”

She felt him searching around with the head of his cock, and she drew her knees up, holding them against her tits with both arms. She felt her son moving behind her, his cock leaving a moist trail along one cheek of her ass.

“You wanna fuck this way, Mom?”

“Anything wrong with this way?”

“No!” he said, the swollen head of his cock finding the hairy lips of her cunt. “This is fine with me.”

“I thought it would be,” she gurgled as he slipped his cock into her pussy slowly. “Ooooo, that feels very good, Jeff. A morning fuck is one of the best, I think.”

Jeff’s cock went deep into her cunt, and she moved a hand between her thighs, grasping his balls. “Ooooo, shove it deep, honey! Oh, damn… your cock is so fucking hard again I love it when a cock is that hard, Jeff! Ahhh, baby, fuck me!”

She wiggled her naked ass, resting on her side as her son began to fuck his cock in and out jerkily. The way his prick stretched her cunt lips, the stuffed feeling his cock gave her sent burning tremors racing up and down her body. She wiggled her ass with him, thrusting back as he fucked forward, moaning in pleasure, squeezing and twisting at his precious young balls.

His breath was hot against her back, and she murmured encouragement as he slipped a hand to her tit, closing his fingers and massaging hotly. Ecstasy began to grow inside her, and she moved her ass faster, but her position on her side made movement a little difficult.

“Wait, baby,” she whispered. “Just a minute.”

She pulled her ass away, and climbed to her hands and knees, waggling her naked, beautiful ass in the air. “Get on your knees behind my ass.”

Jeff moved quickly, snorting with eagerness. She lowered her head to the pillow, arching her ass invitingly to him. Jeff gazed down at his mother’s ass, seeing the twinkle of her tight asshole and the hairy lips of her cunt pooching from her thighs. He moved his cock to her pussy, and fucked deeply with a grunt.

Peggy murmured her delight, swinging her uplifted ass about. “Ohh, yes, Jeff! Now you can fuck the hell out of me! Fucking this way makes me fed so good, and I come so fucking fast in this position! Fuck it, Jeff! Ohhh, baby, fuck it hard and fast. My cunt is so hot so wet… And it needs your beautiful, hard cock! Fuck me, fuck me!”

Jeff was gripping her hips with tight fingers, fucking his cock in and out of her tightly clinging cunt, gasping with noisy sounds. Even that thrilled Peggy, her own grunts loud as he fucked into her pussy hard enough to shake her tits and slide her head on the pillow. When the top of her head began to bang at the headboard of the bed, she felt nothing but his cock fucking so deliciously into her fiery cunt. The bed was shaking, but she didn’t even feel that. Her hands clawed at the sheets. The sounds coming from her were those of a woman experiencing the ultimate in ecstasy.

“Oh, baby, you’re going to make me come… if you keep fucking me so damned fast and hard!”

“I wanna make you come, Mom,” Jeff groaned above her shaking ass. “I wanna feel your cunt squeeze my cock the way it did last night! That was good, Mom!”

“You have to come, too!” she yelped. “I want to feel you squirting come juice up my wet snatch, Jeff! If I come, you have to come, too!”

Peggy tried to whip her ass back and forth with him, but her son was sucking her very hard and fast. She had fucked him last night while he lay as rigid as a board, so maybe, she felt, it was her turn to be still. But she wasn’t the sort of woman who could be still when a hard cock was fucking her. She had to move. Somehow, she managed to shake her ass erotically as he clung to her hips, the lips of her cunt closing tightly about his fucking cock. The deep muscles of her cunt, when friction like this began set up a squeezing movement that was almost like lips sucking a cock. As her son fucked her, Peggy’s cunt seemed to be sucking him off at the same time.

She could, she knew, make her son come off without moving. She could make him come simply with that sucking action of her cunt. But she preferred the thrusting friction of fucking.

“Qhhh, almost there!” Peggy wailed, digging her nails into the sheet. “I’m about to come, Jeff! Oh, harder and faster and deeper! You’re going to make me come!”

When she came, Peggy screeched with the ecstasy. It started as a groan and grew into a high-pitched wail. Her cunt grabbed at her son’s hard cock, milking it with wet heat. Jeff fucked his prick deep into his mother’s tight cunt, screwing his face up. His balls felt smashed, he pressed so hard. Then he came, come juice flying from the head of his cock like water from a water hose with a great deal of pressure built up in it.

“Oh, my God!” Peggy wailed, her eyes squeezed shut with ecstasy. “Ohhhhh… my God! You’re filling me, darling! Oow, so much! You’re coming so fucking much in my cunt! It’s so good… so fucking good! Drown me, honey! Drown me with that sweet, sweet come juice!”

The sensations were so terrific, Peggy didn’t even know when her son pulled his cock from her cunt. She still had her ass high in the air, her pussy pulsating wildly, her asshole winking tightly. Jeff, sprawled back on his elbows, gasping heavily, watched his mother’s asshole flexing, the puffy lips of her hairy cunt twitching.

He remembered seeing the doctor with Sandra, and, before Peggy realized it, Jeff shoved his face into her ass and began licking at her asshole with his wet tongue.

“Ohhh,” she mewled, arching her ass into his face. “You know how to make me feel so good!”

Jeff laughed as he pulled his face out of her ass. He slapped her cheeks playfully.

“That’s enough of that shit,” she said, but her giggles removed any hint of anger, which she didn’t feel in the first place. “Who do you think I am… Joey’s mother? I don’t go for any of that rough shit, darling.”

“I’m gonna get a shower,” he said, jumping from the bed but leaning over and kissing his mother’s creamy ass before he walked into the hallway. “You’ve got a hell of a pretty ass, Mom.”

“Thank you,” she laughed. “I think, anyway!”

“Gives me some good ideas,” Jeff said from the hall.

“Fuck you, darling!” she called out.

“Fine with me. Just as soon as I get showered.”

“Asshole,” she murmured as she climbed off his bed.


Peggy had just slipped into her robe when the doorbell rang.

On her way to answer it she noticed it was almost noon. She heard the shower going as she went past the hall bathroom, then stepped in quickly, calling to Jeff, “I’m closing the door, honey… someone is at the front door.”

She opened it end saw Sandra standing there. “I thought you and I needed coffee together.” Sandra smiled brightly.

“I don’t know about you,” Peggy said, running her fingers through her mussed hair, “but I need coffee, together or alone.”

“Mmmm, just got out of bed, I see,” Sandra said as she came in. “I had no idea you slept so late, Peggy.”

“I had trouble sleeping,” Peggy said, going to the kitchen and setting the coffee to brewing.

“Any particular reason for that?” Sandra asked. There was an expression on her beautiful face that made Peggy not reply. Sandra was dressed in a very becoming sundress with narrow, fragile straps over her shoulders, her tits half-naked. The dress was very short, and when she sat down, it rode almost to her lap, revealing her tantalizing thighs almost to her crotch.

As they talked, Peggy found herself hoping desperately Jeff would put on clothes before coming into the kitchen, or at least his pants. She didn’t want Sandra to know they were fucking. Sandra was probably the hottest ass Peggy knew, and, now that she knew Sandra was fucking the doctor and her candles while her husband was out of town, she was sure Sandra would to try to make something nasty out of the relationship between her and her son.

But Sandra wasn’t that kind of woman, she hoped Sandra didn’t run around the town telling what she knew. She could probably keep a secret forever.

Jeff stepped into the kitchen.

And Peggy almost dropped out of her chair. He had his shorts on but his cock hung out of the fly, almost hard again.

“Jeff!” she yelped.

Jeff stopped, frozen where he stood.

Sandra saw him, her eyes raking over his prick, a smile spreading over her face.

“Well, look at that!” Sandra said, “Mmmm, I had no idea you had such a lovely cock there, Jeff.”

“Jeff, put some clothes on!” Peggy groaned, embarrassed.

“Oh, no, don’t do that,” Sandra said. “Let’s get a good look at that pretty thing. My but it looks good enough for a girl to eat!”

“Sandra!” Peggy groaned. “That’s my son!”

“I know very well who Jeff is, Peggy,” Sandra replied, licking her lips. “I’m not ashamed to admit I’d love to have a taste of that cock.”

“Sandra, please!” Peggy’s face was flaming with embarrassment, her eyes wide as she stared at Sandra.

“I sure do please,” Sandra said. “You know, I think something is going on here. A boy just doesn’t walk into the kitchen with his cock hanging out… not when his mother is there.”

“What are you implying, Sandra?” Peggy asked, but without force in her voice. They had been caught, she knew. Sandra was no dummy. She knew what was going on.

Sandra ignored Peggy, gazing hungrily at Jeff’s cock. But he turned suddenly and ran from the kitchen. Sandra laughed, a deep, throaty laugh. “Come on, Peggy, let me in on this. I’m your best friend, you know. If there’s a little incest going on here, I want in on it.”

“You’re horrible,” Peggy said, feeling some of the heat leave her face. “The things you imagine.”

“I’m not imagining anything, and you fucking well know it, Peggy, my darling. You’re fucking Jeff. That’s a plain fact now. You’re fucking your son.”

“And you’re fucking the doctor!” Peggy snapped before she could stop herself.

“You’re right about that, except for one thing,” Sandra gurgled. “I’m not fucking him; I’m sucking him. There’s a difference between fucking and sucking, isn’t there?”

“Not that I can see,” Peggy said.

“Well, for one thing I promised my husband a long time ago that I would never fuck around on him. I didn’t, however, mention anything about not sucking. I like to keep my word when I can.”

“I still say you’re horrible.”

“But you know something?” Sandra said, ignoring Peggy’s accusation. “I’d break my word if I could fuck that cute cock of Jeff’s. Yes, I most definitely would break my promise.”

Jeff came back wearing pants — his expression sheepish. But he could hardly keep his eyes off Sandra’s exposed thighs. Sandra, of course, noticed that. While he stood at the sink, facing them, she twisted in her chair and deliberately spread her legs.

Peggy gasped softly, and Jeff stared, his mouth open. Sandra was not wearing panties beneath her sundress, and her hair-rimmed cunt could be seen. Sandra, with a straight face, looked at Peggy while Jeff gazed up her skirt. “I won’t ask how you know about me and the doctor,” she said. “I think I already know. For instance, last night…” She let it fall off, a knowing expression on her face.

“Last night?” Peggy said, foolishly.

“You don’t think I was doing all that just for my entertainment, do you?” Sandra asked, winking at Peggy.

“You knew Jeff was…”

“Of course,” Sandra said, turning her gaze back to Jeff. Peggy saw her gaze burn upon the front of Jeff’s pants, where his cock was now obviously hard.

There was tension in the air, a heavy tension which seemed to crush Peggy. She knew what Sandra was up to but did not in the least find it distasteful. On the contrary, she was anxious for it herself. Jeff’s cock bulged out very hard against his pants, and his eyes were very hot as he stared without shame under Sandra’s dress.

Then — and Peggy felt it was deliberate — the thin strap on Sandra’s right shoulder started to break, and suddenly her round, beautiful, firm tit was exposed, her nipple sweetly hard. Sandra made no attempt to cover her tit. She licked her lips and began to tease her nipple with the tip of a finger. Peggy’s cunt swelled and her clit began to throb as she watched that finger circling the succulent nipple, hardly knowing that she, too, was licking her lips.

Jeff, his eyes shifting about, going from Sandra’s creamy tit to her revealed cunt, was trembling, his legs weak. Sandra slipped her hand around her naked tit, giving herself a squeeze, then slid her hand downward. She began inching her skirt up, her eyes blazing with desire at the lump of hard cock in Jeff’s pants. Peggy’s gaze followed Sandra’s hand, her breathing quickening.

With her skirt at her lower stomach now, Sandra shoved her hips forward on the chair, spreading her legs farther yet. She crooked a finger at Jeff, paying no attention to Peggy now. Jeff moved toward the woman, glancing nervously at his mother. Peggy nodded her head, and Jeff stepped closer to Sandra. Peggy watched her friend opening her son’s pants, panting with excitement now. This was better than peeking into a window, she thought, watching Sandra shove her son’s pants down to his feet. Jeff’s cock throbbed straight out, his balls tight at the base. His prick head was intensely swollen, and Peggy saw fuck juice dripping from his piss hole.

“Oh, that’s what I call a beautiful cock!” Sandra crooned, closing her fingers around Jeff’s prick and feeling, stroking, and squeezing his cock. She fondled his balls, twisting them gently but eagerly.

“What are you, going to do?” Peggy asked. The answer was obvious, but she had to ask anyway. Her voice was very husky and her eyes were blazing hot. She wiggled her ass on the chair, finding it extremely exciting to watch Sandra fondle and play with her son’s cock this way. Her robe had parted by now, and both her sugary tits were exposed, her nipples rubbery in hardness, tingling deliciously.

Sandra didn’t answer Peggy. She moved Jeff by placing her hands on his hips until he was between her thighs. Jeff, being short, stood with his cock only a few inches above Sandra’s pulsating, hairy cunt.

“You’re going to fuck me now, Jeff,” Sandra said almost conversationally. “You’re going to put that lovely hard cock in my cunt and fuck me. My promise to my husband can piss up a rope. I want that sweet cock in my pussy!”

Peggy felt as if she were dreaming, but having a beautiful dream. Watching her friend fondle her son’s cock was thrilling, and it made her cunt boil with wet heat. Her eyes, although slightly unfocused with desire, burned as she watched Sandra move a little. Then the head of her son’s cock was, touching her puffy, fiery cunt. It was kind of weird, Peggy thought. They should be in the living room, the bedroom, someplace besides the kitchen, sitting in kitchen chairs. But Sandra sat there, her ass shoved forward, her skirt about her waist. Now, that lovely, sweet, glistening cunt lifting slightly. And then it seemed to Peggy that Sandra’s pussy sucked Jeff’s cock right inside.

“Oooo, so nice!” Sandra murmured. “I like this! I haven’t had a hard cock in my cunt for two weeks… I need this! Oh, I need it so bad!”

Sandra clung to Jeff’s hips, squirming her ass up and down, sliding the scalding lips of her hair-framed cunt back and forth on Jeff’s cock. Peggy saw her son reach for Sandra’s tits, pulling the other thin strap away. His ass pumped, his cock sticking into Sandra’s cunt as he squeezed at her firm titties, grunting with effort. The soft, ecstatic whimpers and sobs coming from Sandra sent shivers of pleasure up and down Peggy’s flesh as she watched her son’s cock being devoured by that searing, wet cunt. She did not realize she was clawing into her own tits, her eyes cloudy with passion. If she had known, she would not have stopped. It felt good to fondle her tits as she watched this woman fucking her son.

She could see the way Sandra’s clit, longer than her own, scraped along the shaft of her son’s slippery cock. She could see almost everything, but she felt a desire to be closer to them. She moved over until she was standing at their sides, her robe flapping open now. She still holding her tits with both hands, her nipples were protruding between her fingers. Jeff, humping his hips, fucking his cock in and out of Sandra’s grinding cunt, immediately caught one of his mother’s tits with his mouth and began to suck hard. His hand slipped past her robe, around her shaking hip, and clutched one of her tight ass cheeks.

Peggy was not in the least surprised or offended when Sandra shoved a hand between her thighs, sliding it upwards. Peggy spread her feet, arching her hips forward, and Sandra caressed her cunt, rubbing her hand back and forth, then working a finger into Peggy’s cunt, fucking her finger in and out as she churned and thrust her cunt onto Jeff’s cock.

“Oh, God!” Sandra groaned, her head twisting around as her hips moved up and down. “Ohhh, this is good! Fuck me, Jeff! Oooo, honey, ram my cunt! God, God… I can’t get enough cock! Fuck me, fuck the piss out of me, Jeff!” Peggy found her passion growing higher as she listened to Sandra, watched her naked hips thrash about as Jeff fucked her vigorously, his balls beating back and forth on her grinding ass, his cock going deep. Sandra was finger fucking her frantically now, and Peggy could not resist the opportunity to grab one of those rounded tits of the overheated woman. She found Sandra’s tit a delight to touch, to cup and squeeze. It also sent Sandra into a whirlwind of motion, her hips grinding and churning in a frenzy. The finger up Peggy’s cunt fucked wildly, and Peggy was bordering on an enormous orgasm, her cunt pulsating and sucking at Sandra’s finger.

“Oh, bang the piss out of my hot fucking cunt, Jeff!” Sandra screamed in ecstasy. “Ram the shit out of my hot ass, honey! I love it love it! Oooo, hard, baby!”

Peggy squeezed Sandra’s tit hard with her fingers, feeling the rigid nipple burn into her palm. She was now humping her own hips on the finger of Sandra, her son digging his hand into her tightening punching ass.

“Fuck her, Jeff!” Peggy wailed, feeling her orgasm ready to explode. “Ohhh, darling, fuck Sandra’s cunt! Squirt it to her… come in her hairy pussy, Jeff! Ooooo, that’s beautiful, so fucking beautiful, your cock fucking her! Fill her hot twat with your sweet, sweet come juice!”

“Yes! Oh, God… yes!” Sandra wailed. “Let me have it, Jeff! I want it — need it! Come in me!”

Jeff was fucking frantically into Sandra’s gripping cunt, his eyes shifting about as he tried to watch her hair-lined cunt gobbling his cock and watch his mother’s lovely pussy being finger-fucked so aggressively.

Sandra suddenly shrieked, her hips slamming up hard, Jeff’s cock deep. “I’m coming!” she yelled. “Ohhh, I’m coming so fucking hard!”

Immediately Peggy’s cunt exploded around the deeply buried finger of Sandra, her body shaking as her eyes rolled in her head. Her legs weakened, but remained upright, her hips jerking as she came time and again, her orgasms flowing with wet heat through her. The insides of her thighs were as slippery as her cunt with all the fuck juices seeping from her fiery pussy.

Jeff rammed hard into Sandra’s clinging, flexing cunt, gushing come juice into her with loud grunts. His small body seemed to be having tremors as he came.

Peggy slumped away from Sandra’s hand, leaning weakly against the kitchen table, her cunt still pulsating hotly, her tits trembling, ripples moving about her flat stomach. Jeff, very weak, slumped down to the floor, his cock pulling free of the clamping cunt lips of Sandra, who had slumped tiredly in the chair, her legs still spread wide. Peggy could see her son’s come juice gleaming on the hairs of Sandra’s cunt, could see it drip from her. She licked her lips, feeling another slightly milder orgasm burst within her pussy.

“Oh, my God!” Sandra moaned, struggling to sit upright, a satisfied smile on her beautiful face. “That was what I call a fucking! I needed that fuck so bad… I can’t tell you how badly I needed a cock up my cunt.”

Jeff, sitting on the floor at her feet, grinned up with pride on his young face. His cock, soaked with the juices of Sandra’s cunt, dangled between his thighs. Peggy, too, had a radiant smile on her face. She knew, after watching Sandra the night before with those candles, of her son’s desire to fuck the woman. She was pleased that it happened, and was even more pleased that she had watched them actually fuck. Being finger-fucked by Sandra at the same time was not in the least embarrassing to her. She was comfortable with her sexual nature; she knew that in the heat of wild, frantic passion anything could — and usually did — happen.

They had all calmed down a bit now. Peggy looked at Sandra, her eyes shining. “Tell me the real reason you don’t fuck the doctor, Sandra. Promising your husband you wouldn’t fuck is just an excuse.”

Sandra grinned. “You’re right,” she said. “The real reason is I don’t like enormous cocks all that well. I prefer a cock like Jeff’s. I tried to fuck him and that Goddamn monster hurt. I can’t take those big fuckers. Now Jeff’s cock.” She glanced down at it and licked her lips. “That was just right for my pussy.”

“Then you mean your husband’s cock isn’t large?” Peggy asked.

“Larger than Jeff’s, of course,” Sandra said. “But he’s a man, and Jeff has a ways to go yet. But I can take my husband’s cock quite comfortably. He knows about me. He knows I’m a real hot ass, and I won’t go without a cock very long.”

“Your husband knows you’re fucking around?”

“I don’t like that term ‘fucking around’,” Sandra said. “I’m not an easy fuck. But I do fuck who I want to fuck, and, yes, he knows.”

Jeff had been stroking Sandra’s thighs, feeling them, his cock standing up again. Sandra’s eyes watched his prick grow. She was ginning from ear to ear.

“I love it when a guy can get a hard-on so fast after fucking me,” she said.

“Why don’t you suck it?” Peggy heard herself say. She didn’t know why she said it, except what she and Jeff and, Sandra were doing excited her. “Yes, why don’t you suck my son’s cock off… like you sucked the doctor’s cock. I think Jeff would love a blow job.”

Without saying anything, Sandra glanced at Peggy, her eyes gazing at her tits and cunt for a moment, then she slipped from the chair and pushed Jeff onto his back, his cock jutting up in hardness, still glistening with the juices of her cunt. Sandra removed his pants from his feet, then leaned over him. She braced herself with one hand and jerked her skirt past her ass with the other.

Peggy looked at those long thighs, the creamy shape of Sandra’s naked ass, the spreading of those smooth cheeks, the tight pucker other asshole, the hairiness, of her cunt as her pussy seemed to pooch between her thighs. Her cunt began to steam again.

She watched with hungry eyes as Sandra began to lick about her son’s balls, her long tongue lapping at them, making Jeff tremble with pleasure. When Sandra sucked both Jeff’s balls into her mouth, Peggy pressed the heel of her hand hard into her throbbing cunt, moaning softly with voyeuristic delight. As Sandra sucked Jeff’s balls, Peggy watched that beautiful, tantalizing ass wave and shiver. When Sandra released his balls and began lapping her long tongue up and down his wet cock, Peggy saw Sandra’s cunt actually flexing as she wiggled her ass.

But it was much more exciting to watch Sandra lick the fuck juices off Jeff’s cock, and that was where her eyes gazed. When Sandra took Jeff’s cock into her mouth, sliding down the prick shaft to the base, moaning in hungry ecstasy, Peggy’s cunt exploded with an orgasm. She dropped to her knees in a position where she could watch Sandra’s stretching lips suck up and down Jeff’s cock, but still keep a hot eye on her lovely, naked ass and busy pussy. When Sandra became so hungry for Jeff’s throbbing prick that she had to suck fast, Peggy could not resist touching that inviting flesh. She ran her hand about Sandra’s ass, her fingers touching lightly at the puffy cunt and dragging from the swollen clit, up the slit, and toying about the tight heat of her asshole. Then with Sandra bobbing her mouth up and down in a moaning frenzy, her ass swaying about and arching into Peggy’s hand, Peggy fucked two fingers into Sandra’s cunt, finding Sandra’s pussy very wet and intensely hot. She fucked her fingers in and out of Sandra’s cunt while the woman sucked with a mindless hunger on her son’s cock. The moans coming from Sandra were enough to let Peggy and Jeff know how greedy she was to have a hard cock inside her mouth.

“Mmmmm!” Sandra gurgled, lifting her lips a fraction off Jeff’s cock. “God, does your cock taste good, Jeff! It fits my cock-sucking mouth just right, too! I can take it all the way down my throat! You’re going to get a beautiful blow-job, baby! When I can swallow a cock like this, I’m a damned hungry cock-sucker!”

She slammed her mouth back down onto Jeff’s cock, gurgling and swinging her uplifted ass about as Peggy finger fucked her almost violently. Peggy gripped her son’s tight balls in her free hand, pulling and twisting them while Sandra’s lips sucked hard. She could feel the hot wet stretched lips brush her hand often as Sandra deep-throated Jeff’s cock.

Peggy could feel the sucking motions of Sandra’s pussy on her fingers, and thought fleetingly that it was an odd coincidence they both had cunts that could do that. She rammed her fingers deep into the amazingly wet pussy of Sandra as the woman shoved her ass back, her head dipping and rising as she sucked almost frantically on Jeff’s cock. Jeff was twisting and writhing his ass about on the floor, the wet heat of Sandra’s month sending fantastic pleasure through his young body.

When Sandra came, Peggy felt those hairy hot cunt lips squeezing at her fingers. She didn’t need to hear the ecstatic moans bubbling from Sandra’s cock-filled mouth to know the woman was going through powerful orgasms, one after the other.

Jeff arched his hips up, grunting loudly. Peggy jerked her fingers out of Sandra’s convulsing cunt and leaned down between his thighs, watching his balls writhe as they became tight. She saw, with hot, slightly unfocused eyes, his cock pulsating, and heard the gurgles coming from Sandra. She watched Sandra’s throat working, knowing her son was gushing his come juice into her mouth and Sandra was swallowing it hungrily, mewling in passion as she did so.

A white glob of come juice escaped Sandra’s tightly sucking lips and ran down to his balls. Sandra kept sucking with loud, wet swallowing sounds as her mouth flooded with the thick, sweet come juices spurting from his piss hole. As Sandra pulled her lips from Jeff’s cock when he finished coming, Peggy moved her face forward. But Sandra darted her tongue out and lapped up the come juice that had dripped onto his balls. Peggy had not even realized she was moving her face forward until then. She ran her tongue over her lips, settling back on her heels, wondering if she would really have lapped her son’s come juice off his balls if she had beat Sandra to it.

Peggy didn’t know, but she found herself wondering what her son’s cock would feel like between her own lips, if his come juice would be sweet on her tongue.


This business of peeking into windows had certainly started other things, Peggy thought as she sat watching her son in the shower.

She had scrubbed his back for him, and, by the time she had finished, he had had another of those beautiful hard-ons. She had bathed earlier and was sitting on the toilet in her panties, legs crossed, foot swinging. Jeff had chattered and talked constantly since Sandra had gone home. He detailed every feeling he had had to his mother, what it felt like to have his cock sucked off, the heat and wetness of Sandra’s mouth, his pleasure of coming off in her mouth and her swallowing his come juice. He asked his mother if all women who sucked cocks swallowed a guy’s come juice, but Peggy told him she had no idea.

“Do you suck cock, Mom?”

Peggy was watching him soap his cock and balls, watching the smooth prick head, his piss hole flaring as he stroked his soapy cock. She wondered how he could still be so hard. Sandra had stayed with them most of the afternoon and Jeff had fucked the woman twice more. And still his cock was up and ready for more pussy. She wondered, but she was intensely pleased.

She thought about his question, wondering how to answer. She had, of course, sucked cock before. Yet she hesitated to let him know. She didn’t know why she was holding back. Perhaps there was still a lingering bit of guilt about fucking him. She had felt no guilt last night, but that had happened because they both had been so aroused and excited by watching Sandra and her two candles. She wondered if she would have fucked her son if they had not seen that. They had been, she knew very well, on that particular path from that first time of peeking in a window together.

She did not answer his question. She uncrossed her legs and, watching his hard cock, shoved her ass toward the edge of the toilet, spreading her knees. She began to rub at her cunt through her panties, slowly but firmly. She knew Jeff found a particular enjoyment in watching a woman play with herself, and she enjoyed pleasing him. She thought of Sandra’s wet lips wrapped about his cock, and that made her cunt become hot very fast.

Jeff stepped out of the shower, his body dripping water everywhere. Peggy looked at him with moist, hot eyes, still rubbing at her panties. Jeff stood looking for a moment, then went to his knees.

“What are you going to do, honey?” she asked.

Jeff laughed as he caressed her long thighs, then pressed hiss young lips to the inner creaminess of one. He kissed his mother’s thigh, then began to lick. Peggy moaned as his tongue moved higher, going toward her crotch. She pulled her hand away, resting it on her stomach at the elastic of her panties, watching his young face between her legs.

Jeff ran his tongue up and down the crotch of his mother’s panties, tasting the wetness of them, and he laughed again. Then he was no longer laughing; Jeff pressed his mouth tight against his mother’s crotch, his lips wide open, sucking at her panties.

“Oooo, darling,” Peggy mewled, grabbing the back of his head and pulling his face tight into her cunt. “Are you going to lick me?”

As she said that, she clawed her panties to one side, exposing her bubbling cunt to him. Immediately, Jeff shoved his mouth against his mother’s cunt, sucking at her puffy pussy lips, his tongue flicking about. Peggy made a soft sob of delight, arching her crotch up and writhing.

“Oh, good!” she groaned as his tongue seemed to move into her cunt. “Oh, baby, that’s good!”

Jeff slipped his hands underneath his mother’s ass, cupping her checks as his tongue darted and swirled into the wetness of her cunt.

They had been planning to search the area for something exciting to look at, but neither thought of that in this moment. This was the first time Jeff had licked her pussy, and Peggy was thrilled. She refused to admit to herself she had felt a little jealous while he fucked Sandra. But his darting tongue up her cunt made all that evaporate. He had not sucked Sandra’s cunt, despite the hungry blow job the woman had given him. Peggy was getting her cunt sucked by Jeff for the first time, and it was almost as though she was receiving his virginity all over again. She had given him his first piece of ass, and now she was being sucked by him his very first time. That made it all okay to her. He could to anything he wanted, she told herself, as long as it was done to her first. She knew she was being possessive, but she couldn’t help, it.

Peggy lifted her knees and draped them over her son’s shoulder, holding his face with her hot, smooth thighs, twisting her cunt into his mouth. Jeff’s tongue fucked in and out, licking at the flowing fuck juices, swallowing as his mouth filled. Peggy arched her hips up, trying to get her cunt tighter against his sucking mouth.

“Qooo, Jeff, darling!” she gurgled hotly. “Oh, baby! Ahhhh, that’s good, honey! Ohhh, you’ve got a long tongue, Jeff! You stick your tongue so far up my cunt!”

His eyes twinkled up at her, his nose buried into the soft mat of her cunt hair, his lips sucking at her as he tongue-fucked her swiftly. Her eyes burned down at him. Her stomach rippled with pleasure, hips grinding. She held the back of his head tightly, her thighs scissoring about his face.

“Suck me, Jeff!” she sobbed with hat pleasure. “Ohhh, suck me, darling! Suck mother’s cunt, baby! Suck it! Suck it! Tongue-fuck my pussy, Jeff! I’m so hot, so fucking hot now! Fuck in my wet cunt with your tongue, darling!”

Peggy was almost lying on the toilet with her back as she moved her crotch over the edge. It was an uncomfortable position, but she wasn’t feeling anything but ecstasy as his tongue fucked in and out of her tight wetness. His upper lip seemed to be pressing and writhing against her swollen clitoris, increasing the staining pleasure between her legs. Wet slurping sounds came from his tightly pressing mouth as his tongue fucked and licked.

Jeff managed to pull his face out of his mother’s cunt, and, when Peggy started to protest, he began licking and kissing at the smooth flesh near her pussy, sliding his tongue across the sensitive lips of her cunt front thigh to thigh. Then he began lapping up and down her slit and she felt the tip of his tongue probe her asshole before he dragged his tongue up and into her cunt. Then his tongue was out again and his lips closed about her knotted clit, sucking hard as his tongue flicked back and forth.

“Ohhhh, that’s good!” she squealed. “Suck me like that, darling! Ohhh, suck my clit my hot, hard clit!”

But Jeff pulled back again, keeping his face close so be could lap up and down her cunt, could twirl his tongue around his mother’s throbbing clit. Peggy was about to go out of her mind with erotic sensations, urging him to suck and tongue her cunt.

Jeff licked and sucked at each cunt lip in turn, then chewed lightly at her clitoris. Finally he rammed his tongue deep in her hairy twat and thrust it in and out like a cock, his top lip pressing tightly onto her clit.

Peggy went wild, her head twisting about as the boiling ecstasy increased with intensity. She beat her heels on his back, her inner thighs squeezing hard at his face.

“You’re going to make me come!” she screamed. “Ohhh, there it is! You’re making mother come! My cunt is… my cunt… is coming!”

Jeff felt his mother’s cunt closing about his tongue. He fucked his tongue in and out, tasting the sweet juices she flowed into his mouth. The sound of his wet sucking and licking seemed to increase the power of her orgasms and her body was trembling as she came and came.

Peggy came so much that her legs fell weakly from his shoulders, twitching. Jeff’s young face was smeared with the juices of her pussy, his lips and cheeks and chin. But his eyes shined brightly with satisfaction. His cock stood up very hard, and Peggy whispered thickly, “Put your cock in my cunt now, Jeff. Fuck me now.”

Holding his mother’s thighs, Jeff, on his knees, fucked his mother as she sprawled precariously on the toilet.

Peqgy mewled softly as her son’s cock fucked in and out of her sensitive cunt. Her clit after coming so much, could hardly stand the scraping, but she managed. Besides, his cock fucking in and out of her cunt overcame that sensitivity. The thick hardness of his cock stretching her cunt felt, better to Peggy than anything in the world, and she would have kept his prick inside there all the time if such had been possible. His sweet, precious balls, swinging against her quivering ass cheeks thrilled her greatly. She wished her panties were off so she could feel them better but didn’t want to stop this fucking to remove them. She wanted her son to fuck her hard, really bang the piss out of her, bruise her tender cunt even.

“Harder!” she yelled at him. “Fuck me harder! Beat my cunt, Jeff! Ohhh, baby, beat the piss out of mother’s hot wet cunt! Fuck that pussy… that twat… snatch… cunt!”

She felt her son’s cock swell and throb within the tight grip of her cunt. Then he was coming, squirting rapidly into her receptive cunt, the thick sweetness spattering the walls of her steaming, velvety pussy. Jeff fucked hard into his mother’s cunt as he came, feeling her pussy drawing on his cock, sucking the come juice from his tight balls. His young face was screwed up with intense ecstasy, sounds of delight coming from him.

“Fucking panties,” Peggy complained after he pulled his cock out. “I’m going to stop wearing them. They seem to get in the way lately.”

Jeff thought that was a wonderful idea for her to go without panties and told her so.

“Really?” she asked pleased he would enjoy that. “You think that would excite you, me being naked under my clothes?”

“Only when you wear dresses and skirts, Mom,” he said. “It don’t matter about jeans.”

“Then that’s what I’ll do — no more panties!”

And she stripped them off.

The night was dark, lit only by a half moon. Slipping along the darkened streets, Peggy held her son’s hand tightly. Both were anxious to find something interesting, both were keyed up. The increase of sexual activity contributed to this eager feeling, of course.

However, it was a good feeling.

Peggy was dressed in a light colorful summer dress, without panties or bra. She was, other than the dress and shoes, naked. A sense of freedom, delicious wicked freedom, was in her.

They looked into a few lighted windows, found nothing of interest, then walked on. Peggy sensed Jeff’s growing disappointment. They stopped just outside the circle of light from a street lamp, and Peggy hugged him against her body, one hand clutching the cheek of his ass while she thrust her tongue into his mouth. She felt his cock hardening against her body. Twisting against his cock, she moaned softly into his mouth.

“We’ll find something,” she whispered.

What they found was a young girl and boy friend. It wasn’t all that exciting to Peggy, but Jeff enjoyed it. Apparently the girl’s parents weren’t home, and they watched from the concealment of thick shrubbery as the boy fondled the girl’s tight tits. The girl, with her fist gripping the boy’s cock, stroked and sighed and squealed a lot. When the boy shoved the girl’s dress up, the girl widened her legs so he could get into her panties. This seemed to excite Jeff; his cock was throbbing very hard when Peggy ran her palm over his hard-on.

Peggy pulled her son’s cock from his pants, and stroked, looking a few times into the window, but mostly at her son. She could see his expression in the light coming through the window, and his eyes shined. The sight of a young boy and a girl feeling each other up hardly did anything for Peggy, but her son’s excitement did. It made her hot, very hot. Jeff whispered to his mother that he knew both the boy and girl, who were a few classes above him. They were, he told her, quite popular in school, always walking about the corridors holding hands and whispering. They had been elected the school’s king and queen at the last prom dance.

“They won’t fuck,” Peggy whispered against Jeff’s ear. “They’re just going to feel around.”

But Jeff was excited watching them. Peggy had a hunch her son either was going through, or had gone through a crush on this older girl. She pumped on his cock, feeling his prick throb as his eyes stared at the girl’s long slim thighs, and heard him swallow when he got a glance of her little cunt, the boy pushing her panties to one side.

Being more interested in her son than in what was happening in the house, Peggy loosened Jeff’s belt and shoved his pants down there in the bushes. She used one hind to jack on his cock, the other to fondle his tight young ass. She pressed her crotch to his hip, rubbing and running her tongue about his ear, breathing hotly. Her pussy was bubbling, her inner thighs slippery again with the seeping cunt juices.

Running a fingertip over his piss hole, she found he was dripping. Without saying a word to her son, Peggy slipped to her knees, where she squeezed at his young ass, jacking on his cock, and began to run her tongue and lips about his hip, his thigh, licking and tasting his sweet flesh. She felt her son shaking with excitement as he gazed in the window, his cock pulsating powerfully in her fist. She trailed her tongue about his hip, shoving her face behind him to lap daintily at the cheek of his ass. She ran her tongue down where his ass cheeks creased into his thigh, then drug her tongue up the back of his ass. Again she worked her mouth and tongue to his hip, then turned him so he faced her. His cock jerked up and down before her face. She could barely see his cock and balls, but that didn’t matter.

Holding his cock at the base with a thumb and forefinger, Peggy probed the tip of her tongue against his dripping piss hole. She heard her son gurgle with delight as his hand rested on top of her head. As she tasted the oozing juices of his cock, Peggy’s mind reeled with erotic ecstasy. She twisted and twirled her tongue around the smooth head of his prick, feeling his cock grow even harder. Shoving her hands around his hips, she cupped the cheeks of his ass, her tongue fluttering about his cock, licking the hard shaft, probing at his young, precious balls, sliding up his cock again to the smooth prick head, where she probed his piss hole at the tip.

Peggy began to moan softly with a hungry eagerness, kissing at her son’s cock. She clutched the cheeks of his ass, her fingers squeezing. Jeff, trembling, arched his hips forward and the head of his cock slipped between his mother’s lips. The hardness of his cock, the searing heat, the gripping piss hole on her tongue caused Peggy’s body to shudder with ecstasy, and she came in a wet, mild orgasm, her ass shaking.

A moan of delighted hunger came from her tightly stretched lips, and Jeff fucked more of his cock into his mother’s mouth as he kept watching the boy and girl in the room. Pulling at his young ass, Peggy worked Jeff’s cock farther into her mouth until she felt the prick head at her throat. Her lips clung to the base, and his balls rested at her chin. She held Jeff’s cock deep in her mouth, her tongue pressing against his prick, her eyes closed as a hot sensation ran through her body. Her cunt was tingling with pleasure, the hairy lips swollen, her clit knotted.

“Ummmm!” she whimpered when Jeff started fucking her mouth. “Ooommm!”

He held her head with both his hands now, moving his cock back and forth, fucking between her clinging lips. Peggy used her tongue as she sucked him, holding still so he could fuck her mouth like a cunt. She clung to his young tight ass with both hands, ecstasy boillng through her because Jeff was fucking her wet, hot, hungry mouth.

She was answering his question at last as to whether she sucked cock. There on her knees, concealed by the thick bushes, with him watching a girl and boy feel each other up, she was giving him his answer.

Pressing her tongue hard at the underside of his cock, her lips tight, she created a slippery wetness for him. She was thrilled when that swollen cock-head probed her throat, and she had the insane desire to swallow that beautiful hard prick down into her stomach. She gurgled with happiness as he fucked her mouth, fucking his cock in and out slowly for a while, then speeding up as his excitement increased. She felt his cock throbbing between her lips harder than ever. Her lips stretched about his cock. His balls swung against her chin as he fucked in and out. She loved the way his thighs brushed the tingling thrust of her tits.

The soft gasping above her head was enough to inflame Peggy’s mind. She sucked on his cock as he fucked her, feeling as if her lips would be bruised by his powerful plunges. She didn’t care if they were bruised; the ecstasy she was feeling to have his cock inside her mouth wiped away everything but her pleasure. She was going through a series of orgasms, her cunt twitching with sweet contractions. As hard as she tried, she could not stop the hungry gurgles that came from her. All she could do was hope they didn’t make enough noise to be caught outside this window.


The sound Jeff made almost startled her. She had not expected it. He had been breathing heavily as he fucked her mouth, but the moans were unexpected. She glanced up his body with his cock buried in her mouth. He was still watching whatever was going on inside the house, his hips arching back and forth. If he was going to lose control and make noise, Peggy wanted to hurry him along toward discharge.

She began to thrust her mouth forward as he fucked into her throat, sucking back as he pulled away. She began to suck with hot, hard, quick movements while he kept fucking her mouth. She clawed at his tight young ass with strong fingers, pulling him toward her. Jeff’s cock lurched.

Come juice splashed against her throat. Peggy with her eyes closed, wailed softly with ecstasy. Jeff’s come juice was very thick, but, best of all, it was delicious. Her tongue was coated quickly, and he moved his hips back and forth, his cock squirting in rapid spurts, filling her mouth as she swallowed wetly, her tongue fluttering on the puslating hardness. Her cunt was convulsing as Jeff came into her mouth, and Peggy could not stop a soft sob of ecstasy. Her fingers dug hard into the tight cheeks of his ass, pulling her son’s cock as deep into her mouth as she could, letting him finish coming down her throat.

Fearful of the noise they were making, Peggy nevertheless clung to her son’s cock until he finished coming. When it was over, she pulled her mouth from him, dragging his pants up at the same time. She glanced into the window, seeing that the girl was jacking in a frenzy on the boy’s cock as he sprawled back, letting her please him.

“Come on,” Peggy whispered. “Let’s go home. We made enough noise out here to wake someone up.”

They slipped away as quietly as possible, walking fast to get away from that house.


“Mind if I come in and get fucked?” Sandra said, grinning at Peggy.

“You might as well.” Peggy smiled. “Like they say, once you do it, the next time is easier.”

“You’re a real friend, Peggy,” Sandra said as she came into the house. “There aren’t many women that would share their son with a friend.”

“That’s for survival,” Peggy replied. “Jeff is so damned horny all the time I need the help.”

Sandra looked around. “Where is that little fucker?”

“I had to send him to the store. He’ll be back soon,” Peggy said. “How about coffee?”

“Sounds good,” Sandra said. “Next to a morning fuck, coffee is best. But if I had my druthers, I’ll take a fuck before anything else.”

“It’s a nice way to wake up.” Peggy grinned.

“You got it this morning, huh?”

“Jeff woke me up by sticking his cock in me.”

“You don’t know how lucky you are, Peggy.”

They sat in the living room with their coffee. Sandra was wearing another sundress, a bright yellow thing that molded her perfect tits and showed off her slender thighs to perfection. Peggy was dressed in shorts and a thin cotton blouse. They sat at opposite ends of the couch, facing each other.

“Sandra,” Peggy said, “you said something the other day that puzzles me. You said you promised your husband you wouldn’t fuck around, then later you said he knew you fucked around.”

“A figure of speech, that’s all,” Sandra said. “I don’t fuck around, Peggy… I suck around, and, yes, he knows that I’m doing it. Since I’ve been married, no one else has fucked me until Jeff. But I’ve sure sucked a lot of cocks off!”

“Don’t you feel a little, you know, adulterous?”

“Yes, and I called him last night,” Sandra said. “I told him.”

“You what?” Peggy snapped, her eyes wide. “My God, Sandra! Do you know what could happen?”

Sandra grinned at Peggy. “I know what could happen, and want to know what he said?”

“He’s going to kill us, right?”

“Nothing so, drastic,” Sandra said. “My husband has had his eye on you for some time. He has this itch to stick his cock up your cunt, Peggy.”

Peggy couldn’t believe it. “That’s crazy,” she said.

“Not so crazy,” Sandra replied. “That asshole is always looking at you with that horny gleam in his eyes. It’s true. He wants a piece of your cute ass, Peggy.”

Peggy gazed at Sandra, feeling a thrill tingling through her stomach, a heat growing between her thighs. “You know that and it don’t make you mad?”

“It made me so mad,” Sandra laughed in a sultry sound, “I told him on the phone I just might be able to arrange his little fuck with you.”

“You didn’t!”

“I did.”

“But… you didn’t ask me, Sandra.”

“Would it be necessary to ask you first?”

For a moment Peggy couldn’t answer, then she shook her head. “No, not at all.”

“Then you’ll fuck him?”

Peggy nodded her head, feeling a little shy to admit she would fuck Sandra’s husband. “I will,” she whispered.

“I thought so,” Sandra said. “That made him so excited, he’s cutting his trip short and coming home tomorrow. We’ve never done this before, by the way.”

“Done what?”

“Swapped, I guess you’d call it,” Sandra said. “My husband for your son.”

“In the same room?” Peggy asked, feeling the anticipation of excitement starting inside her body.

“That’s the only way, wouldn’t you say? We can watch and do together.”

“Wait until Jeff hears about this,” Peggy laughed. “He’ll go wild for it.”

“Go wild for what, Mom?”

He came in the door at the end of the conversation, grinning when he saw Sandra there.

“Never mind,” Sandra said. “We’re talking about a surprise, that’s all.”

“What surprise?”

“It wouldn’t be a surprise if we told you, would it?” Sandra replied. “Why don’t you set those bags down and come over here.” She patted the center of the couch between her and Peggy.

As soon as Jeff was between them, Sandra draped an arm across his shoulders and began kissing him. Peggy watched Sandra’s long tongue lick at her son’s lips, and a glance at his pants showed a hard-on. Sandra was running her tongue in and out of his mouth. Peggy began opening her son’s pants while Jeff was squeezing at Sandra’s firm tits with both hands.

She had to drop to the floor as she pulled his pants off, his cock standing up very hard. Removing his pants from his feet, she shoved his knees apart and pressed her face into his crotch, twisting back and forth against his balls and lovely prick. Sandra pulled her tongue from his mouth and watched as Peggy licked up his cock, then closed her lips about his prick, going down all the way.

“Mmmmm, you love to suck cock, too, Peggy,” Sandra hissed in a hot voice. She leaned down. “Move over and let me have a taste.”

Jeff, sprawled out with his legs wide, looked down at his mother sucking his cock. He watched her move her mouth away, and then Sandra sucked his prick into her wet mouth. As Sandra sucked his cock, Peggy’s eyes glowed with a heat that seared her body, and she pulled her son’s balls into her mouth, sucking them as she had this very close view of Sandra sucking Jeff’s cock.

Jeff, with a hot mouth riding up and down his cock and his mother sucking his balls, squirmed about in erotic ecstasy. Sandra’s and Peggy’s mouths sent trembling desire up and down his young body as he removed his shirt. Then his mother was sucking his cock and Sandra was squeezing his balls. He arched his hips up, twisting about.

Sandra spread out on the couch, on her stomach with her face near his hip. Peggy stayed on her knees between Jeff’s legs, and they began taking turns on his cock, each sucking awhile, then giving over to the other; Peggy and Sandra mewled and giggled like two naughty little girls, their tongues often touching each other’s as they passed Jeff’s pulsating hard-on between them.

“Somebody is gonna make me come!” Jeff moaned.

“That’s the idea, baby,” Peggy said, her voice thick with erotic emotion. Sandra was sucking on his cock at the time, and she was rubbing his precious balls against her lips. “We want you to come.”

Sandra sucked back from Jeff’s cock and shoved his prick into Peggy’s mouth, her eyes gleaming hotly. “We don’t care who gets that come juice, Jeff,” she said, watching Peggy suck greedily on the throbbing hardness. “You can come in either of our mouths. Right, Peggy?”

“Mmmmmm!” Peggy murmured a reply, her tongue fluttering around her son’s cock!

Peggy started licking along the shaft of her son’s cock, with Sandra on the other side, her tongue racing up and down, too. Their tongues met at the tip of the swollen head, both tasting the seeping sweetness at his piss hole together.

Jeff watched those tongues with blazing eyes, making grunting sounds of delight. Being licked and sucked by his mother and the beautiful Sandra at the same time was a fantasy come true for him, or any young boy with intensely erotic thoughts. He could not reach his mother’s tits, but he dug tightly to Sandra’s.

“I think I’m gonna come!” he groaned. “I sure think I’m gonna come!”

“Oh, do it!” Sandra mewled.

“Come, baby!” his mother urged hotly.

Their tongues raced about the head of his cock, each trying to take his prick into her mouth. Sandra had hold of his balls, and Peggy was squeezing the base of his cock.

The bubbling squirting of come juice splashed into both those open mouths. Peggy was taking a spurt of come juice into her mouth, then moving his cock a fraction so Sandra got some, too. Still, Jeff came so much that their faces were coated. The thrill of having come juice spurting into her face sent Peggy’s cunt into a boiling orgasm, making her squeal loudly as her tongue tried to capture the gushing fuck juices, fighting with Sandra’s tongue for his come juice.

When Jeff slumped, finished, Peggy and Sandra saw each other’s face and laughed. “We’re not quick enough, I guess,” Sandra giggled.

Peggy ran her tongue over her lip. “I don’t know about you, Sandra, but I want that cock up my cunt.”

She stood up and began to strip, dropping her shorts and blouse to the floor, then standing naked, eyeing her son’s cock with hot eyes. Sandra jerked on Jeff’s prick, and was pleased to see his cock swelling so hard, and so fast.

Peggy straddled her son, and Sandra fitted his cock up her cunt. As Peggy bounced her naked ass up and down, fucking her son happily, Sandra removed her dress. Since that was all she had on, she was naked before the dress hit the floor. Watching Peggy’s ass bouncing up and down, Sandra knelt between Jeff’s knees. Staring at Peggy’s wet cunt fucking up and down on that lovely cock, she shoved her face forward and began to suck at his balls. Peggy’s ass brushed at her nose as it wiggled. Sandra ran a hand under Jeff’s ass, clutching a tight ass cheek as she sucked hotly on his balls. Her other hand was caressing up and down Peggy’s smooth, creamy thigh and hip.

Jeff was holding his mother’s ass, his fingers tight as she thrashed, her cunt fucking down, taking his cock deep into her extremely wet cunt, squealing with delight at each thrust.

“Goddamn, I’m gonna come again!” Jeff groaned. “I’m gonna come again… fast!”

“Oooo, yes!” Peggy wailed, her ass fucking up and down with short, jerking motions. She fucked him frantically, but, as she steamed into an orgasm, her cunt slipped off his cock. “Ooooo, shit!”

As Peggy tried to get her son’s cock back in to her convulsing cunt, she found Sandra’s face in her way. Sandra had captured Jeff’s cock as soon as Peggy’s cunt left, and now had his prick deep inside her mouth. Peggy’s pussy was contracting against her son’s lower stomach, and Sandra was gurgling in wet ecstasy as Jeff’s cock spurted come juice down her throat. Sandra’s nose was shoved into Peggy’s ass, feeling her asshole flex while her cunt went through rippling orgasms.

“Delicious!” Sandra whispered as she moved her face away. “Cunt juice and cock juice together.”

Peggy slipped off her son’s stomach, moving her ass over the cushions, legs wide, breathing hard, her eyes glowing with pleasure. Before Peggy knew what was happening, Sandra had rammed her face into Peggy’s crotch, sucking at her cunt. It did not last for long, though.

“Mmm, I’m going to eat that cunt one of these days,” Sandra laughed, licking her lips. “I bet I can lick your cunt as good as I can suck a cock off, Peggy!”

“You wouldn’t!” Peggy said, not as shocked as she sounded.

“You just watch me,” Sandra said. “I’ll catch you in the right mood, and watch out!”

“You would!” Peggy said, partly astonished and partly eager to try that. “You really would, wouldn’t you, Sandra?”

“I get to watch!” Jeff said. “I get to watch if you eat Mom’s cunt, Sandra!”

“Of course you can,” Sandra said, stroking his prick gently and tenderly. “We have no secrets from each other now, do we?”

The question required no reply, and after a while Peggy got them more coffee.

“I need cock, not coffee,” Sandra said.

“You’ll get it,” Peggy agreed. “But we’ve got to give the poor kid a rest, don’t we? His cock looks a bit wilted to me.”

The talk, naturally, was all about fucking. Peggy found it was not at all uncomfortable to be sitting naked, her son naked, and Sandra naked, talking about cock and cunt and fucking and sucking. Sandra, not at all bashful, told them of the first time she had sucked a cock! She had been younger than Jeff she related. She laughed when she said for two years she thought that that was the way boys and girls fucked. “I suppose that’s why I love being a cock sucker,” she finished. “I thought a girl was supposed to suck cock and her cunt was only to piss with.”

Peggy told of seeing young Joey and his mother, detailing everything. Sandra made a face when Peggy drew a word picture of the boy pissing into his mother’s mouth.

“To each his own,” Sandra said. “It’s all right as long as everyone agrees, and no one gets hurt. Sounds to me like they both went in for that weird stuff willingly.”

Jeff, listening to them, found himself with a raging hard-on again. He had been sitting between his mother and Sandra, an arm about each, fondling their tits.

Sandra took his cock in her fist, pumping on his prick shaft, eyeing his cock hungrily as she and Peggy talked.

“I’m as ready as this hard cock,” she said in a thick voice.

She was on her knees quickly, her rounded and quite naked ass arching into the air. She ran a hand between her thighs, rubbing at her cunt, looking over her shoulder and saying, “Fuck that hot cunt, Jeff! Fuck me before I have to make myself come!”

But Jeff had his own idea. “Mom, you get down there, too. I wanna fuck both of you at the same time.”

“Come on, Peggy!” Sandra murmured. “We have to keep him happy if we want that cock.”

Peggy moved down beside Sandra, their hips touching. Jeff slipped to his knees and plunged his cock into his mother’s cunt, fucking her slowly. Then he pulled out and fucked into Sandra’s wet pussy. As he went from cunt to cunt, Peggy and Sandra began to kiss each other, further exciting Jeff, who was watching their lips and tongues as he fucked first one then the other. As he fucked his cock into one cunt, he felt his hand about the other.

Peggy swirled her tongue into Sandra’s mouth as her son fucked his cock into her pussy. When Sandra sucked at her tongue, Peggy began to wonder how it would be with that mouth sucking at her cunt. She had never been with a girl that way, but now that Sandra had talked about it, had actually kissed her pussy, Peggy found herself eager to give it a try. She knew Sandra’s cunt would be soft and wet and hairy against her mouth, then wondered why she was thinking about licking Sandra’s cunt… nothing had been mentioned about that.


“Oooo, ram it to me!” Sandra moaned against Peggy’s mouth. “God, I love that young cock fucking me! Bang the piss out of my cunt, Jeff! Pound my hot ass… fuck it, baby!”

Oddly enough, Peggy found that she felt pleasure mostly because of Sandra being fucked by her son. She loved feeling Jeff’s cock penetrating her bubbling pussy. But listening to Sandra’s hot words of encouragement, knowing her son’s cock was up her bushy cunt, somehow excited her tremendously.

She found herself wanting to watch Jeff fuck Sandra, to see his cock fucking in and out of her cunt. She thought, somehow, it would be more exciting to see her son fucking Sandra than having him take turns on them this way. She could always fuck him when they were alone, suck his cock, have him eat her cunt.

Perhaps going with him and peeking into those windows was making her more voyeuristic.

She was starting to move away when her son made a loud grunting noise. His cock had just pulled from her cunt and was on its way to Sandra’s pussy.

She felt a hot splash of come juice on her ass, directly against her tight asshole. She turned in time to see her son squirting come juice all over Sandra’s waving ass and cunt as he tried frantically to fuck his gushing cock into to her pussy.

With a quick motion, Peggy twisted about and caught his cock with her lips. And that was where Jeff finished coming — in her mouth.

Sandra wailed with disappointment. “I was almost there!” she complained, turning to see Peggy with her lips grasping the head of Jeff’s cock. “It’s all over my fucking ass… not in my fucking cunt!”

She took the final spurt of her son’s come juice in her mouth. Peggy’s pussy contracted into a wild, raging orgasm so strong that she sprawled to the floor on her stomach, her ass shaking as she came, her hands clawing at the carpet.

Sandra saw Peggy’s creamy ass twisting about; she knew she was coming with intense ecstasy. Also, she saw the thick gleam of come juice between the crack of Peggy’s ass. With a wild groan, she pulled those creamy ass cheeks wide apart and buried her face there, licking hotly against Peggy’s juice-covered asshole, sucking at the same time.

Feeling Sandra’s tongue lapping her asshole, Peggy shivered as the heat began to cool down. Peggy remained on the floor, resting on her stomach, her head turned sideways and watching Sandra sucking and licking at Jeff’s cock and balls now, thinking of Sandra’s husband, who would be here tomorrow night. A burning sensation near her ass sent another thought through her — tonight, after Sandra had gone, she was going to have Jeff fuck her in the asshole.

After all, she thought, if we’re going to get involved so heavily, we should try it all.

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A mother’s desire for her son is a subject as old as the world of literature, and its theme, incest, can be traced in the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. The subject has been probed by Sophocles, and Freud defined the problem of incest. Eugene O’Neill, a great playwright, encompassed the theme in one of his most important works.

An incestuous desire is normal, healthy, and to be expected, but should this need on part of a woman to physically possess her son remain unchecked, the possible catastrophe which might follow could be of such dimension that none involved will recover.

FLASHER MOM is the story of an incestuous relationship between a divorced housewife, Karen Morgan and her very young son, Tommy. It is a startling novel with an important message for society.


Karen Morgan knew the man was looking at her, his eyes bright as he peered between her knees and under her skirt.

When she first realized what the man could see, a flush came over her face, but then she felt warm and good. Not that the man could really see anything — she wore nylons attached to a garter belt and then there were her panties, so he couldn’t see anything, not really.

She sat in the molded plastic chair of the air terminal, waiting for her son to arrive. She had gotten there early, eager to see him after his two-month absence. She always hated it when summer came and Tommy had to visit with his father. She didn’t really mind that Tommy stayed with his father, but she detested the woman who brazenly called herself Tommy’s new mother. There was no other woman who could be his mother, Karen told herself, and that woman her ex-husband had married had better watch herself.

Glancing at the huge clock, she saw it would be another half-hour before Tommy’s plane arrival. As eager as she was to see her son again, Karen enjoyed the wait. She had never minded crowds, being around people. In a way, she enjoyed it. She enjoyed watching the different faces, the way people talked and moved. She was — Karen admitted with a twinkle in her eye — somewhat of a voyeur. She liked to see what women wore in public, their hair styles, their makeup. She liked looking at men, the different sizes and shapes, and tried to determine if they were aggressive or timid, what businesses they were in.

She was a people watcher.

And people watched her. Karen was aware of her cover-girl looks, her tall and slender body, her rich, long auburn hair and green eyes. She was a beautiful woman, having a rare beauty seldom seen outside the pages of magazines. She had been compared to many of the recent sex symbols of the film world, something she hated. She did not resemble anyone but herself, she thought.

Karen had, in the past, refused to become a face on a magazine or a centerfold that men — and giggling young boys — could fantasize over as they jerked off. Not that she had anything against them jerking off. She also didn’t find anything wrong with the girls who posed in the glossy magazines with their flawless tits exposed, their slender thighs parted to reveal the pink wetness of a hair-lined cunt. On the contrary, she sort of enjoyed looking at the lovely girls herself.

Karen was still receiving offers to pose in fashion magazines and men’s magazines. She had, in her late teens, been a fashion model for one of the larger clothing stores, modeling mostly lingerie. She had been displayed in many mail order catalogues, wearing tight bikini panties or nylons or seductive garments.

But that was years ago and she had no intention of returning to that work.

She glanced again at the man across from her, peeking from under lowered eyelids. The man looked boldly at her, his eyes gleaming with appreciation. Dropping her gaze down his body, Karen noticed the man had a hard-on. His cock was bulging up against the front of his pants, and it didn’t seem to bother him if anyone saw.

Karen could actually feel the man’s gaze on her body, on her nyloned thighs. Her flesh became warm, a slight shiver passing through her. Karen wore a green-and-black checkered, pleated skirt. The checks were small and the colors blended perfectly. Her blouse was a frilly white garment, buttoned up the front, the top three buttons open. The lace of her bra could be seen, as could the creamy swell of her tits.

The man directly across from her, about eight feet away, could see the tanned flesh of her thighs past the nylons. And not only that, he could also see the tight crotch of her panties. The view of this succulent beauty increased the size of his cock significantly.

Karen, still pretending she did not notice, lifted her right foot, placed it on her left knee, and pretended to adjust the high heel on her shoe. The man’s eyes glowed hungrily as he saw the expanse of Karen’s crotch even better. Karen knew the impact this had on the man, and she glanced at the front of his pants once more. The poor man would come in his pants very soon. She giggled to herself, lifting her eyes boldly to his. But the man did not react as she thought. He gazed at her openly, then ran his tongue about his lips with a slight grin on his face.

Seeing his tongue move that way sent a flash of heat between Karen’s thighs. Her cunt twitched inside the tight band of her panties, and her clit suddenly became swollen. The lips of her cunt became puffy as the fuck juices started flowing.

On an impulse, she moved the tip of her tongue over her full, moist lips, giving the man a slow, lewd wink. The immediate attraction between them grew hot, and Karen felt adventurous. She had never allowed herself to be picked up by a strange man, nor had she picked any up herself. Yet, the man’s cock was bulging out beautifully. It was so hard and ready to fuck and her cunt was boiling for a good fuck.

The crotch of her tight panties was getting quite wet, too.

Giving in to impulse, Karen stood up, and, as she started walking slowly away, she glanced over her shoulder at the man, once more running her tongue about her lips and letting him know with her green eyes what she wanted. The man, not at all the timid sort, stood and began to follow her. She giggled softly when he shoved a hand into his pocket to conceal his hard-on.

Karen moved about the huge waiting area, her eyes searching for some place of concealment. She swayed her ass, feeling the man’s gaze on her ass. What she was doing was totally out of character, she knew, yet she felt compelled, driven to lead this strange man someplace, to take his cock out and play with and feel his prick, perhaps make him come. The idea of doing that with a total stranger in such a public place excited her tremendously. It was something she had never done in her life, yet the urge to do it now was too powerful to resist.

She knew the man was close to her, but had no idea how close until she stopped abruptly. The man’s cock prodded against her ass.

“Oh!” she gasped, glancing over her shoulder at him. The man smiled, and Karen smiled back. She was standing near a bank of public telephones, the kind with doors. There was not much privacy there, with the top half of the door’s glass, but it was the only place she could find.

Stepping into one of the booths, she looked at the man again. Boldly, he stepped into the booth with her, closing the door. Karen faced the telephone, took the receiver off the hook and placed it to her ear and mouth, hearing the dial tone. Behind her, the man ran his hands about her hips and over the swell of her ass, feeling her feverishly. His hot breath was close to her neck, and she wiggled her ass into his hands.

People walked past, but none even glanced at her and the man in the booth. Karen’s cunt was boiling as the man ran his hands about her body. She shoved her free hand behind herself and grasped his cock through his pants, squeezing, feeling the hardness of his prick.

“Hurry!” she hissed in a thick voice. “Hurry up and do it!”

“You got it, lady,” the man grunted.

She felt him fumbling with his pants. Then her skirt was lifted from behind. The man slipped her bikini panties down just past her ass. She felt his cock rubbing about the smoothness of her ass cheeks, then probing between her thighs. Karen, with a soft sob of pleasure, arched her ass back for him.

“Hurry!” she hissed again.

“You got it, lady,” the man grunted, rubbing the swollen head of his cock back and forth on the puffy lips of her wet cunt. “I am, lady! I’m trying to hurry, but I’ve never been fucked in a telephone booth before.”

“I know it’s cramped,” she hissed over her shoulder, “but it’s all we can find. Please hurry up!”

The man’s cock slipped into the fiery heat of her cunt now. Karen gave a soft cry of pleasure as she felt her pussy stretching to accept this unknown man’s cock. She shoved her ass back against him as his cock fucked deeper. Although her eyes glazed a bit as the ecstasy flowed through her, she could still see men and women walking past them, only a few feet away. It gave her a strange, perverse thrill to be taking a cock from a total stranger up her cunt in a telephone booth of a very active air terminal. Any one of those passing men and women could have seen what they were doing if they had paid attention, and that, too, excited her.

The booth was much too crowded by the two of them and the man could not get the depth he wanted. About half his cock was all he could fuck into Karen’s cunt. Karen, holding the telephone to her face as though carrying on a conversation, thrust her ass back against him, trying to help the man fuck deeper into her fiery pussy. The sensations enveloping her seemed to be scalding. Her eyes were glazed with the pleasure she felt. Even in the cramped booth, she could feel the rounded head of his cock with her highly sensitive cunt lips, could feel his prick throbbing as he fucked in and out. His gasped breaths seared the flesh of her neck as she twisted her ass for him.

Unexpectedly, Karen started coming.

“Ooooo… ohhhh!” she moaned, her eyes closing as the heat of orgasm swept through her like wildfire. Her cunt closed and squeezed at the man’s cock, gripping tightly with a convulsive motion.

“Goddamn!” the man snorted. “You’re hot, lady!”

Karen made no reply. Her cunt was squeezing his cock hard and wet, drawing on his prick. Her legs were very weak, and, if she had not been pressed against the phone, she would have slumped to the floor.

The man fucked faster and faster into her clasping cunt, as his own discharge swelled inside his balls. Karen grunted hotly, trying to ram her ass back against him in the tight confines, her cunt going through spasm after spasm of ecstatic orgasms. The series of orgasms seemed hotter and more pronounced than any orgasms she had enjoyed before.

It was crazy, like a dream. She was in a phone booth with a man she had never seen in her entire life, fucking swiftly, her cunt convulsing, and people swirled about only a few feet away. Crazy, to be sure, but so very exciting!

“I’m going to come, lady!” the man grunted, fucking his cock as deep as he could under the circumstances. “I’m going to come!”

“Yes! God, yes!” she hissed in a hoarse voice. “Hurry and come! Please, hurry!”

She felt his cock jerking inside her cunt, although she was still gripped by orgasmic ecstasy. She felt his cock become larger inside her pussy, the head of his prick seeming to be the size of a small apple now. The man groaned a sound that would have been a bellow if they had been alone.

The rushing spurts of his come seemed to splash along the satiny walls of her cunt like water from a garden hose with full pressure. His come squirting into her cunt sent Karen into a shaking spasm of final orgasm, an orgasm that brought a tight squeal from her constricted throat.

She was vaguely aware that the man was pulling her panties back up, stuffing his cock into his pants. It was a moment or so before she trusted her legs to move. The man opened the booth and stepped out, Karen following. The man allowed her to lead the way again, back to the waiting room. Again she felt his gaze on her ass, and she could not resist a tempting twitch for him.

Back in the molded chairs again, the man elected to sit next to her, talking. But Karen wasn’t interested in conversation with him. She was wondering what had come over her, why she had deliberately fucked this man in such a crowded and public place. It had been shameful of her, something she would never have done before. But Karen could not deny the erotic excitement she had felt.

The man introduced himself, handing Karen a business card, a card she took but didn’t look at.

“I live in the city,” the man was saying. “Perhaps we could have dinner some evening, a show maybe.”

“Please, I have no interest in going out with you,” Karen said. “I don’t even care to know your name.”

“But,” the man said, puzzled, “what about, you know, what we did? Surely you’d like to.”

“Surely I’d like you to shut up,” Karen said.

“But won’t you tell me your name?”

“No, I won’t,” she replied. “Listen, guy.”

She faced him. “You got what you wanted, so what’s the big deal? A simple fuck doesn’t make us asshole buddies, you know. I have no interest or desire in seeing you again, or going out with you, or ever fucking you again, understand?”

“Well, sure… okay,” the man said, blushing a little.

Karen crossed her long legs, rocking one foot slowly as she waited for her son’s plane to arrive. There was another man sitting across from her now, a man with a paunch and silvery hair. She noticed he was gazing at her thigh, and she smiled to herself, wishing there were time to…


She glanced at the clock and saw her son’s plane had landed a few minutes ago. She turned to see the deplaning passengers, and saw the man she had fucked greeting an attractive woman with two teenagers in tow. One of the teenagers, a very pretty blonde girl, was hanging onto his arm and chattering away excitedly, calling him “Daddy”. When the man glanced at her, Karen very deliberately allowed her knees to open so he could have a last peek at her crotch. The man hurried away with his family, not even looking, back at her.

“Asshole,” she said under her breath, watching the man swiftly hustle his family away.

She turned her gaze back to the passengers coming through the door, her eyes raking over the silver-haired man across from her. The man’s eyes bulged out, his mouth open. She glanced at his pants and saw a spreading stain there. Karen giggled to herself, knowing the man had come off and made a mess in his pants, all because he had seen her open her knees briefly for the departing man and his family.

Somehow, knowing the man had come off in his pants just from seeing the crotch of her panties was even more exciting than fucking that man in the telephone booth. She gave the man a radiant smile, closed her thighs, and searched the crowd for her son.


She turned toward the voice and saw Tommy a few feet away. With a shock, she realized her son had seen what she had done, exposing herself that way. For a moment she felt ashamed of herself, then saw the bulge in her son’s pants.

Getting to her feet, she ran to him, flinging her arms around him and holding him tightly. She kissed his cheek and smoothed his hair back over his forehead.

“I’ve been waiting and waiting,” she said. “You hear so much about planes crashing, and I was worried and your plane was late and…”

Tommy had never heard his mother talk this way, talk so excitedly. He took her hand as they started to retrieve his luggage, trying to hide big hard-on.


Karen knew her son had seen her flash her crotch at those men, but he said nothing about it. She knew, too, that Tommy had a hard-on himself, and she knew he tried to conceal it.

What she had done in the air terminal had been strange behavior for her, but it had excited her tremendously. She had never done anything like that before, but as the impulse to do so came, Karen gave not one more thought about the wrong but flashed the man eagerly. Even then, she had no thought of fucking him, but still, she had done that, too.

In the cab, on the way home, she noticed that her son was unusually quiet, glancing at her knees often. Shivering with that strange feeling again, Karen managed to hike her skirt without being obvious. Feeling her son’s gaze on her nyloned knees was turning her on, something she found unusually exciting. Her skirt rested halfway up her thighs, almost to the tops of her nylons. She pretended to look out the window of the speeding cab, letting her son look at her thighs without knowing she was letting him.

Karen wondered if her son desired her, if he would love to stuff his cock up her cunt, to fuck her, his own mother. She knew most boys Tommy’s age were very interested in seeing women, yearning to explore the mysteries beneath their dresses. She also knew that Tommy, just before going to stay with his father had been coming. She had found the evidence of his come in the sheets a day or so before he had left. Apparently he had not come before, she thought. She wasn’t sure at what age a boy could discharge, but Tommy had apparently reached that age now. She wondered if seeing her thighs would make him come in his pants the way that silver-haired man had done at the air terminal. It would be nice, she thought, for her to come off as he sat next to her, gazing at her long, creamy legs. It gave her a warm, tingling sensation to think her son could come off by looking at her, that it was her — his mother — who made him spurt that sweetness from the head of his cock.

The cab pulled up before their home and stopped. The house was a sprawling ranch-style home with a well-kept lawn and lots of shrubbery. It was located in a very nice, well-kept neighborhood, showing the affluence of the residents.

Tommy got out as the driver went to the trunk to unload his luggage. He stood a few feet from the open door, watching his mother swing her long legs to the curb. Karen sensed her son’s gaze on them, and she paused with one leg outside, the other still in the cab. Her skirt, halfway up her thighs, stretched and parted with her legs. Glancing at her son, she saw him staring directly between her legs. She knew he could see the creamy flesh of her thighs past her nylons as well as the bulge of her cunt in the tight crotch of her skimpy panties. A ripple of strange excitement flowed through her, and she felt a fire licking at her cunt.

She paused this way for a long time, staring at her son’s young and handsome face, letting him gaze under her stretched skin. She stayed that way until the driver had deposited his bags on the curb, then she stepped out, smoothing her skirt down over her hips.

After paying the driver, she helped her son carry his suitcases to the house. She paused to search for the key in her purse, feeling her son’s gaze burning on her back. The same kind of impulse she had felt at the air terminal came over her, and, before she could truly consider her actions, she dropped her purse.

“Oh, shit!” she exclaimed, and she bent from the waist to pick it up. Her skirt lifted very high in back, and she knew Tommy could see past her nylons. A twitching of steamy heat flowed through her cunt, and she bent even more, hoping her son could see her panties. Whether he did or not, she had no idea, but thinking that he had excited her.

The house was comfortably cool after the heat of the early afternoon.

“Honey, take your bags to your room,” she said. “It’s so hot and sticky, I’m taking a shower right away.”

“Sure, Mother,” Tommy replied, and she caught a quiver in his voice.

She glanced at him, then turned her back and began unbuttoning her blouse as she walked toward the hall. By the time she reached the hall, she had pulled her blouse off. Tommy, she knew, was gazing at her back, seeing the strap of her bra. She hoped his cock was hard again.

Karen took a long shower. By the time she finished and wandered back to the living room, wearing only a robe, she found the place empty. She had been in the shower for some time, and she peeked into Tommy’s room. That, too, was empty. Going to the kitchen, she looked out into the back yard where the pool glistened in the sun. Tommy was there, wearing his trunks. She should have known that that was where he would be, she thought with a smile.

Thai she saw the blonde head of Cathy surface near where her son sat. Cathy lived next door. She was a beautiful little girl her son’s age. She watched Cathy jump onto the deck, her lithe young body, slender and lovely, dripping water. Cathy was wearing a very tiny polka dot bikini, bright yellow with black dots. Her small tits barely jutted from her chest, and the bottoms of her bikini clung wet and tight to her sweet little ass. The lower cheeks of Cathy’s ass were exposed, and the girl made no move to pull the material from the crack of her ass.

Karen watched the girl sit before her son, her legs drawn up with her chin resting on her dimpled knees. Her son, too, sat with his knees up, and a small gasp came from Karen. She could see the head of her son’s cock peeking from his trunks, and it was obvious the little girl could, too. She watched her son’s cock grow, swelling into hardness. She could not hear what they were saying, but they were talking. Her eyes became fixed upon her son’s cock as his prick grew into a full hard-on, the head of his cock now standing from his trunks completely. Although Tommy acted as if he was not showing his cock, it was obvious to Karen that Cathy saw his prick. The girl’s eyes sparkled and she was looking directly at Tommy’s prick.

Then Cathy darted a hand for Tommy’s cock. Karen saw those small fingers grip her son’s cock for a brief moment, then Tommy jerked away and dived sideways into the pool.

Seeing her son’s cock shook Karen more than she wanted to admit. Her cunt had almost convulsed with orgasm as his cock grew. She wandered through the house, the image of his cock branded on her brain. The heat in her cunt was becoming more pronounced. The way Cathy had reached for Tommy’s cock told Karen that this couldn’t possibly be the first time she had seen his prick. She wondered how long this had been going on. Cathy had lived next door to them for three years, and Karen knew how close Tommy and the girl were.

Returning to her room, Karen slipped into a pair of bikini panties, leaving her robe on. Taking her nail polish, she went back to the living room and began to paint her toenails.

Hearing her son enter, she looked up and smiled. She had one foot on the couch, half her toenails finished. “Hey, guy; you’re dripping water all over the carpet.”

“Sorry, Mother,” he said and started to turn. But he had caught a glimpse of his mother’s thigh.

Karen felt her son’s eyes burning on her flesh, and her gaze moved immediately to the front of his wet trunks. His cock swelled before her eyes, straining at the thin fabric of his trunks. She ran her tongue over her lips, knowing her son was watching her. Glancing down, she saw what he was gazing so intently at. Her robe was open, the crotch of her panties showing. But that wasn’t all. The dark auburn curls of her cunt swirled around each side of the tight band, and her cunt was outlined, her pussy lips puffy, with the slit clearly showing.

Tommy was not in the least bashful as her gaze went down his body to stop at his throbbing hard-on again. He stared openly at his mother, his eyes showing his excitement at what he saw.

There was a heavy but thrilling tension between them. They didn’t speak for a long time, just looked at each other. Finally, Karen spoke, her voice throaty with desire.

“What have you been doing at your father’s, honey?” she asked. “Maybe you shouldn’t visit him anymore. You’re getting older and taking an interest in girls.”

“I saw her, too,” Tommy said, his gaze never moving from his mother’s crotch.

“Saw who? Cathy?”

“Dad’s new wife.”

“Oh? What do you mean… you saw her, too?”

“Like this,” Tommy said. “Only she didn’t have panties on.”

Karen gasped at her son’s boldness. But his boldness excited her. The fact that Tommy wasn’t at all shy about seeing her so exposed, his cock so hard, sent a simmering heat about her inner thighs.

“No panties on?” Karen asked, her voice now just a whisper.

“No,” Tommy replied. “She wasn’t as hairy as you, Mother.”

Karen surprised herself now. She stared with open admiration at her son’s straining cock. “You don’t like a lot of hair, baby?”

“Oh, I love a lot of hair, Mother,” he said. Again Karen surprised herself. “You’ve seen a lot of hairy cunts?”

As soon as that word came from her, she felt heat creep over her face, but Tommy giggled about it. She was finding that her son was more precocious than she had imagined. His cock strained hard against his wet trunks and she could see his prick throb.

“I’ve never seen any cunt… except hers, Mother,” Tommy said without blushing.

Karen shivered with heat as he said that, her mind swirling with strange pleasures. There was a bubbling sensation in her cunt now, a bubbling heat that was soaking into her panties as her son kept staring at her.

“Not even Cathy’s?” she asked.

Tommy shook his head.

“But, I saw her grab your… grab you.”

“Cathy is always trying to see me, Mother,” he said, “so I let her. She says she likes to see a guy with a hard-on.”

“I do, too,” Karen whispered, gazing significantly at her son’s cock now. “I truly love to see a guy with a hard-on.”

“Like me?” Tommy asked.

Karen nodded her head slowly, watching her son’s cock throb against his trunks. She could see the full outline of his prick, even the size of his swollen cock head.

“Would this be better?” Tommy asked, and jerked aside the leg of his trunks. His cock thrust out, very hard. Then he covered his prick quickly.

Karen moaned softly, excited by her quick glance at her son’s cock.

“Is that what… your father’s wife did?” she asked.

“She didn’t do anything, Mother,” Tommy said. “She just sat in a chair with her legs open and no panties on.”

“What did you do?”

“I came off,” Tommy admitted without embarrassment. “I came in my pants.”

“She saw?”

“I think so,” Tommy answered. “She giggled, anyway.”

“Would you like to… well, see mine?” Karen heard herself asking.

Tommy made a choking sound as he nodded his head.

“You really would?”

“Yes, Mother.”

“You’d never tell anyone, would you?” Karen asked, her voice low and husky with lewd emotion. “You won’t tell a soul, not even Cathy!”

“No one, Mother,” Tommy said. “I won’t tell anyone, not even Cathy.”

“Promise?” Karen’s eyes were glittering with a steamy hunger now, her body shaking with desire. “You promise, Tommy?”

Childishly, her son crossed his heart.

“Well, I guess a little peek won’t hurt,” Karen said, sliding her hand down her thigh, her fingertip tracing along the tight crotch of her panties, feeling the hair swirling out from it. “But you’ve got to keep it a secret!”

Karen sucked in a lung full of air, hooked a finger into the crotch of her panties and swung her uplifted knee wide. She jerked her panties to one side.

“Wow!” Tommy gasped, seeing his mother’s cunt. The rich dark hair was thick and long, but he could see the slit of her cunt, the wetness of her pink pussy, and the tip of her inflamed clit. “That’s nice, Mother!”

Karen giggled like a naughty little girl, sliding her panties back over her cunt.

“Lemme see it again, Mother!”

Karen hesitated. Having her son see her cunt had almost caused her to come. She stared at his straining cock, whispering, “You’re not going to come in your trunks, are you?”

“I don’t know,” Tommy replied hoarsely. “It sure feels like I might.”

“If I show you again, will you show me, too?”

Tommy’s hand moved fast, yanking his trunks away from his cock. Karen made a sobbing sound as her fingers pulled the crotch of her panties from her cunt again. This time she held it far to one side, letting Tommy stare at her pussy. Her eyes burned on the hardness of his prick. She held her knee off to one side, and the shapely triangle of her dark cunt hair was fully exposed to her son’s blazing eyes.

“Oh, shit!” Tommy gasped.

“Ooo!” Karen moaned.

Thick white come gushed from her son’s cock, splattering on the carpet a few feet in front of him. Karen held her panties wide, watching ha son come, her mouth open as she sucked in air, shaking with excitement.

“You’re coming, Tommy!” she groaned.

“I can’t help it, Mother!” he gasped, gripping his cock with a tight fist, squeezing his prick as if trying to stop himself from coming.

“Don’t!” she gasped. “Don’t try to stop it, Tommy! Come all you want… fuck the carpet! God! That’s beautiful watching your come squirt out of your cock!”

Tommy’s cock dripped to a stop, and he started to stuff his prick back into his trunks, but Karen stopped him. “No, don’t put it away yet baby!”

She stood up, her robe falling apart, her creamy, upstanding tits revealed, her rigid nipples pointing toward the ceiling. She found the box of tissue and moved to him, kneeling down and cleaning his come off the carpet. His cock dangled in front of her face, and she stared with hot eyes at his prick. A drop of come clung to her son’s piss hole.

Before Tommy knew what his mother was up to. Karen snaked her tongue out. Her tongue was very long, and the tip licked at his cock, barely touching the piss hole. Karen licked away a single drop of her son’s come juice. The taste caused her to shiver, made her eyes roll.

“Oh, my God!” she sobbed.

Tommy stared down at his mother, surprised and somewhat awed. Although her tongue had just barely touched the head of his cook, he had felt heat rush over his prick.

“Mother, what was…”

“Shhh,” Karen shushed him, her eyes focused again, staring at her son’s cock, glassy and hot. The tingling in the pit of her stomach sent wave after wave of strange hunger flowing through her crotch.

Sliding her son’s trunks down to his knees, she stared at his cock and balls for a long time. Kneeling before him, she looked closely at the sheer beauty of her son. A few hairs dotted the base of his cock, showing the promise of lush growth as he became older. The wetness of her cunt suddenly increased, and her clit felt ready to burst.

A low moan came from her, a moan that sounded very much like a growl. Her hands moved to her son’s hips, moved around them, cupping his small, very tight ass in her palms. Her gaze darted up to his face for a moment. Her eyes were glazed with erotic heat. Another moan bubbled from her, and suddenly she shoved her face into her son’s cock and balls, kissing wildly, sobbing with pleasure.

Tommy’s body shook as he stared down at the top of his mother’s head. He didn’t know what was going on, why his mother was doing this, but he knew he liked it and he wasn’t about to try and stop her. He liked the way her moist lips kissed about his thighs, his stomach; the way his cock rubbed her cheeks and chin. Her mouth on his prick felt better than jacking off.

Karen, still making soft sobbing sounds drew back and looked at her son’s cock and balls again. She held the cheeks of his ass tightly now. “Oh, Tommy!” she moaned. “I can’t stand it! I just can’t stand looking at it this way! I want to… oh, I’ve got to…”

Karen darted her face forward, her mouth opening wide. She gobbled her son’s dangling cock into her mouth, making muffled wailing sounds. Clutching at the cheeks of his shaking ass, Karen mouthed his cock hungrily, her tongue licking. She drew his prick deep into her hot mouth, her lips pressed against the base, writhing and twisting wetly. She devoured Tommy’s cock so aggressively he was almost knocked off balance. He grabbed at his mother’s head to steady himself, and Karen felt her son pull her face tighter into his crotch. Taking this as evidence her son wanted her to suck him off, she began to fuck her lips back and forth on his cock, her tongue pressing his cock against the roof of her mouth.

“Mother! Ohh, Mother!” Tommy yelped, staring at her, watching her lips swirl around his cock as she sucked back and forth. He wasn’t sure what to do. He felt as if his prick had been suddenly plunged into a scalding wetness, but a scalding wetness that felt better than his fist, so much better. What was happening to him was undreamed of, so erotic that his emotions swirled crazily as he watched his mother sucking his cock.

Karen felt her son’s cock swelling inside her mouth, becoming hard quickly. As his prick grew, she was amazed at how stuffed her mouth seemed to become. The throbbing heat of Tommy’s cock was so different than other pricks she had sucked on. She didn’t know what the difference was, only that sucking her son’s cock gave her more excitement, created more hunger than any other. She wasn’t sure why she was here on her knees, sucking her son’s cock so frantically. All she knew was that seeing him come all over the floor had triggered something inside her and then, with his cock so close to her mouth, she had become helpless to fight her erotic desires. Nothing could have prevented her from taking his cock into her mouth. Nothing!

Tommy’s cock was very hard now. Her lips slid back and forth with wicked wet heat. Tommy still clung to the back of her head, although he was no longer in danger of falling backwards. Karen held his ass cheeks tightly with her hands, jerking his cock into her mouth as she went forward, trying to get her son to fuck her mouth. She wanted him to fuck her mouth violently, to bang onto her lips until they became bruised. She wanted his balls to beat on her chin. She wanted her son to yank her head forward, to pull her mouth onto his cock as he fucked in, drove that swollen prick head into her hot, constricted throat. She wanted him to fuck her mouth as if her mouth were her cunt, to fuck into her mouth with his beautiful, hard sweet cock!

But Tommy didn’t know what she wanted. In any event, his mind wasn’t really working. All his emotions were centered at his cock and balls, feeling the sensations of his mother’s wet, hot mouth.

Karen sucked in frenzy on Tommy’s cock, jerking his prick into her mouth, ramming her lips onto his cock, gurgling as ecstasy swirled about her body. She had never wanted to suck a cock off as much as she did at this moment. The overpowering need to suck her son off, to have him spewing his young come into her mouth and down her throat was a compulsion she could not resist. The way his cock throbbed between her lips, the beat of his prick searing her, sliding over her tongue, the head of his cock almost penetrating her throat. Kane moaned with cock-hungry ecstasy, sucking at Tommy’s prick like a demented woman thirsty for the sweetness of his young, hairless, precious balls.

She clung to his tight ass, her fingers digging into the crack of his ass, her palms holding tightly, pulling him into her face with a brutal force as she sucked. Her tongue made wild, hot swirling motions, licking and pressing. Her rich dark hair danced and bounced in her fury of cock sucking hunger.

Tommy was dancing on his feet as the sensation of coming grew inside his tight young balls. He moved his hips, wondering what he should do. As the ecstasy of impending discharge bubbled hotter, he didn’t care what he was supposed to do. He could not have taken his cock from his mother’s mouth no matter if the roof fell in… not now.

Karen was unprepared when her son came. She had been sucking greedily, demanding his come juice. Still, when he started squirting into her mouth, she was surprised.

The thick come shot from his piss hole and splashed at the back of her throat. For a very brief moment, she wasn’t sure what had happened. The next spurt of come coated her tongue, and the heavenly taste of her son’s spunk made her sob wetly, her lips closed tighter yet. She fucked her mouth back and forth on his spewing cock, letting his come fill her mouth before she swallowed. Thick, creamy, sweet come flooded into her mouth, making her wail in a muffled way. Her fingers dug harshly into his shaking ass cheeks as she sucked as herd as she could on his gushing cock. Tommy’s come rushed out of his piss hole like water out of a hose, filling her mouth so full, seeping from the stretched corners of her mouth and dripping onto her chin. She had never sucked a cock that came so much in her life. But then, she had never sucked the cock of a very young boy before.

She stopped fucking her mouth back and forth when her son finished coming. She held the head of his prick between her lips and used her tongue to lick his piss hole, finally swallowing his come greedily. His sweet jism burned down her throat, making her moan with pleasure.

Karen had been so involved in sucking her son off that she wasn’t sure if she had came or sot. The crotch of her panties was soaked, but that didn’t necessarily mean she had come.

Letting her son’s cock slip out of her mouth, she wiped at her chin and the corners of her lips with dainty motions, looking up at him. Her eyes searched his expression for disgust or at least for a sign of embarrassment.

There was none. Only pleasure was visible in her son’s bright eyes.


Karen tossed and turned in bed.

The day had been a wild one. She had not intended to expose herself at the air terminal — it happened by accident at first, but then it felt so good to her that she carried it to the point of fucking that unknown man in a public telephone booth. That had been crazy enough, but then she had deliberately excited that silver-haired man until he had come in his pants. She could not deny the excitement she had felt. Karen was not one to deny any kind of pleasure, especially erotic pleasure.

At least for herself.

She knew, now, that Tommy had been allowing cute little Cathy from next door to see his cock. It was obvious to Karen that Tommy enjoyed exposing himself, at least to Cathy. Perhaps he had urges similar to his mother’s. Maybe her son derived pleasure by flashing his cock the same way she became excited when she flashed her body.

The thing that excited Karen most of all was that he had allowed her to suck his cock off. Tommy had not been embarrassed, ashamed, or disgusted with her. He had enjoyed having his mother suck his prick as much as she had enjoyed sucking his cock. The come from his balls still lingered in her mouth. She liked that. Most times after she had sucked someone off, the taste lasted for only a short time, but the come from her son cock was still in her mouth.

She kicked the sheet off, finding it too warm on her body. She had turned the air-conditioning off before going to bed, and now wished she had left it on. The night had not cooled off as she had thought it would, and it was even more humid.

The thermostat was down the hall, just outside her son’s room. She swung her legs over the edge of the bed, standing up. Her long gown fell to her feet, the almost-transparent material clinging to her body, molding to it.

She stepped out into the hall, flicking the light on. Gliding quietly to the thermostat so she wouldn’t disturb her son, she reset it and the cool air came humming into the house.

Tommy, as wide-awake as his mother, saw her near his door. Her gown clung to her tall, slender body, and, with the light on, he could see through the gown. Her long legs were excitingly revealed to his eyes, as was the swell of her ass. He strained his eyes and could just make out the fuzz of her cunt from behind.

“Mother,” he whispered.

“Oh!” Karen yelped, jumping. “You scared me,” she said, turning to see him in the shadows of his room. “I thought you were sleeping, honey.”

“It’s too hot,” he said.

She stood looking at him, knowing her body was outlined by the light. He had kicked his sheet to the foot of his bed, and she saw he wore only shorts. Her gaze went immediately to the front of his shorts, searching for the bulge of his cock. But it was too dark in his room for her to see that well.

“I can see you, Mother,” Tommy said. “I can see through your gown.”

“You can? Really?”

“Almost everything,” her son replied, giggling in a naughty way. “I’ve seen you before this way, too. I’m always looking.”

“At me? Why would you be looking at me, baby?”

“Because you’re so beautiful, Mother,” Tommy said.

“Is that all, just because I’m beautiful?” she teased, feeling her pulse racing.

“It makes me feel good, too,” he said. “I get all tingly and, you know, hard.”

“Really?” she asked, sliding her hands along her hips. “It makes you hard to look at me? Are you hard now, Tommy?”

“I’m real hard now, Mother.”

“Are you holding it?”

“I’m squeezing it,” Tommy replied. “I’m about to squeeze my cock off, too, it feels so good.”

“Your cock…” she whispered. “You’re holding your cock and looking at me, seeing through my gown?”

“Are you going to come again?”

“I… think so,” Tommy groaned.

“No, not yet, honey,” Karen said in a thick voice. “Wait! Don’t come yet.”

She glided into his room, turning his bedside lamp on. The room was bathed in soft light, and she looked down at her son. He had his fist around his cock through the shorts, holding tightly. There was a wet spot where his piss hole pressed at the white material. With the light on in his room her gown was no longer transparent. But that didn’t matter right now. She pulled a shoulder strap down, revealing one of her flawlessly shaped tits, her nipple rubbery hard and aiming at the ceiling.

Tommy licked his lips and gulped as he stared at her nipple, his fist tightening on his cock.

“Want to see more of me, darling?” Karen whispered.

“I sure do, Mother!” Tommy swallowed with excitement.

“I like to show myself, honey,” Karen said in a throaty voice. “I love to show myself and be looked at. I like to see men get excited from looking at me. Does it excite you, Tommy, looking at me?”

“It makes my cock hard.”

“Am I prettier than your step-mother, Tommy?”

“You’re beautiful, Mother,” Tommy groaned. “She’s pretty, but you’re beautiful.”

“Would you like to… you know, fuck your step-mother?”

“I think so,” he said, gazing at his mother’s tit and nipple with hungry eyes. “I think I would, but I probably wouldn’t know what to do.”

“You’ve never fucked a girl, have you, baby?”

Tommy shook his head, shoving his shorts down to let his cock spring free.

Karen gazed at his prick. “You’ll know what to do when it happens, Tommy. Believe me, you’ll know. I’m surprised you haven’t fucked Cathy yet, if what you say is true.”

“Cathy is a tease, Mother,” Tommy replied. “She always wants to see my cock, but won’t let me see her pussy. Today was the first time she grabbed it.”

“That’s a positive sign, Tommy,” Karen said, twisting her nipple. “She’s getting hot for your cock. You’ll be fucking her before long, I bet.”

She lowered the other shoulder strap, revealing both her firm, up-tilted tits to her son’s burning eyes. She loved the way he looked at them, so hot and hungry. His gaze made her cunt tingle with a growing heat.

“I could grab your cock, too,” Karen whispered with a thick voice. “When I saw it this afternoon, I wanted to grab it so badly, but then you were coming on the floor and I — well, you know what I did.”

“You gave me a blow job, Mother!” he giggled.

“I guess I did.” She laughed with him.

“Would you, you know, do it again?”

“Suck you again?” she asked.

“I sure liked it, Mother. Would you blow me again now?”

“Now? But, you must be sleepy.”

“Mother, please! I’m gonna come if you don’t! Just looking at your tits makes me wanna come!”

“We can’t have that, can we? That would be a waste. You should come in… well, in me, maybe.”

Karen scooted her gown down, wiggling her hips as the gown fell to her feet in a wispy puddle. Tommy swallowed hard as he gazed at his mother’s naked body. He fixed his eyes on the lush triangle of her cunt hair, his cock throbbing powerfully in his fist. Karen arched her hips forward and cupped her tits in both hands, spreading her feet on the floor. Seeing the glistening pink wetness of his mother’s cunt, Tommy started pumping swiftly on his cock.

“No, Tommy, don’t!” she squealed. “You’re going to make yourself come, and I don’t like to see come juice wasted.”

“What am I gonna do, Mother?” he protested. “I don’t know if I can wait any longer. Seeing you naked makes my balls hurt. I just gotta come!”

“Wouldn’t you like Mother to help?”

“Will you suck my cock again, Mother?”

“You really like being sucked, huh?”

Tommy nodded vigorously.

“Take your shorts all the way off, honey,” she whispered softly, sitting on the bed. “Take them all the way off. I want you naked, too.”

Tommy scrambled about as he shoved his shorts from his feet, rolling onto his back, his cock standing straight up in the air. Moisture seeped from his piss hole, and Karen licked her lips.

She leaned over her son, rubbing one of her nipples about the seeping head of his cock, her eyes glassy as she watched her nipple become smeared. She grasped his cock at the base and twisted his prick from one tit to the other, moaning softly as she pressed her nipples upon his piss hole. “Wouldn’t it be fun if we could stick my nipple inside here? You know, fuck your piss hole with one of my nipples?”

“It’s not big enough, Mother,” he giggled, arching up at her.

She sank the head of his cock into the firm flesh of her tit, then pulled his prick between them. She closed her tits around his cock and moved them up and down. “How does that feel, Tommy? I’ll fuck you with my tits… Ooo, your cock feels so good between Mother’s tits! I just might fuck you this way and make you come all aver my titties!”

“That might happen, Mother!” Tommy groaned, pumping his ass up and down, fucking his cock between her tightly pressed tits. “But I sure wish you’d, blow me again, instead!”

“You would, huh?” she teased. “What would I get out of that besides a mouthful of come?”

“Well, I could… you know, Mother, kiss you.”

“Kiss me where?”

“Between your legs,” he said. “I could kiss your cunt, too.”

“Oh, you’ve been kissing cunts, have you?”

“Aw, Mother. You know I haven’t. I just thought of it now.”

“Sure you did,” she teased.

She lifted her tits off his cock, feeling them slippery with wetness. She pressed her lips to the head of his cock and kissed his prick, then swiped her tongue about his swollen cock head in a wet circle.

“Would you really like to kiss Mother’s cunt?” she asked. “Really put your mouth on my cunt and kiss it?”

“Try me!”

“I think I will, Tommy,” she said, swinging one leg over his young face. She knelt atop him, his cock close to her mouth.

Tommy peered up between his mother’s creamy thighs, gazing at her hairy cunt. He could see the wetness of her pink cunt lips, the throbbing of her swollen clit. The twinkle of her asshole seemed to invite his mouth as much as her sugary wet cunt did.

Karen wiggled her ass above his face, swirling her tongue about the creamy smooth head of his cock. Tommy gripped his mother’s thighs, drawing them tightly against his face as he gazed into her cunt, just a few inches above his eyes. He darted his tongue out and tasted the inner smoothness of his mother’s thigh. Feeling her son’s tongue lick at her flesh, she squealed and dived onto his cock, stuffing his prick deeply into her mouth.

Feeling the heat of his mother’s mouth wrapping around his cock again, Tommy moaned and shoved upward, trying to fuck his cock into her throat, Karen shoved her hands underneath his ass, cupping an ass cheek in her palm. She held his cock deep in her mouth, her tongue pressing against his prick as her lips sucked at the base.

Tommy, with an excited grunt, rammed his face into his mother’s hairy cunt, his lips open and his tongue fucking into the velvety heat, wiggling about instinctively, guided by his own erotic imagination. The slippery heat and the sugary taste of his mother’s cunt set his cock to throbbing powerfully inside her mouth, causing Karen to whine, with ecstasy. Tommy began to tongue-fuck his mother’s cunt furiously, his hands moving up her thighs until he was gripping her spreading, rounded ass tightly. He pulled at her, trying to bring her hairy cunt tighter yet against his sucking mouth. The soft hair of her cunt swirled about his cheeks and chin, exciting him tremendously.

Karen whimpered around her son’s cock, thrashing her hips about, smashing her cunt against his open mouth, almost fucking his tongue as if it were a small cock. Feeling his mother banging up and down into his face, sliding her cunt about his face, Tommy started to pump his hips up and down. Feeling her son’s cock fucking in and out of her mouth.

Karen pressed her cunt hard into his young face, digging at his ass cheeks to urge him to fuck her hard and fast in the mouth. She held her head still, letting him fuck up and down, her lips squeezing as tight as she could around his prick, her tongue licking. His swollen cock head banged at her throat, sending wave after wave of burning excitement through her.

Tommy was almost out of his mind with the joy of sucking at his mother’s hairy, very wet, bubbling cunt. He fucked his tongue in and out, thrusting as deep as he could, drawing those cunt juices from her and swallowing in gurgling pleasure, fucking his mother’s mouth constantly. His nose banged against her asshole because she was churning her cunt about so wildly, and that excited him just as much as eating her pussy. He held his mother’s ass tightly, pulling her cunt as hard as he could against his sucking mouth.

Karen wailed around his cock, sucking now as he fucked in and out. She held her lips tight, her tongue licking, drawing on his cock as hard as she could, her cheeks sinking inward to make a very tight, very wet, very hot sheath for his cock. Feeling her son’s tongue fucking into her cunt, then licking at her sensitive pussy lips, then lapping her intensely inflamed clit, Karen trembled with fiery ecstasy. She devoured his fucking cock hungrily, mewling as her tits brushed his churning stomach. Feeling her son trying to pull her cunt tight into his open mouth, she pressed down, grinding her pussy against him.

Tommy was almost out of his young mind with ecstasy. The wet heat of his mother’s mouth around his cock and his tongue probing the steamy depths of her cunt and twirling at her swollen clit were the most exciting things to ever happen in his life. He sucked and licked and fucked his mother’s cunt with his tongue and lips as hard as he could clawing at her smooth, swelling ass cheeks. Karen was as excited as her son was. She was excited to have his young cock in her mouth again, but was even more excited because he was sucking her hairy cunt. The fact that he was sucking her cunt for the first time sent wild heat of erotic ecstasy burning through her body. She banged and squirmed and wiggled her cunt excitedly into his face, smearing him with the slippery fuck juices seeping from her fiery cunt. She was insatiable for him to suck and lick her, to fuck her with his tongue. She wanted to come with his tongue buried deep inside her pussy, to come around his tongue as he spurted that creamy sweet come into her mouth. She wanted to come at the same instant he did, to swallow and devour the sweetness of his young, hairless balls as her cunt exploded with orgasm after boiling orgasm.

Tommy’s balls ached, full and swollen. They were so full they didn’t bounce as he fucked wildly into his mother’s sucking mouth. Karen pulled her right hand away from his thrashing ass and grasped his balls. Holding one cheek of his ass with her left hand, his balls in her right, she sucked in a cock-sucking frenzy, desperate to have his cock squirting come juice down her throat. She yelped loudly around his cock when her orgasm stifled. The power made her hairy cunt lips squeeze at his tongue so tight that Tommy was having some trouble tongue-fucking her. But he knew his mother was coming, and he lashed at her boiling cunt frantically. He churned his cock up and down, fucking into his mother’s desperately sucking mouth. When he came, his climax was so intense he almost screamed into his mother’s convulsing cunt.

Feeling her son’s creamy come spurting powerfully into her mouth, Karen gobbled in a greedy frenzy, swallowing as fast as she could, not wanting to lose a precious drop of his come the way she had in the living room. Spurt after spurt spattered her tongue and throat. Karen began to sob in ecstasy as her orgasms increased until she was coming, one climax after the other, against her son’s sucking mouth.

Both of them felt very weak and exhausted. Karen continued to rest atop her son, her long legs now stretched past his head, her cunt resting against his lips. She held his deflated cock in her mouth, both breathing in gasps. She caressed his thighs and hips, feeling her son stroking the smooth cheeks of her creamy ass.

Finally, she rolled over, turned in the bed and snuggled up against him. She pulled her son’s face to her tits while they rested a while longer.

Soon they were talking, revealing their innermost emotions, telling each other of their erotic desires. They talked like long-time lovers, not as a mother and son. By the time they finished talking, there were no more secrets between them. And, most important of all, they discovered their desires were almost identical. Karen was pleased with her son’s responses when she explained her almost overwhelming urge to expose herself in public, to be seen by unknown people. It excited her son to know this.

It was after midnight when they finished talking, and Tommy was showing signs of getting very sleepy. Karen could have talked all night long. But she knew her son needed his sleep. He was still young enough to have a set bedtime.

She kissed him, then slipped from the bed.

She picked up her discarded nightgown and swung it over her shoulder.

“Sleep good, darling,” she whispered. “You’re going to need all the rest you can get.”

“I will, Mother,” he replied in a sleepy voice.

The last thing he saw that night was his mother’s very beautiful and very naked ass twisting as she left his room.


After bathing sometime before noon, Karen suggested to her son that they have lunch someplace.

Tommy, as usual, was always ready to eat out.

Seeing what his mother wore made him roll his eyes. Her thrusting tits were molded, her nipples outlined, showing she was not wearing a bra. The skirt clung to her shapely ass, with a long slit running up the left thigh of her skirt, almost to her hip. The top of it stopped just short of revealing the tops of her nylons. The skirt was tight, and her thigh was exposed with each step she took.

There was a sandwich bar few blocks from their home, and they decided to go there. It was warm outside as they walked along the sidewalk. Karen clutched her son’s hand tightly, letting it brush across her nyloned thigh. They drew admiring looks from people. A mother and her young son taking a stroll on a warm day!

A half block from the sandwich bar, Karen told her son in a low voice, “I bet you don’t know what I’m wearing under my dress.”

“Panties,” he said.

“What would you say if I told you I was wearing nothing.”

“Really? Hey, Mother. That’s great! You’re really naked under that dress? Someone might see your pussy.”

“Isn’t that the idea?” she giggled, squeezing his hand.

“Maybe me, huh?”

“Especially you, darling.” Entering the sandwich bar, Karen looked around for a good place to sit. The counter was shaped like an L, with very high stools. There were a few small tables here and there, but she chose to sit on the stools at the counter. The pretty blonde woman who waited on them smiled, but her eyes lingered on the straining thrust of Karen’s tits longer than necessary.

Karen caught the attention, and, when the woman moved off to prepare their sandwiches, she whispered to her son, “That woman likes my tits, I think.”

“How do you know, Mother?”

“Didn’t you see the way she stared at them?”

“Everybody looks at them,” Tommy said, “even me.”

“You just watch,” she whispered.

The pretty blonde prepared their sandwiches at the bend of the L, and Karen turned that way, pretending to watch with interest. She hooked her heels on the high rung of the stool, causing the slit of her dress to pull wide. Tommy walked to the jukebox near the far wall, but so he could see what his mother was doing at the same time.

He noticed the blonde woman glanced at his mother often and, when he moved a bit more, he found he could peer under his mother’s skirt, too. He moved close to where the blonde woman worked and saw what the woman was peeking at. Karen sat with her knees wider then necessary, and the hair of her cunt could be seen. Tommy glanced at his mother’s face, seeing the glow in her green eyes. Looking at the blonde woman, he caught her gazing steadily at his mother.

Tommy moved his hand along the front of his pants, cupping his cock and balls, grinning at his mothers then walked back to her as the pretty woman finished their sandwiches. When they started to eat, Tommy whispered, “She was looking at your cunt, Mother.”

“I know she was,” Karen whispered back.

“Now what?”

“I’m going to see if I’m right about her,” Karen said, wiping her mouth with a napkin. “Miss!” she called. “Is there a bathroom someplace?”

“You have to come around the counter,” the blonde woman said, gazing meaningfully into Karen’s eyes. “Use the employees’. The public bathroom is out of order.”

Karen slipped from the high stool, giving her son a long peek at her nyloned thigh. Winking at him, she walked behind the counter. Tommy watched his mother brush past the woman, then watched the pretty blonde’s gaze follow his mother’s twisting ass.

The woman glanced at Tommy, her tongue moving over her lips. She looked a little embarrassed to him. Then the woman shrugged, her large tits moving inside her dress. With another quick glance at Tommy, the woman walked off in the direction his mother had gone.

Tommy waited a while. There was no one else in the sandwich shop, and he didn’t know if anyone would come in or not. But he didn’t care. He slipped off the stool and walked behind the counter. Before he arrived at the employees’ restroom, he could hear the woman and his mother.

“You want it,” the woman said. “If you didn’t, you wouldn’t have been showing that pretty thing off.”

“Maybe I do and maybe I don’t,” he heard his mother tease in her soft, throaty voice.

Tommy peered around the open doorway into the restroom. His mother was sitting on the toilet, her skirt bunched about her waist.

Karen saw her son peeking in past the woman. She looked up into the woman’s pretty face.

“I guess maybe I do want it,” Karen said. “Do you lick pussy good?”

“I’m the best cunt-licker you’ll ever find,” the blonde said. “You’d be surprised how many girls come in here, showing those pretty pussies to me. Some let me suck them and some don’t. Most are just teasers, but you’re too old for those games.”

“What’s your name?” Karen asked.

“Names aren’t important,” the blonde replied.

“Listen, I’ll let you suck my cunt, but I want you to be naked.”

“I can’t here,” the woman said. “People are in and out, and we don’t want to shock anyone, do we?”

“Either you’re naked sucking me or we don’t do anything,” Karen insisted, starting to get up from the toilet. “My son is waiting.”

But instead of getting up, Karen spread her long legs wide, letting the woman see between them. The pretty blonde licked her lips and began to unzip her dress. “If anyone comes in…” she said, then let the words fade away as Karen scooted her ass to the edge of the toilet, her legs spread very wide.

Tommy saw his mother’s cunt, but at the moment he was more interested in watching the woman undress. His eyes were hot as the woman stood almost naked now. She wore a pair of tight white panties, and her ass was round and full. His cock became hard as he watched, knowing the woman had no idea he was there.

A quick glance from his mother told him she wanted his cock out of his pants. He quickly let his prick out, and gripped his cock shaft with a tight fist as the woman, wearing panties only, dropped to her knees between Karen’s spreading thighs.

With a moan, the blonde woman shoved her mouth into Karen’s bushy cunt, licking quickly and hungrily, sliding her hands up to grip Karen’s rounded hips. Karen lifted her legs and draped them over the woman’s shoulders, squeezing her hot inner thighs tight about the woman’s head. The woman moaned as her tongue began to swirl and dip into her cunt. Tommy began to stroke his cock as he watched. Karen’s eyes gazed at her son’s prick as she held the woman’s head tightly so she could not turn and see Tommy standing there.

“Eat me!” Karen groaned, twisting her crotch into the woman’s face. “Fuck my cunt with your tongue! Suck my pussy, you cunt licking bitch!”

“Ooo, yes!” the blonde squealed, clutching Karen’s twisting ass as she sucked and probed the fiery wetness.

“Fucking cunt sucker!” Karen yelped, grinding into the face of the woman. “You really like to suck cunt, don’t you? You’re a fucking muff diver and a cunt sucker and a cock sucker, and you’d suck any cunt or cock you could get your hot hands on, right?”

The woman pulled her mouth any, looking ups Karen with smoldering eyes. “Please, I can’t help myself!” she wailed. “I’ve been this way all my life. Don’t make fun of me. I’ll do anything you want, but don’t make fun of me!”

“You’re a fucking lesbian,” Karen said harshly. “You’d rather suck a hairy cunt than fuck cock, wouldn’t you?”

“Oh, God, yes, I would!”

“Okay, fuck-face, eat me!”

Karen jerked the woman’s mouth back to her cunt, grinding hard again. She yelled at the woman to fuck her tongue deep, to tongue-fuck her and make her come, to lick the fuck juice from her pussy.

Tommy was very excited by what he was seeing. His cock throbbed in his fist as he watched what his mother was doing. He wondered why she was being rough on the woman, but he didn’t wonder for long. He was much too excited from seeing his mother getting licked by this woman. He moved more into the restroom, standing a foot behind the woman’s naked back now. His mother’s eyes glittered up at him, then back at his cock again. She churned her cunt wildly into the woman’s mouth, twisting with erotic heat.

“Suck my hairy cunt, you fucking bitch!” Karen groaned. “God, you’re good! You can shove your tongue so fucking deep in my pussy! Oooo, give it to me, you cunt face! Tongue-fuck my pussy… tongue-fuck me!”

Tommy’s eyes were wide with excitement as he watched the woman on her knees between his mother’s thighs. The woman seemed to be licking at his mother’s cunt in frenzy. Her head twisted about and she made wild, wet sounds as she licked. The words his mother said seemed loud inside his brain, and he wished he could see the woman’s tongue fucking into his mother’s cunt.

As he was trying to think of some way to see this, his mother screamed loudly, grabbing the woman by the back of her head and pulling her face frantically into her cunt. “I’m coming! Oh, shit… what a fucking tongue! Lick hard, you cunt! I’m coming!”

Tommy was gripping his cock hard but was not pumping. As his mother screamed through her orgasm, his cock squirted. He sent gush after gush streaming out onto the woman’s back, even in her blonde hair. At first the woman didn’t feel his spunk. Tommy’s come juice dripped and ran about her naked back, gobs in her hair. When the woman realized something was happening, she jerked her mouth off Karen’s cunt and twisted about quickly. Her eyes bugged out when she saw Tommy standing there, his cock making a final spurt, a spurt that splashed upon one of the woman’s nipples.

“Oohh, shit!” the woman yelped, scrambling for her clothing and looking from Tommy to Karen with fear in her eyes.

Karen remained on the toilet, her legs still wide, watching the woman’s fear with amusement. Tommy, however, stared at the woman’s tits and the outline of her bushy cunt as she frantically tried to dress. There was no place the woman could go. If she stepped out of the bathroom, she would be in the kitchen area of the shop, and that was open and exposed. If anyone had come in, they would have seen her, all of her.

“Oh, God!” the woman cried, tears of humiliation in her eyes as she dressed as fast as she could. When she turned her back, her dress was wet and sticking to her, glued there by the come juice Tommy had sprayed upon her flesh. “Oh, God! You shouldn’t have… please, this is so embarrassing.”

Karen stood and smoothed her tight skirt over her thighs and hips. “Don’t worry about it,” she said to the woman. “My son knows how to keep his mouth shut.”

“But… your son! My God!” the woman said, seeing Tommy stuffing his cock back into his pants. With a red face, she left the bathroom quickly.

Karen and Tommy giggled, then went back to the counter and sat on the tall stools, finishing their lunch. The blonde woman refused to look directly at them, but would only glance from the corners of her eyes. Obviously she was puzzled by the actions of the beautiful, erotic woman and her young son. Karen and Tommy lingered over soft drinks, whispering and giggling softly. No one else had entered the sandwich shop.

After a few minutes, Karen called the woman over. Nervously, the blonde stood on the other side of the counter. Deliberately, Karen reached over and pinched the woman on her nipple.

“My son would like to fuck you,” she said bluntly.

“No, I can’t…” the woman shot a look at Tommy. She saw a boy so young that it was hard for her to believe he had actually come over her back. “It isn’t… oh, God!”

Karen closed her palm about the woman’s tit, squeezing. There was a sigh of pleasure from the woman, her eyes turning glassy.

“You can eat my cunt again,” Karen said. “You can eat my cunt, but only if my son is fucking you at the same time. He wants some of your blonde cunt.”

The woman’s eyes darted about, seeing people walking along outside the huge plate glass windows, then glanced back at Karen.

“You would like to suck my pussy again, wouldn’t you?” Karen asked in a firm voice, and she squeezed the rounded tit. “You liked it so much, I’m sure you’d love to shove your tongue up my cunt again.”

“Come on,” Karen said, slipping from the stool and taking her son’s hand, pulling him with her around the counter and toward that restroom again. As she passed the woman Karen grabbed her hand and pulled her along, too. “You won’t have to take your clothes off this time,” she assured the woman.

Karen lifted her tight skirt to her waist and sat back on the toilet, spreading her legs wide. The woman watched Tommy as he stared at his mother’s hair-rimmed cunt. His cock was straining at his pants.

“Do you… do you do this with him?” the blonde asked.

“Do you mean do I let my son fuck me?” Karen replied, rubbing her palm up and down her hairy cunt slowly. “We don’t fuck. We eat each other.”

The blonde woman’s eyes expressed shock, but, as she saw Karen rubbing her cunt, they became hot again. She ran her tongue over her lips hungrily.

“If you want to suck this again,” Karen teased, “then my son is going to fuck you. If you don’t let him fuck you, then you don’t get any more pussy.”

Karen knew what she was doing. The blonde woman was staring at her cunt with boiling desire, her body shaking slightly. Tommy stood and waited, his cock raging against his pants, hoping the woman would not refuse. A shudder went through the woman, and she slowly lifted her skirt. She was not wearing her panties because they had become so soaked with fuck juice. She glanced at Tommy’s cock almost nervously as he pulled his prick from his pants. His cock was throbbing and very hard again. Tommy gazed at the triangle of curly blonde cunt hair, seeing the pink and puffy slit of her pussy through the curls.

“Get down on your knees,” Karen said, twisting her naked hips about sensuously. “Get down on your fucking knees and lick my wet, hot cunt! My son is going to fuck you… fuck your hot pussy, and you’re going to suck my cunt at the same time. Now, get down there!”

With what sounded like a sob, the woman knelt, moving her head between Karen’s thighs. Tommy moved close, able to see the woman pressing her open mouth against his mother’s cunt now. His cock throbbed up and down as he watched, seeing the woman’s tongue lick and swirl about his mother’s clit. Karen took the woman’s hand and placed it on her son’s cock, closing her fingers around his prick.

“You can jack him a little first,” she said. The woman moved her fist on Tommy’s cock, slowly and loosely, her tongue lapping up and down the boiling slit of Karen’s cunt. But Tommy held the woman’s hand around his cock, fucking back and forth as he watched the woman sucking his mother’s pussy.

“Fuck her, Tommy,” Karen moaned, grinding her cunt into the woman’s face. “Fuck her hot pussy, baby! Ram your cock up her hot fucking cunt and fuck her hard!”

Removing the woman’s hand from his cock, Tommy went to his knees behind her. He shoved her skirt to her waist, exposing the creamy flesh of her ass. The woman was mouthing his mother’s pussy eagerly again, and, when Tommy brushed the head of his cock up and down the slit of her pussy, he found her cunt wet and slippery and hot. The woman moaned into Karen’s cunt when she felt the boy fucking his cock into her cunt. Her ass shook as Tommy’s prick penetrated her pussy. The heat that wrapped about his cock made him groan with pleasure. The wet sucking sounds the woman made on his mother’s cunt seemed to radiate to his balls, and he fucked hard into the woman. The power of his thrust caused the woman to squeal into Karen’s cunt. Then Tommy was gripping the woman’s hips and fucking her fast and hard, fucking back and forth.

Tommy beating his hips against the woman’s naked ass, fucking his cock in and out made the woman’s face press even tighter into Karen’s boiling cunt. Karen was whimpering and moaning a she held the woman’s face pressed into her cunt, twisting her hips as she looked at her son across the woman’s back.

“Fuck her baby! Fuck her hot cunt! Fuck the cunt-sucking bitch! Ram her pussy… fuck her cunt, darling! Fuck her cunt raw… Eat me! Ohhh, eat my cunt!”

The woman was making animal sounds as she licked and sucked at Karen’s pussy, her ass being battered by the wild thrusts of Tommy’s cock. The blonde woman was into eating cunt and not fucking but she had no choice at the moment. Her desire to suck on Karen’s pussy had been so strong that she had to let this young boy fuck her. If she didn’t, Karen would not have allowed her to eat her cunt again.

Tommy’s cock was enveloped in wet heat that clutched his cock tightly and wetly. He fucked swiftly, already overheated from coming before. The slurping eagerness of the woman’s tongue and lips against his mother’s cunt increased his erotic sensations hundreds of times, making his cock so hard he could hardly believe it.

Karen was tossing her cunt hard into the woman’s face, banging into the sucking woman’s mouth, churning her hips wildly, moaning in passion. Tommy leaned over the woman’s back, clutching at her tits, wishing they were naked. He humped furiously, fucking his cock as deep as he could. The woman was wailing into his mother’s pussy now, her ass starting to shake and hunch with the motion of his cock. The woman was clutching the naked, creamy flesh of Karen’s ass, her fingers pressing tightly as she fucked her tongue in and out, twirling her tongue and drawing sugary sweetness into her mouth.

In the distance, a small bell was ringing, but none of them cared at the moment. Karen was about to explode into the woman’s mouth, and Tommy was on the brink of gushing come juice up the woman’s tight, hot cunt. With a wail, Karen started to come, urging her son to flood the woman’s cunt with come juice. Tommy was grunting with his efforts, squeezing the woman’s tits hard as he fucked his cock in and out of her pussy. The woman was making sounds as if she were strangling, devouring Karen’s cunt hungrily.

Tommy let out a yelp, his head leaning back and neck pulled taut, coming hard into the woman’s pussy. The woman was sobbing as her tongue dipped and swirled at Karen’s convulsing cunt, her own pussy closing wetly about Tommy’s spurting cock as she, too, erupted into an orgasm.

The ringing of the bell came insistently, and the woman pulled her smeared face free of Karen’s cunt. “I’ve got to go,” she said, her nervousness returning. “A customer is out there. We’re going to be caught!”

Tommy’s cock came out of her cunt as she stood up. She smoothed her dress down. Karen lazily lifted from the toilet, taking her time to adjust her tight skirt. Tommy stuffed his cock into his pants. The woman looked into the mirror to make sure her hair was not very missed. When she turned to look at Tommy and Karen again, her eyes seemed almost soft.

“Will you be back again?” she asked, sounding as if she were pleading.

“Maybe,” Karen said. “It depends.”


The excitement of what they had done stayed with them for a long time.

After arriving home again. Karen and her son talked about it for hours, laughing and becoming more excited as they relived the incident at the sandwich shop.

“But why did you act so mean with her, Mother?” Tommy wanted to know. “I thought she was kinda nice.”

“You have to know people, baby,” Karen told him. “I have this sense about people, or at least certain people. I just had a hunch she wanted to be treated that way. I must have been right — you saw how hot and eager she was.”

“I would have been afraid,” Tommy replied.

Karen hugged her son. “That’s because you don’t have the experience I have, darling. Once you realize most people have basically the same desires and hungers that you have, there’s no reason to be afraid.”

“You men all those people out there would want to fuck like we do?”

“Of course,” she laughed. “Some are just too shy or inhibited or, like you, afraid. Most people lead dreary, lonely lives, fantasizing about what you and I try to live. They hide behind locked doors and jack off or finger fuck, just dreaming something like what we did today would happen to them.”

Tommy gave some thought to that. “I guess you’re right, Mother,” he said after a while. “That’s the way I was before I came home from staying with my dad.”

Karen pictured her son, his hard cock in his fist, beating off frantically as he fantasized about some sweet little girl. It was an exciting mental picture to her, but Tommy would never have to jack off alone again. If he wanted to jerk his cock off, he no longer had to conceal it; he could jack off before her.

Karen loved to put her body on display, to expose those parts seldom seen in public or outside the bedroom. She never tried to understand why she enjoyed it. She accepted her urges because it was so much fun for her. Many times, though, when she flashed her body for some man, he would turn away from her. Not because he didn’t like what she was showing, but because he was shy or embarrassed to be caught looking. Karen understood this and therefore knew she was safe in exposing her body. A man would never say anything due to his macho image. A woman, most of the time, might frown, but she wouldn’t say anything either, knowing how such could be possible by accident.

She explained all this to her son, who listened with interest. “But what about Cathy?” he asked.

“Cathy is different, darling,” Karen said. “What you’re doing with her is fine. But it isn’t the same as exposing yourself to some strange person, someone you’ve never seen before. That’s what makes it so exciting for me letting a person I’ve never seen in my life take a few peeks. It’s easy for a woman to get away with it, but it’s a little harder for a man. For some stupid reason, people frown on a man showing his cock to a woman, but a woman can show her cunt and get away with it. I think it’s because we wear dresses.”

“Maybe most just look. Mother,” Tommy said, sitting at his mother’s feet. “But that woman at the sandwich shop sure did get turned on.”

“Some do, honey,” she said. “Not as many as I’d like, but some really get turned on.”

Tommy gazed at his mother’s knees and the length of her one thigh where the high slit of her dress opened. “I get turned on looking at you, too,” he laughed, his cock starting to bulge in his pants. “See?”

Karen saw his cock straining at the front of his pants. She smiled at him. “And I’m glad you do, Tommy.”

She opened her legs for him wide enough so he could look between the creamy smoothness, could see the dark shadow of her cunt hair.

“It makes me hot when you get turned on this way,” she added, her voice becoming husky.

Tommy peeled his pants away, gazing up his mother’s thighs. His cock came free, throbbing upright as he sat back on the floor. Karen smiled lewdly as she saw him grasp his cock and start to pump his fist up and down slowly. She spread her legs wider, jerking her tight skirt to her waist, exposing the hairiness of her cunt for him. Scooting her naked ass to the edge of the cushions, she twisted and writhed her hips, her eyes gazing hotly at his cock.

The tip of her clit poked from the moist folds of her pink pussy, glistening with wetness. Karen stroked a fingertip along her cunt lips, circling her pussy teasingly with her finger. She probed her tingling clit lightly, one hand sliding up to curl about her tits.

“I see your cunt, Mother, and my cock gets so fucking hard!” Tommy groaned.

“I’m glad, baby,” she whispered, licking her lips. “I love it when your cock is hard, so very hard.”

“Would you suck me again, Mother?” he asked, staring at her bushy cunt. “I’ll lick you… if you’ll suck me.”

“I’d love to, Tommy,” she said throatily, “but you know what I’d really, like right now?”


“To feel your young, hard cock in my pussy,” she moaned as she twisted her naked hips. “To feel you fuck me, baby! Oh, that’s what I’d like now… taking your sweet cock in my cunt and fucking me.”

“Really?” Tommy asked excitedly.

“Do it, darling!” she hissed. “Fuck me! Oh, baby, give Mother that sweet, hard cock! Fuck Mother’s hot cunt, darling! It’s time… time for us to fuck!”

Tommy was gasping with eagerness as he climbed to his knees, moving between his mother’s spreading thighs, his gaze on her hair-lined cunt. He grasped the base of his prick as he moved closer.

“Rub me a bit,” Karen moaned. “Rub that smooth cock head on my cunt for a bit, baby! Ooohh, I like the feel of a hard cock rubbing up and down my pussy slit!”

Tommy stared down as he rubbed the swollen head of his cock up and down the wet, fiery slit of his mother’s pussy. The heat of her cunt seemed to scorch the flesh of his cock. He pressed his prick-head between her cunt-lips lightly, rubbing his cock up and down, from her asshole, up the slit, and smashing her clit with his dripping piss-hole. Karen mewled and twisted her ass about, jerking her crotch up and down. She shoved her hands beneath her ass, cupping her ass cheeks, holding her cunt up to him. Her eyes were glazed with passion as she watched his cock sliding up and down the searing pussy slit.

Suddenly, she gave a soft squeal and her body shook.

“Oh, I came!” she gurgled. “You lust made Mother come, darling!”

“But I don’t have my cock in you, Mother.”

“You didn’t have to,” she said. “I come so fucking easily. Just feeling you rubbing your cock on my cunt made me come!”

“Do I still get to fuck you?” he asked, anxiously.

“Oh, God, yes!” she yelped. “I want you to fuck me more than ever now. Shove it in me, baby! Oooo, ram your sweet cock up Mother’s cunt now! Ram it hard and deep and fuck me, Tommy!”

Tommy was very excited! He turned loose of his cock, his prick-head between those hot, hairy lips of his mother’s cunt. He dug his fingers into her hips, then launched forward.

“Oooo!” Karen screamed softly as her son’s cock stretched the tightness of her cunt. “Oooo, yes, yes!”

Tommy’s cock penetrated quickly and deeply, his balls smacking against her ass. The heat of his mother’s cunt enveloping his cock almost made him come immediately. His balls suddenly became very tight at the base, and he held himself pressed hard against her crotch for awhile.

“Fuck me!” Karen screamed, grabbing her son’s hips and pushing and pulling him, making his cock fuck in and out of her steaming cunt. “Oh, baby, fuck me!”

An urgent need came over Tommy as his mother pumped her hips up and down, her tight cunt riding on his throbbing cock. He began to fuck his prick in and out, fucking her hairy crotch with moist sounds. His balls beat against his mother’s churning ass. Tommy wasn’t sure if most of his pleasure was from the feel of his mother’s tight, hot cunt around his cock or from watching his cock fucking in and out between those glistening pink pussy lips.

Karen understood what her son was feeling. Her eyes, almost unfocused with the same pleasure, glowed up at his contorted face. It excited her to see his young face so twisted in passion, to feel his cock fucking into her cunt at last. The image of her son’s step-mother flashed through her head, of her son seeing the woman’s cunt. She felt a tinge of jealousy, and her hairy cunt moved faster yet. Her flat stomach rippled as she churned her hips wildly, her inner thighs pressing against him, feeling his hips sliding along her smooth flesh.

“I love your cock, Tommy!” she gasped. “It feels so big and hard in me! Ohhh, baby, fuck Mother… fuck Mother’s hot cunt! I want it all… fucking my hairy cunt!”

Tommy panted heavily, fucking into her pussy as hard as he could, fucking like a piston with short, hot strokes. His balls were tight, no longer slapping his mother’s grinding ass. He was about to come, and the feeling was making his body shake. Karen knew her son was getting close. She writhed and thrashed her ass about with wild movements.

“Come, Tommy!” she yelped. “Oh, God, come! Please, baby, come in me! Oooo, I want to feel your cock coming… spurting up my cunt! Come… come, Tommy!”

A scream bubbled from her as her own orgasm struck. It caused her hips to bang hard against him, drawing his cock deep. The squeezing motion of her pussy began to draw and suck at his throbbing cock. Her pink, hairy cunt lips seemed to become very tight. Her pussy was very hot, almost scalding his prick now. Karen’s fingers dug harshly into her son’s hips as she came, the rhythmic sucking on his cock sending Tommy into spasms. He howled and threw his head back, his eyes squeezed shut, his neck taut. He fucked his cock as deep as he could, then came.

Squirt after squirt of come juice splashed into Karen’s satiny cunt, coating her insatiable pussy walls with slippery fuck juice. She screamed again when she felt her son gushing come juice into her greedy pussy. Her orgasms continued as if out of control, her stomach rippling as her pussy gripped her son’s spewing cock possessively.

“Ohhh, shit!” Tommy groaned as he sank to his heels, his cock leaving his mother’s cunt reluctantly. “Oh, shit!”

“God, I know how you feel, Tommy,” Karen panted, her ass slumped now. She left her knees spread wide, stroking her hands up and down her still-quivering stomach. “That was the best ever for me. I wasn’t sure if I’d stop coming or go on doing it for the rest of my life.”

Her words made Tommy feel proud and he grinned at her. His gaze moved around her crotch, seeing her cunt and the dark hair lining each side, seeing the glistening of those puffy pussy lips, seeing her peek-a-boo clit and those long, smooth thighs. His mother was so much more beautiful than the blonde woman in the sandwich shop he thought. He would rather fuck his mother than that woman anytime. His cock was wet from the juices of his mother’s cunt and the creamy come from his balls.

Karen smiled affectionately down at him, whispering, “If you brought that lovely cock here to me, I’d lick it nice and clean for you, honey.”

He stepped onto the couch at her side, shoving his hips forward. Karen darted her long tongue out and began to lick about his glistening cock, sliding her hand up his thigh and between them, stroking his hairless balls as her tongue swirled and lapped. She bounced her son’s cock up and down, then drew his balls into her hot mouth for a few moments, mewling happily as her son twisted into her face.

She laughed when her mouth pulled away. Slapping him tenderly on the hip, she said, “Go take a shower. You need it after fucking two women today.”

Listening to the shower, Karen felt pleased about how the day had gone. Tommy knew about her now, knew everything about her. She had been somewhat concerned that he would think of her badly or as a pervert, but so far all her son seemed to express was delight. Exposing herself with Tommy near seemed to make her excitement all that much more delicious, fucking her son was a desire that had been steadily growing within her, and only a few moments ago they had actually fucked.

Her cunt felt as if Tommy’s cook was still inside her, tingling sweetly. She slipped her hand down and felt the wetness of his come on her inner thighs.

“You need a bath, too,” she said softly to herself, then giggled.

But she didn’t want to take one right now. The feel of Tommy’s come on her thighs and cunt lips created a strange sensation in her body. She had had come on her legs often, but it had never felt this good. While she sat there, Karen smeared the come into her flesh as she would a soothing cream. Long ago, she had been told by a girl friend who knew no more than her if she would let a boy come on her tits and rub the spunk into the flesh her tits would become very large and lovely. Karen had allowed a boy to squirt on her tits a few times, but after two months and seeing no improvement, she decided she wanted a cock coming in her mouth or cunt. Still, her tits eventually grew to beautiful proportions, with creamy flesh and lovely, long nipples. Older now, wiser than many, Karen realized there was a great deal of bullshit knowledge among young teenagers.

A few moments later she was surrounded with scented bubbles in her bath. The water, as hot as she could stand it, felt good on her flesh. She always used water so hot that her ex-husband had been unable to stick a toe into it. She used a soft cloth, washing her lovely tits and legs, then spread her knees and spent a long time washing between them. She played more than washed, as usual. Karen had a hard time keeping her hands off her body when she was naked. She was somewhat narcissistic, but only mildly so. When it came to the fondling of her body, she preferred that others do it. When there was no one around, she enjoyed touching herself.

Tommy had enjoyed watching her being sucked by the woman at the sandwich shop. Keeping her son excited was a prime concern for Karen. She wanted Tommy to stay excited, his cock to stay hard so she could reap the benefits of a hard prick. It was obvious that he enjoyed watching her reveal her body in public, then carrying through with anyone who had the nerve to make a pass. There were so many places she could expose herself; show her cunt off; some places were better than others were.

Finishing her bath, she thought of places they could go, places that would also give her the opportunity to fuck without simply spreading her legs on some busy street corner. As much as she would have liked to fuck in such a place, it simply wasn’t feasible. The park was a good place, with all that shrubbery around. There were usually a lot of older teenage boys at the park, boys who, after seeing a beautiful woman with her dress up, would be bold enough to approach her. Tommy could always sit away from her and pretend they weren’t together. Men or older boys seldom approached a woman with a young boy in tow. Yes, the park would be a good place.


“Mother, let’s see this movie,” Tommy said as soon as she came down the hall.

Her robe flapped open, and she made no move to hold it closed. Tommy’s hair was still wet from his shower, and he had spread the newspaper out on the floor, searching the movie ads. Leaning over his shoulder, Karen pressed her bushy cunt against the back of her son’s head.

“What movie, darling?” she asked.

“This one.” Tommy pointed.

“But that’s only for adults, baby,” she said with a soft laugh. “They’d never let you in.”

“Sure they will, Mother. It says so right here.”

Tommy was right. The ad said he could enter if accompanied by an adult. She looked at the ad, seeing a scantily clad girl clinging to a man. It wasn’t a true adult film, but it still promised to show everything.

“Why not?” she said, rubbing her cunt against the back of his head, feeling his damp hair on the sensitive lips of her cunt. “It might be good.”

Tommy twisted his head and kissed his mother’s warm thigh. Karen sighed and stepped in front of him, spreading her legs.

Tommy peered up at her cunt, seeing those succulent pussy lips framed by her curly cunt hair. She gently pulled his face between her thighs, rubbing her cunt onto his mouth. Her eyes glowed down at her son as the silky hair of her pussy covered his face, leaving only his eyes and forehead visible.

Tommy moved his hands up the backs of his mother’s thighs to her swelling, firm ass. Cupping her rounded ass cheeks, he began to kiss her cunt.

“Mmmm, you’re so sweet to me, darling,” she murmured, twisting into Tommy’s face. “Do you really like kissing Mother’s cunt, Tommy? You kiss it because you like it, not because you think I want it?”

Tommy nodded his head, making a muffled reply. He opened his mouth and tried to pull the puffy lips of her cunt into his mouth. He pulled at her ass, making his mother squeal with erotic delight. She held the back of his head, pulling his face tightly into her cunt, twisting her hips and grinding at his mouth.

Tommy’s tongue slipped out and began to lick about the slippery lips of his mother’s pussy. The taste of her cunt was hot and sweet. He swirled his tongue about her clit, causing Karen’s hips to jerk with pleasure. When he took her clit between his lips and sucked, Karen started churning into his mouth and making soft, hot mewling sounds.

“Ooooo, lover!” Karen moaned as her son’s tongue moved in hot circles about her swollen clit. “You suck my cunt better than anyone, better than that woman today. Mmmmm, you’re very good at this, Tommy.”

Tommy shoved his tongue between the fiery lips of his mother’s scalding cunt, fucking his tongue in and out like a cock. Karen moaned with increasing pleasure and pumped her crotch into his face as she clung to the back of his head. She spread her legs about his body, making him lean back. She bent her knees a little, half-squatting into his face, her ass grinding and writhing and twisting.

“Mmmm, it feels like you’re fucking me with your tongue, darling!” she mewled. “God, I won’t ever get enough of your sweet cock or that cunt-sucking tongue! Eat me, Tommy! Oooo, eat your Mother’s hot cunt!”

Tommy’s tongue was long, but not as long as his mother’s. Still, he could fuck his tongue an inch or so into her bubbling cunt, could twirl it about the satiny walls, could taste the fiery insides. The fuck juices that seeped into his mouth sent his cock into a hardness that throbbed and ached. He dug his hands hard into her ass, pulling her cunt almost brutally against his mouth and tongue. The way his mother’s cunt seemed to rip and squeeze his tongue delighted him, and he wondered if Cathy’s pussy would taste as good to him; if her cunt would hold his cock tight like his mother’s did. He wondered if Cathy would fuck him.

Eating and sucking his mother’s cunt, thinking if he could fuck Cathy, Tommy was hardly aware when his mother started to come. Feeling her hairy cunt lips suddenly start sucking at his embedded tongue, he tongue-fucked hard and fast, his thoughts now on his mother and not Cathy. Karen was screaming softly as she churned and thrashed her cunt into her son’s face, her orgasms spreading the heat about her inner thighs.

Karen’s knees started buckling, and, while she was still coming, she sank from his mouth. Tommy was now leaning back quite a bit, and, as she sank down, his wet lips and tongue slipped along her stomach and tits.

“Oh, a beautiful cum!” Karen groaned, feeling her cunt sink onto her son’s upstanding cock. “Without trying, I sat down on your cock, baby!”

Tommy grinned and sprawled on his back, his mother squatting on him, her curt closing about his cock. “Now what are you gonna do, Mother?”

“What any woman would do, finding a cock in her cunt… fuck the piss out of it!”

She began to bounce up and down, her cunt fucking on his cock smoothly but energetically.

Tommy stared at her bouncing tits, then down at the triangle of long hair that seemed to cover his cock completely as she came down on him. Arching his hips, he fucked his cock upward when his mother banged down, lowering as she lifted. The moist sounds of fucking seemed loud in the room.

Karen cupped her bouncing tits, her fingers closing tightly about them, her nipples sticking between her fingers. Her ass, visible with her robe wide open, seemed to churn up and down his cock as if on ball bearings, lubricated by the seeping fuck fluids of her forever-hot pussy.

Suddenly, with a squeal, Karen twisted on her son’s cock, turning completely around until her ass was toward his face. She never lifted her cunt off his prick as she turned. Now, with her ass toward his face, she leaned forward, her knees drawn up. Her ass cheeks spread apart and Tommy could see her gripping cunt better now. Her asshole looked very tight to him as she began to pump her ass up and down. He felt his mother kissing his toes, and he found something else exciting — the view he had of her ass riding his cock was one he had never seen before.

Karen knew what she was doing.

Facing he son’s feet, she twisted her ass up and down, her cunt gripping his cock. Having her son see her in this lewd position, seeing her ass as she pumped, seeing her cunt fucking his cock, made the fuck more enjoyable for her, too.

Taking his toes into her mouth, Karen sucked at them and kept her ass moving. Tommy could not keep his hands off her creamy smooth ass cheeks, cupping and feeling and squeezing. His eyes never wavered from her tight asshole and gripping cunt. His cock felt harder than ever before, and the heat of his mother’s cunt seared his prick. He felt her hand between his legs, stroking his balls as she sucked his toes. She pulled and twisted and squeezed his balls, her cunt fucking faster and faster on his cock.

“Mmmmm, this is good, baby!” Karen murmured in a hot, thick voice. “God, I’m about to come!”

“Me, too, Mother!”

Karen’s ass moved swiftly, grinding and bouncing. She sucked every one of his toes into her mouth, gripping his balls in one hand. Tommy lifted his hips as she banged down, groaning as his climax approached. He could also feel his mother’s cunt tightening around his cock. His balls grew tight in her hot hand, his cock swelling even more.

With a grunt, Karen rammed her cunt down onto her son’s cock, holding still there. At the same time, he tried to jam half his foot into her mouth, her hand squeezing his hairless balls. Her grunt turned into a wail as she came. Tommy, feeling his mother’s pussy gnawing on his cock, yelped as his come poured into her sucking cunt. His hands gripped her grinding ass, his fingers digging harshly at her ass cheeks as he shot his hips upward. Spurt after spurt of thick come juice gushed into his mother’s greedy cunt.

Karen slumped on her son when her clutching orgasm was over, running her tongue about his toes now, her ass shivering, her ass cheeks spreading wide, her asshole puckering and winking at her son. Tommy caressed her ass with slow, gentle hands, brushing at her tight asshole. His cock was still captured inside her cunt. After a while, Karen rolled from him, threw her legs into the air, spreading them wide, then sat up, laughing happily.

“Did you like that fuck, Tommy?” she asked. “You like fucking that way?”

“I watched your asshole, Mother,” he said. “It went real tight and then puckered and loose and then tight again.”

“I know,” she grinned. “When I come, I come all over.”

“Are we still gonna see the movie?”

“Of course,” she said, kissing his cheek and getting up. “In fact, if we get dressed now, we can make the first show.”

Half an hour later, they were on their way. Karen had slipped into a peasant blouse, low on her shoulders, her nipples brushing the cotton fabric. She wore a wide, swirling skirt, and summer sandals. Underneath she was naked.

They sat in the very last row of the darkened theater. There was only one other person in that row, a man sitting four or five seats away. Tommy watched the film avidly, clutching his mother’s hand, giggling with naughty delight as women acted through their parts, their naked tits revealed.

“You never saw so many tits at one time before, have you, Tommy?” she whispered to him. “Does it make your cock get a little hard?”

“Feel,” he whispered back, drawing her hand to his lap.

“Mmm, nice,” Karen murmured, squeezing his cock through his pants. She wasn’t interested in watching the film. She had seen movies like this before, but she understood her son’s interest. She played with his cock as he watched, feeling his hard-on in the movie this way started her cunt bubbling with desire again. She glanced at the man sitting a few seats away, then slumped in her chair and propped her knees against the back of the seat in front of her. She pulled her son’s hand under her thighs and to her naked cunt.

There were not many people in the theater at the time. It was the first showing, and most people usually came later. Opening her son’s pants, she released his cock and slowly stroked his prick as he gazed at the screen. He probed her hairy cunt with his fingers, making his mother moan with increasing need. She pulled her skirt along her thighs, glancing at the man again. Pressing her hand on the top of her son’s, she inserted two of his fingers into her pussy. Half her thighs were exposed now, and she kept glancing at the man, hoping he would notice. When he failed to show any interest, she pulled her blouse lower on her shoulders.

“Put your arm around my shoulders and play with my tit,” she whispered to her son.

Tommy did as she asked, sliding his hand into her blouse and cupping a firm, shapely tit. As his hand slipped into her blouse, she shoved her blouse lower. Her tit was out, exposed except for Tommy’s hand cupping it.

This caught the man’s attention.

Seeing him watching, Karen pulled her skirt higher on her thighs, almost to her hip, so the man could see that Tommy had his hand between her thighs as well as on her tit. Excitement swelled inside her, and she began to pump her fist up and down on her son’s cock. She made sure the man could see her jacking Tommy’s prick. She looked boldly at the man, barely seeing him in the darkness. She spread her knees and pulled her skirt to her stomach. The man stared at her, seeing well enough in the darkness, seeing her round tit out, seeing the dark shape of her cunt hair.

Deliberately, Karen leaned over into her son’s lap and kissed his dripping piss hole. Then she sat up and looked at the man again. When the man started moving to sit in the seat next to her, Karen’s pulse began to race. Her cunt throbbed around her son’s fingers, excitement welling inside her body. The man sat next to her now, but he made no move to touch her. Karen knew the man could see her fist on Tommy’s cock, could see her tit out of her blouse, could see her skirt at her waist and Tommy finger-fucking her. But the man didn’t attempt to feel her up.

The only thing she could do was grab hold of him.

The man grunted as Karen’s free hand darted to his lap, finding his cock inside his pants. She gripped his prick and tried to jerk on his cock, but his pants prevented that. She started to move her hand in search of the zipper, and the man, thinking she was taking her hand away, placed his hand on top of hers.

“Take it out!” she hissed at the man.

Tommy glanced past his mother, watching as the man opened his pants, his cock arching up in hardness. Quickly, his mother grasped the man’s prick, beating up and down as she did his cock.

Karen, holding two throbbing pricks in her hands, spread her legs wide. The man now started feeling her, running his hand down her smooth thigh. When Tommy felt the man’s hand at his mother’s cunt, he pulled his fingers from her pussy and let the man finger-fuck her.

Tommy slipped his mother’s peasant blouse down, revealing both her tits. No one was close enough to see what they were doing in the back row. The man leaned over and started sucking on Karen’s tit, his tongue swirling about her nipple as he fucked his finger in and out of her cunt. Tommy turned and started sucking the other nipple. Karen mewled with pleasure and jacked both pricks hard and fast.

The movie was forgotten. Tommy was too horny to watch the film now, and his mother was pumping on his cock so hard that he couldn’t think. Karen whimpered and twisted her ass in the seat, feeling the wet heat of two mouths snaking her tits, her hands filled by two beautiful hard cocks.

Suddenly, Karen twisted in her seat and shoved her face to the man’s cock. She swirled her tongue about the swollen head of his prick and lapped at his dripping piss hole. With a hungry moan, she stretched her lips around the man’s cock and sucked his prick deep into her mouth. The man groaned as Karen closed her hot lips about his cock, sucking up and down swiftly now, taking his cock as deep as she could.

The man reached down her back and jerked her skirt over her ass, squeezing her ass cheeks. Tommy gazed at his mother’s head bouncing up and down in the man’s lap, heard her sucking lips. He looked at her creamy ass in the darkness, watching the man fondle her.

“Go ahead, kid,” the man groaned. “Get yourself a piece of that hot ass. Hell, fuck her — she wants it bad.”

Hearing this, Karen lifted her mouth from the man’s cock, licked about his piss hole, then hissed at her son. “Yes, fuck that hot ass, baby! Fuck me while I suck this big cock off!”

Tommy turned in his seat, opening his pants, pushing them down a bit. He pressed his cock against his mother’s ass, searching for her cunt. The head of his cock pressed against the pucker of her asshole, and Tommy, at first, didn’t know the difference. He began to push against his mother’s asshole. Karen, feeling his prick there, thought of letting him know that he was trying to fuck the wrong hole, but, the more pressure he applied, the better she felt. She started pushing her ass back at him, feeling the head of his cock fucking into her asshole. She had a mouthful of the man’s hard cock when her son’s prick moved into her asshole. The man’s prick prevented her from screaming as Tommy’s cock stretched her burning tight asshole.

By now, Tommy had realized where his prick was. He remembered watching her asshole as she had fucked him in that turned-around position earlier and he found the hot tightness of his mother’s asshole on his cock exciting. He began to fuck into her asshole, gripping her hips, fucking her hard.

Karen whimpered with ecstasy, wiggling her ass while her son fucked her with his sweet, young cock, her mouth sucking frantically now on the man’s cock. She lifted the man’s balls from his pants, finding them big and hairy. She fondled them as her mouth slipped up and down his thick cock, her naked ass wiggling for her son, her asshole stretching and burning and thrilling her tremendously. Two hard cocks filled her asshole and mouth at the same time, and Karen’s erotic emotions became overpowering. Her asshole clutched her son’s cock, and she sucked wildly at the thick prick that filled her hot mouth.

Tommy began to grunt with effort, fucking his cock deep into his mother’s asshole. He gazed in the darkness at her head as she bobbed up and down on the man’s cock. The man was groaning, pressing at the back of Karen’s head. Karen was making hungry sucking sounds, shaking her ass to the beat of her son’s cock in her asshole. She held the man’s large balls in one hand, her other hand rubbing furiously at her steaming, throbbing clit. The breathing of all three people was loud in the dark theater, and none of them cared. All that mattered was their approaching orgasms.

Tommy fucked hard into his mother’s asshole, his cock throbbing. With a groan, he gushed come juice along the velvet-like walls of her ass, squirting hard, flooding her ass with the thick, creamy juices of his hairless balls. Feeling her son shooting into her asshole, Karen sucked swiftly and hungrily on the man’s cock, her tongue swirling. She squeezed his hairy balls, but the sudden spurting of thick come into her mouth still came as a surprise. She gave a soft choke as the man’s come juice sprayed her throat. She recovered swiftly and began to swallow as she sucked in frenzy. The man came very much, more than she would have expected. Her mouth filled with his come before she could swallow it all, some seeping from the corners of her stretched lips.

When the man finished, she lapped at his cock, licking up any come juice that had escaped her mouth. She mewled with pleasure, then groaned as her son pulled his cock from her still-burning asshole.

When she lifted her face, the man started to stuff his cock back into his pants.

“I’m not through,” Karen said, grabbing his cock. “You can get hard again, can’t you?”

“I think so,” the man whispered back.

Tommy watched his mother, by now realizing that she was almost insatiable and that he would never be able to keep her completely satisfied. He didn’t mind. He liked to watch her fucking, too.

Karen fondled the man’s cock and brought his prick to a lovely hardness again. She leaned down and gazed at his cock in the dim theater, then darted her tongue to his balls. She swirled her tongue about his hairy balls, licking them eagerly, making soft mewls once more.

“You gonna fuck him now, Mother?” Tommy whispered.

“Mother? What the hell is this?” the man asked.

Karen sat upright. “That’s none of your fucking business, guy,” she said, holding his cock. “Do you want to fuck or not?”

“Shit!” the man said, trying to see them clearly. “Is this your son, lady?”

Karen started smoothing her skirt dawn. “What’s it to you if he is? A fuck is a fuck.”

“Hey, that’s right. Don’t get pissed, lady,” the man said quickly. “Whatever turns you on, I always say.”

“That’s better,” Karen said, taking his cock in her hand again. “Now, do you want to fuck?”

“Hell yes!”

Karen climbed onto the man’s lap, facing him, spreading her legs about his. The seat was small and cramped, but she could find a way to fuck him. She lifted her legs and slid them up onto the man’s shoulders, leaning her back against the seat behind her. Tommy pulled her skirt up, watching his mother stuff the man’s cock into her cunt. When they started fucking, he fondled her tits with both hands, knowing she loved to be felt and fondled at times like this.

The moist sounds of the man’s cock fucking in and out of his mother’s cunt seemed loud to Tommy. He looked around to see if anyone was noticing, but everyone was watching the screen, seeing naked tits jiggling and bobbing. He wasn’t interested anymore. He had something more exciting to watch. He watched his mother squirm her ass about, watched the man’s cock fuck into her cunt hard and fast.

Karen threw her head back, moaning softly with ecstasy, not caring if they were seen. She loved the thickness of the man’s cock fucking into her boiling cunt, loved it also because her son was watching and playing with her tits.

“Oh, good!” Karen whispered, twisting her ass, her knees on the man’s shoulder. “So fucking good! God, I love a hard cock fucking me!”

She twisted and ground her cunt on the man’s prick, churning in her awkward position. Already she could feel her cunt throbbing with impending orgasm, her hairy pussy lips sucking and squeezing the man’s prick with that churning motion she had no control over.

Tommy leaned forward and started sucking one of her tits, drawing the long, hard nipple into his mouth. Karen pulled her son’s face tightly against her tit, whimpering hotly as her orgasm swelled and burned between her thighs.

“Oooo, I’m about to come!” she said, catching herself to keep from screaming the words. “Oh, I’m going to come!”

The words had hardly escaped her mouth when her cunt bubbled into a tight, steaming orgasm. Her cunt started sucking at the man’s cock, and her pussy was so hot and tight that he couldn’t resist. With a grunt, his cock spewed stream after stream of thick come juice into her greedy pussy. Karen’s body trembled with ecstasy, and her orgasm was hardly over when the movie ended.

Suddenly, the house lights came on. “Oh!” she squealed, scrambling off the man and jerking her blouse up. She shoved her skirt down quickly and sat in her seat, looking around as people started leaving the theater. The man, she saw, had crossed his legs swiftly to conceal his cock, not having enough time to stuff his prick into his pants.

Tommy, however, had pulled his pants up as soon as his mother had started fucking the man.

“I’d like to know you better,” the man said, smiling at the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. “You could become a habit.”

Now that Karen had satisfied herself, she no longer wanted anything to do with the man. “That’s it,” she said. “There’ll be no more.”

“Your phone number?” the man pressed.

“Time to go, Tommy,” Karen said, getting to her feet.

The man shot his hand up her skirt and grabbed a cheek of her ass. “Come on, we could have a real ball. You, me, and your son, lady.”

“Fuck off, asshole,” Karen said, shoving his hand from under her skirt. “You’ve had your ball. Be happy with what you got.”


Having a late snack at home, Karen and her son laughed again about what had happened at the movie.

“Can you imagine,” she said, “that son of a fucking bitch wanted to come home with us. What does he think we are?”

“He wanted more, Mother.”

“Of course he did,” she agreed. “That’s what pisses me off about some of these assholes, Tommy. They can’t be happy with what they get. They want some long-term bull-shit. It’s a turn-on for them at first, but when you stay with a guy for awhile, he starts the jealous shit; gets possessive, and tries to stop a girl from doing the things that attracted him in the first place. Assholes, all of them!”

“No, baby.” She smiled at him. “You’re certainly not an asshole. You don’t mind what I’m doing, do you? You enjoy it, too, right?”

Tommy nodded his head, grinning at her.

“You’d never become possessive and jealous of me, would you, darling?”

“I like to watch you fucking, Mother,” he said. “I like to watch about as much as I like to do it.”

“We’re a team, baby,” she said, stroking his young face. “We’re a perfect team.”

“You know what I’d like to do?” he asked. “I’d like to fuck Cathy.”

Karen grinned lewdly at him. “Who wouldn’t? She’s a sweet girl, and she has one of those bodies that make a cock nice and hard. Why don’t you fuck her?”

Tommy blushed faintly. “I’m not sure she would. She looks at my cock and grabs it sometimes, but I don’t know if she’d fuck, Mother.”

“All girls fuck under the right circumstances,” she said. “Maybe you need some help.”

“What can you do?”

“What happened at the sandwich shop?”

“Yeah, but that woman wanted to suck your cunt. Cathy wouldn’t do that?”

“There’s not a girl alive that won’t suck cunt under the right circumstances. Tommy,” Karen said with a lewd smile.

“Cathy wouldn’t,” Tommy insisted.

“Listen, let me explain how she might,” Karen said, sitting close to her son. She talked in a low voice, stroking his body, making him excited. His cock came up and she lifted his prick from his pants, closing her fingers around his cock shaft and jacking slowly as she talked. Tommy touched his mother’s tits, sucking on one and fondling the other, listening to her.

He moved his hand to her lap, sliding her skirt to her hips. His hand moved up and down his mother’s creamy smooth thigh. Karen opened her knees for him, making a soft gasp when he rubbed her cunt.

After she finished telling Tommy why she thought Cathy would take his cock into her cunt, both were intensely excited. Karen’s cunt was bubbling and wet, her clit almost painfully swollen again. Leaning down, she kissed the head of his dripping cock, then pulled him to his feet.

“I need that,” she said throatily, squeezing his cock. “Come on, baby!”

They ran down the hall to her bedroom. Karen stripped her clothes off swiftly, tossing her skirt and blouse across the room in her haste. She stood with feet apart, caressing her cunt with both hands as she watched her son getting out of his pants, his eyes glowing as he looked at her beautiful body. His cock throbbed up and down. His balls looked full again.

Karen sat on her bed, lifting her legs high and holding them wide, her bushy cunt glistening in readiness. She was balanced on her ass this way, her eyes fiery with heat.

“See something nice, darling?” she whispered, watching his cock jerking up and down.

“I see cunt, Mother.”

“What are you going to do with the cunt you see?”

“Fuck it!” Tommy yelled and ran toward her. He grabbed his mother’s uplifted legs and fucked his cock into her cunt with one quick thrust.

“Oooo, wonderful!” Karen bubbled softly, her eye closing for a moment. Quick pleasure flooded her body as her son’s cock penetrated her hungry cunt. “Ram it fast, Tommy! Oh, God… I love your fucking cock!”

She cooed with delight as her son drew her legs about his young head, fucking his cock into her cunt hard and fast, the moist slapping sounds loud. His balls beat at her ass when his cock plunged in. Tommy fucked her hard enough to make her tits jiggle, bringing mewls of ecstasy from her. She twisted and gyrated her ass while he fucked his cock rapidly into her always-boiling cunt. The hard ridges of his prick were felt by her sensitive twit lips, the swollen cock head distinct. The hair-lined lips of her cunt gripped her son’s cock very tightly, flexing in that unusual erotic way, squeezing his prick, then loosening, then squeezing again. Karen’s cunt gripped her son’s cock the way her fist would, tightening and relaxing.

Moans of ecstasy rose from her throat as she twisted her naked ass for him. She closed her eyes to savor the delight of her son’s cock fucking into her body. Gripping her tits, she tried to bring her hard nipples together, but failed. She dug into her tits harshly, loving the pain, loving the speed of her son’s cock fucking in her cunt.

Tommy, standing on the floor, ran his hands down her legs, and over her quivering thighs to clutch at her slightly elevated ass. He could see his mother’s pussy holding his prick, could see her glistening clit and the soft curls of her cunt hair. The heat of Karen’s cunt was overpowering to a boy so young. His head was buzzing and reeling with the intense ecstasy his mother’s cunt gave him.

“Baby, baby, baby,” Karen moaned over and over, licking her lips with that wonderful long tongue. “So good, darling. So fucking good! Oooo, I could keep your sweet cock up my cunt forever! I love it, Tommy… love your hard cock and love it fucking my cunt and… oh, you’re about to make me come! So fast! Too damned fast, baby!”

Tommy slowed his wild lunges.

“No!” she urged. “I don’t mean you’re fucking me too fast! Keep doing it! I mean I’m going to come too fast! Ahhh, hump Mother’s hot ass, Tommy! Hump me and fuck me!”

Resuming the speed of his fuck, Tommy dug his hands into his mother’s waving ass, his fingers clawing at her ass crack. His hips banged with a blur of speed.

A scream erupted from Karen’s throat as she came. Her hips jerked upwards, her cunt sucking hotly at his cock. The muscles of her flat stomach rippled, and her naked body shook in a violent way.

Tommy could feel the strength of his mother’s orgasm. Her cunt closed very tightly about his hard cock, holding his prick as if never wanting to lose his cock. The convulsion raging through her pussy caused his cock to throb and swell, his balls starting to ache slightly.

“Oh, God, don’t stop!” Karen screamed in mindless ecstasy. “Don’t ever stop, baby! I’m still coming! My cunt is burning off, and I keep coming! Ohhh, Tommy, fuck me hard! Fuck me… I want to come forever! Fuck me… fuck me, darling!”

Tommy was gritting his teeth, trying to hold back the threatening discharge of his come juice. His balls were as tight as they could possibly be, the ache in them increasing. Still, he fucked his cock in and out of the wet, hairy, fiery cunt of his mother.

Karen was going through orgasm after orgasm, every nerve in her body exploding in that delicious way. She twisted her head from side to side, squealing mindlessly as her ass began to grind against his fucking cock. Her legs, still around his head, squeezed him. She dug brutally into her swollen tits as she came and came and came.

Tommy could no longer hold back.

His come juice was bubbling hotly inside his young balls, and, with a growl, he fucked his throbbing cock as hard and deep into his mother’s orgasming cunt as he could, his body going stiff. A loud, tormented sound came from him as his cock spewed into his mother’s hungry cunt. Splash after splash of come juice exploded against the velvety walls of her pussy, making Karen come even harder. Taking come juice gushing into her cunt — or into her mouth — was the greatest of all sensations to her. It was something she would never get enough of. She could feel each squirt of come juice spurting out of Tommy’s piss hole.

Tommy gushed hard, flooding his mother’s cunt with the creamy, thick come, moaning now as if he were in pain. His balls were hard against her ass, his hands digging between the cheeks of her ass. Thrilled, he did not care if he was hurting her.

Tommy fell across his mother, gasping for air, his cock slipping from her cunt with a soft, wet sound. His prick rested between the cheeks of her ass, near her asshole. His whole body rested, loose and completely relaxed.

Karen caressed her son’s back as they rested.

She was amazed at the power of her orgasms, at the number of times she had come. Her naked body felt alive, vibrant and good.

After a while, they rested, stretched out next to each other, both yawning, tired and with that pleasant sensation still clinging to them. Karen wrapped her son in her arms, holding him against her tits as they drifted into a well-deserved sleep.

When Karen woke up the next morning, she found the lights still on. For a moment she was puzzled, wondering if anyone had entered the house during the night. Then she remembered they had gone to sleep without turning them out; Tommy was on his back, sleeping soundly.

She looked at her son, smiling with affection. He looked much younger in sleep, and she waited to hug and kiss him, smother Tommy with her love. His smooth chest rose and fell rhythmically, his breathing even. He slept with his legs spread out, and she gazed at the way his cock stood straight up, one or two dark hairs finally visible at the base. His balls looked larger than they should have been for his age, but she loved it that way. Those young balls held what she desired so much… loads and loads of sweet come juice.

Sitting up, she stroked his balls with a light finger. Tommy moaned in his sleep but didn’t wake up. She closed her fist about his hard cock and pumped gently and lightly, feeling his prick throb against her hand. Her other hand held his balls tenderly as she slowly worked the other hand up and down his cock. She stared at his piss hole, watching it flare open, moisture starting to collect there. She ran her thumb over his piss hole, then lifted her thumb to her mouth. She flicked the tip of her tongue over her thumb, tasting the wetness of her son’s cock. She gave his prick a squeeze, watching beads of moisture form on his piss hole. Tommy moaned again in sleep, but didn’t wake up. Karen squeezed his cock to bring more slippery wetness to his prick head. She ran her tongue over her lips, wanting to have her lips on his cock.

Leaning down, she touched the tip of her tongue very lightly against his smooth prick head, then drew across the seeping piss hole. She tasted her son’s juices, making a soft mewl of pleasure. Closing her lips about the swollen head of his cock, she ran her tongue about, circling and lapping his piss hole. She kept hold of his tender balls, sliding her wet lips down on him, taking his cock into her mouth. The heat of his prick, the throbbing hardness of his cock between her lips and going deeper into her mouth caused a small orgasm to go off between her thighs.

When hr lips pressed against the base of Tommy’s cock, the smooth prick head was at her throat. She held his cock this way for a while, enjoying the feel and taste in her mouth. There was no reason for her to keep him asleep, of course, but it was fun to hold his cock in her mouth as he slept so innocently. She began to rub her cunt as she sucked very slowly up and down. Mewls of pleasure, soft but hot, bubbled from her.

“Ooo, wow!” Tommy said.

Karen turned her eyes toward him, keeping his cock stuffed in her mouth, her tongue pressing his cock to the roof of her mouth. Holding her lips very tight, she sucked upward slowly, pulling her mouth off his prick.

“You like waking up this way, baby?”

“It’s great, Mother!”

She gripped his cock, jerking her fist up and down swiftly and tightly now that he was awake. More fuck juices bubbled to his piss hole, and she swiped her tongue across his cock head, licking them away.

“Suck my cock again!” Tommy urged, arching his hips up.

Karen giggled, but closed her mouth about his prick and sucked hard, sliding her lips up and down quickly, then slowing to savor the throbbing hardness better. She twisted his young balls, bringing a moan of ecstasy from her son.

“Mmmm,” Karen mewled, pulling her mouth off his cock. “Don’t come, darling. As much as I’d love to have you coming off in my hot mouth, I want to do something else this morning.”

She pulled his cock back into her mouth, her eyes turned up to watch his face, to see his happy expression while she sucked on his prick. Tommy shoved a hand down and cupped one of his mother’s tits, playing with her tit and watching her lips stretch about his cock, feeling the heat of her wet mouth and the licking of her greedy tongue.

Tommy started fucking his mother in her mouth as his pleasure increased. Karen held her head still above him, moaning softly, letting him fuck her mouth this way. She slipped her hand under his young, tight ass, pulling his prick deep into her mouth. Her tongue swirled in constant motion as Tommy fucked his cock in and out.

Holding his cock with her lips, Karen squirmed about until she had her cunt toward her son’s head. She lifted one knee, spreading her legs. She pressed at the back of Tommy’s head, letting him know she wanted her cunt kissed. Tommy shoved his face between his mother’s thighs and kissed her cunt, then began licking, his tongue swirling about her hairy pussy lips, darting against her swollen clit and plunging into the fiery wetness of her cunt. He turned onto his side, grasping his mother by her naked ass with both hands, pulling her hairy cunt tightly into his face. Karen, too, clutched at her son’s tight ass, her mouth sucking on his hard cock. She wiggled her crotch against his mouth, mewling softly around his cock.

They sucked each other for a while, letting their early morning excitement build. Soft, wet, slurping sounds came from their eagerly licking and sucking mouths. Their hands were pulling at each other’s ass.

Then Karen sucked back from his cock. She pulled her cunt away from his now-smeared face, looking between them at him. “Honey, I need your cock in me,” she whispered. “I need to feel it in my ass again. Fuck me in my ass, baby.”

Tommy started to get to his knees, but she stopped him.

“No, let me on top,” she said.

Tommy rolled onto his back, his cock standing up, glistening from the wetness of her hot, hungry mouth. Karen straddled her son, her cunt spreading as she grasped his cock and rubbed the swollen prick head between the cheeks of her ass, brushing his cock about her tightly puckered asshole.

Tommy watched his mother, seeing her cunt, the dark curls of her pussy and the wetness dripping to his stomach. Karen began to ease her ass down, feeling the head of his cock pressing against the tight heat of her asshole. Her eyes began to roll as a stab of ecstasy rippled through her.

“Oooo, so good!” she whimpered, settling lower. “It’s almost in my asshole, Tommy!”

Karen moved slowly, feeling her asshole stretch as the head of her son’s cock began to enter. She bit at her bottom lip when the round head penetrated her asshole. Now it was easier to take the rest of his wonderful cock into her ass. Still she moved down slowly, enjoying the burning sensation. When she had every inch of his cock inside her asshole, she sat there for a moment or so, grinning down at him.

“It’s in all the way, Tommy,” she said huskily. “I’ve got your cock all the way up my asshole. And I’m going to keep it there forever.”

The muscles of her asshole flexed, squeezing the base of his cock. Tommy placed his hands on his mother’s knees, trying to arch upwards, but her weight was too much for him.

“No, you just lie still — let me do all the work. Let Mother fuck you with her hot asshole.”

Karen began to lift and lower her ass, fucking her son’s cock with the tightness of her asshole. Tommy could see her cunt, the hairy lips parted, could feel her fuck juice dripping onto his stomach. He was very excited, his hands digging into her rounded knees. The feel of her asshole gripping his cock so tightly sent a shiver of ecstasy through his body.

“I’m going to turn around,” Karen said.

She started turning without lifting her ass off his cock. When she was sitting on him side ways, she paused, fucking up and down on his cock with her asshole.

“You like this, darling?”

“It’s great, Mother!”

She fucked him a while longer, sitting side ways on him, her asshole scorching his cock with tight heat. She could feel her son’s cock so hard and throbbing between the fiery ring of her asshole, his prick as deep as possible. Then she twisted around on his cock until she was facing his feet, her ass grinding against him.

Tommy stared at his mother’s spreading ass cheeks, seeing her asshole stretched about his cock. He was holding her hips now, breathing hard with the excitement of what he saw and felt. The view was erotic, as Karen intended it to be. She pumped her ass up and down, almost pulling all the way off his cock before thrusting down again.

“Can you see it, Tommy?” she groaned.

“Can you see my asshole fucking your cock?”

“I sure can, Mother!”

“Watch Mother’s ass, Tommy! Watch my ass fuck you! Watch Mother’s asshole fuck your hard, sweet cock!”

Each time his mother came down on his cock, his balls would smash against her boiling cunt. His balls were slippery with the wetness of her seeping pussy, increasing their erotic pleasures. Karen whipped her ass up and down, twisting about, taking his cock as deep as she could into her fiery asshole. Without any effort on her part, Karen’s asshole squeezed her son’s cock hard as she fucked him. She shoved his balls against her cunt as she pressed her asshole tightly onto him, grinding in a circling motion, squealing with ecstasy.

“Ohhh, this is going to make me come, Tommy!”

“I am too, Mother!”

Karen stated fucking him swiftly, her orgasm swelling inside her stomach. She thought she could feel her son’s cock becoming larger inside her asshole. She clung to his balls as her naked ass whipped up and down. Tommy was grunting as his discharge began to boil inside his hairless balls.

When the convulsion hit Karen, her asshole started squeezing at his cock. She plunged her asshole down hard on him, grinding against the base of his cock, pressing his balls into her cunt as she came.

Tommy, feeling the contractions of his mother’s asshole around his cock, his balls being stuffed into her hot cunt, could not hold his climax back.

He started coming with mind-shattering squirts. Spurt after spurt of come juice spewed up his mother’s asshole. Feeling her son’s cock gushing into her asshole sent Karen into a final spasm of ecstasy. She was still coming as she fell forward, his cock still inside her asshole.


Karen and Tommy showered together, something that was becoming a habit, but a habit they both enjoyed. There was more play than showering, though.

She was constantly surprised by her son’s ability to achieve a hard-on so soon after squirting off. She was delighted with his ability. As their shower was ending, Tommy’s cock was poking out straight and hard again. She laughed in delight as she stroked his prick with both hands.

“You’re really amazing, Tommy,” she said. “Your cock gets hard so quickly. I don’t know of any man that can do that. I think I’ll keep you and your beautiful cock with me forever.”

“I’m gonna see if Cathy will suck it today,” he said.

“Remember what I told you last night?”

He nodded.

“It’ll work, darling,” she said, kissing his forehead and pumping her fist on his cock. “Trust me.”

“But what am I gonna do with this hard-on right now, Mother?”

“I could jerk you off,” she teased. “Or maybe fuck it for you.”

“Or maybe suck it off?” he asked.

“Well, I could do that, I suppose, but I really don’t much care to suck cock.”

“You’re a fucking liar, Mother,” he laughed.

“Of course I am, darling,” she laughed, sliding to her knees with the shower beating on her back. She kissed the head of his cock, nuzzling and loving his prick, gazing up at him.

Tommy pressed his prick to her lips. Karen moaned and opened them. Feeling his cock slide into her mouth again, she wrapped her arms about his hips and held his prick deep inside her mouth, still gazing up at him, her eyes sparkling with pleasure. Tommy held the back of his mother’s head and started fucking her mouth. Karen gurgled, enjoying the feel of his young balls swinging against her chin. She held her lips closed tightly for him, loving the way his hard cock slid over her tongue and probed at her hungry, burning throat. She cupped his ass, pulling him forward, her lips writhing as she sucked.

Tommy cupped his mother’s face, watching his cock fuck in and out of her hot mouth. He had never considered anything unusual about getting a hard-on so soon after coming off — it had always been that way since he started coming. But it pleased him that his mother loved his cock being able to get so hard so soon. It pleased him, too, to know that anytime his cock was hard, she would take care of his hard-on for him in a variety of ways.

She loved sucking his cock, loved the hot splashing of his come juice against her throat when he came. Feeling his cock gushing into her mouth, filling it, flowing down her throat, always made her come, too. Sucking cock was one of her best sources of thrills, sometimes better than feeling a prick fucking in and out of her eager cunt. There were times when she wanted to use her mouth on a hard, throbbing cock, sliding her lips back and forth, her tongue licking. Then there were times when she wanted that cock to move, to fuck her mouth, to fill her throat as she held her head still.

Holding her son’s ass cheeks cupped in her hands, she let him now fuck her mouth. She liked the way he cupped her face with his young hands, liked the way he looked down at her, her lips stretched about his sweet hard cock. Her nipples, rigid with pleasure, brushed against his knees, inflaming her nipples to painful hardness.

Tommy fucked his mother’s mouth slowly, enjoying the wet heat of her lips, the tightness of her wicked mouth.

Karen mewled in soft delight, her eyes rolling in her head as ecstasy began to fill her body. Her cunt was pulsating nicely between her thighs. She ran her hands up and down the backs of her son’s thighs, about his young ass. She kept her lips ovaled about his cock, keeping them tight to provide the greatest pleasure she could for him. The shower beat upon her smooth back, adding to the erotic enjoyment.

“So good, Mother,” Tommy was whispering. “Your mouth feels good. It’s hot and wet and tight. I love to fuck you in the mouth, Mother! Ahhhhh, you’re good, so fucking good!”

Her eyes twinkled brightly up at him, shining with her delight, answering him with soft gleams of pleasure. She thought she could keep this up for hours, feeling his cock fucking her mouth. She never got tired, her jaws seldom aching. His cock fit her mouth perfectly and comfortably. She could breathe easily no matter if his cock was pressing all the way to her throat. His prick was not yet long enough to cut her air supply off. His cock would, though, in time, she knew, but when that time came, she knew how to handle it so she wasn’t concerned.

She brought a hand between them, cupping his balls and pressing them at her chin, pulling at his ass with the other hand to let Tommy know she wanted to hold his cock deep for a while. She moaned happily as her lips writhed against the base, his balls rubbing her chin. The feel of that smoothly swollen prick head at her throat sent shivers down her flesh. She could feel, but not taste the fuck juices dripping from his prick.

Tommy began to fuck her mouth again.

He was getting close to discharge, his balls tightening and becoming hard. He was gasping in a tight way, and his cock fucked in and out between her tight lips a little faster. Karen felt his small body shaking, signaling his impending squirts. She started moving her tongue more, faster, circling his cock as he fucked in and out. His prick seemed to become larger in her mouth, hotter and even longer.

“Mother, I think…” Tommy fucked faster and faster at her wet, hot mouth. He was fucking his cock in and out so fast that he came close to pulling free a few times. He was beating the base of his cock against her lips almost harshly now, his balls slamming at her chin. He was fucking in a brutal way as his discharge boiled inside his young balls. Karen didn’t care. He could fuck her mouth as hard and as violently as he wanted.

She began moaning with eager anticipation, sucking him as he fucked. The desire to have his cock exploding, gushing that sweet, thick come juice into her mouth, over her tongue, down her throat was turning into desperation. She dug her fingers into his tightening ass, urging him to fuck as hard and as fast as he wanted. Tommy was grunting, his chin tucked into his neck, his eyes burning, watching his cock ready to spew. His hips flew back and forth.

And his prick came free of her mouth.

“Oooo!” Karen protested.

She opened her lips wide, trying to capture his cock before his spunk erupted.

She was too late.

Tommy groaned. Come juice flew from his piss hole, spraying into his mother’s face. He could not stop. He came and came. Thick come-juice splashed onto Karen’s face, coating her from forehead to chin, even getting into her hair. She held her mouth open wide, managing to catch a spurt or two on her tongue. Her fingers dug into her son’s ass as he squirted that sweetness about her face. Spunk dripped from her chin to her tits.

As the force of his climax slowed, she closed her lips about the head of his cock and sucked a few drops from his piss hole, swallowing hungrily. With the head of Tommy’s cock still between her lips, Karen began smearing his cock juice all about her face with both hands, then about her thrusting tits. She moaned softly, her cunt convulsing.

Tommy slumped to the floor of the shower, panting. “I’m sorry, Mother,” he gasped. “I couldn’t help it.”

“Mmmm, don’t be sorry, darling,” she said. “I thought it was fun having you come off in my face. No harm done.”

She stood and shoved her face under the shower, washing away his come, then shampooed her hair. They dried each other, with Karen tickling her son’s cock and balls, making him dance around and laugh with pleasure.

“Tommy, are you going to fuck Cathy today?” Karen asked as they dressed. She was pulling on a pair of white shorts that cupped her rounded ass beautifully, the outline of her cunt slit obvious. She put on a tight halter-top that showed her nipples boldly.

“I’m gonna try, Mother,” he replied, getting into his bathing trunks.

“No, honey,” she said. “You’re going to fuck her, not try.”

“You seem awfully sure I can.”

“I know you can, darling.” She looked at him, wishing the head of his cock were visible. “Do it the way I told you and I’m almost sure Cathy will fuck you.”

“Where are you gonna be?”

“Watching from the kitchen. You don’t think I’d miss it, do you?”

Tommy laughed. “You’re gonna get all hot and excited, too.”

Karen held up her hand. “I’ll have help.”

Tommy pulled her hand to his lips, kissed her palm, then sucked on her fingers for a moment.

“That’s enough,” said. “You keep that up and you’re going to be fucked before you can try it with Cathy.”

Tommy called Cathy, inviting her to the pool. By the time he hung up and was out sitting on the deck, his feet in the water, Cathy came through the gate at the side of the house, wearing her skimpy, too-small bikini.

Karen watched from the kitchen. Tommy was doing just as she had explained to him. He waved to the pretty girl and brought one foot out of the water, cocking it. Since his cock was almost hard again, his prick head had started to peek from the leg of his trunks.

Cathy saw Tommy’s cock starting to stick out. She stopped near Tommy, gazing openly at his prick, a small grin on her pretty face. Karen could see the girl’s bikini bottom had pulled into the crack of Cathy’s ass, her succulent little ass cheeks exposed. Running her tongue over her lips, she watched her son slide his trunks to one side, setting his cock free completely. A small flush came over Cathy’s pretty face, and she jumped into the water. By the time she surfaced, Tommy had wrapped his hand about his cock and was openly jerking himself off.

“You’re gonna get caught!” Karen heard Cathy say, but the girl watched his fist with interest.

“I don’t care,” Tommy replied, pumping on his cock. “It feels too good to care. You can watch if you wanna, Cathy.”

“Are you gonna make your cock squirt?” the girl asked, swimming toward him. “I never saw a cock do that before, Tommy.”

The obvious excitement in Cathy’s voice came to Karen, who stared out the window.

“I might,” Tommy said, then pulled his hand away from his hard-on. “But not right now.”

He jumped into the pool and swam about, and, as Cathy lifted herself to the deck, he was behind her. Karen watched her son quickly grab Cathy’s bikini bottoms and pull.

Cathy squealed and tried to hold onto them, but it was too late. Her white ass flashed in the sunlight as she jerked herself onto the deck, turning to face Tommy who was laughing with delight.

“You need some sun on your ass, Cathy,” he said. “It’s kinda white.”

The girl jerked her bikini bottoms up, darting a look toward the house, her expression a little guilty. “Is your mom home, Tommy?”

“I don’t think so. Why?”

“I don’t want her to see what you’re doing.”

“What am I doing?” he asked innocently.

“Trying to pull my bikini down, smarty!”

She dangled her legs in the water, splashing at Tommy and laughing. Tommy grabbed her feet and pulled her in, Cathy squealing with pleasure. The water churned, and Karen could just see their bodies beneath the surface. Then Cathy popped up, still squealing. Tommy came to the surface a few feet away, waving her bikini bottoms in the air.

“Give them back!” Cathy yelled. “I can’t get out with them off.”

“Why not? You’ve seen my cock often enough,” Tommy said. “It’s time you let me see your pussy.”

“I know what guys want to do when they see a girl,” Cathy said. “They wanna put it in, that’s what!”

“I won’t, Cathy. I promise. Just let me see your pussy once, that’s all. I won’t even touch it.”


“Hope to die.”

Slowly the girl lifted herself to the deck, her legs pressed tightly together. The white outline where her bikini kept the sun off her skin was arousing to Karen. Other than that white flesh, the girl was a beautiful golden brown.

Cathy, with a naughty sort of giggle, opened her legs quickly, then closed them.

“Aw, that wasn’t much of a look, Cathy,” Tommy complained. “Come on, let me see.”

“Will you give my bottoms back?”


Karen watched the girl spread her thighs, holding them open this time. Tommy’s eyes glowed as he peered at the pink, sweet cunt of the pretty girl. He started swimming toward her, and Cathy drew back. “You promised you wouldn’t touch it!”

By the time she was on her feet, Tommy was out of the pool, her bikini bottoms floating in the middle of the pool. Laughing, Tommy reached for the girl. “I lied,” he said.

Cathy darted away from him, but Karen could hear her girlish laughter. Her white little ass jiggled as she tried to get away from Tommy. But Cathy slipped on the grass, falling to her hands and knees.

Tommy caught her before she could get up. He yanked his trunks down, his cock standing out straight and hard. He didn’t shove his prick into the girl’s cunt. He grabbed her hips and, holding her around the waist with one arm, fondled her ass with his other hand. Karen could see that sweet little ass, could see Cathy’s pink cunt between her thighs from behind. Cathy wasn’t making much of an effort to get away now, she saw, grinning.

“You told me a lie,” Cathy said, but her voice was low and husky now. She wasn’t struggling to get away, but stayed on her hands and knees, her naked little ass moving slightly. “You promised you wouldn’t touch it.”

“You grab my cock all the time, Cathy,” Tommy said, sliding his palm across one little ass cheek and cupping her cunt, pressing against her pussy. “I’m just doing what you do with me.”

“I guess I can’t stop you, can I?”

“Do you want me to stop?”

“I… well, I guess maybe I don’t, Tommy,” Cathy said. “Are you sure your mother isn’t home?”

Tommy didn’t answer. He slipped his hand up and down Cathy’s hot little cunt, then worked a finger into her pussy. Karen heard the girl gasp, but her naked ass was shaking and she wasn’t trying to stop Tommy from finger-fucking her.

“What are you gonna do, Tommy?” Karen heard Cathy whimper, her voice that of a girl swiftly becoming aroused. “You’re not gonna do anything but feel me, are you?”

Karen laughed, knowing now that Cathy wanted her son’s cock up that sugary cunt. She had been right, telling Tommy that Cathy would fuck if he would take a little initiative with her. The girl was very hot to fuck, very hot.

Tommy slipped his finger from Cathy’s cunt, getting to his knees behind her uplifted ass. Karen watched her son press his lips to the smooth cheek of Cathy’s ass briefly, bringing a surprised squeal of delight from the girl.

“Are you gonna do it to me, Tommy?” Cathy asked, her ass waving slowly. “Are you gonna put your cock in me and do it?”

“You wanna?”

“I guess so… if you’re sure your mother isn’t home.”

Tommy was holding Cathy’s naked hips, watching her ass wiggle around as if searching for the swollen head of his cock. Tommy gripped his prick, bringing his cock head to her pink, puffy cunt. Karen saw her son slip his cock into Cathy’s pussy, making the girl gurgle with steamy desire.

“Oooo, you’re gonna really do it to me, Tommy!”

Tommy was already fucking his cock into her tight cunt. He held her hips as he fucked as deep as he could. Cathy was making soft wailing sounds, wiggling her ass about, arching up and down, trying to meet his rhythm.

Karen watched and rubbed at the crotch of her shorts, glad she was not wearing panties. She found it very exciting to see those two young ones fucking in the sunlight near the pool.

Her suspicions of Cathy being a hot little piece of ass were proven true. A girl who would grab a guy’s cock many times was a little tease, but Cathy wasn’t. She had been grabbing at Tommy’s cock to entice him into fucking her, Karen now knew. Her slight struggle and mild protest had been for show only.

Tommy’s ass pumped back and forth. Karen couldn’t see his cock fucking into that sweet cunt now, but it was a thrill to watch them in this side view. Cathy humped her ass back against Tommy, squealing and gurgling, her head hanging down, hair swirling on the grass as Tommy fucked against her hot little ass.


Karen was so aroused by watching her son fucking the little Cathy that she had unzipped her shorts and shoved her hand into them, rubbing at her cunt.

Watching her son pull his cock from the girl’s pussy, she almost came. Tommy’s cock gleamed wetly in the sun as he sat on the grass. Cathy rolled onto her side, gazing at Tommy. It was difficult to tell by her expression what she was thinking. Her eyes were almost sad, Karen thought. It didn’t make sense because she had obviously enjoyed being fucked.

A while later, Cathy removed her halter, exposing her pink tits. Karen watched the girl stand up. Tommy stared up at Cathy, puzzled. Cathy said something that Karen didn’t hear, and she stood a long time, facing Tommy. Cathy was truly exquisite as she stood in the hot sun, her lovely little body naked. Two white strips of smooth skin stood out against her golden tan. As young as the girl was, she was still an appealing little creature. Her tits were very small, with tiny nipples.

“We shouldn’t have done that, Tommy,” Karen heard the girl say. “I’m too young.”

“We’re about the same age,” Tommy replied.

“Boys are different,” Cathy said, confusing Tommy even more.

“Then why did you take your top off, Cathy?”

“So you could see me this way,” the girl replied. “I wanted you to because… because I won’t be coming over anymore.”

“Aw, Cathy, why not?”

“I said we shouldn’t have done that, and if I come over again, I know we’ll do it again. And I’m too young to be doing things like that.”

Karen was confused as her son. She didn’t understand Cathy. She knew the little girl had enjoyed being fucked by Tommy, but now Cathy was acting as if she had been wronged. Tommy wasn’t looking at Cathy now, but down between his legs. His cock, which had started getting hard again, now seemed to wilt.

“We won’t have to do it anymore,” Tommy said. “We can just swim and talk!”

“It won’t work,” Cathy said. “I’ll see your cock sticking out and grab it, and next thing I know, you’ll be shoving it in me. And I won’t be able to stop you.”

“Why not, Cathy?”

“Because… because I liked it too much.”

“I did, too,” Tommy said.

Karen understood what Cathy was saying. She was telling Tommy she wanted to fuck him again, that she loved fucking so much that she wouldn’t be able to stop him anymore. Cathy, it seemed, had a great deal of insight at her young age. She knew, or at least thought, she was insatiable and felt it necessary to stop fucking now, before she could not control the urge again.

Karen had gone through a phase very similar to Cathy’s when she had been a young girl, but she had let her erotic urges go, had taken delight in them. Cathy, obviously, was afraid of the things she felt.

She watched Cathy replace her bikini, preparing to leave. Tommy looked so sad that Karen decided it was time for her to get out and join them. She opened the door to see her son scrambling for his trunks, jerking them up. Cathy’s face flushed as she saw Karen coming out near the pool.

“Hi, Mrs. Morgan,” she said in her sweet, respectful voice. “I didn’t know you were home.”

“Just got here,” Karen lied. “How’s the water, kids?”

“Wet and warm,” Tommy said. “You gonna go in, Mother?”

“I don’t have my suit on,” Karen said, mussing her son’s hair. She was standing between her son and the pool. Before she knew it, she was under water. When she came up, sputtering, Tommy was there, laughing.

“See, wet and warm, Mother,” he said.

“Why, you little…” She didn’t finish, because Cathy had shoved Tommy into the pool. She felt her son grab her legs under the water, then his hands were on her ass and between them, feeling her up. When he bobbed up, he was laughing.

“I’m gonna get you for that, Cathy!” he shouted, climbing from the pool, chasing after Cathy, who was now giggling.

Karen climbed out, dripping. Her halter and white shorts had, with the wetness, become transparent. Her tits and nipples could be seen as though through glass, and the dark triangle of her cunt was exposed through her soaked shorts. She stood with her legs open, hands on hips, watching her son trying to toss Cathy in to the pool on the other side.

The play stopped when Tommy and Cathy saw Karen. Tommy, like the boy he was, snickered when he saw his mother. Cathy didn’t know what to do or say. Karen remained as she was, letting them look at her, knowing what they could see, not caring that Cathy saw her. Finally she turned and stretched out on a soft lounge. She left her legs apart and, glancing at Cathy, knew the girl was having a hard time keeping her eyes off her.

Then, without a word, Cathy picked up her towel and left by the back gate, glancing back at Karen.

“I think she’s pissed, Mother,” Tommy said, walking around the pool sitting at the foot of the lounge, one hand on her leg between her knee and ankle.

“She’s not pissed off, honey, just mad, maybe,” Karen said, “or afraid of herself.”

“Why should she be mad?”

“She saw how you looked at me, and she was jealous.”

“Why afraid?”

“Because she wants to fuck and don’t want to fuck, if that makes any sense to you.”

“Well, kinda,” Tommy said, sliding his hand up her leg to her knee.

Karen shivered happily as his hand moved over her knee and started up her thigh. A glance at the front of his shorts told her his cock was getting hard. She spread her legs farther apart. Her shorts were soaked clear through, and the slit of her cunt was almost visible. The dark hair of her pussy was outlined, and her son stared there. He stroked her thigh as they fell silent.

“You’re getting a hard-on, Tommy,” she whispered after a while.

“I know,” he replied. “I guess we better go in the house, huh?”

“Why?” she queried.

“Because I need some pussy, I think.”

“You think?” Karen teased. “You’re not sure?”

“I’m sure.” He grinned, scooting his hand between his mother’s thighs and cupping her cunt. “At least my cock is sure.”

“Unzip me,” she murmured.

She twisted to present her back to him, and his fingers tugged the zipper down. On her back again, she lifted her ass.

“Pull my shorts off,” she said.

Tommy pulled his mother’s shorts down her thighs and off her feet. As he was doing this, she untied her halter and tossed it to the grass. Leaning back again, legs wide, she watched her son gaze between them as if he had never seen her cunt before. His cock was standing up inside his shorts.

“Take those fucking shorts off, baby,” she hissed in a throaty voice.

“Cathy might come back,” Tommy replied.

“Oh, take those fucking shorts off before I tear them off!”

Tommy squirmed from his trunks, his cock standing up very hard. Karen closed her fist about his prick, pumping slowly, her eyes sparkling with passion. “Fuck me, Tommy. Fuck me here in the sunlight.”

“But Cathy might…”

“Tommy, do you care if she saw us fucking?”

“Hell, no!”

“Then shut up and fuck me!”

Karen squirmed her ass to the edge of the padded lounge, her legs spread very wide. Tommy slipped to his knees between them, his cock making an unerring stab at her cunt. Karen gave a long, drawn-out hiss as her son’s cock penetrated her cunt. She had been intensely aroused watching him fucking Cathy, and the plunge into the pool had done nothing to cool her cunt off.

As soon as Tommy’s cock entered her cunt, she came.

“Ooooo, shit, that’s good!” she squealed, her cunt moving in tight convulsions. “Fuck me, damn it! Tommy, fuck Mother’s hot cunt now!”

She arched her hips up, the lips of her fiery cunt gliding along the shaft of his throbbing cock. Tommy knelt on his knees, his hands holding her thighs, gazing down hotly as his mother started fucking him, her hips churning and thrashing up and down, her cunt burning the taut flesh of his prick.

“Slip it in… thrust it in… plunge it in!” Karen wailed as her hips danced lewdly. “Fuck that cunt, baby! Qooo, ram your sweet, hard cock up Mother’s wet cunt! Give it to me, Tommy! Oh, give it all to me!”

“Cathy will hear,” he warned.

“Fuck Cathy!” Karen screeched. “You’re fucking me now, not her! Fuck me good and hard, darling! Oh, God… bang the piss out of me!”

Tommy had seen his mother almost out of her mind with passion many times before. Once she was in that condition, the only thing he could do was fuck her hard and fast. He started fucking his cock into her gripping cunt, listening to the wet sounds of his crotch beating against her seeping cunt. He grunted in his effort, fucking hard, his hips driving back and forth swiftly. Karen churned her ass up and down, grinding against him, moaning in ecstasy, her eyes closed, her mouth open. She was gripping the sides of the lounge, her knuckles white.

With the sun burning her body and her fucking her son in the open in the backyard near the pool, Karen was more aroused and felt more lewd than ever before. The chance Cathy could be watching created intense lust in her curvy body. Whether the little girl was watching or not, the idea sent Karen’s blood racing through her veins. She slammed her cunt up and down on her son’s ramming cock, mewling and screeching. She had started coming as soon as the head of his cock had spread the lips of her sensitive cunt, and she was still coming, one climax after the other. Her pussy was grasping Tommy’s throbbing cock in powerful waves, a sucking motion that thrilled them both.

Tommy’s balls struck his mother’s grinding ass time and again as he fucked his cock deep into her cunt. He could feel his mother’s pussy, feel the contractions of her orgasms. He grunted and fucked into her as fast as he could.

Karen lifted her knees, drawing them back to her naked tits, bringing her crotch up for her son, tears of ecstasy flowing from her eyes. She had never had so many orgasms at one time, and she wanted to keep on having them. She was almost out of her mind, her body feeling wrung out, but still the orgasms continued to rumble and burn and explode between her legs. She was hardly aware of her son, only of his cock. She held her knees tightly against her swollen tits, her head arching back as wail after wail bubbled out of her tight throat.

Tommy was fucking very fast, his orgasm burning about his young, swinging balls. His cock was pulling all the way out of his mother’s cunt, then fucking back in. Karen was twisting her uplifted ass about in mindless ecstasy. Then as Tommy fucked his cock back into her cunt, his discharge swelling to the surface, Karen screamed loudly.

Tommy accidentally fucked his cock into her asshole, missing her cunt in his haste.

“Do it, do it!” Karen screamed. “Fuck that asshole, Tommy! Come in my ass! Ooooohh, baby, squirt it right up Mother’s hot fucking asshole!”

Tommy felt the heat of his mother’s asshole squeezing his cock, and his prick burst into a flow, gushing a river of creamy come along the satiny walls of her asshole. Karen screamed time and again, the sound roaring off through the sunlit air.

Exhausted, Tommy slumped across his mother’s body. Karen felt his cock slip from her asshole, resting between the cheeks of her spreading ass. She lowered her legs and hugged him tightly against her tits, mewling softly and stroking his back and running her hand through his hair. She kissed the top of his head, whispering, “That was the best yet, baby.”

After a while Tommy lifted from his mother and saw his come seeping out of her crinkled asshole. Her cunt was still pulsating, her pink pussy lips glistening with wetness.

“It’s kinda wild, fucking out here,” he said, grinning down at her.

“How long can you go, Tommy?” Karen asked, almost in awe of her young son. “That’s three times already today, and it’s just past noon.”

“I don’t know, Mother,” he said, his chest swelling with pride. “But I jerked off five times in one day before.”

“My God,” she laughed. “I’ve got a son with a perpetual hard-on! Would you be interested in trying for a dozen times?”

“You’ll kill me, Mother.”

“I doubt that.” She grinned at him, sitting up. “You’re more of a man when it comes to a cock than anyone I’ve ever known.”

She found her shorts and halter, balling them up in her hands. “I think I better cook you the biggest steak I can find and fill you with raw eggs. You’re going to need all the strength you can get. Or at least that cock is.”

She started toward the house, her naked ass swinging invitingly for her son.


Karen watched her son devour the huge lunch she had prepared for him.

She was still naked, still happy.

Sitting next to him at the table in the kitchen as he ate, she kept running her hand between his thighs to feel his cock and balls. She was delighted to find his cock half-hard, and she stroked his prick, feeling his cock grow interested. She caressed his hairless balls, twisting them, then went back to his cock.

“I won’t ever get enough of this,” she said, squeezing his cock. “And, you’re never going to think about fucking your step-mother, either. I’m going to make sure you have all the pussy you can possibly handle. Besides, I admit I’m a little jealous of your step-mother, Tommy.”

“She wouldn’t let me do anything, Mother.”

“Maybe she wouldn’t, at first,” Karen said, “But you’ve been learning a lot, and I don’t believe you’d have any trouble getting into her panties, or any other girl’s panties, for that matter.”

“Cathy don’t want to fuck me again,” he said.

“I’m not so sure about that.”

“I am.”

“We’ll see,” Karen murmured, slipping from her chair and crawling under the table.

She spread her son’s knees and ran her tongue along one thigh. She tickled his young balls with the tip, then pulled them into her mouth. Karen sucked on her son’s balls a while, enjoying the feel of them in her mouth. She caressed his legs and hips as she licked and sucked than, feeling her son’s body shiver with pleasure.

His cock rubbed along her nose and forehead, increasing her hunger. She let his balls slip from her mouth, her tongue lapping along the throbbing cock shaft to the swollen prick head. She ran her tongue in a hot circle about the smooth head of his cock, across the flare of his piss hole. With a moan, she sucked her son’s cock into her wet mouth, going down until the head of his prick was at her throat. She writhed her lips around the base of his cock, her throat trying to draw that rounded prick head in.

Tommy shoved his chair back from the table so he could look down at his mother. He scooted his ass to the edge, lifting his feet and placing them on her shoulders. Karen drew back, gazing into his crotch. His puckered asshole seemed to wink at her just below his preciously sweet balls. With a shiver of ecstasy, she kissed his asshole. His ass was hot against her lips, tight and drawing inward with the contact. She held his hips in her hands, and began licking from his asshole, up over his balls, up the shaft of his cock, sucking on the swollen head, then sucking back down again.

She enjoyed the feel of his asshole, his balls, and his cock against her tongue. She enjoyed pressing her face into his crotch, feeling those sweet balls and hard cock on her cheeks and nose and chin. There was something exciting about having a cock and balls in her face instead of between her slim thighs. It felt good and lewd, making her flesh shiver. The way her son rested his feet on her shoulders excited her.

Pulling her face away, she cupped one of her tits and caused the nipple to bulge out. She rubbed her nipple against his asshole whispering to him, “I’d fuck you in your hot little asshole if I could get my tit in it.”

She pressed her nipple hard, but there was no way it would penetrate his tight asshole. She rubbed her nipple up and down his hot ass crack, then over his balls. She pulled his hard cock down and smeared the dripping fuck juices from his piss hole. Then she went back to licking him again. Her tongue flicked down between the cheeks of his young ass, licking hungrily at his asshole, then at his balls, then up his cock again. She loved the hot way his cock throbbed on the surface of her wet tongue, the way his balls writhed, the way his asshole tightened when she lapped at his ass.

Tommy’s cock throbbed against his stomach while his mother licked at his asshole and balls. With her mouth below them, against his asshole, she watched his cock jerk about, dripping fuck juice into his belly button. Running her tongue up to the head of his cock, she dipped the tip into his belly button and wiped up the slippery juices.

“I’m going to eat your fucking asshole, baby,” she growled with lust. “I’m going to lick and suck on your little asshole good!”

She pressed her lips tightly against his asshole, sucking hard as her tongue flicked. She pressed her tongue hard, and she was not at all surprised to find her tongue sliding into his hot asshole. Tommy grunted as his mother’s tongue penetrated his ass, looking down at her with fuzzy vision. He could see nothing but his balls resting on her nose and eyes, but he could feel her tongue, feel it thrusting back and forth, fucking him up the ass. His cock throbbed against his stomach, and he pressed a hand at the back of his mother’s head.

Karen mewled softly as she fucked her tongue in and out, wondering why she had not shoved her tongue into his asshole before. Knowing the delight she had felt when he fucked her in the ass, she should have known that her son would have enjoyed this too. Since she didn’t have anything but her tongue to use on him, she began to fuck into his asshole vigorously. Since she enjoyed using her mouth more than her cunt, she didn’t tire as easily as any other woman would have.

She moved a hand to his cock, pressing his prick against his stomach, her tongue darting wickedly. She could feel his cock throbbing away, and if she didn’t do something very soon about his cock, he would come all over his stomach.

And that was what Tommy did.

“Oh, Mother!” he groaned as creamy come spurted onto his stomach.

Karen saw his cock erupt, felt his asshole contracting on her tongue as he came. There was nothing to do now but keep tongue-fucking him in his tight ass until he was finished. She wanted it to feel good for him, and if she raced her mouth up to catch the come it might spoil his pleasure.

When his cock finished gushing, Karen pulled her tongue out of his asshole and ran her tongue over his balls, then up his cock. She pulled his prick into her mouth and licked the come from his cock. Then she snaked her tongue out as far as she could and began to lap up the come juice on his stomach, her face becoming smeared with her son’s spunk.

“Now,” she said, getting to her feet, “I’m going to bathe, Tommy. By myself! You can watch me, but no fucking around.”

“Why not, Mother? We always bathe together now.”

“Because I don’t want you worn out,” she said. “I’ve got an idea about Cathy.”

“She don’t wanna fuck me again,” he said. “I don’t know about that,” Karen replied, walking to the bathroom, her son behind her, Tommy watching her shapely ass writhe with a natural wiggle. “But if she won’t, there’s plenty of other girls that will.”

“You mean like that woman in the sandwich shop?”

“That’s right,” Karen said, filling the tub and pouring in her favorite bubble bath. “I want you to leave the house for a few hours, honey. After I finish bathing, go find something to do for awhile. Let me try to work something out.”

“With Cathy?”

“Who else?”

Karen spent a long time in the tub, thinking of what would be the best way to work on Cathy. As young as Cathy was, it was possible she would become frightened, and that was one thing Karen didn’t want. Still in the tub, she heard her son slam the front door.

Karen had noticed the way Cathy had looked at her as she stood in her soaking shorts and halter near the pool. Karen had seen that same expression in the eyes of older women. She didn’t think Cathy preferred a woman to a boy, but she thought Cathy might go for a woman once in a while. If she were right, there would be no trouble. If she were wrong, nothing would be lost.

Dressing in skirt and blouse, then brushing her hair out, Karen called Cathy. At first Cathy was nervous, talking to Karen, but Karen talked in such a friendly manner that they were soon chatting like old friends. Karen made no mention of what she had watched from the kitchen window. She told Cathy how lovely she was, and then, pretending it was a spur of the moment invitation, invited the girl over for a Coke.

“I don’t know, Mrs. Morgan,” Cathy responded. “I’m here alone and I’m not supposed to leave the house.”

“Are you being punished for something, honey?”

“Oh, no. I’m just supposed to stay in the house when I’m alone.”

“Are your parents home when you come over and swim with my son?”

Cathy giggled. “No, I sneak over then.”

“What time will your parents be home?”

“They said sometime before midnight.”

“Then why don’t you sneak over here and have a Coke with me. Tommy went off some place and I’m alone, just like you.”

“Okay,” Cathy said.

Hanging up, Karen had to smile to herself. Cathy had sounded excited to her, especially when she mentioned being alone.

Five minutes later, Karen opened the door to the pretty little girl. Cathy had replaced her bikini with a lovely little dress, something like a sundress. Her pretty knees were exposed by the hem and her small tits made succulent bumps beneath the cloth.

“Sit down, honey, and I’ll bring the Cokes.” When Karen returned, Cathy was on the couch and, like most young girls her age, she was careless about her dress. Karen could see the little girl’s sweet thighs and the hint of her panties. It made her mouth water and her cunt throb. She had intended to sit next to Cathy, but now sat across from her on the floor. She just had to sit so she could look at those sweet thighs, hoping to peek higher.

Karen talked with Cathy, keeping the conversation on boys and how many boyfriends Cathy had and if she kissed them and so forth. Cathy chattered away, squirming on the couch, enjoying herself. The more she squirmed, the more of herself she exposed. When Karen found she could see the crotch of Cathy’s tight panties, she became so aroused she had trouble controlling her wild urges. Sitting on the floor, Karen lifted her knees and rested her chin on them, and, since she was naked under her skirt and blouse, she was showing her hairy cunt to the girl. Even if nothing happened between them, it still excited Karen to be looked at this way.

Deliberately, Karen peeked at Cathy’s thighs and the crotch of her panties, not trying to hide her hunger. Cathy had stopped talking and was gazing openly at the fuzzy cunt of this older and very beautiful woman.

It was time, Karen told herself.

Karen rose to her knees and walked on them toward the girl. Cathy was breathing hard, watching Karen. There was no fear in those young eyes, just intense heat and excitement.

“You’re very lovely,” Karen whispered softly, placing her hands on the girl’s knees. Slowly, Karen ran her hands up under Cathy’s dress, feeling the smooth sweetness of those thighs. Cathy didn’t try to stop her. The little girl sat shivering with excitement and watched Karen with increasingly hot eyes. “Your skin feels so smooth, just like satin.”

Karen moved her hands up until her fingers touched the tight panties. She felt Cathy shaking, but it was because of the pleasure running through her and not from fear. Karen stroked her fingers about the panties, then pulled Cathy’s hips to the edge of the couch. When Karen shoved the girl’s dress up, Cathy only mewled softly. When Karen spread those slim thighs, Cathy began to whimper.

Karen was staring at the tight crotch of the white panties now. There was a bit of moisture there, telling her that Cathy was more than excited — her little cunt was bubbling with heat, seeping sugary fuck juices. Karen slowly ran her fingers up and down the tight panties, pressing inward on that lovely little girl’s pussy slit.

Cathy moaned with ecstasy, spreading her legs wider, arching her cunt against Karen’s fingers.

“You’re so hot, darling,” Karen whispered, her voice low and husky with erotic emotion. “I can feel the heat of your sweet little pussy.”

“Ohhh, I know!” Cathy mewled, twisting her little ass. “I don’t know why, but I need… I want… oh, please, do something! I feel like I’m burning up down there!”

“I’ll do something, honey,” Karen promised. “I’ll make your hot little cunt feel so very good.”

Karen dipped her face, kissing Cathy’s shaking thighs, running her tongue along the exciting softness between them. Cathy’s inner thighs felt like velvet on her tongue, and, when she licked up to the crotch of those tight panties, her hands moved to cup the small cheeks of Cathy’s ass. Karen lapped the flat surface of her tongue up and down the moist crotch of those panties, then hooked a finger into the crotch and pulled the crotch aside. Karen gazed hungrily at the pink, puffy cunt, seeing a few hairs sprouting there. The girl’s tiny clit poked from the glistening folds of flesh.

“My God, honey,” Karen breathed. “It’s so beautiful, and looks as sweet as candy. You have a lovely little cunt, and I’ve just got to kiss it!”

“Please, Mrs. Morgan! Do it!”

“Let’s take your panties off first,” Karen said with heavy desire. She pulled the willing girl’s panties down and off, and filled her hot eyes with the beauty of that succulent cunt. She imagined her son’s cock fucking it, and wished he would hurry and come home.

But not yet — it wasn’t time.

Lowering her face, Karen pressed her lips to that sugary cunt, kissing Cathy’s pussy the way she would a mouth. The wet heat of Cathy’s cunt overwhelmed her senses, and, with a wild, greedy growl, she began to suck and lick in frenzy. She smeared her mouth and tongue all about Cathy’s crotch, finding the taste of this young, almost-hairless cunt very sweet. She sucked on Cathy’s tiny clit, flipping the tip of her tongue over it, making the girl squeal and squirm and twist into her face. Karen pressed Cathy’s creamy young thighs tightly about her face, groaning with ecstasy. Her lips closed about the cunt, sucking. Then Karen slid her tongue into the tight heat of Cathy’s pussy, able to taste the fuck juices better this way. When Karen’s tongue started fucking in and out, Cathy squealed and humped her cunt tightly into Karen’s mouth, now holding the back of Karen’s head.

“You like this?” Karen said in a muffled voice, not wanting to pull her mouth far from the sugary-tasting cunt.

“Ooooo, yes, Mrs. Morgan! Do it some more!”

Karen’s tongue fucked in and out, fucking fast. The heat and tightness and wetness of Cathy’s cunt were making Karen’s mind reel. Karen had enjoyed tongue-fucks many times, from men and women, but eating this sweet cunt was as good as sucking on her son’s cock. She drew Cathy’s hips tightly into her face, her tongue licking up and down, sometimes probing the sweetness of Cathy’s tiny asshole. When Karen’s tongue brushed about Cathy’s asshole, the girl squealed loudly, grinding her ass against Karen’s tongue. Karen was finding out all her suspicions were right. Cathy was an erotic little creature and, once ignited, would do anything another person wanted of her.

Involved as Karen was at licking and fucking Cathy’s sweet cunt, she failed to hear her son come in the door. But Cathy not only heard, but saw Tommy.

“Oh!” the girl exclaimed, and she began pushing at Karen’s head. “Stop, Mrs. Morgan! Tommy’s home! Ohh, he’s seen us!”

Karen turned her head around, keeping between Cathy’s thighs. She held those hot thighs tightly to prevent Cathy from taking her cunt away.

“Don’t worry about him,” Karen laughed. “But we can’t let him… oh, this is embarrassing!” Cathy, unable to shove Karen’s face away from her cunt, covered her face with both hands, peeking between her fingers at Tommy.

Tommy grinned from ear to ear, coming toward them. His cock was straining inside his pants. Cathy saw Tommy’s hard-on and, since Karen was kissing her cunt again, she could not fight the erotic hungers of her young, small body.

Karen turned her face sideways, pressing her cheek into the heat of Cathy’s cunt.

“Tommy, pull my skirt up.”

But Tommy was already sliding his mother’s skirt up over her naked ass. Cathy looked from Tommy to Karen, wondering, then understanding. She giggled. “I thought so,” she said.

“Thought what?” Tommy asked, sliding his pants downward letting his cock out.

“At the pool, when we saw Mrs. Mor… your mother,” Cathy said. “You know, all wet and everything.”

“You knew my son and I were fucking?” Karen asked.

“I thought so,” Cathy said. “You didn’t care what we saw, and we saw it all through your shorts.”

“Do you disapprove?” Karen asked, kissing Cathy’s wet cunt again.

“I don’t care!” Cathy yelped, slamming her cunt into Karen’s face. “I don’t care… I don’t care! I like this!”

Tommy was climbing onto the couch next to Cathy, his cock swollen in his fist. Cathy was looking at his prick with huge eyes, her tongue licking over her lips. She knew what Tommy was going to do.

“I’d better not… I’ve never done…” Cathy glanced dawn at Karen, who was plunging her tongue into her cunt again. “Do I have to, Mrs. Morgan?”

“You gotta!” Tommy replied for his mother. “I wanna feel my cock in your mouth, Cathy. Come on, suck it! Suck my cock, just for a little!”

Karen was tongue-fucking Cathy wickedly, listening to them; her own cunt was boiling. She was looking up at her son as he shoved his cock toward Cathy’s face.

Cathy was looking at Tommy’s cock as if his prick, were something alien, her eyes enormous. But she was licking her lips, too, and the way she had done it, Karen knew Tommy wouldn’t have to press the issue very hard.

“Don’t come in my mouth, Tommy,” Cathy pleaded, feeling the head of his cock brushing at her lips. “You can stick it in my mouth if you want, but don’t come in it.”

Karen gazed up at the girl as her son pressed the swollen head of his cock between Cathy’s lips, her own tongue thrusting frantically at the boiling sweetness of the almost-hairless cunt. She watched Cathy’s small mouth being filled by her son’s cock, her lips stretching around the head of his prick. Cathy swung her cunt harshly into Karen’s mouth, making whimpering sounds as she started sucking with frenzy on Tommy’s cock. With her hand on the back of Karen’s head, Cathy moved her other hand between Tommy’s thighs, cupping his ass and pulling him forward, trying to take more of his hard cock into her small mouth.

Karen was pleased to see that Tommy let Cathy suck his cock instead of fucking her mouth. Fucking Cathy’s mouth would come later, she knew, but it was important that he allow her to become accustomed to a cock in her mouth first, to find how good it was to suck a hard, throbbing cock.

But Cathy had already found out. She loved it and was sucking eagerly, her tongue sliding about the smooth prick head, jerking her face back and forth.

Karen fucked her tongue deep into the sugary sweet cunt, and felt the wet pussy lips contract. She stabbed and licked and held the girl’s small ass tightly. She didn’t have to hear the muffled squeals or feel the wiggling hips to know that Cathy was clutched in a powerful orgasm. The evidence was all there in the way the girl was sucking in such frenzy on Tommy’s cock, in the way her juicy little cunt closed about Karen’s tongue. As Karen made Cathy go through one orgasm after another, she kept her eyes trained on Cathy’s sucking little mouth. She watched her son’s balls become tight and knew he wasn’t about to yank his cock from that hot mouth when he came.

When Cathy felt and tasted the first spurt of Tommy’s come juice boil across her tongue she was at first surprised. Then by the time the second squirt came splashing against her throat, she knew what was happening. Cathy choked softly, but Karen saw her trying to suck more of Tommy’s cock into her mouth. Those young cheeks ballooned out, then closed about Tommy’s cock as her smooth throat swallowed the come juice. But Tommy came so much that spunk was seeping from the corners of Cathy’s tight lips. But the girl never felt it. She swallowed the spurting come juice with soft moans of hunger, her eyes wide open but rolling.

Karen licked at the little girl’s cunt until Cathy had calmed down, and then she pulled away. Tommy was just removing his cock from Cathy’s mouth. Karen cupped Cathy’s face tenderly with both hands, then licked her tongue about the girl’s come-smeared lips. Darting her tongue into Cathy’s mouth quickly, Karen tasted what come juice still lingered there. Then she pulled back and sucked the head of her son’s cock into her mouth, her tongue licking away the last little drop of come juice beaded on his piss hole.

“Don’t come in your mouth, huh?” Tommy said, laughing.

“I changed my mind,” Cathy giggled.

Karen stood up, looking at them. “Well, honey,” she said with a huge grin. “You still want to stop coming over?”

“I lied,” the girl laughed. “I wanna come here all the time.”

“But,” Karen teased, “this might happen all the time, too.”



“Oh, yes, Mrs. Morgan!”

Tommy stepped off the couch. “Do I have to be the only one naked here, Mother?”

Karen and Cathy looked at each other, then began to race to see who could become naked first.

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Johnny's Wild Mother

The tremendous impact of a parent’s attitudes and behavior upon a growing child has been emphasized repeatedly by psychologists. Indeed, a parent’s influence often carries over into a child’s later years, leaving an indelible mark upon his personality.

This influence can be for the good, as when a child grows into a mature and happy adult, or for the bad, as when the child grows into a confused outsider.

This is the story of an impressionable teenaged boy whose relationship with his mother threatens to leave indelible marks on his personality if the potentially dangerous situation in which he finds himself is not changed. His mother refuses to let go, and the boy, feeling everything his mother does must be right, allows her to lead him down a forbidden path. But who is to say they are wrong?

JOHNNY’S WILD MOTHER — a shocking story, certainly, but one which should be told.

Lisa squirmed, trying to be unnoticed.

Her panties felt tight, much too tight.

It was not the place to start feeling hot, but she had no control over it when it happened. Fortunately, she never felt this way all the time, but it was happening more often. She didn’t really have much of a problem when aroused; usually she managed to give relief to herself by some means. It would be easier if she would allow herself to be picked up in a singles bar.

But Lisa hated those encounters with a passion fucking some stranger was not very satisfying. All they wanted was a hot, wet place to put their cock, and Lisa wanted a relationship as well. Those slam-bang fucks made her feel dirty and sluttish.

There were lots of men available, but none of them wanted anything to do with a woman who had a son. They would be happy to date her on a permanent basis, spend the night with her two or three times a week, but Lisa didn’t want that sort of relationship, either.

And then there was one other thing. Lisa wasn’t satisfied with routine sex. She wanted it wild, uninhibited, and not always in her bedroom in the dark.

She paused near a small jewelry store in the mall, peering at the window display, the cheeks of her ass bunching by their own volition. It felt as if not only had her cunt become swollen, but her ass as well.

When she began strolling again, Lisa found herself eyeing the few men shopping during this mid-week day. Her eyes moved over their bodies, seeing their naked, delicious cocks swaying in movement, hot, full balls exposed. She looked secretly at their asses, trying to imagine how they would feel cupped in her hands.

Lisa would not have had any difficulty picking up a man. Tall and slender, almost in a fashion-model way, she had tits that strained outward, standing high on her chest. Her brunette hair gleamed from many brushings, and her blue eyes held a sparkle. She was a very lovely, very attractive female.

Her pleated white skirt swirled about her exquisite thighs as she walked, her pale pink blouse an attractive compliment. The pink high heels emphasized the length of her legs, and her rounded ass looked mouth-watering.

She tried to tell herself no decent girl, no decent woman, no decent mother, would have such thoughts — but the wild, wicked thoughts and images were always there. She had never thought of herself as a voyeur, but her mind was like a window through which she watched strangers fucking and doing exciting things to each other.

She stopped to look at a display of spring fashions, frowning at the colors, wondering what sort of crazy designer came up with such bland colors.

A sudden lurch of spreading, tingling heat swept through her crotch, and her clit began to throb in a gentle, aching way. It was quite swollen now. She could feel the tip of her clit pressing at her panties. Her cunt was very moist now, and she could feel her inner thighs becoming slippery. When Lisa was aroused, her pussy became very, very wet.

The heat between her thighs was becoming intense. She started looking frantically for a restroom. It had never been this bad before. Usually she could wait until she got home, but not now.

She walked swiftly, searching, almost ready to burst in tears because of her torment.

She found the restrooms at the far end of the mall, and she rushed into the women’s room. Two sinks were along one wall, with two closed stalls opposite. She rushed into a stall, closing and locking the door.

Almost feverishly, she yanked her white skirt to her waist, pushing her bikini panties to her knees and sitting down on the toilet. Her hand moved through the softness of her thick pussy hair as she leaned back. Her finger touched her cunt, finding it swollen and hot.

She was slowly rubbing her clit when she realized she was not alone in the restroom.

Cupping her hands over her cunt, she opened her eyes. Then she heard the soft sounds coming from the stall next to hers. Her first instinct was to pull her panties up and flee, but realizing that would be foolish, she began to rub at her aunt again. She could not be seen.

“Oooooh, Mom!”

Lisa jerked.

“Shhhh! Let Mommy make it better, honey.”

Lisa strained to hear, wondering what this was all about. She looked around, and noticed a small hole cut into the wall between the stalls. Feeling like a sneak, she leaned over and pressed her eye to the hole.

She saw a woman’s face, a quite pretty woman about her own age. But that wasn’t all she saw. She saw a hard cock jutting toward that face. She could not see anything of the man, only his cock and balls. But that was enough to tell Lisa it was not a man but a boy about Johnny’s age.

Her response at seeing this was a surprise to Lisa. Her desire increased a hundred fold as she pushed her palm tightly against the hairy, soft lips of her pussy.

“Do it now, Mom,” the boy said, pushing his cock to the woman’s lips.

“You want it fast, don’t you, darling?”

Lisa saw the woman’s hand cup the boy’s balls, watched her rub her lips over the smoothly swollen head of his cock. Lisa’s breathing was getting hot and heavy, her hand rubbing at her cunt as she watched with blazing eyes.

Lisa gasped as she saw the woman take the boy’s cock into her mouth, sucking it slowly. The woman’s ovaling lips slid to the base of the boy’s cock.

Running her tongue over her lips, Lisa eased her middle finger into her cunt. She felt as if her pussy was boiling between her thighs. Her cunt was so very wet now.

“Oooooh, Mom! That’s so good!”

The woman moaned as she sucked back and forth on his cock.

Lisa watched. She could hear soft, wet, sucking sounds. Her cunt clamped around her buried finger, and instead of thrusting in and out, she held it deep inside, the heel of her hand smashing against her clit.

The boy was pumping his hips now, his hand resting on his mother’s shoulder. The woman didn’t seem to mind it as the boy fucked into her sucking mouth. She seemed to enjoy it.

Lisa, fascinated, pressed her forehead against the dividing wall.

The woman twisted and squeezed the boy’s balls slowly and tenderly, her lips gripping his sliding cock hungrily. Her eyes were closed, her face flushed, her expression passionate.

The boy began to pump faster, gasping loudly.

The woman darted her face back and forth. He’s going to come in her mouth Lisa thought. He’s going to squirt it in her mouth!

“Mom! Ohhhh, now, Mom!” the boy grunted.

Lisa saw him stiffen up, his hips thrust forward. His cock was buried to the base inside the woman’s mouth.

Lisa saw the woman clutch his balls in her hand, then her throat worked as the boy cried out softly. Little gulping sounds came to Lisa, and she felt her cunt contracting about her finger, the spasms shaking her. She came hard, very hard, as she watched the boy come into the woman’s mouth.

The woman gulped his come juice down quickly, moaning deeply, as if she, too, was coming.

“Better, darling?” the woman mewled.

“Ahhhhhhh, yes, Mom!” the boy sighed, pulling his pants up.

The woman kissed the head of his cock before he stuffed it into his pants. “You get a hard-on in the strangest places, darling. One of these days, we won’t be able to do this right away for you.”

“You’ll find a way, Mom,” the boy answered.

Lisa drew back from the partition, leaning against the toilet tank, her hand cupping her cunt. The excitement of what she had witnessed continued to nimble through her. She had come, but her cunt was demanding mote.

When she heard the door to the restroom open and close, she spread her knees wide apart and began to ram her finger in and out of her cunt swiftly, squirming on the toilet seat. She panted and groaned, making juicy sounds as she fingerfucked herself in a frenzy, the scene still burning in her mind.

She came again, stronger and harder, yet she still wanted more. She had never been so aroused, so outrageously hot and wet. She knew, though, that the more she fingerfucked herself, it would only become worse, not better.

Feeling frustrated, she yanked her panties up, snapping the elastic around her hips. After washing her hands, she left the restroom.

She drove straight home, hardly knowing what she was doing.

Rushing into the house, she began undressing immediately. She left her clothing in a trail over the floor. She filled the tub with hot water, sprinkling in oils and perfumes. She bathed, trying not to think of what was in her mind. Suddenly, she sat upright, eyes wide.

“He called her Mom!” she gasped. It was finally dawning on her that it had been the boy’s mother who had sucked his cock off. “My God, she was his mother!”

Immediately she saw her son in her mind. She saw Johnny without his clothes on, naked, his cock jutting up with hardness. Shaken by such an image, Lisa got out of the tub and dried herself. She pulled on panties and was starting to dress when she heard her son come into the house. With a frantic glance at her bedside clock, she saw it was his usual time to come home from school.

She heard Johnny call out for her. She grabbed at something to cover herself when she heard his coming toward her room. She was standing near the bed holding her blouse over her tits when her son entered.

Johnny stopped, his eyes widening.

Lisa froze, unable to move. She had never been undressed before her son, even in her skimpy panties. She saw his eyes move over her body, seeing her long, slender thighs, her bikini panties. She could not help but notice the sudden bulge in his pants.

“Johnny, I’m not dressed!” she squealed.

Johnny grinned. “I see, Mom.”

“Please… be nice,” she whispered. “Let me finish dressing.”

“GO ahead,” Johnny said, grinning. “I won’t stop you. I’ll just stand here and watch.”

“Johnny! Please, get out of here?” Reluctantly, he started to turn. Lisa saw his cock bulging in his pants, and once more the image of the boy being sucked off by his mother came into her mind.

“Wait… I’m sorry I spoke in that tone,” she said softly.

She saw her son tremble.


“I’m sorry, too, Mom,” Johnny said in a thick voice, avoiding looking at her. “I shouldn’t have come in here. I didn’t know you were… naked.”

“I know you didn’t, honey,” Lisa said. “It’s… it’s all right.”

Johnny turned to face her again, making an effort to keep his eyes on her face. There was nothing he could do about his hard-on, and it strained inside his pants, outlined fully.

“I’ll wait in the living room, Mom,” Johnny said, his voice sounding husky.

“No, it’s okay,” Lisa said, surprising herself. “You can stay.”

She tried to put her blouse on without exposing her tits, but it was impossible. She kept her gaze on his face, fighting not to look down at his cock.

Johnny saw first one tit, then the other. The sight made his cock bulge all the more. He groaned, unable to keep from staring at her tit.

Holding her blouse around her tits, Lisa stood there. Johnny could not avert his eyes. He looked at his mother. Her panties were swelling out at the crotch with a shadowy triangle. Lisa found she could not take her eyes off her son’s cock.

“Is it… uncomfortable, Johnny?”

“You mean in here, with you?” Johnny asked, his gaze fixed upon the tight crotch of her panties.

Lisa pointed at his crotch. Her blouse was open, one tit showing. Johnny stared at her tit — it was firm and round, with a light-brown nipple that looked rigid, tilted upward.

“That… is that uncomfortable?” Lisa said.

Her cunt was throbbing, her panties drenched with her juices.

“It’s very uncomfortable,” Johnny whispered.

Lisa took a step toward him, her eyes never moving from his crotch. She could see the full hardness of his cock pressing at his pants. She was surprised that his prick looked so big.

Her hand was moving toward it when she realized what she was doing. With a little gasp, she pulled her hand back. Her fingers spread around the front of her panties. A low sob came from her as the tip of one finger touched the distended tip of her clit.

“Oh, my God! Oh, Johnny!”

Her hand darted out again. This time she closed her fingers around his bulging cock, squeezing it.

Johnny gasped when his mother squeezed. “Johnny…” Lisa whispered, squeezing his cock, feeling the beautiful hardness of it. “Oh, baby! My God… it’s so… Johnny, Johnny!”

She felt her son shaking. Without so much of a thought of stopping, she rubbed his cock, curling her fingers down and around to feel his balls.

Johnny began moaning, twisting his hips, pushing them forward to press his cock into his mother’s hand.

Lisa lost control.

With a little cry, she began to feverishly open her son’s pants. She jerked his belt open and tugged the zipper down swiftly. With both hands, she pushed his pants to his knees, then stared at the wet spot on his shorts. Panting, she jerked his shorts down, a soft cry of delight bubbling from her throat as her son’s cock lurched upright, angled toward the ceiling.

She gazed at the swollen head, seeing precome dripping from the small pisshole. She was surprised to see how big and full his young balls appeared. The scant hair at the base was hardly visible.

“Beautiful!” she sighed.

Johnny shuffled his feet, panting hard, his cock jerking about.

With the image of the woman sucking her son burning in her mind, Lisa went to her knees before her son. She was feverish with desire, thinking only that she had to get her son’s throbbing hard cock into her own mouth. Her cunt was on fire, throbbing wetly, forcing her to do this. She gripped her son’s shaking hips, staring at his cock with her face inches away.

“Ohhhh, Johnny!” she moaned.

She engulfed her son’s cock with her hot, wet mouth.

The taste of his fiery cock made Lisa tremble, her ass bunching, her cunt twitching inside the confines of her bikini panties. She felt his cock jerk inside her mouth.

Digging her fingers into her son’s trembling hips, Lisa began to suck his cock. She sucked hungrily, sliding her tight lips up and down his cock with quick bobs of her head. She moaned, twisting her ass.

Smashing her lips to the base of his cock, she felt his hot balls on her chili. The head of his cock was at her throat. With her eyes closed, Lisa sucked again, drawing her mouth to the very head of his prick. Holding the swollen head tightly in her mouth, she ran her tongue over it, tasting the juices. She pressed the tip of her tongue against his pisshole, licking up the juices hungrily.

“Ohhhh, Mom!” Johnny whimpered. “Oh, yes, Mom!”

Johnny stood stiffly, pushing his hips forward, watching his mother sucking on his cock.

With a throaty moan, Lisa gripped his hips, sucking hard. She rammed her mouth back and forth. The searing heat of her son’s cock between her lips and, on her tongue sent a wild, throbbing rapture through her body. Her cunt seemed to swell, expand inside her panties. The sensation felt wonderful, delicious.

“Mmmmmm!” she whimpered, sucking fast and hard.

Her hands slid around his hips, cupping his naked, flexing ass. She pulled him forward each time she darted her face forward. She began to squeeze his asscheeks, twisting her mouth about his cock as she sucked.

Lisa moaned and whimpered as her passion flared. She was squirming her ass, thrusting her hips as if she were fucking.

Johnny began to squirm, his breath hot, panting. He stared at his mother, then he moved his hands behind his ass, placing them over her hands.

Lisa, feeling his cock throb with more power, sucked fast, bobbing back and forth. She made wet sounds with her mouth.

Johnny did not cry out a warning.

She felt the boiling gush of come juice on her tongue. With a husky squeal, Lisa began to gulp at his spewing cock. His come juice burned into her throat, and she swallowed eagerly. He came hard, filling her mouth before she could swallow. As he came, Lisa let out a strained cry, and her cunt convulsed with the most beautiful orgasm of all.

She came hotly as her son spurted in and over into her mouth and down her throat. Even when he finished gushing, she clung to his cock with her mouth, moaning over and over, gripping his ass tightly.

Finally, she pulled back, sitting on her heels. Her face was flushed.

“My God! What did I do?” she gasped.

“You sucked my cock off, Mom,” Johnny said, giggling in a bashful manner.

Lisa looked up at him now. “I sucked your… Johnny, you must think I’m terrible!”

“Mom, I think you’re wonderful!”

“How can you, after that?” she asked softly. “Let me dress, now, Johnny.”

Lisa was surprised that her son was not bashful about what had happened. She was equally surprised at what he had said to her.

But she was surprised most of all by her own actions.

Not that she had sucked a cock off — she had sucked off her husband many times. But this was Johnny, her son! Never before had she thought of Johnny as a sexual being.

She searched herself to find some measure of disgust. She found only desire, desire to do it again. She kept tasting Johnny’s cock in her mouth, kept, seeing it so hard before her face, remembering how sweet her own orgasm had been.

There was little conversation between them until dinner.

As they ate, he told her of his day as if nothing else had happened.

Lisa listened to him, commenting now and then. But her mind was on what they had done in her bedroom.

“Johnny, what was it you said to me earlier?”

“When, Mom?”

“You know. In my bedroom, right after…” She lowered her eyes bashfully.

Johnny giggled. “Oh, you mean about sucking my cock?”

She nodded, feeling her face burn. “What about it, Mom?”

“Johnny, I… do you want to talk about it?” she asked softly.

“What’s to talk about, Mom?”

“You don’t think I’m horrible?”

“I told you, Mom, I think you’re wonderful.”

Lisa looked at him. “Johnny, tell me again what I did.”

Johnny grinned wickedly. “You wanna talk dirty, Mom?”

Lisa began to tremble. “I like… I like hearing you say that. It makes me… tingle.”

“Where does it tingle, Mom?” he asked, his eyes turning hot. “Down there? If you want me to talk dirty, I’ll say it this way: does it make your pussy tingle, Mom?”

Lisa breathed in hotly. She nodded, her eyes moist and hot as she stared at his face. “Yes, it does.”

“Mom, I don’t know what got into you,” Johnny said, “but I like it. I like it very much.”

“You do?”

He nodded. “All the guys I know think you’re the most beautiful mom in the world. I know what they wanna do with you. I punched one in the nose because he said he wished he could fuck you.”

“Fuck me?” she gasped.

“Yeah. I can’t let those guys say that about you. You’re my mom.”

Lisa had no idea that her son’s friends thought of her that way. They were all so very young. What did they know about fucking?

“Johnny, I don’t want you fighting,” she admonished. “What they say about me doesn’t matter. I don’t want you fighting.”

“If you say so, Mom. But what if I said I… you know, wished I could do it, too?”

“You mean, fuck me?” Lisa’s words were barely a whisper.

“You like to talk dirty, Mom?”

“Answer me, Johnny.” Johnny lowered his eyes to his mother’s tits.

Lisa lifted her shoulders, pushing her tits outward.

“Yes, Mom,” he said, his voice lowering thickly.

“Oh, Johnny!” Lisa exclaimed, her fingers clenching. “Oh, baby.”

“Does that mean we will? Mom, do you mean you’ll let me?”

Lisa was breathing fast, feeling her tits swell, her cunt throb. Slowly, she jerked her head up and down. “Yes, Johnny.”

“When?” he asked.

Lisa stood up, stretching her hand toward him. “Now?”

As her son stood up from the table, she saw his cock pushing at his pants, as hard nit had been earlier. With a throaty groan, she brushed her hand over it, then took his hand in hers.

They walked to her bedroom, then stood facing each other for a long moment, both of them shaking.

“Johnny!” Lisa sobbed.

She fell across her bed on her back. Feverish with desire, Lisa yanked her dress to her waist, her legs parting.

“Your panties, Mom!” Johnny moaned, staring between his mother’s long legs at the crotchband of her panties.

“Hurry!” Lisa panted, hooking a finger into the crotch of her panties and yanking it aside, her cunt pulsating wetly. “Do it now, Johnny! Ohh, my God, baby! Fuck me now! Fuck mother right now!”

Staring at his mother’s cunt, Johnny jerked at his pants, scooting them to his knees, his cock lurching upward with hardness.

They stared at each other, Johnny at his mother’s cunt, seeing the wet pink slit framed by silky dark hair, and Lisa at his young balls and jerking cock.

She thrust her ass off the edge of the bed. “Hurry! Fuck mother, Johnny! Please, oh please hurry and fuck me!”

Johnny moved between his mother’s spread thighs. He pushed the head of his cock to her cunt.

Lisa gasped, her pussy quivering. She dug her fingers into the mattress, her eyes looking inflamed.

Overcome with excitement, Johnny lunged into her pussy.

“Ohhhhh, God!” Lisa cried.

The penetration of her cunt by her son’s cock stretched her pussy wide, filling her completely. The suddenness of his fuck-thrust took her breath away. She felt his balls pressing upon the crack of her ass, his cock jerking inside the tightness of her cunt.

“Ohhhh, God, baby! Ohhh, beautiful, Johnny!”

Johnny’s face was contorted with ecstasy. The wet heat gripping his cock was amazing. He touched his mother’s pantied hips.

“Hold me, Johnny!” Lisa sobbed. “Hold onto me! Hold onto me and fuck me!”

He palmed his mother’s hips, the feel of her nylon panties in his hands exciting him. He felt her cunt squeeze his cock.

“Push, baby!” Lisa whimpered, wiggling her ass.

Holding her hips, Johnny began to pump. “Oh, yes, yes!” Lisa cried out, the fuckfriction starting to drive her wild.

She squirmed her hips sideways and thrust upward to meet the lunge of her son’s cock. His balls made a soft slapping sound against her now-grinding ass.

“Fuck me! Your cock is so hard, Johnny! Your cock goes so deep inside my pussy!”

“Ahhhhhhh, Mom!” he moaned. “You’re helping me!”

“Yes! Ooooh, baby, as fast as you can! Fuck me as fast as you can!”

Johnny rammed frantically, panting, digging into her thrusting hips.

Lisa squealed, moaned, then cried out. She began beating at the mattress with her fists, churning her ass in a frenzy as his cock pounded in and out of her cunt. Her clit, tightly swollen, rubbed at the throbbing shaft of her son’s cock, making her shiver and shake with ecstasy. Each of his fuck-thrusts made her tits jiggle inside her blouse, made her breath come out in soft explosions. The friction along the damping lips of her cunt tingled through her, making her toes curl.

Straining upward, she gyrated her ass wantonly, unable to be still. She felt so lewd, so gloriously lewd. She stared up at him as he fucked her, watching his expression.

Johnny was gazing down at her hips, watching his cock disappear into her pussy. Her panties concealed one side of her cunt, but the other side was exposed, and he stared at it, seeing soft hair and pink, wet flesh?

“Your pussy, Mom!”

“Yes, my pussy!” she gasped. “What about my pussy?”

“It’s — ohhhh, Mom, I love your pussy!”

“Ahhh, baby! You love mother’s cunt?”

“Yes! Ohhh, yes, Mom! I love your cunt!”

“And I love your cock, Johnny!” Lisa sobbed, whipping her ass up and down. “Your cock is so hard, so very hard! Oooooh, fuck me, baby, fuck me!”

He fucked harder and faster into her. The wet, slapping sounds became louder as they strained.

Lisa drew her hands up her stomach, bringing her dress-skirt past the waistband of her panties. As she flung her ass up and down, she cupped her tits, her head turning from side to side as squeals bubbled from her throat. She could feel his cock fucking deep into her cunt, deeper than she had imagined.

“Fuck me, fuck me! Oooohhhh, Johnny, baby… fuck me hard! Fuck mother!”

“Your cunt is hot, Mom!”

“I know my cunt is hot? My cunt is hot and wet, and it needs to be fucked!”

Johnny began sliding his hands along her straining thighs, over her pantied hips, her stomach. He moved his hand to the front of her panties, while fucking furiously. He felt the soft hairs of his mother’s cunt.

Lisa said she wanted to feel her feverish pussy-flesh. She was so hot, so very hot. She squeezed her tits, her nipples feeling as if they would burst. She bit into her bottom lip, grinding her hips frantically as he fucked into her cunt.

“You’ll make me come!” she gasped. “Johnny, you’re about to make mother come!”

Johnny was panting, ramming his cock hard and deep, his hand inside her panties, feeling the soft hair.

“Ohhhhh, God! Oh, my God!” Lisa cried. Her hips whipped in a wild motion, then she rammed her cunt onto his cock as tight as she could, pressing hard against him.


Her orgasm exploded, making her cunt clasp his cock hard. Then the contractions began squeezing his cock, pulling at his prick.

“Johnny! I’m coming! Oh, baby, mother is coming!”

Johnny strained, gritting his teeth.

Lisa sobbed with ecstasy.

Johnny didn’t seem to know what to do. He stood stiffly, his cock buried all the way inside his mother’s convulsing cunt. The hot tightness of her pussy gripped him, making him tremble, his balls feeling very tight.

Lisa’s orgasm weakened, and she wiggled her ass. “Oooooh, Johnny, that was heaven!”

“I felt it, Mom!” be groaned. “I felt you come!”

Heat was still flaring inside her body. She felt his cock lurching between the clasping lips of her cunt.

“Your turn, honey,” she sighed, pumping her ass again. “It’s your turn to come.”

Johnny, so excited he couldn’t speak now, began to fuck once more into his mother’s grinding cunt.

Tremors of renewed ecstasy flowed through Lisa.

“Ram it, Johnny!” she gasped. “Ram that hard cock in mother’s cunt!”

Johnny began to pant and gasp, his body shuddering.

“Oh, I’m going to come again!” Lisa squealed, smashing her cunt hard against him, grinding her ass in jerking motions. “You’ll make mother come again?”

Johnny, lifting his head up, closed his eyes as he fucked hard into his mother’s cunt. “Squirt it out, baby!” Lisa screamed. “Squirt that hot juice in mother’s cunt!”

Johnny let out a strangled cry, then his cock began to squirt rapidly.

Lisa squealed as she felt her son’s cock gush into her, filling her cunt with the scalding liquid of his young balls. Her clit throbbed as she began coming with him. Her cunt closed tightly in spasms around the base of his cock, rippling along the shaft.

It seemed that they came for a long time, and her cunt was filled to capacity.

As he stopped coming, Johnny seemed confused, not knowing what he should do next. His head slumped to her tits, and Lisa felt his cock softening inside her cunt. Her orgasm faded away, leaving her feeling weak. Her legs relaxed, splayed outward as he lay between them.

Lisa wrapped her arms around his shaking body, feeling his cock drooping along the crack of her ass, wet and slippery. She cuddled his head to her tits, stroking his back.

“Johnny you’ve never done this before, have you?”

Johnny shook his head, feeling his mother’s soft tits against his cheek.

“I didn’t think so,” she said, caressing him. She moved her hand past the small of his back, stroking his naked ass. She lifted his head, turning to look at his face. “Hey, guy, you’re not turning shy now, are you?”

Johnny grinned. “I guess I better not, huh, Mom?”

“Not unless you want me to feel bad,” Lisa answered.

“Mom, what do wt do now?”

“I-I don’t understand, honey.”

“I sure don’t wanna go back to jacking off, not after this.”

Lisa burst into laughter. “Jacking off? You mean you’ve been jacking off? I didn’t know that.”

“Aw, Mom!” He started blushing. “All the guys jack off.”

Lisa hugged him to her tits again. “Not my son. My son never has to jack off, never again. And I won’t have to play with my cunt by myself, right?”

“Mom! You been doing that?” Lisa grinned, her eyes bright. She nodded. “I’ll play with your cunt, Mom.” Lisa hugged him very tightly.

“And mother will play with your cock.”

Lisa undressed, watching her son’s eyes glow with delight.

It was still much too early for bed, but they had no plans on going to sleep right now.

Johnny was stretched out on her bed, already naked. He lay on his side, watching her, his cock straining with hardness.

Dropping her blouse, Lisa found she was not in the least bit shy to undress before her son. She stood facing him, watching his gaze move over her firm tits. She lowered her skirt, then stood for a moment or so in her tight bikini panties. When she began pushing her panties down, Johnny started panting with anticipations.

“You’ve seen a cunt before, haven’t you?” she asked.

“Mom, you’re the first girl for me.”

She grinned impishly at him. She pushed her panties off.

“Well, what do you think?” she asked.

“You’re beautiful, Mom!”

Lisa caressed her tits, moving her hands down her stomach, running her fingers through the soft hair of her cunt. She spread the thick hair and let her son gaze upon the pink silt of her pussy, her clit pushing from the moist folds. Spreading her feet apart, she parted her cuntlips for him.

“And my cunt?”

“Beautiful, too.”

Lisa giggled girlishly. She felt in a teasing mood. She felt so good, so excited, she couldn’t believe it. She didn’t feel tormented with irrational desire. She was hot; very hot, but now there would be no torment, no suffering, no more unsatisfying fingerfucking. The anticipation felt delicious.

“Want to fuck mother again?” she teased, twisting her hips as she pulled at her cunt. “Want to fuck this cunt again, Johnny? Mother has a very nice, very wet, very hot cunt for you, baby. Want to put your lovely hard cock inside mother’s cunt and fuck the piss out of it?”

Johnny giggled. “You like to talk dirty, huh, Mom?”

“I love it,” she mewled. “It makes me hot. Talk dirty with me.”

“You sure have a hot cunt, Mom,” he said, giggling softly. “I wanna stick my cock in your cunt, Mom. I wanna fuck your hot cunt with my hard cock!”

“Ohhhh, yes, baby! Oh, yes, fuck my cunt with your cock! Fuck mother’s hat, hot cunt!”

Johnny closed his fist around his cock, pumping it, as he stared at his mother.

Lisa watched him as she rubbed her finger along the edges of her inflamed clit.

“Honey, would you like it if mother sucked that delicious hard-on again?”

“Oh, yes, Mom!”

“Mmmmm, I’m glad you like it,” she replied. “Because, baby, mother loves to suck a hard, hot cock!”

Johnny laughed a bit nervously, watching her finger rubbing at her clit. He could see the juice glistening on her pussy. He ran his lips aver his tongue. “Mom, could I… is it okay if I kiss your cunt?”

“I would love that!” Lisa purred. “Johnny, you, sure can kiss my cunt! Ooooh, what a wonderful idea!”

“I don’t know how,” he whined. “Mom, you have tell me how to do it.”

“It’s easy, baby, so very easy,” Lisa whispered, moving toward him. “Just put your face between mother’s legs and kiss. Use your tongue, lick it, up and down and sideways and stick it in me.”

“Your pussy is so wet, Mom,” he said, licking his lips again.

“Will that bother you?”

Johnny shook his head, clutching his cock, the head of his prick bloating his pisshole seeping pre-come.

“Lay on your back, Johnny. You’ll know what to do. Don’t worry.”

Johnny rolled onto his back, his cock straining up in the air. Lisa leaned over her son, brushing her lips over the hot smoothness of his cock. She flicked his pisshole with her tongue. She felt his hand move up her thigh, then cup her cunt. She twisted her ass as she engulfed his cock. Lisa sucked on his prick, sliding her mouth up and down on it for a few moments.

Johnny whispered, pushing his hips upward as he felt his mother’s fiery cunt.

“Let’s do it, honey,” she mewled, lifting off his cock.

Swinging one long leg over his head, Lisa knelt with her knees spread on each side of her son’s face. She stared at his cock, watching it jerk, while Johnny gazed eagerly into her cunt.

Lisa leaned over, holding her body up with one hand, closing her other hand on his balls. She took his cock into her mouth once more. As she began to suck, she lowered her hairy cunt to his face, her naked ass writhing slowly.

Johnny caressed her thighs, curling his hands over his mother’s satiny ass. When her cunt brushed against his mouth, the soft hairs tickled his lips. With a moan, he lifted his head and pressed his open mouth to his mother’s cunt.

Lisa gasped. “Lick it! Lick mother’s cunt, Johnny! Ooooo, baby! Suck mother’s pussy! Tongue mother in the cunt, Johnny!”

Johnny rammed his tongue into the steamy wetness, clutching her ass.

Lisa squealed, then sucked his cock again. She squirmed her ass, rubbing her pussy into his face. The sensation of her son licking and sucking at her cunt sent wild, delicious tremors through her.

She pressed her pussy into his face, and Johnny responded by darting his tongue in and out. Wiggling her ass, Lisa began to suck harder on his prick, licking up and down the shaft, probing his hot balls with the tip of her tongue. Sliding one hand under his ass, she clung to it, feeling his asscheeks bunch as he pumped up and down gently, fucking her mouth. Johnny’s tongue made exciting wet sounds as he lapped at her hairy cunt-slit.

Johnny pulled at his mother’s ass, sucking at her cunt, tasting her hot juices, staring at her crinkling asshole. He was so excited, he began touching her puckering ass-ring. The contact of his finger on her asshole and his tongue darting all around her pussy sent Lisa into a sucking frenzy. She gobbled her son’s cock wickedly. She began to pump her ass, smashing her cunt at his mouth.

Johnny groaned and, using his thumbs, he parted her cunt as wide as he could, thrusting his tongue deep inside. The harder his mother sucked at his cock, the more excited he became. His tongue swirled over her swollen clit, along the slit of her cunt, then he went on to lick at bet steaming, tight asshole.

With a cry of pleasure, Lisa lifted her head. “Ohhhh, baby, what are you doing to mother? Oooooh, that feels good Johnny I hope you know that’s mother’s asshole you’re licking!”

Johnny moaned a muffled reply, swirling his tongue around and around her asshole.

Lisa, almost sobbing with this sweet ecstasy, pressed her ass into his face. She began to suck on his cock again, with a greater frenzy. Johnny licked at his mother’s cunt and asshole hotly starting to moan as his balls tightened, his cock jerking in her mouth. Lisa’s tongue became coated with his dripping juices, and she swallowed hungrily moving her tongue over his pisshole.

With low moans, Lisa took her mouth off his cock, pressing it to his hot balls, kissing and licking eagerly.

“Ohhhhhh, suck my cunt, Johnny!” she moaned as she lapped wildly at his balls. “Suck mother’s cunt… suck mother’s asshole! Ooooh, baby, suck me, suck me! I want to come, Johnny! I want to come with my cunt on your mouth!”

Johnny took a long, slow lick along her cunt and asshole, then down again, pushing his tongue as hard as he could at the tint.

Lisa, moaning with almost unbearable ecstasy, squirmed at his face. His cock was jerking, becoming larger and longer in her mouth. She squeezed his balls, making her son moan against her fiery ass.

Then Johnny pushed his tongue into her asshole.

“Uhhhhhh!” Lisa grunted, her eyes bulging. His tongue seemed to go so deep into her asshole, and the sensations startled her. Her cunt reacted to his tongue up her ass with a muffled cry, Lisa began to come. Straining her ass against Johnny’s face, keeping his tongue inside her asshole, she sucked with a wild hunger on his cock.

Johnny grunted. Suddenly hot juices gushed into his mother’s mouth.

Lisa, comingin hot waves of orgasm, her cunt smashed at his chin, gulped wetly at his spurting cock, her throat working to swallow the heavy gushes.

Johnny clung to her naked, twisting ass tightly, darting his tongue in and out of his mother’s asshole.

While Lisa gulped and swallowed his discharge, she rubbed and pulled and twisted at his balls, making wet sounds of ecstasy. Her hot thighs clamped about his head, her ass hunching up and down. Johnny’s tongue was still fucking into her asshole swiftly.

When her son stopped gushing, she worked on his softening cock with her tongue and lips. She writhed in slow undulation as he pulled his tongue out of her asshole.

Stretching her long legs outward, she rested on top of him, holding his cock in her mouth. She purred when Johnny licked along the edges of her asshole, then at the creamy crack. His tongue probed gently into her cunt, his hands caressing her shivering flesh. He sucked at the soft flesh of her inner thigh, and Lisa slowly rolled off him.

“You lied to me, baby,” she whispered.

“I lied? About what, Mom?”

“You said you didn’t know how to lick a cunt, and you licked the piss out of mine.”

“I didn’t lie, Mom,” he insisted. “I just got carried away. I love licking your cunt.”

“I’m teasing, baby,” she murmured. “You do know you had your tongue up my asshole, don’t you?”

Johnny giggled. “I know cunt from asshole, Mom.”

She laughed. “Johnny, that made me come so hard. I’ve never been licked in the ass. When you pushed your tongue up my asshole, I came so fucking hard!”

Lisa spread her legs, running her hand past her cunt and gently touching her asshole.

“You know what, I bet you could fuck me in my ass, baby. Would you like to try that?”

“You wanna do it, Mom?” he asked eagerly. “Ooooh, so eager!” she purred. She fondled his cock and balls, feeling his prick respond with a slow swelling. “But let’s try that later. When you fucked me earlier, I loved the way your cock felt in my cunt so much, I’m going to get it hard again. Then I’m going to fuck your brains out… with my cunt!”

She leaned over him, talking his balls into her mouth, sucking them, as her fist worked on his cock. Within a short time, Johnny had a hard-on once more.

Giving his cock a kiss, she turned onto her stomach, drawing her knees up and straightening her arms. She waggled her ass giggling wantonly.

Johnny watched her tits sway, saw her curvy ass. When she spread her knees, he gazed at her cunt.

“This is doggy style,” she said with a giggle. “Want to fuck mother like a doggy, Johnny? You can go real deep this way. I love to be fucked on my hands and knees.”

Johnny kneeled behind her ass. He was so fascinated by her nakedness that he felt her flesh, stroking her parted asscheeks, sliding the edge of his hand between them and over her hot whole to her cunt.

Lisa whimpered and twisted erotically for him.

He pressed his mouth to her ass, kissing and sucking at the hot, smooth flesh, licking from asscheek to asscheek. He probed at her cunt with it tongue, flicked her erect clit, then licked at her puckering asshole. He thrust his tongue into his mother’s asshole, fucking it in and out. When she began to whimper, he put his tongue into her cunt.

“Oooooh, Johnny! Are you trying to make me come before you fuck me? If you are, you’re doing a good job of it!”

“I’ll fuck you, Mom!” he groaned, lifting his head and rubbing his cock against the backs of her creamy thighs, then over her hairy cunt and satiny, ass. “I’ll fuck your cunt, Mom! I’m gonna really fuck your cunt!”

“Then you better hurry, because I’m ready to come!”

Johnny got on his knees, placing the head of his cock against the wet, fiery entrance of her cunt. Gripping her hips, he thrust his cock into her pussy quickly, watching it sink out of sight.

“Ohhh, baby!” Lisa cried, smashing her ass against him. “God, yes! That’s the way to fuck mother! Ram that big, beautiful cock up my cunt! Oooooh, fuck me, Johnny!”

Lisa twisted her ass as her son began stabbing back and forth. She lowered her head, looking between her tits, watching his balls swing back and forth as his cock darted in and out of her cunt. Each inward fuck-thrust into her pussy forced her breath out in a hot gasp of delight, making her tits sway. Her nipples strained with a tingling hardness. The fleshy slap of his body against her naked ass sent hot tremors racing up and down her spine. Her cunt was so sensitive that she could feel each throbbing ridge of her son’s cock. The head of his cock expanded, caressing the steamy tissues deep inside her pussy. With moaning cries of rapture, she churned and pumped her ass with him.

Johnny, panting hotly, watched his mother’s asshole pucker as he pounded into her cunt. The tight fit of her pussy stroked and clung to his prick.

No matter how tight he held her hips, Lisa could wiggle them energetically. It felt to her as if his cock penetrated her cunt all the way to her throat. It was the reason she loved to be fucked in this position — he could go so much deeper into her.

With throaty, hot sobs, she whipped her naked ass around and around with wanton motions.

Johnny seemed to fuck her cunt with fantastic speed, the friction making her mind spin with lewd ecstasy. His balls bounced off her swollen clit, increasing the growing beat.

“Ohhhh, Johnny, Johnny!” she gasped. “Ahhhhh, Mom!”

“Oh, baby! Oh, God, Johnny! My cunt… you’re burning mother’s cunt up with that hard cock!”

“Mom, what are you doing?” Johnny gasped.

“Fucking you!”

“No, your cunt! What are you making your cunt do?”

“Nothing! I’m not doing anything with my cunt!”

“But it’s squeezing me, Mom! Your cunt is squeezing my cock! If you don’t stop that, you’re gonna make me come too fast!”

“I’m not doing it!” Lisa wailed. “It’s doing it by itself!”

“You’ll make me came, Mom!”

“Come!” she cried, straining hard against him.

“I gotta! I gotta come, Mom!”

Lisa wailed as her cunt clamped wetly around his plunging cock.

“Johnny!” she screamed.

Johnny let out a loud grunt, the rippling contractions of his mother’s cunt grabbing at his cock. He fucked her hard, pulling at her hips. Lisa, coming in overwhelming waves of ecstasy, returned the pressure. Johnny began to squirt, spraying thick come juice into his mother’s convulsing cunt. Lisa cried out as she felt him coming inside her. Her pussy squeezed and gripped. Her stomach was rippling. Her inner thighs felt as if they were going to melt.

“Ohhhh, baby, baby!” she moaned, the intense contractions slowing until she felt only a gentle pulsation in her cunt. “That was so hard, so beautiful! God, you can fuck a girl so good, Johnny.”

Johnny pulled his cock out of his mother’s cunt, letting the wet pink lips close together. He sat back on his heels.

Lisa lowered her head and shoulders to the bed. She twisted her uplifted ass slowly.

“I don’t know who fucked the piss out of who,” she mewled, “but I loved it, Johnny.”

“Mom, your cunt is dripping.”

“Well, what do you expect when you come in it so much.” She giggled, rolling over. “That isn’t all pussy juice, you know.”

She lay on her back, with her legs splayed outward. Johnny ran his fingers through her pussy hair, feeling the softness of it.

“I like this hair, Mom. It’s so soft and curly.”

Lisa smiled at him. Johnny began feeling her tits with his other hand, watching her nipples stiffen.

“Keep feeling mother up like this and you’re going to have to fuck me again, you know,” she purred.

He grinned, squirming around so she could get her hands on his cock.

“Mmmmmm,” Lisa purred, taking his cock in her hand. “So eager. I love that, baby, so eager to fuck mother.”

Johnny was up, showered and dressed for school when Lisa finally got out of bed. She wandered into the kitchen. He was eating a bowl of cereal.

“That’s not a decent breakfast for a manlike you,” she said, running her hand through his hair. “You need eggs, bacon, and toast. Have to keep your strength up, you know.”

“You looked so good sleeping, Mom, I didn’t wanna wake you up.”

“That’s nice of you,” she whispered kissing his forehead. “But from now on, make sure I’m up so you can eat right.”

Lisa slid her robe on, and she saw his frown.

“Really, you didn’t expect me to come in here naked did you?” she asked. “What sort of mother do you think I am?”

“But, after yesterday, Mom, I guess I thought… well, things had changed.”

“Johnny, I was teasing,” she said softly. “If you want me to run around the house naked, I will.”

She started to remove her robe.

“If you take it off, Mom…” he grinned, “…I’ll be late for school.”

“See what I mean?” she said.

“I wish it was summer vacation. I wanna stay with you.”

Lisa hugged him against her body, holding his head to her stomach. “You just want to spend the day fucking me. School is necessary, Johnny. I’ll be here when you get home.”

Johnny turned in his chair, opening her robe. Lisa sighed with pleasure as he began sucking her tits. She drew his hands into her robe, up her ass. Johnny sucked his mother’s nipples and squeezed her rounded, firm ass while Lisa stood purring, starting to tremble.

“That’s enough, honey,” she said, pushing him away gently. “You’re going to be late.”

Reluctantly, he stood up. His cock pushed at his pants with hardness. “You’re gonna make me go to school with this hard-on, Mom?”

“Johnny, you have to go,” she said, eyeing his hard-on. “We can’t do this when it’s tine for you to go.”

“It’s a mean way to treat a guy with a hard-on, Mom,” he said, picking up his books. “But I guess that’s the way it’s gotta be.”

“Yes, it is.”

Lisa kissed him at the door, then stood and watched him walk away slowly. When he was out of sight, she closed the door, leaning against it, almost ready to cry. She had wanted to keep him home — she had been cruel to make him go to school with a hard-on. The least she could have done was take a few minutes to suck, his cock off, she thought.

She opened the door, ready to call him back, but Johnny was already gone.

She spent all morning cleaning house, but she could not get her wind off her son’s crest-fallen expression, or the way his cock strained in hardness as he went to school.

Shortly after noon, she was dressed, her mind made up.

The school was not far away, and she could walk it in ten minutes. She left the house, determination. She had on nylons and heels, but her cunt wat uncovered. She wasn’t wearing a bra or panties.

Reaching the school, she went into the administration office, introduced herself and requested to speak to her son for a few minute. She sat on a bench as she waited for him. She crossed her legs, swinging one foot, her cunt wet, making her inner thighs slippery as she thought again about what she was going to do.

She saw him walking down the long hallway, end when he saw her, his eyeslit up. Lisa grinned, uncrossing her legs and spreading them. She watched the delight spread over her son’s face when he caught a peek of her hairy cunt.

“What’s wrong, Mom?” he asked, approaching her.

Lisa took his hand, leading him any from the office. “Nothing is wrong, baby. I got to thinking how you came to school, and bow you would suffer, so here I am.”

“But what can we do at school?” he asked.

“I’ll show you.” She held his hand firmly. “How much longer before the classes change?”

“About twenty minutes.”

“We have time. Show me where the bathrooms are.”

“You have to use the bathroom?”

Lisa grinned wickedly at him. “Yes… with you.”

Eagerly, he gripped her hand and showed her where the bathrooms were located. He paused. “We gonna use the boy’s?”

“Either one you want to use,” she said eagerly. “I don’t care. Just as long as we have time.”

Johnny pushed into the boy’s restroom, with Lisa glancing up and down the hall before she entered behind him. Along one wall was a row of sinks.

“This will do fine,” she said, lifting her skirt to her waist. “But it has to be fast, baby.”

She perched on one white sink, her dress around her waist, her legs spread wide for him. Her cunt was juicy and hot, juices seeping down her inner thighs.

“Hurry up!” she urged. “Fuck me fast, Johnny!”

Johnny, eyeing his mother’s cunt, pulled his cock from his pants. He stepped between her spread knees.

Lisa gripped his shoulders, looking down at her cunt as her son pushed his cock into it. She gasped and twisted her ass on the sink, holding his shoulders tightly.

Johnny held her hips, lunging into her cunt swiftly.

“Ooooh, hurry!” Lisa panted.

She lifted her legs, wrapping them around his waist.

Johnny rammed into her pussy fast, holding her hips. Lisa pushed her mouth to his, kissing him hard, her tongue darting past his teeth, breathing feverishly. His cock stabbed into her cunt hard, making her gasp with ecstasy. Her ass was almost ready to slide off the sink, and she squeezed his waist hard with her thighs to keep her balance.

“Ahhh, baby, baby!” she hissed. “Mmmm, fuck mother? Ram your hard cock up mother’s juicy cunt! Fuck me, Johnny!”

Johnny pounded into her crotch. “Oh, Mom, you’re so hot and wet! Your cunt is hot and wet and tight!”

“I don’t like making you go to school with a hard-on!” she panted. “Never again will that happen. Mmmm, Johnny! You feel so hard in my cunt! Your cock is so hard, so hot!”

She tightened her thighs.

“I wish you had pushed your pants down! I want to feel you naked against me, your balls on my ass!”

“I’ll take them down!”

“No! We don’t have time!”

“I wanna suck your tits!” He rushed his hands upward, fingers curling about her tit. “You don’t have a bra on, either.”

“Don’t undress me!” she cried. “We don’t have time, baby! Just fuck me hard and fast, come in mother’s cunt!”

She squirmed on the sink, feeling his cock pound deeply, smashing against her rigid clit. Lisa gasped from the force of his penetration, clinging to his shoulders with a tight grip, her legs wrapped around him, squeezing his waist.

Johnny fucked faster, his face tilted up, eyes closed in rapture.

“Oooohhh, baby, hurry!”

“Mom! Oh, Mom!”

“Does it feel good, baby? Does it feel real good?”

“Ahh, yes!”

“Squirt it in me, Johnny! Please, hurry and come!”

Writhing frantically, afraid she would fail off the sink, Lisa strained her cunt to her son. She began to squeal when her pussy began to throb with that delicious feeling of an approaching orgasm. Her eyes were slitted, fiery with the heat searing through her body.

“Ooooh Johnny! My cunt… oh, my cunt!”

With a moan, she lurched her crotch against him, writhing hard. The pulsations in her pussy turned to contractions, and Lisa began to come in fiery waves of rippling orgasm.

Johnny, his cock gripped by the flexing tightness of his mother’s cunt, cried out, then rapidly spurted his jizz into her.

“Ohhbh, yes, yes!” Lisa whimpered, grinding as hard as she could. “Oooooh, Johnny, yes! God, yes, baby!”

“Ahhhh, Mom!” he moaned, slumping forward, panting harshly.

Lisa took a few moments to caress and hold her son as he trembled, his cock softening in her pussy. When she felt he was strong enough, she gently pushed him upright.

“Now you have to go back to class, and I have to get out of this restroom.”

She slid from the sink, her dress pulling high. Johnny looked at her nyloned legs, her bushy cunt. “Mom, I like you in those nylons. They make you look sexy.”

Lisa giggled impishly, taking his hand sliding his palm up her nyloned thigh to her naked ass, then she pushed him away. “We better not start anything again.”

There was a loud clatter as a bell rang.

“Oh, God!” Lisa gasped. “I have to get out of here now!”

She darted from the restroom, with Johnny right behind her.

They laughed as he walked with her to the main entrance. Lisa was delighted with her son’s expression when they parted.

She leaned and whispered into his ear: “Hurry straight home from school.”

“You know I will,” he replied with a grin. For the rest of the afternoon, Lisa let the anticipation build inside her as she bathed, preparing herself for her son. She was pleased that she had gone to his school, pleased to have, fucked him in the, restroom.

She pulled on a fresh pair of nylons, snapping a baby-blue garter belt with white lace trim about her waist. She snapped a half bra on, one that cupped the lower halves of her tits, leaving her nipples exposed and lifting her tits high.

When Johnny came home right after school, she was standing in the middle of the living room floor. Johnny stopped quick, staring at her.

Linda posed, hips thrust out, hand on hip, looking at him with what she hoped was a wanton expression.

“Oh, that’s nice, Mom!”

“Don’t you think you better shut the door?” She giggled.

Johnny slammed the door shut, watching his mother.

Lisa turned slowly, giving him a view of her body from all angles.

Johnny began to pant. “Mom, your ass is so pretty. And your tits! Your tits are so beautiful! Oooooh, and look at your cunt!”

“This is all for you to look at. Does it make your cock hard?”

Johnny pushed his hips forward, his cock swollen in his pants. He gripped it through his pants and squeezed.

“Oh, don’t hurt it!” Linda whimpered. “Squeeze too hard and you might come in your pants, then I would have to lick all that sweet come juice off your pants instead of sucking it from your cock.”

“Mom, you make me so fucking hot!”

“That’s the idea, baby — to make you so fucking hot you’ll want to fuck mother’s brains out.”

Johnny scrambled from his clothing, staring as his mother posed for him. His cock lurched up, his balls looking hot and full. “I will fuck your brains out, Mom! Oh, I’ll fuck the piss out of you!”

“Oooooh, yes! Fuck mother’s brains out!” Lisa cooed. “Fuck my brains out through my ass, Johnny!”

“Do you mean it?”

“Yes!” Lisa exclaimed. “Fuck mother in the ass this time.”

“Ooooh, Mom!”

Lisa bent her knees, kneeling on the floor and staring at his jerking cock. Leaning over on her hands and knees, she waggled her ass for him. Johnny moved toward her, watching her ass, seeing the pink ring puckering. He knelt behind her, caressing the satiny flesh for a moment.

“Do it now, Johnny!” Lisa hissed. “I don’t want to wait any longer! Fuck me in the ass now!”

Johnny, so overcome with excitement that he couldn’t speak, rubbed the head of his cock up and down the crack of his mother’s ass, making Lisa whine softly. When he probed at her asshole with the head of his cock, she held her breath.

As he began to exert pressure, her asshole began to tingle hotly, starting to stretch for him. Johnny watched his cock push inward, the heat and tightness fascinating him.

The greater the pressure, the better it felt to Lisa. She wiggled her ass, carefully pushing back against him.

“It’s gonna go in, Mom!”

“Oh, I feel it! I feel it, baby!”

Johnny pushed, and the head of his cock slipped into his mother’s asshole.

Lisa gasped loudly, feeling her asshole being spread wide open. It felt much better than she imagined. It was strange that she felt no pain, only a stretching, tingling feeling that excited her intensely, a fullness that was exquisite. She felt his cock jerk and throb. Her nipples erected and her cunt responded with a twitching heat. As her son slowly pushed deeper, the feeling became more intense.

Johnny, gripping her grinding hips, began to pound in and out of his mother’s asshole. The fleshy sounds were loud as he banged into her, and each thrust made her tight tits sway back and forth.

Lisa cried out, whimpering with the exquisite sensations of being fucked in her ass by Johnny’s cock. Her cunt seemed to swell, open and close, her clit bulging. His cock felt so huge, so hard.

“Do you like it?” she panted.

“Yes, I love it, Mom!”

“As good as my cunt?”

“Oh, yessss!”

“And my mouth?”

“Ahhh, Mom, Mom!”

Johnny, gritting his teeth, plunged wildly into her asshole.

Lisa began to sob, the hot friction setting her ass on fire. She wiggled and thrust with him, grinding back at him when his cock went all the way in.

“I don’t believe it! This is going to make me come, Johnny!”

Johnny was staring down at his mother’s grinding ass, watching his cock thrust in and out, seeing the tight grip that her asshole had on his cock. His balls were now drenched with her dripping pussy juice, making wet sounds as they bounced against her hairy cunt-slit.

Lisa began straining against him, groaning, her clit swollen painfully. She felt the rippling heat start deep in her stomach, spreading along her inner thighs. Her pussy began pulsating. Her asshole seemed to throb around his cock.

“Johnny! Oh, my God, Johnny!”

“Mom, I’m about to come!”

“Oooooh, yes!”

As her impending orgasm swelled inside her body, Lisa strained her ass tightly against her son.

Johnny began to grunt and fuck as hard as he could into his mother’s asshole.

For what seemed mindless moments, they strained hard, holding their breaths. Her asshole squeezed his cock, making it jerk far up her ass.

“Now, Johnny!” Lisa screamed. “Oh, I’m coming now!”

Johnny, unable to resist the sudden squeezing sensation on his cock, grunted and spewed his boiling juices up his mother’s asshole. The squirts spurting into her ass intensified Lisa’s orgasm, and she came so hard that it was almost agonizing.

Weakly, Lisa lowered her head and shoulders to the floor, moaning softly. Her son rested atop her body, his cock still gripped by her asshole.

They panted and moaned for a long time. When Johnny gently pulled his cock out of her ass, Lisa whimpered. As his cock pulled free, she felt a cooling draft of air soothing the crinkling ring of her asshole.

Lisa prepared dinner dressed in her garter belt and nylons, her heels making her legs look longer than ever.

Johnny, naked, sat at the table watching her, very pleased to see her dressed this way.

Lisa felt so wicked, so wanton. Her ass bunched in movement, and Johnny stared in pleasure at her cunt and tits when she faced him.

When dinner was ready, they sat and ate, but Johnny seemed more interested in her body than his food.

“I swear, baby, you’d rather suck my tits or my cunt than eat.” She laughed.

“I would right now, Mom,” he agreed.

“You’ll have all the opportunity to do what you want,” she answered. “But you have to take time out to eat food, not me.”

She removed her shoe and pushed her foot between his knees, rubbing at his cock with it, her eyes twinkling. She told him what she had seen in the mall, of the woman sucking her son off. She told him how hot it had made her.

“You like to see people do that, Mom?” be asked.

Lisa nodded. “I do now. I didn’t realize it until I saw that. Would you like to see someone fucking, honey?”

Johnny’s eyes brightened. “Yeah, but I don’t know how to do that.”

“We’ll have to see if we can, together,” Lisa replied.

“I’d like that. I mean, both of us, Mom.” Lisa’s toe rubbed at his cock, smiling wickedly at him. “Johnny, it seems you and I like the same things. That’s always nice, when we both enjoy the same things together. Baby, I think you’re getting a hard-on. Want mother to suck it off?”

Johnny, grinning broadly, stood up. His cock jutted out.

“You really like to suck cock, don’t you, Mom?”

“Your cock I do,” she purred, slipping taker knees before him. She cradled his balls in one hand, caressing his young ass with the other. She rubbed his cock over her nipples. “I don’t know about other cocks, but I love to suck you off. I love it when you come in my mouth… it’s so hot and thick and sweet.”

“Didn’t you suck Dad off?”

“Of course, and I loved sucking him, too,” Lisa admitted. “But I’ve only sucked the two of you. I’ve never really had the desire to suck anyone else.”

Johnny giggled as his cock smeared her nipples with dripping juices. “I’d suck cunt, Mom I’d lick the pussy of every girl in school!”

“You probably would.” She giggled, rubbing her lips aver the head of his cock.

“But they’d have to let me fuck them, too.”

“Baby, if a girl will let you lick her cunt, she’d probably fuck you as well.”

Johnny ran his hands through his mother’s hair as he watched her rub her lips along the shaft of his cock to his balls.

Lisa licked his balls, then began sucking them gently and tenderly.

“Mmmmm, so hot and full,” she mewled. “I bet you have a big, hot load of juice for mother.”

“Suck my cock and find out,” he urged.

Lisa, her eyes twinkling hotly up at him, moved her mouth to his cock, her tongue caressing it. She pushed her lips to the base of his prick, moaning softly, his throbbing hardness exciting her. She held his cock deep in her mouth for a long time, pushing it against the roof of her mouth, feeling it pulsate against her throat.

Johnny cupped his mother’s face, then he began to slowly push and pull his cock between her hot, wet lips.

“Mmmmmm!” Lisa cooed, pulling her head back. “Ooooh, you want to fuck mother’s mouth, do you? I’d love that, Johnny. Fuck my mouth, baby! Fuck mother’s mouth like it was her hot cunt or tight asshole!”

Johnny eased his cock back into her mouth, moaning softly as he held her face.

Thrusting his hips, he watched his cock sink into his mother’s mouth, her lips gripping tightly, her tongue swirling. Lisa cupped his ass in both hands, feeling his asscheeks bunch in her palms. His balls rubbed at her chin. Her cunt became very juicy as her clit expanded with swollen hardness.

She rubbed her rigid nipples against his thighs as he moved his cock in and out of her mouth. When he pulled it almost free, she sucked at his pisshole, drawing the hot juices out, her tongue fluttering into the small slit. She kept gazing up at his face, watching his rapture, feeling pleased with herself to give him so much ecstasy.

Johnny fucked into her mouth carefully, much too gently for her.

“You can do it faster, honey!” she exclaimed, her lips against the head of his cock. “You don’t have to be so careful. You won’t hurt me, or choke me, or anything. Fuck mother in the mouth as fast as you want!”

Holding her cheeks, Johnny pushed his cock back into her mouth.

Lisa made a soft, hot whimpering sound, then she began to suck his cock with tight lips.

He started fucking her mouth. She drew one of his hands to the back of her head, then holding his ass again, she moaned in pleasure. The rubbing of her son’s hot, hard cock between her lips excited her very much, made her cunt burn with hunger. She felt his body tremble with excitement.

“Oh, suck it, Mom!” Johnny moaned. “My cock is so hard, Mom! Suck my cock! Suck it deep! Oooooh, it’s almost like your cunt! Lick me with your tongue… suck and lick my cock, Mom!”

His lewd words increased the desire she felt, and Lisa began to suck his cock vigorously, gripping his pumping ass tightly. The way he held her head made Lisa happy. It showed his excitement, and she wanted her son to be very excited by her.

“It’s so good, Mom!” Johnny moaned. “Ohhhh, I love this, Mom!”

Lisa nodded that she, too, loved it. The rubbing of his hot cock over her tongue made her tremble with wanton hunger. His prick was very hard, throbbing and dripping as she sucked. The way the rounded head brushed against the back of her throat made her shiver with delight. His balls were very hot as they smacked against her chin.

Running her fingers into the crack of Johnny’s ass, she began to rub and tickle the crinkle of his asshole.

Johnny gasped, staring down as his mother sucked on the head of his cock. Her finger touching his asshole made his balls grow tight, caused his cock to lurch in her mouth.

“Mmmmm!” Lisa moaned, her eyes flashing hotly up at him.

“Mom, if you touch my asshole, it’s gonna make me come faster!” Johnny panted.

“Ooooommmm!” Lisa gurgled, wiggling her finger around his asshole, sucking very hard with tight, wet lips, eyes sparkling up at his excited face.

She swayed her ass slowly, her cunt bubbling with wetness. Her throat tingled as she anticipated the hot spurt of his come juice. Her cunt seemed to clasp tightly, pulsating in tingling pleasure.

Watching his face for his reaction, she slowly pushed her middle finger into his asshole.

Johnny’s eyes widened. He gasped softly. He stopped fucking into her mouth when he felt his mother gently finger-fuck his asshole while she sucked his cock, darting her face back and forth.

“Mom, my asshole!” Johnny moaned.


Johnny wiggled, and Lisa increased the speed of her finger-thrusts in and out of his tight, hot asshole. He gripped the back of her head, and began to force his cock deeper into her mouth.

With her lips smashed at the base, his balls crushed on her chin, Lisa rammed her finger in and out of her son’s asshole, making his cock jerk wildly. She felt him shaking as she listened to his pants and cries of ecstasy.

“I’m gonna come, Mom!” Johnny wailed. “Ohhh, I’m gonna come in your mouth, Mom! My cock… my ah… oooooh!”

Lisa gobbled hungrily, plunging her finger all the way into his gripping asshole.

Johnny’s cock spewed, spraying her throat with his thick come juice, spurt after rapid spurt.

Lisa gurgled wetly, gulping and swallowing. Her mouth was filled with creamy juices. His asshole clenched about her finger as another spasm whipped through his young body. While he came, she kept fucking his asshole, her cunt swollen with wet heat.

“Swallow, Mom!” Johnny cried. “Swallow it! Swallow my come juice!”

Frantic, gulping wetly, Lisa began to whimper. Her cunt was throbbing, tingling, almost on the brink of an orgasm. She sucked and swallowed in a frenzy, pumping her finger into his asshole.

But then, with a wet cry, she jerked her mouth from his cock. She fell back, flinging her legs wide apart and clutching her cunt with both hands, sobbing as she came in overwhelming waves of passion. Her lips glistened with jizz as she twisted her ass on the floor, with her son standing there on weak knees, watching her.

Slowly she calmed, and lay spread on the floor, legs and arms flung wide apart. She grinned up at him. “I finished you, at least. I wasn’t sure I could, but I did.”

“What are you talking about, Mom?”

“I came, honey. I could hardly stand it, and you were coming off. I couldn’t stop sucking your cock while you were coming, but my cunt was about to explode.”

“You mean you liked it so much, you came, too?”

She nodded, eyes glittering. “I never did that before. I’ve never come while sucking a cock. God, that was a powerful one, too.”

Johnny squatted at her side, caressing her tits. The half bra made her tits stand up in firmness as she lay on her back.

“I thought you had to have a cock in your cunt to come,” he said.

“Apparently not. I guess I just come easy.” Lisa got up. “Let’s have something to drink, honey. For some reason I’m thirsty.”

“Want iced tea?”

“That would be fine.”

She watched him walk into the kitchen, gazing at his tight young ass.

Johnny brought her a tall glass of iced tea, and she sat on the floor, legs crossed. His cock, she noticed, was half hard already. She looked at his prick with a slightly glazed expression.

“Baby,” she said, setting her now-empty glass on the floor. “I’d love it if you sat in my face.”

“You just sucked me off, Mom.”

“Anything wrong with that?”

“I didn’t mean it that way,” he answered hastily. “If you wanna suck me off again, I’m ready.”

“That’s what I love about you.” She grinned. “You’re always ready!”

“Like you, huh?”

She nodded. “When I said sit in my face, I meant your ass. Want mother to lick your ass, Johnny? Maybe you can fuck me between my tits, too.”

Johnny’s face lit up. “Hey, that might be fun!”

“For both of us!” Lisa purred.

Lisa lay back again, and Johnny swung a knee over her head, facing her feet. As he knelt above her face, Lisa managed to unhook her bra. She stared up at him, seeing his balls dangling, his cock lifting with growing hardness, the pink crinkle of his asshole.

When she felt her son fondling her tits, she lifted her head and lapped at his balls, her hands sliding slowly about his thighs and hips. Her tongue laved from the base of his cock, over his balls, then swiped wetly into the crack of his spreading ass. She heard him gasp as she licked a hot circle around his asshole.

“Johnny, play with your cock,” she mewled. “Jack on your cock while I do this.”

Johnny pumped his prick slowly, feeling his mother licking his ass and balls.

Lisa licked at his swinging balls, swirling her tongue as she cupped his asscheeks. She pulled his balls into her mouth, sucking on them.

Johnny jerked on his cock, feeling her nose pressing lightly against his asshole. She drew her knees up, spreading them open so he could look at the wet slit of her hairy cunt, knowing it would add to his pleasure. She moved her mouth to his asshole. She pressed her lips around the crinkle, her tongue wiggling into the tightness. She breathed hotly, fascinated with the pleasure she felt at sucking her son’s asshole.

Lowering her head, she panted. “Johnny, put your cock between my tits and fuck them!”

Johnny leaned over and down, pressing his cock between her satiny tits.

Lisa closed her hands on her tits, smothering his cock. Johnny rubbed back and forth, his balls brushing her chin and neck. Lisa began to kiss feverishly at his asseheeks as he fucked her tits. She felt his juices smearing the flesh of her titties, making his cock slide easily. She twisted her ass on the floor, knees parted very wide.

“Do you like fucking mother’s titties, baby?” she gasped. “I like to feel your ass rubbing in my face, your hot balls on my face. It makes my cunt so wet and hot! Johnny, I’m going to suck your asshole! Fuck my titties while I suck your hot asshole, baby!”

“Suck it, Mom!” Johnny moaned. “Suck my asshole!”

Lisa pushed her face into the crack of his ass, her tongue swirling. She sucked his ass-pucker, pushing her tongue against the tightness.

Johnny shoved his ass down, then he leaned over as far as he could, and he licked at her bulging clit. Lisa mewled and pushed her tongue past the ring of his asshole, then she began to thrust in and out. Tongue fucking her son up the ass with his cock throbbing between her tits made her tremble with steamy wickedness.

Johnny could not keep licking her cunt, due to his excitement. He sat up, smothering his mother’s face with his ass.

Lisa plunged her tongue into his asshole, feeling hot juices drip onto her jutting tits.

Johnny squirmed with excitement.

Lisa stabbed her tongue in and out of his gripping asshole, one hand now wrapped about his hard cock, pumping it. She rammed her tongue as far into his hot asshole as she could, mewling softly.

Her cunt was hot, but it was not pulsating as it had when she had sucked his cock. Whether she came or not was not important to her now. She was doing this for her son, and enjoying it as much as he was. She liked the way his asshole flexed around her tongue, squeezing it. She liked the feel of her lips closing around it. She loved the heat of his asscheeks against her face.

Johnny was holding her tits, pressing them together, trying to make her nipples touch.

“I might come on your tits, Mom!” he moaned. “I think I’ll come all over your fucking titties!”

Lisa pulled her tongue out of his asshole. “Come on them! Come on my tits. Ooooh, Johnny, I like to tongue-fuck you up your hot asshole!”

She buried her face into his ass again, her tongue scooting past the ring. She sucked and licked and tongue-fucked him feverishly, twisting her face between his asscheeks and moaning. His cock throbbed with hardness.

“Almost, Mom! I’m ready to come!”

Lisa squealed, ramming her tongue as deep as she could. She heard her son gasp, then his juices gushed from his cock. She felt his come juice drench her hand, splashing down on her tits.

His asshole went into spasms around her darting tongue. She plunged her tongue time and again into his asshole while he came, soaking her firm tits with the scalding juices of his balls. She clamped her thighs together, her cunt twitching. She almost came.

“Mom,” Johnny panted. “I sure came on your tits.”

Lisa slipped her tongue out of his asshole as he got off her face. Lisa licked her swollen lips, running her wt hands over her tits. She looked at the wetness in her palms, then, with a wicked giggle, she began to lick them. She smeared her hands over her tits again, licking until she had licked her hands clean.

“It’s not the same as when you come in my mouth, but I love it just the same.” She laughed wantonly. “Did you like my tongue up your asshole, Johnny?”

“Yeah.” He grinned at her. “Mom, you sure know how to make me feel good.”

“I’ll always make you feel good,” she purred, stretching luxuriously.

Lisa had no idea how they could watch someone fucking, but they talked all afternoon about it.

“Maybe someone will see us, Mom.”

“They’d have to peek in the windows.” Lisa giggled.

“We could have been caught at school. Would you like to be caught fucking me?”

Linda gave it a moment’s thought. “I wouldn’t mind. It might be exciting if someone caught us.”

“Yeah, but I’d get kicked out of school.”

“Johnny, we don’t have to do that at your school. There’s other places.”

“Like where?”

Lisa really had no idea. The thought of someone seeing her with her son’s cock in her cunt or mouth was exciting to her, but almost all of her fucking had been done at home, or in the car. Fucking in a car wasn’t all that exciting to her, it was much too cramped. Besides, the possibility of being seen in a car was practically nil. Then an idea came to her.

“Wait here. I’ll be right back.”

She went to her room and found an old wraparound dress. It was made of cotton, and quite thin. She wrapped it around her naked body and returned to Johnny.

“Are you going someplace, Mom?”

“In this? Are you kidding?”

He knew better. His mother was always well dressed and groomed before she left the house. “Then what did you put it on for?”

“Watch,” she said, untying the cloth belt and letting the dress open.

“SO you and I are going for a walk. I’m naked under this, and if we see a good place, you can get to my cunt easier. Besides, I’d be almost naked, too.”

“In public, Mom?”

“You want to get caught, don’t you?”

“I guess I do,” he agreed. “You don’t mind if someone sees you naked?”

Lisa wiggled her hips. “I think it would be great.”

“If you’re willing, so am I.”

“I knew you would be.” She grinned, watching him pull on his pants and a T-shirt.

They left the house. The evening was warm, and her thin wrap-around dress clung to her shapely body, so thin that it could almost be seen through.

“This makes me feel so wicked!” She giggled.

“Me, too,” he replied.

They walked a few blocks until they came to the post office. It was closed, but the room where the mail boxes were located was open and well lit.

They stood and looked inside a moment, then Lisa tugged at his hand. “Let’s go in there.”

“But we can be seen if anybody passes.”

“Isn’t that the idea?”


Lisa skipped up the steps and entered the well lit room. One wall was filled with post office boxes, with a long table near the windows.

Feeling excited, Lisa untied her belt, and with her wrap-around dress flying she skipped from one end of the large room to the other, her cunt end tits flashing.

Johnny watched her, his cock growing in his pants.

“Take your cock out!” She laughed, holding her dress about her waist and waggling her naked ass at the windows. “Let’s be nasty, baby.”

Johnny pulled his cock from his pants, watching her while she danced up and down the room, wiggling her ass, spreading her legs and jutting her cunt toward the windows.

They laughed like naughty kids, very excited with what they were doing.

Lisa leaned against the row of mail boxes, spreading her legs wide. She rubbed at her hairy cunt, spreading it open as she faced the windows. Johnny stood near her, watching, as he slowly pumped his cock. Lisa began to pant with heat as she watched him. Being so open thrilled her more than she had expected, and her cunt was on fire, hot juices running along her inner thighs.

“Ooooh, this makes me so fucking hot, Johnny!” she moaned. “My cunt is so hot, I could fuck an army!”

She pushed away from the wall, her hand curled between her thighs. She eyed her son’s cock hungrily. “Johnny, fuck me now! Fuck mother here and now!”

Johnny moved up behind her, just tall enough to fit his cock to her cunt without bending his knees. When she felt his cock at her pussy, Lisa began to moan with eagerness, grinding back against him as he pushed his cock into her cunt.

“Ooooo, baby! Fuck that hot ass!” she whimpered, twisting her ass for him.

Johnny rammed in and out, watching her ass writhe. “You’re wet, Mom.”

“So wet, I’d drown you if you sucked my cunt now!”

“I’m not gonna suck your cunt — I’m gonna fuck it!”

“Yes, baby! Fuck mother’s hot cunt!”

Lisa thrust her ass hard against him. Being so open sent chills of erotic ecstasy through her. She stared out the window, feeling the increasingly wilder lunges of her son’s cock. Her cunt burned and gripped him, her ass twisting. Her tits swayed and she panted from the force of his fuck-lunges. She began wishing someone would come in and see them. She felt so excited that she was sure she would come immediately if anyone stepped through the door.

She began to see images in her spinning mind, images of other people fucking, sucking, spread on the floor of the post office, all eyes staring at her as she took her son’s cock hungrily into her cunt.

“Fuck it, fuck it!” she sobbed. “My son is fucking me! My son is fucking my hot cunt! I’m fucking my son and his cock is so hard and my cunt loves it in there so deep!”

Johnny smiled. “Hey, look! I’m fucking my mom! I can make my mom’s cunt hotter than anyone! Watch me fuck my mom! Look at her shake her hot ass, look at her hairy cunt, her pretty tits!”

“Look, everyone! My son is fucking me!” Lisa sobbed. “See his hard cock fuck my cunt! Watch us fuck!”

“I’m gonna come in my moms cunt!” Johnny shouted. “I’m gonna come in my mom’s hot, juicy cunt, then she’s gonna suck my cock!”

“Ooooh, look at us!” Lisa cried. “My son is going to come in my cunt! I’m going to suck his cock off, make him come in my mouth, then fuck him with my ass! Look at us… watch!”

“Mom, I can’t hold back!” Johnny wailed.

“Ahhh, squirt it in my pussy!” Lisa sobbed. “Come in mother’s hot cunt! Watch my son’s cock squirt in my hot, wet writ, everyone!”

She shook her ass frantically, her pussy clutching his cock tightly, her clit swollen. She began to strain. Her face was flushed with an impending orgasm.

“Johnny!” she cried out in a strangled sound.

“Now, Mom!”

He rammed hard and deep, clawing at her shaking hips.

As she felt his body discharging, Lisa cried out loudly, her cunt contracting with a burning, sweet orgasm.

“Ooooh… ohhhhh!”

“Ahhhh, Mom!”

All her muscles seemed to become liquid. She slumped over the table as her son pulled his cock out of her cunt. She breathed deeply, listening to Johnny gasping for air behind her.

“A car’s coming, Mom!”

“Who cares,” she moaned, not moving.

The car came and passed without slowing.

“Do you think they saw us?” Lisa asked softly.

“I don’t know, and I don’t care, Mom.”

“Mmmm, you and me both,” she purred. “Johnny, that was, great, wasn’t it?”

“You bet, Mom.”

She turned to see him starting to stuff his cock into his pants. “Wait! Let me lick it first!”

She dropped to her knees on the floor of the post office, her dress hiked up to her tits. She licked at his cock, swirling her tongue, tasting her pussy juices as well as his come juice. She took his soft cock into her mouth, sucking it for a few moments, then she let it go. She looked up at him, eyes shining.

“Aren’t we terrible?” She giggled.

“Very terrible, Mom, but it sure is fun.” She stood, holding her dress up. “Maybe I should walk home like this.”

“I dare you, Mom!” He giggled.

“Oh, you do, do you? Well, just might do it.”

“Sure you will,” he teased.

“Watch me,” she purred, starting for the door.

But the light of a car flashed along the street, and she squealed, covering herself quickly.

Johnny laughed. “See, you can’t do it!”

“Well, maybe not,” Lisa replied, blushing. They walked in the darkness, hand in hand, laughing about what they had done. The excitement was still in them. Lisa felt like a wicked little girl. She liked the feeling, and she knew her son enjoyed it as much as she did. She reached across and fondled his crotch.

“Maybe you just let your cock hang out,” she teased.

“Not unless you keep your dress up, Mom.”

“You’ll do it if I will?” she asked.

“Sure,” he said.

They stopped in the middle of the block. Most of the houses were dark, with only a few having lights on.

Lisa looked up and down the street. Everything was quiet.

“Okay, let’s do it!” she said breathlessly.

“You first, Mom,” he challenged.

“Are you afraid I won’t?”

“Something like that.”

“Just watch, me, then.”

Lisa untied her cloth belt. Then looking up and down the street again, she pulled up her dress, lifting it to her shoulders.

Johnny looked at her, seeing her naked ass, her tits, her cunt, very plainly.

“Now you!” Lisa gasped.

Johnny opened his pants and took his cock out.

Lisa gazed at his prick. “This isn’t fair.”

“It’s what we agreed on.”

“But I’m almost naked out here, and you aren’t. I want to see everything?”

“I’d have to take my pants off, Mom.”

“Just lower them to your legs,” she suggested.

Johnny complied.

They began walking along the sidewalk, Lisa becoming intensely excited watching his cock sway in movement. She dropped behind him to see his naked ass, then she skipped ahead of him so he could see her ass. She turned in circles, so he could see her cunt and tits, then let him catch up with her.

“Johnny, I’m getting hot again,” she moaned. “I can feel my juice running down my legs.”

“So am I, Mom. My cock is starting to get hard.”

They were about a block from home when Lisa stopped and peeled her dress completely off her body, folding it over her arm.

“This is so crazy, but it sure does make my cunt hot! Do you like it, Johnny?”

“I like it so much, Mom, I would fuck your hot ass off right here on the sidewalk!”

“Touch my cunt and I’d let you.” She giggled.

Johnny made a grab for her naked ass, but Lisa danced away from him, giggling softly.

“Catch me and you can fuck me anywhere!” She began to run ahead of him. Her long legs flashed in the moonlight, her satiny ass wiggling. Johnny couldn’t catch her because his lowered pants hindered his movements. Lisa passed underneath a street lamp, then paused beneath it for a moment to let her son look at her.

“Catch me and I’ll suck you off under this light!” she teased.

“I can’t — not with my pants down, Mom!”

“Take them off,” she suggested. Johnny stumbled as he got his pants off his feet, then he rushed at her.

Lisa giggled, then she squatted under the street lamp and took his cock into her mouth, sucking it. She whimpered softly as he put his hand on the back of her head.

“Maybe someone is watching from one of those houses, Mom.”

She rubbed his cock against her lips. “I doubt if they’d know who we are, though.”

“I don’t give a fuck if they do,” Johnny said, stuffing his cock into his mother’s mouth. “I’m so hot I don’t give a fuck if the whole neighborhood is watching!”

Lisa purred, then began to suck her son’s cock hungrily. The idea of being seen with her son’s cock in her mouth sent shivering excitement rippling through her naked body. She clutched his naked ass, darting her face back and forth. Her cunt steamed with wetness, the cool night air doing nothing to soothe the aching pulsations. She bobbed her mouth back and forth, sucking with tight lips as her tongue licked, taking his cock deeply into her throat.

She closed her eyes, imagining that they were being watched from darkened windows. If a car came down the street, she wasn’t sure what she would do, but at the moment she was certain she would suck her son even harder. If the people in the car stopped to watch, she knew her cunt would convulse with a very hard orgasm.

Johnny became too excited to stand still. He began to thrust into his mother’s mouth. He knew she liked it when he fucked her lips hard. He banged in and out, and Lisa cupped his tight balls in one hand, gripping his ass with the other. She moaned in rapture as she sucked, twisting in her squatting position.

Sucking her son’s cock in public sent wild passion through her. Being naked at the same time made her passion even wilder. This had never happened to her before, and if she had suggested such a thing to her husband, he would have thought she was losing her mind. But not her son. Not Johnny. Johnny wanted it as much as she did, if not more.

His breathing was loud and hot in the night air. Lisa began to make wetter sounds, twisting her mouth around his cock. There was something so crazy about what she was doing that her hunger seemed greater than before. Her clit felt enormous, straining from the wet folds of her cunt. Even the lips of her pussy seemed to writhe and pulsate. Her asshole puckered and crinkled, her son’s cock starting to throb and jerk in her mouth.

“Mom, I bet everyone can see you sucking my cock!” Johnny gasped. “Everybody on the whole fucking block is watching you suck me off. They can see your naked ass, your hairy cunt? Ooooh, Mom, suck faster! Fm gonna come… come in your hot, cocksucking mouth!”

Lisa gave a muffled cry, moaning just as he gushed his thick, hot come juice into her throat. She gulped, wetly, swallowing in greed. Her cunt twitched, then began to contract. She squealed as she came taking the rapid gushes of his cock across her tongue huzigrily. She ran her lips tightly against the base of his cock, letting him squirt jizz down her throat, feeling his balls emptying as she held them tightly. The thick spurting went on and on, and Lisa kept coming over and over in a wild, hot series of orgasms.

“Mmmmm!” she mewled, pulling from his cock. “Johnny, you came so much, I almost couldn’t swallow fast enough. This must really make you hot!”

She stood up, folding her dress over her arm again.

Johnny swung his pants across his shoulder. They began walking home. “Honey, what did you say about my mouth?”

“You mean your cocksucking mouth?”

“Yes, my cocksucking mouth.” Lisa giggled. “That’s what it is, isn’t it? I do have a cocksucking mouth. Do you love mother’s cocksucking mouth?”

Johnny slapped her naked ass playfully. “You know I do, Mom!”

The lights of a car lit up the street.

“Oh, shit!” Lisa squealed.

She darted behind a hedge, her son right behind her. The car passed. Lisa put her dress on as her son got into his pants.

“We’re brave, huh, Mom?” He laughed as they started home. “At least talking about it.”

Lisa giggled. “If that car had come along while I was sucking you, they might have run into a tree.”

“You mean you wouldn’t have stopped?”

“When I was coming? Are you kidding! When I come, who cares!”

Johnny slapped her ass again. They ran the rest of the way home, laughing.

While her son was at school the next day, Lisa thought of the night before. She wasn’t sure she wanted to be actually caught fucking her son, but it made her feel good to fantasize about it. She knew Johnny enjoyed talking about it as well.

As they ate that morning, he had brought up the idea of watching someone else, and Lisa knew he wanted to see someone fucking badly. She, too, wished they could watch.

They had to find someone fucking.

Lisa’s husband used to bring home adult magazines, and she had enjoyed reading the ads, and they had even discussed responding to those that appealed to them. They had never gotten around to doing it.

Lisa recalled now that one specific ad had appealed to her more than the others, but she had never mentioned it to her husband. It had been about a father and daughter.

Remembering the ad now, Lisa wondered what it would be like to watch a man fucking his daughter, and soon found herself wishing she had a sweet little girl to enjoy, a sister for Johnny. A sister with the same desires as they had, one that would fuck Johnny as she watched.

She lounged about the house all day, fantasizing about her son fucking an imaginary daughter, and she became excited.

An hour before Johnny was due home, Lisa bathed, brushed her hair, applied her makeup, and walked about in her panties, waiting for him. The last hour before he came home was starting to work on her. Her cunt throbbed with desire, her tits felt swollen and her nipples were very stiff. She was wanting her son more and more, even more than she had desired her husband.

By the time she saw him walking along the sidewalk, her panties were soaked, her cunt swollen with desire.

As Johnny stepped into the house, a big grin appeared on his face as Lisa twirled for him. She knew he loved looking at her.

She hugged him. Johnny’s hands came around her body and cupped her ass, pulling her against his crotch. Lisa tilted his face to kiss him.

“Like me?” she whispered, running her tongue across his lips. “In my panties, I mean?”

“You always look good when I come home,” he said, squeezing her ass. “Never the same.”

“It keeps your interest up.” Lisa giggled. “Not to mention your cock. I feel it getting hard already. Does that mean you’re going to fuck me, baby?”

Johnny sucked her tits for a while, making Lisa squirm and mewl. She grabbed his ass and hugged him tightly.

“Mmmm, you’re making mother hot,” she purred.

Johnny ran his hand between her thighs from behind. He found that her panties were drenched. He sucked a while longer on her tits, then smiled. “Feel how hard my cock is, Mom?”

“Do I? Ooooh, baby, that’s for me!”

He stepped back, peeling his clothing off, watching as his mother eagerly peeled her tight panties down. Lisa kicked them off, then sat on the couch, eyeing his swollen cock hungrily. She spread her legs, leaning back and scooting her ass to the edge of the cushions.

Johnny took a few moments to gaze at her hairy cunt, the slit pulsating and very wet.

Lisa caressed her naked body, fondling her tits and running her palms between her thighs, breathing heavily as her son approached. His cock was very hard and ready to penetrate her pussy.

Dropping to his knees, Johnny ran his cock into the soft hair framing his mother’s cunt, smearing it with his seeping juices.

Lisa watched, her ass writhing. She pulled her cunt wide open.

“Rub the head on mother’s cunt!” she moaned. “Then stick it in me.”

Johnny complied, smashing his cockhead against her clit.

Lisa gasped, her hips lurching upward.

Johnny rubbed his cock down to the steaming slit of her cunt, pushing into her pussy.

Lisa sucked in her breath as he penetrated her, her eyes fiery with desire.

“Oh, Mom, you’re so fucking hot!”

“And you’re so fucking hard!”

Johnny fucked his cock completely into her corn, watching it sink in. His balls rubbed at the crack of her ass.

Lisa squeezed her tits hard as she arched and pressed her cunt as hard as she could against him. She revolved her ass, grinding his cock within her cunt. The throbbing jerk of his prick deep in her pussy took her breath away. As good as it felt to grind against him, she wanted the friction, the sliding sensation of his cock fucking her cunt.

“Ooooh!” she moaned, bucking her ass up and down. “Ahhhh, mother is fucking you!”

Johnny, still on his knees, watched his mother buck up and down, seeing the pink slit of her cunt slide back and forth on his cock. He held her hips loosely while breathing harshly.

“Fuck me!” Lisa whined. “Johnny, you have to fuck me, too. You’re just standing there and letting mother do it all! Come on, fuck me!”

“I wanna put it in your ass, Mom!”

“My cunt!” she insisted.

“Your asshole, Mom!”

“Johnny, please! Fuck my pussy!”

“I will, but I wanna put it in your asshole for a while!”

“You like my ass more than my cunt?”

“It’s just different, that’s all.”

Lisa stopped her pumping and moved her hands down to her ass. She pulled at her asscheeks as her son withdrew his cock from her cunt. She arched upward as he pushed his cock down. She gasped when she felt the head of his cock against her asshole. She pulled her asscheeks as wide apart as she could.

Johnny pushed, watching his cock slide into her asshole, while her cunt writhed with wetness just above it.

“Oh, Johnny!” Lisa whimpered as her asshole stretched around his hard cock. “Ohhh, baby!”

With his cock deep inside her ass, Lisa felt her cunt responding. It was closing and opening as her asshole squeezed around the base of his cock. In a way, she felt as if his cock was still in her cunt as well as up her asshole. It was a lovely sensation, and when her son began to fuck back and forth, the friction on the ring of her clasping asshole made her gasp in pleasure. With her weight resting on his shoulders and the small of her back, she twisted her ass, still holding her asscheeks.

“You like it, Johnny? Do you like how tight mother’s ass is, he hot it is?”

“Yes, Mom!” Johnny panted, ramming in and out of her asshole, watching the force of ibis thrusts making her tits jiggle. “I love to fuck your ass!”

Lisa arched high, squealing, bringing one hand to her cunt. She agitated her clit vigorously as her son watched. With moans of ecstasy, she began to fingerfuck her pussy, darting her finger in as he drew his cock back. Her naked body began to tremble as rippling waves of intense heat flowed through her.

“Now my cunt, Johnny!” she gasped. “Please, fuck mother in the cunt now! Ooooh, I’m getting ready to come!”

Johnny yanked his cock out of her asshole with such quickness that Lisa winced, then he plunged his hard cock immediately into her cunt alongside her finger.

“Oh, baby, yes!” she wailed as she pulled her finger out. “Fuck me hard! My cunt is on fire and I’m ready to come! I want your hard cock deep in my cunt! I want to feel your cock squirt that hot juice in my pussy, my cunt!”

Johnny placed his hands on her lower stomach, feeling the muscles rippling. He ran his fingers through the soft hair of her cunt, ramming his cock in and out of her steaming juicy cunt swiftly, his balls bouncing off her asshole.

“Want me to come in your cunt, Mom?”

“Yes!” Lisa whined.

“Want my cock to, squirt up your hot cunt, Mom!”

“Come in my cunt!”

“Want me to come on your tits?”

“Yes, Johnny!” Lisa sobbed, her ass grinding in a frenzy. “Yes, yes!”

“Come in your cunt! Come in your asshole! Come on your tits! Come on your face!”

“Johnny, I want you to come all over me!” Lisa cried, banging her cunt up and down frantically. “Come in my fucking face, my cocksucking mouth, my wet cunt, my hot asshole! Come, Johnny! Come with me!”

Lisa clawed at her tits as she churned her naked ass in a wild, lewd frenzy.

Johnny pounded into her cunt with wet sounds, his face a mask of rapture.

With a loud grunt he strained, gripping her hips to pull her closer.

Lisa began sobbing, sobs that became screams. Her hips jerked, then trembled uncontrollably.

“Now, Johnny!”

Feeling his mother’s cunt clamp very tightly about his cock as she came, Johnny groaned. His cock began to gush juices into her, spurting rapidly. Lisa’s knees drew back as her cunt gripped his cock.

“Ohhh God Johnny!” she sobbed. “So good! So fucking good! You make mother’s cunt so fucking hot, and I come so fucking hard!”

Johnny slumped, his chest heaving. His cock slipped out of her cunt and rated in the crack of her ass. He leaned forward, his hands sliding up.

Lisa breathed with contentment as he fondled her tits.

“Baby?” she said softly after a minute or so. “Did you really like it last night?”

Johnny grinned. “I sure did, Mom watching you naked outside turned me on. Did you like it, too?”

Lisa nodded, smiling wickedly, her eyes dancing. “I thought it was very exciting. You want to do it again?”


“When do you want to?”

“Tonight, Mom?” he asked eagerly.

“Okay!” She giggled. “It makes me feel like a very wicked little girl when I do that.”

“You can be my nasty little girl, Mom.”

“You want to play doctor with mother? Play house with mother?”

“Aw, that’s kid stuff! I’m not a kid.”

“With a cock like yours, I should say not!” She laughed. “But it’s fun to play, isn’t it? Haven’t you ever played with a little girl in the bushes?”

“Once or twice,” he admitted. “Yeah, it was fun.”

“Then play with me like that. We can pretend we’re hiding from our parents so we can be nasty. You can pretend I’m your little sister and you take my panties dawn and look at my cunt. I’ll pretend to be real shy, and you have to make me touch your cock and play with it.”

“You like to play like that, Mom?”

“Sometimes,” she said, caressing his chest. “Wouldn’t you like to have a little, sister like me? A pretty little sister you could fuck, too?”

“Wouldn’t, you get mad about that?”

“I might play, with both of you.” Lisa grinned. “Wouldn’t it be fun to have a little sister you and I could play with, play with her little cunt and sweet, ass?”

Johnny nodded, becoming excited.

“I’d suck you both, too, Johnny,” Lisa went on. “I’d teach her how to suck your cock, and I’d lick her hot little cunt and we could do everything with her, couldn’t we?”

“Yeah, Mom! I’d suck her ass, too!”

“Mmmm, I feel your cock getting hard again, baby,” she cooed. “What would you like to do with it this time?”

“Fuck you in the mouth, Mom!”

“You love to fuck mother in the mouth, don’t you?” Lisa giggled wantonly, turning to lie back on the couch. “Come on, fuck my face, baby.”

Johnny climbed onto the couch, sliding up her body, his balls rubbing over her tits. Lisa ran her hands up his thighs to his ass, opening her mouth as his cock came close to it. When he leaned over her face, she pulled his cock into her mouth.

Johnny began to move up and down. Lisa clutched his slippery cock tightly with her lips, feeling his balls rub at her chin when he pushed his swollen cockhead to her throat. As she sucked her son’s cock, she imagined having a little daughter watching them, feeling her soft cunt at the same time.

She fantasized about the night before as Johnny fucked her mouth, about being naked outside on the sidewalk with him. She wondered if they had been seen, and hoped they had.

Lisa began to squirm her ass on the couch as her son stabbed in and out of her mouth. She wanted to play with her son, do things with him that would shock others with his cock running in and out of her mouth, she thought of the most perverse things possible, and found her ecstasy growing very hotly.

“Mom!” Johnny moaned. “You really wish I had a sister?”


“And you’d let us fuck?”

She moaned, her eyes flashing up at his excited face, nodding her head as his cock kept thrusting into her mouth.

“And you’d play with us, too?”

Again she nodded her head, a little more vigorously.

“Ohhhh, Mom, my cock…”

Johnny began to fuck her mouth faster.

Lisa clutched his naked ass, feeling his cock throb. She closed her mouth as tight as she could around it, her tongue pushing hard.

“Mom! Ohhh, Mom!”

Lisa whimpered around his cock as he rammed into her throat. She knew he could not resist that powerful urge to push at the moment of his discharge. His balls smashed against her chin. She clenched his asscheeks.

The hot spurts gushed, flooding into her throat. Gulping quickly, Lisa began to swallow jizz as her son squirted over and over. Her cunt steamed with wetness, the hairy lips were swollen, her clit was pulsating stiffly.

With Johnny coming in rapid spurts Lisa jerked on the couch, her legs opening and closing. She began to come in wave after rippling wave of contractions.

Johnny weakened as he leaned over her face. The cheeks of his ass lost their tenseness, and his cock began to soften between her lips.

Lisa began caressing his ass, the backs of his thighs, her tongue moving over his softening cock until his gentle shivering stopped.

“I thought my balls were gonna come off,” Johnny gasped as he lifted from her face. “I don’t think I came that hard before.”

He sat down at her feet, running his hand up her thigh to the soft hairs of her cunt.

Lisa licked her slightly bruised lips, her eyes moist with affection for him. She let her legs splay outward so he could see her pink, hairy cunt.

“I love it when you come so hard, Johnny,” she said, licking the corner of her lips. “It shows me you love it.”

“Mom, did you mean it when you said you wished I had a sister?”

Lisa nodded.

“That would be so nice,” Johnny said. “But I love what we’re doing. I don’t really need a sister.”

“I’m just fantasizing, baby,” Lisa said. “Fantasizing can be a lot of fun, sometimes.”

“Then you really wouldn’t play with a girl?”

“I don’t know. It would depend on the situation, I suppose.”

“But seeing someone else isn’t just fantasizing.”

“Oh, no. I believe you’d really enjoy that, I certainly did that one time.”

“Maybe we will…”

A day or so later, Lisa and Johnny went walking in the late evening with the intention of finding some place to fuck as they had in the post office. It was another very warm evening, and Lisa wore a wrap-around skirt, like a sarong, with a halter over her tits. Johnny wore a pair of blue running shorts.

Although fucking in the well-lit post office had been very exciting, they searched for a different place, wanting the excitement to be the same, yet different.

Lisa had tied her skirt loosely, so her long thigh showed as she walked. Now and then, Johnny wold pull on her skirt to look down at her bushy cunt, making his mother giggle.

Once, they rounded a corner while he was tugging at her skirt, almost bumping into a man walking his dog. Lisa jerked her skirt together just in time. They giggled over what the man’s reaction would have been if he had seen.

Loud rock music was coming from one of the houses, and Lisa and Johnny paused. The house was dark except for one window. They looked at each other, grinning and nodding.

Feeling somewhat shameful, they crept up to the window and peeked inside.

Lisa gripped her son’s hand hard as they stared into the room. There was a man with a girl. The man was fondling the girl’s tits. The girl was wiggling against the man.

“Are you sure your wife doesn’t know you’re home?” the girl shouted above the rock music. “I don’t want her to catch us.”

“She thinks I’m still at work,” the man panted, sliding the girl’s sweater up to her neck. “You did get the kid to sleep, didn’t you?”

“It was easy,” the girl replied, putting her hand on the man’s cock that bulged in his pants.

“I don’t mind babysitting for him at all.”

“You’re the best babysitter we’ve ever had,” the man said, unhooking the girl’s bra. “And you have the sweetest tits, too.”

The girl purred and rubbed his cock. “You’re bigger than my boyfriend!”

“And you fck better than my wife!”

Lisa squeezed Johnny’s hand as they watched through the window. She could hear him breathing. Moving her other hand over the front of his shorts, she found his cock in raging hardness. Pushing her hand into the leg of his shorts, she stroked his cock slowly.

The man was undressing the girl, and the girl was writhing with eagerness, her panting breath almost as loud as the music. The man had her down to her bikini panties when he paused long enough to turn the volume of the music down, telling the girl he was afraid it would wake his son.

The girl stripped her panties off, tossing them onto the bed and watched with blazing eyes as the man undressed.

His cock lurched up, and with a squeal of delight, the girl grabbed it. “Oooooh, it’s so hard!”

The man pushed the girl to the bed, and Lisa and Johnny both gasped as her creamy legs flew wide apart. The dark-blonde hair on the girl’s pussy gleamed like gold as she pushed her ass up to the man. The man seemed as fascinated by her cunt as did Lisa and Johnny. He licked his lips, then buried his face into the girl’s cunt. The girl squealed in a loud voice, wrapping her hot thighs around the man’s head and holding him tight.

“My boyfriend won’t lick my pussy,” she hissed.

The man lifted up. “He’s an asshole. You have the sweetest little cunt I’ve ever seen. He doesn’t know what he’s missing.”

“He’s always trying to put his cock in my mouth,” the girl moaned, wiggling her ass when the man started licking her pussy. “But I’m not going to let him until he does it to me, too.”

“You really like to have your sweet cunt sucked, don’t you?”

“Better than fucking?” the girl panted. “I love it better than being fucked!”

“But you’re going to fuck,” the man moaned.

“Yes! I will! You can fuck me… because you suck me so good!”

The man held the girl’s grinding hips as he made wet sounds with his tongue.

Lisa and Johnny struggled to keep their breathing down, both of them very excited to watch this. Johnny’s cock throbbed in his mother’s hand, and Lisa’s cunt was bubbling wetly. Lisa wondered if men and wives fucked anymore. She had seen mother suck her son off, they were watching a man licking his babysitter’s cunt. In a way, it was more exciting than if they had come upon a man and his wife fucking.

The girl was young, a high school girl, with an exquisite body and a very pretty face. Lisa knew her son was very turned on by the girl, his cock very hard in her fist. She turned loose of his hand and pushed her palm up the back of his shorts to fondle his tight and stroke his cock at the same time.

The girl, stretched out on the bed, bounced and gasped, holding the back of the man’s head. She bucked and whipped hot crotch his face wildly. Her eyes were wide and hot as she looked down at him.

“Stick your tongue real deep!” she cried out. “Ooooh, I bet you have a real hard cock now! Lick me, lick me!”

The man smeared his face into the girl’s blonde-haired cunt hungrily, making wet, sucking sounds. He turned a bit, and Lisa saw his cock jerking up and down as his fist grabbed it. The girl drew one knee high, holding it at her tit, and Lisa and Johnny watched his tongue swirl into the soft, wet folds of her heated cunt.

“I’d lick her, too, Mom!” Johnny moaned. “You and me both, baby!” Lisa hissed, reaching under her skirt. She rubbed her wet cunt, smearing juices into her palm, then gripping his cock again. “I’d eat her hot little cunt, too, baby! I’d suck her while you fucked her brains out!”

Her wet hand pumped Johnny’s cock, feeling the heat, the throbbing hardness. She moved her fingers into the crack of his ass, rubbing the pucker of his asshole. Johnny pulled his mother’s skirt up, gripping her shivering ass. He pushed his fingers between the cheeks of her ass as she was doing him. He probed his mother’s crinkled asshole, making Lisa cry out softly with pleasure.

“Finger my ass, baby!” Lisa moaned. “Fingerfuck me in the ass!”

Johnny thrust his finger up his mother’s hot asshole, and he grunted as she rammed hers into his. They stood and watched, finger-fucking each other’s ass, both of them trembling. Lisa twisted her ass, her asshole squeezing his darting finger. She pumped her finger in and out of her son’s gripping asshole, her other hand clinging to his cock tightly.

The girl on the bed let out a shrill scream, bucking in a frenzy against the man’s face.

“Ooook, make me come! Make me come!” she screamed.

Her naked ass whirled and bounced as she clawed at the back of his head. She twisted in a wild orgasm until the spasms stopped. The man grinned up at the girl. His lips were so wet that they glistened in the light.

“You sure come hard,” he told her.

“I’ll come again when you fuck me!” the girl panted, seeing his cock jerking as he got between her legs. “Hurry and fuck me now!”

The man lunged his cock into the girl’s juicy cunt swiftly, making her gasp with the sudden penetration. She kicked her feet into the air and gripped his hips, bouncing her ass when he began to ram into her. The girl gurgled and gasped hotly, her young body shaking in a violent manner. For a girl who had professed to prefer being sucked rather than fucked, she was sure fucking in a frantic manner, Lisa thought.

“Mom, this is about to make me come!” Johnny moaned, ramming his finger deep into his mother’s asshole.

“Tell me when,” Lisa sighed, watching the man’s hairy balls swinging, then smacking at the girl’s grinding ass.

The man gripped the girl’s churning ass, lifting her, as he fucked faster and faster into her cunt.

“Now, Mom!” Johnny said, almost too loudly.

Lisa quickly leaned over, closing her lips around the head of her son’s cock just as he began to come. The hot squirt of his jizz on her tongue sent her cunt to quivering.

When she had leaned over, Johnny’s finger had come out of her asshole, but her own kept thrusting in and out of his. She felt his asshole squeeze her finger as he gushed thickly into her mouth. The hot taste of his come juice sent tremors of ecstasy through her, and although her cunt was on fire, she did not come.

When she finished him and looked into the room again, the man was lying beside the girl.

She and her son gazed up between their legs, with Lisa stating at the man’s cock and balls, Johnny looking hungrily at the girl’s blonde-haired pussy. The girl’s pink-tipped tits rose and fell as she breathed deeply.

“You know,” the girl gasped, “you said I fuck better than your wife. Well, you do it better than my boyfriend too.”

“Aw, what does a teenaged kid know about fucking?” the man said, lifting up and licking the girl’s nipple.

“That’s for sure,” the girl purred, squirming beneath his wet mouth.

Lisa pulled at Johnny’s arm. “I wanna watch some more,” he protested. “But I’m on fire, Johnny!” Johnny followed his mom back to the sidewalk, twisting his head and trying to look into the window.

“They were gonna fuck again, Mom. I thought you wanted to watch!”

“I do, but need it right now!” she moaned, walking fast and clinging to his hand. “We have to find a place fast.”

They were on a dark street between street lamps.

Lisa stopped, turning to face her son. She drew her skirt up and moved his hands to her naked ass, pressing against him and kissing him deeply.

Johnny felt his mother’s ass as he sucked her tongue. Lisa squirmed against him, feeling the night air on her naked ass and between her legs.

“Over there,” she gasped. “Let’s get behind that hedge.”

“What if someone in the house comes out?”

“Tough titty!”

Lisa pulled him behind the hedge. She dropped to her hands and knees on damp, soft grass. Her skirt was pulled up in back, her naked ass glowing in the moonlight. Johnny pulled his shorts down, kneeling behind her.

Lisa panted. “Fuck me, Johnny!”

She shoved a hand between her legs and grasped his cock, pulling it to her cunt. As her son pushed his cock into her cunt, her breath caught.

Braced on her hands and knees, Lisa shook her ass. Johnny placed his hands on her back and began to plunge his cock back and forth. Lisa moaned as the friction sent ripples of ecstasy through her.

Light from a window fell upon the lawn a few feet away. Soft music came from the house. But Lisa almost wished someone would come out of the house and see her son fucking her.

Johnny made sounds of heavy breathing. He gripped her shaking hips, running his cock in and out of the soft, squeezing wet heat of his mother’s cunt, eyeing the house fearfully. But like his mother, he wanted someone to watch them, too.

“Oooooh, Johnny!” Lisa moaned the buffeting of his thrusts making her tremble.

“Ohhhhh, baby, this is so fucking good!”

“Shhhh, Mom!” he hissed a warning.

“I don’t care!” she panted. “I don’t care! Right now I don’t give a fuck who sees us! I want them to see us! I want them to watch you fuck me with your hard cock… watch you fuck my hot cunt!”

“Be quiet!”

“I don’t want to be quiet!”

“Mom, please…”

“Ooooh, my cunt! Oh, Johnny, you’re going to make me come!”

Johnny leaned over her back, his hands scooting her halter to her neck, grabbing her tits, then he began to pound into her cunt as hard as he could.

Lisa panted, the rapid pounding of her son’s cock into her cunt driving her breath out. She strained hard against him, grinding her ass frantically. The sensation of coming was very intense, and the wet sounds of his cock ramming into her cunt were unmistakable to anyone listening.

“Johnny! Ohhh, baby!”

“Almost, Mom!”

“I’ve got to come! I can’t stop it now!”

Lisa churned her naked ass, spreading her knees, pushing up and back onto her son’s throbbing cock. Her flesh felt as if it was melting, her tits bulging and her nipples feeling very tight.

“Uhhhhh!” she groaned.

Johnny felt her cunt wrap hotly around his cock, the contractions of her orgasm gripping his prick in waves of wet heat. Tightening his hands on her tits, he clung to her as hard as he could, his cock deep inside her pussy. He moaned, then he was spurting into her cunt with quick, burning gushes.

Lisa jerked on the damp pass, clasping her hand over her tight mouth to hold back her scream of ecstasy. Her other arm collapsed, and her face fell into the wet pass, her ass high and grinding. Her knees were spread wider as she strained against him, unable to get enough of his spewing cock into her cunt. Her orgasm went on and on, the hairy lips of her pussy squeezing and draining his writhing balls.

Lisa did not have the strength to move for some time, feeling her son slumped over her ass. His hands had fallen from her tits, his breathing harsh between her shoulder blades.

Neither moved until they heard the closing of a door.

Johnny quickly pulled his cock from his mother’s cunt, sitting back on hiss heels, still breathing hard.

Lisa turned to face him, kneeling in the damp grass, her tits glistening in the moonlight. With a soft purr, she leaned over and pulled his wet cock into her mouth, sucking it gently, licking his pisshole.

Johnny ran his hand through his mother’s hair as she mouthed his cock, his eyes half closed in pleasure.

“Did you come as hard as I did?” she whispered.

“I sure did, Mom.”

Lisa adjusted his shorts before they stood up. Her skirt fell around her hips as they moved back to the sidewalk. Hand in hand, they strolled slowly in the night toward home.

Lisa continued to tingle in a tender, delicious way. Halfway home, she untied her skin, but held it at her hips with bands, letting it open to expose her cunt. Her halter was still at her neck, and her firm tits swayed in movement.

Johnny lifted the back of her skirt and put his hand on her naked ass, feeling it bunch as they walked. Lisa found it exciting to pass beneath a street lamp in this exposed manner, her son holding her ass. She felt so good, she would not have cared if anyone saw them.

“That girl was awfully pretty,” she said. “Have you seen her before, maybe at school?”

“No, but she could be ready to graduate. I don’t know many of the seniors, Mom.”

“She’s pretty enough to be a cheerleader.”

“I’ve never seen her at any of the games.”

“Maybe she’s visiting,” Lisa suggested.

“Perhaps it was his niece.”

“Not from what we heard,” Johnny replied. Lisa undid her skirt and draped it over her arm. “Take your shorts off and chase me home.”

“You’d like that, huh, Mom?” Johnny grinned, peeling his shorts off.

She kissed him, groping ha cock and balls. “Mmmmmm, I love it! It makes me feel like a nasty little girl again.”

“Again? Mom, were you a nasty little girl?”

Lisa giggled. “That’s for me to know and you to find out.”

She ran ahead of him, laughing softly, her hair fanning behind her in the night air.

Johnny watched his mother’s ass ripple as he trotted behind her, not trying to catch her.

Standing at the darkened door of their house, Lisa pouted. “You didn’t try to catch me.”

“I was watching your ass, Mom. It sure is pretty when you’re running.”

Giggling lewdly, she cupped his balls, her lips brushing against his.

“Johnny, want a hot blow job right here and now? Before we go inside?”

“Out here?” he asked, fondling her cunt.

“What’s wrong with out here?”

“What if someone sees you sucking my cock?”

“Oh, now you’re getting bashful, are you? Fucking me behind the hedge was okay, right? But to get a blow job at the door of your own house isn’t? You know what I’d probably do if someone saw me with your cock in my mouth?”

“Piss in your panties?”

“I don’t have panties on, silly!” She giggled. “No, but I probably would come like a fucker!”

Johnny thrust a finger into her cunt, making her squeal. “Then come like a fucker, Mom!”

Mewling in delight, Lisa dropped to her knees and pulled his cock to her mouth, holding his naked ass…

That weekend, Lisa took her son to the mall, showing him where she had first seen the mother sucking her son’s cock off. Johnny had been nervous about entering the women’s restroom with her, but was also hoping to see something exciting.

The most exciting thing they saw at least to Johnny, was a woman in her twenties lift her dress and push her panties down, listening to the sound of her pining. He had a brief glimpse of her ass, but not her cunt. The exciting part of it for Lisa was being with her son in the restroom, watching his anticipation of seeing another woman’s cunt. His cock was swollen with anticipation, and Lisa whispered nasty things to him, fondling his crotch.

Since nothing interesting could be seen, they slipped from the restroom and strolled about the mall. Then they sipped at soft drinks and sat on a bench in the center of the mall, watching the shoppers.

Lisa called her son’s attention to a woman who was sitting carelessly at a fast-food area. The woman’s knees showed, and they could see almost all the way up her dress.

Johnny looked, then told his mother that what he wanted to see was a woman without panties on under her clothing.

“I don’t have panties on,” Lisa said.

“I mean another woman.”

“You like variety, do you?”

“It’s just exciting, Mom. That’s all.”

With a wave of affection, she hugged him, kissing his check. “I like to see different men, too. But I want only you. I love to look, but that’s as far pit goes, honey.”

“Wanna bet, Mom?” he teased. “If you saw a cock, you wouldn’t be able to keep your hands off it.”

“Just what do you think lam?” Lisa asked, feeling put down.

“My nasty mom, that’s who!” He giggled.

“If we get the chance to see a cock, I’ll show you I can keep my hands off it,” she said, firmness in her voice.

Leaving the mall, they walked through the huge parking lot. Lisa had parked near the rear of the mall, where all the dumpsters were. As they approached their car, they heard the unmistakable sounds of heavy breathing. They stopped and listened, determining where the sounds were coming from.

Motioning to Johnny to be quiet, Lisa crept to the dumpster, and peered around it. She saw a boy a year or so older than Johnny. He was pounding on his cock frantically, his eyes closed, his hips j