True XXX Story

I met Jamie at a track meet. I went to watch my friend Michelle compete and cheer her on. I ended up spending the whole day eyeballing the cute little blonde with the perfect ass. As it turns out, she was actually one of Michelle’s teammates, so I begged her to introduce me. Eventually Michelle gave in and introduced me to Jamie.

I spent the rest of the meet with the both of them, cheering them both on for every event. Michelle told me I was making a fool of myself, but I didn’t care. I couldn’t help it. She was probably right though because every now and then Jamie would roll her eyes and let out what could only be a pity laugh. I still couldn’t stop. Her face just lit up every time she laughed.

Unfortunately the meet ended and Michelle and I had to leave but you can be sure that I was at every one of their meets I could attend for the rest of the year. I would flirt with Jamie every time. She would laugh and giggle right back. Finally I got up the nerve to ask her out, and that was the beginning of Zane and Jamie.

We started dating and in no time we were quite the item. Jamie went to a different school than I did so during the day time all I could do was text her and make do with pictures on my phone, but we would get together almost every day after we both finished our respective sports practices.

When we were together we were all over each other. I couldn’t get enough of the girl. We would kiss and make out for hours. I had my hands all over that tight little body all the time. In no time at all we would find ourselves in my room with her shirt off and her pants undone. Her tits were perfect just like her ass. I could spend hours worshiping them. I would lick and suck and squeeze and tease. Jamie would just moan and hold me tighter wherever she wanted my attention.

This wasn’t one sided though, Jamie would be all over me as well. We’d barely sit down and her hands would be sliding up my leg and over the bulge she had created. The first time she took my cock in her mouth I almost died and went to heaven. She said she’d only done that once or twice but she sucked me off like a like she knew what she was doing, swallowed it all, then got me hard again and did it all over. I often tried to return the favor and get my mouth on that sweet pussy, but she refused to ever take her panties off. Jamie was a virgin and wanted to stay that way. She figured if she didn’t take them off, nothing else was getting in. That didn’t really work out though as I managed to get my fingers in that tight little muff all the time. I could make her scream and cream just as quick as I liked, and so did she.

This all brings us to the first time Jamie and I actually had sex. It was about four months after we first started dating. It was very much unplanned. Jamie was always telling me that she was saving herself, she was still a virgin and she wanted to stay that way. I was perfectly happy with the way things were, but the events of the day would play out differently.

It was a Saturday afternoon and we were at Jamie’s house after going for an early morning run together. We got to her house and collapsed on the couch in her rec room. No one else was home so naturally we started kissing and touching almost instantly. I slid my hands up her side and grabbed the bottom of the tank top she was wearing. This came up and off easily. Then I moved my hands to her chest. I squeezed and fondled her tits while we kissed. In no time at all her nipples were as hard as stone and poking through the sports bra she had on. I leaned down and put my mouth on her nipples bra and all. Jamie was giggling but still holding me tight and moaning for more.

I moved my hands to the bottom of the bra and started to push up and under it. I was able to push it up enough to expose those beautiful tits, and my mouth went right back to them. They are so much more incredible when uncovered like that. Jamie loved when I licked and sucked on her nipples. She would make the most sensuous sounds and pull me against her so tight. She stopped me long enough to sit up, pull the bra off and throw it on the floor. She sat back against the couch and pulled me right back to where I was. While I was doing this, I slowly slid my hand up the inside of her thigh.

While I was paying attention to her tits, her hands were sliding down over my ass. I was loving that and getting harder by the moment. Jamie slid her hands up to the top of my shorts, hooked her thumbs in and started to push my shorts down. I looked up at her. She just looked at me, winked and smiled.

Jamie rolled me over onto my back and pushed me down on the couch. She then pulled my pants right down and off leaving my cock standing straight up in the air. I was watching her face the whole time. She had that same smile that I love so much lighting up her face as she took my cock in her hands and started to stroke. I closed my eyes and leaned my head back as she started stroking my cock and massaging my balls. Mmmmmmm.

The next thing I felt was her mouth closing around the head of my cock. Oooooooooooooh god that’s so good. One hand still massaging my balls, the other still stroking my cock, and her mouth sucking on the head for all she was worth. Her tongue started dancing around my cock as she licked and then sucked, then sucked and licked. My hands found their way to her head and held on as she continued. I could feel my balls building more and more. Jamie looked up at me, smiled again, and then lowered her mouth over my cock one more time. She slowly took almost the whole thing in her mouth. I held her head there. This was always her best move. She pulled up a little and then lowered her mouth down even farther, sucking for everything she could get. I just exploded in her mouth. I could feel her throat closing around me as she swallowed every shot. I couldn’t help but let out a moan as I pumped shot after shot into her mouth. She looked so sexy with cum dripping down her chin.

Jamie pulled back off me and crawled back up on top of me. I said “Oh my god that was so amazing, how did you get so good at that?”
She just smiled and laid down on top of me.

Now it was my turn. My hands slowly slid down her back and over her ass. I did the same as her, and hooked my thumbs into her shorts, then started to push down. She started to object but I said “At least take these off”, so she let me push the running shorts off. Now I was naked, and she was in just her tight little undies. Her ass was so smooth and perfect, it was already making me hard again.

I slid my hands down inside her panties and was massaging her ass. I loved the smooth soft feeling of her cheeks. I still just felt every part of her was perfect. We started kissing again, and Jamie straddled her legs right over me. She started to move her hips against me with her own little rhythm. Now I was definitely hard again and she was grinding right down on top of my hard cock. She stopped kissing my lips and started kissing my neck and nibbling on my ears. It was making me crazy.

I moved my hand to her front and slid into her panties, down over that smooth patch of hair. Once my fingers slid over her pussy she grabbed me tight and hard and pushed her hips against my hand. I teased her and touched her and made her squeal. She was losing control. My fingers found their way into her pussy and then she just moaned and pushed back onto them harder.

The situation was a bit uncomfortable, so I pulled my hand out of her panties and just slid my hand down between her legs. I pulled her legs wider and then pulled her panties to the side so I could continue what I was doing. My thumb found her clit and she started moaning instantly, taking deep breaths and holding them while she pushed down against me. I continued and worked her up into a frenzy. She was working her hips in a rhythm against my fingers, and at the same time sliding over my cock.

Jamie was moaning and holding on to me tight, but just as I sensed she was about to orgasm, she pulled up and away. I’m sure it was just part of the rhythm she was working against my fingers. What happened though was that she pulled away from my fingers, and when she pushed back again, with her panties pulled to the side, her sweet pussy was right up against my cock. I made no attempt to put my fingers back, fighting the urge to just grab her and plunge myself into her.

As it turned out, I didn’t need to. Jamie pulled up again, and pushed back again, and my cock slid right into her tight little hole. Not a lot, just the head, maybe a little more, but oh it was magnificent. She let out a soft moan. I let out a moan of my own to counter hers. She pulled up again, not entirely off, and then pushed back again, taking more of my cock inside her. I was maybe half way inside her at this point. I couldn’t force myself to stop now, and she kept pushing farther. I knew she was a virgin. I knew she kept saying she wanted to wait. I also knew she was pushing herself down onto my cock, taking it deeper and deeper inside her pussy. She had to know that was not fingers pushing into her. At that point, the only thing I was thinking about was the beautiful naked girl riding my cock. My hands slid up over her ass, I grabbed her hips, and the next time she pushed back, I pushed back too. She was so wet that there was no resistance whatsoever. I slid all the way up into her. Her pussy instantly gripped me like a vice, she was so tight. I was in heaven.

As we both moaned while my cock pushed deep up inside her. I pulled back, and then pushed deep up inside her again. The sensation was incredible. Jamie suddenly stopped. Her eyes popped wide open and she quickly pulled herself off of me saying “Oh my god what are you doing?”
I couldn’t think, none of the blood was in my brain. I said “What? What do you mean?”
She said “Oh my god, I told you I wanted to wait, we can’t”
I said “YOU were pushing down onto me I thought you wanted to”
She replied “I didn’t even realize. It felt so good I wasn’t even thinking”
I said “It did feel good didn’t it? It felt amazing. Come on lets finish”
Jamie sat up at my knees and looked in my eyes. Her hand was between her clenched legs, I could tell she was rubbing her pussy. Between our gazes my cock stood straight upright covered in her juices. She said “It feels like it’s still in me”
I kind of laughed and said “well it COULD be…”
She got a bit mad and said “Shut up! You know I wanted to wait. You know I’m still a virgin”
I looked at her, took her hand and wrapped it around my cock and said “Jamie, it was all the way inside you, you’re not a virgin anymore. Doesn’t it still feel good though? Now that that’s over, don’t you want to keep going? I promise I won’t tell anyone.”
She sat there lightly stroking my cock with one hand, rubbing her pussy with the other, and closed her eyes. After a few moments stoking her own pussy, thinking with her eyes closed and realizing that she in fact was not a virgin anymore, she said “Well I guess it’s too late now… you have to promise you won’t tell anyone?”
I said “No one, ever, I promise”.

She sat for a moment more, looked at the cock she was holding in her hands and then did something she hadn’t done with me before. She stood up, and then pushed her panties off. I finally got to see that glorious golden bush. She climbed back onto the couch and straddled over me. Then she leaned down and kissed me again as she took my cock in her hand and lined it up to her entrance. She moaned once, softly and said “I can’t believe I’m gonna do this”

Slowly she lowered herself down onto my cock. Just as before, she was so wet that it just slid right in all the way. I grabbed her hips and pushed up into her. She was so tight, it felt incredible to be inside her. She sat on top of me like that for a few moments with my cock deep up inside her.
She said “Oh my god I can’t believe it’s in me. It feels like a fucking telephone pole”
I laughed. I admitted “I’ve wanted to do this since the first day I saw you”
She leaned down to my face kissed me and said “you wanna know a secret? … So have I” and smiled.

I held on to her hips and pulled out about an inch or so, and then pushed it right back up into her. She let out a moan that was mostly pleasure, but maybe just a little pain as well. She wasn’t used to having her pussy stretched out like this. Slowly we started to build up a rhythm. She was pushing back and stopping, pulling up, then doing it again. Every time, I would get all the way into her and I could feel her pussy tighten around me. Having already cum in her mouth before this, I was lasting forever. It was awesome. We would go fast for a few moments, then very slowly for a few more. She would say “oh yes, that’s so good, more of that”. Then I’d slow down and let her recover. In a short while Jamie discovered that if she pushed the right way it stimulated her clit too, and that really got her going. She started working that rhythm. She was getting faster and harder. She was holding me tight and grinding her hips into me. I was building up fast. She was also clearly approaching orgasm fast. I was pumping into her hard and ready to blow.
I told her “Jamie I’m gonna cum, you gotta get off”
She had her eyes closed and between her moans and grinding herself into me she managed “No… not yet”
I said “No really, I’m gonna cum if you don’t stop, you gotta get off”
She just pushed me down and kept grinding into me. I grabbed her hips and pushed into her hard.
I said “If you don’t wanna get pregnant you gotta get off of me now!”
She was so involved in what she was feeling she just said “I don’t care”

That was when we heard the car door. At least I heard it, I’m not sure if she did.
I said “Jamie really you gotta get off”
Still with the eyes closed and the head thrown back and pushing onto me for all she was worth.
Then the front door opened. That one she heard. Her eyes popped open, she pushed herself up to a sitting position while pushing down on my shoulders. This changed all the angles and pushed her pussy down onto me hard. It pushed her over the edge and she started to orgasm. She let out a stifled scream as her juices started flowing. It pushed me over the edge too. Her pussy tightened and contracted and grabbed me for all I was worth. I grabbed her hips tight, pushed into her hard and just let go everything I had. I drove deep and just kept shooting cum deep up inside her. She let out another loud moan as her orgasm continued. All my attention was on pumping cum into her, and I just kept pumping.
Then we heard her father shout up the stairs “Jamie? Is that you? Are you okay?”
She tried to gather herself and yelled, rather weakly, “Yes daddy, I’ll be right down”
The she scrambled off of me in a panic. She grabbed her top and pulled it on. She grabbed her shorts and pulled them on. She grabbed the rest of the clothes and pushed them into my arms, then pushed me into her room and just said “Shhhhhhhhh…. HIDE”
I pulled some clothes on as well, and hid.

Jamie bounced down the stairs to greet her father. Leaving her bedroom door ajar and listening I was able to hear a little of their conversation.
Jamie: Hi daddy. (I imagine with a big hug and a smile)
Dad: Hi baby. … Are you okay? You look all flushed? (She was probably still in the trailing ends of that orgasm, of course she looked flushed!)
Jamie: No I’m okay, I just got back from running, I was gonna take a shower.
Dad: I hope you didn’t go out running like that? (At this point she was only wearing her shorts, and her tank top, no bra. I’m sure her nipples were poking all the way through at her daddy. He had to notice that)
Jamie: No no, I was just about to get in the shower, I just threw this on to come down and say hi.
Dad: Okay you go ahead. I’m going to start making lunch.
Jamie: Oh I don’t need any, I’m going to Melissa’s house, I’ll have lunch there.
Dad: Okay baby.

After hearing all that I came up with yet another devious evil plan. It made my cock start getting rock hard yet again. Now that I had had her once, I wanted to drive it into her again, even better with daddy downstairs. As Jamie was making her way up the stairs, as quietly as I could I made my way to the upstairs bathroom. I heard Jamie come up and go to her room. I could tell she was looking for me. Then I turned on the shower. I wish I could have seen her face. She came running into the bathroom, closed the door, and looked at me like I was insane.
“What the fuck are you doing!?” she asked.
Standing there naked with my cock desperately reaching out for her, I gave her my best evil grin and said “We’re gonna take a shower right?”
“What? Are you fucking crazy?” she said.
I whispered to her. “I heard you tell your dad you were going to take a shower, he’s expecting to hear the shower, I just thought I’d join you”. Again with my biggest, most evil grin.
“We are NOT taking a shower together with my dad home! What if he hears us!” she whispered at me urgently.
I put my fingers to her lips to hush her, then I leaded forward and gave her a kiss. That seemed to calm her down just a little. Then I said to her “Your dad won’t hear a thing but running water if we’re not talking, so shhhhhhh.” And then I added “Or moaning, heh heh, so you better keep yourself under control.”
She said “What if he comes up here!”
So I asked “Does your dad usually come into the bathroom while you’re taking a shower?”
She thought about that for a minute and then said “No, he would never”
I just smiled, grabbed the bottom of her tank top started to lift it up and off.

We stripped each other naked and got into the shower. Jamie was so nervous and hesitant. With every noise she heard she was afraid it was her dad bursting through the door. I just thought it was so much more exciting. I grabbed the soap and started to soap her up all over that incredible body. Now she was getting into it. My hands were everywhere. I turned her around and pulled her close to me while I washed over her front. My cock hard as rock and pressing between her ass cheeks. As smooth and perfect as she was usually, she was ten times more so all wet and soapy. She started to moan. I leaned into her neck whispered in her ear, “shhhhhh, daddy’s listening”

Jamie turned around and pulled me close. She wrapped her arms around my neck and started kissing me. My hands went straight to her hips and I pushed her up against the shower wall. I lifted one leg and pressed myself between them. My cock pressed right up against her pussy for the second time today. She immediately tried to push me back, but I held tight.
She said “No! we can’t do that here!”
I pushed against her, reaching down and rubbing my cock against her lips. I said “Don’t you want to do it again?”
She said “NO! I didn’t want to do it the first time!”
I kept rubbing against her pussy, and kissing her pouty little lips. I said “Well that’s a lie, you already told me that you did. Didn’t you like it? You came like crazy at the end, you were amazing”
She thought about it for a minute and closed her eyes as I paused my cock right at her entrance. I could see she was remembering that orgasm, and feeling me about to enter her again. She said “Yeah that was pretty amazing”
I kissed her neck and whispered to her “how about this?” as I pushed the head up into her.
She drew in a breath and moaned just a little bit. Again I whispered into her ear, shhhhh, and then I pushed into her some more. Her head leaned back and her mouth opened, but no sound. I started to pump myself into her, slowly at first. Jamie pulled herself against me tight and just made little grunts into my ear as I pumped myself in and out of her. Finally I pushed in as deep as I could go and stopped for a moment. The feeling of her pussy holding me so tightly was just intense. I actually picked her other leg up and held her against the wall so that all of her weight was forcing her down on my cock. (Something I had learned with Alyssa). I was so far up inside her. She was moaning a little and told me it hurt so deep, so I put her leg back down. Every move she made pushed me closer. Jamie moaned a little too loud, then dug her nails into my back. That was enough for me, and for the second time that day I myself go inside her, shooting every ounce of cum I could make deep up inside her. Probably a mistake, but…

We stopped like that for a moment, with my cock buried inside her. Cum filling her pussy. Then we let go. We were exhausted. We turned the shower off and held each other for a moment. Jamie was holding me.
She said “I can’t believe we just did that… AGAIN”
I agreed. “I know. That is definitely NOT what I was expecting today”
She said “Me either. It is so different from what I expected”
I responded “You are amazing. I just… you are amazing” I couldn’t really find the words.
Then she said “It’s like I can still feel…” her eyes opened, then went real wide, and she whispered at me in a very urgent voice “Oh my god you came inside me!!!”
I answered “That’s because you wouldn’t get off of me!”
She said “But just now you did it again!”
I answered “You said you didn’t care! Besides we already did it once, one more time an hour later can’t make you any MORE pregnant”
The mention of the word “pregnant” made her eyes get even wider.
“Oh MY GOD you better not make me fucking pregnant! I’ll fucking kill you! This is why I didn’t want to do it in the first place!”
Honestly I wasn’t worried, it never happened before I had no reason to think it would now. I told her “Calm down, we’ll make sure that doesn’t happen”. That didn’t really comfort her. I explained to her that my friend Julie would get some of those morning after pills to make sure she didn’t get pregnant. Julie had done that for me once before and it seemed to work.

We dried off, I got her to calm down, and then we snuck our way back to her room. After a lot of kissing and holding each other she seemed to be back to her normal self. I actually got her to admit that she did in fact love it. Every second of it. Some more than others, but every single sensation. She closed her eyes a couple of time and seemed to be remember all of those sensations.

Now the hard part was getting out of there. Jamie got dressed and went back downstairs to find that her dad was still there fixing lunch just as he said. Unfortunately Jamie’s little sister had come home while we were in the shower as well. It’s a good thing she didn’t come upstairs, we’d have been caught for sure. Luckily they were all in the kitchen. While she kept them in there she texted me to sneak down the stairs and out the front door. So, I ever so quietly snuck down the stairs and out the door. The front door was at the base of the stairs so I was able to slip out, quietly shut the door, stand there for two or three seconds, then turn around and ring the bell.

Little sister answered the door then yelled “Jamie, you’re boyfriend’s here”. Jamie came in from the kitchen, wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me much more passionately than usual. I smiled. Then she gave me the biggest smile ever. Her dad came in and greeted me and then asked the magic question, “So, what do you two have planned for today?”

What indeed!

Can a pornstar find love with a simple country boy?

“I don’t know, Bobby… are you sure I’ll like this?”

“Come on, Jaime. Don’t leave me hangin’ girl…”

“But, I’m not sure what to do?”

“It’s easy, babe. Just pretend it’s a big lollipop.”


Ever so slowly, Jaime began to stroke the massive cock in front of her. Her grasp was tentative and her hands trembled. She had never done anything like this before. As she began to lick the tip, a million questions and worries entered her mind. What if she wasn’t any good? What if she was too good, and this was all Bobby ever wanted to do with her? What if her parents caught them? Despite her fears, she slowly began to take his length in her mouth. Inch-by-inch, she began to engulf him, being careful not to bite or scratch his shaft in the process. A little pressure from her cheeks, and it wouldn’t be long before he-

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Married 25 year old man searches for an experience to satisfy him

I open a large dark chestnut door and step into a long hallway, not much wider or taller than myself. The door shuts behind me. Large grey stones of varied shapes and sizes cover the walls, floors, and ceiling of the hall. It’s pretty dark, but at the end I can see a group of dancing shadows. As I walk closer, a crackling sound fills my ears. Heat fills my body more and more as I come nearer to the end. When I reach it, I turn the corner and see a dark room.

The only light is coming from a fireplace on the other side of the room. As I get closer to the fire, the flames grow and I’m able to make out a dark brown wooden table. I take two more steps and then jump back.

On top of the table, lying on a bear skin blanket is a gorgeous, bronzed skinned, curved woman laying naked on her side. She notices that I was startled and smirks slightly. “Where am I?” I ask her. Emerald eyes just stare back at me. “Who are you?” I ask. She just rolls onto her back without saying a word.

Confused, I look around the room and see nothing but stone. I look down and realize that I have been naked since I stepped through the door. I glance back up and see her, laying there appearing to be waiting for something. “What is she waiting for?” I wonder.

While I’m walking towards her my cock starts to harden when I notice her body, shining in the light from the fire as it glimmers onto the sweat that covers her entire body. I reach the end of the table where her feet are at and I just stand there, lost in the curves of this goddess’ body. I snap out of it and notice she is staring at me.

Slowly, I climb on top of her, keeping eye contact the entire time. Everything fades away as I’m an inch from her face staring into a sea of green. I regain control as the sweat runs into my eyes, down my neck, to my chest, and then falls in between her beautiful B-Cup breast.
I realize what she wants.

Our bodies stuck together in a sweaty mess, I lower my head down to kiss her. Our lips embrace in a warm, wet, series of kisses as I run my hand through her raven hair. “Are you ready?” I ask her. The beautiful stranger nods her head slightly to say “yes”.

I reach down and rub my tip up and down her vagina. Her head tilts back and her eyes close in pleasure. I can feel the heat and the wetness coming out of her tight pussy. I stick the tip in and her mouth opens slightly as she lets out a soft sigh. I thrust the tip back and forth slowly. Her legs wrap around me and squeeze me tightly. “Oh, it feels so good” I whisper to myself.

Unable to take it anymore, I shove all 8 inches into her. Her eyes shoot open, as does her mouth and she lets out a loud moan that echoes through the stone room…

“BEEP, BEEP, BEEP” my alarm clock rang. 5:30 A. M., it read.
That’s when I woke up in bed, naked, with a huge erection. I reached over and turned the alarm off. Then, I looked over and saw my wife, Jessica. I became disappointed that it was just a dream and almost instantly at the sight of my wife I lost my erection. I walked over to the window and looked out at my white picket fence in the suburbs of my small Ohio town.
I turned back around and watched my wife sleeping, wondering why I was no longer attracted to her. She’s not a bad looking woman. She’s got light brown hair, brown eyes, and voluptuous breast. “Over the five years we’ve been married” I thought, “what went wrong?”

Suddenly she woke up and looked at me before looking down and seeing my flaccid penis. “That’s not supposed to be like that” she said, grinning, “Why don’t you come over here and we’ll see what happens.” “I’m not feeling too well” I replied, “I think I’m just going to take a shower and then get ready for work.” I could see her disappointment as I walked away from her and into the bathroom.

I stared into the mirror and saw a 25 year old man with auburn
hair and hazel eyes staring back. “This isn’t me” I thought, “he looks like me but this zombie life isn’t mine.”

I turned the water on and stepped into the shower. All of a sudden, Jessica jumped in with a furious look on her face “We haven’t had sex in three weeks!” she yelled, “what’s up with you?! “ Not wanting to make her suspicious, I grabbed her and kissed her. Trying to get hard, I thought of the raven haired goddess in my dream. The way her body was shimmering in the light of the fire. I shot straight up like an arrow, then I bent Jessica over and told her to grab her ankles. I shoved my cock into her without regard for her well being. “OH YEAH!” She yelled. I closed my eyes and tried to drown out the sound of her annoying voice by remembering the crackling of the fire. The more and more I thought of the raven haired goddess, the more ferociously I shoved my dick into Jessica’s loose cunt, and in return, the more Jessica screamed so annoyingly.

Finally, with the sea of green in my mind, I shot my load into Jessica. “Thank God I got that vasectomy” I thought, “I don’t want anymore reasons to have to be tied down to her.” She couldn’t move for a moment, she just remained in that same position bent over until she stood up and said “Oh my God, you haven’t fucked me like that since we were in college!” “Yeah, well…” I replied, “get out so I can take my shower. “ “I’ll do whatever you want” she said, “I’m not going to be walking straight for a week!”

I sat there at my desk inside my tiny office, staring at the clock. 3:00 P. M. it read. The sweat from my nose was dripping down onto the keyboard. My phone said it was 101°. It was too hot to focus on work and the raven haired goddess was filling my mind. “I need something like that” I thought, “a crazy experience with a stranger. ”

One of my friends told me about this wild time he had after he answered a Craigslist ad. I figured that would be the best thing to do.

I went onto Craigslist and found the casual encounters section. Most of the ads were fake but one caught my eye:

Big Cock Needed
18 yo female looking for big dick 7+ to satisfy my needs. Just cum over. If I like the way you look ill let you in. Don’t say a word, use me and abuse me, cum where you want and then leave. Contact me for address

“That sounds hot” I thought. I messaged the girl and got her address. The next two hours at work I spent thinking about what I would do this teenager.
I got off of work and told Jessica I was going to the bar for a few hours and that I wouldn’t be home in time for dinner.
It took about twenty minutes for me to reach the girl’s apartment. I took off my jacket, loosened my tie, and messed with my hair a little before walking up to her room. I knocked on the door and saw a curtain move in the window and then fall back. I waited about 30 seconds and then started to walk away, disappointed and dissatisfied. Then I heard the door open and I spun around quick.

There stood a short dark skinned teenager. She was dressed in a grey tank top and a skimpy pink thong. I could see the nipples of her C-Cup breast sticking out of her top. The right one was pierced, as was her belly button. She studied me up and down and then she spun around and grabbed her phone. I could see her straightened hair that reached down to her lower back. Her thong almost disappeared in her big, teenage, juicy ass. The pinkness of it compared to the darkness of her skin got me hard. She took a picture of me and then walked back inside, leaving the door open. “This is it” I thought, excitedly, “the experience that I want. That I need. “

I followed her in and she went to close the door behind me. I shook my head “no”, remembering her no words rule and then I grabbed the door and opened it all the way.

I lifted her up onto my shoulder like a sack of potatoes and looked for the bedroom. When I found it, I walked in there and threw her onto the bed. I took my tie off and put it around her neck. Then, as I was kneeling over her stomach, I took her hands and placed them on the buttons of my shirt. After she took my shirt off, I bent down and began kissing her. Her lips were so full and soft. Next, I kissed her chin, her neck, and then started moving towards her tits. I pulled her tank top down past them and moved my head back so I could admire them. A pair of gorgeous, dark, juicy tits.

I bent back down and started kissing all over them. First, I started on her left nipple. I flicked it with my tongue back and forth and sideways. I sucked on it and rubbed it in circles with my finger. I could hear her light moaning and saw her starting to rub her pussy over her thong. She went to take it off but I pulled her hand away, as to tell her “not yet”. When I felt her left nipple was hard enough, I moved to her right one. I began using my tongue to play with her piercing. Darting it back and forth, soon I had the taste of metal in my mouth.

Then, slowly, I moved downwards, not wanting to miss an inch, kissing her stomach, then her navel piercing, and then I moved to the inside of her right thigh. I passed her pussy and continued up her leg. When I reached her toes, I began sucking on them one by one. Then, I stuffed them all in my mouth at once, the orange of her toenails could not be seen. After that, I moved back down her leg, taking my time. When I reached her thong, I pulled it to the side and began softly licking up and down her pussy. Picking up a faster pace, I began sticking my fingers in her with one hand, while the other reached up and played with her nipple. I decided it was to time to kick things up a notch, so I grabbed her wet thong, pulled it off of her and then stuffed it in her mouth. That way she would taste herself. After that, I flipped her over and bent her over my knee. With my right hand, I grabbed my tie that was around her neck and began choking her. With my left, I started playing with her ass cheeks. She reached back and spanked a cheek herself so I figured she must have wanted to be spanked. I started off slow at first, and then harder and harder until I could hear her muffled yelping. Her cheeks started out as a dark chocolate color, but now they were pinker than her pussy. After I stopped choking and spanking her, I set her on the floor and then I threw my face into her ass and began savagely licking her asshole. Sticking my tongue and fingers in and out of her asshole, her muffled moans filled the room. By the sounds she made when I only stuck two fingers in, it was clear that her pretty asshole had never been fucked before. “Well, little girl” I thought, “tonight it will be.“ I picked her up, flipped her onto the bed, and wrapped her legs around my head. I began attacking her pierced clit with my tongue while I fingered both her pretty little pink pussy and her virgin asshole. Her legs started shaking and she let out long, loud, passionate moans that were muffled by the wet thong in her mouth. Suddenly, she grabbed my head and forced my face into her sweet, sweet pussy, so that she knew that I wasn’t coming up for air. I tasted every drop of her that came out.

Afterwards, I tossed the thong out her mouth and made out with her so she could taste herself more. After about five minutes I got up and slipped my shoes and socks off, and then I took my pants and underwear off. I went over to her and she saw that I was ready, so she pointed to a bowl of magnums on the nightstand. I grabbed the bowl and dumped them out on the floor. I got onto the bed and knelt over her. Next, I lifted her head up and put my throbbing cock on her lips. I squeezed out my pre-cum and smeared it all over her nice, fat, wet lips. Then, I made her open her mouth wide so I could shove my cock in. For a couple of minutes I was shoving it in and out, in and out, in and out.

After that, she pushed me onto my back and got to work. She spit on it a first and then worked it with her hands, cranking up and down. Nice, long, slow strokes. She even found her thong and made me sniff it, then she put it in my mouth and made me taste it, and then she wrapped them around my cock. Next, she acted like the true little slut that she is and swallowed it all, and she kept it in her throat for almost 30 seconds. After she came up for air, tears were coming out of both eyes and there was so much slobber everywhere now. She almost forgot my balls, but I knew she wouldn’t. She started licking all over them. All over. Then she stuffed them in her mouth until she almost threw up.

Next, she grabbed her big, juicy, dark, tits and wrapped them around my cock. Up and down. Up and down. They were so soft, I thought I was going to cum right then and there.

Finally, it was time. I threw the thong off and I pushed her onto her back making sure that I maintained eye contact with her. At first, I teased her clit with my head. Then, very gently, I eased all of me into her in a second. She gasped and crossed her eyes for a moment. I took it back out to the tip and then stuck it right back it. And then again. And again. And again. Over and over and over.

She must have came countless times, but I knew she was about to come a lot more. I backed out and then grabbed some lube that I saw on her nightstand. I kept her on her back so I could make eye contact with her as I took her anal virginity. Then, I lifted her legs up and spread them. Next, I wrapped her hands around her ankle and I squirted the lube onto her ass, and then rubbed it all into her pretty little tight asshole. I stuck the first finger in. Then, I stuck 2 fingers in. Then 3. 4. And 5. I knew she was ready. I could tell by the look on her face that she was scared so I held her hands to let her know that she would be alright. First, I just feathered her ass with my tip. Then, I tried to ease my cock inside, but her asshole was so tight that I had to use quite a bit of force. I nodded at her, so she would know to be ready and she nodded back, so I embraced her with my arms and then I thrust myself into her. She let out one of the loudest yells that was mixed with agony and pleasure. I could see that I was only about four inches in there, and I still had four to go. I worked with four for a moment, getting her used to how it felt. Then, I slipped another inch in, then another, and then another.

Finally, she was taking all eight inches with no problem. It was so hot. Fifteen minutes ago I took this teenage ebony babe’s anal virginity, and now I’m just pounding away in long, smooth strokes. Then, I stuck my arms down and propped my self up, and spread my legs a little bit. I pulled out and then stuck it in her pink little pussy. I hadn’t noticed how wet it was, because I was too focused on her ass. She bit her lip and then wrapped her legs around me. Here I was, in a heaven of pleasure with an 18 year old girl. I’ll never forget how soaking wet that pussy was. I started thrusting harder and harder. Faster and faster. Finally, the sound of her screaming was almost being drowned out by the sound my balls clacking against her ass they tried to keep up with my dick. She could see that I was ready to cum so she pointed to her tits, so I knelt over her stomach. She grabbed a hold of my cock, which was throbbing up and down, and didn’t even get 5 strokes in before I came. I busted all over her pretty little face and her huge ebony tits.
She was so excited that she handed me her phone to video it. When I turned it on, I noticed a strange symbol on her lock screen. It looked like three triangles pointed at each other. It was weird, but not weird enough to distract from this ebony teen, who was covered in my cum. So I recorded a video for her, in which she sucked out the little bit of cum that was still left in me and then she took my cock and started smearing my cum all over her with it, after which she cleaned it, and then I gave her the phone back.

I laid down on my back on the bed. She went to get up but I
pulled her back down by her arm. I wasn’t finished yet. Even though I just came, I still had a nice, fat boner, and I wasn’t letting it go to waste . I faced her away from me and positioned her so she would ride me and I would get to see her glorious ass bouncing on my shaft.

At first she was just grinding on my dick back and forth. Then she grabbed it and eased it into her pretty little pink pussy. She started moving back and forth on it and then up and down. I found some oil on the nightstand and spread it all over her dark ass. I couldn’t help but slap her ass and play with it, as I watched my white pole being swallowed by the darkness. She started moaning. I couldn’t take the sight of her ass cheeks clapping, and as her moaning filled my ears, I grabbed my dick and came all over her ass.

She gasped when I took a picture and showed it to her, because my jizz covered her in lines, from her shoulders to her ass. She laid on her stomach and started trying to rub it in. I stopped her. I wanted to see her covered in a sea of white, as I fucked her more. While she was laying on her stomach, I knelt over her, just before her ass. I stuck my cock in between her cheeks and starting fucking her crack.

Without warning, I shoved it all into her ass. She gasped in surprise. It was much easier to stick it in that time, than it was before. After a few minutes I used my arms to prop myself up again, and then I took it out of her tight little asshole and shoved it into her sweet, wet, pussy and started pounding. Soon, we got into rhythm, and as I would thrust in, she would push her ass into me, so that we would meet halfway. I knew I was about to cum, but I didn’t want to yet.

So, I pulled out of her and set her up for some doggy style. Just when I was getting going, this man about my age walked into the room. At first, I was a little afraid, but then I remembered that I left the door open and I figured he was just here for her ad. I’m not one to be greedy so I beckoned for him to take her mouth and he nodded his head.

So he pulled out his dick, wasn’t as big as mine but it was decent, and kneeled on the bed. She opened her mouth and he slid right in. In and out. In and out. He was face fucking the shit out of her. The guy seemed like a pro. Meanwhile, I’m back there slipping it into her ass and then her pussy and then her ass and then her pussy. Over and over.

In the heat of the moment, with this gorgeous ebony teenager getting double penetrated by two big dicks and the sounds of her gagging on his pipe made me lose it and I busted my hot load deep inside of her sweet little wet pink pussy. While I was busting I could hear the man groan as he shot his load down her throat. As soon as I pulled my cock out, it all came gushing out of there like a geyser. It was the biggest load of my life. The guy looked like he was impressed. I squeezed out the last bit of cum from my dick onto her ass and then stood back, proud of my accomplishment.

I figured I’d keep the thong as a souvenir so I turned around to find it and when I picked it up and turned back around, the guy vanished and she was just laying on the bed, cum dripping out of her mouth and pussy, looking up at the ceiling. I went to get dressed and I noticed a card on my pants with the same symbol that was on her phone. On the back was an address and a date that was three days from the meetup with this girl. I looked over at her and she was giving me a weird smile like she was happy for me.

This was all pretty strange and it happened so quick. So I got dressed and drove to the bar, so I wouldn’t have to think about it. After that, I drove home.

As I climbed into bed, the alarm clock read 1:15 P. M. I reached into my pants pocket and pulled out a white thong. I smelled it and then wrapped it around my cock, hoping that it would help me dream about another encounter.

Blackedmailed my sister

In high school, I got so tired of my friends telling me how sexy my sister was. It did not matter that it was true. It is not something I wanted to hear about Tasha who was, and is, a year older than me. She has maintained her high school figure since graduating 7 years ago as she is overall slender with C cup breasts and a very large butt in relation to the rest of her body. Ours was a very normal middle-class childhood with both parents and two other siblings. In high school, we both had active social lives and many of the same friends. While we both made the honor roll Tasha did not go to college as she fell in love and got married while I went to college and am now a lawyer handling discrimination claims of all types. I should make it clear that I knew my friends were right about Tasha being hot but it still was embarrassing to hear her talked about like that. If I am being totally honest I must admit I did have fantasies about making out with her but never even flirted with her. There would be no need in writing this unless something changed a few weeks back. Tasha and her husband, Ryan, live a few blocks from me and my wife. We come and go from each other’s places freely. Evidently Tasha had forgotten that I told her I would be by this particular afternoon to help her with some legal paperwork. I pulled up to the house and the door was standing open and I could hear two voices the male voice was not Ryan’s as it was deeper than his. At first, I thought nothing of it. As I got closer I heard my sister cry out, “Fuck, deeper Oscar, harder…yes!” Silently I crept in the door and took off my shoes. I looked around creeping in further and then I saw them. There was Oscar, a local politician and our neighbor, fucking my sister while she was dent over the kitchen table. I stood there daze watching his very large cock pummel Tasha’s pussy. Being bisexual, it did not take long for me to become rigid. It was just too much to take between his hard member and balls and especially her bouncing tits and big ass. They did not notice me as I was only five or so feet away when Oscar panted, “Fuck Tasha, you’ve made Monday afternoons my favorite time of the week!” That was it, I had heard enough; lust overtook me. A plan formed instantly in my mind. The plan was not original and was very simple. Tasha had become very spoiled by the life style her husband provided as they were one of the richest families in town. If he found out about this she would be left with absolutely nothing in the divorce and I knew she would do anything short of murder to keep that from happening. Blackmail was the obvious answer even though I knew I would never really tell Ryan about what was going on in his own home every Monday. My feet shuffled silently the last few feet to the couple and I could see my sister’s pussy honey glistening on Oscar’s cock as he worked it in and out. I didn’t breathe as I made my move. First, I grabbed our neighbor’s ass and plunged a finger into his rectum. He looked over at me startled unable to speak. Almost instantly I grabbed one of my sister’s tits and gave it a squeeze as I planted a kiss on Oscar’s mouth. I plunged my finger deeper into his bowels to hold him in place as Tasha was pinned against the table. “Ryan would be very interested to know what you two have been doing on Monday afternoons. Dare I say it Oscar the voters would love to hear about this as well. I can just see the headlines now!” Tasha screamed as she was made aware of my presence. She tried to pull away but was too well pinned and Oscar was too far gone to stop fucking her. “If you two don’t want real trouble you will do whatever I say whenever I say from this second on,” I said coolly as I continued to finger fuck our adulteress neighbor. His stroking was getting faster and my sister was arching her back but still trying to pull away. “That is…blackmail. You wouldn’t do that…to your own sister,” Tasha panted. I removed my hand from her tit and swiped it across Oscar’s cock on the outstroke then licked off my sister’s honey. Oscar did not say a word as he just grunted. “That is exactly what it is and yes I am blackmailing both of you! Oscar this is the last time you will have sex with my sister and you will not cum inside of her. You will, however, cum in my mouth. Now pull out,” I demanded. He just kept fucking her so I pulled my finger out of his ass hole and squeezed his balls until he finally relented and pulled out. “Tasha stay right there while I make your boyfriend cum!” stopping her in her tracks as she had begun to scramble to get away. She already had pulled her silky panties back on but I stared her down and she quit getting dressed. She sunk to the floor beside us as I joined her there . “You fucking bastard why are you doing this?” she demanded as I grabbed Oscar’s cock in my hand. I licked all around the member tasting my own sister’s honey until it was clean. Then I sucked the stiff cock into my mouth in less than a minute I was rewarded with his salty spunk. It was tempting to do more to him but my sexy sister was there and I just had to have her. Just watching her breasts rise and fall with her breathing was turning me on more than I can ever remember. I pulled Oscar to the floor beside her and quickly snapped a few pictures with my cell phone of the two sweaty lovers Shoving the phone back in my pocket I curtly spoke, “Oscar get the fuck out and don’t come back. I’ll let you know what else you can do for me soon.”. Silently my sister and I watched as Oscar got dressed and walked out the front door. At that time, I had no intention of any further sexual trysts with him in the future as that could complicate my relationship as a lawyer with the politician but I could absolutely use my blackmail power to get favors from him. I looked over at Tasha and saw her fidgeting nervously. “What a fucking bastard you are making him do that! And, if you think I’m doing anything with you than you can fucking forget it! I am not having sex with my little brother!” She protested but made no move to get dressed. I wasn’t sure why she just sat there nearly nude. I put my hand on her knee and sat there for a couple of minutes to make sure Oscar was gone so he would not know for sure what I was up to. “What do you mean? I believe he enjoyed it; did you hear the way he was moaning and holding on to my shoulder? He certainly filled my mouth with his delicious load? But, the best part was licking your pussy juice from his cock it was fantastic and I want more of it.” I knew that Oscar was in shock when I sucked him so there was no way really of knowing if he got the slightest emotional enjoyment out of my blow job. I smiled over at Tasha trying to gage her reaction. “I think it is time for you to leave and me to get dressed,” Tasha stammered. She pushed my hand from her knee and struggled to her feet which resulted in my vision being filled by her large sexy ass. I stood up beside her and grabbed both of her hands in mine. “Dear Sister think it is time to go back to your bedroom and have wild passionate sex with your horny little brother. Or, I can send Ryan these pictures of you and Oscar. It is up to you. And, it is also up to you what kind of experience we have. So, what is it going to be?” I ran my hand from the top of her tits down to the junction of her thighs looking her in the eyes. It seemed like hours that we stood there while I wondered if my bluff would work. My sister purred and seductively ran her hand over the large bulge in my pants. I was about to praise her for her wisdom when she used her free hand to reach in my hip pocket and pulled out the cell phone. Stunned I watched her sexy ass run down the hall. She paused and tapped the screen several times. We slowly walked toward each other, “There Ass Hole I deleted the fucking pictures now you cannot blackmail me or Oscar!” I took back the phone and smiled broadly at her. Then I tapped the phone’s screen a few times myself. I turned the phone toward her showing her a picture of her in nothing but her bikini panties and Oscar with his erection showing prominently, “You see Sis I have a app that downloads every picture I take to my computer. So, what have you got to say now?” She was gorgeous standing there with her nipples erect and a wet spot clearly visible on her panties. I was not conceited enough to think that I had made her wet knowing it was likely leftover leakage from her recent activity. Tears began to flow down her cheeks and she, seeing me staring at her chest, crossed her arms over her breasts. Whimpering she pleaded, “I won’t do it! It is so fucking wrong. You are my very sick brother to even try such a thing; there are laws against incest.” Deliberately I closed the gap between us and pushed her arms away from her chest and grabbed a boob in each hand. This caused her to back away until she was pinned against the wall. I ran my thumbs across her nipples and whispered in her ear, “There are two ways this can happen. First, I can take you cruelly right here or secondly you can try to make the best of it and escort me to your bedroom. Either way, Monday afternoons are now mine!” The waterworks began flowing in Ernest as I ran my tongue down her neck. Then I sucked one of her nipples into my mouth causing her entire body to go rigid. After a couple of minutes of this her body suddenly relaxed so I looked her in the eyes as if asking her a question. She sighed, “You bastard I guess if you want nothing more than a body to do things with then I guess I’ll let you but don’t expect anything from me other than the barest minimum. The bedroom is over there.” She had pointed to the guest bedroom but I wasn’t going to argue with her selection as at least she was allowing for things to proceed. I hoped that she would come around and enjoy our tryst. I followed her into the bedroom and watched as she sat on the edge of the bed. Knowing that we only had a couple of hours I quickly undressed. Standing in front of her with my erection in her face I gently stroked her hair and breasts, “You know in high school all the guys kept telling me how smart and utterly sexy you are. It made me sad because I thought I would never find out how sexy you really are. Well, now I’m about to find out. The bare minimum big sister includes giving me a blow job right now.” “You son of a bitch! I hope this pecker falls off!” she snarled as she took it in her hand yanking it in anger as she wrapped her hand around it. At first, she was very tentative barely licking it. But soon she was sucking my cock deep into her mouth bobbing up and down my length. I believe that she was giving such a great blow job not because she enjoyed it but because she wished to get it over with. It did not take long for me to begin moaning and groaning. I was trying to make the ecstasy last but her technique was just too good. “Oh…yes…holy mother…yes…fuck,” I cried out as I filled her mouth with my seed. Load after load seemed to shoot into her mouth like cannon fire. To Tasha’s credit she swallowed every bit of the gooey stuff. She did not stop sucking until I pulled away gasping for air and having a hard time catching my breath. Silently I motioned for her to lay back on the bed but she shook her head negatively. I gave her boob a hard squeeze and looked her in the eyes and reluctantly she gave in. Her hair was tossled around her face, her breasts fell to each side of her chest and the wet spot in her panties seemed to have grown. I bent down and kissed her mouth stabbing my tongue between her lips. She returned the kiss but left her arms limp at her side showing me that she had no intention of letting me think that she liked what was going on. I moved down her body and kissed and licked her feet, “You are so beautiful Tasha, even your feet are sexy! From now on Monday afternoons will not be complete without me helping you cum several times. Now hand over your panties Sis. “Let’s get this over with,” she sighed apparently pissed off but something told me that not all of her was mad at me. She yanked her panties off and tossed them in my face. To my surprise I caught them. The scent was every bit as sexy as I had imagined when I fantasized all those years ago. I tossed them into the pile of my clothes intent on taking them home with me. I resumed kissing her feet while I decided what to do next. I looked up at her wet and matted hairy pussy and the answer was suddenly clear. “Let’s see if little brother can change your opinion,” I cooed as I sucked her big toe one last time. Then slowly I kissed up her leg sucking on her thighs as I travelled up to the junction of her womanhood. A couple of times she started to push her legs together but it didn’t take much effort to get her to part her legs wide. Now her pussy was only a couple of inches from my face so I reached out and caressed her hairy mound teasing her outer lips. “So, fucking beautiful,” I whispered as I let my finger briefly touch her clitoris. Edging forward I finally licked her outer lips slowly and deliberately. Then cupping my hands over her ass cheeks, I ran the tip of my tongue up and down the length of her pussy all the way from her clit to her ass hole several times. The result was my sister’s body shivered involuntarily and a gasp escaped her mouth. I wasn’t sure if I was driving her crazy but I was already crazy with lust myself so I moved in and scooped up cream from her leaking snatch. After capturing a lot of her sweet nectar, I slid my tongue over her nub, making teasing circles around it. Throwing all thoughts of being slow and deliberate to the wind I began wildly flicking my tongue against her clit. My hands moved from her butt so I could wrap them around her thighs pulling her entire pussy flush against my face. My licking consumed her entire pussy still paying attention to her clit which I also took the time to suck between my lips. Soon my sister was thrashing her pussy in my face and her hands were entwined in my hair with growls and moans escaping from her mouth. “You mother fucking son of a bitch,” she growled as she squirted in my mouth. She was gyrating her pelvis wildly as it was clear she was having multiple orgasms. I had never experienced a woman Cumming this wildly before so I continued hoping it would be an experience she would never forget either but then rationalized to myself that this could be normal for her. After what seemed like several more minutes she let go of my hair and her body went limp in exhaustion. I continued for a minute to lick up the honey that was still flowing from her sexy pussy. Reluctantly I broke away from her crotch and slid up her body and gave Tasha a passionate kiss which she eagerly returned before I moved to her breasts and licked, sucked, and kissed them, “You can’t tell me that you didn’t enjoy that can you?” “Shit, it was fantastic but we really can’t be doing this. You really should leave now,” she did not sound convincing especially since she was running her hand through my hair as I nursed on her boobs. I simply smiled up at her knowing she was merely saying what she knew she should say. My erection was back to throbbing and I could not wait any longer so I moved up and kissed her hard with my cock grazing her mound. I adjusted my position so my cock was at her entrance. My sister’s pussy enveloped my cock like a tight fitting silky glove. The walls pulsated against my member as I bottomed out and ground my pelvis against her. Soon we established a rhythm as I slowly pushed in as her hips came up to meet my thrusting. As our bodies came together we would grind together. We had a wonderful rhythm as I struggled to breathe and her fingers clawed my back. The physical tension began to build causing my strokes to get faster and faster. My balls were slapping her crotch I panted, “Oh fuck I’m going to explode…YES!” “Shut the fuck up and give it to me already!” Tasha roared as she grabbed my head and kissed me violently. That was all I needed as my seed shot from my member. I did not stop as I wanted to be very sure Tasha had gotten the maximum orgasms that I could give her. We kept fucking until my cock finally went limp and popped out of her. I rolled off laying on my side beside my sister. I then reached down to her pussy and dipped out our juices and fed them first to her and then to myself. “That was so fucking forbidden and wrong but this felt so great inside of me!” my sister purred as she reached for my limp member and played gently with it. I looked in her eyes once again smiling as my cock tried to get rigid again but to no avail as it wasn’t quite ready for another round. “I didn’t ask you to play with my pecker; I think that Is a lot more than the minimum!” we both laughed as I sucked one of her nipples into my mouth. She rolled on to her side facing me and began to grind her boobs in my face. I took the hint and motor-boated from one to the other. She was still teasing my half-limp member. I glanced over her shoulder and saw the time on the bedside clock meant that her hubby would be home soon but I had to do one more thing. “Sis, your old man will be home in a half an hour but I cannot leave until I’ve explored that terrific ass of yours!” Reluctantly I pulled her hand from my cock and my mouth from those luscious breasts. She did not move so I took matters into my own hands and rolled her on to her stomach. My hands were drawn to her pillowy flesh like a magnet was pulling them there. “I’ve generally don’t find ass stuff that exciting,” she sighed. I started by gently massaging her plump ass. Soon I was kneading her cheeks splitting them apart so I could see her puckering hole. As I did this I crawled between her legs. I ran a single finger up and down her deep crevice and around her rosebud as I bent down and planted butterfly kisses all over the twin pillows. “Shit Sis, your ass is so sexy and your ass hole so beautiful!” I pulled the cheeks far apart and began kissing up and down her crack until I stabbed my tongue inside her tight little hole. At first my tongue met resistance but soon it was wriggling around inside of her bowels. I slid a hand underneath her pussy so that my thumb was rubbing her clit. The sight, aroma, and taste were overwhelming. It quickly became obvious that she was enjoying the action as she was bucking her ass in my face. Her honey was leaking from her vagina as I could feel a shudder run through her sexy body. Knowing that our time for the day had to be almost done I pushed away grabbing her panties as a souvenir and stood beside the bed caressing her ass, “Tasha I guess we had better rinse off in the shower. I’ll take the guest bath and meet you in the living room. I can’t remember ever having such an erotic experience. I think our Monday afternoons are going to be fantastic.” I kept looking back at my sister’s lovely body as I left wishing we would shower together but knew that would only lead to more sexual activity and the likelihood we would be caught by my brother in law. When I got to the door Tasha called out, “We’d better hurry we only have about 10 minutes. Put your towel in the hamper by the tub.” Ten minutes later I greeted my sister with a hug, groping her ass, as we exchanged one last kiss. Then we sat down at the table and started going through the legal papers I brought over. A couple of minutes later Ryan walked in the door. We greeted him like nothing had happened. It took about an hour to go through all the legalese. Tasha walked me to my car which was out of view of their windows. I opened the car door and pulled her to me and cupped her pussy and began massaging it through her clothes, “What time next Monday? Perhaps, we will need to meet more than once a week.” “You’re serious, I thought this one time might be enough to satisfy your curiosity. Any time after12:30,” she sighed with a slight hitch in her breathing. I did not hear the car pull up behind us. We turned to see Brenda our younger Sister walking toward the house. “Now I’ve seen everything, my brother bringing off my sister on the street corner,” She said as she kept walking on by. Tasha and I looked back at each other wondering what Brenda would do about what she saw. My sister reached down and gave my erection a quick squeeze before breaking away and hurrying back to the house.
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Old fat mother in law

Me and my mother inlaw could not stand each other,the first time I meet my future mother-inlaw, (joy) I thought see was a nasty fat bitch, me an her daughter got married a year later her is tammie, me an tammie had a daughter 2 years later an a son 8 year’s later, after are son was born my parents were sick my mom was diagnosed with a brain aneurysm an father had back surgery an was forced to retire so moved back home to take care of them ,my wife and 2 kids moved in with my mother inlaw a couple of years went by an my parents were getting better they operated on my mom an it was a success but they still needed me there to help with the every day things, during this time me an my mother inlaw started hate each other even more. my wife became sick an was put in the hospital,my wife and mother inlaw asked me if I could come stay with my kids an help my mother inlaw with getting the kids to school an taken my mother inlaw to an from work? I told my wife yes I would go stay with my fat bitch mother inlaw an kids. eventually my wife slipped into a coma, about a week later she came out of her coma me the kids an my mother inlaw would visit her offten she was in the hospital for over a month an during this time me an joy start to get along really good, on a visit to the hospital to see my wife she said TIM are you FUCKING my mother? I said no why are asking that? She said because you 2 are getting along really good, my daughter asked my wife if her and her little brother could spend a couple of nights at her friend’s house my wife said yes that her friend mom already phoned her an talk to her about tonight (Friday night​ ) sleep over and Saturday a birthday party that was out of town an they will not be back until late that night so they will be brought back to me earlier Sunday morning so me an my mother inlaw dropped the kids off on the way home I need to bring back some clothes for the both of them,as I drove back to the apt my mother inlaw asked TIM could you stop at a liquor store? I said sure I pull up in the parking lot of a liquor store as joy gets out she said TIM would you like a beer to drink tonight? I said I sure would, she gose in an comes back out with a 12 pack of Tecate under her arm an a paper bag in her hand,she hands me the 12 pack of Tecate Thur the window I grabbed it an set it on the floor she gets in an said I got you a 12 pack an me 2 bottles of wine because it’s just you an me at home tonight an tomorrow so we can do whatever we want with no interruptions from the kids don’t have to worry about them hearing or seeing anything? I thought to myself what is she saying,I drove us home I got the kids some clothes for the weekend as I was about to leave joy said TIM I’m getting in the tub to shower an to shave so I leave the door unlocked so if you need to go pee or anything ok!

The teasing cleaner

When im home alone and the cleaner comes to visit, she teases me like no other. Im a single guy, and she isnt shy to show me just what she wants

I’m home alone and my house is a mess. I’m free today and feeling lazy, so I quickly google to find a local cheap cleaner to come and do my chores, so I can sit with my feet up and watch netflix, whilst my house is getting cleaned.

She knocks on the door around an hour after I call her, she is middle aged, petite, and wearing a loose white tshirt and tight sweat pants. I am wearing a vest and black shorts. We say hello and I tell her what I want her to do, and she gets on with the job, until a few hours later, she comes back into the room I’m in and begins to tease.

She starts to mop the floor, leaning over in my direction so her loose tshirt exposes her cleavage. She stays in this position for a while and keeps coming back. it becomes evident she is trying to tease me, and and then notice, she isnt wearing a bra. My cock instantly becomes thick and hard as I try to hide it with my hands. Suddenly She gets on her knees to pick something up off the floor. I can see completely down her shirt and her hard tiny nipples are exposed. She looks up at me and gives eye contact, thats when i move my hands to slyly show off the outline of my thick cock. She stares for a while, and stands up, and moves to the kitchen. Continue reading The teasing cleaner

Sex with Shruti, Kuman’s sex story

Hello friends my name is Kuman. This is my first ever sex story on this site.I belive masturbation by imagining rather than watching porn.

So to start the story.This story is about south indian hottest mikly milf Shruti hassan.I and shruti where school friends.I often used to vist her home.I was alone at my home so I called shruti for timepass.I came to shruti was also alone bored at home because all family members had gone for family function.She offered me to come to her home.I was very excited as you know shruti has became so soo hot.She has perfect lips , hips , her asss ,her big bounce boobs.I was very Eger to meet her.I got freshen up and left for shruti’s home.
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My plumper mom

My mother quickly got off me and grabbed her robe and put it on, as I reached for my boxers and did the same, my mother was the first to speak out “Emily please have a seat so we can explain”

Now let me tell you a little about my aunt she was wearing a red dress and high heels, my mother was chubby but she isn’t, however she did inherit some of my mom’s features, she is 30 years old and about 5ft 6in,with a well-rounded butt and a slim waist and her tits as I later found out was a 40DD, she worked out regularly and dated on and off, but I have never seen her anything serious, she started modelling when she was 16 because local shops started to notice her for her big tits and big ass on the small frame and approached her with quite a lot of offers. My mom and my aunt are really close, and at the back of my head I was a little worried if their relationship was irreversibly damaged by what she saw.

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Tommy and his bbw mommy

Mom’s a dream, a real treasure. I’d gotten in a day earlier than expected and she was out. I’d driven through the night and wanted to get a little exercise in; I was stiff from the drive. Thought I’d swim a few laps then maybe take a nap. So I was in the pool when she got home. Of course she’d seen my vehicle in the drive, she knew I was there but still, I’m her only child, I’d just gotten home from college for the summer; she was on the pool deck calling to me,

“Tommy, come here and give Mommy a big kiss.”

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