Horny Family Fun

Today’s middle class Americans maintain a stable outlook which in reality masks the turmoil existing behind drawn blinds.

There is alcoholism, promiscuous sex for the adult and teenager alike and, for some, the breakup of marital relationships as a result of mate-swapping. The children observe their parents’ so-called “mature” lifestyles. The mark is made, the effect lasts a lifetime.

This is the story of a family and its gradual progression toward debauchery where family relationships mean nothing and the satisfaction of the senses means everything. What happens to these parents and their children is a startling revelation of how events can alter personalities, how fate plays with all.

Business as usual is the daily form. Bullshit? Not for the characters in this story — outwardly yes, but in reality no.

HORNY FAMILY FUN — a novel which reveals what is really happening behind the closed doors throughout America.


Patty Cannon looked sheepish, twisting her hands and biting her lip. She acted more like a little girl than a high school senior.

“I’m sorry I’ve been bad, Daddy,” she murmured in a childish voice. “I know I deserve to be punished.”

Her father nodded in agreement. At his side, the fingers of one hand twitched with anticipation. “Well, since we both know you’ve got it coming to you, young lady, let’s get started,” Ed Cannon said to his daughter, licking his lips.

“Okay, Daddy, I guess I’m ready to take my medicine,” Patty said. “Let me have it.”

Patty got into a familiar position. She draped herself over her father’s lap, making her bottom the highest point of what now became her helpless body.

“Yes,” Ed Cannon said approvingly. “Perfect.”

His breath quickening, Ed pulled up Patty’s short skirt. Underneath, she wore childish, white, cotton panties. However, what filled them was far more advanced.

Her ass-cheeks were plump, like a pair of ripe melons straining through the white cotton. And when Ed began inching down her panties, soft, pink flesh showed.

“Mmmmmm…” He chuckled as his daughter’s bare bottom was gradually revealed. “Seems almost a shame that such a sweet ass has to be whipped so hard. Whipped bright red!”

“But I asked for it, Daddy,” Patty readily answered, her breath ragged, too. “Do what you have to do to me, Daddy. What I deserve.”

“All right, then. Get set.”

Ed raised an open hand, and his daughter braced herself. Down came the first stinging slap, the immediate welt it raised spanning between Patty’s squirming ass-cheeks.

Taking in the sight, Ed murmured, “Ahhhh, just look at that! Glowing already!”

“More, Daddy, more!” Patty urged. “I’m only just starting to feel it. You can spank me a whole lot harder than this!”

Yes, he certainly could, Ed enthusiastically agreed. Down his open hand smacked again. Adding to the first one, the mark turned Patty’s ass beet red. However, rather than crying out in pain, the paddled girl reacted with pleasure.

“Oh, Daddy!” Patty moaned. “Keep giving it to me! Down lower, the next time you hit me!”

Her panties had been lowered halfway when the spanking started. Now, her father slipped them all the way to her thighs. Between her battered ass-cheeks was the wispy beard of her teenaged pussy.

With his daughter’s cunt-bush peeking out at him, Ed set himself to deliver another blow. This time she was struck less on her ass and more directly against her cunt. On impact, that crucial part of her body squished aloud.

“Right, Daddy, that’s the way it hurts the best!” Patty yelled. “Don’t stop now!”

Ed quickly whacked her again in the same place. Patty started trembling, pussy-juice leak big down her inner thighs.

“One more time, Daddy!” she urged.

Her father’s open hand rose and fell once more, turning Patty’s cunt into something which now resembled an oozing wound. Ed Cannon’s spanked daughter shuddered from head to toe.

“That did it to me, Daddy!” Patty breathlessly reported. “Did it to me so gooood!”

“Yeah, sure did!” Ed agreed, knowing the telltale signs quite well, after all the private spankings he’d given his little girl.

Patty was cumming.

“Now, do something even better than spanking me, Daddy!” she cried when her orgasm had run its course and she was eager for another one.

Ed responded with his hand flush to her cunt again. But this time, his touch was gentle rather than violent, as he tenderly rubbed the girl’s pussy.

“Now the rest, Daddy!” Patty requested steamily. “The rest of it!”

She swiveled around on her father’s lap. No longer over his knee, she straddled him with her legs while facing away.

Ed unzipped his fly. His prick was so hard as it lodged in the crack of Patty’s ass. At her cunt, Ed had gone from rubbing to finger fucking. His daughter lost no time in having a second climax.

“Just gets better and better!!” she cried. “Every time we do this!”

Ed grunted with agreement, massaging his rigid prick between her ass-cheeks. His balls were starting to churn from the rising tide of jizz that would soon have to erupt.

“Daddy, don’t hold back!” Patty called. “Give it to me as soon as you can!”

She reached back, squeezing her ass-cheeks as tight as she could around her father’s pumping cock for maximum friction. Ed groaned, his hips bucked, and his cock burst.

“Fantastic!” Patty cried, feeling the liquid warmth from her father’s gushing prick abruptly splashing her bare ass. “Shoot your jizz all over me, Daddy!”

Ed’s prick spurted wildly for a long, creamy moment, then slowed to a dribble. His spilled cum had made a sticky mess of his daughter, having splattered her ass-cheeks and trickled down her ass-crack to melt into the groove of her rear-spread cunt.

“Mmmmm, gets me so hot when you cum all over me after a spanking, Daddy!” Patty said. “So hot for so much more!”

She slid off her father’s lap, tumbling in a slow-motion somersault when she hit the floor. She wound up propped on her elbows, looking up at Ed, her legs yawning to showcase her glistening cunt.

“Here I am, Daddy!” Patty beckoned to her father. “Ready for more, as usual. A whole lot more!”

Her father left his chair and landed on his hands and knees before Patty. She smeared his jizz all over her crotch, from thigh to thigh, from clit to asshole.

“Now, lick it up, Daddy!” she commanded. “Lick it up!”

Ed Cannon didn’t hesitate, burying his face between his daughter’s legs. His tongue went to work, lapping Patty’s slimy crotch from top to bottom, starting with her cunt and ending between her ass-cheeks. In the process, she had an orgasm so wet that by the time her father had finished, he was licking up her cunt instead of his.

“Okay, Daddy,” Patty said when he was finished, “it’s time for the big one next. Ready?”

Ed bobbed up, his cock stiffer than ever. He was raring to go.

Patty quickly stripped away the rest of her clothes, while her father did the same with his.

“Fuck me!” Patty said with stark simplicity. “Please, fuck me, Daddy!”

However, her father did not plunge between her inviting thighs, with his jutting prick leading the way toward her waiting cunt; he clasped her hips with his hands and abruptly flipped her over onto all fours.

“Wh-what’s this, Daddy?” Patty gulped with surprise, their routine having become so set since they had discovered the forbidden magic of father-daughter incest.

“Just something a little different tonight,” Ed whispered in her ear, but with an edge to his voice. “Trust me.”

Patty didn’t know what to think. Her father had always been so predictable in the past. That’s what had made her feel safe about having sex with him. A girl could never be sure when she went on a date what might happen — could be anything from zero to rape. But with her own dad, Patty just counted on him having her best interests at heart.

Patty’s seduction of her father had started years ago, when she was a little girl. That’s when he’d spanked her for the standard reasons. And even at that tender age, she’d realized how good it hurt, especially when she felt the hard bulge at Daddy’s crotch while he paddled her bare ass.

Those early days had resulted in Patty’s first orgasm, and a lot of misbehaving on purpose to get spanked on a regular basis. Then, by the time she was in high school and tired of the boys she dated, she’d decided to turn back the clock and recapture the erotic highlight of her childhood.

It had been an instant success. As simple as telling her father, one night when they were alone together, how much she missed the spankings he’d given her when she was younger. Knowing that he’d cared enough back then to make her behave, she’d explained, was something special she could use again.

“Just because I’m older now, doesn’t mean I’m not a bad girl anymore,” she’d said.

Her gulping father had asked her what that meant. Patty had proceeded to tell him how bad she was capable of being.

Her father had been shocked, believing she was still a virgin. Most girls would have begged for forgiveness, but Patty begged for punishment. She had pleaded for a whipping to straighten her out.

She’d planned it perfectly. Once her father had caught a glimpse of those little girl’s cotton panties she’d cleverly worn, he was hooked. When he spanked her, she’d most noticeably cum while rubbing her damp cunt against his uncontrollably hardening cock.

But now, for the first time, Patty didn’t know what to expect from her father. Instead of sinking his prick into her cunt on schedule, he was still concentrating on her ass. While he bent over it and massaged her ass with his probing fingers, his warm breath gusted between her spread asscheeks.

“Ooooh, Daddy, what’re you gonna do to me?” Patty asked, fluttering with curiosity. “Always before, your cock had already be in my cunt. You are gonna fuck me tonight, aren’t you, Daddy?”

Ed Cannon assured his daughter that indeed he planned on fucking her. “But your cunt can wait.”

“Th-then where at?” stammered Patty.

“Where it’s tightest, baby,” Ed answered.

He poked a finger into her asshole. Patty jumped, not sure she wanted to go that far, even with her own father.

“I-I’m still,” she choked in admission, “still…”

“Cherry there?” her father said, a note of triumph in his tone.

“Yes,” Patty murmured.

“That’s what I was counting on,” Ed said. “And I want to be first. You owe me that much!”

Patty had never thought about a debt to her father before, having always figured she was doing him a favor by letting him fuck her. But now, it occurred to her that it wasn’t all gravy for him. The poor guy was risking plenty, in fact. Getting caught screwing your own daughter could land you behind bars until you were too old to get it up for anybody again, Patty realized. There were stories in the paper about it all the time.

“Yeah, Daddy, guess you’re right. Suppose I do owe you. Didn’t sink in until now, but you’ve been taking most of the chances, not me. I’m not the one who’d go to jail if Mom or somebody caught us. If I can still be cherry for you, it’s the least I can let you do to take advantage of it.”

“Then let me hear you ask loud and clear for it,” Ed Cannon said, jabbing with his finger for emphasis. “Not in so many words — straight out.”

Patty took a deep breath. “Okay, Daddy. Fuck me… fuck me in the…” she interrupted herself with another deep breath, then finished speaking the bottom line, “… fuck me in the ass, Daddy!”

“That’s better,” Ed sighed with relief.

Patty realized that if she wanted to change her mind, she could easily get away with it. But now, her cherry asshole had started gurgling at its depths in anticipation of something more than just the finger-fucking her, father had always given her there.

“Will it hurt, Daddy?” she asked, seeking whatever information she could get in advance to prepare her for this new brand of fucking.

“Probably some at first,” her father admitted. Then he added hopefully, “But I think you’ll get used to it. And I’ll go slow. Bring you along until you’re ready.”

“Then I’ll leave it all to you, Daddy,” Patty said. “You know best.”

Ed Cannon was, in truth, more nervous than his daughter. But that pleased Patty, reminding her of the shy way he’d behaved the first time she’d seduced him. Guys her own age acted like animals when they were making their move, but she could still count on her dad to be a gentleman, even when he was about to fuck her where she shit.

Like now, as he withdrew his finger from her asshole and replaced it with his gentle tongue. He went on to give her a rhythmic rim-job, not missing a beat.

“Oh, Daddy, I wasn’t sure at first,” Patty moaned. “Wasn’t sure I really wanted this. But now… oooooh, yes. I’m begging for it, Daddy! Had your finger, then your tongue, and now I’m begging for your cock fucking up my ass!”

Ed Cannon ended the rim-job. But, before he switched to his cock, he rubbed his band against his daughter’s cunt. Maybe her pussy wasn’t going to get his prick in it this time, but there was nothing better than its plentiful nectar to lube his prick for a slippery trip up the narrow passage of Patty’s cherry asshole.

“Mmm nice ‘n’ wet,” Ed whispered, briefly jacking off his hard cock to a slick sheen with a stroking hand greased with fresh pussy juice.

“Daddy, I’ve waited long enough now. Hurry up and give mc your cock in my ass,” Patty said. “I’m even more excited about getting ass fucked the first time, than I was when I lost my cherry in my cunt. That was just to some dumb boy. But in my ass, it’ll be you, Daddy — your loving cock fucking me first.”

“This is it then, little girl,” Ed replied. “Hang on!”

Patty felt the head of his cock against the pucker of her asshole. The sensation of being a virgin all over again made her lightheaded and anxious. But then her father loosened her up by massaging her cunt before giving her an assful of dick. Indeed, his thumb and finger finding and pinching her swollen clit had frigged her to the brink of an orgasm.

“Soon as your cock’s in my ass, Daddy, I’ll cum right away!” Patty said excitedly.

Ed Cannon set his hips, then bucked his crotch and fucked his prick halfway into his teenaged daughter’s virgin asshole. And Patty, true to her word, mightily climaxed on the spot, cherry in no sense any longer.

“Oooooh, what a trip!” she cried. “More, Daddy, more! Deeper, deeper!”

Ed pushed again, treating his daughter to a sharp, muscular pain inside her ass, along with the rest of his surging prick. He’d hilted her asshole to his balls now, with the wiry hair of his crotch scratching against the cheeks of her squirming ass.

“God, I’ve never been so full of anything in my life!” Patty groaned. “Daddy, you just started, and already it’s the best you’ve ever fucked me!”

Ed was moaning, too, holding tightly onto his daughter. For the moment, he only moved his cock a little way in and out of Patty’s asshole, getting used to it as much as she was. But then, even though she was the one who’d been cherry, Patty began stepping up the action’s pace.

Into her cxmt went two of Patty’s fingers, and the wall between her cunt and her asshole was so thin that she could feel everything happening. It was such a turn-on the way she could stroke her father’s ass-fucking cock through the skin of her own pussy.

“Daddy!” she cried. “It’s like I’m almost jacking you off through my cunt at the same time as your prick’s up my ass!”

“Christ, sure as hell is!” Ed Cannon happily agreed. “Keep it up, baby, if you want to shoot more cum for you than I ever have before!”

That sounded like heaven on earth to Patty. To get all the cum possible out of her father’s ass-fucking prick, she added more fingers inside her pussy until her cunt had stretched to take her entire hand. Then she massaged the bulging outline of hiscock in her adjoining shit-pit.

“Oh, Daddy, I’m doing everything I can now to make your prick explode!” she cried. “Cum, stud, cum!”

Ed Cannon grabbed his daughter’s dangling tits for leverage, and jack hammered his prick into her asshole with his deepest thrust yet. Patty responded by managing to grip his ass-hilting cock shaft through her cunt.

“Jesus!” Ed cried with disbelief at how much he was abruptly cuming. Instead of unloading in a series of spurts, his prick gushed with a continuous stream of liquid fire. It was as if Ed were pissing cream into his daughter’s fucked ass.

Patty had trouble believing it, too. She exclaimed, “Daddy, where are you getting it all!”

“I don’t know,” Ed said.

“Well,” Patty declared, “then it must be a miracle. And when you are lucky enough to be on the receiving end of one of those, you just hang on until every drop of jizz you could get swamps your fucked shit-pit.”

Finally, Ed’s prick slowed to a dribble. But the flow hadn’t stopped, only now it went in the opposite direction. For, her insides brought to a boil by her father’s massive flood of molten jizz, Patty had lost control. She was hopelessly shitting all over her father’s cock.

“Oh, Daddy, I’m so sorry!” Patty gasped with a combination of embarrassment and unavoidable pleasure. “It just felt so good to let go, that I couldn’t stop myself.”

Ed Cannon was too woozy from cuming so hard to complain. Nevertheless, his daughter vowed to make her accident up to him.

Patty pulled ass and cock apart with a loud pop. Ed keeled over backward as a result, his strength as drained as his jizz. He wasn’t even fully aware of how his daughter set herself to pounce on his crotch — until, that is, her mouth was full of his filthy cock and she was sucking him clean.

“No,” he groaned, “you don’t have to do this.”

But his instantly revived hard-on was more then eager for the blow job Patty gave it, fresh out of her dirty asshole. So, as Ed Cannon weakly maintained that he should have had enough, he simultaneously fucked his daughter’s mouth with increasing strength.

It ended with yet another load of scalding jizz from Ed’s overworked cock. Patty swallowed every drop. Her father had truly reached the end of his rope. When his hard-on collapsed for good, so did the rest of him for the rest of the evening. Ed had been fucked and sucked until he’d passed out.

Patty was glad her mother was out of town. She guessed that was why she and her father had felt free to go even farther than usual tonight. With the house to themselves, anything went. Just too bad, Patty thought, with her asshole no longer cherry and wonderfully sore from its first fuck, that it couldn’t be like this all the time.

“Maybe something will happen to Mom. Like an accident while she’s driving,” Patty wished aloud in a moment of total selfishness.

The phone rang, leaving Patty afraid to answer with the sense that she’d somehow foretold the future with her careless remark. It was with dread that she managed to force herself across the room and pick up the receiver, which felt like lead in her trembling hand.

“H-hello?” she muttered.


Patty sighed with relief, the burden of guilt leaving her sagging shoulders.

“Darling,” her mother said, “I just called to remind you that you have to make sure your dad catches his plane tomorrow morning. Ten o’clock sharp.”

“Oh, sure, Mom.”

“I knew I could depend on you,” her mother said. “And something else, honey. I might be gone an extra day or so. Okay? So don’t expect me back until after the weekend. No problem with that, is there?”

Patty said there wasn’t, then mechanically talked her way through the rest of the conversation until her mother said goodbye. Once the phone was back on the hook, Patty felt so drained that, within seconds, she’d surrendered to the soft cushions of the sofa, sound asleep.


The morning sun flooded through a living room window, its warming glow angling across sleeping Patty’s face. She drowsily stirred, then bolted up, wide awake, as she realized she’d spent the night on the sofa without doing anything about her father.

He was still sprawled on the floor, snoring lightly. When Patty looked at the clock, she saw that it was eight-thirty, giving her less than two hours to get her dad cleaned up, packed, and on his plane.

Dealing with him was difficult, like trying to sober up a drunk. Patty had to shake him awake, ply him with black coffee, then steer him into the shower. When he staggered back from the bathroom, dripping wet, she had to coax him into the clean clothes she’d laid out for him, as if she were the parent and he a balky child.

“Don’t wanna go,” he whined when he was finally dressed.

“You’ve got to make a living, Daddy,” Patty sharply reminded him, noticing how much she sounded like her nagging mother.

“Aw, who needs it?” Ed Cannon grumbled. “Why can’t you and I just go off somewhere on our own, and let the rest of the world go by?”

Last night, when they were hacking, if her father had said something like that to her, Patty would have thought it very romantic. Now, though, responsible for more than just getting the most out of his cock, Patty was just annoyed.

“C’mon Daddy, we’re already running behind,” she snapped. “Let’s get a move on.”

The ride to the airport, with Patty driving, was mostly silent. There was just enough time for her to get her father on his plane and out of her hair. She kissed him on the cheek, watching him disappear toward the boarding area, then left.

“Never knew Daddy could be such a pain,” she mumbled as she made her way out of the airport. “God, don’t know if I’ll ever get married.”

All Patty wanted to do was get back to the house and get some more sleep in her own bed. Alone, with the place all to herself.

However, when she arrived home, Patty immediately sensed that the unexpected was waiting for her. The lights were on, she saw through the windows, and when she tried the front door, it wasn’t locked as she’d left it.

A burglar? she wondered, breaking into a cold sweat.

Something within her made her go ahead and enter. Just to be on the safe side, she picked up the nearest weapon available — a flower pot. She’d brain the bastard, she thought, deciding that she was sick and tired of being inconvenienced by other people.

It was no burglar that Patty found in the living room, sitting there, drinking beer with his dirty sneakers propped up on the coffee table.

“Hi, Sis,” he drawled.

“N-Nick,” Patty stammered. “What’re you doing here instead of at college?”

Nick Cannon took a swig of beer and laughed. “College and I decided tt go iur separate ways.”

“Y-you dropped out?”

“I was kicked out,” Nick said, grinning like he was very proud of his latest screw-up.

“What for?” Patty asked, curious in spite of herself about how her brother had gotten into trouble again.

“Aw, you don’t wanna know, Sis,” Wick said. “Might be too much for your virgin ears.”

“No, tell me,” Patty said insistently, deciding she definitely wanted to know the facts.

“Thought I’d wait until Mom and Dad are here,” Nick said with a lopsided grin. “So I can watch ’em turn blue when they hear what their bad boy has been up to.”

“Afraid we’re stuck with just each other,” Patty replied. “Mom and Dad are both out of town, so I’m taking care of the house.”

“Hmmmmmm, they never trusted me like that.”

“With good reason,” Patty said. Then, friendlier, she added, “So, c’mon, why don’t you tell me what you did wrong this time? Don’t worry about shocking me. I’m not as innocent as you think.”

“Okay, kiddo, why not? You gotta learn the facts of life sometime. It’s as simple as this yours truly got caught fucking the wrong chick.”

Patty didn’t even blink, boldly asking, “Who, Nick? Who did you fuck?”

“Uh, the dean’s daughter,” Nick hurriedly said, distracted from his story by his sister’s surprising language and attitude. “But, hey, what about you? When did you get so salty, Sis?”

Patty passed over the reference to her self and bluntly quizzed him about the dean’s daughter. “Was she a good piece of ass, Nicky?”

Caught off balance, Nick muttered, “Yeah, sure… all right, I guess.”

“Worth getting kicked out of college?”

Trying to get back on an even keel, Nick wisecracked. “Anything that gets the job done. She wasn’t that great in bed, but college is such pure shit that I’d have done a lot worse to get the hell away from it. Suppose you could say that fucking her so her daddy’d catch us was the easiest way out.”

“Well, that’s about par for the course for you, brother dear — the easiest way out!”

“Forget about me. What about you, Sis? When did you get so interested in fucking?”

“Why should I tell you?” Patty asked. “You’re just my brother — all I can do is talk to you about it. And since actions speak a whole lot louder than words, why waste my time with you when I can get the real thing somewhere else?”

“That supposed to mean you’re not cherry anymore, Sis?” Nick asked, on the edge of his chair.

“What’s it to you?” Patty challenged him, and for the life of her she wasn’t sure exactly why she was steadily painting herself into this corner with her brother.

“Never thought I’d say this,” Nick said. “But, damn, Patty, the way you’re leading me on, if you weren’t my sister, we’d be doing more than only talking.”

Patty issued another challenge, listening to herself as though she were two persons — one recklessly leading Nick on, and another who couldn’t believe what she heard.

“Well, then why don’t you forget who I am,” she said, “and just go after what I am?”

“Wh-what’s that?” asked Nick.

Could she actually bring herself to say it? she wondered. She didn’t know until it was out of her mouth and she’d pushed the situation considerably toward the point of no return.

“What am I besides just your kid sister?” she asked steamily. “The same as any other girl who’s outgrown being a dumb, little virgin-cunt!”

Nick reeled like he’d been punched in the jaw with somebody’s best shot, but he bounced back to counter with his own punch. “Prove it, Sis!” Patty didn’t even pause. Her hands had automatically fallen to her jeans, abruptly pulling them open so her zipper whined on its rapid way down.

Underneath, panties were not part of her attire. She hadn’t put any on while hurriedly dressing this morning to get her father to the airport. And now, the result was her bare cunt’s hairy bush on bristling display before her brother’s popping eyes.

“Wanna see more?” she beckoned, hooked on the effect she was having on Nick, just like the first time she’d seduced her dad.

Nick slowly nodded.

Patty let her jeans go to the floor. Then, as she stepped out of them, she drew her sweat shirt over her head. A bra was missing along with panties, which meant that she was suddenly stark naked.

“Jesus fucking Christ!” Nick blurted in response.

“Your cock hard for me now, brother dear?” Patty asked.

“As hard as it gets, Sis!”

“Then show me, Nicky! Let me see your big, hard cock the same as you’re already looking at my tits and pussy!”

Nick stood, drawn to his feet by his sister’s hypnotic gaze. Then her riveting eyes dropped to his bulging crotch, commanding him to strip.

Nick trembled. Breathless, he sweated like he was in a steam bath. Nevertheless, he managed to unhitch his pants, which slowly sagged to expose his crotch. Underwear wasn’t an item in his wardrobe, either, so, with a surging twang, his jutting prick was on abrupt exhibition.

Seeing how her brother was hung, Patty was certain she was doing exactly the right thing. Nick had a cock so long and thick that any girl would have to be cuntless to pass it up once she’d checked out its throbbing size.

“God, what a monster!” she moaned, more to herself than anything. “Don’t even know if I can suck all of such a huge cock, but I’ll never forgive myself if I don’t give it a try.”

Patty kneeled in front of her brother, wrapping her slender fingers around the barrel of his hard cock, drawing his chunky prick-knob to her opening mouth.

“Oh, salty,” she groaned, slurping a mouthful of his cock-head. “My favorite flavor when I suck a prick. Gets me so thirsty for all the sweet cum I’m gonna get before long?”

“Jeez, Sis, I’m seeing it, feeling it, but I’m still not sure I believe it,” Nick Cannon murmured. “Didn’t think you even knew what head was, let alone could give it like this!”

“But, brother dear, I’m just getting started,” Patty answered. “You won’t find out what kind of head I can really give until I’ve got you totally fucking my mouth!”

Then Patty gobbled well past Nick’s cockhead, forcing it well into her throat as her lips traveled at least halfway down his cock-shaft. She squeezed her brother’s balls, making him buck his hips so he was the one who powered the rest of his prick to the hilt in her mouth.

“Shit, now I believe it!” Nick cried. “Got a buzz right down to my toes! Couldn’t have a wet dream about getting head this good, ’cause the horniest guy in the world couldn’t dream up a fucking mouth like yours, Sis!”

Taking full advantage of Patty’s deep throating suction, her brother began grooving his prick back and forth. In return, she kept squeezing his balls with one hand and started probing his gritty asshole with the middle finger of the other. However, Patty had yet to reach to the bottom of her bag of tricks when it came to oral sex.

Her philosophy was simple. When the sucking got serious, a cock in her mouth ought to be only half the story. After all, a guy had a mouth, and Patty had a plenty suckable pussy between her legs.

Patty, along with the blowjob, began tugging at her brother’s hips. She was stronger and Nick couldn’t keep his balance. His sister pulled him down on top of her. She stretched out beneath him and controlled the action from below.

Patty began jerking Nick’s ass around, so he couldn’t help but figure out what she was after now. Nick may not have been able to back college, but he was a whiz when it came to pinpointing the mathematical formula that led to total head.

“Sixty-nine!” he called out.

He swiveled all the way around on top of his sister, his cock corkscrewing in her fucked mouth, so that he wound up facing down between her spread legs. Patty’s waiting cunt was wide open, its rising fragrance making Nick’s nostrils flare.

He briefly savored her musky pussy-scent, then took the plunge to taste what he’d smelled. Abruptly, his mouth sealed his sister’s cunt, and his tongue was poking inside as deeply as he could travel.

“Mmmmm,” Patty moaned, all she could say with a mouthful of so much cock. She proved again how action spoke louder than words, increasing her suction even more to answer her brother’s squirming tongue up her cunt.

Over the following few minutes, there was such constant slurping by brother and sister between one another’s legs that the living room sounded like a beach at high tide, waves lapping against the shore. Occasionally, though, a gurgled shriek would interrupt the steady rhythm. Patty was crying out in ecstasy from cumming in her brother’s mouth.

Nick Cannon had never tasted such delicious pussy-juice, which was of no small significance since his major at college had been chicks. But none of them had been able to feed him the brand of female cum that his sister could. Damn, he thought as he feasted on her pussy’s matchless flow, the least he could do was return the favor with his cock in her mouth.

Patty made that easy, the way she was sucking her brother off. Once she’d started cumming, the only thing that would satisfy her next was a spurting load of Nick’s jizz.

“Oooooh, I’m cumming now!” Nick moaned into his sister’s cumming cunt.

His cock exploded down Patty’s throat. There was so much jizz shooting so fast that most girls would have gagged on it. But Nick Cannon’s sister gulped down his gushing cum-flow as fast as it arrived. Indeed, by the time his climax had slowed to a dribble, he was the one who was overmatched, with Patty absolutely refusing to relax the oral pressure until she’d milked every last drop of jism.

“God! Enough, is, enough!” Nick cried for mercy. “I don’t have anything left to give.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t be so sure of that,” Patty said, teasing him. She released her brother’s drained cock. “Here, feel this and find out for yourself!”

She took one of her brother’s hands and guided it to his cock. To Nick’s surprise, he still had a crowbar jutting from his crotch in spite of all the jizz he’d just spilled. “Yes, I’d bet my life you still have plenty to give me!” Patty giggled from below. “Or, better yet, to give my cunt.”

She wriggled out from under their completed sixty-nine. Then she showed her brother that Patty Cannon wasn’t a girl who hesitated for a moment when the time arrived to turn sucking into fucking.

Giggling some more, she asked Nick, “Have you ever been raped, brother dear?”

“No, but I think I’m about to be,” Nick murmured.

He couldn’t have reasonably predicted otherwise. His naked sister roiled him onto his back. She kneeled astride his loins, her dipping cunt closing in on his cock.

A drop of pussy-juice fell like a magic potion on Nick’s cock-head, and in the widening shadow of his sister’s lowering cunt, his prick jumped to quivering attention. At a right angle from his crotch, his cock defied gravity. Patty plunged, piercing her cunt with the spike of all that prick.

“Wow, you’re hung!” Patty squealed, rocking in the saddle of her brother’s loins to ride his hilting cock-shaft. “When I first saw your cock, I thought it was huge. Then, when I sucked you off, it seemed even bigger. But now that it’s jammed up my pussy, it feels biggest of all!”

“Maybe that’s ’cause you’ve got the tightest pussy I’ve ever fucked, Sis,” Nick answered, returning the praise. “Balling you’d make any guy feel hung like a horse!”

“But in your case it’s true, you really are! I don’t expect to ever suck and hick a bigger cock than yours, Nicky. It might have got you kicked out of college, but it’s sure letting me welcome you home in style!”

“Then why don’t you celebrate by cumming for me, Sis,” Nick suggested. “I dig it when a chick I’m balling starts cumming and doesn’t quit until after I have finally shot my wad into her pussy.”

“Then why don’t you go ahead and make me cum — on your terms, stud,” Patty said.

Nick got the message, his sister’s invitation for him to take charge spurting him on. Thrusting up from underneath he roiled Patty and himself over so he abruptly wound up on top. Now, instead of her controlling the tempo, he was fucking his massive prick down into her pussy. Patty hooked her legs over his shoulders, making the angle of his brutal cock-thrusts even more severe.

“Well, what about it, Sis?” Nick asked. “Gonna cum for me now?”

“Almost there!” Patty gasped. “Just want a little something extra to push me over the edge with a big bang. Something kinky.”

This was a request Patty was in the habit of making to her father when he fucked her. Would her brother meet her need as well? she wondered.

“God, yes!” Patty cried when Nick made his move. “That’s perfect!”

He’d grabbed her tits, one in each clutching hand, bruising them on wrenching contact. It created the kind of pain that went straight to Patty’s soul, adding explosively to her pussy full of pistoning prick. Her senses were ablaze, as she mightily came.

“Oooooh, I’m cumming even harder than I thought I would… than I thought I could!” Patty shrieked. “Maybe too good for me to stand!”

“Then I guess I’d better go ahead and put you out of your sweet misery, huh, Sis?” Nick asked.

It sure didn’t seem like he was showing any mercy to Patty, though, when he squeezed her tits with increased force and jack hammered her cunt with his huge cock. Patty hysterically begged him to end the torture that had her in the helpless agony of too, much ecstasy.

“You’re fucking me to death!” she yelped, really believing it. “Kill me!”

“Okay, Sis,” Nick said. “You’re home free!” He let go of her mauled tits to grab her ass, grinding her crotch against his after burying his cock in her pussy for one, last stabbing thrust. He let all that friction from his sister’s tight pussy finally take its toll on his big prick.

“Yeah, take it, Sis. Take it!” he screamed, while his prick gushed with a torrent of liquid fire into the depths of Patty’s cunt.

“Ahhhhh, thank you, thank you SOOOO much, Nick?” Patty cried with breathless gratitude as she was swamped with her brother’s flood of jizz. “You’re really giving it to me, stud — the perfect end to the perfect fuck!”

Nick could only agree, but couldn’t honestly take all the credit. Not when his sister had given him the best piece of ass any guy could ever hope for. And something told him that once they recovered from their first fuck, it could only get even better.

His cock dribbling the last of his cum in Patty’s cunt, Nick thanked her in reply. He thanked his horny sister for having made dropping out of college the smartest thing he’d ever done.


Judy Cannon felt like a silly fool. She’d so carefully covered her tracks to get away from her family for a fling. What’s mare, when things seemed even more promising that she’d originally anticipated, she’d bought herself some extra time by calling home and arranging not to return until after the weekend. And now, after all her plans, Judy had been abandoned in a cheap motel room.

“That son of a bitch!” she cursed the young man who’d so raised her hopes, then so cruelly dumped her. “Damn, I should’ve known better.”

He’d been so good-looking, though, she thought as her voice trailed off. She wanted to kick herself for falling for him like she’d been a horny teenager. Yet, recalling how it happened, Judy wasn’t so sure that she’d be able to resist him if she had it to do all over again.

She’d signed up for tennis lessons with him, after he’d come highly recommended with a knowing wink by a good friend. It had been hot the day they’d met and he’d taken off his shirt. Judy had found herself practically drooling at the sight of his tanned, muscular torso, which was set off perfectly by the handsome bulge at his crotch. In short, she wanted him for more than just tennis lessons.

He knew the score before they’d played a set. Indeed, Judy never found out if he really did know that much about tennis. They’d wound up necking in her car like a couple of high school kids. He didn’t fuck her then, but Judy had given him a blowjob that left the taste of his salty cock and sweet cum in her mouth when she went home after the lesson was over.

She’d also gone home with the promise of a whole lot more. They had agreed to meet for a lost weekend, which was why Judy had invented the excuse of having to visit her aunt to explain her absence.

Her first day and night of sin had been beyond her wildest dreams. Judy had cheated before, however, this young stud made her previous lovers seem as boring in bed as her husband. His big, hard cock was tireless, fucking her repeatedly in the mouth and cunt — but, best of all, up the ass, the first time Judy had ever taken a prick in her shitter.

The next morning, though, Judy woke up in bed alone. When she checked the room, all traces of the guy were gone. And so, she discovered to her shock, were all her credit cards and money from her wallet.

After having called her daughter to extend her trip, Judy had no further reason or means to stay on. At least, she saw with relief when she looked out the window, her car hadn’t been stolen. And she remembered filling up the tank just before she’d arrived at the motel, so she probably had enough gas to limp back home.

An hour later, Judy had showered the cum and sweat from her body, dressed, and was on the road. As she drove, though, her ass constantly squirmed. No amount of soap and water had been able to remove the aching reminder of his big prick ramming her where she shit.

“Might as well face it,” Judy said to herself. “It was probably worth it to finally get fucked in my ass, just to find out what it’s like. Expensive, but… mmmm, it hurt sooo gooood!”

The next time she got the chance, Judy knew for sure, she’d take another cock up her horny whole. Of course, she thought, she’d definitely make sure its owner was more reliable than that bastard had turned out to be.

Judy drove into the city limits. Home was only a few miles away, so she switched her focus from sex to thinking up an alibi as to why she was back early.

Fortunately, reasoned Judy, her husband had left on business this morning, so she’d only have to deal with her daughter. And Patty would be the last one to ask any embarrassing questions.

“I’ll just tell her I decided to come back today because I didn’t feel well, or some such thing,” Judy said. “No big deal. Patty’ll buy it.”

She drove nearly the rest of the way with confidence. But then, just blocks from borne, she had a last-minute attack of anxiety. How much more convenient, Judy thought, if she didn’t have to face anybody right away… had time to get a little more back together.

She pulled the car over. Checking her purse, Judy found a stray quarter at the bottom. She used it to call the house. There was no answer, her daughter apparently gone. Able to go home in peace now, Judy started looking forward to a stiff drink or two by herself to settle her nerves.

Within minutes, Judy Cannon had slipped in through the front door, automatically checking — the way people do when they return to familiar surroundings — to make sure things were the way she had left them. And she froze!

Scattered around the living worn floor were two sets of clothes. Not just her daughter’s, who was supposed to be here alone, but male and female attire. And the stains on the carpet were shockingly similar to the ones Judy herself had left behind on the motel room sheets.

A sensual moan drifted from upstairs.

“Oh, do it to me, stud! That’s how I want your big cock now! Only been fucked this way once before, but that was enough to know I love it!”

“P-Patty!” Judy Cannon stammered.

Judy’s mind reeled between the possible courses of action on her part. She could just leave, giving her daughter time to finish with the boy she had upstairs. Or she could march in on them and put a stop to it right now. Or…

Judy sneaked up the stairs, trying to tell herself that she hated herself for giving in to such a sleazy urge, yet listless with anticipation at the prospect of spying on her daughter in bed with a boy.

Judy reached the room in question. The door was slightly ajar. She cautiously nudged it open farther, looked inside, and froze again.

Patty was stark naked. She kneeled on the bed like a bitch in heat. The equally naked boy was turned away so his face was not visible from the doorway, but what he was doing was certainly obvious enough, as he aimed his cock to fuck Patty from behind.

“Unngghh!” he punted in a rumbling tone that couldn’t be recognized by Judy Cannon.

His prick sank with a loud squish into Patty’s cunt. But only for a moment. With another squish, he pulled his cock out, his prick lubed from tip to root with glistening pussy-juice.

“Now that you’re nice ‘n’ slippery, stud,” Patty called back, “put it up to your balls where I’m tightest!”

The boy aimed his cock-head. Looking on, with the memory of her own, similar experience the night before, Judy Cannon was well aware of what kind of sex was about to occur.

“He-he’s going to fuck my little girl in the ass!” Judy stammered under her ragged breath.

The cheeks of the boy’s ass clenched. Then the middle part of his body surged to power his big prick into Patty’s narrow asshole.

“Ooooh, that’s it!” Patty whimpered, her voice frayed by equal portions of agony and ecstasy. “Hurts sooo goooood!”

From afar, Judy Cannon knew exactly how her daughter felt. She’d had the very same reason to being fucked in the ass. Indeed, her own shit-pit sympathetically spas med as she watched Patty getting all that cock where it hurt the best.

“Mmmmm, I envy you, baby!” Judy said quietly. “The cock you’re taking back there is even bigger than the one I got last night! Oh, I’ll bet it has you near cumming already, if your ass is anything like your mother’s!”

Patty, as if on cue, swooned.

“Another few inches of cock and I’ll cum twice as much as I do when I’m getting my cunt screwed!”

The boy’s massive prick was about halfway in.

He corrected that with a bucking thrust, abruptly buried to his balls.

“That did it!” cried Patty. “I’m cumming like it’ll kill me!”

Watching, with her envy mounting, Judy Cannon whispered, “God, I wish it was me getting all that prick where I shit. Lucky Patty, finding somebody to fuck her in the ass who’s that hung. Just wish I had the nerve to catch him on his way out and set up a date for me to try his big cock for size on me.”

“With the fucking this tight, any guy can almost taste his own jizz right from the start! Can’t hold back for much longer than I already have from shooting it!”

Hearing the boy’s voice, immediately Judy tried to convince herself that it was just a coincidence.

“A lot of people sound alike, especially boys who are the same age,” Judy reasoned out loud.

“So what’re you waiting for then, Nick?” Patty urged. “Nothing I want more than an assfull of your hot jizz as soon as I can get it!”

Judy Cannon made a last-ditch attempt to stop the emerging truth, weakly supposing that it could be merely another coincidence that the name was the same.

However, seeing was believing. And, as he announced to Patty that his jizz was on its way, the boy jerked his head so his full profile was on display.

“N-no!” Judy gulped when she saw exactly who was ass-fucking her daughter.

“Yes! Yes!” Patty squealed, suddenly on the verge of an assful of spurting jizz.

Nick Cannon, home from college, came in his sister’s tight asshole while their wide-eyed mother watched in a stunned trance.

“My own N… my own… fucking!” Judy Cannon tonelessly muttered. “My own Nick fucking my own Patty in the ass!”

Judy shuffled back, away from the incestuous scene as if it would physically harm her to remain as a spectator. She wanted to find a dark corner somewhere away from it all, curl up there and slip into a void where her mind was a blank.

But it wasn’t that easy for Judy. She was a helpless prisoner of what she saw and heard with the knowledge that it was sister-brother sex.

“Oooooh, Nicky,” Patty murmured when her brother had pulled his dripping cock out of her swamped asshole, “look what a mess I am!”

“Mmmm, you sure are, gig,” Nick agreed. Patty reached behind herself to yank apart her ass-cheeks so her freshly fucked shit-hole creamily drooled with excess jizz that trickled into the slice of her cunt. “Looking at you this way’s getting me turned on all over again.”

“Figured it would!” Patty said smugly. “But, just in case you need a little more help to get your cock back up, I’ve got something nice ‘n’ dirty in mind that’s guaranteed to put plenty of fresh steel in your prick, if you’ve got the balls to handle it.”

“Just try me, Sis,” Nick said eagerly.

He was overwhelmed. For, springing backward from her knees, Patty bowled over her brother and sat right don on his face with her ass-cheeks spread wide open.

“Yes, Nicky,” she urged from her perch, “eat my ass… Suck your own cum out of me with your tongue, just as good as your cock put it into it.”

Witnessing the kinky turn of events, Judy Cannon tingled with fresh envy at her daughter’s wild behavior. Would she herself be as bold as she is now? she wondered.

So often, Judy recalled, she’d yearned to be the one who followed up a fuck with something that kept the voltage humming without a break. But she’d always counted on the man to force the issue — waiting, always waiting to be dominated, her timid husband slipping away from her in the process, while a sequence of strangers took advantage of her.

Mr. Tennis had hardly been the first Mr. Right who turned out to be Mr. Wrong. Judy had been used and then tossed aside like a cheap whore more times than she cared to remember. And, maybe worse, anybody who did come back for more — like her husband — was usually someone who simply felt comfortable with her, instead of burning with the ongoing passion she wished she could arouse in a member of the opposite sex.

But, Judy could see full well as she witnessed the action in the bedroom, her teenaged daughter had no such problem. Patty definitely made things happen and strictly according to her own desires.

“Tongue, Nicky, tongue!” Patty demanded. “That a boy! Shoot it up my ass the same way you did with your cock!”

Judy could hear Nick’s tongue slurping inside Patty’s narrow shit-channel from all the way across the room. He was swabbing his own jizz out of Patty’s asshole.

“Oh, just look at that beautiful, new hard on Patty’s given her brother!” Judy Cannon sighed. “Wonder what she’ll do with it while Nicky’s sucking her ass.”

Judy guessed that if she were in her daughter’s place, she’d want to lean down and suck Nick’s fine, young prick. But Patty put on an even better show than that. Bending over from her perch on Nick’s face, she brought her tits into play.

Patty didn’t have anywhere near the largest set of tits around, but she knew how to fuck a hard cock with them, as sure as she could with her pussy and asshole. Squeezing her tit-mounds around her brother’s hard-on, she began rubbing his cock-meat with expert rhythm.

Her mother, who’d never fucked anybody with her tits, panted with admiration.

“Patty, oh, Patty! God, how I wish it was the other way around between us. If I was the daughter and could cum to you and ask for advice so you could teach me all the tricks?”

Judy Cannon felt so ordinary watching her daughter, having never tit-fucked. She had never even found the courage to dare fantasize about having sex with her own brother for more than a shamefully fleeting instant at a time.

“Maybe, if I’d been more honest about Hank,” Judy said softly, thinking about her brother who’d been killed in Viet Nam, “I’d have never settled for marrying Ed.”

All Judy could do was try to lessen her personal frustration by taking pride in how much better her daughter had turned out than she had.

“Nicky,” Patty moaned from on top of the unusual ass-eating, tit-fucking sixty-nine, “I’m gonna… but that’s just half the story. ‘Cause, stud, you’re gonna come right along with me. That’s an ordcr!”

She began rubbing her tits even tighter and much faster round her brother’s cock while he reamed her asshole. He and she began twitching together, both below the waist in a telltale fashion.

“Oh, cum, cum!” Judy whispered unheard encouragement from afar. “Cum together, my darling babies!”

Her children didn’t disappoint Judy Cannon. All at once, Patty was cumming, and celebrating the strength of her cum. And with her mouth open to squeal with pleasure, it provided an ideal target. Nick’s cock leaped from between her tits and erupted with a fresh load of cream.

Patty’s reaching tongue was instantly lathered with her brother’s cum. She slurped all the way down on Nick’s gushing prick and took the rest of his jizz with a deep-throating blowjob.

“Yes! Suck it, baby, suck it!” Judy moaned, just wishing that she could actually spur on her daughter in person. “Suck that cock! Suck his jizz!”

Judy knew that when Patty was finished sucking Nick’s cock, his prick would pop up as hard as ever. Judy knew that sister and brother would fuck wildly all over again.

Ending the blowjob, Patty released Nick’s glistening cock from her drooling mouth. Patty thought Nick had seemed to be hung with at least ten inches, but now his prick seemed to be more like twelve inches.

“Oh, baby, you’ve got him harder and bigger than ever!” Judy moaned from her distance. “Fuck him, Patty, fuck him! Fuck him this time just for me! I think that if you fuck him one more time, I might cum just from watching.”

Seeming ta have heard her mother, Patty said, “Nicky, I’m telling you straight out. You’re not off the hook until you fill my cunt with cock. You’ve fucked me everywhere else since we came upstairs — in the mouth, up my ass, between my tits. So now it’s time for the old reliable. I’m just an old-fashioned girl, I guess, but until I get my pussy balled, I just don’t feel all the way fucked!”

“Won’t get any argument out of me, Sis!” Nick said. “I’ve got one last hard-on and one more load of cum in my balls before I have to crash.”

“Then, brother dear, here I am!” Patty called. “All cunt!”

She lay back, her raised knees spread over a foot apart so that her thighs yawned to showcase her cock-hungry pussy. It wasn’t only her brother, though, who drooled at the sight of Patty in her classic pose.

“She’s so beautiful!” Judy Cannon said of her spread-legged daughter. “Almost makes me wish I had a cock so I could fuck her!”

As it was, Judy’s cunt was yearning with arousal as she looked across the room at Patty’s teenaged slice of pussy. She watched Nick’s big cock sink into his sister’s welcoming cunt, saw Patty’s legs wind around her brother to rock him in the cradle of her thigh, and was witness to the flawless example of fucking which followed.

As she looked on, however, Judy Cannon knew that the future held more than just her daughter and son in bed together. While her eyes focused on them fucking, her imagination raced ahead to include a third party to incest… herself!


Judy Cannon had left the house after watching her son fuck her daughter everywhere his big cock could fit. The car still had enough gas in the tank to make it to the nearest bar. Judy’s stolen funds presented no problem when she persuaded the lonely guys sitting on the stools beside her to compete with one another to buy her all she could drink.

It was dusk when she staggered back out onto the street, just drunk enough to be ready for almost anything. Behind the wheel of her car, she cautiously nosed her way back home. A cop started following her, nonetheless.

When she was stopped, Judy knew there was no way she could conceal that she’d had too much to drink. However, the way things worked out, she wound up glad for it. Judy boldly made the cop an offer he couldn’t refuse. Within minutes, she was on her way again, her driving record still clean, and the bittersweet taste of the cop’s cum lingering in her mouth from sucking his prick.

Judy pulled into the driveway for the second time that day, and, when she entered the house, she called out loud and clear that she was home. There’d be no surprise, she decided — except, that is, those of her own making.

Patty greeted her, clearly flustered.

“Gee, Mom! Thought you weren’t, uh, gonna be back till a couple of days from now.”

With enough alcohol in her system to set her tongue in motion before she thought better of it, Judy asked point blank, “Where’s your brother?”

“H-huh?” Patty stammered, stepping back. “I’m waiting for an answer, young lady,” Judy said, making up the distance her daughter had temporarily put between them.

Realizing that she was outgunned, Patty must pretend, “God Morn, how did you know, Nicky was in town?”

Rather than explaining, Judy sharply repeated, “Where’s your brother?”

“Upstairs. Asleep in his old room,” Patty said, telling the truth. “W-want me to wake him up so you can talk to him?”

“No,” Judy said without hesitation. “I want to be alone with you, young lady.”

“Wh-what for, Mom?”

“First, to tell you what I saw today,” Judy said. “Then, to decide what you and I are going to do about it.”

Patty reacted with such sinking feeling that her knees almost buckled. All the color drained from her face, leaving her drawn expression ashen.

“That’s right,” Judy Cannon said, “what I saw today is just what you’re afraid it is, young lady. You… and him. This is the second time I’ve been home today. The first time, you didn’t know I was here.”

“M-me and…” Patty gagged.

Her mother nodded, but pulled no punches. “You and your brother. How else did you think I knew he was home? I saw you both. Saw you… well, why don’t you tell me?”

“F-fucking,” Patty admitted painfully, realizing that she’d been caught. She managed enough courage to add the logical question. “Wh-what’re you gonna do to me, Mom?”

Judy Cannon’s reply was crisp, but not angry. “That depends on you, my dear.”

“I-I don’t understand, Mom,” Patty muttered truthfully.

“Oh, but you will,” her mother mysteriously told her. “And what you do about it will make the difference between getting grounded or having your allowance doubled.”

Patty became hopelessly confused.


“Relax, darling,” Judy purred. “And leave the rest to Mommy.”

Judy Cannon stroked her daughter’s soft, brown hair with one hand and rubbed Patty’s ass with the other. Patty didn’t have any idea how to respond, but when the crucial time came, she performed automatically. Judy and Patty kissed — not a usual mother-daughter kiss, but one flush on the mouth, which demanded that their darting tongues be intertwined.

“Now do you know what this is all about?” Judy Cannon asked when their wet kiss was broken.

Patty breathlessly asked the only question that made any sense.

“Mom, are you… bi?”

“I wasn’t,” her mother answered readily, “until I watched you fucking your brother. I suppose I should’ve been turned on by Nick’s big cock, but, instead, it’s my little girl who’s had my pussy soaking wet ever since.”

She briefly paused, letting the electricity build. “The most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen darling,” she told her daughter with yearning sincerity. “The only girl I could ever imagine that I’d want to do… well… this with?”

Judy kneeled. Her hands were on her daughter’s jeans. She yanked them open, and then pulled the jeans down.

“Mmmmm, no panties in the way!” Judy panted at what she’d uncovered. Instantly, her mouth was on Patty’s exposed.

“Oh, Mom, that fells so good! Suck it, Mom, suck my pussy so I can cum in your mouth!”

Judy Cannon’s tongue surged into Patty’s cunt and wriggled like a make. In return, Patty rolled her hips as if she were being fucked by a cock.

“Yes, I’m gonna cum right away, Mom!” Patty moaned with mounting pleasure. “Just keep it up and you’ll have all my pussy-juice you can swallow.”

Judy’s tongue pumped harder, reaching the depths of her daughters pussy. Patty shuddered from head to toe, and then her senses exploded. “I-I’m cum-cum-cummming!” she cried. Spurred on even more by the flavor of her daughter’s deliciously climaxing cunt, Judy pulled Patty down to her knees. Then she stretched the writhing teenager on the living room floor and dived between her legs for the rest of Patty’s wet orgasm.

“Wow, Mom!” Patty moaned when she’d finished cumming. “You get me off so good; it’s enough to make me forget all about guys!”

“Then let me just make double-sure that you do, sweetheart,” Judy said, looking up from her daughter’s crotch with a sticky grin.

Judy swung around on top of Patty, setting the stage for a lesbian sixty-nine. Patty lifted up her mother’s skirt and drooled at the sight of the woman’s plump ass-cheeks and flexing cunt encased in tight, stained panties.

“Mom,” Patty said, “I wanna eat your cunt as much or more as I ever wanted to suck any cock!”

“So, what’re you waiting for, darling?”

“Not a blessed thing, Mom!” Patty replied, promptly peeling away her mother’s panties.

Her mother’s cunt pressed against Patty’s face, and the girl’s nostrils flared from the naturally perfumed pussy-scent. If her mother’s cunt tasted as good as it smelled, Patty thought, then heaven and earth might be right here between her mother legs.

As Patty’s mouth sealed over her mother’s cunt the welcoming pussy-juice which oozed in like a drug so powerful, that the first taste turned her into an instant addict.

“Mmmm, you love my pussy as much as I do yours!” Judy moaned in response. “I can tell by the way your tongue’s already way up inside me get set for me to cum in your mouth right away, darling.”

Judy sat on her daughter’s face and angled even more of Patty’s tongue up her cunt. She bore down and climaxed immediately.

Patty gulped down her mother’s cum as if her life depended on swallowing every drop. Maybe a sucked cock shot its wad with more spurting force than a pussy delivered its oozing honey, Patty thought, but that same cock could only cum once before it had to recover. A pussy, however, kept right on bubbling for as long as she sucked it, replacing one orgasm with another.

Judy Cannon was cumming nonstop in her daughters mouth. But Patty’s wide-open crotch as there to be feasted upon too. Judy’s tongue angled — not for teenaged pussy — but a notch below.

“Oooooo, Mom!” Patty squealed with surprise, temporarily interrupting her own oral efforts. “How did you know how much I dig it in my ass?”

Judy was too busy beginning the rim-job to answer, but Patty quickly figured out for herself why her mother had targeted her shit-pit. Of course, Patty thought, if her mom had watched the action earlier today, then she had to have seen her ass-fucking with Nick.

Patty’s mind shifted from receiving to giving. Drooling with anticipation, Patty spread her mother’s ass-cheeks. What a delicious sight it was, Patty thought. Her mother’s cunt-hair grew all the way up into her crack, swirling around the dusky pucker of Judy’s shit-hole.

“Mmmmm, I hope it’s as good as it looks!” Patty moaned, then fucked her tongue to take the plunge.

As she began the rim-job in her mother’s irresistible asshole, a bittersweet flavor made Patty’s taste buds tingle with delight. Traces of just enough female shit gave Patty the additional, dirty sensation which she craved.

Swiftly, their ass-reaming sixty-nine got even more exquisitely nasty for both daughter and mother. Together, Patty and Judy Cannon sweetly farted in one another’s sucking mouth. As they swallowed their fumes, they tongue fucked harder and deeper than ever, soon reveling in simultaneous climaxes.

Their cunts were slobbering and pulsing Patty and Judy celebrated their orgasms by ending their rim-jobs and returning their mouths to one another’s syrupy cunt. Every drop of pussy-juice was devoured, before daughter and mother bobbed up to ask each other what was next.

“Just wish I had more bi experience,” Judy sighed. “Then I’d know for sure exactly what more to do to you, darling.”

“Just do what comes naturally, Mom,” Patty said.

“Uh, what I have in mind isn’t so natural,” Judy replied sheepishly.

“Let me be the judge of that, Mom. C’mon, lemme hear it.”

“Well, I was just thinking while I was eating you, how fantastic it’d be if I could,” Judy haltingly said, finishing on a wistful question mark, “… fuck you?”

Patty’s face lit like a Christmas tree.

“Oh, Mom, that’s the same as I was thinking! Us really going all the way! Me ‘n’ you actually fucking without a guy in sight!”

“But,” Judy said with regret, pointedly looking toward the cockless crotches, “I don’t have to tell you what the problem is!”

“Leave me to me, Mom!” Patty said. “One way or another, our cunts were made to get fucked by each other!”

Bounding to her feet, Patty scampered from the living room and disappeared into the kitchen. From the living room, Judy could hear the refrigerator door opening and closing. Patty returned with a grin from car to ear and something hidden behind her back.

“Y-you found something that’ll work, didn’t you, darling?” Judy stammered with hopeful excitement.

“Lay back, spread your legs, close your eyes and feel for yourself, Mom!”

“You mean, like a surprise?”

“The best one I could ever give you, Mom. Guaran-damned-teed!”

Judy Cannon fell back on the carpet, as she raised and parted her knees so her thighs yawned at their crux.

“Oh, that’s it!” Patty said, praising her mother’s centerfold-come-to-life pose. “If ever cunt was ready for a cock, it’s your cunt, wide open for my cock!”

The idea of her daughter being magically hung with a hard-on had Judy Cannon squirming with expectation. Never had she wanted anybody to fuck her more than she wanted Patty to turn into a female stud and ram her to the womb with whatever it took for a daughter to fuck her mother.

“Hurry up, baby, hurry!” Judy cried impatiently, her eyes still shut. “I can’t wait!”

“Mmmmm, neither can I,” Patty answered. “Just give me a sec to set things up.” Patty reached between her legs with an object she’s brought from the kitchen, and jammed half of it up her own cunt while her mother remained sightless. Then, kneeling, the girl fucked the several thick inches jutting from her crotch toward her mother’s pussy.

“Can I look yet, darling?” Judy asked. “When I’ve counted to three Mom.” On the first number, Patty slipped her hips between her mother’s thighs. With the second number, she brushed her mother’s clit and clit-slit with the blunt end of the device she was going to fuck her with.

“Ooooooh!” Patty groaned, abruptly hilting her mother’s pussy so their female crotches smacked together. “Three, Mom, three, three!”

Judy Cannon’s eyes flew open as her clit was jammed, and her senses soared. She found herself face to face with her daughter, who was directly on top of her.

“My God!” Judy moaned with awed delight. “Don’t know how you’re doing it, baby, but somehow, sure enough, you’re actually fucking me! Fucking me so deep!”

“Not any deeper than you’re fucking me back, Mom!” declared Patty. “This is one cock that works both ways!”

“What is it, baby? What’re we fucking each other with? Seems sooo real!”

“Then that’s all you need to know for now, Mom. As long as we’re fucking, just keep telling yourself that it’s as real as it feels.”

Patty pierced her mother’s cunt with a hilting thrust, which in turn jammed her own pussy. Judy Cannon stopped asking questions and start cumming. Patty came right along with her.

“Feel it, Mom? Feel us cumming together?” Patty cried, orgasmically gasping into her mother’s ear.

“Oooooh, do I!” Judy squealed. “It’s like we have the same body… the same cunt!”

“So let’s keep it going for us as long as we can, Mom! Fucking each other… cumming together… harder, harder!” As the hips of mother and daughter rolled in erotic harmony, their shared cock rhythmically see-sawed between their pussies. They pawed one another’s tits to bring their orgasms to an even faster boil.

“I’ve never been fucked this good, cum so much!” Judy Cannon eventually cried. Then she admitted, “Don’t know how long I can take so much of such a good thing.”

“Well, I’ll stretch you to the limit, Mother.” One of Patty’s hands left Judy’s tits and traveled to her mother’s crotch. Into the crack of her mother’s ass her fingers probed. She fucked for her mother’s asshole.

“Oh baby! Baby!” Judy groaned to her daughter. “Don’t know how much more time I have before I fall over the edge, but as long as I last, please don’t stop finger-fucking my asshole while you’re, fucking my cunt and squeezing my tits!”

“I feel exactly the same way, Mom!” Patty cried. “So do everything back to me, just the same as I’m doing to you. If it’s too much for us, then we’ll pass out the way we’ve done everything else this far — together!”

Judy immediately responded, slipping a hand into the split of her daughter’s ass. She snaked a finger into Patty’s asshole.

“That’s it, Mom!” Patty moaned. “That’s the ticket! Now, c’mon, let’s take it to the absolute max!”

Patty added another finger in her mother’s shit-pit. Judy returned the favor, then upped the stakes with a third finger in her daughter’s shithole. Patty abruptly caught up, and weather mother one better. But Judy swiftly answered in kind — and so on, until mother and daughter both had their entire hands lodged in one another’s fantastically stretched asshole.

Their knuckles curled within their tight, but yielding shitters. They began punching to the same brutally erotic rhythm.

“God, we’re practically killing each other, aren’t we, Mom?” Patty yelled with hysterical glee.

“And — ahhhh — what a way to go!” Judy shrieked.

Judy and Patty Cannon reached the peak of lesbian incest.

“I’m shitting!” Judy cried.

“Same here!” Patty moaned.

“And cumming, too, just like I am?”

“Yes, yes, yes! Shitting and cumming, right along with you!”

“How much longer do you think we can stand it?” Judy asked.

“We’ll find out soon enough, won’t we? ‘Cause if I know you like you know me, neither one of us is gonna stop until both of us have had enough!”

“When do you think that’ll be?” The cock connecting Patty and Judy’s cunts suddenly snapped in two because of the thrusting knuckles in their fist-fucked assholes. Judy and Patty Cannon realized it was time to quit before they were unconscious, or they seriously hurt each other or both.

“Oooooh!” Patty moaned, starting to ease her slippery fist out of her mother’s shitty asshole. “If that wasn’t enough fucking and cumming for us, then we just aren’t human!”

“Amen!” whimpered Judy, also beginning to remove her filthy knuckles from Patty’s shitter. “Don’t think I’ll be able to sit down for a week.”

“If you need a nice, soft place, Mom,” Patty said, “you can always try my face!”

“… you dirty, little girl!”

“The dirtiest daughter any mom ever had!” Patty boasted, then turned it around. “Just like you’re the dirtiest mom any daughter ever had.”

“Baby, you talk almost as sweet as you suck and fuck,” Judy said lovingly. “It was all so… so… perfect!”

“But there’s still dessert, Mom!” Patty said with a devilish twinkle in her eye. She chuckled. “That is, if you have a taste for cucumber.”

“Wh-what?” Judy asked in confusion.

“Simple, Mom,” Patty said with a smirk. “What do you think we fucked each other’s cunts with, anyway?”

Judy gulped.

“Y-you mean…”

“Exactly, Mom. Straight out of the refrigerator and straight into our cunts. See for yourself.”

Arching back to flare her crotch, Patty reached into her pussy and pulled out a tell tale hunk that was green on the outside, white on the inside. The cucumber was oozing seeds from the pulpy center where it had broken from too much fucking.

“I-I don’t believe it!” Judy muttered in awe. “See it with my own eyes, but I still can’t believe we really fucked with that!”

“In this case, Mom,” Patty said, kissing her mother. “Feeling is believing. Does your pussy feel fucked?”

“Mmmmm, better than it ever has before,” Judy said dreamily.

“Then reach inside your own cunt and pull out your half of our cock, Mom!”

Judy did it, looking in wonder at what had felt so wonderful while it was jamming to her womb.

“Now, Mom,” Patty said coaxingly, “let’s feed our pussy-soaked halves to each other and have our dessert.”

Mother and daughter ate their cock. For dessert on top of dessert, they licked one another’s chocolate fingers fresh from one another’s fist-fucked assholes. They kissed, cumming one last time from trading their tangy tongues down their deep throats.


“So, I never did find out,” Judy said, smoothing down her rumpled skirt. “Besides getting into your pants, just what is your brother doing back here at home, anyway? Has he flunked out of college?”

Patty sighed in reply that what had happened between her brother and herself had started as a spur of the moment thing. Then she went on to fill in her mother on the story that Nick had told her about why he’d left school.

“Figures,” Judy remarked at the end of Patty’s story. “Now if we could only get Nick to join the Army or something, before your father gets back from his business trip and tries to strangle that boy.”

“Or Nicky strangles Daddy first,” Patty said. “I can tell he’s just itching for a showdown. I know Nicky, so I’m sure that this time he’s gonna have it out once and for all — not just with Daddy, but you, too, Mom.”

“Hmmmmm,” Judy murmured, considering what Patty had just said. “Then, just maybe that’s the answer to what to do about your brother. Yours, truly.”

“Not quite sure I understand what you’re getting at, Mom.”

“Simple. Before your brother has a chance to make your father hit the roof about dropping out of college, he’ll want to try out his act on me first. Right?”

“Sounds like Nick,” Patty said, agreeing with her mother so far.

“Well, then suppose that, instead of him getting to me, I turn the tables and get to him,” Judy said with fucking grin. “Get the poor kid so twisted up in knots that I can talk him into anything by the time I’m finished.”

“Talk him into leaving before Daddy gets back?”

“It can be done,” Judy said confidently to her daughter.

“This I have to see,” Patty said skeptically.

“Oh, you will, honey!” Judy chuckled. “I could never bring it off if I didn’t know you were watching, cheering me on and maybe, even joining in if I need some help.”

Patty was confused again, showing it with a puzzled frown.

“Trust me,” her mother said, grinning like the devil. “You just be ready tonight — for anything!”

Patty nodded in agreement, feeling inside like she was on a roller coaster ride.

Judy was waiting for Nick in the living room when he drowsily stumbled down the stairs after waking up. Expecting to find his sister, he stopped short when he saw Judy instead of Patty, blinking his eyes as if he couldn’t quite believe what he saw.

“Well aren’t you going to say hello?”

Judy called out musically to him, looking up from her long, bare legs which she’d been massaging at the thighs with some lotion.

“Yeah, sure,” Nick Cannon muttered. “Uh, hi, M-Mom.”

Judy noticed that her son’s gaze had fastened on the way her robe had fallen away at her loins. “I just shaved my legs, and I always like to give them a rubdown afterward to keep them nice ‘n’ smooth. I’m through now, though, so why don’t you sit down so we can talk?”

Nick nervously took the chair directly across from his scantily clad mother, unable to help noticing that she did nothing to pull down her robe, even though, she’d finished stroking her glistening thighs. And, he thought, unless his eyes were playing tricks on him, she wore no panties.

“Uh, suppose you wanna know why I’m not at college, huh, Mom?” Nick asked, continuing to mutter.

“Wait, don’t tell me, let me guess!” Judy answered playfully, shifting her legs just enough so her son saw for certain there were no panties. “It had something to do with a girl, I’ll bet.”

Nick squirmed, wondering how she’d figured that out. He didn’t think Patty had told her, not without checking with him first. But, in any case, his mother had hit on the truth. He went ahead and nodded to her that she was right.

“You fucked her, then,” Judy Cannon said evenly.

Nick nodded again, not used to such a conversation with his mother. He’d planned to tell her about getting kicked out of school because of fucking the dean’s daughter, but on his own terms. He was the one who was supposed to be shocking his mother, not the other way around.

“Was your little girlfriend a good piece of ass, Nicky?” Judy Cannon asked her son, her tone as eerily calm as her question was bold.

“God, Mom, what do you expect me to say to you about something like that?” Nick blurted out.

Judy ignored his protest and, calm as ever, tattooed her reeling son with a series of even more startling questions.

“Did she have a hairy pussy, Nicky? Was it tight for your big cock when you fucked her? Juicy? Did she scream when she came?”

As her words overwhelmed Nick, Judy’s body language hypnotized him. Indeed, the hairy pussy he was thinking about didn’t belong to the dean’s daughter but to his mother, as Judy’s robe gave way to her partially spreading thighs. Judy left nothing to Nick’s imagination.

Noting Nick’s ashen face, his mother asked, “What’s the matter, darling? Am I going too far?”

“J-just that,” Nick groaned, “this is kind a embarrassing.”

“Oh, don’t be so modest about me making you out to be too much of a stud, if that’s what’s bothering you,” Judy answered, all but purring. “I know my little boy has grown up, most of all where it matters most. That you’re hung with a cock any mother would be proud of.”

“H-how’re you so sure of that, Mom?” stammered Nick.

“Because,” Judy said without hesitation, and she openly purred while pointedly staring at Nick’s crotch, “I’m looking at you at the same time you’re looking at me. And since your cock is bulging as hard in your jeans as my pussy is wet, we both must like what we see.”

Nick was in a daze. His brain strained to accept that the boring family he’d left when he’d gone off to college was the same one he’d come back home to now.

“You do like what you see, don’t you, son?” his mother asked.

Judy Cannon stood to provide an even better look. Off came her robe, leaving her stark naked. Not a flaw marked her splendid body, which was highlighted by her perfect tits and the bushy triangle of her cunt.

“Now it’s your turn,” Judy cooed to her son, “to, shall we say, let it all… mmmmmm… hang out!”

Judy unzipped his bulging fly, kneeling in front of him to get at his cock.

She had his rigid cock out in the open in just seconds, and she drooled.

“Just looking at this whopper’s not enough for yours truly. Got to suck it!”

Instantly, she had a mouthful of her son’s stiff prick. Nick stared down in awe, his bails churning. Quite simply, if his mother kept sucking his cock, he was definitely going to cum.

As he was deep-throated, Nick Cannon wondered what the odds were that a guy could have both a sister and mother who were so horny to fuck him. Was he the luckiest guy in the world, he wondered, or riding for a fall that would make all the other messes he’d gotten into seem like nothing?

Nick’s hands automatically grasped his mother’s head to guide her suction, increasing the friction between her mouth and his prick.

“Oooooh, shit! Am I gonna shoot a load!” he moaned, giving in to the inevitable.

His prick erupted halfway down his mother’s throat. She swallowed his jizz as fast as it spurted. The only blow job he’d ever gotten to equal it was when his sister had sucked him off.

Nick let his mother keep sucking until he was sure she’d downed every drop of his cum.

“Yeah!” he sighed with relief as he pushed his mother’s face away from his crotch, never so glad to see his prick soft. Then, louder, he said, “Sorry, Mom, but you can see for yourself — you took everything I’ve got!”

Challenging his fuck, his sticky, grinning mother replied, “Fiddlesticks? A boy your age always has mare for the right piece of ass.”

Nick ran his mother’s last, telling phrase over in his mind: “piece of ass”. That could only mean one thing. That she fully expected him to fuck her.

“But, then again,” Judy Cannon wistfully said, “who am I to decide about the right piece of ass for you, Nicky? No mother should be that pushy.”

She looked her son straight in the eye.

“You fuck whoever you want to, darling,” she said, her attitude completely turned around in a matter of seconds. “Don’t think you owe me anything, just because I’m your mother. I’m willing to forget everything that’s happened tonight if you are. It’s probably for the best.”

Judy walked away from her puzzled son toward the stairs. Watching her go, Nick was at a total loss as to what to think say, or do — and he had to admit, feeling disappointment that she had walked out on him.

Nick slumped in a chair, trying to make some kind of sense of his bizarre homecoming. Deep in thought, he completely failed to pick up on the hurried footsteps which followed his mother’s up the stairs.

Patty had watched the whole thing, and she scurried to compare notes with her mom.

“Well, how’m I doing so far?” Judy asked her daughter when the latter appeared in the bedroom doorway.

“Fantastic!” Patty said with approval. “What a blow job! Nobody could suck a cock any better than you did Nicky’s!”

“Except maybe you, darling,” Judy affectionately replied. “But the main thing is, was it good enough to get him upstairs for a shot at my pussy? Did it get him thinking that he has to fuck me, no matter what?”

“He’s only human, Mom,” Patty readily answered. She haltingly added, “What I can’t understand, though, Mom, is why you didn’t just go through with it downstairs. You could’ve given Nicky another hard-on down there if you’d halfway tried. Got him to fuck you easy. But this way — well, by the time he gets here, it’ll be because he thinks he has something to prove. He might get rough.”

“Mmm-hmmm,” Judy agreed. “The rougher the better!”

“Gee, Mom, almost sounds like you want to be raped?”

“Every woman worth her cunt does,” mother told daughter, “no bones about it.”

“Not this girl,” Patty insisted, shaking her heard. “Fact is, if that’s what you’re expecting from Nicky, don’t know if I even want to watch anymore.”

“But you have to, dear,” Judy said. “Somebody has to catch your mother-fucking brother raping poor me. Can’t think of any better way to get him over a barrel than his own sister as an eye-witness, can you?”

“That’s how you’re planning to get Nicky out of the house?” Patty asked, astounded at such cruelty. “By making him think he’ll wind up in jail if he doesn’t go on the run?”

“Trust me.”

“No, Mom, I can’t!” Patty snapped back. “Not anymore!”

“Then let me put it this way,” Judy said. “If you agree to watch, whatever you decide to finally do will be all right with me. If you don’t trust me. I trust you.”

“Forget it, Mother, you’ve gone too far,” Patty said, maintaining her decision. “I’m splitting.”

When she started to leave, though, Patty stopped in her tracks. She heard charging footsteps on the stairs — her brother! She’d run right into him if she went out the door. So, helplessly, she looked for some other route of escape, and wound up being directed by her mother toward the closet. What else could she do? she thought. She went to the closet out of sight just a Nick stormed into the room.

“Okay, Mom, I’ve made up my mind!” he blurted out, displaying a throbbing, hard cock. “I wait your pussy! You’re as good as fucked!”

Judy Cannon’s performance was expert. She shrank away from Nick as if she were a fair maiden and he some sort of monster.

“Hey, what’s the deal, Mom?” Nick blustered. “You know you want it!”

“No… no…” Judy convincingly whimpered. “Please go away. Whatever happened between us before didn’t happen as far as I’m concerned now. Come one step nearer and I’ll scream!”

“Damn!” Nick shouted with frustration. “You Goddamned cock-teaser!”

“I’m warning you…”

Nick took a deep breath, then closed the distance between them. Judy screwed on cue. Uncrossing her arms, which had been hiding her naked body, she now began lashing out at her son, scratching and slapping his face.

Nick was not driven back. Instead, he gained momentum from his mother’s attempt to fight him off.

“Yeah,” he snarled, on a macho roll, “I think I like it better this way. Me making you cum on my terms, bitch! Making you take my big cock in your cunt no matter how much you try and stop it!”

“You pig!” Judy Cannon yelled at her son. She raised her hand to strike him again. Nick blocked her blow with one arm, then looped the other one to slap her across the face, instead. Judy crashed to the floor, thumping on her ass with the impact spreading her legs so her cunt showed.

“Go ahead, Mom, try and stop me!”

Judy kicked at him. He avoided her kick, calling on his youthful reflexes to seize her ankles and make her helpless.

“Bitch, you don’t have a chance!” he yelled.

He bent her legs all the way back over her head. Her ass was the highest part of her jackknifed body, her spread ass-cheeks revealing the hairy wound of her cunt.

“I was born out of that big, old pussy,” Nick mumbled to himself. “And now, all these years later, I’m gonna fuck it. No, better than that! Rape it! Mother-fucking rape the same pussy that squeezed me out into this crazy world with my big, mean cock!”

Judy pleaded for mercy. “You can’t — can’t do something like this to me, Nick!”

Her voice was very shrill. It got on her son’s nerves. Nick decided to shut her up by bringing her as far down as he could.

“This is your last chance to shut the hell up on your son, Mom!” he warned.

“I wish you’d never been born!” Judy Cannon defiantly shrieked.

“You asked for it, bitch!” snarled Nick.

His cock erupted, and that was the end of his mother’s outcries. Abruptly, the only sound from her was a drowning gurgle. With a gushing stream, Nick was pissing straight down into her mouth.

His golden shower backed up in her throat and overflowed, pouring down her chin and spilling all the way to her tits. Seeing her so degraded turned Nick on more than ever, so that, when he let go of his dripping prick, it twanged back up at an even sharper angle from his crotch than it had jutted before he’d pissed on her.

“Now for the best part, Mom,” he said. “I swear, once I’m finished raping you, I think I’ll cum as much in your cunt as I just pissed in your mouth.”

Kneeling, he took aim with his rigid prick again, this time at his mother’s quivering cunt. He taunted her, rubbing his cock-head from her clit all the way down the groove of her pussy lips to her asshole.

Judy’s naked flesh broke out in goose bumps. She sputtered in anticipation of what was about to happen to her, still gagging on her son’s piss. Finally, her wait was over.

“Arrgghh!” Nick blurted, as if he were crying out in pain, the sword of his prick stabbing to the hilt in his mother’s captive cunt with a brutal surge. “Take it, bitch! Take my cock so deep in your pussy you’re sure I’ll split you in two. So you’re scared out of your mind I’ll fuck you to death!”

Judy’s son became a merciless machine, his cock a jack hammering fuck-tool that his body powered with relentless thrusts. He raped his mother’s cunt.

“Oooooh, you’re killing me!” Judy cried. “You bastard!”

“Bastard, Mom?” Nick laughed as his cock pumped nonstop. “That’d mean you and Dad aren’t really married. Ought to come up with a better name than that to call me.”

“Son of a bitch!”

“Then you know what that makes you, Mom,” Nick said, taunting Judy. “C’mon, Mom, why don’t you go ahead and call me what I really am?”

Judy accurately cursed her son.

“Y-you mother-fucker!”

“More like it, Mom,” Nick said proudly. “That’s me, all right — one bad-ass, mother fucking stud!”

Nick repeatedly forced his huge prick into his mother’s raped cunt with pile-driving friction. He could not keep up this furious pace, though, without soon having to shoot his wad.

“Looks like you’ll be lucky to get out of this alive, Mom,” he said. “But no way you’re gonna get out of it without cumming, if I can help it.”

Judy breathlessly gurgled something that was so garbled it didn’t mean anything to Nick. Having only a short time remaining before his cock erupted with jizz in her pussy, Nick was determined to force her to cum along with him.

“Cum, damn you! Cum!” he snarled. “Cum, if you know what’s good for you!”

Judy responded with more gurgling sounds. Nick’s hands found his mother’s tits, each tit grasped in his gouging fingers. He squeezed them, then wrenched her tits round almost double as his means of vicious persuasion.

“Cum, Mom, cum!” he demanded some more. Then he threatened, “I’ll rip your damned tits off, if you don’t cum for me!”

Judy screamed as loud as she could, her naked body shuddering. It was impossible to tell whether it was because of an orgasm or unbearable suffering. Nick’s body abruptly bucked out of control. Nick was cumming, too.

“God, what a load!” he groaned. “What a hot load of jizz I’m shooting into your pussy, Mom! So hot it burns my cock on the way out!”

It took him several seconds for his cock to finish spilling his cream, as he sang the praises of his gushing climax. And when his cum had run its course, as drained as he was, Nick remained keyed up. He impatiently waited for his fucked mother to admit what a stud he’d been.

Judy Cannon, however, slipped into complete silence. What’s more, she went limp as a rag doll, totally unresponsive.

“Damn you, Mom, Goddamn you!” Nick yelled, seething with frustration. “I fucked you with everything I’ve got. You had to feel it!”

He continued to receive no reaction in any form from his speechless, motionless mother, and his blood boiled. He pulled his dripping cock out of Judy’s swamped cunt. Nick had a hard-on that hadn’t surrendered an inch to all that fucking and cumming. When he saw his hard cock, he could only think that fate had given him another chance to prove himself.

“This time, Mom,” he said, holding his jutting cock-shaft the way he would a weapon, “there’s no way out for you. Either you’ll cum like your life depends on it, or you’ll damned well wish you were dead after the way I’m gonna fuck you next!”

Judy said and did nothing.


From the closet where she bid, Patty Cannon watched her brother rape their mother every step and cock-thrust of the way. At first, Patty had been awe struck by the violent poetry in motion, then numbed by her brothers mounting brutality — and now, finally, horrified by what Nick was on the verge of doing.

“No, too much,” Patty whispered with alarm. “I know Mom brought out the worst in Nick on purpose so she could frame him with rape, but now it’s gone too far. She doesn’t even seem to know where she is anymore. He’ll rip her to pieces, if he goes ahead and does this.”

And if anybody was going to stop Nick, Patty knew, it would be have to be herself. Her mother was helplessly being twisted into position so she’d be raped by Nick’s big cock where the fucking was tightest and most dangerous.

“Just can’t stand by and let this happen!” Patty said quietly, breathlessly making her decision. “Can’t let Nick fuck Mom in the ass while she’s this out of it!”

Nick’s cock-head was already poking between the forcibly raised and spread cheeks of Judy’s ass. He was set to ravage, and Patty had to make her move at once.

So out of the closet she burst.

“Hold it right there, Nicky! Just forget all about ass-fucking Mom.”

“Yeah, Sis, well you and who else is gonna stop me?” Nick snarled.

“Just me’ll be enough,” Patty snapped back, talking as tough as she could and praying that she could back it up.

She didn’t scare her brother, but at least she had his attention enough, so that his cock left the target of their mother’s ass when he turned for a glaring face-off with Patty.

“Don’t know what you were doing here to begin with, Sis. But right now, I really don’t give a damn!” Nick yelled. “I’m a lot more interested in finding out how you plan to stop me from fucking Mom where she shits. C’mon, Sis, I’m waiting — daring you to try.”

Patty had to put up or shut up, knowing her mother had placed her in that position by design. But that was with the idea that Nick would permanently flee if faced with an eyewitness who could nail him for rape, and the original script was no longer playable, Patty realized Nick was too far gone to so easily outsmart, with their mother’s reckless fun and games turning into something a lot more like life and death.

Saying it as fast as she could, before she had second thoughts, Patty blurted, “Fuck my ass, instead!”

Nick hadn’t expected this. Catching him off balance gave Patty a few extra seconds to make her case.

“Mom’s so out of it,” she hurriedly said to her brother, “that she wouldn’t even know what you’re doing to her. You’d might as well be fucking a corpse. Dead meat…”

She briefly paused when she heard herself describing her mother in such ghastly terms. But before she had openly cringed, Patty was listening to the desperate sound of her own voice.

“But I’m alive and kicking, Nicky,” she said. “I’ll cum for you the way poor Mom can’t. Cum so hard from your stud’s cock jamming up my ass. Yes, Nicky, just look at how ready my horny asshole is for your big prick. I know you’ll want to fuck me there!”

Nick bit.

“Show me, Sis!”

Patty wasted no time in dropping onto all fours in the classic female position for backdoor sex. Bottom up, she hurriedly unfastened her jeans and pulled them down, along with her panties, to her knees. She showed her brother her asshole, hoping he couldn’t resist, reaching behind to spread her ass-cheeks so her shit-pit puckered in plain sight.

As she showed her inviting asshole, Patty heard her brother’s breath quickening to a ragged tempo. A good sign, Patty thought, so she went for broke.

“I’ll even grease the way for you, Nicky,” she called over her shoulder. “Get myself nice ‘n’ slippery for your big cock, so you can start ass-fucking me to your balls right away.”

One of her hands dipped into her cunt, going after some pussy-juice for a lube job. Her thumbnail fucking her clit aroused all the fresh supply she needed. When her fingers emerged from her pussy and shifted toward her asshole, they were dripping.

She quickly put one, two, three of her fingers into her tight shitter, widening her asshole for the bulk of her brother’s cock. For the first time since she’d decided on this strategy, Patty was actually starting to look forward to getting fucked up the ass in place of her mother.

The only problem with her plan, Patty thought, was that her brother had still not agreed that she would be the one on the receive big end of his rigid prick. He was breathing hard, but until he was safely locked in where she shit, Patty couldn’t take anything for granted.

So, she knew, she had to show Nick even more to get his cock to make up his mind for him. She removed her fingers from her asshole and highlighted how fuckably her shitter was stretched.

Her fingertips snagged the rims, then tugged at either side, wining her ass-channel into a likeness of a miniature cunt, showing inner pink. She could not do any better at convincing Nick that her shit-pit had just taken over from her real cunt as her number one fuck-hole.

“Ye… how can I turn it down? I can smell it from here. Real funky… if ever there was an asshole just waiting for me to fuck the shit out of it, this is the one.”

Hearing him, Patty tingled on the brink of success. Her brother lined up directly behind her, took aim with his prick, set his hips, and fucked Patty’s asshole.

“Ooooh, it hurts soooo gooood!” Patty squealed with a sudden assfull of her brother’s thrusting cock-shaft.

“Your cock’s not even all the way in me yet, and, wow! I’m cumming already!” Patty screeched.

Nick looked down at his crotch while his wriggling sister climaxed. She was right. He still had about three inches of prick in reserve to shove up her ass. But he waited to do it until her first orgasm had nearly run its course. The jolting result was timed perfectly, fueling Patty’s senses so they were ablaze all over again with another, even hotter, cumming frenzy.

As his sister went wild from within, Nick could only wonder if he was locked into too much of a good thing. Her spazing asshole was like a set of jaws around his cock, chewing up his prick.

“Okay, Sis, lighten up a little now,” he told her. “Your horny ass is about to twist my prick off at the root if you don’t let up, or at least, it sure as hell feels that way!”

“Let up? No way! Couldn’t if my life depended on it!” Patty called back. “You’re plugged in for the rest of the ride, brother dear. So all you can do is fight back. Try my tits, why don’t you? They’d just love to be squeezed, pinched, bruised and however else you can make them black and blue!”

Nick ripped her flannel shirt all the way up the back, then yanked both halves so the buttons down the front went flying and the sleeves were torn from Patty’s arms. She wore no bra, so hex tits dangled as she kneeled on all fours. Nick took a spongy tit-mound in each hand with mauling force. Patty’s scream was hair-raising. She was cumming again, harder than ever.

“It hurts toooo goooood. Too good for me to stand!” Patty yelped in one breath. She hollered, “Don’t stop, Nicky, don’t stop what you’re doing, except give me even more. Give mc any less than more and I’ll never forgive you!”

Nick willingly poured it on. His cock was pistoning nonstop up her asshole. Gripping with his fingernails, his clawing hands were doing terrible things to his sister’s tits, which she found wonderful. When Nick drew blood from her mangled tit-flesh, Patty groaned as if it were a new, bright-red form of female cum.

“I can’t stop… can’t stop cumming!” Patty cried. “You could rip my tits and fuck my ass forever, Nicky, and I’d never stop cumming for as long as you were ripping and fucking my tits and ass!”

“Oooooh, Sis!” Nick admitted, reacting to the rising tide at the pit of his loins. “Sorry, but it’s gonna be all over for me pretty damned quick. Can’t hold back. Have to cum so bad I can almost taste my own jizz!”

“If that’s why you’ll have to quit,” Patty readily accepted his excuse, “then, believe me, that’s the one reason I’ll forgive you for. The only one. The best one! My fucked ass full of your hot, thick jizz.”

“Then I should shoot it, Sis?”

“Whenever you’re ready, stud, then so am I!”

Nick reined as much as he could at his peak of passion, the kinks in his crotch loosening as he prepared to go with the natural flow from his thoroughly fucked cock. Then, it seemed to Nick, Patty was making it even more of a one way street by the magical something she was doing to his balls.

“Damn, don’t know what it really is, Sis, but if I didn’t know better, I’d swear you’re somehow sucking my balls!” Nick moaned with pleasure. “Anyway, it’s gonna just make me cum all that much harder!”

“Huh?” Patty answered with confusion. She started to say that she hadn’t touched her brother’s balls, except to have them slap against her cunt while he screwed her ass from behind. But then, all at once, Nick’s cock exploded.

His jizz gushed like molten lava to the scalded depths of his sister’s bowels. As she was flooded by the liquid fire, Patty forgot about everything but how wonderfully his cum burned and how hard she was cumming right along with Nick. Patty’s asshole erupted from within, and their molten flow was in two directions, her fiery shit seeping around the length of Nick’s spurting prick.

Their peak passed, followed by their dreamy afterglow of cumming, as Nick’s prick dribbled with the last of his jizz, and Patty’s shit oozed. It was like floating on a cloud, Patty thought.

“Oooooh, Sis, you’re still doing that same number on my balls!” Nick moaned. “And damn, if it doesn’t feel just as good, now that I’ve finished shooting my wad, as it did when I was getting ready to cum.”

“But,” Patty said, “I’m not touching your balls, Nicky. Haven’t been the whole time.”

“C’mon, Sis, stop kidding around.”

“I swear it!”

To prove what she meant, Patty held her hands out from her sides. And obviously, Nick realized, her mouth couldn’t have been involved since her face was farthest away from her brother’s crotch while she was on all fours.

“Then,” he asked, “what the…”

Cautiously, almost frightened, he reached down. And below, he felt a face which could only belong to one person.

Patty looked over her shoulder and read in Nick’s eyes what he’d discovered. He nodded, reading her mind in reply.

“M-Mom!” they stammered together.

Releasing her oral grasp on her son’s balls, Judy Cannon bobbed up into view and gleefully declared, “God, I hope you kids love the way this is turning out as much as I do! Isn’t how I planned it — but a whole lot better!”

“P-planned? Planned what?” Nick stuttered, bolting to his feet between his mother and sister, swinging his gaze from one to the other. “Sis, you were in on this the whole time, weren’t you?”

“Yes and no,” Patty answered honestly. “Yes, Mom talked me into being here. No, I didn’t know exactly what for, at least in the beginning. Then, I thought I d… but now I’m more confused than ever.”

“Well, then, perhaps yours truly ought to explain,” Judy Cannon said to her children with classic understatement, an equally classic twinkle in her eye.

After she’d spied on Nick fucking Patty, Judy explained, her idea had been to get Nick hot for her, too. That had gone according to schedule, thanks to the blowjob in the living room. Then, getting him ready to fuck her, cock-teasing him was the next step. Enough to lure him upstairs to where she’d infuriated him into raping her, with Patty watching.

“I drew the line,” Patty said, cutting in on her own behalf. “Wasn’t going to let my own mother frame my own brother for rape. And that’s what Mom expected me to do, Nicky. Jump out of the closet and put you on the spot by catching you red-handed. But, I decided, leave me out, Mom was getting just what she deserved.”

“Ah, but I figured I could get around that by upping the stakes,” Judy said cheerfully, resuming her stow. “By turning Nick into such an animal, that my darling daughter would get scared and try to save me. How was I to know what’d really happen?”

“But, Mom,” Patty muttered, automatically defending herself, “I did try and save you.”

“Agreed,” Judy said. “But I didn’t think it’d be by putting your own ass on the line in place of mine. Thought you’d call the police, or hit your brother over the head with something. Whatever it took to get it through his thick skull!”

“What?” Nick blurted. “Get what?”

“Mom set you up to rape her, and set me up to stop you. Anyway, once you were caught in the act, she counted on you doing what you usually do when you’re in a tight spot — running away from it. It was the best way she could think of to get rid of you, but still try on your cock for size in the bargain.”

“Get rid of me?”

“You’re a helluva cocksman, sonny boy,” Judy said affectionately. “Which is exactly why I don’t think your father’s heart could stand having you around doing stud service on your sister and me. Sooner or later, your dad would catch you sucking or fucking with one or both of us, and the poor guy would keel over and probably never move again. And, you know, he does pay the bills around here.”

Nick was clearly shaken by his mother’s cold calculations. He remembered that he’d said it hadn’t worked out as she’d planned, after all, and that she was glad for it. Haltingly, Nick brought this up and asked her what she’d meant.

“Simple,” Judy Cannon said.

She paused dramatically. Patty was back on pins and needles, along with her brother.

“There’s more than one way, to keep your father paying the bills. Should’ve thought of it in the beginning,” Judy Cannon said, then spelling it out father… as American as apple pie. We three stay together, and a judge makes your father pay for it after I cut him loose.

Nick gulped. “Then?”

“You’re not going anywhere, stud!” Judy assured her son. “After tonight, I wouldn’t give up your big cock any more than I would your sister’s sweet pussy. Your dad’s the odd man out in this family. No room for any part of him anymore — except, of course, for his big, fat wallet.”

Her cold-blooded attitude made her children flinch. But then, Judy Cannon moved to heat things back up. She went to her daughter, held her in place, then licked down Patty’s naked front until she was kneeling at crotch-level and sucking teenaged cunt.

Nick had never watched one chick going down on another in the flesh before, and with his own mother and sister being the first pair of bi females he’d ever seen in action, the effect was especially startling.

“Oooooh, Mom!” Patty moaned, swaying with helpless pleasure above her pussy-eating mother. “I know what you’re trying to do, but I can’t fight it. Trying to get me so turned on all over again that I’ll agree to go along with dumping Daddy, aren’t you?”

“Mmmmm, you bet,” Judy Cannon said, readily admitting her bribery with a hairy, juicy faceful of cunt. “It’s the only way.”

Patty didn’t deny it. She couldn’t. All she could do was moan with helpless pleasure as her mother’s talented tongue slipped into her cunt and started tongue-fucking her. Already, the energy of an orgasm had begun to mount in Patty’s rolling loins.

“What about Nick, Mom? Is he supposed to just watch us act like a couple of dykes?”

“He’ll figure out what to do next,” Judy said, her voice fuzzy with pussy. “I’ll make sure he does.”

Her face buried even more solidly between her daughter’s thighs, Judy adjusted her knees so she was posed like a bitch in heat while she ate Patty’s cunt. Painted toward her son was her flexing ass, her plump ass-cheeks seductively parted to showcase her own rear-spread cunt.

“Nick, Mom wants you to dog-fuck her at the same time she’s eating my pussy,” Patty said.

Staring at the hairy female cunt which yawned so invitingly before him, Nick nodded.

“Gonna?” his sister asked. “Gonna dog-fuck Mom, then, Nicky?”

Nick replied by shifting his gaze to his own crotch. He had his cock in his hand, and then slipped his chunky cock-knob just within the gap of his mother’s meaty pussy-lips. Then, before he took the plunge, he summed up the situation with crystal clarity.

“Let’s face it, Sis,” he said soberly to Patty. “Morn’s got us hooked. So long, Dad.”

Nick bucked his crotch to bury his prick to the root in Judy’s welcoming cunt. At the other end of the action, Patty could almost feel his cock-thrust herself, cumming on the spot in her mother’s pussy-sucking mouth.


Patty Cannon felt as guilty as sin. The sin, however, was not incest. Betrayal was the name of the dirty game in which she held one of the three hands.

“I love sucking and fucking with Mom and Nicky,” she sighed, alone in her room and thinking out loud. “But I love Daddy, too.”

If she’d been sure it would straighten her things out, Patty would have gladly told her mother and brother about herself and her dad. But could not predict what their response might be. What really disturbed Patty was her dad’s reaction if he found out he had to share her body with the entire family.

“Daddy can handle me and him,” Patty said, summing it up the way she saw it, “because I’m his very own little girl. His special piece of ass. The rest of the time, though, he’s straight as an arrow. Uptight about almost everything, except fucking me. No, he could never stand coming home to a family where everybody was hopping in and out of bed with everybody else.”

And if she was right, Patty thought, that meant her mother was, too. A divorce was the answer.

Still, Patty rejected the inevitability of that solution. She had to admit it seemed to add up, but she hadn’t given up all hope that there was a missing piece of the puzzle that might reveal a different picture than the one now staring her in the face.

“If only there was somebody I could trust, who I could talk to about this,” she said. “Somebody who could help me decide what I should do about Daddy. Somebody who knows him inside and out, even better than I do.”

There was only one likely candidate, Patty realized. The only problem was that he and her dad had had a falling out over something or other several months ago. But perhaps that would work in her favor, Patty reasoned. Just maybe, whatever had come between her dad and his twin brother was exactly what she needed to get her Uncle Jason to level with her about what really made Ed Cannon tick.

Dr. Jason Cannon was one of the area’s leading psychiatrists. Handsome and never married, there was no more eligible bachelor around town than he. More than one woman had gone into treatment with him because her real motive was adding some spice to her life by being alone with such a charmer.

Dr. Cannon didn’t let them down — if they were young and pretty enough. Fucking his choicest patients was as much a pad of his practice as the leather couch in his office on which those in his care reclined to pour out their problems. Indeed, spread legs and the couch almost always went together.

The afternoon Patty came to his office, the doctor was at his best.

His patient was pretty enough to be an angel, young enough to be his daughter — and groaning with delight as she came from his big, pumping cock in her tight cunt.

“Oh, Doc, Dad,” she cried. “Now you cum, too, before I stop. Fill my thirsty pussy with your jizz, we’re both cumming at the same time!”

“Mmm-hmmm,” Jason whispered hotly in her ear, “just what the doctor had in mind.”

The girl promptly wrapped her legs around him, pulling his large prick even deeper into her spuming cunt. Then she rolled her hips so her bare ass-cheeks squeaked against the leather couch.

“Cum, Doc, cum, cum, cum,” she steamily chanted, rubbing her tits.

And Dr. Cannon earned his fee by unleashing a load of scalding jizz that did more for his thrilled patient than all the standard therapy in the world would have been able to accomplish. She screamed so loud with uncontrollable pleasure that Jason had to clap his hand over her mouth to keep her voice from carrying outside of his office any more than it already had.

“What was that?” Patty asked, her uncle’s nurse as she waited in the outer office.

The middle-aged woman in the starched, white uniform smiled knowingly to herself for a fleeting instant, then resumed her usual frown and said, “The doctor will be free to see you soon. I believe this appointment has been nearly completed.”

Moments later, a dizzily grinning girl only a couple of years older than Patty tripped into view. Seeing Patty waiting there, she said, “Oh, honey, if this is your first time here, let me just tell you that you’ll love the doc to pieces. He’s super. Just glad I got to him today before you did.”

“Uh, we’ll be seeing you next week at your usual time, Miss Martin,” the nurse sourly told the girl. “Run along now. And remind your parents to pay this month’s bill promptly.”

The girl drifted out toward the elevator as if she were on a cloud. As for Patty, whenever she herself behaved that way, it usually after she’d been fucked really good — which made her start to wonder about her uncle’s method of treatment.

“Go in, please,” the nurse snapped. “The doctor doesn’t have much time to spare between his regular appointments.”

Patty got up and went through the door out of which the other girl had just emerged. Her uncle had been expecting her, but clearly not so close on the heels of his previous patient. He was zipping up his fly.

The instant Jason realized that his niece had seen what he was doing, he darted behind his desk. He punched a button on the intercom to apparently chew out the nurse for allowing someone to walk in on him before he was ready. But there was no reply.

Patty glanced back through the doorway, saw no one outside anymore, and said, “I think your nurse has gone to lunch, Uncle Jason. And don’t be angry at her for letting me pop right in.”

She briefly paused, trying to decide if she would say what she really wanted to next.

“Fact is, Uncle Jason,” she told her father’s brother, “I’d already pretty much figured it out for myself. It was written all over that other girl’s face.”

Jason Cannon hemmed and hawed, trying to deny what his niece was talking about. But the truth was written all over his face, which was blushing as red as a beet.

“Don’t be embarrassed, Uncle Jason, I understand completely,” Patty said recklessly, calm on the outside, but with a squadron of butterflies in her stomach — and, most telling, a moist knot between her legs. “She was a very attractive girl. You just did the same as any normal man would naturally do if he had the chance.”

Patty paused again. Her pulse boomed in her ears as she got ready to speak the bottom line, while her glassy-eyed uncle stood there like a zombie.

“Yes, Uncle Jason, any other man would’ve fucked that girl, if he thought he could get away with it!” Patty said.

“Okay, all right, so you’ve got me dead to rights,” he said, then started to weasel to save his career. “But I’ll make it worth your while to forget all about it. Just get my checkbook and I’ll write out any amount you think you deserve to keep your mouth shut about this.”

Patty was sorely tempted. Squeezing a thousand out of her desperate uncle would be no trouble at all. But, once again, she fell into the pattern of not being sure what she’d say until she heard it herself.

“No, Uncle Jason. Money’s not what I want from you.”

“Then name it,” he said. “Anything, Patty, baby, I mean it!”

“Well, you can start by coming out from behind that desk.”

Jason did as he was told, his movements awkward.

“Wh-what do you want?” he stammered.

“You’ll figure it out quick enough,” Patty answered. “And if I can’t get you to give it to me without black mail, then I’m not the jerk I think I am tell you what, Uncle Jason, just think of me as another one of your patients. Same as, uh, your last one.”

Patty began unbuttoning her blouse. As it fell open, her tits swelled in her bra. And so, too, did her uncle’s crotch.

“Mmmmm, glad to see you’re already getting the idea, Uncle Jason,” Patty purred, her eyes pointedly focusing below the belt. “But we still don’t want to leave anything to chance, do we?”

Her blouse slid down her arms to the floor, then Patty went to work on her bra. It was the kind which clasped between the cups in from. Suddenly, her naked tits had jumped out at Jason, while her discarded bra joined her blouse at her feet.

“Do you like my tits, Uncle dear?” she asked, flicking her erect nipples with her fingertips.

It was an unnecessary question. The answer bulged in her uncle’s pants — a hard-on that was as glaring as a neon sign.

“You can see for yourself what kind of shape I’m in,” Jason muttered.

Patty nodded, then added, “But both of us seeing more’ll be even better.”

She wore a wrap-around skirt. Then, within seconds, she wasn’t wearing it anymore, unfastened and swirled it away so she stood before her uncle in just her yellow bikini panties, their crotch stained gold with leaking pussy juice. Rather than peeling them off next, though, she pulled them in the opposite direction, tugging them up into her pussy’s gash so the meaty lips and puffs of her cunt-bush oozed and bristled in exposure.

“And now,” she said as she posed, “the next move is up to you, Uncle Jason. What’s it gonna be? I’ll get dressed and leave if you want me to. My lips sealed. That simple, you won’t owe me anything. Or, if you want me to stay… well, prove it!”

Jason took such a deep breath it seemed as if it might be his last. Then, holding all that air in his lungs, he tried to make up his mind what he should do. But, really, his mind had become a temporarily useless instrument by now — his cock was doing his thinking for him at this point.

Down his hand went, finding the tab of his zipper and yanking at it so the metallic whine of his lowering fly filled the air. Then his hand was quickly in and out of his open pants, emerging with twelve brawny inches of throbbing hard cock in his white-knuckled grasp.

“Mmmm, that’s not only better,” Patty moaned, seeing that her uncle was hung even more than she’d expected — even bigger, it looked, than her brother, “that’s the bat?”

“The couch… the couch!” Jason whispered.

Patty eagerly went there, removing her panties on the way. She stretched out in the nude on the leather cushions, knees raised and thighs apart to offer her teenaged cunt in the classic fucking pose.

Her uncle followed her there. Standing over the couch, he loosened his tie with one hand while dropping his pants and shorts with the other — kicking off his shoes, he stepped out of the puddle of clothing, stripped from the waist down except for his long, black socks.

He was, Patty thought, like a Mr. Right who’d stepped out of every young girl’s fantasy about an older man. So sleek, so handsome — so hung. Indeed, Patty had forgotten all about the other older man in her life — her father, and how she’d originally planned to discuss him with her uncle.

“Oh, you stud!” she said to Jason. “Just seeing your huge cock when it’s hard is almost enough to make me start cumming even before you fuck me!”

Reaching up to touch her uncle’s magnificent cock for the first time, Patty did, in fact, aim. And, as she climaxed, she guided his knobby cock-head to her watering mouth and treated herself to a salty, sucking taste. But she did not turn it into a blow job, having too much of a craving for an immediate cuntful of all that male cock-meat to settle for anything less.

“Now fuck me, Uncle Jason, fuck me!” she cried when her flash orgasm had run its course. “Fuck me just like I’m one of your crazy patients!”

“With pleasure!” the doctor replied, ready for his specialty.

The leather couch was large, nearly the size of a bed. And Jason Cannon had performed his services on it so many times that it was almost like a second home to him, the most familiar part of his office. He expertly climbed aboard, no wasted motion in his smooth approach. And then there was his luck — no matter how many other girls he’d used it on, Patty made herself believe she was the first one to whom it had ever been spoken.

“You’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever fucked,” Jason said to his niece. “And your emit is the most beautiful part of you of all. It’s a privilege for me to do this…”

Patty moaned that the honor was ail hers, as her uncle slipped his big cock deeply into her welcoming cunt. And, once again, she came on the spot.

“Ahhh, I can just tell that this is gonna be one of those fucks where I don’t stop cumming the whole time,” Patty groaned.

To help keep her orgasmic juices boiling, she wrapped her legs around her uncle’s waist to jog him in the cradle of her thighs for maximum friction. The tit between cock and cunt was perfection, and the movement of male and female loins was poetry in motion.

“I feel like we’re fucking on a cloud!” Patty said. “I’ve had it just about every way you can think of — rough and gentle, straight or kinky, like I was a little girl, like I was a whore — but this fuck is in a world of its own!”

“I’ve heard a lot of things on this couch,” Jason Cannon answered, and there was no way Patty could detect that he was being anything but truthful, “but never anything as sexy as what you just said.”

“And flattery will get you everywhere,” Patty murmured. “Especially with your fantastic cock fucking my pussy to go along with it!”

“How about this, too, princess?” Jason asked, lowering his face below his niece’s chin.

“Oh, yes… yes, Uncle Jason,” Patty said, “Suck my tits while you fuck my pussy. Suck me, fuck mc, and make me cum twice as hard for you!”

Jason proved to be every bit as much a master with his mouth as he was with his cock. Squeezing his niece’s teenaged breasts together, he wound up nursing both nipples at the same time. Patty could feel wondrous vibrations all the way down in her cunt, adding mightily to the pressure on her clit from Uncle Jason’s big prick pumping between her legs.

“God, I’m starting to cum almost too good!” Patty declared. “Don’t know how much longer I can take it!”

“Want me to ease up some, then?” her uncle asked.

“Don’t you dare!” Patty yelled. “You’ve already given me as much as I can stand, Uncle Jason — now go even farther!”

Anxious to please her, Jason dropped his mouth back to her tits and experimented with his teeth. It was just what the doctor’s patient had ordered.

“Fantastic! Bite me! Ow, bite me!” Patty squealed with painful pleasure. “Hurts soooo goooood!”

But she still wasn’t finished getting the most out of her uncle. With her tits and cunt accounted for, there was one logical place for him to thrill her more.

Grabbing one of Jason’s wrists, she guided his hand to where she wanted it.

“That’s right, my ass!” urged Patty. “Finger fuck me where I shit.” The doctor’s middle ringer probed into her tight, gritty shit-hole. Patty excitedly farted in reply, widening her narrow shit-channel, so her uncle automatically added a second finger Patty asked for more.

“Two’s company, but three’s a crowd!”

She tuned again. Her uncle responded us she’d hoped he would, with a third finger up her asshole. The trio of fingers in her shitter was like an extra cock to go along with the real one already fucking her cunt.

The dual effect as just as striking for Jason, too. The result, as far as he was concerned, amounted to a sensation of jacking himself off through the thin skin between his niece’s ass and pussy, while he fingered the one hole and fucked the other a notch away. The friction on his cock had been doubled, and no man could stand that for long without answering nature’s call.

“I-I’m cumming!” Jason blurted out, abruptly past the point of no return.

His prick loaded with gushing force into his niece’s cunt, there was too much of his cum for Patty’s cunt to hold it all. As Jason’s prick continued to spurt, though, she immediately called out with a suggestion to keep his dreamy dim from going to waste.

“Hurry,” she said breathlessly, “before your cock’s finished shooting hurry and pull it out of my pussy and finish cumming in my mouth!”

Jason acted on cue. Out of Patty’s swamped pussy and toward her face lurched his squirting prick. Her open mouth surged to swallow every inch of his cock-meat, and his balls were drained the rest of the way by a deep-throating blowjob.

“Oh, baby!” Uncle Jason sighed to his niece when his load of cum was drained. “No man could turn down the kind of sucking and fucking you put out. Now that I’ve had my share, I know that any guy who passed you up would be the one who needed help — no matter who he was.”

There was something about what he said and his wistful tone which snapped Patty out of her orgasmic afterglow and put her on alert. She couldn’t resist going fishing, sensing in her gut that she just might reel in something even bigger in its own way than her uncle’s cock.

“What are you talking about, Uncle Jason,” she said, trying to sound as casual as possible. “You have anybody, uh, particular, in mind?”

Jason’s face was suddenly red again, just as it had been when his niece had first started coming on to him.

He muttered, “Aw, forget it. I was just talking… didn’t mean nothing special by it — except, of course, how special you are.”

Now an absolute siren had gone off for Patty. “Didn’t mean nothing special,” her uncle had just said. And he was a doctor, a man who’d received the finest education money could buy. No way, Patty reasoned, that somebody with that kind of background would use such terrible grammar unless he was uptight as hell about something. Now, how to pry it loose from him? she wondered.

Patty went for broke.

“Uncle Jason, this other guy — are you, by any chance, talking about somebody you know who’s already fucked me?”

Jason didn’t admit anything. But the most telling part of his silence was that he denied nothing either. Patty felt like a bloodhound on the trail of a kill.

“Tell me!” she cried. “Tell me who he is!”

Jason tried to look away. But Patty wouldn’t let him. If her hot body was as irresistible as her uncle bad already indicated, then she’d be a fool not to use it here to get what she wanted. Drawing back her legs, she reached down to seductively spread her rear ass-cheeks.

“It’s as simple as this, Uncle dear,” Patty said. “If you want to fuck me in the ass, tell me what you’re biding!”

Jason helplessly stared at his niece’s inviting shit-pit. Even more helplessly, his hard-on jumped back up to full, massive power.

“I’d die to fuck that ass,” he confessed with continuing helplessness, talking more to himself than Patty.

“The price isn’t that high,” Patty said. “All I want is the truth about Mr. X, in trade for what you want — your big cock up my tight ass. So, who is he?”

Dr. Jason Cannon had made a handsome living by coaxing the secrets from other people’s minds through out his career as a psychiatrist. But now, he was the one on the hot seat. His patients confessed because they’d be wasting a hundred dollars an hour if they didn’t. But in his own case, the stakes were far higher — fucking the sweetest young ass he’d ever seen.

Jason was many things. A respected professional, almost rich, and handsome enough to turn any female head — but, most of all, he was a typical, human male. And, faced with such an exquisite female asshole for his cock to fuck, he was a prisoner of sex, tortured by temptation.


Even more exciting than his huge cock up her ass as the wealth of information her uncle traded Patty beforehand for the chance to ass fuck her. Indeed, the information was what she’d actually been after to begin with — but far more valuable than she’d ever anticipated.

“Your dad,” Jason told his niece, “made an appointment to see me through my nurse about six months ago — didn’t even tell me about it in advance. He just showed up one day like any other new patient. And thank how he said he wanted it, for me to treat him like any other patient instead of my own brother. I wouldn’t take his money, of course, but he was so desperate that I had to listen.”

“And?” asked Patty.

“And then I couldn’t listen, either,” her uncle said. “Even a doctor can only hear so much from a patient before he has to call the police or be guilty himself of letting a criminal run loose.”

“Daddy’s a crook?”

“As sure as if he robbed banks for a living,” Jason said. “Fucking your own daughter will get you behind bars for a long vacation, just as much as stealing other people’s money.”

Patty automatically stood up for her father. “I made him do it. Seduced him — Daddy didn’t have a chance.”

“Yeah, I know that now,” Jason groaned. “After today. But this is now and that was then.”

“So you sent him away?”

“Had to. I was skating on thin enough ice myself, fucking my own patients — couldn’t afford to take on covering up for my brother fucking his own daughter to boot. Told your dad I’d forget what I’d heard if he’d forget he’d told me. And just to be on the safe side, I got a little nasty and warned him to stay as from way from me as possible from then on, or I’d blow the whistle on him.”

“Gee, you rotten bastard!” Patty cursed her uncle. “Your own brother!”

“I know… I know,” Jason muttered, sheepishly accepting the charge or disloyalty. “But there was more to it than what I’ve told you so far. Something I sure as hell couldn’t let your dad know, because I didn’t want to admit it to myself.”

“Such as, Uncle Jason?”

“I was jealous,” Jason said after a long pause. “Jealous of my brother for having a daughter of his own to fuck. I could fuck all of my patients I wanted, but none of them would ever be more than just ordinary pieces of ass, no matter how young they were — never my own flesh and blood.”

He paused again, coming to grips with his inner self.

“I’m a psychiatrist the human mind is my bread and butter,” he said soberly. “So if anybody ought to know, it’s me — that, down deep, every man wishes he had a little girl of his own he can fuck into a woman. Your dad did and I didn’t. I hated his guts for getting the kind of piece of ass I never could.”

“And now?” Patty asked. “Now that you’ve fucked me, too, same as Daddy?”

“Baby,” Jason said with wrenching honesty, “you’re as close to my own little girl as I can get. But in a way, that just makes it worse. Feel like a rat fucking you behind your dad’s back — stealing pussy from my own brother when I’d probably kill him if it was the other way around and you were my daughter.”

Her uncle’s raw emotion cut to Patty’s soul. She’d only experienced anything so moving, so true once before — and that was after the first time her father had fucked her and had poured out his feelings about the great sin he believed he’d committed.

With her father, Patty had reassured him that anything that felt so right could never be wrong. He’d bought it, and the rest was incestuous history. Would her uncle be equally persuaded by the same brand of logic? she wondered.

“Trust me!” she asked of him.

He started to say that the real problem was trusting himself.

“I’ve got all the answers,” Patty told him with ringing conviction. She slyly added, “But you have to go ahead and fuck me in the ass like we agreed on before, or you’ll never get them. Deal?”

Her rear ass-cheeks were spread, showcasing her dusky ass-pucker to dramatically invite her uncle’s hard cock to take the fuck where she was tightest.

“I said it before and it was the God’s honest truth — and I’d be a liar if I didn’t say it again,” Jason said, panting. “I’d die to fuck that ass!”

He had ass-fucked her, as deep and hard as it could be done. To Patty’s squealing delight, the ass-fucking ended with even more jizz shooting into her ass than when her uncle had fucked her cunt.

“Trust me,” Patty had told her uncle, and she’d meant it. So, after he’d fucked her ass, she went back to what he’d told her about her father.

The plan Patty spun off the top of her head was so crazy that it took a psychiatrist to appreciate how much sense it made. Forgetting all logic but hers, Jason bit — hook, line and sinker.

Ed Cannon received the telegram as he was coming out of a business meeting, where he’d just wrapped up an important contract ahead of schedule. Good thing, too, he thought, because the message from home seemed urgent.

“Daddy, you’ve got to get back right any,” it said. “Don’t let me down. Checked the flights there’s one tonight. I’ll be waiting at the airport. Explain when you get here.” It was signed, “Love, Patty.”

Even if he hadn’t sealed that contract, Ed Cannon would have been on the plane. Not just because he was worried, either. His cock had been hard for his little girl ever since he’d left on his trip, making him ready for an excuse to return to her hot, young body.

Ed credited his success on the contract to dumb luck. The whole time he’d been going through the motions of negotiating, his mind had been elsewhere. His mind was not on the contract he was supposed to get signed for his job, but on another one he was determined to break in his personal life.

A divorce that’s what Ed Cannon had decided on. He’d give Judy all the money she wanted in return for ending their marriage, and anything else to get loose of her. All that he’d ask for in return was partial custody of their daughter.

Any reasonable judge, Ed anticipated, would give him weekends with Patty. He’d take an apartment on the other side of town, making it possible for them to live as much like man and wife as a father and daughter could do when they were together.

But, in the meantime, there was the urgency of Patty’s telegram for Ed to consider. Had something happened at home like Daddy was big what he was up to with their daughter? If so, instead of the solution to all his problems, he might be going back to hell on earth. Whatever; fate inevitably called either way. Ed called the airport and made the reservation for that night’s flight.

They were fucking like there was no tomorrow upstairs, so her mother and brother didn’t notice when Patty slipped out of the house to borrow the car without permission. The airport was twenty miles away, and she got there a mile a minute. Another twenty minutes after that, her father was waving in the midst of the other passengers when he spotted her waiting for him.

They embraced and kissed on the mouth when they closed the distance between them, exchanging tongues. Passers-by grinned and winked when they saw Ed and Patty, especially the men who envied this middle-aged guy with what they assumed was his cute, young wife, Patty treating Ed to a crotchful of rubbing knee.

“What about your luggage, Daddy?” Patty whispered into her father’s ear when their kiss had broken.

“Had to send it on another flight to get a ticket on this one at the last minute,” Ed said, panting. “Won’t get here until tomorrow.”

“Good, then I won’t have to wait to get you alone in the car. I’m so horny for your big cock I can’t stand it.”

Patty openly squeezed her, father’s bulging crotch in plain sight. Of those who saw it, most of the men nodded with approval and most women frowned with disgust. Then Patty left them all to their imaginations, grabbing her father’s hand and leading him as fast as she could to the privacy of the car.

“Oh, Daddy, take it out! Take it out!” she cried the instant they were in the front seat. “I wanna suck it soooo bad!”

Ed Cannon still needed to get to the bottom of that telegram, but that seemed a lot less important at the moment than a blowjob from his teenaged daughter. So, no questions asked for now, he unzipped his swollen fly and hauled out his rigid prick for the benefit of Patty’s hungry mouth.

She dove for his cock-meat. A single, slurp and she was deep-throating his cock to his balls. Ed’s hand was inside her blouse as she went down on his prick, massaging her braless tits.

“This long away from you, baby, and you know I’m gonna cum quick,” Ed said, warning Patty. “Hope you’re thirsty.”

Patty sucked even harder to trigger his jiz. Success was instantly hers. Her father’s prick abruptly gushed down her throat. She swallowed his scalding cream as it spurted. She came herself, as thought she owned an oral cut somewhere at the depths of her fucked mouth.

“Ahhh, I needed that!” Ed Cannon sighed when his daughter had licked up the last drop. “Nothing like a blowjob from his own little girl to relax a guy after a long, hard business trip.”

Ed leaned back on his side of the front seat, loosening his tie. In truth, he wasn’t as relaxed as he’d claimed to be. That telegram from Patty simply had to be accounted for.

“Say, uh,” he said, frying to sound casual, “is there something going on at home that made you and send me that wire, baby? Some kind of trouble with your mom or something?”

Patty had, of course, been expecting his question, answering according to plan.

“It’s nothing I can’t wait to tell you until after you’ve fucked me proper, Daddy. My horny cunt’s just dying for every inch of your big, stiff cock and every drop of your next load of hot, thick cum. Here, just feel how hard-up I am.”

She took her father’s hand and guided it under her skirt. No panties were underneath. Ed Canon suddenly had his fingers full of juicy, teenaged cunt-hair and pussy-meat, and his prick was throbbing steel all over again.

“Okay, angel,” Ed readily agreed when he felt her matchless pussy. “Let’s get in the back seat where there’s more room to hick!”

“No, not in the car, Daddy. I’ve got my heart set on you fucking me in a soft, warm place. If I can wait until we get to one, so can you. Just drive where I tell you to.”

Ed guessed she had some motel in mind. While he drove and she gave him directions, Patty kept both him and her red-hot. She treated his unsheathed prick to a hand-job that was carefully kept shy of drawing cum. At the same time, she clutched him at the wrist between her thighs and squirmed from a slow finger-fuck in her cunt. Unlike Ed, Patty could afford to cum all she wanted, it only increased her ability to climax all the more in the nonstop female fashion.

By the time Patty told her father to park the car, her leaking pussy-juice was dripping from his arm all the way up to his elbow, soaking his shirt and jacket. Meanwhile, Ed’s cock was practically glowing in the dark. He was so desperate to get his cock balls-deep into teenaged pussy that he failed to notice the neighborhood to which Patty had led him.

She lovingly put his prick back in his pants, assuring him was only temporary. I had him follow her from the car into a nearby high rise building which also didn’t register with Ed Cannon. It was only when they were in the elevator that it occurred to him that it was not was what she’d expected.

“I thought we were going to a motel,” he said.

“Does it make some difference if we don’t?” Patty purred. She swiftly unzipped her father’s bulging fly to reclaim his rigid cock from his pants, distracting him from the button she pushed with her other hand to stop the elevator.

Her father shifted from one foot to the other for several seconds, mentally grasping at something that was just beyond his mind’s reach. Then he knew.

It was an odd thing to recognize, but suddenly, Ed Cannon blurted out, “I-I’ve been in this elevator before! It stops on the thirteenth floor!”

Patty responded by squeezing his cock. A drop of pre-cum oozed from his purplish prick head. She reached down with her free hand, wiped his liquid pearl away, then licked her sticky fingertip.

The elevator rumbled to a stop and its doors whooshed open on the thirteenth floor.

“J-Jason,” Ed stammered, aware now that he was just up the corridor from his brother’s office.

Patty just stood in that corridor, a few steps away from her father, and took off all her clothes. Then, stark naked with her dimpled ass swaying, she ran to the door with the name plate on it which spelled out, “Dr. Jason Cannon, M.D.” The office wasn’t locked. She disappeared inside, leaving her dad in her eerie wake.

Ed Cannon looked dawn at his jutting prick. It was pointing the rest of him toward the open door. He took one step, then another, and all the serious questions buzzing in his brain were put on hold as he drew nearer.

“Just fuck her now and worry about the rest of it later,” he heard himself say when he was at the threshold, as though he were listening to his horny cock actually speaking.

The door to the inner office was open as well. On the leather couch inside, lay Patty in all her glory. Flat on her back with her knees raised and thighs parted, her cunt was a shining beacon which no normal man could ignore, even under the most extraordinary circumstances.

“Fuck me, Daddy!” she said.

Ed Cannon helplessly went to her. She reached out with her long legs and caught him when he arrived, wrestling him on top of her with a scissor-hold. His cock required no further guidance, automatically finding and sinking into her waiting pussy. Male and female hips started to move to the same rhythm, and — just like that — father was fucking daughter.

Ed could have thought of a dozen reasons why it was the wrong thing to be doing at the wrong time in the wrong place. But for now, he bottled them all up and let his cock have its way. His prick pumped in and out, tugged with every stroke by his daughter’s irresistible cunt.

Patty finally spoke again, moaning, “Oh, Daddy, I’m cummiing now — cumming for you.”

The walls of her orgasming pussy spasmed around the length of her father’s hard-on. The vibrations from her climax entered Ed’s body through his cock and traveled from his head to his toes. But the main impact was on his balls, which began to churn with a batch of cum which would soon have to be released in a gushing torrent. “Baby, whatever else happens, all that’ll ever matter to me in the end is that I got to fuck you as many times as I could. Every time was better than before, and the last time I fuck you will be the sweetest piece of ass of them all.”

“And you think that this might be it, don’t you, Daddy?” Patty said, responding directly now to her father’s anxiety. “Our last fuck — this is a trap, but you’re going ahead with it anyway because you’re already in too far over your head to save yourself?”

“Baby, all that matters tome is fucking you,” Ed said. “You’re the one who brought us here, so you must have a good reason. So, after I cum, I’ll take whatever else comes.”

“Then you trust me?”

“Don’t have any choice the way you make me feel when I fuck you, darling. Fucking you is the only time I’m sure I’m a real man. The rest of the time, I’m just a shell, going through the motions.”

“Well, mmmnm, you’re sure as anything going through some pretty macho motions right now, Daddy,” Patty teased, her father’s cock continuing to rub in the vise of her cunt. “Want me to cum for you again?”

“Nothing would make me happier, baby. The more you cuin for me, the better I’ll wind up cumming for you. The way it’s always been when we fuck.”

“Right on!” Patty sighed with agreement. Then she reached down to the top of her cock filled cunt to give her clit an orgasmic fuck, climaxing on the spot.

“Yeah, sooo gooood!” Ed Cannon cried, panting in response. “Cum, baby, cum. Keep cumming for daddy!”

“Then help me, Daddy, help me! You know how! Something kinky!”

Ed reached automatically for Patty’s tits, one in each hand. He clutched them so hard that her nipples oozed between his fingers, so he could pinch the trapped tit-buds of flesh. In reaction to the welcome pain, Patty squealed with delight, her orgasm reaching a higher plane.

“Now more, Daddy, more!” Patty urged her father. “Do something to my ass along with my tits!”

To honor her request, Ed pulled out all stops. From his daughter’s cunt, his cock abruptly withdrew. Then, a notch below, his cock-head pushed against her puckered asshole for entry. Patty reached down to help, guiding his big prick into her shit-hole. Slippery with pussy juice, his cock surged deeply into her horny shitpit without delay.

“Oh, Daddy, an ass full of your cock does it to me best!” Patty cried. “Fuck, fuck! Fuck my ass until you’re cumming as hard as I already am!”

Her strong thighs rocked her father on top of her, making his prick piston back and forth in her shit-chute. She could feel his cock-meat stiffen even more with every cock-thrust, while his balls were so hot they burned her ass-cheeks every time they rhythmically slapped against them.

“Won’t be long now, will it, Daddy? Until you shoot your wad?” Patty asked. “Of all the times you’ve ever fucked me, I swear your cock’s never felt more like it’s ready to cum inside me than it does now. You must have to cum so bad you can taste it!”

Ed nodded in agreement, then groaned with breathtaking pleasure as his hilted cock erupted into the depths of his daughter’s fucked ass.

“Ahhh, so hot! So much of it!” Patty said, delighting in her father’s gushing jizz. “The hottest and the most you’ve ever cum in me yet, Daddy! And that means the absolute, fucking best!”

Ed’s cock kept spurting the creamy fire long after a normal load of jizz would have been exhausted. Then, when his balls finally were drained, the slimy tide in Patty’s swamped asshole reversed direction and began seeping around Ed’s buried cock-meat.

“Shit, Daddy, shit!” Patty moaned. “When you fucked my ass full of your hot cum, you fucked the shit out of me, too. Now that you’ve cum in my ass, Daddy, I’m shitting all over your cock. Is my hot shit keeping your cock hard, Daddy?”

Ed panted and said that it was.

“Good, Daddy, ’cause I want you hard when you fuck me in the next place,” Patty groaned. “Fuck me in the mouth with your hard cock fresh out of my fucked ass, so I can taste my own shit.”

Ed was helpless to resist. She was so dirty, his Patty. So able to wrap him around her little finger, no matter what she wanted. So very much one of a kind — his own precious daughter for whom he’d do anything, anytime, anywhere, regardless of the consequences.

Without hesitation, Ed pulled his cock out of Patty’s filthy shit-pit and shifted on top of her to fuck her mouth. And she hungrily gobbled his prick down her throat as if it were coated with Dutch chocolate.

While she gave him the kinky blowjob that already had his balls brewing another batch of jizz, Ed Cannon glanced at his surroundings, reminding himself of where his daughter had brought him.

His brother’s office had paneled walls dotted with Jason’s diplomas. And there was the desk behind which Jason had smugly sat several months ago the last time the brothers had seen one another, when Ed had confessed that he was fucking his own daughter and had been told that he was a sick criminal.

As his prick was being slurped by ibis daughter’s mouth, in a way which felt too good to possibly be criminal or bad, Ed suddenly guessed that Jason had really been jealous that he didn’t have a little girl of his own to fuck Jason couldn’t stand for Ed to have something that warn’t available to him, Ed realized.

Jason appeared just as he gave in to Patty’s suction and was cumming in her mouth. And if Jason Cannon still disapproved of his brother’s incestuous behavior. Ed wondered, then why was he unzipping his bulging fly to take over with his hard cock on Patty just as soon as Ed left off?


It had worked out so beautifully. Patty still couldn’t congratulate herself enough for bringing it off.

The expression on her mother’s face bad been priceless when she had been asked for a divorce instead of the other way around. Patty bad been so proud of her dad that day, the way he called the whole family together to break the news that he had to leave home to find his own space. Of course, Patty pretended to be sad that he was leaving, but inside she sang with joy over the way he’d come through for her.

Patty’s morn took it hard at first, not because she was sorry to lose a husband — but because she hadn’t been able to end the marriage on her own scheming terms. But, later, Patty had reminded her that divorce was what she wanted, wasn’t it? And the financial arrangement had certainly been generous enough, hadn’t it?

Judy Cannon had sighed.

“Guess so. As long as I get some money, the house, and you kids to suck and fuck whenever I want to, that’s the bottom line.” Then she shook her head in wonder, though, and added, “But that bastard dumping me before I could do it to him first still rubs me the wrong way. And so he can move in with that bachelor brother of his to chase ass. I hope they both get the clap!”

Hearing that, Patty had smiled to herself. If her dad and Uncle Jason got the clap, she’d be the one who gave them the dose. For hers would be the ass they’d be chasing.

Divorce was the perfect arrangement for a horny girl who wanted all the family-fucking she could get when her parents couldn’t get along. Just keep Dad and Mom across town from each other, away from each other’s throats, Patty thought, and what she’d created was heaven on earth.

When she was at home, Patty slept in the same king-sized bed with her mother and brother in a nightly threesome — except on weekends, that is, when Patty stayed over with her father at Uncle Jason’s apartment as part of her folks’ divorce settlement. Her mother still didn’t like it, but had to go along since she’d agreed to it in court.

And Judy Cannon would have liked it a whole lot less had she been aware of the details of those weekends. But Patty operated on the principle that what her mom didn’t know, wouldn’t hurt her.

“No, Mom,” Patty would say when she was getting ready to leave for the weekend, “how many times do I have to tell you that Uncle Jason’s apartment isn’t crawling with women when I go over there to stay with Daddy. I’m the only one there with them.”

And Judy Cannon would answer, “Well, that better be the way it is. No funny business. I don’t want you exposed to your father’s second childhood. Because God only knows what goes on over there the rest of the time. But, okay, I’ll take your word for what happens when you’re around. Or what doesn’t.”

Then off Patty would go, her mom none the wiser. And once across town, it was the reverse side of the same coin. What her father didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him either…

“Your mother treating you okay, baby?” Ed Cannon would ask. “She hasn’t moved some guy into the house to take my place yet, has, she?”

“No, nothing like that Daddy. It’s all very homey. Mom just doing the best she can, and since Nick’s there, too, he’s helping out all he can. The three of us get along fine. No problems.”

One particular day, Jason overheard the conversation and popped in to say to his brother, “Face it, Eddie. You and Judy are making divorce look good. Everybody’s a lot happier since you untied the knot. If I knew it’d work this well for everybody who’s still married, I’d recommend splitting up to all my patients.”

“That’s easy for you to say, when you’re skimming off all the cream while I’m paying most of the freight,” Ed grumbled to Jason. “Supporting an ex-wife’s as much of a bitch as she is!”

“Ah, but I am letting you live here rent-free,” Jason pointed out. Then he said, “In return for, of course, certain considerations, I admit. Which, I might add, I’m most interested in taking advantage of right about now.”

He casually unzipped his fly. Patty went to him after winking at her father. Jason’s big cock was out by the time she kneeled at his feet to suck it.

“Well,” Jason said as his niece gave him slurping her ass was a smiling at her father about the true nature of her life. “See that another week of being a good, little girl hasn’t left you any less bad for your old man and me once you’re untied from your mama’s apron strings. That is, if your old man is planning to do more than just watch.”

Ed Cannon frowned from the taunt. He and Jason were closer these days than they’d ever been, but Jason still knew how to get under his skin the way brothers do. Indeed, sometimes Jason acted like Patty was his daughter instead of just his niece, getting his cock into him first whenever he had the chance and leaving Ed to play catch-up.

Thinking it over, though, Ed supposed he really didn’t have much of a gripe. After all, Patty always made sure he caught up in style.

“Daddy,” she said impatiently, gurgling with a mouthful of Jason’s prick, “what’re you waiting for, anyway? You’re not really gonna wily watch, are you? I’m too horny for just one cock, you know that, Daddy.”

Ed had to grin. His sexy, little girl definitely had the knack for making sure he didn’t wear a frown for long when she was around. Just as she also had the knack of coaxing his hard cock out in the open to plug into the action, no matter what she was already doing with her uncle.

Patty worked her cock-hardening magic on Ed by scooting back on her knees while continuing to go down on Jason’s prick, raising her plump ass so the seam of her tight jeans ran down between her ass-cheeks to the crux of her thighs, a stitched version of her ass-crack and cunt’s slit.

She popped open her jeans, wriggling them down her sloping hips. With no panties underneath, she was quickly down to the bare facts. Her jeans sagged around her knees, her asshole puckering in plain sight between her parted ass-cheeks, and a notch below, the juicy slice of her rear-spread cunt. Her father had the choice of fucking either fuck-hole.

Trying to decide which fuck-hole suited his fancy, Ed had his cock in jutting readiness. Then he took potluck. Lining up directly behind Patty, he temporarily closed his eyes, aimed his hard-on at a can’t-miss angle, and flexed his crotch toward whichever female fuck-hole his cock-head bumped first.

He immediately recognized the stretching kiss of meaty lips, and knew he was sinking his prick into Patty’s pussy. His loins bucked, her pussy squished out loud, and he was fucking her dog-style.

Jason reacted first to his brother plugging into the action.

“‘Bout time you got cracking Ed. You and I both know that when ever it’s more than one of us she girl gets twice as much of for her job from her once she starts getting fucked, too. Two cocks are always better than one with Patty.”

Ed had to agree. He and Jason ganged up on Patty more often than each fucked her separately. And she always responded to taking both their cocks at once by putting out twice as much as she did when she was just going one-on-one.

Now was no exception. Her mouth fucked her uncle’s prick, and her cunt once again demonstrated its talent for relentless suction on her dad’s cock-shaft. What’s more, although she’d started on Jason before Ed had fucked in, she soon had them on the same timetable. She sucked and fucked them so both of them would cum together when she was ready for their jizz.

However, before her mouth and cunt were swamped by male cum, Patty had her own orgasmic needs to satisfy. It wasn’t very difficult to turn, since her clit was thoroughly activated by her father’s dog-fucking cock in her cunt. Also, she’d recently trained herself to imagine that the cock she sucked had its head rubbing against a phantom, oral clit down her deep throat. Patty began to buzz at both ends of the action, with the vibrations spreading from her fucked mouth and pussy toward a sweet spot within her which she could only identify as her very soul. There, the twin forces would combine, and when they did.

“She’s cumming!” Jason cried.

“You’re telling me!” Ed answered. “God, is she cumming!”

“Then what about us?”

“You have to ask?”

“No, not really. I’m ready if you are. Together?”

“As usual. What the hell else? You know that I can’t hold back now anymore than you can. So…”

“What’re we waiting for?”

“Not a fuckin’ thing!” The Cannon brothers bucked their crotches, and their hilted pricks erupted within a split second of one another, Jason’s creaming wad pouring down Patty’s throat and Ed’s gushing load swamping her cunt. And on the receiving end of an instant bellyful and wombful of scalding jizz, Patty knew who she was — the horniest and luckiest damned girl in the fucking world!

“Ooooh!” she murmured when it was over. “That was soooo goooood that all I can think about is more, more, more!”

She had wriggled loose from all drained pricks of her father and uncle, with their hard cocks having temporarily dipped to half-mast. But Patty knew how to take care of that. Making pricks stand at attention was as natural to her as breathing. And the kinkier her method for getting results, the more she got turned on for continued action along with her male partners.

Jackknifing herself, she drew her freshly fucked cunt directly above her face and let Ed’s dripping jizz slide down the funnel of her tongue into her open mouth.

“Well, Eddie, looks like your cum’s winding up in the same place as mine this time around,” Jason said to his brother. “Damn, if this little girl of yours isn’t one for the books! I’ve had plenty of cunts who were patients hung up on sex, and fucked most of them, but none of them could turn fucking into an art like your Patty does. Just look at my cock now… hell, look at yours, Eddie!”


“Well, the little girl didn’t turn us back into a pair of hung studs again so we could stand around and jerk off while we watch her fly solo,” Jason said. “C’mon — let’s jump her all over again. More is what she told us she wants, so let’s pour it on!”


Then their rigid cocks leading the way, the Cannon brothers poised in on their favorite piece of ass. But Patty jumped up, and, giggling like a schoolgirl, scampered away from her oncoming father and uncle.

The master bedroom was her destination. It was like a miniature palace devoted to raw sex. Over the years, Jason had added on to it until no person could enter without immediately being struck by the urge to suck and fuck.

The ceilings and walls were all mirrors. And the bed was fit for a sultan and his harem. It was so wide, so soft, and its satin sheets so exquisitely erotic, almost capable of causing an orgasm by themselves when bare flesh slid across them. At least, for Patty anway, and that’s where she was when her bare-assed father and uncle caught up with her.

“Hi, boys!” she greeted them. “Thought you’d never get here!”

Then, spreading her legs, she started finger fucking her exposed cunt with one hand while pushing a button beside the bed with the other. The button activated Jason’s sound system. He had once piped in tapes he’d secretly recorded of the moaning patients he’d fucked. But these days, the moans all belonged to Patty herself, collected, of course, with enthusiasm.

“Mmmmm, I love to listen to myself cum,” I moaned, as one of her orgasms from the recent past drifted from the loudspeakers. “I like that one, too. It was the night I got fucked the ass and pussy at the same time!”

“It could happen again, little girl,” her hard cocked dad said.

Patty grinned and immediately switched off the tape.

“That’s what I’m here for!”

She pushed another button, that one to record her newest series of climaxes. Then she roiled over on her belly.

“Come and get it, Daddy and Uncle Jason!” she called.

When they joined her on the huge bed, she pushed herself up on her hands and knees to spread her cunt from the rear. Their nostrils flaring, her father and his brother could smell as well as see her cunt.

“Well, somebody hurry up and go in,” Patty said impatiently. “Give me a cock in my cunt, right now!”

“Be my guest, Eddie,” Jason offered.

“Oh no,” Ed replied suspiciously, “I know your game. You want me to fuck her pussy again so you can fuck her ass. But forget it. Her shit-hole is reserved for my cock.”

“Why, just because she happens to be your daughter?”

“She sure isn’t yours!”

“But this is my apartment.”

“Jeez, will you guys stop fighting over my damned ass?” Patty cut in to pout at her bickering father and uncle. “You make my poor cunt feel like an orphan. Okay, if neither of you want to give me a cuntful of cock, I’ll just use this.”

Reaching back, she clenched her fist just outside her yawning pussy-lips.

“Of course, once I start fist-fucking my own cunt, you boys’ll just be left watching,” she teased.

“Well, on second thought,” Jason said quickly, “guess that tight, young pussy’s just where my cock belongs, after all.”

“Better hurry then,” Patty teased some more, nudging her clustered knuckles just within her cunt’s stretching rims.

Jason got into position without further delay, scooting feet first beneath his niece on his back until his crotch was directly under hers. Satisfied, Patty stopped threatening to fist-fuck herself and reached down, holding Jason’s twelve-inch-cock upright. Then, tilting her hips, she centered her cunt and his prick and dipped to jam her pussy on her uncle’s jutting fuck-tool.

“Ahhhhh,” she sighed whether pussy was clamped down on Jason’s prick to his balls.

“Excuse me, but…”

She came on the spot. Not a long climax, just enough so her seeping pussy-juice soaked her uncle’s hilted prick.

Patty looked over her shoulder toward her father.

“Okay, Daddy, now I’m ready for my second cock!”

Ed grinned with ass-fucking on his mind. Her asshole was throbbing in the fuzzy split of her flared ass-cheeks.

“Gonna fuck the shit out of her tonight,” Ed said to himself under his ragged breath.

But, overhearing him, Patty said, “Maybe later Daddy, but not now.”

Surprised, Ed muttered, “Huh?”

“Forget about ass-fucking me, Daddy,” Patty told him point-blank. “I don’t want your cock in my ass, after all!”

“Huh?” Ed repeated.

Patty read her father’s mind and assured him, “No, Daddy, you don’t have to just watch Uncle Jason fuck me. Don’t worry, I want your cock in me, just as much as his.”

“Then what… where?” Ed muttered in confusion. “Fuck you in the mouth, baby?”

“Nope, not there!”

“Between your tits?”


“Then what… where?” Ed asked.

“In the cunt, Daddy! I want you to fuck my cunt!”

“But your uncle. He’s already…”

“Mmmmm, I know!” Patty moaned, bearing down on Jason’s prick with her squishing cunt. “Which is exactly why I want you to fuck my cunt, too, Daddy. I’ve taken your two cocks at the same time with one at one place and the other somewhere else plenty of times. But never both of them in the same place, rubbing together inside me!”

And her cunt was perfect for it, Patty went on. If a woman could squeeze out a baby, then a horny, young girl ought to be able to squeeze in a pair of pricks. Maybe not every inch of them, but enough to more than make it worth her while — especially when it would wind up with her pussy full of twice as much jizz.

Ed Cannon protested that it was a foolish idea. Then, his daughter countered, he would just have to watch his brother fuck her after all.

“Yeah,” Jason said from below, his bucking crotch powering his prick straight up Patty’s cunt for emphasis. “Neither of us will blame you, though, Eddie, if you have to go ahead and jerk off while we’re giving you a show!”

There was no way Ed was willing to be reduced to the role of mere spectator. So, he decided, why not? Why not call his daughter’s bluff and give her what she claimed she wanted? he asked himself. She’d probably lose her nerve once his added cock started stretching her cunt to the danger point and beg him to switch to her ass.

Ed lined up. His brother even cooperated, withdrawing at least half of his prick from Patty’s cunt to leave a small, but definite, space. Going for it, Ed nudged his cock-head in there.

“Oh, more than that, Daddy,” Patty said. Ed shoved, until half of his prick had joined the half of his brother’s. And Patty not only seemed to be feeling no pain, except the pleasurable kind, but she began rolling her hips to ride the joined cocks within her pussy.

“It’s even better than I thought it’d be!” she moaned. “What kept me from trying this before, I’ll never know!”

Then, aware of where the bidden microphone in the wall was located, she climaxed aloud directly into it so her rapture would be recorded loud and clear.

“Oh, fuck me! Fuck me, you studs!” she moaned. “Fuck my cunt, Uncle Jason! Daddy, fuck my cunt! Both of you fuck my cunt with your big, hard cocks!”

She urged her father and his brother on. Ed and Jason came. It didn’t take long. Their pricks rubbing against one another, in addition to the tightness of Patty’s packed cunt, made sure of that.

When the time arrived for them to shoot their wads, they screamed and yelled with ecstasy. Patty answered them with the female version of ecstasy, as their twin jets of jizz flooded her double-fucked cunt.

Then the peak had been passed. The tape rolled on. But there was one thing it couldn’t capture in the aftermath of the excitement. And that was Patty’s thoughts, her private knowledge that as super as tonight was with her dad and Uncle Jason, just as much awaited her when she got back home to her mother and brother Nicky. They were willing to do anything to her she wanted, too. Seven days a week of sucking and fucking, that’s what Patty had. Nothing could stop her, but herself. And since she was a creature who constantly craved more, with two sides of her family to give it to her, the weekends and weekdays fed each other like gasoline and fire she just hoped she didn’t burn herself out…

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The Preacher's Hot Family

It was Henry David Thoreau, in Walden, who remarked, “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.” This statement appears to be just as true today as it was then. Perhaps it is even more valid today considering the pressures and frequent monotony of today’s world.

The majority of today’s men and women live in boring circumstances, and when the opportunity for change arises, they are often quick to seize the chance. For the characters in this story, the opportunity is one which many would consider perverse and deranged for it is one of incest. But it provides a release and a need. All morals and scruples are cast aside in a moment of madness — a chance to grab pleasure before it is taken away.

THE PREACHER’S HOT FAMILY — a novel about the quiet desperation in so many of us — and the extremes to which it may drive us.


Valarie Warner was a beautiful, but cock crazy redhead of thirty-six. When she was eighteen, and at her parents’ urging, Valarie had married Reverend Carl Warner who was ten years her senior. A year later, Valarie gave birth to their daughter, Tammy, who was now an exceptionally pretty teenaged blonde.

Valarie was a very sensuous young woman by nature, and was soon bored with the restrictive lifestyle of a minister’s wife. In order to maintain her sanity as the years slowly dragged by, the beautiful redhead resorted to having a few discreet affairs with other men.

One morning while she was sitting in the kitchen sipping coffee, the woman was in an exceptionally horny mood. It had been several months since she’d had an affair, and her oozing cunt was crying out for a hard cock. She was just about to pour herself another cup when the doorbell rang.

Answering the door in the brief negligee she was wearing, Valarie was pleased to see Blane Moffat, a neighbor from across the street. Blane and his wife were both members of her husband’s congregation, and while his wife was spending a few weeks with her parents in Ohio, he occasionally dropped by the house in the mornings for coffee with Reverend Warner and Valarie.

“Hi, Blane,” she smiled, opening the door for him. “Come on in.”

“Hello, Valarie,” he gulped, startled to find the preacher’s wife wearing such a revealing dressing gown. “Is your husband here?”

“No,” smiled Valarie. “He had to leave early. But how about a cup of coffee with me?”

“I’d like one, thank you,” said the man, suddenly seeing a big nipple peeking out as the front of her gown partially opened. Until now, the man had never realized that I dazzling figure the usually conservatively dressed woman had.

Seeing the lust in her neighbor’s eyes as she sat down next to him at the table, Valarie made no attempt to close the front of her gown. She was finding it extremely exciting to be alone in her house with this handsome man, and suddenly wondered if she might get him to give her the fuck she needed so badly.

“Gee, Blane,” she said, flashing him a naughty smile as she threw her shoulders back so both nipples became partially visible, “I wish I had a head or doughnut to offer you.”

“This is just fine,” he smiled, unable to take his eyes off her tits.

“I’d really like a sausage,” giggled the pretty redhead.

“What?” gulped the man. “You like sausage with your coffee in the morning?”

“No, silly,” she whispered with a naughty twinkle in her eyes. “I was thinking more about big sausages that dangle between a man’s legs.”

“What?” gasped the neighbor, unable to believe what he was hearing.

“You know what I mean,” she giggled, taking his hand and guiding it up between her bare thighs. “I need the kind of sausage that fucks into hot pussies.”

The stunned man just numbly caressed the warm naked flesh of her inner thighs.

“Oh Blane,” she giggled. “You’re a naughty man, but I sure like it.”

The preacher’s wife shivered with excitement when the man brushed the tip of his finger across her juicy crotch. Feeling the wanton pleasure flowing through her cunt, Valarie was anxious to get him to fuck her.

“What are you thinking?” he huskily asked, seeing the wild lust in her eyes.

“I was thinking how much I’d like you to make love to me,” she whispered.

“Let’s go,” he grinned, rising to his feet and pulling her up with him.

When they entered the bedroom, Valarie sat on the edge of the bed while the neighbor began quickly removing his clothes. As the man took his shirt off, she gazed excitedly at the thick mat of hair on his broad chest.

“Well,” smiled the man, removing his shoes and socks. “Aren’t you going to bed with me?”

“I sure am,” she giggled, untying the sash to her gown as she watched the man lower the zipper on the front of his pants.

When he dropped his pants, Valarie stared excitedly at the huge hard-on that was poking out against his shorts.

“Jesus, Blane,” she whispered as she opened the front of her gown, letting her luscious tits spill out. “I sure need a big cock in my horny pussy.”

“That’s just what you’re gonna get,” he panted, dropping his shorts.

She could feel the juices oozing hotly between her legs when his throbbing cockshaft sprang into view. The horny woman hadn’t thought about much else except cocks for the past several months, and now here was a long thick prick for her to enjoy.

“Why don’t you take your robe off?” he panted.

Suddenly brought back to the world of reality by his remark, she quickly finished taking her robe off, leaving herself naked.

“My God, you’re beautiful,” he gasped, staring at her naked body.

As she sat back down on the bed, he stepped in front of her, his big blue-veined cock throbbing before her eyes. Unable to control her burning fuck-lust, Valarie reached out and grasped the thick hard cockshaft and began lovingly sliding the foreskin back and forth. With her face so close to his drooling cockhead, she was assailed by the pungent aroma of his cock and balls.

“Kiss it,” he whispered to her.


“I said kiss it.”

“I couldn’t do a think like that!”

“Why not?”

“Because it’s perverse,” she answered, grimacing with disgust.

“My God, Valarie!” he gasped. “Haven’t you ever sucked your husband off?”

“Of course not.”

“You mean you’ve never sucked a cock?”

“I told you I haven’t,” she said.

“Then you’re in for a real treat,” he hotly panted.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean you’re gonna give me a nice juicy blow-job,” he lewdly grinned.

“I can’t do a thing like that!”

“You asked for it when you flaunted your pussy in front of me,” the wildly aroused man said. “And whether you like it or not, you’re gonna do it.”

“I just couldn’t put that thing in my mouth,” she whispered.

Valarie had heard that people did things like this, but she had never dreamed of sucking a cock, herself. This was something only filthy depraved people did and she had no intention of performing this perverse act.

“I said suck my cock!” he demanded. “I just can’t,” she whimpered.

“You prick-teaser!” he roared, grasping her hair and pulling her face near his thick hard prick. “I’ve never heard of a woman who didn’t love to suck cocks. My wife blows me all the time…”

“Please, Blane,” she begged. “I can’t do it.”

“Open your Goddamned mouth!” the crazed man roared.

Opening her mouth and trying not to gag, the woman closed her eyes as his big rubbery cock-knob slipped between her parted lips. Valarie gulped and opened her mouth even wider as his hard prick slid over the top of her tongue until his cockhead was nudging at the back of her throat.

Valarie had thought she would throw up when the man put his filthy prick in her mouth, but to her surprise, the texture of the smooth hard prick moving over her tongue was rather exciting and the taste was erotically pleasant. The way his cockhead filled her mouth sent shivers of delight streaking through her loins. The longer his oozing prick was in her mouth, the better she liked it. The taste was faintly salty, and there was a strong bittersweet flavor that wildly excited her.

Closing her lips more tightly around the thick ridge at the base of his cockhead, she remained completely motionless, secretly savoring the depraved excitement she was feeling. Her head was spinning with both shame and rapture. Valarie couldn’t understand why she was actually enjoying the feel and taste of his vile cock, nor could she understand why cock-sucking was arousing her so much.

Her pussy began burning and itching hotly as he held her head between his hands and began guiding her mouth up and down over his throbbing boner. The feel of his big prickshaft slithering in and out of her mouth was one of the most erotic sensations Valarie had ever experienced in her life.

The entire length of his swollen prick was glistening with her sweet warm spit before she began sucking and licking his big hairy balls. His body began jerking violently when the excited woman once more took his bloated fucker back into her hot juicy mouth.

Grasping the sinewy cheeks of his ass, she tugged him closer as she sucked harder and deeper on his cockshaft. The aroused woman could feel his muscular body jerking and lurching as she feverishly sucked on his big slippery fuck-rod.

They were both so engrossed in their activities that neither of them noticed Valarie’s daughter staring at them from the open door to the bedroom. Because Tammy hadn’t felt well, the teacher had excused her from school and sent her home.

Tammy had been stunned by the sight of her mother sucking on Blane Moffat’s cock, but she was finding it strangely exciting. Tammy was a horny blonde teenager with large braless tits that bounced and rolled around under the sweaters that she habitually wore. She had never worn a bra in her life, and the guys at school were enthralled by the nipples that poked out against the soft material of her tight sweaters.

The blonde had never allowed any of the teens to fuck her, but would always obligingly jack them off in return for a fingerfuck. Being an extremely horny girl, she was constantly wet and sticky between her legs, her thoughts always on pricks. There was nothing she enjoyed more than playing with teens’ hard cocks while they fingered and toyed with her dripping cunt. All the teens at school knew how horny she was, and there were always one or two teens waiting around to be jacked off when classes were dismissed.

Now, excitedly watching her mother sucking on Blane Moffat’s big cock, Tammy stepped back into the hall where she could watch without being seen.

The horny blonde was getting hotter and hotter as she watched her mother feverishly sucking on the man’s thick boner.

“Goddamn!” she heard their neighbor pant. “Here comes the jizz, baby! Suck! Suck! Suck!”

The man was trembling frantically as his exploding cock shot a hot stream of cum into the woman’s mouth.

“Suck! Suck! Suck!” Blane mindlessly chanted as he pumped his hot cum-load between Valarie’s feverishly sucking lips.

Loving this delicious new taste-treat, she sucked and sucked until she’d drawn the last drop of jism from his limp wet prick.

“Now would you like a nice tongue-fuck?” he whispered when he’d recovered from his wild climax.

“God, yes!” whimpered the aroused woman.

Spreading her juicy cuntlips apart with his thumbs, he ran his tongue up along the length of her pussy, bringing squeals of delight from the passionately aroused woman. Breathing deeply, he inhaled the heady fragrance of her hot ripe pussy. Rhythmically lapping his tongue up and down between her tasty pussylips, he felt the pressure mounting in his balls, and could feel his cock starting to swell again.

Spread out on the bed with her thighs obscenely drawn back as the man hungrily slobbered on her oozing cunt, Valarie squirmed from the feverish lust she was experiencing. The rapture was spreading put from her pussy to every part of her body.

“Jesus, baby!” he gasped when his big prick suddenly stiffened into a throbbing hard-on. “I’ve just gotta fuck this hot cunt!”

“Oh, yes!” panted Valarie. “That’s what I want! I need a nice hot fuck!”

“Get up on your hands and knees,” he panted. “I want to fuck your pussy from the rear.”

Burning with uncontrollable lust as she crouched on her hands and knees, Valarie felt the smooth head of his hot prick brushing against her inner thighs as the man knelt behind her and gently grasped her hips. Frantically wiggling her hot ass, Valarie could hardly wait to feel his thick boner deeply lodged in her horny pussy. Unable to stand the suspense any longer, the aroused woman reached back and grasped his hard prick, guiding the bloated cockhead between her wet pussylips.

Thrilled by the heat of her cunt when she brushed his prick-knob against it, the man grasped her hips more firmly and forced his thick prick into her hotly squeezing fuck-hole. Her juicy cunt walls spread wider and wider as his huge prick fucked all the way into her slippery pussy.

Listening to Valarie’s squeals of joy, he began fucking his cock in and out at an ever increasing tempo. Half out of her mind with rapture, Valarie began fucking her ass back at him, rhythmically meeting his deep hard fuck plunges. The wildly aroused preacher’s wife began wantonly undulating her hotly squeezing cunt slit around the boner that was fucking into her. Rotating her ass in circles, she was forcing his thick cock to twist and screw around in her wildly aroused pussy.

“Yes! Yes!” she screamed. “Fuck me, baby! Fuck it to me! Give me more of that big hard cock!”

Watching from the hall, Tammy could see Blane Moffat wildly fucking her mother, his panting mouth gaping open as he stared out crazily through his lust-glazed eyes. She could clearly see her mother’s juicy cuntlips sucking and pulling on his plunging prick.

As the woman’s slippery cunt fucked back around his tingling cockshaft, Blane could feel his jizz boiling around in his churning balls. Grasping her hips more tightly in his hands, he began pounding his throbbing cockmeat even deeper into her hotly squeezing fuck-hole. Feeling his ejaculation rapidly approaching, the man could hardly wait to shoot his hot cum-load into her writhing pussy.

“Fuck it to me! Fuck me harder!” she shrieked. “I’m almost there… almost there!”

“Oh, Jesus!” he gasped, feeling his fiery cum racing up through the length of his pounding cock. “I can’t hold back any longer!”

“Let it shoot!” she squealed. “I’m comming too!”

Slamming her bare ass back as she crouched on her knees beneath her wildly fucking neighbor, Valarie suddenly felt his thick hot jizz shooting into her pussy with the force of a fire hose. The hysterically aroused woman had never felt such a torrent of cum in her life, and feeling her own orgasm exploding in her cunt, she feverishly screwed her squirming ass back to receive every drop of cum from his hotly shooting prick. Every muscle in her body was wildly contracting as the unbelievable rapture seared through her loins.

“Oh, fuck! Fuck!” shrieked the beautiful woman, jerking and shaking her pussy all around his cum-spurting prick. “Shoot it to me, honey! I’m coming… coming all over that big hard cock of yours!”

The whole world seemed to be one glorious orgasm as they feverishly ground their naked bodies together. Valarie’s knees suddenly collapsed and she dropped down flat on her belly, the man on top of her, his cock still spewing her cunt full of what seemed to be an endless stream of jizz.

“Jesus Christ,” Valarie whispered later as the exhausted couple lay sprawled out on the bed. “That was the best fuck I’ve ever had.”

Afraid that she would be discovered, Tammy slipped quietly away from the open door.


The next day was Saturday and Tammy was sitting on her front steps, unable to think about anything except what she’d seen in her mother’s bedroom the day before. As she stared across the street at Blane Moffat’s house, the girl’s panties became soaked with the hot juices that were dripping from her pussy. Unable to get the memory of the man’s big cock out of her mind, she suddenly noticed Bill Moore and Tony Marlow walking down the street with their baseball bat and gloves. They were two of Tammy’s friends who lived just around the corner.

“Hi, Tammy,” grinned Bill as they walked up to where she was sitting on the steps.

“Hello,” she smiled, her big tits pushing out against the front of her sweater.

“What are you doing?” asked Tony.


“Do you have time to jack us off?” whispered Bill, thinking this would be more fun than baseball.

“Sure,” she giggled. “As long as you finger-fuck me.”

“Where will we go?” asked Tony.

“My folks are gone,” she said. “So no one could see us out in my back yard.”

Five minutes later, they were in the back yard and the two horny teens were standing bare-assed naked in front of Tammy, their stiff cocks standing out.

“We can’t stay too long,” panted Tony. “We have to go to baseball practice.”

“I’ll hurry,” Tammy giggled, pulling her sweater off as her big full tits spilled out in front of the teens’ excited eyes.

She pulled her jeans down over her slim hips, and then wriggled out of her juice-soaked panties. She was completely naked, and a thin milky stream of hot cunt juice was dribbling down the flesh of her inner thighs.

Tony began unconsciously rubbing his stiff prick as he stared at the slippery juices oozing out from between her passion-swollen cuntlips. He could hardly wait to screw his finger around in her hot pussy.

“Who’s first?” she giggled.

“Me!” they both shouted in unison. “Who was first last time?” she asked. “I was,” grinned Tony. “Okay,” Tammy said. “Then I’ll do Bill first.”

Bill quickly spread himself out on the grass. His hard prick was pointing straight up in the air. Kneeling beside him, Tammy wrapped her soft fingers around his boner, the thrill of feeling his hard cock sending a sudden spurt of pussy juice out of her dripping pussy.

Sliding the foreskin up and down over his quivering cockhead, she could vividly see her mother’s lips sucking on Blane Moffat’s big hard prick. Without even thinking, she lowered her head and flicked the tip of her tongue across Bill’s swollen prick-knob.

“Jesus!” he panted. “What the fuck are you doin’?”

“Licking your cock,” she giggled. “Jeez,” the young man said. “I never heard of anyone doin’ that to a guy’s pisser.”

“Lots of people do it,” Tammy said. “I can even jack you off with my mouth.”

“You can?”

“Sure,” grinned the girl, her pussy itching with excitement. “D’ya want me to jack you off with my mouth?”

“How can you do that?” he asked, completely confused by what the girl was saying and doing.

“I can make you squirt jizz by sucking on your prick,” she explained. “And it even feels better.”

“No shit?” he gasped, having never heard of a blow-job.

“No shit,” Tammy giggled. “Wanta try it?”

“Hell, yes,” he grinned, thinking it might be fun.

Moving down between his legs, she lowered her mouth toward his stiff prick.

“Tony,” she said to the other teen, “why don’t you finger-fuck my pussy while I suck Bill off?”

“Okay,” he said, kneeling behind her upturned ass and thrusting his middle finger deeply into the hot, mushy flesh of her horny cunt.

“Mmmmmmmmm, that feels good,” she whispered. “Now finger-fuck me good.”

Leaning over and brushing her softly parted lips over the head of Bill’s cock, she was thrilled by the pungent male aroma and the taste of his prick. Happy that his prick was a strange but good flavor, she began swirling her hot wet tongue all over the sensitive surface of his cockhead. Seeing the excited expression on Bill’s face, she gave him a naughty smile and began running her tongue up and down the entire length of his tasty cock.

“Jeez, Tammy!” gasped the teen. “I’ve never felt anything so fuckin’ good in my life.”

She could feel his body jerking and his prick swelling and throbbing as she continued teasing her wet tongue around the base of his cockknob. Then, slowly lowering her lips, she took all of his spit-soaked cockhead into her hot mouth. She could hear him whimpering with joy as her soft lips closed over his swollen prick. Tightening her lips around the base of his cock, she kept his cock securely inside her hotly sucking mouth. Now she knew why her mom had enjoyed sucking Blane off so much. There was something about the texture and taste of a prick that was just out of this world.

Sucking excitedly on his cock, the horny girl could hardly wait to find out what his cum would taste like. If the flavor was anything like that of his prick, she knew she would love his jism.

“Oh, shit!” gasped Bill, staring down at his stiff fucker buried in the girl’s hot sucking mouth.

“D’ya like it?” she giggled, momentarily removing her mouth from his prick.

“God, yes!” he panted. “But I’m gonna shoot off in a minute.”

“That’s what I want you to do,” she said. “Give me a nice big mouthful of jizz!”

“Do you really want me to shoot my gooey jizz into your mouth?”

“Sure,” she laughed. “Why do you think. I’m suckin’ your cock?”

“Okay,” he grinned. “If that’s what you want.”

Once more lowering her mouth down over his prick, she could feel Tony’s finger fucking in and out of her tingling cunt slit at an ever increasing speed. The quiet morning air was broken only by the wet slurping sound of her lips sucking noisily on his prick and the squishing of Tony’s finger fucking in and out of her hotly dripping cunt.

Feeling his throbbing cock sliding back and forth over her tongue, Tammy hoped she was doing it right. She knew how disappointed he would be if she couldn’t bring him off in her mouth. Bobbing her head up and down, she was taking his prick deeper and deeper until she could feel his smooth cocktip nudging at the back of her throat. Every time she raised up, her lips sucked and pulled on his sensitive cockshaft, making his cock tingle with excitement.

“Suck, Tammy, suck!” he cried out, almost out of his mind with the intense ecstasy of her wildly sucking mouth working on his cock. Frantically grasping at her tousled blonde hair, he began pumping her head up and down over his quivering prickshaft.

“Suck it, Tammy! Suck it!” he moaned, his lurching hips driving his cock in and out of her mouth. His breath was coming in short hot gasps, and his fingers were curled in her hair, pushing her mouth down tighter over his jerking fuck-rod.

“Suck, for shit’s sake, suck!” he shouted, almost out of his mind from the wild rapture. “I’m almost there! Oh, shit, almost there!”

Tammy was as wildly aroused as he was. Tony’s finger-fucking was bringing her closer and closer to a climax as she continued sucking on Bill’s hot boner.

“Ooooooooh, shiiiiiiit!” cried Bill, grasping her head again and slamming her mouth down over his cum-spurting cockhead. “I’m shootin’! I’m shootin’!”

For the first time in her life, the girl felt hot jizz splattering at the back of her throat. His cum was thick, slippery and stringy, but so good. She sucked and swallowed frantically as spurt after spurt of the delicious cock cream shot out of his jerking prick. Her mouth was still filling up with his cum when the thrilling friction of Tony’s finger-fucking brought her to a wild orgasm.

When the intense climax finally ended, she collapsed on Bill’s limp body, his soft dripping prick still in her mouth.

“Shit,” panted the teen. “That was really neat. How did my jizz taste?”

“I love it,” she grinned, licking the milky film of cum from her slippery lips.

“Is it my turn now?” asked Tony, pulling his juice-soaked finger from the wet hotness of her tight pussy.

“It sure is,” she grinned.

The girl had really enjoyed the way he had finger-fucked her. But after seeing her mother with Blane, Tammy knew she needed something more than a finger in her cunt.

“Tony,” she said excitedly, “have you ever fucked a girl?”

“God, no.”

“Would you like to fuck me?” Tammy asked.

“Gee, I dunno.” He hesitated. “I wouldn’t know… how to do it.”

“Me either,” she giggled, thinking about Blane’s big cock in her mother’s pussy. “But we sure as hell can try.”

“Do you think I should?” Tony asked Bill. “Hell, yes,” grinned Bill, excitedly licking his lips. “I sure would if I had a hard-on.”

“Come on,” whispered Tammy, rolling onto her back as she lewdly opened her legs for him. “It’ll be fun.”

Staring down between her widely spread legs, Tony could see her open cuntlips dripping with pussy juices. Her slippery cunt looked so inviting that he could hardly wait to stick his cock in it.

“Okay,” he grinned, dropping to his knees between her legs.

“Oh, Tony,” she panted, taking his stiff boner in her hand. “I can’t believe we’re really gonna fuck.”

The girl’s trembling fingers guided his throbbing cock toward her dripping cunt slit. She shuddered with excitement when she felt his hard prick against the juicy opening of her slippery cunt.

Bracing his hands on the lawn, Tony eased his hips forward, forcing the head of his cock up between her hot juicy cuntlips.

“Ooooooh, Tony,” she whimpered, feeling his prick fucking into her tight pussy. She hadn’t expected his prick to feel so big and hard in her pussy, and she grasped him tightly in her arms to keep him from fucking in any deeper.

“Don’t move,” she whispered. “Just hold still for a minute.”

Grasping him tightly in her arms, Tammy was hoping the awful pain would go away. When her tense body began to relax, the girl could feel the discomfort slowly fading. Carefully raising her hips, she grasped his taut asscheeks and slowly pulled his cock a bit deeper into her virginal fuck-hole. As his cock slowly worked up through her tight hot cuntal passage, the initial pain of his penetration seemed to disappear completely, leaving her with a delightful feeling of fullness.

“Oh, Tony,” she whispered when her cunt had taken the full length of his throbbing prick. “I think we’re gonna like this.”

Feeling the soft hotness of her juicy pussy squeezing his hard fuck-tool, the teen remained perfectly still, luxuriating in the hot depths of her fuck-hole. With his prick in a girl’s pussy for the first time in his life, the feel of her moist hot cunt flesh squeezing around his boner felt fantastic to the teen. The entire length of his cock was tingling wildly. Tony had often fantasized about fucking when he jacked off, but in his wildest imagination, he had never dreamed that a cunt could feel so fucking good.

The teen thought he would blow his mind when Tammy began rotating her ass beneath him while her cuntlips squeezed and sucked on to base of his deeply buried cockshaft. Unable to control himself, the teen began fucking his stiff cock in and out of the girl’s tight cunt slit.

“Mmmmmmm,” she whimpered, wrapping her legs around his waist. “This feels so good. Jesus, I love to fuck.”

Pounding his brand new hard-on, Bill was excitedly watching his friend as he fucked his cock in and out of Tammy’s slippery pussy. The expressions on their lust-distorted faces told him how much they were enjoying the fucking. Their naked bodies were writhing hotly together as his friend’s hard cock fucked in and out of the squealing girl’s juicy pussy. The nipples of Tammy’s big tits were rubbing against Tony’s bare chest. Bill began beating his meat even harder as he watched the expression on Tammy’s face. Her eyes were rolled back, her soft moist lips parted, and she was moaning passionately as her head flopped from side to side. Bill could hardly wait for his buddy to finish fucking so he could ram his own hard cock up Tammy’s pussy.

Clinging tightly to each other, the teens were fucking up a storm as Tony drove his virile prick in and out of her squeezing, milking cunt slit at an increasing tempo. This being the first time that either of the girls had ever experienced such intense pleasure, they were both squealing with joy. His balls were slapping against the juice-smeared cheeks of her bare ass as his hard prick drove into her tight fuck-hole.

“Oh, Tony!” she squealed as she fucked back at him for all she was worth. “We’re really fuckin’, honey! We’re really fuckin’!”

“I know! I know!” he gasped, fucking his cock harder and deeper into her hot juicy pussy. “I’ve never felt anything so shittin’ good in my life!”

“It’s so good!” she sobbed. “Just keep fuckin’ me forever!”

On and on they fucked, neither of them able to comprehend the intense rapture they were feeling. The ecstasy was so overwhelming that they couldn’t fully understand what was happening to them. With every fuck-thrust of his prick, this newfound ecstasy was building.

“Oh, shit! Oh, fuck!” she shrieked as his driving cock slowly turned her writhing body into a mass of molten lust. “I can’t believe it! I can’t believe it can be so fuckin’ good!”

“You better believe it,” he gasped. “We really are fuckin’.”

“I know! I know!” she squealed, writhing her frothy cunt slit up tighter around the base of his plunging prick. The top ridge of his hard cock was rubbing against her tingling clit, sending sparks of ecstasy to every nerve in her body. The wild fucking was almost more than she could stand, yet she wanted more and more fucking.

Bill was still stroking his hard-on as he watched his friend’s stiff fucker zipping in and out between Tammy’s slippery pussylips. He could see that the aroused blonde was almost out of her mind as she squealed, thrashed and bucked under Tony. God, how Bill wished it was his own cock fucking in and out of her cunt. The entire length of his friend’s boner was coated with the juices that were flowing out of Tammy’s cock-squeezing pussy. Bill could see the girl’s hot juicy cuntlips sucking and grasping at the sensitive flesh of his friend’s prick, and he could vicariously feel her cuntlips squeezing against his own tingling cock.

“Fuck, Tony, fuck!” shrieked Tammy, the intense ecstasy building up in her steaming loins. “Fuck harder, Tony! Don’t ever stop!”

Unaware of what he was doing, the inexperienced teen raised his hips a bit, and his cock set up a friction against her clit that was unbelievable. His cock was sawing deliciously against her hard clit, almost blowing the girl’s mind.

“Oh, God!” she screamed. “Oh, my God! Eeeeeeegggggghhh!”

“Does it hurt? Should I stop?” Tony asked.

“No! No! Don’t stop!” she squealed. “Just keep fuckin’!”

Tony was enjoying his first piece of ass. In his wildest dreams, he had never imagined that fucking could feel this fantastic.

“Fuck, Tony, fuck!” whimpered Tammy, clutching him tighter in her arms. “Fuck me good, Tony! Fuck it to me!”

The unbelievable pleasure was so intense that Tammy felt as if her body might explode. She was so carried away by her wild passions that she didn’t even realize the shrill screams she was hearing were coming from her own throat.

Suddenly, she felt Tony’s hot jizz gushing up into her belly. The strange feel of his hot cum spewing out against the slippery walls of her cunt triggered her very first cock-induced climax.

“I’m coming! I’m coming!” she shrieked, her legs waving crazily in the air. “I’m coming! Oh, God! Oh, God! I’m coming all over your beautiful cock! Ooooooooh, I’m coming! Coming!”

Clutching him tightly in her arms, she was floating on a cloud of ecstasy as his prick continued pumping her pussy full of jizz.

“Oh, Tony,” she whimpered, covering his mouth with her hot open lips as she passionately sucked on his tongue. “That was so fuckin’ good!”

Unable to stand it any longer, Bill pulled his friend off the girl’s naked body.

“Hi,” Tammy giggled when she saw Bill crawling up between her legs. “Are you gonna fuck me, too?”

“You bet I am!” he panted, guiding his throbbing cock toward her cum-drenched pussy.

“That’s good,” she giggled. “I want you to just fuck the shit out of me.”

Placing the head of his cock against her cum-soaked cunt, Bill lunged forward, driving the length of his fuck-tool deep into her scalding pussy.

“Ooooooh. Bill!” she moaned when he began fucking his hard cock in and out. “I think fucking’s the neatest thing in the whole world.”

When the teens had finally gone and Tammy lay exhausted on the back lawn, she glanced up and saw her Uncle Will staring at her through the kitchen window. He was her father’s oldest brother who lived only a few blocks away and often dropped in unannounced.

As Tammy hurriedly put her clothes back on, her uncle walked out into the yard where she was.

“That was the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen,” the man said with perspiration standing out on his bald head. “And you’re the daughter of a fine preacher!”

“I’m sorry,” she whispered, tears of shame welling up in her eyes. “But please don’t tell my father.”

“I don’t know what I’m going to do,” he said, turning to leave. “I’m going to think it over tonight and I want you to come over to my house right after church tomorrow. By then I’ll have made up my mind what to do about it.”


When Tammy arrived at her uncle’s house shortly after church the next day, he greeted her with a stern face. As he led her into the living room, the girl could smell the musky aroma that always filled the house. Since his wife had run away with a younger man several years before, her uncle rarely opened doors or windows to air the place out.

Leading her over to a couch, Will sat down beside her with an evil smile on his face as he stared at the girl’s bare legs below her short skirt. His mind hadn’t been on anything except her cunt since he had seen the two guys fucking her the day before.

“I’m afraid this is a very serious matter,” he finally said, resting his hand on her bare knee.

“I said I was sorry,” she whispered, her lower lip trembling.

“But, Tammy,” he continued, “what you were doing was very naughty.”

“Uncle Will!” she suddenly shouted at him. “You’re nothin’ but a peeping sneak!”

“Now don’t get smart!” he said with an evil grin. “I’m your uncle.”

“So what?” she sneered. “It’s none of your business what I do.”

“Maybe not,” he agreed. “But I’m sure your father won’t be very happy about it when I tell him.”

“You wouldn’t!” she gasped.

“I will,” he said, “if you keep acting so smart with me.”

Tammy knew what would happen if the stern preacher ever found out she was fucking around. He’d skin her alive.

“Please don’t tell him,” she begged in a more humble tone of voice. “I won’t ever do it again.”

“Do you want me to tell him how you sucked on Bill’s prick?” Will continued in the same evil voice.

“Please don’t,” she begged.

“But you did something very naughty,” he continued. “And I’ll have to tell your father unless you do something for me.”

“What do you want me to do?” she asked, afraid the old bastard would tell her dad.

“I want you to suck my cock,” he grinned, licking his thin dry lips.

Tammy just stared at him with a shocked expression on bet face. Uncle Will was a gaunt bald-headed man in his fifties. She’d never seen him smile. He was so sour in his appearance that Tammy had never thought of him as even having a cock, much less wanting to be sucked off.

“Are you crazy?” she gasped.

“Not at all,” he leered, lowering the zipper on his pants. “But you’re going to suck me off, unless you want me to tell your father.”

Tammy could hardly believe her eyes when her uncle yanked his stiff prick out through his open fly. She couldn’t get over the size of his big cock as he obscenely stroked it right in front of her.

“Well?” he asked in a hot excited voice. “Are you gonna give me a blow-job or not?”

When she didn’t answer, he slowly removed his coat and tie, and then the rest of his clothes until he was standing stark naked, his hard cock throbbing up from between his spindly legs. As much as she disliked her miserable uncle, Tammy eyed his big rigid prick with a strange fascination. His prick was much longer and thicker than Bill’s and Tony’s prick. There was a hard thickness about, his cockshaft that made her juicy cunt tingle. She was being forced into this, but deep in her heart the horny girl was quite excited.

He stepped up in front of the couch where Tammy was seated, his stiff hard-on pointing right at her face. As he moved in front of her, the man asked his niece to remove her clothes. She quickly undressed and sat back down again. The man gazed hungrily down at Tammy’s teenaged body with her big tits and soft smooth thighs. He could see the wet inner flesh of her open fuck-hole, as well as the pussy juices that were dripping slowly from between her coral-tinged cuntlips. His throbbing cock was jerking lewdly.

Grasping the base of his cockshaft, Tammy moved her face toward the man’s swollen prick. By concentrating on his boner and not his evil face, she was becoming more aroused by the sight of his hard cock. Reaching between his legs, she gently cupped his balls in her palms. His wrinkled ball-sac was heavy and his pubic hair was like steel wool. She excitedly stared at his big purple cockhead, wondering if his cock would taste as good as her friends’ cocks.

“Come on, Tammy,” he whispered in a more tender voice. “Give your old uncle a nice hot blow-job and your dad will never know what a horny bitch you are.”

Staring at his cock, Tammy suddenly realized what a wonderful organ a man’s prick really was. His prick was thick and hard, engorged with blood, and had a beautiful purple cockhead with a milky white cockshaft that was covered with a network of throbbing veins. Her pussy was dripping from horny excitement as she watched a drop of pre-cum oozing from the slit in the tip of his cockhead, making the smooth surface glisten.

Lowering her head, the girl flicked her tongue out and lapped at the oozing precum. His thick heavy cock began twitching from the electric touch of her sweet wet tongue. Tammy ran her soft tongue over his shiny fat cockhead in a teasing circular pattern, making tighter rings with every revolution until she speared the tip of her tongue against the leaking slit on the end of his cock.

Her quivering uncle stared down excitedly, unable to believe this teenager could give him such pleasure. He had forced the girl into performing this lewd act on him, yet it was more than obvious that she was thoroughly enjoying sucking his cock.

“Oh, Tammy,” he sobbed, half beside himself with joy. “You’re such a sweet girl.”

The horny child didn’t give a shit whether her uncle thought she was a sweet girl or not, but she loved the taste of his big drooling cockhead. Her tongue hungrily lapped along the sensitive flesh as his prick, seemed to swell even bigger. From her experience with the two teens, Tammy knew it wouldn’t take long for him to unload a torrent of cum into her mouth.

Because of his late wife’s prudish lifestyle, he had never experienced a blow-job, but he had almost gone out of his mind when he saw Tammy sucking off Bill. He had never dreamed of molesting his sweet niece, but that scene yesterday had driven him wild. He was violently trembling with excitement as the blonde girl teased his cock with her tongue. Panting heavily, his heart pounding in his chest, he was afraid that if she continued licking his prick, he would shoot his wad too soon.

He gave a sudden lurch when Tammy moved her face down, sucking as much of his thick prick as possible into her mouth as her tongue lapped hotly against the underside, making him shudder even more. He had never dreamed that his niece’s mouth could bring him such intense pleasure. Her pulling, sucking lips and her lapping tongue seemed to be trying to draw his asshole right up through the shaft of his cock. This wildly sucking girl was the ultimate, making him feel as if the top of his bald head were about to blow off. It was as if the precious girl had been brought into the world for the sole purpose of sucking pricks. His niece was giving him the ultimate thrill of his entire lifetime. Her sucking lips were clamped tightly around his cockshaft with a pulling suction that was almost blowing his mind.

Will felt his swollen cockhead pushing against the back of her throat, yet Tammy was taking more and more of his fucker into her mouth. He watched with amazement as her pretty nose moved closer and closer to the hairy base of his cock until it actually pressed into the curly hairs of his belly. The child had taken every inch of his cock into her mouth.

Slowly lifting her head, the girl sucked on the whole length of his slippery prick until it popped out of her mouth.

“D’ya like this?” she smiled up at him.

“God, Tammy,” he panted. “That feels so good, darling.”

“Am I a good cock-sucker?” she asked, her naughty eyes dancing with joy.

“The best.”

“Good,” she giggled. “Because I’m just getting started.”

Lowering her head once more, Tammy opened her mouth widely and took his big cockhead into her mouth again, letting it soak in her warm saliva as she sucked. Looking upward as she sucked on her uncle’s thick prick, she was pleased to see the ecstasy on his face. She had never liked the stern old man, but it was sure fun to suck on his big juicy prick.

Her lips were slithering smoothly over his gnarled cockshaft, riding the slippery film of saliva that her tongue had spread. His boner was stroking her lips as his fat cock slid back and forth over her lapping tongue. Her deep suction on his bloated prick was drawing out the tasty pre-cum from the tip of his prick.

But best of all was the feeling of power she felt over him. The man was no longer her tyrannical uncle who always frightened and dominated her. Thrilled that at last she had the upper hand, the girl sucked more fervently on the thick cock that was fucking in and out between her sucking lips.

Staring down, the man could see her full tits flopping wildly as her head bobbed up and down over his throbbing cockmeat. Looking beneath her belly, he could see her golden pussy hairs glistening with moisture. He suddenly felt a wild urge to fuck his prick.

“Oh, Tammy,” he panted, excitedly lifting her face from his prick. “Will you sit on my cock, darling?”

“Sure,” she giggled, anxious to feel a man sized cock in her steaming cunt.

As he lay back on the couch, she quickly straddled his loins, a knee on either side of him and the tip of his nice big prick tickling her sopping cunt. Trembling with depraved anticipation, the girl’s uncle grinned up at her.

“Go ahead, darling,” he panted. “Try and put my cock in your sweet cunt.”

Reaching down and grasping his cockshaft, Tammy found that his cock was still wet and slippery from her sucking, and it was wildly throbbing, ready to unleash a torrent of cum. Trembling with excitement, and wondering if her pussy could handle such a big prick, she eased his bulbous prick knob between the slippery folds of her pussylips.

Smiling up at his niece’s sweet face, the man began gently squeezing her big tits, heading her turgid nipples between his fingers.

“That’s a sweet girl,” he whispered. “Just stuff that hard cock into your pussy.”

Her cunt began dripping pussy juices down onto the curly hairs around the base of his prick. Trembling with excitement, she stuffed the head of his big boner into the hot opening of her cunt slit. It was a tight fit, and remembering how Tony’s much smaller cock had felt so big when he first fucked her, she hesitated, afraid it might be painful.

“It’s awfully big,” she whispered.

“Don’t worry, darling,” he said. “It will fit fine. Just slide down over my cock.”

With her passion overcoming her fear, she began slowly lowering herself down over his huge cock. It brutally stretched her tight cunt, but as his cock fucked in, Tammy felt fantastic joy.

“Ooooooh!” she whimpered. “It feels so fuckin’ big!”

As Tammy slowly slid down over his thick prick, her grimacing face was a mask of uncontrollable fuck-lust. Her lovely blue eyes were rolled back crazily in their sockets, her nostrils widely flared.

The man had never experienced anything like this in his life. Her hot cunt juices were dripping down his prickshaft from between her cock-squeezing cuntlips. The moist warmth of her snug pussy was pure ecstasy, the tightest, hottest pussy he had ever fucked. As his prick fucked deeper into her cunt, the pleasure became more intense.

“Oh, Uncle Will!” the blonde squealed with joy, “It’s all the way in now… all the way!”

“I know, darling,” he smiled. “Does it hurt?”

“Shit, no,” giggled the horny girl. “It feels neat.”

“Good,” he whispered, reaching out to fondle her full tits.

Raising her pussy until only his fat cockknob remained in her, the girl slammed her cunt back down around his hard cock again.

“Oh, God!” gasped her uncle, feeling his tingling prick fucking back up into her hot pussy.

Crazed with the bigness of his boner, Tammy began bouncing up and down over his throbbing fuck-tool.

“Oh, you sweet darling,” the man panted, feeling the tightness of her cunt milking and sucking on his cockshaft. “You’re just fantastic.”

Staring down between his niece’s legs, the depraved man could see his thick cock fucking in and out of her stretched pussy. Her grasping cuntlips were sucking against his slippery wet prick as the girl’s pussy juices coated the length of his fuck-rod. The wet slurping sound of her hot pussy pumping up and down over his stabbing prick only added to the intense excitement. Crazed with fuck-lust, the man grasped the soft cheeks of her sweet ass and began bouncing her more rapidly up and down over his rigid boner, wildly thrusting his hips up to meet every downward plunge of her sizzling pussy. On and on they fucked, his big prick fucking up into the depths of her tight cunt.

“That’s it, Uncle Will!” she squealed with joy as his thick prick fucked into her hot juicy pussy. “Oh, fuck it to me!”

She couldn’t believe that her old prune faced uncle could give her such a thorough fucking. Beads of perspiration were standing out on his wrinkled brow, but he was slamming his beautiful big cock into her as if he were a stud. Each upward stroke of his hips was driving his magnificent prick deeper and deeper into her pussy.

Riding his lunging cock for all she was worth, Tammy wondered when the man would finally shoot his cum-load. The girl was filled with a mindless joy as she bounced and squealed on top of him. His glorious prick was slamming into her tiny cunt-hole with such force that he was literally knocking the breath out of her. The red-hot friction of his fucking cock was driving her wild as the fury of his assault increased. Her lovely tits were bouncing and jiggling wildly as she rode his lurching cock.

“Oh, Uncle Will!” she shrieked. “I love your big beautiful prick!”

Encouraged by her cries, he increased his efforts, almost bouncing the girl off his belly with every wild fuck thrust.

“Oh, shit!” she screamed. “It’s so fuckin’ good! Oh, God, I’m gonna come!”

Screaming hysterical obscenities, she frantically writhed her cunt around the base of his cockshaft as the violent orgasm washed through her loins. The man continued fucking into her with all his strength until his prick exploded a torrent of white-hot jizz into her climaxing fuck-hole.

“Keep squirting, Uncle Will!” she screamed when she felt her cunt filling up with his spurting cum. “Keep squirting!”

She clung tightly to the man until her wild orgasm had passed and the last drop of jism had leaked out of his slowly shrinking prick.

“Oh, God, Uncle Will,” she whispered to him. “That was so good.”

“I know, darling,” he panted. “Will you let me fuck you again sometime?”

“Anytime you want to,” she beamed. “I pass right by your house every afternoon when school is out.”

“Thank you,” he whispered. “That was a great fuck!”


One night, Valarie Warner was in an exceptionally horny mood as she sat next to her husband on the couch. The preacher was so involved with his church activities that he rarely fucked her anymore, but she was dying for a good fuck. Reaching down, she rested her hand on the front of his pants, hoping to arouse the man. She was soon rewarded by the feel of his cock starting to swell and throb under her touch.

“Oh, Carl,” she whispered to her husband, “I think that thing between your legs wants to have a party with me.”

“I think it does, too,” smiled the preacher, feeling his prick getting harder and harder in his pants.

“Carl,” said his beautiful wife, “let’s go to bed and mess around.”

“That isn’t a bad idea,” the man grinned, seeing the passion in his wife’s eyes.

Taking her hand, he led the lovely redhead up to their room. The man was dog-tired from performing two weddings and conducting a funeral that day on top of all his regular duties, but nothing was going to stop him from fucking his lovely wife. When Valarie stepped into the bathroom, the aroused but weary man quickly undressed and threw himself back on the bed. Stroking his hard cock, the preacher could hardly wait to stuff it into his wife’s hot pussy.

Sitting on the toilet, taking a piss, Valarie was getting hotter by the minute. She needed a fuck so badly! When she left the bathroom, the woman’s pussy juices were dripping from between her legs.

Entering their bedroom, she found Carl spread out nakedly on his back, snoring loudly as he clutched his half-swollen prick. Knowing her husband, she realized the party was over before it had started. She knew that nothing would wake him until dawn.

Restlessly tossing in bed, she was finding it impossible to go to sleep. Reaching down, she finally began fingering her itching cunt, knowing she would never be able to sleep until she’d brought herself off. Not having to worry about waking her husband, she was writhing all over the bed as she urgently rubbed her lust swollen clit.

Finally getting out of bed, Valarie wandered over to the window where, she stared out into the moonlit night. She’d been standing there about five minutes when she saw the light come on in Blane’s window across the street. Slipping into some clothes, the horny woman hurried over to his house and rang the doorbell. Moments later the door was opened by Blane who was dressed in slacks and a sweater.

“Hi,” she grinned. “I couldn’t sleep.”

“Neither could I,” smiled the man as she entered. “I just put on some clothes to take a walk.”

“Oh, Blane,” she whispered. “I need a fuck so bad.”

“So do I,” he said, taking the beautiful woman’s hand and leading her directly up to his room, where they immediately began undressing without saying a word to each other.

“Well,” she said when they were both completely naked, “let’s fuck.”

Walking over to the bed with him, she waited until he was spread out on his back, and then she crawled up between his legs, nuzzling her face against his big heavy balls. Having spent so much of her life with her uncommunicative husband, the sexy woman wasn’t a great conversationalist, but she was the hottest bitch Blane had ever known in his life. She was always ready to fuck — morning, noon or night.

Watching Valarie caressing and licking his balls, he couldn’t get over how beautiful she was. She had creamy white skin that complemented her lovely red hair. She had big firm tits that were capped by the biggest fucking nipples he had ever seen.

“You’re sure a pretty bitch,” he whispered down to her.

“And you’re a fuckin’ prick for calling me a bitch,” she teased, licking his swollen balls. “Do you want me to take my hot cunt and go home?”

“Not on your life,” grinned the handsome man.

With her chin nestling against his asshole, Valarie began licking under his big ball-sac. As always, the crinkly texture of the skin around his balls excited her. Blane’s entire body began trembling when she slowly moved her naughty nibbling lips up the underside of his throbbing cockshaft. Working with loving tenderness, she began moving her tongue up and down the quivering length of his fucker.

Lying on her stomach between his outstretched legs, Valarie swung his thighs over her bare shoulders, raising his ass up in front of her face. Gently caressing his cock and balls with her talented fingers, the beautiful redhead blew her warm breath against his puckered shitter.

“Oh, Goddamn!” he panted, feeling the thumb and forefinger of her free hand parting the cheeks of his ass so her moistly hot breath could more readily caress his lewdly exposed asshole.

This woman had more sexual talent than anyone he had ever known. Valarie had never sucked him off the same way twice.

“Aaaaaghhh!” he gasped when the hot wet tip of her tongue snaked out and began washing his quivering asshole.

Lifting her head a bit, she ran her slavering tongue up from his shitter, over his fat hairy balls and onto the tip of his cock. The wet caresses of her slippery hot tongue on his sensitive cockhead sent sparks dancing up and down the length of his cockshaft.

“Does this feel good?” she whispered, knowing damned well how much he was enjoying it.

“Shit, yes!” he panted, looking down at her teasing eyes peering at him from above his prick.

“Can anyone else give you as much fun as me?”

“No! No!” he groaned, trembling as her tongue continued swirling around his cockknob.

“You’d better remember that,” she playfully teased. “I’m the best fuckin’ cock-sucker you’ll ever find.”

The man couldn’t deny it.

Valarie’s nose and mouth were once more buried between his soft warm asscheeks. The man’s body gave another violent lurch as her tongue obscenely probed into his shitter.

“Christ, honey!” he sighed when the wet muscular tip of her tongue slipped through the tight ring of his asshole. “Shit, that feels good!”

Shaking with excitement, he could feel her slippery tongue darting in and out of his quivering asshole, sending wave after wave of unbelievable pleasure washing through his body.

“Oh, sweet pissin’ angel,” he panted as the cock-crazed redhead feverishly tongued his asshole while her nimble fingers toyed with his prick and balls.

Finally withdrawing her tongue from his quivering shitter, she raised her head and wrapped her hot wet lips around his bloated prick-knob. There was something about the taste of Blane’s big prick that really turned Valarie on. She had sucked her share of cocks during her adulterous life with the preacher, but none had tasted as delicious as Blane’s big juicy boner.

The man was staring at her soft lips as she sucked more and more of his bloated cock into his mouth. The thing that always turned him on was the teasing, naughty expression in her eyes as she licked and slurped and sucked on his slippery prick.

Her eyes were shimmering with excitement as she watched his distorted facial expressions while he writhed and groaned from the intense ecstasy she was giving him. Moving her cock filled mouth up and down more rapidly, she could feel his entire body trembling with pleasure. Increasing the tempo, she moved her head faster, taking more and more of his delicious prick into her throat with every sucking plunge.

“God, you’re fantastic,” he panted, looking down at the raw lust on her beautiful, cock-sucking face.

As she increased the intense suction on his straining prick, Blane could feel the familiar sensations that signaled his inevitable climax.

He was no longer conscious of anything except those soft moist lips ovaled around his cock. Then came the welcome surge of relief as his hot sticky jism rushed up his cockshaft, spewing wildly into her eagerly waiting mouth.

Valarie continued sucking and swallowing cum, not wanting to waste a drop of the slippery spunk she enjoyed so much. The trembling man lay sprawled out on his back until she’d sucked out the last drop of cum from deep within his spent prick. When his flaccid cock finally slipped limply out of her mouth, the woman licked the last of his cum from her lips.

“Well,” she smiled, rolling onto her back, “I’ll bet your wife can’t give you a blow-job like that.”

“I’ll bet she can’t, either,” the man grinned. “Nobody can suck cock like you.”

“I like to fuck, too,” giggled Valarie, grasping his limp prick. “Let’s get this thing hard again.”

Wanting to please the woman as much as she had pleased him, Blane crawled down on the bed grasping her ankles, he spread her legs wide apart and began passionately licking her inner thighs. When they were thoroughly washed, he licked over her calves and clear down to her toes, taking the time to lovingly suck on each pretty toe. Working back up between her thighs again, he licked past her pussy and went directly up to her big lush tits. He spent several minutes sucking deep and hard on her tits, bringing moans of ecstasy from the beautiful redhead.

Finally releasing her hard nipples from his mouth, Blane moved down and buried his face in her crotch. Staring at the hot open lips of her fragrant pussy, he gently forced her soft shapely thighs farther apart.

Shivering with excitement, Valarie felt her illicit lover’s hot moist breath on her juicy cunt, and the smooth wet touch of his thick tongue as he began licking her sensitive clit.

“Oooooooooh, yes!” she squealed. “Lick me good, honey!”

Blane attacked her pussy with his experienced tongue. She was juicing all over his face as the handsome man licked the tasty hard bud of her tingling clit. As his tongue flicked all around the sensitive nub of her clit, the intense pleasure seemed to be melting Valarie’s loins. Moaning softly, she lay back on the bed, thoroughly enjoying the fantastic sensations he was giving her with his talented tongue. She was clenching her teeth as he passionately licked and sucked and slobbered on her wildly aroused clit.

He sucked hard and noisily as the beautiful woman’s streaming cunt wildly, sending another hot flood of pussy juice against his face.

Unable and unwilling to try and control her emotions, the woman was squealing from the intense pleasure that was radiating from between her legs.

Blane fucked his tongue deep into the slick folds of her hot cunt.

“Oh, sweet Blane!” she sobbed with rapture, loving what he was doing to her with his thick wet tongue. “It feels so good!”

Still moaning with joy, Valarie could feel his tongue snaking deeper into her hotly creaming cunt. Wanting her pussy filled with his drooling tongue, she thrust her hips up so he could worm even more of it into her steamy pussy.

Withdrawing his tongue from deep in her hot slick fuck-hole, he again attacked her clit with his lips. Feeling her lover’s hot slippery tongue flicking against her clit felt so wonderful that the insanely aroused woman began screwing out with joy. Her slippery pussy cream was pouring out against his face as the fierce lust built and built in her loins.

Unable to wait any longer, Blane pulled his face from between Valarie’s thighs and moved up on top of her.

“Oh, honey!” he panted. “I just have to fuck you!”

Crawling between her wantonly spread legs, he pressed his hard muscular body against her soft naked flesh.

“Oh, darling,” she whispered, feeling his hard hot cock burning against her inner thighs. “God, how I need a fuck.”

Blane could feel her fingers searching for his prick as her beautiful body writhed excitedly beneath him. He felt her clutch his big stiff cockshaft, guiding his cock toward her steaming hot cunt slit. Blane could feel her trembling with expectation as she moved his cockhead closer and closer to her juice-drenched pussy.

Reaching down and cupping the horny woman’s soft firm ass in his hands, he lifted her hot slippery cunt slit toward his slowly advancing cock. A wild shudder racked his body when his sensitive prick-knob probed between the juice open lips of her overheated pussy.

Mewling softly beneath him, Valarie opened her luscious thighs even wider and arched her hips up, snaking her warm naked legs around his waist, offering up the full length of her hair-fringed cunt slit.

“Do it, honey!” she panted, screwing her cunt up around the head of his cock. “Bang me, baby! Give me that hard cock!”

Clutching frantically at his ass, she drew him toward her, feeling his wonderful boner slithering up through the hot sucking tissues of her cock-hungry cunt.

Blane was shaking with lust as he suddenly gave a mighty thrust and fucked his bloated prick the rest of the way up her fuck-hole with one wild plunge.

“Aaaaaauuggg!” Valarie screamed with joy as his magnificent fucker sliced up through her tingling pussy flesh.

Grasping his ass even tighter, she arched her hips up, pulling his thick meaty prickshaft deeper into her wet fuck-hole. It was only when she felt his big cock-knob pressing against the end of her cunt that she realized his cock had fully penetrated her.

“Oh, God,” Valarie whimpered, relishing the man’s rock-hard prick buried so deeply in her pussy. “Your cock feels so much bigger and harder tonight!”

Moving slowly at first, Blane was fucking his bloated cockrod in and out of her pussy as the fleshy ridges of her clinging cunt walls rubbed against his slithering prick. Fucking his cock in and out at a steady rhythm, he felt a hot stream of cunt juice squishing put of her grasping pussy, saturating her soft sweet ass.

With her mouth hanging open and her long red hair flailing, Valarie was lustily throwing her hips up to meet every glorious fuck-stroke of his plunging cockshaft.

“Oh, you sweet fucker,” she whimpered, covering his lips with her hot open mouth. “Nobody can fuck like you.”

Fucking his hard prick into the moist hotness of her sucking pussy, Blane could feel the woman frantically lurching beneath him. Blane had never known a woman who fucked as passionately as she did. It was always like riding a bucking bronco as she approached her orgasms. The feel of her soft naked thighs wrapped around his waist only added to the flames that were burning in his tingling balls.

Their slippery wet bodies pounded recklessly against each other, and her luscious big nipples were burning into his heaving chest. His big juice-slickened cock was violently fucking into her sucking cunt as the lust-crazed couple rushed toward their inevitable climaxes.

“Fuck, honey, fuck!” Valarie was screaming as the intense ecstasy mounted in her writhing loins.

From the way she was frantically grasping him with her legs and arms, Blane could tell that Valarie was about to explode. Listening to her squeals and cries, he knew it wouldn’t be long until she would have one of her wild orgasms.

“Oh, Christ, you big-cocked bastard!” the beautiful redhead squealed as her handsome neighbor fucked harder and deeper into her pussy. “Fuck it to me, darling! Fuck me good!”

Her smooth white thighs were wrapped tightly around him as she threw her slippery cunt up to receive every fuck-stroke of his plunging cockshaft. The nearly hysterical woman was tensing for the orgasm that was rapidly building up in her body. It was only seconds away as her lover’s fantastic prick swept her over the crest.

“Oh, sweet fucker!” she screamed, her teeth and nails sinking into his naked flesh. “I’m coming, honey… coming… coming!”

“Hang on, baby!” he panted. “Here comes the cock juice!”

Thrusting wildly forward, Blane shot his thick hot load of slippery jism into the woman’s spasming fuck-hole.

“That’s it, honey!” she squealed, feeling her belly filling up with his white-hot cum. “Christ, darling, I love it… love it!”

When he finally withdrew his limp prick, Valarie grasped his cock and sucked out the last delicious drops of cum.

“Jesus, honey,” she whispered a few minutes later. “Our fucking gets better every time.”

“It sure does,” he smiled. “You’re one hell of a good fuck!”


As the minister’s wife, one of Valarie’s weekly duties was to clean up and straighten out the church every Thursday morning after the Wednesday night services. It was a fairly easy job because the building was thoroughly cleaned by a janitor every Monday, and there was always a volunteer teen to help her with what she had to do.

She had spent three hours over at Blane’s house the night before, and when she arrived at the church Thursday morning, Valarie felt rather tired. She was glad that her helper was a big husky teenager named Tommy Elliot who often volunteered to help her.

When Valarie began straightening things out down in the recreation hall, she sent Tommy up to dust the pews in the main part of the church. While he was doing his work, the teen’s thoughts were on the preacher’s wife. Looking at the beautiful woman’s big tits and shapely legs always gave the teen a horrendous hard-on. Because of this, he often volunteered for the job so he could be around her. Dusting the pews, the horny teen kept thinking how much he would like to fuck the sexy-looking woman. The teen had never had a piece of ass in his life, but he always dreamed of fucking the minister’s beautiful wife. The teen had a big throbbing hard-on, and knowing that the woman was busy downstairs, he decided to just sit down and jack off.

Unaware of what the teen was doing, Valarie came up to get him to help her move some furniture, and was completely stunned to see Tommy slumped back in a pew, vigorously beating his meat. The horny woman was shocked by the size of the teen’s cock. His cock was over six inches long and quite thick.

“Well, Tommy,” she grinned, walking up to the startled teen. “You sure seem to have your hands full.”

Too embarrassed to say anything, the blushing teen tried to stuff his boner back in his pants.

“Don’t put it away,” Valarie smiled, thinking how big his prick was for a teen. “I love to play with cocks, and that’s a real beauty.”

“Are you serious?”

“I sure am,” the horny woman assured him. “And I’ll show you a real good time if you want to come downstairs with me.”

“Okay,” he grinned.

She led him directly down to the nursery where the younger children were kept under supervision while their parents were attending church services. Sitting down on one of the cots where the girls took naps, she smiled at Tommy.

“Come here,” she whispered.

When Tommy was standing in front of her, she calmly unbuttoned his shirt and removed it. Next she unfastened his belt and lowered his zipper, pushing his pants and shorts down around his ankles. Valarie was more than pleased with the size of the teen’s hard prick. It wasn’t as large as Blane Moffat’s cock, but it was almost as big as the average man’s cock.

“That’s quite a tool,” she was glowing with excitement as the teen stepped out of the tangle of clothes on the floor. “And now you’re all hot to play around.”

“I sure am,” he said nervously.

“How would you like to fuck me?”

“God, yes!” he said, unable to believe the beautiful preacher’s wife was really acting this way with im. “Do you really mean it?”


“Then let’s start fuckin’,” he panted.

“We will, a later,” said Valarie. “But we have some other things to do first.”

She knew the inexperienced teen would probably shoot his wad the minute his prick was in her hot juicy pussy, so she decided it would be better to bring him off two or three times before they started fucking, so he could fuck her to a climax.

“Lie down on the cot,” she whispered.

When the teen was spread out on his back with his hard cock standing straight up in the air, Valarie reached over and gently grasped his throbbing cockshaft and peeled his foreskin back until his pink cockhead slipped out from the folds of skin.

“Oh, jeez!” he gasped.

“Does this feel good?” whispered the horny woman, gently drawing the skin back and forth over his excited prick.

“Wow! It sure does!” he gasped, shivering with anticipation.

Valarie could feel the teen’s body trembling with excitement as she fondled his hard prick with slow sensuous strokes.

“Faster, Mrs. Warner, faster!” he excitedly squealed.

“No, honey,” she whispered. “It’s better when it’s sweet and slow.”

Anxious to shoot his hot cum-load off, he reached down and grasped her wrist, trying to make her jerk faster on his prick.

“Faster! Faster!” he pleaded.

“No, honey,” she giggled, continuing the slow sensuous movement that she knew was driving the inexperienced teen wild.

She loved the feel of his hard prick in her hand. His cock felt so warm, and she could feel the teen’s blood pulsing through the veins just beneath his velvet-soft cock skin.

“Does it feel good?” she whispered. “Fuck, yes!” gasped the excited teen. Then a hot stream of jizz suddenly shot out of his wildly jerking prick. His cock continued spurting cum until his chest and belly were drenched with jism.

“Was that fun?” she smiled.


Lowering her face, Valarie began licking up the thick globs of cum from his body. When her tongue had thoroughly washed his stomach and chest, she picked up his limp fucker and inserted it into her mouth.

“What the hell are you doing?” he gasped. “Just licking up your sweet jizz,” she giggled.

“Doesn’t that goo taste shitty?” he asked as she sucked on his cum-smeared prick.

“Heavens no,” she smiled. “But you’re sure a salty-tasting fart.”

The teen was soon writhing and moaning in ecstasy as she began sucking and rolling his spent prick around in her mouth.

“Oh, shit, Mrs. Warner!” he panted. “I’m gettin’ another hard-on!”

Feeling his prick rapidly swelling, Valarie momentarily released his cock from her mouth and lowered her face down toward his balls. Excitedly thrusting her tongue out, she lightly ran it over the crinkly skin of his pink balls. The curly fuzz around his balls was tickling her nose, adding more excitement to the cocksucking. Tommy was only a teen, but Valarie was thoroughly enjoying his cock and balls.

After sucking and licking on his balls for a while, she once more raised her head and plunged her hot open mouth over his hard prick.

“Oooooooh, shit!” gasped Tommy, digging his fingers into the woman’s long red hair.

Arching his tight ass up from the cot, the excited teen tried to fuck even more of his stiff throbbing prick into the beautiful woman’s mouth.

Wrapping her soft juicy lips more tightly around the head of his cock, she slowly lowered her hot sucking mouth until his swollen prick-knob was nudging at the back of her throat. Starting to slide her ovaled lips up and down over his boner, she was thrilled with the heavenly texture of his throbbing fuck-tool.

“Suck it! Suck it, Mrs. Warner!” he excitedly shouted. “Suck it! Suck my cock!”

Slamming his ass up from the cot, Tommy was hoping to fuck even more of his boner into her sucking mouth. This was impossible because she already had every inch of his prick in her mouth with her lips pressed into the sparse hair around the base of his cockshaft.

“It’s so good!” he hotly whimpered as her slippery lips and tongue glided up and down over his hard fucker.

The pretty redhead was aware of how much the young man was enjoying his first blow-job and she was trying to please him even more. Valarie’s tongue was swirling wildly as her mouth flew up and down over the horny teen’s spit-drenched prick.

“Oh, God! Oh, God!” he moaned as the hot suction of her lips increased. “This is great!”

Tommy’s hips were involuntarily rocking up and down as he frantically fucked his cock in and out of the woman’s mouth.

“Holy shit!” he gasped, his breath coming in hot ragged gasps as he pressed his hands down on the back of her head. “Keep suckin’, Mrs. Warner! I’m almost there… almost there!”

Wanting the teen’s first blow-job to be one he would never forget, she sucked deeper and harder.

“Oh, shit!” the teen suddenly squealed, digging his fingers into her long red hair, forcing her mouth down tighter over his cock. “Here it comes! Here comes the jizz.”

Thrilled by the taste of his cum gushing into her mouth, Valarie sucked and swallowed rapidly as the deliciously slippery cum ran down the back of her throat. She continued passionately sucking and swallowing until she’d drawn the last drop of cum from his slowly shrinking prick.

“Gee,” he gasped, then she finally released his limp cock from between her cum-soaked lips. “That was really something!”

“I’m glad you liked it,” she smiled. “Do you like to play with girls’ tits?”

“I dunno,” he grinned. “I’ve never touched one.”

“Would you like to touch mine?”

“Gosh, yes,” he said, his eyes sparkling with excitement.

Standing up, the preacher’s wife quickly took her clothes off.

“Jeez!” gulped the teen as he gazed at the soft triangle of red pussy hairs between her shapely thighs.

“Do you like my hot pussy?”

“Shit, yes!”

“That’s good,” she grinned. “Because you’re soon going to be fucking this horny hole.”

She spread herself out on the cot with him, and Tommy stared excitedly at her beautiful naked tits.

“Come on, honey,” she whispered, taking his hand and drawing it toward her tits. “Play with my tits.”

A delicious tingling sensation rippled through her loins when his fingers brushed across her nipples.

“You’re a fast learner,” she giggled as the teen began boldly rubbing and caressing the luscious tits that were thrusting out in front of him. Glancing down, Valarie could see that his cock was once again standing straight up.

“It looks like you’re ready for a nice hot fuck,” she giggled.

“Do you want to feel how hot my cunt is?”

When he hesitated, she took his hand and eased his fingers up against her slippery cunt slit.

“Gee, it feels all hot and gooey,” he gasped as she slipped his finger up to the first knuckle in her oozing pussy.

“That’s because it wants to be fucked.”

“Can I do it now?” the teen excitedly asked.

“Help yourself,” whispered Valarie, rolling on to her back and spreading her legs.

Shaking with excitement, Tommy crawled up between her open thighs.

Reaching down, the horny redhead grabbed his hard cock and guided it toward her slippery pussy. A delightful tremor flooded through her loins when his hard cockhead probed between her open cuntlips. Not wanting the teen to think he was doing it wrong, she slowly guided his throbbing cockshaft into her juicy fuck-hole. Releasing his prick, she grasped his asscheeks and pulled him up against her as his inexperienced cock slithered all the way into her scalding cunt.

“Shit, it’s hot and squishy in there,” he panted when his throbbing fuck-rod was completely buried in her cunt.

“Does your cock like my pussy?” she teased.

“Fuck, yes!” gasped Tommy as the woman began rotating her talented tongue around his excited prick.

“Now pump it in and out,” she whispered. “That’s what fucking is all about.”

Raising up on his knees, he withdrew his prick until just the tip of it remained embedded in her pussy, and then she grasped his ass again and pulled him violently back against her crotch.

“Oooooooooh!” she squealed, feeling the top ridge of his steel-hard cockshaft rubbing against her clit.

Quickly catching on, the teen was soon rapidly fucking his cock in and out. And, because he was on his knees, his hard cock was in direct contact with Valarie’s tingling clit.

“Oh, shit, that feels so good!” she squealed. “Faster, honey, faster!”

Tommy had never felt anything so fucking good in his life. The feel of his cock fucking in and out of her hotly sucking cunt was the most wonderful thing he had ever experienced.

Because she had jacked him off and sucked him off, Valarie wasn’t worried about Tommy shooting his hot cum-load too soon as she lay back to enjoy a nice long fuck.

“Oh, Jesus!” she squealed as his virile cock fucked hotly into her overheated cunt. “Oh, God, honey! Oh, shit, that feels good!”

Never had anything ever stimulated her pussy like this teen’s hard-fucking boner.

“Oooooh! Eeeeeghhh!”

“Does it hurt?” panted the inexperienced teen, suddenly stopping.

“God, no! Don’t stop, you dummy!” she squealed, screwing her crotch up tighter around the base of his prickshaft. “Keep fuckin’! Just fuck the shit out of me!”

Almost out of her mind from the electrifying rapture of his hard cock fucking back and forth against her clit, Valarie was thrashing and bucking all over the cot. On and on he fucked into her pussy as she squealed and moaned with pleasure.

“Oh, honey, I’m coming!” she suddenly shrieked with uncontrolled passion, “I’m coming, baby!”

Writhing through her intense orgasm, Valarie could feel the teen’s hot cum squirting into her pussy.

“Gosh, Mrs. Warner,” he whispered a later as she cradled him in her arms. “That was sure neat.”

“It was fantastic,” she smiled.

“Will you let me fuck you again?”

“You’re sure a horny bastard,” she giggled. “But if you’re ready again, I sure dig you.”

“Well,” she smiled, lowering her head and rubbing his prick against her mouth. “The first thing we have to do is pump this beauty up again.”

“Mmmmmmmmmm, that’s good,” he said with a shudder, feeling her lips clamping around his limp prick.

She soon felt his body trembling with excitement as his cock began stiffening in her mouth.

“It’s hard again!” he suddenly shouted. “Let’s fuck!”

“Okay,” she giggled, getting on her hands and knees. “This time, fuck me from the rear.”

“Why do it that way? It seems dumb.”

“Just try it,” she said. “You’ll love it.”

Still thinking it was dumb, Tommy knelt behind her soft creamy ass and placed his cockhead between her hotly dripping cuntlips. Firmly grasping her hips, he lunged forward.

“Oh, God,” she gasped, feeling his steelhard cockshaft fucking into her oozing cunt from the rear. Valarie’s hot cunt juices began boiling all around his boner as she feverishly pumped her ass back against him.

Tommy could hardly control his excitement as he jubilantly fucked his hard cockmeat in and out of the first cunt he had ever fucked. He couldn’t get over how hot and slippery it felt as her experienced cunt muscles squeezed his tingling fucker. Deciding to make it last as long as possible, he began slowly fucking into her heavenly cunt as she rotated her hot ass back against his belly.

“Do you like it, honey?” she whispered over her shoulder.

“Wow! This is really wild!” he said excitedly.

The teen could feel her scalding pussy cream flowing around his tingling boner as her snug cunt squeezed his prick. Fucking into her hot, slick pussy, Tommy was losing all control of himself. He began lustily fucking the woman with all his energy.

“Oooooooh, yes!” she moaned with delight, creaming all over his pounding prick as she shook and wriggled her ass. “That’s the way to fuck, honey! Pour it to me, baby! Just bang the piss out of me!”

Kneeling with her ass high in the air and her face resting in her arms, Valarie was being bounced all over the cot. Her full tits were jiggling beneath her as Tommy frenziedly fucked his cock into her hotly drooling pussy.

“Oh, you sweet fucker!” she wailed. “I love it! I love the way you’re fuckin’ me!”

Wanting to please the beautiful woman as much as possible, he increased the tempo of his feverish fucking. His hard slim belly was slapping noisily against her ass as he poured it to her with all his strength.

“Harder, honey, harder!” she shrieked. “Just fuck my ass off!”

Valarie couldn’t get over how good it felt to be fucked by this teen’s big hard cock. The rapidity of his fucking was making her cunt tingle with unbelievable ecstasy. The walls of her pussy were burning from the friction of his virile prick. On the verge of climax, Valarie could feel her nipples burning and stiffening with rapture.

“Oh, God! Oh, God!” she screamed, feverishly waving her ass around. “I’m coming again! Oh, fuck, how I’m coming!”

Shuddering from head to toe as her pussy contracted and spasmed around his fantastic cock, Valarie was riding the crest of the wildest orgasm she’d ever had. It was suddenly intensified by the feel of his hot jizz shooting into her cunt.

“Yes, honey, yes!” she shrieked as the teen pumped her pussy full of cum. “Squirt, baby, squirt! Cream me good! Squirt! Squirt!”

When her unbelievable orgasm finally ended, Valarie collapsed on her belly beneath the teen with his cock still shooting hot jizz into her pussy.

“Shit,” he grinned when he finally pulled his limp prick out of her cum-filled cunt. “That was really neat.”

“I know,” she whispered. “And you can fuck me every time we clean the church. But you’ve got to promise to keep it a secret.”

“I promise.”


For the next several days after Uncle Will first fucked Tammy with his man-sized cock, the girl was letting him fuck her every afternoon. As soon as school was out, she would go directly over to her uncle’s house where he would thoroughly fuck her in his bed. His big cock had completely spoiled her, though she was yearning to be fucked by a man who wasn’t as did as her uncle. She was still fucking Bill and Tony, but they no longer really satisfied the horny blonde.

Her thoughts kept returning to Blane Moffat and his big cock that she’d seen him using on her mother. Thinking more and more about it, she was dying to feel Blane’s cock filling her cunt.

Looking across the street one Saturday morning, Tammy saw Blane Moffat back his car out of the garage. Then he rushed into the house for something. Knowing that he would soon be leaving, she hurried over and climbed into the front seat, pleased that she wasn’t wearing panties or bra. Tammy knew it was going to be a tough job to get her mother’s lover to fuck her pussy, but she was going to give it a try.

“Hi, Tammy,” the man smiled when he returned to his car and found Valarie’s daughter sitting in it.

“Hello,” she said, drawing her knees up against her tits so her naked pussy was exposed between her slightly parted thighs.

“What are you doing in here?” he asked, staring at her blonde-fringed cunt.

“Just sitting here.”


“Because you like to fuck.”

“What?” the man gasped.

“I saw you fucking my mother one day,” she giggled, her eyes sparkling with mischief.

“Did you tell your dad?” he nervously asked.

“Not yet,” she casually answered, opening her thighs wider. “Is my pussy as nice as my mom’s?”

“I-I think you’d b-better g-get out of the car,” he stammered. “You shouldn’t be talking this way.”

“Why not?” she smiled. “Don’t you like to talk about fucking?”

He nervously glanced at her pussy again. “You don’t have to be afraid of me,” she grinned. “I’m not gonna tell anyone you fuck my mother. I think fuckin’ is fun.”

“What?” he gasped, shocked by what the girl was saying.

“I said I like to fuck,” she said, beaming at him.

“Have you ever been screwed?”

“Sure. I’ve been fucked by lots of guys. Even my uncle fucks me almost every afternoon in his house.”

“But he’s a worn-out old man.”

“That’s what you think,” she giggled. “He has a big hard cock and really knows how to use it.”

The naughty talk and the sight of the girl’s bare pussy were slowly arousing the man, making his prick start throbbing in his pants.

“You’re getting a hard-on,” she said.

Staring between her legs, he began wondering what kind of a fuck the girl would be.

“Come on,” she whispered, gently rubbing the big cock-bulge in the front of his pants. “Let’s drive someplace where we can be alone.”

No longer able to resist the adorable girl, Blane started the car and headed out of town. When they were in the country, he turned up a lane where he parked in a grove of trees. Getting out of the car, Tammy walked over to a fence and rested her arm on the top rail.

Watching the blonde as she stood with her back to him, Blane excitedly stared at the soft roundness of her ass and the bare flesh of her thighs under her short dress. She might be only a teen, but she looked like a wild fuck, and Blane decided there would be no harm in fucking her just once.

Unable to control his lust any longer, he walked over behind the, girl as she gazed out across the field. With his cock throbbing wildly in his pants, Blane put his arms around her waist and pulled her ass back against his cock-bulge. Moving his hands up, he cupped the girl’s tits, gently squeezing her succulent tit flesh, feeling her nipples harden under the material of her dress.

Realizing the handsome man was ready for her adolescent body, she was getting hotter and wetter between her legs. Wanting to build up his excitement, Tammy squirmed back against his slightly moving loins as he continued caressing her warm tingling tits. Her breath was coming in jagged gasps and her nostrils were flaring with lust.

Aware that the girl was his to use as he pleased, Blane took the hem of her skirt and lifted the garment off over her head. Her belly was quivering as she excitedly ground her naked ass back against his hard cock-bulge. Once more cupping her lovely tits, he began tweaking her hard, nipples with his fingers.

“That feels good, doesn’t it, darling?” he hotly whispered into her ear.

“Yes… yes, it does,” she panted, almost weak from the delicious feelings that were invading her horny body. God, how she wanted her mother’s handsome lover to fill her hotly aroused cunt with his big thick cock! She could still visualize his boner fucking in and out between her mom’s legs, and the vivid memory was further exciting the teen.

Anxious to fuck the nymph, Blane lowered his zipper with a loud rasping sound. When she heard Blane’s pants slide down, she excitedly rubbed the cheeks of her bare ass back against his naked cock. She was totally consumed by the powerful lust seething deep in her cunt.

Staring down, Blane could see the lush whiteness of her soft asscheeks.

“Tammy, I’m gonna fuck you hard and deep,” he whispered into her ear as he massaged the pliant flesh of her ass, dipping his outstretched finger into her slippery pussy from behind. “I’m gonna fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before.”

“Oh, yes,” she whimpered, grinding her cunt back around his exploring finger. “That’s what I want.”

As he stood close behind her, Tammy could feel his hotly throbbing prick pressed tightly against the fleshy crack between her asscheeks, leaving a trail of slippery, sticky pre-cum against her quivering ass flesh. She could feel his big cockhead throbbing against the bare skin of her sweet ass, making her tingle with wanton lust. The thought of him fucking his nice thick boner into her dripping cunt from the rear seemed to arouse the horny girl even more.

“Okay, honey,” he whispered to her as he guided the tip of his cock up between her juice slickened cuntlips. “Here it comes, darling all nice and hard.”

Tammy held her breath, her body trembling with anticipation. She spread her feet a bit farther apart on the ground and, leaning on the top rail of the fence, she raised her ass to assist his entry. She could feel her steamy fuck-hole flower open and secrete a flood of hot juices around his probing cockhead. When he first pressed forward, the tentative nudge of his thick cock against the soft sensitive flesh of her open pussy sent shivers of joy racing through her loins. Then his thick prick slid smoothly up into her hot slick fuck-hole. His cock was soon completely buried in her warm clasping cunt.

The feel of his throbbing boner filling her pussy reduced the girl to nothing but a piece of naked inflamed flesh. The heavenly size of his hard-on was the most fantastic thing the horny girl had ever experienced. His gentle and loving entry hadn’t given her the least bit of discomfort.

Thrilled by the feel of his big cock embedded in her pussy, Tammy began writhing her ass back, forcing his prick still deeper into her wildly aroused fuck-hole.

“Oh, Mr. Moffat,” she passionately whispered, her eyes burning with lust. “Fuck me good, honey. Fuck me good!”

Listening with satisfaction to her whimpers of desire, Blane thrust forward, his huge prick spreading her soft pussy walls as his cock fucked back and forth in her juice-lathered cuntal sheath.

His bloated cock-knob was pounding mercilessly into the depths of her cunt. His huge balls were slapping noisily between her slippery thighs.

He was fucking brutally into her pussy, and Tammy tried to hold back the scream of anguish as she desperately clung to the top rail of the fence and stared across the field. Despite the mild pain his big cock was inflicting on her, she was enjoying it enough to keep slamming her ass back, forcing more of his prick between her unbelievably stretched cuntlips, trying to get even more of his rigid prick into her pussy.

“Fuck, honey, fuck!” she squealed back over her shoulder as her cunt began adjusting to the bigness of his cock. “I’ve never felt anything so fuckin’ good!”

“I haven’t either,” he panted. “This has to be the hottest, tightest pussy in the world.”

Again fucking savagely, he was fucking into her with long swooping plunges. His hard cock was tingling from the intense pleasure it was as receiving from her horny cunt slit.

“Oh, yes!” she squealed, biting into her folded arms. “Fuck me faster, honey! Oh, shit, that’s good!”

She had wanted his thick hot prick in her cunt since that day when she’d seen him fucking her mother, and now that dream was a reality. The bigness of his cockshaft vibrating against the widely stretched walls of her passion-slickened pussy was pure ecstasy.

Blane was ramming his cock harder and deeper into her quivering pussy slit. The intense pleasure was almost too much for her to bear, but he continued his relentless fucking. His hairy loins were pounding against her smooth asscheeks as his massive cum-bloated balls slapped wetly between her inner thighs. Panting and gasping for breath, Blane was fucking his prick into her sweet pussy with increasing fervor.

“Oh, Mr. Moffat,” she whimpered, feeling his huge cockhead pounding against her womb. “Keep fuckin’, honey. Just keep fuckin’.”

For a brief moment she felt nothing but numbness in her cunt, and then the wild pleasure began returning. Wild jolts of heavenly joy were filling her belly, the jolts becoming stronger and stronger until the wanton waves of pleasure were completely consuming her.

Tammy’s ass was churning around his deeply lodged cock. Wild squeals of pleasure were coming from deep in her gasping throat. With her head lolling from side to side and her long blonde hair flying wildly around her face, the girl was squealing with delight as the handsome man fucked into her pussy from the rear. The way the underside of his stiff cockshaft had set up friction against her erect clit was driving her mad. The ceaseless way his big hard cock was pounding into her cunt was setting up a marvelous vibration. It was total joy to the sex-crazed girl as she rode his fucking cock to new heights of ecstasy.

Tammy had done a lot of wild fucking and sucking in the last few days, but this man’s fantastic cock was awakening her to joy she had never attained before. It was total perversion to be fucked like an animal, yet the depravity of it added intense pleasure to the whole obscene act. Her big tits were jiggling and swaying heavily, her turgid nipples swollen as hard as rocks. He’d awakened something within her that had brought on this wild passion she had never felt before.

The attractive teenager was more aroused than she’d ever been in her life, and she was passionately responding.

“Fuck me Mr. Moffat! Fuck me!” she moaned, screwing her hotly dripping pussy back around his plunging cock. “Just fuck me deep and hard!”

“Don’t worry, honey!” panted Blane, clutching her hips as he increased the tempo of his deep fuck-thrusts. “You’re gonna know you’ve been fucked when I’m through with you.”

Tammy’s hips were swirling in circles, enhancing the feel of the hard cock being fucked into her hotly clasping fuck-hole. Each fuck-thrust felt better than the last as she lewdly rotated her scalding cunt back against him, trying to take more and more of his pleasure-giving prick deep into her wildly churning pussy.

Suddenly feeling his cum building up in his balls, Blane stopped all motion. Clutching her hips, he let his excited boner throb crazily in the hot softness of her tight cunt.

“Oh, Mr. Moffat!” she squealed with frustration. “Please don’t stop! Please keep fucking me!”

Not wanting to shoot his cum-load until the girl had reached an orgasm, Blane just clung to her. His balls were aching to unleash a hot stream of jism into her sweet pussy, but he knew he had to hold back.

“Please keep fuckin’, honey!” she sobbed, grinding her hot cunt slit around his motionless prick. “For shit’s sake, start fuckin’!”

Pulling his cock out, he picked up the naked girl and carried her over to his car. Opening the front door, he lay Tammy back on the seat with her legs hanging out over the edge. Moving in between her thighs, the man fucked his cock up into her cunt again.

“Ooooooh, God!” whimpered the cock filled girl as his swift entry sent a surge of rapture burning through her loins. “Oh, God! Oh, God! Oh, sweet fucker!”

As he started slamming his cock in and out again, she was really getting it now, getting his big hard cock that she’d been yearning for since she first saw him fucking her mother. Tammy could tell how much the man was enjoying her body, and she knew that from now on she would have his wonderful prick anytime she wanted it. Thinking about all the wild fucking she would enjoy with him in the days ahead, she began wildly rotating her tight cunt back around the base of his deeply embedded prick. As the handsome man fucked and twisted his cock into her, his hand kneading the soft flesh of her sweet asscheeks, she was squeezing her hot passion slickened pussy tighter and tighter around his thick cockshaft.

Almost out of her mind from the burning passions flooding through her body, Tammy was crazily thrusting her cunt up to meet every fuck-thrust of his pounding prick. It was as if a string of firecrackers went off in her loins, the wildly spiraling sensations signaling the approach of a mind-blowing orgasm, an orgasm that would, consume her entire body and mind with rapture and bliss. This was going to be the kind of climax she had always dreamed about — and it was only a few breathless moments away.

The wild anticipation of it caused the girl to slam her loins up, meeting his fuck-plunges with her own perfectly timed fuck-thrusts.

“Oh, Mr. Moffat,” she sobbed. “I’m gonna come, honey… gonna come… gonna come!”

With her cries ringing in his ears, Blane could no longer hold back. As he drilled and rooted his cock into her cunt with maniacal force, a hot stream of cum gushed out of his cockhead. His hard throbbing boner continued shooting the thick hot cock juices into her, filling her cunt to overflowing with his slippery cum.

Feeling the wonderful sensation of his hot spurting cum splattering all over her cunt walls, Tammy exploded into a wild orgasm that she would remember for the rest of her life. With his big strong body humping into her like a wild stallion, the intense rapture of her climax seemed to increase dramatically.

“That’s it, honey!” she screamed, holding him tightly in her arms. “Fill me, honey! Keep creaming me! I’m still coming… coming!”


Unaware that her lover, Diane Moffat, had started having a torrid affair with her daughter, Valarie couldn’t understand why she rarely saw him anymore. One morning while Tammy was at school and Carl was at the church, Valarie was sipping a cup of coffee. She was wearing shorts and a halter. Having gone almost ten days without being fucked, the beautiful redhead was in an extremely horny mood. She was about to pour her third cup of coffee when the doorbell rang. Answering it, she was pleased to see a very attractive man standing at the entrance.

“Excuse me,” he smiled. “I’m from the Fenway Cosmetic Company, and I wondered if you’d give me a few moments of your time to let me show you our line.”

“Gee, I don’t know,” the woman hesitated, thinking there was something familiar about the man’s appearance. “I am rather busy.”

“It will just take a few minutes,” he persisted.

“Well,” smiled the horny woman, a bit intrigued by the handsome man, “come on in, if it won’t take too long.”

“Excuse me for being so personal,” he said when they were in the living room together. “But you remind me of a girl I used to know in high school.”

“You could use a better line than that,” laughed Valarie. “That’s a very corny approach.”

“I’m sorry,” he said. “But aren’t you Valarie Williams?”

“That was my name before I married,” she said, still trying to recognize the man. “But I can’t seem to place you.”

“I’m Arnold Hunter,” said the man.

“My God — Arnie!” she exclaimed as she threw her arms around him. “I haven’t seen you since I was a kid.”

“It’s been a long time,” he grinned, warmly embracing the woman.

“God,” she giggled. “How could I forget the guy who first popped my cherry? We just about fucked each other silly for six months.”

“I’ll say we did,” grinned the handsome man. “And I still think you’re the hottest piece of ass I’ve ever had.”

“It’s sweet of you to say that,” Valarie giggled, getting all hot and wet between her legs. “But we sure used to fuck up a storm.”

“I’ll say we did,” smiled the man, staring at her big-nippled tits in the brief halter she was wearing. “And you still have that beautiful set of tits.”

“And I still have the hottest cunt in town,” she giggled. “Do you want to try it out, for old times sake?”

“Are you serious?”

“I sure am,” she answered. “You caught me in a very horny mood this morning.”

“I’m glad of that,” he mumbled, seeing the raw lust in her eyes.

“Then let’s go up to my room,” she said, taking his hand. “I want to do some naughty things with you.”

The moment Valarie and Arnie were alone in her bedroom, the man began passionately kissing her, exploring her sweet moist mouth with his tongue. Valarie was wearing nothing but shorts and a halter as they stood facing each other. His hands were roaming all over her luscious body, down over her back, around her waist and up to the hard full tits that were only partially covered by her skimpy tap. As Valarie wantonly squirmed against him, Arnie yanked out his swollen cock and rubbed the drooling cockhead against the soft flesh of her bare midriff.

“God,” he panted. “You’re even more beautiful now than you were in school.”

“That’s just ’cause you’re hot to fuck me,” she giggled.

Smiling down into her beautiful eyes, the man excitedly untied her halter and removed it.

“Thank you,” whispered Valarie when her big naked tits sprang free.

Arnie reached out and gently caressed her ripe full tits, his fingers making her erect nipples swell even harder. Lowering his head, the man covered one of her swollen nipples with his lips, sending fiery shivers of passion racing through her trembling body.

“Oh, Jesus,” she whimpered. “That feels so sexy!”

Feeling his cock throbbing against her belly, Arnie took her creamy tit flesh deep into his mouth. His tongue was soon lapping hungrily around her swollen nipple. She was writhing wildly from the intense pleasure. It wasn’t until he had her firm tit soaked and lathered with his saliva that he turned his attention to her other tit.

Anxious to get at her steaming hot cunt, the man lowered the zipper on Valarie’s shorts and pulled them down over her sweet ass. Again pressing his lips to hers, he hooked his fingers into the waistband of her juice-soaked panties and eased them down over her shapely legs, leaving her pussy exposed in the soft triangle of red cunt hairs.

Easing her naked body down on the bed, Arnie stepped back and quickly removed his clothes. Joining her on the bed, the man drew her naked body into his arms, thrilled at the way her big firm tits mashed against his broad chest. Feverishly grinding his body against hers, he could feel his throbbing prick burning into the soft warm flesh of her flat belly.

Completely carried away by the smooth texture of her naked flesh, he suddenly rolled on top of her, his bloated prick pulsing urgently between her thighs. Passionately kissing the woman’s moistly parted lips, he lowered a hand until he found the soft bush of pussy hair between her slightly parted legs. Then, lowering his face, the man began sucking deeply on her swollen nipples, making her squeal with wanton delight.

“Mmmmmmm,” she moaned, her hips jerking up when he made contact with her oozing cunt slit. “Finger-fuck my hot cunt for a minute!”

As he spread her lust-swollen pussy lips apart with his fingertips, Arnie could feel her slippery hot cunt juices oozing our around them. Thrilled that the beautiful woman had remained so horny, he slowly fucked his middle finger into the slick hotness of her slippery pussy.

“Oh, God,” she whimpered, feeling his finger sinking deeper and deeper into the fiery depths of her fuck hole as she reached down and grasped his hotly throbbing boner.

As she stared at his lust-stiffened prick, she felt a strange flutter of excitement racing through her body. There was a small drop of pre-cum bubbling out of the slit in the middle of his bulbous cockhead, and this further aroused the horny woman.

“Arnie,” she asked, “do you remember how I used to suck you off?”

“God, yes!”

“Did it feel good?”

“Fantastic! Why?”

“Well,” she giggled, “I think I’d like to suck your cock again.”

“Help yourself,” ho grinned, pulling his finger out of her pussy after rolling onto his back. “You can suck my cock to your heart’s content.”

“Mmmmmmmm,” she moaned softly when Arnie grasped the thick base of his cockshaft and began brushing his hotly drooling cockhead against her cheeks.

The sticky heat from his oozing prick seemed to further arouse her. Seeing his bloated cock-knob only inches from her eyes, the horny woman could hardly wait to start slobbering on his big fucker.

Valarie’s mind was whirling with excitement as she began sucking on his throbbing fuck tool. Opening her lips wider and taking more of his prick inside, she was thrilled by the way his pulsing cockshaft felt in her mouth.

“Oh, my God!” he groaned, enjoying the suction of her mouth around his sensitive boner. “That feels fantastic, honey!”

Glancing down at the big thick cock sliding between her lips, Valarie began sucking more strongly. The woman hadn’t been with this man since they were in high school together, but now it all seemed so perfectly natural to her. She could feel ripples of wanton delight streaking through her body as she began sucking deeply on the tasty thickness of his delicious cockmeat.

“Jesus, that’s good!” pantied Arnie, grasping the sides of her face as he begin fucking his prick in and out between her feverishly sucking lips.

“Does this feel good?” she whispered to him as she temporarily removed her hot slippery lips from his prick.

“Fuck yes!” panted the aroused man.

“Are you gonna come in my mouth?”

“I’m almost ready now.”

“Good,” whispered Valarie as she lowered her mouth down over his tasty cock again.

Spread out on his back with his eyes closed, Arnie was acutely aware of the erotic smacking sound of Valarie’s slobbering mouth sucking and pulling on his cockhead.

With her slippery lips locked hungrily around his deliciously hard prick, the woman took his cock deeper and deeper into her mouth until she felt his swollen cock-knob nudging against the back of her throat. Then she began pulling her mouth up with a deep sucking action.

“Suck it, baby! Suck that cock!” he cried out, half crazed from the heavenly feeling of her feverishly sucking mouth working passionately on his naked throbbing boner. While his hands grabbed at her long red hair, he was wildly forcing her face up and down over his prick. “That’s the way to suck! That’s the way, baby! Suck that cock!”

The man’s hands were entwined in her tousled hair, forcing her mouth down tighter over his violently twitching prick.

“Suck, baby, stick!” he roared. “Here comes the jizz!”

Valarie was sucking even deeper and harder on his lust-swollen cock. Then Arnie let out a wild groan as his bloated cockhead suddenly shot a flood of seething cum into her mouth. When the first squirt of jizz splattered against the back of her throat, Valarie barely had time to taste it before another blast of thick slippery jizz gushed from the head of his wildly erupting fucker. Thrilled by the delicious taste, Valarie swallowed his jism as rapidly as possible, feeling the slippery cum shooting into the back of her throat. The experienced woman swallowed fast, but she couldn’t handle the vast amount of cock cream that was squirting out of his jerking prick. Cum was flowing back out from the corners of her lips and dribbling down over her chin.

“Jesus, Valarie!” he panted when the beautiful redhead had drawn the last drop of cum out. “That was just fantastic.”

“Did you really like it?” she smiled up at him, wiping her jizz-soaked lips with the back of her hand.

“Fuck, yes. Do you still like the taste of my cum?”

“It’s delicious.”

Thinking how sexy the horny woman looked with a string of creamy cum dangling from her lips, Arnie suddenly had a wild desire to plunge his tongue into her juicy pussy.

“Ooooooh, shit!” she gasped in a trembling voice when he spread her legs with his hands and began licking along the sensitive bare flesh of her thighs.

Valarie was trembling like a leaf as Arnie’s hot lips moved closer to her aroused pussy. The thought of him sucking on her cunt after all these years was almost enough to blow her mind, and the intense excitement grew as his mouth moved closer and closer to the steaming wetness of her hot pussy.

The fragrant scent of her steaming cunt slit was becoming stronger as Arnie’s mouth slowly approached the moist warmth of her oozing fuck-hole. Then a wild shudder raced through his body when his nose brushed across the softness of her red pussy curls.

“Oh, Arnie!” she squealed with delight as his hot wet tongue began lapping at the quivering flesh between her juicy cuntlips. “That feels so fuckin’ good! It’s really good!”

Encouraged by the beautiful woman’s obvious delight, Arnie plunged his tongue deep into her tasty fuck-hole. The hot wetness of her cuntal walls combined with the tangy flavor of her creamy pussy juices were almost enough to blow his mind. Twisting his juice drenched face from side to side, he tried to burrow his tongue deeper into the slippery sweetness of her heavenly cunt.

“Ooooooooh, Arnie!” she shrieked when his probing tongue found her clit. “Shit, that feels good!”

Half out of her mind from the thrilling sensations that were exploding throughout her body, Valarie was thrashing all over the bed, making it difficult for the man to keep his mouth locked over her squirming pussy.

“Suck, honey, suck!” she screamed. “Suck! Suck! Suck!”

Her tingling clit had become as hard as a rock as he rolled it between his tongue and lips, and her ass was drenched with the hot juices that were flowing out of her open pussy slit.

“Oh, God!” she suddenly squealed. “I can’t stand it! I’m gonna come… gonna come!”

Realizing that Valarie was rapidly approaching a mind-blowing climax, Arnie began sucking even harder on her clit.

“Oh, shit!” she screamed, grinding her sopping cunt up against his face. “I’m coming!”

Arnie’s prick was throbbing wildly with a new hard-on as he sat watching Valarie recovering from her climax.

“Oh, you naughty man,” she giggled, looking at his stiff prick. “Now you’re gonna fuck my horny cunt, aren’t you?”

“I sure am,” he grinned, giving her sweet ass a loving slap. “Get up on your hands and knees.”


“I want to fuck your pussy from the rear,” he smiled.

Thinking how much she enjoyed this position, Valarie quickly scrambled up on her hands and knees. Gently grasping her hips, Arnie eased his pulsing prick-knob between her dripping cuntlips and lunged forward.

“Mmmmmmmm!” she moaned with glee as the man’s thickly swollen hard-on fucked into her hot cuntal channel.

Writhing her ass back against him, she could feel his wonderful prick plowing deeper and deeper into her hotly writhing fuck-hole.

“Oh, Arnie,” she whispered, loving the way his hairy balls were tickling her inner thighs while his throbbing prick filled her pussy. The horny woman’s hot cunt cream was boiling all around his thick boner as she excitedly pumped her smooth ass back against him.

“Does this feel good?” he panted. “Fuck, yes,” she giggled. “I love it.”

“Then hang on,” he panted. “We’re just getting started.”

Digging her fingers into the sheets, the beautiful redhead braced herself for the brutal assault she knew was coming. As his bloated prick began slamming into her, she could feel the head of his cock pounding against the very end of her cunt. Her big firm the were jiggling crazily beneath her, and her body was being wildly rocked by his deep hard fuck-thrusts.

“Oh, yes! Yes!” she shrieked, her hot ass wriggling back against him. “Just fuck my tail off!”

Arnie could feel Valarie’s hot cunt cream flowing all around his thick boner as her horny cunt sucked and pulled on the length of his tingling cockshaft. Completely carried away, he began fucking her with longer deeper strokes that almost knocked the woman off her knees with every fuck-thrust.

“Harder, harder!” she whimpered. “Give me more of that fuckin’ cock!”

Valarie couldn’t get over how much fun it was to be fucked by Arnie again. This was ecstasy beyond description. Her horny cunt was raw and sensitive. Her swollen nipples were stiffening and burning with excitement, and the walls of her pussy were steaming from the friction of his plunging prick.

“Fuck, Arnie, fuck!” she shrieked. “Oh, fuck it to me! I’m coming! I’m coming!”

Her body was shuddering wildly as her climaxing aunt spumed around the thick length of his deeply plunging cock. The woman’s orgasm was intensified when she felt her old lover’s hot cum gushing into her pussy.

“Squirt, honey, squirt!” she screamed as the man continued pumping her aunt full of own. “Cream me, baby! Shoot me full of fizz!”

Collapsing under the wildly fucking man, she could still feel spurts of fizz shooting out of his cock.

“Oh, Arnie,” she whispered when he finally pulled his limp cock out of her cum-filled aunt. “That was the best fuck I’ve had for a long time.”


The following weekend, Valarie told her husband and daughter that she was going to visit her sister in a nearby town — when, in reality, she was shacking up with Arnie Hunter.

The minister spent that Saturday morning attending to some duties at the church and, returning home early in the afternoon, he decided to take a shower.

Passing Tammy’s open door as he walked down the hall toward the bathroom, he was stunned to see the girl spread out naked on the bed.

With her eyes closed, she was feverishly fingering her juice-drenched pussy as she visualized a big muscular man fucking his hard cock into her. Tammy was so completely lost in her overpowering lust that she didn’t even notice her father watching from the door.

The preacher could hardly believe his eyes as he numbly stared at the writhing, moaning girl. Her eyes were squeezed shut, her baby-soft mouth gaping open as her long blonde hair flailed wildly around her flushed face. Sobbing and moaning with ecstasy, she was obscenely finger-fucking her blatantly exposed cunt.

Staring between, his daughter’s widely spread thighs, the minister could see her wet fingers slithering around in the clinging moistness of her dripping cunt slit. Her sweet cunt, nestled in a growth of downy pussy hair, was the most erotic sight he had ever seen. Looking at the adorable girl’s naked body was almost blowing his mind.

For the past several years, the man had been so involved with his church that he’d given very thought to sex, rarely fucking his beautiful wife. But now, watching his daughter finger-fucking on the bed, he got a horrendous hard-on.

Shaking with excitement, the man began rubbing his aching boner through his pants. His sweet daughter’s cunt was hotly flowing with juices that were running down between the soft round cheeks of her ass. Becoming more and more aroused with every passing moment, and not wanting his daughter to see him watching, he turned away and walked on down the hall to the bathroom.

Standing under the warm spray in the shower, he felt his hard cock throbbing wildly as he soaped his body. The man reached down and began lazily skimming his foreskin up and down over his straining cockshaft. It had been years since he had jacked off, but in his present state, the feel of his fingers around his thick boner suddenly felt good to him. Staring down at his bloated cockrod, he began stroking it a bit more urgently. Closing his eyes, he could vividly see Tammy’s cunt peeking out at him from between her soft thighs. He tried to imagine that the soapy suds on his hands and cock were his daughter’s slippery cunt juices. Half out of his mind with lust, he imagined that his hand was Tammy’s pussy. It seemed as if he could hear her sobbing and squealing with delight as his clenched fist slid up and down over the throbbing length of his prick.

He had enjoyed watching her masturbate, but he knew he would never be depraved enough to fuck the girl, yet he was fantasizing that he was fucking his cock in and out of her cunt.

Now stroking his cock a bit more rapidly he imagined his tingling prick fucking deeper and deeper into the slippery hotness of that little pussy of hers. He could clearly see the adoration in her half-closed eyes as she locked her arms and legs more tightly around his body.

As his fingers squeezed and stroked his throbbing boner, he could vividly feel her hot cunt muscles sucking and squeezing on his ready-to-burst prick.

“Oh, Tammy, you sweet baby!” he panted. “It’s so good to be fucking your hot pussy!”

He imagined his daughter writhing her overheated pussy around the base of his deeply embedded prick. With his hand racing wildly up and down the length of his throbbing boner, he could almost feel his hard prick plowing deeper and deeper into the hot moistness of her sizzling fuck-hole.

“Here it comes, Tammy, darling!” he suddenly gasped. “Here comes the fuckin’ juice!”

Then his thick creamy jizz began splattering all over the wall of the shower stall. The lust crazed preacher’s grasping fingers continued pumping up and down on his cum-spurting prick until the last drop had finally oozed out. Shaking like a leaf, he had to lean against the wall to support himself because his trembling legs could hardly hold him up.

Filled with shame over what he’d done, he stepped out of the shower and briskly dried his body. He was completely disgusted with himself, but at least he’d gotten rid of his hot cum-load.

Slipping into a robe, he walked downstairs to his den where he proceeded to pick up his Bible and settle down in his favorite chair. Slowly sipping a Coke, he tried to concentrate on reading, but his mind kept returning to thoughts of his horny daughter. Jacking off had temporarily relieved him of a big wad of jizz, but he still needed to fuck a hot pussy!

Two hours later, the preacher was still sitting in the chair when Tammy walked into the room.

“Hi, Daddy,” she said in a pleased voice. “I didn’t know you were home.”

“I left church early,” he smiled.

“Aren’t you feeling well?” she asked, walking over and settling down on his lap.

“I feel fine,” he smiled, thinking how fresh and clean her hair smelled.

He could feel the soft warmth of her body burning through his robe, sending a faint ripple through his loins. Tammy’s short skirt had accidentally slipped up quite high when she plopped herself on his lap, and the sight of his daughter’s bare thighs brought back the lascivious thoughts he’d been having about her. Remembering how her pussy had looked when she was playing with it, he suddenly wondered how it would feel to stick his cock in there. He tried to dismiss the thought, but it still persisted. The realization that her juicy pussy was only separated from his cock by the material of his robe and her skirt was making his prick stir back to life.

Sitting on her father’s lap, Tammy was suddenly conscious of his boner swelling and throbbing against her ass. For the first time in her life, she wondered what her dad’s cock was like. Being an extremely horny girl, and realizing they would be alone in the house all weekend, she suddenly had a wild desire, to have him fuck her.

Wanting to let him know that she was available, she began slowly and very subtly squirming her hot ass around on his rapidly swelling cock-bulge.

“Gee, Daddy!” she whispered, rubbing her ass against his expanding cock. “I sure love sitting on your lap.”

The way she was squirming round was exciting him even more.

“Oh, Daddy,” she giggled. “You’re getting a hard-on, you naughty man!”

“Don’t talk like that,” he said in a nervous voice. “Nice girls don’t use those kinds of words.”

“Oh, Daddy,” Tommy whispered, squirming around and covering his mouth with her moistly parted lips. “I loved you so muck.”

Holding the girl in his arms, he felt a horny thrill as her sweet tongue wormed between his lips and into his mouth. Because of the way she was squirming on his lap, the front of his robe opened arid his prick sprang out against the bare flesh of her inner thighs. The thrilling sensation of his big drooling cockhead burning against her bare skin sent a hot spurt of cunt cream gushing out from between her legs.

“Jesus Christ,” he softly moaned into the girl’s open sucking mouth.

Almost out, of his mind with lust, the preacher no longer gave a shit whether it was his own daughter or not. The only thing that mattered anymore was that she had a cunt and he desperately needed to fuck her.

More than eager to fuck, Tammy reached down and wrapped her fingers around his stiff prick, sliding his silky foreskin up and down over his sensitive cockhead. God, how she wanted to feel her sweet father’s hard cock stuffed up between her legs! His prick felt so stiff, with a spongy hardness about it that was extremely pleasant. Placing his bloated cockhead between her soft creamy thighs, she closed her legs together, gently squeezing his hard cock between her naked thighs.

“Oh, you sweet baby!” her dad gasped, almost beside himself with the intense ecstasy.

Opening her legs, she once more began stroking his heavenly boner with her soft fingers.

“Do you like this, Daddy?” she whispered, expertly skimming his foreskin back and forth.

“It feels fantastic,” he gasped. “But I shouldn’t be letting you do this to me.”

“Why not?”

“Because you’re my daughter.”

“Oh, shit,” she giggled. “I’ve been fucked lots of times.”

“Are you telling me the truth?” he panted, unable to believe what he was hearing.

“Sure,” she grinned. “I love to fuck. Would you like to try me?”

“Oh, honey, we couldn’t do that,” he mumbled as the horny blonde continued stroking his throbbing hard-on. “I’m your father.”

“So what?” she giggled. “Dads need fuckin’, too.”

“I know,” he admitted. “But not with their daughters.”

Pleased that she wasn’t wearing any pants or a bra, as usual, Tammy took his hand and shoved it up under her skirt — letting his fingers brush across the soft fuzz of her juicy pussy.

“Daddy,” she whispered into his ear, “stick your finger in and see how hot and juicy my pussy is.”

His hard cock lurched wildly in Tammy’s hands when his fingertip slipped into the hotness of her cunt slit. He had never felt anything so incredibly good in his life.

“Does it feel good?” she whispered. “God, yes!” he panted.

“Then why don’t you fuck it?”

“I can’t, honey. It just wouldn’t be right.”

“Don’t you wanta fuck me?” she pouted. “Of course I do, darling. But ft isn’t right for a father to mess with his own daughter.”

“Maybe it doesn’t seem right,” giggled the horny girl. “But it’ll sure feel right.”

Feeling her fingers lovingly stroking his throbbing prick, the preacher closed his eyes and surrendered to her persistent urging.

Pleased that he wasn’t resisting any longer, Tammy raised her skirt above her hips and, facing her dad, she straddled his loins. Grasping the base of his stiff prick, she guided it up between her cuntlips as she slowly lowered her hot dripping cunt slit down over his throbbing cockhead. The horny girl’s body trembled with excitement as she felt her father’s big blood-engorged cock sinking into the slippery hotness of her steaming pussy.

“Oooooooooh, Daddy,” she passionately whimpered, still lowering her seething pussy down aver his wonderful fuck-tool. “It feels so good… so good!”

As Tammy’s hotly aroused cunt slid down over his cock, her dad kept arching his hips up until her pussy was completely filled with his throbbing prick.

“Oh, fuck!” she whimpered, screwing her hot slit down tighter around the thick base of his embedded fuck-shaft. “This feel so shittin’ good!”

Tammy could feel every vein and sinew of his hard cockmeat pulsating deliciously against the sensitive flesh of her tightly stretched cunt walls.

“Oh, shit,” she giggled as she began fucking her grasping pussy up and down over his glistening cockshaft. “This is gonna be fun.”

Becoming more and more aroused as she bounced up and down on his throbbing prick, the girl suddenly pulled, her dress off over her head and excitedly rubbed her luscious tits against her father’s drooling mouth.

“Mmmmmmm!” she whimpered when he sucked one of her swollen nipples into his mouth, feeling it clear down to her cunt when he began lightly nibbling on her sensitive nipple. “It feels so fuckin’ good, Daddy!”

With her nipple stuffed into his hotly sucking mouth, Tammy was feverishly fucking her pussy up and down over his glorious cock. The lips of her greedy pussy sucked and grasped hungrily at the base of his prickshaft, as if frantically trying to suck more of his cock into her writhing fuck-hole.

The man could feel his cock growing bigger and bigger as it slithered in and out between the fleshy ridges of his daughter’s tightly squeezing inner pussy flesh. Only a few short minutes before, his sex-starved body had been dying for a hot fuck, but he had never dreamed of anything as wonderful as this. His pretty daughter was giving him the tightest, hottest fuck he’d ever had in his entire life. It felt as if his big bloated cockrod would literally explode from the exquisite sensations induced by her sucking cunt.

Their sweaty bodies were frantically grinding together as she bounced up and down over him, taking his hard cockmeat deeper and deeper into her hot fuck-hole.

“Oh, shit, Daddy!” she shrieked. “I just love your big hard cock!”

“You sweet baby!” he gasped, momentarily releasing her swollen nipple from his feverish sucking mouth. “That’s gotta be the hottest, tightest cunt in the whole world!”

“I’m glad you like it,” she smiled. “I want you to enjoy my pussy as much as I’m enjoying your big hard prick.”

Their lurching bodies were slapping noisily together as the lewdly coupled father and daughter frantically fucked on.

“Oh, you sweet darling!” he gasped. “I’ve never felt anything so fuckin’ good in my life!”

“I know! I know!” she squealed with rapture. “Your hard cock is driving me crazy!”

As her cream-slickened cunt slurped up and down over his wildly throbbing boner, she was rubbing her tits wildly against his face and mouth.

“Ooooooooh, Daddy!” she screamed as the man began thrusting his loins up more violently to meet every downward fuck-plunge of her pussy. “Fuck faster Daddy… faster… harder!”

As the horny girl rapidly increased the tempo of her fucking, her dad could feel an ejaculation building up deep in his balls, and he realized he would soon be filling his daughter’s cunt full of hot cum.

“Oh, sweet fuckin’ Jesus!” she joyously whimpered, throwing her long blonde hair back as the top ridge of his big juice-slickened cock rubbed against her tingling clit. “It’s so good… so good!”

The wild ecstasy was almost more than the horny girl could stand, and when she suddenly felt her father’s hot cum gushing into her eagerly waiting cunt, she exploded into a mind-blowing orgasm.

“Oh, fuck! Oh, shit! I’m coming!” she shrieked, writhing her hot cunt down around the base of his cum-spurting cock, wanting to get the full impact of his powerful discharge.

Falling forward with her face against his shoulder, Tammy clung passionately to her dad until the very last drop of cum had dribbled out of his prick.

“Oh, Daddy,” she softly whispered into his ear. “That was the neatest fuck I’ve ever had. Let’s just fuck all night long.”

“That suits me,” he grinned as his lovely daughter got up, letting his limp prick slip out of her cummy cunt with a wet slurping sound.

“Let’s go up to your room,” she said, picking up her dress. “I wanta get this sweet cock nice and hard again.”

They went upstairs together, big globs of slippery cum oozing out from between her legs with every step. Once they were in her dad’s room, Tammy playfully pushed him down on the bed. Lying next to him, the horny girl began lightly caressing his limp prick.

“You’re sure a horny shit,” her dad grinned as Tammy’s fingers lovingly worked on his sensitive cockshaft. “Who taught you all this stuff?”

“Me,” she giggled.

“How many guys have fucked you?”

“Lots of them,” she admitted. “Even Uncle Will fucks me all the time.”

The preacher was shocked to hear that his older brother had fucked Tammy, but the shock turned to ecstasy when Tammy suddenly lowered, her head and stuffed his sticky prick into her mouth. His entire body began trembling with excitement as he watched the girl wrap her juicy baby-soft lips around the head of his prick.

“Mmmmmmm,” she whimpered, swirling her tongue around his limp fucker. “You taste so good.”

A ripple of renewed excitement rushed through her cunt when Tammy felt his cock starting to grow bigger in her mouth. She could feel her father trembling with lust as her tongue and lips worked and sucked on his rapidly expanding boner. As she nibbled and sucked up and down the sensitive underside of his spit soaked prick, her father quickly raised another throbbing hard-on.

“God, that’s a neat cock,” she sighed, momentarily removing his prick from her mouth.

“And you’re so sweet,” he whispered as her fingers teasingly moved up and down the length of his cockshaft like butterfly wings. Then, slowly sliding the thick foreskin back and forth over his bloated cockhead, she lovingly rubbed his sensitive prick-knob against her cheeks, under her chin and through her long blonde hair.

Finally covering the head of his cock with her hot wet mouth again, she began a slow deep suction that soon had him writhing all over the bed. With every deep suck, it felt to the man as if she were drawing his asshole right up through the length of his swollen cockshaft.

“You sweet cock-sucker!” he gasped, curling his fingers into her hair as he talented mouth sucked feverishly on his blood engorged prick. Her head was bobbing faster and faster as she frenziedly sucked on him throbbing boner. His entire body was writhing and jerking from the fantastic sensations being induced by his cock crazed daughter’s juicy mouth.

“Are you almost ready to shoot?” she asked, releasing his prick when she felt his stomach muscles tensing.

“Just about,” he panted.

“Then shoot your jizz into my cunt,” she giggled, rolling onto her back and spreading her legs for him.

Smiling at his beautiful daughter, he quickly crawled up between her logs.

“Oh, sweet Daddy,” she whispered, feeling his cock slowly parting her slippery cuntlips. “That feels so fuckin’ good.”

When his throbbing cockshaft was fully embedded in her horny aunt, he slowly withdrew. It about halfway and then went all the way in again. Repeating the same thing, ho was soon rhythmically fucking his steel-bud cock in and out of her juicy pussy.

“Oh, Daddy?” she screamed with rapture. “It feels so fucking good! SO fucking, fucking good!”

The room was echoing with their squeals and moans of passion as they feverishly fucked each other for all they were worth.

“That’s it, Daddy!” she shrieked, feeling his hard cock pounding deeper and deeper into her belly. “Fuck it to me, Daddy! Fuck it to me!”

As his cock fucked deeper and harder into her cunt, Tammy knew this was just one of the many fucks she would share with her dad before this night was over — and for years to come.


As soon as they got home from church early the next afternoon, the preacher and his daughter rushed upstairs to his room.

“Wanta undress me?” she whispered, running her fingers across the big throbbing cockbulge in the front of his pants.

Her dad grasped the bottom of her sweater and quickly pulled it off over her head. Spit was drooling from the corner of the preacher’s lips when the girl’s big naked tits spilled out in front of him. Gently holding her bare shoulders, he began licking his tongue across her quivering nipples.

“God, those are sweet tits,” he panted, his tongue still washing her bare turgid tit flesh.

“They must be,” she giggled. “You sure like to suck on ’em.”

Finally moving his mouth from her tasty nipples, he reached down and lowered the zipper on the side of her skirt. When he’d removed her skirt, he quickly took her panties off.

“Oh, you lovely child,” he choked, seeing her naked body so deliciously exposed in front of him.

Lifting the girl in his arms, he parked her bare ass on the edge of the bed. Though Tammy had sucked on his cock, he had never made any attempt to lick his daughter’s sweet cunt. But right now the urge was overwhelming.

“Lie back, honey,” he whispered, gently pushing her back across the bed. “I want to kiss your pussy.”

Leaning over, he lightly kissed her mouth, and then his lips trailed down over her neck to her tits. He could feel Tammy suck in her breath as his mouth moved down over her belly. Her desirable body tasted even better than it looked. Her sweet cunt hairs looked like spun gold.

Pushing the soft pubic curls aside, he stared into the slippery pink flesh between her open cuntlips. Slowly lowering his face, the preacher licked at the warm juices in her sensitive cunt slit. The girl jerked as if touched by an electric jolt.

Moving his tongue in circles around her cuntlips, he finally flicked it across her clit. Squeals of uncontrolled pleasure shattered the silence of the room when he began hotly lashing her quivering clit with his tongue.

Finally pressing his face into the hot wetness of her crotch, he fucked his tongue as far as possible into the delicious hotness of her tasty pussy. Tammy could hardly believe that her stern father had become so horny as his tongue-fucking had her sweet ass writhing all over the bed.

Clutching her wiggly asscheeks in his hands to keep her cunt welded against his mouth, he ran the tip of his finger lightly across her sensitive shitter.

“Oh, Daddy!” she squealed with joy. “You’re a naughty man to be poking at my ass.”

“Do you like it?”

“Sorta,” the girl giggled. “It feels kinda funny and tickly.”

Wanting to please his sweet daughter, he quickly rolled Tammy onto her tummy and pressed his mouth between her soft asscheeks. Softly blowing his hot breath into the crack of her ass, he began teasing her puckered asshole with his tongue.

“Oh, shit, Daddy!” she squealed with joy. “That feels wild!”

For the first time in his life, the stern, puritanical preacher suddenly had a mad desire to fuck his cock into an asshole. He realized his daughter’s slitter was small, but he felt it would stretch enough to accommodate his cock.

Momentarily getting up off the bed, he quickly removed his clothes. Joining her again, he turned the girl onto her side with her back against his belly. Reaching around her waist, he cupped one of her big full tits in his palm while his turgid cock throbbed against her quivering asscheeks. His smooth cockhead moved up and down in the soft crevice between her silky asscheeks.

Trembling with fuck-lust, he continued rubbing the sensitive underside of his cockshaft against the soft smooth flesh between her asscheeks while his fingers dug into her luscious tits. His nostrils were filled with the clean fresh scent of her long blonde hair.

When Tammy began rubbing her ass back against his hard prick, the preacher released her tits and spread the soft warm cheeks of her ass.

Moving slightly back, he began probing for her puckered shitter with his finger.

“Ooooooooh, Daddy!” she giggled. “You’re tickling my ass again.”

“Don’t you like it?”

“Shit, yes,” Tammy answered. “It feels funny, but it’s neat.”

Dipping his finger into her pussy until it was completely drenched with her hot lubricating juices, he pressed the tip of it against her quivering asshole.

“Eeeeek!” she squealed, more from surprise than pain as she involuntarily tried to pull away from his invading finger. “What are you doing?”

“Playing with your bottom,” he answered in a soothing voice.

“You’d better be careful,” giggled Tammy, pleased by the tingling sensation in her ass. “Might shit on your hand.”

“Don’t worry about me,” panted the minister as he fucked his finger farther up into her tight hot ass.

“God, Daddy,” she gasped when the length of his finger was firmly lodged in her squirming asshole. “Take it easy.”

“Does it hurt?” he asked.

“Not really,” whispered Tammy. “It feels real neat, but don’t be too rough.”

“Don’t worry, darling,” he panted as he thoroughly reamed out her tight asshole with his thick middle finger.

“Gee, that feels funny,” she said, reaching back and grasping his hard cock. “But I sure like it.”

When the rubbery ring of her tight asshole began to relax, he eased the tip of a second finger into her expanding asshole. Working slowly and rhythmically, the horny preacher soon had two fingers deeply embedded in his daughter’s hot asshole.

“Does that feel good?” he panted, worming both fingers around in the slick hotness of her buttery asshole.

“Fuck, yes!” she squealed. “It feels neat!”

“Tammy,” he whispered into her ear. “How would you like me to fuck you a new way?”

“What do you mean?”

“How would you like me to fuck you in the asshole?” he excitedly asked.

“Gee, I dunno,” she said. “I’m afraid your big cock would split my butt open.”

“No, it won’t, darling,” her dad urged. “I’ll be real gentle.”

“I’m scared it’ll hurt,” she whimpered, squeezing the thickness of his wildly throbbing cock.

“Will you just let me try it?” he begged, still fucking his two fingers in her asshole.

“I guess so,” she finally agreed. “But please be careful.”

“Okay, honey, get up on your hands and knees,” he whispered. “You’re going to love ass-fucking.”

Her soft ass was satin smooth as she knelt in front of him. Clutching her asscheeks in his palms, the mail gently spread the soft asscheeks apart with his thumbs. Excitedly licking his lips, he feasted his eyes on the pink blossom of her asshole, completely captivated by the tightly puckered ass ring. Trembling with anticipation, the once puritanical preacher lecherously pressed his bulbous cockhead against his daughter’s virginal asshole. A satanic grin spread obscenely across his depraved face, sweat popping out on his brow.

He had spent his entire life preaching against sin, and the thought of sodomizing a girl had been beyond his wildest dreams, yet that was what he was about to do — to his own daughter. The perverse excitement was almost more than the lust crazed minister could stand as he firmly grasped the girl’s hips. He hoped his prick wouldn’t hurt her too much. But, as if being driven by evil demons, he knew he was going to his daughter whether she liked it or not.

Leaning forward, he could feel Tammy’s ass squirming back against him, eager to receive his big pleasure-giving cock. The head of his lust-thickened boner was thoroughly lubricated from the thick slippery pre-cum that was drooling from the tip of his cock.

The man’s initial entry into her tight asshole was aided by the slippery discharge from the head of his prick.

“Ooooooh, Daddy!” she sobbed when the bloated head of his prick suddenly popped through. “Take it easy. Slow down a bit!”

He was thrilled that the girl hadn’t screamed for him to take his cock out. Elated by the realization that she wanted this as badly as he did, he remained perfectly motionless, satisfied to let her shitter get accustomed to his thick boner before fucking any deeper.

As he tried to hold still, the animal lust in the depraved preacher’s loins drove his throbbing cock a bit deeper into the girl’s cruelly stretched asshole.

“Aaaaaaggggggghhh!” she gasped. “Please, Daddy… please!”

The depraved minister tried in vain to hold back, but his uncontrolled passions forced him to fuck forward a bit at a time with no concern for the child’s discomfort.

Tammy wanted to scream out from the intense pain, but she had the same desire to experience ass-fucking as her dad did.

“Please take it easy,” she whimpered, biting her lip to keep from screaming.

Still trying to hold back, to go a slower, the man continued until most of his prick was in her ass.

“Ooooooooooh!” she sobbed.

Finally pulling back, the sex-crazed preacher paused for just a moment before ramming the entire length of his enormously swollen cock the rest of the way into the trembling girl’s incredibly stretched asshole. He could feel her hot ass ring involuntarily contracting tightly around his deeply buried cockshaft, gripping his prick like a warm moist glove.

Grasping her hips, he could feel his lust bloated balls resting warmly against the wetness, of her drooling cunt. The backs of her pretty thighs were pressed against the hard flesh of his upper legs. Moving his hands from the girl’s hips, he reached under and grasped her big dangling tits, holding her back against him so she couldn’t free herself from his skewering cock.

After resting for a few moments, letting his prick luxuriate in the tight hotness of her sweet asshole, the man slowly pulled back until only his cockhead remained embedded. Then, fucking the thick hardness of his boner back in, he felt the intense pleasure streaking up the length of his lust-swollen cockshaft. Again he repeated the action, striking bottom once more in the girl’s ass guts.

“Oh, Daddy!” wailed Tammy. “I think I’m gonna like this!”

“Then fuck back, honey!” he panted. “Fuck your sweet ass back against me.”

Before she had a chance to do as he asked, Tammy felt him lunge into her again, his cock a shaft of red-hot cockmeat.

“Oh, God, that feels neat,” she sobbed.

The pleasure in the depraved preacher’s loins mounted with every fuck-thrust, the tight hot sheath of her asshole massaging the naked length of his prick into a wild frenzy. He could feel the soft walls of the child’s hot ass guts clinging moistly to his aching cock as he fucked it in and out of her sweet asshole. Every time he fucked into her luscious ass, the sensations racing up and down his throbbing prick were intensifying, giving him the most rapturous ecstasy he had ever experienced.

The girl’s passion-inspired whimpers of pleasure only added to his jay. He was now fucking easily in and out, his heated churning balls telling him it would soon end with his little daughter’s ass full of jism. He continued rhythmically fucking his prick in and out.

The teen’s entire crouching body was hot and wet with passion. Her mouth was gaping open as wave after wave of incestuous joy flooded through her squirming body. She could feel the tremors of ecstasy mounting in her loins, building to a more intense joy with every fuck-thrust. Tammy was hoping with all her heart that her dad was enjoying her asshole as much as she was enjoying his big hot cock.

“Come on, honey,” the preacher panted. “Fuck back at me, darling.”

Carried away by her own lust, the blonde quickly obeyed. Squealing with rapture, she began grinding her cock-filled asshole back around his big impaling fucker, the boundless pleasure mounting within her writhing body.

“Oh, Daddy!” she squealed. “God, that feels so good… so big and hard! Ooooooh, fuck me good!”

Squealing and mowing from her mounting ecstasy, the girl could feel his bloated balls slapping against the soft oozing flesh of her pink pussy.

“Eeeeeggghhh!” she cried out. “Play with my clit!”

Quickly releasing one of her tits, the man reached around between her legs and began rubbing her clit.

“Oh, yes!” she wailed. “That’s it, Daddy! That’s it!”

As the intense pleasure increased, Tammy could feel her nipples growing tight and prickly.

“Oh, shit, Daddy!” she suddenly screamed, writhing her hot ass back around his plunging cock. “I’m coming, honey, coming! Oh, sweet fuckin’ piss, how I’m coming!”

Lurching wildly beneath her father, Tammy suddenly felt his thick jism shooting hotly into the depths of her cock-filled asshole.

“That’s it, Daddy!” she shrieked. “Keep squirtin’, honey! I love it!”

The depraved preacher was moaning with joy as he felt the wonderful release of his cum into her hotly squeezing shitter. When the last drop of cum had dribbled from his withering prick, the man collapsed on his daughter’s limp body.


Returning home earlier than expected that afternoon, Valarie was completely stunned to find her husband and daughter writhing around on the bed. The blonde was spread out lewdly on her back while her dad was fucking his big cock in and out between her legs.

Valarie couldn’t believe what she was seeing. It didn’t seem possible that her extremely religious husband who rarely showed any interest in sex could be committing incest with his own daughter. Unable to believe that her husband could be so depraved, she just stared. The trembling woman knew she should stop them… but there was something so erotic about the scene that she could only stand there and watch them fuck.

“Oh, Daddy,” she heard their daughter moan. “God, how I love your big hard cock!”

Watching them fuck, Valarie couldn’t understand how her husband could have become so depraved that he would fuck his own teen. From the way Tammy’s cunt was stretched, Valarie also couldn’t understand why the child wasn’t screaming in agony.

“Oh, Daddy,” Valarie heard the girl whimper with joy as her dad fucked his prick deeper and harder into her pussy. “It feels so fuckin’ good! Oooooooooh! I love it… love it!”

Valarie was getting hornier by the second. There wasn’t anything that she enjoyed more than a hard cock, and right now the woman was dying to feel a cock fucking deep in her own hot cunt. Deciding to join her husband and daughter on the bed, Valarie quickly removed her clothes. Naked, she hurried across the room, a rivulet of pussy juice dripping from between her legs.

Throwing herself down on the bed with them, Valarie gave her husband’s ass a loving smack with her hand.

“Valarie!” gasped the startled preacher. “Mom!” gulped Tammy as her dad pulled his cock out.

“I didn’t mean to interrupt anything,” Valarie said in a sugary-sweet voice.

“How long has this been going on?” her mother asked.

“Just since yesterday.”

“Do you like it?”

“God, yes,” said the girl. “Being fucked is the neatest thing in the whole world.”

“Well, I guess it’s all right then,” smiled her mother. “As long as he gives me my share.”

Smiling at her husband, Valarie looked down at his thick hard prick, which was completely saturated with their daughter’s cunt juice.

“May I taste it?” she whispered. “Help yourself,” grinned the man as Valarie lowered her face and stuffed the head of his thick prick into her mouth. His entire body was trembling with excitement when she began running her moist warm tongue all around his slimy prick.

“Shit,” grinned Valarie, removing her mouth from his prick. “Her fuckin’ cunt juice tastes pretty good.”

“Daddy likes it, too,” giggled Tammy. “He licks my pussy until I come.”

“That’s nice,” Valarie grinned at her husband. “Maybe I’ll try tongue-fucking the teen sometime, myself.”

“Really, Mom?” Tammy excitedly panted. “I’d like that.”

“Honey,” Valarie said, turning to her husband as she lovingly wrapped her fingers around his thick boner, “if Tammy will excuse you, I’d sure like to be fucked by this big hard beauty.”

“It’s okay with me, Daddy,” the girl giggled. “Give her a nice hot fuck like you gave me. I wanta watch.”

Still unable to comprehend her husband’s depraved lust for their daughter, Valarie lewdly opened her thighs and eased the fat knob of his prick up against the juicy opening of her cunt.

“Come on, honey,” she hotly panted. “Show me what kind of a stud you really are.”

Flexing his hips, the preacher fucked his lust-swollen cock into the moist slickness of his wife’s hotly clinging pussy.

“Mmmmmmmmm!” she moaned with rapture. “That’s the way to fuck a cunt! This teen must have really started your motor working.”

“Gee, Mom,” Tammy excitedly panted, her eyes only inches away from her mother’s prick-filled cunt. “You’ve sure got a lot of cock in your pussy.”

“I know darling,” she said. “And I love every fuckin’ inch of it.”

Taking her husband’s face between her hands, Valarie pulled his mouth down against her softly parted lips. Trembling with desire, the beautiful woman snaked her tongue deep into his mouth as his cock throbbed hotly in her clasping cunt.

“Oh, God, darling,” she whispered when their lips finally parted. “I want you to just fuck me silly.”

Still completely dazed by her husband’s behavior, Valarie felt him slowly pull his ass back, and then with a wild fuck-thrust, he slammed the length of his boner into the depths of her slippery fuck-hole.

“That’s the way to do it!” she shrieked. “Fuck it to me, baby! Just fuck my tail off!”

The preacher realized his wife was dying for a wild fuck, and that was just what he intended to give her. Slamming his fucker into his wife’s pussy with all his strength, he was using long hard fuck-strokes, fucking his massive cock into her cunt for all he was worth, increasing the depth and tempo of his hard fuck-thrusts with every stroke, he knew it wouldn’t be long before his beautiful redheaded wife would reach a wild climax.

Valarie’s hair was flailing all around her lovely face, her hips countering every fuck thrust as she passionately fucked back at him.

“Oh, sweet darling!” she screamed. “Pour the cockmeat to me, honey! Fuck it to me! Fuck me good!”

Watching her dad and mother fucking, Tammy was caressing his humping ass with one hand while she fondled his big hairy balls with the fingers of the other.

“Oh, my God!” he panted, feeling his daughter’s fingers teasing his balls as he fucked her mother.

The more the horny girl probed her fingers around the sensitive ring of his asshole, the harder and deeper he fucked his throbbing prick into the hot moistness of Valarie’s slippery cunt.

Fucking into his wife with all his strength as Tammy goaded him on by goosing around the hairy crack of his ass, he was suddenly aware that Valarie was rapidly approaching an orgasm.

“Oh, sweetheart!” she sobbed, wrapping her shapely legs around his humping body.

“I’m gonna come!”

Her entire body began jerking and convulsing as she exploded into a wild climax. Screaming with ecstasy, the beautiful redhead clung desperately to her husband as she writhed her hot cunt up around his plunging cock.

“Ooooooooooh… I’m coming!” she screamed, gasping for breath when she suddenly felt his hot jizz gushing into her pussy.

Her nostrils flared and her glazed eyes rolled crazily back in her head as her husband continued shooting his hot cum into her pussy, prolonging the intense climax as wave after wave of orgasmic ecstasy flooded through her body. It wasn’t until he’d emptied the last drop of cum into her cunt that he finally pulled his thick prick out of her fuck-hole.

The moment his cock was out, Valarie scooted down and stuffed his dripping cockhead into her mouth. Sucking feverishly on his shrinking boner, she slowly brought it back to life. Within a few minutes, he had another hard-on.

“It’s my turn!” Tammy cried out, seeing his cock swelling in her mother’s mouth.

“Then take it,” giggled her mother, releasing his prick from her mouth.

Not wasting any time, Tammy covered his cockshaft with her baby-soft lips and sucked deep and hard on his thickening cockmeat.

“Oh, Daddy!” she finally cried excitedly. “You’re all nice and hard again.”

“I know,” he grinned. “Now what do you want me to do with it?”

“Empty your cock in my horny cunt,” she said, rolling onto her back and lewdly spreading her legs for him.

Thrilled at the thought of fucking his adorable daughter again, the man moved up between her thighs. Cradling her dad between her legs, Tammy reached down and excitedly grasped the thick root of his prick, guiding his big pulsing cock-knob between the slippery lips of her pussy.

“Oh, Daddy,” she whispered to him. “I just love it when you fuck me with your nice big cock.”

He could see the wild lust in her eyes, and knew the horny girl was going to give him a fuck he would never forget. Wanting to please his beautiful child as much as he knew she was going to please him, he slammed the hard length of his cock all the way into her cunt with one tremendous fuck-thrust.

“Ooooooooooh, yes!” she squealed with delight, feeling his prick spreading her cunt flesh and completely filling her tight pussy. “Fuck me hard, like, you fucked Mom!”

Wanting to give the darling girl something to remember, he began fucking his hard cock into her with long fast strokes. Half crazed by the feel of her father’s prick fucking into her, Tammy was rhythmically slamming her loins up to meet every wonderful fuck thrust. Fucking his hot daughter for all he was worth, the man could feel his cock swelling even thicker in the child’s fuck-hole.

Watching excitedly as she sat on the edge of the bed with her husband’s cum oozing from her cunt, Valarie was amazed at how hard and deep he was pounding his thick fucker into the horny girl’s pussy. But from the look of ecstasy on Tammy’s face, there was no doubt that she was thoroughly enjoying the brutal fucking her dad was giving her. Watching his thick cock goring their daughter’s tight cunt slit, Valarie could see that the girl was having the time of her life. Her eyes were drawn to Tammy’s asshole. Staring at the child’s ass, Valarie suddenly remembered how fantastic it had felt when men had fucked their fingers up her ass.

As her father increased the tempo of his fuck-thrusts, the wild ecstasy built up in Tammy’s loins.

“Fuck me harder!” she squealed. “Make me come!”

Unable to control the wild urges she was having, Valarie reached down between her legs and scooped up a handful of cunt juice and cum which she generously spread around the crack of her daughter’s ass.

“What are you doing?” panted Tammy, feeling her mother’s finger probing around her sensitive asshole.

“Never mind,” her mother excitedly whispered. “Just keep fucking.”

As the preacher continued lustily fucking his prick into his daughter’s hot cunt, Valarie was trying to force the tip of her finger through the juice-smeared opening of Tammy’s asshole.

“Eeeeeeek!” shrieked the girl when her mother’s finger suddenly plopped through to the first knuckle. “What are you doing, Mom?”

“Having two holes filled is better than one,” her mother giggled. “So keep fuckin’ and enjoy yourself.”

It wasn’t until he heard the girl squeal that the man realized Valarie was fingerfucking Tammy’s tingling asshole. From the torrid way Tammy was suddenly fucking back at him, he could tell how much her mother’s finger had aroused the horny girl.

“Oh, sweet fuckin’ Jesus!” Tammy squealed when her mother rammed the full length of her long middle finger all the way up into the hot squeezing tightness of her buttery asshole.

The preacher was so enthralled with the joys of his daughter’s pussy that he’d lost all sense of reality.

Without any warning, the girl’s wild orgasm suddenly exploded throughout her entire body as her spasming cunt began convulsing wildly around his fucking prick.

“Daddy!” shrieked the ecstatic girl. “I’m coming, Daddy! Oh, sweet fuckin’ shit, how I’m coming!”

Suddenly the man’s big muscular body stiffened and she could feel his hot jizz spurting into her cunt. Thick jolts of cum splattered hotly against the sensitive walls of her fuck-hole. Still frantically pumping back and forth, the man continued shooting his hot cum into his daughter’s quivering pussy. It was only when the last drop of jism had dribbled out of his shrinking prick that they collapsed on each other’s arms.

“My God,” giggled Valarie, pulling her finger out of Tammy’s shitter. “You sure gave this teen a hell of a wild fuck that time.”

Seeing her husband’s thick cum oozing from between their daughter’s cuntlips when he finally pulled his limp cock out, Valarie suddenly had a wild desire to lap up his tasty cum. Grasping the girl’s hips, the horny woman began running her tongue around Tammy’s cuntlips, hungrily licking up her husband’s frothy jism. When Valarie had cleaned every drop of cock cream from her daughter’s pussy, she fucked her tongue into Tammy’s pussy, searching for more of the tasty jism.

“Oh, Mom!” squealed, the girl, throwing her knees up over her mother’s shoulders. Planting her bare feet near the base of the woman’s spine, the girl squeezed her soft thighs against her mother’s face.

“Mmmmmmmmmm,” purred Valarie into Tammy’s open cunt. “You taste so good, honey. God, your pussy tastes good!”

Valarie’s tongue was lashing hungrily around in her daughter’s juicy cunt slit, licking up the delicious cum that was oozing out of her slippery cuntal flesh. Now, for the first time, she realized the pleasure that men received when they sucked and licked her pussy. Remembering how much pleasure men gave her with their mouths, Valarie began licking feverishly on her daughter’s clit.

Rolling onto her daughter’s naked body, Valarie threw her arms around the girl as their open mouths met in a deep passionate kiss. With their slippery tongues gliding in and out of each other’s mouth, they began grinding their hot moist pussies together. Their erect clits were being wildly stimulated by the feel of hot cunt rubbing against hot cunt.

“Oh, Jesus!” Tammy gasped into her mother’s mouth as her hard nipples pressed against her mom’s bare tits. “God, your body feels so fuckin’ good!”

Moving her body up and down over Tammy’s, Valarie was almost out of her mind from the feel of bare tits squishing against bare tits. She hadn’t realized how nice a girl’s soft warm body could feel.

“Tammy,” her mother whispered, “would you like to lick my pussy while I’m sucking your pussy?”

“Oh, yes!” panted the girl. “I’d love to eat your cunt.”

Turning around in the sixty-nine position, Valarie pressed her slippery crotch down over Tammy’s upturned face, and then leaned forward until her own mouth covered her daughter’s cunt mound again.

Looking up at her mother’s open cunt poised just above her mouth, Tammy was looking into a pussy for the first time in her life. The pink juicy lips of her mom’s cunt slit looked like the open petals of a flower, droplets of cunt juice glistening there like morning dew. She could see her mom’s red pubic hairs swirling delicately around the pinkness of her sweet pussy. The most exciting thing was the aroma of the woman’s pussy. Grasping the cheeks of her mother’s smooth round ass, she pulled the woman’s dripping cunt down against her eager mouth. Tammy slipped her tongue up into the hot wetness of her mom’s slippery fuck-hole.

“Oh, God,” she heard her mom shudder with delight at the feel of a tongue fucking into her pussy. “That’s it, honey! Give Mother a good tongue-fuck!”

The girl was thrilled with the pleasure they were giving each other. With her tongue darting deliciously around in her mother’s fuck-hole, she could feel the woman nibbling wildly on her clit.

“Oooooooooh, sweet Mother,” Tammy moaned, spreading her thighs wider apart to give the cunt-sucking woman more room. “I love it! God, how I love it!”

Tammy’s excited pussy seemed to open wider and wider as her mother sucked and tonguefucked her closer and closer to climax.

“Oh, shit!” she shrieked when her mom’s lips began sucking more vigorously on her swollen clit. “It feels so fuckin’ neat!”

Almost out of her mind with the wild sensations exploding in her loins, Tammy jammed her tongue deeper and deeper into her mother’s hot fuck-hole. On and on they sucked in sexual ecstasy, their lewd sixty-nine position offering them easy access to each other’s creaming cunt.

“Ooooohhhhh!” Tammy squealed into her mother’s pussy. “Here I come! Oh, shit, I’m coming! Coming!”

Valarie began sucking frantically as she felt her daughter’s climaxing pussy convulsing around her deeply buried tongue.

“Ooooooh, Mom!” she shrieked. “It’s so good! Oh, Christ, it’s so fucking good!”

When their shattering orgasms had subsided, mother and daughter untangled themselves.

“Wow!” giggled Tammy, pointing at her father’s brand new hard-on. “He’s got another hard-on.”

“Good,” her mother smiled. “I get his cock this time.”

As she watched her father crawl on top of her mother, Tammy knew that there would be a lot more hot fucking around this house and that church would be a lot more interesting in the future.

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Tied Up And Whipped

Outwardly, most Americans maintain the strait-laced middle-class look that belies the social ferment behind closed doors.

There is the secret use of drugs, fed by the marijuana syndrome. There is the river of alcohol flooding from door to door under the euphemism of social drinking. Then, of course, there is the advent of sexual fantasies brought to life.

TIED UP AND WHIPPED is the story of one girl, Barbara, who gradually discovers that other people have some startling and perverse fantasies they are desperate to play out. And she finds that she also enjoys them. Her story is a mirror of a way of life behind closed doors. No facade, no regrets. Indeed, to Barbara, her behavior and fantasies become a norm.

TIED UP AND WHIPPED — a novel of fiction for entertainment. A page from our restless society as food for serious thought.


Barbara crawled across the floor on her hands and knees. She didn’t dare look up, knowing that if she did she would get another stinging lash on her ass. Her bare knees scraped against the rough wooden floor and her palms were full of splinters, but she couldn’t stop now. She had to keep going or the punishment would get worse. The door to the cabin was only ten feet away but she knew there was no way of escaping. Not now. The guys were too excited to let her go. And in a way, she asked for it. After all, the two camp counselors, Roger and Steve, didn’t force her to come to their cabin. She knew what they had in mind when they asked her to come over and party with them. She just didn’t expect the two teenagers to be this rough on her.

“Come on, bitch, you’re moving too slow,” Roger said. She headed towards him as fast as she could. His legs were just a few feet away when she accidentally lifted her head. He stood there with the long black leather belt in his hand. He flicked his wrist and the leather that had cut into her so much during the night trailed lightly across the floor. And his hard cock pointed right at her mouth.

She looked up and saw him grinning through the long black hair that covered his face. His whole body was stiff, not just his prick. As she stared at his heavily muscled body she couldn’t help feeling wet. She wanted that cock pounding in her cunt, those strong arms pinning her to the floor. But that wasn’t what he waited now. He wanted to fill her teenage lips with cream.

Roger grabbed her long blonde hair and twisted it hard. When Barbara opened her mouth to cry out in pain he pushed his cock through her lips, poking it deep into her throat. Then his thick wet shaft slid in and out of her mouth. By tugging on her hair he made her head bob up and down on his prick. Each time he twisted her hair his hairy nuts prodded her lips while his dick poked at the roof of her mouth and then plunged way down her throat, making her gag on it.

“Suck on it. That’s what you’re here for, isn’t it. That’s what you came to the cabin for. A mouthful of dick. I saw how you looked at me before, baby. Well, now you got what you wanted, so eat it!”

She looked up and saw from his cold dark eyes that this wasn’t just a game to him. This was for real. He wanted to fuck her senseless. And she couldn’t stop him. Roger moved his hips forward, shoving his wet prick to her mouth really hard. Barbara groaned as his meat sloshed in and out of her lips but she knew she had to please him. She grabbed the base of his cock and jerked it up and down while she munched on the wet probing flesh. She closed her fingers tight around his throbbing prick and led it into her mouth, slurping on it as hard as she could. It felt long and wet and stiff, and for a minute she forgot all about how much they’d hurt her tonight. What mattered now was the wet dick in her mouth, the plunging hot cock that fucked her lips, impaling her head. Barbara concentrated on slithering his prick in and out of her mouth while she licked and sucked on it.

“Ahhh, that’s the way to do it, you cunt, that’s how to suck dick.” Roger’s hips rocked back and forth really fast, filling her mouth with ten inches of stiff dick. It grew thicker in her mouth with every stroke. And it grew longer as Barbara’s tongue swirled all around it, licking and sucking on the pulsing tip.

“You had the bitch long enough,” Steve said. “Send her back over here. I want to get some more action with that big titted whore.” Barbara felt scared. She didn’t want to crawl back to Steve. He wasn’t as strong or as muscled as Roger but he was a lot meaner. He was the one who enjoyed hurting her the most.

Roger pushed her lips off of his cock. She could feel some wet drops of semen dripping from her puffy mouth and all she wanted to do now was finish him off, to get it all over with. But she knew he wanted it to last a long time. Just like Steve did. That’s why they’d been passing her from one to the other all night long, making her suck on their cocks until they were just about to come, then pushing her away.

“You heard him,” Roger said. “He wants to feel that cocksucking mouth of yours now.” He pushed her down to the floor and she landed on her back. Her huge tits flopped out of the skimpy red bra as she rolled all over the floor. She tried to fit her tits back into the bra but Roger yanked it real hard and pulled it down to her waist. “Don’t be shy on us, now, Barbara. Don’t try and hide those fucking tits.” He reached down and grabbed her left tit in his hand and squeezed it as hard as he could. Her hard nipple pushed against his rough palm while he tugged at her milky white flesh, digging his fingers into her skin. “Now get back to work!”

She got back on her hands and knees and crawled across the cabin floor again, this time heading for Steve. Midway she passed her clothes that were strewn all over the floor. Her white blouse, her short red skin, her stockings and her shoes were lying there, right where they made her strip when she first walked into the cabin. Now all she had on was the bra that hung around her waist and her transparent satin panties. She looked over her shoulder once and saw the marks from the belt blossoming on her full rounded ass. Then she crawled up to Steve and stared at his rigid prick.

Steve made her kneel in front of him while he bent his knees and lowered his prick right in front of her tits.

“No,” she said. “Don’t do it, please, just be nice. I’ll suck you off, just don’t do that to me again.”

He laughed at her, a cruel mocking laugh. He looked so nice to her before with his short hair and his constant smile. But now she knew what he was really like.

He held her shoulders, trapping her as his prick slid up and down her chest. His cock pressed into her nipples, making them wet with cock juice, and his balls pressed into her huge mounds. Barbara tried to get away from him but his grip on her shoulders grew harder until his nails dug into her skin. Then his throbbing dick pushed in and out of her huge tits as fast as he could move his hips. “What’s the matter?” he said. “Didn’t any of your boyfriends ever fuck those jugs of yours? Baby, they were made for it.”

She knew she couldn’t get away from him so she stopped struggling and let him tit fuck her. But it felt so strange. All that hard wet meat, coating her tits with sticky liquid, pressing really hard into, made her shiver all over.

“Come on, baby, don’t let me do all the work,” Steve said.

“What do you want me to do?” Barbara said.

She was ready to do anything for him now, just so it would be over soon.

“Use your hands,” he said.

Barbara knew what he wanted. She slid her hands up her side and then cupped each firm tit. She pressed her hands together, pushing her milky flesh onto his cock, wrapping his sticky prick with her tits. Then she lifted her hands up and down, massaging his cock with her semen coated jugs. He was grinning now, louder with each stroke. She could feel the tip of his cock pulse faster and faster, quivering against her skin.

Then a hot glob of cum splattered onto her tits. The hot spermy liquid dripped down her mounds, coating her nipples with sticky white cream. The cum was still spitting out of his prick when he pushed her head forward. Jets of cream splashed the underside of her chin and then as she moved her head down all the way it shot into her mouth. Strands of semen dripped out of her lips and then he plunged his spurting dick into her open mouth, forcing it way into her throat. Barbara gagged at the size of it but she couldn’t stop him. He held her head all the way down and rammed her mouth with his cock until his nuts slapped at her lips.

“Don’t stop sucking, bitch, lap it up!” Steve said. Barbara sucked on his shaft, inhaling all of his cum while he fucked her mouth. A pool of semen gathered in her mouth, choking her as it slithered down her throat. When Steve slid his cock out of her mouth a flood of cum spilled from her lips. She spit it out, coughing and gagging. And he just laughed.

“You’re supposed to swallow it, jerk,” he said.

Barbara just looked at him. She was afraid to tell him that she wasn’t going to ever swallow it. None of her boyfriends had ever made her do it. But then, she realized, these two guys were different than any she had ever met before. They were rough, and they made chicks do whatever they wanted to. She could tell that she wasn’t the first girl to get fucked in this cabin.

“Well, come on,” Steve said. “Let’s see you lick up that cum, baby.”

“Yeah,” Roger said. He was standing right next to her now, staring at all the cream that dripped down her tits, and out of her mouth. “Let’s see you do it.” As he spoke he dangled the leather belt in front of her face. “Unless you want to argue about it.”

Barbara looked at the belt. Then she looked at both of the teenager’s faces. Neither one of them was smiling. She ran her tongue around her mouth, swirling up the cum that was dripping down her chin. Then she pulled her tongue back into her mouth and swallowed. It tasted sweet and warm, and sticky, and it wasn’t as bad as she expected it to be. But still, the odor was so strong, and it was so thick.

“Satisfied?” she said, wiping the back of her hand across her mouth.

“You’re not through yet,” Steve said. “Lick up the cum from your tits.” Both guys laughed at her as her face whitened. She hesitated but she knew she had to do it. She bent her head and lifted her right tit with both hands. Her tongue snaked out of her mouth and then lapped at the cum on her nipple. She bent her head as far down as possible, fitting her mouth over her tit, and then she sucked in the semen. By the time she had licked both tits clean her mouth was full of cream. She swallowed it in one loud gulp. And this time she loved it. It filled her and made her feel warm inside.

“Okay, baby, it’s time to take care of me,” Roger said. His cock was dangling up and down in the air. It was rock hard, and the tip of it was pulsing red.

Now, as she stared at it, she wanted it in her mouth. She wanted to feel his hot cum pouring down her throat. But instead of sticking it into her mouth, Roger pushed her down to the floor, making her lie there on her back.

He stood above her and pointed his thick meat down at her mouth. “Grab it, Barbara,” he said. “Show me how much you love my cock.”

His feet were planted on both sides of her, touching her naked upper body, holding her in place. She reached her slender hand up and grabbed his raging dick with her fingers. Then she jerked him off, aiming his thick knob right at her mouth. The tip of it pulsed and throbbed as her hand slid up and down his long shaft, pulling on it, trying to bring it closer to her lips. “You want it now, don’t you, Barbara? You want to wrap your fucking lips around my dick and suck it.”

“Yes,” she said. “I want it.” She didn’t care about what they’d already done to her, stripping her, forcing her to crawl back and forth to their stiff dicks. Now all she wanted was to feel semen spurting into her mouth. She pulled on his cock harder, bringing him towards her. Roger crouched lower and his cock was now only about six inches away from her face. She slid her other hand up the muscles of his leg and then cupped his balls with her fingers. She rolled his nuts back and forth while she jerked him off. She was milking him, she thought, milking him for that sweet juice.

Barbara moved her hand from his nuts and wrapped it around his cock. Even with both hands on his dick she still wasn’t able to cover it completely. The thick knob kept poking through her sticky fingers, growing, pulsing, aiming right at her open mouth. “Give it to me,” she said. “Stick it into my lips.”

“Not yet,” Roger said. “When I’m good and ready to do it, that’s when you get a mouthful of prick.”

Steve laughed. He was kneeling beside her now. In her excitement she’d forgotten all about him. He took her left hand and brought it down to her hip. Then he peeled her red panties down to her thighs. “Come on, baby, you can have some fun too.”

He pressed her hand between her legs. She felt the wetness seeping out of her, pouring out of her cunt. “Go ahead and do it,” Steve said. “I want to see you finger yourself.”

Barbara was going to refuse, but even as her finger touched her wet hole she knew she couldn’t help herself. It felt so good, so warm and wet. She opened her thighs and then slid her index finger right into her pussy. And then she couldn’t stop. Her finger raced in and out of her slit, rolling her clit in her hand. Bursts of pleasure shot through her body every time she touched her clit. That, and the burning cock in her hand, made her lose control. She bucked, up and down on the floor, pressing her hips down on her busy fingers while she pumped the long hard meat in her hand.

“Look at that slut go,” Steve laughed. “Hell, she’s good. I’ll bet she does that all the time. Fingers her hot box…”

Barbara kept on humping her fingers. He was right, she did it all the time, and now she didn’t even care if anyone was watching her. It just felt so good. Too good to stop now.

“Don’t you?” Steve said. “Admit it.”

“Yesss!” Barbara said. “Yesss, I do it all the fucking time.” Her voice was strained now. Every single nerve in her body was awake, ready to explode. “I finger my cunt all the time. Ahhhh, ahhhhhhh.”

Her cum spilled out of her cunt, sopping her thighs, coating her hand with warm and sticky cunt juice. Her whole body shook with each pulsing burst of liquid. She moaned and rolled all over the floor. And her hand was pumping on Roger’s cock as hard and as fast as she could move it.

She looked straight up, saw his cock moving closer to her face. It was just inches away as her hand flailed up and down the full ten inches. Roger’s legs suddenly went stiff. He raised himself on the balls of his feet and moaned.

Then he shot off all over her face. Streams of white semen flew out of his throbbing tip and splashed her chin, her mouth, her hair. And still it kept coming. Gobs of it slithered down her fingers, dropped onto her tits and slid down her side. Then she raised her head, straining forward until her lips sunk onto the burning spitting dick in her hand. She sucked as hard as she could, slurping up his cum, and then letting it slide down her throat. Her head bobbed up and down, moving with each thrust of cock.

Barbara sucked in as much cum as she could. Then she pulled his cock out of her lips and swallowed. Her hand still pumped on his prick, sliding the tip of it across her cheeks, then across her lips again where she kissed and sucked it.

“Okay, bitch, that’s enough for now,” Roger said. He pushed her away. Barbara fell down to the floor, resting her head on the rough wood. She looked down her body and saw that she was covered with semen. Her face, her tits, and her stomach, were all coated with white sticky cum. She slid her hands over her tits and smeared the cream onto her fingers. Then she brought her hands to her mouth and lapped up the cum.

“Look at her,” Roger said. “She loves it. And she tried to act so fucking innocent before. Man, what a hungry bitch we got tonight!” He laughed and stared at her. “That’s right, honey, you stay on the floor for a while and play with yourself. You can put on a little show for us.”

Steve was already climbing into his jeans, though. Maybe it was over, Barbara thought. Now they would let her go back to her own cabin.

“I don’t know about you,” Steve said to Roger. “But this slut made me thirsty. Shit, she drank up all of my reserves.”

“What are you talking about?” Roger said.

“I’m talking about booze,” Steve said. “Let’s take a ride down into town and pick up some beer at the bar.”

“Sure, but what about our friend here? Do we take here. She’d split as soon as we left.”

“No I wouldn’t,” Barbara said.

“Maybe you wouldn’t,” Steve said. “But we can’t take any chances. We want to show you a few more tricks when we get back.”

Both of them picked Barbara up off the floor and led her over to a bed in the corner of the cabin. They threw her in the air and she landed face first on the mattress.

“I’ll stay,” Barbara said. “I promise I’ll stay.”

“Oh, we know you’ll stay alright,” Roger said. “Because we’re going to make sure that you don’t have any choice.”

Before she knew what was happening Barbara was tied to the bed. The black leather belt that they’d used on her ass was now wrapped around her wrists, pushing them together, and tied to the metal bedpost. Steve used his belt to fasten her ankles to the bottom of the bed.

As she laid there, bound so that she could hardly move, Steve slid his hand down her back, and then cupped her bare ass with his hand, prying her crack apart. “Nice ass,” he said. “You ever had a dick back there, honey?”

Barbara didn’t say a word.

“Guess not,” Roger said. “Good, that means it’s going to be nice and tight.”

The two of them left her there and headed out of the cabin. When she heard their jeep drive away she tried to get free of the belt. But it was wrapped too tight. There was no way she could get her hands free.

And when they came back she knew it would be the same. They would keep her tied down while they slipped dick into her asshole. She’d heard about that before from some of her older girlfriends who tried it. They said it hurt but it felt good. And Barbara couldn’t help wanting to find out for herself.

Even though she was eighteen, and before this, had considered herself pretty experienced when it came to sex, she was just finding out now what it was really like.

A part of her wanted it, she realized, a part of her wanted to be handled rough, and forced into sex. Why else would she let them do all that to her before? She could have gotten out of it if she really wanted to. After all, there were plenty of cabins around. Some of the other counselors would have been there to hear her if she did scream.

She didn’t scream in the beginning and she wasn’t going to scream now, she thought. Because even while she was tied to the bed she felt a warm familiar wetness between her legs. She was going to have a night full of dick.

She couldn’t help laughing to herself. Here she was a summer camp counselor for all the teenage boys and girls that came to Ember Lake, supposed to set an example for them, and what was she doing now? She was tied to the bed, waiting to get fucked in the ass. And not only was she waiting, she was looking forward to it.

As long as they don’t hurt me, she thought.


By the time that Roger and Steve came back to the cabin Barbara was a mass of quivering, ready flesh. For the past ten minutes she was thinking about their hard cocks pushing into her asshole, and the thoughts alone were enough to make her dripping wet.

She turned her head and stared at the cabin door as they walked into the room. Steve held a brown paper bag in his hand, and Roger was carrying a bottle of wine. They set them down on the other bed and stared at her, grinning.

“Now isn’t that a pretty sight?” Roger said.

“Yeah, she’s just lying there, waiting for us. Waiting for a good assfucking,” Steve said.

The two guys opened some beer and then walked over to her. They pulled up two chairs and sat next to her on the bed, one on each side. Steve leaned over and slid his hand down her back. He pulled the panties that were down to her thighs back up over her ass. “Too tempting, baby,” he said. “We want to rest up before giving you another round.”

Barbara smiled at the way they were talking. Mother round. As if they were playing some kind of sport. And her ass was the prize.

After a few minutes, when the guys were on their second beer, Barbara couldn’t wait any longer. She rolled her hips back and forth on the bed, then she raised her ass up and down, slowly, twitching her rounded cheeks for them. And they couldn’t help but notice what she was doing.

“Man, she really wants it,” Roger said.

“Well, then, let’s give it to her.” Steve put down his beer and then stood up. He untied the belt that held her wrists to the bed while Roger released her feet. But only for a minute. Then spread her legs wide, as far as they would go, and then used each belt to tie her ankles to the bed.

Then she heard their zippers going down. Both guys stood in back of the bed. She looked over her shoulder and saw that they were ready to go. Two hard pricks dangled in the air, and they were both for her.

“Me first,” Steve said. He climbed onto the bed and knelt behind her. His knees pushed at her thighs, making them spread even further apart. And his cock rubbed against her panties, pushing in and out. She could feel a wetness seep through the satin and then she felt the full weight of his prick on her ass. He slid his cock up and down her crack a few times, getting her soaked with juice, and then he tuned at the elastic band of her panties. He pulled them down slow, halfway to her ass, and then he yanked really hard. Her panties ripped down the side as he pulled them down to her thighs. The elastic band cut into her skin. But she didn’t mind. All that she cared about was the stiff wet knob that prodded her asshole.

His strong hands pried her cheeks apart. She gasped in pain but she didn’t try to get away, even though it felt like her whole body was being stretched farther than it could go. And then his cock pushed into her, pressing hard against her unyielding hole. Barbara groaned and bit her lip. All that meat pressing into her was just too much. It would never go in, she thought. Never. It was too thick and too hard. Her hands clutched at the blanket in front of her, making tight fists.

“Damn, she’s a tight one,” Steve said. He slid his cock up and down between her crack, slapping his nuts against her skin while he made her wet all over. “But that’s what I like, and you’re going to like it too, bitch.” He grabbed her shoulders and pushed them down to the bed, pinning her beneath him while he rammed her with his prick. His thrusts increased in speed and soon his slippery cock was slamming her so hard that her whole body bounced up and down on the bed.

Barbara rolled her hips up and down, pressing her wet cheeks against his cock. She was dripping all over now. Her cunt was ready for stiff dick, but she knew it would be a while before the guys got around to that. First they were going to jam her asshole with cock. And, as she felt that rock hard prick sliding up and down her crack she knew she was going to enjoy it.

“Put it in,” she said. “I want it now, I’m ready for it.”

“Okay, slut, here it comes.” His hands moved back down to her ass, cupping her firm rounded flesh. Then he pried her apart, pressing the head of his cock into her hole at the same, time. She grunted with pain but at the same time a feeling of pleasure poured through her. He pushed it in an inch and then moved her hips from side to side, fucking her asshole with fast strokes.

Barbara reached behind her and grabbed his thick cock in her hand. She closed her fingers around it and jerked him off. As her hand slid up and down his wet shaft she could feel the thick knob inside of her pulse and throb faster and faster every second.

“More,” she said. “Give me some more of that hard dick. Come on, fuck my ass!”

He laughed and then pressed his full weight down on her. His prick slit her apart in a singe stroke and burrowed all the way into her hole. The pain made her cry out but the pleasure made her move her ass up and down. At last she had a thick prick in her hole and it felt better than anything before. It was so hard and so long. It impaled her, controlling her body with every single thrust. “Ooooh,” she said. “I love it, I love your fucking cock.”

“Quit talking, whore, I don’t want to hear anything. And I don’t care if you like it or not. All I care about is fucking your hole.” His hips crashed down on hers again and again while his prick filled her asshole, stretching it more each time, almost pushing right through her. His hairy nuts bounced on her cheeks as he pounded her ass with dick.

Barbara laid there and moaned, letting him move her body any way he wanted to. He lifted her hips, pulling them back onto his, burying his cock deeper inside her. Then, while he had her stuck onto the end of his dick he reached over her shoulders and crushed her huge tits in his hands. His grasping fingers dug into her jugs, squeezing and tugging, lifting them up and down. She couldn’t move at all now. And she felt that her whole body was his for the taking, to do anything he wanted to. It was out of her hands and she loved it. AJI she had to do was lie there, and sweat and groan, and take his thick prick into her asshole.

She closed her eyes and wiggled her ass, lost in wave after wave of pleasure. And then she felt something wet and sticky sliding across her face. She opened her eyes and saw Roger’s monstrous rigid prick pointing at her lips. She grabbed his prick with her hand and led it into her open mouth, sucking and nibbling on the tip of it. Now she had two cocks working on her, one on each end, slashing in and out of her ass and her mouth. Roger grabbed her head and pushed her mouth back and forth on his dick, fucking her lips while Steve rammed her asshole. “That’s the way to suck, honey,” Roger said, poking at her throat. “Now eat it up, lick it.” As he knelt in front of her he rocked his hips back and forth, plunging his cock further down into her throat. With each thrust of dick in her ass, she was knocked forward, engulfing Roger’s dick clear up to his hairy balls, which slapped at her lips.

Then Roger pulled her head away. He slid under her body so that his knees were right under her shoulders. His engorged cock slithered in front of her face, bobbing and poking at her mouth. He pushed her face down to his nuts and made her suck on his sack until both of his balls were in her mouth and his giant prick was slapping at her cheeks.

After a few minutes he didn’t have to show her what to do. She worshiped his cock with her sucking lips and her tongue, moving her mouth up and down the full length of his meat. She held it stiff in one hand, squeezing the firm throbbing prick with her fingers while she slurped on the tender flesh. Her saliva dripped down his shaft and down her lips until she took it into her mouth again and blew him as hard as she could.

The sound of her dick licking mouth filled the room, joined by the steady wet slap of Steve’s prick in her ass. The two of them lunged their cocks in and out of her in a steady beat, driving her crazy with each stroke. Back and forth, left to right, she was pounded by stiff dick, and she couldn’t do anything but lie there and take it.

“Slow down, baby,” Roger said. “I don’t want to shoot yet.”

“Why not?” Steve said. “We can have her all night long. I’m sure a hot piece of ass like this slut can get it up for us a dozen times. Ahhh, man is she tight.” As he spoke he drilled her ass with his cock so hard that Barbara started to cry out. But her mouth was filled with dick and all that came out was a gagging sound.

Roger slid his prick out of her lips. As it dangled in front of her face he pushed her back, making her kneel up on the bed. She didn’t know what was going on at first but then Steve grabbed her arms and dragged her down to the bottom of the bed. Her ankles were still tied to the posts and it hurt as she was pulled back, but a smile came to her lips when she realized what, was happening. Roger slid under her, moving down to the bottom of the bed, until his ten stiff inches of cock pointed right at her box. At last she was going to get it in the cunt.

Her ass was hanging over the bottom of the bed, still getting fucked by Steve’s hard cock, when Roger reached up for her hips. He dragged her down hard and his prick split her cunt lips wide and sank deep into her dripping slit. As soon as his thick cock was inside of her Barbara came all over it, gushing her cunt juice down around his plunging meat. “Ahhhh, fuck it,” she said. “Stick it in me harder. I want to feel your cum inside of me. Rape me, come on and rape me with your fucking prick!”

She looked down at Roger’s face and saw that he was in ecstasy. His eyes were closed and his mouth was shut tight. He was groaning and sweating while he pulled on her hips, shoving dick to her pussy.

“Here it comes, whore,” Steve said. He held her hips tight and then rammed her asshole with his cock as hard as he could. She felt a quick burst of pain deep inside of her as his cock pushed almost through to her cunt. And then his prick spit cum into her asshole in long hot squirts. She rolled her hips back and forth while he creamed into her. Cum ran out of her ass and dripped down the back of her thighs, and still it kept spouting into her hole. Hot and wet cum, driving her crazy.

She bounced up and down on Roger’s prick and then felt his load of cream spurt into her pussy in warm thick jets. She looked down and saw white gobs of cream bubbling out of her slit, dripping down onto Roger’s shaft in a steady stream. Both cocks emptied into her so much that she felt like her whole lower body was covered with dribbling hot semen.

While Steve held her still, Roger slipped out of her cunt and stood up on the bed. He shoved his dripping cock into her mouth and fucked her lips as fast as his hips could move, sending dribbles of sperm down her throat. She gobbled it all up, lapping and sucking on his cock while she held his nuts in her hands, squeezing and milking them.

Their cocks assaulted her for another minute and then both guys moved away from her, letting her land on the bed in a heap of semen stained flesh. She just laid there, out of breath. Her cunt was warm and juicy and her asshole was soaking wet with semen. “Ohhhhh,” she moaned. “That was too much. Too fucking much.”

“The hell it was,” Roger said. “We’re not finished yet. You’ve got another round coming up. As soon as we can get it up!” He laughed, loud, mocking her. And Steve joined right in. The two guys moved closer to the bed. They were drinking more beer, looking down at her cum stained body.

Barbara wanted to go now. She didn’t think that she could last through another round. All she wanted to do was get back to her cabin and pass out for the night. “Please let me go now,” she said. “I’ve done enough for you for one night.”

“Listen to her.” Roger said. “She talks as if she’s done us a big fucking favor. Come on, bitch, you liked it more than we did.”

She gave up trying to reason with them. In a way he was right. She did enjoy it more than they did. It was the best sex she’d ever had in her life. It was new to her, being treated this rough, treated as just a plaything, a piece of ass to be fucked, and a mouth to fuck. So she just laid there, waiting for them. She couldn’t help think about the morning. She was on duty, then, had to take care of the teenaged bastards all day long. A hike in the woods, and then she had lifeguard duty at the beach. It was going to be a long day and she had to get some sleep tonight. But that wasn’t up to her. That was up to Roger and Steve. And she knew that it depended on how long their cocks would last.

“Alright,” she said. “Do whatever you want to. I don’t give a damn!”

“Hey, honey, that’s no way to talk to your lovers. Is it, Steve?” Roger said.

“No, I think she needs another lesson in manners.”

Barbara looked over her shoulder and saw them coming towards her. They were both laughing but she knew it wasn’t going to be fun this time. Roger took off the belt that tied her left ankle to the bed while Steve unwrapped the other. For the brief moment that she was free Barbara tried to jump off the bed and get to her clothes that were still lying on the floor. But Roger caught her by the arm and threw her back towards the bed. He held her down with one hand and held the black leather belt in the other. “Now you just lie there like a good cocksucking bitch and everything will be alright,” he said.

“Take it easy,” she said. “I was just…”

“Shut up,” Steve said. He grabbed her legs and pulled her down to the bottom of the bed so that her ass was sticking straight up in the air and her knees were dangling just above the floor. She was now completely naked and helpless, held in place by the two guys. Their hands swarmed all over her body, digging into her skin, mauling her flesh, handling her as rough as they could.

Roger climbed onto her back, pressing his knees on both sides of her shoulders. He moved forward so that his prick hung right on the side of her face. He grabbed her head and made her turn towards his cock. “Open up that sweet mouth of yours,” he said. As she opened her lips he slid his prick back and forth across her mouth, making her lick and suck his long meat.

Even as she lapped up the semen from Roger’s cock, obeying his command, Barbara couldn’t help shaking with fear. She knew that Steve was somewhere behind her, standing close to her naked ass.

The leather belt slapped into her ass hard, stinging both cheeks. Barbara struggled with Roger but his weight held her down. As she wiggled under him she heard the belt cutting through the air and then another burning lash struck her ass. “Stop it!” she shouted. “Stop!” But then Roger twisted her head savagely and shoved his dick into her mouth. She gulped it down, deep into her throat and closed her lips around the base of his cock. The belt kept on stinging her bare ass but she could bear it now. As the cock in her mouth pulsed and throbbed, getting ready to spit, Barbara was turned on. Helpless, pinned, whipped, she thought. Forced to suck cock while a leather belt stung her bare ass. She rocked her hips up and down, moving with each blow, and her cunt was all wet and dripping. Because with the pain came a pleasurable feeling. It was warped, she knew, but still, she couldn’t help liking it. The hard whipping sounds of the belt drowned out her sucking lips as she rolled around on the bed, licking on the cock that was stuffed into her mouth.

She knew her ass was red now, she could feel it somehow. Red and round and ready to be fucked. She squirmed on the bed more than she had to, taunting Steve with her ass. It worked.

In the next second she felt Steve’s hands sliding around her hips, prying her ass apart again. And then his wet and thick knob pressed at her asshole. She thrust her hips backward, forcing her hole onto his hard throbbing meat. Then he lunged into her, burying his dick right between her cheeks in one fast shove. The thick cock split her apart and then pounded in and out of her asshole. It was tight and hot, and she loved the feel of all that hard flesh hammering away at her insides. She wanted to cry out, to tell him to fuck her harder, to jam it in there and come all over her ass, but she could hardly even breathe with Roger’s long dick sliding in and out of her lips. Barbara just laid there and let both guys do all of the work. Their cocks moved her body up and down. With each lunging stroke she either got another mouthful of cock or an assful of dick.

Both of them were grunting and groaning now, swearing at her, calling her a cocksucking bitch, a cheap teenage whore, and she loved it. The sound of their cruel voices added a thrill to the wild sex. She knew that they meant every word of it, too. That’s all she was to them, a slut with big tits and a tight ass and a pretty mouth to fuck. And Barbara almost felt that it was true now. She was in love with their thick merciless cocks as they pounded in and out of her holes. And she didn’t care what she had to do, as long as she could feel the hot cum spitting into her. It seemed like an hour passed, an hour of long stiff thrusts onto her body, before either one of the guys showed signs of getting ready to come. But then she knew it would be soon. Steve’s cock was burning in and out of her asshole so fast that her whole body jiggled. And his throbbing tip, buried deep inside of her, told her that any second now he would shoot off.

She sucked harder on Roger’s cock, wrapping her lips around the base of his stiff flesh, while he rammed it down into her throat. She moved her lips up and down, trying to nibble on his hairy nuts, but her mouth was too puffy and her jaws were too sore. She just held her face still and let him fuck her mouth.

Then Steve slammed her down to the bed, driving his dick further into her asshole. She jerked her hips back and forth, swallowing his cock with her tight asshole. And then he shot his load into her hole. Gobs of cum squirted into her ass. She could feel it travelling through the thick vein in his cock, pulsing and throbbing, and then spitting into her tight ass. When her ass was full of hot cream, and it was dripping out of her hole down her cheeks, Barbara got off on it. All that cum inside of her, streaming and flooding her insides, made her feel all wet and slutty. While his cock pumped her ass she felt a wave of cum burst out of her cunt and drip down her legs. She moaned and jerked and gasped while her entire body was racked by a long shuddering orgasm. Steve rammed her ass for a few more minutes, sloshing his dick in and out of her cum soaked hole, and then he pulled out for good.

Roger slid his cock out of her mouth and hurried behind her, taking Steve’s place. Barbara just laid there with her big ass hanging over the bed, waiting for him to stick it in.

Roger gasped her hips in his hands and then forced his cock into her asshole in one stroke. She groaned when it slithered into her wet hole, but she was in ecstasy, just from the feel of that pulsing ten inches. Roger fucked her ass nice and slow at first, ramming it in and out of her with a steady push. But then his hands moved up to her bobbling tits and his fingers, swam all over her nipples. He pressed them into her chest, crushing them, squeezing them as hard as he could. And while he mauled her big tits he increased the speed of his wet cock. She looked behind her and saw his long organ as it pulled almost all of the way out of her ass. She shuddered and then stared at it as his prick sank out of sight, deep into her ass. Then it all became a blur to her. Just a steady feeling of being controlled by his rock hard cock passed through her mind. Cock, stiff cock burning away at her asshole. She was reduced to just a quivering wet hole, wanting nothing more than that big dick inside of her. She twitched her butt up and down, tugging on his cock, and then she jammed herself back onto it, forcing his prick to split her even more. His hands moved over her stomach and then grabbed the front of her hips. With a sudden shove he brought her so close to his groin that she could feel his hairy nuts flattening out against her ass cheeks. Then he spurted his hot load of cream into her tunnel. It felt like buckets of cum pouring into her asshole in a steady stream. His whole body was rigid and his cock was pulsing inside of her, spitting semen deep into her butt. “Ahhhhh,” she moaned. “Do it, that’s it, it feels so fucking good. Ohhhhh, the way you fuck my ass. It’s so damn good. Fuck it. Don’t stop now.”

“Sure, bitch, whatever you say.”

“Ram it, fuck it!”

Roger pounded her ass hard, tearing her apart with his giant organ, filling her hole with thick and slippery gobs of cream. And then it bubbled out of her hole and ran down the back of her legs.

“Ahh, what a tight ass, baby, what a tight fucking ass,” Roger said. “You are just what we need to pass the summer away, bitch.” Even while he spoke she felt more dribbles of sperm seep into her asshole. She groaned and shuddered, cupping her huge tits in her hands while he fucked her asshole. Then, when he pulled it out of her butt, she fell forward on the bed. At first she just laid there, exhausted, but then she slid her hands all over her sore ass, smoothing the semen all over her cheeks.

“You can go now, honey,” Steve said.

“Yeah,” Roger said, when she got up to pick up her clothes. “And come on back any time you feel like it. We like tight assed whores like you.”

Barbara dressed quickly and left the room before they could change their minds. Not that she didn’t like what happened, it was just that she was too tired to even think of having another cock inside of her tonight. Once she was out of the cabin she sighed with relief. Now she could get some sleep.

She walked back to the cabin really slow. Every part of her body was stiff and sore from all that pounding. And she was wet all over. There was semen in her hair, on her tits, her cunt, and there was still some dripping out of her asshole. She was glad that it was late and none of the other counselors were around to see her like this. She knew that one look at her stiff walking, and anyone could tell that she just had a round of heavy fucking.

In less than a minute she was at her cabin door, number eleven. She unlocked it and went inside. The room was large and it was bare. She didn’t have that much with her when she first arrived, just a suitcase full of summer clothes. She went to her bed by the wall and fell onto it right away. She was glad that she didn’t have a roommate yet. At times like this she wouldn’t want to have to explain what had happened to her. But she knew it wouldn’t be long before her room-mate arrived. The camp administrator told her that Sheila, her intended room-mate, was delayed for a week or two. And then Barbara would be just like all of the other counselors, sharing a room with another person. But for now she was happy being alone.

Her hand slid down to her legs as she thought of everything that had happened to her. All of that fucking was too much for her. She couldn’t help reliving the experience of having stiff dick in her ass and her mouth at the same time. She fingered herself for a long time, just lying there with her legs spread apart.

But then she happened to glance at the clock above her bed. It was four in the morning. In three hours she had to be wide awake, ready to lead some of the teenage campers through another day of activity.

She closed her eyes and fell asleep immediately, dreaming of stiff dick.


Barbara was tired to begin with, but after hiking with the kids for two hours she was totally exhausted. There were ten guys in her group and seven girls. All during the morning Barbara had to chase after some of the guys that ran into the woods. They were constantly giving her trouble, showing off for the girls.

And she thought being a camp counselor was going to be a breeze. Bullshit, she thought now. She had two more months to go. Two months to handle all these rich brats. Their parents had sent them to the camp just to get them out of their hair, to let someone else handle the monsters. And that someone was Barbara. She couldn’t believe how childish they were acting. She was only a year older than some of them but it seemed more like ten.

What the hell, she thought, she’d just have to learn to put up with it. And there was at least one kid that wasn’t too bad. His name was Bob and he was a short blonde haired angel, she thought. So cute and innocent looking. He stayed right behind Barbara all during the hike and didn’t give her any trouble at all.

Finally, when her legs were about to give out from under her, Barbara led the kids back to the camp. She was tired but there wasn’t any time for rest. She had two hours of lifeguard duty ahead of her down at the beach.

“Okay, kids,” she said. “Get changed and then come on down to the beach. Wait until I get there before you go into the water.”

The teenagers all raced to their cabins, in a hurry to get into their swim clothes. And Barbara walked slowly back to her cabin. As soon as she got inside she wanted to jump into bed and forget about everything. But she had to take care of the teenagers so she went through her dresser to pick out a bathing suit.

Barbara pulled out the first one she found, and without even thinking, she put it on. Only when she saw herself in the mirror did she realize she made a mistake. It was a tight blue bikini outfit that barely held in her huge tits, and hardly covered her ass. The bottom hugged her crack and her rounded cheeks poked out. Hardly the best thing to wear around a bunch of kids, she thought. Her nipples poked through the skimpy top and every time she moved, her tits almost fell out of the cups. But she was too tired to change. Fuck it, she thought, let the monsters have a thrill.

When she got down to the beach Barbara realized she was worrying about nothing. Most of the teenage girls were packed into skimpy bikinis that showed off even more than Barbara’s did. There was one girl, with long red hair, that had tits as big as Barbara’s. They were hanging out for all of the guys to see. A black bikini top crisscrossed her chest, and just the two thin black straps kept her from being completely nude.

Barbara wasn’t surprised to see that nearly all of the guys followed the red haired girl into the water. They were splashing all around her, dunking her under the water. She laughed and encouraged them. From her lifeguard’s chair Barbara could see that the teenage guys were copping as many feels as they could. But the girl didn’t seem to mind at all.

Maybe these kids weren’t as childish as she thought. She smiled to herself as she watched them horse around in the water. Then, as the sun beat down on her blonde hair, she closed her eyes briefly. Right away the memory of last night came to her. Roger and Steve tying her to the bed, sticking their dicks up her asshole, into her mouth, into her cunt… and the belt too, the leather belt that whipped into her bare flesh. As she thought of all this she couldn’t help squirming in her seat. She pressed her thighs close together, trying to ease the ache in her cunt. She was wet down there already. Soaking wet.

She drifted off into a light sleep, dreaming about long wet dick sliding into her ass.

Barbara woke up about ten minutes later. When she opened her eyes she saw that the kids were still splashing around in the water. But there was no sign of the red haired girl, and a few of the guys were gone too. Damn, she thought. She was supposed to keep track of the kids all the time. If the administrator came along now and saw that some of them were missing Barbara would get hell.

There was only one thing to do now. She had to go and find them. And fast. She climbed down from the lifeguard’s chair and walked down the beach about a hundred yards, where the woods met the sand. She walked into the woods for a couple of minutes and then she heard them. They were giggling and laughing. The girl’s voice rose high above the guys. She was teasing them, Barbara was sure of it.

She stepped closer, and then, through the open space between a crowded row of trees she saw them. The red haired girl was lying on the ground less than ten feet away from where Barbara stood. She was on her side and the black bikini straps were pulled down below her tits. Her big jugs were jutting straight out in the air, supported by the thin straps. There was a gob of white cum dripping down her chin and her lips were smeared with semen. “Come on,” she said. “Who’s next? Don’t any of you jerks know how to fuck?”

There were four teenage guys standing around her. One of them was naked and his long cock was drooping between his legs. He was the one the girl just finished sucking off, Barbara thought. And there were three more to go. They were older guys. Their bodies were just starting to develop. But their cocks were already there. Barbara could tell just by looking at the hard bulges in their swim trunks.

“Come on,” the girl said. “I want a stiff dick in my pussy.” She dug her thumbs into her bikini bottom and peeled them down her legs. Then she rubbed her hairy cunt with one hand and massaged her big tits with the other. “Well, what’s the matter? Do I have to tell you how to do it?” She laughed and rolled on the ground, moving her hips back and forth.

One of the guys, a tall stocky black haired kid stepped in front of her. “Alright, Suzy,” he said. “Spread em.” As she opened her legs for him he pushed his swim trunks down his thighs.

“Ooooh, that’s what I’ve been waiting for,” she said. “Let’s see what you can do with that big cock of yours,” Suzy spread her legs wide and then put her arms above her head.

He knelt down on the ground in front of her, then moved up between her knees. Barbara stared with hunger as he brought his prick closer to the girl’s wet pussy.

“Ahhh,” Suzy gasped. “Ooooh, I like it, ahhh, shove it in me. Fuck my cunt.” She churned her hips up and down, puffing his prick deep inside of her. All of the teenagers were naked now, and their pricks were stiff with hunger for the big titted redhead lying on the ground. Barbara knew that she should walk in there and stop them — after all, she was supposed to be supervising them — but the sight of those hard teenage cocks was too exciting for her. But no, she couldn’t do that either. She had to settle for the voyeuristic pleasure of watching the guys pound away at the horny redhead.

“Suck it,” one of the guys said, kneeling in front of her face, poking her mouth with his prick. Suzy opened her lips and sucked his fleshy stem into her mouth. Her head bobbed up and down on his cock while her lower body bounced up and down on the dirt. She slurped and moaned, taking dick into her mouth and her dripping cunt at the same time. Barbara was jealous of the bitch. All that teenage cock, and all for herself. She grabbed a skinny brown haired kid by the dick and jerked it back and forth in her hand. She was pumping at three cocks and she showed no sign of slowing down. Barbara felt wet all over. Her bikini bottom was soaked with cunt juice. Her hand slid down between her legs, moving back and forth across her pussy. And her eyes were glued to the teenage cocks sliding in and out of Suzy’s wet openings.

In just a few minutes all of the teenagers were groaning out loud, thrashing and bouncing up and down in the bushes. Then Barbara saw Suzy’s cheeks bulging in and out and a flood of white cream gushed out of her lips. She jetked and sucked on the cock in her mouth, pumping it as hard as she could. Her hips slammed against the guy on top of her, wiggling left and right, and then her whole body went stiff. Muffled moans escaped her lips as cum spurted into her pussy. And then the guy she was jerking off moved closer to her face. Her hand flew up and down his shaft and then a milky load of cum squirted all over her face, spattering onto her big tits.

When the guys climbed off of her, resting up for another shot at her lush body, Barbara moved silently through the bushes. She wanted to get away before they discovered her. By the time she got back to the beach Barbara was so horny that all she could think of was stiff dick fucking every hole in her body. But she was still on duty for another hour at least.

She went for a swim to take her mind off of sex but it didn’t work at all. The cool water swam between her legs in wave after wave and her whole body tingled. She was dying for prick by the time she came out.

As she sat on the sand, drying in the sun, she saw Bob, the blonde haired kid that had stuck by her side earlier in the day when they hiked through the woods. He was slender and his body was that of a guy’s. He was shy and embarrassed as he tried to talk to her.

Barbara smiled at him, trying to put him at ease. But then she realized he had more on his mind than just talking to her. His skinny legs were planted right in front of her and his eyes were peering down her blue bikini top. He was staring right at her huge tits.

At first Barbara was amused at it. But then she saw the thick bulge in his dark swim suit. She could make out the outline of his long prick as it poked up towards his stomach.

She couldn’t help staring at his cock. She wanted to yank his swim suit down to his knees and stuff his stiff prick into her mouth. But she resisted the urge. There were too many of the other teenage kids still around. But cock, stiff cock, she had to have it before long.

She leaned back on her anus, digging her fingers into the hot sand. And then she inhaled deeply, thrusting her tits straight out at him. His eyes nearly popped out of his head, and his cock grew longer, right in front of her eyes.

“Bob,” she said. “After the swim session is over, would you like to come to my cabin? There’s a few things I have to move around.”

“Sure,” he stammered. “I’d be glad to help.” As he spoke he didn’t even take his eyes off of her huge tits. He was practically drooling.

Barbara laughed to herself. She was robbing the cradle. But she didn’t care. She was so worked up now that she would do anything for a stiff prick.

When Bob left her to go back in the water she stared at his body, dreaming of what she would do to his prick.

Finally, the swim session was over. She had two free hours before she had to supervise the kids again. And she meant to make good use of the time.

She threw her beach towel over her shoulder and then walked back to her cabin. Bob was right behind her. Every now and then she looked back at him and smiled. He was too excited to say a word.

As soon as she got into the cabin she closed the door behind him. He stood in the center of the room, just looking at her, wondering what to do. “Where’s the stuff you wanted me to help you move around?” he said.

“Right here,” she said. She slid her hand down under the elastic band of her bikini bottom and rubbed her pussy. There was no sense in playing any games, she thought. She wanted his cock, and she wanted it now. Barbara peeled her bikini bottom down her legs and kicked it onto the floor. Then she slid her fingers into her wet cunt, putting on a show for him. He stared at her fingers as they went deep into her dripping slit.

Barbara turned around for him and then bent way over. She had her hands on her hips, prying her ass cheeks apart. Her tits flipped out of the bikini top and bobbled in the air. When she turned wound she saw that the guy was really turned on. His cock was so thick and hard that the bathing suit looked like it was going to rip any second. She pushed him down on her bed and then as he sat there staring at her, she pushed her cunt into his face. Her hands grabbed his head and pulled it close. “Lick it,” she said. “Come on, Bob, lick my cunt.”

His tongue slipped out of his mouth and dabbed at her cunt. She moved his head up and down, rubbing her wet pussy lips across his face, shoving her clit into his open mouth.

“Ah, that feels good. Real good,” she said. “Now I’ll do it for you. Would you like me to lick you, Bob? Want me to suck on your cock?” She was teasing him, getting him all worked up.

He laid down on the bed. “Yeah,” he said. “Do it.”

Barbara knelt down on the floor. She planted her mouth on his thighs and kissed and sucked them, moving her head up toward his crotch. Then she slipped her fingers into the side of his swim trunks. She pulled them down to his thighs. His hard dick sprang straight up in the air. Little clear drops slid down from the top of it, pouring out of the tiny slit. Barbara could tell that he was going to shoot his load any second now. She climbed onto the bed next to him and kissed him on his mouth. Then she moved her lips slowly down his chest. “Play with my tits, Bob, make me feel good.”

His hands grabbed at her jiggling tits and his fingers closed tight around her flesh as Barbara’s head moved down towards his cock. She grabbed his dick in one hand and held it rigid. Then she opened her mouth and sank her lips onto his moist cock head. Bob groaned and pushed it into her mouth. His slippery shaft quivered inside of her lips, dripping onto her tongue. She pumped his prick a few times, closing her fingers tight as she led it in and out of her mouth. Then she pulled it out of her lips and ran her tongue around the thick fleshy tip. Bob cried out and shot off all over her extended tongue. His cum squirted into her mouth, spattering deep into her throat. Her hand was covered with his sticky fluid. Streams of white ran down onto her wrist as his dick kept spitting at her. She ran his cock all over her face, pumping thick gobs of cream from his tip that spurted onto her lips and her cheeks. Then she licked his prick clean and swallowed his sweet tasting semen. As the guy laid there moaning, Barbara moved her hips up to his face. She put her knees on the side of his head and then spread her legs wide. Her dripping cunt lowered onto his lips and then she rocked back and forth, fucking his mouth with her cunt. She buried her head back into his moist groin, sucking and playing with his prick, trying to get it stiff again. The two of them bounced all over the bed, sucking and slurping on each other until they were both at the peak of orgasm again.

Barbara turned around and slid off of him. The shaft in her hand was throbbing really fast now, hard and wet, ready for her. She stood above him and spread her legs wide. Then she sank down onto him, guiding his rigid prick into her wet pussy with her hand. It shot all the way into her, sending her into a series of shudders that drove her crazy. She bounced up and down on his dick, ramming her cunt onto his shaft as hard as she could. Bob grabbed her tits and mauled them in his hands, squeezing and pulling at her huge mounds while she pinned him down onto the bed with her dripping slit.

Barbara felt the wave of pleasure building inside of her as she wiggled on his dick. She hopped up and down, moving from left to right, ramming that dick in and out of her as fast as she could. And then her cum spilled all over his rock hard cock. “Ahhh, fuck it, stick it into my cunt. It feels so good. So fucking good. I love your cock. So stiff and so long. Ahhhhh, fuck me!” She rocked all over the bed until her passion was spent. But she knew she still had to take care of his prick. She was surprised that he hadn’t come yet. She knew she was probably his first piece of ass.

As Barbara straddled his cock she felt warm all over. Warm and wet. She wanted to take it in the ass now. To feel that stiff teenage dick pounding at her tight hole. And even as she thought of that, she couldn’t help remembering how Roger and Steve did it to her. So rough and hard. She wanted to be forced to take it in the butt by this teenager. But she knew he was still too innocent to get rough with her. At least she could fantasize, though. She made believe that she was his prisoner, that he’d been whipping her with a long black leather strap, and now he wanted to ram it into her hole.

She slid off of his cook and turned around. She held his cock in her, hand and then led it to her asshole. The throbbing meat split her apart and shot deep into her ass, burning and pulsing inside of her. With her tight ass around his cock she slid up and down on it as fast as she could, crying and groaning as it hammered away at her butt.

That was all he needed. He grabbed her hips and yanked her down hard, plunging his dick way into her. His prick quivered and then spat thick gobs of cum into her ass. “Ooooh, do it,” she said, “do it harder.”

His prick splashed streams of semen into her tunnel. While his rod sloshed in and out of her butt, Barbara cupped her huge tits in her hands, squeezing her own flesh as she got fucked in the ass.

When he was through pumping her, Barbara pried herself loose from his cock. Cream gushed out of her asshole and poured down onto his cock. Without slowing down, Barbara turned around once more and took his prick into her mouth. She sucked up all of the juices and then swallowed.

She was tired now, exhausted, fucked out. She laid down on the bed and closed her eyes. She wiggled around on the bed, smearing all of the wet cream across her ass cheeks. She was vaguely aware of the teenager dressing, and then she heard the cabin door close as he went outside. She knew he would be back soon, and then she could get him into treating her rough. Bit by bit she would teach him how to turn her on.

She had an hour left to relax before she had to go back on duty again. She spent it on the bed.

Just as she was ready to go back outside, dressed in jeans and a tight denim shirt, there was a knock on the cabin door. It was Bob.

“Well,” she laughed. “Back for more?”

There was a strange look on his face. He didn’t seem so friendly any more. He was nervous, too, as he stood there in the doorway.

“Is there anything wrong?” Barbara said.

“I’ve been talking to some of the guys,” Bob said.


“And I told them what happened.”

Barbara’s face was red. She was pissed off now. She knew she’d never hear the end of it. All those teenaged bastards would make life hell for her.

“The guys want you to take us on another hike in the woods. Tomorrow night at twelve. If you don’t, I’ll have to report you.” Bob laughed, turned around, and left her standing there.

She knew that she didn’t have any choice now. She had to do what the kids said. And now she realized that Bob wasn’t so innocent after all. And maybe she wouldn’t have to teach him to be rough with her. She knew how sadistic those teenage guys could be. And she was going to find out tomorrow night.


Later on in the evening, at nine, Barbara had to make her rounds of the camp, just to make sure everything was under control. All of the counselors had to do it so they split up the hours and took turns checking out the camp. Barbara always got the nine o’clock spot and that was one part of her duties that she didn’t mind at all. At that time of night it was usually quiet and there really wasn’t much for her to do.

She went down to the beach and saw a few of the teenagers sitting around a bonfire with two of the counselors. After spending a few minutes in front of the fire she went back towards the cabin and completed her circuit. Just as she was at the last cabin, the one at the edge of the woods she heard some male voices, whispering in the darkness.

Barbara quietly walked around to the back of the cabin. She saw three or four teenage guys peering into the cabin. “There she goes,” one of them said. “Look at her, man what a piece.”

“I like the other one, the one on the bed.”

Barbara moved closer but as she neared the guys her foot stepped on some dry brittle branches on the ground. The guys looked over at her, and then all of them took off at once, crashing through the trees as they ran into the woods.

At first Barbara thought of chasing after them, but then she decided to see what they were all spying on. She moved closer to the cabin, and when she got to the point where the guys had been standing she saw a thin crack in the cabin wall. She pressed her face next to the rough wood and peered into the dim cabin. A thrill ran through her body as she saw what was going on. No wonder the guys were so excited, she thought.

Inside the cabin two of the teenage girls were moaning and gasping. Both of them were nearly nude. Lying on the bed, with her hips on the edge, was the redhead that Barbara had seen in the woods earlier in the day, putting out for the guys. But now she was putting out for her room-mate. Suzy’s legs were spread wide and her bare thighs hung over the edge of the bed. Her white t-shirt was pulled up over her large firm round tits. She rocked her hips up and down on the bed while her room-mate knelt on the floor, sucking on her cunt. “Lick it,” Suzy said. “Oh, it feels so good when you lick my clit.” She grabbed the girl’s head and pushed it hard against her pussy.

The other girl was a slender brunette. Her tits were smaller than the redhead’s but they were perfectly shaped. She was still in her black see-through panties. Her long black hair swept across Suzy’s thigh while her head moved up and down and her tongue snaked in and out of Suzy’s wet slit.

“Eat it, Donna, eat it,” Suzy said. “Ahhh, ahhh, I can’t take it any more. It feels so fucking good. Ohhhh, I’m going to come all over your tongue. I’m going to fill your mouth with my fucking cream.”

Donna’s lips slobbered all over Suzy’s cunt, and her sucking sounds were almost as loud as Suzy’s moans. Donna slid her hands up Suzy’s hips and then grabbed her bare tits with her fingers. She pushed and pulled at her jugs while she ate out her dripping cunt.

Barbara pulled her eyes away from the crack in the wall. A strange feeling took over her as she walked around to the front of the cabin. She knew she had to stop them but the images of the two girls writhing inside the cabin really got to her, excited her so much that she couldn’t stop from shivering in the night. She felt aroused, and she also felt desire.

She pushed open the cabin door, slammed it behind her, and stormed into the room. Suzy looked up at her. Her face was contorted by shock but she didn’t stop sliding her juicy slit over Donna’s face.

“What’s going on here?” Barbara said.

“Ohhhh,” Suzy moaned. “Ohhh, ahhhh, lick it, lick it.” She stared at Barbara and a thin smile came to her face. Then she opened her mouth and moaned louder than before. Her animal groans drowned out Donna’s slobbering cunt smacking lips.

“You’ve been putting on a show for all of the guys,” Barbara said. “You’ve been…” She couldn’t get out any more words. All she could do was stare at Suzy’s bare tits, at her dripping slit, and at the juice covered mouth of Donna. Barbara went over to the wall and threw a chair in front of the crack, just in case the guys decided to come back.

“Okay, stop it,” Barbara said. “You can get in a lot of trouble for this.”

“I can’t stop,” Suzy said. “Not now. I’m so close, so fucking close. I want to come.” She grabbed Donna’s face and then pulled it right into her wide open cunt. Then she slid up and down, back and forth, on her slippery tongue.

Barbara moved closer to the bed. She was fascinated by the sight of the two girls moving against one another, fascinated by the musty scent of sex that filled the room. The odor of dripping wet cunt got to her, made her filled with the urge for sex. But she couldn’t. She was here to stop them. “Now,” Barbara said. “Now. You’ve got to stop.” She pushed at Donna, trying to force her to stop. But then Barbara felt Suzy’s hand clutch at her wrist. She pulled her down to the bed, and then guided Barbara’s face to her heaving tits. “No,” Barbara said. “No!” But then she had a mouthful of tit as Suzy clasped her head to her chest. The first touch of female flesh sent a tingling sensation up and down her body.

Barbara sucked on the tit in her mouth almost by reflex. She felt Suzy’s hard nipple press against her tongue, and then she was lost in the pleasures of Suzy’s ripe body. Barbara slid her hands up to Suzy’s chest and gripped both of her tits. Then she moved her mouth from one to the other, sucking all that fleshy tit into her wet lips. It was as if something had suddenly awakened in her. She knew that this desire for another woman had been buried in the back of her mind for a long time. And now, at last, her hunger was out in the open.

“Ahhhh, ahhhh, suck, suck it hard. Fuck me with your tongue, Donna, fuck me with your wet tongue.” Barbara felt the bed shake as Suzy writhed all over it, bouncing up and down.

“Take off your jeans,” Suzy said. “Take them off.”

Barbara obeyed. She wanted it bad, and she would go along with anything the redhead said. She unzipped her jeans and peeled them down her thighs. Suzy looked at her with hunger. “Everything,” Suzy said. “Take everything off and then I’ll do it to you. I’ll show you what it’s like.” Suzy closed her eyes and twisted her upper body all over the bed. She cupped her bare tits with both hands and fingered her erect nipples. “Ahhhh, ohhhhh, do it, do it,” she gasped.

Barbara stripped down really fast, taking everything off and throwing it to the floor. Suzy’s eyes traveled up and down her nude body and then her mouth opened wide. “Get on the bed,” she said. “Ohhhh, hurry up, I want to taste your cunt before I come.”

Barbara climbed onto the bed. She let Suzy fondle every part of her body and then she felt herself being pulled. Closer and closer to the sweating redhead she moved until her cunt was less than a few inches from Suzy’s face.

“Spread your legs,” Suzy said. “Spread them for me.” As she spoke she gripped Barbara’s fleshy thighs and pulled them apart, then she pulled Barbara’s dripping cunt down onto her face.

A gasp of pleasure slipped out of Barbara’s mouth when she felt Suzy’s wet lips nibble at her pussy. She felt Suzy’s hands tugging at her ass, prying her cheeks apart. Then a few seconds later Barbara sighed in ecstasy as Suzy stuck her finger into her asshole.

“Aaahhh,” she cried as the finger pushed deeper. With all that pressure in her hole Barbara lost control. She wiggled all over the teenage girl’s face, pressing her juicy slit right onto her mouth. “Ahhhh,” Barbara moaned. “Eat it, eat my cunt.” And then she knew she was no different from either one of the girls. She loved the feel of a woman working on her, the feel of a wet mouth slurping on her cunt and a slippery tongue pushing in and out of her hole.

Then Suzy’s hands slid up her body, moving closer to her juggling tits. Her fingers fastened onto Barbara’s jugs and then pinched her nipples. The pain and the pleasure shot through her, making Barbara go crazy on Suzy’s sucking mouth. She raised her ass a few inches in the air and then lowered herself once more on the wet sucking lips. Her clit was swollen and with each stroke of tongue on it she felt a hot and wet throbbing sensation.

“It’s so good,” Barbara said. “I love it, uhhhh, suck, suck it. Eat me out, eat it. Ahhhh, ohhhh, fuck it with your tongue. Stick me with it.”

Suzy responded to everything that Barbara said. She licked faster and she sucked Barbara’s clit right into her mouth. And then her lips made wet smacking sounds as she slurped all of Barbara’s drippy cunt juices into her mouth.

Barbara looked down at the slender hands that gripped her tits. Suzy’s nails pressed into her flesh as she lifted and pulled at Barbara’s huge jugs.

“Ummmm, rmmmph, uhhhhhh,” Suzy groaned. Then her whole body shook rapidly. The force of her writhing flesh as it bounced on the bed nearly knocked Barbara off. But she grabbed Suzy’s head and held it still while she fucked it with her wet slit.

As cum came all over Donna’s face, Donna licked and sucked harder. Her wet smacking lips drove Suzy into an even greater frenzy. She bucked up and down on the bed, pouring her cum into Donna’s mouth while she lapped and slurped on Barbara’s cunt.

Then Barbara forgot about everything else. All that mattered to her was the hot wet tongue that was flicking her slit. It went in and out of her really fast and it felt just like a small wiggling cock. Barbara spread her legs wider, opening up more for Suzy. And then she felt a finger slide into her cunt. It probed deep and then went from left to right. Suzy fingerfucked her and sucked her off at the same time, driving her crazy with the wet strokes that went faster and faster.

All of a sudden Donna was on the bed. She was behind Barbara when she reached out and grabbed for her tits. Barbara leaned back and let the girl handle her bobbling jugs while Suzy sucked her off. And then Barbara was pulled down on the bed until she was almost flat on her back. Suzy buried her face into Barbara’s wet cunt and tilted her head forward so she could watch Donna get into the action.

Donna forced Barbara to lie down on the bed with her face up. Then she straddled Barbara’s hips and moved up, inch by inch. Barbara felt wetness seeping out of the girl’s cunt as it slid across her tits.

Then she was staring right at Donna’s wide open slit as it moved towards her mouth. “Suck it,” Donna said. “See what it feels like to have cunt juice dripping into your mouth.”

“No, I can’t,” Barbara said. “I can’t. Ahhhhh, ahhhh.” She liked having it done to her but she didn’t want to do it to anyone else. Not yet. It was too big of a step. All she wanted was to feel Suzy’s tongue slither in and out of her box, fucking her with nice fast strokes.

“Do it,” Donna said. “Eat my pussy.” She moved up suddenly and trapped Barbara with her legs. With her knees on both sides of Barbara’s face, Donna shoved her pussy onto her mouth. It almost smothered her as Barbara felt the dripping wet cunt lips cover her mouth. “Suck it,” Donna said. “Go ahead and suck it.”

Barbara moaned. She tried to pull her head away but couldn’t.

“Come on, don’t be afraid,” Donna said. “Or else we’ll have to make you do it.” Even though her voice was soft and even, there was a hint of menace in it. And then Barbara shivered. She knew she was going to be forced to suck pussy. And that was enough to get her into the mood. Force. She loved it. It was so raw and cruel. Forced to suck cunt like she was a slave, Barbara thought. And then she felt herself getting wetter and wetter as Suzy munched on her pussy.

Donna reached behind her and grabbed both of Barbara’s tits in her hands. She twisted sharply and a surge of pain coursed through Barbara’s jugs. She cried out loud, but then her mouth was covered once more by Donna’s wet groin. “Suck it, and suck it like I want you to. I know you want to do it.”

Barbara slid her tongue out of her mouth and then she dipped it into the wetness. Her nostrils were filled with the odor of cunt and her lips were coated with hot dripping cunt juice.

“Fuck me,” Donna said.

Barbara pushed her tongue in and out as fast as she could, lapping and sucking on her cunt.

“No, stick it in deeper. Do it the way I want you to.”

Barbara spread her palms on Donna’s thighs and then she pushed them. As the teenage girl’s legs moved further and further apart her cunt opened up and then slid wetly across her face. Barbara kept on pushing the girl’s legs apart, making her spread more and more with each second. And then she lifted her head up and sucked hard on the dripping twat in her mouth. She fucked Donna with her tongue, sticking it in and out, moving it from side to side.

Donna bounced up and down on her face, shoving her hairy cunt into her mouth again and again. “Ahhhhh,” she moaned. “Do it harder, eat my cunt harder. I want you to fuck it and suck it until I come in your mouth.”

Barbara did everything to Donna that Suzy did to her. As Suzy’s tongue darted in and out her cunt, flicking from left to right, Barbara did the same to Donna. The sound of their sucking lips got all three of them more excited. And soon they were a mass of dripping cunts and sucking mouths wiggling all over the bed. The bedsprings creaked and the mattress bounced under them as they sucked and fucked one another.

Then Barbara suddenly went rigid. She felt the pleasure building up inside of her until it was too late to hold back any more. For one long second she felt it coming on and she clenched her legs tighter around Suzy’s face in one last attempt to keep from coming. But Suzy could sense it building inside of her so she slid her tongue over Barbara’s clit and slurped it into her mouth. Barbara groaned and then shot streams of cum into Suzy’s mouth as her body was wracked by spasm after spasm. Her wetness coated Suzy’s mouth and Suzy sucked it all in. As she gulped it down Barbara rammed her pussy right against her mouth and then fucked her lips, pouring more and more hot cream into her sucking mouth.

Donna grabbed Barbara’s tits again and twisted tern savagely. The pain nearly knocked her out but it sent her off into another long shuddering orgasm that drenched Suzy’s lips with hot juice.

Barbara sucked greedily on Donna’s cunt now that she had that hot wet feeling down in her cunt as her cum seeped out of her hole. She dug her fingernails into Donna’s firm ass and pried them apart. Her middle finger slid into the tight asshole and wiggled around.

“Ahhhh,” Donna said. “Do it, fuck my ass and suck my cunt. I’m going to come. Don’t stop.”

She slid her finger in and out of her asshole while at the same time she fucked Donna’s cunt with her tongue. The pressure on her head grew stronger as Donna clamped both of her knees tight around her face.

The dripping cunt on her lips pushed harder and harder against her until Barbara couldn’t breathe any more. She was smothered by juicy cunt lips and she knew that any second now hot cum would flood her mouth.

“Fuck it, fuck it, make me come,” Donna said, sliding up and down on Barbara’s mouth. “Make me come into your mouth. Uhhhh, I’m going to cover your face with my cream. I’m going to make you suck me until there’s nothing left. Ahhh. Ohhhh, here it comes, here it comes.”

As the girl screamed with passion and rocked her head back and forth with her violent motions, Barbara sucked her clit into her mouth. She ran her tongue all around the swollen fleshy bud and then she nibbled on it with her lips. Her tongue then shot deep into Donna’s pussy, almost all the way in, and Donna released a flow of hot salty cum into her mouth. Over and over she bounced up and down on Barbara’s face, leaving behind a hot sticky smear of cunt juice each time.

“Don’t stop, don’t stop now,” Donna said. “Keep sucking on it. I’m still coming, I’m still fucking your mouth.” She went rigid and then another flood of cream gushing into Barbara’s lips.

She sucked it all in and then swallowed. Her mouth and her throat were full of the taste of cunt, wet and sticky hot cunt.

And Suzy kept on sucking on Barbara all the while. Her tongue rode in and out of her dripping pussy, lapping up every bit of cunt juice. Then she ran her tongue around the inside of Barbara’s thighs, tickling her with her quick strokes of wet pleasure.

Then the three of them rolled around on the bed, grabbing and puffing at one another. They sucked and fingered one another over and over, always coming back for another taste of juicy cunt.

At one point both girls held Barbara down on the bed. While one of them fingered her snatch the other one sat on her face and made her suck on it. They switched places, using Barbara again and again, forcing her to please both of them at the same time. Their hands swarmed all over her body and then they passed her from one to the other.

Barbara’s mouth sucked on tit, on cunt, on bare flesh over and over until her whole mouth was coated with hot sticky cum. Then she laid back while the two girls worked on her, fucking her, sucking her, pushing her all over the bed. Throughout the night she came again and again as the two girls worked her over. And then finally she couldn’t move any more. She was tender all over. Every single nerve end in her body was tingling and she couldn’t bear one more touch of skin on her bare flesh.

She climbed off of the bed and slipped back into her clothes. She didn’t say a word to Suzy and. Donna because both of them were lying on the bed in the 69 position, sucking each other off.

Barbara walked out of the cabin, taking one more look at the sweet sight of the two teenagers munching on each, other’s pussy, and then she closed the door behind her. She walked stiffly to her cabin, and then as she went inside she collapsed on the bed.

She ran her tongue around her mouth and tasted the sweet scent of cunt juice. As it slithered down into her throat she closed her eyes. Her mouth was sore and so was her cunt. Completely exhausted, she fell into her dreams right away.


Barbara spent most of the next day thinking about the threat that Bob had made to her. He wanted her to take him and some of the other guys on a hike through the woods at midnight. All day long she threw herself into her work, trying to take her mind off of the threat of blackmail, but she couldn’t shake the fear that crept up on her. Those guys would be mean to her, she knew that for a fact, and even though she would enjoy some of it, she wasn’t sure how far it would go. And Bob, the innocent looking kid, was behind it all. She’d definitely made a mistake when she took him to her room and seduced him. But now it was too late to do anything about it. She had to go through with it or else he would report her to the camp administrator.

When night came she stayed in her cabin, waiting for the knock on her door that would tell her it was time for her to go into the woods. She felt a little relieved when midnight arrived and there was no sign of Bob or the other guys. Maybe they forgot, she thought, or maybe they changed their minds.

She sat by her bed smoking cigarette after cigarette as the minutes crept by. And then, at ten after twelve, she figured she was safe. They weren’t coming, she thought. They didn’t have the balls to carry out their threat.

She was dressed in tight fitting jeans and a faded blue denim shirt. No bra. If they wanted her she would make it as easy as possible to get at her. Maybe that way they wouldn’t be so rough on her.

But then she decided she was worrying about nothing. They wouldn’t show up. Not now. It was getting too late. They were probably all in their cabins, sleeping. Just as she decided to do the same, just as she pulled down the covers on the bed, she heard laughter outside her cabin.

The fear came back to her immediately. There were a lot of male voices out there and she knew that every single one of them was dying for a piece of her ass. The voices grew louder and she could hear them milling around just outside her cabin.

There was a loud rapping at the door. Barbara walked over to it and opened it slowly. Standing in front of her was a group of six teenage guys, and Bob was in front of them all. “Come on out,” he said. “It’s time for our little hike in the woods.”

“Yeah,” one of the guys in the back said. “You can teach us all about nature.”

“Quit playing around,” another one said. “Just bring that fucking whore out here. I been waiting to get at her all day long.”

Barbara stared at them. Her eyes traveled from one to the other and she didn’t like what she saw. All of them had a defiant look on their faces, as if they were going to show her a lesson. But at the same time as she fought off the fear there was a hungry urge building up inside of her. All that cock, all those bulging jeans, were for her.

“We’re waiting,” Bob said. “You heard what they want. Come on outside.”

“Are you sure you want to go through with this?” Barbara said. “I’ve been thinking that maybe you’re bluffing.” She thought that maybe she could scare them away if she acted as if she wasn’t scared of them. And it had to be acting, because now, as the reality of the situation hit her, she was totally afraid. Once they got into the woods they would be beyond control.

“Guess I’ll just have to do some talking about what you did to me,” Bob said. “Would you like that?”

Barbara shook her head. She reached behind her and turned off the light. Then she closed the door and stepped out into the circle of guys. They closed the door and stepped out into the circle of guys. They closed in on her, surrounding her, and then pushed her towards the woods.

They went up the trail that started a hundred yards behind her cabin. And with every single step that she took she had to fight off the greedy hands that swarmed all over her body. The guys kept on bumping into her on purpose, and when that happened she would feel a hand grabbing at her tit or sliding across her ass. She could hardly recognize their faces as they went deeper into the woods. The moon was shut off by the tall trees and soon she could hardly see at all.

“This looks good,” one of the guys said. She was grabbed by two of the teenagers and forced down to the ground. All around her she saw their jeans, bulging at the crotches. She knew that couldn’t wait any more.

“Please let me get up,” she said. “I’ll do whatever you want. Just let me get up.”

Someone pushed her forward. She fell onto the dirt and her arms collapsed under her. “We’ll decide what to do with you.”

Now that her eyes were used to the darkness, she could make out the faces of the guys. The one who just spoke was standing behind her. She looked over her shoulder and saw him leering at her. He was a heavy tall teenager. His hair was short and dark. And his eyes were cold. As she looked up at him he seemed like a giant towering above her. He reached down and grabbed her long blonde hair, then pulled her up, so that her face was level with his cock. As she cried out in pain he rammed her face into his crotch and then pumped her mouth with it. She could feel tow wet his jeans were as he rubbed his dick all over her face. With one hand he pushed at the back of her head, forcing her open mouth onto his wet bulge. He used the other hand to undo the snap on the top of his jeans. Barbara looked up and saw him grinning down at her. “It’s time for your meat,” he said. “Time to start eating dick.”

The other guys laughed and crowded around her. All of them stared at her as her head was forced back and forth on his pants. Then he pulled his zipper down, pushing her face away for a second. His hard throbbing dick flopped out in front of her face and tiny drops oozed out of the thick tip. He held his cock in one hand, pointing it straight at her face. Then with the other he pushed her mouth onto it, stabbing it into her lips with a singe thrust.

“Ah, go to it, baby, gobble up that dick.”

She was too scared to do anything. All she could do was kneel there on the ground, moaning while his prick battered away at her mouth. “Come on, suck it, you bitch! Lick it all over, baby.”

She grabbed his fleshy stem with her fist and pounded it up and down. As her hand flew over his shaft she inhaled as hard as she could. A loud slurping sound escaped from her lips as she pulled the thick long meat down into her throat.

“Yet, she knows how to suck all right. She’s a real dick lover. Aren’t you, honey?” He wiggled his cock around, making her head bob up and down on it.

The taste of his wet rod made her forget about the danger all around her. For a brief second she slurped on his prick as if it was the only thing in the world that she wanted. It throbbed and pulsed inside of her mouth and slid across her lapping tongue. But then she glanced around her and saw all the stiff cocks bulging from tight jeans. Once again she felt afraid, but she kept working on the cock in her mouth so he wouldn’t get rougher with her.

“You guys get the ropes ready,” he said. “While this slut works on my dick.” He grabbed her head and held it still so he could fuck her mouth.

Barbara looked to the side and saw the guys passing out long ropes. Ropes meant for her.

“Stop looking around, bitch, and concentrate on sucking my cock. You’ll find out what’s in store for you soon enough.”

Barbara grabbed his prick and jerked it back and forth so that the thick knob slipped in and out of her tight lips. His flesh pulsed on top of her wet tongue and then it quivered as it filled her throat. She reached out with both hands and grabbed his bare ass. Then she pulled him forward, stuffing dick into her mouth until his nuts rested on her lips. Then she squeezed his hairy sack in her hands while she munched away on his prick.

“That’s it, whore, eat up my cock. You really know how to suck it.” He wiggled his hips and rammed the insides of her cheeks with his hard cock. The wet knob pressed into her wet mouth and then slowly pulled out. He dangled it on her lips, stroking her face with it. She could feel the cum leaking out of his hard meat, sticking to her face. She knew he was ready to spit into her any second so she held the base of his cock still with one hand and then opened her mouth wide. Her head moved closer and then her O shaped lips sank down onto the hard throbbing dick. She slurped and sucked as she moved down on it, bringing it deep into her throat. Then on the way back, when she slid it out of her mouth, she jerked it a few times. His cock grew larger and stiffer, like a giant piece of wet rock in her mouth. After pumping on it with her hands and slurping on it with her dripping lips her mouth suddenly filled with hot spurting cream. Gobs of it landed on her tongue and then slid down her throat as he pushed his prick deep into her. Her head bobbed up and down, sucking, slurping, swallowing all of the cum that shot out of the quivering cock head.

“Do it, bitch, do it like that. Suck all of that cum into your fucking mouth. Ahhhhh, eat it, eat that hot cream while I fuck your face.” Then his words broke off into strangled grunts and moans while his hot semen spurted into her lips. Soon her mouth was full of it and she could no longer breathe. Then the sticky white cream poured out of her lips and dripped down her chin. His spouting cock moved back so that it stuck halfway out of her mouth. Then the hot semen leaked down onto his hot shaft. Barbara’s hands got sticky with cum as they flew up and down his dick, milking him of every last drop of cum. When he pulled his prick out of her mouth she looked up at him and saw a cruel leer on his face. She knew he was going to have another shot at her before the night was over. Barbara swallowed the hot load of cream that had built up in her mouth. As it poured down her throat she gagged on it. But then she licked her lips and slurped in the rest of the cum that had dripped out of her mouth. His hard dick slapped at her mouth a few more times and then he made her suck him off until he was tired of her hot sucking lips. He pushed her away from him, knocking her down to the ground. “Okay,” he said, “she’s all yours now.”

The other guys moved in on her. She saw their faces filled with lust as they crouched down low. Then their hands pinned her to the ground while they slid all over her body, pawing at her flesh. And Bob was the one who handled her the roughest.

“Let’s tie her,” Bob said. “That way she won’t be able to move around so much.”

“No!” Barbara screamed. The thought of being held down by ropes, tormented by all these wild teenagers, was too much for her. She tried to fight the guys off but there were too many of them. Once she managed to get to her feet, but as soon as she ran she heard a loud yelling and laughing from all of the teenagers. And then they chased her. She was tossed from guy to guy, and always they held her tight, feeling her up, and then they’d let her go. Only to be caught again. It was just a game to them. But it was a rough game and Barbara knew she could only lose.

After tormenting her for a few minutes, hunting her through the woods as if she was just an animal, they got tired of the game. And then the laughing stopped.

While two guys held her arms, forcing them behind her, Bob grabbed the front of her jeans and pulled her towards him. He led her to a small clearing in the woods. There were two thin trees spaced close together wit just enough room for a person to walk through.

“This is the spot,” Bob said. He grabbed her hips and held her still. Barbara struggled with him but she couldn’t get away. Not because he was strong enough to stop her, but because she was too weak with fright. Helpless, she just stood there, crying and moaning, while they worked on her. The two guys fled her arms first, spreading them wide so that each wrist was bound to a tree. The rough rope tore into her skin. She strained at them but knew she could never get free. And all the while Bob stood in front of her, grinning at her.

They fled her ankles next, fastening the ropes just as tight around her skin. The guys were nearly silent now and all around her she could hear heavy breathing. They were all behind her except for Bob, and she knew what that meant. They wanted her ass, and they were going to get it no matter how much she pleaded with them.

“It’s time,” Bob said. “Time for another look at your tits.” His hands went to her shirt, lingered at the top, and then moved towards the buttons. The look on his face was that of lust but the huge bulge in his pants was that of a man.

“Please, Bob,” she whispered. “Let me go. Let me go back to my cabin and I’ll be real good to you.”

He laughed. “You’ll be real good to me anyway. And you’ll be real good to everyone else.” He unbuttoned the top button swiftly. Then his hands moved down her shirt. He crushed her tits through the faded material and lifted them up and down. His fingers dug into her, tearing at her flesh. Her nipples grew hard, though, and pressed against his searching palms. He felt it, and then he smiled. “You can stop acting,” he said. “I know you love this, you’re just a cock hungry bitch, aren’t you? You love every fucking minute of it.”

She stared at him and then saw that the smile was gone from his face. His grip tightened around her huge jugs and then he twisted hard. Barbara groaned and tried to get away but all she could do was sway back and forth. The ropes that bound her were just too tight. And then, as he squeezed harder and harder, crushing her tender flesh, she knew what he wanted. An answer. “Yes,” she said, gritting her teeth. “Yes, I love it, I love every minute of it.”

“Good,” Bob said. He released her tits. But then he went back to her blouse, working the buttons loose one by one. When she was unbuttoned halfway down her chest he reached inside and grabbed her bare tits. He pulled her left tit out of the blouse and then sucked on it greedily with his mouth. He pushed her flesh in and out, sucking her hard nipple into his mouth. And then his other hand crushed her right tit. The pleasure and the pain mixed together and caused her to moan out loud.

Then Bob ripped her shirt open the rest of the way. Her huge jiggling tits flopped out into the open and he stared at the twin mounds with lust. As his mouth planted onto her chest again she felt rough hands tearing at the back of her jeans. She looked down and saw two strong hands pulling at the snap. Then they moved down her hips until they found the zipper. At the same time she felt a hard cock stabbing at the back of her jeans. A stiff bare cock, and it was pressing right into her asshole.

She looked over her shoulder and saw that it was a longhaired teenager, a husky one that she’d seen around the camp before. There was beer on his breath and she knew that he’d been drinking all night, drinking to get up his courage to do this to her. To stick his prick into her asshole.

He unzipped her jeans and then pulled them down her thighs. His wet cock pressed right into her panties, prodding her asshole. “Uhhhh, that feels good, doesn’t it?” he said. “A nice hard dick for your sweet ass.”

“No,” Barbara said. “Don’t do it. What’s your name? Tell me your name.” She pleaded with him, her voice little more than a whimper.

“Andy,” he said. “Why? Does it make any difference if you know who’s fucking you?”

“Listen, Andy, don’t do it to me, not now. Later I’ll make you feel good.”

He laughed. It wouldn’t work with him. And it wouldn’t work with any of them. There was no way she could reason with them. Once more she struggled at the ropes but all she managed to do was hurt her wrists as the rope cut into her.

Bob had his jeans down now. His cock was pointing straight at her cunt. He moved closer to her, rubbing his wet head against her thighs. He moved back and forth, teasing her by touching her wet cunt with his hard throbbing prick. She dripped all over. She couldn’t help but respond to the sight and the feel of his rigid flesh.

“Go ahead,” she said. “Go ahead and fuck me. Stick it into my hole.”

Bob suddenly thrust into her. His cock pierced her dripping cunt lips and shot up deep inside her. Then he plunged in and out. With the feel of his warm and wet meat inside of her Barbara was helpless. It felt so good, so hot. She moved her hips up and down, driving her wide open cunt onto his prick. And then the wet slaps of flesh grew faster and faster. In and out his prick sloshed, stabbing at her juicy slit, hammering away deep inside of her. His skinny body slid against her and his hands clutched at her huge bobbling tits, pulling them down while he drove dick into her pussy.

Then her panties were pulled down to her thighs. She was bare ass now and she knew it would only be a few seconds before Andy shoved his cock into her tight hole. “Ram it,” she said. “Ram it into my ass. I don’t care what you do to me any more. Just stick me with cock.” Her sex urges were taking over now, making her want cock more than anything else in the world. Cock, she thought, all of that teenage cock pounding away at me. And the cum, the hot cum. That would be the best, all that squirting hot white juice inside of her. “Fuck it,” she said. “Fuck it.”

He gripped her hips and pulled at her flesh, making her crack get nice and wide. Then the rigid dick slid up and down her ass cheeks, getting her nice and wet with the few drops of juice that leaked out of his throbbing tip. Barbara looked around her and she saw the other guys moving in front of her, watching her take dick in her ass and her cunt at the same time. They were watching her with naked lust in their eyes, getting stiffer with each second, as her half naked and bound body shook back and forth with steady strokes of cock.

Andy prodded her asshole with his cock. Then he pushed it harder against her. Her ass opened even more as he forced his prick inside of her. It was just a few inches in her tunnel when she felt it grow stiffer and longer, pulsing wildly inside her butt. And the wet hot feeling of dick in her ass drove her crazy. She moved back against it, taking it deeper inside of her. There was burning pain as the thick prick sloshed in and out of her, going deeper with every stroke, but there was also a thrill of pleasure that ran through her. Forced to take it in the ass, forced to take it in the cunt, she thought. And it’s going to go on all night long. Her mouth, her tits, everything would be fucked. Every part of her body would be coated with sticky dripping cum.

“Fuck her harder,” Andy said. “Make her shake all over, Bob. Fuck this silly bitch.”

Bob pounded his meat into her faster, doing what Andy wanted. And then Barbara knew why. As Bob’s prick pushed deeper into her cunt, the force of his thrusts drove her back harder and harder, pinning her onto Andy’s thick pulsing meat. With a sudden shove and a loud groan he buried his cock all the way into her ass. And Barbara groaned too as his thick shaft split her apart, fucking her firm ass faster and faster.

The two of them shoved against her, pushing her body back and forth, driving her crazy with lusts as their wet hard dicks manipulated her sweating flesh. “Fuck me,” she said. “Both of you. I want you to come at the same time. Come in my asshole and in my cunt and squirt it all over me. My face, my face, you can come on my face, and my tits. I want it everywhere. Fuck it, fuck it!” She was talking to all of the guys now, not just Bob and Andy. She wanted to urge them on, to get them all excited so they would take her fast, so they would stick her with their pricks and then fill every one of her holes with cum, hot sticky cum.

“You cunt,” Bob said. “You horny fucking cunt. That’s all you are, just a dick hungry cunt.” He grabbed her hips and then slammed them down onto his body, driving his cock way into her dripping pussy. His throbbing shaft burned in and out of her hole, wet and slippery, and hot. Hot stiff dick. “Fucking whore, fucking whore,” Bob said over and over as he got lost in the pleasures of her body. She grew excited over the way he talked to her, treating her like a cheap tramp, a teenage cocksucking whore. She loved it, and she knew that a part of it was true. Now that she was tied up, forced to take dick in her ass and her cunt, she knew she wanted it. It had to be. Why else would she let them bring her up here? All that cock was what lured her here and now she had to take it. There was no turning back.

“I want your cock to spit into me, into my ass. Andy, fuck it, rape my asshole with your hard long dick. Ohhhh, ahhhhh, fill it with cum, just till it with cum. And it’s going to drip out of my ass, it’s going to shoot off all over me. Fuck my hole, fuck it hard.”

Andy rammed his dick in and out of her ass, doing everything that she said, but doing it in his manner. He held her by the hips, and then stabbed her with his dick. Then when she was imprisoned by his pulsing flesh he wiggled it from left to right. Then it would slide almost all the way out of her ass. Just the tip of it would be lodged inside of her tight hole. He did that to her over and over, withdrawing his cock almost all the way, and then ripping it way back into her, fucking her ass as hard and as cruel as he could.

But she loved it now. She wanted it harder and harder, she wanted it to tear her apart and then fill her with hot spitting cream. And then there would be more. One by one the teenagers would come to her, and force her to take care of their stiff cocks.

Bob was getting ready to come. She could tell by the look of ecstasy on his face. His lips were closed tight and there was a glassy look in his eyes. His breathing was hotter and hotter on her skin as he moved from one bare tit to the other, sucking and slurping her flesh into his mouth. He drooled all over her jugs and the saliva dripped down her chest onto her stomach. Her nipples were sore and bruised from all the biting and the sucking that he did to them. But they were still hard. And she was going to come too, but she wanted to wait until his cum splashed into her, until it gushed deep into her pussy and then dripped out of her hole and ran down her legs. Then she would let herself go, let the flood of cunt juice spill all over his raging cock.

“Now,” she said. “Now, fuck it, come inside my cunt.” She wanted to reach out and grab his skinny ass and force him closer to her, pull him deep inside of her cunt, but her hands were tied too tight to move. All she could do was stand there and take care of two cocks as the ropes burned into her skin.

“Ahhhh,” Bob said. “Ahhh, I’m going to come, just for you, just for a big titted whore. Get ready, you bitch, here’s what you want.” He stood up on the balls of his feet and his cock went inside her another inch, fucking away at her wet and drippy cavern. Then the first spurt of cum shot into her cunt. It splashed against her and slid back down onto his churning cock. Two more thick gobby squirts jetted into her cunt and then a whole flood of cream shot into her, gushing, flowing, splattering against her wet flesh. She bounced up and down on his dick, impaling herself on it while at the same time Andy drove his long cock deeper into her ass, slapping his nuts against her cheeks. The feel of that hot spitting cum and those two rock hard dicks was too much for her to control. She shuddered and then strained at the ropes as she squirmed all over their dicks, releasing a flood of cum onto Bob’s spitting dick. “Rape me,” she said. “Ooooh, ahhh, it’s so hot, so good, fuck me with it, stick me with your fucking dick.” She heard the squishing sounds of cock pounding into her pussy, the sound of cum splattering into her while her own cum gushed down around the throbbing fleshy shaft.

The sensation of his spitting prick sent her into a long shivering convulsion where she bounced up and down and swung back and forth, emptying her pussy juices all over his meat. The wild gyrations of her body made Andy’s cock stick deeper into her butt. Then his thick knob beat faster and faster and she could feel the hard vein in his dick get ready to shoot into her ass. He grunted and shoved it all the way inside, then splashed cream into her tight hole. It spattered against the end of her tunnel and then poured back out of her hole in thick milky spurts.

“My ass is on fire,” Barbara moaned. “It’s burning me. Your cock is tearing me apart. Slow down, you’re fucking my ass too hard.” She rocked back and forth, moaning and sobbing, bouncing on his cock while it split her ass cheeks apart with its hot wet thickness.

“Yeah,” he grunted. “Well, here’s some cum to put out the fire, honey. And don’t worry, I’ve got plenty of it for a bitch like you.” The hot semen gushed into her asshole, squishing and spattering against her while he rammed his dick up her hole.

Then the two teenagers pulled away from her. As they stepped back the cum gushed out of her cunt and streamed down her legs. And the same wet feeling spread all over her ass as the gobs of hot cream seeped out of her butt. She stood there, dangling from the tight ropes that held her wrists.

Barbara saw some of the guys whispering to one another, giving quick glances in her direction every now and then. They looked at her with cold eyes and she suddenly felt that the fun was over. One by one they dropped out of sight. They were all behind her now, and she knew they were all looking at her firm ass, watching it as she twitched left and right, as the cum fell down the back of her thighs and then dripped all the way down her legs.

“Yeah, let’s do it,” one of them said. “That ought to really get this bitch hot. She needs something like that to get her in the mood.”

Barbara turned to look over her shoulder. But even before she could see what was going on, a strong hand clamped down on her head. She was forced back so that her eyes were looking straight ahead, held in place by the hand that treated her roughly.

And then she knew what was happening, what they had in mind for her next. She heard a whistling in the air, like a whip cracking through the night. And then a sharp slap on her ass sent her reeling. It stung her and made her cry out in pain. Then it got worse. Every second she felt a stinging in her ass as the guys took turns. She knew they were using long thin branches, or sharp thorny vines because when it struck her ass she could feel it bend and sway. But it hurt just like a whip, just like the leather belt that was used on her before by the two camp counselors. And then, as she thought about that, a thrill ran through her. The whipping got faster and harder, and her ass was really on fire this time. She could almost feel the welts blossoming on her firm round cheeks as lash after lash cut into her.

“No more,” she said. “Please, no more. I can’t take it.” But she wanted it. She wanted to be whipped and then fucked in the ass again. All that cream would soothe the pain, and all that cock would take her mind off of the whipping.

“Ahhhh, don’t do it any more,” she said. “No more,” and as she talked her words slowly turned into whimpers, pleading little cries of pain. But she didn’t want it to end. Not now. She could still take the raw punishment for a little while longer. As the stinging lashes sent her body forward in spasms of pleasure and pain her tits jiggled and bounced up and down. Every part of her body was moving as she just writhed and moaned.

A short kid with greasy brown hair and a huge belly stood in front of her. He untied the ropes that held her wrists. She thought he was freeing her until she saw what he had in mind for her. As the ropes came off and her wrists dripped down to her sides, he grabbed both arms and pulled her hard. She fell forward until she was practically bent in two. But the ropes on her ankles held her legs stiffly in place so that her hips were still at the same level. He was naked and his hard cock poked at her face and at her tits as he pushed her until her wrists were even with her ankles. Then one of the other guys helped him tie her wrists to her ankles. Now her ass and her cunt were sticking straight up in the air, a perfect target for a cock. Either hole was ready for stiff dick.

The blood rushed to her head as she stared at the ground just inches away from her face. And the whipping started up again. The hard slashing branches came down on her raised ass faster than before. She shook with each stroke and moaned and whimpered.

“Here, suck it.”

She tilted her head and saw the massive flesh of the short kid confronting her. His cock was engorged and it dangled wildly in the air. She opened her mouth wide and stretched forward. But only part of her lips could touch the thick rod in front of her face.

He laughed and slid it all around her mouth, poking it in and out of the wide O shape of her lips. Then, as he moved closer, her lips fastened around the fleshy tip. She sucked on it and inhaled it into her mouth. Once it slid across her tongue it grew even longer. Then inch by inch it filled her mouth, making her cheeks bulge and her mouth drool all over it. “Eat it, you slut. Suck on my dick.” He held part of his cock in his hand and jerked it off. His hand banged against her puffy lips while he reeled it in and out of her mouth. He knelt down in front of her and grabbed her head. With a sudden shove he buried her face into his sweaty cummy groin. Her mouth sucked on the bottom of his shaft and it was full of pubic hair, wet curly strands, in just a few seconds. His huge sack of hairy nuts slammed at her mouth while he made her suck him off.

Then a stabbing pain shot through her as one of the guys hovered above her and rammed his dick straight down into her widespread asshole. It pushed her down and made the ropes go taut as they cut into her flesh. Then, with her head straight down, sucking on a mouthful of cock, her ass was stabbed again by a wet and thick prick. His hands pulled at her hips, lifting them up as he pushed his cock down into her tunnel. “Oh, man, she’s a tight bitch, look at that fucking ass. Mnnnn, what a piece.” His hands swam all over her ass cheeks, prying them apart, squeezing and crushing her flesh. And then his dick sloshed in and out of her. She could feel it squishing deep inside of her butt. And as it forced its way into her hole, the pushing dick made her head go down further and soon she was practically swallowing cock. It went straight up into her throat, throbbing and growing stiffer with every suck of her dripping lips, and ten it wiggled left and right, forcing her face to bob and shake with each movement of hot prick.

“Suck it,” the guy in front of her said. “Slurp on it as hard as you can. I’m going to shoot my cum all the way to your stomach. Eat it, baby, eat it.” He grabbed her head and pushed it back and forth, fucking her mouth, stabbing at her lips with his hard meat.

Even as she was blowing him, slurping on his dick, she felt hot spitting cum shoot into her asshole. It poured down her tunnel, burning and splashing against her, squirting and filling her ass with cream. His cock pounded in and out of her butt, releasing spurt after spurt of cum. She groaned and lifted her hips up and down, working on the spouting cock head trapped deep inside of her ass. And as she moaned her mouth suddenly filled with more gobs of semen. It shot into her, splattering inside of her mouth, spurting against her cheeks. And then it dripped out of her lips, flowing down around the plunging cock.

She slurped on his nuts, sucking the cum back into her mouth, swallowing what little she could. But most of it dripped back down out of her smacking lips and coated his throbbing cock. She trapped his prick by pressing her tongue against the bottom of it, pushing his throbbing flesh right up to the roof of her mouth. Then, with his cock tightly held by her steady sucking mouth, she felt some hot drops seep into her throat. She gulped it down and then ran her tongue all over the hard meat, lapping and slurping on the sticky spitting rod.

“Yeah, do it, baby, don’t waste a bit of it. Just keep sucking it while I fuck your mouth. Ahhhh, that’s it, honey, eat it all up like a good little slut.” As he talked he let out another spurt of dribbling semen. She lapped up the few remaining drops and then licked his cock clean. He pulled his cock out of her mouth then and ran it around the edge of her cum soaked lips. She sucked it back in and blew on it as hard as she could, tasting the hot sweet cum once more as she tongued the wet slit of his thick tip.

“Okay, whore, you’ve had your turn with my dick. Now get ready for someone else.” He backed away from her and soon he was out of sight. Barbara groaned as the cock in her ass slowly pulled out. She wanted it to stay there, so she could feel the wet meat pulsing in her hole, but she knew she had no choice. They would fuck her only when they wanted to. Her desires meant nothing to them. All she was to them was a hot piece of flesh to fuck and empty cum into. When his cock slid completely out of her ass she felt a burning sensation again, but this time it was one of need. She wanted more dick in her ass, more cum, more hot throbbing flesh spitting into her butt.

She groaned as she swayed back and forth, tied up, a prisoner, a cum soaked prisoner waiting for more cock to fill her holes.

They kept her there for a few minutes, just watching her, jeering at her. Then she felt more hands sliding across her bare skin, poking and mauling her quivering wet flesh. The ropes were taken off her ankles, and then her wrists. She fell forward, landing on her stomach. She just laid there, waiting to see what they would do to her next.

She was half dragged, half lifted to her feet. Then, as the guys swarmed all around her, they stripped her of every last piece of clothing.

Completely naked they pushed her down so that her back pressed against the rough bark of a thick tall tree. Then the ropes were used again. This time she was tied sitting down. Her thighs were spread wide in front of her. She looked down and saw her drippy pussy opened up, ready for a stiff plunging dick. Her cunt juices flowed right out of her and wetted her thighs.

Her bare tits jutted straight out in the air as the tight ropes crisscrossed her chest, raising her hard nippled mounds. Her hands were kept free and she knew why. That way she could use her sticky fists to work on their cocks.

As she sat there, bound to the tree, she looked straight ahead. Her eyes fell onto a redheaded kid, tall and thin. Then she moved her gaze down his body and saw his thick dangling flesh growing longer and stiffer until it pointed out at a slightly missed angle. Just the right level for her mouth. He moved towards her and stuck it right into her mouth, forcing her lips to part as the throbbing flesh shot into her throat. She gagged on it and her cheeks bulged as she grabbed the pulsing base with both hands, stuffing it further into her throat. “Yeah, you know what to do with it, don’t you, bitch?” he said. “Just reel it in that hot mouth of yarns and suck on that dick.”

“Mmmmnnph!” she groaned, slurping on hot dick, cupping his hairy sack, pushing his nuts against her lips. Then he withdrew his cock almost all the way out, leaving just the tip of it in her hot wet mouth. She blew him as hard as she could, trying to inhale that hard meat deep inside her. But he just teased her with it, sliding the tip in and out of her mouth while she jerked it off. Dribbles of semen poured onto her tongue and the wet knob quivered and, pulsed, beating inside of her lips. Then Barbara was surrounded by hard throbbing dicks as two more guys moved up to her and poked at her face. They took turns shoving her mouth onto their cocks and she had bulging cheeks every few seconds as a thick prick darted into her mouth.

Barbara grabbed cock with her hand and jerked it off as she moved wildly from one to the other. Both hands were shooting up and down hard sticky prick while she sucked and drooled all over the cock in her mouth. Then all three cocks banged away at her face at the same time. Thick drippy cock heads slid across her bulging cheeks, coating her face with semen. And she found herself rocking her hips back and forth, trying to put pressure on her swollen clit, trying to make herself get off just by sucking on dick, pounding it with her closed fingers, and squeezing her thighs together.

Just as she pulled the redhead’s prick out of her mouth, ready to suck on one of the other guy’s cock, he came all over her face. Gobs of cream spit out of his dick and smeared her skin with hot spattering juice. She turned her head back and grabbed his dick, pumping it as hard as she could while it shot off all over her. She aimed the spitting tip at her open lips but his cock throbbed so wildly that the cum splashed on her chin, her cheeks, and her nose, before she could suck it into her mouth. Then the hot white gobs dripped down her, falling onto her bobbling tits. She moved her upper body all around, trying to catch the spattering cum, and the ropes cut into her twin mounds of milky white flesh. But that only made her hotter. She moved faster and faster, bobbing her head back and forth, taking his dick down into her moist wet lips, jerking it off, squeezing out more shots of thick sweet cum.

“Go to it, bitch,” he said.

“Suck it all up in that hot mouth of yours. Take it in, baby, take it in and suck hard on it. Ohhhhh, ahhhh, blow it, baby, blow my fucking dick.” He hammered away at her mouth, shooting one last stream of jism down her throat.

Then he pulled it out. The throbbing tip was just inches from her face. And then a few more drops of pearly fluid leaked out of it. She stuck her tongue way out and dabbed at the pulsing, wet and hot cock. Then she slurped her tongue back into her mouth and swallowed the semen. As she gulped it down the two other guys moved in on her, prodding her flesh with their cocks.

One guy crouched down in front of her and rammed his prick into her roped jugs, banging away at the large mounds with his wet shaft. The other guy grabbed her by the hair and pulled her sideways so that she could suck on his cock while the first guy jabbed her tits.

Barbara moved one hand down to her right tit. She pushed it in so that the huge tender flesh wrapped tightly around his monstrous cock. His prick grew even longer, coating her jiggling tits with drops of semen as he poked it in and out. He grabbed both tits in his hands and pushed them even tighter around his prick. Then he slid the tip of his cock back and forth, up and down her valley of milky white flesh. Barbara looked down, still sucking on the other kid’s prick, beating it off with one hand, and she stared at the red engorged shaft pulsing all over her jugs. The thick knob quivered, growing and shrinking every split second until it was puffy and hard. And then he shoved it into her right nipple, burying his prick deep inside of her flesh. The ropes hurt her as he moved her all around but she didn’t care. All she wanted to do was to feel the hot spurting jets of cream splatter onto her tits and then drip down her stomach. She gave up all hope of being fucked in the cunt by one of the guys. She knew that all that they wanted to do to her was bang her mouth with cock, fuck her tits, and stick it into her asshole. But she knew if she worked hard enough she could manage to get herself off simply from the thrusts of their hard spitting dicks.

Her head rocked back and forth as the other guy forced his prick way inside of her mouth. He jiggled it around, lifting her head up and down, stabbing her lips with stroke after stroke of wet meat. “Suck it, whore, suck it. Make me come in your mouth. I want to see you with more cream dripping out of your fucking lips.” Both hands held her cheeks and then he moved her head up and down on his shaft, sticking it way into her throat, fucking her mouth with pulsing wet plunges of dick. Barbara moaned and slurped while he fucked her face. She grabbed his cock and wrapped her fingers around it. Then she jerked it off really fast, nibbling on the five inches of it that fucked her lips while her hand worked back and forth on the other three inches of cock. She pulled it out of her mouth and held it right in front of her face. Then she stuck her tongue out and licked the full length of it. It swung back and forth, bending, sliding across her cheeks, getting her face all wet. Her hand moved down to his hairy swaying sack of nuts and squeezed. He groaned and then forced his dick back into her mouth. “Now suck it like that until I come. You hear me, bitch? You hear me.”

He drew his cock all the way out, dangled it in front of her lips and then plunged it back into her mouth. His nuts slapped against her lips and she knew his prick would stay in her mouth, fucking away at her until the hot juices spit out and then flowed down her throat.

Barbara’s other hand clutched at the prick banging away at her tits. She jerked it off, pushing it into one tit and then the other. Her hand was dripping with juice, and her motion made wet slapping sounds, sounds of hard cock getting ready to spit all over her milky white jugs, to make them even whiter, whiter with hot dripping cum. She stared at the cock slapping away at her chest, waiting to see the cum fly out of the tip of it.

His nuts were bouncing up and down on her stomach now as his strokes got longer and longer. His prick would start at the bottom of her tits, poking at the undersides, and then he would put it in the middle, plunging it past the ropes that bound her, inching it upward towards her face. Sometimes his strokes were so hard that the throbbing tip of his cock bashed into her chin and then she would have two cocks fighting for her mouth, fighting for a chance to stick it into her sucking lips.

But she knew the other guy wouldn’t let her suck anyone else until after he came in her mouth. She pressed her legs together, sucking, slurping, pounding cock into her tits, building herself up so that the hot sensations poured through her once more. She could come any second now. She knew that. But she wanted to wait until her face and her tits were covered with semen. Then she would let go, then she would let the cunt juice gush out of her slit and pour down her churning thighs.

Then she felt it coming. The cock banging her tits quivered and shook all over. She looked down and saw it throb wildly. Barbara pressed her chest forward, straining at the ropes so she could enfold his cock with her tits when he shot off. With a loud groan he straddled her, pinning her to the tree with the force of his shove. And then the sticky white cum flew out of his pulsing tip and spattered all over her tits. Pools of it dripped down her nipples, then hung at the rounded base of her chest before sliding down onto her stomach. It spouted all over her, gushing into her jiggling tits, covering her with a river of sticky cream. And then he pushed his cock up, holding it right between her jugs. The cum splashed onto her chin in gob after gob.

Barbara moaned, slurped, and sucked as loudly as she could. Her smacking lips traveled up and down the cock in her mouth, increasing the pressure, inhaling it as hard as she could. His cum spit into her mouth, poured over her tongue, and then slithered down her throat. As she slurped in his steady hot wad she pressed her thighs together. Then with one hand she touched the dripping wet cunt lips and pushed her middle finger inside her hole. That triggered her. She shook all over, fingering her wet pulsating cunt while her cum flowed down in bursts, coating her entire hand until she was sticky all over.

The thick cock impaling her head pulled back, half in, and half out of her mouth. Then he just rested it there, sliding it slowly across her tongue, spitting the rest of his semen into her. Squirts of it poured down her throat, flowing out of his cock in thick sweet gobs.

The two guys worked on her for another minute, jabbing at her tits and her mouth with stiff pulsing prick. Then they moved away from her and stood there with their hands on her hips, watching as cum raced down her bobbling jugs and out of her white coated lips.

Barbara was exhausted. Now that she had her orgasm she was no longer in the mood. She thought of the cabin and how nice it would be just to go back there and crash out on the bed. There she would be safe, and she would no longer have to put up with all this stiff dripping cock banging away at her.

But it wasn’t over yet.

The guys untied her once more. This time they made her face the tree. They pushed her roughly against the bark and it scratched her tender semen coated flesh. She moaned and whimpered but it wasn’t any use. She knew what was coming.

The ropes moved around her upper body over and over until she was tied firmly to the rough bark. Just the top of her naked flesh was held by the ropes. Her ass, facing the guys, was left uncovered by ropes. That was their target now. She knew that all of them would take one more shot at her, having rested after coming on her at least once.

With her eyes closed and her face pressed right into the rough bark, Barbara gritted her teeth as the first swollen cock pierced her sore asshole. It pounded in and out of her butt, throbbing, growing, stiffening right inside of her. And then after a few minutes of burning pain she felt the cum shoot into her ass in hot bursts.

When it was over another guy took his place. And it went on and on. She couldn’t see their faces. All she could do was stand there, tied to the tree, and groan as cock after cock emptied a load of semen into her asshole.

Cum dripped down her ass cheeks, down her thighs, as they worked her over. Cock after cock, spitting and fucking and impaling her, pressing her right into the tree. And Barbara had to take it all. All that cum. All that semen.

Then, when she felt she couldn’t take it any more, she was relieved as the ropes were taken off of her. She stumbled away from the tree and looked around her. All of the guys were heading back to the cabin, leaving her there, dripping with semen. She climbed back into her clothes and then began the walk back to ha cabin. She could hardly move but she knew her cabin was only a short distance away. It seemed like hours as she walked, but finally she made it to her door. She went inside and collapsed on the bed.


Barbara lived through hell for a week. Everywhere she went she saw the teenage guys smirking at her, pointing her out to their friends as she walked by. She could imagine the disgusting things they were saying about her. And the worst part was that it was all true. She kept to herself most of the time, just doing her work for the day and then going back to her cabin to sleep. But that didn’t work out too well either. For when she was alone she just fantasized about all the guys, conjuring up images of them torturing her and forcing her into sex. And she had to admit to herself that she wanted it again, she wanted to feel hard dick treating her roughly. Sex was on her mind all day. She had to have it, no matter what the consequences were.

When she returned to the cabin late at night, after walking around the camp, she saw a car parked out in back. It was a small foreign car, a convertible. At first she didn’t understand who could own the car, but then she realized it had to be her room-mate. She’d shown up at last. Barbara opened the door and walked inside, hiding her excitement. She was horny and she wanted sex. She didn’t care if it was a boy or a girl. It had been too long since she last felt the pleasures of sex.

The girl was sitting on the opposite bed, unpacking her clothes from a brown leather suitcase. She turned to face Barbara and Barbara practically drooled right then and there. The girl was beautiful. Her hair was long and it was a deep red. Beneath her tight halter top Barbara could see two perfectly shaped tits, jutting straight out. Under the yellow top she had nothing on at all. Barbara tried not to look, not to stare, but she couldn’t help imagining what it would feel like to suck on those large mounds of flesh. And her creamy thighs looked fantastic to her. The girl had on a pair of white shorts that hugged her full round hips.

The redhead noticed Barbara’s stare and her face turned a bit red. “Hi,” she said. “I’m Laurie. I would have been here a lot sooner…” And then she talked, rattling on and on about why she was late, but Barbara hardly heard a word. She was concentrating too hard on sneaking looks at Laurie’s ripe body. She nodded her head whenever it seemed appropriate, and occasionally she spoke a word or two.

When Laurie finished unpacking her suitcase she slipped into her night clothes. She turned away from Barbara while she took off the top, but Barbara got a glimpse of her huge melon shaped tits as the girl bent over to pick a blue robe. It was transparent and Barbara could see the firm round ass encased in a tight pair of deep blue panties.

When Laurie slipped under the bed covers Barbara said, “I’ll be glad to show you how things work around here.” And she would, too. She would be glad to show the girl how to spread her legs, and how to suck pussy.

“Thanks,” Laurie said, and then she rolled over, puffing the covers up over her shoulders.

Barbara climbed on top of her own bed and then leaned back against the pillow. She picked up a book and read under the dim light from the wall lamp. And every now and then she looked over to see if Laurie was sleeping. She wanted to be sure that the girl was in a deep sleep before she made her move.

After an hour Barbara heard Laurie’s steady breathing. She was sound asleep, and now Barbara couldn’t wait any longer. She turned the light off and then slipped out of her clothes. Naked, she crossed the dark floor and moved towards Laurie’s bed.

It took a few seconds for her eyes to get used to the darkness. But gradually she could make out the sleeping form of Laurie. Barbara was nervous as she crept closer, putting her hands on the top of the blanket. She didn’t want Laurie to wake up until it was too late, until she was in the middle of a hot wet orgasm, and then she wouldn’t want to stop Barbara at all.

Barbara pulled the blanket down her body, bringing it all the way down to her feet. She stared at the girl for a long time, building up her nerve to go through with it. Then she slid her hand across the transparent blue robe. As her palms pressed down on Laurie’s tits her nipples shot straight up, hardening at her touch. A smile came to her face and she stirred lightly on the bed. Barbara grew bolder, squeezing both of her hands around Laurie’s tits, pushing and pulling at them. But the girl showed no sign of waking. Instead she stretched her arms wide and she spread her legs so that both ankles were dangling over the side of the bed. Barbara slipped her left hand down the loose neck of the robe, and this time she crushed her bare tit in her hand. Laurie groaned in her sleep and she pushed upward, pressing her tit into Barbara’s greedy palm.

Barbara walked down to the bottom of the bed. For just a second she stared at the scantily clad girl, at her large heaving tits, and at her fully curved hips. She couldn’t wait any longer. She had to touch her, had to feel her cunt and make it wet. Then she would press her lips to Laurie’s pussy and suck. She had everything planned. If only she doesn’t wake up, she thought. All I need is a few minutes with her.

She leaned over the bed. Her hands slid up Laurie’s thighs, pushing the blue robe up over her hips. Then her fingers gently slid across her smooth flat stomach. She slid her fingers down until they went under the dark blue panties. And then she peeled them down with both hands. Even though she was still sleeping, Laurie responded by lifting her hips off the bed. And then there was no resistance. Inch by inch Barbara pulled her panties down until they were past her thighs. Then she leaned down and pressed her lips against Laurie’s flesh. She moved upward, kissing and sucking on her flesh. With both hands on her widespread legs, Barbara moved up to the dripping cunt just inches from her face. Her tongue darted out of her mouth and lapped at the wet slit. It tasted hot and salty to her, nice and wet, and she couldn’t go easy any more. She planted her lips onto Laurie’s wet pussy and sucked. Her tongue lapped in and out, fucking her cunt, while her lips drooled and sucked on the wet flesh.

Laurie stirred. She moaned and then pressed her cunt against Barbara’s sucking mouth. Her hips slowly moved up and down, then she picked up the pace. And Barbara was sure that Laurie was still asleep, probably dreaming that it was a man sucking on her cunt.

Barbara slid her hands down Laurie’s hips. Then she grabbed her firm round ass cheeks. Her grip got tighter and tighter as she got carried away by the strong musty odor of cunt that filled her nostrils. She inserted one finger into Laurie’s ass, prodding it nice and easy, pushing it in further and further. Then she pulled Laurie’s hips towards her, making her cunt spread even wider. Hot juice dripped into her mouth, juice that she eagerly swallowed.

Laurie’s breathing grew heavy and her lips opened up to allow her long tongue to dart around her lips with rapid flicks. Barbara looked up and saw that her eyes were still closed. She was asleep but every other part of her body was awake.

Barbara sucked and slurped on her pussy, taking her clit into her mouth, munching on the swollen bud while hot cunt juice coated her lips. Then she slid her hands up Laurie’s body, slipping them under her robe, pushing it up above her stomach. And then she grabbed two handfuls of tit. She pushed them together, squeezing the tender flesh with her fingers.

“Ahhhhhhh,” Laurie moaned. “Ohhhh, uhhhhhh.” She rolled all over the bed and her hips were pounding fast against Barbara’s face. Her cunt slid across Barbara’s mouth, making a wet slapping sound as she licked and slurped on the hot dripping slit.

Her hips bucked up and down and her juices flowed more. Barbara’s mouth was covered with hot liquid and she knew that Laurie would come soon, would empty her pussy juice into her lips. But she didn’t want her to come, not yet, not until Barbara felt the girl’s tongue working on her own quivering juice hole.

Barbara moved onto the bed, letting her weight down fully on the mattress. The springs creaked as she buried her face into the wide juicy hole in front of her face. Then she moved up, pressing her body hard against Laurie’s. She could feel hard nipples pressing into her jugs as she slid from side to side. Then she opened her mouth, bent her head down, and sucked on the huge jiggling tits. She fed them into her mouth with both hands, taking turns sucking on them. Then she fell back down onto Laurie and pressed her cunt right against her juicy slit. She moved up and down as if she was fucking her, and the wet juices mixed as both girls dripped all over one another.

Laurie opened her eyes.

She pushed Barbara away when she realized what was happening to her. And the words of shock came tumbling out of her mouth. “No, no, what are you doing to me? Stop it, stop it…”

But Barbara didn’t move. She just pressed her cunt against Laurie’s. And her hands grabbed at her huge tits. She squeezed her fingers deep into her flesh, pinching the erect nipples.

She knew she had her now. Laurie gasped and moaned. Her eyes were still wide with fright but she stopped pushing Barbara away. With a long shudder she clasped her arms around Barbara and pulled her down close so that their huge tits pressed together and their dripping slits humped and pushed in a frenzy of desire.

“Ohhhhh, ahhhh, it’s good, so good. I feel wet all over, I want to come.” Laurie’s moans grew louder, and her body rubbed up and down against Barbara.

“Let me suck your cunt,” Barbara said. “Let me lick it for you.”

Laurie pushed her down, slowly, guiding her head towards her wet hole. And this time she spread her legs wider than before, so both of them were hanging straight out over the bed. As Barbara licked her cunt, Laurie slid her hands down to her tits and, digging in with her fingernails, she pulled Barbara’s mounds up so that they bobbled against her thighs. Barbara ate her cunt for a long time, stroking the wet slit with her tongue, fucking it and fingering it with her hands and mouth.

Then Barbara turned around on the bed, moving her hips up until they were right next to Laurie’s face. She spread her legs and then pressed her cunt onto the girl’s mouth. At first Laurie turned her head away but then Barbara jabbed her finger in and out of her cunt, fucking her with long wet strokes. “Eat it,” Barbara said. “Eat my cunt, stick your tongue in it and fuck it.”

Laurie probed with her tongue. As soon as the tip of it touched Barbara’s clit she sank down, smothering Laurie’s face with her dripping cunt. Then both girls sucked and drooled on one another, eating pussy, sliding their hands across excited flesh.

They rolled all over the bed, shoving cunt into each other’s mouth, fucking and humping as hard as they could. And then Barbara felt Laurie’s hips shake, buck up and down, trapping her head as she came and came all over her tongue. Barbara sucked the girl’s cum into her mouth, slurping away with her lips, fucking her slit with her tongue. And the hot juicy liquid spilled all over her mouth, dripping down her chin.

Then Barbara felt the surge of pleasure shoot through her body. And then it burst out of her in spasm after spasm of juice. It flowed out of her cunt and drenched Laurie’s mouth. Both girls moaned as they came, as the hot cunt juice poured out of their drippy slits.

“That was so good,” Laurie said. “So fucking good. But I want more. I want some cock, stiff cock.”

Barbara pulled her mouth away from the dripping hole. “Yeah?” she said. “You really mean it?”

“Oh, do I need it!” Laurie said.

“Well, I know a couple of guys that will be more than happy to take care of you.” She thought of Roger and Steve, and she thought of what they would do with the new girl, the new piece of meat.

“Get them,” Laurie said.

“Okay,” Barbara said. “But I’d better warn you. They’re kind of rough. You may not like what they do to you.”

“I don’t care what they do to me. As long as I can get some cock I’ll do anything they want.”

Barbara smiled to herself. She knew that no matter how much Laurie wanted sex, she would find out that Roger and Steve were going to be a lot rougher than she expected.

“I’ll be back in a minute,” Barbara said. She slipped into her bathrobe and then, went out into the night. A cool wind was blowing, making her cold, making her nipples grow hard. She went to their cabin and knocked loudly on the door. After a few minutes she heard someone moving around inside.

Roger opened the door and stared at her. His eyes were full of sleep as he leaned against the doorway for support. “Oh,” he said. “It’s you. What do you want? Something to suck on?” He jeered at her, looking up and down her body. And then she saw the outline of his cock in his underwear. It was stiff and it made a delicious looking bulge.

“Yeah,” she said. “I’ll suck on it. But I’ve got something else for you. My room-mate showed up tonight. And she’s hungry for it. I told her about you and Steve.”

Steve’s eyes lit up. “A new cunt, huh? Is she good looking? I don’t want to fuck any pig that comes along.”

“Yeah, she’s alright,” Barbara said. “And she likes it rough. She told me so.” She knew that would get him. And she was looking forward to seeing the two of them work her over. They would do the same to her, but at least she knew what to expect.

“We’ll be over. Just give us a few minutes and then we’ll come and take care of you sluts.” He closed the door in her face.

Barbara smiled as she walked back to the cabin. She couldn’t wait to feel them mauling her. And she couldn’t wait to see how Laurie handled them. It was definitely going to be a long night.

“Are they coming?” Laurie said. She was still lying down on the bed. Her panties were back in place though, and she had the transparent robe pushed back down below her hips.

“Yeah,” Barbara said. “They’ll be here. And then you’re going to have more cock than you dreamed possible. They like to make it last.”

In a few minutes the cabin door opened. Roger and Steve walked inside. Both of them wore jeans, nothing else. They stepped into the darkness, moving towards the bed.

“Turn the light on,” Roger said. “I want to see what our new whore looks like.”

Barbara turned the light on. Then both of the guys stared at Laurie. “Yeah,” Steve said. “She’s going to do just fine. Look at those tits.”

Laurie looked nervous now. She didn’t expect them to be so crude, so casual about it. “Hi,” she said, “I’m Laurie.” She smiled at them, acting as if she wanted them to be friendly to her.

Steve laughed at her. “Laurie,” he said. “Big fucking deal. We don’t want to know your name. We just want you to suck our cocks.” He moved closer to the bed. Laurie slid over to the edge, trying to avoid his outstretched hands.

“I thought…”

“Shut up,” Roger said.


He went over to the other side of the bed and grabbed her tit through the robe. “I said shut up. You talk when we want you to. And you won’t be able to talk because your mouth is going to be full of dick.” He stuck his hand under the top of the robe and then he pulled it hard. There was a ripping sound as the thin material shredded, as he tore it right off her and threw it to the floor.

“Wait a minute,” she said. “Please wait, I don’t think I want to do anything now.” Even before she finished speaking, Steve grabbed her head and thrust it into his bulging crotch. Her lips were forced open by his wet jeans as he slid it up and down her mouth.

“Reel it out, bitch,” he said. “Take it out of my pants and put your fucking lips on it.”

Laurie looked over at Barbara, as if Barbara could stop them. And Barbara couldn’t help smiling. “Try and enjoy it,” she said. “You don’t have any choice.”

“Yeah, that’s telling her,” Roger said. “Listen to Barbara, honey, she knows the score.” His hands went down to her bare tits and closed tightly around them, mauling her huge fleshy mounds as he pulled and tugged on them.

Laurie unzipped Steve’s pants. As she pulled them down to his hips his thick shaft flopped out in front of her face, dangling in the air. She stared at the hard meat, watching it throb and grow right in front of her eyes.

Then she felt it throb inside of her mouth as Steve forced it into her lips. He laughed and grabbed her by the hair, tugging on it, making her head bob up and down on his erect shaft. Laurie moaned with pain but she didn’t try to get away from him. She knew that the only way to get out of this was to please him. She grabbed the thick hard base of his cock and jerked it up and down. Her closed fist banged against her lips with each stroke. And then she could only fit one finger around the hard meat as the rest of it plunged deep into her mouth, making her cheeks bulge.

“Suck it, you whore, suck it. Let’s hear some of that slurping. Come on, bitch. Do it right, drool all over that dick in your mouth.”

Laurie obeyed him. Her lips made a loud sucking sound as she drooled on his prick, slurping it in and out of her lips. Her cheeks bulged in and out as the thick glistening shaft fucked her face. Her head rocked back and forth while he wiggled it left and right, stabbing her wide open mouth with his hard dick.

Then Roger climbed onto the bed. He was completely naked now and his prick bounced up and down in the air as he straddled her hips. As he moved up her stomach he pulled on her tits really hard, pinching her nipples between his fingers.

Laurie cried out but her whimpers were muffled by the cock in her mouth.

“Mnnnn, nnnnnnnnn, mmmmmmm,” she moaned, trying to say no, but not able to say a word. And then she let it happen to her, knowing it was no use trying to fight them off. As Steve forced her head down to the pillow, sticking his dick into her wet slurping mouth, Roger fucked her jugs, prodding the hard nipples with the tip of his cock. And then he moved it all the way up, poking at her chin while she sucked Steve off.

Barbara moved closer to the bed, enjoying every minute of it. She knew her turn would come soon enough, and she knew that they would get rougher as the night wore on, but for now she delighted in the sight of both cocks working on Laurie. Drops of semen already coated her chest as Roger got worked up, pressing her tits around his shaft. And saliva dripped out of her mouth as she munched and sucked Steve’s prick.

“Yeah, bitch, right into your tits,” Roger said. “I’m going to cream all over them, I’m going to fuck these huge jugs until you beg for my cum.”

Barbara heard a subtle change in Laurie’s moans. Bit by bit her whimpers went from fear to lust. And then she moved up and down on the bed, grabbing Roger’s cock, leading it far into her tits while she jerked and sucked on Steve’s prick.

It was going to happen soon, Barbara thought. The cum should spit all over her, into her mouth, and onto her tits. Just the thought of all that semen shooting out of puffing quivering dicks, got her all wet. She threw her robe down to the floor. Then she climbed onto the bed behind Roger. As his long glistening cock shot up and down Laurie’s tits, and his nuts slapped on her skin, Barbara moved her head down until it was right between his legs. While he banged Laurie’s jugs, Barbara sucked his hairy sack of nuts into her mouth. She slid her tongue all over the rough skin, munching on his balls. She could feel his sack throb and jump up and down between her lips.

“Yeah, that’s it,” he groaned, “ahhh, eat my nuts you bitch. Suck it into your mouth.”

Barbara slurped all over his sack. Then she reached her hands around his hips and grabbed for his cock. The stiff wet rod pulsed in her hand as she beat him off, pushing and sliding his cock over Laurie’s tits. And above her she could hear the wet sucks of Laurie’s lips as she munched on Steve’s prick.

“Uhhhh, I’m going to come on your tits, bitch, I’m going to cream all over you.” Roger slid his hips faster and faster, ramming his dick into the valley between Laurie’s huge mounds of milky white flesh.

And then Barbara stopped sucking on his nuts. She wanted to see it happen. She wanted to see the cum spurt out of his cock and splash all over Laurie’s chest.

Barbara got off the bed and stood right next to Laurie. She grabbed her tits and then wrapped them around Roger’s cock, fucking his long shaft with Laurie’s jugs. The first spurt shot all the way up to Laurie’s face. A gob of it landed on her chin and then dripped down her neck. Then the cum jetted out of his cock in quick long streams. His semen spattered onto her tits, coating her nipples as his thick knob pressed deep into her flesh.

Laurie moaned and shook all over, bashing his cock with her tits while the cum spit onto her. And Barbara ran her hands all over Laurie’s chest, moving them from tit to tit, grabbing Roger’s spouting prick, then smearing the cum onto Laurie and onto Roger’s raging throbbing staff.

Then Steve shot his load into Laurie’s slurping lips. “Suck it up, bitch. Drink that fucking cum.” He rammed her puffy mouth with cock, filling her cheeks with hot semen. Then it gushed and flowed out of her cocksucking lips, joining the pool of slippery wet cum that slithered across her tits in long thick streams.

The two guys fucked her mouth and her tits for a few more minutes, making her suck them clean of sperm. And then they both climbed off the bed.

Laurie writhed on the mattress, staring at their long cocks, at the glistening shafts of meat, that had just fucked her without mercy. And she wanted more, she wanted it to happen again. It was in her eyes.

Barbara knew that they were both in for it now. After the guys shot their first loads they would get rough with the girls, rough and mean, so they would turn on again. And now was the time.

Roger grabbed Barbara and threw her down on top of Laurie. Their naked flesh rubbed against each other while the bed bounced from the sudden weight.

“Turn around, whore,” Steve said.

Laurie just stared at him, not understanding what he wanted.

“Move it, you bitch.” This time he grabbed her and turned her around on the bed so that her head was just inches away from Barbara’s hot wet cunt.

Roger looked around the room, going through the dressers until he found what he wanted. He came back to the bed with a lot of belts hanging from his hand. He used one of them to tie Barbara’s wrists to Laurie’s ankles. And Steve used another belt to tie Laurie’s wrists to Barbara’s ankles. They were both trussed up, tied with their faces buried in each other’s wet drippy slit.

And the guys still had more belts to use.

Barbara shuddered when she heard the belt whistling through the air. And then she felt the hard leather stinging into her bare ass. She cried out in pain and her open lips tilled with wet cunt juice. Then she heard another crack and knew that Steve was whipping Laurie the same way. Her cunt pushed into Barbara’s mouth, and at the same time Barbara felt hot tongue and wet lips opening to her drippy slit.

The crack of the belt warned her a split second before it slashed into her sore ass. She shook all over, trying to avoid the strike but she was bound too tight. And then the belt struck her ass over and over.

The guys whipped them for a long time, laughing and swearing at Laurie and Barbara while they tormented them. And soon the pain was a steady sensation to Barbara, a steady and pleasing sensation. She sucked greedily on Laurie’s pussy, taking her swollen clit into her mouth and nibbling on it. And Laurie did the same to her, sucking her off while the hard leather belt crashed into her ass.

Cunt juice ran down Barbara’s lips, coating her chin with sticky gobs. Her tongue raced faster and faster in and out of Laurie’s slit.

The whipping stopped just when Barbara felt like she could come. But now, without the steady slapping of leather on her ass, she couldn’t do it.

Then she felt Roger’s stiff dick sliding between her legs, right under her cunt. And then she heard Laurie moan and slurp as his cock passed through her lips. The hard meat slid back and forth, wetly stroking Barbara’s cunt lips before it shot into Laurie’s mouth.

As she bucked up and down in pleasure Barbara saw Steve’s massive rod poke through Laurie’s wet thighs. It headed towards her mouth. Barbara opened her lips and sucked on the throbbing tip. She moved her head closer, swallowing as much dick as she could. Then, when his cock pulled out of her slurping lips, Barbara tongued Laurie’s pussy. And it went back and forth like that. First she had a mouthful of cock and then she sucked on Laurie’s cunt. Down below the same thing was happening to her. As Roger’s cock passed through her wet crotch she wiggled all over it, closing her thighs tight against the throbbing flesh. Then, as it slid out of Laurie’s mouth, Laurie tongued Barbara’s juicy dripping slit.

“What a fucking mouth you got,” Roger said. “So fucking big, just the right size for my cock.” He rammed his dick into Laurie’s mouth with increased speed. And the quickened strokes drove Barbara crazy. His wet cock lunged across her drippy slit, into Laurie’s mouth, and then back trough Barbara’s legs again. Over and over she felt the hard throbbing cock slosh through her. And then she knew she would come. Just in a few seconds.

Barbara sucked on Steve’s cock really hard. She trapped it in her mouth and ran her tongue around the tiny wet slit, slurping on it, drawing it deeper into her mouth. And Steve liked the feel of it. Instead of slipping it out of her mouth he plunged it further in. As it made her cheeks bulge Barbara saw Steve’s hairy sack squeeze through Laurie’s thighs. She munched on the thick staff, pushing her head down onto it as hard as she could. Then it pulsed in her mouth and jabbed in and out of her lips.

Barbara shook all over. With the two cocks working on her she was in a frenzy, a wet cummy frenzy. The hot cunt juice poured out of her and dripped all over Roger’s cock. She groaned and sucked and slurped and came in a series of hot wet shuddering spasms.

Then Roger pulled his cock out of her legs. He rammed it right up her asshole in a sudden lunge. Hard cock split her cheeks apart, driving deep down into her hole, wet and hot and throbbing. The feel of his long pulsing meat trapped inside of her butt made her shudder again and creamy bursts of cum poured out of her hole and smeared Laurie’s slurping mouth. Barbara pushed her cunt against the sucking lips and then she rocked back and forth, making Roger’s dick push deeper into her asshole. It grew even longer and thicker as he fucked her ass, slapping her skin with his wet sack of nuts. Barbara groaned as his cock burned in and out of her butt. And then her lips made a loud smacking sound on Steve’s prick. She wanted them to come at the same time. To fill her jiggling ass and her sucking mouth with hot dribbles of cream.

Roger put his hands on her asshole, guiding his cock into her, sticking his finger into her, stretching her wider and wider with every second. Then he spread his hands over her asscheeks and pulled them apart. Barbara could almost feel herself ripping wide open, impaled by his hard fucking dick.

“Do it,” she screamed, but all that came out was a muffled moan because her mouth was full of wet plunging cock, banging away at her puffy lips.

A thick spat of cum shot down her asshole. She twitched her butt, tugging on his prick with her tight hole. And then it streamed into her in spurt after spurt. Hot and sticky. Flowing out of his pumping, quivering dick. “Take it all, bitch,” he said. “Take it all right down your hole.”

She didn’t have any choice, tied up as she was, but she wanted it to spit into her. She jerked her ass back against him, letting him stuff his prick even deeper inside of her. It was hot and wet in her hole, spitting and throbbing, and the thick tip kept bashing away at her. She could feel the cum seep out of her hole as his cock rose up and down, pounding away at her flesh. And the cum soothed her sore ass, coating her aching flesh with hot milky liquid.

Then Steve shot off into her mouth. Just as his cock was moving down into her throat it spat a load of hot cream. Jets of it spurted down her while she sucked on the wet shaft. Then Steve pulled it out of her mouth while it was still shooting off. The cum flew out of his quivering tip and then shot onto her lips. He moved his cock to Laurie’s dripping slit and squirted all over her. As his prick squirmed into her hole the cum ran out of it, leaking down the base of his shaft.

Barbara lapped at his cock with her tongue, sucking the hot cream into her mouth. Then she licked Laurie’s cunt lips, touching his prick at the same time. She managed to fasten her lips around his cock so that it shot through them each time it plunged into the wet dripping slit.

She stared at the rigid meat, at the spurting cum, at Laurie’s quivering hole. And then she made a loud drooling sound, licking them both at the same time, drinking their juices, filling her mouth with cum. Her lips smacked away, slobbering all over cock and cunt until her mouth was sore.

When Steve pulled his prick out of Laurie’s hole, Barbara gave his wet meat one last suck, inhaling the last bit of sticky cum into her mouth. Then she swallowed it loudly and ran her tongue around her lips.

The two guys got off the bed. “Thanks for showing us your new whore friend,” Roger said. “She’s a nice piece of ass.”

Steve just laughed as he pulled his jeans on. When Roger did the same he came over to the bed again and then released the belts that tied the two fucked out girls together. As they left the cabin Barbara made no move to pull away from Laurie’s wet slit. Instead she used her hands to pull on her flesh, sliding her fingers over her wet skin, bringing her pussy closer to her mouth.

And Laurie responded to same way, licking Barbara as hard as she could. The two of them sucked and slurped on each other. Her mouth sucked Barbara’s clit hard, licking her swollen clit, then fucking her pussy.

And Barbara’s mouth was full of cunt all night long.


Barbara sensed something was wrong the minute she went into her cabin. A week had gone by, a quiet week with absolutely no trouble at all. She had to put out for some of the guys when they wanted it, but she wanted it just as much. But now she had a sick feeling in her stomach. Laurie was acting so nervous that she knew something had to be going on. And that something was going to be bad for her. She just knew it.

“What is it?” Barbara said.

“I didn’t want to tell you,” Laurie said. “But it looks like you’re in trouble.”

“Come on! What the fuck is wrong? Why are you so upset if I’m the one in trouble?” Barbara didn’t like the look on Laurie’s face. And she hated waiting for her to come out with the problem. “Will you tell me?” she said.

“Mr. Holt came by this afternoon. He was mad as hell, and he was looking for you. I couldn’t believe it! He came in here ranting and raving about you.”

Barbara pictured the huge man in a rage. She didn’t like the image. Especially when she knew the anger was all aimed at her.

“He wants you to go to his office as soon as you can.”

Barbara turned and walked back out the cabin. She was scared as she walked up the path that led to the largest cabin of the camp, the one that served as Mr. Holt’s office and his living quarters. There was a light on in the front, office but the rest of the cabin was dark. As she walked up to the door she caught a glimpse of Mr. Holt sitting behind his desk. He looked mean, but then that was the way he always looked. He was a broad shouldered man of about forty or so, with a graying beard and short black hair. And she knew he was in great shape, too. The few times she’d seen him around the camp she was amazed at his build. Barbara liked the way he looked, the way he carded himself, but she was also afraid of him. Especially now.

She knocked on the cabin door.

He looked up from his desk, and then when he realized who it was, an angry expression flashed across his face. “Come on in.”

Barbara walked inside and sat at a small wooden chair in front of his desk. She crossed her legs and then folded her hands across her knees, staring straight ahead at him.

He lit up a cigarette, blew smoke in her direction, and then began talking. “I’ve heard a few startling things about you, Barbara.” His voice was cool, and she knew he was just toying with her.

“Like what?” Barbara said.

“Like you’re nothing but a lousy whore. I heard some of the guys talking about you. What you did for them. And, I have to remind you, Barbara, that we’re dealing with minors here. And minors can get us in a lot of trouble.”

Barbara opened her mouth, as if she was going to say something, but she knew there was no way she could talk herself out of it.

“I see you’re not denying it. Then it’s true.”

She saw anger building up inside of him. His face was red, and his eyes burned right into her. His hands were on the edge of the desk, and his knuckles were white as he gripped the hard wood surface.

“You fucking bitch. Do you realize what can happen to this camp if words gets out, if any of those bastards start talking to their parents?”

“I’m sorry, Mr. Holt, it’s just that I couldn’t help it. See, I was forced…”

“Shut up. I don’t want to hear it.” He stared at her for a few minutes, studying her. Then he rose from the desk and walked up to her chair. “I’m afraid I’m going to have to call in the authorities, Barbara. I’ll explain the whole situation to them, and see if I can get them to hush it up. But you will have to take all the blame. And maybe there’ll even be a sentence for you. If they decided to prosecute you, there would be nothing else but to go along with it. I can’t risk being blamed for it.”

Barbara was sweating now. She saw it all coming down on her. Just because she wanted a little fun, just because she gave in to her urges, he was going to be in a hell of a lot of trouble. The thought of being taken to the police, maybe even sent away to jail, made her shiver. There was a pit in her stomach, and then the tears poured down her cheeks. She sobbed and moaned in the chair, hardly daring to look up and face Mr. Holt.

His hand lifted her chin, stained with a river of tears. “There’s no other way,” he said. “It’s your own fault, too. If you weren’t such a slut, none of this would happen.”

Barbara was numb. There was nothing she could say, no way to get out of it.

“What is it that you did for the guys, anyway?” he said. “The way they talked, you came off as a real bitch.”

“I did whatever they wanted me to,” she said. “Anything at all.”

“Like what?” Mr. Holt said. He was closer to her now. His hand still held her chin. “Did you ever suck them off?”

Barbara turned towards him. Her eyes settled on his crotch, just inches away from her face. And she could see that he was excited, that he was getting off just from talking about what she’d done.

“Yeah,” she said. “I sucked cock, and took it in the ass, and let them fuck me any way they wanted to.”

The bulge in his pants grew longer and thicker. She could see the outline of his prick as it strained against his pants. “Maybe there is something we can do,” he said. “Maybe we can work something out.”

Barbara nodded her head. She knew what he wanted from her. She knew he was just like all the others, dying for a piece of ass, a piece of her teenage flesh.

His hand went to the back of her head and pulled it forward. Her lips pressed against his bulge. She sucked it through his pants, munching on the hard flesh with her wide open mouth.

She reached up with both hands and worked at his belt and his zipper. She pulled his pants down to his thighs and then hooked her fingers into her underwear. As soon as she got them down by his pants his hard prong flopped out and slid across her face. The tip of it was wet, and as she grabbed it in her hand she felt the long stem get harder and start to throb wildly. She led half of it into her mouth and sucked on it, moving her head up and down his shaft. He groaned and fed dick to her lips, pushing it deep down into her throat. Then he used both hands to pull her head roughly to his groin, stabbing her mouth with dick, pushing his sack of nuts against her lips. “Do it, show me what a fucking whore you are. Eat that thing. Suck on it, you little tramp. Suck on it and make me come in your mouth.”

Barbara licked and slurped on his hard dick, taking the throbbing hot meat down into her throat, then pulling it out and jerking it off. The tip of his cock slid over her cheek. She tongued it while her hand flew up and down his rod, while she kissed and sucked off his prick.

Out of the corner, of her eye she saw someone else walk into the room. She turned her head, still with his prick in her mouth, and saw a woman staring at her. The woman was about thirty, dressed in black, and her hair was just as dark as her clothes, long and straight. His wife, she thought. She’d forgotten all about her. And now she was caught.

“This is Barbara, I take it,” she said. She came over to her husband and watched in fascination as his long wet prick slid in and out of Barbara’s sucking lips. “You’re right. She’s every bit as good as you said she was.” The woman grabbed Barbara’s head and pushed it down on her husband’s prick. “Eat it,” she said. “Eat it, you little bitch. Suck it into your mouth.”

Barbara’s lips opened and closed around the fleshy shaft that stabbed into her mouth. Her head bobbed up and down so fast that she was dizzy, but she couldn’t stop. The two of them held her head so hard that all she could do was go along with whatever they wanted.

And now Barbara knew it was all a setup. Holt had planned this all the way. He and his wife wanted a piece of her, and this way she couldn’t do anything about it. Both of them could get her in a lot of trouble if they wanted to. The only way out was to please them, to let them do whatever they wanted to her. Barbara got scared. She knew they had her as long as they wanted her, and there wasn’t any way she could get away from them. It was going to be rough, too. She could tell by the way the two of them forced her to suck on his dick. Barbara groaned as it sloshed in and out of her mouth. It was hot and wet and long, impaling her head, forcing her to suck it all the way down. Her slurps and her drooling lips made them both laugh.

“Look at the slut,” he said. “Look at her suck on it. No wonder the guys all liked her. She’s a real cocksucker. A fucking sex-hungry cunt.”

“And she’s ours now,” his wife said. “All ours. And we’re going to show her that.”

She rocked Barbara’s head back and forth, and then she pushed it from side to side. After Barbara sucked on it for a while, the woman grabbed her husband’s cock and jerked it off onto Barbara’s face. With each stroke of her sticky fingers the thick knob bashed away at her lips. “Suck on it, honey,” she said. “Let’s see you get his cum into your mouth. And then you can swallow it all.” Her hand beat up and down faster and faster, and the throbbing flesh went in and out of her lips, coating them with a thick liquid. He was getting ready to come. His prick quivered and grew even thicker, making her cheeks bulge, making her lips spread even wider so he could fuck her mouth.

“Yeah, beat it off,” he said to his wife. “Faster, Ann, faster, stick it into her lips.”

“Ooooh,” Ann said. “Doesn’t that feel good when it goes into your mouth? You love it, I can tell. That’s right, be a good little bitch and suck it up.”

Her voice was laced with a cruel tone. And Barbara knew she was in for it, that the woman really wanted to torment her. It was just starting now. With a sucking mouth, with puffy lips, that’s how they wanted her, she thought. A slave. A sex slave.

She was forced into it again, and now, as the thought of being trapped, being punished, raced through her mind, Barbara felt wet. Her juice dripped out of her cunt and soaked her panties, seeping right through her jeans. She inhaled his dick, slurped on it, and then ran, her tongue around the pulsing tip.

It quivered in her mouth and then shot off all over her tongue. Barbara slobbered on dick, sucking his tip while it spat gobs of thick hot cream into her. The steam of sticky cum splashed onto her tongue and then squirted down her throat. She could feel throbbing sensations in every inch of his cock. The hard vein that ran down the middle of it pumped and splashed into her. It grew and quivered in her mouth, stiffening, spitting. And then the cream ran out of her lips. It dripped down onto Ann’s slapping hand, all white and creamy. Ann pressed her fingers up to Barbara’s lips. “Suck it up, bitch, take all that cream into your mouth.” With the cock still banging away at her mouth, Barbara slurped as hard as she could. And bit by bit she pulled the cum into her lips. Stands of it led from Ann’s fingers to Barbara’s mouth. Then her mouth was full of more cum as he jiggled it around, fucking her face, emptying his last load of hot cream.

“Now swallow it all, you whore,” he said when he pulled it out of her sucking lips.

“Yeah, honey, let’s see you do it. Let’s see you drink all that cum,” Ann said.

While the two of them watched her bulging cheeks, Barbara swallowed a mouthful. She choked it down because there was more, another thick gob that slithered down her throat. Then she opened her mouth and gasped as the hot sweet cum settled down in her stomach.

“Okay, honey, come on with me,” Ann said. She pulled Barbara from the chair and led her across the room. Then she pushed her down a dark hallway. Barbara heard the footsteps of Mr. Holt following right behind them.

She stumbled a few times in the hallway, and that made Ann laugh out loud. “What’s the matter,” she said. “You nervous? Well, let me tell you, baby, you should be. Because now we’re really going to have some fun with you.”

Ann threw her into a small room. In the darkness Barbara could barely make out the shape of a bed in the center of the room. She headed for it automatically, knowing that was going to be for her. As she sat down on the wide mattress two flickering lights went on. She saw Mr. Holt lighting still another candle, fastened into the wall.

Then, in the shadowy light, she saw a huge wooden board nailed onto one side of the wall. And on the board were metal bracelets, long black whips, and a number of what looked like velvet ropes.

Holt closed the door. She heard the lock snap into place. And when he turned around to face her there was a wicked leer spreading from cheek to cheek.

Ann slid her hand down the front of her black blouse, unzipping it. Barbara stared at the woman’s huge fleshy mounds as they jiggled in front of her face, jutting out from a tight black bra. The nipples protruded just above the cups, and they were hard.

“Suck,” Ann said, shoving her tits into Barbara’s face. “Suck on my tits.”

Barbara opened her mouth and fastened her lips around the fleshy tit that pressed into her. She slurped on it, inhaling as much of it as possible. Her hard nipple poked against Barbara’s tongue.

Then Ann moved her chest from left to right, slapping at Barbara’s face with her tits. Her lips went from tit to tit, sucking and slurping on the milky white jugs.

Ann stepped away from her. She bent over and hooked her thumbs into her black skirt. As it slid down her legs, Barbara saw the crotchless panties that she wore. Her slit was wet, and Barbara could see pearls of liquid on her cunt hairs. Ann slid her hands down her black stockinged legs, pinching her thighs and then moving her finger back up to her cunt, sticking it right into her hole.

“Give me some head, bitch,” she said. She pressed her curd into Barbara’s face, rocking her wet cunt lips across her mouth. Her dripping clit smeared Barbara’s face with cunt juice the minute she touched it. And then Barbara snaked out her tongue, fucking her as if her cunt was the best tasting thing in the world.

The juice ran down her lips. She grabbed Ann’s hips and pulled her closer. As her fingers slid towards the back, Barbara felt bare flesh. There was a wide opening in the panties and her firm ass cheeks were ready and waiting. She groaned as Barbara cupped her ass, sliding her fingers up and down the crack, then prodding the tight hole.

Ann made her suck on her cunt for a few more minutes, rising up and down on her face, smearing her with juice. Then she pushed Barbara away from her. “That’s enough for now, slut, let’s see what you got.”

She pushed her down on the bed. As Barbara kicked her legs up in the air, she felt Mr. Holt grabbing her, pinning her ankles together. Ann ripped Barbara’s shirt down the middle. Then she slid her fingers into the lacey material of Barbara’s bra and lifted it up. She stared down at her tits, leaning her head forward, sliding her tongue under the cups, licking her hardened nipples. Barbara struggled on the bed, but there was nothing she could do. Ann pulled the bra down below her tits so that they jutted straight out in the air. As her fingers raced over Barbara’s flesh, pulling and pinching her nipples, Mr. Holt worked on her jeans. He had them halfway down her legs when he pressed his cock against her thigh. The wetness from his thick tip spread all over his legs as his cock moved up, pressing against her panties. The hard meat pushed inside of her, sliding into her cunt right through the skimpy material. Then he hooked his fingers into the right side of her panties and pulled them off of her.

All she had on was her bra now, and even that was pulled down to her stomach. Mr. Holt pulled her off the bed and made her sit down in front of him while he shoved his dick against her face. He made her suck it a few times and then he pulled it out of her lips, making a wet popping sound as his prick slid down her chin.

“Bring her over here,” Ann said. She was standing by the wall, right in front of the metal bracelets.

“No, please,” Barbara said. “I don’t want it.” But she did. She wanted to be tied, and whipped. And she wanted to feel hot cum spurting into her.

But for now, she had to pretend, she had to act scared. That way they would get rougher with her, that way they would force her into it.

He dragged her across the floor, almost lifting her off the ground with his strong grip. Then he threw her against the wall. Her tits slapped against the rough wood, and then his hand pressed right into the middle of her back. His cock slid up and down her crack. He pinned her to the wall with his prick shoving against her. And then he stretched her arms over her head.

“Yeah, honey, it’s time you got what’s coming to you,” Ann said. She laughed as she grabbed Barbara’s wrist. Then the metal bracelet clicked around her wrist and held it so close to the wall that she couldn’t move her arm at all. Ann did the same to her to her wrist, and then Barbara stood there, both arms wide, chained to the wood.

“Now for your legs, bitch,” Holt said. He moved down, sliding his prick down her legs, and then he crouched low behind her. He grabbed her ankle and spread it wide, pushing her left leg far away from her right. She felt the cold metal clamp down on her ankle as he locked the bracelet on the floor around her flesh. “Nice and wide, baby, we’re going to make you spread for us.” He pulled hard on her other ankle and then locked the bracelet around it.

“Doesn’t she look pretty?” Ann said. “Our nice little slut, just waiting to get fucked. Get her, get her good.”

Barbara could just barely turn her head over her shoulder. When site did she saw Holt standing behind her, a long whip in his hand. “Don’t be so surprised,” he said. “You’ve got it coming. You’ve been bad, Barbara, and now it’s time to punish you.”

She whimpered and pressed her hips against the wall, as if she could get away from him. But then the long whip cracked through the air and slashed at her bare ass. Her buttocks jiggled as her whole body shook. The pain seared through her head, but the juice ran down her legs. Every part of her flesh was on fire, on fire and waiting for more.

Crack! It cut into her ass again. And this time it was harder than before. The whip sliced into her and then she felt the leather as it dropped down around her legs. Barbara saw Ann standing right by her husband. She had one hand around his thick cock, jerking it off, while her other hand played with her dripping cunt. Barbara stared at her sticky fist, at her finger as it ran in and out of her slit. She jerked her husband off really fast, saying, “Whip her. Whip the fucking bitch. Ohhhh, do it, do it to her. Teach the cunt a lesson.” Her words got louder and louder and then turned into a series of moans, of long gasping moans.

The whip cracked against her ass again and again, and Barbara responded. She shuddered and twitched her ass back and forth, rolling with the shock of each stinging lash. Then she felt a hand at her chest. Ann was right next to her. Her fingers closed around Barbara’s right tit and then squeezed.

“Ahhhhhh, owwww, it hurts, it hurts.”

“Yeah, and you love it. You love it cause your fucking body needs it. I know what you want. And that’s just what you’re going to get.” Her fingers moved down to her nipple, and then they closed together, pinching her. Barbara stared down at Ann’s red fingernails as they mauled her flesh. And she felt Ann’s huge tits pressing against her side, sliding up and down. The whip cracked into her ass, onto her thighs, tearing at her, making her drip.

“And now, baby, now you get what you need,” Holt said. In a few seconds Barbara felt the stiff head of his dick poke into her asshole. He cupped his hands around both of her thighs and pulled, spreading her apart, stretching her while he pounded cock into her butt. It went in a few inches, sloshing inside of her, pulsing and throbbing, dripping into her hole.

“Fuck it, stick it in,” she said. “I want your cream. Your hot fucking cum. Fuck my asshole with it. Put it all the way in and stick me with it. Ahhhh, ooooh, that’s it, that’s it.” She groaned as his cock pried her ass cheeks apart, as it slid all the way in, pounding her tunnel while his nuts slapped at her skin.

Ann kept mauling her tits, puffing on both of them, and then her tongue slid across Barbara’s shoulders, then down to her chest. She pulled her tit into her mouth and sucked. As her teeth bit down on her hard nipple, Barbara shuddered, moaned, and then cried out in a long sigh of pleasure. “Fuck me,” she said. “Fuck me all over.”

Cock pinned her to the wall, hard and wet, fucking her tight asshole. “You cunt,” he hissed. “You fucking cunt. I’m going to fill your ass with cum and you’re going to drip with it. You’re a bitch, nothing but a slutty bitch with a cock in her ass.”

“Yes, yes, I’m a whore, a fucking whore and I love your dick. I love it. Fuck me with it. And then spurt into me, make me wet, make me hot.”

He laughed at her, and then he dug his fingernails into her asscheeks, crushing her sore flesh, pulling her ass apart so that his cock could sink into her even more.

“Fuck this whore,” Ann said.

“Yeah, do it, do it,” Barbara moaned.

And then she was lost in passion again, rough passion, tie passion of a stiff dick fucking her ass, pounding her against the wall, driving her crazy with long fast strokes. His cock hammered away at her, sliding in and out, leaving a few drops behind each time. Then she fell into the beat, pushing her ass back against him just as he thrust his dick forward. His cock and Ann’s pinching fingers drove her to the heights of ecstasy. Her asshole tightened around his prick, closing around it, trapping it in her tunnel. Then it spit into her. Hot gobs shot into her slippery asshole. The cum flew out of his tool in a rush of spattering, squishing liquid. As the spurts filled her hole Barbara shook all over on it, stuck on his spouting prick, on the throbbing hot wet tip deep inside her. His nuts slammed against her cheeks, and his strong hairy thighs pushed against her. His whole body held her captive, pinning her to the wall while he emptied his cock into her hole. Then the cream seeped out of her butt and ran down her ass cheeks, down her thighs. That made the wet slapping sounds even louder. In and out it churned, shooting into her, fucking her without mercy.

She grunted each time he slammed her against the wall. “Ummmm, ahhhhhh, do it,” she moaned. “Fuck it. Fuck my asshole. Ohhhh, it’s so hot, so fucking hot and wet.”

“Take it, bitch. Take it into your ass.”

“Fuck this whore,” Ann screamed. “Fuck her. Teach her a lesson, ram her ass with your cock.”

The three of them screamed and moaned as their bodies pressed against one another. And the odor of sweat and cum and dripping cunt juice filled the room. It was the smell of sex, raw sex, and it drove Barbara wild. She didn’t want it to end, she wanted to have stiff dick fucking her ass, her mouth and her cunt all night long. And pussy, too. Her mouth was watering for it. The taste of hot dripping pussy juice in her mouth was what she needed now. That and cum, mixed together, seeping down her throat, staining her face and her tits. Cum, hot cum, was all she needed in the world.

Holt pulled his prick out of her ass. He jabbed her cheeks with it, coating her skin with the last few drops of semen.

“My turn now,” Ann said. “Let me have a crack at this slutty bitch.”

He took the metal bracelets off of her wrists. Then he pulled her shoulders back, knocking her off balance. In a few seconds Barbara fell back down to the floor, hard, landing on the rough wood. As she bounced across the hard floor the metal bracelets cut into her ankles. She cried out loud and rolled around, still bound at the ankles. She cried out loud and rolled around, still bound at the ankles. The wet cum dripped out of her asshole and poured all over the floor. She could feel it leaking out of her sore ass bit by bit. Barbara looked at Holt’s cock as he stood above her. It was still throbbing and still wet. Drops of white slid down the shaft, collecting in a pool at the base of his cock.

She stared straight up, looking at his large sack of nuts swinging back and forth above her. She wanted to stuff his hairy balls into her mouth and then jerk off his prick, letting the cum flow all over her face.

But then she saw Ann push her husband out of the way. She hovered above Barbara with her legs spread wide. Barbara looked at the red gash above her, at the dripping slit. And she stared hungrily at Ann’s large tits as they protruded from the bra.

“You want to suck me, don’t you, you pig!” Ann said. “Let’s see how good you can eat pussy. I want to sit on your mouth and feel your tongue inside of me.”

Ann lowered herself, planting her knees on both sides of Barbara’s head. Then her dripping cunt moved down towards her mouth. Barbara stuck her tongue out and lapped at the wet silt. Her tongue parted Ann’s cunt lips and then went deep inside her flesh.

“Ahhh, it feels good, whore, real good. Lick it all up. Tick my cunt.” She sat sown completely on Barbara’s sucking lips, putting her full weight on her head. The strong odor of wet cunt filled her nostrils as she lapped and slurped on the hot pussy sliding across her face.

Ann reached down and grabbed Barbara’s tits. She pressed the huge fleshy mounds together and then rubbed them up and down. “Nice bitch,” she said. “A good fucking body on this cunt. It’s a shame to let it go to waste. Why don’t you fuck her?”

Her husband got down on his knees and slid his wet drooping prick across the inside of her thighs. Barbara moved her left hand down her stomach, heading towards his slippery prick. She slid her fingers over her wet cunt, inserting her middle finger into the slit, fucking herself for a few seconds. But then she grabbed his dick and pulled on the flesh, squeezing it in her fingers. She jerked him off slow, leading him towards her cunt. And it grew hard bit by bit, throbbing in her fingers. But it wasn’t stiff enough to put into her cunt yet. She closed her fist around his shaft and pulled it up and down, milking it, waiting for it to get hard as a rock so she could put it into her juicy cunt.

“Suck it, honey, suck my cunt. Do it harder. Yeah, that’s it… Ahhh, I want you to fuck me with your tongue. Come on, you know how to do it. You know how to do anything. You’re just a slut. A slutttt, ahhh, eat it, eat it.”

Barbara’s tongue made a wet lapping sound each time it shot into Ann’s cunt. She buried her face in her groin, licking it all over, sliding her munching lips over her throbbing clit.

“Uhhh, uhhh, it feels so good,” Ann said. “It feels like a cock, a wet slippery cock. And I’m going to come on it. I’m going to come on your fucking tongue.”

Barbara felt the hands on her tits squeeze harder and harder as Ann got more and more excited. From the steady juice that poured into her mouth, Barbara knew that Ann was going to cream any second now. She lapped harder on her pussy, licking and sucking, drooling and moaning. Then she slid her right hand over Ann’s silky skin, pulling at her exposed ass. She touched her asshole with her index finger and then prodded it lightly.

“Stick it in,” Ann cried. “Fuck my ass with it, fuck my ass and fuck my cunt at the same time.”

As she worked on Ann, Barbara felt Holt’s cock stiffen in her other hand. It was wet now, with hot drops of dick juice. She led the throbbing meat to her cunt hole and then gasped as it slid right into her. His hips ground against hers as he pronged her with his shaft, slipping it all the way in. His nuts banged away at her hole while his thick meat shot deeper and deeper. The wet cock head throbbed against the dripping walls of her cunt. She moved up and down for him, letting him bang her as hard as he could.

He wiggled his cock left and right, then thrust it straight in. As soon as all of it was inside of her Barbara bucked back and forth, coming on his fleshy stick. The cum poured out of her and dripped down his rod. It leaked out of her hole and made her wet in her crotch and on her thighs. “Mmmmm,” she moaned, “ahhhh, ahhhh, uhhhhhh.” She shuddered and then released another hot burst of cream. His cock kept on sloshing into her, driving way inside, pumping her churning hips. Then he took it out of her slit and moved it up to her stomach. The thick fleshy shaft throbbed on her skin, hot and wet. The cock head poked into the underside of her left tit, pushing deep into her flesh. Then it slid across her nipple.

Ann shouted out loud, then drenched Barbara’s mouth with cum. It shot past her lips and then the salty liquid poured down her throat. Barbara’s head rocked back and forth as Ann fucked her face with her dripping slit. “Suck it, you whore. Suck my cunt.”

Barbara slurped it all up, sucking her cum into her mouth, stabbing at her slit with her tongue.

Then, bit by bit, the flow of cunt juice slowed down until only a few drops slid into her mouth. Ann stood up, wiping her cunt with her fingers.

Barbara looked down at the monstrous dick sliding over her chest. It moved up and pushed through her lips. He made her suck it for a minute before taking it out of her drooling mouth and ramming it back into her chest. She was sticky all over, wet from his cock and from his nuts as they slapped away at her jugs.

Ann knelt down beside both of them. She slid one hand between Barbara’s wide spread legs and fingered her hole. With the other hand she reached down to her husband’s cock. Her fingers closed tight around it as her sticky fist jerked him off, leading his cock into Barbara’s wet tits.

“Ohhhh,” Barbara moaned, reaching out for his prick. “Fuck it, fuck my tits.” She grabbed the tip of his rod and squeezed it between her fingers. Both Ann and Barbara pumped his cock, pressing the sticky wet flesh down into the valley between her tits. Then it slid up and down her, fucking her, banging her milky jugs.

“Jerk it,” he said. “Now, do it, uhhhh.” He rose up from her chest, grunting and gasping. The first gob of cum splattered onto Barbara’s chin. Then spurts of thick white cream coated her entire face. As the cum ran down her lips she sucked it into her mouth, swallowing the sweet semen. Ann grabbed his spitting cock and shoved it into her mouth. She pumped it up and down as she sucked on it.

Streams of white sperm seeped out of her mouth as she blew her husband.

Then Ann took it out of her slurping lips and jerked it off onto Barbara’s tits. Pools of cream slithered down her jugs, dripping down her stomach and her sides. Barbara smoothed both hands over her tits, smearing the cum in her hands. Then she brought both hands to her mouth and licked her fingers clean.

Holt and his wife climbed off of her, leaving Barbara chained at the ankles, with cum all over her body. They left the room and Barbara could hear them out in the office, laughing and talking about her.

They didn’t come back until an hour later. And once they were in the bedroom they ignored her completely. Barbara didn’t say a word. She just laid there on the floor, waiting for them to make the next move. But instead of doing anything to her, Holt and his wife climbed into bed.

And they slept.

Barbara closed her eyes after a while, and then she too fell asleep on the rough wooden floor.

She woke in the middle of the night. Holt was sitting on her chest, prodding her chin with his cock. He didn’t say anything to her. He just slid up her tits until his prick was even with her mouth. Then he fucked her lips savagely, ramming it hard into her throat. He shot off into her mouth, letting thick gobs of cum squirt down her throat. Then, still silent, he moved away from her.

Barbara swallowed all of the semen, and then she waited. Throughout the night, Holt or his wife slid out of the bed, forcing her to suck them off. And it was always silent. As if she was just a slave, a piece of meat who had no say in the matter.

In the morning her face was covered with dried cum. She dabbed at the semen and the pussy juice around her mouth, lapping it up with her tongue.

Holt and his wife left her alone for an hour. They came back inside and sat down on the bed, staring at her nude body.

“We’ve decided to help you out,” Holt said. “To make sure that you don’t get into any more trouble.”

“What do you mean?” Barbara said.

“From now on you’re going to be assigned to this cabin. You’ll stay with us and work out the rest of the summer here.”

Barbara looked up at him. He was smiling. He knelt down by her legs and unhooked one ankle bracelet. He pushed her over on her stomach. Her legs were crossed and there was some pain but she knew better than to complain. Barbara said.

“How can you assign me here?”

“What am I supposed to do?”

He stuck his prick right into her asshole then, without warning, and plunged it to the hilt. As his cock slid in and out of her tight hole she knew what she was going to be doing for the rest of the summer.

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Naughty, Naughty Family

It was Henry David Thoreau, in Walden, who remarked, “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.” This statement appears to be just as true today as it was then. Perhaps it is even more valid today considering the pressures and frequent monotony of today’s world.

The majority of today’s men and women live in boring circumstances, and when the opportunity for change arises, they are often quick to seize the chance. For the characters in this story, the opportunity is one which many would consider perverse and deranged for it is one of incest. But it provides a release and a need. All morals and scruples are cast aside in a moment of madness — a chance to grab pleasure before it is taken away.

NAUGHTY, NAUGHTY FAMILY is a novel about the quiet desperation in so many of us — and the extremes to which it may drive us.


Horny. Horny and drunk. Horny to fuck her own son.

Cynthia Perrine, freshly divorced at age thirty-six, brushed the blonde hair out of her eyes and admired her voluptuous, big-titted body in the bedroom mirror. She wore clothing she would never have dared to venture out of the house in before, a pair of hot pants that clung to her rounded ass cheeks and a halter top that was stretched to bursting across her D-cup tits.

What if Randy came in and saw her like this? He’d probably never seen his mother in such clothes. Would he get a big hard-on in those tight jeans he always wore? Teenagers were like that; they were horny all the time. Then Cynthia could pull down his pants and fish out his prick, and then her son could fuck her.

A hot blush of deep shame spread across Cynthia’s cheeks. Turning from the mirror, she picked up the highball glass on the bureau and took a deep swallow. She never would have fantasized such horrible, incestuous things before the divorce. She’d never been so fucking horny in her life.

The divorce had finally been consummated a few weeks ago, as the result of a long brewing personality conflict between herself and her ex. Cynthia had gotten their spacious suburban home, one of their cars, and custody of Randy, their son. Ted moved into an apartment, taking their daughter Felicia along with him.

It had been a fairly amicable divorce, and Cynthia had looked forward to living alone with her son. But she’d never anticipated how horny she would get, how desperately her pussy would throb for some stiff, fucking cock.

One problem she’d never had with Ted was their sex life, he’d always been a horny man, and, with such a gorgeous big-titted wife, his prick was ready twenty-four hours a day. Cynthia still remembered how good it had felt to awaken with her husband’s cock already fucking into her pussy, or to relax herself before sleeping by sucking on his big delicious prick.

Now she was alone and horny, so horny that she’d begun to drink to blur her lust, and fingerfuck six or more times every day. It wouldn’t have been that bad if she were horny for no one in particular, Cynthia thought ruefully. She was still a first-class piece of ass at age thirty-nine; men still got huge hard-ons from just watching her walk down the street.

There were lots of males available to date and fuck her.

What bothered her was being so horny for her teenage son.

Deep down inside she’d always been sexually curious about her darling Randy, but the wanton craving to fuck him had only blossomed, when her husband and Felicia had moved out. It was the most shameful desire she’d ever felt, but Cynthia felt powerless to control it.

She fantasized about Randy constantly, imagining him climbing naked out of bed or out of the shower, with a huge, stiff, throbbing prick. Cynthia jacked off to thoughts of sucking and fucking his cock, gurgling as she smacked on the bloated prick shaft, or whimpering as its steely stiffness fucked deeply into her cunt.

Taking the highball along with her, Cynthia sat on the edge of the bed and started to rub her hairy pussy through her shorts. Her son’s body was so lean and hard. The way he’d looked this morning on his way to school, with his muscles bulging through his t-shirt, and the outline of his cock visible through his pants. Oooh, God, Cynthia thought, rubbing her cunt faster. Ooohhh.

The doorbell rang, startling her from her horny reverie. Forgetting her provocative outfit, Cynthia walked down the hall and opened the front door.

Standing on the stoop was a tall slender teenager who looked remarkably like her son. He was dressed like Randy, too, in a denim jacket and a pair of faded jeans that clung to the bulge of his prick. In his hand he held a sample case of some kind, and Cynthia quickly guessed that he was selling as an after school job.

“Uh, hi,” the boy said a little awkwardly. “My name’s Dave Crawford, and I’m the local representative for Elysium Cosmetics. We have a full line of, uh, toilet items and sundries to meet your needs. Would you like me to show you our line?”

Cynthia felt her nipples stiffening as she opened the door and motioned Dave inside.

He walked into the living room and sat gingerly on the edge of the couch, and Cynthia found herself staring with increasing desire at the protrusion of his prick.

Cynthia sat next to him, never taking her eyes off the bulge in his crotch. Dave launched into a well-rehearsed explanation of Elysium’s cosmetics and their features. Cynthia listened and wiggled her ass hornily on the couch beside him. What harm could come in fucking this handsome teenage stud, she thought wantonly. At least it would provide her with a sexual release other than her own boy.

“Now, uh, the best thing about our facial wash is that it cleanses without damaging the skin,” Dave continued, withdrawing a sample jar from the case. “Skin is very sensitive, and if you, uh, damage the outer layers it can cause spotting and blemishes.”

He prattled on with his sales spiel, but he seemed to be having trouble concentrating, and he looked unduly nervous. After awhile Cynthia realized that he was staring at her body, particularly her big tits.

Again she glanced at the crotch of his pants, and this time her pussy throbbed with lust as she saw that his prick had grown enormously. The meaty cockshaft was now as hard as stone, sticking obscenely through the denim, obviously ready for a good fuck.

“Now, uh, the special feature of our mascara…”

“Dave, why are you stating at me like that?” Cynthia asked suddenly, surprising herself in her boldness. “What are you looking for?”

Dave blushed fiercely and averted his eyes. Cynthia knew that seducing a teenager was wrong, but she couldn’t help herself. Her pussy was burning and juicing, and her nipples were so stiff that they hurt. She needed a good fucking immediately.

“Uh, nothing,” Dave said nervously. “I had something in my eye.”

“I don’t think so, Dave.” Cynthia wiggled her ass closer to him on the couch until her soft, shapely, creamy thigh touched his hip. She dropped her fingers lightly to his leg. “I think you were looking at my tits.”

Dave gulped hard and looked away. Cynthia told herself to stop again, but the farther she went the farther she wanted to go. Reaching behind her back, she undid the bow, of her halter top. Then she stripped it off her voluptuous body, baring her huge, milk-white tits.

Dave looked at her speechlessly. Her nipples were very large and rosy, and the tips were crinkled into stiff rubbery buds. His cock began to pound in his jeans.

“Dave, I don’t know if I have enough money for all those cosmetics you’re showing me. But I’ll make a deal with you.” Moving her hand all the way up his leg, Cynthia cupped his cock bulge and massed his prick lewdly. “If I give your dick a nice sucking, will you give me the mascara for free?”

“Oh God,” Dave whispered hoarsely. “I can’t believe this! Oh my God…”

Sliding off the couch, the horny divorcee knelt on the floor between his legs. Hurriedly she unzipped the boy’s pants and tugged them down to his ankles with his shorts, revealing his stone-hard cock.

His prick was a big one all right, long and fat and very stiff. Cynthia’s pussy tingled and burned as she wrapped her hand tightly around the root of his cock, squeezing his prick, holding up his hard-on for inspection. The shaft of his cock was pink and laced with blue veins, and the prick-knob was a bit larger than a plum. Sticky pre-cum leaked from his piss hole, moistening her hand as she started to jack him off.

“Oh, fuck!” Dave gasped, his ass quivered on the couch as his prick pulsed wildly in her pumping fist. “Oh, Jesus fucking Christ!”

“Would you like me to give you a blow job, Dave?” Cynthia jacked his big prick faster and harder, moving her fist in a blur on the column of cock. “That would feel really good, wouldn’t it? I’m a good dick sucker, Dave. And I’m so horny. I’ll even let you shoot your cum down my throat.”

“Suck it,” Dave gasped. “Oh please… I can’t stand it anymore!”

Bending forward, extending her tongue, Cynthia licked a wet circle around the knob of his cock, lapping up the fuck juices that drooled from the cum slit. She pursed her lips on the tip of his prick and kissed his cock tenderly, inhaling the cunt-drenching aroma of a man’s cock.

So long she’d waited for this, for this prime teenage stud.

Opening her mouth wide, the wanton mother engulfed Dave’s steel-stiff prick. She wrapped her lips tightly around the cockshaft and immediately began to suck very hard, whimpering around his cock as she was finally given the taste of cock she’d craved for weeks.

Cynthia had always loved to suck prick. It had been a special desire for her from the first time she’d had sex, and her husband had often embarrassed her by bragging about how enthusiastically his wife gave him blow jobs. She’d been awkward in her first cocksucking experiences as a teenager, but married life with Ted had soon taught her how to give head.

And now Cynthia wanted to give Dave the best cocksucking of his life.

Her cheeks caved in sharply, increasing the suction around his aching prick. Dave grunted and started to buck his ass off the couch. Cynthia bobbed her head to meet his movements, lewdly fucking her face with his giant, swollen cock.

“Oh, fuck it!” Dave grimaced as he watched the beautiful woman work on his cock, with her pretty, ripe lips stretched tightly around his rock-hard prick. “That feels so good! Unh, suck harder! Gotta make me cum!”

Cynthia puffed out her cheeks, then puckered them sharply again, then alternated between the two like a sexual bellows. Her fist kneaded and massaged the root of his prick, then started to pump up and down, skillfully beating his meat.

His cock grew longer and harder as she sucked, and the hairy sac of his balls tightened with its congested load of cum. Cynthia badly wanted to use her left hand to fingerfuck her pussy, but she was even more anxious to get the boy off and drink his cum.

Dropping her left hand between his thighs, she cupped his big balls and kneaded them gently, encouraging him to shoot his wad deep down her throat. Then she flared her nostrils for air and sucked his prick as hard as she could.

“Ah, ah God!” Dave lifted his ass off the couch and quivered from head to toe as burning, tingling sensations shot through his prick. “Gonna cum, lady! Can’t fucking stand it!”

Feverishly she bobbed her head, letting his greasy, throbbing cock fuck rhythmically in and out between her lips. Her fist jacked with the rhythm of her head, tugging and stroking the base of his cock. Her cocksucking became extremely noisy as he reached a climax; the wet slurping, smacking sounds of a good blow job filled the living room.

“Ah, shit!” Dave gasped. “I’m cummiiinnngggg!”

A geyser of cum shot from the tip of his prick, shooting down Cynthia’s throat. Cynthia clung to his gushing cock and sucked harder than ever, feeling her cheeks flush brightly with the intense energy of the blow job. The initial blast was followed by rhythmic spurts of thick, gooey cum.

It was delicious, the nectar she’d needed so badly for the past several weeks, ever since her husband had taken his cock away from, her. Cynthia nearly came in her hot pants as the boy’s hard prick tossed off wildly in her mouth, spraying her tongue and the inside of her mouth with his milky, shooting cum.

Jacking and sucking his prick, Cynthia instinctively worked her throat muscles. He came a very big load, but she didn’t miss any of it. Noisily she gulped down every drop, refusing to release his wet throbbing cock until she’d swallowed all of his cum.

Dave sat dazedly on the couch, panting hard. “Oh Jesus, lady! Nobody ever did that to me before!”

“Oh no?” Beside herself with lust, thinking of nothing but the pulsing heat of her pussy, Cynthia rose to her feet and fingered the buttons of her shorts. “How’d you like to feel something even better, Dave? Can you keep that big hard-on of yours stiff enough far a nice fuck?”

Cynthia pulled down her hot pants, leaving herself completely naked. Dave’s stiff prick quivered like an arrow as he stared at her hairy brown pussy triangle, outlining a cunt slit which was now swollen and dripping with her lust.

“Fuck my curd, Dave!” Lying on the floor, Cynthia wiggled her ass hornily on the rug and splayed her long legs wide, completely revealing her curly haired pussy. “Come on, I know you want it. Haven’t you ever fucked a girl before?”

“Na,” Dave whispered. He slid off the couch and knelt between her spread-eagled legs. His massive cock stood stiffly, dripping cum onto her bush. “I’m a virgin.”

“Then it’s about time you learned how to fuck, lover!”

Raising her arm, Cynthia held the throbbing length of his cock. She pulled him down until the prick-knob pressed onto her steaming, slippery pussy slit. Then she mewled like an animal as the bulbous cock crown parted her cunt.

“Umm Dave, that feels so good! Can’t you feel your prick inside me? Push it in now, lover! Please, fuck that whopper up my cunt!” Dave steadied himself between her thighs, planting his hands on the rug to either side of her shoulders. Her pussy slit nipped and sucked at the tip of his cock, and he winced as he felt the pressure.

Nervously, awkwardly, the virgin teenager started to work his ass. Cynthia gasped with intense pleasure as she watched and felt the meaty inches of his hard-on disappearing into her furry cunt bush.

“Yes, Dave, yes!” Automatically she lifted her legs high and flung them around his heaving mid-section, pulling his hips against her body. “You’re fucking me, Dave, you’re doing wonderfully! Push it all the way in now! Fill my pussy with your big, beautiful cock!”

Dave fucked with growing assurance between the horny woman’s legs, accustoming himself to the lewd rhythms of fucking. In and out his ass cheeks contracted, fucking his cock deeper into her velvety fuck tunnel with every stroke.

Then his prick was embedded all the way inside her, buried to the balls in her clinging, juicing pussy. Dave gasped and rested with his cock all the way inside her pussy, savoring the sweet, squeezing pressure of a tight, wet cunt around a hard, pulsing prick.

“Fuck meeeee!” Urgently Cynthia whipped her ass cheeks off the floor, pumping her horny cunt onto his cock. “Move your ass, lover, fuck my pussy! Fuck my cunt and make me cum!”

Dave lifted his ass, withdrawing his aching cock until her pussy slit clasped only the crown of his prick. Slowly he fucked his prick back in again, watching excitedly as her huge tits jiggled with the force of his thrust.

Then he repeated the in-out movement, then again, then a fourth time. Then he started fucking Cynthia’s cunt with, a steadily increasing rhythm, sighing and panting as his ass heaved, as her pussy squished wetly around his cock.

“Ungghhh!” Cynthia’s face clouded with lust, and she grimaced and rolled her head deliriously back and forth as she experienced her first fuck in nearly a month. Something in the back of her mind told her that she was now committing an unpardonable sin in fucking the teen, but the voice of her conscience was overwhelmed by her pleasure and lust.

Hard prick, she thought wantonly. Oh yes, that’s what I need. A cock as hard as bone, with an eager teenage stud behind it… fucking me… fucking my pussy. I can feel it… oh God, he’s fucking my cunt so good.

“Haaaarder!” Cynthia slid her hands down his waist, shuddering as she clawed his ass and pulled the ass cheeks in time with his fuck thrusts. “Oh, Dave, that feels so Goddamn goooood! Awww shit, your cock is huge! Fuck me harder now, as hard as you can!”

The harder he fucked her, the more her tits quivered, and tighter her wet, hairy pussy sucked his prick. Dave panted like a horny dog and started to fuck Cynthia’s pussy as hard as he could.

Almost as hard as Cynthia had ever been fucked in her life. His youthful energy drove him to fuck his burning, oozing hard-on furiously into her pussy, until Cynthia thought his cockhead was piercing her belly. Her ass cheeks bounced painfully on the floor as he fucked her; their bellies slapped sweatily together as they fucked wildly.

“Cumming!” Cynthia gasped suddenly. She grimaced luridly and arched nearly a foot off the floor as spasms overwhelmed her, forcing her lover to bury his cock in her throbbing cunt. “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck my cunt! Yes oh Jesus I’m cuuummmiiinnnggg!”

Dave felt contractions flood through her pussy, forcing her cunt muscles to clasp tightly around his rock-hard cock. The inexperienced boy couldn’t take the pressure. He came at the same time she did, nearly shrieking as his stiff, twitching cock gushed long spurts of cum into the big-titted woman’s gurgling, sucking pussy.

Cynthia groaned in ecstasy as she felt his big cock shooting its load of cum inside her, spraying the inner walls of her pussy with hot, salty jism. She’d finally done it, she thought guiltily. She’d finally fucked a teenager, and she knew that she’d have to do it again now that she’d started.

At least boys like Dave might keep her mind off of her own son.


In his new apartment on the other side of town, Cynthia’s ex-husband Ted was having a problem similar to his former wife’s. He was dying to fuck Felicia, their daughter.

She was a slim, exceptionally pretty girl, with mouthwatering legs and ass, and a full pair of tits that promised to grow nearly as large as her mother’s when she was older. The opposite sex already appreciated Felicia, which made Ted feel proud as a father. She had naturally wavy brown hair that she wore in a long ponytail, and her face was truly beautiful, with her ripe pouting lips and wide blue eyes.

Ted had wanted to fuck his daughter, but now that they lived alone in the apartment his desires were growing out of control. It seemed that she was always running around half-naked, dressed in a sheer, ass length negligee at breakfast, or running around the apartment with just a towel draped around her tits after taking a shower.

It was now nearly three o’clock in the afternoon, and Ted, had taken a break from work to pick up some clothes. He thought of his daughter as his sedan rolled down the treelined suburban boulevard, rubbing his painfully swollen cock through his dress slacks.

She was such a gorgeous piece of ass. Just this morning he’d passed Felicia’s room on his way to the bathroom, and her door had been wide open. There his daughter had been, fast asleep on her back, with her legs bunched up and her nightie crumpled around her waist. For a fleeting second he’d seen her gorgeous ass cheeks, and the pouting lips of her brown haired pussy between her legs.

“I can’t take it,” Ted muttered as he drove. “I just don’t know how much more of this I can stand.”

He pulled into the gravel drive of a tiny cottage sandwiched between a restaurant and an auto parts store in a commercial district. Inside lived Mrs. Benson, a fat, frumpy woman in her middle forties who worked as a seamstress to supplement her Social Security income.

Imagine having to pay for this sort of shit, Ted thought, as he kicked the car door shut and walked up the path to the front door. But that was the price one paid for being divorced; he had to pay someone for a simple task like mending his clothes.

But when the door opened, Ted immediately wished he’d started coming here years ago. Standing before him was a simply gorgeous girl in her late teens, dressed in a red jersey and — Ted’s cock stiffened — a flower-print bikini bottom, revealing a pair of long tanned legs and stretching across her luscious ass.

“Can I help you?” the girl asked.

Ted was too busy staring to answer right away. She had long straight black hair that hung well past her shoulders and a pair of blue eyes that were nearly as big and pretty as his daughter’s. A homecoming princess, Ted thought, and he suppressed the violent urge to rip off her bikini bottom, throw her onto the floor and ram his cock up her pretty teenage cunt.


“Uh… yeah, yes you can,” Ted stammered. “My name’s Ted Perrine. I’m here to pick up some sewing from Mrs. Benson. Is she here?”

The girl smiled and gestured him inside.

“No, but I’m her daughter. Wait a second and I’ll get you the clothes.”

She left Ted in the front room and sashayed down the hall, making his hard-on throb and ache as he watched her heart-shaped ass wiggle under the bikini. A second later she was back with a loose bundle of freshly mended suit coats and slacks.

“That’s four dollars and fifty cents. I hope you’ve got some change. I don’t have any.”

“That’s okay.” Ted handed her a five-dollar bill and grinned broadly. “You can keep it. What’s your name?”

“Toni,” the girl replied, and smiled back at him. There was something more than mere politeness in her expression now, and Ted hoped it meant that she was attracted to him.

“Well, you’re a very pretty girl, Toni,” he said. “It’s hard to believe… well, that your Mrs. Benson’s daughter, you’re so attractive.”

“Why, thank you!”

Toni was apparently flustered enough by the complement to drop one of his coats. Handing him the bundle, she automatically stopped to retrieve it. As she did, her skimpy bikini bottom stretched across her ass cheeks, until Ted could see her jet-black pussy curls peeking out from under the panty crotch.

Toni realized she’d exposed herself and flushed as she rose upright, covering her pussy daintily with her hand. Ted was now so horny that he could hardly see straight.

“Sorry about that,” she said.

“Sorry? Sorry about what?”

Toni’s blush deepened. “Well, you know. I really should have put on more clothes to meet a customer.”

“But why do you say that, Toni? What makes you think I don’t like looking at your pussy?”

The obscene word was out before he could stop himself, and Ted realized he’d reached the point of no return. Toni gasped and flushed scarlet. She lowered her eyes and for the first time noticed the big, stiff cock jutting out of his pants.

“Mr. Perrine!”

“What’s wrong with saying that, Toni?” Ted asked, moving closer. “You have a very nice pussy. It’s very hairy, and I’ll bet it’s very tight, too. Do you see my hard-on? That’s what I get from looking at your cunt!”

Toni backed away from him with a fearful expression, but he could see her fat nipples stiffening under the jersey. Ted strode towards her and embraced her hornily, thrusting his hands under her bikini bottoms to cup and mold the naked cheeks of her gorgeous ass.

“No, Mr. Perrine!” Toni yelped. “You don’t know what you’re doing to me!”

“Yes, I do, Toni,” Ted hissed. “I want to lick your pussy, my little darling. I want to lick your hot, hairy cunt and make it cum!”

He embraced her lewdly, pawing her rounded tits through the jersey and planting wet kisses on her neck and ears which made her shiver. Then he half-guided, half-wrestled her to the floor. Toni moaned and did nothing to stop him as he grabbed her bikini bottom and pulled it from her body, exposing her bare, succulent ass cheeks and the hairy triangle of her cunt.

Her pussy was fleecy and the slit was pink and very small; Ted’s cock pulsed violently at the thought of fucking such a tight teenage cunt. He was happy to see how wet her pussy appeared, how the pouting cuntlips were swollen with lust. This gorgeous teenage vixen was ripe for a good sucking.

“No, Mr. Perrine!” Toni yelped. “Stop, please stop!”

“I don’t want to stop, Toni. Haven’t you ever had your pussy sucked before?”

He spread her lean legs wide, gazing hungrily at the flowering folds of her hot pussy. Then he buried his head in the fragrant wetness of her cunt.

Her cunt smelled delicious, creaming with the musky-smelling fuck juices that could make his cock start spurting on the spot. Ted spread the petals of her pussy with his fingers, gazing at the bright pinkness of her fuck hole.

Extending his tongue, be licked a wet swath up her pussy slit, making the seamstress’ daughter whimper and buck. Then he stuck his tongue deep into her cunt and started to eat her out, lapping up the fuck juices that oozed from the depths of her pussy.

“Unngghh!” Toni grimaced obscenely, and her pretty face clouded with lust as her pussy responded to the pleasure of the cunt sucking. “Oh, Mr. Perrine, don’t do that to me! Nobody’s ever… unghh! Oh, Mr. Perrine, you’re making me so hot!”

“I know I am, Toni.” Ted whispered the words on her pungently scented bush, licking a stray cunt curl from his lips. “Now just relax and enjoy. I know what I’m doing!”

He thrust his hands under her hips, moaning as he dug his fingers into the rounded, spongy ass cheeks which had already made his prick so stiff. Then he returned his lips to her throbbing pussy and started to suck more avidly than ever.

His tongue moved in a blur up and down her wet, hairy gash, wriggling close to her clit. Ted took the swollen bud between his lips for a moment and sucked tenderly, making Toni shriek and hump her ass convulsively off the floor.

“Do you like that, Toni? Doesn’t it feel good to get your little clitty sucked?”

“Yes, yes, oh, suck me!” Toni spread her long legs as wide apart as she could, giving her body up completely to the forbidden pleasure of his pussy lapping; “Lick my pussy, Mr. Perrine!” She thrust her fingers into his hair and pulled his face against her dripping cunt. “Aww, you’re making me so horny! I want your tongue in my cunt!”

Ted sucked her pussy like a lust-crazed animal, fucking his tongue more and more deeply into the clasping tunnel of her fuck hole. Toni squealed and started to hump her little ass, fucking her cunt all over his face.

It was impossible to hold her bounding hips in position. Withdrawing one hand, Ted slid it up her tanned, silky legs and parted her pouting pussy folds with his finger. Very gently he insinuated it all the way into her sucking cunt, marveling at the tightness of her pussy, wondering if she was a virgin.

Toni humped so frantically that her ass jerked off the floor, flushing and wincing as the lust overwhelmed her slender body. “Gonna cum!” she gasped. He felt her pussy tunnel clasp around his finger, seeming to draw it needfully into her cunt. “Oh fuck, my cunt’s burning! Suck it, make me cream!”

Ted pushed a second finger into her throbbing pussy, feeling the walls of her cunt stretch to admit two fingers at the same time. He moved his lips up her cunt slit and wrapped them around the swollen pink nub of her clit.

Then he sucked firmly and gently, just as his ex-wife had adored having her pussy sucked. Toni let out a long gasp. All the air seemed to flood out of her body as she arched high off the floor, digging her fingernails into the nape of Ted’s neck as she ground her hairy fuck hole onto his mouth.

“Cumming!” she shrieked. “Unhhh, please suck me! Suck my pussy, fingerfuck me, oh God, oh yes! Unh unh unh, I’m cuuummmiiinnngggg!”

The spasms ripped through her lithe body, making her nipples throb through the shirt and making her puckered little asshole throb and pulse with delicious contractions. As he sucked her, Ted felt her hairy cunt slit start throbbing wildly, then tasted the flow of her fuck cream as it ran heavily out of her cumming cunt.

He kept on sucking her through the duration of her cum, delighting in the taste of her sweet pussy. Toni gasped and slowly let her ass cheeks fall back to the floor. Ted didn’t stop sucking her until he’d cleaned all the fuck cream off of her drooling pussy.

Then he rose to his knees between her spread-eagled thighs and swiftly unbuttoned his pants. Toni stared with horny, frightened eyes as he took off his slacks and underwear. Then she gasped at the sight of his huge, naked prick.

His cock was as hard as bone, rising like a length of iron pipe. Ted had always been proud of his big prick, and he liked the way the seamstress daughter looked at his cock now. Lewdly the veined cockshaft throbbed and weaved, before him, capped by a fat, crimson knob that was already seeping cum.

“Look at this, Toni,” Ted said, moving close to mount her. “Look at my big, stiff dick. Have you ever seen one of these before?”

“Y-yes. But I’m a virgin! Oh please, Mr. Perrine!” Toni daintily covered her dripping pussy slit with her hand. “You’re not going to stick that inside me, are you?”

“Yes, I am. You’re a big girl now, Toni. It’s time to get fucked!”

Pushing her hand out of the way, Ted held his big cock in his fist and nestled the shiny skinned prick-knob between the slick, pouting folds of her pussy. Toni shuddered as she felt his prick head push painlessly into her cunt.

“Does that feel good, Toni? Don’t you like having my cock inside you?”

Toni whimpered submissively and shut her eyes, feeling her dripping pussy hole nip and suck the crown of his cock. Ted steadied himself between her spread thighs, positioning his hips so that his hard-on could fuck deeply into her tight virgin cunt.

Slowly he started to work his ass, thrusting inch after inch of his prick into her buttery pussy. Toni grimaced as she felt her cunt stretching wide, pulled apart almost to the bursting point by the thickness of his cock.

“It’s hurting me, Mr. Perrine! Oooh, your dick is too big!”

“No, it’s not, Toni! It’s normal for fucking to hurt a little the first time. I won’t hurt you much. Your cherry’s gone. In a minute my cock is going to feel very, very good!”

He felt almost as if he were fucking his daughter as he continued humping, wiggling his hips to help stuff the swollen length of his prick into her curly haired pussy. Toni gasped and lay motionless beneath him. He thought he could see a red stain on the cunt folds gripping his prick, but there wasn’t much blood, and he was obviously about to continue their first fuck without much trouble.

Easing his hips down, Ted fucked the last inches of his pulsing hard-on into the velvety sheath of her fuck hole. Then he lay on top of her lithe nakedness without moving, groaning as he felt the spasmodic pressure of her cunt muscles squeezing his prick.

“Do you like it now, Toni?” he panted. “Doesn’t fucking feel good?”

Toni moaned and wiggled beneath him. “My pussy’s so full,” she sighed. “Oh, Mr. Perrine… your dick feels so big inside me! It’s like it’s all the way up in my throat.”

“Well, it’s going to get even better, Toni. You just wait and see.”

He lifted his ass, withdrawing his hard-on from her greasy, sucking pussy. Then he fucked his cock back in again, making the virgin girl gasp as her cunt was again packed with big, steely cock.

Then he started fucking her gently, fucking his prick steadily in and out. “Do you like it better now, Toni?” he asked. “Do you like the way my cock feels shoving in and out of your cunt?”

Toni twisted harder beneath him, rolling her head and blinking her eyes dazedly. Then her ass started to move off the floor, and soon she was thrusting against him, humping up her pussy to meet the rhythmic fuck strokes of his cum-swollen cock.

“You’re fucking me back, Toni!” Ted sighed. “You like getting fucked by my dick now, don’t you?”

“Yesssss,” Toni hissed. Impulsively she threw up her legs and scissored them around his heaving back, trying to draw another satisfying inch of his prick inside her pussy. “Oh fuck, I love it! Fuck my cunt harder, Mr. Perrine! Ungghh! I never knew fucking felt this good!”

Working his ass hornily between her legs, Ted pushed up her jersey to her neck, exposing her firm, rounded tits. The nipples were like two cherries rising from the ivory surface of her tits, and he was seized with the urge to suck them while he fucked his cock into her wounded cunt.

Dropping his head to her tits, Ted wrapped his lips tightly around one taut, rubbery nipple. He sucked avidly, chewing her nipple between his lips, rubbing his tongue on the tip.

Then he started fucking her much faster, making their bellies slap together as he fucked his rigid, aching prick furiously into her cunt.

“Aw shit, Mr. Perrine!” Toni yelped. “That feels so good! Fuck me, lover! Fuck meeeee!”

All the pain had vanished from her pussy; all she felt was intense pleasure as Ted’s big cock fucked in and out of her slippery, sucking cunt. Toni threw her legs up until her legs were wrapped almost around his shoulders, trying to open her cunt passage for more of his fucking prick.

“I’m gonna cum, Toni,” Ted gasped, mouthing the words on her stiff-nippled tit. “Your pussy’s so tight. I can’t stand the way it sucks on my cock! I’m gonna cum, right in your sweet little pie!”

“Fuck meeee, lover!” Toni shrieked. “Unh unh unh, I’m cumming too! Your dick is so big! Oh shit, it’s going up my pussy! Harder, faster, fuck me as hard as you can! I’m cuuuummmiinnnnggg!”

It was a much harder cum than even the first had been, racking her lithe teenage nakedness with pleasure from head to toe. Toni bucked in the throes of animal heat for nearly a minute, grunting and panting as her pussy came, and the hot, wet cunt tunnel sucked around Ted’s prick.

“Oh fuck, Toni!” Ted gasped. “Here it cums! Ahhhh…”

He fucked his cock feverishly into her pussy, sighing as his balls slapped her ass crack. Then the white torrent of pent-up jism rushed up from his balls, spurting out of his piss hole and spraying deep into Toni’s thoroughly fucked cunt.

The girl moaned and quivered as she felt his big prick tossing off inside her, lubricating the ravished walls of her fuck tunnel with hot, salty cum. Ted kept working his ass until the last drops had oozed from the tip of his cock.

Maybe Toni would let him keep on fucking her, he thought, in which case he’d have a steady piece of ass to take his ex-wife’s place. But more and more he wondered if any woman could ever take the place of his daughter.


“And I see here that your last job was, ahh…” Bob Hughes, a gray-haired, studious-looking man in his mid-forties, paused to squint at Cynthia’s application. “In 1964. You worked as a clerk in a bookstore. I see. May I ask, Ms. Perrine, what you’ve been doing for the past twenty years?”

“Well, I was married.” Cynthia squirmed in the hard wooden chair facing the personnel officer’s desk and glanced nervously around his austere private office. “I just got a divorce.”

“I see, I see…” Hughes chewed the end of his pencil and looked at her thoughtfully. “And your husband supported you during that time. And you’re now in need of an additional source of income?”

“Well, no.” Cynthia squirmed again, uncomfortable in her short print dress. She wondered if it was, a little too tight for applying for work. “Ted pays me alimony. I mean, not a lot, I didn’t screw him or… I mean, I’m not a gold digger. It’s just that my son still lives with me, and the house, and… well, the money’s not important to me as just getting out of the house.”

Hughes raised his eyebrows, and returned his attention to her employment application. A quick blush spread through Cynthia’s cheeks. She knew there was no way she could tell him that she needed a part-time job to take her mind off her constant craving to fuck her teenage son, which had become worse and worse by the day.

“You just want to work twenty hours a week or so, is that right?” Hughes asked.

Cynthia nodded.

“Have you done… well, any other kind of work in the past twenty years? Volunteer work, anything?”

“Well…” Cynthia searched her memory. “For a couple of months I did some fund raising for the PTA. When Randy and Felicia were still little. That’s about all, I suppose.”

Hughes sighed and leaned away from his desk. “In that case, Cynthia, I don’t think there’s much we can do for you. You seem like a very nice woman, and your typing skills are acceptable, but Trans Amalgamated has made a general policy of hiring only those with extensive experience in an office environment. I was hoping to make an exception in your case, but I just don’t see how I can. I’m sorry.”

There was a long silence. Cynthia blushed and averted her eyes to the floor, feeling embarrassed and slightly humiliated. She really wanted a part-time job badly, she realized, and she doubted she could find one anywhere else.

She knew that if she didn’t get one she’d just stay home and feel horny all the time, jacking off to thoughts of her teenage son. Then she’d wind up seducing and fucking him, and Cynthia didn’t see how she could live with herself if she did that.

“Isn’t there something I could do?” she asked meekly. “I mean, you said you were hoping to make an exception in my case. Isn’t there something I could do to get the job?”

“Well…” Hughes looked indecisive for a moment, then shook his head. “I’m sorry, Cynthia. Maybe you can get a job with a small retailer downtown. There’s not much else I can say.”

“But please!”

Feeling suddenly desperate, Cynthia rose from her chair and walked around to Hughes’ side of the desk, looking down at him imploringly.

“Your company policies can’t be that rigid! I mean, I really want to work, and… well, I guess I’m just an okay typist, but I’ll get a lot better if I practice! Doesn’t enthusiasm mean something? Honestly, Mr. Hughes, I’ll just do anything for the job!”

There was another silence. Hughes opened his mouth to speak, but thought better of it. It took Cynthia a moment to realize that there was a slight downward tilt to his gaze, that he was covertly ogling her stacked, big-titted body through her dress.

Cynthia automatically looked at his crotch. Hughes’ slacks were baggy, but it was obvious that there was a very big and stiff hard-on straining for release from his pants.

Hughes noticed where she was looking, and it was his turn to blush. Cynthia felt shocked for a moment, then very excited. He seemed like such a severe, formal, untouchable man, but she’d turned him on without even trying.

The excitement was joined by a feeling of power. That was one thing she could always do, she thought grimly. She hadn’t worked in a long time, and her typing skills were nothing special, but she could still make men helpless with her mouthwatering body and big firm tits.

Feeling horny and confident, Cynthia stood so close to him that her straining tits nearly touched his face. “Mr. Hughes,” she asked breathlessly, “are you sure there isn’t something I could do to get that job?”

Hughes fidgeted uncomfortably, trying to adjust his pants so that his stiff prick wouldn’t show. “I just told you that there wasn’t, Cynthia.”

“But are you sure?”

Smiling wantonly, she lowered her hand and lightly touched his neck, trailing her fingers up his cheek. Hughes blushed fiercely and squirmed in the chair. Cynthia pressed still closer, until her big tits pressed against his cheek.

“I really want that job, Mr. Hughes,” she whispered huskily. “I want it so bad I can taste it. I’ll do anything if you give it to me. Anything you want.”

“P-please, Cynthia!”

Slowly, feeling no need to hurry, Cynthia fell to her knees on the office floor. Hughes did nothing to stop her as she parted his legs, running her hands up his thighs. He gasped as she wrapped her fingers tightly around the swollen outline of his big prick.

“Mr. Hughes, what’s this big thing sticking out of your pants for?”

Hughes’ blush brightened. Cynthia lazily fiddled with his zipper, kneading and massaging his aching cock through his slacks.

“You’ve got a hard-on, don’t you, Mr. Hughes? My body turns you on. Will you give me the job if I give your prick a good sucking?”

She pulled down his zipper and tugged down his slacks with his shorts, releasing his blood engorged cock from confinement. Cynthia gasped as she saw how big his prick was. His cock stood out from his belly like a battering ram, thick and tong and very hard, crowned by a rosy, drooling knob that was just made for her lips and tongue.

“Umm, Mr. Hughes, you’ve got a beautiful hard-on!” Cynthia wrapped both hands around his aching prick and milked his cock tenderly, smiling as fresh pre-cum oozed from the open piss slit. “I really want to suck your dick, lover! Will you give me the job if I put your cock in my mouth?”

Hughes groaned and thrust his hand behind her head, silently indicating that she should begin the blow job. Whimpering, Cynthia pressed her lips to the tip of his cock.

His prick tasted salty, and she sucked hard, tickling her tongue on the piss hole to lap up the translucent fluid oozing up from his balls. Then she gradually opened her mouth and slid her mouth downwards over the throbbing column, enveloping his cock, caving in her cheeks to increase the suction in her throat.

“Unh! Oh, Cynthia!” Hughes’ severe, studious face contorted obscenely with arousal as he felt the sucking pressure of the suck job tantalizing his cock. “Oh Jesus, that feels so good! My wife never does this to me! Unh! Suck harder, Cynthia! Make my cock cum!”

Lewd gurgling, slurping sounds came out of Cynthia’s mouth as she increased the intensity of the blow job. Her hands slid up his hairy thighs to his cock. One clutched his bloated balls, while the other started to jack his prick hard and fast, beating the personnel officers’ meat into her throat.

Soon she fell into a steady, lurid rhythm, bobbing her head and jacking hard as she sucked him off, fucking her face with his cock. Her eyes closed; a dreamy, pretty expression flowed over her face as she stuffed her lips with his cock.

She’d always loved sucking prick, ever since the first time she’d taken Ted’s cock between her lips. It felt so good to shave a big cock throbbing in her mouth, like a nursing child sucking on a tit. Cynthia almost hated to admit it to herself, but she was horny enough for Hughes’ big cock that she would have happily sucked it in any case, whether he hired her or not.

His prick swelled steadily as she sucked, until the big cockshaft was as hard as bone. Cynthia’s lips felt the aching size of his cock, and her fingers tightened gently on his ball bag as his nuts tightened with their heavy load.

“Gonna cum!” Hughes gasped. He pulled her hair with both hands and rocked his hips violently on the chair, cruelly fucking his prick in and out of her gurgling, sucking mouth.

“Oh shit, honey, oh fucking shit! Swallow my fucking load! Ahh Jesus!”

His big prick jerked hard in her mouth, and a long ribbon of hot cum shot from the tip of his cock. Cynthia tasted the salty thickness of his jism and whimpered contentedly. She clung to his cock with her pumping fist and jacked him off faster than ever as she feverishly started swallowing, taking all of his cum.

Even as she gulped down the load, she had to wonder how long it had been since Hughes’ wife had spread her legs for a good fuck. The personnel officer’s wad was enormous, as if he’d been storing a year’s worth of cum in his balls.

Cynthia desperately tried to swallow all of his cum, but it wasn’t possible. The white jism overflowed her lips around his spurting cock and oozed out onto her chin, dripping obscenely onto her tits.

And still she continued sucking, taking his cock out of her mouth and lapping his prick shamelessly until she’d licked the last drop from the still-throbbing length of his cock.

“Oh, Jesus!” Hughes sprawled quivering on the chair, overwhelmed by the pleasure of the blow job. “I can’t believe you did that for me! I haven’t cum so fucking hard since I was a kid! Jesus Christ!”

Cynthia wiped her mouth and rose to her feet, staring down at his upthrust, throbbing prick. His cock was still very stiff, and her pussy tingled and juiced with her need to feel his prick fucking deep inside her buttery cunt. But first she wanted to find out if her lewd act was being rewarded.

“Am I going to get the job?” she asked softly.

“‘Course you’re going to get the fucking job!” Hughes shot back. “Jesus, it’s just a part-time typing position. As long as you don’t want to be the chief executive officer I can get you almost anything you Goddamn well want!”

Cynthia giggled and pushed her hand under her short dress, rubbing her wet, hairy pussy mound through her panties. “Well, can you fuck me now, Mr. Hughes?” she whispered vixenishly. “That’s all I want right now!”

Hughes watched hungrily as she lifted the hem of her dress, knotting it around her waist. She kicked off her high heels and pulled her panties slowly down her long, tapering legs, leaving herself naked from the waist down, exposing her wet cunt.

Hughes groaned as his big prick twitched to new stiffness at the sight of her naked pussy. “Check the door,” he said hoarsely. “Make sure that it’s locked.”

Cynthia walked across the office to the door, feeling the personnel officer’s eyes follow her peach-shaped ass cheeks as she moved. She checked the lock and returned to him. Her pussy lips squished together as she moved.

The chair was low and wide so she could straddle him without taking her feet off the floor. Cynthia mounted him hurriedly, immediately reaching between her thighs to grasp the long shaft of his hard-on. Her ass wiggled as she lowered herself. She whimpered as she rubbed the drooling, shiny-skinned cock-knob up and down her hot cunt slit.

“Put it in!” Hughes begged excitedly. “Put it in your pussy!”

Cynthia centered the heart-shaped cock crown between the flowering folds of her pussy. Then she started to hump and grind her ass, skillfully helping him slide the meaty inches of his cock into the tight, clasping sheath of her pussy.

“Aww, God!” Hughes yelped. “Oh fucking God!”

He lowered his eyes and watched excitedly as his veined prickshaft disappeared into her pussy bush, sinking into the oiled clinging wetness of her cunt. His hips bucked off the chair. Soon he was fucking into her fast and hard, fucking his cock into the velvety sheath of her fuck hole.

“Yesss, so good!” Cynthia hissed. She held his shoulders for support and ground her ass on his thighs, taking all of his cock into her pussy. “It’s all the way in now, lover!” she gasped. “Oh fuck, your cock feels so good in my pussy!”

Flexing and tightening her cunt muscles, Cynthia wrapped her arms around his back and kissed him hornily, feeling his cock throb violently in her cunt as their tongues entertwined. Then she hurriedly unbuttoned her blouse, exploring, her huge tits encased in the lacy white, D-cup bra.

“Take it off!” she pleaded. “Suck my tits while you fuck me!”

Her ass moved up and down, pumping his cock, making her creamy-white tits bounce lewdly in their cups. Hughes pinched the front clasp of her bra and undid it, gasping as the cups fell away and her ripe-nippled tits were exposed to his lustful gaze.

His hands slid up her lean waist to her ribcage, cupping the rounded globes of her jiggling tits. He made Cynthia gasp as he massaged them, stiffening the nipples under his palms.

Then he bent forward and buried his head in her cleavage. As his blood-engorged cock fucked in and out of her cunt, Hughes enveloped one nipple between his lips. He sucked eagerly, like a baby trying to draw out milk. At the same time he began to fuck his rigid prick furiously into her cunt.

“Haaarder, fuck me hard!” Cynthia told herself that they were in an office building, that she had to keep her voice down, but it was hard to suppress the shrieks and gasps of her lust. She grabbed the back of his head, pulling his face onto her tits as she bounced rhythmically on his cock. “Gonna cum! Oh please fuck me, Mr. Hughes! Fuck my pussy as hard as you can!”

The chair skittered on the floor as Hughes fucked her wet, fur-fringed fuck hole with his cock. Cynthia could feel his cock stiffen and swell with each thrust into her belly, until the veined upper side rubbed her clit with every pump.

“Gonna cum!” she cried. Cynthia started fucking in long, drawn-out, thrusting movements, sliding her wet, clasping pussy all the way up to the tip of his prick before again taking his cock deep into her cunt. “Oh, shit! My cunt’s so hot! Unh! It’s burning! Unh! Fuck me, bastard! Fuck me harder! Ahhhhh! Oh fuck, oh shit, I’m cuuummmiiinnngggg!”

The spasms swept through her pussy like waves of pleasure, making her nipples ache in his sucking mouth and her cunt pulse violently around his fucking cock. The horny mother whipped her ass up and down on his prick in a lustful fury, feeling her clit tingle and pulse as the cum drained her gorgeous body.

“Unh! Oh, Cynthia, keep fucking me!” Hughes’ face contorted as the second cum load built in his bloated balls. “Aww fuck, I can’t stand it anymore! My dick’s so fucking stiff! Move your ass! Aww I’m cumming, I’m gonna spurt!”

His big cock trembled and pulsed wildly in her deluged pussy, nearly pushing Cynthia into another cum. Then she squealed with pleasure as she felt the white stream of spunk gush out of his cockhead, pouring deep inside her cunt.

Hotly she fucked him, contracting her pussy sheath to milk out every drop of fuck cream. Again, as she fucked him, she wondered how often his wife let him fuck her. Hughes wasn’t a young man, and he’d just cum buckets in her mouth, but there was still much of his jism. It filled Cynthia’s pussy completely, spraying deep into her cunt until the velvety cunt tunnel was filled, running out of her fuck hole and dripping back down his gushing cock.

Cynthia slowly lifted her sweating naked ass, letting his prick slide out of her. His big prick had finally gone soft, lying in a greasy tube on his thigh. But the horny expression in Hughes’ eyes showed that he wasn’t done yet.

“Let me suck your pussy,” he said softly.

Cynthia looked at him quizzically, then glanced down at her cunt. Her pussy was incredibly wet, drenched with her own fuck juices. The short curly hairs were matted to her cunt slit; and the pouting pussy hole was bubbling with ooze.

“Please, Cynthia! It’s so fucking wet!” Grinning lewdly, he dipped his finger briefly into her hot, throbbing cunt. “Let me suck and make you cum again!”

Remaining silent, Cynthia pushed the paper off the personnel officer’s desk and climbed onto it, wiggling her ass on the hard, wooden surface. Her pussy was so wet that her thighs were slick with her juices, and the fuck cream ran out of her cunt slit onto the desk.

Leaning forward in his chair, Hughes parted her shapely thighs and lowered his face onto her hairy fuck hole. Then he started to eat out her pussy like a starving man, licking up all the fuck juices from her swollen, horny cunt.

“Unnnn! Fuck!” Cynthia’s face contorted lasciviously with desire as she felt him pushing his tongue into her pussy, sliding it up and down the bright pinkness of her cunt. “Yes, bastard! Suck me, lover! Eat out my cunt!”

Hughes pushed his hands under her hips, clutching the quivering cheeks of her ass. He continued to slide his tongue rhythmically up and down her pussy, pausing occasionally to fuck it deep inside her cunt.

“More! I’m gonna cum!” After sucking his prick and fucking him, Cynthia was already on the verge of another orgasm. She grabbed the back of his head and humped her ass off the desk, fucking her cunt onto his hips. “Suck my pussy! Clean it up, bastard! My pussy’s so fucking wet! I’m gonna cum!”

Squeezing her ass cheeks, Hughes wrapped his lips around her clit. He sucked it tenderly but forcefully, seeming to draw it out of its fleshy hood. Cynthia instantly felt the tingling spasms throbbing through her fuck tunnel.

“Cumming!” She pounded her ass off the desk, thrusting her throbbing pussy onto his lips as the waves of ecstasy coursed through her body. “Unh yes, suck my cunt! Get my clit, oh Christ, I’m cumming now! I’m cuuummmiiinnngggg!”

She came so hard she nearly blacked out, dazedly watching his tongue pump eagerly into her cunt. When she recovered, a slow smile of pleasure spread shamelessly across her face.

It wasn’t so bad to fuck like this to get a job, she thought resignedly. It might not even be so bad to keep fucking Mr. Hughes on the side. Anything to keep from staying home and jacking off all day, thinking about her son.


Cynthia lost her job three days later, as a result of being caught by a company supervisor with Mr. Hughes’ cock in her mouth. The very next morning she was locked in the arms of a teenage delivery boy, fucking her brains out on her living room rug.

His name was Johnny Peterson, and he was a tall handsome eighteen-year-old. Cynthia didn’t know much more than that about him, except that he had a big stiff cock.

At nine that morning, as soon as Randy had left for school, she’d called the market for a load of groceries. She hardly needed her groceries delivered but after spending the night fingerfucking, Cynthia was determined to fuck whichever stud came to her door.

John Peterson almost dropped the bags when he greeted her and found the stacked woman standing before him buck naked. Cynthia was too horny to waste time on preliminaries. Telling him to come in and get rid of the groceries, she quickly unzipped his pants and stuffed his throbbing cock into her mouth.

Johnny came quickly, but his prick stayed hard. They were now fucking feverishly on the living room floor in the doggie position, with Johnny’s hands wrapped around her huge tits, and his rock-hard cock fucking rhythmically into her cunt.

“Fuck me faster, Johnny!” Cynthia rested her cheeks on her folded arms, dropping her shoulders and lifting her ass, grunting as she pumped her wet fuck hole onto his cock. “Your dick is so big and good! Faster, Johnny, fuck me as fast as you can!”

Johnny mauled her giant tits almost cruelly, tugging on them as if to pull them from her body, pinching the stiff, dusky-pink nipples between his forefingers and thumbs. Obediently he intensified the strokes of his fucking, slamming his purple-knobbed prick all the way into her pussy with each fuck thrust.

“Gonna cum, Johnny!” Cynthia clawed the shag carpet with her long fingernails, wincing as his swollen cock stretched the velvet walls of her pussy. “Awww yes, keep fucking me! Need your dick in my fucking cunt, Johnny! Need it all the way in!”

“Oh shit, Mrs. Perrine!” Johnny gasped as he felt and heard her pussy lips squishing and sucking around his racing cock. “Your cunt’s so tight! I don’t know how long I can hold my wad!”

“Fuck meeeee, John!” Cynthia’s wanton screams were loud enough to be heard down the staid suburban block, but she was too beside herself with fuck lust to notice. “Aw shit, my cunt’s burning up! It’s coming, Johnny, I can feel it coming up! Oh shit, fuck me as hard as you can! Fuck my pussy! I’m cuuummmmiiiinnnggg!”

The spasms gushed explosively through her prick-filled fuck hole, satisfying her more completely than any amount of fingerfucking. Shamelessly Cynthia groaned and pumped her hot pussy onto his prick, feeling every inch of her cunt tunnel throb and compress needfully around the teenage stud’s fucking prick.

But Johnny didn’t cum with her, and when the spasms subsided Cynthia realized that his prick was still rock-hard. The knowledge that he was ready to keep on fucking her turned her on incredibly. All at once Cynthia knew that she had to feel his massive hard-on fucking between the cheeks of her ass.

“Take it out of my pussy, Johnny!” she cried. “I can’t take anymore!”

Reluctantly, Johnny withdrew his aching cock from her steaming, burning cunt. “But I get blue balls,” he said worriedly. “I got to cum!”

“Cum in my asshole, Johnny!” Cynthia squealed. Stretching out flat on the floor, she reached behind her and spread her rounded ass cheeks with her hands, exposing the pink, puckered ring of her asshole. “I want you to fuck me up the ass!”

Lewdly Cynthia contracted her asshole muscles, making the small circle pucker and contract before the delivery boy’s eyes. Johnny gasped with lust, then quickly mounted her again.

Cynthia gasped with pleasure as she felt his drooling cockhead pushing against her asshole ring, separating the sphincter, burrowing slowly into the forbidden heat of her ass. She shuddered and grimaced as his prick began to fuck deeply into her ass, separating her ass walls to the bursting point around the invading thickness of his cock.

The first time her ex-husband Ted proposed ass fucking, Cynthia had protested for nearly a half hour before finally letting him fuck her between her soft, rounded cheeks. Since then, being fucked up the ass had always been a special pleasure for her.

She felt ashamed of herself, in a way, for her desire to feel a man’s stiff cock fucking into her asshole, spouting a hot wad of cum deep up her ass. Afterwards she was sometimes very sore; she couldn’t ass fuck every day. But she loved it so much that she sometimes jacked off to thoughts of ass fucking.

And Johnny had the perfect big stiff cock to give her the satisfaction she required.

“Harder, Johnny! Don’t worry about hurting me! Ram that whopper up my asshole!”

Cynthia thrust her fingers under her belly, through her matted pussy curls, burying two fingers on the gurgling sheath of her cunt. Wildly she humped her ass, pounding her stretched, sucking asshole up to meet Johnny’s prick.

The delivery boy had apparently never fucked a girl’s asshole before, and he was having trouble getting used to the extreme burning tightness of the lithe fuck hole. Feverishly he worked his ass, moaning as he fucked his steely dick up her asshole.

“Harder, Johnny, shove it in!” Cynthia rubbed her clit madly with her thumb and made her pussy froth as she fucked her fingers in and out of the pouting pussy slit. “Fuck my asshole, Johnny! Kill my asshole with your big dick!”

With a heavy groan, Johnny slammed his hips down, fucking every inch of his cum oozing cock into the rubbery grip of her asshole. He lay on top of her for several seconds without moving, feeling his balls tingle as the strong muscles of her ass tunnel milked the pink shaft of his prick.

Then he steadied himself over her prone body, and he eagerly started fucking her again, making her ass cheeks jiggle as he fucked his big prick between them. Cynthia fingerfucked her cunt and whimpered continually as her asshole muscles sucked his cock. Johnny started fucking her faster and as her ass tunnel gradually wettened and lubricated around his fucking prick.

“Gonna cum,” Cynthia panted. She stopped humping for a moment and lay motionless on the floor, doing nothing to help or stop him, letting him fuck her asshole as hard as he liked. “It feels so good, Johnny! Oh Jesus, gonna cum any second!”

Soon Johnny was fucking his cock in and out of her asshole as hard as he could, burying his prick to the balls between her ass cheeks with every thrust. Eagerly Cynthia started humping again, alternately whipping her fingers into her juicy pussy and pumping her asshole onto his hard prick.

“Cumming, Johnny!” she shrieked, her voice sounding horny and agonized at the same time. “Your dick is so fucking big! Aww fuck, I’m cumming on it! Fuck meeee, Johnny, fuck my asshole, I’m cuuummmiiinnngggg!”

Her cum deluged her pussy with hot cunt cream, and made her ravished asshole clasp convulsively around Johnny’s cock. Johnny’s balls were full of jism, and he couldn’t take the pressure around his prick. He gasped and fucked his throbbing cock into her asshole.

Cynthia shrieked as he came, spurting white ounces of jism into the rubbery sheath of her asshole.

“Cum in my asshole, Johnny!” Cynthia writhed feverishly beneath him, feeling her bunting ass tunnel being soothed by his gushing cock. “Cum up my shitter, oh fuck, fuck… oh my God!”

Standing before her, in front of the door that had somehow been opened without her hearing it, was a tall handsome teenager. The boy’s mouth was wide open, and a stack of school books had fallen to the floor beside him.

Cynthia felt her cheeks flooding with the worst shame she’d ever felt. She just been caught getting fucked up the ass by Randy, her teenage son.


The remainder of the day was one of the most miserably embarrassing of Cynthia’s life. Randy was obviously shocked to have seen his mother ass fucking, and Cynthia couldn’t live down the humiliation of being caught with the delivery boy.

They would probably have both preferred to have Cynthia slip Randy’s dinner under his door. Instead, they ate together in pained silence, exchanging a few lame pleasantries about the weather or Randy’s school work, completely avoiding the subject of what had transpired earlier that day.

As she listened to Randy watching TV in the next room later that night, Cynthia realized that being caught had made her hornier for him than ever. He’d seen his mother naked, seen her bare ass and pussy and big tits, listened and watched her pleading for Johnny to cram his cock up her ass. At least he knew she had a sexual identity… which would make it easier to seduce him. The admission horrified her, but it was something more difficult to deny that, deep down inside, she fully intended to fuck her gorgeous, teenage son. Cynthia spent the rest of that night fingerfucking to incestuous thoughts about him, imagining what his cock looked like when naked, when hard, how she would feel with his cock deep inside her mouth or asshole or cunt.

Breakfast the next morning was as strained and awkward as dinner had been the night before. Cynthia managed to wait a full tom minutes after Randy had gone to school before picking up the phone.

Then she called the market for another grocery delivery, and more of Johnny’s stiff cock.

Little did Cynthia know that Randy spent the rest of the day unable to concentrate on his schoolwork, with an enormous hard-on threatening to bore a hole through his pants.

His mother. His beautiful, big-titted mother, writhing on the floor, begging a delivery boy to fuck her up the ass… Randy couldn’t get the picture out of his mind. It was as if it had burned a picture in his brain, fluttering into his consciousness without any prompting, making it impossible to concentrate in any of his classes.

He’d always wanted to fuck his mother; he could remember lusting after her when he was only five or six, watching her walk around the house in loose robes that showed her huge jiggling tits and molded the rounded cheeks of her ass.

Many times during his boyhood he’d tried to steal glimpses of her when she was undressing for bed or getting out of the shower. Sometimes he’d caught a quick view of a naked tit or pussy, but nothing like what he’d seen the day before.

His mother, humping on the floor. For a full minute Randy had stared at her big beautiful tits, watching her ass heave as she grimaced and fucked, moaning, for that strange boy to shoot his wad of cum up her asshole.

“Jesus,” Randy whispered.

Having somehow made it, through the school day, Randy walked home down a shady suburban street. He kept his head down, oblivious to the sunny day or the warm southerly wind. All he could think of was the hard-on throbbing painfully in his jeans, the remembered spectacle of his gasping, naked, fucking mother.

“God, do I want to fuck her,” he muttered. “I want to fuck her so fucking bad. Jesus!”

“Excuse me! You there! Young man!”

Randy glanced up at the sound of the unexpected voice. Waving at him from a small well-kept front yard was a slim redhead in a plain blue jersey and blue jogging shorts. She was in her late twenties, Randy guessed, though her cute childish face belied her years.

Randy walked towards her expectantly. He saw that she had wide hazel eyes as he drew closer and that she was exceptionally pretty, though everything about her said that she was married. The woman smiled at him winningly.

“I hate to bother you,” she said, in a husky voice, “but… well, my husband was supposed to come home and help me with this, but he had to go to a stupid dinner, and he won’t be back for hours.”

“What can I help you with?”

“Well…” The woman cocked her thumb towards her house. “I’ve got this big bureau inside that I simply have to get out of the hallway, and there’s just no way I can move it myself. So I figured a big strong young man like yourself could help me. Would you mind?”

Randy shrugged. “Not at all.”

“Oh, fantastic!” the woman gushed. “My name’s Margie, by the way. I’ll pay you if you want.”

“My name’s Randy. You don’t have to pay me. I don’t mind helping.”

She led the way, and Randy thought of his mother’s full ass as he watched Margie’s ass cheeks wiggle under her jogging shorts. Then they entered the house, and he was puzzled to see neither a bureau nor hall way.

“Well, where is it?” Randy looked about the living room in confusion. “Is it in the back or something, Margie? I… Jesus!”

She had locked the door and was leaning against it, and in the few seconds he’d turned away from her, she’d somehow managed to strip completely naked. Randy’s cock swelled with fresh blood at the sight of her small, stiff nippled tits. Dazedly he ran his eyes up her long, sleek, ivory legs to the hairy red mound of her pussy.

“You couldn’t even keep that big fucker in your pants, could you?” Margie asked.

“Wha… what? What are you talking about?”

Margie pushed herself away from the door and moved confidently towards him. Her pretty wholesome face was twisted by a knowing leer of simple lust. Her expression told Randy what she wanted before she stood before him and put her hand on the crotch of his jeans, squeezing his big prick.

“I’m talking about this big fat boner, lover,” she said softly. “God, I nearly creamed my pussy when I saw you walking down the street with this whopper sticking out. You must be awful horny about something to have a hard-on like this!”

Randy gasped at her boldness, unable to believe that such filthy language could come from such a sweet-looking girl. But before he could say anything Margie had dropped to her knees before him. Her nimble fingers swiftly unbuttoned and pulled down his jeans, drawing his hard cock from confinement.

“Oh, Jesus!” she gasped. “I want this big fat fucker in my throat!”

Then she opened her mouth wide and lowered her head, quickly stuffing her face full of his big cock. Randy’s eyes widened enormously. Helplessly he stared down at her as the housewife feverishly started sucking his prick, gluing her lips to the bloated hardness of the cockshaft.

Lewd, gurgling sounds came out of her mouth as she wetly, noisily sucked. Margie sucked feverishly for a minute, bobbing her head and jacking on the prickshaft, until Randy’s cock was burning so hard that he thought he’d cum at any moment.

Then Margie took his stone-hard prick out of her mouth and let the saliva drool shamelessly out of her mouth. She licked her lips. Her eyes glistened as she looked up at him hungrily.

“Fuck, your dick tastes good,” she said.

“Do you like the way I suck cock?”

Randy was too speechless to reply. How could he tell her that he was shy with women, as handsome as he was, that he was still a virgin? Or that the enormous hard-on Margie had observed had been caused by his mother?

“What’s the matter, big boy? Cat got your tongue?” Margie giggled as she wantonly milked his fat cock in her little hand, making fresh pre-cum ooze from the tip of his cock. “Goddamn, you got a big dick! Do your little teenage girlfriends know what a huge prick you have? Well? Do you want me to keep sucking it or don’t you?”

Randy gulped and nodded his head. The horny housewife made a soft mewling sound and again filled her mouth with his cock.

She was such a small slim woman, but her lips were wide, and her enthusiasm enabled her to push over two-thirds of his prick down her buttery throat. Randy was violently aroused by the sight of her sucking his prick, her freckled cheeks were flushed, her eyes were closed, and her lips were stretched wide to nurse his swollen prick.

Slowly he let his face show the intense pleasure he got from her prick sucking. Randy’s cheeks flushed; his lips curled in a grimace of ecstasy and horny frustration.

“Suck it!” Thrusting his hand behind her head, he started to rock the lean cheeks of his ass, fucking his cock into her mouth. “Oh Jesus, that feels nice! Suck it, Margie! Suck off my prick!”

Margie shamelessly gurgled and slurped and sucked as if she were a starving woman feeding on the steely hardness of his cock. She tightened her fist around the root of his prick and jacked furiously, milking and tugging the length of his cock down her throat.

Her tongue swirled sloppily around the knob, teasing the piss hole, lapping up the cum juices that oozed up from his balls. Randy felt his prick grow even stiffer and start to throb and burn painfully as she sucked. Any second he knew he was going to cum.

Suddenly Margie withdrew his cock from her mouth, staring delightedly at the pink, hard prickshaft her lips had just made so wet. She jacked his prick rhythmically and met his eyes.

“Are you gonna feed me some cum, lover? Are you gonna give little Margie the hot load of spunk she needs for dinner?”

“Suck it,” Randy pleaded. “Please keep sucking!”

Margie smiled at his eagerness and returned her mouth to his prick. She caved in her cheeks and sucked so hard this time that he thought she was trying to pull his cock out by the roots.

His vision blurred as his prick prepared to spurt. The last thing he saw clearly was the unforgettable picture of the naked housewife jacking and sucking his prick in a fever, starving for the salty taste of his cum.

“Ahh, fuck!”

He came. Randy could almost feel the flood of jism leave his balls and rush up his cockshaft, blowing out of his prick-knob in a torrent of cream. It was nothing like the cums he’d experienced while beating off, much more intense.

Margie gurgled lewdly as she tasted the stream of jism shooting across her tongue, down her throat. She gripped his spurting prick harder then ever and started swallowing, slurping loudly as she sucked all the cum out of his stone-hard prick.

When she finally stopped sucking his cock, Randy wasn’t at all surprised to see that he still had a boner. It was as if she’d, sucked his cock into a permanent state of stiffness, as if his prick could never again go soft.

Margie sighed as she stared at the thick, long hard-on standing upright before her. “God, you’ve got a great cock.” Teasingly she flicked his prick with her fingernail, watching his cock bob and weave. “I’ll bet you’d like to fuck me with that big thing now, wouldn’t you?”

“Y-yes,” Randy stammered. “Oh Christ, yes!”

“But lover, I think your dick is too big for me! What do you think of that, hmmmmm?” Margie pursed her lips in a vixenish pout. “You’ll hurt my sweet tight little pussy with that gigantic wang of yours. I don’t know if I ought to let you even try to put it between my legs.”

Randy looked down at her in horny frustration, too shy to object to whatever she said. Then Margie stretched out on her back on the floor, showing him that she’d only been teasing. She spread her long white thighs wide apart, revealing the red-haired lips of her pink wet cunt.

“But I’ll tell you what I’ll let you do, lover,” she hissed. “If you suck my pussy and make it cum, my cuntlips will get real soft and wet. Then maybe you’ll be able to get that huge cock inside of me. Now what do you think of that?”

Randy quickly fell to his knees, crawling across the rug until he was crouched between her naked splayed legs. Feeling awkward but horny, he lowered his head and planted wet kisses on her inner thighs, pushing closer and closer to her burning pussy.

“Unh! Oh fuck, don’t torture me like this!” Margie grabbed his hair and pulled his face onto her red-haired cunt bush. Immediately she started humping her ass wildly off the floor before he even had a chance to get his tongue inside her pussy. “Suck me! Clean up my pussy, lover! Lick my cunt, make it cum!”

Randy thrust his tongue between the pouting petal-like lips of her wet pussy slit, for the first time tasting the musky wetness of a woman’s horny cunt. The taste wasn’t so much good as it was wildly arousing; he immediately felt fresh blood pouring into his prick as he experienced the slightly salty flavor of hot, eager pussy.

Randy thrust his hands under her dancing hips, clawing her small, rounded ass cheeks to hold her slender body in position. Then he began to lick eagerly up and down her throbbing fuck slit, drawing closer to her clit with every lapping stroke of his tongue.

“Awww yes, aww fucking yessss, my husband never eats me like that!” Margie pulled his hair so hard that it hurt, whipping her ass off the floor in a frenzy, pumping her pussy all over his face. “Suck it, stud! Unhh! Suck off my cunt! Do you want to fuck me, Randy? Make my pussy cum and I’ll let you fuck me as hard as you want!”

Randy stretched out on the floor, with his cock stone hard and throbbing between his belly and the carpet. He tongued and sucked and licked and kissed her wet, hairy pussy with growing assurance, feeling the swollen cunt folds throb with lust on his mouth.

Her clit was stiff and protruding, and he knew that that was the most important spot on a woman’s body, the part that was sure to make her cum. Randy wiggled his tongue between her pussy lips and moved his mouth higher up her cunt slit, finally enveloping her clit between his lips.

“Aww God, suck me there, that’s so good!” Margie clawed the back of his neck and arched high off the floor, grinding her steaming cunt hole onto his mouth. “Suck it, lover! Suck my clit! Awnnghh! Wanna cum, gotta make me cummmm!”

Randy sucked her clit hard, tugging it out with his lips. He pulled one hand from her bouncing ass and slid two fingers into her fuck hole, marveling at the pressure of her cunt muscles around them.

“Cumming!” Margie’s pretty face contorted obscenely with lust as the pleasure gushed through her slim naked body. “Suck me, lover! Suck off my pussy! My clit’s so fucking stiff! Unh, unh oh shiv unh unh fuuuuck I can’t stand it. Unh cuuummmmiiinnnngggg!”

Randy felt her pussy lips contacting rhythmically, then gulped as a hot flew of fuck cream oozed from the depths of her cunt. Margie bucked her ass in a frenzy for nearly a minute as the cum pumped through her.

Finally her ecstatic shrieks and moans tapered off into a soft whimpering. Releasing his head, she let her ass fall back to the carpet and panted in the aftermath of a good hard cum.

“Oh, Randy,” she sighed breathlessly. “That was so good. You suck pussy like you’ve been doing it all your life. I feel so satisfied… oh, God, oh fuck…”

Randy knew he was being given an incredible compliment for a virgin, but he was oblivious to her words. Slowly he rose between her thighs into a kneeling position, wincing as he stared down at his steel-hard throbbing cock.

Never in his memory had his prick been so swollen and stiff, particularly right after a cum. The prospect of losing his cherry made him horny enough to fuck a dog. He had to feel his cock going into Margie’s sweet little cunt.

Margie looked up and realized how he felt as soon as she saw his prick. “You need to get laid now, don’t you?”

Randy nervously nodded his head. Margie patted her drenched pussy and smiled at him lewdly. Randy crawled between her spread legs, holding his throbbing hard-on in his fist. Slowly he dropped down on her, pushing the cock-knob between the folds of her dripping, burning cunt.

“Ahhhh, God!” Margie spread her legs farther apart, lifting her thighs until her knees nearly touched her shoulders, completely opening her pussy passage for the invasion of his cock. “God, you’ve got a big one! Oh yesss, what a thick, long fucker! Fuck me, honey! Ram that big dick all the way up to my throat!”

Randy bucked and squirmed between her slender thighs, trying to teach himself the rhythms of fucking. He often worried about making a fool of himself in front of a girl on his first try, but learning how to fuck turned out to be surprisingly easy.

His prick went all the way up her dripping pussy in one thrust; he gasped as he felt the pressure of her slippery cunt walls clasping the veined hardness of his cockmeat. Randy fucked her gingerly at first. Within a few strokes he was fucking his prick up her fuck tunnel as if he’d been fucking for years. He was fucking her pussy deeper with every stroke.

“Ummmm yes, do it so gooood!” Margie allowed her tongue to loll shamelessly out of her mouth; her face became an obscene spectacle of lust and horniness as he fucked her cunt full of his big prick. “Fuck me haaarder!” She grabbed his ass cheeks, squeezing them with every thrust. “Fuck my ass right through the fucking floor! Ram my pussy with that whopper prick!”

Grunting and gasping, the horny wife began to respond to the intensity of his fucking, humping her ass off the floor. Randy groaned as her pussy thrust up to meet the fuck strokes of his cock; their bellies, slick with sweat, slapped together as they fucked.

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!” Margie burbled the two words incessantly as she writhed and bucked beneath him, beside herself with pleasure. “Kill my pussy! Fuck it with your dick! You’re such a good fuck! Do it harder!”

Randy felt his ball bag slapping her ass crack with every thrust, heavy with its congested load of cum. He started to fuck her faster as he drew closer to the climax, fucking his burning, oozing hard-on into her red haired pussy as hard as he could.

“I’m getting off!” Margie moaned. She clawed his back with her fingernails, suddenly scissoring her legs around his waist to draw his cock deeper into her pussy. “Fuck me hard, Randy! Aw aw fuck I’m cuummmiiinnnggg!”

The spasms rippled through her lithe body, making her cunt contract and squeeze tightly around Randy’s prick. Randy collapsed between her quivering thighs, fucking his cock all the way into her pussy tunnel. He came as hard the second time as he had the first, spurting thick wads of jism into her cunt.


Meanwhile, on the other side of town.

“Dad, I’m so glad you decided to leave work early today,” Felicia sighed. “I don’t know why I stayed out in the sun so long. I really needed someone to put the burn lotion on me.”

Ted and Cynthia’s teenage daughter lay on her belly on her father’s bed, with her ponytail thrown over her shoulder and her tawny naked flesh gleaming in the sunlight. All she had on was a skimpy bikini, and the top was undone, exposing a sheer white belt across her delicately muscled back.

Ted sat on the edge of the bed, rubbing the sunburn lotion into her back as he fought to keep his stiff prick down in his pants. For weeks he’d been fighting the temptation to fuck his daughter’s ass off, and now he knew he was losing control.

She was practically naked. Her body was so tan and supple and young. Ted dipped his fingers into the jar and massaged the lotion onto the backs of Felicia’s thighs. His daughter squirmed. He could see pussy curls peeking out of the crotch of her bikini bottom. Ted sighed.

“Urn, Dad, that feels so good,” Felicia purred innocently. “I wish you’d rub me like this even when I’m not sunburned.”

“Well, to tell you the truth, honey,” Ted said hesitantly. “It feels a little bit funny to be touching you like this. You are my daughter.”

He massaged the lotion into her thighs, drawing as close to her sumptuous, protruding little ass as he dared. Felicia sighed sensuously as he pushed her thighs apart and smeared the cream right next to her panty crotch.

“T-turn over, honey,” Ted said, even as he told himself to stop. “It’s time to get the front.”

“But Dad, you’ll see my bosom,” Felicia protested.

“Now you’re the one being silly, honey. I am your father.”

Felicia giggled and rolled quickly onto her back. Ted almost dropped the lotion jar at the sight of her nakedness. Her tits weren’t as large as Cynthia’s, but they were much bigger than average for her age, and the milk-white globes were a tantalizing contrast to her tanned, reddened arms and stomach.

Ted’s prick was now so stiff he thought his cock might throb out of his pants. His hand trembled as he dipped his hand in for more lotion and smeared it onto her shoulders. Those nipples, he thought lustfully. They were fat and luscious, a dusky pink with rubbery tips that were obviously very large when stiff. “Dad, do you think I have a nice body?”

Felicia asked suddenly.

“Why… of course you do, honey.” Ted moved his hand down to her ribs, brushing the side of her tits, making the spongy globes jiggle. “Why do you ask?”

“Boys are always trying to feel me up,” Felicia pouted. “It’s getting so I can’t go out with anyone anymore. They only have one thing on their minds.”

“Well, you be careful, honey,” Ted said, and he barely resisted the urge to rip off the bikini bottom and ram his cock into her pussy.

He rubbed the lotion onto her stomach, making Felicia purr contentedly. Then he smeared it onto her calves and legs and tenderly massaged the fronts of her thighs. Closer and closer his fingers drew to her panty crotch, trembling with the forbidden desire to touch her cunt. Ted gently parted his teenage daughter’s thighs and rubbed the lotion right next to her snatch.

“Oooh, Dad!” Felicia’s eyes half closed pleasurably. “That’s making me feel so funny!”

“Why’s that, honey?”

“It’s making me tingle. In my vagina. My vagina’s getting wet, Dad!”

“Why, Felicia! You don’t mean to tell me you’re getting sexually excited with your father?”

“I can’t help it, Dad. It’s making me all hot and wet down there!”

The sensuous innocence of her words made Ted’s cock as stiff as a board, unable to stop leaking cum, so that he could feel the wetness of his oozing jism in his underwear. Unable to restrain himself, he pushed his finger under her panty crotch, touching the soft, fleecy curls of her naked cunt.

“Oh, Dad!” Felicia whimpered. “You better not do that!”

“I… I can’t really help myself, honey. You’re such a pretty girl!”

Ted pushed her panty crotch to one side, gasping at the sight of her bare, hairy pussy slit. He pushed his finger gently into her cunt, marveling at the tightness of the wet sheath sucking around his finger. Lightly he began to fuck and wriggle it in and out.

“Mmmmmm, Dad!” Felicia’s pretty face contorted immediately with intense arousal. Her pussy nipped his finger; she shook her head deliriously back and forth on the bed. “Better stop. Dad! It’s making me hot! Unhh! Oh, Dad, it’s wrong, it’s wrong! Unhhh!”

“It’s not wrong, Felicia,” Ted muttered. “Nothing I do with my daughter could ever be wrong.”

Past the point of no return, Ted quickly took off his daughter’s bikini bottom, leaving her completely naked. Felicia lay there, shuddering submissively, overwhelmed by the horny sensations flooding her pussy. Ted returned his finger to her pouting cunt and started to fingerfuck her in earnest.

“Unhhh, Dad!” Hotly Felicia wiggled and ground her ass on the bed, humping her pussy onto his hand. “I can’t help it, Dad! My vagina’s getting so hot! Unhhh! Oh more, Dad, play with me some more!”

“Don’t worry, darling. Now I’ll show you something even better. And don’t call it your vagina, honey. Call it your pussy. Or better yet, your cunt. Your hot, sweet little cunt…”

Ted stretched out between her spread thighs and lowered his head, burying his face on the curly hairs of her pussy triangle. Her cunt slit was sticky and swollen, indicating the degree of her excitement.

Lustfully Ted squeezed and milked the delectable cheeks of her perfect ass. He fucked his tongue into her fuck hole, groaning at the taste of her pungent teenage fuck juices. Then he began to lightly slide his tongue up and down her pussy furrow, pausing to tease and fuck her stiff clit.

“Unh, Daaaaaady!” Felicia’s pussy contracted on his mouth, and her hairy fuck hole was quickly deluged with cunt cream. “That fills so good, Dad! I can’t help it!” She grabbed the back of his head and spread her cunt wider. “Suck me, Dad! Suck my… pussy! Unhh! Dad, Dad, it feels so good!”

Lewdly Ted squeezed and massaged her ass cheeks, resisting the temptation to part the cleft and insinuate a finger into her rubbery little asshole. Felicia shrieked as his tongue drew closer and closer to her twitching clit. Lightly at first, then with growing speed, she bumped her ass in his hands, fucking her pussy onto his face.

“Does that feel good, darling?” Ted pulled one hand away from her ass cheeks and lightly fingered the curly haired petals of her pussy, staring at her lust-agonized face. “Do you like the way your dad sucks your cunt?”

“Yes, Dad, yes, please keep sucking me!”

“You don’t mind that it’s your father who’s making you feel so good?”

“I don’t care anymore! Dad, I’m so horny! I want you to lick me some more!”

Ted spread and lifted her legs, opening up her fur-fringed cunt completely for his lips and tongue. Returning his mouth to her pussy, he applied all of his sucking talents to his daughter’s delicious cunt.

Eagerly he licked and kissed and sucked her throbbing cunt, lapping up the fuck juices that oozed from the depths of her fuck hole. Felicia clawed the back of his neck and made the bed shake as she wildly humped her ass. Ted wiggled his tongue on the underside of her clit, making Felicia gasp and stiffen as hot waves of pleasure burst uncontrollably through her naked body.

“There, Dad! Suck me there!” She grabbed the back of his head and whimpered as she tried to get his mouth on her turgid clit. “My clitoris! Please suck it for me!”

Ted wrapped his lips around his daughter’s steaming clit. He sucked tenderly, forcing his head to stay in position as she bucked and writhed in a frenzy beneath him.

His fingers separated the folds of her pulsing pussy, pushing gently into the slippery sheath of her fuck hole. Felicia grimaced as she felt her father’s fingers going inside her, stretching the walls of her virgin cunt. Then she was cumming, unable to withstand the ecstasy racking her body.

“Unh! Aw fuck, Dad, suck my cunt!” The obscenities burned shamelessly from her lips as the spasms burned through every inch of her cumming pussy. “Lick my pussy, Dad! It’s so hot, it’s cumming! Aww fuck, Dad, oh fucking shit, suck meee. I’m cuuummmiiiinnnnngggg!”

Ted kept his lips glued to his daughter’s twitching clit, simultaneously fucking his fingers rhythmically in and out of her sucking, spasming pussy. He continued to suck ha cunt after her cum subsided, cleaning the fuck cream off of the swollen pink slit. There was a lot of it; her inner thighs were slick with the oil that had run out of her hairy pussy.

“Oh, Dad!” Felicia shut her eyes and continued to roll her head back and forth, delirious in the tingling aftermath of her orgasm. “Oh that was so wonderful, Dad, thank you so much! You made my pussy feel so good! Love you, Dad, love you…”

“But we’re not finished, darling. There’s more to sex than just having your cunt licked. Your father’s going to show you everything.”

Ted climbed off the bed and hurriedly removed his clothes, tossing his shirt, shoes, socks, pants and underwear carelessly onto the floor. When he pulled his shorts off, his hard-on popped out, and the expression on Felicia’s face told him that this was the first cock his teenage daughter had ever seen in the raw.

“Oh, Dad!” she gushed. “Your penis is so big and stiff!”

“It’s not my penis, darling.” Ted climbed onto the bed and knelt between her thighs, with his massive prick throbbing and twitching and dripping cum onto her belly. “Call it my dick!”

He took Felicia’s hand and lifted it to his cock, watching as his innocent daughter gently stroked and petted his iron-hard prick. Her touch was eager and inexperienced; she ran her fingers lightly up and down his cock, pinching the bloated, purplish prick-knob.

“I can’t believe how big your dick is, Dad,” she said anxiously. “Oh God, it’s so hard, I can feel the blood throbbing in it! Are you really going to put it all the way up my cunt?”

“Yes, darling.” Ted mounted her, crawling into position between her spread-eagled thighs. “You just watch and see how easily it goes in!”

Holding his cock in his fist, Ted centered the juicing prick-knob on the swollen, dripping slit of his daughter’s pussy. He pushed in gently until his spongy cockhead was securely embedded inside her. Felicia moaned at the pressure of her first prick, feeling her pussy slit nip and cling to the tip of his cock.

Then Ted started humping his ass, gently fucking the meaty inches of his hard-on into the velvety sheath of his daughter’s hot cunt. Immediately he realized how tight her pussy was, how exquisitely the strong pussy muscles milked and clasped the veined harness of his meat.

“Unh, Dad, you’re hurting me!” Felicia’s pretty face contorted in pain and pleasure as she felt her cunt walls stretched wider than they had been by his fingers, tearing slightly to admit the massive thickness of her father’s cock. “Your dick is too big for me! But it’s making me so horny too!”

“You just… and fuck! Just hold on there, honey!” Ted panted. “Fucking always stings a girl a little bit the first time. In a minute you’re really going to start loving it.”

He continued to work his ass steadily between her spread, slender thighs, watching her big tits jiggle spongily with the thrusts of his cock into her pussy. Lowering his head, Ted watched his hard-on disappear into his daughter’s bush.

Her cunt was hot and tight. The little fuck hole seemed to suck and contract of its own volition, continually squeezing his aching prick. Ted kept fucking into her and fought to hold back his load of cum.

With a last, jerking movement of his hips, Ted pushed every inch of his big prick into his teenage daughter’s fuck hole. Felicia quivered and shuddered beneath him, moaning and rolling her head as she was overwhelmed by the horny sensations flooding her naked body.

“Does it feel good now, honey? Do you like the way my cock feels in your little cunt?”

“Yes, Dad!” Felicia gasped. “Oh fuck, it doesn’t hurt anymore! Ungghh! Dad, I can feel your dick throbbing now! It’s so big and hard! Fuck me with it, Dad! Teach me how to fuck!”

Ted lifted his ass, withdrawing his aching, drooling cock until only the prick crown parted his daughter’s ravished pussy folds. There was no blood on his prick, he saw, only the wet stain of her fuck juices. She was ready and open to get fucked.

Sighing, Ted pushed his big prick all the way back into her pussy. He pulled out again, then fucked back in, a little farther. Then he slowly started fucking his horny daughter, fucking out her hairy slit with quickening strokes of his cum-swollen prick.

“Harder, Dad! Unhh! Fuck me harder!” Lifting her head, Felicia watched in wide-eyed awe as her father’s fat prick fucked rhythmically into her curly haired pussy. “Can’t believe how good it feels, Dad! Unh, my cunt’s throbbing, it’s sucking on your cock! Fuck me with it, Dad! Fuck my cunt!”

Her pussy was still extremely tight, but the constant flow of her cunt cream had loosened her pussy passage for the fuck thrusts of his prick. Ted stopped worrying so much about his daughter and concentrated more on his own pleasure.

Groaning, he fell flat on her sleek body, flattening her big tits beneath his chest and cradling his head in the crook of her shoulder. Felicia instinctively lifted her thighs, pressing them tightly around his waist. Ted started humping his ass much faster, fucking his cock relentlessly through the gurgling wetness of her cunt.

“Gonna cum again, Dad!” Felicia ran her hands wildly all over his body, raking his back with her long nails. “Nhuunh, I want more, Dad, more of your dick!” She grunted and scissored her thighs tightly around the center of his back, simultaneously grabbing his ass cheeks and trying to pull them down with every stroke. “Fuck my cunt, Dad! Fuck it, make it cum!”

“Move your ass, darling!” Ted gasped. “Push up your sweet little pussy when I push down my cock!”

Felicia shamelessly started humping beneath him. Her fuck movements were awkward at first, and Ted nearly pulled his prick out of her inadvertently.

But instinct makes fucking the easiest thing in the world to learn, and besides, his horny daughter was a natural fucker. Within a few strokes, Felicia was whipping her ass off the bed as if she’d been fucking all her life, groaning and crying girlishly as she pummeled her pussy onto Ted’s cock.

“I’m cumming now, Dad!” she cried. “Awww fuck me, I can feel it! My pussy’s burning so good! Unh! Oh, Dad, Dad; my cunt feels funny, it’s never felt like this before! Fuck my cunt, Dad! I’m cuummmmiiinnngggg!”

The spasms shot through her sweating tanned body, making her thighs quiver as they clutched his back and her dripping pussy sucked spasmodically around his prick.

Ted knew that he’d finally satisfied his daughter and stopped trying to hold back his load. He fucked her brutally as he came, making the bed creak and shake, pounding his prick furiously into her pussy and thinking of nothing but his impending cum explosion.

“Ahh fuck it, Felicia!” he gasped.

His big prick, sprayed heavily into her hairy, clinging pussy, racking his balls with one of the most powerful cum of his life. Ted pistoned his ass and cried out loudly as white ribbons of jism jetted out of his piss hole, splashing onto the slippery, inner walls of his daughter’s cunt.

“Aw, Dad, you’re cumming, you’re cumming!” Hornily Felicia bucked her ass off the bed, flexing her cunt muscles to milk all the salty cream out of his cock. “Keep cumming, Dad! I can feel it in my pussy! Shoot your stuff in my hot cunt!”

Then it was over. Panting in happy exhaustion, Ted pulled his cock out of her fuck hole and rolled onto his back beside her on the bed. His prick was limp and rubbery, completely drained by the intensity of their incestuous fuck.

“How do you feel, honey?”

Felicia threw herself on top of him and kissed him lovingly, in shamelessly gratitude for the pleasure his cock had given her. “I feel fantastic, Dad! I loved fucking you! I never knew fucking could feel so good! I just want to keep fucking you all day and all night!”

She kissed him wantonly, thrusting her tongue into his mouth. Her hand pushed down his hairy chest and stomach; Ted was a little surprised at her eagerness when she wrapped her hand around his prick and started to jack his cock.

“Make it stiff again, Dad! Make your cock super hard so we can fuck!”

“But, honey, I really came hard!” Ted said apologetically. “You might have to wait a couple of minutes for me to get another hard-on!”

“Would it help if I put it in my mouth? I really want to suck your dick, Dad! I want that almost as much as another fuck!”

Ted gulped and nodded his head. Holding up his rubbery prick with her hand on the base, Felicia lowered her head and stuffed his cock down her throat.

“Now, don’t use your teeth,” Ted instructed. “Fold your lips over them. Jack me off and suck me at the same time.”

Felicia caved in her cheeks, wrapping her lips in a tight circle around the center of his prick. Then she feverishly started sucking, obviously starved for the taste of her father’s cock.

Almost immediately Ted felt his prick getting stiff again, responding to the wet pressure of his daughter’s mouth. Felicia gurgled contentedly as she felt the big cockshaft swelling between her sucking lips.

“Unh! That’s a good girl, Felicia! Oh fuck, you’re a fantastic little cocksucker! You’re making my cock grow again! Keep sucking now! Suck your father’s dick!”

Felicia jacked his cock and bobbed her head, fucking her face with her dad’s prick. Ted dropped his head to the bed and simply enjoyed the pleasure of the blow job. He’d finally committed incest, but he knew that, with the joys of his daughter’s tight pussy behind him, he’d never be able to turn away from it again.


Randy awakened earlier than usual for school, and the first thing he was aware of was that he had an enormous hard-on. It wasn’t a piss boner; a quick trip to the bathroom proved that. He’d simply awakened horny, with a cock which was rock-hard and pulsing for some cunt.

Perhaps he’d been dreaming about Margie, or more likely, his big-titted, fucking mother. Lazily pushing the sheets to the foot of the bed, Randy exposed his nakedness in the early morning sunlight.

Wrapping his hand around the center of his cock, the teenage boy felt hot pulsations shooting through his prick. He stroked his cock once, then a second time. Then he started to jack off, rocking his hips lightly off the bed, fucking his prick through his fist.

“Fuck me…” he whispered. He realized he was fantasizing about his mother, remembering how she’d looked on the living room rug, with the delivery boy’s hard-on shooting jism up her asshole. “Oh yes, so good… fuck me… fuck…”

The door burst open, giving him no chance to cover himself. Randy stared in shock and embarrassment at his equally shocked, embarrassed mother.

“Jesus, Mom!” Randy gasped. “Holy Christ!”

Blushing fiercely, the teenager grabbed the sheets and pulled them up to his chin. He moved fast, but not before Cynthia had savored a very good look at his naked stiff prick.

The second she saw his cock her pussy began to juice uncontrollably, and she knew that she was going to have to feel his prick in her cunt.

Her son’s cock was huge. Only a teenager, but his prick was already every bit as large as his father’s. Dizzily Cynthia walked across the room to his bed, thinking of nothing but the rock-hard, quivering prick shaft, the bloated purplish cock-knob that had looked ready to burst as her son stroked madly.

“Son?” Cynthia sat on the edge of the bed and stared down at him with glazed eyes. Only part of her mind seemed to be working; it was if she’d fallen into a trance. “What were you just doing? What were you doing when I came into your room?”

Randy’s embarrassment suddenly turned to anger. “Jesus! You saw me! What the fuck do you think I was doing?”

“Don’t swear, darling. Don’t be angry. Nothing’s wrong with masturbation.” The words came quickly, bubbling out of Cynthia’s slack lips. Without intending to she put her hand on his thigh and rubbed it through the sheets. “Nothing’s wrong with jacking off your cock. That big, beautiful cock.”

Randy gasped as her bathrobe fell open, revealing her enormous, milk-white tits. Impulsively, helplessly, Cynthia grabbed the sheet and threw it to the foot of the bed.

Randy’s cock stood up, stiff and long and thick. Cynthia wrapped her hand tightly around the base and moaned as she felt his prick throbbing in her fingers. Then she dropped her head and frantically began to lick and kiss his spongy cockhead, thrusting her tongue into the piss hole.

“Unh! Oh fuck, Mom! What are you doing?” Randy grimaced and looked at her disbelievingly, letting her do as she pleased. “Oh Christ, that feels good! Suck it, Mom! Suck my cock!”

Beside herself with lust, Cynthia opened her mouth wide and stuffed her son’s big prick down her throat. It tasted salty and musky and utterly delicious, and the cockshaft was so thick that she had to stretch her lips to bursting just to hold his prick in her mouth.

Cynthia forgot that incest was wrong, that she was committing a sin she’d been fighting for weeks. Feverishly she started sucking her son’s massive cock as hard as she could, noisily slurping and gurgling as she savored the mouth-filling stiffness of his prick.

“That’s good, Mom!” Randy grabbed the back of her head and excitedly pumped his ass off the mattress, fucking his prick down her throat. “Suck harder! You, suck my cock so good!”

Tightening her fist around the base of his cock, Cynthia madly jacked her son off. Her tongue swirled all over his bloated prickshaft, teasing the slit, trying to turn him on as much as she could. Rhythmically her cheeks caved in and puffed out, increasing the suction around his big prick.

“Gonna cum, Mom! I can’t hold it back!”

Then, as desperate as she was to drink his jism, Cynthia knew she had to feel his hard-on fucking into her cunt.

She popped his cock out of her mouth and licked the cum from her lips, staring hornily at his prick as the stone-hard column of cock pulsed and weaved lewdly over his, stomach. Cynthia climbed off the bed and shrugged off her bathrobe. Randy gasped at the sight of his mother’s voluptuous naked body, gazing at her huge, stiff-nippled tits, her sleek legs and ass, the hairy triangle of her cunt.

“I’m going to fuck you now, darling,” Cynthia hissed. Her voice had a faraway sound to it, as if she’d been drugged. “You’ve got a big, fat, beautiful cock, son. I’m going to put it in my cunt!”

She climbed back onto the bed and mounted him, straddling his hips, planting her knees on the bed to either side of his upper thighs. Excitedly Cynthia reached between her legs and grasped the throbbing length of his prick.

Then she fit the cock-knob into her pussy and bucked her ass down hard, groaning as she felt his fat prick boring into her sopping cunt.

“Unh! Oh fuck, Mom! Fuck my dick!” Randy pushed his hands up her torso and wrapped his fingers tightly around her huge, cherry-capped tits. He squeezed and massaged her enormous tits as he started to hump his ass off the bed, thrusting his cock into her cunt tunnel. “Your pussy’s so wet! Fuck me, Mom! Move your ass and fuck me hard!”

Cynthia worked her ass like a machine, grunting and sighing and humping until she had every inch of her son’s bone-stiff cock into the gurgling sheath of her cunt. She felt her pussy throbbing ecstatically around his cock, filled to bursting by the meaty size of Randy’s big prick.

Cynthia leaned forward, letting her huge tits dangle pendulously over his chest. Randy immediately raised his head and caught one nipple between his lips. He sucked hard on the rosy circle, chewing the taut teat like a nursing child. Cynthia gasped and humped her ass as hard as she could.

“Fuck me, darling!” she squealed. “Unh Randy, your cock is so thick. Fuck me! Fuck your mother! Your dicks big and stiff in your mother’s cunt!”

Sucking eagerly on her creamy tits, Randy tried to work his ass in time to her strokes. But Cynthia’s humping movements were impossible to follow. She whipped her hips in a blur, slamming her cunt up and down on his burning cockmeat, thinking of nothing but her impending cum.

“Fuck me harder! Fuck your mother!” Her pussy was wetter than it had ever been in her life, making obscene squishing sounds as the fur-fringed lips sucked on Randy’s fucking cock. “Aww, my cunt’s so wet! Fuck it faster, as fast as you can! Gonna cum, lover! Fuck meeee!”

Randy panted around her stiff nipple and fucked his cock into her pussy deep and fast. Together, the incestuous lovers nearly broke the bed with the fury of their fucking. Within minutes Cynthia felt the pre-cum heat boiling deep inside her pussy; her asshole and cunt throbbed in unison, making the velvety cunt sheath suck around her son’s fucking prick.

“Cumming, Randy!” she gasped. “Fuck me now, harder, faster! Ram your dick up my belly! Ungghh! Oh fuck, my pussy’s burning! I’m cuming, I’m cummmmiiiiinnnnggg!”

Her cum ripped through her loins with tremendous force, draining her body completely. Randy gasped, released her tit and fucked his cock all the way up his mother’s fuck tunnel.

The white cum gushed out of his cockhead, filling her pussy full of his cream. Cynthia shrieked and humped her ass faster than ever, using her tight pussy to drain the spurting cum load out of her son’s big prick.

Then she was off his cock, off the bed, and out of the room before the last drops had finished oozing from the tip of Randy’s prick. Her son called after her, but Cynthia paid no attention.

The heat of lust was behind her; she felt horribly ashamed of what she’d done. How could she have been so sinful? Cynthia was crying miserably. How could she have allowed herself to fuck her teenage son?


The day after her father had fucked her, Felicia had a hard time in school. She’d always been an honor student, interested in her lessons and her teachers, but it seemed she just couldn’t concentrate.

All she could think of was how horny she felt, how her pussy was hot for another good fuck. As her teachers droned on about everything from the Constitution to Greek history, the teenage nymph wriggled her ass in frustration in her chairs, fantasizing about her dad’s huge spurting cock.

She usually chatted with Mr. Bartholomew after her last period class, but today she left without saying a word to anyone, hurrying home to jack off. It was three o’clock, and she wondered how long it would be before her father returned from work. How many times would she fingerfuck herself before he walked in the door and she took his prick out of his pants?

But Felicia was to get fucked hours before she expected. A car slowed to an idle as she rushed up Penny Avenue on her way home.

“Hi, there, Felicia! Want a lift?”

Feeling slightly dazed by her lust, the shapely teenager looked through the passenger window. Smiling at her was Chet Gardner, a bachelor in his mid-thirties who lived close to Felicia’s old house across town. Felicia knew him just well enough to recognize his face, having exchanged pleasantries with him off and on over the years.

“Hi, Mr. Gardner. What’re you doing over here?”

“I had to pick up some papers.” Gardner threw open the passenger door and patted the seat beside him. “Hop in, Felicia. I’ll give you a lift. You and your dad live in an apartment complex now, right?”

Felicia nodded as she got into the car, and the two chatted aimlessly as they drove to her apartment building. As he pulled next to the curb in front of it, Gardner mentioned that it was a hot day and he was thirsty. Felicia didn’t think twice about inviting him inside, though she wanted privacy so she could fingerfuck.

In her apartment, she returned to find that Gardner was already sitting on the living room couch.

“Here you go,” she said, handing him the glass and sitting next to him. “I hope it’s not too warm. I don’t think the pipes in this building are insulated that well.”

Gardner took a long swallow and smiled at her. “It’s fine. You’ve got a very nice place here with your father.”

Felicia shrugged. “Oh, I guess it’s okay. Thank you for saying that, though.”

“You deserve the best, Felicia. You’re a very pretty girl.”

“Why thank you, Mr. Gardner!”

“A very sexy girl too. You’re getting pretty big, Felicia. How old are you now? You must get asked out on lots of dates.”

Felicia shrugged and smiled at him a little shyly. She was still too innocent to understand what he was driving at.

“I hope you’re careful when you go out, Felicia. Boys your age usually have only one thing on their dirty little minds.”

Felicia was momentarily tempted to tell him how she’d been initiated into the joys of fucking by her father, but quickly decided against it. “Oh, I know how to watch out for myself, Mr. Gardner.”

“But they might try to touch you, Felicia. Like this.”

Felicia wore a pair of tight faded jeans and a cotton t-shirt that stretched to cover her tits. Lightly Gardner placed his hand on her thigh and squeezed gently.

“Mr. Gardner!” Felicia giggled and batted his hand away. “Don’t touch me like that!”

“But boys will touch you like that, Felicia. You have to know how to protect yourself from boys.”

He put his hand back onto her thigh and moved it upwards. Felicia watched in shock as his fingers moved towards her crotch. For the first time she glanced at the front of his pants and was surprised to see an enormous hard-on stretching his slacks.

Then Gardner realized what he was doing, and he seemed suddenly embarrassed by his actions. “I’m sorry I… please don’t tell your father I touched you like that, Felicia. I know it was wrong of me. I guess I’ve always found you an exceptionally attractive girl.”

“I’ll say you find me attractive!” Felicia blurted. “God, look at that big hard-on in your pants!”

Gardner gasped at her boldness and stared down at his throbbing cock bulge. All at once Felicia knew she was dying to fuck him. She’d intended to jack off until her father’s return, but nothing could take the place of a big fucking cock in her pussy.

“I’m… oh God, this is embarrassing!” Gardner squirmed away from her. “I’m sorry, Felicia, I lost control of myself! Please don’t tell your father!”

“Mr. Gardner, would you do something for me?”

“What’s that?”

“Let me suck your dick!”

Gardner gaped at her in stupefaction. Licking her lips, Felicia slid off the couch and knelt on the floor in front of the couch. Then she slid her hands up his thighs, caressed his stiff cock through his slacks and deftly pulled down his zipper.

“Now… now wait a second here, Felicia,” Gardner said, glancing nervously around the apartment. “I don’t know if you realize… oh, God!”

She pulled his pants and underwear down to his ankles, freeing his naked, throbbing prick. His cock was a big one, fat and swollen, seamed by a thick vein that flared out at the crown into an enormous, rosy prick-knob. Whimpering with lust, Felicia wrapped her little hand around the shaft of his prick and started to jack his cock hard.

“Felicia! Oh, Christ!”

“Don’t be worried, Mr. Gardner! I won’t tell anyone!” Felicia’s hand raced in a blur up and down the stalk of his cock meat, well practiced after giving so many hand jobs for her father. “I want to give you a blow job! Your cock is so big and hard. I really want to suck on it a lot!”

Gardner moaned and said nothing. Pushing her fist to the base of his cock, Felicia extended her tongue and flattened it on the pulsing, spongy prickhead. His cock tasted delicious, salty and musky as only cock meat could be.

Felicia teased his hard-on by licking the tip for several seconds, simultaneously squeezing and milking the base. A thick blab of jism oozed from the piss hole. She caught it on her tongue and giggled as she sucked it into her mouth.

“Doesn’t that feel good, Mr. Gardner? Don’t you want me to give this big fat cock a good sucking?”

Gardner nodded silently and pushed his hand behind her head, cupping the back of her neck needfully. Felicia took a deep breath and dropped her head onto his lap. She made a lewd gurgling sound as she stuffed the meaty inches of his prick down her throat.

Her father had licked her cunt and fucked her pussy, but Felicia could never get enough of sucking his cock. She felt as if she had a special craving for his prick all the time, as if the vague uneasiness she often felt could only be satisfied with a long stiff cock spurting cum down her throat. Most of all she wanted to suck her dad’s cock now, but Gardner’s would do as a substitute.

Felicia hollowed her cheeks, sharply increasing the suctioning pressure around Gardner’s cock. Gardner’s prick quickly grew stiffer under her mouth fucking, twitching and jerking obscenely between her lips. More hot pre cum oozed out of the piss hole. Felicia lapped it up with her tongue, rolling her tongue repeatedly all over the shiny-skinned knob of his prick.

Cocks taste so good, Felicia thought hornily. It’s almost like being a daughter again and sucking my thumb. Only dicks taste a lot better. I wish Dad was here so I could suck his cock too.

Wet, slurping sounds came out of her mouth as her blow job intensified, filling the living room with the lascivious sound effects of sex. Felicia’s cheeks blushed as she pushed her head closer to the furry root of Gardner’s prick, taking more of his hard-on between her lips.

She sucked his prick feverishly, clamping her lips in a tight circle around the thick-veined cock. Gardner shuddered and started to grind his ass off the couch. Felicia met his rhythms, bobbing her head, fucking her face with his prick.

Obediently the wanton teenager dropped her hand between his hairy thighs. Gently she dug her fingers into his ball bag, feeling the fat globes inside the hairy sac.

They were painful bloated, loaded with cum. Felicia made Gardner gasp as she rolled them between her fingers, as if to loosen and coax out the wad of cream. Her other hand tightened on his prickshaft and jacked much faster, until her wrist ached with the speed with which she worked his cock.

“Cuming, honey!” Gardner grabbed her head with both hands and desperately tried to fuck his cock down her throat. “Can’t take it, I’m cuuummmiiinnnggg!”

His cock spurted. The first torrent of cum gushed over Felicia’s tongue, rolling down her throat before she’d gotten a real taste of his spunk. Then the white ribbons of jism pumped rhythmically out of his prickhead, and Felicia determinedly gulped it all down, whimpering around his squirting cock meat as she savored the taste of his cock juices.

“Felicia, Felicia…” Gardner trembled on the couch as she thrust her tongue onto his cum slit, lapping the last drops of cream from his aching cock. With his balls emptied of their load, she took his prick out of her mouth and licked off her own saliva and the traces of his jism.

“I can’t believe this,” Gardner moaned. “I never thought this would happen in a million years!”

“I don’t know about that, Mr. Gardner. Why did you tell me how pretty I am?” Felicia giggled and ran her tongue around her lips. “God, I’m super horny. How’d you like to see me naked, Mr. Gardner? Then I’ll let you lick my cunt!”

Gardner gulped and nodded his head. Felicia rose to her feet, moving slowly and tantalizingly, enjoying the process of exciting him with her voluptuous figure.

She pulled the t-shirt over her head, revealing the straining cups of her bra. Gardner’s rubbery cock immediately started to swell with fresh blood, lifting from where his prick rested across his thigh and twitching luridly.

Felicia reached behind her back and unfastened the bra, exposing her large well rounded tits. Gardner’s prick grew still harder as he ogled her big red nipples, stiff now with her need to cum.

“Like me so far, Mr. Gardner?”

“Go on, go on!” he pleaded. “Let me see your cunt!”

Felicia giggled and kicked off her sandals. Then she slowly peeled her tight jeans over her ass, down her long tapering legs to the floor. Now she only had on her panties, and Gardner could clearly see her hairy pussy triangle through the sheer fabric. Her oozing cunt cream had wetted the panty crotch.

“Oh, fuck!” Shamelessly Gardner wrapped his hand around his stone-hard cock; he jacked off hard as he watched her strip. “You’re torturing me! Take off those Goddamn panties, please!”

Smiling, Felicia tugged off the panties too. Then she slowly stretched out on her back on the floor. Gardner’s cock throbbed violently as he watched her spread wide, her long legs completely opening up the pouting lips of her wet, curly haired pussy.

“Suck it, Mr. Gardner!” Felicia trailed her fingers through her matted cunt bush and slipped two fingers between the swollen lips of her pussy slit. Gently she fucked them in and out, fingerfucking herself before his eyes. “You know you want to. Lick my pussy, make it cum!”

With his hard-on standing stiffly before him, Gardner climbed off the couch and knelt between her naked splayed thighs. He bent his head to her pussy and watched her fingerfuck herself, inhaling the irresistibly tantalizing aroma of a wet teenaged cunt.

Felicia sighed as he took her wrist and pulled her hand from her burning pussy. Then he pressed his head between her creamy white legs and glued his mouth to her oozing cunt slit.

His tongue pierced the folds of her hairy cunt, rubbing on the bright pinkness of her fuck hole. A drop of cum oozed from the tip of his prick; he liked the taste of Felicia’s pussy.

Thrusting his hands under her hips, he dug his hands into the rounded, spongy globes of her ass. Then he started to move his tongue rhythmically up and down the pouting lips of her wet pussy, pausing to tease her clit with every tongue thrust.

“Unh! Mr. Gardner!” Felicia’s pretty face took on a dazed, slack-jawed look of lustful passion. Her only fucking experience was with her father, but Mr. Gardner was obviously as skilled at sucking pussy as her dad. It wouldn’t be long before she came.

“Suck it, lover!” She grabbed the back of his head and started to grind and buck her, ass off the floor, humping her fleecy pussy mound onto his tongue. “My pussy’s all creamy! Aw God, your tongue feels good! Keep licking it, lover! Lick my clit!”

He sucked her cunt harder, flicking his tongue on her hard, protruding clit and lapping up the fuck juices that flowed from the depths of her pussy tunnel. Felicia responded by clawing the back of his neck and whipping her pussy up so eagerly that it was impossible to hold her bouncing ass in position.

Withdrawing his hands, Gardner fucked two fingers into her flowering, swollen cunt. They went easily into the gurgling sheath of her pussy. He started to jack her off as he sucked. More and more he licked and sucked her clit, holding it between his lips, nibbling on the tip.

“Cumming!” Felicia’s gorgeous face reddened sharply as the spasms made her loins churn with passion. “Aw fuck, my cunt’s so wet! I’m cuming, lover! Keep eating me, suck my fucking pussy! I’m cuuummmiiiinnnnggg!”

The spasms pumped explosively through her wide-open cunt, deluging Gardner’s sucking lips with a heavy flow of cunt oil from her foaming pussy. Felicia jerked and humped as if in the throes of a fit, pounding her cunt repeatedly onto his lips. After the main strength of her cum had subsided, Gardner continued to nurse and suck gently on her ravished pussy.

“Oh, Lord!” Felicia panted as she stared at the ceiling, still feeling the tingling pleasure throbbing inside her cunt. “Take off the rest of your clothes, lover! Do it now! I’ve got to feel your dick inside me!”

Gardner rose to his knees between her sweat-beaded thighs and hurriedly stripped off the rest of his clothes, revealing a powerful physique. Felicia stared lustfully at the big thick cock weaving stiffly before him, still dripping with its need to penetrate the folds of her cunt.

Gardner mounted her, supporting the weight of his upper body on his outstretched arms. He fit the knob of his prick into her pussy, and Felicia whimpered loudly as she felt his cock fucking into her, spreading the walls of her fuck tunnel around the invading thickness of his big cock.

“Unnnghh! Yes, lover, oh yes!” With half of his prick fucking inside her, the naked teenager threw up her legs and wrapped them tightly around his heaving back. “Your prick is going into me now! Unhh, it’s stretching me, it’s filling my cunt! Fuck me with it! Fuck the shit out of my hot cunt!”

Felicia’s shameless obscenities excited Gardner to go faster, ramming his cock to the balls in the hairy, gurgling slit of her cunt hole. He lay on top of her without moving, savoring the pressure of her pussy muscles around his rock-hard prick.

Slowly he began to fuck his meat into her, excitedly watching her big, stiff-nippled tits jiggle and quiver as he fucked her cunt full of his cock.

Felicia gasped and wrapped her arms about his shoulders, groaning as her cunt was pleasured by his fucking prick. Gardner fucked her pussy faster and harder. Felicia energetically worked her hips to meet his fuck strokes, bouncing her ass off the floor.

“Faster, Mr. Gardner! Fuck my pussy as hard as you can!” Her moans were more like shrieks, driving him on to consummate her lust. “Aw, my pussy’s so hot! It’s sucking on your cock, it needs your prick to cum! Fuck meeeee, fuck me haaard!”

Gardner fucked her as hard as he could, pounding her ass onto the living worn carpet with every thrust. Felicia knew that the sounds of their humping might have been audible through the whole apartment building. She didn’t care. Her cunt was hot. She had to cream.

“I’m cumming!” she gasped suddenly. Her tight pussy spasmed around his cock, clutching it needfully as the heat gushed through her belly. “Fuck me, unh unh, fuck my cunt! I’m cuuummmiiinnngggg!”

Simultaneously Gardner fucked his aching, burning prick into her cunt bush, shooting his second load into her wet teenaged pussy. Felicia’s ecstatic cum was intensified by the white torrent of jism shooting into her pussy, filling her cunt as his cum splattered on the slippery inner walls of her pussy tunnel.

She moaned deliriously, thanking him for the pleasure his cock had given her pussy.

Her moan also let her father — who had just come home from work, and was now standing with his car to the apartment door, an astonished look on his face — know that his daughter was fucking another man.


After impulsively sucking and fucking her son, Cynthia felt more ashamed of herself than ever before in her life. She was sure that she would never be able to face Randy again, never be able to meet his eyes without blushing horribly in humiliation. It wouldn’t have surprised her if he never came home from school.

She spent the day in an orgy of guilt and lust, blaming herself for giving in to her incestuous passions, while fingerfucking herself endlessly as she remembered her son’s huge fucking cock. When she heard the front door open in mid-afternoon, and heard Randy’s footsteps bouncing up the stairs to his room, she jacked off harder than ever.

For the rest of the afternoon she avoided him, retreating to her room whenever she heard her son stir upstairs. But there was no avoiding a confrontation at dinner. At six Cynthia took a quick shower to wash her dripping pussy, then dressed in a dress that showed no cleavage and fell to her knees. Then she called Randy down for supper.

Randy trotted downstairs and looked at her in a friendly manner, but Cynthia blushed in shame and averted her, eyes. Randy shrugged and took his place at the dinner table. Cynthia served him and sat down hr silence.

But Randy showed no desire to initiate conversation, and after awhile the quiet was more than Cynthia could bear. She desperately wanted to talk about their fuck session that morning, to explain to him that she’d lost control of herself and that it could never happen again. But she just couldn’t say that. At least small talk was better than nothing.

“Well!” Cynthia exclaimed brightly. “How was your day at school today?”

Randy shrugged and chewed a sprig of broccoli. “Okay. How ’bout yours.”

“Just fine!” Cynthia lied. “Have you ever heard of Terrini’s? It’s a new market downtown.”


“Well, they’re famous for their vegetables, and after tasting this broccoli I have to agree. Don’t you think, Randy? Isn’t this the best you’ve ever had? Here, let me get you some more.”

Too nervous to sit still, Cynthia picked up the serving tray, walked around the dining room table and stood next to Randy to spoon some more broccoli on his plate. Her face was still flushed with tension, but she did her best to smile lovingly.

Then Randy shocked her by running his hand up her shapely thigh and squeezing her ass through the dress.

Cynthia just stood there with the serving tray in her hands, too shocked to move. Randy put his hand under her dress. Lewdly and shamelessly he massaged her soft thighs, then pushed his fingers under her panties and squeezed and kneaded her naked ass cheeks.

“R-Randy, you stop that,” Cynthia said nervously, as her cunt began to throb. “What’s gotten into you?”

“Come on, Mom. Knock off the shit.”

It was a wraparound dress which had never been meant to show a glimpse of thigh. But Randy pulled the halves completely apart, baring his mother’s long, naked legs and her hairy pussy triangle through her sheer panties.

Cynthia shuddered as her son pulled the panty crotch away from her cunt. Then he slipped his fingers into her pussy, separating the pouting folds of her hairy wet pussy.

“God, Mom! Your cunt really feels good!”

“R-Randy, I have something I have to say to you.” Cynthia managed to put down the serving tray before it fell to the floor. “What we did this morning… well, I’m the one who initiated it, but what we did was very wrong. I enjoyed… having intercourse with you very much, darling, but we must never do it again.”

“Bullshit, Mom.”

Randy tugged her panties over the rounded cheeks of her plump ass, skinning them down her long legs. Cynthia stiffened and did nothing to stop him as he wrapped his hands tightly around the spongy globes of her ass.

Turning on his chair, Randy pushed his face onto the dark triangle of her pussy. Instinctively, helplessly, Cynthia spread her feet on the floor. Randy pushed out his tongue and stuck it deep inside her cunt.

“Oh, Mom, your pussy tastes so good,” he sighed. “I’ve wanted to suck your cunt for so Goddamn long!”

He squeezed her ass cheeks harder, rolling them between his fingers. Then he started to eat out her creaming pussy in earnest, darting his tongue rhythmically in and out of the wet, aching slit. Cynthia’s pussy lips pulsed as he slid his lips up and down her pussy furrow; her clit swelled painfully, rising from its fleshy hood.

“No-no-nnnooo, Randy,” she gasped, her voice breaking. “I’m your mother. Can’t have sex with your mother… unh God, nooo, don’t suck Mom’s cunt…”

Randy ignored her, gulping audibly as he tongued up the cunt oil from the foaming lips of his mother’s pussy. Shamefully Cynthia glanced at his crotch, and her eyes widened as she saw the gigantic stiff cock stretching the inseam of his jeans.

Impulsively she lowered her hand and squeezed his big prick. Then she started rocking her ass, whimpering and sighing as her horny teenage son ate out the pussy he’d come from years before.

“Wrong, son,” she shuddered. “So wrong to suck your mother. Unhhhh! Oh, Randy! Lick my pussy, darling. I can’t help myself. Suck my cunt good.”

Randy ground his lips on her steaming fuck hole, fucking his tongue deep into the bright pinkness of her pussy tunnel; Cynthia could barely stand as she felt the cum spasms beginning in her belly.

“Make me cum!” Needfully she held the back of his head and started humping her ass, fucking her wet cunt all over her son’s face. “Gonna cum, gonna cream! Suck me, Randy, suck off my clit!”

Randy wrapped his lips tightly around his mother’s red, ravished clit. He sucked it hard, as if trying to pull it from her body. Cynthia’s screams nearly shook the house.

“Cumming now! Aww God, I can’t help it, you suck my pussy so good. Suck harder! Suck my cunt, I’m cuuummmiiinnngggg!”

The heat from her cum ripped through her hairy pussy slit with cunt-drenching force, instantly satisfying her pussy more than any of the fingerfucking sessions she’d had all day.

Again and again delicious spasms gushed through her pussy, making her pussy tingle and pulse wildly, and her cunt oozed hot fuck cream into her son’s mouth.

Randy pawed her ass cheeks and continued to tongue and suck and lick and kiss his mother’s pussy until her cunt folds had stopped pulsing on his mouth. Then, his cheeks glistening with her pussy cream, he lifted his head and stared shamelessly at her face.

“Mom, you’ve got to let me fuck you. I’ve been thinking about your cunt all day.”

Cynthia stared down at him, visibly shivering as she struggled between her nagging conscience and the volcanic force of her lust. Soon her lust won out completely.

Pushing herself away from him, she tore madly at the buttons of her dress. Randy watched as she ripped off the dress, leaving herself naked except for her bra and panties. Then he was upon her, with his big stiff cock sticking out of his jeans as he tore at his mother’s undergarments.

“Yes, Randy, do it!” Cynthia screamed. “Suck my tits, fuck me! Fuck the shit out of my cunt!”

Randy ripped off her D-cup bra, exposing the soft, milk-white expanse of her tits and the huge, stiffly crinkled nipples. He lowered his head to her huge tit and pulled the nipple deep into his mouth. His cheeks puckered as he sucked violently, sending fresh waves of passion through Cynthia’s stacked body.

Her son tore off her panties as he sucked her tit; he stuck his finger into her hairy cunt. Lewdly Cynthia bucked her ass, fucking his hand. Then Randy stopped sucking and pushed her to the floor, struggling with his clothes as he mounted her.

“Yes! Fuck me, fuck my cunt!”

Randy was soon naked, baring the lean, muscular physique and the huge hard-on that Cynthia had craved so much. He held his wildly jerking cock in his fist and grimaced as he fit the prick-knob against her foaming cunt.

Then he was pushing his dick into her, brutally stretching the walls of his mother’s pussy around his fucking cock. His frantic fuck thrusts would have hurt her if Cynthia’s pussy hadn’t been so buttery, so slick with the juices of incestuous lust.

“Aw yesss, son, fuck me, yessss!”

She spread her legs as wide as she could, opening her cunt tunnel completely for the violent invasion of her teenage son’s giant prick. Feverishly Randy pistoned his lean ass cheeks, fucking his big cock all the way into his mother’s wet pussy. He winced as he felt the pressure of her cunt muscles enveloping his prick.

He was fucking her so hard, it was as if he were raping her, Cynthia thought giddily. Her boy grown into a man, heaving between her thighs. She wanted him, all of him, even more than his cock. She desperately needed to be possessed by her son.

“Fuck me, Randy!” Throwing up her long legs, she wrapped them needfully around his back. “Fuck my pussy as hard as you can!”

Randy started doing just that. His hips moved like a machine between her spread thighs, reaming out her pussy with a force Cynthia hadn’t experienced since her wedding night with her ex-husband. Savagely his big prick fucked into her slick, clinging pussy, stretching the hairy cunt lips, fucking her cunt deeper with every stroke.

“Unggghhh!” Moans filled the living room as Cynthia’s aching pussy was thoroughly, furiously fucked. Panting, she worked her ass off the floor, pumping her pussy desperately onto her boy’s fucking cock.

“I’m gonna cum, Mom,” Randy moaned. “Your beaver’s so fucking tight. It’s sucking on me. Unh, Mom! I gotta squirt!”

“Yes, darling! Cum, cum!” Cynthia clawed his back and fucked her ass faster off the creaking floor. “Fuck me hard, fuck me harder! I’m cumming too! Oh, Randy, kill my pussy! Fuck me raw!”

Randy lowered his head to her deep cleavage, rolling his cheek on her huge spongy tits. He opened his mouth and sucked her other nipple between his lips, making Cynthia gasp and whine as she felt her son nurse wetly on her tit.

Then the fevered strokes of his fuck rhythm put her over the edge. Suddenly she felt her pussy tunnel tightening, and clasping around his fucking cock, her clit itching painfully as the little bud was titillated with every stroke.

“Cummmmmming now!” she moaned. “Fuck my pussy! Fuck me, fuck your mother! Unggghhhh! Oh God, oh fucking God! I’m cuuuummmiiinnnggg!”

It was an even more satisfying explosion than the first. Cynthia’s cock-stuffed pussy sucked tightly around her boy’s big prick as the cum spasms overwhelmed her naked body. Her nipples tingled; even her asshole lewdly throbbed and puckered, and at that moment Cynthia knew where she had to feel her son’s fucking cock next.

“Oh fuck, Mom!” Randy winced as his massive hard-on grew to total twitching stiffness in the sopping sheath of her pussy. “I’m cumming, Mom!” He started to fuck her much slower and faster, filling and emptying her pussy completely with every stroke. “My dick… it’s burning! Oh, Mom, Mom… ahhhhhh!”

A torrent of cum rushed up from his balls, gushing violently out of the open piss slit. Cynthia felt the hot spurts of her teens jism spurting all the way into her cunt.

Whimpering with pleasure, she tightened her legs around his waist and hammered her ass frantically off the foot, wanting her pussy to drain off all of his load. Randy came and came and came, until the horny mother thought he would shoot his balls out of the tip of his prick.

Finally the gusher of cum turned into pearly drops oozing from the tip of his swollen cock. There was more cream than her little pussy could hold. Cynthia groaned as she felt the load running out of her cunt around his cock, dripping onto the rug.

“Oh God, Randy! That was the best fuck of my life! Thank God you started to finger my pussy like that! I’ve been thinking about your huge dick all day! How will I ever survive without your dick again?”

“I don’t want to stop fucking you, Mom!” Randy moaned. “I love your pussy. I want to fuck you till you pass out!”

They kissed hornily, thrusting their tongues into each other’s mouth. Cynthia felt her pussy throbbing some more, sucking and clinging to the huge stiff cock that was still as hard as a poker.

It was time to teach her horny son how to love her asshole too.

“Put lots of it on, Randy!” Cynthia yelped. “Your dick is so fucking huge! God, it’s going to feel fantastic fucking up my ass!”

The naked mother and son were on Cynthia’s spacious double bed. Cynthia, was on her hands and knees, looking expectantly over her shoulder. Randy’s oversized cock pulsed straight before him as he held the open Vaseline jar in his hands.

Liberally he coated his rock-hard prick, smearing the jelly all over the knob and veined cock column. Then he withdrew another hunk of the goo and patted it onto his mother’s asshole.

Her ass ring was pink and the puckered circle was quite small. Randy’s huge cock grew stiffer as he looked at her asshole and imagined how good the strong, rubbery ass muscles would feel as they convulsively gripped his prick.

“Oh, Randy, I can hardly wait!” Cynthia’s asshole throbbed obscenely in and out as her son worked the Vaseline into her ass tunnel with his finger. “That’s enough, Randy! Put your dick in now, lover! Fuck your mother up the ass!”

Randy carelessly dropped the jar off the bed and mounted his mother’s succulently rounded cheeks. Groaning, Cynthia reached behind her back and spread her ass cheeks wide with her hands.

Then she felt her son’s bloated cockhead pushing onto her ass ring, spreading her asshole as he pushed in the meaty thickness of his cock.

“Yes, Randy!” Cynthia released her ass cheeks and quickly started humping, fucking up her asshole for more of her teen’s cock. “Fuck my asshole! Unh, fuck, I can feel it stretching me! Fuck your huge stiff dick up my little ass!”

Randy’s face was already a mask of lust as he fucked his prick up his mother’s shitter, feeling the rubbery ass tunnel he’d fantasized about suck tightly around his cock. Skillfully he wiggled his ass, corkscrewing his prick deeper and deeper between her blushing ass cheeks.

“Aw, Randy, I love it, I love your cock!” Cynthia dropped her head to her folded arms, letting her huge tits dangle over the sheets. Her pussy drooled heavily as Randy fucked a third, then a half, then two thirds of his stone-hard cock into her asshole. “I think I’m gonna cum already! Oh fuck me, Randy, fuck my asshole as hard as you want!”

With an obscenely pleasurable sigh, Randy fucked every inch of his prick into the rubbery grip of his mother’s asshole. Instantly he felt her ass tunnel flexing convulsively around his cock, as if to milk it all the way into her belly.

The pressure was delicious. Gasping, the naked boy lay crouched on top of his mother, feeling his cum-swollen hard-on ooze jism deep inside her bowels. Then he started to fuck his cock steadily in and out of her ravished asshole, fucking her deeper and faster with every stroke.

“Aw!” Cynthia gasped. “Oh, Randy! I love it! Fuck me harder!”

Fucking my asshole, she thought shamelessly. My teenage son’s enormous cock, rooting up my ass. His dick, feels so good in my asshole. There’s nothing more I can do with my son.

Randy slid his hands up his mother’s waist, wrapping his fingers around her huge rounded tits. He squeezed and milked them lustfully, rubbing his palms on the crimson nipples to make them stiffen like little pebbles.

At the same time his hips pumped faster and faster, fucking his blood-engorged cock to the depths of her sucking ass tunnel. Soon he was reaming out his mother’s asshole as hard as he could, making the bed creak and shake as they incestuously fucked.

“I’m cumming, Randy!” Cynthia impulsively thrust her fingers through her pussy curls, burying two in her dripping, churning cunt. She fingerfucked her pussy hard and fast, rolling her clit as the spasms began to gush through her loins. “Fuck my asshole! Harder, Randy! Fuck me harder, up my ass, my asshole’s cuuummmiiinnngggg!”

Randy fucked his prick into his mother’s cumming asshole, moaning as the cum bloated his prick to an even greater stiffness. Then he came too, shooting pints of thick, salty cum into her puckered asshole. Cynthia squealed like a bitch in heat as the walls of her ravaged asshole were soothed by her son’s hot squirting jism.

“I love you, Randy!” she cried. “Keep fucking me! Don’t ever stop fucking me!”

There was no turning back now. She would never try to resist her lewd cravings for her son’s hard-on again.


“Dad, what’s wrong?” Felicia blurted suddenly. “Why are you being so mean to me?”

They sat on the living room couch side-by-side, sipping drinks as they watched a comedy rerun on the TV. Felicia was dressed in a nightie which clung to the curves of the naked teenage body beneath it. She wiggled close to her father on the couch and looked at him thoughtfully.

He’d fucked her good and hard when he’d finally come home from work, after Mr. Gardner left, and she’d given his prick a good sucking after dinner. But there was something wrong in his manner, something reserved. Felicia wanted to fuck some more, but, it bothered her that she almost felt reluctant to ask her dad for more of his prick.

Something was bothering him.

“Nothing,” Ted said tersely and kept his eyes on the set.

“Dad, please, something’s bothering you!” Felicia whined. “Don’t lie to me! Did I do something wrong? Tell me what it is!”

There was a long silence. Ted frowned and looked pensively at the floor. His voice was a flat monotone when he spoke again.

“Felicia, have you ever fucked anyone besides me?”

Felicia thought of confessing her fuck session with Mr. Gardner, but quickly decided against it. “No, Dad. You’ve got the only cock I want. Why do you ask?”

“Now don’t lie to your father.” Ted turned and looked at her challengingly. “Are you sure you’ve never fucked anyone else?”

“N-no, Dad,” Felicia replied, blushing fiercely as she realized how brazenly she had lied. “Please don’t say things like that to me!”

“What about this afternoon? With Chet Gardner?”

There was a long silence. Felicia’s eyes opened wide, and she parted her lips as if to speak.

But there was nothing to say. Her father had caught her lying and caught her fucking. Slowly Felicia bowed her head as her cheeks flushed red with shame.

“How did you know?” she asked softly.

“I didn’t come home at five today,” Ted said quickly. “I came home at three-thirty. And the first thing I heard when I put the key in the door was the two of you fucking like a couple of rabbits. So I took off and came back later. Felicia, do you realize what you just did?”

Her father’s accusing question hung in the air. Felicia’s blush deepened.

“I… I lied to you, Dad. I’m sorry.”

“Okay,” Ted said grimly. “Who else have you fucked beside Chet Gardner?”

Felicia quickly looked up with tearful glistening eyes. “No one, Dad! I swear to God, he was the only one. He… he seduced me! Well, no, not quite, but it was his idea in the first place. I was so horny, Dad! I couldn’t stand to wait for you to come back from work and fuck me!”

Ted frowned and turned his attention back to the television set. “I don’t see how I can believe anything you ever tell me again.”

“No, Dad!” Felicia squealed. “Please don’t say that! I couldn’t stand for you not to believe me! Oh please forgive me, Dad, please, please!”

She flung herself on top of him, planting quick kisses on his neck and all over his face. Ted smiled slightly, then frowned even more darkly. On sudden impulse Felicia threw herself across his lap on her stomach.

“Spank me, Dad!” she cried. “Go ahead and spank me!”

Ted looked at her curiously. “What?”

“Go ahead, Dad! I deserve it! Spank my ass until it’s raw!”

There was a long pause. Felicia wiggled expectantly on her father’s lap, making her small plump ass jiggle under the nightie.

Then she felt her father’s hand lifting the nightie higher, higher, until the hem was around her waist. Felicia felt the cool air on her bare ass cheeks, felt her father’s eyes staring at her.

“Go ahead, Dad!”

Then his hand came down, slapping directly on the cleavage of her ass. Felicia yelped and almost tried to wiggle away. But her father caught her arm and started to beat her ass hard and fast, walloping his broad hand on her ass cheeks.

“Aw, Dad, not so hard!” she cried. “You’re hurting meeeeee!”

“You wanted it,” Ted whispered tersely. “Now don’t complain about how hard you get it!”

He spanked her ass very hard, whipping her ass cheeks as hard as if he’d been using the back of a brush. Tears soon streamed from his naked daughter’s eyes, and she cried out in genuine agony. Her ass cheeks stung and burned as they jiggled under the raining blows of her dad’s hand.

“Not so hard, Dad! Aww, you’re hurting me! I’m sorry, stop spanking me! I’ll never fuck him again!”

“Bad girl,” Ted whispered. “Bad, bad…”

Then Felicia started to get very hot.

One of the reasons she’d suggested the spanking was because she remembered getting them as a little girl. Bare ass and squalling over her father’s lap… they’d always hurt, but in a way they’d also turned her on.

It was finally starting to turn her on now. As the burning in her ass cheeks worsened, Felicia felt a horny heat coursing into her cunt. Her clit stiffened; her hairy pussy lips leaked hornily with thick fuck juice.

“Unhhh!” Felicia started to hump her pussy on her father’s knee as her father whipped her ass. “Oh, Dad… Dad, unhhhh…”

Ted stopped spanking her. He watched as his horny teenage daughter shamelessly continued to dry-hump his leg. Spreading her thighs slightly, he extended his finger and pushed it into her curly haired pussy.

“Unhhh! Do it, Dad!” Felicia whimpered and dry-humped, his leg faster and faster. “Jack me off! My cunt’s so hot!”

Ted’s finger made squishing sounds as it fucked in and out of her clasping, dripping pussy hole. “Do you like getting your ass spanked when you’re bad?”

“Yes, Dad! Oh, God!” Felicia dry humped furiously, thrusting her pussy alternately between his thigh and his finger. “I love it, I’m so hot!”

Suddenly she slid off his thighs, kneeling on the floor. Ted watched silently as she parted his legs and fumbled frantically with the zipper of his pants. Felicia’s breathing was heavy, and her face was a mask of lust. He’d never seen her quite so hot for cock.

“Gimme your dick, Dad!” Felicia tore his pants and shorts down his hairy legs, throwing them over her shoulder onto the floor. “I want to suck your big dick now, Dad. I’ve been such a bad girl.”

His cock looked enormous, a giant column of flesh jutting straight out of his prick hairs to beat and pulse luridly over his stomach. The underside was turned to her, and Felicia stared with shameless hunger at the thick vein jutting up the underside of his prick.

She wrapped both hands around her father’s hard-on and squeezed, causing the massive hunk of cock meat to beat and throb. Then she withdrew one hand, pushed her right hand to the root of his cock and opened her mouth wide, stuffing her throat with her father’s prick.

It satisfied her instantly, stretching her lips wide. Felicia gurgled as she wrapped her mouth tightly around her father’s cock. She caved in her cheeks and greedily started sucking, hearing the smacking, slurping sounds of her blow job fill the whole room.

“Unh!” The last traces of Ted’s anger left him as he watched his horny teenage daughter bob her head and fuck her face with his giant prick. “Oh, honey…” His fingers curled in her wavy brown hair, pulling her close. He pumped his ass off the couch, fucking his cock between her lips. “Suck it, honey. That’s a good girl. Suck your dad’s cock!”

Felicia grunted rhythmically as she slammed her head up and down on her father’s upthrust prick, stuffing more and more of its delicious length down her buttery throat. Her tongue curled around his throbbing, hardness, darting into his cum hole, lapping up his oozing fuck juices. Her right fist jacked and stroked his cock.

“Gonna cum!” Ted moaned, stiffening all over. “Oh fuck, honey… oh, oh!”

Felicia started sucking her dad’s prick harder than ever, already looking forward to the gushing torrent of his cum. Then her father shocked her by pushing her head away, leaving his rock-hard, throbbing prick twitching wetly in mid-air.

“Dad! What are you doing? You were about to cum! I wanted to drink your cum!”

“Get on your stomach on the floor,” Ted said suddenly. “There was a strange look in his eyes. Get on the floor!”

“But, Dad…”

“I’ll be back in a second,” Ted said, rising and walking out of the living room. “Now you do what I told you or I’m really going to whip your ass raw!”

He disappeared into the bedroom. The horny daughter watched him go, then obediently stretched out on her belly on the living room carpet. Guessing that her father was going to doggie fuck her when he returned, she got on her hands and knees and waited expectantly.

Ted returned a second later, carrying a small jar. He dropped it on the floor behind him before Felicia could see what the label said. That made her curious, but she soon forgot everything as her father mounted her, crouching over her quivering ass cheeks and holding his throbbing cock in his fist centered the prick-knob on her drooling cunt.

“Oh, Dad, you’re going to fuck me now!” Felicia clawed the carpet strands and quickly started humping her ass as her father pushed his cock head onto her pussy slit. “Do it, Dad! I’m so horny! Fuck my cunt, do it hard!”

Ted humped his ass, fucking his bloated cock deep into his daughter’s pussy. Felicia moaned and lowered her head as she felt her father’s prick separating the slippery walls of her fuck tunnel.

His hands slid down her torso, gripping her pendulous tits. He quickly started cunt fucking her very hard and fast, fucking his bone-hard prick rhythmically in and out of her hairy teenage cunt.

“Yes, Dad, fuck me good!” Felicia whipped up her ass to meet his strokes, grimacing as her cunt muscles squeezed continually around his cock. “Make my pussy cum, Dad! Make me cream!”

Then she felt his hands part her ass cheeks, and then she felt something warm and wet and greasy on her pink little asshole. Felicia broke her concentration, wondering what was going on. Her father’s finger rubbed the wet, greasy stuff all over her puckered asshole. It was only when he pushed his finger into her rubbery assring that Felicia knew he was going to ass fuck her; that her father was going to fuck her little ass.

“No, Dad!” Felicia’s eyes widened in fear, and she immediately tried to get away from him. She was horny enough to suck her father’s cock all night and to let him fuck her pussy as often as he liked. But she couldn’t believe his prick could ever be stuffed up her asshole.

“Oh yes, honey!” Ted pulled his prick out of her cunt and mounted her again, centering the cock-knob on her Vaseline-slicked asshole. “This is what you need! A big cock right up the ass!”

“No Dad, it’ll hurt!” Felicia tried to wiggle away, but her father held her in position. “Your dick’s too big for me, Dad! Aww, let me go!”

Ted pushed down until the heart-shaped knob of his cock was securely embedded in his daughter’s puckered, lubed asshole. He held her hips, stretching her ass cheeks wide. Then he started to fuck slowly but inexorably into her virgin shitter, pushing more of his cock into her asshole with every stroke.

Felicia’s face contorted with pain as she felt her ass tunnel stretching wide, gorged to the bursting point by the meaty thickness of her father’s cock. “No, Dad, it’s too big for me! Aw, not up my ass! Take it out, Dad, your cock’s too big!”

“You’ll like it!” Ted winced as he felt his daughter’s tight asshole gripping convulsively around his fucking prick. “Oh shit, so tight! Don’t worry… you’ll like it a lot!”

Relentlessly he fucked his prick into her asshole, until every inch of his huge hard-on was embedded in her burning ass guts. Felicia gasped and fell flat on her belly on the floor. The intense pain was already behind her, but she felt completely submissive and overwhelmed by the huge size of her dad’s prick. It felt as if she were being fucked by a donkey.

“Ungghh, Dad, stop it…” Her voice was softer now, less resistant. “It hurts, take it out!”

Ted lay panting on her lithe body for a long time, giving her throbbing asshole a chance to loosen around his massive prick. Then he slowly lifted his hips, pulling out his cock until only the prick-knob stretched her asshole’s puckered lips.

Slowly he fucked his cock back into her shitter, making his daughter whine as her asshole was again stuffed. Strangely different sensations flooded through her loins. Then her father started to fuck his huge prick rhythmically in and out of her asshole, making the stretched, ravished asshole suck his cockshaft with every fucking stroke.

“Ungghh!” Felicia bit her lip and writhed on the floor as she submitted helplessly to the ass fucking. “Oh, Dad, Dad!”

“You like it now, don’t you, honey?” Ted panted as he fucked his prick into her asshole with a quickening rhythm. “You’ve been a bad girl. Don’t you like the way my cock feels, fucking up your ass?”

Then Felicia realized how much she enjoyed it.

The feelings of pain were completely gone now, and they’d been replaced entirely by pleasure. Intense, deep, throbbing pleasure, as her asshole throbbed and the tightly muscled sphincter sucked her father’s fucking cock.

“Unhhh!” Slowly at first, then with growing hunger, Felicia humped beneath him, pumping up her ass to meet his fucking strokes. “Oh, Dad! You’re right, it feels fantastic! Unh! Fuck my asshole, Dad! Fuck it as hard as you can!”

Shamelessly she thrust her hand under her belly, pushing her fingers through her matted cunt curls. Her pussy was hot and gooey with fuck juice, and she found that the little cunt slit was pulsing lewdly in time with her father’s thrusts up her asshole.

“Fuck my asshole harder, Dad!” Wantonly Felicia buried two fingers into her clasping, hairy pussy and started to jack off, fingerfucking her cunt as her father fucked his prick into her ass tunnel. “It feels good now! Oh, Dad, it feels fantastic! Unh, unh, I’m gonna cum! Fuck my asshole!”

Ted moaned as he hammered his cum swollen prick into her shitter as hard as he could, making her ass cheeks, still blushing from the spanking, jiggle lasciviously with every thrust. Felicia fucked her fingers in and out of her pussy, groaning and crying as the heat built deep inside her body. Her pleasure intensified as she caught her clit under her thumb and rubbed it hard.

“Gonna cum? Dad!” she gasped. Her asshole was throbbing violently now, more than her pussy had ever throbbed, gripping and squeezing violently around her father’s prick. “Oh shit, Dad! Oh yes, keep fucking me! I’m cumming, Dad, my asshole’s cuuummmiiinnnggg!”

The spasms gushed through her cunt and asshole all at once, making the slippery walls of both holes suck and pulse spasmodically. Ted gasped and started fucking his daughter’s asshole faster than ever. His cock swelled stiffer, and the meaty prickshaft started jerking deep inside her ass.

Then he was cumming, deluging her asshole with long spurts of thick, rushing cum. Felicia cried out in ecstasy as she felt her dad’s jism gushing and spurting deep into her ravaged asshole.

“I love you, Dad!” she moaned. “You can fuck me any way you like!”


Cynthia stood in front of the bathroom mirror, nervously fussing with her hair. Her appearance was flawless — she’d dressed and made up better than she had in months — but she couldn’t help feeling anxious about how she looked.

Why had Randy and Felicia been so adamant about suggesting this family reunion? Why did Cynthia have to put herself through a dinner with her ex-husband?

It was now five o’clock on a bright, sunny Sunday afternoon. The teens had wandered off somewhere down the street, probably to visit old childhood friends from the neighborhood. Ted was in the garage, fixing some things that Cynthia, who had no knowledge of mechanics, would have had to hire a handyman to do for her.

Ted and Felicia had come over forty-five minutes ago. Cynthia felt fairly comfortable around her ex, and Ted was being very nice to her, but there was still an uneasiness that she couldn’t shake out of her mind. Ted was still very attractive to her. She tried to suppress thoughts of marriage. It was like being pulled in two directions at the same time.

And what if Ted and her daughter learned of her incestuous fuck sessions with Randy? Cynthia had sworn Randy to secrecy before agreeing to the reunion at all, but it still made her nervous. Her wanton desire for her son’s huge prick was one secret she would always want to protect.

Cynthia sighed and fussed with a lock of her hair. Her pussy tingled. She was horny all the time. She rubbed her thighs together, taking care of the wet heat in her hungry cunt.

“God, remember when we used to go here, Randy?” Felicia sighed. “This makes me feel like a little kid again.”

Behind Waller Avenue, a few blocks from their house, was a steep wooded grade that the suburban developers had found too imposing to build upon. It was the only comparatively wild area in the neighborhood, and kids had always played there. Felicia and Randy could remember being young enough to think there were tigers and demons lurking in the woods.

Most of the spots in the woods were well known to the neighborhood kids, but Randy had once discovered a very small grassy enclosure between the trees that no one else knew about. He’d told his sister about it but no one else. The two had often gone to their secret spot while growing up, to smoke cigarettes or trade secrets or just to enjoy the feeling of knowing about something special that was a secret to everyone else.

Safely hidden amongst the trees, Randy sat on the grass and smiled at his sister as she sat in front of him. “No beer cans, no cigarette butts,” he observed with satisfaction. “It looks like we’re still the only ones who know about this place.”

“I’m so glad you decided to get us together like this, Randy. I’ve really missed you a lot. Just ’cause Mom and Dad have troubles doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be able to see each other anymore.”

“Yeah. They seem to be hitting it off pretty good today, though.”

“Maybe they’ll get back together again,” Felicia sighed wistfully. “God, that would really be nice.”

There was a long, comfortable silence. Randy studied his sister, seeing the swell of her big, growing tits under her peasant blouse, the sleek expanse of her long, tanned legs, completely bared by her skimpy cut-offs. Before the divorce he’d never thought about fucking his sister, but that had all changed now that he was fucking his mother. And Felicia had grown a lot too.

And from the look in his sister’s eyes, she felt the same way about him.

“God, Felicia.” Randy smiled and adjusted his crotch as his big prick began to grow thick and heavy with blood. “You’ve really developed a lot since the last time I saw you.”

“Yeah.” Felicia’s voice was husky and sensual. “I was just thinking the same thing. Your muscles and everything.”

“Your tits have really gotten a lot bigger. Maybe someday you’ll even be as big as Mom.”

Felicia giggled and looked shamelessly at his cock bulge. “Is that why you’re getting such a big hard-on?”

There was another silence, different from the first. Randy lowered his eyes and joined his sister in watching his stiff, meaty prick throbbing in his jeans.

Then Felicia shocked him by leaning forward and caressing his aching prick.

“God, Randy, it feels just as big as it looks. You’ve really got a big cock.”

Randy watched silently as his baby sister slowly unzipped his pants. Reaching into the opening, she fished out his stiff prick, gasping as she saw how long and thick his cock was.

“Fuck, you’ve really got a whopper!” Felicia wrapped her hand around the veined hardness of his prick meat and jacked his cock hungrily, squeezing up on the prickshaft to make pre-cum glisten on the tip. “This is really turning me on a lot, Randy. Can I suck your dick?”

Randy groaned and nodded his head. He knew that he was committing incest with his sister, but that didn’t seem to matter much. Nothing was wrong if it didn’t hun anyone else.

Eagerly Felicia tugged off his pants and shorts completely, leaving him naked from the waist down except for his tennis shoes. She could see all of the huge column of cock rising from his belly now and the hairy sac containing his cum-bloated balls.

“Oh, Randy, your prick is gorgeous! My pussy’s getting all creamy. I’ve wanted to do this with you for so long!”

Stretching out on her belly between his legs, Felicia lowered her head and licked all around his twitching cockhead, thrusting her tongue into the piss hole. Randy shuddered as his prick grew, bobbing and pulsing painfully. His baby sister licked his hard-on like a kitten, finally stopping when his throbbing hard-on glistened with her saliva and his drooling cum.

“Suck it!” Randy slid his hand behind his sister’s neck and pulled her face onto his burning prick. “Suck my fucking cock!”

Felicia pursed her lips on the crown of his cock and kissed the tip tenderly. Then she opened her mouth and slid her lips downwards, gradually enveloping the length of his cock until she had nearly half of his prick stuffed down her buttery throat.

Randy moaned as he stared down at the obscene spectacle of his sister with his stiff prick between her lips. Tightly Felicia clasped her lips around the swollen hardness of his cock. Then she made obscene gurgling, smacking, slurping sounds as she shamelessly started sucking, giving her big brother head.

“Unh!” Randy’s handsome face contorted into a grimace as he felt the forbidden ecstasy of her cocksucking. “Oh fuck, sis! You’re sucking my dick so good! Fuck, suck it harder!”

It took him only a minute to realize that his sister had grown very experienced in the art of giving a blow job. She sucked his prick like a wild woman, tugging and dragging her lips up the steely cockshaft, swirling her tongue all over the rosy knob of his prickmeat.

The harder she sucked, the more Randy’s prick grew, until his cock felt longer and stiffer than ever before in his life. Then his sister wrapped her fingers around the root of his swollen cock. As soon as she started jacking off his prick, Randy knew he was going to spurt.

“Harder!” He bucked his naked ass off the cool grass, fucking his giant cock in and out between her lips. “Gonna cum! Oh Christ, play with my balls, they’re killing me!”

Slurping and gurgling noisily, Felicia dropped her free hand between his thighs and cupped her brother’s heavy ball bag. Randy started shooting off immediately, gushing long streams of jism down his sister’s sucking throat.

“Ahhhhh!” He pulled her hair and fucked his cock deeply between her lips, wincing and groaning as the long ribbons of cum burned out of his piss hole. “Suck harder! I’m cumming! Oh God, Felicia! Oh fucking God, I’m cumming!”

It was a big load, but his hornily sister was determined to get every drop. As her brother came, Felicia sucked and stroked harder than ever. Lewdly she worked her throat muscles, gulping down every drop of his hot, salty cum.

But, even after her brother’s cock stopped shooting, the giant prickshaft was still as hard as a rock. Felicia released her brother’s prick completely and rose to her knees, staring down at the big throbbing cock. When his prick didn’t start to shrink after nearly a half a minute, she realized it was time to take his cock into her burning cunt.

Rising to her feet, Felicia kicked off her sandals. Randy watched her strip the peasant blouse over her head, then gasped as she undid her bra and he could see her big rounded tits.

“Like me?” Felicia giggled and cupped her oversized tits, holding the stiff, rosy nipples up for inspection.

“Take it off, take the rest off!” Randy pleaded impatiently. His cock trembled and throbbed stiffly with a fresh load of cum.

Felicia tugged her cut-offs over the protruding shelf of her plump, rounded ass cheeks, then skinned them down her lean, tanned thighs. It turned her on to see Randy staring directly at her naked, hairy cunt triangle. Her pussy slit was wet and swollen, fully lubricated to be fucked by his cock.

Feeling strong and sexy, Felicia walked up to where her brother sat and pushed her pussy into his face. Randy dug his fingers into her ass cheeks. He thrust his tongue into his sister’s pussy and hungrily started to eat her out, sliding his tongue rapidly up and down her cunt.

“Unhh!” Felicia pushed him back and prepared to mount him. “Okay, that’s enough! Your tongue’s never going to feel as good as your cock!”

She straddled him as he lay on the grass on his back, planting her knees on the earth to either side of his hips. Felicia reached between her spread thighs and whimpered as her fingers clasped the turgid shaft of his prick.

She fit the bloated, oozing cock-knob onto her cunt hole, feeling the tip of his prick push easily past the slick, hot pussy lips. Then her brother’s cock was fucking into her pussy, and all Felicia could do was whimper and mewl as her cunt was filled with inch after inch of her brother’s big cock.

“You’re fucking me, Randy!” Felicia wiggled her ass, helping him fuck all of his big prick into the churning depths of her cunt. “Oh fuck, your dick is so big! I’m fucking you, Randy, I’m fucking you back?”

His cock was all the way inside her, throbbing to the balls in her curly haired pussy slit. Felicia leaned forward, gripping her brother’s shoulders for support, letting her big tits brush his chest.

Slowly she lifted her ass, gasping like a wounded animal as she felt his prick pull greasily out of her clinging pussy. She pumped her pussy back. Then she started humping in a sure, driven rhythm, fucking her cunt on her brother’s cock.

“Fuck me, Randy!” she pleaded. “Awww, my pussy’s throbbing, it’s burning up! Fuck my cunt, make me cum!”

Randy slid his hands down her waist, cupping the cheeks of her ass. His ass bucked off the grass; he fucked his prick into her pussy to meet her frantic strokes.

“Harder!” Felicia clawed his chest, pumping her hairy pussy faster and faster on his prick. “I’m so horny! Unh! Oh, Randy, love your cock! Fuck me with it! Fuck my cunt!”

Randy raised his head, watching dazedly as his big swollen cockshaft fucked in and out of his sister’s pussy. His prick already felt like lead, so soon after cumming. It wouldn’t be long before his second cum load sprayed the velvety sheath of his sister’s cunt.

“Cumming, Randy!” Felicia moaned, beating him in cumming. She clawed his chest and whipped her ass up and down like a bitch in heat. “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck my cunt! Unhh! Love your cock, I’m cumming on it! Fuck my pussy, I’m cuuummmiiinnnggg!”

His baby sister’s pussy tightly clasped his fucking prick. Randy’s ass lurched off the grass, he fucked his cum-laden cock as far into her spasming, gripping pussy as he could.

The white torrent of fuck cream gushed out of his prickhead, spurting deep inside his sister’s cunt. Felicia squealed and fucked him faster. A lewd smile curled her lips as she felt her brother’s gushing load fill her pussy completely, running out of her hairy cunt slit around his fat cock.

Leaning forward, she kissed him hornily. “That was good, Randy. That was so fucking good!”

Randy sighed and looked past her head at the sky. “I wonder if Mom and Dad are doing this right now,” he said.


“No, Ted,” Cynthia said helplessly. “Please don’t. I don’t want to feel that way about you anymore, please.”

He had come up to her as she toyed with her hair in the bathroom. He was wearing his slacks and the t-shirt he’d stripped down to work in her garage. There was grime on his hands and cheeks, and his whole body smelled of sweat.

But even that turned her on, because the huge cock in his pants was obviously stiff.

“I don’t give a shit about that, honey.” Standing behind her, Ted mauled his ex-wife’s huge tits, staining the pristine white blouse she’d taken so long to select. “God, my cock gets stiff just thinking about you. These big fucking jugs.”

Cynthia moaned as her nipples stiffened through hh bra, pressing against her husband’s palms. She told herself that this was her last moment to resist, to avoid going down a road that both attracted and frightened her.

Her children, she thought. Their children she couldn’t imagine Randy and Felicia coming home to find their father’s cock deep inside their mother.

Mauling her huge tits with one hand, Ted slipped his hand down her belly and unbuttoned her black slacks. His finger found the hem of her panties, lifting it; Cynthia moaned as he pushed his hand through her pussy curls and slipped a finger deep into her rapidly moistening cunt.

“Oh, Ted, Ted…”

Then she lost control of herself. Turning towards her ex-husband, Cynthia wrapped her arms tightly around his shoulders. As he fingerfucked her pussy, she kissed him wantonly, thrusting her tongue into his mouth. Her ass cheeks contracted; she thrust her cunt mound against his hand.

“Sweet little cunt,” Ted moaned. “Sweet little pussy!”

In a second they were all over each other, embracing passionately, tearing at each other’s clothes. Cynthia pressed her tits to his chest, and Ted fell back, leading her out of the bathroom into the upstairs hallway. Then they were writhing on the hallway floor, anxious for the sight and feel of each other’s naked body.

“The children,” Cynthia whimpered repeatedly. “Ted, stop it… we’ll go into the room… Randy and Felicia… oh I’m so horny, oh God, oh please…”

Ted stripped off her bra, exposing her huge, jiggling, stiff-nippled tits. Cynthia whimpered anxiously as he stuffed one silver-dollar-sized nipple between his lips and sucked hard like a nursing child intent on its fill of milk.

He pushed the panty crotch out of the way completely, fucking his fingers violently in and out of her hot cunt. Then he tore the panties off completely, and Cynthia was buck naked.

Ted’s shirt was torn from her long fingernails, and his big prick throbbed stiffly out of the opening of his pants. He pushed Cynthia onto her back and spread her long legs wide, completely opening up her hairy cunt.

Then, before Cynthia could protest, he dropped his head between her legs and glued his lips to her pussy slit. Eagerly he began to eat out her cunt, thrusting his tongue deeply in and out of her creamy, foaming fuck slit.

“Ungghhh!” Cynthia looked fearfully down the hallway, at the point where her children might mount the stairs at any moment and catch their mother getting her cunt sucked. But thoughts of fear were quickly forgotten as Ted wriggled his tongue close to her clit.

“Yes, Ted, suck it!” Compulsively Cynthia thrust her hand behind his head, pulling his hair and drawing his face onto her dripping pussy. Urgently she started to buck her ass off the hallway floor, fucking her pussy all over his face.

“Mmmmmm!” Ted fucked his fingers deeply in and out of her pussy and moved his lips higher up her throbbing cunt. “Pussy tastes so good!”

“I said suck it, Ted!” Beside herself with lust, Cynthia pounded her aching fuck hole onto his lips. “My pussy’s creaming! Make it cum!”

Ted wrapped his lips around her clit. As Cynthia writhed beneath him, he sucked tenderly on the little bud, wiggling his tongue on the tip.

Cynthia’s pussy juiced profusely and throbbed. Ted fucked three fingers into her gushing pussy tunnel and fingerfucked her cunt hard and fast, tugging on her clit with his lips.

“Cumming!” Cynthia’s pretty face contorted with obscene lust as pleasure spasms gushed through every inch of her body. “Oh, Ted, oh fuck, Ted, it’s so fucking good! Eat meeee, I’m cuuummiiiinnnnnnggggg!”

She came as hard as she ever had during their marriage, shrieking and whimpering like a little girl as the searing ecstasy repeatedly racked her body. Her nipples crinkled as hard as two little pebbles; her pussy juiced and her asshole throbbed as her ex-husband sucked the cum out of her cunt.

When it was over, she watched dazedly as Ted rose to his knees between her spread legs. Silently she watched him tear off the rest of his clothes, completely exposing his huge stone hard cock.

“Gonna fuck you,” Ted moaned, intent on his goal. “Gonna fuck your ass right through the floor.”

He grabbed her lithe hips and flipped her onto her hands and knees, in the dog fucking position. Cynthia looked over her shoulder and waited impatiently for the steely invasion of his cock.

Ted mounted her voluptuous body, holding his cock in his fist and centering the knob onto the puffy, fur-fringed slit of her pussy. Cynthia gasped with desire as she felt his prick cleaving into her fuck tunnel, fucking greasily into the clasping, clinging depths of her hot little cunt.

“Yes, Ted, that’s right!” she moaned. “Aw, fuck me, Ted! Fuck my Goddamn ass off! Fuck the shit out of my cunt!”

Spurred on by his ex-wife’s obscenities, Ted thrust his hands up her sides and firmly grasped the huge, pendulous globes of her spongy tits. Then he started to fuck his big blood-filled cock furiously in and out of her cunt, fucking her pussy as hard as he could.

“Unh!” Cynthia dropped her head and lifted her ass, opening her pussy passage so that he could get even more of his prick inside her. “That’s right, Ted! Fuck the shit out of me! Oh God, you’re fucking me so hard! Unhhh! Fuck my pussy, make it cum!”

Ted’s big hands mauled her huge tits almost brutally, squeezing and pinching the nipples, sending waves of pleasure shooting from Cynthia’s tits into her cunt. His fuck strokes quickened with every thrust. His prick felt like he was going to fuck her all the way up her throat.

“Harder, Ted! Kill me with it!” Cynthia’s screams were frantic; her face was a mask of lust. “My cunt’s burning! Oh fuck, it’s burning up! Fuck meeeee, I’m cumming, I’m cuuummmiiinnngggg!”

The second series of cum spasms gushed deliciously through her ravaged cunt, making her clit tingle and her pussy muscles work madly around her ex-husband’s fucking prick.

Even as she came, Cynthia realized that her pussy was pulsing very hard, and she expectantly awaited the showering spray of Ted’s jism. But he didn’t cum. Instead he kept fucking her until her cum had completely subsided, then pulled his rock-hard, oozing cock completely out of her pussy.

Cynthia frowned and looked at him over her shoulder, wondering if something was wrong. Then he pushed her flat on her belly on the floor, and pulled apart her round jiggling ass cheeks, exposing the pink circle of her asshole.

“No, Ted!” Cynthia squealed and tried to pull away from him. “Not up my ass! I’m not ready for it! Oh God, you’ll hurt me!”

Ted ignored her, gripping his prick in his fist and pushing his bloated, purplish cock-knob against the rubbery ring of her asshole. Then his prick was going inside her, and Cynthia lay helpless as she felt her ass tunnel stretched by the fucking thickness of his cock.

“Ungghh!” Almost immediately the ass fucking started to feel good to her, giving her that special satisfaction which she could only enjoy by having a meaty prick up her ass. “Oh no, Ted…” But her words were meaningless, horny mewls and whimpers that told both of them that she really wanted her asshole fucked hard.

Panting, Ted worked every inch of his cock into the clasping tightness of Cynthia’s shitter. Cynthia felt more pain as her asshole stretched, but her husband’s prick was very wet from fucking her pussy, and there was plenty of lubrication to coat her ass passage.

“Oh, God!” Again Ted wrapped his big hands around her huge tits, squeezing and milking the ivory-white tits. “Your asshole’s so tight, baby! This time I gotta cum!”

Pulling out his cock, he stopped when only the prick-knob parted her rubbery ass tunnel. Cynthia groaned and humped up her ass for more cock. Ted fucked his prick back between her ass cheeks.

Then he started to fuck her asshole with a brutal intensity, fucking his big dripping cock meat in and out of her puckered asshole as hard as he could. Cynthia felt her pussy and asshole burning in rhythmic unison, and she realized that she was already on the verge of a third cum.

“Keep fucking me, Ted!” Shamelessly she thrust her fingers through her cunt curls and buried two fingers in her sopping, burning pussy. Cynthia started to fingerfuck herself as her ex-husband fucked her asshole full of his prick.

“Unh, Ted, I love it, fuck me harder!” she gasped. “My asshole’s burning! Oh fuck, Ted, fuck it with your cock!”

“I’m gonna cum,” Ted gasped. His fuck strokes became harder and deeper as the jism swelled in his balls. “I can’t hold it. I gotta cum!”

Cynthia felt his meaty prick rowing longer and fatter deep inside her rubbery asshole, stretching her asshole wide. Then his cum literally exploded into her bowels, gushing and spurting furiously from his cum slit.

Cynthia lifted her head and shrieked with pleasure as she felt the white torrent gushing into her asshole, splattering on the innermost walls of her shitter. “Keep fucking me, Ted!” Consciously she worked her ass muscles, milking the squirting load out of his emptying cock. “I’m cumming again, I’m cumming too! Fuck me, lover, fuck my asshole! Nnnn yes oh shit, oh fuck I’m cuuummmiiinnnggg!”

She buried her fingers in her pussy, holding them there as her cunt muscles clasped needfully around them. Her asshole came deliciously on her husband’s dick, throbbing rhythmically, sucking the last oozing drops of cum cream out of the tip of his cock.

“Dad!” a feminine voice said.

“Mom! Jesus Christ!”

Cynthia knew before she turned her head that her worst fears had just been realized. Her eyes were already wide with shame as she looked over her shoulder and saw her son and daughter standing in the hall.

“I’m… I’m sorry about this,” she stammered feebly. “Your father and I… we got carried away. Please forgive us. I’m… I’m sorry.”

“Cut the shit, Mom!” Felicia said merrily. “Randy and I were just fucking too!”

Cynthia’s mouth dropped open in shock; she turned to her ex-husband and looked at him disbelievingly. But Ted had already pulled his big prick out of her asshole, and there was a look of shameless lust on his face as he turned towards their daughter.

Unable to believe her eyes, Cynthia watched as he stretched but on his back and Felicia approached him. Their daughter knelt on the floor between his legs, wrapped her hand around her father’s cock and eagerly started to jack him off. Within seconds Ted’s prick was swelling with fresh blood.

“Ted!” Cynthia gasped. “Felicia!”

“God, Dad, your cock smells funny!” Felicia lowered her head to her father’s crotch and sniffed her mother’s asshole juices, coating his prick. “It’s getting stiff again, Dad! Do you want to put it in my mouth and let them watch?”

Ted grinned and nodded his head. Cynthia almost fainted as she watched her daughter stuff her father’s cock between her lips. Eagerly Felicia sucked Ted’s big prick, puckering her cheeks to increase the suction around his cock meat.

Cynthia shared a long look with her son. Then, all at once, it dawned on her — Ted and Felicia had been fucking too!

All the time she’d been fucking her son, feeling guilty that she had seduced him into incest. All that time… Ted and Felicia… if only she’d known, Cynthia thought. It would have saved her so much shame.

“Suck it, Mom!”

Cynthia looked up. Randy had stripped down his pants; his big stiff cock throbbed in front of her face. There was a horny smile on his lips. He obviously wasn’t disturbed to find that his father had regularly been fucking his little sister’s cunt.

Cynthia hesitated only a moment. Then she opened her mouth wide and moaned with contentment as her son fucked his huge cock down her throat. She clasped her lips around his prick, tasting the salty stiffness of the cockshaft. Then she lewdly started sucking, at the same time keeping her eyes open so she could watch her daughter greedily sucking her dad’s big prick.

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In America, such dark passions are easily submerged and hidden by the complexities of everyday living. Yet sometimes dark passions surface — and another Richard Speck or Charles Manson emerges. Sometimes such passions are exposed — and another Watergate or ITT affair hits the headlines.

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“Pull your fuckin’ pants down!” Greg ordered.

Jamie obliged. He didn’t remember when he’d ever seen his brother so angry. Maybe the time over on Lester Street. Greg had almost killed that punk from the Steel Chains. He’d done it with his fists, too. Pounded the poor sonofabitch into a bloody pulp so that the kid’s own mother couldn’t ever recognize him. But Greg wouldn’t hurt Jamie like that. That’s why he’d chosen this way. He was taking out his own frustrations by fucking Jamie. This was punishment only in Greg’s mind, not in Jamie’s. Jamie had leaned long ago to look with pleasure on the run of his brother’s cock in and out of his asshole. Did Greg still think that the best way to punish was a fuck? What had supposed to be degrading had evolved from that into something else a long time ago.

“Bend over the Goddamn bed,” Greg said. He was undoing his belt, his fingers pausing to fondle the buckle. Slowly he pulled the leather strap free of the belt loops. He knew his brother wasn’t expecting this. Jamie was bent over the bed, his firm young ass ready for Greg’s cock, not for Greg’s belt. Greg had never hit him. Oh, he’d threatened many times, but he’d never done it. Even the next time he’d gotten furious, over that petty theft at Johnson’s Department Store, Greg had fucked because he wanted to give a punishment that would leave no scars. Jamie had such a boyishly perfect body. It would have been a shame to mar it. A butt-fuck would have been enough. “See, you ain’t a man just ’cause you swiped a coupla bicycle chains, you little bastard,” Greg had said that first time. “What kinda man’d let himself get fucked like a woman?” There’d been no beating that time.

Greg hit the startlingly white ass, seeing the strip of blush form on the creamy flesh as quickly as the leather slipped away.

“Jesus, Greg!” Jamie said, his voice choked on the shock of the unexpected pain. He started to push off the bed, but Greg was on him, sitting on the boy’s ass, clamping him between thighs, riding his brother’s lower back like a rider on an animal. Greg’s left hand clamped hard into Jamie’s neck, holding the boy’s face back on the bed.

“Didn’t expect that, did you, you little cocksucker?” Greg asked roughly. “That you could go out an’ pull this one, an’ your old brother wouldn’t find out. And if he did, well, shit, what the fuck? Big brother never did nothin’ any more than hop on for a quick fuck, get so carried away with screwin’ he’d forget about any real punishment. You think I don’t know you been startin’ to enjoy gettin’ cornholed? Well, by God, this’s gonna be one ride your brother’s gonna give you that neither one of us is gonna enjoy.”

Jamie started to say something, but he groaned instead as Greg’s right hand wielded the belt like a riding crop, down and back over the buns of his brother’s ass.

“Hurt does it, you little thief?” Greg asked. He was starting to sweat. He had to wipe the beads of perspiration off his forehead with the back of his right hand. “Well, it’s gonna hurt a fuckin’ lot more before I’m finished with you.”

Jamie could feel the resulting swells across his ass. There was a pulsing of his tender flesh, a throbbing warmth that was somehow beginning to give him a hard-on. His swelling cock was jabbing into the bedspread.

Greg hit his brother again, his whole body shuddering with the resounding slap of the leather against the flesh beneath him. Greg was disturbed that the sounds of the whipping weren’t quelling his desires. He thought a beating would substitute for his need for sex, for the growing need he had long ago admitted to himself that he had for his brother’s young body. Where sex had ceased being a disciplinary action, the whipping would now have to suffice. Or would it? Another whack of the belt against Jamie’s butt, another feel of the resulting trembling of Jamie’s body against his thighs, and Greg knew he was only getting himself hotter. His cock was hard in his pants, was getting harder. Jesus, he was horny! He felt guiltier than hell that this had become so much of a turn-on. He should have known it would be this way. Since even before Jamie’s sizable nuts had dropped, the boy’s crotch sprouting its silver-blond hair, Greg had been excited by his brother. Greg wasn’t the only one, but he’d made Jamie his own personal property. All those hot-ass blacks and Puerto Rican studs knew tat if they tried anything funny with Jamie Bravo, they were going to get repercussions from the kid’s older brother. And no one in his right mind wanted to get on the wrong side of Jamie Bravo’s brother. Greg had been Lord of the King Knights when he was younger. After the syndicate had begun taking an interest in the neighborhood, Greg had graduated to big time in comparison to what he’d been before. Greg was the syndicate’s local representative, and nothing happened in his neighborhood without being cleared through him — nothing!

Greg knew. God, yes, he knew. You usually only thought of the weak ones getting raped in jail. Well, that was a crock of shit! Greg hadn’t been a feminine little faggot even back in those days. He’d fought. Christ, yes, he’d fought. Even a young, butch stud could only fight so much against those odds. The memory had stuck in Greg’s mind. He could imagine Jamie’s tight young ass being used as Greg’s had once been: those blond buns being put at the disposal of every greasy, cheese-smelling cock that wanted to fuck it. Jamie had come so close, so fucking close!

“So close,” Greg mumbled, as if Jamie had been somehow eavesdropping on the silent conversation Greg had been having with himself. The additional fury spawned by that particular erotic vision made him lower the belt even harder the next time.

“Greg,” Jamie mumbled. His mouth was drooling into the blanket. His body was alive with conflicting emotions. There was the pain resulting from his beating, the hot sunbursting that had grown now to encompass his whole ass. There was the hurt of Greg’s claw like fingers still anchored into his neck. There was, however, the surprising presence of pleasure — that pleasure having completely hardened Jamie’s cock. His dick had leaked a mess of pre-seminal fluid that had soaked into the bedspread beneath the boy’s belly.

Greg hit Jamie again and then again, his cock swelling hugely in the folds of his pants. The cock was paining in its inability to complete its erection. Greg would have liked to adjust his rod, let it grow to its full stance, but he was afraid of the additional stimulation that would occur when his fingers moved his cock.

Jamie was crying. His tears streaked his face, ran over his cheeks. He could taste them on his tongue. His whole body jerked with each ensuing blow Greg delivered. His butt hurt. This was a totally new experience. It was strange, in that his torment was continually equalized by the pleasure.

Greg stopped suddenly, dropping the leather to the floor. The belt circled like a snake, the sound of its dropping loud against the hard floor. Sweat was rife on Greg’s body. It had formed damp ring of darkness beneath his arms, a line down his back and down the front of his shirt. He felt the sting of the sweat in his eyes, the run of it along his neck and down his sides.

He stood, stepped back, saw for the first time the welting his beating had left on the creamy white surface of Jamie’s ass. Greg actually wanted to cry at the damage he had done. He didn’t; Greg hadn’t cried for as long as he could remember.

Instead, he dropped to his knees, ran his hand gently over the ridges of discolored flesh. His fingertips detected the involuntary flinching of the skin beneath them. The skin was warm beneath his touch. He wondered if it would be equally warm against his mouth. He put his face to the ass, rubbing his cheeks gently against the blushed buns.

They were warm, so very warm.

Greg wanted suddenly to say he was sorry, but how could he? He’d never really hurt Jamie before, not even when he’d fucked him, but Jamie had to learn. He had to know that the consequences of what he’d done could have been far worse than they were. Jamie had probably seen it all as a fluke, a game to be played where he could pick up a few extra bucks in the bargain. They’d taken guns with them. God, what would have happened if they’d killed someone? There would have been no saving any of them. Not even Greg’s connections could have hushed it up. There would have been prison. Christ, but these little bastards had no conception about what went on behind those closed and barred gates. And if they could at least begin to imagine, they could somehow manage to visualize themselves simultaneously sacrosanct — untouchable by the law. How stupid. How very, very stupid. You either had to be very rich or very powerful to escape the law, and Greg and Jamie Bravo were neither.

Greg turned his lips into Jamie’s butt, kissing the swaths of swollen skin, pretending that maybe his kissing would make the pain go away. At least none of the blows had broken the skin. There would probably be no marks remaining in a few days, no scars. Yet, for the minute, the welts looked ugly on the creamy flesh, and Greg doubted that there would be any immediate cure for them.

Greg put his hands to each bun, moving them apart and thrusting his face into the crease of his brother’s ass. The slopes of the butt had become sweaty during the beating. Greg licked, tasting the saltiness. God, it was luscious having his face buried against this ass! The butt was so well-shaped, so firm, so young, so pale and crisscrossed with lines of redness. Greg tried to stop himself from going further, but he couldn’t. He’d never been able to stop himself as far as Jamie’s ass was concerned.

Jamie, beautiful Jamie — so blond, so hung, so good-looking. Almost before Greg had known what sex was about, he had had the hots for his brother. The very first girl he had screwed, he had imagined was Jamie, little Jamie who was then so far from even reaching puberty. Greg’s imagining had made sex so much better, Jamie’s ass seeming so much more exciting than that girl’s wet hole. No matter who Greg had had sex with, after that fist time, it was always Jamie he was making love to in his mind. It was always Jamie’s legs that were opened for him, Jamie’s asshole that was taking his cock, Jamie’s mouth that was crying out those grunts of passion.

Greg’s nose found the pucker of Jamie’s bung within the valley of his buttcheeks. He sniffed, smelling the aromas. He loved them, was hungry for them, sometimes found himself dreaming of them. They were always the same, yet somehow different. Now they were stronger, mustier, smelling of sweat and young male ass. At other times, they smelled of pine-scented soap, especially after Jamie had showered.

The smells had their accompanying tastes. The sweat was always salty on the tongue, combining with harsher, tanniclike flavors as Greg probed the asshole itself. There were smells and tastes Greg couldn’t define, couldn’t put words to. They were indicative only of Jamie’s ass, and Greg had never found anything to duplicate the effect they had upon him.

The throbbing in Jamie’s ass had not ceased with the ending of the whipping. Hot flashes warmed the beaten butt, washed over it, flared higher when Greg’s hands, lips, or tongue touched pieces of the molested flesh. Still, Jamie had a hard-on. He had a stiff dick, and he was horny. He knew Greg was horny, too. He knew that Greg would now end up kicking him. The spanking with the belt had been no substitute for the fuck, even if it had been meant originally to supplant it. The beating had been merely a preliminary. And Jamie somehow found this new aspect sexually exciting. He could hardly wait for Greg’s rolled tongue to jab up his butt, work there for a while and then be followed by the bigger bulk of Greg’s cock. Even though the whipping had hurt, still hurt, would continue to hurt after the pleasure of the fucking was long gone, Jamie knew that it was responsible for the increased level of his excitement.

Greg rolled his tongue, his hands pushing the butt crease wider as his tongue touched the pucker and pushed to penetrate it. His wet tongue drove inside the bung easily, tasting, savoring those tastes as it went.

Greg’s bout of punishing was over. He knew what he was moving on to now wouldn’t be a form of chastisement. His fucks had begun as such years ago. Remembering how humiliated he’d been when he’d first had his ass fucked, Greg had naturally picked such a fuck for Jamie as the ultimate punishment he could think of for the boy — in the beginning. However, it had gravitated into something more as time went on, something Greg found himself utilizing more and more — not because it was a punishment any longer, but because he had come to enjoy it, and, what’s more, he sensed correctly that Jamie enjoyed it, too. Greg still used punishment as an excuse for a screwing, but the seriousness of those crimes warranting a fuck had long become of less degree than had been the original that began it all. That was why there had to be something more than just the fuck this time. The fuck itself was no longer punishment, could have no way masqueraded as such. There had to be something more this time. This hadn’t been petty theft of bicycle chains, but grand larceny.

Greg continued to lick Jamie’s ass, eating out the bung until all the flavors there were muted to a blandness on Greg’s tongue. Greg was still angry, but most of his vehemence had been worked out of him by the whipping of Jamie’s ass.

Greg injected a mess of saliva through the roll formed by his tongue. He sopped the asshole, messing the brown pucker in preparation for the fuck to follow. Greg then reared back on his knees, quickly undoing the fly of his trousers. He fished inside, into the breach of his underwear, hooking the neck of his cock. It was hard. Jesus, was his prick hard. He pulled, and his cock was so stiff that it only reluctantly came free. When it did, it was a jutting of hard male meat that stabbed upward along the young man’s shirt to a point that corresponded roughly to the position of the belly button hidden beneath it. Another reach into the fly brought out a pair of healthy balls. They dropped downward in the flaccid flesh of their sac.

Greg had a more than respectable cock. It wasn’t huge to the point of grotesqueness, but it was certainly a piece of meat any man would have been proud to have for his own. It was a good eight inches from its knotted root to its capping knob. It was circumcised, a band of scar tissue turtle necking the naked mushrooming of the rosy summit. The cum-slit was a deep one, pouting as it perfectly centered the pulpy knob. The cock wasn’t perfectly cylindrical, but tended to be wider across its belly and back. It didn’t erect in a perfectly straight line, either, but bowed outward at its middle, the cockhead arching backward into Greg’s belly. Its root sat surrounded by a bushing of thick, dark crotch hair.

Greg wrapped his hand around the neck of his cock, milking it for its juices, spreading the resulting ooze over the cockhead and shaft.

Jamie waited, anticipating what was about to come. He wanted Greg’s cock. If he’d wanted it in the beginning, he wanted it even more now that his ass was still tingling from its beating. Jamie’s cock was hard, God awful hard. Did Greg know? Could Greg see how hard his prick was?

Greg hadn’t yet noticed. He probably couldn’t have imagined his beating as having given Jamie anything but pain. How could Greg have begun to imagine that the clash of leather against flesh could have been just as much a stimulant for Jamie’s pleasures as it had been for his own?

Jamie kept his face buried in his arms. He didn’t look back at Greg, didn’t want to do anything that might make Greg suddenly stop. Had Greg stopped now, gone no further, left without fucking, that would have been a worse punishment for Jamie than the actual beating of his ass had been. Jamie was hot for his brother’s fat cock. Without actually seeing Greg do it, Jamie could still picture how it was, how Greg’s cock and balls were sticking free of the gap in the young man’s fly. Jamie could remember how excited he’d been when he’d first seen that cock and those balls.

Greg used his left hand to pry open the crack, locating Jamie’s asshole once more, his right hand pulling his cock downward into position. He came forward, preparing to fuck his brother dog-style. It had always been dog-style. Initially it had been that way to add to the humiliation; now it had merely become a habit. It was a good way to fuck. Greg could imagine the agony of his brother’s face that first time so long ago, when, even then, there had only been evidence of pleasure registered instead. There had also, originally, seemed something more degrading in fucking a man as if he were an animal. Greg had been fucked that way, held over the edge of a prison cot while his ass was filled with cock after cock after cock…

Greg pushed for his entrance, actually trembling as the asshole opened to accept his rosy knob and a couple inches of cockshaft. He was always surprised by how tight the asshole was, how it hugged closely to his entering cock, the sphincter a vise tat threatened to gum his cockhead off its shaft.

Jamie wiggled his butt. He couldn’t help it, he just did. He wanted more of his brother’s cock up his asshole. He wanted his butt to gobble up that fat cock to its balls. He was hornier than he’d ever been in his life. The beating of his ass had somehow made him that way. Not even Jamie realized how fucking turned-on he was until he felt the initial insertion of Greg’s cock up his tight bung. Now, he really wanted it. He wanted it fast and furious. He wanted that prick bucking over his prostate, penetrating through his ass, through his belly, shoved in so deeply he could even feel it in the base of his throat.

“Fuck me, bastard!” Jamie groaned as his own bouncing ass managed to slip itself another couple of inches over Greg’s cock. His words surprised both him and Greg. It was the first time he’d said anything to indicate he was looking forward to a screw. It suddenly removed all pretense that this ritual was one of torture or punishment. Jamie wanted to get fucked; he wasn’t being forced into it because of something he’d done. He wanted his butt plugged with cock. He wanted his ass stuffed with cock. He wanted his bowels overflowing with cock. He wanted it all. He wanted it now.

Jamie’s words excited Greg. He should have pulled out of his brother’s ass right then. He should have yanked his cock free and stuffed it back into his pants and left the room now that the illusion was completely shattered. But hadn’t it really been unofficially shattered long before Jamie had screamed for Greg to fuck him? Hadn’t it actually been the fact that Greg knew the fuck was no longer a punishment that had forced him into the beating to begin with? And if he’d known that, had actually long known it, ten why had he continued to perform the ritual and cornhole his young brother? Why had he now, the whipping completed, moved on to the fuck? Why? Because his body called out for a fuck. The sound of leather against bare butt had been its own stimulant, its own aphrodisiac. Greg wanted to fuck Jamie for the same reasons that he had always wanted to fuck him — for the gut-shattering ecstasy to be had from blasting his fat, stud prick up young, male ass. Only now they both admitted to each other that they knew what they were about. The masquerade had been completely ripped away. Oh, yes, they would fuck. They were too far into it for either of them to abort, but this time they would be fucking for no sham reasons. The punishment for the crime had already been administered. This, then, was something else entirely.

Greg shoved again, his cock gliding in, his balls swinging to bang Jamie’s ass, his belly against the buns. Greg leaned over Jamie’s body, molding to him. His prick was in, in all the way. It was heaven. Jesus, it was heaven.

“Oh, Christ, Jamie,” Greg said, his voice coming low and muffled with his pleasure. How had the two managed to arrive at this moment? Why had it seemingly taken such a stupid move on Jamie’s part to bring them to this point in their mutual realization? Greg loved his brother. Loved him more than fraternal love. Loved him as passionately as any man could love a woman. He’d known that when they’d told him of the robbery, of Jamie’s involvement in it. Greg had tasted his fear then, the fear of losing his brother, the fear they would arrest him, put him in jail. Greg loved Jamie too much to see him go there. He’d acted. He’d had the robbery covered. He’d pulled strings.

“I want you,” Jamie said, his butt sore where Greg’s pants were chafing against it. “God, I want you.”

Greg put his hands on the boy’s shirt-covered chest. He could feel the buds of taut nipples even beneath the covering material. He tentatively dropped his hands lower, moving onto the boy’s belly. He did so slowly, even nervously, because he was about to do something he hadn’t done before during all of his previous fucks of Jamie. But, God, had he wanted to! He was going to take hold of Jamie’s cock, service it with his hand even as his cock was servicing Jamie’s ass. Before, Greg couldn’t have touched it. Touching Jamie’s dick wouldn’t have been part of the act they were both playing. But they’d now discarded the acting, hadn’t they, discarded it like a butterfly sheds its useless chrysalils. It was all out in the open this time, and there was nothing to hold Greg back. Greg wanted the feel of that cock against his fingers, and now it could and would be his.

Greg found the cock, the feel of it velvety against his hand. The cock was hard. How many other times had Jamie’s cock been hard while Greg fucked him, hard without Greg’s having known about it? Jesus, they’d wasted so much time in coming to this point, so much fucking time.

Jamie had felt Greg’s hand moving down his chest, his belly, even farther. He couldn’t hope, could he? He couldn’t actually believe that Greg was going to grab his cock until his cock was grabbed, and then, Jamie felt the thrill rolling from one inch of his being to the next. How many nights had he dreamed it would be like this? How many times, when being fucked, had he actually shut his eyes and imagined his brother’s hand where it was now? Many times. Jesus, God, it had been an uncountable amount of times. And now that it was happening, Jamie was afraid he was going to cream before any of it had time to go a second further. There was a sunburst of pleasure from his groin and into his belly. Jamie fought to calm it.

Greg intuitively sensed what was happening and automatically withdrew his fingers — not for long, but only until Jamie’s trembling ceased beneath him. Then Greg quickly reclaimed the dick, stroking it, drawing its loose outer folds of velvety skin back and forth over the more solid inner core. It was almost as if he were jacking off his own dick, crouched as he was over Jamie’s body, and, in a way, he was beating his own meat, wasn’t he? They were brothers, weren’t they? They were the same flesh, the same blood, from the same cum, manufactured in the same set of balls. So how had one popped out so dark-complectioned, the other so beautifully blond?

Jamie’s possible premature climax had faded quickly. When Greg’s fingers had again clamped around the shaft of Jamie’s prick, beginning to draw the skin of it back and forth, Jamie knew he would be able to go longer than a few seconds until his eruption. Jamie was happy. What a waste had he blasted his wad into Greg’s hands without any further lead-in.

Greg fucked — fucked his cock up Jamie’s ass, fucked his hand back and forth along the enormous girth of Jamie’s cock. His fingers on the cock were making long, slow, easy slides — the kind Greg liked when he had his own dick and balls propped up over the edge of the sink, his fist pumping his cock for a come. His gripping slid along the cock from its head to its root and then back again. There was a simultaneous plugging of Jamie’s butt by Greg’s dong, followed by a withdrawal of most of those cock-inches from the tight bung.

Jamie revolved his ass, sensuously stirring the entering and exiting cock up his butt. He and his brother moved quickly to achieve an easy fucking rhythm. Greg’s cock glided smoothly in and out, that mass riding along on a lining sopped with spit and leaked pre-cum. Within his fingers, Greg felt the warm stickiness of the natural lubricant being leaked copiously from the pouting cum-slit that cleaved Jamie’s cockhead.

Time passed, the fucking and the masturbating cadences increasing in their momentum. Greg’s hips had a new force as they battered his lower belly violently into Jamie’s welted ass. The cock was pushed and pulled up the asshole, Greg’s nuts smashing with painful pleasure into Jamie’s butt. The sphincter of Jamie’s ass continued to gum, concaving as the cock slipped in, convexing as the cock slipped out.

The walls of the boy’s ass collapsed against the cock as it entered, collapsed into a further smallness into the void left by the exiting rod. The ride of flesh against flesh caused a building of heat. There was a fire up Jamie’s ass.

“Harder!” Jamie pleaded. “Fuck me harder!”

Again Greg pushed to bury his cock balls deep up the contracting asshole. The head of his cock banged into Jamie’s prostate, deflected, plowed deeper into the bowel. It was followed by inch after inch of cockshaft. There was a short pause while the cock came to a complete stop up the asshole; then, it was in motion again. This time it was the shaft of the cock which was followed by the knob as the big rod pulled out of the asshole.

Greg, realizing his moment wasn’t all that far off, began jacking off Jamie’s cock with an even faster rhythm than he was fucking his butt. Greg wanted Jamie to come, wanted the feel of Jamie’s young jizz webbing his hand.

“Easy,” Jamie whispered, speaking into his forearm which was sopped with spit. “I’m close, big brother. I’m fucking close.”

Which was fine with Greg. Greg confidentially couldn’t imagine anyone being any closer to an orgasm than he was. Even before Jamie’s plea had left the boy’s mouth, it was Greg who felt the tremors beginning to herald the end. Greg’s muscles began to go stiff, his chest began to heave with his panting, his hips began to go wild in their bucking.

One last time, Greg’s cock buried up Jamie’s ass, staying there while the walls of Jamie’s ass vibrated around it.

“Oh… fuck!” Greg grunted between gritted teeth. And then his nuts let go.

The load of wet sperm sprang free of the suffocated cock, basting Jamie’s prostate with a deluge of scalding fuck cream. It was the trigger that sent Jamie off the deep end. The younger boy trembled, shook, squealed out his delight as Greg’s pumping fingers smeared his cock with his own erupted cum.

The two were consumed in the ecstasy of the moment, lost in a world that consisted only of their two interlocked bodies. Wad after wad of hot jizz blasted from each pouting meatus. The spunk up Jamie’s butt flooded back over the plugging meat of Greg’s cock and drooled from his asshole.

When it was over, the two were exhausted. Never had their mating been such a mutual releasing of pent-up passions. They both breathed heavily, almost gasping as their lungs fought for air.

Finally Greg pulled himself free. His exiting cock brought with it a mess of spent cum that trickled with other excess juices down the crease of Jamie’s ass. Greg got to his feet, feeling his legs weak. He looked down at the body he’d just filled with his spunk. Jamie looked so helpless and vulnerable that Greg felt a tightening in his own throat. His hands moved automatically to stuff his cock back into his pants and to fasten up his fly to conceal it. He stepped back a couple of feet and dropped into a chair.

With the passion of the sex over, the pain of the whipping was again evident within Jamie’s body. As the boy tried to get up, his tortured ass was fiddled with the ache of bruised flesh. He got slowly to his feet, feeling the ooze of his brother’s cum dribbling down the inside of his thighs. He reached down for his pants and pulled them upward over his leg and thighs. The material of his trousers was harsh against his butt as he slid it up around his buns. The bay grimaced with the renewed pain. He pushed his cock back behind his trouser fly and buttoned up his pants. His legs were stiff as he turned to face his brother. His ass felt as if it had been cooked slowly over a hot fire and was now beginning to crack in a releasing of liquid, fatty juices.

“Why, Jamie — why?” Greg asked, his head buried in his hands.

“Why not?” Jamie asked, thinking his brother had been making reference to their sex. “I ain’t gonna get pregnant.”

“Oh, Christ, not the fuck,” Greg said, looking up at his brother, his face registering a genuine anguish and concern. “Why the robbery?”

Jamie shrugged. “I was bored,” he said. “I was fuckin’ bored, and it sounded like something different to do. And it was.”

“You’re too young to be runnin’ around with tat group of bums,” Greg said.

“When you were my age, you were doin’ the same thing.”

“Well, I don’t want what I had for you,” Greg said. “I damn well want it a little better for my brother.”

“There ain’t no better things for us,” Jamie said, far older than his actual eighteen years. “People like you ‘n me are stuck in this fuckin’ hole for the rest of our lives, and there ain’t no way we’re ever gonna get out.”

“You know Davis Carthy had a piece with him this afternoon when he went into that grocery store?” Greg asked.

There was a short pause, and then Jamie decided upon telling the truth. Why not tell the truth? If there wasn’t that much between him and his older brother, it would have made their sex somehow less meaningful than it really was.

“Yeah, I knew,” Jamie said.

It was at that moment Greg knew he had to do something about his younger brother, and do it pretty damned fast.


“You told him, didn’t you?” Jamie asked, stripping off the elastic cupping of the jockstrap which had been pressed tightly about his cock and balls.

“Me?” Blane Tanners asked, his voice muffled within the T-shirt he was dragging over his head at the moment. “That what the rumor is out on the street?”

“Hell, no, that ain’t the rumor out on the street,” Jamie said, adding his damp athletic supporter to the pile of gym clothes on the bench beside him. “There ain’t no rumor out on the street, and that’s damned funny.”

“Why blame it on me?” Blane asked, smiling. He was a handsomely attractive stud in his late twenties. He had black hair that was tousled and thick, black eyes set beneath thick lashes and brows, a nose which had been broken twice in street fights but didn’t show it, a mouth that was pouty and sensuous, a square jaw and deeply clefted chin. “You never told me anything ’bout a planned robbery.”

“I didn’t hafta tell you,” Jamie said, his hand gently shaking his cock and balls to evaporate the sweat that had made his snaking cock stick to his heavy scrotum. “You got enough contacts on the street without hearing nothin’ from me.”

“Me? Have contacts?” Blane asked giving a little laugh and dropping his gym shorts and jockstrap down around his hips in one fluid movement. “I just run a recreation center for you poor slum kids.”

“Bullshit!” Jamie said, sitting stark naked on the bench, eyeing the equally naked man who stood before him.

Blane bent down and picked up his shorts and jockstrap, adding both of them to his own pile of clothing. He leaned his ass back into the coolness of the nearest metal locker and folded muscular arms over his equally muscular and hairy chest.

“Even if I wasn’t the one, I’m fuckin’ gad someone did it,” Blane said. “You were all a bunch of Goddamned idiots. I wasn’t gonna bring any of this up till you did, but you all deserved to get your butts spanked royal.”

Jamie couldn’t help smiling at that. Not only were Blane and Greg very good friends, but their minds had a way of running along the same track.

“Go ahead ‘n smile,” Blane said, misinterpreting Jamie’s thoughts, “but if things had worked out different, you’d be smilin’ out of the other side of your mouth now.”

“You sound like my brother,” Jamie said. Blane even looked like Greg in many ways — the same dark complexion, dark eyes, rugged good looks. They’d been inseparable in their younger days — Blane and Greg. Together they had ruled the neighborhood turf. In a way, they were still both port of the ruling hierarchy.

“You damn well oughta listen to one of us,” Blane said.

“You and my brother ever make it together?” Jamie asked suddenly, standing at the same time to head for the shower. “The rumor is, the two of you had a real hot affair goin’ once.”

“What else the rumors say?”

“My brother had a bad time in prison that time they pulled him in after those gang wars. They say you brought him outta it.”

“Greg never needed anybody’s help,” Blane said. “Not even mine. He could always take care of himself. That’s a helluva lot more ‘n I can say for his brother.”

“I can take care of myself,” Jamie said, dragging a towel free of the opened locker door over which he’d previously draped it.

Jamie entered the shower room and stepped beneath a nozzle that cut him off from Blane, who had remained temporarily in the other room. Jamie threw his towel over a pipe where it would be kept out of the line of spray. He turned on the water. The first rush of it was cold, hitting Jamie before the boy could successfully jump out of the way. Before Jamie had finished adjusting the water to his satisfaction, Blane had joined him in the shower room.

Blane, a towel hung around his neck, assumed a pose similar to the one he’d had before Jamie had deserted him minutes before. He leaned into the cool tile, folding his arms and watching.

Blane wanted a serious talk with this young boy of whom he thought so much. He wanted to really take hold of Jamie and shake the shit out of him and some sense into him. Instead, the only things he let touch the boy were his eyes. It was always a pleasure to look at the naked perfection of Jamie’s body.

Jamie stepped into the flush of water, letting it wet his platinum-blond hair. The thick hair turned slowly wet to frame the handsomely boyish face.

Jamie was attractive. There would have been few people, even taking into account the various tastes of the whole, who would have contradicted the statement that Jamie was a good-looker. He had those all-American, boy-next-door looks that were epitomized by models in advertisements but which existed so seldom in reality. His hair was so blond it was almost white, and it would have looked right at home on an albino. Jamie, however, was not albino, his complexion being of the peaches-and-cream variety that still managed to tan naturally. The boy’s skin had a bronzed tint, even though he spent all his time on city streets which seldom got a ray of sun that hadn’t first been filtered through layer after layer of soot and smog. His eyes were green, his lashes and brows of a blond coloring that was at least two shades darker than the hair on his head, the effect being attractive in that it avoided the impression made by so many natural blonds that he had neither brows nor lashes. His left cheek was dimpled, his chin clefted, neither deeply. His mouth was fully-lipped and sensuous. The whole combination of facial features in no way relayed an impression of femininity. Jamie pretended to ignore Blane, although it was hard for him to do. Blane’s adult body was a maze of muscle that domed his chest into two matched pectorals and scalloped his belly with taut ridges that wash boarded the abdominal surface. And below all that evidence of male animal was a wrist-thick drooping of cock that would have quickly told anyone that Blane was certainly a lot of man.

Jamie reached for the bar of soap in the niche of the tile and began to soap down his body. The boy’s physique certainly wasn’t filled out with the more abundant adult muscles of Blane’s body, but it was well-sculptured in its own way nevertheless. It was smooth and almost hairless all the way from face to toes, with the exception of the blond strands that clustered at his crotch and beneath the boy’s arms. There was a muscular definition that managed to indicate where pectorals would one day develop into swollen mounds of muscle, but the chest was, beside that, boyishly undeveloped. Jamie’s belly was flat and faintly concaved between his hipbones. His legs were long and well-formed. His arms were swimmer’s arms — not bulged with muscle any more than the rest of the body, but definitely not skinny. And if Jamie’s total good looks weren’t enough, he had the added advantage of having a decidedly male cock on his young man’s body. The cock hadn’t been any longer than other boys’ in the beginning, but, with the advent of puberty, all of that had quickly changed. Balls had dropped, and his prick had virtually exploded. What had been normal for a prepubescent youth had become a giant cock for a youthful adolescent almost overnight.

Jamie turned his back to the spray, taking hold of his cock with his soap-slicked fingers to wash it.

“Next time it’s not gonna be as easy to get you all outta a mess like this time,” Blane said. One hand held to each side of the towel draped around his neck. “If it wasn’t for a favor somebody owed your brother, nothing woulda saved any of you punks. Doesn’t any of that sink in just a little?”

“You know what sinks in?” Jamie asked, his hands sliding over the snake of his cock, over the bulbous bulk of his balls. “It sinks in that both you ‘n my brother are fuckin’ hypocrites, telling me to stay home ‘n stick my thumbs up my ass for fun while you two was out at my age muggin’ old ladies.”

“I never mugged an old lady,” Blane said in all seriousness.

“Shit, you know what I mean.”

Jamie turned his front into the water, letting the run of the liquid wash away the soap. He then began to lather up again.

“I know what it was like when Greg and I were kids,” Blane said. “But things should change for the better, shouldn’t they? I mean, it shouldn’t just hafta be a repeat of the same old things over and over and over, year after year after year, should it?”

“That why you came back here?” Jamie asked. “I mean, after you got that college scholarship ‘n got all educated, we thought you’d split for good.”

“I like kids,” Blane said.

“Yeah, I know,” Jamie said, a leer in his voice. He cupped his right hand beneath his cock and his balls, thrusting his genitals forward. He gave Blane a wink.

“Can’t you ever be serious?” Blane asked.

“I’m tired of everyone bein’ serious,” Jamie said. “You’re serious, my brother’s serious, my mother was serious, my father was serious. Shit, can’t there ever be a little fun outta life?”

“You call fun bein’ put in jail so a bunch of bad-assed blacks and Puerto Rican studs can rape your young ass?”

“I’m tired of hearin’ all those horror stories, too. Least that’d be somethin’ different.”

“You damn well won’t think so if it ever happens to you,” Blane promised. “Sometimes, once they get started, those guts don’t stop. Once you’ve gotten through the line, the first guys’re all hot an’ horny to start again. You know how long a good-looking kid like you’d last in the slammer? You could count the minutes on the finger of one hand.”

“I can take care of myself,” Jamie said. “You don’t grow up in a shithole neighborhood like this without knowin’ how to handle yourself.”

“You’d have been raped here long ago if it wasn’t for your big brother,” Blane said. “Take it from me, baby.”

“Who’d wanta rape me!” Jamie said, giving a nervous little laugh. “All they gotta do is ask for my butt, an’ it’s theirs. You didn’t havta fight me to the floor for that first fuck — remember?”

“I’d like to think I was a little bit different from the typical queer on the streets,” Blane said.

“Oh, Christ!” Jamie said, turning his back to begin soaping more of his chest, his belly, his cock and thighs. Blane was special. Blane was special, and Greg was special. And Jamie knew they had both been concerned about him and what he’d done. He pretended to be smug only because he was ashamed that he’d been involved, that those other kids had sucked him into their little games. He was embarrassed that his big brother had been forced to come to his rescue again. Jamie knew what happened to young kids who got taken away to jail even overnight, and he could feel the gut-twisting nearness of its having happened to him. Kids less attractive than Jamie had come back hardly able to walk, making vows they would die first before they spent another night in those sexual hell-holes. There’d been a kid over on Lester Street. Jamie had seen him a few times. He’d got picked up for shooting horse. He’d gone to jail and died there. The police had said he’d O.D.’d, but rumor had gotten out that he’d refused to be fucked and had gotten beaten to death. He shouldn’t have bothered fighting. He only ended up dead, and he got fucked in the end midway.

“Listen, Jamie,” Blane said. He’d left the wall and had walked over to the boy in the shower. He put his hand on Jamie’s shoulders but didn’t try to turn the bay to him. “Some people do get out of here. You can be one of them. Maybe that swimin’ scholarship we talked about. Maybe it’ll be something else, but Greg and I’ll make sure you get out. Just don’t screw it up before we can find the strings to pull to do it.”

“You’re gonna get me out like you got out?” Jamie asked facetiously. “What good did that fancy college education do you? You ain’t nowhere except right back where you started. Here you are, runnin’ a run-down recreation center for juvies who could give a shit. You call that out?”

“This is what I do best,” Blane said. “Or it’s what I like to think I do best. Once you get out, you won’t have to come back like I did.”

“Sometimes I don’t think there’s a way outta here,” Jamie said, “an’ that scares me, you know? ‘Cause, it’s all so fuckin’ dirty here — it ain’t just the streets or the buildings that look like shit, but the people. They’re dirty on the outside, an’ they’re dirty on the inside.”

“You’ll get out, I promise you,” Blane said.

Jamie turned to face Blane, the boy’s blond body glossed from the water.

“Why’d you come back here?” Jamie asked.

“People were here that I cared for,” Blane answered. “What’s life, even life out there, without the ones you really care about?”

“You still love him, don’t you?” Jamie asked, knowing now what he had always known.

“Who can say?” Blane shrugged. “Love is so many things to so many different people.”

“An’ you knew he’d never leave, an’ so you gave up all that to come back to this shithole.”

“Your brother and I shared some good and some bad times together,” Blane said. “Bonds are sometimes made from less. Who can say it’s love or somethin’ even more than that?”

“Greg’ll never get outta here,” Jamie said. “The syndicate owns his ass, but good.”

“Without those syndicate connections, you’d be in jail now,” Blane reminded.

“I remind you of Greg?” Jamie asked finally. On the surface, it would have seemed a ridiculous question: Greg was dark, Jamie was blond; Greg was all adult muscle, Jamie was all boyish litheness. But there was more to a similarity than just physical characteristics. Jamie’s mother had more than once told Jamie he was beginning to act more and more like his older brother.

“You asking if I have sex with you because you recall childhood memories?” Blane asked, because the answer to that was probably a yes, even though, Blane would have probably never admitted it to anyone, including himself. “If you are, the answer’s no. I have sex with you because you’re Jamie Bravo, not just your brother’s duplicate. You’re a young, good-looking stud that can get me hotter than hell any day of the week by just standing in front of me. Take a look down there between our bellies and tell me what you see sprouting to life. It’s not Greg Bravo’s brother that’s doing that to me. It’s a young, blond stud who has got more going for him than he could ever imagine.”

“You gotta help me get out, Blane,” Jamie said, some of the actual fears finally beginning to show trough in his voice. “I get dreams I’ll end up here forever.”

“I will,” Blane said. “I will, stud. I will.”

Blane took Jamie in his arms, and the boy came more than willingly, meshing his body with Blane’s as the water washed over them. Against his own comparatively hairless body, Jamie could feel the curling ham that matted Blane’s chest, belly, and legs. Jamie pressed his cheeks into Blane’s chest, raised his face as Blane bent to take Jamie’s lips against his own. Their spit was warm, mingling with the water that cascaded over them.

“There’s a better way to prove you’re a man than robbing grocery stores,” Blane said when the kiss we broken, his belly feeling the hardness of Jamie’s cock jabbed against it. “You want to feel like a stud, you come to me.”

“I wanta fuck you,” Jamie said, his cock thumping a tattoo against the hardness of Blane’s belly.

“Do you now?” Blane asked, his hands running the length of Jamie’s spine, cupping the boy’s buns in the squeeze of his large fingers. “Does a punk your age know anything at all about fuckin’ a man?”

“Try me.”

“On for size?” Blane asked, one of his hands passing around Jamie’s hip and grabbing the boy’s cock. “You think something this big’s gonna fit up my tight little asshole?”

“It won’t be a trip it ain’t made before — right, man?”

“No, I guess not,” Blane ginned, giving Jamie’s cock a few playful strokes.

Blane turned in Jamie’s arms and stepped out of the spray so that the soap soon to be slicked into the crease of his ass wouldn’t be quickly washed away. He bent from the waist, his hands on his thighs, offering up his ass to Jamie’s will.

Where one would have expected patches of hair on Blane’s back — after seeing the hirsute conditions on the front of his body — Blane’s back and shoulders were completely hairless. The ripple of muscles was evident beneath naked skin. The spine made a trailing indent that was muted as it reached the lower back and the swellin of the man’s ass. Hair began again on Blane’s butt, silky strands of it that traveled along the inside of the buns and ran along the crease to blossom over the back of the man’s muscular thighs.

Jamie knew what to do, and it wasn’t just because he’d followed his brother’s movements as Greg had prepared to fuck him. Jamie’s initiation into male-male sex had not come from his brother. Jamie had fucked and been fucked shortly after his balls had dropped. He’d known the score long before Greg had decided to use a butt-fuck as some kind of punishment form. For someone who had always enjoyed the feel of a man’s cock up his asshole — having never endured the humiliation of a gang rape — Jamie had thought Greg’s choice of chastisement a little strange, but he wouldn’t have let on for the world. If Greg had early lusted after his brother’s body, the feeling had early been mutually reciprocal.

Jamie’s body might have been off limits because of Greg’s ultimatums on the street, but when Jamie took the initiative, there had been few men who could resist the opportunity for sex with him. At eighteen, Jamie was not as ignorant about sex as Greg might have believed. You didn’t live on the streets as Jamie had done and maintain your innocence for long.

Jamie liked the feel of Blane’s ass beneath his fingers as he soaped the cleavage formed by the twin buns. Blane had the feel of a man about him. Blane was a man and not a boy. So much of Jamie’s male-male sex had been with kids as ignorant as he was. Blane, however, hadn’t been ignorant. He’d come into Jamie’s body with a world of sexual experiences behind him.

If Blane had been originally attracted to Jamie because he saw in the boy just a passing glimpse of Greg’s personality, then Jamie had been attracted originally to Blane because the boy suspected Blane and Greg had once fucked up a storm together. Jamie had early determined to find out what was so special about the man who had managed to have sex with Greg even after Greg had supposedly undergone the traumas of rape in a jail cell. It must have taken quite a man to get Greg over enough of his hang-ups so that he could actually go to bed with another man and enjoy the sex he found there. And, as Jamie had found out, Blane was quite a man.

Jamie’s fingers lovingly worked the crack between the swells of the buttcheeks, his soapy fuck-finger locating the pucker and playfully prodding the bung. The boy’s cock was hard and ready, made more ready when, satisfied with the lubricant on Blane’s butt, Jamie returned his attention to lubricating his own cock.

“About ready, stud?” Blane asked, turning his head to look behind him and getting a quick glimpse of the lathered cock Jamie had ready for him.

“Shit, yes,” Jamie said, stepping forward and using his left hand to part the asscheeks as his right hand guided his swollen cock to Blane’s puckered bung.

Jamie pushed, and, for a quick instant, Blane thought someone was trying to fist-fuck him without first going through the finger-by-finger preparation. His brownie concaved with the exerted pressure, yawned finally wide enough to accept the bulbous knob. The fisted mass pushed inside, the mouth of the asshole slipping to tightly gum the shaft of the dick. What had seemed like a clenched fist even before entry, now seemed even more like one lodged as it was up Blane’s butt.

“Anyone ever tell you it’s damned obscene for a eighteen-year-old-punk to have an elephant’s cock?” Blane asked, his voice a bit breathless.

“You for one,” Jamie answered, shoving to slid his cockhead deeper and plow in a couple of healthy cock-inches behind it.

“Jeeeesssusss,” Blane hissed. “Careful you don’t split my ass at my age.”

“Don’t worry,” Jamie said, driving more of his cock home. “You could prob’ly take an elephant cock easy.”

After the initial shock of his hung accepting the cockhead, Blane’s ass muscles quickly adjusted not only to that bulk but to the rest to follow. Blane mentally willed his butt to relax, and it did so. He’d been fucked enough times in his butch young life that his body knew what was required of it in order to get the most out of any screw.

Jamie put one hand to each of Blane’s hips, using his hold to keep the man’s body relatively static while his pelvis bucked to drive his cock in to the root up Blane’s butt. Jamie’s sizable balls flopped against Blane’s ass, the resulting ache a supplement to the pleasures spawned by the insertion of his cock up the tight asshole.

Once Jamie’s cock was completely inside, Blane unbent, coming again to a standing position. Against his back, Blane could feel the smoothness of Jamie’s chest, the hard buttons that were Jamie’s nipples. His arms at his sides, Blane brought his hands back along his and Jamie’s thighs, reaching behind them so that his fingers were able to take hold of Jamie’s young ass. Blane pulled the boy closer into his body, jiggling his butt to a tighter fit into Jamie’s lap.

“I can feel your prick inside me, stud,” Blane said, acutely aware of the press of the fat cock against his prostate. “It’s in real deep.”

Jamie, a bar of soap in his right hand, began to lather Blane’s body. Jamie’s fingers mixed soap suds into the hairs on Blane’s chest, painting in the lather, drawing swirls and figures on Blane’s chest and belly, bath hands moving steadily downward for an eventual claiming of Blane’s hard dick. All the while, Jamie’s cock, hard as bone, was securely anchored up the confining snugness of Blane’s butt.

The two were actually now moved almost completely out of the spray, but they were still engulfed by the mists of rolling steam. The golden crotch hair clustered around the root of Jamie’s cock were mingled with the darker halts that lined the crease of Blane’s butt. The two firm buns of Blane’s ass were joined tightly with Jamie’s crotch and lower belly.

Jamie enjoyed his cock up Blane’s ass. It was so fucking exciting having his cock jabbed deeply up the hole where the vibrations of the ass walls could spasm along the total length of his cock. It was exciting to fuck Blane, because Blane was so evidently a man. There was no mistaking Blane for a woman or an effeminate faggot. There was just too much muscle here on this body, too much brawn, too much cock and bull-like balls. Jamie had never fucked a girl, and he couldn’t imagine ever wanting to fuck one. A woman seemed too soft, too pliant, so possessed of all those characteristics which would make a fuck somehow hardly exciting.

Both of Jamie’s hands grabbed hold of Blane’s cockshaft, the boy’s fingers interlacing across the broad underside, his thumbs locking over the equally broad back of the cock. Blane’s prick was a handful, two handfuls as a matter of fact. Jamie could feel the run of veins against his palms and fingers. He brought his hands downward into Blane’s belly, pulling all the loose flesh down over the hard bone like core, of the rod he held. The heels of Jamie’s hands mashed into the compacting mass of Blane’s nuts. As Jamie felt the bulge of the cock within his fingers, he couldn’t help imagining how it would have been to see this huge cock being planted up Greg’s ass. Or did Greg, after his traumatic gang rape in jail, ever allow Blane to fuck him in the ass? Somehow, Blane didn’t seem like the type of stud who would have long been satisfied with continually playing the bottom man in any gay relationship.

Jamie began his screw in earnest, pulling his cock slowly out of Blane’s butt as his hands slipped up the shaft of Blane’s cock en route to the rosy knob. Blane’s butt seemed reluctant to release the dick it had so thoroughly adjusted to, and the friction caused by all those exiting inches exuded a heat that spread to engulf both his asshole and the cock which was fucking it.

“A kid as young as you shouldn’t know how to give a guy such a good fuck,” Blane said, his body trembling with the drag of Jamie’s thick cock over and against the walnut-sized prostate positioned up his butt.

“You rather have a fuckin’ rookie up your ass, man?” Jamie asked, his hips jamming his cock again up the butt, his hands again on a downward stroking over the shaft of the cock they were strangling.

No, Blane far preferred the expert way Jamie’s cock was plowing his ass — the kid had a point there. Except it seemed a bit strange, perhaps even a bit sad, that someone as young as Jamie was already so knowledgeable about sex — any kind of sex. Blane knew for a fact that there were places in the States where a kid Jamie’s age wouldn’t have been matured beyond his guilt complexes from masturbation. Here Jamie was fucking his God only-knew-what-number asshole. Blane had been out in the world, seen how the other half lived, and he couldn’t help wondering if kids like Jamie weren’t really missing out on a hell of a lot by not being able to discover life or sex in a slower, more gradual manner. Life somehow had a way of rushing in on the kids in the slums, stealing away childhood’s to make mere kids jaded adults before their time.

Jamie leaned his cheek into Blane’s back, feeling the softness of the skin, the hardness of the muscle knotted beneath it. His cheek stuck in the moisture. The boy pumped his ass, gave a continual series of in-and-out slides that were slow, long, and languid.

Jamie suddenly felt very safe with Blane there in the shower. Beyond the shower room, the outside doors were locked and secured by four padlocks and an alarm system. No one could get in without their knowing about it. No one could know what they were doing, could endanger the perfection of their mating. Jamie had long ago started coming around after closing to shoot a few extra baskets with Blane. Jamie had long ago started to finish up his visits with other balls beside those dropped through the white net of the hoops.

With each push and pull of his cock up Blane’s ass, Jamie felt the pleasures swelling inside of him. He was strangely content in knowing that the pleasure wasn’t a one-sided thing. Jamie knew that Blane enjoyed these sessions. Jamie could tell Blane was enjoying this particular session. It was easy to detect the faint trembles that rolled through Blane’s body as Jamie fucked it. It was easy to distinguish the throbbing of the cock Jamie held gripped between his masturbating fingers. It was easy to recognize each and every spasming that clamped Blane’s asshole tightly around the fucking plug of Jamie’s cock.

Jamie was right in his assumption that Blane was enjoying. Hell, yes, Blane was having a good time being fucked! Why the hell not? The cock up his butt belonged to an attractive young stud who knew a lot about how, to fuck a man and make that man enjoy it. The cock up Blane’s ass was doing its job. Blane liked these moments. They made him thankful that he’d come back to the neighborhood. Sex away hadn’t been quite like this, but then sex away from the slums had never included Greg Bravo or Greg’s brother.

Jamie’s cock was drooling its mess of pre-cum with each glide of his cock in and out of the asshole. Blane’s shitter was sopped with the sticky transparent fluid and the soap that somehow managed to make the fucking strokes smoother while simultaneously increasing the existing friction of flesh against flesh. The fit of the asshole around the cock became even tighter, the snug gripping acting more quickly to strip the cock toward its climax.

They were both into the screw by now. Blane’s hands still clamped into Jamie’s butt and aided Jamie on all the inward thrusts. Blane pulled the boy into him so that the kid’s pelvis bruised his butt even as the cock fucked it.

There was a bubbling of suds at Blane’s asshole, churned up inside the bung and now foaming at the pucker. The white mass haloed the circumference of the cock base, got caught in the webbing of blond hairs that clustered on Jamie’s lower belly and balls.

It was good, it was fucking good. And the two would have liked for it to go on forever. Lost in sex, they could forget the ugliness of the world beyond the shower, beyond the building that housed the recreation center. It was dark outside, and in that darkness things were happening which were far removed from the beauty of this screw. Men and women were getting raped, little old ladies were getting their purses snatched, people were getting mugged or knifed or shot, stores were being robbed, teenagers were popping pills, shooting heroin, sniffing coke. There was hell all around them, but these two men had somehow managed, if only for a few precious moments, to find a pocket of heaven within the purgatory.

Jamie turned his face into Blane’s shoulder, his forehead pressing into the muscle, his nose pugging.

“I’m close,” Jamie grunted, his fists continuing to whip Blane’s cock even while the boy’s hips moved into a faster fucking rhythm.

“Let it come, stud,” Blane said in reply. “I’m gonna be right there with you… right with you… right… JESUS FUCK ALMIGHTY!”

And Blane was there with him. Or, rather, Jamie was there with Blane, since it was Blane who actually went into orbit first. Blane’s balls, cum-bulged and housed within their grapefruit like mass of tough skin, let loose. The hot jizz rushed through the tubes, pulsed out of the slit of Blane’s cock like a comet with a snow-white tail. The wads of cum were airborne, shot after shot blasting free to splatter eventually upon awaiting shower tiles.

The eruption of Blane’s cock sent the man’s whole body into spasms of ecstasy. His asshole opened wider and then collapsed against Jamie’s fucking cock. The walls of his asshole undulated along the rod as Blane’s guts seemed focused at his crotch and ejecting through his own cock.

Blane’s fingers clamped hard into Jamie’s butt, squeezed until even that firm young flesh turned red and oozed through the spaces between his gripping fingers. The visual effects of Greg’s beating had faded, but the soreness which had remained was aggravated now by the clawlike insistency of the fingers on Jamie’s butt. The resulting pain, which really didn’t seem a pain to the hyped boy, was only a mere stimulus to shake Jamie’s body with its own eruption.

Jamie let go, his cock feeding Blane’s butt with a vomiting of hot, salty cum. The cock, which continued a staccato pumping even as it was into ejaculation, streamlined through its own mess of sperm, streaked the ass walls with jizz, suctioned a wet wash of fuck cream from the bung to let it mingle with the soap suds on Jamie’s belly and balls.

Jamie’s legs went stiff. Every muscle in his body tautened. His nipples were rock-hard against Blane’s back. The boy opened his mouth, grunting undecipherable words of pleasure as he drooled spit all over Blane’s shoulder. His fingers wet with the sperm now oozing from Blane’s cock, Jamie squeezed hard against his handful of man-meat.

“Jesus,” Blane mumbled softly. And for the next few minutes, there were no sounds in the room except for the water and the heavy breathing of two sexually exhausted studs.


At least being the big boss’ son had some advantages, Tyler thought as he moved into the smaller pathway that forked off from the main trail and began its slow meander through the trees. When the world started to press in, Tyler would just inform the foreman that he was taking off the morning or the afternoon. Of course, Tyler’s little self-announced vacations were always quickly jotted down and passed on in reports to W.J., but so far there had been no repercussions. Until there were, and possibly even after, Tyler would continue to get away occasionally. He suspected his old man hadn’t put up any complaints so far because Tyler did have some rights, his being the heir apparent to the whole company. Aside from that, Tyler’s breaks with the work routine were actually very rare and could be understood by the foreman and the rest of the logging work crew. Tyler, after all, wasn’t really one of them.

It was possibly a bit of a surprise to everyone that Tyler had managed to fit in with the basically illiterate work group. But then Tyler had always seemed to be able to adapt well with circumstances, and this had been no exception. It had helped that he didn’t really look like the stereotype rich kid. In fact, Tyler wasn’t really a kid any longer by a long shot of the imagination.

By the time he’d started up as a member of the logging crew, Tyler had been through one unsuccessful marriage that had produced a son, had been through four years of college, two years of Vietnam, and he was thirty-three years of age. Tyler’s athletic skills in school and his combat training had given him a physique which was as good as any of those men he worked with. Oddly, Tyler had been able to mix in with the group and keep his identity a secret for over two months before the truth leaked out. By that time, most of the men had come to consider Tyler just another one of the guys. When his identity did slip out, most of the men continued to like him, but they were no longer as friendly and buddy-buddy as they had been. It wasn’t that they found him any different, but they had recognized the world that suddenly existed between them.

Tyler crossed the little stream and turned to follow tat part of the path that angled downhill along the course of the waterway the land he was on didn’t belong to Franklander Lumber or else it would have been stripped of its timber. That’s why Tyler had come over here. He was tired of watching trees drop on all sides of him and wanted to enjoy a virgin tract of timber. He wondered how long it would be before the owner of this acreage sold it off to the big companies that were clamoring for the marketable commodity that was growing on it.

Tyler wasn’t sure when he realized he wasn’t alone. Just one minute he knew there was someone watching him and had been watching him for quite some time. It was a weird feeling being seen but being unable to see the other person, and it wasn’t the first time it had happened, now that Tyler thought about it.

Tyler wasn’t too happy with his discovery. He had wanted to be alone really. Even this invisible personage was an intrusion on the privacy Tyler desired.

“Hello!” Tyler yelled, his hands to his mouth. He’d stopped on the path. His voice disturbed a nest of blackbirds who proceeded to scold him from the nearby treetops. Tyler actually hadn’t expected any insults, and he was, therefore, thoroughly surprised when the kid appeared out of the bushes about five yards ahead of him and stood facing Tyler uncertainly.

“Hi,” the boy answered. His voice was low and nervous. Tyler could hardly hear him.

“Hi, yourself,” Tyler answered. “You been here for long?”

“I saw you back down the trail,” the boy answered, “but you didn’t look like you wanted to be disturbed.”

Tyler walked slowly, closing the distance between them. For some reason, the kid reminded him of a frightened animal getting ready to bolt.

“You live around here?” Tyler asked. He continued his approaching, stopping about four feet from the boy.

“Down through there,” the kid answered, pointing. “Down by the main road. My father owns the land on this side of the river.”

“And he sent you to tell me I was trespassing?”

“No. I often walk up here and just happened to you.”

“Hope your father doesn’t mind my using a couple of his trails,” Tyler said. “It’s getting so torn up over across the way that it sometimes gets a bit depressing.”

“Dad says that before long companies like that one are going to have the land stripped bare.”

“Your dad knows W.J. Franklander, does he?” Tyler asked.

“They tried to buy up this land as well as some other acreage we’ve got over on the Horse River,” the boy answered, evidently having confused W.J. Franklander with his company. “Dad wouldn’t sell. He says they don’t give one shit about ecology.”

“And your dad does care?” Tyler asked.

“He was raised around here. His dad was here way before any of the logging companies came in. Dad hates loggers, but he’ll have to give in eventually. You can’t stop progress.”

“Yeah, I know,” Tyler said, reaching for a pine needle on a nearby tree. “The world needs more of your fathers and less of the W.J. Franklanders. What’s your dad’s name, son?”

Tyler had called the kid son, and it really wasn’t a misnomer. Tyler’s boy couldn’t have been too much older. It had been a while since Tyler had seen Terry. He wondered how the kid was. Tyler really hadn’t been much of a father. He could see that. He hadn’t been much of a husband, either, for that matter. He’d been too young to get married. For once he should have listened closer to his old man, but, at the time, it had been the old man’s insistence that Tyler not many which had forced Tyler into his elopement. In those days, anything W.J. didn’t want had to be for the better.

“Colby. Jack Colby,” the boy said, answering Tyler’s question.

“And you’re…”

“Jeff Colby,” the boy said.

“Well, Jeff, my name’s Tyler.” He was going to say Tyler Franklander, but he decided against it.

“I know,” Jeff answered. He must have thought he’d answered too quickly, because he managed an embarrassed look that was followed by a blush.

“You know my name?” Tyler asked, vaguely curious. He certainly had never seen the kid around anywhere before.

“I heard one of the loggers call you that,” Jeff answered, his voice still low in an evidenced continuing of his embarrassment.

“You walking in my direction, Jeff?” Tyler asked, still wondering where Jeff had been when he’d heard one of the loggers call Tyler by name. Surely not on the other side of the river. But if it had been on this side when Jeff had heard someone call Tyler by name, ten it had been during the couple of times Tyler had been over here with Carl Jordan. If that were the case, the boy’s admission suddenly offered some interesting possibilities. Tyler tried to remember if he’d had the feeling of being watched on those couple of times he and Carl had been looking for a secluded spot in which to have some privacy.

Without further talk, the two started down the path together. Finally, they reached a place where the stream bed bowled into a natural pond. Tyler, who was going ahead because of the narrowness of the path at that point, waited for Jeff with his ass leaned against a moss-covered boulder. It was quiet in the woods, peaceful.

Jeff left the pathway, walking on stones to the edge of the pool. He squatted down and dropped his fingers into the water.

“I swim here sometimes,” Jeff said, turning to give a quick look at Tyler. Jeff’s eyes didn’t linger long. Tyler was watching him, a curious expression on his handsome face. Maybe Tyler was wondering where Jeff had learned his name. Maybe it was a mistake to have let that slip. How would Tyler react if he’d known the boy had been watching when Tyler and that other logger had had sex? Or maybe he already knew. That thought made Jeff tremble.

“How is it?” Tyler asked.

Hard, Jeff wanted to answer, but Tyler hadn’t been referring to the state of the boy’s cock. He had been referring to the temperature of the water.

“A little cold, still,” Jeff said. He dipped his hand into the water again, letting the liquid spill through his fingers.

Tyler wiped the palms of his hands against his trouser legs, realizing they were sweating. He was mildly shaken by what he’d just been thinking. At thirty-three, it wouldn’t be too hard to start feeling like a dirty old man. Tyler remembered now that it had only been a couple of minutes ago that he had remarked to himself that Jeff Colby was probably little younger than his own boy.

“How old are you, Jeff?” Tyler asked, his thoughts taking verbal form before he’d actually realized it.

“Eighteen,” Jeff said.

Jeff knew what Tyler was thinking. Why in the hell was everyone so concerned about age? Jeff knew his own mind — at least enough of it to know what he wanted from Tyler. Why was it that older men always seemed to think they were taking advantage of anyone under twenty-one? Didn’t it ever occur to them that some kids wanted to be taken advantage of? He certainly wasn’t here now because Tyler had searched him out. So far, Jeff had been the aggressor. Jeff had spotted Tyler over a month ago, had gone home and jacked off while thinking about the man before he’d ever dreamed his fantasizing might actually come to be the reality. Jeff still remembered the day he’d seen Tyler and that other man, both of them hot and sweaty and grunting like two animals. He’d gone home and dreamed about it. He’d been embarrassed in the morning when he’d awoke to find his sheets soaked with his nocturnal emissions. He’d been glad that hadn’t been the day to get new sheets. His mother would have probably flipped.

So, why should that other man, that logger, get to have all of the fun just because he was older than Jeff was? Jeff knew just as well as that hunky bastard what he wanted, and he wanted what was between Tyler’s legs. Jeff didn’t want to waste away most of his young years experimenting with kids as ignorant as he was. He wanted a teacher who knew what he was doing. Tyler knew what he was doing. Jeff had seen that, watching concealed as the two loggers had mated with each other on the forest floor. It might have been different if Jeff were uncertain about his homosexuality, but he knew what he wanted. He wanted cock. Tyler had a cock. Jesus, did Tyler have one. Jeff had seen it, and Jeff now wanted it.

“You know, I have a son about your age,” Tyler said, watching the boy, wondering — despite himself — if the basket Jeff was showing could possibly be real or his imagination. It was hard to think of a kid this young as a sexual animal, of having balls that had dropped and sprouted hair, of having a cock that could spurt thick cum. Was Tyler’s son now going around with the equipment of a man hung between his legs. Tyler could wonder that despite an inner embarrassment in doing so.

“Do you have an age hang-up?” Jeff asked. “I don’t.”

Jeff stood up, knowing the bulge of his swollen cock would be more than evident against his left thigh. He wanted Tyler to know that Jeff knew the score, that Jeff wasn’t a kid about to be seduced by an older man but rather someone who wanted what Tyler had to give and who had gone to the point of searching the older man out to get it.

Tyler knew what he would have liked Jeff to mean by his comment on age hang-up, but he couldn’t believe that’s how it actually was. What did Jeff Colby know about sex? What, especially, did Jeff Colby know about male-male sex?

The answer to that, for all practical purposes, was that Jeff knew really very little except that he would have liked to know a good deal more. The boy had played the normal amount of grab-ass games with the other boys. He’d graduated to jacking off and had once been a member of a circle-jerk. The latter, composed of a total of four boys, had resulted in none of the kids involved talking to each other for a month after it was over. Most of the male-male sex Jeff had, thus, had been in his mind. After he had seen Tyler and that other logger in action, however, he had come away with a bit more of the specifics. Male-male sex consisted of sucking cock and fucking ass. Jeff had seen cock sucked, seen ass fucked, and he hadn’t been turned off by it. Quite to the contrary, rather than having been revolted by the display of two males in rut, Jeff had merely found himself wondering how it would be to fill his own mouth with cock, fill his own butt with cock, jab his own healthy cock up another man’s deep throat or deep asshole. Now his fantasies were no longer just any male but a specific one — Tyler. Jeff wanted to know more about what Tyler had been doing with that other stud in the woods that day. Couldn’t Tyler see that? Couldn’t Tyler see the swollen mass of cock at Jeff’s groin and know the boy was just waiting to be shown the secrets Tyler knew and which Jeff desired to know?

“You’re so young,” Tyler said, knowing his own cock had gone hard and was bulging his pants at his crotch. His reaction was to want to conceal his obscene hard-on, but any attempts to have done so would have only called Jeff’s attention more closely to it.

“Does so young mean too young?” Jeff asked. He was surprised at how he was acting. Maybe he had just determined at the outset that he wasn’t going to be talked out of doing what he wanted to do. He’d known from the minute he’d lucked onto Tyler again that this was the day it was meant to happen between them. Today Tyler was alone. Today Tyler would have no one else with him to pull down his pants and suck his fat cock. Today Jeff would be that person. As if hypnotized, Jeff had found himself walking out to meet Tyler when the man had sensed his presence back on the trail. Jeff had come out because he’d known that today was the day he’d been waiting for his whole life, and, by God, no one was going to deprive him of it — not even Tyler, not even if Jeff had to rape the older man right where he stood.

Tyler was confused. He couldn’t believe what was happening. He couldn’t believe Jeff’s hard-on, and he couldn’t believe his own. He couldn’t imagine Jeff’s words being a veiled invitation for sex. Does so young mean too young? What had the kid meant by that? Too young for what? For sex? Jesus, Tyler thought, he must be out of his head to imagine a proposition for sex from such a young kid.

Jeff walked the short distance that separated them. He walked with a determination that told him there was no time like the present to get this phase of his sexual initiation out of the way. It was going to be now or never. Jeff knew what he wanted, and he was determined to get it. He’d decided each night in the privacy of his own bedroom, his hand wrapped around his cock, that it was going to be Tyler who was going to take him through the mysteries, Tyler with his butch studly body, his muscles, his fat cock and hairy balls.

“I saw what you and that other logger did out there that day,” Jeff said. His voice sounded strange in his ears. He felt a sudden flushing of power through his body as he saw the various emotions race suddenly across Tyler’s face — fear, confusion, desire. Jeff felt very much in control. It was a feeling he enjoyed, one which he nurtured.

“Me and what man?” Tyler asked. Why was his cock hard? Why was he beginning to sweat? Why was he here now with this young kid? He looked at Jeff, at the boy’s blond hair, his blue eyes, his boyishly undeveloped chest beneath the shirt, the manly bulge of the cock in the boy’s trousers.

“You know what man,” Jeff said, challenging. “I know what man. I was watching the both of you. I watched you all the time — from the beginning to the end.”

“I don’t know what you mean,” Tyler said. So, why didn’t he leave? Why was he glued to the boulder he was leaning against? Why was he suddenly so afraid?

“You leaned your back up against a tree,” Jeff said. “And the guy tat was with you began to undo your belt.”

Jeff’s fingers found the buckle at Tyler’s waist, began to unfasten it.

“What in the hell are you doing?” Tyler asked, slapping the kid’s hands violently, too violently, away. His action surprised himself as well as the boy.

Jeff was confused. He felt very much the child again, being suddenly chastised by a grownup for something he’d done wrong. Jeff had lost his sense of dominance in this situation, and he now fought to regain a portion of it. He put his hands back on Tyler’s belt, angry to find his eyes blurring with the tears that were swelling inside of him.

Tyler didn’t slap the boy’s hands again, but he didn’t let them go on to immediately do what they wanted to. He grabbed them instead with his own hands, holding them secure in a viselike grip.

“Stop it, Jeff!” Tyler said, his voice sounding low in his throat.

“Why?” Jeff asked. He was crying, and he knew he was crying, and he suddenly hated Tyler for ruining the way it should have gone, for ruining the way Jeff had always imagined it would be. Jeff would have undone Tyler’s pants. He would have unzipped the man’s trousers, just like he’d seen that other man do it. Then he’d have reached into the opened fly and taken hold of the white-hot shaft of Tyler’s cock and dragged the stiff rod into the open. He’d have dropped to his knees and kissed the swollen head of that cock. He would have sucked on it while Tyler commanded him to eat prick like he had commanded that other man that day in the grove. But Tyler had spoiled all of how it should have been. The Goddamned sonofabitch had mined it!

“Try to understand,” Tyler said, his voice sounding hoarse, his chest gone tight.

“Let me go, you queer bastard!” Jeff screamed. He almost managed to jerk his hands free, but Tyler continued to hold him, somehow now afraid to let the boy go.

“Jeff, I want you to try and understand,” Tyler said. Jesus, what did he want Jeff to understand? That Tyler was on the verge of pulling out his cock and feeding it up the boy’s mouth? That Tyler was tempted to yank down the boy’s pants and feed all of his prick up Jeff’s tight virgin ass? Could any young boy understand that? Even begin to understand that?

“Bastard!” Jeff exclaimed. “Queer, queer, cocksucking bastard!”

Jeff tried again to wrench his hands free, but he couldn’t. He felt mortified, ashamed. He wanted someone, and they didn’t want him. The boy was humiliated. He only wanted to get away now, run away, hide away. He was still crying, and he hadn’t cried in years — not even when his father punished him. A man didn’t cry. Only women cried. Tyler’s refusal had somehow managed to make Jeff feel less than a man.

“You’re so young,” Tyler said, still frying to explain both to himself and to Jeff. “Christ, can’t you see I’m old enough to be your father?”

Jeff stopped struggling.

“And I’m old enough to get a hard-on,” Jeff said, attempting to regain some aspect of his dignity. “I’m old enough to want something. So, who’s going to judge when I’m old enough to get it? You?”

Tyler used his hold on Jeff’s hands to pull the boy closer to him. He looked down on the youth who was a good foot shorter than he was. He waited until Jeff appeared relatively calm.

“If I let you go, will you promise not to run?” Tyler asked finally.

For a good fifteen seconds, Tyler waited for the answer. When it came, it was merely a mumbling.

“Was that a yes or a no?” Tyler asked.

“I won’t run,” Jeff promised, although he wondered about the purpose of staying. What was the point?

Tyler released his hold, waiting tentatively for the boy’s attempt to bolt. Jeff didn’t run. He was so physically close to Tyler that he was acutely aware of the man’s exuding warmth. He was close enough to be acutely aware of the hardness beneath the stretched material of Tyler’s crotch. If there was a hard cock there, it was there for some reason. So, what was the reason? Was Tyler holding back only because of the difference in their ages? Was tat really all that was keeping them apart — Tyler’s misconception that anything he did was a taking advantage of a kid who was more than half his age? Could Tyler actually still believe tat after Jeff had made a fool out of himself to play the aggressor?

Tyler moved his hands slowly, bringing them to Jeff’s tear-stained face. He ran his fingers along the boy’s cheeks, his thumbs gently tracing the curve of the boy’s lips. He lifted Jeff’s face to look upward toward his own, looking at it, marveling at the blueness of the boy’s eyes. He dropped slowly to his knees, his new positioning making Jeff taller. Tyler’s hands left the boy’s face and glided down Jeff’s body, resting finally, on the youth’s hips and holding there.

“How often have you and someone else done what you saw me and that other man do?” Tyler asked, his voice now gentle and soothing. He found himself very cognizant of the bulging of Jeff’s crotch. It was hard to believe that all that evident hardness belonged to one so young.

“What difference does that make?” Jeff asked. “Are you going to tell me how many times you’ve done that sort of thing before?”

“No,” Tyler said, “I guess not.”

Tyler moved his hands, brought them slowly to begin the unbuttoning of Jeff’s shirt. Jeff didn’t move, hardly believing it was beginning to happen.

Tyler’s fingers moved deftly. Even Tyler was amazed at how smoothly his fingers released the buttons, revealing the hairless expanse of the chest beneath. Tyler ran his hand up over the naked chest, working the shirt off over the boy’s shoulders. Jeff let the shirt fall to the ground behind him, not bothering to even make an effort to pick it up.

Jeff’s flesh was golden, toasted by the sun. It was smooth beneath Tyler’s fingers. Tyler ran his hand over it, bowed his face into it, tasted it with his lips and his tongue.

Jeff put his hand into Tyler’s hair, feeling the silkiness of it as he was simultaneously experiencing the wet warmth of Tyler’s tongue. What in the name of Christ had all the problem been? This was what Jeff had wanted. This surely was what Tyler wanted. So, why had there ever been the silly pretense that it had been otherwise?

Jeff’s body wasn’t without definition. The outline of the pectorals was formed but not developed. The belly was firm and flat, stretched between the two hipbones and punctuated with an indented navel. Tyler’s tongue found first one nipple and then the other, aware of how they rose to meet his tongue. The flesh tasted of boy, of youth. Tyler rubbed his cheek against Jeff’s belly and then began unzipping the boy’s pants.

Jeff felt Tyler’s fingers expertly undoing the top snap of his pants and beginning to draw down the zipper. Despite himself, the boy was apprehensive about what Tyler would find. Jeff knew he had a big cock for his age, but how would it compare to the man-cock Tyler had been used to? Jeff hadn’t seen tat many naked men to form an adequate basis for comparison. He’d seen his PE teacher’s cock in the showers at school. He’d seen his father’s cock. Both of those didn’t seem so much more impressive than his own dick, but those were only two people, two cocks. Jeff was suddenly afraid that now that Tyler was going to see him, his dick wouldn’t stand up against the others Tyler had come across.

Size was the last thing on Tyler’s mind. The man had never been a size queen. He would have been equally delighted with a six-inch cock or a ten-inch cock. He was only thrilled now that he was about to get this boy’s prick at all. He was excited by the anticipation, was suddenly starved for the taste of the boy’s rod no matter what the size.

Tyler put his hand into the breach of the fly, his fingers working into the opening at the crotch of the boy’s underwear. He found the hard warmth of the prickshaft, the bulk of it still bent downward along the boy’s left thigh.

Jeff groaned with the feel of strange fingers on his dick. He dug his fingers involuntarily into Tyler’s scalp in direct response to the pleasure.

How was any of this wrong? Tyler asked himself as he pried the cock up and out of its nesting. He certainly wasn’t a dirty old man seducing a young boy. He was merely enjoying something natural with a member of his own sex. The kid had been right. If Jeff actually knew what he wanted, then who was Tyler to tell him differently? After all if it hadn’t happened with Tyler, mightn’t it have happened with someone else? And God only knew the trauma to be had with being brought out by the wrong man. Maybe it was better to be doing it here and now. Tyler knew he would be gentle. If this was actually the boy’s first time, that gentleness would be important, wouldn’t it?

Jeff’s cock was hard. Were all boys’ cock this hard? The erection was jabbed downward into the left pants leg. Tyler pried it out a little at a time until the dick broke completely free of its confines and bounded immediately to an upjutting position.

Had Tyler been a size queen, he would have had little complaint with the prick Jeff was offering him. The evidence of size and bulk which had been only hinted at behind the bulge of the boy’s clothed crotch was now proved even larger in the reality. Tyler could hardly believe that a cock that size was sprung from the belly of a mere child.

The cock was a good ten inches of blue-veined meat. It was thick as well as long, and even Tyler’s large hand was going to have trouble making a completed fist around it. It rose from a nest of blond crotch hair, the strands of that hair poking out at the base of the cock. The underside was wide, rising from the root to the circumcised knob. The cockhead at the summit was heart-shaped, flaring before tapering to the end. The cum-slit was deep and pink, beaded with pre-cum. Some of the juice had already leaked free while the cock had been confined in Jeff’s pants. Tyler’s fingers had detected the dampness of the underwear, and the man could clearly see the shiny slick of those juices on the knob and on the neck of the thick dick.

With the unveiling of the cock in all of its glory, Tyler knew he had come to the point where there would be no turning back. The man knew he would have to have it. If he had had any doubts and inhibitions of taking on a kid so young, they would have to be discarded now.

Tyler reached his right hand back into Jeff’s pants, cupping the full warmth of his balls and scooping the scrotum out to hang downward over the opened zipper.

The balls and the sac which contained them were the perfect complement for the massive cock reared above them. The bag of flaccid skin, covered as it was with a furring of wiry blond hair, moved with its own life. Tyler watched the movement and was excited by it.

By not looking at the rest of Jeff’s body, by not concentrating on anything but the prick and the accompanying balls, Tyler could easily imagine Jeff was a man. He thought momentarily of fantasizing the man rather than the boy throughout the whole ensuing sexual encounter, but then he discarded the idea. What would have been the point? His pretending to suck a man’s dick wasn’t going to change the fact that Jeff was only a boy, so Tyler had better face up to that fact from the beginning and enjoy it. Now that Tyler had come this far, he knew he was going to enjoy it. He’d known from the beginning he would enjoy sex with this young teenager, and that was what had been partly responsible for Tyler’s initial panic when the boy had moved to unbuckle Tyler’s pants. But that panic was now gone.

Desire for the boy had taken over Tyler’s body. Those desires wouldn’t leave him until long after Tyler had feasted on the fuck cream that was bulging Jeff’s balls. The man knew it, wondering if he would ever be sorry. The boy knew it, well realizing this moment had been long hoped for and would be long remembered.

Tyler bent his head into Jeff’s crotch, momentarily by-passing the cock in favor of the nuts. He pursed his lips to kiss the bag, sucked to siphon the loose skin into his mouth. The hair-covered flesh slipped inward until one ball and ten the other popped trough Tyler’s ovaled lips and into his mouth. Tyler’s mouth moved to a position that was flush with the underside of Jeff’s thick cock. His nose was pressed firmly into the dick, smelling the delightful aromas of a clean young male’s sex.

Jeff felt his legs go weak. For a brief instant, as Tyler’s face was sucking up the boy’s balls, Jeff thought he was going to faint with the pleasure. He held to Tyler for support, his fingers still on the man’s scalp, his fingers lost amid the silkiness of all that tousled black hair.

This wasn’t how Jeff had imagined it would be.

It was better. He had always suspected it would be himself who would uncover Tyler’s balls, go down on Tyler’s cock. How surprised he now was to find his cock bared, his balls wet up Tyler’s sucking mouth.

Tyler’s cheeks were ballooned with his large mouthful of meat. He swished the sac and its balls back and forth, drowning the scrotum in a mess of bubbling warm saliva. Increasing the suctioning that had originally drawn the gonads and their covering into his mouth, Tyler’s cheeks collapsed inward on the nuts, squeezing the delicate balls until a dull aching seemed to radiate outward into the pit of Jeff’s belly. The boy felt the aching and was surprised that the discomfort of it was not completely lacking in its additional degree of pleasure.

Tyler was not long over Jeff’s nuts. His hunger had only been increased for a taste of the hard male cock above them. Tyler pulled his head back from Jeff’s crotch, stretching the big balls. Finally, one ball and then the other popped free. The weight of the released nuts drooped the sac back between Jeff’s thighs. The scrotum was wet with Tyler’s spit, was already beginning to contract and pull upward toward the base of Jeff’s cock. The skin of the sac continued to move, continued to grow thicker as the boy’s body was priming for its orgasm.

Tyler’s tongue gave the nuts one final licking and moved upward for its first contact with the boy’s prick. The hardness of the cock was hot against Tyler’s tongue. He lapped the underside, his tongue moving upward toward the rosy knob. Simultaneously, his hands had moved to the boy’s butt, his fingers anchoring in the pants-covered buns.

How many cocks had Tyler sucked? How was this particular cock any different from any of those? He had sucked many cocks, having lost count long ago of just exactly how many, and this cock was different, even if Tyler wasn’t able to actually define those characteristics that distinguished it from the others.

Tyler’s tongue reached the spongy knob, feeling the shaft trembling beneath his licking as he robbed the pouting cum-slit of those juices which had pooled there and started to overflow.

Tyler worked his forehead into Jeff’s lower belly, able now to get a good view down the whole length of the dick. Along the back was a latticing of fine blue veins that appeared and then disappeared along the expanse of milky flesh. There was one vein, bigger than the others, that began at the base of the cock and meandered up the back until it faded again into the skin at the beginnings of the circumcision scar tissue. Tyler would feel the run of that vein along his upper lip as he dove over Jeff’s prick. His anticipation of doing so only made the man that much hotter.

Eagerly, Tyler put his lips to the head of the cock, dropping them downward until they’d slipped into the groove formed by the flaring of the knob. There was a new flushing of pre-cum onto his tongue, the taste of which made him immediately hungry for even more of the cock than he had already managed to claim. He dived, the blunt head of Jeff’s rod butting his palate and arching back through the opening of his throat. Tyler continued to suck up the cock until he felt his throat beginning to reject it. Then he paused, waiting for his face to adjust to the inches of cock which had already dived in to fuck it.

Jeff moaned. He couldn’t help it. This sucking warmth that was beginning to engulf his whole cock was an entirely new experience for the boy. Here was noting that could be duplicated by grab-ass games in the gym or by jacking off with cold cream in the privacy of the bathroom. This was something you couldn’t adequately know until you were part of the experience. Even Jeff’s wildest fantasies were now made pale by the actuality of the moment.

Jeff heard noises, low animalistic growls, and he didn’t immediately recognize them as his own. His legs were actually shaking, his fingers kneading Tyler’s head as if the man’s scalp was a blob of raw dough.

It took a relatively short time before Tyler was able to proceed further. He’d sucked enough cock in his time that his throat was able to easily adjust to the biggest dicks anyone ever offered him. Jeff’s cock, despite its magnificent bulk and length, had been no exception to the rule. There was only a two-second lapse between Tyler’s pause and his completion of the slide down over the rest of Jeff’s rod.

Tyler reached bottom, his lips gumming the base of the cock. His nose burrowed into the blond crotch hairs, his chin pressing into the contracting mass of the youth’s balls.

“Oh, Jesus!” Jeff squealed.

Both Tyler and Jeff were surprised by the sudden orgasm that racked the young blonds body. Tyler was, perhaps, the more surprised of the two, since Jeff felt the explosion in his brain before it was transferred to his spasming cock. Tyler, used to sucking on cocks jaded by the experience of being swung on by male head, hadn’t really anticipated the quick results to be had from his expert mouth and tongue working over a cock that was virgin to male mouth or ass. Tyler automatically sucked away the cream, however, marveling nevertheless at the tremendous amount. He sucked and sucked some more, and even then there seemed to be a new wad of jizz leaving the cock and flooding his throat with each successive gulping.

Jeff, who had been temporarily lost to the world as his orgasmic shudders possessed him, could momentarily think of nothing but the ecstasy. As the climax washed over him, passing into its final moments, however, Jeff knew that, as pleasurable as it had all been, he’d somehow shot off a little early. He’d watched Tyler when the man had been sucked off by that logger, and it had seemed to Jeff that Tyler was never going to get his rocks off. Yet Jeff had blasted his nuts almost as soon as Tyler’s face had moved to completely take in his cock. The boy was disappointed that it was to be over so quickly, even though he wouldn’t have missed out on it for the world.

Tyler was disappointed, too, since he had only just begun to enjoy the taste of the boy’s cock. He was so disappointed, in fact, that he had no intentions of immediately giving up his mouthful. The dick he was eating, even though it had finally finished spitting up cum, was still hard. Tyler was determined to keep it that way.

Jeff, who thought it would all be finished when he’d quit orgasming, was delighted to find that Tyler was apparently no way done with his prick. Jeff, knowing he was good for at least another come, was determined not to shoot off prematurely a second time. He was glad Tyler hadn’t spit out his cock, happy that the man hadn’t been disgusted by Jeff’s inability to hold on that first time, overjoyed that Tyler had enough foresight to know that Jeff was good for more than just one blast-off before his cock would shrivel into uselessness.

In fact, Tyler was relatively surprised that Jeff’s cock hadn’t seemed to lose any of its hardness after the volume of cum it had given up during the first blasting. The fact that Jeff’s cock was still bone-hard, more than anything, could point up to Tyler that he was indeed eating the cock of a young stud in his prime. Maybe it was ridiculous to delegate teenagers into celibate corners until they came of legal age. By the time they did become of age, some of their best sexual years had been wasted away on jacking off.

Tyler’s face began to slide up the cock, his tongue lapping the rod in seeming challenge for it to dare and go soft, his saliva glands continuing to manufacture new gushings of spit to bathe the cock in sticky wetness.

Tyler’s lips came upward to the flaring of the knob, paused only momentarily for a quick inhalation of air before dropping once again down over the cock. While the first trip down the shaft had required a brief respite at the halfway point, the second fall was successfully achieved in one, long, fluid motion. Tyler’s throat had adjusted, knew what to now expect.

Again down at the root of the cock, Tyler wasted little time before returning back up the shaft. In fact, his head moved easily into a bouncing cadence that drew the dick totally in and then spit it almost out of Tyler’s hungry mouth. Tyler’s firm lips pulled and pushed the outer layer of loose skin over the more solid inner core of Jeff’s hard prick.

Jeff’s pleasure, which had peaked during his first orgasm, had never really completely drained away in the aftermath of that climax. Tyler’s immediately move to work the cock for a second eruption had managed to hold Jeff on a fairly high plateau of enjoyment. Now, as Tyler’s face was well into its bounce over Jeff’s cock, the pleasure had begun to swell once again within the boy’s body. Jeff was worried tat the pleasure was, perhaps, swelling too fast. He’d often jacked off twice in succession, but the enjoyment during a second masturbation never built up as quickly as it was doing now. But then, this experience was so sensuously superior to beating his meat, there could really be no basis for comparison between the two.

Tyler sucked, his lips again gumming the root of the cock and then again beginning another upward slide. His tongue wrapped around the hard rod, beating it until the cum-slit wept more and more pre-cum. His mouth was stretched wide, so wide that the corners of it pained with the yawning.

It was a lovely cock — this cock — Tyler now had in his mouth. The taste of the meat itself, combined with the residue of hot cum still on Tyler’s tastebuds, made for a delicious meal. Tyler couldn’t remember when he had enjoyed sucking a cock so much. His last sex had been with Carl, and that had certainly been okay. Carl had been a handsome enough stud, with a fat uncircumcised dick, but eating tat foreskin-shrouded tool just wasn’t the same as this.

The fact that Tyler was having such a good time could partially be accounted to the fact that it had been a long time since his last sex — a month being a long time for someone as virile as Tyler Franklander. After the discovery that Tyler was the boss’ son, Tyler’s relationship with Carl had cooled. Their sex was never the same once it was known who Tyler was. Carl was a kid who’d been raised in the woods, hadn’t even finished high school. He couldn’t cope with the idea of having the boss’ son suck him off or vice versa. Since then, Tyler had been alone.

He was alone no longer. Here in the woods, away from the prying eyes of everyone, Tyler was sucking cock — big cock, big cock that was on a young boy. He was enjoying. He would continue to enjoy. There was something infinitely thrilling about taking a virgin prick into his mouth, tasting virgin cum before anyone else could sample its flavor. Tyler couldn’t have known how much of a turn-on eating virgin dick could be until now. He was hotter than hell, and he hadn’t even touched his own rod. He could almost come by just sucking on this boy’s cock. Wouldn’t that have been a new experience for Tyler? But then, even if Tyler’s dick wasn’t about to blast on its own without a little help from his hand, the whole experience was a new one for Tyler. Because if Jeff had never before had his cock sucked by another man, this was the first time Tyler’s mouth had done its work on someone as young as Jeff. Before, he had steered away from younger meat, jail-bait, kids who Tyler figured didn’t know their minds and who he felt would be better off finding out which way they wanted to go without any help from him. Maybe he’d made a mistake before. Maybe there were young kids like Jeff who already knew what they wanted. Why shouldn’t Tyler’s mouth find them? As Tyler’s lips glided once more over the uprisen bulk of the cock, dropped to the stalwart root, dragged upward until the dominant vein on the prick’s back had ridden its length along Tyler’s upper lip, the man somehow suspected that Jeff was liable to be his first and last experience with young, virgin boys. Few young men would be approaching Tyler as Jeff had done, and Tyler somehow didn’t see himself approaching them. With that realization playing through his brain, Tyler was determined to enjoy this sex while it was his.

Jeff found his hips had assumed a back and forth movement to coincide with Tyler’s sucking, a fucking motion that drove his cock as Tyler took it, that pulled his cock as Tyler released it. The boy’s hands, still on Tyler’s head, rode with the up-and-down cadence of Tyler’s sucking face.

“Eat me, eat me, eat me!” Jeff said, his voice breathless, remembering how it had been, how excited he’d become when Tyler had made that demand of Carl in the grove of trees that one, hot afternoon Jeff had watched with his hand full of his own hard cock.

The buildup to the orgasm wasn’t as long as Jeff had suspected it would be, but it was long enough so that when Tyler sensed its approach, he didn’t do anything to slow down the speed of its arrival. There were several things Tyler might have done to keep Jeff’s orgasm in abeyance. He might have squeezed the boy’s balls hard, letting the pain cancel out some of the pleasure. He could have clamped down hard into the cock at the flare of the knob. He could have scraped the cock with teeth unprotected by the fuck of the lips. He could have pulled his face completely away to remove all stimulus. But Tyler did none of those things or anything else to impede the flow of pleasure through Jeff’s body. Tyler was hungry for Jeff’s second load, and Jeff prepared to serve it to him.

Tyler hungrily ate the hard cock, siphoning it into the depths of his throat, aware of how compact the once-flaccid sac flesh had become at the cock base. The boy’s scrotum had grouped itself into a mass the size of a grapefruit, the balls it contained bulging with newly manufactured fuck cream. Beneath Tyler’s fingers, Jeff’s butt had gone solid with taut muscles. His belly was drawn in tighter than usual and sweat glossed his skin. The crotch of the boy’s trousers was soaked with a mingling of Tyler’s saliva and his own drooled pre-cum.

Inside Tyler’s mouth, Jeff’s cock began to throb noticeably, as if it were an entity all its own. The man mentally prepared for the teenager’s climax, prepared to physically siphon away all evidence of that climax once it occurred.

“Oh, fuck!” Jeff mumbled. His hands automatically shoved Tyler’s head downward over his cock just as it began erupting thick jizz. In accompaniment to the downward thrusting of his hands which pinioned Tyler on the exploding cock, Jeff bucked his hips forward so that his crotch ground into Tyler’s feeding face.

For Jeff, the second orgasm even surpassed the first in its intensity. The boy shut his eyes, threw back his head, opened his mouth and gave a growling of pure, unadulterated pleasure. For those too-brief seconds of orgasm, Jeff thought his whole body was being vacuumed through his cock and jettisoning into the depths of Tyler’s belly.

Tyler wasn’t surprised at the orgasm — that, after all, being what he had so diligently been working to achieve. What did surprise him was the large volume of wet, warm sperm Jeff proceeded to feed him. After the seeming gallon of spunk which had accompanied the first eruption, it was inconceivable that there was all of this cum which had remained to follow. Yet, there it was — milky, creamy, warm slugs of coagulated sperm. With each trembling of Jeff’s cock and body, another load let go, until the cock was still jerking, Jeff’s body still quivering when all of the jizz was finally gone.

Tyler sucked up the last tardy traces, reluctantly releasing Jeff’s dick from his mouth. He looked upward, seeing Jeff’s flushed face looking down at him.

“Thank you,” Jeff said, his voice hoarse, his hands still resting on Tyler’s head. It was the only thing he could think of to say.

“My pleasure,” Tyler answered, and the hardness of his cock somehow told him he wasn’t finished with Jeff Colby’s studly young body yet — not by a long shot.


It was good sex, but it wasn’t the same as it had once been, and that, Blane supposed, was only as it should be. He and Tad were, after all, now different than when they’d first met as two college frosh and launched a whirlwind of sex and mutual discovery. Blane had been the high-school jock who had gotten to college on a track and field scholarship, and Tad had been the rich man’s son who had balked at his father’s plans for Harvard and opted instead for the state university. Looking back, Blane suspected their relationship had begun on pretty flimsy footing. Blane had been out to prove that even if he came from the slums, he could still make it with somebody like Tad Thaner. Tad had thought it would really be a bit of a lark if his old man ever found out he was carrying on a torrid homosexual romance with a kid so evidently from the other side of the tracks. That their relationship had blossomed into something deeper had actually surprised them both. They’d had many long discussions that went on deep into the night as they tried, like most college kids, to come up with the answers to life and the universe, and, like those who had come before them, they’d solved no great problems, answered no mysteries. But they had gotten uproariously drunk on more than one happy occasion and had had a lot of good times. After graduation, they had both made solemn pledges to keep in touch, but they had gone from regular correspondence to merely exchanging Christmas cards in less than three years. Blane had gotten the wedding announcement eight months before and had been a little too short on cash at the time to send a gift. He wouldn’t have gone to the wedding or reception under most circumstances anyway. He didn’t know Miss Jocelyn Potter-Sykes, but he knew he wouldn’t like her. He had sent a note of congratulations instead.

When he’d opened the door, he hadn’t immediately recognized Tad. It wasn’t that Tad looked any older, it was just that Tad had been the last person in the world he’d expected to see. Blane had thought it was Jamie knocking, even though Jamie had already stated earlier that he wouldn’t be by. Still, Blane had hoped Jamie had somehow gotten away, since very few people showed up at the recreation center after it was closed.

“I know you were probably expecting some handsome young stud,” Tad said, smiling, “but at least try to act a little pleased.”

“Tad?” Blane asked, his vocal recognition actually preceding his conscious one. “Christ, it can’t be!”

“Well, close your Goddamned mouth and invite me in,” Tad said. “I was afraid I was going to get mugged before you even opened the door. The fucking cabby didn’t bother waiting, even after I’d given him a tip tat was too damned big. You’d have thought I’d asked him to take me to the moon instead of just across town.”

“Can in this neighborhood get ripped off while in motion,” Blane said. “You’re lucky you got him past Jackson Street at this time of the night.”

“Doesn’t it scare you, living in an area that the police are afraid to patrol even in the day?” Tad asked, walking past Blane and into the hallway beyond.

Blane locked the door, turning to face Tad. It finally began to sink in that it was really Tad Thaner standing there.

“By God, Tad, it’s good to see you,” Blane said, extending a hand for the first time and giving Tad’s fingers a firm squeeze. “Did you bring the little woman?”

“The little woman isn’t very little,” Tad said, frowning. “She’s pregnant and looks like a two-ton truck.”

“Tad Thaner — husband and father,” Blane commented. “Who would have guessed?”

“Not me,” Tad said. “But let’s not ruin an evening by talking about Jocelyn and her fat belly. I thought I’d get away from all of that for at least one evening.”

“What brings you both to our fair city?”

“You,” Tad answered. “What else but thoughts of seeing you again could pull me into a neighborhood like this after the sun went down?”

That from the doorway to the bedroom was a comparatively small step to take didn’t surprise either of them. The cooling of their romance hadn’t occurred because they had grown physically tired of each other. God, no. Actually, it had been because the two had a physical relationship that had been a bit too perfect, a bit too exquisite, a bit too passionate. They’d both, quite frankly, been frightened off by the very intensity of it. Neither had really been mature enough at the time to attempt making something lasting out of it. By mutual agreement, they had forced themselves to let things cool. Now that there were oceans and oceans of water under the bridge and each knew there was now remaining very little chance of something permanent springing up between them, the two were eager to get back into bed together. They actually wanted to see how sex now would compare to sex then, see if they’d been right in all the ecstasy they remembered, or if they’d been merely exaggerating to themselves all that had happened back in those good old days.

Tad had brown hair, cut short but not military. He had large gray eyes that had lost but little of their twinkle. He had a Roman nose that wasn’t so large as to dominate his face. Rather, it blended into the rest of his features the dimpled left cheek, the deeply clefted square chin, the sensuously wet lips to make a decidedly masculine composite. When Tad stripped off his clothes, he was heavier than Blane remembered, but the excess weight seemed to sit well on him, and there was still no way Tad, even these years later, could have been called fat. His firm physique had acquired, after four years of college gymnastics and swimming, a well-sculptured form that Tad had followed up later with much pampering at the club. His chest was well-muscled, absent of most body hair except for a few strands that haloed each nipple and a line of hair that ran along the cleavage of the domes and down to the belly button. There was a fanning of silky brown hair over his lower belly, a concentration of similar strands grouped about the base of his swollen cock.

The state of Tad’s cock, its turgid hardness, certainly gave the impression that his marriage had done little to turn him off to the prospects of gay sex. His cock, a thick and lengthy one, rose upward from bull-like balls, containing so much bulk it actually couldn’t achieve a rise that made it parallel to Tad’s belly. The cock, instead, jutted upward at a forty-five-degree angle. He had a thick anchorage amid the nesting of crotch hair, that thickness being maintained the total length of its shaft. The cock began its taper only after the flaring of the knob. The head of the cock was almost halved by a deep cum-slit that was glossed with leaking juices. The circumcision scar was a wide band of tissue encircling the neck of the cock just before the mushrooming of the tip.

When the two kissed, their hard-nippled chests met, their stiff cocks aligning side-by-side between their mated bellies. Their lips were firm and warm, their tongues battling in spit-warm mouths. It was a good kiss, one that held up favorably in comparison to those which were past and well-remembered.

In the bed, they moved easily to a sixty-nine position, each eager to renew an acquaintance with a familiar prick. Cocks seldom changed physically after reaching puberty, and neither man was disappointed in what he found nestled between the other’s muscular thighs.

Tad was on his back, his face looking upward at the dick Blane’s splayed thighs were offering him. Down between his own legs was a cock that was even then being savored by Blane who looked down on it.

Blane watched the movement of the flesh about Tad’s nuts, and he got suddenly hungry for the fat prick that was ready and available for his licking. Diane bowed his face into Tad’s nuts, licking over them and up to the broad belly of the cock whose back was now laid out on Tad’s stomach.

Beneath Blane’s hairy belly, Tad reached a hand upward and began massaging Blane’s balls. The sac and its nuts hung so low they almost pooled over Tad’s face. However, as Tad’s fingers continued to fondle the gonads, the bag that housed the balls began to contract noticeably, elevating upward toward the thick root of the erected rod. With his other hand, Tad reached upward for the cock, feeling its stiffness protesting as he yanked the head downward toward his mouth. The segment of Blane’s lower belly into which the base of the cock was seemingly affixed became ballooned outward as Blane’s cock was moved into the more convenient position for Tad’s sucking. Tad had visions of the thick cock popping free from Blane’s belly even if he knew it never would.

By yanking down Blane’s dick, Tad found that the knob almost touched his lips without his even having to lift his face up to claim it. The man reached for a pillow on the bed beside him and propped it beneath his head. Given the additional elevation, Tad was now able to open his mouth and take a good two inches of Blane’s hard cock with little bother. Almost as soon as his lips closed around the pulpy knob, Blane’s cock rewarded Tad with a gushing of tasty pre-cum.

Blane in the meantime, hadn’t left off servicing Tad’s prick. Blane’s tongue had licked slowly up the belly of the cock and had centered its lapping momentarily on the prickhead. He, too, was tasting pre-cum, the flavor of which made him only hunger for the richer, creamier cum that was nestled in Tad’s fat balls.

Blane placed his chin firmly into Tad’s belly, pressing with difficulty into the solid scalloping of the muscle until his mouth was able to align with the drooling cum-slit. Blane kissed that deep hole, and then opened his mouth to completely swallow the whole knob. He scooted his chin forward, working his face deeper into Tad’s groin, siphoning up more and more of his cock.

Surprisingly enough, despite the years which had passed since he had sucked off Tad, Blane was finding that the stiff cock he was now taking was still somehow familiar to him. It seemed to fit easily into his mouth, as if he’d long ago adjusted to the entering bulk and hadn’t forgotten. The head of the cock pushed directly into Blane’s throat, and the man edged even closer to Tad’s balls.

Tad put both hands on Blane’s hips, using his possum like hold for support as he lifted his face upward over Blane’s down jutting dick. Tad’s gumming lips pressed tightly into the neck of the cock, pushing the loose outer layer of flesh up toward Blane’s lower belly. He continued to lift, gagging only slightly, and then silently, as the head of the cock clogged into his throat and slipped even deeper into the compressing dampness.

Tad enjoyed the taste of Blane’s cock on his tongue. As he’d remembered, it was an exciting piece of meat, and Tad enjoyed eating it. Jesus, how could he have been such an asshole as to let this escape him? This, after all, was what he really needed, what really turned him on. His wife certainly had never done anything for him, nor had that vacuous hole between her legs. How could Tad ever get sufficiently turned on to a pair of thighs parted only by a gash when he’d been so used to a sprouting of cock like this one he was now sucking? He’d been a tool to allow himself to be sucked into thinking he could play straight, adapt completely to the heterosexual world. Oh, he’d fucked Jocelyn, played at being a straight stud. He’d even gotten her pregnant, which had made Tad’s father happy. But Tad still hungered for cock, and he could hate himself for tying himself down with first a wife and now a child. Christ, why couldn’t life have been one big a fuck, suck, and screw as it had during those four years of college with Blane? Why had all of those good times ended? Or had they actually been as good as Tad now remembered them?

Whether or not the passage of time had made the past seem far rosier than it had actually been, Tad did know for certain that there was one thing his memory hadn’t exaggerated, and that was the lusciousness of Blane’s cock. The thick prick, now almost lost up Tad’s mouth, still held its old fascination, could still make Tad hot and horny just with the taste of it.

Tad pulled his face that last fraction of an inch over Blane’s rod, his nose pressing Blane’s balls and his chin in the black crotch hair of his lover’s lower belly, just as Blane’s mouth had reached the bottom of Tad’s cock, his nose into Tad’s balls, his chin still pressing the muscles of Tad’s belly.

The two were in harmony. The two were one. They were once again united, cock-to-mouth and mouth-to-cock, as they had been so many times in the past. It was an exhilarating experience to remember old passions and experience their resurrections.

Tad let his head begin its fall back down toward the bed. He let his lips drag halfway down the neck of Blane’s cock, then pushed back up to the man’s balls. He dropped again, this time a little farther than before, quickly reversing to gum toward the root of the cock.

Blane worked his hands beneath Tad’s ass, his fingers sliding into the crease formed by the two muscular buns. He probed for the pucker with his fingertips as his head simultaneously rode back up the wrist-sized shaft of Tad’s dick. He located the opening of the ass when his face was once again plowing deep over the hard-on. He poked for entrance when his throat was clogged with all of Blane’s cock. The bung protested the entrance of an unlubricated finger, but Blane persisted and was aided by a wiggling of Tad’s butt that worked the asshole over the finger even as the finger was working up the asshole.

Again Tad’s face rode upward between Blane’s thighs, his mouth even more anxious for cock now that his butt was plugged with Blane’s finger. His eyes were open, watching his progress. Looking cross-eyed at the neck of the cock his mouth was claiming, Tad could hardly believe that the throbbing mass actually fit so securely in his throat. Tad sucked to verify to himself the easiness of the fit. His pursed lips reached the root of the cock, giving it another good gumming. His tongue whipped the spit-wetted dick, washing all of its buried inches with even more swirling saliva. His mouth was stretched so much that he doubted he could have gotten his jaws to yawn any wider than they already were.

Tad’s cock got only stiffer as Blane sucked back up the stem. Blane’s mouth glided up to the pulpy knob, paused, dived, paused, slipped again up the thick shaft of the cock. He moved quickly into an easy bouncing cadence, timing his sucking to coincide with those of Tad’s, the latter being slower because of his more awkward position.

Blane sucked on the pulsating prick, his finger twisting up Tad’s bung. With each suck, he was acutely aware of Tad’s rubbery lips at work on his prong. Time certainly hadn’t paled Blane’s ability to enjoy with Tad, had it? They’d been good before, and they were good now. Blane tried consciously to keep relaxed, wanting the first sex of their reunion to last. At the same time, he found relaxation virtually impossible. Tad’s swinging on his cock was making him go all mushy inside. That mushiness would soon convert to a tautening of muscles. Blane knew ecstasy would soon follow after that.

Tad had the shaft of cock sucked right up to the fat balls, his tongue continuing to lash the bulky mass. He tasted more salt on his tongue, considered it only the hors d’oeuvre before the main course to follow.

Both men were pros at giving head. In college, they had sucked off each other enough times alone to remove them from any amateur standings. As it happened, they’d both had enough experience even before college that their first sexual union with each other hadn’t been that of two fumbling novices. After college, after they’d both gone their own ways, neither had remained celibate. Blane had temporarily resumed his affair with Greg Bravo and later with Greg’s brother. Tad had gone on the prowl for a man even before the cum on his honeymoon sheets had gotten dry enough to flake.

As the suck progressed, each man renewing his acquaintance with a cock he’d once known as well as his own, each was able to utilize more and more of his expertise to swell those pleasures already running rife through his partner’s body. Tongues whipped cocks, lips gummed, cheeks massaged, throats vacuumed with skill. Each man teased the other closer and closer to climax, at the same time trying to judge how his own nearness to orgasm corresponded with the nearness of his companion. They both worked for a simultaneous eruption, confident they could pull it off.

Blane dragged his taut ups over the cock, suctioning loose outer skin around the blood glutted inner core. Over and back, over and back, his hungry mouth masturbating the spit drenched dick. He corkscrewed his head over the cock, his finger twisting up Tad’s asshole.

“It was still good, wasn’t it?” Tad said. It wasn’t a question but a statement. Blane didn’t answer. It had been good, and both men knew it.

“Do you ever wonder how it would have been if we’d only tried a little harder?” Tad asked finally. “The two of us were really so scared about all of this, weren’t we?”

“No use mulling over what could have been, is there?” Blane asked. Yes, he’d thought of how it might have been, but things never worked out. Blane seemed to have fairly bad luck with the people he cared for. There’d been Greg who, despite his ability to give himself partially to Blane, was really too traumatized still by his early gang rape to ever form a permanent gay relationship with anyone. There’d been Tad who’d been too immature at one time and who was now married with the added complications of a child on the way. And Jamie? What of Jamie? The kid was so young, but he wasn’t so young that he didn’t know how to please another man in bed. Jamie was special to Blane, but Blane couldn’t help looking on the kid more as his younger brother than a lover. That came from having been so close to Greg when Jamie was struggling through puberty and early adolescence.

“So, shall I tell you what brings me here?” Tad asked, realizing Blane was right. You couldn’t live in the past. Tad had made his bed and had to lie in it. That thought was somehow amusing, and Tad couldn’t help smiling to himself because of it.

“I already asked, and you told me you’d come just to see [missing text].”

“That’s true,” Tad admitted. “But there’s a bit more to it.”

Blane stretched on the bed until his spine popped as a result.

“Actually something fell into my lap the other day, and I immediately thought about you. How you used to tell me every night how great it was to be out of this environment, even if it was only for a few years. I remembered how you’d trotted back here to try and save a few souls. Have you?”

“Saved any souls?” Blane laughed. “I’m afraid my days of such illusion have long gone.” It was easier to admit that now than it would have been a few years ago when he’d been fresh with enthusiasm for his project to rescue the kids of the slums.

“Well, you’re about to make your contribution to at least a few young studs’ salvation’s,” Tad said. “You got a few poor, deprived kids around here that you think deserve getting out, maybe for college and the whole bit?”

“You’re serious?”

“I can’t guarantee they’ll stay away from the old neighborhood,” Tad said. “After all, you came back, didn’t you?”

“Let’s forget about me for a while. What did you have in mind?”

“I thought maybe I’d like to get fucked for quick beginners.”

“That wasn’t exactly what I meant.”

Tad smiled, thinking how strange things worked out. He’d been thinking of Blane about the time this assignment had been dumped into his lap. How much easier knowing Blane was going to make all of it. What did Tad know about the poor, neglected riffraff that hung around the streets just waiting to mug little old ladies? The closest Tad had ever gotten to this kind of environment was going to bed with Blane Tanners.

“I know that wasn’t exactly what you meant,” Tad said, turning to his belly, “but I’ve decided, on second thought, that there’ll be plenty of time for us to talk over that aspect of my visit a little later. Right now, I’d actually rather have a fuck. You haven’t last any of that well-remembered virility in your old age, have you?”

“Fat chance of that,” Blane said, rolling to cover Tad’s prone body, his cock had already regaining the hardness it had lost after blasting up Tad’s mouth.


Tyler slowed the car, passed the young hitchhiker and then pulled over along the side of the road in front of him. The kid ran to close the distance. Tyler pushed the button to lower the automatic window on the passenger side. He waited until the kid’s face appeared in it. The youth was blond. Jeff was blond.

“Need a lift?”

“Thanks,” Jamie said, opening the door and getting in. “Nice care you got here. Foreign?”

“Italian,” Tyler answered, moving the auto back onto the highway. The road was devoid of traffic and had seemed that way for the past hundred miles of driving. “How far are you going?”

“Estling. Know where that’s at?”

The name sounded vaguely familiar, but Tyler couldn’t place it.

“Is it on this highway?” Tyler asked, adjusting the rear-view mirror so that it wasn’t focused on the road behind but on the kid in the seat beside him. He tried to guess the kid’s age. He found it was difficult to pinpoint any satisfactory estimate. The boy looked very young, but there was an air about him of a maturity that went beyond mere physical appearances.

“There’s a turn-off in Petersborough,” Jamie answered. “Think you’ll be goin’ that far?”

“I’m heading all the way to the coast,” Tyler said. “If Petersborough is on the way, sure I can drop you off there.”

“That’d be great, man,” Jamie said, settling back into the plush bucket seat. There was a smell of leather in the car. The aroma was heavy and slightly aphrodisiacal. Jamie felt enveloped by the luxury. This was the way to go. It sure as hell beat riding in a train with a bunch of turkeys. Although, Blane was likely worried and furious upon discovering Jamie’s disappearance.

“You wouldn’t be a runaway, would you?” Tyler asked, making it sound like the joke it was. He was curious, however, as to what the kid was doing out here in the middle of nowhere.

“Me?” Jamie laughed. “I really look like one?”

“So what’s a clean-cut kid like you doing thumbing out here in the boondocks?”

“Must be the haircut an’ new clothes,” Jamie said. Beneath him, all around him, there was the purr, of the expensive auto. It was an almost sexual experience to be sitting here with this attractive stranger in the private little world made by the Italian car. “If you’da seen me a coupla days ago, you prob’ly wouldn’ta stopped the car.”

“I doubt that,” Tyler said, turning from the mirror to get a good look at his companion. Again, he found himself thinking of Jeff. He’d been torn in two directions when he’d gotten word from his father that he was to leave the logging crew and report home. He’d been sorry to go but happy to get away just the same. He wouldn’t have missed his experiences with Jeff for anything, but at the same time it had been a huge responsibility bringing a young boy out. And Jeff had been a novice, even if he had come on like gangbusters during their first encounter. Tyler didn’t know how bias other people could be in initiating a neophyte into the mysteries of gay sex, but be couldn’t be. He’d felt very protective toward the young boy who was the age of his own son. Simultaneously, he had realized that he had no right to be possessive toward him. In a way, it was probably better for both of them that it was forced to an ending this way. Jeff would soon discover that, no matter what he might presently think, Tyler wasn’t the ultimate last word in sex partners. It wouldn’t take Jeff too long to discover that, either. Jeff was an attractive, sensuous young man, and Tyler had left him with enough experience to cope with anything in bed. Tyler just wouldn’t be there to see it, and that realization had somehow released a heavy burden from the man’s shoulders.

“Oh, I guess I didn’t look all that crappy,” Jamie said, deciding he didn’t want to give the impression he was a burn in disguise. After all, despite the fact tat the money hadn’t been abundant enough to throw away, Greg had always seen that his younger brother had clean clothes and cash for a haircut. Compared to some of the other people in the neighborhood, the Bravos were sitting pretty. “I had to get spiffed up more’n usual so some rich guy wouldn’t stick his nose too far up in the air when he met me.”

“That all sounds a bit complicated. Is it?” Tyler asked, putting his foot on the accelerator. He could tell the effect the car had on the boy. There was certainly something to be said for that old adage that some men enjoyed cars more than they did women.

“Some rich guy’s holdin’ an athletic competition for some of us poor kids. The winners’re s’posed to come away with college scholarships. I figure there’s gotta be a gimmick somewhere. No one gives somethin’ for nothin’.”

“This guy can’t be too rich if he’s making all of his competitors walk,” Tyler commented, his foot growing heavier on the gas. He could see the way the young blond’s body was being pressed back into the sensuous grip of all the expensive upholstery. The kid liked the speed, the faint vibrations of the motor, the smell of the leather. His face was noticeably flushed.

“Oh, we had train tickets, but I rode far as Hilltown and then cashed in my ticket. Figured I could make it the rest of the way by foot an’ keep the extra for spendin’ cash.”

“Hope that doesn’t get you off to a bad start with your rich benefactor,” Tyler said, his eyes partially on the road and partially on the speedometer.

“I don’t give a shit what the guy thinks,” Jamie said. “It wasn’t my idea to come to this thing anyway. I don’t plan on comin’ away with nothin’ but the couple dollars I ripped off those rail tickets.”

“You don’t mind my driving a little fast, do you?” Tyler asked, knowing the answer to that question before he had even asked it.

“Nab,” Jamie said quickly, and then added after a short pause: “I kinda like it.”

“So, what kind of an athletic jock are you?” Tyler asked.

“I do pretty good at swimmin’,” Jamie said, his eyes fascinated by the way the trees were whipping by outside the car’s window. It was weird, but he had no real sense of speed. He was lulled by the persistent low humming of the motor, by the softness of the seat, by the hypnotic pounding of his heart against his ribcage. “I’m pretty good on the track, too. Got some good trainin’ from Blane Tanners. Ever hear of him?”

“Afraid not. Is he good?”

“He useta be real good,” Jamie said, actually proud of Blane’s past exploits on the track field. “Broke a lot of college records, an’ a couple still stand.”

“It’s because of him that you’re on your way to Estling?”

“Him an’ my brother are tight. They’re lookin’ to get me outta the city. They’re sure I’m gonna end up a typical juvenile delinquent.”

“And you? What do you think?”

“Who knows?” Jamie shrugged. “Maybe they’re right. Maybe I will.”

“So maybe you’ll win one of those scholarships and eventually head for college.”

“Shit, Blane had four years of college,” Jamie said. “That didn’t keep him from comin’ back to the old neighborhood. He’s back there now, runnin’ a crummy recreation center an’ tryin’ to save all our souls.”

“I take it you don’t approve?” Tyler asked. He saw an upcoming curve that seemed a little too sharp to take at the speed they were traveling. It was strange how tempting it was to try and make it anyway, but Tyler’s better judgment got the best of him, as it always did. He eased off the pressure of his foot on the gas pedal, letting the car coast into the curve.

“He was an asshole to come back,” Jamie said, bank on the subject of Blane.

“You’re awfully young to be such a cynic,” Tyler said.

“Cynic? That the big word for it?”

“No matter what the word, you’re too young to be one.”

“You grow up fast where I live,” Jamie said. The car had slowed to a normal speed, but the adrenaline of the fast ride was still active in the boy’s veins. The feeling was as good as speed — the drug variety. “You didn’t grow up knowin’ too many hard times, did ya?”

“We were very poor,” Tyler lied. “I vowed early that I’d get out and, make something out of myself.”

“Sure, man,” Jeff said facetiously, not for a minute being pulled in by Tyler’s line of hogwash.

“You don’t sound too convinced.”

“No one gets outta the slums,” Jamie said. “I don’t believe none of those phony success stories. I don’t know one guy from my neighborhood who ever made it anywhere for long. Shit, you’re so useta it, you feel funny walkin’ down a street where there ain’t a chance of gettin’ mugged.”

“Why is it you don’t look anything like a juvenile delinquent, I wonder?” Tyler asked. “I somehow can’t picture you as ever looking too seedy even with longer hair and dirtier clothes.”

“Man, you don’t know the half of it,” Jamie said, feeling somehow slighted that Tyler didn’t see him as a delinquent. He didn’t really know why that derogatory label seemed suddenly so attractive to him, but it did. “Kids in the streets learn a shitload of things early.”

“Like what?” Tyler persisted, amused in that he sensed he had somehow disappointed the kid in not seeing him as one of the typical slum rats one usually pictured as inhabiting the streets of the ghetto.

“Like sex,” Jamie said, picking a subject which he thought would have the biggest shock value. He also picked it, because he’d gotten a hard-on while the car was at high speeds, and his cock was still solid within his pants. He’d momentarily thought of mentioning the fact that he had been involved in a robbery, but didn’t really want the guy to get upset and dump him by the side of the road for fear of getting stuck up and robbed.

“You mean your balls have actually dropped?” Tyler asked, deciding to exchange verbal shock for verbal shock. The kid’s affected macho was faintly amusing.

“Dropped a long time ago,” Jamie answered.

Tyler gave an obvious glance at the bulge of Jamie’s crotch and then caught Jamie’s eye before turning his attention back to the highway.

“Yes, I would say they had indeed dropped,” Tyler commented, unable to keep the smile off his lips.

Jamie wondered if he was embarrassed at Tyler’s blatant stare and decided he couldn’t be. Jamie didn’t remember ever having been embarrassed by anything. Now, he decided he was just a bit surprised. Tyler’s stare had been startlingly obvious and something Jamie hadn’t been expecting under the circumstances. Jamie had always believed that Tyler’s action was indicative only of the lower class. The evident expense of the car, the apparent affluence of the driver, had somehow eliminated initially all passable sexual aspects from this particular encounter. Even though Blane had told Jamie that the morals of the rich were even lower than the scum in any slum’s gutters, even though there was always talk of finding a rich sugar daddy to take someone out of the back streets and set him up in an apartment across town, Jamie had actually had very little experience with people beyond those within his own immediate neighborhood. Jamie, for the first time in his life, actually began to feel uncomfortable and definitely out of his element.

“I hope I didn’t embarrass you,” Tyler said, his smile widening despite himself. After all, it had been Jamie who had brought up the subject of sex to begin with. “The car still affects me that way, too, sometimes.”

“Affects you what way?” Jamie asked, sorry he had asked almost as soon as the question was out of his mouth. He wondered if Tyler would give him a straight-forward answer.

“Gives me a hard-on,” Tyler said.

Jamie didn’t answer. He settled deeper into the soft leather of the seat. He didn’t answer, because he frankly didn’t know what to answer. Maybe all of this was just harmless chit-chat. Maybe this was how everyone talked who drove Italian sports cars. Maybe there were no inherent innuendoes. Jamie was suddenly afraid he was going to make a fool out of himself, and he didn’t want that. He was enjoying the pleasure of riding in such comfort. He was even enjoying his companion’s company. He had frankly found himself on the verge of panicking out on that deserted road. It had all been so strange, what with all those frees and not a building in sight. Jamie had been born and raised in the city atmosphere. He really wasn’t used to places without wall-to-wall concrete. Tyler, with his car, had arrived in the nick of time.

“Don’t worry,” Tyler said, noticing the uneasiness that had taken over since the youth had shifted the conversation to the subject of sex. “You have nothing to worry about from me. I’m a perfectly harmless man with a son who’s probably about your age.”

About your age. It had been basically what he had said to Jeff that first day out in the woods. The phrase hadn’t stopped him then. Would it stop him now? Tyler gave another quick glance in Jamie’s direction, trying to read something in the boy’s face. Tyler then began chastising himself and turned his attention back to the road. A car passed them, coming from the opposite direction. It was the first car Tyler had seen in over an hour of driving.

Tyler knew what he was thinking, and he was frankly disgusted by his thoughts. He’d just been congratulating himself but seconds before on how lucky he’d been to sever his sexual ties with Jeff, and already he was thinking of sex with this young kid who, on closer examination, might prove to be just as young as Jeff had been. Tyler should have never given in to Jeff that day in the woods. Once he’d overcome his intuitive taboo about tricking with mere youngsters, he’d broken down his defenses for time and eternity. What was he now? A man destined to seek out youth and innocence? Still, what kind of innocence could this kid have, despite his evident youth? The boy had admitted himself that he’d had sexual initiation early, and a kid didn’t hitchhike too long on any road, going anywhere, without learning the facts of life damned fast. That would have especially been the case with someone as good-looking and evidently well-hung as this young stud.

“My name is Tyler, by the way,” Tyler said finally. “I don’t think we ever got around to official introductions, did we?”

“Mine’s Jamie.”

Jamie — Christ, the kid’s name even started with the same first initial. Jeff. Jamie. Was Tyler falling into some kind of perverted groove?

The two rode awhile without saying anything. Jamie began to feel more uncomfortable in the silence, sorry that he’d allowed himself to get carried away. What had he been trying to pull by talking about how it was back there in the city?

Tyler undoubtedly wasn’t interested. And what had he been doing by bringing up sex with a complete stranger? Still, after a few minutes to think back, Tyler hadn’t been at all shocked or put off by Jamie’s introduction of sex into the conversation. In fact, Tyler had been quite fast in pursuing the subject.

Jamie stole a quick glance at the space between Tyler’s opened thighs, thinking he could actually discern a boner jutting downward along the left thigh. But then, hadn’t Tyler already made the harmless comment that the car often had a sexual effect on him, also?

Tyler’s cock was hard all right, but it wasn’t the car’s fault by any means. The man had found himself going back over the things he’d done to and with Jeff over the past three weeks. It wasn’t so much those thoughts which had made Tyler’s cock spring into a hard-on. What had actually been the prime stimulus had been the man’s spontaneous substitution of Jamie’s face and body into the place of Jeff in much of his present fantasizing.

“You don’t look old enough to have a son my age,” Jamie said, thinking suddenly of how old his own father had been when he’d died.

“I married young,” Tyler said, glad Jamie had at least decided to again come to life.

“Where’s he now? Your son, I mean. Home?”

“God, you might think it’s horrible, but I don’t even know. The last I heard, he and his mother were in Los Angeles or Las Vegas.”

“You divorced?” Jamie asked. He’d known a lot of kids who had come from broken homes. He always felt sorry for them. His mother and father had always been on the best of terms.

“Yes, we’re divorced,” Tyler said, trying to remember what his wife looked like now, what his son had looked like the last time he’d seen him. He couldn’t clearly remember either.

“I’m sorry,” Jamie said.

“Don’t be,” Tyler answered, momentarily lost in his own thoughts. “She did absolutely nothing for me after a while — in bed or otherwise.”

“But you had a son,” Jamie reminded. What could be butcher than fucking a woman and getting your own son? And yet, Blane’s friend, that Mr. Thaner, he’d had a wife, and Jamie had had the feeling that he and Blane had still been making it together in the bedroom.

“I was playing a game,” Tyler said. “Life is full of little games, and doesn’t it sometimes get damned tiresome playing them? Wouldn’t it be nice if two people could meet, like each other, and have sex without going trough the fucking rigmarole of game-playing?”

“Yeah,” Jamie answered.

Tyler suddenly pulled the car to the side of the road and stopped it amid the sounds of burning rubber and flying gravel.

“Do you actually believe that it’s even possible to meet any person and not go through the game-playing?”

“Sure,” Jamie answered. And what was Tyler really asking him? Could the two of them have sex, just like that, just because they both found each other physically attractive, just because they both had hard-ons? Did Tyler find Jamie attractive? Jamie was realizing quickly that he was sexually attracted to Tyler. Tyler had the older butch looks that Jamie had always found appealing in another man. That Tyler’s masculinity could still hold up in such expensive surroundings was an excellent proof of the man’s aura of maleness.

“Would you like to drive the car?” Tyler asked.

“Me?” Jamie replied automatically. Oh, he’d driven a car once or twice, usually after he and a couple of other kids had swiped one and gone joy-riding for a few blocks before dumping it, but he’d never been behind the wheel of a machine like this one. The very thought of having all that horsepower at his command was slightly heady. His throat went tight, his hands went sweaty. More adrenaline ejected into the boy’s system, and he felt giddy.

“I want to go fast,” Tyler said, “Real fast. I want to go on a ride with you. Just you, and me, and this high-powered baby. Down the road. I want to experience now. Are you game?”

Tyler didn’t wait for an answer. Leaving the motor idling, he opened the door and got out, walking to the passenger side. Jamie opened his door and came out to meet the man. They stood facing each other, each ones eyes dilated with anticipation of what was to come. Tyler knew he’d always been a bit afraid behind the wheel of this car, and that was why it had never gone as high as it could. Even a couple of minutes before, the auto had been nowhere near its peak speed. Tyler sensed Jamie would take them faster if just to prove that he had the guts Tyler was apparently attributing to him.

Tyler took Jamie’s right hand, pulling it quickly to the hardness at his crotch.

“Take me fast!” Tyler said. “So fast that this hunk of meat here in my pants can cream from the excitement. Do you think you can trip me out that far?”

“I can fuckin’ try,” Jamie said, excited by the feel of the ridge of hard cock flesh beneath the bulge of Tyler’s trousers.

“Do more than try,” Tyler said. “Do it!”

He dropped Jamie’s hand from his grain and pushed past him into the auto. Shutting the door behind him, Tyler affixed the seat and shoulder belts to secure his body.

Jamie went around to the driver’s side and got in.

It would be a ride both of them would never forget, while, at the same time, it would be a ride that neither of them actually could remember. It would come back to them later in life as one of their most thrilling and exciting moments. It would be a blurring recollection of fear, gut-knotting fear that could paralyze the belly with sickening nausea. But there was also a recalling of a simultaneous ecstasy that was somehow actually sexual.

They’d begun slowly, amid a grinding of gears as Tyler talked Jamie through the controls. Then the car had begun to gain speed, and Tyler had felt the force of their movement pushing him back into the soft glove leather of his seat. The trees outside had become a misting of green. The divider dashes in the center of the highway merged into one pulsing trail of white. Somewhere in his mind, Tyler could recall hearing the buzzer that he’d been told would sound when the car was nearing its peak velocity — a buzzer he hadn’t heard until then and would never hear again afterwards.

The road had dropped several times into little dips, and the car had actually become airborne. The roller-coaster effect brought Tyler’s belly up to his throat and left it there. The highway sloped upward into a small hill. The car was going so fast the grade didn’t even slow it down.

It had been ecstasy! And then, there on the crest of the hill, the ecstasy had mingled with the fear, and the fear had emerged the dominant. Tyler actually knew the noise in his ears was his own resounding scream of panic.

A car had been illegally passing on the upgrade. As Tyler’s car crested the hill, it was destined to encounter both highway lanes full of moving metal. Jamie, suspecting there was nothing to be done, didn’t even take his foot off the gas. He would later try to remember if he hadn’t actually shut his eyes.

What happened to save them? It was one of those things which was somehow unexplainable unless one merely accepted the fact that some high entity had apparently decided it just wasn’t these two mortals’ time to go. Tyler would say he thought the passing car had managed to pull back into its proper lane. Jamie would say that both cars had opened to either side of the road while he went through the center.

Suddenly, the car was just rushing full speed down a deserted highway. Jamie, his heart in his throat, put his foot on the brake. There was a squeal of tires and the stench of burning rubber as the car slowed slightly.

There was a dirt road that forked off from the main one. Jamie aimed the car for it, feeling the resulting jolt as the auto left the asphalt and hit the dirt. The road was narrow, seemed to be closing in on each side of them. There was a fence across the road, seemingly running to meet them.

Jamie’s foot went down on the brake hard. The car shuddered, skidded, turned like a top in the roadway and came to a jolting stop. Before Jamie knew what he was doing, he was out of the car and running. There was dust everywhere, billows of it that rose all around him, cutting off everything. He smelled it, tasted it, became lost in it.

The boy stopped. He was panting, breathing hard. He felt like he was going to puke. He dry heaved, realizing somewhere in his mind that he still had his hard-on. He thought that was somehow a bit sick.

Jamie felt the strong pressure on his shoulder as he was turned abruptly. He saw Tyler in front of him, the man’s eyes wild and dilated.

“You could have killed us!” Tyler screamed, his hand coming out to strike Jamie hard along the side of his face. There was a resounding noise as flesh collided against flesh.

Strangely, Jamie felt no pain. After the blow, he just stood there waiting, anticipating something. What, he didn’t know, but he knew it would happen. He could feel the premonition in his guts, in his whole adrenaline-hyped body.

Tyler reached out both hands and took hold of Jamie’s shirt. He pulled, ripping the material and popping the buttons. He stood, staring at the young blond’s naked chest and belly, at the dust and the dirt that was streaking the boy’s handsome face and platinum-blond hair.

“Oh, Christ!” Tyler mumbled, his voice coming out weak and childish.

And within seconds, the two were in each other’s arms, collapsing in a rolling heap of tangled arms and legs to the ground. They kissed, tasting the earth on their tongues. The world around them was viewed through a fog of minute particles hanging in the air about them.

Then they were naked, their clothes somehow stripped free. Buttons had been ripped from material, cloth ripped in their hurry to undress. Their bare flesh soiled with the dust they continued to roll in, their cocks becoming muddy with a mess of dirt and natural lubricant that had leaked from the cocks in great gushings during the preceding minutes.

Tyler was hot. He’d been high on amyl once and had felt something like he did now. His heart was loud in his chest, his cock was hard and throbbing, and he had a need for release battling within him. He grunted like an animal as he felt his cock push into a clutching of warm spasming flesh. He vaguely realized that Jamie was on his belly beneath him, Tyler’s cock rammed deeply up the boy’s tight young ass. How it got there, Tyler didn’t know. But it was there, and Tyler somehow needed it there, knowing intuitively that what his cock found up that ass was the only thing that was going to save him from his madness.

Jamie fought for a breath of air amid the dirt that clogged his lungs. There was a fire up his ass, and he’d squealed like a stuck pig with the lightning of it. His body was beset by so many concurrent sensations that he could separate none of them. His mind refused to focus. Jamie somehow imagined he might still be in the car, still speeding with it down the road. So, what was the cause of the pain in his butt, the pressing that was squashing him into the earth-smelling hardness beneath his belly?

Jamie was being fucked. Tyler was on top of him, the man’s huge dong, lubricated with mud and pre-cum, was frantically pumping Jamie’s asshole. The boy’s chest and stomach were working into the ground, his cock, having already leaked copious droolings of pre-cum, burrowing in the warm mud of its own making.

There was pain. There was pleasure. There was an intermingling of the two. Both the man and the boy fought to return to reality, each succeeding in varying degrees of non-success.

“Rape me!” Jamie squealed, knowing for certain that it was cock up his butt, but not knowing whose cock: Greg’s? Blane’s? The man’s in the car?

And where was the car? Jamie’s cheek pressed into the ground. He could actually believe he saw the car, sitting askew in the roadway a few yards from him. So, he wasn’t in the car then. He was on the ground. He was getting screwed. Tyler, that butch, studly bastard, had jumped on to ride him. The world was topsy-turvy, but Jamie didn’t care. The pain and the fear were both fading, becoming lost amid the one overpowering sensation that was moving to dominate all other feelings within the boy’s young body.

Tyler’s cock jammed balls deep once more up Jamie’s ravaged butt, the man grinding his belly into the boy’s asscheeks, revolving his hips so that his cock twisted up the tight asshole. His hips rose and fell, rose and fell. He fucked frantically, aware that his pleasure was building, but still a long way from actual orgasm.

Tyler’s cock coasted deep up the butt, gliding over the prostate and into the depths beyond it. The knob of his cock pulled after it inch upon inch of hard meat. The crotch hair crowding the base of Tyler’s cock was pressing indents into the firm flesh of Jamie’s buns. Tyler yanked his hips upward, feeling the luxurious exit of his cock, the incessant gumming of the boy’s asshole as it slipped into the groove made by the flaring of his spongy knob.

It was hot, hot because they were screwing full in the sun, the rays managing to get through even the shroud of settling dust, and, also, they were hot because of the heat burning within them. Their bodies turned wet with sweat. Perspiration oozed from passion-dilated pores and mingled with the dirt. They became streaked with the mud like savage barbarians rutting in the dawning of time.

Jamie’s hands clutched for handfuls of dirt, compressing them to finger-etched balls of earth within his gripping. His ass continued to be battered by Tyler’s frenzied humping. The boy groaned, letting the experience of the moment take hold of him, surrendering to it. He couldn’t remember ever feeling as he was feeling now. He was still hyped from the incident with the car. He was on a natural high. His prick was hard, and his ass was full of hard cock. Janije had temporarily exited the world he knew, had been thrust into a world that was completely new to him — a world the boy somehow doubted he would be lucky ever to have a passage into again.

Tyler fucked, aware as he’d been from the beginning that some outside force seemed to have control of his body. His hips humped Jamie’s prone body with a will all their own. It was all Tyler could do to survive the twisting spirals that were tying sensuous knots in his guts. He wanted it all to end, simultaneously hoping it would continued to go on forever.

Tyler’s muscled chest heaved with his need for more oxygen. The sweat which had formed on his forehead began dripping through the mud to sting his eyes. There was a dull aching in the depths of his belly and a tightness that constricted his chest and throat. Muscles throughout the man’s body twitched uncontrollably. He wondered if he’d gone suddenly spastic, commenced a seizure while buried up this young butt.

Tyler continued to fuck, his body aching with the strain of enduring the ride to eruption. The ecstasy always managed to keep one step ahead of the actual discomfort. It was a force to drive Tyler ever onward with the hope of someday achieving that ultimate, shattering fulfillment he desired.

Tyler shut his eyes, wondering who or what had control of him, who or what was dictating the frantic fucking cadence of his hips, who or what had given him the energy to continue. He progressed with his ride of Jamie’s ass, his scrotum long ago contacted to a degree which had yanked his cum-bulged balls flush to the base of his pumping cock.

Tyler heard the wheezing of his own gasps for air as his pelvis pounded his cock up the ass in a seemingly higher gear than ever before. He pushed and pulled his cock in a violent series of thrusts and withdrawals in and out of the clutching butt. The spasming vise of Jamie’s asshole masturbated the cock that kicked it. The walls of the bung gripped, clutched, chewed on the cock that slipped back and forth inside it.

Jamie’s body was bruised from the attack. His chest and belly were scratched by the pebbles that speckled the ground beneath him. His buttcheeks had gone black and blue with the pounding. Again and again, Jamie experienced the plugging and the emptying of his asshole. The boy was numbed by the combination of pain and pleasure. He wondered if there would ever be an end to it, wandered if he actually wanted there to be an end to it.

“Please!” Jamie begged. Was it a plea to continue the kick or to bring everything hurriedly to its cataclysmic conclusion?

“Yes!” Tyler bellowed in reply. Yes, what, he didn’t really know. It wasn’t up to him to say what happened. It had been taken out of his hands from the beginning by those primeval forces that could stay forever dormant in some men. Tyler was no longer a modem man. He was an animal. Jamie was an animal. They were screwing for one purpose and one purpose only — the satisfaction of their powerful, driving list for fulfillment.

It all ended in an explosion of the senses, a rupturing of nerve ends. As if struck by lightning, Tyler’s body went stiff, shook as with palsy. He tried to grunt, but nothing would come out. For a brief minute, he began to doubt that even his cum was going to spurt free. The deluge of jizz seemed somehow dammed, unable to exit. But then, suddenly, overpoweringly, it came — gallons and gallons of the opaque mess spilling out of Tyler’s cock and into Jamie’s twitching ass. Like the beast Tyler thought he was, he sank his teeth deep into Jamie’s neck, tasting the saltiness of the young boy’s blood which his biting brought to the surface.

Tyler’s teeth clamped tightly into his shoulder, Tyler’s cock lost and exploding deep up in his ass, Jamie found his own release. Even as Tyler was spasming his climax atop Jamie, the boy’s nuts blew their wad. The resulting pleasure was so great that the boy screamed. He thrust his butt upward hard into Tyler’s groin. He screamed again, flopping uncontrollably like a fish out of water. His whole being was engulfed in the pleasure of the moment. For a brief instant, Jamie actually thought he had died.


One last time, Tyler almost asked Jamie how he could get hold of him in Estling. Once again, Tyler found himself hesitating, realizing it would probably be better to cut this relationship off here just as he’d severed his relationship with Jeff. The one had lasted three weeks, this one for only a day and a night, but, surprisingly enough, it was this second one which Tyler considered the more dangerous. All Tyler’s sex with Jamie, commencing with the weird and unsettling mating in the dust of that deserted road, and ending with the blow job Jamie had given him just before their arrival in Petersborough, had been more intense than any sex Tyler could remember. Tyler had decided Jeff and Jamie were about the same age, but there was no way Jamie was the novice Jeff had been. When Jamie had said he had learned a lot about sex in the area where he’d grown up, he hadn’t been just whistling Dixie.

Jamie had lingered by the opened car window after Tyler had dropped him off, as if expecting Tyler to ask about another time and place to get together. After all, people didn’t have wild sex like they had had very often. You’d think someone would be anxious for another session of the same however, Tyler hadn’t said anything. Jamie thought he knew the inner struggle Tyler was waging with himself. Jamie had gotten the distinct impression that Tyler was disturbed about their age difference. As far as Jamie was concerned, such a hang-up was ridiculous, but try telling that to a man who couldn’t help thinking of his own son every time he fucked another eighteen-year-old.

Jamie had commented that he hoped they’d meet again, and when Tyler hadn’t take up on that obvious cue but had only answered that he hoped so, too, Jamie had made himself accept the fact that this was indeed the end. He waved a final good-bye and headed off down the road.

No matter how big the kink Blane would have in his ass because Jamie had cut out by himself for a few hours, Jamie was glad he’d started hitchhiking. He watched the car disappear, and the boy turned to follow the arrow sign designating Estling at twenty-four miles distance. He began to figure out how he would explain to Blane about another set of new clothes. He certainly couldn’t tell him the truth — that his shirt had been ripped to shreds by an ardent admirer, that he had checked into a motel to take a shower and indulge in an all-night sex orgy. Blane wouldn’t have understood any of it.

After Jamie had been lost to the rear-view mirror, Tyler had felt suddenly depressed. He began immediately to wish he hadn’t been such an asshole. He would have liked to have seen Jamie again. Why had the kid been so fucking young?

Tyler drove as far as Grafston and stopped to eat, then called in at the office.

As it turned out, W.J. wasn’t in when Tyler called. W.J. was out of town on business. However, he had left word that his son was to contact Tad Thaner immediately. There was a number Tad could be reached at.

Tyler hung up and was dialing the new number when he noticed the area code corresponded to the one on the telephone he was using. He was still pondering that when the operator came on the line and the phone suddenly began ringing at the other end.

“Emerald Lake Lodge.”

That rang a bell. The lodge had been sifting on a tract of land Franklander Lumber had purchased about five years before. They’d only wanted the timber on the adjoining acreage, and the lodge had been part of the sale. Unfortunately for Franklander Lumber, the ecologists began raising all holy hell before the ink on the sale had even gone dry. The land happened to have a grove of redwood trees that had been around since before Columbus. That hadn’t been any real news to W.J. Franklander. It was that grove of frees, among others, which had made the purchase of the land so damned attractive. He had planned to cut everything down and convert it all into so many board feet of finished lumber. However, before W.J. could get his men and machinery in, the people of Estling and the surrounding area had come out in full force to stop the sacrilege.

Estling — that was where Tyler had heard that town’s name before. Tyler had thought when Jamie had dropped the name on him that it had sounded familiar. Now it clicked. Five years after Franklander Lumber had bought the land around the Emerald Lake Lodge, they still hadn’t gotten the lumber they’d wanted. It was all tied up in the courts with a maze of suits and counter-suits.

Tyler asked the person who answered to get him Tad Thaner, and he listened now as movement on the other end told him somebody had again picked up the receiver.

“Tyler?” came the familiar voice. Tad Thaner and Tyler were old friends, actually a bit more than friends. They’d had their little flings, beginning shortly after Franklander Lumber had bought out the company run by Tad’s father. It had been one of the provisions of the sale that Tad came with the company, and it had turned out to be one of the better things which had happened to Franklander Lumber. Tad was young, but he was good. He’d moved up in the company since he’d joined it. He would go further, too, and, what’s more, Tyler was glad for him. He liked Tad, liked him very much.

“What brings you to the Emerald Lake Lodge?” Tyler asked.

“The same thing that’s going to bring you here,” Tad answered. “It’s a new project of your father’s.”

“Oh, Jesus, what now?”

“Why don’t I tell you when you get here?”

He drove fast back to Petersborough, trying to rationalize his hurry as he sped along. He tried to tell himself that he was anxious to hear what new brainchild his old man had cooked up, but he also knew there was another reason for his speed. He had hopes of finding Jamie. How surprised the kid would be to see Tyler again. How glad Tyler would be to see him. Christ, why hadn’t he asked how he could find him? Chances were, Tyler would end up stuck cut at the lodge and Jamie would be somewhere in Estling. The two might never get together.

Tyler turned into the lodge’s driveway, realizing he didn’t even know Jamie’s last name. How was he going to make even discreet inquiries without raising a few eyebrows? He was going to have to think of some way.

There was a bustle of activity at the lodge. It looked as if it was doing a booming business, which was strange, since Tyler had been under the impression that the lodge had been allowed to fall into disuse after its purchase. Tyler also found it a bit strange that most of the milling crowd were young men.

Tyler pulled the car to a stop in front of the lodge. Tad came out of the building and down the stairs to meet him.

“What is this?” Tyler asked, getting out to take Tad’s offered hand. “It’s beginning to look more and more like a Cub Scout convention.”

“Come on inside for a little drink and refreshment,” Tad said, leading the way back up from where he’d come. They went into a lobby filled with a large grouping of couches and chairs, many of them filled with the sprawl of more young bodies. Tad made brief introductions of Tyler to the young man behind the front desk, Blane Tanners, and then he directed Tyler into the office.

Tad closed the door behind them and turned to look Tyler over.

“Your time in the great out-of-doors has done you a world of good,” Tad commented. “You look fantastic.”

“Compliments will get you nowhere,” Tyler said. “Is there someplace I can get a drink?”

“First, I think there’s something else we’d better take care of,” Tad said, walking to close the short distance between them. “This,” he said, his fingers moving to caress the bulged cock ridge along Tyler’s left thigh, “is not something a virile young man like you should be flaunting before all of those youngsters out there. Without any girls around here, you’re liable to soon find a few of the young men lining up to service you. That would end up possibly being fun but also being a bit of bad publicity if it ever leaked to the press. And bad publicity is just the opposite of what your daddy hopes to get out of this little enterprise.”

Tyler thought Tad had just been making a joke about taking care of his cock, but he soon had other things coming. Tad had decided the minute he’d seen the hard cock at Tyler’s crotch that he was going to have it. Tad had gotten hornier than hell watching all that young meat bulging teenage pants for the past couple of days, and although he’d never considered himself a chicken queen, he’d seen what looked like a few mouthfuls he wouldn’t have passed up if they were offered him — at any other time and any other place. The problem was compounded by the fact that Tad felt he could have had a lot of the kids out there by just asking for them. From the looks he’d been getting, the blatant stares he’d seen directed at his crotch, Tad knew that the kids out there knew a hell of a lot more about sex than he had at their age. Well, whether they were available or not, he was determined to keep his hands off of them. If they wanted to play around, they’d have to make do with each other. Tad could have easily blown everything he’d worked for by playing around in any one of those pants bulging with young meat out there in the lounge, and he didn’t want that. Not only could he imagine such a sexual liaison as endangering his position with Franklander Lumber, but he also realized the responsibilities he had now to Jocelyn and their unborn baby to avoid any scandal.

“Your cock is as fat as ever,” Tad said. He’d unzipped Tyler’s pants, and his fingers had found the swollen meat.

Tyler hadn’t put up any protest. He’d gotten his hard-on while thinking of a reunion with Jamie on the road to Estling, and when that meeting hadn’t transpired, his cock had remained hard nevertheless. The best way Tyler could think of getting it soft again was by having someone suck it. And if Tad wanted to say his hello that way, then why the hell not let him?

“How can you be here pulling out my cock with all that out there?” Tyler asked, looking down at his cock now jutting free of his pants as Tad fished back into the trousers for Tyler’s balls.

“All that cock out there is off limits,” Tad said. “This one isn’t.”

“Don’t you think it might be wise to lock the door?” Tyler asked as Tad was sinking to his knees before him. “Some of those kids could walk in here and be shocked to death by all of this.”

“Don’t worry about our being disturbed,” Tad said, knowing he wasn’t going to stop now for anything. “Blane will stand guard. He knows how horny I am, and he was drooling over your hard-on himself when you walked in. I’ve already told him to see that we weren’t disturbed after your arrival.”

“He’s one of our little group?” Tyler asked. He should have possibly paid more attention to the man behind the desk, but the youngsters had been so distracting. Tyler vaguely recalled a butch, muscular stud, who certainly didn’t give any outward signs of preferring cock over cunt.

“I’ll tell you all about Blane later, too,” Tad said. Now that he had Tyler’s cock pried out in the light, he wanted to get down to business. He needed a little variety in the meat he ate. He’d been getting more than his share of Blane’s cock, but a little change of menu certainly never hurt anybody. Besides, all of that young cock had gotten Tad so hot and horny that if he’d sucked Blane’s dick as often as he’d wanted to, he’d have had the rod sucked raw by now.

Tad had Tyler’s cock held captive in one hand, his fist holding the shaft of the big dong. The cock was harder than hell. Tad could wonder what it was that had gotten it that way. He might have suspected the cock and ass of one or two of the butch young studs in the lounge, but Tyler’s cock bulge had been evident from the minute he’d stepped from his car.

Tad gave the dick a couple of preparatory strokes, watching hungrily as the cum-slit gushed a stream of pre-cum that began to drool over the slope of the rosy knob.

Tad bowed his face over the rod and sucked up the cockhead while his free hand was expertly unzipping his own pants and letting his hard dick jut out to where he could get to it. He started to pump it even while his face was sliding downward over the cock jutting from Tyler’s groin.

Tad’s throat muscles relaxed for the prick, the man watching as the cock slipped in. He took it in four quick gulps. His pursed lips gummed the root of the dick, his mouth leaking a mess of spit to bathe the inches of meat he’d succeeded in swallowing.

God, it was good swinging on cock and pumping his own in turn. As starved as Tad was for prick at this stage of the game, he wondered how he was going to last for the duration.

Tad’s mouth dragged back up the stalk of Tyler’s rod, pausing with only the pulpy knob entrenched behind his taut lips. He tasted the salty residue of the natural lubricant which continued leaking from the sucked cum-slit.

Tyler widened his stance on the floor for better balance, putting a hand on each of Tad’s shoulders for support. By looking downward, he could see Tad’s head sinking down over bin crotch. He could feel the progression of Tad’s face as the wet warmth which had just held his knob enclosed was suddenly expanded to take in more and more of his stalwart dick.

Tad’s throat quickly adjusted to taking Tyler’s cock. The young man was soon able to move into a working cadence that dropped his mouth deep over the cock and then back up the thick shaft to the last inch that was the head. His jaws ached with their stretching for the mouthful, but the pain was insignificant.

“You always could give good head, you bastard,” Tyler said, his hips bouncing with a fucking rhythm that coincided with Tad’s sucking movements. “But aren’t you a little old to be playing with yourself? I was told it’d make hair grow on the palm of your hands.”

Tad growled something in reply, the sound turning his sheathing mouth and throat into a living vibrator that tingled the entire length of Tyler’s cock. He momentarily pulled the protective fuck of his lips from his teeth and dragged the bared enamel over the big fuck-stick.

“Jesus, careful!” Tyler panted, feeling the slight pain and knowing it was merely Tad’s retort to Tyler’s previous bit of witticism.

Tad muffled his teeth with lip again and got to work. He was hungry for the taste of hot cum running over his tongue, sliding down his throat and into his belly. He knew from past experience that Tyler’s nuts held a hell of a load. When it came, Tad’s cheeks would balloon wit it, concaving only as Tad suctioned the deluge of sperm away to die amid his digestive juices.

Tad beat his cock faster, its leakings turning his hand wet.

While his hand pumped, his mouth sucked. He took the lengthy cock into his throat, moving his free hand around Tyler’s hips and onto a cheek of his ass. He bounced his head over the cock — up and down, sometimes giving a shake of his head to make the cock penetrate his face at a different angle. Tad drooled spit, some of it smearing the opened crotch of Tyler’s trousers.

Tyler’s hands had moved from Tad’s shoulders to the man’s head. His fingers glided up and down with the bouncing of Tad’s face, Tyler’s hips driving his fucking cock in and out of the salivating mouth.

Tad knew what he was doing and wasn’t about to waste any time. He wanted cum in his mouth and cum in his hand, and he wanted it quickly. There would be time later for a more lengthy encounter. Now, it was just to get these boners pacified so their owners could begin discussing business.

Tad really went to work. His face bounced harder, his mouth sucked, slobbered, ate. His fist pumped his cock, beat it closer and closer to climax. As his own body prepared for explosion, Tad knew Tyler was getting ready to blow. He could tell, because Tyler was now more actively fucking his face than he was sucking. Another hint was the noticeable pulsing of Tyler’s cock against his lips and tongue.

Tyler was about ready to get his rocks off, and there was pleasure of course. Tyler, however, couldn’t help subconsciously comparing this suck with the one Jamie has given him that morning. It was hard to imagine one blow job being different from another, but they were different just the same. Tad was good at giving head, but he just wasn’t Jamie. Jamie had had a style all his own. As Tyler’s nuts jerked tightly against the root of his cock in preparation to blow his wad up Tad’s face, Tyler became more and more determined that Jamie wasn’t going to escape him if he could help it.

Tad prepared for the sudden shoving of Tyler’s hips that would drive the man’s exploding cock securely home for the final time. Tyler obliged by giving it to him. Tyler, both hands pushing Tad’s head downward, thrust his lower body into Tad’s face and let his balls blow. He ground his pelvis into Tad’s face, his crotch hair scratching.

Tad’s timing had been almost perfect. Actually, Tyler orgasmed first, but a few final pumps of Tad’s hand over his cock brought his nuts off in a very close second. As his mouth filled and kept filling with the hot washing of sperm, Tad’s hands were webbing with the less energetic blastings of his own cock which had followed his initial gushings.

Tad let Tyler keep his face anchored over the cock until the throes of pleasure had passed. Then when Tyler relaxed his hold on Tad’s head, Tad dragged his lips upward one more time, milking the cock for any tardy jizz remaining inside. He tasted the last of the mess, his tongue washing the knob one final time as he spit out the cock.

Tad got up from his knees, his hand still holding his cum-strewn dick, and walked to the desk, opening the drawer and fishing out a handful of tissue.

Tyler stuffed his own cock, which had been sucked clean, back into his trousers, then zipped up his pants to conceal it.

Tad finished mopping up the jizz from his fingers and his cock. He, too, tucked his dick back into cover and brought more Kleenexes around to wipe up the mess his splattering sperm had made on the carpet.

Tyler took a seat in a chair facing the desk, waiting for Tad to finish with the cleanup.

“Well,” Tad said, depositing a wad of soiled tissue into the wastepaper basket at the end of the desk. “You don’t know how much better I feel now, after that.”

“That should hold the both of us for a while,” Tyler said.

“And now, you’d like to know why big daddy has assigned you and me to Emerald Lake Lodge.”


“I just did.”

“I see you haven’t lost your sense of humor.”

“Actually, we’re both here to improve the public’s opinion of Franklander Lumber. As I’m sure you must realize, being the boss’ son, Franklander Lumber has had some substantial run-ins with the more gung-ho ecology groups over the past few years.”

“I’m aware of that, yes.”

“Well, Franklander, as you also know, supplies the wood pulp to Hollander Paper, a major subsidiary, and Hollander Paper has a few large government contracts.”

“I take it there’s been some question about contract renewals?”

“We’re merely moving to nip the problem in the bud before it has a chance to interfere. Quite frankly, there are some very highly placed people who think Franklander Lumber’s bad publicity over the last few years can’t be ignored. Some people have been really big on ecology these last years, and Franklander has long been known to be a hold-out, to going along its own way without giving a damn about what anyone else thinks. Franklander was actually large enough to do just that in mast instances. However, times do change, and Franklander does need a new image if it wants to continue with its part of the profit pie.”

“So what’s all of this? And all of that out there?” Tyler asked, motioning toward the door, and indicating the scene behind it.

“Your father wants the world to know that he cares — not only about ecology but about people.”

“What kind of crock of shit is my old man cooking up here?”

“It’s called public relations,” Tad answered.

“What is?” Tyler asked. “How about giving me the specifics?”

“I’d be glad to,” Tad said. “After all, as W.J. Franklander’s son, you’re to be his official representative at this little enterprise. The old man thought you’d be a better figurehead than he was in this new move. He’s been too much in the antiecology spotlight lately. But you…”

“Go on,” Tyler said. He was curious. Maybe he wasn’t going to have to look too far for Jamie after all. “And while you’re at it, how about getting me that drink you promised me an hour ago?”


It was morning, early morning, but it was going to be a warm day, and some of the kids were already outside. Terry could hear them as they tossed a Frisbee out on the lawn. The boy got out of bed and went to his shirt which was piled with his pants and underwear on a nearby chair. He unbuttoned one of the pockets and took out the square of neatly folded newspaper, then went back to the bed, falling belly first onto the mattress and springs. He propped both pillows beneath his chest and, once comfortable, proceeded to unfold the paper.

What Terry had retrieved from his shirt and now spread out in front of him for perusal were actually two newspaper clippings plus their accompanying photographs.

“Athletic supporter Tyler Franklander,” began one of the articles in bold type, “is shown here at the site of the competitions now being held at Estling’s Emerald Lake Lodge for the children of financially deprived parents. Tyler Franklander, whose father William is head of the internationally known Franklander Lumber…”

Terry didn’t bother reading the article. He’d read it before. What did again catch his interest was the picture of his father with his arm around an attractive blond youth who had just moved to claim a semifinals title in the field and track competitions. To anyone else, the picture wouldn’t have generated any immediate amount of curiosity. It was the same type of publicity shot seen in the paper everyday — the sponsor of an event congratulating one of the winners.

What made this picture so unique was not the picture itself but how it looked when taken in comparison with the other photo Terry now moved up beside it.

“Tyler Franklander,” the second picture’s caption began, “is shown here at Emerald Lake Lodge with his son Terry, who came to watch the last week of scheduled competitions that would award to financially deprived amateur athletes over one hundred thousand dollars in scholarships.”

The Tyler Franklander in one picture, smiling and happy, was a startling contrast to the Tyler Franklander in the other, the latter appearing very still and proper in a photo which had been obviously posed.

Terry compared his likeness with the attractive blond in the other photograph. Terry was just as blond, just as good-looking, just as young as the other boy. So, what was there that would make Tyler react so differently to Terry than he had to Jamie Bravo, unless it was the fact that Terry was his son?

Tyler had not been happy to see Terry. That had been more than obvious, and Terry certainly hadn’t needed the pictorial verification he now had before him to tell him that. He’d known before the picture had ever been snapped that his arrival on the scene wasn’t even expected. Terry had thought his father knew he was coming.

Terry was a perceptive enough young man to see the swarm in the hornet’s nest which his arrival had caused. After the day’s competitions had finished and most of the press people were back in Estling in their hotel rooms, calling in their stories, the shit hit the fan at Emerald Lake Lodge.

W.J. Franklander, who had been hanging off on the sidelines carefully watching what was happening from a distance, was suddenly summoned by a phone call from his son. The shouting between them that happened shortly after the elder Franklander’s arrival might have filtered out undecipherable, but it certainly hadn’t gone undetected.

To everyone’s apparent surprise, including W.J. Franklander’s, Tyler had just suddenly aborted his shout session, rushed from the office to his car and disappeared in a mass of squealing rubber and flying gravel. That had been two days ago, and nobody knew were Tyler had gone, including his father, who had been left with making excuses to a press corps that had warmed to the son but was suddenly a little dubious when confronted face-to-face with the crafty old man himself.

Terry pushed both pieces of paper off the bed, watching them flutter to the floor. He rolled over on his back, folding his arms behind his head, wondering what had happened and why that had made the gap so deep between him and his father. The divorce had certainly been part of it, but it had been more than that. Tyler had been awarded full visiting privileges and had never taken advantage of them. Something else had happened, then, before the divorce. Terry searched his mind for an answer. All he could ever remember were the good times they’d had together. There had been a lot of the good times.

One particular day was always recalled vividly. He’d been ten. He and his father had been wrestling on the lawn. They’d hugged tightly to each other and had rolled over and over on the grass. They’d stopped finally, Terry’s young body sprawled out on top of his father’s chest and belly. Terry could still remember looking down at his father’s handsome face, seeing the flush that had risen in the man’s cheeks, seeing the tousled fall of the thick hair over his forehead and into his eyes. Terry had also been acutely aware of something else — a hardness along, his father’s belly that was pushed tight against the boy’s own crotch.

Tyler had rolled, taking Terry with him, pinioning the boy’s body beneath his, the strange hardness now even tighter against Terry’s lower belly, grinding with a painful pleasure into Terry’s young cock and balls. The boy had felt secure beneath his father’s warm muscle and flesh. He’d gone heady with the manly smells. His father had kissed him. It had been a kiss far different from any Terry could remember up to then or could remember after. It was as if the boy was being actually sucked completely into his father’s body, was being somehow eaten alive. Terry had surrendered himself to the moment, had felt a recurrence of those strange sensations which had even then begun to stir and warm his groins keeping him awake at nights. Then Tyler had sensed something outside the world he had made for him and his son, and Terry had seen his mother standing silently by the side of the house watching them. She hadn’t said anything but had just walked up the steps and onto the back porch. Tyler had left Terry and gone after her. The boy hadn’t wanted him to leave. Terry had wanted his father’s body pressed down on top of him forever. He blamed his mother. Six months later, there’d come the divorce, and Terry had only seen his father a couple of times since.

Terry had loved his father more than he could have ever loved his mother, and he’d been deeply hurt when Tyler had up and pulled out of his life with no apparent explanations. He’d been hurt, but he hadn’t kept from believing that his father was coming back.

As Terry had gotten older, his father still avoiding him, the boy had picked up a few pieces to be fitted into the puzzle. His father had apparently married Terry’s mother but had never really loved her. He’d had sex with her, Terry being the prime result of such a mating, but he had preferred another type of sex than that found in the nuptial bed. Somewhere along the line, Tyler had possibly gone to bed with Terry’s uncle. Paula had never gotten along very well with her younger brother, and Christopher had once screamed that he’d actually been a better lay for her husband than she had been.

Homosexuality had not been mentioned in the divorce proceedings. W.J. Franklander had paid plenty to Paula to keep the charge exclusively one of mental cruelty. W.J. Franklander had paid plenty to Paula to make her agree to let Tyler have visiting privileges. W.J. Franklander had liked his share of young men, too, but his wife had been a bit more sophisticated and civilized about it than the bitch his son had married. On no account did W.J. think that his son’s sexual proclivities should deny him the right of being the father he, by fact, was.

And now W.J. Franklander had paid Paula a lot of money to have himself made the boy’s guardian. Paula wanted to remarry. The guy was young, he was attractive, he we hung. He was also poor. There we the additional problem that Paula’s alimony payments were scheduled to come to a stop as soon as she remarried. Paula had gone to her ex-father-in-law and sold him her son for more money. She loved Terry, but she was still a young and vital woman. She needed a man. She thought she’d found one in Tyler. She’d been wrong. She thought she’d found one now in Sean, and she didn’t want to let him go.

W. S. Franklander had paid the price gladly and taken his own grandchild under his protective wing.

“We’re going to give you back your father,” Terry’s grandfather had told him triumphantly. “You two have been without each other for too damned long.”

Well, W.J. had apparently chosen the wrong place and the wrong time to pull off his proposed reunion. Tyler had bolted. Terry tried to understand, but he couldn’t. He thought he had some of the pieces, but he couldn’t fit them together to get any completed picture. He only knew by looking at the two newspaper photos now on the floor that, where Tyler still had the knack of spontaneous affection for some people, he had apparently lost that capacity when it came to his own son.

Terry missed his father, missed the good times they’d once had. He couldn’t help wondering if maybe it wasn’t something he’d done that had made Tyler turn from him.

Terry had been fondling his cock and balls while he’d been thinking of his father. His cock was hard now, jutting from the golden cluster at his groin to the hairless flatness of his belly. He knew what that hardness had been inside of his father’s pants that day. He knew, also, that the tingling inside his guts when he’d realized the presence of that hard-on had been the stirrings of his own sexual awareness.

Terry’s hand languidly pumped his cock as the cum-slit leaked juices that his whipping fist smeared along the knob and shaft of his prick. He stopped jacking off long enough to prop a pillow beneath his head. He then lifted his legs and let his hips curve upward over his face. He dropped his knees down around his ears, his cock slipping into the ovaling of his lips. His tongue licked immediately, and the boy tasted his own juices. His right hand took up again the slow stroking of the cock, milking it of more liquid to emerge salty on Terry’s tongue.

Terry bounced on the bed, the spring of the mattress working his mouth about his cock. Looking upward over the creases of his young belly, Terry could see the inches of his fat dick, the blue vein that snaked along one side of it. His healthy balls hung low in the scrotum, drooping down along the length of his rod. His nuts were moving inside their bag, the skin shifting even as he watched.

Terry’s spine had relaxed even more, dropping his cock farther so that he could take more of his meat into his mouth. His lips holding the cock secure, Terry let both hands reach upward for his ass, his fingers clamping the cheeks of his butt. With his hands thus placed, Terry exerted a pulling pressure that bowed his crotch nearer his face. The boy sucked up even more of his own cock.

Terry enjoyed eating his prick. As a matter of fact, it was actually the only type of sexual release he practiced. He’d graduated from jacking off as soon as he had discovered his body was supple enough and his cock big enough for this type of activity. Even at his young age, his butch good-looks and man-sized dick had given him a couple of opportunities where he might have tried cunt, but he’d let the opportunities pass. He just wasn’t turned on by it.

Terry’s cheeks sucked inward, concaving against the cock inside his mouth. His tongue continued to whip the dick, wrapping it sensuously. He enjoyed the taste of his cock, wondered if some other guy would enjoy it, too.

His left hand still pulling on his ass to keep his cock deeply entrenched, Terry let his right hand slip back down to his nuts. He began massaging his eggs, pinching them like only he knew how it should be done. The resulting dull ache came as a supplement to the pleasure. When his scrotum had grown much thicker, crawled higher toward the base of his cock, Terry put his hand back on his ass, pulling his dick deeper yet inside his face.

Terry was in no hurry. There was very little he had to do today. He wasn’t doing anything except watching. Those other kids were slaving their asses off for something Terry had by right of birth. He was guaranteed a college education if his grades were good enough. The only similarity between himself and some of the slum kids was that the bill for his future education was going to be footed by the same man — W.J. Franklander.

Slowly and easily, Terry ate his own meat, working it over with his lips and his tongue, sucking in more and more of it as his body bent farther. He’d managed to claim over half of his cock, knew that before he’d blasted, he would have himself gobbled up to his balls.

Terry felt very content when he ate his prick. Maybe it was because of such moments he was aware that he really didn’t need anyone else. For a few short moments, Terry was his own self-contained world. He could be lost in himself, could be lost in loving himself. The pleasure would rise, and he would control it for a time. He knew what to do to hurry it an its way to completion. He knew what to do to delay the inevitable orgasm for a few minutes more while he could enjoy the ecstatic build-up. Terry could forget everyone else at these times. Here on this bed, his mouth wrapped around his cock, Terry could forget everyone, everything, except himself.

Jerry was a perfect physical specimen for his age. He had a young boyish body with just a hint of the development he would have at same later age. His chest was already contoured by two slightly defined domes, his belly etched with the tracings of the muscle that would mature with age and raise to washboard his belly. He had naturally broad shoulders, a tapered waist, good arms and legs. He was already handsome, many of his father’s handsome features evident but refined. His blond hair was thick on his head, combed in a tousled sweep over his forehead and feathered over his ears. His eyes were deep blue, almost purple, speckled with flecks of gold. A well-paid dermatologist had kept his complexion clear of pimples.

Terry’s lips edged finally into his lower belly, his cock lost deeply inside his throat. His nose was pressed tightly into the compact mass of his own balls, his chin chafing against his own crotch hairs. He twisted his face over the cock, letting the rod slip free of his mouth. His lips hugged the exiting inches.

He pulled his hips don into his face again, taking the cock into the velvety wetness. He was comfortable with this cock. It was part of him. It belonged to the body it was fucking. It fit perfectly up his throat as if it had been made for it. He could easily picture himself coiled in his mother’s womb to enjoy the same pleasures there that he was enjoying here now.

Terry gave himself up to the suck. All other thoughts seemed to fade from his mind. He’d achieved the state of mind for which he’d strived. He was at peace with himself. He continued to eat his meat, licking furiously at the cock that fucked his face. His balls were cum-bulged now. The cock, already stretching Terry’s mouth open as far as it would go, was throbbing even bigger.

Terry growled over his dick, enjoying the resulting vibrations. The boy was aware of the juices beginning to chum inside of him. He sucked slower, wanting to delay the inevitable. After climax, the world would come crashing back onto him. Terry didn’t want the reality. It wasn’t very flattering to his ego to know that his father didn’t want him, that his mother had sold him like a piece of meat on the auction block, that his grandfather had been the buyer but had forgotten long ago how one went about raising a young teenager.

Terry tried desperately to prolong, curled on the bed in his little ball, his cock a piston up his mouth. The boy delighted in the feel and the taste of himself. He didn’t want any of it to end.

But it had to end eventually. Even the boy, who was so familiar with his own body that he could several times contain an eruption and proceed with more build-up, was destined to eventually have to let it come to an end. Once the fires were conjured within his body, they eventually had to become the masters. No one could keep them enslaved forever. It was only a matter of time before they swelled, peaked, slipped back to oblivion until next lime.

Terry fought to maintain his control, even going so far as to bite his cock hard at one point when he thought an orgasm was upon him. Control was his for an awfully long time, but he eventually lost it. He knew when the reins slipped from him. His mind registered the hasty approach of an ejaculation, and he knew it was time to do something, time to perform one of his sexual tricks to stop it, but his body wouldn’t respond. His lips and mouth just continued to gum and eat, his head and hips continued to bounce, his throat continued to vibrate around his twitching prick.

Shock after shock of pleasure rocked his body. He spasmed on the bed, his balls spewing a deluge of wet, warm jizz into his mouth where the boy quickly sucked it all away. His eyes blurred with the ecstasy. He thought he was sucking his guts out of his belly trough his cock.

“Eat me, Daddy!” Terry squealed, his voice coming out mumbled and undecipherable about the plug of his spasming cock.


It was only natural that the two would eventually gravitate toward one another. After all, one was the son who saw affections which should have been meant for him directed toward another. The second was the lover who suspected, each time Tyler grunted his climax, the man had been imagining himself locked in torrid embrace with his own son.

Their eyes had met and locked one afternoon as Terry stood with his grandfather at the edge of the swimming pool, watching Jamie swim to another victory. Jamie had pushed himself free of the water to hear W.J.’s congratulations and met Terry’s gaze. Jamie had gone to the shower and waited. He’d actually expected Terry then. When, after a while, it became apparent Jamie had been mistaken about Terry’s arrival, he had showered and dressed. He walked out onto the porch. There were other events going on around the area, but Jamie wasn’t involved in any more of them for the rest of the day. He easily picked out W.J. over by the pole vault, but Terry was no longer with him.

Terry had left his grandfather when Jamie had gone to the lockers. He had thought of drifting back into the shower room, but he had decided not to. He had no qualms about seeing Jamie stark naked, actually would have enjoyed the spectacle, but he wanted a bit more privacy. He crossed the competition field and leaned against a tree on the edge of the forest, pretending to concentrate on the activities but actually waiting for Jamie to reappear. When he saw him emerge from the lodge, Terry waited until he was sure Jamie had seen him and then slipped into the underbrush. Through an interlacing weave of dried bushes, Terry saw Jamie casually leave the porch to follow him. Within minutes, the two met on a small path, turning to walk on it by mutual consent. Now that they’d gotten together, they really didn’t know what to say to each other, so neither momentarily said anything. They walked for a considerable distance in silence.

“You swim?” Jamie asked finally.

“Not as well as you,” Terry answered. “I saw you today, and you’re good, really good. Even Grandfather said so.”

“I mean, there’s a swimmin’ hole up here I found when I first got here. It catches the afternoon sun. Oughta be great ’bout now.”

“Okay,” Terry agreed.

After a while, the path forked, and Jamie led the way along the correct one. He eventually left the path completely and climbed a small rise. Terry could hear the rush of running water.

“Watch it,” Jamie instructed. “It’s kinda steep.” They climbed down a sharp embankment and into the sun. A small waterfall splattered its spray on tile rocks, and there was a small pool a little distance away. Jamie began immediately to strip off his clothes and soon entered the water. It was ice cold — not like the heated pool at the lodge.

Shortly Terry joined him. The two swam silently for a few minutes and then climbed out on the warm slab of rock to dry. Jamie sat by the edge of the pool, his feet dangling into the water, and Terry pressed his cock into the stone beneath his belly, propping his chin on his forearm.

“I met him on the way here,” Jamie said finally. “I was hitchin’, an’ he stopped to gimme a lift.”

“Who?” Terry asked, and the question was so superfluous, Jamie didn’t even bother answering it.

And that was the beginning. Where it had been Jamie who had begun the conversation, it was Terry who ended up talking the most. He took Jamie back to his childhood and up through adolescence, mentioning many of the good times. He talked about things he’d never talked about with anybody before — not secret things but just shared moments. Terry had really had few close friends in his life, and even Jamie was hardly a friend. Yet Jamie was in the right place at the right time. He was willing to listen, and Terry did want to talk. And it helped that they were both naked. That seemed to break down all barriers which might have existed between them.

Terry never mentioned his day on the lawn when his father had kissed him and then run guiltily after his wife who had witnessed the blatant sexual display; Jamie never mentioned the fact that he and Tyler had fucked in the settling dust of the speeding car and then later in a motel room.

“You’re close to my father,” Terry said eventually. His back had dried, and he sat up now to let the sun get to the rest of his body. “That makes me a little jealous, since he doesn’t even seem to know I exist.” There was an unmistakable edge of bitterness which he was unable to keep out of his voice.

“If you think he don’t know you exist, then you’re a first-grade asshole,” Jamie said.

“Did he ever say anything about me to you?” Terry asked. He was afraid once he’d asked the question, afraid that Tyler had never said anything about him.

“Christ, one of the first things he ever said to me was that I was young enough to be his son,” Jamie said. “He told me a coupla times how much I remind him of you.”

“Funny,” Terry said. “The one day I saw him at the lodge, he didn’t say half a dozen words to me.”

“Your father’s scared shitless,” Jamie said, wondering how far he should go, how much he should say. A lot of it, after all, was only his own thoughts on the subject. He could have been all wrong. Still, he didn’t think so.

“Dad? Scared shitless?” Terry asked unbelieving.

“You’re scared he don’t love you at all. He’s scared he loves you too fuckin’ much.”

Terry waited for further elucidation, but it wasn’t forthcoming. Jamie had decided to commit himself no further.

“Don’t ask me to explain that,” Jamie said finally. “I don’t know if I could without tellin’ you somethin’ ’bout your father that ain’t for me to say.”

“You mean about his not liking girls?” Terry asked. It was the first direct reference either of them had made to Tyler and sex.

“You know that?” Jamie asked. For some strange reason, Jamie had suspected Terry would be completely ignorant of that sexual aspect of his father’s life.

“People talk,” Terry said. He wrapped his arms around his bent legs, put his chin in the groove between his two knees. “I listen.”

“It upset you if it was true?” Jamie asked.

“It is true, then?”

Jamie kicked his feet in the water, reached his right hand into the pool and cupped some of the liquid which he then ladled over his chest.

“You better ask him that,” Jamie said eventually.

“I don’t have to ask him,” Terry answered. “I’ve known the truth for a long time. The only effect my knowing has had on me was that it made me jealous. When I found out my uncle had been in bed with my father, I could have killed my uncle — not because he’d done it but because I hadn’t.”

“You really feel that way?” Jamie asked. He was beginning to see why Tyler was running scared. If Jamie had been old enough to have had a kid like Terry, he would have been hard-pressed to keep his hands off him no matter what the social taboos.

“That’s sick, isn’t it?” Terry asked. He spoke as if Jamie’s answer, whether affirmative or negative, would be the last word needed to convince him one way or the other.

Jamie shrugged. He might have answered yes at one time in his life — before Greg. Not now. Maybe it was because he personally found exceedingly exciting the conjured pictures of Tyler’s muscular maleness entwined with his son’s cool, blond beauty. Jamie was embarrassed that he was beginning to get a hard-on.

“Wouldya really do it?” Jamie asked out of pure curiosity. “I mean if he wanted to, wouldya? ‘Cause if the answer’s yes, you oughta see why the fuck your father’s runnin’ scared.”

“I don’t understand.”

“No? Think about it, man. If, when he’s with me, he’s talkin’ about you all the time, but with you he don’t say over six words, don’t that tell you somethin’?”

“You’re suggesting…”

“I ain’t suggestin’ nothing.”

But what if he were suggesting what Terry thought he was? Then, what a fucking waste of five years. What a damned fucking waste! But how could Tyler have known how Terry had felt about him? How could he have known that Terry had spent the past years jacking off and sucking himself off while thinking of his father? The point was, Tyler hadn’t known. None of that had been written on Terry’s forehead during the few brief encounters he’d had with his father since the divorce. And Tyler was afraid of corrupting his own son. That was why Tyler had been avoiding his blond, blue-eyed little boy who wasn’t so little any more. The man was still feeling guilty about those stirrings in his loins back on that hot summer day when the two of them had rolled on the grass together. Incest — that was what society called it. What kind of a father was it who could get turned on by his own son? The thought that it was incest he was imagining every time Terry pumped his cock or sucked it off hadn’t stopped the boy’s fantasizing. Terry had rationalized the incestuous implications in his mind. After all, what he did was fantasy, not actually reality. But had Tyler been able to so easily rationalize what it meant to sexually desire his own son when he knew it would have been so easy to make it reality with the pure strength of his muscle, never dreaming his desire might have been reciprocal? Maybe it was time Tyler stopped running.

“I know what you’re thinkin’,” Jamie said, interrupting Terry’s line of thought.

“Do you?”

“I can read it on your face, man. You’re thinkin’, ‘If I want it, an’ he wants it, what’s the harm an’ who’s gonna stop us?’ But you think you can really handle it?”

“What’s to handle?”

“That scares me,” Jamie said. “I like your father a lot. I don’t want you to screw up his head any more ‘n it already is.”

“You think our going to bed will make things worse instead of better?”

“You ever done anythin’, kid?” Jamie asked, feeling very much older at that minute in his life.

“Done any what?”

“Done it. It. Gone to bed with another man.”


“‘Cause if you ain’t, an’ then you go to bed with your father an’ panic, you’re gonna fuck both of you up. How you gonna cope with incest when you ain’t even sure if you can groove with gay sex?”

“What makes you think I haven’t done anything?”

“‘Cause you woulda said so right off. You told me about wantin’ to go to bed with your father, about how to arrange it. Why not tell me ’bout a plain old suck or fuck with another guy unless you never done nothin’? An’, baby, gettin’ it on ain’t always like you think it’s gonna be.”

“I’ll handle it,” Terry said with confidence.

“Prove it!” Jamie said. He pulled his legs out of the water and stood up. When he faced Jamie, his cock was a hard mass jutting upward from his bagged balls to his navel. He walked to Terry, the latter not doing anything but looking up at him.

“You think I can’t handle that?” Terry asked, his hand cruising up and down the back of Jamie’s leg. Terry sounded calm enough, but he sure as hell wasn’t calm inside.

“If you can’t handle this one, you sure as fuck won’t be able to take care of your old man’s,” Jamie said, his right hand wiggling his cock back and forth in front of him like a metronome. “His dick’s a lot bigger’n mine.”

“You’ve made it with my father, haven’t you?” Terry asked. The idea didn’t turn him off. Quite the opposite. Terry was excited that he would soon be doing with Jamie’s cock some of the thing his father had done with it. He didn’t know if the other boy had noticed, but Terry’s cock was almost as hard as Jamie’s.

“A coupla times, yeah,” Jamie admitted. This was the first time he’d had sex with both a father and the man’s son. He had a feeling it was going to be an experience to be remembered.

“And you’re going to show me how it’s done? How I can please my father once I get him naked in bed?”

“I can fry.”

“Kind of young to be playing teacher, aren’t you?” Terry asked, his hand climbing up as far as Jamie’s balls. The nuts he found were a handful, the loose flesh warm against Terry’s fingers. It was the first time he’d ever had hold of another man’s balls. His hand lingered, reluctant to pull free.

“I learned a helluva lot in the neighborhood I grew up in,” Jamie asked. “Your old man didn’t believe that at first, but he fuckin’ well did in the end.”

“What first, teacher?”

“First I’m gonna fuck your ass,” Jamie said. “Alter that, when I got your butthole filled up with my hot spunk, I might let you see bow it’s like up my ass. Your father says I got one of the tightest little butts he’s ever screwed. Think you might wanna put your hard cock up a pit that’s been fucked royal by your old man?”

“I’d sure as hell like to give it a try,” Terry said.

“Get up,” Jamie said, watching Terry’s body uncoil and come to a standing position.

“And from here?”

“We’ll find some place more comfortable,” Jamie said. “I wanta go easy on you the first time. If it’s good the first time, you’ll be lookin’ for a second an’ a third time around. But before we go lookin’ for a spot — you ever got really kissed by another guy?”

“Sure. By my grandfather.” Terry could have told Jamie about that other kiss, that one from his father, but that was somehow still too much of a private memory.

“Well, I ain’t your granddaddy, stud,” Jamie said, taking Terry in his arms.

And Terry didn’t need the first kiss to tell him that much. Terry had known from the minute Jamie had stripped for the swim that this boy was nothing like his grandfather. Terry had seen W.J. Franklander’s cock once. It was small and puffy and hidden beneath an overhang of gray-haired belly. Now, Jamie’s cock wasn’t small but large. It wasn’t puffy but hard. It wasn’t hidden but plainly visible as it reared its fist-sized knob upward and drooled its mess of pre-cum. Terry certainly wouldn’t have been turned on by W.J. Franklander’s cock as he was by this one.

The kiss was highly reminiscent of the one Terry had received from his father that day so long ago, muted only in that Terry now knew enough about his own sexuality and sex in general that none of it was as new as it had been that first time. Still, Terry had to admit that there was an infinite degree of pleasure to be had in the kiss, pleasure that was supplemented by the unique experience of having another boy’s naked flesh pressed so tightly into his own.

Terry’s mouth was opened by the pressure of Jamie’s experienced lips. Jamie’s tongue found the resulting breach and delved for the succulent warmth of Terry’s spit. Against his chest, Jamie was aware of the softness of Terry’s flesh, of the hardness of Terry’s nipples, of the turgidness of Terry’s cock aligned against his own cock between their mated bellies.

Terry’s tongue began to move, the boy catching on quickly. The tip of his tongue wiped the smooth enamel of Jamie’s teeth, slid along the boy’s gums, battled with the sensuous slipperiness of Jamie’s tongue.

It was a long kiss, a deep kiss, a kiss that left both boys faintly breathless when it came to its eventual finish.

“Somethin’ tells me you ain’t gonna need much teachin’,” Jamie said, his hand gliding down the curve of Terry’s back and resting on the swell of the boy’s buns.

They didn’t have to go far to find a place convenient for the sex they had in mind. The first time Jamie had discovered the rather idyllic setting, he had scouted it for a spot. He’d never dreamed at the time that it would be Tyler’s son he would be bringing here, but he could certainly be glad now that it was.

The stones were covered with a thick, green moss that was pleasantly cool against Terry’s naked flesh as he obliged Jamie by rolling his belly into it. Terry’s hard cock pressed an indent into the sponginess, and the rest of Terry’s body found the moss adjusting to his contours. Terry was actually quite comfortable as he felt Jamie’s hands easing his thighs apart to kneel between them.

Jamie was excited, there was no doubt about that. He ran his fingers gently along the back of Terry’s left thigh, coasting it upward to the solid curve of the boy’s ass. Jamie’s cock was a powerful mass of meat, uplifted between his hairless thighs. His balls drooped so low that they pooled in a flaccid mass of skin upon the moss. The boy milked his cock for its pre-cum, deciding the copious fluids that oozed free of his cum-slit wouldn’t be enough for the entrance of his cock up a virgin ass.

Terry waited, rather apprehensive. He’d had things up his ass before in preparation for the butt-fuck he knew he’d one day be getting — a finger, a carrot, a small cucumber — but he’d underestimated the size of the first cock that would fuck him. Jamie’s cock had all those other inanimate tools beat all to slit. And Jamie had said Tyler’s cock was even bigger. Terry tried to imagine that. The bulge at his father’s crotch that day on the lawn had seemed giant-sized, but Jamie’s dick was certainly the biggest Terry had ever seen this side of his own.

Jamie spit in his hands to give him more juices to rub into the neck and head of his cock. He spit again, coating his rod with a thick veneering of saliva and love juices, each time wiping the excess off his fingers and into the crease of Terry’s ass.

Finally, Jamie moved into position, scooting forward so that his cock, when it was pried down from his belly, dived its head into the crease of Terry’s butt and centered on the tightly closed bung.

“If it starts hurtin’, tell me,” Jamie said. “This ain’t suppose to hurt all that much, so if it’s gettin’ bad for you, don’t be a hero. Your asshole’s gonna hafta do some stretchin’, but if we take it slow, it’s gonna do it. Ready?”

Jamie leaned forward, the head of his cock pressing for an entrance. He increased the pressure behind the placement of his cock, aware the second Terry’s asshole began to yawn to accept the beginning of what Jamie planned to feed it.

Terry told himself to relax, remembered how much easier it was to plug his butt with his fuck-finger when his asshole wasn’t all tensed up. Still, a finger wasn’t a cock like Jamie’s, and it was a hell of a lot easier for a butt to accept something as small as a finger than it was for it to accept the sausage-sized dimensions of Jamie’s cock.

Beneath his belly, Terry felt his own dick leak another oozing of pre-cum which beaded on the moss just prior to its smearing on his stomach.

If this was a first for Terry, it was also another first for Jamie. Not counting Jamie’s never having fucked a father and son combination before, he couldn’t ever remember a time he’d fucked a virgin ass. Oh, he’d plugged plenty of butt before, but they’d always seemed to have made way for someone else’s cock before Jamie had gotten to them. It was hard to find virgin ass in Jamie’s neighborhood. Usually, too soon, a youngster’s asshole was claimed by some bigger stud who forced his way into it. Jamie could have thanked his lucky stars that Greg and Blane had been around to make sure Jamie’s ass would be given up only when Jamie wanted. Very few kids in the slums had had that prerogative.

The cockhead slipped securely into the slot that finally opened for it. No sooner had the sphincter opened, however, accepting the knob of Jamie’s cock, than it seemed to clamp shut with a vengeance. The ovaling of Terry’s asshole vised hard against that part of the cockshaft that formed the groove beneath the flaring of the knob. The exerted pressure was so intense that, far a brief second, Jamie thought one of two things was going to happen. Either his cockhead was going to be torn from its thick neck, or he was going to lose his hard-on. As it turned out, neither happened.

Terry, not knowing how he was going to continue even accommodating this much of Jamie’s cock, gave an involuntary jerk that didn’t eject Jamie’s cock but actually succeeded in bucking the butt upward to take even more prick.

“Christ!” Terry groaned, despite all attempts made by him not to.

Jamie fell to cover Terry’s prone body, being careful to keep his hips elevated so that he wasn’t driving any more of his cock up the butt than was already there. Jamie’s arms collapsed, placing his elbows and forearms into the moss on either side of Terry’s shoulders.

“Easy, man,” Jamie said, his voice low, his mouth close to Terry’s ear. He lifted to pull a fraction of his cock out of Jamie’s butt. “Just try an relax.”

Christ, Terry was trying, but it was different taking a hard cock belonging to someone than it was taking whatever things Terry had found in the past to jam up his ass. Jamie had certainly been right when he’d said there was a difference between fantasizing and reality. Terry was glad he was getting fucked by Jamie before he crawled into bed with his own father. When Tyler’s fat cock came jabbing into Terry’s ass, the boy wanted to be able to take it quickly and easily, not having to do like he was doing now — squealing like a stuck pig.

Jamie knew that all it would take would be one forceful shove to bury all of his cock up Terry’s ass. That one, followed by another savage hump while Terry’s body was shuddering with the shock of the first brutal drive, would have placed Jamie’s cock in to its balls. Then if he would just hold on, Jamie’s nuts would have been off in no time, his cock stripped to eruption in the jerkings of Terry’s raped ass. Jamie knew tough studs who’d told him how they’d done it, how they’d just hopped on, shoved their dicks in, rode virgin ass to a climax. One kid had even suggested that he might like to do just that to Jamie sometime when his big brother wasn’t looking. Greg had found out, somebody other than Jamie having told him, and by the time the stud had recovered from the knee to his nuts Greg had given him, he hadn’t seemed nearly as interested in the shape of Jamie’s butt as he had been before.

Jamie didn’t violently take Terry’s vulnerable butt, however. He wanted Terry to enjoy, because his enjoyment was important. Terry was Tyler’s son, and Jamie liked Tyler, liked the man a lot. Surprised to discover that Tyler was the son of W.J. Franklander, the rich fart putting up the dough for the competitions, Jamie had been even more surprised when Tyler had sought him out and personally arranged it so that the two of them could continue with the sex they’d begun on the road. To Jamie, Tyler, was an okay guy, not at all how he’d pictured someone with money. To Jamie, Terry was also an okay stud — and not just because Terry was the son of the father. Jamie wanted Tyler and his son to be able to make a go of it if they ever managed to get as far as the bedroom. And why the hell shouldn’t they be able to? Who were they hurting? They were actually doing more harm to themselves by trying to keep their feelings locked up inside of them.

So Jamie waited, inserting no more of his cock up the virgin asshole than the head and inch that was already there. He waited, without driving in more of his dick, despite a swelling need inside of his guts to do just that.

Terry didn’t think he was ever going to adjust to the small bit of cock he had, let alone be able to accept all those inches of cock yet remaining to make the plunge inside his ass. He was, therefore, frankly surprised when the discomfort up his butt seemed to dissolve with the same suddenness as it had appeased. One second, Terry was on the desperate verge of telling Jamie he was going to have to pull free, enduring only because it meant so much for him to succeed at this time, with this boy; the next second, all of the pain was gon