Lord and Lady Mudford

Harold stood feeling relieved that the cum-coated Sarja was now gone. At the same time however he was aroused, what with his cock and balls still out of his trousers. He looked to see Alfred standing beside Charlotte seated in her wing chair. His pants crotch was bulging as he and Charlotte exchanged loving glances. Harold made his way over with his upright cock swaying from side to side.

Lady Mudford had welcomed home her husband from his long absence in Africa as any dutiful wife would. Never mind that his potbelly was grosser than ever. The year’s added age had also served to prolong his pounding her away in bed. But eventually he did manage to implant his seed yet one more time. That was as much a duty for him as it was for her.

“Sorry, dear.”

“I understand Harrold. There’s no need to apologize. We are both aging at the same rate, you know.”

“I do hope you were able to enjoy yourself and your little fetish in my absence.”

“Rest assured, dear. I kept the cane hard at work.”

“That’s nice. Servants should continually be reminded of their place.”

“Alfred was of big help in that department.”


“The chauffer, you know. Oh I guess you don’t know. I hired him in your absence.”

“So he wields a wicked cane too?”

“To a degree.”

“Is he as ruthless as Beatrice?”

“As housekeeper? Of course not. He’s hardly a sadist.”

“I trust that you have a fresh servant girl available for my four o’clock ritual.”

“Of course, Harold. I’m quite sure she will . . . will inspire you.”

Harold propped himself up on his pillow and lit that infernal cigar which his wife Charlotte detested. “Describe her.”

“Finnish; around eighteen; shy; on the petite side.”



“Her English?”

“Barely passable.”

Charlotte smiled as she watched him respond to her words as one of his hands made its way south under the sheet while his other held his cigar. When he inhaled the glow from it illuminated his eyes as he savored the thought of what lay in store for himself come four o’clock. He could already vision her pleading green eyes looked up at him as he throated her while she was being caned. That was his four o’clock routine.

The ritual was fully acceptable for her ladyship in more ways than one. First it served to have him satisfy his sexual appetite at another’s expense. Second it satisfied her own sadistic lust and third his lordship couldn’t object to her being serviced during the event. It had become a lovely family tradition.

Charlotte’s hand made its way to His Lordship’s crotch. She brushed aside his own as she felt for his cock. The search was short-lived as His Lordship was rock-hard; harder than he had been while inside her just minutes before. Why kid themselves. Certainly Harold would rather be throating a young servant girl as she was being caned than getting with it mechanically yet one more time with his old lady – Her Ladyship. Just as clearly Charlotte would prefer watching the servant girl’s torment as she was being throated and caned and seeing Harold’s filthy cigar a-smoking as his ugly, hairy cock smoked.

Lady Charlotte’s hand gently wrapped itself about her husband’s super-thick cock. Now was the time to bring up the little problem she had been worrying over with regard to four o’clock.

“Harold dear.”

“What is it dear?”

“Would you mind if Alfred paid me some . . . some attention this afternoon while you . . . you are . . . are.”

“How thoughtful for you to ask. Of course not, dear.”

She started to stroke his joint which was now throbbing. Never could she get over how thick it was. No wonder it painfully stretched her insides.

“Now Charlotte.”

Oops; had she misjudged him?

“No; don’t.”


“I have to save myself,” he explained as he moved her hand from his shaft to his hairy balls.

“Oh. Yes, of course.”

“I have no problem with you being serviced while I am but I don’t want this . . . this Alfred staring at me. I mean. Especially with his not be sadistic.”

“Harold you don’t give me the credit I deserve. It would be the suffering servant girl that his eyes would be focused on and not you.”

“Would be?”

“I doubt that he will be able to see much with his head buried deep in my burrow.”

Harold began to inhale and exhale smoke as his testicles were squeezed and un-squeezed. It was nice to be back home; back home with such a compatible wife.

“It is such an honor to at last meet you, my Lord,” said the handsome young man with a broad smile as he stood before Harold seated in a high-back wing chair. “I’ve heard so much about you.”

“And I as well, Alfred.”

“Thank you sir. If I do say so myself, I am a good driver. I so enjoy driving the Rolls.”

The two men stared at each other eye-to-eye until they both broke out into smiles.

“Do you wish for me to cane Sarja this afternoon, your Lord?” Apparently that was the Finnish girl’s name.

“No; Beatrice will handle that. I’d prefer that you learn my taste – my style – as an observer. But don’t let that keep you from attending to her ladyship’s needs.”

“Of course.”

“I’ll see the Finnish wench now.”

Alfred clapped his hands twice.

Into the great room came the girl carrying a large rattan cane upon her open palms as if making an offering. The size of the cane served to emphasize her pettiness. With her head down and the Housekeeper Beatrice walking close behind her she made her way over to His Lordship and Her Ladyship sitting in their marron wing chairs with Alfred standing beside Charlotte.

“Welcome home, my lord,” said Beatrice as the girl stood there before him. “I hope you had a splendid time while in Africa. We all did so miss you.”

“Thank you, Housekeeper. And I the same.”

“The Scandinavian wench here goes by the name Sarja.”

“She has had the cane, I assume.”

“Of course, my lord.”

“Of course. The cane remains our primary tool in instilling and maintaining a proper attitude in our house servants.”

“And well it should.”

Harrold looked over the lass standing before him offering up the horrid cane with her face down in submission. She was wearing the standard maid’s cotton, black and white uniform with a white ruffled bonnet.

“How are her teeth, housekeeper?”

In an instant Beatrice lifted the girl’s head and squeezed her cheeks. “Open wide.” The girl stared at the housekeeper as she peeled back her upper lip to reveal pearly white uppers and then her lower lip. Then she spread her mouth as wide open as possible in a rough manner as the girl’s eyes darted around.

“Very well. She’ll do.”

Harold took the cane and handed it to the housekeeper. With that Harold stood, spread his legs and placed his hands on his hips. “Now for a proper introduction.”

Having already been explained the proper procedure the servant girl went down on her knees and began unbuttoning his lordship’s fly. With that done she inserted her petite hands to locate and bring forth the hairy monster.

Out sprung his lordship’s thick cock into the fresh room air. Both the girl’s eyes and mouth opened in amazement. Good lord. How could she ever hope to obey her instructions and have that horrid monster completely disappear into her mouth?

After absorbing that expected facial shock Harold turned to look at Charlotte and Alfred. The handsome young man’s face was also registering shock at seeing the size of His Lordship’s cock.

“What did I tell you,” said Charlotte with a look of self-pride. The housekeeper’s face also showed a measure of pride coupled with a slight sadistic smile.

“I think she has forgotten something, housekeeper.”

“HIS LORDSHIP’S BALLS, GIRL! You stupid Finns.”

Back inside his open fly flew one of the girl’s petite hands. Feeling their immense size she inserted her other hand. With two hands she brought forth his lordships balloon-sized ball along with some black pubic hair and some foul crotch odor.

As many times as the others had seen his lordship’s cock and balls they still held the sight in awe. Good Lord but was his lordship hung. And well did he know it. For that reason he never hesitated in having his family jewels put on display. After all, was he not lord of his own domain?

Sarja watched from her kneeling position as his lordship began to strut his stuff. He walked proudly around the poor sacrificial lamb smiling as Beatrice the housekeeper began to swish the horrid cane. The girl didn’t know which was the worse, that thick, hairy, upright cock or the rattan cane swishing the room air. Truthfully, there was no need for comparison as she would be receiving both at the same time under the lustful gaze of others. When the kneeling girl turned her head away he grabbed her by her blondish hair and turned her face to his pride and joy. “What do you think of it? What’s her name again?”


“Sarja. Do you like it?”

Pitifully the kneeling girl nodded her approval.

“Answer His Lordship, girl,” ordered Beatrice.

“It is a good one sir. Yes, a good one.”

“So you like it, do you?”

“Yes sir; I likes it, sir. It is a good one, sir.”

Harold released the girl’s hair. He looked to the housekeeper to see her busy sliding her thumb and index finger over the surface of the coarse cane. God did she love her job. And to think that in just moments now she would be smashing the cane into that servant girl’s ass.

Harold returned to his oversized maroon wing chair but this time he sat on one of its arms with his legs spread wide and his hands upon the arm. His cock was pointed up at the ceiling in readiness for sweet Sarja’s attention and care.

“Get a move on, girl,” instructed Beatrice as she tapped the cane in her palm. “Position the footstool.”

The young maid dutifully stood before Beatrice. When the housekeeper held out her hand the girl slid off her white knickers and hung them over the extended cane. When Beatrice nodded to the footstool he retrieved it and placed it in front of His Lordship.

Down she went on her knees again but this time upon the footstool with her face right in front of that horrid, waiting cock. She placed her hands atop the chair arm with her arms wrapped about those of Harold. Again she smelled the foul odor arising from his lordships privates. Even their airing out had not killed the obnoxious odor.

With the girl’s head bowed Harold’s cock was against her head with his hairy balls on her forehead. He nodded to Beatrice who lifted Sarya’s full length skirt up over her back which exposed her pale white Scandinavian ass. He watched as Beatrice stood back up now almost choking the cane in relishing the moment. The servant girl and housekeeper was now ready.

Harold looked over at Charlotte sitting there in the other wing chair with handsome Albert sitting on her chair arm. Seeing the pleading look in his wife’s eyes he nodded his consent. Down went handsome as Charlotte lifted her skirt in welcoming him.

“Begin,” ordered Harold.

The girl raised her head. Her nose made contact with the underbody of the horrid cock. Her tongue followed as it slid upward as her nose took in the rancid odor.

The young lass had difficulty in getting her mouth over the knob of his lordship’s cock for it kept swaying front side to side. Finally in desperation she lifted herself until her head and mouth were above the monster. Now she was able to get her lips over the knob. Harold almost sighed in relief.

“All in,” came the command from the housekeeper as she tapped the cane on that lily-white ass that was elevated by her being kneeled upon the footstool. Slowly the girl lowered herself to feel the entire cock-nob now held within her stretched mouth.

Harold looked down to see that the girl’s eyes were closed. “Damn you girl. I want those eyes open and looked at me. Housekeeper, didn’t you explain?”

“I did indeed, sir,” she replied as she unleashed a savage cut of the cane to the middle of the waiting white ass.

The jolt from the shock sent the girl’s head down and with that a couple of inches of his lordship’s cock’s shaft entered and was thrust to the back of her mouth. The sound of the rattan hitting the fresh flesh was a delight to all those in attendance, save but one.

As the servant girl looked into the eyes of her master she tried to cope with her lips being spread to their fullest by her master’s thick cock and the feel of its knob pressed against the back of her mouth. As she absorbed that feeling and that of the thick shaft occupying her mouth, she further began to absorb the fiery pain beginning to burn in her upraised ass.

Beatrice looked at the servant girl’s ass giving birth to a tramline welt. How much nicer it was to see the formation on a pale white ass as opposed to one of darker skin. How she loved the contrast and how the pink tramline would begin to darken into red while knowing that its transformation was manifested in the girl’s brain as a developing line of fire.

“Well,” asked Harrold. “Why have you stopped? I’m not even half way in, girl.”

“Get with it, Sarja,” commanded Beatrice as she delivered another vicious cut.

It seemed as if the girl didn’t understand. But when she heard the swoosh of the cane again followed by a sickening THWICK she quickly came to understand. They was no way to continue except for the massive cock to enter her throat. Feeling that her nose was just touching pubic hair she knew that there was ample shaft of his lordship’s cock still remaining outside in urgent need of entry.

With the intensity of the pain from the two vicious cuts now increasing she had no choice but to proceed. Fortunately it was just at that moment that his lordship made a thrust which caused the knob of his cock to enter her throat. In doing so her head was thrust further over and down. This caused her almost to break eye-to-eye contact, but not quite.

Harold looked into the girl’s green eyes and smiled. Now they were making headway with his head. He looked over to her ladyship to see that she too was clearly making headway as she was holding the handsome man’s head beneath her skirt with both of her hands.

Harold grabbed Sarja’s head with both hands he nodded to Beatrice. Just as he yanked the girl’s head towards him and thrust Beatrice smashed her ass for the third time. With that the girl’s head was rammed fully home her nose twisted against his belly and his entire cock now burrowed inside her mouth and throat and his balloon-size hairy balls pressed against her cheeks. At last all was in readiness.

“CANE THE BITCH!” Beatrice was now given her full freedom. She took the cane far back over her shoulder and with a twist of her torso unleashed a crippling cut that brought a muffled cry to come from His Lordship’s crotch as he sat there on the wing chair arm with his hands gripping the poor girl’s head.

No longer could eye-to-eye contact be kept for Sarja’s face had disappeared when Harrold had begun to jab her head against his crotch. Only the top of her head and her hair could be seen but that didn’t keep Harold from continuing to thrust and move her head all about down there in his crotch as Beatrice wielded the cane. His pot-belly further hindered his view.

Now sounds of gasping and gurgling came from his crotch. Harold was nodded continuously for the housekeeper to cane and to cane and to cane. Each cut brought a muffled cry which was mixed with the sounds of gasping and gurgling. To an observer it would appear that Harold was an orchestra conductor and that Beatrice was his percussionist.

When Harold’s pelvis started to fibulate housekeep got the message. His grace was about to come. “FASTER FASTER,” he shouted loud enough even for other within the manor even to hear.

Harold’s cries of YES YES YES were met with those of Charlotte. They had done it again. Praise the Lord.

Itis always so nice to have a husband and wife climax together. There can be no better expression of true marital bliss.

The master was back home.

Sarja emerged from Lord Mudford’s crotch who watched as his spent cock slithered its way out of her mouth and throat accompanied by her gagging. Seeing her face covered in his lordship’s goo he shoved her away before some of it got on his trousers. “That’s disgusting. Was she not told that my seed was to be swallowed?”

“I’m so sorry,” said the housekeeper. That was so rude of her. Quick, get the towel there, girl.

When Beatrice saw her start to wipe her face she almost fainted. “Not for you, you idiot; for his lordship.” So with gooey cum covering her face, some of her hair and even one eye, she started to towel off Harold’s cock and balls.

“You will pay for this outrage, Sarja.”

The servant girl managed to whisper a sorry sir as tears now streamed out of her eyes and her gagging faded.

Once Harold’s cock and balls were clean the girl held the towel up near her own face. “May I, sir?”

“You most certainly may not. You must now pay for your insolence and disrespect. Six of the best, housekeeper.”

Stand up girl.”

The girl stood still holding the towel with her face still covered in royal cum. “Grab hold of your ankles.” When she did the housekeeper lifted her skirt once again bringing her welted ass back into view. “Keep your eyes on his lordship and say you are sorry after each stroke.”

With Harold now seated on the chair seat cushion with his cleansed cock and balls still on display, he relit his cigar. Bent over as she was, the girl’s face was level with his own. He looked at her, eye to eye. Never mind that one eye still had residual cum covering it and its eyelashes. Harold nodded to Beatrice. Swish – Thwick! The pitiful girl grimaced.

“I sorry, sir.”

Harold’s response was to blow cigar smoke into her face. He nodded again to the housekeeper who quickly delivered a horrific backhand.

Apparently there had been a tad bit of cum still left somewhere inside her throat as she coughed until it came slithering out of the side of her mouth.

“I sorry, sir.”

Harold leaned forward and blew more cigar smoke into the pitiful girl’s face.

“Let this be a lesion to you. Always swallow. That way you avoid having cum in your eyes.”

“Yes sir. Thank you sir.”

SWISH – THWICK. Three more followed as Harold’s cock hardened and came to its full upright and locked position.

“Now clean yourself and get out of my sight.”

Beatrice watched as the girl’s welted ass disappeared when she stood and her skirt fell back down. She handed her knickers and pointed sternly at the doorway.

Harold stood feeling relieved that the cum-coated Sarja was now gone. At the same time however he was aroused, what with his cock and balls still out of his trousers. He looked to see Alfred standing beside Charlotte seated in her wing chair. His pants crotch was bulging as he and Charlotte exchanged loving glances. Harold made his way over with his upright cock swaying from side to side.

“Did you enjoy your meal, Alfred?”


“Her Ladyship’s pussy, my good man.”

“Oh that. Yes sir. I considered it a high honor, sir.”

“Yet I feel that you are being rude.”


“I have my privates on display. Good manners would dictate that you do the same.”

Charlotte smiled.

“Oh yes sir. Sorry sir,” he said as he struggled to get his own cock and balls out of his black chauffer’s pants.

Harold studied them and snickered. “Not up to my standard, I see.”

“Oh no so. Not at all, sir.”

“Don’t fret; few are, right Charlotte, dear?”

“Right, Harold.”

“Tell us how we compare dear.”

The housekeeper smiled. God she loved this job. This man could even put Lady Charlotte on the spot.

“I’d say that the lengths of both of yours are about the same. But the girth. I’d say you may be double his size in that department, dear.”

“And our balls. Don’t forget the balls.”

“None can measure up to yours dear. But . .”


“In the age department I’d have to say.”

“Don’t. How do our loads compare? Which delivers the more?”

“Now Harold, how would I know such a thing?”

“Then let’s find out. And remember, I have already discharged once. Are you game, Alfred?”

“Under the circumstances I shouldn’t think it would be a fair game.”

“I’ll run the risk. But to even things up I’ll cane you to cum. That should serve to help replenish me.”