What a trip - sex stories

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Hello my name is Mark.

I am a forty six year old man. Or had been when I lay down
on the examination table and dozed off.

I'd hurt my back in an industrial accident and was now at
the Doctors office for treatment. I'd ruptured a disk in my
lower back and "GAWD!" did it hurt.

Feeling disoriented, I looked up and around for my wife
Lisa who'd been sitting in the corner on a stool when I'd
dozed off. But she was gone now.

Seeing a nurse I asked about my wife and was shocked! My
voice sounded wrong! Then I noticed the pain was gone!
Then I noticed my nose was totally different! I felt my body
with my nerves. I was strapped to the bed!

Everything felt totally wrong! I felt panic coming in at full
emergency status. I forced myself to lay back, there had to
be a good explanation for the sensations I was feeling.

The nurse was calling someone in. She told me to stay
calm if I could, the Doctor would be in soon with answers
to my questions.

Minutes ticked by, scenarios raced through my mind,
wondering what could have happened to me.

After a time a man came in his white coat rustling. But this
wasn't my doctor!

"Who are you?" I asked.

He said, "I am Dr. Carl Green. How do you feel? Panicky?"

I said "Understated. But yes."

He grinned and said "Good, Adapting and has the wit for
humor too." and wrote on a clipboard he held.

I said "Okay! What has happened? I am not even in my
own body!"

He said "Okay, first off you must comprehend that we
made a copy of your brain patterns as you slept in the
offices of your Dr. John Chalmers. And No, he knew
nothing of it. Nor did your wife. See what we have done is
to imprint your brain patterns on a young girls brain. Thus
giving you a rejuvenation and a sex change all at the same
time. All of this is totally experimental, and we will need
your full and complete cooperation.

I said, "I see. And the girl, How old is she? Err.. How old
am I now?"

He said "Eleven."

I said "And the girls brain patterns? What did you do with

He said the young one was in an accident where she was
subjected to some severe electric shock. The currents
erased her mind completely. It also burnt the girls arms
severely so there is some very heavy scar tissue, so don't
try to hard to move them around till they heal or they could
well become totally disfigured.

I said, "Oh how Horrible! So now what do I do?"

He said "Lay back and relax, after your arms and hands are
healed we will begin orienting your mind to your body."

I said "Explain that please?"

He said " Okay, You are in a body strange to you. That
your mouth and vocal chords work so well from the
beginning tells me a lot, But try to move your foot either
one. I did and my shoulder moved. He said just as I feared
the impulses from your mind are not matched to the
nervous system."

I must have looked scared. He said "Do not fear, it will
only take time and training to get you set right. At least in
theory. As I said earlier this is Highly experimental."

I said "Okay! Why Me?"

He said "The girl had the accident and needed brain
patterns to go on living. Yours were the only patterns that
would take hold, we tried the patterns of ten thousand
others and yours were the only ones that would work."

I said, "How many others has this been done to? And the
research, Where will it take you?"

He said "Three others.

We seek to learn how to be able to rejuvenate the human
body, by drugs or by replacing the mind of a young
criminal who has been mind wiped the body and brain
waves are then matched up and put together."

I said "So I am not in anyway the Mark Brown I remember?"
He said "In your mind yes you are. But much of what you
know must be unlearned and you must relearn again."

I said "Such as?"

He shrugged and said "For example... Ah, bathing. You
remember how to take a bath yes?"

I said "Correct."

He went on. "Do you know how to wash as a young girl?"

I said "No, no I don't. I see your point."

We traded questions back and forth for the next two hours.
Finally he called a halt to it, and said we would continue
tomorrow. For now, relax the caretakers will be here to
help you in all things for your comfort and peace of mind.
He left and I looked at the nurse and said,

"Well, do you have a name?"

She said "Yes, it is Teri." She spelled it and said "Yours
was Mark but that will no longer work."

I said I know, how about Marie?

Teri said "Yes that will work!"

Do you have a mirror so I can at least see what I look like?
She said sure, and got one from her purse.

Holding it in front of my face she said I am also to teach
you proper hair care and all body functions and hygiene.
I said "This is a bit Personal. But are you gay?"

She frowned and said "Why?"

I said "To know what to expect or not to expect from you in
the future."

She said "I see. Well, I am not gay, but I am bisexual."

I said "Then are you going to teach me that too?

She looked at my young body and smiling said "Yes, later,
the Doctor was right you are adapting quickly. I would be
so shocked if I were you and still screaming. But for now
you are to young for sex. I replied, "Just the body, My mind
is my own."

I kept looking at myself in the mirror. I was quite pretty and
if I were still male would have lusted after myself. If I were
a pedophile that is.

Two years passed. The training of my mind impulses were
matched with the nerves of this young body. I learned to
dance and kept dancing as it kept me physically fit and
strengthened muscles.

I was taught hygiene and manners and a smattering of
different things Sewing, Cooking, Child care, and Even a
course on childbirth, and was certified as a Midwife.
Testing was a constant. Each and every day I was grilled
heavily and despite my dancing I was exercised rigorously.
Keeping me firm and healthy. My hands and arms had
healed nicely, but with much scar tissue. The doctor said it
could be gotten rid of with cosmetic surgery, but I would
have to wait until I was older and could pay for it myself, as
it was a luxury the government funded operation could and
would not pay for.

Then on my Sixteenth birthday Teri came to me and said

I said "Hi Teri. I haven't seen you for a while. I thought
you had left.

She said "No if you'll remember I yet have more to teach

I did remember and felt myself blush deeply. She held out
her hand to me I trembled and went to her willingly.

She taught me sex. Left right, up and down and all around.
Damn! What a feeling! The orgasms were so much better
and more soul wrenching than I remembered them as a
male. And when she used a strap on dildo and took my
virginity, (Technically. I do have Fingers.) I nearly lost
what mind I had left.

Dr. Green then introduced me to a guy named Luis
Rameros. He was of Mexican decent but he was like me. a
brain wave patient only his mind had been a Female.
Green suggested we teach each other what sex was like. We
agreed but only after a warm up period and got to know
each other for a day or two before any sex went on.
I found out she had been named Louise and had changed it
to Luis. I told her mine and we had a good chuckle.
When we did finally get around to sex, I was alarmed as
Luis was sexually much better endowed than even Teri's
Dildo had been! I said "Oh Shit! That can't be Real!"

He Smiled and replied, "It is for sure, and I know how you
feel. I were the femme I would be freaking out too!"
She Made love to me slowly building my arousal to a peak
I'd never known before. Even as a male I'd never been so
hot and ready. My penis had throbbed and turned blue, but
now my Vagina was Alive, Throbbing and flooded with
fluid. The bed was soaked below me. I had to hold my
pussy open for him to get it in. and once in "GAWD!" it
stretched me so much, I thought I would tear. It didn't. It
hurt for a while, then the pain became pleasure as he slowly
began to move. The movement thrilled me.

Luis and I began getting on together whenever we could.
Or whenever they would let us. Which wasn't often. Giving
the reason that I did not need a pregnancy. I totally agreed.

I asked the Doc if I could have some whiskey one day, and
he said he hadn't thought of the effects of alcohol on
someone in my situation. He thanked me for bringing it up.

The following day he brought in a bottle of whiskey. I
drank one cup with Coke and he ran a million tests over the
next three days. He determined that there were no ill effects
on my system. Till I Drank most of the bottle in one setting.
Then he chewed my ass out royally!

After turning eighteen I was permitted to go out to a bar if I
so wished. But the clinic being located outside of a coastal
city of France. I knew no one and couldn't speak the
language. I had money as I worked with the janitorial crew
in the institute. and received a weekly paycheck. I had quite
a bit stashed away after seven years of working. I did go out
once, but the language barrier brought me right back after
just a couple of hours.

I took the balance of the money I had saved and paid to
have the cosmetic surgery on my arms and hands. They
were a pale white now, but after a time the doctor assured
me they would tan and the pigmentation would return and
match the rest of my skin coloring, and they did.

I was watching TV one evening and seen a news report on
Truck Driving in the USA and actually seen myself the real
Mark Brown! I nearly shit myself! I tried to keep my calm
as getting excited in this place would get you locked up for
about three days straight. It showed Mark driving truck and
at home. Seeing Lisa and our kids really got me upset, I
was crying, but kept watching. Someone seen me in tears
one of the administrators was walking through and reported

Doc Green came at once asking "What is wrong?"

I told him everything. how seeing my family had really got
me upset and made me miss them.

He confined me at once. The following day we were deep
in discussion when the building shook and the roar of a
bomb going off came to us. Going to the window seen
troops everywhere, half the compound was torn up from the
bomb we'd heard and felt.

The Doc said "Holy Shit! Rebels! Come on girl!"

He hit the door and lead me down stairs to the basement
level where the gym was set up. At a dead run he lead me
to one wall and threw me and himself to the floor, we slid
into the wall it gave way to a passage. Stunned I just lay
there for a moment. Green said, "UP! MOVE YOUR ASS

I leapt to my feet looking around Said "Where the hell are

He said Escape route, place used to be an old castle. Kings
and Courtiers escaped through here. Come on, be quick

He lead us into the bowels of the Institute. dust and
cobwebs were all over us. We hit an under ground stream
and he threw me in. I squealed as I fell and hit the water
then felt him hit my arm as he too entered the water, we
surfaced and he said "Hold onto me or stay close, keep me
in sight!" I did as he said finally coming to a place where
the stream dove into the rock he said "This stream goes out
into the lower meadow from this wall, keep low and make
no noise when we come out, take a deep breath and let's
go." I nodded and we ducked under the wall. It was a very
thick wall. Finally we came out into daylight.

And right smack dab into the middle of the enemy camp!
Following our captors, Green started cursing on the way to
the leaders tent. I said "Oh shut up you tried."

He smiled grimly, but quit cursing.

The leader a Lestat Detarkan was a big man and asked how
we had slipped into the center of their camp undetected and
why? Green told him and three soldiers were sent to
investigate. They brought back five more escapees, two
were patients. Luis and Another Woman I'd not met. The
other three were administrators. Detarkan ordered all of us
confined until the escape tunnel was thoroughly

Soldiers split us up outside the tent I was taken with Teddy
Brentell, Sarah Taller, and Kara Trell to a separate tent and
shown the facilities for females and placed under heavy
guard. I let the other three pick their cots and took one of
the other three apart from them as they were both
administrators. Teddy Chose one near me I laid down and
was asleep pretty quickly.

When I woke it was dark. I estimated it to be near midnight,
I stood and spoke so I wouldn't spook the guard and get hit
or worse. I indicated the facilities and she nodded.

A female herself she left the other guard at the tent entrance
and lead me to the toilet. As I finished and came out she
stopped me and held me against the wall and kissed me.

Then said something in French. I shook my head and said

"Sorry only English Babe."

In a heavy French accent She said, "Really! "Very well
English it is. I said I thought you were the most beautiful
woman I've ever seen!"

I said, Well thank you I'm sure. Tell me do you know what
they do in this place your group has attacked? "She said
No, I do not." I said "You may not like me then, I am one
of the patients here, this body was electrocuted and the
brain was wiped clean from the shock, they took the brain
patterns of a forty six year old man and impressed them
onto the wiped brain of the electrocuted body. That is what
I am, a revived corpse. So kiss me if you wish. But I
wanted you to know before you went to far and get angry
with me for not telling you."

She said "Oh My GOD!" "But you look healthy, you do not
smell of death, or rot!"

"I said true but still I wanted you to know it may have made
you sick or disgusted. It does me. The very thought of what
I am revolts me. They did this to me without my

She said "Come on." She lead me to the tent and called out
to someone else. Another guard appeared and joined the
other. My would be Lover then lead me to the commanders
tent once more. Guards here stopped us. She spoke to them
in French and they stared at me. One of them lead me to the
commanders entrance and I was taken in at once. Despite
the late hour he was still up.

My lady guard followed and made a report to him and he
looked at me intently and said "You told this at risk to your
life. Why?"

"I said I didn't want her to kiss me and find out later and
say I was a sicko. Shit man I am a legally dead female with
a copy of an Americans brain wave pattern impressed into
her brain. I'm hoping you will kill me and the others like
me, as weird aberrations, Like Frankenstiens Monster."

He said. "I see. but that I cannot do. You see you and those
like you are why we are here at all. But we cannot find the
records, they destroyed them during our first attack." I said
"They are funded by the Government, but I feel you are not
with them." He said "Quite right. Can you show us to the
others like you?"

I said "Can we bargain for that?"

He asked, "What is your offer?"

I replied, "My assistance for my death!"

Of the four people in the tent besides me all including him
gasped heavily!

He paced the floor for several minutes then said, "No I
cannot kill you. Nor will I let you be killed!"

I said "Fuck!"

I Grabbed my Guards pistol and rolled shooting as I went
and hit all four. I kept rolling and went under the edge of
the tent and froze below a stack of supply boxes. All hell
broke loose for the next four hours.

Not doing more than breathing, I stayed below the supply
boxes crying and praying for those I had hurt, possibly
killed. Darkness and silence fell the following evening.
I then began to slowly creep to the next tent. I made it but
tension was heavy.

I waited and relaxed then kept going. I made it to the forest
and headed deep into the woods. I had been raised on a
Farm and it was located in the heart of the Hoosier National
Forest. My playground! I found roots and nuts to eat and
devoured all I found. It would have to do. I headed west
finding Water and more nuts as I went. By daylight I had
reached a small town. I had no idea what it was called but
stayed in the woods till all settled into their daily routines.

I'd found a small stream and cleaned myself while I waited,
then strolled leisurely into town. I'd found a port of call.

I wandered the Docks for a time and over the next couple
days had sex for money. Enough to eat and get some new
clothing. I kept on and met many of the sailors and found
out where ships were bound for and that they often needed
servers and cooks, But when I Applied I found I would
need an Identification card and I did not have one. I was
referred to the city bureau.

Out on the street I was sitting and watching the water swirl
below the docks when someone spoke. I turned to see a guy
looking at me.

I said "Sorry, what did you say?

He said "Your that girl from the Letrace Institute that
they're looking for aren't you?"

I stepped around a light pole from him and said "Who?"

"A girl your age escaped from the Letrace Institute last
week. Thirty miles inland from here. You're her aren't

I said "And if I am. What is it to you?

"I can help you if you are wanting to get away from here."

"Sir, You have my full attention."

He smiled and said "I am Jacque Bretaire and you are?"
I said "I am known as Marie Petrie."

He said "I have certain connections that are... shall we
say... not legal."

I said "What will you get out of helping me?"

He said Information. "I would like to know why they are
looking for you so hard? And of course why you want to

I looked around and said "Not a good place for talking."

He nodded and said "Come then."

He lead us to a Pub. Leading us to a back room. Once there
he said. "Okay, we sit and talk and tell each other what we
want and expect from each other."

I am "Jacque Bretaire I am a Rebel against anything the
Government of France has a hand in. I want you to tell me
everything about yourself and your experiences at the
Institute. Also. What do you want to do and where would
you go?"

I said, "Very well." I began, and told him all of it. he
listened intently and smiled often and frowned only twice.
He said "So your ultimate goal is to unite with this Mark
Brown over in the USA?"

I said "Yes from there I will find work and help Him and
My... Errr his wife Lisa till they are dead. What I will do
after that I do not know. I must complete this part of the
journey before I can plan further, Hell he may not want me
there, and may not believe any of this. But I believe I can
reveal enough of Our memories to him that He will believe
I am what, and who I say I am."

Jacque said "Okay. It will take some time and some
patience on your part. Also it will take a new name for you
and learning some cosmetics. You cannot let yourself be
seen in public." "If I get you a job will you work and help
me pay for the ticket to get you over the ocean?"

I said "Yes, But I had thought to work on the way over
there as a server."

He said "No good. There are to many pictures of you out
there in the public view. You would be seen and
recognized, and returned here in chains. No! Once on board
you must stay hidden in your cabin."

I said "Shit!" I hadn't thought of that.

He Said, "Now, first thing. The prostitution must stop. I
heard a rumor that you were in the area. That is why I came
to this region of the city."

I said "I do it for money to eat plus I have no where to sleep
or keep the few things I have."

He said "That I can help with. I have a large home I
inherited from my grandfather who passed away recently."
I looked at him and said "Are you sure this isn't a ploy to
get me into bed without paying me for it? I mean, I don't
mean to doubt you, but I have to look at everything from all

He chuckled with a wry laugh and said "I would do the
same if I where you, but no I mean to help come we will get
a bath and clean clothing." I said "Very well, lead on."

He did and to my shock the place was "HUGE!" Startled. I
said "Jacque!" and stopped at the gate.

The place was well kept and had many servants working
the grounds. Jacque laughed and said "Come Marie, I will
explain all after we are clean and dressed."

He lead me in to a large set of double doors and a Butler
opened it as we approached. A young girl was summoned
and lead me to another room where I was stripped, bathed,
massaged and oiled with sweet smelling fluids. Then
dressed in a satin gown. My hair was brushed till it shown
like gold. I was then lead to another room where there was
a table full of food, and wines of all types.

I looked about the room and stared openly at the many
portraits adorning the walls by Artists I'd never heard of.
Jacque came in and said "Hello Marie I hope you were
treated well!"

I said "Very well, and sweeping my arm at the room I
added. Just inherited this?"

He grinned and said "Well a few years ago yes. Would you
have come if you had known I was rich?"

I said "I'd have been looking for further reasons, like I'm
doing now."

He came closer and said "Marie I meant every word I said
to you I only withheld the fact that I am rich."

I said "And you will help me get to America?"

He sighed and said "I can send you to America yes. But I
can only get you to Quebec Canada. I have a lot of property
there and can send you as my representative. I will supply
you with an Identity and money. But it will only be good in
Quebec. Outside of the province I have no influence at all."

I said "And what do you want from me to do this?"

He said "Knowing that I have thwarted the French
Government is my reward. However you must know that
Dr. Carl Green will know where you are headed and could
possibly be there waiting on you. Even going so far as to
contact your former self and set him against you before you
even have a chance to talk to him."

"I said I have thought of that. It is full probable that he
will. I know I would in his place."

Jacque said "Let's eat shall we. Food will stay warm only
so long." I agreed and he lead me to the table.

After dinner he lead me to a room setup for music and had
a small band playing.

I seen a telephone. God how I wanted to call and just speak
to Lisa. I felt tears come unbidden and tried to hold them

Jacque seen me and gave a me a tissue I said. "Sorry!"
He said "What is wrong?"

"The Telephone. I was thinking how I missed my wife so
much, and she is no longer even my wife."

"Do you not miss your own life? Your profession was

"I drove one of those big trucks. A semi, two vehicle
combination." I replied.

He said "Really? And the telephone, How did it make you

I said, "I was thinking how with only a few pushes of the
buttons on the phone I would be able to hear Lisa's voice."
He looked at the phone and said "I use it for local purposes,
The one at my office I use for Overseas calls."

I said "Oh well, they would not know me anyway."

We talked. I told him of the many goings on at the institute,
and their goals.

After a few hours he lead me to a bedroom and left me
there. Which disappointed me some. I had grown
accustomed to sex with men, and had figured he would try
to at least kiss me.

This caused me to sit and evaluate my own reactions. My
first time with a man I had been totally disgusted, and
grossed out. But after a while I began to like it more and
more. And when I began oral sex I found it turned me on
like I had never dreamed of when I was a male. Sucking
came easy to me, guess I had been a latent homosexual all
these years. The Sailors who paid for my services had never
really complained, I did it from memory of what I had liked
as a man. But I wondered if I were doing it right each time.

I knew I climaxed most every time. But I never understood
the thrill I got from sucking. I needed some one who could
teach me and a man to practice on. I hoped Lisa and Mark
would be the ones to fill those roles. I ended up using my
fingers to get myself off and to sleep.

The following week Jacque took me to different people all
over the community. I got an Identification card and papers.
Several changes of clothing from blue jeans and flannel
shirts to an evening gown of Chiffon. "God! That shit made
me itch." I also got Hiking boots and slippers and a set of
high heels that gave my ass a turbo boost effect that had
even Jacques Queer ass was drooling.

"Yes I said Queer!" The Motherfucker couldn't get off with
a woman!" Damn his balls anyway. My second night there I
hinted at sex and he confessed that he was a little French
Faggot. "Damn it all!" And with his good looks he could
have had any woman in Paris or the entire western coast of
Europe, or the United States!

I did find relief in the form of his chief Butler Schneed.
A skinny waisted little man with a gimp leg. But he had one
hell of a cock and knew how to use it and where to put it.

He fucked my asshole for the first time. Taking my final
Cherry. I felt like I was shitting a telephone pole. Christ,
the girth of his pecker was huge! at least four to five inches
across. and well over ten inches in length. After he'd pull
out it felt like I was still stuffed with cock and my cunt
would take hours to shrink back. Remembering back to my
past life and reading Penthouse Letters Magazines. I now
know how those women felt after they had been plowed by
one of those Horse cocks. Although I would never refuse a
smaller one as some of them said they did to their
husbands. Which seemed stupid to me then and now. Hell
why turn down sex of any type? What idiots!

Schneed liked me though and after the fourth time he
fucked me he started telling me how good more than one
cock would feel and got me started fantasizing about it and
the last week I was here He had me triple fucked. GAWD I
was so full. It was so intense!

Finally the day came. Jacque lead me to the port and I
boarded a freighter carrying Oil to Nova Scotia. From there
I was to change ships to a Barge going down through the
Great Lakes. I hit Quebec in the middle of a storm and
found the place Jacque had me set up for. I worked for six
months as a bar girl saving my money by living in the
company barracks Jacque owned. Plus turning a few tricks
on the side and gaining the friendship and trust of the crew
that lived in the barracks. One a Leonard Gershwin tried to
claim me as his woman and I ended up wracking him and
smashing his fucking nose into a Steel support beam. After
that I left, packed my shit and left.

Hitchhiking wasn't exactly safe but It got me to Michigan. I
got to the consulate and got my application for US
citizenship. Which was a bitch as I felt myself to be a
natural born citizen. But the body was made in France. Ha!

I got an apartment with my savings in a town called Flint. I
got a Job in a Restaurant called Dominoes making pizza, it
wasn't to bad. And after the Frenchies for so many years
Straight spoken English was like music to my ears.
I found two of the crew were married and were quite
friendly. I hung out with them at break. Carol and Darell
were their names. I got to know both of them fairly well
and one evening I over heard them telling of plans for after
they got off work.

I said "Sorry to over hear you, but you're saying you pose
nude on the Internet?

"Carol said sure. If you're kinky enough come join us, Our
friends would love to see you."

Blushing I said, "Me? I couldn't do that!"

Darell said "Shit it's so easy you can't believe You're
doing it when you're doing it."

I said "I'd panic and throw up."

Carol said "Come over and watch us then you will see." I
said "Well maybe, but just to observe nothing more. I've
had my share of sex stuff, but strip for unseen people? I
don't think I could ever do that."

Darell said What do you mean sex stuff?

I said "Well prostitution, a few gang bangs. Nothing recent
of course. This happened back in France."

Darell said "Wow!" "Really? How can you do something
like that?"

I said "Probably the same way you two get nude in front of
a camera."

He laughed.

That evening after clean up we went to their home. I was
surprised, they lived only a mile from my apt. house. I
mentioned it, and they were surprised and asked how I got
to work? I answered "By the city bus routes."

We got into their home and cleaned up. I had some street
clothes (Always prepared) with me in my hand bag.

Darell was telling me how just last month they had gone to
southern Indiana for a party with friends they had met on
the computer,

I said "Southern Indiana!" That is where I am trying to get

Darell said "0h!"Any special reason you are going there?"

I said "To find someone I have never met. Sorry if I don't
elaborate but it's a private thing." They started up their
computers and were chatting with some others called Kitten
and Merlin. I was totally shocked. I said "Are those the
couple you went to meet in Indiana?"

Carol said "Why yes."

Stuttering. I said "W-w-w-what are th-th-their real

Darell said "Lisa and Mark. Why?"

I said "B-B-Brown?" both Gasped and said "Yes." I felt
dizzy and fell to the floor from my seat, Carol came to me
worry showing in her face. I said "Sorry to be so wimpy.

How long have you known them?" She help me up saying
"Just a few months, they'd met them via another friend
Andy From Des Moines, Iowa."

"And you were just down there for a party last month?"

Darell said "Sure was very restful nothing to do for three
straight days. Man I enjoyed that."

I said They are the ones I am searching for. To find them so
soon is astounding and totally unexpected, My mind is
racing with possibilities."

Carol said "Would you like to talk to them? they can see us.
and we see them."

I said "And you can see them?"

Carol said "Sure, they are on my screen here, and pointed."

I felt my hands tremble and as I laid my eyes on both. I
began to cry. Both were so much older than my last
memories of them. I began wondering how I could get
down there.

Darell said "Mark swung through here just a week ago
wasn't it Carol?" She said, "Yes."

I said, "Then he still drives a truck?"

Darell said, "Sure does."

I said "And if I strip here and now will he see me?"

Carol said "Yes."

I dried My eyes and removed my top and said, "Then tell
him to watch!" I started dancing to music in my head. Mark
watching, Sent that "I was a real beauty."

A month passed and I still hadn't figured a way to get down
to southern Indiana.

Carol came to work and said that Mark would be in town
tonight but as usual would not be around long. I said "Will
he call?"

She said "Maybe. Why?"

I said, "I Want to meet him and talk to him.

Just then from the corner of my eye I seen a face familiar to
me "Dr. Carl Green!" I said "FUCK!" To late he seen me
and smiled. I held up the Pizza Cutter, A Large knife.

He stopped and I said "Don't even try it Motherfucker!"

He held up his hands and said "I only want to talk."

I said "No! Go To Hell!" I grabbed my bag and said "Carol.
Where will he be?"

She replied, "Mt. Morris Truckstop."

I nodded and said "I Gotta go the bastard there... She said
go he won't follow. I hugged her and took off out the back.
I made my way threw the rain that was falling and soaking
me. I got to a mall and flagged a cab, I said "Mt. Morris
Truckstop and hurry please!"

We got there and he said "Eight fifty." I threw him an extra
twenty and said "You took me to city hall if anyone asks."
He pocketed the bill and nodded with a grin.

I hit the truckstop bathroom and cleaned up. I wandered
around for several hours there. Then I seen him. I guess I
was not familiar with the truck he drove now for I didn't
see him drive in. I waited till he came out of the bathroom
and got a drink I went up to him and said "Hello Merlin."

He looked at me and "Hello! Hey you're that chic that was
with Darell and Carol aren't you?"

I smiled and said, "Yes I am. Could we talk somewhere
more private?"

He said "Sure come on." He lead me out to his truck and
we got in.

I said "What I have to tell you is the truth, it will sound like
bullshit and totally unbelievable but it is the sole word of

He said "Then by all means begin."

I did and telling him all of it, everything. Then said "Test
me. Ask me questions you and only you would know the
answer to."

He did grilling me on different parts of our life. I had him
totally astounded and a bit flustered, reminding him of
things he'd done and totally forgotten.

He said finally, "Okay, I believe you. What do you want
from me?"

I said "Protection!"

He said "From who?"

I pointed at Carl Green who was wandering through the line
of trucks.

I said "That is or was my Doctor. He is the one who told
me all I have told you about me being what I am."

"Mark said and he wants to take you back?"

I said "Yes, they consider me to be their property like a test
rat, or guinea pig."

Mark said "Then Get in the bunk and stay put. He just seen
us and is coming over here."

I Climbed in back and he got out to confront Dr. Green.
I heard Green Say, "Well, do you believe me that she is as
crazy as a loon?"

Mark replied, "Sorry to disagree. She has my memories. In
fact she reminded me of many things I had totally forgotten

Green said. "I will have to call for reinforcements then."

Mark said "Do so, but the girl stays with me, and I will
have the law on my side. For if I am not wrong we are in
America not France."

Green said "I shall take her using your American laws.
Good day sir."

Green left Mark got back in the truck.

I said, "He contacted you, When?"

Mark said "Two months ago. He came to the house and
told Lisa and I all about you saying you were an escaped
mental patient, that you suffered from grand delusions that
you were me in a female body. He left out the parts about
the brain encoding. But you know to many of my private
memories for anyone to fake."

I said "I couldn't fake something like this!"

He said "I know you're blonde and female don't flaunt it!"

I gasped and hit him. He smiled and I said "Fucker that's
my...errr our line!"

We broke out laughing together. Starring each other in the
eye for a while.

I said "No! Not here!"

He said "What? Why not?"

I smiled and said "The bunk would be much more comfortable."

He said "Smart ass get in there!"

Laughing, I leapt into the bunk. He joined me and our
clothing made a nice pile on the floor as we made love
together. God what we did together. We tore each other up.

Afterward we lay and talked about things that had
happened to each of us since our last moment together. He
dropped his trailer, and I directed him to my apartment,
where I got the rest of my things and paid the landlord off.

Then we went to Carol and Darell's, and waited for them to
get off of work. I told them everything and they were totally
shocked, but glad to be a part of us finding each other.

We spent the night there and in the morning hooked back
up to his trailer. Once back in southern Indiana we
consulted a lawyer who was totally astounded and
suggested we go totally public with it, or I could be
deported back to France.

We did. Contacting Barbara Walters and the 20/20 crew we
were soon exposed for all the world to see. Riots happened,
people no longer trusted their own Doctors. The institute in
France Fled as the world demanded they stop their wild

Mark and I were tested and our brain wave patterns were
exact duplications. The Doctors that made that test told us
it was good we hadn't been able to associate when I first
woke up or except for our gender differences we would
have been finishing the others sentences. Possibly trying to
wipe the others ass after a healthy shit.

Lisa at first was friendly, then bitchy, then became my
friend I joined her and Mark for sex on occasion but gave
her room to be the wife. I wanted her so bad though and she
and he knew it. I kept my hands off knowing she did not
like the gay status that I represented.

I got a job at a restaurant many people who knew Mark
would after seeing the 20/20 show come in and test me with
questions and trick answers. I bore a lot and would joke
with them. A few would come in to ridicule me and these
too must be put up with.

All settled down and I made enough for a car and got one..
I began to date once in a while mostly while Mark was out
in the truck so I could have sex during the week.

Lisa would still refuse my smallest advances. The guys I
dated were all pretty nice. One fellow named Bob Callera
was well endowed in the penis area. and I would at times
bring him home and take him to my room Lisa would tease
me but I suspected she was envious and one night Bob and
I were watching a movie with her and I unzipped his
trousers in front of her. Doing it on purpose. Pulling out
more cock than she had ever seen except in a photo. She
gasped and said "That can't be real!"

I said "It is and asked why she thought it couldn't be real?"

She said "It's huge even from here!" "Besides most of
those big cocks are fakes."

Bob said "Not this one."

I said "Come here Lisa and see for yourself." She did
looking at it closely I took her hand and placed it above
mine while never letting go of it myself.

She moaned, "It is real!" in a low voice that betrayed her
lust for another mans cock. Rubbing her shoulder and neck
and slowly but gently pulled her closer until the head was at
her lips. I encouraged her to kiss it see if it tasted real or
fake. She looked at me trembling and kissed it. Her tongue
snaking out to taste the drop of precum that had stuck to
her lip. I said "Is it not real?" she was shaking like a leaf
now and nodded unable to speak, I pulled her to her knees
gently and got beside her. and said "Share like we do with
Mark's." She moaned and nodded. We both began to lick
and suck at Bobs thick cock. Bob unused to having two
women nursing on his rod groaned at our onslaught and
fired huge amounts of cum all over both of us.

I said waste not want not and bent over to lick a gob of cum
from her neck she moaned and said "No Marie!"

I said "Relax chicken, I am only after his cum on your

She said "Oh, okay I guess."

I said "You're covered with it, and I won't let it go to
waste darling." She sighed and nodded and I went after her
neck cleaning it and holding her close."

My arms went around her. She had slimmed up over the
years and we were close now in clothing size except for her
ass and I was helping her with exercises to reduce it. She
had cum on her neck yes but only on a few spots. I spent
ten minutes licking her neck and left a sizable hickey on her
too. She was panting and moaning and clinging to me. I
pulled away gently and heard her softly whisper something
but couldn't make it out. she went after Bobs cock again
which was now revived and standing tall and proud at the
sight of two women clinging and moaning together.

She stopped and sitting up said "Marie, Sit on it. Let me
see it going in."

I moaned as sexily as I could and said "Darling Lisa you
turn me on so much." I arose to do as she asked and felt her
reach up and guide his cock to my hole.

She said "Shit it will never fit. You're too small!"

I said "Nonsense, it has been in there before. Use your
other hand and hold my pussy open." She said "No way!"

I said "If I do it my hands will be in the way and you won't
get to see much. She groaned and reached up. I felt her
fingers make contact. I moaned and said "Ooh yes. Hold it
open. Let him in. Let him fuck me." She did and his cock
slid in. I said Lisa while you're there See my Clit? I want
you rub it with the head of his cock it thrills me so much."

She did on his next back stroke she pulled him out and
rubbed it all over my clit causing me to buck and groan,
then stuffed it back inside me. her fingers close to my clitty
I said "Yes push there as he is fucking me. "Harder baby
harder. She did and I cum groaning hard. I screamed "Rub
there! yes up and down oh yes. AAAGGGHHHH!!!!!" She
was rubbing my clit as I cum. God how good it felt. I rose
up from Bobs cock and said it was now her turn to ride. She
was up quickly and I said "Let watch it enter you." she
nodded. I knelt and holding him and spreading her open
making sure to keep my finger on her clit as I did so
rubbing the thick engorged head on her clit as well. Feeling
her buck her hips at my manipulations I set the head at her
hole and said "Now baby slide it home." They came
together slowly I got close to watch her pussy stretch from
the huge invader I said "To dry needs lube." I licked and
slobbered on his cock shaft and felt him shudder. Then her
as my tongue slid up and onto her clit she climaxed hard
and I kept going on her clit sucking at the little nub feeling
her shake and quake as her nerves ripped her apart. I pulled
her from him and down to the floor my mouth glued to her
cunt and her screaming in pleasure, This! This is what I
craved. To pleasure her. To hear her screaming to feel her
body as she orgasmed! I felt Bob lift my hips and enter me
doggy style. Oh god that felt good. I kept at her cunt till
Bob had cum in me three times and pulled out and was
dressed and leaving when I stopped sucking and lapping at
Lisa's drooling cunt. The carpet under her ass was soaked. I
sat up and looked at her and her eyes met mine and she
groaned and passed out.

I sat up and wiped my face clear of excess juice then lay
down beside her and slept.

I woke to find her staring at me. I said "Hi!"

She said "Until now, I never really believed that you were
Mark in a female body. I believe it now. Your techniques
with your tongue are the same as Mark's."

I sighed and said It's what I've been wanting to do for you
since I came here from Flint. Yet now that I have done it, I
feel you will not let me do it again, and if I do you will not
do me. I feel a sort of a hollow victory.

She said "I don't know if I could do that or not Marie. But I
am going to try, knowing it is Mark/you in there may help
me. But let's go to the bed it's softer and my ass is hurting
from sleeping on the floor."

I Replied, "Perhaps we should eat something. We can do it

She said "No. Now! I may not want to later."

I said "Now is fine."

What a trip

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