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It was a typical weekend, and I was a typical loner. People recognized me from campus, but no one knew my name. Even my roommate would refer to me as "dude" or "guy" or "bro". I know he means well, but it still sucks. So, I was definitely surprised when he invited me to tag along with some of his friends to a house party. I was naturally reluctant, but it was spring break and I literally had no excuse not to go.

Fast forward and it's an off-campus house party. Alcohol is everywhere, people are everywhere, basically a nightmare scenario for my social awkwardness. That's when I started drinking. I'm not a big guy, maybe 5'5 and barely pushing 120lbs. It didn't take much for me to get wobbly. My roommate eventually stumbled across me passing out against a door frame. He helped me through the door and I was in a bedroom. He quickly situated me on the bed and rushed back out of the room, the party was still going and someone was yelling about shots. I found the bed to be so comfortable, too comfortable. I took off my shoes and shirt and got under the covers and promptly passed out.

About an hour into my slumber, the door creaks open and a drunken girl stumbles in. She thought the room was empty, and the drinks were making the room spin, she needed to lay down. She spots the bed and it looks so comfortable, she can’t help but crawl in. This wasn't the first time I ever ran into Brenda, but it would definitely be the most memorable encounter. Brenda was a lot taller than me, almost 6 feet tall. Problem was that she weighed close to 3 hundred pounds which she carried in a massive set of tits, huge belly and ass, and unfathomably thick thighs. Everything she wore was skin tight, even when it wasn't. Brenda took off her heels and clumsily got into bed, completely unaware I was already there.

I was completely oblivious to her presence, until she got into bed. Her sitting on the bed woke me. Then she laid heavily on her back and I tried to get up only to find myself rolling into the giant depression she made in the bed. I fell as she rolled and I suddenly found myself face to face with her massive cleavage, a nipple clearly visible and trying to escape. I looked up and she was already passed out. I tried to find a place for my hand so I could lift myself out but I wasn't quick enough. A large, heavy, sweaty thigh landed across my arms and midsection as her body rocks forward and my face disappeared into her sweaty tits. The sweat made it wet enough for me to turn my head and look for air, but she inadvertently draped her arm behind my head, and smashed her tit against my head. I had to turn my face back into her cleavage to get air. My arms pinned under her thighs, and my face trapped, I tried to yell but my mouth was immediately filled with her salty flesh. Worse still, the movement led to her squeezing me hard against her body. It's almost as if I was her body pillow.

The party raged on and after a good half an hour trapped against her body, she laid on her back. I was so stuck to her damp skin that I rolled with her. In that moment my head was freed from her tits with a wet pop. I gasp feeling the cold air on my skin, but she's so big I can't reach the bed around her to touch the bed. I'm literally balancing on her belly. I didn't want to roll and risk her rolling with me, I figured I would just slide down her body and out from the foot of the bed. I slowly and deliberately place my hand against her body and try to wiggle down. Things were going great, until my hands slipped. I was holding on to her dress and accidentally pulled it up, exposing her belly just in time for me to land flat against it. I froze thinking I was definitely caught, but above me more snoring as Brenda didn't even budge. I was almost there, I had to put my arms between her legs and on the bed for leverage, which brought me inches away from her pussy and bush. It was at that moment the smell hit me, I don't think she took a shower today. Mixed with her bush I could see shiny strands of her juices and her cum.

I was brought out of my trance by her suddenly moving her thighs. They had been open all this time, but she closed her legs and my head disappeared in between her thighs. In my panic I flailed my arms out beneath me, I was being completely help up by her thighs and their damp skin. Just as quickly as she had slammed her thighs shut, she let them fall open. In that moment I realized just how bad things had gotten. With Brenda's snores in the background, I was now free falling towards her pussy. I tried to use my arms to stop myself but they were wedged under her ass when she opened her legs. I landed with a squish against her bush, her thighs locked again, my arms flailed again. This time when her legs opened again, my arms were further underneath her, and there was no way I could pull them out.

Panic set in pretty quickly, but Brenda's sheer size pinned me down and kept my movements minimal. I could feel her greasy pussy sliding under the mat of pubic hair. Then Brenda draped her leg over my back, completely sealing me against her pussy. My face slid deeper, my chin parted her lips and suddenly her bush offered no resistance. My nose was quickly enveloped by her giant lips as my chin and mouth slid into her pussy. As the weight of her thigh on my back pushed me deeper against her pussy, her juices started openly flowing up on my face. Soon they were pooling around my nose. I went from taking small gasps of air, to choking on her cum as it flooded my nose. I had to swallow and inhale deeper to find air and a strange thing happened. Her juices cleared my sinuses and I suddenly found myself able to breathe, although still buried up to my eyes in her pussy. My panic subsided a bit, I sounded like I was drowning as I inhaled copious amounts of her wetness, but I was able to breathe.

As time went on, my entire face was coated in her juices. Every so often she would reposition her thighs, which resulted in almost a scissor hold on my head. The first time she did it, I panicked and my arm extended. Then she rolled back into place and laid on my hand completely. I kept trying to free my arm, but my grunting only succeeded in getting air blown into her pussy. You can imagine my surprise when in my dazed exhaustion, her pussy suddenly opened up and queefed in my face. Panic gave way to rage as I struggled as hard as a I could. Which wasn't much, her body barely jiggled. I tried screaming, but it had the adverse effect of vibrating her crotch and making her get wetter. Now I had more of her discharge to inhale and swallow. I could swear she was going to drown me, but I just kept choking it all down.

I'd lost track of time, I couldn't even hear if the party was still going on. Her thighs were just too thick. She had another sudden movement that put my head in a scissor hold, then she shifted her pelvis. Now my mouth was forced open and I was pinned tightly against her pussy. I was still able to breathe, but I could feel her juices flowing towards my nose again. I was trying to beg for her to let me go, but it just sounded like soft crying and moaning, with the deep sniffle every minute or so. She straightened herself out a bit, but she locked her ankles behind my back which kept the scissor hold pressure on my head. It was after a good ten minutes of this position and me whimpering that I heard a hissing sound. My mouth suddenly began to fill with hot salty water and I quickly realized she was pissing herself. I tried to pull away but couldn't, and my mouth was quickly filling. I did the only thing I could do, and began gulping down her piss. Each swallow killed me a little inside and after emptying out her bladder, nothing changed. She remained in the same position and I could hear her start snoring again above me. Another deep inhale of her cum as I choke to swallow it down.

It was morning when someone finally came into the room. It was my roommate and his friends.

"Shhhhh shhh" I could hear him saying as they came into the room.
"Holy shit dude" whispered one of his friends.
"I knew she would've accidentally laid on him, I didn’t think he'd end up in her pussy" my roommate whispered as the others stifled laughter. Brenda still fast asleep, snoring above me.
"Geez, her tits are huge" one of the friends said as they touched her exposed nipple.
"Stop dude" they whispered in between laughs. They suddenly stopped when they heard me choking and the gurgling of her cum and juices pooling in my throat before I swallowed. Touching her nipple caused her to get wetter
"OMG she's drowning him" one said.

I tried to make eye contact, and began whimpering again as loud as I could with her pussy shoved into my mouth. That's when my roommate stepped into view and made eye contact.

"Oh, he's fine" he said.
"mm-mm" I whimpered.
"I think he took advantage of her because she was drunk" he began.
"MM-MM" I shot back.
"Had I known you were actually into her bro, I would've just introduced you two instead of spiking her drink with roofies." He said behind a smirk as they began to file out of the room.
"Sweet dreams" he said as he pulled the covers over my head. Then he gave her nipple one more pinch before he left, flooding my nose with her cum,

I was screaming for him to come back. But I couldn't move, and everything was muffled. All I was doing was vibrating and blowing air against her pussy. Which I was quickly reminded of as a queef washed over my face. My eyes rolled back I laid there not knowing how long she would be passed out. They snapped back forward when I heard an all too familiar hissing sound from her.

Body Pillow


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