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On the last Saturday of the month the senior cheerleader squad headed to Tonya’s house for their regular sleepovers, and Brittany couldn’t wait. Of all the parents houses it was a preferred destination for all of them.Tonya’s basement resembled a nightclub complete with shag carpet, video games, pool table, recessed lights and of course a bar. Tonya’s dad had disabled the beer taps and locked up the liquor, but the soda dispenser still worked and the girls were invited to help themselves.

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Tonya’s dad was another reason, his name was Vince. He was younger than her own and most of the other girls dads and was in fantastic shape. He was an amateur body builder and his superb shape was a testimony to the long hours he spent in the gym, plus he was also quite handsome.

The fact that he was unmarried had caused a bit of concern at first. A single male parent with a house full of high school cheerleaders had raised a few eyebrows with the other parents, and permission was granted with hesitation.The other parents concerns were soon forgotten when the girls reported back to their parents how great the first sleepover went. The fact that Tonya’s dad was rarely seen was the clincher.

All the cheerleaders liked him as he was great to talk to. He didn’t talk to them like they were little girls, but treated them like young adults. He didn’t even care that a few of them smoked and always cautioned them to make sure that their cigarettes were out and cold before they turned in.

Pizza’s were ordered and when they arrived Vince always announced himself before he brought them downstairs.This gave the more modest members a chance to don a robe as many were in nightgowns or bra and panties.

Brittany didn’t bother to cover up, she wanted him to see her just as she was. He never seemed embarrassed or bothered by their lack of clothing. Plus she was positive that he had checked her out on many occasions.

She was the oldest member of the squad and easily the best looking. She was tall and tanned with long dark hair and stunning green eyes. She could easily pass for someone in their early twenties.

As always Vince stayed downstairs long enough to have a slice or two with them before he bid them good night and disappeared back upstairs. He issued his standard warning to them of keeping the noise level down after 11:00 PM and that there was no smoking in the house after lights out.

“Brittany you slut. You like parading around in front of my dad in your underwear?” Tonya said after her dad was out of hearing range.

“What’s the big deal? That black bikini I wear when we sunbath shows off more than this,” Brittany answered..

“Maybe you’d like to join him upstairs and make out with him?” Morgana stated.

“Maybe I would,” Brittany answered.

“Ewww,” Marcie said.

“She could wind up being your step mom,” Lara chimed in.

“Please, that’s my dad your talking about,” Tonya stated.

The joking about Brittany and Vince went on for a bit before the topic was changed to something else. Finally around 11:00 PM the girls crawled into their sleeping bags and began to drop off to sleep.

Around midnight Brittany was still awake when she heard the stairs creak and saw the illumination from a small flashlight. It was Vince checking to ensure there were no cigarettes smoldering in the ashtray.

It was a standard routine he performed whenever there was a sleepover. Brittany became aware of it after the third sleepover and planned to use this routine to her advantage.

Vince checked the ashtrays and then turned to leave. He paused long enough to run the beam of light over Brittany’s body as she had not crawled into her sleeping bag like the others but was sleeping on top of it.

It was an effort for her not to move as the circle of light moved down from her pretty face and rested on her generous tits encased in her tiny silken bra. It then trailed down her flat stomach to her tiny black panties before it moved on to her slender tanned legs.

In the dim light Brittany could see that he was dressed in only boxers and her nipples hardened at the sight of him. His arms, legs and chest budged with muscles and his body was free of hair. As a competition level body builder he kept his body shaved and Brittany loved it as she hated hairy guys.

She began to feel the heat and wetness build in her panties as she checked him out. He stood there for the longest time admiring her body before he turned to leave. It was now or never Brittany thought as she rose to her knees and whispered his name.

Vince turned around and saw this stunning cheerleader walking on her knees toward him. When she was few inches away her small hands removed his swollen cock from his through the opening in the front.

Just as she thought, he was as hard as a rock and at least eight inches in length.

She placed one hand on his hip and guided the head of his cock in her mouth with the other. She began to let it slide in and out between her full red lips. She would occasionally stop and kiss and lick the head of his cock before she continued, each time she did she took more of it in her mouth.

When she stopped again he stepped back and whispered to her to follow him. They both silently crept up the stairs to his bedroom and closed the door behind them. He took her in his arms and they kissed passionately.

“I have wanted to fuck you since the first time we met,” she shyly admitted.

“You’re not a virgin?”

“No. Is that a problem?” she asked.

“That’s what I hoped for,” he answered.

He took the luscious teenager in his arms again and placed his lips on hers.Their tongues danced in each others mouths as he gently caressed her tits through her bra. She slid his boxers down so his pole was free again and she began to stroke it.

“Take off your bra,” he asked.

Brittany stepped back and unhooked it and let it fall to the floor. Her firm breasts with their hard nipples were now free of their silky prison. He kissed and licked them and she moaned for him not to stop

Brittany ran her hands over his massive chest and arms and grew hotter as she did this. Vince then dropped to his knees and began to slide her tiny bikini panties down. He kissed and licked her hard stomach as he did this. Finally her tiny panties were around her ankles and she was totally naked before him.

Still on his knees he helped her step out of her underwear and then began to lick her dripping pussy and she moaned loudly as he did this.

“Shhh, keep it down. We don’t want to wake the others,” he said quietly.

“Don’t worry, they can sleep through anything,” she answered.

He stopped long enough to retrieve a condom from the box in his night stand and slid it on his rock hard cock.

“Are you as strong as you look?” she asked.

“Why do you ask?”

“There is something I’d like to try,” she responded.

“Go ahead,” he answered.

Brittany placed both arms around his massive neck and jumped up wrapping her slender silky legs around his hips. Vince began to understand and placed both hands on her smooth ass. Brittany then reached down and placed the head of his cock at the opening of her hot and wet pussy.

Then using her legs she pulled herself closer to him and his massive cock entered her wet cave. The sensation cause them both to moan with pleasure. Brittany used her legs and strong abdominal muscles to thrust him in and out of her.

Vince assisted her thrusting by using his strong arms to pull her closer to him with each of her thrusts. They kissed each others neck, ears and lips until her breathing began to increase. She buried her head between his neck and shoulders.

“Vince, I’m gonna cum,” she repeated several times.

She contracted her legs to push him further inside her and her thrusting increased. Finally a long and sustained moan told him that she had achieved an orgasm and his followed. She unwrapped her legs from his hips and he took his hands off her tight ass and she placed both feet on the floor.

Her legs were shaking so bad that she elected to sit on the floor. Vince’s sat down next to her and pulled her closer and they gently kissed for the longest time.

“I would love to do you when you are in one of your posing suits when you’re all pumped and oiled up,” she admitted.

“I have dreamed about doing you in the ass while you’re wearing your cheerleader uniform,” he admitted.

At hearing his confession a wave of wanting shot through her belly and breasts. She visualized him pushing her tiny cheerleader skirt to her hips and then pushing his hard cock into her virgin ass.

“You know, I haven’t taken a sick day in the longest time,” she stated.

“Neither have I,” he answered.

“You better buy some lube,” was all she said as she slowly stood up.

Then she kissed him one last time and headed back downstairs on trembling legs. She slipped into her sleeping bag and drew the zipper. The other members of the squad were sound asleep and unaware that she had left.

Before she fell asleep she began to make plans about her next meeting with Vince

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