Tommy and his bbw mommy

Mom’s a dream, a real treasure. I’d gotten in a day earlier than expected and she was out. I’d driven through the night and wanted to get a little exercise in; I was stiff from the drive. Thought I’d swim a few laps then maybe take a nap. So I was in the pool when she got home. Of course she’d seen my vehicle in the drive, she knew I was there but still, I’m her only child, I’d just gotten home from college for the summer; she was on the pool deck calling to me,

“Tommy, come here and give Mommy a big kiss.”

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Extreme stories about a reluctant housewife becoming a whore

It was 6:15 am and the alarm woke Jan from her sleep, she was so tired. Another sleepless night and another night of frustration, Jan had not had sex with her husband for nearly two weeks, and she desperately needed his stiff penis or hand inside of her. All night she was hoping that he would take her as he so often had in the past. It was not uncommon that many a sexual drought has been broken by the realisation that she wasn’t having sex in a dream, but that her husband Jeff was making a duck’s beak with his hand was pushing all five fingers inside of because when it came to sex, she was always conflicted.

So, this morning she woke to the realisation if she didn’t have sex soon she would go crazy. After several weeks of no sex she realised she need to cum badly, and if he wouldn’t do it for her, she would reluctantly do it herself. She swung her legs out of bed, and slowly forced herself to get moving. She placed her dressing gown on, grabbed her clothes and, made her way to the bathroom.

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Slutty wife

I’d just gotten up and had breakfast one fine Saturday morning when the woman from next door came knocking on my door. I’d opened the door and we’d exchanged greetings and just chatted for a few moments. I didn’t mind. I knew Sylvia would get to the reason for her visit sooner or later. She always took a while to get to the point.

Sylvia and Martin, her husband, were new to the neighbourhood. They were friendly enough, with Sylvia proving to be a bit of a flirt, but always rather genteel with her flirting, never going too far or embarrassing anyone.

She was in her early twenties and quite a looker. Fair skin augmented by very fair hair and bright blue eyes. It was amazing what she could do with those eyes when she fluttered her eyelashes at you. Charm personified. She was also what I would call generously endowed around the bust without being over-endowed. Her breasts were very shapely and I’m sure every man in the street had wondered what they’d feel like if they could only get their hands on them. I certainly had had such thoughts. As a matter of fact I was having them right now, and it wasn’t my fault.

It was shaping up to be a very hot day and Sylvia had dressed accordingly, wearing this cute little white sun-smock that barely reached her thighs. I knew damn well that she wasn’t wearing a bra under that dress as I could see the darker skin surrounding her nipples. I’m not saying that the dress was see-through by any means, as it wasn’t, but standing this close to her I could see the slight differentiation in skin tones. That alone wasn’t enough to make my palms itch. It was more the way that Sylvia tends to talk with her hands. Her hands would go flying about and her breasts would bounce right along with them, their subtle movement automatically drawing the eyes.

By this stage in our conversation we’d reached the point where I was given to understand that Martin wasn’t at home. He’d flown out yesterday to a convention that he had to attend and wouldn’t be back until Monday. Unfortunately there was a little chore that he’d intended to do before he left but had simply run out of time.

“So I was wondering if you can help me,” Sylvia finished up.

“Probably,” I admitted, “but I can give you a better idea of that if you tell me what the little chore was.”

“Oh, didn’t I say?” she asked with a laugh. “It’s that stupid tap in the kitchen. It keeps dripping and it’s driving me mad. The drip is getting worse and I couldn’t get to sleep last night due to the incessant drip, drip, drip. I finished up going outside and turning off the water, just so I could get some sleep. When I turned it back on away it went, dripping like crazy. It’s stupid to spend a fortune on a plumber to fix something so small but I’m going mad listening to it. I know you do all your own repairs so I thought maybe you could change the washer for me.”

Not the hardest thing in the world. I would only need to unscrew the tap, change the washer, and screw the tap back together. Piece of cake.

“Not a problem,” I assured her. “I’ll come over right now and get it done. Why don’t you go and turn off the water again while I get my tools. Do you have a new washer? If not, I have some spares.”

“Oh, yes, I have a washer,” she said. “Martin bought some. It’s just that he didn’t get a chance to change it. If he’d been home he’d have done it last night just to get some sleep.”

She trotted off to turn off the water and I shortly followed with my portable tool chest. The first thing I did when I was there was turn the tap on to make sure she’d turned the water off properly. Assuming that someone followed your instructions in this regard is a mistake you only make once, and I’d had my go. No problems, however, as the pipes were dry.

I took the tap apart, chucked the disintegrating washer to one side, dropped in the new washer, and reassembled the tap. A couple of minutes and the job was done and Martin was a lazy bastard if he couldn’t find two minutes to do it. Sylvia ran out to turn on the water and I turned on the tap. Water ran and I turned off the tap and the water stopped with nary a drip. Problem solved.

Sylvia had been talking the entire time I was fixing the tap and she wasn’t stopping now. The girl just plain liked having someone to talk to, I guess. She insisted I sit down while she made us a cup of coffee so I did. I had no objection talking to a pretty woman. It wasn’t as if I had anything more important to do. She fussed about turning on her coffee maker and then she reached for a couple of mugs and that’s when things got interesting.

Sylvia opened an overhead cabinet and it seemed the mugs she wanted were right at the top. She stood on tip-toe reaching up, with her smock rising as she stretched. I think I mentioned that her smock hadn’t been all that long to start with and as she stretched it grew shorter and shorter. It only needed an inch or two to demonstrate that a bra wasn’t the only thing she had chosen to go without when she got dressed.

Two questions immediately came to mind. Did she know that she was flashing me and if she did was I supposed to do something about it? The answers that popped to mind were both in the affirmative. She knew all right. That was why she’d reached for the mugs at the top of the cabinet rather than ones on the lower shelves. Getting the mugs gave her plausible deniability as she couldn’t really just lift her dress and flash me. As for whether I was supposed to do anything about it, if I wasn’t, and she was just teasing, she’d have done a quick flash and that would have been that. She help the position just a little too long for innocence.

I got to my feet and moved quietly up behind her. She had the mugs on the bench now but there was a slight flush to her cheeks and she was breathing slightly harder. My hands slid across her bottom, first down, then back up, but under her dress on the way up, hands running over her smooth flesh.

She gasped.

“What do you think you’re doing?” she demanded, trying to sound shocked but only succeeding in sounding a little breathless and excited.

“It occurred to me that there’s another little chore that Martin didn’t get around to so I thought seeing that I’m here I might as well attend to that, too.”

One hand slid down and between her legs, first cupping her pudenda and then massaging it. I guess I was just fortunate that she’d been standing with her legs parted enough for me to do that. It seemed to me that I could already feel the heat inside her.

“But you can’t do that,” she gasped out. “I didn’t say you could do that.”

I ignored her comment. She hadn’t said that I wasn’t to do it and her resistance was purely verbal. Her body was pressing against my hands just as much as my hands were pressing against her body. I started running my hands up the inside of her dress. I was finally going to get hold of those two luscious globes of hers.

She gave a little squeak when my hands closed over her breasts but that was her only reaction. Well, only reaction apart from her bottom pressing back against my groin. I can only imagine what she was thinking about what she was feeling there, but she didn’t recoil.

Her breasts were soft and warm, just made for holding and rubbing. Her nipples were hard little nubs, already erect before I even touched them. I spent a few pleasant moments making their acquaintance.

I reached down and cupped her pussy again, rubbing more firmly now. Sylvia was now protesting. It wasn’t a case of her saying no, don’t do this. It was more along the lines of oh, you shouldn’t, and oh, you mustn’t.

I lowered my trousers and lifted the back of her dress, my erection now pressing firmly along the cleft of her buttocks. She gave another little squeal.

“Oh my god, you’re really going to do this. Oh, this is so embarrassing. I never dreamed that you’d do something like this.”

Embarrassing, I asked myself? An odd word to choose. Still, I didn’t worry about it as I was contemplating another problem. Did I take her dress off, leaving her naked, or leave it on. It’s not as though it would get in my way but I wouldn’t mind seeing her naked. The problem was her state of mind. Touching her while she was dressed she could claim she couldn’t stop me and it wasn’t her fault. Taking off her dress would mean she was committed to what we were doing and I suspected she wanted that get out. Maybe I could talk her out of her dress afterwards.

I adjusted the position of my erection so that it was now pressing between her legs. A slight rocking motion and the length of it was dragging back and forth along her slit, rubbing against her labia, teasing them even more. I could practically feel them trying to kiss me.

Sylvia was rubbing right along with me, even while she was saying, “Oh, we shouldn’t, we really shouldn’t.”

“Shouldn’t what?” I asked. “This?”

I lifted her hips slightly while bending a little to adjust my position. My erection rose to the task, you might say, and was now pressing light against her mound, right at the sweet spot, demanding entry.

“Yes, that,” she gasped and I shrugged. Yes was OK by me. I pressed a little harder, feeling myself starting to slide into her.

She shrieked something that sounded like, “WHOA,” drawing the word right out as she pressed firmly back against me, pushing almost desperately to meet me as I drove forcefully home.

Let me tell you that she felt wonderful wrapped around my cock. She was hot and wet and tight and, oh, so responsive. I started moving at a decent rhythm and she was right there with me, meeting my every thrust with the greatest of ease. As far as I was concerned it was breast time again and my hands closed greedily over them.

And a fine time was had by all.

At least I know I was enjoying myself and from the amount of noise Sylvia was making she was making the most of what she was getting. I thrust in happily, enjoying the feel of her hot silky passage sliding against my own hot and tumescent flesh. It seemed to me that every thrust was better than the one before and with every thrust my cock felt as though it had swollen a little. I kid you not – I was prepared to swear that by the time I was getting ready to finish my cock was twice the size as when I started. Maybe it was the increased sensitivity with all that friction, but who cared. It felt great.

Sylvia was pushing hard to meet me, taking me as deep as possible, gasping deep in her throat every time my cock thrust into her. I toyed with the idea of pausing and asking if she wanted me to continue but discretion ruled. The way she was reacting I think she might have killed me if I stopped.

I was now pumping into her a damn sight faster than when I started. Not a conscious act on my part but a rather subtle increase in speed brought about by our mutual need. By this stage my balls were telling me in a not so subtle way that they were ready and past ready for some relief. From the sounds that Sylvia was making I was prepared to say that she was also just about ready to cut loose, so I did my humble duty.

I drove in hard and fast, giving it all I had. It didn’t take more than a few strokes and I was shooting my load and Sylvia was screaming and climaxing hard. I let her have all I had. Like I had any choice in the matter. Her passage clamped so tightly around me that I was lucky to get my cock back.

I relaxed while she just sagged against the counter for a couple of moments. I was wondering how she was going to react now and how I could get her dress off to admire her naked body.

It wasn’t to be. She suddenly straightened up and turned to face me.

“I can’t believe that you did that to me,” she said, for all the world as if she’d just been standing there as an unwilling spectator. “Out,” she said, “and don’t ever speak to me again.”

She was busy shooing out of the kitchen so I grabbed my tool box and departed.

“Listen,” I said as I left, “if you get any more problems with dripping taps just give me a yell. You know where I am.”

She nodded and closed the door firmly behind me. I went on home.

The rest of the day passed uneventfully but in the evening I got to thinking. I went over and knocked on Sylvia’s door. I guess she must have been going to bed early as she was wearing a frilly dressing gown. I immediately started wondering what sort of nightie she was wearing under it, if anything.

She seemed to rear back slightly when she saw me.

“What do you want,” she asked suspiciously.

“I got to thinking that if Martin is away still then he can’t do those little things that you need done, so I thought I’d come around and see if I could fill in for him.”

“Are you mad?” she said in a voice that was half scream. “I think you’ve done enough for the day.”

She turned and stalked down the hall. Seeing she hadn’t bothered to close the door I just naturally followed. She didn’t go down to the kitchen but turned into the front room. The TV was on and a DVD was frozen in place.

Sylvia glared at me.

“Do you realise how guilty you’ve made me feel. I feel terrible. I feel that I’ve cheated on Martin and it’s all your fault.”

Technically, she did cheat on Martin but I deny that it was all my fault. Not that I was going to say that. Instead I considered the question judiciously.

“If you’re feeling guilty about it then you will continue to feel that way until you feel that you’ve been punished. I can help you out there.”

“Ridiculous. How?”

“Well, we’d just have to make the punishment commensurate with the crime. What I’d suggest is that I’ll put you across my knee and spank you for your bad behaviour and to make the punishment more fitting I’ll then push you to the floor and ravish you. Instead of me taking you from behind I will spread your legs and you’ll have to watch me ravishing your body, knowing this is your punishment.”

“You have got to be kidding!” she rather flatly stated, looking as though I’d gone mad.

“Why? It seems reasonable to me. You get beaten for misbehaving and then a demonstration of what might happen if you think of cheating in the future. It will be a salutary lesson that will leave you contrite, and content that you’ve had a punishment suitable for your misdemeanour.”

She just looked at me, not knowing what to say. Seeing she wasn’t saying anything, notably not saying things like, “No, I won’t do it,” I strolled over to the couch and sat down.

“Come along,” I said, patting my knee. “You know what they say, soonest started, soonest finished.”

“Well you know what they can do with their pithy little sayings, whoever they happen to be,” she snapped, but for all that she was moving closer to me. I reached out and caught her arm and drew her slowly closer. I didn’t use any real force, just enough pressure on her arm to have her move closer. Once she was standing next to me my arm went around to her back and pressed and she bent over my knee in an almost dreamlike state. The dream finished abruptly when I flicked her dressing gown up, leaving her bottom bare. No nightie and, again, no panties. Didn’t she ever wear panties? Not that I was going to ask her.

“Hey, what are you doing?” she demanded, trying to push her dressing gown down over her bottom.

“Spanking you, remember,” I said. “I mean, you can’t expect to get spanked with your dressing gown in the way. A bare bottom is the only way to spank you. Um, would it help to take the dressing gown right off? Would it feel more of a punishment that way?”

“No,” she said, sounding rather indignant. “The gown stays on.”

OK, so she won that one. At the same time she was agreeing to be spanked on her bare bottom, so I wondered if she’d consider it a win if she stopped to think about it.

“A very nice bottom,” I said, running my hand over it in an appreciative fashion. “It seems a shame to have to do this.”

I lifted my hand and brought it down in a quick stinging spank and Sylvia gave a satisfactory squeal. I repeated the penalty, shifting to the other cheek and getting another squeal in return. I didn’t go pounding on her bottom, just a series of sharp spanks that would sting without damaging. Sylvia proved to be a worthwhile spankee, giving out with a little wailing cry with each spank.

Mind you, that little wailing cry changed when I delivered a spank to her mound. Her legs had drifted apart, giving me a choice of targets, and her fat rosy lips were too tempting a target. When my hand landed her little wailing cry turned into a full, “What the fuck?” shriek.

“What are you doing?” she demanded when another spank landed in the same place.

“Ah, spanking you,” I said, leaving my hand resting for a moment where it had last landed. Well, maybe more rubbing gently, than resting.

“That’s not how you spank someone,” she protested.

“Of course it is. I know what I’m doing. Just relax and take it as it happens. It’ll be over soon.”

I continued spanking, mainly on her bottom, but a few of those little stinging slaps were landing on her pussy, to her great agitation. They also seemed to be arousing her. Her pussy was flushed and her lips were swollen, her inner labia already peeping through, wanting their share of the attention.

“That should just about do it,” I finally said. “I’ll just give you a little finishing touch here.”

With that I gave her a quick tattoo against her mound, the little slaps coming very fast, and I wasn’t totally surprised when she suddenly had a climax, her cry as it hit showing she was.

While she was gathering her wits together from her unexpected climax I was laying her on the floor. It turned out her dressing gown was only fastened by a tie and that became untied very fast, with me opening the gown wide, leaving her totally exposed to my lecherous gaze. That is, my gaze felt lecherous from my side but what I tried to show her was a look of honest appreciation.

“What are you doing?” she asked plucking at the sides of her gown but not getting anywhere as I was holding it open.

“Do you remember what I said would follow the spanking?” I asked and she blushed and nodded.

I smiled and shifted my hands to her ankles, lifting them high and wide until she was almost bent double, able to look down and see her own mound. I held her legs there with my shoulders while I dropped my trousers, displaying my erection to her interested eyes.

I’d promised her she’d have to watch what happened to her and now she couldn’t help but see. She was shaking her head slightly as she watched but for all the shaking her eyes didn’t budge from where my cock was pressing against her.

“You see what happens to bad girls?” I asked her and she nodded.

“Yes. This is terrible. Are you really going to do this?”

I didn’t answer, just pressed forward a little, her lips yielding and letting the head of my cock slip past them. I stopped at that point and pulled back a little, letting her see how her lips were clinging to me. In a little deeper and back again, with her starting to writhe a little under me, wanting more. In a little deeper and she’d had enough, giving an irritated cry and pushing firmly up to meet me, taking me fully into her, giving a satisfied groan as our groins came together.

Now I started slowly moving on her, pulling back and sliding back into place. I was surprised at the almost fascinated way Sylvia was watching my cock slide back and forth, disappearing into her and then slowly returning. I wasn’t providing all the action. Sylvia was certainly doing her part, lifting her hips and pushing up to receive me. When I said I’d be making her watch what happened I certainly hadn’t expected her to take me seriously or with such great interest. What was her sex life normally like, I wondered. In the dark and under blankets, maybe?

There was only so much of this slow movement that we could stand, our respective excitement levels rising with every slow thrust. I was holding back, when I wanted to start really thrusting home, waiting for Sylvia to make her move. She finally did, her legs coming down off my shoulders and wrapping around my waist, and she had a renewed urgency in her movements.

Now we were really moving, with me putting some muscle behind my thrusts, hitting home nice and hard. Sylvia had the advantage arousal-wise as she was already hot and bothered by the spanking climax. Now she was heading for another climax and I was working overtime to make sure I got there at the same time.

She screamed and I nearly did the same when her vice-like grip dragged me over the edge whether I wanted to go or not. I exploded inside her and she just lapped it up, accepting it as her due as she climaxed very happily.

“I hope this has been a lesson for you,” I said afterwards. “There’s always a penalty when you misbehave.”

She nodded then gave me an odd look.

“Ah, but didn’t you misbehave as well?” she asked.

“Certainly not. I’m not married,” I said sanctimoniously. “I’m allowed to do that sort of thing. Anyway, this evening I was just providing you with the correction you thought you needed. A good deed on my part.”

She didn’t say anything to that. Just gave me another look and then chased me out of the house. I went home to bed and presumably she went to bed to catch up on the sleep she lost to a dripping tap.

What would happen if I visited again tomorrow evening? Would she still be feeling guilty and need some more correction? An interesting thought.

Bondage and restriction

If someone had looked into the room, it would have seemed very normal. Two couples sitting around a table in the great room of a rustic cabin with drinks in front of them. If the observer had guessed that we were fairly new acquaintances, one young couple and one older couple, they would have been correct.

The many video and still cameras and the bright lighting would have puzzled them, as would the fact that most of those cameras and lights were focused on a large bed behind me. I believe the observer would also have wondered at the tension in the room.
“I will deal out the cards face up to each person. The first person to get an ace will be in charge. The person to get the joker will become the plaything of the other three.”
The tension was there despite the fact that the game was rigged and we all knew who would get each of those two cards. This was, after all, part of a business venture for the younger woman, April. April and my wife had met each other at horse shows and, despite the 15 year difference in their ages, had started hanging out together. Overindulgence in wine and oversharing had let each woman learn that the other indulged in bondage and domination with their husbands, specifically female domination. Jean also learned that April and her husband recently started operating a website that featured their sex lives. April had a degree in film-making and her work had attracted a fair number of subscribers. These subscribers were expressing an interest in more content, specifically group sex content. After much discussion, my wife agreed to help out and I went along with it.
Her husband Brad and I had never met before we arrived at their rented cabin. He was younger and larger than me, a linebacker versus a wide receiver. April had already set up her cameras and the girls had decided on the scene’s basic storyline. The rest would just happen spontaneously.
The first card Jean dealt herself was the ace of hearts so, after that, she only dealt cards to the other three of us. I swallowed nervously as the cards were turned, even though I knew what was coming, and gasped a little when the joker appeared in front of me. My wife had said that the decision was based on three things. One, Brad was the bigger of us; two, I was the only man who had already been dressed in lingerie for a scene and three, she knew I really wanted to be the sub.
“Let’s get you ready,” Jean said, taking me by the hand and leading me into the large bathroom while April and Brad began adjusting cameras and doing other setup.
A great deal of prep work had already been done. Every hair of my body had been shaved off, except for the hair on my head. April had used her training in makeup to subtly change our hair and faces so that we were not going to be easily identified. She had made me decidedly younger and more feminine looking. Jean and I had also been dieting and exercising religiously for the past month so we looked really good.
There were two cameras already running in the bathroom as Jean opened a suitcase and began rummaging around inside. She quickly produced a metal studded collar, thong panties, thigh-high fishnet stockings and high heels, all black and brand new. Part of my prep had been learning to walk sexy in the high heels, which took a lot of practice. Nervous in front of the cameras I stripped off my clothes and awkwardly put on the collar, lingerie and heels. Then Jean led me out of the bathroom and into the scene.
April and Brad were seated in chairs facing the bed, which was an incredibly large one with white sheets that practically glowed in the multiple lights focused on it. A number of ropes and chains were laying across the top, one end of each secured to the bedframe. At my wife’s command, I strutted back and forth next to the bed, noting that the other couple had completed their prep work. A complete selection of bondage items and sex toys were laid out on a table near the bed. Prominent among them was a large bottle of lube and two strap on dildos. I was acutely aware of the cameras, with the video cameras red lights on and the still cameras clicking automatically. A pang of anxiety shot through me as I noticed Brad avidly watching my ass wriggle past him and I wondered if I was really ready for this.
“Come over here,” Jean ordered motioning toward the bed. “Time to prep you.”
She grabbed some black leather cuffs from the table and secured my hands across my back. Soon I was tied to the bed, pillows stuffed under my hips to raise my ass up high, ropes tied to my ankles, a chain leash wrapped around the headboard and clipped to my collar. I watched as my wife selected a belt from the table and wrapped it around her hand. She knows I love being tied up and whipped so she waited until I actually whined and wriggled my ass before starting. Starting slowly with rather gentle strokes, she rapidly increased the force of the blows until I was gasping and jumping at each one. Despite the presence of another man in the room my cock strained against the fabric of the thong. I whined again when she suddenly stopped, just as the belt began to really sting and the crack of leather on flesh had become very audible.
“He is such a slut for this,” Jean laughed. “Your turn, April.”
The younger woman selected another belt from the table and nervously approached the bed. She drew her arm back and gave me a tentative stroke. At my wife’s urging she hit me harder and harder until I was moaning and writhing in my bonds under her enthusiastic whipping.
“Your turn, Brad,” my wife said to the obvious disappointment of April, who delivered one final hard crack across both buttocks.
Now Brad selected a belt and approached me. He didn’t seem nervous at all and I trembled as he set his feet. The belt whistled audibly through the air and a line of fire materialized across my ass, causing me to stiffen and cry out. He whipped me relentlessly and I shamelessly lifted my ass to meet each blow. Soon I was deep into the submissive state of mind, alternately whimpering and howling, afraid it would continue and terrified that it would stop.
“OK,” my wife said, to my and, I believe, Brad’s disappointment “That’s enough. Let’s get undressed.”
Tied to the bed, my whipped ass high, I watched as my three doms disrobed. April was first, quickly tossing away her clothing to reveal her slender body. Her skin was pale and her smallish breasts had prominent nipples. Her reddish pubic hair was trimmed into a small vertical strip and her ass was truly outstanding. Jean’s body was fuller with heavy breasts and well-rounded hips. Brad pulled off his shirt and dropped his jeans, revealing a powerful build and a bulging pair of boxer briefs. As he reached for those, however, my wife stopped him.
“Let’s wait on that,” she grinned. “I’ll go first. You two untie him.”
She went to the table and picked up her favorite strap on dildo while the other two unbound my hands and released me from the bed. Dildo waving in front of her, Jean walked closer and pointed to the floor in front of her. I scrambled off the bed and knelt before her, eagerly taking the fake cock into my mouth, so lost in sub space that it didn’t even occur to me to hesitate. As I sucked and slobbered on it, she rested her hand possessively on my head.
“I told you he was a total slut,” she said, after a few moments. “Tie him up, whip him and he’ll do anything for you. Now you want to be fucked, don’t you, baby?”
“Yes, Mistress, please fuck me, mistress.”
“You want all of us to fuck you, don’t you?”
I hesitated, glancing sideways at the other couple, then heard myself say “Yes, Mistress, all of you. Please fuck me.”
Climbing onto the bed, I got on all fours and shamelessly presented my ass to her. April and Brad joined me on the bed leaning back against the headboard together, eyes locked on the scene before them, while Jean collected the large bottle of lube from the table. I shivered as she squeezed cold lube in the crack of my ass and smeared it up and down. Brad’s hand slid between his wife’s legs and hers rested on his bulging crotch as Jean coated her erection with a generous layer of lube. She added another healthy glob of it to my ass after getting between my legs and sliding the string of the thong panties out of her way.
The familiar hard tip probed up and down the crack of my ass and I moaned as it located my opening. One hand on my left butt cheek, she used the other to patiently push it in. Arching my back I wriggled back against her, gasping as the head overcame all resistance and slid deeper. She gasped in triumph as her hips made contact with my inflamed ass. Then she fucked me with long hard strokes as I pushed back eagerly, our breathing growing faster and more ragged, both grunting in unison, an audible smack of her hips against my ass. Brad’s hand was working between April’s thighs and her hand spasmodically gripped his shorts as they watched us fuck. Then, disappointingly, my wife stopped.
“April, you should try his tongue,” she hissed. “He gives really good head, especially when he’s being dominated.”
The girl slid down the bed and spread her legs in front of me. I obediently leaned down to lick and suck her already sopping wet pussy while my wife went back to fucking me. It was a gentler slower fuck as she let me concentrate on getting the other woman off. In a remarkably short time, April grabbed my head and came hard against my tongue, gasping in pleasure. I continued to gently lick her as she came down.
“Let’s trade places,” Jean said, pulling her cock out of my ass.
I waited docilely as April grabbed the other strap on and Jean removed hers, laying down on the bed before me. Brad watched with obvious lust in his eyes as I lowered my head to service my Mistress and his wife prepared to mount me. April fucked me long leisurely strokes, grinding her hips against me gently before starting another, as Jean aggressively gripped my head and moaned in pleasure. It didn’t take long before Jean threw her head back and howled as she came. April lay across my back, cock buried deep inside of me, all of us breathing deeply. Eventually Jean disentangled herself and rolled off of the bed.
“Your turn, big boy,” she said to Brad as she took him by the hand and he got to his feet.
April also got off the bed, leaving me still on all fours, feeling dazed. The other man, however, had a small smile on his face as my wife turned him to toward me and then slowly slid his shorts down. The cock that popped free was the largest I had ever seen in person, far bigger than either of the dildos that had just finished violating me. I shivered as he stepped out of his shorts and then just stood there, looking at me hungrily.
“You were not kidding,” Jean said as she and April got on the bed and leaned against the headboard to watch. “He is enormous. Has he ever done a guy before?”
“No, this will be the first time for him. How about your husband?”
“No, first time,” the women giggled. “This should be fun.”
A large string of precum leaked from the tip of Brad’s cock as I watched, unable to look away from the veiny monster. Finally, he pointed to the floor in front of him. Obediently, I slid off the bed and knelt before him, literally quivering with anticipation as the massive head loomed closer. Lost in my subservient role, I stuck out my tongue, collected the stream of salty fluid and swallowed it.
“That is so hot,” April whispered.
Brad just kept his hands on his hips as I opened my mouth and wrapped my lips around the head. I had only sucked on my wife’s dildo before this and the experience was very different. The cock was hot and pulsing, leaking more salty juice into my mouth as I bobbed my head up and down. I’ve always felt that, if you’re going to do something, do it well, so I did the best that I could. I licked his balls and took the shaft as deep as I could, eventually eliciting some low moans from him.
He stepped back and went to the table and picked up the lube. I submissively crawled on the bed and got on all fours, noticing that the women were sitting close together, Jean’s hand resting on the younger girl’s thigh. Brad, however had other ideas for me, grabbing my hips and flipping me onto my back, where I lay docilely awaiting his pleasure. He knelt between my spread legs and literally ripped the panties off of my hips, sending a chill through me and letting my poor neglected cock flop onto my stomach. Then he very deliberately coated his erection with a thick layer of shiny lube, still staring into my eyes. Unnerved, I turned my head to look at the women and saw that each now had her hand between the other’s thighs as they watched entranced.
Grinning wolfishly, Brad pushed my legs higher and further apart and ordered me to hold still. I have never felt more exposed in my life than when he prepared to mount me, one hand holding my right leg up and back, the other guiding his cock to its target. The massive head quested up and down my slick crack for what seemed like a long time. I gasped and went rigid as it finally pressed against my opening. He now gripped each thigh firmly, pushing them up and out as he began to rock his hips and relentlessly penetrate my ass. Ignoring my whines and groans he entered me centimeter by centimeter. The girls had stretched my asshole already but it was not ready for the monster now violating it.
“Man, this bitch is so tight,” he muttered and, somewhere in the distance, I heard my wife moan a little.
I wriggled against him, struggling to accommodate the colossal column of flesh, thrashing my head. I moaned and wailed shamelessly while he grunted at each gain. Sweat broke out all over my body as it crept inside. Then, unexpectedly, my body gave up its resistance and the remaining inches slid smoothly inside, eliciting a loud gasping cry from both of us. He released my legs and put his hands on either side of my body as I whimpered and moaned. He held still like that while I settled down, hips pressed firmly against mine. I realized that I could feel his heavy balls against my stretched out ass. My breathing still ragged, I experimentally moved my hips, drawing another predatory smile from him.
“Ready to fuck, huh?” he said. “I am going to fuck you so hard, bitch.”
He began to fuck me with long slow strokes, pulling all the way out before gradually forcing it back in. A brief pause and he did it again…and again…and again, a little faster and harder each time. Without even thinking, I wrapped my legs around him and worked at meeting his strokes. The wet sound of his hips striking mine and our groans filled the rooms, soon joined by the now-familiar sounds of the women’s orgasms. That set him over the edge and he pulled out, and spraying come on my cock and balls, further asserting his dominance.
He rolled off of me and lay at the girls’ feet, breathing hard, as were all of us. No one moved or said anything for a while, although I was acutely aware that I was the only one who hadn’t had at least one orgasm. I was also aware that everyone in the room had now had my mouth and my ass while I had had no one’s. Brad’s copious load was slowly dripping off of me, physical evidence of my utter submission.

The Taboo Machines

Carla could not wait to try out her new stainless steel goat milking machine. Her friends the Gaucho Girls had lots of experience with livestock and induced lactation. They used that type of machine themselves and wanted to share the useful technology with their new friend. Carla was pregnant and her body had begun to produce the hormones to transform. She felt a little nauseous sometimes.

The main effect was that she felt a lot hornier than usual…if that were possible. Nothing showed on her physique yet at all. She began taking some herbs to help with the induced lactation. Even someone not pregnant could induce breast milk production by regular suckling routines. Carla wanted to get her milk going as soon as the could. Her natural hormones, sucking and herbs should do the trick. Her nipples already had become swollen, distended and reddened, from the constant sucking.

She already had a breast pump at work. The goat milker was a step beyond the breast pump. This contraption had an industrial grade vacuum pump system and a constant duty motor. As soon as her and Bruce got back from their weekend in Nevada she opened up the boxes and read all the instructions. She cleaned and inspected everything. Then she hooked herself up and started pumping at the lowest settings. It really felt great. It was not as warm and emotional as someone’s mouth on her tits but, it was strong, adjustable and tireless. She had it hooked up to a grounded outlet and made herself comfortable on the sofa. Bruce saw the effect on her at once. She unconsciously spread her legs slightly and he knelt before her and began to eat her out delicately. The combination of breast and genital stimulation set her into a glorious string of orgasmic releases. Bruce tasted her sweet pussy and felt the arousal the machine added. Carla’s nipples always felt like they were hard wired directly to her pussy. Just a pinch or a pull on her breast tips made her wet and tingly down there. Having a machine hooked up was like going into orgasmic overdrive. Bruce licked her opening and all around her slit. He circled her clitoris and kissed over it touching it only indirectly. His wife shook and shuddered. She had been coming all weekend and his maddeningly slow attention brought her higher and higher into the unstoppable climax territory. She gushed into his mouth and squeezed his ears with her thighs holding on to him for dear life. The breast machine kept going and hurled her over the edge again and again.

She threw her head back and moaned and mumbled senseless words and sounds. Bruce paused and got up. He disconnected the milking machine and turned off the power switch. The whirring motor wound down and she nodded off into dreamland on the sofa. He cleaned up the machine in the kitchen and put it away in the pantry.

The next morning Carla went to the office and took some phone calls early and then called over to Mr Jensen to see if he had any clients or projects in mind. He had some Japanese investors coming the next day and he wanted to make sure they got some special attention. Carla promised she had some unique ideas to entertain them. Mr. Jensen said, his son was in town and wanted to speak with her about something too. Carla did not know what to make. She had fucked and sucked some of those rich kids in High School but, had not been in touch since. They had money and Mr. Jensen’s son had been pretty smart in school. She wondered what he might be up to in college. He had been kind of a techno nerd. He liked toy trains and amateur radio when other guys were into cars and pop music starlets.

The next day she took off from her regular office work and went to the hotel suite rented by Mr. Jensen. His son Ulvar was waiting at the table in the dining nook playing with a cool looking tiny train set. He had an old power control that looked like it was from the 1940’s or 50’s. The N scale set would fit on a card table and had a couple of mid century buildings and some figures around the simple oval. Ulvar looked kind of hot to Carla. He had a sharp sport coat and looked pretty fit these days. College must have got him in gear somehow.
He had paid her for oral sex at a freeway off ramp a few times when she was a high school hooker. She was a little lost for words but, he broke the ice. “I guess you and my dad are having some pretty big investment successes,” he said. “You are looking like a million dollar deal just standing here, so I am sure you have a classy touch.” He made her completely at ease about being an investment deal escort. Without bringing up any details he had let her know, he knew how good she looked and how important she was to his dad’s business. “I know those Japanese guys are pretty kinky characters,” he continued. “ They always used to bring me Japanese trains and electrical gadgets, when I was a kid. Let me show you what I have going here. You will get a laugh out of this.”

Ulvar pulled open his metal briefcase and produced a small shiny egg shaped metal object. He plugged it into his ancient train transformer and then took another wire with a silver coin soldered to it and wiped some gel from a tube on it. He then took a band aid and pasted it on Carla’s forearm. The he applied more gel to the egg and turned on the transformer to a medium setting. He touched Carla’s arm near the coin and she felt a tingling buzz on her skin. It was ticklish and actually felt good. She smiled unconsciously at his contraption. It felt good on her arm and she immediately wondered how it might feel in a more intimate area.. “Should we try somewhere else?” she asked.

“Go ahead and use your imagination,” Ulvar replied. “I am sure you can think of something Carla.”She removed the band aid fastened coin electrode from her arm and stepped out of her skirt. Then she pasted it on her inner thigh and took off her g-string panties. She rubbed the gel covered egg around her pussy with one hand and experimented with the transformer power control with the other. “Wow! That feels way better than I thought it might. It’s incredible.” Then her knees shook and she came in a shuddering thunderclap from the electrical stimulation. She came again almost before she knew what hit her the first time and then again. She pulled the egg away and looked at Ulvar. “You have been pretty creative here my friend,” she said, and smiled. “What else can this do?”

Ulvar dropped his slacks and took the little egg and stuck in inside inside his ass. Then he pulled off his boxers and smeared some of the gel on his dick. He touched it to the electrified membrane of Carla’s pussy and jolted her to another rising climax in just seconds. “Oh my god! I want to feel that inside!” Carla gasped. They joined together in a short circuit second. It had them both shaking and Carla worked the power control down and then back up as she gazed into his eyes. “Oh you are the best Ulvar! I never would have dreamed you could think this way,” she purred. She turned up the power slightly and Ulvar convulsed in involuntary ejaculation. Her electric pussy pumped his dick muscles to work the flow of sperm quickly up his shaft and into her puss.

Carla thought a moment and smiled saying, “That is so cool. I know those crazy Japanese guys are going to get off on that and be eating out of my hands while your dad gets them to sign the contracts.” Ulvar nodded and said, “Ok you get the idea. Here is the cleaner to get things ready again. There are several eggs and silver coins wired up and three extra power controls of a modern type. I do think that the train set is the best way to break the ice though. It is so innocent you can get them started before they have any idea what is up. I’ll let you go and get yourself ready. It was good to see you again.”

With that he dressed and winked at his High School hooker friend and then left the suite. Carla carefully examined the case full of gadgets and wiped off the ones they used. She closed in up and then tried out the trains to make sure she had them running innocently on their own. Then she freshened up and waited for the next call or knock on the door.

Mr. Jensen had a stretch limo full of dark suited investors coming up from the airport. They went to a waterfront bistro and had brunch after the overnight flight. It was still late morning when he brought the car full of eight silk suits to his exclusive hotel. The doorman knew the routine and led the men inside to the lobby. He brought their bags on a cart and they whizzed up up to a view room floor. Each man got his room keys and baggage delivered by a trio of porters. Then one by one Mr. Jensen brought them to Carla’s suite and sat down with some contracts. The distracted investors looked at the little trains and at Carla’s skimpy outfit. She was practically nude in her see through sheer outfit. The first man nodded as though he was paying attention to the stock offering but, had all his attention on Carla. She poured a drink and went into the bedroom for a moment. Mr. Jensen then pointed at some lines on the paperwork and got some initials and turned the pages. The man looked at the little train circling and Mr. Jensen let him wait until Carla returned. Now she had removed her panties and the sheer silk revealed everything from her distended nipples to her bare shaved pussy slit. Carla sat down next to him and put one of his hands on her breasts and pushed it into her flesh. He smiled and explored her spongy soft nipple through the sheer fabric. Carla opened the metal case and took a coin wired electrode and put in next to her pussy. She took another one and put it on his arm with some gel underneath. She quickly took the metal egg and applied more gel and touched his arm next to the electrode. He felt the buzzing feeling at once. Then she moved the coin inside his shirt just above his waistband. Again she touched him with the egg next to it but, moved it down inside his pants. When she touched his dick with it he looked her strait in the eye and stood up. He dropped his suit pants and his stiff dick popped out of his shorts. She kept the egg following his dick and traced it from base to tip slowly. He got hard and it quivered. She turned down the power and then switched the plug on his coin to reverse the polarity. She put gel on his dick and stood up to touch it to her moist pussy. He felt the shocking power at once and slid himself right into her hard wired pleasure pussy. She raised the current and he just smiled. Then she pumped against him and cycled the power up and down. He shook suddenly and the shot his load like a fire hose in a rushing gush of jizz. He was emptied out in a second and he stood in a daze. Mr. Jensen handed him a clipboard with the final signature line and he signed it without even looking. He was on auto pilot and his brain had checked out a few minutes before. He was the patriarch of the family group and with his signature all the others would follow suit just to save face. Nobody would doubt his judgment even if he had been literally thinking with his dick.

One by one the silk suits were led into Carla’s electric spiderweb. She got pretty clever at wiring them up, and getting the current onto their dick, in different ways. By the eighth man she had it down to a science. As investors they were used to girls being part of the signature ceremony. The last one dropped trousers on his own as he looked at the papers on the clipboard. He let Carla attach the wires without noticing exactly she was up to. When she hit the power switch, however, he focused completely on her device. He knew more about electricity than interest rates and investments. He signed his papers without even looking at them and let Carla work the controls. She drove his dick up and down the frequency and power band. She might have flown him around the room like a model plane, he was so under her electric control. Finally she had him pumping his balls dry and cinching up his nut sack to release a big come shot. He squirted, shot and spermed hard. He smiled and pulled his pants back up. Then he took his copies and shuffled back to his room.

Mr. Jensen was ecstatic. Carla was a wet little mess and she knew it had been a big day. The Japanese men had just funded a multi-million dollar stock deal. It was the first step of bringing it to a public company and then their money would bring in 5-10 times their investment in a few months. Besides the stock they would get thousands of warrants for future shares at a face value of pennies. These were likely to be worth thousands of times more if the public got excited about the new company. Her little pussy had just made him a fortune bigger than all his deals put together and that was just the first day. Mr. Jensen got down on his knees and worshiped Carla’s hot little pussy. He cleaned her messy pussy and sucked it out. He told her he would do anything for her right now. She had accomplished more than she had in her whole life and he wanted to reward her.
Carla giggled at his subservient position. For her, it had just been just another day as an escort in most regards. She took on eight Asian men in rapid succession and milked their balls dry one time. Her electrical assistance made it fun and easier than usual. Now the big boss was on his hands and knees offering her anything she wanted. She thought she might as well have some fun with this. “Strip down Mr. Jensen. I want you naked right now!” she ordered him.”You have been calling all the shots and it’s my turn to take charge right now.” She took his belt and snapped it like a whip. “Watch out now!” she said. “I am in control so, don’t forget it.” Again she snapped the belt but, right next to his dick where he could feel the shock wave in the air. Carla walked behind him and then blindfolded him with his shirt. The she covered his head with his jacket and tied it like a hood with his necktie.

She took the metal egg and stuck it up his ass and put one of the coin electrodes in a shot glass. Then she added some water with a pinch of salt. Carla then turned the power control to near zero and set the glass on the table and pushed Mr. Jensen up to stand in front of it. She placed his dickhead in the electrified water and slowly turned up the power. His wrinkled old dick started for fill with blood as the stimulation began. She put ice in the water and turned the power back down. His cock shrunk back and she laughed and taunted her subject. “What happened to that little wrinkle worm?” she called. “Did it get scared?” Then she took a deeper tumbler and filled it with ice water and stuck his dick completely in instead of just the tip. His cock shriveled even more in the ice water bath. She let him just sit there blindfolded and hooded. He was her’s for now and she enjoyed making him do her bidding. She got a wash cloth and filled it with ice and wrapped it around his balls freezing them and shrinking them up against his body. She said nothing and just let him lose all feeling and become numb. Mr. Jensen’s dick had shrunk to the size of his pinkie finger and his balls were sucked up inside his torso in hiding.

“Your little dick turned into a clit now Mrs. Jensen. I guess you have a pussy instead of balls, what happened?” she taunted him. Mr. Jensen was in shock he had not expected things to flip like this. Carla had taken charge and he had been transformed to a blinded helpless situation he had never experienced.

Carla pushed him back against the wall and took her stocking and tied his hands to a door knob. He was pretty helpless. Then she got down on her knees silently in front of him. She took the wash cloth full of ice away from his balls and then took is frozen dick into her warm mouth. He was so numb that he could hardly feel her attention. He was trapped and controlled and desensitized. She had him reduced to nothing. Now she slowly began to bring him back. Carla gulped his dick and tongue licked it end to end. She sucked his balls out of hiding and heated them in her mouth. She fingered his ass and tickled his prostrate gland inside. His erection came to life and his balls thawed out of hibernation. She gland fingered him inside and stroked his fluids to life. The skillful fingering up his ass took over and his balls felt the prostrate fluid being squeezed out by Carla’s digital probing. He moaned under his hood and she smiled at her mastery of the situation. She backed off on her sucking and just let her prostrate stimulation take over and work up his release. It was slow but relentless. Her pressure forced involuntary response that began to contract up his dick and transport his juice. The pre cum reached her mouth and she savored his taste. Then he groaned and mumbled under his shrouded head cover. It felt good and he was unable to see what was happening to him. He had gone from ice cold to full heat and was naked and bound to a door knob. It was crazyness and he was disoriented. The his dick caught fire and his gland released all control of his semen. He shot hard into Carla’s mouth and she sucked in all and swallowed his jizz. “Mmm good! That taste is what I needed!” she murmured. “Give me your seeds. I need that nut juice to sustain me. Give it all.”

He was shaken and taken. Never had he come so hard like that. He never had a prostrate job and the ice and electric prelude had him lost in a world of new sensations. Carla unbound his hands and pulled the hood of his head. She kissed him passionately on his lips and held him close and pressed her breasts against his naked flesh. “You know I love you Mr. Jensen!” she said. “You will always be taken care of and I know you will take care of me. Our special bond is just an occasional thrill but, it is hot and you need to know I feel it.” She looked him in the eyes and then went and got dressed in her more conservative business outfit. She now looked like a lawyer or court reporter not a sexy escort or whore house slut. She did it all from big business to nasty ranch fuck. She was confident about her future and her bosses son had shown her some new electrical tricks.

Mr. Jensen straightened himself up in his suit and they went down to the lobby it was mid afternoon and they had accomplished a great deal. They went out on the street and walked to a small bar for a drink. The left their investors to their hotel and toasted their fun and profits. He took his briefcase and signed over tens of thousands of warrants to Carla after the IPO they would be worth a couple of dollars but, if the company moved forward a few years from now, when they were exercised it could be in the millions. Then he signed over a couple of thousand shares. They would be worth $80,000 at face value in a few months at the IPO and if it took off it could go much higher to a quarter million or more.

Not bad for a day’s work for a bad girl she thought. She had just one small drink since she was pregnant. A celebratory sip was ok but, she had to think about her child too. They went back to Jensen’s office and she asked him if he would take a turn on her tit sucking need. She told him she was intending to induce lactation and would appreciate his occasional help on her strict schedule. He happily complied with her request and she finished her work day and headed home to her waiting husband Bruce. Jensen had the driver deliver the train set and electrical kit to her house at his son’s request. He and his son both got their rocks off on Carla’s talent that day and they both wanted to show their how much it meant to them.

Back at home Bruce was waiting for his hot-wife to return. She had been scheduled to work her regular office job and he had no idea she had made tens of thousands of dollars soon and perhaps millions in the not to distant future. Carla looked a little thrashed. He tasted the alcohol in her mouth and her clothes were not quite as neat ofter her last tit suckling session. He wondered what she had been up to but, he never questioned her about her sex work. She would tell him if he asked or if she wanted to share it. He knew she had some skills and she knew how to capitalize on them.

Carla made a salad and set the table. She kissed her husband deeply and cupped his dick in her hand before they sat down to eat. They chatted about her lactation progress. Her boobs felt like they were undergoing changes and getting ready to excrete their gifts soon. After dinner she wanted to get hooked up to the goat milking machine again and she wanted to give Bruce an electric fuck while she did. They finished the salad and she got up and prepared a pasta sauce and served some fresh noodles. The slow dining gave them time to be together and the process was part of the enjoyment of the meal.

After the light dinner she massaged Bruce’s shoulders as he sat at the table. She told him she had something new she wanted to try and then cleared the table. She went and took a shower and changed into a silk short kimono called a hapi coat. Then she got out the train set and set it up on the coffee table. Bruce watched the tiny train circling the little buildings and wondered if she had been to a toy store or met a hobbyist at work. He massaged his wife’s feet and had an after dinner cocktail. After a while Carla got up and brought the metal case with the electrical toys in it. She told Bruce to change into his bath robe and come back to the sofa. The trains circled the table and as the lights dimmed outside the little engine’s headlight explored the little town on the table in the twilight.

Bruce sat down on the couch and Carla had him lie back on the sofa. She told him to close his eyes and relax and she taped one of the coin electrodes on his thigh near his groin. She took the wire lead and plugged him to the train transformer. Then she took the metal egg and wired it up and covered it with the conductive gel. She warmed the metal in her hands and then adjusted the power to a low setting. Then Carla contacted his cock shaft just above his balls and his dick twitched with the muscle stimulating effect. She worked it up towards the end but, returned before touching his glans. With her other hand she turned up the voltage gradually and watched his face and dick for reactions. His head shook with involuntary movement. His dick twitched at her fingers electric command. With on hand she played the power and the other wandered with the stimulator. He started to show a rhythmic pulsation moving up his dick. She turned up the power and traced up and down his shaft. The color of his skin turned flushed and reddened as she turned up the voltage. His face shuddered and she knew he as close. Carla turned up the power one more little notch and put the electrode firmly against the most sensitive part of his dick head and held it there. She watched the fluid working up his plumbing tube and the first precum at the opening. He suddenly humped his hips up and shot a spurt and then another. He blew hard like a pressure washer and hit his own face and shot semen all over his chest as he lay there. Carla held the power on and he kept squirting more and more. It was a flow of large proportion. Then she stopped and undid the electrode on his crotch. She kissed him and licked up his sperm mess. She cleaned her husband with her mouth and then she told him to open his eyes and see the apparatus.

The simplicity surprised him. Toy train technology and some soldered connections were the basis of the pleasure machine. He wondered who or where the contraption came from. He went down on Carla and pushed her back on the couch to lick her pussy. She was clean and tasty with no sign of her day of nasty come dumping there. He ate her slowly and made her come at his tongue’s command. It made him hard to smell and taste her hot pussy and he wanted to fuck her deep.

Carla got up after she came and brought out the milking machine from the kitchen. She hooked up the goat milking system to her nipples and switched on the power. Then she hooked up an electrode to another egg and stuck its gel covered mass into her ass. She plugged in the other egg and stuffed it into her husband’s ass and took the control in hand. The goat milker worked her tits rhythmically and she felt her mammary glands coming to life. The nipple stimulation went straight to her pussy too and then her husband stuck his electrified dick into her nipple fired cunt slit. She was electrified like nothing she could imagine. Even without moving or stroking the milking machine had her on the verge and Bruce’s electrified cock was like a magic want that could send her over the edge with a single touch. She was on fire and she loved it. Carla shook and quivered and came like she never had before. She was turned on literally and she was aroused emotionally and fucked physically…. It was incredible and it was just getting started. Bruce would go longer on his second round and he fucked her brains loose. He stuck her and poked her and hit every power point inside and out. He ground his pubic bone into her hooded clitoris and mashed it until she came there again and again. Her g-spot felt his expert penetrating positioning she shook and moaned wildely. Her tits began to secrete just a few drops but, the new sensation added another dimension to her lost in space feeling. She was in the clouds and past the moon. Her spirit flew around like a lost bird in the room. She gasped for air and sweated all over and cried tears of love for her husband. She turned off the power on their electrodes and the milking machine. She unhitched her tits and then just let her husband fuck her until he climaxed. She felt it coming and asked him to save a little for her raw nipples. He pumped is load deep and pulled out the last squirt for her bosom’s request. She massaged his healing fluid on to her tattered tit points and felt a little of her own milk oozing from the spongy tissue. Now she knew the sex charged breast feeling the Gaucho Girls were getting with their constant lactation. “It is starting to flow Bruce,” she said. “Soon you can feed on my nourishment and take my gift.”

Amy and the Boxer

After a fight, Max loved to fuck. He was that kind of 
guy. Fighting and fucking was pretty much the same 
thing to him. It was all about power. He wasn't what 
you would call handsome. Not in a conventional way, but 
if you went for muscular animalistic brute force, then 
you might consider him a real find. The girls generally 
went for him...that is until they saw his dick. That 
was another thing about Max, his dick. It was freakish. 
big cock

Even a cock hungry bitch wanted out when she got a look 
at that cunt buster. Max didn't get to fuck nearly as 
much as he wanted to because his dick was too damned 
big. So after a boxing match, when he was all sweaty 
and bruised and sometimes bleeding, he liked to arrange 
a little something special for himself. A little reward 
for doing his best you might say. 

Boxing arenas are depressing places anyway. The 
lighting always reminds you of a prison or something. 
The air is dank like a basement, and the smell of sweat 
and bodies in close proximity never leaves. It's a 
lonely place too after a match when the crowd has gone 
home, leaving the floor littered with garbage for the 
janitors to clean up. This was the sight that greeted 
twenty-eight year old Steve Loccia and his ten-year-old 
daughter Amy. 

"It's creepy..." Amy said, looking around at the empty 
arena, wrinkling her cute little nose at the smell. 

"Yeah, sure is." Steve felt his dick twitch in his 
pants. This was the night. The big night of his life. 
The night he had been waiting forever since that bitch 
of his ex-wife took Amy and deserted him. " The 
dressing rooms I this way I think." Steve had a hand on 
Amy's slender little shoulder and steered her up a 

When they entered the dressing room, heads turned. Max 
was seated on a table, a towel over his lap, his hands 
still bandaged from the fight. He looked a little out 
of it cause he had taken quite a beating. Max's manager 
turned toward the door, and a big smile covered his 
ugly round face. 

"Well, well, well, the cunt is here! Party time." 

"Huh?" Max said, trying to focus on the door. "Fuck, 
she sure is. Hi there. Ugh, you must be Steve and Amy." 

Steve blushed. Amy looked scared. "I'm Steve Loccia and 
this is my ten year old daughter Amy. Just like I 

"She's even prettier than her picture." Harvey the 
manager said, not evening trying to hide the growing 
lump in his stained baggy trousers. "You sure you want 
this?" He asked Steve, one eyebrow arched. 

"Jesus... Harvey you ass-wipe, you wanna talk him out 
of it or what?" Max said. "Sure he wants it. He knows 
what's best for the little cunt." Max wiped one forearm 
across his sweat slick face. "Bring the little twat 
closer, let me get a look at her." 

"There was, ah... a matter of money?" Steve asked. He 
was sweating too, but from the fear of having to deal 
with these kinds of men. He was way out of his league. 

"Do you buy a car without taking it for a test drive?" 
Max asked? 

"Daddy what's going on?" Amy asked, holding her 
father's hand more tightly. 

"Ok, rules. No talking, Bitch, without permission. I 
hate a cunt with a gabby mouth. Bitch mouth is for one 
thing and one thing only, dick."

Steve patted Amy on the shoulder. "Shhh, honey, it's 
going to be all right. She's never done anything 
like... well... anything at all before." 

Harvey smiled. "That's what we're paying for."

"Come closer Twat, let me get a look at you..." Max 
said. "She looks good enough to eat. Pay the man, 

Harvey handed Steve a gym bag full of money. "Now don't 
spend it all in one place. That's quite a bundle 

"You'll take good care of her?" 

"We'll fuck her brains out. Anything else you gotta 
know?" Max smiled, showing some pretty damaged teeth. 

Steve looked a bit guilty, but the money felt good in 
his arms. "ugh, okay. Should I go?" 

"Daddy..." Amy said, holding on to her father's arm. 

"No, stick around a little until we get things going, 
just so we know she'll behave. I'm a boxer, not a 
parent you know." Max leaned in toward Amy. "Now little 
bitch, hows about taking off your clothes and showing 
us your pretty pink little body." 

"Daddy, do I gotta?" 

"Amy, I told you, you have to do whatever the nice man 
tells you to do." 

"Nice man, yeah," Harvey laughed, rubbing his dick lump 

"Why do I gotta take off my clothes..." 

SLAP YOU AROUND SOME..." Max could be very threatening 
when he grew impatient. 

Amy began to strip. Now Steve was a pretty normal guy. 
He had never been into little kids. I mean, teenagers 
sure... he liked some high school honey with big fact that's what had ruined his marriage. His 
wife had found him fucking the guts out of a fourteen-
year-old freshman cheerleader. But not little kids. 

But then again, when he saw Amy strip for the two 
brutes, his dick did get hard. He'd seen Amy without 
clothes plenty of times and it never dawned on him that 
she was cunt. She was his kid after all, and we see our 
own kids differently. But suddenly standing there with 
the bag full of money and a new future before him, 
Steve saw his daughter as cunt. As fresh young twat. It 
was remarkable. 

Amy had stripped down to her pretty pink panties. Her 
chest was still pretty flat with soft putty like 
nipples, cute as all get out. Her body was thin and 
pale. Her legs really slender and her little ass in the 
panties all round and inviting. 

"Oh Man, I can't wait to fuck that ass," Max said. 
"Take off the panties Hole, and let's see some baby 

"I don't wanna be naked," Amy said, tears in her pretty 

Max had to laugh. "Aw, come on Cuntface, don't be a 
little baby. I'm naked too under my towel here. And I 
got something real special to show you. So take off the 
pretty pink panties and show me your hairless little 

To a lug like Max, the female race was only made for 
one thing. The pleasure of his dick. Sorry, but that's 
how he saw it. He was damned if he could think of 
another purpose for them. I guess he was old fashioned 
that way. 

Amy looked to her father, who nodded for her to comply. 
Suddenly he wanted to see his daughter's little cunt as 
well. He wanted her to have to show it to other guys. 
That was hot. Amy sniffled back some tears and lowered 
her panties. She stepped out of them and then stood up, 
her hands in front of her hairless little twat-mound. 

"Ah, ah, ah, little cocksucker to be... put your hands 
at your side like a good little fuckhole and show us 
the goodies." 

Amy stood stiffly, her bare toes curling on the cold 
cement floor. She moved her hands to her side and Max 
and Harvey leaned in closer to get a good look at her 
perfect little ten-year-old pussy lips. Even her father 
moved around to get a better look. 

"Oh my, what a pretty little cunt you have. Like a 
little flower. That's a real beauty Dick-drain." 

Amy scowled, "My name is Amy, not those nasty things 
you call me." 

"Your name is whatever the fuck I want it to be. And 
pretty soon your name will be "Stretched Holes" Amy and 
if you don't watch your smart mouth, your name will be 
Dead Amy. Got that?" 

Steve closed his eyes. "Oh Jesus," he moaned as his 
hard dick almost shot off in his pants. 

Max leaned down a bit. "Okay, Little Miss Amy... Twat-
face, Cunt-hole, Slop-slut, piece of Shit, come a 
little closer so we can get a good look at your pre-
teen pussy." Amy was so scared, she obeyed, moving in 
closer to the drooling men. 

"Spread your pussy lips for us a little, show us some 

"Christ, look how small it is boss." Harvey leaned down 
so he was inches from Amy's pussy. The little girl put 
her fingers to her cunt lips and pulled them apart. It 
felt really strange. 

"Come on, Bitch, you can do better than that. Do it 
like you do in your bedroom at night when you're 
thinking about the boys at your school. I know how you 
dick hungry ten year olds are, twats leaking all over 
the seats of the school desks all day. Pull them apart 
further!" The tone of his request left no room for 

Amy tugged at her delicate cuntlips, they parted and 
showed a bright pink interior. She felt funny all over, 
a strange sensation, kind of tingly. 

"Look how they slut loves showing her stuff. They're 
all the same. They act so shy and innocent, but inside 
they are cock crazy sluts. You can't believe a cunt, 
Mr. Loccia, or can I call you Steve? Take my word for 
it, if you hadn't sold the bitch to us, before the year 
was out, this little whore would be hanging around the 
high school locker rooms, flashing those older jock 
boys her pussy. The reason she'd be hanging around the 
high school, Steve, is because every goddamned boy in 
the sixth, seventh and eighth grade would already have 
fucked her. Bitches like her will fuck five or six boys 
a day at school and still want more. Can't get enough 
Cock. Well, Little Miss Amy, today you will get enough 
cock. Today is your lucky day. You are going to get 
more cock in your holes than most girls can stand!" 

With that Max threw off the towel to reveal his amazing 
thirteen-inch long baseball bat thick prick. It was 
fucking awesome. 

"Holy Jesus, " Steve stuttered. "She'll... she'll never 
be able to take that."

Harvey smiled. "Yeah we know, that's why we paid you so 
much. Which hole you gonna bust open first, Boss?" 

"Well, let's start with a little gentle mouth action. 
While she is learning to lick and suck dick and balls, 
you can be fingering her asshole and pussy to loosen it 
up for my fuckmeat." 

"Daddy..." Amy sobbed. 

"Be a good girl Amy, and obey the nice man." Steve 
commanded, rubbing his hard dick. 

Max smiled. "You're going to get fucked Amy. Fucked in 
the mouth and cunt and ass. Fucked by me and Harvey and 
even your Daddy if he wants in. My treat, he can still 
keep the money. I love to see a guy fucking his own 
daughter, it warms my heart. You are going to become 
real good friends with men's dicks Honey. Men's big fat 
fuck hoses are going to become your playmates. You are 
going to be taking dick morning noon and night. 

"A lot of fight promoters will give me good matches if 
I provide some pre-teen slut pussy for them. That is of 
course, if you even survive my massive hung of 
fuckmeat. Older girls than you have not made it, I 
gotta warn you. See I fuck like I fight. I give it all 
I got. Oh baby, you are going to be so opened 
fucking stretched in every way imaginable. And if you 
survive my dick, you get my fist, so you see, the fun 
just keeps coming. So let's get the party going should 

"Yeah..." Steve whispered and shot off in his pants. 


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Bbw 3sum

Emily thought that her late-night trip to the library on Valentines Day would be a short jaunt. Drive in, get the textbook she needed for class, check out and get home to her loving husband, who hopefully had a Valentines’ surprise waiting for her. She hadn’t exactly dressed for the occasion; her curvy 5’4″ frame was still draped in the white button-up blouse, black skirt, and hair put up in a bun that she’d worn to church several hours earlier. Yet as Emily found the book, brought it to the checkout counter and got her library card swiped with just a glance exchanged with the librarian, a tall figure glancing through the books arrayed on the shelves caught her eye.


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Bbw erotic stories – My dream come true

I had taken a break from CP for two years. My marriage still sucked just as badly as before- even grew worse in some ways- but I was parenting young children and working and attending school. I was exhausted but suffering mentally. So I decided to re activate my membership and come back to the best website in the world. As I looked around, I was pleasantly surprised to see several of my favorite members still here. I sent a few PMs and then received one that blew me away. It was a guy I had talked to a few times before during my first CP run. We had exchanged a few PMs before, but this time something seemed to click between us. I decided to go meet him. This was huge for me because I had played with locals but never had I ever flew to meet a guy. I will call him Frankie. Frankie told me that he would be traveling on business and I could come and visit him. So we exchanged texts and skyped a few times the week before I was to meet him. I realized that I was looking forward to this meeting more and more with each day.
On a Friday, I boarded the plane to go north. My stomach was in knots as I waited for take off. I was listening to music on my ipad trying to calm down. The excitement was getting to be too much. My nipples were constantly hard and my pussy was wetter by the second. After an uneventful flight, I arrived at the airport and took a cab to Frankie’s hotel. The cab driver made small talk as he drove and then he asked me if he could come up to my room for a few minutes because I was such a beautiful lady. I laughed and told him that I was already meeting someone. And then, I saw him. Frankie got out of his car and walked ahead of me into the hotel.


bbw porngif

I paid the cab driver and told him to leave. I walked into the hotel anxious for what was to come. I walked to the door of the room. It was unlatched and he was waiting on me to come in. I took a deep breath and pushed the door open. He was standing there looking sexy as hell even after working hard all day long. I walked into the room and he came to meet me and greet me with a passionate kiss. Our tongues swirled together and I gently bit his lip. We exchanged a few words- to be honest I don’t remember exactly what was said. I just thought about what a great kisser he was and that I couldn’t wait to get his cock in my mouth. I pulled down the top of my dress and my bra and showed him my huge tits. He immediately took my nipples into his mouth and I threw my head back and moaned. It felt so good. I couldn’t wait any longer, so I reached down and felt his cock through his pants. It was so hard! My pussy soaked as I imagined him fucking me. I told him that I needed a shower after traveling all day and asked him to join me. We went into the shower and could not keep our hands off of each other. We were kissing and then he slid his fingers into my wet cunt. Standing there. Naked. Looking into his eyes and holding onto his arms and shoulders he made me cum for the first time in a very long time. I quickly washed my body to get out because I could not wait to have his big thick cock inside of me. After getting out, I began to get dressed for him. I had a black satin and lace robe, bra, and thong set. I also put on black thigh high stockings and my black patent leather fuck me pumps. He came out of the bathroom and sat on the bed watching me get dressed. His cock was still rock hard and the look in his eyes screamed desire. I walked over and climbed on the bed beside him. Then I leaned down and took him into my little red mouth. If there is one thing I love to do- it is suck cock. I can do it all day every day and never get tired. His cock was such a joy to suck. Nice and thick. firm. just the right length to show him that I did not have a gag reflex. I began to fuck him with my mouth. Taking him deep into my throat before stopping to suck the head. Then, I would lick the underside and his balls before taking him deep into my throat again. After a while of this, he was not able to wait anymore and said he was going to cum. I grew even more wet wanting to taste his cum. I began to suck harder and faster. Wanting to drain him. When he came, it tasted amazing. I’ve sucked a lot of different dicks and swallowed a lot of cum. Some taste salty, others bitter, some bland, but his was sweet- like pineapple. I couldn’t wait for more. Then it was time for the main event. I could tell that fucking him was going to be epic. How could he stay so rock hard after cumming is beyond me, but I was going to take advantage of it. We fucked in several different positions that time- and each one was better and better. My favorite was when I was lying on my back on the edge of the bed. He was standing holding my legs and really pounding my pussy. I loved how this let him see his cock entering my pussy and exactly how wet he was making me. Hearing him call me his cum sucking slut and asking how I liked him fucking me was taking my pleasure to new heights. He made me cum at least twice that time and when we were both spent we collapsed onto the bed. This was only the first hour of what was to be a very fun weekend and I knew right then that I was addicted to his cock.

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A Moment in Vietnam (MF, anal, asian, surprise)

I'm not sure how this started but the incident sticks 
in my mind because of the gecko--you know, that little 
lizard in Asian countries... Well, there I was, knees 
on either side of her buttocks, hands spreading her ass 
to get a better look at my cock, which was completely 
embedded balls-deep and unmoving in Jui's anus.

I was simply enjoying the contraction of her butt 
around my hard cock. Those spasms somehow managed to 
squeeze the entire length of my cock from its base 
(surrounded by the coral ring of her distended anus) to 
the tip of my throbbing penis buried in her intestines.

I wasn't looking at anything in particular when I 
rolled my head back inhaling the sweet odor of the 
local weed that floated in swirly clouds through the 
dense air of the hut. We had just put the bong aside 
and paused in our ass-fucking to absorb the drug. Her 
tiny little buttocks pushed up and back, twisting 
slightly to bend my cock at the root, again gripping my 
shaft so tightly my eyes watered. God, just sitting on 
her ass as she fucked my cock so sweetly was better 
than all the lousy greedy crap I had been dipping my 
dick into. 

Forget the pro's I had been in--just give me a sweet 
farm girl like Jui to flip over in the morning, plow 
that furrow and do my level best to shoot some good old 
American come into whatever orifice happened to be 

Jui was grunting pretty regularly now... about every 
third time she raised her butt to push my cock into her 
ass a low groan escaped her lips. And God Bless her 
pagan ass, each time she pushed back, I was treated to 
a cock-squeezing from her intestinal canal.

Reaching up to grip her hair, I pulled it into a pair 
of reins, and dragged her head back and started to ride 
that sweet little ass, slowly pulling out a little and 
plunging back in pushing her anus inward as I stuck my 
cock in to the root. Now those grunts were a lot more 
frequent, matching my cock's descent into her body. 

I had half the length of my prick sunk in on the 
outstroke and all seven inches driven in at the pause. 
You see, I like to wait for a few seconds when my cock 
is completely buried in a nice tight little Vietnamese 
butt -- to savor the involuntary little embraces of 
love... I could feel the muscle ridges of her ass 
caress my cockhead as it passed back and forth. The 
heat of her butt was even greater than the stifling 
tropical air of the late afternoon. And the sweat, 
running down in streams off my chest lubed my cock each 
time I managed to forcibly pull out of her gripping 

Jesus, for a second there I thought she might just rip 
my cock off at the root and leave it stuck up her rear! 
If it hadn't been for the slippery suntan oil stuffed 
up her asshole and rubbed on my cock, I might have 
never gotten out of her...a crazy image of trying to 
return to the states with a Vietnamese girl anally 
impaled on my stiff cock crossed my mind. "Anything to 
declare, sir?"... 

Now here is where I am kind of confused. Something 
happened, some noise or breath of air in the close 
confines of the hut but my eyes focused suddenly and 
with my head tossed back like that as I concentrated on 
enjoying the fuck I saw the damn thing. It was on the 
cross-member of the ceiling, moving slowly in the oven-
like heat, each step deliberate.

You must understand I didn't expect to see anything 
moving! I'm not afraid of 'em; it just took me by 
surprise. But I guess I do hate the silent slimy little 
fuckers. Geckos. You remember? Kind of like a lizard 
but without scales--skin as smooth as Hells Slide. 
Anyway, I was brought back to reality with a jolt and 
accidentally stuck my entire cock back in her ass in 
one quick motion. And, the sequence of events being 
inescapable, she gave a convulsive squeeze, bearing 
down on my cock, milking it for all she was worth.

I had a lot of apologizing to do and promises to make 
before Jui would let me ass fuck her again. And all 
because of a damn lizard...