Cheerlader sex stories

On the last Saturday of the month the senior cheerleader squad headed to Tonya’s house for their regular sleepovers, and Brittany couldn’t wait. Of all the parents houses it was a preferred destination for all of them.Tonya’s basement resembled a nightclub complete with shag carpet, video games, pool table, recessed lights and of course a bar. Tonya’s dad had disabled the beer taps and locked up the liquor, but the soda dispenser still worked and the girls were invited to help themselves.

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21 bday erotic story

I had just turned 21 a few weeks before the night that I stayed home with my parents drinking. We were all a little tipsy when a few of their friends stopped by. It was a couple and another man. The man was attractive, but well into his late 50’s or early 60’s. I noticed that he was nice looking when he introduced himself to me, but I didn’t think anything of it. I had never been with anyone over 25 and had never wanted to either. Everyone sat around talking and drinking for a few hours. I was pretty d***k by the time that the couple decided to go home. The older man and myself had been talking quite a bit. He had a grandaughter just a few years younger than me. My parents said that they were tired and were about ready for bed. The older man told them that he just wanted to finish his beer and then he’d be going home. They asked if it was okay if they went on to their room, and he was welcome to stay as long as he wanted.

I must admit that I didn’t mind talking to him one bit. He was older, but he didn’t act his age. During conversation it came up that I had just had my birthday about a week ago. He said he was sorry that he didn’t have anything to give me. We both kind of laughed.. not that it was that funny, but we were just that d***k. I loved the attention that this man was giving me. After a while, I forgot about his age, and was actually getting quite turned on by him.

I was wearing a low cut shirt that just showed a little bit of cleavage, and a skirt with no panties. I started feeling a little frisky. I was beginning to wonder if he would be interested in me, and I couldn’t help but stare at his crotch through his pants and wonder how big it was. I’m sure that he noticed, but I didn’t care. I crossed my arms and leaned over just a little so he had a great view of the cleavage that my shirt was showing. I think that I could tell that the bulge in his pants actually got a little bigger. When I realized this I could feel my pussy starting to get moist. The thought that this man wanted me drove me crazy. And I couldn’t help but tease him a little more. I crossed my legs in a way that my skirt would come up very high and I thought that he’d be able to see a little bit of my ass. And once again I could see his cock getting just a little bit harder. He must of thought that I didn’t mean to turn him on, because then he said that he didn’t want to make me stay up entertaining him and that he probably should be going. I reassured him that I was having a good time with him, and that I would appreciate the company because I’d be up late anyway. I told him I hated drinking alone. He seemed to be happy with my answer and told me that he would stay until I told him to go home.

I wanted to see just how much I could turn this man on before he would make a pass at me, and if he would actually make a pass at me. I uncrossed my legs and during about 4 or 5 minutes slowly spread them wider and wider until I was sure that he could see a little bit of my bald pussy. I was now soaking wet imaging what this man could do to my young cunt. When my legs were spread I saw his cock grow huge under his tight pants. I knew that he wanted to fuck what he was looking at. I spread my legs even wider, layed back on the sofa, and put my hand on my thigh then lifted my skirt up slightly. I tried to play this off like I was just so d***k I didn’t realize what I was doing. I told him that we could go back into my room, so we wouldn’t wake my parents since we were talking a little bit loud. I think I said something about watching a tape that I had back there.

When he sat down on my bed I could still see his huge cock under his pants. I told him that I was uncomfortable and wanted to put on something else. I went into my bathroom and came out with only a big t-shirt on. He then realized completely what I wanted from him. He told me that I was a bad girl. I liked the way that his personality changed. He ordered me to take off my shirt and lay down. I layed there and let this old man lick my cunt and I loved it. He knew exactly what I wanted. He reached up and twisted my nipples. I loved the way that he would lick my clit then tongue fuck me, and then slide his tongue down to my asshole. I had never had my ass eaten, but I came almost instantly when he started to slip his tongue around and around my virgin ass. He moved up and started kissing me his face was covered in my juices. He slipped two fingers into my pussy while we were kissing each other. He moved his fingers right to my spot and I let out a loud moan. He covered my mouth and said that I didn’t want my parents to wake up. He kept his hand on my mouth as he teased my pussy with his fingers until I came all over him.

He then took off his pants and asked me if I liked to suck cock. I told him that I loved it. He said that I wasn’t good enough to suck his huge cock, because I was such a little slut. He told me I had better bend over and let him spank me and teach me a lesson. He started out hitting my bare ass very hard with his hand, but told me to beg for more. I did everything that he asked, and soon he had his belt hitting me with that, and telling me to call him daddy.

Next he told me to lie spread eagle on the bed. I did as he wished. He took his belt and tied my hands above my head to the post on my headboard. He then went through my drawers looking for 2 more belts to use to tie up my feet. He didn’t find a belt, but he did find my stash of sex toys and tapes. He again called me a little fucking whore. This time he came beside me on the bed and slapped me in the face with his cock. He brought the virbrator and dildo over and layed them beside me. He looked through the tapes I had and picked one out and put in the VCR. He laied beside me began to tickle my clit with my vibrator as we watched the orgy that was on the tv. Then he took the big dildo (which I never put all the way inside me) and shoved it completely into my wet pussy. I almost cried. I had thought the dildo was huge and would never be able to take it all. He laughed at me and said he had to get me ready because his cock was 2 inches bigger than that. He began to work the rubber dick in and out of me faster and faster until I almost came. He could see my body begin to tense up and he stopped fucking me.

He took the dildo and shoved it down my throat calling me a cocksucking little bitch and telling me to lick my pussy juice off of that dick. After I had cleaned the fake cock he climbed on top of me and quickly rammed his giant cock inside of my dripping cunt. It was the best feeling I had ever had even though it did hurt. I begged for him to go faster. He grabbed my hair and told me to shut my cumdrinking mouth, he was going to fuck my pussy how he wanted to. He fucked me harder and deeper than anyone had before. I had orgasm after orgasm. I lost count of how many times I came on his cock.

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Amy and the Boxer

After a fight, Max loved to fuck. He was that kind of 
guy. Fighting and fucking was pretty much the same 
thing to him. It was all about power. He wasn't what 
you would call handsome. Not in a conventional way, but 
if you went for muscular animalistic brute force, then 
you might consider him a real find. The girls generally 
went for him...that is until they saw his dick. That 
was another thing about Max, his dick. It was freakish. 
big cock

Even a cock hungry bitch wanted out when she got a look 
at that cunt buster. Max didn't get to fuck nearly as 
much as he wanted to because his dick was too damned 
big. So after a boxing match, when he was all sweaty 
and bruised and sometimes bleeding, he liked to arrange 
a little something special for himself. A little reward 
for doing his best you might say. 

Boxing arenas are depressing places anyway. The 
lighting always reminds you of a prison or something. 
The air is dank like a basement, and the smell of sweat 
and bodies in close proximity never leaves. It's a 
lonely place too after a match when the crowd has gone 
home, leaving the floor littered with garbage for the 
janitors to clean up. This was the sight that greeted 
twenty-eight year old Steve Loccia and his ten-year-old 
daughter Amy. 

"It's creepy..." Amy said, looking around at the empty 
arena, wrinkling her cute little nose at the smell. 

"Yeah, sure is." Steve felt his dick twitch in his 
pants. This was the night. The big night of his life. 
The night he had been waiting forever since that bitch 
of his ex-wife took Amy and deserted him. " The 
dressing rooms I this way I think." Steve had a hand on 
Amy's slender little shoulder and steered her up a 

When they entered the dressing room, heads turned. Max 
was seated on a table, a towel over his lap, his hands 
still bandaged from the fight. He looked a little out 
of it cause he had taken quite a beating. Max's manager 
turned toward the door, and a big smile covered his 
ugly round face. 

"Well, well, well, the cunt is here! Party time." 

"Huh?" Max said, trying to focus on the door. "Fuck, 
she sure is. Hi there. Ugh, you must be Steve and Amy." 

Steve blushed. Amy looked scared. "I'm Steve Loccia and 
this is my ten year old daughter Amy. Just like I 

"She's even prettier than her picture." Harvey the 
manager said, not evening trying to hide the growing 
lump in his stained baggy trousers. "You sure you want 
this?" He asked Steve, one eyebrow arched. 

"Jesus... Harvey you ass-wipe, you wanna talk him out 
of it or what?" Max said. "Sure he wants it. He knows 
what's best for the little cunt." Max wiped one forearm 
across his sweat slick face. "Bring the little twat 
closer, let me get a look at her." 

"There was, ah... a matter of money?" Steve asked. He 
was sweating too, but from the fear of having to deal 
with these kinds of men. He was way out of his league. 

"Do you buy a car without taking it for a test drive?" 
Max asked? 

"Daddy what's going on?" Amy asked, holding her 
father's hand more tightly. 

"Ok, rules. No talking, Bitch, without permission. I 
hate a cunt with a gabby mouth. Bitch mouth is for one 
thing and one thing only, dick."

Steve patted Amy on the shoulder. "Shhh, honey, it's 
going to be all right. She's never done anything 
like... well... anything at all before." 

Harvey smiled. "That's what we're paying for."

"Come closer Twat, let me get a look at you..." Max 
said. "She looks good enough to eat. Pay the man, 

Harvey handed Steve a gym bag full of money. "Now don't 
spend it all in one place. That's quite a bundle 

"You'll take good care of her?" 

"We'll fuck her brains out. Anything else you gotta 
know?" Max smiled, showing some pretty damaged teeth. 

Steve looked a bit guilty, but the money felt good in 
his arms. "ugh, okay. Should I go?" 

"Daddy..." Amy said, holding on to her father's arm. 

"No, stick around a little until we get things going, 
just so we know she'll behave. I'm a boxer, not a 
parent you know." Max leaned in toward Amy. "Now little 
bitch, hows about taking off your clothes and showing 
us your pretty pink little body." 

"Daddy, do I gotta?" 

"Amy, I told you, you have to do whatever the nice man 
tells you to do." 

"Nice man, yeah," Harvey laughed, rubbing his dick lump 

"Why do I gotta take off my clothes..." 

SLAP YOU AROUND SOME..." Max could be very threatening 
when he grew impatient. 

Amy began to strip. Now Steve was a pretty normal guy. 
He had never been into little kids. I mean, teenagers 
sure... he liked some high school honey with big fact that's what had ruined his marriage. His 
wife had found him fucking the guts out of a fourteen-
year-old freshman cheerleader. But not little kids. 

But then again, when he saw Amy strip for the two 
brutes, his dick did get hard. He'd seen Amy without 
clothes plenty of times and it never dawned on him that 
she was cunt. She was his kid after all, and we see our 
own kids differently. But suddenly standing there with 
the bag full of money and a new future before him, 
Steve saw his daughter as cunt. As fresh young twat. It 
was remarkable. 

Amy had stripped down to her pretty pink panties. Her 
chest was still pretty flat with soft putty like 
nipples, cute as all get out. Her body was thin and 
pale. Her legs really slender and her little ass in the 
panties all round and inviting. 

"Oh Man, I can't wait to fuck that ass," Max said. 
"Take off the panties Hole, and let's see some baby 

"I don't wanna be naked," Amy said, tears in her pretty 

Max had to laugh. "Aw, come on Cuntface, don't be a 
little baby. I'm naked too under my towel here. And I 
got something real special to show you. So take off the 
pretty pink panties and show me your hairless little 

To a lug like Max, the female race was only made for 
one thing. The pleasure of his dick. Sorry, but that's 
how he saw it. He was damned if he could think of 
another purpose for them. I guess he was old fashioned 
that way. 

Amy looked to her father, who nodded for her to comply. 
Suddenly he wanted to see his daughter's little cunt as 
well. He wanted her to have to show it to other guys. 
That was hot. Amy sniffled back some tears and lowered 
her panties. She stepped out of them and then stood up, 
her hands in front of her hairless little twat-mound. 

"Ah, ah, ah, little cocksucker to be... put your hands 
at your side like a good little fuckhole and show us 
the goodies." 

Amy stood stiffly, her bare toes curling on the cold 
cement floor. She moved her hands to her side and Max 
and Harvey leaned in closer to get a good look at her 
perfect little ten-year-old pussy lips. Even her father 
moved around to get a better look. 

"Oh my, what a pretty little cunt you have. Like a 
little flower. That's a real beauty Dick-drain." 

Amy scowled, "My name is Amy, not those nasty things 
you call me." 

"Your name is whatever the fuck I want it to be. And 
pretty soon your name will be "Stretched Holes" Amy and 
if you don't watch your smart mouth, your name will be 
Dead Amy. Got that?" 

Steve closed his eyes. "Oh Jesus," he moaned as his 
hard dick almost shot off in his pants. 

Max leaned down a bit. "Okay, Little Miss Amy... Twat-
face, Cunt-hole, Slop-slut, piece of Shit, come a 
little closer so we can get a good look at your pre-
teen pussy." Amy was so scared, she obeyed, moving in 
closer to the drooling men. 

"Spread your pussy lips for us a little, show us some 

"Christ, look how small it is boss." Harvey leaned down 
so he was inches from Amy's pussy. The little girl put 
her fingers to her cunt lips and pulled them apart. It 
felt really strange. 

"Come on, Bitch, you can do better than that. Do it 
like you do in your bedroom at night when you're 
thinking about the boys at your school. I know how you 
dick hungry ten year olds are, twats leaking all over 
the seats of the school desks all day. Pull them apart 
further!" The tone of his request left no room for 

Amy tugged at her delicate cuntlips, they parted and 
showed a bright pink interior. She felt funny all over, 
a strange sensation, kind of tingly. 

"Look how they slut loves showing her stuff. They're 
all the same. They act so shy and innocent, but inside 
they are cock crazy sluts. You can't believe a cunt, 
Mr. Loccia, or can I call you Steve? Take my word for 
it, if you hadn't sold the bitch to us, before the year 
was out, this little whore would be hanging around the 
high school locker rooms, flashing those older jock 
boys her pussy. The reason she'd be hanging around the 
high school, Steve, is because every goddamned boy in 
the sixth, seventh and eighth grade would already have 
fucked her. Bitches like her will fuck five or six boys 
a day at school and still want more. Can't get enough 
Cock. Well, Little Miss Amy, today you will get enough 
cock. Today is your lucky day. You are going to get 
more cock in your holes than most girls can stand!" 

With that Max threw off the towel to reveal his amazing 
thirteen-inch long baseball bat thick prick. It was 
fucking awesome. 

"Holy Jesus, " Steve stuttered. "She'll... she'll never 
be able to take that."

Harvey smiled. "Yeah we know, that's why we paid you so 
much. Which hole you gonna bust open first, Boss?" 

"Well, let's start with a little gentle mouth action. 
While she is learning to lick and suck dick and balls, 
you can be fingering her asshole and pussy to loosen it 
up for my fuckmeat." 

"Daddy..." Amy sobbed. 

"Be a good girl Amy, and obey the nice man." Steve 
commanded, rubbing his hard dick. 

Max smiled. "You're going to get fucked Amy. Fucked in 
the mouth and cunt and ass. Fucked by me and Harvey and 
even your Daddy if he wants in. My treat, he can still 
keep the money. I love to see a guy fucking his own 
daughter, it warms my heart. You are going to become 
real good friends with men's dicks Honey. Men's big fat 
fuck hoses are going to become your playmates. You are 
going to be taking dick morning noon and night. 

"A lot of fight promoters will give me good matches if 
I provide some pre-teen slut pussy for them. That is of 
course, if you even survive my massive hung of 
fuckmeat. Older girls than you have not made it, I 
gotta warn you. See I fuck like I fight. I give it all 
I got. Oh baby, you are going to be so opened 
fucking stretched in every way imaginable. And if you 
survive my dick, you get my fist, so you see, the fun 
just keeps coming. So let's get the party going should 

"Yeah..." Steve whispered and shot off in his pants. 


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Bbw 3sum

Emily thought that her late-night trip to the library on Valentines Day would be a short jaunt. Drive in, get the textbook she needed for class, check out and get home to her loving husband, who hopefully had a Valentines’ surprise waiting for her. She hadn’t exactly dressed for the occasion; her curvy 5’4″ frame was still draped in the white button-up blouse, black skirt, and hair put up in a bun that she’d worn to church several hours earlier. Yet as Emily found the book, brought it to the checkout counter and got her library card swiped with just a glance exchanged with the librarian, a tall figure glancing through the books arrayed on the shelves caught her eye.


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Bbw erotic stories – My dream come true

I had taken a break from CP for two years. My marriage still sucked just as badly as before- even grew worse in some ways- but I was parenting young children and working and attending school. I was exhausted but suffering mentally. So I decided to re activate my membership and come back to the best website in the world. As I looked around, I was pleasantly surprised to see several of my favorite members still here. I sent a few PMs and then received one that blew me away. It was a guy I had talked to a few times before during my first CP run. We had exchanged a few PMs before, but this time something seemed to click between us. I decided to go meet him. This was huge for me because I had played with locals but never had I ever flew to meet a guy. I will call him Frankie. Frankie told me that he would be traveling on business and I could come and visit him. So we exchanged texts and skyped a few times the week before I was to meet him. I realized that I was looking forward to this meeting more and more with each day.
On a Friday, I boarded the plane to go north. My stomach was in knots as I waited for take off. I was listening to music on my ipad trying to calm down. The excitement was getting to be too much. My nipples were constantly hard and my pussy was wetter by the second. After an uneventful flight, I arrived at the airport and took a cab to Frankie’s hotel. The cab driver made small talk as he drove and then he asked me if he could come up to my room for a few minutes because I was such a beautiful lady. I laughed and told him that I was already meeting someone. And then, I saw him. Frankie got out of his car and walked ahead of me into the hotel.


bbw porngif

I paid the cab driver and told him to leave. I walked into the hotel anxious for what was to come. I walked to the door of the room. It was unlatched and he was waiting on me to come in. I took a deep breath and pushed the door open. He was standing there looking sexy as hell even after working hard all day long. I walked into the room and he came to meet me and greet me with a passionate kiss. Our tongues swirled together and I gently bit his lip. We exchanged a few words- to be honest I don’t remember exactly what was said. I just thought about what a great kisser he was and that I couldn’t wait to get his cock in my mouth. I pulled down the top of my dress and my bra and showed him my huge tits. He immediately took my nipples into his mouth and I threw my head back and moaned. It felt so good. I couldn’t wait any longer, so I reached down and felt his cock through his pants. It was so hard! My pussy soaked as I imagined him fucking me. I told him that I needed a shower after traveling all day and asked him to join me. We went into the shower and could not keep our hands off of each other. We were kissing and then he slid his fingers into my wet cunt. Standing there. Naked. Looking into his eyes and holding onto his arms and shoulders he made me cum for the first time in a very long time. I quickly washed my body to get out because I could not wait to have his big thick cock inside of me. After getting out, I began to get dressed for him. I had a black satin and lace robe, bra, and thong set. I also put on black thigh high stockings and my black patent leather fuck me pumps. He came out of the bathroom and sat on the bed watching me get dressed. His cock was still rock hard and the look in his eyes screamed desire. I walked over and climbed on the bed beside him. Then I leaned down and took him into my little red mouth. If there is one thing I love to do- it is suck cock. I can do it all day every day and never get tired. His cock was such a joy to suck. Nice and thick. firm. just the right length to show him that I did not have a gag reflex. I began to fuck him with my mouth. Taking him deep into my throat before stopping to suck the head. Then, I would lick the underside and his balls before taking him deep into my throat again. After a while of this, he was not able to wait anymore and said he was going to cum. I grew even more wet wanting to taste his cum. I began to suck harder and faster. Wanting to drain him. When he came, it tasted amazing. I’ve sucked a lot of different dicks and swallowed a lot of cum. Some taste salty, others bitter, some bland, but his was sweet- like pineapple. I couldn’t wait for more. Then it was time for the main event. I could tell that fucking him was going to be epic. How could he stay so rock hard after cumming is beyond me, but I was going to take advantage of it. We fucked in several different positions that time- and each one was better and better. My favorite was when I was lying on my back on the edge of the bed. He was standing holding my legs and really pounding my pussy. I loved how this let him see his cock entering my pussy and exactly how wet he was making me. Hearing him call me his cum sucking slut and asking how I liked him fucking me was taking my pleasure to new heights. He made me cum at least twice that time and when we were both spent we collapsed onto the bed. This was only the first hour of what was to be a very fun weekend and I knew right then that I was addicted to his cock.

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A Moment in Vietnam (MF, anal, asian, surprise)

I'm not sure how this started but the incident sticks 
in my mind because of the gecko--you know, that little 
lizard in Asian countries... Well, there I was, knees 
on either side of her buttocks, hands spreading her ass 
to get a better look at my cock, which was completely 
embedded balls-deep and unmoving in Jui's anus.

I was simply enjoying the contraction of her butt 
around my hard cock. Those spasms somehow managed to 
squeeze the entire length of my cock from its base 
(surrounded by the coral ring of her distended anus) to 
the tip of my throbbing penis buried in her intestines.

I wasn't looking at anything in particular when I 
rolled my head back inhaling the sweet odor of the 
local weed that floated in swirly clouds through the 
dense air of the hut. We had just put the bong aside 
and paused in our ass-fucking to absorb the drug. Her 
tiny little buttocks pushed up and back, twisting 
slightly to bend my cock at the root, again gripping my 
shaft so tightly my eyes watered. God, just sitting on 
her ass as she fucked my cock so sweetly was better 
than all the lousy greedy crap I had been dipping my 
dick into. 

Forget the pro's I had been in--just give me a sweet 
farm girl like Jui to flip over in the morning, plow 
that furrow and do my level best to shoot some good old 
American come into whatever orifice happened to be 

Jui was grunting pretty regularly now... about every 
third time she raised her butt to push my cock into her 
ass a low groan escaped her lips. And God Bless her 
pagan ass, each time she pushed back, I was treated to 
a cock-squeezing from her intestinal canal.

Reaching up to grip her hair, I pulled it into a pair 
of reins, and dragged her head back and started to ride 
that sweet little ass, slowly pulling out a little and 
plunging back in pushing her anus inward as I stuck my 
cock in to the root. Now those grunts were a lot more 
frequent, matching my cock's descent into her body. 

I had half the length of my prick sunk in on the 
outstroke and all seven inches driven in at the pause. 
You see, I like to wait for a few seconds when my cock 
is completely buried in a nice tight little Vietnamese 
butt -- to savor the involuntary little embraces of 
love... I could feel the muscle ridges of her ass 
caress my cockhead as it passed back and forth. The 
heat of her butt was even greater than the stifling 
tropical air of the late afternoon. And the sweat, 
running down in streams off my chest lubed my cock each 
time I managed to forcibly pull out of her gripping 

Jesus, for a second there I thought she might just rip 
my cock off at the root and leave it stuck up her rear! 
If it hadn't been for the slippery suntan oil stuffed 
up her asshole and rubbed on my cock, I might have 
never gotten out of her...a crazy image of trying to 
return to the states with a Vietnamese girl anally 
impaled on my stiff cock crossed my mind. "Anything to 
declare, sir?"... 

Now here is where I am kind of confused. Something 
happened, some noise or breath of air in the close 
confines of the hut but my eyes focused suddenly and 
with my head tossed back like that as I concentrated on 
enjoying the fuck I saw the damn thing. It was on the 
cross-member of the ceiling, moving slowly in the oven-
like heat, each step deliberate.

You must understand I didn't expect to see anything 
moving! I'm not afraid of 'em; it just took me by 
surprise. But I guess I do hate the silent slimy little 
fuckers. Geckos. You remember? Kind of like a lizard 
but without scales--skin as smooth as Hells Slide. 
Anyway, I was brought back to reality with a jolt and 
accidentally stuck my entire cock back in her ass in 
one quick motion. And, the sequence of events being 
inescapable, she gave a convulsive squeeze, bearing 
down on my cock, milking it for all she was worth.

I had a lot of apologizing to do and promises to make 
before Jui would let me ass fuck her again. And all 
because of a damn lizard...

Bbw bitch rides her nerd – porn tale

bbw redhead
“Dang it!” I remark as once again I can’t seem to get my Java code to compile. I am feeling frustrated. For the same two hours I have been looking at the same piece of code. I put the computer down when I hear a thunderous noise in the distance.

I know that rumbling. It’s you on your Harley. I hear the distinctive roar of the engine as you pull up in the driveway and hit the kill switch. Riding always puts you in a great mood.

When you come in the door, I notice that you don’t stop to take off your jacket or chaps. When you come into the bedroom I see you dressed head to toe in leather. All 5’11” and 267 pounds of you. The ends of your wavy red hair stick through the helmet.

“Why hello there honey! How was the ride?” I ask, with the biggest grin on my face.

You lift the visor on your helmet.

“Exhilarating,” you say as you sit on the edge of the bed. “Come here, and rub my back,” you say.

“Are you going to take off your helmet?” I ask.

“No, not yet,” you reply.

I cuddle up behind right you and start rubbing your back through your pink leathers. I am snuggled so close to you. My front is touching your back, and I am straddling your legs. It’s the same position as when you take me on the back of your bike.

I can’t explain the feeling when I am next to you. It is not uncommon for me to feel anxious. But when I am around you, I feel loved, and safe. I am yours and that is all that matters. I love it when you are in total control.

What can I say, I am different, ie. nerd like. High school was hell. Persistent teasing, and bullying can cause one to develop a complex. I spent most of my time in the library reading everything I could get my hands on.

You had a different way of dealing with bullies, as you told me. When one of the other teenage girls would mock your weight, you would without hesitation remind them that size does have it’s advantages, and kick their skinny ass. You may have developed a reputation for being a bitch, but who cares! I love a woman who is in control. And, you made it clear, I belong to you!

I massage your back, making you moan in your helmet. You lean back. “You know what feels great?” you ask.

“1500ccs between your legs I bet!” I reply.

“Hmmm that does feel good! But I was thinking of something else.” You respond. You take my hand with your leather gloved hand.

“I have something else in mind,” you respond. My hand is moved into your black leather chaps. I notice that you are wet. I am surprised you didn’t cum on the bike.

“Ohh, I see your ride has put you in a mood,” I remark.

“In the mood, but it hasn’t completed the job,” you answer.

“I think I know what you want!” I respond devilishly.

I get off the bed, and proceed to kneel down in front of you. I see a smile coming from your helmet, as your legs close around my body.

I love this feeling. There is no escape from your luxuriously leather clad thighs.

You unbutton your chaps. I can’t help but notice the lack of panties.

I don’t know what is more intoxicating. I stare up at your double EE breasts, and I smell the wonderful bouquet of your juices, the leather and the smell of the bike. You stare down.

I start to lick around your labia. You taste so good. I start probing with my tongue, and savor every moment of it.

You reward me by stroking my back with your leather gloves.

I keep enjoying you. Some people believe Disneyland is the happiest place on Earth. It doesn’t compare to your voluptuous body. With my hands I pull off your boots and socks. While my mouth is gently sucking on your womanhood, my hands are rubbing the arches of your feet.

Your ride has certainly put you in the right mood. Not before long, you cross your legs behind my back. I couldn’t get out if I wanted to. But really, I don’t want to get out. You possess me, and I love every moment of it. I slowly, and steadily lick from your vaginal opening to your clitoris. Your body can’t take much more of this, and I hear you groan from your helmet.

“Give it to me!” I remark.

Just then you have a powerful orgasm. I get a faceful of your delicious cream on my face.

The excitement of both riding your bike, and your nerd has taken its toll. You lean back on the bed, flushed.

I wipe off my face, and then lie down beside you. You reach over and notice that I am extremely aroused.

“What are we going to do about that,” you ask. Your leather clad hand is touching my penis.

“Your hands feel so good there,” I moan.

You cup my penis with your hand and start stroking. You then lean over me. The image of the hottest woman I know in leather, and the stroking send me over the top. I am cumming.

“Oh god yes!” I remark.

You take off your helmet and leathers, and toss them off the side of the bed.

After all of that, we are both tired. We lay on the bed together, and fall asleep spooning. I feel your breast and tummy on my back. I am in my second favorite position, held in your embrace.

Accidental Voyeurs – sex stories

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Our company sent us to New York on business and we were 
both booked into the same hotel, but in separate rooms. 
Julie, my co-worker and I were going to give a 
presentation the next afternoon, then catch a red-eye 
flight back to the coast. (MF, voy, work-affair)


We checked in, finding our adjoining rooms on the 23rd 
floor of a large luxury hotel. We'd both been surprised 
when we were booked into this hotel, expecting more 
modest quarters.

The rooms weren't lavish, quite the contrary, they were 
simple, efficient hotel rooms. In a word, dull. But the 
interconnecting door gave me some thoughts, and I hoped 
Julie was thinking the same thoughts.

We settled into our rooms and I'd just washed up a bit 
when there was a light knock on the door between our 
rooms. I opened it and Julie standing there. She 
suggested that we have an early dinner somewhere nearby 
and perhaps a drink, as this would be our only night in 
the big apple.

We dined at a small Italian place, with high prices and 
equally good food. Afterwards, we visited a small night 
spot and danced a bit, then decided to return to the 
hotel. It was still early, only about 8 o'clock when we 
walked down the hall towards our rooms.

Julie had overdone her drinking a bit and I was helping 
her down the hall. She wasn't sloppy drunk, but she was 
just a little tipsy, laughing and giggling as we 
entered her room. She used the bathroom, while I 
entered my room through the connecting door and called 
the front desk to check for any messages (just in case 
the boss checked up on us). 

Having no messages, I kicked off my shoes to get 
comfortable, and returned to Julie's room. She was 
looking out the window and as I came into the room, she 
waved me over excitedly.

"Take a look over there!"

I followed her gazer and saw another hotel across the 
street. The window she'd indicated clearly showed 
another couple, on their bed, in the midst of some 
pretty steamy action. We couldn't see a lot of detail 
from our angle, other than they were both quite naked, 
and he was on top of her, and her legs were around his 
hips. They had a nice rhythm going as we watched them.

"Hmmm, looks like they're having fun," I said. I could 
feel my prick swelling, being so near Julie and 
watching her intent interest in the other couple across 
the way.

Julie is attractive, single, around 25, about five, 
five, chestnut hair, pale blue eyes and a really nice 
figure of 34C-20-33, a girl who likes to work out. 

We'd been working as a team for about seven months, 
flirting a little and getting to know each other. We 
made a good team. She'd had a boyfriend until about 
three months ago and we'd gone out to dinner only once 
in those three months. She knew my interest in her 
wasn't completely business.

I turned down the lights in the room and we sat by the 
window, watching. Julie lit a cigarette and offered me 
the pack. I lit one too and we watched the show. The 
other couple were about a floor below us and we had a 
pretty good view of their activities. 

About halfway through our cigarettes, the woman turned 
over and knelt, letting her man take her doggy-style. I 
heard Julie's breath intake, and then she ooohed as the 
girl positioned herself to take her lover from behind. 
She had very large breasts, D cups for sure, and 36 or 
38 inches and they flopped back and forth as her man 
slammed her from behind. I looked over at Julie and she 
looked at me. Now was the moment if there ever was one.

"Looks like fun, doesn't it?" I said in a low, breathy 

Julie motioned me to stay seated, then when I was about 
to apologize, she indicated for me to be silent, using 
the age-old finger to the lips signal. 

My heart skipped a few beats when Julie began to slowly 
unbutton her blouse, her eyes were fixed on the couple 
across the way. I watched Julie's fingers slowly 
unfasten each small button, exposing more of her body 
with each movement. I glanced over at the other couple, 
seeing that the girl was now flat on the bed, her big 
tits visible squished at her sides, while her man was 
still pounding her from behind. 

Julie's hand stopped at her waist and she slid the 
blouse aside, running her fingers over her bra. Almost 
without effort, the front hook parted and her breasts 
came free. They were full, soft, and, I knew, warm. She 
slowly slipped out of her blouse and bra, still 
watching the other couple. She sat there, topless 
across from me, cupping her firm tits and rolling her 
nipples in her fingers, giving me a hell of a hard-on.

"Oh yes!" Julie breathed quietly, still staring out the 

I looked and the man had withdrawn, and was now 
spreading the girl's ass, working his cock into her 
nether hole. This was obvious from their positioning as 
well as her reaction.

Julie's hand slid down and unzipped her skirt and she 
slid out of it as well, sitting down in only her 
pantyhose and underwear. As the other couple began to 
work back into their rhythm, Julie began to slide her 
fingers under her panties, one hand still pinching a 

My cigarette had burned out in the ashtray and Julie's 
had done the same, falling onto the table unnoticed.

The couple across the way were glistening with sweat 
now, and I could see a bare sheen forming on Julie's 
chest between her marvelous breasts. Her breathing was 
coming faster and shallower now, and she kept her eyes 
on the performers. Julie's musky scent filled the room 
and I shifted in my seat, trying to ease the discomfort 
of my aching dick that strained against my slacks. 

You could tell that the other couple were near to 
orgasm, frantically fucking at each other hard. Julie's 
hand seemed to vibrate over her clit and she was half 
aware of her surroundings as she too neared her 

Sudden the motions in the other window stopped, you 
could see the man holding himself against the woman and 
straining, then after a bit the couple slowly collapsed 
onto the bed, signaling their orgasm. 

Julie seemed to be in a light trance, her head back 
slightly, lips parted, breathing heavily and her 
fingers were a blur over her clit. Suddenly, she arched 
forward and then slid down in the chair, obviously 
experiencing her own orgasm. She sat there panted 
quietly for a few minutes and I reached over, lighting 
a cigarette for her.

She didn't blush, or herself. She accepted the 
cigarette and took a long drag, exhaling the smoke 
across the table. Then she looked over at me, just as I 
lit another smoke.

"You didn't get off?" she asked.

I shook my head. "No, but I enjoyed watching you," I 
said. "Highly erotic, and better than any fantasy I 
could have come up with."

Now Julie blushed a little. I could see her tan lines, 
faint but discernable, showing off her tits. She wore 
small suits judging from her tan. I looked out the 
window for a long moment and was about to suggest that 
we adjourn to bed, together.

But then a light went on in the hotel room directly 
across from us and standing in the room was a very 
lovely, quite naked blonde, with perhaps the most 
luscious body I'd seen in years. She was joined quickly 
by another girl, who wasn't quite naked, still wearing 
her garter belt and stockings. The girls embraced and 

"Hmmm, this looks intriguing," I said, indicating for 
Julie where to look.

She looked, and I half expected her to make a comment 
about the lesbian scene we were watching, either 
positive or negative. Hearing none, I glanced at her 
and she was watching the show intently again. The girls 
were kissing and both running their hands over each 

We had quite a nice seat, although a bit far away for 
my taste. I wasted no time, I unzipped my slacks and 
undressed as the girls made their way to the bed. Julie 
glanced over my way several times, the table 
interrupting her view.

I now sat in my chair, wearing nothing, stroking my 
very erect cock as I watched the two girls, everyone in 
a while glancing at Julie. She had propped her feet up 
on the air-conditioning unit and had begun stroking 
herself lightly again.

We watched as one girl, lying on her back, let the 
other lick her pussy. They were enjoying each other 
fully, when a well built man entered the room, toweling 
himself off from a shower. He looked at the girls and 
watched too, his thick cock standing erect quickly. I 
had an idea then and hoped Julie was as horny as I was 
and would go along with me.

I stood up and Julie looked directly at my boner. 
Without saying a word, I walked around and stood next 
to her, indicating that she should stand. She did and I 
knelt, removing her pantyhose and panties, letting my 
hands glide down her lovely, warm legs. 

Julie sighed as my face brushed against her thigh when 
she stepped out of the last of her clothes. I rose and 
turned her around and pointed to the windows. The first 
couple had covered up and weren't doing much but the 
other window was full of activity.

The man was now kneeling over one girl who sucked his 
cock and the other girl was sucking the first one's 
nipples and watching what the man was doing. With the 
lights off in our room, our skin took on the bluish-
gray cast of night mixed with city lights. I stepped 
behind Julie, pressing my rigid cock between the cheeks 
of her ass and I reached around, cupping her full 
breasts and bringing her closer to me. Julie sighed 
softly, and I nibbled her neck.

"Watch them," I whispered.

We moved closer to the glass, and Julie put her hands 
against the cool metal frames. I squeezed her breasts, 
feeling their weight, and then rolled both her nipples 
in my fingers. Julie pressed back against me, her 
breathing becoming deeper, more urgent. I reminded her 
to watch our friends in the other room.
Both the other women were now sucking the man's cock, 
and the blonde was squeezing the tits of the other 

I slid my cock up and down between Julie's cheeks, 
running my hands over her belly and thighs, touching 
her lean, beautiful body all over. Julie's hand roamed 
my thighs too, and her fingers raked the cheeks of my 
ass gently. I leaned back and slipped my hard, eight 
inch cock between her legs, sliding against her already 
wet labia. Julie moaned softly and leaned back against 

"Look at what they're doing now!" I whispered.

The trio had changed around, and the blonde, with 
fairly large breasts, was giving the man a good tit-
fuck. The brunette had her face deep between the 
blonde's legs. Julie was watching, but her hips were 
rocking back against me with such an erotic movement, 
that I knew I had to enter her soon, or risk coming on 
the glass! My hands moved to Julie's hips, and I 
steadied her as I moved the head of my cock to her 

"Wait!" Julie breathed.

I couldn't believe this! We were both hot as hell and 
she wanted to wait! The head of my cock was just at her 
entrance, her steamy heat warming the head, floating 
around my balls, driving me crazy. I looked over at the 
trio and the man was now feeding the blonde his huge 
cock, about half of it in her mouth. 

Julie thrust back at me, taking me fully within her 
drenched pussy all at once. She caught me off guard and 
we both moaned as buttocks met loins. I pulled her even 
tighter to me, my hands sliding down to stroke and 
tease her swollen clit.

"Oh baby! Yes! I'm going to cum!" Julie panted as we 
slowly began to pump our bodies together. My fingers on 
her clit were going to make her cum for sure so I 
slowed down, teasing, keeping her excited for a little 

"Oh, look, look!" Julie cried, and I looked at the 
trio. The man had moved and was now jerking off by both 
girls who were kissing each other fiercely. Julie began 
to move quickly, thrusting back hard to meet my equally 
hard forward surges. Our bodies were urgently trying to 
catch up and my hands found her tits, warm and 

The man in the other room across the way was cumming 
and the girls were both sharing his cock and cum. Julie 
was madly fucking me now and I slammed into her hard 
and fast. We kept watching and as the girls kissed I 
felt the first squeeze on my cock of Julie's fast 
approaching orgasm. 

The brunette crawled up and sat on the blonde's face, 
rocking furiously over her mouth. Julie was moaning and 
tossing her head from side to side.

"She's gonna cum too!" I panted to Julie. "Watch. She's 

The brunette shuddered and arched her body, then fell 
onto her companion's chest. We were watching and 
fucking hard. Julie's cunt was gripping me tight, and 
then her body stiffened, my arms encircling her to hold 
her upright.

"Fuck! Cum!!" Julie cried out. She was almost bouncing 
on my cock, her ass pressed hard against me. Her cunt 
gripping me pulling me over and over again as I thrust 
into her. Then I felt a familiar surge rising deep from 
within me. My cock was buried deep in her fiery cunt, 
as my cum rose like a gusher towards her wonderful 

"Don't move!" I gasped.

Julie tried to remain still and a second or two later, 
I came with a long, shuddering, thick gush of cum 
spurting into her hot cunt. Then another gush and 
another. My hip-jerks when on for a bit without me 
conscious effort as I shuddered and each spurt sent my 
sperm flooding into her sopped cunt. Over and over I 
thrust until I felt as though all my strength had just 
flowed out my body. We collapsed into Julie's chair, 
with her sitting on my lap, my cock still buried deep 
inside her.

I held Julie, nuzzling the back of her neck, lightly 
hugging her nakedness to me. Finally our breathing 
slowed, and we were able to talk again.

"That was fantastic," I said softly, kissing her back.

"Hmmm, yes, thank you. I loved it too," she replied 

We looked over and watched the trio continue their 
fucking and my cock stirred again, still inside Julie. 
The blonde was sucking the guy and the other gal was 
fucking her from behind with what looked like a strap-
on dildo. We cheered them on, getting a little bit lewd 
with our suggestions. The blonde came hard and then the 
three of them relaxed, giving Julie and I a break.

Julie needed to visit the powder room so she stood up, 
kissing me softly on the lips before she walked off. 
When she returned, she indicated the open door between 
the rooms.

"Your place or mine?" she said, standing by the door. 
We both laughed.

"Yours," I said, pulling her onto the bed. We kissed 
and began again, this time, wondering if someone was 
watching us, and perhaps they'd get the same idea we 

Caffieri sex stories – fuck in the car park erotic stories

It seemed like just an average day at the time. In other words, about as appealing as dogshit on a cheese board. I was out performing my wifely duty and picking up some last-minute groceries for hubby’s evening repast. Well, I mean, wouldn’t you put off something as spiritually riveting as shopping for pre-cooked chicken and pre-washed salad till the last minute?…second?…okay, I was running a little late. I don’t know why I just don’t stock up on a year’s worth of dinners in one massive microwavable-meal-buying spree; the guy only eats 6 different things. That way, I could shop at Costco instead of Trader Joe’s and save myself having to play bumper-cars with ultra-trendy eco-bitches in that goddamn parking lot. It’s probably all that fiber that makes them such terrible drivers. Gotta be tough to concentrate on steering when you’ve got a colon like a circus cannon.

So, I’m aimlessly wandering around the produce bins, trying to decide how many boxes of Two-Buck Chuck my trunk will hold if I put off purchasing kitty-litter and Kleenex, when I see this youngish guy giving me the eye. Now, it’s not like I don’t get my fair share of hungry looks from anonymous be-testicled gentlemen in commercial establishments, but this was far deeper than your average “nice tits” ogle. While he wasn’t “lift up your skirt and jump up on top of the Granny Smiths” attractive, there was a certain intensity to him that gave me a little warm rush in a place of unspeakable privacy. So…I sort of returned his gaze. Not a lot! I was just sort of acknowledging the fact that I was not hugely offended that he thought I was hot. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with a little harmless flirt before going home to watch The Amazing Race reruns, is there? A little sneaky glance, the smallest of smiles and I was out of there. It was on to steel cut oatmeal, Red Leicester cheese and a couple of boxes of all natural frozen turkey burgers. He may have been out of my sight, but he was certainly not out of my mind.

God, what was it about that guy and his weird “I really want to do you” gaze? Even as I’m picking through the salmon fillets, I continue to semi-obsess over my brief encounter with Mr. Starer. I actually caught myself peering down the aisle to see if he was possibly lurking nearby, but of course he wasn’t. Time to get back to reality girl and go home to that nice safe husband of yours! So I’m about equidistant between the Korean Style Beef short ribs and the organic Mango lemonade and I start thinking that maybe I might give good old Gordon a little “sugar” between the main entre and our post-prandial coffee. Fuck, the way my man-magnet was feeling right at that moment, I might just jump his bones before dinner and order out. So, with my little produce-section romance fast becoming a fading memory, I give a horny little sigh and head off for the cash register. Maybe the cashier will take a quick gander down my top to keep my “bone-me battery” charged at full. Yet again, I stealthily peruse the surrounding vicinity for any signs of my legume lothario, but alas in vain. Ka-chingggg. Goodnight.

I lugubriously wheeled my liberally-stocked cart out to the furthest most section of the Trader Joe parking facility in search of my seriously-space-deprived and lonely SUV. The sun was fading even quicker than me as I push the little button on my Escort key remote and heard it chirp out a welcome. This is where my “just an average day” suddenly got very interesting. Before I could open the passenger door and fling in my hastily gathered provender, I felt a pair of strong firm hands grip the sides of my blouse and push me flat against my vehicle. “Unbutton your blouse, then lift up your arms and grab the roof rack,” a soft but serious sounding voice commanded. I knew right away, it was the stranger from the produce section. I could see his face in the reflection of my tinted windows but I do not turn to look back. I silently did as he asked, popping open my buttons with trembling fingers and then gripping the shiny aluminum bar in breathless anticipation. Immediately he drove his taut and insistent body into mine, jamming my almost-naked breasts and stomach forcefully into to ice-cold passenger-door window. My nipples were so hard; I’m surprised they didn’t shatter the glass. I could feel his alarmingly-sized nookie-nightstick pressing into me from the crack of my ass to well up into my lumbar region.

Still, I chose to do nothing. I could have screamed, but I didn’t. I could have called for help but I remained obediently mute as his rough hands brazenly dropped from my sides to the very brink of indecency. What was I doing? What was I allowing this stranger to do? Before I could even think, his teeth sank hungrily into the nape of my neck at the precise moment that the sanctity of my skirt hem was boorishly violated and my underwear unceremoniously wrenched from its appropriate location. Christ! My last line of virtuous defense had been obliterated. I was now his to do with as he pleased and it was apparent that he pleased to do much. Wanton shameful fingers imposed themselves upon the cheeks of my naked ass, taking lascivious liberties of untold impropriety and yet I did not protest. As I stood there pinned against my car door, my fervent and only prayer was that he had not reached the limit of his crude and barbaric groping. It turns out, I needn’t have worried. Within seconds his wet mouth released my teeth-ravished neck to go in search of more sulliable flesh on which to find purchase. I could hardly breathe as I felt him repel down my spine and when he shoved his head up under my skirt, I almost lost my grip on the roof rack and fell backwards on top of him. I could now feel his nose and cheeks prying my ass-crack apart as his hand reached between my thighs and stroked my sopping girly-flaps. The more he debased and fondled the absolute core of my womanhood the more my legs drew apart to welcome the salacious assault. Shit! I should have shaved. My poor throbbing clitoris was begging to be put out of its misery. It ached to find release as he expertly swirled his thumb in rhythmic rings around my beautiful love button. And then I felt it.

His profligate tongue began to paint a circle of his warm gooey saliva around my backdoor. The lingual probing as he wandered back and forth from the very edge of my vagina to the epicenter of my sphincter was mind-blowing. This was a tactile intimacy that I had never before received, even from my best girlfriend in high school. I almost snapped the aluminum bar I was holding as his ring-finger slowly breached the initial tightness of my girlie-opening and slipped up inside me. I let out a few involuntary whispery squeals and moans as he plumbed the very depths of my ever-moistening delicates. I wanted to grunt and kick like a rutting elk but because of our location, could only drool down the tinted glass.

I had no way of knowing if anyone was watching us at that point because the window was completely fogged from my hot steamy panting. What’s more I didn’t care. There could have been a class of 7th graders staring at me and it would have mattered not. I only knew or cared that I was heading towards the kind of orgasm I hadn’t experienced since I found my mother’s vibrator in a drawer. I could feel the pre-cum rush growing between my legs like a huge self-inflatable raft. Overpowering sensual sensations were shooting up my vaginal canal and into my abdomen like the fireworks at a Chinese New Year. Meanwhile, my ass had been reborn as an insatiable whore-hole of unbridled carnality and desire as he had burrowed and slithered his way inside and was now sodomizing me with the tip of his tongue. I could tell by the towering waves of concupiscent, pulsating pleasure battering the very core of my being that the final moments of blinding consummation were upon me. Everything I had was his to take. Nothing would be denied. “Fuck me right here in this parking lot. Jam your unholy cock wherever you want. Stain me with your goo. Just don’t stop! Don’t…! JESUS…FUCKING…That tongue!” The shudders and spasms were so violent; I thought I was going to set off my car alarm. I couldn’t see. All I could hear was the sound of my own gasps and moans and sobbing. My knees collapsed and I found myself writhing on the filthy, black tarmac with my hands between my legs desperately trying not to be torn in two by the almost unbearable climactic surges shooting out of my clit like the sparks from an exploding electrical relay station. Hours seemed to pass before the merciless blood-engorged pounding of my pudenda ebbed to the point where other senses began to function again. And when I finally did open my eyes…he was gone. All there was to see was some crazy lady lying next to her car in a parking lot with her shirt undone and her underwear around her ankles.

I staggered to my feet with as much dignity as I could muster and insouciantly dusted-off my debris-encrusted skirt while holding my blouse together with my other hand. “Yes,” I thought as I fumbled for my keys. “Definitely take-out night.”

A girl,a dog, and two boy

It's a warm July afternoon and Kathleen Karashevik is 
walking though the park near her Colorado home. She is 
on the way back to her house after spending most of the 
morning and part of the afternoon at her friend's house 
swimming in her pool. She is cutting through the park to 
a trail that leads through the woods to her 
neighborhood, and is enjoying the warm summer day. There 
are not very many people in the park; it is a weekday 
and not yet 4 o'clock.

Kathy is hoping that the rest of her summer vacation can 
be this nice and relaxing - swimming, sunning, walking 
in the park, no homework, not a cloud in the sky; a 
long, beautiful summer in Colorado to enjoy before 
heading back to class at the end of August.

Kathy walks along the edge of the park until she finds 
the path that she's looking for; it's a little overgrown 
with raspberry bushes at the opening and she has to step 
carefully through to avoid getting her legs scratched 
up. The path is fairly well-worn, used almost daily by 
at least one person; the path is clear once past the 
entrance, and easy to follow. 

About four hundred meters into the mostly hardwood 
forest, the path opens up on a clearing. The clearing is 
a little larger than her family room at home. There are 
charred remains of a fire in a circle of stones and 
several beer cans littering the tall grass. Local youths 
frequently use this clearing for small gatherings and 
clandestine drinking.

Kathy looks up in shock as something bounds out of the 
woods on the far side of the clearing. Her fear vanishes 
instantly when she identifies the interloper as a 
neighborhood dog, a friendly and energetic Chocolate 
Labrador she recognizes.

The dog prances up to her, its tail wagging fiercely.

"Hello, boy," she says, bending low to greet the dog.

The dog drops down on its belly, tail wagging 
energetically, a seeming smile on its face.

"What's up, boy? Do you want to play?" she asks, 

The dog bounds up, licking her face.

"Okay; down," she laughs. She bends down dropping her 
bag that holds her bathing suit and towel and picks up a 
stick. The dog's body lowers, tail wagging, eyes 
tracking the stick, ready to spring. She tosses the 
stick to the far side of the clearing. The dog is off 
like a shot, catching the stick after one bounce. He 
runs back, circles the girl and sits in front of her, 
tail wagging. She grabs the stick and again tosses it. 

He quickly grabs it and brings it back, sitting before 
her again. After several more tosses, she pretends to 
throw the stick, the dog takes two quick steps in the 
direction of her throw and stops. It looks at her, tail 
wagging. 'Smart dog' she thinks as she tosses it for 
real this time. He again retrieves it. When he returns 
he circles the girl, she grabs at the stick and he 
bounds back. He bounces back and drops it at her feet. 
When she bends to pick it up, he snatches it up and runs 
behind her.

"Now who's playing games?" she asks him.

He approaches again and lets her take the stick from its 
mouth. She continues to toss him the stick for several 
minutes. The dog returns again, dropping the stick 
several steps away.

"Are you done playing?" she asks the dog.

Kathy is bending over to pick up a stick for him to 
chase when she suddenly feels his cold wet nose thrust 
up between her thighs, underneath the short skirt of her 
summer dress.

"Aaaaaahhh," the surprised young girl yelps as she jumps 
forward from the shock. "Hey, now wait a minute," she 
says. "I know that's how dogs get to know one another, 
but as you can see, or smell, I'm not a dog."

But the dog goes directly ahead with his rude sniffing, 
thrusting his huge head demandingly up between the young 
girl's tender young thighs from the front, tail wagging. 
She giggles as she feels his cold, wet nose against her 
upper thighs. His nose presses squarely against her 
panty-covered crotch causing her to jump back a bit in 
modest surprise. 

Kathy automatically starts to push the animal away from 
her genitals when she suddenly feels the hot, swiping 
lick of a long animal tongue moving wetly between her 
thighs to slide over her panty-covered crotch.

"Oooohh!" exclaims Kathy in shock, both at the act and 
her pleasurable response to it.

Before she can get a grip on herself, the brutish animal 
repeats his lewd act.

"Oh, no, no, dog!" Kathy says as she pushes at the dog's 
nose. But he quickly ducks past her hand, diving his 
head back under her short skirt.

"Now what're you playing?" she asks playfully as the dog 
wags its tail as enthusiastically as ever. 

Again his head swoops under her skirt to press and sniff 
squarely against her crotch. She expects it this time, 
but is slightly surprised by her pleasurable response to 
the pressure on her crotch. His nose presses around her 
thighs and crotch, sniffing eagerly. 

She allows the dog to sniff at her, feeling oddly, but 
strongly excited by his insistent contact with her 

She is feeling quite risqué; alone in the secluded glen, 
the sun shining pleasantly upon her skin, allowing this 
dog to explore beneath her skirt, her libido strongly 
aroused. She feels so naughty, so ribald to be allowing 
the dog to probe beneath her skirt; but singularly 

Suddenly the dog's cold nose is rubbing maddeningly at 
the outskirts of her pussy, and his tongue is taking 
long, swiping hot licks that flash wetly along her inner 
thighs, slap in between, and finally circle in like a 
drill to churn hotly over the covered entrance of her 
tingling cunt. 

She can feel his warm furred snout brush excitingly 
against the trembling insides of her thighs, and 
suddenly her tingling cunt feels as if it is a well 
gushing forth spring water. She can't remember when her 
vagina has ever moistened so quickly --- and all because 
of a dog!

"Oh... oh, doggy... you mustn't... oh no... it's 
wrong... oh god... oh god..." the confused young woman 
murmurs ineffectually as the big animal continues to 
lick and slaver at her.

Kathy feels a delicious and sensuous warmth begin to 
steal over her tingling young body, rippling over her 
flesh in electric waves with each further swipe of the 
dog's long, hot tongue. 

It occurs to her that she is alone here with the dog, 
and that whatever happens here between them is more 
secret by far than anything she might do with a human 
male. Whatever happens here today is their secret, 
foolish or wise or silly. No one will ever know. 

No one will ever know.

Kathy blushes nervously. She has the most terrible 
guilty feeling in her fluttering belly. What on earth is 
she thinking of? The most terrible feeling of abandon is 
in her, making her already quivering breasts rise and 
fall in heavy gasps.

And with that, the dark-haired young student slowly 
spreads her legs apart as she stands there. She slowly 
pulls aside the moisture-soaked crotch band of her white 
nylon panties, baring to the animal's eager gaze the 
gleaming wet furrow of her expectantly waiting little 

With bated breath the young woman watches as that huge 
head slowly moves forward toward her eager pussy. Little 
shivers run up and down her thighs as once again that 
cold wet nose brushes against her naked flesh, tickling 
the first wispy curls of her pubic hair.

Then suddenly, without warning, the dog's long, wet, 
animal tongue slithers out of its mouth and splays wetly 
over her shuddering cunt-lips.

Then, making a bold decision, she pulls off her panties 
and sits back on the ground spread-legged, knowing that 
she is about to embark on an unforgivable act, an act so 
lewd and perverted there can never be any forgiveness 
for it. Her imploring blue eyes meet the soft brown ones 
of the dog, and for a moment the pleading girl thinks 
that the dog is not going to do it, but then...

The long hot tongue snakes out again, stabbing deep up 
between the waiting girl's quivering thighs, mercilessly 
splaying aside her slit's lips, sliding up over the 
wetly flowering vaginal opening and then digging like a 
fiery knife into the tiny pink button of Kathy's 

"Aaaaahh!" the girl moans in helpless submission before 
that burning, pleasure-giving tongue. Her softly flexing 
thighs spread farther and farther apart in a mindless 
attempt to open her body to the maximum, begging for the 
dog's darting tongue to drive deep, deep up inside her.

And it does, again and again and again. The dog ardently 
strokes his hot wet tongue up into that glistening pink 
cunt slit, his own loins beginning to burn now as the 
odor of Kathy's rising female passion floods directly 
into his senses.

"Oh, yes, yes, yes, darling," Kathy moans over and over 
again, her hips now starting a slow revolving motion up 
against the slaving dog's furiously licking tongue.

"God, god, keep licking... licking. It feels so good. 
"I'm going to cum in just a minute... faster, faster, 
darling... aaaahhh, god, don't ever stop... oohhh... 
oohhh... oohhh..."

The helplessly inflamed student's mindless ravings fall 
into a kind of delirious chant, keeping time to the 
dog's continuous ravings of her desire-moistened cunt. 

The dog licks more eagerly, wanting to taste the 
intoxicating perfumes which pours so copiously from the 
moist tender orifice up between those silky young human 

Since her vagina is opening up more and more with each 
nerve-shattering lick of the dog's big tongue, the happy 
animal is able to thrust the tip of his wet fleshy organ 
a little distance up inside her warmly seeping cunt 
passage. Kathy arches her back with the unexpected shock 
of that hot unnatural penetration and her hands drop 
down to take the dog by the ears and draw his furry head 
even deeper up between her shivering thighs.

Kathy can sense that she is nearing orgasm. Desperately 
the hopelessly inflamed girl draws her legs up high off 
the ground, holding her knees back tight against her 
flattened breasts with her straining hands so that her 
obscenely wide-splayed pussy is offered up in 
defenseless sacrifice to the slavering animal above her.

Yes, yes, that will do it, Kathy thinks to herself as 
the dog takes full advantage of her lewd position and 
drives his scorching tongue ever deeper into her quaking 
cunt flesh. Yes, she is going to cum soon now, she can 
feel the fragile bubble growing deep up inside her 
already spasming belly. Yes, just another few seconds...

The dog somehow senses this as well, her excitement 
communicating itself to him savagely and luring his 
penis from its furry sheath. Gradually it expands. He 
recognizes the girls burning need; drawing him to lap 
even more hungrily at the warm moist folds of her open 

Breathtaking waves of pleasure hammer through her as her 
muscles clench and her cunt convulses around the 
obscenely eager thrashing of the dog's tongue on her 
juicy cunt. She cries out loudly as the orgasm tears 
through her, leaving her momentarily weak and 

The gasping girl lifts her head to gaze at the beast 
that has given her such a delightful orgasm. She can't 
fail to notice the dog's great cock, swollen into eager 
hardness from the wild, sensual stimulation of licking 
this young human female. Kathy freezes, as her eyes 
fasten in hungry awe on his glistening red penile 

"Oh, my Christ!" she gasps, "Holy Christ!" The sight of 
his long cock overwhelms her. The image of his cock is 
burned into her brain forever.

Although the young girl had seen several male penises in 
her short lifetime, there is something about the tapered 
dripping cock being slowly bared before her that causes 
her to almost stop breathing. Combined with the 
throbbing sensations from her desire-inflamed pussy is 
the obscene fact that she is looking with such 
transparent lust at the cock of an animal. A cock she 
knows she can have if she wants it!

The unnatural, sinful, salacious thought numbs the 
girl's spinning brain for a moment as she lays spread-
legged before her slavering animal companion, little 
fingers of lewd sexual expectation plucking at her 
fevered insides.

She sits forward slowly and strokes his smooth back, her 
body trembling. Warm fuck juice bubbles inside her 
virgin cunt hole. "Ohhh, You're just like a guy. You got 
a hard-on!" 

She is amazed, unable to tear her eyes away from his 
magnificent prick. 

"Jesus, boy. It's so big." 

His cock is reddish-pink, thick, glistening with natural 
fuck oil, the tip pointy, seeping a white sticky cock 
juice. She pets him gently calming him for what she 
plans to do. 

"Easy, boy. Easy. I'll take care of you."

What she is planning boggles her mind. Trembling, she 
pets his flank, rubbing under his chest, getting closer 
and closer to his long red cock. She gulps back a lump 
in her throat.

"Easy, boy," she soothes. "I-I... want to do something 
for you too. Would you lie down, please. Lie down boy."

The dog, unsure of her commands, confused and fearing a 
possible reprimand whines nervously, his cock retreating 
back inside its sheath.

"That's all right, boy, you've been a good dog. Now just 
lie down and Kathy will see that you never forget this 
day." And with that the naked young coed gently pushes 
the animal down, saying once again: "That's the boy, lie 

Then the dog is lying on the grass, his head flat 
between his paws, the girl almost has to laugh at the 
expression of childlike hopefulness on his face as he 
looks up at her with his big brown dog-eyes.

"Roll over, boy, roll over," she commands, giving a 
little shove with her hands that pushes him over on his 

The dog lifts his head, squirming, his hind legs wide 
apart, whimpering like a puppy.

"Easy, boy," she whispers huskily. "I'll take care of 
you. I'll do it just like the boys in school do it to 
take care of their cocks." She giggles nervously. The 
dog rests his huge head on her lap. His tongue is on her 
thigh, spit dribbling off. His brown eyes stare up 
expectantly into the teenagers face.

She looks down hungrily toward the now flaccid sheath 
that hides the dog's temporarily dormant penis. Yes, the 
gasping girl thinks. She wants to bring that giant red 
shaft of lustful animal hardness out of its secret 
hiding place once again. She wants to make the handsome 
dog cum with her own hands, to see his hot sperm jetting 
lewdly up from those fur-covered balls and out the 
pointed tip-end.

The depraved nature of Kathy's desires adds perversely 
to the already tremendous thrills chasing one another up 
from her twitching cunt. Kathy slides one of her hands 
up over the dog's hairy belly, letting it glide 
sensuously deep down into the soft pit of his loins 
before finally moving her questing fingers up over the 
lewdly bulging sheath and squeezing firmly at the 
vestigial hardness beneath.

The dog whines sharply as the hot stimulation of his 
young human companion's touch causes his penis to jerk 
uncontrollably deep up inside his belly. The 
increasingly excited girl slides her other hand up to 
join the first and together they start to press and 
kneed at the dog's furry cock-sheath. 

With a feeling of lustful triumph Kathy can feel the 
hidden shaft inside begin to stir and grow and the young 
wanton waits breathlessly for the first appearance of 
that oddly exciting tip. 

To speed its appearance, she reaches back with one hand 
to her canine lover's flaccid testicles and scratches 
lightly with her nails over their sensitive surface, 
bringing another sharp yip from the surprised and 
pleased Labrador.

Kathy keeps up her obscene massaging of the dog's loins, 
her own loins churning with illicit excitement. She can 
feel a strong surging under her caressing fingers now 
and knows it would only be a matter of seconds before 
she sees the first pink evidence of the dog's arousal. 
Oh God, yes, the lewdly aroused young woman thinks to 
herself, here it comes now! And almost with a rush, the 
dog-penis she had been bringing to life shoots smoothly 
out, glistening red in the clear daylight.

The staring young girl watches in round-eyed fascination 
as the throbbing organ grows and grows under the 
pressure of her hands until it has reached a truly 
unbelievable size. It is a moment before the aroused 
young woman can bring herself to place her fingers 
directly around the naked scarlet dog-flesh; overcoming 
what fear she has, Kathy plunges forward in her desire 
to experience everything and anything she can with this 
handsome Lab. 

She wraps her fingers around the dog's thick meaty cock 
and finds it hot, wet and slippery to the touch, 
lubricated with its own juices. His prick throbs in her 
hand, making her pussy ignite into flames. With a look 
of unnatural fascination the raggedly breathing young 
student seizes the throbbing organ directly and begins 
to slide her hands slowly up and down its burning 
length. Once again the dog whines loudly under the 
girl's lewd ministrations.

Many times before the precocious young teenager has 
engaged in what she had at the time considered lewd and 
forbidden acts. But the very obscenity and depravity of 
what she is doing now - actively caressing the penis of 
an animal -- fills the panting girl with wicked feelings 
of sheer sensual lust. Her eyes fasten on that swollen 
red animal member trapped so tightly between her pumping 
fingers as she rhythmically pulls and jerks, sliding the 
moist scarlet flesh back and forth over the rigid hot 
core beneath.

With Kathy's fingers wrapped around his prick, the dog 
goes into a frenzy. He fucks his cock through her fist, 
yapping and jerking as his balls rumble painfully. His 
tail thumps against the ground. He lifts his head, then 
drops it back with a thud as Kathy's fingers tighten 
around his cock.

"Ooooh," she sighs, her blue eyes bulging. The throbbing 
of his cock drives her crazy. She loves it, loves the 
power she knows she has over this giant animal.

The dog is humping faster. He squirms, rolling from his 
back to his side, his rump in constant motion. His 
tongue is hanging out, his eyes wide and glowing. The 
Lab's prick swells, ready to explode.

Kathy, curious and hot, watches her hand hypnotically. 
She stares at his pisser, watching the white jizz seep 
from his hole. Her mouth dries up. She knows something 
is going to happen and happen very soon. The only thing 
she isn't quite sure about, are dogs the same as boys? 
She intends to find out. She jerks the huge animal cock 
eagerly, wanting to be able to see that hot canine sperm 
jetting forth.

What color will it be? she wonders. How much of it will 
come pouring out? Will it look like a man's? All these 
salacious exciting questions burn in the young woman's 
lust-crazed brain as she pumps madly on that massive 
stalk of flesh.

Kathy begins to pump her hands even harder at the dog's 
massively swollen cock, wanting to see it spurt forth 
its own hot juices

Yelping, his balls ready to blast, the dog rolls to his 
back and fucks his prick through her clinging fingers. 
He squirms, his front legs thrashing, his head jerking 
on Kathy's lap. He is ready.

Kathy feels his cock swell in her hand. "Ooooh boy. 
You're gonna cum? Huh? Huh?" She is dizzy, her own 
passion running rampant through her virgin body. "Oh, 
yes, doggie. Cum. Let me see you cum!"

Kathy feels the near-bursting dog-cock in her hands 
begin a violent trembling and jerking. Kathy squeezes 
and milks at it with both hands, actually able to feel 
the first scalding rush of thick milky sperm rushing the 
full length of the spasming member until it finally jets 
forth in an erotic fountain, spraying in sticky trails 
through the air to lewdly cover her naked thighs. Sharp 
yelps of painful pleasure come from the dog's throat.

"Holy shit!" Kathy screeches as the first spraying load 
of doggie-cum splashes against her hot sizzling white 
skin. "Holy shit!"

The dog continues to jerk and thrash like a deranged 
beast. More cum spurts from his cock, spattering Kathy's 
sizzling flesh in white gooey globs.

His yelping grows loud, more shrill. The muscles in his 
powerful body tense, all working toward the goal of 
emptying his balls.

The hot doggie-jizz spattering her body inflames her 
pussy, making her dizzy. Her hand jacks up and down his 
exploding prick. She feels each pulsing squirt shoot 
through his cock, watching cum squirt from his piss 
hole, feels jizz hit her body. She is out of her mind, 
never expecting the things that are now happening.

The dog becomes a raging howling beast. His entire body 
jerks, thrashing, twisting, and shaking. Kathy's hands 
are torturing him. He howls, the whites of his eyes 
showing as his eyeballs float into his skull. His ears 
draw back, and his tail whips against the ground.

Kathy, her legs drenched in doggie-cum, continues to 
whack her fist up and down the dog's thick spewing 
prick. "Ooooh doggie!" she cries.

The dog squirms, his prick about empty, his balls almost 
drained. His rubbery lips draw back, baring his teeth. 
Yelping sounds come from his throat.

Kathy is mesmerized, totally involved with jacking her 
fist up and down his prick. "More, boy," she moans. 
"Cum!" She is greedy, her blue eyes glazed, fix on the 
hole of his pisser. "More, doggie. Cum!"

The dog fucks through her fist, and a thin spray of jizz 
shoots from his prick. It sprays her face.

Kathy squeals with surprise. the dog howls. She squeezes 
his prick tighter, jerks his cock faster.

The dog yelps, twists his giant body, grabs at her wrist 
with his mouth, pushes at her hand holding his cock, 
anxious to be free of her tormenting hand.

Kathy gasps, coming out of her trance. She drops his 
prick and watches as he licks his cock clean, giggling 
as it begins to shrink back into hiding.

Kathy stares down at her body, seeing the dog's cum. "Oh 
my god." Her flesh sizzles, her pussy burns.

She reaches over and grabs her backpack, drawing out her 
towel. She uses it to wipe the sticky, white syrup off 
her face and legs.

She is suddenly aware that she is no longer alone with 
the dog and jumps to her feet in alarm. Standing about 
ten feet away, just inside the clearing are two young 

She recognizes them as seniors in her high school, 
graduates who head to college in the fall. Her eyes drop 
down to their shorts. Both of the young men have their 
zippers down, hands gripping hard, excited cocks.

She quickly grabs her panties as the young men approach 
her. She grabs her bag planning to flee, but a hand 
catches her arm, stopping her.

"Kathy Karashevik," says one of the men. She is shocked 
that they know her name. "Can you believe the way this 
hot little hussy jacked-off the dog?" said the man to 
his friend. 

It is then that she has time to recognize the man, it is 
the older brother of one of her friends in school, a 
girl who lives just on the other side of the 
neighborhood from her.

"That doesn't look like all she was doing," answers the 
other man, "did you see her panties on the ground?"

"Oh yeah, and I saw her naked little pussy. A friend of 
Annie's jacking off a dog, what would people say?" Muses 
Tyler Hutchins, the brother of Kathy's friend.

"Please!" she begs. "Don't tell."

"Don't tell everyone we caught you in the clearing with 
your clothes off, jacking dog cock like a pro? This is 
the story of the summer; you'll be famous by the time 
school starts," teases the second man, Richard Markham, 
a member of the school cheer team.

"No, please!"

"Silence has a price," says Tyler, releasing her arm. 
She knows what he means, their cocks are still out and 

"What do you want?" she asks quietly.

"Nothing special," says Tyler with a grin. "Just a 
little favor. Nothing you wouldn't do for a dog."

"You won't tell?" she asks.

"You just give us the same treatment you gave the dog 
and our lips are sealed. You willing to go for that 
deal, Rich?" asks Tyler of his friend.

"Hell, yeah! If she pumps 'the beast' I won't say shit," 
answers Richard, stepping closer to Kathy, his slightly 
softened, but still erect cock in his hand.

"'Beast,' my ass; more like 'the dwarf," jokes Tyler to 
his friend, "But if 'Beauty' here takes care of our 
'beasts' we won't say shit about what we saw."

"Go ahead Kathy," Tyler encourages. "Do us this favor 
and we do you a favor."

Kathy reaches out her hand and grasps Tyler's semi-erect 
cock. It throbs in her hand, beginning to stiffen 
immediately. She lightly runs her hand along its length; 
caressing the warm shaft of her friend's older brother.

"Oh, yeah!" groans Tyler in encouragement.

"Don't forget about me," says Richard, pressing closer 
with his own erect cock.

Kathy wraps her other hand around his stiff prick and 
begins to stroke it as well.

Soon both men are moaning softly in pleasure as her 
hands stroke their erect cocks.

Kathy is not unaffected by the situation. Her crotch 
tingles in excitement as she strokes the hard cocks of 
these two men. Tyler is watching her as she strokes his 
length. "God, that's good," he moans.

"Shit, yeah!" echoes Richard.

Kathy starts to stroke their long, thick cock faster and 
harder as their and her excitement increases. Tyler 
continues to gaze at her, and she looks into his blue 
eyes, becoming more aroused.

"Damn, you're sexy," says Tyler His eyes travel over her 
body, greedily devouring her charms with his eyes. His 
hand slides under the back of the skirt, raising it to 
expose her legs and ass. "I thought my sister had a 
killer ass; but you are beautiful. Look at those legs."

Kathy's pussy moistness further under his approving 

"I've got to see her breasts," says Richard from the 
other side of her.

Both men lift her summer dress up over her hips, above 
her waist, and off her head; revealing her firm, shapely 
body, naked crotch, and bra-encased breasts.

Tyler slides his hands around her back to undo her bra 
which she shrugs off to reveal her round, firm breasts 
and erect, pink nipples as she again grasps the men's 
hard cocks and strokes vigorously.

"Fuck, she's beautiful!" gasps Richard, looking over her 
revealed body.

"Perfect," murmurs Tyler. He bends forward and Kathy 
moans in pleasure as his mouth finds her erect nipple, 
sucking gently. Richard bends forward to close his mouth 
around her other nipple as more moisture exudes from her 

Tyler's warm hand slides against her thigh, upward. Her 
thighs spread slightly as his hand presses to her wet 
crotch as she moans loudly; jerking the two hard cocks 
in sexual fervor. His hand rubs lightly against her 
crotch, sending jolts of sexual pleasure through her. 
Her legs feel weak.

Kathy slowly drops to her knees. Kneeling helps her 
trembling legs, gives her a better angle to jack off the 
men's hard cocks, and allows her to closely look at 
their two swollen cocks. They step closer to her, their 
stiff cocks almost touching her face as she jerks their 
hot, hard lengths with her fists.

From her knees, she can suck them. She admits to herself 
that she wants to. Seeing these two bulging organs 
inches from her face, she can't help but think about 
sucking them, about sliding her mouth over their 
lengths, tasting them, feeling them fill her mouth.

Her lips open as she turns to one of the engorged cocks, 
sliding it into her mouth, tasting it, feeling the hard, 
throbbing shaft fill her mouth. The owner of the cock 
moans loudly as she sucks, exciting and encouraging her. 
She sucks harder, puckering her cheeks to increase the 
suctioning pressure around his cock meat. 

"Oh yeah, Kathy," groans Tyler, "suck my cock... it 
feels so good!" His prick tastes very good, pulsing 
rhythmically on the roof of her mouth. She slides her 
lips back along the length of the cock and releases it, 
turning to the other cock sliding her wet, sucking lips 
onto the blood-beating hardness of the second cock 
taking it in her mouth. 

Her mouth is filled with the hard length of the second 
cock. She sucks on the warm shaft filling her mouth, 
eliciting moans of pleasure from the other man standing 
over her.

She pulls the engorged organs closer to her. Spreading 
her lips wide, first one, then another smooth, bulbous 
cockhead fills her mouth, touching inside her mouth as 
she hungrily pulls the cocks into her mouth. She rubs 
her tongue over to two cockheads filling her mouth, her 
lips forced open their widest to accommodate their two 
thick shafts. 

Kathy listens to her own slurping, smacking sounds as 
her tongue swirls and laves over their pear- shaped cock 
crowns, basting them with spit, lapping up the salty cum 
juice that oozed from them. She tightened her fingers 
around their roots, jacking the cocks hard and fast, her 
pussy creaming with wanton arousal.

Suddenly Tyler pulls back. Kathy holds his shaft 
tightly, trying to keep it in her mouth, eager now to 
suck him off. But he pulls free from her grasp and steps 
back. She wonders momentarily why he stopped; then hears 
him drop his shorts, and figuring he'll be back in a 
moment, turns her attention back to the other hard shaft 
and takes it deep in her mouth.

Tyler walks around behind the kneeling girl. She 
suddenly feels his hands on her shoulders, pushing her 
forward onto her hands, forcing her to her hands and 
knees. Then she feels his hand rub against her fervent 
crotch. She moans as pleasure explodes from her aching 

"My god, she's so wet!" Tyler exclaims to his buddy. 

Kathy feels a hand on the small of her back, followed by 
a prod at her super-heated crotch. "Nuh!" she tries to 
protest around a mouthful of hard cock; but it's too 

With a push, her wet cunt-lips part for Tyler's hard, 
invading cock-shaft. Deeper it slides into her moist 
depths until it is completely buried in her snug pussy. 
Despite her vocal protestation to his action, she cannot 
help but moan as her impassioned pussy is pleasurably 
stuffed with the hard cock-meat of her friend's older 

"Oh fuck!" moans Tyler as he buries his cock in the 
young girl. "Damn! She's so fucking hot man!" he says to 
his buddy, "I've never felt a pussy so hot before!"

Tyler pulls his cock partway out of her tight snatch, 
then thrusts his hips rapidly forward, pressing deep as 
Kathy moans in pleasure around the stiff cock filling 
her mouth. A trickle of her hot juice slides down her 
thigh. Then the cock is pulled from her lips, leaving 
her mouth feeling empty, wanting. 

"I'll bet she's the best damn cocksucker in the whole 
school," says Rick, "She almost made me cum, but I want 
to try some of that hot little pussy. Don't mess in 

"I'll try," grunts Tyler as he thrusts forward again. "I 
won't be long." he gasps as he thrusts his cock into 
Kathy from behind.

Kathy grunts in pleasure; she is so close. Tyler's 
thrusting cock pushes her to the brink of orgasm; the 
men's vile talk further thrilling her. First they force 
her to stroke their hard cocks as their greedy hands 
caress her helpless body, then they make her kneel and 
take them in her mouth, then force her to hands and 
knees to take their hard cocks into her pussy; talking 
about her like a young whore, taking turns fucking her 
inflamed pussy, using her body any way they please. 

Kathy is powerless to resist these men now that they are 
aroused, they will use her in whatever perverse ways 
their lust-controlled minds can conceive.

Rick is slowly stroking his thick cock in front of 
Kathy's face as she watches. Tyler thrusting his cock 
hard and deep into her dripping pussy. Kathy arches her 
back, crying out in ecstasy as the second orgasm of the 
day cleaves through her and she orgasm around Tyler's 
pistoning cock.

This drives him over the edge and he pulls back with a 
moan and Kathy feels his hot cum spurt against her butt 
and thighs.

Richard quickly scrambles behind her and she can't 
suppress a moan as another hard cock is shoved up her 
steamy cunt.

"Man, why'd you have to cum all over her ass and shit?" 
Richard grunts, "I said don't make a mess."

"Sorry," Tyler apologizes, "I couldn't help it; she's so 
fucking hot."

"Fuck yeah, she is," agrees Richard, fucking his cock 
hard and fast into the moaning young girl.

Tyler's prick begins to harden again as he watches his 
buddy fuck his younger sister's friend. He 
absentmindedly strokes his cock into pulsating hardness 
as he watches the drama unfolding before him. With no 
conscious intent Tyler found that his pummeling of his 
own lust-thickened shaft has taken up the same tempo as 
his friend's cock fucking rhythmically into the tight 
pink girl-cunt before it.

Richard grabs her hips tightly, thrusting hard and fast. 
"Take it bitch! Take my cock," he grunts, driving 
furiously into the kneeling girl, "Gonna cum! Tight 
little pussy! So fucking good!"

Kathy moans as Richard thrusts wildly into her fervent 
cunt. His cock swells and jerks; he pulls out and Kathy 
feels more man-cum spray against her ass.

Then Tyler is in front of her on his knees, forcing his 
swollen cock into her mouth. She sucks him as Richard 
pulls back, temporarily spent.

Tyler moans as Kathy's mouth softly suctions around his 
swollen cock. His cock twitches with excitement in her 
mouth as he looks behind her in surprise; but he doesn't 

The dog, Richard's dog, Thor is moving forward towards 
the kneeling girl. The smell of sex has excited him 
again. Kathy gives a startled yelp around Tyler's cock 
as she feels the cool snout of the dog as is sniffs her 
pussy and ass.

The dog whips out his tongue, slithered it up through 
her pussy, between her ass cheeks, and over the tight 
wrinkled hole of her ass.

"Lick her hole!" Richard grunts from beside her, his 
cock beginning to stir again. "Lick her asshole, Thor."

The dog's tongue slaps over her ass, up through her ass 
crack. Cunt juice clinging to his tongue. He greases her 
asshole, soaking her asshole with a mixture of spit and 
pussy juice.

"Oooooo!" Kathy gasps around Tyler's hot, swollen cock 
in her mouth. She presses her hips back, pushing her ass 
into the dog's hard snout "Ahhhh!"

Thor growls and uses his tongue, whipping it over the 
vulnerable ring of her asshole. His tongue plunges into 
her asshole. He reams her, his tongue like an overactive 

"Unnnnn," Kathy moans drunkenly around Tyler's cock. She 
shoves back, wiggling her ass, reveling in his exploring 
tongue feasting on her firm ass cheeks and virgin ass 

Thor sniffs, the smell of her pussy and ass making him 
whimper. His balls are swollen, sore, filled with 
another heavy load of doggie-jizz.

She is on all fours presenting her buttocks to the 
waiting animal like a bitch in heat. The dog knows this 
position and the big animal stalks forward, his huge 
penis jerking and dancing beneath his hairy torso as he 

The big dog easily mounts the girl's offered buttocks, 
his strong furry legs gripping tightly around Kathy's 
smooth torso. 

She gives a startled yelp and drops her hips, but Tyler 
grabs her hair, pulling her forward onto her knees, 
"Stay!" he hisses at her.

All instincts tell the excited beast to bury his aching 
cock deep up between Kathy's expectantly quivering ass-
cheeks, but he can't find the entrance. Slipping and 
dancing in the moist wet cleft between the crouching 
teenager's buttocks, time and time again the scarlet 
needle-shaped tip fails to enter, although it catches 
for a moment at the tiny puckered opening of Kathy's 
anus, almost ramming brutally in before the frightened 
girl is able to twist away from the unwanted rectal 

"C'mon, Thor," encourages Richard, "Fuck her!"

The sharp, tapered tip of the dog's cock finally finds 
the opening between her passion-swollen pussy lips. 

Kathy feels it against the entrance to her vagina and 
braces herself for the shock to come.

Sensing finally that he is at the entrance to his long-
sought goal, the powerful Labrador only does what nature 
demands. He fucks forward!

Mercilessly that huge pole of scarlet dog-flesh tears 
into the pussy before it, not stopping until the dog's 
sperm-bloated balls crush up against Kathy's widely 
stretched cuntal lips. As soon as the animal senses his 
complete penetration of the kneeling girl before him, he 
begins to ram into her with relentless jackhammer 
drives, machine- like, as he animal-fucks the helplessly 
cringing Kathy.

"Aaaaaaagh, uuuuuuuunnnnhh!" the stunned girl manages to 
gasp out, amazed at the sudden sharp pain that explodes 
in her cunt at the dog's first brutal lunge; Thor's 
powerful forelegs clamped vise-like around her body.

For one long moment, Richard sees his pet's swollen 
scarlet penis poised at the opening to Kathy's tight 
young cunt, and then without warning it disappears from 
view, driven deep into the squirming flesh before it by 
the powerful animal. 

It is no surprise to Richard when the crouching Kathy 
cries out in pain, the only wonder is that she is able 
to take that monstrous pole of flesh at all. Richard 
begins to pump his own swelling cock more furiously as 
he watches the naked young girl cringe before the madly 
humping animal behind her; constant little cries and 
whimpers coming from her beautiful young throat: Tyler 
steps back to watch as well.. 

Kathy knows that there is no turning back now. She must 
go on to the end, go on until Thor empties his hot 
animal sperm deep up into her, his feral passion finally 

Kathy tries to open her thighs wider, hoping it will 
lessen the slight pain in her cruelly stretched vagina, 
and indeed it does help. Kathy can feel that huge fleshy 
dog- cudgel ramming again and again like a rubbery pile-
driver deep up into the unused depths of her virginal 
pussy until it feels as if her hips were going to be 
split wide open. Low, shuddering, moans escape in a 
continual stream from lips pulled tightly back over her 
even white teeth. 

Wham, wham, wham, those hairy animal loins thud 
resoundingly into her widespread buttocks, each fierce 
advance ramming that merciless scarlet spear another 
fraction of an inch deeper into her young plundered 

It does not hurt anymore. In fact, it feels... good. The 
expression on the girl's lovely young face turns into a 
blind stare of passionate acceptance as she crouches in 
helpless submission before the humping animal behind. 
Then, almost without warning, the young girl feels her 
hips begin a mindless, automatic motion back against the 
invading animal-penis, and in another moment the 
suddenly maddened young woman is twisting her buttocks 
around in lewd circles of abandoned passion, mewling and 
moaning in lascivious pleasure.

The sex-enchanted girl tries to look back under her 
kneeling body to see that marvelous red rod of flesh 
disappearing up into her grasping cunt, but she can only 
see the hairy canine balls as they swing repeatedly 
against her desire-swollen clitoris, causing her 
additional jolts of lewd pleasure. 

With one hand the straining girl reaches back towards 
her own pussy and lets her fingers encircle Thor's 
slippery wet cock as it flashes in and out between her 
sensitive cunt-lips, at the same time letting her 
knuckles dig gratifyingly into her own genital flesh.

The sweating, panting, moaning girl feels a rush of 
obscene forbidden pleasure come over her as the full 
realization of what she is doing hits her. Somehow the 
very thought of crouching lewdly on the ground, offering 
her young body up to a panting animal to fuck adds 
another dimension of lust-filled depravity to the 
sensations and emotions that are already ravaging her 
wildly aroused young body. God, how utterly... obscene, 
the no longer innocent virgin, thinks to herself in 
pleased amazement while ever-growing pleasure radiates 
through her shamelessly used body.

Tyler and Richard, too, are both panting with arousal 
from the sheer depravity of the unnatural scene before 
them as they lecherously watch the thick scarlet dog-
cock disappear with ferocious regularity up into the 
young girls squirming, pink pussy-hole. Each has a hand 
wrapped in a death-grip around their own massively erect 

"Oooohhh, ooohhh, ooohhh!" they hear the girl chant in 
obvious pleasure as she moves her buttocks back against 
Thor's hard-driving loins. Tyler begins to pump his own 
cock with increased vigor as he watches the changing 
expressions flicker over Kathy's passion-distorted face. 

The moaning girl is obviously completely enraptured by 
the wonderful animal-fucking she is receiving from 
behind. Tyler can see it all since he has moved back and 
Kathy is now turned slightly away from him, can see that 
merciless glistening shaft sawing relentlessly in and 
out, drawing back the soft clinging vaginal flesh on the 
out-stroke and then ramming it back inside each time the 
big animal lunges forward. 

But the most exciting thing to the watching, 
masturbating men is the completely wild, committed way 
that Kathy moves her own ass-cheeks back to seek 
fulfillment from the hard red staff plunging deep up 
into her seething little belly.

Never in their whole lives have the men ever seen a 
woman so passionately involved.

Tyler wonders what the hell he is doing watching anyhow, 
with this red-hot little piece of tail just feet yards 
away, forced to satisfy herself with an animal? It 
hardly seems that he should be here pulling on his own 
hungry cock while the goddamn dog is humping the wildest 
piece of squirming hot cunt this side of the moon.

Kathy opens her eyes; the crazily bucking girl finds a 
gorgeous, swollen cock standing rigidly out right in 
front of her face as Tyler drops heavily to his knees in 
front of her.

Thor redoubles the force of his wild thrusts into the 
sweet smelling young human who had opened her lovely 
body to him. "Ooooooooh," cries Kathy as the ever 
swelling animal cock pounds ever deeper up into her. 
And, "Ooooooooh," again. 

For a moment the young girl's eyes unfocus a little as 
though she is looking off into distant mists, and it 
suddenly doesn't matter to her who was kneeling before 
her. Only that wonderful filling of her hungry cunt 
matters, and now there is another cock presented before 
her dreamy eyes, filling her with further lascivious 

"You'll never tell anyone about this, will you?" Kathy 
manages to gasp out between thrusts of Thor's rampaging 

"No, never," Tyler growls hoarsely back to her. "It's 
between you and me, and Richard and Thor, and... this." 
And Tyler moves his swollen cock even closer to the 
young girl's parted lips. 

Even though it is hard to concentrate on anything but 
that magnificent dog-penis fucking into her from behind, 
Kathy can't take her eyes away from Tyler's rigid cock 
as it juts forward from out of the coarse dark hair 
covering his loins. Just the size alone is enough to 
overwhelm the panting girl as she stares at his penis. 
She momentarily wonders if Annie has any idea what a 
huge cock her brother has.

Without really willing it, Kathy finds her hand moving 
up to encircle that great rod of blood-engorged male 
flesh with cool fingers. Then she feels Tyler's pulse 
beating inside the rubbery shaft like a tiny heart. 
Kathy knows that she wants that huge throbbing flesh in 
her mouth again. 

She wants to sense and savor and taste the whole of it. 
Have it rammed into her face while his friend's dog rams 
into her cunt from behind. Slowly her lovely young face 
moves closer... closer.... her hand squeezing harder 
without her even noticing.

As he kneels before this lovely naked creature, Tyler 
can not keep a small groan from breaking from between 
his clenched teeth because of the almost painful delight 
of her touch. 

As that giant animal member thrusts deep into her to its 
fullest extent, the trembling young girl can feel her 
vagina open up like an accepting flower, and a kind of 
dizzy euphoria sweeps over her. And now, before her very 
face is the rigid, throbbing penis of her friend's sexy 
older brother.

A new maddening excitement sweeps over the completely 
abandoned girl and she begins to pull and jerk harder at 
the fleshy pole in her hand while Tyler writhes and 
twists in blissful agony under her touch. Finally, 
unable to stand the temptation another moment, Kathy 
flicks out her tiny little tongue and lets it glide 
warmly over the swollen glans. 

Tyler groans loudly from the hot searing contact, his 
whole body spasming as the lovely girl kneeling before 
him begins to run her tongue in lewd little circles 
around the tip of his near-bursting penis.

A pungent tang of seminal fluid floods Kathy's mouth, 
filling her with a new kind of wild excitement. She lets 
her hand slide down the smooth, hot penile shaft and 
then reaches behind Tyler's wrinkled hair-covered sac to 
scratch her fingernails lightly over his clenched 

At the same time, she takes Tyler's cock into her mouth, 
feeling the veined underside of the glans sliding 
erotically over her tongue until it is all the way back 
to her tonsils, almost gagging her. Automatically she 
begins to suck, her ovalled red lips clasping tightly 
around the huge lust-swollen shaft sunk so obscenely 
into her face.

Tyler lets his weight fall back on his haunches, afraid 
that he was going to collapse from the sheer ecstasy of 
the girl's unbelievable mouthing of his cock. As his 
heavy loins begin to rock slowly up into Kathy's face, 
his hands circle together behind her head to pull her 
sucking lips down tighter against his aching penis. 

The thick cock slides lecherously in and out of the 
passion-softened teenage face to the accompaniment of a 
wet sucking sound that can clearly be heard above 
Tyler's hoarse groans.

Tyler stares down at Kathy, hardly daring to believe 
what was happening. But there it is right before his 
very eyes as he watches the young beauty's rosy cheeks 
hollow and fill around his thrusting hardness, her 
tongue snaking maddeningly around it inside her hot 
little mouth. And if that isn't enough, Tyler can look 
back over the nakedly gleaming back underneath him and 
stare straight into the glittering eyes of his friend's 
Labrador as the dog humps repeatedly, endlessly into 
this little doll's squirming vagina.

"Christ, it feels so good.' gasps Tyler, fumbling down 
with one hand under Kathy's quivering body and finding 
her voluptuously swaying breasts. He begins to knead 
them cruelly, first the one passion-swollen mound and 
then the other, rolling and squeezing the hard little 
nipples between his fingers until Kathy whimpers half in 
pleasure, half in pain, her lustful sucking of his 
hurting penis increasing with every second. Tyler revels 
in the firm resilience of the girl's taut young breasts 
as he molds them like warm putty in his fingers.

Kathy now finds herself totally loving her debased 
position as she sucks wantonly at the massive human 
organ in her mouth while Thor's canine shaft of pleasure 
traps her from the rear. Never in her young life has the 
girl known such perverse bliss as she feels now, being 
buffeted back and forth between the two males like a 
helpless rag doll. 

Each time Thor slams powerfully into her ass-cheeks, she 
is driven forward with a jerk, impaling herself even 
further on Tyler's rigid member as it saws relentlessly 
up into her face. 

The moaning older boy is becoming less gentle now as his 
passion mounts, and reaching up he tangles his hands in 
Kathy's long brown hair to hold her head in a vise-like 
grip while he brutally rams his cock far down her 

The gasping teenager finds her mouth so filled with 
Tyler's stone-hard cock and her own free-flowing saliva 
that she thinks she will choke, and tries to pull her 
head away. But Tyler's arms are too strong for that as 
he pulls her head even tighter into his up-thrusting 

"Oh no, baby," Tyler mutters half-consciously. "You're 
gonna have to go on to the end now. Go on till I cum... 
gotta cum." 

And somehow that makes it seem even more exciting to the 
lewdly crouching girl. Her whole body oddly tingles at 
this further humiliation as she finds herself actually 
trapped between two powerful males who will do what they 
want with her no matter how she might struggle to get 
away. Yes, yes, she wants them to cum in her. She wants 
to feel and taste the hot human sperm in her mouth while 
at the same time her hungry belly is filled to the brim 
with Thor's lewd animal semen. 

As the last ounce of hesitation drops from her, the 
writhing young blonde turns into a complete wildcat, 
ramming back with increased force against her hairy 
animal lover behind while her smooth young cheeks form 
great hollows from her powerful sucking of Tyler's 
tingling cock.

'I must have pushed the right button,' Tyler thinks, a 
lewd, almost cruel grin coming over his normally amiable 
face. This is without a doubt the best blow-job the 
young man can ever remember getting, and there were 
quite a few good ones in his past.

Richard also smiles, pumping his swollen cock and 
smiling at his laboring dog as it stands on trembling 
legs, ceaselessly pounding its massive organ into the 
wonderful mating-hole that has been so tantalizingly 
laid out before him.

Watching the wildly-humping dog, Tyler knows it is only 
a matter of seconds before both of them come, so he 
makes several last desperate thrusts into the butter-
soft mouth wrapped so lewdly around his throbbing cock. 
And then a bomb seems to go off in his balls, followed 
by a hot rush of what feels like molten lava as his 
semen explodes from his swollen testicles. Tyler's last 
shout of pleasure trails off into a choking gurgle and 
he pulls Kathy's lewdly bobbing head desperately into 
his steaming loins.

"Now! Oh God, mother-fuck!" Tyler shouts deliriously. 
"Suck it! For God's sake suck hard, you sweet little 
bitch. I'm CUMMING!!" And then his back arches while his 
body helplessly jerks and twists in his ecstasy.

Kathy had wanted him to explode in her mouth and he did. 
The first burning gush of seminal fluid floods into her 
desperately sucking mouth, but try as she may she can't 
swallow it all down without choking. Sucking and 
slurping, the slaving girl does the best she can, but 
thick streams of the viscous, white liquid flood out 
around the jerking organ protruding from her stretched 
young lips, obscenely covering her chin with sticky 
trails of the lust-inciting fluid.

Oh God, how she loves the nastiness of it, the wild-eyed 
girl thinks to herself, and then the excitement of 
having her first human cock shooting into her mouth 
touches off her own orgasm. As she feels the first 
onslaught of her building climax, the moaning girl 
thrusts her buttocks back hard against Thor's laboring 
dog-cock just as he thrusts forward, wanting to get the 
full benefit of the animal's long, thick length. The 
wildly excited girl can feel the rock-hard shaft smash 
past her tender pussy-lips on its way toward the 
ultimate depths of her convulsing belly.

This is the final trigger Kathy needs, and suddenly she 
feels as if she has been hit hard in the stomach with a 
fist as all her muscles contract at once in spasms of 
wild delight. Her buttocks flexes and hollow as her 
clenching pussy pulls wildly on Thor's near-bursting 
dog-penis, while at the same time her lips and tongue 
keep spasmodically milking at the still spurting man-
cock in her mouth. 

All this is too much for the already wildly aroused 
Labrador and suddenly his hot animal cum begins to jet 
up into Kathy's squirming cunt. The gasping girl has one 
split second to think how different it feels from 
Tyler's orgasm, more like one long hot squirt that seems 
to drill a hole right through her quivering insides, and 
then Kathy's mind explodes in a great flare of colored 
lights from this last incredible stimulation as she 
starts to cum all over again.

Tyler has begun to fall back away from the madly bucking 
girl and his shrinking penis slips wetly from between 
her semen-slick lips as she gurgles out a long mindless 
groan of sensual pleasure. Tyler gets quickly to his 
knees, wanting to watch this incredible sight, and his 
eyes bulged in amazement as he sees the dog empty his 
testicles savagely into the gyrating body of the young 
teenager kneeling before him in total, abject depravity. 

Wailing and thrashing, Kathy presses her voracious cunt 
back against the spurting animal-cock as if she is 
afraid to let one drop of the milky fluid escape her. 
The thick liquid gushes back out again from where her 
snug little vagina clasps tightly around Thor's jerking 
member, and runs in sticky trails down her shuddering 
white thighs.

More hot, strands of male cum spurt against her back and 
shoulder as Richard brings himself off. 	Finally, 
with one last quiver, Kathy's sperm-soaked body goes 
rigid in final release, and the exhausted girl falls 
limply forward onto the grass. Thor's now diminishing 
cock slips from her battered cunt with a soft wet 
sucking sound.

For long moments there is no sound in the clearing but 
the harsh breathing of the four depleted inhabitants. 
Then Tyler gets weakly to his feet, grabs his discarded 
shorts and stuffs his still-tender penis back into them. 
He looks down at the nakedly heaving body of the 
voluptuous girl who lies at his feet, and Tyler can't 
keep his eyes from feasting on the glistening beauty of 
her sensuously swelling hips and buttocks.

Richard retrieves his clothes as well.

Before they leave the exhausted girl, they toss the 
towel to her and head off down the path; the dog 
following quietly behind them.


A week later, Kathy makes it a point to visit her friend 
Annie Hutchins. She says hello to the handsome Tyler 
when she sees him, somewhat amused by his shocked 
expression when he first sees her. She makes a point of 
telling Annie that she plans to go to the park the next 
day to play some Volleyball while Tyler is within 

The next day the two girls finish playing a little 
Volleyball and head for the trail to walk home. Kathy 
has seen Tyler in the park, throwing a football with a 
couple of friends. As Annie picks her way through the 
raspberry bushes at the start of the trail, Kathy looks 
back and sees Tyler, Richard, and another boy with a 
German Shepherd on a leash heading towards them. She 
smiles to herself; she'll have to find an excuse to get 
Annie to stop in the clearing, she thinks to herself.