Mom's Always Horny

Outwardly suburbia maintains the straight laced, middle-class look that belies the social ferment behind closed doors.

There in the secret use of drugs, fed by the marijuana syndrome. There is the river of alcohol flooding from door to door under the euphemism of social drinking. Thin, of course, inevitably there is the advent of wife-swapping. All in the spirit of good, clean fun… But where does the fun stop and degradation begin? When one excess leads to another — and another — to what? When children set as the pattern of their own lifestyle what is already the norm at home?

This is the story of two American families. It is startling as a mirror of a way of life behind closed doors. No facade. No regrets.

MOM’S ALWAYS HORNY — a story of two families whose goal is pleasure and whose lifestyle reflects that goal. A story with a message for our changing world.


The last thing Flora Enwright expected when she came home from work a little early that afternoon was to catch her son fucking her boss’ daughter.

Heidi Lockwood had been fucking steadily for the past two years and was thoroughly enjoying herself. She preferred her lovers to be a little older than herself, virile and big pricked and with lots of experience. Someone who could and would fuck her hard and deep for a very long time. But recently she’d been getting it over Joey Enwright, who was her own age and was anything but experienced. In fact, Heidi suspected that he was still a virgin.

Joey’s divorced mother worked for Heidi’s widower father, and both families lived on the same block. Flora tried to be like a big sister to both the Lockwood children, Heidi and her younger brother Neil. Her son Joey was best friends with Neil, and Heidi got along well with both of them. So, as close as they all were, it was not too difficult for the horny teenager to get together with the object of her lust. She simply dropped over one afternoon after school.

She was wearing a skin-tight pair of shorts and a halter top that displayed her abundant, jiggling tits and round, generous asscheeks to their best advantage. The shorts were tight in the crotch, outlining her sensitive young pussy mound and allowing a few stray cunt hairs to peek out through the leg holes. Below the shorts, her legs were long and curvy, with full, smooth thighs and trim calves.

She’d already checked herself out in the full-length mirror in her bedroom and knew just how sensual her well-developed little body was. Her silky, corn-colored hair billowed and swirled around her adorable face. Her eyes were a deep, clear blue and her full lips were pouting and juicy, framing her white, even teeth. And from the neck down, she had all the equipment necessary to make any man’s wet dream come true.

She spotted Joey raking leaves in the back yard as she came down the sidewalk. Going through the house, she stopped off in the kitchen and picked up a couple bottles of ice-cold Coke, then went out to stand on the back porch. She stood there without saying anything for a while, just watching as Joey raked the leaves into several large, neat piles.

She was fascinated by his brawny, muscular body as he worked. He was stripped to the waist and she could see the sweat glistening on his broad shoulders and athletic arms and husky chest. His strong muscles flexed and bunched just under his deeply tanned skin as he pulled against the rake.

His jeans were tight around his trim waist and across his flat ass, and Heidi thought she could make out a slight bulge in his crotch. She was trying to imagine how big his cock and balls were and how it would foci to have his prick stuffed up her cunt.

He glanced up and saw her watching him. “Hi, pest!” he yelled, his tone of voice and bright smile taking the sting out of his favorite nickname for her.

“Wanta Coke?”

“I’d love one.” He leaned the rake against a tree and walked over to the porch. Taking one of the Coke bottles from her, he sat down on the bottom step where he would be in the shade.

“Aahhh, that’s good!” he sighed after a long gulp of Coke. “I was beginning to feel well done!”

“Yeah, you looked like you were about ready to be turned over and basted on the other side,” Heidi answered, sitting down on the top step and parting her knees slightly. Her sitting above him, she knew, would give him a perfect view between her legs.

Sure enough, when he looked up and caught a glimpse of her downy blonde cunt hair and firm creamy thighs, his eyes bugged and he blinked rapidly before quickly averting them. He was uncomfortably aware that his cock was starting to twitch in his pants.

Heidi smiled to herself, having caught his reaction, then asked, “You got anything special planned for the next couple of hours?”

“No, nothing much,” Joey answered, sneaking another look between her thighs. “Why? What’d you have in mind?”

“Well, Neil is off somewhere, and Daddy won’t be home until almost six, and I know your mother doesn’t get home until about the same time, so…”

“What?” Joey was staring more and more openly into her juicy young crotch, his Coke all but forgotten in his hand.

“So, since we’re all alone, and will be for sometime, I was wondering if you’d like to go inside and fuck me,” Heidi finished quietly.

Joey was too amazed by her shamelessness to answer. He ran his tongue out over his suddenly dry lips and stared at the way the crotch of her tight shorts dug into the plumpness of her cunt mound, separating and outlining the fleshy lips of her pussy slit. At he watched, Heidi blatantly spread her warm, bare thighs even farther apart.

“Besides,” she added, “I’ve been noticing the way you keep staring at my pussy.”

Instantly, Joey’s eyes jerked off to one side so giving the lawn mower his undivided attention.

“Don’t be so nervous about it,” Heidi said with a low chuckle. “There’s nothing wrong with a boy looking at a girl’s cunt.”

She reached down and stroked the tip of her forefinger over the thin cotton crotch other shorts.

“Oohhh!” she squealed. “I just love being touched that! You want to touch it? Here, I’ll make it easy for you.”

Quickly, she unfastened the single button on her shorts, pulling them off and exposing the ripe pink mouth of her pussy hole. Then she reached out, took his hand and guided it in between her parted thighs.

Joey couldn’t believe what was happening, but his cock meat throbbed and lurched wildly when Heidi pressed the palm of his hand against the wet, hairy mound of her cunt hole.

“C’mon, Joey,” she cooed softly. “I told you I just love being touched there.”

She deftly slipped his long middle finger into the slippery heat of her wanton little pussy.

“Aahhh,” she sighed. “There, that’s better! Now start movin’ your finger around in there!”

“Okay,” Joey muttered, grinning nervously at her. He began twisting and wiggling his finger around in her snug young cunt gash, slowly at first, then faster and faster until he was deep inside and rubbing against the slick, tender pussy walls of her cunt tube.

Heidi squirmed her solid little ass around on the porch step, bouncing up and down with delight, moaning softly. Finally she could stand the teasing no longer. She had to get Joey inside the house and get her hungry young cunt, stuffed with some of that delicious looking cock meat she saw bulging out the front of his jeans.

Bouncing lightly to her feet, she took him by the hand and pulled and tugged him in through the kitchen door. Once inside the house, she grew even bolder.

“Christ, I’m sure hot and horny today,” she murmured, hugging him tight and pressing her swollen tits against his bare chest. “We’ve got the next few hours all to ourselves, Joey.” She kissed him and slid her agile tongue deep into the warmth of his mouth.

Reaching down with one hand, she cupped the huge lump in the front of his pants, squeezing his prick shaft gently and caressing his cock with her fingers. She felt his strong, manly body trembling. Her hand played with his cock and balls through his jeans. Her own body was becoming more and more aroused. She could feel her hot, spicy cunt juice oozing down the insides of her soft thighs.

Quivering with anticipation, Heidi broke the kiss and dropped down to her knees in front of him. Joey leaned back against the kitchen table and gazed down at the top of her head with wide yes as she pulled down his fly and freed the large shaft of his solid cock.

“Oh, Joey,” Heidi squealed in satisfaction, “you’re really hung, ain’t you?” She smiled sweetly up into his face. “I just knew you would be!”

Thrilled at the thought of getting fucked by a brand-new cock, the whorish little blonde held the base of his prick rod tightly in her moist, warm hand and brought her open mouth closer to the plump head of his hard-on. She mewled softly and wiggled frown one knee to the other as she felt his fat sty cock pole slip between her slurping lips.

His prick tasted delicious as his cock head moved over her tongue and filled her mouth, pressing firmly against the back of her throat. The sheer fleshy size of his prick and its tangy flavor were pure bliss to the kneeling teenager. Her ripe, flawless, young body pulsated with spine-tingling ecstasy. Holding his bloated cock head tightly against the back of her throat, she fluttered and twirled her warm, well-trained tongue up and down and over his thick, spongy prick shaft.

Finally she began bobbing her head, rubbing her soft pouting lips up and down the entire lengthy rod of his cock, sucking and pulling on his prick strongly. Joey was groaning loudly and humping his crotch toward her face. His obvious enjoyment of what she was doing added to her own excitement and pleasure.

Heidi had sucked her share of cocks. She was reasonably sure that none of her girlfriends had even half the cock-sucking experience and ability that she had.

She’d never sucked a cock that she didn’t like.

“Oh, God… oohhh…” Joey groaned. “I… I’m gonna… cum!”

“Not yet you’re not!” Heidi giggled, pulling her tight mouth off his huge prick and jumping to her feet. “Not in my mouth anyway. Let’s go to your room and you can cum where I want you to. Right in my tight little pussy!”

Holding up her open shorts with one hand and gripping Joey’s big shivering cock shaft with the other, Heidi led the way to his bedroom. Once inside the room, she hurried over to the bed and wiggled her shorts down over her soft, round ass cheeks.

Tossing her shorts aside casually, she unhooked her halter top and let her large, thrusting tit mounds tumble free. They bobbed slightly with their own weight, the ruby nipples already thick and puffy with excitement.

“Hurry up, Joey!” she cried. “I’m hot to fuck!”

She rolled onto the bed and stretched herself out, naked and deliciously tempting.

Joey stood next to the bed, slowly taking off his jeans, never taking his eyes off her mouth-watering young body. He still couldn’t believe this was really happening. Heidi had her firm thighs wantonly spread and was lewdly stroking and tweaking the soft, juicy lips of her pussy slot.

The moment he was undressed, he climbed eagerly onto the bed. She turned onto her side and cuddled her warm little body snugly against him, rubbing the frothy mound of her cunt into his crotch. They could both feel his massive cock pole pressed between their stomachs, rock hard and throbbing with excitement.

“Shit, honey, that’s a cock and a half,” Heidi giggled, squirming against him, squeezing his prick meat between their bodies, feeling his cock lurch strongly against her taut, smooth tummy.

“I’m glad you, uh, like it,” Joey mumbled.

They kissed, hugging each other tightly in their arms, grinding their bodies together, their tongues moving back and forth delightedly from one mouth to the other.

Finally, Heidi pulled back slightly and smiled down at him, her eyes twinkling merrily and her lips curled into a sluttish smile.

“C’mon, Joey, let’s fuck!”

She rolled onto her back, taking him with her, and spread her legs for him. She looked up at him, her whole body alive with frantic fuck-lust, while he knelt between her legs and guided his bloated cock head down against the slippery folds of her cunt hole.

“Aaahhhh,” she cooed as she felt him lower his hips down into the wide V of her parted thighs. His thick, long cock rod stretched open her fuck hole and glided easily into her wet, tight-walled pussy tube. “Yeah, honey, that’s what I want. Your big, stiff prick! Every fuckin’ inch of it!”

Heidi’s entire body quaked and twitched as Joey began to fuck his mammoth cock in and out of her vibrating young cunt. The width of his prick shaft fucking back and forth between her widely snatched cunt lips was frictioning her clit delightfully. He drilled and lucked into her pussy, harder ad deeper sob time, making her moan and squeal and raise her ass cheeks off the bed to meet his long, even thrusts.

“Aahhh, that’s good, honey, so fuckin’ good!” she whimpered, clutching his shoulders and hugging him between her hilt fleshy thighs.

The size of his prick staff and the intensity of his fuck-strokes as bringing the horny little teen closer and closer to a shuddering orgasm. And Joey wasn’t sure how much longer he could hold back the raging flow of jism that threatened to spew up out of his tight, aching balls.

So caught up were they in each other, that neither of than noticed when key’s mother looked in through the partly open bedroom door. She could see them vividly as her son fucked his huge prick into Heidi’s drooling young cunt, and she heard the wet, sweaty slap of flesh against flesh and the cries and giggled whispers they made together.

Flora couldn’t take her eyes off her sons juice-soaked cock pole as he fucked his prick in and out of Heidi’s slobbering cunt. She hadn’t seen him naked in quite a few years and she wasn’t surprised as much at the size of his cock as she was shocked by the way he was using his prick. From where she stood, she also had a clear view of his big, hairy balls as they swung back and forth, slapping loudly against Heidi’s round little ass.

“Oh, sweet Jesus!” she heard Heidi gurgle throatily. “I’m gonna cum, honey… gonna cum… gonna… uuggg… I’m cummin’… I’m cummin’… oh, God… ooohhhhh…”

“So’m I!” Joey shouted, grinding his loins down tightly against hers and wedging the bloated head of his cock securely into the deep end of her pussy.

Flora watched, fascinated and horrified, as Joey’s ass cheeks clenched and his whole body went tense and stiff and he poured his thick, hot jism into Heidi’s thirsty young cunt in long, stringy gobs. She had never seen anything as wonderfully exciting. Her own pussy was hot and itchy. Her fuck cream oozed out and seeped through her thin panties to dribble down the insides of her thighs.

“Oh, Joey, Joey, Joey!” Heidi squealed happily when he’d finally stopped spurting and slumped limp and exhausted onto the bed. “There’s nothing I like better than a cunt full of hot thick cum!”

Her breathing harsh and ragged and her knees weak from what she’d just witnessed, Flora slipped noiselessly away from the open door.


Flora spent the rest of that day wandering around in a semi-daze. She’d been stunned by the sight of Joey and Heidi fucking up a storm on the bed. As a mother, she knew she should be enraged. But as a woman, she was strangely thrilled. Flora Enwright had been considered an easy piece of ass ever since she was a teenager. Now, although she was almost forty, she looked at least ten years younger. She was a curly haired brunette, with large soft-brown eyes and a body that was still delectably curvaceous.

Since her divorce three years ago, she’d stayed away from men, thinking that she had finally outgrown that sort of thing. And, except for a few sleepless nights, she’d been happy enough. Rut now she just couldn’t get her mind off the beautiful sight of her son’s big, thick cock fucking in and out of Heidi’s streaming little pussy. She was jittery, high-strung, worded and horny as hell.

Finally, she decided that she just had to do something about the way she was feeling. When the idea first crossed her mind, she felt her sensitive cunt lips start to moisten and twitch in anticipation.

“Joey?” she called from her bedroom. “Will you come here for a minute, dear?”

Joey was sitting in the living room, watching TV. “Okay,” he called back.

He entered the bedroom, and he almost fell over when he saw his lovely mother standing by the bed. She was wearing a sheer shortie nightgown that ended just below her crotch and displayed every curve and swell of her luxuriant body. His gaze dropped to her round, fleshy thighs and the long, trim calves that showed below the hemline of her nightie. As his eyes moved upward, they took in every delicious detail of her wantonly revealed body. She was wearing neither panties nor bra, and he could see plainly the big, heavy globes of her tits with their pointy brownish nipples. Just below the wet curve of her soft belly, he could see the swirly cunt hair.

Flora moved across the room with a shimmy of her ass and jiggle of her tits and put her hands lightly on his shoulders.

“I was wondering if you’d do something for me,” she murmured softly. “Something extra special.”

“Sure, if I c-can.” The swollen nubs of her nipples were almost touching his chest, covered only by the silky material of her negligee.

“Oh, I’m sure you can do this, Joey,” she giggled. She had already decided to use the direct and honest approach, and now he’d given her the perfect opening. “I’ve already seen you doing it!”

“What?” The way she was dressed and the soft, purring tone of her voice was driving him crazy. He already had half a hard-on, and his prick was getting longer and thicker by the second.

Flora moved her hands down from his shoulders, rubbing her palms over his broad muscular chest. “I just thought you might like to do to me what I saw you doing with Heidi this afternoon,” she whispered with a lewd smirk.

For the second time that day, Joey was left completely speechless by the wanton suggestion of a female. And this time the woman was his own mother!

“Well? What do you say, dear? I know you like to fuck.” She uttered a low laugh and added, “And your cock’s certainly ready even if you’re not!”

Joey glanced down guiltily at the throbbing lump in the front of his pants, then back up at his mother. “B-but… but you’re… m-my…”

“Your mother?” Flora finished for him. “Yes, I am. And you’re my son.” She began leading the boy over to the bed. “But neither your cock nor my pussy will ever know the difference!”

Leaving him standing beside the bed, Flora sat down on the edge of the mattress, leaning back on her elbows and parting her knees. With a casual flick of her hand, she opened her nightie from neckline to hem so that the entire front of her warm, inviting body was on full display to his gaping eyes.

Joey’s mind was spinning with confusion and his cock shaft was lurching against the front of his pants with excitement. He gazed down at her with something like awe in his eyes. Between her smooth, creamy thighs was the fluffy tuft of her cunt, and beneath that, barely concealed by the wisps of soft brown hair, were the plump, rose colored lips of her pussy silt.

Flora opened her knees a little more, and when he glanced up at her face, she gave him a smile and ran the tip of her wet tongue over her ripe lips. Joey could see the obscene promise and shameless invitation in her smile.

“Christ,” he moaned softly. “You… you’re beautiful…”

Flora giggled merrily. “Thank you kindly, dear boy.”

Then, reaching up with both hands, she pulled him down over her body. As he dropped down, she brought one leg up between his legs and rubbed the top of her smooth, meaty thigh tenderly into his groin. She wrapped both anus around his neck and pulled his lips down against hers, poking her pointy tongue deep into his mouth. Her warm bare thigh continued to massage his jerking cock bulge until he thought his prick would explode. Joey forced her tongue back into her mouth and followed it with his own, letting her suck gently on his tongue.

“Joey,” she murmured. “Is Heidi a good fuck?”

“Uh, well, yeah, I guess so,” he admitted.

“Was she the first girl you ever fucked?”

“Well, uh, no, not exactly… but, uh, almost…”

Flora chuckled softly. “I’ll just bet it wasn’t the first time for her! Not by a long way. That gal acted like she knew what she was doin’!” She kissed him briefly, licking her nimble little tongue deliciously over his. “Tell ya what, Son. You get undressed and I’ll teach you a few tricks you can use on her next flint.”

“Sure, Mom!”

Leaping to his feet, Joey swiftly stripped off his clothes, leaving them scattered all over the floor. Meanwhile, Flora wiggled out of her shortie nightgown and stretched out saucily on the bed. She gasped throatily when she caught her first up-close sight of her son’s thick, lengthy cock shaft. During her younger years, she’d been fucked by a lot of different pricks, but Joey’s young cock pole was one that any man would be proud to own. For that matter, she thought to herself, most women wouldn’t mind having one like that, either. But she knew where the women would want a prick like Joey’s.

“Jesus, Mary and Joseph!” she swore, sitting up and staring brazenly at her son’s huge hard-on as his cock thrust straight out from the tight curls of his crotch. Just below his massive prick shaft hung a pair of large, heavy balls. “I can see now why Heidi was yelling and squealing like a stuck pig!”

Joey grinned boyishly and looked like he was about to blush.

Flora spread herself out wantonly on the clean sheets, raising her knees and opening her long, silky thighs to their widest.

“C’mon, Son,” she urged hotly, using her finger tips to stretch her swollen cunt lips apart. “Stick that big beautiful cock into my pussy and fuck the hell outta me!”

Trembling with lust, Joey climbed onto the bed and positioned himself between her spread eagled thighs. Sliding both hands under her, he cupped the soft, rubbery cheeks of her squirming ass and raised her hairy cunt mound off the bed. Flora reached down and searched for the rock-hard rod of his prick. She cooed in whorish delight as her long fingers coiled around the quivering width of his bobbing cock meat.

“Oh, oh, Son,” she whispered, fondling his prick and the hot, crinkly ball-sac dangling between his thighs.

Crouching between her trembling thighs, Joey rubbed his big cock head up and down over the drooling lips of her cunt mouth. Her slippery pussy furrow got wetter and wetter. Flora whimpered in excitement and moved her massaging hand from his balls running her hand swiftly up his bucking prick shaft. Gripping his cock, she took the bulging tip of his cock into the slippery heat of her pussy hole.

“Oh, Christ, Son,” she sobbed throatily. “Stick it in me! Don’t tease me like this! Fuck me!”

Her words trailed off into a low moan of ecstasy as Joey’s massive prick rod stretched open the quivering lips of her cunt mouth and slid inside. The snug walls of her pussy tube squeezed his lengthy cock pole as he fucked into her cunt. The hugeness of his prick shaft thrilled and delighted his wanton mother, while her handsome young son relished the tightness and slick smoothness of her cunt tunnel.

Flora cooed and whined happily at the wonderful friction of his prick meat against her swollen little clit as he began to buck his hips up and down, fucking his thick cock in and out of her tight, foamy cunt slit. Who would have thought, she asked herself, that my own son would have a prick so long and thick and so strong? Her greedy little pussy hadn’t been this well filled in a long time. She was incredibly happy.

“Oh, you sweet, beautiful boy,” she crooned as Joey speeded up the tempo of his fuck-thrusts. His hands were under her, cupping and kneading the smooth, wiggly cheeks other ass. When one of his finger tips brushed aver the puckered pink hole of her ass she gave a sudden joyous giggle. “Ohh, Joey! Shove your finger up my ass, dear! Fingerfuck my ass!”

As their bare, sweaty bodies slapped squishily together, Joey ran his fingers up and down the crack of her ass, searching for and finally finding the taut little opening to her ass tube. He pressed firmly against the tight ring of muscle and suddenly his finger popped through the puckered mouth of her ass. His thick finger slid into her snug, slippery asshole up to the palm of his hand.

“Eeekkkk!” Flora squeaked at the sudden pleasure-pain her quivering, squirmy ass cheeks becoming alive in his hands. “Shit, Son, your finger feels as big as your cock!”

Grinning down at his wanton mother, Joey pounded his prick head deeply into her drooling pussy hole and at the same time wiggled his finger against the smooth, greasy walls of her ass tunnel.

“Ooohhhhh!” Flora squealed. “Oohhh, you deer, sweet boy!”

The delighted woman was rolling and swiveling her ass cheeks back and forth, caught between the wonderful penetration of his massive cock and the thrilling stimulation of his finger up her asshole.

The two penetrations, working against each other that way, soon had Flora gasping and writhing in total happiness.

“Oh, Christ!” she cried. “Oh, you wonderful boy! That’s the way, Son! That’s the way to really fuck me!”

Maybe it was just that she hadn’t been fucked in so long, or maybe the fact that it was her own son who was fucking his long, stiff prick shaft up her little pussy. Whatever the reason, Flora was totally overwhelmed by the jolts and waves of obscene ecstasy that were shooting through her quaking, sweating flesh.

They continued to fuck for a long time, the bedroom filling with the sounds of their grunts and squeals and the wet smacking of their bodies. They rolled from one side of the bed to the other. Sometimes she was on top, bouncing up and down joyously on his huge, stiff cock, and sometimes she was on the bottom, gazing up lovingly at her handsome young son as he fucked and pounded his cock meat into her pussy hole. Once they even found themselves face-to-face on their sides, each trying to heave their groins closer and tighter to the other.

And the longer their fuck lasted, the better it got!

Finally, Flora rolled onto her back and locked her legs snugly around his waist, lying under him and humping her hairy, battered crotch up against him. The full length of her slobbering cunt slit was open to hit aggressive fuck-thrusts. She pulled him down, crushing her thrusting tits against his chest and squirmed wickedly as the strength and intensity of her orgasm poured over her. Her mouth was slack and her lovely brown eyes were soft and dreamy as she stared unseeingly at the ceiling.

She hugged him tightly in her arms and squeezed him between her trembling, shapely thighs, her pussy lips slurping noisily at his lurching, fucking cock meat. Her firm, sweat-soaked tummy fluttered against his. Her fat, pointy nipples poked into his chest and slid raspingly over his wiry hair. Slowly, with a long, drawn-out sigh of satisfaction, she dropped back against the bed, only vaguely aware that Joey’s immense prick was stilt stiff and thick and solidly erect.

The fuck-crazed teenager continued to fuck his mammoth cock in and out of his mother’s cunt, squishing his prick through the hot, oily fuck juice that flooded her cunt tunnel. He couldn’t believe that anything could be as warm and soft and juicy as her drippy, tender pussy.

Flora slowly opened her eyes and gasped as she realized what was still happening. “Christ,” Flora purred. “Didn’t you… c-cum yet?”

“Nope,” Joey grunted, fucking his prick meat deeply into her drooling pussy channel. “But soon… I’m almost… there…”

“Ooohhhh,” Flora wailed helplessly, squirming her gooey crotch up against his, feeling herself start to orgasm again with the unexpected pleasure of his continued fucking. His wide cock pole impaled her tight cunt gash. “Yes, yes! Fuck me, Son! Let me have a cuntful of hot cum!”

Her round, springy ass cheeks bounced off the mattress as she thrust madly upward, lifting her cunt mound and clamping her pussy lips tightly around the base of his jutting cock pole.

“Oh, shit!” she bawled. “I’m gonna cum again, Son, I’m gonna fuckin’ cum!”

Joey knew that this time he wouldn’t be able to hold back. He could already feel his jism bubbling up from his churning balls and knew that this time he would fill her sucking, sloshy pussy with his cum.

“Aahh,” he groaned loudly, ramming his spurting cock head all the way to the back of her fuck tube. His hot, slimy jism poured and splattered and gushed thickly.

Mother and son convulsed and spasmed on the bed, each overjoyed with the climax of the other, their arms and legs twined together, their bodies buffeted against each other.

When Joey had finally pumped the last drop of his creamy jism into his mother’s flooded pussy hole, they collapsed side by side on the bed and drifted off to sleep.

Hours later, Joey was awakened by the feel of Flora’s soft, pursed lips playing up and down his cock shaft. Looking down, he saw her curled up between his legs, licking and kissing at his throbbing prick. His cock meat was already half-erect, and was getting bigger and bigger all the time.

Realizing that he was awake, Flora raised her head and smiled naughtily at him.

“I take back what I said before, Son. I don’t think I can teach you very many tricks at all!”


Flora overslept the next morning and was almost an hour late for work. Driving to the downtown offices of the Lockwood Electric Supply Company, she giggled and squirmed her round ass on the car seat as she recalled some of the antics that she and her big-cocked young son had been up to the night before.

Arriving at the office, she idly noticed that Olive Reynolds, Tom Lockwood’s secretary, wasn’t at her usual post behind her desk. Flora had her own office, just down the hall from Tom’s, where she controlled the company’s inventory of electrical parts. Her job was to add invoices and subtract requisitions for over a thousand parts-inventory sheets. It was an exacting job, although not too difficult.

She walked down the short hallway leading to her office, her mind on Joey and his huge seemingly tireless prick. She licked her lips as though she could still taste his thick, hot jism on them. She didn’t wonder why the front office had been left unattended, although it was never supposed to be. Usually, whenever Olive had to be away from her desk, she called Flora to cover for her.

Then she heard a soft, feminine sound that was halfway between a giggle and a squeal coming from the partially open door of Tom Lockwood’s office. Flora paused, glancing back over her shoulder toward the empty reception area. She suddenly realized just how unusual it was that no one was there. She tiptoed quietly to Tom’s door and peered inside.

Tom Lockwood was lying flat on his back on the thick carpeting in front of his desk. He was wearing only a pair of white shorts and Flora’s eyes opened wide at the sight of the massive bulge in the front of them.

Olive Reynolds was crouching over him, a wicked little smile on her full lips, and she was stark naked!

Olive was a short, full-bodied girl in her early twenties with a cute baby face, clear gray eyes and rich auburn hair. Everything about her body was opulent and lavish. Her tits were huge for a girl her size, but they stood firm and jutting on her chest, with big cherry-colored nipples and a deep cleavage. Her belly was soft and gently rounded and dimpled with a small, round navel. Her legs were shapely, with full, fleshy thighs and well muscled calves. Between her creamy thighs was the bountiful triangle of her cunt hair.

Someday her voluptuous little body might turn to fat, but right now it was mouth-wateringly delicious.

Watching through the doorway, Flora heard Olive’s giggly squeal of joy as she bent over Tom’s middle and planted a juicy little kiss on the bulging front of his shorts.

Tom had his anus folded behind his head and his ankles were crossed. He looked completely at ease, as though he didn’t have a care in the world.

Flora wondered howl many other times they’d done this. She remembered all the times she’d covered the front desk while Olive had disappeared into Tom’s office dictation or some such excuse. Now Flora realized what had been going on right under her nose all this time.

Olive started tugging at Tom’s shorts, pulling them down over his legs. He raised his ass a little to help her and suddenly his stiff cock shaft bobbed free.

Flora’s eyes widened at the sight of his prick. His cock was a monster, huge and bloated, a long, thick, fleshy pole that jutted straight up from the springy curls of his crotch hair.

“Aaahhhhh,” Olive sighed. Although she must have seen Tom’s prick many times in the past, she was no less impressed than was Flora.

“Such an adorable prick,” Olive whispered. “Such a sweet, sweet cock.”

Olive pulled his shorts the rest of the way down I his legs and off his feet. Tossing them aside, she threw one leg casually over him and straddled his middle, her hairy crotch scant inches above the swaying head of his prick.

Flora could see gleaming trickles of cunt juice running down the insides of her thighs.

“I’m gonna fuck your big, beautiful cock, lover,” Olive said with a soft chuckle. “I’m gonna ride your cock like a horse and suck all the nice, hot cum out of your balls! You all ready for my tight little pussy, lover?”

“We really shouldn’t be doing this, you know,” Tom answered her calmly. “Someone might walk in here at any second.”

“Uuuhhhh, shit!” Tom grunted.

“How’s that, lover?” Olive asked. “isn’t that nice?”

“Christ, yes,” Tom moaned. “You’re so damned tight!”

Olive began rotating her crotch in a small half circle, grinding her pussy down onto the wide base of his prick. She leaned forward, planting both hands flat on the floor on either side of his head and bracing herself on her stiff arms.

The long smooth muscles of her thighs rippled tightly as she shimmied her ass back and forth on his fucking cock meat. Her bloated tit globes rubbed caressingly over Tom’s broad, hairy chest.

“C’mon, lover,” she whispered. “Give my tight little pussy a real good fucking. Ream my cunt out I good, lover! Fuck it till I cry for mercy!”

Flora was struck by the little-girl quality of Olive’s voice. She sounded like a ten year old begging for a piece of her favorite candy. Which, now that she thought about it, wasn’t too very far from the truth.

Flora found the combination of Olive’s childlike attitude and sluttish behavior to be wantonly exciting. Almost without being aware of what she was doing, she reached underneath her skirt, pushed the narrow crotchband of her panties to one side and slid two fingers up inside her own drippy cunt hole.

“Eehhh,” she moaned softly, her fingers fucking in and out of her hot pussy slit. Her eyelids drooped, but she forced them to remain open. She didn’t want to miss a thing!

Tom had begun to hump himself up against Olive. His large, round balls bounced back and forth between his thighs and her ass crack as his mammoth prick fucked in and out of her. Olive was cooing and mewling contentedly, her cute young face screwed up into a mask of shameless lust.

“That’s it, lover!” she gurgled. “Oh, yes, you big, sweet prick! Fuck my little pussy! Fuck it to death!”

Flora started to push down her panties, then stopped and hurried to the front door of the office, locking it and switching off the lights so no one could come in and disturb her. Back in the halfway outside Tom’s office, she slid her panties down to her knees and leaned against the wall next to the door.

She clamped one hand over her mouth to stifle her moan of pleasure when she thrust her fingers back up inside her tight, slobbering pussy hole. God, they feel so good, she thought as she wiggled them around, sending little spasms of delight up and down her cunt tunnel.

But as good as her fingers felt, she realized sadly, Tom’s big, stiff cock shaft would have felt even better.

Olive was now lurching and squirming madly atop her boss’ fat prick staff.

Flora could plainly hear the wet, squishy sound her overstuffed young pussy slot made as he fucked in and out of her cunt. Flora was getting more and more jealous of the childishly sensual young secretary. Some pussies, she thought, get all the luck!

If only she were the one in there, her pussy stuffed with that thick, burly cock! It would be wonderful! She would relish every inch of that long, rock-hard cock shaft!

Which was exactly what Olive was now doing her low, throaty squeals and giggles were sounds of pure bliss. Her eyes were narrow slits and her lips were pulled back over her white, even teeth in a sly grin.

She reached down and took his hands in hers and raised them up to her swollen, jiggly tit mounds. “Take my tits and play with ’em, lover,” she pleaded. “Squeeze ’em, milk ’em while you fuck me!”

Flora saw Tom’s large hands cup the undersides of Olive’s meaty tits and lift them, as though testing their weight. His blunt thumbs rubbed over her puffy nipples, pressing them back into their wide, crinkly areola.

Flora’s own nipples stiffened and swelled as if in response to his touch.

“That’s the way, lover,” Olive whimpered. “Keep playin’ with my big jugs like that! Squeeze my nips! Squeeze ’em real hard! Oh, yeah, lover, like that!”

Tom smiled up at her and tweaked the luscious buds of her tit-tips. He gasped every time her snug, bubbly pussy hole slammed down over his huge, fleshy cock pole. Olive’s round, flaring ass cheeks quivered and jiggled, and her smooth, well muscled thighs flexed and shuddered as she plunged up and down, swallowing his lengthy cock rod up her taut cunt hole.

“Oohhhh, you wonderful fucker!” she bawled. “You great big magnificent fucker you!”

Flora flicked her fingers faster and faster into her churning cunt hole. She fought the urge to let her sleepy eyelids close and surrender herself to the thrilling pleasure racing through her trembling body. She just had to keep watching.

Olive was bouncing faster and faster on Tom’s stiffly thrusting cock meat, and Flora knew that the plump-bodied little slut was getting close to her orgasm.

With a sharp twinge of jealousy, Flora thought, Oh, Jesus, I wish that was me in there!

“Oohhhhh, shit, lover!” Olive sobbed. She was holding onto Tom’s wrists, keeping his hands tight on her creamy tit flesh.

She threw her head back and stared at the ceiling, her mouth slack and her back arching forward. She squirmed her foamy cunt mound back and forth and up and down in a fluctuating, zigzag motion as she rode Tom’s hard, upstanding cock.

“I’m comin’, lover!” she yelped. “Oh, shit, I’m cummin’! It feels so fuckin’ good, lover! Oh, I just love your big, strong cock in my tight little pussy! Keep fuckin’ me, lover, I’m really cummin’ now! Aaagggggggggg!”

Olive rose up until she was almost off Tom’s prick completely, then plunged quickly back down, sucking his cock meat back into her streaming pussy hole, until her soft, wiggly ass cheeks bounced off his hairy groin and she started up again.

Flora felt her whole body quiver and spasm as she watched. Her thin blouse was plastered to her back and shoulders with sweat, and, her hand was soaked to the wrist with her fuck juices.

Then Olive suddenly collapsed on top of Tom’s body, crushing her bloated tits into his chest. She gave a long, low sigh of complete satisfaction.

“Why’d you stop?” Tom moaned. “I didn’t cum!”

“I know you didn’t, lover,” Olive answered with a squealing giggle. “But don’t you worry ’bout gettin’ your rocks off. I’ve got plans for that stiff prick of yours. Wonderful plans!”

Slowly, Olive raised herself up until Tom’s full, meaty cock popped out of her snug pussy hole.

Flora’s eyes sparkled with obscene longing as she looked at his prick. She had never seen a cock shaft as long or as thick, and every swollen, vibrant inch of his prick looked deliciously alive.

Flora had never felt so envious of anyone in her life. She watched the hot-assed young girl lick and kiss Tom’s greasy cock, almost tasting all that firm, quivering prick meat herself.

Flora couldn’t believe that anyone could cram such a huge hunk of stiff prick meat down her throat, but somehow Olive managed to do just that.

“Suck it, suck my cock!” Tom grunted through clenched teeth.

Shiny rivulets of Olive’s saliva trickled down the length of his throbbing prick pole, soaking his crotch hair. He bucked his ass off the floor, slamming his thick cock head against the back of Olive’s throat. He clutched at her soft, auburn hair, pulling her drooling mouth down into his groin. Olive mewled softly at his roughness.

Tom held her head still with both hands and fucked his bloated cock pole up into her mouth. Olive made low, gurgling sounds as he fucked her face savagely, sounds that betrayed her avid enjoyment of what he was doing to her.

“Aahhh, here I cum, you little bitch!” Tom shouted. “Oohhhhh, here I cum right down your throat, whore!”

Flora watched Olive’s throat start to work briskly as she tried to swallow the jism that Tom was suddenly pumping into her greedy little mouth. Some of his cum leaked out between her lips and slobbered down her chin onto Tom’s hairy crotch.

When he finally stopped gushing, Olive pulled her mouth off his cock and hugged his still-hard prick shaft between her billowing tits, laying his cock in the deep valley and pressing her sweaty tits bawd from each side. She rocked her shoulders back and forth, rubbing his greasy cock meat against her cleavage, then took his prick in one hand and stroked his cock over her creamy tits like a paint brush, leaving thick, gooey trails of cum on her silky skin.

“Ohhh, lover,” she cooed happily, rubbing his jism-covered cock head over her big, puffy nipples.

Flora reluctantly slipped her fingers out of her hot, unsatisfied pussy hole and pulled her panties up over her hips. For a moment, she leaned weakly against the wall, trying to catch her breath.

Then, for the second time in as many days, she quietly tiptoed away from a doorway, horny.


Later that same evening, Neil Lockwood was sitting in the living room watching TV when the doorbell rang.

Neil was a tall teenager, mature for his age and well muscled in a sinewy way, who was just beginning to become excited about girls. He was starting to notice them as something other than soft creatures with strange interests and peculiar habits, which was how he’d thought of them up till now.

So far, he’d been too unsure of himself to do anything about his feelings, but he felt sure that someday the opportunity would come his way.

Although he didn’t know it when he answered the doorbell, that day had arrived.

“Oh, hi, Flora,” he greeted her warmly. “C’mon in!”

He was always pleased to see Flora Enwright. He enjoyed her company and that of her son Joey. Lately, though, Joey had been taking more interest in his sister Heidi than in him. Flora looked a bit disappointed.

“Hello, Neil. Is your father home?”

“No, he had to go out right after dinner. And Heidi is on a date with Joey. So as your host, what would you like to drink?” Neil had always been proud of his manners.

“Huh, nothing thanks. Do you know where Tom is?”

“No, not exactly. He said something about meeting his secretary. He tried to make it sound like business, but you know what? Sometimes, I think there’s something going on with those two!”

Flora seated herself on the edge of the couch and sighed. “I wouldn’t be at all surprised,” she said, sounding rather wistful.

Neil sat down next to her and said, “Flora, is anything, wrong? You seem sort of, well… troubled.”

In fact, Flora had come over here tonight with the idea of seducing her big-cocked boss. Her son and Heidi had gone off on their date and were no doubt fucking around in the back seat of some car at this very moment.

Left alone in her house, Flora had had nothing else to do except think back to that wonderfully depraved scene in Tom’s office this morning. And the more she thought about it, the hornier she got.

She’d come to Tom’s house to get him to fuck her naughty little pussy, only to find that he was off somewhere stuffing his big prick up Olive’s well-trained cunt hole.

Flora smiled at Neil and patted his hand. “No, dear. It’s nothing you’d understand.”

“Yeah, sure! That’s what everyone tells me! You’ll understand in a few years. Wait until you’re a little older. What they really mean is that I should be seen and not heard!” He slumped back against the couch and scowled down at the floor.

“Why, Neil Lockwood!” Flora gasped, startled by his outburst. “I had no idea you thought that way!”

“Well, I do.” Neil forced himself to stay calm although it was damned difficult. “I probably shouldn’t have sounded off like that to you. You’ve been a lot less guilty than some others, and I apologize. But it is the way I feel sometimes.”

Flora was staring at him steadily with a new look in her eyes. She suddenly realized that she was all dressed for a seduction.

She was wearing her shortest skirt, her tightest blouse, and no underwear at all. And now that she thought about it, Neil had been sneaking looks at her big, bouncy tits and her smooth, trim legs ever since she’d got here.

Well, she told herself, Tom might be gone, but his son is certainly here! After her wild night with key, she no longer had any illusions about young boys. Once turned on, it seemed, there was no stopping them. Bless their little hearts!

“I wish I could do something to make up for the way I talked to you before, Neil,” she murmured, sliding closer to him on the couch. Her warm, fleshy thigh pressed against his hip. “Something that would make you feel better…”

“That’s okay, Flora,” he said, “you don’t have to do anything to…”

Before he could finish, she leaned aver and kissed him. Neil was too surprised to resist. Besides, the stiff tips of her tits were pressing into his side, and they felt good. Then her wet little tongue wiggled into his mouth, and that felt even better.

He’d never been kissed this way before, but his tongue seemed to know what to do. Almost with a mind of its own, his tongue slid wetly over his and slithered into her mouth, licking and worming around.

Flora cooed into his mouth and cuddled closer to him.

Neil was painfully aware that his cock and balls were tingling and quivering and the crotch of his pants was swelling up into a huge bulge. Suddenly he wanted to throw her down onto the floor, push her skirt up over her head and fuck the shit out of her. That’s what all the older boys at school were always bragging they did to their girlfriends, wasn’t it? And he was as grown up as any of them, wasn’t he?

The very idea made him squirm his tongue around faster in her mouth. Flora’s tongue was now deep in his mouth, tickling and darting back and forth like a warm, slippery snake. She was halfway onto his lap, her soft, braless tits mashed against his chest.

“Why, Neil, you naughty man,” she giggled when they broke for air. “You really are grownup, aren’t you?”

Calling him a man was what did it. That and the feel of her gorgeous, cuddly body in his arms and the weight of her firm little ass on his lap. Completely aroused, he cupped one of her solid, fleshy tit mounds in his hand. He squeezed her tit tightly and Flora squealed merrily.

“Oh, yeah, sweetheart,” she crooned. “Play with my tits. I really like that. It makes me all warm and sexy!”

She eased herself down onto her back on the couch, pulling him down with her. He was never sure which of them had unbuttoned her blouse, but suddenly it was gapping open and her pink, jiggly tit meat was fully exposed to his wide, admiring eyes. Her delicious reddish-brown nipples were swollen with excitement.

Neil reached down with both hands and lifted her warm, silken tits on his palms, thumbing her puffy nipple buds.

Flora’s reaction was immediate and wantonly exciting. She squealed and, giggled and squirmed, then purred like a kitten, arching her back and thrusting her bloated tits up into his hands with whorish urgency.

“Kiss ’em, Neil,” she pleaded. “Kiss ’em and suck on ’em! That really turns me on, darling!”

Too excited to refuse her anything, Neil leaned down over her jutting tit mounds and kissed the full-blown nipples. Flora whimpered blissfully and stroked her fingers through the hair at the back of his head. He flicked his tongue out and lashed it against the thick button of her tit-tip.

“Ooohhhhhh,” she mewled. “That’s right, darling, lick ’em! Lick my tits!”

Neil moved his mouth back and forth between her two quivering nipples, slurping and lapping away, nibbling on them with his teeth. By the time he was done, both her tits were hot and swollen, the taut, creamy skin gleaming with his spit.

Flora took one of his hands by the wrist and moved it up under the hem of her skirt, stroking her curvy thighs with his palm. Finally, she had the flat of his hand pressing firmly against the tight curls of her cunt hair. Neil was a little surprised to find that she wasn’t wearing panties.

“There, sweetheart,” she cooed softly, “Now you can play with my hot little pussy!”

Neil eagerly extended his long middle finger and slipped it inside the snug folds of her cunt lips. Flora squealed loudly when his finger tip brushed against a strange little nubbin that he found quivering erect at the top of her cunt slot.

“Eeehhhhhhh! Oh, sweetheart, that’s my clit! Rub it, darling, rub my stiff little clit!”

Enchanted by his new discovery, Neil stroked the fat, oily stub of her clit button, Flora continued to squeal and giggle in approval, and when he took her clit between his thumb and forefinger and pinched, she gurgled loudly in ecstasy.

After a few moments, Flora whispered, “Your finger is just wonderful, Neil, dear. But I know something that would feel a lot better! Your tongue!”

Neil was shocked at the idea. He’d heard about such things, but he’d never thought someone as lovely as Flora Enwright would ever suggest he do it. He wasn’t even sure he knew how.

“Well, I, uh, that is, I’ve never done, uh… before,” he stammered. “But, well, okay, if you, uh, want me to.”

Flora grinned lewdly and raised her ass off the couch to push her skirt down. Kicking it onto the floor, she threw one leg up over the back of the couch and dangled her other foot off the edge, opening her long, luscious thighs. While Neil scooted down between her legs, she slipped her open blouse back over her arms and tossed it away.

Neil looked boldly at the mound of her pussy, at her plump, tight cunt lips and at the soft, swirly hairs of her pussy. He could see the fat nubbin of her clit and the gleaming beads of fuck juice that nestled in her fluffy cunt hairs.

“Looks good enough to eat, doesn’t it?” Flora asked with a mischievous little giggle.

Without answering, Neil dipped his face down into the wide V of her thighs, sticking out his tongue and lapping up over the over the flaring lips of her cunt slot.

Flora yelped loudly, both in surprise at his lack of hesitation and at the joy of his broad, wet tongue slurping over her slippery pussy hole. She arched her ass up against his face, moaning hoarsely.

“Oh, Christ, Neil, that feels good. Oohhh, yes, dear, eat it! Eat me out!”

Immediately, her cunt crack started to dribble warm, spicy fuck cream out onto his slurping tongue. To Neil, it tasted like hot melted butter. He slashed his tongue to and fro over her savory, churning cunt mound, swallowing thirstily as her fuck juice ran into his mouth. It was the most delicious thing he’d ever tasted.

“Oohhh, yes, sweetheart, yes!” she panted, her whole body flushing with her delighted appreciation. “I just love the way you tongue my cunt, darling! Don’t stop!”

Stopping was the furthest thing, from Neil’s mind. He’d just discovered a brand-new experience, one he was sure he would want to repeat. He attacked her slobbering pussy hole with all the gusto and zest he had in him and was quite ready to keep it up all night long.

But Flora had other ideas. Long before he was ready to quit, she pushed against his shoulders and sat up.

“W-what’s the matter?” Neil stuttered, confused. “Wasn’t I d-doing it right?”

“Oh, man, were you ever!” Flora giggled. “But right now there’s something else we can do together. Something that’ll make pussy-licking seem almost tame. Fucking!”

Shoving him down onto his back, she crouched over him and stripped off his shirt and pants. The front of his shorts thrust straight up into the air with the size of his hard-on. Flora squealed happily when she saw his hard-on, then quickly yanked his shorts down his legs and off his feet. His cock shaft leaped free, long and thick and throbbingly stiff.

“Oohhh, sweetheart,” Flora cooed. “What a nice hard-on!”

She threw one leg over him and straddled his waist, her wet little cunt hole directly over his bloated cock head.

“It’d sure be a shame to let a beauty like that go to waste,” she murmured as she lowered her drooling crotch down over his jutting cock pole. The tip of his prick slid easily through the snug, elastic lips of her cunt hole and plowed up between the narrow walls of her pussy channel.

Flora wailed with pleasure, then rose up, puffing his knobby cock head back over the stretched walls of her pussy tube. She gazed down at him with twinkling, brazen eyes. She dropped down again, this time the full length of his cock in her cunt until they both could feel the swollen end of his prick pressing firmly against the back of her pussy tunnel.

Neil was in heaven. He’d never imagined in his wettest wet dream that anything could be so soft and tight and warm. Her pussy gripped his cock caressingly, her smooth muscles flexing in a slow, deft rhythm.

She started pumping up and down, working her juicy cunt back and forth in a gentle semicircle.

“Ooohhhhh, I love it, Neil, I just love the way your big cock stuffs my tight little pussy! It’s wonderful, sweetheart, just so fuckin’ wonderful!”

Flora continued to bounce up and down atop his wide, meaty prick, mewling and babbling in sluttish delight. Then she felt his cock start to twitch and lurch against the slippery walls of her pussy and realized that he was only seconds from his climax. For a second, she was disappointed that he hadn’t lasted longer.

But after all, she reminded herself, it’s probably the dear boy’s first time. Besides, there’ll be lots more thrilling rides like this one.

She tightened the walls of her cunt tube, clamping down around his shivering cock meat as she felt him spurting and gushing his thick, creamy jism up into her pussy. His climax seemed to go on for a very long time, and she hoped that her pussy lips were snug enough to hold all of his jism in. She didn’t want to lose a single hot, greasy drop of his sweet cum.

When he was finally finished, she slumped down over him, her sweaty tit meat and firm tummy against his trembling body.

“Did your father say what time he’d be home, dear?” she asked slyly.


When Flora got home from work the next afternoon, she was surprised to find Joey and Neil sitting in her living room. She was also a bit disappointed. She’d been looking forward all day to spending a quiet evening at home getting reacquainted with her son’s healthy young cock.

Or, failing that, she would go over to Tom’s house and invite Neil out to a movie or something. Anything to get him away from his father so she could have a second taste of his big strong prick.

“They’re so nice and big and firm,” Joey murmured into her ear, “I just bet anyone’d want to play with ’em.”

He kissed her on the mouth. Flora squirmed on the couch, opening her lips for his searching tongue. Both boys had their hands halfway up her legs, caressing the soft insides of her thighs. Joey’s tongue darted into her mouth while Neil tickled the inside of her ear with his tongue.

Flora whimpered limply against the couch. She was amazed at what a little fucking and sucking could do for a boy’s self-confidence.

Joey’s tongue tasted wonderful in her mouth. He cupped her other tit in his big hand, squeezing tightly. Flora moaned louder now that she had two hands on her swollen, itching tit meat and spread her knees to give their other hands greater freedom between her thighs. In a second, she felt their fingers probing against the damp crotchband of her panties.

He tweaked both puffy nipples, then cupped the undersides of her bloated tits and lifted them on his palms. His fingers squeezed her soft, rubbery tit flesh tightly.

Flora giggled happily and her massaging hand quickened its pace as it moved up and down on Joey’s swollen cock shaft.

“Ohhh, you naughty boys!” she squealed girlishly. “You’re makin’ me really hot to fuck!”

Joey chuckled and Neil grinned broadly. They exchanged knowing smiles together, then Joey took his mother’s hand, pulled her to her feet and finished stripping off her clothes while Neil undressed himself. In a matter of seconds, they were all naked.

Neil stretched himself, out on the floor in the middle of the room and motioned for Flora to join him. She knelt down next to him, then rolled lightly over on top of his husky young body, squirming her warm, velvety flesh against his.

His hands moved down her back and cupped the wiggly cheeks of her ass while his tongue wormed into her mouth and set her passion on fire.

Joey crouched down beside them and reached in between their bodies to knead and fondle one of her smooth, fleshy tit mounds.

“You look beautiful like this, Mom,” he told her. “That pretty little ass of yours was just made to be held and cares ed and your big sexy tits are just mouth watering!”

His lewd words made her squirm lustfully.

She cooed and grunted into Neil’s mouth. The shameless heat in her body starting to grow and grow. She reached out and gripped her son’s hard, fat cock meat in one hand. Her other hand slid down to where she felt Neil’s thick prick poking against her fluttering tummy.

It had been a long time since she’d held two massive cocks at the same time. It was almost like a new experience for her. The rock-hard prick shafts pulsated and seemed to snuggle against her moist palms. Flora wondered if the boys were planning to take turns or if they’d both fuck her at the same time.

She quivered with anticipation. It had also been a long time since she’d been double-fucked.

“Aahhh, Christ,” she whined softly.

She squirmed up until one of her fat-nippled tits was suspended right over Neil’s upturned face, then she lowered her tit into his waiting mouth. He stuck out his tongue and slid it wetly over her spongy tits making her giggle with approval.

“That’s the way, Neil, darling,” she crooned. “Use your wonderful tongue on it! And your teeth, dear! Chew on it a little! I really love that!”

“Yeah, buddy, get her all warmed up and hot to trot!” Joey urged him. “It isn’t every day you get hold of a gal who loves to fuck like my mom does!”

The sound of these words coming from her own dear son made Flora’s tight pussy lips shiver and slide together with hot, brazen fuck-lust. She twisted her upper body to one side, keeping her tit meat firmly against Neil’s sucking mouth, and offered her other large, pointy nipple to her son.

The excited teenager bent down and glued his open mouth to the flavory tip of her tit. Neil watched his friend sucking and licking one tit while he chewed on her other tit. They both opened their mouths to the fullest and sucked in as much tit meat as they could. Her nipples were juicy and sweet tasting.

Flora giggled as she remembered the problem she thought she’d had when she came home and found both her big-cocked young lovers together. Instead of having to figure a way to get one of them alone, here she was, taking on both of them on at once!

Flora put her arms around their necks and arched her back, pushing her tits up tightly against their sucking mouths and busy tongues. Joey moved one hand down between her thighs and cupped her drooling cunt mound. She felt his fingers stroke up and down the greasy lips of her pussy slot, and she eagerly opened her shapely thighs to him. One finger probed up inside her cunt hole and she squealed in bliss. His finger started to wiggle and corkscrew back and forth, and her squeal I of joy turned into a low, throaty gurgle of rapture.

Her hands continued to fondle and jack their long, thick cock shafts. Their meaty pricks were quivering and jerking and telling Flora that they were both in danger of cumming too soon. She wondered which one of them she should fuck first.

She looked forward to the sweet taste of cock meat. She would give one of them a blow job, then they’d get on to the fucking.

Joey seemed to sense the same thing. “Who goes first?” he asked.

Neil smiled at him from around the thrusting, spit-soaked nipple in his mouth. “Well, she’s your mom!”

“Yes, Son!” Flora moaned. “You first! I wanna suck your big cock!”

Joey swung one leg aver her and straddled her head. His huge prick staff jutted straight out over her face. He looked down and saw the greedy shameless look in her eyes. She winked at him sensually.

She opened her mouth just as he lunged downward. His swollen cock head popped easily info her mouth and drove into the back of her throat in one sudden thrust.

Joey felt her hot, wet tongue swirling and licking around and around his bloated prick shaft as he eased his crotch backward. Her spit was warm and juicy against his shivering cock meat.

“Aahhh,” he sighed. “Shit, Neil, she’s good! A real good little cock sucker!”

He fucked into her mouth again, and Flora tickled the sensitive underside of his prick staff with the pointy tip of her tongue as his cock fucked deep into the back of her throat. His plump cock head ground against the roof of her mouth.

She closed her eyes and mewled softly to herself as she sucked and gobbled her son’s huge hunk of prick meat. She was only vaguely aware of Neil. He sat next to them, watching, his hand idly stroking over her long, soft inner thighs, once in a while fingering the slobbering, slit of her pussy.

“Give it to her, Joey!” Neil cried. “Feed that cock right to her, buddy! Man, oh, man, lookit that greedy little bitch eat it. Suck that cock, you sweet little bitch! Suck my prick!”

Flora quivered with aroused desire as she listened to him. She found it hard to believe that just last night he’d been a girl-shy teen. Now he was sounding more like a fuck-crazed dirty old man!

Joey fucked his thick cock into his mother’s hot, eager mouth. He gripped the hair of her head and started jerking her face up to meet each of his powerful fuck thrusts. The seething waves of itch lust in his churning balls was growing and growing.

“Shit,” he grunted. “I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna pop my nuts right down your throat, you sweet little cock sucker! Hot fuckin’ shit!”

Flora clamped her silky lips tightly on bucking hard-on and swallowed for all it was worth, sucking and milking his rock-hard prick. She loved the taste of hot cock but not as much as she loved the taste of hot cum!

Joey could feel his thick wads of jism as they jetted into her mouth and were sucked down her throat.

“Oh, Jesus? Does she ever love that!” Neil chuckled.

“You bet your ass she does!” Joey told him. “Don’t you, Mom? Don’t you love the taste of my cum?”

Flora nodded her head, lapping her flat tongue over his cock head, cleaning up the last stringy wads of jism from his slimy prick meat.

Wheat she was finished, lacy moved away from her. His cock was still semi-erect and throbbing.

“Now what about you, stud?” Flora asked Neil. “You want me to suck you off too, or would you rather fuck me now?” She was squirming and writhing on the floor, her sweaty thighs opening and closing, her abundant tit flesh rolling around on her chest. Her voice was low and sexy and her eyes twinkled with whorish promise.

“Shit, let’s get right to it!” Neil told her. “I need to get fucked!”

Flora giggled merrily and pulled him down next to her. She pushed him over onto his back and rolled on top of him, feeling his springy cock head poke into her smooth, taut belly. She spread her thighs and straddled his crotch. Her hand found his thrusting cock shaft and fed his prick into her slippery pussy hole.

“Yeah, lover, I know how you feel,” she whispered. “I need it, too! Suckin’ Joey’s cock made me all hot and just dyin’ to get fucked!”

Flora was sitting upright on his thick, rigid cock shaft, her slick cunt walls tight around his bloated prick meat. Neil reached up and grabbed her jiggling tits in both hands, mauling and squeezing them. She started bouncing up and down on his cock pole, slowly at first, then faster and faster, sliding his massive prick staff in and out, of her little cunt tube.

They moved in perfect tempo with the other. Neil pulled out just as Joey was pushing in. Then Joey fucked her shit tunnel as Neil withdrew from her pussy.

“Uuhhhh,” Flora whined. “Jesus Christ! That feels so fucking’ good, darlings! I’ve never felt anything better! You’re both so big and so stiff! Aaahhhhh! You’re driving me crazy!”

The two excited teenagers fucked her harder and faster than ever, spurred on by her delirious babbiings. Flora continued to lurch and jerk between them, bouncing on Neil’s immense cock in her pussy and squirming back against Joey’s fleshy prick shaft in her ass. Then she felt Joey’s cock shivering and getting bigger and bigger and knew that he was about to cum.

“Yes, Son!” she squealed. “Squirt your hot juice right up your poor old mother’s ass!”

“You’re fuckin’ right on, Mom!” Joey grunted. “You’re gonna get it all right! Aaahhhhhhh!”

His hot, greasy jism spurted up her shuddering ass tube just as she felt Neil’s cock start to twitch and fuck deeper into her cunt than ever before. She kissed him savagely, sucking his tongue into her mouth. His cock head gushed, splattering her pussy tube with rich gobs of creamy corn.

Flora squirmed her sweaty body, back and forth between them, bawling and gasping in rapture. She’d never expected them to both cum at almost the same time. She felt like she was drowning in a flood of hot, gooey jism.

“Ahhhhhh!” she crooned. “Fuck me, lovers. Fuck me to death with your big, wonderful cocks! Fuck me, fuck me!”

They continued to hump against her until their balls were drained and their cock meat began to shrivel. Then Joey rolled off to the side, bringing Flora over with him. They lay gasping for breath for several moments.

Then Flora sat up and smirked lewdly at them. “C’mon, guys! Don’t poop out on me now! The fun’s just beginning!”


Heidi had been expecting lacy to pester the hell out of her after that first time she’d let him into her pants. But almost a week had gone by without a word from him. So, after school that day, she stopped off to see him.

Of course, she had no way of knowing that Joey was being distracted by the hot little pussy of his own mother!

Flora answered the door wearing a long, flowing bathrobe.

“Hi, Flora. Is Joey around?”

“No, not just at the moment. But he might be back any time. Want to come in and wait for him?”

She considered for a moment, frowning prettily, then stepped inside. “Yeah, okay, I might as well.”

“I was just going out onto the patio to get some sun. C’mon. We’ll stop in the kitchen for some cold Cokes.”

Heidi followed her through the house and into the kitchen. They picked up a six-pack and Flora added a bag of chips. While she moved, Heidi watched her closely. She sure liked the way the older woman carried herself. Every movement was smooth and graceful.

And she was a damned good-looking woman, too.

Heidi had always been a bit jealous of Flora’s beauty, even though she was well aware of her own pert, big-titted loveliness.

The patio was on the side of the house, surrounded by a high fence that shielded it from the neighbors.

“Now I wish I’d brought a suit,” Heidi said, “could use a little sun myself.”

“Suit?” Flora sounded surprised. “Who uses a suit?”

She casually stripped off her robe, and Heidi’s eyes widened when she saw that Flora was naked underneath. Flora’s stunning nudity almost took her breath away.

The large, solid globes of her tits. Her sleek, taut-fleshed tummy. The wide, lush swell of her ass. The long, creamy thighs and slender calves. The furry ringlets of her generous cunt hair. One by one, Heidi appraised each of Flora’s assets, comparing them with her own.

Flora moved smoothly to a wide plastic mat lying nearby and stretched out. “C’mon, Heidi!”

Heidi hesitated, not too sure about being naked out of doors. Then she remembered how she’d sat on the back porch with her shorts open and pushed halfway down her thighs while Joey finger fucked her bare pussy. And the porch wasn’t half as secluded as the patio.

So she quickly peeled off her clothes and left them on a chair by the doorway, feeling daring and a little naughty. She giggled wickedly as she joined Flora on the sun mat.

“Mmmmmm,” she sighed, rolling onto her belly, the sun warm on her back, and ass. She squirmed her tits and cunt against the cool plastic mat.

Flora was also lying on her tummy, but turned a little toward Heidi. One of her heavy tits was clearly visible.

“How’s your sex life?”

Heidi jerked her head around and stared at Flora. She couldn’t believe she’d heard right. Flora was looking at her calmly, a sly smile playing around the corners of her mouth.

“W-what?” Heidi managed to choke out. Flora chuckled softly. “Sorry if I shocked you, dear. But it’s only natural for a girl your age to have one. Especially a girl as lovely as you!”

Flora reached out lazily and ran her hand down over Heidi’s back, stopping just short of her plump ass. Heidi shivered. Flora’s soothing hand was cool and moist and gentle as it slid over her bare skin.

“I just beta girl like you has more boyfriends than she knows what do with,” Flora continued cheerfully. “Or do you? Know what to do with ’em, that is?”

“Uh, well, yeah, I guess so. What d’ya mean, a girl like me?”

“I mean a girl as lovely as you, of course. Also, there’s something about you. I don’t know exactly what it is, but… well, honey, you just reek of sex!”

“That you do, honey.”

While they talked, Flora offered to rub some sun tan lotion into Heidi’s skin. She knelt beside the reclining teenager, her strong fingers massaging the creamy lotion into Heidi’s smooth shoulders and back.

Heidi started to feel drowsy. She was so relaxed that she almost didn’t notice when Flora poured some lotion over the rounded hills of her ass.

Heidi moaned deep in her throat. She never felt another girl’s hands on her ass before. It was a strange sensation, different from the hard hands of men. She cooed softly as she felt Flora’s fingers stroke and caress her jiggly ass cheeks.

She closed her eyes and didn’t see Flora’s wanton expression as she started working on the backs of the teenager’s thighs. Slowly, gently, she urged Heidi’s legs apart and moved her hands caressingly over her inner thighs.

Heidi lay there, half asleep, soaking in the warm sun, her body feeling soft and lazy under Flora’s gentle, fondling palms.

Flora murmured, “Roll over, dear. I’ll do your front now.”

Slowly, Heidi rolled over, watching Flora through heavy-lidded eyes as the woman lathered the thick oil onto her tummy. Gradually, her hands were inching their way up toward the teen’s firm, thrusting tits.

Finally, Flora poured the lotion onto the palms of her hands and boldly started rubbing it into Heidi’s tit flesh. Her fingers dug into Heidi’s rubbery tits with a firm, yet gentle touch.

“Flora?” Heidi’s voice was low and dreamy.


“Are you trying to seduce me?” Heidi had finally noticed the lewd glitter in Flora’s eyes and the sensual smile on her curling lips.

Flora giggled and answered boldly, “Darlin, I thought you’d never notice!”

Without another word, Flora leaned over. Heidi felt the hot, wet tip of Flora’s tongue dart out against one nipple felt her heavy tits brush against her belly. Heidi watched, spellbound as Flora licked and lapped at her quivering tit-tip. Heidi didn’t know if she should protest or arch her back and force more other nipple against Flora’s lightly brushing tongue. Then Flora opened her mouth and pulled Heidi’s pointy little nubbin deep into her mouths and Heidi groaned softly with pleasure a long while, Flora moved her mouth over to Heidi’s other tit and repeated her gentle, loving actions.

Heidi’s head drooped back against the plastic sun mat listlessly. Her eyes were closed, and low moans of delight were bubbling up from deep in her throat.

Flora started moving back and forth from one tit to the other, coating both nipples with her warm, juicy spit. One of Flora’s hands moved cautiously down over Heidi’s firm tummy, her finger tips trailing lightly over the shivering skin.

Heidi felt her hand getting closer and closer to her itchy young cunt and she opened her thighs wide to make room. The same firm, gentle hand that had rubbed in the tanning lotion now cupped Heidi’s damp cunt mound, softly squeezing. Flora continued to suck and lick Heidi’s throbbing nipples. Suddenly, the tight, slick lips of Heidi’s pussy slot eased open and Flora’s long, slim finger darted inside.

“Aaahhhhh,” Heidi whimpered, her firm, fleshy ass cheeks wiggling against the plastic sun mat, Flora’s agile little finger had soon found her stiff, pink clit and was fucking back and forth deftly.

“Uuuggggggggg!” Heidi wailed as she felt Flora’s finger flicking wetly through her drooling pussy crack.

Her hot cunt juice leaked out and oozed down over the crack of her ass. Flora’s fingers stroked and caressed Heidi’s throbbing clit stub with all the skill and talent at her command.

“Ooohhhhhh, God, Flora!” Heidi panted. “That feels so good! Aahhh! I never knew anything could be that good!”

Heidi’s hips squirmed and bounced, her cunt mound slapping against the palm of Flora’s hand. Instinctively, she was rotating her pussy hole around in tight little circles against Flora’s finger just as though it were a man’s hard, thick cock.

Flora poked a second finger up into Heidi’s pussy hole and moved them around, wiggling them to and fro against the slippery walls of the teenager’s cunt tube. Heidi’s sounds of delight rose louder, more high-pitched.

Just when Heidi was aware of her rapidly approaching orgasm, Flora yanked her fingers out of her streaming, seething little cunt.

“Oh, no, please, don’t stop, Flora!” she whimpered. “I was just startin’ to cum!”

Flora giggled at her. “Don’t worry, sexpot I’m not gonna stop! Not on your life! I’m just gonna do something a little different! I’m gonna start using my tongue!”

Heidi’s breath rasped through her throat at the sound of those wonderfully say words. The thought of having Flora’s hot, juicy tongue stuck up her slobbering pussy slit filled the sluttish teenager with obscene rapture.

Eagerly, she spread-eagled her creamy thighs and Flora stretched out face-down between them. Heidi felt strange. She’d had a lot of men and boys in that same position, looking straight down at her adorable young pussy, but this was the first time another girl had.

Flora was running her finger tips through the springy curls of Heidi’s pussy, brushing the hair off to either side. “It’s been a longtime, honey, since I’ve eaten pussy. And never one as cute as this!”

She pried open the pink folds of Heidi’s cunt lips with her thumbs. “Oohhh!” she squealed, her eyes twinkling wantonly. “It looks so nice and tasty!”

Heidi closed her eyes and took a deep breath as she felt the other woman’s warm fingers brushing over her sensitive cunt slot. Then she felt Flora’s juicy tongue flicking into her pussy hole. Her cunt mound lurched up against Flora’s face, tremors of ecstasy shuddering up and down her straining inner thighs.

Flora’s tongue had lost none of its talent. With deft skill, she sent her tongue licking and slurping all over Heidi’s drippy cunt hole, darting into every nook and cranny, sliding lovingly over the wet, pink flesh. She drilled deep into the churning interior, lapping over the snug walls of her pussy tube.

But Flora saved her best efforts for the stub of Heidi’s twitching clit. Her tongue tip flicked the tiny nubbin back and forth, gave the clit long, slow licks, and jabbed straight down at the clit. The quavering little morsel of delicious clit flesh jerked wildly, swelled up, and lengthened and slithered around crazily.

Flora pushed two fingers back into Heidi’s juice soaked cunt hole, fingerfucking the girl in tempo with her tongue-fucking. Her slippery, sweet tasting girl-cum dribbled down over her fingers and onto her tongue. Every delicious inch of the girl’s pussy hole pulsated and quivered with sensual joy.

Heidi thought she was going to go out of her mind with the thrilling tremors that were shooting through her bubbly little pussy slot. Net whole body squirmed and vibrated. She squealed and giggled. Her toes curled. Her crotch bucked and leaped. It was the most spine-tingling, nerve racking experience of her life.

Ruthlessly, Flora tongued her from a orgasm to the next. Every time she came, her pussy hole hooded with thick, musky fuck juice. And every time Heidi came, Flora slurped up her cunt cream and swallowed thirstily.

Flora puckered her wet, cum-coated lips around Heidi’s fat clit and sucked, chewing on the clit lightly with her teeth. The girl clamped her thighs tightly around Flora’s head and the two of them rolled back and forth on the sweaty sun mat, purring and bawling loudly.

Finally, Heidi’s whole body arched up into the air, her muscles flexing and clenching. She came in one last overpowering, ecstatic climax. Slowly, her body settled back down and went limp.

Flora raised her face from between the girl’s trembling thighs, licked her slimy lips and watched as Heidi struggled to catch her breath.

“Oh, sweet Jesus!” Heidi panted. “That was unbelievable! Just fuckin’ incredible!”

“I’m glad you like it, sweetheart.” Flora chuckled. She threw herself down onto her back and stretched out her long legs, raising and spreading her thighs. “‘Cause now it’s your turn!”

Heidi looked startled for a second. Then, with a loud hiss of pleasure, she dived between Flora’s wide-spread legs.


Flora hadn’t forgotten her plan to seduce Tom Lockwood. Tom mentioned that Neil and Heidi both had dates for that evening and that he planned a nice quiet evening by himself at home. Flora had already learned from Olive that she had a hot date with an old flame who was back in town for only that one night.

Tom would be home alone. He’d be feeling relaxed and comfortable and maybe just a little bit lonely.


It was just a little past seven o’clock and Tom was in the kitchen rooting around in the refrigerator when the doorbell rang. He opened the door and was surprised to see Flora standing there.

“Well, hello there, Flora! C’mon in!”

“Hello, Tom. I’m sorry to bother you like this, only there’s something I just have to talk to you about.”

She came in and sat down on the edge of the sofa in the living room. Tom thought he could detect a slight twinkle in her eyes as she looked up at him. She was wearing a sleeveless, tight-fitting tank top that showed off her swollen tits and a short, snug skirt that outlined the graceful curves of her ass cheeks and ended a good three inches above the knee. Her legs were bare and stunningly shapely.

Tom felt the familiar twisting in his balls. With anyone else, he would say that the way she was dressed was a signal that she was trying to hit on him.

“I came home from work a little earlier than usual, and, well, there they were.”

When she hesitated, Tom prompted, “Go ahead, Flora.”

“It excited me, Tom!” she blurted. “It got me all hot and… and… you know. Well, I thought… you and I might… get together and… do something about… the way I feel…”

Ahhh, so that’s it! Tom thought. He’d been right. She was trying to hit on him! His cock meat was throbbing wildly in the crotch of his pants.

This wasn’t the first time he’d been propositioned by a woman, coming from Flora, it was a real surprise. She’d always seemed so quiet and demure around the office, the perfect stereotype of a lady. What he didn’t know is that this lady had already watched him fuck and suck with his secretary while she fingerfucked herself.

His eyes roved over her jutting tit globes, fleshy thighs, and solidly rounded ass. He wasn’t about to pass up a fuck like this.

Acting on his decision as suddenly as he’d made it, he leaned over and slipped one arm around her shoulders, pulling her closer, while his other hand cupped her bulging tit.

With a giggly squeal of delight, Flora pressed her lips down over his and pushed her wet little tongue deep into his mouth. One of her hands moved down into his lap and quickly unzipped the fly of his pants. Her long, cool fingers slipped inside and coiled tightly around the massive shaft of his cock. His prick jerked and shivered against her palm.

“You wanna go into the bedroom?” she whispered. Her tight little fist started jacking up and down on his prick staff. He slipped one hand up underneath her top and cupped the bare mound of her stiff-nippled tit.

“Yeah,” Tom answered hoarsely.

Quickly, Flora led the way into his bedroom. Standing beside the bed, she stripped oft her skirt and tank top. Not only had she been braless, now Tom saw that she wasn’t wearing panties either. She stood there, naked, her tits full and jutting, her curly cunt hair glistening with tiny drops of fuck juice.

As soon as he was as naked as she, Flora snuggled in his arms, her billowing tit globes crushing against his chest, his rock-hard cock poking into her tummy.

He moved both hands down her smooth back and squeezed the round, springy cheeks of her ass. She moaned delightedly and squirmed her warm body against his.

“I wanna give you a blow job,” she murmured into his car. “I want you to cum in my mouth the first time. Okay, lover?”

Tom grinned down at her. He was finding it hard to believe that this blatant, sultry woman had been working for him for so long and he’d never noticed just how foxy she was. But now he was sure as hell gonna make up for lost time!

“Be my guest,” he told her.

Cooing softly to herself, she pushed him backwards until the edge of the bed caught him behind the knees and he sat down suddenly. She knelt down between his thickly muscled thighs, her eyes twinkling with sluttish zest. She took the wide base of his cock in one hand and cupped his hairy balls in the other. Her wet, clever little tongue flicked out lewdly, swirling over and around the knobby tip of his cock pole.

“Oohhh, that tastes gooood!” she squealed. Wantonly, she started sucking him off, pulling as much of his big, meaty cock shaft into her snug, juicy mouth as she could. A shameless spasm of joy ran through her luscious body as the rigid flesh of his cock head massaged the inside of her warm mouth.

Tom leaned back on his elbows, looking down at the top of her bobbing head. He felt the cum start to churn and bubble in his twitching balls.

Her lips and tongue were impressive as they slurped up and down on his throbbing cock staff.

It was almost like fucking a tight, juicy pussy.

“Oh, Christ, Flora, you’re good,” he panted. “Very good!” His hips started to buck off the mattress, pushing more and more of his lengthy prick down her throat.

Flora smirked around the thick cock in her mouth her slim fingers squeezing the quivering sac of his balls. Encouraged by his praise, she pulled her face off his bloated cock meat and licked with the flat of her tongue down the underside of his prick, moving toward the jism-filled balls she held on and moved her mouth between his shivering thighs, sucking and lapping at his quaking balls.

“Ahhhh, shit,” Tom grunted as he felt his balls being sucked hungrily into Flora’s mouth. Her sweet, agile tongue went right to work, licking and twirling.

He was beginning to realize the possibilities of having both Flora and Olive working in the same office. Then he grinned ruefully, wondering if such a setup might not drive him to an early retirement.

Flora moved back up the length of his cock shaft, taking long, wet swipes with the flat of her tongue over his shuddering prick meat. She popped the huge head of his cock back into her mouth and sucked in a frenzy of lust.

Humming softly to herself, her snugly-clenched lips slid up and down on his swollen prick shaft. His cock meat was swelling and writhing against her tongue and the roof of her mouth.

Only seconds now, she told herself, until be explodes and fills my mouth with cum!

“Oh, God, honey, how I love suckin’ your big cock!” she panted throatily, puffing her mouth off his prick for a brief second.

Tom cupped the back of her head in one large hand and, pushed her face back down into his crotch, at the same time bucking his ass off the bed. Flora cooed happily as she felt his rubbery cock head slam into the back of her throat.

No sooner was his prick safely back in her mouth than she felt his cock spurt the first load of thick, hot cum down her throat. Flora gurgled merrily and swallowed, making room for the next gush. She gulped as quickly as possible as his cock head continued to splatter and spew his savory jism sliding easily down her throat. She tightened her lips around his jerking cock, just behind the bulging head, and jacked his prick shaft frantically in her soft hand, milking him of every hot, slippery drop of cum she could. Only when the thickly spurting flood slowed to a trickle did she raise her head, smacking her lips noisily and grinning widely.

“How was that, honey?” she asked.

“Great! Just great.” Tom sat on the edge of the bed watching her as she fondled and stroked his lumpy cock and balls.

As he watched, he was amazed that his shaft started to stiffen, and finally lengthen to full size again. He’d never been able to renew a hard-on that fast before! Not even with Olive.

Flora bounced up onto the bed, rolling onto her back and parting her silky thighs, knees raised high, her soft, rose-colored cunt lips framed by the furry ringlets of her pussy hair. Her eyes gleamed obscenely with excitement.

“C’mon, honey,” she urged. “Fuck me!”

Quickly, as though afraid she might change her mind, Tom crawled in between her wide-open legs and with his thick cock head aimed at the snug little mouth of her cunt hole.

Flora reached up with both hands and gripped his clenched ass cheeks, crooning breathlessly. Tom wedged the knobby tip of his cock rod into the juicy opening of her pussy hole, stretching opts her fat, tight cunt lips.

“Oohhh, honey!” Flora moaned.

He slid his throbbing prick meat up her slippery cunt tunnel an inch at a time. Her pussy was tight and wait and wet, and, when be began stroking back and forth, the strong muscles of her cunt tube caressed his thick cock pole.

“Aahhh, what a cunt!” he moaned.

Flora whimpered in ecstasy, her breath hissing through her clenched teeth. Her fingers dug into his hard ass cheeks. She raised her legs and locked her ankles over the small of his back.

He fucked in and out of her pussy hole with long, steady lunges, his balls slapping against the crack of her ass, his swollen cock head hammering into the back of her cunt tube.

“Ooohhhhhhhh!” Flora wailed. “Aahhh, honey, that feels so fuckin’ wonderful! Eeegggg!”

Tom fucked into her slobbering pussy relentlessly, his cock meat gliding easily between the slick walls of her cunt channel. Her solid little ass cheeks squirmed and bounced on the springy mattress. He cupped her billowing tits, feeling them jiggle in his hands.

The longer he fucked into her, the easier it became. Her fuck juices were running freely now, oozing out of her cunt gash and trickling down over the cheeks of her ass. Tom slammed into her cunt tube all the harder, skewering the entire length of his cock pole into her churning pussy hole. Flora’s ass began to lunge up to meet his furious fuck-strokes.

“Mmmmmmmmm! Good, honey, good! I’m gettin’ there, I’m gettin’ ready to cum, honey!”

Her crotch bounced back against him and the way the strong muscles of her cunt tube were sucking and milking on his plowing prick meat were making it difficult to hold out much longer. If not downright impossible.

“I’m gonna cum, baby!” he grunted as he felt his balls begin to churn and roll. “I’m gonna shoot off any second now, you lovely little fucker!”

“Oohhh, yes, lover!” Flora squealed. “Shoot it to me! Fill me up with your hot cum. Aahhhh!”

She was quickly approaching her second cum and wanted them to climax together. Just as she felt herself falling over the top, his burning, thick jism started pumping into her shuddering cunt tube. Jism spurted and splattered in big, greasy clumps from his bloated cock head, drenching the walls of her fuck tunnel and trickling out to wet his thighs and balls and puddle on the rumpled sheets.

Flora humped back against his fucking cock meat as his prick continued to gush and spew his creamy jism into her. Even after he’d stopped cumming, she still squirmed and bumped her crotch into his, trying to urge just one more load from him.

Finally, Tom rolled off her, stretching out with a long sigh of contentment. He’d fucked more than his share of cunt in his day, but this one was something else!

And if be had anything to say about it, this time would be only the first of many.


It was only a matter of time before Joey and Heidi put their heads together and discovered that each of them was fooling around with Flora.

After that, it was only natural that they would both want to fuck and suck her at the same time. Although he didn’t mention it to Heidi, Joey still remembered that thrilling session he’d had with Flora and Neil. He was looking forward eagerly to the possibility of another three-way session.

Flora came home from work one afternoon to find the two teenagers necking on the living room sofa. Heidi had one hand stuffed down the front of Joey’s pants while his hand was busy underneath her short skirt. Instead of being either angry or shocked by what she saw, Flora beamed happily at them.

“Hey, Mom! Heidi’s been telling me that you two’ve made it together a couple of times! Is that right?”

“Well, yes, it is, dear.”

“Can I, uh, join you next time, Mom?”

Flora had to laugh at his youthful enthusiasm. “Sure. I don’t see why not. If it’s okay with Heidi, that is.”

“I think it’s a neat idea?” Heidi giggled. “Only why wait? Why don’t all three of us go into the bedroom and get it on right now?”

Within moments, Flora and the two lusty teens were standing in her bedroom.

“You two undress first,” Joey said, “and show me what you do together.” His hand was already rubbing the huge cock bulge in the front of his jeans. “I’ll stand here and watch till my cock gets real hard!”

“Good idea, Son!” Flora cooed. “C’mon, Heidi! Let’s put some starch into that monster of his!”

Standing beside the bed, they both took off their clothes. Heidi pulled off her skirt and blouse, then paused to watch as Flora finished undressing. When the older woman peeled down her panties and stepped out of them, Heidi gasped as she always did at the sight of that thick, rich tangle of curly cunt hair cuddled between her full, smooth thighs.

“Wow!” she breathed with a touch of envy. “Your pussy is really beautiful!”

“I seem to remember that yours isn’t exactly ugly, dear,” Flora told her with a smile. “So take off your panties and show it to us!”

Eagerly, Heidi pushed down her panties and kicked them away, then stood with her feet planted wide apart, facing them. Neither she nor Flora had worn a bra, and both were now completely nude. She smiled warmly when she saw the wanton twinkle in Flora’s eyes.

The huge lump in the crotch of Joey’s pants grew bigger and started to twitch impatiently.

Flora moved over to stand beside Heidi, one arm around her trim waist, her other hand cupping and stroking the front of her body from tits to crotch. Heidi groaned softly and squirmed against her warm, solid flesh.

After a moment, they both turned their attention to Joey. He had been busy taking off his own clothes and now stood at the foot of the bed, his hand jacking up and down the length of his thick, stiff cock shaft.

His cock meat lurched and jerked strongly against the palm of her hand. Finally, her flushed face reached his hairy crotch and she ran the flat of her tongue straight up the underside of his prick staff, starting at the wide base and moving up to the swollen cock head in one long, steady swipe.

His prick shaft jumped and writhed even harder against her soft, wet tongue.

“Oh, yeah!” he yelped. “Oh, shit, yeah! Do it, honey, do it to me!”

With a sly wink at Flora, Heidi opened her mouth and sucked his bulging cock head inside. His smooth, knobby prick meat slid easily over her tongue, rubbing against the roof of her mouth. His cock tasted delicious to the hot-pussied young girl.

“Ah, shit, Heidi!” Joey moaned. “I bet there’re plenty of girls who don’t have a pussy half as nice as your mouth!”

He pumped his ass off the mattress, trying to fuck more and more of his cock pole into her mouth. His eyes were glazed and his breathing became harsh and raspy as she sucked and milked his mammoth prick with her tight, velvety lips and agile tongue.

One hand was holding him tightly around the base of his wick shaft while the other cupped his balls, squeezing them gently with her slim fingers.

Her head bobbed up and down over his lap, slurping busily on his stiff, savory cock meat.

“Oh, that’s one of the most beautiful sights I’ve ever seen.” Flora sighed. “Suck him off, Heidi! Suck him, baby!” Flora already had two fingers drilling in and out of her own slobbering pussy.

Heidi cooed and mewled delightedly as more of his thick cock slid into her mouth. His fat cock head was pressing firmly against the rear of her throat. His balls were tense and quivering on the palm of her hand. Her cheeks pulled in as she sucked. Her lips were stretched wide around the massive size of his prick shaft.

“Suck it, baby!” Joey panted. “Suck my cock and pull the cum right outta my balls!”

Heidi tightened her lips around the width of his cock, keeping just the tip of his prick inside her mouth. She sucked strongly on the end of his cock, teasing the tiny slit with the tip of her tongue.

Joey cupped the back of her head in both hands to hold her steady and fucked the full length of his thick prick into her mouth. Heidi almost gagged on the size or his cock, but she continued to suck and lick greedily.

Joey’s head tilted back against the bed, his eyes toward the ceiling. He knew he would blow his whole load in a matter of seconds if Heidi kept on like that. Her talented little tongue and those soft, clenching lips and her warm, juicy mouth.

“Aagggg, Christ! I’m gonna cum, baby! Gonna cum…”

Instantly, Heidi pulled her sucking mouth up from his lurching cock head. Her whole crotch was aching and dripping wet with the need to be fucked.

“Not in my mouth, lover!” she cried, rolling over onto her back and kicking her legs wide apart. “In my cunt! Shoot off in my pussy, lover!”

“Right!” Joey muttered in frustration as he moved over between her thighs. His cock meat was bloated and stiff and his balls felt swollen and heavy with jism.

Heidi reached down and took the base of his I cock shaft in one hand. Opening the gooey lips of her cunt slit with the other hand, she pressed his knobby cock head into the mouth of her drooling pussy hole. Then she moved both hands back to grip the hard, clenched cheeks of his ass. She squirmed and wiggled her ass and pulled on his ass until the head of his prick staff was inside the slippery opening of her cunt gash.

“There, honey! Now fuck me!” she moaned. Flora added a third finger to the two already pumping in and out of her own greasy little pussy hole as she watched her son’s immense cock shaft slowly disappear up Heidi’s narrow aunt tube. Her hand was drenched all the way to the wrist.

The strong corded muscles of Joey’s legs flexed and knotted as he strained forward to push his fleshy cock pole up Heidi’s taut little pussy tunnel. Slowly he eased himself down, until his prick staff was completely embedded up her shivering clit tube, their bellies rubbing together, her creamy tit mounds crushed under his broad chest. With a final jerk, he felt the root of his cock pole slide between the sticking lips of her cunt mouth.

Then he began fucking back and forth, pulling his cock out of her and hammering back in. Flora leaned over, her face close to the mattress, and looked up between their legs. She could see Heidi’s glistening pink lips suck in on each hard, driving thrust and puff out on each back stroke.

Heidi’s head was twisting from side to side. Her breath snorted out through her nose in tempo with the relentless fucking Joey was giving her pussy tube. Her eyes rolled back up into her head. She whimpered and gurgled blissfully.

“Uuugggggggg! Yes, lover, oohhh, yes, fuck me, lover, fuck the shit outta me!” Heidi wailed.

Flora felt cold sweat trickling down her sides and both armpits. Her big, meaty tit globes were jiggling and heaving. Her brain was whirling at the sight of the wild fucking and from the three fingers she was digging in and out of her slobbering cunt hole. She brought her other hand up and started playing with her own tits, pinching her stiff sensitive nipples and massaging her firm sweaty tits.

Joey gritted his teeth and grunted as he continued to fuck his huge cock shaft back and forth between the smooth, slippery walls of Heidi’s cunt tube. The tightness and warmth of her pussy was sending delicious shock waves of ecstasy throughout his body. His prick had never felt this big and strong and stiff before.

“How’m I doin’, baby?” he panted. “D’ya like the way I’m fuckin’ ya?”

“Eeehhhhhhhh!” Heidi squealed. “It’s beautiful, lover, just outta this world?”

And then she sensed his body tense up, his cock meat expanding and throbbing madly. He closed his eyes and groaned deeply. Heidi braced herself for what she knew was coming.

His thick, hot, slimy jism erupted from the bulging head of his prick, spurting deep into her pussy tube, drenching her soft cunt walls and leaking out to soak her pussy hairs. Her cunt lips pulsated, squeezing his spewing cock meat in time with his burst of cum.

“Oohhh, lover! You’re cummin’ in me! I can feel it shooting into me! Uuhhhh, lover! I’m cumin’ too!” Heidi cried.

“That’s the way, Joey!” Flora yelled. “Fuck her good, Son! Fuck the ass off her!”

Flora pinched her own clit between thumb and finger, bringing herself off while Joey’s hot, greasy jism mixed with Heidi’s oily girl-cum in her overflowing pussy hole.

Joey slumped wearily, rolling off to one side mid stretching out on the bed, his slimy cock meat limp and shriveled against his thigh. No sooner had he moved out from between Heidi’s legs than Flora took his place.

“That was beautiful, dears! I’ve never seen anything as beautiful. And look at all this nice cum for me to suck up!”

Heidi raised her head and stared down the length of her body. Flora was curled up comfortably between her thighs, her flushed face only inches from her blonde cunt hair. Her tongue was darting in and out of her mouth, eagerly licking up the gleaming droplets of key’s jism from Heidi’s damp crotch hairs and slurping them into her mouth.

“Yes, Flora! Oh, yes, eat me out! Suck all of Joey’s cum out of my snatch!” Heidi urged.

Flora stroked the plump, rose-colored lips of Heidi’s cunt mouth with the tips of her fingers. Heidi settled back against the bed with a long sigh of contentment as Flora’s fingernails flicked lightly over the tender, slippery lips of her twat.

“You have a really lovely little pussy, darling!” Flora giggled. “I just wish you could see it now, all wet and sloppy with Joey’s thick cum!”

“Oohhh, suck it, Flora, suck it! Please! Don’t wait any longer! I’m so hot I can’t stand it!” Heidi shivered from head to toe as she felt Flora’s skilled fingers pry open the lips of her cunt mouth to expose the soft, tender meat inside.

The sharp point of Flora’s tongue swirled around the inner edge of her pussy lips, licking and lapping the flavory flesh, brushing lightly over the quivering stub of her pink tiny clit.

Flora poked two stiff fingers inside Heidi’s pussy hole and wiggled them back and forth against the sensitive inner walls of her cunt tube. Then Flora’s long tongue joined her fingers, working spoon-like to scoop out the warm, rich clots of cum cream.

Heidi closed her eyes and crooned softly to herself, her ass cheeks squirming against the springy mattress, her thighs closing and opening gently around Flora’s burrowing head. She was startled for a second when she felt another pair of lips close around one of her swollen nipple buds. Glancing down, she saw Joey next to her, kissing and sucking her tits. Every inch of her body quivered and trembled lustfully.

“Sit on my face, Joey! Lemmie suck your cock while Flora is eating my pussy!” Heidi moaned.

Flora glanced up and saw Joey positioning himself over her face, his big, hairy balls hanging just above her mouth.

Eagerly, Heidi’s tongue lapped his crinkly sac with hot warm saliva before she opened her mouth wide and sucked in his bloated cock head.

Joey spread his knees farther apart and squatted down, lowering his cock meat into her hungry mouth until the swollen tip of his prick banged into the back of her throat.

Heidi groaned loudly around the thick, solid chunk of cock meat in her mouth. Flora started concentrating on Heidi’s cute little clit button. She flicked the tip of her tongue back and forth several times, then used the flat of her tongue in long, slow licks.

“I’m gonna cum again!” Joey gasped. “Uuggg! Suck it, baby, drink my cum!”

Seconds later, Heidi’s mouth was drenched with his spewing cum. Her throat rippled as she swallowed frantically trying not to lose a single delicious drop of his thick cum juice. At the same time, Heidi felt her own climax building up until it burst in a torrent of ecstasy.

After Joey had stopped cumming, he sat cross legged next to Heidi, watching Flora finish eating her to one shattering orgasm after another.

Finally, Flora raised her head from between Heidi’s sweaty thighs and smirked up at them. She crawled on all fours up over Heidi’s quaking body.

“That was one hell of a nice cum, dear,” she told the teenager. “After you’ve tested a bit, you can eat me while I suck Joey off.”

Flora glanced over to the boy and added, with a throaty chuckle. “Or maybe he’d like to fuck one of us in the ass!”


Flora’s squishy cunt tube, and wiggled his ass against the delightful fingering she was giving. She popped the tip of one finger inside the snug, elastic ring of muscle and his ass lurched up off the bed, fucking his thick cock meat all the way into her throat. He increased the frantic slurping and lapping of his tongue in her creamy pussy hole.

They were sprawled out over the double bed in Tom’s room, the sheets twisted and soaked beneath them. It was their first get-together in almost a week.

Whenever Tom could manage to get both Heidi and Neil out of the house at the same time, Flora was busy fucking and sucking with Joey. On the two nights when Joey went out on a date with Heidi, Neil decided to stay home. They couldn’t even fuck at the office because Olive was constantly under foot.

But tonight Joey and Heidi were at the movies and Neil had gone down to the public library to do some research for a term paper. Tom and Flora were in his bed, fucking up a storm.

Flora wiggled her finger around inside Tom’s ass tube, digging in deep until her palm rested flat against the cheeks of his ass. She caressed him with the palm of her hand and corkscrewed her finger back and forth against the gooey walls of his asshole.

Tom moaned, his prick swelling up to fantastic size in her mouth, almost choking her.

Flora squirmed happily, mashing her frothy cunt hole against his mouth, sliding her sweaty tit moat around on his belly and squeezing his jerking balls lovingly. She’d never been happier. A big, hot cock in her mouth and a long, wet tongue up her pussy!

Tom tightened his hold on her ass cheeks, his strong fingers kneading and massaging her silky flesh. His own ass cheeks were wiggling and rolling all over the bed. She could feel his asshole sucking on her finger as she worked her finger in and out.

Both Tom and Flora were so excited that neither of them noticed when Neil quietly opened the door and slipped into the bedroom. He stood in the corner of the room, watching avidly and rubbing the bulging crotch of his jeans. Then he started undressing.

In a matter of seconds be was naked and his cock shaft poked straight out from his loins, long and hard and thick. He began moving toward the bed.

Tom saw him first, looking up from between Flora’s thighs. His tongue stopped fucking into Flora’s slobbering pussy hole and his eyes opened wide. Neil smiled, gave his father a wink, then stepping to the other end of the bed to get a closer look at the way Tom’s massive prick was being sucked down Flora’s hungry throat.

She glanced up and saw him standing there. Raising her face from Tom’s hairy crotch, she cried, “Fuck me, Neil! C’mon, honey! You fuck me while I eat your father’s big cock and make him cum!”

“I was hoping you’d ask me to join in!” Neil told her. “How about a nice fuck in the ass?”

“Oohhh, that sounds wonderful, lover!” Flora giggled.

“What the hell?” Tom muttered, struggling to get out from under Flora’s body.

She instantly lowered her face and sucked his bloated cock head back into her mouth and he groaned and sank back down against the mattress.

Flora arched her back and stuck her round, ripe ass cheeks high into the air. Her tongue licked up and down over Tom’s huge prick staff and her finger continued to fuck in and out of his tight asshole. Rivulets of spit trickled down her chin from the corners of her mouth, drenching the tight, hairy bag of balls she still held tenderly in one hand.

She felt the mattress shift as Neil knelt and gripped the wiggly cheeks of her ass in both hands.

Tom wrapped both arms up around her lower, back and raised his face into her creamy groin, his tongue once more lapping and darting into her drooling pussy hole.

Flora shivered as Neil rubbed his swollen cock head up and down the tight, moist crack of her ass. Finally his prick pressed directly against the tiny pink hole of her ass and he started casing his cock forward.

At first his cock shaft bent just a little, but then the flattened head of his prick started to stretch open the puckered mouth of her asshole until the opening was wide enough for his bloated cock meat to slip inside. The slick, tight walls of her ass tube wrapped themselves around his thrusting cockpole and Neil began pushing forward, an inch at a time, slowly fucking her slippery shit tube.

Flora arched her ass back against Neil’s burrowing cock shaft, at the same time grinding her juicy cunt mouth down over Tom’s upturned face. The man’s long, sharp tongue snaked up into her pussy hole, scooping up her overflowing fuck cream and sucking it down his throat.

She repaid him by swallowing as much of his sturdy cock staff as she could. Her little tongue slurped up and down the throbbing underside of his prick. Her ass cheeks were thrust backward, twisting from side to side as Neil’s big prick impaled the tiny hole of her asshole.

Now she was sucking Tom’s mammoth cock pole while he sucked her pussy and his son fucked her ass.

Neil took his time about getting his fat cock shaft all the way up her asshole. He fucked back and forth, going a little farther in each time, until he was fully embedded full length into her narrow, clinging ass tube. Then, holding tightly onto her ass cheeks with both hands, he slowly pulled out and pushed in, fucking with a slow, steady rhythm that gradually increased until he was fucking back and forth strongly, shoving the huge head of his prick deep into her snug asshole.

Tom sucked at Flora’s cunt like a madman, flicking his long, wet tongue back and forth and in and out, licking up her churning fuck cream and taking long, delicious swipes at her shivering clit stub.

Flora squealed and jerked her crotch at his face, mashing her pussy mound into his mouth. They could both feel the thick, oily girl-cum that overflowed her cunt hole and oozed down his throat. Tom loved the taste of it. Her cum was rich and creamy and hot. And there seemed to be an unlimited supply.

He sucked and swallowed end slurped and drank until his jaws and tongue ached. He thought she would never stop cumming. He extended his flattened tongue to its fullest and let his tongue scoop up the steaming fuck juices.

“Ohhhh yeah, lover! Oohhh, holy shit! Keep that up, don’t stop! I wanna cum while Neil fucks my ass!” Once again she swallowed the lengthy pole of his cock, sucking his fat prick shaft ail the way down her throat.

She was eager to taste Tom’s thick, creamy jism as it spurted from the bulbous head of his cock. More than anythin else, she wanted a load of his hot, tangy cum.

She clamped her lips snugly around the huge head of his cock and started jacking his prick shaft with her warm little hand, massaging his plump balls with her other. Her spit trickled down his meaty cock and drenched her busy hand.

She crooned and whimpered softly around the massive plug of cock in her mouth as Neil continued to fuck his sturdy prick in and out of her spuming ass hole.

Neil was fucking in and out of her tender little skitter shard and as fast as he could, twisting his hips sideways, screwing his cock staff against the tight, greasy walls of her ass tube. He could tell his jism bubbling up in his balls.

“I’m gonna cum, Flora! I’m gonna shoot any second!”

Flora pulled her mouth off Tom’s cock and squealed happily. “Tell me when, honey, and I’ll swing around and take it in my mouth! I just love the taste of your hot cum!”

Neil grunted and increased the force and speed of his fuck-strokes into her twitching little ass tube. Flora pressed her cheek against the top of Tom’s thigh, lazily jacking his prick meat in her hand, moaning and cooing in time to Neil’s savage, relentless fuck-thrusts into her asshole.

“Now!” Neil suddenly cried, yanking his prick head out of her clenched asshole. “Come and get it!”

Instantly, Flora scooted around on all fours and caught the bobbing head of his cock shaft between her soft lips. She was just in time. No sooner had she wrapped her mouth around the width of his fleshy prick shaft than Neil splattered a huge load of creamy jism against the roof of her mouth. Cum flowed warmly across her tongue and poured down her throat.

Flora pulled in her cheeks, sucking greedily. She swallowed the delicious wads of his jism noisily, load after load of his boiling, slippery cum. She reached between his trembling legs and squeezed his twitching balls, milking him for more.

At last Neil stopped spurting into her mouth. Flora’s tongue snaked out over her cum-coated lips, scooping up the last tasty drops of his jism.

Neil could feel his own cum boiling up in his balls. He fucked in and out, sliding his swollen cock shaft along the snug walls of Flora’s asshole, his palms rubbing against the firm, sweaty cheeks of her ass.

“Uuuhhhhhhhh,” Flora whimpered, Tom’s bulging cock head fucking deeper and deeper into her mouth. She spread her knees and used her strong thigh muscles to push back against Neil’s cock-strokes into her ass tube. Her pussy was leaking a steady flow of warm, gooey fuck juice down onto Tom’s face.

“Ohh, shit! Don’t stop! I’m almost there!” Tom’s voice was choked and strained with excitement. “Any fuckin’ second now and I’ll cum!”

He reached up over his head and ran his palms up and down the backs of Flora’s flexing thighs, lifting his head and pushing his tongue deep up her pussy tube. Her thick, tasty girl-cum poured over his tongue and slid down his throat.

Flora knew that Tom was close to cumming, and she sucked even harder, using all her skill and talent to pull his jism up from his quivering balls. She cuddled her face down into his damp crotch, wedging his bloated cock head against the back of her throat, getting ready for the flood of delicious cum cream that she knew was about to gush into her mouth.

Tom started humping his ass upward, bouncing on the springy mattress and fucking the full length of hit prick down her throat. With one long, drawn-out groan, he spurted a generous job of thick, burning jism into her mouth. It flowed and streamed and splashed against the roof of her mouth and over her tongue, almost choking her.

Her cheeks ballooned out and her eyes started to water. She swallowed frantically while he continued to drench her mouth and throat with his tasty jism.

The moment his father started cumming, Neil fucked his huge cock shaft up Flora’s trembling ass tube, grinding his stiff prick meat against the tight walls of her ass tunnel. His fingers tightened their hold on her ass cheeks, sinking into the solid, fleshy mounds.

“Way to go, Dad!” Neil cried. “Shove that cock right down her throat! Choke her to death! Drown her in cum!”

Tom came and came and came, until Flora thought he’d never stop. She purred happily as she swallowed, letting his slippery jism slip down her throat to warm her tummy. A thin rivulet of cock juice trickled out of one nostril.

Finally he stopped cumming and his big prick started to go limp and shriveled in her mouth. She raised her head wearily, using her tight lips and busy little tongue to lick up the slimy coating of jism from his spent cock meat. With a pleased sigh, she rested the side of her head against Tom’s thigh and closed her eyes.

Then, suddenly, she jerked upright, her whole body tense and flushed, as she felt Neil spurting another load of his sticky jism up her ass tube. She gurgled, in delight at the unexpected gift. Humping her ass cheeks back against his crotch, she tightened the walls of her ass around his gushing prick shaft, squeezing and milking him for every drop of cum he had.

“Ooohhhhh!” she crooned. “Yeah, you wonderful boy, let me have it! Fill me up!”

When he’d pumped the last of his hot cum up her ass tube, Neil slumped off to one side, stretching out and relaxing. He glanced over at Tom. His father returned his gaze steadily for a few long moments, then broke into a wide grin.

Flora sprawled out between father and son, her hands idly playing with their limp, slimy pricks. Her eyes narrowed and a small, wanton smile played over her full lips.

She was thinking about going to the office tomorrow morning and beating Olive Reynolds at her own game!


At quitting time the next afternoon, Olive buzzed Tom’s office on the intercom to tell them that she was leaving for the day. She also wanted to invite him over to her apartment for the evening. She buzzed him three times and he didn’t answer.

Strange, she thought. She knew he was back there. Frowning, she walked back to Tom’s office and knocked on the door. She glanced over at Flora’s office door and noticed that it was wide open. She didn’t appear to be in either.

When she was told to come in, she pushed open the door and her eyes popped wide open as she saw Tom and Flora seated on the office couch, sipping drinks and smiling at her.

Tom was wearing just his shorts. Flora was stripped down to a pair of G-string panties and a scanty bra that did nothing to conceal the large, upstanding melons of her tits.

After blinking several times in surprise, Olive smiled and said, “Excuse me. I didn’t mean to interrupt, uh, anything.”

“You’re not interrupting a thing, dear,” Flora cooed. “In fact, why don’t you come on in and join us for a drink?”

“Yeah, honey. C’mon!” Tom added, grinning widely.

“Well, uh, all right!”

Closing the door behind her, Olive crossed the office and sat down on the edge of the couch. Tom went to his desk and poured a healthy shot of bourbon into a tall glass and brought it back to her. Olive suddenly found herself seated between, the two of them, not quite sure what the hell was going on.

She took a long pull on her drink and turned to Tom. “I just wanted to tell you I was leaving for the day.”

“Oh, hang around for a while, why don’t you, honey?” Tom urged.

Olive glanced down at his crotch, her eyes seeing the huge bulge underneath his shorts, then looked over at Flora, noticing the way her surprisingly ripe body flied out her skin-tight bra and panties. She took another healthy swig of her drink.

“I wouldn’t want to, well, barge in on anything,” she murmured, a small smile playing around her lush mouth.

“Actually, Tom and I are glad you’re here,” Flora said, sliding closer to her on the couch. “You see, dear, Tom and I are fucking together now, along with his son and daughter and my son, and we were wondering if you’d care to join our little family.”

Olive looked startled. She’d been expecting them to ask her to join them, but the part about their children was a bit of a shock.

“You mean… you fuck with… your own… children?” she stammered, looking from one to the other.

“Yep!” Tom said, grinning warmly. “Me and my daughter, and Flora and her son and my son.”

“If you’d join in, we’d be more equal. Three on three!” She leaned forward slightly. Olive’s gaze automatically dropped to the deep cleavage between Flora’s large, heavy tit mounds.

“Besides,” Tom added with a chuckle, “you and I have already fucked more times than I can count.”

“And if you’re wondering about either Joey or Neil, let me assure you they’re really nicely hung, despite their age. And they both just love to fuck!” Flora added.

Olive finished the rest of her drink in one hasty gulp and put the empty glass on the small coffee table in front of the couch. Her face flushed and her big, fleshy tits heaved against the front of her blouse excitedly.

“I don’t believe it!” she whispered. “I just don’t fuckin’ believe it! And here I thought I was sex mad!”

“Have you ever made it with another girl?” Flora asked.

“Huh?” Olive jerked her head around, staring at her with wide eyes. “Well, uh, yeah… that is, uh, a couple of times.”

“Well, Heidi and I make it together all the time. I’m sure she’d love to suck you off! As a matter of fact, I’d love to myself! I’d just love to take all your clothes off and play with those big tits while I eat out your cute little pussy?”

Olive shifted nervously on the couch, trying to think of something to say.

Olive sighed and clamped her thighs together tightly around Flora’s wrist. The front of her panties was already damp and juicy from the warm fuck cream that was leaking out of her excited little cunt hole.

Flora glanced over Olive’s shoulder at Tom. “Are you just gonna sit there?” she asked.

Olive heard Tom’s deep-throated chuckle, then felt his hands coming around under her arms to unbutton the front of her blouse. He pulled it open and exposed her huge braless tits.

Flora cooed merrily at the sight of so much luscious tit meat. They were every bit as big and beautiful as she’d remembered them from that day she’d peeked into this very office and watched Olive fucking with Tom.

She pulled her hand out from between Olive’s thighs and leaned back against the arm of the couch, raising her ass and pushing down her panties all in one smooth, easy motion. Kicking her panties away, she spread her delicious thighs and smirked wantonly at Olive.

“C’mon, dear,” Flora urged softly. “Let’s get it on!”

Olive slid over and sat on the edge of the couch, her hip pressing warmly into Flora’s. Eagerly, the two girls kissed, each sending her tongue into the other’s mouth.

Then, Olive moved her mouth down over Flora’s creamy shoulders and onto the billowing globes of her tits. She sucked and kissed on the lengthy nipples, making Flora squeal and giggle girlishly.

“OOohhhh, sweetie! Keep that up, I just love it!” Flora yelped.

Olive smiled and cupped the undersides of both tits in her hands, lifting and squeezing gently. She fondled and caressed the rich, full-blown tits until Flora was squirming and lurching all over the couch. Olive’s tongue and lips wcr never still. They were in constant motion, licking and sucking and kissing the plump, tasty nubbins of Flora’s nipples.

“Anahhhhhh,” Flora sighed. She glanced over at Tom, who was sitting on the other end of the couch. They exchanged gleeful grins and Flora winked broadly at him.

Olive slid one hand down over the velvety skin of Flora’s tummy and slipped it between her thighs. Flora squealed joyfully and squirmed her ass cheeks against the couch cushions. She felt Olive’s finger tips comb through her thick pussy hair and brush against the oily lips of her sensitive cunt mouth.

“Oh, yes, darling, yes!” Flora cried.

Olive stroked the quivering lips of Flora’s pussy slit for a moment or two, then slipped two fingers inside the juicy heat of her cunt hole, searching for Flora’s swollen clit stub.

Flora whimpered loudly and spread her thighs wider apart.

Olive started fucking her fingers in and out of Flora’s hot, foaming cunt hole. The tip of her thumb flicked lightly back and forth over the shivering little button of her clit. Flora gurgled in delight and humped her damp crotch against her hand.

“Ohhh, shit, sweetheart, that’s good, real goooood! Keep it up, dear! Fingerfuck the hell outta me!”

Flora heaved and jerked violently. She cupped the back of Olive’s head and pressed her face down tightly against the sweaty globe of her tit.

“Aahhhh! Christ, you really know what to do, you little bitch! Eeehhhhh!” Flora screamed.

She felt Olive’s face moving down from her tits and knew at once what she was going to do. She quivered from head to toe with anticipation, waiting for Olive to start eating her pussy.

Olive nuzzled her face into Flora’s crotch, breathing deeply. The sweet, damp aroma of aroused pussy filled her lungs and made her head spin. She wasn’t sure which she wanted more, to eat or be eaten.

Then Olive’s long, flat tongue poked put and slurped up over the fleshy lips of Flora’s frothy cunt gash. The taste was warm and slightly tangy and very, very delicious. The more she licked and lapped at Flora’s slobbering pussy slot, the more she liked the taste.

Flora clutched at her own tits, her fingers kneading the solid tit globes. Her ass cheeks were twisting and rolling all over the couch. Olive used the tips of her fingers to pry apart the taut lips of Flora’s cunt mouth, folding back the pink, fleshy opening and reveal the puffy stub of her clit. Flora’s clit was thick and long, as though demanding to be sucked and licked and kissed. Olive swirled the pointy tip of her tongue around the sensitive little bud.

“Eeekkkkk!” Flora squealed in pleasure, mashing Olive’s face down into her hairy cunt. “C’mon, honey! Eat me!”

Olive shivered in delight, pleased by what she was doing to Flora. She cupped the wet mound of her cunt with one hand and rubbed firmly while she continue to suck and lick at Flora’s gooey pussy hole. Flora hugged Olive’s head between her fleshy thighs.

“Ohhhhh yeah! Do it to me!”

Her eyes were dazed and glassy. Choked, gulping whimpers bubbled out of her slack mouth as she climaxed.

After she’d caught her breath, Flora sighed and murmured, “That was wonderful, honey.”

Olive rested her cheek against the firm smoothness of Flora’s thigh, smiling happily. She watched as Flora’s pretty pink cunt lips twitched. She could see creamy fuck juice still oozing out of Flora’s slit, and she licked her lips, remembering the delicious taste.

Suddenly, from behind, she felt Tom lift her up to a sitting position and put one arm around her shoulders. She had completely forgotten that he’d been seated on the other end of the couch all this time.

She cooed and leaned against him, pressing her tit firmly into his side. She glanced down into his lap and saw the massive bulge in the front of his shorts.

“You wanna fuck, honey?” she bluntly asked.

Tom chuckled and cupped one of her large tits, rolling her thick, rubbery nipple between his fingers. Olive squealed merrily and tilted her face up to be kissed. She sucked his tongue into her warm, wet mouth and lapped with her own.

Then, breaking the kiss, she hopped off the couch and hurriedly stripped off her skirt and panties.

Flora had obediently dropped on hand down into her crotch and was now busily fingerfucking her drippy little cunthole, adding to the pleasure of her blow job. Her other hand was moving back and forth from one jutting tit to the other, tweaking the nipples.

Tom groaned throatily and pushed his ass right up to the very edge of the couch, trying to thrust even more of his lengthy pole into Olive’s mouth. Her pursed juicy lips wrapped themselves tightly around his prick staff as her head bobbed up and down in his lap. The bulbous tip of his prick banged into the back of her throat.

His thick cock meat jerked and lurched and he began spewing his hot, salty jism into her mouth. She swallowed and gulped, trying to keep up with the steady, spurting flood.

“Save some of it in your mouth, honey?” Flora whispered, her finger still pumping in and out of Olive’s streaming pussy slit.

Olive knew immediately what Flora’s idea was. She held the last mouthful of tasty cum and raised her head from Tom’s cock. She turned and kissed Flora, the thick, buttery cum passing from one mouth to the other. When they’d finished their kiss, they swallowed greedily and licked each other’s mouths clean.

“Mmmmmm,” Flora purred, smacking her lips. “That was delicious!”

Tom leaned forward, his hands reaching out to fondle and massage Olive’s big, heavy tit mounds. Olive knelt, her back arched toward him, her tits thrusting straight into his skillful hands. Flora knelt behind her, running her hands over Olive’s squirmy ass cheeks and probing into her hairy crotch to toy with her stiff little clit.

“As soon as Tom’s hard again,” Flora whispered into Olive’s ear, “you can suck on my pussy while he fucks you up the ass! Doesn’t that sound nice, darling?”

“Mnnnmmmm,” Olive cooed, her eyes softening at the picture that flashed through her lust crazed mind.


Flora decided to wear just her G-string panties and her new pullover nightie. She studied herself carefully in the bedroom mirror.

The gown was totally backless, sleeveless, strapless, low in the front and ended just a few inches below her ass. It was snug around her slim waist and the built-in bra lifted her tits and pushed them together into a mouth-watering cleavage, while leaving her dark, swollen nipples showing through the semi-transparent silk.

She smiled at her reflection in the mirror. Tom was coming over tonight. He’d asked her to send Joey out so they could be alone. She wanted to look her best for him tonight.

Flora dabbed some perfume behind each ear, her tits and added a little high up on the inside of each thigh. She was just finishing when the doorbell rang. She rushed to the door and opened it, stepping back as he came in to let him get the full effect of her almost nude body.

“Like?” she asked, turning around several dines.

“Hell, yes!” Tom said, pushing the door shut behind him and pulling her into his arms. Her full, high-pointing tits pressed into his broad chest.

While he kissed her, Flora ran one hand down and brushed lightly over the front of his pants. His cock shaft stirred and started to swell.

Breaking the kiss, Tom held her out at arm’s length and looked her up and down. “I really like what that outfit does for your tits.”

“Oh?” Flora stepped back and struck a lewd pose, feet planted wide apart, hands on her hips, shoulders back. “I’m glad you like it, darling.”

“It makes your tits look bigger and even firmer than they already are. It makes me want to hold them in my hands. I want to squeeze them and kiss your cute little nipples.”

“Mmmmmmmm,” Flora cooed, her body wiggling obscenely at the sound of his words. “And is that all you like about me? Just my big tits?”

Tom could tell she was in a teasing mood tonight and decided to go along with her. He knew damned well where this little game would lead them.

“I like the way your nightie shows off your legs, too. They really look beautiful! Long and round and smooth. I’d like to get my face in between them and lick and kiss your lovely little pussy. I like the way you squirm and squeal whenever you feel my tongue on your clit and I’d like to play with your tits while I’m eating out your cunt.”

“Oohhh, Tom, darling!” Flora moaned. She rubbed the sensitive insides of her thighs together. Her moist pussy hole was itching like crazy, her clit standing up stiff and greedy. “And what else, lover? Tell me more!”

Tom watched her closely, his eyes glinting with lust. She was really turned on, he realized. And that excited him more than anything else. He was more than ready to slip his bloated prick shaft up her tiny cunt tube right now, but he could tell she wasn’t quite ready yet.

“Okay.” He paused for a moment. “I love your ass, too. The way it wiggles and squirms when I’m fucking you, the way it jumps back up at me. It makes my cock get harder and stiffer just thinking about it.”

He rubbed the crotch of his pants and stepped closer to her. She retreated into the living room and he followed her. His hard-on felt like his cock was going to burst right through his pants. His dirty talk had inflamed him as much as it had her.

When she was standing in the center of the living room, she paused long enough for him to catch up with her, then they both tumbled down onto the sofa together.

Tom kissed her, tasting the sweet warmth of her lips under his. He sucked her tongue into his mouth and heard her moan softly. He moved his mouth down toward her fleshy tit mounds, pushing the from of her nightie out of the way as he advanced. Her big brownish nipples were already throbbingly erect, almost as stiff as his cock. He sucked one of her fat tit-tips into his mouth and rolled the other one between his fingers.

“Aahhh, shit, lover,” Flora grunted.

She reached down with one hand and fumbled for his crotch. The second she touched his swollen cock meat, she felt his prick lurch wildly against the front of his pants.

“Get undressed, lover,” she urged hotly. “Hurry up and get undressed so you can fuck me!”

He struggled with his shirt and managed to get it off only after he’d popped half the buttons. Then he hurriedly stripped off the rest of his clothes while she looked on with glowing, shamelessly fuck-crazy eyes.

As soon as he was naked, she took hold of his thrusting prick rod. Using his hard-on like a leash, she pulled him up until he was straddling her. She pressed the plump globes of her tits together, trapping his cock shaft in the soft, velvety cleavage between the twin melons.

“How’s that, lover?” she cooed. “Feel good?”

“Ohh, yeah,” he moaned.

Flora squeezed her ample tit flesh tightly around his thick cock pole as he started fucking back and forth between her warm, smooth tit mounds. He’d never done this before.

“Mmmmmmmmm,” Flora purred. As he started moving faster and faster, she started squeezing her tits and then relaxing them in a slow, even rhythm that was almost as exciting as one of her thrilling blow jobs would have been.

“I’m gonna cum if we keep this up,” Tom mumbled, his voice thick and husky. “I’m gonna cum all over you!” He could feel the pressure building up in his balls.

“Then do it, lover!” Flora squealed, delighted at the idea. “Cum on me if you want! Squirt that wonderful stuff all over my face and tits!”

Tom ginned down at her lustful face. “Uuhhh, this is great, baby! I love fuckin’ your tits this way!” The faster he fucked back and forth between her fleshy tit mounds, the tighter she squeezed them, and the greater the urgent pressure in his jism-filled balls.

“Aaahhhhh!” Tom wailed.

Flora felt his twitching cock spew hot wads of thick, greasy cum. The first gob splattered against her forehead, then others were spurting onto her cheeks and chin and pouted lips. Finally, the last of his jism dribbled out of the hole in his cock head and drenched the smooth valley between her tits.

“Oohhh, lover, that feels good!” she squealed. “I’ve never had anybody cum on my tits before. I love it!”

Tom continued fucking his cum soaked prick between her tit globes, smearing the ropey jism over her creamy tit flesh. Flora scooped some of his cum off her face and licked her fingers, beaming up at him with a slyly sensual expression on her pretty face.

“Oohhh, stilt, baby,” Tom murmured, catching his breath. “We gotta do that more often!”

Flora giggled end started pushing against his chest, trying to shove him downward. “Suck me out now, lover! Please, eat out my cunt!”

Tom didn’t wait to be asked twice. Crawling backward on his knees, he pulled her nightie the rest of the way down her body and off over her feet, then slid her skimpy G-string down her long, curvy legs. Leaning forward, he teased her by planting a series of light kisses on her lower belly and the insides of her quivering thighs.

“C’mon, lover, quit playin’ around and eat my pussy!”

Flora curled her fingers into his hair and tried to push his face down into the drooling mound of her pussy. She stretched her legs wide open, showing him the pink little slot of her cunt hole.

“Oh, Christ, Tom,” she muttered throatily. “Hurry up, lover! I need it so bad! Eat me out good! Stick your tongue up into my pussy!”

She humped and bucked her ass cheeks, throwing her crotch toward his face. Tom stiffened his tongue and poked his tongue between her snug cunt lips, letting his tongue lick over the smooth, slippery walls of her cunt hole. He could taste her warm, tangy fuck cream as it drooled into his mouth.

“Aahhhhh,” Flora sighed happily. “That’s it, lover! That’s the way!”

She cupped the back of his head with both hands and pressed his face down into her pussy mound, squeezing his head between her satiny thighs, holding him tightly. Her head fell back limply against the back of the sofa.

Flora’s fingers held his hair tightly, grinding her cunt meat wetly against his face. He swallowed her fuck cream. It was hot and tasty. She kept mashing her pussy against his mouth and her pussy juice kept streaming down his throat.

“Eat, lover, eat me… eat me…” she babbled.

He stiffened his tongue and started using it as a cock, driving it in and out of her foamy pussy hole, fucking her with strong, even fuck-strokes. Then he suddenly remembered that he had a real cock and that his prick was throbbing feverishly with fuck-lust of its own.

He raised his head, licking his juicy lips, and started crawling up over her body. Flora felt his bloated cock head brushing against her quivering thigh.

“Oh, lover!” she squealed. “Yeah! Fuck me now, lover! Stick that big, beautiful hunk of meat into my pussy and fuck the piss outta me!”

“Yeah baby,” Tom gasped. “Yeah, that’s right! I’m gonna fuck you real good!”

He used his knees to spread her legs wide apart. Pressing his fat cock head against her drooling cunt mouth and holding his prick steady with one hand, he fucked full length into her tiny pussy tube. His swollen cock shaft slid between the slippery walls of her cunt tunnel, spreading them while they squeezed his stiff pole in a warm, juicy vise. He buried his prick up to the root, his plump balls slapping noisily into the crack of her ass.

“Uuhhh, give it to me, lover! Fuck me hard and fast! Really lemme have it!”

Tom hammered his thick cock in and out of her greasy cunt hole as hard as he could. He felt her stubby little clit scrape against the length of his fucking prick shaft. He played with her meaty tits with one hand and cupped her ass in the other, one linger still embedded up her narrow asshole.

“Oohhh, Tom, lover, you’re such a great fucker!”

She wrapped her legs around his waist and hugged him tightly, her heels pressing into his clenched ass. She could feel each and every inch of his massive prick as his cock fucked her taut cunt. She loved the feeling of his bulbous cock head as his prick stretched her pussy walls with its width. She loved the way her oily cunt crew lubricated his fucking prick meat, making his cock fuck in and out of her pussy hole with smooth, effortless fuck-strokes.

Flora raised her head and kissed him, sending her tongue deep into his mouth to lick and lap against his. She arched her back, pushing her tits up into his cupping hand and squirmed her ass cheeks against the finger he was shoving deep into her ass hole. She wiggled and nuzzled against him, purring like a kitten.

“Uugggg!” she suddenly cried, “Oh, lover, I’m cumming! I’m cumming! Oohhh, God, I love this! I love to cum!”

She clasped him tighter than ever between her silky thighs and bucked her crotch against his like a wild animal as wave after wave of ecstatic sensations rippled through her sweat-soaked body. Then, slowly, she relaxed and settled back against the sofa.

“Oohhh, God, Tom, that was beautiful! Just fuckin’ beautiful!” Then, she realized that he was still fucking his rock-hard prick shaft in and out of her foamy cunt hole. “Y-you didn’t c-cum?”

“Any… second… now…” Tom panted, his breath coming in shaft, rasping grunts.

“Yes, lover, cumin’ now!” Flora squealed at him lewdly. “Fill me right up to the brim with your cum! Fill my pussy with cum!”

“Oh, shiiiiiit!” Tom cried loudly. “I’m cumin!” He dug his prick into her pussy, his cock head burrowing all the way to the back of her cunt tunnel. “Fuck me, you little bitch, fuck meeee!”

His hot, thick jism pumped wetly into her quivering pussy hole in greasy clumps. She humped her hips against him, working her elastic pussy lips up and down on his gushing cock pole, milking his balls of every last drop. His cum shot into her cunt and overflowed, oozing out of her pussy hole and dribbling down into the crack of her ass.

“Love it, Tom, love it… love it…” she chanted. “I love your huge hard prick and your sweet cum!”

She continued to hug him between her legs until she felt his shriveling cock slip out of her pussy hole. With a deep sigh, Tom sat up and she crawled over and cuddled up on his lap.

She hummed softly to herself. She felt just wonderful. Tom had just given her a really beautiful fucking and the naughty itch in her pussy had been eased for a while.


“Humm?” She glanced up at him and saw that he was watching her strangely.

“Will you marry me?” he asked.

“Sure, lover! Oh, Tom!” She put her arms around his neck and kissed him savagely. “I’d love to marry you!”


The day of the wedding, everybody gathered at Tom’s house for a little pre-honeymoon celebration. It soon turned into a wild orgy, just as they’d known it would.

Flora sat in one of the easy chairs in the living room, Heidi, her new stepdaughter, was curled up on the floor in front of her chair, her face buried between her thighs as her tongue slurped and swirled fervently at Flora’s juicy cunt hole. Joey was standing next to the chair, his long, stiff cock shaft fucking in and out of his mother’s warm, pursed mouth.

Heidi’s shoulders, hugging her head between her warm, fleshy thighs as her son’s massive prick fucked deeper into her mouth. Slithering her wet tongue back and forth over his swollen cock meat, she did everything she could think of to make him shoot his tasty cum down her throat.

“Uuggg, Mom, that’s good!” Joey grunted. “Aaahhhhhhh! Shit, what a mouth you’ve got!”

His throaty moans were almost drowned out by Olive’s howl of pleasure as Neil steadily forced more and more of his fat prick into her snug, quivering ass tube. Once he was completely embedded, he started using long, slow thrusts, fucking in and out of her taut asshole until her ass was as wet and resilient as her cunt had been.

“Oohhh, yeah, stud!” Olive crooned. “Jesus, I like that! I love havin’ a nice thick piece of cock up my ass!”

“Yeah, Olive, me too, when it’s such a tight little ass as yours!” Neil cried. “Stan fuckin’ back at me, honey!”

Neil pulled his cock shaft almost completely free of her soft, juicy asshole, then he fucked back inside just in time to meet her strong backward push.

Olive spread her knees apart and used her firm, meaty thighs to press her rounded ass cheeks into his hairy crotch. She closed her eyes and concentrated on the sheer bliss she was feeling from having his rigid cock fucking her asshole.

Neil was lost in his own world of lustful sensations. All he was conscious of was the satisfaction of his hard, lengthy cock as his prick slipped in and out of her tight ass tube, fucking deeper and deeper into her warm, narrow channel with each thrust. She kept flexing and twitching her ass, opening and closing her taut asshole around his fucking cock shaft, with an occasional twist of her flaring ass cheeks. He reached down between her spread legs with one hand and started fingering her stiff, throbbing clit.

Neil was humming softly to himself as he crammed more and more of his thick cock meat into Olive’s soft, moist asshole. His balls bounced off the warm, fleshy lips of her cunt mouth. He used his free hand to stroke and caress the smooth, rubbery cheeks of her ass.

He could feel his cum starting to bubble in his itching balls. He could feel Olive’s clenched ass cheeks rubbing into his groin as she pushed back against him. He could feel her deep, resilient ass tube swallowing his large cock shaft.

His fingers toyed and pinched her clit button firmly while he continued fucking into her asshole. He knew she was close to cuming. Damn close!

“Uuhhh, shit, stud, I’m… I’m cumin’ I’m… cummin…”

Olive’s ass hole tightened up around Neil’s fucking prick shaft as her orgasm exploded throughout her body. Hot, oily cum drenched her pink, puffy cunt lips. She squealed and wiggled her ass tightly into his crotch, her sweaty ass cheeks slapping against him as he continued to fuck his cock rod up her tight asshole.

Just as the last thrillingly beautiful waves of her climax were flowing through her body and she was starting to relax, Neil yanked his thick cock pole out of her clinging ass tube and rolled over onto his back and stretched out on the floor. His prick stood straight up into the air, waving slightly back and forth.

“Climb on, honey,” he said. “Fuck me with your cunt now!”

Giggling saucily at the idea, Olive straddled his middle and lowered herself until his plump cock head spread the taut lips of her pussy hole and drove up into her slippery cunt tube.

“Huuuummmmmm,” she moaned. “God, that’s nice!”

Neil steadied her with both hands on the tops of her thighs and started to fuck his hips up and down. Olive bounced and swiveled and twisted wildly, his prick shaft fucking in and out of her sopping pussy tunnel.

Just then, Heidi raised her face from between Flora’s curvy legs and grinned up at her. “Let’s get on the floor in a daisy chain,” she suggested.

Returning her stepdaughter’s lewd smile, Flora got up and spread herself out on the floor near Olive and Neil. Joey stretched out next to her with his lengthy cock rod within easy reach of her eager mouth. Heidi moved her head back between her stepmother’s thighs and started lapping away at Olive’s creamy cunt mouth. She gave a pleased little moan of joy when Joey started sucking on her pussy.

Flora sighed loudly and spread her thighs to give her son all the room he needed as the tip of his tongue flicked back and forth against her shivering little clit stub. She felt a hand close over one of her jutting tits, felt her swollen nipple being rolled between two fingers. She glanced over and winked obscenely at Neil as he played with her tit and flicked his cock upward at Olive’s downward lunging cunt mouth.

Olive whimpered in rapture as she kit Neil’s rigid prick grind over her stiff, throbbing clit. “Oh, yeah, stud, yeah!” she bawled. “That’s the way to fuck, baby!”

Her cunt tube rippled and flexed as she bounced up and down on his fucking cock staff. She felt her silky muff pressing down into his wiry crotch hairs, felt her wiggly ass cheeks rest against his solid balls, and she cooed happily to herself as she fucked away with all the shameless intensity she could muster.

“Well, well, well!” Tom said from the doorway. “This looks like fun!”

Flora glanced over at him and smiled impishly when she saw that he’d already undressed and that his huge hunk of cock meat was standing straight out from his hairy groin, stiff, long and more than eager to begin fucking.

Tom came into the room and stood looking down at his new bride. “It’s all set, honey. Plane tickets, hotel reservations and a few assorted surprises. We leave for Vegas first thing in the morning.”

Flora took Joey’s prick shaft out of her mouth long enough to say, “I just love surprises!” Then she slurped her son’s cock back down her throat and started milking his balls with one gently squeezing hand.

Tom looked around, studying the arrangement of cocks and cunts and mouths spread out on the living room floor. “Now let’s see here,” he mumbled. “Ah yes, there’s just what I’m looking for!”

Holding his prick staff in one hand, he stepped up to Olive’s face and brushed the rounded head of his cock against her lips. His sexy young secretary nodded eagerly and sucked more than half of his thrusting prick pole into her mouth.

While Olive nursed on his cock shaft, Tom gazed lovingly over at Flora. He was already looking forward to the rest of their life together.

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Hot Orgy Family

It was Henry David Thoreau, in Walden, who remarked, “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.” This statement appears to be just as true today as it was then. Perhaps it is even more valid today considering the pressures and frequent monotony of today’s world.

The majority of today’s men and women live in boring circumstances, and when the opportunity for change arises, they are often quick to seize the chance. For the characters in this story, the opportunity is one which many would consider perverse and deranged, for it is one of incest. But it provides a release and a need. All morals and scruples are cast aside in a moment of madness — a chance to grab pleasure before it is taken away.

HOT ORGY FAMILY is a novel about the quiet desperation in so many of us and the extremes to which it may drive us.


Sally Douglas was an unusually innocent girl. She always did her homework and always obeyed her parents, even while her classmates cut school and took drugs and did all the other things Sally had been taught were wrong. Her parents had had trouble with her two older brothers, and with each other as well, but never with Sally.

A lot of girls in the Honor Society were Pollyanna’s because they were homely; it was easy to be chaste and decent when one had never been offered the illicit joys of vice. But that wasn’t the case with Sally.

Her long blonde hair and wide-eyed starlet’s face made her one of the prettiest girls in her high school. And her big tits and rounded asscheeks made her one of the sexiest of all.

There was an angelic softness and plumpness to her body, perhaps because of the perfect creamy whiteness of her skin made her look voluptuous. Boys and men alike were constantly drooling over her, waiting for an opportunity to get her drunk so they could part her tender thighs and give her fleecy-haired pussy its first fuck.

But Sally had never given into their crude invitations, even when she saw their enormous hard cocks throbbing in their pants. Her parents and Uncle Bob, who lived with them in the big suburban house, had always given her the impression that sex was a beautiful, precious thing. Sally didn’t want her cunt to be fucked until she was sure she was in love.

That didn’t mean she wasn’t horny. She was very horny, as much or more so than the other girls in her school, and, as she grew older, and her body continued to blossom, she got hornier all the time.

When she’d been younger, Sally had wondered what all the fuss was about when her dates were so anxious to suck the fat, rosy nipples of her already-large tits or fuck their fingers into the gooey wetness of her cunt.

Now her pussy started juicing and burning whenever she saw a stiff prick bulging in some guy’s pants. Sally had started giving some of her dates hand jobs, though she felt ashamed of herself for doing so, just to get her hands on a hot naked cock. She loved the stiff, velvety feel of them, the creaminess of their cum as her pumping fist made the white goo shoot from the tip.

She’d been fingerfucking herself for awhile but these days it seemed she couldn’t keep her hand away from her cunt. In recent months Sally had been rubbing her pussy at least three times a day — once when she awakened, once after school, and once before going to sleep. The most fleeting thought of a guy’s big pulsing prick could make her clit stiffen. Sometimes Sally helplessly wiggled her ass and rubbed her thighs together in class, desperately trying to soothe the burning wetness that coursed through her cunt.

In fact, she was furiously fingerfucking one dark, rainy night when her Uncle Bob shocked her by coming to her bed and burying his face between her legs.

In actuality, Sally was completely wrong about her parents morals and what they expected from their children. Both her older brothers, Phil and Mike, had been fucking eager school girls and horny housewives for several years.

Her big-titted mother, Karen, knew what her boys were up to and encouraged them to get as much pussy as they could. Secretly she wanted to fuck both her sons herself.

Daddy Henry was a shameless adulterer who fucked his oversized prick into any pussy that would spread for him. And her uncle… well, only Sally was unaware of what her uncle did on his weekend trips in the city. Sally was the only innocent one in the family.

Sometimes they joked behind her back about how naive she was or about what a wonder it was that such a mouth-wateringly stacked girl hadn’t been raped in the high school hallways. Both her brothers and father secretly lusted after her pussy, but it was Uncle Bob who finally decided to give Sally her first fuck.

Bob knew that his older brother Henry, Sally’s father, would beat the shit out of him if he caught him fucking away between his daughter’s legs. But Bob couldn’t control himself any longer.

Every time he looked at her creamy, plump ass or thighs under a short dress, or watched her big tits bounce under a sweater, a violent hard-on throbbed in his pants. Bob fucked lots of women and whores on his trips to the city, and every time he came it was to thoughts of his niece’s plump, pouting pussy mound, imagining it was her virgin cunt taking his load of cum.

Finally, one night at nearly midnight, after several highballs, Bob decided to give in to his incestuous desires. He checked the hallways, making sure that everyone in the house was sound asleep. Then, naked except for his bathrobe, he mounted the stairs to his niece’s room.

Quietly he opened her door and tiptoed into her room, expecting to find Sally fast asleep under the covers. Then his eyes bulged with surprise, and his cock lurched between his legs as he saw that she lay naked and spread-eagled on the mattress. A pillow was over her face. Her plump fingers fucked in and out of her hairy pussy, rubbing off her cunt.

“Unh,” Sally groaned. “That feels so nice yes… unh… fuck me… come fuck me… fuck my cunt…”

She often jacked off with a pillow over her face, finding that it helped her concentrate on whatever fantasy was making her pussy burn. Tonight it was of a stiff, throbbing cock that could have belonged to any man — puffy and swollen with its engorgement of blood, capped by a ripe spongy prick-knob that heavily leaked cum.

Whimpering under her breath, Sally made her big tits jiggle and shake as she humped her hot ass off the mattress, fucking her fingers rhythmically into her cunt.

“Fuck me,” she moaned repeatedly.

Instantly she threw off the pillow and looked up as she felt the weight joining her on the mattress, then the strong cold fingers on her thighs. The next thing she knew, Sally was staring at her Uncle Bob, crouched between her legs and hungrily chewing on the soft fleecy curls fringing her dripping cunt.

“Oh, fuck,” Bob whispered. As Sally gaped in horror at her forty-three-year-old uncle, he pressed his lips to her pussy slit and inhaled the pungent fragrance of horny teenage cunt. “Tastes so good. So fucking good!”

“Uncle Bob!” Sally squealed, sitting up. “Oh my gosh, what are you doing to me down there?”

“Sshh, Sally. Don’t talk so loud!” Bob lifted his head momentarily to look at her imploringly. “I can’t help it anymore, honey! Please just let me suck your sweet little pussy. You turn me on so much!”

“But you’re my uncle!”

Ignoring her, Bob groaned with desire as he again lowered his head between her milk-white thighs. His hands separated her legs, holding them wide apart. He pushed his tongue into her pussy and began to lick rapidly up and down the pink, swollen slit, lapping up the fuck cream that drooled from the depths of her cunt.

“No, Uncle Bob!” Sally squealed. “Oh God, this is incest! You don’t know what you’re doing to me! Oh gosh, you’ve got to stop!”

But he did know what he was doing to her, exactly what he was doing, and within seconds Sally felt her pussy growing extremely hot. She blushed, then whimpered as her uncle wiggled his tongue under her protruding clit, making the little bud painfully hard.

“Ungghh,” she groaned. “Oh, Uncle Bob don’t know what you’re doing to me. My pussy’s so hot. Unghh… please stop, Uncle Bob, please.”

“Don’t you like it, Sally?” He raised his head from her gushing cunt and looked at her with shameless lust. “You won’t tell my brother, will you? Doesn’t it feel good to have your pussy sucked?”

He returned his lips to her dripping cunt slit and tongued her pussy avidly, fucking his tongue rhythmically in and out of her gooey cunt. Sally began to wiggle her ass harder, spreading her legs to allow her uncle to get more of his mouth on her hairy cunt.

Then she was humping her ass, squealing and moaning as she pumped her hot pussy against his lips.

“You want me to keep sucking now, don’t you, Sally?” Bob ask knowingly.

“Yes, oh yessss!” Giving in completely, Sally pushed her fingers through his hair and pulled his mouth closer to her pussy. “My cunt is so hot… suck it some more!”

Lustfully, Bob ran his hands all over his niece’s stacked, baby-soft body, patting her quivering asscheeks and massaging her waist, cupping and kneading the oversized globes of her tits. Sally could actually hear him slurping between her thighs, as he alternated between fucking his tongue into her gurgling cunt and pursing his lips on her aching clit.

“Suck harder!” Suddenly beside herself with need, she pulled his hair and humped frantically off the mattress. “I’ve never felt this horny before, Uncle Bob! Your tongue feels so good in my cunt! Ungh! You’re making me cum!”

Her uncle concentrated on her clit, sucking and nibbling the ultra-sensitive bud. Sally’s pussy silt started to spasm and profusely ooze fuck cream, and the folds were very swollen and hot. He knew she was about to explode.

Experimentally, he slipped a finger up her throbbing pussy, dipping it into the gushing slit of her cunt. Her pussy was hot and creamy, but she was a virgin and her cunt hole was also very tight.

Sally whimpered and gasped as her uncle slowly pushed his finger all the way into her fuck tunnel, penetrating the virgin tightness of her cunt. Then he started to fuck it in and out, making her feel even better than when she fingerfucked herself. At the same time, her uncle was sucking feverishly on her clit.

“Unh, Uncle Bob!” Sally’s pretty, innocent face contorted with raw lust as the heat built to the bursting point deep inside her hairy cunt. She clawed the back of his neck and arched her rounded ass nearly a foot off the bed, grinding her pussy against his lips.

“I’m cumming, Uncle Bob!” she squealed. “I don’t know what’s coming over me! Oh… oh, Uncle! Unghh! My cunt’s so hot! It’s sucking your finger! I’m… I’m cuummmmiiinnnnnnggggg!”

Her pouting pussy lips throbbed and gushed fuck cream onto his lips; the cunt oil flowed heavily from her pussy as she came again and again. Bob dug his free hand into her asscheeks, holding onto her bucking hips as she orgasmed.

Even in the throes of her cum, Sally could hear him slurping loudly and obscenely as he fucked his tongue into her gushing cunt, lapping up every drop of cunt cream that oozed from her pulsing pussy.

When the spasm finally subsided, Sally sighed heavily and let her ass fall back to the bed. She felt dazed and confused, unable to understand the significance of what had just happened. She had never let a man suck her pussy before, let alone her uncle. She’d always known that it would make her so horny that she wouldn’t be able to say no.

And now she knew Uncle Bob was going to want to fuck her, to penetrate the slippery tightness of her cherry pussy with his long, stiff prick. Sally told herself to get out of the bed while there was still time, but all she could think of was the throbbing wetness of her pussy.

She wanted to be fucked now. She needed a good fuck more than she’d ever needed anything in her life.

Suddenly the light flicked on, and Sally had to momentarily shut her eyes against the unexpected brightness. Her uncle had leaned across the bed to turn on the lamp on her nightstand, wanting to see her beautiful body while he fed her his cock.

Now Sally could see everything: her sweating, creamy, naked flesh, the fuck ooze running luridly from the lips of her pussy. In the light her uncle’s expression was crazed with lust.

His bathrobe was wide open, exposing his hairy chest. And rising out of the fur at the bottom of his belly was his big thick cock. Sally had seen a lot of pricks when she jacked off boys on dates, but the sight of her uncle’s cock still made her gasp.

His prick was so incredibly stiff. Obscenely the meaty cockshaft jerked and throbbed up and down, dancing and twitching over the hairy pussy triangle he planned to fuck, oozing hot cum onto her navel.

“I’m going to fuck you now, Sally!” Bob crawled between his niece’s thighs and stared at her nakedness like a madman, moving his gaze from her big, stiff-nippled tits to the curly haired mound of her pussy. “I’m going to fuck you and cum in your cunt!”

Sally squealed and girlishly attempted to cover her pussy slit with her hand. But Bob only pushed her hand out of the way and mounted her. Sally gasped helplessly as she felt the spongy crown of his hard-on press onto her pussy, separating the flowering folds of her cunt.

“No, Uncle Bob!” Sally cried. But her legs were splayed wide apart, and her teenage pussy was wide open for the fucking impalement of his cock. “Noooo.”

Bob held his prick in his fist and fit the cock-knob securely between the juicing folds of her fuck hole. Then he released his cock and started grinding his ass, gradually fucking his prick deeper and deeper into Sally’s hot cunt.

Sally immediately stopped protesting. Instead, she just lay there groaning and crying as she felt her pussy lips stretching, forced apart around the steely thickness of her uncle’s prick.

In and in and in his cock went, until she thought the prick-knob would pierce her belly. Sally lifted her head and anxiously watched the blue-veined cockshaft disappearing into her greasy pussy slit. She could feel more of his prick going into her as his cock vanished into her pussy, throbbing hotly inside her cunt, stretching the slippery tunnel of her pussy.

“Oh, fuck,” Bob groaned. He winced as he felt the velvety muscles of Sally’s pussy reflexively squeezing around his burning prick. “Oh fucking shit!”

He lunged between her milk-white thighs, fucking his cock to the balls in her churning cunt. Sally grunted as her pussy was completely packed with prick. Fucking didn’t hurt, she realized. Perhaps years of heavy fingerfucking sessions had loosened her tight pussy for her first fuck.

Instead, fucking felt incredibly good. Sally whimpered, as her pussy grew even hotter than when her uncle had sucked her cunt. More fuck oil flowed from the depths of her pussy, completely lubricating the sheath of her pussy. She felt her cunt muscles clutching rhythmically at her uncle’s big cock.

“Does it feel nice, Sally?” Bob panted. “Do you like having my prick up your cunt?”

“Yes,” Sally confessed. “Oh, Uncle Bob, it’s so big inside me, and it’s throbbing so hard. I think I’m going to cum again! Ungghh! I love your cock, Uncle Bob! It’s making me so hot!”

Bob lifted his hips, and Sally felt her pussy lips clinging greedily to the length of his prick. Then he fucked his cock back into her, and she gasped with intense pleasure as her little teenage pussy was again stuffed with hard cock.

“This is what fucking feels like,” Bob breathed hornily.

Then he started to fuck her, moving faster and harder with every stroke, fucking his swollen hard-on in and out of her syrupy cunt. For a few seconds Sally just lay there, grimacing and moaning as her pussy was pleasured by the fucking prick.

Then she wrapped her arms around his shoulders, and lifted her legs until her knees nearly touched her shoulders, opening up her pussy passage for the thrusts of his cock.

“Harder, Uncle Bob!” Sally started humping beneath him, eagerly bouncing her ass and thrusting her gurgling cunt up to meet the thrusts of his prick. “It feels good, it feels so fantastic! I can feel your, cock inside me! My pussy’s sucking on it! I love fucking, oh please, fuck me really good!”

Her obscene, horny moans made her uncle hornier than ever. Bob made the bed shake as he began to fuck his blood-swollen cock furiously through the clasping depths of her pussy, fucking his aching prick deeper with every stroke.

Sally could feel her cunt burning, and she knew she was about to cum. “Harder,” she shrieked, her voice rising as the burning pleasure built in her cock-filled cunt. “Fuck me! Fuck me harder! Gonna cum, Uncle Bob, gonna cum!”

Bob fucked his rock-hard prick into her slippery pussy, wincing as her cunt lips nipped the fucking shaft of his cock. He dropped his head to her bosom, opened his mouth wide and took one dusky-pink nipple deep into his mouth.

“Cumming!” Sally clutched his head as he sucked her big tits, whipping her ass in a frenzy off the bed. “Fuck, fuck harder! Unghhh! My pussy… oh, my hot pussy, it’s exploding, oh, oh, I can’t stand it! Fuck my cunt, I’m cuuuummmmmmiiinnnnggggg!”

Bob grunted and fucked his teenage niece faster and faster as she came beneath him, grimacing as his fucking prick was milked by her cumming cunt. In the midst of her cum, Sally felt his prick rowing even stiffer inside her and felt his hairy balls slapping heavily on the crack of her ass.

“Ah shit, Sally,” Bob gasped. “Popping my nut, baby, shooting my fucking nut, ahhhhh…”

He collapsed between her thighs, fucking his prick all the way into her burning cunt. Sally squealed with excitement as she felt hot goo flooding into her pussy, splashing onto the innermost depths of her just-fucked cunt.

Repeatedly the foaming white fuck cream flooded out of his piss hole, as if his balls had an endless reservoir of jism. Sally felt his cum pumping violently into her cunt, filling her little pussy completely with his salty load. Then she felt cum dripping out of her hairy pussy around his cock, running luridly down her asscheeks to form a puddle on the sheets.

Slowly Bob pulled his still-throbbing prick from the wet tunnel of her pussy. The incestuous couple shared a wanton embrace, rubbing their sweaty naked bodies together, thrusting their tongues into each other’s mouth as they kissed.

“I’m going to keep fucking you, Sally,” he whispered hoarsely. “It’s okay so long as your daddy doesn’t find out. Every night from now on I’m gonna come here and give your pussy a good, hard fucking!”

With that he left, climbing off the bed and shutting the door silently behind him. Sally lay naked and panting on the wet sheets, staring at the ceiling. She knew her uncle would come back, that he would keep his promise. And she knew she would let him do whatever he liked.


Sally’s mother, Karen, had what she described as an obscene body, in that it attracted immediate attention from the opposite sex, and the attention was always sexual.

She was a slender woman, with narrow legs and a small ass and a very delicate bone structure, like a pubescent girl. But her tits were huge, much larger than Sally’s, two melon shaped, spongy globes that jiggled in even the most restrictive bras and were capped by silver-dollar-sized nipples so red they were nearly purple.

Brunette Karen was thirty-eight now, and there were laugh lines around her lips and eyes, but she was still very proud of the fact that she’d maintained the mouthwatering voluptuousness of her body. Men still drooled at her on the street, and her husband was still eager to give her a good fucking whenever her pussy required it.

But that wasn’t enough for Karen, who’d been born with an extremely high sex drive. She craved strange cock, and she craved prick most of all. Since her marriage, she’d fucked many times with horny teenagers, momentarily satiating her lust as she pumped her pussy on their ever-hard teenaged cocks.

And in recent months, Karen had found herself desperately attracted to her two sons.

Mike and his younger brother Phil were both very handsome, strapping studs who, Karen knew, fucked the asses off of lots of horny women in their suburban neighborhood. A number of times she’d caught glimpses of their pricks in the raw, and her pussy had always tingled when she’d seen that her boys were so awesomely well-hung.

Secretly she wanted to suck and fuck their big pricks, to take their creamy cum as it shot down her throat or into her milking pussy. In the past few months she’d begun fingerfucking herself to thoughts of them, imagining that one of her boys had decided to fill the wet, needy fuck hole between his mother’s legs.

It was two o’clock now. She was alone in the house, and she’d been so horny all day that she had trouble concentrating on her housework. Absentmindedly she walked around her living room with a dust mop, dressed in a pair of skimpy white shorts and a pullover jersey that stretched over her enormous, braless tits.

Karen could feel her huge tits jiggling under the top as she moved, the fat purplish nipples protruding through the sheer fabric. Every so often she stopped dusting to rub her aching pussy through the shorts.

The doorbell rang. Karen glanced out the window before answering it and immediately felt the wet heat in her pussy grow much worse. It was Ricky Crawford, the paperboy, with the burlap courier sack over his shoulder and the collection book in his hands.

Karen had wanted to suck his prick the first time, she’d seen his handsome, innocent face and lean muscled body. She knew she should at least put on a bra before receiving him, but Karen mischievously threw open the door just as she was, greeting the innocent paperboy with a magnificent view of her huge tits.

At the sight of her over endowed bosom, Ricky’s cock quickly began to grow down the insides of his leg. “Collection time, Mrs. Douglas,” he said nervously.

“Of course, Ricky.” Karen felt her nipples grow even stiffer as she held the door open for him. “Have a seat on the couch while I get my purse.”

Ricky sat nervously on the edge of the couch cushion when she returned with her handbag, with his legs crossed in a futile attempt to hide his upthrust hard-on. Karen saw his eyes rivet to her chest as she returned to the living room, following the jello-like wiggle of her huge tits as she moved.

“Five-fifty, isn’t that right, Ricky?” She smiled and handed him the money. “But I wish I’d known you were coming today. I was just going to the bank, and I don’t have a thing for your tip.”

“Oh, that’s okay.” Ricky grinned sheepishly, trying to keep his gaze off her body. Karen smirked, feeling she could practically read his mind. He was probably dying to go home and beat off to thoughts of her figure.

“No, it’s not okay, Ricky,” Karen said softly. “You’ve been a very good paperboy for us this month. You always put the paper in one of those little sacks when it rains, and you always throw it right on the stoop. I’ve got to give you something.”

And with that she pulled off her top and tossed it to the floor, revealing her mammoth tits.

“Jesus Christ!” Ricky gasped.

“What’s the matter, Ricky? Don’t you like looking at my titties?” Karen asked evenly, stepping close. “You know you’ve been staring at them ever since I opened the door. Aren’t they big, Ricky? Look at how stiff and red my nipples are. You’d like to suck them, wouldn’t you? Just like a little boy.”

Ricky could only gape at her, as his cock throbbed wildly in his jeans. With her pussy creaming in her shorts, Karen knelt on the floor before the couch and pushed his thighs apart. Impatiently her fingers fumbled with the zipper of his pants.

“But first I want to suck something you’ve got, lover,” she said huskily. “Have you ever had your dick sucked, Ricky? I’ll bet you’ll like it a lot better than a lousy fifty-cent tip.”

Hurriedly she tugged his pants and shorts down to his ankles, slipping them over his tennis shoes onto the floor. His cock sprang eagerly out of confinement, throbbing and bloated to the point of bursting with its engorgement of blood.

Karen had cheated on her husband with, a lot of teenage studs during her marriage, but it always amazed her how disproportionate a boy’s cock could be to the rest of his body.

“Oh, Ricky, you’ve really got a big one,” Karen purred, clasping her hand around the meaty trunk and holding his cock up for inspection. “And it’s so stiff and hot. You really need to cum, don’t you? Your dick needs a good sucking?”

As Ricky stared at her speechlessly, Karen pushed her fist to the root of his cock and planted a wet kiss on the tip of his hard-on, wiggling her tongue in the piss hole to lick up his cum drippings.

The boy’s massive cock twitched harder than ever. Karen opened her mouth wide and stuffed his delicious, salty prick down her throat.

“Unhh!” Ricky came to life, gaping at the spectacle of the big-titted housewife, old enough to be his mother, with her ripe lips wrapped around his meat. “Oh shit, Mrs. Douglas! That feels so good! Suck my cock for me! Hard, suck it hard!”

Holding the first several inches of his prick securely in her buttery mouth, Karen rolled her tongue all over the cock-knob and prickshaft, tasting the hot muskiness of stiff teenage cock meat. Then she caved in her cheeks and pursed her lips even tighter round his prickshaft, beginning to suck the paperboy’s prick very hard.

Her cheeks alternately puffed outwards and puckered inward, steadily increasing the suction around his burning prick. Karen began to bob her head over her lap, fucking her face with his cock.

“Awww fuck it, Mrs. Douglas!” Ricky winced and shook his head helplessly back and forth on the couch, staring wildly at the housewife giving him his first blow job. “I can’t believe you’re doing this! Fuck, my dick’s never been this stiff! Harder, suck harder!”

Karen whimpered around his cock and rubbed her thighs together, desperately trying to quench the burning wetness that coursed through her hairy cunt. Slurping, gurgling smacking sounds bubbled out of her mouth as she sucked the teenager’s cock, filling the living room with the wet noises of a good blow job.

Ricky’s prick throbbed and ached and burned in her mouth, and the white goo leaked continually from his open piss slit. Karen wanted to prolong the boy’s pleasure, but she was desperate to drink his cum.

Her cheeks flushed as she sucked his prick harder than ever, bobbing her head in a blur over his lap. Tightening her fist around the pulsing root of his cock, she beat his meat hard and fast, milking and tugging the veined length between her lips.

“Fuck, Mrs. Douglas, I’m blowing my rocks!” Ricky grimaced as his prick twitched to total stiffness, and his balls bloated with their salty load. “Suck it, suck harder! Awwww, fuck!”

A torrent of thick, boiling cum shot from the tip of his prick, shooting down Karen’s throat. Karen tasted the initial blast of his jism as it rushed across her tongue. She beat his meat furiously with her fist and eagerly started gulping. The first shot was followed by spurt after spurt of cum.

Even as she busily slurped down his jism, Karen reminded herself that horny teenage boys always had balls that were simply packed with fuck juice. Ricky must have shot off a whole pint of cum in her mouth, until Karen couldn’t swallow it all and was forced to let some of the delicious cum run out of her lips down her chin.

“That was good, Ricky!” Pulling his rock-hard, wet prick out of her mouth, Karen shamelessly licked her lips and smiled up at him hornily. “Now are you going to keep this big dick of yours stiff so you can fuck me?”

Ricky gulped and nodded his head, nervous and excited again at the prospect of fucking his cock into his very first pussy. Karen stared hornily at his cock as she stripped off her shorts, leaving herself naked, revealing her round little ass and the heavily furred triangle of her cunt.

Still so stiff, she thought hotly. Her well hung husband couldn’t keep it up after shooting his load, but teenage studs were always ready for several fucks in a row. Wantonly Karen thought of her sons, realizing that they probably wouldn’t be exceptions to the rule.

“Takeoff the rest of your clothes, Ricky,” Karen instructed. She rolled onto her hands and knees in the dog-fucking position, with her huge tits swaying pendulously over the living room rug. “Then get over my ass and fuck my pussy raw!”

Ricky swiftly stripped naked, scattering the rest of his garments around the living room. Karen giggled at his eagerness, feeling her pouting pussy lips throb and burn. She spread her knees on the rug and lifted her ass, putting her cunt slit in perfect position for the invasion of the paperboy’s pulsing prick.

Ricky mounted her, kneeling between her thighs. Awkwardly he held his cock in his fist and tried to fit the spongy prickhead into her pussy. Karen was much too horny to wait for him to find his way in. Impatiently she reached between her slender thighs, grasped his hard-on and directed the cock securely between the pouting lips of her gurgling cunt.

“That’s right, Ricky! You’re in my pussy now!” Karen dug her fingernails into the carpet and braced herself for the thrusts of his prick. “Push your cock into my cunt hole, Ricky! Doesn’t my pussy feel good?”

Ricky thought he was going to cum a second time as he felt her swollen pussy slit nipping the tip of his prick. Awkwardly at first, then with growing assurance, he humped the lean cheeks of his ass, fucking his cock into the velvety sheath of the housewife’s sucking cunt tunnel.

“Aw, Ricky, your dick feels so good!” Karen wiggled her ass and panted like a bitch in heat as she felt his meaty prick fucking into her, stretching the walls of her pussy around the circumference of the cockshaft. “Ram it all the way in, lover! Then fuck my cunt as hard as you can!”

Ricky fucked his cock to the balls in her hairy pussy, gasping as he felt her pussy clasp wetly around every inch of his cum-bloated prick. For a long time he simply hunched over her ass without moving, savoring the spasmodic pressure of her cunt tunnel around his bone-stiff prick.

“Fuck me, Ricky!” Impatiently Karen humped her ass, pumping her pussy onto his cock. “Fuck me, I’m so Goddamn horny! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck meeee!”

Ricky pulled out his cock, pausing when her pink pussy folds clutched the tip of his prick. Slowly he fucked his cock back in again, still accustoming himself to the rhythms and moves of fucking.

His hands slid up her slender torso, lewdly gasping the enormous, spongy mounds of her tits. Then Ricky started fucking the housewife’s pussy hard and fast, reaming out her cunt with driving strokes of his hot throbbing cock.

“Unhhh!” Karen lifted her head and brayed like a wounded animal, feeling her hairy pussy throb around his pistoning cock. “That’s fantastic, lover, you’re fucking me so good now! Harder, Ricky! Kill my pussy with that big, beautiful cock!”

She dropped her head to her folded arms, moaning and panting as she submitted eagerly to the paperboy’s fevered fucking. Her hips moved in a blur as she lifted to meet his strokes, pumping her gushing, sucking pussy onto his stone-hard cock.

Faster and faster the illicit lovers fucked, until Ricky was fucking his cock into her pussy so hard and deep that Karen’s knees bounced painfully on the floor with every thrust. Even as she felt her cum growing in her prick-filled pussy, Karen sensed the tingling lust shooting through her puckered asshole. As soon as Ricky made her pussy cum, Karen knew she would have to feel his big teenage prick fucking between her ass cheeks.

“Gonna shoot,” Ricky gasped. He pulled savagely on her tits, pinching the rubbery, dark-red nipples between his fingers. Faster and harder he fucked his cum-swollen prick relentlessly into her buttery cunt. “Such a tight fucking pussy… feels so good fucking it. I’m gonna cum in you, Mrs. Douglas! Oh, fuck…”

“Harder, Ricky, I’m cumming too!” Karen gasped suddenly. Her hips whipped up in a blur as she felt the cum burning through her fuck hole, making her clit ache and her velvety pussy tunnel suck and clasp the boy’s fucking cock. “Fuck me faster now, Ricky, as hard as you can! Unhhh, it’s really burning this time! Faster, I’m cuuummmiiinnngggg!”

Her pussy exploded around his prick, ravaged by one spasm after another. Karen came for nearly a minute, moaning and shrieking as her pussy was pleasured by the violent thrusts of the paperboy’s prick.

The first thing she realized when she came to was how violently he was now fucking his cock into her, and how incredibly stiff his prick felt in her cunt. She had to make him pull out right away, she realized, or he would waste the load she desperately craved to feel spurting up her asshole.

“Take it out, Ricky!” she gasped. “Please, I can’t take it anymore! I’ll show you another way to cum!”

Obediently, though reluctantly, Ricky withdrew his hard-on from the syrupy slit of her cunt. Karen had to suppress a lewd chuckle as she glanced at his cock over her shoulder. The meaty prickshaft throbbed and twitched violently up and down, so full of blood and jism that it was a wonder his cum didn’t spray all over the floor.

Karen reached behind her back and dug her fingers into the small, peach-shaped cheeks of her ass. Then she spread them wide, showing her horny paperboy the pink, hairless ring of her asshole.

“Oh, fuck,” Ricky whispered.

“Fuck me there, Ricky!” Shamelessly Karen flexed her asshole muscles, making the little circle pucker and throb before his eyes. “Can’t you see how it is? Oh, Ricky, my asshole needs your big cock right now!”

Ricky’s cock grew even longer at the thought of fucking his prick up her ass tunnel. More assuredly now, he centered his spongy, leaking cockhead on her asshole. Then he pushed down hard, and Karen groaned in ecstasy as her ass muscles spread to admit the swollen length of his cock.

“Yes, Ricky, it’s making me so hot!” Karen pulled her ass cheeks farther apart, wantonly wiggling her hips to help her teenage lover pack her asshole full of his cock. “Fuck it into me, Ricky! Stuff my asshole with your huge fucking dick!”

Ricky grunted like a bull as he humped behind her, fucking inch after inch of his hard-on into the rubbery heat of her asshole. Her asshole was much tighter than her pussy, and he could barely restrain himself from shooting his wad instantly as he felt the strong ass muscles sucking repeatedly around his prick.

His hands continued to maul and tug her huge tits, as if he were intent upon pulling them from her body. Karen screamed as he lunged over her, fucking his cock to the balls in the burning heat of her asshole.

“So goooood!” She lay panting happily beneath him, feeling her ass muscles convulsively suck and clasp his blue-veined prick. “Feels so Goddamn big! Hump my asshole, lover! Ram that cock in and out!”

Clinging to her tits, Ricky started fucking the housewife’s ass with long, brutal strokes of his twitching, oozing prick. Soon he could feel Karen’s asshole loosening and lubricating before the repeated strokes of his cock, wetly sucking his dick as he hammered it into her burning asshole.

“Make me cum, Ricky!” Grimacing obscenely, Karen pushed her fingers through her pussy curls and hungrily buried two fingers in the dripping slit of her cunt. “Fuck my asshole, Ricky!” Shamelessly she jacked off her pussy as he reamed her, rolling her clit violently under her thumb. “Unhhh! Feels so fucking big and stiff! Fuck me harder, make my asshole cream!”

The paperboy’s prick was as stiff as it had ever felt, and his balls felt like lead. He panted as he fucked Karen’s gripping asshole as hard as he could. “Gonna cum,” he moaned softly. “Oh shit, Mrs. Douglas… I can’t hold it… your asshole sucks my cock!”

“I’m cumming too, Ricky!” Karen screamed. She whipped up her lithe hips in a frenzy of desire, fucking her pussy with her fingers and pounding her ravaged asshole back to meet the strokes of Ricky’s prick. “Yes Jesus, fuck meeeeee! Cumming, lover, cuuummmiiinnnggg!”

Ricky quivered lasciviously as her cumming, puckering asshole sucked tightly around his fucking cock, milking the bone-like hardness at the center of his prick. With a satisfied moan he fell on top of her, fucking his throbbing prick all the way into her pulsating ass.

Then Karen squealed in ecstasy as she felt his hot jism squirting into her ass, soothing the burning walls of her asshole with thick, gushing cum.

A lewd smile spread across her lips as she felt the paperboy’s prick cumming inside her. She flexed her ass-muscles around his squirting prick, letting her asshole milk out every drop.


“I wish I could at least get out of bed by myself,” Phil said helplessly. Karen’s tall, muscular, eighteen-year-old son, her youngest boy, shook his head as he watched her soap his leg. “It’s really embarrassing having you do this for me, Mom. I feel like a little kid.”

“There’s nothing wrong with feeling like a kid every once in awhile, darling,” Karen cooed. Sitting beside him as he lay on his back on the mattress, she dipped the washcloth into the bucket of water and soaped farther up his thigh. “Even your father lets me mother him every once in awhile. Now you just relax and let me do the worrying, okay?”

Phil sighed, folded his arms behind his head and said nothing. His body was lean and beautifully muscled, naked except for a towel covering his crotch.

Karen knew that in a minute she was going to have to lift that towel to wash his prick, and the prospect both frightened her and made her tremendously horny. Little did her son know how stiff her nipples were, how hot and juicy her pussy felt with its overflow of fuck cream. Deep down inside she knew that she was finally going to give in to the shameful desire of fucking her own boy.

She’d always managed to suppress the wanton craving in the past, venting her incestuous lust with studs like Ricky. But neither of her sons had ever had an injury like this, either.

It happened to Phil the other day in football practice, a muscle spasm in his lumbar erectors that made it impossible for him to walk without intense pain. Such spasms weren’t serious, and the team physician had promised that Phil would be back on his feet in a week if he just stayed in bed.

But that meant that Karen had to stay home and do everything for him in the meantime, from bringing him his meals to giving him a sponge bath. It was only noon now, and she knew no one else would be home for many hours. The circumstances were so unavoidably good for her youngest son’s seduction.

She continued to wash his body diligently, soaping and rinsing his thighs, chest, arms, shoulders and hard muscular stomach. Then there was nothing to do but lift the edge of the towel. Phil blushed as soon as she touched it.

“I… I think I can do that, Mom,” he said, and tried to reach for the washrag. But instantly his face contorted with pain, and he had to let his head fall back to the pillow.

“Don’t be such a little warrior, darling,” Karen chided, taking the sponge from him.

“You can’t move, and that’s all there is to it. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about. I am your mother, you know.”

Phil muttered something and stared at the ceiling. Karen lifted the towel off, exposing her teenager’s prick. Then she felt her pussy burn with lust, and she knew that soon she’d have to take his cock down her throat.

His was a big prick. Phil’s prick was flaccid, but hung on the hairy, wrinkled sac of his balls like a thick tube of meat, capped by a fat, spongy cock-knob. Karen soaped the washrag all around his well hung prick, never taking her eyes off his prick.

Then she sponged his balls, and then, saying something to the effect that his prick got dirty too, she started to wash his prick.

And immediately his prick started to get stiff. Phil’s face contorted miserably with humiliation, but there was no restraining the hot swelling of his cock. Within seconds his prick was throbbing and as hard as bone, rising out of his short hairs to quiver lewdly over his stomach.

“My heavens, Phil,” Karen said, suppressing a nervous giggle. “I didn’t know a washing would get you so excited.”

“I’m really sorry about this, Mom,” Phil said, blushing crimson. “This is so fucking embarrassing.”

“But there’s, nothing to be embarrassed about,” Karen replied and clenched the washrag around the root of his prick. “To tell you the truth, I had no idea you were so well endowed.”

She was losing control of herself, but she had no desire to resist her fuck urges anyhow. Lightly Karen moved the washrag up and down Phil’s prick. His cock responded by throbbing stiffer than ever, twitching and jerking painfully over his navel.

“God, Phil, you really do have a hard-on!” Karen laughed. “It’s been years since I’ve seen your fathers cock so stiff. Don’t any of your little high school girlfriends give you any sexual relief?”

“It don’t make any difference,” Phil said miserably. “I’m horny all the time.”

“I’ll bet you are, darling. You’re a teenager. But you should try to get laid more often. It’s not healthy to walk around with such an enormous boner. You need a… release.”

Then she dropped the rag into the bucket and wrapped her fist tightly around his cock. Phil gasped as he watched his mother expertly start to beat his teat, pumping her fist furiously up and down the iron-hard column of cock.

“Jesus, Mom!” he groaned. “What do you think you’re doing to me?”

“I’m helping you, darling,” Karen replied evenly. She scooted close to his ass and jacked his prick faster and faster, smiling as she watched pre-cum ooze from his cock’s rosy tip. “It’s obvious that you need this a lot more than a bath. Now relax and enjoy yourself. Here — this should help you cum.”

Tugging his cock with her right hand, she undid the sash of her bathrobe with her left. Then she pulled apart the halves of the terrycloth robe, exposing her enormous tits. Phil’s cock immediately jerked madly in her stroking fist, looking so stiff that she feared his prick might instantly start spraying his cum.

“Oh fuck, Mom! Oh, fuck!”

“Your dick is much stiffer now, darling,” Karen observed. She wiggled her shoulders, making her oversized tits quiver like huge mounds of jello. The silver-dollar-sized purplish nipples were crinkled and stiff. “It turns you on to look at my breasts, doesn’t it? It’s too bad you can’t remember how you used to suckle them as a baby.”

Phil’s face was glazed with shock and lust. It was obvious that he was in no condition to resist anything she might do to him. Pushing her fist to the root of his cock, Karen lowered her head and wetly kissed the tip of his prick. Wantonly she pushed her tongue onto his piss-hole, licking up the salty juices that oozed up from his bloated balls.

“Oh Jesus, Mom…”

“Don’t tell anyone about this, darling,” Karen murmured huskily. “Not your big brother, and especially not your father.”

Then she opened her mouth wide and, with a contented gurgling sound, stuffed almost a third of her son’s big prick down her throat.

Phil sighed with pleasure and did nothing to stop her. Karen whimpered as she pursed her lips in a tight circle around the blue-veined stiffness of his cock. Then she puckered her cheeks and eagerly started sucking her boy’s prick, rolling her tongue all over the shiny skinned crown of his cock.

“Ahhhhh, fuck!” Unable to move the rest of his body, Phil shook his head deliriously back and forth on the pillow. “This is so fucking wrong… oh shit, it feels good. Suck it, Mom. Suck off my dick!”

Karen’s pussy burned and throbbed as she fell eagerly to the task of doing just that. Up and down her head bobbed, lasciviously fucking her face with her son’s magnificent hard-on. Alternately she caved in and puffed out her cheeks, working her mouth like a bellows, increasing the suctioning pressure around his cock.

Phil winced as his prick grew to painful hardness inside his mother’s buttery mouth. Karen tightened her little hand around the base of his cock. Urgently she beat his meat as she sucked the prickhead, racing her fist up and down the stone-hard stiffness of his cockshaft.

“Gonna cum,” Phil moaned. He managed to lift one hand and place it behind his mother’s bobbing head, digging his fingers into her thick hair. “Oh God, this is the best blow job I’ve ever had. You suck so hard, keep sucking, Mom. Please make me cum.”

Smacking, slurping sounds filled his bedroom as Karen hornily continued to give him head. The harder she sucked, the more his prick throbbed, and soon its swollen, bloated hardness told her his balls were about to explode at any moment.

“Cum for me, Son.” Saliva drooled from her mouth as she took his prick momentarily from her lips, and looked at him with glistening, sex-starved eyes. “I need it, darling. I just love to drink cum! Let me keep sucking you. Shoot your big wad down my fucking throat!”

With that she dropped her head back to his lap and opened her mouth as wide as she could, cramming almost half of his big steely prick between her lips. Karen gurgled and sucked as hard as she could, feeling her cheeks flush brightly with the wanton pressure her lips and tongue made on her son’s cock.

“Awww, Mom!” Phil gasped. He pulled her hair and made soft, whimpering sounds as the cum load tingled for release in his balls. “Cumming, oh suck it, Mom, suck harder, ahhh, yesssss!”

His big prick tossed off between her lips, spraying the roof of her mouth and her throat with spurt after a spurt of thick, milky cream. Karen groaned wantonly with satisfaction as the first taste of Phil’s load rewarded her diligent sucking.

Her fist moved in a blur on his cock, jacking him off as hard as she could, literally tugging and milking every drop of jism from his swollen balls. Then she slurped as she worked her throat muscles, gulping and swallowing, greedily eating every spurt of her son’s cum.

After his prick finished pumping out jism, she continued to lick her tongue round the cock-knob for a minute, cleaning the mixture of saliva and jism off her son’s prick. When she finally lifted her head his cock was glistening and, she was delighted to see, still as hard as a rock.

“Oh, darling, how wonderful,” she whispered reverently. “You’ve still got a big hard-on. Would you like to feel my wet, hairy pussy sucking on your cock?”

Phil gulped and nodded his head, as his prick pulsed angrily with a fresh load of cum.

Karen rose from the bed long enough to shrug off the robe, exposing all of her slender, big titted body.

Then she climbed back onto the bed and mounted her son, planting her knees on the mattress to either side of his hips, leaning forward so that her mammoth, cherry-capped tits dangled pendulously, over his chest.

“I’m putting it in now, lover,” she hissed. Reaching between her girlish thighs, Karen grasped the pulsating length of his cock and directed the heart-shaped prick-crown to the fur-fringed lips of her pussy. “I’m putting your big hard dick in your mother’s cunt!”

She fit the drooling cock-knob onto her fuck hole and wiggled her little ass, rubbing the tip of his prick all over her cunt. Then she fit the cock-crown between her pouting cunt lips and pushed herself down, moaning with wanton incestuous delight as her son’s fat cock fucked into the encasing warmth of her cunt.

“It’s going into me now, Phil!” she gasped. “Unhh, you’ve got such a big cock! Oh fuck, it’s stretching my little pussy! You’re fucking your mother now, darling! Don’t you love fucking your mother’s hot cunt?”

Phil could only stare dazedly at her huge shaking tits and the hairy triangle of her pussy, watching his veined cockshaft disappearing between the greasy, clinging folds of her cunt.

He could feel his mother’s fuck tunnel sucking around his cock, as if welcoming his prick into her dripping pussy.

Fucking me, Karen thought giddily. She started humping her ass, simultaneously wiggled her hips to help her son’s cock fuck all the way up her tight pussy. She nearly came at the thought of the obscene act she was now part of.

Fucking me, she thought repeatedly. My son’s long, thick prick… going up my pussy. He’s fucking me. I’m getting my pussy fucked by my horny teenage son…

She rested her ass on his thighs with all of his prick inside her, staring delightedly at her lust-glazed expression, moaning as his big prick throbbed to the hilt in her syrupy pussy. Slowly she lifted her ass, feeling his stiff cock slide out of her fuck tunnel until only the prick-crown separated her pussy slit.

She sat back down on it, then she eagerly began to grind and hump, fucking her buttery cunt up and down on the satisfying stiffness of her son’s prick.

“Can you move your ass, Phil?” she pleaded lewdly. Faster and faster she humped over him, as he lay motionless beneath her, letting her ass and pussy do all the work of their fucking. “Awww, your cock feels so good inside me! I’m creaming, darling! Can’t you move your ass and fuck me too?”

Slowly, painfully, Phil worked his hips off the mattress. Cumming and fucking were good for his back injury. Within seconds he was humping beneath her almost as hard as he could have if not injured, moaning as he fucked his long, swollen hard-on in and out of his mother’s hairy cunt.

“That’s right, darling, you fuck me so gooood!” Bucking her ass like a wild woman, Karen leaned forward so that her huge tits dangled over his face. She hefted one tit and rubbed the crimson nipple onto her son’s lips. “Suck it for me, Son!” she pleaded. “Suck my nipple while you fuck my cunt!”

Phil opened his mouth wide and enveloped the stiff, crinkled cap of his mother’s tit. He puckered his cheeks and sucked furiously, as if intent upon drawing milk from her enormous tits. Then he started moving his ass much faster, oblivious to his back injury, rhythmically fucking his blood-engorged hard-on into her cunt.

“Gonna cum, Phil, keep fucking me!” The bed shook obscenely beneath them as Karen feverishly fucked her pussy onto her son’s cock. Her cunt was so dripping wet that the fuck juices oozed out of her pussy crack and made her inner thighs sticky with cunt oil. Every stroke seemed to go deeper into her pussy; his big prick packed her full with cock meat with every thrust.

“Cumming now!” Karen dried suddenly. The sucking pressure on her nipples and the feel of his prick fucking into her pussy seemed to merge into it’s huge throbbing presence growing and burning in her belly. “Ungghh! Yes, oh shit, my pussy’s so hot! Fuck it, Phil, fuck it harder! I’m cuuummmiiinnnggg!”

Phil aggravated his back injury by lifting his ass completely off the bed, ticking his cock all the way into his mother’s throbbing fuck hole. Then the white load of his second cum spouted from the tip of his prick. Karen shrieked with incestuous pleasure as she felt his jism pumping her pussy to bursting with the gooey load of her son’s cum.

“I love you, darling!” She flexed her pussy muscles around his gushing prick and showered his face with kisses. “You fucked my pussy so good! I love my son’s great big beautiful cock!”

But Phil’s face was now a mask of fear, and he was staring intently at something behind her. Karen turned her head to see what it was. Then all the breath seemed to rush out of her lungs as she saw the shocked, enraged face of Phil’s father, her husband Henry.


It was a gigantic cock, much longer and thicker than average, capped by a huge bloated prick-knob. The big prick was painfully stiff and throbbed hotly as he held his cock in his fist. Furiously he pumped his prick, moaning softly as his hand massaged the aching stiffness, nursing up the load of cum.

The bathroom door was only ajar a half inch or so, but that was enough. Sally stood secretly before the opening, watching with wide eyes as her father beat his meat over the toilet.

The sight was completely unexpected. She’d come upstairs after watching TV to do her homework, and had paused when she’d seen something moving about on her way to her room. Her father, standing over the toilet as if about to take a leak. But his prick was huge and as hard as stone, and he was grimacing as he rubbed his cock fiercely, preparing to spray his cum into the bowl.

Sally watched for a minute longer. Then, afraid that her uncle or brothers might catch her, she turned from the sight and walked quickly to her room. Kicking the door shut behind her, she stripped off all her clothes and paused to admire her voluptuous nakedness in the mirror.

Then she jumped on her bed, put a pillow between her legs and lay on her belly. Soon her ass began to move in a fucking rhythm. Shamelessly Sally dry-humped the pillow, rubbing her wet pussy on it as she fantasized about her father’s huge prick.

A week had passed since her mother had left the house, and no one would tell her the reason she’d gone. But Sally correctly suspected that it had something to do with Phil. Her father had caught her fucking their son, she thought; he’d ordered her out of the house.

Sally whimpered and fucked her pussy on the pillow faster and faster. She wanted to fuck her daddy, she realized hotly, though she was too shy to seducing him. She wanted to feel his huge cock fucking her pussy even more than she wanted to fuck her Uncle Bob.

Every night for a week her uncle had been coming to her room after everyone was asleep, fucking her pussy at least once and sometimes fucking tirelessly between her thighs until three or four in the morning.

She humped the pillow for awhile. Sally was tired from lack of sleep, but she wasn’t about to tell her uncle to leave her alone because the more he fucked her the more she craved his prick. Sex was turning her into a very, very horny girl, she realized. Sometimes she waited impatiently for her uncle’s arrival for hours at a time, stirring restlessly under the covers as she fantasized about his cock.

Suddenly Sally heard the door open behind her. She paused for a moment, then humped her pussy on the pillow faster than ever. It was almost midnight, and her father and brothers were generally fast asleep by eleven. She was sure it was her uncle come to give her pussy the stiff cock she needed.

“Fuck me, Uncle Bob!” Sally cried, knowing how horny he’d be at the sight of her ass humping up and down on the pillow. “I couldn’t wait for you tonight! I need your big dick!”

Footsteps approached her bed. Sally felt a strong hand running up her sleek, creamy white thighs, patting the firm, plump cheeks of her delectable ass. Then a finger wriggled into her fur-fringed pussy slit, and Sally moaned loudly as she felt it burrowing up her greasy, tight cunt.

“That feels good, Uncle Bob!” Eagerly Sally ground her big tits on the sheets and pumped up her pussy mound for more fingerfucking. “Play with my cunt harder!”

“Goddamn, Sally! You’ve really got a tight little snatch!”

Sally shrieked and turned her head at the sound of the unexpected voice. Standing beside her bed, grinning down at her happily, was her big brother Phil! All he had on was a pair of white cotton shorts, and the fabric was stretched obscenely around his enormous prick, wetting the front of the shorts with oozing cum.

“Phil!” Sally gasped. “What are you doing here?”

“I got horny,” Phil replied. He held her wriggling ass down with his left hand and inserted another finger into her burning, dripping cunt. “You must know Dad caught me fucking Mom. I guess if I can fuck her I can fuck you too!”

Sally was about to protest, but she was extremely horny, and her brother’s fingers felt very good burrowing into her pussy. In spite of herself, she soon found herself groaning again, humping on the pillow.

“And I guess you been fucking Uncle Bob too,” Phil murmured. “Don’t worry, Sally. I won’t breathe a word to anyone!”

He grabbed her hips and turned her over, sighing at the sight of his younger sister’s big stiff-nippled tits and the fleecy brown-haired triangle of her hot pussy. Then he climbed onto the bed with her and knelt between her soft thighs, his massive hard-on jerking lewdly in his shorts.

“Don’t, Phil,” Sally whimpered, covering her pussy slit with her hand. “I don’t want you to fuck me. I’ll be a whore if I fuck you and Uncle Bob at the same time.”

“You won’t be a whore, little sister,” Phil whispered hoarsely. “Fucking’s good for you.”

With that he leaned forward and buried his head in her crotch, inhaling the cock-stiffening aroma of his teenage sister’s dripping cunt.

“Aw yes, Phil, yes!” She grabbed the back of his head, grinding her pussy onto his lips. She humped and wiggled her ass off the bed and spread her legs as wide as she could. “I can’t help it! Suck my pussy! It feels so good!”

Phil thrust his hands under her hips, lustfully digging his fingers into the soft milk white cheeks of her girlish ass. He tried to hold her madly humping ass in position as he flicked his tongue in and out of her pussy, drawing closer and closer to her hard clit.

“Play with me, Phil!” Sally cried. She pulled his hair and humped faster then ever, fucking her cunt all over his face. “Unhh! Oh shit, my pussy’s hot! It’s gonna cum! Please put your fingers in me!”

Phil released her bouncing ass, knowing that he couldn’t hold it down anyhow. He slid one hand up her thighs and again pushed two fingers into her hairy fuck hole, sighing as he felt his sister’s strong teenage cunt muscles suck tightly around them.

Expertly he jacked her off, fucking his fingers rhythmically in and out of her cunt. Sally shuddered violently as the heat that always came before a cum burned through her belly. Then her brother glued his lips to her clit and sucked hard, wriggling his tongue over and around the sensitive bud.

“Cumming now!” Sally gasped. Her big tits shook as she writhed on the bed, helplessly pleasured by his fingers and lips and tongue. “Suck my pussy! Unggh! I’m hot, I’m so hot, my pussy is burning! Suck meeeeee I’m cuuummmiiinnnggg!”

The spasms rippled through Sally’s wet, hairy cunt, filling her pussy with one wave of ecstasy after another. For what felt like whole minutes, she bucked frantically beneath her brother’s sucking lips and fucking fingers, almost unable to stand the intense pleasure that made cream gush from deep inside her throbbing cunt.

Finally her cum subsided. Shutting her eyes, Sally sighed as she savored the tingling sensations following her orgasm. When she opened them again, her brother had risen between her thighs, preparing to fuck his big prick into her little cunt.

His shorts were gone, crumpled at the foot of the bed. Sally’s pussy pulsed at the sight of her big brother’s big prick, standing straight out of his cock fur, jerking and twitching angrily, swollen by its load of blood and cum.

“Don’t fuck me, Phil,” Sally murmured. “Stop while we still can! You know we’re being bad.”

Phil only laughed and rubbed his drooling, rosy cockhead up and down her curly haired pussy slit, touching the tip of his prick to her clit. Sally quickly forgot her morals as a fresh wave of lust invaded her cunt. She lifted her plump, shapely thighs until her knees nearly touched her shoulders, opening her pussy passage completely for the fucking impalement of her brother’s prick.

Centering his cockhead between the swollen lips of her cunt, Phil heaved forward. Both of them gasped loudly as the meaty inches of his prick fucked greasily into the succulent tunnel of her cunt.

“God, you’re good, Sally,” Phil whispered. “You’re even tighter than Mom’s cunt. Still want me to stop?”

“Fuck me,” Sally groaned shamelessly. Again she began to hump her round ass, fucking her pussy eagerly onto her big brother’s cock. “It feels good to me too! Phil, I love your dick inside me! Fuck it all the way in now! I want my pussy sucking all of your cock!”

His sister’s whimpered obscenities made Phil’s prick swell as stiff as stone. He wiggled his hips to fuck his cock the rest of the way into her velvety tight pussy, then rested on top of her, savoring the pressure of a teenaged cunt, wetly milking his rock-hard cock.

“Fuck me, Phil!” Sally gasped. She made the bed creak as she humped her ass much faster, grunting every time she fucked her cunt onto his cock. “My cunt’s so hot! Awww, gotta cum again! Fuck me with your dick, fuck my pussy hard!”

Phil supported the weight of his torso on his outstretched arms, so he could stare down at his sister’s pretty, lust-contorted face and watch her big tits jiggle as he fucked her with his cock.

Slowly he began to move between her widespread thighs, fucking her pussy out with long rhythmic strokes of his blood-clogged cock.

He wanted to fuck her slowly and make the pleasure last, but her pussy was tight, and he could feel the slippery cunt tunnel nipping his cockshaft with every thrust.

Sally humped as tirelessly as a machine, humping her ass in a blur off the mattress. Phil fucked his sister faster, fucking his cock to the balls with every thrust. Soon his prick began to swell even more, to seemingly enormous dimensions. Sally could feel his prick stretching the walls of her cunt.

“Harder!” His veined cockshaft chafed her clit as he fucked his prick into her belly, making her pussy tingle and juice until the dripping, hairy lips made slurping sounds as they sucked her brother’s cock. “Gonna cum some more! Fuck me, fuck me good! Make my pussy cum!”

Phil stared at his sister’s agonized, lust crazed grimace, hungrily watched her stiff nippled, overripe tits jiggle and shake every time he fucked his cock into her pussy. Finding the sight irresistible, he lowered his body so that his face flattened one spongy tit. Then he took the rubbery tip between his lips and sucked hard.

At the same time he started fucking his little sister as fast as he could. In and out his big prick fucked, drawing her pussy closer to satisfaction with every stroke. They grunted and sighed. The bed heaved. Their bellies slapped wetly together with every stroke.

“Cumming now!” Sally cried. She flung her soft thighs around her brother’s heaving waist and heaved up so energetically he thought she might break the bed, paining and sweating as the puffy lips of her pussy clung to his meaty prick. “Can’t stop it, Phil, it’s burning me up! Keep fucking me, keep fucking me, oh oh oh God I’ve gotta, I’m cuuummmiiinnnggg!”

Her second cum gushed through her ravaged fuck hole even harder than the first, making her clit twitch and every inch of her pussy sheath suck and clasp hey brother’s cock. Sighing, Phil fucked his throbbing cock all the way into her buttery cumming cunt, moaning as the hairy bag of his balls slapped her ass crack.

A thick ribbon of cum gushed from his open piss hole, shooting up his sister’s fuck tunnel. Then the cum seemed to flow endlessly out of his balls, filling her pussy with one blast of jism after another. Phil continued to fuck his prick in and out of her pussy, draining his wad completely into her cunt.

Then he pulled put… his cock, kissed her cheek and left the bedroom, leaving Sally with aching nipples, a throbbing clit and a very creamy cunt.


For a long time Sally just lay there, feeling her pussy tingle and the hot goo seep from her cunt slit. Then she grabbed the pillow, rolled onto her belly with it stuffed between her legs and again started dry-humping it.

She was still horny, and fucking her brother had only made her hotter than ever. She wondered what had happened to her Uncle Bob. Every other night he’d been even more eager than she to fuck the shit out of her cunt.

“Ungghhh!” Sally pumped her pussy faster and faster on the pillow, already intent upon another cum. “Good, oh good. I’m so horny… need some cock!”

The light beside the bed made her feel self-conscious. Sally flicked it off, enveloping her lust in darkness. The bed started creaking again as she dry-humped the pillow and beat off her pussy, feeling her ass cheeks wiggle as she tried to satisfy her ever-horny cunt.

Then she heard her bedroom door open and close, and a soft, familiar voice speak to her as her uncle joined her on the bed.

“Sorry I was late, Sally,” Uncle Bob said. “I had a lot of work to do. My, but your pussy’s creamy tonight! You’ve really been jacking off a lot, haven’t you?”

He pushed two fingers into her curly haired cunt, then a third as he saw how unusually wet and hot her pussy was. Sally moaned and fucked her cunt onto his fingers. She thought of telling how that his nephew had just given her pussy a good hard fucking, but thought better of it.

Uncle Bob didn’t seem to really want to know. He just enjoyed the feel of her dripping cunt.

“Spread your thighs a little farther apart, Sally,” Bob murmured. “I’m going to put my cock in you now!”

Sally spread her legs wide and lifted her ass so that her foaming pussy slit would open for the invasion of his cock. She felt her uncle’s hairy thighs press between her own, and his hot, panting breaths on the nape of her neck.

Then a big hard prick was pushing into her cunt, separating the swollen pussy lips, fucking into her cunt tunnel Sally shuddered and quickly started humping again as her uncle fucked his prick slowly up her greasy pussy.

“You are wet tonight, Sally! God, you’re dripping!” Bob rotated his ass to get his big prick all the way inside her slippery pussy.

Bob rested on his niece’s ass and pushed down hard, making his big prick jerk and pulse all the way up her cunt. Sally grunted and started humping. Bob pulled out his prick until only the tip parted her pussy slit. Then he fucked his cock back in again and quickly started ticking her, reaming out her pussy with long fucking strokes of his swollen cock.

“So fucking hot and wet!” Her gooey, cumfilled pussy made lurid squishing sounds as the pouting cunt lips clung to Bob’s cock. “Oh, Sally, this is the best fuck I’ve ever had with you. Your cunt’s like a Goddamn glove!”

“Harder, Uncle Bob! Fuck me hard!” Sally thought she might have been tired after fucking her brother, but Phil’s prick had only made her hornier for more hard fucking. Panting and sweating, she pumped up her ass for more of her uncle’s cock, already feeling her pussy juicing towards another cum.

Bob thrust his hands under her torso, palming her big tits, feeling the stiff nipples on his palms. He started fucking the horny teenage girl as hard as he could, fucking his prick feverishly all the way in and out of her buttery cunt.

“Oh, Sally, your pussy’s sucking me!” he moaned. “Your cunt’s never felt this good! Unhh! Oh shit, Sally! I’m gonna blow my wad any second!”

“Keep fucking me, Uncle Bob! I’m gonna cum too!”

He fucked his swollen cock into her fuck hole as hard as he could, stretching the dripping pussy lips wide around the fucking length of his cock meat. Sally felt his big prick jerk and throb wildly inside her belly, twitching to total stiffness as he savored the pressure of her gurgling cunt.

“Cumming, Uncle Bob!” Sally gasped. She dug her fingernails into the sheets and whipped up her ass like a bitch in heat, shuddering and crying as the hot pleasure pumped through her throbbing pussy. “Thick me, fuck me harder! I love your big dick! Cumming, oh God, I’m cuuummmiiinnnggg!”

Her cumming cunt throbbed around his fucking cock, spasmodically milking and kneading the turgid hardness of the fucking prickshaft. Bob couldn’t take the pressure of her teenage pussy around his prick. He cried out, fucking her faster, and then the white cum gushed from the tip of his prick.

Sally moaned in intense satisfaction as the depths of her pussy were sprayed with her uncle’s cum. Hornily she flexed her pussy muscles, making her wet cunt suck, out Bob’s load.

Finally he pulled his cock out of her cunt. His prick was still as hard as stone, ready for more fucking even after shooting so much cum.

“It’s still stiff, Sally,” Bob observed proudly. “You turn me on so much!”

Sally started to turn on the bed, thinking that her uncle would want a good cocksucking to drain his balls of their second load. But he surprised her by pushing her back down on the pillow, then spreading her ass cheeks wide to expose the puckered ring of her asshole.

“You’re so wet tonight, Sally,” he whispered. “Why don’t we try another way to fuck?”

Sally knitted her forehead, wondering what her uncle meant. Then she felt his finger probing her pink asshole, massaging the puffy, hairless ass ring. Fresh juice creamed her pussy as she thought of having her asshole fucked for the very first time.

“Do you want to take it there, Sally?” Bob asked, his voice breaking with desire. “Up your sweet teenage ass?”

“Yesss,” Sally hissed. Hornily she flexed her asshole on his finger, as if to invite his cock into her ass passage. “I really want to do it that way a lot! But be gentle with me, Uncle Bob! Your cock is so big for my asshole!”

Her dirty words made Bob’s prick lurch to total stiffness, as if he’d never cum at all. He dipped his fingers into her wet cunt and used some of her pussy cream to slick down her asshole, lubricating the little fuck hole for the invasion of his cock.

Then he replaced his finger with the knob of his pulsing prick. Sally moaned throatily as she felt the big prickhead separating the rubbery lips of her asshole around the crown of his cock.

“That’s good, Uncle Bob!” Shamelessly she grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them wide apart, simultaneously starting to hump her pussy off the pillow. “Go in deeper now! I can take it!”

Bob again thrust his hands under her torso, gripping his niece’s big tits for support. Slowly he worked his cock deeper and deeper into the forbidden heat of her asshole, fitting first a third, then over half of his prick between her peach-shaped ass cheeks.

“Ungghh! Unh, oh, Uncle Bob, unh!” Sally shivered lewdly as his big cock pulsed deep inside her ravaged ass tunnel. “It’s really stretching me, Uncle Bob! Oh fuck, I can feel my asshole stretching to let in your dick! Fuck me all the way now! It feels so good up my fucking ass!”

Bob flexed the lean cheeks of his ass, fucking the rest of his cock home between her ass cheeks. Sally gasped as her stuffed asshole clung to all of his prick at once, sucking and milking the bloated, stiffness of the cockshaft.

Then her uncle started fucking her asshole, fucking his cock steadily in and out of her puckered, throbbing ring Sally had expected his prick to hurt her asshole at least a little bit, but there’d been no pain at all. Instead she felt only an intensely delicious, deeply rooted throbbing sensation as his massive cock fucked in and out of her burning ass tunnel.

“Harder, Uncle Bob!” she cried. Clawing the sheets, she pistoned her ass as hard as she could to meet the strokes of his cum-laden cock. “I love it, oh God, it doesn’t hurt at all! Unhhh, fuck my asshole! Kill my asshole with your huge dick!”

“Play with yourself,” Bob panted. He fucked her asshole so hard that Sally thought she could feel his cockhead oozing cum all the way into her belly. With every thrust, her rubbery ass tunnel clung tightly to his cock, as if reluctant to let him draw out for another stroke. “Go ahead. You know you want to get off! Jack off your hot little cunt!”

Eagerly Sally pushed her hand through her pussy curls, dipping her fingers into the syrupy wetness that ran out of her cunt and formed a stain on the bed. As her uncle fucked her asshole, she fingerfucked her aching pussy, rolling and wiggling her clit under her thumb.

“Harder, fuck me as hard as you can!” she yelped. “Gonna cum, Uncle Bob! Fuck my asshole!”

“Cumming too, Sally,” Bob gasped.

The big sac slapped her pussy crack as he fucked his prick into her asshole, touching her fingers as they wiggled between the fur-fringed lips of her buttery cunt. Bob felt a tingling through his meat, the second load of jism racking his balls.


He fell on top of her, fucking his cock to the hilt in her burning asshole. Sally squealed as the boiling cum spurted deep inside her asshole, bathing the ravaged walls of her ass tunnel with thick, salty cream.

“Cumming, I’m cumming too!” Sally moaned. She whipped up her ass like a machine, fucking her fingers into the knuckles in her pussy, flexing her asshole around her uncle’s cock. “Fuck my asshole, I’m cuuummiiinnggg!”

It was an incredibly satisfying cum, better than ever after fucking her brother and uncle on the same night, Bob kept his prick inside her asshole, feeling her rubbery ass tunnel milk his cock as spasms racked her body repeatedly. Then he pulled out, kissed her neck and quietly left the bedroom.

Sally lay on the pillow, wincing as her ravaged asshole began to burn a little, feeling the cum dripping out of her cunt. She wondered if every night would turn out to be like this now that she was the only girl in the house with four horny men.


It wasn’t a good high school. The academic standards were lower than most and in the county it had earned a reputation as being a last refuge for delinquents and troublemakers from other schools. But it was a school, and its teachers were paid, and Karen felt very, very lucky that she had the job at all.

Wearing a low-cut blouse on the job interview and showing the principal her big tits hadn’t hurt matters much, Karen thought, and snickered. She’d be getting her first paycheck tomorrow, and the money she’d managed to pull out of the bank before Henry threw her out of the house would last her till then. Karen thought she was doing well for a runaway wife.

But she was very, very horny.

In her first week as a teacher her pussy had been creaming constantly from ogling the strapping studs who sat in her classes. Karen desperately wanted to fuck them, but she’d managed to suppress the urge. She wondered how long her strength could last.

It was now three-thirty, and she was alone in the building. Karen pushed her chair away from the homework papers on her desk and calmly surveyed the empty classroom. She had never really thought she would become a teacher, even though the credential she’d earned so many years ago was still good enough to get her a job. It was funny how life worked out.

Karen was about to return her attention to grading papers when the sound of the classroom door opening made her look up. Then her breath caught in her throat as Mitch Lewis entered her classroom.

“Hi ya, teach,” Mitch said softly. “You don’t mind if I pay you a little visit, do you?”

Immediately Karen felt her heart starting to pound in her chest. Mitch was only in one of her classes, but the other teachers had warned her about him. He was the wildest of the bad students at the school, capable of anything. His size had made him a leader to the other boys, and he was a notorious stud amongst the girls.

“N-no I don’t, Mitch,” Karen stammered nervously. “Is there something I can help you with in your studies?”

Mitch snickered and stood beside the desk. Calmly he ran his gaze up and down his teacher’s voluptuous body, making Karen blush as he coolly studied her slender legs and hips and obscenely oversized tits through her dress.

“Yeah, there’s something you can help me with,” Mitch said softly. “But I don’t know if it has anything to do with my studies.”

There was a long silence, which Mitch showed no inclination to break. Karen felt herself becoming increasingly nervous as the teenager shamelessly ogled her body. But the situation was making her horny at the same time. She hoped Mitch couldn’t see how her fat nipples were stiffening through her dress and bra or smell the pungent pussy juices seeping into her panty crotch.

“In that case, Mitch,” she said finally, “I don’t know what you have in mind for me here, but I have a feeling it’s nothing that the school board would approve of. Perhaps you’d better go.”

Karen backed her chair away from the desk and did her best to look at him firmly. Mitch grinned and made no move to go anywhere. Fear flushed Karen’s cheeks, and her pussy got wetter at the same time.

“I really want to fuck you, teach,” Mitch said softly.

Karen gasped at his bluntness, then glanced involuntarily at the crotch of his jeans. A big cock bulge showed there, and that made her cunt burn more than ever. She was strongly tempted to take the boy up on his lewd offer, but she needed to keep the job, and she didn’t want to be fired for fucking her stud students.

“I’m… I’m going to pretend I never heard that, Mitch,” she said evenly. “But. I want you to get out of this classroom at once.”

“Don’t you want to fuck me, teach?” Mitch stepped closer, lazily running his fingers up and down his bulging cock. “Don’t you want to get laid with a great big hard-on like this? Don’t you want to suck me off?”

Then he quickly undid his pants and let them slide with his underwear down his muscular thighs, releasing his massive cock from confinement.

And Karen almost came in her panties. Mitch’s prick was huge, a wrist-thick column of cock flesh jutting out from his crotch to quiver and throb lewdly in mid-air. The prickknob was large, and translucent cum was already leaking from the piss slit.

“Look at it, teach. Look at how big and stiff it is!” Mitch stepped so close that his heart-shaped cockhead bobbed and jerked less than six inches from her face. He grabbed his prick and milked his cock savagely. The cum dripped from the cockhead onto her thigh.

“I know what a horny bitch you are, teach. You can’t fool me. Shit, you ought to see yourself staring at all the guys in class. I know you want to give me a blow job, so why don’t you just go ahead and start sucking? I won’t tell anyone. I promise.”

There was another long pause. Karen knew she should get up and run out of the classroom, but she felt frozen, riveted to her chair by the sight of the teenager’s stiff cock. She stared intently at the piss hole, watching the cum leak out.

Then, with a whimpering sound of utter lust, Karen wrapped her fist tightly around the thick, veined root of her student’s cock. Mitch immediately took his own hand away. A broad grin spread across his face. Groaning, Karen extended her tongue and hornily licked the oozing cum from the crown of his cock.

“That’s right, teach!” Mitch curled his fingers in her hair, pulling her face to his throbbing cock. “I knew you wanted it! You’re such a horny bitch. Now you just go ahead and suck it as hard as you want!”

“Bastard!” Karen milked his cock violently with her little hand, moaning as the meaty prickshaft pulsed hotly on her palm. She looked up at him with glistening, vixenish eyes. “Doing this to me! You’re going to cost me this lousy fucking job!”

Then she slid her hand to the root of his huge cock, opened her mouth wide and stuffed almost four inches of his prick down her throat.

Mitch’s eyes clouded as he felt her lips compressing around the swollen cockshaft.

“That’s good, teach! Suck hard now! Make me cum!”

His prick was delicious, hot and salty, and Karen felt her pussy soak the crotch of her panties as she began to nurse tenderly on his stiff prick. She’d always loved giving blow jobs, and it had been nearly a week since she’d had a good, hard on in her mouth. She wondered if she would start cumming just from giving him head.

He was dominating her so brazenly, and Karen resented it, though there was no denying that his arrogance turned heron. She wanted to turn the tables on him, and there was no better way of doing that than to give him the best cocksucking of his life.

Karen opened her mouth wider, cramming his cock down her buttery throat until her lips were stretched to bursting around his rock-hard prickshaft. She puckered her cheeks and sucked his prick violently, swirling her tongue all over the fat, shiny-skinned knob of his prick.

“Ah, yes!” Mitch pulled her hair and rocked his ass, fucking his burning hard-on in and out between her lips. “I knew you’d give fantastic head, teach! You been staring at crotches all week.”

Dirty motherfucker, Karen thought, and sucked his cock that much harder, sucked until her cheeks flushed crimson with the wanton energy of the blow job. Her little fist tightened around the base of his cock. Feverishly she began to beat his meat in a hard, fast rhythm, tugging and milking his cock between her lips.

“Get my balls!” Mitch demanded suddenly. “Play with them! I’m gonna cum!”

Obediently Karen dropped her left hand between his hairy thighs, gently digging her fingers into the wrinkled bag of his balls. Lightly she rolled the twin, cum-congested globes between her fingers, simultaneously stroking and sucking his cock.

“Oh fuck, teach!” Mitch grimaced in pain and pleasure and desperately tried to fuck his cock down her throat. “My balls ate burning! I’m gonna shoot, Goddamn it, gonna spurt…”

Then Karen had a wicked idea.

Summoning up all her energy, she sucked and jacked his huge prick as hard as she could. Mitch quivered as his prick swelled to total hardness between her lips, and the cum began to leak profusely from the cock-knob. Then, just as he was about to spurt, Karen pulled her mouth from his cock and giggled as she watched his hard-on throb and jerk painfully in midair.

“Fucking whore!” Mitch shouted, his face contorted with frustration and rage. “Who do you think you are — teasing me, you little cunt!”

“I’m not teasing you, Mitch, darling,” Karen said, smiling innocently. “I just knew you were about, to cum and I didn’t want to get any of your spunk on my brand-new dress. Here, this’ll only take a second.”

Rising from the chair, Karen slipped out of her dress, leaving herself naked except for her high heels, pantyhose and bra. Mitch gasped at the sight of her enormous tits held by the lacy D-cups. Then Karen took it off, and his burning prick jumped lewdly up and down as his eyes homed on her fat, stiff, purplish nipples.

“Oh, fuck, teach,” he groaned.

“There! Now you’ll just on my big titties!” Karen’s oversized tits shook lasciviously as she leaned forward and again wrapped her fist tightly around the root of his cock. “Now where were we.”

Again she captured his red, drooling cockhead between her lips; this time puckering her cheeks so sharply that golf balls could have fit into the indentations. Karen slurped and gurgled noisily as she sucked, his cock meat as hard as she could.

The cum load had receded back into Mitch’s balls in the interval, but the boy gasped as it quickly started to come up again. Fondling his congested balls with her left hand, Karen feverishly jacked his prickshaft with her right.

Then — again, at the last possible moment — she pulled her hand and lips away, and giggled as his stone-hard prick quivered helplessly before him.

“Fucking bitch!” Mitch shouted. His expression was so knotted with frustration and anger that she wondered if he might hit her. “Goddamn you, you’re fucking torturing me!”

“But Mitch, I was just thinking,” Karen purred innocently, “I don’t know if I want you to cum yet. It’s not fair to me. I think I’d like you to suck my pussy first!”

Karen kicked off her heels and slid the pantyhose down her long legs, leaving herself naked. As Mitch looked at her furiously she wiggled her bare ass to the edge of the chair, planted her feet on the edge of the seat and spread her legs, revealing the hairy triangle of her pink, wet pussy.

“Goddamn you!” Mitch rubbed his aching prick and looked at her miserably. “I want to cum, Goddamn it! You fucking whore!”

“You will, darling! But first you have to suck my pussy!” Giggling, Karen dipped a finger into her juicing cunt and fingerfucked herself before the student’s eyes. “I’m all gooey down there, Mitch. Ummm, can’t you smell it? It tastes really good!”

The anger in Mitch’s face receded slightly as he stared at his teacher’s gorgeous cunt, watching her finger fuck greasily in and out of the pouting lips. Cursing at her and himself, he fell to his knees and buried his face between her thighs.

“There, that’s a good boy!” Karen held the back of his head and happily watched him suck her pussy. “You just go right ahead and suck it all up, Mitch! Cunt cream is very good for you!”

Mitch thrust his hands under her ass cheeks, kneading and pinching the firm, small globes. He swirled his tongue between the flowering folds of her pussy, lapping up the fuck juices that flowed from the depths of her burning cunt.

“Unh! Mitch! Ungghh!” Karen pulled his hair and grimaced as the wanton heat spread through her fuck tunnel. “Suck harder, lover!” Her little ass humped in his hands, grinding and fucking her hairy pussy bush all over his face. “That’s right, what a good little cunt sucker! Make your teacher cum!”

Mitch’s big prick stood before him like a baseball bat, excited not only by the cum load clotting his balls, but by the salty, delicious aroma of his teacher’s pussy. With growing enthusiasm he ate out her gurgling cunt, pushing his tongue deeply into the little hole, wriggling it close to her clit.

“Fingerfuck meeee!” Karen gasped. “Jack off my cunt, Mitch! Oh God, that feels so goooood!”

Mitch pulled one hand from her frantically bucking ass and slid it up her thighs. He pierced her throbbing pussy folds with two fingers and fucked them to the knuckles in her burning cunt, feeling her pussy muscles cling tightly around them.

Then he fingerfucked her hard and fast as he closed his lips around her clit. Expertly he sucked the tiny, sensitive bud, drawing it out with his lips.

“I’m gonna cum, Mitch!” Karen winced and bucked her ass off the chair so hard that it skittered on the floor. “Aw, keep sucking my pussy! I’m gonna cum!”

Then Mitch sat up on his knees, withdrawing his mouth and fingers from her throbbing cunt. The moment Karen saw his grinning face she knew that her trick was being turned against her.

“You fucker,” Karen said hoarsely. “Don’t you do this to me!”

“Turnabout’s fair play, teach!” Mitch smiled.

Karen thought for a moment, then, with one swing of her arm, knocked the papers and books off her desk. She crawled onto it and wiggled her ass to the edge facing Mitch, again spreading her legs and planting her heels on the side of the desk, opening her pussy for the invasion of his bone-stiff prick.

“I guess you get to fuck me, Mitch,” she whispered. “Then we both get to cum. Come on now! Ram my pussy full of that big, hard dick!”

The desk was low, so that as Mitch stood he wouldn’t have to bend over far to fuck his cock into her. Rising to his feet, the strapping youth held his jerking, pulsing prick in his fist and pushed the cock-knob onto the syrupy slit of her pussy.

They were both too horny for any kind of foreplay. With one savage thrust, Mitch fucked his cock all the way into Karen’s sopping cunt. Immediately he started to fuck her pussy hard and fast, moaning as her cunt tunnel sucked around his prick.

“Ahhhhh, fuck it!” Karen cried. She shook her head deliriously back and forth on the desk and whipped her ass frantically off the hard wood, pumping her hairy pussy onto the boy’s fat prick. “That’s good, Mitch! Gonna cum, making me cum! Fuck me, fuck me faster! Unghh! I wanna cum so much!”

Mitch dropped his hand to her tits, hungrily rolling the huge, spongy tits under his palms, feeling the stiffness of her dark-red nipples. He began to pant as he wildly fucked his bloated cock through the gurgling sheath of her pussy, feeling her cunt slit nip his prick with every thrust.

“Gonna cum, Mitch!” Karen cried repeatedly. “Keep fucking me, fuck me hard! It feels so good up my pussy! I said I’m gonna cummmm! Fuck me, I’m cumming, oh God I’m cuuuummmiiinnnngggg!”

The spasms simply ravaged her pussy, making every pore of her fuck tunnel throb in ecstasy, making the cream-gushing slit clamp like a vise wound Mitch’s fucking cock. Mitch gasped and fucked her faster than ever, grimacing as his balls finally prepared to unload.

A torrent of jism shot out of his pulsing cock, gushing profusely into the depths of Karen’s cunt. Mitch made a whimpering sound and fucked his spurting cock furiously into her cunt, draining his balls of their heavy load.

He’d been teased to the brink twice, and it seemed as if he’d never stop cumming inside her. Within, seconds his milky load filled her pussy completely. Then it gurgled out of her hairy pussy slit around his fucking, throbbing, squirting cock, running down her sweating thighs and forming an obscene puddle under her ass on the desk.

Whimpering with satisfaction, Karen twined her legs around Mitch’s midsection.

Consciously she flexed her pussy muscles using her little cunt to milk his fat cock. “Keep cumming, lover,” she murmured breathlessly. “Don’t stop till you’ve shot off all that thick cum!”

Mitch groaned and kept fucking into her pussy, wincing as fresh drops of jism dripped from his cockhead into her fuck tunnel. But he didn’t stop fucking her, as Karen had thought he eventually would, and his prick didn’t go down at all.

It became obvious that he was going to fuck her twice in a row.

Karen lifted her head, and watched his blue veined cockshaft push in and pull out of her hairy, slippery cunt. Then she turned towards the door of the classroom and for the first time wondered about the danger of someone catching them. They’d been fucking for a long time; the janitorial crew would be due soon; what if they were caught?

Karen giggled and again twined her long legs around the student’s waist. Her ass bucked and humped off the desk, driving her wet pussy onto his cock. It didn’t matter; it would happen eventually; there was no controlling her lust for teenage studs.

Before she was fired, at least she’d have a chance to get fucked by a lot of the boy in her classes.


“But I don’t understand why I have to stay after class today, Mrs. Douglas,” Pete said innocently. “What have I done wrong?”

Karen waited until the rest of the students had filed out of the class, then shut and locked the door behind them. Her eyes glistened as she turned back to face her student, and her stiff nipples protruded through her low-cut blouse.

She didn’t care if anyone caught her, not since her wild fuck session with Mitch. She was sure it was only a matter of time before she got fired.

“It’s just this simple, Peter,” Karen said, standing before his desk and eyeing him coolly. “Your lessons haven’t been up to par this week, and I think it’s because you’ve been having lustful thoughts about Sarah Anne’s body.”

A hot blush shot through Pete’s cheeks. Quickly he lowered his head and stared embarrassedly at the floor. Sarah Anne was one of the sexiest girls in the high school, and Pete wasn’t the only boy whose prick stood up when she sashayed into class.

“Answer me, Peter!” Karen said severely. “She turns you on, doesn’t she? You want to fuck her.”

Pete was shocked at his teacher’s use of the word fuck, but he was too humiliated to consider the significance of her language. “I can’t help it, Mrs. Douglas,” he said miserably. “I’ll try to work harder. She really turns me on.”

Karen sat on the edge, letting her short skirt glide up her slim legs, smiling as she saw Pete glance up her dress. “Would you like me to tell you how to turn her on too, Peter? Maybe if you turn her on she’ll let you give her a good fucking with that great big dick of yours. Then your lessons might improve.”

Pete, who was beginning to understand what his teacher had in mind, blushed as a huge hard-on swelled in his pants. Karen pulled up her dress and pulled down her panties, exposing her dripping, hairy cunt.

“Jesus!” Pete gasped.

“Suck my pussy, Peter!” With the skirt bunched around her waist, Karen lifted one heel to the edge of the desk, completely opening her pussy slit to the boy’s eyes. “Girls love getting their cunts sucked. I guarantee that’ll turn on Sarah Anne. Here — I want you to practice on mine!”

Pete was on his knees before the desk in a flash, moaning as he slid his hands up her slim, bare legs. Karen shuddered and grimaced obscenely as he burrowed his face between her creamy thighs, pressing his lips to the juicing folds of her fuck hole.

Pete thrust his tongue deep into her foaming, fur-fringed pussy slit, sighing as he tasted the mouth-watering nectar of her fuck cream. He thrust his hands under her hips to hold her ass down and lewdly tongued and kissed her throbbing pussy until Karen’s clit stiffened from its protective hood.

“You’re doing good, Peter! You’re a natural pussy sucker!” Karen pulled his hair and bucked her ass faster, fucking her cunt onto his mouth. “Finger my pussy now! Fingerfuck me while you suck my cunt! That’s what girls like most!”

As skillfully as if he’d been eating cunt all his life, Pete insinuated two fingers into the velvety clinging tunnel of her cunt. As he fingerfucked her, he found her hardened clit with his tongue and began to lick it wildly, sending tingling waves of pleasure pumping through Karen’s body.

“Making me cum, Peter!” she gasped. “Unh, keep sucking me! Suck my pussy, make it burn! Aww shit, get my little clit! I’m cumming on your mouth, lover! I’m cuuummmiiinnnggg!”

Pete kept his lips glued to her throbbing fuck hole, lapping up the cunt cream that oozed out of her cumming pussy. Even as she came Karen looked hungrily at the hard-on throbbing in his pants, already wondering how his cock would feel fucking in her cunt.

“But Jesus, what the hell’d I do?” asked Tony, a skinny, black-haired youth. “I do my work, I mind my mouth, and now you tell me I gotta stay late like this right in front of everybody in the whole class. What the hell’d I do?”

“Watch your manners, Tony,” Karen said severely. “You’re here on a personal matter. I have it on good authority that your masturbation habits are very, very excessive. I’m told that you’re jacking off at least twice every day after school, and often much more often than that.”

Tony blushed even more brightly than Pete had, and, like the other boy, stared embarrassedly at the floor. Karen glanced quickly at the door to make sure that it was locked, then returned her attention to him. The claim that she knew he was jacking off was, of course, utter nonsense, but if the huge hard-on Tony always seemed to have in class was any indication, she was pretty safe that her he wouldn’t be discovered.

“Where’d you hear a fucking thing like that?” Tony muttered.

“That’s absolutely none of your business, Tony.” Karen rose and stood over him as he sat cowed at his desk, her huge tits rising and falling beneath her tight sweater. “The problem is what we’re going to do about your compulsive desire to beat off so much. I’m sure your mother would be very disturbed if she knew how often you jack off.”

“I can’t help it,” Tony whispered. “I get horny. What’s a guy supposed to do?”

“Find a more constructive outlet, Tony,” Karen replied huskily and fell to her knees. “And I’m going to show you one you can teach your girlfriend right now.”

Hurriedly Karen unzipped his pants and tugged them down his thighs with his shorts, revealing his rock-hard prick. She wrapped her hand tightly around the root and urgently beat his meat, pausing to kiss and lick the bloated, purplish cock-knob.

“Jesus, teach!” Tony gasped, smiling nervously. “What the fuck are you doing to me?”

“It’s called sucking your cock, Tony. It’s an excellent sexual release.” Karen jacked his prick faster, smiling as she watched hot precum ooze from the dilated piss slit. “You’ve got a big boner, Tony. I’ll bet lots of girls would be very happy to suck on a big dong like this!”

Opening her mouth wide, Karen gurgled as she crammed her throat full with as much of his cock as she could handle. Tony sat back in his chair and watched in total surprise as his teacher began to give him the first and best blow job of his life.

Feverishly Karen sucked, puckering her cheeks and clasping her lips in a tight, suctioning circle around the center of his veined prick. She bobbed her head and made lewd slurping sounds as she worked on her student’s aching cock.

“Unh! Oh fuck, teach!” Tony’s face clouded lasciviously with desire as the wet pressure of her sucking mouth milked the steely stiffness of his big prick. “That feels so good, teach! My dicks getting bigger! Suck harder now! Unhhh, fuck!”

Karen wanted to ask him if getting his cock sucked was better than meat beating, but she was too enraptured with the taste of his thick hard-on to pause for the question. Noisily her lips nursed the salty column of cock meat. She rolled her tongue around his spongy prickknob, spearing her tongue into his cum slit, lapping up the hot juices that continued to ooze up from his balls.

“Gonna cum!” Tony thrust his hand behind her head and energetically whipped his ass off the chair in furious bucking motions. “Keep sucking it, teach! Suck off my dick! Awww fuck, I’m cuuummmiiinnnggg!”

It was a quick cum, but that was no surprise with his prick in her buttery mouth, and his cum was no less heavy for its speed. Karen whimpered in satisfaction as hot gobs of jism splashed down her throat, filling her mouth with the boy’s salty cum.

“Ummmmm!” Warmly her little hand beat his meat as her lips nursed on the cock-crown. Karen worked her throat muscles, loudly slurping and gulping down every drop of his shooting cum.

“God, teach, that was fantastic!” Tony moaned gratefully. “Getting my dick sucked feels way better than my hand!”

Karen studied his wet, still-pulsing cock and smiled as lust shot through her cunt. “I’m glad you thought so, Tony.” Rising to her feet, she pulled up her skirt to let him see how wet her pussy was through her panties. “And now I’m going to show you a little trick that feels even better!”

“Sexual relations with no fewer than five youths in your first three weeks as an instructor at this high school,” Mr. Walders said. The high school principal leaned back in his desk chair, folded his hands behind his head and smiled at Karen ironically. “I must say, it’s rather a pleasure to have such an easy decision after a long day of making tough ones. You are very tired, Karen, and I’d imagine a bright girl like you can figure out why.”

Karen glanced around the principal’s private office, then looked back at him in time to see him lift his gaze from her huge tits. “I guess I can’t argue with that, Mr. Walders. But you can understand where this leaves me too. Do I at least get something in the way of severance pay?”

“No severance pay,” Walders said grimly. “It took me enough work to convince the board not to hit you with charges. You just forget us, Karen, and we’ll do our best, to forget you.”

Karen had known on her way to the principal’s office that she wasn’t going to be a teacher there anymore, and had thus seen no, reason to play the part. Her translucent blouse and mini-skirt were much less formal than anything she’d worn at the school before, and Walders was having a hard time keeping his eyes off her body.

“But I don’t know what I’m going to do, Mr. Walders,” she said softly. “Can’t you at least get them to give me two weeks pay? I really need the money.”

“You should have thought about that before having relations with those boys, Karen,” Walders replied. “It’s too late now. There’s nothing I can do.”

“What if I let you jack off between my tits, Mr. Walders? Would there be something you could do then?”

Walders gulped as if he’d just swallowed a fly. Rising from the chair, Karen stood before his desk and brazenly unbuttoned her blouse. Taking it off, she reached behind her back to undo the clasp of her D-cup bra. Then her bra came off too, and Walders moaned at the sight of her huge, spongy, naked tits.

“Goddamn, Karen!”

“I’m a very, very horny woman, Mr. Walders,” Karen purred, moving to his side of the desk. “That’s why I fucked those five boys. I simply lost control of myself, if you know what I mean. Now if you just promise you’ll get me that money I’ll let you suck my titties and jack off between them and do anything else you want… my, Mr. Walders, you’ve really got a big boner in there!”

Falling to her knees, Karen smiled up at the principal as she cupped his swollen hard-on through his dress slacks. Walders licked his lips and looked at her helplessly. Unzipping his pants, pulling them down to his ankles, Karen released his meaty cock from confinement.

“Oh fuck, Karen!”

“Say you’ll get me the money, Mr. Walders!” Karen wrapped her little hand around his thick cock and jacked his prick hard and fast, pausing to touch her tongue on the cum slit. “Umm, your jizz tastes good. I’d love to get the rest of it, Mr. Walders. Spurting all over my face when you beat off between my titties. But first you just gotta promise me the money.”

“I’ll get it!” Walders cried. “Just do it, Karen! Do it now!”

Hefting her huge tits, Karen squeezed them firmly around the swollen stiffness of the principal’s hard-on, so that only the cock-knob was visible between her deep cleavage.

The hot cum leaking from his bloated cock-knob soon provided ample lubrication. Within seconds, Karen’s cleavage was slick and moist with his oozing jism; his massive cock fucked between her tits as greasily as if he was fucking her in the cunt.

“Does it feel good, Mr. Walders?” Karen held her milk-white tits firmly around his fucking cock and looked up at him vixenishly. She’d never done this before, and it amused her to see what huge power her enormous tits could give her over the opposite sex. “You like fucking my titties, don’t you?”

“Y-y-yes,” the principal stammered. A lewd grimace contorted his face as his cock grew stiffer and longer, and more translucent cum drooled from the tip. “Gonna cum,” he panted. “Feels so good! Oh fuck, Karen, suck it now! Put it in your mouth and suck out my hot fucking cum!”

“But I don’t know if I want to suck your dick Mr. Walders,” pouted Karen, who’d decided to do a little bargaining. “You really haven’t been very nice to me!”

“Three weeks pay!” Walders gasped. “Three weeks, and that’s final! Now suck my cock!”

Grabbing her hair, he pulled her face to his throbbing prick. Karen giggled at his eagerness to get blown. Then her laughter faded into an obscene, muffled sound as she crammed her throat full of his cock meat.

His prick was big and stiff and delicious, though not as sweet as the teen cocks she especially loved to suck. Clamping her lips around the pink flesh of his hard-on, Karen puckered her cheeks and sucked her principal’s cock meat as hard as she could.

“Harder, Karen!” He pulled her hair and jerked his ass cheeks energetically off the chair. “My balls feel like they’re going to explode! Unhh! Gonna cum any second!”

Karen bobbed her head, slurping and smacking loudly as she fucked her face with his big prick. She grabbed the shaft of his cock and jacked his prick as she sucked, knowing from long experience that that was the most efficient means of milking out a load of cum.

“I’m doing it!” Walders cried. “Suck suck… ahh!”

His rock-hard cock pulsated madly between her lips, spurting long ribbons of cum down her throat. Karen tasted the salty thickness of his spunk and feverishly sucked his prick harder than ever. Repeatedly his cock gushed its load down her throat, and Karen didn’t release his prick until she’d shamelessly gulped down every drop.

Her husband had thrown her out for fucking their son, and in only a few weeks as a teacher she’d vented her obscene lust on several eager boys. But they’d only been substitutes for her children, Karen realized, and she wondered if Henry was ready to let her came home.


In the meantime, Sally was getting fucked every night by her brother Phil and horny Uncle Bob. She loved their cocks and she loved getting fucked by them, but going to sleep every night at three or four in the morning was a bit of a strain.

Finally one weekday she had to leave school a few hours early, complaining that it was that time of the month. Actually, her next period was weeks away. She was just a bit tired from so much fucking.

She walked home quickly and entered her house looking forward to having it completely to herself for once. But as soon as she walked through the door she knew she wasn’t alone.

Moans and groans came from an upstairs bedroom, obviously the sounds of two people having sex. Sally immediately felt a hot, tingling wetness course through her pussy. She put down her school books and tiptoed upstairs, wondering which of her two stud brothers had skipped football practice for a good fuck.

But it wasn’t one of her brothers at all. The door of the bedroom had been left ajar, perhaps because no one else was expected to be home so early in the afternoon. Sally stood in the hall and peeped through the opening. Her eyes bulged as she recognized her father’s hairy, heaving ass.

“Stick it in me, Mr. Douglas!” the girl beneath him cried. She had her slender arms and legs twined about his midsection; her little ass moved in a blur off the mattress, pounding her pussy onto his cock. “Aww, your dick is so fucking huge! It feels so good inside my pussy! Fuck me, Mr. Douglas! Fuck me hard!”

Debby Brent, Sally thought, studying the girl’s long auburn hair, pretty face, and slim lithe physique. She was the teenage daughter of the old couple who lived down the street. Debby had a reputation as a nice, wholesome girl, always ready to take on a babysitting assignment or help some student with his homework.

But now she was obviously in the throes of wanton ecstasy, moaning with every fucking thrust of Sally’s father’s cock.

Sally pressed close to the door and watched them fucking, rubbing her pussy through her jeans as oozing cunt cream soaked the crotch of her panties. Vaguely she wondered how long her father had been fucking Debby, how they had become involved with each other, how her daddy felt about fucking his prick into a girl young enough to be his own daughter.

But those things didn’t matter. Sally stared at her father’s fat, swollen cockshaft, watching his prick fuck in and out of the girl’s clinging, curly haired pussy slit. She wished she could see it all, wished she could watch the white juice gush out of her daddy’s prick. Her father was obviously becoming increasingly horny since his wife’s departure.

“Gonna cum, Mr. Douglas!” Debby shrieked. She clawed his muscular back with her long fingernails and whipped up her ass in a driven fervor. Higher and higher her thighs clasped around him, opening her pussy passage completely for the fucking thrusts of his cock.

Henry fucked steadily between the teenager’s soft thighs, moaning as her tight pussy milked the hard shaft of his cock, trying to suppress the cum load that threatened to gush out of his balls at any second.

He felt ashamed of fucking a girl so inexperienced but he couldn’t seem to help himself. Ever since he’d ordered his wife out of the house he’d been beating his meat almost twice daily, longing for the hot pussy that had once, been available to him whenever he wanted.

And Debby was so lewd and horny, in spite of her wholesome appearance. She loved his prick and loved getting fucked.

“Gonna cum, gonna cum, gonna cum!”

Debby shook her head deliriously back and forth on the mattress, repeating the whimpered words as the burning lust mounted in her cock-stuffed cunt. “Fuck me faster, lover! I neeeeed it! Don’t stop, don’t ever stop! Fuck me as hard as you can!”

Henry slid his hands down her slim, sweating torso, digging his fingers into the bucking cheeks of her ass. As he held onto her ass he started fucking her cunt as hard as he could, fucking his huge prick all the way into her buttery pussy with every thrust.

“I’m cumming now!” Debby threw up her thighs until they nearly touched his shoulders, shrieking and sighing as she tirelessly fucked her churning pussy onto his cock. “Oh! Oh Jesus, my cunt’s throbbing so hard! It’s creaming on your dick, Mr. Douglas! My pussy’s creaming… fuck me, I’m cuummiiinnngggg!”

Her hairy pussy gushed fuck cream onto his fucking prick, and the pink walls of her cunt tunnel clung spasmodically to his iron-hard cock.

Then the white river of cum jetted torrentially from his prickhead, squirting deep into Debby’s cunt.

Feverishly Henry fucked his cock in and out of her pussy, draining his balls into her pussy. The cum kept rushing out of his prickhead until he wondered how much left there was to give, filling her teenage pussy with the salty thickness of his jism.

“Your dick’s still hard, Mr. Douglas!” Debby cried. “It’s as hard as a fucking rock! I want to give you a blow job now! Oh please, let me see your huge fucking dick!”

Henry rose between her thighs and pulled his cock out of her greasy fuck hole, letting her see all of his cum-dripping cock meat.

Sally gasped at the utterly obscene sight of her father’s big prick. The view she’d had of him jacking off in the bathroom had been nothing like this; she’d never really known what an enormous horse cock hung between her father’s legs.

But his prick wasn’t hanging now, even after filling the neighbor girl’s pussy with such a load of cum. Like a billy club, the massive cock rose out of his furry balls, twitching and jerking lewdly in mid-air. The prick-knob was gigantic, spongy and purplish, and every inch of his cock was glistening wet with the fuck cream soaked up from Debby’s horny teenage cunt.

Sally watched as her father stretched out on his back on the bed, his big prick twitching stiffly over his stomach. Debby crouched in a comfortable position at his side, facing the door, so that Sally could see everything.

She wrapped her little hand around the root of Sally’s father’s hard-on and extended her tongue, sliding it wetly all over his cock, lapping up the fuck juices that gleamed on the bloated surface.

Henry moaned and started to hump his ass off the bed. Soon Debby had opened her mouth and was sucking hungrily on his spongy prick-knob.

Sally’s pussy was so hot and wet that she thought fuck juice might soak through her jeans.

“Unh! Go easy, Debby!” Henry panted. “Jesus, you’re going to kill me if you don’t let up!”

Debby ignored him. She’d fucked with several of the fathers in her neighborhood, unknown to her parents, but she’d never before gotten it on with a man with such a huge, prick. Debby was just beginning to realize how much she craved a really huge cock.

She’d loved the way Henry’s prick had felt penetrating her pussy, stretching her cunt to bursting as he fucked her cunt full of his meat. Now she wanted to suck on his cock violently, to make him cum again, to drink the white jism that had just filled her buttery cunt.

Tightening her little hand around his cock-shaft, which was almost too thick for her fingers, Debby lightly began to jack him off. Henry moaned as his oversized hard-on tingled and pulsed in her grip.

Debby extended her tongue and licked a wet circle around the heart-shaped cock-crown, cleaning up the fuck cream her pussy had just bestowed on his prick. She pursed her lips on the tip of his prick and teased him by kissing his cock affectionately.

Then she opened her mouth wide and made lurid, gurgling sounds as she forced her head toward his groin, stuffing inch after inch of his burning prick into her hungry, succulent throat.

“Oh, Jesus!” Henry held the back of her head and stared at the spectacle of the teenage girl sucking eagerly on his big prick. “Lighten up, Debby! Oh shit, you’re going to make me cum!”

Debby pushed her head down until almost half of his cock was in her mouth, and her lips were stretched to bursting around the swollen circumference of his prick meat. Panting through her nose, she caved in her cheeks to increase the pressure around his cock.

Then she started sucking his prick as hard as she could. Up and down her little head bobbed, fucking her face with the steely stiffness of his prick. Debby tightened her fingers on his cock and started to jack his prick more violently, stroking and massaging the loose flesh of his aching prick.

Henry raised his head and grimaced as the tingling stiffness burned through his cock. Energetically his hips bounced off the bed, fucking his prick between the horny girl’s slippery lips. “You’re really making it stiff now, Debby!” he gasped. “Unghh! Keep sucking it! Make it cum!”

Debby dropped her free hand between his hairy thighs, tenderly cupping the hairy sac of his balls. Violently she whipped her mouth up and down on his cock meat, fucking her face as fast as she could.

She wanted to jack his prick and play with his balls at the same time, but her pussy was burning so hard that she couldn’t keep her hands off of her cunt. Whimpering, the lust crazed teenager released his ball bag and slid her fingers through her cum-drenched pussy curls. She buried two, fingers in her tight, wet cunt and frantically fingerfucked her throbbing fuckhole as she sucked on Henry’s prick.

“Gonna cum!” Henry moaned. He winced as his prick grew to total twitching stiffness inside her buttery throat, nearly making Debby gag as she struggled to take even more of his prick. “I can’t fucking take it, Debby! Ahhhh shit, I’m cumming!”

Suddenly, Debby shocked him by withdrawing his iron-hard prick from her mouth. With a shamelessly entranced expression on her innocent face, she grabbed his wildly pulsing cock in both hands and jacked his prick off furiously, staring intently at the glistening cum slit.

“Wanna see you cum,” she burbled. “Wanna see the goo shoot out. Cum for me!”

Henry gasped. A white stream of thick cum rocketed out of the tip of his cock, spurting nearly a foot in the air before it splashed luridly onto his hairy chest.

Frantically Sally rubbed her pussy through her jeans as she watched the neighbor girl jack every drop of cum out of her daddy’s big prick.

It was hard to believe that he’d just shot a huge load into her pussy. The ribbons of milky cum kept squirting out of his spongy cockhead, splattering onto his chest and stomach, leaving his torso coated in a lurid sheen of cum.

She watched Debby whimper at the sight of Henry’s gushing load. The girl tightened both hands around his shooting hard-on and jacked his cock as hard as she could as he came, refusing to release his hard-on until the last thick droplets had oozed from the purplish cock-knob.

“Oh, that was fantastic, Mr. Douglas!” she gushed. “That made my pussy so hot, just watching you cum! Now you get to suck me, lover! It’s my turn to get off!”

She pushed Henry back and climbed on top of him, planting her knees on the bed to either side of his ears. Then she wiggled her ass and ground her pussy onto his mouth.

Groaning, Henry slid his hands up to cup the small, peach-shaped cheeks of the girl’s ass. Debby gasped as he started sucking her pussy. Hotly she humped her ass, fucking her cunt all over his face.

But Sally didn’t stick wound to watch Debby getting her cunt sucked. Her legs felt like rubber as she pushed herself away from the door and tiptoed silently down the hall to her bedroom.

As quietly as she could, Sally opened the door, then locked it behind her. She stripped off all her clothes and glanced at her nakedness briefly in the mirror, realizing how much more voluptuous and desirable she was than Debby.

Then she fell on her bed and immediately began to fingerfuck her throbbing, dripping fuck hole, fantasizing shamelessly about her father’s huge prick.


After seeing her daddy fucking Debby, Sally seemed to grow hornier by the day. Both Phil and her Uncle Bob were eager to suck and fuck her pussy every night, but even their fantastic cocks no longer seemed to be enough to satisfy her.

The prick she wanted most belonged to her father, but Sally was still too moral to so willingly spread her legs for her dad. But as long as she was fucking one brother, she didn’t see any harm in spreading her legs for the other as well.

Her oldest brother — big, strong, twenty-year-old Mike. He’d often seemed a little aloof from the rest of the family since Henry had thrown Karen out of the house, preferring to spend most of his time out with his friends.

Phil and Uncle Bob fucked her pussy every night, but she waited impatiently for the day when she could get Mike alone. Finally it came, a dark, stormy weekday afternoon when the football field was too soggy for practice.

Mike was upstairs in his bedroom, concentrating on his studies. He was the only one besides her in the house, and she knew the others wouldn’t be back for several hours.

Horny and frustrated, Sally sat in her room and tried to figure out the best way of seducing him. She was still a very innocent girl, and the prospect of taking the aggressive role was foreign to her. Her uncle and brother had been so horny for her body that they’d seduced her as, for that matter, had every guy she had ever gone out with.

Finally Sally decided to wear some revealing clothes and try to steer the conversation in the right direction.

She searched through her clothes closet for several minutes, trying to decide on the outfit that would best show off her voluptuous body. Finally she settled on her shortest pair of denim cut-offs, which exposed all of her shapely, plump legs and revealed the outer cheeks of her gorgeously developed ass.

As a blouse she wore a simple stretch tube top without a bra. Sally admired herself in the mirror and blushed at the way, her fat pink nipples protruded through the sheer fabric; her tits jiggled spongily with her every movement. If this didn’t show her big brother that she had the kind of body that would make a cock stand up, nothing would!

She walked barefoot down the hall, took a deep breath and knocked on her brother’s bedroom door.

“What is it?” Mike growled.

“It’s just me, Mike,” Sally said innocently.

“Can I come in for a minute? I want to talk with you about something.”

Mike grumbled, and Sally entered his room. Her oldest brother was stretched out on his bed with a math textbook. He was dressed only in a pair of ragged shorts from his high school football team.

Sally felt her pussy creaming instantly at the sight of his lean, muscular, hairy body. As she crossed the room, she glanced at the bulge of his crotch and became even hornier as she realized how large his cock was. Mike was a lot bigger and stronger than her, but she still wondered if she’d be able to restrain herself from raping him on the bed!

“I’m kinda busy,” Mike said, still studying the book. “I got an exam tomorrow. So I hope this is important.”

Then Sally sat on the edge of the bed, and Mike looked up at her. His eyes widened slightly; Sally blushed as she felt his gaze move rapidly up and down her body, taking in her revealing clothes. It had been a long time since he’d seen his baby sister in a skimpy outfit, and the bulge in his crotch quickly grew as he took in her big tits and firm, plump ass.

“Well, it’s important, but it’s kind of embarrassing too,” Sally said, lowering her eyes bashfully. “I just don’t know anyone else to ask about it, Mike. I sure can’t talk about this sort of thing to Dad or Uncle Bob, and I figured you’d know more than Phil ’cause you’re older.”

Mike tossed the textbook off the bed and looked at her with genuine interest. “Well, what is it?”

“Well…” Sally paused to cross her fingers behind her back, as she nearly always did when telling a lie. “I can’t have an orgasm. Not with a boy or with my finger or anything else. I’m not even sure where to begin.”

There was a long pause. Mike’s jaw sagged open at his sister’s confession, and the bulge in his crotch swelled larger still.

“You mean you can’t cum when you masturbate?”

“No!” Sally lied. “I just, you know, push my finger in and out of my pussy, and I get all hot and tingly, but nothing else happens! It’s driving me crazy!”

“Well, you’re doing it wrong. You’re supposed to be rubbing your clit. That’s where all the action is. I mean, every woman’s different, but with most chicks the way to cum is through the clit.”

“But that doesn’t help either!” Sally whined. “It feels better than when I just put my fingers in my pussy, but I still don’t cum!”

Mike looked at her a little suspiciously. “Sally, I really can’t believe you can’t cum by rubbing your clit. You must really be doing something wrong.”

And that was her opportunity.

Quickly, before her brother could understand what she was doing or raise any objections, Sally rose from the bed and stripped off her cut-offs. As Mike gaped at her disbelievingly she crawled onto the bed, wiggled her ass on the mattress and spread her luscious thighs wide apart, completely exposing the curly haired slit of her moist, hot cunt.

“Jesus God!”

“You show me, Mike! I know you’ve fucked with lots of girls! Show me how to cum!”

His cock was now obviously rock-hard, but Mike’s face was also as red as a beet. “Sally, I can’t jack you off, for shit’s sake!” he sputtered. “You’re my Goddamn sister!”

“That doesn’t make any difference!” Sally cried. Hotly she wiggled and ground her ass off the bed. “Come on, Mike! I’m getting horny just thinking about it! Show me how to cum!”

Mike stared at his sister’s pussy mound, gazing into the pink, petal-like lips of her moistening cunt. His prick grew so stiff in his shorts that Sally could actually see his cock throbbing.

For a moment her twenty-year-old brother seemed to deliberate, fighting between his ethics and his lust for her lush body. Then the lust won out. Crawling between her spread eagled thighs, he ran his hand lightly up her creamy leg and gingerly touched the swollen folds of her hot fuck hole.

“Oooh, that feels good already, Mike!” Sally whimpered, wiggling her ass on the mattress. “Do it some more!”

“I can’t believe you have so much trouble cumming,” Mike whispered drily. “Your pussy’s already so wet.”

Extending his index finger, he insinuated it between her slippery pussy lips and fucked it to the knuckles in her buttery cunt tunnel. Sally shuddered and flexed her pussy muscles on it, holding his finger inside her. Her clit was quite stiff now, protruding from its protective folds.

“Oh God, that feels fantastic! It feels so much better when you do it to me, Mike! Do it more!”

“Now this is your clit…” Mike’s voice shook as he brushed his thumb up her cunt slit and gently rubbed the swollen, sensitive bud. “Right here. And this is what you rub to make yourself start cumming!”

“Awww, Mike!” Furiously Sally bucked and humped her ass off the bed, whimpering and sighing as the tingling waves of pleasure coursed through her cunt. “Rub harder! Unh! Oh fuck, I’ve never felt like this before! Rub my pussy, make me cream!”

Mike rubbed his thumb steadily on her twitching clit, simultaneously darting his finger in and out of her gooey, sucking pussy. Then the sight of his stacked, younger sister writhing in ecstasy became too much for him, as Sally had known it would.

Mike’s head dropped lower and lower as he jacked off her pussy; he sighed under his breath as he inhaled the pungent, seeping pussy juices oozing from her fuck hole. Then, with a groan, he lowered his head between her legs and glued his lips to her throbbing cunt.

“Oh, Mike! Mike!”

“Can’t fucking stand it,” Mike gasped. “Hot, sweet little snatch!”

He thrust his hands under her hips, digging his fingernails sharply into the spongy cheeks of her ripe ass. Then he started sucking off her pussy like a starving animal, sighing as he fucked his tongue deep between the pouting lips of her horny pink cunt.

“You’re sucking me, Mike!” Sally grabbed the back of his head and spread her legs as wide apart as she could, lifting her ass to grind her steaming pussy onto his lips. “Oh fuck, it feels so fantastic! Suck me, Mike! Make my pussy cum!”

“Fucking bitch!” Mike said, whispering the words as he chewed on her pussy curls. “Fucking horny cunt!”

Perhaps his words meant that he already knew she’d seduced him, but Sally was too horny to care. The pleasure was building steadily in her loins, approaching the body drenching cum she’d told her brother she’d never had before.

Pulling his hair, Sally started to hump her ass off the mattress, making the bed creak and shake obscenely on the floor. Soon she was humping as fast as she could, pumping her curly haired pussy rhythmically onto his sucking lips.

“Oh, Mike, I feel so funny! I think I’m gonna cum now!” Sally’s luscious body stiffened and quivered as the burning heat swelled in her belly. “Keep sucking me! Suck my clit, Mike! Please make me cum!”

Withdrawing one hand from her frantically humping ass, Mike returned his finger to her pussy. This time he slid a second finger to join the first in her tight sucking cunt tunnel, seeming momentarily surprised that her pussy could take both fingers without pain.

Then he moved his sucking lips up her pussy, finally wrapping them tenderly around her hard clit. Sally gasped and whipped her ass faster and harder off the bed. Her big brother sucked her clit gently but relentlessly, massaging the tip with his tongue at the same time.

“I… I can’t stand it, Michael!” Sally shrieked. “My pussy’s so hot, oh God, it’s burning up! I’m… I’m cumming now! Awww suck meeeeee, I’m cuummiinngg!”

The spasms swept torrentially through her pulsing tight pussy, until Sally thought she was in the grips of one of the hardest cums of her life. Her fingers tightened in her brother’s hair, holding his face on her gushing pussy; the fuck juices drooled from her cumming slit, smearing his cheeks with cunt oil.

She came for what felt like a full minute and a half, repeatedly shrieking and pumping her blushing ass cheeks off the bed. Mike kept his mouth on her throbbing pussy and continued to suck her cunt and clit until the spasms had completely subsided.

Then he grinned, sat up between her sweating thighs and picked a stray cunt curl from his mouth.

“You’ve been shitting me, Sally. That’s not the first time you came. You just seduced me.”

Sally wanted to laugh at her brother’s knowledge of her seduction, but something made her want to keep up the ploy.

“No, I didn’t! I mean it, Mike, that was the first time I ever had a cum! God, I can’t tell you how good it felt! That was the very first time!”

Mike looked at her suspiciously, not knowing whether to believe her or not. Sally sat up and pawed with shameless hunger at the crotch of his shorts.

“But now I want to make you feel good too, Mike,” she purred, wantonly cupping and squeezing his aching prick. “Please take off your shorts for me! I want to suck your dick just like you sucked my pussy!”

Mike looked at her, embarrassed and horny at the same time, grimacing slightly as his massive hard-on pulsed beneath her fingers. “Sally, you’re my sister. Maybe we’ve gone far enough.”

“No, we haven’t!” Sally cried, trying to tug down his shorts. “Aw, Mike, I’m so horny for your dick! I want ta taste it in my mouth and make your cum spurt out and everything! Please let me suck your cock!”

The dirtiness of his sister’s words made up Mike’s mind for him. He offered little resistance as she pushed him onto his back, then wrestled with his shorts. Hurriedly Sally tugged them down his legs and dropped them off the bed, exposing her big brother’s rock-hard prick.

“Oh God, Mike!” she gushed, wrapping her plump fist tightly wound the root. “Your cock is so beautiful!”

There was no lie in her words. Her brother’s prick was long and thick and extremely stiff, with a bone-hard, veined cockshaft and a rosy, spongy prick-knob which was twitching as cum juices dripped onto his navel.

His balls were hairy and huge, and the wrinkled sac was tight with its congestion of cum. The big cockshaft quivered and throbbed hotly over his stomach, ready to spurt at any moment.

“Lemme suck it!” Crouching beside his hip, Sally moved her fist rhythmically up and down his cockshaft, skillfully beating his meat. “Oh, Mike, look at all that cum dripping out! I want to suck it up! Oh fuck, I want to suck your dick and drink your cum!”

Mike only groaned. Extending her tongue, Sally swirled it hornily around his puffy cockhead, cleaning the jism off of his prick. She pursed her lips on the tip and kissed his prick wantonly, darting her tongue into the piss hole to get more cum.

Then she slid her lips down, engulfing her big brother’s prick, not stopping until she had nearly half of his iron-hard cock throbbing in her throat.

“Unhh!” Mike’s prick grew stiffer at the sight of his teenage sister’s pretty face, her lips wrapped tightly around his hard-on. “Oh fuck, Sally! You don’t know how good that feels!”

Sally knew exactly how good it felt, and she wanted to make it feel even better. Tightly her full lips compressed around his cock meat; she flared her nostrils for air, inhaling the cunt tingling aroma of a man’s horny cock.

Then she started sucking, slurping and smacking as she puckered her cheeks around his prick. Mike gasped and excitedly thrust his hands into her thick blonde hair. Sally eagerly bobbed her head, fucking her face with his aching cock.

“Harder, honey! Oh Jesus, that’s good!” Mike shamelessly grabbed the hem of her tube top and pulled it down, leaving just a web of elastic around her waist. “God, are your jugs big!” He cupped one naked tit in his hand and pinched the stiff red nipple, pulling it out. “Oh, Sally, please keep sucking! MY cock feels like fucking lead! You’re gonna, make me spurt!”

Sally sucked her brother’s prick in a fever of incestuous desire, feeling her cheeks flush and her mouth ache as she gave him the best head she could. More and more cum juices leaked from the tip, and his cock swelled so thick that it was hard to keep her lips stretched around his prick.

“Am I doing good?” she asked, suddenly lifting her head from his cock and watching the painfully-bloated prickshaft throb and lurch up and down. “Do you like the way I give you a blow job, Mike?”

“Goddamn it, keep sucking!”

He grabbed her head and pushed her face back to his burning prick. Sally took even more of his cock between her lips this time and decided to do everything she could to give him an extremely hard cum.

Her little hand pumped violently up and down his cockshaft, jacking his prick furiously. She sucked and twirled her tongue around the cock-knob. Her free hand played with his balls as she sucked his cock as hard as she could.

“Ah, fuck it, Sally!” Mike gasped. “I’m cumming!”

His prick twitched so hard that she had trouble keeping his prick in her mouth. Then a huge milk-white geyser of cum sprayed out of his piss hole, and her mouth was instantly flooded with jism.

Repeatedly the white torrent gushed up from his balls, making Mike sigh and wince as the heavy, salty spunk pumped spasmodically out of his cock-knob. Sally wrapped her plump fist tightly around his throbbing hard-on and started swallowing.

She had wanted to watch the white load spurt into the air, but eating his jism was even better. It was so thick and delicious; it almost made her cum as she sucked it up. Sally kept gulping and swallowing for nearly a minute straight, refusing to release his cock until she’d swallowed the last oozing drop from the tip of his big prick.

And when she did, his cock was still as hard as stone. Lightly the horny girl fingered his prick for a minute, waiting for his hard-on to recede. When his hard cock showed no signs of softening, she realized it was time to totally relieve its painful stiffness in the buttery sheath of her cunt.

“That really made me horny, Mike,” she said softly. “I’ve got to fuck you now. I don’t care what you say. I’ve got to feel your cock going up my cunt!”

She mounted him eagerly, planting her knees on the bed to either side of his hips, dropping her ass until she felt the tip of his upthrust cock touch the curly haired folds of her pussy.

Then she reached between her spread thighs, grasped his warmly throbbing cock and directed the mushroom-shaped tip into her fuck hole. Sally expertly wiggled her ass, until his prick fucked straight into her pussy. Then she grunted as she began to hump, pumping her cunt full with inch after inch of her brother’s cook.

Mike’s eyes widened as he watched his big, blue-veined cock disappear into the cum slicked curls of his baby sister’s pussy bush. “Oh Jesus, Sally!” He winced again as he felt her pussy muscles clinging to his cock, welcoming his prick to her cunt. “You’ve got such a tight little beaver! You’re gonna suck more cum right out of my balls!”

“Ahhh, your dick is huge!” Sally leaned forward, letting her big tits jiggle and sway over his muscular chest, digging her hands onto the bed next to his shoulders. “Fuck me with it, Mike! Fuck my hot cunt!”

Mike grabbed her ass, lewdly fondling and pinching the humping ass cheeks. He ground his hips off the bed, fucking his big prick steadily in and out of her pussy. Short sighs of pleasure parted his lips as he felt the wet, hot, slippery pressure of his sister’s hot cunt around his thrusting cock.

“Harder!” Sally made the bed creak as she began to whip her ass up and down on the pole of cock. “My pussy’s burning again! Oh fuck, I want you to make it cum! Fuck my cunt as hard as you can!”

Mike slid his hands from her humping ass to her big, rounded tits. He directed one ivory tit to his mouth and sucked the stiff nipple, making Sally squeal as the sensations in her tits and cock-filled pussy seemed to merge into one.

Then he started to ream out her fuck hole with a furious intensity, wildly fucking his rock-hard cock in and out of her gurgling cunt. Sally panted as she fought to keep up with his strokes. Her pussy was pulsing and throbbing uncontrollably, making the velvety sheath cling to his fucking prick.

“Gonna cum!” she whimpered. “Fuck me faster, Mike! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me super fast! Unghhh! Oh yes, it’s coming up! My pussy’s sucking your big cock! Fuuuuuck meeee, I’m cuuummmiiinnnggg!”

The waves of cumming pleasure swept through her pussy like a hurricane, drenching her cunt with fuck juices. Mike sighed and raising his ass off the bed, fucking his swollen cock all the way into her buttery, pulsating pussy.

Then he came too, and Sally’s cum was made even more intense as she felt the white spurts of jism splattering her pussy walls. Mewling girlishly, she clawed her brother’s chest and fucked herself again and again on his gushing prick, slowing finally as both their cums subsided.

She’d fucked every man in the house except one, and she knew that that was the man she had to have most — her well-hung father.


After her first experience with him, Sally added her older brother to the number of men in the house who were fucking her at every opportunity. Her Uncle Bob and two brothers were fucking their cocks into her pussy nearly every night, but she still wasn’t satisfied. Increasingly she found herself daydreaming about her father’s meaty prick, wondering how good it would feel to have his cock fucking into her cunt.

Finally, very early one morning, Sally went to the downstairs bathroom to jack off. Both Mike and Uncle Bob had fucked her several times that evening. Phil had not because he had a date. Her pussy was still horny. She wanted to use her father’s water pik to make her cunt cream.

But there was a light on in the bathroom, and she saw as she approached it that the door was ajar. Wearing only a transparent negligee that was barely long enough to cover her hairy pussy, Sally stood to one side of the door to see who’d gotten there first.

It was her father. He was jacking off again. Sally’s nipple stiffened and protruded through the negligee. Hornily she watched her daddy standing over the toilet with his pants bunched around his knees, wincing as his big, hairy paw raced up and down his huge, stiff prick.

Sally shook her head. Her father was so incredibly horny since he’d thrown Mom out of the house. Even Debby’s hot teenage pussy wasn’t enough for him. Her daddy badly needed some more cunt.

And all at once Sally decided to throw inhibition to the winds and give him what he craved. Pushing open the door, she walked calmly into the bathroom and shut it behind her. Instantly Henry turned around with his stiff prick in his fist. His face turned red as he realized that his teenage daughter had just caught him jacking off.

“I had to use the bathroom,” Sally answered matter-of-factly, stepping forward until she was only a few feet away. “Daddy, what are you doing with your cock in your hand like that?”

Henry stammered something and made a move towards pulling up his pants, but quickly stopped when he saw his situation was hopeless. Blushing shamefully, he stepped out of them completely and stood before his teenage daughter with his enormous, rock-hard prick throbbing and weaving and dripping in mid-air.

“Well, what does it look like I’m doing?” There was a note of defiance in his voice, as if he had become her son and was rebelling against an authoritarian voice. “I was jacking off. Did you think I was too old to get horny or something?”

“That’s not what I thought at all. Daddy, I came down here to jack off too!”

Henry looked at her in surprise, then lowered his eyes and for the first time seemed to notice what his daughter was wearing. Hungrily his gaze roamed up her shapely, creamy white legs to her big tits, centering on the silver-dollar-sized circles of her rosy nipples.

Then his gaze riveted on her hairy cunt bush and the pussy curls he could seek peeking out from under the negligee. Sally suppressed a giggle as she watched her father’s hard-on lurch to a new pulsing stiffness, obviously hot for her pussy.

“Daddy, you should have told me that you were horny,” Sally said and stepped closer. “I would have been glad to help you. Any way I…”

Henry looked wildly about the bathroom, as if waiting for someone to step in. “But you’re my daughter, honey,” he said, almost apologetically. “I can’t have sex with my own daughter!”

“Nobody gives a shit about that, Daddy,” Sally said and stepped still closer. His dripping cockhead nearly touched her thigh. “I’m old enough to make decisions for myself. You’re not going to hurt me. I really want to fuck you!”

Henry looked at her disbelievingly, shocked by her boldness. A lewd smile curled the horny teenager’s lips. She grasped the swollen thickness of her father’s cock and massaged it tenderly.

“It’s so hot and stiff!” Sally hissed. Teasingly she milked his massive cock up and down, pausing to pinch the spongy prick crown, giggling as she felt his oozing cum lubricating her fingertips. “And it’s so long and fat, too! I love your big dick, Daddy! I want to suck it and make you cum in my mouth!”

Henry could only stand there and stare. Sally felt her big tits jiggling and her pussy lips squishing greasily together as she fell slowly to her knees, facing her father’s gigantic cock.

She slid her hands up his hairy thighs, feeling the muscles there, then wrapped all ten fingers around his bloated, stone-hard cock. Henry groaned and did nothing to stop her.

Sally squeezed her father’s prick as if she were gripping a baseball bat. Tenderly she milked and jacked his cock, tugging his prick up and down, staring intently at the open piss hole in the huge cock-knob.

Instantly hot cum juices oozed from the hole. Sally lowered her head, extended ha tongue and hornily licked the dribble from her daddy’s prick. Then she wantonly kissed and licked from the cock-knob down the prickshaft, moving with deliberate slowness, wanting to make him uncontrollably horny.

“Daddy, do you like the way I lick your cock?” she whispered huskily. “It tastes so good. Do you want me to suck your dick now, Daddy? I’ll suck on it just like I’d suck a lollipop!”

“Y… y-yes,” Henry stammered, his face was a mask of shame and uncontrollable desire. His fingers curled in his teenage daughter’s hair, pulling her face to his burning prick. “Suck it. Make me cum!”

Smiling triumphantly, Sally opened her mouth to wetly kiss the oozing tip of his cock meat. Then she parted her lips farther and pushed her head forward. Sally gurgled with shameless satisfaction as she stuffed her face with the bone-stiff deliciousness of her father’s cock.

If she hadn’t known before, Sally instantly realized why her teenage neighbor Debby Brent was so anxious to suck and fuck him. Her daddy’s cock tasted fantastic. She could feel every hot throb of his prickshaft as her tongue lasciviously around hit cock, darting it into the piss hole, lapping up the hot juices that oozed more and more heavily up from his balls.

“Suck it, Sally!” Henry pulled her hair and rocked her face, fucking his massive hard-on between her lips. His prick grew stiffer as he stared down at the obscene spectacle of his pretty teenage daughter, with her lips wrapped hornily around his cock.

“Am I doing it good, Daddy?”

“Suck harder! Suck my prick, Sally! I’ve never been this Goddamn stiff!”

The slurping, gurgling sounds of a good blow job filled the bathroom as the horny blonde went to work on her father’s cock. Her hand tightened around the root, finding quickly that his prick was almost too thick for her little hand.

Sally made whimpering sounds around his cock as she feverishly gave her father head. Her pussy was burning and throbbing, juicing so profusely that she could feel the sticky fuck juices oozing from her hairy cunt crack to wet the insides of her thighs.

Letting her left hand fall between her soft legs, Sally gurgled as she pushed two fingers into the slippery sheath of her fuck tunnel. Lewdly she jacked herself off as she sucked her daddy’s prick, rubbing her clit wildly under her thumb.

“Gonna cum,” Henry gasped. “Keep sucking it, Sally! Your mouth feels so good! Unhh, my balls are burning! I’ve gotta cum!”

Hornier than ever, Sally began to whip her head tip and down on the satisfying stiffness of his cock, fucking her face. Her fist moved in a blur up and down his prickshaft; she tugged more of his cock meat between her lips. Sally caved in her cheeks and felt her whole face flush as she sucked her daddy’s cock as hard as she could, thrusting her tongue eagerly against the piss hole.

“Cummmmming!” Henry moaned. “Oh, baby, you suck my prick so good! I’m cuuummmmiiinnnggg!”

Henry moaned like a wounded animal as a torrent of thick spunk gushed out of his cum slit, raining down his daughter’s throat. Sally had already sucked his brother Bob’s jism earlier that evening, but there was no satisfying her thirst for her father’s cum.

Jacking and frantically sucking his spurting cock, Sally worked her throat muscles, gulping down every ounce of her daddy’s load. Henry held the back of her head, working his hips and gasping as the white jism continued to spurt and ooze from his piss hole. Sally refused to release his hard-on until his balls were completely drained of cum.

“Thank you, Daddy!” Sally finally released his cock from her lips and smiled up at him gratefully. Her little hands continued to stroke and jack his enormous cock. She ran her tongue around her mouth, smiling more broadly as she lapped up the stray drops of his cum juices. “Your jism tasted so good! You really came buckets! Oh God, Daddy, I could just keep on sucking your dick for the rest of my life!”

There was an emotional exhaustion in her father’s face, and it was obvious that it would be awhile before he could get used to the fact that he’d just let his daughter suck his prick. But at the same time he was obviously very horny too, in spite of cumming with so much fuck juice.

Sally released his cock and rose to her feet. His big prick was still as hard as stone, standing straight before him. Sally was dying to feel that meaty cockshaft going into her pussy, but first she wanted her father to suck her cunt.

“You’ve still got a hard-on, Daddy,” she whispered, staring boldly at his wet cock.

Henry gulped and nodded his head. Sally took a step back and pulled the negligee over her head, dropping it to the tiled bathroom floor. Henry groaned at the sight of her stacked teenage nakedness.

“My body turns you on, doesn’t it, Daddy?” Sally hefted her big tits and then released then, letting the spongy, cherry capped tits jiggle and sway firmly. She backed up towards the toilet, smiling at her father seductively. “I’ve got a beautiful body, don’t I? My skin is so soft, and my legs and ass are so nice, and I’ve got really big tits, too. But, Daddy…”

Sally’s thighs touched the porcelain of the toilet bowl. She sat on it, wiggling her ass to the edge of the seat. Then she splayed her luscious thighs wide apart, revealing the curly haired slit of her pink cunt.

“There’s nothing better than my pussy! It’s really tight, and it’ll feel so good when it hugs your big cock. But Daddy, first I want you to suck it for me. My pussy tastes so good. I want you to make my cunt all nice and gooey, so it won’t hurt fucking your big, stiff prick!”

Henry moved towards her as if in a trance, drooling at the sight of his daughter’s fleecy haired pussy slit. He sank to his knees before the toilet and ran his hands lightly up her soft thighs, making Sally squeal as his fingers touched the swollen lips of her cunt.

“Suck me, Daddy!” Holding the back of his head, she pulled his face between her legs. “I want to feel your tongue on my pussy! Aw, Daddy, I want you to lick my cunt an make me cum!”

Henry spread his daughter’s soft thighs wide apart, completely opening the lips of her hairy pussy for his mouth. He bent his head down and licked her inner thighs, sending hot shivers through Sally’s nakedness as her father’s tongue moved closer to her cunt.

His tongue slid up her pussy slit, finding the cunt hole, fucking her pussy deeply. Henry’s massive cock twitched between his thighs as he tasted the musky aroma of his daughter’s steaming fuck hole. Insistently Sally started humping her ass off the seat, making the toilet shake as she fucked her cunt onto her father’s face.

“Suck my cunt, Daddy! Stick your tongue up my little cunt!”

Henry thrust his tongue deep into his daughter’s pussy slit, tasting her fuck cream. Then he began to lap up and down her cunt like a hungry dog, twirling his tongue between the folds of her pussy, lapping closer and closer to her aching clit.

“Harder, Daddy! Suck me good!” Sally pulled and twisted his hair, shuddering uncontrollably as wanton heat built in the depths of her slippery pussy. “Oh, Daddy, my cunt’s so fucking wet! Lick up my pussy cream, Daddy. Play with my cunt!”

Extending two fingers, Henry fucked them between the swollen folds of her fuck hole and started to jack off his teenage daughter. Sally grimaced, feeling her cunt muscles sucking and nipping around his fingers, as if reluctant to let him draw them out of her body.

“More Daddy, more, I want to cum!” Her big tits jiggled as she whipped her ass off the toilet seat in a frenzy, staining her father’s cheeks with her glistening cunt cream as the hot pleasure grew inside her. “Suck my clit, Daddy! Lick it, it’s hurting me! I want to cum in your mouth!”

Tenderly Henry licked his daughter’s burning clit, simultaneously burying his fingers all the way into her sopping, hairy hole. He fingerfucked her quickly as he sucked the little nub, sliding his tongue over and across the blood-engorged pink bud.

“Cumming, Daddy!” Sally cried. Her horny little ass bucked in a blur off the seat. She grimaced, groaning and sighing like an animal as the pleasure exploded through her naked body. “You suck me so good, oh fuck, fuck it, Daddy! I’m cuuummmiiinnnggg!”

The spasms washed through her in a tidal wave of ecstasy, making her nipples tingle and her asshole throb as her cumming pussy filled her father’s mouth with fuck juice. Her horny cunt had been wet while giving him a blow job, but now it was positively dripping, slick and red and swollen, ready for cock.

Henry eagerly continued to tongue and suck and kiss and lick his teenage daughter’s pussy until her cum had completely subsided. Then he cupped her ass cheeks and pulled her gently off the toilet seat, stretching her out gently on the throw rug on the center of the bathroom floor.

Still overwhelmed by the force of her cum, the spread-eagled Sally looked up dizzily as her father got between her thighs. She watched as he held his massive throbbing hard-on in his fist and rubbed the spongy cock-knob up and down her cunt hole. Then her daddy’s cock meat was fucking into her, and she watched as his blue-veined cockshaft seemed to disappear into the forest of curly hairs at the bottom of her belly.

“You’re fucking me, Daddy!” Sally came to life with fresh lust as she felt her father’s hard-on stretching her, separating the walls of her cunt as he fucked his prick to the hilt in her velvety pussy tunnel. “Unghh, Daddy! You’ve got such a big prick!”

Sally lifted her legs high and scissored them eagerly around his waist, drawing his cock deeper. Her arms twined his shoulders; she lifted her head to kiss him hotly, grateful for the pleasure his prick was now giving her.

Then she again began to hump and buck her ass in a fury off the bathroom floor, grunting as she rhythmically pounded her pussy onto her daddy’s big prick.

“Yes, Daddy, it’s going into meeee! Oh fucking Jesus, oh yessssss!” She wriggled her ass as she felt his cockshaft stretching her, trying to open her pussy tunnel so he could fuck his prick meat to the balls in her gurgling fuck hole. “Ram it up my pussy, Daddy! It feels so good, it doesn’t hurt at all! I want you to fuck me now! Ream out my cunt with your big, fat dick!”

His daughter’s frenzied, pleading obscenities made Henry’s cock as hard as a board, pulsing and throbbing as he slowly fucked his prick into the gurgling depths of his daughter’s fuck hole. For a long time he lay on top of her without moving, sighing as he savored the slippery pressure of her cunt tunnel wound all of his prick.

“Fucking Jesus, Daddy!” Sally clawed his shoulders and pounded her ass cheeks steadily off the bathroom floor, pumping her hairy pussy onto her father’s cock. “Your dick is so fucking huge! It’s killing me! Fuck me, Daddy, fuck me good and hard!”

Henry lifted his ass, withdrawing until only the heart-shaped crown of his cock was held between his daughter’s sucking pussy lips. Then he fucked his cock home again, and he feverishly started to fuck her cunt, fucking his prick deeper into her juicing slit with every thrust.

“Harder, Daddy! Fuck me as hard as you can!” Sally twined her legs tightly around the center of his back, locking her ankles together so that her father would be unable to take his cock away from her cunt hole. “My pussy’s burning! Awww, I love your fucking dick!”

Then they were fucking together as hard as they could, moaning and sweating and humping as his steely, blood-engorged prick fucked into her fur-fringed, sucking cunt. Sally whipped her burning ass higher off the floor as the spasms began to shoot through her fuck tunnel, and her pussy muscles clenched more tightly around her father’s big prick.

“Cumming, Daddy!” she shrieked suddenly. “Unh unh unh fuck my cunt, I’m cuuummmiiinnngggg!”

Henry fucked his enormous cock to the balls in his daughter’s velvety pussy, gasping as the cum spouted up from his balls. Repeatedly it gushed out of his prickhead, filling her pussy, running out of her cunt slit around his fucking, spurting cock and dripping lewdly onto the bathroom floor.

As the cum subsided inside her, Sally eagerly worked her pussy muscles, to milk out her father’s jism. He’d finally fucked her, and she wondered if she’d ever be so satisfied by a man again.


A few days later, Karen got off the bus downtown and walked the few miles back home. The walk took a little longer than it usually might have for two reasons.

The first was that men kept following her and honking their horns, and Karen had to duck into a couple of shops to make sure she wouldn’t be tailed by a rapist. Her outfit was one of the skimpiest she’d ever worn in public, a tiny paisley skirt that barely covered her ass cheeks and a halter top that showed the deep cleavage of her huge jiggling tits.

It was a very hot day and all the other housewives in the suburbs were wearing their summer clothes. But Karen’s outfit was extremely provocative, and she knew as she walked tip the shady lane to her old home that her neighbors were looking at her as if she were a slut.

The second reason the walk took a long time was because Karen was very drunk. Before getting on the bus she’d guzzled a half-pint of Southern Comfort, and the effects of the alcohol were still very evident as she wasn’t used to liquor. She needed the booze for courage to return to the house her husband had thrown her out of.

And deep down inside she knew that she also needed the coverage to fuck both of her sons. That was what she was going to do, whether she’d admitted it to herself yet or not.

She loved all teenage studs, and she’d loved fucking and sucking the eager boys in the high school. But the memory of Phil’s huge, spurting hard-on still stayed with her, and she knew she’d never be satisfied until she felt his and Mike’s big pricks fucking into every hole in her body.

The house looked just as it had whew she’d hurriedly left it, which gave Karen a comforting feeling as she weaved up the walkway to the front door. Fishing out the key that Henry had forgotten to take from her, she unlocked the door and let herself in. Then she stood in the living room, feeling the liquor swimming through her head and admiring the reflection of her big-titted, half-naked body in the hallway mirror.

Wait until Phil gets home from school, she thought hornily. I’ll give him the fucking of his life.

But it wasn’t Phil who shocked her by coming downstairs. It was her older son, Mike.

“Who’s there?” he asked, approaching slowly, apparently thinking that the house had been invaded by a thief. “Is it… oh, Jesus! Mom! It’s you!”

They stood silently before each other for a moment, sharing their surprise. Mike’s hair was wet, and all he had on was a towel wrapped around his mid-section, exposing his lean, muscular body. Obviously he’d been taking a shower when he’d heard the front door open and had decided to investigate.

“Mike! What are you doing home from school so early?”

Mike grinned. “Oh, a teacher messed up one of his chemistry experiments and blew up half the lab. They sent half the school home early. I just decided… Jesus, Mom! You’re back!”

There was an awkward silence between them, which Karen was almost too drunk to notice. Boldly she stared at her son’s magnificent body, trying to see the bulge of his cock behind the towel.

Likewise, Mike sheepishly ogled his mother’s stacked figure. He’d rarely seen her in such provocative clothes, and he couldn’t believe how big her tits were or how the skimpy skirt showed her long legs and clung to her firm ass.

“I guess you didn’t expect to see me here again,” Karen said, stepping close. “After Henry threw me out. Did your father tell you the reason for my little eviction, Son?”

Mike looked away, making it obvious that the family gossip had spread. Karen stepped still closer, keeping her gaze on the cock bulge that was starting to grow behind the towel.

“You do know, don’t you? He caught me fucking your little brother, Mike. He caught me with Phil’s prick deep inside my pussy, and that’s why he made he leave. How does that make you feel about me, Mike? About your mother?”

Again the silence lingered, and Karen stared with naked hunger at her boy’s prick. He obviously had a huge hard-on, and his cock was protruding obscenely through the towel, twitching and jerking with its load of blood.

“Mike, why do you have such a big boner?” she asked suddenly. “Do you want to fuck me too?”

Mike looked swiftly down at his cock, as if his prick had betrayed him. Karen took a quick step forward, grabbed the towel and pulled it to the floor, exposing his nakedness, revealing his big prick.

“God, Son!” she gasped. “You’ve really got a whopper! Do you want to fuck me, lover? Mmmm? Would you like to fuck your mother?”

Pushing her left hand behind her back, Karen undid the bow of her halter top and let the top flutter to the floor. Mike gasped at the sight of his mother’s enormous, milk-white tits. His prick swelled stiffer than ever as he ogled their purplish-red caps and the stiff nipples that protruded from the surface of her tits.

“Jesus, Mom.”

“Don’t be ashamed, darling? Wouldn’t you like that?” Pressing close, flattening her huge tits against his upper arm, Karen grasped his throbbing prick and jacked his cock lewdly, pinching the prick-knob teasingly between her forefinger and thumb. “I’ve got a nice body, don’t I? Ummm, your cock feels so long and stiff! Wouldn’t you like to fuck me with it, darling? Wouldn’t you just love to bury your big, fat cock in your mother’s tight little cunt?”

“Can’t stand it!” Mike gasped. “Can’t fucking stand it!”

Then he was all over her, giving in completely to his forbidden incestuous lust. Karen shrieked as he threw her onto her back on the living room floor, frantically pawing at her sandals and skirt, trying to get her naked.

Karen tried to help him, but he pushed her hands fiercely out of the way. The next thing she knew, her skirt and panties were in tatters on the rug, and she was spread-eagled on her back, her hairy pussy slit wet and open to be fucked by her son’s prick.

“Yes, Son, do it to me!” Squealing, Karen fingerfucked her burning pussy as she waited impatiently for him to mount her body. “Fuck me! Fuck your mother!”

Mike climbed into position between her soft thighs, holding his cock in his fist, pushing the prick-knob against the pouting lips of her wet cunt. He centered his cock between her pussy folds, wincing as be felt the hot pressure of her cunt muscles clasping around his prick.

Then his cock was fucking into her, inch after meaty inch, and all Karen could do was groan in wanton ecstasy as her pussy was gradually fucked by her older son’s big fucking cock.

“Awww, fuck me, Mike!” She flung her long legs around his back, locking her ankles together to pull his cock deeper into her fuck hole. “Your prick is so big! It’s stretching me, Son, it’s stretching my pussy! Oh yes, fuck me hard, Mike! Fuck your horny mother!”

“Mom!” Mike panted deliriously as he humped between her thighs, wiggling his ass to fuck his massive hard-on to the balls in her tight, syrupy pussy. “Feels so good, Mom… oh, Mom!”

He fucked all of his prick inside her, groaning as every inch of his cock was sucked by her churning cunt. Karen gasped and lewdly started humping her ass, bouncing her naked ass cheeks energetically off the rug, fucking her hairy pussy onto her son’s prick.

“That’s right, darling! You’re all the way in! Fuck me, Mike! Fuck me as hard as you can!”

Mike pulled out his steely hard prick, until only the drooling cock-crown separated her pussy slit. He fucked his prick back in and started fucking his mother like a wild man. His torso loomed above her, supported by his arms. Greedily he watched his mother’s enormous tits jiggle spongily as he fucked her with his prick.

Karen grimaced and turned her head rhythmically to and fro, almost unable to stand the pleasure as her son’s well-hung cock fucked rhythmically into her gurgling cunt. She felt completely helpless and submissive, a captive beneath him, unable to do anything but submit to the wild energy of her boy’s hot fucking.

“I’m gonna cum, Mike!” she shrieked. She clawed his muscular back with her long fingernails, whimpering and shrieking as the ecstasy built to the exploding point deep inside her cock-fluffed pussy. “Keep fucking me! Harder, harder, fuck your mother! Fuck meeee oh, Mike, I’m cuuummmiiinnnggg!”

Her cum pumped through her belly like a rupturing dam, making her nipples tingle and throb, making her pulsing pussy ooze what felt like a gusher of fuck oil onto his fucking cock. Even as her cum pleasured her, Karen humped her ass and worked her cunt muscles, desperate to feel her boy’s load spurting inside her.

And his cum came a second later. Mike gasped as his mother’s cunning fuck hole sucked his prick. He started to fuck her with violent energy, and in mid-stroke the white jism started to shoot out of his balls, opening his piss hole as the salty torrent flooded out of his prick into her cunt.

Mike feverishly bucked his ass between her thighs, refusing to stop fucking her until there was a sticky puddle under her ass and he’d drained the last of his cum into her velvety pussy. Then, with his prick still throbbing inside her cunt, he lowered his head to her tits and lovingly sucked his mother’s huge tits, chewing wetly on one stiff, fat nipple, almost as he once had as a suckling child.

Karen kissed him lovingly and stroked his hair as he hungrily sucked her tit. Ear awhile his cock softened inside her dripping pussy. Then his prick swiftly swelled back to total throbbing stiffness, stretching her cunt wide, and Karen knew he was ready for another cum.

But this time she wanted him to give her a very special fuck, to feel his huge prick fucking up her asshole.

“Take it out, Mike,” she said softly. “You’re ready for another fuck, but this time I want to do it another way.”

Mike pulled his cock out of her pussy and rose to his knees, his prick twitching and weaving straight in front of him. Karen turned onto her hands and knees. Then she lowered her shoulders, flattening her tits on the floor, and reached behind her to spread the cheeks of her ass with her hands, exposing the pink, hairless ring of her asshole.

“Jesus!” Mike whispered.

“Fuck my asshole, Mike!” Karen pleaded. “That’s where I need to get fucked by your big, fat prick! Fuck your mother up the ass!”

Karen flexed her asshole, making the little ring pucker and throb before her son’s eyes. Mike considered getting some Vaseline to help him get his prick in, but it was obviously unnecessary. His mother’s asshole was very hot and horny, and his stiff prick was dripping with the fuck juices of her flowing pussy.

Holding his hard-on in his fist, he pushed the cock-knob into her asshole and moaned as he fell. The rubbery ring suck tightly around his prick. Then he violently started fucking her, feeling powerful and strong as he fucked inch after inch of his cock into the tight, burning heat of her asshole.

“Yes, Mike, yessss!” Karen’s pretty face contorted with pleasure and pain as she felt her tight asshole walls stretching to the bursting point, admitting her boy’s huge tool. “It’s going into me, Mike! Oh fuck, it’s stretching my asshole! Fuck me, Mike! Fuck me all the way up my little ass!”

Mike fucked his cock all the way between her cheeks, filling her asshole completely with the rhythmically throbbing length of his fucking prick. For a second he lay on top of her without moving, letting her asshole loosen slightly, savoring the intense sucking pressure of her rubbery ass tunnel around his cock.

“Fuck me, Mike!” Karen cried, urging him on. “I’m so fucking horny, you’re gonna make me cum any second! Aww, fuck my asshole, do it hard!”

Mike started fucking his mother, fucking his stone-hard cock steadily through the tight grip of her stretched, puckered ring. His hands slid up her torso. Hungrily he gripped her huge tits for support as he fucked his prick faster and faster between her ass cheeks.

Grunting luridly, Karen pushed her hand through her pussy curls and gasped as she buried two fingers into the slippery, hairy cunt. “Fuck me faster, Mike!” Shamelessly she started to rub her pussy as her son fucked her asshole, pinching and massaging her clit.

“It feels so good, your cock stretches meee! Oh fuck it, fuck my asshole harder!”

Mike had shot an incredible load into her buttery pussy, but his mother’s asshole was so tight that he knew he was already close to another cum. Pulling and squeezing her pendulous tits, he fucked his cock into her asshole as hard as he could, feeling the hairy sac of his balls slap her pussy crack with every thrust.

“Cuming now, I’m cumming!” Karen cried. She stabbed two fingers into her throbbing cunt and moaned like a bitch in heat as the spasms gushed through her pussy and asshole at the same time. “Oh, Son, your dick is so big! Fuck meeee, I’m cuuummmmiiinnnggg!”

“Unh,” Mike grunted. “Oh shit, Mike… cumming too… oh, fuck!”

He fucked his aching, drooling cock all the way into her cumming asshole, moaning as his cum tingled through his balls and cock. Then the white torrent of jism again flooded out of his prick, soothing his mother’s ravaged asshole with the salty thickness of his wad.

Karen smiled with open incestuous pleasure as she felt her stud son’s cum pumping into her asshole. Home at last, she thought.


“Lick it good, Phil!” Karen demanded. She spread her long legs wider apart on the bed and pulled her younger son’s hair. Simultaneously she worked her little ass oft the mattress, pumping her pussy onto his mouth. “That’s right. You’re a good little cunt sucker, aren’t you? Clean up mommy’s cunt!”

Phil’s big prick pulsed eagerly on the bed as he ate out his mother’s throbbing, dripping cunt. Karen lazily watched him giving her head and happily considered the events of the past several days.

Her husband had welcomed her back with open arms. She’d expected a knock-down, drag-out fight when she’d gotten off the bus, and she’d been prepared to be thrown right out again, but that hadn’t materialized at all.

Instead he’d fucked her half to death that first night, and explained his throwing her out by saying that he’d lost his temper. Much more surprisingly, he’d voiced no objections when Karen had said she was taking Phil on a little outing in the country the next day.

He had to know that meant a fuck session with her second born, but it didn’t seem to bother him. And he didn’t mind the rustling of the sheets and the footsteps late at night when she joined her son Mike in his bed. He knew she was fucking both her boys, but he didn’t seem to mind. Karen didn’t get it.

Briefly she wondered if something important had happened in the household during her absence, but decided to think about it some other time. Phil was sucking her pussy beautifully, and she knew she was about to cream.

“Oh, Son, that’s marvelous!” Clutching the back of his head, Karen worked her ass feverishly off the bed, fucking her cunt all over his face. “Jack me off, darling! Fingerfuck your mother’s pussy!”

Obediently Phil slid one hand up her slim legs and insinuated his fingertips in her hairy fuck hole, burying two fingers in the gurgling depths of her cunt. Simultaneously he wrapped his lips around her clit and sucked tenderly rubbing his tongue on the tip.

Every cum she had with her sons seemed to be better than the one before. Karen’s ass danced as the spasms swept through her cunt, making her nipples tingle and her asshole throb as she wallowed in the throes of ecstasy. Then the cum subsided, and she immediately knew she had to feel her teenage son’s prick fucking into her drenched cunt.

“Climb aboard, darling,” she mewled, pulling him up. “It’s time for you to cum too!”

Phil eagerly mounted his horny mother, stretching out between her slim, spread-eagled legs. Karen quivered and bit her lip as she felt his spongy cockhead parting her pussy slit, burrowing into the greasy, slick tunnel of her cunt.

“Oh yes, Son, yes!” She wrapped her arms about his shoulders and eagerly bucked her ass off the bed, thrusting her pussy up to meet the fucking of his cock. “Push it into me, Phil! Push it up my pussy! Your dick is so big and good!”

Phil sighed as his cock fucked into his mother’s fuck tunnel. He felt the muscles of her pussy working, wetly sucking and tugging the veined stiffness of his prick.

With all of his cock buried in her curly hairs, he lowered his head to her bouncing tits and sucked one taut nipple into his mouth. Then he began to fuck his mother’s wet pussy hard and fast, rhythmically fucking his prick in and out of her cunt.

“Yes, Son, oh shit, I love it like that!” Karen scissored her long legs around his heaving mid-section, clinging to him, desperately trying to pull another inch of his throbbing hard-on into her insatiable taint. “Awww, fuck me harder now! I love getting fucked by my big, handsome son!”

Then the bedroom door swung open without a warning knock, and the incestuous housewife gasped at the sight of her son’s uncle, her brother-in-law Bob.

“Well, well, well,” Bob said. He kicked the door shut and crossed the room and stood beside the bed, grinning wickedly. “What do we have here?”

Phil stopped humping and looked up at his uncle worriedly. Bob wore a fancy-looking bathrobe, and Karen’s practiced eye immediately detected a hard-on throbbing beneath the folds. A blush colored her cheeks, but she didn’t feel as afraid as she might have. Something told her that her brother-in-law wasn’t all that shocked by the incestuous spectacle on the bed.

“Enjoying your mother’s pussy. Phil?” Bob asked. “Is it tight enough for you?”

“What’s the matter, Bob?” Karen asked duly. “Haven’t you ever heard of knocking?”

“But you would have stopped fucking if you’d known I was coming!” Bob protested. His lewd grin grew broader. “I wanted to come up here and watch!”

“You won’t tell Henry, will you?” Karen asked softly. Even as she spoke she knew that she didn’t care much if Bob did because Henry undoubtedly already knew.

“I won’t tell, honey. Don’t you worry about that. As long as I can have some too!”

Then he pulled apart the halves of his bathrobe, exposing his rock-hard cock.

His was a big prick, nearly as large as her husband’s huge cock. Karen felt fresh fuck cream pouring into her pussy around her son’s cock, making her cunt burn as she ogled her brother-in-law’s prick. She knew Bob wanted her to suck his prick for him, and she couldn’t wait to take that massive prick down her throat.

“Eat it, baby,” Bob whispered, standing as close to the bed as he could, so that his rosy, drooling cockhead dangled in front of Karen’s face. “Suck it good!”

Karen opened her mouth. Bob thrust his hips forward, pushing the first several inches of his prick down her throat. Wetly Karen clasped her lips in a tight sucking circle around the center of his throbbing prick. Then she started sucking, caving in her cheeks to increase the suction around his cock meat.

“Jesus, Mom!” Phil had never seen his mother giving a blow job before, and his prick quickly swelled stiffer in her hairy cunt. “Goddamn, that really turns me on!”

The teenage stud furiously started fucking his mother again, fucking his burning cock in and out of her pussy as hard as he could. Karen tightened her thighs around his waist and again began to hump her ass, whimpering around Bob’s prick even as she sucked his cock as hard as she could.

“That’s good, baby! Keep fucking him!” Bob commanded. “Unh, you give good head! I’m gonna spurt!”

Karen was in seventh heaven with her son’s cock fucking into her wet pussy and her brother-in-law’s prick stuffing her throat. She made obscene slurping, gurgling sounds as she nursed on Bob’s fat prick, swirling her tongue around the cock-knob. At the same time she flexed her pussy muscles, milking the iron-like stiffness of her son’s fucking cock.

“Oh fuck, Mom!” Phil gasped. “I’m cumming!”

“I’m cuming too,” moaned Bob.

Her son’s stiff cock throbbed violently in her pussy, spraying the inner walls of her fuck tunnel with the hot spurts of his cum. As her cunt took his load, Karen had to swallow hard to gulp down all of Bob’s jism. It gushed madly out of his prickhead as she sucked hard, filling her mouth, running down her lips in a wet, sticky stream.

Fucking her son and her brother-in-law at the same time, Karen marveled, and no one around to stop her! Suspiciously she wondered what was going on at that moment down the hall.


“Nhunh! Gonna cum, Daddy!” Sally whimpered. “Keep fucking me! Oh, Daddy, Daddy, love your big dick! Fuck my pussy with it, make my cunt cum!”

They were on the bed in Sally’s room, sweating and naked as they feverishly fucked. On her hands and knees, Sally knelt on the mattress, her big tits flattened on the bed as her father furiously fucked her cunt.

Henry worked behind her succulent ass cheeks, fucking his huge cock in and out between her hairy, pouting cunt lips. He’d tiptoed to her room a few minutes after Karen had ventured down the hall to fuck Phil. He was actually glad now that his wife was fucking her brains out with their sons. That way he still had an excuse to fuck his teenage daughter’s cunt.

“Squeeze my titties, Daddy! Unh, unh, fuck me harder!” Sally whipped up her ass in a blur, moaning and whimpering as the hot pleasure built in her cock-filled pussy tunnel. “Aw, Daddy, fuck me faster! I wanna cum!”

Henry thrust his hands under her soft belly, wrapping his hands tightly around her big, stiff-nippled tits. At the same time he fucked his huge prick like a madman into her cunt, fucking her pussy deeper with every savage thrust of his cock.

“Cumming, Daddy!” Sally gasped. “Nw, Daddy, you fuck me so good! Harder, my pussy’s juicing! Unh! Oh, Daddy, Daddy, I’m cuummmiiinnngggg!”

The spasms pleasured her naked body from head to toe, making her nipples ache and her cunt throb as her father fucked her with his prick. Sally felt her pussy juicing profusely, her strong cunt muscles opening and closing around her father’s big prick.

Yet still her daddy didn’t cum. And when her cum subsided and he pulled his cock out of her hairy fuck hole, Sally knew instinctively that he wanted to fuck his load up her ass instead.

“Do you… do you wanna do it to me there, Daddy?” Sally asked shyly. The fuck juices running out of her ravished pussy wet the sheets. She turned her head and looked at him eagerly over her shoulder. “I don’t mind if you fuck my asshole. I’ve been fucked there before. I love you so much, Daddy, I’ll do anything you want!”

Henry nodded his head. Then he leaned across the bed and picked up the jar of Vaseline he’d brought with him to her room. Sally had wondered briefly why he’d brought it along; her pussy was tight, but didn’t he know that it was always wet for his huge prick? Now the mystery was solved.

Withdrawing a liberal hunk of the petroleum jelly, Henry smeared it all over his massive throbbing cock. Sally pulled her ass cheeks apart and squealed as her father rubbed it all over her pink, puckered asshole, darting his finger into the ring to lubricate her ass tunnel.

Then he put the jar back on the nightstand, and his finger was replaced by the swollen crown of his cock. Sally shuddered as she felt her father’s huge cock fucking into her asshole, stretching her ass walls to the exploding point around the thickness of his prick.

“Oh, oh, Daddy!” she squealed. “You’re fucking my asshole now! Do it, Daddy! Fuck my ass!”

Again Henry slid his hands under her belly, cupping her big tits for support. Then he humped steadily into the forbidden heat of her asshole until every inch of his enormous cock was buried in her stretched, sucking, puckered ass ring.

For a long time he lay on top of her without moving, giving his teenage daughter’s asshole a chance to accommodate the thickness of his cock. Then he started fucking his prick meat between her rounded ass cheeks, and Sally heard the Vaseline squishing in her asshole as they began to fuck.

“Aw, that feels good, Daddy! Fuck my asshole harder!” Eagerly Sally humped her hips off the bed, thrusting her burning asshole onto her father’s satisfying cock. “Gonna cum again! Oh, Daddy, it feels like it’s all the way up my belly!”

Her asshole loosened with every thrust of his cock, sucking spasmodically around the swollen prickshaft. Sally pushed her fingers through her pussy curls. She buried two fingers in her sopping cunt and started to fingerfuck herself as her father pleasured her asshole, wildly rubbing her clit.

“Gonna cum,” Henry moaned. “Tight sticking ass!”

“Harder, Daddy, fuck my asshole!” Her frenzied moans and screams were loud enough to be heard down the hall, but Sally was too horny to care. The bed creaked as she fucked her throbbing asshole onto her father’s cock. “I’m cumming too! Ungghhh! Fuck meeee, Daddy! Fuck my asshole! I’m cuming, I’m cuuummmiiinnngggg!”

The spasms burst deliciously through her loins, filling her pussy and asshole simultaneously with ecstasy. The naked, horny girl bounced and bucked helplessly in the tidal wave of pleasure, burying her fingers in her hairy pussy, feeling her stretched asshole milk convulsively around her father’s prick.

“Oh fuck it!” Henry gasped. “I’m popping my wad now! Right up your sweet fucking ass!”

He sighed as he came, as the white ribbons of cum gushed from the tip of his cock. Sally shrieked as her daddy’s jism sprayed the inner walls of her asshole, mingling with the Vaseline to run out of her puckered asshole in a lurid stream. Frantically she pumped her hips and flexed her asshole muscles, trying to milk all the hot cum out of her father’s cock.

Her uncle and brothers could climb between her legs any time they liked, but she didn’t ever want to stop fucking her daddy.

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Pretty Pam Turner’s heart pounded wildly behind her small tits when she found her father home alone. The minute she saw him in his T-shirt and shorts she knew her mother was out. He always sat around like that when his wife was gone. And it scared Pam.

She shut the door behind her, and her sharp gaze flew to her father’s lap. There was a large bulge in his white shorts with a big wet spot on top of it. Pam could plainly see he had been playing with his cock again.

Her breathing quickened and she tore her gaze from the frightening monstrosity. Without a word of greeting, she hurried to her own room. She quickly closed the door and leaned against it, breathing erratically, hoping against hope that her father wouldn’t bother her.

She waited with bated breath for several minutes. Then she heaved a sigh and her tensed shoulders sagged. Her jutting little tits stopped thrusting in her shirt. She felt better.

She finally pushed away from the door and moved across the room, knowing she had to change but of her school clothes and hating that fact. She slowly unbuttoned her cute little shirt and the V neckline spread wide to reveal the gentle slopes of her tight young tits. She just started to pull the shirt out of her tight waisted skirt when the door swung wide.

Pam whirled and her heart hammered as her eyes flew wide. Her blood rushed through her veins and her tits rose up nervously, the sharp tips poking hard in the material of her halfopen shirt.

A look of extreme dread spoiled her pretty face and her voice cracked as she rasped, “Daddy — don’t come in my room.”

Her father, a heavy-set man with thick biceps, stepped inside and chuckled, “That’s no way to greet your dad, kitten.”

Fear flashed in Pam’s blue eyes. She stepped back and pulled her shirt closed over her nubile little tits. “And don’t call me kitten,” she said weakly, her eyes glancing at the huge bulge in his moist shorts. “I’m not a kitten.”

“Sure you are,” her father said with a slow grin. He moved right up to her, towering over her, and he circled her slim waist with a hairy arm. He pulled her against his throbbing hardon and said, “You’re a cute, cuddly little pussy.”

Pam gasped to feel his cock hotly throbbing against her flat belly. Her ears burned and her small fists pushed at his powerful chest as she whimpered, “I asked you not to say things like that.”

Ignoring her girlish protests, he stared down at her parted shirt front. “How’s your cute little tits today?” he rasped hotly. His prick jumped.

His huge hand pushed her shirt open and a small tit, tipped with a rather large pink nipple, poked out cutely. He grinned and grasped her tit in his hand, squeezing it until the nipple stood up.

Pam shuddered and in a small voice she whimpered, “Daddy… please… don’t.”

He opened her shirt all the way and his massive hand traveled freely across both jutting tits as his cock pulsed strongly near her crotch. Pam cringed and felt dwarfed by him, dwarfed and threatened. His powerful hand mauling her tender tits made the small mounds tighten up and quiver as Pam caught her breath.

“Daddy… no…” she whined.

“Now quit giving me a hard time,” he said, tweaking her left nipple. “You know you like it.”

“I don’t, I don’t,” Pam sobbed suddenly. She started to cry, afraid not so much because her raunchy father was toying with her tits but because her tits got too aroused when he did that. She hated the way he could make her body respond, when she didn’t want to.

“I know what you need,” her father said thickly. “You like to be coaxed, don’t you?”

He grasped her slender waist in a vise-grip and pulled her across the room. Pam sobbed and tried to hold back, but she was no match for his brute strength.

“No… ohhh, noooo…” she cried as he dragged her to her bed. Tears streamed down her smooth cheeks as he forced her down on her back and tied her hands to the bed post with a length of hair ribbon from her nightstand.

Her shirt spread open and her naked little tits heaved on her chest. Her father sat beside her and leered at them. Chuckling lewdly, he mashed them beneath his big hand until Pam gasped and squirmed.

“Here’s what you need,” he murmured obscenely. He bent over her thrusting tits and his thick wet tongue snaked out of his mouth. He chortled over her defenseless tits and licked his tongue up and down the gentle slopes of her tits.

“No, nooo,” Pam whined helplessly.

“Please… not again!”

A familiar fear rose up inside her straining young body, a fear of what would happen to her if her depraved father sucked her sensitive nipples. She twisted her torso away from his wet mouth, gasping. Her father chuckled and licked her rib cage, making her twitch and pant.

He got up on all fours on her bed and chased after her elusive tits. Pam turned on her side to get her defenseless tits out of his tongue’s reach, but her father ducked his head over her rib cage and gobbled at a pink nipple.

“No, noo, noooo,” Pam whimpered, her voice weaker than ever.

Her father was tremendously aroused by her little-girl tits and large pink nipples. His cock throbbed wetly in his sticky shorts as he laved his tongue all over her helpless tit-mounds. “Cute little tits,” he murmured lewdly, mauling her spiking pink nipples with his hot tongue. “We know about your luscious tits, don’t we, kitten?”

He threw one hairy leg across her writhing thighs to keep her legs away as he licked and sucked her nipples freely. With her wrists tied above her head and her legs pinned down, young Pam was a helpless victim, a prisoner, a teenaged sacrifice to her father’s ugly desires.

Pam threw her head back and grit her teeth as her father’s hungry mouth devoured her helpless boobs. Unwanted pleasure streaked through her stiff nipples as he slobbered over them, licking and sucking them until Pam thought she would go out of her mind. Her eyes closed tightly. Her lips fell open. She whimpered. Her pink tongue licked and flicked over her dry lips as she panted. Her whole body strained and trembled. The surge of pleasure in her tits became a tidal wave that the young girl couldn’t handle.

A huge sigh suddenly escaped her throat. Her body went lax on the bed and became soft and supple. She fell onto her back and her naked jutting tits reached upward to her father’s sucking mouth. Her eyelashes fluttered momentarily, then her eyes opened, slightly glazed, and she peered down at what he was doing to her aroused tits.

“I hate you, I hate you,” she breathed hotly as she watched her father’s tongue drive her aching tits to new heights of sensual pleasure. He had a nasty habit of spending lots of time on them, nibbling and munching and chewing and licking until poor Pam couldn’t think straight any more.

She gasped when her father’s sexy mouth slid wetly down her tit’s slope to kiss between her tits, then went lower. He extended his tongue from his mouth and gave little licks to her ribs, then down to her flat and tensed belly.

“Daddy… no… please… not down there!” Pam gasped, writhing under his tongue and lips.

He removed his leg from her body, no longer needing it to pin her weakened legs to the bed. He reached down and hiked her short skirt way up on her belly. Pam wasn’t wearing any panties.

He craned his neck and stared hotly at his little girl’s furry young pussy, and his prick raged in his shorts. “How sexy your cunt is, kitten,” he slurred.

“Ohhh, noooo,” Pam whispered, fearing the worst now.

Her father inched his way down between her shapely young legs. He forced her trembling thighs apart with his broad shoulders and ogled her succulent young pussy. As Pam sobbed and pleaded, he slipped his huge hands beneath her ass. Grasping her firm, round asscheeks, he lifted her off the bed and stared hotly at the puffy lips of her sweet cunt.

Drawn to her pussy as if her cunt were a magnet, he pressed his wet mouth against her pussy and kissed hornily. Then he drew his head back an inch and stuck his tongue out. Breathing heavily through his nostrils, he licked the tip of his tongue slowly up and down her exposed cunt-crack.

“No!” Pam screeched, jerking as his tongue burned her pussy. “Please — not that! Daddy! Ohhh, don’t lick it! No, no, noooo!”

But Pam’s pussy was as vulnerable as her tits and her father knew it. So he plastered his hot mouth against her defenseless cunt and buried his tongue in her juicy little fuck-hole. He wiggled it in there as his sobbing young daughter squirmed and writhed in an agony of unwanted pleasure.

“Ohhh, dooooooon’t,” she whined. “You know what that does to me!”

“Sure do!” her father chuckled, and he fucked his thick tongue in and out of her silky wet pussy-mouth. He kept that up until he felt Pam’s quivery ass-cheeks finally relax in his hands. Then he felt her cunt-walls flex around his thick, probing tongue. He had Pam where he wanted her.

Confident and horny, he pushed his face against her furry cunt. His long tongue wiggled up into her tight fuck-channel and his nose slobbered wetly against her quivery little clit. Massaging her helpless cunt with his nose and tongue-fucking her writhing cunt-hole, he drove his daughter over the brink of girlhood. Pam went wild on the bed beneath her lusty father’s vicious tongue and hands. Losing all control of her will and her body, she whimpered continually as her depraved father had his way with her.

Pam lost all sense of self now. She always did when her obscene father sucked her tits and cunt this way. There was something about her tits and her pussy that she didn’t understand. She could hate her father and resist him strongly any day of the week — but not when he got her like this! When he licked her aching tits and munched her hot cunt, it was as if her body no longer belonged to her. She became his to do with as he pleased. Pam hated it, but she couldn’t stop it. There was something terribly sexual about her.

Jack Turner knew his daughter well. He ought to. He had started feeling her up when she was only a kid. Like the dirty old man he was, he often forced her to sit on his lap while he toyed with her budding little tits and rubbed her cute, tiny pussy. When she got older he made her play with his enormous prick, and he taught her how to jack his cock off for him. He early instilled a horrifying fear of him in her. Now she was his sex slave, hopelessly and helplessly. All he had to do was suck on her sensitive nipples and eat her cunt.

Now that Pam’s helplessly writhing body was his to use, he chortled evilly and ogled her naked charms with lust-filled, glaring eyes. These times always frightened Pam, so she rarely struggled against the vicious man’s wishes. With her tits tingling and her cunt steaming, she simply surrendered to his evil desires and stopped fighting her own mysterious horniness.

She never told her father that he made her very horny. She didn’t have to. It was always quite obvious. Even now, as he tongue-fucked her sweet pussy, he knew that she was out of her head with passion. Licking her cunt-slit, he peered up at her thrusting young tits and saw the condition of her large pink nipples. Pam had gorgeous nipples — big, sensitive things that drove her crazy when they were spiking like they were now.

Watching his daughter’s helpless tits gave him an evil idea. He liked to rub his hot balls on them from time to time. Now was a good time, he thought.

Pam felt the bed creak and sink. She opened her heavy-lidded eyes and saw her father climbing over her, straddling her body, crawling higher. Her blue eyes riveted on his monstrous bulge, clearly saw the giant wet spot in his shorts.

He liked his little girl to gaze at his prick. It excited him. He raised up and laughed and opened his wet shorts. His monstrous cock leapt out and throbbed menacingly before Pam’s startled eyes. She was always startled by the size of her father’s prick. His cock didn’t look human to her, not like a boy’s. His prick looked more like a weapon of torture than an instrument of pleasure.

“Oh, noooo,” she whimpered weakly.

It wasn’t a protest now, and her father knew it. It had taken him some years to discover the secret to Pam’s sexy young mouth. At first he’d had to threaten her with whippings to get her to suck his cock. But with time and experiments he soon discovered her helpless horniness when her nipples and pussy were aroused. Then it was easy to get her to do anything.

It was easy now as he settled his ass on her jutting tits and mashed them for her. He wagged his prick over her sensuous young mouth.

“Lick,” he commanded.

Pam whimpered and tears filled her sparkly eyes, but her lips parted quiveringly and her pink tongue emerged. Her father chuckled lewdly and lowered his bulging cock-head to the tip of her tongue. He moved his prick there for a moment, groaning with his own selfish pleasure. Then Pam’s tongue started moving, sliding, licking slowly, then faster.

Her father laughed at her and she closed her eyes so she wouldn’t have to look at him. He always looked so evil over her when he was horny for her body.

She licked his cock and his nuts and his prick-shaft as he writhed his hips obscenely over her, mauling her aching tits with his ass. She suffered quiet desperation and did all he commanded of her.

She wept softly when he backed away from her mouth and started fucking his huge prick between her small tits. He grabbed her tits and forced them together around his throbbing wet cock, and he fucked her there hornily, humiliating her with his drooling mouth and snorting remarks about her tits.

She quivered and sobbed when he drew his long prick down the length of her body to her furry cunt. She turned her face away from him when he tried to kiss her mouth as he planted his cock between her trembling thighs.

Her father just chuckled. He gripped his prick in his powerful fist and pressed his massive cock-head against the opening of her cunt-mouth. Grinning obscenely, he chuckled evilly and lurched forward, filling her small fuck-hole with his wide, thick prick.

Pam squealed when his cock first sliced up into her pussy. He always liked to degrade her by forcing his prick into her helpless body. And he loved to fuck his cock deep into her belly, knowing that she couldn’t help but fuck him wildly.

He twisted his huge torso around and gobbled one of her aching, jutting tits as he brutally fucked her defenseless pussy. His massive boner ripped into her fuck-hole until Pam screamed and came wetly on his prick. Then he chuckled with satisfaction as her lovely legs wrapped around his waist and she screwed her pussy on his fucking prick as if she loved his cock.

Gasping and moaning, coming continually, Pam helplessly fucked her father’s giant prick, the largest prick ever to fuck her frail young body. She felt small under his heaving frame, almost smothered by his body and his overpowering lust. She cried softly each time she came, hating to orgasm on his prick, but his cock was more than she could resist. It filled every inch of her cunt and belly and sometimes seemed to fuck to her very lungs.

Her father fucked his powerful cock in and out of her twisty pussy and his hairy balls smacked wildly against her ass-cheeks as he ravished her cunt. With no regard for her small size or young emotions, he fucked her cunt brutally, muttering now and then about how she loved it.

But Pam felt like a dirty slut under her fucking father, especially when he started grunting and slobbering all over her thrusting tits. She felt his massive prick enlarge tremendously, felt his balls tighten up. And she knew what that meant to her. He was going to shoot his filthy load of come into her pussy.

She sniffled pitifully and screwed her hot cunt round and round on his, plunging, fucking cock. She didn’t want to fuck him, but he had discovered how to make her helplessly wanton and hopelessly hot. She couldn’t stop fucking his thick, long cock.

Her father chuckled and bit into the soft flesh of one of her aching tits. He thrashed her spiking pink nipple with his horny tongue, making Pam whimper and moan hotly, and he fucked all of his soaked prick into her tight fuck-hole.

His hips pistoned faster and Pam started grunting. Her father’s great weight came slamming down on her belly as he fucked his big prick into her creaming cunt. Faster and faster he fucked her until at last he groaned like an animal and his nuts exploded.

Pam always dreaded this moment. She came and came and came each time her father fucked into her, but it was nothing compared to the orgasm she always got when his prick was pumping jism into her pussy. Now his cock reared back and plunged brutally. Huge wads of thick, rich cock-cream torpedoed through his prick-tube and blasted out of his piss-hole. The geyser erupted into her ticklish, straining pussy and huge quivers of orgasmic thrills rippled through her body.

“Ohhhh!” she shrieked as if she were being stabbed repeatedly. In a sense, she was. Her father’s rigid fuck-pole stabbed her cunt again and again as his cock pumped huge wads of creamy come into her pussy. Pam shuddered and trembled fitfully on the bed, and her ass churned helplessly into the mattress as her cunt flooded viciously. Then her whole body jerked violently and would have bounced all over the bed if her heavy father had not been on her. She came wetly.

Finished with his daughter for the moment, her father pulled his spent prick out of her cunt, untied her wrists, and went into the living room to watch his favorite TV show.

“I hate you… I hate you…” Pam whimpered, writhing on the bed.

“Sure you do!” her father chuckled as he left her.

But Pam did hate him. She despised him. She hated his guts. And she wanted revenge for being misused and maltreated. But she couldn’t fight her huge father, not the man who could make her fuck like a whore. So she had to take her anger out elsewhere. Pam often did.


Pam didn’t know it but she was an awful lot like her father. He took his teenaged pussy wherever he could find it; she took her revenge out on anybody she could. Jack Turner used and abused a girl too young to defend herself, so Pam used and abused boys younger than herself. Little did her depraved parent know that he was raising a depraved little girl.

Pam didn’t think of herself as depraved. Just angry. And hurt. She lived to get even with her father, to pay him back in like kind for degrading her and humiliating her with her own helpless sexual appetite. Since she was powerless against her father, she vented her hatred on those weaker than herself.

She turned to young boys and got her revenge by torturing the very organ which so often tortured her — a cock. Since she couldn’t punish her father’s gigantic prick, she punished smaller, weaker pricks.

The day her father raped her once again she suffered not only a buzzing, drenched cunt, but a burning desire to get even. And that very weekend her opportunity came.

It was a Saturday evening, right after dinner, that Pam’s mother, answered the telephone. Mona Turner listened a moment, said something polite, and turned to her daughter.

“It’s for you,” she said.

Pam pranced to the phone and her father watched the delightful twitching of her cute ass. Pam kept her back to him, not wishing to see his lewd gaze on her body. Her father admired her ass and daydreamed about fucking it.

“Hello?” Pam cooed into the phone.

“Pam?” a woman’s yoice said. “This is Anita Blame. We’re friends of the Fosters. They said you like to babysit and we were wondering if you could watch our kids tonight.”

“Well… sure,” Pam replied.

“Oh, thank goodness!” the woman exclaimed. “We’ve asked everywhere! We’ll pay you five dollars an hour.”

Pam swallowed hard and bit her tongue to keep from gasping. Five dollars! The most anyone paid her was three!

“Can we expect you around seven?” Anita Blame wanted to know. “I know it’s short notice, but…”

“No, no, that’s fine,” Pam interrupted. “I’ll be there.”

Anita gave her the address and Pam was out the door five minutes later, strangely eager to meet the Blame kids. By seven-fifteen she was alone with young Debbie and Johnny. Pam was most interested in the boy who, she was glad to notice, kept peeking at her body.

As soon as Mr. and Mrs. Blame left for the movies, Pam carried her purse into the bathroom. She took off her dress and removed her teeny-weeny undies. She wadded up the small bra and panties and stuffed them into her purse. Then she pulled her dress back on and returned to the living room. She left her purse on the toilet tank.

She peered at the golden-haired little girl on the sofa watching TV. “Where’s your brother?” she asked.

“In his room,” Debbie replied without taking her eyes from the TV.

Pam left the child engrossed in the program and made her way through the house in search of the boy. She found his room with no trouble and posed in the open doorway. Johnny Blame was sitting on the floor, gazing at a motorcycle magazine.

“What are you doing?” Pam asked softly.

The boy’s head jerked up. His gaze danced over the pretty girl’s sexy dress, then quickly fell back to the magazine. “Uhhhh, reading,” he murmured.

“I can see that,” Pam said. She stepped into his room until the toes of her shoes touched the edge of his magazine. “But why?”

To be polite, Johnny looked up — then wished he hadn’t. Pam’s dress was awfully short, high on her curvy thighs, almost up to her pussy. He gulped and lowered his head quickly.

“Because,” he muttered.

“Because why?” Pam pressed. “It’s not good manners to ignore the new babysitter.”

“You’re not my sitter!” Johnny blurted. “Only Debbie’s. I don’t need a sitter!”

Pam smiled. “I know, I know,” she laughed. “You’re a big boy. Well, if you’re such a big boy, how come you don’t want to get to know me better? Wouldn’t you like to know me better?”

There was no mistaking the teasing tone of her sweet voice. Johnny’s young prick began to get stiff in his pants. He looked up at her and rasped, “You mean it?”

“Sure I mean it,” Pam said.

She smiled wantonly and gave him a sexy glance that made his cock jump. She took another step forward and set her feet to each side of his magazine. Her pretty legs made a wide upside-down V. Johnny looked under her dress.

“Jeez!” he gasped as his gaze roamed over her cute furry cunt. His prick throbbed wildly.

“I saw you peeking at me before,” Pam cooed, letting him look. “Do you think I’m pretty?”


“Is that why you came in here? Afraid to look at me?”

“Yeah,” Johnny admitted. “Most girls get mad when I look at them.”

“I’m not like that,” Pam said. “I like to be looked at.”

“You do?”

“Uh-huh. Want to look at my pussy?”

“I can see it!” Johnny gasped, blushing.

Pam giggled. “I mean really look at it.”

“Jeez… yeah!”

Pam smiled with satisfaction and went to the door. She closed it and leaned against it seductively. Her blue eyes sparkled and scanned his lap.

“Show me your prick,” she whispered, “and I’ll let you see my cunt.”

That dazed the boy. “You wanna see my prick?”

“Yes,” she cooed.

“Jeez, you are different!” he gasped. Little did he know just how different Pam Turner was.

He eagerly leaned back on an elbow and quickly opened his pants. Panting hotly, he pulled his stiff young prick out and let his cock throb in mid-air before Pam’s flashing eyes.

“Mmmm! You have a nice one,” she purred.

“Now show me your pussy,” Johnny said in a strained voice. He was anxious.

Pam smiled sexily and moved back to him. With her eyes fixed on his throbbing boner, she squatted in front of him and stretched her thighs wide. Then she pulled her dress way up and let him feast his eyes on her cunt.

“Holy Jeez!” he gasped, and his cock jerked stiffly.

Pam smiled at him. “Do I have a nice pussy?” she teased.


“Want to see my tits, too?”

“Huh? Well… yeah… if you wanna show ’em!”

Pam lowered her dress from her creamywhite shoulders and peeled it down below her little pointed tits. Johnny’s eyes went crazy and Pam giggled.

“Just your size, aren’t they?” she cooed. She cupped them seductively in her soft hands as the boy ogled.

“Jeez,” he rasped thickly, “how come you’re doing this? I mean… girls just don’t show their cunts and tits.”

“I told you,” Pam said, “I’m not like other girls. I like to show a boy my body. See what happens to your prick when you look at my tits and pussy? I like to watch a cock get stiff.”

“You do? But — why?”

“Because a stiff prick is more fun to play with. Would you like me to play with your cock?”

Johnny couldn’t believe his luck. The kids at school would never believe this. This cute babysitter not only wanted to make his prick hard, she wanted to play with his cock.

Pam giggled as the boy sat staring at her pussy. “Well?” she cooed. “Do you want me to or not?”

“Yeah! Heck, yeah!”

“You won’t tell anybody, will you?”


“You promise?”

“Yes! Yes!”

“It has to be our secret,” Pam whispered. “If anybody ever found out, we’d be in a lot of trouble. If you keep it a secret, I’ll do some nice things to your cock.”

Watching the look of youthful lust growing on his face, Pam reached over and gently caressed his thick, throbbing prick.

Johnny’s mouth fell open and odd sounds gurgled deep in his throat as for the first time in his life a sexy older girl willingly stroked his swollen prick.

“Holy Jeez!” he gasped, watching Pam’s fingers slowly encircle and fondle his pulsing cock.

“Does this feel good?” Pam asked. “You’re nice and hard. It’s hot, too. I like the way you got a hard-on for me.” Her hand closed around his hotly pulsating cock-shaft and she added, “Want me to jerk you off?”

“Yeah,” Johnny rasped hornily, and he eagerly pushed his prick upward in her hand.

“Do you shoot when you jack off?” she wanted to know.


“A lot?”

“I-I don’t know.”

“Well, I want you to shoot a lot,” Pam said.

She slipped her naughty fingers down to his small hot balls and tickled them. “I want your nuts to make lots of come for me. I like a stiff wet cock and really horny nuts. If you’re good, I’ll make you come more than you ever did before.”

“Jeez!” Johnny panted as his elongated prick jolted viciously above her teasing fingers. “This is fantastic! You’re really neat, Pam! This is fantastic!”

“You said that,” Pam laughed. She scraped her sharp fingernails up the length of his swollen prick and caressed his wet cock-head.

Then, to Johnny’s complete surprise, she released his prick and got to her feet. She looked around his room.

“What’re you looking for?” he wondered aloud.

“Where are your toys?” she asked.

“My toys?”

Pam’s eyes nailed his. “Yes, damn it! Can’t you hear? You have toys, don’t you?”

Her sudden harshness intimidated the boy. “Y-yes,” he stammered, feeling foolish. “In the closet.”

Pam pulled the closet door open and peered inside. The shelf contained an array of games, a kid’s football helmet and boxing gloves. On the floor was a toy chest. She leaned down and rummaged through the collection of toys.

Johnny’s eyes widened because when Pam bent over to search her short dress hiked up in back and he could see the sandwich of her cute little pussy between her thighs. His cock jolted with excitement.

“Oh!” Pam exclaimed suddenly. “These are ideal!”

She whirled around and dangled a pair of toy handcuffs from her fingers. She looked very pleased, almost thrilled, which puzzled Johnny. Why would handcuffs excite her?

“Do these work?” Pam asked.

“Uhhh, yeah, sure.”


“You just put them on and close them around your wrists.”

“How do you open them?”

“Push that little lever on them.”

“Can you get out of them?”

“What do you mean?”

Pam looked impatiently at him. “If I put them on your wrists, can you get out of them?”

“Well, yeah — if my hands are in front of me.”

“But no other way?” Pam wanted to know.

“No. Why?”

Pam sighed. “Get naked and lay on your bed,” she said abruptly.

“Huh? Heck, no. I ain’t getting naked in front of a girl!”

Pam’s blue eyes flashed and Johnny thought she was going to get mad again. But she shrugged her shoulders and said, “I see. I thought you wanted me to play with your cock. Okay. I don’t care.”

She dropped the handcuffs on his bed and started out of the room.

“Hey! Wait!” he shouted. “Where ya going?”

“To watch TV with Debbie,” Pam said. She gave his prick a distasteful look and added, “I guess you’re to young for me.”

She turned away and Johnny blurted, “No don’t go.”

Pam glanced back at him.

He swallowed hard and rasped, “Why do I have to get naked?”

Pam faced him and gave him one of her prettiest smiles. “Because I want to feel you all over. I want to rub your, little ass and tease your balls and jerk your prick nice. An older boy wouldn’t argue with a girl.”

“Are you gonna get naked?” he wanted to know.

“After you do,” Pam replied.

“Why me first?”

“So I can cocktease you, silly,” she cooed. “After you’re naked on the bed, I’ll strip and excite you.”

Johnny only had to look up and down her figure once more. Her luscious young tits were still naked in the open V of her dress.

“Okay,” he said.

Pam’s eyes glazed over as she watched him undress. By the time he was nude, her eyes were glassy and her breathing erratic.

“On the bed,” she said in a strange voice. Johnny jumped onto his bed, flat on his back with his eager boner bobbing in the air.

Pam moved to the side of the bed and said, “Put your hands up here.”

Johnny obeyed, but frowned in puzzlement as the sexy teenager cuffed his wrists to a crossbar on the bed.

“What’er ya doing that for?” he asked. “Can you get out? Try.”

He wriggled his hands and tried to stretch his thumbs to the catch-springs.

“I can’t,” he admitted.

“Good,” Pam said.

“Why am I handcuffed?” he asked.

“It’s a game,” she replied, glancing at his throbbing prick.

“I never heard of a game like this,” he said.

“Sure, you have,” Pam said, moving to his dresser. “Like Indians tying up someone.”

“Girl Indians don’t tie up anybody,” he pointed out.

Pam smiled at him. “Well, think of me as a rapist, then, and you’re my victim.”

“A girl rapist?”

“Why not? There are girl truck drivers now.”

“Jeez,” he muttered hopelessly.

Pam pulled open a dresser drawer. “Do you have neckties?”

“No. Why?”

“Any rope?”

“Rope? Why do you want rope?”

“I want to tie your legs open,” she answered. She turned and gave his cock a sexy look, then cooed, “I want to torture your prick.”

Johnny couldn’t know that she really meant that. Her statement simply excited his prick.

“In the toy box,” he said hotly. “There’s a jump rope.”

Pam found it and murmured something about needing two lengths of rope. She settled for the jump rope and an electrical cord. She tied Johnny to the bed, spread-eagled.

“There,” she sighed, admiring her handiwork. “Now you’re my prisoner.”

She stood beside his bed and smiled seductively at him. Holding the sexy smile, she slowly climbed up onto his bed. Standing up on it, she carefully straddled his body with her feet. With her legs spread in a big V, she slowly took her dress off, lifting it up and over her head.

“Jeez,” the kid breathed, staring up at her golden-haired young pussy and tight little tits.

“Like?” Pam cooed.

She let her dress drop to the floor. Then she turned her body completely around and arched her back.

Her soft hands played over her ripe, firm ass-cheeks and she purred, “Do you like my ass?”

“Heck, yeah!” Johnny gasped.

She leaned forward then and wiggled her naked ass and cute cunt over his face, letting him get an eyeful. As he ogled her sweet ass and furry cunt, she watched his cock stiffen and throb and jerk excitedly.

“See how this makes your prick nice and big?” she whispered hotly.

Johnny took a quick look downward at his raging young cock and saw what was exciting the girl. Pam seemed to want his prick to get nice and hard. He had heard older boys in school say that all chicks liked stiff pricks, but this was the first time Johnny ever met a girl who really did.

“Jeez, this is great!” he announced, and his young prick bolted in the air for Pam to see.

She giggled and kicked her shoes off. Stark naked, she faced him again, one foot on each side of his hips. She posed for him. She lifted her hands to the back of her head and writhed her sexy body around to cocktease him. She cupped her tits and teased her pink nipple with her naughty fingertips. She smiled at him a lot.

Johnny’s blood boiled and his prick grew to the greatest height he’d ever seen. Pam smiled and stepped back, placing her feet between his splayed thighs. She peered down at his throbbing young cock and her eyes got very glassy.

“Now your cock is mine,” she rasped in a strained voice. With her hot gaze riveted to his bobbing prick, she sank to her knees and said. “It has to serve me.”


Pam got down on her elbows and rested her hands on Johnny’s trembling thighs. With her eyes just inches from his turgid prick, she said, “It isn’t fair.”

“What isn’t?” Johnny asked thickly. “That a cock can make a girl a slave,” Pam murmured. Her glassy gaze roamed up and down the length of his prick.

The boy no longer understood her. He thought she was weird, but that didn’t matter now. What the sexy babysitter was doing sure beat jacking off. Or so he thought.

Pam’s hand moved to his prick. Her soft fingers danced over his cock-skin. “Your cock is so cruel,” she said in a small, whispery voice. “It’s so fucking stiff.”

Her thumb and forefinger closed on his cock-shaft, and she slid them up and down as she watched his prick throb excitedly.

She suddenly, almost violently, grasped his boner in her fist and rasped, “You’re all alike. You poke your hard-on at a girl and turn her into a helpless whore!”

Johnny gagged as her nice hand squeezed his cock. She sounded odd to him, but her hand was exciting.

“You like to make a girl cry,” Pam said accusingly. “You shove your big dick in her and make her fuck! She tries to be good and clean. But no! You have to come along with your God damned boner! Well, you’re not the only one who can be cruel.”

Johnny’s mouth flapped and he stammered, “I-I don’t know what you mean.”

“Yes, you do, you little cunt-teaser!” she fired at him. Her eyes flashed and her tits heaved. Gripping his hot cock tensely, she rasped, “The minute you saw me, you undressed me with your eyes. And you got a hard-on, didn’t you?”

“Don’t you know what a stiff prick does to a girl? It isn’t fair. Just look at your cock! How can a girl be good when you’re hard like this?”

Johnny stared down at the pretty girl who was raving so crazily. But he overlooked her wildness because at the same time she was playing with his prick!

Pam felt him quiver, saw him thrust upward with his stiff boner. She glanced over his rigid young fuck-pole at him and said, “You like me to do this, don’t you? You want a girl to play with your prick, even if she doesn’t want to. Well, I’ll show you. I’ll give you what you want.”

She said the words so threateningly that Johnny caught his breath, and, for a brief moment, he began to wonder if he wanted this girl to touch his prick. But Pam’s threat wasn’t dangerous, it was delicious.

She watched his young face for reactions as she slowly twirled her thumb round and round his wet cock-head. His prick jolted in her hand and she giggled.

“See how wet it gets?” she whispered, running, her thumb through his silky fuck fluid. “It’s enough to drive a girl out of her mind.”

“I never got so wet,” Johnny rasped, quivering.

“That’s from your nuts,” Pam said. “It’s pre-cum. I read about that in one of my father’s dirty magazines. Here’s your cockpipe, right here. Your balls make the jism and force it up through this pipe, right out your pee-hole on top. See? Right here.”

She tipped his prick so he could see what she referred to. With the tip of her forefinger, she pointed out his pee-hole and rubbed it for him.

“Jeez,” he groaned, and his stomach muscles tightened up. So did his hot balls.

“Feel good?” Pam asked softly.

“Heck, yeah! I never had a girl play with me before.”

“Do you wanna have sex with me?” she asked.

“What kind?”

“All kinds,” she laughed. “Ain’t I sexy? Have you ever licked a girl’s cunt?”

“Yuk! No!” Johnny blurted, turning up his nose.

“What do you mean? If a girl can lick your prick, the least you can do is lick her pussy for her!”

Johnny’s ears pricked up. “You gonna lick my cock?” he rasped. His prick jumped in her fist.

Pam studied his face for a moment. Her eyes deepened in blueness and she said, “I’ll show you what we’re gonna do.”

She crawled upwards on his writhing young body and brought their hot flesh into contact. She kissed his mouth hotly and crushed her small tits against his chest while his prick throbbed wetly against her firm belly. Raw erotic pleasure rushed through the inexperienced youth’s body, and he shivered beneath the horny girl.

Pam lifted her sucking mouth from his and her eyes glistened with sex. She pushed herself up on her hands and writhed upward a few inches on his body. Gripping his thick cock between her thighs, she thrust her naked boobs at his face.

“Here,” she breathed hotly, “suck my tits.”

“Suck ’em?” Johnny rasped.

“Yes, God damn it! Stick your tongue out. Lick them all over. Suck my nipples.” She moved her thighs together against his turgid prick, encouraging him.

Johnny obeyed and stuck his tongue out. Since he was reluctant and inexperienced, Pam pushed her tits against his mouth and rubbed a nipple up and down over his tongue. The pleasurable sensations created in him brought him to life, and he excitedly twisted his face this way and that as he lapped her luscious young tit-mounds and stiffening nipples.

“Yes, yes, like that,” Pam rasped. “Ohhh, you make a girl’s tits so horny! A good girl doesn’t stand a chance when you start licking her boobs!”

She arched her back and wriggled provocatively as her youthful slave’s wet tongue lashed her tits. Somewhat dazed by Pam’s sexy tits, Johnny parted his lips and caught her left nipple in his mouth. Pam moaned and pushed it in farther, then twisted her nipple around in there. Johnny caught on and started sucking and licking with a fury. He was amazed to see how horny Pam got when he did that.

“Ohhh! Ewww! You cunt-teaser!” she gasped, shoving more of her tit into his wet mouth. “Oh, God, how you suck! See how big my nipple gets? Ohhh, I can’t stand it!”

Overwhelmed by erotic pleasure, she squeezed her hot thighs against Johnny’s raging prick and worked them up and down to fuck his prick. Catching the rhythm, Johnny munched her taut tit and humped his hips up and down so his wet prick would continue to fuck between her luscious thighs. It all felt so good.

Pam’s tender nipples spiked enormously, like little pricks, and she fed him the other tit for a while. She started gasping and breathing deeply and small shudders rippled through her body. She suddenly moaned deeply and pulled her throbbing nipple out of his soaked mouth. She panted hotly and peered at him through glazed eyes.

“See what you’ve done to me?” she rasped. “Just look at me! All hot and horny, like a little slut! You little cunt-teaser!”

She squirmed and wriggled all over his body, twisting around. She crushed her aching tits into his quivery young belly. Her hands ran over his naked hips, his thighs, his balls. Her fingers fluttered like birds wings, tickling his balls, then gripping and stroking his alarmingly stiff prick. His pre-cum smeared her hands. She rubbed it back onto his cock-shaft.

Her furry pussy banged against his rib cage and she screwed it around there as she jerked on his prick. Drunk with heady sexual pleasure, she stroked downward on his rigid young fuck-pole, smearing his pre-cum all over his cock.

Feeling the girl’s hands on his naked flesh, Johnny groaned like a hurt animal and thrust his cock upward for more of the same.

Pam pressed her cheek against the soft fur of his cock area and stared hotly at his throbbing prick as his cock jerked wildly in her caressing hand. Panting hornily and electric with sensual feelings, she stroked his pulsing prick up and down. Her gaze remained glued to the rigid cock, examining and admiring his prick as she got his cock super stiff.

“Pam!” the boy gasped, writhing beneath her manipulations. “Holy cow! Jeez! What’re ya doin’ to it?”

Pam ignored him. She was interested only in his stiff wet prick. That and his rib cage where she was furiously rubbing her juicy cunt. She pressed her stiff little clit against his bones and squirmed against his chest, wetting him with her ample cunt-juices. At the same time, she ran her teasing fingers up and down his inner thighs leaving his prick to throb wildly in midair.

Her roaming fingers stroked up and down between his legs, making the boy twist and turn with sex-agony. The wetness of his bulbous cock-head delighted her and she wanted to see another bubble of the clear fuck fluid rise up out of his cute pee-hole. She knew how to make it happen.

Her fingers teased their way into his hot crotch. There the fingers of both hands met at his churning, tight balls and she diddled his balls until Johnny was gasping for relief. Pam giggled to see his cock stiffen even more and become a big, thick, juicy morsel of male flesh. His cock was so wet his prick-shaft looked like a bar of iron that had been rained on. Pam loved it.

She played with his boiling balls for a long time, letting the boy squirm and groan as if hurt. The more he twisted in agony, the better his chest felt against her squirming clit and pussy. She laughed to herself as she cockteased him endlessly and joyously.

Instinctively, Johnny thrust his aching prick heavenward and gasped, “Pam! Please! Oh, Jeez… lick it!”

Pam tittered girlishly. “Why, Johnny,” she teased, “what a naughty thing to say to a girl! And I thought you were a nice boy. Shame on you, teasing a girl with your big stiff prick this way!”

“Don’t tease me!” Johnny gasped, trying to hit her pretty face with his stony cock. “Lick it, suck it… do something to it! Please, Pam… please!”

Pam laughed excitedly. It thrilled her to hear the boy beg for her attention. She wished she could do something like this to her obscene father. How she would have loved to torture the son of a bitch this way!

To Johnny’s complete dismay, Pam rolled off of his body and sat next to him, her eyes gleaming. There was a wicked smile on her lips as her gaze traveled up and down his tortured young body. They lit up on his long, stiff prick as it throbbed wetly in the air.

“I thought boys liked to get hard-ons,” she teased. She leaned down on an elbow and blew her breath at his aching prick. “You have a nice one right now,” she said hotly. “Doesn’t that feel good? Isn’t this what a boy wants? You little cunt-teaser. All you boys are the same. Getting such big pricks and teasing a girl with them.”

“I ain’t teasing you!” Johnny gasped. “You can do anything you want to my cock! Please, Pam, you’re driving me crazy! It hurts!”

That did something to Pam. Johnny saw her face glow, and she looked delighted and excited.

“Where?” she whispered hotly. “Where does it hurt?”

“In my guts!” the boy groaned.

Pam placed her hand on the flat of his stomach just above his raging young prick. “Here?” she cooed. “Does it hurt in here?”

“Yes! Yes!” Johnny rasped, quivering.

“But what about your balls?” Pam cooed. “Don’t your nuts ache?”

“Yes, there, too!” the boy gasped. “It hurts all over!”

“And your cock, too?” Pam wanted to know.

“Yes! Jeez, Pam, why ya asking me all this? Can’t ya see I’m hurt?”

Pam giggled. “I just like to hear a boy say it,” she purred.

“Okay! Okay! It hurts! My guts hurt! My nuts hurt! My prick hurts! Oh, Jeez… please, Pam… do something! Make me come! I gotta come!”

Pam’s sparkling eyes danced up and down the length of his rigid, throbbing, wet prick and she smiled with a secret pleasure. “Yes,” she said softly, her tits heaving, “you look like you’re hurting. Serves you right, though, for cunt-teasing girls so much. You boys think you’re so fucking great just because you have nice pricks. It isn’t fair.”

Johnny’s head twisted back and forth and his young mind whirled. Pam was rambling again and he couldn’t make any sense out of what she was saying. All he knew was that this sexy babysitter was weird. He’d thought she’d wanted to jerk his cock or maybe suck him off, but what she was doing for fun was causing him a hell of a lot of pain.

But Pam’s sex-fun was just beginning. Her father had used and abused her so much that she had a lot of pent-up anger to get rid of. And the only way she could do that was to make some boy’s prick stiff and wet with lust.

Johnny’s cock was ideal for Pam. He was so young and innocent, his prick so new and fresh. She could make his cock stand up and beg for mercy. Now she was in command. Her dad’s monstrous cock had rendered her helpless and weak. Now she felt powerful, leaning over the boy’s rigid but helpless prick. He was her captive, his prick was her slave.

With the boy tied to the bed and his cock so big and wet, Pam got immense thrills in her pussy and tits. There was something so delicious about tying a boy up and torturing his beautiful cock. As far as Pamela Turner was concerned, this was the thrill of a girl’s lifetime.

But Pam wasn’t free from agony either. In spire of herself, she couldn’t help the deep feelings of softness and horniness that swept over her all the time as she tried to stay in command of a boy’s rigid fuck-pole. But the mere sight of a soaked, throbbing prick made her go all weak and lax inside. Her pussy got so damned hot!

Her cunt was super hot when her gaze moved from his turgid prick to his agonized eyes.

“You’re close to coming,” she said hotly.

“I know!” the boy gasped, and his cock lurched.

“Want me to suck you off?”

“Will ya?”

“Sure,” Pam smiled teasingly. “If you lick my pussy.”

“I don’t wanna lick a pussy,” Johnny said, turning up his nose.

“That’s what’s wrong with you boys,” Pam said bitterly. “You wanna make a girl all hot and horny so you can stick your darned cock in her cunt and shoot her full of jism. But you don’t wanna make a girl feel good, too.”

Johnny tried to appease the distraught girl. “I’ll fingerfuck you,” he rasped hotly, eyeing her pussy. “I wanna play with your cunt.”

“I want you to suck it,” Pam said sternly. Her voice took on a strange quality as she rasped, “I want you to nibble it and lick it and bite it and munch it!”

“Jeez! I ain’t gonna do all that!”

Pam’s eyes narrowed on his. “Oh, yes, you are,” she said through clenched teeth. “You’re gonna do everything I tell you. You’ll see.”

Johnny suddenly didn’t like this sex game. “Never mind,” he choked. “Forget it! Untie me. I’ll jerk off!”

Pam’s eyes sparkled and flashed wickedly. “You aren’t gonna whack off while I’m here,” she said evenly. “You just lay still, kid. You ain’t going nowhere.”

Johnny didn’t like the sound of that. This was getting too serious to suit him.

“You can’t keep me tied up like this!” he blurted.

“I can’t?” Pam cooed, smiling lewdly. “I’d like to see you stop me.”

The truth gave the boy the shivers. This pretty chick was really going to keep him prisoner for as long as she liked.

“Hey, Pam,” he rasped, “don’t look at me like that. What are you up to? I don’t wanna do this any more. Untie me or I’m gonna tell.”

Pam’s pretty face darkened and her eyes nailed his. “You shouldn’t threaten a girl, Johnny,” she said. Something in her voice made the boy afraid of her.

“I-I’m sorry,” he said weakly. “I was just kidding. Heck, I can’t say anything. Nobody’d ever believe me anyway. And I’d be laughed at for letting a girl tie me up. I was just kidding, Pam. I wouldn’t tell.”

“I know you won’t,” Pam said confidently. “Because if you did, I’d just tell your parents that you raped me. They’d believe a girl before they’d believe you.”

That was precisely Johnny’s fearful thought. His mom and dad would never believe that this cute teenager tied him to a bed and tortured his cock. Heck, all she’d have to say is that he grabbed her tits and he’d be in for a helluva whipping! Nobody would ever believe a girl tied him up and played with his dick for hours.

Pam was now satisfied that his threat was out of the way. Johnny looked handsomely beaten and his prick looked beautifully erect and juicy. Pam wanted to have fun with his cock now that she was in command once again.

She had something special in mind, but before she could make her move, there was a tapping on the bedroom door.

Pam stiffened and slapped a hand over Johnny’s mouth. Pressing her face close to his, she snarled, “If you make one sound, I’ll tell your parents you felt me up. Understand?”

Johnny swallowed nervously and quickly nodded his head. His eyes bulged and he choked on his saliva. Pam released his mouth and jumped off the bed. She hurried to the door and held it closed with her body.

“What do you want?” she asked through the door.

“It’s our bedtime,” Debbie Blame said sweetly.

Pam heaved a sigh of relief. For a minute, she’d thought the kid had heard what was going on in the boy’s bedroom.

“That’s a good girl, Debbie,” she cooed. “You go ahead and put your, pajamas on and climb into bed.”

After a moment’s silence, the child asked, “Is Johnny in bed?”

“Yes, he is,” Pam assured her. “I’m tucking him in now. You go ahead and get into bed like a good little girl.”

“Okay,” the child answered.

Pam pressed her cute little ear to the door and listened. She heard the girl move away, heard a door open and close. She was satisfied that the child was obedient.

She turned and rested her naked back against the door and peered over at Johnny’s tall, stiff, young prick.

“Now you and me can have some fun,” she purred.

Johnny groaned.


Pam moved to the bed and crawled onto it. On all fours, she climbed over Johnny’s agonized young body and straddled it with her hands and legs. With her face hovering over his rigid prick, she wiggled her wet cunt above the boy’s startled face.

“Don’t I have a cute pussy?” she purred.

Johnny looked and saw that she was bent over and peering between her ripe tits at his face and at her own sweet pussy. She wanted to watch him look at her cunt.

“Well?” she coaxed, giving her pussy a little twist for his benefit. “Like?”

Johnny got his breath back and stared hotly at the girl’s pretty pussy. “Yeah,” he said thickly, staring at the pink-and-white secret place between a girl’s legs — her juicy cunt.

“Wouldn’t you like to eat a pretty cunt like mine?” Pam wanted to know.

To her surprise the youth rasped, “No.”

She laughed then. “You’re a just a kid,” she giggled. “But don’t worry. By the time I’m finished with you, you’ll want to eat me.”

Johnny didn’t like the sound of her voice. She sounded awfully sure of herself. What was she planning? He found out.

Pam leaned down and scraped her spiking pink nipples over the exposed flesh of his taut stomach, teasing him and herself at the same time. She liked the feeling of a boy’s belly against her sexy tits. Especially when her stiff nipples brushed against his pubic hair. That tickled.

As she playfully swung her body left and right to rub her aching tits against the boy’s flesh, her long soft hair brushed over his aching cock. Johnny groaned to feel her hair kissing his prick every time she moved. Pam giggled, well aware of what she was doing. Not only was she getting nice feelings in her tits, she was also making the boy’s captured cock throb and grow bigger.

She set her hands to each side of his trembling thighs and leaned down, closer to his raging prick. Smiling impishly, she pursed her sexy lips and blew her breath against the naked hotness of his exposed cock. The stream of air tickled his cock-head and, when Pam moved her head, it tickled his balls.

“Jeez!” Johnny gasped. “What the heck ya doing down there?”

Pam just giggled and blew some more streams of air along his cock-shaft and quivery young balls. She lifted her tits from his straining body and twisted her head so she could blow her breath up and down the underside of his prick.

Then she centered her face just above his raging cock-head and with private pleasure blew her breath onto his wet piss-hole. The air streamed over his cock-head, down to his hair and balls, caressing his whole cock. The boy strained and groaned as the girl continued to tantalize his prick with her teasing breath.

“Stop, Pam,” he grunted inelegantly. “Don’t do that any more… you’re driving me crazy… stop… lick it!”

Pam laughed with delight, pleased with herself for pulling such a feverish remark out of the youth’s mouth. She giggled and laughed and turned her face this way and that, blowing her breath up and down and around his pulsing cock.

And, all the while, her furry young cunt kept turning and twisting above Johnny’s agonized face. Even as he pleaded with the girl to stop torturing his cock in this hateful manner, he couldn’t help but stare up at her wet cunt.

Pam moaned with pleasure, loving every moment of her cruel behavior. Johnny didn’t notice her subtle movement, but she slowly parted her knees wider. Her breath streamed deliciously over his throbbing prick-head and her pussy inched lower, nearer his mouth.

Johnny’s nostrils flared as he began to smell the girl’s hot pussy. His eyes feasted on the puffy lips and the pink inner flesh of her cunt. He could see her clit now, all slick with juicy come — and stiff, like a cock. He sniffed and the aroma of hot cunt gave him greater sensations of lust in his balls and prick. He didn’t know what was happening to him, just that the aroma of a girl’s pussy seemed to trigger deep, unknown feelings in his body.

“Want me to lick your cock?” Pam teased.

“Yes! Yes!” the aroused boy gasped. He lurched his throbbing prick upward to make her suck his cock.

Pam giggled and blew a stream of cool air over his aching cock. “Lick my cunt and I’ll lick your prick,” she purred.

Johnny had no choice now. Even though his mind rebelled against the idea of putting his tongue to a girl’s soaked cunt, something stronger in him made him do it. Pam’s pussy was only an inch or so above his mouth. He trembled fitfully on the bed, his wrists and ankles straining against their bonds, and his small pink tongue extended from between his lips.

The very tip of his tongue kissed Pam’s clit area. It pulled back into his mouth. He swallowed, tasting pussy. The taste wasn’t as horrible as he’d thought it would be. He took another taste, and, to his surprise, Pam writhed and moaned helplessly.

Sensing a male’s power over a girl, he pressed his tongue flat against her clit and gave it a lick that made Pam squeal.

“Ohhh! Johnny!” she shrieked, twisting her pussy around. “Do that! Lick it!”

Now it was Johnny’s turn to chuckle with private pleasure. Now the high and mighty teenager was begging him! Delighted with this turn of events, he licked the end of his tongue up and down her cunt-slit, just to see what would happen to her.

The result was pleasing. Pam gasped hotly as his tongue licked her pussy-crack and her whole body shivered. Then her hot little tongue lashed wildly against his boner.

So that was the secret! Johnny was beside himself with joy. He’d just discovered how to make a girl suck his prick!

With this new, knowledge burning in his young brain, the boy lifted his head and slapped his wet tongue against Pam’s quivering young pussy. He lapped it up and down, making sure to lick her clit every once in a while. Pam quivered and whimpered so sexily when he did that. It turned him on. Pam was starting to lick his cock in earnest.

Her tongue caressed his cock-head, swirled around his prick deliciously. And Johnny gasped. He thrust his tongue up into her drenched fuck-hole. Pam squealed and took his prick into her mouth. Johnny fucked his tongue in and out of her cunt-hole. Pam bobbed her pretty head up and down and made his prick fuck her mouth.

With sexual tension mounting rapidly, the boy buried his hot face in the wet, aromatic crotch and sucked her cunt hornily. Pam moaned loudly and pushed her leeching lips all the way down on his rigid fuck-pole, taking every solid inch of his prick into her mouth. As Johnny’s tongue wiggled in her fuck-hole, her tongue swirled madly around his cock-head as she blew his prick.

The feeling of his erect boner fucking in and out of Pam’s sexy young mouth drove the boy up the wall with increasing lust. He plastered his mouth against her soaked cunt and tonguefucked her cunt-hole viciously, eating pussy for the first time in his life. He couldn’t believe how good cunt tasted, especially when the girl was blowing his aching cock! He was totally astounded by the intensity of Pam’s horny reactions. She got so breathless and wiggly!

Pam’s shaking fingers curled around the boy’s stiff cock-shaft, and she raised her wet mouth from his cock to gasp, “Ohhh! See how you make a girl do dirty things! Oh, ohhhh you suck my pussy so good! You make me want to swell up with orgasmic intentions.” She saw his piss-hole open, ready to spew forth great quantities of thick, rich jism.

“Uh! Uhh!” the boy grunted. His ass jerked up off the bed. His balls tightened up against the base of his rigid, throbbing prick. He was about to shoot his load.

Right then, Pam laughed and her eyes sparkled with strange pleasure as she deliberately squeezed his prick between her thumb and forefinger just below his bulging cock-head. His whole cock jerked and jumped in her hand. But no jism came out. Instead, it was as if he were shooting his load back into his own balls!

“Isn’t that neat?” Pam giggled, panting with her own brand of horniness. “I learned that from a book. If I keep doing this, I can keep you on the verge of coming all night. Neat, huh?”

“No! No!” Johnny rasped, quivering with pain.

“Oh, it is so,” Pam sneered. “The book said so. It helps a man to hold back when he’s fucking a girl he likes. Men have a problem with coming, you know? If they come too soon, the girl doesn’t get hers. So they discovered this secret. See? When I squeeze your prick like this, your come goes back down. Watch.”

Johnny just groaned and twisted against his bonds as the fascinated teenager caressed and milked his cock. She worked his prick up to twisted there as little growling sounds escaped her gulping throat.

She took every solid inch of his fucking cock up into her hot, wet mouth and gave his prick a tremendous suck as she plastered her horny pussy against the boy’s sucking mouth and twisted violently. Johnny gasped for breath and his mouth blew little bubbles in Pam’s juicy wet cunt as she scrunched her pussy into his mouth.

Johnny jerked his face away from her violent cunt and cried, “Pam! I’m gonna come!”

“Mm-mmm-mmmmm!” Pam replied, sucking feverishly on his throbbing prick. She knew he was going to bust his balls. That was what she wanted him to do. It gave her a sense of power over his prick to know that her sexy mouth could make his cock explode and hurt with tremendous release. What a power girls had, she thought. All she had to do was suck Johnny’s stiff prick and he had to shoot his come. He couldn’t hold it back even if he wanted to. What power!

She grabbed the boy’s aching balls and gently teased them as her mouth slid wetly up and down the full length of his pulsing prick. Her cheeks ballooned in and out in a sexy rhythm as she sucked faster and harder. And she twisted her cunt round and round against his sucking mouth as she blew his cock.

Her throat constricted, and she sucked on Johnny’s cock-head until he groaned like a hurt animal. The feeling in his prick was more intense than he’d ever known it. Not even his wildest jerk-off felt as good as Pam’s mouth sucking his cock.

“Make it come!” he bellowed uncontrollably. His whole body strained tensely. His wrists and ankles pulled hopelessly against their bonds. His teeth clenched and his face screwed up in a mask of agony as Pam’s hotly sucking mouth ravished his helpless, defenseless cock.

The young inexperienced boy went completely out of his head — to Pam’s delight. He arched his back and shook violently on the bed.

He chewed into Pam’s cunt, then yelled, “Eat me! Suck me off! I’m gonna come! Oh, Jeez! Pam! Pam! Suck my cock!”

He was out of his mind and Pam loved it. How wild she could make a helpless boy! Look how taut and tense his body was now, all shaky and quivery as she sucked on his raging prick. She felt his enormous boner stiffen even more between her leeching young lips, and the feeling excited her tremendously. She knew he was very close to orgasm. His cock was going to shoot violently and she was going to suck all his come up out of his aching balls. She felt heady with female power now.

This was the moment she’d been working toward. At home, this was the moment when her lewd father drove her out of her mind — either pumping his fiery load down her throat or up her cunt, making her whimper and moan helplessly. Now he’d pay!

With that thought in her feverish young mind, Pam suddenly raised her mouth off Johnny’s immense prick. She threw her leg over his head and flopped beside him, laughing uproariously at him as his whole body arched and strained and jerked violently for release.

“Pam! Wh-what are ya doing? Please! Oh, please, Pam, don’t stop! Jeez! Ya can’t stop now! Holy shit! It hurts! Suck me off, Pam!”

Pam rested on one elbow and giggled happily as the tortured boy twisted and churned helplessly before her gleaming, sparkling eyes. She watched his aching prick thrust and stab into the air, looking for relief, and she laughed long and loud at him.

“That’s what you get for cunt-teasing a girl so much,” she rasped hotly. It was a great turn-on for her to see a boy’s prick in such a fit of passion and need. “You make a girl so darned hot she can’t be good. I can’t even think straight in school any more, just because of pricks. Who can think of anything besides your God damned cocks? Look how stiff and wild it is. You make a girl so weak.”

“Oh, God!” the boy choked, and his head twisted agonizingly.

Pam smiled beautifully at his stiff, wet cock. With eyes flaming and tits heaving, she reached over his thigh and gently caressed his aching prick. Her fingers moved over his tightened young balls and rigid cock-shaft with cruel gentleness.

Smiling with private, sadistic pleasure, she curled her slender fingers around Johnny’s raging prick and slowly milked his cock-shaft up and down. Strange guttural sounds gurgled in the kid’s throat as the weird teenaged girl tortured his almost-coming cock.

“You close?” she purred, and her delightful fingertips teased his swollen cock-head.

“Yes! Yes!” Johnny gasped, twisting horribly on the bed.

Pam giggled. “Watch this,” she cooed.

She wiggled closer to his tortured body and peered hotly at his enlarged, swollen prick as her fist slid up and down. Johnny couldn’t watch anything. His eyes were shut in agony as the girl tormented his rigid young fuck-pole.

Pam’s pretty face moved within an inch of his enormous boner and her eyes flashed hotly as she watched her naughty fingers slide up and down on his soaked cock. She felt his prick engorge with hot blood and knew he was dangerously close to orgasm. That was what she wanted.

Johnny grunted loudly like a hurt animal. He thrust his shaking hips upward, trying to fuck the girl’s teasing hand. He looked terrible as he choked and gasped for relief.

Pam’s cruel fingers curled around his drenched cock-head, and she tantalized his prick deliberately, watching it enlarge and [missing text].

“[missing text] suck you off, you little bastard! Ummm, lick my cunt again! Ohhh, you horny boy! Shame on you, making me feel this way! God, your cock is big!”

With a whimper and moan she took his rigid fuck-pole back into her loving, sucking mouth and ate him hornily as his tongue, teeth and lips drove her aroused cunt wild.

In his wildest dreams, Johnny had never thought he would be eating an older girl’s cunt. The pussy-sucking seemed to come naturally to him as Pam fucked her face up and down on his enormous young boner. He lapped his tongue up and down with rapid slicing motions. He teased and tantalized her quivery little clit while sucking up her hot female fuck-fluids.

Pam moaned hotly on the rigid fuck-pole throbbing so hotly in her sucking young mouth. This cock wasn’t big and cruel like her dad’s prick. Johnny’s cock was just the right size for her sexy little mouth. She could take all of the boy’s boner into her mouth and suck his prick easily.

Her pretty mouth stretched nicely around his soaked cock-shaft as her head bobbed up and down in a lusty rhythm. The lustiest expression imaginable was on her pretty face as she blew the prick. The more Johnny licked her cunt, the harder she sucked his cock.

Whimpering and moaning, she sucked his prick faster and faster. Her eyes twinkled, and her tits crushed against the boy’s belly and another point of orgasmic violence and, just when the gasping wanted more than anything to shoot his aching load of jism, Pam squeezed his prick again. The same thing happened. Johnny’s body was racked with pain streaking to his guts as Pam laughingly prevented his aching cock from spitting.

“It hurts!” Johnny screamed. His wrists and ankles tugged violently at the handcuffs and ropes, but all he could, do was toss and turn and choke with pain as Pam went on with her pleasure.

She jerked his prick close to orgasm again — and squeezed it away. She caressed his soaked young prick, teased his cock, played with his prick, got him close to shooting a half dozen times and each time she stopped him from disgorging his fiery load of jism. She laughed a lot.

Her hot eyes danced over his straining belly, his throbbing wet prick, his tightened balls. She giggled ecstatically to know that his prick was totally at her mercy. At least for the time being. Johnny’s relief came in an unexpected way. Just when he was despairing of ever coming, something happened to the weird babysitter.

Pam’s eyes burned into the boy’s rigid, throbbing cock. But her giggling stopped. The pleasure of cockteasing was disappearing. Her pretty face grew somber as her gaze gently caressed the stony, poking prick. Her pink tongue slipped across her petulent young lips.

Her breathing grew rapid. Something was happening to her.

Her fingers curled around Johnny’s cock and she rasped, “You little cunt-teaser. You’re all the same. Always making a girl do naughty things. You want your cock sucked, don’t you? Sure you do. And you expect a girl to suck it for you.”

Her naked thrusting tits pressed against his thigh as she inched closer to his enormous boner.

She milked his cock in her fist and murmured, “You make me want to suck you. Girls shouldn’t have to blow your cock. You cunt-teaser. You fucking little cunt-teaser.”

Muttering incoherently, she lowered her sexy mouth to his aching prick and parted her ripe young lips. Johnny groaned in agony as she slipped her wet mouth down onto his enlarged, rigid prick. Pam moaned horribly and started sucking his cock with a vengeance as she whacked his prick in her fist.

She pounded his prick so violently and sucked so hard that Johnny started to cry like a baby. Great streaks of pain ripped through his guts as the horny girl pumped his cock and sucked viciously.

Repressed anger at her father drove Pam to wildness on the boy’s innocent cock. Her free hand grabbed his balls and squeezed them viciously. Her pretty head bobbed faster and faster as she took more and more of the boys’s prick into her feverish young mouth. Her hand slipped away and her leeching lips slid all the way down his cock-shaft until her nose pressed into his hot balls. With his rigid fuck-pole stuffed in her mouth, she sucked powerfully and swirled her vicious little, tongue round and round his bulging cock-head.

“Aaaggghhhh!” Johnny screamed. His body jerked into a bow. His cock fucked into Pam’s hotly sucking mouth. And his balls exploded viciously. Huge wads of thick jism torpedoed through his distended cock-pipe and shot out of his piss-hole with a violence. Pam groaned like an animal and sucked all his come up out of his balls. Her throat tippled as she gulped and gulped, swallowing every spurt of his aching prick.

Even when Johnny would have liked to stop coming, Pam grasped his prick and pumped viciously. His head continued to bob up and down as she sucked and sucked, drawing more and more juicy come out of him. She wouldn’t stop sucking and jerking his prick until she had sucked all the come up out of his aching young balls.

Johnny’s eyes rolled in his head and he twisted agonizingly on the bed as the strange girl sucked his prick like never before. He could feel her mouth fill up with his pumping come, could feel her swallowing, and gulping and sucking for more. He felt as if she were pulling all his strength right out of his body. Pam was like a vampire, sucking the blood out of him. Her blow-job left him as pale as a vampire’s victim.

He was a gasping, writhing, shuddering mass of male flesh when Pam was finished eating him. The poor kid shook violently, quivering and trembling fitfully as Pam drew away from his soaked, spent prick.

She sat up on the bed and smiled with satisfaction.


Pam’s next thought was of fucking. With the taste of Johnny’s hot jism still in her mouth, she gazed longingly at the cock that could stop the feverish tickle deep in her belly.

“I knew this would happen,” she said. She reached over and caressed the boy’s limp, flaccid cock. “You’re always making a girl feel this way. Even when she doesn’t want to. You get a stiff hard-on and make her pussy all wet and horny. I wasn’t gonna start fucking until I got married. But — you and your God damned cocks!”

Johnny hardly heard her ravings. He had problems of his own. Coming out of his haze, he turned his face and peered at the pretty teenager who was now manipulating his sucked-out prick.

“Jeez,” he rasped, “I didn’t know cocksucking was like that. I never came so hard. You sure know how to blow a guy. Where did you learn to suck a prick like that?”

His question made Pam remember her cruel and lust-driven father. Her eyes narrowed on the boy and she snapped, “Mind your own fucking business!”

She startled the boy. “Jeez,” he said, “you don’t have to get mad. I just asked.”

“Well, don’t! Isn’t it enough that you make me want to blow you?”

“I ain’t making you do anything!” Johnny protested. “Untie me. Get out of my room. Leave me alone. I don’t care!”

Pam’s fist tightened on his spent wet prick. “I knew it,” she sneered. “Just like a boy. Get your fucking rocks off and the hell with the girl!”

“What are you talking about?” Johnny gasped, alarmed by her outburst of anger and resentment.

“This!” Pam screeched. She knelt up on his bed and thrust her furry young cunt before his face. Her fingers groped around in the wetness between her puffy cunt-lips and she snarled: “See how wet it is? That’s all your fault! Do you know what that means? It means my pussy’s burning up! Do you think it’s fun to suck a prick? It’s disturbing! When I suck a cock, my belly starts to tickle like crazy! That’s what your damned prick does!”

“I didn’t tell you to tie me up and blow me,” the boy protested.

“Just shut up!” Pam yelled at him. “You didn’t have to tell me! All you had to do was look at me the way you did when I came here tonight! I saw you lusting after my tits! You think a girl is blind? I knew what you were thinking about, you little cunt-teaser! You wanted to see my pussy, didn’t you? Didn’t you? Well, look at it now! You got it so hot because of your fucking prick!”

Johnny didn’t understand the raving girl in the least, but he sure liked looking at her furry twat. Pam was nicely posed for him, and he stared hotly at her pussy, getting the best look at a cunt that he’d ever had. He couldn’t wait to tell the guys about it — without mentioning her name, of course. It would just be neat to tell about the night a babysitter knelt on his bed, naked, and showed him her cunt. At least he thought that would be neat — until Pamela Turner did her thing.

She straddled his body and perched her naked ass on his thighs. Her two hands caressed his prick and played with his cock. Johnny felt a slight stirring in his balls and he frowned at the girl.

“What are you doing?” he asked, watching her fingers tease his prick. “You already sucked me off. You can untie me now.”

Pam laughed. She threw her pretty head back and giggled fitfully as her hands manipulated his balls and cock. “Don’t be silly,” she laughed.

Johnny’s frown deepened and worried lines creased his forehead. “What do you mean?”

“We’ve just begun,” Pam laughed.

“Huh? I don’t want anymore sex with you. Get offa me!”

“Make me,” Pam giggled.

Johnny twisted his head and his widened eyes peered at the rope around his ankle, the electrical cord around the other, the handcuffs above his head. Then he stared wide-eyed at the sexy teenager bouncing on his thighs and toying with his growing prick.

“What are you gonna do, Pam?” he asked worriedly.

“Fuck you,” she purred. “Isn’t that what you were thinking of when you first saw me? Didn’t you think about fucking me? All boys think that about a girl, don’t they? They laugh together and talk about her tits and pussy and they plot and plan how to get into her pants. Even if the girl doesn’t want to screw, they make her. Don’t you?”

“I don’t!” Johnny blurted. “I never fucked a girl in my life!”

“That doesn’t matter,” Pam said through her teeth, thinking about her raunchy father.

“You’re all the same — stiff-cocked and raring to rape a girl. I know. You don’t fool me.”

Johnny looked from the burning lust in her eyes to his cock. Pam had his prick half hard already, to his amazement. “I don’t wanna fuck,” he muttered. “I just came so much!”

“That’s okay,” Pam said, watching his prick grow in her fingers. “You’ll come again. Your nuts are making more jism right now. Don’t you know that? When a girl plays with your cock, your balls build up more come to shoot.”

“I don’t wanna shoot any more,” Johnny rasped.

“I don’t care what you want,” Pam said sternly. “It’s what I want that counts now. You’re not gonna get me all hot and bothered and quit on me. Oh, no. You got me this way, so you have to do something about it. It’s all your fault for lusting after me and making me feel naughty.”

Johnny could not protest or reply.

Pam gazed down at her furry little pussy and murmured, “See how hot my cunt is? Look how wet! God, you got me wet! Did you know I came when you were shooting your come down my throat? I did. That’s what you do to a girl, you cunt-teaser. You made me very hot, Johnny.”

“I didn’t mean to…”

“Yes, you did. You like a girl to get all weak and helpless. You cunt-tease her until she can’t help herself any more. Then you fuck the daylights out of her and make her like it.”

She fondled his growing prick almost lovingly as she rambled on about the male’s power over a helpless girl’s hot body.

Memories of her father’s immense cock heightened her desire to strike back at a prick, any prick. It was the male fuck organ that rendered her so helpless and horny. It was a big, stiff prick that made her do naughty things. It was a large, wet cock that made her cunt want to screw viciously. She had to master cock or forever remain a slave.

Johnny could not know what strange thoughts passed through the teenager’s young mind. He only knew that Pam seemed terribly upset and horny and that she couldn’t get enough of his prick. Her hands were now teasing his balls and prick at the same time, as if she was trying to force his cock into renewed rigidity.

“I came too much,” the boy rasped, quivering. “It can’t get stiff again.”

“That’s what you think,” Pam giggled. Then her face darkened with that strange look that worried the boy and she added, “You think you’re in charge of your cock, don’t you? Well, you’re not. I am! I’d like to see you keep it soft! Just try! You think it can resist my cunt?”

Her fingers lifted his prick upright and stroked its length. She shifted her hips forward and poised her cunt directly over his cock. Excitedly, she placed the head of his prick against her cunt-mouth.

“See if you can stay soft now,” she laughed. She pushed down and caught her breath. Her pussy descended onto his prick as she forced her ass down. To Johnny’s surprise, his prick shafted into her writhing body. His mouth fell open in a silent scream of pleasure as he felt a girl’s cunt swallow his cock for the first time.

Pam leaned forward on her hands, and her soft hair hung in his face. She started mewling and fucking wildly. She was in total command of his prick. Her tight, slick cunt-walls sucked on his cock and made his prick big instantly; Johnny felt his cock loom large in her sucking, fucking pussy-hole.

Gasping hornily and making strange sounds in her throat, Pam pressed her naked tits to the boy’s face and rubbed them all over as she worked her hips up and down faster. Johnny’s prick fucked up into her twisty fuck-hole and got even stiffer as her pussy fucked up and down so smoothly and wildly.

“Suck!” Pam gasped, throwing her head back in a fit of ecstasy. “Suck my nipple! Suck it, you bastard! Ohhh, I’m gonna come!”

Johnny had no choice but to suck her tit. Pam pushed the tit into his mouth and crushed it in there. Johnny tried to protest but his muffle was as good as a suck. Pam’s pink nipple spiked in his wet mouth and her pussy churned violently on his stiff cock as floods of cuntjuice cascaded out of her heaving belly to soak her pussy.

“I’m commiiinnnggg!” Pam shrieked.

And she bounced up and down on the boy’s rigid fuck-pole so wildly that the mattress creaked loudly in rhythm with her frantic fucking.

“I’m commmiiinnnggg!” she squealed again, shivering and quivering hotly. She caught her lower lip between her teeth and chewed on it steadily as she humped her juicy cunt up and down viciously on the boy’s defenseless prick.

This was not fucking as Johnny had imagined it over the years. He felt used. This wild girl was abusing him. Abusing his cock. And Johnny knew that if his hands were free, he’d beat the hell out of her for this. But his wrists were cuffed securely, as were his ankles. So in his youthful rage, he bit into her tit.

“Ohhhh, yesssss!” Pam sighed hornily as his teeth sunk into the soft flesh of her aching tit.

Johnny couldn’t believe his ears or his eyes. He’d thought that surely biting her tender tit would discourage her, stop her from fucking the life out of his sensitive prick. But it turned her on! Pam became a wild thing on his body, fucking up and down violently. Her cunt sucked his cock viciously as she fucked him brutally.

“I don’t wanna fuck you!” the boy screeched in agony. Not only was Pam hurting him by making his guts ache, she was hurting him physically by bouncing so fucking hard on his body. Her cunt was like a weapon now, whipping his cock, beating his prick to shreds.

It slowly dawned on Johnny that the girl didn’t even hear him. Looking up at her face, he saw a mask of raw lust that he’d never seen in his life. It frightened him. Fear replaced his anger, real fear. There was something too strange about this girl. She was crazy, he was certain. Crazy with lust — or something.

Pam never felt any pain in her young tit. She shoved it into the boy’s mouth and whimpered soulfully as she continued fucking her wet pussy up and down the length of his erect boner. She was out of it. Her orgasm fired through her body like a powerful laser beam. All of her weight slammed down on her victim and she shrieked with wild female lust.

Suddenly, fitfully, she sat straight up, grasped her aching tits hornily in her hands and mauled the hell out of them while she screwed her hot pussy round and round on Johnny’s helpless cock.

She impaled her cunt with his prick. Her teeth gnashed as she bounced violently, and she howled with more climaxes as the boy’s bulging cock-head ripped up into her horny cunt. She cringed and gasped each time all of his cock fucked up into her pussy.

She came and came and came — to Johnny’s dismay and fright. Pam seemed to have an endless supply of violent orgasms in her pussy. She fucked brutally, chewing her lip and uttering odd-sounding curses as she fucked and screwed and humped hornily.

Johnny had often wondered what his first piece of ass would be like, but never had he dreamed fucking would be like this — so brutal, so mean, so vicious. Always in his young fantasies he had daydreamed of nice little girls he knew, girls he’d have to chase and feel up and get naked and fuck. But Pamela Turner was something else! She was wild, horny, strange, weird — and viciously fucking his swollen prick. The feeling deep in his guts was not the pleasure he’d heard about — it was raw, searing pain.

“Stop! Stop!” he gasped, wrenching his body in an effort to pull his prick out of the girl’s hungry cunt. “No more! Pam — please! Stop… don’t… owww, you’re hurting me… it hurts, it hurts.”

Pam didn’t hear a boy. She heard her own father begging for mercy. A strange grin crossed her pretty face as she fucked on the prick brutally.

“Fuck, you bastard!” she rasped crazily. “Fuck! Fuck!”

With deliberate if insane plunges, she fucked her tight young cunt down on the boy’s upright cock. Her bony pelvis slammed into his, hurting him again and again as her soaked pussy sucked his prick. She fucked faster and faster, getting off again, twisting and churning hotly as her burning pussy flooded.

“Fuck!” she gasped, twisting her tight pussy on the boy’s stiff prick. “Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me like an animal! That’s what you make me! A fucking animal! A bitch in heat! An animal-girl aching for a wild fuck! Look what you do to me! Ohhhh, my cunt wants to fuck! Give me your cock, you cunt-teaser! Fuck it into me! Give it to me! Screw my twat! Make me come! Ohhhh, fuck meeeeee!”

Johnny didn’t know what happened next. Maybe it was the teenager’s pleading voice. Maybe it was her tight pussy sucking so viciously on his sensitive cock. But whatever it was, it dazzled his mind and turned him into a fucking animal, too. All of a sudden, he pushed upward. His prick fucked into Pam’s cunt and rammed into her womb, splitting it open.

“Oh! Daddy!” Pam squealed.

Johnny hardly heard her now as he fucked his stony prick up into her cunt-mouth. His hips pistoned on the bed. His young ass bounced hard on the mattress as he fucked hornily for the first time in his life. His prick enlarged and thickened and fucked wildly into Pam’s twisting, humping pussy.

She shuddered and shivered and squeezed her tits tightly as she came and came and came on the boy’s beautifully fucking cock. Johnny was torn between fucking and hating every moment of the slavery to the girl’s sucking pussy.

“I don’t wanna come any more,” he cried, yet he fucked her pussy viciously with his youthful, wet prick. He was confused now, out of his head like Pam was out of hers. They were just cock and cunt now, two young animals coming together.

Johnny’s aching balls climbed up to the base of his fucking prick and squeezed there until big wads of thick cock-cream shot through his cock-pipe and out of his piss-hole.

Pam mewled animalistically and churned her fucking pussy hornily on the boy’s spitting prick. Her pussy sucked up all the jism out of his young body. She mauled her tits and fucked wildly on his firing cock, making his prick shoot a lot more than he was ready to. The boy came beyond his capacity because Pam’s cunt was like a vacuum cleaner gone berserk. It sucked come out of his balls that he didn’t even know he had in him!

“Ohhh, Daddyyyyyy!” the panting teenager rasped when the tumult was over. Johnny heard her that time, but didn’t know what to make of such a thing. Did her father fuck her like this?

He had no time to ponder the question. To his complete dismay, a very horny Pam slipped off of his body and suddenly threw herself on his wet prick. Before he realized what was happening, the strange girl had his cock between her fondling hands and in her sucking mouth.

“P… Pam,” he gasped, panting for breath. “What are you doing? Don’t… Ohh, don’t, Pam… no more… don’t suck me… stop!”

Pam lifted her sexy mouth just long enough to snarl, “I’ll teach you to make a girl fuck against her will.” Then she gobbled his prick into her mouth and started sucking his cock with passionate sucks.

“You can’t!” the boy gasped. “I can’t! What are you doing? There ain’t no more come in me!”

“Yes, there is,” Pam rasped hotly, licking her tongue all over his soaked cock. “I’ll get your fucking come, you cunt-teaser!”

She rammed her wet mouth down on his prick and sucked his cock into a rigid boner that shocked Johnny. He really didn’t believe his prick could get hard again. Not after a blow-job and wild fucking like that! But Pam got his prick big and stiff in no time.

His hard-on didn’t bring him pleasure, however. Pain streaked across his belly and through his young guts. A huge aching began in his balls and Johnny began to fear for himself. But there was no stopping this wild, strange girl. Pamela Turner was out of her mind!

Even though his cock got stiff and Pam sucked wildly, Johnny was sure there was no jism left in his body. Gasping and jerking beneath the girl, he groaned, “You can’t get any come… there ain’t any come.”

To his alarm, Pam laughed on his soaked prick. Her hand slipped below his balls and her fingers started dancing around his quivering ass-cheeks. He didn’t know what this meant until he felt one of her slender fingers trying to get into his tight little asshole.

“Pam!” he choked. “Stop! Stop!”

But Pam couldn’t stop. She was out of her mind with lust mixed with revenge and hatred for her fucking father. She pushed her slim finger up into the boy’s quaking, wrenching asshole and fucked it into him as she sucked viciously on his boner. Panting hotly, breathing rapidly through her flared nostrils, she screwed her finger deeply into his asshole. Her fingertip probed his guts, pushed and explored.

Suddenly Johnny howled and his whole body jerked upward off the bed. He gritted his teeth as totally new sensations shot through his lower body. Pam had touched something strange deep in his ass and, before he could catch his breath, his rigid fuck-pole spit large quantities of creamy come into Pam’s hotly sucking young mouth.

She chuckled lewdly, obscenely as she fingerfucked the boy’s helpless asshole and gobbled up all his gook. With relentless mouth and finger, she raped the boy of his come. She sucked and sucked and gulped and gulped as his defenseless prick jerked and lurched and spit savagely for her.

Her mouth filled with cock-cream many times, Pam whimpered hornily as she ate it all. At last the boy’s body collapsed on the bed and only then did she pull her sticky finger out of his clenching asshole and raise her wild mouth from his spent, shrinking cock.

Johnny Blame was crying, sobbing like a kid. Pam saw that and sneered at him. Sitting beside his wasted young body, she snarled, “You fucking cry baby.”

She crawled off his bed and pulled her dress over her ripe, naked body. She stepped back into her shoes and went to the boy’s feet. She untied them. Then she released the catch on one of the handcuffs, leaving the other for Johnny to work out of.

She moved to the door and pulled it open. Glancing back at the boy, she cooed, “That’ll teach you to cunt-tease a defenseless girl!”

She walked out of his room, feeling strangely superior and satisfied. These delicious feelings stayed with her for the rest of the evening. They were still with her at midnight when she got home.


Pam let herself into the house and turned off the porch light. She moved to the door of her parents’ room and listened for a moment. Silence. Then she tiptoed to the living room lamp and switched it off. Still on tiptoes, she made her way to her bedroom where she stripped naked and slipped into her comfy bed. She turned off the nightlight and pulled the sheets up above her tits. She smiled to herself in the dark, still feeling good about the exciting evening she’d had with the Blaine boy. Memories of his stiff young prick danced in her head and pleased her. She stretched kittenishly and smiled impishly, feeling creamy-dreamy. As she stretched, her toes pushed at the sheets and her luscious tits peeked out. Her pink nipples tingled and the feeling reminded her of her earlier tingly feelings with the boy.

She sighed contentedly. What a thrill it was to control a cock, to make a boy do things for her. This thought alone made her whole body glow. She basked in the sexy feelings now teasing her tits and pussy. She could have wallowed in this pleasure all night, but her good feelings were once again turned against her by her lusty father.

Just when she began to float lazily on a cloud of erotic pleasure, a sound beside her bed rudely tore into her dreamy state. She didn’t have to see in the dark to know what caused the sound.

“Daddy!” she rasped breathlessly. “Please — no.”

“Just came to give you a kiss goodnight, kitten,” her father whispered hotly.

Dread gripped her young heart and made her exposed tits rise and fall. She knew what her dad’s goodnight kiss really was — a tonguebath that would drive her crazy!

She felt the sheets slip away from her nude body. “No… noooo…” she whimpered helplessly.

Then she tried to frighten her father.

“Daddy,” she whispered. “Don’t… Mom will hear us.”

Her little trick didn’t work. “Not if you’re quiet,” her dad said. “Don’t moan so loud when I lick your pussy.”

When Pam heard that, her breath caught in her throat. Her dad’s big, experienced tongue always devastated her cunt. Now it was going to do it again!

Her horny dad started at her cute little toes. He caressed her dainty feet and licked his tongue-tip between her toes. Pam whimpered when she felt that. Her eyes were shut tightly. Her teeth were clenched, her fists gripped the bed sheet and held on for dear life. She braced herself for an agonizing torture.

Her father’s goodnight kiss was enough to drive the poor girl right out of her mind. His tongue aroused the flesh of her feet and ankles and made her legs tremble. He slowly licked insides her legs, spread them apart, and licked her calves. He licked his way up to her pert knees. He kissed each one, then licked them gently with saucy little licks that he knew would make Pam gasp.

She did gasp as her dad’s ticklish tongue swabbed around her kneecaps. He had his elbows on the bed between her legs now and her thighs started to shake. Pam knew why. This naughty licking made her pussy want some tongue. It made her cunt ache for sex. And now her earlier good feelings were driving her mad, making her want her dad’s tongue on her pussy. As his vicious tongue inched its way upward toward her hot cunt, she sobbed.

“I hate you, I hate you,” she rasped hotly as her father’s tongue invaded the firmness of her inner thighs. He licked first one, then the other, tantalizing the poor girl until she had to twist her cunt this way and that — as if she were reaching for his tongue, dying for it. In a sense, she was. She’d come home with an aroused pussy. Now her dad was inflaming her cunt. What could she do?

Her raunchy dad knew how to turn her on. He kept licking at her inner thighs until they shivered and opened for him. Pam couldn’t keep them together. The more her father licked her soft flesh the farther she pushed her legs away. The result was a beautiful young girl splayed on her bed with her dad’s face between her thighs.

Moving in for the kill, Jack Turner spread his daughter’s pussy-lips with his thumbs and, with the tip of his tongue, licked up and down her helpless cunt-slit.

“Oh!” Pam gasped, feeling the first lick. “Oh-oh!” she gasped, feeling the second one. “Oh-oh-oh!” she gasped, feeling the third. And with each short gasp, her pretty pussy jerked against her dad’s tongue until suddenly her dad was lapping her cunt hornily up and down rapidly. Then a helpless Pam humped her pussy hard and gasped a lot.

Her dad, pressed his lips against those of her cunt and inserted his tongue into her fuckhole. Pam choked as the thickness of his tongue invaded her pussy-channel and her whole cunt squirmed as he pushed it way in. He fucked his tongue in and out of her defenseless pussy until Pam came wetly. Hot silky girl-juice creamed over his tongue and lips. The heady perfume of his little girl’s sweet cunt drove him on and he sucked at her pussy-flesh hotly, lashing her cunt with his hot tongue all the while.

Pam gasped to feel her pussy leaking so juicily for her father. She secretly wished she could keep her cunt from coming, that she could deprive her dad of his pleasure. But she couldn’t. When he was licking and sucking her cunt this way, she had no control over herself at all. It was tcrrible for Pam. She didn’t want her pussy to feel good this way beneath her father’s mouth. But bow could she stop the fantastic, marvelous, mind-boggling feelings in her cunt? She couldn’t. Her pussy seemed to have a will of its own, and when her father was sucking like this her cunt just went wild and gave him all the fuck-juice he could lick.

Worst of all for Pam was when she began to like what was happening to her helpless pussy. The tickle in her cunt-mouth seemed to spread as her father licked her and it set her young pussy on fire. She hated these moments when she had to respond to her dad’s mouth. A tickle deep in her cunt made her a slave to her father’s lust, his kisses, his caresses, his licking, sucking mouth — and his enormous wet cock!

Pam tried not to think about her dad’s big cock. Her pretty head tossed on the bed as her pussy squirmed on her dad’s wicked tongue. She wished she had the nerve to cry out, to call her mother. But she knew deep in her heart that she wouldn’t do that. For one thing, her mother would die of shock. For another, Pam never thought of calling her until moments like this — when it was too late to call. Her cunt was now aflame with luscious unwanted feelings. She didn’t have the strength to call out, to stop this unwanted pleasure. She only had enough breath in her to gasp and moan as her father drove her pussy wild. In a little fit of orgiastic joy she threw a leg over her dad’s shoulder and humped her cunt up at his sucking mouth. He smiled to himself and fucked his thick tongue up into her pussy-hole.

Pam’s slender fingers suddenly gripped her aching tits and squeezed them as her cunt churned. “Ohhh, I hate you… I hate you…” she kept murmuring as she mauled her tits and twisted her pussy round and round.

Jack Turner ate his little girl’s cunt with a growing passion. How often he had lusted after her as she was maturing. How many hard-ons she had unwittingly given him. How hungry he had gotten for her pussy. How often he had daydreamed of eating her cunt. And now he was eating her pussy and he intended to get the most out of it. Pam’s sweet young pussy was pure delight to lick and suck. Her clit was so squirmy when he tongued and licked it. And her pussy-hole was so juicy after a few probes of his horny tongue.

Her cunt was soaked now as he slicked his tongue up and down her pussy-crack. He nibbled at her quivering clit to make Pam jump some more on the bed. Her hot little ass bounced deliciously each time her father fucked his tongue into her body. He lapped at her pussy-syrup with hot sharps and Pam heard the juicy sounds.

“I’m-I’m coming so much!” she panted.

Her dad grinned into her cunt and fucked his tongue up into her. He loved to hear Pam whimper weakly. He loved to make her helplessly horny like this, unable to keep her pretty cunt from coming. She was so lovely when she was weak and panting and coming like crazy.

Pam sobbed to herself, wishing she could stop this attack on her burning pussy. But her pelvis jerked hotly, and she arched her back on the bed as if her cunt was trying to get more tongue inside. Her ripe young tits hardened with sex-feelings and her pink nipples stood up like live things. She ran her hands over them sexily, trying to soothe them. But her tits were as excited as her clit.

Her dad’s tongue darted into her wet cunthole and once again that furious itch in her pussy made her hump like a bitch in heat. A quivering started in her belly and cascaded downward in the form of silky fuck-fluids. She was cumming again.

“Ohhhh, Daddy,” she panted hotly, “why do you do this to me? Please, stop. Ohhh, don’t lick any more… ewww, stop, stop! Don’t, Daddy… Please! Ohhhh, I don’t wanna come any more!”

Aroused by his daughter’s helpless horniness, Jack gripped her firm ass-cheeks in his big hands. Squeezing them and feeling them, he lifted them slightly. As Pam panted and whimpered, he devilishly slid his wet tongue lower and kissed her little asshole with the tip.

“Oh, nooo…” Pam rasped heatedly when she felt her father’s wicked tongue lick her asshole. His tongue was devastating enough in her pussy!

Jack chuckled lewdly and deliberately wiggled his tongue into her ass. He held on to her ass-cheeks to control her wiggling and fucked his tongue-tip in and out of her pink asshole. Pam couldn’t stand the new sensations that coursed through her whole body. This wicked licking was more than pussy-eating and it only made her twat cum more!

Pam’s fingers curled tightly and dug into the soft flesh of her aching tits as her, father drove her wild on the bed. Her breath came in short spurts as her hips jerked and her cunt humped.

Her asshole tingled excessively on her dad’s probing tongue.

“Daddy… Daddy…” she gasped hotly. “What are you trying to do to me?”

She should have known. He’d done this to her before. This was his way of rendering her docile and weak. He soon had her where he wanted her — on fire!

When he felt that Pam was horny beyond her capacity and beyond her ability to deny him anything, he moved around on her bed and got his enormous soaked cock dangling near her tits.

Pam felt something hot and silky dripping onto her hand and tit. She felt her father place his knees to each side of her. Without seeing in the dark, she knew that his huge wet prick was hovering over her face.

“So that’s what you’re up to,” she rasped. “You bastard…”

Just as her father knew she would, she reached up and caressed his giant prick in her soft hands and uged his cock downward. Without seeing Pam, Jack knew that his daughter was drawn irresistibly to his boner now that her cunt and asshole had been nicely licked. She was all aroused with female pleasure whether she liked it or not and she could do nothing now but take his big prick into her sexy mouth and suck.

Pam felt trapped by her own passions as she drew her dad’s burning cock to her mouth, and she felt whipped as she extended her little pink tongue and licked his cock-head. As she closed her lips around his prick, she hated him. She wanted to hurt him. She wished she could sink her teeth into his enormous boner, this thick hunk of stiff cock that made her so weak with desire. But she couldn’t hurt him that way. She would have to hurt him some other way. A female way.

Though her sexy mouth liked the feeling of a big wet cock, Pam sucked him off for her own reasons. She knew from experience now that a man could have agony, too. Her mouth, she knew, could drive him nuts the way his had driven her pussy crazy. Maybe I have to suck him off, she thought, but he’s gonna pay for raping me like this.

With that, she gripped his thick boner tensely in her hands and milked the hell out of his cock as she lapped her tongue all over his cock-head. Her father responded by digging his big finger into her tight little asshole and shoving his tongue deep into her cunt-hole. The more he fingerfucked her cute ass and tongue-fucked her pussy, the harder Pam sucked his prick.

With wicked intent, she lowered one hand to his big hot balls and fondled them saucily, as if she loved them. She tickled them and kneaded them and squeezed them with a gentleness that made her dad quiver. His whole cock jerked in her mouth as she toyed with his balls and sucked him.

When Pam heard him grunt with intense pleasure, she tightened her lips around his prick and sucked harder still. Jack grunted again and the tenseness of his body told Pam that she was getting to him, making his gut ache with lust. That’s what she wanted. She wanted to make him feel as achingly horny as he made her feel. Tit for tat.

To accomplish her evil ends, Pam slipped her hot mouth off his prick and used just her tongue to tantalize the sensitive, wet cockhead. Her father felt the results.

“Pam…” he rasped, panting near her cunt. “What the hell you doing? Suck it, God dammit!”

Pam giggled, surprising him, and she held his cock an inch from her lips as she worked her tongue round and round his bulbous cockhead.

Her father groaned and tried to fuck his prick down into her sexy mouth. He knew that he was close to busting his nuts. If he could just squeeze his cock into her mouth. If he could just push it in. But Pam wickedly twisted her face away each time he attempted to fuck her mouth.

She deliberately slipped her soft hand up and down his cock-shaft with excruciating slowness. At the same time she kept her saucy little tongue licking slowly round his cockhead, driving him crazy. She knew what she was up to. She could tell by the tightness of his hairy balls that he was close to coming. And she could tell from his grunts and groans that he was aching to shoot his load into her lovely mouth. So she tortured him with her hands and her lips and tongue.

She drove his enormous cock to a new height of lust. His prick could get no bigger, no hotter, no hornier. With terrible gentleness she stroked his cock-shaft and licked his cockhead. Her dad was in pain and she knew it. She loved it now. Make him suffer, she thought, and she cockteased him to the very brink of a violent orgasm. She would, have liked to keep him here, aching and tortured with need. But she couldn’t. She knew that his balls were going to let loose any second.

With the viciousness of a slave getting revenge against an evil master, Pam inched her dad’s prick to its explosion. Her soft hand tightened around his thick wet cock-shaft. His whole dick lurched in her fist. There!

Jack Turner buried his face in his daughter’s pussy and groaned like a wounded animal as his whole body jerked and whipped about. His solid cock jolted like a crazed thing as Pam took his prick into her mouth and deliberately sucked the cum out of his balls. Again and again his prick jumped in her pumping fist; again and again a huge, thick spurt of jismshot into her sucking young mouth. Then Pam whacked his prick with a vengeance and sucked him off viciously. She wanted his cum to rip through his cock-pipe and hurt. She got her way. Jack thought his very guts were going to follow his fuck-juice.

“Jesus Christ!” he gasped. And his willful daughter pumped his prick faster and sucked him harder.

Long after her father slinked from the room with his spent dick dangling between his shaky legs. Pam stayed awake, rubbing her tits and massaging her pussy. She was confused. At her tender age, she had some serious questions. Why did sucking a big stiff prick feel so good? How could her own father’s cock make her want to suck and fuck? Would she ever be free from her horny desires? Or did all women feel this way? How was a girl to remain chaste when sex felt so darned good?

Her confusion turned to anger and resentment. Why should her father be able to rape her any time he felt like it? Why should she be a slave to his wicked dick? If only she were braver, she could leave home. She was a rather young girl to have such anger burning in her breast. And a very young girl to be harboring evil thoughts about cocks. She felt like destroying some.


Pam’s opportunity to tease lots of cocks came the following Saturday when her mother wanted to go swimming. Mona nagged Jack for an hour until he finally gave in and agreed to take her and Pam to the beach. Pam wore her new swimsuit, a one-piece thing that cuddled her ass-cheeks and tits. She posed in front of her bedroom mirror and admired herself for a moment. She liked what the swimsuit did for her curvy young figure, but she still wished she could own a bikini. Her mother was shocked the way Pam had asked for one. Now Pam couldn’t wait until she was older and away from home. She planned to buy herself the skimpiest, sexiest bikini she could find.

The first cock she teased was her father’s.

The minute she saw his gaze on her body, she knew he ached to fuck her. Especially after last night and all that pussy-sucking and cocksucking. As they made their way to the car, Pam gave a slight, saucy twitch to her cute ass, just to aggravate her dad’s already-swollen hard-on. Serves him right for lusting after me, she thought as she climbed into the car.

She sat in the back seat and had to tolerate her father’s lewd glances in the rearview mirror as he drove. He kept chatting with Mona, but Pam could see by his eyes that he was thinking naughty things about her. When she could take no more of his lewd glances, she stuck her tongue out at him and looked away, her way of saying, “fuck you!” But Jack Turner didn’t interpret her action that way. To see her cute pink tongue slither between her sexy lips only made his hard-on pulse like a living heart. He couldn’t wait to kiss his little girl goodnight.

He feasted his eyes on Pam’s luscious young body as she pranced around the sand on the beach. Pam could feel his gaze on her tits and ass and cunt. He was so lewd it felt to Pam that he could see right into the crotch of her bathing suit. He made her very self-conscious about her beauty and her only consolation was the knowledge that the mere sight of her tortured his aching prick. It satisfied her to know that her curvy body was driving him crazy with lust. It was the only way she could hurt him.

Boys were another matter. She had secret ways to hurt them. She went in search of some when Mona coaxed her sunbathing hubby into the water. She paced the beach feeling carefree and lovely, aware of a lot of male eyes turning as she wiggled along. She heard some cat-calls and a few admiring whistles as she passed a group of young men. She glanced over her shoulder at them and gave them a scornful look. “Stuck up!” one laughed. “Frigid!” another chuckled.

Pam walked on, ignoring them and secretly despising them. There were five of them. She just knew what they would have liked to do to her. Like her father, they’d like to arouse her, feel her up, tease her, drive her out of her mind. Then all five of them would want to fuck her, fuck their monstrous pricks into her defenseless cunt. Not me, she thought hatefully, you’re not gonna use me! She continued her private search for just the right prey.

She found what she was looking for at the end of the beach near some huge boulders. Young boys. Kids. Youths. Some were tossing a football back and forth. A few were bathing in the sun and Pam glanced at their chunky young crotches. Their trunks looked full of nuts, tight trunks on slim young bodies. One boy’s trunks were still soaked from the water and Pam could make out the outline of his balls and slick prick. She licked her lips and kept walking.

She made her way through a narrow sandy path between some boulders. A sound overhead made her look up and there stood two boys, laughing, peering down into the top of her swimsuit at the tops of her round, firm tits. Pam gave them a nice smile. They whooped and hollered like foolish little kids, but Pam was tickled. Behind their foolishness was real excitement for her and she knew it. That was what made her glance up again and smile sweetly for them, sort of letting them know that she liked their interest in her tits.

The boys leapt along the boulders, watching Pam as she moved below them. Then they disappeared out of her sight and Pam’s heart sunk. Did the little cunt-teasers run off now to play somewhere else? Sometimes boys acted brave and sexy from a distance, but wouldn’t dare approach a teenager like Pam. Were they gone now, tittering with one another about that pretty girl’s neat tits?

But no, there they were, right in her path, blocking her. Pam was startled at first. She gasped, seeing them drop down onto their feet in front of her. She lifted a hand to her tits as if they’d taken her breath away. The boys glanced at her hand and tits.

“You scared me,” Pam said with a slow smile. She glanced at their crotches. They had nice crotches in their swim trunks.

“Didn’t mean to,” the blond boy said. He had nice blue eyes and a sexy mouth.

“Where ya goin’?” the other asked. He was the younger one. Pam liked the way he looked at her so hard.

“Just for a walk,” she replied, letting them get an eyeful of her curves. “Why?”

“Just wonderin’,” he said.

Both boys stared at her now, their eyes undressing her, and Pam giggled.

“Are you going to let me by or are you just gonna stand there looking at me?”

“What’s your hurry?” the blond boy asked. “Yeah,” the other added, “why don’t we get to know each other better?”

Pam giggled again and cooed, “Aren’t you boys a little young to be flirting with me?”

“Who you calling young?” the blond retorted, a little angrily.

Pam laughed then, tossing her head prettily. She liked his gumption. “What’s your name, big boy?” she teased.


“And yours?” she asked the other boy.

“Don,” he replied. His gaze kept dropping to Pam’s crotch.

“Well, Roger and Don,” she cooed seductively, “do you think you can handle a girl like me? Or are you all eyes and talk?”

The boys looked at each other in disbelief for a moment, then Don muttered, “You mean that?”

Pam didn’t have to answer. The blond boy named Roger murmured, “She means it, all right. Now I wonder why.”

“What do you mean, why?” his buddy blurted. “If she’s gonna let us, heck, let’s go!”

Pam stood smiling, her big blue eyes misty with lewd plans. She eyed the boys standing before her and knew she wanted to torture both of them at the same time. She felt a stirring in the pit of her tummy, the same feeling she got when her father cunt-teased her out of her mind. She wanted these boys to suffer the same stirring — and she knew how to make them suffer.

“I saw you two peeking down into my swimsuit,” she purred, posing seductively for them. She reached a hand behind her and unzipped her suit. “Is this what you were trying to see?”

As the boys stared wide-eyed, she slowly lowered her swimsuit down in front and freed her round, firm pink-tipped tits for them to ogle. Their young eyes grew so hot that Pam thought she could feel heat against her titflesh. It was the sunlight, but it was nice to think that the boys were that hot for her tits.

She gave them a saucy smile and cupped her tits in her soft hands. It was an inviting motion and the boys started to move forward, magnetized by her luscious tit-globes.

“Wait,” Pam said softly. “Not yet.”

Roger and Don stopped in their tracks. They couldn’t figure her out, but they weren’t about to ruin a good thing. If she wanted to strip for them, let her!

With a slow, teasing smile, she hooked her thumbs into her tight swimsuit and pushed downward. The blue elastic thing slithered down her belly, then her curvy thighs. She pushed it all the way down to her feet and the boys feasted their eyes on her luscious tits and naked ass.

“You can’t touch me yet,” she purred. “Promise me?”

Young Don frowned. “What do you mean?”

But Roger began to understand something. “She wants to play,” he suggested.

“You could call it that,” Pam laughed. “Want to play with me?”

“Heck, yeah!” an excited Don blurted.

“Good,” Pam cooed. “Then just leave everything to me. I know what boys like you want from a girl. You just stand there and I’ll take good care of both of you.”

Her eyes raced over their virile young bodies — Roger so tall and curious, Don so young and eager. With the sexiest smile they’d ever seen on a girl, Pam approached them, tits thrusting beautifully, hips swaying lewdly.

“If you’re gonna rape a girl on a beach, guys,” she purred, “you gotta have equipment to do it with.”

She dropped to her knees in front of Don. Gazing up into his startled eyes, she curled her fingers into the waist of his small trunks and tugged them downward. His prick, a little hard from the excitement, bobbed out in front of Pam’s face.

“Mmmmm, you have a cute one,” she purred. “Let’s get it nice and stiff for me, okay?”

The boy made a gulping sound in his throat and both boys stared wide-eyed as the sexy teenager slipped her mouth over the cock. Pam grasped his prick gently in a fist and slowly milked his cock-shaft up and down as her mouth joined the up-and-down motion.

“Holy shit!” Don rasped as his whole prick disappeared into the girl’s sucking young mouth.

“Christ!” Roger added, watching the horny scene hotly.

“You’re next,” Pam purred suddenly. She inched her knees across the sand and stationed herself before Roger’s trunks. She peeled them down a little nervously, a little anxiously, and when his cock jolted against her cheek, she pulled his prick into her horny mouth and sucked.

Her hand grasped his cock-shaft and rubbed his prick up and down. Her other hand reached over and caressed Don’s throbbing hard-on while she sucked Roger’s. Both pricks grew to exciting sizes and Pam gave a soft, low moan that thrilled both boys.

When Pam had the pricks nice and big, she pulled them together and made them kiss her mouth. She peered up and cooed, “Do you like what I’m doing to you?”

“Yeah!” both boys groaned, arching their backs and pushing their wet cocks at the strangely horny girl.

To their dismay, Pam suddenly released their pricks and sat back on her haunches.

“Hey,” Don groaned, hurting in his belly, “ain’t ya gonna suck me off?”

“Not right now,” Pam giggled. “I just want to look at your cocks for a minute.”

“But, Jeez…” Don started to complain. His buddy elbowed him and said, “Leave her alone, stupid. If she wants to admire our pricks, let her!”

“Oh… yeah,” Don murmured then.

Pam wasn’t admiring their cocks as they thought; she was despising them. Her flashing blue eyes danced over their rigidness, their wetness, their pulsing hotness. She could feel those naughty feelings in her nipples and clit, in her tits and pussy — caused by these stiff, silky cocks!

“You think your pricks are marvelous, don’t you?” she asked Roger suddenly.

Her strange question baffled him. “What do you mean?” he rasped.

“Oh, you boys are all alike,” she sneered, eyeing their throbbing pricks. “You make a girl so horny. Why don’t you just keep your pricks to yourselves? Why torture us with them?”

“Huh?” Don said, looking to his pal for some understanding. But Roger didn’t understand either. And Pam didn’t explain. She simply did what she set out to do.

“Why did you boys follow me and jump down here in front of me?” she asked. “Wasn’t it to rape me?”

“Heck, no!” Don blurted. “We just thought you were awful pretty, and…”

“Sure, sure,” Pam sneered, “what a line! You get a girl all excited by telling her she’s pretty, then you want to stick your stiff pricks up her pussy!”

“Isn’t that what you want?” Roger asked.

“I’ll show you what I want,” Pam said threateningly. “Come over here.”

She spread herself out on the sand and tucked her swimsuit under her cute little ass for comfort. She opened her pretty legs and exposed her cunt.

“Do I have a pretty pussy?” she purred, teasing again.

“Hell, yeah!” Don choked, staring at her furry cunt.

“You’re sexy,” Roger murmured in a low voice.

“I want both of you to lick it for me,” she said.

“Both at the same time?” Roger rasped. “Yes,” Pam cooed, spreading her thighs wide apart. “Do you think you can handle it?”

“You bet!” Don chuckled.

“Do it real nice,” Pam purred, writhing her ass, “and I’ll suck you both off to a delicious come. Okay?”

“Okay!” Roger blurted.

To Pam’s delight, the boys dropped to their knees and attacked her cunt with a passion. They didn’t know how to suck a pussy the way her father did, but it was remarkably exciting for her to have two mouths and two tongues gobbling at her cunt.

Both boys kept trying to get Pam to jerk their pricks as they ate her, but she laughingly refused and told them again and again that she was going to suck their pricks real good for them, after she had a great come.

The boys licked and sucked, banging their heads numerous times, then taking turns shoving their tongues up Pam’s fuck-hole. Finally the horny teen writhed and humped wildly and the boys knew she was going to come. Roger took over then. He pulled the girl’s quivering little clit deep into his mouth and sucked the hell out of it.

Don, not to be left out, wiggled a hand between Pam’s quivering thighs and fingerfucked her cunt-hole while Roger licked and sucked her clit. All hell broke loose in Pam’s writhing belly.

“Ohhhh!” she squealed, and threw her pretty legs up in the air in a magnificent V. “Suck me! Suck me, you little cuntteasers! Make me come and come! Ewww, ohhhh, mmmmm, eat me, eat me!”

Her hot ass and juicy cunt wiggled and jerked as her burning fuck-juices cascaded through her silky fuck-hole. The long and vibrant climax left her gasping for breath, as if she’d just swam a great distance. The two boys sat up and admired her curvy, quivering young body. Her tits looked very suckable now.

Don looked at Roger, Roger looked at Don. They both grinned then attacked Pam’s beautiful tits. To her delight, they licked and sucked her nipples the way they had licked and sucked her clit and the feelings were the same — scrumptious! She took full advantage of their young mouths, touching their bodies and coaxing them on to more hot sucking. Her tits quivered after a while and the sensations in them grew so strong that she came again.

The boys had had great fun with this girl’s naked body, but now their sturdy young cocks were aching for release. Their tight young balls needed relief.

“What about us now?” Roger asked.

“Yeah,” Don put in. “How about getting us off?”

Pam’s eyes were glazed as she looked at the horny boys. She sat up and cooed, “Sure. Stand up here.”

They stood to each side of her and she grasped their wet boners tenderly. She jerked them slowly at first, then faster and harder. She sucked on one, then the other, twisting her pretty face back and forth between them. She gave Roger’s stony prick some nice licks, then turned and gave little-sucks on Don’s boner. The boys enjoyed her mouth thoroughly.

They smiled at each other and made signs with their eyes as if to say, “Boy, have we got this hot little bitch where we want her!”

But they were kidding themselves. When their pricks started quivering, Pam had them both lay down on the sand, so she could suck them off better, she told them. When they were flat on their backs, she pumped their pricks up and down and kept licking and sucking them.

“Are you ready to shoot?” she asked Don. “Yeah… any second!” the agonized boy gasped.

“Me, too, baby!” Roger blurted, shoving his prick up at her.

Pam giggled and teased their pricks to the very brink of orgasm. Just when both boys were prepared to let loose with fiery load of thick jism, she shocked them out of their minds. As they lay gasping and twisting hornily, she grabbed her swimsuit and stood up. Towering over them, she sneered, “Jack off, you cunt-teasers!”

“What the hell…” Roger choked.

Both boys sat up and stared as the naked young teenager pranced away, laughing happily. Pam left them pumping their pricks and shooting their come into the sand. Out of their sight, she pulled on her swimsuit, then slowly made her way to the spot where her parents were sitting.

“Have you been swimming, dear?” her mother asked.

“No. Just walking,” Pam replied.

“You should come in the water with me,” her mother said, ready for another swim. She got to her feet and started for the ocean.

As Jack Turner stood up, he paused to gaze meaningfully at his little girl’s crotch. He grinned and whispered, “Are you sure you haven’t been swimming?”

He followed Mona and Pam quickly glanced down at her swimsuit. Between her legs the blue of the suit was darker. A wet spot right on her cunt!

She sat dawn to hide the evidence and sunbathed peacefully, thinking about her recent conquest of two stiff pricks. She giggled to herself to think of the stiff cocks pumping thick come. That’ll teach them to corner a girl in the rocks, she thought.

She was proud of herself. She’d gotten two strange boys to lick her pussy and get her off, and she had been able to leave them in agonized pain. Good!

But Pamela Turner was only fooling herself. Just when she was feeling great, gloating over her wickedness, strange things began to happen.

The memory of those boys pricks began to disturb her, not please her. She began to wonder what would have happened if they’d both fucked her. What if one screwed her asshole and the other her pussy?

Oh, God, she thought feverishly, stop these thoughts! I don’t want to feel this way.

But she’d brought it on herself. Now she was hopelessly plagued by thoughts of stiff, wet pricks fucking in and out of her juicy cunt. Her tits started to tingle and her pussy began to squirm. She shut her eyes against the desire building up in her defenseless body, but it was no use. She had jerked and sucked two nice pricks, and now they were haunting her!

The hot sun seemed to be against her, too, warming her tits and cunt and legs, making her hotter. When her parents came back, her gaze automatically rested on her father’s swim trunks, full of his enormous, hunk of cockmeat and huge balls. Pam tore her gaze away and shivered in the sun.

“Are you getting chilly?” her mother inquired. “We’d better be going then.”

When Pam was bent over, climbing into the back seat of the car, her clever father stroked her ass quickly. The tip of one finger pressed up against the lips of her moist cunt.

Pam gasped when she felt that and she collapsed onto the rear seat, a little breathless. Just the touch of her dad’s hand had made her pussy feel terribly good! She saw his eyes in the rearview mirror, lusty eyes, threatening eyes. And now she couldn’t stick her tongue out at him. She could only feel endangered, weak. What if he made a pass at her at home? How could she stop him when her whole body was on fire for sex?

Oh, God, she thought frantically, what’s happening to me? I feel so horny! My pussy’s leaking! Ohhh, I wanna play with it!

She curled up in the back seat and pulled one of the blankets over her lower body. Pretending to nap, she closed her eyes and slipped a hand between her thighs. Slowly, carefully, so as not to arouse suspicion in the front seat, she wriggled one lone finger into the crotch of her swimsuit and was able to gently fingerfuck herself all the way home.


The minute Pam entered the house, she ran to her room for privacy. She closed the door quickly and stood gazing at herself in the mirror. Her throat felt tight. Her tits were rising and falling rapidly with her breathing. She looked flushed. Her fingerfucking in the car hadn’t helped at all. Her pussy felt feverish and nervous.

She caught her breath when the door opened. At the same time she heard the shower running in the bathroom. Her mother was taking a shower. Her father was approaching her.

Pam watched him come up behind her in the mirror. Then she felt him press his boner against her ass, and watched his big hands come around her waist and slip up to her tits.

“Daddy, don’t,” she rasped none too convincingly.

Jack Turner chuckled and covered her ripe young tits with his hands. His hard-on throbbed against her ass and he snickered, “You want this, don’t you?”

“No… no…” Pam breathed hotly. But she went against his body and her luscious tits rose up in his mauling hands. She felt her nipples stand up inside her swimsuit.

“What were doing at the beach, you little vixen,” her dad taunted her. “You’re horny, aren’t you? What were you doing? Playing with the boys? Who got my little girl all upset like this? You sexy little doll.”

“Daddy, don’t,” Pam whimpered helplessly. She wished she had the strength to reach up and stop his hands from teasing her tits, but she didn’t. She was as weak as a kitten in his arms. He knew it.

He slipped a hand behind her and unzipped the back of her swimsuit. Pam stared into her mirror and saw the front of it loosen across her ripe, thrusting tits, then felt it slip on them. Her dad eased her suit down in front. Pam caught her lower lip between her teeth and sobbed helplessly as he lewdly bared both her jutting tits.

“Your nipples need sucking,” her father said knowingly.

“No, no, noooo…” Pam whimpered.

Her dad chuckled and turned her around in his hot hands. He dropped his face to her chest and quickly captured a perky pink nipple in his mouth. Munching on her tit, he sucked her nipple hard and whipped it with the tip of his tongue. His hand gripped her other tit and kneaded it and stroked her other nipple. Pam’s knees went weak and she thought she would collapse.

“Hey, you’ve got it bad,” her father murmured against her tit.

He pushed her swimsuit down over her lithe young hips and lowered it past her cute navel, then beyond her furry patch of cunt-hair. The elastic thing clung to her thighs and he had to push harder to get the suit below her knees.

He dropped to his knees and kissed his daughter’s darling little cunt. Pam gasped as his tongue licked at her pussy-lips. Her senses reeled and her nipples stung. Her cunt pressed forward as if her pussy wanted the man’s big tongue. Pam’s feet moved, stepped out of her swimsuit. Her thighs parted, then opened wide as she set her feet apart. The V of her legs widened, and there was her pretty pussy, pink and inviting, sort of quivery and excited.

Her dad muttered something and attacked her cunt with lips, tongue and teeth. He caught her quivery little clit between his teeth and nibbled hornily. At the same time, his wicked tongue lashed it like a whip. Each lap against her flesh made Pam jerk and wiggle, until in just a matter of moments, her whole body was arching and humping and twisting hotly. Her eyes closed and her lips parted as her inflamed pussy churned on her dad’s wicked tongue. She couldn’t stop thrusting her cunt at him, couldn’t keep from coming on his mouth.

Jack Turner was in command now and he knew it. A glance up at his daughter’s face, beyond her thrusting, jerking tits, told him she was in seventh heaven whether she wanted to be or not. The look of anguished sex on her pretty face was enough to make his swollen cock throb like a wildly beating heart. It added to his delight to see Pam grasp her aching tits in her hands and squeeze them hard while she screwed her cunt round and round on his mouth.

He heard the shower water stop. Pam didn’t. She was out of it. But her father released her quivering, shaking young body and got to his feet. Pam couldn’t believe it when she felt her pussy abandoned.

“Daddy!” she gasped, forcing her eyes to open to see him. “What are you doing to me? Please… don’t stop… I’ll be nice to you, but… ohhh, please, lick me, lick me!”

Her father loved the moment and cherished it with a rather evil look on his face. He stood at the door and grinned lewdly at her. His gaze traveled slowly up and down her voluptuous young body.

“Save it for me, baby,” he snickered. “I’ll get to you just as soon as I can.”

“Oh, my God!” Pam rasped hotly, and fell across her bed, panting and writhing. One hand grabbed a tight tit while the other rubbed frantically on her pussy. She wiggled and moaned helplessly, aching for sex, dying for it, and hating herself for her feelings.

“I’ve got to stop this,” she panted. “I’ve got to! I can’t let him make me this way! He’ll use me again. Oh, God, he’ll make me fuck like crazy. He’ll drive me crazy on his cock! Ohhh, I don’t wanna, I don’t wanna!”

She tore her hands away from her vibrating body and struggled to her feet. She grabbed her bathrobe and tugged it over her body. She hurried to the door, opened it and peered outside. Her parents muffled voices came from their bedroom. Pam rushed into the bathroom and locked herself inside.

She dropped her robe and climbed into the shower. She quickly got the water jetting against her body in hopes of cooling herself off. The water was too cold and made little shivers run up and down her flesh. She got the water warmer, nicer, more comfortable, and her whole body relaxed under the soothing spray.

She heaved a deep sigh of relief, the shower felt so good. She wanted it to wash away this afternoon with those boys and the moments with her raunchy dad. She wanted the stinging spray to wash away her desires, her needs, her lewd thoughts.

I have to stop thinking about sex, she told herself. Every time she thought about those boys’ stiff pricks, she got all trembly and excited. Wasn’t that why she couldn’t resist her father’s sexual advances? Wasn’t that why her foolish little cunt wanted to cream a lot? Wasn’t that why she felt too weak to stop her daddy from fucking her any time he felt like it?

She would just have to get her mind on something else, she thought. It was the only way she could turn off the alarming tickle in her pussy. She would have to pretend that she hadn’t played with two boys’ pricks, that her dad hadn’t sucked her pussy and made her come like crazy.

Pam was kidding herself again. No way could she forget those sexy things. Her pussy and tits wouldn’t let her. The water stung her nipples as she remembered sucking a bay’s stiff, wet cock. The stream of warmth jetted against her pussy-mound as she thought of her father kneeling in front of her like a slave eating her cunt. Her whole body tingled under the shower as she recalled the marvelous sensations of pleasure a girl gets during orgasms.

Against her will, new excitement coursed through her naked, writhing body. She moved sensuously under the spray and let the water play sharply against her tits and pussy. Trembling fingers grabbed the washcloth, a heavy and rather rough fabric. She rubbed it across her jutting tits and spiking pink nipples.

“Ohhhmmm,” she moaned, surrendering to the exquisite feelings. Her nipples pushed against the washcloth in her hand. Her tits felt like they would burst with pleasure. Pam heaved a sigh of resignation. It was so use. She couldn’t fight her own passions and desires. A short whimper of surrender escaped her throat as she realized that she would have to make herself come. How could she withstand her own impulses?

Like most young girls who have to justify their sex habits, Pam found a good excuse for getting herself off in the shower. If she came real good and satisfied her naughty little cunt, wouldn’t she then be able to resist her dad better? If she wasn’t so horny, she wouldn’t give her father so much erotic pleasure. That was it! Of course! She would come and come and come and cheat her dad of her orgasms!

With that wicked thought in mind, she thrust the rough washcloth down between her thighs and scraped it up and down on her hot pussy. She wedged the cloth between her cuntlips and rubbed. She gave a shudder of pure delight as the wet thing scraped against her clit and she humped her pussy forward several times and squirmed it around.

With her head thrown back and her tits heaving rapidly, she dropped the washcloth suddenly and grabbed her pussy anxiously with her clutching fingers. Her fingers could get where the cloth couldn’t reach. She needed that now.

She tipped her hips up and parted her cuntlips. The jet of water stung her little pink clit for her. Her ass quivered as she humped forward to get more of these tremendous sex sensations. Panting hotly, she lowered herself into the tub. She set a leg on each side of the tub, stretched her pussy open and wiggled into a position so the water-jets crashed into her fuck-hole and clit. She was a squirming, humping little girl in no time.

She had to come. That was her primary goal now. She had to rob her father of her fuckjuice, of her pleasure, of her needs. She inched a finger up into her fuck-hole and whimpered softly as she screwed her cunt round and round. Soon that wasn’t enough either. She inserted another finger with the first and the two together stretched open her cunt-hole nicely. She fucked them in and out faster and faster.

“Ew-eww-ewwwwwmmmmm,” she moaned sexily as she felt her pussy beginning to juice up. The tickle in her cunt grew intense and she loved it because her father wouldn’t be able to exploit her now. She was going to satisfy her pussy right now. And she did. She bit her lip and groaned like a hurt little animal as her ass jumped in the tub and her cunt creamed like mad. Silky fuck-juice squished between her fucking fingers and mingled with the shower water. Pam fucked her hips hornily then and came like crazy.

But even that wasn’t enough. Not now that she was aflame with lust. Panting breathlessly, she scrambled to her knees, and reached out of the tub to the cabinet under the sink. Her fingers trembled as she yanked a drawer open. Her small fist tightened around the handle of a hairbrush.

A soft sound escaped her throat as she quickly sat down with the hairbrush tightly in hand. Turning the implement around, she gently inserted the curved end into her pussyhole. She grunted and opened her legs real wide to make her cunt-mouth stretch open for the handle. The plastic dildo disappeared into her pussy and Pam caught her breath.

A moment later she gasped hornily and started fucking herself viciously with the hairbrush handle. In and out, in and out in a delicious fuck-rhythm, the device fucked. And pretty Pam whimpered with crazed pleasure as she humped and twisted and squirmed in the tub. Her tits felt like they’d burst. Her ass felt like it was burning. Her cunt felt juicy and anxious. With eyes closed in rapture of her own, she gripped the hairbrush handle in both hands and fucked into her pussy. When it was firmly imbedded in her ticklish spot deep inside her cunt, she fucked her pussy hotly and quickly, making her pussy churn on the sextoy.

Her orgasm was enough to drive her out of her young mind. The hairbrush handle lent a lot to her pleasure. Her twisting young cunt flooded and, as if the hairbrush handle had punctured a dike, her abundant fuck-juices came gushing from her fuck-hole. The stream of shower water crashed against her squirming, coming pussy.

“Oh, ohhh, ohhhmmmm,” Pam moaned. She eased the sex-toy out of her soaked little cunt-slit and panted for breath. She washed the hairbrush in the stream of water, then got up and dried it on a towel. Knuckles rapped on the bathroom door.

“Pamela,” her mother said through the door. “Don’t spend all night in there.”

“Be right out, Mom,” Pam called back.

She turned off the shower, dried herself with a towel, slipped into her robe, and hurried back to her bedroom. She smiled at her mirrored reflection. She felt victorious. The tickle in her cunt had stopped. Her pussy felt satisfied. Her nipples had stopped tingling so much. She sighed with relief. Now she could withstand anything her father dished out. Or so she thought.

It was inevitable that her father would try to get at her. How could he resist after watching her cute little ass wiggle all over the beach? How could he resist after seeing her aroused and flushed with erotic feelings? How could he resist when every solid inch of his cock was aching to get at her sweet young body?

Pam felt quite secure in herself now. Even when she heard her mother and father in the living room.

“That’s a marvelous idea!” she heard her mom declare.

What was a marvelous idea? Pam moved to the door and pressed her little ear against it. What had her father suggested that pleased her mom?

“We’ll be eating later then,” her mother said.

“That’s okay,” her dad replied. “It’s worth the wait.”

“Okay,” her mom said. “I haven’t had filet in a long time. You’re sure we can afford it this week? Okay — it’s your money. I’ll be back as soon as I can.”

Pam heard the front door close, then heard the car start up. So that was it! Her father was sending Mona out of the house so he could be alone with his little girl!

Pam backed away from the door and the backs of her legs touched the edge of her bed as the door opened. Her father came in leering at her.

Pam mustered some courage and said, “That won’t do you any good. You might just as well leave me alone.”

Her dad squinted his eyes curiously. He looked her up and down, liking the way her robe caressed her youthful curves. Why wasn’t she looking weak and helpless?

Suspicious, he approached her. Pam stood her ground. Her dad untied the cloth belt around her slim waist. Her robe fell open and her proud tits appeared. Her dad took her cute pink nipples between his fingers and tweaked them. When Pam didn’t respond or protest, he frowned at her.

“I don’t care what you do,” she murmured haughtily, “you’re not gonna get me all horny and crazy.”

“Oh, I’m not, huh? And just what makes you think so?”

“Because you can’t,” Pam snapped, a little proud of herself.

“Well, we’ll just see about that,” her father chuckled.

He grinned lewdly and removed her robe. Then he forced her down on her bed and settled beside her. He slowly stroked the tender globes of tit-flesh and ran his fingers maddeningly over her taut little nipples. Pam fought down the thrills that wanted to erupt in her tits.

Jack Turner chuckled at her, knowing her better than she knew herself. He lowered his mouth to her tit and munched as he sucked her stiffening nipple. His hand slithered down her naked body to her pussy-mound, and he stroked her soft, silky cunt-hair, letting just the tip of a finger kiss her cute little cunt. Pam swallowed nervously.

She choked back the wicked pleasure her dad’s mouth and fingers induced in her sensitive body. She shut her eyes and held her breath, fighting against motions and moans. She didn’t want to yield to her father’s manipulations of her tits and cunt.

If I can just hold out till Mom comes back, she thought. Then she would win this little war with her dad. She would beat him at his own game if she could just not whimper and wiggle. So she held perfectly still even though her tits quivered slightly as her father sucked at them and her pussy trembled as he wiggled a big finger up into her fuck-hole. She refused to let her ass move for him.

Hurry, Mom, hurry! she silently pleaded. Ohhhh, how long does it take to go to a store! Hurry! Please! Hurry before he gets the best of me again!

Jack Turner was well aware of his daughter’s struggle and he sort of admired her spunk. But it made him chuckle to feel her trying not to move. Her lovely naked body wouldn’t stay still, no matter how hard Pam tried to resist her own emotions. Her tits and pussy couldn’t long resist her father’s mouth, tongue and fingers.

A little gurgling sound bubbled in Pam’s throat as her dad’s rigid finger probed deeply inside her wet cunt. Her breathing quickened and that made her ripe tits quiver. Her father parted the pink fleshy lips of her moist pussy with two fingers at once and fucked deeply into her pulsing pussy. When they were well planted, he made them wiggle and jerk around in the pit of her tummy. Pam had to fight harder to combat the new sensations that threatened to overwhelm her senses.

Her pretty head twisted on the bed. She bit her lower lip. Her luscious tits thrust harder as her dad’s mouth, lips and tongue assaulted them. Back and forth went his horny mouth from tit to tit, from nipple to nipple. And, all the while, his two big fingers dug and drilled into her pussy. Pam clenched the blankets in both fists and held on for dear life against the thrills that wanted to submerge her in an ocean of lust.

Her father, bent on winning this battle, determined to make his little girl plead for cock, slithered his wet tongue under her jutting tits and licked his way down the center of her quivering body to her cunt-hair. Pam gritted her teeth against the feeling in her pussy as her dad’s tongue licked her clit.

Her hell-bent dad knew how to turn her into the craven teenager he desired. He slipped to his knees beside the bed and buried his face between Pam’s open thighs. He licked his tongue back and forth across her puffy pussylips. Then he parted the lips with his thumbs and fucked his tongue straight into her juicy pink fuck-hole.

“Ohhhh!” Pam squealed as if she’d been stabbed. And she lost all control. Her whole body jerked on the bed as her father’s evil tongue sliced up into her and fucked in and out hornily. Her tits jerked and her ass humped furiously on the bed until her soaked little cunt was slamming against her father’s sucking mouth.

“Ohhh, nooo…” the poor girl whimpered. “I didn’t want to… I didn’t want to… ohhh, nooo!”

Jack Turner chewed into his daughter’s helpless cunt and sucked her pussy until Pam was no more than a quivering mass of female flesh.

In spite of herself, she thrust her hands down and gripped her dad’s head tightly. She thrust her pussy up in the air and yanked hard. Her father’s mouth crashed into her crotch and his thick tongue fucked into her hot twisting pussy.

He tongue-fucked her until she was gasping for air and moaning with obvious passion. Then he withdrew his tongue from her aching cunt and stood up. He grinned lewdly at her, triumphant once again over her sexual desires.

“That’ll teach you,” he chuckled, and left her writhing there, moaning and groaning.


Pam avoided her father’s glances all through dinner. His eyes kept undressing her and made her feel naked. He and Mona chatted, and Pam ate in silence, highly conscious of her tits and cunt. She pulled her thighs together under the table and squeezed her warm pussy between them. She tried to squeeze away the nervous feelings in her cunt, but she couldn’t.

The telephone rang and her mother answered it. It was one of Mona’s friends and when she sat down at the table again, she said, “That was Terry. She wants me to come over tonight for a while. Is that okay with you, Jack?”

“Sure,” he said quickly, and Pam’s heart caught in her throat.

“But, Mom,” she said, “I was gonna make popcorn for us. I thought you wanted to see the eight o’clock movie.”

“I did,” her mom said, “but I haven’t seen Terry in a long time. I’d like to see her.”

“And it’ll do you good to get out for a night,” Jack put in, grinning.

Mona reached across the table and squeezed her hubby’s hand. “Thanks, Jack,” she purred.

Pam looked from her mom to her dad, and a pain of hatred stung her when she saw what a con-artist her father was. He’d say or do anything just to get at his daughter’s pussy! He’d even be nice to his wife!

When Mona left the room, Pam didn’t hide her feelings. She stared right at her grinning dad and said, “You’re a bastard. You just want to get me alone again. I hate you for that.”

Jack chuckled and his eyes devoured her breasts. “I like the way your tits jump when you’re angry. And your eyes sparkle. You’re a sexy little bitch, you know that? I’ll bet you like to excite me.”

“I do not!” Pam blurted, raising her voice.

Her mother heard it and called out, “What’s the trouble out there?”

“Nothing,” Jack called out. “Just a little argument about doing the dishes.”

Pam fumed and her tits rose and fell nicely for her dad’s pleasure against her will. She wished she had the courage to tell her mom what was really bothering her. But she knew she couldn’t do that. What would her mom think? It would be just like her father to convince Mona that Pam was cockteasing him, instead of the other way around.

When her father went into the living room with his coffee, Pam used the kitchen phone to call a school friend. Whispering conspiringly, she arranged to spend the night at her friend’s house. Then she called out, “Mom? Can I spend the night at Mary’s?”

Before her mother could respond, her dad hollered, “On a school night? You know better than that, kitten.”

“Daddy! Please!” Pam cried.

“Your father’s right, dear,” Mona said, coming into the kitchen. “You girls get together and never go to sleep. No, wait till the weekend for that, Pamela.”

Pam opened her mouth to protest, but no words came out. What was the use? She couldn’t beat her dad. He’d win. She turned back to the phone and sighed sadly, “Never mind, Mary. I can’t.” In the living room, Jack Turner smiled to himself. He was nursing a hard-on.

Pam watched her mom leave and felt her heart sinking as the car drove off. She closed the door and looked at her father sitting in his recliner chair. He let his legs open and Pam’s gaze fell to his lap. She saw the swollen bulge in his pants and a weakness attacked her knees.

“Daddy, I want to watch TV,” she said.

“Sure.” He grinned. “Come sit on my lap and watch it.”

“No,” Pam said quickly. “Please… let’s just watch TV. I’ll make us some popcorn.”

Her dad burst into laughter. “You trying to bribe me with popcorn? Do you think I’d rather have popcorn than pussy? Come here, you little tease, and quit horsing around.”

“No, I don’t want that.”

“I didn’t ask you what you wanted.”

“Daddy, please…” Pam whimpered. She thought of running to her room, but what good would that do? He’d only follow and rape her on her bed.

“Why do you fight it, kitten?” Jack queried, admiring the thrust of her young tits and the curves of her legs.

“Fight what?”


Pam licked her lips, then murmured. “Because it isn’t right to have sex with you.”

“You like it,” her dad pointed out.

Pam worried her lower lip. “I don’t want to. You make me feel funny all the time. If you left me alone, I wouldn’t want to have sex.”

“Stop kidding yourself, Pamela,” he said in a fatherly tone. “I see what you do when you’re alone. What were you doing in the shower for so long today? You came home from the beach horny as hell and you spent a lot of time in there. Are you telling me you weren’t getting yourself off?”

Pam caught her breath. Sexy talk disturbed her. “I wish you wouldn’t say things like that to me,” she said.

“Why not?” her dad said, smiling knowingly. “Does it excite you?”


“Yes, it does,” he chuckled. “I’ll bet if you were alone right now, you’d be on your bed playing with yourself. Right?”

“That’s none of your business!” Pam blurted. “So what if I did? That’s not as bad as having your own father do it!”

Jack smiled with pleasure. Pam sure looked pretty, standing in front of him with her tits heaving and her face flushed.

“Come here, kitten,” he said in a soft, low voice.

Pam swallowed nervously. The tone of his voice and the look in his eyes were very disturbing.

“Come on,” he coned gently, smiling nicely. “Why do we have to fight all the time? You’re a big girl now. It’s time you faced yourself. We’ve had some good times, haven’t we? Come on, admit it.”

Moments of passionate pleasure flashed through her young mind. “Well…”

“Do you know why we’ve had good times even though we’re father and daughter? Because we really love each other.”

The word love was like a trigger in her heart. Tears stung her bright blue eyes and she whimpered, “Ohhh, Daddy, if only you did love me!”

“But I do, kitten, I do,” he said soothingly. He got to his feet slowly and drew her into his arms. He embraced her warmly and kissed her cute little ear as his boner throbbed against her crotch. Into her ear he whispered, “I’ve always loved you, kitten. Have I ever really hurt you? No, of course not. I just made you horny or turned you on. But haven’t I always given your pleasure? Have I been cruel to your tits or pussy? Can you really say I ever hurt them?”

Pam shivered in his arms and her senses whirled. “Well, no,” she said softly, “But but… oh, you confuse me!”

Jack eased her along with him. He settled into the recliner and gently lowered her to his lap. His arm circled her slim waist, his other hand settled on her thighs. “I’ve never wanted to hurt you in any way,” he said slowly. “You’re my daughter and I love you. You’re a very pretty girl. Sexy, too. There’s nothing wrong with that. Lots of girls wish they could be as sexy as you. Now you’re almost a woman and you’ve developed beautifully. Can you blame me for wanting to please you?”

Pam stared into his eyes and said, “Other fathers don’t please their daughters that way.”

“How do you know? Have you ever told any of your friends about how you and me come together?”

“No!” Pam exclaimed.

“Then why would they tell you about their dads?”

Pam’s pretty mouth fell open as she thought about friends like sexy Linda Stanton and foul-mouthed Connie Blake and virginal little Mary Apton. Were they getting off with their dads? Mr. Stanton, Mr. Blake and Mr. Apton were sure good-looking fathers, Pam had to admit to herself. And they all had at one time or another flirted with her. Didn’t she sometimes get the feeling that her girlfriends’ dads would like to rape her? Maybe they were just like her dad!

Pam peered at her father, felt his hard-on throbbing up against her ass, felt her nipples stiffen in her dress, felt his hand hot on her naked thighs. Did she have her dad all wrong? Was he just a nice guy who really wanted to give her pleasure?

As if he were reading his little girl’s troubled mind, he stroked her inner thigh, kissed her mouth, and said, “Doesn’t it feel good to be like this with me?”

“I… I… oh, Daddy, I’m so confused you make me feel scared and then safe. First I’m frightened and then I… ohhh, I shouldn’t say this!”

“Say it, kitten. Let’s talk about it.”

“Sometimes I do want you to touch me,” Pam confessed. “Sometimes I come home from school feeling funny in my belly and I know what it is. It’s a kind of ache — as if I wanted you to make the tickle go away. I thought I was a bad girl to think that way.”

“Of course not,” her father laughed.

“That’s natural. A girl like you can’t go around with that tickle driving her crazy. And you shouldn’t have to. I love you and I wanted to help you with it, that’s all. I didn’t want a bunch of careless and thoughtless boys getting at you.”

Pam sighed. “Do you really mean that?” she asked.

“Sure, I mean it. Remember when you were a little girl and fell down and scraped your knee. Didn’t I soothe it? This is the same thing. You’re a big girl now and you have a bigger problem, your blossoming sex needs. I still want to soothe you when you get hurt, even in a sexy way.”

A tear streamed down Pam’s cheek. “And I thought you were trying to take advantage of me. I didn’t know you were doing it for me.”

“Now you know,” her father said simply.

As he smiled at her, his hand inched up to her tit. Pam felt the forbidden pleasure tingling through her whole body as her loving dad caressed her proud, pointed tit. His fingers deftly tweaked her stiffened nipple and Pam felt the same arousing sensations she always felt but had tried to fight. She didn’t fight them now. Her eyes softened and she unexpectedly pressed her lips to her father’s. Her cute little pink tongue slipped into his mouth and, with a sigh that pushed her tits at her father’s hand, she probed with her tongue. Her eyes closed gently as she discovered how nice the kiss was, then she kissed a little hungrily as the familiar tickle began to swell up inside her young pussy.

Aroused by his little girl, Jack lowered her dress in front and exposed her jutting young tits. His hand flew across them excitedly as their tongues lashed. Pam whimpered through the hot kiss and her tits ached for more sensation.

Her understanding dad broke the kiss and fastened his mouth to her quivering tit and sucked hotly on her spiking little nipple. He lashed it with his tongue and Pam felt thrill after thrill. She moaned softly. She squirmed on his lap as the sensation rushed through her blood to her nervous young cunt.

Her father sucked both tits hungrily now and licked them for her, providing the pleasures she craved and needed. His hand stroked the insides of her luscious thighs, then urged them apart. Pam trembled in his arms. She caught her breath, waiting for the big thrill.

Jack’s hand moved upward under her dress between her open legs, and his fingers, a little shakily, touched the warm, moist lips of her pussy. Pam gasped immediately. He wormed a fingertip between her tight little cunt-lips and diddled her wet fuck-hole with deliberate and planned twists of his finger.

“Daddy…” Pam breathed hotly. That was all she could get out. Her head rolled drunkenly on her shoulders and her mouth dropped open loosely. Her eyes grew sexily heavy and dropped closed as her dad expertly teased the excited mouth of her juicy cunt.

She moaned helplessly as her father pushed her dress way up on her flat belly. He peered down between her white thighs at her furry young cunt and loved the sight of it. He sucked harder on her thrusting tit and ran a fingertip up and down her glistening pussy-slit. Pam whimpered hornily and squirmed her cunt around, a silent begging for more of his forbidden pleasure.

Her dad’s cock was rock hard and strained beneath her wiggly ass. Surprisingly, Pam twisted her ass on his prick and rasped, “It wants to get out.”

Her father swallowed hard. “Do you want it out?” he asked.

Pam hesitated a moment, then whispered, “Yes.”

She lifted up for him as he struggled at his pants. He pulled his huge wet dick out and Pam settled down again with, his cock right smack against her pussy.

Now she peered down to see his prick. Her blue eyes sparkled as she gazed at the wet hunk of meat pulsing so hotly right between her quivery thighs. Slowly but surely her gentle hands reached for his cock. Her fingers slipped over the cock-head. Both hands cupped, then stroked his prick gently. Pam felt something pass through her body as she gave her father’s dick tender strokes of her fingers.

“It’s so big,” she whispered hotly.

“You knew that,” her dad chuckled.

“But it seems bigger now,” Pam murinured. Her eyes riveted to his throbbing cock as her naughty fingers raced over his prick. Another quiver passed through her body. She gave a little shiver, then rasped, “I want it.”

Jack Turner stared in wonder as his pretty little girl slipped from his lap to strip off her dress. Stark naked and beautiful, Pam smiled rather wickedly and mounted her dad’s lap, facing him. She settled a knee to each side of his hips on the recliner, then reached down and grasped his solid, wet prick.

To her father’s complete surprise — and delight — she writhed her tits at his face and panted, “Suck my tits, Daddy.” Even as he willingly gobbled at her spiking nipples, Pam gripped his turgid prick and lowered her horny young cunt to the head of his cock. She held his prick as still as she could and inched her pussy-lips downward.

Slowly, maddeningly slow for both of them, the rigid fuck-pole wedged into Pam’s tight pussy mouth. She gasped when she got his cock in, shivered a little, them pushed down as hard as she could. Her dad’s immense cock fucked into her pussy and Pam squealed to feel his prick impale her like that.

She crushed her tit into her father’s sucking mouth, tossed her head back and forth dizzily, and fucked her hot cunt eagerly up and down on his prick. In no time at all she was panting and moaning hornily, screwing her pussy frantically round and round on her father’s cock.

“Umm, ummmmm, ummmmmmmmm,” she moaned then. Her fingers dug into her dad’s shoulders and she held on for dear life as she humped her body up and down rapidly. Her father’s cock streamed and streaked into her sucking young fuck-hole.

Her dad was beside himself with joy. What a wonder! He glanced up to see a look of pure beautiful lust on his little girl’s face as she fucked. She really liked his cock! She was aching to come all over his prick. So he helped her along.

He reached around her fucking young body and grasped her quivery ass-cheeks in his big hands. As Pam fucked up and down crazily, he kneaded her ass-flesh and stroked her asshole with his fingers. Then he inserted one finger up into her twisting asshole. Pam squealed with delight and fucked faster.

“Daddy!” she cried happily, shuddering in ecstasy. “Daddy, Daddy, Daddy! Ohhhhh, I’m coming so good! I feel so hornyyyyy! Ewww, you make me come so much! You used to scare me! I was afraid to come like this! I thought it was dangerous! Ohhhhh, how silly of me! Ew, ewww, ewwwwmmmmmm! Make me come, make me come! Daddy, fuck me, fuck me! Ohhhhh, fuck meeeeeee…”

She was obviously out of her head with fuck-needs and fuck-pleasure and that pleased the hell out of her horny dad. He chuckled against her ripe, thrusting tits and sucked them wildly as he fingerfucked Pam’s tight, twisty asshole and fucked her pretty pussy with his enormous wet boner.

Pam’s new zeal and passion made it difficult for Jack to retain his orgasm. Her hungry young cunt simply sucked the come up out of his balls. He couldn’t have held back if he’d wanted to. And now he didn’t want to. He wanted to join his little girl in her extreme moments of pleasure.

Pam was still coming when he groaned and fucked his prick way up into her squirming cunt. He imbedded his cock there, drove his finger up into her tight asshole, then shot his load into her quivering young body. Pam gasped and whimpered as his gigantic boner, swollen now with fuck-lust, staffed to gush, squirt and explode viciously.

“Oh, Daddy!” she squealed excitedly. “You’re doing it! Ewww, you’re shooting in me! Ohhhhh, give it to me, Daddy, give it to me! Ohhh, I want you to fuck me silly! I’m coming so gooooood! Shoot up me! Oh, ohhhh, more, more!”

As if to extract even greater gushes of male jism from her fucking father, Pam twisted her pussy violently on his stabbing, spitting prick. She got what she wanted. Huge blasts of burning jism crashed into her twisty cunt after she got off as never before. Her willingness to fuck, her hot desire for stiff cock, seemed to make her hornier and more susceptible to orgiastic pleasure. Her pussy was now willing. Pam moaned passionately all through the fantastic fucking.

When the earthquake was over, Pam had lapsed in her dad’s lap, and he had to hold onto her quivering body to keep her from sinking to the floor. He embraced her gently and licked her mouth with his tongue as she panted, “Ohhhh, Daddy, that was so goood! I can’t believe it! Your cock is so nice! Why did I ever fight it? I must have been crazy! Ewww, how you fuck a girl! My pussy’s still buzzing from your cock! It feels so goooooood!”

She caught her breath and raised up so she could look at him. She smiled impishly and purred, “You’d better watch out now. You might be sorry you turned me on this way.”

“Oh, I don’t think I’ll regret it,” Jack said, petting her cunt. “I’ll just fuck the hell out of you every time you get horny.”

“Mmmm, that’s gonna be every day!” Pam laughed. She giggled and slipped to her knees in front of him. She cupped his soaked cock in both hands, glanced up into his face, and cooed, “I’ve been avoiding this. Can I get a good look at it?”

“Help yourself,” her father chuckled. Then he had the supreme honor and delight of having his naked little girl examine his prick for almost half an hour.

Free to do so now, Pam caressed her father’s nice cock. She touched and stroked and mauled and squeezed his prick. And finally, breathing heavily, she kissed his cock into a rigid fuck-pole. Then her soft, sexy mouth slipped onto his prick and she sucked her dad’s cock lovingly. But only until his prick was a massive boner. Then, with a giggle that excited the man tremendously, a new Pam jumped on his cock and fucked him wildly, coming and coming and coming.


Pamela Turner was bound to turn into a sexy, horny young nympho after what her father, had done to her. Pretty Pam’s excessive kicking and screaming against sex changed into luscious aching and hunger for sex. Her dad had done a good job of changing her young mind and she was grateful in the end.

At her next birthday party she showed her father just how much she loved him. She looked good enough to eat in her new party dress, a short blue-and-white thing designed to make a girl look like a child. Her mother bought it for her for the party. Pam had been disappointed at first. She’d wanted something a little sexier than that. After all, she was a big girl now. But her mom insisted.

It was her thoughtful dad who helped her accept the inevitable. He took her aside in the kitchen and whispered, “Don’t feel bad about your dress, kitten. It makes you look like a cute little virgin — good enough to eat. I’d like to suck your cherry right out of your pussy.”

Pam caught her breath and her little ear burned. Her tits lifted in the tightness of the dress. Her cunt warmed over. And she gave her dad a nice kiss on the mouth for being so nice to her. Since no one was watching the little father-daughter scene, she took the risk and gave her father’s cock a gentle squeeze, then a parting stroke as she hurried back to the lovely birthday cake.

During the party, while girls and boys danced to rock music and laughed childishly, Pam ached to get at her dad. She had given him a nice boner in his pants and now she wanted to fuck. He had been fucking her regularly lately and she needed to fuck almost daily now. She grew quite accustomed to his marvelous cock fucking into her hungry young pussy.

When she saw her dad go into the bathroom, she slowly left the room, too. She waited at her bedroom door until her father came out.

“Daddy!” she whispered.

Her father saw her and his prick jerked in his pants. He hurried to her and she pulled him into the bedroom.

She pressed up against him, kisssd him hotly on the mouth and writhed her cunt against his hard-on.

“Give it to me,” she rasped.

“Kitten… we can’t, no…”

“Yes, yesss,” Pam hissed. She quickly lifted her dress in front to show her dad that she had taken off the brief panties. She pulled his hand to her furry little cunt and cooed, “See?”

“Jesus,” he groaned, unable to resist his little girl’s sexual demands.

Pam giggled, knowing she had him where she wanted him. She tore at his pants and got his enormous wet prick out. She gripped his cock firmly in a fist, hunched her hips forward, opened her legs wide, and pulled his cock into her hungry pussy-hole.

He grunted animalistically and rammed his daughter against the bedroom wall. Pam gasped at his heightened lust pinned her to the wall. He gripped her ass-cheeks tightly, pulled upward, and fucked all of his soaked prick up into her sucking cunt. Pam’s eyes rolled in her head as the enormous boner pleased her pussy once again.

“Ohhhh, Daddy, it feels so gooood,” she murmured, screwing her cunt hotly on his cock. “You fuck me so nice. Ohhh, I wanna fuck you all the time! Give it to me! Ummm, how nice! Faster, Daddy. Faster, before we have to stop!”

Jack shared his little girl’s concern now. Someone was liable to miss the party girl soon and call her. He had to get the most out of this fast fuck if he was going to bust his nuts into Pam’s delightful pussy.

He fucked harder and faster with his silky smooth prick. Pam got off as his boner fucked her. She shivered and shook beautifully as her pussy creamed all over her dad’s fucking prick. But he didn’t bust his balls. Someone was calling Pam back to the party.

“Ohhhh, nooo,” she panted.

“God damn it!” Jack growled.

He had to release his little girl, had to pull his fiery cock out of her pussy and let her straighten her dress. Pam saw his enormous boner and his strained face. She kissed his prick quickly, bending over in front of him, then she whispered, “It’s okay, Daddy. Just wait. I’ll blow you later and make you shoot a real big load into my mouth. Okay?”

She pranced away and Jack collapsed against the wall, out of breath, his cock dripping his daughter’s hot fuck-juice.

Pam danced a few dances with boys who kept poking her thighs with their stiff young pricks. She smiled at them, letting them know she liked what they were doing to her. She had learned to appreciate a boy’s advance, especially when he had a nice big hard-on. She laughed happily and danced gaily, every once in a while snaring a boner between her thighs and milking the cock that way. The boys at the party enjoyed themselves thoroughly. It was keen to dance with a girl like Pamela Turner. She liked pricks.

All the eager young cocks between her legs kept Pam in a constant state of erotic arousal, and all she could think about was her dad’s huge boner just waiting for her mouth. She spotted him across the room a few times and looked sadly at him, wanting him as much as he wanted her. But they had to be patient.

Opportunity finally knocked when the punch ran out. The minute Jack heard his wife mention that, he quickly volunteered to go to the store for more. Pam took the cue and piped, “I’ll go with you, Daddy!”

Her mother laughed and said, “You don’t have to do that, Pamela. It’s your party.”

Pam went up to her mother and gave her a phony kiss on the cheek. Looking into the woman’s eyes with big blue innocent ones, she cooed, “I’d like to be alone with him a little while, Mom. Just to tell him how much I love him.”

That touched Mona. A tear came to her eye as she cupped Pam’s face in her hands and kissed the tip of her nose. “Run along, darling,” she sniffed.

Pam did run — all the way to the car. She leapt into in and her dad gunned the motor. The tires almost squealed as they sped away from the house.

“Oh, Daddy,” Pam breathed. And her hand jumped to his lap to caress his boner and pull at his belt.

“Baby…” her dad rasped hotly. He turned onto a dark side street and parked beneath some trees, away from lights.

“Daddy, Daddy,” Pam panted, pulling his wet prick out.

“Baby, baby,” her father groaned as she lowered her face to his lap and took his enormous boner up into her mouth.

Pam was up on her knees. As her soft, sexy mouth bobbed up and down on his prick, Jack pulled her dress up in back and caressed her cute little ass. As she sucked him off, he finger-fucked her tight little asshole.

Pam quivered as cool air kissed her ass, and she whimpered on her dad’s boner when his big finger invaded her asshole. Her ass started twisting then and her mouth sucked faster on his prick.

“Mmm-mmmmm-mmmmmmmmm,” she moaned with pleasure. She wiggled her ass for her dad’s benefit, letting him know he was pleasing her. He groaned with pleasure himself and worked another finger into Pam’s squirming cunt-hole. Both fingers fucked rapidly in and out of her turned-on body as he kept nudging the back of her throat with his swollen cockhead.

It didn’t take much of Pam’s lovely young mouth to get him off. His prick enlarged like a balloon and pulsed hotly. Pam gripped his cockshaft tensely and whacked his prick hard as she increased the speed of her bobbing head. His cock fucked easily in and out of her sexy mouth until his balls ached, then his cock jolted furiously. Pam whimpered sexily and sucked him off, pumping his prick hornily and drinking the big spurts of his creamy come. Her small mouth filled several times with her father’s jism and she had to gulp it down to make room for more. It was a beautiful blow job that left her dad loving her more than ever. Afterwards they hugged and kissed for a long time before they went to the store, then back home.

Pamela Turner, sexy as hell, became a damned good friend to the boy she babysat. Johnny Blame was the first to notice the big change in the babysitter, and the first to benefit from her change of heart about sex. She didn’t tie him up any more, except in fun, and she was actually gentle with his boner. She licked him nice and made him come real good. Now he looked forward to seeing the girl.

On the night of her birthday, she babysat the Blame kids. Mr. and Mrs. Blame wished her a happy birthday and gave her a small gift before they left for the movies. The minute they were gone, Pam went for the gift she really wanted.

Johnny was stretched out on the sofa, watching TV, when his parents left. He grinned at Pam when she turned and let one leg fall off the sofa. Pam eyed his lap and saw that he was nursing a boner.

“You little demon,” she laughed, hurrying to him. She dropped to her knees beside him and smoothed a hand over his hard-on. “This is what you want, huh?”

“Yeah,” the boy rasped, pushing his hips up.

Pam giggled pleasantly and unzipped his pants. She lifted his sticky little cock out of his pants and caressed his prick gently. Her fingers did their magic dance over his hot cock-flesh.

“Jeez, Pam,” Johnny gasped. “You’re sure neat!”

“You didn’t think so a while back,” she purred, jerking his dick.

“Well, you were mean. You’re sure nice now.”

“Because I play with your prick? Is that why I’m nice?”

“Sure!” the boy laughed.

“You little demon,” Pam said again, licking her lips. “You boys are all alike, I swear. Always getting a girl hot.”

“Suck my cock,” Johnny said simply, almost innocently.

Pam giggled at that and kissed him on the mouth as her warm hand stroked his prick up and down. Then she transferred her sexy lips to his cock. Holding his prick upright, she parted her lips and slid them down over his boner. Moaning softly, she took her birthday present into her mouth and sucked with a hunger that drove the boy out of his mind.

When Pam had his cock as stiff as his prick could possibly get, she slowly took her mouth off his cock and rolled back onto the floor. She pulled her dress up in front and spread her legs so Johnny could see everything she owned. He sat up and peered hotly at her cunt.

“Wanna fuck me?” Pam cooed.

The boy fell onto her body with a choking gasp caught in his throat. Pam giggled sensuously and guided his cock into her pussy for him, then she hugged him lovingly and fucked him silly.

She got her tits out and had him lick and suck them while she expertly humped her hot ass and made her squirmy pussy suck on his ramming, fucking prick. Johnny went wild on the girl, chewing her spiking pink nipples for her and fucking his prick as hard as he could into her pussy.

“Weeeeemmmmmmmm,” Pam moaned happily. “You’re getting better all the time!” She threw her pussy up and his prick fucked into her cunthole. “Ummmmm, that’s nice.”

She loved it with all the boys. Especially the new ones. Pam soon had a reputation as a very reliable and inexpensive babysitter. Of course, she had to lie a lot to parents who had no boys in the family. She told them she was booked up when she wasn’t, but she didn’t want to babysit kids unless they had at least one older brother.

She never broke her own rule, but about a year later she had to amend it a little. Her father had a heart attack and when he came out of the hospital four weeks later, Pam was aching for his cock. She almost fainted when she learned the sad news — her dad couldn’t fuck for at least five more months!

Heartbroken and horny, but anxious to do right by her father, she suffered her pussy pains silently. But fate came to her aid, fate and her own maturing young body. She missed her dad’s big man-sized cock terribly. His prick had made her cunt open and willing, sometimes eager and hungry. Boys’ pricks, while nice to play with and screw, just weren’t doing the job. Her pussy was older now and hungrier.

Fate stepped in when one of the boys she babysat squealed. The little monster shared the news with his father. The man didn’t believe the kid and accused him of bullshitting. Pamela Turner was a sweet young thing. Surely she was a virgin!

Bill Clarke had to find out for himself! If his boy was telling the truth — wow! He arranged for Pam to babysit on a Friday night. Pam thought he and his wife went out together, but they went their separate ways. That left Bill free to double back and spy on his kid and the cute babysitter.

He’d deliberately left the back door unlocked, and he slipped into the kitchen undetected. He found Pam and his son in the kid’s bedroom, on the floor. His boy was flat on his back. Pam was propped on an elbow near his thighs. She had young Tommy’s prick out of his pants, eyeing his cock with interest, exploring his prick with a gentle hand. She had one leg drawn up and her dress was short. Bill could see her pussy, naked and furry.

“I’ll be damned,” he muttered, entering the room.

“Oh, my God!” Pam screeched, horrified. She slammed her legs closed and blocked the man’s view of her cunt. “Mr. Clarke!”

The man looked at his son’s stiff wet prick and said, “You weren’t lying, were you?”

Pam glared at the boy and snarled, “You promised not to tell! You brat! Now I’ll be in trouble!”

Bill looked at his son and jerked his head toward the living room. “Go watch TV,” he said thickly, and his gaze traveled back to Pam. The kid darted out of the room and closed the door. Bill stared hotly at the luscious young teenager slumped on the floor. His cock started to rise in his pants.

Pam didn’t know what to say. Her heart fluttered and she rasped, “Mr. Clarke… please don’t tell on me…” What else could she say?

“Tell on you!” the guy laughed. “Hell, I ain’t gonna tell on you.”

The look in his eyes alarmed Pam. “Wh-what are you gonna do?”

“What do you think?” Bill chuckled evilly, glaring at her heaving boobs, then at he creamy smooth legs.

“Mr. Clarke! Do you mean that?” Pam choked.

“Take that fucking dress off,” the man said thickly. Pam hesitated a second too long and he said, “Take it off or I’ll rip it off!”

“Golly!” she gasped and quickly stripped her dress off. Stark naked, she sat on the floor looking helpless and beautifully fuckable.

“Open your legs,” Bill murmured, dying to see her cunt.

“Mr. Clarke… shame on you…” Pam giggled, and spread her thighs wide apart. She settled back on her hands and let him devour her pretty tits and luscious cunt, first with his eyes, then with his mouth.

Pam felt at ease now. The man didn’t want to snitch on her — he wanted to fuck her! Fantastic! It was time she had another man-sized cock up her pussy! To guarantee that, she posed sexily for Bill Clarke and let him look all he wanted to. And when he anxiously approached her, she spread her pretty legs even wider and hunched her pussy up.

With blue eyes sparkling and ripe lips kissable, she peered directly at him and cooed, “Will you eat my cunt before your fuck it?”

“Christ!” the overwrought man groaned and buried his face between her thighs. Pam gasped as his sexy mouth attacked her pussy. A moment later she fell back on the carpet as the horny man ravished her cunt with lips, teeth and tongue. We kissed her snatch so lovingly that she whimpered. He nibbled her clit so hotly that she gasped. And he tonguefucked her pussyhole so viciously that she choked for breath. That was a cunt-hungry man down there!

Pam came beautifully for him and let him know it. Thrusting her hot ass skyward, shoving her pussy into his munching mouth, she panted. “Mr. Clarke… Mr. Clarke, ohhhhh, do it more! Do it more!”

Bill gripped her asscheeks and mauled them roughly as he went on sucking her clit and tonguing her fuckhole. It was pure pleasure to get the girl off again and again. He liked driving her mad.

“Ohhhhh,” he heard her moan then. “You’re just like my dad! Ewww, fuck me now! Please… fuck me!”

He didn’t need another invitation. He knelt up and tore his pants open. His huge erect prick bobbed up.

“Oh, golly!” Pam gasped when she saw it all thick and stiff and moist. “Let me suck it first!”

To the guy’s complete delight, the saucy young teenager attacked, his cock with a passion and sucked him off like a pro. Even his wife couldn’t suck his prick the way Pam did.

It was so good that he growled, “I’m gonna bust my nuts!”

Pam moaned and whispered lewdly, “Do it do it… give me your come. You can still fuck me after I eat it.”

She was right. She thrust her sexy mouth all the way down on his swollen boner and sucked him off all the way. She jerked his prick hotly as she sucked and bobbed her head and his prick exploded in a series of torpedo blasts. Huge wads of thick creamy jism gushed out of his prick and Pam gulped it all down, whacking his prick to get more.

“Umm, ummmmm,” she moaned afterward, licking her lips. Again she fell onto her back, this time looking highly fuckable and ready for cock.

“Give it to me,” she panted, writhing her ass on the floor. “Fuck me silly, Mr. Clarke.”

He groaned and crept between her lovely young legs. Just as Pam had predicted, his prick was more than ready, even though she had just emptied his balls.

He stuck the soaked head of his prick into her pussy-mouth and fucked in and out a few times. That’s all it took to give him a whopping hard-on, the kind Pam cherished. When she felt his cock nice and big again, this time creeping into her cunt, she threw her arms around the man’s neck and kissed him feverishly. She threw her legs around his hips and pulled with her feet on his as to make his giant cock plunge deeply into her hungry pussy.

“Ew, ewwww, good, good,” she panted, humping her cunt wildly on the man’s fucking prick. Her senses reeled and her belly churned and her cunt sucked hotly as the big man raped her thoroughly. With no thought of her tender age, he plastered his mouth to one of her thrusting young tits and sucked the hell out of it as he viciously fucked her tight little pussy.

Pam went out of her head with pleasure. It had been such a long time since she’d been fucked this way. She needed this. A man’s cock now held a special fascination for her. She wanted more of them. So, in time, she used her babysitting technique to insure herself a steady supply of big, wet, fucking cocks.

By the time she was a young lady, she was fucking the fathers of the boys she was blowing and fucking. As for her father, she owed him a depth of gratitude which she paid often. After his recovery, she immediately made it good to him. She opened her mouth and pussy and asshole to him any time he wanted them. She was a good daughter to him from then on.

Miraculously, Jack Turner lived to a ripe and virile old age. His fucking ability never did slacken off. And his loving daughter, Pam, kept him in good supply with her pussy. Even after she married, she fucked him often. Every time he visited, she had a sexy mouth or cunt or ass for him. And Jack lived to be seventyfive!

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Auntie With The Hots

Psychologists invariably agree that man has certain needs which are an inherent part of his nature. Most commonly mentioned are physical needs — the needs for food and shelter. The need for sex — the “reproductive drive”, as it is often referred to — is also considered basic to man.

Tanya, the young woman in this story, is a girl whose drive for sex has long been frustrated. Her pursuit of satisfaction, thus, becomes desperate and those with whom she lives and associates suddenly become targets. A normal, healthy sex drive becomes reckless and those caught in its path are abruptly confronted with a dilemma which can be resolved only through unique solutions.

AUNTIE WITH THE HOTS — the story of a woman who has to come to terms with her own nature and needs. A novel of significance to our ever-changing society.


Beth put a teacup down before her sister and filled it. Tanya seemed even prettier than Beth had remembered. She was a true blonde and her tan skin accentuated her flowing locks. Beth could see the full soft curves of her breasts bulging out of her nightgown. She wondered what it was like to have big tits. Tanya had started growing hers in junior high. Or had it been the sixth grade? No matter.

Beth had waited in vain for hers to bud and after her second year in college had realized that she was not to be blessed with anything more than a couple of adolescent-like swells.

“I’m really glad you came to visit for a few months,” she said, closing her robe around her thin body. “What with Benji visiting I can sure use a little help in the kitchen.” Benji was her and Tanya’s nephew. He was eighteen, well-developed and very nice. Beth enjoyed having him around. There were some projects to complete around the sprawling hillside home Cal had bought five years before.

“Benji has offered to help Cal with that stone fence he’s building out back. And the road in needs some work before winter.”

“I just love it out here,” Tanya said, stretching. She felt robust and full of life. Beth wondered why her sister’s husband had ever let her go. But she didn’t want to bring anything like that up. She didn’t want her sister to think she was prying. And yet Beth longed to tell Tanya some of the awful secrets in her own life. Like the fact that in all her married life she had not been penetrated by her own husband. Oh yes, she’d teen pregnant when they’d married. A crazy impossible accident. Almost impossible. As she gazed off through the window at the trees on the hill Beth remembered.

Cal had been almost as big then as he was now. Six and a half feet tall. Well over two hundred pounds. Two hundred pounds of muscle and broad shoulders. Cal’s girl had given him the gate and since Beth hadn’t dated much, they hung together that long ago summer. But there’d been a hitch. Cal was Beth’s first cousin. And she hadn’t been ready for his passion, his desire for her. They had gotten serious. They went less and less to public places as Cal sought to find the privacy he needed to seduce Beth.

Beth couldn’t forget the first time she’d seen Cal’s cock. She knew that she was abnormally small in the cunt. Her hymen had been torn in a childhood accident, but even so, it was impossible for her to use a tampon. She could barely squeeze her thumb up into her vaginal opening. She trembled, remembering more, remembering how badly Cal had wanted her. That dark night on the shore of the lake on the blanket.

“What are you thinking about,” Tanya said, putting her teacup down. “Your face really looked strange.”

“Nothing. Nothing at all.”

“Aw, come on. I’m curious now.”

“No, it’s nothing. Really.” Beth went to wash her teacup out in the sink. She wanted to continue her little reverie. It always excited her. The way Cal had moaned and rubbed his huge cock against her naked pussy. He had tried to put it in before but there wasn’t room. So during that young and carefree summer Beth had gotten into the habit of letting him rub his glans against her blossomed, juice slickened cunt lips until he came. Cal used a handkerchief then to keep from getting any on her. But that night something different happened.

Cal had grabbed her wrists and pinned her back to the ground as he pumped his cock harder and harder against the yielding swells of her pubes. There had been pain. The head of her cousin’s cock had pushed her opening as wide as it would go. He hadn’t penetrated her but when his balls exploded their hot sap, the spurts had shot up into Beth’s pussy. Two months later she knew the awful truth. She was pregnant, Beth’s daughter was delivered a good four months after Cal had married her and they’d moved to another state to hide the truth from gossipy townspeople.

Now Lori was twenty and a beautiful young woman in her own right. She knew nothing of the details of her conception. Nor that her own father was her mother’s cousin.

“I guess I’d better go see if Cal is up,” Beth said finally, rinsing her hands in the cold water and wiping them dry. Tanya still looked only half awake. She stretched again and Beth saw a lazy sexuality. She wondered if her sister had normal-sized genitals. She wondered if she had a satisfying sex life now that she was divorced from her first husband. For an instant she almost blurted out what she’d been thinking of. She wanted so badly to share her frustrations with someone. At thirty-five she was still afraid of sex. She still didn’t know much about it.

She hurried down the long hall to Cal’s bedroom and closed the door behind her.

“Morning honey,” Cal said. He was propped up on a pillow reading. Since they slept in separate bedrooms now, Beth rarely saw him in the nude. She’d forgotten that he always slept that way. Usually she popped in only long enough to give him a gentle shake and ask what he wanted for breakfast.

But this morning he’d awakened early. And there he was. A huge man, one knee bent, the other stuck out straight along the mattress. Beth stared at his cock like it was some magic cobra that could hypnotize her instantly. It rested along his thigh. It was as big around as an ax handle and the partially exposed glans peeked darkly from the opening in his foreskin.

“Com’ere,” he laughed, tossing the book aside. She cringed a little but his fingers closed on her wrist.

“Oh Cal, I can’t this morning. Tanya is in the kitchen.”

“So, she can take care of herself. She’s a big girl.” He pulled her towards the bed. Beth knew that once he got his lips on her, once he started touching her, she’d be a goner. Because Beth knew she wasn’t frigid. She was just scared stiff.

“I need a little breakfast treat,” Cal said, licking his lips. It was the way they always started. He couldn’t fuck her, but he could eat her out. And though the times he did always frightened and shocked Beth, she loved it. She sometimes almost fainted from the pleasure. But in receiving so much joy, she knew she was instantly obligated to please her husband in some way. And since she couldn’t let him penetrate her pussy, there was only one other thing she knew how to do.

Cal had instructed her in the fine art of fellatio soon after their marriage and escape from Hortonville. He told her that a man needed a certain amount of sex. If she expected him to get it from her, she had to cooperate. Beth had cooperated. She’d suppressed her shock at putting her mouth around a man’s prick and let Cal teach her.

He had her on her back now, legs spread. She was stripped of her robe and panties. It always made her feel skinny and exposed. She wished she had a plush, rounded body like her sister Tanya.

“Ohhhh, Cal! Ohhhh, God, honey we shouldn’t be doing this in the morning. Tanya is going to know something’s happening.”

“Who gives a damn? We’re married, aren’t we?” He kissed the inside of her thigh in a licking, sexy way. She trembled and felt the muscles around her pussy relax and then convulse tighter. She ran her fingers down her belly. The ridge of her cesarean scar was hidden in a small wrinkle that crossed her abdomen. The doctor had done a good job. The scar was hardly noticeable. She could even wear a bikini without worry. But she hardly ever did.

“Ohhhh baby, you smell good this morning. Nice and funky and hot!” He licked the outer lips of her pussy. The dark hair was quickly matted into curlicues. He licked her slit until it opened. Then he spread her knees back and Beth began to writhe slowly on the bed. She was ashamed of letting herself go. But with Cal she could almost forget any fears. At least for a few moments.

“Honey, Honeeeeee!” she sighed, pumping her boyish hips as he worked his mouth hard against the smoldering, slickened lips of her pussy. There was a sucking sound as he lapped at her more furiously. She could feel her clit bulging out of its hiding place. She could feel his fingers digging into her slender thigh as he stretched the meaty opening even wider to lick every fold and crevice. She pumped her ass in an instinctive fucking motion.

Cal had her spread-eagled now and he was rooting like a hungry dog between her thighs. He knew her so well. He knew exactly the right spots to touch. She felt his tongue pressing up into her hole. The tight, muscular opening pinched down, pushing him back out. She felt a sudden sadness, knowing how much of a freak she really was. But Cal only pushed into her pussy again, using his tongue-tip like a tiny cock to excite the delicate sides of her opening. The friction was wonderful and she gave a whimper of passion to let him know how much he was exciting her.

“Whuuhhh, Cal!”

“Mmmmmmm, baby this is fine eating for a Saturday morning.”

“Ohhhh! Ohhhhhh ghhaaaaa!”

“Yeah baby, just go ahead and come.”

“Oh I am! I am coming! Ohhhhh C-C-Cal!”

She jerked, pulling her knees up tight against her small breasts. But her husband still rooted between her cuntlips, lapping her like a dog then pressing his tongue into her tiny cunt again. She rolled her hips with wild abandon, her fingers clawing big lumps of the bedsheets.

A trembling scream filled the room as the final sharp ecstasy clit through her like a golden sword.

Her feet kicked the air in convulsive, random rhythms. Between her thighs she could still hear Cal drinking her juices. His tongue danced up and down her crevice, darting over her clit-tip, digging into the folds of her inner lips. And then it was over and she was being rolled onto her belly. Cal rubbed her thighs and buttocks and back to calm her down. He was such a wonderful husband. And she was such a lousy wife.

He was on his back now. Waiting. Though she didn’t mind doing it for him, it was hard to pull herself together for the task. She gazed at his prick. The oversized organ that had never yet been inside her body. She’d had a baby squirted into her pussy by that thing and still Cal had never fucked her. She felt like some kind of perverse Virgin Mary. She was about to tell Cal that she wished she could take him like a wife was supposed to be able to do. But one look, one touch told her she’d best be still. There was no possibility of that ever happening.

Cal’s cock was over ten inches long. When she hefted it gingerly in her fingers, it felt like a baseball bat. The head was beginning to swell, beginning to push out of the protective hood of the foreskin. It was glistening with moisture and she could smell the musky aroma. She closed her fingers around it just behind the flared crown. Then she edged the loose-fitting flesh back, back until the dark blue head was exposed. The foreskin fit like a thick collar behind the glans. A little smear of slickness appeared on her finger as she gently jacked the skin back over his cocktip. Her heart was beating hard and she licked her lips nervously. She had never gotten used to this part. The part Cal had taught her so meticulously.

He liked her to put her mouth to the end of his cock and slide her lips around him at the same time she forced his skin back. It was a strange sensation to feel that slick, smooth head filling her mouth, sliding between her lips and teeth.

“Baby, go on and do it to me! Goddamn, this is gonna be good.”

Cal was a highly-sexed man. He liked to have his cock sucked. There was absolutely nothing wrong with wanting that or doing that or anything else he might want. But it frightened Beth to have something so huge in her mouth and know that she couldn’t ever take it into her pussy. She didn’t understand her fear. But it was there.

“Suck me honey, suck me good!”

“Yes darling.” She pushed her pursed lips against his feverish tip. Then she eased his foreskin back and let her mouth curve around the spongy, blood-filled surface. It went into her mouth easily and she had to open her jaw big to take it. Her tongue lashed out instinctively to bathe the underside of his tip with spit. Cal stiffened and moved his hips in the bed. He was a giant stretched out there before her. She gazed at his heaving belly as her tongue did its work along the super-sensitive surfaces.

“Uhhhhhh!” he groaned, touching the sides of her face then slumping down on his back again.

The spit oozed from the corners of her lips now.

She worked her head slowly up and down in circles. She smacked as she sucked in her cheeks to excite him more. She had not yet even thought about the final moments other act. The trembling, hot explosion of his prick which would fill her mouth to overflowing with jizz.

Her small breasts felt swollen and tender. As she sucked she pushed a hand up her belly. She found one small pink nipple and pinched it between thumb and finger. Beth rarely touched her own body. She had been this way since a child. It was some kind of self-punishment for having been born a freak.

“Okay darling, yeah, now I’m gonna tell you what I’m thinking.”

This was the part that Beth hated. But it was what Cal loved to do and she couldn’t deny him. He liked to pretend he was fucking her and that her mouth was her pussy. Beth continued to suck, knowing that he was getting close. He always started his little fantasy when he was close.

“I’m in your pussy,” Cal breathed. “It’s tight… make it tighter!” Beth pulled her cheeks in around the bulging shape that almost choked her. Cal gasped with pleasure and went on. “Yeah, tight… good and tight! I’m just lying here and you’re fucking me, see? Your hot little ass is pumping up and down. I can feel your tits rubbing my chest and when you put your legs together it makes your tight little hole even tighter. You’re stripping me down good baby! You’re really gonna suck every drop of my cum into your cunt!”

Beth was lapping her tongue furiously along the underside of his shaft now. She knew that was how he wanted it. She was sucking him hard, working him over good. She only wished that his fantasy could become a reality.

“Mmmmmm,” she sighed, caught up in his own excitement despite the lie he was weaving.

“Here it comes baby. You’ve fucked the hell out of me! I’m gonna fill you full of jizz now baby! Ahhhhhhh!”

And the first hot jet spattered against the back of Beth’s throat. She suppressed her desire to gag. It wasn’t easy because the stringy stuff was leaking down, tanged around her tonsils. She swallowed quickly before the next fountain of cream poured out. Cal grabbed the sides of her head and pumped his hips savagely.

“Mmmmmnnhhuuuh!” she protested, helpless as his glans thumped against the roof of her mouth and then penetrated her throat. Beth was in a panic. She’d never had her husband’s cock rammed into her throat like this! She couldn’t breathe, couldn’t think!


“You lovely little bitch!” he growled, throwing her over onto her side where he pinned her with his legs and hands and kept fucking her mouth with furious, deep strokes. His cock was fully extended now and thick as a bull snake. It slid even deeper into her throat as he made her bend her head back.

He got a handful of hair to keep her in that position as he concentrated on getting his prick all the way in. When Beth felt his balls flop against the underside of her chin she gave a cry of utter panic and tried to close her teeth on him. But the moment had left her weak and helpless. She flopped in awful convulsions as his cocktip went down into her throat and Cal’s balls nestled softly against her chin. The hot spurts of cream sprayed and frothed now. Some of the stuff bubbled up when she couldn’t control her throat muscles. She felt a hot stream drip from one nostril. She was crying in fear and anger. But Cal had her rolled completely under him now as he fucked his last few strokes and pulled his cock from her lips.

For a long time she just lay there shuddering and moaning, the jizz leaking from her nose and mouth. Then she pushed herself up on her elbows and stared hatefully at him.

“You must think I’m some kind of dumb animal. Ohhh, I hate you! I’ll never touch you again! I hate you, hate you, hate you!”

“Listen Beth, I kinda forgot myself. I just never get any real action.”

“You’re a sex maniac! That’s what you are.” She was on her feet now, swaying like a drunk. She wiped her mouth and spit at him. She couldn’t believe the awful thing that had happened. He’d just thrown her over on her back and fucked her mouth like it was a pussy. She just couldn’t cope any longer. She was going to lose her mind if she even thought about it any more.

Beth was running out of the room down the hall. She had her robe in her hand but couldn’t get her arms in the sleeves. And then she was in her sister’s arms, sobbing.

“Beth, honey, what’s wrong?” Tanya held her by the shoulders and stared. Then Beth saw that her sister had smelled the pungent cum that was smeared all over her chin and neck.

“It was awful!” Beth sobbed, clinging to her. Tanya’s eyes changed and then softened.

“Oh darling, you’ve got to tell me everything. I didn’t know you were so miserable.”

Beth broke away from her and fled. Her own house was like a maze as she bumped into walls and chairs. Until finally she was in her room upstairs with the door locked. She threw herself across her bed and sobbed without restraint.


Tanya hated herself for what she’d been thinking. But every morning she awoke with hot and lusty thoughts. They were all similar. All of the same man. Instead of giving into her passion she swung her legs out of bed and rubbed her eyes. Her body tingled expectantly. Almost as if it demanded her attention, her touch.

She’d put on long pants-style pajamas and a prim buttoned top the night before. She’d done it on purpose, switching from her usual shorty gown with no panties at all. She’d been trying to keep sex out of her mind. Because her life had been so chock full of it in previous months. But it was obvious she had not yet adjusted to being without a husband. A hired stud was how she thought of that convenient situation.

“Husbands. You can’t live with them and it’s hell to be without them.” But her pajamas weren’t doing their job. She felt as sexy with the silky pants covering her as she ever did with her bottom stark naked. She rose and walked languidly to the minor. Her pussy was very moist and slippery. The inner surfaces smoothed together as her thighs changed places. And that waking fantasy rose into her thought again. The dream she’d been having just before consciousness had mercifully intruded.

“God, I bet he’s big! Anybody with a body like that would have to be huge!” She went to her dresser, dug out a pair of pink, bikini panties and skinned her pajama pants down around her ankles. As she started to put a foot through a leg of the panties, she paused. Her pussy throbbed dangerously.

“This is silly!” she breathed to herself. “I’m a grown woman. I’m twenty-eight years old. I’m not some hot-tailed little teeny bopper who can’t keep her fingers out of herself.” She smiled at her own wards. “Or can I?” A giggle escaped her. “Maybe I am hot-tailed. But I should be able to keep my fingers…”

A finger had slipped down her belly to pet the curly blonde fur that didn’t quite hide the beginning of her crevice.


Her outer lips were damp with juice. She always woke up pretty lubricated. But this morning she was slicker than usual. Because in her dream she’d been doing something terribly wicked with her sister’s husband.

“Six-foot-six of loving muscle,” she sighed, letting her mind stray at last to the details. Cal bending over her thighs, licking her hot, ready pussy. Putting his fingers in and searching in the dainty, velvet-smooth depths of her opening. And then his cock resting on her thigh. In her dreams or reveries she had only imagined what it was like. Of course she’d never really seen it.

“This is awful. My own sister’s husband! I’ve got to go to town and pick up somebody in a bar before I freak out completely.” But the thought of searching out a one-night stand didn’t really appeal to her. She had pushed her finger down across her clit now and moved it slowly as her juices continued to seep.

“So now I’ve gotten down to a plain old finger-fuck!” She shook her head sadly. But her body wasn’t sad. It shivered, grew hungrier. Her breasts took on a pink flush and the nipples extended like small, pink fingertips.

Tanya edged her finger against the ring of muscles that guarded her pussy hole. Then she put it gingerly into the opening and bent over slightly to hook it up and in.

“Uhhhhh,” she gasped, leaning with her free hand against the dresser top. There was a light tap on the door.

“Tanya? It’s just Benji. I think breakfast is ready if you’re up and hungry.”

“Just a moment Benji,” she managed to get out. She wiped her finger on a tissue and grabbed her silk dressing gown to fling around her nakedness. Holding the front closed she opened the door and smiled at him.

“You know I still think of you as my little nephew. But I forget you’re not so little anymore.” Benji pushed a hand through his curly brown hair and shifted on his feet. He smiled. He clutched the front of his T-shirt. She could see he still looked up to her as his sexy aunt. Even when he’d been much younger, he’d teased her about her blonde hair and curvaceous good looks. He’d named her the Movie Star and his friends had picked it up.

“Come on in,” she said, opening the door wider. She wanted an excuse to deny herself that final indulgence of self-administered sex. And Benji’s bright presence was just the cheerful beginning she needed for the day.

“God, your perfume knocks me out,” he said innocently. Tanya almost blushed. She chose not to use perfume. What her nephew had smelled was her own sexy musk that now filled the room. She tried to keep her thighs a little tighter as she walked over to the dresser to fish a cigarette from a gold case.

“So what have you been doing?” she asked. She was surprised at how her eyes kept sneaking to the way his body was shaped. To the way he moved.

“I’m pretty good at massage now,” he said. “I took a couple of courses. See, there are all sorts of different techniques. I’ve been doing some rock-climbing too and…”

“Hold on,” Tanya smiled. “I’d like to hear more about the massage.”

“Well, it’s kind of hard to tell somebody.”

“Mmm, sure. You have to show them, right?”

“Yeah, I guess.”

“Okay,” she said moving across the room towards him. “What if I had a sore muscle right here.” She touched the back of her thigh. She was seeing if she could tease her wild little nephew a little. She wondered how he dealt with ticklish situations. And she was curious about what the child of her memory had become.

“Lay down,” he told her without batting an eye. “Bet your pardon?” she said, stopped short by his frank and unabashed look.

“I can’t do anything for you standing up like that.”

“Of course not.” She put her cigarette out and stretched out across the bed on her belly. Benji knelt on the mattress and pulled her dressing gown up. She grabbed it before he could expose her thigh completely. The little nut had really called her bluff after all.

“You’re not shy, are you?” he laughed. He was blushing too but she realized that she was on the run. She gave him a knowing grin.

“Okay, smart guy. The lady didn’t have time to put her panties on before you knocked. Now do you understand? Or am I allowed a little everyday modesty?”

“I thought you just wanted me to massage your thigh,” he popped back.

“Touche for you.” She let out a breath and rolled back onto her stomach again. “But be careful please.”

Benji’s hands felt wonderful. He laid her gown up over her bottom carefully as she’d warned him not to expose anything a girl didn’t want exposed. But his fingers! They probed down deep into her flesh, working out small knots of tenseness. Instead of fighting the way he was manipulating her, Tanya found herself relaxing. She closed her eyes and concentrated on the shoots of pleasure that radiated away from his rubbing, squeezing touch.

Benji worked higher on her thigh and then started back down again. Tanya found herself breathing a little raggedly. She almost wished he’d kept his massage up there high on her thigh. Immediately she felt a little ashamed at wanting him to excite her. She was his aunt after all. And Benji was still a mere child, if a very handsome and self-confident one.

“Helping?” he asked, starting up again.

“Mmmmmmm, God it feels wonderful, darling.” She’d often called him darling in earlier times. It was part of their little joke together. But now the word felt odd on her tongue. And Benji’s massage was getting as high as it ever had been.

“Can I pull back your gown a little more,” he said matter-of-factly. “There’s a little knot here that reaches into your buttock.”

Even his use of the language was completely innocent and not self-conscious. But then everyone had them, Tanya thought. Buttocks. In fact hers were especially nice. Round and white and firm like a cheerleader’s pert ass. She’d spent many hours maintaining her body against the ravages of her twenty-eighth year.

“Okay, but be careful. I’m a little tender back there.”

“There it is,” he said, confident and pleased at his expertise. His fingers went deep into the muscle of her ass. So deep that a hot tremor of pleasure scalded her clit and then throbbed through the underside of her pubes. She felt them swell with sudden passion, parting nakedly a few inches away from her nephew’s steady, circular massage.

“Uhhhhh,” Tanya moaned, trying to hide the obvious lust she felt. She was really getting hot! She was confused, unsure of how to get rid of Benji without hurting his feelings. She couldn’t let this go on much longer.

“Hmmm,” he said, nodding. “There’s another one. You are really tense this morning.”

“Benji darling, I think you got it now. I think you’d better stop.”

“Feel that?” he said brightly. “That connects to your back and spine. It’s important to have it loose not tense.” His fingers dug deep into her buttocks again. She squirmed her mound down against the mattress, unable to hide the throbs of pleasure that built along her flesh.

“Ohhh Benji, that’s really enough. You helped me tremendously.”

“You sure you feel better?” He stopped rubbing. Tanya felt like she was floating. Her pussy had bulged out with blood and she could tell that her musky juice was smeared slickly on the outer surface of her pubes. Her blonde curls would be plastered down in curliques too. And as she rolled onto her side, her gown slipped. Benji stared. He wasn’t smiling now. Tanya wasn’t either.

“You’d better.” She’d wanted to say go. But her tongue wet her bottom lip instead and she fluttered her blue eyes as another wave of want went through her. “Ohhh Benji give your aunt a big hug!” She grabbed his shoulders and pulled him down alongside her. The boy was completely surprised. Site knew now that his massage had been totally without ulterior motive. He was good and pure and beautiful and she couldn’t keep her hands off of him.

“God, Aunt Tanya. Ohhh, God!” Her fingers went under his T-shirt. She dug her nails along his back and then down.

“Benji, don’t talk. Ohhh God forgive me. But don’t say anything!” She kissed his mouth so hard that he almost pulled away from surprise. But then she had her hands on his face holding him as she nursed his chin and cheek with softer, gentler caresses.

“Huuuhhhh,” he moaned, closing his eyes then opening them wide to stare into her own.

“Your aunt needed a big, strong man like you to hold her. She gets lonely.” Tanya scolded herself for babbling like that. There was no way she could rationalize what she was doing. She just had to do it! She had to!

Her fingers found Benji’s fly and she worked it with feverish haste. He gave a sound of surprise as she dug into his jeans. His skivvies stretched down easily and she got him free. She gave a little groan of surprise and happiness herself. For a eighteen year-old Benji had a proud chunk of steamy hot meat. It was at least seven inches. It was thick too and the circumcised glans was streamlined and perfectly shaped. Her gown fell open completely as she jacked his shaft and watched him gaze longingly at her big breasts.

“Kiss me there,” she begged, arching her back to extend one plump swell towards his mouth. Benji kissed the hot flesh too tenderly. “Don’t be afraid of hurting me! Go oh, use your teeth if you want.”

“Oh God Tanya, I don’t know what’s happening!”

“Hurry darling! We can’t let anyone catch us.”

She moved her legs apart under him. His jeans were down around his knees but she couldn’t bother with them any longer. She had his cock in her hand, pushing it down her dripping slit. Her folds opened and caressed the purple head. She tilted her pelvis and moved it into position. Now his tip was pressing into the tight hollow that opened into her hungry pussy.

“Fuck me darling! Fuck me Benji!”

“I… I never did it with a girl before,” he said, blushing a violent red.

“Then do it to me,” she said, kissing his chin. “I’m just a girl like anybody else.”

“You’re my aunt.”

For a moment the panic filled her. She was so close. She couldn’t lose him now! She dug her nails into the muscled meat of his ass and pulled him forward. His cock pressed hard against her opening and then her juices coated him enough to make it easy. He slipped halfway into her pussy. The slurpy sound of their bodies joining made her give a little cry and wallow her big tits against his chest.

“Don’t you think I’m pretty,” she asked, holding him, fucking her ass around madly on the bed. His cock slipped steadily deeper. Inch by inch she could feel it penetrating her soft, slick heat.

“Yes! God yes! You’re so pretty I can’t believe it.”

“You always thought I was pretty, didn’t you?”


“And haven’t you thought of doing this to me?” Benji dropped his eyes. The color in his cheeks told Tanya she’d scored a direct hit.

“Ohhhh I love it! I’m so gad you wanted to have me. And don’t you see! Now it’s all coming true.”

“Shhhh,” she said, closing his mouth with a quick kiss. “Don’t talk anymore. Don’t think. Just fuck me!” The tightness of her pussy around his cock made him bite his lower lip. She moved her body in just the right way then, watching his expression, watching the pleasure take the place of guilt. She stroked his back and ass with her nails. It was glorious to feel that young, stiff prick stabbed so deeply into her cunt! She needed it so bad! She felt like a lioness who was finally fed her ration of raw meat for the day. Except that she had been starving for weeks!

“Ohhhhh,” Benji sighed.

“Ohhhh yesssss!” she echoed back. He was pumping his hips now. Even her nephew’s jerky unpolished movements thrilled her. She hadn’t expected him to be a smooth and clever lover. In fact she wanted him to be completely uncontrolled and even clumsy in the way he stabbed his cock into her pussy.

“You’re so hot inside! I didn’t know it would be like that!”

“Mmmmm, darling! And you’re so hard! So big!” Tanya knew the magic of massaging a man’s ego. With Benji it worked instant wonders. He grabbed her face between his hands and kissed her mouth in a way he probably thought she wanted. It was a little rough, but Tanya let him suck her tongue and whimpered to urge him on. He pumped his strong, trim ass furiously now. She was so close to coming that she could hold it off for a while and wait until she felt him quicken. He was exciting! And for someone who had absolutely no practice at all, he was a damned good lover.

“Ohhh, Aunt Tanya! It’s really starting to get to me!” He accidentally drooled on her face and blushed at his mistake. She licked his mouth with hungry growls, showing him that he could drool all over her and she wouldn’t mind.

“Come Benji!” she squealed, her clit so tumid with blood that every touch from her nephew’s body sent her into trembling spasms of pleasure. “Come inside me darling!”

“What if… I mean, aren’t you afraid?”

“No! It’s all right. Come! Come inside Tanya!”

“Ohhhh Jesus, I’m already coming.”

The bed creaked beneath them as Benji fucked her with all the strength he had left. The violent tangle of their arms and legs was lovely. Tanya fucked back against his hard thrusts, rubbing her clit into a fury. Then the gasping boy was crying out with strange growls and grinding his pubic bone down hard against hers. She shot off like a million rockets had exploded inside her womb. She wallowed her body against him, clung to his back with both hands. Then she hooked her long legs around his and pumped her ass as the last sharp bursts of ecstasy left her breathless.

“Tanyuuhhhhh!” he grunted, face beet red.

“Shoot it all inside me, Benji,” she cooed, petting his ass cheeks as he quivered and jetted hot jizz.

“Whuui… uhhhlili!”

To feel his youthful energy thrilled her past all reason. And then they were adrift on the warm afterglow that always followed a good fuck. Tanya blinked and opened her eyes. Benji’s weight was upon her now. She could feel the little tremblings and jerks coming from her nephew as the last bit of tension drained from his body. His cock gave one last lurch inside her and began to wilt quickly. She smiled to herself, happy. Happy with not thinking about it too much. She didn’t want to think about it too much. What she was most afraid of was that Benji would think about it too much. A youngster could go either way. If he really let the guilt swamp him, he’d never be done with it. She meant to stop that from the start. She wanted more of this. Lots more.

“How do you feel?” she asked cautiously.

“Great! Ohh Aunt Tanya, I love you!”

“Well, I love you too.” They kissed softly. But then Tanya saw the unrestrained worship in her young nephew’s eyes. Before she’d been afraid of it going the path of shame and guilt. Now she shivered at the thought of dealing with a sixteen-year-old who was madly in love with her.

“Maybe we can do it again sometime,” she said nonchalantly.

“Maybe?” Benji gasped. “Oh God Tanya! I want to sleep with you every night. I want to.”

“Now darling, we must be mature about this, right?”

Benji looked as if he’d been smacked on the wrist. “I… I guess so. What do you mean mature?” Tanya took a slow breath and let it out.

“Well, we have to remember that everyone might not see our little affair like we do. I know you care for me in a new and wonderful way. And I care for you.” She stroked his back. The boy was getting heavy now but she hated to disturb him. His cock was about to slip from her pussy so she squeezed down on it with all her might. She was surprised to feel it stiffening a little. But then Benji was very young. At the height of the most virile period in his life.

“I still don’t understand.”

“Come on now darling, you know that an aunt doesn’t just climb in bed with her young nephew and expect everyone to applaud and commend her for forthright and upstanding community service.”

Benji grinned. He had such a lovely, wide mouth. Tanya wanted to kiss him again. But she had to make her point. They had to get this clear between them before he got crazy and aroused everyone’s suspicions.

“So we’ve got to keep it a secret,” he said at last.

“Don’t you think you can?”

“Yeah, but…”

She hugged him, rolling him gently to his side. “Don’t worry. There’ll be plenty of opportunities for us to be together. But we must be careful.” His cock had slipped from her pussy now. She was surprised to see that it was half erect again. Still it was too soon for him to sustain a perfect erection. She touched the cum-smeared shaft and licked his chin. “Don’t look so serious…”

“It’s easy for you to say.” Benji frowned.

“It isn’t so easy. I didn’t plan this or anything. It just happened.” She was staring at his young, lovely prick. She was thinking about putting it in her mouth. But there wasn’t time this morning for any more games. People would be wondering where Benji had disappeared to. They might even come poking around. Tanya swung her legs out of bed and held a towel under her mound. Benji watched with interest.

“It all just leaks out?” he asked, biting his lip.

“Well, not all of it.” She winked. “There are the ones who make the lone swim.”

“The long swim,” he repeated as if in a trance. “God, I hope you don’t get…”

“Knocked up? No chance. I’m on the pill.” She walked over to where he sat on the edge of the mattress and pinched his cheek. “You do know about the pill, don’t you?”

“Oh sure.” He stood and pulled her against him. “That means we can do it all the time and not worry about making a baby.”

“With you I’m not so sure that even the pill is foolproof,” she laughed, twisting out of his embrace. She cleaned up in the bathroom and let Benji watch her pull on the pink bikini panties she’d never quite managed before. Then she got into a silk frock and brushed out her hair.

“Wow,” he said, adoring her from where he sat. “I know what’s underneath all that. I can almost see you walking around naked.”

“Well make sure you don’t telegraph all this to somebody who doesn’t know.”

Benji came to put his arms around her belly. He hugged her from behind, rubbing his stiffened prick up and down her buttocks. She gave him a little spank and pulled away again.

“You’ll get me all randy and sticky,” she teased.

“When can we?”

“You’re ready again?”

Benji grew shy again now that his cock was stiffening. “Yeah. I’m ready.”

“Maybe I can sneak to your room tonight,” she said. “I’m not sure I want you stumbling through the house on your way to my room.”

“You’ll be sure and come?”

“If I don’t, that’ll only make you appreciate me more the next time.”

“You’ve got to come,” Benji said, taking her arms. “You’ve just got to.”

Tanya let him kiss her. Her heart was pounding but she wasn’t afraid of her own emotions as much as she was of her nephew’s. If he really got crazy, he could bring it all down around them. She had to walk a pretty high wire to keep it all working.

“Have I ever chewed off a hunk this time,” she murmured to herself.

“What Tanya? What’d ya say?”

“I said that you’re a lovely hunk of man, Benji. A real lovely hunk.”


Lori had been thinking about the fight her mother had had with Cal. It seemed they argued a lot lately. But she’d overheard a real bad one. She’d heard Tanya trying to soothe Beth. She’d heard everything but what the fight was actually about. She’d stayed in the downstairs bathroom until all the flak had passed and then sneaked out of the house to mull things over. That was four days ago.

“What you thinking, Lori?” Jim asked her.

“Nothing much.” She smiled at him but her heart wasn’t in it. Lately she’d been getting more and more bored with Jim Hanson. At twenty she was supposed to be in an exciting and vital time of her life. That was what everyone told her. And she was dating one of the most eligible bachelors in town. Jim was twenty-five, and almost out of law school. He would be a successful, dependable husband if she cared to accept his offer of marriage. But something had caused her to hesitate. It wasn’t any one thing. It wasn’t really something she could put her finger on. But it was something.

“God, would I love to wake up with you tomorrow morning.” He pulled her against him. They were parked in front of the house. Lori wanted to go inside. Site wasn’t tired. She was just a little tired of Jim. The radio on the dash of the Cadillac played soft, romantic melodies.

“Did you like the movie?” she asked, trying to make conversation.

“When I could concentrate,” he said. His fingers were toying with the buttons of her blouse.

“Jim, I think I’d better go in.”

“Not yet, darling. Let me hold you a little longer.”

Lori pushed a lock of soft, brown hair out of her eyes and sighed. She knew Jim’s routine. Maybe because she knew it so well, knew he wouldn’t vary from it was the reason she was bored. He was a habitual person. He liked the same approach over and over again. Just as now he was undoing the bottom button of her blouse first. There wasn’t anything particularly wrong with that, Lori thought. But why didn’t he start at the top? Just once.

“I’m glad you never wear a bra,” he whispered, putting his mouth against her cheek. Exactly the same moves, the same words he’d always used.

“I guess I’m not really big enough to bother,” she said. That wasn’t entirely true. Sometimes when running or jumping around, Lori wished she was in the habit of wearing one. But the damned things were so restricting, so uncomfortable.

“Mmmmmmm, so soft! You’re lovely to touch, Lori,” Jim said as he fingered her nipple.

Lori closed her eyes. She knew that her date had given the signal for her to begin. If she was to be on cue, she had to reach over and unzip his fly. Then she’d find his cock and pull it out. Jim had a passion for a quick hand-job at the end of a date. It was funny how prudish he was. Though she hadn’t ever hinted that he couldn’t make love to her, Jim had assumed that she wished to remain a virgin until after they were married.

“Uhhh, Lori, you’re fantastic,” he sighed, twisting his hips in the seat. She’d delayed her reaction but now felt obligated to go ahead with their little charade. What she really wanted was for him to get crazy. Pull off her clothes. Push her down on the seat and force her white thighs apart. She tried to imagine what his cock would feel like stabbing into her pussy. It wasn’t really such a big cock. But it was better than nothing.

She had his fly open. Her fingers dug under his skivvies until she found the damp, hot snake and eased it out. Jim was not what you could call hung. Lori had measured him in her mind. She guessed he had five inches. And again she admitted that there was nothing wrong with that at all. It was a nicely shaped cock, thick around the shaft and curiously broad and blunt at the tip. It was enough to please her, she knew. But with it attached to Jim Hanson, there was something missing.

“Oh yes! Do that, darling! Do it faster.” Jim leaned his head back on the seat. His dark hair was a little mussed now. It was the only time she saw it like that. And he had seemingly forgotten her tits. Though her blouse was parted back wide to expose the nicely-shaped, medium-sized orbs tipped with ruddy fingers of flesh. But then this was the way it always was. Jim got his and assumed that a girl could live without a climax. Since he didn’t encourage her to beg, Lori never had. Jim Hanson was not the kind of man she wanted to beg.

His cock had swollen to its full size now. She could see it in the green reflection off the dash. The head was filled out like a mushroom and it pulsed in her palm. For a moment she found herself excited again. Her clit thumped in the juicy folds where it usually hid. She could feel the muscles around her pussyhole squeezing in tense spasms of sexual pleasure. In all her twenty years on the earth, Lori had been penetrated only twice. Neither time had been especially satisfying. Pleasurable, yes. Satisfying no.

“Honey!” Jim gasped, pumping his hips.

“Shall I get out your handkerchief?” she said, unable to hide the invitation in her voice. She rocked her hips back and forth in the lush leather seat. She wished that he would touch her like that. And sometimes he did get a finger into her panties. But Jim had no idea how to excite a woman. He fumbled around in the wet folds like a lost child until Lori usually made him stop out of frustration. She’d never had the nerve to tell him exactly how to feel her up. It would destroy someone like Jim. Utterly destroy his sense of manhood.

“Lori… Goddamn!”

His cock was as rigid as a short piece of steel pipe. The skin slid loosely on the inner hardness. She could feel the tube along the bottom now. It was bulging as if readying itself for the powerful flood of cream that would soon come spurting up. Again Lori felt a little of the excitement she’d experienced the first time she’d done it to him. His shirt was opened enough so that she could see his heaving belly. She could see the sparse hair that went in a line down his abdomen and the thicker, tighter curls around his cock and balls. Her fingers tightened on his prick now and she jacked him more roughly.

“Ahhhhh,” Jim growled, jerking in a frantic, wild way. Lori almost wanted to hurt him. She wanted to make him understand what she needed as a woman. She tightened her fingers even more, strangling the place behind his glans. It was angry dark and bigger than she’d ever seen it.

“Whhuuuuh,” he gasped, “Jeeeeesussss!”

“Do you want me to get your hanky?” she asked again.

“Better… get… it!” Jim choked out. Lori curled her lips in a smile and let go of his cock. She’d never done anything like that before. She wondered what sort of effect it would have on him.

“Lori, for God’s sake don’t stop!” He was angry. Yelling at her. She glared at him, his handkerchief dangling from her fingers. Jim glared back. He grabbed her wrist roughly and tried to make her take his cock again. Something unexplainable made her pull back.

“For Christ’s sake, I’m about to come, Lori! What in hell are you…”

“Doing?” she finished for him. Then she tossed his handkerchief into his lap. It landed over his prick, draping it like a statue about to be unveiled. “I’m going to let you do it yourself.”

There was a strangled, awful noise in her date’s throat. And then he grabbed his own cock and began to jack it. The handkerchief fell aside as a small fountain of hot jizz leaped a foot into the air. It fell around Jim’s fingers so that now his pumping fist made a slick, squishy sound. More white strings leaped up and splatted down again. Lori was breathing hard, her lips pressed angrily together. She was disgusted with him. Not because of what he was doing. But because of the way he assumed so damned much. The bastard.

“Ohhh… ohhh shit!” Jim grunted, milking his cock. The cum was just oozing out now. The head and shaft of his prick were coated with milky, glistening curds. The sharp aroma filled the car. That was what made Lori grab her door handle and work it frantically. The smell of fresh, raw jizz always drove her wild. There was something about it that made her crazy for sex. And ironically, it always meant too that her date was incapacitated.

“You incapacitated son of a bitch,” she spit, getting out.

“Lori! Wait! What the hell is wrong with you tonight?” She was walking rapidly up the lawn. “Did I say something?” Jimmy tried. “Did I do something to irritate you?”

She closed the front door behind her and leaned against it. Then she saw the small speck of white glistening on her arm. She wanted to wipe it off, to forget about it. But instead she brought her wrist up to her nose and sniffed.

“Goddamn every man on the face of the earth,” she whispered. But even as the words crossed her lips, she touched her tongue to the silky fluid and savored the sour, flat taste. It was the first time in her life she’d ever experienced a man’s cum in her mouth. But there was only a drop and it was gone almost before she had a chance to really get the taste and texture firmly in her mind.

She was breathing hard, almost panting as she went into the kitchen. She put an ice cube in an old-fashioned glass and went to the dining room and opened the liquor cabinet. Five fingers of her father’s best Scotch would help. She let the ice work on the liquor for a moment or two before drinking half of it down.

“Wow,” she breathed, shaking her head. Her eyes watered but she drank the rest down and poured in just half as much again. She went upstairs with the ice jingling in her glass. “Goddamn all men. I hate all men…” she mumbled.

She came around the corner of the upstairs hall and almost ran into the gowned figure of her visiting aunt. Tanya gave a squeal of surprise and seemed to flounder for something to say.

“I… I was needing a drink myself,” she blurted. “You must’ve just gotten in from your date, Lori.”

“Yep.” Lori swirled her drink. She felt a little drunk.

“Did you have a nice time?”

“Wonnerful. Just wonnerful.” She hiccuped. Tanya glanced nervously down the hall and gave a thin smile.

“Well I think I’ll go have that drink and go to bed. Night Lori.”

Lori watched her pretty blonde aunt descend the stairs. She was really a cover girl. But then Lori didn’t think she was so bad herself. She’d done a little modeling, caught the eye of more than one photographer. She hiccuped again.

On her way to her room she was able to stop the tiny spasms in her throat. She pushed open the door and entered the darkened space. She’d closed it behind her and was reaching for the light switch when her cousin’s voice made her jump.

“God Tanya,” he said softly, “I’m glad you came.”

Lori just froze there, her boozy state of mind making her slow to figure things out. Then she remembered that her parents had asked her to move to the room next door while Benji was there visiting. She had given him her room, since it had a connecting bath. Lori hadn’t minded the move. She’d just forgotten. She’d stumbled by habit to her old familiar bedroom. And in doing so she’d discovered a little secret. She knew at once where Tanya had been going in her flowing gown. The liquor in her blood almost made her laugh. But then she was trembling with lusty excitement. Another possibility had occurred to her. Sober she might never have considered it for a moment. But half drunk she considered it more with each passing second.

“Tanya?” Benji called, voice hushed but urgent.

“Ssshhhhh,” she hissed, gaining a little time to think things out. Benji thought she was Tanya. The room was pitch black. The opportunity was to fantastic to resist. There wasn’t enough difference in size between her and her aunt to really matter. And if Benji never suspected, she could do something about the pounding lust she felt. Yes, the liquor had only made her more wanton, more hungry for some real action.

“Where are you Tanya?” Benji breathed.

Lori turned the key in the door and groped her way across the room. It was easy to find the bed. She reached out to touch her cousin’s bare leg. A jolt of pleasure made her gasp with delight. She hadn’t realized just how horny she was. She smoothed her palm up and down his thigh, shivering with the knowledge of the naughty thing she was doing. Her own cousin! Not that she hadn’t had her share of fantasies about him. He was a nice kid. Handsome. Pretty sexy. But her surprise came then as her palm accidentally strayed to his crotch. He was naked in the bed and his cock jumped to her touch.

“Ohhhh,” she breathed, careful to disguise the sound. Benji’s cock was big! She guessed seven inches. It was lovely and hard and long. She felt dizzy from wanting it. With another sigh she put her face down against his thigh and started kissing him. In an instant Lori realized the suppressed emotions she had inside her. All these years she’d hidden her hunger from her boring steady date. Now she knew that she had longed to suck a male cock! She had longed to do unnamable things and have them done to her. Free at last from Jim Hanson’s prudish code, she felt like an animal who’d been freed from a cage.

“God, Tanya… Ohhh, God!”

She was nuzzling in the soft sack of his balls. Her nose pressed the slippery eggs around as she kissed him again and again. The sensation was totally new to her and she was breathless, her skin washed with sexy tingles. She began to lick the underside of his shaft as he lay there on his back. She lapped at him like a cat on cream. Benji pitched in the bed, his hands touching her hair now.

“Tanya! Tanya!”

That heavy shape felt so hot, so smooth. She could trace the veins with the tip of her tongue. She traced them up to where his glans bulged out sharply. Then she continued to swath the sensitive surface with hot spit. Benji was gasping, pumping his hips. And Lori realized that she was about to do something she’d only dreamed of doing before. She was going to slip her lips around his prick and suck it!

“Ohhhhh!” her cousin sighed as his flared crown went between her teeth. She smacked at it noisily. The spit ran down her chin. Her breath was hot against Benji’s flesh. He smoothed her hair as she suckled at him like a hungry piglet at a nipple. And she was hungry. She took the unbelievable shape of his cock deeper into her mouth. She’d never felt anything like that… ever! It was so spongy and soft at the tip. But there was a firmness below the sponginess. She pushed the tip of her tongue hard against his glans and felt him stiffen. He held his breath as she explored the blood-packed knob with teasing, curious licks. Then she made a strong suction with her cheeks and once again took him very deep.

“Yaaaaagghhhuuuuh!” Benji cried, flopping around under her. She was on her knees between his legs, bent over so that the curtain of her hair tickled his belly and thighs. His prick was so stiff now! She was aware that if she kept on like that she might not have the fun she planned.

“What’s happening?” Benji gasped in surprise when she took her mouth away and stood up beside the bed. The sound of her clothes coming off answered him. She dropped everything in a pile on the rug and shivered there in the darkness. Her nakedness made a new fire burst up between her thighs. She raked a finger in her juicy crevice and smeared it under her nose. She remembered doing that as a child once. And now that she was free from Jim Hanson, she could do it again. The musky smell made her clench her teeth. Her eyes had adjusted a little to the darkness. It was still too dark to discern much, but she could see the dim outline of Benji’s prick throbbing up against his belly. It glistened with her spit.

“Let’s fuck, Tanya,” Benji said.

Lori didn’t know why she got down on her hands and knees on the floor. She only followed the powerful instincts that seemed so overpowering. The emotions and desires that had burst from the dam she’d created inside her all these years. Benji hovered over her, reached out to touch her back. Then he was kissing her there, rubbing the firm, round swells of her buttocks. She gave a soft whimper of lust, hoping that Tanya whimpered in somewhat the same way. Benji was too wrapped up in what he was about to do to discover anything important.

“Uhhhh,” she gasped, not so afraid to keep quiet now. Benji had accepted her. She was female. And that was obviously the most important thing.

His fingers went between her thighs and she opened them, moving her knees wider on the rug. He touched her mound, rubbed the swollen lips open. Lori had never felt anything so sexy in her life! She realized just how inexperienced and protected she’d become.

“Hhhuhh,” she groaned, pumping her ass as her cousin pressed a finger down along her clit. The bulging nub of dripping flesh extended against his touch. He made slow circles around it and then pushed it down again. She clicked her teeth together and her toes fanned from the excitement.

“God, this is so much fun, Aunt Tanya.”

“Whhuuhhh! Nhhuuhhh!”

“I never did it like this before.” He touched his cock up between her thighs. His finger stroked her crevice steadily. The slick sound of her folds clasping around his knuckles was driving Lori half mad with want. That feverish cocktip was only inches from her dripping pussy. She pumped her hips again. Then she reached her hand back under her body, back between her legs. She took the heavy meat gingerly in her fingers and guided it up, pressed it between her inner folds. The velvety flesh squirted apart and her sex butter spread over the head. Benji trembled. He jabbed his hips, trying to spear her pussy. But it was a difficult angle. She had to help him, had to let her back curve sharply downward so her pussy was lined up at the right angle.

“Ohhhh shit,” he moaned, pumping at her now that his cock had slipped into the tight circle of muscles. She squeezed down with her sphincter, clasping him behind the glans. Benji shuddered again and spread sloppy kisses across her back and shoulders.

Then he was pumping furiously, trying to bury himself deeper. The size of his cock was absolutely exhilarating. Lori figured that she’d never been properly fucked. It was so tight going in. It rubbed the sides of her pussy, stretching them, tickling them in a way that made her want to scream with joy. Her opening squeezed and relaxed with a steady rhythm. She was milking at that rigid thing already, wanting its potent sap. But first she wanted to come!

“Whhhooo,” she sighed.

“Is it good?” Benji asked.

“Ssshhhhh.” She couldn’t have him asking her questions. She just couldn’t let him find out who she was at a time like this.

His fingers grasped her hips, pulling her ass back against his lunging, frantic fucking. The effect was immediate. Lori tossed her trim bottom up and down. Then she was making quick circles as her cousin rooted deeper with the knobby, hot head of his cock. Her insides caught at him. Her head dangled weakly between her arms as she felt her pussy inflamed with the blood that pounded through her loins. She was being fucked! Really fucked!

The slick slap of their bodies together made her cry out again. Her clit was jutting out from her body like a hungry finger. And though it was in no direct contact with her cousin’s body, the stretch of her membranes from the fucking was exciting the steamy slick nubbin. But Lori caught Benji’s wrist just the same and guided his finger around the front of her thigh and down against her slit. He began to rub her clit with a rhythm that was only half of that he used to spear her pussy. Lori almost choked on the joyous surge of pleasure she felt.

“Huuhhh… ohhhh, yeessss!” she babbled, not caring anymore whether Benji found out who she was. “Ohhhh fuck me!”

“Tanya?” he gasped, still fucking her with furious, frantic jabs. “You sound… weird.”

“Uhhhhh! Benjeeeee!” she cried, falling forward as her arms crumpled. She felt the teasing itch of her climax build to maddening proportions. The whole underside of her young body was a storm of pleasure. She couldn’t move fast enough, couldn’t get to the core of the itch! Benji was stretched along her back now, plunging against her soft ass as his cock ravished her hole. As he took her up, in a swirling storm of ecstasy.

Her pussy tightened down on him as she came. Benji hesitated as her muscles squeezed his cocktip. Then he shuddered and speared so deep that Lori felt her womb pushed up deeper inside her belly. She pounded the floor with her fists and babbled. Now Benji had his rhythm slowed so that his cum squirted into her with agonizing slowness. He made noises like someone was torturing him. But Lori knew that her tight, hot pussy was making it especially good for him. She felt a surge of pride and happiness as her climax continued with weaker tremors of pleasure. She was giddy with happiness. She had never know such release. Such energy! She lay her head against the rug and cried for joy.


Benji put his face against her back, sucking in huge lungfuls of air. He was still moving his prick around inside her body. Lori could feel the difference his cum had made. She was very slippery inside. And something hot and stringy was leaking out around the edges of her opening.

“It is you, isn’t it Tanya?” Benji whispered, real doubt in his voice now.

Lori rolled him off of her back. Then she had his face between her hands and was kissing him, using her tongue willfully. He sighed and kissed her back. She had a yearning to kiss the head of his cock. It was coated with the sharp-smelling cream that flowed front a man’s balls when he filled a woman. She wondered how it would really feel on her chin and cheeks. But she shivered and pulled away.

“You’re not Tanya!” Benji said. Lori had already scooped up her clothing and made it across darkened room. Benji was getting to his feet. But then she had the door unlocked and was outside, shutting it again. Thank God the hall light was off. He still hadn’t seen her. She hurried to her room and shut the door softly. Benji was in the hall now, searching for the female who’d sneaked in uninvited to take him on a ride. Lori bit her bottom lip and smiled.

“Oh God, if that wasn’t the craziest stunt I’ve ever pulled!” she said to herself. Benji was standing near her closed door now. She could almost feel his tumid, nervous presence. Then he was gone. She heard his door shut again and let out her breath.

With a mirror in her hand, Lori sat on the edge of her bed in the glow from her table lamp. She gazed in fascination at the swollen, ravished state of her pussy. The outer lips were swollen so much that her softer, slicker folds were all pushed out. She could see the inner labia clearly defined and the turgid button of her clit completely exposed. The whole area was red and a little raw-looking. Then she found that she’d tightened her pussy hole ever since her cousin had slipped his cock out. She tried relaxing it and a dribble of white cum dripped onto the mirror.

“Ohhhh, God in heaven, that was wonderful fucking I got!” she sighed, licking the milky stuff from the glass. Now she could really taste it. She let more drip onto the mirror and quickly lapped it off.

“It’s lucky my period will be due in a few days.” The possibility of ending up with her cousin’s baby growing in her belly didn’t particularly appeal to her. But Benji was a wonderful fuck! “Until I wake up sober tomorrow morning.” She shook her head slowly. “My own cousin!” Lori put out the light and lay on her back naked. Her body had a warm glow to it and her pussy felt deliciously plump and comfortable. She could have stared fretting about the terribly daring thing she’d pulled off. But she chose to sleep instead.

Sleep came as a breeze from the open window played across her tits.


It took Beth three solid drinks to even think about the possibility. It took her another whiskey and soda to get dressed in what she considered a sexy outfit and put on a little eye-shadow and make-up. Then she phoned Doctor Barnaby’s office and insisted on being seen that morning. The secretary squeezed her in after juggling the appointment schedule. Then Beth made her one last whiskey and went shakily to the car to start the air-conditioner. She didn’t want to arrive at Doctor Barnaby’s office all sweaty and wilted.

She wasn’t even sure what she would say when she confronted the young, handsome M.D. All she knew was that she had problems. Plenty of them. And Phil Barnaby had given her a sympathetic shoulder to cry on once. She and Cal had been out at a party and Phil and his wife had joined them for conversation. Doctor Barnaby had asked Beth to dance. She’d been a little loaded. She’d started talking. About nothing at first but then the booze had opened those awful secret doors and she’d found herself quietly crying as Phil Barnaby had swung her around the floor, his blond hair brushing her face from time to time. She’d realized that evening that she really couldn’t talk to her husband. About the things that counted. And part of the reason she couldn’t confide in her very own man was that sex thing. If you can’t fuck together, you can’t talk together, she finally concluded. Yet she hadn’t fucked Phil Barnaby. Maybe it was the fact he was a doctor. And that he had an obvious sexual appeal to any woman with two eyes. No, Beth decided. She’d only need one to pick up on Phil Barnaby’s sex appeal. More important though she had to spill the junk that was collecting in her head. She had to spill it to someone. Maybe Phil could help her somehow.

By the time she got to the office building she could hardly park the Cadillac. She was winging on straight Scotch whiskey with a little melted ice to lubricate. She giggled crossing the parking lot, the dregs of her drink still in her hand.

“Maybe I don’t even need to see a doctor,” she sang. But she knew that as soon as she came down from her boozy flying that she’d feel even worse than when she’d awakened that morning. Something was in the air. She had the feeling that her husband was about to have an affair with someone. She’d always thought she was psychic. And while brushing her teeth, she’d felt that familiar urging. The male surge of desire. She hadn’t been completely satisfying her husband lately. As if she weren’t allowed to think, of her own satisfaction. But that was the way the world was set up. The boy got his goodies first. If the girl happened to luck out, fine. If not, tough titty. Beth giggled again. Her laughter sounded strange and unfamiliar. She didn’t laugh much. And she did it always shocked her. Beth put her empty glass in an ashtray in the lobby.

The receptionist gave her a look that said she could smell the booze on her breath.

“Won’t you sit down please?” the girl said. “The doctor is running over a few minutes this morning.”

Beth tried to read a magazine but couldn’t focus on the page, let alone concentrate on what the words meant. She felt like giggling again. Then crying. She took a firm grasp of the chair arms and tried to pull herself together. She hadn’t meant to get this sloshed. She’d only wanted to get enough guts to see somebody. For a moment she felt like getting up and getting the hell out of there. But when she stood, she caught a glimpse of herself in a mirror at one end of the waiting room. Drunk as she was she looked fine. Her expensive silken dress showed off her willowy form to its best advantage. She didn’t look skinny now, just tastefully thin. Her small, high breasts were perfect. The receptionist was staring at her when she turned to find her seat again.

“Is everything all right, Mrs. Henderson?”

“Oh sure,” she said, voice unnaturally high. “I’m just a little sloshed.” She gave the girl a stupid grin and plopped back too hard into the seat. The door opened and Phil Barnaby was looking at her. Thank God he wasn’t wearing a stethoscope, Beth thought. If he had been, she would have broken out laughing.

“Hi Phil,” she said, wobbling towards him. Phil exchanged a look with his receptionist and stepped back to let her pass by him. Beth made it somehow and turned as he closed the door behind. Then she lurched into his arms with a sigh.

“Oh Phil, I almost didn’t make it.”

“Beth, it’s a little early to hang one on, isn’t it?”

“You don’t know the half of it,” she said, breaking into gales of laughter now that the tension in the waiting room had passed. She clung to the slim doctor’s body. He felt so warm and good. So understanding. At least she didn’t feel obligated to him physically like she did with Cal. Phil would understand all that, wouldn’t he?

“Why don’t you tell me about it.”

“Sure. Love to.” The room spun. Beth felt that she was getting drunker instead of more sober. She almost fell trying to get to a chair. Then Phil helped her up onto the examination table and sat there with his arm around her waist.

“I usually don’t give such personal attention to my patients,” he joked, “but you’re a fiend. And a good dancer to boot.”

“Phil, ohhh God am I drunk.”

“You don’t need a doctor to find that out.”

“It’s because I’m so miserable. Cal. We don’t make love. We’ve never made love. I know, I’ve got a twenty-year-old daughter. That was a miracle. Virgin birth. Right out of the blue.” The room swam again and she had to clutch at Phil. She found herself clutching his thigh.

“Hey, slow down. I’d need a tape recorder to get all of this.”

Beth went over things as carefully as possible. She even started putting, in the details. Like how huge her husband was. How she’d measured him once. An honest ten, and a half inches. And there was something wrong with her which even made it worse. There was no way in hell that her husband would ever be able to have sex with her. And now he was about to do something to break her heart.

“Adultery isn’t the end of the world,” Phil said, rubbing her back gently. She had collapsed with her head in his lap and he was petting her, talking quietly to her.

“I do everything he wants,” she went on, still sobbing. “I do it to him with my mouth. But last time he got too rough. He choked me half to death.” Beth was surprised to feel Phil Barnaby’s crotch tighten. Maybe it was the way she’d been rolling her head around and talking all this nonsense. But she’d thought that doctors were different somehow.

“Hmmmm,” he said at last, making her sit up again. “I think we’d better take first things first.”

“Oh Phil, what am I going to do?”

“You’re going to have a pelvic examination for a starter.” He started for the door. “I’ll call the nurse to get you ready.”

“Oh, Phil, I don’t want a woman in here with me.” She clutched her dress. She could see that he really did have a hard-on. A beautiful hard-on. Beth knew that she always liked a man’s cock as long as it was inside his pants. No, that wasn’t quite right either. She found herself wondering about Phil Barnaby. She imagined he had a nice slender cock that would fit perfectly into her vagina. God, she sure was drunk.

“You met Barbara. I don’t see why…”

“No!” Phil appeared momentarily irritated. Then he smiled and shrugged.

“All right. Take off your dress and panties and get on the table. If were going to do it like this, I guess you don’t even need a gown.”

It took Beth a little fumbling around but she managed at last to get onto the table and put her legs in the metal stirrups. She felt so vulnerable. Though she’d never been the least bit sexy in a doctor’s office before, the liquor had worked wonders. She felt a warm glow between her legs. Maybe it was seeing her doctor sexually excited by her presence. And he had been! It was more than happened with Cal. He treated her like mouth for his cock. A convenient hole to pump his cream into. Phil Barnaby entered the room with a tray of instruments. Beth blushed furiously. Phil put the tray down and turned to look at her.

“Perhaps I should have made you wear a gown after all. You’re a very lovely woman, and I think your husband is a fool.” His face showed that he’d said too much. Beth felt that he was trying hard to maintain a patient-doctor relationship. She moved her hips on the table. Her inner surfaces were very oily and hot. The months of frustration, of not being able to come really good were clearly showing now. Yes, she wanted to be examined. So someone else on the planet would know her problems.

“This might be a little cold,” Phil said leaning down between her legs. The sight of him gazing right up her pussy made Beth giddy. He touched her hair fringed labia and parted them slightly so the instrument would fit in. She trembled and moved her ass in a slow circle. She could feel her juicy folds open. A droplet of lubrication slid down one ass cheek. Phil cleared his throat. His fingers were shaking.

As the hard metal went into her hole, Beth let out a sigh. She’d been ashamed to use anything on herself. Even her own finger. But now it was all okay. It was a doctor doing it. The metal slid easily into her depths. She rocked her hips, unable to keep still now. Deep… soo deep! Why couldn’t a man’s cock do that? Her husband’s cock…

“Ohhhhh,” she gasped. “It feels so strange.”

“Try to hold still,” Phil said, fingers trembling more than ever.

“I… I can’t. Ohhhh Phil, you don’t know what it’s like to have something going inside me!” She bit her bottom lip. Her fingers were squeezing at the edge of the examination table.

“Yes,” he said in a doctorly tone. “You are somewhat smaller than normal. It could be a hysterical reaction. Something psychological. I see no abnormal growths. Your body is perfectly normal in every other way. There’s no reason…”

“Uhhhhh,” she moaned, pumping her hips with abandon. A tingling glow spread quickly through her pubes and down both thighs. Her belly heaved as she tried to keep control and couldn’t.

“I’m going to spread you a little now,” Phil said. He sounded very tense. “To see just how much expansion you’ve got.”

“Nhhuuuhh! Ohhhhh, Goddamn!”

“Are you in pain, Beth?”

“Nhoooo. Feels good… wonderful!”

“I’ll try and get this over with as soon as possible.” Phil sounded like he was coming unglued. She didn’t want him to feel like that. She wanted him to…

“Phil. Do it to me!”

“Beg pardon?”

“Make love to me! Right here! Right now!”

Phil had just expanded the instrument to stretch her soft tube to its fullest. The sensation was of having something like a cock inside her. But not quite. She thought of the hard lump she’d seen in her doctor’s pants. Why couldn’t he give her some of that. God knows she needed it worse than any medicine in the world.

“Beth… my God, I can’t do something like that.” He slipped the instrument out of her.

Beth pushed herself up and got her legs out of the metal stirrups. She grabbed his hand and squeezed it hard. Her thighs were still parted and the darker inner membranes swelled out with glistening invitation. She could smell her clean, musky perfume too. The aroma that rose from her whenever she felt like this.

“I don’t need a prescription,” she sighed, putting his hand down against her. “I need affection. Love. I need you.”

“Goddamn,” Phil interrupted. His finger had just slid down her crevice. She saw him pull it back. His knuckles glistened with her juice. He turned toward the door.

“Look at me!” she cried, pumping her ass up and down on the table. “You said I’m beautiful and desirable. Don’t you want to do it?”

“That’s not the point,” he said, coming over. He stayed just out of her reach. “I’m a medical doctor. This would be…”

“It would be exactly what I have to get. Or I’m going to lose my mind.” She caught his hand again and pulled him close. She could see that Phil wanted her. He was shaking hard. She unzipped his fly and dug frantically. He continued to stand there by the examination table as she fished his hot, moist prick out into her palm. It wasn’t anywhere near as big as Cal’s. It didn’t scare her. It was quite a bit more slender and not so thick. She moaned and put her tips against the blue-tinged glans. Phil tried to say something. Instead he just petted her head with both hands.

“Ohhh, I want it! I want it bad!” She covered his cocktip with feverish kisses. She saw that a little of her lipstick had become smeared on the white, veined shaft.

“I don’t know what to say,” Phil stammered. She had both her hands on him now, sucking and kissing.

“Don’t say anything. Just give me what I need!”

Beth’s heart danced when she saw him reach to the intercom and thumb the button.

“Hold all my calls, Barbara. I’ll be in private consultation for a little while.” He locked the door and came over to her again. His fingers trembled so badly that he couldn’t get his belt undone.

“Ohhhh hurry!” Beth whined, pumping her trim, boyish hips up and down. Phil turned the fluorescent light out. But it still smelled antiseptic and fresh in the small room. Beth didn’t care what it smelled like. Anyway her musky pussy was changing everything very quickly. Phil had his pants off now. She loved the way his blond pubic curls framed his balls and cock. She opened her legs for him and he moaned and kissed her pussy. She would’ve liked more of that but she wanted to come with a cock in her.

“You’re so beautiful!” Phil whispered, kissing her chin and cheek. Then their mouths were pressing hard together. She sucked at his tongue like a wild animal. He felt of her breasts tenderly and then more urgently. She could tell that he was admiring the firmness, the smallness of them. Phil’s wife had big ones. Maybe a guy liked a little variety. He pulled one gently between his teeth and began to feast on the nipple. She arched her back and let him feel her nails at the nape of his neck.

“Yuuhh, Phil!”

Her fingers grasped between his thighs. She could feel the heft of his prick. It was so hot and hard. She’d always shied away from a man’s organ before. Why was she so ready this time? Except for the fact that he was a little smaller. And he was a doctor. Her juiced overflowed again and she jacked the skin of his cock up and down, pulling him closer. His cocktip fit into her swollen crevice and a surge of juice dripped down her bottom and onto the table.

“You are small,” he breathed, not sounding at all like a doctor now. “So I have to be careful.”

“Just do it to me! Just fuck me!” She bit his ear as he pushed his hips forward. His cocktip seemed to be stretching her, pushing her plump halves apart. Her hole opened and then closed back against the smooth, streamlined shape of his glans. The smack of her juices being smeared over his flesh made Beth shiver with want.

“I don’t want to hurt you,” he insisted, holding back now.

“Ohhh God! Do it! Just shove it in!”

Phil eased forward again. Her hole spasmed, forcing the hot tip back. She dug her nails into the meat of his ass and growled. Phil seemed uncertain as to what to do. He tried to force his glans through the muscular ring. Her juices were flooding out now, dripping down his shaft. Beth rubbed the lubrication in with her fingertips as she kept jacking his shaft to keep him against her, to keep him wanting her. It had to work! It just had to!

“Ohhhhh, I want to be fucked so bad!” she cried, her black hair flailing over the table as she tossed her head in frustration. She sucked her belly in sharply under her ribs as if to pull the doctor’s cock up into her body that way. But still her muscles wouldn’t relax.

“You’re still afraid,” Phil said against her ear. “Something in your head is lighting me.”

“Then fight back!” she cried. “Rape me! If it’s the only way just go ahead and rape me!”

“I might hurt you.”

“Damn it Phil, don’t be afraid of hurting me. I’ve been hurting all my life. I’d rather be hurt by your lovely cock than die without knowing what it was like.”

She dug her nails into his ass again, then slipped her fingers around to pull at him. Phil began to press forward harder. Her muscles tightened, guarding the door to her virginity. She felt ashamed and sorry. She had no cherry to break and yet it seemed harder than was normal for any woman to receive a man.

“Yes!” she cried, feeling the pain now as his glans bulged with excitement. He was wedging the slickened shape deeper into her hole! Her muscles were being forced back. Her dripping vulva pulsated with a tinge she couldn’t describe. She bucked with jerking, spasmodic movements as he gritted his teeth and tried to drive into her. Then the pain made her feel faint and there was a popping, sliding sound.

“God, it’s so tight!” Phil grunted. “You’re strangling the head of my cock off. But I’m inside now.”

“Ohhhhhh shit!” Beth babbled, touching him in a dozen places at the same time. She petted his back, rubbed his sides, touching his pulsing cock and balls. Her palms cupped each of his muscled ass cheeks, petting them like separate animals. The pain was constant now. But she had the cock of a man inside her body! She had actually been fucked. Two inches worth. But fucked.

“Ohhhh God. Ohhhh Jesus, keep doing it Phil.”

“You’re so hot and tight inside… it’s hard to keep from coming, Beth.” He kissed her mouth hard. He was grinding his hips down hard against hers. But his cock had slipped only a little deeper since first forcing through the ring of muscles. She flopped her body under his, rubbing her hard, sensitive breasts up against his chest. He kissed her mouth again and again. The heat was rising in him. She could feel the tension in his groin.

“Don’t come yet,” she begged, working her ass against the table until her flesh squeaked on the plastic surface.

“Uhhhh… Beth, with you moving like that…”

“I can’t help it,” she sobbed, her head spinning. She kicked her slender legs into the air, crossed them at the small of his back. She rubbed him with her heels then, pumping her ass like a wildcat on the examination table. His cocktip wasn’t hurting so much now. It was stretching the tissues around her hole, pulling everything up and down the entire length of her slit. Her clit bulged out to rub against something. But with Phil’s cock only a little ways inside her, his body was too far back to give the needed friction. Beth touched the hot little finger herself and felt the fresh surge of excitement as she rolled it down into its own juices.

Phil had her ass in his hands now, shoving in and out. But his cock could slide only a few inches. She was clasping him like a python! Her juicy insides squeezed with steady spasms at the first three inches of his prick.

“Beth! God!”

“Ghhhuuuhhh,” she sighed, rubbing her clit wildly now. The sound of her juicy folds being masturbated added to everything else. She bucked suddenly. A jolt of pleasure shot through her. Then Phil was pulling back. Pulling his cock out of her. The head slipped from her opening and the muscles closed down. A hot line of cum streaked up along her belly and bathed the underside of one breast. She had her fingers around him then milking and jacking. Phil moaned, holding himself up on hands and knees as the white cream jetted from his cock. It splatted down over Beth’s belly and chest until both her nipples resembled pink cherries tipped with white. Her climax still burned with excitement. She’d come, but not completely. She felt like she could make it get even itchier and more maddening.

“I couldn’t do it inside you,” Phil apologized. He looked worried. “This is bad enough.” Beth wanted to say it wasn’t quite good enough. She kept still instead.

After Phil had helped clean her up and held her dress for her, Beth turned to him and pushed her willowy body against his.

“I want more. I’ve got to have more!”

“Beth, for Christ’s sake.”

“Meet me somewhere. It’ll work. You almost got it in this time.”

“But I hurt you. I know I hurt you.”

“I don’t care.” Yes, it had hurt. It’d hurt quite a bit. And even now Beth felt that perhaps she’d been torn a little down there. But it was exactly what she needed. To fuck. To fuck until all, the trash in her head was pushed away. She pressed her face against his bare chest. “Don’t you understand?”

“I’m a married man,” he went on. “With a successful practice. I can’t risk everything like this.”

Beth stepped back and looked at him. She didn’t know what to say. So she stepped quickly past him to the door.

“Beth, wait!”

“Oh go fuck yourself with that damned metal thing you put in me!” she spit and then she was rushing through the waiting room. When the receptionist asked her if she wanted to make another appointment she didn’t so much as look around. She made it to the lobby of the building before she broke down. A man emptying ash trays looked at her.

“Hey lady, you okay?”

“Just fine and dandy,” she sobbed, hurrying through the doors. The heat of the day hit her and she leaned against the building for a moment before going on. She drove from the parking lot to a park nearby. The cool shade was better for her state of mind and she began to calm down. But her pussy ached for something more than Phil Barnaby had given her. Not something bigger. Just something better.

He was walking alone, a tennis racket swinging easily in his hand. He had on white shorts, white socks, white shoes. His chest was bare and he had a happy, carefree expression. His sandy red hair was mussed and damp-looking. Beth thought that he probably smelled sweaty and wonderful. He looked all of fifteen.

“Need a ride?” she called from her window. The warmth of the park rushed through the air-conditioned air that streamed steadily from the little vents on the Cadillac’s dash. The boy had stopped and was staring at her. He looked confused. As if no one had ever asked him that question. And Beth guessed it was likely that no female ever had. He took the gleaming white car in and the expensive dress she had on. She let him see her hand, see the expensive ring Cal had given her some years before.

“Well, do you want a ride, or don’t you?”

The boy shrugged. “Why not?” He jogged across the asphalt and got in. “Neat car,” was his first comment.

“Do you know a good place to go?” She was trembling like she had in Phil’s office. She pulled the shift down to drive and moved off slowly. The boy hadn’t heard her. “I said do you know a good place to go?” This time her voice broke.

“I don’t know. What do you mean?”

“I I mean. What I want is…” She stopped, bit her lip.

“Hey lady, there’s a stop sign.”

“Oh yes!” She braked, looked both ways, started off again. “Would you like to drive?”

He touched his sandy hair in an off-handed way.

“I don’t have a license.”

“I could say I’m teaching you,” Beth went on. The boy smiled, shrugged again.


It was better sitting there and watching the country go by. After a few minutes Beth realized that the youngster was quite skilled at manipulating an automobile. And when she’d suggested he take it out in the country, the boy had seemed eager to do that very thing.

“I guess I was lonely,” she said, starting the conversation again. The boy just smiled, keeping his eyes on the road. “I get lonely a lot. Do you ever get lonely?”


“I’ll bet you’ve got lots of girl friends.”

“Not so many.”

“If I was a girl your age, I’d want you for a boy friend,” she said. Beth clenched her teeth. She had to take it easy. She was going to scare the poor kid off. She found herself staring at his crotch. The tight tennis shorts didn’t leave much to the imagination. He had nice, muscular thighs that were covered with reddish blond curls.

They passed a sign at the entrance to the national forest.

“How far do you want me to drive?” he asked.

“This is fine. Why don’t you take the next exit.”

The car moved up the two-lane blacktop. There was a turn off ahead. Beth remembered picnicking there with Cal years before. She pointed it out to the youngster behind the wheel and he slowed obediently and guided the big car down into the tall pines. She had him park by the very last picnic table. Through the windows they could hear the stream tumbling over rocks. Beth reached over to turn off the engine.

“What’s your name?” she asked, breathless from wanting him.

“Ronald. Most people call me Ron.”

Beth wanted to say something but she couldn’t think of how to begin. Finally she put a hand out and caressed the side of Ron’s face. He stared at her, swallowed hard.

“Do you think I’m pretty?”

“Sure. You smell good too.” He reddened a little after this admission. Beth felt flushed too. How could she just come out and ask for it? How?

“Ron. Have you ever…” She cleared her throat. “Have you ever done it with a girl?”

“No ma’am.” He looked scared.

“Would you like to do it to me?”

“Y-Y-Yes ma’am.” He swallowed again. Beth put her cool fingers on his thigh and moved them up. Then she was undoing his shorts. The boy watched without touching her at all. She made him sit tip in the seat a little so she could work the white material under his ass. The sight of his jockstrap excited her past reason. Those little straps, that hot little bag all stretched out with young, warm cock.

A car came down the road and stopped at the far end of the campground. A man of about sixty got out and pulled on some rubber boots that reached to his waist.

“Don’t worry,” Beth soothed, petting the elastic bag of his jock. “He’s just a fisherman.”

“You sure he won’t come down here?”

Beth took his face between her hands. “He won’t come down.” She kissed him softly. He didn’t know how to use his tongue or lips at all. She kissed him again, teaching him. He got the idea quickly and let her suck his tongue between her teeth. The bag of his jockstrap swelled suddenly. Using both hands, Beth massaged it, urged it harder. The boy groaned softly and opened his thighs some. He liked that! She squeezed the pouch more, feeling the shape of his prick more clearly now. His balls squirted around in their slick sack when she closed her palms on them.

“I’m going to take this off now,” she whispered, “if that’s okay with you.”

“Yes ma am.”

“And stop calling me ma’am.”

“Yes ma am.” He tried to laugh. “I mean I will stop.” He blinked rapidly. He looked as if he’d just gotten off a ride that had made him dizzy. Beth stretched the waist band out and down and looked at the white shape that straightened and extended itself Ron let her slip the jockstrap off. Now he was sitting there behind the wheel naked as a jaybird. The line of his tan stopped low on his belly. His groin and prick were white and delicate-looking. He was quite a bit smaller than Phil Barnaby. She pulled his foreskin back and saw that the bluish head was not more than half as big as Phil’s had been. Then she bent slowly and placed her lips against the smooth shape. Cal had given her plenty of practice at this. But she’d grown to hate it with him. Now she loved it all over again.

“Ohhh, you’re so beautiful,” she breathed, tonguing him softly. The boy was holding his breath. Then she saw that he had a death grip on the steering wheel. His knuckles were white and he was trembling.

“Maybe I’d better not do too much of this,” she said, reaching behind to undo her dress. She snaked it up over her head and allowed Ron to gaze at her bare breasts and smooth, white tummy. She threw a long leg over the back of the seat and motioned him with her head.

“There’s more room in the back seat.” Ron almost broke a leg following her over. She put his tennis racket on the floor and lay on her back with her thighs parted slightly. She didn’t have time for much fooling around. She wanted what she’d almost had in the doctor’s office. She wanted a hot, hard male cock pushed as deep as it would go into her body. She wanted that now!

“Gosh, you sure are pretty.” It looked as if the boy was searching for something to call her.

“Mary is my name,” Beth said.

“God Mary, I don’t think I’m very good at this.”

“You’ll be fine.” She took his cock in her fingertips and pulled him down. He bent forward on his knees. She lifted a breast to him and he began to kiss it.

“You can do it harder and it won’t hurt me.” The boy nuzzled the nipple, a little uncertain as to how to make love to a long tall woman in the back seat of her Cadillac. “Bite my tit a little mmmmmuhhh, yesssss!”

She had his cock and was pressing it against her open pussy now. The boy made a sound of surprise as he eased forward. The head slipped down her crevice. She knew how hot it must feel to him. How slick. She humped her back down into the leather seat so that her opening would line up with the angle of his cock. Then Beth prayed that it would go in easily. It did. The head seemed to open her muscles out without effort. And she seemed more relaxed now, as if the few moments with Phil had been a warm-up. She cupped her palms against the firm, young ass. Ron made a sound in his throat. He was really getting into chewing her nipple now. She told him with her movements that she liked what he was doing.

“Does it feel good to you too?” she whispered, throwing her thighs wider. The movement seemed to relax her. The dappled shade coming through the back window relaxed her too.

“Yes! God yes!”

“Tell me what it feels like?” she begged.

“Warm. No, it’s hot! And so smooth. I didn’t know a girl was like that inside.” He growled and pushed his ass forward. There was a silky sound as his shaft pushed into her pussy. So easy! Beth wanted to laugh with joy. It was so damned easy now! She hugged Ron’s tan back and kissed his salty neck.

“Ohhhh you’re so wonderful. You’re fantastic.”

“I am?”

“Yes! You’re the best I’ve ever had.”

“Christ,” he mumbled, not knowing how to respond to her adoration.

“It’s getting really deep now!”

“Yeah. Really deep. Ohhhh, Jesus, I can’t believe how nice it feels.”

“Ohhh Ron, kiss me!” She tilted her chin up, opened her mouth. He met her lips and they sighed into each others’ kiss. She stroked his back, tickled his sides with her nails. Then she was feeling his ass again, marveling at the way it moved as the young boy plunged in and out of her hole. She could clearly feel the sides of his shaft pushing through the ring of muscles that had kept most of Phil Barnaby out of her body. She was going to get all of this one though. She stretched her knees so far apart that a joint in her pelvis popped. Ron seemed spurred on by this surrender. He grasped her hips awkwardly and fucked energetically. His ass jerked forward burying his slender cock to the hilt. Beth gave a cry of pleasure and rocked her hips. Deep, deep inside her the velvet surfaces stroked his swollen glans.

“Stay deep like that,” she babbled. “It rubs my clit.”


“My clitoris. Oh you darling!” She took his finger and guided it down to where her slit began. “That little bump. Feel it? Ohhhh yessss, you feel it now don’t you?”


“Not too hard Ronny!” She bit at his shoulder. He was deep, plunging in and out. She could feel everything! She could feel that tumid barb of his cockhead pushing in — stabbing and fucking her!

“Uh… ohhhhh Mary! Ohhhh shit, it’s starting to feel so weird.” She tensed, dug her heels hard into his ass.

“Don’t come yet! Ohhh don’t do it yet!” She began to work her slim hips with a feverish obsession. Almost immediately her clit was pulsing with the familiar tickle she knew. But it was better this time. Better than when her doctor had done it.

“I’m gonna do it! Ohhhh shit, I can’t stop!”

Ron was really on his way now.

“Then do it, darling! Just do it!” She tossed her slender body around under him. She was surprised at her strength, at her vitality. She had lost her breath now as the tickle turned to a maddening, smothering ecstasy. She ground her pubes upwards against him.

“Yuuuhhhh!” Ron jerked. A shudder ran through him but he kept fucking. Fucking hard. The slap of his thighs against hers, the ramming penetration of his slender cock took her up into a swirl of light and fleshy sensations. Her breasts tickled. Her skin crawled with pleasure. They kissed. Then her clit seemed to explode. A second passed and it exploded again only more turbulently. The little nubbin felt blistered. She had her thighs thrown wide again as she see-sawed her ass so she could rub every little fold and hollow upwards against the frenzied fucking movements of the young boy. She felt her lungs fill with air and then she was screaming, kicking the roof of the Cadillac with both feet.

“Whhhuuuhhh!” Ron cried out, almost pulling the two of them off the seat.

“Nhhhhuuuh… ohhhh, darling baby!” Something tore and Beth saw that she’d put a heel through the Cadillac’s headliner. The slick sucking slide of Ron’s cock was like music to her. She crushed him to her, crying now, happy.

“Ohhh Mary, I never felt anything like that.”

“God, me neither,” Beth sighed. The hot cream was leaking out of her crevice now. She put a hand down to scoop some up and smell it. She wondered in the deep warmth of her lust whether she should be afraid of getting pregnant or not. She couldn’t even remember when her last period had been. The passion of the moment had wiped out her memory. And what really did matter but hot, raw sex at a time like this?

“I can still feel you inside me!” she gasped. Ron’s cock was shrinking some but it had a spongy tumidity left and with the added lubrication of his jizz, Beth was enjoying the sensation intensely. She knew that this was how sex was supposed to be. Almost as good afterwards as it was before a climax.

“You sure that guy is fishing and not peeking on us?”

She petted the boy’s face. “If he looked, well he got an eyeful. I really don’t care. Do you?”

“I guess not. It sure was neat.” He hugged his arms tighter around her slenderness.

“Ronny, I want to tell you something. But keep it a secret. My name is Beth, not Mary. I guess I was afraid to use my real name. But I’m not anymore.” She kissed his forehead. “You will keep it a secret, won’t you?”

“Will we get to see each other again?”

“I think so. I’d like it very much.” Beth’s mind was spinning with possibilities. She didn’t really know if a woman of her status and age could maintain an affair with a mere child. Young boys had a way of bragging. It wouldn’t be Ron’s fault. But eventually he would have to tell someone.

Then people would know that they were meeting in secret. It would get back to Cal somehow. The town wasn’t that big.

But feeling him against her small breasts, feeling his cock still grasped firmly by her pubes made her almost faint with happiness. Ron’s cock had been the perfect size. He was just what she needed. A cock that would fit, not hurt. A boy she wasn’t afraid of. A young man like Ron was innocent and eager and without motive. Beth remembered the attitude Phil Barnaby had displayed. He was so holier-than-thou. Doctors were such petty little snobs anyway. So her doctor was a snob and her husband a beast. But she had Ron. At least for now.

“When can we get together again,” he said. He was looking at her breast like he’d never seen one before. Beth considered the possibility that perhaps he hadn’t. The sexual revolution of the sixties had been a short blast of hot air. Girls were as tight as ever with their bodies now. Or so she guessed anyway.

“I don’t know. Give me your telephone number and I’ll call you some evening.”

“I live with my sister. But if I’m not there just leave a message.” He stretched a little and eased his cock out of her body. He looked at the mess between her loins and looked at his own slickened, cum-smeared cock. “Just rubbing them together feels that good,” he mused.

“And you rub it so good, smarty-pants,” Beth laughed, mussing his hair. “You rub it so good.”


“Of course it wasn’t me,” Tanya said. She glanced over her shoulder nervously. She had the creepy feeling that someone was hiding in the bushes listening to them. It was silly of course but after that night Lori had met her in the hall she’d been very suspicious of almost everything. Benji gave her an intense, bedroom-eyes look.

“God, I don’t understand.”

“It was Lori, don’t you see? She just pretended to be me.”

“Lori?” He shook his head slowly. “But she’s got a boy friend. I see him bringing her home lots of times. And we hardly ever speak. She has her interests and I have mine.”

“She’s your cousin. You both live in the same house.” Tanya looked around again. The bushes rustled, but only with the wind. “We got it on, didn’t we? And I hadn’t spoken to you much before.”

“But you think she just sneaked in my room to climb in bed with me?”

“She was a little sloshed when I met her in the hall,” Tanya said. “She probably thought it was her room. Didn’t you two change because of the bathroom or something?”

“Yeah. That’s right.” Benji looked off into space. “Wow, my own cousin. It really must have been Lori.”

Tanya let her irritation show. “Unless you’ve been giving house keys to some of your girl friends.” Benji seemed to ignore her.

“But that doesn’t change anything. I still can’t stop thinking about you. I woke up this morning and had to.” He dropped his eyes and reddened slightly.

“I think that things are a little too warm for comfort right now. If that was Lori, I don’t know what she’s got up her sleeve.” Tanya took a breath. “Anyway, I don’t want to be caught all tangled up in bed with you, young man.”

“Oh Tanya. I love you!”

Tanya chanced reaching out to brush his cheek.

“And I’m very fond of you. But let’s just cool it for a while. It’ll be that much better when we can get back together again.”

“I could meet you somewhere else. We could get a room, couldn’t we?”

“Just a few days, darling.” Tanya could see that her nephew’s cock had pushed out his jeans something awful. She longed to unbutton him and free the bind of his lovely prick. She longed to pet him and caress the stiffness. There were a thousand little delights she had planned in her mind. But she couldn’t get rid of that crawly feeling up her back. Like the whole household knew exactly what was going on. Hadn’t there been a hint of it in Lori’s voice that night? Or had the girl merely been drunk and a little loose with her sentences? Benji put his hand on her arm. She quickly shook it off.

“When?” he insisted.

“I’ll let you know.”

“Oh, damn. I’m going to have to go beat my meat again.”

“Oh surely you’ve got more willpower than that.”

“You don’t know how it is with a guy.”

“Like hell I don’t.” She narrowed her eyes at him. “Don’t you think I’d like to feel your hot cock going between my pussy lips?” Her words made Benji tremble. He bit his lip and his eyes half shut.

“Oh God, Tanya, I never felt like this before. I know I’m in love with you…”

“You’re in love with wanting to rub your cock between my thighs again.” She laughed then, tickled him in the side. “But if you want to believe you’re in love with me, go ahead. I love it.”

“Damn it. You’re always making fun of me.”

“I don’t make fun of that,” Tanya breathed, voice husky. She touched her knee against his cock and then turned toward the house. Beth was in the kitchen making orange juice when she came in. Her dark-haired sister turned and smiled brightly.


“You feel all right?” Tanya said, grinning.

“I guess I was frightful the other day. But I do feel much better.” Beth turned to the sink and rinsed her hands off Tanya watched her movements, listened to the little melody she hummed. Something told her that her skinny nervous sister had gotten laid in the past twenty-four hours. And laid good.

“You and Cal getting along better now?” she asked, really curious about the change in Beth’s demeanor. Beth shrugged, wrinkled her nose.

“Oh I don’t know. I don’t really have much to say to Cal anymore. I guess it’s up to him to make up. If he wants to.” She wiped her hands on a towel and looked at her watch. Tanya realized that her sister looked absolutely ravishing. Her hair was perfectly combed, her red silk dress clung to her body in just the right way.

“I’ve got to run,” she said. “Do you think you could fix something for Cal when he gets up? He has a luncheon date with some important real estate contact.” Beth shrugged. “I don’t keep up with his business anymore. But don’t let him sleep too late, okay.”

“Where are you off to?” Tanya almost hadn’t asked. But her question had gotten just the reaction she’d hoped for. Beth had blushed a little and gotten fussy with her hair.

“Shopping. I feel like getting out of the house today.” As she turned in the light, Tanya was almost positive that her somewhat prudish sister wasn’t wearing any panties. And since she never bothered with a bra, that meant she was stark naked under the sheer frock. “Tell Cal I wanted the Caddy. He can have the MG today. I get so cramped in it.”

When the Cadillac had rushed off down the street, Tanya finished her glass of orange juice and went down the downstairs hall to her brother-in-law’s room. The door was cracked slightly and she put her face up close to see if Cal was stirring yet. She hadn’t expected the sight that greeted her eyes.

Cal was stretched out on his back with both legs spread wide. He seemed to be halfway between dream and wakefulness. But what glued her attention was his cock! Cal had an unbelievable erection. It was without doubt the largest cock Tanya had ever laid eyes on. She was breathless for a moment, watching the heavy shaft rise from his belly and then fall back again. The fact that Cal was uncircumcised made him seem even bigger of course. But he was big any way you looked at it.

Tanya had never been so mesmerized. She’d had a few men in her time but to imagine something like that going into her was enough to make her break out in a rash. She cupped her plump breasts unconsciously as she watched Cal moan and flop his head. Something flashed through her mind.

“Beth couldn’t possibly take anything like that!” Tanya could remember their childhood games. When they’d been old enough to simulate sexual activity as all children do. Beth had often mentioned that she was different than other girls. Tanya had known what the difference was. They’d talked shyly about it one night when they’d both been in bed. Beth was too reticent to just come out and say it. But Tanya had guessed.

Then once a year or two later Tanya had accidentally come upon her raven-haired sister in the midst of masturbation. She’d watched from a hiding place while Beth had tried to put the handle of a hairbrush into her vagina. The stretching had been too painful and Beth had finally settled on her middle finger. Tanya had concluded then and there that Beth was not a normal woman.

And now as she stared at that giant cock on Cal’s body, she even wondered if a normal woman could handle something like that. And her very next thought was that she sure would love to try.

“God, it’s beautiful! It must weigh three pounds.”

Cal rolled onto his side and then onto his back again. He was dreaming something pretty intense. His hand slipped up his thigh and he caught his rigid shaft in a tight-fisted grasp. He seemed half-awake now but kept his eyes pinched tight as if trying to keep the dream going.

Tanya found her fingers at the edge of her short skirt. She had it up quickly, groping for the lace edge of her panties. With a finger sliding along her mushy, partly swollen lips, the sensation was one of pleasure. But only half a pleasure. Looking at that giant of a man with his huge cock gripped tightly in his fingers made her bite her bottom lip to have it!

“God!” Cal barked, his muscles hardening. He was a tense statue now, flopping in the bed as he jacked his cock with sharp, almost brutal movements. Tanya felt faint. And she thought she’d seen about everything there was. But this scene unfolding before her was making the juice drip down the insides of her thighs. Her panty-crotch was soaked. Her bare feet squirmed against the nap of the rug. She pushed her face closer to the partly open door.

“He’s magnificent,” she breathed, sliding her middle finger into her pussy as far as she could reach. But it wasn’t quite the same. Not by half a foot and two pounds worth. Cal gave a strange growl and had a kind of convulsion there atop the mattress. He kicked his legs out straight and the muscles in his thighs went hard as granite. His biceps were bulging out in bold relief as he pumped the shaft of his cock. Tanya could see his foreskin closing over the darkened glans, and then sliding slickly back to expose the glossiness again.

Cal gave a shuddering moan and hot seed spit into the air. The stuff frothed furiously around the tiny orifice at his cocktip. It dripped down his fingers and jumped even higher into the air and splatted down on his belly and thighs. There were even a few flecks on his face but Cal didn’t seem to notice them. And then Tanya heard the word on his lips.

“Tanya,” he sighed, fist still milking the scalding curds of semen from his balls. Tanya fled back down the hall, barely able to keep her balance. She leaned against the kitchen door, panting, filled with raw lust. Out in the garage she could hear Benji tinkering with his motorcycle. Her head was spinning. Was Lori up and around? Would it take very long for her to find release there in the garage? Then she couldn’t think anything anymore. She opened the door which led to the garage and stumbled through. Benji looked up from his work with obvious surprise. He wiped his greasy hands on his overalls and tilted his head as if to ask the question.

“Fuck me,” she gasped, falling onto her knees. She pulled her skirt up and began to wiggle her ass around wildly. “Hurry dammit! Before someone comes and finds us here!”

“Goddamn!” Benji said, wiping his hands again, looking down at her white thighs and the wet, dark place at the crotch of her panties.

“Just pull them aside.” Tanya ordered. “Hurry.”

She could hear him unzipping his coveralls and pulling them down and off. Then he was hovering over her from behind like a dog. She held the lace crotchband to one side as he pressed, the head of his cock up against her slit. She gave a cry and pumped her hips violently. His glans slid in easily. She was so greased up from watching Cal that the glossy lubrication was smeared everywhere by now.

“Tanya, ohhh wow this is far out!”

“Ohhhhh, push it in quick! Hurt me a little!” She was thinking of Cal’s big cock. Her brother-in-law. Her cousin. Her sister’s husband. And now she was rutting on the cold cement floor of the garage with her nephew. She let the wickedness excite her the more.

“It’s tight this way!”

“I know! I want it like that!” She tried to imagine Cal’s cock stretching her, hurting her. She made the angle of her hips bend against the stiff penetration of her nephew’s prick. But it still wasn’t like Cal would feel in there.

“Harder, can’t you?” She bit her lip and ground her curvy, plump ass around like she was trying to break Benji’s cock right off. He grunted and clung to her back as he dog-fucked her with increasing excitement. Their sighs echoed in the garage. She could hear the suck of their parts too and it helped. Helped take her up to that sharp-edged glint of pleasure when she knew that she could come anytime she wanted.

“Tanya,” Benji growled, “it’s hard for me to hold it. It’s so hot and tight this way. Ohhh Tanya, Tanya, Tanya!” He kissed her back where the dress had come undone.

“Go on! Shoot it in me!”

Her knees hurt on the concrete floor. Her breasts longed for affection, for a man’s hungry mouth. But the tightness between her cunt lips made up for all that. With Benji plunging away at her from behind it made him feel twice as big. And now she was coming! The tickling glory burning up and down her legs as she felt the spasm begin.

“Uhhhhhh. Benji! God!”

He grasped her wide hips and fucked like a mad dog. His shaft was so constricted by her opening that she could actually feel the bulge of his tube as the cum shot up and exploded inside her pussy. The boy shuddered and slobbered passionate kisses against the back of her dress. She let out a girlish squeal and wriggled her bottom like some small animal had sunk its teeth into her. Her muscles wrung out the hot sap, sucked it from her nephew’s body. He held himself as deep as he could, gasps of pleasure coming from him with every breath he took.

Tanya stumbled up, her nephew’s cock popped from her pussy and leaked a string of jizz down one of her calves. Benji reached after her but she was leaning against the wall now, panting like a sprinter. She looked at him with heavy, passion sated eyes for a moment and then fled back into the kitchen. Something drew her down the hall again. She could feel her nephew’s slick curds oozing through the nylon of her panties. The stuff dried cool on her thigh. She peeked into the crack of Cal’s bedroom door again.

The shower was going and she could hear him singing and splashing around. There on the unmade bed was the puddle she knew she’d find. And Cal was closed safely inside the bathroom. He would never know.

Ignoring the fresh sap that dripped from her loins, Tanya hurried to the bed where Cal had milked himself only moments before. She put her nose down close to the glossy patch of white. The sound that came from her throat then was that of an animal as she lapped the heavy cream and rolled it around on her tongue.

“Mhhhuuuhhh,” she sighed, both hands on the mattress as she bent to eat her cousin’s seed. It glistened on her chin now and on the tip of her upturned nose. Suddenly she was going at it with her fingers too, scooping up the stringy stuff and sucking it from her knuckles. The sound she made did things to her that only made her want more. And the sour, flat taste in her mouth made her half crazy. She wallowed her face against the wet sheet, licking and slurping until she was, sure that she hadn’t missed a speck.

Tanya hardly knew where she was as she turned to the door again. She pushed it open and started out. Lori was there before her, staring!


“Jesus Christ!” Lori whispered, looking with wild eyes. The girl stepped back like she was afraid of Tanya now. She spoke again, but softer. “Jesus Christ.” Then she fled. Tanya pulled herself together enough to start after her but soon stopped to lean against the wall.

“I think I’m losing my mind,” she mumbled. But another part of her was very sane. Idly she touched her cheek where Cal’s cum was drying. Someday, somehow she would have to experience that glorious cock of his! Just to feel it forcing between the plump, white lips of her pussy would be enough to live for. It would be enough.


Ever since she’d sneaked into her cousin’s room drunk, Lori had been bombarded with all sorts of guilty thoughts. Of course what she’d done was wrong. But worse was the fear of exposure. Would Benji know it was her? He’d had a pretty good idea it wasn’t Tanya. And who else would have been in the upstairs hall at that time of night? Sure, he probably knew. And the fact that she’d stayed completely out of his way since that night surely cinched it as far as Benji was concerned.

After the first rush of embarrassment, this excited her. Knowing that Benji knew. Knowing that he was thinking about her. And keeping to herself, avoiding him at all costs probably increased his tension. She had started to imagine him sneaking to her bedroom. Unless he’d decided that between the two of them he preferred the older, more experienced Tanya.

It really pissed Lori off to think of her aunt seducing someone like Benji. She was his aunt for God’s sake! But there was no room for self-righteousness. Lori was the boy’s first cousin. It was the damnedest mess she’d ever found herself involved in.

And then of all things she’d surprised Aunt Tanya in Cal’s bedroom.

Lori still wondered if she’d hallucinated the whole thing. But she could still smell the way her father’s sap had smelled on Tanya’s face. Tanya hadn’t even seemed human. Her eyes had been wild, her breasts rising and falling. But what was most titillating to Lori was what she’d caught her aunt actually doing! Eating a man’s jizz!

It made her remember the many times she’d watched the stuff bubble up out of her boy friend’s cock and wondered. Did women really suck, that stuff from a man’s penis sometimes? Did they really like to swallow it or did they just do it to please. Now Ron had seen Tanya doing it with her own eyes. She imagined that Tanya had probably fucked Cal and then eaten the stuff that was left when he went to shower. Surely that was the only way it could have happened.

So now Tanya was committing adultery behind her own sister’s back. Lori’s own guilt swelled up to torture her again. But soon she was imagining Cal fucking the hell out of Tanya on his own bed. She had seen her father’s cock once or twice and knew how abnormally large it was. Tanya was a compactly built woman. She had a fully mature ass, a soft belly, big tits. But as totally female as her blonde aunt was, could even she take Cal’s prick? And that raised the question of her own mother.

Lori had a theory. She had pieced together what she imagined to be true. She guessed that Cal had fucked her mother once. Just once. It had almost killed Beth. But during that hot, animal moment she, Lori, had been conceived. Her mother had not even been able to give birth to her the normal way. This was part of the family secret that had leaked out. Yet there was something else.

Lori felt that something even further back, something more shameful was connected with Cal and Beth’s relationship. Tanya knew the secret. But it had to do with a time before her own birth, Lori was sure.

Again she was thinking of Tanya’s face all shiny with cum.

“So people really do eat it!” she gasped. She thought of all the times she’d watched Jim Hanson’s jizz spill into that handkerchief. She’d even had a drop or two on her finger. Now she almost wished she could have one of those times back. She longed to feel what that stuff was like spurting onto her tongue.

“But that would mean sucking a guy’s cock.” She got up from her bed and paced the room. Outside, her father’s sports car started up and he pulled out of the driveway and roared off down the street. An immediate tingle of excitement went through her. Except for Tanya, she was alone in the house with her visiting cousin. It was funny how she could almost feel his presence. Since that night in the dark she’d thought of how his body had felt. She still didn’t have the guts to say anything. But as her passions grew, so did her courage.

The front door opened and Tanya went off across the lawn with a handbag. She turned at the corner and crossed the street. She looked fresh and together. She went out of sight behind a hedge finally and Lori turned from the window. Now her heart was pounding like a hammer in her chest. All she had to do was confront her cousin Benji and let it happen. Let sex happen. Lori wasn’t able to hide that from herself any longer. Though she might have to have a stiff drink to get herself going.

She had put on a pair of cut-off jeans that morning and it seemed silly to dress up now. Her little halter top showed off the rounded shapes of her breasts nicely and showed too a smooth expanse of firm, young belly. She touched her navel, wondering what it would be like to have a jewel stuck in it. Then she padded barefoot downstairs. She was pouring herself a drink when Benji came in.


Their eyes had still not met. Lori sipped her whiskey quickly. It was way too strong but she didn’t have time to let the ice cubes melt. Benji went to the hall bathroom to wash his greasy hands. She could hear him scrubbing, hear the water running. She was twenty years old, after all. She didn’t have to be shy around a boy of eighteen. But she was.

He emerged from the bathroom shirtless and damp. His hair was mussed and he had a spot of grease on his nose. Ron took the towel from him and dabbed it off.

“My, you’re a mess.”

“It was you, wasn’t it?” Benji was blushing but his eyes were boring into hers steadily. “The other night?”

Lori let her eyes flutter closed. “Yes,” she admitted. “And it was nice too. I’m not ashamed at all.”

“I’m not either. I mean…” He smiled. “I know you’re older and everything. What I want to say, what I want to ask is…”

“Yes?” Lori replied, urging him with her eyes.

“Would you like to… do it again,” she finished for him. Benji blushed more, nodding. “Oh yes, let’s hurry!”

Lori finished her drink and let her cousin catch her hand. He pulled her up the stairs and she ran barefoot behind him. She’d never been so hungry for it. But she wanted it to go slow too. She wanted it to last. Benji closed his bedroom door behind her and turned. She was stripping off her halter top. He gave a soft moan when her tits bounced free.

“God, you’re beautiful!”

“As beautiful as Tanya?”

Benji avoided her eyes. But she wasn’t out to be a bitch today. Not with this lovely opportunity before them. She let him kneel to unbutton her jean shorts. He peeled the faded denim from her abdomen as if he were discovering the meaning to all life. She was wearing nothing underneath and when he saw her tightly curled cunt hairs he moaned again. A musky scent wafted up from her crevice. Benji was panting as he slipped the shorts down to her ankles and Lori stepped out. It was her turn to undress him.

He was already shirtless so all she had to do was undo his pants and slide them down. Then his skivvies. His cock thumped up solidly when the elastic cleared the tip. Again Lori felt the almost uncontrollable curiosity she’d felt earlier that day. She wanted to have one of those things in her mouth. Why not now?

“Benji,” she breathed, not able to meet his eyes, “I want to suck you.”

“Oh God!”

“Sit down on the bed please.” She was on her knees now as Benji sat. She opened his thighs a little and caught his bobbing cock in both hands. When she lowered her face toward it there was the unmistakable musk of another woman. For a moment Lori felt wronged. Benji had just fucked someone. Maybe that very morning. How could she suck the still-damp juices of another woman? But then she was looking at the swollen, bluish head. It seemed to entrance her, pull her towards it. The streamlined shape of the glans had to be one of the marvels of nature. She could understand why girls envied boys that organ. She held it, felt it thumping against her palm. She was breathing hard and nervously wet her bottom lip again and again.

“Ohhhhhhh,” she gasped finally and pressed her pursed mouth against the small, slitted orifice. Benji shivered and put his hands, out as if to touch her head. He pulled them back again and let a lungful of air out. She pressed her lips over his glans. Slowly she pulled it back off. There was a sucking pop as she pulled free and gazed down at the glossy coating of a saliva she’d applied to him.

Her eyes fluttered up for approval. Benji’s face was slack with passion but he nodded and tried to smile. Lori repeated her actions, this time letting more of the tip slide in. She went down on him, down until the spongy head bumped the roof of her mouth.

Her body tingled with excitement. She was fully aware of what she was doing. Crouching on her knees between a map’s legs. Sucking his hard, hot cock! She’d never been happier. It seemed right. It seemed exactly right. And the way the shape of it fit against her tongue. She pushed out in a tantalizingly slow lick along his shaft. The underside of it was ridged with the tube that carried his jizz. There were veins too and two plump lobes at the bottom of his cockhead. She rubbed them with circular motions, her spit crackling at the corners of her mouth now.

“Uhhhh, Lori!”

“Mmmmmmm,” she cooed back, nostrils flared.

“You don’t know how that feels!”

“Mmmmmmmmmuuhhh!” She suckled him hungrily, her tongue curling like a snake around the ridged crown that throbbed so tightly between her teeth. It had the rubbery feel of some delicious morsel from another world. It seemed that if she nibbled at it long enough it might burst out its juices so that she could swallow them down in hungry gulps. Lori rubbed her thighs together as she knelt before her cousin. She’d never been so excited in her life.

She let her fingers slip under his scrotum and then she was hefting his slick eggs tenderly, squeezing them as she sucked. Benji almost went out of his mind. He touched her face, smoothed her cheeks with his fingers as she sucked him. He felt gently around the edges of her lips where they were stretched around his shaft. Her spit was leaking down her chin by now and Benji scooped up a droplet and put it to his lips. He was gasping, pulling his belly in under his ribs. She fondled his balls more frantically, loving their dense, spongy texture. How much more cock could she take into her mouth? She eased her mouth free of him to catch her breath so she could try again.

Benji sat staring down at his tumid, spit-glossed prick. The head had expanded until it was a broad blunt barb of dark blue. Lori could see her saliva hanging from it. She licked her lips though she didn’t have to at all.

“I want to see how far I can get it in my throat,” she whispered, saying the words like a prayer. And she did feel as if she were participating in something special.

“Lori, you’re the most fantastic girl I ever dreamed of.”

“You’re not dreaming now,” she reminded him. “And I’m not either.”

Holding his cock up at the right angle, she lowered her chin again and went down. His cock pushed smoothly over her slickened bottom, lip. She caressed the lobes of his glans with it for a few seconds until Benji begged for wore. Then she let her teeth slide lightly over his meat until it was deeper than she’d ever had it. Her tonsils brushed the hot head and for a moment she thought she might gag. But she controlled the spasm and tried to swallow every time she felt a little uncertain. Now Benji had begun to pump his hips up from the bed where he sat. She couldn’t keep the swollen tip from going deeper and she tried to blot out all thoughts of something too big back there. It was just a natural extension of a man’s body. It wouldn’t choke her. It would just rub against her soft, slick throat while she swallowed. And every time she swallowed, her throat closed around the hot crown, strangling it in velvety membranes.

“Uhhhhh, Jeeeeesus!”

“Mmmmmnnnuuuh!” she moaned through wide nostrils. She could feel the whole length of his shaft now. She couldn’t quite squeeze in the last few inches but she could run her tongue out and touch the base of his cock, touch the wrinkled loose skin where his sac was attached. She swallowed again and felt the violent choking sensation. With her mind she fought away the urge to gag and calmed her bucking stomach. Benji’s fingers grazed the sides of her face. She could tell he wanted to grab her and force the rest of his cock deep. But he was too concerned with her own welfare to be that rough. She loved him for it. Her tongue rewarded him by slithering along his cock like an eel and winding itself hotly around his glans again.

She had to pull her head back to do this and now Benji was trying to push deep again. His body trembled with a new heat. His lungs tried to suck more and more air. And deep up inside his crotch something was throbbing like a small heart. Lori knew that it was his prostate. The gland that would shoot out all that lovely, hot cream. She almost fainted knowing that in just a few seconds she would know exactly what the stuff tasted like!

“I’m gonna come, Lori! Ohhhhhh God!”

“Mmmmmm,” she moaned, nursing his balls with both hands, squeezing them to start the jolting spasms inside his body. She stroked the hairy spot up behind his balls too. That was where the gland was about to jump from his body. She petted and dug at the lump with her nails as her cousin’s cockhead swelled huge at the back of her throat. A gagging sensation made her pull her head back a little. As her excited tongue swathed and teased that engorged cocktip a white droplet oozed from the tiny slit. Then a raging fountain of cream boiled out. It was thick and steamy and the taste so odd that Lori had to blink rapidly to keep from getting dizzy.

“Yuuuhhhh!” Benji cried, flopping around where he was perched on the bed. The hot seed bubbled out so fast now that Lori couldn’t swallow it all. She felt it rising up into her nose and then a white string exploded from one nostril. She snuffled the stuff back but Benji’s balls exploded again and even more dribbled out. She was dazed, gulping frantically as his cock jerked and foamed out more slippery curds. Lori was aware that she was swallowing millions of those tiny tadpoles, any one of which could make a baby in a girl’s belly.

Benji fell back on his bed and his cock popped slickly from Lori’s mouth. When it did a bunch of his jizz spilled from her mouth and ran down her chin onto her tits. She was moaning with passion now, wanting her own little pussy taken care of in her excitement she smeared the sticky fluid over her nipples and down her belly.

“Ohh, Benji, I want you to do it to me now!”

“I want to Lori.”

“When we’re like this, I really don’t feel so terribly much older than you are,” she admitted. And it was true. Though four years older than her cousin, Lori felt that now they were stripped down to the basic male, female opposites. Age didn’t matter now.

She wiggled up onto the bed and raised her knees slowly while Benji watched in silent admiration.

“It looks so hot and slippery in there,” he said, staring at the way her outer lips were swollen open. Her mound was plump with fresh blood. It throbbed as if in expectation of what it was about to receive.

“How long will it take you to get hard again, Benji?”

“Not long at this rate,” he laughed, touching a fingertip to the juicy, darkened membranes. She groaned and let her legs fall apart. Then she caught his wrist and made him push the finger into her hole. Her insides closed down around him, squeezing, begging for something bigger. Benji panted as he felt the unbelievable softness where soon his cock would be plunging.

“It’s going to be good, you know?”

“Oh God, I think I’m going to lose my mind when you put that thing inside me?”

“God Lori, is it wrong for cousins to do this?”

Lori rolled over and took his handsome face between her hands. She kissed his lips gently at first but kept teasing him with her tongue until the boy was moaning and his breath came in labored gasps. Then she ran her fingers down his belly, down until she caught the hot snake of his cock. It was starting to get firm again.

“I don’t really care if it’s right or wrong,” she whispered, licking his chin as she spoke. “I just want you to fuck me, Benji. I need it so bad I could scream!”

“Ohhhh Christ, Lori, I can’t believe this is happening. You’re so pretty.”

And Lori let her cousin slip his body up over hers. Their legs brushed and she closed her eyes to soak up every sensation. The smell of him, the warm smoothness of his belly against hers. It was ecstatic. She felt him touch her breasts and then his lips were caressing one, sucking slowly at the nipple. The nubbin rose from the areola and pushed between his teeth. Lori watched as he began to eat at it with tantalizingly gentle bites. Fresh juice spilled from her pussy. Benji shoved his thigh up against her pubes and there was a sticky sound as her flushed, dripping folds smeared hot butter against his skin.

“I think you’re ready,” he sighed.

“Oh God. Am I ever!” She circled her arms around his neck and clung there as Benji guided the firm, taut head of his cock between the smoldering lips of her pussy.


Beth was a little ashamed of herself. She’d driven around the park three times looking for Ronny. She felt like an old lecher sitting there in her air-conditioned Cadillac and silk dress. During the past few weeks she’d had the boy half a dozen times. It had gotten to be a joy in her life like no other she’d ever experienced.

But there was something about the handsome youngster that was starting to bore her. He wasn’t really any better at fucking than when they’d started. Not that Beth herself had been such an expert. But she was getting tired of his hurried pumping and all too hurried spurt of jizz. Twice since they’d been having this affair, Beth hadn’t climaxed. Ron just didn’t know what Beth meant when she begged him to take his time.

She pulled up to a stop sign and craned eagerly for sight of him. The tennis courts were empty except for a long-legged girl with her date. But Ronny hadn’t been at home when she’d called.

“Oh damn,” she sighed, biting her lip. “I really need it bad today.”

She decided to circuit the park one more time. When she came around the corner by the tennis courts again she saw him. She saw the girl on his arm too. A buck-toothed little redhead with freckles. Ronny saw the white Cadillac but averted his eyes quickly. A pang of disappointment went through Beth like a knife. So the little bastard had gotten tired of her. He was working on that pug-ugly little girl who had her arm around his waist now as they crossed the road. Beth almost honked. But her rage passed quickly and she watched them go off together across the grass. She couldn’t blame the youngster. After success with her it was only natural that he try his talents on some other female. She could still see them through the trees. Ronny had slipped his hand down to rub the redhead’s ass. She hugged him to her tighter as they clumped along.

“Probably heading for her parents’.” Beth mused aloud. “That little honey will find out soon enough just how much fun Ron is.”

Beth felt a surge of wetness between her legs. It seemed sadder somehow that there was no one to enjoy it. She almost wished she’d worn panties to absorb a little of the seeping butter that had no place to go. She turned the Cadillac around and headed home.

Cal’s car was gone when she pulled into the garage. She opened the glove compartment and got out the carefully washed and folded jockstrap she’d intended to return to Ronny that day. He’d left it under the seat during their last wild fuck. She’d really gotten off on hand scrubbing it and hiding it amongst her silken panties in her chest of drawers. Maybe she’d just put it back in the same place.

The house seemed quiet and empty when she went in. But Beth heard the noise from upstairs and paused. She pulled off her shoes and went barefoot to the stairwell to listen again. Someone groaned. A girl! She was sure it was her daughter Lori groaning. But it wasn’t a groan of pain. It was… it was the unmistakable sound of pleasure. Sexual pleasure!

“I shouldn’t even be here,” Beth sighed, touching her hands to her dress to rub her tingling breasts. The roan came again, more fervent, more urgent! Beth went up the stairs stealthily and edged down the hall to her daughter’s room. The door was closed, but Beth immediately thought of the balcony which connected three bedroom windows along the back of the house.

“I shouldn’t, I shouldn’t,” she kept whispering to herself. But she had to go on to the bedroom at the end, Cal’s bedroom, and open the sliding glass door to the outside. She came along the balcony on her hands and knees, panting at the thought of what she might see. Because she had the strongest feeling that her daughter was not alone in that bedroom. As she peeked up over a low table, she knew she’d guessed right.

“Ohhhhh Benji!” Lori sighed, her hands stroking the boy’s back. It took Beth a moment or two just to accept the reality of what was taking place on her daughter’s bed.

Lori’s brown hair was splashed across a pillow and her face glowed with pleasure. Her perfectly proportioned thighs were spread so that her own cousin could lay between them. As Beth watched, Benji opened his mouth and framing one of Lori’s breasts with his fingers, pushed it up between his lips. There was a sound of wet suction and his cheeks pulled in. By the movements under his chin, Beth knew he was using his tongue on her daughter’s nipple. Lori squirmed under the weight of her cousin’s body. Then came the groan Beth had heard all the way downstairs. Slowly, Benji moved his ass in a pumping motion. By the position of their bodies Beth realized with a shock that the two young people were already joined. Benji moved again and there was the unmistakable sound of a cock sliding into and out of a very wet pussy. The expression on Lori’s face changed subtly as she moved back against him. Beth watched her daughter’s toes fan out against the bed.

“Nhhuhhhh, Benji! Benji!”

“Oh God, you’re so soft inside! It’s hard not to come.”

“Don’t do it! Not yet, darling!”

They kissed furiously, Lori’s nails cutting into the skin of her cousin’s shoulders. When he tried to pump her, she dug into his ass cheeks too and made him stop.

“I just want to feel it so deep inside my pussy!” she breathed.

Beth was on her knees behind the table. As she watched she thought of her lost young lover. It was obvious that her nephew Benji was a much better lover than that tennis-playing beginner. And wasn’t it odd that she was comparing the two of them rather than reeling with shame at what she was observing? Or was it just too good not to watch.

Benji was doing something different now. He had pulled Lori’s heels back up until they almost touched the underside of her ass. Then he pushed her bent knees outward, splitting her wider. Holding his body up, he eased his cock out of her hole so slowly that Beth could hear every fold of her daughter’s body slipping away from that hard, hot shaft. She saw Benji’s prick shining with its glossy coating of girl juice now. Inch by inch it was being stripped out until even the head was visible. Now Lori’s pussy tightened, opened and closed as it sucked after disappearing pleasure. She pumped her hips up from the bed. Beth could see the darkened membranes, the slippery drip of her lubrication. Fringing her wet wound was the delicate fluff of curly brown hair. The same exact shade as what tumbled over her shoulders in softer, finer hanks.

Beth had never thought of a pussy being beautiful. But watching her own daughter stretched so wide she quicky rearranged her prejudices. The warm, swollen mounds on either side of her crevice were lovely. And now as Benji eased his bulging glans completely out of Lori’s cunt, the girl squirmed more hungrily against the mattress.

“Uhhh, put it in again! Ohhh this is the most wonderful torture I’ve ever had!”

Benji smiled, delighted that he was doing something right. He pushed his cocktip against the tumid folds and gave a quick little shove with his hips. There was a soft sound as his crown penetrated the dripping membranes. Holding just the tip of his prick inside her, he began to lick her nipples, each in turn.

Lori went half crazy. She wriggled like a snake, cried half words that strung together in what seemed to be a kind of erotic poem.

“Fuhhh… ohhhh, shit, Benji, it’s so gohhhh dammmmmmmmmn gooooood!”

Her knees were still bent and she dug her heels viciously into the mattress as her cousin teased her. Using only the head of his cock again, he slipped it up along her slit until he could rub her clit. The smacking slurpy sound as he did this with agonizing slowness made Beth’s mouth go dry. She found herself lusting after that wonderful looking penis! It was much bigger than Ron’s. And now that she felt she’d taken a small one into her body, she wondered if she were woman enough to take something like Benji’s.

“I must be losing my mind,” Beth said to herself. But the desire was there. She could easily imagine herself stretched under Benji. She could imagine him teasing her dripping pussy with his cocktip.

“Benjeeeeee!” Lori cried, pumping her pert, plump ass like a wildcat. She was actually fucking herself on her cousin’s prick. She was squirming down against it as he held back to make her beg.

“Now!” Lori flung her head back and forth on the pillow. “Ohhhhh now, Benji! Now!”

Beth’s mouth fell open. She was entranced by the beauty of the two young people. Her daughter and nephew! As Lori’s belly heaved and then sucked sharply under her ribcage, Benji stabbed deep with his cock. It went straight into Lori’s body and the girl clutched frantically at her cousin’s ass to keep it there. But he quickly pulled it out again until only the dark blue glans rested at the edge of her opening.

“Yaaahhhhhhh!” she groaned, her ass bucking. Benji penetrated her to the hilt once again and Lori’s small feet pedaled jerkily in the air as her clit was ground down under the hilt of her cousin’s body. Beth could hardly watch it was so erotic. She pushed a finger under her dress and between her hair-fringed lips. This time her thumb went in easily. She plunged it in and out as she squatted there behind the table. As she thumb-fucked herself, a steady drip of her juices made dark dots on the concrete between her bare feet.

“Benji, Benji, Benji, Benji!” Lori grunted the word every time the boy speared her again. A steady, unrelenting rhythm echoed through the open glass door to the balcony. Beth kept the same rhythm with her thumb.

“Lori… God, you’re getting tighter inside. It’s real spongy and soft. But tight!”

“Cause I’m gonna commmmme!”

Beth had never seen anything like it. It was as if Lori had suddenly gone mad. She gave a banshee scream and began to nip and bite at Benji’s shoulders and neck. She half rolled him over as she attacked him with every bit of strength she had left. The movements of her ass were vicious and unrelenting. And Benji fought back just as frantically. The bed thumped under their wildness. Benji’s cock slid in and out of his cousin’s pussy as he rammed and stabbed at her. Beth could see the slick gloss smeared over both their bellies.



“Lori, Jeeeeesus!”

“Ohhh bite me, hurt me a little!”

The slapping sound of their bodies coming together again and again made Beth start to whimper. She had her thumb up inside her as far as it would go but felt that it wasn’t really big enough. She lusted shamefully after that turgid, hot shaft that was being shoved deep into Lori’s body over and over and over again. She was getting off on watching her own daughter fucked.

Benji reached a point where his face tightened in the agony of spurting pleasure that would be the end for him. Lori felt his shudder and hurried, squirming like a mink under the rigid boy.

“Yeeeessssss!” she gasped, fingers curled into small fists against Benji’s back. Her belly was pulled in hard and her thighs clasped her cousin’s body as she ground out her pleasure in time to frantic little cries from deep in her throat.

“Uh! Ohhh! Nhhuhh! Whhhuuhh!” And then it was over, the two magnificent young people kissing in a last quiver of ecstasy. At the very end, Lori straightened her pretty legs and her toes pointed like a ballet dancer’s. Then another little tremble went through her and she collapsed completely under her cousin’s body. Her eyes were heavy and happy. Her mouth had the softest, sweetest smile on it that Beth had ever seen.

“I want him,” Beth breathed to herself. “I want my nephew.” She crawled away down the balcony to Cal’s room and staggered into the cool darkness. Her eyes were dazzled from the sunlight and she felt strangely displaced. But she wouldn’t have Ronny any more to give her some sort of satisfaction. Would she have the guts to seduce her very own nephew? Would she dare to try and fit that larger cock of his up into her abnormally small pussy? But Ron had stretched her a little. So it was just a question of morality. Could she, as Benji’s aunt, actually go so far as inviting him to go at her with everything he had. Beth ran her long fingers over her body.

Yes, she could do that. She had to do that. Or go mad.


“I mean I just wanted you to know that I understand your problems. Cal.” Tanya stirred her drink nervously. “I’m sympathetic. What I mean to say is…” She stopped and looked down. It was so damned hard talking about it. Because she was really hiding what she wanted to say. Cal smiled across the table at her.

“I don’t know what Beth has told you but I’d just as soon not discuss it. It brings me down. I just want to enjoy this moment with you. I’ve been needing to relax with someone who’s easy to be around.” He looked into her eyes. “Someone female.”

Tanya lost her cool just enough to blush.

“I didn’t mean to get some big uptight discussion going about your marriage, I just wanted you to know that if you ever need someone to talk to I’ll be available.” What Tanya had wanted to say was that she’d be available for anything if he’d only ask. Cal was married to a cousin. But he hadn’t tried the blonde one yet.

“Want to dance?” Cal asked. Tanya almost spilled her drink getting up.

They clung to each other and moved in the shadows at the edge of the dance floor. There wasn’t much of a crowd in the bar this particular night and the juke box was grinding out a slow, country ballad. Tanya had dressed in softly faded jeans and checkered shirt that showed off her big breasts. She’d left it unbuttoned enough so that Cal didn’t have to try very hard to catch an occasional glimpse of a dark and tumid nipple. Her hair was in braids and tied with red ribbons. She kept pressing her cheek against his chest as he swung her around in slow circles. She could feel the heat of his big body and shivered when she remembered how huge he was in the crotch. Then she was recalling the crazy moment when she’d found his spilled seed on the bed and groveled over it like a hungry dog to lap every last bit. She hoped he would never know how insanely she’d behaved, and yet she almost wanted him to find out.

Now they were dancing in such a way that her thighs were parted around one of Cal’s legs. It was excruciatingly sexy and she began to pant softly as the rubbing friction against her clit increased. She hadn’t bothered to wear any panties and dancing with Cal like this made her much more aware of the fact.

“You have such a warm, soft body,” he said. Their lips almost grazed as she turned her face up to him. She knew he could feel her breathing hard. And her musky scent was starting to leak through the crotch of her jeans. When the music ended she leaned heavily against him.

“I think I’d better go sit down.”

“Sure Tanya, I’ll get us some more drinks.”

“I feel rather strange being here with you like this,” she said when he returned to the table. A barmaid followed with two Scotch and sodas. When they were alone Tanya fluttered her long lashes at him. “I mean, I am Beth’s sister and all.”

“And you’ve been wanting to come out on a date with me as bad as I’ve been wanting to bring you.”

“Is this a date?”

“I don’t know what else you call it when two people dance like we just danced.” Cal’s eyes told her that he knew how aroused she was. And of course she’d felt the lump in his Levi’s. She’d felt it with her belly when they’d been so close out there in front of the juke box.

“Maybe we should be getting back. It is late.” She prayed he would argue.

“Beth wasn’t home when we left,” Cal said. “She won’t know the difference.”

Tanya knew that doing this gave her a youthful, country girl appearance. Cal watched every second of the little act. His brown eyes glistened with desire. Tanya wondered if she could take it much longer. Just sitting there across from him, wanting him. She took a big swallow of her drink and reached out to touch his hand.



“There’s something I’ve got to say. It’s about why I came with you tonight.”

“Maybe you forgot it was you who asked me out,” he laughed.

“I know. Because I had to…” She let her lashes drop. She squeezed his hand hard. “Oh Cal, I’m almost ashamed to say it.”

“Then why say it? Let’s just go do it.” He smiled an unmistakable smile. Tanya let out her breath. She grabbed his hands with both of hers. Fire seemed to leap between them. Cal reached under the table to push a finger against the soft swell of her pussy. Her jeans were so thin that it was almost like he was stroking her flesh directly. She sighed and chewed on her bottom lip as he explored the place where the faded denim had pulled up between her labia.

“God, I want you,” she whimpered. “My own cousin and I want you!”

“Then you’ll have me.” He got up, pulled her up after him. “Come on. Let’s get out of here.”

The key to room thirty dangled from Cal’s fingers as they kissed under the neon sign of the motel. Tanya saw the night clerk watching them through the glass front of the office. He smiled and turned away when he saw that Tanya had seen him peeking. But she couldn’t blame the poor guy. As Cal had pulled her against him, he’d petted the rounded cheeks of her ass. It’d felt lovely.

“You ready?” he asked.

“Oh God, I think I might come on the way to our room.”

“You’re lovely. But I guess I’d better tell you that I haven’t had much sex with a woman of late. What I mean is normal sex. I might lose it while you’re taking your panties off.”

“I’m not wearing any,” she giggled. “And anyway, if I was, I’d make you take them off.”

“Then I’d cream my pans for sure.” He stopped and pulled her to him again. “So you’re really not wearing a thing under those tight-assed jeans?”

“Nope. I dressed for the occasion.” She tilted her head up sharply and opened her mouth to be kissed. Cal’s tongue drove downward between her teeth and she nibbled at it hungrily, her body grinding eagerly against his.

“God! Tanya baby!” He clutched her and pushed her up against the wall of the motel room. They were in the shadows of a tree and Tanya let herself go. She slipped her hands under his shirt and rubbed his muscular back as he ravished her mouth and neck. Somehow she got his fly unbuttoned and then his belt.

“You’re going to undress me out here,” Cal laughed, loving it.

“I’d do it in the middle of an intersection with you,” she whimpered.

“God have I ever needed someone like you,” he breathed against her ear. She had his big cock out now and for the first time curled her white fingers around the dusky dark meat. She felt like she was in heaven.

“Better hide that thing,” he told her. “It’s a dangerous weapon.” Tanya pushed it up under her shirt. The foreskin-draped head was hot against her belly. Then Cal picked her up and carried her into the room.

“Just stand there,” she commanded him. “I’ll undress for you.”

“Doesn’t sound like there’s much undressing to do,” he chuckled back.

“You just wait and watch.” With the bedside lamp their only illumination, Tanya did a slow dance in the middle of the room. She shucked her sandals and peeled her shirt off button by tantalizing button. When Cal saw her high, full breasts he whistled softly. Then came her jeans. The crotch of them peeled away from her pubes with a wet sound. Her blonde cunt hair was plastered down against her lips in wet curliques.

“I guess it’s easy to see how badly I want you to fuck me.” She dropped her clothes and made a little curtsy. “Now let me undress you.”

Tanya did the job as slowly as she could. She wanted to make it all last. She wanted the night to be perfect. When she’d stripped her sister’s husband down to essentials she ran her fingers over the outlines of his body… marveling at his size again.

At last she caressed his rigid, throbbing prick. It seemed even bigger than she remembered.

“How long is it?”

“Ten inches and a little extra when I’m really excited.”

“Like now?” She eased his foreskin back to expose the darkened crown.

“Like now.” She dropped down on her knees and pressed her wet lips against the head. With her tongue she began to flick it gingerly. Cal trembled and his breathing grew more labored. She let the insides of her lips brush every bump and hollow of the glans and then started licking the streamlined ridge where the knobbed part connected to the shaft.

“Tanya! You’d better cool that a little.”

“It’s all right,” she said, sensing how close he was. “We’ve got all night to play.”

“But I want to do it inside you. Uhnnnnnn!”

“Darling, darling, don’t worry. I love you! I want you. We can take our time the next one.” A milky droplet had appeared at the orifice at the very tip of Cal’s prick. Tanya dabbed it off with her tongue and then surrounded as much of his cock as she could with her mouth. She took him deep, deep into her throat. Her belly bucked but she suckled her tongue hungrily along the underside of his rigid shaft. Then she pulled her head back and let her lips smooth gently over the velvet surface of his glans. She gazed down at the blind eye as it opened to let an inch-high fountain of white cream bubble out. Her fingers worked his shaft skin up and down, up and down. She rubbed her tongue expertly along his tip lobes and another gush of cream boiled forth from deep inside his body. She lapped it up before it dribbled down over her knuckles.

“Ghhhaaaa!” Cal moaned, strangling on the sound he’d made.

“Yes baby, come! Come in Tanya’s mouth!” She let her lips enfold his tip again, brushing and caressing it with the velvet insides of her mouth. When she pulled her, chin back again another hot jet of dream erupted from Cal’s cock. She jacked his shaft slowly, teasingly. She knew exactly how to make a man come. She could do it so slow that he didn’t know what was happening. Cal pumped his ass, trying to bury his throbbing, spurting cock in her mouth. She let him slip between her teeth for a second. Then fluttering her tongue against his glans again, pulled back. She jacked him once, twice, three times and his prostate spasmed like an exploding bomb. The white streak jumped two feet into the air this time. It spattered down on her arms and shoulders and Tanya smiled. She knew he would never forget this orgasm! Never in his whole life. He’d married one of his cousins. Now he was learning about the other.

“Tanya, you lovely blonde bitch! You’re murdering me! Ohhhh Jesus Christ!”

He grabbed her head but she turned slyly away as she masturbated him with a steady pumping movement of her hand. If he wanted fellatio, he’d have to take it on her terms. Even with a giant like Cal, she knew how to manage him. And as she continued to lick, suck and pump his cockshaft, Cal dug his fingers into her shoulder and came in hot, creamy surges until his balls had emptied completely.

Tanya wiped up the mess and looked at him as he lay weak and happy on the bed.

“I wish we’d brought the bottle in,” she said, “I’d fix you a drink.”

“Mmmmmm. Yeah.” Cal was smiling, his eyes closed.

“I know what. I’ll slip out and get it. Maybe I’ll bring back some ice too.”

“You must be an angel from heaven,” Cal murmured, his hand rubbing her thigh lovingly.

Tanya was very wet between the thighs but she wiggled into her Levi’s anyway and pulled on her cowboy shirt. She could just go barefoot to the car and get the bottle and get back in a wink. Then she’d nurse her cousin back to health and ready herself for that moment she’d been waiting for for years. The moment she would actually take his huge cock into her body!

There was no one around outside when Tanya padded down to the ice machine with the pitcher from their room. She scooped up plenty of cubes and was about to start back to Cal’s MG for the bottle when the lights of a white Cadillac startled her. She ducked back into the passageway and watched with open mouth as her sister Beth got out of the passenger side. Yes, it was Beth! Then who was driving? She almost dropped the pitcher when she saw Benji straighten up and lock the door behind him. Beth seemed nervous. She could hardly meet her nephew’s eyes and he was having a little trouble looking at her.

But when Benji leaned down to fit the key in the door of their room, Beth came up close behind him. Tanya could see from the lights of the overhead portal that her sister’s face was flushed and she looked at Benji like she wanted to eat him alive. Her fine, white hands darted out, and she touched his body, began to caress it. Benji was having trouble getting the key to work. Beth didn’t seem to care. She was rubbing his thighs now, feeling up between his legs.

Tanya was really turned on. Beth was going at him in such a shy hot animal way. Until Benji could take it no longer. He turned into her arms and they hugged and kissed there in front of their room. Tanya watched her slim-legged sister grind her hips up against her nephew. Benji’s fingers had lost any shyness too. He was caressing the cheeks of Beth’s ass. Even from where she was Tanya was sure her sister wasn’t wearing panties. She could see her nephew’s fingers squeezing the firm, smooth swells and she could hear Beth’s shuddering whimpers of delight.

The door was open then and the two of them disappeared inside. For a long while Tanya just stared at the room where her nephew and sister were now probably tangled in some lusty position, their mouths together as the throbbing rhythm of their excitement built in tempo.

“I’ll be damned,” she said at last, remembering the ice she had in the pitcher. “I didn’t think she had it in her.” Tanya giggled aloud at her choice of words. “Well, she’ll have it in her pretty soon, that’s for sure.”

“Where were you?” Cal said, looking sleepily at Tanya as she dropped ice in two glasses and tipped the bottle of Scotch.

“Just being nosy,” she smiled. “I’m a peeping Tom in my spare time. Or didn’t you know?”

“I just know you’re got the most educated mouth I’ve ever felt.”

“And you’ve got the biggest cock.” She sat on the bed and stared at the half-hard monument to Cal’s masculinity. Her look made it flush dark at the tip. Though the foreskin now covered most of the crown, she could see a little glossy patch peeking out. She sipped her Scotch and then reached a hand out to pet the magnificent piece of meat.

“If I had you, I’d sleep with that thing against me every night.”

“I wish Beth felt the same way.” Cal swigged his drink. “Oh hell, I was the one who didn’t want to bring her up tonight.”

“Maybe you will have her someday.”

“What do you mean by that?”

Tanya shrugged. “I don’t know. Just a feeling.”

She finished her Scotch and leaned her head down so she was close to Cal’s big prick. She kissed it gently on the underside and then stroked it until the foreskin slipped back to expose even more of his tumid glans.

“I know what you want,” Cal said, touching her blonde hair like it was spun gold.

“Yep. You’re probably right too.”

“Do you think we can? Lots of women can’t take me at all. Some can take a little. Then they start bellowing.”

“Honey, Tanya is going to take every last inch of that beautiful prick. If it reached up my throat I’ll take it all. Not every woman gets an opportunity like this. You must have the biggest cock in Barton County.”

“You’re terrible, Tanya,” Cal laughed, pulling her face up so he could kiss her. Then he rolled her over on the bed and began to cover her belly with kisses. As his mouth slipped lower, Tanya began to give little squeals of delight.

“Uhh! Ohhhh yes darling! Ohhh Cal! Ohhhh Jesus, this is good!”

His mouth touched her dripping pubes and she threw her thighs apart to open her slit to him. Then he growled and wallowed his chin into the velvety folds. The smacking wet sound as he drove his tongue over her clit was enough to make her half crazy. Then he was lapping at her slowly slowly, teasingly. It was going to be good. Tanya ground her teeth together. It was really going to be good.


It was like a complete reawakening. Beth had never really let herself enjoy sucking cock before. But with Benji kind of shy about it and with her libido doing somersaults, she found that his cock was actually a lovely thing. Something that seemed right to suck on. She was licking it now, covering the hot shaft with her spit. Her fingers were still shaking as she gently rolled his balls around. She knew all about blow-jobs from doing it to Cal. But she wasn’t so afraid of her nephew’s smaller cock. It seemed more her size, something she could believe. Unlike that heavy chunk of uncircumcised meat that hung from her husband’s groin.

As soon as they’d come into the motel room, Benji had tried to push her down on the bed. But she didn’t want it that way. She’d made him lie down and then unbuttoned his fly slowly. She wanted to get used to him first. She wanted to quiet all the fears she still carded around with her. After all, his cock was bigger than Ronny’s. She had to go at this slowly or she might flip out.

“God Beth, what you’re doing with your tongue!”

She let the tip play around the underside of his cockhead. It was so spongy and hot. She could push in the membrane and watch the blood rush back when she let up.

“I’ve got a surprise for you,” she announced, kissing his cockshaft loudly and getting up. “Something I picked up the other day. I didn’t know I’d be getting it for you.”

Before Benji could grab her and pull her back on the bed, Beth hurried to the bathroom with her overnight case. Before the minor she undressed and pulled the expensive gown over her head. It wasn’t just any gown. Its breast cups were held up by the narrowest of shoulder straps. They were small cups so that her small tits looked plumper, more luscious than usual. Her hardened nipples made the silk poke out in front. But that was only half of it. The waist of the gown was high under her tits, the hem reaching to her ankles. But from the V above her navel to the floor, the front was open. The slightest movement let the lacy edges part to expose her belly button, the sculptured bones of her pelvis, the glimpse of dark and dewy cunt-hair. Another swirl and a thigh might come into view. And Beth knew how nice her slender thighs were. She fluffed her dark hair and opened the bathroom door.

Benji sat naked on the edge of the bed. He rose as she drifted towards him, the front of the gown waving like a flag to give him teasing glimpses of her body from the tits down.

“God!” he said, his hand sliding down to grasp his rigid cock. “Goddamn!”

“Do you like it?”

“You look like some fairy princess.” He shook his head. “I guess when I used to read about Snow White and Cinderella and all that stuff, I used to wonder if this was what the handsome prince got at the end of the story.”

“This prince does,” Beth said, sliding her fingers to the nape of his neck. She was learning quickly how a girl could be sexy. She knew that a man liked a woman to scratch her claws at certain places on his body. But she’d always held so much back. She hadn’t wanted to get pregnant that first time from Cal. It’d all happened too fast for her to adjust to. But she was adjusting fine to Benji.

“Aunt Beth, I’m crazy about you.”

“And your cousin too?”

“How’d you know?”

“What about Tanya? Have you had an affair with her, too?” Benji looked down. “I didn’t want to start anything,” she went on. “I just want this to be perfect. Here. Tonight.”

He pulled her against him. He was still sitting on the bed and she was standing. He parted the front of the blue gown and kissed her flat belly. She knew she had a body that many teenagers would give an eye for. And as her nephew explored her flesh with hungry fingers, she moaned and pushed herself closer to him. He had the gown opened back now so he could get his hands around her ass. He felt each cheek as if it were the most lovely shaped thing in the world. Then he teased a thumb over her asshole and slipped further. He fingered her slit gently and the pubes parted to let out a rush of hot butter. The sound of it being rubbed around the edges of her cleft made her shiver. She bent to kiss her nephew’s face and mouth as he explored her pussy with both hands now. She was in heaven!

“God, you’re so wet!”

“I want everything to be good for you,” she said, knowing that she was selfish enough to want the same for herself. She crawled onto the bed and lay down. The gown parted a little to expose part of one leg and glimpse of her dark cunt hair. But instead of crawling up onto her like she thought he would do, Beth came at her upside down.

She found herself looking up at his swinging balls as he got his knees on either side of her face. His head was down close to her pussy and then he bent to kiss the furred triangle. She wiggled her hips and let him force her thighs apart. She still didn’t know what he wanted until she saw that his cock was getting closer. He lowered his balls down until they dropped against her lips. She opened her mouth with a groan and sucked the twin eggs between her teeth.

A shiver went through her young nephew’s body and he got his fingers on either side of her mound. Slowly he pulled the feverish swells apart. Beth felt her velvet membranes exposed. She could feel the musky heat rising up from them. Then Benji was softly kissing each fold. His pursed lips were quickly covered with her juices. He slid along the whole length of her crevice, rubbing with his chin and nose. Toying with her clit with his bottom lip. All the while Beth suckled excitedly on his balls.

“Uhhhh,” she moaned through her nose.

“Beth! Oh Beth!”

Benji was eating his way deeper now. The sides of his cheeks were glossy with her buttery mess. Bet found herself stretching her legs as wide apart as they could go. She wanted to expose everything to the hungry boy. He seemed to love eating her! She never knew that a man would be so excited about that part of a woman’s body. It seemed such a slick, sloppy place. But Benji was wallowing his face against her and making animal sounds deep in his throat. Then she felt the stab of his tongue and she cried out and plowed her ass around wildly on the mattress. She pulled away from his balls.

“Ohhh! Benji! You’re fucking me with your tongue!”


“God! Ohhhh God, I’ve never felt anything like that!”

“Mmmmmm yeah, baby!” He had her ass with both hands as he lifted her gently to penetrate her pussy again and again. He could really get it deep too! She gasped as the muscles guarding her opening tightened around him. It was as if her body longed to capture that licking, teasing thing and keep it forever.

“Benji! Yesssss!” She humped her ass wildly now, and caught at her nephew’s cock with both hands. It took her a little doing to get her mouth at the right angle. But then she had the head of it between her teeth. Her tongue flicked excitedly along the sensitive membrane that was so packed with blood. It was sensitive when it was so taut, she knew that from her experience with Cal.

“Yuuummmmmmm,” she sighed, taking his shaft deeper. It dug against the roof of her mouth and she tightened her jaws down to hold it there while she ravished the bumps and hollows with powerful licks.

“What’ll it feel like to have you fucking me?” she whimpered. “I don’t think I can wait any longer…”

Benji quit eating her pussy and turned on the bed. He lowered his body down and eased a shoulder strap down so that he could un-cup one of her breasts. When his lips fit around the orb, Beth felt like it was happening for the first time in her life. She felt like a teenager falling in love. She felt hot tingles all over her body. Benji’s tongue petted her nipple with agonizing slowness. Then when she arched her back to press herself up to him, he sucked more of her breast between his teeth. As he feasted gingerly on her, Beth rubbed her pussy up and down against the thigh that stretched between both of hers.

“Fuck… I want to fuck you!”

“I want to fuck you too Aunt Beth!”

“Ohhhh I’ve never been so excited.” Her eyes flashed with barely suppressed wickedness. “And I love it that you’re my nephew!”

“Wow! Ohhh wow!” Benji sighed, touching his cock. Beth felt him getting into position to do it to her. A shiver of fear made her cry out.

“Let me be on top this first time,” she begged. “I… I think I’d like it better that way.”

Benji rolled over and held his cock up with one hand as she straddled him. The gown lay around them in long folds. Its silkiness touched her nephew’s thighs and belly. Only the point of conjunction of their bodies was exposed. A musky perfume filled the room as her juices continued to drip from her crevice and wetting the pounding hard prick that waited for her to descend.

Beth was on her knees, lowering her ass to that spear that Benji held up for her. When the outer lips of her pussy swathed the hot glans with butter, she gasped and moved her ass back and forth. She watched Benji’s face as her tissues petted him. The subtle friction made him bite his lip and lunge upwards from the bed. But she wasn’t quite ready yet.

She centered her clit over his crown and began to pump her bottom with vicious little jerks. The rubbing excitation soon caused her muscles to relax. She could feel her opening push outwards. Like it knew there was something out there that was stiff and hot and good. She kept rubbing her engorged clit against her nephew’s glans until her body was trembling for more.

“God, Beth, if you keep doing that I could come without even fucking you.”

“Oh, I don’t want that! I want you inside me when you shoot.”

Benji had both her shoulder straps off now and her small, firm tits dangled aver his face as she tried to center herself for the final joining of their bodies. Benji pushed up on his elbows so he could lick her nipples. Each hot stroke of his tongue sent Beth into trembling ecstasy. She’d never had so much attention given to her poor little titties. She’d never been very proud of them. But now they seemed as vital and feminine as any other part of her. She was so happy that a man could appreciate her like Benji was. He had a way of touching her, a way of rubbing against her.

“Nnnnhhuuuh!” she groaned, pushing his fingers away from his cock so she could, steady it. Her body eased back. She let his glans slide down her cleft to the place where her muscles were spasming in excited expectation. The smooth crown fit perfectly into the hollow that was the beginning of her pussy. She had him centered, had him at just the right angle. She arched her back then and threw her head back proudly. She bit her bottom lip and lowered her weight on that gorgeous chunk of manhood. Her pussy stretched and the muscles gave. The bulging head of Benji’s prick entered her body with a soft sound.

“Ohhhh God, it was easy!” she laughed, feeling the tingle in her breasts. Her hands fluttered around the place she’d been penetrated like nervous birds. She touched the slick edges of her hole and felt where his shaft disappeared. The whole head was being squeezed by her hot, slippery tube! She could even control how tight it was inside her. She concentrated then, squeezed down on him until Benji’s face went slack with passion.

“Fuck… ohhhhh fuck!”

“Good darling?”

“Ohhh, shit yes!”

“Like this?” she teased, twisting her hips so that she was sliding her dainty surfaces around his flared glans. There was another sound of sex as their bodies clung, slipped and rubbed together. Beth decided she wanted more of him. With her hands on her nephew’s chest she began to push back again.

“Aunt Beth, it’s really nice like this. I never got fucked on my back.”

“You darling, I’m glad you’re enjoying it as much as I am.” She covered his face with kisses, then straightened her thin arms to support her as she rocked her slim hips from side to side and pushed back against the spear of meat that was slowly slipping into her pussy. She could feel her juice as it covered Benji’s cockshaft and, made dewy droplets in his tight pubic curls. The thing poked against the walls of her pussy now. When she changed the angle of her hips it did strange and exciting things. Beth realized that when a woman was penetrated like that she was under the man’s control. It was the way of nature. And it made her that much more excited to know how vulnerable she was.

Her clit was swollen out like another nipple. When she tilted her body in the right direction it was rubbed. Rubbed by the inward stretch of her own tissues. When her nephew was all the way in, she would be able to rub it against his body. She hurried to take it all.

“You’re so damned tight! You’re tighter than the first girl I ever fucked.”

“You’re so big!” she whispered back. He was more than halfway inside her now but Beth had begun to grow fearful. She might be overdoing it. What if he was too big? Would it injure her in some awful way. Benji decided it all for her.

“I can’t wait,” he groaned rolling her slim body under him. She was taken by surprise. He had her on her back now, legs thrown wide. She tried to wiggle free but he pinned her wrists to the bed and covered her neck and face with hungry kisses.

“Nooooo! Ohhh Benji, not so hard!”

“I want in! I want all the way in!” He ground his powerful hips up and into her. His cock ravaged the walls of her pussy. But there was really nothing to stop him but the tightness. Her buttery juices had lubricated them completely. Benji pulled back some and then rammed deep. His shaft forced her insides into a different position as the bulging glans went into the deepest part of her pussy. The muscles there spasmed close around him. Beth felt a dull ache. But stronger than the pain was a new sensation. A new pleasure that was building deep in her pussy.

“Ohhh fuck, it’s hard not to come!” Benji howled, digging his fingers into her ass cheeks. The sensation of being clutched so furiously sent Beth off into shivering pleasure, her head thrown back now as she received another inch of her nephew’s hard cock. Every lunge jarred her upwards on the bed. He was taking what he wanted. He was stretching her body to fit him! She felt her fear being burned up by her passion now. She threw her thighs wide and wrapped her ankles behind his ass as he jabbed and speared.

“Ohhhh! Uhhhhh!”

“Beth. Goddamn!”

“It’s going in all the way,” she cried, her fingers finding the place again. She pushed back up with her body as he drove the last inch of his prick into her pussy. Then his balls bumped her ass and she felt her clit being ground down between his body and her own. The rubbing friction was ecstatic! She clutched his ass, pulling the cheeks apart. Benji made a sound in his throat and grabbed her face between his hands. Then his tongue was deep in her mouth and she bit down on it, teased it with licks of her own.

“Mmmmmnnnnuuuhh!” she moaned through her nostrils. Benji kept fucking her. He was all the way in and still his glans seemed to be reaching deeper. She rocked her hips, made slow circles on the bed as he slipped in and out, in and out, in and out.

“Let me on top again,” she cried, holding his strong boy body against her. Benji rolled the two of them over and she felt a new surge of excitement. He opened his thighs so she could close hers between them. Then she rocked her hips like before. Only now the touch of their bodies so deep and hot was even better! She could feel that big hard thing inside her when she moved. And as Benji stretched his legs even wider it was kind of like she was the boy fucking him! She pinned his wrists down like he’d done to her. Then she kissed his mouth with rough urgency. It was glorious!

“I’ve got you,” she said, biting his chin, pumping her slender ass up and down like she would never let him up until she felt like it.

“Ghhhaaa,” he moaned, squirming under her tempestuous loving. He crossed his ankles behind her legs now as she skewered herself again on his prick. Her pussy was super tight, super hot, super slick. She could feel everything his glans was doing to her. And not once had she sensed that he was at the end of her vagina. She could take a cock as big as Benji’s with not too much trouble. She clutched her pussy muscles tight, gasping at the streamlined shape of him so deep in the slickness of her pussy! Her toes were pointed out gracefully as she kept rolling her ass, kept pumping down against him.

Benji’s head was flopping around and his breathing had gotten strange. He was panting, sighing with lust. His struggling movements seemed to tell her that he was about to come. He lunged upwards now as she drove down on him. Her dripping pussy was tingling and her clit felt like it might explode every time she rubbed it against the base of his cockshaft. Then it was happening so fast!

“Ohhhh honey. Ohhhh God help me!”

“Yeah, Beth. Yahhhhh!”

“Ohh do it faster!”


Their mouths clung wetly as Beth tried to move her ass as fast as she possibly could. The tingling itch had turned into a maddening glow that was enveloping her completely. She felt as if they were floating up from the bed. Their legs tangled and Benji rolled them over onto their sides. She held him with both arms as he rammed and squirmed. Their hips bumped together as they tried frantically to scratch that unbelievable itch that was burning between them. The slick, sucky sound of their fucking was wonderful! And Beth saw colored light against her closed eyelids as her clit throbbed with that special pleasure that came just before the end.

Beth screamed. Her heels flailed the air. Benji had her on her back again and was plowing up into her pussy as his cocktip swelled as big as it ever got. She could feel the swelling, knew that he was about to spurt his cum deep into her body. She dug her nails into his back and held on as he took her up the final few seconds and then trembled as his balls unloaded. She could feel his spurting! She was sure of it. And her pussy convulsed down as if to milk him of every drop.

“Give!” she growled. “Give it all to me!”

He pumped feverishly, kissing her breasts and stroking the slim outlines of her body. Beth was screaming again. The pleasure she was feeling transcended all pleasure. It was like dying and being reborn. She found herself crying at last. She had finished, she had come. Benji still wiggled and rubbed his stiff cock in and out of her ravished pussy but she could tell he was through too. The sharp aroma of jizz wafted to her nostrils and Beth smiled.

“It was wonderful! Ohhhh Benji, it was grand!”


Cal sat on the edge of his bed, his cock jutting up like nothing Tanya had ever seen in her life. She was stripped down to nothing again and her braided blonde hair dangled over her shoulders as she cupped her breasts up to her cousin’s mouth. He licked each full swell with careful affection, not missing any of the firm white flesh. Then he sucked gently on her nipples, giving each one an equal amount of attention. The quivery feeling of want shot down through her belly and centered between her blonde-fringed pubes. She was standing before him now, ready and eager to try to take his lovely prick into her body. His knees were sticking out from the bed and she straddled them and moved forward until her pussy brushed his chest.

“You lovely cunt,” Cal whispered, tracing her curvy body with both hands. He touched her slender waist and let his palms glide over her full, womanly hips, down her thighs.

“All I have to do is sit down on it,” she breathed. She slipped one hand down between her thighs, the other around behind her. It felt even bigger than it looked. She sighed, rubbing the foreskin and then easing it back from the feverish crown of Cal’s glans. Her knees bent almost without her thinking about it. As she nestled her stretched slit down against that tip of firm male flesh, she wiggled a little to let it fit up into the beginning of her pussy. There was a wet sound as her folds clasped it. The head was tight! Very tight! She closed her eyes and moved slower.

Cal grabbed her wrists and wrapped something around them.

“What are you doing?”

“Tying you up,” he laughed. But there was something in his laugh that said he wasn’t just fooling around. She saw that he’d used his belt to bind her wrists together. She jerked but couldn’t get free. Arms tied behind her back she found that her excitement was increased instead of diminished. But then Cal pulled his cock out of her.

With a laugh, he flipped her over onto the bed. She writhed there, hands bound under her back as he pushed her legs up. Tanya had never realized how it felt to be really helpless. A shiver of excitement made her flop her head to one side. Blonde hair spilled over her face as her cousin, her sister’s husband, forced her to bend her knees. He pushed her thighs up against her belly. Holding them like that he lowered his mouth to the blossomed folds of her pussy. There was a wet smack as he began to rub his chin and lips against her dripping slit.

“Whhuuuuuhhh,” she moaned, plunging her ass in circles on the bed.

“Mmmm, baby, you taste like heaven.”

“Ohhhh… fuck me Cal!”

“How bad do you want it?”


“It’s pretty big. Do you think you could take it?”

“Ohhhh, I want it even if it kills me!”

Cal laughed and licked her clit until Tanya thought she might lose her mind. He would caress the throbbing little nubbin with his lips until she was jerking her hips in the instinctive motions of fucking. Then he’d graze the tip of the dripping morsel with his tongue. Flicking and roughing the sensitive surface, he worked her into a frenzy. She wasn’t even making words now. Just grunting and gasping like a hungry animal wanting to rut. The tight warp of his belt around her wrists was driving her up the wall. She couldn’t get her hands loose to grab at him. He could lease her unmercifully. And he loved it!

“Maybe you’d better try my tongue first.”

“Noooo, give me your cock!”

“You can’t take ten inches. You’re not a big enough girl.”

“I can do it Cal! Ohhhh give me a chance! Put that beautiful thing in me now!”

But Cal wasn’t through licking her pussy. He seemed to be devouring her, devouring every fold and hollow. She didn’t realize that there were so many sensitive spots on her body. But Cal was discovering all of them. Cal even got his head sideways so he could work the swollen outer lips back completely from the tumid layers of cuntflesh. Her steamy juices bathed her surfaces with lubrication as her cousin used the flat of his tongue to caress her. She flopped sideways, tried to kick her legs straight. But Cal twisted her onto her back again and put his shoulders under her thighs as he began to lick his way up her belly.

“Whhhuuuh!” she sighed as Cal cradled one big tit between his hands and pressed in so that the nipple was forced up towards his lips. He sucked it into his mouth with a loud noise and his tongue went crazy across the sensitive nub of her nipple. Again Tanya was jerking at the belt that held her wrists behind her back. But just the strain of trying to get loose made her tingle and cry out with desire. She had to submit. That was what Cal was doing. He was going to take her on his terms. And she was too hungry for him to think straight. The only thing that frightened her was his cock. Was she really big enough inside to surround that monster?

Cal was kissing her mouth now! She cried and opened her lips and he hugged her body up from the bed. He was on his knees between her thighs. She pumped her bottom, wanting the inevitable. Gently, almost as gently as she might touch herself, Cal pressed the engorged head of his prick against her outer surfaces. The juicy velvet smeared his glans. Tanya thought it felt like the two slickest surfaces in the world touching, rubbing.


“Baby, you’re burning up.”

“Yessss! Ohhh Cal, I want you so bad that I’m ashamed. If my sister ever found…”

“Will this make you forget about worrying?” He rubbed the underside of his glans against her clit. The bump throbbed harder, rose again from its hiding place. Tanya pushed her ass up at a sharp angle. Her back was humped down into the bed so she could offer as much of her crevice to her lover as possible.

Cal was intent on exciting her with the tip of his cock now. He watched down her heaving belly as he grasped his thick shaft and moved it up and down. Her clit was rubbed and crushed down under the feverish hot glans. When he stopped and lifted the heavy prick thing up for her to see she shuddered and licked her lips.

Cal’s cockhead was a dark blue, glossy with the juices of her body. The foreskin was pulled back behind the ridged part to form a thick collar of flesh. With Cal so excited, so rigid, he looked even bigger than before. She gave a little whimper and squirmed on the bed in ecstatic fright.

“I’m gonna fuck that little cunt of yours!”

“Ohhhh God!”

“I’m gonna bury my prick up inside all your belly, Tanya! Goddamn, it’s gonna be hot and tight and…”

“Ohhh yesssss! Darling! Do it!”

Scared as she was, she urged him, begged him to take her.

Cal leaned forward, his weight on his hands. He brushed her tumid folds open and got the head of his cock against the muscled opening of her pussy. Then he licked her nipples each in turn as he pressed his hips forward.

The first thing Tanya felt was the pressure. It was much more than it would’ve been with any normal man. When she fucked a guy who was not so big, she could make her opening tighter to make it feel better for him. But now she was only hoping that her pussy was as relaxed as possible. Cal felt tight and he wasn’t even inside yet!


“Easy baby, just hold still!”

“Can’t. Can’t hold still!”

“Christ, your cunt is so slick. It’s beautiful.”


“Going in baby, it’s going in!”

Tanya rocked her hips sharply to one side. “Uhhhh, God it’s hurting me a little!”

“Hold on Tanya. Just hold on!”


“Can’t you feel it! Now?”

“Christ in heaven!” She was bucking, writhing in panic as the blood-packed head forced its way through her muscles. She felt the ridged part of her cousin’s cock slip inside her. Her tightened hole closed down on him. Now she felt the power, felt the excitement that Cal had been feeling.

“I’ve got you! I’ve got you good, baby!”

Cal didn’t have to hold her legs back anymore. She kept her thighs pressed against her belly, feet kicking the air excitedly as he kissed her mouth. She would have grabbed him tight if her hands hadn’t been tied and in her excitement she wiggled one hand out. With a laugh she flung his belt across the room and dug her long nails into his ass muscles. He lurched forward with surprise.

“Uhhhhh!” she shuddered, feeling his thick shaft sliding past her delicate surfaces. That thing was gouging out its own room in her body! She pumped her hips carefully, not wanting to get too wild. She still felt as if moving at just the wrong angle might bring pain. But so far there was only a pleasant ache. An ache of being slowly filled by the biggest prick in her experience.

“Ohhh Tanya, I wish I was married to you.”

“This is just as good,” she babbled caressing his back, letting her fingers trace his muscles. Then she found his cock, closed her palms around both balls. He gave a sound of pleasure in his throat and gave her three more inches.

“You’ve got more than half now,” he whispered. They kissed again, rubbing their mouth together like they were fucking with their tongues.

“Take it out of me,” she begged. “I want to see it, kiss it.”

Cal eased his cock back. He did it so slowly that Tanya could feel her pink folds close in like the petals of some strange flesh flower around the bulging glans of her cousin’s cock. He pulled away completely and straddled her chest. She gazed up with dazed excitement at the heavy, throbbing thing. Then her hands fluttered up and she caressed and held the rigid shaft.

“Mmmmmm,” she cooed, placing her lips over the crown, licking off her juices, replacing them with hot spit. Cal watched her lovingly. He petted her hair, touched her pert, rounded features. From between her legs a musky aroma rose tip.

“I’d better put it back in,” Cal sighed. He lowered his body so that his cock dragged down her chin, down across her neck and one breast. As the glossy head smeared spit and juice across one of her nipples, Tanya turned her head to one side and growled hot words of lust.

“Fuck! Fuck me! Ohhhh I want it worse than I can ever tell you! Cal! Fuck me!”

Cal teased her navel with the meat of his glans. He pretended to be fucking her there. The softness of her tummy was pushed in by him as he pumped and caressed her buttocks at the same time. Then he let his purple tip sup down to where the sparse fringe of cunt hair began. He gave a gasp and Tanya knew that his crown had come into contact with her feverish, slickened pussy. He found the secret spot, lunged forward hard.

His wick went in with a squishy sound and she snapped her ass up and down furiously to get it deeper. He grabbed her slender waist now and buried his mouth in between her big tits. They were fucking with frantic excitement. The bed bounced under them. Tanya could feel it going in deeper.

“Uhh! Ohhh… shit!”


“Ohhhhh hold me! It’s so scary knowing that something as big as your prick is actually going inside my body! I’m just not that big, Cal!”

“But you’re all woman. You’re taking it. Even this last inch!”

“Darling! Will it go?” Tanya couldn’t keep still. She was writhing like a teenager getting her first finger fuck. Her heart pounded. Her breath came in broken gasps. Hey clit had bulged out from her body until it was rubbing Cal’s cockshaft as he tried to bury the last of his prick in her pussy. And then she felt their loins clasp wetly together. It was in! She had more than ten inches of hot, male cock! It was wonderful.

“I’m gonna die from excitement,” she whined. Her white, soft cheeks worked feverishly against the mattress. Every move, no matter how slight, let her feel the stiff shape of Cal’s cock inside. The knobbed head gouged against one side of her pussyhole and then the other. The juices smacked at where her slit was stretched around the base of his organ. She caressed him with her insides. His tongue went into her mouth and she felt like she was getting fucked both ways at the same time. Even her asshole tingled. She was a shivering mass of girl-flesh. She was drowning in pleasure!

“You’re the first woman I’ve ever gotten all the way into!”

“Ohhhh it’s glorious!”

“Baby… baby, it’s tight too. I can’t hold very long!”

Cal rolled onto his back and pulled her on top. Tanya was really free to move now. She arched her back so sharply that her ass poked up high. Ramming down again, she skewered herself and her juices spilled out the edges of her pussy. She did this again, slowly, tantalizingly. Each time she pressed her pussy down over Cal’s cock again, he grunted and his eyes got a glazed, distant look.

“Like that?”

“Ohhh Jesus Christ!”

“Mmmmm, me too!”

She pulled her dripping crevice almost all the way off of him. Then with just the tip touching her smooth flesh, she fucked downward, stabbing her loins full of hot cock. Cal’s big body shuddered. She had to wriggle hard to get the last inch to fit against her womb. Holding him like that she tried to do something special.

By sucking in her belly, as hard as she could, the surfaces that clasped Cal’s cocktip tightened. He was pulled into her deepest pocket, into the softest place that existed in the universe. Using all her concentration she used her stomach muscles to keep the excitation going. The slippery heat that sucked at him now was taking him up quickly to a new plateau of pleasure. Tanya bit her bottom lip and watched the expression change on his face. She was working her trembling ass in slow circles, sucking in her belly until her ribs jutted out sharply.

Cal’s mouth opened as if he might call out to her. But only a strangled gasp emerged. Then he gave a violent buck with his hips and Tanya knew that the hot cream was shooting up the little tube inside his cock.


“Come inside me, darling! Come and come and come!”

She let her eyes close and then she was coming too. A sharp jolt of pleasure made her bite Cal’s shoulder. Another made her drool like a child against his chest. She couldn’t do it slow anymore. She had to fuck like a nymphomaniac.

“You blonde cunt!” he growled rolling her over again. The crushing weight of his body drove the air from her lungs in a sigh. She felt his ramming movement, felt his cock shove almost into the mouth of her womb as the spurting seed leaped from the tip of his glans. They ground theft bodies together, biting and licking each other.

Tanya kicked her legs high pawing the air. Between her thighs the muscular body of her cousin rolled and plunged. His ass was hard as granite as he penetrated her pussy over and over and over. Then the boiling cream was spurting out around the edges of her folds. She could feel the slimy dribbles on her ass. The bed was wet with a dark, sticky puddle. And still Cal went on fucking!

Just before she felt the last trembling spasm of pleasure, Tanya thought of her sister Beth. In the same motel and maybe even coming at the same time. With her handsome young nephew locked between her thighs.

“I told you not to move!” Beth ordered. Cal swallowed, lowered his eyes. He was on his back. His wrists were tied to the bedposts. Beth had thought of tying his ankles too but decided against it at the last minute.

Since Benji had gone back to his parents, and Tanya had found an apartment other own, Beth had begun to concentrate on her own husband. She’d moved back into his bedroom and bed. And every night she’d insisted on the little ritual she was in the midst of at the moment.

“It’ll take a while,” she whispered, kissing his face lovingly. “But after a few more weeks. It’ll fit me all the way.” Using her slim hips, she pumped down against the rigid head of Cal’s prick. She’d carefully smeared it with margarine and applied a liberal amount to her own pussy. As if she needed any additional lubrication. Her pubes were swelled with blood and her tissues dripping with juice. The last time she’d been able to fit his glans up inside her. This time she wanted more.

“Beth… Beth… you’re driving me crazy with this idea of yours.”

“But it is working, darling! Don’t you see?”

“I want to roll you over and really fuck you good,” he babbled, jerking at the leather thongs that held him.

“That’s exactly why you’re all tied up. So I won’t be afraid.” Her small tits felt hard with excitement. She rubbed the big nipples against her husband’s chest and watched his face. He looked like he was being tortured all right. But there was obvious enjoyment in his expression too.

“You like it, don’t you?”

“Yeah. Damn it.”

“You always did like my skinny body.”

“I like any woman’s body.”

“Just think how good it’ll be when your cock is all the way in.”

She pushed again and this time the head made a sucking noise as it disappeared. Her folds had closed behind it, spreading hot juice across its sensitive surface. She felt Cal tighten his sphincter and felt the head grow inside her at the same time.

She had about six inches now, maybe almost seven. Her pussy was aching… She decided that was enough for a while.

“I’ll untie you now if you’ll be good.”

“Ohhhh God, Beth, this is pure torture. A guy wants to come [missing text].”

“But then your cock would shrink and I wouldn’t be getting stretched at all.”

“You expect me to sleep all night with that thing stuck into your hot little cunt?”

“You did it last night,” she teased, poking him in the ribs.

“I wasn’t erect all night was I?”

“No. And that made it even better. When I felt you get softer, I was able to wiggle down again and get even more cock in me.” She licked her lips, remembering. “By morning you were dreaming pretty good and when your cock grew rigid again, it really gave me a terrific stretching.”

“Honey, I’m not getting enough sleep. I couldn’t even do any work yesterday.”

“This is more important now. I want you to be able to fuck me.”

“Like you fucked your nephew, Benji.” Cal pulled her mouth down. His kiss told her he forgave everything. They’d hashed it all out, had their confessions and decided to give marriage a try again.

“Now quit your griping,” Beth scolded. “You know you love this teasing.”

“Ahhhh, baby!”

She undid his hands and rested her face on his chest. Inside her she could feel the thumping of his hard-on. When he dozed off and his cock lost some of its rigidity she would wiggle down on it some more. Then later she’d softly kiss his nipples and pet his balls until that huge thing hardened inside her it hurt, but it hurt nice. It was even nicer when Cal had a wet dream. Then she knew that she was going to have him for her very own again.

“Sweet dreams, darling.”

“Yeah baby. Yeah.” He kissed her mouth and Beth knew he was falling in love with her again. Her hot, tight pussy tightened around his prick, waiting for the time it could devour more of the tumid meat. And Beth knew that inch by inch she was becoming a real woman. Cal was almost dozing off when she put her lips close to his ear to whisper.

“Good night, sweet cousin.” It was great what a little incest could do for a marriage.

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Kidnapped And Raped

Who can judge a person’s reactions during stress situations? The prisoner of war who gives in to his captors’ demands, the kidnapped heiress who joins forces with her abductors — both must act without past experience to guide them. The end result can be either a very negative or a positive experience.

In KIDNAPPED AND RAPED, Judeth finds herself in just such a situation. Held captive, then degraded and forced to perform abnormal sexual acts, she nonetheless finds within herself hidden resources, a strength of character she never realized she had.

Judeth suffers through an unspeakably horrible experience, but she comes through with her sensibilities intact, knowing she is more of a woman.


“You’re gonna suck my cock whether you like it or not, you little cunt!” The handsome young boy snarled as he held his prick in front of the girl’s ruby lips. “Hold her legs down, Sammy,” he exhorted his friend. “If this bitch is gonna give me a good blow-job, she can’t be moving around like that. Grab her ankles and hold her tight.”

“Okay, Eddie,” the other boy replied as he gripped her ankles and pressed them into the sand.

Eddie was straddling the girl’s tear-stained face, gripping both of her wrists in one big, strong hand, and slapping the helpless, nude teenage girl with his other hand. The slapping sounds were hardly audible, smothered by the windy breeze which blew in over the ocean. And the girl’s cries of fear and anguish could not be heard by anyone.

“Noooo! I won’t suck your cock, you bastard,” she cursed loudly as she writhed about in the sand. “I don’t give a damn what you bastards do to me. I refuse to suck your ugly prick!”

All of a sudden, Eddie’s eyes glazed over. A strange, wicked expression came over his handsome face and, gripping her chin roughly, he glared into the girl’s eyes. She tensed up and shuddered with fear as she looked into his menacing young face. He looked as if he had gone insane!

“Listen, here, you filthy little slut,” he rasped crudely. “You think you can come to Crystal Point and flaunt your tight ass and your pointed tits in front of me and Sammy, huh?”

“B-but, I didn’t mean to…”

“Shut up,” he said coldly as his strong fingers grasped her chin tighter, causing her jaw to ache. “Now, you listen, and you listen good, you fucking cunt! Sammy and me — we don’t take no shit from any loose cunts around here. You’ve been just asking to get raped. You got no right to sashay around in a skimpy little bikini in front of all the guys like you do. You fucking stupid cunt! So, me and Sammy are gonna teach you a lesson. I’m gonna rape your face, you little tease! Understand? I’m gonna fuck your mouth, bitch!”

With that, he rammed his thick, hard prick into her mouth and began to jerk his hips about, slowly at first, as he brutally facefucked the pretty young teenage girl.

She struggled in a vain attempt to free herself from their grip. But, it was simply impossible. She was nowhere near strong enough to fight the two muscular boys. She felt helpless. Being forced to suck Eddie’s rock-hard cock was the most humiliating and disgusting thing that she had ever experienced. It was so degrading!

“Hold her still, damnit,” Eddie shouted to his friend. “Hold her still while I face-fuck the little vixen. Fucking bitch!” he snorted as he plunged his lengthy prick deep into her sucking mouth. “Yeah, that’s a good little cocksucker. Give me a real good blow-job, you prick teasing cunt. Suck my prick real good, and maybe I’ll let you go, you bitch!” He snorted obscenely as his prick sluiced in and out of her mouth.

The girl’s mouth was filled to overflowing as she sucked his turgid, hard prick. His cockknob bobbed about inside of her mouth and plunged roughly into her throat. She hated Eddie, and she hated his friend, Sammy, too. Hated them both with a passion for degrading her and sexually assaulting her like this. For an instant, she almost lost all control in a futile attempt to vent her rage on the boy whose prick filled her mouth. She started to bite his cock!

“You stupid little cunt,” Eddie screamed as he felt her teeth pressing down on his hard cock-shaft. He stopped face-fucking the girl, but kept his prick firmly embedded in her mouth. Shaking his head and baring his teeth, he warned her, “If you bite my cock, I’ll kill you, you little slut! I swear, I’ll kill you. But first, I’ll make you the sorriest little tramp that ever set foot on this beach.”

“Sammy,” he shouted to his friend. “If she starts to bite my cock again, I want you to stuff her cunt full of sand.”

“Okay.” Sammy obediently replied.

The girl looked up at Eddie and shook with fear. She could tell that he meant business. Her mind flashed on the thought of having her pussy stuffed with sand. How could anyone even think of such a horrid, disgusting thing? she wondered. But, looking into her young tormentor’s cold, gray eyes, she knew that Eddie was capable of doing damned near anything. He was mean and evil.

She immediately decided that she would have to cooperate with the boy. She had no choice but to obey his lewd command and suck his prick. She was in his power, and she had to play by his rules — at least for now.

She nodded her head slightly to show that she was willing to cooperate and give him a good blow-job. Tears streamed down her face. Deep down inside she felt intense shame, anger and hatred. But, she did what she had to do. She began to take his prick deep into her mouth, and her tongue lashed the underside of his lengthy cockshaft.

“Hey,” Eddie enthused as he began to face fuck her once more, “that’s much better, bitch! You are a good little cocksucker! Yeah, do it, chick. Suck on my cock. Suck my prick real nice, and maybe I’ll let you go.”

She felt his prick grow inside of her mouth. It seemed as though every time she sucked his prick deep into her mouth, his cock grew another inch. And his cock-shaft was throbbing as it bounced about in her mouth. He began to make long powerful cock-thrusts, pulling his prick far out of her sucking lips until only his bulbous prick-tip remained in her mouth. Then, he would groan obscenely and plunge his prick hard into her wet mouth.

“How’s she doing, Eddie?” his friend asked anxiously. “Is she sucking your cock the right way now? Huh?”

“Yeah, the little bitch is getting the hang of it, that’s for sure. Goddamn, this… feels… great,” he exclaimed breathlessly.

The girl could hardly believe her ears. Eddie was a crude bastard, she thought. But, his friend Sammy seemed almost like a half-wit. This whole sordid scene didn’t seem real to her. Her mind was totally confused. She had come to Crystal Point to have fun, not to be raped by two crazy, horny boys! She wondered how in the world she had ever let this happen.

When she had first arrived at Crystal Point two days ago, she had met them and gone swimming in the ocean with them. At that time, they had behaved like perfect gentlemen. But, she recalled, her Aunt Mary had warned her about Eddie and Sammy. Her aunt had said that they were “not very nice boys”. Oh, she thought, if only she had listened to her aunt’s advice.

“Hey, what the fuck’s the matter with you, bitch?” Eddie rasped as he began to hump her face faster and harder, pounding his rock-hard prick into her wet, sucking mouth. “What, are you daydreaming or something? Keep your mind on sucking my cock, you little cunt.”

The girl quickly slipped back into the dreadful reality of the present. It was not pleasant to be brutally face-fucked by a crude boy like Eddie. But, at the moment, there was nothing that she could do except suck his cock as it slithered in and out of her mouth.

“Unnnggghhh! Ohhh, yeah, go for it, bitch!” Eddie groaned and hissed as he rammed his prick inside her mouth. The girl was thoroughly disgusted with him. He was so crude, and the way in which he spoke to her was repulsive.

All of a sudden, she felt the boy’s body stiffen. He plunged forward a final time, so hard that his balls slapped against her chin.

“I… I-I’m cumming! Aaggghhh!” he shouted as his cock-shaft throbbed and his balls tightened. A tiny drop of pre-cum dripped into the girl’s mouth. It tasted slick and salty. Then, his prick felt as though it exploded in her mouth as a thick wad of slippery, hot jism spurted out of the boy’s cock-slit and washed down her throat.

God! she thought. How disgusting! Eddie was cumming in her mouth! Her tears were flowing freely now as the cold and brutal reality of having her mouth ravaged by this crude boy hit her hard. She had never dreamed that such a horrible thing could happen to her!

After all, she was Judeth Brathmeyer, the daughter of millionaire businessman Bratton Brathmeyer. All of her life, Judeth had been pampered and treated like a little princess. She was in fact, a spoiled brat, and she not only knew it, but also reveled in the fact.

So how in the world did she ever manage to become involved with these two crude boys — teenage rapists like Eddie and Sammy? She searched her mind for the answer to this disturbing question, but she could make no sense of it all.

“Nnnnggghhh. Ummm. Suck it all down, you little whore,” Eddie commanded. “Swallow all of my cum down your throat, bitch! Swallow it, or you’ll be sorry!”

Judeth Brathmeyer was determined that she would not submit to his lewd and evil command. She had sucked his cock and enough was enough! She hated Eddie.

“Unngghh,” he grunted one final time. Then his muscles relaxed, but he kept his softening cock embedded in her mouth. “I said for you to swallow my cum, you asshole,” he hissed.

Turning to face his friend, he instructed coldly, “If she doesn’t start swallowing my cum in ten seconds, I want you to stuff a whole handful of sand up her little cunt, Sammy. Okay?”

“Okay,” came Sammy’s obedient response. He reached down and scooped up a big handful of sand.

Judeth quickly nodded her head and began to slurp the boy’s sticky wad of jism down her throat. As she swallowed the cum, she felt it coat the inside or her throat. His cum was thick and creamy. Although she was repelled at being forced to drink his cum, she knew that she had to do it. The last thing that she wanted was to have her virgin pussy stuffed full of sand.

“Yeah, mat’s a good little bitch,” the boy chortled loudly. “Drink all of my sweet tasting jizz down your throat.”

She gulped and gulped, swallowing the boy’s cum.

“You did a fine job, cunt,” Eddie said tauntingly. “Yeah, you give a nice blow-job,” he added as he pulled his prick out of her mouth. Then, he grabbed his drooling cock with his hand and squeezed his cock-tip. A final drop of cum formed on the end of his prick. He peered at the helpless young girl and, with a lewd look on his face, he rubbed the cum-drop right in her eye. Laughing, he stood up and stared at her.

“Boy, you really are a sight for sore eyes,” he quipped. “Look at her, Sammy.”

Judeth was utterly abased. The cum-drop was rapidly drying on her eyelid, which she blinked to keep it from dosing.

Sammy did not respond to his friend. His eyes were transfixed by the exciting sight of the girl’s furry cunt. Judeth was a beautiful girl, there was no doubt about it. She was well developed — very well developed. Her tits were big and firm and tipped with ripe, taut nipples that were always hard.

Judeth was very proud of her tits. In fact, she loved to show them off. Often, she would wear a sweater with no bra underneath. Or, when she was on the beach, she liked to wear loose-fitting T-shirts or — even better — skimpy bikinis which displayed her firm, upthrust tits to gawking male admirers.

When she strolled about the little beach town of Crystal Point, wearing skimpy, revealing outfits, she never failed to draw stares. She also had a cute ass — firm and tight and lovely to look at. And then, there was her hair. Long, flowing blonde hair, with just a hint of curl.

But, at the moment, Sammy was staring at Judeth’s blonde pussy-hair. She glanced down at the boy and was shocked to discover that he had pulled his swim trunks off while his friend was face-fucking her. She saw that Sammy had a raging hard-on, and he was practically drooling as he stared at her cunt.

“Hey, Sammy!” Eddie exclaimed as he sat down in the sand. “Hey, buddy, what’s up?” he asked jokingly as he pointed at the boy’s cock.

“I want to fuck her, Eddie,” the boy said matter-of factly. His eyes were glazed over with lust and anxious anticipation.

“Noooo!” Judeth cried. “Nooo! You can’t fuck me! I-I’m a virgin,” she stammered, in a voice filled with fear and horror. She wanted to stand up and firm, but her body would not move. Her muscles seemed to be frozen. She was in a state of semi-shock.

Turning to Eddie, she pleaded, “Please, don’t let him fuck my virgin pussy.”

“Why not?” he asked.

“Because it would be rape. I’ll tell on you if you let him fuck me. I will! I’ll tell the cops and they’ll lock both of you up for good. I swear, I’ll tell on you if you let him fuck me!” Judeth spoke with obvious conviction. She meant every word that she said.

“Okay, okay. Don’t fuck her, Sammy,” he instructed his friend.

“Oh, thank heavens,” she gasped.

But, just as Judeth began to feel relief, Eddie spoke again.

“Don’t fuck the little bitch,” Eddie said casually. “Suck her cunt, instead.”

“Wh-what?” Judeth asked with disbelief.

Had she heard correctly?

“Yeah, go ahead, Sammy. Suck her cunt. Give the little bitch a thrill.” Eddie reached down and plucked a pack of cigarettes out of his shorts, which lay in the sand. He stuck a cigarette in his mouth and lit it.

Judeth stared in bewilderment at the brash bay. He must be sick — a real pervert, she thought as she watched him take a long pull on his cigarette.

Sammy leaned forward and, gripping Judeth’s creamy thighs tightly in his hands, began to kiss her pussy-mound. Judeth jerked backward to get away from his lewd caresses, but the boy held on to her thighs and kept his lips pressed against her cunt.

“Mmmmm,” Eddie murmured. “Nice lunch, huh, Sammy?”

Sammy was not about to answer. He began to work his way around Judeth’s pink outer cunt-lips, swirling his long tongue around the luscious folds of her moistening cunt. As he flicked quickly across Judeth’s hidden clit, she flinched and hunched her hips uncontrollably. A wave of hitherto unknown passion and lust welled up in her tight, virgin pussy.

“Hey, the little bitch is getting hot,” Eddie said enthusiastically. “Yeah, she digs getting her cunt sucked! Go for it Sammy! Suck the little slut’s virgin pussy! Ha! Ha! Sweet eighteen and never been sucked!”

“Fuck off,” Judeth blurted out. “I-I… not getting hot!”

She gasped and stared down at Sammy, whose face was literally buried between her smooth young thighs. The boy was lapping and licking her cunt with obvious enjoyment. His tongue slithered between the juicy folds of her tight cunt and licked inside her pussychannel.

Judeth began to perspire freely, and she thrashed about on the sand whenever the boy’s tongue snaked over her sensitive clit. She realized that Sammy knew exactly what he was doing. She wondered how a boy her own age could become adept at such a depraved act as cunt-sucking. To Judeth, having her pussy sucked seemed like a bizarre and wicked sexual act. But, she had to admit that the boy’s long tongue felt terrific as it snaked into her cunt and across her tender clit. No matter what, though, she decided that she would not let on that it felt good to have her pussy sucked.

“She likes it, Sammy. Dive into that little cunt, my man,” Eddie said as he goaded his friend on. “Yeah, look at the little bitch. She’s hot as a fucking hornet. Damn!”

“Shut up, you filthy bastard,” she snapped. The look on Eddie’s face changed from one of delight to one of anger. “You’ll be sorry, you Goddamned cunt,” he rasped as he got to his feet and sprinted away.

Judeth heard Sammy making noises as he continued to suck pussy. He garbled something incoherent and gasped, then returned to the task of eating her cunt. She knew that he was really enjoying sucking her pussy. And, Judeth took perverse pleasure in the fact. She had always thought that sucking a girl’s pussy was a shameful act that no man would ever do, but perhaps she was wrong. She hunched her hips, slowly hugging his face between her creamy thighs. Her body began to tremble and quake as, once again, his tongue flicked across her erect clit-nubbin, causing her face to flush with sexual excitement.

“Oh God,” she moaned, no longer able to contain her emotions.

As her thighs pressed against his ears, he gripped her cunt-lips between his teeth and deftly pulled her clit out of its cunt-sheath. His wet tongue slipped along the folds of her outstretched pussy-lips and came to rest on the tip of her clit.

“Ohhhh,” she gasped, overwhelmed by the incredible, electrifying sensations that coursed through her cunt. The cunt-sucking boy stretched her clit to the maximum, then released his oral grip, and her clit fell back into place inside her juicy pussy.

She jerked about violently, but Sammy’s mouth somehow stayed glued to her cunt. He covered her cunt-lips and her clit with wet, sucking kisses. She pressed her ass into the sand and looked into his eyes. They were bulging and streaked with red lines. He looked as though lie were going mad!

For a brief instant, she wondered how she had managed to get involved in such a lurid situation. But, at this moment, she really did not care. She was caught in a crazy quilt of strange yearnings, and she could do nothing but submit to the boy’s sucking mouth.

His tongue poked out and slithered back into her cunt — deep into her cunt. Again, her pussy throbbed and a delicious feeling overtook her as his tongue slipped into her cunt and flicked quickly, but deftly, across her sensitive clit.

Judeth was lost — lost in a mirage of erotic excitement, riding high upon a wave of ceaseless passion. Her long blonde tresses flew about her pretty, sweat-dampened face as she writhed about in the sand, thrilling to the sensuous wet kisses that Sammy so eagerly lavished on her clit. She closed her eyes tightly and listened carefully to the lewd sucking and slurping noises that the boy made as he lapped her cunt and sucked her erect clit. She swooned in ecstatic rapture, gasping for air. Her cunt felt like it was on fire.

All of a sudden a delicious, though perverse thrill swept through hex cunt and sent a tremendous rushing sensation to her brain. She became delirious as her orgasm blossomed, chilling her to the very core, and sending her on a quick journey of lust and passion.

“Aaiiieee!” she wailed, jerking her hips forward to meet the boy’s sucking lips. She ground her cunt into his mouth in an effort to prolong the erotic sensations which filled her cunt. For the first time in her life, she experienced a climax. It was wonderful!

Eddie had returned. In his fist he carried a long piece of kelp that was shaped like a whip. He stood over her, watching her as she climaxed. Observing her intently he waited for her to open her eyes.

Judeth purred and sighed happily as her orgasm ran its course. Stretching out her lovely white arms, she licked her lips and slowly opened her eyes.

“Take this, you stupid cunt!” Eddie whined the slick brown piece of kelp above his head and brought it down hard on her exposed titflesh.

The kelp whip flailed her tender young tits.

“Don’t, please! Stop!” she shrieked.

But Eddie was in a fierce mood. He had a sinister look on his face. His glazed eyes and clenched, teeth made him look almost possessed.

The boy kept thrashing her with the improvised whip. Every time the tong piece of seaweed struck her, she felt a surge of unbelievable pain rush through her pain wracked body.

Through tear-blurred eyes, she looked up at the bay and pleaded with him to stop. “Please, Eddie, I didn’t do anything. Let me go!”

But, Eddie kept beating her relentlessly.

Judeth summoned up all of her strength and rose to her knees, and when Eddie drew the kelp back to strike her again, she tried to evade the blows. She screamed in agony as the whip thrashed her again and again.

Eddie smiled lasciviously and laughed callously at her agonized screams of pain as she dragged her naked tortured body through the sand, scraping her knees. Finally, he threw down the piece of kelp. Grabbing her by her hair, he maneuvered her body until she lay spread-eagled beneath him.

“You shut up, bitch!” he snarled. “I’m gonna fuck you now, whether you like it or not.” He let go of her hair and stared menacingly at her as she lay, sprawled out and helpless, crying and shaking her head in fright and despair.

“No, please… don’t you care that I’m a virgin?” she shrieked.

“This is how much I care,” he said coldly as he thrust his hard prick into her cunt.

“Unngghh!” she gasped as Eddie’s raging hard-on wormed past her pussy-lips and burrowed into her hot wet cunt. His prick sliced into her twat, robbing hot of her precious virginity. Her cunt was so tight that Eddie’s prick felt like it was tearing her in two. “It hurts! You’re killing me!” she wailed.

“That’s too fucking bad,” he hissed crudely, “because I’m not gonna stop screwing you until I shoot my rocks off, bitch. And I don’t give a stilt what the hell happens to you.”

He bucked and jerked in an effort to fill her cunt to the brim with his rock-hard prick.

Judeth felt his cock-knob throbbing against her untouched cherry and, as the tender piece of skin stretched to accommodate Eddie’s lengthy prick, she felt lancing pains deep in her cunt.

“It hurts!” slip shouted.

But he paid her no mind. He rammed his cock hard and fast into her hot, tight cunt and she felt her cherry rip open. The pain was so intense that she could not even scream. Her muscles tensed and she shuddered, but Eddie did not stop fucking her for a second.

“Yeah, you little prick-teaser,” he taunted.

“I just rook your fucking cherry, bitch!” Grasping her asscheeks, he lurched forward, impaling her on his cock.

She could feel his prick ramming and pounding into her cunt, reaming her pussywalls, and forcing her cunt-lips inward. He pulled her asscheeks up to meet his hard cockthrusts.

Judeth gulped hard and steeled her nerves. The pain of being fucked for the first time was excruciating. Moreover, she was filled with self-loathing at being raped by such a crude, disgusting boy as Eddie. How could this be happening to her? How would she be able to live with herself after being raped by the boy?

His cock pulsed inside of her cunt, and, since her pussy-muscles were tensed, it fit tightly in bet pussy. Eddie pounded away, driving his cock deep into her gripping, juicy hot cunt. It felt like her cunt was sucking his prick into its damp depths.

Judeth looked into Eddie’s face. He was sweating profusely. He panted loudly each time he ground his hips forward, pumping his lengthy prick into her seething cunt. She was too frightened to complain, and she knew that it wouldn’t do any good anyway. She bit her lip and tried to endure the scaring pain that came from her pussy.

Eddie began to speed up the pace of his fucking. He thrashed about on top of the helpless girl, ramming and pounding his hard cock deep into her cunt. Then, he swallowed hard and every muscle in his firm young body tightened. He gurgled, made a hissing sound and thrust forward a final time.

“Unngghh!” he groaned. His glazed eyes rolled about in their sockets as he stiffened and shot a heavy load of cum into Judeth’s cunt.

Judeth whimpered and prayed that the ordeal was over. But, the boy plunged forward again, and another wad of cum spurted out of his cock-slit and washed her tight pussy.

He sighed and relaxed, letting his weight rest on her body. Judeth was disgusted and angry. She wept and lay still, waiting for Eddie to get up.

“Well, now. How was that for a first fuck?” he whispered as he rolled off of the raped girl. “What did you think of your first fuck, bitch?”

Judeth kept the truth to herself. It had been horrible and disgusting. But she feared that he might hurt her again, so she kept quiet.

“Well, I guess you’re just too happy for words,” Eddie quipped as he rose and put on his swim trunks. He laughed long and hard as he stared down at Judeth. “That should teach you, slut! You don’t go around Crystal Point getting all of the guys hot and horny for your little cunt! We don’t stand for prick-teasers around here.”

With that, Eddie and Sammy strolled away, chuckling and joking and shooting nasty glances at her as they departed.

Judeth lay in the sand for a long time. She cried hysterically and cursed herself for having been foolish enough to have trusted two boys like Eddie and Sammy.

She wondered what she should do next. Should she report the rape to the police? No, she was too ashamed and embarrassed to do that. Besides, there were no witnesses, except for Sammy. And Sammy would surely lie about what had happened. She simply had to get back at Eddie for making her suck his cock, for beating her and torturing her and — worst of all — for fucking her. Eddie had taken her virginity in a most brutal and disgusting way. She would never forget it. There must be some way to get back at him. She would have to think about it.

It was getting cold, so Judeth picked herself up, put her brief bikini back on, pulled herself together and headed back to her Aunt Mary’s safe, comfortable beach cottage.


Judeth spent the next two days in the house. She was afraid to venture outside so soon after having been raped. She was terribly ashamed. She did not see how she could show her face in Crystal Point after what had happened. So she moped around the house, watching television and listening to records, trying to keep busy in hopes that the terrible memory of the rape would soon fade from her mind.

Aunt Mary became worried and asked what was wrong. Judeth told her aunt that she was bored.

“Well, dear,” Aunt Mary said, “why don’t you take the car and go for a drive? It’s a beautiful day today.”

“Okay,” Judeth said. She went to her room and got dressed. She wore a skimpy halter top, a pair of tight-fitting jeans, sandals and a wide-brimmed straw hat. She picked up the keys to the MG. Midget. She walked past the tennis court and the swimming pool, and strolled into the garage.

She smiled as she stepped forward and opened the car door, and wondered why she hadn’t thought of taking a drive before. She had just passed heir driver’s test two months ago, so the thrill of driving had not yet worn off. It would be nice, she thought, to drive out to the dunes.

As she slipped into the driver’s seat, she vaguely sensed that someone was watching her from a distance. But, she shrugged it off and started the engine, smiling as the motor began to purr. Judeth really loved driving, especially when she had a cute little sports car to zip around in. At home, she was not allowed to drive very often. Her father did not really approve. But out here at the beach, she had access to her Aunt Mary’s car whenever she wanted it.

She reflected on how nice her Aunt Mary was to her. Aunt Mary was a widow. Her husband had died in a boating accident two years ago. The papers had caused quite a stir at the time because Judeth’s father, who was with the man at the time, had managed to miraculously escape injury when the boat capsized. Nasty allegations of foul play were leveled at Judeth’s father. There were rumors that the men had been partners in some venture, and the previous to the strange sinking boat incident, they had had a falling out.

Her father and her Aunt Mary had quarreled, but the matter was dropped. Soon thereafter, Aunt Mary moved into the spacious Crystal Point cottage.

The engine roared to life as she stepped on the gas pedal and zoomed out of the garage. Before long, Judeth was zipping down the highway, driving the vehicle through tight turns as she headed toward the dunes. Her spirits picked up as she drove along at a fast clip, watching the comfortable beach homes recede as she approached the bare, undeveloped area known simply as “the dunes”. Someday, this beautiful bare land filled with rolling sandy hillocks would disappear. Developers would buy up the land and build condominiums, motels, supermarkets and hot dog stands. But, for now, the dunes were free of congestion and Judeth momentarily forgot her troubles.

The road narrowed to two lanes so she let up on the gas and slowed down. Up ahead, on the side of the road, a bulldozer blocked one lane and part of the other. In order to drive safely past, she would be forced to slow down almost to a stop. No matter. It was a pretty day and she was in no hurry to get anywhere.

She shifted down through the gears into first, applying the brakes until she was traveling at a scant five miles an hour.

Then, Judeth was shocked to see a big blue van pull out from behind the bulldozer and block her way. Fortunately, she was traveling slow enough to brake and pull over into the sand to avoid a collision. She waited for the river of the van to back out of the way, but, instead, two men jumped out of the back and ran quickly toward her.

“Hey!” she shouted in a confused tone. “What’s going on here, anyway?”

A big, muscular man wearing a faded green leisure suit stepped forward and, without a word, opened her car door. He reached inside and pulled her out.

“I said what’s going on?” she repeated in a startled voice.

“Shut up, Judeth!” the other man said. He grasped her wrists and held them tightly behind her back.

She felt a thick rope being tied around her wrists. Then she was led quickly to the van and thrown roughly onto the carpeted floor in the back. The two men stepped in after her, slamming the doors shut. The driver hit the accelerator, burning rubber as they sped off.

Judeth stared wide-eyed at the two men.

“Who are you?” she asked.

“Just call me Bob,” said the man in the leisure suit. “This is Johnny. Max is our driver.”

“All right, Bob and Johnny,” Judeth said flippantly. “Suppose you guys tell me what’s happening.”

“Okay, sweetheart,” the man called Bob replied. He spoke in a heavy Boston accent. “Put simply, Judeth Brathmeyer, you have just been kidnapped by three very dangerous and unscrupulous men. If you are a lucky little girl, your father will ball you out of this mess with a million in cool, green cash. If not… well, we’ll worry about that if and when the time comes. Okay?”

“No,” she replied indignantly. “It’s not okay! You can’t do this to me!”

“We seem to be doing astonishingly well up to this point, my dear girl,” Bob said with a chortle.

The big man named Johnny stared at Judeth with cold, dark eyes. Judeth glanced at him and chills ran up and down her spine.

“She’s pretty, Bob,” the big man said as he reached a clammy hand out and ripped her halter top off. “I wanna fuck her.”

“What-what?” Judeth stammered.

“You heard me, cunt!” the big man snorted. Turning to address his partner, he said, “What do you think, Bob? Can I fuck her now? I don’t feel like waiting.”

“Sure, go ahead and fuck the snotty little bitch. Maybe she’ll take us more seriously and cut that high-and-mighty act of hers. I’ll ride up front with Max. Fuck her real good now,” Bob said as he stepped forward to sit with the driver.

Judeth squirmed about on the carpeted floor of the van. She shook her head in disbelief, her eyes open wide. She stared at the man — watched him strip off his shirt, pull off his shoes, step out of his trousers — watched him stroke his cock, and run his thick, hairy gnarled fingers along his cock-shaft. She shook with fear and cowered in the corner of the moving van, wondering what — if anything — she could do to stop the big, hairy man from raping her.

“Aw, come on now, baby-cakes,” the man said. “Don’t give Johnny a hard time. Johnny don’t like babes to give him a hard time,” he said threateningly as he stroked his lengthy prick and moved forward slowly.

“No, please don’t… please don’t,” she pleaded as tears filled her eyes and ran down her flushed cheeks. “I… I wouldn’t be able to stand it. I… my God!” she gasped as she glanced at his swollen prick. His prick was menacing. Thick blue veins lined the surface of his cock, and his cock-knob was crimson red. Next to this manes, Eddie’s cock was like a shrimp!

“Yeah, my prick is kinda big,” the man said, almost apologetically. “But, you’ll get used to it, kid. Believe me, you’ll love the feel of it,” he quipped. He broke up laughing. But, an instant later, his face became contorted and hard-looking. His rough features were sharp and angular.

He looked strangely handsome, in an odd sort of way. Under other circumstances, Judeth might even have found Johnny attractive. If central casting were to order up the biggest, hairiest, toughest, strongest, most menacing-looking character on the lot, this guy would be it. She was stunned at the size of his prick. She had never dreamed that pricks came so big!

“Hey… hey now, little darlin’,” he said in a calm voice that was deceptively pleasant. “Don’t be scared. I’ll be nice.”

“You will?” she inquired flatly.

“Sure, sweet-cheeks. Hell, I’ll even let you get the feel of my big cock before I fuck you. Here, go ahead and touch it,” he said.

Judeth cringed in the corner. She wasn’t about to touch his mammoth prick. Besides, she realized, her hands were tied behind her back. She couldn’t touch his prick even if she wanted to.

“Oh, I see,” the man said mockingly. “Your hands are all tied up at the moment.” He shrugged resignedly. “Well, then. I guess if you can’t touch my prick, you can at least taste it. Yeah, sure. You can taste my cock.” He grabbed her by the neck and pushed her face down until her lips were scant inches from the tip of his blue-veined prick.

“No, please don’t make me do this,” she whimpered. She was wasting her time, but she didn’t know what else to say. In the back of her mind, she thought that maybe the big man would take pity on her and leave her be.

No such luck.

His strong hands pinched the flesh on her bare shoulders, then he gripped one of her nipples and squeezed it until she cried out in anguish.

“Don’t hurt me. Whatever you do, please don’t hurt me,” she said.

He loosened his grip at once. “Darlin’, the last thing I want to do is hurt you. After all, sweet-cheeks, if I mess you up too badly, you won’t be worth too much to your old man. But, hear me, and hear me straight. You can’t go pissing me off, you understand? Because I can get real nasty if I get pissed off. Okay?”

“Okay, I understand,” she whimpered.

“Now, suppose you just suck my cock. Right now!” he demanded loudly. “Yeah, baby. Suck Johnny’s big prick, sweet-cheeks. Show Johnny that you don’t want to piss him off.” He pressed down on her shoulders and arched his back so that his cock-knob pressed against her moist lips.

Judeth felt sick to her stomach. But she knew that she had to obey Johnny’s vile command. She stuck her tongue out and tenderly licked the tip of his big, hard cock. His balls dangled freely beneath his prick. The sight of such huge balls frightened Judeth. But she did what she had to do. She was in this man’s power — unable to do anything but obey him. Her tongue flicked over his bulbous cock-knob and he stiffened immediately.

“Ummm, that’s nice. That feels real nice. I haven’t had a good blow-job in a long time, babe,” he said. “Suppose you suck my cock real nice now. Just wrap your ruby-red lips around my prick and suck away, okay?”

Judeth made a muffled sound of acknowledgement and kept sucking the man’s big prick which was buried deep in her mouth. He began to face-fuck her rapidly, pumping his hard cock deep into her mouth with swift, powerful motions. When he lunged forward, her lips parted to receive his hard cock-thrust and her mouth filled to overflowing with the big man’s huge hard-on. His cock-knob bounced off the back of her throat and slipped away again, only to be slurped between her lips and back into her mouth and throat.

“Oh, yeah. You give a million-dollar blowjob, cunt,” he gasped. He jerked about wildly as he rammed his mammoth cock into her mouth. His big balls contracted into a tight sac of flesh as she sucked his prick. “Yeah, that’s a real nice blow-job.” He gasped and plunged forward, ramming his massive cock-stand into her sucking mouth. “Goddamn! Wouldn’t your old man just love to see you now, giving Big Johnny a terrific blow-job? Holy shit!”

She gagged, and almost got sick, but she managed to pull herself together and continued to suck Big Johnny’s prick. He bucked and pumped and twisted about as he crammed her mouth full of his hard cock, gasping and panting as lie brutally raped her pretty face.

Then, with a sudden lurching movement, Big Johnny stiffened, tightened every muscle in his body, and came.

“Aaaggghhh! Oh, yeah! Unnggghhh!” he panted hoarsely as he shot his load of jism into her sucking mouth.

His prick twitched and throbbed inside her mouth as the man came. A huge glob of cum spurted out of his piss-slit and shot with terrific force into her mouth, streaming down her throat.

She gagged and started to cough, but he placed his thick meaty hands on her shoulders and tugged her forward, shouting, “Suck it all down, you little smart-ass cunt. You think you’re such a hot little cunt, don’t you? Well, right now you’re gonna eat my cum, suck it all down your throat, milk my prick until it’s dry. Milk it, honey-cunt. Milk my cock!”

Stifling her cries and trying not to gag on the man’s big prick as it spewed cum-juice into her mouth, Judeth obeyed the man’s crude command. She began to milk his prick, sucking hard on his cock-knob to extract all of his sticky, creamy jism. The cum-juice filled her mouth and drooled out the corners of her lips as she frantically tried to swallow all of the man’s huge load of jizz. She felt terribly degraded, utterly abased, as she sucked his prick dry.

Big Johnny let his cock pop free of her sucking lips, and he sat back on his ass, groaning with sexual satisfaction.

Judeth glared at the crude man. Her face was covered with huge tears, and her mouth felt sticky from the man’s cum. Jizz drooled out of her mouth obscenely.

“That was good. Real good. That was one nice million-dollar cock-sucking, babe,” the man said. He chuckled, stretched and lay back on the floor of the van, then took a deep breath, sighed and began to snore. He was fast asleep.

Judeth cringed in the corner, wondering what would happen next.

When the van finally slowed to a stop, it was dark. Judeth heard animal sounds and the chirping of crickets. She was somewhere in the country, but where? They had been driving for three or four hours at least.

Big Johnny had awakened, but he hadn’t bothered her since he had forced her to suck his cock. He just sat at the other end of the van, chuckling and talking to himself.

Bob moved into the back of the van, smiled at Judeth, and spoke. “Okay, Judeth,” he said. “We’re going inside. Let me warn you. There is no way to escape. Don’t even try. You’d just be wasting your time. The place is guarded by dogs, so, even if you managed to get out of the house, you wouldn’t get far. And they’re trained to kill. They’d chew you to bits. We’ll just wait it out here, and when your father comes across with a million in cash, we’ll let you go. Okay?”

“Yes,” she replied weakly.

Turning to Big Johnny, Bob said, “You stay outside and keep watch.” Then, Bob told the driver to ditch the van, and Bob led Judeth out of the van and toward the dark house.

From the outside, the big wooden house looked deserted, but inside, the place was clean, warm, freshly painted a bright blue and furnished with nice, comfortable chairs and couches. The interior of the place reminded her a little of her Aunt Mary’s beach cottage at Crystal Point. The style was similar. Reproductions of French paintings and prints and Spanish bullfighting lithographs lined the walls, just as they did at her Aunt Mary’s house at the beach. She reflected on the coincidence, but quickly let the matter drop.

Bob led the frightened girl into a back room, where two people sat on a large couch, watching the news and smoking nervously.

“Hey Marvin, here’s the girl,” Bob said loudly, catching the couple by surprise.

Quickly, the man spun around, pulled a revolver out of his belt and aimed it at Bob.

“Hold it!” Bob screamed in fright. “It’s me, damnit! It’s me!”

“You dumb son of a bitch!” the man screamed. “What the hell’s the matter with you, anyway? Sneaking up on us like that. Shit, man! I could’ve blown you and the girl away!”

“Whew,” Bob gasped. He sighed in relief and apologized. “I guess I wasn’t thinking, Marvin. Goddamn! I’m glad you didn’t shoot. Shit!”

Marvin stood up and stepped forward, appraising the girl with cold, amber eyes. “Well, well. So this is little Miss Judeth Brathmeyer, our ticket to health and wealth in the Bahamas. Give us a smile, sweetheart,” he said, addressing Judeth.

Judeth smirked and gave the man a cold stare. “How long will I have to stay in this dump?” she blurted out.

“Now, now, Judeth,” Marvin said condescendingly. “That’s no way to treat your hosts, is it?”

“Shove it,” she replied brashly.

“Well, boys,” came the woman’s icy voice. “It sounds like the little rich bitch doesn’t appreciate our taking her in. Perhaps I should teach her some manners. What do you say, Marvin?”

“Just hold on now, Margaret. I don’t want you fucking around with the merchandise just yet. I’m going to have a word with Bob while we chain her up downstairs. Be right back,” Marvin said as he took his leave of Margaret.

Marvin led Judeth and Bob down a long, winding staircase that opened into a large basement room. When Marvin turned on the lights, Judeth was stunned to see that the room was decorated like a medieval torture chamber. The walls were lined with thick wooden racks, custom-built to hold a vast assortment of whips, chains, paddles, leather hoods, gags and birch sticks.

“Good Lord in heaven! What in the world is all this stuff?” Judeth gasped in astonishment. “This place is from another world.”

“Yes, my little Miss Brathmeyer,” Marvin replied matter-of-factly. He spoke in a haughty manner, and with a great deal of pride. “Feast your little eyes, my lovely. What you are looking at is one of the world’s most extensive collections of torture devices. I’m a connoisseur. I suppose one might call it a strange vice to collect such bizarre instruments of torture, but I am quite fond of my collection. Isn’t this a lovely cat-o’-nine-tails?” he queried Judeth as he plucked a wicked black whip with nine strands of thick leather off the rack.

“Y-yes, it is something, all right,” Judeth said in mock appreciation as she stood before the strange man. “I bet that thing really could hurt a person, huh?”

“Oh, yes indeed, Miss Brathmeyer. Yes, indeed. This little beauty sure can sting. Would you like to feel its bite, darling?” he asked with a sly grin.

“N-no sir,” she answered quickly. “No thank you.”

He laughed and replaced the wicked leather whip, saying, “I’m sure you wouldn’t like it, Judeth.” Then licking his lips and leering at her, he added, “Same women do, you know.”

“I wouldn’t know,” she said, shaking her head.

“Well, let’s hope for your sake that you never find out what it’s like to be whipped with the cat, or with any of my fine assortment of whips, thongs, and paddles. Let’s hope that your father, the great, wealthy Mr. Bratton Brathmeyer sees fit to ball you out of this mess. And soon. It’ll cast him a cool million dollars, and not a penny less, to ransom your ass out of here.”

“He’ll pay it,” Judeth said. “He loves me. My father loves me and I know he’ll give you the money.”

“Well, little Judeth,” the man said threateningly, “for your sake, let’s hope so.” Then, he stepped over to a heavy wooden table and, with Bob’s help, he pushed the table into the center of the room. Next, he gestured for Judeth to step forward. She did so and stared in awe. The thick wooden table was equipped with heavy steel pegs which protruded from each corner. Attached to the pegs were thick leather cuffs which, she realized at once, were intended to hold the victim strapped to the table. Judeth flinched and stepped back bumping into Bob.

“Hold her while I strip off her clothes,” the man instructed his cohort.

“With pleasure,” Bob answered as he held her tightly in his firm grasp. “Say, Marvin, after we get her all squared away down here, do you think that I could…?”

“Sure, no problem, Bob,” Marvin replied brusquely. “Hell, you’ve done a damned good job. A nice, clean professional job. You can have her for a while. Don’t mess her up too badly though. Fuck her if you want to, or make her suck your cock, but don’t beat her up. We want this little kitten to look nice in case we need to take any pictures to convince her old man that he should cough up some of his money.”

Judeth was stunned! She stared at the two men in disbelief. It was only then that she realized how dangerous these people could be. They were serious — dead serious! She thought of her father. Surely, he would meet their demands. Surely, her father would pay to have her freed. And her father could afford a million dollars. He was a millionaire many times over. She knew that. But, how long would it take? And, suppose her father was not even in the country? He often took long trips to Europe… and why would they need pictures of her? She was too confused to understand what was going on. She decided to try to cozy up to the man who was obviously the ring-leader, the man named Marvin. Perhaps, if she won him over, ingratiated herself with him and got him to like her, perhaps then things would go easier on her.

She did not resist when Marvin pulled off her clothes. Standing before him, in a vain attempt to hide her nakedness, she spoke. “Your… your n-name is M-Marvin, right?” she muttered.

“Yes, darling. So it is. You can call me Marvin if it suits you. It’s not my real name, but that’s what I go by.”

“W-well, Marvin,” she continued. “Have you contacted my father yet? Have you heard from him?”

“Well, no,” he said abruptly. “Margaret is trying to reach him right now. It scans that he is out of town. We did manage to speak to your Aunt Mary, however, and she promised to relay our message, that is, our demands.”

“Thank God!” Judeth gasped in relief. “Then, something’s being done.”

“Yes, my dear girl,” Marvin replied with a cool grin. “Something’s being done.”

Marvin and Bob lifted the naked girl to the table and bound her ankles and wrists to the pegs. She didn’t struggle. There was no sense in fighting them. They were stronger, and she was terribly frightened. All that she could do was wait, and hope for the best.

As Marvin prepared to leave, he turned to Bob. “Do whatever you want to her, but don’t damage the merchandise too much. Okay?”

“Sure,” Bob replied as he quickly began to strip off his leisure suit.

When Marvin reached the passageway, he spun on his heels, pointed his finger at the anxious and eager man and said, “Bob, don’t hurt the girl. That’s not a threat, my man. That’s a sincere warning.” Then, Marvin cocked his head, stood silently and appeared to be in deep thought for a moment. Almost as an afterthought, he added, “By the way, keep your filthy cock out of her asshole. You can fuck her in the mouth or in the cunt, but leave her asshole alone. That’s to be saved for me. Understand?”

“Sure, boss. I understand,” Bob answered as he stepped out of his trousers.

Marvin disappeared through the passageway, and Judeth heard his footsteps as he walked upstairs. She was left alone with Bob. She looked at him tentatively. He seemed to go about preparing to fuck her with great ease, but in a meticulous manner. He folded up his clothes carefully and placed them on a chair in the corner. And, he whistled all the while.

Judeth was perplexed at the man’s strange behavior.

But, when he turned and faced her, she quickly came to her senses. Bob was a man — a full-grown man, with a man-sized prick. The lecherous look in his eyes frightened her.

He stepped forward and took in her luscious young body. “Nice tits,” he muttered as he reached clown and gripped her ripe tits in his hands. He rubbed her tits anti pinched her nipples. Them he bent down and sucked one of her nipples.

“Mmmm,” he murmured as he sucked her taut nipple into his mouth. “Nice tits, darling,” he said as he leaned over and took her other nipple between his lips. He bit down hard, causing a painful sensation in her firm tits. The pain coursed through her veins and she winced. Looking up at the man, she wept and inquired, “What are you going to do to me?”

Somewhat taken aback, he replied in a cold, flat voice. “Well, now, honey, I really don’t know. You sure are a nice little cunt. Nice tits,” he said as he stroked her firm, upthrust tits and tweaked her nipples between his thumb and forefinger. “Nice, tight little belly,” he continued as his hand traveled down her ripe young flesh and rubbed her stomach. “Nice tight, little cunt,” he said as his hand moved down to her cunt and rubbed the pubic hair that covered her pussy.

“Yeah, baby,” he whispered in a husky voice. “Nice fucking cunt.” Then, as she struggled in vain against the bonds that restrained her on the heavy wooden table, he plunged his thumb into her twat. He stared into her eyes as he rubbed her clit-nubbin with his thumb.

“D-don’t do that,” she pleaded as she looked up at him, tears filling her eyes. “P-please don’t do that to me,” she whimpered. But, even as she said it, she knew that she was wasting her words. Bob was horny. He would have his way with her. He would finger-fuck her — or worse — if he wanted to, and there was nothing that she could do to stop him.

His thumb rammed into her cunt, and he whispered in her ear. “You want it, don’t you? You want me to turn you on and fuck your tight young cunt. Admit it, you little rich bitch. You’ve never met a man like me. A stud! I’ll fix your fucking wagon, darling. I’ll fuck the living shit out of you before you can count to ten.”

Judeth couldn’t believe her own ears. This man was a vile, crude lunatic. Did he really believe that she wanted him to fuck her? He must be crazy!

“No, Bob,” she stammered. “Please don’t fuck me. I don’t think I’m ready for a man like you. Please… just leave me be. I beg of you.”

“Ha! Ha! That’s what they all say when I get my hands on them. Women are afraid of me. That’s it!” he exclaimed. “Women don’t know what to make of me. I don’t look much like a stud, but I am. You just have to get to know me, Judeth. That’s all. Just get to know me, and may… maybe I can help you out of this mess.”

Bob was breathing heavily now. He panted and gasped like a runner who had just finished a marathon. He kept ramming his thumb into her cunt, rubbing his thumb inside of her cuntal sheath. Thumb-fucking Judeth!

She hated to admit it, but the wild man was turning her on in a big way. His thumb seemed to touch just the right spot in her cunt. Every time he shoved his thumb into her tight pussy, it pressed down on her sensitive clit, causing her to shake and writhe about on the table.

Her clit was tingling out of control. She began to sweat and jerk her hips to meet his thumb as it penetrated her wet cunt. Pussy-juice leaked out of her cunt and streamed in thin rivulets down her creamy thighs. When he stuck his thumb into her cunt, she could hear a faint sloshing noise as her cunt sucked his thumb deep into her pussy. She wasn’t doing it on purpose. It just happened. She had no control over her clenching cunt-muscles, which seemed to have a mind of their own as they sucked his thumb deep into her seething cunt.

“Ohhh,” she gasped as, unconsciously, she began to move her pelvis, humping and jerking upward to meet his thumb as it rammed deeply into her hot, tight curt.

“All right!” Bob exclaimed as he pulled his thumb from her cunt. He held his cunt-juice drenched thumb high in the air and smiled lewdly. “Look, at that, bitch! My thumb is literally covered with your precious young pussy-nectar. Goddamn! Ain’t that a sight for sore eyes.”

In a grand gesture, he lowered his hand to his mouth and slurped her cunt-juice off of his thumb. “Yeah, your pussy-juice tastes sweet,” he said as he plunged his thumb and two fingers deep into her cunt. His digits moved about in her slippery twat, pressing against her tender, sensitive clit and pussy-walls, which tightened and clenched around his fingers.

Judeth had no control over her body or her emotions. Her cunt was ready for sex. She was hot and horny, there was no denying it. She sighed as she stared at Bob, who held his wet fingers aloft admiringly.

“Here, Judeth,” he instructed. “Taste your cunt-juice. You’ll love it.” Her tongue swirled around his slippery fingers and lapped up the precious pussy-nectar. She licked at his fingers as though it were her last meal. And, she discovered, her cunt-nectar tasted good. There was a pungent odor, and it was a little bit sweet.

“Ohhh, yeah!” she gasped as her tongue raked across his fingers, licking off the sticky juice from her twat.

“You are a hot little cunt!” Bob exclaimed as he climbed onto the table and started to mount her. “You are one hot fucking vixen, bitch!”

Suddenly, Judeth felt her body shudder. She realized that this was no game. This man — Bob — was going to fuck her cunt. As the reality of the terrible situation dawned on her, she shook with fear and anger. “Nooo!” she shrieked. “Don’t you dare!”

Bob slapped her hard and she writhed in pain beneath his blows. “Fuck you, you rich bitch!” he rasped. “What the fuck’s the matter with vow anyway? Do you think you’re too good for me or something?” He stopped slapping her and stared into her crying eyes. “Well, what the fuck’s your problem, bitch?” he demanded.

Steeling her nerves, Judeth gave him an honest answer. “Yes, I am too fucking good for the likes of you, you crude bastard!” she blurted. “You are a nasty son of a bitch! An evil and crude man. You’re damned right I’m too good for you. I was brought up to be a decent lady, and you’re treating me like a no good tramp. I won’t stand for it. I just won’t stand for a slimy son of a bitch like you fucking me!” She writhed about in the bonds which held her fast to the table. Her ankles and wrists chafed at the straps which held them. The struggle was useless. There was no way to escape. She was helpless and at this crude man’s mercy. Finally, when all of her energy was spent, she collapsed on the table, resigned to her fate. The man would rape her. She knew that. But, at least she had struggled, damnit! She had tried to resist.

“Are you finished now?” the man asked, a lewd, self-assured smile on his face. He was angry, and she knew it. She had lost her self-control. She had rudely insulted the man. It was too late for apologies. He would take her. He would rape her and fuck her brutally. She expected no less.

“Y-yes, I’m finished,” she said weakly. “Do whatever the hell you want with me. I won’t struggle any longer. It’s no use. I’m tired.”

Without commenting, he grabbed his prick in his hand and guided it toward her cunt. Lewdly, he rubbed his cock-knob in a circular motion around her cunt-lips, parting the swollen red flaps of sensitive skin that formed the sensuous entrance to her tight pussy. Then, without hesitation, he thrust forward, impaling her cunt on his stiff cock. He grunted and moaned as he began to fuck her cunt, ramming his prick hard and deep into her tight twat.

“Unnnggghhh!” he gasped. “So, you think you’re too good for me?” he taunted. “Well, fuck you, you little rich bitch! Fuck you!”

He seemed like a man possessed. He drove forward with quick powerful cock-thrusts, ramming his prick home into her pussy. Shoving his cock balls-deep into the cavern of her hot cunt. He jerked about on top of her, driving, thrusting, ramming his prick into her cuntal depths.

Judeth jerked about beneath the man as he raped her tight pussy. She gasped for breath and moaned in agony and fright. This man was crude and vulgar, and she hated him. But, try as she might, there was no way that she could stop him from fucking her cunt. Every time she moved, the leather straps which held her wrists and ankles in place chafed and bit into her tender skin. She writhed and flailed about beneath his hard cock-thrusts, hoping only that he would cum soon.

“Yeah, you little rich bitch piece of ass! Take it, cunt! Take all of my cock in your hot pussy, you fancy-ass slut.” He screamed in her ear as he slammed his heavy body forward, impaling her on his raging prick.

“Y-you are disgusting!” she rasped in revulsion and anger. “I hate you! I hate you!”

“Maybe you hate me, rich bitch! But I’m sure you’ll love my cock. Ain’t that right? Huh?” he demanded.

Judeth choked back her tears, pursed her lips, and spat in the man’s sweaty face. Her spit landed above his eye and dribbled down his contorted face.

“You stupid cunt!” he shouted angrily. “You stupid, fucking rich bitch cunt! Now, you’re really gonna get it!”

Quickly, he pulled his prick out of her cunt, grabbed her roughly by her firm asscheeks, spreading her assflesh wide to expose her tender asshole. He stared at her asshole, eyes wide open and filled with passion, mouth clenched tightly, his face contorted with lust and carnal desire.

Judeth looked into his menacing eyes. She realized at once that he was staring lustfully at her tight virgin asshole. A wave of intense fear flushed through her bowels and rushed into her befuddled brain as the grim reality of the situation hit her like a fist. The crude man was planning to fuck her tight asshole. Good God! she thought. How could anyone even dream of doing such a horrid, wicked, evil, debauched thing to her? How could this man fuck her in her asshole? The thought was absolutely disgusting! Revolting!

Then, she remembered that Marvin had warned Bob not to “mess her up too badly,” and, more specifically, not to “fuck her asshole.” When Marvin had said it, she hadn’t thought much about it. Somehow, it hadn’t made a lot of sense. She had never even heard of anyone getting fucked in the asshole. Judeth knew that she did not know everything there was to know about sex. But, she had never even heard of ass-fucking before. The very thought of having a hard cock buried in her asshole made Judeth sick to her stomach. Did men really do such awful things to women? she wondered.

Her question was soon answered.

“Well, my pretty rich bitch!” he snorted. “Let’s see how tight your little asshole is, huh?” He stuck his finger into her asshole, penetrating the tight sphincter muscles that ringed the entrance to her butt-hole.

She flinched and tightened every muscle in her body. “Nooo!” she shrieked. “Leave my asshole alone, you bastard!”

“Hey now, little rich bitch. That’s no way to act. Hell, I’m sure you’ve never been fucked in the ass before. You’re in for a real treat,” he gloated as he pushed his finger deep inside her bung-hole.

His finger wormed its way into her forbidden nether-hole, and Judeth shook with rage and disgust. How could he do such a revolting thing? How could he violate her asshole in such a lewd and obscene manner? The man must be insane!

“You’re ready!” he shouted gleefully, “Your asshole is nice and tight, and ready for my cock. I’m gonna give your asshole a fucking you’ll never forget, bitch!”

He pulled his finger from her asshole and pulled her ass high in the air to receive his prick. His fingers kneaded her ass-flesh.

Sliding forward on the table, he squatted and moved slowly in on her.

She tried to prepare herself mentally for the attack on her tender asshole. Clenching her sphincter muscles as tightly as possible, she would attempt to resist the man. She would do everything in her power to keep him from fucking her asshole. He would not rape her virgin bung-hole without a struggle. She tried to jerk her hips to ward him off, but he was too powerful. His firm grip on her ripe asscheeks tightened and it began to hurt.

Grimacing, he spoke to her in a flat, cold voice, devoid of passion or sympathy. “I’m gonna fuck your asshole, bitch! There ain’t nothin’ in the world that can stop me now. I want to ass-fuck you, and I’m gonna ass-fuck you. You’re all tied up, bitch. You ain’t goin’ nowhere. But my cock is going somewhere — right into your little asshole!”

He plunged forward, piercing her asshole with his bulbous cock-knob. Then, he reared back and prepared to force his prick into her asshole with a single, powerful cock-thrust.

She clenched her teeth, tightened her assmuscles against the expected onslaught of his hard cock, and shrieked loudly.

Suddenly, the man collapsed. He fell forward, dropping onto her naked body. He lay on top of her, his face nuzzled into her firm, upthrust tits. She twitched beneath him, but he did not move. His naked body pressed down upon hers. He felt like a dead weight.

“Wh-what’s the matter?” she said, perplexed. “What’s going on?”

“He’s dead, Judeth. I shot him. I told him not to rape your ass. I warned him. But, he refused to listen to me. I heard everything. Margaret and I were listening upstairs.”

Judeth turned and saw Marvin standing in the doorway, a smoking revolver clenched in his fist. His face showed no remorse, no anger. He smiled with satisfaction, reminding her of a wild west sheriff who, had just killed a notorious outlaw — smug and self-righteous. Pleased with himself. Marvin had saved her from a fate worse than death — saved her from being raped in her asshole!


Marvin dragged the dead man out of the room and quickly returned. He looked at the wretched young girl with an evil glint in his eye.

“Thank you so much, Marvin,” Judeth said.

He did not reply, but began to undress. Judeth watched him fearfully. What was he planning to do? she wondered.

“I’m glad he didn’t get to fuck your little asshole,” Marvin said flatly. “I plan to do that myself.”

Judeth stared at him with disbelief as he climbed onto the table and spread her asscheeks. He mounted her quickly, before she even had time to reflect on what was happening.

“My God! You can’t do that! You can’t!” Judeth shrieked. She felt Marvin spreading her bare asscheeks apart and massaging his prick into full hardness, rubbing his cock-knob against her asshole. “Please! Let me go!”

“Not a chance in the world, Miss Judeth Brathmeyer,” the man rasped. “I saved your little asshole from Bob’s cock, and as my reward, I’m gonna ass-fuck you instead!”

He pried her asscheeks apart with his strong fingers. She wept in despair and struggled against her bonds, but the straps dug into her tender young flesh, causing her to wince in unbearable pain. In desperation, she pleaded with him not to fuck her asshole.

“Please, Marvin! Please fuck my cunt instead! I want your cock in my cunt! Fuck my cunt!” she exhorted loudly. She felt as though she were willing to submit to practically anything to avoid getting ass-fucked. The very thought of getting raped in her tight asshole caused her to retch violently. She fought back the urge to throw up.

“Hmmmm,” Marvin sighed as he peered at her asshole. “My, what a nice, tight little asshole!”

His prick-tip was swollen and hot now. She could feel it growing hard as he lewdly rubbed his cock-knob against the tight opening to her ass-channel. It seemed impossible that he could actually stick his thick, hard cock into her tight asshole. But, there was no doubt about it now. Marvin would not be satisfied until he had raped her asshole.

“Get ready, sweet-ass, because my prick is just about ready to rape your asshole,” he said threateningly as he began to force his rock-hard prick between her asscheeks.

“Nooo! I won’t let you do it!” she screamed as she tensed her ass-muscles and tried to jerk herself free of his gripping fingers. No way. He was too strong, and there was very little that she could do. The evil leather straps held her fast and restricted her movements.

He grunted and thrust his hips forward. At the same time, he pulled her asscheeks high up in the air and stretched her ass-flesh apart, exposing her puckered opening. “Unnnggghhh!” he panted loudly, and his cock-knob entered her tight and tender asshole.

Her ass-muscles instinctively tightened, but it was too late. Marvin’s raging hard prick was already penetrating her asshole. In his first hard cock-thrust, he had managed to shove his prick past the ring of sinewy sphincter muscles that protected her asshole.

“Aaaiiieee!” she shrieked in agonizing pain. For an instant, she felt as though she would die of pain and shock! His prick felt like a lightning bolt as it sluiced into her asshole. She closed her eyes and saw stars shooting like fireworks. Gritting her teeth, she felt his prick slip backward, until his cock-knob almost dropped out of her asshole. But, she knew that he was not about to stop ass-fucking her. She held her breath and prepared to receive the brutal onslaught of his raging prick in her tight asshole.

“Aaaggghhh!” he snorted loudly. Once again, he rammed his body forward with a swift, powerful jerking motion, impaling her asshole on his diamond-hard cock.

“Aaaiiieee!” she shrieked again. She wanted to protest, but the pain and shock of being raped in her asshole left her shocked and unable to speak. There was nothing that she could do to ward off his brutal, throbbing cock as it pounded deep into her asshole, stretching her ass-muscles to the maximum. It was so degrading and humiliating! She felt sick and wished that she could crawl out of her tortured and ravished skin.

“Goddamn, Judeth! Your asshole is so nice and tight!” he enthused. “Ummm! I love it! Nothing like a nice virgin asshole for a great suck! Yeah!”

Judeth realized that the tighter she clenched her ass-muscles the more his cock seemed to hurt. So, using all of her energy, she tried to consciously relax in hopes that the intense pain in her asshole would subside. His prick ground deeper and deeper into her ass-channel. His raging cock throbbed and pounded inside the constricting channel of her asshole as he flounced about, brutally pumping his thick, hard cock-shaft in and out of her tight, ravished asshole. But, somehow, by loosening the grip of her ass on his raging prick, the pain did diminish.

She had to concentrate all of her strength and energy on the seemingly simple task of relaxing her ass-muscles, but it was a far-from simple chore to relax her body when her mind was so filled with fear and horror and shock at being so terribly abused — at being raped in her asshole! But, somehow, she managed to relax her ass-muscles, and the pain subsided, and gradually disappeared. She stopped shrieking in agony and began to moan and pant.

“Hey there, Judeth, that’s the spirit,” Marvin commented in a husky voice. “You’re getting into it now. Just think, sweetheart, my cock is stuffed deep into your tight young asshole. Isn’t that an exciting thought?”

It was a disgusting thought. But, nevertheless, Marvin’s prick was beginning to feel rather good as his cock-shaft stroked in and out of her hot asshole. Instinctively, Judeth began to buck beneath the man’s pounding cock-thrusts. She jerked her hips forward and upward to meet his raging hard-on as it slammed relentlessly into her asshole, sluicing along her tight and tender ass-channel. A heady mixture of pain, shock and… and pleasure overtook her. It was hard to believe, but it was undeniably true. She was getting turned on in a big way. She was enjoying the way that Marvin raped her asshole.

The thought stunned her at first, and she tried desperately to fight against the compelling desire to hunch her hips, tighten her asshole and fuck the man’s prick with all of her might. She grunted and groaned. Then, she could no longer control herself. She gave in to her lewd carnal sensations and bucked her hips upward to meet his cock-thrusts. Once she gave in to her perverse desires, she began to whine and moan, not in pain, but in ecstasy!

“Oh, damn, Marvin,” she sighed huskily. “Your cock feels fantastic in my… in my asshole.” There, she had said it. She had actually admitted that she enjoyed getting assfucked. What in the world had come over her? she wondered. How could she have allowed herself to tell her cruel captor that she enjoyed having his prick impaled in her tight asshole?

But, Judeth shrugged off her misgivings and kept fucking the man’s hard cock. This was not the time to reflect on the perverse and lewd nature of getting fucked in the asshole. She would do that later. Now was the time to get into the ass-fucking.

“All right!” Marvin exclaimed loudly. “I knew you’d learn to love it. Most women do, you know. Tell me again, Judeth. How does it feel to have my cock rammed deep into your asshole?”

“It feels fantastic. It’s a strange feeling, but fantastic! Good God!” she gasped. “I love it!”

“That’s a good girl,” Marvin replied as he pounded his mighty prick hard and fast into her hot asshole.

They bucked and writhed, panted and groaned, sighed and moaned in their illicit embrace. It was perverse and humiliating to be treated so rudely and brutally, Judeth thought. Why, she was bound to the table, her wrists and ankles strapped down. Marvin had kidnapped her and was holding her captive in this strange house.

He was a strange and evil man, and he had scared the daylights out of her. But, no matter how much she feared and hated Marvin, she had to admit that his big, hard cock felt wonderful in her hot asshole.

His prick was slicing far into her asshole. So far that she could feel his cock-knob pressing deep inside her trembling guts. Her tight sphincter muscles clasped down tightly on his throbbing prick, squeezing his turgid cockflesh. Her asshole seemed to stretch with every cock-thrust. She whined and groaned in ecstasy as thrills of lust and passion struck her repeatedly. For a brief instant, she wondered whether she had gone mad with perverse pleasure at having her asshole raped so brutally. But, she quickly shook off her worries. She felt an orgasm welling up in her cunt, and nothing else mattered anymore. Her cunt was aching. Her clit throbbed with the onset of a powerful, all-consuming orgasm.

“Ohhh! Ohhh, God! Don’t stop!” she pleaded anxiously. Her face was covered with perspiration. Her beautiful blonde hair flailed about her shoulders as she shook and jerked back to receive his powerful cock-thrusts.

“Yeah, baby. Keep on fucking. You’re getting there, Judeth,” he exhorted.

The leather straps bit into her wrists and ankles, but somehow, the pain that she felt on her chafed skin only served to heighten the thrill. It almost seemed that she became more excited when her bonds dug cruelly into her tender flesh, rubbing her skin raw.

“Hang on now, Judeth,” Marvin said. “I-I’m about to cum! Aaaggghh! Unnnggghhh! Yeah, hot damn!” His balls constricted as they prepared to rush cum-juice through Marvin’s cock-shaft and out his prick-slit. Then, with a final thrust, his mighty prick let loose its load of jizz. His cock spasmed inside her and spewed slippery cum into Judeth’s asshole, washing her bowels with its powerful force.

Judeth used all of her strength to clamp her asshole clown tightly on his throbbing, raging cock as it spit thick globs of jizz into her bowels. She grunted obscenely and, in a flash, her orgasm hit her like a ton of bricks. She almost passed out when the sensation of her fabulous climax flashed through her loins. Never had she felt such an ecstatic sensation.

“Aaahhh!” she moaned as she came. “God almighty! I’m cumming! It — it’s fantastic!”

A trickle of cum dripped out of her asshole and she shuddered in delight as she felt it streaming down her sweaty thighs. She experienced a perverse thrill at the thought of Marvin’s prick drooling inside of her hot asshole.

Marvin grunted obscenely and slipped his cock out of her asshole. His prick wormed its way out of her ass, shrinking quickly as his cock-knob throbbed a final time, spewing out what little cum was left in his cock. He sighed and slid off of the girl.

“Hey, now. That was nice,” Marvin said coldly. “Yeah, Judeth. You’ve got an asshole that was made for fucking.”

Judeth did not know how to respond to Marvin’s crude compliment. She felt weak and tired from the powerful fucking that she had received in her asshole. And, when she had a moment to think, she experienced a deep feeling of self-loathing, and a profound lack of self-respect. How could she have responded so willingly and eagerly to Marvin’s brutal raping of her asshole? What had come over her? she wondered. She was perplexed at her lewd, and perverse behavior. She turned to look at Marvin and her heart missed a beat as she found herself staring into the evil eyes of Marvin’s girlfriend, Margaret.

Margaret’s eyes were narrow slits and her lips were pursed in anger. She stood above the helplessly bound naked girl, glowering at her coldly. Her long dark hair was parted in the middle and flowed down her bare shoulders. She wore a black patent leather brassiere and matching panties which fastened over her cunt. Her legs were swathed in sheer black nylon stockings. Her feet were shod in high boots of soft black suede with stiletto heels. In her hand, she held a menacing riding crop.

“Well, well,” Margaret said cruelly. “That was a very interesting performance, Judeth. Very interesting, indeed. It seems that you just fucked Marvin. Or rather, Marvin fucked you, right up your little asshole. What do you have to say for yourself, sweet-puss?”

“I… I don’t have… anything to say,” Judeth replied haltingly.

“Judeth, dearest,” the woman said with mock sympathy. “I just asked you a question. I expect an answer. In fact, I demand an answer.”

She stood tail and erect, looking haughty, crud and sadistic in her bizarre brief leather outfit. Her patent leather costume glistened in the harsh light. Margaret appeared to be a personification of evil, and Judeth stared wide-eyed into the woman’s unblinking eyes. The woman appeared to possess not one iota of compassion. She stood above Judeth, leering at the helpless girl, tapping the tip of her riding crop on the edge of the table, right next to Judeth’s ear.

“I must warn you, little Miss Judeth Brathmeyer, I am not in the habit of waiting for people to respond to my questions. And, I have no intention of starting now. Answer me, you slut. What the fuck do you think you’re doing messing around with my man? Explain your shameful behavior at once or you’ll taste my whip!” she hissed threateningly. She lifted her leg and cruelly ground her boot-heel into the tender flesh of Judeth’s arm.

Judeth winced as a sharp pain coursed through her body. “Please, you’re hurting me,” she pleaded with tear-filled eyes.

“You’re damned right I’m hurting you, bitch!” Margaret replied, “and I’m gonna hurt you a hell of a lot more before this night is over!” With that menacing declaration, the woman raised the riding crop high into the air and brought it down on Judeth’s exposed titflesh. The whip whistled through the air and landed with a crack.

“Owww!” Judeth shrieked as the whip slashed down on her tit. An excruciating pain lanced through her tits. But the evil woman paid no heed to Judeth’s cries of anguish and fright. The wicked leather riding crop fell again and again, raking across the helpless girl’s tender tit-flesh. “What is the matter with you?” she screamed. “I didn’t do anything wrong! If you were watching what happened, then you know that it wasn’t my fault. What can I do anyway? Good God! I’m tied down and naked. I couldn’t stop Marvin even if I wanted to.”

The moment that she finished speaking, Judeth knew that she had made a mistake. She was trying to reason with the wicked woman, but she had erred in her choice of words. And, from the incensed look on the evil woman’s face, Judeth knew that she would pay dearly for her mistake.

“So, you admit that you didn’t want to stop Marvin from raping your asshole!” Margaret hissed. The whip fell rapidly, lashing Judeth’s tits and nipples and causing her to writhe about. At the same time, Margaret pressed her spiked heel down harder on the girl’s arm. The pain that wracked her body was so intense that Judeth thought she would pass out.

“Nooo!” Judeth wailed. “Don’t whip me any more! Please don’t whip me! I can’t stand the pain! It hurts so bad!”

The sinister woman glowered at her and slapped the girl hard across the cheek. “Shut the fuck up, you little rich bitch! You assfucked slut! Don’t you understand? You are in our power. There is no one here to save you, dearest. Not until your father decides to pay the ransom that we demand. Until then, you belong to us. I plan to use you as my personal plaything until we free you. I’ll use you and abuse you all I want. Look at me closely, Miss Brathmeyer. Am I beautiful?”

“Y-yes,” Judeth answered quickly. She decided to humor the diabolical sadist. Perhaps if she flattered the woman, she would go easier on her. “Yes, you are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. Honest.” Perhaps she was exaggerating a bit, but what she said was basically true. The evil dark-haired woman was indeed striking.

“And, what kind of person do you think I am? Do you think I’m nice and kind?” the woman asked with an evil glint in her eye.

Judeth did not know how to answer the question. Should she tell the truth? Should she say that Margaret was the most sadistic, evil person that Judeth had ever met in her life? That was the truth, but Judeth decided that it would not be wise to answer with the truth. Instead, she said, “Yes, I think you are the nicest woman in the world.”

The woman’s features momentarily softened. “And kind? Do you think I’m kind too?”

“Yes, I think you’re very, kind,” Judeth replied.

“Bullshit!” the woman hissed. “You’re a lying fucking whore, and you’ll pay for your lies. I’m not nice and I’m not kind. I’m a mean, nasty bitch. And, right now, I’m furious at you for fucking Marvin.”

The woman flailed Judeth’s tits with the riding crop. Then, she stepped briskly to the end of the table and shoved the butt-end of the whip into Judeth’s pussy. The evil leather whip handle drove deep into the girl’s cunt and the woman began to pump it back and forth. She cackled maniacally as she bore down on the girl’s cunt with the lengthy whip handle.

“God! Don’t do that! Please, take that filthy whip out of my pussy!” Judeth screamed.

But Margaret paid her no mind. She rammed the whip handle hard and fast into the helpless girl’s seething cunt.

Judeth’s tight pussy began to respond to the fucking whip handle. Her cunt seeped pussy nectar and her pussy-lips turned crimson as the leather prong sluiced in and out of her hot, wet cunt.

“Ha! Ha! Ha!” Margaret cackled loudly. “Look at this little slut, Marvin. Her cunt’s dripping with pussy-juice. She’s a hot little whore, isn’t she?”

“Yeah, hot damn!” Marvin replied as he stepped forward. “But, right now, I think I’d like her to give me a good old-fashioned blowjob. What do you think about that, cocksucker?”

Before Judeth had a chance to answer Marvin’s crude question, he straddled her face and started rubbing his prick in her contorted mouth, pressing his hardening cock-knob against her ruby lips. He groaned as his cock quickly began to grow.

“Unnnggghhh,” Marvin sighed. “Let’s see if your mouth is as hot and nice as your asshole and your cunt, bitch. Yeah, I think I’ll fuck your pouty little mouth while Margaret reams your cunt with her whip. You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

She tried to speak, but when she opened her mouth to protest, Marvin shoved his thick prick between her lips.

“Suck my cock, you fucking rich bitch!” he commanded angrily. “Suck my prick until I cum in your mouth. Yeah!”

Judeth had no choice but to obey the man’s lewd instructions. Her body was wracked with pain, and there was no way that she could escape the evil pair. She was bound to the table hand and foot. Her cunt pulsated uncontrollably as Margaret rammed the whip handle into her seething cuntal depths, sluicing the leather riding crop in and out of her pussy with rapid-fire motions.

“Ha! The little bitch is getting hot and horny now. But, I want her to move more,” Margaret said as she reached down and gripped Judeth’s pussy-lips with her long, painted fingernails. She pinched Judeth’s tender cunt-lips, digging her lengthy fingernails deep into the helpless girl’s cunt-flesh. She twisted the girl’s outer cunt-lips in her fingernails, causing Judeth to jerk about spasmodically on the table, her cunt-lips burning with pain, her pussy crammed full of the leather riding crop, and her mouth filled to overflowing with Marvin’s rock-hard cock!

This perverse, depraved, debauched scene of sexual revelry struck Judeth as mad and insane! She gurgled as Marvin’s mighty prick rammed into her throat, cutting off her air.

Would she be able to live through this madness? Would she ever be able to forget the sordid memories of this evil pair raping her mouth and cunt and asshole? Would she ever be able to face herself again? She was too frightened to dwell on the ugly reality.

Instead, she began to feel a fierce tingling sensation in her throbbing clit. She gasped for air when Marvin pulled his prick back in preparation for another powerful cock-thrust into her mouth and, just as he plunged forward, ramming his prick deep into her gurgling throat, her pussy filled with wicked desire.

She suddenly realized that Margaret had gripped her erect clit-nubbin and was frigging her clit with her fingernails. The woman’s sharp nails scraped along Judeth’s erect clit.

At the same time, the woman pumped the whip handle into Judeth’s juicy hot cunt.

The wicked combination of being forced to suck Marvin’s raging cock, having her clit stroked by Margaret’s fingernails and having her cunt rammed full of the whip handle was driving Judeth wild with heated passion.

“Fuck you, you little cunt!” Margaret rasped. “You filthy, rich slut! All of the money in the world can’t save your little fucking ass now, you bitch!”

“Yeah, sweet-lips,” Marvin chimed in lewdly. “Keep lapping and sucking my cock, you whore. Pig! Cocksucker! Ass-lick! Slut! Yeah, you’ve got a nice set of lips, perfect for sucking my big cock!”

Judeth felt as though she were going mad! Margaret and Marvin were abusing her in the most vicious manner possible. Moreover, they were saying awful, obscene things to her, exhorting her to work hard to please them, to satisfy their cruel, sadistic demands. They were raping her cunt and her mouth, working her over to satiate their wicked, inexplicable sexual appetites.

They were crude and wicked and perverted. She knew that. She understood it as best she could. What she didn’t understand were her own lascivious cravings for more! She wanted it! She craved more sexual abuse! It made no sense, but it was true. She found that she was writhing about, not in an effort to escape the brutal assault, but in a concerted attempt to experience more pleasure. Passionate, lustful pleasure.

“Look at the little rich bitch, Marvin,” Margaret hissed coldly. “She’s digging it! She loves it, the fucking bitch. Cunt! Whore!”

“Yeah, she’s sucking down my cock real nice. Unnnggghhh! Aaaggghhh!” he gasped as he face-fucked the helpless naked girl. “Keep sucking my prick, wench. I’m gonna shoot a big load of cum down your throat soon, and you’d better swallow every single drop. You understand?”

Judeth was too busy sucking Marvin’s big cock to stop and answer him. So, she nodded her head in agreement as she continued slurping his rock-hard prick down her throat. His bulbous cock-knob bounced around inside of her throat, stabbing and bobbing and probing about inside her aching jaws.

She forgot everything else and concentrated on giving Marvin a blow-job. Her tongue flicked beneath his bulbous cock-knob, which throbbed in response to her wet caress. Then, she pursed her lips and, pressing her tongue underneath his prick, she sucked his cockknob deep into the roof of her mouth. He tensed, pumped forward and moaned.

“Goddamn! The little slut is going crazy with my cock! Fuck! What a great little cocksucking whore!” he gasped. “Unnggghhh! Aaaggghhh! Ummnppphhh! I… I think I’m about to… cum!”

At that very moment, his hot, salty load of jizz spurted out of his cock in a mighty torrent, washing down her throat, and coating the inside of her mouth with slippery cum. She swallowed his load of cum, slurping and drinking the man’s slimy jizz, sucking his cum down her throat and into her stomach. His jizz tasted creamy and salty, and she lapped it down eagerly. She milked his cock-knob until it was spent and dry.

But Marvin was not yet finished with her. He bent down and sucked her tit. At first, it felt delicious and sent a chilling sensation rushing to her head. But, then, Marvin gripped her sensitive nipple in his teeth and bit down.

“Owww!” Judeth screeched as the pain lanced through her tender young tits. “Don’t bite my nipple! Please!”

“Shut up, you filthy slut! I’ll do whatever the fuck I feel like doing to you!” he snarled as he bent down and bit her other nipple.

Meanwhile, Margaret kept pumping the whip handle into Judeth’s tight cunt. Pussyjuice streamed down her creamy thighs and she moaned in erotic delight as the whip handle sliced deep into her seething hot cunt.

“How do you like it, rich bitch? Being fucked by a whip? Feels good, doesn’t it?” Margaret taunted.

“I… I d-don’t… know,” she muttered weakly. And then her orgasm hit her, flooding her body with delicious feelings of passion gone wild. She writhed about, impaled on the hard leather whip handle, jerking and bucking in ecstasy.

Margaret cursed and rammed the whip deep into her steaming cunt. She bucked once, twice, three times in quick succession. Then she came again. It didn’t seem possible, but it was happening. She closed her eyes tight and savored the hot, wet feeling that spread through her cunt and sent chills to her brain.

It was more than she could take, and she passed out.


Judeth was rudely awakened by Marvin about three hours later. He walked briskly into the brightly lit room where she was held captive and removed her shackles.

“Get up, Judeth,” he instructed her in a voice as cold as ice. “You’re going upstairs with me.”

“Does that mean you’re going to release me?” she asked with anxious anticipation. “Did my father pay you of f?”

“No, Goddamnit!” came Marvin’s terse reply. “Your fucking asshole of a father didn’t pay the ransom yet. He wants some proof that we’re holding you. So, we’re gonna give your old man some proof.”

Judeth did not like the tone of Marvin’s voice. He sounded angry and disturbed. Something had gone wrong with the transactions. Marvin was definitely upset and out of sorts. He walked before her, his eyes staring straight ahead as they stepped briskly up the long, winding stairway that led to the main living area. Judeth had to hurry to keep up.

Marvin stepped into the living room and Judeth followed closely behind in front of the television sat the evil dark-haired woman. Next to her sat a well-dressed man, smoking a big cigar.

Marvin pushed the naked girl to the floor. She fell hard, landing on her elbows at the foot of the couch.

“What’s going on?” she asked timidly. “Please, tell me.”

“Shut up, cunt,” said the well-dressed stranger.

“Yeah, Goddamn it!” Margaret added. “Shut up and watch the tube. The news is on, and we’re waiting for your old man to speak, the bastard.” Margaret lifted her legs and placed her booted feet on Judeth’s bare back, digging her wicked high heels into the girl’s tender flesh. “You can be my footstool while we watch the news, you slut,” the woman hissed cruelly as she sat back in comfort on the couch.

Judeth stifled a cry and hunched her bare shoulders so that she could hold up the woman’s feet. She felt totally degraded. Imagine! she thought. Serving as a footstool for such a crude, evil woman. The thought was repulsive to Judeth, and she tried to put it out of her mind as she crouched on her knees and turned her head to peer at the television screen.

Before long, the anchorman began to speak.

“It has now been established that the daughter of famous multi-millionaire businessman Bratton Brathmeyer has been kidnapped. Young Judeth Brathmeyer was abducted late Wednesday afternoon in a daring kidnap, in which she was taken from her car at the resort beach of Crystal Point. She has not been heard from since that time. However, the girl’s alleged kidnappers did send a message to the Brathmeyer home on Long Island, demanding one million dollars in ransom for Judeth’s safe return. At the present time, Mr. Brathmeyer refuses to cooperate with the FBI, and will not speak to reporters. Nevertheless, the wealthy businessman did make a statement, in which he pleads for his daughter’s return.”

Judeth gasped as she watched the television screen. It all seemed so strange and horrible. It seemed as though she were living a nightmare.

“Keep your eyes glued to the television, dearie,” Margaret said coldly. She emphasized her instructions by digging her sharp heels into Judeth’s shoulders.

Judeth shuddered and flinched in pain as she felt the evil woman’s heels digging into her tender shoulders. But the girl managed to stifle her tears and kept her eyes on the television screen. Her father suddenly appeared on television. Judeth could not restrain herself. “Daddy, oh, Daddy,” she cried as she watched him step forward and speak into the microphone.

“Shut the fuck up, you stupid asshole,” Marvin said.

“Yeah, shut up,” said the well dressed stranger. Then, the man turned to Margaret and spoke. “Listen, Margaret, if you can’t keep the little rich bitch quiet, I will. Okay?”

“You got it,” Margaret quickly replied. Her tone was one of absolute obedience, and Judeth realized at once that, if Margaret was so eager to please the stranger, the man was obviously a big shot. She decided then and there that, no matter what, she would do nothing to offend or anger the well-dressed man.

“I’ll be quiet,” Judeth said in a soft whisper. “I promise.”

Margaret lifted her foot from Judeth’s shoulders and thrust her leg forward, placing her palm on the back of Judeth’s head and rubbing the poor, helpless girl’s mouth over her boot. The evil woman leaned forward and whispered into the girl’s ear. “You can keep quiet by licking my boot, you dumb cunt. Lick it.” Margaret spoke with menacing authority, and Judeth, utterly abased, wholly degraded, stuck out her tongue and lapped at the cruel woman’s boot. Out of the corner of her eye, she continued to watch the television screen. Margaret sighed and sat back on the couch, satisfied that the wretched girl was busy licking her boot.

Mr. Bratton Brathmeyer spoke on national television, pleading for his daughter’s life.

“Please let my daughter live. I am willing to pay the million dollars, if I can only be assured that she is alive. I have been contacted by people who claim to hold my daughter. But, I must know for sure. That is why I am speaking on television tonight — to ask the kidnappers if they will send me some sign, some further message, so that I will know that my dear daughter Judeth is alive and well. And, I beg of you, whoever you are, please don’t hurt Judeth. Please, don’t hurt her. I low my daughter. I couldn’t stand to see her hurt.”

Then, the renowned millionaire broke down and wept.

Judeth watched in rapt attention. Never before had she seen her father cry. He had always been such a stem father. So strong and brave. But here he was, crying openly on national television. She sobbed in grief.

“Turn off the television,” instructed the well-dressed man. “I want to take a good look at our precious little girl, Miss Judeth Brathmeyer. Yeah, I’d like to see what makes her worth a million bucks to her pansy-ass old man. I hate to see men cry.”

Marvin quickly stood, walked to the television and turned it off.

“Let her up, Margaret,” the stranger said coldly. “And, Marvin, turn on some lights in this place. I want to see what a million-dollar girl looks like.”

A moment later, Judeth was on her feet, standing in the middle of the room. Scared out of her wits, she faced the well-dressed stranger who seemed to hold her life in his hands.

“Well, now,” the man said approvingly as he eyed her naked young body. “Miss Judeth Brathmeyer. You are a sharp-looking little cunt. Yeah, nice tits, nice ass, and I bet you’ve got a tight little cunt too, don’t you?”

“I don’t know,” she replied weakly.

“Ha! Ha!” he laughed. “That’s real funny, Judeth. Say, maybe I should fuck you. Then I could tell you whether your cunt’s tight or not. What do you think of that suggestion, bitch?”

“I don’t like it, Mr…”

“Mr. Carver. Bruce Carver is my name. But my nickname is Sage. So you call me Sage, okay?”

“Okay, Sage,” Judeth answered compliantly.

Sage circled the terrified girl, moving slowly around her, leering at her exposed flesh. He stepped forward and ran his palm over her tits, kneading her ripe tit-flesh and pulling lightly on her tender nipples until they became hard and pointed. Judeth shuddered beneath his lewd touch, but she stayed still. She was frightened out of her mind by this strange, well-dressed man named Sage. She figured that Sage was the brains of the kidnapping caper. He was obviously the most powerful man of the group, and from the looks of him, he appeared to be tied up with organized crime. One thing was certain: Sage was no lightweight. He was a deadly serious man, and she was not about to make him angry.

“Yeah, Judeth. You’re well put together, girl.”

“I suppose I am,” she said. In some strange way, she felt flattered by his complimentary remark. But, the way that he looked at her sent chills running up and down her spine. He began to run his fingers down her belly. Then, without warning, he slipped his middle finger into her tight pussy. She shivered, but she stood completely still as he pushed his finger deep into her cunt.

“Yeah, you do have a nice tight little twat, Judeth,” he said coolly. He began to wiggle his finger back and forth inside of her cunt. Then, he slipped his thumb into her pussy and twiddled her sensitive clit.

“Ohhh, Sage, what are you doing?” she asked as small beads of sweat began to form on her forehead.

“I’m checking you out, darling,” he replied in an icy tone. “Your cunt is getting nice and juicy. Did you know that, Judeth?”

“Y-yes, I guess it is getting kinda slippery.”

Suddenly, an evil look came over Sage’s hand same face. He sneered cruelly and roughly pulled his wet finger out of her cunt. He lifted his finger to her lips and spoke. “Lick your slimy cunt-juice off my finger, you fucking slut.”

Judeth’s tongue slipped out of her mouth and she licked her pussy-juice off of the man’s middle finger. It was a cruel thing to make her do, she thought. But, although she felt humiliated, she decided that she would have to do what the titan ordered. Sage was nobody to fool around with. He looked like he had a very short temper — a dangerous temper that could become violent at any moment if his authority were questioned.

“How does your cunt-juice taste, Judeth?” he asked.

“It… it tastes all right,” she replied weakly.

“Good,” he said with finality as he pulled his finger from her mouth. “Now, get the fuck down on your knees, bitch. You’ve got a job to do.” She fell to her knees as he pushed her roughly to the floor.

“W-what do you want from me?” she inquired with a pout.

“Shut up and follow my instructions, bitch!” he shouted angrily. “I’m in no mood to put up with any shit from you, so just do exactly what I tell you. Now, unzip my pants, slut.”

Judeth winced when she heard the man’s cruel command. Good God! she thought. What did this evil bastard want from her, anyway? With trembling hands, she reached up and unzipped his pants. As she busily undid his fly, she noticed a huge bulge in his trousers.

“That’s a good girl,” he said softly. “Now, take my prick out of my pants.”

She hesitated a moment too long and he smacked her hard on her head.

“Take my cock out, Judeth!” he demanded.

Judeth flinched and tried to fight back the pain in her aching head. When Sage smacked her, it hurt like hell. He wasn’t in the habit of pulling punches, she thought. She hastened to tug his prick out before the man decided to smack her again. Reaching inside of his pants, she gripped his cock-knob and tugged it out. His lengthy prick flopped out in front of her startled eyes and she gasped with disbelief. Sage had the biggest prick she had ever seen! His cock baked like it was damned near a foot long and as thick as the handle of a baseball bat!

“Good Lord!” she gasped. “Your prick… it’s so…”

“Big,” he said calmly. Then he chuckled. “Yeah, I got a cock the size of a fucking bull. Pretty nice, ain’t it?”

“Yeah,” she said. Judeth wasn’t lying or trying to butter the man up. She was being completely honest. His cock really was as big as a bull’s prick. She stared in awe at his giant dick.

“I’m glad to see that you can appreciate my big prick, Judeth,” he said. “But, right now I want you to suck it.”

“What?” she said, dumbfounded.

But, before she could get out another word, Sage crammed his prick into her mouth. His bulbous cock-knob slid between her lips and was followed by about five inches of his lengthy cock. His dick filled her mouth to overflowing.

“Suck my cock,” he commanded loudly.

She shook her head violently and tried desperately to spit his prick out of her mouth, but it was useless. He simply moved forward, grabbed her neck and pulled her head forward. He held her firmly and she could not escape his tight grip. Then he grunted and began to pump his hips back and forth, brutally face-fucking her with his mammoth prick.

“Unnggghhh! Yeah! Ummm!” he moaned as he thrust forward, ramming his diamond hard cock into her sucking lips. “Yeah, suck my dick, you little slut. Suck my prick real nice.”

The man’s thick turgid cock was buried deeply in Judeth’s sucking mouth. His prick pumped in and out of her wet lips as she sucked his lengthy cock-shaft, gasping and moaning as his prick-knob pounded away in her throat. In the background, she could hear Margaret and Marvin cheering her on in the vile task of sucking the man’s cock.

“Come on, Judeth,” Marvin exhorted the helpless girl. “Suck that big cock. Sage don’t take shit from nobody, girl, so make sure you take his big prick deep into your mouth, bitch.”

“Yeah, you little slut,” Margaret chimed in. “Suck Sage off, cunt. Suck his cock until he shoots in your mouth. Get her, Sage. Fuck that pouty little million-dollar mouth of hers. Let her know that it doesn’t make a damned bit of difference how rich she is now. Right now, the little whore has to suck your cock.”

Judeth was appalled by their lewd comments. She kept sucking Sage’s prick, but she hated being forced to do it. Besides, as Sage slid his swollen hot prick in and out of her lips, his cock kept growing in size. Damn! she thought. His prick was already enormous — long and thick. But, the more she sucked, the bigger his prick grew. She didn’t think that it was possible for a man to possess such a huge cock.

Sage pressed his palms against the sides of her face, gripped her ears and pulled her upward so that he could stare right into her tear filled eyes. He looked at her through evil eyes that showed no mercy. She shuddered and slurped his prick deep into her throat.

“I’m fucking your mouth, bitch,” he muttered. “Goddamn! Your little mouth is nice and hot. It feels like a tight young cunt. Now suck my cock harder, Judeth. Suck my prick hard and fast or I’ll tear your fucking ears off and send them to your old man.”

Judeth was repulsed at the man’s threatening statement. Would he really do such a grotesque thing? she wondered. She certainly didn’t want to take a chance on finding out, so she hunched over and sucked his prick harder and faster in an effort to please Sage. She simply had to please him — to fulfill his depraved carnal desires. Her ears were killing her and her mouth was beginning to ache. About six inches of his raging, bloated prick were crammed into her sucking mouth. His cockknob bobbed and bounced about inside her mouth, pounding against her tonsils. Her tongue flicked over his lengthy cock-shaft, working feverishly to make him cum.

“Yeah, that’s nice,” he commented happily as he pressed his prick deeper into her sucking mouth. “You’re doing just fine, Judeth. Just keep sucking my prick, you filthy little cunt.”

She fought back tears and sucked his prick as hard as possible. Her lips and mouth were becoming sore and her tonsils were inflamed from being pounded by his turgid cock-knob. Her stomach felt queasy, and she wondered if she would be able to continue sucking his cock much longer. It was painful and dreadfully humiliating to be face-fucked by the depraved man, but she had to continue sucking his cock. Her life depended on it.

Sage grunted and groaned with sexual delight as he brutally raped Judeth’s mouth. “Unnggghhh! Ohhh, yeah! You give a great blow-job, you little cocksucking slut. It won’t take… me long… now, bitch. Just keep sucking my prick. Yeah!”

He began to buck and jerk, slamming his rock-hard prick deep into her throat and he pulled her forward to meet his cock-thrust. Her head began to hurt, and her befuddled brain was filled with a myriad of conflicting thoughts. She despised Sage for raping her mouth so cruelly. She was completely degraded by the horrid experience.

But, at the same time, she felt her cunt quivering as she sucked his cock. It seemed as though her self-control was slipping. She didn’t understand it, but she was somehow getting turned on by being dominated and forced to humiliate herself by sucking the man’s big cock. Moreover, it seemed that the bizarre experience of sucking his prick with Margaret and Marvin watching the wicked scene was also a bit of a turn-on.

Yes, there was no doubt about it. Her needy cunt itched and demanded sexual gratification.

She wanted Sage to ram his mammoth prick into her seething pussy and fuck her to a wild and fantastic orgasm. She wasn’t even sure if her cunt could take his giant cock. His prick was so enormous that it didn’t seem possible. His cock was liable to damage her cunt badly if it entered her tight young cunt. But, at this point, she really didn’t seem to care.

Judeth put all of her energy into sucking the man’s prick. She gagged and choked now and then on his mighty cock-stand, but that didn’t stop her from slurping his prick down. His bulbous cock-knob grew larger and slammed relentlessly against her tonsils. But, the pain subsided and she kept sucking his cock.

Suddenly, Sage wailed and pressed forward, plunging his turgid cock-shaft to the hilt in her sucking mouth. He shuddered and came.

“Aaaggghhh! Goddamn, son of a fucking bitch!” he rasped as his lips jerked forward, his big balls tightened, and a scalding rush of white-hot jism shot through his hot prick and spurted into the back of her throat, coating her aching tonsils with thick, slippery cum.

She hastened to suck his jism down her throat and into her stomach. Swallowing madly, she was able to suck most of his cum down, but Sage kept shooting streams of salty jism into her mouth. His prick throbbed and shook inside her mouth as it spewed cum into her mouth. She swallowed another load of his cum and sucked hard to drink down the rest of the jism from his spurting cock-slit. Soon, her mouth was coated with his salty cum and jism began to bubble and form froth around the sides of her lips. Cum dripped down her face, drying quickly into a sticky, damp mixture on her chin.

Sage moaned long and low, and, summoning the last of his strength, he released yet another spurt of cum into her slurping mouth. “Ummmppphhh!” he gasped. “Suck all of my cum down your throat, Judeth! Yeah! Goddamn! What a terrific little cocksucker!” Sage pumped the last of his cum into Judeth’s face and stepped back. His softening prick slipped out of her mouth.

Judeth was overcome with desire — the overwhelming desire to satisfy her passion-filled cunt. Her twat felt like it was on fire. Her clit tingled and throbbed with life. She wanted Sage to fuck her with his big cock. “Fuck me, Sage! Fuck my cunt! I need your cock now!” she bellowed.

“Goddamn! What the fuck’s the matter with you, bitch?” came his bewildered reply. “Shit, my cock’s not up to it right now. You just sucked all the cum out of my prick, you little fucking vixen. Hell, I thought you didn’t like sucking my cock. But, I guess I was wrong. Hell, look at her. She’s as hot as a Goddamned hornet.”

“Yeah,” Marvin interjected. “I’ll take care of the little cunt. She’s got hot pants. She wants to be fucked, and I’m ready to do it.” He pulled down his trousers and knelt beside the pleading girl. Swiftly grabbing her hand, he placed it on his limp prick. “Jack me off, slut. Rub my cock until it’s nice and hard. Then, I’ll give you the fucking of your life.”

That was not what Judeth wanted. Marvin had already raped her asshole, and she hated him for it. She definitely didn’t want to fuck him.

“Nooo!” she wailed. “I don’t want Marvin to fuck me! I want Sage! I hate Marvin!”

“Why, you little fucking slut,” Marvin hissed as he grabbed, a thick hank of her beautiful long blonde hair. He turned her head around and looked into her pretty, blue eyes. His face was contorted with anger, and he leered at her wickedly. She could tell that he was pissed off that she didn’t want to fuck him.

He was plenty pissed off. It showed in his eyes. He cruelly twisted her hair around his thick, damp fingers as he shouted his lewd commands at her? “Jack off my cock, you whore! Jack my prick off and get my cock nice and hard, or I’ll beat the living shit out of you, bitch! I mean business, do you hear?”

“Y-yes, I hear you!” she cried out. Her scalp ached with pain as he twisted her hair. “I’ll do it! I’ll do it!” She reached down and gripped his flaccid prick between her fingers and his big cock immediately came to life in her hand. His prick bobbed upward at her touch and blood rushed into his lengthy cock-shaft, raising thick, blue-veined lines on his protruding cock. With swift, jerking movements, Judeth moved her thin fingers up and down his prick. Marvin’s cock grew an inch every time she stroked his huge cock-stand.

“Ahh, yeah,” he groaned in a throaty voice. “That’s much better, Judeth, my little cunt. Get a nice, tight grip on my prick and jerk it in your little fist, bitch.”

Judeth hastened to obey Marvin’s lewd demands. Gripping his growing cock in her tight fist, she jacked his lengthy prick up and down forcefully. His meaty cock bobbed and weaved in her grasp. His prick seemed to have a life of its own by the way it responded to her lewd jerking motions. His bulbous cockknob turned bright red and swelled to huge proportions.

The frightened girl stared in awe and amazement at the sight of Marvin’s rapidly growing cock-stand. His giant prick scared her and, at first, repulsed her. But, there was no way to fight the crude man. His tight grip on her hair really hurt and she knew that he was capable of punishing her much worse if she failed to please him.

All of a sudden, Judeth felt a hard blow in the small of her back. She writhed in pain and shrieked loudly. Turning around, she saw that it was Margaret. The evil, dark-haired harridan stood over her, leering at the helpless girl and kicking her in the back, kicking her and digging the pointed tips of her boots into Judeth’s tender flesh.

“How do you like that, you little slut? I bet you never got such treatment at home! Yeah! You get to jerk off Marvin’s lovely cock and you’re lucky enough to get the tip of my boot in your back!” Margaret cackled maniacally and kicked Judeth again, this time in her ripe asscheeks. The pain was horrible, and Judeth was not at all sure how long she could endure the torment and humiliation meted out by Marvin and his sadistic girlfriend, Margaret.

Judeth shrieked and wailed in protest and pleaded with the sadistic couple. “Please, don’t kick me! I beg of you! Please, I’m doing what Marvin said! I’m jerking his prick off!”

But, all of her tearful pleas amounted to nothing as Margaret kept pounding her asscheeks with her pointed boot tips.

Suddenly, Marvin thrust the terrified and battered girl down on the floor. She fell with a loud thumping noise and her head spun. She was dizzy from the fall, and felt like throwing up, but she stifled her sick feeling. In a brief moment, Marvin was on top of Judeth, sucking her tit between his thin lips and rubbing his raging-hard prick around her sensitive clit.

“I’m gonna fuck you good and proper, you uppity little cunt!” he shouted. “Yeah, Judeth. I’m gonna rape your cunt and see if you like that as much. You really got off on having your tight asshole fucked. So now you will be properly rewarded. I’ll stick my prick in your hot little cunt and see if you like that too.”

With that, Marvin pressed his hips forward and his hard prick slid between her pussy-lips and burrowed deep into her tight pussy. He bit her nipple and she let out a loud bellow of agonized pain. Then, Marvin began to hump his prick in and out of her cunt, sluicing his prick back and forth along her tight pussychannel.

The evil, dark-haired woman knelt down beside Judeth’s writhing body and stared long and hard into the poor girl’s wet, tortured eyes. “Don’t get too carried away, Judeth,” Margaret hissed through her teeth, causing tiny droplets of spit to spray on Judeth’s upturned face.

Disgusted and repelled, the girl quickly turned her head to avoid the woman’s spit. But, instantly, Margaret reached down and gripped the girl’s jaw between her long fingers. Digging her lacquered fingernails into Judeth’s cheeks, she pressed down hard, her nails biting cruelly and viciously into the girl’s face.

“Owwww, don’t…”

Before Judeth had a chance to finish her weak protest, Margaret bent forward and spit right into her mouth. Judeth was stunned with shame and humiliation. This was absolutely disgusting! she thought. The crude, dark-haired witch had actually had the audacity to spit in her open mouth.

“Swallow it, bitchy! Swallow my spit or I’ll make you wish you’d never been born, you worthless cunt!” Margaret hissed.

Utterly abased, painfully degraded, Judeth obeyed. She forced herself to gulp down the woman’s glob of spit.

“Ha! Ha!” Margaret cackled as she watched with great fascination. She reached down and began pinching Judeth’s ripe, upthrust nipples, her dangerously long and sharp fingernails digging into her sensitive little buds. Judeth could no longer speak up to protest. She was out of her mind with fear and intense pain. Then, her mind turned to Marvin, who kept pounding his rock-hard prick into her tight pussy. She had almost forgotten that Marvin was fucking her cunt. But, when she heard the man panting and groaning, and when she felt his cock ramming into her cunt, she remembered all too suddenly the dismal truth — Marvin was raping her young pussy. Judeth was helpless to protest.

His prick was crammed to the hilt in her pussy. She could feel his swollen cock-knob penetrating the inner depths of her cunt, and it felt as though it were about to break through to her stomach. How could a man’s cock grow to such incredible proportions? she wondered.

Staring up at the evil Margaret as the woman tortured her young, taut nipples, Judeth turned her head in dismay and tried to blot the painful sensations from her befuddled brain. She concentrated on the fucking that her cunt was receiving from Marvin’s raging cock. In that way, at least for the time being, Judeth could forget the horrid lancing pain in her tortured nipple.

“Yeah!” Marvin enthused. “Your cunt’s almost as tight as your fucking asshole, bitch! I love it! Nice young cunt, ripe and ready for fucking.” He grunted and jerked his hips forward, impaling her cunt on his raging cock. Fucking her hard and fast! Fucking her forcefully!

“Ohhh,” Judeth moaned instinctively as his mighty prick sluiced along her seething pussychannel and pounded deep into her cunt. Marvin’s raging cock began to send electric chills up her spine. She writhed beneath his cock-thrusts, savoring the delicious fucking. Her resistance broke down, and she gave in completely to his raping assault on her tight pussy. Cunt-juice streamed down her sleek thighs, and her pussy felt like it was on fire.

She wondered how it was possible to actually enjoy being brutally raped, but it made no difference now. All that mattered was that Marvin was fucking her with rapier-like cockthrusts that set her pussy on fire and made her want more of his prick. She moaned and hunched her back in a concerted effort to derive the most intense sexual gratification possible from fucking.

His cock filled her cunt to the brim, and pussy-nectar, boiled in her hot cunt. She writhed and bucked uncontrollably as Marvin’s prick pounded deep into her cunt. His prick felt so wonderful and fulfilling.

Her cunt was burning with lewd desire to be fucked. Fucked long and hard by Marvin’s raging prick! Fucked to a wondrous climax! All that mattered now was Marvin’s diamond hard cock which slammed relentlessly up and into her boiling cunt!

“Aaaggghhh!” she wailed as wave upon wave of mind-bending chills shot through her rapidly throbbing cunt. Her body was racked with overwhelming sensations of lust and carnal abandon as Marvin fucked her with his rapier-like cock. She hated Marvin for raping her so brutally and ruthlessly, but she craved his hard cock with unbridled passion and desire. “Ohhh, oh my God! It’s… it’s… oh Marvin. Don’t stop fucking me,” she cried out breathlessly. She could hardly believe her words, but she could not control her lascivious behavior. She loved Marvin’s cock, and she wanted to keep right on fucking the man.

“It… won’t… be… long… now,” Marvin moaned as he pumped his cock faster and harder into her seething hot cunt.

Judeth needed to cum, needed to reach fabulous orgasm! She tensed her pussymuscles and milked his raging cock. It didn’t seem possible, but when her cunt-muscles clenched his hard prick, his cock seemed to grow even larger. Using all of her strength, she clamped her cunt down hard along his turgid cock-shaft. Her pussy felt like it was impaled by a long, hard pole. And it was!

Suddenly, her orgasm rocked her hard. She gasped and shrieked loudly. “Aaaiiieee! Aaaiiieee!” She came, her climax hitting her like a baseball bat. Never had she cum so hard before. Whimpering like a wounded animal on a cold night, she shivered and shook as she came and Marvin’s prick relentlessly slammed into her boiling cunt.

Pussy-juice poured out of her cunt and streamed down her thighs, forming obscene sticky rivulets on her creamy flesh. She perspired freely and her mouth contorted and she writhed about in Marvin’s lustful, fucking embrace.

A warm, wonderful glow of sexy, passionate release spread through her cunt, wiping away all of the pain and degradation that she had previously experienced. This was life! This was living! This was what it was all about!

“Unnggghhh! Unngghhh!” Marvin grunted. His muscular body stiffened. He continued fucking her cunt for a brief instant, ramming his cock into her pussy as his balls constricted and sent a thick wad of jism streaming through his raging cock.

A heavy load of cum spurted out of his cock-slit and shot up her tight, hot cunt. Judeth jerked her hips forward to meet his final, all-enveloping cock-thrust.

She clenched her teeth, closed her eyes tightly and savored the mellow feeling that came over her as his jism washed through her cunt, splashing against her tight cunt-walls and filling her with the sticky fluid that came from his balls and spurting cock. Her mind was in a daze and she luxuriated in the passionate, sexual release that she experienced.

Then, she heard the rasping voice of Margaret.

“You stupid little cunt! You worthless piece of fucking shit! You came, and so did Marvin! You Goddamned little whore! Pig! I’ll make you wish you were dead for doing that, you dumb asshole!” Margaret hissed viciously. She slapped Judeth’s cheeks and raked her sharp fingernails across the helpless girl’s tits as she screamed curses and threats at the wretched, raped teenager. “Now, it’s my turn, bitch!”

“Nooo!” Judeth wailed in a terror-stricken voice. Her shrill cry filled the room and caused both Marvin and Sage to stand and move in to halt Margaret. They grabbed the evil woman’s hands and stopped her from slapping Judeth.

“Now, now, Margaret,” Sage chided. “I don’t want you messing with this little girl. Damnit! Don’t you realize that the little bitch is worth a million bucks to us? We can’t have you working her over so bad that her father gets really pissed off and decides to spend another million bucks just to track us down. That just wouldn’t be cool, baby. Besides, she’s got to look good for her pictures. Ain’t that right, Marvin?”

“Yep, we gotta take some pictures of the little slut to send to her daddy. He wants some proof that we’ve got her, and we aim to give him the proof.”

Marvin smiled lewdly and pulled Margaret to her feet. “Go get the camera, darling, and meet us downstairs in the dungeon. We’ll give the old man something to think about. Maybe a coupla good shots of his little, helpless daughter getting her ass whipped with a nice cat-o-nine-tails.”

Judeth shook with fear at the man’s words. “You… you wouldn’t,” she said weakly.

“You bet your sweet ass he would,” Margaret hissed. Then, the dark-haired harpy pursed her lips and spat right into Judeth’s face. “And I’d just love to whip you too, you fucking little slut!” With that, the cruel woman spun on her high heels and strode haughtily out of the room to fetch the camera.

Judeth broke down in tears. She heard the woman chuckling in the distance, chuckling and cackling with sadistic glee. She wiped the spit from her cheek and stared at Marvin and Sage with pleading eyes. From the cold looks that they gave her, she knew that she could expect no mercy from the nasty pair. They hoisted her up by her arms and led her down the stairway to the dreaded dungeon.


Judeth’s hands were tied together around a long pole which hung horizontally from the ceiling of the dungeon. Then, the pole was lifted by ropes until only her toes touched the cold, concrete floor. The muscles in her thighs and calves twitched convulsively as she exerted all of her strength to stay on her toes. If she collapsed, she would be left to hang helplessly from the pole, and her wrists would be torn and cut by the biting ropes which bound them together.

“My, my. What a pathetic sight to see,” Marvin quipped as he stepped back to survey his handiwork.

“Yes, indeed, my friend. She’s all trussed up, that’s for sure. Our little kidnapped darling is a true sight for sore eyes. Damn!” Sage exclaimed excitedly. “We should get some real good pictures of the little bitch.”

Judeth struggled to maintain her balance and stay on her toes. She perspired, and beads of sweat formed on her tits, her ass and her face. “Please, can’t… can’t you just take pictures of me without torturing me in the process? What is the point of it, anyway?”

Sage stepped forward, pawed her ripe tits with his big hand and answered, “Why, that wouldn’t be persuasive enough, my dear Miss Judeth Brathmeyer. You see, we want your daddy to know that you’re really in trouble. We don’t want him wasting any time.”

“Or calling in the FBI,” Marvin added coolly.

“Yeah, we figure your old man will see the light and quite fooling around once he sees the photographs we’re gonna take of you.”

Just then, Margaret appeared, carrying a Polaroid camera under her arm. “It’s all loaded with film and ready to go. Now, suppose one of you fellas takes the pictures so I can whip the little slut. Okay?”

“Shut up, Margaret,” Sage remarked harshly. “You take the Goddamned pictures. Marvin and I will make sure that the girl is posed properly.”

“Yeah, that’s a good idea,” Marvin said cheerfully as he strolled slowly past Judeth and plucked the wicked cat-o-nine-tails from the wall. He fondled the whip with his long fingers, stroking the black leather handle lovingly. “This is my favorite whip, Judeth. I’m sure you’ll like it.” He laughed, moved forward and slashed her with the evil whip.

“Owww!” she shrieked as the narrow leather strands slashed across her exposed tits. The whip stung her flesh and caused her face to flush in pain and anger. Again, Marvin lashed her tits with the cat-o’-nine-tails, and again she cried out in an agonized, tortured scream. “Owww! Good God! Stop it! Please. Y-you’re… going to… tear my… tits to ribbons!”

“Get a picture of her when the whip lands on her tits,” Sage instructed Margaret, whose fixed stare was on Judeth’s tortured tits.

“Okay,” the evil woman replied gleefully. “Hey, this is kinda fun. I’ll get a close-up of the slut as she gets her tits whipped. Go to it Marvin,” she said as she moved close and positioned herself beside the helpless, whipped girl.

Marvin leaned back and the whip whistled through the air, causing Judeth to flinch as the evil leather straps came down on her exposed tit-flesh.

“Owww! Nooo! I can’t… can’t take it anymore. I swear, I’ll die if you keep beating me like that!”

“Tough shit, you little rich bitch! Suffer, baby!” Margaret rasped. She clicked the shutter of the camera and snapped the picture of Judeth being whipped by the cat-o’-nine-tails.

Marvin whipped her repeatedly and Judeth soon grew tired — too tired to stand on her toes. Her legs collapsed from the strain and she dangled from the ropes that bound her wrists like a fish from a hook. She swayed above the floor, totally helpless and at the mercy of her cruel captors. A dozen times, the whip fell on her tits, causing Judeth untold pain and torment.

“Please! No more! I beg of you! Don’t whip me anymore!” she cried. But her anguished wails only served to inspire Marvin in his brutal task. The man seemed to truly relish whipping her. And, as she swung around by her wrists, dangling from the ceiling like a ragdoll, she caught sight of Marvin’s prick.

Judeth gasped upon seeing that Marvin’s cock was growing again. His prick was blue veined and hard, and it looked fierce and menacing. Marvin’s naked body was covered with sweat, some of which flew off of his chest as he flailed her ripe tits with the nasty cat-o-nine-tails.

“Goddamn!” he snorted. “I’m getting awfully fucking tired. Shit! Did you get enough pictures, Margaret?”

“No,” came Margaret’s terse reply. “Let’s get some more shots of the little cunt. The fucking whore. Let’s get some real nasty pictures of her being tortured and degraded. That’ll loosen her rich daddy’s pocketbook. What do you think, Sage?”

“Okay. It sounds like a damned good idea to me, Margaret.” With that, Sage reached out and grabbed the cat-o-nine-tails from Marvin’s hand. He held the wicked instrument directly in front of Judeth’s weeping eyes and stroked the long, black leather whip-handle. “How do you like this whip, Judeth? It’s in the same shape as a long, hard cock. It is somewhat bigger though. Bigger and harder and thicker and longer. Wouldn’t you say so, bitch?” The evil tone in his voice was startling.

Judeth swallowed hard and choked out her reply. “Please, Sage. Don’t torture me anymore. Haven’t I suffered enough? Why must you hurt me?”

“No, you haven’t suffered enough,” Sage replied frankly. His face looked hard, cold and terrifyingly mean. Sage was a cruel man who knew not the meaning of mercy.

He reached forward and spun Judeth around so that she faced the wicked, dark-haired woman, who stood in position to take another snapshot of the helpless, raped and tortured girl. Margaret smiled and laughed loudly. “Smile, Miss Judeth Brathmeyer. Look right into the camera and smile at your father, bitch!” the evil woman hissed.

“Smile!” Marvin screamed.

“Smile!” Sage shouted.

All three of her captors began to scream at her in unison. “Smile! Smile! Smile! Smile!” The deafening shouts were frightening beyond belief. Judeth clenched her teeth and closed her eyes so that she would not be forced to look at their faces, but they kept screaming at her. “Smile! Smile! Smile! Smile!”

She felt like she was going insane. She had reached the end of her resistance and could take no more abuse. At any second, she would go off her rocker and crack up completely. She knew it!

“Now!” Sage yelled as he parted her pink pussy-lips with his fingers. He shoved the whip into Judeth’s juicy cunt.

“Aaiiieee! Owww! Good good! Nooo!” Judeth wailed. She felt the whip press deep into her cunt, reaming her cunt-walls with the black leather handle. The leather felt rough as it raked into her tight cunt. How could anyone do such a sick and disgusting thing to her? she wondered. For an instant, she felt as though she would soon pass out from the pain and degradation. She would have preferred to die right then and there.

Margaret stood directly in front of her as she hung from the ceiling, her wrists sore and chafed from the ropes which bound her in her helpless position. The woman kept snapping pictures of her and laughed loudly as she did so. Judeth had endured plenty of pain, torture and degradation, but this was absolutely the worst yet! She was too weak and exhausted from the whipping to protest. Words failed her. And the pain in her cunt was so intense that all she could do was moan in agony.

Sage was eagerly ramming the whip into her pussy, shoving the big, crude implement deep into her tortured cunt. The whip-handle filled her pussy and reamed her cunt-channel, causing her to wince in pain and writhe about in her dangling position above the floor. When Sage pulled the whip back until it almost slid out of her cunt, Judeth heard a lewd sucking noise coming from her clenching pussy.

They were all laughing at her, laughing at the sounds that her cunt made as the whip sluiced in and out of her sucking pussy.

“Goddamn! What a hot and horny little cunt!” Marvin exclaimed jubilantly. “Look at the bitch! I bet that whip feels real nice stuck up your tight twat, Judeth. Holy shit, you look lovely, just like a million-dollar cunt!”

“Yeah, you are a first-class little whore, aren’t you?” Margaret chimed in as she stepped forward and snapped another picture of the helpless, tortured girl who hung from the ceiling with a whip reaming, out her cunt.

Marvin stepped forward with a heavy oak paddle clutched in his meaty fist. The paddle was menacing and Judeth shrieked when she caught sight of it.

“Nooo! Don’t hit, me with…”

“Fuck off, you slut!” Marvin shouted as he swung the paddle, striking her bare asscheeks.

The pain shot through her body and rocked her hard. Her tender ass felt like it was burning up. She dangled from the ceiling and swung back and forth above the cold, concrete floor. When she swung back, Marvin was poised and ready with the paddle cocked to smack her ass again.

“Whack!” This time the paddle struck her ass harder, with the force of a pile-driver. Her ass burned with horrible, gut-wrenching pain as the paddle struck her naked asscheeks. She looked down and saw that Sage had released his grip on the wicked cat-o’-nine-tails. But he had left the long whip handle buried deeply in her cunt. The whip dangling between her legs was a strange and obscene sight.

She choked and her stomach turned at the grotesque whip which stuck out of her clenching cunt. It looked so wicked and depraved and it felt so terribly uncomfortable, buried in her tight pussy.

As she swung through the air, suspended by her bound wrists, her entire body was racked with unbearable pain. The tails of the whip licked at her legs.

“Whack”. The dreaded paddle struck her again, as she swung back into Sage’s range of fire. Her ass was burning up from the paddling that stung her naked ass-flesh.

Then, as she swung away from the evil paddle, Judeth opened her eyes just long enough to see Margaret, who stood poised to strike, a long, thin dog-whip clutched in her fist. Judeth twisted her tortured body in an attempt to evade the lashing blow from the dog-whip, but she was too late.

“Snaaap!” The dog-whip lashed her exposed tits, causing the wretched, kidnapped and tortured girl to flinch and writhe about, kicking the air with her bare feet. She struggled in her dangling position, but there was no escaping the brutal, terrifying onslaught of the three sadists. They were determined to whip and paddle and torture her to their hearts’ content.

Now they were spinning her around. Fast, then faster she spun from her bound wrists. As she twirled helplessly above the floor, her flesh was stung repeatedly by the relentless lashes that she received on all sides. All three of her tormentors were now armed with the nasty, cutting dog-whips. And they lost no opportunity to flail her naked flesh whenever her contorted body spun them. They shouted crude obscenities at her as they struck her exposed tit and ass flesh with the biting dog whips.

“Aaaiiieee!” she wailed. The pain was simply too terrible to bear! She couldn’t hold on any longer! Judeth gasped and passed out.

Judeth was rudely awakened by Margaret, who nastily kicked the girl in the ass and barked, “Well, now. I guess Sage and Marvin have just about had all the fucking they want out of your ass and cunt, bitch. They’re gone for now. Both of them are upstairs, talking to your Aunt Mary and…”

“What?” Judeth said with a start and a look of incredulous confusion. “What about my Aunt Mary? You mean to tell me she’s here? Why? Is she in on the kidnapping?” The confused girl began to put the pieces of the puzzle together. She remembered that, when she had first been brought to this house, she had noticed that the furnishings and art work were very similar to those in her aunt’s home on Crystal Point.

Then, she remembered her Aunt Mary persuading her to take a drive out to the dunes. Judeth also knew that her Aunt Mary and her father did not get along very well since the accident with her father’s boat that had killed her aunt’s husband. The newspapers had been full of insinuations that her father had committed some act of foul play. There was even talk of murder.

After her uncle’s death, Aunt Mary had fought to gain control of her dead husband’s stocks and property, but it turned out that he had deeded everything to Judeth’s wealthy father. It didn’t make sense. She recalled that her Aunt Mary had been very bitter, and she had been given the beach home at Crystal Point. Rumor had it that Aunt Mary had been bought off.

Could it be that her Aunt Mary had set up the kidnapping to get back at Judeth’s father and to extort money from the multimillionaire? Judeth’s mind flooded with dreadful thoughts.

The evil dark-haired woman looked extremely troubled. “You conniving little bitch!” she rasped. “You’re too fucking smart for your own good, slut!” Margaret kicked Judeth in the ass again and Judeth rolled over to escape the wicked woman’s sharp boot tip.

As she turned, wincing in pain on the floor, she realized that her captors had cut her down from her dangling position. She was sprawled out on the cold, concrete floor. Her entire body ached and her wrists were rubbed raw from the ropes that had bound her tightly. Her cunt and asshole hurt from being crammed full of the mens cocks and the ugly whip.

Judeth felt terrible and looked worse. Her hair was a tangled mess. A lewd mixture of sticky cunt-juice and slippery cum streamed out of her ravaged cunt. She rose to her hands and knees and struggled to escape Margaret’s fierce kicks to her tender ass-flesh.

“Take that, you fucking whore!” Margaret hissed as she planted a vicious kick firmly into Judeth’s sore ass. “Now you know too much. You know that your Aunt Mary is in on this caper, don’t you?”

“Yes, I know it, and when I get out of this stinking hell-hole, I’m gonna tell the police everything. They’ll catch you — all of you. They’ll send you to jail for the rest of your lives. That’s just where you belong — in jail. Forever!”

Judeth was in a fury, shouting at Margaret from her sprawled-out position on the cold, concrete floor. Judeth had reached the end of her rope. She was stunned to know that her kindly Aunt Mary was involved in the plot to kidnap her and hold her for ransom. How could her very own aunt do such a wicked vile thing? It seemed so awful. She had loved and trusted Aunt Mary.

Margaret kicked her again, imbedding the pointed tip of her boot into Judeth’s aching ass-flesh. “You dumb cunt! You’re more stupid than I thought you were. Now, I guess we won’t be able to let you remain alive. Not after you made such vicious threats. We can’t have you calling the police on us and exposing your aunt’s role in the plot, now can we, darling?”

“Nooo! Please! I take it back! I won’t tell anyone anything, I swear to you!” Judeth was really frightened now. She realized that it was very foolish of her to threaten Margaret the way she had.

She had already seen Marvin kill Bob when he had tried to rape her asshole. Moreover, Sage and Marvin were cruel and sadistic men. They had tortured and raped Judeth’s cunt and asshole, and they had forced her to suck their hard cocks. They would not tolerate any threats made by Judeth. She was completely in their power. She was so very frightened!

In a weak voice, she addressed Margaret, who stood over her, preparing to kick her ass again. “Please, Margaret,” she said. “I beg of you. Please don’t tell Sage and Marvin that I know about Aunt Mary’s role in my kidnapping. They’ll kill me. I just know they will. I want to live! I swear I won’t say a word to anyone.”

An evil glint appeared in Margaret’s cold eyes. She knelt down beside the pleading young girl and leered at her wickedly. Her attitude was haughty and cocky. Margaret knew that the deck was stacked now, and she held all of the aces. “I’d like to believe you, cunt. But, I’m not sure I can trust you. I do know that if I told Marvin and Sage what YOU know, your life isn’t worth a fucking nickel.”

“Nooo!” Judeth wailed in fright. “I promise you. I won’t tell anyone about Aunt Mary or you or anyone. I just want to be free. That’s all I care about. Honest.”

“Well, now,” Margaret drawled with a self-assured grin on her face. “It looks like I’ve got you right by your little ass, isn’t that right, bitch?” The dark-haired woman leaned forward and smacked Judeth across her face. “Yeah, I’m holding all of the aces right now, cunt. So you’d be real wise to obey me. Do you get the drift, Judeth?”

“Yes — yes, I… understand… I think,” the frightened girl stammered. Judeth was really terrified now. If Margaret decided to tell Sage and Marvin what she knew, Judeth’s life would not be worth a plug nickel. The only thing that she could do was try to humor the evil woman. She had no choice but to obey the woman’s cruel commands. If Margaret turned on her, she would surely be killed. “I’ll do whatever you tell me to do… I promise. Honest.”

Margaret pushed Judeth to the floor, shoving the girl backward until her head fell on the concrete. She lay sprawled out on the basement floor, facing upward.

“Wh-what are you going to do to me?” she whimpered. Her face was wet from crying and her body shook with fright. “I-I don’t understand.”

As Margaret straddled the girl’s upturned face, she unsnapped the crotch of her patent leather panties, exposing her juicy cunt. Her pussy was fringed with dark hair. The woman’s glistening pussy-lips were flame-red and seething hot.

Judeth stared at the woman’s cunt. The only pussy that she had ever seen before was her own. In comparison with her tight young pussy, Margaret’s cunt looked quite different. The woman had long, curly dark-brown hair around her cunt, and her cunt-lips looked thick and swollen and were shaded a crimson red color.

Judeth could easily tell that Margaret was hot and horny. Her cunt was juicy and wet with cunt-nectar. The girl stared with disbelief into Margaret’s lust-filled eyes. The woman’s eyes showed no remorse or shame. Margaret leered at her and put her knees down on either side of the girl’s face, positioning herself carefully.

“Listen good, sweet-puss, because I want you to get this straight. You’re gonna suck my cunt. Do you understand, bitch? You’re going to suck my cock until I cum all over your sweet young face. You got it?”

“I-I can’t… do that. That’s so… unnatural and perverted. It’s repulsive, and no matter what you do to me, I just can’t do that,” Judeth said.

“You’ll do it, bitch!” Margaret snorted lewdly. She moved her hips forward until her cunt-lips were only a few inches from Judeth’s mouth. “You’ll eat me out. You’ll lick my clit and suck my cunt until I cum. If you refuse to eat my pussy, I’ll tell the guys what you said, then you’ll be real sorry. I have you in my power, and you know it, you slut. Now, I’m not gonna tell you again. I want you to suck my cunt. Right now!”

Margaret pressed her weight down on Judeth’s face and her moist cunt-lips brushed across Judeth’s ripe lips.

Judeth knew that the evil woman controlled her destiny. The thought of being forced to suck and lick the woman’s cunt was revolting, but she knew that, in order to stay alive, she would simply have to obey the crude command. She felt sick to her stomach, but she stuck her tongue out and licked Margaret’s swollen cunt-lips.

The evil woman gasped with pleasure. The woman’s cunt emitted a sweet heavy odor. Her cunt didn’t smell bad. In fact, her pussy smelled kind of nice. It was an odor that was new to Judeth. She didn’t mind that at all. What she did mind was licking Margaret’s swollen cuntlips. Eating the woman’s cunt was horribly degrading — and extremely perverse.

To make matters worse, Margaret kept mouthing crude obscenities, exhorting the abused girl to get on with the cunt-sucking.

“Yeah! Lick my pussy, you little slit-sucker! Lap my clit! Ummmppphhh! Aaaggghhh! That’s not bad at all, bitch! Take my clit between, your lips and suck on it real nice now!”

Judeth took in a deep breath of air and hastened to obey Margaret’s lewd command.

She gripped the woman’s erect clit between her lips and sucked the clit-nubbin into her hot, wet mouth. With her tongue, she slowly licked the very tip of Margaret’s sensitive clit.

The beautiful, brutal woman moaned and hunched down, pressing her wet, cunt-juice slicked pussy-lips down tightly over the helpless cunt-sucking girl’s upturned face. Then, without warning, the woman began to rock back and forth on her knees, moving her swollen pussy-lips over the girl’s sucking and licking mouth, using her face in a most disgusting and grotesque manner. All the while, the sexy, dark-haired woman kept moaning with sexual delight and rasping crude obscenities into her ears.

“Mmmmm. Yeah! That’s a good little slit sucking slut. Goddamn! You really do suck my clit nice, you bitch. You fucking horny million-dollar slit-sucking cunt. Lap my clit! Lick my cunt and lick it good or I’ll make you feel sorry you were ever born!”

Judeth was already beginning to feel sorry that she was ever born. The woman’s cunt-lips rubbed lewdly over her mouth, leaving slippery cunt-juice dripping down the sides of her face. Margaret’s cunt was getting very wet, and when pussy-juice streamed out of her twat, it coated the girl’s mouth and lips with the sweet-smelling cunt-nectar.

Judeth’s tongue lashed at the woman’s wet cunt-lips, brushing across her sensitive pussy and causing her to writhe about and hunch down further to intensify the delicious sensations which coursed through her hot cunt.

“Stick your tongue deep into my cunt,” Margaret commanded. “I want your tongue licking way into my cunt. Fuck me with your tongue, Judeth. Worship my cunt with your mouth. Yeah! Mmmmm.”

Judeth quickly slipped her tongue deep into Margaret’s cunt, licking the insides of her pussy-hole, reaming out the woman’s cuntchannel, delighting her with mind-bending sensations of sexual joy. Margaret jerked forward and grabbed the girl’s head in her hands. Pressing down on Judeth’s head, the woman pulled her face into her pussy and rubbed her wet cunt-lips across the girl’s open mouth, wiping her cunt-juice all over the girl’s jaw.

Judeth slipped her tongue in and out of Margaret’s cunt in quick lapping motions which made the woman groan in ecstasy and jerk about violently, rubbing her hot cunt roughly across the girl’s licking tongue.

“Yeah, that’s a good silt-sucker, Judeth,” she hissed obscenely. “You make a real good pussy-lapper. How does it feel to be my personal cunt-licking slave? You should be honored to be granted the privilege of sucking my cunt, you filthy slut.”

Judeth winced at the woman’s crude words. Imagine, she thought, the woman actually thinks that it is a rare honor to suck her cunt! Margaret sure was a demented, depraved woman. Licking Margaret’s cunt was definitely no fun. It was revolting, and she couldn’t stand doing it!

Margaret gasped and jerked her pussy about, rubbing her cunt-lips over the girl’s upturned face. Judeth worked her tongue in long strokes all around the woman’s erect clit, occasionally slipping her tongue inside of Margaret’s cunt-hole and slithering it around the insides of her seething hot pussy-walls.

She would have loved to bite the woman’s clit and make her scream with pain, but she knew that to do such a thing would be a serious mistake.

She just kept on licking and lapping the woman’s cunt, sucking her clit hard and long.

“Mmmm,” Margaret moaned. “Aaaggghhh! I’m getting nice and hot now. Mmmmm. Yeah. Suck my cunt, Judeth. Suck my juicy twat! Eat my tasty cunt all up, you filthy little rich bitch. Worship my pussy, slave!”

Cunt-juice trickled out of Margaret’s pussy and drained directly into Judeth’s open mouth. Her lips were saturated with cunt-juice and pussy-nectar dripped out of the corners of her mouth and dried on her cheeks. She nibbled Margaret’s clit, gently and carefully pulling her white teeth along the woman’s erect clit-nubbin, stretching it out away from its cuntal sheath.

Then, she released the woman’s clit and let it snap back into its swollen cuntal sheath. She sucked and licked and lapped and nibbled, making obscene sucking noises as she worked to please her captor.

Margaret yanked the girl forward, pressing her hot cunt down hard on the sucking lips, ramming her clit into the girl’s mouth. Margaret was groaning and grunting with obscene passion. She screamed lewd curses. “Suck my cunt! Lap my clit! Eat my cunt!”

Her pussy rammed forward, striking the girl’s mouth hard and brutally jarring her teeth. But, Judeth steeled her nerves and kept right on sucking and licking the evil woman’s cunt. “Make me cum, slut! Suck me to an orgasm!” she shrieked as her climax neared. Her pussy-lips and clit began to throb and shudder.

Judeth realized that the woman was ready to cum, so she rammed her tongue deep into Margaret’s cunt. Her tongue sluiced in and out of Margaret’s glistening pussy, licking, lapping and sucking rapidly, trying desperately to please the wanton bitch who was using her mouth so rudely.

Judeth’s facial skin was chafed and sore from being rubbed raw by Margaret’s curly cunt-hair. The sticky cunt-juice that dried on her cheeks felt like an obscene mask. Margaret kept twisting and turning, rubbing her pussy on the girl’s raw face. The pain was agonizing, but she kept working to make Margaret cum — sucking and licking the woman’s cunt. She concentrated her efforts on Margaret’s sensitive clit, which was swollen and throbbed uncontrollably inside of Judeth’s sucking mouth.

“Keep sucking!” Margaret gasped breathlessly. “I-I’m… aaaggghhh! I’m cumming!” The brutal woman raked her cunt across the girl’s upturned face, rubbing her cunt-hair in her mouth, grinding her pussy into the girl’s sucking lips. Pussy-juice oozed from her cunt, and ran down the Judeth’s face, drenching her flesh with pussy-nectar.

Judeth was frightened out of her wits. She was caught in a nightmare of sexual depravity, and she could do nothing but obey the woman’s lewd demands. She could only continue sucking Margaret’s cunt until the woman was finished with her mouth.

It was crude and foul to be forced to suck Margaret’s cunt. It was difficult to believe that she was actually sucking a woman’s cunt. She had never expected to be placed in such a revolting situation. But, it was true. And, as much as she hated doing it, she kept up the frantic pace of cum-sucking in an effort to bring Margaret to a climax.

It didn’t take long. Soon, Margaret accelerated her lewd, pumping movements. She was gasping loudly and grinding her cunt rapidly across Judeth’s sucking mouth.

“Mmmppphhh! Aaahhh!” Margaret wailed. The depraved dark-haired witch suddenly stopped jerking her cunt over Judeth’s face. She shuddered, her legs twitched convulsively, and she came. “Ohhhhhh,” she moaned huskily as her muscles relaxed and she became enveloped in an all-consuming passionate orgasm. The woman’s body went limp and she sat right down on Judeth’s face, resting all of her weight on the helpless girl’s mouth.

The woman’s weight was crushing her, and she felt as though she would soon pass out. But, at that moment, Margaret stood up and walked, quickly and purposefully, to the far corner of the room. She returned a few seconds later, carrying a pair of steel handcuffs.

Judeth gasped and tried to crawl away as the woman approached, but she wasn’t quick enough. The handcuffs clinked shut over her wrists. Then, without speaking, Margaret motioned the girl to crawl into the corner.

Judeth was too scared to protest. She made her way — on hands and knees — across the room.

Margaret lifted the girl by her bound wrists and slipped the chain of the handcuffs over a peg that protruded from the wall. Then, Margaret took a bull-whip from a wooden case and stepped forward. She leered into Judeth’s eyes and spat into the girl’s face. The woman’s spit drooled down her cheek obscenely.

Judeth couldn’t believe what was happening. She had done nothing wrong. She didn’t deserve to be tortured anymore.

“Now, slut,” Margaret hissed. “I think it would be nice to punish you with this big bullwhip. What do you, think about that?”

“B-but, why? I did what, you told me. Didn’t I satisfy you?” she asked timidly. Tears were streaming from her eyes. Her face was a wreck, covered with dried cunt-juice and spit. When Judeth looked at the dreaded bull-whip, she almost fainted. The whip was about eight feet long, and the long, thick leather looked cruel and menacing. “Why, do you want to whip me? Why?”

Margaret sneered, spat into the helpless bound girl’s face again, and spoke coldly. “I’m gonna whip you because I feel like whipping you. Isn’t that a good enough reason, rich bitch?”

“I don’t understand. I did what you wanted. I sucked your cunt and you came. Isn’t that enough?”

Her reply was short and terse. “No, sucking my cunt is not enough. I enjoyed it, and you’re right. I did cum. You did a real good job sucking my pussy. But, now I feel like whipping you. You’re a rich little snob, and you should be punished. You’ve lived a life of leisure — up to now. But, that’s all over. I like whipping helpless little teenage girls. Now, if you can fund me another helpless bitch to torture with my whip, then I’ll leave you alone. But,” she said as she glanced about the room, “there don’t seem to be any substitutes handy around here. So, I guess I’ll just have to use you as my whipping-girl for now.”

“Nooo! Please, you can’t!”

“Can’t I? Watch me, bitch!” Margaret stepped back, unfurled the lengthy whip, cocked her arm and let loose. The whip cut through the air, making a sharp, whistling sound.

The ugly bull-whip lashed across Judeth’s ripe young tits. She moaned in pain as the whip sent horrible slicing sensations through her body. She shuddered and writhed about helplessly in her bonds. There was no way that she could escape the biting whip which was so expertly wielded by her dark-haired tormentor. The whip fell on her tender tit-flesh again.

Judeth struggled hopelessly, turning this way and that in a vain attempt to escape the biting lash. It was no use. Margaret could whip her as hard and as long as she wanted. There was no escaping the cruel bull — whip.

Searing pain rushed through her entire body and she jerked about in her bonds. The handcuffs rubbed at the tender flesh on her wrists, chafing them raw.

She became resigned to her fate, and was prepared to die at the merciless hands of this sadistic woman. Unconsciousness overtook her suddenly, and she slumped against the concrete wall.


A sharp slap caused Judeth to awaken from her unconscious state. She shook her head to clear her dazed mind and stared into the angry face of her Aunt Mary. Judeth was visibly shocked at seeing her aunt, who glowered at her as she took a long pull on a cigarette.

“Wake up, Judeth,” Aunt Mary hissed as she smacked her piteous niece across the cheek. “Wake up and look at me, you little brat. Look at your Aunt Mary one last time before you die, you little rich bitch!”

Judeth stared at her aunt. It was difficult to accept the truth — that her aunt was a participant in this wicked kidnapping. But, now Judeth was certain she managed to pull herself together. “Why?” she asked incredulously. “Why are you a part of this, Aunt Mary?”

Her aunt’s nostrils flared and she spit out her terse reply. “I hate your father, Judeth. That’s why I set up this whole kidnapping scheme. That’s why you were taken from your car and brought here. I’ve owned this house for years, without anyone knowing. No doubt you noticed that the furniture and paintings are similar to those in my Crystal Point home?”

“Y-yes, I noticed, but at first I didn’t make any connection,” Judeth stammered.

Pointing her finger at Judeth, Aunt Mary’s expression turned cold as she said angrily, “Your father killed my husband. They were business partners, and your father eliminated my husband so that he could take total control of their business. I was left, without a Goddamned penny of my own. So your father, the world-renowned Bratton Brathmeyer, out of the goodness of his heart, gave me the house on Crystal Point. I guess he figured I’d be content with that. I’ve been planning revenge for a long time, and when you came to stay at my home, I decided to have you kidnapped and held for ransom. So, my charming niece, that is how I am involved. And that is why you are being held by my friends.”

“But what… what will you do with me now?” Judeth asked cautiously. Her heart was racing and sweat poured down her face and dripped onto her naked tits.

“I’m going to have you eliminated, just the way your father eliminated my husband,” she answered coolly.

“You mean, you’re gonna kill me?”

“I’m not going to kill you, darling. What do you take me for, anyway?” Turning, she pointed toward Margaret. “Margaret is the one who spilled the beans about my role in your kidnapping. So, she has been assigned the job of killing you. Most likely, she will whip you to death. That’s okay with me. Your father has agreed to pay the ransom. He saw some very interesting photographs of you, dear. Sage and Marvin are out picking up the money right now. Take care of her, Margaret,” she said coldly, as she turned and left the room.

Margaret stepped forward with the dread whip in her fist. “This will be fun, Judeth. I’ve never whipped anyone to death before.” She stepped forward and lashed the helpless girl with the whip. Judeth flinched and crawled across the concrete floor, trying to escape the blows.

“Step! Please! The pain… it… it’s terrible!” Judeth shrieked as Margaret trained blows across her tits, ass and back. Her strength was quickly diminishing as she writhed about on the floor, the whip biting into her naked flesh. Judeth knew that she would not last long. She simply had to try to fight back.

“Take that, you filthy little, rich bitch!” Margaret rasped as she whipped her young captive. “I love whipping you, bitch! It’s a shame I’m going to kill you, because I’d love to whip your ass every day for the rest of my life. Too bad you’re about to die under my lash!”

Judeth summoned up the last ounce of strength that remained in her tortured body. She planted her feet wide apart, pressing her soles to the concrete floor to get the maximum momentum and stability. She knew that she would only get one chance. If she blew it, she would never get another. The whip was lashing out fast and hard, raking across her tits and ass. Her strength and will to fight were dissipated with every stroke of the whip on her tortured body.

Steeling her nerves, she took a deep breath, and timed the next whip-stroke. As the lash came across her tits, she reached out and grabbed at the strip of leather. She gripped it tightly and, with all of her might, she pulled.

It worked! Margaret was taken completely by surprise. Still gripping the whip-handle, she was thrown forward with terrific force, crashing to the floor. Judeth was on top of the women at once, pummeling the evil bitch with her fists. She aimed blows about Margaret’s face, hitting her in the jaw and forehead. Judeth felt the adrenaline flowing in her veins as she beat the woman who had caused her so much pain and degradation. She fought like a caged lion, scratching and mauling the wicked woman.

Margaret rolled over and over, trying to escape Judeth’s wrath, but Judeth was all over her, pummeling her relentlessly and brutally with her fists, pulling her hair, pinching her flesh. She rolled Margaret over and, taking careful aim, she planted a pounding blow right on the woman’s chin, knocking her out cold.

Out of breath from the furious battle, she looked around anxiously. Her Aunt Mary was still upstairs and hadn’t heard a thing. Thank God! she thought as she took a rope from the wall and started up the steps.

Reaching the top of the stairs, she heard her Aunt Mary talking to two boys at the door.

She listened carefully.

“You boys get away from here. I don’t know what you’re talking about. I don’t even know anyone named Judeth Brathmeyer. You boys get lost before I call the police.”

“Fuck you, lady. We know who you are. You’re Judeth’s aunt. You live out at Crystal Point, and Judeth was staying with you. She’s our friend, so we decided to help find her. We saw the news. We know that she’s been kidnapped. And, more than likely, you have her held captive right in this house. Now, let us in. Right now!”

Judeth instantly recognized the voice. It was Eddie! After Eddie had raped her on the beach, Judeth had never expected to be happy again. But, she was happy now. Really happy!

Judeth quickly sneaked up behind her Aunt Mary and, placing her arm around the woman’s neck, she pulled her swiftly to the floor. Aunt Mary hit the floor with a loud thump. Judeth held her tightly around the neck and squeezed hard, cutting off her air. She looked up at Eddie, who stood in the doorway, completely stunned.

“Well, damnit! Help me!” Judeth said.

“Okay!” Eddie responded anxiously. “Grab her Sammy. Hold her tight.”

Sammy stepped out from behind Eddie and threw his weight on the top of the older woman, holding her down on the floor. Judeth shook her head and threw the rope to Sammy, saying, “Tie my Aunt Mary up nice and tight. We gotta deliver her to the cops.”

“God! That was really close. I can’t thank you enough for saving me. Jesus, I thought I was a goner,” she gasped.

“We’ve got to get the hell out of here before Sage and Marvin get back.”

“Who the hell are Sage and Marvin?” Sammy asked curiously.

“I’ll tell you later. Tie my Aunt Mary up real tight and let’s get going.”

Moments later, the trio was barreling down the highway, heading for Crystal Point. Aunt Mary was bound securely in the back seat.

“Damn!” Eddie said. “You really look scared. Here, have a drink,” he added as he pulled a bottle of Ripple out from under the car seat. Judeth took a big swig of the wine and sighed deeply.

“You guys are really amazing,” Judeth gushed. “My knights in shining armor.”

“We do our best,” Eddie replied proudly. “We heard about you getting kidnapped on the news, so we decided to try and find you. We staked out your aunt’s place and, today, when she went driving off real fast, we followed her. She led us right to you.”

“Yeah,” Sammy chimed in. “We figured maybe your father might give us a reward if we found you. Hell, the kidnappers were asking for a million bucks.”

“Shut up!” Eddie snorted angrily. “Don’t pay any attention to him, Judeth.”

“Oh, well… that’s okay, I guess,” Judeth responded timidly. She wept quietly.

“Hey, what’s the matter now. You’re okay. Safe and sound. Right?” Eddie said.

“Yeah, I guess so, but… well, I thought you were concerned about me. I thought maybe you liked me.”

“I like you plenty, Judeth,” Eddie said warmly as he put his foot down on the brake and pulled the car over to the side of the road. “Come with me, and I’ll show you how much I like you.”

Eddie took her by the hand and led her up to the dunes. They lay down on the sand and Eddie stripped off his clothes. Judeth reached down and grabbed his prick, which was growing quickly. Eddie gently stroked her tits and sucked on her nipple, which soon became taut and erect.

“Oh, Eddie,” she cooed. “Your cock is so lovely. Your prick is getting so nice and hard.”

Judeth gasped and lowered her head. “First, let me get your cock harder.” Taking his cock into her wet mouth, she flicked her tongue along the base of his prick-shaft and tickled his cock with loving kisses. He moaned in ecstasy and arched his hips, sliding his prick deep into her mouth.

“Ohhhh, it feels so good when you suck my cock. Damn! It feels so great!” he enthused as he ground his hips in a slow circular motion to increase the wonderful feelings that welled up from his sensitive cock.

Judeth was getting turned on in a big way as she sucked Eddie’s cock. He soon developed a raging hard-on, and she lapped at the underside of his cock-knob and slurped hard on his cock-shaft.

Her cunt began to seep pussy-juice as she sucked his hard prick deep into her mouth. It felt indescribably wonderful to be sucking Eddie’s cock. She felt all warm and comfortable inside and, for the first time in her life, she really enjoyed sucking a man’s prick. His salty-tasting cock was absolutely delicious, and she sucked his prick-tip hard and fast. His dick grew to monstrous proportions in her sucking mouth. She eagerly lapped his lengthy cock-shaft, tickling the super-sensitive spot just beneath his cock-knob with her hot wet tongue.

“Ohhh, God! That feels so good. So fucking good, Judeth. I swear! I love it,” Eddie said enthusiastically as he jerked his hips forward to receive the maximum pleasure from Judeth’s sucking lips. His prick was raging with need and he wanted to fuck her. He was glad that he had risked his neck to save Judeth. He groaned and grunted passionately as she sucked his raging, hard cock.

When Judeth heard Eddie say that he loved her, her pussy began to burn with lustful desire. No man had ever loved her like this before. Eddie was saying such lovely things to her. It was wonderful.

Her cunt felt like a volcano that was about ready to erupt. Cunt-juice boiled and churned in her twat and dripped out of her pussy in an obscene trickle that ran down her creamy, white thighs. She was ecstatic, thrilled to the marrow with delicious carnal sensations. Her cunt was on fire now. She wanted Eddie’s cock thrusting inside of her pussy-channel, fucking her hard and fast.

Slipping her lips slowly and lewdly off of his raging prick, she looked up at Eddie and spoke tenderly. “Please fuck me, Eddie. Please. I need your cock inside of my cunt. I want to fuck you, Eddie. I love you and I want you to fuck me.”

“Ml right, Judeth. I’d love to fuck you. Right now,” he said gleefully as he moved his body down in the sand and gripped his prick in his hand. He slipped his cock-knob between her juicy pussy-lips and rubbed his cock around the entrance to her hot cunt.

Judeth swooned in ecstasy and ground her hips in the sand, trying to meet his initial cock thrust with a thrusting motion that would entrap his prick in her seething cuntal depths. She really wanted to fuck now. She wanted his prick buried deep in her pussy.

That was where Eddie’s dick belonged, she thought. Right in her cunt. Buried to the hilt — balls-deep — in her seething, hot pussy. Ramming hard and fast into her pussychannel, searing into her tight cunt. She realized that she truly loved her hero, and she wanted his cock more than anything in the whole world.

“Fuck me, Eddie!” she gasped shamelessly. “Fuck my pussy now! Please fuck me. Fuck me hard and fast, Eddie. I love you and I want your cock! Now!”

Eddie hastened to oblige. He cocked his hips, tightened his hip muscles, and plunged forward, filling Judeth’s cunt with his thick, turgid cock. He rammed his dick deep into her cunt with his first mighty cock-thrust, reaming out her pussy-channel with his cock-shaft. She swooned, gasped and cooed, “Yeah, Eddie. Do it! Fuck me hard and fast! Please fill my cunt with your wonderful cock, Eddie! Fuck me!”

Eddie’s prick impaled her hot cunt, filling up her pussy with his rock-hard prick-shaft. He grunted and began to fuck her rhythmically, ramming and pounding his prick into her seething cunt. His prick sluiced in and out of her curt, causing her to jerk about beneath his cock-thrusts, writhing about in blissful expectation as she neared an all-consuming orgasm.

“Unnggghhh! Aaaggghhh!” he panted and groaned as she bucked, thrusting her hips forward in swift motions to meet his fucking strokes. She ground her pelvis into his mighty cock, swiveling her deep, tight cunt on his hard prick as he fucked her hard and fast. Fucked her with all of his strength.

“Yeah! I love it, Eddie,” she gasped. “I love your nice hard cock. Your wonderful cock! Your marvelous, fucking cock! Keep fucking me, Eddie! It’s… wonderful. I swear, I… love you, Eddie!”

Judeth was amazed at how fantastic it felt to be fucked long and hard by Eddie. He was a master cocksman, she thought as she hunched her back and shook her head back and forth in the glow of a powerful and tremendous fucking. His prick was all that mattered to Judeth at the moment. His big, hard fucking prick.

She clamped her cunt-muscles down tightly over his prick. He was gasping for air and grunting lewdly as he fucked her cunt, but Judeth found that his obscene noises only served to turn her on even more. She could feel his cock-knob throbbing and bouncing against her slippery cunt-walls. Pussy-juice teamed down her thighs and lubricated her tight young cunt as he fucked her hard and fast.

“Unnggghhh!” she groaned. “It… it feels… so… unh… Goddamned nice to have… you fucking me! Yeah! I-I’m gonna cum any… minute now!”

“Just keep fucking, Judeth,” Eddie instructed. “I’ll make you cum, baby.”

“I’m… I’m cuming now!” she wailed as her orgasm hit her hard. Judeth shuddered, her muscles tightened and she clamped her cunt clown on his turgid cock as she shook in the throes of orgasm. “Aaiiieeee! Oh, my God! Aaaggghhh!” she screamed.

She clawed at Eddie’s back and pulled his chest to her tits. She clenched her teeth and gasped blissfully, her entire body shaking uncontrollably. Judeth had experienced orgasms before, but never had she enjoyed a climax so thoroughly. This was simply to good to be true!

Right after Judeth came, Eddie abruptly pulled his prick out of her steaming cunt.

“Wh-what are you doing?” Judeth asked confusedly. She didn’t understand why he would decide to pull his prick out of her pussy when he hadn’t even cum yet. “What’s wrong, Eddie? Aren’t you going to cum?”

Eddie smiled broadly at the girl, and said, “I’m gonna cum. That’s for sure, baby. But, I want to cum in your asshole. I want you to feel my cock reaming out your asshole. I fucked you in the asshole once before, but you really didn’t enjoy it too much then, did you?”

“I loathed it,” Judeth responded. “I couldn’t stand getting fucked in my asshole then. But, well… maybe I’d… like it now.”

“All right, then,” Eddie said, his voice trembling in anxious anticipation. “Roll over on your stomach and get ready, because I’m gonna fuck your sweet asshole, darling.” He spoke passionately, hoarsely.

Judeth knew from the tone of his husky voice that Eddie was just dying to fuck her in the asshole. She became very excited at the thought of Eddie’s cock reaming out her asschannel. She was hot and horny.

She rolled over in the sand and stuck her ripe, young asscheeks up high in the air. Wiggling her ass in front of Eddie’s wider open, sex-glazed eyes, she beckoned him to ram his prick into her tight, puckered asshole.

“Go ahead, Eddie. Fuck my asshole. I’m ready. I can take it. Believe me. I’m just dying to have you stick your prick into my asshole. You can fuck my asshole until you cum. Honest. I don’t mind, in fact, I want you to.”

“Are you sure, Judeth,” Eddie said incredulously. “It might hurt, you know?”

“I know. But I don’t care. Honest, Eddie. Fuck my asshole. I want you too. Please.”

Eddie didn’t need any more prodding. He grabbed his rock-hard prick in his fist and guided it toward Judeth’s tight, puckered asshole. She winced and her sphincter muscles instinctively tightened when his cock-head pressed against her. But, she still managed to hunch her hips upward, beckoning him to plunge his mighty cock-stand into her asshole. She concentrated on loosening her ass-muscles so that his prick could penetrate her tight, constricted asshole.

Suddenly, Eddie lurched forward, impaling Judeth’s hot asshole on his lengthy, throbbing prick.

“Ohhh, yeah. It hurts a little, but go ahead and fuck me in the ass. I want it, Eddie,” she cooed sweetly.

“All right. Here we go!” Eddie said loudly and enthusiastically as be ground his hips forward slowly. Judeth was pleased that he was being careful not to hurt her more than was necessary with his mammoth cock-knob which probed its way into her nether-hole. She worked hard at reining her sphincter muscles to assure easy access to her tight asshole.

It didn’t take long for the boy to increase the pace of his gyrations. He was very caught-up in ass-fucking Judeth. He whispered in her ear, “Oh, Judeth. Your little asshole feels so good around my prick. Are you sure I’m not hurting you?”

“No,” she replied. But it did hurt. Her asshole was being stretched by Eddie’s probing cock. She could feel his thick, bulbous cockknob reaming out her asshole, slipped further and further into her hot ass. “Fuck my asshole, Eddie. Fuck me hard!”

Eddie responded eagerly to her exhortation. He quickened the pace of his ass-fucking motions, ramming his prick deeper and deeper into her hot and ready asshole. His cock slithered along her cunt-walls, rubbing along her sensitive pussy-channel. She shook and wriggled her ass against his penetrating cock.

“It feels great, Eddie!” she shrieked. “I love it! Fuck my tight asshole. Fuck me!”

“Unnnggghhh! Ummmppphhh!” he grunted and gasped loudly as he flung his upper torso forward. Hands outstretched, digging into the warm sand, he threw all of his weight upward, shoving his rock-hard cock to the hilt in her steaming asshole.

Judeth was really getting into the ass fucking now. Soon, the pain in her stretched asshole lessened and, eventually, died away completely as she became enraptured by the wonderful feelings that broke like waves all over her sweating body. Her cunt-juices began to churn and boil in her hot pussy. Pussy-juice leaked out of her cunt and sloshed about the base of the boy’s cock as he reamed out her tight asshole, fucking her ass with all of his might, ramming and pounding his prick into her seething asshole.

The young girl was lost in a crazy-quilt of passion and unbridled lust. She felt completely fulfilled and joyously happy to be offering her asshole to Eddie. She could tell that he was getting off in a big way.

She could feel another orgasm coming on. It didn’t seem possible, but her pussy was really churning out cunt-juice, and her clit was spuming out of control. She knew that she would soon cum.

“Ohhhh! Aaahhh! Your cock… your cock! It… it feels so good inside of my asshole. Eddie! Your… cock feels wonderful. Ohhh, my God! Fuck my asshole, Eddie! Fuck my asshole!”

Eddie grunted in reply and whispered sexily, “I love you, Judeth. I never thought that I could love a girl, but I really love you, baby.”

Eddie fucked her hard and fast, reaming out her asshole with his throbbing, pounding cock-shaft.

“Aaaiiieee!” Judeth wailed as a mighty orgasm rocked her body and sent her soaring on a wave of wondrous passion. “Ummmppphhh! Aaaggghhh! Ohhhhh, Eddie,” she snorted as her climax shook her and started her legs spasming and quivering.

Fucking Eddie was beautiful, she thought. It didn’t matter whether she fucked him with her cunt or her asshole. Either way was delicious and fulfilling. She clenched her teeth and concentrated on contracting all of the muscles in her body, especially the muscles in her tight asshole.

She dug her fingers into the sand and clawed at the ground, preparing herself to receive his final cock-thrust in her steaming asshole. Steeling herself, she used all of her strength to clamp her asshole around his reaming prick.

Eddie gasped and plunged forward, impaling Judeth’s clasping asshole on his throbbing cock. “Good God! I’m cumming!” he snorted as his balls tightened and his cockknob twitched. His hips hunched and his rapier-like cock wedged its way into the depths of her steaming, asshole. Then, he stiffened and released his load of jism into her tight asshole. His prick-tip exploded and let loose a seemingly endless stream of thick, salty cum.

Judeth wailed and gasped as an intense spasm shook the girl’s cunt as yet another orgasm swept through her lust-filled body. She writhed about in the sand, bucking and clawing at the sand. She felt like firecrackers were going off in her brain as she wriggled her ass back and upward to meet Eddie’s spurting cock. Cum filled her asshole and washed back, drooling obscenely out of her puckered asshole.

He put his palms on her shoulders and, pushing down, he pulled back and slipped his slippery cock out of her well-fucked asshole. He sighed and rolled over on his back in the sand.

Judeth came to her senses and spun around on the sand. She looked at Eddie. He was stretched out on his back, his prick oozing cum. On his face was the biggest, happiest smile that Judeth had ever seen. Her eyes fell on his dripping prick. Lovingly, she bent down and planted a soft, tender kiss on the tip of his cock. Her tongue swirled around his cock-slit and she lewdly licked what was left of his jism off of his cock-knob.

“I really love you Eddie,” she cooed as she nuzzled her chin in his strong, bronzed shoulder. “That was beautiful, really, darling. I loved it!”

“Yeah, I loved it too, Judeth,” Eddie said breathlessly. He took a deep breath and filled his lungs with air. “Listen, we’ve got plenty of time to fuck later. Damn, I’d like to fuck you again right now, Judeth.” Then, his face took on a more serious look. “Right now, we’ve got unfinished business to attend to.”

“Yeah, we’d better get back to the car and take Aunt Mary to the police. Once I tell the police what I know, they’ll capture the kidnappers easily,” Judeth said with a smile.

Eddie stood up, pulled his trousers on and motioned for Judeth to take his hand. Together they strolled to the car.

When they stepped into the front seat, they turned and saw Aunt Mary, still tied up on the back seat. She was making gurgling noises, and Sammy was busily face-fucking the woman.

“She gives a real good blow-job, your Aunt Mary does,” Sammy quipped as he jerked his hips forward, ramming his hard prick into the helpless woman’s mouth. “But don’t let us bother you. Drive on.” He laughed loudly and snorted at the sucking Aunt Mary, “Suck my cock, you bitch. Once you’re put in jail, you’ll never get a chance to suck cock again. So get it while you can.” He winked at Eddie and Judeth as the car pulled away.

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Widespread Wife

One of mankind’s most basic, most important institutions is marriage.

Yet today, at least in the United States, matrimony is crisis-ridden at best, seemingly in a state of near-collapse at worst. The malaise chiefly affects couples in their late twenties and early thirties, products of the post-World War II baby boom, growing up during the Korean War and the dozen years of involvement in Vietnam, theft disintegrating relationship a reflection of unstable times.

WIDESPREAD WIFE is the story of one couple, Tom and Judy Baker, who are young, attractive and successful to all outward appearances, yet are unable to communicate at the most basic level. As a result, Judy is driven to seek a false kind of love in the arms of strangers, degrading herself and yet reveling in that very degradation, straining her tenuous marital relationship to the breaking point.

Tom and Judy — products of an uncaring society, and portrayals of an affliction that plagues many American marriages.


Judy Baker was stretched out lazily on the couch with her head in her husband’s lap. Her husband, Tom, was watching television. Judy was watching Tom’s cock. She found it a lot more interesting than TV, especially when the program was an interminable football game in which neither side scored. Along about the beginning of the second quarter, Judy had unzipped Tom’s fly and turned her attention to something far more thrilling than football.

Tom had only grunted when she opened his pants and gently drew out the sleepy white worm of his prick. His attention was riveted to the screen. Judy hoped to be able to change that. She laid his limp warm meat tenderly on her upturned palm and began to pet it, her warm smooth fingers running eagerly back, and forth, back and forth, over the silky soft flesh of his dick. Her breath was hot and moist on his naked skin.

“Honey, will you get me a beer?” Tom said.

Judy stared up at him. He was perfectly serious. He’d rather have a Goddamned beer than have his cock played with. She shook her head wonderingly as she went to the kitchen and opened a beer for him. They’d only been married two years. Apparently the excitement had already worn off for Tom. But Judy was as turned on by him as ever.

“Here you go, lover,” she said as she handed him a cold bottle of beer. She gave him her sexiest expression, but Tom just grunted his thanks, grabbed the beer, and stared at the screen. With a sigh Judy lay down again and rested her head in his lap, eyeing his pale cock with secret longing. It was just as limp as she’d left it.

Well, she wasn’t beaten yet. She curled her soft warm fingers around his flaccid meat and started to pump it gently. By God, she’d get him hard and horny if it was the last thing she ever did. She intended to get him so hot, he’d forget his stupid football game, throw her onto the rug, and fuck her like crazy. At least she hoped that would happen. She sure as hell could use it.

Fisting Tony’s drowsy prick, Judy felt the fierce heat of her hungry pussy, the fat swelling of her cunt lips, and a steady trickle of juice from her aching twat. She wondered why Tom didn’t ball her much any more. When they were first married, they couldn’t keep their hands off each other. They’d fuck before Tom left for work, when he got home, and again when they went to bed. Now she was lucky if she got laid once a week. Something was seriously wrong with their marriage!

“Jesus Christ, will you look at that guy go!” Tom yelled excitedly.

Judy turned her head and squinted at the TV screen. Some guy was racing for a touchdown, but he got tackled on the ten-yard line. She turned away with a yawn. She failed to see what was so thrilling about a bunch of overweight jocks running into each other and hurling a ball around. She and Tom could have been having a lot more fun in the bedroom, if only he’d realize it.

“Shit,” Tom muttered, “I thought he was going to score.”

Judy wished Tom would try to score with her. But he only took a long pull at his beer and remained glued to the boob tube. She pumped his silky warm cock a little faster. No go. Damnit, what did it take to arouse this guy, a brass band? Maybe so. When the half time activities came on, Tom started tapping his foot to the music.

It made his cock waggle when he moved like that, and the limp flesh slipped from Judy’s busily pumping fist. It was bad enough being a Football Widow, but now, judging from the squawk coming from the TV, she was playing second fiddle to a deodorant commercial. Enough was enough. She intended to confront this problem head, on.

“Tom,” she said, looking up from his lap, “what’s wrong with us? How come you don’t want to make love to me any more?”

“Huh?” Tom said, glancing absently down at her.

“Hey,” Judy said, more loudly, “it’s me, Judy, your wife. Remember me? I’m asking you why we don’t ball so much any more.”

Tom blushed. She should have remembered that he didn’t like her to use coarse language. For a guy who’d tried so hard to get into her pants before they were married, he’d certainly turned prim and proper. He didn’t like her to wear sexy clothes, either, didn’t like her to make too much noise when they balled, didn’t want to try anything new and different in bed.

“Why, we make love as much as ever, don’t we, honey?” he said. Then he returned his eyes to the screen, where the marching band was spreading out in the shape of an eagle.

Judy gave a loud sigh. Tom wasn’t even aware that their marriage was getting dull. But she was. She seemed to be perpetually horny lately. Her poor starved pussy was always aching and swollen with need. Their love-making sessions didn’t happen often enough and didn’t last long enough. In plain language, Judy just wasn’t getting enough.

But it was no use trying to talk to Tom about it during a football game. She’d just have to try something else. She rolled off the couch and started for the bedroom. As she’d expected, Tom didn’t even notice her leave. Well, he sure as hell was going to notice it when she came back.

Judy went into their bedroom and quickly stripped naked. She started briskly brushing her thick glossy brown hair, which she wore in a big puff like an Afro. She glanced at herself in the dresser mirror. She saw a moderately tall slim girl with deliciously curved waist and hips and flawless creamy-pink skin. She admired her grapefruit-size tits, perfect snowy mounds of silky flesh capped with little pointed beige nipples. She saw the dainty brown triangle of curls over her mons. It all looked good enough to her — but Tom no longer got excited about it.

She was only twenty-three, and she hoped to be married to Tom for the rest of her life. It wasn’t going to be much fun unless she could get him interested in sex again. She whirled around and observed her backside in the mirror, her pert round ass, perfectly firm and enticing. Shit, there was nothing wrong with her. As a matter of fact, she looked damned good.

Judy dabbed on a little perfume and strode out to the living room again. She walked slowly in front of Tom, swaying her hips, twitching her saucy little butt, making her lovely ripe tits jiggle invitingly. She gave him a blatantly sexy grin. He had to get the message. He just had to know that his pretty young wife was aching for his cock.

Judy flushed all over in humiliation and anger as she moved out of the way. The football game was starting again. No wonder Tom didn’t notice her. He’d far rather watch his stupid game than get his rocks off. Still not defeated, Judy slid onto the couch and once more laid her head in his lap. He hadn’t bothered to zip his fly, he’d been so intent on the TV. His pitiful limp dick still lay exposed, pale and laced with delicate blue veins.

Judy had once loved that, cock more than anything. The first year of their marriage, she’d thought it was the most beautiful thing in the world. Certainly it had given her more pleasure than anything else in her young life. She’d lived for the moments when Tom skinned out of his pants, and out popped his stiff swollen cock. She’d get so excited, pussy juice would flood down her thighs. And then the fantastic moment when he stuck that swollen meat into her. Judy sighed with longing, even now, as she thought about it. She wanted to make those wonderful days come back again.

So she seized Tom’s soft little cock and popped it right into her mouth.

“HEY!” Tom yelped.

At least she’d gotten his attention. She glanced up at him. Tom was an outrageously handsome man in a clean-cut all-America way. His features were perfectly even, his brown hair cut short and neat. Ordinarily he looked like an ad for men’s clothing. Now he looked like he’d just been goosed. His blue eyes were wide, and he was gawking at her.

With a wicked chuckle Judy sucked his cock deeper into her wet hot mouth, all the way down to his soft-furred rosy balls. She felt her pussy blazing with excitement. She’d never taken his prick in her mouth before, but she’d secretly longed to suck his handsome cock. It was just as much fun as she’d dreamed. She gave a horny gurgle as she began to suck on his silky soft meat.

“Hey,” Tom said, softer this time.

He was still staring at her like he couldn’t believe his eyes, and when she started to suck on his cock, he very slowly blushed beet red all over. Judy’s big brown eyes rolled a little with dizzy excitement, and her thick brown lashes fluttered. My God, she should have tried cock-sucking a long time ago. It really was a turn-on, and at last Tom was paying some attention to her.

She loved the soft warm weight of his cock on her tongue. She loved sucking it. Her excitement mounted by the second, and soon she was sucking his silky prick very fast and greedily, and she was making a lewd wet slurping noise. Saliva pooled hotly in her mouth, bathing his prick in fiery liquid. She stretched his limp dick out and let it snap back. She felt she could have gone on sucking him all night.

“Judy,” Tom said sternly, “stop that. It’s not right.”

She stared at him, his spit-soaked cock halfway out of her pink-glossed lips. Tom pulled it the rest of the way out of her mouth, and it slapped wetly onto his thigh. He frowned at her as if scolding a naughty child. Judy couldn’t believe it. She knew her husband was a little modest and uptight, but she couldn’t believe any normal man would pass up the chance for a blow job.

“But, Tom,” she said, “didn’t you enjoy that? I was just doing it to please you.”

“You don’t have to act like a pervert to please me, Judy,” he said coldly. “I like things the way they are. Now will you please get me another beer, and then let me watch this game in peace?”

Judy couldn’t even speak, she was so pissed off. She stamped into the kitchen, her round full tits wobbling crazily, and seized a bottle of beer. She practically threw the icy bottle at Tom, and then she ran down the hall into the bedroom and slammed the door. She threw herself on the bed and started to weep with anger and frustration.

“My God,” she wept, “what do I have to do to get laid around here?”

Judy was no whore. She was just an ordinary young woman with an ordinary need for sex — and her needs weren’t being met. If Tom would just ball her twice a week, and do it with a little imagination would be great, she wouldn’t ask for more. But she wasn’t even getting that much. Something had to be done, or their marriage wasn’t going to last. She wanted it to last. She loved Tom with all her heart.

Well, if she couldn’t get him interested in sex, there was just one alternative. She wasn’t going to be unfaithful to him. She’d just have to learn to satisfy herself. Judy blushed at the very thought of masturbating. She’d never tried it before. But in her present state of hot aching lust, she was ready to try anything.

She rolled over onto her back and spread her slim shapely legs. She grabbed a hand mirror from the dresser and stuck it down to reflect her crotch. Again she blushed. She’d never inspected herself down there before. It seemed silly that women were built so they couldn’t even see their own pussies. She gawked open-mouthed at the strange reflection.

She saw her pretty brown muff diminishing into a fine circle of curls that surrounded ripe red glowing flesh. The fat scarlet lips of her cunt neatly guarded the tiny dark hole itself, and there was a little trickle of twat cream coming out, running down over the light brown wrinkle of her asshole. She parted the furry lips of her mons and saw the pea-size red lump of her clitoris. Blushing, she whisked the mirror away.

Now that she knew where everything was, she must learn to stimulate it all and bring herself off. That was the only choice Tom had left her. Blushing, feeling incredibly wicked, Judy put one trembling hand down into her crotch. The flesh seemed searing hot to her, tautly swollen and very wet. Now she knew what a hotly horny pussy felt like.

She stuck out one finger and moved it gently and slowly up and down her moist seething pussy. It felt very nice. She grew a little bolder and moved her finger faster and with more pressure. Her pleasure increased. Really interested now, she zeroed in on the plump red lips of her twat, massaging them forcefully with her fingertip. Sharp pleasure shook her body.

“Ummmmm,” Judy murmured.

She fingered herself all over, exploring to find the spots she liked best. She discovered that her tiny red lump of a clit was by far the most sensitive organ of her whole body. Just the most delicate touch of her fingertip on the hot little bump sent powerful waves of pleasure through her pelvis. So she started concentrating on her clit.

“Ohhhh, my God,” she gasped, “Nice!”

She pressed her fingertip more firmly against the hot pulsing button and began to rim it swiftly. Hot cream poured from her excited cunt, and she involuntarily arched her body upward to thrust her eager clit against her circling fingertip. It felt terrific. My God, if only Tom would play with her like this. But he never had. No doubt he found it perverse.

“Ummmm,” Judy moaned, “UMMMMMMM.”

She knew she must be making a spectacle of herself, lying stark naked on the bed, legs spread, eyes screwed shut, mouth twisted in a horny grin, as she fingered her own pussy, but she no longer cared. The exquisite pleasure of playing with her clit made her forget all modesty. Anyhow, there was no one to see her, not with her beloved husband plugged into the idiot box. She might as well just lie there and frig herself silly. She didn’t have anything else.

“Oh, my gosh,” Judy gasped.

She’d only been playing with herself for about a minute, and already she felt on the verge of coming. It was incredible how that funny little bump of flesh could give her so much pleasure. She decided to experiment again. She gently fingered her moist erect clit, and at the same time she started poking another finger stiffly in and out of her cream-filled cunt, just like a dwarf cock.

“Ooooooo,” she moaned.

That felt even better. Her clit continued to respond to her stroking, firing off salvos of sweet sensation with each touch, and her cunt reacted eagerly to the stiff cock-like jerking of her finger. Her cunt was red-hot and slippery inside. She could imagine how great that would feel around a man as achingly stiff cock. Why didn’t it appeal to Tom?

Well, to hell with Tom. If he wanted to get his kicks from watching football, she was certainly entitled to get hers from beating off. She moaned with excitement and forgot everything else but the mounting arousal in her pussy. She knew she was very very close to coming — and she sure as hell needed it!

Just as she felt herself hovering on the delicious edge of orgasm, Judy heard her husband shout: “SONOFABITCH!”

Then she heard him striding angrily down the hall toward the bedroom. Blushing scarlet, she whipped her cream-soaked fingers out of her crotch and hastily wiped them on a corner of the bedspread. She didn’t have time to get under the covers or pretend to be asleep. Tom burst into the room and found her lying naked on the bedspread, her tits swollen up taut with arousal, her pussy soaked.

“Damn it all to hell,” he muttered, sitting down heavily on the edge of the bed. “My team had it all wrapped up, and then they blew it. Lost in the last ten seconds of the game.” He took off one shoe and threw it across the room.

“Uh, that’s too bad, honey,” Judy said lamely.

She found it hard to say even that much. Tom couldn’t have interrupted her at a worse time. She’d been so close to coming, just a microsecond from release, she was sure — and then he’d burst in and cheated her of the climax she so urgently needed. Her body quivered and ached with horniness. Oh, damn, damn it all! Whimpering with thwarted lust, Judy clamped her teeth shut to stop the noise.

“Well, that’s the way it goes,” Tom said, calming down a little after he’d vented his rage by throwing his shoes and socks across the room. He pulled his t-shirt off over his head and flung it into the pile of rumpled clothes. Then he stood up and started unzipping his pants.

Judy’s interest picked up immediately. She stared hungrily at his crotch. He removed his pants and then started tugging down his jockey shorts. She saw his brown curly bush coming into view, then the milky-white stalk of his cock. To her intense disappointment, his prick was utterly limp.

“Me you all packed up for tomorrow?” he asked.

“What?” Judy said, bewildered.

Then she remembered. Tom, the salesman, traveled a lot for his company, and tomorrow he was leaving for a week in Florida and taking Judy with him. She’d looked forward to it, especially now that damp fall weather was hitting the northern city they lived in. But she wondered what would be the point in going, really. It would just mean lusting for Tom and getting no response. She might as well stay home and masturbate.

“I don’t think I’ll go after all, Tom,” she sighed. “What?” he said, gawking at her. “But, Judy, honey, you were so excited about it. What made you change your mind?”

Judy decided to tell him the truth. She’d tried everything else, and it hadn’t worked. “It’s us, Tom,” she said sadly. “Our sex life just isn’t doing it for me any mote. You don’t seem to want it as much as I do, and frankly I’m frustrated and horny. If I went to Florida with you, it’d be the same story only worse. I’d have nothing to do but sit around wanting you. I’d prefer to avoid the frustration.”

Tom was blushing hotly as he listened to her. “But, baby,” he said, “you’re all wrong. Our sex life is just as great as ever. Damn it, I’ll prove it to you right now — that is, if you want me to.”

Judy could hardly contain her excitement. “Of course I do, darling,” she said eagerly.

“Well, then, little lady, you just lie back and get ready,” Tom said with a grin. “I’m gonna make you forget those silly notions of yours — and this nonsense about not going to Florida.”

Judy lay on her back and purred like a contented cat. This was what she needed, a good long fuck from Tom, not that kiddy play with her own fingers. Tom finished removing his shorts and stood naked before her. His body drove her wild. He was so firm and tan and virile, his chest lightly furred with brown hair, his leg muscles taut and prominent. He grinned at her and took his flaccid cock in his fist. He gave it a couple of pumps, and to Judy’s surprise it lurched into stiff erection.

So Tom could get it up, when he wanted to. She didn’t have tithe to think about that, though, because he was climbing onto the bed beside her, taking her into his arms, kissing her. She could have used more extensive and imaginative foreplay, but nothing beat the hot heart-pounding excitement she felt when his rigidly erect prick rubbed against her tender mons.

“Ohhhhh, Tom,” she sighed happily.

As he nuzzled and kissed her, Judy reached down and touched his rock-hard throbbing erection. He didn’t mind if she touched him a little, but that was as far as she was allowed to go. She rubbed the big knob-like purple head of his dick, and in response, to her touch, hot juice trickled out. She wished Tom would use his hand on her pussy, that they could play with each other for awhile, but suddenly he was climbing onto her.

“Now you’ll see how wrong you’ve been,” he panted, settling down between her hot silky thighs. “Our sex life is just as good as ever, baby, and I’m gonna prove it to you.”

Judy sincerely hoped so. With a happy sigh she opened her legs wider and let him work his hard trim pelvis into position. She gave a gasp of excitement when she felt the bulbous head of his cock poking around in her aroused swollen slit. He found her cunt and pushed into her. Judy felt such excitement, she didn’t even breathe during the long delicious moment when his thick meat slowly stuffed her hungry little cunt. Then as his dick-head came to rest against her womb, she gave a helpless moan.

“Oh, my God, YES,” she whined, “yes, Tom, darling, fuck me. I want it so bad. Fuck meeee!”

“Ssshhhh,” Tom replied. “You know I like it when you’re nice and ladylike and quiet, honey.”

Judy bit her lip. She’d felt such pleasure, she’d just had to shout it out. But now she remained as quiet as she could while Tom started to work his cock in her tight slick little hole, fucking her in quick eager jerks. It felt terrific — but she knew from said experience that it wouldn’t last long enough to suit her. He was a considerate husband and always brought her off once — just once. Judy would gladly have come a dozen times, but Tom said only whores did that.

His delightfully hard long cock probed and jabbed and stuffed her grateful cunt, and Judy grabbed for all the pleasure she could get. She let herself go, moaning softly, creaming furiously around his jerking cock. It felt so great, damnit. It wasn’t long before she felt a powerful orgasm ripping through her body, and she screamed with pleasure. At the same moment she felt Tom’s sperm blasting into her.

“There,” he said smugly.

“But, Tom,” Judy moaned, “I could have come again.”

“Once is enough,” he said.

“No, God damnit, it’s NOT,” Judy snapped. “I want to be fucked silly. I want to be balled till I can’t walk. I want…”

“STOP IT,” Tom yelled back at her. “Judy, I’ve told you again and again, I want you to be more ladylike. I want you to stop using dirty words, and I want you to be consent with normal decent sex. I’m afraid I’m going to have to teach you a lesson. I wouldn’t take you with me to Florida now even if you begged me to. Maybe that will teach you to do as I ask.”

Fuming with anger and frustration, Judy turned her back on him and turned out the light. Damn him, anyhow — let him go to Florida alone. She didn’t give a shit. Or did she? Though she was furious with him, she felt hot tears rising to her eyes, because she still loved him.

“Oh, hell,” she mumbled. What was she going to do about this impossible man of hers? Maybe while he was in Florida she’d figure something out.


Judy and Tom hardly spoke to each other the next morning as he left for his trip to Florida. They were still angry at each other. But as the day wore on, Judy began to think she’d made a bad mistake, that she really should have gone with her husband. Now she’d be alone for a whole week, missing him, wondering if he’d forgive her.

By evening the feeling was unbearable, and Judy decided to go out for awhile just to get her attention on something else. She went to the neighborhood cocktail lounge that she and Tom usually patronized, Tony’s. She felt a little odd about going in there alone, but she was prepared to deal with any man who tried to make a pass at her.

There was no problem, because at that early hour of the evening, there was nobody in the place except the owner and bartender, Tony De Franco, a handsome dark-haired man who was built like a bull. Judy had always liked Tony, and she flashed him a big smile as she sat down at the bar.

“Hey, Judy,” Tony said, returning her smile, “where’s Tom?”

“On a sales trip,” Judy sighed. “I’m afraid we had a little fight, Tony, and I’m here to drown my sorrows.” She tried to make it sound like a joke, but it must have come out serious, because Tony hastened away from the TV set to look more closely at her. He seemed very much concerned, reaching out to pat her hand.

“Hey, kid, that’s really too bad,” he said. “You guys are a great couple. But don’t worry. I’ll bet Tom will be more than ready to make up when he gets home.”

“I hope so,” Judy said.

“What can I bring you?” Tony asked.

Judy decided to have whatever would relax her fastest. “A martini,” she said.

Five martinis later, the bar was full of noisy patrons, but Judy hardly noticed them. She was lost in thought. Nobody had bothered her, thanks to Tony, who steered away all the leering drunks making in her direction. Occasionally Judy looked up and watched Tony, admiring his broad shoulders and the soft cat-like way he moved in spite of being such a big man. She wondered what he’d be like in bed.

Stop that! she told herself. She felt mere than a little attraction to Tony, but she was never going to cheat on Tom, and she had no business ogling the handsome bartender like a dirty old woman. Nevertheless she found it hard to take her eyes off Tony. She also found it difficult not to think about being in bed with him, his cock hard, moving into her. Perhaps unlike Tom he’d bring her off as many times as she wanted.

She couldn’t stop thinking about it, wondering what kind of lover he’d be — so it was obviously time to go home. Go home and masturbate, that was the answer, get rid of her dangerous lust. No more bar-hopping, either. Booze just brought out the feelings of horny longing that she was trying to suppress. Judy climbed off the bar stool and started to take a step, only to find that she was very drunk.

“Oops,” she gasped, stumbling.

Tony happened to be passing by, and he almost spilled a tray of beer as he lurched to catch her. One big hand got her by the arm, and Tony steadied her, keeping her from falling. Judy blushed beet red. She felt like an idiot, getting drunk, not even able to walk to the door. She sat down on the bar stool again and waited for the room to stop spinning.

“Thank you, Tony,” she said.

“It’s okay,” he said, “but don’t try to go anywhere till I can help you, Judy. We’ll be closing in just a few minutes, and then I’ll walk you home.”

Judy didn’t like putting him out, but she knew she wouldn’t make it back to her apartment without assistance, so she sat and waited while Tony cleaned up the bar and turned out the lights. Clinging to his huge strong arm, she managed to make it to her apartment. He walked her right to her door.

“Tony, how can I ever thank you?” she said. “I feel like such a fool.”

“Hey, everybody’s entitled to tie one on now and then,” he laughed pleasantly. “As for how you can thank me, how about asking me in for a drink?”

“Of course,” Judy said.

She finally managed to get her key in the door, and she let Tony into the small but attractively furnished apartment. She started for the kitchenette to make drinks, but again she stumbled, and Tony caught her. She fell against him, her breasts flattening against his big hard chest. When she felt the warmth of his body and his good masculine scents, she experienced a wave of lust so powerful that she almost moaned.

“God, I’m clumsy,” she laughed nervously, wriggling out of his embrace.

“You just had a few too many martinis,” Tony laughed. “Sit down, and I’ll make the drinks.”

Judy sat on the couch, and in no time at all Tony was beside her, pressing a drink into her hand. She took a swallow, and he got settled next to her. He seemed to be very close. In fact their thighs were touching. It made Judy more excited thaw she wanted to be. My God, she had to remember that she was a married woman and loved her husband!

“So Tom’s gone for awhile?” Tony said softly as he slipped one big brawny arm around her shoulder.

“Y-yes, to Florida, for a week,” Judy stammered.

She tried to lean forward to escape his arm, but he simply curled his powerful fingers around her and held her in place. Judy gave up the struggle and leaned back against him. Hell, there was nothing to worry about. Tony was an old acquaintance, and he was just being friendly.

“So what are you gonna do with yourself for a whole week?” he said.

“I don’t know,” Judy answered. “The usual, I guess. Cook and shop and clean, watch TV, do a little reading.”

“Sounds pretty dull,” said Tony. “I could think of a lot more exciting things for you to do.”

“Like what?” Judy said.

“Oh, like this,” said Tony.

He leaned down and kissed her. Her reaction time was way down from all those martinis, and she didn’t even move her face aside. She felt Tony’s firm warm lips pressing aggressively, then his slick hot tongue creeping into her mouth. She knew she should put a stop to it right away — but she was overcome with such horny, dizzy longing that she felt paralyzed. She gave a little gurgling sound, half lust and half fright.

Tony’s tongue seemed to be halfway down her throat. She tried to push away, but there was no fighting that big brute of a man. He held her and kissed her for as long as he wanted to, and her feeble efforts got her nowhere. But she had to fight it, because she was in real danger. She wanted this man. Her heart was knocking, and her pussy was growing hot and swollen and wet with juice. Oh, God, how she wanted him!

But she loved Tom. How was it possible to love Tom so much and yet have the hots for Tony? She didn’t understand. She only knew that if she didn’t get away from Tony, she was going to do something she’d regret the rest of her life. She was practically lost already. The crotch of her panties was soaked with her horny cunt cream, and she ached to surrender, to feel his cock inside her.

At last Tony paused for breath, and Judy jerked her flaming face away from his.

“Tony,” she gasped, “I’m shocked. I thought you were Tom’s friend.”

“I am,” he grinned. “I’m looking out for his interests, baby. I’m teaching you a lesson. I’m teaching you what happens to foxy little chicks who go out drinking alone.”

This was a Tony she’d never seen before. He was actually leering at her — big gentle Tony who’d always been so polite and soft-spoken at the bar. It was like she’d created a monster. Horrified, Judy started backing away from him on the couch. He grinned and moved right along with her, his eyes focused hungrily on the big firm rounds of her tits.

She wished now that she hadn’t worn such a provocative outfit. She had on tight pink stretch pants and a matching jersey that clung, outlining every curve of her body. As she’d gotten aroused by Tony, her nipples had gone stiff and pointed, and they were apparent now even through her bra.

Tony was ogling her luscious figure like a starving man at a banquet.

“Tony, please,” Judy said weakly, “I love my husband. I never want to be unfaithful to him.”

“Then why did you go out alone?” Tony said. “You were asking for this, Judy. I saw you looking at me all evening. I know when a woman wants me. What’s wrong, you and Tom not making it enough?”

Judy blushed furiously. Tony had hit her problem perfectly, but she wasn’t going to admit it. That would just be inviting more trouble. She kept backing up till the arm of the couch stopped her. Tony moved in till their knees touched and she could feel the radiating heat of his big muscular body. He was licking his lips.

“There’s nothing wrong with Tom and me,” she said defiantly. “I just missed him and wanted to get out of the apartment for awhile. Damnit, that doesn’t mean I was looking for someone else. Please, Tony, I think you ought to leave.”

He laughed as he reached far her. The next thing she knew, he’d dragged her down on the couch, onto her back, and he was half lying on her, kissing her, licking her, and panting. His strength was incredible, and there was no way she could move his massive weight off her. She was in real trouble now. She burst into tears and started pummeling his huge shoulders with her little fists — to no avail, of course.

“Oh, Tony, no, no,” she sobbed. “I don’t want to hurt Tom.”

“What he don’t know won’t hurt him,” Tony panted. “I’ve had the hats for you a long long time, Judy. I’ve been dying to get into your pants. Why don’t you just relax, honey and let me make you feel good?”

Oh, God, she was tempted. She wanted him desperately, and she had years of frustration to make up for. There’d been times during her marriage when she would have done anything for a decent fuck. But the image of Tom kept popping up in her mind. Her marriage was already in trouble. If she balled Tony, she’d probably destroy it beyond repair.

“No, Tony, I can’t,” she wept. “Please, get off me. You’re not going to rape me, are you?”

He snorted with contempt. “I never raped anybody in my life,” he said. “I never had to. And. I won’t have to rape you, either, doll. I’m gonna make you BEG for it.”

He pushed her tight jersey up over her bra, and then he reached under her and found her bra catch. Judy gasped and struggled, but his huge weight pinned her in place. Impatiently Tony literally ripped her bra in half, then pushed it up out of the way. Her gorgeous big round tits were just inches from his flushed and sweaty face, the light brown nipples standing up erect and saucy. Judy blushed hotly.

“Christ, you got beautiful boobs,” Tony sighed. “It ain’t fair for one guy to monopolize these knockers, baby. They oughta be a national monument.”

Judy was so mortified, she couldn’t even reply. No man but Tom had ever seen her naked breasts before now, and no man but Tom had ever fucked her. She felt shy as a schoolgirl as Tony stared at her tits. Then he was lowering his face, and she felt his hot slick tongue tickling over the tender pale surface of her jugs, rimming the sensitive nipples. In spite of herself she felt hot excitement.

“Tony, noooo,” she whined, “for God’s sake, think what you’re doing. I’m a married woman.”

“So what?” he laughed. “Come off it, Judy. I know you want me to make love to you. I could tell by th