Spouse In Torment

How far will some people go to achieve those things that are important to them? A question as old as man. And as long as people have goals they feel are important, other people will be sacrificed for the sake of those goals. Examples can be found everywhere that the end justifies the means for people whose personal achievement, or success, is the only thing that really matters. That others suffer because of it is inconsequential to them.

SPOUSE IN TORMENT is the story of a young woman, Lisa Morton, and the sacrifice she must make for her husband, an ambitious and successful advertising executive who allows nothing to interfere with his goals. Ken Morton is unconcerned about what he will do to others including his wife so long as he achieves his goals.

SPOUSE IN TORMENT — a startling story which contains a warning for us all. A novel which answers many questions, but which leaves many more still unanswered.


“Aaaarrrgggbhh!” she screamed as Ken Morton thrust half his fist up her cunt.

It was seven o’clock in the morning and he wanted another quick fuck before they both had to get up and go to the office.

“You want my cock now, Lou?” he asked.

“You bastard, you know I do,” Louise replied. “Jesus, you’re amazing. You fuck me half the night and then wake me up by shoving your fist up my cunt and saying, ‘I want to fuck you again!'”

He stared down at her lustily. Ken Morton had always fucked his secretaries, but this one might outlast the others. She was a real screamer. She loved sex. And sex was the one thing besides money and power that Ken Morton loved.

He eased his body down until the throbbing cum tube on the underside of his cock lay in the furrow of her gushing cuntal slit. Then he buried his face between the warm softness of her tits.

She breathed hard at his touch and clutched his head between her breasts, jamming the globes against his ears and twisting her fingers in his hair.

He moved his mouth across her naked hot tits and captured one nipple in his mouth. He sucked it with all the lust and power in his tongue and cheeks.

She groaned and moved her chest beneath his face in wild gyrations of joy and rising passion. “Yes, yes, suck on ’em! Make ’em sweat and bounce!”

Harder and harder he sucked, swirling his tongue over the rigid nipples that quivered so delightfully. She answered his intensity by arching her back and raising her chest, eagerly offering both trembling mounds of flesh to his hotly devouring mouth.

“Go on, honey, suck my tits! Suck ’em hard! Yessssss, bite ’em! Make ’em hurt! Bite the shitout of ’em!”

His hands found the tie which held her negligee in place. He jerked it open all the way down to the furry crotch, exposing the softly curling cunt hairs between her throbbing thighs.

The smell of her cunt rising to his nostrils inflamed both his mind and his cock. He lifted and pulled her body to him, covering her mouth with his. Her tongue fuck forward, slipping past his teeth and into his mouth. She moaned loud and long as her arms circled his neck, pressing tightly, molding their mouths together.

“Now I’m going to fuck you.”

“Yes! Gimme your meat, darling! Pour your cock into my fuckhole!”

He sucked again at one of her generous tits as he positioned the big head of his enormous cock at the lips of her pussy. She was soaked with the juices of her arousal. He inched forward and felt his glans part the petals of her cunt.

She punted in anticipation and when he didn’t impale her immediately, she thrust upward with her hips in an effort to capture his cock.

He laughed.

“You teasing son of a bitch!” she cried. “Give it to me! You got me hot, now do something about it! FUCK ME, YOU BASTARD!”

Her thighs opened even wider, her cunt lips writhing spasmodically at the prospect of soon having his magnificent, pleasure-giving cock rammed hotly up her cunt. “Hurry! Give it to me. Shove that fuckin’ cock up me!”

She reached with her hand and grabbed his meat. She pulled him down on top of her and crushed the full length of her body against his. At the same time, she ground her pelvis hard into him, opening her legs wide. Her hot cunt flared open, pouring forth the juice of her desire, waiting for the attack to come.

“Fuck me! FUCK MEEE, DAMMIT!” she wailed, straining her cunt up to the fiery head of his cock. “Put it up inside me… let me feel your cock inside me! Give it to me, now… NOW!”

Her pelvis was grinding upward and forward as she spoke. Her hands dove between their bodies and closed over his prick to guide it into the moist pink lips of her hot, eager cunt.

Ken flexed his hips with a sudden driving thrust that drove his huge, rock-hard prick deep into the gaping wet mouth between her parted thighs. Into her convulsing cunt it went with a shattering force.

And then they were fucking wildly, loudly, as if there would be no tomorrow, and no more fucks.

“Oh, yeah! Oh, fuck yes!” she squealed in delight beneath him as the huge hunk of meat rammed into her writhing body. “Beautiful! Beautiful cock!”

He felt the smooth, pulsating cunt walls slip hotly around his prick, consuming it as it raced to the depths of her cunt. The full length of his huge cock was buried inside her. His balls slapped with a rhythm against her puckered asshole.

“It’s in you, baby! All of it!” he growled.

“Yet, I feel it! It feels so fucking good! Now screw me with it!” she squealed. “Fuck me with it good!”

His cock seemed to have a life of its own as it quivered and throbbed. The foreskin peeled back tautly from the head. He could feel the sticky juices of her willing hole coating his prick like a glove.

Then he was fully inside her, his crotch grinding against hers in an up-and-down motion. He reached under her and cupped the fleshy softness of her asscheeks.

Suddenly her whole body responded to his impaling cock. She became a mass of pulsing flesh. She was coming. She could feel it. He could feel it.

“OHHHHHHHH, shit, fuck shit!” she groaned, loving the shock, beating a tattoo on his ass with her heels and grinding her clit against him. Howling sounds came from her throat as she bounced her tits against his chest and tore at his back with her nails.

“Are you coming already, honey? Is it good? Is it, huh?” he gasped, his mind filled with the wildness and passion that seemed to surge from her body.

She answered him with her body. Her come had been good, almost complete in the wild sensations it had caused all through her, clear up to her tits.

“Now you,” she cried. “Heat up my belly with your cum. Juice my pussy, Ken darling! Come in me!”

“Fuck me back, baby,” he groaned. “Pound my dick with your sweet pussy!”

The spasms started again in her love hole. “Fuck me with it! Hurt me if you can. Tear my pussy apart with your meat!”

His hips drew back, drawing his cock from her cunt until only the head nestled lovingly between her lips. Then she pulled on his buttocks and forced him back into her.

Vibrating quivers bathed his cock as she came again and continued the writhing and bucking of her hips. She groaned her pleasure and let it spread across her face.

He plunged his dick in and out of her in a pumping fuck that excited him even more.

And then he hissed out his passion as he felt the molten cum surge from deep in his balls.

Louise sensed it and reached below her upraised ass to cup his spasming balls as they pumped her full of cum. With a gentle pressure she nudged them and he continued to come in waves of gushing sperm.

“Yes… yes,” she moaned, “fill my cunt with your hot juice!”

She reached her own peak again as the last of his cum poured into her belly. She wrapped her legs around his hips and urged him to keep pumping until she could come yet again.

“Yes, yes… more, more, baby… still more!” she urged.

She pumped against him until a tiny scream erupted from her throat. “Oh, Ken, yes… yes… I’m there again!”

She bucked through a final come and then he pulled his wet, cum-soaked cock from her pussy and crawled up until it was above her face.

“Clean it off, honey,” he urged.

Eagerly and willingly she obliged, replacing all the cum and pussy juice on his love staff with saliva from her hot mouth. Then she dried his cock off by massaging it with her tits.

At last he rolled away from her and reached for the cigarettes. He lit two and handed her one.

“You mind if I come in a little late this morning?” she asked. “I want to have my hair done.”

“‘S okay,” he nodded, dragging deeply on the cigarette. “Harris won’t be in until about eleven.”

“Do you think he’ll award the contracts to you?”

“Can’t say for sure,” Ken replied. “It just depends on how well my wife fucked him last night.”


When Lisa Morton woke up, she felt a stranger in the bed beside her.

She didn’t turn her head at first. At that particular moment, she wanted to enjoy the slow luxury of awakening, wanted time to get her mind operating again. There was a pattern of sunlight reflected through the blinds along one wall, and she turned to look at it.

The pattern was a familiar one. In fact, the position of those slats of light on the wall could almost tell her the time, the way a sundial might. At dawn, the light struck through the window of her twentieth floor apartment and painted bars of sunshine all across the wall near the ceiling. As the dayadvanced and the sun climbed into the sky, those bars would inch down toward the floor. At around noon or so, they would disappear altogether.

She examined the position of the bars carefully, and judged the time to be past nine o’clock. Of course, it would have been much easier to simply look at the clock on her night table, but there was a stranger on that side, and she didn’t want to look at him.

She tried to remember his name and then it came to her — Harris. He was advertising manager for a big cola company and he was about to award a huge advertising contract to her husband’s agency.

Then she remembered Ken’s phone call. “His name’s Harris, honey. Milt Harris. We’ll pull the same old bit. He comes up for dinner, I get tied up, and you entertain him.”



“What if I don’t feel like it?”

“Don’t feel like it?” he laughed. “Hey, baby, this is your old man you’re talkin’ to… you always feel like it! Remember our little deal, and how good it’s been for us. Hump him hard, honey!”

Yes, Lisa remembered their little deal. How in the hell could she forget it?

And so she had gone to bed with another stranger, and she had humped the hell out of him just as Ken had told, her to do.

She sighed. Time was passing. Sooner or later she would have to get up. She had a feeling there were things to do today, and spending the morning in bed would accomplish nothing. The man beside her should be awakened and packed on his way so that she might have some life to herself.

But she didn’t want to awaken him. She had no clear recollection of the previous evening, or of the type of man he might be, but some sense told her he would be a clinger. She entertained a lot of clingers for Ken, and they were the worst of all, worse even than the perverts and fools who sometimes shared her bed.

She had gotten pretty drunk before she had finally let him get her into bed. Anymore, that was the only way she could really enjoy fucking the strangers. Booze made it bearable. But in the mornings she just wanted to get rid of them.

She always had to keep up the pretense that it had been the first time that she had cheated on her husband, and she felt so guilty about it. She puffed up their egos by telling them that Ken would kill her if he ever found out.

Then they would inevitably go to Ken with a guilty conscience. That was part of their deal. The deal they had made when they got married, and both of them had just wanted sex and wealth.

But now that they had the wealth, Lisa found out that she wanted more than just sex; she wanted love to go along with it.

There was no point in worrying about it. If luck was with her this morning, the man beside her might simply awaken, give her a squeeze or two, then get dressed and leave.

Lisa shifted her gaze from the stripes on the wall and eased her body over slowly. She looked first at the clock, and saw her estimation of the time had been accurate. It was nine-thirty-five.

She lowered her eyes and looked at the stranger. He was still sleeping, but not very deeply. He looked as if he would wake up in a few minutes or so. She examined his features, and was a bit surprised to see she didn’t recognize him at all. Of course, it was still a bit early, but she had spent the night with this man, and he should look a little familiar!

The man had kicked the covers down during the night, baring his body from head to waist. Only a single fold of blanket covered his form. On impulse, Lisa reached out and plucked the cloth away.

He stirred slightly, and his hips shifted. He was beginning to awaken.

Lisa moved her body carefully, trying to slip from the bed without rousing him. If she could get to the closet and cover her naked body with a robe before he saw her, it would make the process of getting rid of him that much simpler. Seeing her bare body would only remind him of the night just past, and might trigger the stupid reaction that would turn him into a clinger.

She made it to the edge of the bed and slipped her legs over the side. Now, came the hard part easing herself off the mattress without telegraphing the movement to the springs, or to the man. Slowly and evenly she lifted her lush buttocks from the bed and shifted her weight forward onto her legs.

A hand touched her.

She closed her eyes and inhaled very deeply.

The hand was cupping her left buttock, and the fingers were inching to the right. She stood up quickly and stepped out of reach.

“Hey,” he said.

She didn’t want to turn around. She didn’t want to look at him. All she wanted was for him to go away and leave her alone.

But she turned around anyway.

His cock was already hard, the bulbous knob dangling rigidly above his hairy groin. She just shook her head in wonder that the mere sight of her body could give him a hard-on so quickly. She fought down the tiny flutter in her pussy.

“You were right,” he said, grinning. “Your old man didn’t come home all night.” He lifted himself on one elbow and let his eyes warn don the length of her nude form.

“Good morning,” she said.

“Boy, now that’s something you don’t see every day.”

“What is?”

“A body like that.”

And Lisa did have a body. It was as voluptuously perfect as her face was beautiful.

“I’m beautiful… I know,” she said, “and sometimes it can be a curse.” She pulled on a pair of panties.

“Shit, Lisa, you’re more than beautiful. You’re gorgeous!”

The panties she wore were white in contrast to the golden brown of her tanned skin. Her breasts were two perfect, swaying mounds flaring across her chest. Her black hair cascaded around her shoulders and barely touched the full roundness of her tits. Her panties were cut high on the thighs, revealing the whiteness of her skin between the tan lines.

Lisa watched him fist his cock with one hand while he slowly massaged the huge, hanging sac of his balls with the other.

“You like my tits, don’t you,” Lisa said, half amused.

“They’re perfect,” he said, moving his hand faster, in longer strokes, on his cock.

Indeed they were beautiful. They were firm and stood out from her body in their rounded perfection. The areolas were heavily veined and pink. Her nipples rose in hardness, twinkling at him, inviting his lips and tongue to taste their sweetness.

“Sorry… fun’s over,” she said, doing her best, for a change, to keep her own lust in check.

She turned and walked toward the closet where her robe was hung. She was conscious of the shiver of flesh on her body with each step, conscious also of the fact that he was watching her, seeing the delicious interplay between her tits and hips and buttocks as she moved.

“Hey,” he called again.

She opened the closet door and found the robe. “What is it?” she asked, without turning.

“I said, you look just as good right now and you did last night.”

“I heard you. What about it?”

“Well…” he seemed momentarily at a loss for words. She closed the closet door and turned toward him with the robe draped over an arm.

“Well what?”

“Well… you know. You look so good, you get me all hot again.”

“Do I?”

“And, take it from me, there aren’t many women who can do that to a guy like me. Usually on a morning after, well, I just want to cut out. Before it gets complicated or something. Know what I mean?”

“Yes,” Lisa said. “And you don’t have to worry about complications. I’m married… remember?” She slipped an arm into the robe.

“Hey, you’re not going to cover all those goodies up, are you?”

“I’m chilly,” she replied. “The party’s over.” She slid her other arm into the robe and drew it closed around her body.

“That’s the way it is, huh?”

“That’s the way it is.” Lisa walked across the room, past the foot of the bed, and paused at the door. “Please get dressed now. I have quite a few things to attend to, so I’d appreciate it if you’d let me get started.”

“Where are YOU going?” he asked.

“The kitchen. I’m making some coffee.” She paused. “It should be ready by the time you dress, if you want some.”

She left the bedroom and went dawn the short hallway to the kitchen. As she passed the door to the living room, she saw the collection of glasses and filled ash trays on the table by the couch. She hoped he hadn’t left any cigarettes burning when they had retired to the bedroom she didn’t want any more scars on that coffee table.

In the kitchen, she started the coffee. Her stomach grumbled, and she realized that she was very hungry. But she wouldn’t be able to eat until Harris left. It was always that way after spending the night with a man; she couldn’t eat until til he had departed, and ceased to remind her of the other uses to which she had put her mouth.

The coffee began perking in the little glass knob of the pot, and she turned the flame down. Beyond the kitchen window the sun was shining furiously and the sky was a brilliant blue. It was a good day out there, she thought, and it would be a good day in here as well if that man would ever pull on his pants and leave.

Absently she wondered where, and with whom, Ken had spent the night. The bastard. She was sure he had enjoyed himself a hell of a lot more than she had.

She didn’t hear Harris step into the kitchen behind her. He got her in three places at once. His hands came suddenly from behind her and scooped up her breasts. His chest came up hard against her shoulder blades. And down below, down at the soft cleft of her buttocks, she felt his cock spread her asscheeks.

“I thought you were getting dressed,” she said.

His face was pressed against her shoulder, and his breath blew on the skin of her neck. “I’m not quite ready yet. I told you, I’m still in the mood.”

She glanced at the bubbling coffee pot. For a moment she considered picking it up and emptying the boiling contents all over his naked body. But that would just cause trouble, and trouble was something she didn’t want.

“Please go inside and put your clothes on,” she said.

He turned her around and opened her robe. He gasped in awe as her full, round, dark-tipped globes leaped into view. Their size and firmness filled his mind with desire and his cock with tingling sensations.

Her whole body started shaking as his hands massaged her tits. No, she thought, no, I won’t fuck him again. I did the job, Ken gets the contract, we both make another bundle of money. But I won’t fuck him again.

He moved the robe off her shoulders. It fell softly to the floor. He slid her panties off, revealing the heavy, matted bush of her black cuntal hair. She stood with her legs just a little apart so the rounded curve of her tightly clasped cunt lips could be seen. Inside her cunt lips, the pinkness darkened and beneath them he could see the rounded bottoms of her perfect buttocks. They gleamed white against the darker skin on the inside of her thighs.

He almost whimpered as he moved into her, his cock bouncing in front of his body, its length stiff and straight as it pointed toward her cunt. He groaned in desire as his hands roamed over her belly, her hips, then down across her thighs and up to her cunt. His cock jerked up and down between them, a silver strand of cum seeping from its head as he combed the thick hair of her pussy with his fingers, letting the tips bask in its softness.

Again Lisa shuddered as his fingers dipped into the honey of her pussy. He moved back up her body.

“Hey,” he said, working her breasts in his hands and moving his hips against her. “You’re beginning to see things my way, aren’t you?”

“I’m very tired,” she said. “Please.”

“Now, look, I appreciate how you’re tired, and how you have things to do, and all that. Believe me, I don’t want to bug you. I like you, Lisa. I really do.”

“Please,” she said again.

“I like you so much, in fact, I think maybe I’ll drop by next week for another go-round. How’d you like that?”

“Fine,” she said. “That would be fine.”

“But, right now, well, I’d just like a little something to remember you by. A bit of dessert, sort of. Is that too much to ask?”

She gave up. The man was money in the bank, after all. He was also at least as stubborn as she was. The only way to get rid of him was to give him what he wanted.

She turned off the flame under the coffee pot and picked his hands from her breasts.

“All right,” she said. “Let’s go.”


She looked at him, concentrating her attention on his face. “The bedroom, of course.”

“Oh, why bother?” he said, smiling. “We can take care of the whole thing right heft.”

“In the kitchen?”

“Sure. I told you, I don’t want much. Not a whole fling thing. Just a memento of last night, that’s all I want.”

He stared at her hungrily, and all at once she knew what was on his mind. Damn him, she thought, at this hour of the morning the son of a bitch wants a blow-job.

“Very well,” she said, pointing at a kitchen chair. “Sit down over there.”

“I haven’t told you what!”

“I know what you want.”

He grinned. “Yeah, I guess maybe you do. You’re really some hunk of woman, right down the line.” He went over to the chair and sat down.

She bent down and opened a cabinet beneath the sink. There was a soft rubber kitchen mat in there, and she pulled it out onto the floor.

“What’s that for?” he asked.

“Me,” she said. Still without looking at him, she kicked the mat in front of him and knelt down.

She was leaning toward him when he pushed his hands out. “Just a second,” he said. His voice was thick with excitement. “There’s something I want to do first.”

She leaned back and his hands slid down to circle her tits. He worked the flesh in his fingers, teasing them methodically. She waited, her hands resting on her knees, enduring it.

“Man,” he said, “you have a pair! Say, Lisa honey, did anybody ever tell you what a prize-winning set you have? But that’s a silly question, isn’t it? I guess you know all about that.”

She didn’t answer. She felt the flesh responding to his touch. He would be certain the stiffening of her nipples was a signal of passion. Men always seemed to think that. Lisa had often wished she could control that reaction. It would have saved her a lot of trouble.

“Lisa? Baby?”


“Touch me some,” he said. “I can feel how much you’re enjoying this. Come on, do it nice, the way you did last night.”

She did as he asked. Her hands came up to him. His breath hissed between his teeth as she began caressing him.

It wasn’t always possible for her to shut off her mind completely, but she tried. She tried to think of other things… of books she had read, of clothes she wanted to buy, of her and Ken’s plans for the future, of her friends, of anything at all which would blind her to what she was doing. As usual, the effort was only partially successful. Her fingers made old familiar patterns while her mind wandered furiously.

If only this was Connie sitting before her, she thought. How different this lousy moment might be. She tried to concentrate on Connie as she continued, tried to think of the pleasure of being with Connie, the delight of feeling Connie in her arms. If she could hold that image in her mind, she might be able to forget what she was doing, and how it repulsed her.

“Now, Lisa,” he said. His voice was as moist and husky as a drunkard’s. “Now, honey… now!”

She did. She leaned forward. Her tits shifted in his hands, and she felt his fingers ride until they were touching her nipples. The fingers closed and held the tiny stems painfully.

She ignored the pain. Her hands slid to his legs and she positioned her face. Then she closed her eyes and dropped forward.

“Suck it! Don’t be frightened! Oh, baby, my dick wants to feel your mouth on him!”

Slowly, but almost willingly now, she opened her mouth and took the massive cockhead into her throat. He raised his right leg up on her shoulder, gaining the advantage of a position where he could worm his way into the back of her throat. “I said suck it, baby. Suck it hard!”

Her lips encircled the head of his cock and he lunged forward on the chair, driving it into her throat. “Suck it!” he cried. “SUCK MY FUCKING COCK!”

She tried vainly to lift her head from his pole, but he was so drowned now in his own lust, that nothing short of a climax would stop him from driving his cock deeper into her throat.

He lifted her hands from his prick and knotted his fingers in her mane of satin-black hair. Slowly, dawn, down, he pulled her head, forcing his cock into her throat deeper and deeper.

Lisa felt that she had now reached the peak of her degradation, that there was nothing more she could do, to completely destroy her image and self-esteem. Why not suck him off? Why not let him do whatever he wanted with her?

She began the movements of jaw, tongue and cheeks that are so delicious to male pricks. Harris looked down at Lisa’s beautiful face sucking his cock and nearly went out of his mind with sensual rage. For him, the most powerful sight in the world was to see a lovely woman’s lips eagerly sucking at his fuck stick.

His prick was almost in up to the hilt when he felt the head nudge against the opening of her throat. She protested, choking and gagging and rearing her head. She was terrified that she would suffocate or throw up.

“Don’t be frightened,” Harris moaned. “The more you fight it, the more you’ll clamp up. Just let your throat relax, as if you were going to swallow a nice, juicy piece of meat!”

Lisa pushed him away. “It’s making my mouth sore. My tongue, my cheeks… they hurt.”

“Don’t let that bother you. That’s the kind of pain that feels so good later on. Just keep sucking as you’ve been doing, baby. I’m going to sink this cock of mine right down into your belly, but you keep sucking. I’ve got a big cum load, and it’s growing bigger by the minute. I want you to suck it out of me… all of it. Suck that sperm wad out of me, and it’s yours! The whole wad slithering down inside your throat to your belly!”

“Oh, no! I can’t swallow it! I just can’t!”

Harris silenced her by filling her mouth with his prick, shoving hard until it butted against the back wall of her throat once more. “Now, do like I told you. Let your jaw drop as far as it can go. I’m coming all the way in!” And with that, he felt the far end of his smooth, rubbery cockhead slip into a dark passageway of incredible warmth and softness. The sensation was delicious and he let her know it by moaning in a kind of delirium of delight and loosening his grasp in her hair. Sitting there, his prick buried so deeply within her, holding on to her head and hair as though they were disconnected to her body, his head thrown back, his eyes rolling, Harris was in heaven.

“Play with my balls… that’s it, baby! Now, pull the whole bag down, not too hard! Hang on them, swing on them!”

As much as she despised it, the rigid fuck pole in her throat was getting to her. She could feel the juices from far up inside her cunt flawing down and spilling out of her lower lips. The sticky goo from her pussy slithered over her inner thighs.

It was too much. She couldn’t hold it back. As she felt the cock start to throb toward climax in her mouth, she snaked her hand between her thighs. She found her cunt and started finger fucking herself and getting her clit off with the heel of her hand.

Her tongue and mouth took on a will of their own. They sucked his cock flesh wildly. Suck, suck, suck, her mind screamed as she tore at her pussy and laved the head and barrel of his plunging prick with her tongue.

No longer was the task revolting. Now she wanted to suck and she wanted to drink his cum.

Her body took over her mind totally. Her free hand crept up his spread calves, over his thighs to the taut muscles of his asscheeks. She pulled from behind, pressing him ever closer to her working lips. She opened her mouth even wider to allow him more and easier access to her working throat. She sucked with abandon on his prick.

She could see the result of her labors as his whole body quivered, the muscles rippling upward from his thighs as he rocked his hips forward and back, sending his cock with ever increasing pressure and power into the far recesses of her throat.

She heard him scream as she dug the tip of her tongue into the opening at the tip of his cock. She burrowed into his cockhead. He tasted pungent, and again she felt the quivers in her cunt.

“I’m going to come! OH, SHIT!” he screamed, as he violently shoved his cock into her mouth. When it was embedded deeply in her throat, his hips working faster, plunging his loaded prick deeper and deeper into her face. Every second brought his cum closer to the boiling point. He panted loudly as he thrust and bucked his massive cock into the wet tightness of her mouth.

Then, even as her own body shuddered in climax, his cum filled her throat in great spasms. Jolt after jolt vibrated the length of his fuckhole and thudded against the back of her throat.

His whole body stiffened. His stomach was flat against her. His fingers were clutching the tender thrusting of her nipples, and now he began to pull at the flesh, twisting in his fingers, making bolts of pain shoot through her.

The second her own climax was over, Lisa again hated herself. She wanted it done with, but his cock was still pouring hot goo into her mouth.

He talked the whole time. “Ahhh, Lisa, baby… ohhhhh, baby… that’s so great… my God, that fantastic mouth of yours! I just want you to keep that up. Ahhhhh, this is the… most… uhhhhh! I never met a woman who knew so much about… ohhhhh… OHHHHHHH!” His voice died in a screech.

After it was over, Lisa remained on the mat. When Harris finally stood up, she leaned forward and laid her head down on her crossed arms. He spoke to her, but she didn’t hear him and didn’t reply.

A few minutes later, she realized he had left the kitchen. But she didn’t stir until she heard the front door of the apartment slam behind him.

Several minutes passed before she climbed to her feet. She crossed the kitchen, put the flame under the coffee again, then went to the bathroom and threw up.

When she returned to the kitchen, the coffee was perking black as ink. She took a cup from the drain and brought the pot over to the table.

There were six cups of coffee in the pot. She drank them all, black. By the time she finished the last of them, her mouth tasted of coffee instead of cum.


“Ben, I want to ask you something.”

“Come on, Connie, can’t it wait?” The girl worked hard fending off the man’s exploring hands. “No, really… this is serious, Ben.”

“You’re telling me.” His seeking fingers found and clutched a tit through her robe.

She giggled. “Aw, Ben… you don’t ever want to listen to anything I say.”

He cuddled one breast in his palm, cuddled his cheek up the other. “Certainly I do, sweetie. I listen to every word like it was gospel. But right now I’ve got an ear full of boob and all I can hear is the call of the wild. Ask me later.”

They were on a bed together, Connie clothed only in a sheer robe, Ben wearing nothing but his shorts. He was a broadly built man, and had no difficulty rolling her onto her back in spite of her protests.

“Ben, I’ll forget all about it later. You know how I am when you finish with me… you get me all goofy.”

“You do the same for me, doll. Even if you remember your question, I might not be able to answer it.” His agile fingers were undoing the knot at her waist, and in the space of a second, her robe had parted.

“Damn you,” Connie said good-naturedly as the shudders of familiar pleasure ran through her flesh. “You always get what you want, you louse.”

He lifted his mouth from her cunt long enough to say, “When I want it badly enough, Connie.” Then his hand clutched the sphere, and his lips dropped to kiss it once more.

Her fingers toyed idly in his hair while he kissed her. She closed her eyes and sighed. There was a little ball of worry at the back of her mind, but her awakening desire suppressed it until her only thoughts were of passion.

Later would be time enough. She would ask him later.

Ben Faraday had been the first man in a long time who had been able to build a fire in her pussy and her belly. Consequently, Ben was one of only two people that Connie Bascom gave her body to. The other was Lisa Morton. Everyone else paid for it. Connie was a hooker, one of the best in the city. That didn’t mean Connie didn’t give her customers their money’s worth. She loved to fuck. But she fucked the customers only with her body. Ben and Lisa, she fucked with her whole being.

In a way she guessed that Ben was paying for her pussy, but she didn’t like to think of it that way. He was her psychiatrist. He treated her for free, and she fucked him for free. But after the very first time together, she knew it was for real. He was a fabulous lover and he had a foot long cock that swelled to a girth of three inches. Connie considered herself a very lucky girl.

She wished Lisa could be so lucky. That was what she wanted to talk to Ben about, but right now she found it hard to think about Connie, with Ben’s huge cock pressing against her belly and his lips biting her erect nipples.

“God, I love your big tits,” he moaned.

“They love you too, Ben,” she sighed. “Suck ’em… bite ’em. Turn me on good and then pour that monster into my ass or my pussy!”

Her sharp-nailed fingers fled down his back to the elastic band of his shorts. He shifted his frame, never ceasing in his kiss, allowing her to work his shorts down onto the floor.

Her hand sought and found his cock. She felt his lips tense against her, and smiled.

Connie was a businesswoman. She had the efficiency, the assets, and the concentration necessary to make her business a success. But the qualities never prevented her from enjoying her work. Like a writer who writes because he loves to, Connie fucked because she loved to.

That was another reason she always thrilled when Ben called and said he was coming up. He loved her pussy as much as she loved his cock. Furthermore, he had the ability to go along with his enjoyment, and he had the stamina to match the fury of his desires. In all respects, Connie considered Ben an admirable example of male development, and a man whom she would always urge to return again.

Her hand moved, light-fingered and maddening, teasing, while his lips made a circle around her nipple.

He was a good stud, she thought, but that was only part of it. She entertained an awful lot of losers in her line of work, and it was a genuine pleasure to welcome a real man every once in a while.

But Ben’s prowess was given dimension by the fact of his sharpness. That was the only word she could find to really describe him. He was sharp. He was knowledgeable, he was quick, he was aware of what was happening and why.

By God, she thought, there were damn few men like that. Fewer even than there were really skilled performers in bed. If she hadn’t been a hooker, and if he hadn’t been such an anti-romantic, they probably would have been married by now.

The preliminaries were drawing to a rapid close. Her cunt was soaking with the honey of her desire. She no longer teased his big dick, but squeezed it urgently. Her fist around his wealth of male meat drew it to the heated depths of her cuntal lips.

He required little urging.

His hip lifted from the bed, and she trapped him. With her arms locked around him, she drew him to her. His face came even with her own, his hands fondling her tits.

“You’re a honey,” Ben said. “You know that?”

“For you I am,” Connie replied. “Not for everybody.”

“You’d make some man a wonderful wife, but don’t ever let it happen. The world needs a woman as good as you.”

“A woman needs a man as good as you,” she returned. “But you talk too much. You should quit talking and start fucking!”

He was way ahead of her.

The musky smell of desire and passion rose to his nostrils from the wet slit between her thighs.

The hot feminine odor of her sex whirled in his brain and drove him to an instant peak of desire.

“God, I love to fuck you,” he moaned.

“Then put it in, lover. Sock your cock to me!” Connie groaned, her mouth dry and her body undulating wildly beneath him.

Slowly, in ecstasy, he teased her cunt by running his bulbous cockhead up and down the wet slit from her clit to her anus and back again. Then he stopped at the hole and slowly entered her nest. His moist prick slid slowly down, deeper and deeper, into the hairy, anxious jaws of her clasping cunt.

“Ohhhhhh… feels good, Ben… big beautiful dick coming into me.”

“Fuck it back, baby,” he groaned. “Slide your cunt up over it!”

Her whole body shook and quivered. Up, down her full, firm asscheeks bounced on the bed as his erect tool probed the depths of her belly through the walls of her cunt.

“Oh, shit… fuck, fuck… FUCK!” she cried.

“Sweet, sweet pussy.”

He was swift and sure. As always, her muscles tensed. His fingers pummeled her tits, his thumbs pushed down onto her nipples, he began to set a rhythm which matched perfectly the beating of her heart.

She gave herself completely, letting pleasure rinse out her mind, letting her body take command. It was always that way with Ben. All that was needed was her body and his, and the minds inside those bodies were there only to sense for as long as the sensation lasted.

As the bedsprings squeaked, their breaths blew from their mouths in a rhythm that wasn’t entirely exertion. Like a musical trio, the sounds, creaking, sighing, combined to produce a single sound, a single concept.


She raked his back with her nails. He dug his teeth into her shoulder. He swung his weight furiously against her.

His fingers were painful on her breasts now, but she wasn’t feeling the pain. His abdomen was reddening hers, but she wasn’t noticing that either. His teeth were digging far too deeply into her shoulder, but she had no will to worry over the bruise he was leaving.

His prick found the heart of her cavern with each driving thrust. He twisted and squeezed the nipples of her tits as they swayed and slapped together on her heaving chest.

“Ohhhh… ohhhh, Ben, send your big fucking cock into me!”

“Like that, honey?” he said, jarring her teeth with erotic delight with his assault.

“Ohhhhh, yes. OHHHHHH, BEN… your fuck, it’s sooooooo wonderful! I’m going to… come. I’m coming with you… I’m shooting… oh, fuck, son of a bitch, I’m shooting so good!”

Their pulsations continued for what seemed an eternity. She didn’t think his fuck would ever end. The orgasm was the strongest, the heaviest, the most satisfying she had experienced. Ben’s hot cum just wouldn’t quit streaming into her cunt, and she could feel her pussy rapidly filling with the result of both their spends.

The sensations slowly came to a halt.

And it was over.

Ages later, she became aware of his chest crushing her ravished breasts. The flat plane of his hairy stomach wasp hard against her. His muscles untensed and relaxed one by one.

Her arms slipped from his back as the last fragment of pleasure danced through her.

I don’t love him, she thought. I like him, but I don’t love him. I love loving.

He lifted his head finally and looked into her face. His hair was plastered to his forehead.

“Wow!” he whispered.

“You’re so right,” Connie smiled, and lifted a hand to stroke his cheek happily. “Ben, you’re a champ. I’ll tell the world.”

“Don’t bother,” he said, gulping for breath and trying to smile at the same time. “If you told the world, I’d have women knocking at my door all day, and I want to save it all for you.”

“Louse. Big, beautiful louse.” She grinned back at him.

He moved away, and rolled onto his back, and groped blindly toward the floor, trying to locate his shirt. “Cigarette?”

“Sure. It’s tradition.”

He laughed. In a moment, two cigarettes were lit, and smoke was rising from the bed like steam from their exhausted bodies.



“I wanted to talk to you. Remember?”

“You did?”

“Yes. And you said you’d talk after. Well, this is after.”

He laughed. “That sums it up. Okay, baby… shoot. What’s on your mind?”

“A friend of mine. A dear friend.”


“Her name is Lisa and she’s got one hell of a problem.”

“What kind of a problem?”

He looked at her, startled. “You want to start passing my cock around?”

“Not really,” Connie laughed. “But that big hunk you’ve got just might straighten her out.”

“Ben, her problem was she used to love sex too much. Now she’s fallen in love with her husband.”

“That is a little strange.”

“Don’t make fun,” Connie said. “It’s true, and it’s weird. She’d never go to you professionally, but if I introduced you as just a friend, you might be able to help her.”

“For you, love… anything. What’s the deal?”

“Well, it all started in college, when she met her husband. Believe me, it is strange. You see, what happened was…”


Milt Harris walked into Ken’s office behind Louise. He watched the girl’s ass jiggling beneath the taut skirt and shuddered when he realized that, as well as no bra, the bitch wore no panties.

Damn, he thought, what a deal Ken Morton has a beautiful wife, and a beautiful secretary. Harris wondered if he was plugging the secretary. He was sure the ad executive would if he knew that his wife was fucking around like she was.

“Milt, good to see you,” Ken said, rising behind his desk and extending his hand.

Harris took the hand and mumbled hello. His eyes were still on the secretary’s body.

“Will there be anything else, Mr. Morton?”

“Not now, Louise.”

Both men watched the clock like precision of the leggy brunette’s ass movements as she walked across the room and through the door.

“Damn, oh damn, that’s nice,” Harris said, turning back to Ken and casing his big body into one of the leather chairs.

“I wouldn’t know,” Ken replied. “When you’ve got a wife like I have, you just don’t screw around… even with someone as attractive as Louise.”

Harris coughed and hoped his face didn’t give his thoughts away. “Yeah… yeah, I suppose you’re right. I’m not as lucky. My wife… well, that’s another story.”

“Sorry I couldn’t make it last night. But I called Lisa a little while ago and she told me everything went fine.”

“Yeah… yeah,” Harris replied. “Your wife is great company, fine food, and good conversation. We had a very enjoyable evening.”

“What time did you leave?” Ken said. “Lisa was asleep when I got in.”

You lying sack of shit, Harris thought. His mind was on the wild fuck Ken’s wife had given him the night before, and the equally fine blow-job that morning. So much so that he almost blurted out ten o’clock this morning, but he caught himself. “Oh, it was late. I really don’t remember.”

“She’s a fine lady,” Ken said.

“Yeah, she sure is,” Harris said, averting his eyes and puffing papers from his briefcase. “Well, shall we get down to business?”

“Sure thing,” Ken said, calmly. But inwardly he was sensing another victory, another contract. And all because of Lisa’s talented body.

He barely heard Harris’ voice droning on about figures as he, for the hundredth time, congratulated himself on the greatest merger of his young business career marrying Lisa.

He had been dating and fucking and living with a girl named Shirley almost his whole time at school. She wanted marriage, but Ken had no time for it. He wanted a lot of varied sex, and success in business. Shirley just wasn’t the wife for him.

Then one night another couple came over for dinner. Bob was a fraternity brother of Ken’s who also dug sex and managed to find girls who swung. Shirley always knew that when Bob and a date came over, the evening usually ended up in a foursome naked and fucking each other’s brains out on the living room floor.

Bob’s date that night was Lisa, and the moment Ken saw her he decided that he wanted some of that raven-haired beauty in private first. All the way through dinner, Lisa let him know with her eyes that she was more than willing.

After dinner, with the girls still in the kitchen, Ken made his pitch. “I have an idea… why don’t we split up first, Bob. You fuck Shirley down here and I’ll take Lisa up to the bedroom.”

“Jeez, I don’t know…” Bob said. “I’ve only laid Lisa once myself. I figured we were going to swing in a foursome…”

“We will… we will,” Ken insisted. “But later. Man, you’ve never had Shirley alone. She really comes unhinged when I’m not there watching!”


“You’ll love it, Bob,” Ken said, closing the trap. “She’ll turn you inside out.”

Before he could change his mind, Ken had grabbed Lisa and maneuvered her to the upstairs bedroom.

“How did you manage this?” Lisa asked. “I told Bob how much Shirley wanted to fuck him alone.”

“Did she?”

“No. But I wanted to fuck you alone first.”

“I’m game, but poor Shirley.”


“Bob’s a lousy lay. I only came tonight because I’d heard about you.”

“Well, what are we waiting for? Do you wanna fuck?”

She smiled. It was almost a leer. “That’s what I came up here for.”

He took her in his arms and they dropped back onto the bed.

She lowered her lips to his. They were moist and soft as they closed over his, searching, demanding passion. Her tongue moved lightly over his lips at first, then probed between them, seeking entrance.

He reached up and touched her breasts that pressed tightly against the blouse. They were hard, encased in a tight bra. The blouse itself was stretched to the straining point by her huge tits.

“Oh, yeah,” Ken moaned, cupping her full tits in his hand as their lips parted. “I like these. Nice, very fucking nice.”

She unbuttoned her blouse. Shrugging it from her shoulders, she reached behind her to release the hooks of her bra. Her monumental breasts seemed to fill the air around his head when she leaned forward. She thrust them at him. Then she pressed herself down on top of him. She growled out her sexual joy when he answered her desires by squeezing and pinching her hardened nipples.

“Damn, you do want it, don’t you!” he gasped.

“You’re going to find out just how much,” she hissed. “Put some music on!”

Ken found a station on the radio by the bed; slow, sensual music filled the room. Lisa nodded to him to leave the dial them. She stood to her full height and started to dance, slowly at first, but then in double time to the music.

Her hips moved suggestively. Her long, silky black hair cascaded over her huge tits. Her tits swayed back and forth as she moved. Now and then a dark, pink-tinted nipple darted out invitingly behind her hair.

“You like my tits?” she breathed.

“Biggest and best I’ve ever seen,” Ken rasped.

“They like to be sucked, and bitten… I dig everything about sex, Ken. Everything that can be done. And I’ve already done most of it and I’m looking for more.”

“That’s what I’m here for, baby,” he said, starting to pull off his own clothes.

It was obvious to Ken that in this lusciously built girl he was meeting his sexual counterpart. His cock got harder and longer and thicker in his hand as he watched her dance around the room.

She peeled her clothes off as she moved. “Want to see my pussy?” she said.

“Take it off, honey,” Ken said, squeezing his prick so the head filled with blood and gleamed invitingly to her.

Lisa grinned wickedly and tore the skirt from her body. She threw it into his face. He pulled it away and watched as she threw her head backward and thrust the dark patch of her bikini-covered cunt and her jutting, magnificent breasts forward.

He could see everything, and it was fantastic.

But he wanted her completely naked; he wanted to see it all.

She took her time about peeling her panties off, knowing that it was driving him wild with lustful desire. No man could resist those legs of hers.

Ken’s patience was being tried. He urged her to finish stripping and she soon obliged him. She was as hot to get laid as he was. Finally, sensuously, she stepped out of the brief panties and moved toward him. He wasted no time shedding the remainder of his own clothes, showing her an erection that had to be satisfied.

Lisa dropped to her knees before him. He had been such a complimentary audience that she felt she had to do something very special for him. She rubbed her soft lips on his prick and soon had the hunk of male meat covered with smudges of her lipstick.

Then she leaned back and snaked out her tongue again and again. Ken was soon hard as a granite. He grabbed her head and pressed it against his body, making his huge prick almost disappear between her clinging lips.

“That’s it, baby,” he urged her. “You sure know how to make a man happy. Someday I’m going to steal you from that bastard Bob. Just wait and see.”

“Beautiful, hard cock,” she murmured. She took his meat back into her mouth and looked up at him with blight, flashing eyes. She would give him the best blow-job of his life. And she would fuck him until he begged her to stop.

Ken looked down at her with complete satisfaction. It wasn’t that he was tired of Shirley, but it was nice to have a different woman for a change, especially one like Lisa, who seemed to know all the ropes.

She was using every trick in the book to increase his pleasure. She took his prick all the way into her mouth until it had disappeared into the soft moistness of her throat. Her teeth rested gently on the base of it while her soft lips pulled at his wire pubic hair. Ken couldn’t believe it. No woman had ever been able to swallow all his meat. Lisa took him into her throat so deep she could nibble his balls with her lips.

Ken knew that he was going to come quickly under her expert ministrations, and he did everything possible to delay his orgasm. It just wasn’t right to come so quickly when she was showing him such a good time.

Lisa sucked harder and harder at the big cock that was filling her mouth to capacity. It tickled her throat and made her want to gag, but nothing could make her stop until she had got what she wanted a hot frothing stream of cream.

“Oh, Jesus, can you suck cock,” Ken cried, as he hunched his meat into her face. “Take it. OHHHHHHH… TAKE IT ALL!” He gave up trying to hold back his orgasm. His balls began to throb uncontrollably. It was obvious to both of them that he would come in a matter of seconds.

He shoved his prick into her mouth one last time and then felt his balls explode. A wave of passion ran through his limbs and coursed through his blood. Finally he shot his load, a tremendous stream of hot cum that was impossible to swallow.

One spasm after another passed through his body and Lisa was amazed at the amount of cum he could produce. She gulped down as much as she could, but some of it leaked out of the corner of her mouth, running down her chin to form a sticky puddle between her heaving tits.

“Ummmmn, that’s so nice,” she told him. “Now I want you to fuck me good and hard. This time you can take all the time you want before coming.”

“Sure thing, baby,” he told her. “Your wish is my command, especially when you want to fuck.”

Ken leaped between her thighs, grinding his meat with one hand toward her cunt hole.

“Fm me up, lover,” Lisa groaned as she felt his still-erect cock slide with ease up her soaking channel. “Yes… YES! All the way… GIVE ME EVERY INCH OF IT!”

It was a combination of her wild lust and her beauty that enabled Ken to keep it up for a second fuck so soon after blowing a big come into her mouth. Only a few times before had he been able to do that. Lisa was a sex machine that could keep him turned on indefinitely. Already, as he plunged into her warm softness, he was making plans.

“Is it all in?”

“Not quite,” he panted.

“All of it… God, it’s big! GIVE ME ALL OF IT!”

Lisa knew just how she wanted to be fucked. Rat on her back and with no fancy stuff. That was the way she reacted most passionately. She lay flat on the bed and spread her legs provocatively, knowing just how he would respond.

And he did. Moaning with anticipation, grasping his throbbing cock in one hand, he moved quickly atop her on the bed. Running the bulbous head along the length of her soaking slit, he suddenly gave one mighty, thrusting lunge. The massive prick went in easily despite its enormous girth, and Lisa sighed with lust as he began to fuck her. She was glad Ken had arranged for them to, be alone first. If she fucked him in Bob’s presence, she couldn’t help but be competitive with him and with Shirley. Alone with Ken, she could really enjoy herself and fuck for the sheer joy of it.

All Ken was aware of was that his idea had been a complete success. He had no idea of what was going on in the living room, but the sounds of passion he could faintly hear told him all he really needed to know.

Shirley was good enough to take care of any man and he hoped that Bob was taking full advantage of her talents. It was nice to have a girl who didn’t care how much you fucked around, particularly when it was with her own gorgeous and passionate friends.

He shoved his prick all the way in and then lowered his head to bite into her nipples. It was something he had done a million times, but every time it was like doing something new.

He began to move his hips forward, using a flowing motion that drove Lisa wild with lust. He didn’t seem to have a bone in his body as he fucked her, and every muscle seemed to have a life of its own. Ken was a real natural who had known how to fuck since the age of eleven.

Lisa responded by grinding her ass into the bed and shoving her body against Ken’s chest. He was so hairy that it tickled her at first, but soon the wiry hair increased her passion to the breaking point. She knew she would be coming soon, and coming big.

He reached under her and cupped his hands beneath her jiggling buttocks, holding her close against his body. His finger plunged into her asshole and explored it gently.

She moaned with passion and encouraged him to go deeper with his finger. It felt so good to lay there completely helpless, not knowing what he would do to her body next.

She responded to every one of his subtle movements with gyrations of her pelvis. There was nothing he would do that she couldn’t match, no stroke that was too difficult to imitate. It was a kind of friendly competition as to who would come first.

She rubbed her tits all over his chest and knew that she was getting him close. His face was covered with sweat and he was breathing harder and harder, almost like a drowning man. Their bodies were glued together with a film of salty sweat. She ground her cunt over his cock and her ass over his fingers.

“You like it in the ass, too?” he panted.

“I love it everywhere,” she groaned.

“Then let’s switch,” he breathed, pulling out of her and rolling off the bed.

“What are you going to do?” she asked, frowning.

“C’mere, and I’ll show you,” he said, plopping down in a chair.

He sat comfortably and told Lisa to get on top of him, face to face. The girl followed his directions, squeezing her ankles against his hips and straddling his torso with her thighs. It was hard to hold her balance but she finally managed to succeed, wondering what he intended to do with her, but knowing it would be good.

Her big tits were right in front of his eyes and he couldn’t resist taking a bite out of the luscious globes. He sucked them until her nipples were red and puckered and then decided to get down to serious business.

He told her that in this position she could lower herself onto his cock so that his prick would go alternately into her cunt and asshole. She didn’t believe it was possible at first but he urged her to try it and find out for herself. Eager to learn anything new in sex, she lowered herself onto him and found that her cunt surrounded his prick with ease. She pulled herself up again, holding onto his shoulders, and then tried to get his prick into her asshole. It was almost as successful as it had been with her cunt.

“It really does work!” she exclaimed. “How the fuck did you ever come up with this?”

“Trade secrets,” He teased her. “I can’t give them away, but if you’re a good girl, maybe I’ll teach you something else as well!”

Lisa smiled at him and then lowered her body onto his prick. It was a great position for her for several reasons. She could control the pace and alternate fuck holes at her leisure. Also, it made it easier for him to penetrate deeply into her.

She slowly lowered herself so that the big prick glided into her asshole. She remained that way so his giant cock was buried to the hilt every time he moved his body, it felt like she would be shot through the ceiling.

She raised herself up again and then came right down on the rigid tool which slid easily into her cunt. She loved this new position, but she was tiring and knew that she couldn’t keep up the pace much longer.

Ken sensed her discomfort and told her to slide off him, onto the floor, down onto her hands and knees. This way she could relax and he could still choose between her ass and cunt holes.

He crouched right behind her and shoved his prick into her well-lubricated asshole. Both of them loved the deep penetration that this position provided. Lisa moved her body backward so that her ass pressed against her new lover’s hairy midsection while his balls slapped against her cunt. She could hardly wait for her orgasm.

Ken looked down at the gorgeous piece of ass beneath him and blessed his good luck. Shirley was woman enough to keep any man happy, but Lisa was something else altogether.

He reached around and began to caress her big tits, cupping his fingers over her broad pink nipples. The rosy flesh became hard and puckered under his insistent ministrations and he could feel her cunt honey dripping onto his swaying balls.

He reached lower, rubbing her soft belly, then locating the sensitive bud of her clitoris between the folds of her labia. He squeezed the tiny pink organ and worked it over until his hands were soaked with pussy juice. Then he plunged three fingers into her cunt, bringing a shriek from her red, parted lips.

“Oh! Oh, lover… that brings me so close… so close!”

He could feel his own prick through the narrow wall of flesh that separated Lisa’s cunt from her asshole. It was like jerking off at the same time he was buggering her. He soon had to stop. He could feel his jism burning in his balls and he wanted them to both come at the same time.

He slowed down the pace and then switched his prick from asshole to cunt, knowing that it would make her all the hotter. She began to buck her hips backward and he knew that she would shoot her load in a few seconds.

He worked harder and then knew that he could come whenever he wanted to. At last she exploded, oozing her juices all over his prick and balls and Ken responded with an orgasm of his own, equally powerful and intense.

He shoved his prick in for the last time just as she came. She surprised him with the violence of her come, but he matched her gyrations and wild bucking motions with his own passion.

“Aahhh… hard… pound it into me hard!” Lisa wailed, impaling her creaming channel on his jerking cock.

“Oh, baby… baby, you’re something else. Something fucking else!” Ken panted, sending the entire length of his mammoth prick into her with each lunge.

Hot cunt juice mixed with boiling jism inside Lisa’s clasping pussy as both of their sweating bodies emptied their loads of passionate release. Time and time again he pumped into her, until at last his straining balls were empty, and he collapsed on top of her, reluctantly withdrawing his cock from her soaking pussy.

“Well,” he said finally, “are you ready to go downstairs? I’m afraid our time’s up.”

“Don’t you want another blow-job?” she teased. “We can do it quickly.”

“Forget it,” Ken grinned. “You women are all the same. No respect for a man at all. I ought to take you over my knee someday.”

“I think I’d like that.”

“I’ll bet you would,” he replied wearily.

They went downstairs, had another drink, and then had a four-way fuck on the living room floor. Watching Lisa fuck Bob while she sucked him and he ate Shirley, cemented the idea Ken already had formed.

Just before they left that night, he managed to get Lisa alone long enough to arrange a luncheon date the next day.

They met at noon in the dark corner of a little restaurant.

“What do you want out of life, Lisa?”

“Lost of kicks… fun,” she replied.

“So do I… but what do you call kicks… and fun?”

“Money and sex,” she said, and then laughed. “I’ll probably turn out to be a high-priced hooker.”

“There’s an easier way,” Ken said, and then explained his plan.

Shirley moved out that afternoon and Lisa moved in. They swung for the rest of the year until they both graduated, and then they got married.

Corbin and Roberts was the best agency in town. When Lisa got done with the two old fools, Ken was the head of their production staff. And within three years he had his own agency and they were well on their way to becoming a very wealthy young couple.

All they needed was one big, million-dollar contract… and Milt Harris could provide that.

Something in Harris’ tone drew Ken back to the present.

“I’m sorry, Milt,” he said. “My mind must have been wandering. What did you say?”

“I said that I was sorry.”

“About what?”

“About not being able to give you the contract.”

“But… but I thought it was in the bag. I’ve already hired a whole new creative staff just for your project. I’ve spent thousands on research!”

“Well, that’s too bad, Ken, but I can’t help it,” Harris said. “I just don’t like your approach to the campaign, and your budget is far too high.”

You son of a bitch, Ken thought, you cock-sucker. You fuck the hell out of my wife and you don’t even have enough guilt about it to stick to your word.

Ken was sweating. His whole future depended on landing the contract from Harris’ company. If he didn’t get it, it could very well break him.

“Isn’t there some way we can get together on this, Milt?”

A strange light came into the man’s dark eyes. It was a penetrating, evil loot that Ken hadn’t seen there before. Then he spoke and his voice had the same ominous quality.

“Tell you what, Ken. I’d be more than willing to talk it over some more. Why don’t you and Lisa come up to my mountain place over the weekend. You can meet my wife, and maybe we can get together… on this, I mean.” He leered as his fingers tapped the briefcase in his lap.


When Lisa arrived at Connie’s apartment, Connie was all ready for her.

She was dressed in a sheer robe of pale blue material, which accentuated the whiteness of her skin. As she stood in the open door smiling, Lisa let her eyes roam down the length of her body.

“Lisa, darling.” The woman’s voice was soft and smooth. Lisa could see naked flesh through that robe and she could hear lust behind the quiet of that voice. It made her tremble, but she tried to hide it.

“Hello, Connie. May I come in?”

“Of course, darling. What a silly question.” She stood aside and took Lisa’s hand, drawing her gently into the apartment. The door closed with a click.

“I didn’t know if you’d be alone or not,” Lisa said.

Connie laughed softly as she took Lisa’s coat. “This evening, for a change, I’m quite free. I’m so happy to see you, Lee.”

The nickname stirred something very deep inside Lisa. Connie was the only person who ever called her Lee, and the name was special and very private.

“I’m even happier to see you,” she said. “I needed very much to see you tonight.”

“Did you?” Connie led her across the living room to a couch, made her sit, then went to a sideboard and began mixing a pair of drinks. “Was there some special reason, darling, or was it just…” She let the sentence finish itself.

Lisa leaned back on the couch and relaxed. “Nothing really special,” she said? “Same old thing.”


“Yes… and a man named Harris. He has a huge contract, and we’re trying to get it.”

“And this Harris insisted on staying the night?” Connie asked.

“Yes. And this morning he woke up ready to come, instead of ready to go away. He simply wouldn’t take no for an answer.”

“Alt yes,” Connie said sympathetically. “One of those. Did you oblige him?”

Lisa nodded. “It was the only way to get rid of him.”

“Well, sometimes that’s the wisest course. After all, darling, merely lying there and letting him have one final fling at that sweet pussy of yours isn’t too big a price to pay for the kind of stakes you and Ken play for.”

“He didn’t want to fuck me,” Lisa said.

“You mean…”

Lisa nodded.

“Jesus… a blow-job in the morning,” Connie said. “Even I won’t do that.”

“I used to love to suck cock. But now…”

“Now that you found out about pussy,” Connie said, smiling.

Lisa nodded. “It isn’t so much that I mind that anymore. They all seem to want it, and you can get used to anything after a while.” She shivered slightly. “But first thing in the morning… before I could even have a cup of coffee or a cigarette.”

“Poor baby,” Connie said, and her voice was suddenly very close. Lisa opened her eyes and found the woman standing over her, with a drink in each hand. “Take a long swallow of this, Lee. It’ll help.”

Lisa accepted the glass and sipped at it. As usual, Connie had mixed the drink just the way Lisa liked it. She was such a thoughtful woman, so tender and sweet. No wonder the world of men seemed so repulsive beside gentle, feminine Connie.

The woman sat down beside Lisa and lit cigarettes for them both. “Have a smoke, darling, and a few drinks. Try to relax and forget this morning. You’re with me now.”

“Yes,” Lisa said.

Connie sipped her drink, then set it down carefully on the table in front of the couch. Her hand went to Lisa’s shoulder. “You feel so tense, Lee. I wish you’d relax.”

“I’ll be all right in a few minutes, Connie. Give me time.”

The woman’s hand drifted from the shoulder and descended to settle lightly over Lisa’s tit.

Lisa stiffened.

“Lee, darling… what is it?”

“My breasts,” Lisa replied. “He hurt them.”

“Oh, God… how awful! What a beast he must have been to hurt such a sweet and lovely little girl. Here…” Her hands slipped under Lisa’s arms and around her back, looking for the zipper tab. “Let’s see if we can’t get you a bit more comfortable. I’m sure all this clothing isn’t helping you feel any better.”

Lisa arched her torso and allowed her dress to be drawn from her arms and down to her waist.

Connie’s fingers were very gentle as they sought around back again, finding and undoing the clasp of her bra.

The cups lifted away, and Lisa felt herself swing free. It was a lovely sensation.

“There,” Connie said. “Isn’t that better?”

“Much better,” Lisa replied, smiling. “Now let me see what he did to you.” She bent her head and peered closely at Lisa’s naked breasts. “Oh, sweetheart! You poor darling!”

“He-he pulled me,” Lisa said. “It hurt so much.”

“The animal!” Connie’s voice was suddenly very tense with anger. “Didn’t he know how much… men are so stupid and coarse sometimes!”

“It still hurts,” Lisa said.

“Do you think I could help make it better, darling?”

“Are you sure? You look so sore — are you certain I won’t just make the soreness worse?”

Lisa smiled dreamily. “Nothing you could do would ever hurt me, Connie.”

“My darling.”

“Make it better,” Lisa said. Her voice was a whisper.

Connie’s hand touched the bare flesh just above Lisa’s waist. Slowly the hand climbed until it rested flat under one breast. Lisa watched through half-closed eyes as Connie leaned forward, as her soft and knowing lips puckered.

The hand slipped upward, lifting the weight of a tit to meet the oncoming lips.

Lisa let her head drop back onto the cushions and then closed her eyes again. It was beginning. All the old familiar pleasure, just as it had so many times before, just as it always did with Connie. Feminine lips had taken possession of her and that was one of the biggest pleasures in Lisa’s world. The warmth of that caress was soothing away the hurt left by the man’s twisting fingers, and replacing that hurt with delight.

And there was more delight to come. Connie would kiss until she was numb with pleasure, and then she would kiss the other one. And while she kissed, her delicate hands would stroke and soothe until Lisa’s whole body was quivering sensation.

At that point, as always, they would go into the bedroom together. As always, they would lay side by side on Connie’s huge bed. As always, they would touch and kiss and embrace, sharing every caress, every tinge of pleasure, until neither of them could wait a moment longer. Then, as always, they would make love.

It was so simple, Lisa thought, as her tit was caressed by Connie’s sweet lips. You could sum up the new way she felt by saying that she couldn’t get any satisfaction any more from men. She knew why.

Because she had matured. Now she wanted love, and love was Ken. The only man she could come with now was Ken, and he rarely fucked her anymore.

So she had turned to women and, eventually, she had found Connie.

Connie was a prostitute. And loving her while fucking Ken’s business clients made Lisa feel like a prostitute. And that was what had suddenly ruined sex for her.

Men wanted pleasure, and basically there was nothing wrong with that. But they wanted their pleasure without charge, without paying for pleasure received in the only coin that mattered pleasure returned. Money could keep a woman alive, keep her comfortable, keep her secure, but it couldn’t buy anything to replace the pleasure a man had robbed.

But now wasn’t the time to worry about such things, because now Connie’s lips had stopped kissing, now Connie’s hands had slipped inside Lisa’s panties to clutch her buttocks, now Connie’s face was right in front of Lisa’s, lips inviting, nostrils flaring.

Now things were really starting.

Connie’s breath was warm when she spoke. “Feel better, darling?”

“Let’s go into the bedroom,” Lisa said in a tiny voice.

“Yes, darling.”

Connie pulled her to her feet and slipped an arm around her waist as they crossed the living room together. The bedroom was dark, but there was no need for lights. The two women knew this ritual and the room and each other quite well enough.

Lisa undressed and soon felt the soft touch of hands on her, the brushing of lips, then the silken edge of the bed as Connie urged her to it. She let herself fall, let the hands of her lover arrange her.

Connie’s hands left her momentarily, and Lisa heard the sensuous rustle of the robe gliding down pale, smooth flesh to the floor. Then the bed sagged slightly. Connie’s hands spanned her body, and Connie’s lush, heavy breasts came against her own, followed an instant later by the whole length of Connie’s body.

Their lips met, their arms and hands roamed and explored. Every breath they took pushed their tits more tightly together.

“Oh, God, I burn down there, Connie!”

“I know, baby… I know.”

“It used to be a man’s cock would make my pussy burn like that. Now the feel of your tits, your pussy, your lips does it.”

“Spread your legs a little, darling,” Connie moaned. “Let me tongue your sweet pussy for you.”

Lisa parted her legs wide. She groaned in anticipation of the wondrous joys to come from Connie’s loving hands, lips, fingers, and tongue.

“Feel good?” Connie asked, kissing the girl’s taut, tender nipples.

“Yes, oh yes, you know it does.”

Then Connie sucked at a nipple while she began to run her hands up the soft skin of Lisa’s inner thighs. Soon the tips of her fingers touched the damp, dark ends of Lisa’s curling pussy hair.

Lisa groaned and lifted her cunt as if to say eat me, tongue me, suck me!

Connie used the tips of her fingers to spread the lips of the beautiful girl’s pussy. Her own pussy began to tingle and ooze juices on Lisa’s belly as she ran her fingers up and down the sweet slit.

She let her finger work its way into Lisa’s tightly clasped pussy. She began stroking up and down the wet furrow, watching it glisten more and more under her expert ministrations.

Beneath her, Lisa relaxed, shivering sensations starting to course through her naked body. She felt gurgling moans coming up in her throat as Connie’s finger began a gentle massage of her erect clitoris. The thrill that suddenly spread through her pussy made her hips lift of their own volition.

“How does it feel now, baby?” Connie cooed, her own body starting to shake with lust.

“Oh, Connie, it feels so good… so wonderful you know just what to do when you touch and play with my pussy.”

Connie wormed her finger between the hotly clasping folds of the sweet cunt and slid it up into her velvet sheath. Then she began a steady fucking motion, in and out, of the tight little cunt while she pressed against and massaged the tender clit with her palm.

“You feel so good, Lisa, real good. Your little pussy is nice and hot. You have the tightest little pussy!”

“Tighter than yours?” Lisa groaned.

“Oh, God, yes,” Connie replied. “Much tighter.”

As she watched the tender, taut cuntal lips extend and contract over her finger, Connie suddenly realized that she could wait no longer to taste Lisa’s pussy. She knew the young girl was sore and tender, but now her own pussy was seething with desire and she had a wild, wanton urge to eat sweet cunt.

Suddenly, all playfulness left Connie’s mind. It was replaced with a hungering sexual need. With an audible groan of lust, she repositioned herself. She lowered herself, mashing her own voluptuous globes against Lisa’s tits, her cunt finding its twin, and then she rubbed.

Connie worked between Lisa’s thighs until both their cunts were sopping with sexual arousal. She ground her clit hard against its mate until both girls were groaning, their eyes closed, their breath coming in great gasps.

“Oh, baby, I can’t wait… I want to eat you!” Connie gasped. “I want to make you come with my mouth, with my tongue!”

“Oh, yes, Connie darling… eat and suck my cunt. Make me come with your tongue, your mouth. I don’t hurt any more… make love to me, please!” Lisa breathed.

Connie slowly moved her head down over the smaller girl’s body. She licked her breasts, her belly, her navel, and slicked saliva over the top of her mound. As she moved downward, she rubbed her own wiry cunt hair over the girl’s tender skin.

“Oh, yes… yes, Connie… eat me! Put your sweet mouth on me and eat me!” Lisa gurgled. Her hands found Connie’s head as she opened her thighs and pulled.

“Ummmmm, yes… yessss,” Connie moaned as her face mashed against the soaked lips of Lisa’s soaked pussy.

She mashed her face so deeply into the puffy mass that it soon was wet all over with Lisa’s juices. Wildly, she licked the young cunt. Her teeth nibbled at the clit, driving the younger girl into whrithing tits of passion.

“Me, me, too!” she cried. “I want to eat you at the same time!”

Eager, Connie adjusted her position until Lisa’s head was between her thighs while she again buried her own face in the pleasure pit of Lisa’s cunt.

They writhed, their lovely, female bodies pressed against each other, tits mashed against bellies, cunts against mouths between widely splayed legs. The musky aromas of sexual arousal filled the room and hung heavy in the still air.

“Connie… Connie, I love you… I’m there!” Lisa shrieked. “I think I’m coming… oh, God, what a feeling! What a come!”

Connie came, too, pushing the meaty flesh of her pulsing cunt into the younger girl’s face, and squeezing her head with trembling thighs. As she sucked and swallowed the shower of juices from Lisa’s tender pussy, she continued grinding her own hips to get all the relief she could out of the joyous contact with Lisa’s sucking mouth.

“Oh, Connie, that was wonderful… beautiful,” Lisa said, finally pulling her lips from the gooey mass of Connie’s pussy.

Connie kept her head between Lisa’s legs, gently licking the still flowing juices from her dark cunt. “It was beautiful for both of us,” Connie said huskily.

“I wish I had the guts to leave Ken. I wish I was sure that I didn’t love him so I could come and just stay with you.”

“I wish you could, too,” Connie sighed, pulling her body around until their faces were close together. But Connie knew that would only happen when Lisa could get Ken out of her system. Maybe, just maybe, Ben would be able to help accomplish that. Then Connie would have the best of all possible worlds Lisa and Ben.

“Do you have any customers tonight?” Lisa asked. “I’d like to stay.”

“No. But I have a friend coming up. I’d like you to meet him, honey.”

“A man?”

“Yes,” Connie replied. “But Ben Faraday is a very special man.”


Milt Harris held the receiver in his hand for a moment and then set it back on the cradle. He had a bad taste in his mouth after he talked with his wife, Nancy. But Nancy served her purpose. The young boys she brought home loved to fuck her, even though, with her narrow hips and tiny tits, she looked just like a teenager.

And Milt Harris loved to watch the young boys fuck his wife.

He patted his chest absently, searching for the pack of cigarettes he usually carried in his shirt pocket.

But there were no cigarettes. Nor was there any pocket. In point of fact, there wasn’t even a shirt.

Milt Harris was naked.

And so was the young girl just finishing up her mysterious preparations for the evening’s fun in his bathroom.

He left the phone and went down the short hall to the bathroom door. Through the thin wood paneling, he could hear the gurgle of the sink, and above it the throaty sound of the girl humming to herself. The richness of her voice brought the memory of her nudity strongly into his mind, and he rapped his knuckles against the door.

“Just a minute, honey. I’ll be right with you.”

“Hurry up,” he said. “I’m getting anxious.”

“Oh, me too, honey. But I gotta get all kissing sweet before you and me can get started now, don’t I?” she laughed.

The sound made him think of her round tiny breasts and flat ass.

“I’ll wait in the bedroom,” he answered.

“You won’t have to wait long,” she called back, still laughing.

He went the rest of the way down the hall and into the bedroom. His cigarettes were on the night stand and he lit one up and pulled the ash tray to within reach as he reclined on the bed.

Nearby, piled on a chair, were her clothes.

Again he thought about the youngster in the bathroom, about her tiny body. She was barely twelve years old. She had tried to panhandle him outside the hotel. All she had wanted was a lousy dollar, but she had turned him on. When they were that young they always turned him on. They looked like little boys.

The first little girl had been so long ago. She had been only ten, Harris had been twelve.

They were in the woods playing a game. It was a silly game and Milt had no idea that it would turn into something that would stay with him the rest of his life.

They played doctor and nurse, taking turns examining each other. First Milt was the doctor, and the little girl was the patient. Milt didn’t know then that little girls were different.

He first examined her mouth. He couldn’t find anything wrong there, so he went on to her arms. That’s when he started feeling funny. The little girl had smooth skin, with a light fuzz all over it. Her legs were the same as her arms; all smooth and fuzzy where he touched them.

Her skirt was very short and it slid up as the girl wiggled under his touch.

“That tickles,” she giggled.

Beneath her dress he could see the white crotch band of her panties. His prick started to get hard in his pants. It made him feel even more strange.

“Is there anything wrong?” the little girl had asked.

“No,” Milt had replied. “But I think we should take all your clothes off so I can make a real examination.”

The dress she had on was zippered up the back. She moved around so he could remove it.

Her body was all soft and pink. She had tits. Not very big, but starting. But her nipples were big. They, had started to grow first. They got to Milt immediately. Her nipples were so soft when he examined them. It was as though, when he pushed on them, he could shove his finger clear through her.

Then Milt took down her panties. Her pussy was hairless and pink. She was on her hands and knees. She wriggled when he pulled her pink lower lips open. Then she asked him to stop when he pulled further. She said it hurt.

He saw her hole and then he knew why his prick was hard.

His mind and body now seethed with youthful lust. His hard cock had no conscience. The young pussy before him was merely a receptacle, a hole into which he would shove his meat and find release.

He shuffled his knees forward until they were against the taut buttocks. He scooped his hands under her until the cheeks rested against his lower thighs, just above his own knees. He leaned forward, found one of her nipples and sucked the tiny brown bud into his mouth, stabbing it with the tip of his tongue.

His cock was there, against her little cunt. He pushed forward.

The young girl screamed and pounded on his head and shoulders. “Stop… it hurts… it hurts!” She clawed at his face as he groaned and writhed, forcing the knob of his cock to spread her tight cunt lips.

He hunched his hips and drove a couple of inches between the tautly stretched lips. Her moans of pain increased and her feet kicked wildly.

But he wouldn’t stop, and new pain showed on her face as the head of his cock rocked against the thin membrane of her hymen.

She threw her hips from side to side in an effort to free herself from the stiff wedge that was relentlessly impaling her.

She made strange animal sounds as she mewed and begged him to stop.

He pushed again. Another inch.

The girl screamed again.

He responded by easing his rod into the tight hole, inch by inch.

“Nooooo! Please stop! It hurts… it hurts real bad!” the girl cried. “Don’t do it to meeeee!”

Milt stared down at the stretched lips of her tight little pussy. With satisfaction he eased all of his prick up into the lightly hair-ringed opening of her virgin cunt.

There was no stopping him now as his hard cock filled her flat little belly and his sac pressed against her tiny asshole.

She groaned in pain and panic, her head reeling with the final thrust. A finger was the biggest thing that had ever been inserted in her tiny pussy until now. And she had thought a cock impossible. But she knew it had happened. His cock had spread and ripped her virginal pussy wide open.

It was like an anvil in the center of her belly and she whimpered her thanks when, at last, he paused. She was sure that if he moved again, pounding the cock in and out of her, she would die.

Still he remained immobile as he sucked her budding tits and whispered in her ear. Soon her head started clearing and the pain began to fade. She thought her tortured pussy had become accustomed to its invader. Then a searing pain again flashed through her body when he moved.

“Ohhhhhh, don’t move! It hurts when you move!”

“I have to move to fuck you,” he said.

Then he went wild. He pounded and tore at her little cunt. She passed out from the pain, but still he kept on driving into her.

He drove as deep as he had the length to go. He reamed her sweet pussy with lust and tenderness, his balls tickling her little anus as he plunged into her stretched hole.

It was beautiful. It was truly a dream come true for the boy. He looked down at her beautiful young face and screamed as he felt himself come.

Milt fucked the little girl many times again after that. Eventually she started enjoying it, too. Then she got bigger, with heavy, flopping tits, so he found another girl younger, with small hips, and wee tits. But he never forgot the joy of fucking that first little girl.

He supposed that was why he had married Nancy. She was thirty now, and she still looked like a boy.

And the one in the bathroom, the runaway she looked like a young Nancy, or like the first little girl, or like a little boy.

What was her name? Gigi, she had said.

In a moment she would come out of the bathroom and give him her honey. After that, she would go away. She’d probably find another foolish man who would be willing to give her a loan just for the use of her body for a little while.

Ahhhhh, the younger generation, he mused, they thought nothing of it anymore. Fucking was like a stick of gum, chew it until the flavor’s gone and then get some more.

The bathroom door opened. Milt heard the lock click, and brought his thoughts quickly back to the immediate moment.

She came into the doorway and stopped. He raised his head a bit to look at her. A large toothy grin was slashed across her face.

“My, my,” she said. “Don’t you look ready to go!”

He stared at her. She was carrying a glassful of icecubes in one hand. In the other she held a second glass of faintly steaming water and a washcloth draped over her wrist.

But those weren’t the details he noticed.

Her breasts were beautiful. They were small, not yet grown fleshy and big at the bottom. The areolas were dark pink and took up nearly all the apple-sized tits. Milt knew he could get all of one tit in his mouth, and his cock jumped and throbbed at the thought.

Her hips were very narrow. Like her tits, they had only just started to swell with manliness. Her bones were visible as faint protrusions on each side of her flat tummy. She had a sparse, sandy sampling of cuntal fur. She barely had enough fur to cover her pussy lips. They looked taut and totally unstretched.

He wondered. “You’re not a virgin, are you, honey?”

She smiled. “What do ya think?”

He smiled, fisted his cock, and completed his inspection. Her legs were slender. Her calves were subtly muscled. When his eyes finally came back to her face, her smile had grown. “Like what you’re seeing?” she asked.

“Yes,” he said.

“There’s more and better to come. Wait’ll you see me close up.”

She crossed the room to the opposite side of the bed, and set the glasses and the washrag down on the table.

“What’s that for?” he asked.

“Clean you off with,” she said.

“Clean me? I don’t get it.”

“Well, honey… after…” he grinned.


“Didn’t a girl ever do that for you before?”

“Not wash me, no.”

“Hum.” She made a face. “Well, some girls don’t never wash themselves neither. But I ain’t like that. I like to be all nice and clean. Then they can kiss me just about any place they want to.”

“You mean, eat your pussy?” she said. “Yeah. You like to eat young, unspoiled pussy, don’t ya, daddy?”

“Do you like to suck cock?”

“I asked you first.”

“I’m bigger than you are.”

“I love to suck cock. Most of the time it’s better’n fuckin’. My pussy is small and it hurts when they’re as big as you.”

He smiled again. “Then I like to eat pussy.”

Twelve, he thought, she talked like she was forty. He wondered how many cocks she had sucked in her young life. But it didn’t matter. Her body was good, a little girl’s body… or a little boy’s.

He rolled away from her until he could reach the ash tray and stubbed out his cigarette. When he dropped onto his back again, she was wringing out the washcloth.

“Well,” he said. “There it is. Do it any way you like.”

“There you surely are,” she said, gazing at him appreciatively. “You don’t see cocks like that every day.”

“I bet you say that to all the boys,” he replied, grinning.

“Oh, no, honey. Only to the men.”

She dropped to the bed and folded her calves up under her, edging around until she was kneeling next to him. When she unfolded the washrag and gave it a shake, he felt tiny droplets of warm moisture patter across his stomach.

Then, suddenly, the washrag touched his cock. He could feel her fingers through the cloth.

“We’re gonna have us a whole load of fun,” she said, chanting her words in a gusty, sing-song deep inside her throat. “You got all any girl could ask for, and this gal’s gonna like it, and some more besides. You’ll see, daddy… there’s lots in store for you.” She looked up at him with mischief in her eyes. “I’m gonna suck your dick till it’s so hot and hard it can’t help but shoot. Then I’ll taste your cum and drink it down. I’ll even suck your asshole for you, daddy. You’ll like that. You like to have little girls suck your asshole.”

He listened to her as she went on with a smoking description of the fun she had planned, but he wasn’t really paying any attention. The touch of the cloth against him was driving all reason out of his brain. There was nothing for him to do but let the cloth wash against him and let the tingling pleasure mount.

Something changed. He felt a momentary chill, and realized the rag was gone. He was about to open his eyes and look at her when fingers suddenly came to take its place.

Her fingers were slender and warm on his cock, but he could sense a surprising strength in them.

His hands moved down to her knees and then back up again until he was cupping her bare buttocks. “You little devil,” he laughed, and pulled her to him, grinding his hard cock over her belly.

She slid her hand between them until her fingers combed through his pubic hair. Then they found the root of his cock and curled around it. She squeezed, bringing a satisfying groan to his lips.

“You’re big… real big,” she said. “Too big?” he asked.

“Never too big.”

“What do you want to do?” he asked.

“Anything,” she replied. “Everything. Whatever you want.” She ran her hand up and down the length of his shaft. “I’ve never had one this big before.”

“You’ll be ready for it,” he said.

“I’m ready now,” she laughed.

The girl was touching him now with both hands. She crooned on. “Nice honey… sweet honey… all groaning for me… and you’re gonna have me, too… you’re gonna have me, and I’m gonna have you, and we’re gonna have each other.”

The hands stopped, the fingers clenched, sending a bolt of pleasure to him. He could feel the faint needling of her fingernails against his buttocks.

“Poor daddy,” she said. “You don’t have to groan no more. Honey’s gonna take care of you… good care of you… starting right now… only a minute, daddy, only a second, and this honey’s gonna give you all your nature can take.”

He opened his eyes. It was difficult to lift his head, and difficult to focus on her, but he managed it somehow. The moment of delight was approaching, and he wanted to see it happen.

He saw her flat buttocks glide along the bed toward him. He saw the tiny weights of her berry-tipped breasts dangle until they grazed along his abdomen and came to rest. He saw the deep color of her fingertips in startling contrast to the pale whiteness of his own flesh.

But most of all, he saw the expression on her face, the direction of her gaze, the voluptuous twisting of her mouth as she moaned.

And he realized she wasn’t even talking to him. She was talking to her hands and his cock.

He looked directly up between her thighs and saw the taut slit of her barely furred pussy. “I think I’ll just make sure you’re ready.”

He stroked her tits with his hand as his tongue laved her belly. And then she gasped. His mouth was in her tiny slit, then his lips were pressing against her pussy. It was thrilling, exhilarating, and got even better for her as she felt his tongue part the lips of her vulva.

“Does that feel good?” Milt asked, dropping his face from her crotch.

“Oh yes… yes, it feels soooo good!” she gasped.

His head again parted her thighs, the tongue licking her flesh until it shone. Mound and around her thighs he roamed, and then back to her pussy. The hard red tip parted her slit and she could feel the heat of his saliva dribbling into her crack.

“Oh, God!” she screamed, when his tongue drove into her little wet hole and his chin mashed against her clit. Up and down, around and around went his tongue inside her.

She screamed again and bucked downward with her hips. There was a tiny moan of pleasure from her lips and her pussy erupted in a mini-climax.

“Did you come?” he said.

“A little,” she replied, unable to move.

The sweet young thing was still moaning and sighing as she reached over and took two ice cubes out of the glass. She popped them into her mouth.

“What’s that for?”

“You’ll see, daddy,” she mumbled, as her head descended toward his upright cock. Her fingers unwound, and spread across his abdomen. He felt her breath.

She hummed with strange music, her breasts lifted and flattened against him.

He reached out and grabbed at her buttocks, kneading the mounded flesh with his fingertips. She wriggled at his grip.

She bent back to his body and her lips engulfed the head of his cock greedily. She leaned forward, placing her weight on her knees, and ground her face over his prick.

He wanted to fuck… fuck her head, her ass, her cunt. He needed to come. “Suck… suck… suck,” he chanted.

With a groan he threw his hips forward as his hands wound themselves in her thick hair. Her head eagerly started to bob and twist in front of him. Her cheeks hollowed as she drew and elongated his cock with a sucking motion.

He looked down at his cock driving in and out of her mouth. She was a good cock sucker. Experience showed in every movement of her head, every inch of her tongue, every touch of her tender fingers.

Then she brought the ice cubes into play. It was wild. It was the kinkiest feeling ever, having the two cold cubes roll around and around the head of his cock.

“Oh, my God… that’s… wild! I can’t tell you what that feels like!” he panted.

She kept sucking.

As his rod slipped deeper, into her mouth, he couldn’t have held back even if he had tried.

He wanted to come.

As she sucked and sucked harder on his meat, his legs became rubbery with the sexual stimulation. His hands slipped to her shoulders for support and the cheeks of his ass tightened into a knot of taut muscle as he hammered his rigid cock into her young face.

She was loving it. Her hands trailed up and held his ass cheeks firmly while she laved his cockhead to finish him.

He cleared his mind and relaxed all his muscles in order to prolong the pleasure. She stayed with it for a few more seconds and then sensed his actions. She pulled her face from his pulsing meat and took a deep breath.

“What’s the matter, baby?” she said. “Don’t you want to come?”

“Sure I want to come,” he growled, coming slowly out of the world of ecstasy and returning to reality. “But I want to fuck you.”

“I can make you come with my mouth. I’ll swallow it all!”

“Don’t hurt me!”

He moved up across her body until his hard meat was pressed against her cunt.

“You’re nice and wet,” he groaned.

“Are you gonna put it inside me?”

“Yes, honey… I’m gonna fuck you,” he said.

“Ummmmm… fuck me… fuck me… fuck me with your big cock, daddy,” she cooed.

He put her legs over his shoulders and bent her double. He moved the head of his massive cock to her parted cuntal lips and gently nudged until it popped inside her.

“I can feel you already,” she said, smiling up at him. “You’re so big… this is going to be beautiful!”

“I know,” he replied, and eased his weight forward. His cock sank easily, in one smooth motion, clear to the hilt in her pussy.

When his pelvic bone hit hers she erupted into a seething mass of sexual frenzy. Her hips strained against his as her legs flew apart and then back together around his body. In seconds she reached another climax. The juice from her little pussy welled in streams down her buttocks and into the crack between them.

It was good, and it was tight. But it wasn’t the ultimate for Milt it wasn’t the total warmth of the kind of sheath he liked.

It wasn’t her asshole.

Milt pulled his prick from her cunt and, before she knew what he was doing, flipped her over onto her elbows and knees. Her little ass gleamed delightfully in the light from the room’s single lamp.

“What you doin’, daddy?” she cried, sudden fear filling her eyes as she looked back at him over her shoulder.

“I’m gonna fuck you,” he growled.

She smiled. “You like it doggie-fashion, daddy?”

“Yeah,” he leered, fingering the taut cheeks of her ass. “I like it doggie-fashion up your little shit-chute.”


“I said, I’m gonna poke my cock up your asshole, little honey.”

“Oh, no, please!” she cried. “It’s too big… too fat for there!”

“Yeah, isn’t it?” Milt said, as he grabbed her tiny hips and pulled her ass back toward his flopping prick.


“I wonder if I move hard and fast enough, maybe I could get it into your guts and bloody your squirmy little asshole. Get ready, honey.”

She jerked around on the bed, her eyes wide and angry. Her hands were raised in front of her tits. They were curled into claws.

He clamped her hands to her small, big-nippled tits. She cursed him and tried to twist free. Her face contorted into a hating snarl and her knee came rushing up.

Milt rolled out of the way and himself being attacked by a ninety-pound female tiger.

Her strength was astounding and her will to resist was a flaming need within her, but in about a minute she was on the floor, half on the rug, her taut ass contorted tightly beneath her in apprehension. Her breath came unevenly and there was both hate and humiliation in her staring eyes.

She lurched and twisted and jerked her arms and legs and snapped at him and humped up and down. He held her, easily, because he knew what she was doing. He let her exhaust herself, while he watched with bright, excited eyes. Kneeling there naked over her, he watched her growing weariness, the disintegration of her resistance and the slow collapse of her will. She panted, trying to catch her breath. Neither of them spoke. There wasn’t a word as their argument was waged and won.

Milt found a joy, a perverse satisfaction in subjecting her to the humiliation of defeat until she was limp and sweating, staring and pleading helplessly for mercy. She panted and gasped with each breath. Now she was weak, conquered. Her whole body was a combination of fear and nervous, negative anticipation. Tears of frustration welled in her eyes. His hard chest was crushing down on the small firm lumps of her bare, heaving tits. Her gasping breaths emerged through trembling lips. Her face was red and tear-stained and she was cringing away from him in an agony. And there was no one to whom she could appeal for help.

Milt’s hand swung down to reach for her tightly clenched thighs. He yanked, forcing her belly ajar in spite of her strength and her sounds of dismay and humiliation.

Holding her legs well apart with his own, he rushed his hand back up to her tit. His fingers grabbed a handful of one red-tipped mound, blasting her quaking body and staggering mind with a flash of pain and humiliation. His big hand twisted until she emitted the scream he wanted, to drag from her.

“Now be still, bitch, or I’ll tear it off!”

Her angry, fearful eyes stared at him. Her hands twitched and her fingers curled, but she didn’t move them. His eyes and tone had convinced her that if a tit could be ripped off, he’d do it.

“Oh God damn!” she gasped in sudden anger as it really came home to her. Now she knew what would happen. Now, in humiliated defeat and under a threat that left her helpless, she must submit to having her tiny ass fucked.

She watched him move back a little, clutching her tit. She watched his eyes center on the gaping slash between her buttocks, opened by his hand and held there by his hairy legs. His knees were well apart to hold her open, and for balance.

The smooth pink flesh of her cunt afforded a marvelous vision to the possessed man. And just below, a clearly defined target of soft, coral colored dampness framed by white skin and tendrils of sandy hair.

He wiggled, still clinging to her aching tit. His anxious prick poised just at the opening of that pulsing hole. He wondered what had ever pierced it, what she had ever felt up her… if anything or anyone. The moist warm hole trembled in fearful anticipation as he reached down with one hand.

He used his fingers to guide his cock straight into her clenching asshole.

He had only paused a second to part the cheeks, dampened with sweat and the helpless, excited secretions seeping from the gaping cavern of her cunt.

“No… PLEASE! For God’s sake, don’t do it… PLEASE! I HATE IT!” she screamed, as the knob of his big cock popped through the clenched opening of her anus.

He lunged and she spat into his face.

“Oh, shit,” he hissed, “this is gonna be so fucking good! Take it… take it all, you little bitch!”

Then he gasped as his cock started sliding in easily. The smooth tunnel of slippery heat flowered open for his entry, accepting his length and breadth with little resistance. It seemed to welcome him, clamping him tightly all around the cock shaft. It seemed to suck at him, as if delighting in holding his prick a helpless prisoner. His hands leaped to her slim hips to grasp and pull as he slid on into her. Freed of his grip, her breast trembled.

Then both her tight small tits were crushed by his weight, forcing them to bulge out of either side like crushed little white balloons. Tight ridges of straining taut flesh with spearing hard tips so firm and long he could feel them against his chest.

He rammed hard. He thrust his hot pole forcefully into her ass, all the way into her bowels, spearing into its depths effortlessly and rushing all the way into the heated inner reaches of her grasping belly.

Her mouth dribbled muffled little sobs of protest that immediately became total subjection. Her lovely body twisted against his. She breathed heavily, gasping. Her writhing and twisting was now automatic, no longer a frantic effort to escape. She was sobbing in pain, even though she had not been a virgin there.

Milt fucked her ass like a madman. He pumped his hips to give her every inner surface a jolting swipe with his rocky hardness. He drilled his big cock in and out of her precious asshole smacking her lightly-furred twat mound with his hard pelvic bane. He cannoned his prick again and again into the burning hollow of her butt. Slit sucked in her rippling belly, biting her lower lip as he skewered her.

The young girl stared up at him with gazed eyes. Her calves tensed automatically to push herself up with savage strength, trying to push him. In Milt’s book, that was called cooperation from a good partner. Hot warmth took him, and he smiled at her.

It didn’t take long. He was too aroused, and she was magnificently tight inside. Her agitated asshole wasn’t designed to prolong his erection, no matter what she wanted, but to squeeze him tight and milk him dry. It did, and her feverish inner walls contracted and opened and contracted again as he spurted far up the throbbing passage. He groaned and ground himself onto her helpless, supine body.

At last it was over. He was empty, and his deflated prick withdrew slowly from her sodden, ravaged bunghole.

She was limp as he rose to his knees, and she allowed herself to be turned over like a doll onto her stomach, wincing as he sank down onto her tits.

At that moment the telephone on the night stand jangled.

“Hello. Oh, hi there, Ken. You can both make it up for the weekend? Good, that’s good.”

He replaced the receiver and thought of Ken and Lisa. Jesus, would Nancy ever have fun with Lisa.

Then his attention returned to the girl on the floor. He sat down in front of her face and pulled her head into his lap.

“You sadistic bastard,” she whimpered.

“Yes, that’s right,” he said, nodding. “Now suck my cock hard again. This time I’ll give you what you want. I’ll pour a load in your mouth.”


Connie welcomed him as if she hadn’t seem him in a year.

She pulled him tight against her, clamping him to her to meet his assault. Her arms wound around his body in a frenzy, with every ounce of vigor she possessed.

At that rate, it couldn’t last long. And it didn’t. But right up to the moment when his shuddering told her he was satisfied, she loved the strength and fury of him as she never had before.

When he subsided, he slid down a little and his head came to rest in the valley separating her breasts. She wound her fingers into his hair. “Ben,” she whispered.


“She’s here… the girl I told you about. Lisa. She’s in the other bedroom.”

“And she’s waiting for us? Both of us?”


“Do you really think it will do any good?” Ben asked.

“I think so.”

“All right. Let’s go.”

Naked, the two of them slipped into the adjoining bedroom. Lisa lay like a black-haired Goddess, nude, on the bed. Her legs were spread wide and her eyes were closed.

“This is Ben, Lisa,” Connie said. “My lover… our lover.”

Lisa was silent. Her only movement was a nod.

Connie and Ben got into the bed on each side of the girl. They stared at her breasts and worked their way down to her toes. The two bodies so naked and close and loving soon broke down Lisa’s tension. They brought out a longing in the girl that she never knew existed.

Lisa sighed as she felt Ben’s face settle between her thighs and his tongue part her lower lips. She pulled Connie’s head down to her tits and felt the beautiful woman respond to her nipples with warm, soft lips. They remained like that for several minutes, close, feeling each other’s breath on their flesh.

Then her mind and body started stirring with the first real passion she had felt in ages. The warmth and compassion of the moment made her realize that she suddenly felt love for both these people. She felt Connie’s heavy breasts pressed hotly against her belly and her head cradled between her own tits.

What Connie had said earlier now made sense. They had both been enjoying, in their own separate ways, but not sharing. Now, with Ben, they would be sharing.

Lisa moved her body in such a way that the dark, furry triangle of her cunt came in close contact with Ben’s searching mouth and probing tongue. She moaned softly and spread her thighs further apart, rotating the flesh of her firm ass cheeks down into the mattress. Connie sucked her tits while Lisa ground the satin of her pubic curls and the swollen flesh of her cunt lips into Ben’s sucking mouth.

Connie’s own tits and cunt were starting to twitch with excitement. Her flesh was hot and growing hotter with the sensations sent out in waves by Lisa’s body beneath her own.

“I’m going to fuck you now, Lisa,” Ben mumbled from between her thighs. “I’m going to stick my cock in your cunt and fuck you.”

“Yes, oh, yes. Connie, give me your pussy,” Lisa urged.

“It’s full of Ben’s cum,” Connie replied. “We just fucked in the other room.”

“I know,” Lisa said. “That’s why I want it.”

And then one of Lisa’s hands slithered down between their bodies and cupped Connie’s pussy. She stroked her inner thighs and then used her fingers to part the fleshy lips of her recently fucked cunt. Lisa felt Ben’s cum soak her palm and it thrilled her.

The increasingly erotic sensations caused by Lisa’s manipulating fingers crawled through Connie’s flesh, up from her throbbing belly to swell and harden her full, round tits where they rested against the young girl’s belly.

She gasped and pressed the yielding lips of her cunt further over the questing fingers. She raised her head again and took one of Lisa’s heaving tits into her mouth in a long, sucking kiss. Her wet mouth moved lovingly over one throbbing tit to the other, sucking and laying the hardened nipples in turn.

Lisa felt Ben’s body move up between her thighs. She felt his enormous cockhead tickle her cunt hair. She could feel the tide of juices flowing from her own cunt as she pulled. Connie’s pussy over her face.

“Cock and pussy,” she groaned. “Cock and pussy all at the same time.”

She reached down and grasped Ben’s cock. “My God, it’s like a horse!”

“You’ll love it,” Connie moaned, lowering her cunt until she could just brush her pussy lips and soaking pubic hair across Lisa’s face.

Lisa’s mind started to swim with the wild passion of the scene they were playing.

“Are you ready?” Ben said. “Do you want my cock in your cunt now?”

“Yes,” she said between clenched teeth, her body shivering with anticipation of the impending fuck.

She leaned back on the pillow and felt her body move as she placed her legs on his back.

When his cockhead was nestling against her cunt, she reached between her legs with both hands and grasped the staff. She ran it up and down her slit and moaned as she felt it split her cunt lips. She wiggled her ass until she felt the tip and then the whole knob ream her hole. The cunt lips stretched wide until she thought he would tear her apart. The fleshy, hard ridges at the top of his cockhead rubbed against her clitoris.

“The head is in you, baby,” Ben said, his breathing heavy above her.

“I know. OOOOHHHH, FUCK! Shit, it feels good!” she gasped.

“Tell me when you want more.”

“Now! Go ahead, give me cock. I want it. Oh, shit, I want the whole fucking thing!”

Lisa felt another surge of affection and love as Connie’s cunt lips opened and poured juice and cum into her mouth. She darted her tongue into the warm cavern that pressed against her face.

Connie’s flesh was now boiling with need and passion as she felt Lisa’s tongue lick her pussy.

Then Ben’s cock was reaming the beautiful brunette’s cunt hale. It was like nothing she had ever felt before. The pain was enormous and intense. With just a few inches of his cock inside her, it felt as though the knob would soon come out her throat. She could feel the friction of his wide prick clear out to the edge of her widespread thighs.

“Oh, Jesus,” she screamed, “it’s killing me! It feels like your cocks clear up my belly already! But don’t stop! I want it! I want to be fucked with your cock!”

She knew the width of his dick from having it in her hand. In her mind she gauged the length of the prick. She remembered that when her hand had been at the root of the cock, its head had rested on the inner part of her arm.

“Yes!” she screamed aloud to herself and to Ben. “I can take it! Give it to me! Pour your meat to me! FUCK ME!”

She felt more of the meat go into her pussy and simultaneously ground her tongue into Connie’s soaking cunt.

Connie’s passion-swollen pussy was tingling with a roaring heat now, expanding in a wet, warm welcome from the caresses of her lover’s mouth and tongue.

Lisa touched the sensitive pink flesh with her fingertips. Her eyes were almost level with the pubic triangle of soft, juice-soaked curls and the trembling pink flesh of her cunt lips. She gazed on the feminine splendor and heard Connie moan and raise her leg, bending it so that the full nakedness of her cuntal slit was glistening before Lisa’s face.

Lisa snaked her tongue out, and contacting the now fully exposed clitoris, she used her thumbs and forefingers to spread Connie’s cunt lips even wider. She licked a wet path all the way up and down the heated slit. Harder and harder she burrowed her way into the convulsing pussy, licking and kissing and sucking as if she were mad for the taste of hot cunt juice. Connie cried out with a sudden, body-jerking scream. It served to spur Lisa on, doubling her efforts to please the beautiful older woman.

Lisa moaned and gurgled with joy as she sucked and felt Ben hunch the full power of his big cock into her cunt. With passion and lust he pounded downward with his hips, driving the full length of his massive tool into her cunt until his balls slapped against her ass.

Lisa was delirious with sex and lust. In the space of an hour she was getting more cock in her body than she had taken in an entire lifetime.

“Oh, shit!” she gasped around the cunt meat in her mouth. “Fuck me deep! Fuck me hard! Fuck my mouth as rough as he’s fucking my cunt! Be an animal! FUCK ME! BOTH OF YOU!”

She twisted in passion as his cock re-entered her pussy. His prick was hot and wet with her juices. His crotch hair blended with hers, and became wet like his cock. He fucked her hard, bouncing on her clit, his sac hitting her anus with each thrust as he sent his massive tool to the balls again and again into her hungry velvet sheath. Sweat poured from his body as he worked to bring himself off, his cock plunging like a hot piston between her legs. She lay with her thighs on her stomach, her knees bent, her tits jutting upward like hard white mounds.

Her eyes were closed. Her mind screamed, begging them both to raw deeper into her cunt and her face. Her hips moved this way, then that, sucking on the cock while her mouth and throat worked on the juicing cunt above her. She broke into wild orgasm, fingers digging into Ben’s butt, forcing his cock deeper and deeper into her clasping pussy.

Every thought in her mind was fuck now, her past was gone, all hate had left her. Her whole being was immersed in cock and cunt and love.

The nude bodies, covered with a fine layer of sweat, twisted and lunged. Ben made short, stabbing thrusts into her cunt. She felt her cunt lips grabbing and releasing the huge cock that filled it. Then she felt the flame of Ben’s cum shoot into her womb, filling her cunt to overflowing. It seemed that he would never stop. It just kept coming and coming. She could feel it oozing out of her cunt lips, around his cock, and running in streams down into the crack of her ass.

Ben’s orgasm stimulated her mouth on Connie’s cunt. She sucked with a tremendous pull on her tongue and cheeks. Mentally, she forced Connie to come in her throat as Ben had so beautifully creamed the tender walls of her cunt.

“Come, come, come, in my mouth, dammit,” she mumbled around Connie’s pussy lips. “I want to swallow your sweet pussy juice!”

“I’m coming, baby… I’m commmmminnnnnng!” Connie shrieked.

“COME!” Lisa cried, urging her on. “I want to swallow your honey! Cream my throat like Ben’s creaming my fuck hole!”

Her sucking pussy worked with precision, milking the last drops of thick, milky jism from Ben’s raging cock. The lips of her cunt stretched to the limit, pulled on the massive prick, dragging on the foreskin, massaging the pulsing knob, until his cock was dry and going limp inside her hole.

“Oh, shit… I’m coming again!” Lisa cried.

With a loud cry of insane desire, Lisa let her lips massage Connie’s hairy cuntal slit and her tongue slid in between the wet flaps. Her head bobbed wildly, slavishly, as she surrendered herself to the pleasures of Connie’s flesh. Her senses filled with the heady aroma of fresh cunt that wafted from the older woman’s heated loins.

“God! Don’t stop!” Connie shouted. “Oh, Lisa, baby… don’t stop sucking my pussy! OHHHHH, God, it’s good when you lick and suck me like that! Don’t stop, don’t stop! Suck! SUCK!”

Lisa sucked hungrily, teasing the tiny, hotly pulsating little clit. Saliva poured in gushes from the corners of her mouth as she kissed and sucked wildly at the trembling cuntal flesh. She thrust her tongue harder and deeper into the expanded canal, relishing each stream of pussy juice from the creaming cunt as she greedily swallowed it.

The walls of Connie’s spasming cunt grasped at the licking tongue. Her clit quivered violently, and the muscles of her stomach rippled with the intensity of her unleashed passion.

“Lisa… LISA!” Connie screamed.

“Yes!” Lisa groaned. “Come… COME! GIVE IT TO ME!”

“My pussy… my pussy… my pussy!”

Lisa sucked and licked feverishly, savoring the hot nectar of Connie’s come as it poured from the convulsing cunt into her waiting throat.

Frantically Connie spread her thighs and captured Lisa’s bobbing head hard between them.

It was as though a gag had been ripped from both her cunt and her mouth. Connie’s joyous screaming filled the room.

“I’m there, baby! Oh, suck my cunt! Suck it good! Suck hard! EAT ME!”

Her asscheeks clenched and unclenched as she squeezed forth the juices of her come into Lisa’s face.

They fucked the night away and Lisa found out that she could’ve… really give. And, in so doing, found out what sex and love, together, could do.


Only two night ago, Lisa had been snuggling in Connie’s arms, feeling the warmth of Connie’s beautiful tits, luxuriating in the fantastic thrill of Connie’s intimate kisses.

And the beauty of Ben’s fantastic cock. She had sucked his cock, fucked it, and watched Connie do the same.

She now knew just how much she had needed that wonderful time with Connie and Ben. It had been more wonderful than she had even hoped wonderful enough, in fact, to erase all the soreness and sickness of her body and make her calm again.

When she left Connie’s that evening, she felt glowing and warm, at peace with the world.

Now it was all gone. Time had passed, and the recollection of the pleasure and relief had turned to dead ashes. For all the good the memory was doing her, she might as well have dreamed it.

She had gone home to Ken and he had told her about the, weekend with Milt Harris and his wife. She told him she wouldn’t go and Ken had hit her. She screamed at her that if they didn’t get the contract it would be all over. They would be broke.

Lisa said she didn’t care. The money didn’t mean anything to her any more.

Then he beat her some more.

And the more he beat her, the more he wanted her. It was the only way she could turn him on anymore, he said.

Lisa didn’t want him anymore, and told him so. Then he beat her unmercifully until she finally said she would go this one last time. One last time she would be his whore.

But he wanted more than her submission now. He wanted her body.

She didn’t want him. But that didn’t matter to Ken. “You’ll have to rape me,” Lisa screamed.

“Then that’s what I’ll do,” he shouted back at her.

With one swift motion of his arm, Ken ripped open the front of her blouse. She gasped and started to pull away, but he grabbed the front of her bra and jerked her toward him roughly, breaking the clasp at the back of the garment, freeing her full, naked breasts.

Lisa, wide-eyed, too frightened to speak, watched him in anxious desperation as he rose in front of her. There was a cornered, almost frantic look in his eyes as he looked at her. She had never seen him like this before and it frightened her.

“Nice,” he kept muttering again and again as he stroked the soft, resilient flesh of her breasts. “Nice, nice, nice tits.”

He leaned forward and took one of her nipples into his mouth, sucking it, running his tongue around it, until at last it became erect.

“Stand up,” he hissed. “Take your clothes off! Everything!”

Lisa hesitated, searching for some way of dealing with this madman, but she wasn’t even given a chance.

“Move, damn you!” he spat.

Lisa scrambled to her feet. She took off her torn blouse and bra and let them drop to her feet, then unbuttoned her shorts and pushed them down together with her panties. She stood completely naked before Ken’s insane gaze. He had knelt before her as she had stripped. He took his time appraising her immaculate beauty, allowing his eyes to devour her nude body. Then, in a whisper so low that even Lisa could only barely hear him, he said, “I’ve almost forgotten what it’s like to fuck you, Lisa. And raping you will make it even better.”

Lisa knew then that he was crazy.

Lying on the carpet, Ken unzipped his fly, and took out his limp cock.

“Get down here, baby,” he said evenly. “Suck this thing. Make it hard. I wanna come all over you.”

Lisa knelt down between his outspread legs immediately. As she leaned over his groin, she choked back the sob that welled in her throat. She lowered her head more. Even before she touched his prick, she saw the thing growing, before her eyes, rising to meet her unwilling lips.

Fighting hard to control her trembling hand, she wrapped her fingers around the hot instrument and brought her lips to bear on the tip of it. The staff immediately surged to its full height and thickness. She closed her eyes tightly, and ran her tongue down the side of it. She felt Ken shudder and heard him groan his approval. She ran her tongue down the other side.

She had no desire to indulge in any lengthy preliminaries, as she had done with Connie and Ben. There was no dark, alluring region of this man’s sex that attracted her any more. With Ken she wanted only to be done with it, to take at least the edge off his madness by allowing him to come in her mouth.

Inserting the swollen head of his blood-gorged fuck stick in her mouth, she cupped her lips tightly around the shaft and began sucking vigorously.

Her heart wasn’t in it, and it took a great effort to develop the rhythm that would have been the natural consequence of passion. Her senses were numbed not by lust, but rather by fear. As a result, she was more aware of what she was doing than she would have been had she been pleasing Ben in the same way.

As she sucked, she felt the stiff meat throb against her lips, felt its blunt tip strike her throat again and again, forcefully, as Ken began arching his hips. She was painfully aware of everything, the taste of his cock in her mouth, his grunts and groans, her own rasping breath, his thrashing hips on the floor.

She knew that it wouldn’t take long, before the fuck stick, jamming back and forth between her lips, would be spewing its hot, sticky cum down her throat. She could feel it swelling inside her mouth, acquiring new proportions, growing harder.

In the next instant the flesh-pole was spewing its hot contents down her throat. Only the first two spurts went inside her mouth, though. Then Ken yanked her head back with his one hand, seized his bucking cock with the other, and allowed the rest of his jism to splash all over her face and hair.

Lisa tried to avert her face from the jerking jets, but his viselike grip in her hair made it impossible. His spunk landed in gobs on her cheeks and forehead and chin, until, at last, the muscular contractions of his cock subsided and the last few drops trickled down over his own pumping fist.

Ken continued to stare at her with hit wild, glazed eyes while his greasy cock grew limp in his hand. Lisa trembling under his fearsome gaze, inched up hesitantly and wiped away a glob of cum that threatened to run down into her eye. For some strange reason, he laughed at this gesture and jerked her head violently to one side, throwing her to the floor.

“You’re going up to the Harris’ house Friday afternoon and you’ll do anything those two want.”

And she had gone.

And now she was sitting in the room they had ushered her into, and was wondering what they would want of her. She hadn’t met Nancy yet. Would they want a threesome? What kind of woman would Milt Harris marry?

When her bag was unpacked, she stripped and took a shower. She bathed her body from head to toe, working up large handfuls of lather from her scented soap.

Desire, she thought. Her soap-slicked hands drifted up her torso until they held her tits. To men… and especially to a man like Harris… her tits were objects of desire. The simple shapes of flesh she held in her hands, round and soft and tipped with darting coral tips, were shapes that could inflame a man and bring him pleasure.

She allowed her hands to drift sensuously down her abdomen to her hips, then to her knees and buttocks.

This flesh, too, was flesh that men desired. The lithe shape of a female leg, the tensed curve of a female buttock, the delicate interplay of muscle and bone beneath the skin of a female hip… the look of that could drive a man simply crazy with desire. She had seen it happen often enough, seen what the mere sight of her body could do to a man.

And, of course, there was her cunt. That’s what they desired most of all. But, after tonight, only Ben and Connie would have her cunt. She had decided this would be the last time, even if Ken did come after her. She would get his contract for him, and then she would leave him.

She let her thoughts drift as she stroked her glistening nudity, smoothing the lather into every glowing inch of her skin. By the time the shower was finished, her body was tinging.

After drying herself, she walked nude into the bedroom and went to the closet. She was about to take down one of her favorite dresses, a hip-hugging black sheath cut invitingly low in front, but she thought better of it. With two love-hungry people to entertain tonight, it would be wise to wear clothing she could afford to lose. They might be in a mood for dress tearing.

She picked out a sheer black nightgown, which would come off fairly easily. The material was thin enough to reveal most of her body, but she didn’t bother putting on any bra or panties. The sight of her in that gown would probably heat up both of them, and the faster they heated up, the faster they would be finished with her.

There was a tap on the door.

At first she thought he was alone. He stood in her doorway smiling, just looking at her as he had the last time he’d been with her.

“Hello, Lisa,” Milt said.


“Can I come in?”

“Certainly.” She stood aside and looked around him into the hall. “Where’s your wife? I thought you wanted two at once. That was the idea of getting us up here, wasn’t it?”

“Not exactly.” He stepped through the door into the room. “I’ll bring my wife in here in just a minute. I want to talk to you a bit first.”

Lisa shut the door and stood with her back against it. Milt crossed the room and lit a cigarette.

His eyes shifted around, and Lisa got the impression that he was nervous about something, maybe even a little embarrassed.

Now what on earth was there for this man to be nervous about?

Unless the pleasures he planned for this evening were very offbeat and unusual.

Her mouth felt suddenly dry. “Well?” she said.

He glanced at her, and his eyes took in her barely concealed nudity from head to toe. He looked at every part of her body but her face.

Then he started talking, making excuses. He was rambling like a high school boy on his first day, and Lisa knew that was a bad sign. She remembered this man as being very sure of himself, and not the sort to get embarrassed over anything trivial. The way he was acting now.

She closed her eyes for a moment and saw images of painful perversion, of mad and twisted lust.

“Can I just ask, Lisa? Will you promise not to get mad if I just ask?”

“What is it?” she said without opening her eyes. There was a long silence before he could get up enough nerve to phrase the question. “Have you ever been with a woman?”

Lisa’s eyes snapped open. He was looking at her face, but his gaze dropped quickly. “Been with a woman?” she repeated.

“Yeah… you know… had love with a woman. Now, I already said I’m just asking, Lisa. I’m not accusing you of anything… I don’t want you to get insulted.”

“You mean,” Lisa said slowly, “Have I ever had a lesbian affair?”

“Yes. That’s what I mean.”

“You really want to know?” she asked. Her voice was very flat and calm.

“Well… yeah.” He shuffled his feet and still refused to look her in the eye. “That’s why I asked.”

“Very well,” she said. “The answer is yes.”

He looked up from his shoes. “Yes?”

“Yes,” Lisa said. The man had lost control of his facial expression, and the twitching movements of his features almost made her laugh. “Many times, in fact.”

“Oh.” He smiled. “Good. That’s what I wanted to know.”

“Tell me,” Lisa said. “What has that got to do with this evening?”

“Well… my wife… is kind of a man… and a woman…”

Did he mean AC-DC?

“I want to watch the two of you fuck.”


The woman was weird, downright strange. And the relationship she had with her husband was even stranger.

Nancy seemed unable to utter a sentence without using her husband’s name in it.

“She’s pretty, Milt.”

“She has nice tits, Milt.”

“Shall we take our clothes off now, Milt?”

“Do you want me to kiss her cunt now, Milt? Do you want me to suck her tits now, Milt?”

“Can you see all right, Milt? Do you want me to move a little so you can see better, Milt?”

And Milt, who sat alone in a chair near the corner of the bedroom where he could see everything, always seemed to answer her questions the same way.

“Yes, Nancy.”

“That would be fine, Nancy.”

“A little more to the left, Nancy.”

Milt sat naked in the chair and directed the performance with his cock. The two-piece orchestra, consisting of Lisa and Nancy, obeyed his directions down to the smallest detail.

It went on and on. Now and then when Nancy or Lisa had exhausted themselves, the performance would stop for an intermission. Sometimes, Milt would call a momentary halt to the preceding, and they would wait until he was ready to conduct again.

During these breaks, Lisa managed to get a little sleep, but it was a light sleep, filled with lurid dreams and weird sensations. The dreams made sleeping almost as tiring as remaining awake.

And when she woke up, it was always because Nancy had received some instructions from Milt, and had begun to perform again.

Nancy was small and slender, but not actually thin. Her body was saved from true skinniness by a lithe framework of muscle, which accented her curves and planes and hollows.

Her breasts were just about the size of baseballs, and set very wide apart so there was no great cleavage. Her skin flowed from her armpit and swelled out over the hard mass of one breast, then dipped into a flat plane almost three inches before rising over the shape of the other. The two, hard hemispheres were tipped by nipples hardly any larger than a fingerprint, almost colorless little discs, with tiny thrusting points rising out of delicately pebbled flesh.

Nancy’s hair was blonde and she wore it cut short around her small head. The rest of her body was hairless.

It wasn’t simply that the hair had been removed. As the evening wore on, and as Lisa became more and more familiar with the woman, she came to the conclusion that Nancy had simply never much body hair.

This unnatural smoothness added the final touch to the woman’s strange body. She looked almost like a hairless and muscular little boy who had somehow lost the symbols of his maleness and exchanged them for a pair of rubber-ball tits.

Nancy was exciting she was lithe and skilled in the ways of pleasure.

According to Milt, Nancy was a lesbian. Also according to Milt, Nancy was his wife. It was a pretty strange combination, but not exactly unthinkable. Lisa could picture an arrangement like that. She had slept with more men than she could count and none of them had ever changed the basic arrangement of her life with Ken, except the night with Ben and Connie.

At one point, Lisa found one of Nancy’s hard little mounds offered to her, and took it quickly, caressing the nipple hard. The woman was just as cool there as her kiss had been. The flesh was firm and resilient and wonderfully rigid where Lisa touched it, but quite tasteless. While her mouth busied itself, Lisa’s free hand roamed Nancy’s body until she was holding the other breast full in her palm. The shape was exciting; the firmness of it was fascinating in her fingers; the thrust of the pale tip reminded Lisa of past loves and past excitements.

But there was no excitement for her in this moment.

At Milt’s enthusiastic direction, Nancy moved her hands down along Lisa’s body, feeling her breasts and hips, working the soft flesh methodically in her strong fingers. Lisa felt those fingers on her legs, taking possession of her. Nancy’s hands scooped down underneath to grab hard at Lisa’s buttocks.

Milt was watching it all. Lisa knew this even if she couldn’t see him. Every time she opened her eyes, all she saw was Nancy’s trim figure poised high, the woman was kneeling on the bed beside her, and bending with total concentration over Lisa. Milt was watching every move, and he had one hell of a good view. Nancy had moved Lisa around with her hands and now Lisa’s cunt was aimed straight at Milt’s fascinated face.

Lisa tried to play along with the game. She put out her hands and stroked Nancy’s buttocks, letting her fingers drift lightly around the tight globes, along the hollowed sides. She explored her body intensely, looking for some kind of pleasure. After all, wasn’t Nancy a woman? Didn’t she had everything a woman should have? And didn’t Lisa get her principal pleasure in life from handling and being handled, kissing and being kissed, loving and being loved by a woman?

She couldn’t find a thing. There was no warmth, no electricity, no sign of excitement or life, nothing but cold.

Milt was saying something. Nancy was moving her body dutifully. The smooth buttocks flexed and slid out of Lisa’s fingers. She opened her eyes and saw Nancy flexing as she moved to get her balance then lifted one round leg and settled her cunt.

Lisa knew what was coming next. She closed her eyes. Only a few minutes before her fingers had discovered Nancy, and that repelling memory was still vivid in her mind.

Nancy’s cunt lips, the same ones which had felt so alien and fishlike against Lisa’s lips, now formed themselves into a kiss. Nancy’s hands were clutching Lisa’s buttocks again, lifting her with surprising strength. Lisa felt the brush of Nancy’s blonde hair along her legs, then felt the woman’s ears settle against the flesh of her thighs.

Then Lisa felt the kiss. Bloodless and cold, like the kiss of a zombie, even in the midst of the most intimate moment two women could share.

Milt was talking again. “Now make her come, Nancy.”

As if she were a robot, Nancy moved over Lisa’s body. Her fingers fanned out, so that one touched the tight entrance to Lisa’s asshole, and the middle two lay on her soft cuntal lips.

Lisa sucked in her breath as a forefinger slipped between the tops of her thighs and touched the little roll of clit skin there. Her throbbing little clit stiffened at once. Lisa’s mouth opened as her stomach fluttered, dipped in, pushed out, the muscles beneath the smooth flesh falling within the control of the other woman’s moving fingers. They were very white against the dark thicket of Lisa’s pubic hair.

Those fingers toyed there, rolling and pushing, making her clitoral erection slip back and forth beneath the pressure of Nancy’s touch. Standing there, watching the two naked women, Milt saw Nancy smile. Lisa smiled in return. Her eyes were starting to gaze.

But the smile left her face in a rush and her nostrils flared as she gasped.

Her hips came alive, moving. Her buttocks rolled on the bed as if controlled from outside her. They were no longer in her control. Her mouth wouldn’t close. Her staring, misty eyes did not want to remain open. She tossed her head. Black hair whipped and flailed around it.

Milt saw her all-over flush as heat mounted in her, rising up into her belly. Nancy’s hand and clever fingers moved on. Lisa writhed. She could no longer see, no longer hear.

Again it came in soft waves that flooded her cunt and turned her belly into an inferno.

“Oh, damn, oh, damn! Nancy, I’m commmmiinnngggg! Oh, God, I’m COMING!”

Arms outspread and face red and sweating, Lisa gasped and moaned. And when the waves had risen to their highest point and were lapping, lapping away, she convulsed. Nancy ceased her attentions to the other woman’s clitoris and spread her hand wide again, listening to her ecstatic screams.

Suddenly she jerked to a sitting position on the bed and threw her arms around Lisa. Nancy’s mouth rushed down onto the tip of one big naked breast. Milt frowned, watching Lisa stiffen and jerk. She emitted a pained little cry. Nancy was biting her nipple.

“Now, Nancy, get up on your knees and stick your ass out and ready while I strap the darling leather cock on Lisa,” Milt said, “so she can fuck the shit out of your ass.”

“No! It’s too big, Milt,” Nancy gasped. “Please, I don’t want to.”

“But you will,” he said, handing a gigantic, ribbed leather dildo to Lisa. “Here, put this on and fuck her with it!”

“I won’t do it,” Lisa said.

“Yes, you will,” Milt replied, a grainy insistence in his voice.

“The hell I will!”

“Then I’ll have Nancy fuck you with this phony cock. It makes no difference to me. I just like to watch.”

“Yes… that’s it, Milt. Let me fuck her ass with that big dick,” Nancy begged.

“You’d like that, wouldn’t you, Nancy, honey? You’d really tear up her asshole for me to watch?”

“Oh, yes… yes!” Nancy said, grabbing the dildo from him.

“No!” Lisa said, struggling to free herself from Milt’s viselike grip on her shoulders. “You fucking perverts can’t.”

“Oh yes we can,” he hissed. “And you will. You think you and your husband can con me? I know your game. I’ve known it all along. If you want that contract from me, you’ll have to pay for it. And this is how you’re going to do it. We’ve got a couple of neat surprises for Ken when he gets here tomorrow, too, haven’t we, Nancy, honey?”

“We sure have,” the blonde grinned. “You bastards!” Lisa hissed.

Then Milt looked up at Nancy and nodded.

The blonde didn’t have to be told. She took her hand from her crotch, with reluctance, but it was with eagerness that she strapped on the long, fat, leather dildo. A couple of straps had to be tightened a little; Nancy possessed both thighs and waist that were much smaller than Lisa’s.

Lisa remained limp, humiliated and defeated and filled with shame. Milt lifted her, turned her and shoved her upper body forward onto the bed. Going around to the other side, he took hold of her wrists and leaned forward toward her. She lay with one cheek on the sheet. Lisa didn’t look at him.

Nancy wasn’t as vicious as she might have been.

She smeared the oversized leather dildo with Vaseline. Milt watched it jut obscenely from her, wagging and bobbing like the real thing when she moved. She came over behind the kneeling Lisa. Her hands dropped to the girl’s lovely round asscheeks. Lisa moaned and shivered, anticipating the worst. She convulsed and went rigid when Nancy shoved the artificial cock up into her ass.

“Aaarrrrrggghhhhh!” Lisa gasped.

Her face contorted and her arms tensed as she tried to jerk free of Milt’s grip. He held her there. She couldn’t even grab the bed to aid herself in crawling away from the huge hot log that forced its violent way up her ruptured ass.

Nancy’s bright blue eyes caught Milt’s and she grinned. She withdrew, very slowly. He knew that was a new agony to the moaning Lisa, whose anal muscles would be frying to speed up the slow emergence of the chunk of leather from her asshole. Nancy smiled as she looked down to watch the shining black cock slide with liquid ease out of the puckered and straining asshole.

It was beautiful, Milt thought, beautiful to watch, and he shivered in delight. His balls were beginning to tingle.

Nancy’s fingers kneaded the fleshy little swells of the other, woman’s cheeks. Then she surged swiftly back in a sudden sadistic lurch that shot her deep into Lisa with a violently convulsive shock. Again Lisa cried out and again she went into a jerking, puffing attempt to free herself of the thick impalement. She was unable to escape.

The leather cock stabbed deep, like an oil drill pounding into the earth. Lisa shrieked again at the sudden force of that deep invasion of her clutching rear hole and the long cavern within.

Milt loved it. Nancy’s wagging, undulating, fucking body; the other woman’s contorted face and trembling form; the intense excitement of wall had him erect, throbbing and pulsing hard. He bit his lower lip as lewd thoughts leaped into his mind. He looked around. Up at Nancy and around again.

She saw and sensed his preoccupation. A little frown appeared on her face. She was suddenly still, with her phony prick sunk halfway up Lisa’s ass while she waited for… whatever it was. She looked questioningly at him.

“Lisa, if you move, Nancy will ram herself into you with all her strength,” Milt breathed.

Lisa sobbed and clamped her mouth to save herself the humiliation of another audible sign of her intense anguish.

Milt released her wrists and went around the bed. Nancy watched him coming, smiled, then jerked and quivered when he slid a hand between the two tiny globes of her asscheeks.

“Hold still,” he muttered, moving away. He had to open two dresser drawers before he found what he wanted. They would be ruined, but he knotted a stocking around each of Lisa’s wrists, dragged the delicate but strong material out to tie it to the metal frame of the bed. Lisa wouldn’t be moving now. She was held just as firmly as if he held her. Stockings that would run at the touch of a fingernail or splinter would also keep her in check with incredible strength.

He returned to Nancy. Using a small amount of her Vaseline, he stepped behind her. She sighed and quivered in delighted anticipation. She was relaxed, quivering with sensuality, and his cock was coated with slippery petroleum jelly. It was easy. He poked it between her jutting cheeks and watched the huge, blood-filled head open her, then sink deeper and deeper into the cock-loving hole of her anus. He felt the warmth of a tight rim of flesh close around the knob of his prick. It damped sweetly, all around his driving shaft, as he pumped it into her.

The two pumps were moments apart. Milt’s final hard thrust had driven him all the way into Nancy, whose body surged forward with the impact of his hips against her flat little asscheeks. And her forward lunge sent the dildo rushing just a deeply into Lisa kneeling there helplessly before her.

Nancy twisted her neck to give Milt a huge smile of enraptured pleasure. “You,” she murmured, “are an iron man… and a genius! You’ll fuck us both at once!”

He nodded and brushed her hair with his lips. His hands slid over the flat of her hips, flaring out on either side of his entrenched cock.

“Just move with me,” he murmured. “Go forward when I push, come back with me an instant after I pull. I’ll fuck you both at once. So will you, you’ll be fucking yourself and the bitch at the same time!”

Milt moved. Nancy moved. Helplessly, jarred and shivering, Lisa moved. Each strong thrust of Milt’s hot, bursting cock into Nancy’s thin ass jarred her forward to stab Lisa’s rectum deeply with the dildo jutting from her loins. Each time he withdrew, Nancy followed a second later, giving him a second fucking as she slid her wet, warm asshole back up his cock and eased hers out of Lisa’s ravaged asshole in preparation for the next deep stroke back into its soft inner surfaces.

The three of them filled the room with their grunts and groans as they rocked and sawed together in a daisy-chain reaction.

Looking over Nancy’s shoulder, Milt could see the black pole that jutted from her every time it slid up into the tight walls of Lisa’s asshole. It was so thick that it spread her tight cheeks with each in and out drive.

And below, on her inner thighs, glistened more than one trickle of pale fluid as blood drooled out of her ravaged asshole.

He did not stop or allow Nancy to stop buggering the other woman until Nancy, too, was drooling with juice and he was coming.

“Ohhhhh, shit, fuck, piss, cunt, cock… COCK!” Milt Harris was screaming. “Oh Nat. NAT, MY DARLING BOY!” Milt cried, as his boiling cum erupted into the rectum in front of him. “Why did you do it? Why did you have your cock cut off! Why! I LOVED YOU AS A BOY!”

And now Lisa knew what had been so strange about Nancy. But still she stayed, her mind in a total fog.

The night passed, and nothing changed. Sometimes she slept, only to be awakened by cold greedy lips nipping at her. Sometimes she caught glimpses of Milt in his chair, saw him so frantic with lust over the sight of them and so insanely preoccupied with his own body, that she could hardly believe she wasn’t still dreaming.

And through it all, Nancy’s smooth, dry nudity against her, never ceasing and never coming to Lisa.

When dawn broke through the windows, something terrible had happened to Lisa.

Milt was still in the chair. In the morning light, his skin looked gray, and his face looked crumpled as an old shoe. He was asleep, and breathing harshly between parted lips.

Nancy was also asleep. Lisa turned her head on the pillow and found the woman an the bed beside her. Her limbs were arranged as perfectly as those of a corpse… legs together, elbows close to the sides, fingers laced across the abdomen. Even lying flat on her back, Nancy looked solid as ever; the twin lumps of her round little breasts rose high, with no trace of shifting or flattening.

Lisa moved herself painfully to the edge of the bed, and managed to stand. Her mind was fogged from lack of sleep, from passion unfulfilled, and from something else she couldn’t name. The something else, whatever it was, gave her the strength she needed.

She walked across the room to where Milt sat slumped in the chair, his hand resting limply against his leg. She curled her fingers, glanced once at her long red nails, then struck him across the face.

Milt’s head snapped up. His eyes opened and shifted drunkenly, trying to focus on the woman standing before him.

“Get out,” Lisa snapped. “I want to dress.”

Milt rose from the chair cautiously, as if afraid any sudden movement on his part might be dangerous. Lisa stood tall and, completely nude beside his chair, but he didn’t once look at her body as he came to his feet and crossed the room to the bed.

He touched Nancy’s shoulder, and she awakened immediately.

“Let’s go,” he said. His voice sounded very hollow and tense.

Lisa remained standing in the same spot, watching Milt and Nancy as they dressed. No one spoke. If Nancy sensed anything wrong, it didn’t show in the rubber mask of her face. As for Milt, he seemed almost as weird as his wife, except for the occasional apprehensive glances he threw in Lisa’s direction.

When they were dressed, the two of them left the room without a word. Lisa listened closely until the door down the ball had slammed.

She went slowly over to the bed, and stretched herself out upon it. The early morning sun had made a pattern of bars across the ceiling, and Lisa fixed her eyes an them.

Her body never moved, her face remaining completely expressionless, as she followed the progress of the sunny stripes down the wall.

Then she realized that they were the same bars she had in her own apartment. They were the bars of her cell, and she was going to escape from them.

Quickly, she showered, dressed, and packed. Milt met her at the foot of the stairs.

“If you leave before the weekend is over, it will be that much harder on Ken,” he said.

“That’s tough shit,” Lisa said, and stomped out of the house.


There was a knock on the door.

The newspaper dropped from Connie’s hands and she sat bolt upright in her chair, staring frozen across the room. Her mind raced furiously.

It was just a knock at the door, after all. It only meant she had a caller. There was no reason to suspect anything out of the ordinary just because somebody had knocked on the door.

And it might be Lisa. Maybe she had changed her mind. Maybe she had decided to tell Ken to go to hell after all. She had been crying on the telephone when she had called Connie and told her what Ken had wanted her to do; the kind of couple he wanted her to spend the weekend with.

“Don’t go,” Connie had urged her. “Come to me… me and Ben. We love you, Lisa. We’ll make no demands on you.”

Then she had hung up and now there was knocking on the door.

The knock sounded again, and this time a voice spoke.


She got up slowly from her chair and crossed the room on tiptoe until her face was right next to the door. She stood waiting until the voice spoke again.

“You in there, Connie?”

“Who is it?”

“It’s Ben, silly. You got somebody with you?”

She pulled open the door.

Ben was standing in the hall looking sheepish, as usual, with a stupid smile on his face and a bright wetness in his eyes. It was the same idiot face he always wore when he called on her, but she loved it.

She grabbed his hand and pulled him inside.

“Oh, Ben, I’m so glad to see you,” she said, throwing her arms around him and holding him close to her.

“Hey, what’s wrong, baby? You look kind of funny.”

“She’s gone, Ben. Lisa’s gone. And if what we did together didn’t work, I don’t think anything could shake her away from her husband. And I’m frightened… frightened for her!”

“Hey, calm down, baby,” Ben said, squeezing her against his massive chest and kissing the top of her forehead lightly. “She’s a big girl. I think she can take care of herself.”

“I s’pose you’re right,” Connie nodded, molding her ample curves into his warmth. “Oh, Ben, make me forget… hold me close and make love to me. Please. Right now.”

“I want you, Connie,” he said.

“And I want you. C’mon, darling, take your clothes off and let’s make love right now!”

She grabbed his hand and led him into the bedroom, then turned to face him. She untied the knot in her robe and let the garment fall to the floor. She was totally naked beneath it.

His eyes widened at the sight of her nude body. “Oh, Connie, you look mighty good to me tonight.”

“I’m going to be mighty good to you if you’ll just get those damn clothes off and come to bed.”

He busied his hands with the last bits of clothing. In a moment, he was as naked as she was.

“Let’s go, honey,” she said, extending a hand toward him. “This is one we both need.”

She sprawled on the bed, arranging her body deliberately so it would excite him. She slipped her hands behind her head, winging up her elbows, making the hut hemispheres of her tits rise invitingly.

He leaped to her, his thin fingers closing around those luscious breasts. She felt his hips graze her legs.

“Oh Ben,” she said, looking right up into his flushed and eager face. “Do right by me now, and I’ll promise you the best time you ever had with a woman. I mean that, Ben, and it’s a promise I know how to keep tonight.”

“What do you want me to do, Connie?”

“Just go, honey.” She laid her head back into the pillow and closed her eyes. “That’s all. Just go like it was the greatest thing in the world. Just love me with everything you’ve got. I want to get pounded!”

“You’re on, baby.”

“I want it all tonight, Ben darling,” Connie moaned. “I want to do everything.”

Ben’s head swam with the sudden intensity of her desire. He knew that deep down Connie was a lesbian, and in love with Lisa. But he also knew that he was the only man who could satisfy her. And, tonight, thinking that Lisa was gone for good, she needed him.

He made a vow as he kissed her, that she wouldn’t be sorry.

He rolled the girl over on her side. As her legs fell apart, he brought his hardened prick to bear on her pussy.

“Now spread your beautiful legs open for me!” he urged.

She did, with a smile, loving the thrill that ran through her as his cockhead rushed over her sensitive cuntal flesh. She spread her trembling thighs wide apart.

He dropped between her legs and moved one hand to the smoothness of her full ass, pressing her pussy hard, against his cock.

He crushed his lips against hers and moved his hand over her seeping cuntal lips while the other hand continued to knead the silky flesh of her ass. His experienced fingers caressed slowly at first then began a rotating motion around her quivering clit.

“Oh, give it to me, Ben… fuck me… FUCK ME GOOD!” Connie gasped.

Her eyes filled with desire as she felt her cunt tingle and her pelvis begin grinding up against his warmly throbbing cock. She clenched her teeth tightly together and moaned as the smooth tip of his prick began tantalizing her wet pussy lips.

“I’m going to fuck you now, baby. I’m going to feed my hungry cock into you!”

He lunged forward and drove the head of his massive, prick into her eagerly gaping cunt hole with all the heated impatience of the lover that he was.

Waves of passionate ecstasy shook Connie’s body and, groaning in wanton abandonment, she began to grind her steaming pussy up against his thick male meat. She drew her knees up to meet his pounding thrusts.

“God, it’s good! It’s so unbelievably good!” she crooned.

Flaming desire coursed through her wildly flailing hips. The only thing that mattered to her in this world at this time was the fact that this powerful man was fucking her. She wanted him to fuck her, wanted him and his big, wonderful cock thrust deep inside her.

Her hot, quivering thighs humped in time with his furious pounding. Slowly he raised her legs as high as they would go. Then he raised his body slightly and thrust his huge cock all the way into her warm opening. Wildly, with passionate force, he pressed himself into her again and again.

Her cunt quivered and twitched from the thrusts of cock pressure she felt from the force of his wildly pounding tool.

“Oh, fuck my brains out, Ben,” she cried. “Pound my pussy raw with your sweet, big dick!”

“I love you, Connie,” he groaned. “Don’t worry about her. I’ll marry you, if you want me to.”

“No, Ben darling, that’s not for us. This is for us,” she breathed, slamming her cunt over his meat. “Fuck me!”

“Fuck! FUCK!” he cried, slamming into her with renewed vigor.

She received his thrusting rod with unbridled lust, screaming and biting down on her lips as she dug her sharp nails deeply into his muscular back.

The wild passion of his thrusts continued to penetrate her flesh and give her throbbing bursts of pleasure. Their moans and sighs filled the room, and echoed inside his head. She pulled him down to where their lips were touching. His tongue touched the tips of her open, trembling lips. They quivered wildly and pressed firmly against each other. Ben could feel the excitement flowing from her lips to his and through his whole body.

Their saliva mixed and the passion of their touches increased to a fever pitch. They were both sweating now and perspiration ran off of them in heavy, hot beads.

The sounds of heavy breathing and panting became louder and more insistent as their passion reached new highs of frenzy.

They rolled and tossed together on the bed in wild, jerking motions of sexual pleasure.

Connie spread her legs wider apart, and thrust her body up, pushing her contracting cunt over hi’s cock. Ben anxiously thrust his throbbing tool all the way into her and held it there for some seconds, feeling the total heat of her steaming channel.

She pulled greedily at his muscular buttocks to force his massive cock hard and fast into her wet opening. Harder and harder he thrust the head of his thrashing tool in and out of her silt.

“Let me on top let me on top!” Connie cried as her cunt screamed for all the cock it could get.

Then, with more agility than he imagined she possessed, she raised herself up and climbed on top of him. She straddled his body, holding his upward-thrusting cock between the fingers of her right hand as she poised it up between her wide-spread thighs near the mouth of her pussy.

“Now, baby,” she cooed.

Staring hotly down at him, she inched herself downward slowly, parting the folds of her cunt with the massive head of his prick. She filled the pulsating opening with it. She made soft sounds of sheer delight at the feel of his throbbing instrument again inside her cunt.

He thrust upward as she came down, feeling the fleshy warmth of her pussy’s clasping while molding around his dick. Wasting no more time, Connie sheathed the full length of his cock with her damp cunt. It filled her whole belly with the hot, hard expanse of his huge flaring head. Her face was wildly contorted with lust. As she rode up to bring all but the lust-swollen tip of his cock out of her pussy, he slid his hands around under her arms and squeezed her quivering tits. He levered up with his ass at the same time, sending his huge cock soaring along the full length of the clasping channel of her cunt.

“Oh, yes, Ben… your cock… I’ve got all of your sweet cock!” she cried.

Then, using her knees as levers, she began to grind her cunt up and down his prick.

Then Ben could take it no longer. He could feel his orgasm approaching. He wrenched her around until she was once again beneath him. He wanted to be on top when he poured his frothy sperm into her hot, seething hole.

Her body was shaking and quivering all over. She was ready to come.

Ben knew she was ready, and he nibbled on her ears and squeezed and pulled the sensitive nipples of her throbbing tits.

Closer and closer she came to her climax, her body jerking and quivering violently. She moaned and tossed her long legs about the bed in a wild frenzy. She threw her head in frantic, lustful passion as Ben bit down on the firm tips of her hot, erect nipples.

Her cunt began to quiver and contract more violently. She screamed again and again, more violently each time.

Ben could feel the moisture of her cunt increase, as her excitement grew stronger.

Suddenly and frantically, she took hold of his shoulders and clasped her hands tightly around them. She bucked her body up, nearly bending herself double.

A shriek started, almost inaudibly, in Connie’s throat. It increased in volume until it was a lusty squall. Her body shivered and bounced under his.


Ben’s sperm was boiling at the end of his dick. Her cunt walls sucked at him, the hot flesh curling around his plunging cock. The depths of her pussy were raspy and hot as her climaxing flesh grasped the spurting head of his prick. Unable to hold back any longer, he let go.

“FUUUUUUUCK!” he yelled.

It was boiling out of his cock. He reached around and grasped her ass and slammed his body against her pelvis.

Connie gasped through her nostrils as the massive ramrod plunged into her cunt, spewing his flood of hot cum all the way to her belly.

“God, what a beautiful fuck.”

Ben rolled off Connie’s body and they both looked toward the voice in the doorway.

It was Lisa. She was stark naked, ramming two fingers of her right hand up her snatch.


Ken was taking even a closer look at Nancy than Lisa had earlier. There was something about the woman that turned him completely off, physically. Also, the fact that she seemed to work like a robot for Milt unnerved him.

“Shall I sit next to him on the sofa, Milt?”

“Yes, Nancy, that would be nice.”

She not only sat next to him but also started running her hand up and down his thigh. Her fingers now and then brushed the material of his cock through the material of his trousers. And, even though Ken didn’t think of her as an attractive woman, his cock started getting hard.

It was difficult to concentrate on what Milt was saying, until he started talking about Lisa and the contract. That jarred Ken into instant attention.

“So you see, Ken,” Milt was saying, “I know, and have known for some time, about the little deal you and your wife have cooked up to convince unwitting advertisers to use your agency. I’ve even talked to some of the men who have felt guilty after fucking your wife, and having her suck their cocks.”

Ken gulped. “Then why…”

“Why did I go ahead and fuck her?” Milt said. “Because, dear boy, I like you. And it was rather enjoyable fucking her, although my tastes run to other things. Things a little more bizarre. That’s why I’m married to Nancy. Nancy is a little bizarre. Aren’t you, honey?”

“Yes, Milt. His cock is almost hard. Shall I take it out and suck on it a little first?”

“Hey, wait a minute,” Ken interjected. “I don’t.”

Milt interrupted him. “Yes, dear, but why don’t you take your clothes off first and let Ken see your beautiful body.” He turned his attention back to Ken as Nancy stood beside the sofa and started removing her dress. “You’ll love Nancy’s body, Ken. I do. She’s built almost like a little boy.”

Ken couldn’t speak. His eyes were riveted to the woman as she slipped the dress from her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. He could see the straight, thin line of her pubic hair as it disappeared between her thighs through a filmy thin pair of bikini panties. Her waist was strange, too thick for her narrow hips and thighs.

Then she removed the tiny bra and he gasped. Her small, gleaming white tits, with their tiny, tiny nipples, didn’t move. They were as firm as two baseballs beneath the taut ivory skin. They didn’t even look like a woman’s breasts. They looked as though they were the breasts of a man, only enlarged.

Then Ken saw her remove the panties and the narrow, jutting bone of her cunt appeared as if it would burst through her skin, and he knew why her breasts looked as though they were a man’s.

It was because they were a man’s at least, they had been at one time.

He turned back to Milt and started to speak, but was stopped by the leering smile of recognition on Milt’s face. Milt was reading his mind. He knew that Ken knew.

“Yes,” Milt said, unzipping his fly and pulling his huge, hard hunk of meat into the open. He fisted its huge girth as he spoke again. “Yes, Ken. My sweet little girl used to be my boy. Oh, I didn’t want her to do it, but she insisted. She said she wanted to be more of a girl.”

“Milt…” Ken said.

“You’ll love to have her suck your cock, Ken. She can really suck. That hasn’t changed since she was a boy. And, believe me, she sucked a lot of cock when she was a boy. You still love to suck cock, don’t you, Nancy?”

“Yes, Milt. I love a cock in my mouth. I love to feel that good jizz slide down my gullet when a cock starts spurting.”

“I know you do, dear.”

“Shall I take his cock out now, Milt?”

“Why don’t you just take all his clothes off, hon. Then we can see his cock and his ass. You know how we both love boy’s asses.”

“Yes, Milt.”

“No… NO!” Ken said, grasping her wrists and holding her away from him.

“Ken?” Milt said, his face growing stem. “The contract, Ken. It would be easier if Lisa were stun here, but we’ll just have to make do with you now.”

Ken’s mind whirled as he released Nancy’s wrists. Yes, he thought, the contract. He did need the damn contract. Need? Shit, he had to have the damn thing. And, what the hell, she was, a girl. She probably did give good head. Hell, maybe he’d even fuck her pussy. That would be kind of kinky, to fuck a man-made pussy.

Ken’s cock rose to its full height as Nancy undressed him with deft fingers. Now and then her hand would slide down and caress the length of his tool or roll his balls around in its palm.

“Ohhhhhh,” she cried, when Ken finally stood naked in front of them. “He does have a nice prick, Milt.”

“Yes,” Milt said, his eyes bugging from his head as he studied Ken’s cock. “Very nice.”

“It’s just right,” Nancy cooed.

“You think you can take it everywhere, dear?”

“Yes, Milt. It’ll be a nice size for my asshole after I suck and fuck him with my mouth and pussy.”

He, she, it, whatever Nancy was she had managed to turn Ken on completely with her hands.

“Shall I, Milt?”

“Yes, dear. Suck him off so I can watch.” She stood up. “Kiss me, Ken!” she said. “No… I… just suck me,” Ken replied hesitantly.

Nancy moved her nearly hairless cunt over his cock, trapping it between her thighs.

It worked. Man made or not, it was still flesh around the ridge of his cock. It was still a hole to ram his turgid meat into.

He rammed forward, grinding his cock hard into her pelvis, crushing the matted hairs around her tiny cunt. She leaned forward, rose to her toes, and stabbed her tongue into his mouth. Ken forgot who or what she was. He returned the kiss passionately, gyrating his prick into her hard crotch all the while.

Nancy reached behind him and slipped her fingers between the taut cheeks of his ass. She worked her middle finger downward, between the crack of his ass. He kissed her harder as her finger progressed. He moaned deeply as she began wiggling the tip of her finger into his rear hole. It almost drove him wild. His rock-hard cock ground into her with more intensity.

Nancy pulled her mouth away from his. She said, “He’s got a wonderful, tight asshole, Milt. It’ll be good.” Ken didn’t hear her words. His prick was already on the verge of coming, and it was sending wild sparks of sexual electricity up to his brain.

“Good, honey, good. Let’s go into the bedroom.”

Nancy led both of them through the living room and into the adjoining bedroom. In his daze, Ken managed to notice that Milt had shed all of his clothes. It struck him for just a moment that Milt had one hell of a whang. It was about three inches longer than his own, and at least an inch and a half thicker. He was too hot to think much about Milt’s cock, though. He wanted his own cum-gun off.

“You want him to fuck me first, Milt?”

“No,” Ken groaned. “Suck me off just once. Put my cock in your hot mouth and suck the cum out of me. I promise I’ll fuck you for a whole hour if you do.”

“Later,” she whispered. “I’ll drain you dry, but later.”

She lay down on the bed and Milt harshly insisted that Ken suck her pussy a little first to make sure that he didn’t look down on Nancy.

Ken willingly obeyed.

Moving his head forward, Ken snaked out his tongue and ran it through her pussy hair, seeking her swollen clit. Nancy jerked spasmodically each time the tip of his tongue scraped over her clit and he thrust her cunt forward to him. He licked harder.

“Oh, yes, that’s it. There. There, Ken. Oouuuu! Lick it slowly! Stick your tongue way up deep and then lick it out slowly until you reach my cunt. UMMMMM! Yes! Yes! Like that! Ohhhhh… that’s so good!”

Her cunt tasted the same as any other woman’s, Ken thought. Maybe it is the same. Hell, who gives a shit, his mind raved.

Spreading her legs wide, she lifted one and let it rest on his shoulder. Her cunt was opened wider. Ken drove his face into the wet opening. His tongue licked and sucked in her narrow hole and Nancy threw her head back and groaned.

“Oh, Ken, lick faster. I… I think I’m going to come already! Lick my clit… suck on it… hard. HARD… HARDER! OHHHHH!”

Ken sucked her swollen bud into his mouth and pulled at it as hard as he could. With the tip of his tongue, he raked back and forth across it over and over again. Reaching up, he rammed three fingers of his hand into her slit and fucked ardently in and out.

“Oh, Ken… Milt!” she sang out. “I’m commmmminnnnngg!”

Nancy ground her cunt into his face as hard as she could. He in return sucked and sipped at her cunt with renewed gusto. In his hand his cock throbbed with cum and he knew before he was finished Nancy would suck every drop of it out of his shaft, squeezing his balls all the while. He licked her cunt hard, ramming his fingers faster into her pussy.

To his surprise, she came. Or it seemed like she came. Once again, he couldn’t be bothered.

“Suck me now! Oh, shit, suck my cock now!” he cried, standing and waving his throbbing prick toward her lips.

She took his meat in both her hands and began to lick the swollen head. Kea shuddered and begged her to go on.

Nancy moved closer and, hovering directly over it, she opened her mouth and sucked in the head. He groaned louder and gripped the edges of the bed.

“More, more! Suck me good, Nancy!” Ken begged.

“You like this?” Nancy teased, running her tongue up the long shaft and then bobbing the tip around in the gland opening, while at the same time pumping his shaft up and down with her hands.

He could only groan and grip the bed all that much harder. He thrust his hips up at her and the head slipped between her waiting lips.

“Suck me! Suck me good, dammit! Suck the cum out of my balls!”

Soon Nancy’s head was bobbing up and down furiously. She allowed as much of his big cock to go in as she could take. Ken was soon thrashing and pounding on the bed in agonizing ecstasy. He pleaded with her incoherently to blow his cock.

“You ready to come now?” she asked.

“Yes! Oh, God, yes!” Ken growled.

“Then ass-fuck me!” she cried, rolling back onto the bed and lifting her splayed hips high.

He stared down at her asshole. It looked as big as her cunt, maybe bigger. He would rather come in her mouth but, to Ken, fucking was fucking.

“Come! Fuck me with that cock of yours! Ram it into my ass, hard, as hard as you can! Fuck me, Ken!” Nancy cried.

His puffy prick bounced in front of him, the head angry and red, his heavy balls sagging beneath him. The rigid curve was aimed at her widely spread legs. Her asshole gaped open, the quivering membranes wafting an invitation to him. Nancy, her head raised, eyes closed into slits, arms outstretched, pleaded with him to hurry.

The bed shifted noisily as Ken lowered his immense bulk quickly onto it. He mounted between her legs, lifting her ankles around his neck. Moving forward, he reached down and guided his cock to her bubbling rear hole. She gasped as she felt his huge cock begin to penetrate her.

“Now… NOW!” she cried. “All of it. Pound my asshole!”

He lunged and every inch of the long nine inches Ken possessed rammed into her.

She lifted her ass willingly and felt him thrust forward again. Half his long shaft sank into her tight depths and she moaned with joy. He pulled back, making a sucking sound as his big cock moved around in her hot channel, then rammed forward again. This time almost the entire prick speared its way into her.

Tightening, Nancy held Ken close and forced herself not to cry out. She knew that once she became used to having sucked a huge cock in her ass, it wouldn’t be uncomfortable. But in the beginning it was always difficult. Ken backed out again.

Nancy’s legs were high, with her knees around his head so her asshole was pointed practically straight up toward his plunging rod. Ken had driven into her in a push-up fashion. He ground his hips in a circular motion as he drove in and out of her cock-milking asshole.

Each lunge was harder than the last, until Ken was fucking her exactly as he would any other woman.

And Nancy loved it, just like any other woman. She would tense, moan, and shove herself at him, making her bung-hole contract around his cock and milk it with glee.

“Talk to me, Ken,” she gasped.

“Huh… wha… what,” Ken panted, lost in a mind-boggling swirl of sexual intensity.

“Tell me… tell me,” she gasped, “what a woman I am!”

“Yes, yes, you’re a woman!”

“Talk to me! Tell me how it feels to you. Does your cock feel good? Can you feel me milking your cock? Talk to me, Ken, while you make me come! Fuck me, Ken! Fuck me real hard and deep!”

Ken continued his even pace, grinning down at her. His face was damp with perspiration and his breathing was difficult. Grinding his hips into her as he rammed forward, he spoke to her.

“It feels good, Nancy,” he panted. “Damn, you got the greatest ass in the world! Yeah. Yeah, I can feel you milking me. It’s almost like you were sucking me. Jesus, but I want to come in your asshole! You got a real sweet one! It’s so tight! I love to put my pole in it!”

He was at a peak of sexual excitement, and then he came, filling her asshole with searing cum before collapsing in exhaustion.

Milt looked over at Ken, smiling, and Ken knew he had won the contract.

Once it was established that Lisa was positive about her actions and was determined to leave Ken, Connie asked her what she intended to do, what she wanted for the rest of her life.

“I want the two of you. I want to love both of you and fuck you forever,” Lisa replied. “I want all the fun out of sex I used to have before I married Ken. I want crazy sex games. Oh, Connie… Ben, I want everything!”

Connie looked at the man beside her and smiled. “Think you can handle that, honey?”

Ben smiled and replied, “Did you ever see a time I couldn’t, baby?” Then he grasped his cock and pointed it at Lisa. “Come and get it, honey.”

With hair flying and big tits bouncing, Lisa jumped into the bed between them, giggling.

“Ummmm, nice cock… big beautiful prick,” she crooned, sliding her hand over the domed head of his meat and curling her fingers around the staff. It was already two-thirds erect. Her pawing hand, pistoning up and down, took care of the other third.

Lisa continued to pound Ben’s meat with her hand as she kissed Connie, who now squatted on his other side. Connie returned her kiss, giving her a mouthful of tongue.

Connie’s hands gripped her head, bringing it to her body. Lisa shuddered as she rubbed Ben’s enormous tool between her own tits while she licked Connie’s heaving globes. Over and around the woman’s tits went Lisa’s hot tongue. They were sleek and shiny with the sweat from her and Ben’s recent sexual exertions. Lisa lapped the perspiration from Connie’s tits and belly as if it were milk and she were a starving kitten.

Lisa was slurping down Connie’s belly and into her navel. Then she shifted her attack to Ben’s cock and balls. Me reached down and grasped two handfuls of jet black hair, one on either side of her face. He pulled. Her head came up a lithe and her eyes looked questioningly at him.


She smiled, then made an oval of her lips. He pulled at her hair and pushed with his pelvis and watched his cock run into her face. He felt teeth, and winced. She opened wider. Then he lunged, gagging her by bouncing his blood-gorged glans off the back of her throat.

She coughed and swallowed repeatedly when he backed his enormous prick out of her mouth. Then she looked adoringly up at him, the length of his body.

“What next, darling?”

“You really like games… all kinds of games?” he asked, his eyes darting from Lisa to Connie and back again.

“That’s what I’m here for,” Lisa answered.

“Stand up.”


“You asked what next. I said stand up.”

Lisa stood, her tits dancing and flopping and swinging back and forth. She looked down at him. He drew up his legs, then slid them between her feet.

“Open up.”

Lisa widened her legs. He moved his apart and told her again. She planted her feet farther apart and he propped them there with his.

“Open up,” he said again.

“Oh, darling… I’ll fall!”

“Open it up with your hands, then. I can’t see a damn thing but cunt hair.”

Lisa smiled a little and instantly her breasts slapped and bulged together again as she swung both hands in to her black bush. Palms in, she placed her fingertips in the center of her glossy black cunt-fur. With a sexy little half-smile on her face, she stared at him and started opening herself up.

Ben lay there, looking up to watch the pink crease appear. It widened. Slick-looking pink lips. She opened herself wider with a little sigh. He saw the inner lips, darker, ragged, and she pulled a little more and they popped wetly apart to let him see the small dark hole between them, like a tunnel into darkness framed by her cuntal flesh.

“Keep it open,” he told her, “while you run a finger in.”

She did exactly that, and her belly jumped as her finger slid in and up to her snatch.

Ben put his feet together. “Be careful now,” he said. “And squat.”

She moved her legs together, just a little. Then she bent her knees. She leaned a little forward to balance herself as she came down.

“Stop. Hold your pussy open with both hands.”

“Ohhhhhhhh, God,” she sighed in a tiny, throaty voice. “I love it!” She propped her cunt open with both hands, again showing him both sets of lips and the dark hole into her womb. Then she came down. Into a crouch, legs apart and knees bent and thighs and calves bulging as their backs came together.

“Forward just a little, Lisa,” Ben told her, and she did, big dark-tipped breasts joggling, and then she grunted. Her hands were holding her cunt lips wide open. The stretched lips slid down over his toes. He didn’t move his foot. He just told her to come on down.

His foot flipped up into her cunt. She groaned again. Lisa gasped and sighed, twisting her head. Her hands released her vulva to let the strongly muscular lips snap around his foot like a big rubber band. He worked his leg, just a little, so that his foot moved an inch or two left and then an inch or two right. She didn’t have that kind of room inside, and she moaned and wobbled back and forth, trembling all over with strain.

Then it was good, it was wonderful. His whole foot was up her cunt.

“Oh, yes… yes… YESSSS!” Lisa screamed. “Fuck me… FOOT-FUCK MEEEEE!”

Ben smiled and pulled Connie over until her thighs straddled his meat. “Take it baby,” he said. “We’re home free after all.”

Connie knew what he meant as she felt his big whang slide up into her honey-coated cunt. She started bouncing on his cock as Lisa pounded her cunt over his foot.

“Lisa?” she gasped.

“Yea… yessss?”

“Do you think Ken will get that contract? I mean, you’re still married to him. And even though you live with us, you’re going to be a rich woman.”

“He’ll get it, I suppose,” Lisa said. “He’ll find a way, somehow. He always does.”

“Good,” Connie said, looking down at Ben and smiling.

He smiled back.

They communicated with their eyes. They didn’t have to use words. They wouldn’t have to hustle any more, either of them. And if Ken didn’t give Lisa enough to keep all three of them in clover all the time, they could just set up an expensive trick or two for Lisa to turn. With her body, she could bring a lot in.

What the hell, she had done practically the same thing for Ken. Why shouldn’t she do it for Connie and Ben, who loved her so much?

Yes, they both thought, it was going to be the best of all worlds.

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Abused Again And Again

Immoral people capitalizing on the innocence of others to attain their goals — a story as old as man. The Bible, history books, law books — all contain countless examples.

And when the innocent victim is young, the story is so much the sadder.

Ginger Martin, the young girl in this book, is the victim of immoral people. A teenager, she finds herself tricked into aiding a false cause and ultimately is swept into a web of depravity and perversion she could only have dreamed existed. And, after being forced to suffer one humiliation after another, she becomes little more than an obedient animal, catering to the depraved whims of her captors.

ABUSED AGAIN AND AGAIN — the shocking story of an innocent girl learning the sordid truth about human nature. A story revealing another side of our complex society.


At eleven-fifteen Friday night in the airport parking lot, Ginger Martin waited apprehensively for Roger to walk around the Mustang with her suitcase and open the door. And when he did open it, Ginger started to get out, but Roger blocked her way. “Not yet, baby,” he said. “It may be a long time before I see you again.”

Ginger heard Roger’s fly unzipping. She looked down as his huge cock flipped out of his pants. Roger’s cock was the most magnificent thing about him. Every time she saw it, she could not help getting excited. His cock was over eight inches long and as fat as a club. His purple knob seemed to pulse. Roger Swain spread his legs and poked his cock at Ginger’s face. Startled, Ginger flinched back and looked around nervously.

“Someone will see us, Roger!”

“I don’t care. Suck it! I want to watch you swallowing my cum one more time before you fly off to San Diego.” Roger stroked his mammoth shaft as he talked, pulling his foreskin back and forth.

The sight of Roger’s erect cock was too much for her to pass up. Her mouth watered to have his throbbing knob sliding wetly over her tongue and poking deeply into her mouth and throat. The satiny texture of his cock head touched Ginger’s lips. She tasted the tiny drop of clear fluid oozing from his slit.

Looking quickly around the parking lot to make sure no one could see them, Ginger opened her mouth and sucked Roger’s cock into her mouth. Bobbing her head up and down, Ginger drove Roger’s cock back and forth over her tongue. Roger’s cock tasted like warm, succulent meat. Every time Ginger saw Roger’s cock she felt an urgent need bubbling up inside her. How would she ever be able to live without Roger if he got caught? Ginger pulled her mouth from Roger’s cock and begged him to go with her.

“I can’t,” Roger said, burying his fingers in Ginger’s hair. “The police are going to be looking for me everywhere. It’ll be safer for you if we split up.”

Roger twisted Ginger’s hair until the dark strands were like a harness around her head. Roger pulled Ginger’s mouth back to his cock and forced his knob between her lips. Ginger took his throbbing knob back into her mouth and bathed it eagerly with her tongue. If it had to be this way, she would have to make this time last until Roger could get the horrible mistake with the police cleared up.

As Roger began to drive his cock back and forth between Ginger’s lips, Ginger felt her arousal building quickly in her cunt. Juices oozed from her slit and began soaking her panties. She wanted to pull off her clothes and spread her thighs so Roger could bury his mammoth cock in her cunt. But there was not enough time. Eagerly, Ginger sucked Roger’s knob, feeling his rhythmic pulse against her cheeks and tongue.

Roger groaned and tightened his grip in her hair, twisting the strands of hair tighter until Ginger’s head was pulled against Roger’s crotch. Roger’s walnut-sized balls slapped against Ginger’s neck each time he hunched his hips forward. Ginger relaxed her throat muscles and arched her neck to help Roger’s cock penetrate deep into her throat.

Driving his hips faster and faster, Roger continued working his cock deeper into Ginger’s mouth until her nose was buried in his pubic hair. She felt his fat shaft stretching her throat and reaming so deeply into her that she could breathe only haphazardly. Yet she wanted even more of his cock plunging into her mouth. She fondled Roger’s balls with her fingers and hefted them in her palms.

Each thrust into her mouth brought the juices in her cunt to a more and more copious flow, soaking her panties. Ginger lifted her skirt until it was above her hips and she reached between her thighs and stroked the outside of her cunt through her panties. Ginger felt primed to explode.

“That feels good,” Roger rasped. “Keep it up. Suck it like an ice cream cane. Lick it! Ahhh!”

Ginger slid from the car seat and rested her ass on the edge of the door-frame. Lifting Roger’s heavy balls, Ginger bathed them with her tongue, licking them until her saliva dripped in thick drops. She sucked and chewed on his soft flesh, taking care to avoid harming his balls. She felt the tension building within his cock. She buried her face in his crotch and wiped his prick with her cheeks and nose.

She could suck his cock forever, never taking her mouth from his wonderful shaft, but time would not permit. Roger released her hair and leaned forward until his fingers reached Ginger’s youthful breasts. He dug into her braless orbs like he was kneading dough, puffing and stretching her breasts in reckless passion. Ginger felt her tits tingling under Roger’s savage fingers.

Roger twisted and pinched Ginger’s nipples until every nerve sizzled with passionate energy. Ginger’s breathing came in deep gasps as she continued nursing his cock and balls. If only they had not gone to the bank yesterday. It was a freak coincidence that the bank was robbed shortly after they had left. And with Roger’s past record, he would never be able to prove his innocence. Ginger was involved simply because she had been driving the Mustang.

As Roger’s cock plowed like a piston in and out of her mouth, Ginger realized that in all of her eighteen years, she had never loved anyone as deeply as she did Roger, despite the fact that she had known him less than two months. Roger began groaning louder and louder and Ginger realized his climax was rapidly approaching.

Ginger sucked and slurped her lips and tongue over Roger’s cock with more passion than she had ever lavished on his dick before. She wanted to give him something to remember until they were together again. She felt his burning knob searing against her throat and plunging to the hilt in her mouth. His loins slammed against her lips and nose with each savage thrust.

Ginger forced her hand between Roger’s legs until she could massage his ass-crack and she could toy with the opening to his anus. She pressed a finger against his tightly clenched sphincter muscle and massaged gently. She placed her free hand to her own crotch and stroked her cunt lips, feeling her arousal flaming hotter and hotter. Ginger flicked her tongue over the underside of Roger’s knob and sucked the oozing juices from his slit.

She felt his cock throbbing and pulsing against her mouth and throat. Each thrust brought Roger closer to orgasm. Ginger wanted it to last and last, but time forced them to hurry. Roger’s hips drove his cock into Ginger’s throat with eager, lustful plunges that demanded all of Ginger’s attention. Ginger purred like a cat every time Roger’s big cock plunged into her throat and she sucked air into her lungs each time Roger drew back for another thrust.

As Roger continued ramming his cock into Ginger’s mouth and his passion grew to the point of burning intensity, his movements became more and more savage until he was stabbing his cock as hard as he could into her throat. Ginger loved it and wanted more. Ginger welcomed the vicious thrusts of his cock into her mouth. She kept her neck arched to guide his eager cock deep into her throat.

Ginger felt Roger’s knob pulsing hotter and hotter with each thrust. She tasted his slick shaft and sucked the juices from his knob each time drew his cock back. Roger’s fingers tortured her breasts and nipples as he caressed her breasts. Yet she enjoyed everything Roger did to her. And as her own passion continued growing to match Roger’s, Ginger sucked even harder on his cock. She wanted his prick buried in her mouth as deep as it would go.

Then she heard footsteps coming down one of the rows of parked cars. She looked up just long enough to see a young couple walking arm in arm toward the terminal — oblivious to her and Roger. Ginger resumed sucking and bathing Roger’s cock, slurping her tongue over his feverish head and shaft until his entire organ glistened with her saliva.

Passion burned so hotly in Ginger’s pussy that she could think of nothing but having Roger’s marvelous cock buried to the hilt in her cunt. Quickly she raised her hips and slid her panties down over her legs.

“Put it inside me, Roger. Please! I need you so bad!”

This time Roger looked quickly around the parking lot to insure their privacy. Then, as Ginger lay back on the front seat with her thighs spread and her feet resting on the door-frame, Roger sprawled above her and positioned his giant cock against her dripping slit. With one vicious shove, Roger drove his cock to the hilt in Ginger’s pussy.

Ginger gasped at the sudden penetration, but after a couple of stokes, her cunt stretched to accommodate him. She felt his cock stretching her cunt widely as he thrust in and out like a madman. Roger pulled Ginger’s blouse above her breasts and buried his face in her cleavage. Ginger pulled his face hard against her tits and guided his mouth to first one nipple and then the other, feeling his teeth and tongue tantalizing her nerve endings until she was ready to scream from pleasure.

Lifting her legs, Ginger locked her ankles around Roger’s waist and thrust her hips upward to impale Roger’s eager cock in her. Again and again, Ginger felt Roger’s cock driving all the way into her pussy. Each time Roger drew his cock out, it felt like a plunger was sucking at her insides. And each time Roger drove his cock forward, the force caused Ginger to gasp.

Roger’s fingers dug at Ginger’s buttocks, spreading them and massaging her ass-crack until he touched her puckered anus. Roger stabbed first the index finger of his right hand into Ginger’s ass and then the index finger of his left hand. Roger forced both fingers all the way into Ginger’s ass and then he started twisting and stretching her anus as though he was trying to tear her apart.

Ginger moaned submissively as Roger used her ass like a handle to drive his cock even deeper into her pussy. Ginger felt Roger’s cock smashing again and again against her cervix in his eagerness to reach a climax. Ginger pulled down with her ankles and forced his pulsing cock head even deeper into her cunt. She felt his cock burning like a flaming torch. She didn’t ever want him to take his cock from her cunt.

Roger drove his hips faster and faster reaming his dripping cock back and forth between Ginger’s cunt lips until they were both ready to come.

Roger nibbled on Ginger’s tortured nipples. Yet she sucked in her breath and tried to force even more of her tit into his mouth. Every nerve in Ginger’s body tingled with an intensity she had never felt before. How would she ever be able to get through the coming days and nights without Roger?

And then Roger’s climax exploded with unbelievable passion. His cock blasted a thick, burning load of cum into Ginger’s cunt that splashed like molten lava against her cervix. Immediately Ginger’s climax erupted with equal intensity. She screamed and tightened her legs around Roger’s hips, pulling his cock as hard and deep into her pussy as possible. She felt every nerve vibrating with erotic passion as Roger’s cock plunged like a saw back and forth between her cunt lips.

“I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” she cried. “Don’t stop, Roger. Ohhh… Ohhhh. Fuck me harder! Harder!”

Roger did his best to give her what she wanted, plunging his hips forward with savage need, driving his cock to the hilt with each thrust. Ginger felt his cock squirting load after load of cum into her pussy, filling her so full that his viscous fluid ran back out around the sides of his cock and dripped in thick streams down her buttocks and into her ass crack. She felt his cum running into her ass as he drove his fingers deep into her butt.

At least four heavy spurts of cum flooded Ginger’s cunt before Roger’s balls were emptied. And still she felt her cunt clawing and sucking at Roger’s shaft in an attempt to milk even more fluid from his cock. Keeping her ankles locked around Roger’s hips, Ginger thrust upward again and again, impaling her cunt on Roger’s feverish cock. She felt his slick knob pumping in and out of her cunt, turning her into a seething, convulsing animal.

Ginger’s fingers raked the back of Roger’s jacket and her heels pounded his hips to keep him plunging his cock into her pussy. She felt her orgasm exploding again and again through her flesh as Roger’s cock plowed relentlessly into her pussy.

And when their climax finally ended, they were both left drained and exhausted. Roger rested his weight on Ginger until he had the strength to push himself away and pull up his pants. Ginger slipped on her panties and adjusted her clothing. Roger picked up her suitcase and she walked beside him to the end of the parking lot.

“You’ll have to go the rest of the way by yourself,” Roger said, setting down the suitcase and pulling her into his arms for a final kiss. “Willie will meet your plane in San Diego,” he said. And then he turned and walked away into the night.


Willie met Ginger at the airport in San Diego and drove her to a secluded house overlooking Mission Valley. Ginger was impressed by Willie’s flashy clothes and new Cadillac, but not with his manners. As soon as they were inside the house, Willie leaned back against the door and lewdly undressed her with his eyes. “You’re a good looking piece of ass,” he said.

Ginger ignored his comment and turned away to explore the small, two-story house. She was only to see the bottom floor, however, because the house had been divided into two separate living quarters. The bottom unit consisted only of a living worn, kitchen and bath.

“It’s not very big,” Ginger said, “but it will do until I can get another job as a nurse and get a place that will be big enough for Roger and me.”

Willie closed the distance between them and circled her waist in his hands. Pulling her hard against him, Willie began nibbling on Ginger’s ear. “Why don’t you take your clothes off and get comfortable?”

Ginger tried to push Willie away from her, but he held her tight. “Let me go!” she demanded. “Roger didn’t send me down here to be mauled by someone he said was his best friend.”

Willie moved his hands to the front of Ginger’s blouse and with one swift motion, tore it open to expose Ginger’s large, succulent breasts. Ginger tried to pull away, but Willie grabbed her arms and twisted them painfully behind her back until she was forced to stand on tip-toes with her hard nipples stabbing into his chest.

“You’re not going anywhere,” he said. “It may be a long time before you see Roger again and we don’t want you to get all sexually frustrated waiting on him, do we?”

Ginger couldn’t believe what was happening to her. She had expected to be put up as Roger’s girl friend and now she was being treated like a slut.

“I’ll tell Roger if you don’t let me go,” she threatened, but her words had no effect on Willie’s savage attack as he continued tearing at the rest of her clothes until she was stripped naked.

Willie pushed her to the floor and stood above her with a lewd smile on his face. Slowly, he began removing his own clothes. Willie was about the same age as Roger, somewhere in his late twenties, and about the same build. Even his cock was as large as Roger’s. But Roger had treated Ginger with a certain amount of tenderness; Willie treated her like a slave to be ordered and pushed around.

“Lay on your back,” he ordered, “and spread your thighs. I want to look at that pretty, pink pussy.”

Ginger closed her legs and began scooting away from him, but Willie grabbed her ankles and pulled her back to the center of the room. He spread her legs easily and stared at her gaping cunt. Ginger tried to kick free, but she was like a child in his strong hands. He stood up and removed the rest of his clothes. His erect cock stood out from his body like a third leg.

Willie straddled Ginger’s stomach so his cock and balls pressed into her cleavage.

“Let’s get something straight,” Willie said, his left hand playing with his own cock, his right hand bunching Ginger’s long, dark hair at the nape of her neck and pulling back on it like reins so she was forced to arch her neck. “You’re here because Roger’s hot in L.A. And since you’ve been seen with him, it’s only a matter of time before the police find out your name and you’ll be just as hot as he is. Now if you want to attract attention and have the police down here, you just start yelling and screaming and telling me what you don’t want. But if you want to keep yourself and Roger out of trouble, you’ll do what I say.”

Ginger could not take her eyes from Willie’s huge purple knob as it pulsed hotly between her breasts. Each time Willie pumped his fist up and down his shaft, his cock head seemed to throb with greater and greater urgency. What sort of trap was she getting into? Her arms were pinned by Willie’s knees and when she tried to buck Willie off, she succeeded in only tossing him farther up her body so his cock head pressed against her lips and chin.

A drop of clear fluid oozed from the tip of Willie’s knob. He wiped the fluid over Ginger’s pursed lips. “Lick it up, baby. You might as well learn to enjoy it because you’re here for the duration. And you can forget about getting a job as a nurse. That’s the easiest way for you to be traced.” Willie pumped his cock again as a second drop of fluid oozed from his prick. He wiped that against Ginger’s mouth as well. “Now, let me see how good you are at sucking cock.”

Ginger didn’t know what to do. What would Roger say if he found out she sucked his best friend’s cock? But what would happen if she didn’t and Willie kicked her out and the police found her? The problem was solved for her because Willie gave her no choice. Lifting his hips, Willie forced his cock between Ginger’s lips. She tasted his rubbery cock head as it slid over her tongue and cheeks. His cock filled her mouth as fully as Roger’s did.

Willie hunched his body over Ginger’s face and began working his dick in and out of Ginger’s mouth, pulling back until only his pulsing knob remained between her lips and then pushing forward until his cock slammed against her throat. Ginger was afraid she would gag as Willie continued reaming his cock in and out of her mouth. She tried to relax so his shaft would work its way completely into her mouth, but the position they were in made it difficult.

“I want you to take all of it, bitch,” Willie said angrily. He turned around so he straddled her face and was facing Ginger’s cunt. His cock was now positioned so it could easily be rammed all the way down Ginger’s throat. With his knees pinning Ginger’s arms to the floor, Willie began grinding his hips back and forth, working his cock deeper and deeper into Ginger’s mouth.

Willie knotted Ginger’s hair even tighter and arched her head back painfully. With his free hand, he began pinching and mauling her firm breasts, stretching and twisting her nipples until tears came to Ginger’s eyes. But at the same time, Ginger realized with humiliation and shame that her body was responding erotically to Willie’s sadistic treatment. Ginger tried to suppress the growing response, but she could not stop the slick juices from dripping from her aroused cunt.

“You like it, don’t you?” Willie began driving his hips forward with greater and greater force. Ginger felt his huge cock plunging deeply into her mouth until she was forced to breathe on the out-strokes. Each time Willie rammed his cock forward, his balls slapped against Ginger’s eyes.

Ginger arched her neck and back even more to accommodate Willie’s punishing dick as it burned against her throat. She felt it plunging back and forth like a snake exploring a hole. Willie’s fingers tortured Ginger’s breasts until every nerve tingled with erotic sensations.

Ginger hated herself for the arousal that took control of her body and turned her into a wanton woman. In a last attempt to save her dignity and self-respect, Ginger twisted violently back and forth, but she could not squirm free. Her movements only helped Willie to work his cock even deeper into her throat. Ginger’s lips and chin were pressed into Willie’s curly pubic hair.

Suddenly Willie pulled his cock from Ginger’s mouth and turned around so he knelt between her spread thighs. He dipped his head and licked deeply into Ginger’s spread cunt, lapping at the hot juices dripping onto her thighs and buttocks. Ginger cringed as Willie’s tongue darted between her pussy lips and flicked against her clit. Passion flared like a growing fire in her body as Willie’s tongue continued arousing her.

Ginger no longer made an attempt to escape. Instead, she locked her fingers in Willie’s hair and pulled his head tighter into her cunt, feeling his tongue arousing her clit until it stood up like a tiny prick in its pink sheath of skin. She wrapped her thighs around Willie’s head and encouraged him to stab his tongue deep into her pussy.

Willie sucked at Ginger’s cunt wildly, slurping her juices noisily into his mouth and lapping his tongue over her swollen lips. Ginger shivered as her arousal continued growing with each slash of Willie’s tongue. He turned his head so he could suck in part of Ginger’s cunt lips while his chin pressed into her wet slit. He nibbled and tantalized Ginger’s vulva. Slowly he chewed his way completely around Ginger’s cunt and then concentrated on plunging his tongue deeply in and out of her quivering tunnel.

Willie’s mouth plastered Ginger’s cunt hair to her mound as his tongue lapped greedily. Slowly, he began to work his way up Ginger’s body, licking and biting her creamy flesh until he reached her breasts. His mouth covered first her right nipple and then her left as he feasted hungrily at her breasts. Willie bunched Ginger’s tits in his palms until her nipples were forced so close to each other that he could suck both of them at the same time.

Ginger felt his tongue burning over her heavy globes and arousing her to the point that she would have begged him to continue if necessary. She felt Willie’s cock poking at her dripping pussy. She reached between her thighs and guided his cock head to her spread lips. His knob felt like it was on fire as it pushed into her slit and forced her inner lips aside. Ginger lifted her knees and crossed her ankles behind Willie’s back just as he tensed himself to drive his cock forward.

Ginger screamed as Willie’s cock suddenly plunged to the hilt in her pussy. She felt his dick splitting her apart in his sadistic need to rape her cunt. Willie reached beneath Ginger’s hips and spread her buttocks with his fingers, stretching her cheeks until he could stab one finger into her tightly clenched anus. As soon as he had located her asshole, he pulled his cock from her pussy and positioned it between her buttocks, his dripping knob pressing against her sphincter muscle.

Realizing what he was going to do, Ginger struggled to get away from him. “Not there!” She pleaded. “You’re too big! It’ll rip me apart. I can’t take your cock in my ass. Please!”

Willie ignored her protests and tensed his body to ram his cock as deeply into her ass as possible. Ginger was helpless to stop him. With one vicious shove, Willie drove his cock into Ginger’s butt, burying his cock to the hilt. Ginger screamed as Willie’s dick tunneled up her ass. It felt like a burning torch had been forced up her butt, but as Willie began to slowly work his cock back and forth, the pain lessened and gradually turned to a feeling of pleasure.

Pressing Ginger’s knees hard against her breasts, Willie rested completely on Ginger’s body as his hips ground back and forth in a slow rhythmic movement that soon had Ginger moaning. Ginger began to relax her muscles and experience the deviate sensation of a huge cock fucking into her butt.

Ginger felt even more humiliated by her reaction to being ass-fucked. If only she could pretend she wanted Willie to stop she would feel less ashamed, but she couldn’t even do that as his cock continued to arouse her to a more and more intense excitement. His cock felt like a vacuum sucking at her insides each time he withdrew his shaft, leaving his swollen knob inside her rectum, and then plunged forward again to drive his dick completely into her bowels.

Ginger raked her nails across Willie’s shoulders and rocked her body back and forth in time with his thrusting hips. Ginger spread her knees and pulled Willie’s head back to her breasts. He bit viciously into her heavy globes as he chewed and sucked her flesh. Ginger felt her climax building and building within her body until she knew her climax would erupt at any moment.

And then suddenly she felt Willie’s cock exploding and shooting cum into her ass as he convulsed into a writhing mass of orgasming flesh. Willie’s cum quickly filled her ass and his semen gushed back out and dripped in thick gobs down her crack to smear over the tops of her buttocks. As spurt after spurt of cum filled Ginger’s bowels, Willie drove his cock back and forth in her ass as fast he could.

Willie’s cock was like a plunger pushing and pulling Ginger’s insides until she was driven to the very peak of sensual excitement. She could hold back her own orgasm no longer and with a scream of intense sensation, erupted into seething contractions. Ginger dug her heels into Willie’s buttocks and, clasping his head, forced his lips back and forth over her nipples.

Their orgasm went on and on as Willie continued humping his cock in and out of Ginger’s punished asshole. She felt her butt sucking up his cum as her sphincter milked his shaft. Pounding with her heels, Ginger tried to drive his cock even deeper into her ass. She wanted their climax to go on forever as Willie’s cock drove her wild with perverse excitement.

Each plunge of Willie’s cock forced cum to splash back out Ginger’s ass. Ginger begged him to keep his cock fucking into her ass, but all too soon, his cock began to shrivel as his passion drained away. When at last Ginger’s passion cooled, shame and humiliation for the way she had acted flooded through her. She turned her face away as Willie pulled his cock from her ass. Maybe it was over now. Maybe she wouldn’t be forced to submit to him any more. But as Willie stood and sneered down at her, she knew her plight had only started.


Ginger tried to stand, but Willie pushed her back with his foot.

“Don’t try to go anywhere,” he snarled. “When I’m through with you, I’ll let you know.”

Fear raced through Ginger as she huddled completely humiliated on the thick green carpet. Willie flipped her suitcase onto the trundle bed in the corner and opened it. Gathering up the shredded remains of her clothing, he stuffed them into the suitcase and closed it again. His eyes flicked around the room until he located her purse. He found it by the door and set the suitcase beside her purse. Hands on hips, legs spread dominantly, Willie faced Ginger. “You won’t be needing your things for awhile.”

Ginger felt her heart racing wildly. Things had somehow gone horribly wrong. “What do you mean?” she gasped.

Willie began wiping his still dripping cock on his palms. In the process, his cock rose slowly to erection.

“I just want you to understand exactly what kind of position you’re in,” he said. “As of the minute you stepped on that plane in Los Angeles, you’ve been living outside the law. You’re game now. Free meat, so to speak. You have no protection. That’s why Roger wanted me to look after you. That’s what I’m going to do. But you’re going to earn your keep. Now get over here and finish cleaning my cock and balls with your mouth.”

Ginger shuddered over Willie’s humiliating order. Did he actually expect her to do it again? So soon! His cock glistened at her in complete erection. His balls swung heavily against his thighs. When Ginger didn’t make a move toward him, he suddenly turned and walked over to his pants. He pulled a thick black belt free.

“I gave you an order. If you don’t start sucking my cock and licking my balls real fast, you’re going to be punished.” He spread his legs in front of her, his erect cock wagging back and forth. The leather belt dangled threateningly in his right hand.

Sitting on her heels, her back straight, shock and shame flooded Ginger’s features. She felt fear and humiliation pumping through her body. She was being treated like a complete slave! Rebelliously, Ginger pursed her lips and refused to move. She felt every nerve in her body screaming with alarm and tension. He couldn’t order her around that way. But then he drew back the belt and lashed it sadistically against her right tit. Ginger screamed and crossed her arms around her breasts as she felt the stinging kiss of the leather burning through her entire breast.

Once he started whipping her, Willie was reluctant to stop. Whack! Whack! The sound of leather against flesh vibrated through the room as Willie continued whipping. Each lash was aimed at a new piece of flesh until Ginger’s entire body was criss-crossed with red marks. Ginger rolled and twisted around the floor, begging him to stop, but he was like a perverse demon. Ginger couldn’t believe it was happening to her.

She felt the blows torturing her flesh until she would have agreed to anything to stop them. Willie dropped the belt. Ginger wasted no time crawling between his legs and licking his cock. Her tongue washed over Willie’s balls and into the forest of cock-hair. Ginger wanted no more of the belt. Her flesh burned, yet the remaining sizzle and tingling of her nerves was somehow erotic. Willie’s cock filled her mouth as she swallowed her pride and gobbled at Willie’s crotch like a slave.

Willie locked his fingers in Ginger’s hair and began pumping his hips slowly, allowing his swollen cock to plunge in and out of Ginger’s throat. The belt dangled over Ginger’s shoulder and brushed against her breast. She felt it scraping against her nipple and turning it alive with tension. Ginger was ashamed of her easy submission. She felt Willie’s cock warming her mouth and felt the humiliating return of desire moistening her pussy.

She didn’t resist when Willie tapped at the insides of her thighs with his toes and forced her to spread her knees as wide as possible, exposing her cunt. Willie stroked Ginger’s pussy with his toes, working from her ass to the top of her mound. He inflamed her cunt with first one foot and then the other. As Ginger continued sucking and feasting on Willie’s cock, he did a slow dance from side to side. Ginger felt her pussy tingling with aroused passion as her juices began oozing between her cunt lips.

Willie stuffed his toes into Ginger’s slit and stroked between her lips. Ginger felt dirtied and shamed, but even that feeling added to the erotic arousal growing in her flesh. But anger grew there, too, and a desire for revenge. If she had the opportunity, she would make him pay for the way she was being treated. But now she could not stop the humiliating arousal of her passion. Willie’s cock tasted delicious in her mouth. Ginger stroked his balls and continued bathing his swollen, purple knob with her mouth. She sucked and bobbed her head up and down.

As long as Willie tantalized Ginger’s dripping and swollen pussy with his toes and kept her cunt filled with surging sensitivity, she realized she was helpless to control the urgent need for sexual release. Each time Willie changed feet, Ginger held his heel and assisted guiding his toes into her pussy. She pound her hips into him and felt the erotic sensation against her clitoris.

“That’s it, baby,” Willie said. “Fuck my feet. Stick my toes as far in your pussy as they’ll go.” Willie pushed and wiggled his foot up and down as though to get his entire foot into her cunt.

Despite her aroused condition, Ginger managed to beg him to leave her alone. Still, her mouth was back on his cock after every word.

Willie only laughed at her. “I’ll leave you alone when I’m through with you. Just keep sucking my cock. Take it all the way into your throat.” He thrust his hips forward with renewed emphasis. “Ahhh, that’s it. Relax that throat. Take it all, baby.”

Ginger tried to work Willie’s knob into he throat, but the position prevented her from working it down as deeply as Willie wanted. She felt his cock ramming against the back of her throat, but she couldn’t arch her back enough to get it any farther. Angrily Willie pushed her away. Lifting his right foot, Willie kicked Ginger’s breasts and forced her onto her back.

He began masturbating his cock and kicking his toes into Ginger’s splayed pussy. “Play with your tits,” he ordered. “I want to watch you get yourself excited.”

Ginger was afraid not to do as she was ordered. She felt his toes stabbing deeper and deeper between her cunt lips as his cruelty grew with his arousal. She stroked and caressed her breasts. She pressed them with her palms and bunched them together. Her fingers twisted and pinched her nipples to erection.

“Suck them,” he ordered. “Suck your own tits.” Willie was bent over, his hand moving faster and faster over his cock. His balls swung like huge pendulums.

Feeling the humiliation of Willie’s eyes lusting over her, Ginger pulled her large breasts toward her face. Lifting her head as far forward as possible, she was easily able to run her tongue over her nipples. She had done it before by herself, but doing it in front of someone made her feel perverted.

Ginger felt her cunt surging with arousal. Her pussy lips sucked at Willie’s plunging toes. Ginger wanted his whole foot inside her pussy now. “Push harder,” she moaned.

Sadistically, Willie began literally kicking his feet into her cunt. He alternated from one foot to the other with each kick. Willie’s toes dripped with Ginger’s juices. Again and again he plunged his toes into Ginger’s gaping cunt, punishing her vulva with eager cruelty. He pounded her cunt lips and tender interior until Ginger writhed with deviate arousal.

Completely humiliated by her own perverse desire for punishment, Ginger moaned and spread her thighs even wider. She deserved all she got. The more punishment she took, the less guilt she felt for the shameful desire for orgasm that burned with insatiable need through her flesh. “Fuck me,” she begged. “Fuck me! I want your cock inside me!”

But Willie wasn’t ready to satisfy her. He continued to torment and torture her by keeping her aroused to the point of excruciating need, but not allowing her to reach a climax. And then to punish her further, he began lashing her breasts and stomach with the belt while he tortured her pussy.

Ginger vowed that somehow she would make Willie pay for the degrading way he was making her respond. But she couldn’t stop herself. She had to have release somehow. “Please,” she begged.

“Don’t whip me any more. Let me have your cock.”

Whack! Whack! Willie lashed across Ginger’s breasts. As soon as she covered her breasts, Willie lowered the belt to kiss against her stomach. Whack! Ginger writhed like a coiling snake each time the belt smacked her skin. Finally Willie dropped the belt again and crouched between Ginger’s thighs. “All right, baby, here it is,” he said, pressing his eager cock head between Ginger’s ravished pussy lips.

With one hard shove, Willie rammed his cock to the hilt in Ginger’s cunt. Ginger screamed as his dick filled her cunt sleeve to the bursting point. Viciously, he slammed his body against Ginger as hard as he could, his pelvis gyrating like a savage dancer. Even Willie’s cruelty added to the growing need that tortured Ginger’s flesh.

Wrapping her legs around Willie’s hips, Ginger gave herself up to the erotic feeling of Willie’s cock reaming in and out of her cunt. She felt her clitoris being aroused to unbelievable intensity. She hunched her hips upward to meet each savage thrust of Willie’s mammoth cock. Ginger arched her back and pulled Willie’s face to her breasts. “Suck them! Bite them!”

Willie’s mouth and lips covered Ginger’s right breast. He snarled and slobbered over her nipple like an animal. Ginger felt his teeth arousing her until her nipple stood in a hard point. Willie shifted to Ginger’s left tit. His teeth left marks as he bit and chewed her heavy globes. Bunching her breasts together, Willie sucked both nipples into his mouth and tugged at them, stretching them out as far as he could before letting them pull free.

Ginger felt her orgasm ready to explode. She humped against his cock with frenzied need. His pulsing knob pushed against her cervix each time he lunged forward. His shaft sawed against her clitoris, driving her to the very brink of explosion. And then Ginger felt Willie’s cum shooting into her pussy and filling her with his erupting passion. His cum burned against her cervix. Immediately, Ginger’s orgasm overwhelmed her.

She tossed and writhed with giant convulsions as her cunt clawed and sucked at Willie’s cock. Ginger felt as though she would pass out with the intensity of her climax. Dark spots danced in front of her eyes as Willie continued spurting load after load of cum inside her pussy. Ginger felt his sticky fluid oozing from her cunt and dripping into her ass.

Willie hunched in and out of Ginger’s cunt with long, vicious stokes that buried his dick to the hilt with each plunge. Ginger clawed at his back and drove her heels into his buttocks. “Faster! Faster,” she begged. “Give me your cum. Squirt it all in me.”

Ginger’s pussy milked Willie’s cock. She wanted to keep Willie’s cock flooding her cunt with cum. His hot fluid gushed in copious gobs into her body. And even when he was completely drained, she wanted more. She kept lunging upward with her hips and drawing his exhausted cock deeply into her pussy.

Ginger’s orgasm went on and on until she, too, was left exhausted and drained. They lay on the carpet, Willie’s cock slowly shrinking inside Ginger’s cunt. At last it dropped from her pussy lips with a soft sucking sound. Willie pushed himself up and began gathering his clothes and dressing. Ginger stayed where she was until he was completely dressed.

As her passion ebbed, shame and disgust for her own action took its place. She couldn’t look Willie in his eyes. “What are you going to do with me now?” she asked.

Willie chuckled and picked up her suitcase. “I’m going to take your things upstairs. There’s a lot to this house that you don’t know about yet, but don’t worry. You’ll find out soon enough everything you need to know.” He opened the door. “There’s two ways you can get your things when you need them. Walk up the front steps or the back steps, come inside my living quarters and get them. If you walk out the front door, the neighbors down the street can see you. If you come up the back steps, you have privacy. Which way you come up is all the same to me. You’re the one who needs to hide.”

Carrying her suitcase and purse, Willie stepped out the front door. “And when you come up,” he added, “I’ll have a little entertainment planned for you.” He smiled lewdly and closed the door.

Terrified and humiliated, Ginger looked around the room. She had never felt so alone or helpless in her life. How had she gotten involved in all this? She knew no one to turn to other than Roger and he was hiding out in Los Angeles. “We’ve got to split up for a short while,” he’d said. Ginger wished now she had not listened to him. Nothing could be worse than being trapped with a sexual maniac.

Ginger prowled naked through the small living quarters. There was no food in the refrigerator. She had no clothes, no money, and no chance of escape. Ginger shivered and realized that sooner or later she would have to make the trip upstairs to find out what perverted surprise Willie had in mind for her.


Ginger spent the night huddled in the center of the trundle bed, her arms wrapped around her naked body. In the morning, she watched the sun break through the early mist. She crossed to the window and warmed herself in the rays. Below, in the center of Mission Valley, cars crawled ant-like along the freeway. She had to figure out what to do. She had no intention of allowing Willie to continue dominating her. Somehow, she would get back to Roger. It had been a mistake to leave him.

She went into the bathroom and turned on the shower. She would feel better after washing away the stiffness of the night. Then she could decide the best plan of action. Ginger adjusted the spray as hot as she could stand it, letting the burning water splash hotly over her breasts and run aver he stomach. She felt it cleansing away the sticky passion of the night before, streaming between her pussy lips and down the insides of her thighs.

There was no soap or towels and Ginger contented herself with just water. When she turned off the spray, she rubbed as much water off with her hands as she could and then stepped out the back door and sat on the steps leading to the upstairs apartment. She would have to face Willie sooner or later. She had to get her clothes back. It would take all of the money she’d kept to pay for her plane ticket back to Los Angeles.

As the morning sun began drying her skin, Ginger heard the door opening on the landing above her. She turned and saw Willie standing with a robe cinched at his waist. He smiled at her and began descending the stairs.

“Aren’t you a sexy picture,” he said.

Self-consciously, Ginger pressed her knees together and covered her breasts with her arms. He stepped around her and sat on the bottom step.

“I want my clothes back,” Ginger said.

“All you have to do is go upstairs and get them,” Willie said. “I have that surprise waiting for you, too.”

“What is the surprise?”

Willie stroked the outside of Ginger’s thighs, his fingertips brushing with teasingly light strokes. “Go up and find out.”

Ginger pulled her leg away from him. She stood up and began walking up the stairs. Why put it off? The quicker she got her things, the quicker she could get back to Roger. Willie could keep his protection. His kind of protection she could do without. Willie followed close behind her. When she opened the door and stepped inside the kitchen, Willie closed and locked the door behind them.

Ginger spun around. “Why did you lock it?”

“That’s part of the surprise.” Willie untied his robe and let it drop to the floor. He pushed her farther into the room. “The surprise is,” he said, “that once you’re up here, you can’t leave until you entertain one of my friends.”

At that moment, Willie’s friend walked into the kitchen. Willie’s friend was a woman. She was as naked as Ginger. She was young and blonde and curvaceous. She smiled at Ginger, letting her hands rest on her hips as she eyed Ginger’s body. “Hello,” she said. “I’m Alice.”

Ginger felt herself blushing. Did Willie expect her to entertain a female? She wouldn’t do it. “Where’s my suitcase,” she demanded.

“Not so fast,” Willie said, circling Ginger in his arms and cupping her breasts. “You’re going to eat Alice’s pussy before you see your suitcase. Alice has been complaining that she’s horny. She says she needs another woman to eat her out right. Isn’t that right, Alice?”

Alice rested her buttocks on the kitchen table and spread her legs, exposing her pink cunt to Ginger.

“Whatever you say, Willie. Ginger looks like she’d be a real good pussy eater.”

Ginger flinched at Alice’s vulgar talk. She tried to pull free of Willie’s arms, but he held her tight and began twisting and pinching her nipples. Ginger felt his cruel fingers amusing her nipples to firm points.

Suddenly Willie grabbed Ginger’s hands and twisted them behind her back until she was forced to bend over, her face only inches from Alice’s gaping pussy. Willie nudged her forward until her nose was buried in Alice’s blonde curls. Ginger smelled the tangy aroma of Alice’s cunt. The smell was thick and pungent. Her lips were pushed against Alice’s and Ginger was forced to open her mouth to breathe.

“Eat her,” Willie ordered, twisting Ginger’s arms tighter until she yelled from the pain and began lapping her tongue between Alice’s waiting cunt lips. “That’s better. Keep it up. I want to see you give Alice a big orgasm. Eat all the juices from her pussy.”

Ginger felt humiliated as she began sucking and nursing at Alice’s pussy. Surely Roger didn’t know what kind of evil person he had sent her to for help. She felt Alice’s hot cunt beginning to ooze fresh fluid onto her tongue as she lapped at Alice’s pussy. Ginger would do what they forced her to but as soon as she had the chance, she would slip away and return to Roger.

As Ginger sucked and stabbed her tongue into Alice’s dripping slit, Willie continued torturing Ginger’s breasts. She felt his cock lifting into an erection between her legs. Willie ground his hips slowly against her buttocks and his shaft sawed back and forth along the slit of her pussy. She felt his hot organ arousing her clitoris and causing electric currents of energy to begin shooting into her pussy.

Feeling perverted by her own actions of licking another woman’s pussy, Ginger tried to ignore the sensations growing within her own flesh. But as Willie continued screwing his cock between her legs and slamming his loins into her buttocks, Ginger could not stop the growing fire spreading through her body. She began moaning and sucking at Alice’s hot pussy with new interest.

Alice rested only the tips of her toes on the floor as Ginger ate like a glutton between her spread thighs. Ginger’s tongue stabbed deeply into Alice’s cunt, sliding easily up her tunnel until it would reach no farther. The harder Ginger sucked on Alice’s cunt lips, the louder Alice moaned. Ginger felt Alice’s fingers in her hair, pulling her head tighter into Alice’s crotch. Ginger breathed heavily, feeling Willie’s fingers continue to torture and maul her breasts.

Willie’s cock sawed between Ginger’s thighs. She felt him draw his cock back and press his pulsing knob into the crack of her ass. Ginger tried to twist her hips away from him, but he held her hips tightly while he worked his fat knob back and forth until she felt it positioned in the very center of her sphincter. And then, with one hard shove, Ginger felt his cock ram into her ass like a wooden club.

At first she felt like she had been split in two, but as Willie began rotating his hips and gently sliding his shaft in and out of her ass, the pain turned to a hot burning sensation that resembled the feverish passion of approaching orgasm. Ginger relaxed her ass and gave herself up to the growing excitement spreading through her buttocks and up into her pussy.

Alice pulled harder on Ginger’s hair as Ginger slurped harder at her pussy, tasting the hot flavor her cunt oozed into her mouth. Ginger’s tongue stabbed deeply into Alice’s pussy, lapping the juices into her mouth. She felt her arousal burning as hotly as Alice’s pussy tasted.

Willie’s cock moved faster and faster in her asshole as he fucked his shaft to the hilt between Ginger’s buttocks. Ginger felt Willie’s balls slapping against her cunt-mound each time he lunged forward. Ginger braced herself by resting her forearms on Alice’s thighs. She felt Willie’s fingers moving down from her breasts to her crotch. Willie stabbed his fingers into Ginger’s cunt and spread her lips until her pussy entrance gaped open.

As Willie toyed with the pink sheath of skin protecting her clitoris, Ginger felt her arousal growing hotter and hotter. She nursed with more and more enthusiasm at Alice’s cunt as Willie brought her to an intense state of arousal. Ginger pound her hips back against Willie’s body, feeling his cock reaming savagely into her ass and his fingers fucking into her pussy like a second cock.

Suddenly Willie began climaxing in Ginger’s ass as his thick cock spurted cum into her butt. Ginger felt the hot fluid flooding her ass and spilling back out around the sides of Willie’s cock. Ginger’s own climax erupted with as much intensity as Willie’s. Feverishly, Ginger sucked and chewed at Alice’s pussy in an attempt to bring her to climax at the same time.

Alice drew up her legs and her face twisted into a grimace of pain and then she, too, exploded into violent convulsions of climax. The three of them moaned and caressed at each other’s bodies, their orgasm gripping them in intense ecstasy. And when it was over, they sagged away from each other, Ginger dropping to her knees on the floor, Alice lying back on the table and Willie staggering over to the sink and leaning against it.

Ginger felt shame returning and a renewed determination to escape as her climax drained away. She stood up and moved from the kitchen without saying anything to either of them. The living room was a duplicate of the one downstairs except a huge circular waterbed replaced the trundle bed. A large mirror was displayed above the bed, reflecting the red velvet spread covering the bed.

Ginger looked for her suitcase. She opened a door that appeared to be a closet and saw it sitting in the corner. She pulled it out and tossed it on the bed. Opening it, she quickly began separating the things she wanted to wear to the airport. She didn’t hear Willie and Alice walking up behind her until Willie grabbed her arms and pulled them again behind her back.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Willie laughed. “You haven’t even begun to pay your debt for me hiding you last night. Close that suitcase and turn around.”

Angrily, Ginger spun around, her eyes flashing. “I’ve done everything you told me and now I’m getting out. You can’t keep me here any longer!” Again Willie only laughed at her anger. He pushed her onto the bed. Ginger bounced over her suitcase, feeling the water sloshing beneath her. She tried to crawl back to the edge, but Willie pushed her back again with his foot.

“Look at her, Alice. Isn’t she something? She just got here and already she wants to leave. What do you think I should do with her?”

Alice crossed her arms and held her chin with one finger as though in deep thought. “Maybe she should be tied to the bed and whipped so she’ll understand the seriousness of trying to get away without paying her bill.”

Ginger couldn’t believe what she heard. “What do you mean tie me up and whip me?” She tried again to crawl from the bed, but Willie easily kicked her back again. “I’ll tell Roger when I see him,” she threatened.

“Go ahead,” Willie said. “But it may be a long time before you see him again because I just got word this morning that he was picked up by the police in Los Angeles.”

Ginger was stunned by the news. No, it couldn’t be true. She covered her mouth with her hands, biting into her palms. What would she do now? Fear raced through her as Willie crawled onto the bed and grabbed her ankle. He pulled her to the edge. Before she had time to protest, Willie had strapped her ankle with a leather belt to the bed and spread her other leg to repeat the process.

Willie stretched her arms above her head and strapped her wrists to the opposite side so she was spread-eagled helplessly. She felt her cunt quivering with a mixture of fear and anticipation of what evil thing Willie planned to do to her. Alice handed Willie a short, black riding crop.

“Whip her with this, Willie. Make her flesh sting with little kisses of leather. She’ll like it.” Alice licked her lips. “If you want, I’ll whip her for you.”

Ginger gasped with fear. She saw the sadism burning in Alice’s eyes. “No, please!” Ginger begged. “Don’t whip me. I’ll cooperate with you. I’ll do anything you want.”

Willie spoke harshly. “It’s not what I want. It’s what Roger needs that you’ve got to be willing to do. Roger will need money for lawyers now. The only place he can get that kind of money is from you.”

“How can I get the money?” Ginger responded.

“You can turn a few tricks for him.”

Again Ginger gasped with shock. They wanted too much from her. “No!” she begged. “I can get a job as a nurse.” She didn’t have time to say more. Willie lashed her breasts with the riding crop. She jerked as the leather hissed against her flesh, leaving a thin red line over her breasts.

Willie whipped Ginger’s tits over and over. “Ungrateful bitch,” he cursed. “You think you have something to complain to Roger about, yet you won’t do even the most natural of all things to help him.” Angrily he began lashing Ginger’s stomach and legs with the whip. The leather sizzled through the air. Soon Ginger’s entire body jerked and spasmed under the growing network of criss-crossed lines.

Ginger pulled and jerked against the bonds keeping her spread helpless on the bed. She begged and pleaded with Willie to stop, but she knew there was only one way she would ever be released from her bondage.


Willie continued whipping Ginger’s body. He tortured her carefully and sadistically. He was an expert with the whip. He timed each lash like a pulse beat, letting the last sting begin to melt away before delivering the next. Ginger twisted helplessly. She felt the fire burning through her flesh with a perverse appeal. Willie wasn’t trying to disfigure her. He wasn’t whipping hard enough for that. He wanted to torture her. He was playing with her like a cat plays with a mouse.

“So you’ll give your cunt away, but you won’t sell it to help Roger!” Willie lashed the whip over Ginger’s breasts. “With an ass and tits like yours, bitch, you were made to fuck. You deserve all the punishment I’m going to give you.”

“No! Please!” Ginger begged, but the whip continued cutting smartly against her flesh. She jerked continuously under the steady rain of blows. And with each contraction, her arousal grew hotter and hotter.

“I’m going to lash your pussy and tits till you agree to turn a few tricks for Roger.” The whip snapped against Ginger’s flesh with a sharp cracking sound. Crack! Crack! Willie was becoming as aroused as Ginger. His cock stiffened slowly to complete attention. It throbbed like a thick club each time the whip cracked against Ginger’s flesh. Ginger twisted frantically against her bonds. How much punishment could she take? The fact that she wouldn’t give in made it seem like she didn’t want to help Roger. But that wasn’t true. “I’m not a whore,” she protested. But the arousal growing hotly through her flesh made the idea seem more and more appealing.

Crack! Crack! “I can do this all day,” Willie said. He fondled and stroked his swollen cock with his left hand. The whip dangled in his right. “Do you want more?” Crack! The leather kissed into Ginger’s pussy. Crack! Crack! Her thighs were criss-crossed with thin red lines.

Ginger closed her eyes and tried to hide the arousal burning through her flesh, but her cunt gaped open and glistened with heated juices. She moaned sensually. Fire licked at the inside of her cunt lips. Her clitoris throbbed with intense need. The whip singed her flesh like tiny jolts of electricity.

“Stop!” Ginger begged.

Willie hesitated, his feverish eyes lusting at Ginger’s dripping pussy. He pumped his fist over his purple knob faster and faster. “You’re ready to be fucked,” he said, dropping the whip and crawling between Ginger’s thighs.

“No,” Alice pouted. “Whip her some more. She thinks she’s too good to be a whore. Let me have the whip. I’ll show her what a whipping feels like.” Alice grabbed the riding crop and drew back her right hand.

Willie snatched the whip away and threw it across the room. “Not now. Now I want my cock in her pussy.” He lowered himself over Ginger’s body and positioned his eager cock in Ginger’s hot slit. His purple knob plunged easily into her pussy.

Ginger felt his hot cock filling her cunt and sliding against her clit. “Oh… oh! That feels good. Keep it in me. Fuck me.” She ground her hips against his thrusting body, feeling his shaft sliding back and forth over her clitoris and bringing her to an excruciating state of arousal.

“I’m going to, bitch. I’m going to teach you what it’s like to have a cock punish you.” Willie stabbed his dick into Ginger’s pussy like he was plunging a knife into her body. His hips churned frantically. Sweat beaded out on his forehead. His balls slapped against Ginger’s thighs as he screwed into her pussy with savage strokes.

Willie’s cock was a blessing compared to the whip. “Harder,” Ginger taunted, feeling her arousal take complete control of her body. She bucked upward each time Willie lunged downward. “Make me feel it, Willie. Put your big dick in me as deep as you can.” Ginger ground her hips upward. “That’s it, Willie. Hard! Hard!”

Willie found himself unable to match the gigantic need Ginger begged for. He worked his cock in and out of Ginger’s pussy as fast and hard as he could. Still, Ginger was not satisfied. Suddenly he drew his cock back until only his feverish knob remained between her cunt lips, then he pushed in as slow and tantalizingly as possible.

“Ohhh, that feels so good,” Ginger cried, feeling every fat inch of Willie’s cock as it slid hotly inside her, filling her pussy to the maximum. She thrust against his hips, driving his cock even deeper.

Willie withdrew his cock rapidly, letting his swollen knob suck at Ginger’s insides as he drew back and then again sliding his cock inside with a slow, nerve-tingling stroke. He repeated his gesture until Ginger pleaded with him to drive his cock into her faster.

“Make it burn,” she begged. “Drive it into me. Let your cock fill my pussy.”

The slow, easy strokes were too much for Willie. Suddenly his climax burst from his loins in a gush of cum that splashed against Ginger’s cervix like it was shot from a gun. “I’m coming! I’m coming,” he cried, bursting into a frantic rhythm that drove his cock like a buzz saw back and forth between Ginger’s cunt lips.

Willie emptied his balls in Ginger’s pussy. His cum flooded her cunt and drained back out to smear over her crotch, plastering her dark curls to her mound and running in thick gobs into her ass crack. As, soon as he finished, he pulled his cock out and pushed himself away.

“Don’t stop now,” Ginger pleaded. “Put it back inside, I’m almost there. Finish me, please!”

Willie turned to Alice. “You finish her. Get down there and eat her out. Eat up all my cum and then bring her to a climax.”

Alice backed away. “No!” she flared.

Willie crossed the room and picked up the whip. Alice quickly changed her mind and crawled between Ginger’s thighs. Ginger felt Alice’s mouth covering her pussy and sucking hesitantly at the sticky mess that oozed from her cunt. She felt Alice’s tongue lapping the juices into her mouth. Ginger didn’t care now who finished her as long as she found relief from the compelling need that flamed through her loins.

“Stick your tongue inside,” Ginger begged. “Lick my clit. Ohhhh, yes. That’s it. Oh, that feels so good. Suck me! Eat me!” Ginger humped her hips upward against Alice’s face, feeling her tongue digging into her slit like a squirming snake.

And then Ginger’s climax erupted in her cunt, causing her to writhe and twist against her bonds. Her climax burned through her flesh and caused her pussy to pulse and throb with exploding contractions. Ginger’s climax went on and on as Alice sucked and gobbled between her thighs.

Alice sucked the top of Ginger’s slit into her mouth and tongued her clit as hard as she could. Even after Ginger’s climax cooled, Alice continued flicking her tongue over her clit, keeping Ginger writhing with intense sensations. When Alice finally lifted her head and sat back on her heels, Ginger was near the point of exhaustion.

Willie pushed Alice away and untied Ginger’s hands and ankles. Ginger curled herself in a ball as soon as she was free. She felt humiliated and disgusted with both of them and herself, too. Roger was in jail and all his best friend could think about was fucking Ginger.

Ginger was beginning to realize that Willie was not the person Roger had thought he was. Alice just had to be a prostitute. Willie was a pimp. If Ginger didn’t somehow manage to get away and find some way to help Roger without Willie’s influence, she would be turned into a whore herself. She shuddered and scooted across the bed. She climbed out on the opposite side from Alice and Willie.

“I want to get dressed now,” she said.

“Are you going to turn a trick or two to help Roger get a lawyer?” Willie asked.

Ginger nodded, not looking at him in fear he would be able to tell she was lying. “Yes. I’d do anything to help Roger.” That part was true. If it was necessary, she would do anything to help, but she didn’t want Willie to be the person telling her who she should screw and who she shouldn’t. Ginger didn’t trust Willie. She didn’t think he had either her best interest or Roger’s in mind when he did things.

Willie dropped the whip and wiped his cock on his palms. “All right then. I’ll let it go at that for awhile. I’ll get something lined up for you tonight.” He looked at Ginger sternly. “If you behave yourself until then, you can have the run of the house, but if you fuck up, I’ll have to make other arrangements.”

“I’ll behave,” Ginger promised. “Aren’t you and Alice going to be here today?”

“We have a date across town,” Willie said, going to the closet and selecting a fresh suit of clothes.

“Get dressed, Alice. Wear the red dress. You have a date with Tearing Tom.” Willie finished dressing before Alice.

Willie held the front door open for Alice. Willie warned Ginger one more time about being good before he left. Ginger felt a tremendous release of tension as soon as they were gone. She flopped on the bed and rested her head in her hands. She didn’t think she could have taken much more. She tried to think of what she should be doing first to escape. Maybe she should take the bus back to Los Angeles instead of the plane. If the police really knew whom she was and were trying to find her, the bus would be safer.

Ginger dressed in a light cotton suit. She couldn’t call a cab because there was no phone in the house. She had not seen a newspaper or television since the night Roger told her they had to hide from the police. Ginger had wanted to see what the paper said, but there was never an opportunity. She didn’t even know if they had a picture of her or not.

Closing her suitcase, Ginger slipped her purse over her shoulder. She was only too glad to be leaving this house. She had to walk almost two hundred yards before she reached the street. The fresh air smelled marvelous as she set off eagerly down the street. She didn’t know where she was or how to get to the bus station, but she would ask at the first business she came to.

Ginger didn’t notice the plain black car following her down the street until she reached the corner and looked back. The car stopped when she did and at first she thought nothing of it, but when she started walking again and the car continued following her, she became concerned. At the next block, she turned south. The car continued to follow. Ginger began to run. Panic filled her. She didn’t know if it was the police or one of Willie’s jokes. She didn’t even know where she was running. She only knew she had to get away.

The black car cut her off at the corner. Alice stuck her head out the side window. She smiled sadistically. “Willie says to get in the car,” she taunted. “He says you’re not being good.”

Ginger felt like crying. She felt sweat dripping down her. After all she’d been through, it had been a game Willie was playing with her after all. He had never intended leaving her alone for the day. She had been a fool to think he would trust her after the things she had said about getting away.

The back door swung open and Ginger crawled in, letting her suitcase fall on the floor ahead of her. She closed the door and slumped dejectedly against the seat as Willie turned the car around and drove back to the house. When he parked the car, he climbed out and took Ginger’s suitcase to the rear of the car. He opened the truck and tossed the suitcase inside.

Willie took Ginger’s arm and led her back the long path to the house. “You’re going to have to be punished for trying to get away,” he said. “You really lied to me, bitch. You were going to let poor old Roger stay in jail forever, weren’t you?”

“No,” Ginger defended herself. “I was going back to Los Angeles and get in touch with him. He’ll tell me what to do.”

Suddenly Willie viciously twisted Ginger’s left arm behind her back until she was forced onto her toes. Willie spoke directly into Ginger’s face. “From now on, bitch, you’d better understand that I’m the person who’ll be telling you what to do. I already told you Roger is in jail and he needs your help. The only way you can help him is by fucking your brains out. Do you understand?” He twisted her arm cruelly for emphasis.

“Yes,” Ginger replied timidly. “I understand.”

“Are you going to help Roger or not?”

“I’m going to help,” she promised. Willie released her arm and Ginger looked away meekly. Alice, walking behind them, snickered at Ginger’s humiliation, but Ginger paid no attention. When Willie held open the front door, Ginger walked past him into the upstairs apartment. She turned and faced Willie as bravely as she could. She would take whatever came, but she would not give up trying to escape and get back to Roger.

“Take your clothes off, bitch,” Willie ordered. “This time I’m going to let Alice whip you. I should have done that in the beginning. I’ve been too soft with you. But don’t worry. After Alice’s through with you, you won’t feel like trying to run away for awhile.”

As Ginger removed her clothes, she saw the sadistic glow in Alice’s eyes. She undressed slowly. There was no way to escape the inevitable. When she was completely naked, she lowered her head in resignation and waited for her punishment.

“Chain her up, Alice,” Willie growled. “She has a lesson to learn.”


Willie bound Ginger’s hands above her head with leather straps and secured the straps to a hook in the ceiling. He pulled the bonds until Ginger dangled helplessly with only the barest tips of her toes able to touch the floor. “Now you’re going to find out what happens to bad little girls who don’t do what they’re told,” he said.

Alice selected a multiple-strand, short whip from the dresser and positioned herself in front of Ginger. Alice smiled sadistically. “So you’re not a whore, huh? I’m going to make you wish you never said that,” she threatened, lashing the whip across Ginger’s stomach. The leather bit into her flesh and caused Ginger to jerk against her bindings!

“Stop, please,” she begged. “I won’t try to escape again. Don’t whip me. I can’t stand it!”

Alice laughed and aimed the whip so it wrapped around Ginger’s hips and kissed against her buttocks. “How does that feel?” Alice began whipping Ginger’s flesh with vicious lashes that caused her to twist and jerk from side to side like a puppet.

Ginger felt the leather biting into her flesh and marking her skin with red welts. She begged and pleaded with them to stop, but her words fell on deaf ears. Both Willie and Alice laughed at her and promised to make the whip teach her a lesson she would never forget.

As the fire sizzled against her skin, Ginger felt an arousal growing in her loins. Her pussy throbbed and pulsed with growing desire as aroused juices oozed from her cunt lips. She felt humiliated by her own deviate response to the whipping. What was wrong with her? How could a whipping stimulate such a bizarre response in her flesh? As the whip cut across her breasts, Ginger felt her arousal growing like a spreading fire.

Alice continued the merciless lashing. Sweat popped out on her face as she worked herself into a feverish rage of cruelty. She licked her lips at the criss-cross of red lines that began covering Ginger’s flesh like a web of pain. She lashed Ginger’s helpless body faster and faster, aiming the whip at different parts of her body until she was covered with stinging lines.

The harder Alice whipped, the greater became Ginger’s arousal. She felt humiliated and shamed as she tried to hide the arousal pulsing through her body. Each lash caused Ginger to suck in her breath as the leather bit into her flesh, leaving a line of fire that quickly spread through her like burning passion. She pleaded with Alice to stop with each cruel blow, but they only laughed at her pathetic begging.

“Keep it up,” Willie ordered. “I want to see her covered with welts. Make her dance, Alice. Whip her legs. Let her know what it feels like to have the insides of her thighs kissed with the leather.”

Alice needed no encouragement to beat Ginger’s body as hard as she could. The whip bit into the tender flesh of Ginger’s thighs and caused her to writhe with frenzied arousal. Juices dripped from Ginger’s cunt and ran in tiny drops down her thighs. She twisted and pulled wildly at her bindings, begging for mercy. “I can’t stand it,” she cried. “I’ll do anything you say. Just stop.”

“You said that before,” Willie countered. “I don’t think you’ve learned your lesson yet. Keep punishing her, Alice.”

Ginger felt like her entire body was covered with hot flames as the whip tortured her on and on. She sagged against her bindings as the leather straps cut into her wrists. She felt like she would pass out at any minute. Dark spots danced in front of her eyes. Yet the torture went on as Alice eagerly lashed the whip against her unprotected flesh.

Willie turned and walked to the dresser. When he returned, he held a monstrous-looking dildo in his right hand. It was flesh-colored and at least eighteen inches long. Willie pushed a button at the base and immediately the rubber cock came to life with buzzing vibrations.

As Willie approached her with the fearful-looking instrument, Ginger begged him for mercy. “Oh, please, don’t put that thing inside me. It’s too big. It’ll tear me apart.”

“You should have thought of that when you tried to run away,” Willie said, pushing the bulbous knob of the rubber cock against Ginger’s dripping slit. Using a cork-screw motion, he began slowly grinding the thick knob between her pussy lips.

Frantically, Ginger tried to squirm away from the invading cock as Alice stopped whipping her to let Willie force the vibrating dildo into her pussy. Ginger felt the awful thing working its way inside her cunt and tunneling up her body, stretching her pussy sleeve to the maximum to accommodate the mammoth instrument.

Despite her fear, the giant cock filled her pussy with sensual heat that aroused her perverse passion to increased intensity. Willie continued pushing the huge thing into her cunt until only his fist and the bulbous knob of the vibrator remained outside her cunt lips. Slowly, he began to grind the dildo back and forth. Ginger’s cunt was alive with the vibrating and thrusting organ.

Using a long leather strand, Willie tied the dildo in place in Ginger’s pussy and secured the leather in a knot behind her back. Willie stepped back and watched the vibrating cock tantalizing Ginger’s cunt and causing her juices to run copiously down the dildo’s shaft.

Ginger felt the rubber dick arousing her passion to an excruciating intensity as it throbbed against her clitoris and stretched her pussy. Her body responded to the cock with a humiliating display of sensual need. She found herself thrusting her hips at the organ as though she were fucking. Her hips thrashed wildly as the rubber dick churned inside her with unlimited energy.

Willie and Alice watched sadistically as Ginger writhed helplessly under the ceaseless churning of the fake cock. She pleaded with them to take the cock out. “I can’t stand it,” she begged. But the longer the cock vibrated in her pussy, the more and more aroused she became. She tried to force the cock out by thrusting her pelvis forward with all her energy, but she only succeeded in making the organ plunge in and out as it was pulled back by, the leather around her waist.

“She needs another one stuffed up her ass,” Alice said, going to the dresser and returning with a dildo identical to the one torturing Ginger’s cunt. Alice squatted behind Ginger and began caressing and massaging her quivering buttocks. She spread her cheeks and pushed the second dildo head against Ginger’s puckered anus.

Alice viciously pushed and rammed the dry cock at Ginger’s ass, attempting to drive the knob past her tightly clenched sphincter. Ginger felt the organ tearing at her ass and forcing her bowels to stretch cruelly. She felt the knob tear past her anus and plunge up her butt like a burning prong.

Ginger screamed as the second cock fucked into her ass and rammed to the hilt in her bowels. She felt the rubber cock stretching her colon as cruelly as the first one stretched her cunt. “Stop,” she begged. “It’s too much. I can’t take it!”

“You’ll take more than that,” Willie said, grabbing the cock in her pussy and pumping it in and out as far as the leather strap would allow. Immediately Alice began plunging the other cock in and out of Ginger’s ass with the same torturous rhythm, alternating her strokes so the dildo in Ginger’s butt was being withdrawn as the dildo in her pussy rammed forward.

They continued sawing the two cocks back and forth in Ginger’s pussy and ass until she thought she would pass out from the intense sensations burning through her body. She was forced back and forth like a helpless doll. The cocks set her body on fire with perverse lust. She actually wanted them to continue ravishing her flesh with their sadistic torture. Yet she begged them to stop, trying to pretend her deviate arousal did not exist.

Willie was not fooled. “You like it, bitch,” he said, releasing his hold on the dildo and running his hands up her body to her breasts. He cupped each heavy globe in his palms and hefted them, testing their weight and firmness. His fingers pinched and twisted her nipples until her breasts burned with savage arousal.

Alice continued reaming the dildo back and forth in her ass as Willie bent and sucked Ginger’s right breast into his mouth. His teeth bit and chewed her tender flesh, continuing to arouse her passion to an even greater intensity. He shifted his attention from one breast to the other, keeping her aroused to a feverish pitch of excitement.

Ginger felt her orgasm drawing closer and closer as her body was tortured and humiliated. She bit her lower lip to keep from begging them to ravish her flesh even more viciously. She felt at any second she would explode in a giant climax. But suddenly Willie stepped back.

“She needs to be whipped some more. Use the leather strap. I want her whipped hard, but I don’t want her marked up with the whip.”

Alice eagerly went to the dresser again and brought back a thick strap of black leather. Willie stepped aside as Alice positioned herself directly in front of Ginger’s sagging body.

“You’re really going to feel this,” Alice warned. “If you think you’ve been whipped before, wait till you feel this.” She drew back the strap and swung viciously. The leather slapped against Ginger’s breasts with a loud smacking sound. Smack!

Ginger writhed in frantic contortions as the leather bit into her body, stinging her flesh in two-inch strips of jolting shocks. Again and again the leather kissed over Ginger’s skin, leaving a deep flush with each cruel lash. But even the leather strap added to the perverse excitement building steadily in Ginger’s tortured body.

The dildos throbbed and pulsed like evil demons in her pussy and ass. She felt them arousing her to the point that she would do anything to bring the release she needed so desperately. Every inch of her body surged with burning arousal that continued to build in volcanic proportions. Finally, Ginger could deny her arousal no longer. She begged for release.

“Fuck me! Beat me! I can’t stand it.” And then as Alice whipped her body mercilessly, Ginger erupted in violent contractions. Her climax raced through her body. She writhed against her bindings in spastic contortions. Every nerve in her body surged with sensual energy as the dildos continued vibrating in her pussy and ass.

Ginger’s climax went on and on until she was left drained and sagging against the leather securing her to the ceiling. She felt too weak to even stand. Her head tilted forward as she gulped deep breaths of air, her breasts rising and falling provocatively.

At last, Willie untied her hands. Ginger crumpled to the floor at their feet. She kept her eyes averted as shame washed over her at the humiliating performance she had given them. She hated herself for the way she had responded to the sadistic treatment. What was wrong with her that she had become so aroused at being whipped and tortured?

“Are you ready to help Roger now?” Willie asked.

Ginger nodded her head. “I was always ready to help Roger. I just don’t like being forced.”

“Bull!” Willie said. “You love it. You’re the biggest masochist I’ve ever seen. You like being punished. It’s a good thing you do because I have a lot of contacts that get their kicks out of beating up pretty little girls like you. You’ll be able to earn a lot of money to pay for Roger’s lawyers. A lot more than you could ever earn as a nurse.”

Ginger shivered at the threat of what was in store for her. She knew she would never be able to stand very much of the kind of treatment she had just received. She didn’t know what to do. She wanted to help Roger, but she still didn’t believe Willie was being honest with her. What if he only used her and kept the money for himself? Roger could be rotting away in jail forever and she wouldn’t even know if he was getting the money or what.

“I’ll do it,” Ginger said, “but I want to talk to Roger first.”

“Don’t be dumb. How do you propose to do that? Roger’s in jail in Los Angeles. Do you think you can just go waltzing in there and talk to him. They’d have you behind bars yourself. Then what would you do to help Roger?”

“In that case, I want to talk to his lawyer.”

Willie smiled. “That I can arrange. As a matter of fact, Roger’s lawyer is one of the kinky types I told you about. He gets his kicks whipping women. When you meet him, you can make your first payment toward Roger’s release.”


Willie pulled Ginger to her feet and dragged her naked out the back door and down the stairs. He pushed her inside the bottom apartment and followed her in. She cowered away from him, her arms hugging her breasts.

“I don’t want to be whipped by anyone,” she said. “I’ll… I’ll turn some tricks if it will help Roger, but I don’t want to be hurt.”

“Roger’s lawyer is J.D. Simpson. He’s a very big man. You’ll do what he says.” Willie backed her into the living room and forced her onto the trundle bed. Using leather straps he took from a shelf, he tied Ginger’s wrists and ankles securely to the bed corners. Willie left the apartment without another word.

Ginger pulled against her binding, but they only tightened around her wrists. She felt humiliated being spread-eagled with her pussy still dripping from her last orgasm. She heard footsteps upstairs, the front door opening and closing — and then silence. She didn’t know how long she would have to wait. Not knowing sent chills surging through her body. She struggled harder against the leather straps, twisting and pulling until she was exhausted.

It was late evening when the front door opened and J.D. Simpson stepped inside. He looked exactly like a lawyer was supposed to look. He wore a light gray business suit. He was in his mid-thirties and had streaks of gray in his temples. He closed the door behind him and stared at Ginger’s helplessness, smiling. “Willie told me you were reluctant to help Roger. I see he’s taken care that you don’t run out on him.”

“Please untie me,” Ginger begged. Her arms ached to be moved. She felt like every muscle in her body was frozen with stiffness. “I’m not trying to keep from helping Roger.”

J.D. crossed the room and sat beside her on the bed. “That remains to be seen. You tried to run away earlier. You should be punished for that.”

“I have been.”

J.D. began stroking Ginger’s naked flesh, letting his hands run over her smooth skin and cup her breasts. He ran his fingers into her crotch, feeling the soft forest of dark curls covering her mound. He spread her cunt lips and stabbed a finger into her slit, pushing it deeply into her body.

Ginger flinched when she felt his finger touch her clit and begin massaging it back and forth. She didn’t want to be aroused again, but J.D.’s finger kept flicking back and forth over her clit until she felt it responding as blood rushed to her pussy and began arousing her clitoris to erection.

“Don’t!” she said. “I want to be untied.”

“You’ll be untied when I decide to untie you. But right now you need to learn a lesson. Maybe I’ll leave you tied like this all week. By that time you wouldn’t be able to move your arms or legs at all you’d be so stiff. How would you like that?”

“Please, I’ll do anything you say. I want to help get Roger out of jail.” As J.D. continued caressing her body and toying with her breasts and pussy, Ginger felt herself becoming aroused. Her cunt quivered with fresh juices as blood pumped hotly into her pussy.

“Are you willing to pay Roger’s expenses by providing favors to whoever I say?” J.D. pushed a second finger into Ginger’s pussy, grinding them in and out of her slit and causing her to become more and more aroused.

“Yes. I’ll do anything. Just untie me.” As tough to prove she meant what she said, Ginger began grinding her hips upward against J.D.’s fingers, feeling them working their way deeper and deeper into her cunt.

“Are you willing to take any kind of punishment to prove your willingness to help?” He added another finger to the first two in her pussy.

Ginger felt her cunt being stretched and filled to the paint that his fingers felt like a huge cock reaming in and out of her pussy. He continued tormenting her breasts with his other hand, pinching and twisting her nipples until she felt them standing rigid, her nerves tingling with erotic sensations. “I promise,” she said. “You can do anything to me you want.”

“That sounds good. But you’re going to have to prove it to me. I’m going to untie you and then I’m going to spank and whip you. If you really are willing to help, you’ll take every thing I give you and ask for more. You know you should be punished, don’t you?”

Ginger realized the seriousness of Roger’s situation. He was already a two-time loser. One more conviction and he would be put away for life. She felt ashamed of herself for having given them so much trouble. Somehow J.D.’s words made her feel that everything would work out all right if she would just do as she was told. No amount of punishment would be too much if it helped Roger get out of jail. Ginger turned her head, unable to look at him. “Yes. I deserve to he punished.”

J.D. smiled and began untying her wrists and ankles. “To prove you mean what you say, I’m going to spank you without you being tied. You’ll have to take it without trying to get away.” When he untied the last strap, he pushed Ginger’s thighs farther apart and began caressing and pinching her legs.

Ginger gritted her teeth and prepared herself for what she thought would be one of her hardest tests ever. She felt his fingers tormenting and teasing her thighs. His fingers worked their way back to her pussy and began pinching her cunt lips and rubbing the pink flesh of her slit. She felt herself becoming more and more aroused. His fingers brought her to life as rapidly as a lover’s lips.

And then he began slapping her thighs, not hard at first, but hard enough that she felt her flesh stinging and burning with each whack. The sound vibrated through the small room. Smack! Smack! The slapping caused her flesh to tingle and burn with sensual energy. She kept her arms above her shoulders and vowed to take anything he gave her without complaint.

J.D. began slapping her harder, allowing his hands to cover more of her body. He spanked her legs and then moved up to her breasts. He slapped both of her large globes back and forth, using both hands alternately so he was able to slap both sides of each breast. He knocked them into each other and kept them jumping from side to side.

Ginger gasped the first time his hands struck her firm tits, but again she felt a perverse stirring of deviate arousal as her flesh was tortured. She bit her lower lip to keep from crying out as he struck her again and again. He slapped her stomach and sides, continuing to move from spot to spot until every inch of her body stung with awakened sensitivity.

As he increased the fury of his whipping, Ginger began to roll from side to side. The slapping grew louder and louder. Finally he made her lay on her stomach and then he began beating her ass as though punishing a child.

“You’ve been a naughty girl,” he said. “You’ll feel better after you take your punishment.”

Compared to the whipping she had received from Alice, J.D.’s spanking was titillating. His spanking was almost a caress. Ginger felt herself being aroused greater than she would have believed possible from a spanking. Every nerve in her body tingled with growing need. She felt her juices flowing freely between her cunt lips and running down into the crack of her ass.

“I love seeing your flesh turn red from my hand,” J.D. said, his voice growing husky as his own arousal began to surge through his loins. He stopped spanking Ginger long enough to remove his clothes. Naked, he straddled her legs and began slapping her ass with both hands as hard as he could. Slap! Smack!

Ginger’s ass throbbed under the stinging rain of blows. She felt her ass burning as though it was being held over a flame. Yet the feeling remained sensual and her arousal continued to fan itself into a greater and greater need for release. She felt herself arching her back in an attempt to stick her ass up in the air to make an easier target for his savage beating.

She wanted to prove that she would do anything to help Roger. “I love it,” she said. “Keep whipping me. I deserve to be punished.”

J.D. whipped her flesh harder and faster. His cock grew erect and poked against Ginger’s ass as he continued spanking and torturing her. He drew his hands higher and brought them down harder with each slap. Whack! Smack!

Ginger’s ass tingled and surged with electric energy as blood flooded into her buttocks and turned her flesh into a deep red flush. She felt her cunt throbbing with need.

“Fuck me,” she said. “I want to feel your dick inside me. I want it ramming in and out of my pussy. Phase, put it in me now!”

J.D. wasn’t ready to give her what she needed. His own arousal surged like a growing forest fire in his cock. He hunched forward and pushed his pulsing prick between her burning ass cheeks. And then he began pinching and scratching her buttocks and making them rub around his shaft, keeping his cock surging with arousal.

He pushed her up on her knees so she lay with her shoulders touching the bed and her ass sticking up in the air. He pushed his knob into the center of her puckered anus and with one hard shove, forced his cock deep into her bowels. Ginger screamed as she felt his cock ripping into her asshole. It felt as though a club were being twisted and rammed into her butt.

Ginger clenched her fists under the vicious invasion of her ass and steadied herself to take the worst. She felt his cock working back and forth in her ass, stretching and tearing at her hole until it began to relax and grow moist enough for his cock to slide freely back and forth. The feeling was perversely erotic as her ass began clawing and sucking at his cock like a vacuum. She felt her butt devouring his shaft and clenching itself in a perverse effort to suck even more into her hole.

J.D.’s fingers circled her nipples and began twisting and pulling them until her breasts were stretched and screaming with intense sensitivity. She rocked back against his hips, feeling his large cock punishing her ass and plunging to the hilt with each savage thrust.

“That feels good,” J.D. said. “Your ass is so tight it feels like I’m fucking a virgin. Ahhh it feels so hot and juicy. I could keep fucking your ass forever!”

Ginger continued thrusting her hips back to meet each forward thrust of his cock. She felt his right hand move down to her cunt and begin fucking across her aroused clit. Passion burned and throbbed through her cunt. She knew she would reach a climax at any moment.

“Oh, your cock feels so good in my ass. Keep it up. Fuck me harder. Faster!”

J.D. did his best to give her what she wanted now. His hips churned wildly. His cock reamed in and out of Ginger’s ass like a piston, keeping her hole burning with friction. And then his cock exploded in a violent eruption of passion as his climax blasted a hot load of viscous fluid into her butt.

Ginger felt his cum flooding her ass like hot milk. His cock sucked and pulled at her insides. His fingers tore and inked over her clitoris. Her own orgasm exploded suddenly with equal intensity as his. Ginger felt her body being drawn up like mass of seething energy and plunged into convulsions of churning release.

Their orgasm kept them humping and thrusting at each other in a violent display of excruciating sensation. They clawed and tore at each other until they were both drained and exhausted. J.D. was the first to sag depleted to the bed, his cock pulling from Ginger’s asshole with a soft sucking sound. He rolled onto his back, his breath coming in deep gasps.

Slowly, Ginger allowed her legs to slide down the bed until she rested on her stomach. She felt J.D.’s right hand resting on her buttocks. She felt somehow at peace with herself now that she had committed herself to do anything she was told to do to help Roger. Timidly, she rolled onto her side and looked at J.D. “Do you believe me now?”

J.D. smiled. “Yes, I guess you mean to help.” He sat up. “I’m going to take you away from this house. I don’t think Willie is capable of putting you to your most productive use. Would you rather go with me or stay with him?”

Ginger didn’t have to think very long to make up her mind. J.D. was much more sensitive than Willie had been. And besides, she felt that to be around Alice very long would be the most unpleasant of all.

“I’ll go with you,” she said. “Will you be able to get Roger out of jail soon?”

J.D. shrugged. “It may take a long time and a lot of money, but as long as you’re willing to cooperate with me, I’ll do my best to get him free.”

Ginger believed him. But the thing that worried her was just what she would have to do to cooperate with J.D. Willie had mentioned kinky customers. She hoped she would not have to entertain anyone too kinky, but something told her that the worst was yet to come.


It didn’t take long for Ginger to find out that she was in for much more even than she’d feared. She was blindfolded and led out the back door and up the steps. Once in the top apartment, J.D. told her to lift her feet and step inside a wooden box. Doing as she was told, she felt the rough wood scrape against one of her knees as she stepped inside. J.D. pushed her head down so she knelt in the bottom of the box.

Her hands were tied behind her back and a lid put on the box. Ginger felt the sides of the box all around her. With the lid on there was just room for her body and nothing else. She felt the box moving and realized it was on wheels. She heard the front door opening and then felt herself bumping down the front steps. Her apprehension grew as she was pulled the long distance to the street.

She felt metal knocking against the outside of the box and then heard a whining noise as the box was lifted into the air. She heard other noises and a moment later, the sound of a truck engine starting. The box began shaking as the truck pulled away and began taking her somewhere. She rested her head on her knees, feeling the sides of the box touching her everywhere. Her breasts were pressed hard against her chest. Her hands were pressed against the lid.

Fear of the unknown surged within her and she struggled to keep from crying out for help. She couldn’t tell how long the ride lasted. It seemed like forever. Each bounce of the truck caused her to flinch and suck in her breath. What if the truck wrecked and she was found naked in the box? Or what if she was hurt and wasn’t found? As fear caused her heart to race wildly, she also felt a stirring of sensual arousal.

Why did she respond in such a humiliating way to being treated like a slave? Shame filled her but she could not stop the erotic pulsing in her pussy. Even her breasts tingled with deviate excitement as the truck carried her away; being naked and helpless, completely at the mercy of a man she hardly knew, kept her in a constant state of erotic tension.

At last the truck stopped and she felt the box being hauled from the truck and lowered to the ground. Again it was pulled along on its wheels. She thought she felt herself being lifted in an elevator but she couldn’t tell for sure. And then everything stopped. She heard footsteps walking away from her and then nothing. She waited for something to happen but nothing did.

She prayed someone would open the box and let her out. Every muscle in her body ached for a movement. She tried to squirm around to relieve some of the tension, but she was pressed so tightly in the box that she could do nothing more than wiggle her fingers and toes. She strained to hear movement around her, but she could hear nothing other than the sound of her own panicked breathing.

It seemed like hours went by. And when the lid was finally lifted from the box, Ginger was no longer able even to lift her head. The box was pushed over on its side and she was unceremoniously dumped onto soft gold carpeting. Her blindfold was removed and she looked up to see J.D. standing over her. Slowly and painfully, she began working the stiffness from her limbs. Sweat dripped from her body.

“You look like you could use a drink,” J.D. said, a strange smile tilting the corners of his mouth.

Ginger nodded eagerly. She had not had anything to eat or drink since getting off the plane in San Diego. But when J.D. unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out, Ginger was not so sure she wanted to drink what he offered her.

“Suck my cock in your mouth,” he ordered. “I’ll quench your thirst with piss. And I don’t want you to spill one single drop.”

Ginger was horrified. Surely he didn’t mean it. But when she tried to back away, he grabbed her hair and pulled her face into his crotch until his cock head pressed against her lips.

“No, please!” she begged. “I don’t want to.” But he twisted her hair until she opened her mouth. Immediately he rammed his soft dick into her mouth.

She tasted his rubbery cock head and felt it pulsing in her mouth as he prepared to unleash a stream of pee. He allowed only a tiny dribble to run into her mouth. She felt the liquid running over her tongue and filling her cheeks. “Swallow it,” he ordered. Hesitantly, Ginger did as she was told, tasting the salty fluid as it disappeared down her throat. Immediately another spurt of piss filled her mouth. She swallowed that as well.

And then J.D. allowed his cock to pee a long, continuous stream of piss into her mouth. She swallowed as fast as she could, but still some of the urine ran out the corners of her mouth and dripped down her chin. She gulped and swallowed over and over, struggling to keep up with the copious amount of liquid filling her mouth.

Ginger could not believe she was actually drinking pee from a man’s cock. She swallowed as fast as she could, trying not to taste the pungent flavor, but his piss kept filling her mouth as fast as she could swallow it down. And when he did finally run out of pee, he would not allow her to take his cock from her mouth. “Keep sucking it,” he said. “Get it hard. I want to feel your tongue bathing over my head and licking me to erection.”

Ginger was beginning to understand how much she would have to put up with to get Roger out of jail. Still, no price was too high to save Roger. She had never loved anyone in her life as much as she loved Roger. The thought of him rotting away in jail for a crime he didn’t commit was too much for her to bear. She sucked and licked J.D.’s cock until she felt it pulsing and throbbing to erection. Slowly his shaft expanded as blood pumped into his organ.

She felt his cock poking at the back of her throat and pulsing with aroused lust. She tasted the tangy flavor of his hot cock on her tongue and sucked the tip of his head until all the fluid was drawn into her mouth. As his cock grew to complete erection in her mouth, Ginger relaxed her throat muscles and bobbed her head harder and harder over his cock until she felt his head pushing into her throat and working its way farther into her mouth.

Not until her nose was buried in his pubic hair did J.D. relax his hold on her hair and allow her the freedom to suck and nurse at his cock at her own pace. Ginger licked the underside of his head, tasting the satiny texture of his skin and swallowing the juices that accumulated in her mouth. She felt her own arousal growing in her cunt at the realization of how perverse she was behaving. Yet she had no choice in the matter and that alone allowed her the freedom to enjoy what she was doing.

Ginger felt his pulsing knob plunging deeply into her throat, growing larger each time it went in and out. She tasted the faint aroma of cum on her tongue as his cock slid in and out of her mouth. Over and over she bobbed her head into his crotch, feeling her throat stretching to accommodate his huge cock.

“That’s it, baby. Keep sucking it. It feels so good going down your throat. Lick my balls, too. I want to feel your tongue going all over my body.”

Like an obedient slave, Ginger did exactly as she was told. She lifted his balls and lowered her mouth to them. First licking them until they dripped with her saliva and then sucking them carefully into her mouth and stroking his buttocks at the same time.

“Hum,” he said. “Make my nuts vibrate with your mouth. Hum me a little song.”

Ginger felt humiliated having to hum at the same time she licked and sucked his balls, but she knew better than to disobey. She hummed, allowing herself to be ordered around like a slave. She actually enjoyed being dominated and ordered to do things she normally would not want to do. She felt shamed and humiliated by what she was doing, but perversely that added to the growing excitement in her own loins.

She felt her cunt dripping with passion and her breasts swelling as though filled with electric energy. J.D. bent over while she sucked his cock and began pulling and twisting her nipples, arousing her to as an intense state of excitement as he was in.

“Play with yourself,” he ordered. “I want to see you stroking your pussy and stretching your cunt lips apart until juice drips down your thighs.”

Ginger blushed with embarrassment at what he ordered her to do. Yet even that thought excited her. Obeying him quickly, Ginger dropped her hands to her crotch and began caressing her pussy. She stroked her cunt lips and toyed with her clit, flicking her nails over the erect organ until she felt her passion flaring and surging like bubbling lava.

Just as her orgasm erupted through her body, the first spurt of cum blasted from J.D.’s cock into her mouth. Ginger felt his viscous fluid splash into the back of her throat. She tasted his sticky cum on her tongue and felt her mouth being filled until she was forced to swallow. Load after load gushed into her mouth. She swallowed as fast as she could, her fingers continuing to stroke her cunt.

J.D.’s orgasm did not last as long as the first time. After three spurts of cum, his balls were emptied. Ginger kept his cock in her mouth until her own orgasm dwindled and faded away. J.D. pushed her head away and stepped back. “That was good,” he said, smiling. “You’re going to be able to take care of a lot of good customers.”

Ginger wasn’t sure if that was a compliment or not, but if it meant she would be able to make a lot of money to help Roger, she was all for it. Still on her knees, Ginger started to stand, but J.D. pushed her back to the floor. He gathered his clothes from the floor and dressed quickly. When Ginger made a move to stand up, he again ordered her back.

“What do you want me to do?” she said, confused at not even being allowed to stand. She watched him finish dressing since he refused to answer her.

When he was completely dressed, he said, “You can get up now. You don’t mind standing around for awhile, do you?” He didn’t wait for her reply, but turned and strolled out the door.

Ginger looked around. It was the first chance she’d had to see the room. It was about fifteen feet square. One wall was covered with mirrors. There were no windows or even any furniture. It was impossible to tell if she was in an apartment building or an office building. She had no idea even what part of town she was in, although it didn’t matter since she didn’t know her way around San Diego.

Ginger waited only a short time before J.D. returned. “I have a customer waiting for you now,” he said. He had a bag in his right hand. He opened it and tossed some clothes to her. Separating them, Ginger realized she was going to look rather kinky wearing what he’d brought. She dressed and looked at herself in the wall mirror.

Her nipples showed through the skimpy black bra and the panties had no crotch. A garter belt, black stockings and high-heeled shoes completed her outfit. She looked away from the mirror. “I look silly,” she observed.

J.D. laughed. “It doesn’t matter. You’re not dressed to please yourself. You’re dressed to please your customer. I want you to understand that you’d better handle this right. If you’ve been stringing me along about your willingness to cooperate and are waiting for a chance to screw things up, you’re going to be sorry.”

Ginger shivered at the violence his voice suggested. She assured him again that she wouldn’t do anything he didn’t want her to and would do everything he did want. She followed J.D. out of the room, feeling her pulse racing wildly. They went only a short distance down the hall and turned into another room. Ginger’s eyes widened in surprise at the red walls and canopied bed. The room looked and smelled like she would have imagined a whore house was supposed to look.

She felt an overpowering sense of shame at what she was submitting to. She kept reminding herself she was doing it for Roger. “You’re to wait here,” J.D. said, leaving her alone in the room. She sat on the bed. The mirrors reflected her image. She turned her head away. She was a whore now. She was doing it for money. She was doing it for Roger.

The door opened and Ginger’s first paying customer walked in. He was fat and balding. His eyes went up and down her body, taking in her nipples and the slit in her panties. She took a deep breath, allowing her breasts to swell into her bra. She smiled, trying to make herself look as sexy as possible. And then she saw the rubber paddle in his right hand and her smile disappeared.

“Do you like to be whipped?” the man asked, his voice husky. He came closer and she could smell the alcohol on his breath. “They said I could whip you all I wanted.”

Ginger struggled with her fear and revulsion. She wanted to scream and run. Instead, she lowered her eyes and nodded. “Yes,” she said. “I love it. I want you to whip me.” And the worst thing about it was that somewhere deep inside her, she knew she liked it. She deserved it. She was nothing but a whore and she should be whipped again and again.


The man walked over to Ginger and dropped the rubber paddle on the bed beside her. “Call me Adam,” he said. He looked at her nipples poking through her bra and licked his lips. “You’re beautiful. I’m going to love spanking you.” He wiped his palms on his pants. “Take my clothes off me.” He stood like a statue while she removed his clothes and folded them.

When he was naked, Ginger began caressing his body. She felt like a slave. She was humiliated by what she was doing, but she realized she had no escape. She stroked his large cock to erection. The quicker she brought him to orgasm, the sooner she would be free. “Your cock is huge,” she said, pulling his foreskin back and forth over his knob until it began to swell and pulse.

“Lick my feet,” Adam said. He pushed Ginger’s head down until she was forced to kneel in front of him. Her face brushed against his cock as she was pushed the remainder of the way to his feet. “Kiss them,” he said. He sat on the bed. “Suck my toes.”

Ginger was horrified. Yet the humiliation caused her cunt to quiver with a perverse stirring of arousal. She kissed the tops of his feet. Holding them between her hands, her naked nipples pressed into her knees, Ginger licked her tongue over Adam’s feet until they were washed thoroughly with her saliva. He pushed the toes of his right foot into her mouth while he forced his left foot between her breasts. She was pushed back so he could run his toes over her nipples.

“Take your bra off. I want to see all of your big boobs. Wipe them over my feet. That’s it. Ohh… that looks beautiful.” Taking his saliva-slickened toes from her mouth, he stabbed his right foot into Ginger’s vulva.

Ginger felt his toes sliding hotly between her cunt lips and flicking sensually over her clit. She was pushed back until she caught herself with her hands behind her. His toes toyed with her pussy while his other foot fondled her breasts. She felt herself becoming quickly aroused to the point that juices began oozing from her pussy lips.

He leaned forward and grabbed her hair. Pushing both his feet between her legs, he pulled her face against his stomach and pushed her mouth into his pubic hair. “Eat me. Lick my cock and balls. I want to feel your mouth all over my cock. Suck my prick.”

Ginger obeyed him slave-like. His cock head tasted salty and slightly rubbery as she sucked it between her lips and licked her tongue over his satiny skin. His cock head was swollen purple by the blood surging into his shaft. She sucked his cock into her mouth, feeling his head poking at the back of her throat.

As his throbbing knob worked its way deeper into her throat, Ginger spread her thighs wider to allow his toes to push like tiny pricks into her slit. She felt his toes arousing her cunt as rapidly as if they were skilled fingers.

“I like feeling your pussy with my toes,” he said. “Your cunt feels all hot and slippery.” He ground his toes in and out of her cunt faster and faster.

Ginger hunched her hips into his feet, feeling herself impaled deeper and deeper. His cock throbbed against her tongue and cheeks. Bobbing her head up and down, she sucked and slurped over his knob as eagerly as she could, trying to bring his climax quickly. She teased his scrotum with her finger. She lifted his large balls in her palms and rolled them gently.

But just as she sensed his cock was ready to spit cum into her mouth, Adam pushed her away. “Not so fast. I’m not ready to come yet. Lick my balls.”

Ginger lowered her mouth to his scrotum. Her tongue lapped over his loose skin. She tasted the tiny hair covering his balls. Very gently, she sucked his balls into her mouth and rolled them over her tongue. She licked up his shaft as though feasting on an ice cream cone. She felt his cock pumping itself into an even harder erection as blood surged along his shaft, making the criss-cross of veins pulse rhythmically.

“You don’t act like you like it enough to satisfy me,” Adam said. “If you don’t act more excited, I’m going to have to spank you.” He picked up the rubber paddle and slapped her on the hip gently.

Ginger increased the speed of her head bobbing up and down over his cock. She sucked and slurped at her own saliva as it drooled from her mouth down over his knob and shaft. She flinched as she felt the paddle slap against her other hip. She realized it was not her lack of enthusiasm that made him swat her with the paddle. No matter what she did, he was going to punish her.

His toes continued tormenting and arousing her pussy as she gobbled and sucked his cock head. She felt his knob pulsing in her mouth and burning hotly as she again brought him close to orgasm. But each time he came close to spilling his seed in her mouth, he pushed her head away and slapped her buttocks with the paddle, bending over from the waist, crushing her face harder into his crotch and letting her ass cheeks receive the full force of the rubber paddle.

Smack! Whack! The rubber caused her buttocks to quiver like jello. They quickly turned from white to pink to deep red as the paddle beat a continuous tattoo on her naked flesh. Whack! Whack! She felt her buttocks burning and stinging. Whack! Smack! Each blow caused her to jerk spastically. Whack! Whack! She tried to wiggle her hips to keep the paddle from striking the same place over and over. But no matter how much she gyrated from side to side, Adam kept striking her buttocks on the same spot. He took careful aim with each swat.

Soon Ginger felt her ass flaming with fire. The heat burned through her entire crotch. Her cunt dripped with aroused juices. She felt her pussy lips wrapping around his toes. Her hips continued to grind forward. She felt his toes plunging in and out of her pussy and arousing her to as feverish an intensity as the flesh on her tortured buttocks.

Suddenly Adam pushed her away as though he was disgusted with her.

“You’re not cooperating with me at all! You really need to be punished.” He kicked her onto her back in front of him and grabbed her ankles. Pulling her legs close to the bed, he fled her ankles together with her bra. He left her arms untied and began whipping her with the rubber paddle. He slapped her breasts and thighs.

Whack! Whack! The paddle made her breasts jiggle back and forth on her chest. Her stomach and sides were slapped unmercifully. She felt every inch of her skin burning from the cruel torture. Smack! Smack! Ginger rolled back and forth. This time he didn’t care where she twisted. He continued beating her wherever he could reach. He leaned over from the waist and whipped her as if he were whipping a dog.

Ginger took as much punishment as she could before breaking down and begging him to stop. “Please, I can’t stand it!” she begged.

Instead of easing the torture, Adam increased the force of the blows. He beat her harder and harder. Ginger realized he could punish her with the paddle for hours and leave no telltale signs. She continued begging him to stop, promising to do anything he wanted if he would only show a little mercy.

Finally, Adam dropped the paddle to the floor angrily. He stomped over to the door and pushed a buzzer Ginger had not noticed before. A moment later, the door opened and Alice walked in with a long strand of rope. How had she known what he wanted? Was everything planned even before it happened?

Ginger felt a nervous tremor pass through her body as Alice handed the rope to Adam and looked at her as though she wanted to pick up the paddle and whip her herself. Ginger shivered again. She would rather Adam whipped her all day than to feel Alice’s cruel lashes for even one minute. Alice turned and left the room.

Adam tied one end of the rope to the bra around her ankles and ran the other end through a hook in the ceiling. He had to stand on the edge of the bed and lean out, holding onto the bedpost to reach the hook. When it was secured, he pulled on it until Ginger was hauled upside down in the air.

So Alice was involved with J.D.’s place as well as Willie’s — they were probably all involved in some sort of prostitution ring, Ginger thought. Ginger closed her mind to the sinfulness of what she was doing. Anything was all right as long as it helped Roger. She watched Adam as he walked around her hanging body as though he were inspecting a piece of meat.

When he disappeared behind her, she felt the first slap of the paddle on her buttocks again. She jerked and twisted on her binding. Her ankles felt as though they had been cut by the nylon bra.

Her weight pulled the knot tighter and tighter until she felt the blood cut off from her feet.

Smack! The paddle beat a merciless rhythm on her flaming buttocks. As he continued torturing her flesh, the paddle twisted Ginger’s helpless form round and round on the hook. He whipped her tits and ass. Ginger felt the perverse arousal burning hotter and hotter in her cunt as the fire ate at her flesh and burned through her body.

Finally Adam stopped whipping her and held her waist with both hands. He lowered his mouth to her cunt-mound and began licking her pubic hair into her slit. Because her thighs were pulled so tightly together, his tongue could only reach part of her pussy, but she felt him lapping over her clit until she thought she would reach an orgasm herself at any moment.

He lowered his hips slightly in order to stab his cock head into her mouth. She felt his cock plunge past her lips and slap against the back of her throat. The curve of his cock made his shaft fit easily. Relaxing her throat muscles, she felt his cock pushing deeply into her mouth until her nose was buried in his pubic hair.

As he ground his hips back and forth, Ginger felt his hot flesh reaming against her tongue and throat. She felt her arousal growing hotter and hotter. She hated herself for the shameful way she responded to the humiliating treatment. But she could not stop the fire from spreading through her pussy. His tongue was like an eager animal struggling to explore her hot, dripping hole.

His fingers found her breasts and began clawing and raking over her heavy globes, pulling and stretching her flesh. He used her breasts to rock her back and forth on his cock. Her nipples were pinched and twisted until her nerves screamed for release. He pushed and pulled on her breasts like he wanted to literally rip them from her body.

With his burning cock filling her mouth and throat, Ginger was unable to plead with him to stop. But so great was her arousal that she no longer wanted him to stop. She wanted him to continue lapping and snorting into her slit until she found the blissful release of orgasm.

Suddenly his cock began spitting cum into her mouth. She felt the first spurt splash into her throat. She swallowed it down just as a second wad filled her mouth.

Being upside down, she found it impossible to swallow his seed as fast as it flooded into her mouth. He continued reaming his cock back and forth as his orgasm filled her mouth with his cum. She felt it dripping out around the sides of his cock and running into her nostrils. And then her own climax exploded through her flesh.

Ginger writhed in violent coils on the end of the rope, her body twisting and churning in spastic contortions. Cum ran in gobs over her face while he cursed and clawed at her breasts, his orgasm causing his body to plunge against her with abandon.

“Ohhh… my cock feels so good inside your mouth,” he screamed. “Eat it, eat it! Suck my cum down, bitch! Taste every drop of it.” He continued pumping into her face as fast and hard as he could.

Ginger clasped his buttocks and pulled his hips as hard against her face as possible. His pulsing cock tasted delicious spurting his cum into her mouth. She sucked and gobbled at his shaft like she was starving. She stabbed a finger into his ass and pulled him even tighter.

When his orgasm at last drained away, Adam stepped back, pulling his empty cock from her mouth. Ginger dangled helplessly at the end of the rope. She waited for him to untie her, but he only sat on the edge of the bed, his breath coming in deep gasps.

When she asked him to untie her, he only looked at her with a sadistic grin on his face. “Why? I’d have to just tie you up again. You don’t think I’m through with you, do you?” He laughed. “I’ve only started.”

Fear again raced through Ginger as she watched him walk to the door and push the buzzer again. What now? How much did she have to take? She’d thought that once she brought him to climax, she would be released.

The door opened and Alice stepped inside again. This time she had a long, black whip in her hand. Ginger felt herself blacking out as she saw the vicious-looking whip. If she was whipped with something like that, her flesh would show welts for ages. She struggled to pull her feet free, but every move only tightened the knot around her ankles. She was completely at their mercy.


As Ginger hung upside down, Alice and Adam talked about her.

“J.D.’s new slave will have to go through a lot of training if she’s going to be used to please Mr. Savoy,” Adam said, gathering his clothes together and dressing.

Alice wore the same bizarre costume Ginger had worn when J.D. led her into this room. “She’ll get her training. I’m sure she learned a lot from you. She’ll get a lot more before this day is over.” Alice rested her hand on her hips, her legs spread, the whip dangling in her hand.

Ginger felt blood rushing to her head. Her breasts tingled and her cunt oozed with still warm juices. She tried to lift her arms up to her ankles, but she did not have the strength. So many orgasms and the lack of food and water left her weak. “Please untie me,” she begged.

“See what I mean?” Adam said. “She doesn’t even know enough to keep her mouth shut when no one is talking to her.”

Alice lashed the whip around Ginger’s body. It coiled around her sensitive flesh like a snake, its tip kissing into her ass. Ginger spun dizzily when the whip was pulled away. “Keep silent, slave,” Alice ordered.

Adam completed dressing and left the room. Alice turned her complete attention to Ginger. “You have one more customer before you leave this room. He’s paid even more money than Adam did so you’d better make sure you do everything he wants. J.D. will be mighty mad if you don’t.” Alice flicked the whip around Ginger’s body a couple more times to make sure her words were taken seriously. Then she too turned and left the room.

Ginger twisted slowly on the hook. When she finally came to rest, she faced the large wall mirror. Her reflection stared back at her like a grotesque horror movie. Yet somehow the effect left her sexually excited. Even the fear she felt seemed to trigger a perverse arousal that would not leave her alone. She took a deep breath and tried to steel herself against feeling and against the further humiliation she knew was coming.

But when the door opened and her next customer came in, she was not prepared for the depth of degradation she faced. Her next customer was the largest, most vicious-looking German shepherd she had ever seen. Alice led the dog in on a short leash. The animal snarled and strained at the leash. Willie followed Alice into the room carrying three folding chairs. So Willie was here, too.

A moment after the chairs were set up a few feet from Ginger’s dangling body, J.D. and Adam came in. The men sat in the chairs. J.D. nodded to Alice as if to say, begin the show.

Alice spoke to the dog. “Okay, Rex, it’s your turn. That dangling piece of meat over there is all yours. Go sniff it up. And if you like it, it’s going to show you a real good time.”

Ginger felt less than human being referred to as an “it”. She was being treated with even less respect than a slave. As soon as the dog was released from the leash, he bolted to Ginger, his nose poking into her hairy crotch. She felt its hot breath snorting into her still swollen pussy. Its tongue lapped over her cunt lips, slurping up the mixture of cum that stained her body.

Rex had to stand on his hind legs to reach her pussy. His paws raked at her stomach. Rex was not satisfied until he had licked all of Ginger’s body that he could reach. Even her ass received a thorough cleansing from his strong and eager tongue. As the dog feasted and snarled over her quivering flesh, his cock poked out of his sheath like a pink dagger.

Ginger shuddered at the sight of his aroused cock. It was much larger than she would have thought a dog’s cock would be. Rex’s tongue slurped and splashed over her skin until she felt every inch of her flesh tingling with sinful arousal. Then Alice untied the rope and lowered her to the floor, giving Rex a field day as the rest of her body came in reach of his tongue.

When her ankles were untied, Ginger sprawled on her back, her arms and legs flopped to either side in exhaustion, too disoriented even to sit up. The animal snarled between her thighs, his tongue lapping along her slit. She felt his tongue spreading her pussy lips and sloshing over her clitoris. She drew her legs up, her knees spread, afraid to do anything to hinder Rex’s movements.

Ginger managed to sit up enough to rest on her elbows. She felt the others staring at her lustfully. She moaned as Rex began stabbing his tongue into her cunt as though he had been trained in the art of pussy-eating. Her arousal grew with each eager lap over her clit. She turned her head away in shame as her juices warmed with revived sensations.

Alice cracked the whip in the air and Rex backed away from Ginger. He looked at her expectantly, then Alice spoke to Ginger. “Eat his cock. He’s spent enough time giving you pleasure. It’s your turn to satisfy him. Get on your hands and knees and crawl under his stomach. I want to see you giving him the best blow-job he’s ever had.”

Ginger shivered at the sight of the whip. Yet the thought of the dog’s aroused cock in her mouth horrified her. Fearing the whip more, she obeyed her instructions. Rex hurried back to her and jumped atop her, his cock hanging directly in front of her face. Obviously Rex had done this many times before.

As Rex began humping his hips into her face, Ginger gripped his furry sheath and pushed it back, forcing his erect cock to protrude even farther. Hesitantly, she licked the tip of his red cock. It tasted slightly salty and rubbery — not too different than a human cock. At first she didn’t think she would be able to do it, but as she continued licking the dog’s shaft, the warmth of his hard cock became almost pleasant.

She allowed her lips to circle his cock. She tongued the end of it, tasting the moisture and swallowing part of his shaft into her throat. Rex humped into her face, driving more and more of his cock into her mouth. Ginger arched her head back and gave herself up to the humiliating spectacle she made. She stroked the animal’s balls with her fingers. She sucked and slurped at his cock to bring him to climax as quickly as possible.

She felt his cock sliding hotly over her tongue and working ever deeper into her throat as he became more and more excited. His hips plunged in and out in rapid strokes. She nodded her head in time with his racing hips. His paws dug into her sides. Just as she sensed Rex was about to reach an orgasm and spurt his cum into her mouth, Alice cracked the whip again and Rex backed away, pulling his cock from Ginger’s lips with a wet sucking sound.

“That was good,” Alice said. “His cock is nice and aroused. You were wise to slobber it all over because it will fit in your ass easier that way.” She snapped her fingers and Rex quickly dashed around Ginger’s hips and mounted her dog-style.

Instead of ramming his cock into her pussy, however, Rex stabbed between her buttocks. She felt his hard cock poking against her sphincter. Instinctively, she tried to dodge his cock by twisting and grinding her hips, but Rex locked his paws around her waist and pressed into her with experienced skill. His cock pierced her tight asshole and burrowed easily into her bowels.

She felt his cock sucking and pushing at her insides each time the dog plunged in and out. His cock was like a hot finger sawing back and forth in her ass. The slick feeling burned inside her sphincter muscle and spread through her entire crotch. Her cunt lips quivered and dripped with growing desire. The humiliation of so many people watching her being raped by a dog caused her to blush with shame.

Still the feeling of arousal spread with such intensity that she bit her lower lip to hold back cries of pleasure. As though she had no control of herself, she found her right hand reaching between her thighs and stroking her pussy while the dog fucked into her butt. Her left hand caressed and fondled her tits. Her nails flicked over her nipples until they stood at rigid attention, every nerve tingling with electric energy.

“How does it feel, slave?” Alice taunted. “You play with yourself like a real slut. Keep it up. Suck his cock up your ass.”

Willie jumped up from his chair. “Wait,” he said. “While she’s sucking Rex’s cock up her ass, she can suck mine in her mouth.” Unzipping his pants, he began pumping his cock to erection. He whipped his fist back and forth, pulling his foreskin over his knob until his cock was stiff. He knelt in front of Ginger and pushed his cock against her lips. “Suck it real good! I want you eating my cum.”

Ginger had no time to protest. He forced his cock into her mouth. She felt it pressing against her tongue and cheeks. It tasted hot and good and she didn’t even try to pretend she didn’t want it. She wanted it rammed to the hilt in her throat. She wanted to feel it reaming over her lips and caressing her throat like a hot piece of meat. He wadded her hair at the nape of her neck and used it to pump her head up and down over his cock.

She felt his savage arousal pulsing in her throat as Rex humped frantically into her ass. And then she felt Rex spurt his first wad of cum into her butt. The dog’s viscous fluid filled her bowels until it ran in a sticky mess down her buttocks and thighs. As soon as Rex began pumping his load into her ass, Willie hunched forward as his climax gripped him in an excruciating spasm of sensual release and he, too, began blasting cum into her body.

Ginger sucked at the cum flooding into her mouth. She tasted the rich flavor as it rolled over her tongue and gushed into her throat. She swallowed his fluid down as fast as it filled her mouth.

Ginger’s own climax exploded like a series of thunder bolts, twisting and writhing her body in violent contractions that kept her gobbling and sucking at Willie’s discharging cock. She felt Rex’s cock sizzling in and out of her ass in a frantic pace.

The dog’s swollen knob pulled at her insides like a suction cup.

“Eat it,” Willie cried. “Suck it down. Swallow my sperm like candy. Ohhh… that feels so good! Keep it up. Ahhh!” He hunched his hips in and out almost as fast as Rex humped into her ass.

Despite Ginger’s enthusiasm, some of his cum dripped out the corners of her mouth and ran in sticky drops down her chin. As soon as his balls were emptied, she drew her head back and licked at the drops escaping from her mouth. Then she sucked his cock back between her lips, her fingers milking the base of his shaft to squeeze out the last drops.

Willie pulled his shrinking cock from her mouth long before Rex was able to extract his. But when the dog at last dropped down from Ginger’s back, she sank exhausted to the floor, feeling her pussy still twinging and pulsing with the last of her orgasm. She rolled to her side, thankful it was finally over. But Rex continued licking and sniffing at her ass and between her thighs. She tried to push the dog’s head away, but he drew back and snarled until she jerked her hands back.

When Rex pushed his nose between her thighs, she spread her legs in fear. The others only laughed as Rex continued eating the cum smeared over her ass and pussy. The dog’s tongue kept her spasming with excruciating intensity long after her orgasm had ended. “Call the dog off,” she pleaded. “I can’t stand anymore!”

She might as well have been talking to the wall. No one did anything to stop the dog. But they watched her torture with obvious delight. “It’s just possible we can train her to please Mr. Savoy when he comes tomorrow,” Alice said. “Look how much Rex likes eating the slop in her cunt.”

J.D. stood up. “Well, that’s enough for now. Alice, go get the food tray for her. Willie, I won’t be needing you anymore today.” When Alice and Willie left the room, J.D. turned to Adam. “Thanks for coming. Call me when you’re ready for another little treat and I’ll set up anything you want.”

Not until J.D. and Ginger were alone did he call off the dog. He hooked the leash to his collar and commanded him to sit. Rex obeyed with perfect training, but he continued looking at Ginger’s pussy and licking his chops with obvious desire.

Ginger couldn’t believe how J.D. seemed to be so much in charge of everyone. It seemed strange for a lawyer who was supposed to be so good to be so involved in prostitution. There was nothing else she could call it. She was now a full-fledged prostitute. Only she had not — and knew she would not — receive any money. Anything she earned would go to get Roger out of jail.

Ginger reached for the skimpy underwear on the floor, but J.D. told her to leave it alone. “If I want you dressed, I’ll tell you to get dressed.” A moment later, Alice returned carrying a silver tray with a single bowl in the middle of it. She placed the tray on the floor in front of Ginger.

“What is it?” Ginger asked, looking at the cream-colored liquid in the bowl.

“Dinner,” J.D. answered. “Eat it.” He put his hands on his hips and spread his legs. “Lap it up with your tongue. People who fuck dogs should eat like dogs.” He bent over and unhooked Rex’s collar. As Ginger began lapping her tongue in the bowl, she felt the collar buckled around her neck. “You’ve managed to get through the first day,” he said. “Tomorrow won’t be so easy.”


Ginger continued licking at the liquid in the bowl. It tasted like dishwater, but she was so thirsty she would have taken anything. Her tits and pussy throbbed from excessive stimulation. Never had she reached so many orgasms in so short a time. She felt like she would never be able to calm down again. Every nerve in her body pleaded for rest.

J.D. tied her hands behind her back as she lapped up the liquid. Her tits were pressed against her thighs as she leaned over the bowl. She didn’t care what happened anymore. She didn’t think there was anything they could do to her that would be any more humiliating than she had already been through.

When she finished, Alice took the tray away, leading Rex out of the room with her. J.D. stood in front of Ginger and unzipped his pants. Pulling his cock and balls out, he said, “Suck it, slave. Keep me entertained while we wait for Alice to get back.”

His cock was soft and drooped out of his fly like a huge, fat hose.

“I thought I was through for the day. You said so yourself,” she protested.

J.D.’s face turned angry. “If you don’t start sucking my cock and licking my balls damn fast, you will be through!” He pushed his cock head against her lips. “Now suck!”

Ginger knew better than to hesitate any longer. She opened her mouth and licked her tongue over his knob, tasting his warm flesh. She sucked his cock into her mouth. His soft flesh filled her like a warm pacifier. She closed her eyes and concentrated on eating his cock and arousing him slowly to erection.

J.D. circled his fingers around Ginger’s neck and pulled her head harder against his crotch. “That’s it, baby. Swallow my whole cock down. I want to feel my head inside your throat… That’s it! Swallow it deeper.”

Bobbing her head back and forth over his growing shaft, she felt his rubbery knob slipping deeper and deeper into her throat. His cock tasted hot and good running over her tongue and plunging into her throat. She rocked back and forth on her heels, feeling the erotic sensation of his slick cock stroking her cheeks and tongue.

Alice returned without Rex. She handed J.D. a long wooden switch and then left the room again without a word. J.D. slapped the switch against his palm a couple of times. He pushed Ginger’s head away from his cock. “It’s time to get you tucked away for the night. Stand up and come with me,” he ordered, tucking his cock back in his pants.

She followed him dawn the hall until it ended at a door. The door opened to reveal a large closet. J.D. pushed Ginger ahead of him and closed the door. Opening a panel in the back wall, she saw there was a hidden room beyond the closet. He pushed her into the secret room and stepped in behind her. The room was only a couple of feet wider than the closet. A single light bulb burned from the ceiling. Three walls and the ceiling had metal hooks screwed into them at scattered intervals. The fourth wall was covered with a mirror. Except for the mirror, the room looked like a dungeon.

“You’ll be safe here,” J.D. said. “You can scream your ass off and no one will bother you.”

He unzipped his pants again and pulled his cock and balls back out. “Finish sucking me.” He held the switch in his right hand.

Kneeling in front of him, her hands still tied behind her back, Ginger sucked his soft cock back in her mouth and began bringing him to erection. His cock grew swiftly in her mouth, pressing against her tongue and cheeks and poking at her throat. She wiggled her head up and dawn and sucked his cock in and out. As soon as his cock stood at complete erection, he again pushed her head away.

J.D. fondled his cock, pumping his foreskin back and forth over his cock head.

“Lay on your back,” he ordered, continuing to masturbate himself. “That’s it. Now spread your legs. Get your thighs wide apart. I want to see your pink pussy gaping open. Wider!” He switched the insides of her thighs a couple of times.

Ginger obeyed him as eagerly as she could. She didn’t know how mercilessly she would be whipped if she didn’t please him. With her wrists tied behind her back, her hips were forced humiliatingly up in the air. Her cunt was exposed helplessly.

J.D. selected two leather straps hanging from one of the hooks and tied her ankles, stretching her legs apart even farther and making it impossible for her to close her thighs to protect herself. He switched the insides of her thighs lightly. Ginger flinched as the wooden lash bit into her skin. The switch made a hissing noise as it lashed through the air.

She felt the lash torturing her flesh. She tried to wiggle away from it, but the straps held her tight.

“Stop, please!” she begged.

“I’m going to let you get a good taste of the rod,” J.D. responded. “Just in case you think things have been too easy on you.” He laughed. “I like torturing young girls. Especially when they deserve it. You do realize you deserve it, don’t you?”

Ginger nodded. “Yes.” If that was what he wanted, maybe it would end her torture sooner. She felt the steady rain of light blows lashing over her skin and arousing her. She writhed and twisted under him, her breath coming in deep gasps. There was no way she could escape the punishment.

“The only thing I ever hear from you is begging to be left alone. You don’t seem to understand your purpose here. You’re a slave and the sooner you understand that the better help you’ll be to Roger.” He whipped the switch across her breasts, the thin wood criss-crossing her tits with red lines.

Ginger felt her breasts and nipples burning with fire. Perversely, the feeling aroused her. She felt her arousal stirring within her hotter and hotter as J.D. whipped her body with eager enjoyment. She hated herself for responding the way she did. She was being conditioned to respond like a slave.

“Say you like it,” J.D. ordered. “Beg me to whip you for a change instead of begging me to stop.”

Defeated, she lowered her head on her breasts and begged to be punished. “I deserve it,” she said. “Whip me. Beat me. I want to feel the lash punishing me.”

“That’s better, slave.” He lashed her stomach and hips, making the switch fly through the air. He began flicking the switch over her pussy, not striking her hard enough to cut her tender flesh, but hard enough that she writhed frantically. “Taste that,” he said. “Learn to love it.”

Ginger felt her pussy burning with inflamed arousal as the whip stung her cunt lips and thighs. The feeling left her churning helplessly. She couldn’t believe the punishment was actually arousing her sexually. “Don’t stop,” she begged.

J.D. continued beating her with the lash at the same time he masturbated his cock. He straddled her and pumped his dick up and down, his fist keeping a rhythm that caused his balls to swing back and forth lewdly. “It feels good jacking myself off and whipping you at the same time. I like watching your skin turn red and seeing you twisting and moaning. Keep your head back. I want to whip your tits!”

Ginger could not prevent her shrill cries as the lash bit over and over into her tits. Her nipples felt like hot coals burning her boobs. Her large tits jiggled from side to side. Yet the feeling continued to arouse her until her body felt as though it would burst into orgasm at any moment. “Whip my pussy,” she cried. “Fuck me. Put your big cock inside me. I need it. Please!”

Dropping the whip, J.D. knelt between her thighs and positioned his massive cock between her pussy lips. With one hard shove, he slammed his cock to the hilt in her cunt. She felt his organ tearing up her cunt like a cudgel, stretching and pushing aside her wet cavern until his purple knob smashed into her cervix.

Her pussy sucked and clawed at his cock like a hungry mouth. She ground her hips upward, feeling his mammoth cock diving even deeper into her pussy. His shaft burned back and forth over her clit, arousing her to intense need. He pulled his cock completely out and stuck it between her buttocks. She felt his cock-head poking against her anus.

“I’m going to fuck your ass like it’s never been fucked before,” he warned, clenching his buttocks in preparation to rape into her bowels.

Ginger started to protest, but the thought of her ass being fucked by his huge cock aroused her.

“Yes,” she said. “Stick it in me. I want it! Fuck my ass!”

He rammed his cock into her butt as savagely as he’d slammed it into her pussy. One hard shove plunged it to the hilt. She felt it ream into her bowels and stretch her asshole. He ground his shaft back and forth between her buttocks. She felt his slick organ burning and ravishing her asshole.

And then he began alternating holes. His cock fucked from her ass to her pussy. He pumped in and out four times in each hole and then changed. “Oh, your pussy and ass feel good around my cock. I like fucking them both. Ahhh. Your ass is so tight and your cunt is so hot!” He thrust into her faster and faster.

“Don’t stop,” Ginger begged. “Fuck me harder. Yes! Yes! Screw me as hard as you can. Make my ass feel it. Oh… oh!” She bucked against him as hard as she could, feeling his big cock reaming her ass and cunt like they’d never been reamed before. His cock pounded in and out, switching back and forth from her ass to her pussy without missing a stroke.

She arched her back until her head rested on the floor. And then her orgasm burst through her flesh like hot, bubbling oil. Her body pulsed with sensual contractions that kept her humping and thrusting her body against his.

J.D. pulled his cock out of her cunt just as his orgasm exploded and spurted his cum out like a geyser. The first spurt shot out in a thick wad that splashed over her breasts. The second heavy load landed on her upper lip. He emptied the rest of his load on her stomach. His milky cum spotted her body in a sticky mess. “I’m coming! I’m coming!” he cried.

“Cover me with your cum! Smear it over me. I want to smell it and taste it.” She licked her cheeks and lip, sucking the cum into her mouth.

And when their orgasm finally drained away, leaving them limp and exhausted, J.D. ran his fingers through the mess spotting her body, smearing his cum over her stomach and breasts. He milked his cock for the last drop of cum and wiped it on her pubic hair. When he stood up, his cock was already shriveling.

“You’re a nasty mess,” he said. “You smell like a whore. You look like a whore. You are a whore.”

Ginger looked away. It was true. Everything he said was true. But she was not as ashamed of it now as she would have been in the past. After all, she was doing it for Roger, not for herself. And the punishment she received made it seem as though she was paying for her sins even as she committed them.

J.D. tucked his cock back in his pants and zipped his fly. “For your first day with us, you did pretty good. Get a good night’s sleep. Tomorrow you’ll be put to the test again.” He turned and opened the door.

“Wait,” Ginger begged. “You can’t leave me like this. Untie me, please.”

“Why? You plan on going somewhere?” he smiled at her. “If you’re looking for comfort, you’ve joined the wrong organization.”

“At least tell me what’s being done to get Roger out of jail before you leave. How can you be doing anything to help him if you spend your time in San Diego?”

“You let me worry about that. The only thing you need concern yourself with is how well you do what you’re told. If you satisfy the customers I assign to you, Roger will be taken care of. If you don’t, Roger will rot in jail for a long, long time.” He stepped out the door and closed it behind him.

Ginger couldn’t believe she was being left to spend the night with her arms tied painfully behind her and her legs spread obscenely. She could barely roll onto her side even to relieve the pressure of her hands pressing into the small of her back.

Ginger felt cum dripping from her pussy and asshole. She tried to relax her strained muscles, but her position was so uncomfortable she kept turning from side to side as far as her spread legs would allow. The minutes ticked by slowly. She knew she would never be able to sleep the way she was tied. How many more hours before morning?


Panic shot through Ginger when she heard the bolt opening on the door. Alice stepped completely naked into the room. She looked fresh and cheerful. Her blonde hair fell in strands over her shapely tits. She held a black riding crop in her right hand. “Good morning. Oh, did mean ole J.D. leave you tied up all night?” She knelt and untied Ginger’s ankles.

Ginger felt like kissing her in gratitude. She stretched her legs, feeling the stiffness begin to ease. “Thank you.” She turned so Alice could untie her wrists. When her hands were free, she started to unbuckle the collar around her neck.

“Leave the leash on,” Alice ordered. “Just because I didn’t come in whipping you doesn’t mean you’re not still a slave. And my slave if I want you to be.” She spread her legs and rested her hands on her hips. “Kneel down to me!”

Ginger moaned silently. All this slave stuff was becoming too much for her. To how many people would she have to humiliate herself? It seemed like everyone was her boss. If she didn’t obey them she would be whipped. But it was for Roger. Reluctantly, her limbs stiff, she turned and knelt in front of Alice.

“Bow down, slave. Touch your head to the floor. Worship me! If you’re going to be any use to the group, you’ve got to learn to serve. Understand you are a slave. Now kiss my feet.”

Group? What group had she become a member of? And how many people were in it? She hesitated too long obeying Alice’s order and felt the stinging kiss of the riding crop cracking across her buttocks. Quickly she cupped Alice’s right foot in her palms and began kissing the top of it.

She kept her lips puckered at first, but soon began licking and lavishing affection on Alice’s foot as though she were making love.

“That’s it, slave. Keep it up. Suck my toes. Pretend they’re little cocks. Oh… that feels good.” When she was satisfied with Ginger’s performance, she ordered her to repeat the same thing to her left foot.

When Ginger finished bathing Alice’s feet, she continued licking and lapping her way up her legs. She tasted her creamy skin and realized with a shudder that she enjoyed the warm taste on her tongue. And the skin of kissing a woman stirred a perverse arousal in her. She reached Alice’s spread thighs and traced a wet trail up to the blonde curls covering her beautiful-looking mound.

Ginger lapped her tongue into Alice’s pink slit and tasted the hot moisture. Her cunt tasted sweet and fragrant. If Alice wasn’t satisfied with this kind of worship, she would never be satisfied. Ginger cupped Alice’s ass and caressed her firm cheeks. She felt Alice’s hands on her head, pulling her harder against her pussy. Ginger licked deeper into the moist interior.

“You’re doing a good job, slave. Keep this up and you may become an asset after all,” Alice spread her thighs even wider and leaned back against the door so she could watch the lewd scene unfold in the mirror. “I like watching you eat my pussy. Stick your tongue way inside. Ummm… that’s it. Oh… oh! Yes, just like that. Nibble my cunt lips. Work your way all the way around.”

Ginger did her best to satisfy her. She didn’t want to give her any reason to use the riding crop. She slurped her tongue over her pussy as hard and urgently as possible. She tasted Alice’s tender flesh on her tongue like honey.

The door opened and Alice quickly and surprisingly pushed Ginger’s head away. Ginger looked up as J.D. stepped into the room. “I told you to feed her food, not your cunt,” he roared.

Alice backed away from him, her fear showing in her face. “I thought I’d just have a little fun with her first,” she pouted.

J.D. grabbed the riding crop from Alice and lashed it over her tits savagely.

“I’ll tell you when to have fun. You seem to forget your true status, bitch. You’re just a slave the same as she is. Now get down on your knees.”

Alice quickly knelt beside Ginger. She bowed her head to J.D. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to do anything wrong. Please don’t punish me. I’ll do anything to make it up.”

“It’s not me you should be telling you’re sorry. Tell her. She’s the one you were ordering around.”

Alice looked at Ginger out of the corner of her eye. “I’m sorry,” she mumbled. “I won’t do it again.”

J.D. wasn’t satisfied with that. He made Ginger stand and take Alice’s place against the wall. She spread her thighs as she was told and offered her pussy to Alice. With their situations reversed, she felt her cunt tingling in anticipation of being eaten. As soon as Alice pressed her face into Ginger’s pussy, J.D. began lashing the riding crop across her ass.

Ginger’s climax came in a matter of seconds. Like a jolt of electricity searing through her flesh, Alice’s tongue literally devoured her pussy in a feverish attempt to save her own ass from being beaten raw. Ginger screamed with exploding pleasure. “I’m commmming! Oh… eat it, suck it! Lap my pussy!”

She humped her hips into Alice’s face, feeling her tongue stabbing like a cock into her pussy, sucking and slurping out her bubbling cunt juices. Ginger’s fingers raked across her own breasts as her climax throbbed drum-like. And when it ended, Alice’s tongue continued flaying at her clit and cunt lips until Ginger’s arousal returned with renewed fire.

But before a second orgasm was reached, J.D. dropped the whip and ordered Alice from the room. She obeyed eagerly. J.D. turned to Ginger.

“Spread your thighs again. I want to see your pussy.” He knelt and took Alice’s place. He licked over her cunt, slipping his tongue along her slit, his lips sucking like a vacuum at her juices.

Ginger felt her arousal burning with compelling intensity. She held his head and pulled his face against her cunt. She ground her hips forward, smearing her cunt juices over his mouth and nose as he lapped at her with eager enjoyment.

“That feels good,” she said. “Oh, put your tongue way inside! Ummm… bite my clit! Suck it!”

He feasted with hungry grunting noises. His breath burned like a hot fire into her pulsing cunt. His tongue stabbed in and out like a cock. Gripping her ass, he pulled his mouth as hard against her pussy as possible, sucking and biting her aroused sex. His fingers spread her ass cheeks and stroked along her crack until reaching her puckered anus. She felt his finger probing and toying with her asshole and then pushing past her sphincter and tunneling up her colon. She gasped as his finger reamed back and forth between her buttocks, arousing her lustful need to even greater heights. She felt her ass sucking at his finger as though it had a life of its own. Her body writhed and thrust into his face as her passion took complete control.

“I love it,” she said. “Your tongue feels so good going in and out of my pussy. I could have you eat me for hours. Oh… that’s it! Lick over my slit. Flick it with your tongue!” She pulled on his ears and ground her pussy in a circular motion that smeared her cunt juices over his face until his nose and lips glistened slickly.

He sucked and snorted into her pussy at the same time he raped his finger in and out of her ass. With his free hand, he unbuckled his pants and let them fall around his knees. His big cock stood rigid. He pumped his cock up and down. His cock head glistened and pulsed a shiny purple. He stopped eating her pussy for a moment. “Turn around,” he ordered. “Bend over.”

Ginger turned so her ass faced him. She leaned over so both her pussy and asshole were within easy reach of his tongue. Her face dangled inches from his cock as he continued masturbating it with his fist. She felt his tongue slithering over her buttocks.

She reached between her legs and grabbed his cock. She pumped it up and down exactly as he had been doing. She stroked his balls, hefting them in her palm carefully and rolling them back and forth. She wanted his cock in her mouth. She moved back farther, pushing her ass harder against his face and making it possible for her to get his cock head in her mouth.

They licked and sucked at each other, tasting the growing fire in their bodies and drinking in the flavor of pure lust. Ginger’s climax burst through her pussy like a thunderstorm. And immediately she tasted the first spurt of cum as J.D.’s climax followed hers. His cum shot up into her mouth in three heavy spurts. She swallowed it down eagerly and milked his cock for more.

J.D.’s tongue flayed obscenely over her pussy and ass as his climax throbbed through his flesh. And when their climax finally ended, they both collapsed in complete exhaustion. “You’re fantastic,” he said, reaching out to stroke her dripping cunt.

Ginger rested her head against the wall, keeping her thighs spread to receive J.D.’s caresses. She touched his cock, milking it to draw out the last of his semen. She leaned over and sucked his half-hard cock into her mouth and swallowed the few drops of cum oozing out.

“Ummm… that tastes good.”

J.D. stood up and pulled on pants. “What a way to start the day.” He picked up the leash around Ginger’s neck. “Come with me. After that, you deserve some breakfast.”

Ginger couldn’t believe she was actually going to get to eat a real meal. The thought of having coffee and eggs made her stomach growl hungrily. She stood and followed.

As they walked down the hall, Ginger suddenly stopped. She heard a male voice laughing behind one of the doors. “That sounds like Roger,” she cried excitedly. “Did you get him out?” She made a dash for the door, but J.D. cut her off.

“Where do you think you’re going? If Roger was out, don’t you think I’d tell you? Stop acting silly or you won’t get any breakfast.” He pulled her away from the door.

Ginger felt like crying. The excitement of thinking she would see Roger today and then finding out her hopes had been wrong left her feeling depressed. She didn’t know how much more of this kind of treatment she would be able to take. More than anything else, she wanted to see Roger. She didn’t even have any proof that Roger was getting any kind of help from anyone.

J.D. led her into a dining room large enough to seat a convention. There was no one else there. He seated Ginger at the table and disappeared through a side door. A few moments later, he returned carrying a heaping tray of eggs, bacon and coffee.

Ginger gobbled the food as though she had been without for months instead of a couple of days. Nothing had ever tasted better. And when the food was gone, she crossed her legs on the chair and nursed a steaming cup of coffee.

“I want to see Roger,” she said.

J.D. sat across from her. “We’ve already been over that,” he said. “It’s impossible for you to see Roger. He’s in jail in Los Angeles. So unless you want to go up there and join him in jail, you’ll just have to be patient.”

“How do I know you’re doing anything to help him?”

J.D. stared at her, letting his face turn angry. “How dare you say that. Just what kind of proof do you think you should have? A note from my mother maybe, telling you I’m honest?”

Ginger looked away. She didn’t want to make him mad. It was so pleasant not being tied up and being able to sit in a chair and nurse a cup of coffee, that she didn’t want to do anything that would change that, but she did want proof. If she didn’t get it, she could wind up being J.D.’s slave for months and be no closer to getting Roger out of jail than she was right now.

She didn’t know what to do, but she knew she had to do something. Finally, taking a deep breath, she committed herself. “I’m not going to take on any more customers until I know something is being done to help Roger.”

She was not prepared for J.D.’s violent reaction. Knocking the coffee cup out of her hand, he pushed her backward out of her chair. She landed on the back of her head and rolled over. J.D. was on her even before she could sit up. He jerked her by the arm out of the room and into the hall. “Bitch,” he cursed. “You’ll be sorry you said that. You may not know it, but now you’re going to take not only your customers today, but Alice’s as well. I’ll teach you to act so independent. You haven’t learned anything! Slaves do what they’re told — not what they want to do!”

“I’m not going to be your slave any longer,” Ginger said, pulling uselessly against him. His fingers tightened around her wrist. He twisted it and she was forced onto her face. Still she insisted on proof that Roger was being helped.

J.D. laughed at her. He grabbed her ankles, twisted her legs until she rolled onto her stomach, and dragged her over the carpet. “I’ll show you what’s going to happen to you next.” He dragged her through several doors until she found herself in the spotless, richly tiled and lavishly mirrored bathroom.

The tub was huge. It was round with gold faucets. Three steps led to its edge. Ordered into the already filled bath, Ginger looked at the steam rising from its surface. Shaking her head, she turned and made a final stand. “No,” she said, refusing the bath despite its appeal. “Not until I have proof Roger is getting help.”


J.D. picked her up and threw her into the tub. Ginger gasped as the hot water splashed over the room. She grabbed the edge and was surprised to discover the water came all the way up to her breasts. She backed away as he stripped away his clothes, moved to the edge and sat down. He spread his legs so his cock and balls dangled atop the water. Tossing her a bar of soap, he ordered her to wash his prick.

Ginger looked at his already growing erection. Refusing him would be brave, but she also knew it would only bring her more punishment. Yet once more she vowed she would not be his slave any longer.

“I don’t think you’re doing anything to get Roger free.”

“If I hear Roger’s name mentioned one more time, you’ll be eating my cock underwater. Would you like that?”

She shook her head but the idea of blowing his big cock under water stirred her curiosity. “I won’t do it,” she said, but her refusal was not convincing.

“You’re standing on thin ice. No one knows where you are. If you turn up missing, no one will even know. Roger thinks you’re with Willie. Willie tells Roger you ran away. That gives me the freedom to do with you as I wish. Do you see now that I have the power of life and death over you.”

Ginger shivered despite the hot water. “You wouldn’t do anything like that.” She backed farther away, her heart racing in alarm.

“Don’t be too sure. After all, what use do I have of you if you don’t do what you’re told?” He stroked his cock until it stood out stiffly. “You’ve got one more minute to make up your mind before I turn you upside down in the water.”

Ginger didn’t hesitate very long. The look on J.D.’s face told her he meant what he said. Completely humbled, she moved to his side of the tub and stood between his legs. She lathered the soap over his cock and balls, working heavy suds into his pubic hair. She felt his cock pulsing between her fingers as she washed it carefully.

His balls were the size of walnuts. She fondled them gently, wondering what would happen if she suddenly squeezed them as hard as she could in her fist and made a run for it. She put the thought out of her mind as fast as it occurred to her. She didn’t know anything about the building she was in. It might be impossible for her to escape if they knew she was running. Any chance of escape would have to be when they were not expecting it and after she had time to explore the building.

Despite herself, she found the sight of his huge erection stimulating. She continued caressing his cock until he told her to wash the suds off and suck it. This time she was eager to do as he ordered. His swollen prick tasted fresh and exciting. She forced her head down hard over his cock and felt his rubbery knob pushing against her throat.

“That’s it,” he said. “Blow me real good. I like the feeling of your tongue licking my cock. Play with my balls while you blow me.” He held her hair and jerked her head up and down over his cock, ramming his knob harder and harder against her throat.

Ginger worked his cock deep into her mouth. She felt his prick sliding over her tongue and working all the way into her mouth until her nose was buried in his pubic hair. She smelled the clean fragrance of his balls and felt her cunt responding to the taste of his cock. Her pussy quivered. Relaxing her entire body, she allowed him to work her head up and down at his own pace.

Continuing to fondle his balls with her right hand, Ginger lowered her left to her cunt. Her fingers spread her cunt lips and slid lewdly along her slit. She flicked a finger over her clit and felt the nubbin jerking to life. Lifting his balls, she licked his scrotum, tasting the warm flesh. She felt his shaft reaming back and forth over her tongue with eager compulsion.

“You’re a slave,” he told her, “and you’re always going to be a slave. From now on you’ll do as you’re told and nothing else. If you have any more ideas about refusing to obey, you’d better change them. Do you understand?”

Ginger nodded without taking his cock from her mouth. She had ideas, but she certainly wasn’t going to ask for trouble by telling him about them. But somehow she knew she had to escape to find out what was being done for Roger. She felt her arousal continuing to grow within her cunt as she sucked J.D.’s cock. Even if she wanted to get away now, she couldn’t leave until she had reached a climax and released herself from the insatiable need of her aroused sex.

J.D. pushed her head from his cock and turned her around so she stretched out on the water face down. She reached for the apposite side of the sunken tub, but couldn’t reach it. At first, she thought he meant to drown her, but he pulled her back until her legs wrapped around his hips and grabbed her hair and pulled her head back just enough that she could breathe.

She felt his cock pushing between her cunt lips and working its way into her tunnel. Panic filled her as she struggled to keep her face out of the water. Each time he hunched his hips forward, driving his cruel cock deeper into her body, her face dipped into the water.

She felt his cock pulsing inside her pussy. Her own arousal surged hotter and hotter as her tortured position added fear to the emotions surging within her. She felt her cunt sucking his cock deeper into her pussy. She wanted him to ram his cock as deep as possible into her body. She wanted to feel it driving in and out of her pussy as hard and fast as he could.

Suddenly he pushed himself away from the edge and dipped into the water, carrying her down with him. They surfaced a moment later with his cock still reaming into her cunt. He reached around and cupped her breasts. His fingers twisted and pinched her nipples. He stretched her tits painfully until they felt like they would be literally ripped from her body.

Ginger felt his cock plunging viciously into her cunt. It felt like a branding iron sizzling inside her pussy. Her arousal kept her hips bucking back against his cock, her cunt impaled mercilessly. As the intensity of her arousal grew, so too grew her need for release. She flailed frantically against his cock, both wanting to find release for herself and release from him.

But just as she felt her orgasm ready to explode, he jerked his cock from her cunt and spread her ass cheeks and drove into her anus. His cock ripped past her sphincter with one cruel plunge. She felt her ass burning as though a blow-torch had been pushed into her butt. She screamed and tried to pull away, but his fingers tightened on her tits and she was locked helplessly on his cock.

“Please,” she begged. “Take it out. It’s too biigggg… oh!” She winced as he began humping his hips at her. But as his mammoth cock burned back and forth over her sphincter, the feeling began to change. She felt it burning through the rest of her body in a sensual arousal that left her panting. And suddenly she didn’t want it out. “Oh, oh… ummmm. Don’t stop!”

J.D. crowed. “You like it, bitch! Don’t you? Admit it. You want my cock fucking your ass. You like the feel of it. Say it!” He humped into her butt as hard as he could. Pushing her against the edge so she could hold on, he moved to the steps and pushed her ass up to the top of the water. His cock plunged in and out relentlessly.

Ginger could feel her orgasm approaching. With her ass sticking completely out of the water, her pussy slapped the surface each time his cock tore into her ass. The water splashed into her cunt in a rhythmic cadence that matched his cock. “Yes, yes. I love it. Ram it into me. Keep it coming. I want to feel your cock spurting cum inside my ass!”

As soon as she said, it, he pulled his cock out. “If that’s what you want, you’re certainly not going to get it, bitch. You don’t deserve what you want. You deserve what I decide to give you.” He grabbed her hair and twisted her head back until she was forced to look up at him with her nose and mouth barely out of the water. “And what you’re going to get is eating my cum underwater.”

“No, please!” She didn’t have time to argue further. He pushed her head underwater and twisted her around so her legs were wrapped around his neck. She felt his face pressed against her pussy, his tongue stabbing into her slit. Oh, it felt so good. Yet, she felt a shudder of fear she would not be able to suck him off underwater.

Holding her breath, she opened her mouth and circled his cock. Keeping her lips tightly pursed around his shaft, she plunged her head up and down. She felt his legs moving and lifting her upward. Her face broke free of the surface and she saw he had stretched his legs across the tub and was holding on with his feet. He held the other side with his hands so that his head bobbed up and down in the water the same as hers.

She felt his mouth sucking and eating her pussy. His tongue lapped and stabbed into her silt as eagerly as she sucked his cock. Ginger allowed herself to be orally raped as he humped his hips up and down, driving his cock in and out of her mouth and tantalizing her cunt with his tongue.

His climax came quickly. His cum shot into her mouth in thick wads. She rolled his semen over her tongue, tasting its delicious flavor. She let it ooze past her lips onto his shaft. She smeared it over his shaft, twisting and pumping it to milk as much cum from his balls as possible.

And then she felt her climax ripping through her body. She writhed and twisted, her hips slapping into his face. She felt his tongue literally sucking her juices from her pussy as she stabbed it deeply into her hale and slurped savagely. She pumped his cock and sucked at his knob as hard as she could, milking his shaft for more cum.

They sucked on each other until they were both completely drained. They sank down into the water and floated apart. Ginger held the edge and let her feet settle comfortably to the bottom. Being a sex slave was not all bad. She felt every nerve in her body tingling with satisfaction. Her tits heaved as she sucked air into her lungs.

“But I still want proof,” she said.

J.D. looked at her, anger returning to his face. He jumped from the water, grabbed a towel and marched from the room. Ginger felt stunned. She was untied and unguarded. Quickly, she unbuckled the collar from her neck and let the leash sink to the bottom. She crawled out of the tub and stepped to the door.

She peeked into the next room. It was a bedroom. No one was there. Dripping a stream of water, she scuffled to the door and again peeked out. The hall! But which way to go? She turned left without giving any further thought to an escape plan other than to flee. She was almost to the end when she heard someone coming around the corner. Panic stricken, she dashed for the closest door. Praying the room was empty, she silently twisted the knob and stepped inside.

Ginger was not prepared for the shock. She stood in a small foyer leading to a sitting room. Roger sat in an easy chair, his back to her, talking to a woman partially hidden from her view. She started to rush to him and embrace him, but something he said made her freeze.

“She should think I’m in jail for a month at least. At the end of that time, she should be trained enough that even Mr. Savoy will be pleased.”

Ginger could not believe what she heard. Roger was not only not in jail, but he knew where she was and what kind of treatment she had been receiving. She was shocked. She clutched at the wall to keep from falling. All the punishment and torture she had been through had been to prepare her for someone she had never even met. Roger had made a fool of her.

She felt her heart pounding rapidly. She backed to the door and twisted the knob behind her. Just as she started to step out the door, she heard the woman speak.

“Roger, honey, I don’t see why you want her around anyway. Haven’t I been taking good enough care of you?” It was Alice’s voice.

Ginger gasped. No wonder Alice had been so vicious with the whip. She had looked at Ginger as a competitor. Biting back tears of frustration, Ginger turned and fled into the hall. Silently, she dashed to the corner. She felt angrier than she’d ever felt before. As soon as she saw where the hall ended, she knew she’d made a mistake choosing this direction. The hall ended at the same closet door that led to the secret room.

She stopped and turned around. J.D. walked around the corner and ambled down the hall toward her. He carded a leather strap in his right hand.

“Trying to go somewhere?”

Ginger looked desperately for a place to run, but she was trapped. She backed against the closet door.

“No!” she pleaded. “Don’t whip me. I’ll tell the police if you do. You lied to me. Roger lied to me. He’s not even in jail. I saw him.” She cowered against the door.

J.D. stopped, surprise lifting his features. “You know?” He hesitated, clearly confused about what to do with her now. Ginger saw his hesitation as a chance to dash past him, but he responded as soon as she started to move. He grabbed her around the waist and lifted her like a child. He carried her to the closet door and pushed her into the hidden room.

He tied her wrists and ankles to the wall, spread-eagling her in an upright position.

“You may wish you never poked your nose in where it wasn’t meant to be before this day is over,” he said as he shut the door behind him.


When the door opened a few minutes later, Roger stepped inside. He looked at her angrily. “Bitch,” he said. “You’ve really messed things up now. J.D. wants to kick you out.” Roger crossed the room and slapped Ginger’s face.

She couldn’t believe the way Roger was turning on her. “You lied to me!” she protested. Her cheek stung. Tears streamed down her face.

“It doesn’t matter. If you loved me the way you said you wouldn’t be trying to get away. And now I’m not so sure I want you any more.” He ran his hands down her body like he was inspecting a slave on the auction block. His fingers twisted her nipples and hefted her breasts. He parted her pussy lips and stabbed a finger deep inside.

Ginger flinched as his finger plunged into her cunt. “Don’t,” she pleaded, feeling her clit tingling despite her anger.

He slapped her tits. “What makes you think you’re so special?” Using the palms of his hands, he slapped her breasts again, whipping them back and forth and making them dance and slap together until they were swollen with a perverse arousal.

Ginger pulled and struggled at the bonds around her wrists and ankles. She writhed and twisted under the cruel torture of his hands. She felt the blows beating her tits until they felt on fire with sensual excitement. As he continued slapping her flesh, she begged him to stop, hating herself for responding to his sadistic treatment.

“I’ll stop when you get what’s coming to you,” he threatened. Using the fingers of his right hand, he stabbed upward into her pussy, punishing her cunt viciously.

Ginger screamed as his fingers tore between her pussy lips and stretched her tender flesh to the maximum. His thumb pressed into her clit, tantalizing the sensitive nubbin until she felt her cunt quivering frantically. She felt like her body was betraying her as her pussy sucked at his fingers, coaxing them to plunge in and out of her cunt. She bit her lower lip and turned her head away as he moved against her.

His cock throbbed between her thighs as he spread her pussy with both hands and positioned his bulging prick at her slit. She felt his cock head raping into her pussy. She tried to squirm away, but the bindings made escape impossible. His cock tore into her cunt like a rapier. She felt his cock burning through her pussy and arousing her into a seething mass of lusting flesh.

“How could you treat me this way?” She cried, feeling his fingers twisting and tearing at her breasts. But at the same time, she felt her thighs spreading and her pelvis twisting and grinding up to meet each cruel thrust of his cock.

Roger pulled his cock out of her pussy and resumed slapping her thighs. Whack! Whack! His palms left her flesh stinging and burning. She felt her pussy quivering and dripping with juices. He began whipping her stomach and cunt-mound. She felt his hands beating her body into a frenzied state of desire and punishment. Trying to dodge his blows was useless. His hands struck her every where.

He untied her legs and one of her hands, then tied both hands together so she could turn both sides to him. He used one of the leather straps to whip her buttocks. The leather hissed though the air. She felt it kissing across her ass, criss-crossing her tender flesh with red lines. He didn’t stop until her ass and the backs of her thighs were covered with thin streaks.

When he untied her wrists again, she dropped to the floor. He prodded her with his foot until her legs were spread. He knelt between her thighs and dipped his head to her cunt. His tongue lapped into her slit. She felt her clit flaming to life. His tongue flicked over her quivering flesh until her nerves ached for release. “Fuck me,” she begged. “Put your big cock inside me, Roger. I need you so bad!”

“I’ll put my cock in you, but not where you want it.” He lifted her legs until her thighs wrapped around his hips. Reaching under her, he spread her buttocks and stabbed his swollen cock into her crack. She felt his knob pressing against her asshole. And then she felt it plunge past her sphincter and tear into her ass with savage fury.

Ginger screamed and tried to pull away, but his fingers dug into her buttocks.

“I’m going to ream out your ass. Take that… and that!” His hips churned eagerly as his cock drove in and out of her ass. His cock head probed relentlessly at her insides. He pushed her knees back until they were stretched far apart. His fingers spread her pussy lips and dipped into her pink interior.

“Oh, that feels good,” Ginger moaned as she relaxed and gave herself up to the feelings surging through her body. She felt his cock sawing back and forth between her buttocks and his fingers tantalizing and stroking her clit.

“Play with yourself,” Roger ordered, moving his hands from her cunt to her tits. “Finger-fuck your pussy.” He raked his fingers over her breasts, stretching and pulling them cruelly.

Ginger felt her face flushed with embarrassment as she lowered her hands to her pussy and began stroking her own flesh. She spread her lips and stroked into her slit, feeling her finger flicking aver her clit. She stabbed first two fingers and then three and then four fingers into her pussy, plunging her hand up and down like a cock.

“That’s it, baby. Fuck yourself. Take your time. I want to see your fingers dripping with your cunt juices.”

Suddenly Roger’s cock exploded in climax and began spurting thick wads of cum into her ass. She felt his hot fluid filling her bowels and running back out around the sides of his cock and dripping in viscous gobs down her buttocks and back. “I’m commmiing!” he cried, his hips pumping frantically back and forth.

And then Ginger’s climax ripped through her with unbelievable intensity. “Don’t stop,” she begged. “Fuck me harder, faster! Oh, it feels so good in my ass!” Her fingers tore at her pussy, raking and clawing at her flesh as her body convulsed in erotic spasms.

Their climaxes went on and on, twisting and churning their bodies together until they were both exhausted and drained. Roger’s fingers dug into her buttocks as his cock drained the last of his semen into her ass. And when their fires finally cooled, they lay depleted, locked in each other’s arms.

Ginger felt Roger’s cock shriveling inside her ass until it slipped from her anus with a soft sucking sound. He rested his entire weight on her body as he breathed heavily. Finally he pushed himself away and sat up. “You’re a good piece of ass. It’s too bad I won’t be seeing you anymore.”

Panic pounded suddenly in Ginger’s heart. No! She couldn’t lose Roger. She had done too much to lose him now. “No,” she begged. “Don’t leave me, Roger.”

“What good are you to me,” he said. “You haven’t done half of the things I expected you to do here. From the reports I’ve gotten, the only thing you ever wanted to do was get away.”

“Come with me, Roger. I love you. We don’t need these people. We can go somewhere else. We can hide. The police will never find you.”

Roger laughed. “You don’t still believe that story, do you? The police were never after me. That was just what I told you to get you down here.” He stood up and rubbed his cock back and forth between his palms. He picked up his clothes and began dressing. “There’s only one way we can stay together and you’ve already shown you’re not fit for that.”

“But I love you, Roger. Please, go away with me. Everything I did, I did for you.” Looking up into his face, she hugged Roger’s knees.

He pushed her away. “You’ve already said you want to leave. Well, I’m not going to stop you. If you don’t want to stay, I don’t want you to either. You’re a big disappointment to me. I sent you down here with high hopes that you’d make the grade, but you haven’t done anything but whine about getting away.”

“Come with me Roger, please. I love you so much. I couldn’t stand being away from you. You mean everything to me.”

Roger pushed her away. “If I meant so much to you, you would have been trying harder to please J.D. and get yourself ready for Mr. Savoy. You haven’t done any of that.”

“I don’t even know Mr. Savoy. What does he have to do with any of it?”

Roger looked, at her as though she was a complete idiot. “He has the money.”

“We don’t need money, Roger. I can get a job as a nurse again. Please come with me.” She felt humiliated the way she begged to him but she didn’t care. She’d done so much for him already. She realized she couldn’t face losing him now.

“I’ll do anything for you, Roger. I’ll make you happy, I promise.”

“The only way you can make me happy is by satisfying Mr. Savoy.”

Ginger hung her head. “I only want you, Roger.”

“Then get out!” He didn’t wait for her to take time to consider. Grabbing her ankles, he kicked open the door and dragged her through the closet and into the hall. He marched her bumping and protesting over the carpet. When he released her ankles, he wadded her long hair at the nape of her neck and, keeping her head bowed, jerked her stumbling along the hall until they reached a private locked elevator.

He forced Ginger onto her knees at his feet. Reaching into his pocket, he extracted a key to the elevator. He put it in the lock and twisted. The door opened.

“Get out of here!” he ordered.

Ginger stared at the empty elevator. She was being told to leave naked, without money, without anything. And wont, without Roger. “No,” she sobbed. “Let me stay with you, Roger. I’ll do what you want. If you want me to please Mr. Savoy, I’ll do it. Anything.”

Roger’s anger softened slightly. “You’ll have to prove it.”

“I promise. Anything, Roger!”


She was taken into a room she’d never been in before. A single, circular couch dominated the room. Scattered around the couch were several expensive-looking sexual devices. She didn’t have time to examine them before she was thrown onto the white couch and her wrists and ankles were spread-eagled with leather straps. She stared up into a huge round mirror reflecting her helpless form.

“What do I have to do to please Mr. Savoy?”

Roger ran his hands over Ginger’s body, fingering her pussy and stroking her breasts. “All you have to do is come. Mr. Savoy likes women who know how to come. And before I’m through with you, believe me, you’ll know how to come.” He twisted her nipples between his fingers until they stood up in hard points. Then he taped small wires to each nipple and attached them to one of the machines.

“What are you doing?” she asked, startled. She watched him flick a switch and suddenly Ginger’s tits surged with a pulsing current of electricity. Her nipples burned and sizzled with torturous arousal. The sensual feeling spread through her like a raging fire. Her body heaved and bucked back and forth as the current throbbed with controlled energy, bringing her to a state of arousal that she had ever experienced before.

Roger spread her pussy with his fingers and dipped his tongue inside. She ground her pussy into his face. He spread and stretched her lips apart until he could plunge his tongue deep into her dripping slit.

She felt him sucking and drinking her juices and bringing her arousal to excruciating need. “Oh, yes,” she cried. “That feels good. Eat me! Suck me out! Stick your tongue in me, honey! I love it. Oh… ahhh!”

He flicked his tongue over her clit and ran his hands over her thighs, stroking and caressing her until every nerve in her body tingled with the same electric need as her tits and cunt. He lifted his mouth from her cunt and picked up an electric dildo from one of the many lewd instruments beside the bed.

Terror shot through Ginger when she saw the size of the monstrous-looking dildo. It was at least three feet long and had a head at each end. The flesh-colored cock looked like a huge snake. Roger pushed one end against her ass and pushed a button. Immediately the evil thing came to life, twisting and vibrating. He pushed the huge knob into her ass.

“No, no! It’s too big,” Ginger screamed, but she felt the awful thing plunging past her sphincter and tunneling up her ass, stretching and tearing its way into her as though on its own. “Stop!” she begged. She twisted and wiggled her hips frantically in an attempt to escape the punishing cock. Her efforts left her only sweating and exhausted.

“This is just the beginning, slave.” He pushed the cock in and out of her ass, slamming it viciously forward until she screamed helplessly, and then pulling it out like a plunger until only the head remained between her buttocks. Each forward thrust drove the air from Ginger’s lungs and left her gasping for breath.

She felt her ass burning and smoldering with a perverse arousal that caused her butt to suck at the terrible dildo with shameless lust. Roger bent the dildo so the other end could plunge into her pussy. She felt it ramming up her cunt as savagely as he had pushed it into her ass. The cock vibrated and throbbed inside her pussy, bringing her closer and closer to orgasm.

Roger stepped away from the bed and turned on a tape recorder. “Scream, slave. When you’re ready, let it all come out. We’ll get the sounds of your come on tape.” He moved to another box, opened it and set up a small television camera.

Ginger felt the dildo buzzing within her and charging her nerves. She felt her climax ready to explode at any moment. Roger turned on the camera, made a final adjustment and stepped back.

“When Mr. Savoy gets here, he’ll look at the film and listen to the tape. If you please him, I might let you stay.” He turned and walked to the door.

“Wait,” Ginger cried. “How long are you going to leave me here? I can’t stand much more. Oh… I’m almost ready to come!”

“I told you. Until Mr. Savoy gets here. That could be anywhere from ten hours to ten days.” He laughed sadistically. “Hang in there, slave. And remember, all you have to do is come.” He closed the door, leaving her alone.

Immediately Ginger felt her body heaving and convulsing with exploding energy as her orgasm overwhelmed her like a volcanic flood. Every nerve in her body sizzled with releasing energy. “I’m comming!” she screamed. “I’m comming. Oh… oh! Stop it! Turn it off. I can’t take any more. No, no!” Her screams echoed off the walls as her body writhed and spasmed against her binds.

The two-headed dildo vibrated deeper and deeper into her pussy and asshole. She felt herself being carried away on a wave of orgasmic torture that went on and on and on. “Take it out!” She screamed. “Please!” The electricity continued surging like sensual fire through her breasts. The dildo fucked her ass and cunt with tireless energy.

She knew no one would come. She felt her orgasm going on and on. The camera and recorder captured every tortured move she made, every sound she uttered. Ginger gritted her teeth against the endless torture and vowed to take anything they gave. Her love for Roger went beyond anything else.

And as soon as her first orgasm ended, the ceaseless dildo soon had her flesh aroused again and it started all over. She screamed and writhed with frantic contractions. Tossing and pulling at the straps around her wrists and ankles, she prepared herself to accept her fate whatever it would be. And somehow the fact that she was submitting for Roger made her torture seem all worth while.

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The Torment Of Sister Mary

Who can judge a person’s reactions during stress situations? The prisoner of war who gives in to his captors’ demands, the kidnapped heiress who joins forces with her abductors — both must act without past experience to guide them. The end result can be either a very negative or a positive experience.

In THE TORMENT OF SISTER MARY, a young nun finds herself in just such a situation. Held captive by international terrorists, degraded and forced to perform abnormal sexual acts, she nonetheless finds within herself hidden resources, a strength she never realized she had.

Sister Mary Theresa suffers through an unspeakably horrible experience, but she comes through with her sensibilities intact, knowing she is a stronger woman.


Sister Mary Theresa lay quietly in her small bed, her eyes fixed on the half-naked image of Christ on the cross in front of her. It’s a terrible thing for me to feel like this, the young nun thought, closing her eyes and shivering with sexual excitement. She was a nun, a bride of Christ, a woman following the example of the Holy Virgin in renouncing the flesh.

But lately all Sister Mary Theresa could think of was her flesh — her body, and that strange electric shock that made her fuzzy cunt very hot and very, very moist!

“No,” she whispered out loud, turning her head away from the crucifix and biting her lower lip. She couldn’t give in to those feelings that took her mind off prayer and duty. “No,” she repeated. But the feeling stayed. Her cunt was so hot! Every time she moved her plump, firm asscheeks from side to side on the bed she felt her pussy walls rubbing against one another, the slick folds and hollows shuddering with that impact.

Think of God, think of God and find peace, Sister Mary Theresa told herself. It was what Father O’Reilly told her last week when she went to confession and told him what she’d been feeling. Yes, think of God! It was easy enough for him to say. But how could she close her eyes and conjure an image of God up when her clit burned like a hot jewel, taking her breath away just as she was about to pray?

“Oh, God in heaven, help me!” the nun whispered hoarsely. She couldn’t touch herself! It was forbidden in all the writings and teachings of the Catholic Church! Even letting herself wallow in this kind of erotic sensation was sinful! She should be on her knees, hands clasped, head bowed, praying to heaven for spiritual guidance and physical relief.

Instead, Sister Mary Theresa rolled her head back and opened her eyes. She saw once again the nearly naked image of Christ sagging on the cross. Against her will the young nun found herself staring at the crotch, wondering about…

“Oh, no!”

What could she be doing? Even the vilest whore in the city wouldn’t be contemplating thoughts like those about the Lord God! The confused woman shook the tears from her eyes, getting up from the bed and sliding her long white legs over the cotton top sheet. She had to get out of bed, away from those thoughts haunting her with a horrifying regularity lately.

“Cold shower,” she whispered to herself, clinging temporarily to the doorway molding for support. Sister Mary Theresa rested her forehead against the cool wood, smiling weakly as she thought about the water. Her students had told stories about stepping into cold showers to hold down sexual tensions. How she reprimanded them for telling such filthy stories in her class! Even the school wits a house of God! Even the small office where she and three other young Dominican nuns helped certain political candidates was a house where no such filthy talk could be allowed.

And yet the nun found herself walking unsteadily down the long darkened corridor, gasping for breath, realizing the only hope for her sexual arousal was a cold shower.


That thought stopped the young nun dead in front of the large bathroom. Was that all that awaited her in this life? Sexual arousal constantly torturing her, to be satisfied only by a brisk cold shower in the middle of the night? That thought nearly took her breath away and sent another flow of tears from her eyes. She whimpered, wiping the tears with her knuckles. Why should she be crying? Surely she’d known what kind of life she’d be leading when the Holy Father placed the ring on her finger and made her take the vow of chastity! This would be a life of poverty, abstinence, of complete sexual refusal. In many ways Sister Mary Theresa was far more fortunate than other women who’d also joined convents. At least this order allowed her and her friends to do social and political work.

“Oh, help me, help, me,” Sister Mary Theresa said, moving once more into the bathroom. The damp cool air in the area comforted her. Already the hot itchy ache between her legs lessened.

Quickly the young nun slipped off her robe and stepped into the shower, twisting the knob and sending an icy spray crashing into her body.

“Uhhhhh!” The young woman felt her pussy snap shut at the first touch of the cold water. Her flesh quivered under this kind of torture. Sister Mary Theresa wanted to jerk the plastic curtain back and stumble from the tub. The cold was almost painful. But the young nun held on, smiling as she felt her cunt heat return to normal. Once again, she’d saved herself from depravity. Once again she’d managed to fight off the normal sexual drives that drove women between the sheets to seek relief from their husbands or boyfriends.

What a vile, degrading feeling! Sister Mary Theresa thought, reaching down and twisting the hot water spigot. Instantly she felt the spray become more comfortable. Surely there was nothing to worry about now. Turning from side to side in the slippery tub, her feet squeaking against the slippery bottom, the young nun luxuriated in the wet warmth.

Enough! she told herself, shutting off the water, stepping from the tub and toweling herself off. Did anyone hear her staggering down the hall, shutting the door, turning on the shower? No, most were deep in deep, the others at the far end of the church. Turning on the light, Sister Mary Theresa moved to the right and caught her image in the cracked mirror over the row of sinks.

She held the towel to one side of her face, staring at her well-formed body. Unlike many of the other young nuns who were singularly unattractive, Sister Mary Theresa was considered extremely desirable by any standard. Dark-haired, petite yet full-breasted, the girl was hotly pursued by most of the boys in her high school. None of them could understand why she turned down their offers of “hot” dates or even lukewarm ones. Her parents wondered about her sexuality, fearing she might be homosexual.

And when she announced shortly after her graduation that she was going into a convent, her mother and father thought lesbianism a better option for the young woman. Sister Mary Theresa remembered with sadness how her mother cried on the day she left, telling her between sobs what she was throwing away.

But the young woman was firm, casting off all doubt and marching into the Church without a second thought. That had been nearly seven years ago when she was eighteen. Now at twenty-five she was having doubts about her calling, doubts about her ability to continue being a nun.

Sister Mary Theresa studied herself in the mirror more closely, dropping the towel. Yes, her body was attractive. Now she understood why the boys were always following her around the school, why the girls gave her dirty looks as she passed by. Their boyfriends wanted her badly, and desired her all the more when she refused them.

Twisting to the right she looked at her large, pendulous tits. They were firm, round, high-riding with long, red nipples sticking out temptingly. Sister Mary Theresa raised her hand and rubbed her fingers over one of them, surprised at the pleasant ticklish sensation that touch produced in her body.


Her eyes dropped to her flat belly, her small, boyish hips, and the hint, in that position, of her well-formed ass. Yes, there was no doubt she was an attractive woman, meant for the marriage bed.

But she was married, married to God, to the holy Catholic Church! That thought now suddenly seemed depressing. This union, she believed, was the only kind of union that would satisfy her. And yet, pausing in front of the mirror after her shower, she wondered. Why had she become so aroused lately? Why had all her prayers, all her novenae failed?

This is ridiculous, the young nun said to herself, drying off her face. She had to get back to bed. It must be nearly four in the morning. Shortly her alarm would go off and she’d have to dress. There were matins to get through, some school lesson plans, then the trek to the small office near the church where she and the others were meeting with neighborhood groups to discuss problems of street crime.

But di at same hot itchy ache was beginning all over again! Even now as she stood in front of the mirror, beads of sweat stood like small pearls on her tits, running together in tiny rivers down her cleavage. Her cuntwalls tensed again and a resounding pulsation began deep in her pussy.

“No, no, not again,” Sister Mary Theresa whispered, clutching the cold cracked rim of the sink and closing her eyes. Was there nothing she could do, nowhere she could run to get away from this horror? A crisis of faith she could easily cope with. A crisis of the calling she could overcome. Rut this sexual feeling was so strong that she felt she had to do something now to satisfy it, something that was directly in opposition tb the teachings of the Church.

“Ohhhhh, yes, yes,” the girl muttered, her head dropping onto her chest. She was rocking her thighs slowly from side to side, feeling the rubbing sensation of her pussy walls touching one another. She giggled hysterically, opening her eyes now and watching more rivers of sweat trickling down and curling into her navel. She was breathing harder, her eyes glazing over while her mouth went slack. Slowly the nun raised one hand and massaged her flat belly, her fingers slowly working lower until she could feel the wiry cunt hairs tickling the flesh just under her nails.


All thoughts about how sinful this was evaporated under her rising sexual heat. She had tried! God only knew how hard she’d tried to rid herself of those awful sensations. But nothing worked. Prayers, cold showers, nothing!

“Yes, yes,” Sister Mary Theresa whispered, her fingers clutching the porcelain desperately. How weak her knees were getting! She was feeling the terrible power of her cunt as it throbbed with growing excitement. Never before had the girl been this powerfully aroused. It was as if all frustration, all the denial of the past twenty years broke free this early morning in the convent bathroom.

Her feet slid across the floor several inches while her clit hardened and tightened. Oh, God, my tits are so swollen! she thought to herself as she spread back her puffy cuntlips. The nun smiled, feeling the soft pussy hairs fringing the outer edges of her cunt. Her cunt mound moved, actually moved like a tiny frightened animal under her light touch. What a strange, wonderful thing her pussy was! Never had she thought much about a woman’s nether parts except in a strictly dark light. That was the root of all sin, of all temptation. It was through a woman’s cunt and resulting sexuality that the path to hell lay.

But no, nothing this good, this wonderful could possibly be the work of Satan. After all, God created the pussy and cock as well as the mind and spirit. Flow could a work of the Lord be sinful?

Sister Mary Theresa shook those thoughts from her head. These were ideas to be thought of in the calm of her room later. Right now she felt her fingertips wet with cunt juice that seeped freely from her slit now. Curling her toes, the young woman gave herself completely to the powerful feeling pulsing through her cunt. Her ass jiggled as the young nun danced in front of the mirror. She pulled her cuntlips farther back, exposing the tiny pulsing clit.

“Ohhhhh!” she whispered body. Through the mist created on the glass by her breath, she saw her tits rise and fall quickly. The nipples were harder now, the aureoles turning a dark red. The sight of her aroused flesh excited the young nun further. And when she touched her clit, Sister Mary Theresa thought she’d faint. Lust churned through her belly and seemed to make every nerve ending in her body stand up and quiver.

Sister Mary Theresa wanted to touch herself all over now. Both hands now, however, were full of soft, hairy, tightly packed cunt muscle. The young nun leaned over the small sink, her tits flattening on the wet mirror. She pressed her small shoulders against the smooth glass then rubbed them up and down so her hard-tipped tits rubbed cm the mirror. At the same time she flailed her clit with her thumbs. Her fingers pressed deeper into her pussy.

What am I doing? she thought in a flash of guilt. Pulling her fingers from her pussy with a sucking sound, the nun tried to move away from the mirror and sink. Could she stop herself now? For a moment she paused, realizing finally nothing could stop her. Even if the sisters from below were to come swarming into the bathroom and discover her, Sister Mary Theresa couldn’t stop. Things had gone too far now.


The young nun let her head roll back. The cords stood out on her neck while she gasped in lungfuls of air. She kept on pinching and plucking her clit while di rusting her tits against the minor. Her ass tightened and separated as she moved her thighs from side to side, sawing her cunt while she twisted her swollen clit between her thumb and forefinger. The tiny gland was filled with blood, being stretched like a small thumb.

“No, no, no!”

Sister Mary Theresa stuck her fingers in deeper, feeling the velvety walls of her pussy rubbing against her knuckles now. She was gasping, sobbing, sawing and twisting her pussy. Bright lights popped in front of her eyes while a strange drumming sound beat in her ears. The world seemed to slip away from her somehow. All she was conscious of was the terrible whirling ball of sexual hunger deep in her pussy.

“Oh, oh, ohhhhh!”

Sister Mary Theresa stood on her toes. The power surging through her body seemed to lift her from the floor and send her crashing into the ceiling. Now she could understand why men pursued women and why women did that terrible, awful thing with men. When she first learned about sex, she had thought it was terrible, dirty and vile. How could two people take off their clothes, climb all over one another and endure that kind of humiliation while one part of a body stuck into another?

But now Sister Mary Theresa would have given anything to feel a man pawing her, thrusting her down onto a bed and shoving his cock into her. She had never seen a man’s cock. Of course there had been pictures, terrible pictures thrust in front of her by her so-called friends in school. Before tearing her eyes away from them, she had seen those pricks, some of them so long the girl thought they belonged on horses rather than on men. Were those the things men stuck into women to make babies? She felt her stomach turn over. No, no man was going to do that to her! And yet now…

“Oh, ohh!”

What was that sensation some of the boys and girls mentioned? Come! That was it, the slang for orgasm. How dirty it had sounded. And yet now how it made her smile faintly. Come! Her hands moved up now to her tits, the fingers tickling her stiff nipples. She pinched them, rolling them like tiny peas between her fingers. How it made her pussy clench and actually grow hotter and heavier! The pulses in her cunt became harder. She rocked her hips faster and faster, loving the subtle friction of her inner cunt surfaces rubbing against her hard-tipped clit.

Was this masturbating, something expressly forbidden in the Church? How could she possibly confess something that dirty to the good Father? No, no, this was different. She wasn’t finger-fucking herself or anything like that.

Sister Mary Theresa’s head drooped. Her eyes went out of focus. She had dropped both hands back down and was now holding onto the sink for dear life. Her feet were wide apart on the cold tile floor. But the friction wasn’t good that way. She brought her legs together and let out a telltale moan of delight.

It was good, too good. It was wrong to have it so good! At times she felt she should stop, crying now with tears streaming down her checks as waves of guilt assailed her.

But still she kept on, dipping and wiggling her ass, the weight of her plump asscheeks adding to the sensations tearing at her cunt. She moved so quickly, more sweat broke out on her forehead. A streak of drool oozed from one corner of her mouth. Come! The word pounded in her head. The soft, squishing sounds of her cuntflesh rubbing against itself seemed to fill the large bathroom.

“Come,” the woman moaned softly as thrilling spasms shot through her cunt. The young nun felt she was teetering on the bunk of awful sexual madness. Then suddenly a wild explosion tore through her pussy, making the woman sink to the bathroom floor. Her fingers reached in, plowing deeper into the mushy heat of her cunt.

Please, God, it’s good, too good! she thought to herself as the fire stormed through her pussy and up to her tits.

When she opened her eyes, the nun found herself on the floor, her head resting against the side of the bathtub. Her robe hung limply on the hook. Prayer, hours of prayer would be the only thing to wash away the terrible sin she carried.

With a guilty moan Sister Mary Theresa rose unsteadily to her feet, slipping the coarse garment over her shoulders. She walked slowly back to her room, feeling the weight of her particular cross on her shoulders. No more, no more, she repeated as she sank to her knees in front of her bed, bowed her head and hid her fade in her trembling hands.


“Sister, we need more stamps for the campaign mail.”

Sister Mary Theresa looked up from a stack of papers lying neatly in front of her. It had been a long day. Mother Superior was somewhat upset because of the long hours the four nuns had been putting in at this campaign office. But Church policy hadn’t expressly forbidden political activity as long as it wasn’t disruptive to either the community or the faith. This office was perfect, Sister Mary Theresa had thought. Although sponsored by a senator running for re-election shortly, the drive here was for a cleaning up of air pollution there in Los Angeles.

“I don’t know if we have enough in the budget,” she said, looking sadly at a slightly young nun sitting behind a typewriter. They had done so well up to this point, running a successful campaign with the minimum of staff and equipment. But Sister Mary Theresa knew they couldn’t keep on this way without more money. And support didn’t come often enough in the form of money.

“What a shame, Sister Mary Theresa!” the younger nun said, pushing away from the typewriter and sighing. “We’ve come such a long way, and to think we’re being stopped by lack of stamps.”

“Sister Georgiana and Sister Clarissa are out now trying to raise funds at UCLA. Sister Georgiana goes there for class, and she thought… well, maybe she was too hopeful,” Sister Mary Theresa said, correcting herself, feeling depression weigh her down. The campaign had been going so well, well enough to take her mind off that terrible evening when she’d done that awful thing to her body. Still she hadn’t been able to bring herself to confess her guilt. She was living in sin, multiplying her sin by taking communion with the other sisters while she had this blot on her soul.

“I hope something comes in. We have to get the public more interested in this. It’s becoming hard to breathe here.”

Sister Mary Dominic was right. Their convent was just off Adams Boulevard, near the center of downtown Los Angeles. Too often the young nuns peered from their windows and saw the sky gradually turn a brownish yellow as the morning slipped by. A sagging economy and demand for cheaper fuel had turned the government’s head away from supervising pollutant offenders.

“We can pray, Sister,” she said, going back to addressing the envelopes. The two women busied themselves for the next hour, not hearing the door to the office open slowly.

Sitting behind her desk, Sister Mary Theresa had been thinking once again about that night when she stuck her fingers into her swampy pussy and toyed with herself. Oh, how could she be thinking of something that foul, that filthy right here in the campaign office? Guilty inhibition should be guiding her now. But once again her sexuality was getting the better of her.

The woman’s thoughts were rudely interrupted by the slamming of the front door. Sister Mary Theresa jerked her head up. Men, four of them, wearing green military style clothing, strode into the office. Two stood by the door holding something. Only after several seconds ticked by did the young nun realize those objects were semiautomatic rifles!

“Oh, God, Sister Mary Theresa!” the young nun screamed, holding her fingers to her mouth as two of the men strode across the tiny office toward her.

“Fuckin’ nuns. Told you,” the tall dark-haired commando muttered, sweeping the top of her desk clean with his free hand. A service revolver was gripped tightly in the other hand.

“What are you doing here?” Sister Mary Theresa finally managed to get out. She felt terror shoot through her veins as the ruggedly handsome ringleader moved around her desk.

“Tell your friend not to open her mouth and she ain’t gonna get hurt,” the first man said.

Sister Mary Theresa motioned to the terrified nun to keep quiet while she tried to collect her thoughts. They looked like marines standing there. Two remained at the door, holding their rifles tightly to their bodies after locking the door and puffing the blinds shut both over the windows and front door. Were they thieves, radicals? If she hadn’t known better, the nun would have thought they’d come straight from a war movie.

“I think we’re okay for now. Told you it’d be a cinch,” the first commando said, relaxing a little. He shovcd his revolver in his field trousers and smiled down at Sister Mary Theresa. The frightened nun felt a strange flash of something other than fear take hold of her body. His black eyes flickered with excitement and fury. The man’s animalistic power both terrified and attracted the confused woman. No, no, I must remain in control, she told herself, holding onto the front edge of the desk for support. She had to have something tangible pressing against her. This situation was dreamlike in its ferocious intensity. The woman needed to take hold of something to remind herself of reality.

“Who are you?” she stammered out.

“My name’s Tolbo… Jack Tolbo. But name’s ain’t important now,” he said, sneering at her.

“We gonna wait ’til it gets dark?” one of the men at the door said.

Dark? Sister Mary Theresa thought of the two other nuns. Soon they’d be coming through that door, victims of these men. She started to explain about the other two when Jack slapped her across the face.

The suddenness of the blow paralyzed the young nun. She fell to one side, her hands grappling desperately for support. Sister Mary Dominic screamed, then pressed her fingers tightly to her mouth as the other nun slipped to the floor.

“I ain’t no Catholic, honey, so don’t think you’re gonna hide behind some fancy hocus pocus. Rick, anybody doin’ anything out there?”

One of the men at the window shook his head from side to side, his eyes still peering through the slats of the closed blinds.

“Who are you?” Sister Mary Theresa repeated, holding her head with one hand. It throbbed from the force of the blow. She could still feel his fingers against her check as she climbed back onto the chair and steadied herself.

“Told you, name’s Jack. The group?” he continued, smiling cruelly down at the terrified nun. Jack’s eyes narrowed as he inhaled sharply, his chest puffing out. “The Democratic Liberation Front.”

Sister Mary Theresa racked her mind, trying to think where she’d heard that name before. Of all the off-beat terrorist groups crawling over this planet that one didn’t strike a familiar note.

Her thoughts were interrupted by sharp laughter. It was the second gunman at the window, his face temporarily wrinkled up in laughter.

“Okay,” Jack said, jerking his head toward the window. The gunman stopped laughing and went back to surveillance.

“Hey, two more of ’em coming down the street,” Rick said.

“Christ, like roaches,” Jack muttered. “Unlock the door.”

“There’s just four of us here, I swear,” Sister Mary Theresa said in a quavering voice.

“Okay, back against the door,” Jack whispered.

The men moved out of sight while the two nuns sat paralyzed with fear. In a moment it was all over. The door opened, two nuns stepped inside, stopping as they saw Sister Mary Theresa raise her hand in warning. A brief scuffle followed, marked by screams and slaps. Soon the two entering nuns were helpless. Jack told the terrified holy women to move out the rear entrance.

“We’re goin’ to your place. We been scoutin’ it out all week. It’s gonna be one hell of a hideout,” Jack said as Rick moved cautiously into the alley and checked for police. He unlocked the rear door of the blue Chevy van when he felt it was safe.


Sister Mary Theresa was first to climb in, screaming when she saw a large black and white German shepherd standing by the driver’s seat.

“He ain’t gonna hurtcha… if you don’t yell,” Rick said with a grin.

On the way to the convent, the nuns learned these men tried to assassinate a Spanish official in downtown Los Angeles. They had failed, but were planning to try again in a few days. For the moment they had to find a safe place near the Spanish consulate. The nuns’ convent presented an ideal place of refuge from the police. The political office had been on the escape route from the hit spot.

“How many inside?” Jack asked as the van rolled up behind the massive three-story Gothic building. The church was just across the street. How good and comforting it looked now!

“Eight. It’s a small order,” Sister Mary Theresa confessed.

“Okay,” he said tensely, glancing at his watch. Rick moved the van cautiously along the alleyway, stopping at the rear door of the convent.

“You stash the van where we agreed. Me, Rico and Joe’ll take the place. Don’t think we’ll have any problems. And when we get inside, you can tell your fuckin’ Mother Superior, or whatever the hell she is, I don’t give a fuck about shootin’ nuns, understand?”

Sister Mary Theresa nodded her head up and down rapidly. The operation was fast. The four nuns were shoved roughly from the van and nearly thrown into the back of the convent. Three nuns were in the kitchen cooking when the assault began. There were screams that ended quickly when Jack and Rico painted the automatic rifles at their heads. In minutes the men, had subdued the women, breaking them up into groups of three and herding them into separate rooms.

“I want this one for a while,” Jack said, wiping his thick sensuous lips with the back of his right hand.

Sister Mary Theresa leaned against Mother Superior, holding the older woman’s trembling hand with hers.

“Give me strength, Mother. Pray for me,” the young nun whispered. She was shivering as Jack stared hotly at her. The other men were grinning from ear to car, their rifles dangling from their armpits. Jack smirked at the young nun, touching one leg with the tip of his weapon and laughing as she jumped and shuddered. The cold metal made the woman’s flesh crawl.

“Take solace in our Lord, Sister,” Mother Superior whispered back, kissing the woman gently on the forehead.

“Upstairs,” Rico growled, shoving the older woman roughly between the shoulders.

She stumbled, nearly falling to the floor. Sister Mary Dominic screamed with the other nuns as they watched this unspeakable act of disrespect.

“No, don’t, don’t do this to me,” Sister Mary Theresa begged as Jack took her by one arm and led her down the long corridor.

“Any of these yours?” he asked as they marched swiftly past several opened doors.

“No, upstairs. Please, don’t,” she repeated confusedly.

“Ain’t never fucked a nun before,” Jack said, stopping in front of one door, peering in, then shoving the young woman inside. “There’s a first time for everything,” he said, kicking the door shut.

Sister Mary Theresa stood in the middle of the bare room. It was furnished as simply as hers. An iron post single bed was pushed against one whitewashed wall. A dresser stood opposite it. A small throw rug lay in the middle of the tiny cubicle while a crucifix hung just above the dresser.

Jack slipped the rifle’s shoulder strap off his arm and lay the weapon down against the dresser. Pulling his green shirt out from his trousers, he unbuttoned the sleeves, staring strangely at the trembling young nun.

“What… oh, God, don’t, I’m a nun! You can’t do this to me,” she said, shaking her head back and forth. He was going to… to have… relations with her. What did the boys call it? Fucking! Yes, he was going to fuck her!

The young nun backed away from Jack until she felt the edge of the bed pressing against the backs of her legs. Oh, if only there was school today! But it was a spring holiday. No one would be coming into the convent for another four days!

“You a virgin?” he asked, laughing derisively before Sister Mary Theresa could register her indignation at that kind of question.

He unbuckled the long black leather belt, then unfastened the top button of his trousers. Sister Mary Theresa’s eyes raced down between his legs and saw the bulge in his crotch. It was just as in her dreams. The young terrified nun was feeling excitement, curiosity, all the things that would send her straight to hell if she gave into them. She had to resist for her soul and her body.

“No, I won’t,” she whispered, clenching her teeth, and turning away from the young man.

“You’re hot, baby. I can tell. You ain’t got no business being a nun. Not like them other women of ice out there,” Jack whispered.

His words were like fire to her brain. She felt dizzy, confused. Before she had a chance to respond, Jack was all over her, his body pressing hard against hers. Sister Mary Theresa cried out, twisting as best she could in his grip. At times she managed to free one arm and tried to scratch her nails against his face. Jack only laughed, knocking her hand roughly away and slap ping her.

“I like a cunt who fights,” he commented crudely.

“No, stop, stop!”

There were tearing sounds. The nuns of Sister Mary Theresa’s order no longer wore the full-dress wimple and habit of medieval time. But still the garments were in full keeping with conservative modesty. Now the woman felt her clothes being torn from her body. First the small veil fell from her hair, followed by the long black dress. Jack was breathing hard, rubbing his groin against her crotch while stripping the screaming nun of her clothes.

“Always wondered if nuns wore black panties,” he said, finally tearing the last of her garment from her hips.

Sister Mary Theresa shoved herself back, temporarily breaking away from the commando mercenary. His shirt was completely opened now, revealing a hairy, broad chest banded with well-developed muscles. She crossed her arms, trying to cover her tits and pussy. She felt so naked even though her bra and panties were stills intact.

“You’re gonna be one hell of a tight fuck, baby,” he said, his voice quavering with excitement.

The woman’s eyes widened as she watched him take one end of his belt and pull it from the trouser loops. Jack held the buckled end like a whip, doubling the belt and tapping the looped end rhythmically against one thigh.

“Please, oh, no, please,” she said in a tight little whisper.

But Jack only smiled, his eyes wide with excitement. The veins leading to his knuckles stood out while his chest glistened with sweat.

“I got an idea you like a little rough stuff. All you fuckin’ Catholics got somethin’ about penance and all that shit. Some buddies of mine told me all about it. Even caught a couple of nuns actin’ freaky with whips.”

With that he shoved her back, sending the young nun toppling backward onto the small bed. Sister Mary Theresa let out a pant, catching herself with both arms pulled back. She tried to scramble back up. But Jack moved to the edge of the bed and held the belt up menacingly. With a whimper the young woman scooted back, covering her face protectively with one hand while clutching the wrinkled top sheet with the other.

“Little whore, little hypocrite,” be muttered.

“No, no, no!” she whimpered. Tears oozed from her eyes. “Don’t do this!”

Jack hesitated with the belt, his eyes moving slowly over the woman’s body. He stared at her tits pressing hard against the black bra, at the few dark curls peeping around the elastic leg bands of her modest black panties. He was enjoying watching this woman tremble under him.

Sister Mary Theresa cried out one more time. Then Jack swung the belt, the thick leather sizzling through the air. It seemed to hiss as it slashed across one thigh with a loud crash.

The young nun screamed, her body jerking to one side while the injured leg kicked out at the commando. It hurt so badly! It was as if someone had touched her thigh with dry ice, then followed up with a red-hot poker! She rubbed the sore spot with one hand, looking up pleadingly at the young man.

“Over on your ass,” he said with a growl.

Sister Mary Theresa had no choice. At least she’d be able to protect her tits and pussy from the belt.

Jack studied her firm, well-rounded ass, then reached down, curling his fingers around the elastic waistband of her panties. Sister Mary Theresa groaned into the pillow, pressing her fingers into the soft down as she felt him pulling down her panties. Her face reddened with shame. He was stripping her, tearing the last remnant of modesty and pride from her body, and all under the calm gaze of Christ on the cross!

“Oh, God, please help your handmaiden,” Sister Mary Theresa prayed with a whisper.

With a tearing sound the panties came free. No God, the sobbing nun realized, would come to her aid now.


Sister Mary Theresa squirmed and whimpered as the belt criss-crossed along her ass. Small whip stripes were left on her white flesh as her asscheeks jiggled under the constant attack. Jack was sweating, droplets of his perspiration dropping onto her body. Sister Mary Theresa had stopped screaming. Her belly churned with terror and a strange kind of excitement as the leather bit into her flesh again and again. Once or twice she felt the pointed end of the belt curling around her inner thighs, coming dangerously close to her pussy. What a strange reaction she had then! Instead of the usual pain and fear, an odd kind of heat surged through her pussy, making it clamp shut on thin air. It was almost like the feeling she’d had that night tossing and writhing on her bed.

“Nice bitch, good bitch,” Jack panted, stopping his beating for a while and wiping his forehead with his upper arm.

Wouldn’t he ever grow tired? Already the young nun was feeling her butt growing numb under the constant cruel attack. But the searing pain was doing strange things to her pussy. Her body rolled and jerked under the slicing belt and Sister Mary Theresa’s pussy grew hotter and tighter. No longer did the belt have to touch her inner thighs to prove that delicious sensation between her legs. Now with each blow her cunt vibrated strangely, those tremors spreading rapidly to her stiffening clit. The tiny spindle ached and throbbed and itched. The young nun clutched at the pillow desperately to keep from jerking her hands down to her pussy to relieve the terrible pressure building there. Oh, how awful! How terrible to be feeling this wonderful sensation while being used so foully!

Sister Mary Theresa chewed the pillow now, hiding her lust-contorted face in the lumpy material. Her asscheeks stayed tense, instinctively opening and closing rhythmically, matching the blows from the belt. Then as Jack slowed the assault she raised her ass, almost as if she were silently begging him for more.

“You dig it, eh, babe? Man, my Catholic buddies were right,” Jack said, smiling down at the beaten young nun.

Sister Mary Theresa turned a tear-streaked face toward him. How she hated this man, hated him for what he was doing to her and her fellow sisters, hating him for what he was revealing inside her.

The bed sagged as Jack sat next to her. The smell of his sweat came through the heavy trousers. The stink almost made her gag. And yet there was something excitingly masculine about him. The young nun turned away from him, shoving her face deeper into the pillow.

“Baby, I’m gonna have you dancin’ with my cock in your cunt before we get outta this room,” he said evenly, trailing his fingers down the small of her back. He stopped at her bra strap, slipping his fingers under the elastic and quickly unbuttoning it.

Sister Mary Theresa let out a little groan as she felt the halter being slipped from her shoulders, moved from her tits, then dropped to the floor. She was completely naked now, defenseless against this madman!

The nun felt him get up, heard his fingers working at the rest of the buttons of his trousers. She could hear his pants slipping down, hear his shirt hitting the floor along with the belt buckle. And as she pictured how he must look standing there by the bedside stark naked, she felt her pussy start to twitch while pussy oil seeped from her fuckhole. Her clit tingled as if a thousand hot needles were pricking that tiny gland. The nun trembled while her pussy quivered with excitement. An odd kind of pressure was building in her cunt and belly, swelling up through her ass to her nipples. She opened and closed her thighs, moving from side to side in a shameless dance of lust.

Jack was laughing at her now, enjoying the young woman’s confusion and excitement. Sister Mary Theresa bit her lower lip, realizing she was giving herself up to a man, deriding her own faith.

The commando stepped out of his briefs, dropping them on the floor next to his trousers.

“Look at me, you stupid cunt. Man, take a look at a man’s cock.”

The young nun slowly complied, rolling over and stopping dead when she saw the fat thing sticking straight out from his groin.


That big thing was frightening. It was huge, far larger than anything she’d seen in those awful picture books showing men with erections! The sac below the monstrous cylinder of throbbing veins and twitching muscle was swollen like a sack of walnuts. At the fat root of his prick a thick bush of black wiry hairs curled, some of them dripping with droplets of perspiration. A strange odor came out from his groin. When the nun picked the scent up, she felt her pussy trigger into a higher stage of sexual heat.

“It’s gonna split you apart, baby, and you’re gonna dig it,” he said in a thick voice.

It was frightening. His cock was so big. She felt she’d never be able to take it. How could any woman take something that large without tearing her pussy! Sister Mary Theresa moved back, feeling her ass pressing hard against the cold cracked plaster wall.

Jack reached down and scratched his balls lazily. His big pink cock bobbed from side to side. Droplets of opaque cum oozed from the broad piss-slit. He stood there next to the bed, purposely shoving his cock forward and nearly touching the terrified nun several times on the forehead with the drooling tip.

“Forgive them, Father, for they do not know what they do,” Sister Mary Theresa prayed, rolling her eyes up to the ceiling.

“Me? Forgive me?” Jack said, laughing loudly. “Baby, the way you’re juicin’, you’d better ask for some of that forgiveness yourself,” he said mockingly, pointing at the wet, slick hairs fringing around the outer edges of her puffy cuntlips.

Sister Mary Theresa felt shame knife through her like a hot poker.

“God ain’t gonna help you. Go ahead and pray if you wanna, though,” he said, jerking her legs apart. “Pray while I fuck you ’til you bleed.”

As the nun screamed, he reached down and touched her cunt. The woman jerked back, that touch making her pussy quiver and actually move! Did he notice? Did he see her hot reaction to that light touch?

Jack muttered something, then crawled onto the bed. He reached up and shoved her roughly back down onto the bed. Was this it? Was he going to fuck her now? Oh, Lord, let it be fast! Maybe he’d be through so quickly she wouldn’t even know what happened.

But Jack had other plans. He moved down between her legs, holding her thighs down with both hands while wedging his cheeks between them.

“Ohhhhhhhhh, no, don’t do that to me!” she begged.

But how could she resist that feeling? It was as if someone had opened a trap door. Suddenly she was spinning down into a secret, strange world. And the smooth, silky rubbing of Jack’s lips as they forced her cuntlips apart was a furious new sensation for the nun. She had vague guilty feelings about what was happening. Not only was what she was doing condemned by the Church, but what she was doing would also bring dishonor down on the religious order she represented. How could she do something so terrible to an order that had helped her?


The young nun wallowed her shoulders against the mattress, rubbing her thighs against her unshaven cheeks of the commando. Hot flashes raked her clit as he burrowed deep between her cuntlips. She felt the flooding juices of her pussy seeping from the deepest parts of her slit. The tickling of his kisses made her actually hunch back into his face. How odd it was with his face against her cunt, his tongue rimming the sensitive flesh separating her inner and outer cuntlips!

“Ahhhhhh!” Sister Mary Theresa cried, her eyes rolling up into her head. She stiffened in embarrassed fright when she felt him rimming up toward her clit. But then any thoughts of guilt and shame disappeared when he touched her clit with his tongue.

“Oh, yeah, baby, hot and wet, that’s what you are.”

The vibrations of his voice sent sympathetic ripples through her pussy.

“What… no, don’t!” the nun protested.

Jack was rolling her from side to side, slipping his hands under her ass and heaving her up slightly so he could lick more of her. He was growling, growling like an animal while he lathered her pussy with his eager tongue. He loved exploring her, discovering the curves and plumpness of her virgin cunt. She felt his strong fingers cutting into the muscles just above each of her knees. He was spreading her inch by inch. She felt as if she were being split in two. And yet he hadn’t even begun to fuck her.


Already the tension added to the steady friction of his mouth against her slick cunt. Without thinking, Sister Mary Theresa began moving her hips. She was fucking back at him, actually fucking back at him! Where had she learned to do that. Nowhere! Nowhere in her life had she performed so vilely, so naturally! It was instinctive, as instinctive as eating or breathing! The young woman dug at the top sheet with her curling fingers, tossing her head from side to side. She felt her hair tangle around her neck and ears. And then Jack was pushing his face up, kissing her hot, swelling belly. The bruises on her ass from the belting didn’t hurt her any more. All she could think about was that hot pulsing itch between her legs. It was driving her crazy! And the more Jack teased her, licked her, toyed with her pussy, the more it throbbed!

“Stop, please, stop!”

But Sister Mary Theresa didn’t want him to end his cunt-lapping. Her arms felt so weak. She couldn’t shove him away even if she wanted to. And God only knew she didn’t want to.

“Baby, you’re better than most broads I fucked,” Jack said, catching her face in his hands and kissing her hotly. She felt floods of hot juice wetting her pussy hairs as his tongue knifed into her mouth.

Jack ran one hand gingerly along the slit. The young nun had closed her legs again. But his touch brought out a low moan from her throat. She spread her legs apart, rubbing the backs against the cotton top sheet while wiggling her ass around. The springs beneath groaned from the double weight pressing down. She was actually holding tightly onto him, whimpering like a drowning kitten, begging him with lusty little grunts to do things to her.

“Wanna get eaten out again?”

Sister Mary Theresa couldn’t answer that question. But her gaspy, shallow breath told the commando her answer. He grinned down at her, then stuck his head between her shivering white legs again.

The nun was on a wild high. Her cunt was peeled open by the strain of her spread thighs. Jack was gently touching her firm little ass with his hands. The tickling touch brought shudders of pleasure from her throat. The woman’s pussy was over his mouth now. Jack moved up farther, starting his lapping all over again. “Ohhhhh, God!”

She heard her soppy cuntlips being licked over and over. His teeth were cutting along the edges of her small pussy lips. She threw back her head and groaned. The young nun couldn’t believe this was happening here in the convent! Not in her wildest dreams would she have thought this possible.

“Stop it. Oh, God, please stop it!”

Sister Mary Theresa rolled her eyes up to the ceiling, moving her lips in silent prayer. Oh, how she wanted him to go on, to keep on eating her out, to have his fingers digging into her firm flesh. The young nun had closed her legs a third time. But Jack’s rough touch brought out a groan from her throat. She slid them apart to let him find her clit again. He rolled one thumb back and forth, crushing her clit under his fingernail. Her breathing was out of control, sounding gaspy, shallow and hot.

“Baby, you don’t wanna stop, do you? You wanna get more, more tongue, more cock, more everything, right?” he asked, pulling his tongue out.

“Oh, yes, yes, yesssss,” she hissed back, covering her ears. She was terrified of her own voice. It had to be the voice of Satan. He was making her feel this good! It was the devil himself leading her down the path toward hell!

“Uh… uh… uhhhh!”

The gasps broke from her throat. Jack’s fingers sneaked under her, rubbing the hollows of her thighs where they met her body. Sister Mary Theresa felt herself burning there. Then suddenly he shoved two fingers into her convulsing cunt.


The nun jerked as if someone had touched a live wire to her. She was drooling, throwing her head from side to side. He fucked in and out of her with his fingers, sucking her clit between the small gap in his front teeth. Sister Mary Theresa could feel his other hand crawling over her belly, inching up toward her jiggling tits. Soon he was pinching her nipple hard, squeezing the tiny nubbin until she was crying out in pain.

“You dig it, bitch, dig it a lot! You ain’t no fuckin’ nun. You’re just a Goddamned little bitch in heat,” he growled.

The nun looked heavy-lidded at Jack Tolbo. He drew back a moment, wiping the mixture of cunt juice and spit from his mouth and chin. His hair hung rakishly in his eyes. His face, flushed with sexual lust, was a mask of conquest. Yes, he was right. Sister Mary Theresa knew she was no better than the unfortunate women she used to pray for. She had betrayed her vows, her Church, her God, herself!


The young nun could hardly keep still. Jack was working his fingers deep inside her body. He dug against her soft, slick cunt, pushing his knuckles against the grabbing folds. She felt the suction of her pussy trying to nurse his fingers as if they were a cock.

“Man, fuck,” Jack muttered.

The nun seemed to lose all control of her body. She curled her slim form up, holding the sides of Jack’s head now with both hands. She was squeezing her asscheeks, bunching them up, feeding the young commando her pussy. Her feet slid over the wrinkled top sheet as she tensed her thigh muscles and pushed up. Her ass hung inches off the sagging mattress as Jack gobbled up her flowing cunt juices. When she started crying out, Jack backed off, wiping his mouth and chin again with the back of one hand.

“Gonna shove my cock in your pussy, honey. Yeah, gonna shove it in tight,” he said, his face darkening as he crawled on top of her and held her down tightly by the shoulders.

“Ohhhhhh.” Sister Mary Theresa cried. She felt him pushing forward with his hairy ass. His thick cockhead worked slowly inside, and the young woman shivered when she felt her cuntlips closing over his cock. His long shaft was outside, still waiting to be shoved into her twisting pussy.

Jack bit her neck, burying his face in her hair as he dug his knees into the mattress, rolled her back and twisted his body around so she could feel his prick working. The fat head reamed out the tight pink passage, sinking deeper into her wet cunt slit. With squishing sounds, his cock disappeared into her hot fuckhole.

“Man, good fuck, a fuckin’ good screwin’,” Jack muttered.

“Fucking,” the young nun whispered back, not caring any more about what she said.

Sister Mary Theresa felt the pressure in her cunt become more intense as Jack shoved in deeper. Oh, how she wanted all of it inside her! She wanted the young commando rolling down on top of her, squeezing her, shoving her down into the soft mattress while pushing his cock up inside her cunt.

Then suddenly both of them felt his cockhead run into something firm. Sister Mary Theresa stiffened, her eyes fluttering open. Her face became a mask of concentration. Pushing her arms down she pressed her fingers and palms against his chest and shoved up. No, she didn’t want him tearing away her cherry! Fear and guilt washed over her again. The bed rocked as the nun struggled under him.

“Fuck, so you got a cherry!” Jack said, raising his eyebrows in surprise. “Gotta bust it.”


Sister Mary Theresa clawed at him, twisting and writhing under the big man. Twice she managed to bend her knees and kick hard against his thick-muscled thighs. But it was futile. The harder she struggled, the harder he shoved down.



The nun screamed, the cords sticking out from her neck while she tilted her head all the way back and shoved it into the pillow. The pain was killing her. She thought he’d knifed her in the crotch. Then came the sensation of hot flesh rushing through her pussy. Oh, God, he’d ripped away her cherry!


The nun had tried to twist away from his grasp. Her hysterical sobs had subsided. Now she lay quietly in his arms, gasping for breath, feeling the throbbing hurt between her thighs slowly ebb.

Jack lay down on her tits, his breath coming in pants. Sweat trickled off his forehead and chest as he smoothed his fingers along her sides.

“Good, baby, good. Fuck, guess all you nuns are cherry, right? Or you’re supposed to be,” he said with a laugh.

“You animal!” she whispered with hatred.

Jack pulled his head up and stared with disbelief at the young woman. Sister Mary Theresa couldn’t meet his eyes. She turned her face away from the young commando, feeling as if she could die from shame. She knew what he was thinking.

“Baby, you been beggin’ for this. Bet when you was prayin’, you hoped God’d send you a nice, fat long cock. Well, you got it now,” he said, twisting his hips from side to side.

Sister Mary Theresa gasped, her eyes widening as she felt that fat cockhead scraping along the slick sides of her pussy. The young woman shivered, moving her shoulders back and forth over the sheets while Jack slowly pulled his long prick from her cunthole.

“Uhhhhh!” she cried, arching her back and closing her eyes. How good it felt to have her pussy walls shrinking back to normal, closing behind the retreating cockhead. It was as if Jack were pulling out all her insides when he withdrew slowly.

“Good fucking?”

“Ohhhhh,” Sister Mary Theresa answered, her face red with lust and shame.

“Feel it, baby, feel it,” he repeated again, holding his cockhead suspended between her cuntlips. Jack rocked back and forth, reaming out her pussy. Sister Mary Theresa thought she’d go crazy with that wild sensation. Her pulsing muscles milked at the fat spongy cock, cramping, grabbing at it, trying to pull the full length back in.

Jack shuddered, then flexed his thigh muscles and shoved down hard and fast.

The young nun felt the rushing of his cock nit tore through her tight cunt. Before she knew it, he was hammering at her cilt. This time the commando didn’t stop. He kept going, slamming down harder and faster. His weight shook her as he hunched his way into her body over and over. She was grunting like a stuck pig, stretched wide open by the working of his strokes. His cock seemed to swell wider and wider, stretching her open until she felt as if she were going to split apart.

“Gonna cut loose, baby, gonna make it,” Jack groaned.

“Ohhhh, yeas, yeas!” she hissed between her teeth.

“Man, makin’ it with a fuckin’ nun. Wonder if all the girls are like you,” Jack said, his words cut off in a strangled cry as he neared orgasm.

Sister Mary Theresa moaned as a flash of sexual fire raced through her body. She felt her legs swing up and scissor around the man’s back. Her arms slid around his neck, trying to pull him harder again her. Her ass was grinding up to meet him as the bed bounced and scraped across the wood floor.

“Gettin’ it, baby? Gettin’ ready for your first big come?” Jack said, going crazy with the idea he was fucking a nun. “Shoot off, baby, shoot!” he cried as he worked his hips.

Sister Mary Theresa could feel what he meant. Somewhere inside her body an explosion was building up. She was grunting with each hammering downward thrust slamming into her body. Her tits flopped around while her flesh glistened with more sweat. Her hair clung damply to her cheeks and forehead while her legs slid up and down his hunching lower back. The bed squeaked and groaned with the regular fucking thrusts.

“Oh no, nooooo!”

Her body tightened up into pre-orgasmic tenseness. Her cunt muscles were already clenching around, his pistoning cock. Sister Mary Theresa was getting ready for her first big come.

“Come!” Jack cried out, his face looking as if someone had stabbed him in the back. His face was red and pinched, his eyes shut tightly while his mouth was more like a large scar.

“God!” she shouted back. Sister Mary Theresa felt the commando’s cock throbbing inside her. Her pussywalls tightened around it. As his trembling prick started to shake more violently, she felt her cunt vibrating back. She felt hot spurts of something creamy scald her cuntwalls. It burned into her, making her lose what little control she had. The world seemed to explode around her, crashing down into her pussy while brilliant white and yellow lights popped in front of her eyes. She was coming, coming far more ferociously than she had that fateful night in the bathroom.

“Come!” the young woman screamed, her cuntwalls spasming as her pussy clutched the young man’s hammering cock. The squirming, shooting hunk of meat deep inside her was filling up her pussy with hot jizz. Already some of the sticky milky substance had oozed from her slit, trickling down her ass crack toward her shitter.

“Fuck, make it, bitch!” Jack shouted, burying his face in the nape of her neck.

The young nun couldn’t talk. She wanted to scream out all sorts of obscenities. Her orgasm was so powerful, it was nearly painful. She raked his back with her fingernails, beating his hips with her heels. How good this was! It was far better than those mystical experiences she’d read about, the saints’ descriptions of ecstasy when they saw God. There was the same loss of reality, the same sensation of floating on air, the same losing of sanity. But how much more exciting coming was?

Jack left her alone in that room for several minutes after sliding off her body, wiping up and dressing. He called her all sorts of names, even threatening to spit on her at times.

Still the young nun lay quietly, her head turned away from the dressing commando. She didn’t care what he called her. Nothing could equal what she was calling herself. Now that the throbbing delight had passed from her cunt, Sister Mary Theresa was at sea with her guilt. She had had a man, had encouraged a man to foul her. Now she lay naked, spread out in front of the cross, a shameless harlot before God! If there were a hole in the wall, she could have crawled into it. Surely there could be few creatures on this planet more miserable, the young nun thought. Covering her eyes with the back of one hand, Sister Mary Theresa sobbed quietly, the tears rolling freely down her cheeks.

An hour, maybe two passed before anyone entered the room again.

“We’ve got the others around,” Jack said. Rico was behind him, rubbing the barrel of his gun against his unshaven cheeks. “Ain’t nobody leavin’ here ’til it’s safe for us.”

Sister Mary Theresa felt shamed before these men. Stretching one arm to the side she picked up her discarded garment and covered her tits and cunt modestly. She was shivering, her teeth chattering both from fear and cold. What were they waiting for? Park? Mother chance at murder? Surely they planned their place of refuge carefully. No police would come and swarm over the convent looking for political assassins. They wouldn’t unless they received a phone call. An idea struck the young nun. Perhaps the commandos hadn’t cut the lines. Possibly they had friends throughout the city and needed communication to them. She hadn’t heard the phone ring. But the nuns received few calls when the school was doped for holiday. If only she could get to a phone!

“Get dressed. I’ve had my fun with you. You can wait with the others,” Jack said, shoving the point of his rifle under her dress and flipping it over into her face.

Rico laughed, scratching his groin. He wanted the young woman sitting half-naked in front of him. But Jack wielded supreme authority in a group where obedience was paramount.

The men remained in the room, watching the embarrassed nun slide from the bed and step back into the torn garments. She held the veil languidly in one hand, afraid the sky would open if she were to place it back on her head. She wasn’t worthy to wear this. Years of penance would have to be performed before she could once more look with awe at the altar.

They marched down the long corridor, Sister Mary Theresa’s eyes dropped modestly to the floor. Even now she was conscious of Jack’s body. She could still feel his arms wrapped tightly around her, his knees digging hard against her ass as he wormed his cock into her cunt. Try as hard as she could, the nun couldn’t drive those thoughts from her mind. The sensations stayed with her, the sensations of fucking, of having her cunt licked and sucked!

Once they passed a small room where Sister Mary Theresa caught sight of Mother Superior and several other nuns, Sister Mary Dominic wasn’t among them. She saw the older nun look inquiringly at bet, starting to stand up. There were orders barked, and the religious leader sighed and returned to her seat, her lips moving silently in prayer.

“Wait here,” Jack said, ducking into one room where another group of nuns sat. Rico stood behind her, his breath growing shallow and uneven. She could sense his mounting excitement. He wanted to fuck her, to feel her body twisting under his. The thought made her mind spin around confusedly. What was happening to her? She was a bride of Christ, and here she was acting like some street whore!

“Hey, stop it!”

At was Joe shouting in the room where Mother Superior sat. Rico stiffened, wheeled around and ran back down the corridor to where the shouts came from. For a few seconds Sister Mary Theresa remained unguarded. Mother Superior’s office was only three doors down. Mustering what courage she could find, the nun dashed down the hall, reaching the door and twisting open the handle.

“God,” she whispered tensely, darting into the darkened office. She stumbled over a large wing chair, her hands outstretched as she ran for the desk. If only she could get the operator in time, give her the name and address of the convent and beg for help!

Sister Mary Theresa pulled the receiver off the phone, sending the instrument sliding across the polished desk top and onto the floor. It jangled angrily, landing on its side.

“Hello, hello?” she whispered, her heart pounding so hard she thought it would tear through her ribcage. Her eyes darted toward the opened door. Jack had returned and found her missing. She could hear his angry shouts for Rico as he ran down the hall.

“Oh, God, isn’t someone there?” she almost shouted. There was a whirring, buzzing sound on the line. Perhaps she’d broken the phone in her haste to call for help. A large bulk in the doorway told her the game was up. The young nun stood there, the phone pressed to her ear as Jack marched into the room.

“Thought you’d pull something funny, eh?” he snarled, tearing the receiver from her hand and smashing it against the side of the desk. Pieces of plastic showered over her body as brightly colored wires tumbled from the instrument. “Don’t think you’ll be usin’ this any more.”

Sister Mary Theresa felt her heart sinking. She wanted to faint dead away. What would Jack and his friends do to her now?

“The slut needs a lesson,” he said, pulling his revolver out and holding the cold barrel to her head.

Sister Mary Theresa screamed, closing her eyes and clenching her teeth. There’d be a loud sound, then nothing. She was sure there’d be no pain. But where would her soul go? Surely to hell considering what she’d done earlier with this foul man.

“Take her down to the chapel,” he said.

They moved quickly through the building. When they entered the main sanctuary, Jack flipped on the overhead lights. The narrow room was quiet, filled with the heavy perfume of burned wax and incense. Mass hadn’t been celebrated in here for nearly two days and still the pungent odor remained.

Jack ordered her tied to the altar with her back flush against the smooth wood surface. Rico did as he was told, finding rope where the priest’s robes were kept.

Jack moved up to her as his friend was finishing up several figure eights on her ankles. He threw back her habit, exposing her lush body.

What is he going to do to me, fuck me again? the nun wondered to herself. Oh, she’d be surely lost if that were to happen. Already her clit was stiffening, the juices were flowing in her pussy, slicking down the folds and hollows. There was no controlling her hot little cunt! It seemed to have a life and will of its own.

Rico grunted with satisfaction, backing away and admiring his handiwork. Sister Mary Theresa shut her eyes and tried to shrink away from his probing stare.

“I think, she’s a little ashamed of herself. ‘Course, that’s what they’re told. Body’s not good, right honey? But you sure enjoyed yourself a little while ago,” Jack said, snorting with derision. “She good and tied?” he asked, his eyes still focused on her wet pussy.

“Yeah, ain’t no way she’s gonna get loose,” Rico said. He reached down and scratched his bulging crotch. He waited silently, waiting for Jack to give him the go ahead to fuck the young nun.

“Get the fuck outta here then,” he murmured, a tight smile snaking across his lips. “We’ve got a lot to talk about in private.”

Rico’s face fell. Narrowing his eyes, he mumbled something, turning around and stalking out of the vaulted room.

Sister Mary Theresa whimpered, twisting against the ropes holding her tightly to the altar. She’d never been held like this. Being defiled in this house of God was too cruel even for someone like Jack to enjoy. Surely he knew how she’d behave. Would he purposely let her shame herself in front of the Lord, sending her soul straight to hell? Fear for the fate of her soul crept across her mind as Jack approached the altar. Surely in hell, the deepest, most vile pit was being saved for her.

Rico had tied her so her arms were stretched out while her legs were spread wide. As the door to the sacristy closed behind Rico, Jack tugged at the habit, bunching it under her ass. He chuckled to himself, his face looking like that of an amused child as the fold of her heavy black dress jerked free of her clenched butt. The smell of her growing arousal and his sweat filled the immediate tight space around them, that odor more powerful than that of the burning candles. Sister Mary Theresa gasped, feeling faint from all the smells and excitement. The odor from her juicing cunt grew stronger as Jack knelt and lightly stroked her pussy.

“You’ve got a nice slit,” he said, watching as her cuntlips trembled at the light touch.

Oh, touch it, stick your finger in, Sister Mary Theresa thought, closing her eyes and biting down hard on her lower lip.

“Too bad if somethin’ happened that hurt you down there,” Jack said evenly, still stroking her pussy with his fingers.

The words snapped the nun back to reality. Hurt her? What was he planning to do?

The young nun raised her head and peered down. Jack was reaching over to the side where five rows of votive candles sat burning in their little red cups. He removed one, holding the short candle so the nun could see it clearly.

“This can do a lot of damage,” he said, passing the red flame under her eyes.

Sister Mary Theresa flinched, snapping her head back as the flame moved back and forth in front of her face.

Then Jack knelt again, bringing the fire between her spread legs. Heat stabbed her cunt while some of the dripping wax splashed onto her thighs. Her slit felt as if it had recoiled while her cunt muscles tightened. Jack was drawing the burning candle closer and closer toward her pussy.

“No, don’t, don’t!” she begged in a tight, whimpering voice. This was surely a punishment from heaven. God was guiding Jack’s hand. He was going to destroy the instrument of her body that would destroy her soul if left untouched!

Jack was too aroused to stop now. He passed the candle repeatedly between her thighs while his cock filled with blood and strained against his trousers. His nuts ached with arousal while the smell of her singed pussy hairs wafted up to his nose.

“No, stop! Stop!”

Her body thrashed wildly as the flame neared her flesh. Surely the end was near. In a burst of flame her pussy would explode and, fainting from pain, her ordeal would be over.


Jack waved the candle an inch from her cunt. Wax dripped on her pussy hairs while some of the curls disappeared in a crackling whisper under the flame’s attack. Sister Mary Theresa twisted and sobbed as the flame lapped her cuntlips. The heat radiated into her cunt, stimulating her sensitive pussy nerve endings as if it were a million tiny needles. The helpless nun whispered her prayers and shivered while the heat burned her pussy lips. And the fire hissed like a snake when her pussy oil dripped from her cunt onto the candle.

The terrified nun tensed. But, more than fear coursed through her body now. She was fully aroused, her pussy hot and wet while her nipples had swollen to their maximum half-inch length. Her flesh once again was covered with a slick layer of perspiration.

“You don’t move, you ain’t gonna get hurt too bad by this,” Jack said, glancing down at the burning candle, then back up into the girl’s lust-bloated face.

While he talked, Sister Mary Theresa sucked in a deep breath. Could she keep from defiling herself in this, the most sacred place in the convent? Twisting her head around, she saw the face of Christ peering sadly down at her.

“Oh, Lord, forgive me, your transgressing handmaiden. If only… if only I could pray,” she sobbed, closing her eyes and fighting back the tears.

The sound of a metal buckle striking the marble altar floor made Sister Mary Theresa snap her head around. She watched in horror is he dropped his trousers, stepped out of them and kicked them to one side. His cock was fully aroused to its nine inches, while his balls tightened in their leathery sac. Naked, aroused in front of this sorrowing image of Christ! Jack’s depravity seemed to know no bounds!

“Still wanna pray? I get tired of hearin’ that kinda shit. I got somethin’ better for your mouth,” he said, reaching down and rubbing his fingers greedily over his hard cock.

Sister Mary Theresa’s eyes widened while her heart pounded maddeningly. She’d heard about the sins of Sodom. One of them was this… oh, cocksucking! That was it! Surely he wasn’t going to have to perform that vile act! Not here, not in front of God!

“And if you try anything funny, I’ll ram this fuckin’ candle up your slit. Just think how that’ll feel, and see if your damned prayers’ll help,” Jack said menacingly. He stared at her, his face showing his amusement at her dilemma.

The young nun struggled with her conflicting emotions. She was going to be forced to commit this unnatural act, an act not even talked about publicly by members of the Church. It was bad enough to be abused. But the infliction of his perversion in this sacristy was too horrible to think about. She tried to shut out everything except prayers for help and mercy. But Jack wouldn’t allow her the luxury of her waning faith. Springing lightly onto the altar, he balanced himself above her head. While her eyes widened with fear and horror, he slowly squatted.

She watched as his cock seemed to grow larger. Would it never stop? The nun twisted her head away and closed her mouth. She couldn’t, she wouldn’t take that vile thing into her mouth and suck. She had slipped earlier, but her, faith would sustain her.

“Open up, damn it! Open up or I’ll break your fuckin’ jaw!” he shouted.

Still Sister Mary Theresa fought back, jerking her head away a second time from his grip. The young commando snarled.

“I said, open up!”

With that, he reached down and jerked her head toward his cock. He squeezed tightly where her upper and lower jaw met, making the young woman cry out in pain. Quickly her lips parted. He was enjoying her terror and sense of degradation.

“Yeah, gonna have a good pair of hot tight lips around my cock,” he muttered, staring hotly at the cringing nun.

Her mouth was fully open, the air rushing in and out her flared nostrils as Jack’s cock slipped between her lips. The woman groaned, feeling his hot, hard cock brushing against the soft, wet lining of her checks. Never had she dreamed of something like this happening to her. Fucking, yes. But this? No, no, it was far too awful even to think of.


The taste of the slimy thing made the nun choke. Jack slapped her face to keep her from retching. His fat prick scraped her bottom teeth. He warned her once more what would happen if she tried biting him.

“Yeah, good, good head. Nuns give good head,” he said, laughing softly. His breath caught when a series of spasms racked his sinking cock.

Sister Mary Theresa wondered at her own reaction to this perverted act. The male odor issuing from his groin triggered her once more into heat. The slippery hot tissues of her pussy clutched into knots. She felt her knees shaking while her legs and ass slipped back and forth sexily across the altar. Globs of his pre-cum seeped from his piss-slit, coating her throat and making her swallow.

“Yeah, gimme head, yeahhh!” he moaned, moving his hips back and forth, making his cock revolve in her mouth.

Sister Mary Theresa felt the throbbing cock brush over her tongue. What a strange, salty, bleachy flavor his cum had! It made her swallow even harder, coating her mouth and throat with the sticky substance.

“Come on, honey, suck it. Gimme good head,” he breathed, caressing the sides of her head with his hands. He told her to use her tongue, to flick it over and over the thick tube running the bottom length of his cock.


The young woman did as she was told, flicking at the thick cum-tube, working over the tight scar where his foreskin had been cut away.

“Lick it, tongue it, get it good, baby! Get on my cock! Take it down your fuckin’ throat!” Jack instructed as he centered his cock in her mouth and slowly sank down.

The nun felt the fleshy head shoving back over her tongue, going deeper and farther toward the back of her mouth. The young woman took in a deep breath and let Jack push his cock into her throat. Oh, it was like swimming under water. She held her breath and dived deeper, taking his prick all the way in until her face was tight against his crotch. The wiry hairs surrounding his cock tickled her nostrils.

“Man, suck me off!”

Sister Mary Theresa began to like the feel of that long fat-headed cock inside her mouth. She sucked so hard her cheeks caved in. The woman took in air through her nose with a whistling sound, keeping his cock lodged tightly ir her mouth. Her tongue lashed over it, licking and tasting the salty fluid oozing from his cockhead.

“Yeah, man, gonna pop off if you keep doin’ that,” he said in a tight voice.

Sister Mary Theresa shivered. Having cum spurting down her throat! The thought sickened as well as delighted her. As Jack moved faster, his cockhead struck the back of her throat. She swallowed and shut her eyes, wondering what it would be like taking in all that jizz.

“Mmmmmfff!” she moaned, able to breathe in air now around the sides of the pistoning cock. She crushed her fingernails against her palms, the pain making her temporarily forget about her pleasure in this terrible act. Swallowing cum, a man’s seed? Oh, dear God, what could she have been thinking of?

Jack grunted, sweat raining down from his body onto her face and tits. He rammed ahead, striking the back of her throat several times while his fat balls swung forward and brushed her chin.

“Man, gonna come, gonna come soon,” he panted in between mouth-fucking thrusts.

Spit and cum oozed from the corners of Sister Mary Theresa’s mouth. The young man on top of her was going wild, pulling her hair, shoving his prick so hard in her throat, he was nearly knocking her unconscious with his groin. Her teeth scraped against his shaft. Peering down at the bound nun, Jack could tell by the way her cheeks expanded and contracted that she was enjoying what he was forcing her to do.

Sister Mary Theresa’s tits seemed to swell while her nipples itched maddeningly. Her pussy ached and throbbed, the burning sensation matched only by the terrible pressure. She closed her eyes, trying to imagine how she and this madman looked — her bound to the altar, her long black dress hitched up around her waist with most of her body exposed while he thrust his fat, long, horse-like cock in and out of her mouth. The image excited her. Her pussy itched and burned with a tremendous intensity.

“Fuck, fuck!” Jack cried, his head snapping from side to side.

His cock banged at the back of her throat. At that point the young woman felt her pussy convulse. She was coming, actually coming without having anything touching her pussy! Her hips jerked from side to side while a chilly fire raged through her pussy. Juice flowed from her slit, wetting down her thighs. The nun flexed her thighs, forcing her pussywalls to rub against one another much as she’d done several nights ago in the convent bathroom. The increased wet friction was driving her delirious. Her tongue flicked around his pistoning prick faster while she sucked as hard as she could. Above her she could hear Jack moaning, his breath catching while his cock once more slid over her teeth, tonsils and brushed the back of her throat.

Jack cried out, pressing his fingers so hard against the sides of her head, she thought he’d crush it. She jerked, shocked at a hot stinging sensation against her throat. She was ashamed and terrified, trying not to swallow the jizz. But the pressure in her pussy was so wild that, releasing the rest of her orgasm, her throat opened. Hot cum slopped down to her belly.

“Man, good head, good head,” Jack crooned, leaving his cock shoved all the way in the nun’s sucking mouth.

Sister Mary Theresa twisted and shook, her belly turning over while her tits bounced, rolling together, then falling apart. Her hairy cunt touched the burning candle now. How odd it was that right in the middle of her climax she was actually seeking out the flame, wanting more stimulation, wanting pain to heighten her physical delight.

“Mnunmfffff!” the nun cried happily, sucking in more jizz. The flame licked hungrily at her cuntlips and burned the curly hairs. The acrid stench of burning flesh reached her nose. She was burning herself, actually throwing herself onto the fire. But she didn’t care. The flame in her pussy was stronger and seemed to consume her with a more ferocious fury.

“Ahhhhh!” the girl cried, spitting out the softening prick.

Jack watched with interest as the nun writhed in orgasmic agony. She clenched her thighs tightly. The flowing pussy juices put moist the fire with a hissing sound. The short squat candle toppled. Jack caught it and shoved the shaft into her cunt.

“Oh, yes, fuck, fuck,” Sister Mary Theresa groaned, grinding her thighs against the waxen cock. The dazed little nun rippled her thighs and cunt, working the candle tip into her pussy. She moved down, sucking the candle against her clit with careful flexing movements.

With a final jerk, the nun shoved the candle into her cunt, working her pussy muscles around the small hard shaft, then letting it drop to the floor as she reined after her climax.

Jack finished dumping his spunk into her mouth. She drank the last of his jizz with a gagging sound. When he pulled his cock out, the woman gave a small cry and looked at the jizz dripping onto her lips and chin.

“You’re a little slut, aren’t you, baby? Fuck, you ain’t no nun… anyways, not like the others down there prayin’ and moanin’,” Jack said derisively, climbing down from the altar. Shoving his face against hers, he moved his hands up and down her exposed tits, pinching her nipples, rubbing his flaked groin against hers. Oh, even after coming she was still hot. Her pussy seemed to swell with that light, sexy touch!

“Jesus, Mary, please help me,” she whispered, turning her face from his with great effort.

“Ain’t nothing’ gonna help you here. Told you that before,” Jack said, growing tired of the nun’s constant praying. He began to dress, telling her he wasn’t through with her yet.

“Rico!” he shouted after zipping up and tucking his shirt into his trousers.

The door opened after some hesitation and the other commando stepped in. Staring at the young nun hanging by her wrists, he quickly took in the situation. She had performed with his commander. Once more he’d been left in the cold.

“Come on and help me get this bitch down. We got some plannin’ to do,” Jack said, working his finger on some of the knots holding the woman’s hands to the altar.

“Yeah, yeah,” Rico muttered under his breath. Laying down his rifle on a pew, the young man began untying the knots as Sister Mary Theresa moaned above them.

“What the fuck’s the matter?” Jack asked, glancing up and noticing Rico’s sour face.

“Nothin’… yeah, somethin’,” he corrected himself, stopping his work and staring hotly at Jack. “You always get the cunts, don’tcha? I mean, I work just as hard as you and you always wind up with pussy… even a nun’s cunt!” he spat out. His lips were pressed tightly together as he dropped his eyes from Jack’s.

The commander tilted his head to one side, scratching his neck with one hand while drumming the floor with the other.

“Guess you got a point, never thought that much about it. Mind’s been filled up pretty much with killin’ that fat Spanish dude. Want ‘er now? She gave me a blow job, that’s all. Her cunt’s still hot,” Jack said, remembering the candle she’d managed to work into her cunthole. Yes, she was hot, hot enough to fry up a few cocks in her bubbling pussy oil.

“Yeah, it’s pretty big. The other guys don’t mind so much. But man, I used to be big man on the block… fuckin’ all the chicks. Now…”

Sister Mary Theresa couldn’t believe this conversation was going on under her in this holy sacristy! She expected lightning to come crashing through the small dome overhead and destroy all three of them. They had offended God mightily in his holy place. They all deserved to be plunged into the depths of hell!

“Come on. Let’s take ‘er upstairs. I fucked ‘er there before. We’ll both get her this time,” Jack said with a broad smile.

“What about the other guys?” Rico asked, finishing untying Sister Mary Theresa and catching her in his arms as she fell from the altar limply.

“Let ’em get their own nun,” Jack said, laughing lightly as he helped his buddy escort the struggling nun from the altar, down the aisle toward the main door.

Sister Mary Theresa was far too weak and humiliated to fight back. She felt as if she’d been wallowing in filth for the past hour. To think of what she’d been doing, what she’d felt, and where she’d been experiencing all this made her sick to her stomach. She looked around at all the holy pictures hanging on the plaster walls. The martyrs and saints still pawed down at her, their eyes filled with sorrow and pity. But now their messages of hope and prayer were no longer for her. She was an outcast, a traitor to them and her faith.

The men hurried her along the corridor, bypassing several rooms quickly where she suspected the other nuns were being held by Joe and Rick. She stumbled over the slick floor at times especially when her knees threatened to give way. Oh, if only she could rest, if only she could just fall in a faint to the floor!

But her pussy was throbbing, swelling with sexual heat as she thought about what waited for her. A nun, panting with heat as she thought about the two men who were going to fuck her! The thought horrified as well as strangely delighted her.

“In there,” Jack said, tugging at the nun’s long black sleeve.

The pushed her in, slammed the door and started undressing quickly without saying a word. Sister Mary Theresa backed away, looking desperately at them, then at the window. She should save what dignity she had left and fling herself through the glass. But when she saw Jack’s fat cock come back into view, her heart failed her.


“No, no, not again. I don’t want to,” she whispered as she backed away. Partly what the young nun said was true. She couldn’t take on another test of her faith and find herself wanting. She had to have time to reflect on the horrors that had already been committed by her with these terrible men. They were forcing her to fuck them. She hadn’t started any of this. Only when they were crawling on top of her, shoving their cocks into her mouth and cunt did she finally give in and enjoy it as much as they did. Surely it had been Satan possessing her at this time. How could she, a poor young nun, find the strength to fight off the Evil One?

“Nooooo!” Sister Mary Theresa moaned, covering her face with both hands in shame as Rico stepped out of his trousers and neatly folded them on a nearby chair the men were stark naked now, their cocks standing straight out from their groins. Already the woman could smell the strange sour odor coming from their aroused bodies. That odor triggered once again something in her pussy, something that made her cunt so hot, so wet, so tight!

Jack moved up behind her, catching her in his strong arms, pulling her tightly against his naked body. The nun jerked her head back, closing her eyes and letting out a tight whispering groan when she felt his cock pressing into her tight little ass. As he held her, Jack hunched slowly into her, sliding his cock back and forth over the coarse material of her long black dress.

“Man, nice, wonder if I should fuck this one in the ass,” he said.

“Let’s see just how hot you are, baby,” Rico whispered.

He stepped up to her, reaching down and pulling bet skirt up by the hem. Before she knew what he’d done, the woman felt his hand rubbing lightly over her thighs, feeling for her pussy.

“Ohhhhhh!” she groaned, her head rolling from side to side. This was shameless, utterly shameless! Had she no pride, no respect for the cloth she was wearing, for the cloth she was vilifying in front of these men?

“Listen to that, man. Can’t tell if she’s scared or hot!” Rico said, his voice trembling as he pinched her thighs.

“She’s hot, man, take my word for it. She ain’t had any cock since she’s been a nun. Now she’s makin’ up for it,” Jack said with a grim smile.

“Don’t, don’t, God will punish… you,” Sister Mary Theresa said haltingly.

The men laughed as the woman clenched her legs together tightly. She trapped Rico’s hands between her knees and cunt.

“Christ, what a grip!” he muttered, his thin lips curling up into a knowing smirk. “Man, she do that to you when she’s fuckin’? I gotta have some of that leg wrapped around me!” Rico said as Jack nodded.

The struggling nun moaned again when she felt his fingers crawling up toward her pussy. Her body burned with his touch. Combined with that was the sensation of Jack’s arms still pinning her from behind. The sensation of a cock pressing into her ass made her shove back into him and twist her thighs.

“She’s fuckin’ your cock, right?” Rico asked as he felt the first of her soft pussy hairs brushing over his knuckles. “We’ll get ‘er goin’ back and forth like a little pump.”

In response to what Rico suggested, the young woman started pumping her ass backward and forward as if she were trying to get away from them. Was she? Sister Mary Theresa screwed up her face and tried to answer that question. Was she trying to save herself or only add to the delightful sensations already racking her pussy?

“What’s the matter, baby, didn’t get enough down there?” Jack said, circling his arms around her upper chest and squeezing her tits through her garment.

The nun could feel her nipples mash in. The strength and broadness of his arms made her want to rub her tits into them. But the woman held still, letting him rub her instead. No, this time she couldn’t give in, couldn’t let the Devil triumph!


Rico had reached home plate. She felt his fingers slip into her pussy. Two of them glided past the cuntlips, scraping the hot sides of her pussy. She wiggled around as if she were trying to get away.

“Hot and slippery enough to barbecue cock,” Rico said, pulling his hand out and smelling the juices on his fingers.

“Let’s get ‘er in the sack then,” Jack said, fully aroused by now.

They were tearing at her clothes, lifting them above her head, taking off her thick-soled shoes, then pushing her back until once again she was flat on her back in bed.

Jack let his buddy climb onto the struggling woman first. Sister Mary Theresa tried for a final time to save her self-respect, curling her fingers and trying to scratch the commando’s eyes out.

But Rico had been prepared for some resistance. He slapped her hard across the face, backhanding her quickly, stunning the woman into submission. She lay there, legs spread apart, hands limply at her side as he threw himself down on her body.

“Never kissed a fuckin’ nun before,” he mumbled, pressing her head back into the pillows.

Sister Mary Theresa groaned under the spit-slicked kiss. She felt his tongue plunging into her mouth, wiggling around, moving over her tonsils while his hands smoothed over her thighs and tits.

Jack watched the nun disappear under Rico’s muscular thighs. Finally he threw one arm over Rico’s back as if to lock him in place. Moving in close, he stuck his cock between the nun’s and his buddy’s bodies.

While Jack welded himself to them, Sister Mary Theresa could feel two cocks probing their way over her body. She felt Jack’s stop on her thigh. Rico’s was shoving its way down into her crotch. Shoving up with her hips, she silently signaled Rico to take his weight off. As he rose she spread her legs enough to expose her cunt. Its fat greasy lips were clenched stickily together. The crack between them seeped with bubbles of pussy oil. After opening her legs, the girl tilted her head back. How good, how wonderful this was!

“You’re right, man, she’s hot, hotter ‘n most cunts I’ve had up to now,” Rico said.

“Told you. Christ, she’s gonna fry you up when you stick your cock in there. She was so fuckin’ hot the time I fucked her, she almost cried!” Jack said, licking the nun’s sweaty, salty flesh.

Sister Mary Theresa sucked in a deep breath. She felt a cockhead jabbing at her fat cuntlips. Her swollen pussylips were unstuck, forced apart by Rico’s red cockhead. Her pussy tingled along its length as it felt that long, hard prick being jammed against it. Her pink, moist tissues wiggled. Inch by inch they were unsticking, moving apart to make room for Rico’s fat cock.

“No, no, ho!” the woman tried.

But nothing could have prevented her from taking on these men. Two of them on top of her, waiting to shove their cocks into her! It nearly made the young nun dizzy with excitement to think of it. She could hear their uneven breathing. And she knew whenever she moaned, they were excited.

“Man, she’s tight!” Rico said in a strained voice.

“Shove it in, man, shove it in hard then,” Jack said.

“Uhhhhhh!” Sister Mary Theresa moaned as she felt him penetrate her hot frothy cunt.

The young woman moaned once again, her cry of pleasure sending chills over the men’s bodies and making their cocks throb more maddeningly than before.

“Easy, don’t make ‘er come yet,” Jack said.

Rico grunted something, holding tightly onto her shoulders while inching his knees up against her ass. He was shoving in, feeling her soft pussylips giving way under his steady attack. All of them could hear her cunt being reamed out by the commando’s fat cock, the telltale squishy sounds.

The nun’s pussy fitted tightly around Rico’s sinking cock. She moved her body as best she could, letting her knees sag apart to make fucking her easier. Yes, yes, she wanted his cock, inches and inches of hot, hard throbbing cock inside her. Already she was feeling pre-orgasmic thrills racing through her pussy.

“Yeah, almost all the way in, man. She’s tight, but she’s givin’ way,” Rico panted.

Soon the woman felt her cunt fitting tightly around the broad, hairy base of Rico’s cock. Inside her cunt the sensitive tissues were stretched to the maximum to take in the throbbing eight inches of meat. The girl’s clit was throbbing. When Rico came to the end of his down stroke, his groin ground into this nerve-rich bud. Thrills shot through Sister Mary Theresa’s pussy and tits. Her pussy clutched greedily at his cock.

“Ohhhhh, noooo!” the nun cried. She squeezed her butt muscles together and jerked up hard, grinding her thighs against Rico’s hips. Yes, yes, this had to be the best feeling she had, better than with Jack earlier, better because two men were on top of her, ready to give her the thrill of a lifetime with their cocks.

“Give it to her good, man,” Jack urged. “I’m gonna get in on this,” he muttered to himself, crawling down between their spread legs. He lay flat on his belly, shoving his head up to the top of their legs. As he crawled closer, he could hear the soft squishing sound of Rico’s prick trenching out the nun’s hot pussy. The rich gurgling of her juice-filled pussy sounded like soft mud sticking around a piledriver. The smell of her pussy mixed with the hot male odor of Rico’s cock and sweaty ass. Sister Mary Theresa groaned when she felt his hair brushing against her soft, sweaty inner thighs.

“Uhhhhhh!” she cried.

The sensation of his fingers on the ticklish insides of her thighs sent a hot shiver through her pussy. She didn’t know what he was going to do, but she knew it would be tremendously good!

“Hey, don’t get queer with me,” Rico warned.

“Don’t have to worry about that with me,” Jack answered angrily.

The commander stretched her body wider. Rico pulled up, then gave a hard shove, burying his cock up to the hilt. He almost blew his balls when he felt the girl’s pussy muscles cramp, squeezing his cock hard around the center of the shaft. Sister Mary Theresa couldn’t stop the reaction, feeling as if she were going to blow apart at any second.

“Ain’t never had a woman do that before,” Rico panted, his eyes bugging out.

The young man worked his hips from side to side, letting his cock stir around in her pussy like a giant spoon.

“Uhhhhhhhh!” Sister Mary Theresa cried as she felt her stretched pussylips being teased by a wet, flicking tongue. The tickling sensations made her want to snap her legs together, trapping Jack’s head between her silky thighs. Rico’s weight kept her spread wide open while she felt the flicking tongue lick over her pussy and the tender flesh between her cunt and ass.

“Fuck her,” Jack hissed as he flicked his tongue in circles over the wet, tight red pussyflesh.

Rico pulled his ass up, pulling his cock out of her furry hot cunt.

“Ohhhhh!” the nun moaned again as Jack inched up farther between her and Rico. He licked around the tense, eager, pulsing edges of her cunt. His tongue raked along the surface, then darted in.

“Man, oh, man!” Rico groaned as he felt Sister Mary Theresa thrashing under him. The woman was going out of control. Nothing could feel like this! It was so dreamlike in intensity!

Jack backed away, keeping himself between their legs. As soon as his head was out of the way, he heard a squishing sound. He knew Rico’s cock was sinking back into the juice-filled cunt again. Reaching up, he tugged on the nun’s inner thighs. While he held her wide open, he heard Rico’s cock throw in several quick hunches.

“If you really wanna make her go wild, pull all the way out next time and let me eat her cunt,” Jack suggested.

Rico didn’t say anything. Bracing his body on his knees and elbows, he pulled all the way out on his next upstroke. His cock shot free, trembling as he held it out of Sister Mary Theresa’s cunt. His thighs were high in the air, giving Jack room.

“Oh, nooo!” the girl cried. “Hmmmmhhhh!” she grunted frantically as she felt her stretched cunt tissues being licked by that rough, slippery tongue. She tried to snap her legs shut again. But Jack had his hands pressing outward against her thighs, holding her open for his licking attack. As she struggled against them, the woman could feel her clit being pushed around, shoved down, teased by the rough licking tongue. “Ohhhh, yessss, yesssss!” she cried, twisting her body as best she could to increase the wonderful wet friction driving her wild.

“Stick it to ‘er, man,” Jack instructed as he pulled his head away.

Rico fitted his cockhead into her throbbing cunt, shoving himself dawn hard. His eight hard inches pushed down into the hot sheath again. As her pussy membranes curled around his shaft, the girl went wild, raking her sharp fingernails down his back. He cried out, arching his back up while shoving his cock all the way in.

“Uh, fuck, fuck!” the young nun demanded, hunching under him. She needed all the sensation she could get. The woman was going wild, her face a mask of lust. She rocked her thighs from side to side, feeling Rico’s prick stirring around inside her pussy. Tilting her cunt down at a certain angle, the nun rubbed her clit over and over Rico’s pistoning cock.

Rico grunted, giving her a series of short strokes. His cock slid down into her tight cunt again and again. His body ground against hers as he shook his back, trying to dislodge her nails from his back.

“Man, told you it’d drive her nuts,” Jack said as he lay between their legs.

“She’s too nuts,” Rico growled back. “The Goddamned bitch almost cut my back up.”

“I… I’m sorry, I…”

“Shut up and fuck.” Rico snapped as he pulled his cock out.

Sister Mary Theresa ran her hands lightly over his scratched back, shoving her pussy up onto his cock. Her ass strained upward, shoving her tight hole onto the throbbing thick cock. She felt his body tense and shiver with pleasure, then sink down, sending his prick back info her pussy.

“God!” she moaned as she moved her body around in frantic circles under, him. She could feel his prick slipping around in her cunt with each movement they made. The throbbing head of his cock shoved and probed deep inside. Oh, how good it all was! Sister Mary Theresa could hardly breathe! Her chest was so tight and her mouth so dry! The young woman gulped in air as the two of them crushed closer and closer together. Every square inch of her body seemed alive.

“Man, don’t shoot off yet,” Jack whispered as he lay listening to them. The commando leader could tell both of them were getting close to coming. “I wanna eat her cunt again before you get your rocks off. I like to feel her get hot.”

He listened while their rhythm of fucking slowed. Reaching up again, he pulled Sister Mary Theresa’s thighs apart. The woman moaned, her flesh actually quivering under his heavy touch.

The nun waited, her eyes shut tight, her breathing shallow and labored. Then she felt his tongue lashing up, running around the straining edge before shoving deep into her cunt. Rico had meanwhile slowly pulled his cock from her pussy, keeping it inches above the drooling dark red fuckhole.

“Oh, God, God, God!” she screamed. Wild spasms hit her pussy like bombs. She felt her cunt muscles spasm, then buckle as Jack’s tongue worked over and over the pulsing surfaces.

“Man, I’m close to shootin’!” Rico warned.

“Uhhhhhhh!” the nun moaned softly as the big man pulled out. She felt the elastic tissues of her pussy squeezing shut. In a second Jack placed his mouth tightly against her hairy cunt. She threw her hips into the air, offering her pussy to his mouth. Oh, yes, life was good, fucking was good!


“She’s gonna go, man, get outta the way and let me get my cock back in her,” Rico warned as he felt the girl becoming more and more carried away.

Jack roughly pulled the nun’s thighs farther apart and shoved his open mouth again onto her pussy.

“Man, move! I gotta take care of this bitch. She’s goin’ outta her mind.”

Rico fought to keep the girl trapped under him. She was thrashing around crazily, her tits rubbing against his broad chest. Her legs tried to kick out, while at the same time her pussy rode up and down on his fat cock.

Jack could feel her going wild. She was throwing her hips up to his face with hunching motions. Her pussy spread apart with every hunch trying to get his working tongue deeper and deeper into her pussy. Her legs were fighting to close over his head. Jack had to strain with his hands to keep them front trapping him against her pussylips. The hotter she got under his tonguing, the more he liked it. The sensation of her young cunt lifting up to get licked and sucked sent tremors through his cock.

“Christ, she’s goin’ fast!” Rico panted.

Hearing the two men talking about her sent the nun into spasms. Her cunt trembled, trying to grab at Jack’s licking tongue. Urging him on, she shoved her hips up harder, driving her furry little cunt up against his sucking mouth. At the same time she started raking her nails over Rico’s back. She had both men driven to a fiery pitch, both of them hot for her body.

“Don’t, ohhhhhh, don’t, in me, in, in, in!” she cried.

“Gotta fuck ‘er now,” Rico said.

Jack moved his mouth away and let his buddy drive his prick back in.

“Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck, cock, cock, love cock, oh, yes, love cock!” the nun babbled, tossing her head from side to side Sister Mary Theresa had thrown aside the last remnants of her pride. She was no better than a bitch dog in heat, thrashing around shamelessly on this bed, urging two men to fuck her! Her holy training had evaporated under her rising sexual heat. Tossing around, she hunched, scratched and yowled like a cat in heat. Her claws kept on working over Rico’s back as she tried to force him to shove his cock hard into her. All she felt were teasing, hunching movements that drove her wild.

“Ohhhhhhhh, yeah!” Rico groaned, sinking his eight inches into her cunt.

Sister Mary Theresa moaned and shivered, feeling the relief of having her tense, itchy pussywalls being stretched apart again. The hard steely cock filled her convulsing pussy in one long thrust. She felt Rico’s body pounding down onto hers, pushing her into the sagging mattress. It was a wonderful feeling. And between her legs was Jack, lapping occasionally at her thighs, tugging at her cuntlips. The young nun felt overwhelmed by all this masculinity. All fears about Jack, Rico and the others and what they’d do to her afterward were pushed back into her mind. No, all she could think about now was her pussy.

“Fuck!” Rico cried, wrapping his arms tightly around the young naked nun’s twisting body.

“Fuck,” she whispered back, feeling her cuntwalls explode under the rapid thrusts of his fucking. “Come!” she hissed between clenched teeth, feeling herself whirling around in a dizzying dance of lust.

Rico held off for a moment. One more series of hard thrusts and he’d pop off in her cunt. The nun was almost ready, but she still had a little farther to go than he.

“Roll ‘er over. I wanna fuck her in the ass,” Jack suddenly said.

Sister Mary Theresa felt herself moving on one side, the cock still shoved inside her pussy, still sticking back and forth into her cunthole. Behind her she felt the broad shaft of Jack’s cock shoving against her ass. The nun cried out, flexing her asscheeks, hunching away from the rubbing cock. Fucked in the ass? Was she that hot? Could she take something in her butt without really hurting herself?

Jack’s thighs pressed against her soft ass. She could hear his hoarse panting as his body twisted into position. She knew she couldn’t get away. They could do whatever they pleased with her.

“I can’t take it! Oh, God, please, please don’t hurt me like this!” she wailed.

“Shut up,” Jack hissed from behind her. “You dig everything, don’tcha? Man, you keep sayin’ you don’t wanna get fucked, then you hump on a guy like you’re gonna die if you don’t have cock!” the big man growled.

“I can’t, no, oh, I can’t!” she cried in panic as she felt Jack spread her buttcheeks with his callused fingers, then push the tip of his cock up against her tightly puckered asshole.

“You gotta, baby. Nuns gotta take everything. Tell yourself it’s for the Church,” he said derisively, laughing as he arched his back and shoved forward.

Sister Mary Theresa screamed, her eyes bugging out as she clawed at Rico’s chest. The nun thought, she was being split apart by that fat cock.

“Christ, she’s gonna break my cock,” Jack grunted, inching down lower and shoving up and in once more.

The young nun cried out again, her body trembling with pain and fear. She could feel the hot juice oozing from his piss-slit, greasing down the pink flesh surrounding her butt hole. The big commando was working his fingers around her shit chute, massaging the tight sphincter until slowly it began to relax and gave way to his prick. It was slipping farther and farther between her soft asscheeks until the girl felt it pressing against the first few inches of her shitter lining.

“No, noooo!” she pleaded, feeling his cock pushing insistently at the tight little hole. She kept begging him to stop while his pre-cum lubed up her butt. As his cockhead shoved in harder, the young woman felt her sphincter finally give way.

Sister Mary Theresa jerked and twitched like a speared fish. She had two cocks in her now! It was mind-boggling. Just as Jack’s cockhead shoved its way inside her ass, the nun gave a frantic hunch forward, the wall of Rico’s chest stopping her from going too far. Frantically she bunched forward again, her tits jiggling against the big man’s chest.

“Oh, it hurts! Hurts!”

Sister Mary Theresa’s face was red and pinched, sweat trickling down from her forehead. Groaning with a mixture of pleasure and pain, the confused nun twisted her hips and bore down on Rico’s throbbing prick.

“Fuck me, fuck me good,” the young commando said, watching with interest as the nun not only accepted his buddy’s cock up her asshole, but actually begged for more of it!

“Oh, yes, yes, fuck me, fuck me!” she panted. Her nostrils flared while her eyes glazed over and rolled up into her head. She felt both cocks pumping in and out of her fuckholes simultaneously. Jack kept pushing into her from behind while she moved her ass away from him. Even though the pain was decreasing, Sister Mary Theresa still couldn’t get used to the idea of having something that big and thick rammed up her shitter.

“You can take it, baby, you can take it,” Jack said, sliding his arms around her and pinching her high-riding tits.

“Hurt, hurt!” she cried.

But Sister Mary Theresa wanted more cock piledriving into her. She was sandwiched between two virile men, pawed by two sadists who would trample her in the mud when they were finished with her. As the two sweaty men started hunching wildly into her, the woman felt a thrill unlike anything she’d ever felt before. The religious ecstasies practiced in confession and prayer were nothing compared to these two hammering pricks. Two men fucking her! Two thick long cocks were slipping deeper and deeper into her body. In a wild thought, Sister Mary Theresa wondered if the men could somehow feel one another in her body as they fucked down and forward.

“That’s it, baby, just relax,” Jack whispered as he felt the tension drain out of her body.

Thick streams of cum oozed from his cock, flooding into the valley between her asscheeks. The tip of his cock worked slowly back and forth in her tight butt hole. As it pushed in, the elastic ring of flesh stretched open, puckering in from the shoving pressure. Her wrinkled asshole fit tightly over his cockhead, spasming shut as the meaty head popped inside.

“Good, baby, good!” he panted, his mouth tickling against one ear.

Sister Mary Theresa cried again in pleasure when she felt her ear being sucked into Jack’s mouth. When his tongue lashed down deep into the canal, she shoved back with her ass, opening for his cock, begging him to shove all the way inside. She hunched forward then, sinking onto the slippery prick shoving into her pussy. As she hunched back, Jack’s long cock shoved into her tight ass all the way. It nearly blew her mind to feel the wiry cock hairs brushing against her shitter!

“Oh, no, no! Nooo!”

“Man, gonna shoot, gonna pop off!” Jack suddenly cried out from behind.

“Oh, yes, yes, yes!” the young nun cried.

She was ready for them now. She could feel her pussy muscles throbbing, tensing, getting ready for a mind-splitting climax. Sister Mary Theresa held off, waiting for the men to start shooting.

“Fuck!” Jack groaned, feeling his jizz bubbling up thick and rich in his cock. He shoved forward and pressed in as tightly as he could, throwing one arm across Rico’s back and drawing them all tightly together.

“Oh, yes, come!” the nun wailed in response, her body exploding with maximum pleasure. She felt something shooting in her ass and knew it was the young commando’s spunk.

Rico hunched furiously, pushing up hard against the nun’s body, keeping his cock embedded in her cunt up to the hilt. His mouth moved down onto hers and stayed there while he hammered his cock against her clit. The two of them were moaning into one another’s mouths, both of them wildly out of control.

Suddenly Rico tore his mouth away and let out a cry sounding as if someone had knifed him in the back. He closed his eyes, his body twitching. The young nun couldn’t hold back any more. She felt his cock twitching, shivering, then throbbing regularly as cum shot out of the piss-slit and burned into her shuddering cunt. As Rico’s cum shot out, he stabbed his tongue back deep inside her mouth. With each bubbling load, he jabbed his tongue deeper and deeper.

“Ohhhhh, God!” she cried. Her cuntwalls shook with the violent explosion of her climax. Chilly fires licked at her clit. Her pussy jerked with a crazy rhythm matching the explosions of the cocks still buried inside her body. As she floated off the bed and sailed high in the sky, Sister Mary Theresa knew she’d forever sullied her religious vocation. She could somehow explain away what had happened the first time between her and the commando leader. But now the nun knew she was forever ruined, unfit to enter a church, let alone serve God.

“Man, you were right,” Rico panted, pulling his cock from her cunt with a squishy pop and rolling onto his back. He scratched his balls, a smile of dreamy satisfaction crossing his handsome face. “You could stay in the sack all day with this one.”

“Yeah,” Jack said, still moving his hips from side, keeping his cock buried in her shitter. He smoothed his fingers over her thighs, sighing deeply. “But don’t forgot we got a job to do.”

Rico stiffened, brought back to reality by Jack’s words.

Sister Mary Theresa remembered now about the assassination attempt. How could she have become so carried away? These men were not better than common murderers! They were going to kill someone, possibly start a world-wide crisis. And all she’d been thinking of was the unholy lust making her asshole hot and her pussy tighten and swell!

“Let’s get her below with the others,” Jack said, sliding out of bed and searching through the pile of clothes on the floor for his shirt and trousers.

“In the name of everything holy, give this up,” the nun begged, pressing her hands together. She realized she must have appeared odd, stark naked, her body stained with sweat and cum, her hands pressed together in prayer-like fashion as she pleaded with them.

“Listen to the Pope,” Rico laughed derisively, slipping the shirt over his broad shoulders and buttoning it. “You ain’t gonna help nobody. You’re gonna sit around here like the rest of ’em. And when we’re through, you can pray for souls all you want,” he said, lowering his face to hers and grinning foully at her.

The young nun felt chills ripple up and down her spine. How could she have let this go so far? Oh, God does punish! She’d have the blood of that Spanish diplomat on her hands for eternity. Already the young nun could smell the fires of hell!

After they all dressed, Rico and Jack escorted the trembling woman from the bedroom, down the corridor to one of the rooms near where she’d last seen Mother Superior. No one was inside at the time when Jack shoved her in roughly, telling her it was useless to escape. The nun stood holding onto her upper arms with criss-crossed hands, her eyes lowered to the floor as the door slammed and was bolted shut behind her.

For what seemed like hours, she stood in the middle of that dark, barren room, her eyes filled with tears of shame. Images of her and the two commandos filled her mind. She thought of the way she’d encouraged them, of the delicious sensations tearing through her cunt as Jack and Rico fucked her in the ass and cunt.

“Oh, God, forgive me, forgive me!” she cried in a trembling whisper.

As the shadows crept menacingly across the wooden floor, Sister Mary Theresa sank to her knees, her lips moving as she prayed for her soul and the souls of the men torturing her.

She must have fallen asleep. Shaking herself from stupor, the nun realized she had collapsed, her head resting on one arm. Moaning softly she roused herself, feeling stiff, dirty, defiled. It was still night. Hugging her body tightly, the nun walked to a barred window overlooking the service alley. Pressing her forehead against the glass, she looked up at the black sky. It was so peaceful. All those stars in that cloudless sky made it seem so quiet and good. Yet here she was, trapped in the convent with other nuns by men who were bent on destroying another human being! And there seemed nothing she could do to save him!

It was growing cold inside. Even the thick garment now hanging half in tatters on her body couldn’t shield her completely from the drafts in the room.

Shivering, Sister Mary Theresa turned from the window, wondering what she could do to free herself and save the diplomat.

It was in this frame of mind she heard footsteps approaching the door. Tensing, the young nun backed away, making the sign of the cross when she heard someone fumbling with the doorknob.

A hand shot in, moving up and down the wall, searching for a light switch.

The nun turned her head away, closing her eyes and shielding them with one hand as the overhead light clicked on.

“Sorry about that,” she heard Jack say. Someone else was in the room with him. Her eyes became accustomed to the light quickly. Turning back around, she saw him there with the two other terrorists, Rick and Joe.

“She’s been through the mill,” Joe observed sourly. He was the youngest of the four, his face looking like the portraits the holy painters created depicting angels and cherubim. Tall, slender, blond, this commando looked as if he should be leading a church choir rather than carrying an M-16 automatic slung over his shoulder.

“Rico and Jack don’t fuck around,” Rick answered. Rick was the oldest and least intelligent of the commandos. He was a big man, not young any longer. Without this terrorist group, he might have remained a clerk in some obscure accounting firm. But Jack or Rico had discovered his talents for subterfuge, cruelty and good shooting. Rick enjoyed his mercenary-type of terrorism. For Jack, Rico and Joe it was only a job. For him it was the fulfillment of many fantasies.

Forty, slightly pot-bellied and round-faced, the big man enjoyed standing there in the doorway, his rifle butt pointed at her head.

“The boys wanna see you perform. We got some time. Rico’s with the other girls,” he said, laughing. “Girls, yeah. We oughtta see if they dig this kinda shit.”

Sister Mary Theresa was horrified. They were going to turn the convent into a brothel of rape!



Sister Mary Theresa lay on the floor, covering her forehead with one hand while stretching the other behind her for support. Rick had dropped his gun from his shoulder, giving it to Joe and approaching her. She could see the cool animal sadism filling his eyes. Moving backward, the terrified nun looked for something she could grab to defend herself.

“Please!” she begged. Not again, dear God, not again! And now there were three of them harassing her, scratching their groins, waiting for her to spread her legs so they could take their pleasure with her and sully her soul!

Sister Mary Theresa tensed as Rick raised one hand. He let her scoot back to the wall, her eyes rounding, bulging, showing the terror and shame she felt surging through her body. While she lay cringing against the wall, he advanced slowly.

The nun saw his hard-on, his cock pressing against the front of his trousers. His eyes reminded her of the stare of a hungry rat. His thick lips were curled into a sick smile while his jaw trembled with excitement. Sister Mary Theresa’s eyes raced from Jack to Joe, hoping she’d find some kind of hope there.

But the two men only watched with interest. She trembled, terrified of what was to follow. Rick smiled more broadly, his flabby lips pulled across his teeth. She flattened herself as best she could against the wall as the hand arched down.

“Unnghhh!” she cried as his fingers struck hard across her cheek. The report of the slap and her quavering cry filled the small room. The force of that blow made her head throb.

“Yeah,” Rick muttered to himself. He let her cry for a second, scratching his groin, breathing more irregularly as his cock stiffened and thickened.

The nun was aware of a sexual thrill, intensified by the fear she felt. Oh, it was happening again! Was there nothing that could stop her pussy from tightening and heating up at will?

Oh, he was unzipping his fly!

“That’s it Joe, fuck her. Loosen her up,” Jack said, feeling his cock tighten in his pants. The big leader wanted to touch Sister Mary Theresa. He remembered her tight cunt, her supple body, the way she twisted and writhed under the slightest touch. But he had other plans for her and restrained his desire to fuck her.

“Oh!” Sister Mary Theresa cried, pulling herself up off the floor. Rick’s prick was thick and long just like the others. The red tip of his cock glowed like a heated branding iron. His balls were taut, drawn up into the leathery sac dangling from his cock. With a sudden wild thought, the nun wanted to touch his prick, feel his balls brushing against her knuckles. It was only with the greatest restraint she kept her hands from his crotch.

Sobbing, her back against the wall, Sister Mary Theresa clenched her fingers into two tight fists and pressed them against the floor. No, she wouldn’t give into Satan any more. She’d think of God, think of the damnation awaiting her if she continued in this sort of unholy action. Dizzy with fear for her spiritual life as well as her physical one, the nun watched helplessly as Rick pushed his trousers down to his boot tops. The hot smell of his groin washed over her.

Moving up, she watched as his big cock waved back and forth, striking the bottom of his shirt. Even though he was old and fat, the older man still had muscular thighs.

The nun’s tits swelled, the nipples growing taut again, scratching against her dress. Her pussy was trembling, her cunt muscles contracting, forcing her cuntwalls to rub against one another. She realized then that her whole body was alive, quivering, waiting for his touch as if he were her lover!

In a moment she found Rick on top of her. He was tearing her garment, hoisting it high above her waist, exposing her juicing pussy. Reaching down between her legs, be cupped her pussy, squeezing the furry hot mound hard and feeling it respond with rippling, quivering movements of its own.

“She’s ready,” he mumbled.

“She’s always ready,” Jack countered, smirking at the nun sprawled on the floor.

Sister Mary Theresa groaned. It was uncomfortable being stretched on the hard wood, her shoulders and head at times pounding against the surface. And Rick was on top of her.

The nun closed her eyes, tears oozing from under the lids. Her mouth was a tight scar. She tightened her jaw as she felt spasms of lust rip through her cunt and belly. His weight pressed her down as the hot, spongy cockhead snaked through her tangled cunt hair. Oh, she was responding to this man, responding to him almost as powerfully as she had to Jack and Rico!

With the grunt of an overfed pig, Rick slammed into her, stretching her cunt open with his fat long prick. There was no finesse, no foreplay for this man. He rode her mercilessly, his fat ass rising high in the air and falling quickly. He panted as she started matching his wild pistoning. They collided over and over. Soon the cries coming from Sister Mary Theresa were cries of greed and lust.

Half against her will, the nun held onto Rick tightly, pulling his shirt front over her tits. She rubbed her belly into him, moving her legs over the floor, grunting as loudly and foully as he was.

“Ohhhhhhh!” she cried as the first gouts of jizz burned into her pussy. She raised her legs high, kicking them out, then wrapping them around the big man. She held on for dear life as his jizz filled up her pussy slit, spilling out and trickling down her butt crack toward her shitter. She held him prisoner until the commando’s cock softened, sliding out with a soft sucking sound.

“Man, good, good,” he grunted, standing up and pulling his trousers over his thick-muscled hips.

“Get the mutt,” Jack said expressionlessly. “You don’t want ‘er now, do you?” he asked Joe as Rick swaggered out of the room, zipping up his trousers, then slinging his rifle over one shoulder.

“Naw, not yet,” the youngest commando said, licking his lips. His fingers curled, rubbing against his stiff cock. He wanted to be the one to slap her, knock her to the floor, spread her legs apart and sink his cock into her cunt. But Jack had his reasons for this, he guessed, and only sighed, smoothing his hands over the cool metallic barrel of his weapon.

“You’re gonna have one hell of a time,” Jack said, smiling strangely down at the defiled nun.

Sister Mary Theresa raised one hand and weakly brushed some hair from her eyes. Her veil had long since been immodestly ripped from her hair. But what did it matter? She was no longer worthy of that garment. Mechanically, the defeated woman pushed her skirt down over her knees, feeling as if decades had passed from the time she’d taken her vows to the present.

There were sounds outside the door. Rick reappeared in the room with the German shepherd she’d seen earlier in the van. How much larger and more threatening he looked now as she lay on the floor! The nun felt her hair standing on end as she tried to figure out why they had brought that guard dog up here.

“We move in three hours,” Jack said, glancing down at his wristwatch. “Meanwhile, I wanna see how far you can go, baby. I wanna see how low a fuckin’ nun can crawl when her pussy’s on fire,” he whispered in a trembling voice.

“Oh, don’t, don’t,” she said in a gasp, staring at the animal and guessing what the men had in store for her.

“You’re gonna dig it. We keep Patch around for protection and guard duty,” Jack continued, reaching down and scratching the animal between the ears. Patch twisted his head up, wagging the big bushy tail while panting heavily. Sister Mary Theresa trembled as she studied the big, muscular dog. He was larger than most German shepherds she’d seen. And if Jack were telling the truth, he was trained to kill as well as guard. Staring at his powerful sides, his well-formed head, and his smooth fur, the young woman wondered if she were going to be martyred right here in the convent.

“Yeah, but he gives us a little entertainment sometimes,” Joe said, wiping his mouth with the back of one hand.

Sister Mary Theresa remembered the story about a rich young heiress by that name who’d been kidnapped. After her father had paid a tremendous ransom, the police found her tied up in an abandoned cabin. She was incoherent, screaming meaningless, obscene phrases. Obviously she’d been tortured, raped and beaten. The last article buried in the back of last week’s newspaper indicated the girl was still raving in an asylum.

“Go on, boy, have dinner,” Jack said, straightening and indicating the bowl of food with a sweeping hand gesture.

Sister Mary Theresa shuddered, her mouth opening to scream. But only a rush of air came out as her chest tightened and her mouth turned dry as dust. The young nun was too terrified to move. Lying there, she felt her face drain of blood while her heart pounded maddeningly. But something menacing, something primeval burned in the German shepherd’s eyes. He stopped, his bushy tail dropping between his legs while his tongue retracted in his mouth. She heard a low, growling sound.

“Get away!” she cried, kicking one leg at the animal as she rolled onto her ass and scooted back away from the German shepherd. This was awful! There was no way to turn. The men were blocking the open doorway, their rifles held loosely in their hands as they watched the scene unfold in front of them. She felt as if she were in some terrible porno movie. “Get back!” the young nun screamed, feeling her back pressing against another wall. Nowhere to turn, nowhere! She stared at the big dog with wide, terrified eyes. Her flesh was dampened by perspiration, making her heavy nun’s garment cling to her body uncomfortably.

Patch retreated, circling the screaming nun several times, waiting for her to calm down. Then he bolted forward again, his paws striking her chest, knocking her back to the floor.

Sister Mary Theresa let out a shout, her arms flying out in crucifix fashion.

Sister Mary Theresa was petrified. But then why wasn’t she screaming or praying to God any more?

“Oh, no! Oh, my God!” she finally managed to say.

Pictures of how the holy women of her faith had suffered indignations similar to this one without complaint flashed through her mind. Yes, holy women had endured humiliations like these. But they had their minds focused on heaven. Slowly she was responding to this terrible act of depravity!

“Oh, God, save me, save me,” Sister Mary Theresa whispered.


“Glad I got a chance to fuck her,” Rick said pointedly, smirking at the sullen Joe. Instead he stood next to his men, his eyes glistening with excitement while Sister Mary Theresa grunted, humped and hunched like a wild woman.

“Uhhhhhhh!” she cried. Every tiny hollow of her pussy was peeled back now.

“Man, think he’s gonna fuck her?” Rick asked anxiously.

Sister Mary Theresa didn’t care about anything any more. She could die doing this and it wouldn’t matter. Concern for her eternal soul vanished under this delightful, forbidden excitement. Who cared what or who was between her shivering legs? It wasn’t the Church’s business what she did on her own. To hell with the “calling”! The nun pranced her ass around in the air, growing more and more excited.

“Harder, ohhhh, harder!”

The men sensed she was close to coming. She worked her butt around in frantic circles, crying excitedly through bet nose. Her nostrils burned with the air she sucked in. The more she moved, the more pleasure he brought to her. Sister Mary Theresa felt her sanity slipping as she tilted her cunthole. Then his tongue stuck inside. The young nun could feel her bare ass sliding on a mixture of cum, cunt juice and sweat coating the wood.

The young nun grunted with frustration, rolling her ass down somewhat and panting for him to lap her pussy. Obeying, he rose slightly and searched deeper in her pussy with his strong tongue. Her cuntwalls spasmed with that probe. She could feel the muscles trying to grab the man’s knob. She was teetering on the edge of her climax. The muscles in her ass cramped. Crying out like a mad woman, she fanned her toes until they cramped too. Sister Mary Theresa raised her knees a little higher, feeling like an animal herself. She couldn’t talk any more. All she could do was moan.

She was coming! With a slow, terrible cramping series of spasms she was coming! The nun’s face became red and pinched while her legs kicked out. She was giving him all of her cunt now. Every wet, slick hidden hollow, every fold was exposed. Oh, if only she could have something in her pussy, something to shove those quivering cuntwalls apart!

The sharp edge of her climax cut through her like a rusty knife. She thrashed across the floor like a snake, convulsing and screaming like a mad woman. She knew there was no escape until he was finished with her.

It was a double climax! Or was it just a continuation of the first? Sister Mary Theresa didn’t know. What did it matter? She gazed down at the still licking man. She scratched him hard, digging her fingernails into his back. He was wiggling his narrow ass. “Oh!”

Sister Mary Theresa bucked backward, rolling and squirming on the floor as her orgasm tortured her with a pleasure too intense to stand. Each time she had sex, her response was more frenzied, more powerful than the last! This time she’d nearly passed out from pleasure.

“God help me, help me,” she whispered mechanically. The nun didn’t expect any help from… if indeed there were a God! Why should something so powerfully good lend a hand to a filthy woman like her?

Her thoughts were interrupted by a hot, flicking sensation striking her thighs, making stringy lines up one side of her body. Looking down again, she realized the man was rubbing his cock against her calf and knee. He was humping forward with rapid movements. Each time he did, his knobby cock sprayed out jizz.

Sister Mary Theresa cried out again, trying to stagger to her feet. But it was useless. All her strength left her. She lay there, being covered with that foul man, stinking like a barn while the men watched and laughed at her.

She was still babbling, moaning, turning her head away from the commandos.

“God in heaven!” she panted. It was still too dreamlike for her to comprehend. If she had really done this, really opened her body to another man. Surely some terrible fate awaited her for committing this depraved act.

Sister Mary Theresa made it to the desk, curling bet fingers around one of the legs and holding tightly onto it. There was some sense of reassurance, some feeling of reality coming to her by performing this simple act.

“Strip her, clean her up and take her down to the other nuns,” Jack said tersely. A strange smile crossed his face as Rick and Joe slid their hands under her arms and pulled Sister Mary Theresa groaning from the floor. They dragged her to the doorway, her tattered habit trailing behind her. Her head hung limply forward. She opened her eyes and flashed the handsome young commando a look of sorrow and fear.

“Please, leave me alone. Please, stop this! You’re endangering your mortal soul.”

How silly, how hollow those words sounded now. How awe-inspiring they had sounded several years ago when the archbishop of San Francisco had pronounced them solemnly in the cathedral. But now she nearly laughed herself after warning Jack and the others.

“Fuck my mortal soul!” he snarled. “That fuckin’ dude from Spain’s got more to worry about than I do,” he said, patting his rifle. “Just a little more,” he added, glancing again at his wristwatch. He was so cocky, so sure of success! Only then did Sister Mary Theresa remember the real reason for this madness. They were simply passing time, amusing themselves in the safety of a hideout, waiting for the hour when they could go out and gun down an innocent man! No, she had to warn people somehow. There’d be blood on her hands for eternity. Whatever sexual atrocities she had committed here and would commit, they would pale next to the crime of murder!

“Come on,” Rick said to his buddy.

Both dragged her down the corridor silently. At times the young nun tried to walk. But she was so weakened from her ordeals, she finally let them drag her along as if she were a sack of potatoes.

They took her to the bathroom, that awful place where Sister Mary Theresa had first learned of her powerful, suppressed sex drive. Tearing the filthy garments from her body, Rico shoved the protesting mm into one of the five shower stalls.

The nun stood there, leaning against one of the cold metal walls, modestly covering her pussy and tits with her crossed hands and arms. It was silly to keep up this pretext of modesty considering what she had done with these men. But old habits die hard. She stood in the shower stall then, feeling weaker by the second as Joe reached in and turned on the water.


Sister Mary Theresa gasped. The water hit like a hammer on her sensitive flesh. Joe turned the shower head so the main stream bit her pussy. It was as if someone had punched her cunt. Then the man moved the water up to her tits. Her nipples sunk into the firm flesh surrounding them under the powerful flow. She felt the whole mass of each tit aching with arousal. Oh, now she was turning onto water! Was there nothing that could stop her sexuality? The outside heat of the water and the inner heat of her lust combined, to make the nun pant from excitement.

“Oh, no, no!”

The nun put her hands to her face. The shame of feeling this in front of these men made her tremble. She wept, wishing she could die on the spot.

“This’ll wash it out,” Joe said, pushing her back so roughly her head struck the metal stall with a loud thud. Sister Mary Theresa cried out, then felt her knees giving way. With a long, low moan the nun slipped to the shower stall floor, the water blasting into her face, wetting down her hair to her skull.

She weakly covered her face with one hand, turning it away from the men and the stream of water now raising clouds of steam from the floor. She lay weeping as Rico played the stream over her body.


The young nun opened her legs, bringing her knees to her belly. The incredibly heavy rush of warm water on her clit made the girl’s hips rise and fall. She cried out again with a mixture of shame and lust, letting her upraised knees fall open fetter. She tried to stop this crazy cunt heat by holding her hands over her throbbing, sensitive pussy. But still her hips rolled shamelessly, much to the delight of the two commandos washing her down.

“Oh, unnngh!”

Every time Sister Mary Theresa put her hands over her cunt, Rick moved the stream to blast her nipples. The splashing droplets of water bounced off her tits and shot into her nose or mouth. Sister Mary Theresa coughed, gasping for air.

“Fuck the water, honey, that’s it, fuck the water,” Rick said derisively.

The nun couldn’t hide this growing heat from them. She knew she was rutting there like a cow in front of them. She was helpless, powerless against her own body. No matter how she tried, the nun still sought out the stream, still fucked back at the rushing warm water.

“Shit, she ain’t gonna just sit there and fuck water when I ain’t had nothin’,” Joe muttered, his eyes bugging out as be watched the nun thrash around on the stall floor.

Sister Mary Theresa twisted her hips, seeking out the stream. It was feeling more and more excitingly erotic. The hot mass of feelings in her crotch accelerated, sharpening to a fever pitch as the water beat steadily at her clit. Her flesh squeaked on the cement floor. Sister Mary Theresa knew all the sweat and cum of the doggie show had come off by now. But she still remained in the shower, drinking in that pulsing sensation taking over her pussy. Gritting her teeth, she tried to force an orgasm right there in the stall.

A quick move of Rick’s arm swept the water across her tits, leaving her cunt high and dry.

“Uhhhh!” she grunted with frustration.

“Take her, kid,” Rick said.

Joe didn’t need further encouragement. Rick had turned off the water while his buddy ducked in, pulling the rutting nun from the stall and dragging her out into the bathroom. She opened her mouth to speak but nothing came out. Joe was on top of her in a second, tearing open his zipper, yanking out his cock while knocking her legs apart with his knees. She felt the hard tiles pressing against her butt and shoulder blades. He was fucking her on the floor, his trousers growing dark with water stains while his cock pushed through her wet cuntlips. Already the nun could feel her pussy muscles contracting, grabbing tightly and greedily at his cockhead as it pierced her hot drooling fuckhole.

“Let’s take the slut to the others,” Joe said, getting up unsteadily.

Sister Mary Theresa looked up at him and felt like an old worn dishrag.


“There’s a phone working in the office just below Mother Superior’s,” Sister Mary Dominic whispered as the men gathered at the other end of the room. Sister Mary Theresa’s eyes widened. There was hope, hope she could alert the outside world to the coming terror. “I know it’s working. I heard one of them talking to someone just a few minutes after they brought you here.”

The young nun blushed as she stared at her flaked fellow nun. Yes, it was embarrassing. Sister Mary Theresa remembered the shocked expression of Mother Superior and the others when Rick and Joe pushed her into this reception room area, then told the captive gathering what they’d done to her. Some of the nuns wailed, others prayed in silence while Mother Superior’s face seemed to turn gray with the confession.

But there was no time for pride. They had to warn the Spanish diplomat that his life was in danger. What group had tired Jack and his terrorist band was unimportant now. The police could find that out easily enough. Right now, she or someone else here had to notify the authorities.

“You, on the floor,” Jack said, pointing a finger at Sister Mary Theresa.

His voice rang out like a shot in the room, making the women all jump and gasp.

“And you too,” he growled, pointing to the petite nun Sister Mary Theresa had been whispering to.

“Me?” Sister Mary Dominic gasped, her eyes widening. The youngest of all the nuns sat in horror. She’d always been the pride of the convent, modest, quiet, shy to the point of complete reticence. Now someone was singling her out for something terrible.

“Yeah, you,” Jack said, walking over to her. The nuns gasped again when he yanked the young girl from the chair and pulled her toward Sister Mary Theresa. “Now strip?”

She looked incredulously at him.

“No,” she whispered, unable to comprehend what he’d just said.

Smiling, Jack turned around, then raised a hand high in the air. For a moment Sister Mary Theresa thought he was going to strike her friend. But the blow was meant for her.


The naked nun cried out, staggering back then falling to the floor. Jack shrugged off his M-16, holding it by the barrel and driving the tip of it into her pussy. Everyone screamed, then held their breaths as he started fucking the trembling nun with his rifle.

“You want me to clean her out with this?” he asked, his eyes riveted to Sister Mary Theresa, even though his question was directed elsewhere. The nuns watched in horror as his finger flirted with the trigger.

“No!” Sister Mary Dominic cried, covering her mouth with her fingers. She was turning white, trembling with shame and terror as she contemplated what was surely to happen next.

“Then strip!” he growled, shoving at least three inches of the cold metal barrel in the nun beneath him.

Slowly, reluctantly, the tiny nun did as she was told. In a few moments she’d stepped from her black panties, standing knock-kneed, naked in front of the gaping crowd. She hunched her shoulders forward, covering her tits and pussy with her hand and arms. Her face turned a brighter and brighter red while her flesh broke out into goose pimples. She was shamed, shamed beyond simple mortification.

Jack finally took his eyes off Sister Mary Theresa and looked approvingly at the naked nun standing some five feet from him.

“Nice, nice. Not as good as that slut there, but nice,” he crooned, admiring the petite woman’s boyish figure.

“Leave her alone!” Mother Superior snapped, about to stand up.

“Sit back down, you old crow,” he growled. “Sit down or I’ll tear your clothes off and stick this gun up your fuckin’ old cunt.”

The words had their effect.

“Now, get down on the floor and suck her cunt,” Jack said more mildly, turning back toward the young nun.


“Down!” he barked, putting both hands on her shoulders and shoving down.

“Sister, listen. Whatever happens, you’ve got to get out of here, go for the phone, warn the police,” Sister Mary Theresa whispered as the trembling woman sank to her knees.

“What are you going to do to them?” the older woman asked in a trembling voice. She was holding tightly onto the beaded rosary, her fingers moving over the stones.

“Just wait. I’ll give you one hell of a show. Hey, lick her pussy!”

The words sounded like a gunshot in the tiny room. The seated nuns gasped, their eyes round with disbelief at the foul language and the order it expressed. Mother Superior crossed herself swiftly, holding tightly onto the row of beads while Sister Mary Dominic knelt in front of the reclining Sister Mary Theresa. She was terrified. Looking up at the big man, she could see his bulging crotch, his thick-muscled arms, his finger flicking playfully around the trigger of his M-16 rifle.

“Suck her cunt, baby, suck it good. You won’t have no problems. This one turns onto water,” Joe said with a sharp laugh.

“I… can’t,” Sister Mary Dominic stammered, turning her face away and hiding it in her hands.

“Sure you can,” Jack said, slinging his rifle behind his butt and holding her tightly by the shoulders.

“Don’t fight them,” Sister Mary Theresa counseled, raising herself up from the floor and stretching out one arm protectively toward the young nun. The girl trembled, her eyes glazing over while her flesh puckered up into goose pimples.

“Go on, suck on her clit,” Jack said, reaching over and wrapping his fingers in the nun’s blonde hair. He gave it several yanks, drawing from her, a series of sharp screams punctuated by the other nuns odes. Mother Superior raised her eyes to the ceiling, her fingers moving noiselessly over the beads.

Reluctantly the nun lowered her head, then stopped.

“I can’t, I can’t!” she cried, covering her face with both hands once more and turning away. Jack muttered something obscene, then hit her hard across one side of her head. The young nun screamed, her body jerking to the side. She shot out one hand, catching herself from falling to her side. Jack struck her again, sending her hair splashing across one side of her face. A third blow knocked her to the floor, her arms spread out in front of her.

“Stop it!” Sister Mary Theresa cried, moving up to Sister Mary Dominic’s spread legs. She pushed her hair back behind her ears and stared at the curly blonde pussy hairs. Under the thick growth of tangled hairs, she could see the red gash of Sister Mary Dominic’s pussylips. How strange it was to be in this position, crouched like an animal over another nun. She also stopped, unable to go any farther, for the moment. Sister Mary Theresa saw Jack moving behind her and knew the same treatment waited for her if she failed to follow his command.

“You suck Pollyanna then,” Jack said, pushing the nun’s head forward.

Sister Mary Theresa moved her head a little lower, her breath moving many of the cunt curls. The hair was so soft and curly. Sister Mary Theresa flicked out her tongue, sucked in a deep breath and held it as she licked up the slit between the nun’s pussylips.

“Uggghhhh!” Sister Mary Dominic cried, her fingers curling and her nails scratching her naked thighs. The young nun’s eyes closed, her upper teeth biting hard into her lip. Sister Mary Theresa repeated the licking action. Soon a glistening oil was bubbling out from the nun’s slit, wetting down her inner thighs. Jack laughed derisively.

“They’re all alike. So fuckin’ holy! Then they bend over soon as you snap your fingers.”

“Our father…” Mother Superior whispered, watching with horror as the two nuns began to warm to their task.

“Ohhhhh!” Sister Mary Dominic cried. The moan marked the end of her reluctance. She wrapped her arms around the other woman. Sister Mary Theresa groaned back, scooting around on the floor until the two of them were lying side by side naked.

The other nuns turned their heads away or watched in disbelief as the cunt-licking scene proceeded. Sister Mary Theresa felt the world fade around her as her friend began to massage her sore pussy. Looking up, she saw the young woman’s little virgin cunt poised over her. Her mind whirled around and around. Never had she harbored any thoughts about going to bed with another woman. Always her erotic dreams had been about men.

But now driven half-crazy with torture and fucking, the young nun was ready to take on anything, even in front of this wailing group.

Slowly Sister Mary Dominic’s curly-haired pussy lowered almost to within licking distance. Just as the dark slit parted, Sister Mary Theresa felt a tongue ease into her pussy. It slipped carefully in, working past her tense, eager cuntlips. The other nun blew hot breath through her pussy hairs while she licked the bud of her clit.

“Ohhhh!” Sister Mary Theresa cried as she felt the other nun fit her mouth tightly onto her drooling cunt and start to suck.


What happened next wasn’t very clear to the confused nuns involved in the sex scene. Sister Mary Theresa was on the bottom, smoothing her hands over the other nun’s legs while squeezing her ass and hunching up to Sister Mary Dominic’s sucking mouth. At the same time, the young nun above her was going wild, hunching her pussy hard against her friend’s face. Her clit popped out, trembling wildly as Sister Mary Theresa blew her hot breath through her cunt hair.

“Man, bet all these broads suck cunt,” Joe muttered, pushing the barrel of his rifle under the skins of one of the sitting nuns. The woman screamed, gathering her dress about her tightly and watching the man with horror.

Meanwhile Sister Mary Theresa and Sister Mary Dominic were going wild. The reluctant young nun had soon turned into a spirited sex partner. She shoved down with her hips, grinding her pussy hard into the other woman’s face. At the same time she spread her legs, stretching her asscheeks apart so Sister Mary Theresa could get her finger deep inside. It was a signal the other nun recognized and obliged. Quickly she moved her hands over the smooth rounded asscheeks, sliding the fingers into Sister Mary Dominic’s asscrack.

“Uhhhhhh!” the younger nun cried, pulling her head from between Sister Mary Theresa’s legs as a finger slipped into her asshole. She wiggled her hips, angling her thighs and lowering her pussy back down to the other nun’s mouth.

Just as Sister Mary Theresa felt her pussy swell to the bursting point, Jack bent down and pulled the younger nun roughly away.

Sister Mary Theresa cried, panting heavily like an animal. Cunt juice and spittle flecked her inner thighs while a deep flush of excitement covered her belly, chest and face.

“Show’s over,” Jack said, glancing down at his wristwatch.

Clearing her head as best she could, the nun realized the importance of getting help now. The Spanish diplomat would die if the police weren’t notified soon.

“We got a few minutes,” Joe said, also glancing at his wristwatch. Rico and Rick had begun tying up some of the nuns, stuffing handkerchiefs in their mouths while fixing their wrists and ankles to the chairs they sat in.

“Not that much. Wait,” Jack said, his eyes brightening as an idea shot through his mind. “Get the mutt. Let the others know what kinda shit they’ve got here.”

“Think he’s back in the van. I’ll get him.” Joe said, ducking out of the room.

“No, no, not that! Not that!” Sister Mary Theresa cried, scrambling to her feet. She clenched her fingers into two tight fists, pressing them hard against her naked thighs. Her eyes started from her head while sweat broke out all over her body.

“All right, then we’ll put this one through the paces,” Jack said, reaching out and grabbing a fistful of Sister Mary Dominic’s hair. The young nun screamed, her hands jerking up and beating back at the commando as he yanked hard. Sister Mary Theresa stepped forward to help, then stopped as Rico aimed his rifle at her belly.

The other nuns screamed again through their gags while Sister Mary Theresa blushed. The world had ended for her. At least for Sister Mary Dominic there was hope. She couldn’t let the same thing happen to this young nun that happened to her.

“Let her go,” she said in a low, trembling voice, her eyes dropping to the floor.

“I… I think I’m gonna be sick,” Sister Mary Dominic moaned, holding her belly tightly with both hands after Jack had released her hair. She shivered, her face turning white as a cold sweat broke out on her forehead. Then turning around stretching, the young nun bolted from the room, her feet padding down the tiled corridor toward the bathroom. They all heard the large doors bang open, shortly afterward followed by the continual flushing of a toilet.

Jack laughed, shaking his head from side to side.

“Keep an eye on her,” he said to Rico, jerking his head in the direction of the opened door. The young commando looked at Sister Mary Theresa, then reluctantly backed out of the room.

“Oops, sorry,” Joe said, banging into his buddy was a brief scuffle at the door. There commandos and the dog stumbled over one another.

“Damn it, this ain’t no comedy flick,” Jack snarled.

After some time the small group disentangled itself, Rico going out into the corridor looking for the young nun and Joe entering the reception room with Patch. Jack and Rick had finished binding and gagging the nuns.

“Ohhh!” Sister Mary Theresa cried, sinking dazed to the floor. It was happening all over again!

Tears streaked the lined old face of Mother Superior as she watched one of her favorite nuns race down the path toward hell.

“Harder!” she cried, curling her toes and digging the nails into the floor.

Jack was touching her with his rifle, ordering her to get up and roll over.

Fighting through the fog of sensuality that had made her powerless, the young nun did as she was told. In a second she found herself on her hands and knees, her thunderous tits hanging and nearly touching the floor while her ass tilted high in the air and wagged provocatively at the man.

“In there!” she whispered, her knuckles whitening with growing tension.

Could she really go this far? Oh, how she’d give anything to feel something long and hard in her slit! None of them would fuck her. Sister Mary Theresa felt nails scratching at her asscheeks. With a shout of horror, the young nun realized she was being mounted by the man.

Sister Mary Theresa was babbling, throwing her ass around in frantic tight circles to urge the man on. Was it really happening? Could she actually be performing this vile act in a room where whispering too loudly had been severely punished? Suddenly Sister Mary Theresa heard loud laughter. After some time, she realized the laughter was coming from her. Fucking! That’s all there was in the world. That’s all that was worth anything in the world! Hysterical, the young nun took on the man with a relish that surprised even the jaded commandos.

A flash of sex hunger shot through the nun’s reeling mind. Her excitement was at a keen pitch. Sobbing, gasping in air to feed her writhing body, she felt his red, knobby prick slip into her cunt.


“Tie her up and let’s get the fuck outta here,” Jack snapped.

Rico and Joe worked quickly, picking up Sister Mary Theresa and dropping her into a vacant chair. They needn’t have tied her and gagged her. She was far too tired, far to crazed to have done anything. Still the ropes cinched her tits and bound her wrists and ankles.

“It’s been fun, ladies, but now it’s back to work,” he said, smirking at the nuns as his buddies and the animal quickly evacuated the large reception room.

Several minutes passed. Some of the nuns began working their hands against the ropes, trying to get free. Sister Mary Dominic tried to catch her friend’s attention.

Sister Mary Theresa only thought of her humiliation, her debasement, all those cocks, all that torture. And hidden behind the handkerchief gag, her lips curled into a smile.

Shots in the street suddenly snapped her to attention. There were shouts, more shots followed by the wail of police sirens. So Sister Mary Dominic had made it to the phone. The bathroom had been a ruse! Glancing over at the young naked nun, she saw from her eyes this was true. Jack and his friends would either be killed on the street or captured and tried. “Oh!”

It was Mother Superior. The old woman had managed to work her hands free. Sister Mary Theresa saw her pull the handkerchief from her mouth, then bend down and untie the rope binding her ankles to the chair. It was over. She could begin her life again.

Or could she? As she watched the old nun begin untying the others, Sister Mary Theresa wandered how she could ever resume her life of prayer? No, no, it was impossible! Whatever violence and filth Jack and his friends had shown her, they also revealed to her how false her life had been. She needed love. What was more, she needed physical stimulation. The order of religion was fine for those who wanted to run from life. But Sister Mary Theresa now realized she needed life, needed stimulation.

“Sister, you have much work to do,” Mother Superior said as she untied the ropes binding Sister Mary Theresa’s anus.

“Yes, more than you know,” she replied, staring back at the older woman, then pushing her away as she finished loosening the ropes.

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Their Naughty Mother

It has been said that every person has some dark passion in his soul — some hidden secret, desire or whim that may never surface to be seen even by the closest confidante. Such a secret can be evil or sinister, or it may be trivial and trite.

In America, such passions are easily submerged and hidden by the complexities of modem everyday life. Yet sometimes these dark passions surface, and the headlines scream of someone’s antisocial behavior or, in some cases, illegal acts. In fact, hardly a day goes by without these hidden passions coming to the fore and resulting in big news.

THEIR NAUGHTY MOTHER is a dramatic representation of a family — a mother and her two daughters — who dare to let their most base desires come to the surface, who dare to indulge their taboo cravings. They are the exceptions in our society-people who are willing to accept the consequences, be it reward or punishment, for allowing themselves to become completely liberated. Their story is a startling insight into the lives of people who dare to let it all hang out.


Claudine Hampton lay on her bed, shivering with anticipation as she always did when Joe was about to fuck her with his magnificent cock. Claudine’s daughters strongly disapproved of Joe, but in spite of this, the man had been living in the house with her for the past six months. Being a highly sexual woman, several men had lived with Claudine since her divorce several years ago, and her daughters had become accustomed to having her lovers living with them, but neither of the girls could stand Joe. He was a big beer-drinking bum that Claudine was actually supporting on her waitress wages, but his huge cock and his skill at using it had made Claudine his virtual slave.

Since that early age, her entire life had been dedicated to fucking and more fucking, but she’d never met such a stud as Joe Walker, and in spite of her daughters’ objections, she had no intention of losing him. In her mid-thirties, Claudine was an extremely beautiful and shapely redhead that men swarmed after, but none could satisfy her like Joe Walker.

Unknown to Claudine, the man was constantly making passes at Mary, her daughter, when he was half drunk and alone in the house with the girl. Mary was a beautiful blonde with big lush tits and a well-rounded ass that Joe couldn’t keep his hands off when he was drinking. The girl often threatened to tell her mother about it, but Joe only laughed, telling Mary that the woman wouldn’t believe her word against his.

Tonight, as Claudine waited in bed for him, she could hear Joe pissing in the bathroom and the sound of his heavy stream of urine splashing into the toilet seemed to excite her even more. Only a big cook like his could piss like a fucking horse.

When he finally crawled into the bed, his breath reeked of stale beer as usual, and his face had a two-day stubble of whiskers, but Claudine was conscious of nothing but the sight of his big gnarly cock with its bulbous head. His massive prick was hard and thick and the knob was a shiny purple that looked ready to explode. Knowing this magnificent tool would soon be drilling into her belly, the woman’s cunt was dripping with lust.

“Oh, darling,” she whispered when his strong arms pulled her soft naked body against his. “I sure need a good fucking tonight.”

“And that’s just what you’re gonna get,” he panted, reaching between her legs and cupping her moist cunt-mound in his palm. With his hand rubbing deliciously against her wet pussy, his middle finger goosed down between the cheeks of her butt, probing for her puckered asshole. The feel of his finger teasing her sensitive shitter as his palm rhythmically rubbed the wet flesh of her dripping cunt soon had the woman squirming with excitement.

“Oh, baby,” he panted. “I’m gonna eat your sweet pussy until you scream.”

Claudine knew he would do this. Joe always sucked her to a thundering climax before he fucked her and the woman loved it. Joe never rushed with Claudine, always teasing her into a wild frenzy before thrusting his glorious rod into her hungry pussy.

Lowering his face, Joe sucked on one of her deliciously turgid nipples for a moment before slowly moving his mouth down over the soft flesh of her belly on its teasing journey to her quivering twat. When his lips were only inches away, he turned around and positioned himself between her parted legs, lightly kissing the sensitive flesh of her soft inner thighs. Moving his mouth up closer to her juicy red-fringed slit, he grasped her soft asscheeks in his hands to hold her squirming body still. His nostrils were soon filled with the heady aroma of her succulent pussy.

Holding her breath with the unbearable suspense, Claudine sank her nails into the sheet as she closed her eyes. In a torment of ecstasy as he licked and teased around the edge of her slit without making contact, she had a screaming urge to grab his head and slam his face down into the steamy hotness of her loins, but from past experience, she knew he would take his own sweet time.

Joe’s thick lips and tongue continued teasing mercilessly between her quivering thighs, inching closer and closet to her passion-hungry cuntlips, lightly blowing his hot breath through her moist triangle of fiery red pussy hairs. Still teasing the beautiful woman to a higher state of arousal, he could feel her soft hot asscheeks quivering in his hands as her entire naked body hummed with desire.

“Please, Joe,” she whispered, her lovely face distorted with lust. “Eat me, honey. I can’t stand it any longer.”

Her moans were becoming louder and more passionate and her wiggly asscheeks were writhing frantically in his hands.

“Suck me, Joe,” she sobbed. “Eat it, honey.”

Now ready for his feast, Joe drilled his thick tongue deep into her frothy cunt as she let out a squeal of pure joy. As he began sucking her dripping pussy in a slow, sensual rhythm, Claudine shuddered with ecstasy and clamped her soft naked thighs tightly against his cheeks.

“Oh, sweet sucking Jesus!” she cried out in an hysterical voice as his hot wet tongue lashed around so deliciously in the warm depths of her quivering cunt.

Arching her hips up, Claudine rotated her hot open pussy against his face, which further excited the slurping man. Joe had never tasted a cunt as sweet and tender as Claudine’s, and he pawed every few minutes to relish the trickle of hot cunt juices dripping over his tongue and to the back of his mouth.

“Don’t stop!” she cried out every time he paused. “Keep suckin’!”

As he momentarily teased her swollen clitty with his tongue and then plunged it back into the hot depths of her cunt, Claudine sank her nails into his shoulders, writhing her ass around in frantic circles.

“Suck, baby, suck!” she cried with joy.

Clutching to her soft buttocks with his hands, Joe’s middle finger was probing around in search of her tight asshole. When he found it, he rammed the length of his finger up her shitter, making the beautiful woman rise in an arc of passion as a wild scream burst from her mouth.

Skewering his finger around deep in the buttery hotness of her rectum while his mouth sucked wetly on the woman’s twat, he could feel her starting to climax. Joe began sucking harder and faster, wanting to please this beautiful woman who furnished him with board and room, all the beer he could drink and the hottest cunt in this part of the country. She was lunging her scalding wet slit against his mouth as he sucked greedily on her swollen clit.

“Oh, shit!” she shrieked. “Aaaaaghhh! Ooooooh! I’m coming… COMMMIIINNNGGG!”

The overwhelming orgasm raced through her writhing loins like a forest fire, sweeping from her cunt to every tingling nerve in her lurching body. Frantically tossing her head from side to side on the pillow, she was hysterically pounding his shoulders with her clenched fists. Locking her juice-smeared thighs against his face, she ground her spasming cunt against his mouth. Claudine was screaming hysterically as the ecstatic joy burned through her quivering cunt flesh. The man continued sucking hungrily on her exploding slit as he savagely pumped his finger in and out of her tingling bung.

Claudine suddenly wished it were his cock in her asshole, but she knew she’d be sodomized by his big ass-splitting dick before the night was over.

His tongue was starting to feel harsh against her twat, but she couldn’t distinguish pain from pleasure in the intensity of her wild orgasm. Joe continued sucking savagely on her spasming cunt flesh as wave after wave of unbelievable bliss boiled through her writhing loins.

“Oh, God,” she whispered when he removed his mouth from her pussy and pulled his finger out of her asshole with a wet plopping sound. “That was so fuckin’ wonderful.”

Claudine could feel her heart pounding in her breast when he climbed up over her, his elbows and knees suspending his big heaving body. With his face grinning down at her, she could feel his hard hot cock burning against the flesh of her inner thigh, and her inflamed cunt was quivering and aching for his long thick boner.

“Hurry,” she whispered. “I can’t stand it any longer. Please shove that big beautiful cock in my cunt.”

“Get on your knees,” he panted, anxious as she was to feel his dick buried in her juicy hot fuck-hole.

When she’d done as he asked, her entire juice-drenched slit was fully exposed for his use.

Panting with excitement, Joe rasped the thick base of his bloated cock in one hand and lewdly rubbed the big purple head against the hot wet flesh of her cuntlips. Easing the sensitive knob between the slippery lips, he suddenly lunged forward, feeling a wild ripple of pleasure rush up the length of his rapidly sinking shaft.

As always, Claudine let out a muffled scream of pain when he first rammed his massive tool into her. For a brief moment her body reacted to the sharp pain, feeling as if she’d been skewered by a huge hot poker, and she let out a deep breath when she felt him slowly withdrawing it.

After a brief pause, he again drove his thick cock back in, and this time Claudine gently squeezed it with her cuntlips as waves of intense pleasure throbbed through her deliciously stretched fuck channel. Her wet slippery cuntlips bloomed apart like the petals of a flower, taking his burning flesh deeper into her tingling hole. The brute size of Joe’s huge tool always hurt the woman when he first drilled it in, but this pain was soon replaced by an unbelievable ecstasy.

“Oh, sweet Joe,” she whispered, clinging tightly to him as his prick sank deeper and deeper into her burning belly. “That’s gotta be the biggest fuckin’ cock in the world.”

“Oh, baby,” he panted. “I love your sweet hot pussy.”

Slowly plunging his big boner in and out between the lush wet folds of her grasping cuntlips, Joe’s hands were gently squeezing and kneading her lust-swollen tits. Fucking his cock into her with a slow, steady rhythm he lowered his face and sucked a big stiff nipple into his mouth.

“Oh, God,” she whispered. “It feels so good.”

Joe was aware that Claudine had been fucking since she was twelve years old, and he could never understand why her cunt was still so deliciously tight and hot. He’d fucked a lot of women in his life, but he’d never found another pussy to equal this one.

A sudden sob of passion came up from deep in Claudine’s throat when she felt his massive cockhead drilling even deeper into her pulsing, prick-filled cunt. Grasping at his sinewy butt with her hands, she dug her fingers into the crack of his ass, puffing him further into her.

“Oh, shit, how I love it,” she mewled, clawing at the cheeks of his ass. “I love it when you fuck me, darling.”

Suddenly scissoring her soft bare legs around his waist, her clinging cunt began climbing up and down over his plunging boner, the bigness of his juice-slickened cock filling her with a violent joy. Ripples of excitement tingled through the raw nerve ends of her cunt as Joe began thrusting his throbbing hardness deeper and harder into the steaming depths of her belly. She could hear him panting with unrestrained lust as his big sweaty balls pounded softly against the soft cheeks of her quivering ass. Her cunt muscles began involuntarily sucking and squeezing against the thickness of his cock as it filled her fuck-hole to perfection. Her pussy was hungrily trying to swallow every inch of his throbbing hot cock as deep as possible. She only wished it could be drilled right up through her guts to her throat. She wanted to have her entire body filled with the man’s magnificent dick.

The tight hotness of her twat around his plunging shaft was further inflaming the man’s intense lust. Her pussy was a tight mass of hot juicy softness that was deliciously stoking his hard sensitive cock flesh, sending wild ripples of joy streaking up and down the length of his hard erection.

“God, what a cunt!” he panted, increasing the tempo of his deep thrusts. “No other pussy can fuck like yours.”

Thrilled at his words, Claudine was conscious of nothing but an intense pleasure that was filling her body, and the delicious joy that streaked through her loins. Arching her hips up, she lifted them both from the bed as she began slamming her cunt up to receive every powerful thrust of his thick cock.

“Oh, baby!” he gasped. “I can’t hold back any longer! I’m gonna shoot… gonna shoot!”

“Oh, yes, darling!” she squealed, feeling her own orgasm mounting in her loins. “Fill me with it, baby! FUCK ME! I’M COMING, TOO! FUCK ME, YOU SWEET BASTARD! FUCK! FUCK! FUUUUCK!”

Claudine had never experienced such intense ecstasy, and clinging tightly to the lurching man above her, the woman’s head was flopping back and forth on the pillow, her long red hair flying wildly around her lust-distorted face. Her bare heels were digging into the crack of his ass as his huge cock pounded into her.


On and on he fucked his massive rod into her fiery slit, his ejaculation only a few strokes away. When the supreme moment arrived, she felt his prick quivering and jerking in her cunt, and a shrill scream escaped from her throat, her face suddenly contorting with lust as she felt his hot cum spewing out of his deeply imbedded cockhead. It gushed against her womb, saturating her cunt walls as spurt after spurt of his thick, slippery sperm continued squirting out of his belching knob.

“YES, DARLING, YES!” she wailed, clinging tightly to him as she writhed her sucking cunt up around the thick base of his spurting cock. “FILL ME WITH IT, BABY! SHIT, HOW I LOVE THAT JIZZ!”

Sinking her teeth into his shoulder, Claudine arched her body up, lifting him easily in her wild state of passion. Waves of unbelievable ecstasy streaked out from between her legs, reaching the tips of her toes, her fingers and her big bursting nipples. The man’s profuse amount of cum still poured into her climaxing cunt as her hot swollen pussylips clung hungrily to his slowly shrinking prick, sucking put the last drops of his dribbling cum.

“God, baby,” he gasped as her sucking twat continued squeezing the last drops from his quivering prick. “You sure know how to fuck.”

“Wasn’t that neat,” she whispered, her tight ass twitching as she lay beneath him, his soft thick dick still warmly encased in her cum soaked cunt. “You have the most wonderful cock in the whole fucking world.”

When Joe’s breathing returned to normal, he slowly withdrew his limp prick and rolled off her warm damp body. Lifting himself onto one elbow, he stared down at her lovely naked body with his thick white jizz oozing out from between her open cuntlips. He’d been fucking the shit out of Claudine for the last six months, but he’d never seen her as hot as she was tonight.

“Oh, Joe,” she whispered to him. “I don’t know what I’d ever do without that big beautiful cock of yours.”

“You’d find another one,” he grinned. “No,” sighed Claudine. “I’d die if you ever left me.”

“Then go get me a beer,” he teased.

When Claudine returned with the cold can of suds, she found the man propped up on his pillow, gently fondling his limp wet dick.

“What the hell are you doing?” she giggled, handing him his beer. “Aren’t you a bit old to be playing with yourself?”

“I’m trying to get it up again,” smiled Joe. “I still feel like fucking.”

“So do I,” whispered Claudine. “You just drink your beer and I’ll take care of your prick.”

As the man began sipping from the can, Claudine moved her head down and slipped his thick limp prick into her mouth.

“That’s my baby,” she giggled when she felt his cock beginning to stir and swell between her lips.

Within a few minutes she was stroking and sucking on a big throbbing boner.

“There,” she smiled, removing his big lust swollen cock from her mouth. “Now what are you going to do with your brand-new hard-on?”

“Shove it up your ass,” was his quick reply. “All the way up into your hot shitter.”

“Oh, good,” she giggled, scrambling onto her hands and knees. “I was hoping you’d ream my ass out.”

Joe moved behind her and rubbed his cockhead I against her tight asshole.


The next day was Claudine’s day off at the cafe and she spent the entire morning thinking about Joe’s big dong while doing her housework. Claudine was always super horny after she’d been well fucked and today was no exception. Not only was she thinking about Joe’s big prick, but her thoughts drifted to other affairs she’d had in the past, and the more she thought about them, the more aroused she was getting.

Alone in the house that afternoon, she wished that Joe wasn’t down at the tavern as usual because she was more than ready for another hot fuck session. Sitting in the kitchen, she was watching through the window where Nancy, her daughter was playing with a boy in the back yard. Nancy was on the swing and her friend was pushing her so she could fly as high as possible. The girl’s skirt was riding up on her legs and Claudine could see Nancy’s white panties between her thighs as she flew up and down on the swing. Being in a horny mood, Claudine suddenly wondered if her daughter had ever been fucked. Watching the teens, Claudine’s thoughts drifted back to that first time she’d been fucked. The woman had done a lot of screwing since then, but that first one had been the most memorable. She could still clearly remember every detail of how the boy had buried his stiff prick into her pussy.

Staring up between her daughter’s bare thighs as she flew back and forth on the swing, Claudine could almost visualize a boy’s cock drilling into Nancy’s pussy. The more she thought about it, the more aroused she became.

Thinking about it, Claudine reached up under her skirt and began fingering her clitty.

Claudine was on the verge of bringing herself off when she heard the teens coming through the back door. She barely had her finger out of her twat when the kiss entered the kitchen.

“Hi, Mom,” sang Nancy. “Mark and I want a glass of water.”

Mark was too embarrassed to speak, but he was sure enjoying what the beautiful woman was doing to him.

“Does that feel good?” smiled Claudine as she began teasing his foreskin up and down over his pink cockhead.

“You better be careful,” he said. “Or you’re gonna make me shoot goo all over you.”

“Nancy,” she said, ignoring his remark and reaching for her daughter’s hand. “Touch his cock and see how good it feels.”

The girl’s heart was pounding wildly in her breast when Claudine wrapped the teen’s fingers around Mark’s hot stiff prick. Nancy had been secretly dying to see a boy’s cock for the last couple of years, and now she was actually touching one.

“Slide the skin up and down,” her mother suggested. “Boys love that.”

Nancy’s virginal twat was getting all hot and itchy between her legs as she excitedly stoked the hot hardness of Mark’s rigid dick.

“Does it feel good, Mark?” Nancy asked as the boy leaned back against the sink to steady his trembling legs.

“Jeez, yes,” he panted. “It’s neat.”

“That’s enough,” said Claudine a few moments later, not wanting the boy to shoot his wad.

“Now I think you should let Mark play with your titties.”

“But, Mother,” gasped the girl. “I can’t let him do that.”

“Why not?” laughed Claudine. “He let you play with his prick.”

“But that’s different,” Nancy argued.

“No it isn’t,” her mother persisted. “Take your dress off.”

“Oh, Mom,” the girl blushed. “I just can’t do that.”

“Mark,” said Claudine, turning to the boy. “Wouldn’t you like to play with Nancy’s boobs?”

“Sure,” he grinned.

“Now stop being silly, Nancy,” the woman said sharply. “Take off your dress.”

Seeing that her mother meant business, the girl grasped the hem and quickly pulled the short summer dress off over her head. When she’d removed it, Mark just stared excitedly at Nancy as she stood there with nothing on but a pair of cotton panties. The girl wasn’t overweight, but she still had a bit of baby fat on her that made her bare thighs appear plump and soft. Mark’s eyes drifted up over her softly rounded tummy to her tits.

“May I touch them?” Mark nervously asked.

“Certainly,” said Claudine when Nancy didn’t answer.

The girl didn’t know what to expect, but a delicious tingle raced from her tits to her pussy when Mark’s fingers lightly grazed across her quivering nipples.

“Oh, Mark,” she giggled excitedly. “That feels funny.”

“Does it feel good?” he asked.

“Gee, yes,” answered Nancy as the delicious tingles raced through her body.

He was soon squeezing and rubbing her firm tits as Nancy squealed with joy. The gin had never felt anything so fucking good in her life.

“Why don’t you suck on them?” Claudine suggested to the boy. “I’m sure she’d like that.”

“May I?” Mark excitedly asked the girl.

“I guess so,” stammered Nancy, her entire body aflame with this new-found lust.

The girl nearly fainted when Mark wolfed one of her big hard nipples into his hot moist mouth. Nancy almost blew her mind as Mark hungrily sucked and pulled on her quivering titty-bud with his hot wet lips. The girl was near hysteria when Mark finally released her big turgid nipple from his mouth.

“Let’s go in on the couch,” suggested Claudine as the teens stared at each other in awe, unable to believe their bodies could give so much pleasure. “I’ll teach you lots of neat games to play.”

When they were in the living room, the teens stared excitedly at Nancy’s mother, wondering what was going to happen next.

“Now drop your cut-offs,” smiled Claudine, patting Mark’s head.

“Right here?” he gasped.

“Yes, right here, honey,” she answered, and then turned to Nancy. “And you take your panties off.”

When they’d done as Claudine ordered, the two teens stared down at each other’s pubic areas. Mark had never seen anything like Nancy’s wet pink slit. The soft wisps of downy hair were glistening with the warm juices that were oozing out from between her deliciously moist cuntlips.

Nancy was just as excited over the boy’s cock and balls. His nut-sac was a soft pink with a growth of blond cock-hairs swirling around it. His stiff pecker was standing up firm and erect against his belly, throbbing wildly with the intense excitement he was feeling.

Staring at the two healthy naked teens, Claudine could hardly wait to see them screw. She thoroughly envied them, wishing it were she who was about to experience her first glorious fuck again.

“Have you ever played with a girl’s pussy?” Claudine asked, watching the way Mark was staring at her daughter’s juicy slit.

“Gee, no,” he answered excitedly.

“Lay back on the couch,” Claudine said to her daughter. “Mark’s going to play with your twat.”

“Will it hurt?” the girl asked.

“God, no,” laughed her mother. “You’re gonna love it.”

When the girl had spread out on her back with her thighs open and knees drawn up, Claudine turned to Mark. “Okay, honey, it’s all yours, so have a good time.”

Sitting down on the edge of the sofa, the boy reached out and lightly touched Nancy’s hat, wet twat with the tip of his finger.

“Stick it in,” giggled Claudine. “Don’t be afraid. She’ll love it.”

“Jeez,” he gasped, easing his finger up into the juicy hotness of her tiny cunt. “It feels all hot and squishy.”

“It’s supposed to,” giggled Claudine. “Now pump your finger in and out.”

Nancy let out a wild squeal of joy when Mark started briskly finger-fucking her.

“Does it feel good?” the depraved mother asked her daughter.

“Yes! Yes!” cried Nancy. “Faster, Mark, faster.” The cute red-headed girl was soon writhing all over the sofa as Mark’s finger flew in and out of her hot slit.

“Oh, Mark!” Nancy cried out. “It feels so good, honey! Oh, God, that feels good!”

“Rub her clitty,” Claudine suggested, pointing to the red shaft that was just inside the top of her slit.

“What’s that?” asked the boy.

“Her girl-prick,” answered Nancy’s mother. “Just rub it and she’ll love it.”

That was the understatement of the year. The moment he touched it, Nancy went into a wild frenzy and began screaming hysterically.

“YES! YES!” she shrieked. “That’s it, Mark! Oh, shit, it’s so good… so good… SO GOOD! Faster, honey, faster! OOOOOOH! AAAAWWWW!”

Within a matter of seconds, Nancy’s shuddering body exploded into a wild lurching orgasm. She’d never experienced such ecstasy before in her life.

“Was that nice?” her mother asked when the girl recovered from her violent, climax.

“Gee, Mom,” she giggled. “I’ve never felt anything so wild in my life.”

“Have you ever heard of screwing?” Claudine suddenly asked.

“Sure,” answered Nancy. “The kids talk about it all the time.”

“Well,” smiled her mother. “That feels even better than what Mark did to you.”

“That’s right, honey,” smiled Claudine, becoming more excited by the second. “Why don’t you let Mark fuck you?”

“Are you serious?”

“Sure,” her mother answered. “I’m sure Mark would like to screw you.”

“Would you, Mark?” the girl asked.

“Heck, yes,” he grinned, rubbing his stiff cock.

“But I don’t know hot to fuck,” stammered Nancy, not sure that she’d like the boy to stick his hard pecker in her.

“I’ll show you how,” Claudine smiled. “Just lay back on the couch and open your legs.”

Still a bit apprehensive, but highly aroused from her finger-fuck, the girl obeyed her mother’s suggestion.

“Do you know how to do it?” she asked Mark.

“I think so,” he replied. “But I’m not sure.”

“Just crawl up between her legs,” said Claudine. When the boy was positioned above Nancy’s quivering body, Claudine tenderly took his erect prick between her thumb and forefinger and guided his bright-pink cockhead into the deliciously hot wet mouth of her daughter’s twat. A wild shiver raced up his spine when Mark felt Nancy’s pussy lips squeezing against his hard knob as he pushed it into her. Her juicy hole felt so fucking hot and tight and velvety that he almost shot his wad before his cock was all the way in.

“Oh, Jesus,” whispered Nancy, feeling a boy’s hard hot prick entering her pussy for the first time.

A wild expression came over her pretty freckle-dusted face and her big green eyes opened wider and wider as her mother guided his slim hard rod into her slippery twat. It felt rather funny and strange, yet it was wildly exciting. The boy’s cock wasn’t all that big, but it felt enormous to Nancy in her tiny unwed aunt.

Mark had to push very slowly because the girl’s hot pussy was so tight. He kept pushing harder, and Nancy let out a scream when his stiff prick broke through her hymen. It hurt a bit, but once he’d passed through it, everything began to feel deliciously good to her again. At last his slim hard dick was all the way in, completely and deliciously filling her tiny hot cunt.

“Does it feel good?” her mother whispered, seeing the total bliss on Nancy’s face.

“Oh, yes, Mom,” gasped the pretty girl. “It feels neat.”

“Fuck her good,” Claudine said to the boy. “This first piece of ass is something you’ll never forget.”

With his hard prick fully buried in Nancy’s deliciously tight pussy, he let it rest for a few moments, savoring the warmness of her squeezing cunt.

“Start pumping it in and out,” panted Claudine. “That’s what fuckin’s all about.”

When Mark began to move his cock in Nancy’s pussy, he let out a soft moan as her tiny cunt gripped it and bathed it in her slippery juices.

“Oh, God,” sobbed Nancy, grasping his body in her arms.

Mark’s slim hard prick began fucking into her in slow delicious strokes that rubbed over her sensitive pussy lips as it moved through the hot tightness of her squeezing fuck-hole. Each slow deep thrust was sending waves of intense pleasure throughout her aroused body.

“Oh, Mark,” she whispered, creaming all over his cock. “It’s so good, honey, but fuck me a faster.”

“Yes, Mark!” cried Claudine, giving him a resounding slap on his vary ass. “Fuck the shit out of her! Make her scream!”

“Okay,” he grinned, wanting to ball her like crazy, but afraid he might hurt the girl.

His tight ass began moving more, rapidly, and he was soon pumping his pointed pecker into her with short fast strokes, the friction making his cock sing with joy.

“Oh, yes!” squealed Nancy. “That’s the way to do it!”

The girl was enjoying everything about her first fuck. She loved the way his hot thrusting cock was igniting every nerve in her tight cunt, and she loved the slurping sound of her juices squishing against his cock as it pounded in and out of her tingling hole. She’d never experienced anything like the delicious jolts of pleasure that ripped through her loins each time his rod slammed into her.

“Faster, Mark, faster!” she shrieked, “God, it feels so fuckin’ good!”

“Yes, Mark!” shouted the girls mother as she excitedly fingered her own clitty beneath her housecoat. “Fuck the shit out of her!”

When the boy suddenly increased the speed of his thrusts, Nancy almost passed out from the flaming pleasure of it. Her tiny hole was being thoroughly drilled by the boy’s plunging prick, and her tight cunt was creaming all over the length of his streaking cock. She was screaming and clawing at the cushions as the boy continued his violent assault on her virginal pussy. God, she was so happy that her mother was teaching her how to fuck. From now on she was going to screw at every opportunity. She’d never dreamed that anything could feel so fucking good.

Mark had jacked off enough to know when he was about to shoot his load, and he could feel it rapidly approaching as his tingling cock glided in and out of the hot tightness of her snug twat. The boy began humping Nancy like crazy, bouncing her naked body all over the couch.

“Fuck her! FUCK HER!” screamed Claudine, frantically rubbing her own cunt.

Nancy could feel his slashing cock pumping her tiny cunt to the brink of orgasm, and she began screaming hysterically as the intense ecstasy swept through her writhing body. The girl was at the very height of her wild climax when Mark’s dick exploded. Writhing beneath him, the girl felt his white-hot jizz gushing into her cunt.

It was several minutes before the two exhausted teens recovered from the traumatic experience.

“Well,” panted Claudine who’d brought herself off at the same time the kids had. “What do you think of fucking?”

“Crazy,” grinned Nancy. “It’s super.”

“Then don’t forget it,” said Claudine as she turned to leave the room. “Fuck as often as you can. There’s nothing in the world that’s as much fun as balling. I’ll get you some pills so you don’t have to worry about getting pregnant.”

“Mom,” Nancy called to her mother. “Mark’s prick is soft and.”

“They always do that after they shoot their load,” replied Claudine, returning to where the naked teens were spread out on the couch.

“What do we do about it?” asked the girl in a waffled voice.

“Suck it hard again,” her mother answered.


“Stick it in your mouth and suck,” laughed Claudine.

“How do I do that?” asked Nancy, having never heard of such a thing.

“Try it,” her mother smiled, slowly walking away. “There’s lots of things you still have to learn.”

Lowering her face and slipping Mark’s limp wet prick into her mouth, Nancy was startled by the exciting taste of the cum that clung to his flaccid cock.

“Does it taste gooey?” asked Mark.

“Slit, no,” she giggled, starting to suck deeply on it. “It’s delicious.”

Five minutes later she had a hard stiff cock in her mouth.

“Look,” she squealed with delight. “It’s all nice and hard again.”

“What shall we do with it?” he teased. “Stick it in my cunt.” Nancy giggled. “I’m ready for another hot fuck.”


A few days later, Claudine was over at Jan Archer’s house, sipping gin and tonics. It was an extremely hot afternoon, and it being Claudine’s day off again, the two women were getting mildly plastered on the cool drinks. Claudine had been friends with Jan Archer and her husband Duane for years, and the couple always readily accepted Claudine’s lovers whenever a new one moved in with her.

Being close friends for so long, the two women openly discussed their sex lives, and at the moment, Claudine was telling Jan how she’d mated Nancy and the kid from around the corner.

“It was so much fun,” giggled Claudine, “I guided Mark’s hard prick into Nancy’s cute cunt and he just fucked the hell out of her.”

“How did Nancy like it?” asked Jan.

“Loved it,” laughed Claudine, getting up to fix herself another chink. “She fucked right back like a veteran.”

“HOW was the kid hung?” was Jan’s next question.

“His cute fucking pecker was only about four inches long, but it was hard as steel,” explained Claudine. “I loved how hot it felt in my hands. It really turned me an.”

“You should have let him fuck you,” smiled Jan.

“I’m going to the next time I get him alone,” Claudine giggled. “I can’t wait to be fucked by that stiff cock of his.”

“Speaking of cocks,” said Jan. “I’ll bet Joe is hung like a fuckin’ bull.”

“He is,” Claudine giggled. “And he fucks like one, too.”

“I thought so,” Jan sighed. “I shouldn’t say this, dear, but there’s something about him that really turns me on.”

“Don’t feel bad about that,” laughed Claudine. “Your husband has turned me on for years.”

“Shit,” Jan giggled, “Why don’t we arrange a party for the four of us. D’ya think Joe would go along with swinging?”

“I’m sure he would,” grinned Claudine. “How about Duane?”

“Hell,” Jan laughed. “Did you ever see a man that wasn’t ready for a strange piece of ass?”

“Thinking about swapping is making me horny,” smiled Claudine. “How is Duane hung?”

“Like a fuckin’ stud,” the woman laughed. “But wait’ll he goes down on you. He loves to eat pussy.”

“So does Joe,” exclaimed Claudine. “And he really knows how to eat it.”

“Most men enjoy licking cunts,” sighed Jan, rising to fix them another drink. “Just like I love to suck guys off.”

“I wonder what a pussy tastes like,” murmured Claudine when her friend returned with their drinks. “Men sure love eating them.”

“Haven’t you ever licked a cunt?” asked Jan as she sat down next to Claudine.

“Of course not,” giggled the half-drunk redhead. “Have you?”

“Yeah,” admitted Jan with a dreamy look in her eyes. “When I was a teenager at a girls’ summer camp, my supervisor taught me to eat her.”

“Was it messy?” Claudine asked.

“No,” whispered Jan in a far away voice. “It was delicious and I’ll never forget it.”

“Did she eat you, too?”

“Shit, yes,” Jan giggles. “We spent most of the vacation going down an each other in her tent.”

“What happened to her?” asked Claudine.

“I don’t know,” her friend replied. “I didn’t see her again after that, but I’ll never forget how wonderful it was.”

“Was that the only pussy you’ve ever eaten?” Claudine asked.

“Yes,” admitted Jan. “But I’ve always had a secret desire to try it again.”

“Why don’t you?”

“I’ve been afraid to suggest it to another woman,” she smiled. “I’m sure it would probably scare her away.”

“I don’t think I could ever lick a cunt,” giggled Claudine, the gin making her mind a bit hazy. “But you’re welcome to eat mine if you want to.”

“Oh, Claudine,” whispered Jan, putting her arms around her friend. “Would you really let me?”

Before Claudine had a chance to answer, she felt Jan’s soft moist lips against her own. Claudine was too shocked to resist, and when Jan’s hot wet tongue slipped into her mouth, her cunt began tingling with a strange excitement. There was something so soft and tender about the way Jan was kissing her that Claudine was soon returning the kiss with a warm passion.

Her loins were soon quivering with a strange lust as she felt Jan’s soft feminine hand moving up between her bare thighs. Mouths welded hotly together and tongues deliciously entwined, Claudine could feel her friend’s finger probing for her pussy though the crotch of her brief panties.

“Oh, Jan,” she panted excitedly when the tip of the woman’s finger slipped into the juicy hotness of her aroused slit.

With their mouths still locked in a passionate kiss, Claudine began frantically grinding her frothy cunt up around Jan’s rapidly plunging finger.

“Oh, God, baby!” she squealed, throwing her head back when the beautiful brunette found her erect clit. “That’s it, darling! Finger me good.”

“Let’s go in on my bed,” whispered Jan, pulling her juice-drenched finger out of her friend’s hot dripping snatch. “I want to suck you dry.”

Both women began undressing as they hurried into the bedroom.

“God,” Jan whispered when Claudine was standing completely naked by the bed. “You have a beautiful body.”

The woman’s creamy skin looked so soft and supple with her long red hair falling down softly over her bare shoulders. Claudine’s firm breasts stood out proudly, her large nipples swollen with lust. Jan’s eyes moved down over her smooth flat belly to the fluffy triangle of red pussy hair between her shapely legs. Jan was literally drooling as she stared at the slippery pink cuntlips that were slightly open, hot twat juices dripping from between them.

Although Claudine had never had an affair with a woman before, she was strangely excited by the beauty of Jan’s naked body. There was a smoldering fire in Jan’s grey eyes as they stared out from beneath her long black bangs at Claudine’s dripping slit.

“Lie down,” whispered Jan, easing her friend’s naked body back on the mattress.

She positioned Claudine on her back with her ass on the edge of the bed and her feet planted on the carpet. Dropping to her knees on the floor, Jan spread Claudine’s legs apart and crawled up between her deliciously open thighs.

“Oh, baby,” she whispered excitedly. “Am I gonna eat your sweet cunt out.”

As Jan stared hungrily at her friend’s creamy slit, she tenderly slid her hands up along the soft quivering flesh of Claudine’s inner thigh.

“Oh, Jan,” whispered Claudine. “Your hand feels so smooth on my skin.”

“I know,” answered the beautiful brunette as her fingers caressed the warm soft flesh between her friend’s legs. “And I love the feel of your bore skin.”

“Oh, so nice,” moaned Claudine, opening her legs wider as Jan’s hand moved all the way up to the moist hotness of her furry twat. “So very, very nice.”

“Mmmmmmm,” Jan whispered, staring up at Claudine’s beautiful face as she tenderly pried her friend’s juicy cuntlips open with her fingers. “Do you feel as horny as I do?”

“Oh, God!” Claudine stared back, her beautiful face flushed with the intense excitement of the moment. “I’ve never felt so fucking hot in my life!”

“I know,” said Jan, wiggling her finger up into the slippery twat-hole. “And your snatch feels so warm and juicy.”

“Mmmmmmmm,” mewled Claudine, spreading her legs even more, her bare feet planted firmly on the floor and her thighs as wide apart as possible. “It feels so good.”

With the finger of one hand gliding deliciously in and out of Claudine’s hot sopping cunt, Jan’s other hand was tenderly caressing the smooth flesh of her friend’s hips and thighs.

Kneeling between Claudine’s open legs, Jan pulled her finger out of the girl’s frothy slit and began washing her inner thigh with tongue and lips, her mouth moving ever closer to her friend’s dripping honey pot.

“Oh, God damn,” sobbed Claudine, writhing her hips in anticipation. “Eat me, honey, I can’t wait any longer.”

With her hands gently gripping Claudine’s smooth bare hips, Jan moved her face forward and lightly swished her tongue over the woman’s open cuntlips.

“Oh, yes,” moaned the aroused redhead. “That’s it, honey. Eat me good.”

Pressing forward, Jan buried her nose in the fluffy mound of Claudine’s fresh-scented pussy hair and her tongue deep in her steaming slit.

“Oh, sweet suckin’ Jesus!” cried Claudine, throwing the back of her knees over Jan’s shoulders. “That feels so shittin’ good.”

Quivering with the excitement of Jan’s soft feminine lips and tongue working so deliciously on her pussy, Claudine pressed her soft thighs against the girl’s juice drenched face.

“Oh, shit!” shrieked Claudine when the girl’s tongue began expertly working on her clitty. “No man’s ever eaten me like this! Shit, that’s good!”

As fast as Jan was licking the juices from her friend’s tasty twat, fresh ooze seemed to pour into it. Jan’s tongue was slashing and lapping and licking around in the sweet wet hole, giving her the intense joy she’d been remembering since her teen-aged days in summer camp. Wanting her friend’s first affair with a woman to be a memorable one, Jan’s tongue was working feverishly on Claudine’s clit, enthusiastically trying to give the girl the thrill she needed.

“Oh, shit!” shrieked the beautiful redhead, clamping her thighs tighter against Jan’s face. “I love it! I love it!”

“Isn’t it neat,” panted Jan, momentarily lifting her face to wipe some of the juice from her dripping chin. “We could have been doing this for years.”

Diving back into the wet hairy bush, Jan was soon frantically devouring her friend’s hot wet twat like a wild animal would attack a juicy raw steak. Sucking noisily, her hands were roving all over Claudine’s naked body, her fingers finally finding the woman’s tits as she began gently squeezing and pinching her big quivering nipples.

“Oh, God!” screamed Claudine, looking down as Jan hungrily sucked between her legs. “Bite my clit! Pinch my tits! Oh, shit, I love it! I LOVE IT!”

“Me, too!” panted Jan. “Jesus your cunt tastes good.”

“Oh, Jan!” Claudine screamed hysterically. “Let me eat your cunt, too!”

“D’ya really want to?” Jan excitedly asked.

“Oh, yes!” cried her friend. “Please let me suck your pussy.”

Removing her mouth from the woman’s seething cunt, Jan quickly crawled up on Claudine’s chest where they passionately threw their arms around each other. Pressing her hot open lips against Claudine’s waiting mouth, their tongues entangled in a deep kiss as the two aroused women began rubbing their hairy curia and soft boobs against each other. Writhing their naked bodies deliciously together, both women were rushing toward new heights of depraved ecstasy.

Finally breaking the long passionate kiss, Jan quickly changed positions so that Claudine would have easy access to her cunt. Leaning back down between the girl’s open legs, Jan once more began sucking on Claudine’s delicious slit.

“Oh, sweet shit,” sobbed Claudine, staring into a woman’s cunt for the first time.

Jan’s cuntlips were pink and swollen with desire and Claudine could see the slippery juices oozing out from between them. High up and just inside her slit, Jan’s clit was dangling hard and erect. The folds of her cunt flesh were shimmering with the creamy juices that were covering them. Letting out a soft cry of excitement, Claudine suddenly drilled her tongue deep into Jan’s quivering fuck-hole.

“Oh, God!” cried Jan. “That’s the way, honey!”

Spreading her legs wider apart to give Claudine more room, Jan’s sopping pussy opened even wider as she felt the girl’s lips and tongue working frantically on her twat.

“Suck!” screamed Jan, temporarily removing her mouth from Claudine’s silt when she felt the inexperienced woman’s tongue caressing her clitty. “Suck, honey! That feels so fuckin’ good!”

“I know!” sobbed Claudine. “I can’t believe how good your cunt tastes!”

The two beautiful women were rocking and writhing in their depraved ecstasy. The sixty-nine position was offering them both easy access to each other’s pussies as they hungrily chewed and sucked.

Spread out on her back with Jan’s hot sopping slit pressed down on her mouth, Claudine’s tongue was drilling deeply into her friend’s dripping hole. As she eagerly tongue-fucked the beautiful woman’s pussy, she could feel Jan hungrily sucking on her cunt.

“Oh, shit!” she could hear her friend squealing between slurps. “I love it, darling! East me good, you sweet angel!”

Claudine was wild about having Jan’s cunt on her face. As the beautiful brunette ground her slippery pussy against Claudine’s mouth, the woman was thrusting her tongue in and out of the hot slippery hole, loving the exciting taste of the twat juices that were flowing over her tongue and dripping to the back of her throat. The delicious texture of Jan’s soft wiggly cuntlips was almost blowing her mind. She’d never dreamed that licking another woman’s slit could be so fucking exciting, especially when the woman was returning the favor.

“Jesus Christ,” Claudine sobbed into the frothy hole. “You’re sure a juicy bitch.”

“So are you,” Jan called back. “Slit, this is neat!”

Completely carried away by the intense lust she was feeling, Claudine was hungrily slashing her tongue around through the soft folds of Jan’s slippery pussy flesh, licking up puddles of delicious juices that were dripping from every part of her inflamed fuck-hole. Finally withdrawing her tongue from the hot depths of Jan’s cunt, Claudine began tonguing the shaft of hard clitoris that was dangling from the top of her swollen slit.

“Oh, shit!” shrieked Jan, writhing her hole against her friend’s busy mouth. “That’s the way, baby! Oh, Christ, can you eat pussy!”

“So can you!” Claudine cried back. “I’m ready to come!”

“Me, too!” squealed Jan. “Suck, honey, suck!”

Suddenly both women exploded into simultaneous orgasms. Clinging to each other’s shuddering bodies, they both sucked frantically until their powerful climaxes slowly passed.

“Jesus,” whispered Jan a few minutes later as she held Claudine’s soft naked body in her arms. “That was terrific.”

“God,” panted Claudine. “No man has ever eaten me out like you did.”

“That’s because no man knows the sensitive areas like a woman does,” said Jan.

“Honey,” whispered Claudine after a short period of silence. “Let’s do it again.”

“Okay,” giggled Jan. “But roll over on your tummy first.”

“What are you gonna do?” asked Claudine, turning onto her belly.

“You’ll find out,” giggled Jan, kneeling between the woman’s legs.

Reaching down, Jan began moving her hands softly over her friend’s bare butt, rolling her asscheeks gently in her palms. Continuing to caress the soft wiggly flesh in a circular motion with her palms, her thumbs were goosing deliciously into the soft meat between her cheeks. Gently spreading the crack open, Jan stared down at the brown hole where she intended to soon insert her tongue.

“Oooooooh, Jan!” gasped Claudine when she felt her friend’s hot breath as the woman lowered her face down toward her quivering bung. “What are you gonna do?”

“I’m going to tongue-fuck your cute asshole,” she whispered.

“Oh, good!” squealed Claudine, who loved to be butt-fucked by a cock. “That sounds neat.”

When Jan’s mouth was pressed between the cheeks of Claudine’s sweet soft ass, she began washing the quivering flesh with her hot wet tongue, but purposely avoiding the sensitive ring of her shitter.

“Please hurry,” panted Claudine. “I can’t wait any longer.”

“Take it easy,” giggled Jan as she began saturating the entire length of her ass-crease. “This will be sweet and slow.”

When the crack was thoroughly soaked, Jan suddenly drilled her tongue deep into her friend’s quivering shitter.

“Oh, Christ!” Claudine squealed. “That’s it, honey! I love it! I LOVE IT!”

With her hot wet tongue deliciously reaming out Claudine’s tingling asshole, Jan reached down between the woman’s legs and began vigorously rubbing her clitty.

“Hot fuckin’ shit!” shrieked Claudine, wiggling her ass back around Jan’s thrusting tongue. “This is the greatest!”

Continuing to tongue-fuck the woman’s ass, Jan expertly toyed with Claudine’s clit until the squealing redhead exploded into another wild climax.

The two naked women spent the entire day in the bed, and finally quit playing their depraved games only because it was time for Jan’s husband to get home from work.

“Don’t forget that party,” Jan reminded Claudine when they parted.

“I start the night shift tomorrow,” said Claudine. “So we’ll have to make it next week.”

“Okay,” whispered Jan, giving her friend’s ass a pat. “I’ll see you later.”


The next evening, Claudine’s daughter, Mary, was sitting in front of her house with Dale Carpenter. Both of them were so sexually aroused that neither of them noticed Joe sitting on the front porch. Although the pretty blonde was still technically a virgin, Dale had recently introduced her to the art of cocksucking and Mary was enjoying every mouth-filled moment of it. The girl had been a bit reluctant to try it when her eighteen-year-old boy friend first suggested it, but after several nights of urging, Mary finally relented and sucked him off. The girl had loved it, and now going down on Dale’s big juicy dick was her favorite pastime.

Sitting in Dale’s car, Mary was gently rubbing the boy’s stiff boner through his jeans, both of them unaware that Joe was watching from the shadows of the front porch.

“Wanta lick it?” grinned Dale as the girl vigorously rubbed his throbbing cock.

“God, yes,” Mary whispered excitedly. “I just love drinking your hot cum.”

When Dale lowered his ripper, the girl quickly reached in and pulled out his thick meaty dick. Trembling with excitement, Mary lowered her head into the boy’s lap and pressed her soft moist lips against his big fat cockhead. Slowly sucking it into her mouth, Mary could feel his prick throbbing and swelling even bigger. Taking it as deep as she could into her throat, she momentarily savored the scent and taste of his hard meaty tool.

Finally dropping to the floor between his lop, she grasped the base of his shaft and began bobbing her mouth up and down over his cock.

“Oh, baby!” sobbed Dale. “It sure didn’t take you long to learn cock sucking. God, honey, you’re fantastic.”

Pleased that the boy enjoyed it so much, her tongue began teasing up and down his sensitive shaft.

“That’s it, baby,” he panted, curling his fingers into her long blonde hair. “Jan, that feels great. Oh, shit, honey, keep suckin’ like that.”

With each excited moan, Mary tried even harder to please him, her juicy hot mouth moving up and down over his cock, her tongue licking it from every angle as his prick floated in and out between her sucking lips. While her mouth filled his loins with pleasure, Dale reached down and began fondling her tits through the girl’s thin blouse. Mary’s nipples were already throbbing with excitement and she let out a cry of joy when his hands dug inside her blouse and began caressing her naked tits. Her entire body tingled with passion and her lips sucked and pulled deliciously on the head of his cock as his fingers pinched her nipples the way she liked him to do it.

“Suck it, baby, suck it,” moaned Dale. “That’s the way, honey.”

Lurching excitedly in the seat, Dale was unconsciously pumping his cock in and out of her mouth. Swallowing greedily, Mary was suddenly surprised to find she was taking more of his hard prick than she’d ever been able to take before.

“Christ!” gasped Dale. “Suck it, baby! Suck it!”

Pumping his jerking rod in and out of her greedily sucking mouth, Dale’s breath was coming in short, hot gasps, his legs trembling with excitement.

“Suck, baby, suck!” he cried out, pushing her mouth down tighter over his cock. “Suck me off! I’m almost there… ALMOST THERE!”

Mary began sucking harder and deeper, wanting him to fill her throat with his hot wet cum.

“Ohhhhhhh!” Dale gasped, digging his fingers into Mary’s hair and pushing her mouth down further over his cock. “Here it comes, baby! AAAGGGGHHHH!”

As his big juicy cockhead exploded, Mary could feel his white-hot jizz splattering against the back of her throat, followed by spurt after spurt of his thick creamy cum. Mary sucked and swallowed until the boy’s entire load had been emptied into her mouth.

Watching from the front porch as Mary finally kissed Dale goodnight with her sperm-drenched lips, Joe had a horrendous hard-on. He’d always thought Claudine’s daughter was a hot bitch, but after what he’d seen tonight, Joe decided to try her hot cunt for himself.

Entering the house a few minutes later, Mary didn’t see Joe sitting in the dark shadows on the porch. Going directly to her room, she began undressing, her thoughts on the beautiful big prick she’d just sucked off.

Mary was completely naked when she heard the door to her room slowly open. Turning around, she saw Joe standing there without a stitch of clothes on, lewdly stroking the biggest, hardest cock she’d ever seen.

“GET OUT!” she screamed, trying to cover her pussy and tits with her hands.

“Look what you’re gonna get,” he grinned, lewdly stroking his huge prick.

“Get the hell out of here or I’ll call Mom,” she hissed at him.

“She just started the night shift this week,” he grinned. “And Nancy’s stayin’ with a friend tonight. You and I are all alone.”

“You rotten bastard!” Mary shouted. “Get out of my room!”

“Stop screaming,” he growled, stepping closer to the girl. “I’ve seen the way you’ve wiggled your ass in front of me for the last six months, and now you’re gonna get what you’ve wanted.”

“Get out of her, you dirty sonovabitch,” yelled Mary, “or I’m gonna tell Mom!”

“Go ahead and tell her,” he grinned. “She won’t believe you when I tell her how you sucked that guy off tonight. She’ll think your dirty mind is making it all up.”

Mary suddenly realized that what he was saying was probably right. Ever since the bastard had moved in, her mother had always taken his side in their arguments.

“What is it you want?” she sighed, deciding to try reasoning with the man.

“This,” he laughed, roughly shoving her onto the bed and ramming his finger up her slit. “I’m gonna fuck this blonde pussy of yours.”

“Please, not that!” she cried out. “I’m still a virgin!”

“Bullshit!” shouted the man. “No virgin sucks a cock like you did in that boy’s car. You’ve probably been fucked by more pricks than you can count.”

“Joe,” she suddenly blurted. “Would you like me to suck you off like I did to Dale?”

“Do you mean it?” he asked, staring down at the beautiful blonde who was spread out so deliciously on the bed.

“Yes,” she whispered, realizing that if he shot his wad into her mouth, he couldn’t fuck her with a limp prick.

Grinning lewdly at her, Joe straddled her tits and pushed the head of his bulbous cock against her lips. The odor of stale beer on his breath and the raunchy scent of his bloated knob almost made her puke, but Mary decided this was better than taking his brutal cock into her virginal cunt. Closing her eyes, the girl’s soft wet lips encircled his big purple prick with a warm slippery caress.

“Oh, God,” he panted excitedly as the lovely blonde began pumping her mouth up and down over his big meaty boner.

Slowly getting used to its strong smell and taste, she was soon lashing her tantalizing tongue all around his sensitive cockhead as she sucked, realizing that the sooner she sucked him off, the sooner he’d leave her alone. She was slowly filled with a sense of power as she felt the man trembling with excitement. Opening her soft lips wider, she took the man’s spit-slickened cockhead deeper into her mouth.

Momentarily opening her eyes and glancing up at the man, she was pleased to see the helpless expression on his quivering face. Her hot sucking mouth was reducing him to a mass of tingling nerves.

“Aaaaaaaaggggghhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhh!” he panted. “Don’t stop, Mary, don’t stop!”

Mary had no intention of stopping until she’d completely disarmed him. Since the first time Dale had taught the girl how, to blow him, Mary had loved the taste of cock-meat, so sucking Joe off wasn’t all that unpleasant. His deliciously thick shaft was stroking her lips delightfully and his fat, juicy cockhead felt good against her lapping tongue. Her deeply sucking lips were drawing quantities of seminal fluid from the tip of his prick, and the taste of it dribbling down her throat was really turning her on.

An intense excitement was growing within her, hardening her turgid nipples and making her pussy hot and moist. Her clitty was getting hard and swollen as she sucked deeper and harder on his massive prick. Each plunge of her head was taking more of his big delicious cock into her mouth.

“Aaaaaaaagggghh! Aaaaaaaggghh!” he was gasping. “Ooooooooooh, Goddamn!”

Mary could tell he was about to come and her lips were flying up and down over his dick, her tongue lapping wetly over his gliding shaft. She knew her mouth would soon be filled with the man’s cum and his menacing cock momentarily useless.

“NO!” he suddenly shouted, pulling his spit-soaked tool out of her mouth. “You’re gonna take this load in your pussy.”

Mary couldn’t believe the sudden change of events.

“Please!” she cried out. “Come in my mouth, Joe!”

The girl was terrified when Joe crawled back down between her legs. His huge, gnarly cock was the most menacing sight she’d ever seen. Hysterically pleading for him to stop, she felt his big hand pawing between her legs, ruthlessly spreading them apart. She could feel his big hot cockhead brushing against her inner thighs as he guided it into position. Feeling his big purple knob suddenly pressing between her cuntlips, she closed her eyes and bit down on her lip to keep from screaming.

“That’s it, you prick-teaser,” he panted. “Just lay still and you won’t get hurt.”

Mary had never experienced such a searing pain as she felt when the man rammed his massive boner into her unused cunt. Clawing at the sheets with her fingers, the blonde’s face was contorted with anguish as his huge rod sank deeper into her tight pussy.

“Oh, God!” she screamed. “Take it out! IT HURTS! IT HURTS!”

“Oh, shut up!” he roared, slapping Mary across the side of her face. “You’re gonna get fucked whether you like it or not.”

He shoved harder, driving his brutal tool even deeper into her. Afraid he’d slap her again, Mary tried not to scream, but the intense pain was almost more than she could stand.

“Please, Joe,” she whispered through trembling lips. “Please take it out. God, it hurts.”

“It wouldn’t hurt so much if you’d stop fighting me,” he panted.

Even in her state of torture, Mary realized the man was right. If she’d wanted him to fuck her in the first place, her cunt would have been juicy for him and the pain wouldn’t have been so intense.

“You’re making it hard on yourself,” Joe whispered in a hot, hoarse voice. “I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Then take it out!”

“No!” he panted, ramming his cock balls-deep into her cunt. “I’m gonna keep it in there until you decide to give me a good fuck like you give your studs.”

“But I’ve never been fucked before,” she sobbed.

Mary had hated the man since the first day her mother had brought him home, but her hatred had never been as intense as it was now. She had never despised anyone as she did this horrible monster.

“NO!” she shrieked, turning her face away as the man tried to kiss her.

With his huge body pressing down tight against her, Joe began slowly moving his cock in and out of her tight hole. He drew back until only his cockhead remained buried in her twat, then slid it back in.

“God, that’s a juicy box,” he panted, beginning to rhythmically pump his prick in and out of her tight cunt.

In spite of herself, Mary began to feel a strange, but pleasant tingling in her pussy as Joe’s dick continued moving in and out of her furry slit. The earlier pain was slowly being replaced by an intense pleasure as his thick gnarly cock rubbed deliciously against the tight sensitive walls of her cunt.

She still hated the man, but Mary’s widely stretched pussy began responding to his long deep fuck-thrusts. Her slippery cunt-walls started involuntarily sucking and squeezing his rod as it floated in and out on the slippery juices that were suddenly oozing around his shaft.

Dale and a few other boys had played with her pussy in the past, but Mary suddenly realized that no finger was a substitute for a nice hard prick. Fucking was better than she’d ever imagined it could be, and her writhing body was soon rhythmically answering his deep hard thrusts.

“See,” Joe grunted. “Now you like it, don’t you?”

Mary didn’t bother to reply. She was sure he knew that answer from the way her hot cunt was creaming all over his prick. With her arms wrapped tightly around him, Mary was now taking him easily as she thrust her belly up to receive every plunge of his wonderful tool.

“Do you like it?” he repeated, increasing the tempo of his long, gliding thrusts.

“Yes, Joe, yes,” she sobbed excitedly as she bounced and wiggled under him, her cunt squeezing deliciously against his shaft each time he plunged it in. “I love it, I LOVE IT!”

No longer able to pretend, Mary was screaming with the intense joy his huge cock was giving her. The girl had never dreamed that a man’s prick could possibly fill her cunt with such intense pleasure. Suddenly the girl realized why her mother was such a slave to the man. Mary wished that Joe’s big thick tool could fuck in and out of her cunt for the rest of her life.

“That’s it, Joe, honey!” she squealed, grinding her smoldering slit up around the base of his plunging rod. “Fuck the shit out of me!”

The ecstasy was rapidly mounting in the pretty blonde’s body as her tight cunt muscles pulled and sucked on the hard thickness of his big slippery cock.

“Faster, Joe!” she cried, wrapping her soft naked legs around his lurching body. “Fuck me hard, honey! It feels so fuckin’ good!”

Until this massive cock had drilled into the very depths of Mary’s quivering belly, she’d never dreamed that her cunt was capable of such intensely beautiful feelings. Screaming with joy, her hot, juicy cunt-walls were sucking wildly on his lurching shaft.

“Fuck, baby, fuck!” she screamed.

Mary could feel his prick growing bigger and harder with each delicious thrust. Joe was drilling his throbbing boner into her tight fuck-hole with all his power, and the squealing teen-ager was loving every cunt-splitting moment of it.

“Oh, Joe,” she sobbed, grasping his face in her hands and pulling his mouth down against her wet open lips, no longer giving a slit about the stench of stale beer on his breath. “God, honey, how I love your big hot cock.”

“Jesus, you’re a doll,” he panted, looking down at her pretty face.

“Oh, sweet Joe!” she shrieked. “Keep fuckin’, baby! I love it! I love it!”

Maw’s warm cunt flesh was gasping hungrily at his slippery cock as it plunged in and out of her dripping hole. The man’s eyes were glazed with pleasure as his big heaving body rocked her up and down on the bed.

“Take it, baby!” he panted. “Take it deep!”

On and on he fucked into her, his cockhead swelling with each thrust, his legs trembling as his ejaculation drew closer.

“Are you ready, baby?” he shouted, frantically pounding his cock into her. “Are you ready for my jizz?”

“Yes! Yes!” she squealed with delight.

“Good!” he panted. “I’m gonna shoot you full. I’m gonna fill your belly with it!”

Almost out of his mind from the intense pleasure he was receiving from Mary’s teen-aged cunt, Joe smashed his lips down on the girl’s hot, open mouth, thrusting his tongue in against hers. With their lips welded passionately together, Joe was violently pistoning his massive tool in and out of her sopping wet slit.

“OH, GOD!” he suddenly shouted, tearing his mouth from hers and throwing his head back as he gave two or three violent thrusts. “Here it comes, baby! Take it! TAKE IT!”

Feeling his thick hot sperm gushing into her belly was all Mary needed to trigger her own wild climax. Frantically clutching to the man, her exploding cunt began creaming all over Joe’s spurting dick.

“Take it! Take it!” shouted the man, still thrusting his squirting prick deeper into her cum-drenched hole.

Mary’s fingernails clawed at his back and her legs waved crazily in the air as her soft belly shuddered and quivered beneath him. Her first cock-induced orgasm was the most intense thing she’d ever experienced. The hotness of his thick jizz as it filled her spasming hole felt unbelievably good.

“Oh, Joe,” she finally whispered as he lay on top of her, panting for breath, their bodies still deliciously joined by his slowly shrinking prick. “That was so fucking wonderful.”

When he finally pulled his limp dick from her tight twat, Mary felt a strange emptiness throughout her exhausted body.

“Do you hate me?” whispered Joe, suddenly realizing that he’d actually raped the pretty girl.

“No, Joe,” she answered, leaning forward and licking a drop of cum from the end of his limp prick. “I think I love you.”

“You just love my cock,” he smiled.

“Maybe,” grinned Mary. “Me you ever going to screw me again?”

“As often as you wish,” was his answer.

“What about my mom?”

“Why can’t I fuck you both?” he whispered.

“Are you going to tell her about us?” asked Mary.

“I don’t think that’s necessary,” answered the man. “She might not understand.”

“Good,” beamed Mary. “Now, when can we fuck again?”

“As soon as I get another hard-on,” he laughed.

“That won’t take long,” giggled Mary, stuffing his limp wet prick into her mouth.

Within a matter of a very few moments, the girl had licked his cock back to a rigid state of hardness again.

“God it’s a beauty,” she whispered, rubbing his thick hot shaft against her soft cheek. “Now let’s fuck.”

Releasing his massive tool from her hands, the pretty blonde lay back on the bed to receive his delicious cock.

“What’s that?” Joe suddenly asked, pointing to some light-pink stains on the bed.

“My cherry,” giggled Mary. “I told you I was a virgin.”

“My God!” he gasped. “I thought you were lying!”

“Well,” she whispered. “I’m not a virgin now, so let’s start fuckin’.”


Because Claudine was working the night shift, her friend, Jan, dropped over the next morning for a cup of coffee. Joe was at the local tavern as usual, and Mary and Nancy had gone on a picnic with some friends, so the two women were alone in the house. This was the first time they’d been together since they had licked each other’s pussies and they both seemed a bit embarrassed.

“When do you go back on the day shift?” asked Jan, trying to make light conversation.

“Next week,” was Claudine’s answer.

“Good,” Jan giggled. “Then we can get our men together for a swinging party.”

“Do you still think Duane will go for it?” Claudine asked.

“I think so,” smiled Jan. “I won’t tell him our plans. He’ll just think it’s a spontaneous thing.”

“Jan,” Claudine suddenly asked. “Are you ashamed of what we did the other day?”

“Shit, no,” giggled the beautiful brunette. “Are you?”

“Not at all,” Claudine smiled, moving over next to her friend on the sofa. “I thought it was fantastic.”

“Good,” giggled Jan, dropping her hand between her friend’s bare thighs that were so deliciously exposed under her short dressing gown. “Do you want to play some more?”

“What do you think?” she giggled, guiding her friend’s finger up into her pussy.

Within a matter of seconds, both women had their clothes off and were writhing around nakedly on the couch.

“Oh, shit!” exclaimed Claudine when the doorbell rang.

Quickly slipping into her brief dressing gown, Claudine reluctantly answered the door.

“Hi, Mark,” she smiled when she saw her daughter’s friend standing there, “Hello, Mrs. Hampton,” he said, and blushed. “Is Nancy home?”

“No she isn’t,” smiled Claudine, amused at the way the teen was staring at her big boobs which were partially exposed in her loose dressing gown.

“Okay,” he answered in a disappointed voice.

“What did you want her for?” teased Claudine with a twinkle in her eyes.

“I thought maybe we could play,” was his honest answer.

“Oh, Mark,” the woman giggled. “I’ll bet you wanta fuck her.”

Mark just grinned without answering.

“Have you got a nice hard-on?” whispered Claudine, reaching down and touching the stiff pecker in the front of his cut-offs.

“Sure,” he grinned, pleased at the way Nancy’s mother was rubbing his boner.

“Why don’t you come in?” she suggested, still fondling his hard rod. “I’d love to take care of that hard-on for you.”

“Really?” he beamed, entering the room.

“You bet,” whispered Claudine, closing the door behind him. “We can have quite a party.”

Mark was halfway across the room before he saw Jan Archer sitting on the sofa. His mouth dropped open in shock when his eyes spotted the beautiful naked woman.

“This is my friend, Jan,” Claudine smiled, seeing the expression on Mark’s face. “She likes to play with pricks, too.”

Mark’s eyes were as big as saucers as he stared at the thick dark bush between Jan’s soft naked thighs.

“What’s your name, honey?” she asked the boy.

“Mark,” he stammered.

“Come over here,” Jan whispered. “I want to feel your cock.”

“Go ahead,” Claudine urged him when he hesitated. “Jan loves to play with pricks.”

When he was standing in front of her, Jan quickly unfastened his belt and dropped the boy’s, cut-offs down around his ankles. Mark wasn’t wearing any shorts, and his stiff cock flew right up in front of Jan’s face.

“Jesus, Mark,” giggled the beautiful brunette as she grasped his prick in her soft hands. “That’s some cock. Claudine tells me that you fuck Nancy with it. Is it fun to fuck her?”

“Shit, yes,” he grinned. “It’s really neat.”

Watching them, Claudine took off her gown and joined Jan on the couch.

“Mark,” she suggested to the boy who was standing in front of them. “Why don’t you play with my tits while Jan messes around with your prick?”

“D’ya mean it?” he asked excitedly.

The boy just stared open-mouthed at the luscious big tits that were so beautifully exposed only inches from his eyes. He’d seen and played with Nancy’s titties, but they couldn’t compare to her mother’s big creamy boobs with luscious hard nipples thrusting out from them.

Trembling with excitement the boy reached out and gently dug his fingers into the soft spongy meat of her deliciously firm breasts.

“Ooooooh, that’s it, honey,” she panted. “God how I love it when someone plays with my tits.”

“Does it really feel good?” he asked.

“God, yes,” Claudine whispered. “Doesn’t it feel good when a woman plays with your cock?”

“Shit, yes,” he answered excitedly, feeling Jan’s fingers tenderly stroking his prick.

The guy couldn’t believe his good fortune. Goddamn, if this wasn’t the craziest thing that had ever happened to him! Here he was, alone in a house with two beautiful bare-assed women who had the biggest fuckin’ tits he’d ever seen. One was begging him to play with her big boobs while the other one was messing around with his stiff pecker.

“Watch out!” he suddenly cried as Jan gave his prick a few rapid strokes. “You’re gonna make me come.”

His warning was too late and his jerking cock suddenly shot a wild spurt of jizz all over Jan’s big boobs and belly.

“I’m sorry,” he panted as his spurting prick continued spewing cum onto her.

“Don’t be sorry, honey,” giggled Jan, scooping up the slippery fluid and licking it from her fingers. “I love the taste of this stuff.”

Taking the boy’s hand she pulled him down on the sofa with her.

“There’s probably a few more drops in your pecker,” she smiled, rolling Mark onto his back and inserting his limp wet dick in her mouth.

“Jeez!” he gasped when the woman’s big soft lips began sucking and pulling on his cock.

Within a very short time Jan had sucked his virile rod back to another throbbing erection.

“That’s a beautiful prick, honey,” whispered Jan, removing his cock from her mouth. “It really turns me on, and it’s shaped so perfectly.”

Tenderly stroking the guy’s brand-new boner with her fingers, Jan began kissing his entire body. Her slavering mouth and tongue worked wetly on his mouth, then down over his thin chest, nibbling lightly on his tits. She next moved her mouth down over his quivering belly and between his thighs, finally moving up to lick his smooth pink balls.

When she finally stopped kissing and licking the teen, she threw her soft naked body over his, pressing one of her big turgid nipples against his mouth. Lacking his lips tightly over the delicious hardness of her juicy nipple, Mark’s hands began exploring the warm surface of Jan’s smooth bare skin.

“Oh, yes, honey,” she whispered. “Suck it. Oh, yes, that feels so good.”

Sucking hungrily on her swollen tit, Mark’s hands were roaming over her soft, wiggly ass, his fingers goosing into the hot meat of her crack. He couldn’t believe that this beautiful woman was letting him do anything he wanted to her.

“Mark,” Jan whispered to the boy. “Would you like to put your cock in my pussy?”

“Shit, yes!” he gasped.

Moving her body back down over his, Jan straddled his loins with her wet pussy just out of reach of his stiff prick. Grasping the base of his cock, the woman pointed it straight up and slowly lowered her dripping twat down toward his bright-pink cockhead. He began arching his hips up, trying to ram his prick into her wet, hairy slit, but Jan kept it just out of reach.

“I’ll do it,” giggled Jan, teasing the tip of his cock lightly against the hot juiciness of her dripping cuntlips. “I’ll let you in when I’m ready.”

Claudine was excitedly watching her friend seducing the boy. She could see the rapture on Mark’s face as he stared at the smoldering cunt that was hovering just above his throbbing dick. A delicious tingle rippled through Claudine’s body when she saw Jan slip the tip of Mark’s hard dick between her cuntlips. Watching, she could see Jan slowly easing herself down, her hot slippery cunt gently swallowing the teen’s smooth hard cock.

“D’ya like my hot cunt?” whispered Jan, rotating her pussy in tight, squishy circles as his throbbing rod began slipping slowly into her gulping fuck hole.

“Shit, yes,” he panted as his stiff prick slithered up into the sucking cunt that was deliciously swallowing it. Suddenly the entire length of his quivering boner disappeared into her hot hole, completely engulfed by her warm juicy pussy-flesh.

When the boy’s throbbing cock was fully buried in her frothy twat, Jan fell forward, grinding her big luscious tits against his chest. Pressing her soft wet lips to his, the woman thrust her tongue deep into the teens mouth, French kissing him as he’d never been kissed before.

Watching them in their torrid embrace, Claudine could see Jan’s ass pumping up and down as her sucking cunt deliciously fucked the boy’s deeply embedded cock. Each time Jan raised her ass, Claudine could see the teen’s juice-slickened prick moving in and out.

Mark was no longer lying still, his body was lunging upward, meeting every downward plunge of the woman’s cunt.

“Oh, yes, darling!” squealed Jan. “That’s the way, baby! Ram it into me! Oh, God… oooooooh… ahhhhhhhh… so good… SO GOOD!”

Claudine suddenly realized that she was squeezing her own tits to the rhythm of the wildly fucking couple. She was even breathing to the tempo of her friend’s ass as it bounced up and down over Mark’s hard prick. Claudine was getting more excited by the minute as she vicariously watched the boy and woman on the couch.

Mark had never felt anything as good as this woman’s hot slippery cunt, and he was fucking his cock into her for all he was worth. His grasping fingers were clawing into the crack of her ass, trying to pull even more of her cunt up around his plunging prick. The boy’s heels were dug into the cushions as he slammed his seething cock up into the beautiful woman’s lurching belly. Their tempo began picking up, the rhythm wildly increasing as they pounded together again and again. Writhing wildly against each other on the couch, woman and daughter were fucking up a real storm.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” Jan was chanting in rhythm to their thrusts. “Deeper, honey, harder! Yeaaahhhhh, baby, fuck it into me! Ooooooooh, so good… so good! Oooooooooh, fuck! FUCK! FUCK!”

With the fingers of both hands goosing into the crack of the woman’s soft full ass, the teen was shuddering and gasping for breath. Feeling her hot, gulping cunt grasping and sucking on the length of his quivering prick, the teen was fucking into her steamy hole with all his strength.

“Oh, shit!” he suddenly squealed. “I’m gonna squirt… GONNA SQUIRT!”

“Let it come!” Jan cried out. “Shoot it, honey! Give me a big cuntful!”

“Oh, God!” he panted, his entire body trembling and jerking with lust. “I’m almost there!”

“YES! YES!” she urged. “Let it come, darling! I want it! I WANT IT!”

“Aaaaaaaagggghh!” he sobbed.

“I’m coming, too, darling!” cried Jan. “Faster, honey, faster!”

“AAAAGGGGHH!” he screamed, his entire body as taut as a bowstring. “HERE I COME!”

His body suddenly began twitching and jerking in all directions at once as his plunging boner began spraying her cunt with white-hot jizz. Jan was bouncing and shuddering on top of him, feeling the wet hotness of his cum spewing into the depths of her sperm-drenched belly.

“Coming, too!” she shrieked. “I’m coming… COMINGOO. COMMMIIINNNGGGG!”

Clinging tightly to him, she slammed her cunt down tighter around his spurting cock. The teen responded by thrusting his stiff dick even higher into her spasming fuck-hole, firing spurt after spurt of sperm up into her jizz-soaked depths.

Clinging tightly to each other, they were both puffing and panting as their wild orgasms completely engulfed them.

“Oh, God,” she finally whispered. “You’re some fucker.”

Whimpering as she felt his stiff cock beginning to soften in her, Jan began rubbing her big full tits against his chest.

“Oh, Mark,” she sighed. “That was such a wonderful fuck.”

“God,” panted Claudine when Jan lifted herself from the teen’s limp prick. “I’ve never seen such wild screwing.”

“It was fun,” grinned Mark.

“I could see that,” laughed Claudine. “Now will you fuck me?”

“Sure,” he answered. “Soon as my prick gets hard again.”

“Shit, I’m horny,” smiled Claudine to her girl friend. “I don’t know if I can wait long enough for him to get another hard-on.”

“Want me to lick your pussy?” asked Jan. “We should let the guy rest for a few minutes.”

“I’d love it,” whispered Claudine, spreading herself out on the floor.

Watching them, Mark couldn’t believe what he was seeing when Jan crawled up between Claudine’s legs and buried her face in the woman’s furry slit.

“Goddamn!” sobbed Claudine when her friend pressed her lips against her sweet dripping box. “That’s what I need.”

Jan expertly used her tongue to spread open the quivering cuntlips, and then went probing for her clitty. She found it easily, and as her lips nibbled deliciously on the joy-button, her tongue gently licked it.

“Oh, God,” sobbed Claudine as Jan teased and sucked her erect clit with her tongue and nibbling lips. “It’s so good, honey… so good.”

Tenderly sucking and swallowing the sweet juices from her friend’s dripping cunt, Jan slipped the tip of her finger into Claudine’s tight asshole.

“Oooooooh!” squealed the attractive redhead as Jan’s finger and tongue began gliding in and out of the two holes at the same time. “Goddamn, that’s good!”

Claudine’s ass was writhing and bouncing so wildly on the floor that Jan had to remove her finger from her friend’s asshole and grasp her hips with both hands to keep her tongue buried in the woman’s squirming pussy.

“Goddamn,” giggled Jan into her friend’s wet hairy slit. “You’re really hot this morning.”

“You bet,” Claudine called back. “I love the way you eat me out. Oh, God, please make me come.”

“Don’t worry, honey,” gulped Jan, forcing her tongue up deeper into the excited woman’s twat. “I’ll make you come.”

Watching from the couch, Mark could see that Claudine was getting hotter and hotter as Jan sucked harder on her pussy. Mark’s prick was rapidly swelling again as he watched them. Jan’s tongue was deep inside Claudine’s open cunt, licking up the sweet juices that were flowing around it.

“Suck! Suck!” sobbed Claudine, grinding her hot wet pussy up tighter against Jan’s sucking mouth.

Mark was lustily stroking his hard boner as he watched. He’d never seen anything like this in his life and it was driving him wild.

“Oh, Mark!” Jan cried out excitedly when she saw the teen excitedly stroking his stiff prick. “Don’t waste that juice!”

“What?” he asked, still lustily beating his meat. “Ram your cock up my asshole,” she panted excitedly.

“In your shitter?” he asked, unable to believe what she’d said.

“Yes, dummy,” she gasped. “Stick it up my shitter!”

The thought of his slim hard dick reaming out her asshole was really turning Jan on.

“Hurry, honey,” she begged, between slurps on Claudine’s wet cunt. “Stick your cock in my bung!”

“Do you really mean it?” he asked again, slowly getting up from the couch.

“Goddamn it, yes!” she shouted at him. “Stick it up my ass!”

Moving over behind Jan who was kneeling between Claudine’s legs, noisily sucking her cunt, Mark stared at the soft cheeks of her bare ass. A shit-eating grin spread across the teen’s face when he spotted Jan’s tight asshole.

Stooping down behind her, Mark guided the tip of his hard pecker up against Jan’s puckered hole.

“It won’t go in,” he panted, pushing as hard as he could. “Your asshole’s too.”

“Put some spit on it,” she suggested, meaning for him to apply the spit to his prick.

Jan let out a startled squeal of delight when she suddenly felt his hot wet tongue lapping at her bung.

“Oh, Mark,” she giggled into Claudine’s sopping wet cunt. “That’s the way to do it, honey.”

The teen kept licking her bottom, surprised at how sweet the creamy skin around her shitter tasted. When her soft white butt was thoroughly soaked with his spit, Mark once more placed his hot cockhead against Jan’s puckered hole. Taking a deep breath, he grasped her hips and thrust forward, suddenly startled at how easy his prick slipped into her spit-drenched asshole.

“Jeez!” he panted with joy as his slim hard cock slithered up through the buttery hotness of her squeezing rectum. “Wow! This feels neat!”

Within a matter of seconds, his stiff prick was rapidly drilling in and out of her tingling asshole.

“YES! YES!” screamed Jan. “That’s the way, you sweet fucker! Oh, Christ, that’s good!”

Although. Jan enjoyed being fucked in her ass occasionally, it was usually a bit painful, but Mark’s hard slim dick was pure heaven to the woman.

“Oh, Mark,” she sobbed, sucking more eagerly on her friend’s twat. “That’s the neatest prick in the world.”

Thrilled at the tightness of the woman’s bung as he fucked his cock in and out, Mark reached around her waist, grasping her big dangling tits. Gently pinching her nipples, the boy continued slamming his pecker into the extreme tightness and heat of Jan’s buttery-soft asshole. Crazed by the intense pleasure, the excited teen was plunging harder and deeper as his fingers strummed a delicious tune on Jan’s big swollen nipples.

As he pumped into the woman’s hot, wiggly ass, he could hear Claudine squealing with pleasure from the wild tongue-fuck that Jan was giving her. “That’s it, sweet baby!” cried Claudine. “Keep suckin’, Jan! I’m almost there… almost there!”

Mark continued slashing his stiff prick harder and deeper into Jan’s tight hot rectum. Each thrust felt better than the last as the intense pleasure mounted and mounted in his quivering loins.

“Oh, Mark, honey!” shrieked Jan, momentarily removing her mouth from Claudine’s slit. “It’s so fuckin’ good, baby! It’s so fuckin’ good… good… GOOD… GOOD!”

On and on the teen fucked his stiff rod into the beautiful woman’s sweet ass while she continued sucking savagely on Claudine’s dripping cunt. The taste of her friend’s sweet pussy juices in her mouth, and the feel of Mark’s stiff pecker in her ass was almost blowing Jan’s mind.

“OH, SHIT!” Claudine suddenly shrieked. “Keep suckin’, Jan! I’M COMING, COMMMIHNNNGGG!”

While Claudine was writhing through her orgasm, Mark was pounding his cock into Jan’s ass at an ever increasing speed. Squeezing and pulling on her tits, the boy was fucking faster and faster, feeling his ejaculation building up deep in his balls.

“That’s it, honey!” screamed the woman. “That’s it! Fuck me harder!”

Giving a last wild thrust, Mark exploded a torrent of jizz up into Jan’s rectum. His prick continued spurting until they both collapsed over Claudine on the floor.

Claudine and Jan spent the entire day teaching Mark new games, and when he left late that afternoon, he was completely exhausted, but much wiser.

“Mark,” whispered Claudine just before he left. “When you’re playing with Nancy tomorrow, why don’t you fuck her in the asshole? I’ll bet she’ll love it.”

“Okay,” he grinned.

The depraved woman’s cunt began tingling at the thought of Mark’s cock being buried in her daughter’s bung.


When her mother left for work that evening, Mary was hoping that Joe would, get home from the tavern early enough for her to ball him before Claudine returned at midnight. Mary had thought of nothing but Joe’s big cock since last night when he’d raped her. The pretty blonde fully realized that Joe was her mother’s man, but God, how she wanted that beautiful big cock buried in her own cunt again.

Her sister, Nancy, was out in the back yard playing with Mark, and Mary was sitting alone in the living room when Joe walked in around eight o’clock that evening. She was wearing her shortest summer dress with neither panties nor bra, wanting her body to be as available as possible if he wanted to use it.

“Hi, Joe,” she beamed up at him when he entered.

“Hello, Mary,” he mumbled, walking into the kitchen to get a cold beer.

The girl was pleased that he wasn’t as drunk as usual and her heart was pounding in her breast when he returned and sat down next to her on the couch.

“Mary,” he stammered after several moments of awkward silence. “I’ve been thinking about last night and I’m awfully sorry for what I did.”

“I’m not,” she whispered. “I thought it was neat.”

“My God,” he sighed, taking a long sip of his beer.

“I know,” she giggled. “And I’m no virgin any more.”

“Please forgive me,” the man stammered. “I’ll never bother you again.”

“Don’t be silly,” Mary whispered, jumping up and plopping herself down in his lap. “I want you to mess around with me.”

Pressing her soft open lips to his, the girl began rotating her ass around on his lap. With their lips pressed wetly together, she took his hand and gently guided it up between her slightly parted thighs. His entire body seemed to stiffen when the tip of his finger grazed against the hot slipperiness of her dripping slit.

She held her breath in anticipation when she felt the man’s thick middle finger sinking up into the smoldering depths of her squishy twat.

“Oh, Joe,” she whispered, writhing her bottom around on the hard shaft that was starting to throb beneath her. “That feels so good, honey.”

She’d hated this man for six months, and now she couldn’t wait to feel his big hard cock buried deep in her quivering belly.

“Let’s go up to my room,” she cooed. “Nancy and Mark might walk in here.”

Joe knew he was doing wrong, but he let the girl take his hand and lead him upstairs. As soon as she’d closed the door behind them, they began quickly disrobing.

“Well,” she giggled when they were standing completely naked in front of each other. “Let’s fuck.”

Waiting until he was spread put on his back on the bed, Mary crawled up between his legs, nuzzling her face against the big hairy balls that were hanging just below his massive cock.

“Jesus, you’re hung,” she whispered, swiping her wet tongue over the crinkly skin of his bloated nut-sac.

Watching the lovely teen-ager caressing and licking his balls, Joe couldn’t get over how beautiful she was. She had such a youthful peaches and cream complexion to go with her fresh beauty. The loveliness of her pretty face was doubly enhanced by the long blonde hair cascading down over her soft bare shoulders. She was a trim teen, yet her soft full curves filled her out to perfection, and her lusciously firm tits were capped by the biggest, juiciest damn nipples he’d ever seen.

“Jesus, you’re pretty,” he whispered.

“Thank you,” she giggled. “For saying nice things like that, you’re gonna get a blow-job.”

Mary had only sucked on Dale’s knob and shaft, but looking up between Joe’s hairy legs, she suddenly had a wild desire to lick his balls and even eat out his asshole. Greedily lashing out with her tongue, she began licking under his nut-sac. She was pleasantly surprised with the exciting texture of the crinkly skin around his balls as she bathed them with her sweet warm spit. Joe’s big frame started trembling and jerking with excitement when Mary began slowly working her lips and tongue up the entire underside of his throbbing shaft. Seeing how much Joe was enjoying it, she continued lightly nibbling up and down the full length of his shaft as the man writhed wildly around on the bed.

Moving her head back down, she lifted the back of his knees over her bare shoulders, raising his asshole up in front of her face. Mary couldn’t understand it, but she suddenly had this wild compulsion to eat his bung. Gently caressing his cock and balls with her fingers, the horny teen-ager began blowing her soft hot breath against his puckered shitter.

“Oh, God,” he moaned as Mary gently parted the cheeks of his ass with her fingers so her warm breath could more easily caress his twitching bung.

Mary seemed to instinctively know how to please this man, and it filled her with joy to see how excited he was getting.

“Aaaaaggghhh!” he roared when the tip of her hot wet tongue eased out and began washing his quivering asshole.

When the tight ring was thoroughly soaked with spit, Mary raised her head a bit, running her hot dripping tongue up from his shitter, over his swollen balls and on up his shaft to his massive cockhead. The hot wet caresses of her busy tongue on his sensitive knob was sending wild tingles screaming through his entire body.

“Do you like that?” she whispered.

“Jesus, yes,” he panted, staring down at the smiling eyes in her pretty dimpled face.

“Is Mom a better cocksucker than me?” she suddenly asked.

“You’re both good,” grinned the man.

“Then fuck you,” Mary pouted, removing her lips from his delicious big boner.

“No! No! Don’t stop!” he shouted.

“Whose the best cocksucker?” she teased.

“You are!” Joe panted. “Now keep suckin’!”

“And you’d better not forget it,” she laughed, once more inserting his big cockhead into her mouth.

After sucking on his bloated knob for a while, Mary once more moved down and buried her face in the soft warm flesh between his asscheeks. His body jerked wildly when the girl’s naughty tongue probed hotly at his shitter.

“YEEEEEOW!” he shrieked when the moist muscular tip of her tongue slipped obscenely through the tight ring of his asshole. “Christ, that’s good!”

Shaking with uncontrolled excitement, the lurching man could feel her slippery tongue darting in and out of his quivering bung, sending electric-like shocks all through his body.

“Oh, sweet fuckin’ Jesus!” he gasped as the pretty blonde wildly tongue-fucked his ravaged asshole while she rapidly stroked his cock with her fingers. “Oh, you darling!”

When she finally pulled her tongue out of his shitter, she moved her head up and wrapped her sucking lips around his bloated cockhead. This was only the second prick she’d ever sucked, but to Mary, nothing else in the world tasted as good as a big juicy cock.

Trembling with excitement, Joe stared down at her soft ovalled lips as they sucked and pulled so deliciously on the head of his prick. Smiling up at him with her big blue eyes, Mary began moving her mouth up and down over his cock at a faster tempo. She was taking more and more of his big delicious dick into her throat with every plunge.

“Jesus, you’re sweet,” he panted, looking down at the mischievous expression on her cute flushed face.

She looked so and innocent, and as she increased the intense suction on his sensitive knob, Joe could feel the familiar sensations that signaled his rapidly approaching ejaculation. His entire body seemed to tense up, and the length of his cock reached that feeling of unbelievable ecstasy just before it exploded a torrent of fuck-cream into the teen’s waiting mouth.

Mary continued sucking and swallowing frantically, not wanting to waste a single drop of his hot thick cum. Joe lay trembling on his back until the pretty blonde had sucked out the last delicious drop from his rapidly shrinking prick. Finally releasing the limp tool from her mouth, she began licking the slippery film from her sperm soaked lips.

“Well,” she giggled, wiping her mouth with the back of her arm. “Does my mom suck better than me?”

“Darling,” he smiled, “no one sucks better than you.”

“Good,” whispered Mary, reaching for his limp dick. “Now I wanta fuck. Let’s get this beauty hard again.”

Relaxing with the girl’s beautifully naked body in his arms while she tenderly toyed with his prick, Joe’s thoughts drifted to her mother. Claudine and her daughter had the two hottest cunts he’d ever fucked, and they both belonged to him. His future had never been brighter, with free board and room, all the beer he could drink and two beautiful cunts to squirt his jizz into.

“Oh, look, Joe!” Mary’s voice brought him back to reality. “Your cock’s all nice and hard again.”

His body once more trembling with excitement, he grasped the pretty blonde and covered her soft moist lips with his hungry mouth.

“Oh, baby,” he panted, rolling onto her as he crawled up between her open legs.

“God, Joe,” the girl whispered, feeling his hot rod burning deliciously against her inner thighs. “I need that big hard prick in me.”

Joe could feel her soft cool fingers searching for his huge boner as her tender body writhed excitedly beneath him. His cock began throbbing violently when she grasped his thick hot meat and guided the head of it toward her dripping hat slit. He could feel her soft body gyrating with expectation as she pulled his shiny knob closer and closer to her juice-drenched cunt.

Reaching down and cupping the girl’s sweet ass in his hands, Joe lifted her hot slippery cunt up toward his slowly advancing prick. A delicious tingle streaked through his sensitive cockhead when it probed between the slippery open lips of her eager pussy.

Mewling softly beneath him, Mary spread her thighs as wide as possible, locking her ankles around his waist, and arching her gold-fringed slit up for their mutual enjoyment.

“Now!” she panted, grinding her frothy cunt up around the thick head of his massive cock. “Give it to me, honey. I want the whole fuckin’ thing.”

Grasping his sinewy ass, she pulled him toward her, feeling his throbbing boner gliding up through the hot clinging tissues of her squeezing cunt.

With his entire body screaming with lust, Joe gave a mighty thrust and drilled his bloated cock all the way into her fuck-hole with one wild plunge.

“Aaaaggghhh!” she squealed with joy, feeling the hard thickness of his magnificent, boner plowing up through her tingling pussy-flesh.

Grasping his butt even tighter, she arched her hips up and pulled his thick meaty shaft even deeper into her hot slick fuck-hole. It was only when she felt his huge balls pressing into the wide crack of her ass that she knew he’d fully penetrated her.

After remaining completely motionless for a few moments, relishing the feel of her hot cunt squeezing on his deeply buried rod, Joe began slamming his gnarly boner in and out of her sucking hole.

“Oh, baby,” she whispered, her entire body screaming in ecstasy as his rock-hard dong pounded deep into her writhing slit. “Your cock feels so nice and big.”

Lusting over the lovely teen beneath him, Joe’s bloated dick was pumping in and out of her fantastically tight pussy, the soft ridges of her hot clinging cunt rubbing deliciously against his sensitive rod. Plunging his excited boner in and out of the squishy hotness of her sucking hole, he could feel her slippery cunt juices oozing out around his cock and dripping down over her cute wiggly ass.

With her mouth hanging open and her long blonde hair flying wildly around her damp flushed face, Mary was lustily throwing her pussy up to meet every powerful thrust of his big cunt-splitting cock.

“Oh, sweet Joe,” she whispered, covering his lips with her hot open mouth. “I never dreamed that fucking could feel so good.”

Drilling his boner into the hot wetness of her juicy pussy, Joe could feel the teen writhing wildly beneath him. In all his years of balling, the man had never found a girl who fucked as passionately, and only yesterday she’d been a virgin. It was like tiding a bucking bronco as she rapidly approached her climax. The feel of her soft naked legs wrapped around his humping body only added flames to the burning fire in his loins, making him fuck into her with even more power. With theft naked bodies pounding wildly against each other, her luscious big nipples were burning hotly into his heaving chest.

Rushing blindly toward their rapidly approaching climaxes, neither of them noticed Nancy and Mark when they opened the door and peeked in. The two teens had been on their way to Nancy’s room for a nice hot fuck when they heard Mary’s squeals of joy coming from her bedroom. Not realizing what was going on, the two teens had opened the door and peeked in. They were completely stunned when they saw Joe fucking his huge cock into Mary’s cunt.

“Fuck, honey, fuck!” they heard Mary scream as the ecstasy mounted in her writhing loins.

From the way she was screaming and grasping him with her arms and legs, it was obvious to both Nancy and Mark that Mary was on the verge of climaxing. And from the way Joe was shaking and panting as he drove his huge rod into the girl, they knew he was almost ready to fill her teen-aged cunt with cum.

“Oh, Christ, baby!” squealed Mary as the older man drove harder and deeper into her belly. “Fuck me good, honey! Fuck me good!”

Staring at them, Nancy couldn’t believe the size of Joe’s cock. The only prick she’d ever seen had been Mark’s, and up until now she’d thought all cocks were about the same size as his. The sight of Joe’s big juice-slickened boner squishing in and out of her sister’s creaming cunt was driving Nancy wild.

She was completely fascinated by the way her sister’s soft naked thighs were scissored around. Joe’s big humping body as she slammed her cock-filled cunt up to receive every thrust of the man’s deliciously thick boner. Nancy could see that her near-hysterical sister was tensing for the inevitable orgasm that was rapidly building up in her body.

“Oh, sweet fucker!” screamed Mary, her teeth and nails digging into the man’s naked flesh. “I’m coming, honey! COMING! COMING! COMMMIIINNNGGG!”

“Hang on, baby,” panted Joe. “Here comes the juice!”

From the way he threw his head back and lunged his cock forward, Nancy could tell he was squirting a thick load of cum into her sister’s exploding cunt.

“That’s it, baby!” screamed Mary as her belly filled with his gushing sperm. “Keep shootin’, baby! I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT!”

Afraid of being caught watching them, the two teens hurried down to Nancy’s room.

“Jeez,” gasped Mark when they were alone. “He was really fucking the shit out of her.”

“I know,” said Nancy excitedly. “And did you see the size of his cock?”

“Shit, yes,” laughed the teen. “He was hung like a fuckin’ bull.”

“Gee,” whispered Nancy with a dreamy look in her eyes. “I’d sure like to be fucked by a big cock like his.”

“Watching them sure gave me a hard-on,” panted Mark as he dropped his shorts, revealing his stiff prick.

“Oh, Mark,” Nancy giggled when she saw his pecker. “Your thing looks so tiny after looking at Joe’s.”

“Your mom thinks I’ve got a neat prick,” he blurted out, wanting to defend his manhood.

“When did she tell you that?” asked the cute redhead, surprised at the boy’s remark.

“This afternoon when I was fuckin’ her and Mrs. Archer,” he bragged.

“Are you shittin’ me?” gasped Nancy.

“I’m tellin’ the truth,” he answered. “We screwed all day and I even fucked them both in the asshole.”


“Sure,” he grinned. “It feels neat. Your mom said I should fuck you in the butt, too.”

“Would I like it?”

“Your mother sure did,” laughed Mark.

“Will it hurt me?”

“Let’s find out,” he grinned, stroking his excited boner. “Your mom said we should try it.”

Looking at his slim prick, Nancy suddenly thought how much fun it might be to let him drill it up her asshole. After seeing Joe’s thick dong, Nancy knew she wanted to try a big man-sized cock in her cunt, but Mark’s stiff pecker was probably just the right size for her shitter.

“Okay,” she finally agreed. “But how do we do it?”

“Just bend over the arm of that chair with your ass turned up,” he explained to the teen as she removed her dress and panties.

When the girl was positioned as he’d suggested, Mark moved up behind her. Parting her plump asscheeks with his thumbs, he nosed the tip of his prick up against the pink ring of her shitter. Grasping the girl’s hips, he thrust his cock forward.

“Eeeeegggghhh!” shrieked Nancy when all four inches of his thin hard prick glided up into the hot tightness of her rectum.

“D’ya like it?” he asked, pleased that he’d driven it all the way home on his first plunge.

“No!” she cried. “Take it out! It hurts!”

Ignoring her cries, he began fucking his hard prick in and out of her soft, squeezing asshole at a rapid speed, Nancy’s initial pain quickly disappeared, replaced by a pleasant glow from the friction of his thrusting cock.

“Oh, Mark!” she began squealing. “This feels neat! Fuck me faster!”

She’d never heard of being screwed in her shitter, but the intense pleasure seemed to increase with every rapid stroke. She knew that she’d never be satisfied until she had a big thick cock like Joe’s in her cunt, but Mark’s hard four inches was sure neat for ass-fucking.


When Claudine went back on the day shift the following week, she and Jan quickly arranged their swinging party. Not telling the men that they intended to swap partners, they decided to just get together over at Jan’s house for a few drinks.

“Do you think Joe will be willing to swing?” asked Jan when the two women were alone in the kitchen.

“I think so,” Claudine giggled. “There’s nothing in the world that he loves more than beer and cunt. How about Duane?”

“He’s sort of shy,” grinned Jan. “But I think we can bring him around.”

Wanting their bodies to be very available to the men, neither of them were wearing panties or bras under their short summer dresses. As the evening progressed and the drinks flowed in abundance, the four of them began swapping jokes.

“Hey,” giggled Jan, recrossing her bare legs to give Joe a good look at her thick dark bush. “Did you guys hear about the deformed man that went to the whorehouse?”

“I don’t think so,” they answered.

“Well,” Jan continued. “When the doorbell rang, the madam answered and saw a man without arms or legs plopped down on the doorstep. When she asked him what he wanted, the deformed man said he was looking for apiece of ass. Telling him that none of her girls would make it with him, she was about to close the door when he offered her a hundred bucks for a quick blow-job. Thinking this could be some easy money, the madam asked him if he were ready.”

“Shit, yes!” he panted. “How the fuck did you think I rang the doorbell?”

“Oh, God,” laughed Claudine. “He musta been hung like my Joe.”

“Is Joe hung well?” Jan giggled, going along with what Claudine was doing.

“Slit, yes,” laughed the redhead. “He’s got the biggest fuckin’ cock I’ve ever seen.”

“I’ve probably seen bigger ones,” smiled Jan, pretending not to be interested.

“I don’t think so,” giggled Claudine, and then turned to Joe. “Hey, honey, why don’t you show Jan your cock?”

“Don’t be stupid,” he growled.

“Please,” teased Claudine, gently rubbing the front of his pants. “You should be proud of that fuckin’ whang.”

“Come on, Joe,” giggled Jan, walking aver to where he and Claudine were seated. “Let me see your prick.”

“You’re both crazy,” he laughed as Claudine continued rubbing his cock.

“You should be proud of that beauty,” argued his horny roommate. “I’m sure Jan’s never seen anything like it.”

“God, Joe!” exclaimed Jan. “If it’s that big, I’ve just gotta see it!”

“Will you show me your pussy if I let you see my cock?” he suddenly asked Jan.

“Sure,” she giggled, starting to raise her short skirt.

“The hell she will!” snapped Duane to his wife. “Keep your Goddamn cunt covered.”

“Oh, Duane,” giggled Claudine. “Let her show it. I’ll let you see mine.”

Before he could answer, Claudine quickly whipped her short skirt up, giving him a good look at her red-fringed slit. Duane was momentarily stunned at the sight of the woman’s slippery cunt juices oozing out from between her pink cuntlips. Taking his hand, Claudine inserted his finger into the hot moistness of her wiggly slit.

“D’ya like my twat?” she whispered, forcing his finger deeper into her chipping cunt.

Seeing that her husband was too excited over her friend’s twat to make any further objections, Jan dropped to her knees in front of Joe and quickly yanked down his zipper.

“My God!” gasped the beautiful brunette when she pulled out his huge boner. “That’s the biggest fuckin’ cock I’ve ever seen.”

Hearing her excited voice, Duane glanced over and saw his wife clutching Joe’s massive dork in both of her hands.

“Jan!” snapped Duane. “Stop that!”

“Oh, Duane,” Claudine whispered, pushing his finger deeper into the hot wetness of her dripping hole. “Let her play with it for a minute. You’ve got my hot pussy.”

When he made no further protest, Claudine deftly unbuttoned his shirt and threw it onto a chair. She followed this by dropping his pants and shorts, revealing his deliciously hard prick. It wasn’t as long and thick as Joe’s, but it was bigger than most cocks, and the texture was slick and smooth. There was a strange curve to his sleek shaft that Claudine found highly erotic. Pulling his finger out of her twat, the woman dropped to her knees in front of the naked man and inserted the tip of his cock into her mouth.

Jan was too busy playing with Joe’s big beautiful dong to pay any attention to her husband and Claudine. The sight and feel of Joe’s fantastic cock soon had the woman’s hot pussy creaming all down her legs.

Releasing Joe’s throbbing tool, Jan stood up in front of him and slowly raised her skirt until her thick dark bush was exposed only inches from his eyes.

“Do you like my pussy?” she whispered, continuing to pull the dress off over her head.

“Shit, yes,” he panted, ramming his finger into her hot squishy slit.

“D’ya think your big cock could fit in there?” she giggled, writhing her inflamed pussy around his deeply buried finger.

“I’d like to try it,” he answered, “but how would Duane take it?”

“He seems quite content,” Jan smiled, looking over to where Claudine was busily sucking on her husband’s prick. “Right now I don’t think he’d give a shit what we did.”

“Then let’s fuck,” laughed Joe.

“Okay,” she giggled. “Take your stupid clothes off.”

Without saying another word, the man quickly stood up and disrobed.

“God,” she whispered, staring excitedly at his huge cock and balls. “I sure hope I can handle that big cunt-splitter.”

“We’ll soon find out,” grinned Joe, lewdly stroking his bloated shaft. “Lay down on the couch.”

“Not on your life,” Jan giggled. “You’re not going to pin me down with that monster in me.”

“What the hell are you talking about?” he asked.

“Just sit down,” she whispered.

When the man was seated, Jan stared down hungrily at the huge prick thrusting up from between his legs.

“Okay, honey,” she said in a low throaty voice. “I don’t know whether I can take that monster, but I’m sure gonna give it a try.”

Facing the seated man, she straddled his loins and slowly lowered her hot dripping cunt down toward his massive shaft. Reaching down, she tenderly grasped his big meaty pole and lightly rubbed his sensitive knob against the hot squishy flesh of her moist furrow.

At the feel of her hot slippery cuntlips sliding over the tip of his cock, a wild tingle raced up though the length of Joe’s cock. Trembling from the touch of her warm wet slit on his throbbing dick, he stared excitedly at her big cherry-tipped jugs that were only inches from his eyes.

Lowering herself a further, Jan could feel his massive cockhead stretching out her rubbery cuntlips. Still letting herself down, she rubbed her hard swollen nipples against his face.

“Oh, God,” she whispered as his rod stretched her cunt channel wider and wider. “That’s gotta be the biggest fuckin’ prick in the world.”

Grasping the soft meat of her luscious ass, Joe slowly guided her hot slippery slit down over his straining cock. He could feel his thick sensitive pole slithering up through the soft hot tissues of her widely stretched fuck-hole. Glancing down between her legs, he could see Jan’s thick creamy pussy juices oozing out around his slowly disappearing shaft.

“Oh, God, Joe,” she panted when his monstrous cock was at last fully buried in the hot tightness of her cunt. “I never thought I’d be able to take that big tool, but it feels so fucking good in me.”

“Then just enjoy it,” he teased. “Because that’s what I intend to do.”

Kneeling in front of Duane, sucking hungrily on his sleek hard boner while he leaned against the wall to support his trembling body, Claudine was watching Joe fuck his huge cock up into Jan’s deliciously stretched cunt. Duane was vaguely watching them too, but with Claudine’s luscious lips sucking and pulling on his prick, he no longer gave a shit if his wife was being fucked by another man or not. The only thing that mattered was the incredible joy he was getting from Claudine’s hot wet lips.

Over on the sofa, Jan was bouncing faster and faster on Joe’s jolting cock, her bouncing boobs rubbing deliciously against his face. The squealing woman had never felt anything so good as Joe’s huge tool.

“Oh, baby!” she giggled when Joe grasped her soft asscheeks and poked his finger against her cute puckered shitter. “That feels neat.”

Pushing a harder, Joe’s thick middle finger ripped up through her tight asshole and slithered into the buttery hotness of her squeezing rectum.

“Jesus Christ!” she shrieked with joy. “That’s it, baby! That’s so good… so good… SO GOOD!”

With his finger deeply imbedded in Jan’s asshole, Joe was violently propelling her up and down over his massive boner at an ever-increasing speed. The beautiful woman’s head was thrown back and her long black hair was swirling wildly around her damp, flushed face. Sobbing hysterically, she was grinding her dripping cunt around the base of the man’s big plunging shaft.

“Fuck, honey, fuck!” she cried out as Joe thrust his hips up, driving his cock deeper and deeper into the sucking depths of her slippery fuck-hole. “That’s it, baby! Fuck! Fuck! FUCK!”

Clinging frantically to each other, their naked flesh was slapping wetly together as they fucked closer and closer to their inevitable climaxes.

“OH, SHIT!” she screamed when he clamped his mouth around one of her big juicy nipples. “I’M COMING, BABY, COMING!”

Thrusting his big spurting dick up deep into her creaming cunt, Joe shot a torrent of cum into her thirsty fuck-hole.

“Oh, sweet baby!” she sobbed, writhing her sperm-drenched cunt around his belching prick. “Squirt me good, honey! Oh, Christ, how I love that cock-cream!”

Collapsing over his body, a sticky stream of jizz was dripping out of her cock-filled twat and running down her legs.

“That’s some cock,” she panted, gently kissing him. “And you’re a real stud.”

Still sucking on Duane’s stiff prick, Claudine was trembling with excitement as she watched Joe filling her friend’s cunt full of cum. Releasing his cock from her mouth, Claudine stood up and led Duane over to the other couch.

“Oh, Duane,” she whispered, taking off her dress. “I need your prick in my pussy.”

Spreading out on the couch, she opened her thighs, holding her arms out to receive him. Duane glanced over at his wife, and then crawled up between Claudine’s bare legs.

Reaching down, the woman gently grasped the base of his throbbing shaft and placed his hot knob against the hot juicy opening of her creaming twat. When their open lips met in a passionate tongue-sucking kiss, Claudine grasped the cheeks of his ass and gave a lusty pull. To both of their delights, she pulled the full length of his cock into the smoldering depths of her slippery cunt.

“Oh, baby,” she whispered. “That’s exactly what I needed.”

With his quivering shaft deeply embedded in her hot juicy hole, Duane could feel her slippery cunt walls sucking and squeezing against his meaty shaft.

“Now fuck,” she whispered. “Just fuck the livin’ shit out a me.”

Grinding her hot pussy up around the base of his buried rod, Claudine could feel that it wasn’t as big as Joe’s, but it was plenty large enough to do the job she wanted. There was something wildly erotic about the way his slightly curved shaft rubbed against the sensitive walls of her cunt.

“Oh, sweet Duane,” she panted when the man began slowly drilling his stiff boner in and out of her hole. “I love your cock.”

The feel of his sleek smooth shaft rubbing against the clinging walls of her cunt was driving Claudine wild. The sucking lips of her frothy twat were squeezing and milking his prick for all it was worth.

“That’s it, honey!” she sobbed, digging her nails into his shoulders. “Oh, Christ, that feels good!”

Sitting on the other sofa, trying to bring Joe’s soft thick dick back to a state of hardness again, Jan was excitedly watching her husband fucking his prick into Claudine. The sight of the beautiful redhead being screwed by her own husband was really turning Jan on. Rubbing Joe’s slowly swelling prick with one hand, Jan was excitedly fingering her sperm-soaked slit with the other as she watched Claudine’s big lush boobs squishing back and forth beneath Duane’s lurching chest. Jan couldn’t keep her eyes away from Claudine’s smooth naked legs that were wrapped around his body. The beautiful redhead was grasping at the cheeks of his ass, pulling him deeper and deeper into her clinging cunt.

“That’s it, Duane!” Jan squealed excitedly as she watched her husband’s slippery cock gliding in and out of the sweet slit she’d been eating for the last week. “Fuck her good, honey! Fuck the piss out of her.”

Duane was slamming his long curved meat into the redhead’s wiggly twat with a brutal force, enjoying each thrust more than the last. He hadn’t fucked anyone except his own wife for the past several years and this new piece of ass was driving him wild.

Jan was almost out of her mind as she watched the writhing couple on the sofa. Frantically stroking Joe’s swelling tool with one hand as she fingered herself with the other, Jan was staring at Claudine’s clinging cuntlips as Duane’s juice slickened prick glided in and out. The entire surface of her husband’s cock was glistening wetly with the thick cream that was oozing out from between Claudine’s cock-squeezing cuntlips.

“Fuck her, Duane!” Jan squealed. “Finish the bitch off! I want her next!”

“Yes, honey!” sobbed Claudine, screwing her sucking cunt up tighter around the base of Duane’s thrusting boner. “Finish me off, baby! Finish me off!”

The man was slamming his hard dork up into Claudine’s frothy fuck-hole at an ever-increasing speed. Almost beside himself with ecstasy, Duane could feel his onrushing climax building up deep in his loins. God, how he wanted to fill her hat cunt with his scalding own!

“That’s it, baby,” Claudine shrieked with joy. “Faster, honey! Harder! HARDER! I’M ALMOST THERE!”

The ecstasy on Claudine’s lace was the most exciting thing Jan had ever seen, and she could hardly wait to eat out her friend’s sperm-filled curt. Watching her husband’s familiar cock slithering in and out, Jan could vicariously feel every thrust of it in Claudine’s frothy fuck-hole. The loud slurping sound of his hard meat plowing into the redhead’s juicy slit was almost blowing Jan’s mind.

“Oh, honey!” squealed Claudine, her naked legs waving obscenely in the air. “I’m almost there, baby… almost there!”

With her head rolling crazily from side to side, Claudine’s long red hair was flying wildly around her lust-contorted face. Her mouth was hanging slackly open and her eyes were glazed with a wild passion as she clawed at his bare humping ass with her nails.

“Oh, shit!” she suddenly cried out, sinking her teeth into his shoulder. “I’m coming, baby! SQUIRT! SQUIRT! SQUIRT! I’M COMING… COMMMIIINNNGGG!”

Just as Claudine exploded into her mind boggling orgasm, she could feel Duane’s thick hot jizz spewing into her fuck-hole. When he’d emptied his last drop of cum into her ravaged cunt, Duane slowly rolled over, his wet cock slurping out of the woman’s cunt, trading a thick string of sperm across the cushion.

Seeing Claudine’s empty twat, Jan let out a squeal and rushed over, burying her face in the woman’s sopping wet cunt. Gazed with lust, she attacked her friend’s dripping pussy like a wild animal. With her orgasm only starting to subside, Claudine’s entire body was reignited by the feel of Jan’s tongue on her quivering clitty.

“Oh, Jan!” sobbed Claudine, writhing her drenched pussy up against her friend’s face. “That feels so fuckin’ good!”

The room was soon filled with the woman’s soft moans and sighs as well as the delicious slurping sounds of Jan’s tongue and lips sucking on Claudine’s sperm-soaked cunt. Excited by the taste of the woman’s pussy juices mixed with her own husband’s cum, Jan began sucking wildly on her shiny clit.

“That’s it, honey!” squealed Claudine.

Watching Jan as she knelt, eating out the woman’s pussy, Joe could see her cute twat peeking out just below her puckered asshole. Grasping his cock, he moved over and dropped to his knees behind Jan. Guiding the tip of his throbbing boner between her slippery cuntlips, Joe gave a wild thrust and drilled his huge cock deep into her hot fuck-hole.

“AAAAGGGGHHHH!” she screamed out when she felt his massive dong plowing up into her slit.

“Don’t stop suckin’!” cried Claudine when she saw what was happening.

“I won’t,” sobbed Jan, once more burying her face in the woman’s twat as Joe’s glorious cock fucked deliciously into her cunt.

It was almost dawn when the orgy finally ended and Claudine and Joe walked wearily home.


It was a few mornings later when Nancy brought up the subject of big cocks to her mother. Claudine was serving the teen her breakfast before leaving for the cafe.

“Mom,” she suddenly asked, not wanting her mother to know she’d seen Joe fucking her sister. “Do all men have the same sized pricks?”

“Goodness, no,” smiled Claudine.

Because her mother had taught her and Mark how to fuck, the girl felt that she could fully discuss cocks with her.

“Are men’s pricks bigger than Mark’s?” asked Nancy.

“God, yes,” giggled the woman. “Men have great big things.”

“Do they feel better?”

“Shit, yes,” giggled Claudine. “The bigger, the better.”

“I wanta be fucked by a man-sized cock,” giggled the teen.

“You will,” smiled her mother. “When you’re a bigger girl.”

“I don’t want to wait,” pouted Nancy. “I want to be fucked by a big cock now.”

She knew that Joe was the horniest man she’d ever met, but even he would be appalled at the thought of molesting the teen.

“There must be some man that would like to fuck me,” sighed the girl.

Staring at her daughter’s sweet face, the depraved woman was suddenly excited at the thought of a big hard cock stuffed up between her daughter’s cute legs. The more she thought about it, the more exciting the idea seemed to her. She could vividly see a big thick boner fucking into the girl’s tiny cunt. She realized it would probably be painful for the teen, but she also knew how much Nancy would probably enjoy it.

Driving to work that morning, Claudine kept thinking about a big hard boner drilling into her daughter’s horny pussy. She was almost to work when she thought of Sam Williams. Sam had fucked Claudine enough times in the back room for her to know he was a bit kinky. Thinking about it, Claudine suddenly realized the man was perverted enough to enjoy her daughter’s twat. The woman decided that if Sam screwed the girl on the bed in the back room, she could watch them through a crack in the wall.

“Hi, Sam,” she smiled as she entered the cafe.

“Hello,” he beamed, giving her ass a pat as she walked by him.

“Looks like you’re feeling horny today,” giggled Claudine.

“I always get horny when I see you,” he answered, excitedly licking his lips.

Claudine just stood there studying the man. He was a pleasant-looking person, and Claudine always enjoyed a roll in the sack with him, but she couldn’t understand his perversion for girls. Watching him as he walked into the kitchen, Claudine decided that he was exactly what Nancy needed. She knew that Sam was a gentle person and wouldn’t harm the girl, and at the same time, the teen would get the fucking she wanted so badly. Also, Claudine could peek through the crack once in a while and watch what was going on. The more she thought about it, the more excited the depraved mother was getting.

“Sam,” she said, following him into the kitchen. “You’ve met my daughter, Nancy, haven’t you?”

“You mean that cute redhead?” he grinned.

“Yes, that’s the one,” Claudine continued. “How would you like to fuck her?”

“Jesus, Claudine,” he answered in a shocked voice. “Have you lost your marbles?”

“No,” she giggled. “I just asked if you’d like to screw Nancy.”

“I guess so,” he stammered. “But why are you talking that way about your own kid?”

“Because she wants to be fucked by a man,” explained the woman. “And I think you’d enjoy her.”

“Are you shittin’ me?” he gulped.

“No Sam,” giggled Claudine. “If I call her on the phone, will you screw her in the back room this afternoon?”

“Sure,” he stammered. “If you really want me to do it.”

“Fine,” smiled Claudine, walking over to the telephone. “I’ll call her.”

When Nancy arrived at the cafe shortly after the noon rush hour was over, she was wearing a pretty short blue dress.

“Hi, Sam,” the teen beamed up at the man. “Mom says you’re gonna fuck me.”

“If you want me to,” he smiled, nervously licking his lips.

“Gee, yes,” she giggled.

“Have you ever been screwed before?” asked Sam.

“Sure,” she proudly answered. “Lots of times, but it was a kid’s prick.”

“Sam,” Claudine turned to the man. “Why don’t you take her into the back room. Business is quiet now, and I can handle the counter alone.”

“Okay,” he grinned taking the girl’s hand and leading her to the room behind the cafe.

Being a bachelor, Sam sometimes spent the night at the cafe and had a large double bed in the back room where he often slept.

“Do you have a big cock?” asked Nancy when the man had closed the door behind them.

“It’s sorta big,” he answered excitedly. “Do you want to see it?”

“Sure,” beamed Nancy.

Standing in front of the teen, Sam quickly removed his shirt and pants, and then dropped his shorts.

“God!” gasped the girl when his big thick boner sprang into view. “That’s sure a big prick.”

It wasn’t nearly as huge as Joe’s cock, but it looked enormous to the girl. His prick wasn’t smooth and pink like Mark’s pecker, but was thick and gnarly with a big purple cockhead on the end of it.

“Come here,” he said, sitting down on the edge of the bed with his throbbing cock thrusting up from between his legs. “Let me undress you.”

As the girl stepped in front of him, he took the hem of her short dress in his hands and quickly pulled it off over her head. Standing naked, except for her cotton panties, her cute pointy tits were jutting out proudly from her chest. They were firm and conical shaped with the biggest fucking nipples Sam had ever seen on a girl.

“You sure have pretty tits,” he whispered, gently squeezing them with his fingers.

Leaning forward, Sam ran his thick wet tongue over the soft quivering flesh of her tender boobs.

“Ooooooh, Sam,” she giggled. “That feels neat.”

After sucking and licking the girl’s tits until they were drenched with spit, he hooked his thumbs into the waistband of her panties and peeled them over her soft ass, letting them slither down her shapely legs to the floor. His eyes were immediately drawn to the soft triangle of red pussy hairs that surrounded her juicy slit. Staring at the tiny hole that was glistening with her shimmering juices, Sam hoped he’d be able to penetrate it with his big cock.

Trembling with excitement, Sam picked the girl up and placed her on his lap. With her soft naked ass pressed against his bare flesh, his cock was thrusting up between her slightly parted thighs.

“Sam,” she whispered, taking his hand and guiding it up between her legs. “Play with my pussy.”

A tingling thrill screamed through the older man’s body when he slipped the tip of his finger into the moist warmth of the girl’s juicy slit. The teen’s hole was so deliciously hot and squishy. Nancy’s naked body smelled so fresh and clean to him as he cradled her in his arms while his free hand explored her sweet cunt.

“D’ya like my pussy?” she whispered, grasping his thick cock and sliding his rubbery foreskin up and down over his shiny knob.

“Yes, darling,” he panted, swirling his finger around in the juicy slickness of her puffy pussy.

Sam couldn’t believe that he was fondling this cute naked girl with her mother’s consent. The softness of her warm flesh was driving him wild.

“Gee, I sure like your nice big prick,” she whispered as she tenderly stroked it.

Lifting the teen from his lap, Sam spread her sweet naked body out on the bed. Lying side by side on the sheet, Nancy moved her head down and slipped his stiff cock into her hot juicy mouth as her mother had taught her to do with Mark’s prick. Sam’s cockhead was so much bigger than her friend’s that she could hardly get her lips around it. Trembling with excitement, Nancy swirled her tongue around the head of his cock, up and down the sensitive underside of his shaft and finally around his big hairy balls. Wrapping her hands around his asscheeks, she pulled his beautiful big cockhead deeper into her mouth. As her head moved up and down, the man’s thick meaty shaft was soon floating in and out between her hot, moist lips with a steady rhythm that had Sam writhing in ecstasy.

“God, Nancy,” he whispered excitedly. “That feels so fuckin’ good.”

“I’m glad,” she mewled, still sucking on his wonderful prick.

His thick rod was strong and meaty, but it bent this way and that as she licked and sucked it from every angle. It pleased her immensely to feel his body quivering with excitement.

“You like to have your cock sucked, don’t you?” she whispered, temporarily removing his prick from her mouth.

“Shit, yes,” he grinned. “Don’t you like to have your pussy licked?”

“I don’t know,” she giggled. “Nobody’s ever licked it.”

“Nancy,” he asked excitedly as she once more lowered her mouth down over his cockhead. “Have you ever played sixty-nine?”

“No,” she answered. “What’s sixty-nine?”

“Let me show you,” he answered excitedly as he grasped her hips and turned the girl around until she was straddling his face on her knees.

“Now suck my cock some more,” he panted.

As she lowered her mouth down toward his throbbing boner again, Sam stared up at her sweet cunt that was hovering just above his face. It was the cutest fucking twat he’d ever seen. He studied the pink moist flesh of her pussylips. Droplets of creamy juice were glistening on her wispy red cunt-hairs as a small rivulet of sticky fluid oozed out of her slippery hole.

Trembling with anticipation, he grasped her soft warm butt and gently lowered her delicious looking twat down toward his waiting lips. Reaching up with his tongue, he traced it lightly around the hot moist furrow of her open slit.

“Ooooooh, Sam!” the teen squealed with joy, feeling a man’s mouth on her snatch for the first time.

The taste of the girl’s fresh cunt juice was almost blowing the perverted man’s mind. Frantically grasping her hips, Sam pulled her dripping cunt down tight against his face and drilled his tongue deeply into her hot hole.

“Ooooh!” she again squealed with joy, feeling his thick warm tongue slashing up into her quivering slit.

Shivering with ecstasy from the delicious tongue-fuck she was getting, the teen wolfed his cock into her mouth, taking almost half of it in her first gulp. Greedily swirling her own tongue around his big meaty shaft. Nancy took it deeper and deeper into her mouth until she could feel his knob throbbing against the back of her throat. Sucking hard and deep on his thick cock, the girl could feel Sam’s slippery hot tongue lapping sensuously into her dripping pussy.

Watching through the crack in the wall, Claudine had her hand up under her skirt, and was frantically rubbing her itching pussy as she watched the way Sam’s face was pressed into her daughter’s hairy wet slit. From the way Sam was sucking and lapping into the girl’s juicy twat, Claudine felt certain that the kid must certainly have a tasty honey-pot. Watching them, Claudine made a mental note to try her daughter’s hot cunt as soon as she got her home. She could see that both Sam and Nancy were sucking more lustily on each other’s genitals with every passing second. Crazed with the feel of the teen’s baby-soft lips sucking and pulling on his cock, Sam was pressing his juice-drenched mouth tighter against her hot cunt.

“Oh, God, Sam!” Nancy sobbed between slurps an his big tasty dick. “This is wild!”

“Now you know how to play sixty-nine,” he panted, momentarily coming up for air.

“Shit, yes!” she cried. “I love it… I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT!”

Excited by the teen’s squeals of joy, Sam began nibbling the soft sensitive flesh just inside her juicy opening. He slithered his thick rough tongue up between the soft folds of her slippery pussylips, and then thrust it back deeply into her hot moist cunt. He could feel her sweet juices dripping all over his tongue, and the incredible taste of the creamy fluids in her fresh cunt was the most delicious thing he’d ever experienced. He continued swirling his tongue around in the hot depths of her dripping pussy, and then partially withdrew it until he found her erect clitty.

“Oh, shit!” she squealed. “That’s so good, Sam! Christ, that’s good!”

The feel of his tongue flicking against her defenseless joy-button was almost more than her raw nerves could endure. She’d never felt anything as glorious as his tongue expertly swirling around her quivering clit.

“Suck, honey, suck!” she shrieked in ecstasy. “It’s so fuckin’ good, honey! Suck! SUCK! SUCK!”

When the man decided that Nancy couldn’t stand much more of this intense pleasure, he removed his tongue from her clit and drilled it back up into the girl’s juicy fuck-hole.

“Oh, God,” she sobbed. “It’s all so fuckin’ good.”

With her entire body shivering with ecstasy, Nancy was hoping that she was giving him as much pleasure as he was giving her. Clasping her hot wet lips more tightly around his big cock, she began sucking with a deep hard suction.

“Jesus, honey,” he panted. “That’s fantastic.” Without answering, the girl continued her delicious assault on his big juicy dick. There was something about the strong male taste of his cock as it slid over the top of her tongue that was really turning her on. She loved the feeling of his big bloated knob as it nudged against the back of her throat.

Feeling an ejaculation building up deep in his loins, Sam quickly rolled the teen onto her back, wanting to empty his load into her hot cunt. Quickly crawling up between her legs, he gently parted her plump thighs and stared hungrily at her slippery slit. Easing himself forward, he nudged the tip of his throbbing cock between the girl’s dripping cuntlips.

“Oh, yes, Sam,” whispered Nancy. “Stick it in me.”

Because of her flowing juices and his abundant spit, the man’s big cockhead slipped painlessly through her widely stretched cunt-mouth when he pushed it forward. Staring down between their legs, Sam could see the teen’s tiny cuntlips stretching wider and wider as his thick shaft began disappearing into her deliciously tight pussy.

“Oh, Sam,” she whispered. “That’s sure a big fuckin’ thing.”

As his prick slowly sank deeper and deeper into her quivering body, Nancy could feel it filling her painfully stretched twat. It felt as if his thick, hard cock were splitting her open, yet the bigness of it rubbing against the excited nerves of her tight fuck-hole felt strangely good.

“Oh, Sam,” the teen whispered when the entire length of his hard boner was completely buried in her soft belly. “It’s so fuckin’ big, but it sure feels better than Mark’s silly prick.”

When Nancy’s tight cunt had finally adjusted to the size of Sam’s big thick dong, he began slowly pumping it in and out of her cock-squeezing twat.

“Jesus Christ,” he panted, feeling the tightness of her sweet pussy sucking and milking on his prick. “You’re sure a cute fucker.”

Staring down between her soft naked legs, the depraved man could see his big slippery boner sliding in and out of the teen’s widely stretched slit. He could see her grasping cuntlips sucking his sensitive wet cock as her hot pussy juices coated the length of it. The wet slurping sound of her hot swollen twat climbing up and down his steel-hard dong was the most erotic thing he’d ever heard. Completely crazed with his perverted lust, the man began slamming his big rod into the girl’s cunt with all his strength. On and on he fucked, his massive boner driving deep into the hot depths of her deliciously tight pussy.

“That’s it, honey!” Nancy was squealing with jay as he continued savagely drilling into her cunt with his bloated tool. “Harder, honey! I love it! I LOVE IT!”

The small back room was echoing with the moans and screams of the delirious couple as his plunging cock brought both of them closer and closer to their climaxes.

“Oh, sweet fucker!” squealed Nancy, suddenly feeling the man’s white-hot jizz exploding into her fuck-hole. “I’m coming, honey! I’M COMING… COMING… COMING!”

When the man collapsed over her trembling body, Nancy clung tightly to him as his belching cock continued spurting his thick cum into her quivering belly.

Excitedly watching through the crack, Claudine was violently rubbing her own clitty. She was so pleased that she’d been able to arrange this beautiful moment for her girl. She was so happy that Nancy had enjoyed the man-sized cock she’d wanted so badly.


Later that evening, Claudine was sitting in the living room with her two daughters. Mary was waiting for Dale to drop by, and she could hardly wait to let him fuck her. He’d been out of town with his parents since the night Joe had raped her, and now that Mary had learned how neat it was to fuck, she was anxious to make it with Dale. She decided not to tell him about Joe, and would let Dale think he was the first person to screw her.

Sitting next to Nancy, Claudine was anxious for Dale to come by for Mary because she couldn’t wait to taste her daughter’s cunt. Claudine had been dying to lick the teen’s sweet pussy ever since she’d watched Sam going down on her this afternoon. With Joe out bowling and drinking beer with his cronies, and Mary gone with Dale, this would be an ideal time to suck on Nancy’s cute hot snatch.

“What time is Dale coming by?” Claudine asked Mary, anxious for the girl to leave her alone with Nancy.

“Around nine,” answered Mary.

That was almost two hours from now, and Claudine didn’t know how she could wait that long for Nancy’s tasty pussy.

“Could you run an errand for me while your waiting for him?” Claudine asked Mary, anxious to get rid of the girl for a while.

“Sure,” the pretty blonde replied. “What do you want me to do?”

“Would you take my car and drive over to Lockwells Market?” she asked. “They’re having a special on canned salmon and I’d sure like a case of them.”

“Gee, Mom,” Mary hesitated. “That’s clear across town.”

“I know,” her mother smiled sweetly. “If you hurry, you can be back in an hour and Dale won’t be here until later than that.”

“Okay,” Mary reluctantly agreed. “But that’s sure a long trip for some damn salmon.”

When the girl was gone, Claudine turned to her daughter.

“Well, honey,” she asked. “How did you like Sam’s big cock?”

“It was neat,” she beamed. “I wish he were still fuckin’.”

“Is your pussy a sore?” her mother asked.

“Sorta,” Nancy admitted.

“Let Mother look at it,” Claudine suggested, pretending to be sympathetic.

When the teen had removed her cotton panties, Claudine reached down and touched the girl’s juicy twat. There was a thin film of Sam’s milky cum still clinging to her wet, swollen cuntlips.

“Where is it sore?” Claudine asked. “Right here,” smiled Nancy, pointing to a red spot just inside of the opening to her slit.

“Let Mother kiss it well,” said the woman, gently parting the teen’s thighs and lowering her face down between her legs.

“Oooooh!” squealed Nancy when her mother’s tongue lightly touched her snatch. “That feels funny.”

“Does it hurt?” asked Claudine.

“Heck, no,” giggled the horny teen. “It feels neat.”

“Did you like the way Sam licked your pussy this afternoon?” Claudine continued, running her hot wet tongue up and down in the juicy furrow of the girl’s cunt.

“Shit, yes,” Nancy shuddered. “And your tongue feels good, too.”

Thrilled at the sweet taste of her daughter’s pussy, Claudine began hungrily sucking and licking it. Her own twat began creaming with excitement when she found Nancy’s erect clitty.

“Oh, Mom!” squealed the teen when Claudine began sucking on her sensitive joy-button. “Keep suckin’! That feels so shittin’ good!”

The depraved woman was practically out of her mind with lust as she continued eating out her daughter’s twat.

“It’s so good… so good… so good!” the girl was squealing with delight as the delicious assault brought her closer and closer to an orgasm.

Nancy was almost on the verge of a climax when she opened her eyes and saw Dale standing at the open front door.

“Oh, hi, Dale,” she stammered, trying to push her mother’s face from between her legs. “Mom’s just lickin’ my sore twat.”

The man was just staring at them with a dazed look on his face.

“It’s all right,” giggled the girl.

“Hello, Dale,” blushed Claudine, wiping her mouth and face with the back of her hand. “I was just trying to soothe Nancy’s twat.”

“Is Mary here?” he nervously asked as he entered the room, unable to take his eyes away from the teen’s juicy slit.

“She’s gone to the store,” Claudine answered, her face a bright red from embarrassment. “She didn’t expect you yet.”

“I got away early,” he explained.

“D’ya like my pussy?” giggled Nancy, making no attempt to close her legs when she saw the boy staring between them.

“What?” he gulped.

“D’ya like my pussy?” she repeated, parting her wet cuntlips. “It got fucked by a man’s big cock today.”

Unable to move, Dale couldn’t believe what he was seeing or hearing. The sight of the girl’s delicious slit had given him a horrendous erection, yet he couldn’t seem to grasp the situation.

“She’s telling the truth,” said Claudine when nobody spoke. “She’s been screwing like crazy lately. You should try her. She’s sure a hot piece of ass.”

“D’ya wanta fuck me?” whispered the teen. “I’ve sure got a juicy cunt.”

“Go ahead,” smiled Claudine, lightly touching the big hard bulge in the front of his pants. “You look like you’re ready.”

“What are you doing?” gasped Dale when the woman quickly pulled his zipper down and yanked his stiff cock out.

“Just checking your plumbing,” she giggled as she began sliding his foreskin back and forth over his trembling shaft. “That’s quite a nice cock.”

“Please fuck me, Dale,” Nancy begged. “Please fuck me.”

“Are you crazy?” he stammered as Claudine began sucking hungrily on the head of his cock. “I’m not fucking any kid.”

“Then stick it in me,” whispered Claudine, rubbing the tip of his stiff prick against her soft face. “You’ve gotta unload this hard-on in someone.”

The boy had never remotely thought of laying his girl friend’s mother, but as the beautiful redhead continued sucking and pulling on his cockhead with her soft hot lips, he found it hard to resist.

“Come on up to my room,” she whispered, unbuckling his belt and dropping his pants to the floor.

Completely confused at what was happening, Dale just stood there and let the woman completely undress him. Next, she quickly disrobed herself, and taking the boy’s hand, she led him up the stairs.

“May I watch?” called Nancy.

“Sure,” giggled her mother. “Come along. You might learn something new.”

When they got upstairs, they stretched out together on the bed, Nancy sitting on the edge of it.

“Dale,” whispered Claudine as she gently fondled his throbbing boner. “With my hot pussy and your hard cock, we should make some great music together.”

Before he could answer, the woman covered his mouth with her moist open lips, and entwining her slippery tongue around his, she could feel his hot boner jerking in her hand.

“Baby,” she whispered, nibbling on his ear. “You may be an eighteen-year-old stud with a virile cock, but I’ve got the hottest, juiciest cunt in the whole fuckin’ world and it’s gonna suck your big dong dry.”

The boy could hardly believe what was happening to him. Mary’s beautiful mother was pressing her luscious naked body against him as her lascivious fingers squeezed and gently stroked his hard boner.

“Oh, Dale,” she teased, cupping his balls in her hand, letting her middle finger tease around his asshole. “My hot cunt can’t wait too much longer. Christ, how I want my pussy tilled with your hard meat.”

Trembling with excitement, the boy reached down and slowly moved his fingers up along the soft flesh between Claudine’s deliciously smooth thighs. His cock jerked violently in her hand when his fingers reached the hot musky moistness of her dripping slit. Her soft bush of red pussy hairs was saturated with the hot cunt-cream that was oozing out from between her slippery cuntlips.

“Come on, darling,” she whispered, rolling over on her back. “Fuck my cunt, honey. I want a big cuntful of hot fuck-cream.”

Crawling between her widely spread legs, the man stared down at Claudine’s wet glistening slit that was so deliciously exposed between her naked thighs. With her legs wide open, the woman had drawn her knees back against her chest, making the full length of her juice-sickened slit available to his cock. Clutching the base of his hard shaft, Dale slowly guided it toward the woman’s hungry slit.

Glancing down between her legs, Claudine could see the boy’s big luscious cockhead nudging against the sensitive flesh of her hot, wet snatch. Reaching down with her fingers, she excitedly parted her pussylips to assist his entry.

“Ooooooh, sweet baby,” she whispered as his hard knob began sliding through the wiggly lips of her juicy cunt. “Give it to me good, baby. Just fuck the hell out of me.”

Trembling with excitement as she sat on the edge of the bed, Nancy was watching the boy’s cockhead as it slowly parted her mother’s juicy pink cuntlips. It was mind-boggling to see her mom’s twat slowly swallowing Dale’s stiff dick.

Claudine could feel the boy’s prick sinking deeper and deeper into the sucking warmth of her fuck-hole. This wasn’t the largest dick the woman had ever taken, but there was a virile hardness to it that rubbed deliciously against her clinging cunt walls.

“Oh, baby,” Nancy heard her mother whisper when the boy’s rod was completely buried in her hot dripping cunt. “God that’s a hard cock, you sweet fucker.”

The sight of Dale’s stiff pecker stuffed into her mother’s slit, and the way her full round tits squished against his chest as her soft naked legs snaked around his body was the most exciting thing Nancy had ever seen. Nancy leaned over until her eyes were only inches from her mom’s cock-filled pussy. The teen could clearly see the drops of creamy pussy juice glistening on the soft pink flesh of her mother’s slippery cuntlips. A trickle of thick twat-cream was oozing out from between the woman’s sucking cuntlips as they clung deliciously to his big sensitive shaft. It was exciting to watch the rivulet of slippery juice dribbling down over her mother’s soft white butt. The sound of Dale’s cock squishing in and out of the woman’s hot sucking hole was driving Nancy wild.

Beginning to finger her own twat, Nancy stared at the pleasure-ridden expression on her mother’s beautiful face. Her head was thrown back, her long red hair spilling wildly over the pillow. The woman’s soft moist mouth was gaping open, her tongue flicking in and out over her wet trembling lips while exciting animal sounds escaped from deep in her throat.

“Oh, baby,” Claudine sobbed to the youth who was lustily fucking his cock into her hot dripping cunt. “You’re sure making my twat hum. Jesus, honey, you sure know how to please.”

“Christ, Mrs. Hampton,” he panted. “You’ve got the hottest fuckin’ cunt in the world.”

“Good!” she cried. “Just fuck the shit out of it! That’s what it’s there for!”

By now, Nancy was completely turned on by the excitement. The teen’s finger was swirling around wildly in her own dripping twat as she stared at the wildly fucking couple. Nancy couldn’t wait for him to screw her when the boy was finished with her mother. The thought of the handsome man filling her cunt with cum was almost blowing the horny girl’s mind.

“Fuck, honey, fuck!” Claudine was screaming to her lover. “Oh, you sweet bastard! Give it to me good, honey! Fuck me harder!”

“GO on, Dale, fuck her harder!” shouted Nancy, no longer able to control herself. “Fuck the shit out of her!”

“Don’t worry, Nancy,” Claudine called out to her daughter. “This guy can really fuck.”

“I can see that,” giggled Nancy. “I want him next.”

Nancy couldn’t take her eyes away from the boy’s big stiff rod as it slithered in and out of her mother’s sucking fuck-hole. The entire surface of his wet gleaming shaft was covered with a thick milky film of pussy juice that was flowing from her mother’s scalding cunt.

“Fuck her good, Dale!” Nancy was squealing. “Fuck the shit out of her!”

The teen had been well screwed the past several days, but this was the first time her eyes had ever been this close to a fucking couple. The sight of his big juicy cock slashing into her mother’s gulping pussy was driving her wild.

“That’s it, Dale!” shouted Nancy. “Give it to her good!”

“He is!” Claudine screamed as the boy’s cock pounded deeper and deeper into her lust-crazed slit. “Christ, can this guy fuck! Holy shit, what a fucker!”

Fascinated by the sight of Dale’s tight, sinewy ass humping up and down between her mother’s legs, Nancy had a wild urge to touch it. Unable to control the desire, she reached out and began gently caressing the cheeks of his butt with her soft hands. Moving her palms around on his humping bottom, Nancy was moving her finger closer and closer to his asshole. Nancy was finding it deliciously exciting as she probed her finger around the sensitive ring of his puckered shitter.

“AAAAAGH!” roared the boy when he suddenly felt the tip of her finger slip through the tight opening of his bung, cawing him to instinctively drill his passion-bloated cock deeper and harder into Claudine’s writhing belly.

“That’s it!” squealed the impaled woman, feeling his sudden hard thrusts. “Oh, yes, honey, pour it to me!”

Dale couldn’t believe the wild ecstasy that filled his entire body. The intense joy of his cock slithering in and out of Claudine’s hot sucking cunt, and the feel of her daughter’s naughty finger reaming out his asshole was driving him wild.

“Oh, God, that prick feels so nice and hard,” Claudine panted, mashing her open mouth against his lips as she writhed her frothy cunt up around his plunging dong.

The boy’s brain was spinning with excitement as her long nails trailed deliciously across his naked back.

“Oooooh, baby!” she cried out. “Fuck me harder! Fuck me harder!”

“Yes!” squealed Nancy, ramming her middle finger farther into the slippery hotness of the boy’s asshole. “Fuck her harder!”

Once more he gave a violent lunge, driving his cock deep into the woman’s belly.

“That’s it, honey!” she screamed. “Fuck me hard! I’m almost here… almost there!”

“Yes!” shouted Nancy. “Fuck her good, Dale! FUCK HER GOOD!”

“He is, honey!” squealed her mother. “Christ, what a fucker! Shit, can he fuck!”

Between the screams of Nancy and her mother, the squeaking of the bouncing springs and the sound of hot wet flesh slapping noisily together, the bedroom was such a bedlam of noise that none of them noticed Joe when he entered. Unaware of the man watching them, Dale was rushing toward a wild climax as he violently fucked his prick into her scalding cunt.

“NO! NO!” shrieked Claudine when she suddenly felt his hot cum gushing into her belly. “Keep fuckin’! I haven’t come yet… haven’t come yet!”

The near-hysterical woman was frantically grinding her clit up against his spurting cock when Dale gave a last shudder and collapsed over her body.

“Oh, God,” she began sobbing as the boy rolled off, his cock leaving a gooey string of cum across her belly. “Bring me off, honey! Oh, you rotten bastard.”

It was then that Claudine looked up and saw Joe grinning at her from the open door.

“Can you use this?” he laughed, opening his fly and whipping out his big monstrous cock.

“Oh, God, Joe!” wailed Claudine, clawing at her cunt with her fingers. “Hurry, honey! Pour it to me!”

Still grinning, he began slowly taking his clothes off, wanting the woman to beg some more.

“Please, Joe,” she sobbed. “I can’t wait any longer. I need your cock.”

“You’ll get it,” he sneered, finally dropping his shorts and walking over by the bed.

“Yes! Yes!” squealed Claudine, writhing around with her naked thighs lewdly open to receive his magnificent boner.

Crawling up between her legs, the man eased the tip of his huge cockhead between her slippery open cuntlips. Then rearing back, he thrust forward with all his strength, drilling his cock all the way up her sperm-drenched channel with one brutal plunge.

“Aaaaghh!” she screamed when his massive toner slammed deep into her guts.

“That’s it, baby!” she could hear her mother squealing. “Christ, what a cock!”


When Mary returned from the market a later, she was both surprised and happy to see Dale’s car parked in front of the house. Walking into the living room, she was puzzled not to find anyone there. The girl was heading for the kitchen when she suddenly heard a shrill squeal coming from upstairs. Unable to understand what was going on, she hurried up to investigate the squeals and giggles that were getting louder.

Stepping into her mother’s room, she was startled to see Joe fucking his big familiar cock into her mother’s writhing-cunt. Her ankles were locked around his back and the man’s ass was humping up and down between her legs, his big hot cock driving deeply into her scalding fuck-hole.

Mary had been standing in the room for two or three minutes before she saw Dale. His naked body was spread out in a chair, his head thrown back and eyes tightly shut. Her sister was kneeling on the floor between his outstretched legs, sucking noisily on his stiff boner. The idea of catching Nancy sucking off her boy friend should have made Mary angry, but the wild scene in the room only served to further arouse the pretty blonde.

“Does it taste good?” Mary asked, stepping up behind her sister.

“MARY!” gasped Dale, his eyes flying open when he recognized her voice.

“Welcome home,” she smiled sarcastically. “I’m glad my family is treating you so nice in my absence.”

“I was just gettin’ his cock hard for you, stammered Nancy, not wanting her big sister to be angry with her.”

“That’s very thoughtful,” smiled Mary. “How long have you been sucking cocks?”

“For a few weeks,” she admitted.

“Good for you,” laughed Mary, thinking the girl was just bragging. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll take care of Dale’s prick myself.”

Reluctantly giving up the boy’s dick, Nancy walked over to the bed where she could watch Joe fucking her mother.

“Hi, Dale,” grinned Mary, dropping to her knees in front of the boy, and taking over where Nancy had left off.

“Hi, honey,” he smiled when Mary began licking the end of his cock.

“Wanta fuck?” she suddenly asked.


“I asked if you want to fuck,” Mary repeated.

“Are you serious?” the boy asked in a bewildered voice, unable to believe that she would actually let him screw her.

“Why don’t you take me into my room and try me,” she whispered, standing up and heading for the door.

Not certain if she were serious or not, Dale followed Mary down the hall to her room. His stiff rod was thrusting up in front of him, his balls swinging heavily between his legs as he walked.

Still unsure if the girl had meant it, he stood leaning against a dresser, waiting for Mary to make the first move.

“It’s so nice to have you back,” she whispered, dropping to her knees in front of him.

Her juicy twat was burning with lust as she wrapped her fingers around his big stiff dick. Completely aroused, Mary could feel her heart pounding in her chest as she began sensuously sliding his tightly stretched foreskin back and forth over his bloated cockhead. Momentarily releasing his throbbing boner, she reached down for the big lust-bloated nut-sac that was dangling between his trembling legs, and lovingly cupped her palms beneath his balls. Her twat creamed with anticipation when she felt their delicious weight in her hands. Filled with a burning lust, Mary slipped her middle finger up under his balls and lightly traced the tip of it around the sensitive ring of his bung-hole. Dale almost cried out with joy as her finger teased around his puckered shitter. Mary was in no great hurry because she wanted their first fuck to be something that Dale would always remember.

Once more taking his quivering dick in her hands, she tenderly rubbed the tip of his big purple knob against her warm, wet tongue. Still not inserting his delicious meat in her mouth, Mary just lovingly flicked and teased her tongue around his big sensitive cockhead. Lowering her head, the pretty teen-ager moved her wet lips and tongue down along the underside of his hot boner until she found his crinkly, hairy nut-sac.

With warm slippery spit drooling from her softly parted lips, she sucked and licked his balls until they glistened with her sweet saliva. She could feel the man’s legs trembling with excitement as he braced himself back against the dresser for support. Finally releasing his cock, the girl stood up and put her arms around his shoulders.

“Darling,” she whispered, pressing her cunt against his hot naked cock. “Let’s get into bed and do naughty things to each other.”

“Sure,” he grinned. “How can a guy turn that deal down?”

Quickly removing her clothes, Mary sat on the edge of the bed, admiring the boy’s beautiful prick as he stood in front of her.

“That’s such a nice hard cock,” she whispered, reaching out and caressing it again.

Releasing his dick, she slowly lay back across the bed, playfully opening her smooth thighs to give him a good look at her delicious golden beaver that gleamed wetly around her moist, puffy slit. Seductively folding her arms behind her head, Mary began slowly writhing her juicy pussy around in front of his ogling eyes.

“D’ya like the looks of my hot cunt?” she whispered, suggestively caressing her wiggly wet cuntlips with her fingers.

“Shit, yes,” he panted.

“Then get in bed with me and prove it,” she giggled.

When he dropped down beside her, she pressed her warm flat belly up against his quivering cock, and thrust her hard ripe tits up toward his mouth.

“Ooooooooh, honey,” she mewled as he started sucking and licking her erect nipples.

Gently stroking her inner thighs as he sucked and licked her big hard tit-buds, his fingers gently parted the soft silky twat hairs and his middle finger slid into her slippery slit.

Grinding her hot cunt around his deeply embedded finger, Mary reached down and grasped his lurching cock.

“Shit, honey,” he gasped when she began teasing the length of his prick-shaft with her delicately soft fingers. “That sure feels good.”

“Okay, Dale,” she whispered, rolling over on her back. “Let’s see how good it feels in my cunt.”

“D’ya mean it?” he asked, still not able to believe that Mary was actually going to let him screw her.

“Of course I do,” she giggled. “You can’t fuck me without putting it in.”

As the excited man knelt between her open thighs, she gently took his quivering rod and placed the tip of it between her hot open cuntlips. Pulling his head down, she pressed her soft parted lips against his, and plunging her tongue into his mouth, she pound her cunt up around the big cockhead that was slowly sinking into her juice-slickened fuck-hole.

“Oh, baby,” she whispered as it moved slowly into her hot slippery cunt. “That’s what I need.”

With her soft open mouth still welded to his, and their tongues so deliciously entwined, she grasped his lean hard asscheeks and pulled him deeper into her smoldering body. Waves of intense ecstasy flooded through her trembling body as she felt his virile boner sinking deeper and deeper into her cock-hungry pussy.

With theft mouths and bodies welded passionately together, Mary could feel his steelhard prick slithering deeper and deeper into her quivering belly. It was only when she felt his big hairy balls snuggled in the crack of her ass that she realized his wonderful cock was buried to the hilt in her cunt.

Every nerve in her quivering body sprang alive in a delectable frenzy when she felt him partially withdraw his rod for the next thrust.

“Oh, God, baby!” she squealed with joy when he drilled back up into her tingling cunt-channel.

As Dale began speeding the tempo of his deep thrusts, the pretty blonde almost blew her mind. She’d certainly enjoyed Joe’s big oversized cock, but Dale’s sleek slashing prick was igniting her clitty far more than her mother’s lover ever had. As the man continued fucking into her slit with deeper and harder strokes, Mary could feel an orgasm slowly building up in her loins. On and on he fucked, carrying her to newer heights of ecstasy with every jolting thrust.

“Shit, baby!” she was squealing, her shapely legs waving crazily in the air. “I love it! I LOVE IT!”

Fucking frantically into the girl, it was hard for Dale to realize it was Mary’s cunt he was screwing. He’d dreamed of this far months, and now at last he was actually doing it.

“Oh, sweet pissin’ Jesus!” she suddenly shrieked. “I’m gonna come, baby… gonna come! Oh, shit, I’m coming… COMMMIIINNNGGG!”

Her entire body began convulsing as the overwhelming orgasm shook her like a rag doll. The girl’s head was flopping wildly back and forth, her glazed eyes staring blindly at the spinning ceiling.

Slowly recovering from her traumatic climax, she was suddenly aware that Dale was still lustily fucking his cock into her hot, slippery fuck-hole. Staring down between her legs, Mary could see his juice-slickened shaft slithering in and out of her clinging pussy.

“That’s it, honey!” she squealed, wanting him to enjoy it. “Keep fuckin’, baby! Fill me with cum!”

From the wild way he was thrusting his jerking rod into her slit, Mary could tell that he was almost ready to shoot his load.

“I’m gonna shoot!” he shouted, still stabbing his cock into her.

“I know,” she panted. “I know!”

“D’ya want me to pull out?” the boy gasped, not wanting to knock the girl up.

“Yes, pull it out!” she cried excitedly, suddenly wanting to see the cum gushing out of his big swollen cockhead.

She could tell from his jerking motions that his prick was about to explode.

“Here it comes, baby!” he shouted, trying to withdraw his prick in time.

His cockhead had barely cleared her cuntlips when she saw the thick stream of jizz spurting out of the exploding hole in the tip of his knob. The first gush splattered all over her face, neck and tits. His throbbing cock continued spewing jizz until her entire upper body was saturated with the hot, slippery fluid.

Temporarily fucked out, the boy rolled over onto his back. Mary was obscenely thrilled by the feel of his sticky jizz all over her naked body. Big gobs of thick white sperm glistened in her tousled blonde hair, while a rivulet of jizz dribbled down the girl’s cheek to the corner of her mouth, and was quickly licked in with the tip of her tongue. Scooping up the thick slippery sperm that had formed a sticky pool between her full tits, Mary excitedly licked it from her hands and fingers. When there was no more cock-juice on her body, the girl leaned down and began sucking the last delicious drops from Dale’s limp prick.

As she continued tonguing his soft pecker, Mary could hear her sister giggling in the other room.

Joe and her mother had finished their fuck, and as they lay exhausted on their backs, Nancy was sucking his cock back to hardness.

“What the hell are you doing?” gasped Joe as the teen’s hot lips sucked and pulled on his rapidly swelling cock.

“Suckin’ your prick,” she giggled. “What the shit do you think I’m doing?”

“Wanta taste me?” whispered Nancy, releasing his hard prick from her mouth.

Before he could answer, the teen crawled up on his chest and quickly straddled his face with her thighs. Lying on his back, Joe’s mouth was suddenly pressed against the hot wetness of her slippery cunt. With his nose buried in the softness of her fresh-scented pussy hairs, he tentatively probed the tip of his tongue between her sweet cuntlips. The delicious taste of her juicy cunt almost blew his mind.

“That’s it, Joe!” Nancy squealed with joy. “Eat me good, baby! I love it! LOVE IT!”

Seeing how much Joe was enjoying her pussy, Nancy decided she wouldn’t have any trouble seducing him.

“Does it taste good?” she whispered down to him, her face flushed with passion.

“Shit, yes!” he panted into her juicy hole.

“D’ya wanta fuck it?” she giggled.

Before the man could answer, she scooted back and straddled his loins. The taste of the girl’s sweet pussy had excited him so much that he wasn’t completely aware of what was going on.

Claudine could hardly believe her eyes when she saw Nancy firmly grasp his cock and guide it in between her descending cuntlips as the girl slowly lowered her hot, dripping hole down over his massive cockhead. Her thirteen-year-old body shuddered with delight as she felt his huge boner plowing up through the slippery wetness of her cunt.

“Oh, Joe,” she whispered, still lowering her seething hot silt down over his huge dick. “That’s gotta be the biggest fuckin’ cock in the world, but, shit, it feels good.”

Joe arched his hips up as her tight cunt slid down over his thick tool until her belly was completely stuffed full of his hard male meat.

“Jesus, Joe, that feels good,” she mewled, rotating her hot slippery pussy down around the base of his deeply embedded fuck-shaft. She could feel the thick meatiness of his fat dong pulsating deliciously against every raw nerve end in her tightly stretched cunt walls.

“Oh, baby,” she sobbed as she began sliding the sucking warmth of her grasping pussy up and down over his wet, glistening rod.

Excitedly watching them, Claudine could see her daughter’s hot swollen cuntlips as they sucked against his juice-drenched shaft. She couldn’t see how Nancy’s tiny pussy had been able to accommodate such a huge cock, yet it was obvious that the teen was thoroughly enjoying it. Crazed with excitement, Nancy suddenly threw her naked body down over his, rubbing her pointed tits against his hairy chest. With his cock still buried up between her legs, she continued fucking his tool in and out of her cunt while the man fondled her tits.

Nancy could feel it clear down to her twat when he began lightly pinching her erect nipples.

Frantically plunging her dripping hot cunt up and down over his glorious fuck-tool, the lips of her greedy twat were sucking and grasping at the length of it, trying to suck more of his thick dong up into her hungry pussy. With each plunge, the teen could feel his swollen cockhead slamming deliciously against the very end of her fuck-hole.

Joe could feel his cock growing bigger and bigger as it slid smoothly in and out between the fleshy ridges of the girl’s tiny cunt. Only moments ago, the thought of molesting the teen had been repugnant to him, but now he was enjoying her body beyond anything he’d ever experienced. He’d never know anything as delicious as the heat and tightness of her pussy.

“Oh, Joe!” she squealed. “Oh, Christ, how I love your fuckin’ big cock!”

“God, baby,” he gasped, arching his hips up to drill his boner even deeper into her quivering belly. “You’ve got the hottest, tightest cunt in the world.”

“I’m glad,” she whispered. “Because I sure love your big prick!”

Hearing the excitement, Mary and Dale had walked into the room to watch them. The sight of Joe’s big whang fucking into Nancy’s sweet slit had given Dale a brand-new hard-on. Watching them, he hoped he could fuck the cute redhead when Joe was finished with her.

“Christ, baby!” roared Joe. “I’ve never felt anything so good in my life!”

“I know!” she squealed. “I know! I KNOW!”

The man was now thrusting his loins up to meet every plunge of the girl’s hot cunt.

“That’s it, Joe!” she shrieked. “Fuck faster! Fuck faster!”

As the horny girl increased the speed of her plunges, Joe could feel a climax building up deep in his balls, and realized that he would soon be filling the girl’s cunt with his hot own.

“Oh, Joe!” she sobbed, throwing her head and shoulders back as his big juice-slickened dick rubbed harder against her clitty with every rapid stroke. “I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT!”

The wild ecstasy was almost more than the horny girl could stand, and when Joe’s huge cock began spewing hot jizz into her quivering belly, Nancy exploded into an unbelievably wild orgasm.

“I’M COMING! I’M COMING!” she screamed, writhing her hot, clasping cunt down around the base of his hot, spurting cock.

Throwing herself forward, she covered his mouth with hers and clung desperately to him until the very last drop of his creamy cum had dribbled into her sperm drenched pussy.

“God, that was neat,” she whispered when he rolled from under her wet body.

Looking up, she saw her mother, sister and Dale all staring at her. Still slightly dazed, her eyes drifted to Dale’s hard boner.

“Wanta fuck me?” she whispered.

His cock wasn’t nearly as big as Joe’s, but any prick was better than an empty cunt.

“Wanta fuck me, Dale?” she repeated in a passionate voice. “I’ve got enough pussy to last all night.”

Her words were true. The five of them fucked all night long, and many more nights from then on.

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Family Lovers

Of all the social institutions which have had to endure change and weather criticism, the family concept is perhaps the most pronounced. Subjected to the undermining forces of alcoholism, the use of drugs and the advent of mate-swapping, the family unit has undergone immeasurable challenge in the wake of social advancement.

FAMILY LOVERS is the story of how some people adjust to the liberated moral standards within the family unit. Their method, that of incest, may well be considered unusual or shocking, but is nonetheless successful.

FAMILY LOVERS — a novel of fiction for entertainment. A reminder that what is debased and perverted for some may well be normal for others.


“Do you think it’s much farther?” Paul asked his sister, Judy, as he glanced out the train window, a panorama of trees and mountains paralleling the train tracks for miles yet to come.

Judy glanced at her kid brother, thinking, as she so often seemed to these days, just how handsome and sexy he was. Only a year youngerer than she, he was already tall and muscular. He was well built with a broad back and wide shoulders and not an ounce of fat on him.

And, best of all, Judy thought lewdly as she glanced toward his crotch, her brother appeared to be very well hung, although Judy had never been lucky enough to see her brother’s cock.

The teenager sighed deeply, wondering what was wrong with her lately. It seemed as though all she could think about was sex. Yet, she was still virgin! Maybe that’s my problem, she thought, feeling her pussy beginning to itch and burn with desire. I’m sick and tired of being a virgin! I want a nice, big, fat cock to pop my cherry!

“Judy! I asked you a question ages ago!” Paul said, laughing at the dreamy expression on his sister’s beautiful face.

Judy blushed. If her brother only knew what she had been thinking! She tore her gaze from his bulging crotch and forced herself to sound natural. “I’m sorry, Paul. I guess I was daydreaming. What did you say?”

“I asked you if it’s much farther to Uncle Ned’s and Aunt Sally’s farm?”

“Oh… yeah, I’m afraid it is, Paul. We won’t be getting there till tomorrow sometime so we have another night to spend on the train.”

“What a drag.”

“I thought you liked it on the train.”

“I do,” Paul said, “but enough’s enough! Besides, I like it during the day okay. The scenery’s really nice and it’s kinda fun. But, at night…”

“Yeah,” Judy laughed. “I hardly slept a wink last night too. These seats are so uncomfortable and I was trying so hard not to crowd you.”

“Yeah, I think that was half the problem. Everytime I’d start to nod off, I’d catch myself falling against you and I’d wake up again. It’s hard to stay in your own seat when you’re sleeping!”

Judy suddenly grew excited. “Hey, Paul! I have a great idea, a way we could probably sleep much better tonight.”

“What do you mean? You know we can’t afford to get one of those rooms they have with the real beds,” Paul said, wondering what his sexy sister was getting at.

“Instead of both of us sleeping badly because we’re trying so hard not to crowd each other, let’s just cuddle up together and be more comfortable,” Judy said, watching her brother closely. The idea of feeling her brother’s hard, muscular body pressing against hers during the night filled the virgin with indescribable desire, and she felt hornier than ever.

“Well, I don’t know…” Paul said, knowing that he wanted to do what his sister was suggesting, but not just to be able to sleep better either! He had been tuned on by his sexy big sister for sometime now, and his balls tightened with lust as he thought about her soft, big-titted body pressed against his.

“Oh, come on, don’t be such a baby!” Judy said, knowing that that would get him. “After all, you’re my own brother, Paul. What could be wrong with you and me curling up together to sleep?”

“Well, nothing, I guess,” he admitted, his eyes focusing on her huge tits, their large nipples poking through the thin fabric of her tight, sheer blouse.

“Okay, so it’s settled,” she said, closing her eyes as if she wanted to take a nap. She didn’t want to argue with him anymore about it. She felt a thrill go through her as she remembered the look in her brother’s eyes just now; she had seen the way he looked at her tits, and she had noticed the way the bulge in his pants grew bigger and harder.

“I’ve never been to the farm, Judy, but you have. Is it nice?” Paul asked.

Judy opened her eyes again and smiled at her brother. “Oh, yeah, it really is, Paul. I like it there!”

“But morn and dad have sent us there for the whole summer! I bet it’ll be boring after awhile!” the boy grumbled.

“No, I don’t think so, Paul. There’s a lot to do there. And don’t forget that our cousins are about our age. We can probably hang out with them and their friends.”

“Is the farm very big?” Paul asked, growing more interested. The way his sister made it sound, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad after all.

“Yeah, it’s huge! There’s all kinds of animals, and horses. We can go horseback riding. And there’s a neat pond right on the farm where they go swimming in the summer and ice-skating in the winter!” Judy exclaimed, growing more and more excited about the idea of spending the entire summer on her uncle’s and aunt’s farm.

“This is so neat! You know how much I love to swim.”

“Yeah, so do I,” Judy said, laughing, “and, in her last letter, Lisa told me they go skinny dipping!”

“Skinny dipping? You mean they go swimming in the nude?” Paul asked, a shocked but mainly excited by the idea of seeing his sister and his beautiful cousin, Lisa naked.

“Sure! Don’t be such a baby!” Judy said, giving her brother a scornful look.

“Quit saying that! I hate it when you call me a baby!” he protested.

“Well… you’ve never proven to me that you’re not a baby,” Judy teased.

“You just keep it up, Judy, and I’ll prove it to you in a way that’ll really surprise you!” he said, his gaze riveted to her big tits. He could see their nipples growing harder, and he smiled, knowing that she was just as attracted to him as he was to her.

Judy blushed. “Promises, promises,” she taunted, but she licked her lips hungrily as she stared at his bulging crotch.

Paul turned his attention to the scenery again, and Judy looked around them, noticing that the seats nearest them were empty. She was glad they had privacy because, the way things were going, she and Paul might soon be doing a few things that they wouldn’t want anyone else to see.

“I’m cold, Paul. Hand me that blanket,” Judy said.

Knowing that her brother was watching her every move, she pulled the blanket up around her neck and, slipping her hands underneath, she cupped her large tits. Slowly, she began to rub her huge nipples, rolling the hardening nips between her fingers.

Moaning softly, she caressed her large, firm tits, pinching and kneading the big nipples over and over, turning herself on more and more with an intense heat that rocked through her virgin pussy.

Paul stared hard at his sexy big sister, his breathing growing more and more labored as his cock stiffened with desire. Even though she had the blanket pulled up to her neck, he could see her hands moving beneath it, and it was obvious just what she was doing.

Just then, the blanket slipped down beneath Judy’s chest, and Paul gasped with excitement. His sister’s already-tight top was now stretched even more tightly across her large, swollen tits, and he could clearly see her big nipples poking through the thin fabric. Goddamnit, he thought to himself, does the horny bitch think I’m made out of stone? Doesn’t she know what she’s doing to me?

But, of course, Judy did know exactly what she was doing. The knowledge that her handsome brother was watching her every move just turned her on more and more as she continued to stroke her tits. And, she knew that his already-big cock must be throbbing with lust by now.

Paul’s eager eyes took in the sexy sight of his big sister’s long, reddish-blonde hair streaming over her large tits which were now rising and falling quickly as she caressed them.

Judy glanced over at her brother’s crotch and saw that she was right. His big throbbing hard-on strained against his tight jeans, and she moaned with desire. Her growing lust made her even more reckless, and she slipped her right hand down to the waistband of her own jeans. She slipped her hand underneath the denim fabric and the thin nylon of her bikini panties, finally touching her swollen cuntlips.

She began to rub her pussylips as hard as she could and she immediately felt a jolt of sexual electricity shooting through her virgin cunt. Without saying a word, she glanced up at her brother and smiled, as though to let him know that it was okay for him to watch her. In fact, she wanted him to watch her. That was what made it so much fun!

Paul caught his breath, feeling himself growing more and more excited. He was a virgin, but, at that moment, all he could think about was what it might feel like to ram his big cock up his sister’s tight pussy! She was sure asking for it, the way she was jerking herself off right in front of his eyes. He noticed that it was growing darker outside, and he felt another surge of excitement as he realized that very soon now he would have a good excuse to curl up next to her sexy body. Maybe he wouldn’t get to fuck her the way he really wanted to do, but they would be sleeping together.

Judy kept glancing at him as she rubbed her pussy. She was chewing on her bottom lip, and her forehead and upper lip had broken out in a sexual sweat.

Smiling again at her brother, Judy concentrated on finger-fucking her hot pussy.

She slipped her middle finger between her throbbing cuntlips and quickly found the rigidly twitching spire of clit-flesh poking sexily up out of its sheath of protective flesh. She lightly stroked the pointed tip, her entire body trembling with pleasure. It was all she could do not to cry out in excitement. They might have some privacy since there was no one nearby to see the actions of her and her brother, but she knew that if she started to cry out the way she really felt, they would quickly have an interested audience for sure.

Still looking at his finger-fucking sister, Paul wished he could rub his cock. He could feel it beginning to ooze pre-cum and he longed to jerk himself off. But he knew that if he so much as touched himself at this point, he could come in a minute, and he couldn’t take a chance on that. Not now, anyway. Maybe later, when they were sleeping together, both of them under blankets…

Judy worked her finger across her burning clit, over and over again, feeling her turgid fuck juices trickling out from her virgin fuckhole. She felt her panties growing wetter, and she knew that her pussy was shooting out far more cuntjuice than ever before. And she knew, too, that it was because she was sitting right next to her sexy brother, and he was watching her every move while she jerked herself off.

Sitting there next to Paul, whose cock was growing harder and harder, was a tremendous turn-on for the girl, and she found herself rubbing her clit harder and rougher as she worked for the orgasm she so badly needed.

And, knowing that she would soon be sleeping with her brother with his big, hard cock pressed against her, turned her on so much that she came at that moment. She rotated her hips and thrust her ass up off the seat as she came, moaning louder and louder, unable to keep her voice down as much as she knew she should.

She closed her eyes now, completely giving herself up to the pleasure of her orgasm. She continued to rub her twitching clit as waves of thunderous climax washed over her shuddering body. Then, with a heavy sigh, she pulled her hand from her pussy and deliberately began to suck her fingers clean, loving the taste of her own cuntjuice.

Suddenly, Judy opened her eyes and smiled at Paul’s lust-contorted expression. He was staring intently at her, his eyes glittering with lust, his cock throbbing visibly beneath his fly.

“What d’ya say we go to the diner for dinner, Paul? Then, maybe, we can try to get some sleep,” Judy murmured, giving her brother a flirtatious look.

Paul grinned. “Sounds great to me, Sis, let’s go!”

About an hour or so later, after dinner, Paul and Judy sat closely together under two blankets, darkness all around them. Paul had stripped down to his shorts, and Judy was wearing only her bikini panties. The two teens wouldn’t have even been wearing that much but they were afraid that, for all the privacy they seemed to have so far, someone might come along and discover their nakedness.

They pressed their hot, desire-filled bodies against each other, giggling nervously, both of them knowing that they would be doing a lot more that night than just sleeping.

Judy slid her hands underneath the blankets and slipped her hands beneath Paul’s shorts. She immediately began to stroke his big hard cock, making the virgin boy moan with pleasure.

Paul turned his sister’s beautiful face toward him and, while she continued to jerk him off, he tongue-kissed her passionately, their saliva mingling obscenely as they kissed each other over and over.

“Mmmmmm, Paul, you kiss so good,” the girl muttered, turning on more and more.

“So do you, Sis. You kiss like you’ve had a lot of practice!” Paul said, feeling a jealous at the thought of other boys kissing his sexy sister.

Judy laughed. “Yeah, I guess I have had a lot of practice,” she admitted, thinking about all the boys she knew who always acted hot around her, reminding her of bees buzzing around a beautiful flower. The girl always had more dates than she could handle and, even though she had never fucked yet, that was the only way in which she was still a virgin!

“Have you had a lot of practice doing other things, too?” Paul asked, bucking his hips up off his seat as his sister expertly jerked him off.

“Yeah, I’m pretty good at just about everything. But I’m still a virgin, Paul.”

“Yeah?” Paul was pleased that his sister hadn’t fucked anyone yet. “Me too!”

Judy laughed. “I kinda figured you were.” Paul laughed. He knew what his sister meant. These days, he was so preoccupied with thoughts of sex that, sometimes, he forgot he was only a kid.

“I don’t wanna be a virgin anymore, Judy,” he panted, rubbing her big heaving tits.

“Me neither, Paul. But, you know what? I have a feeling that, even though we won’t be able to do any actual fucking here on the train, when you and I leave the farm this summer, neither of us will be a virgin anymore!”


Paul sat sprawled in his seat with a dreamy smile on his face as his big sister, Judy, sucked him off underneath the blankets which shielded their movements.

“Mmmmmm, yeah, Sis, you’re doing it really good. Suck my prick,” he said in a low voice, knowing that she could hear him but no one else could.

Luckily, there was no one around the teens, and they were sitting in total darkness anyway. But, still, they felt they had to be careful.

Judy moaned with lust as she sucked her brother’s big throbbing prick. The blankets completely covered her head and she felt as if she were suffocating. But, the feeling of the blankets closing her in around her brother’s prick just added to the excitement of what she was doing. It made her feel somehow as if she and her kid brother’s cock were detached, were completely alone in their search for release.

“Mmmmmmm,” Judy gurgled with a mouthful of hard prick. “Soooooooo good, Paul! Your prick tastes so fuckin’ good!”

Paul could hear her muffled voice through the blankets, and his words excited the boy all the more. He reached down and rubbed her hard-nippled tits as she continued to suck him off.

“Suck it, baby! Suck my dick! I love it the way you’re doing it! Make me come!” the boy cried, trying to keep his voice down, writhing around in his seat in a frenzy of desire.

Slowly, deliberately teasing her kid brother, Judy pulled back and began to lick his big throbbing prick. Every time her tongue lapped up his prick, his ass twitched until, at last, his hips swung into motion and he was fucking Judy in the mouth.

Harder and harder, Paul fucked his big sister’s hot, wet, sucking mouth. His cock was as hard and stiff as a rock now, and he longed to come, to shoot his entire load into her mouth and down her throat.

“Suck me off real good, Judy,” bemoaned. “You mouth-fuck me till I come and I’ll finger-fuck your pussy like it’s never been fingerfucked before!”

Judy groaned with excitement as Paul fucked his bursting prick deeper into her mouth and rotated his hips lewdly, fucking her hot mouth with his pulsating prick.

Now, Paul was practically leaping up from his seat, fucking his thick, throbbing prick to the hilt, feeling his balls bumping against his big sister’s chin. His ass rotated in a wide circle, his big cock reaming out her soft, sucking throat.

“Ohhh, yeah, baby, you’re really good! You suck cock really good, honey!” he cried as he felt his balls tightening up painfully.

Suddenly, Judy came. She felt her hot cunt juices spilling from her pussyhole, filling her pussy cavity, and oozing out from between her swollen cuntlips, wetting and staining her bikini panties.

She tightened her mouth-hold on her brother’s prick as her violent climax thundered through her body, making her feel as if an earthquake had just hit her. A thousand multicolored pin-pricks of color seemed to dance before her eyes as she struggled to catch her breath, never missing a beat in sucking her brother off.

As Judy sucked hungrily on Paul’s rigid, twitching prick, he continued to play with her tits, rolling her hardening nipples between his fingers, pinching the turgid rosebuds until she cried out in pain and pleasure.

She sucked and licked, treating her brother to the best blowjob he had ever had. At his age, he hadn’t had more than a dozen or so but, by far, his sister was giving him the best head he had ever had. And he had a feeling that he was extra excited because she was his sister. There was something about her being his own sister that turned the boy on more than he had thought possible.

Judy squeezed her hands around the base of her brother’s prick as she continued to suck him. She moved her mouth up and down his prick, bobbing her head up and down as she sucked him as hard as she could. And she came again from the sheer excitement of giving her brother a blowjob.

She was fucking her own mouth with Paul’s cock, slick with his pre-cum which she thought tasted delicious. It made her impatient for his jism. She couldn’t wait for him to shoot his wad right into her sucking mouth. She trembled with excitement and anticipation.

“Ohhh, yeah, Judy! Suck my dick! Fuck your mouth with my big dick!” he moaned.

The girl flared her nostrils to breathe around the thickness of her brother’s cock. Over and over, she sucked as hard as she could, fucking his swollen prick in and out of her throat.

Finally, the moment came that she had been working toward. Her brother’s hips lurched crazily, and his cock jerked hard in her hot, wet mouth.

“Gonna shoot, honey!” Paul cried, his cock twitching and jerking around in her mouth as though it were connected to a live wire.

Suddenly, a huge, hot wad of cum shot from his bursting cock and splashed into Judy’s mouth. It was followed quickly by another until he was pumping gallons of jism into his sister’s eagerly sucking mouth.

Judy’s cheeks puffed out with the heavy load until she was afraid they would burst wide open. She swallowed hard and fast, managing to swallow most of her brother’s cum. But, finally, there was just too much cum for the girl to handle, and she was forced to let the rest of her brother’s load spill from her lips. It dribbled obscenely down her chin and splashed onto Paul’s crotch and thighs.

Suddenly Paul yanked the blankets away from his lap, fully exposing his cum-coated prick and his sister’s head which was still fastened to his coming prick.

“Ohhhh, shit! Commmmiiinnnggg!” he groaned as he yanked his prick from her drooling mouth. His cock was still shooting its hot, thick load and it splashed all over his sister’s face. He watched excitedly as Judy scooped up all traces of cum with her eager hands and licked her fingers, moaning in ecstasy at the tangy taste of her brother’s cum.

Finally Paul’s cock stopped shooting, and he moaned happily, feeling completely fulfilled.

“Did you come, Judy?” he asked, suddenly concerned about her.

“Did I come? I’ve been practically coming constantly ever since I first started sucking you off, Paul!”

He laughed and stroked her tits fondly. “Settle back, honey,” he murmured. “Make yourself comfortable. I promised you a fingerfucking like you’d never forget, and I intend to deliver!”

“Ohhhh, yeah, Paul,” she squealed, remembering to keep her voice low just in time. “Finger-fuck my pussy! It’s sooooo hot!”

Completely surrounded by darkness and with no one nearby, the two teens grew bold and reckless. Giggling excitedly, and urged on by her brother, Judy shimmied out of her bikini panties and spread her legs as far apart as her seat would allow.

Paul licked his lips and ran his hands down over her naked body, over the low swell of her trim tummy to the blonde triangle of soft hair over her cunt. He paused, feeling her downy cunt-fur tickle the palm of his hand and he fought to control the excitement that rose in his body. Already his cock was stiffening with desire once again!

Moaning, he closed his fingers over the soft, furry cunt mound and he felt a surge of hot blood to his loins as he realized that he was touching his sister’s pussy. If anyone had told him yesterday that today he would be fingerfucking his sister after she had blown him off, he would never have believed it.

“Mmmmm, good, Paul,” Judy murmured, closing her eyes in ecstasy. The slow, cautious style of her brother was turning her on even more than if he had suddenly attacked her pussy with his hands.

Slowly, using both hands, Paul spread the lips of his big sister’s cunt, and a new, even stronger excitement shook his entire body. With a trembling hand, he eased his middle finger into his sister’s wet cunt. He glanced, at her face and the expression he saw there made him hornier than ever. Her beautiful features were contorted with lust, and he could see that she longed for the touch of his hands on her pussy just as much as he desired to fingerfuck her!

Paul leaned over and, by the dim light next to the window, he was able to look between Judy’s widely spread legs and watch his finger fucking in and out of her hot, slick pussy. His finger probed deeper and he felt her tight cunt growing wetter and wetter.

He moved his finger higher in her pussy and brushed against her rigid clit. He caught his breath sharply with excitement. Judy’s pussy was growing wetter by the second and now her clit was stiff and twitching.

Still glancing at his big sister’s face now and then, Paul stroked her clit. She smiled up at him as she began to move her hips. The small nub of clit flesh grew harder and stiffer against his finger.

Paul’s lust grew as he finger-fucked his big sister and she ground her hips against his hand. She raised her body as though trying to get more of his finger inside her cunt, and he knew without a doubt that she was enjoying his finger-fucking her snug pussy as much as he was.

Experimentally, he fucked his middle finger all the way up her virgin fuckhole and felt it bounce off her cherry as she cried out in pain.

“Owwwww! Noooo, Paul! Don’t break my cherry!” she cried, alarmed.

“Don’t worry,” Paul laughed huskily, “I’ll leave that to a nice big cock, hopefully mine!”

“Mmmmmmmm, I’d love it,” the virgin murmured dreamily as she squirmed her ass, trying to capture more of her brother’s hand in her pussy.

Paul’s breathing became shallow as he continued to stroke his sister’s wet cunt. Her pussy had become flooded with thick, hot pussyjuice, and her fragrant musky cunt odor came to him strongly there in the darkness.

Judy moaned softly, loving the feel of her kid brother’s finger in her hot, clasping pussy. She clenched her pussy muscles around his finger, hugging it to her virgin cunt walls as if it were a prick. Then she unclenched her pussy muscles, allowing his finger to slip out of her cunt again.

The girl was ecstatic. She had been hot for her baby brother for some time now, and now a dream was coming true for her. He was actually finger-fucking her hot virgin pussy! And, if she were lucky, once they were on the farm, they would have a chance to really get down to some serious fucking.

She didn’t think that she wanted Paul to pop her cherry, though. She would rather wait until she was no longer a virgin, and then she would welcome the chance to fuck him. But, for her very first virgin-fuck, Judy somehow imagined an older, more experienced guy doing the honors for her. Someone like her Uncle Ned, she thought with an excited shudder.

As Paul continued to finger-fuck Judy’s pussy, she reached over and grabbed his hardening cock. She wriggled her hips and felt a new rush of warmth in her cunt as she began to pull on her brother’s throbbing cock.

He fucked his finger in and out of her hot pussy, his breathing ragged with lust now, small groans of excitement and pleasure escaping his mouth.

“Mmmmm, yessss, Paul,” Judy whispered, arching her back so her brother could fuck his finger even deeper into her slick, fiery cunt.

She squirmed against the finger in her cunt, feeling her orgasm building. She arched her back again as Paul’s finger sank deeper and deeper into her virgin pussy, and she bucked her hips up and back in a lewd, fucking motion.

She pulled harder and harder on his pulsating prick, reeling his cock twitching in her hot, eager hands. She stroked the entire rigid cock from the base all the way up to the shining bulbous head where several drops of pearly pre-cum oozed from the throbbing cum-slit.

Suddenly, she felt her brother’s finger pulling out of her cunt, and, as she began to groan in disappointment, she was shocked and thrilled to feel her brother’s face between her legs.

Moaning with excitement, Paul began to nuzzle Judy’s flat tummy, working his way down to her virgin cunt, moving his lips around hotly, knowing that he was turning Judy on as much as he was turning himself on.

Finally he closed his mouth over her pussy and began to suck wildly. The girl shivered as her brother’s tongue began to fuck in and out of her hot cunt. He slipped his hands underneath her squirming ass, shoving her crotch up hard against his sucking face.

While her brother ate her cunt, Judy continued to pull on and stroke his big throbbing prick. She was pumping her hands up and down on the rigid cock-meat now, moving her hands faster and harder, bringing him closer and closer to orgasm.

He arched his back, forcing more of his cock into her hands, and she moaned hotly as he tongued her cunt faster and faster.

Judy stiffened, knowing that she was about to come. She stroked his prick harder and harder until, finally, his cock erupted, spilling hot wads of cum into her eagerly embracing hands.

“Arghhhhhhhh, unhhhhhhh, commmmmiiinnngggg,” he groaned as he came.

Judy thrilled to the sexy sensation of her own baby brother coming into her hands. Her own climax washed over her powerfully and she felt shudder after violent shudder rack her virgin body as her brother’s cum completely filled and coated her hands.

As Paul continued to suck her spasming pussy, Judy brought her jism-stained hands to her mouth, and, closing her eyes in ecstasy, she began to lick her fingers, moaning with excitement and pleasure.

Paul glanced up, raising his face from between his sister’s legs, and saw his sister licking his own cum from her fingers. The sight excited him so much that his prick twitched again and, amazingly, yet another wad of gooey cum shot from his prick.

The last glob of jism caught Judy unawares and she watched unhappily as it splashed against the window of the train. Then, to Paul’s amazement and excitement, the girl moaned and pressed her mouth against the window, quickly and eagerly licking up all of her brother’s cum from the cold glass.

“Jeez, what a hot cunt!” Paul exclaimed, shaking his head as he pulled his shorts up and covered himself with a blanket.

Judy turned toward him and smiled happily. “Mmmmm, that was great, Paul! I feel so satisfied now. Thanks.”

Paul laughed softly and tenderly stroked his sister’s beautiful face. “My pleasure, Sis! Think you’ll be able to sleep now?”

Still smiling, Judy pulled her clothes back on and snuggled next to her brother, pulling the other blanket up over them. “Mmmmmm, I’ll say. This feels all nice and cozy. We’ll have a good night’s sleep tonight, Paul, and then tomorrow we’ll be at the farm! And who knows what fun awaits us there?”

The two teens looked at each other and laughed. They both had a pretty good idea of just what awaited them on the farm and they could hardly wait.


Miles away from where Judy and her brother, Paul, slept in each other’s arms that very moment, their Uncle Ned and Aunt Sally sat on the front porch swing of their big old farmhouse.

“I’m so glad that Judy and Paul will be here tomorrow, Ned. Do you think they’ll like spending the summer here on the farm?” Sally asked, turning her bright blue eyes toward her handsome husband.

Ned chuckled. “What’s not to like? They’ve got a whole farm here to run around on, their cousins who are dying to see them and, of course, you and me.”

“But I’m a worried, Ned,” Sally murmured, smoothing her blouse down over her full, firm tits. For an older woman, Sally wasn’t really very old, and she looked even er with her firm shapely body, beautiful face, long slender legs, and big tits.

“What are you worried about, Sally?” Ned asked, stretching his muscular arms out and yawning lazily.

“Well, you know, we haven’t seen the kids in a long time. And there have been a lot of changes around here since Judy was last here to visit us.”

“Changes?” Ned asked, confused.

Sally laughed and poked her husband in the ribs. “Yes, changes, Ned! Come on, think about it! Our… uh… lifestyle has become a lot more… well… liberal in the last year or so!”

Ned laughed, finally seeing his wife’s point. “Oh, you’re talking about sex!”

“Yes! After all, even though we see nothing wrong with the way we all show our love for each other, Judy and Paul are still probably pretty innocent, and they may be shocked.”

“Hmmmm, yeah, I see what you mean,” Ned agreed, nodding. “But Judy is a teenager and a teenager nowadays is plenty mature enough to handle what you’re talking about. Besides, what can we do about it?”

“Well, I was thinking that maybe we should just be sure not to do anything… you know, out of the ordinary… while they’re here,” Sally suggested doubtfully, not really liking the idea.

“A whole summer… three months… without me fucking our girl, Lisa, and without watching you and her eating each other out? No way!” Ned cried.

“Yeah,” Judy sighed. “I know. I hate the idea of having to do three months without Jim’s big cock, too,” she said, referring to their son.

“There’s really no reason why you should have to, Sally. I think you’re worrying about nothing.”

“Maybe you’re right. Judy did look very mature for her age in that last picture they sent us of her,” Sally admitted.

“Yeah!” Ned said excitedly. “She sure did! That pretty face, that long, shining blonde hair, and you know what a pushover I am for big tits!” he said, stroking his wife’s big tit-mounds.

Sally laughed and, reaching over, began to fondle Ned’s hardening bulge beneath his pants. “Why, Ned! I think you have the hots for your niece!” she teased, noticing the way he was licking his lips, his eyes already glazing over the lust at the memory of Judy’s sexy picture.

“Yeah, I think you’re right. I wonder if the pussy’s still a virgin. Hope so.”

Sally laughed again. “Yeah, you hope so so you can pick her cherry for her, right?”

“Right!” Ned said and they both laughed.

“So you think we should just go on loving each other as always, and not worry about their reaction?” Sally asked, still a worried.

“I just have a hunch that our niece and nephew are much more with it than you might think. Let’s just wait to see what they’re like when they get here?” Ned said.

“And if they’re all uptight about sex and everything?” Sally asked.

“Then we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it,” Ned said as he stood up and stretched. “You know what? All this talk about our sexy niece has made me pretty horny.”

“Yeah, so I see!” Sally laughed, staring at the cruel, hard bulge between his legs.

Ned laughed too. “So I think I’ll go on in and see if, hopefully, Lisa’s in the same hot mood that I’m in,” he said, walking across the porch toward the front door.

Sally smiled. “Great! Send Jim out here while you’re at it. I’ve become pretty horny myself!”

Just a short time later, Ned was on his daughter’s bed, both of them naked as jaybirds.

“Can I fuck you on top this time, Daddy?” Lisa asked breathlessly. She had just finished sucking off her father’s big throbbing cock, and now she couldn’t wait to feel it in her pussy!

He laughed with delight. “Sure, baby, just take it easy. You know how you hurt yourself sometimes when you fuck me that way.”

“Yeah, I know. But I keep telling you I don’t mind!”

Ned laughed again as his sexy lithe girl stood up between his legs, her juicy cunt poised directly over his big prick. Then, taking a deep breath and smiling happily with anticipation, Lisa lowered himself slowly on her haunches and grabbed hold of his big hard ten-inch prick with one hand while, with the other hand she pried open her swollen cuntlips.

She pushed her father’s big cock into her wet cunt, past her pussylips and paused at the entrance to her small, tight fuckhole. She licked her lips excitedly. This would be the best part, and she always liked to wait just a few seconds before ramming her cunt down over her daddy’s huge ten-incher.

Ned smiled up at her, knowing exactly what was going on in her mind. They had played this scenario out dozens of times in the past. If it were entirely up to him, he would have reached up and jammed her body down over his prick. He could hardly wait to feel her snug juicy pussy clasping itself around his big prick. But he knew, from past experience, that he simply had to let her take her own time.

He did reach up now, but only to grab her big swinging tits, squeezing them together as though they were one gigantic tit with two big throbbing nipples. He greedily sucked both hard nipples into his hungry mouth. His tongue licked and his teeth grazed her turgid nips as she moaned and writhed on top of his cock.

“Mmmmmm, good, Daddy!” the girl cried. “Bite those suckers! Bite my tits!”

Ned bit harder into her nipples, sending shudders of lust straight down the teenager’s spine and into her hot pussy which was already flowing with her hot, thick fuck juices.

Holding herself up by her strong legs, Lisa wiggled and squirmed, pushing her father’s big basting cock a farther up her small, snug cunthole. Even though they had fucked this way many times, when she reached this point, Lisa always found herself wondering if her daddy’s unusually big and thick ten-inch prick would fit up her cunthole.

She smiled, knowing that, as always, it would fit all right, but it would be a tight and deliciously painful fit. She pushed her hips down over his prick, easing his cock deeper and deeper into her eager pussy.

She panted hard as she worked her father’s huge, throbbing prick farther into her cunthole. Meanwhile, Ned held on tightly to his daughter’s big tits, hoping that she would hurry up. He was eager to get on with the serious business of fucking her hot pussy.

Finally, as though reading his mind, Lisa raised herself up until only the knob of her daddy’s prick was buried in her pussy-hole. Then, grinning down at him, she quickly and savagely thrust her entire body downward, ramming Ned’s cock all the way up her tight, juicy cunthole.

“Ohhhh, Daddy, it hurts but I love it! Your cock feels sooooo good up my pussy!” the blonde screamed, just as she did every time she fucked her father on top.

Again Lisa raised herself up, and again she plunged downward, grimacing in mingled pain-pleasure as his enormous cock fucked brutally into her aching, pulsating fuckhole.

“That’s it, baby! You sure know how to fuck your daddy!” Ned cried, still squeezing her bobbing tits.

“I had a good teacher, Daddy!” Lisa laughed, remembering with a surge of lust the first time her daddy had ever fucked her. She remembered how his huge cock had torn through her cherry, and she groaned now, almost wishing she were a virgin just so she could experience that delicious sensation all over again.

Over and over, they fucked each other with hard, sure strokes. Now, Ned was meeting his daughter’s fucking thrusts with his own. Each time she lowered herself hard onto his pulsating prick, he slammed his hips up, smashing his crotch into hers. Then, as she pulled back, so did he. They were in perfect tune with each other.

Lisa concentrated on tightening and loosening her strong cunt-muscles around her father’s big prick, increasing the hot pleasure for both of them.

“Great, honey! You’re doing great! Fuck your daddy hard, Lisa!” Ned groaned, thrusting his ass up off the bed to meet her hard fucking movements.

Over and over, Ned’s entire ten inches of raw cock-meat reamed out his daughter’s cunt. As many times as he had fucked his daughter, each time was like the first, filling him with a raw, hot pleasure he seemed to find only when his big cock was buried up her pussy.

“You’re so good and tight!” he cried.

“You’re a great fucker!”

Hot tremors of lust swept through the girl’s pussy as her father’s hard cock brutally fucked in and out of her pussy. Her tits were flushed and sweaty, and her breathing was ragged with lust and exertion.

Each time her father’s prick fucked into her cunt, it pushed against her twitching, rigid clit until she was half out of her mind with the need to come. She humped wildly, relentlessly pushing her firm body harder and harder on his throbbing cock.

“I’m commmmmmiiinnngggg!” she finally screamed, tossing her head from side to side in a frenzy of ecstasy.

Wave after sweet wave of hot orgasm shook her body violently as her climax tore through her. Then, her father’s cock exploded, shooting out wad after wad of creamy cum up her tight cunthole.

“Ohhhhhhh, sweet Jesus, commmmmmiiinnnggggg!” Ned cried out as his jerking cock spewed out what seemed like gallons of jism into his daughter’s tight, wet cunt.

Lisa’s cunt was gushing out torrents of pussy-juice which mingled lewdly with her father’s cum, both of the fuck-fluids overflowing her pussy and dribbling down her legs.

Ned groaned with excitement as he continued to come. He could feel Lisa’s tight pussy muscles milking his cock as it shot out load after load of thick, hot jizz. And just as the girl’s own climax was subsiding the thrill of feeling her father’s cum filling her pussy turned her on so much that she immediately had another orgasm.

It went on that way for long moments of ecstasy for both of the lovers. Lisa’s multiple orgasms made her slender, body rock and weave over her father’s prick which continued to spew out its creamy, hot load.

When, moments later, they lay wrapped in each other’s arms, Ned realized that, as he had been shooting his cum into his daughter’s pussy, his hot feverish thoughts had not been of Lisa. He had been thinking about his niece, Judy. He had pretended that be was fucking her.

“Lisa,” he murmured, stroking his daughter’s big tits which were now flushed and heaving from the effort of the savage fucking they had just experienced.

“Honey,” Ned began, watching his daughter closely. He only hoped that she wouldn’t start feeling jealous when she knew of her father’s interest in fucking her cousin.

“Yeah?” Lisa asked, only half paying attention to her father’s words. Her gaze was fastened on his cock which, as she could see, was growing bigger and harder by the second. She licked her lips hungrily, hoping that her daddy would stop talking soon so that they could fuck again. Or, maybe, this time, she would suck his cock. His prick looked so big and juicy there, throbbing invitingly between his muscular, hairy legs.

“Yes, we were talking about whether or not we might have to act differently with your cousins around.”

“Act differently? What do you mean?” Lisa asked distractedly.

“I mean, we wonder if we’ll have to stop fucking each other while your cousins are here. After all, Lisa, not all families are like ours and they just might not understand.”

Ned had her full attention now. “What? Stop fucking each other? No way!” She sat up on her haunches and looked at her father indignantly.

Ned smiled. “Well, your mom and I don’t want to stop either, Lisa. It’s taken us a long time to have the kind of family we want, loving, close… and we aren’t crazy about having to give any of that up, not even for a summer.”

“Well, I don’t see why we should have to!” Lisa pouted.

“If we are going to go on fucking each other the same as always, Lisa, we’ll need your help. Yours and Jim’s.”

“What do you mean, Daddy? How can Jim and I help?” Lisa asked quizzically.

“Well, we’re hoping that Judy and Paul will be mature enough to go on along with us… to realize what a really good thing we have going here… and to want to be a part of it.”

“Oh, they will, Daddy! I’m sure of it!” Lisa cried, unable to bear the idea of having to give up fucking her father, brother, and mother all summer!

“Well, let’s hope so, Lisa. But just in case they don’t see it that way… I want you and Jim to help persuade them that our way is best,” Ned said, watching his lovely daughter.

Lisa smiled, suddenly understanding her father very clearly for the first time. “Oh, I get it. You want Jim and me to sort of… turn on Judy and Paul?”

Ned returned her smile. “Exactly. You think you can do that?”

“Not only can I do that, I’d love to do it! I can’t wait till they get here. Gee, I wonder how big Paul’s cock is and how pretty Judy’s pussy is,” she mused.

Ned laughed delightedly. It was obvious he would have no problems whatever with his horny daughter getting jealous. In fact, he might have to keep her away from Judy to get a crack at the girl’s pussy himself.


While Ned and Lisa were fucking each other upstairs, Sally and her son, Jim were having their own hot fuck session downstairs in the living room. They were sprawled nakedly on the floor and Sally was stroking her son’s hardening cock.

“Yeah, Mom! Pull on my dick! It feels so good the way you do it!” Jim urged her.

“Mmmmmm, it’s such a beautiful cock,” she murmured huskily.

“A full nine inches, Mom!” Jim said proudly, knowing that his mother was really turned on by the size of his big, pulsating prick.

Sally moaned lustfully as her hand firmly gripped his cock. She pulled vigorously up and down the length of his shiny, long cock-shaft.

Jim groaned with pleasure and arched his back, trying to push even more of his prick into his mother’s hands. She continued to pull on his big prick, pumping more and more life into his big fuck-stick. He loved the feel of his sexy, beautiful mother jerking him off, but, even more than that, he longed to feel her strong ass muscles grabbing his big cock and squeezing all of his cum right out of his bursting prick, the way she had done for him so many, many times before.

“Okay, that’s enough for now, Mom,” the boy said, rising to his knees, his big prick dancing lewdly in front of him.

“What’s the matter, Jim?” Sally cooed, disappointed that he wasn’t going to let her finish jerking him off. She yearned for the sight of his thick, white cum pumping from his prick.

“Nothing, Mom,” he said, grinning at her. “It’s just that I’m gonna bugger your ass now!”

“Ohhhhhh, well, that’s different, Jim! I’d love nothing better!” she squealed, immediately throwing herself onto her hands and knees, her ass wriggling obscenely in the air.

Grinning with excitement, Jim parted his mother’s soft ass cheeks, beginning to fuck his huge, thick cock into her tight asshole.

Sally could feel her son’s broad, fat cockknob throbbing against her asshole, and she wriggled her hips impatiently. As many times as her son had ass-fucked her, she could never seem to get enough of it!

Grabbing her ass cheeks firmly, Jim suddenly fucked his entire nine-incher right up her quivering asshole. She let out a loud cry of pain and pleasure as she felt her handsome boy’s large, throbbing cock invading the still tight muscles of her hungry ass.

“Ahhhhhh, yesssss, Jimmmmyyyy! You’re making your mother feel soooo good! Do it, Son! Fuck your mom’s ass! I love it!” she yelled wriggling her ass around violently, trying to capture even more of his pulsating prick up her ass.

“Don’t worry, Mom! I’ll fuck your ass all right! Like you’ve never been fucked before, you lousy cunt!” be growled, slapping her hard on her lily-white ass cheeks, knowing that she loved it when he treated her that way.

Glancing down, Jim watched with lust as his thick, twitching cock pulled out and fucked back into his mother’s ass all the way. He loved the sight of her sexy, firm hips wriggling in response to his driving cock-jabs.

Sally lowered her head and let out an animalistic howl, so turned on she could hardly stand it. She felt her asshole stretching to accommodate her son’s big cock, and she thrilled to the sensation.

“Ohhhhhh, Jim, you have no idea how great this feels! You’re sooooo good to your mother!” she cried, her big tits swinging lewdly, their fat nipples pointed downward toward the floor.

“Move that ass harder, Mom! Shake it! I want you to fuck my cock for me!” Jim moaned huskily.

Laughing with delight at her son’s words which just turned her on even more, the woman began to wiggle her hips as hard as she could. She felt the rubbery grip of her tight asshole pulling on her son’s cock as she wiggled her ass just as hard as she could.

“Jesus, but you’re so nice and tight, Mom!” Jim said admiringly. “Doesn’t dad ever fuck you in the ass?”

Sally laughed. “He’s not his favorite way to fuck, Son. I reserve my ass just for you!”

“Great! Be sure you keep on doing just that!” he growled as he reached out and slapped her again, as hard as he could, leaving his red handprints on her pale assflesh.

As he continued to bugger his mother’s ass, Jim thought about the way they acted when they were fucking each other, and how different it was from the way they usually acted. Oh, they were always loving and very close whether they were fucking or not. But, usually, when they weren’t fucking, they were very much into the mother-son role with his mother always the one in command. When she told him to do something, he did it, no questions asked. That was just the way he was raised. And, never, but never, would he have thought of raising his voice, let along his hand, to her, or calling her names.

Yet, when they fucked, they had somehow fallen into the reversal of roles that, they were into now. Jim was the one in control, and his mother did whatever he told her to. He was able to hit her or call her names, anything he wanted to do, and she thrived on it.

Sally moaned, a hot, delicious sensation spreading through her loins as her son continued to fuck her ass. She was now feeling a hot, forbidden pleasure which shot back and forth between her moistening pussy and her small, tight asshole.

She was pleased that her son found her asshole so tight and such a turn-on. She wanted him to enjoy fucking her ass as much as she loved having him fuck her ass.

And Sally was pleased that Jim liked to assfuck her so much because it was her favorite way of fucking, too. Yet, as she had told her son, Ned just didn’t go for ass-fucking in as big way. He much preferred pussy-fucking. So, in that way, Sally and her son were well suited.

The woman moaned happily, loving the hot feel of her son’s huge cock fucked up her asshole. She knew she would come when she felt his hot jism shooting up her ass. That always did the trick for her.

“That’s better, you bitch! Much better! Shake it again!” Jim cried as he continued to fuck his bursting prick in and out of his mother’s asshole. “Now, work those hard ass muscles around my cock! You know what to do, you cunt! Now do it!”

And she did. Groaning with excitement at his words, Sally began to work her strong ass muscles around her son’s cock, holding his prick tightly inside her ass, pinching his big fucker so hard that he moaned with pain and pleasure.

“Ohhhhhh, it feels soooooo good, Jim! Don’t stop, honey. Don’t stop! Fill my ass with your cum! Shoot it all, Jim!” Sally begged, wriggling her ass around in a frenzy of lust for her son’s prick.

“I’ll shoot when I’m good and ready, cunt!” Jim growled as, once again, he slapped his mother’s asscheeks as hard as he could, making the woman cry out in pleasure. But they both knew that she really loved it.

As Jim continued to fuck his mother in her tight, pulsating asshole, she thrust her ass back to meet his powerful cock-thrusts, working her ass muscles around his prick, wiggling her ass violently.

By now, her cunt was pouring out gallons of cunt sauce which trickled into her asshole, nicely lubricating her son’s big fucking cock.

“Ahhhhhhh, Mom, sooooo good, what a nice, tight asshole you’ve got! Fuck me, Mommmmmyyyy!” Jim cried. His tightening balls beat a steady tattoo against her naked, upturned ass cheeks as he fucked her asshole with his big, throbbing nine-inch cock.

“Ohhhhhhhh, yessssss, Son, it feels wonderful! Fuck your mother! Fuck meeeeee!” Sally screamed obscenely.

Glancing down, Jim turned on to the sight of his gleaming, wet cock-shaft fucking into his mother’s ass with fantastic, savage force. By now, both lovers were trembling and shuddering with a hot, pounding fuck-lust.

Suddenly, Jim reached beneath his mother’s trembling body, rubbing her gushing cunt.

“Ohhhhh, yessss, Jim!” Sally panted, beside herself with excitement and desire. “Fingerfuck my cunt! Fuck my ass! Fingerfuck my pussy! Ohhhh, Jimmmyyy!”

Her ass muscles clenched hard around her son’s fucking cock as she fucked her pelvis back and forth against his bushy crotch.

Jim slipped his hand between his mother’s juicy, swollen cuntlips and quickly found her clit. He began to rub the hard love-button as he continued to fuck her in the ass.

“Yesssssss! Ohhhhhhhh, yessssss!” Sally screamed as she came, her fuckhole pouring out a huge amount of fuck juice which gushed out over her son’s hand.

As her climax ended, Jim slipped his hand from his mother’s cunt and raised it to her mouth. “Smell it. Smells good, doesn’t it, cunt? Now lick your juices off my fingers!”

“Ohhhhh, Son, the things you make me do!” Sally whimpered but she was smiling as she smelled her own pussy odor on her son’s hand. Then, almost before she had a chance to think about it, she sucked his fingers into her mouth, one by one, eagerly licking her cunt sauce and moaning with excitement as she swallowed the hot, thick fuck juice.

Over and over, Jim fucked his blistering cock deep into the wetness of his mother’s slick, grasping asshole. His gigantic prick was oozing out drop after drop of pre-cum which mingled with Sally’s cunt juice and lubricated her ass even more.

“Jeeeesus, you’re such a hot ass-fuck, Mom! I love fucking you!” Jim cried hoarsely.

“Ohhhhhhhh, I love fucking you, too, Son! Fuck me! Make me come again! Fuck me in my ass! Shoot your cum up my asshole, honey!” Sally screamed, hardly knowing what she was saying.

Jim stared at his glistening cock fucking easily in and out of his mother’s asshole, which was now gurgling noisily with fuck juices and pre-cum.

The exquisite lust and ecstasy in her asshole was driving the horny woman wild. She kept wiggling her ass as her son fucked her ass as deeply as possible. Her ass was squirming and writhing as the huge rock-hard cock continued to fuck her deeply.

“Ohhhhhhh, Mom!” Jim grunted as he began to finger-fuck her cunt again, keeping rhythm with his prick-stabs up her asshole. “You’re beautiful, Mom!”

Her son’s wards filled her with a warm pleasure and just increased her excitement. She squeezed her ass muscles as hard as she could around his prick. The intense clenching of her ass muscles only excited her son that much more and as the soft, clinging walls of her ass closed around his stiff cock, he slammed his crotch hard against her upturned, quivering ass. His balls swung heavily against her ass cheeks as he fucked even deeper.

“This is it, Mom! I’m commmmmmmming!” the boy cried as he fucked his cock all the way up Sally’s ass and unloaded.

Sally loved the way her son always called her mom as he came. It endeared him to her each time she heard it, and it turned her on in a strange way, too. As soon as she heard him call her mom and she felt his cum beginning to shoot up her ass, she came, too.

Wads of thick gooey cum shot from Jim’s prick and cannoned into Sally’s asshole as they both came hard.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, yesssssssssss, Jim!” Sally screamed hysterically as she felt her son’s jism shooting up her asshole, overflowing it, and dribbling sexily down her firm slender thighs.

“Take it, you bitch! Take all of it! You begged me for my cum! Now take it all and love it!” Jim yelled as the last of his jism jetted from his prick and shot into his mother’s slickly oozing asshole.

Sally’s pussy spasmed in orgasm, making waves of hot, forbidden pleasure shudder through her entire body as she came and came and came. Even though Ned was a terrific lover, and she loved fucking him, Sally seemed to have her best, most exciting orgasms when her son, Jim, fucked her.

Long orgasmic moments later, the two fuckers lay entwined in each other’s arms, kissing each other now and then, stroking each other’s feverish body gently, just being content to rest nakedly together.

Suddenly Sally remembered her earlier conversation with Ned, and she knew she had to talk to Jim about their concern.

“Jim, you know your cousins will be here tomorrow,” she murmured as she stroked his softening prick.

“Hmmmm?” he said huskily, half asleep now. “Judy and Paul? Sure, I know.”

“Are you glad they’re coming?”

He shrugged casually. “I guess. They’re okay.”

“Well, your dad and I were talking about the way our family is and we’re afraid that Judy and Paul might not understand, you know?” Sally said, watching her son whose eyes were half closed, as if he were about to fall asleep any second.

“Who knows?” Jim asked, his eyes wide open now, “maybe dad’s brother has some of the same ideas that we do. Maybe he raised Judy and Paul the same way that Lisa and I have been raised. What do you think?”

Sally laughed. “Uncle Ray? No way! I guess you don’t remember him. But, trust me, Son. Uncle Ray is as straight laced as they come! If anything, he probably has those poor kids believing that there’s something wrong with showing your love for your family the way we believe in doing,” Sally said sadly.

“Jeez, what a bummer! Those poor kids!” Jim said.

“Ned and I talked about it, Jim, and we feel that we shouldn’t have to put on an act while your cousins are here,” Sally said.

“An act? Hell, no! What for?” Jim asked. “Well, it did occur to us that maybe we should just cut out all the fucking as long as they’re here,” she muttered, glancing at her to see his reaction. She hoped she knew her son well enough to be sure that he would never put up with that!

“Hey, no way! Cut out all the fucking?” he asked incredulously.

“Well, except for Ned and me. We’re married, so of course anyone would think it was all right for him and me to fuck!”

“Just you and Daddy? Oh, no!” he cried, feeling a pang of jealousy at the idea of his father fucking his mother and him not being able to!

“It doesn’t have to be that way, honey,” Sally soothed, seeing that her son was jealous. She was glad he was. It made her feel and desirable.

“What do you mean, Mom? What can we do about it?” Jim asked, anxious to do anything he could to be sure he wouldn’t have to stop fucking his mother or sister.

“It’ll be up to all of us to convince Judy and Paul that our way of loving is really the best way. For everyone. So, all you have to do is your part, dear,” Sally said, fondling her son’s hardening prick.

“You mean I should talk to Judy and Paul about it?” he asked.

“Well, yes, if that’s the way it happens. Just wait and see if it’s necessary. And, if your cousins seem to be, well, hanging back, you could talk to Paul and let him know what’s what. As for Judy… well, you think she’s pretty, don’t you? I remember you liked her picture.”

Jim smiled, suddenly remembering the picture of his beautiful, luscious cousin. “Yeah, she’s really sexy! If she needs someone to talk to her about how great our way of life is, I won’t mind being the one at all.”

“That’s good, Jim. Now come here and eat your mother’s pussy,” Sally murmured as she spread her legs for her son.


Late the next morning, Judy and Paul arrived at the farm. They went horseback riding for a couple of hours and then, after a good old-fashioned home cooked meal, they gathered on the front porch with their aunt and uncle and cousins to rest awhile and visit with each other.

Judy was unable to keep her eyes off her Uncle Ned. She had forgotten just how looking and handsome he was. He was so tall and muscular that it took her breath away. Why, he’s really sexy, she found herself thinking. She glanced at his crotch over and over, unable to miss the hard bulge which seemed to be growing under her hot gaze.

She only half listened to the small talk going on around her. All she could think about was how horny she was and how attracted she was to her Uncle Ned. The horseback ride she had just come back from had made her hornier than ever. She rubbed her thighs together now as she remembered the way her pussy had slammed down hard against the saddle over and over, making her cunt itch and burn furiously. It had turned her on unbearably, and now all the virgin could think about was getting fucked. She only hoped that, somehow, she would be able to get her uncle to pop her cherry for her.

Suddenly, still staring at her uncle’s crotch, Judy became aware that everyone else, was looking at her, as if waiting for her to say something. She blushed and looked around, wondering what she had missed.

“Boy, you’ve really been daydreaming, haven’t you, Judy?” Aunt Sally laughed.

“Yeah, I guess I have,” Judy said, blushing again. “Did someone ask me something?”

Paul laughed. “Only about five minutes ago!”

“That’s okay, honey. You were probably thinking about something very important,” Uncle Ned said, looking directly into the girl’s eyes. And, suddenly, Judy knew that her uncle had been watching her while she stared at his well-hung cock. She looked at him, frantically searching for a clue to what he was thinking about her. And, as she looked at him, she was startled and pleased to see his gaze rake over her lush, firm body with a look filled with desire. She caught, her breath sharply, knowing in that instant that she had nothing to worry about. Her uncle wanted to fuck her every bit as much as she wanted to fuck him.

“Come on, you two, quit staring at each other!” Lisa cried. “What do you say, Judy? We asked you if you want to go swimming down in the pond?”

“Oh,” Judy managed, blushing again. She hoped that no one else saw the looks she and her sexy uncle had exchanged. “Sure! I’d love to go swimming! Does that mean we’re going to skinny dip?” she asked, growing really excited now.

Uncle Ned stepped toward her and squeezed her shoulder. She could feel the heat from his hand shoot through her body, making her pussy burn even more. “Right! We always go skinny dipping here! That’s the best way, the only way, to swim, Judy!”

“You don’t mind, do you, Judy?” Aunt Sally asked anxiously, exchanging a secret look with her husband.

“Mind?” Judy laughed, thinking how shocked they would probably be if they only knew her secret thoughts. “No, I’ve never gone swimming in the nude before and I’m really looking forward to it!”

As they turned to go into the house, she saw her uncle flash her a look of warm approval and she knew that he liked her attitude. Things were definitely looking up.

Half an hour later, all the Watsons were at the pond. Paul gasped when he first saw it. Judy had forgotten to tell him what the pond was really like. Large and deep, it was really more of a big lake. There was even a float out in the middle. And, since it was on the Watsons’ farm property, no one else used it and they had complete privacy.

“Wow! This is great! It’s huge!” Paul exclaimed, running quickly to the coal water.

Laughing and splashing each other, the others quickly followed him.

For a long time, the family swam together, dunking each other playfully, playing water games with a couple of large beach balls and just floating idly and talking.

All this time, both Judy and Paul were very much aware of their own naked bodies, and they were excitedly aware of the naked bodies of their cousins and aunt and uncle.

Paul was surprised that his aunt was so beautiful. Her body was still firm and youthful looking, and the sight of her large tits made the boy’s virgin cock stand at attention. His gaze darted back and forth between his Aunt Sally and Lisa, his cousin whose big tittied body looked ripe and inviting.

Paul noticed the way that Lisa kept rubbing against her father, and once he was pretty sure that she was jerking off her daddy’s cock underwater.

But, mainly, the boy watched his aunt who made him feel like no girl ever had before. His eyes focused on her bushy pussy and he inhaled sharply as he found himself wondering what it would feel like to have that beautiful pussy wrapped around his prick. Several times, he thought he saw his Aunt Sally staring at his cock which was semi-erect. At first, he had been embarrassed because he had a semi-hard-on. But then Paul noticed that both Jim and Uncle Ned had the same problem.

Meanwhile, Judy found herself growing jealous whenever her uncle spent any time with her cousin, Lisa. More than once, he reached out and stroked Lisa’s arm and a couple of times, Judy couldn’t help but wonder what he was doing under the water. He was standing close to his daughter and his hands seemed to be moving. At those times, Judy swam away, unable to watch. She knew that she wasn’t usually the jealous type, but it was just that she wanted her uncle so badly and he wasn’t paying enough attention to her. Judy knew that, if she could only get her uncle to fuck her, she wouldn’t care how much attention he paid to Lisa or to anyone else, for that matter.

Judy climbed up onto the float in the middle of the large pond and watched her family in the water. She saw her Uncle Ned and Lisa splashing each other and teasing each other a lot. She glanced away, moaning softly, and buried her face in her arms, resting on her firm, flat tummy. She couldn’t bear to watch her uncle and cousin together, not when she was so horny for his big cock.

Before she knew it, Judy dozed off, feeling depressed because she was beginning to think she would have to stay a virgin forever. The cooling early evening air chilled her naked body, and she woke up with a start, looking around her in confusion.

To her surprise, she was all alone. Or almost. Uncle Ned was swimming out toward the float. But everyone else had left the pond, and Judy smiled with excitement, realizing that this might be the moment she had been longing for. If she could just make him hot enough, maybe she could get him to pop her cherry for her. The thought of fucking her handsome, well-hung uncle thrilled the girl so much that her virgin fuckhole began to ooze out a creamy load of pussy juice.

She rested on her back and threw her arms up over her head, her legs splayed wide so that her uncle would have a good, bird’s eye view of her juicy cunt.

She knew that she had a sexy body and she already knew, from the way her uncle had looked at her that afternoon on the porch, that he was attracted to her. Very much so. So all she had to do was to play on that attraction and, hopefully, soon she would feel his huge cock tearing through her virgin pussy.

The sound of splashing water was louder now, and Judy knew that her uncle was almost to the float. She felt her pussy burning and itching with an indescribable longing as she wondered what would happen when he joined her.

She raised herself upon her elbows and admired her uncle’s powerfully muscled arms as they sliced easily through the water in long, strong strokes, each one bringing him nearer to her.

Just then, Uncle Ned heaved himself up over the side of the float and lay down next to her, propping his head up with one hand, smiling down at her.

Judy shivered as drops of cool water fell on her warm body from his, but she knew she was shivering more from excitement than from anything else!

“Hi, honey, you look all nice and reined,” Ned drawled, his eyes taking in the sight of his gorgeous, sexy, niece.

She smiled up at him, pleased with the way he was looking at her. “Oh, yeah, I am.”

“You think you and Paul will like spending the entire summer here?” Ned asked, reaching aid stroking her bare arm, making goosebumps form over the warm flesh.

“Sure, Uncle Ned! I think we’ll like it just fine. Why wouldn’t we?” Judy asked, her eyes on his big semi-hard cock which, was even bigger and thicker than she had realized. It was almost as though she could see his prick throbbing and pulsating right before her eyes.

“Oh, I don’t know, Judy. It’s just that you and your brother are from the city and life here on the farm can be pretty boring for city kids like you,” he said.

Judy glanced up at his handsome face and saw that his gaze was fixed on her moist virgin cunt. She shifted a bit, opening her legs even wider.

“Boring? That all depends, Uncle Ned,” she murmured as she put her hot hand on his naked, wet leg. He gasped with pleasure and moaned softly, and she knew that she had him. She no longer had any doubt about whether she could get her sexy uncle to fuck her. She knew that he wanted it just as much as she did. At last, she would have the joy of feeling his big, hard cock shoving it way up her tight fuck-channel.

“Honey,” Ned murmured huskily, his voice thick with lust. “Are you sure you know what you’re doing?”

Judy laughed and slid her hand up his leg to his inner thigh, the back of her hand brushing against his soft prick hairs, making her uncle moan again. “Oh, yeah, Uncle Ned, I know exactly what I’m doing!”

Judy reached over and stroked his big cock which grew immediately erect in her hand. Its full ten inches were standing straight up in the air, and she moaned with excitement as she continued to rub.

Ned groaned with lust for his sexy niece. “Yeah, you’re right, Judy. You sure as hell do know what you’re doing, honey! You’re making your uncle feel so good! Keep it up, honey! Rub my cock!”

Grinning, Judy wrapped both of her small, soft hands around Uncle Ned’s bursting hard-on and slowly stroked his cock. Ned moaned with pleasure and began to stroke Judy’s big throbbing tits, rolling the large nipples between his fingers over and over again until the girl was writhing in excitement.

By now, the virgin’s cunt was flowing with cunt sauce. She loved the feel of her uncle’s hands on her big tits but she knew that the pleasure he was giving her now was nothing compared to the sheer joy she was bound to feel when he finally rammed his big, pulsating prick up her cherry cunt.

“Ohhhh, honey, I sure love big tits like yours! They’re the biggest I’ve seen yet, especially for such a girl!” Ned muttered, his voice thick with longing for the virgin who was busily fondling his ever hardening cock.

“Mmmmm, thanks, Uncle Ned, and I just love big cocks, and you’ve got the biggest yet!” she said and they both laughed.

“But, Judy, you are still a virgin, aren’t you?” Ned asked, suddenly worried. His niece was beginning to sound more experienced than he liked. He knew he would still love fucking her, no matter how experienced she was, but he also knew that he would enjoy fucking her that much more if he could have the thrill of smashing her cherry!

“Don’t worry,” Judy laughed, as if reading her uncle’s lewd thoughts, “I’m still a virgin, but not for long, I hope.”

“No, honey,” Ned assured her with a leering grin, “not for long!”

Sighing with happiness, Judy cupped Ned’s churning balls for a few seconds, squeezing gently, making the man groan with sheer lust.

Then the virgin grasped his huge cock tightly and stroked and pulled. She was so excited that she could hardly stand it. At long last, she was touching and fondling her sexy uncle’s huge ten-incher. She was super turned on by its gigantic size and she rubbed harder, making his prick twitch obscenely in her greedily grasping hands.

“Ahhhhh, yesssss, honey, that’s it! Rub your uncle’s cock! Keep it up!” he groaned, digging his fingers harder into the girl’s throbbing titflesh.

Ned smiled inwardly, remembering his talk with Sally the evening before. It we had only known what a hot number our Judy is, he thought. We didn’t have a thing to worry about! He had hoped that, in time, they might be able to bring Judy and Paul around to their way of thinking, convincing them that the family who loves together stays together. But never in his wildest dreams had he dared to hope that Judy herself would get things rolling, and on her first day there! While Judy continued to stroke his bursting cock, Ned thought ahead to all the days and nights of the next three months, days and nights of giving his niece his own special brand of loving.

Judy stared lustfully at her uncle’s huge cock as she continued to rub its full ten-inch length. His prick was rock-hard now, and the virgin couldn’t wait to feel his cock ramming up her virgin-tight cunt.

“Ohhhhhhh, Uncle Ned! I love your cock soooo much! It’s so big and hard! Mmmmmmm,” the girl murmured, her eyes glazing over with lust.

“I’m glad you like it so much, honey, ’cause pretty soon it’s gonna be buried up that cherry pussy of yours!” Ned said, groaning with excitement at the mere thought of popping his niece’s cherry.

Judy giggled happily and squeezed her uncle’s prick even harder.

“Thai’s it, honey! Rub it harder! Real nice and hard, Judy!” Ned moaned, thrusting his hips up off the float, pumping even more of his huge, hard prick into her squeezing hands.

As Judy rubbed his growing hard-on, Ned took one hand from her tits and pulled her face down to his. Then he pressed his mouth hard against hers, thrusting his tongue between her lips which parted instinctively as he kissed her passionately. Over and over again the two lovers kissed, their tongues rubbing against each other…

The feel of her uncle’s tongue against hers, their warm saliva mingling, his teeth nibbling on the side of her tongue, all combined to arouse the girl so much that she came on the spot.

“Ohhhhh, Uncle Ned, I’m cumming! I’m… aaarghhh… cummmmmiiinnnggggg!” she gurgled hotly as waves of hot orgasm smashed through her pussy, releasing a torrent of hot cunt honey.

“Come, honey! Come right on my hand!” Ned cried as he thrust his hand between Judy’s swollen cuntlips and felt the warm fuck juices flowing over his fingers, soaking his hand all the way to his wrist.

The feel of his niece’s pussy-juices on his hand, the feel of her orgasming pussy spasming against his fingers, aroused the man so powerfully that he knew he would come any second, especially with her hand still clasped tightly around his cock. But he didn’t want to come yet. He wanted to wait to make it very special.

As Judy’s orgasm ended, Ned forced himself to move away from her, his breathing rapid and shallow with lust.

“Give me a few minutes to cool down, honey,” he said, not even daring to look at his niece. Just the sight of her naked body would be enough to make him cum at that point.

“Okay, Uncle Ned,” Judy agreed, but she felt a disappointment. “Then what?”

Ned laughed hoarsely. “Then, honey, I want you to suck your uncle’s cock!”


“Ohhhh, Uncle Ned, do I have to wait any longer? I don’t think I can! Please let me suck your cock now!” Judy begged, tears of lust and frustration streaming down her beautiful, face.

Ned laughed with delight. It had been a long time since such a gorgeous virgin had begged him to let her suck his cock. By now, his cock had softened just a bit. He knew it was time to feel his niece’s hot, wet mouth around his prick. And, like her, he knew he couldn’t wait any longer either.

“Okay, honey, go for it! Suck my cock!” Ned cried as he settled down on his back, his niece already on her knees between his widely spread legs.

“Mmmmmm, Uncle Ned,” the virgin moaned as she reached out and fondled her uncle’s enormous cock. She slowly stroked from its rose-tipped head all the way down to his churning balls.

“Go on, honey,” Ned urged her as he thrust his ass up off the float, hoping she would get the hint and suck his big cock into her mouth.

“Ahhhhhhh,” Judy murmured, her eyes half closed as she lowered her face and rubbed her uncle’s jerking prick against her cheeks. She felt as though she were in a dream-state, only half aware of her uncle’s pleading words for her to hurry up and suck him off. The idea that she was about to pop that gorgeous, huge, hard prick into her mouth filled the virgin with a lust she had never known before. Adding to that lust was the wonderfully exciting knowledge that, after she had sucked her uncle off, he would be fucking her. He would be popping her cherry. Her long awaited dream would come true at last.

“Please, baby, don’t make your uncle wait any longer! I’ve gotta feel your hot mouth on my cock!” Ned cried, his face flushed with excitement and impatience. He reached up and fondled the girl’s huge tits, feeling the large, rose-colored nipples hardening in his hands. He hoped to turn on the girl so much that she would not be able to wait any longer. What the man did not realize was that his niece was already so turned on, so aroused by the idea of sucking him off, that she could hardly move.

“Please hurry, baby. As soon as you finish sucking me off, I want to pop your cherry!” Ned promised, thrusting his hips up from the float, his cock jerking in the girl’s hands.

That did it. His words brought the blonde out of her dream state with a force that made her tremble with excitement. Moaning with anticipation, Judy lowered her head again and fastened her hot mouth on her uncle’s cockhead, licking up several drops of pre-cum as she sucked his prick into her mouth. She scooped her hands underneath his hairy, tumbling balls and gently squeezed them as she rammed his bursting prick all the way into her throat.

The ecstasy of having her own sexy uncle’s huge dick sticking deep inside her mouth was so powerful for the girl who had waited so long for this thrill that she had an orgasm right then and there. “Mmmmmmmmffff,” she moaned around the thickness of the throbbing tool as her climax thundered through her tight, virgin pussy.

“That’s my good girl,” Uncle Ned cried, sensing that his niece was coming. He could tell by the way she had excitedly tightened her mouth-hold on his cock, and he matched her moans with his own. He had never been so turned on by any girl as he was by Judy. He felt as if he couldn’t get enough of the sexy feel of her hot mouth on his prick-head.

He arched his back, fucking more of his ten inches of cock-meat down his beautiful niece’s throat. “Suck it hard, Judy! Please, honey! Suck me harder! Suck your uncle’s big cock!”

Her uncle’s words turned on the virgin all the more and she pulled his big, bursting prick almost all the way out of her throat. Then, taking a deep breath, he fucked back into her throat just as far and as hard as he could. She moaned with excitement as the big, hard prick slid halfway down her throat. His prick was rock-hard and slick with her uncle’s pre-cum and her own saliva. The girl had never felt so aroused in her life, and she loved it!

“You got it, honey! That’s it! Suck my cock really good, sweetie!” Ned cried, humping his crotch up toward his niece’s sucking mouth.

Over and over, she went down on her uncle’s slick cock sliding his prick in and out of her hot eager mouth. She sucked its entire length all the way to his churning balls. Then she pulled his cock back out until she was just sucking its tip, licking up the drops of pearly pre-cum that formed at the twitching cum-slit.

As she sucked his cock into her throat, she worked her strong throat muscles, around his bursting cock which she could feel jerking hotly in her mouth, vibrating lewdly against her throat-cavity.

The blonde was intent on giving her uncle the best blowjob she had ever given, hopefully the best blowjob he had ever received. Using all her skills, driven by her hot lust, she sucked his cock as hard and as thoroughly as she could.

Ned was half out of his mind with desire for his sexy niece. The feel of her hot, wet mouth fucking up and down his cock was obscenely erotic to the man. And he could not wait to pump his entire creamy load of cum into her greedily sucking mouth. Then he would slam his big cock up her virgin pussy and tear her tight cherry right out of her cunt. He would give her the fucking of her life.

While Judy tongued her uncle’s prick from its throbbing head to its root, she squeezed his balls as hard as she could without actually hurting him. Then, groaning with lust, she slipped one hand beneath his quivering ass cheeks and stabbed her middle finger into his tight asshole, reaming him out expertly.

“Ohhhhhh, yeah, honey!” Ned cried, his hips leaping up from the float, urging even more of his prick down his niece’s sucking throat. He could feel her strong throat muscles working around his cock while her finger continued to fuck in and out of his asshole, and the man moaned and groaned with an excitement the likes of which he had never kit before.

Judy’s lips moved up and down on the pulsating hard-on in her mouth as her uncle fucked her mouth with his big cock. He could feel the pressure growing in his balls until he knew that they were boiling with his hot cum and that, soon, he would have to dump his load into Judy’s eager mouth.

Suddenly, her uncle’s cock jumped wildly in her throat, and Judy knew that Uncle Ned was about to come. She continued to suck on the big prick as several large wads of hot cum jolted from the twitching prick and sprayed against her throat, sliding into her belly where it filled and warmed her.

“Commmmmiiinnnggg!” Ned screamed as his cock continued to shoot its creamy load.

Judy swallowed hard, thrilling to the delicious taste of her uncle’s jism as it slid lewdly down her throat. By wallowing hard and fast, she managed to take in all of his huge cum-load, although it wasn’t easy.

The second that her uncle’s orgasm ended, Judy threw herself onto her back and spread her legs wide, giving her uncle a good view of her cunt. She was super turned on from eating her uncle’s cum, and she could feel her warm cunt sauce flowing from her virgin fuckhole.

Knowing that her uncle’s gaze was fastened on her, she closed her eyes and began to rub her large tits, kneading the firm titflesh, rolling her big nipples over and over until they grew as hard as rocks. She moaned and stroked her hot, firm body, knowing that she was and beautiful and that her uncle thought so too.

“Ohhh, honey, you’re so sexy,” Ned murmured, his eyes widening as he took in the incredibly sexy sight of his niece stroking her own tits, fondling her own body. He wanted more than anything to fuck her, but he was mesmerized by her erotic movements. He had to watch her, to see how far she would go. Then, when he wasn’t able to stand it anymore, he would fuck her good and hard.

Judy opened her eyes and raised her head. She saw her uncle staring at her, his face contorted with lust, his mouth slack and drooling. She smiled at him, knowing that she had his complete, undivided attention.

She closed her eyes again and put both hands on her pussy, rubbing as hard as possible. She thrust two fingers of one hand between her puffy cuntlips and began to rub her engorged clit.

As she continued to stroke her rigid clit, she thrust the middle finger of her other hand in and out of her virgin cunthole, faster and faster, harder and harder.

She spread her legs even wider apart, her head thrown back on the float, her mouth half open, breathing hard with desire.

She felt her orgasm building, and knowing that her sexy, handsome uncle was watching her every move turned her on even more.

Suddenly, Judy began to come, moaning loudly, her hand rubbing over her bruised clit, the pain only increasing her pleasure. Her other hand fucked furiously, her finger ramming in and out of her flowing pussyhole as she came.

“Ohhhhh, God, commmmiiinnnggg!” the virgin screamed as her orgasm shot through her. She humped her hips off the float and thrust one of her fingers deep into her virgin asshole. She moaned furiously, continuing to finger-fuck her fuckhole and her asshole as her hot, thick come juice poured out, down her thighs, and onto the float below.

As the last of her orgasm washed over her, the girl could not control herself and she screamed out at the top of her lungs, “Ohhh, Uncle. Ned, fuck me! I have to feel your huge cock busting my cherry! Fuck meeeeeee!”

“You got it, honey! You got it!” Ned yelled as he knelt between her splayed legs.

Judy reached up and pulled her uncle’s face down to hers. As his lips pressed against hers, she forced his lips open with her tongue and kissed hotly over and over.

Ned finally pulled his mouth away from his niece’s and, bending his head to her chest, he began to suck and lick her throbbing, blood engorged nipples, his head going back and forth between the two gigantic tits, first one, then the other.

The virgin felt as though she had died and gone to heaven. She rolled her head from side to side, moaning with pleasure and lust as her uncle’s hot, greedy mouth sucked at her tits like a new-born babe.

Judy stroked the back of her uncle’s head and moved her small, soft hands down his back to his waist, lightly rubbing and pinching his asscheeks. He moaned with excitement and bit into her nipples, causing her to groan as hot pussy-juice flooded into her cunt.

The blonde reached around his ass and grasped his huge, pulsating prick between her eager hands.

“Ooooooh, Uncle Ned! Your cock’s sooooo big! What is it… about ten inches?”

Ned grinned, glad that his niece was so happy with the size of his prick. “You got it right on the head, baby, ten inches. Ten glorious inches just for your tight virgin cum!”

Judy shivered and trembled with excitement at her uncle’s words. The idea of ten inches of raw, pulsing cock-meat shoved up her tight cherry pussy thrilled her beyond belief.

“Shit, Uncle Ned! Please don’t make me wait any longer! I can’t stand it! Fuck meeeeeee!” the virgin screamed, half out of her mind with desire for her uncle’s big ten-inch cock.

Without saying another word, Ned leaned back and, with both hands, spread the girl’s firm, throbbing cuntlips apart as wide as possible as though he were peeling a grape.

Then while Judy watched him breathlessly, he aimed his bursting ten-inch cock right toward her virgin fuck-hole, leaning back again just as far as he could.

Finally, grinning down at her, he hinged forward as hard as possible, fucking his throbbing, hard fuck-stick right into her wet virgin cunt. With the first incredibly strong thrust of his big cock, he broke the rubbery sheath of her cherry, tautly stretched across her virgin cunthole.

“Ohhhhhh, Jesssssssssus!” Judy screamed half in pain and half in pleasure. It hurt her far more than she had expected, but she didn’t care. She loved it! All she cared about was that finally, after waiting for so long, she had her uncle’s cock buried up her cunt, and thankfully she was no longer a virgin. Her uncle had made her a real woman now. And she would always be grateful.

As soon as he had pierced her cherry, Ned sent his ten-incher surging into her bleeding, pulsating virgin fuckhole. Her pussy was amazingly tight, even for a virgin, adding to his lust as he continued to fuck his prick as deep into her cunt as he could.

“Ohhhh, yessss, Uncle Ned! Fuck meeeee!” Judy screamed, throwing her legs up around her uncle’s waist, allowing him to fuck her pussy even more deeply. The feel of her uncle’s giant-sized cock fucking deeper and deeper into her tight virgin fuckhole turned her on more than ever before.

This was her long-awaited virgin fuck and it was happening just as she had dreamed about for so long. It was every bit as good as she had dreamed, too. Even better. And she was so glad that she had been smart enough to wait to let her sexy, virile uncle do the honors of popping her cherry for her.

Judy wiggled her slender hips, trying to urge her uncle’s cock even deeper into her cunt. She knew that even though much of his big prick was deeply imbedded inside her there was still more of his delicious ten-incher to be rammed up her cunthole.

Ned fucked savagely, sending even more of his cock fucking deeper into the girl’s tight virgin cunt. She yelled out in pain and excitement, and he laughed, knowing that his niece was having the best, most exciting time of her life.

Her entire body shivered under the impact of her uncle’s savage fucking and still she wanted more. As Uncle Ned began to grind, his hips in a circular motion, fucking more and more of his bursting cock into her virgin fuckhole, she moved her legs from his waist to his shoulders, allowing him to finally fuck all of his stiff cock into her cunt!

Judy moaned, feeling as if her pussy could not get enough of her uncle’s rigid prick, not even with his entire ten inches of raw, pulsing cock-meat inside her. The feel of his mammoth prick deep inside of her, and the knowledge that it was her own uncle who was fucking her thrilled the girl so much that she came again, even harder than before.

“Ohhhhhhh, Uncle Ned! I’m commmmmiiinnnggg!” she screamed as her climax blasted through her, making her strong cunt-muscles squeeze down on his fucking cock inside her.

“Squeeze my pecker, baby!” Ned yelled as he felt her cunt-walls clenching and unclenching around his fucking prick. He had never fucked such a tight pussy in his life, and he sensed that, when he finally blew his wad up her pussy, it would be the biggest come of his life, just from the sheer excitement of fucking such a hot, pussy.


“Ohhhh, it feels sooooo good, Uncle Ned! Fuck me haaaard!” Judy cried.

She dug her heels into her uncle’s back, just below his neck, moving her hips instinctively from side to side, then in small circles, grunting with ecstasy as her uncle continued to fuck her virgin pussy with his big ten-inch cock.

“Arggggghhhhh!” she cried, writhing on the float. She thrust her ass up to force her small, tight cunt up against her uncle’s rigid cock as he fucked his big prick in and out of her pussy.

Ned lowered his head and sucked one of her large throbbing nipples into his hot mouth, tonguing the rosebud nip, then sucking harder and harder as the girl moaned with excitement.

“Ohhhhh, Uncle Ned! Feels sooo good!” she moaned.

Ned’s enormous prick was stroking the blonde’s clit with each fucking thrust. Judy clenched and unclenched her strong, tight cunt-muscles around her uncle’s fucking cock, increasing the fuck pleasure for both of them.

Ned groaned with hot, erotic pleasure as he felt his sexy niece’s tight cunt hugging his throbbing cock.

“Ohhhhhh, yesssssss, Judy, honey! You’re doing great! Keep it up, honey!” he chanted over and over.

This was the best fuck of Ned’s life. He had fucked many chicks before, and his own daughter, Lisa, was certainly no slouch when it came to fucking. He loved fucking his daughter. But, somehow, fucking Judy was even better. And he knew that somehow his pleasure was linked to the exciting fact that it was his own niece he was fucking. And he had popped her cherry to boot. It made him feel so manly, so powerful. And he knew that no matter how many other cocks the girl fucked in her life he and his big prick would always have a special place in the girl’s heart because this was her very first fuck. That’s what made it so special, so exciting.

Ned savagely jerked and sent his gigantic prick fucking even deeper into the girl’s cunt, touching nerves she hadn’t even known she had. She yelled with excitement and pain as his thick, long cock stretched her cunt-walls to the breaking point, but she loved it and wanted more. This was her dream come true — being virgin-fucked by her very own sexy uncle. She had never known such happiness, and she only wished that she had another cherry for him to pop.

“Ahhhh, Uncle Ned, I love fucking you! Your big cock feels so good up my pussy!” the girl cried as she humped her crotch up against his.

Ned ground his hips in a circular motion, fucking his cock harder and harder into her juicy cunt. He couldn’t get over just how small and tight her cherry cunthole was. Even for a virgin, Judy’s pussy was unusually tight, and she was giving her uncle the fuck of his life.

“Soooo tight… your pussy… so sweet and tight, honey,” he moaned. He loved the incredible feel of fucking his big cock into her tiny fuckhole and the feeling of her cunt-muscles milking his cock. There was nothing like it, and he wanted it to go on forever, even though he would never be completely satisfied until he dumped his big load of cum up her cunt.

Again Ned lowered his head and sucked his niece’s tits, licking the stiffening rosebud nips, nibbling their throbbing edges with his sharp teeth, moaning loudly along with Judy as the lust of the two incestuous fuckers grew and grew.

The teenager’s entire body was trembling now as the slamming force of her uncle’s fucking cock made her shudder from the impact. And still she wanted more. She loved everything he was doing to her, and she could feel her cunt oozing out more and more warm pussy-juice. She felt fuck juice dribbling out from between her swollen pussylips and trickling down her firm, slender thighs.

Growling with lust, Ned sucked Judy’s large left tit into his hungry mouth. He sank his teeth into the titflesh, making the girl groan with a mingled feeling of pain and pleasure. Then Ned moved his head to her right tit, doing the same to that one. He bit as hard as he dared into the firm, throbbing tit. Back and forth he went, from tit to tit, groaning in passion as he sucked and nibbled his niece’s huge tits.

“Ahhhhhh, Uncle Ned! I love it! I love it! Fuck me! Fuck me haaaaard! Oh, Goddd, it’s sooo good!” the girl cried, tears of pleasure streaming from her eyes.

She couldn’t get enough of her uncle’s rigid cock. The feel of his gigantic prick deep inside of her and the fact that she would have three wonderful months to fuck him anytime she wanted thrilled her so much that she began to come.

“Oh God! Oh God! Uncle Ned! Jeeesus Christ!” Judy cried insanely, writhing on the float in a frenzy of lust as her climax began. Her orgasm smashed through her cunt, squeezing down on the pulsating prick inside her.

“Yeah, baby, yeah! Way to go! Go for it!” Ned cried, feeling the hot, forbidden thrill of his niece’s strong cunt-muscles contracting over and over again, practically squeezing his cock to death.

Knowing that she had come, Ned began to fuck her even harder, no longer trying to hold back at all. He grunted with the effort as he brutally fucked his large, hard cock up her small, tight pussy. Every thrust of his huge cock into her juicy cunt added fuel to the hot fire of lust already raging between the girl’s legs.

Ned lifted Judy’s ass up off the float. He fucked his mammoth prick to the hilt deep within his niece’s juicy, bloody cunt. His huge, ten-inch cock completely filled every nook and cranny of the teenager’s cunt, thrilling her to the core, and she came again and again, feeling dizzy and disoriented from the force of her orgasms.

“Oh, Godddd, yesss, Uncle Ned!” she cried. “More, Uncle Ned, more! I want your beautiful big cock so bad! Fuck me haaaard!” And she came again. She couldn’t stop her feverish body from responding to her uncle’s savage fucking.

“Damned but you’re one horny girl! A great fuck! I knew you’d be a terrific lay, and you sure as hell are!” he groaned.

His words turned on the teenager even more, and she tossed her head from side to side as she continued to slam her pussy up hard against her uncle’s crotch. As much as she was enjoying her virgin-fuck, as much as she wanted it to go on forever, the blonde hoped that her uncle would come soon. She knew that that would be the biggest, hottest thrill of all — feeling him shooting his creamy load of jism up her virgin fuckhole.

Judy tensed and relaxed the strong walls of her cunt, knowing that she was making this fuck even better for her loving uncle. And for herself. She raised her head and watched as his huge cock fucked repeatedly between her swollen cuntlips. She moaned with excitement as she saw the throbbing blue vein on the topside pulsing with lust, just for her. The side of his prick was slightly rippled with veins and folds of hot cock-flesh as he fucked in and out of her slick, juicy pussy. The most exciting part of all for the blonde was feeling his large, purplish cockhead pressing hotly into her cunt-channel and expanding her virgin tight cunt-walls to the painful breaking point. Each time Ned’s cock fucked hard into Judy’s cunt, her tight cunt-walls expanded to allow room for the huge ten-incher. Then, as he pulled his prick out again, the cunt-walls immediately contracted. It was obvious that this girl’s pussy would remain good and tight through most or all of her life, giving all the lovers to come the tightest fuck possible!

“Ahhhhhhh, it feels sooooo good!” Judy cried as she clenched and unclenched her cunt muscles, trying to milk her uncle’s prick as he continued to fuck her hard. Suddenly, she moaned loudly, coming again. She was amazed by all the orgasms that rippled through her body. Her sexy uncle was so manly and virile that he was giving her more orgasms than she had ever had before in her life.

Ned reached under Judy and gripped her asscheeks in a firm hold. He squeezed her velvety ass and she found her cunt-walls smashing down even harder around his fucking cock. He jabbed his finger into her asscrack and plunged it into her small tight asshole, fucking his finger in and out in perfect tempo with his fucking cock.

“Ohhhh, Uncle Ned, that feels great! You’re making me feel soooo good! Fuck meeee! Fuck meeee!” she screamed.

“Damned right I’ll fuck you… my own niece… so sexy… you’ve been asking for this… way… you stared at my dick… those big tits… that tight pussy… yeah, I’ll fuck you all right… whore fuck you… fuck you…” Ned chanted in a singsong voice, hardly aware of his own words, as he continued to fuck his cock in and out of Judy’s juicy cunt.

Ned arched his back and fucked his throbbing prick even deeper into his niece’s virgin cunt. His rigid finger fucked her asshole, keeping perfect time with the savage strokes of his prick. Meanwhile, his huge loaded balls slapped wetly against her ass.

Judy moaned over and over, loving every single second of her fuck session with her uncle. Yet, she needed still more. The blonde felt like a whore, a bitch in heat. She just couldn’t get enough of her uncle’s huge cock fucking up her cunt.

Suddenly, another climax coursed its shuddering way through Judy’s pussy, and she moaned in pleasure, clutching her uncle even closer to her. She loved the multiple orgasms she was having. Yet each time she came she needed to come again and again just as if she had never come yet.

Ned fucked furiously into his niece’s pussy, gasping with pleasure as she tensed her cunt-muscles around his pulsating prick. He thought how lucky he was to have a niece who was a virgin but who fucked like a pro. The best of both worlds, he thought happily.

Finally, Ned felt his balls screwing up tightly against the base of his fucking cock and he felt himself beginning to come. Breathing hard, sweat pouring from his body, he fucked his prick faster and harder into Judy’s slick, clasping pussy.

“Coooommmmmiiinnngggg!” he shouted. His cock jerked and twitched inside Judy’s pussy as she felt the exciting hot rush of her uncle’s cum filling her cunt to overflowing. His jism poured from her pussy and ran lewdly down her legs in hot, thick, creamy rivers.

“Ohhh, yesssss, Uncle Ned!” she cried, so excited by the feel of her uncle’s cum up her pussy that the girl was afraid she would pass out. “That feels great! Give me all your cum!”

Ned fucked his niece furiously over and over as he came. He had never had so much cum at one time before. Just as he had suspected, the climax from fucking his sexy niece was the greatest, the biggest of his life.

Judy came again as her uncle’s hot cum spilled into and out of her cunthole, splashing down onto the float. Ned pulled back slightly, about to withdraw from her cunt, but Judy put her hands on his shoulders and looked him in the eye.

“Okay, Uncle Ned, you can take your cock out now, but do it real nice and slowly. Try not to spill any of your cum!” she said, her voice husky with excitement.

Ned almost laughed, thinking that she was joking but he could tell by her urgent tone and the serious look in her eye that, whatever she had in mind, it was very important to the girl, and certainly no joke.

Slowly, as though handling a piece of precious china, Ned pulled his large cum-coated cock from the teenager’s pussy, and the moment his prick cleared her throbbing cuntlips, Judy jumped up onto her knees and eagerly sucked Ned’s prick into her mouth.

Now, Ned did laugh, but this time with pleasure and surprise. So, that’s what the horny girl had in mind, he thought with approval. And again he realized how great it was going to be to have someone of her obvious talents and imagination around for three months.

Tasting her own hot ex-virgin pussy on her uncle’s still-hard, throbbing cock turned Judy on powerfully and she sucked hard, moaning and groaning with ecstasy.

Ned closed his eyes, turning on all over again as his niece sucked his prick. He had never had another girl do this for him before, and knowing how much Judy got off on his prick made him feel very manly and it gave him a tremendous feeling of power which he enjoyed.

“Mmmmmmm, delicious!” the girl breathed after she had licked every trace of corn and pussy cream from Uncle Ned’s cock. Her eyes were glazed with lust, and she looked at her uncle hotly. “So sexy eating your cock! I love it! I love your dick!”

Ned laughed with pleasure. Then his breath caught and he moaned, his eyes widening, as he watched Judy throw herself onto her back again and rub her fingers along her pussylips, gathering up pussy cream and jism which was still dribbling from her cunt. Grinning up at her incredulous uncle, the girl deliberately wiped her fingers on the purplish head of his big prick, making him writhe and moan with pleasure.

“Great idea, huh?” Judy asked with pride as she bent over to take her uncle’s prick into her mouth once more. A soft, whimpering groan of pure sexual delight and lust welled up from deep inside her throat as she licked Uncle Ned’s cum from his cock.

Ned shook his head in amazement. “You are really something else, you know that?”

Judy heard the approval and admiration in her uncle’s voice and she trembled with pleasure. She knew that he thought she was pretty terrific, and she was glad because she thought he was pretty great too.

Judy scooped up more cum and pussy-sauce on her fingers, this time, going deeper into her pussy to gather the juices. She smeared her fingers on the broad, throbbing head of her uncle’s cock. And again she sucked his cock into her mouth and licked off all the fluids from their fuck session.

Over and over, Judy repeated her erotic ritual until her pussy was completely cleaned out of all jism and cunt sauce. And her uncle’s cock was glisteningly shining, bigger and harder than ever. She had turned her uncle on so much with her mouth on his prick that she knew he was ready to fuck her again. And she could hardly wait!

The girl moved away from her uncle, scooting back farther on the float. She leaned back on her elbows and smiled up at her uncle. She knew he wanted to fuck her again, and she wanted it, too, but she was already learning that the longer they waited for it, the better it would be.

Ned returned her smile, fondling his big hardening prick. “What are you thinking, honey? What’s going on in that beautiful head of yours?”

“Oh, I was just thinking that I’d like to fuck you again!” the teenager said, feeling her cunt beginning to twitch at the very thought of fucking her sexy uncle again.

“Great! That’s just what I was thinking, too, honey,” Ned said, waving his big, hard cock in her direction.

Judy caught her breath sharply, licking her lips excitedly at the thought of her uncle’s big cock just waiting for her pussy. All ideas of postponing their next fuck were swept from her mind as a hot raging lust washed over the girl.

With a low, throaty, animalistic growl, Judy practically hurled herself at her uncle. “Come on, Uncle Ned! Fuck me again!” she cried.

And he did.


Back at the farmhouse, Paul, Jim, Aunt Sally, and Lisa all sat in the cozy den, enjoying snacks and light conversation.

Paul would have been completely relaxed if it weren’t for the fact that they were all still naked from skinny-dipping. Everyone else just seemed to take it for granted that there was no need to get dressed again after swimming in the nude in the pond. Paul felt terribly self-conscious, especially since his cock was semi erect. But he didn’t want to be a party pooper. He knew he would look foolish if he made a big deal about getting dressed, and he would be the only one dressed with the rest of the family sitting nakedly around him. So he just went along with them, said nothing about it, and hoped against hope that he looked as casual and comfortable as the rest of the family did.

A few times, the boy noticed that both Lisa and his Aunt Sally were glancing over toward his crotch, and he flushed with embarrassment, wondering what they were thinking. Even though he saw that his cousin Jim had a semi-hard-on too. He was a year older than Paul. Maybe his aunt and Lisa thought he was terrible for being aroused at his age. Of course, they didn’t know that he was still a virgin. But he knew that their opinion was important to him, and he just hoped that they weren’t disappointed in him.

Suddenly, his cousin, Lisa, spoke, breaking into his worried thoughts, and he was grateful for the distraction. “Wonder what’s keeping Daddy and Judy?” she asked, laughing softly.

Paul had been wondering the same thing but he didn’t understand his cousin’s laugh. And, as he looked around, he saw that Jim and Aunt Sally were chuckling too, exchanging glances which seemed to mean something, but the boy felt left out, not getting their meaning.

“As if we didn’t know!” Jim finally answered his sister.

Sally saw that Paul was struggling to understand what was going on around him, and she also saw that his big cock was semihard, filling the older woman with desire that made her pussy itch and burn with excitement.

“Paul, dear,” Sally said, smiling at him kindly, “you look confused by our talk, our joke.”

“Well, yeah, Aunt Sally, I guess I am,” Paul admitted.

“Just what do you think is keeping your Uncle Ned and your sister, dear?” she asked, watching him carefully.

Paul shrugged, “Heck, I don’t know. But Judy loves to swim…”

Lisa and Jim laughed uproariously and Paul felt himself reddening again, growing angry because no one would tell him what the hell was going on. He felt stupid and he didn’t like the feeling one bit.

“Now, now, we can’t expect Paul to know about our ways… we’ll have to tell him,” Sally said, admonishing her kids.

“Tell me what, Aunt Sally?” Paul asked, glad that at last they were going to fill him in on whatever was going on!

“Well, Paul, I think you should know that your sister and Uncle Ned are fucking each other at this very moment,” she said, feeling her pussy burning even more at her own words.

“What?” But as soon as the word was out of Paul’s mouth, he realized that he should not be surprised. He remembered his talk with his sister on the train, and her eagerness to have her cherry popped. He remembered, too, the way his uncle and his sister had looked at each other out on the porch earlier that day.

“Yes, Paul, it’s true,” Sally went on. “Let me explain something to you. Our family is extraordinarily close. Very loving.”

“Yeah, I’ll say,” Lisa giggled but her aunt silenced her with a look.

“And we believe in expressing that love in the most beautiful, most meaningful, of all ways, Paul,” Aunt Sally said. Then she sat back in her chair, waiting for the words to sink into the boy’s mind.

But Lisa was impatient. All this talk about fucking was turning the girl on, and she knew she wanted to hurry up and end the conversation and get on with some serious fucking. She looked at her cousin’s cock which was slightly twitching as she licked her lips excitedly, knowing that, very soon, she would have that same cock buried up her cunt!

“What Mom is trying to tell you, Paul is that we all fuck each other, and we think it’s great.” Lisa said, ignoring her mother’s signals to keep quiet.

Sally had been afraid that if her nephew found out the truth about their family too fast, he might be too shocked to ever relax and join in their family fun. And it was very important to Aunt Sally that Paul join them in their family activities.

“You all fuck each other?” Paul echoed, suddenly understanding the family’s behavior he had been observing ever since arriving at the farm.

“Sure!” Jim said, winking at his mother. “It’s great!”

“It sure is!” Lisa said, her eyes fastened on her cousin’s hardening cock.

“Yes, we like things this way, Paul, and we all hope that you’ll join us,” Aunt Sally said, smiling at her nephew, as if she were inviting him to tea!

Paul’s eyes widened with excitement, and he felt his cock grow another inch as he took in what he had just been told, and, as he saw the way his sexy cousin, Lisa, was staring at his prick.

Before Paul had a chance to answer his aunt, she stood up and walked over to Jim who grinned up at her. As though they were totally alone in the room, she leaned down and cupped his big cock in both of her hands and kissed the throbbing cockhead tenderly.

“Come on, darling. Let’s go upstairs and think of something we can do with your nice big cock and my hungry, wet pussy!”

Jim laughed and, as his mother turned from him to walk away, reached out and slapped her affectionately on her naked ass, making the older woman laugh huskily with desire.

Paul gasped in shock and excitement at the scene being played out before his eyes. Sally and Jim left the room and went upstairs, their arms around each other, their hands busily fondling each other’s naked body.

“See, Paul?” Lisa said. “That’s the way we all love each other. Think you can get into it?”

Paul turned his attention to his cousin, noticing for the first time just how beautiful and sexy she was. His cock stirred restlessly in his lap, and the boy suddenly realized that he wanted to fuck Lisa for his very first fuck. It was obvious, too, that she was plenty experienced and would make it good for the teen.

“Yeah, Lisa!” Paul grinned, feeling completely relaxed and at ease for the first time that evening. “I’ll say I can get into it!”

Lisa laughed. At last, it was going to happen. Her handsome cousin was going to fuck her. “Well, then, come on. What are we waiting for? Let’s go on up to my bedroom!”

The two teens stood up and embraced quickly before turning toward the stairs. As they walked upstairs, much as Sally and Jim had done only moments before, they wrapped their arms around each other, giggling with excitement.

“Only thing is, Lisa…” Paul trailed off, uncertainly, wondering what Lisa would think if she knew that he had never fucked anyone before. Maybe it would turn her off, and he wouldn’t be able to stand that!

“Only thing is what, Paul?” Lisa asked, fixing her big, lust-glazed eyes on him.

“I’ve never fucked before,” he finally admitted, coloring slightly.

“Oh, is that all?” Lisa laughed. “Good! Then I’ll get to take charge and I love that! And, believe me, Paul, by the time I get through with you, you’ll sure know how to fuck!”

Paul smiled gratefully at her. The way her sexy body was turning him on, the boy knew that he wouldn’t have any trouble fucking her, and fucking her good and hard!

As they entered Lisa’s large bedroom, she turned to Paul, her eyes glittering with desire and excitement.

“Oooh, Paul, let’s do it dog-style! I love it that way, and I promise you, you will too!”

“Sure, Lisa, whatever you say,” the teen said, not caring how he fucked her, just as long as he got to bury his hard cock up her experienced pussy.

Only moments later, Lisa was on her hands and knees on her bed, her cousin kneeling behind her, his large cock in his hands, poised at her pussy.

“Go on, Paul! It’ll all come naturally, you’ll see! Just stick it in!” Lisa urged him as she placed her fingertips over the ridges of her cunt and pulled the swollen cuntlips far apart so that her cousin could see her small, twitching fuckhole.

“That’s it? Just stick it in?” Paul asked, wishing he really knew how to fuck his sexy cousin the way she so obviously wanted to be fucked.

“Yeah!” Lisa giggled, “trust me, Paul. Just stick your big cock up my pussy and you’ll automatically know what to do next. Please hurry, Paul! I have to be fucked! I can’t stand to wait any longer!”

Her lewd words turned the boy on so powerfully that he couldn’t wait any longer, either. With a loud groan of excitement, he fell forward with a strong fuck-lunge.

His eight and a half inches of hard swollen prick immediately penetrated Lisa’s tight, juicy pussy, the knotty head of his cock surging up the tight canal of her hot cunthole.

Lisa screamed with joy. “That’s it, Paul? Now just fuck me good and hard — until we both come!”

The idea of spilling his cum into his cousin’s sexy pussy filled the teen with a lust he had never felt before, and he began to fuck Lisa like a pro.

He pulled his prick out until only the tip remained, then fucked his prick all the way in again until his balls slapped against his cousin’s ass.

“Ohhh, Goddd, that’s wonderful, Paul! And you thought you wouldn’t know what to do!” Lisa laughed huskily as she began to thrust her ass back toward her cousin’s cock.

Paul grunted with desire, realizing that Lisa had been right. Even though he had never fucked anyone before, all he had had to do was to ram his cock up her pussy and suddenly it was as though he had been fucking cunt all his life. His basic instincts took over, and he just followed them. He felt proud of himself, and he knew that Lisa was enjoying every bit of this fuck session. He no longer had any doubts about being able to satisfy her.

Glancing down, Paul saw that Lisa’s cunt was oozing thick fuck juice, and that her cuntlips were swollen with blood.

He reached around his cousin and grabbed hold of her big swinging tits as he put everything he had into a powerful fuck-thrust.

Her pussy was unbelievably small and tight, especially for a girl so experienced in fucking. Paul quickly fucked his cock in to his balls, then paused, breathless and more excited than he could remember ever being before.

“Mmmmmmm, Paul, this is great! You fuck great for someone who never…” Her words were cut off by an even more powerful thrust of her cousin’s cock into her pussy, and the girl moaned with delight and lust.

The girl was happy, as she usually was when her small pussy was completely stuffed with cock. She had been hot for her cousin ever since he had arrived on the farm with his sister. Now at last she had him right where she wanted him — up her cunt.

“God, Lisa, I love your pussy! It feels so great wrapped around my prick the way it is!” Paul exclaimed as he continued to fuck his cousin dog-style.

“Ohhh, Paul, your cock’s so big! I didn’t think it would be so big.” And, once again, the teenager’s words were cut off as Paul savagely fucked his throbbing prick up her tight pussy.

Lisa clenched her strong cunt-muscles hard around Paul’s prick as his cock fucked into her tight cunt. Then, after holding still against her pussywalls for a few seconds, she relaxed her cunt muscles, allowing Paul to slide his cock almost all the way out again.

Over and over, Paul fucked his big eight-and-a-half-inch cock into Lisa’s pussy where her strong cunt-muscles would immediately grab his prick and squeeze hard. Then, as her pussy muscles released his cock, his prick would slide out again, so far that only its tip remained buried in her small, tight cunt. Then, once again, he fucked his prick in to the hilt. Over and aver. In and out, in and out.

While Paul fucked Lisa as hard as he could, he continued to squeeze her tits, rubbing, fondling, pinching, making her wince with pain and pleasure as he pinched the throbbing nipples between his fingers.

“Ohhh, yesssss, Paul! It feels sooooo good! I love fucking you!” Lisa screamed in a frenzy of lust and passion.

Paul’s only answer was a loud grunt as he continued to fuck his bursting cock in and out of her tight, juicy pussy. Now that he was finally fucking his cousin, Paul had to admit to himself that he had always been attracted to his beautiful cousin, Lisa. He knew now that he had always wanted to fuck her. But he would probably never have had the courage to let her know that if she hadn’t taken the initiative. Now, he was terribly glad that she had.

As he fucked Lisa, Paul thought about his Uncle Ned fucking his sister, Judy. And he thought about his Aunt Sally fucking her son, Jim. And now Paul was fucking his cousin, Lisa. Paul panted with excitement, realizing that he liked this family’s way of showing her love for each other. And, he knew, too, that he and Judy would have absolutely no trouble fitting right in. He felt a surge of lust for his beautiful sister, and he hoped with all his heart that he would soon have his chance at fucking her pussy. After the way they had fooled around on the train, he was really hot for her cunt.

With a groan of lust, Paul admitted something else to himself, too: that he wanted to fuck his Aunt Sally. He envied his cousin Jim, for being able to fuck the sexy older woman anytime he wanted. Paul hoped that soon he would have his turn with his aunt.

The boy, knew that he would be attracted to the older woman even if she weren’t his aunt, but somehow knowing that she was his very own aunt made the idea all the more forbidden and, therefore, more exciting.

“More, Paul!” Lisa cried. “Harder! I’m gonna come any second now, Paul!”

Paul gave all his attention to Lisa now, fucking his big cock into her cunt faster and harder with each fuck-stroke. Grunting with desire, Paul quickened his movements, pulling his prick out of her pussy faster, and fucking back in again faster, harder, and deeper.

“Ohhhhh, yesssssss, Paul! Fuck meeee! Ohhh, God, I have to come!” Lisa screamed, tossing her head first this way, then the other, her long, blonde hair whipping wildly about her lovely face.

She kept perfect time with her ass and hips. She thrust them back toward her cousin’s crotch harder and faster in time with his rapid fucking motions.

“Come, Lisa! I want to make you come hard!” Paul groaned, realizing for the first time that he would not be completely satisfied unless he could make Lisa come, too.

“I’ll come, Paul! I promise! Just keep it up! Keep fucking me until you come! Then, as soon as I feel you coming, I’ll come, too! That’s the way it always is for me!” she yelled, thrashing her body around wildly on the bed.

She wriggled her hips and ass as she felt the steady, relentless, driving fuck thrusts of Paul’s big eight-and-a-half-inch cock fucking in and out of her tight pussy.

Over and over, Paul fucked his prick hard up his cousin’s tight pussy until, each time, his prick was buried balls-deep in her cunt. The tight walls of her cunt were stretched wider than ever, and her cuntlips hugged his cock, giving him the best fuck ever.

“Mmmmmmm, yesssss, that’s it, Paul! Fuck me haaaaard!” Lisa yelled.

Paul continued to ease his throbbing prick almost all, the way out of his cousin’s tight, clenching pussy. Then he fucked it back in, faster and harder and deeper each time, thrilling to Lisa’s obscene cries of lust and pleasure.

As her cousin continued to fuck his eight-and-a-half-incher into her pussy, she clawed at the bed in her frenzy of passion. She arched her back and slammed her ass back to meet his savage fuck-thrusts. When she arched her back, her fuckhole opened up even more to her cousin’s fucking prick. And she felt his cock fuck again and again into her small tight pussy, feeling better than anything she had ever felt before. It filled her with a hot, raw pleasure, and the girl realized suddenly that what was exciting her so much was not just getting fucked, although she always loved that. But what made this fuck session so special was the knowledge that her cousin was a virgin, and that she was, in a sense, breaking him in. She loved the feeling of experience and power that gave her. As a teenager, she didn’t often have an opportunity to teach anyone anything, especially about sex. And she loved the experience of teaching her cousin everything she knew about how to have a terrific fuck session.

“Ohhh, Lisa, I love fucking you! Your pussy feels so good!” Paul cried, as though reaching his cousin’s mind.

“I love fucking you, too, Paul!” the girl cried happily as she felt Paul’s big cock fucking into her pussy over and over again, her creamy pussy-juice coating his entire cocklance now. She moaned hotly and wriggled violently on the bed, trying to capture even more of his hot cock-meat up her pussy.

Over and over, they repeated their hot fucking motions, harder and deeper each time, until they were both covered with a fine sheen of sweat which dripped onto the bed, mingling lewdly with Lisa’s warm pussy cream.

Paul’s big, thick cock twitched and jerked in his cousin’s tight pussyhole. He could feel her strong cunt-muscles continuing to hug his cock over and over, and he threw his head back and groaned aloud with the sheer joy he felt at being able to fuck this sexy girl’s pussy.

Lisa answered him with her own low, husky moan. Her hips moved as fierce hot thrills shot through her juicy cunt. She loved fucking her cousin, and she was so glad that he would be around for three months so they could get loads of hot fucking in!

Paul raised himself high up on his strong haunches, drew his prick almost completely out of his cousin’s pulsing pussy, until only the throbbing cock-knob remained. Then he lunged forward and down with all his power, keeping his huge cock in to the hilt while he swung his hips in wild movements — lewd fucking movements that tore into Lisa’s loins, giving the girl an erotic, intense pleasure.

At just that instant, Paul’s cock fucked in all the way and exploded. Wads of thick, gooey cum swamped the girl’s fuckhole and, just as she had predicted, the incredibly sexy sensation made her come hard, too.

Wriggling violently, Lisa lurched forward, then back again, continuing to fuck her cousin’s cock while they both came.

“I’m commmmmmmmiiinnnngggg!” she screamed as hot waves of exciting orgasm swept over her trembling, flushed body.

Gallons of hot cuntjuice poured out of her ravaged fuckhole, mingled in her pussy with her cousin’s jism, then dribbled obscenely from between her swollen cuntlips, running down her legs and onto the bed.

“Me tooooooo, Lisa! I’m commmmmiiiinnnggg!” Paul thundered as his balls screwed up tightly and shot another heavy load of cum into his cousin’s tight, spasming pussy.

He could feel Lisa’s orgasm coursing through her cunt, making his cock vibrate from its force. And the feel of her pussy in climax turned the boy on so much that even more cum shot from his prick, and drenched her pussyhole.

He had never had so much cum in his life, not even when his sister had sucked him off. He was amazed that his balls could hold so much jism. But he was pleased, too, because he knew without a doubt that it was that very jism that was thrilling Lisa so much and making her come so hard.

“Shoot it all, Paul! I want it all! I want your cum!” she screamed.

Finally their orgasms subsided. Paul’s cock went soft once more, and Lisa’s pussy twitched a few more times, then was still. They fell onto the bed, wrapping their arms around each other, and Paul kissed her lightly on the lips, feeling incredibly close to her.


Late the next morning, Aunt Sally and Judy sat alone in the kitchen, lingering over another cup of coffee. Everyone had eaten breakfast together. Then they had all gone their own ways, leaving Sally and Judy alone. Ned had gone out to the barn to do his chores, and Jim, Lisa, and Paul had all gone horseback riding together.

They had asked Judy to go with them, but the girl’s pussy was so sore from her savage virgin-fuck the day before with her uncle that she knew there was no way she would be able to ride a horse.

Judy sneaked a glance at her aunt. The night before, Paul had filled her in on everything that had happened while she and Uncle Ned were fucking each other. She was thrilled to know that her brother was no longer a virgin. Now, they could fuck each other the way they had wanted for so long.

Even more than that, Judy was excited to know that her uncle’s family was so liberal in their attitudes about sex. This summer promised to be most exciting for Judy and Paul. Her brother had told her that everything was out in the open now, so Judy knew that her aunt was aware of her fuck session with Uncle Ned.

The girl noticed that her aunt’s gaze was fixed on Judy’s big tits, and she wondered if she should close her robe more tightly around her. The robe was loose and flowing, cinched only at the waist so that her neckline fell open, revealing most of her lovely, firm tits. Then, below her waist, the robe fell open again, showing her long, slender legs, not to mention the triangular patch of her bikini.

“You look lovely this morning, dear,” Sally said, her eyes still on the girl’s tits.

Judy blushed. “Thanks. So do you.”

Sally smiled and ran her hands up and down her sides. “I often wear a bikini around here in the summer… with the pond so close and all… and the weather so hot…”

“Sure,” Judy shrugged, “why not?” But the girl had a funny feeling that her aunt didn’t really wear her bikini around the house very often, and that she was wearing it now to turn her niece on.

And it was working. Judy stared at her aunt’s amazingly firm, youthful body and felt her cuntjuice beginning to flow from her ravaged fuckhole. She was a shocked by her own thoughts. She had never, but never made it with another girl before, and she wasn’t even sure it was something she would like.

She blushed again, looking quickly away. Her aunt saw her and placed her warm hand on the girl’s leg. “What is it, dear? Why are you blushing?”

Judy’s mind raced, frantically searching for an explanation she could give her aunt. She certainly couldn’t tell her that she was turned on to her own aunt.

Suddenly, Judy thought of Uncle Ned, and she turned to her aunt, confident once again. “I was just thinking about Uncle Ned… about yesterday,” she murmured.

Sally smiled. “You mean you were thinking about when your uncle popped your cherry for you, dear?”

“Yes,” Judy muttered, turning on even more.

Sally laughed softy. “Was it wonderful, dear?”

“Ohhh, yess, Aunt Sally! His cock is so big and hard and it felt so good when it tore up my pussy!” she shivered, remembering how wonderful it had felt when her uncle’s prick had ripped through her cherry. “I loved it! And I’m so glad I’m not a virgin anymore.”

“We are too, dear,” Sally murmured, stroking her niece’s inner thighs, her hand brushing against the girl’s soft pussy fur.

Judy trembled with excitement. Her aunt’s hand was making her hotter than a pistol. She searched her mind again for something, anything, to talk about that didn’t have to do with her rising lust for her aunt.

“The only thing is, Aunt Sally, he fucked me so good and hard that my cunt is really sore today! I can hardly stand it!” she said, laughing with her aunt.

“Oh, honey, you should have told me earlier. I know how to fix that.”

“You do?” Judy asked, surprised. The girl hadn’t realized that anything could be done to ease the ache in her pussyhole.

“Sure, honey,” Sally murmured, continuing to stroke her niece’s slender thigh. “I can make your cunt feel all better. You just trust your Aunt Sally.”

“Oh, I do trust you, Aunt Sally. What do I do?” she asked.

Sally reached out and undid the belt of Judy’s robe. Then, she spread it apart, completely revealing the girl’s body. “Take your robe off, dear. Then get up here on the table and lie down on your back.”

While Sally cleared the table of everything, Judy did exactly as she was told. She shrugged her robe off and scooted up onto the broad old-fashioned kitchen table on her back.

Already, Judy was feeling more and more turned on. Lying down on the table, completely naked, she was even more tortured by thoughts about her aunt’s beautiful body.

She only hoped that whatever her aunt was going to do to her pussy wouldn’t turn her on anymore. Maybe she will just put some strong medicine on my pussy, Judy thought, and it will burn, making me turn off at last.

But even as Judy was having those thoughts her aunt was slipping out of her bikini and, with an eager grin on her lovely face, she slid up onto the table with Judy and knelt between her niece’s legs.

Sally reached out and stroked the girl’s thighs. Judy closed her eyes and moaned in pleasure. Encouraged, Sally moved her hands up to her niece’s pussy and she felt a rush of heat from the girl’s crotch.

“Wow, Judy! I guess you’re still thinking about Uncle Ned,” she teased, “your cunt’s hot as a pistol!”

“I’m not thinking about Uncle Ned!” Judy cried, biting her bottom lip and rolling her head back and forth on the table.

“No?” Sally asked, stroking the girl’s thighs again. “Just who or what are you thinking of?”

“You, Aunt Sally! I’m thinking about you and how much I want you to touch my pussy!” Judy screamed, hardly believing her own ears.

Sally smiled and eased her middle finger between the soft, downy cuntlips of her niece. Then, slowly, deliberately, she began to fingerfuck the girl while Judy moaned and writhed on the table.

Still finger-fucking her niece’s cunt, Sally eased herself up over Judy’s body and kissed the girl passionately. Their mouths mashed against each other, their tongues fucking at each other like miniature cocks.

Then Sally moved her face down to her niece’s heaving tits. She kissed each tit in turn, then sucked the large, rosebud nipples into her mouth which grew stiff against her tongue.

“You have such beautiful tits, especially for such a girl,” the older woman murmured huskily.

“Thank you, Aunt Sally,” Judy said politely, half out of her mind with excitement. The feel of her aunt’s mouth on her big tits, her aunt’s finger reaming out her pussy, was turning on the teenager more than she would have thought possible. How could she have ever wondered whether she would like getting it on with another girl? This was sheer heaven!

Sally continued to finger-fuck her niece while she bit and nibbled on the rigid nipples which were visibly throbbing with excitement.

Suddenly, Sally moved back down between the girl’s legs and fastened her hungry mouth on Judy’s cunt.

“Aunt Sally! Ohhhh, God, Aunt Sally!” Judy screamed.

Sally raised her head from her niece’s crotch and smiled up at her. “I told you I could fix your sore pussy, honey, and I can. Just you wait and see. I have the best medicine in the world for it!”

With that, she lowered her mouth to Judy’s pussy again. She rammed her hot, eager tongue between the girl’s swollen cuntlips and licked the twitching cunthole as hard as she could, feeling the teenager writhing and twisting in pleasure on the kitchen table.

Aunt Sally clamped her soft lips around the tiny fuckhole and fucked her rigid tongue full inside. She was terribly excited by the delicious taste of her niece’s pussy. Knowing that just yesterday her husband popped his girl’s cherry just added fuel to the fire that already reached in the older woman, filling her with lust.

“Oh, God, Aunt Sally! That feels sooooo good! I love the feel of your mouth on my cunt! Don’t stop, Aunt Sally! Don’t stop until I come!” the girl cried, insane with lust.

Groaning with excitement at her niece’s words, Sally began to fuck her tongue in and out of the tight, wet cunthole with increasing speed and fervor. She could feel the hot, twisting movements of the girl beneath her sucking mouth, and she knew that she was turning Judy on so much that she could hardly stand it.

“Yesssssssss! Yessssssss! Suck my pussssssyyyy! Suck meee!” Judy screamed, running her hands over her own bursting tits as her aunt continued to eat her out.

Sally thrilled to the taste and smell of the delicious pussy cream oozing freely from the teenager’s fuckhole, and Sally’s own pussy was sopping wet by now.

The older woman fucked her tongue deeper and deeper in Judy’s pussyhole, fucking it in as far as she could and licking the tight walls of the twitching cunthole. She pulled her tongue almost all the way out of Judy’s cunt and started all over, fucking it all the way in again. By now, hot pussy juice was running out and trickling down both pairs of slender legs.

As Sally drove her fucking tongue deeper and deeper, feeling the girl’s cunt muscles tightening convulsively around her reaming tongue Judy moaned and reached down to press her aunt’s head even tighter against her crotch.

“Ohhh, you were right, Aunt Sally! This is the best medicine in the world for my sore pussy! You’re making it all well again!”

Moaning with desire, Sally pulled her tongue from Judy’s fuckhole and turned her attention to her clit. She sucked, licked, nibbled the tender clit-flesh.

“Ohhh, holy shit, Aunt Sally! That’s incredible!” Judy screamed as her aunt attacked her clit.

Judy’s ass was bouncing high up in the air now as she thrashed violently on the kitchen table. She bucked her hips, grinding her cunt and clit against her aunt’s hot sucking mouth.

Now Sally moved her face back and forth, first sucking the girl’s pulsating clit, then plugging her tongue into her cunthole, then licking the entire throbbing cunt area. Back and forth she went, bringing both of them that much closer to orgasm.

“Ohhhhh, it feels soooooo good, Aunt Sally! Please make me come!” the girl begged.

Not answering her niece, Sally scooped her hands under the girl’s ass and raised it high in the air, humping Judy’s cunt against her mouth.

Judy bucked her hips up and raised her ass to meet her aunt’s grasping mouth. By now, Aunt Sally’s mouth and Judy’s crotch were slamming against each other violently, not caring about anything else but that orgasm they both needed so desperately.

The sounds of her own aunt eating her pussy turned Judy on almost as much as the act itself. They were wet gurgling sounds, and Judy thrilled to the sound. This was the most exciting, forbidden thing the girl had ever done, even more daring and exciting than having her uncle pop her cherry.

Judy moaned over and over, her mouth slack, drool oozing from its corners. She looked down between her heaving tits and stared intently at her aunt’s head moving between her legs. The expression in her glazed eyes was one of madness, lust.

Judy arched her back and raised and lowered her ass, panting loudly and moaning all the while. At the same time, she clenched and unclenched her strong cunt-muscles around her aunt’s tongue just as she had done around her uncle’s cock.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmfffff,” Aunt Sally groaned, letting her niece know how much she loved the feel of the girl’s pussy muscles clamping tightly around her tongue.

They were both close to coming now. Hot pussy-juice ran freely down their firm thighs, wetting the table below. Their large tits were so hard that they felt as if they might explode any second. And, hot groans of lust and pleasure continued to burst from their mouths.

Over and over, Sally’s tongue fucked in and out of Judy’s dripping, swollen cunt until both of the girls were babbling with lust and desire.

Sally was busily licking the girl’s clit again now, raping the small love button with her hard tongue. She licked her clit over and over again, harder each time, then brought her teeth down and bit into the sensitive clit-flesh until Judy cried out in excitement and pain.

“Ohhhhh, Jeeeeeeesus! Holy shiiiiiiit!” Judy screamed, grabbing hold of Sally’s hair with one hand and trying to yank her away from her pussy. But at that instant the pain subsided and excitement took its place. And Judy found herself mashing her aunt’s head back down against her pussy once again.

“Tonguefuck meeeeeeee, Aunt Sally! Please make me come! I have to come! Pleeeease!” Judy babbled, raking her fingernails across her sensitive titflesh ma frenzy of desire. She was so turned on that she hardly even felt the pain.

The muscles in Judy’s tummy tightened up painfully and her large tits heaved and broke out with sweat. She writhed under her aunt’s fucking raping tongue.

Suddenly Sally fucked her hot rough tongue deep into the girl’s fuckhole over and over until, finally, just as Sally wanted, Judy began to come; the girl’s entire body stiffened, and she arched her back painfully, driving her soaking wet cunt up against Aunt Sally’s greedy mouth.

“I’m commmmmming! Eat my cunt, Aunt Sally! Eat it, you whore! I’m commmmiiinnngg!” Judy gasped, hardly, able to breathe.

A fresh flood of hot pussy-juices poured from the blonde’s cunthole, drenching her aunt’s mouth. Groaning with pleasure, Sally licked it up hungrily, swallowing it greedily as fast as it shot from her niece’s throbbing cunt.

Shudder after shudder rippled through Judy’s thrashing body as her long-awaited climax washed over her trembling, body.

“Ohhhhhhh! Aieeeeeeee!” she hollered as the last of her climax shot through her hot, ripe body.

Her niece’s screams of lust released the older woman and Sally began to come too. She tore her face away from Judy’s cunt and threw herself onto the table next to the girl as her orgasm smashed through her body, leaving her shaken and trembling with exertion and excitement.

Suddenly, as the last tremors of her climax passed through her, Sally realized that Judy was moving toward her, quickly fastening her mouth on her aunt’s pussy.

Settling back with a happy sigh, Sally gave herself up to the pleasure she already felt from her niece’s hot, wet mouth moving over her swollen, gushing pussy.


About half an hour later, Sally and Judy were in the throes of another orgasm, Judy’s face still buried in her aunt’s snatch, when they heard a smothered exclamation from the doorway. Then a familiar voice cut into their moans of ecstasy.

“Well, well, well, look what we have here,” Ned boomed with a delighted laugh.

“Oh, God!” Paul exclaimed, immediately excited to the point of a full hard-on as he watched his aunt and sister getting it on.

Lisa and Jim laughed and began to stroke each other’s naked body in anticipation of what they knew was about to happen.

Judy looked up, her face smeared with her aunt’s pussy cream. “You’re all naked!” she cried, excited and frightened at being caught while eating her aunt’s cunt.

Ned laughed. “So are you!”

“But… but… I mean…” Judy’s voice trailed off in embarrassment as she struggled to sit up.

“We went skinny dipping in the pond, Judy,” Paul said, moving closer to his aunt’s beautiful naked body. His cock throbbed with desire as he stared at her juicy pussy, and he found himself wondering what it would feel like to have his big prick buried up her pussy.

“Well, let’s see,” Ned said as he threw his arm around his daughter, Lisa. “Looks like Paul has chosen you, Sally. I’ve been hot for Lisa here all day. That leaves you and Judy, Jim. What do you say?”

Jim’s eyes glittered with a hot sexual hunger as he looked at Judy’s big tits, still heaving from the force of her orgasm. “Oh, yeah! Great with me! But what about you, Judy? Do you want to fuck with me?”

Judy gasped. “Is that what you meant, Uncle Ned? You were pairing us up to fuck?” she asked.

Ned shrugged as if he had been pairing them off to dance, instead of to fuck! “Sure, why not? Don’t you want to?”

Suddenly, Judy realized that she did want to. Very much. She could see, as she glanced around the room, that it was what everyone else wanted, too.

“Let’s all go into the living room where it’s much bigger,” Ned said as he and Lisa walked out of the kitchen.

“Yeah, and then we can all watch each other,” Jim said, helping Judy down from the kitchen table.

Moments later, they were all in the living room, fondling each other, exchanging tongue-fucking kisses and groans of lust.

The drinks flowed, and Judy found herself relaxing more and more, hardly able to wait until she and Jim were fucking. She kept staring at him, knowing that she was terribly attracted to him. By now, she realized that before their summer vacation was over, she and Paul would have fucked the entire family in every possible combination, and that thought excited the girl so much that her cuntjuice began to run hotly from her fuckhole.

“Come on,” Lisa squealed, “what are we waiting for?” she asked as she stroked her father’s growing hard-on.

Ned laughed and rubbed her big tits. “Yeah, let’s get started. Tell you what… let’s all take turns instead of fucking all at once. That way, we won’t miss a thing.”

“Yeah,” Jim agreed, “and that way, we’ll get so hot watching each other that we’ll be ready for another turn in no time at all!”

“That’s the idea, Son,” Ned agreed, “and then we can switch partners.”

“Let’s go first, Daddy!” Lisa cried as she threw herself on the large old couch, spreading her legs wide for her father.

“Okay with everyone else?” Ned asked as he moved closer to his daughter.

When everyone nodded, Ned grinned and quickly straddled his girl’s chest. Without missing a beat, she sucked his huge ten-inch cock right into her hot, wet mouth.

Judy gasped with excitement. Jim grinned and pulled her onto his lap as he settled into a chair, his hands already busily fondling Judy’s big tits and increasingly moist pussy.

Aunt Sally sat next to Paul on the loveseat, her hands already cupping his swollen balls. Then, silently, the four watched Ned and his daughter as she sucked him of f.

“Oh, yeah, baby! Do it! Suck your daddy’s cock!” Ned cried as he felt Lisa’s hot tongue licking the sensitive underside of his stiff cock. Her hands stroked his aching balls ever so gently. She was giving him a great blowjob, and he realized that they were both even more turned on by the fact that they had an audience.

With a loud groan, Lisa sucked her father’s cock as hard as she could. She slid her hand underneath his ass and plunged two fingers between his asscheeks, finding his asshole already puckering with anticipation.

Ned jumped up off her chest as she began to finger-fuck his asshole. He was getting harder I and hotter as her soft, wet lips continued to move over his throbbing ten-incher and her fingers reamed out his aching asshole.

Suddenly, with a lightning-quick move, Ned shifted his position so that now his face was between Lisa’s legs and his cock in her mouth.

As Lisa’s head bobbed up and down over her father’s mammoth prick, he fucked the full length of his tongue inside her creamy fuckhole, flowing with hot pussy-juice now.

He found her throbbing clit and sucked it hard into his hungry mouth. Lisa gasped with pleasure and increased the suction of her mouth around her father’s throbbing fuck tool. She was sucking his cock hard now, her nose buried in his curly prick hairs.

“Suck him off, Lisa!” Jim urged her, still fondling Judy’s naked body.

“Yes, dear, suck your father really good!” Sally cried, fingering the pearly drops of precum that formed at Paul’s throbbing cum-slit.

Ned stabbed his tongue deep into the teenager’s hot, pulsing cunthole, feeling her strong pussy muscles close around it. After tongue-fucking her pussyhole a few more times, he returned his attention to her clit, sucking it, nibbling on it, feeling her stiff clit twitching and jerking in his mouth.

Suddenly the girl screamed as her orgasm began to shoot through her. “Oh, God, Daddy! I’m commmmiiinnnggg!” As she came, Ned continued to fuck his tongue in and out of her spasming cunt until the sexy feel of Lisa’s orgasming cunt made the man have his own climax.

His entire body stiffened as his balls suddenly released their creamy load of cum into Lisa’s sucking mouth. She sucked even harder and came again as she felt her father’s delicious cum filling up and overflowing her mouth. Swallowing hard and fast, she managed to take all of his cum, not spilling one drop.

Their orgasms had barely ended when Ned looked at his wife and nephew. “Okay, Sally, go for it. It’s yours and Paul’s turn.”

“Come on, dear,” Sally said to Paul as she pulled him off the loveseat by the hand. Without another word, she pushed him back onto the floor and quickly straddled him.

Her hands held his throbbing eight-and-a-half-inch hard-on as she eased herself down, fucking his big prick up into her tight pussyhole. With a long shuddering sigh, she settled all the way down onto his cock.

“Aunt Sally!” Judy exclaimed. She was beside herself with lust at the sight of her aunt fucking her brother. The girl could hardly wait for her own turn to come.

“Fuck him good, Mom!” Jim cried, his hands busy inside Judy’s pussy.

Ned and Lisa lay on the floor on the other side of the room, their arms wrapped around each other, all set to watch the hot fuck action between Sally and Paul.

“Ohhhh, Aunt Sally, that feels woo good! Fuck my dick, Aunt Sally! Fuck it!” Paul cried, feeling his cock jerking lewdly inside his aunt’s clasping cunthole. He couldn’t believe how tight her pussy was. It was as though she were a virgin, and the feeling just turned on the boy all the more.

Sally glanced down and saw that her nephew’s entire shaft of cock-meat was stuffed up her fuckhole. She threw her head back and groaned with the sheer pleasure of fucking her nephew.

She grabbed his shoulders, hanging on as she pumped her lush, firm body up and down over his cock. Her nails dug painfully into his flesh, and she shook with lust as her tight cunt fucked on his cock, her strong cunt muscles clasping tightly around his prick.

Sally pulled herself up, holding her pussy open with just the bare tip of his pulsing cock. Then she sat down hard, grinding her throbbing clit against the base of Paul’s hard cock.

“Oh, honey, you have such a nice hard cock. Your aunt is so pleased with you!” Sally moaned as she continued to fuck Paul’s big prick.

“It feels so great, Aunt Sally! Please don’t stop! Keep ticking me until I come!” Paul groaned as he reached up and boldly fondled her big heaving tits. Her nipples were large and hard and he felt them stiffen even more against his obscene touch.

“Ohhh, God, commmmmiiinnnggg!” Sally yelled, throwing her head back and closing her eyes as a gigantic orgasm tore through her pussy, sending streams of hot cunt-cream pouring from her cunt and soaking Paul’s cock.

His aunt’s orgasmic cries took the boy over the edge and he came, too, shooting several thick loads of hot jism from his prick into the spasming cunt that still clasped his cock.

Scant seconds later, Judy was on her hands and knees on the floor, wriggling her ass in invitation to her cousin. “Come on, Jim! Fuck my ass!” she squealed.

Jim grinned and gripped her naked ass cheeks in his hands, pulling her globes wide apart. The head of his nine-inch cock banged hard against the girl’s tightly puckered ring of virgin ass muscle.

“You ever done this before?” he asked, suddenly worried.

“No!” Judy shook her ass impatiently, wishing he would hurry up and get on with it. “But don’t let that stop you! I want to do it! Hurry, Jim! Bugger my ass! Fuck me in the ass!”

As Jim continued to hesitate, his family began to chant their encouragement.

“Do it, Son! Fuck your cousin in her ass!” Ned urged his son.

“Yeah, look at her! She’s begging you to do it to her!” Paul said.

“Don’t worry, Jim!” Lisa said. “It’ll hurt her at first, but then she’ll love it!”

His family’s words turned him on so powerfully that Jim no longer had a choice. He had to feel his cock up Judy’s sexy ass.

He reared back and, with one brutal lunge, buried all nine inches of his pulsing cock-meat up her virgin asshole.

“Aieeeeeee!” Judy screamed in agony as her cousin’s big prick split her ass wide open. But, almost before her scream had ended, a pulsing pleasure mingled with the pain and she wriggled her ass sexily, already loving her first ass-fucking.

Her tight clutching ass walls immediately grabbed Jim’s cock, trying to milk it of its load of cum.

“Mmmmmmm, good, Jim! Fuck me hard! Fuck my ass until you pop!” Judy yelled.

Jim began fucking his cousin in the ass with slow, deliberate fuck-strokes that made the girl moan and scream with fuck-lust. He pulled back until only the thick, bulbous head of his massive prick remained in her asshole, then he started fucking forward.

As he continued to fuck all nine inches of hot, hard cock into her ass, Judy came hard. Ripples of ecstasy tore through her cunt as her orgasm peaked. At that instant, Jim came, too, and the feeling of his hot jism rushing into her tortured, quivering asshole increased the intensity of Judy’s climax, making her scream insanely with pleasure and excitement.

“Ahhhhhhh, Goddddddd, your cum… I want it all… sooooo good!”

At that moment, Judy knew that she had already learned a lot about loving from her uncle’s family. And, she resolved, right then and there, that when she and her brother returned home, she would make it a point to teach her own family how to grow closer. The thought of fucking her own father, mother, and her other brothers thrilled the girl so much that she came again and again and again. It was at that point that Judy realized that this was what life was all about.

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Miss Hot Pants Schoolgirl

How far will some people go to achieve those things that are important to them? A question as old as man. And as long as people have goals they feel are important, other people will feel as if they have been exploited for the sake of an individual’s goals.

Examples can be found everywhere that the end justifies the means for people whose personal achievement, or success, or personal desires, is the only thing that really matters.

MISS HOT PANTS SCHOOLGIRL is a story about a young woman who will do anything to attain the goals she has set for herself. She will even resort to what some would call perverted acts in order to get what she wants. But the fact remains that despite the means she uses to reach her goal, she does find happiness, and no one is harmed.

A startling story that provides insight into the happiness that can be attained by some from actions that much of our society considers perverted.


Missy Martin sat in her English class at Marlboro High School. She cuddled into her desk, looking stunningly beautiful in a short, dark-blue jeans skirt. Her legs were smooth, still deeply tanned from a summer at the pool. She wore a pair of low-heel white pumps. Her legs were crossed and the little skirt skipped high on her lovely thighs.

Missy had on a tight, white tank top. The thin jersey material pulled snugly against her tits.

She was a sexy little package. Her hips and ass spread sexily on the seat of the desk. Missy had a sweet, round face, thick, juicy young lips that had been glossed to a glistening cherry red. Her brown hair was long, pulled into two slick ponytails that hooked up from the side of her head. They were tied with white ribbons. The bangs across the front of her forehead enhanced her pretty face.

She had her notebook open and was taking down parts of the lecture by her teacher, Mr. Maxwell. He was talking about the Romantic movement in American fiction.

Missy crossed and uncrossed her legs, then she blew a hot, pink bubble with the huge wad of bubble gum in her mouth. It was a perfect bubble, and when it reached the size of a lemon, she sucked it back into her mouth.

After class, Mr. Maxwell caught her as she prepared to leave.

“Stay right here,” he said.

The darling young girl wondered what he might want. It didn’t take long to find out. “You are not to chew gum in my class. I suppose I wouldn’t mind if you just chewed gum, but you were blowing big bubbles. That’s simply out of line, Melissa.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, sir,” she said, blushing. “I didn’t know that rule.”

“Yes you did.”

“I guess I forgot.”

“Well, just so you don’t forget again, you’ll have to be punished,” Mr. Maxwell said.

“Punished?” she said, startled.

“Indeed. The new state law says a teacher can spank a student and that’s what I intend to do.”

“A spanking?”

“Yes,” he said.

She was standing at the side of his desk. He got up came around, and stood near her. He was a tall, handsome man of forty. He had sandy hair, a rugged manly look, and a muscular body, even though he was lean.

“Just put your hands on the edge of the desk, Melissa,” he instructed.

She bent over and put her palms flat on the desk. Her sweet, darling ass arched out against the tight jeans skirt, and Mr. Maxwell could see the outline of her panties against the tight blue denim.

He slapped her ass with the palm of his hand. He whacked her again. Then he slid her skirt up, pushing it with both hands along her thighs until it was on her waist, fluffed up in blue ripples.

Missy wore a pair of thin pink panties. She had a marvelous ass. Mr. Maxwell ogled it.

“What are you doing, sir?” she asked, looking back over her shoulder.

“I’m giving you the spanking you deserve, young lady.”

“But, my skirt.”

He clapped his open hand to her rump, and smacked her lightly on the pretty pink panties. He paddled her for a moment, then he yanked her panties down to her thighs.

“Sir!” Missy gasped. “You can’t… you can’t do that.”

“Indeed I can. A spanking must be administered, and it must be a good one.”

His prick thumped in his blue slacks. He was hard as rock. He paddled her fine ass with his open hand, sucking the smooth cheeks of her lovely ass.

“But you shouldn’t have my panties down!” Missy protested.

“But I do, and I’m spanking you,” he said, his hand now rolling in caressing circles on Missy’s ass.

He slapped her fine cheeks. Then suddenly she felt a finger feather up and down the crack of her ass. She had never felt anything like the tickle that rippled through her.


He fingered up and down the hot, furry asscrack, and then he was between her legs. His hand diddled in the hairy softness of her pussy.

“Oh, oh, stop!”

“I am punishing you, Melissa.” His finger slicked into her cunt. “Ah!” she gasped.

She was about to pull away, flee from the panting teacher, but that finger, the first male finger in her pussy, felt good. Real good.

“Oh, don’t… ohhhhh,” she sighed, her ass arched up hot and beautiful. Her tits were like hunks of ice cream as they sagged against the tank top while she bent over.

“Mmmmm, how does that feel, Melissa?” he asked.

“You shouldn’t do that to me, sir.” But she couldn’t stop him. His finger was like magic. She had never been so hot, so full of trembles. She felt wonderful. A sweet satisfaction simmered through her.

Her pussy jizzed and got all juicy wet. He slushed his finger in and out, faster, faster, fucking the darling girl’s pussy.

A sweet throb filled Missy. She was lightheaded. Mr. Maxwell spun her around, and pulled her to him. He kissed her hotly. His lips were warm and wet. His tongue licked the delicious nectar of her bubble gum lips.

His hand slid between them, and he shoved his finger back into her cunt. His free hand slid behind her. He caressed the magnificent curve of her ass.

Missy was shaking all over. She felt the thumping hardness of his cock as he held her and pulled her closer so that his big erection was curled against her belly. His finger continued to pleasure her pussy. He broke their kiss.

“Oh, Missy,” he whispered. “I’ve been crazy for you since the first week of school.”

“But… oh, sir. You shouldn’t have your hand down there like that. It’s not right.”

“Yes it is. Don’t you like it? Doesn’t it feel good?”

“But, sir.”

His finger fucked faster now, and she came.

The tingle of a climax ripped through her fast. She stiffened, then she was jerked forward at the waist. She had never been finger-fucked before, and Mr. Maxwell was doing it real good to her. He fucked his finger in and out of her cunt faster and faster as she came.

The sweet slurp of her juices and the mingling of his finger made a sound like perhaps she was chewing cum… a slushy click, click, click.

“Ah!” she gasped. “Oh!”

Missy simply couldn’t believe how wonderful she felt. The orgasmic tickle completely consumed her, convulsed her, and she shook all over as she came.

Mr. Maxwell looked into her pretty face which was now wrinkled with passion. Her juicy mouth was open in a big O. She sucked in a gasp of air.

Then she held her breath. She continued shuddering.

Mr. Maxwell slugged his hot finger in her juicing, creaming cunt.

“Ahhhhhhh!” Missy said, exhaling a long, low sigh of pleasure.

“Get it, honey,” Mr. Maxwell whispered.

“Get it good! Feel real good, darling!”

“Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah!” Missy mumbled, unable to control the ecstasy flooding her beautiful body.

Finally, Mr. Maxwell withdrew his dripping finger. Missy relaxed, fell back against the desk. Her jeans skirt was still fluffed up on her waist. Her pink panties were tight and stretched between her thighs.

She saw the huge bulge in Mr. Maxwell’s slacks. She saw his hand unzip his fly. He unbuckled his slacks, they fell to his ankles. His cock spiked out a pair of white jockey shorts.

The sight of his bulging hard prick in the tight shorts excited Missy. She’d never seen anything like it, and she eyed the bulge intently.

Mr. Maxwell stripped his soiled shorts down and his cock snapped back and slapped his hairy belly, then it wobbled wildly.

“Ah!” Missy gulped, looking hotly at the thick, long prick that bubbled cream on the huge red tip. His cock was hard and smooth like marble, a full eight inches of throbbing hardness.

“I want you to make me feel good now,” Mr. Maxwell said. “Take, hold of it.”

“You shouldn’t have your prick out like that, sir.”

“Take hold of it.”



“No!” Missy snapped.

But she couldn’t take her eyes off the huge, pulsing prick. His cock excited her. This was the first time she’d ever seen a prick — a big hard one. She trembled. Her heart raced.

“Hold it for me.”

“No, that’s not right, sir.”

“I’ll do anything for you if you will,” he said. “I’ll give you an A in English… and for the whole term, if you’ll play with my prick.”

“An A?”


“Well,” she hesitated. “What do I have to do?”

“Here, let me show you,” he said, taking her hand, placing it on the thick stalk of his prick. “Just squeeze your fingers around there.”

“Like this, sir?”

“Oh, oh yes, darling,” Mr. Maxwell sighed. “Now pump on it.”

Missy had the bottom of the cockstalk in her palm, an underhanded grip. Her fingers curled around the side and up to the big, flat top of his prick. She shoved her hand in and out in a slow jerk.

“That’s it, baby, jerk on my cock!”

“Oooooh, sir. It’s all sticky and wet. It’s all gooey on the end.”

“Hot cream for you, dear.”

She pushed and pulled. Mr. Maxwell was hot. He trembled. Missy looked into his handsome face. She saw there an exciting passion. He was hers. She felt powerful. It was as if she owned her teacher. She liked the pleasure wrinkles that crinkled his forehead. She pushed and pulled faster.

“Yeah, that’s the way, Melissa. That’s good!” he whimpered.

“Ooooh, look!” she gasped, looking back down to his hard cock. “It’s squirtin’ stuff, sir.”

“Yes, yes, shooting cum for you, Melissa!”

He came.

“Oooooh! Sir!” Missy yelped, seeing the thick stream of cream jet from his cock.

The hot cum splashed at her belly, dripped down into the brown triangle of pussy hair between her legs. A big splat of cream hit her on the thighs. Another splash gooshed at her belly button. He shot off a huge load. Missy pumped faster, milking his load out.

She was fascinated with the volcanic eruption, the hot squirting of his prick. The thick, juicy gobs of cream that shot hot out of his pricktip, splashed high, then spilled onto her belly, her legs, and her pink panties.

“Oh, baby… honey… sweetheart!” Mr. Maxwell moaned. “That’s so good. That feels so fuckin’ good, honey.”

“Oh, sir. It’s all over me! This stuff. Jeez!” she gasped.

“Baby!” he yipped.

Her hand dripped of hot, thick cream. She took it away, and watched as more cum dribbled from the tip of his cock and spilled to the floor.

“And I get an A for that?” she purred.

“Indeed you do, darling.”


That evening Missy walked home from school. Her mind was filled with thoughts about her experience with Mr. Maxwell. He had made her feel so good with his finger. A swoosh thrilled her tummy when she thought about his hard cock, the way it bulged out his little jockey shorts. She shuddered when she thought about how he shot-off.

She never believed an A could be so easy to get. This excited her, too. She walked nine blocks to the house where she lived with her old grandma. Missy’s parents had divorced when she was nine and neither of them wanted to bother with her, so she was taken in by her grandma. She was a senile old woman hung up on religion. Missy tried to stay away from her as much as possible.

At home she snuck to her room. She lay down and hiked up her skirt. She stuck her hand in her pink panties and put a finger into her cunt. She spread her legs and fucked herself as she thought about the handsome cock Mr. Maxwell had offered her. She came quickly.

The next morning, Missy selected a pink denim skirt and a tight dark blue sweater with white pumps to wear.

She walked to the kitchen, took a bottle of orange juice out of the fridge, took a long gulp, and went out the back door so she didn’t have to talk to her grandmother.

The skirt was so tight that it hugged her ass shamefully. Her cute swing and sway was super sexy. She walked the hall at Marlboro High.

Mr. Maxwell caught up with her. He walked beside her.

“Hello,” he said.

“Say, do I have to come to class now that I have an A?” Missy asked.

“Yes, you better, but you don’t have to do any assignments or homework. You best be there for the tests too, so no one gets suspicious. Okay?”

“Sure,” she said.

“Look, there’s fifteen minutes before class. Why don’t you come to my office for a while?”


“I’ll show you something,” he said.

“You’ll like it.”

“Okay, then,” she said.

She waited near the water fountain for a minute, then walked to his office and went in. Mr. Maxwell was standing beside his desk. He took her in his arms and kissed her.

“No, don’t,” she whispered.

His hands caressed her incredible curvy ass. He cupped the asscheeks and squeezed. His cock leaped to a thick, throbbing hard-on. Missy felt the bulge against her.

“No,” she whispered.

“I have this for you,” he said, pulling away from her. “I wanna do what we did before, okay.”

He handed her a crisp, fifty-dollar bill.

“Huh… what?” Missy said, surprised, staring at the green cash.

“Take it. It’s yours. It’s for you, Missy,” he said.

“Well, I mean… well really, sir. This is for me?”


“What do you want me to do for it?”

“You know,” he smiled.

“Masturbate your cock again, like yesterday?”


“Oh, darling,” he gasped, his hands roaming on her hips.

He slid her skirt up, higher. Higher the pink denim went until it was on her waist again, revealing her pussy-packed white panties.

“Oh, baby,” he whispered. “That looks good!”

He dipped quickly to his knees. His tongue lapped on her beautiful sweet thighs. He licked up into the crotch of her panties.

“Mr. Maxwell!” she blurted. “You’re lickin’ my panties.”

“Mmmm, mmmmm!”

“I don’t think you oughta be doin’ that, sir.”

But he was. His huge tongue flapped at the nylon panties, lapping at her pussy through the crotch. He opened his mouth wide and sucked on her panties, got some of her crunchy cunt and nibbled.

“Oooooooh, wow! Ssshhhh!” Missy huffed hotly.

Her passionate moans and groans excited Mr. Maxwell. He reached behind her and clutched the cheeks of her ass.

“Mmmmmmm,” he mumbled.

He chewed on her cunt through the white undies, sucking, licking, and nibbling. She was hot as fire. She leaned against his desk. Planting her feet solidly on the floor, she pushed her hips out at his obscene tongue.

Mr. Maxwell tugged at her panties, got them down on her thighs, then lapped his tongue into the spritzing cunt, licked the thick fuzz, and slicked his long tongue up and down her delicious cunt slit.

“Ah! No! Oh! Ah!” Missy whimpered, her chin tucked in as she looked down, watched her handsome teacher applying a wild tongue to her pussy.

“Jeeeeeezzzz! Ah! Mmmmmmmffff!”

His fingers pinched the globes of her eggshell slick ass. He sucked her cunt into his mouth and chewed.

“Oooooooh, ahhhhhh, mmmm!” she moaned excitedly.

He licked, chewed, nibbled until she shuddered violently. She was jerked forward at the waist. She stiffened. She came. The rolling waves of climax vibrated her whole body in a shimmering shudder.

“Ahhhh!” she yelped. “Oh! Ooooooh!” She had never felt this good.

She didn’t think it possible to feel this good.

But she was feeling this good. She loved cumming. She shook and trembled as the climax rippled through her, and made her float high on a plush ride of pleasure.

Mr. Maxwell got up. He took his pants down. His cock was huge in his jockey shorts. Missy again became excited by the sight of his shorts all spiked out like that.

He stripped them down and his cock wobbled out.

“Jerk me,” he said.

“Okay,” she whispered, and grabbed his prick.

“Yeah, honey.”

“Should I do it like I did it before, sir?”


“But, I… are you gonna squirt all over me again?”


“Ooooooh. Jeez!” she whispered, her hand gripping his cock in a velvet vise. His prick throbbed in her tiny hand. She underhanded him. She slid her hand in and out. She pumped fast.

“Yes, yes!” he said, looking down, watching her action. He reached out and plugged a finger into her cunt. “We’ll masturbate each other, okay?”


She pumped. He fingered. They were hot. “Sir, your finger… it’s… it’s…”

“Good, huh?”

“Ooooh, sir, we’re masturbatin’ each other. Golly!”

“Feels wonderful, doesn’t it?”

“Yes,” she huffed.

“I love you, Missy.”

“Oh, sir! What?”

“I said I love you.”

She pumped harder. Faster. He came.

“Sir! Here it comes!” Missy yipped. “Oh, look! It’s squirtin’, sir.”

“Ahhhhhhhh, honey!” he choked, cumming, feeling the vibration that he liked so much.

He fingered her hotly. He could hear the slurping sound of their hand action.

“Oh, sir. Here I come! I’m feelin’ that feeling again! Oh! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

She shook. He shuddered. His cock spit wild gobs of cum at her belly. She worked hard, underhanding his cock. Her elbow was extended. Her thumb stuck out. She jerked him. It was almost as if she was shaking a pair of dice in front of her. He slugged her pussy with his finger.

They came off together. His load was hot, creamy, and he let it roll. The grabbing cream spit at her. She watched the eruption, fascinated at how she could make him shoot like she was doing.

Finally their passion subsided. They were breathless. Mr. Maxwell took his hand out.

“Guess you better wipe that goo off,” he said.

Missy took the fresh, crisp hankie and worked it over her belly, thighs, her pussy, and cleaned off the thick scabs of drooping cream.

“I guess we better go to class,” he said.

“Okay,” she answered, pulling her panties up.

“Wait,” he said. “Lemme have your panties, Missy.”


“I want those panties.”

“I don’t know what you mean.”

“I can have ’em in my pocket while I lecture, and you can sit there in the front row knowing I’m playing with your panties while I’m up there in front of the class. I’ll get all hot and cream my shorts.”

This suggestion thrilled Missy. “Yeah, but sir. I’ll have to go around without any panties on.”

“Yeah, I know. Don’t you love it?”

“Oooooooh, you want my panties?”

“I better not, sir.”

“Here, I’ll give you twenty dollars, okay?”

“Well. I guess it’s okay,” she said, taking the money.

She wiggled out of her panties, then handed them to Mr. Maxwell. He took the white undies and put them in his sports coat pocket.

“Sir, should we be doin’ all this stuff. I mean…”

“You like it, don’t you?”

“I love you. Don’t you understand that? If a man loves a woman, like I love you, anything is permissible. Men and women should always have excitement in their life, Missy. That’s what’s wrong with most relationships, most marriages. They deteriorate into mindless, boring exercise.”


“See, I love you, Missy. I really love you. I’d like to marry you, take you away, be with you forever.”

This statement overwhelmed the darling schoolgirl.

“Jeez!” she mumbled.


In class, Mr. Maxwell paced in front of the room, his hand in the pocket of his sports coat, jiggling, playing with Missy’s panties. She sat in the front row, her pink skirt riding high, all hot and gooey thinking about it, watching her teacher fondle her panties.

Midway in the class, he instructed the students to take out their texts and read silently. He went to his desk and sat down behind it.

“If anyone has a question, just raise your hand and come up here,” he said. “Yes, Missy, come up here.”

Missy hadn’t even raised her hand, but she got up and went behind the desk with her text and stood next to Mr. Maxwell. He had his fly open and his big cock stuck out hard and wet.

He scribbled a note. It said, “Grab it.”

Missy bent over at the waist, put her hands on her knees as Mr. Maxwell pretended to outline something in her text. She lightly slipped a hand off her knee and slid it over to his cock. No one could see since they were behind the desk. She fisted his prick.

He slipped her panties out of his pocket and draped them over the tip of his cock. Missy pumped the cock stalk quickly. He came. His cock bulged in her hand and he squirted a hot, thick load into her panties.

She let go quickly and walked back to her seat.

After class, Missy walked down the hall with Janet Sexton, a ravishing little student at Marlboro. Janet was a honey-blonde, a bit taller than Missy. She had a pretty face, a square chin, thin waist, plump hips, a juicy ass, and a pair of tits that bobbled under her T-shirt like two grapefruits.

They went to the girls’ room to fix their faces. “God, that Mr. Maxwell is handsome, isn’t he?” Janet said.

“Yes,” Missy answered.

“Boy, I’d let him get in my pants anytime,” Janet whispered, applying a pink lip gloss to her lips.

“You would?” Missy said. “Uh-huh?”

“Do you do that with any other teachers?”

“I’ve fucked the coach,” Janet replied. “Really?”

“Sure, down in the locker room one day.”

“Wow!” Missy said.

“You can get good grades here in this school if you know how to play it,” Janet remarked.

“I’ll bet.”

“Let’s go to class,” Janet suggested. The two pretty girls walked out of the toilet, up the stairs.

Janet asked, “Are you going to the school dance tonight?”

“I think so,” Missy said. “Are you?”

“Yeah, but I hate it. My dad is president of the PTA and he’s always a chaperone. Jeez, I hate it. And then he always insists that he dance with me once or twice. It’s so damn embarrassing.”

“I guess that would be kind of a bummer,” Missy said.

“Wanna go with me?” Janet asked.

“Okay, why don’t I meet you here at the school at nine?”

“Sure,” Missy said.

After school, Missy returned to her home with her grandma. She went upstairs and turned on her little TV and watched MTV. She watched the new Rod Stewart video, then took a nap.

She awakened and dressed for the dance. She selected a black denim, to which she added a pink sweater and a pair of pink heels. She fixed her hair in one long ponytail, banged it out on her forehead, applied thick red lipstick, some red rouge, and walked to school.

Janet was waiting for her.

A DJ from a local radio station, the DJ who had the evening show and was popular with the teens, had a mixer and turntables set up. He was playing all the latest hits. Students milled about a punch table. Several were dancing. Janet looked good too. She wore a red cotton dress and white pumps. It really made her blondeness stand out. They got a cup of punch and stood together. Janet’s father came over. He was a handsome man of forty-four. He had wavy black hair. He stood over six feet. He was thin, wiry.

“Hi, honey,” he said to Janet. “Should we dance?”

“Oh, Daddy. Please! Why don’t you dance with my friend, Missy?”


“Oh, go ahead. I promised a football player a dance.”

“Okay,” he said.

Missy went with the handsome Mr. Sexton to the floor. The lights were dim. He took her into his arms. She pressed in close. His hand was firm on her back.

“You’re very pretty,” he whispered.

“Thanks, sir,” Missy replied.

He pulled her closer. Her tits pressed into him. Her hips and thighs were glued to him. He got a hard-on. Missy felt the huge bulge against her. She didn’t know what to do, how to react.

“Ah, mmmm,” he whispered. “I guess we’re dancing too close.”

“I guess so,” Missy said.

He was trembling. His cock throbbed against Missy. It was big, hard, and thumping.

Mr. Sexton couldn’t help it. Missy was so beautiful, she had such a fine, compact little body, and her tits were so round. It was all too much for the man. His cock wouldn’t lay down. It thumped, jumped, and beat like the tail of a wild fish. Missy pulled back.

She looked down and saw the bending curl in his slacks.

“Ah, perhaps you should move back in closer,” he said. “I don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea.”

She pressed in close to hide his hard erection. “Well, I’m very sorry,” he whispered. “That’s okay, sir,” Missy said. She didn’t know why, but she rolled her hips against the big hard-on. Instinct, she guessed.

“Oh, oh!” he panted.

His cock throbbed against her. His hand pressed tighter on her back.

“You are so beautiful,” he gulped.

She looked up, saw his intense look, and felt his cock beat against her. She smiled.

She undulated again against him. His cock rolled against her hips and belly. It was big. She knew that. He was trembling all over. So was she. He danced her to the side of the floor. Off in a dark corner.

“Could I see you alone?” he whispered.

“Gee, alone? You and me?” Missy asked.


“I don’t think we oughta do that, sir.”

“I could be very helpful to you at this school,” he whispered.

“You could?”

“Of course. I’m president of the PTA.”

“I dunno. What’dya wanna do?”

“Just be alone with you.”

“I could meetcha in that classroom down around the corner; the one on the left.”

“I’ll go and wait,” he said, then walked briskly down the hall.

Missy went back into the gym area where the dance was going full blast. She looked around for Janet. She was dancing with Harley Faultmeyer, the fullback on the football team. She smiled and winked at Missy as if to say: Can you believe I’m with this hunk!

Missy waited a little, then she slipped away to meet Janet’s daddy. She walked down the hall, around the corner and walked into the empty classroom. Mr. Sexton was waiting for her.

“I’m so glad you came,” he whispered, taking her hand.

“What can you do for me at this school?” Missy asked.

“You just wait and see, okay? It’ll be something you will like. Trust me, will you?”

“What do I have to do, sir?” she asked.

He yanked her into his arms. He pressed close to her. His huge cock thumped at her belly. Her big tits bashed into his lower chest. He flung his arms around behind her, dropped his hands and curled them around the scrumptious cheeks of her ass.

He kissed her. His lips were eager, impatient. A he-man kiss. He squeezed her ass. His cock thumped at her like a wild fish.

She got hot.

His lips sucked hers. He slid one hand up under her tiny black skirt, caressed her pantied ass, then brought his trembling fingers around front, and lifted the hem of the skirt, polling it up over her darling pink panties.

He dipped his hand between her legs, and rubbed her soft but firm pussy through the thin nylon. Her cunt was very wet. Mr. Sexton could feel the creamy dampness on his fingertips.

“Oh, you sweet doll,” he whispered, his voice husky, low, passionate.

“Do you think you oughta be playin’ down there like that, sir?” Missy whispered.

“Uh-huh,” he gulped.

He continued flutter-stroking her ass with one hand, and the other hand slipped and slid against her pantied cunt.

“You’ve really got a big boner on, sir,” she whispered.

“I know,” he gulped.

“Did you want me to feel it?”


Missy reached out and rolled her palm against the bending, throbbing cock stalk.

“Like this?” she asked.

“Oh, sweetie!” he chirped hotly. Missy was amazed at the length of Mr.

Sexton’s prick. She slid her hand along the hard cock stalk that curled out like a ring of bologna against his slacks. Her heart thumped, and a swooping feeling of giddiness gripped her.

“We shouldn’t be doin’ this, sir. You’re Janet’s daddy, and she’s my friend.”

He answered her by rubbing faster and harder on her wet panties, feeling her cunt through the pink nylon.

She gripped his cock.

“Oh, oh,” he mumbled.

“I don’t know what you’re gonna do for me, sir, but I can tell you what I need.”

“What?” he gasped.

“I need some money to go shopping at the mall tomorrow.”

“Yes, yes of course. You shall have it. Is a hundred dollars all right?”

“I guess so,” Missy said, unzipping his fly. He used his free hand to produce his wallet, and handed the money to her.

“Take what you need,” he whispered.

She left his fly open and took a stack of big bills out of his billfold. She put it on a desk, then reached into his fly. She got hold of his cock, but the stalk was too big to pullout. She unbuttoned his slacks and opened them. He had on a pair of tight jockey shorts. His cock stuck up over the waist band, and throbbed like a steam pipe against his belly.

“Whew, jeez!” She whistled.

He stripped his shorts down. His huge prick popped out.

“Whooooo!” Missy sucked in her breath in amazement at the immense prick.

He reached out again and lifted up the hem of her black miniskirt, ruffled it up on her hips. He stuck his hand between her legs and rubbed her cunt through the pink panties.

Missy clutched his cock. The cock stalk was thick, hard, and big in her hand. She squeezed.

“This is really a big boner, sir,” she commented.

“Oh, honey doll!” he gasped.

His cock squirted.

He rubbed hotly on her crotch.

“Jeez, Mr. Sexton… you think we should be doin’ this while the dance is on and stuff?”

His answer was a hot hand that dipped into her wet panties. He sliced his fingers into the fuzzy hair of her cunt. He slicked up and down her cunt slit, then rammed a finger in her pussy.

“Ooof!” she gulped.

Missy pushed in and out on his cock with an overhand grip. She had never been so excited.

The feel of his burning cock rod in her tight, curling, ginger-tipped fingers thrilled her.

“It’s soooo big!” she whispered. “Should I beat it off for you?”

“Oh, yes?” he panted. “Yes, yes, yes!”

He fingerfucked her pussy wildly, jiggling his hand in the crotch of her pretty panties.

Missy liked that finger. She liked the way he hooked it in, the way he rubbed her little clit, and the way he made it quiver.

“Look, I better get out of the way. You can’t squirt all over me, sir,” Missy said, changing the grip she had on his cock.

He withdrew his dripping finger from her panties. He leaned back on the desk at the front of the room. His pants and shorts were at his ankles. Missy stood at his side. She underhanded his prick, got the bottom of the cock stalk sliding on her palm.

“How big is it?” she asked.

“Ten inches,” he whispered.

“Wow!” Missy gasped, hiking her hand in and out on the thick prick.

“You clever little doll,” he murmured, sliding a hand behind her, dipping into her panties, waving his fingers all over her smooth, slick ass.

His finger feathered up and down the ass crack. He moved the fingertip up her asshole.

“Owww, oooooh,” she huffed. “Sir, my ass!”

“Jerk me!” he panted. “Jerk on my cock, you little fuck!”

“That’s bad language, sir, for a PTA guy.” He smiled. He tingled all over. Her hand was a magic machine on his cock. Missy tightened her grip and jerked him with savage little pumps.

“Oh, honey! That, makes me feel so damn good!” he sighed.

Missy looked good with her little black skirt up over her pink panties. Her pink sweater bobbled with the thrust of her big tits. She stroked his massive prick, pumped him good.

“Fuck me with your fist,” he whispered.

“I’m doin’ it,” she answered, pumping her hot little hand faster now, getting a good beat going until she felt the bulging cock hard-on, and then it spewed out a hot load of thick cream.

“Ah! Ohhhhhh, honey!” he barked.

Missy pumped furiously and watched the exciting eruption of jizz.

“Gee, looka the way you’re shootin’, sir!” she whispered.

“Oh, oh, ahhh, mmmmmmmm! Oh!” he groaned joyfully.

She pumped him dry, then suddenly he was on his knees, tugging her panties down. He muffed his face into her pussy and licked his long tongue up and down her wet cunt slit.

“Mmmm, sir,” she mumbled, looking down at his eager action. “You’re gonna lick my cunt, huh?”

“Uh-huh,” he mumbled.

“Okay then, lick!” she whispered. “Lick my pussy, Mr. Sexton!”

It didn’t take long before she felt the awesome, faint-hearted fuck-feeling flip through her. Oh, how she loved to cum. She shook and shuddered, tickled all over with the sweet satisfaction of climax.

He gripped her fine ass in his hands and munched on her cunt like a wild dog. His gooshy tongue lapped and flapped, then he sucked her pussy into his mouth and nibbled the clit, and brought her to the fine edge of stunning orgasm.

“Afffff!” she hissed.

His licking and sucking filled the room with a spunky slurping sound, and Missy put her hands on her fabulous, young hips, and thrust her cunt out at his face and rolled her ass.

“You’re suckin’ me!” she babbled. He gobbled her sweet pussy like it was honey cake, munching wildly. Missy undulated her hips into his face, then felt the divine tickle of climax.

“Oh! Uhhhh, oooofff!” she huffed, her hips slowing, but still grinding on Mr. Sexton’s mouth. “Ah, ohhhhh!”

He ate her cunt and she loved it. “Oh, that makes me feel good, sir.”


Missy stumbled back against the desk, breathing heavily, still tingling all over from her super cum. Her big tits bobbled in her sweater. Mr. Sexton was still on his knees, licking his greedy lips with his giant tongue.

He spun her around.

He clutched the cheeks of her ass. He pushed them apart. Then he slithered his big, bad tongue up and down Missy’s ass crack.

“Ah! Sir! Oooooh!” she gasped loudly.

“My ass, sir. You’re…”

His tongue feathered beautifully up and down the fuzzy cunt slit, licking, flat-lapping, slurping. Then he buttoned her asshole, wiggled his tongue like a bird’s wing at the tight ass bud.

“Oh, shit!” Missy cried.

She’d never had this done and it was a thrilling sensation. She was still glowing from her climax, and now she was goose-bumped all over as Mr. Sexton tickled her asshole, and rimmed her shitter with a passionate yearning.

His wild tongue billowed up and down, then swirled on the ass rim. He gathered big gobs of spit on the tip of his tongue and juiced it all over her asshole. He was fucking her ass with suds of spit.

His tongue and mouth made loud smacking, slurping sounds. Missy was teary-eyed with joy. She clutched the edge of the desk with her, hands and bent over, giving him a standing A pose. Her big tits heaved and thrust out in her tight sweater.

He stopped long enough to say, “Beautiful ass. Beautiful, fine ass… Mmmmmmmm!”

His swollen tongue flipped a glob of spit on her asshole. He tickled her asshole.

“Ahhh, jeeeezzzz!” Missy howled.

His face was pinched between the cheeks of her ass. He reached around with one hand and plugged a finger into her pussy.

“The darling cunt,” he mumbled.

Missy looked good in her passionate pose, humped over the desk, her black mini high on her waist, her pink panties a pool of nylon on her ankles, her smooth, round gorgeous, young ass exposed. A tantalizing target for his titillating tongue.

He finger-fucked her and tongued her ass hole at the same time.

“My ass. Oh, my shitter!” she sobbed. “You’re lickin’ my ass, Mr. Sexton. Oh, sir!”

“Uhhhh, mmmm!”

Missy kicked off her panties, really spread her legs, with her feet flat on the floor, and her legs in a wide A. He juiced his hot tongue up and down and all around her ass.

Then he stood up. His huge cock frothed with bubbles of jizz. He slammed the stiff cock stalk at her ass. He slid the pumpkin head against her ass-bud.

“Ah, no!” she whined. “You can’t!”

She spun around to face him. He was humped down, his legs bent at the knees. His cock slapped at her pussy. He gripped the cock stalk and thrust the tip into her pussy.

“Oh, jeez!” Missy stammered. “You’re not gonna do that, are you sir?”

“Uh, uh… let’s fuck,” he whispered. “Oh, no!” she babbled, looking down, her chin tucked in, seeing the long, stiff, shining stalk of his cock sticking into her pussy.

He pushed it in three inches.

“Ahhh!” she sighed.

“Wanna fuck, Missy?”

“I never fucked before, Mr. Sexton. I best not.”

He was already fucking her. He humped slow, just giving her the tip and a couple inches. The big cock stalk jammed into her young, sucking cunt.

“Oh, honey!” he puffed, and slid his hands up under her sweater.

He cupped her big tits, caressed, squeezed and pulled them out of the overflowing pink bra. He lifted her sweater up over her tits.

Missy leaned back, her ass on the edge of the desk. Mr. Sexton humped down farther, sticking his cock up and into her pussy. It looked like a big bending banana. He leaned in and kissed her tits as he humped his ass in and out.

“Ah… ooof!” Missy stammered, her whole body radiating, trembling with an ecstatic feeling.

Mr. Sexton fish locked his lips on one tit, then the other, and sucked. His cock slurped in and out of her tight cunt. Missy put her little hands behind his neck and held on. He gave up her tits and concentrated on fucking some good prick to her pussy.

“We’re fuckin’, honey,” he said. “I know.”

“Do you like it?”


“Feel good?”

“Yes… but your boner’s so big.”

“I’ll just give you a little, okay?”


“Fuck back to me, Missy.”

“How, sir?”

“Move your hips in and out… yes, like that, darling. That’s the way!”

“Bump ’em like this?” she asked undulating her fine hips, her sweet ass smacking back at the table with loud slaps.

“You’ve never fucked before?” he asked. “No, sir.”

“Now you.”

“Yeah, I’m fuckin’. I’m fuckin’!” she cried. “I’m pumpin’ my prick in your pussy, baby.”

“I know. I can see it go in and out like that… and it’s all sticky, gooey… like it’s all lathered up.”

“Nice huh, slides easy.”

“Oh, Mr. Sexton! We shouldn’t be fuckin’ though!”

“Yes, we should.”

“Ahhhh, jeezzzz, oooooooh, sir… that’s, oh that’s so good, it feels good!”

“I know.”

“I… I’m fuckin’!” she babbled. His cock enlarged and hardened in her cunt.

He humped faster. “I’m gonna cum, Missy… come with me!”

“Oh, sir… I’m gonna feel it!”

“Now!” he yelped.

“Fuck me!” she wailed. “Fuck me, sir!” He came. His cock gushed, heaved and shot a milkshake load into her quivering cunt. She fucked back to him and her body tingled with pleasure. His prick fizzed and spit juice.

“Missy! Missy!”

“Oh, gawd, Mr. Sexton!” she sobbed. Hot cream filled her cunt. His load overflowed, seeped out, and drooled down her tan thighs. Missy kept on pumping her ass in and out, feeling her climax, and shaking all over.

Mr. Sexton kept fucking, kept cumming, his cock erupting in Missy’s young pussy.

“Oh, we’re fuckin’ good,” he huffed. “I know,” she breathed hotly, her voice a whisper. “We’re really doin’ it. You’re really fuckin’ that big boner in me, sir. I… I… ohhhhh, oh! Ahhhhh!”

They finally drew long, deep breaths. Mr. Sexton pulled out. Missy trembled, leaning against the desk.

“I better get back to the dance,” she said.

“Both of us, before they miss us. I wanna see you again soon, Missy. Okay?”

“Sure!” She smiled and reached over, picked up her pink panties, and wiggled cutely into them.


Missy went back to the school dance, and Mr. Sexton followed about ten minutes later. She went to the punch bowl and stood for a minute.

Billy Rolfe came up. He was a tight end on the football team. He was very good-looking. He had blonde hair cut in an All-American crewcut. He was lean, well-built and sexy. He towered over her.

“Hi, wanna dance?” he asked.

“Sure,” Missy said.

He took her hand and they went out and boogied down to a hot Huey Lewis record. Missy looked good, shaking, bumping, moving about the floor in her tight black skirt, her tit filled pink sweater, and her little pink high heels. The next record was a slow song, and Billy took her in his arms and pulled her close.

She let him hold her against him, and as he did, she felt his cock harden, throb to an erection, and thump at her belly.

Gee, she thought, do guys always get so turned on when they dance with a girl?

She moved daringly against his erection. Billy’s grip tightened on her. His prick was so hard.

“Can we go for a walk outside?” he asked.

“I guess,” she said.

They managed to sneak away from the dance and walked behind the school house into a shelter of trees. Billy grabbed her and kissed her.

“Ooooooh,” Missy said.

“I’ve been wantin’ to do that since I first saw you this fall at school.”

“Huh well…”

His hands lightly feathered on the curve of her ass. Again she felt the wild thump of his cock. She put her arms around him and kissed him back.

He managed to slide her skirt up. “Don’t, Billy!” she protested. “Oh, please!”

“No, not here in the trees.”

“Where then?” he asked.

Now he had her skirt up on her waist. He slid his hand down and rubbed her wet panties.

“No, don’t,” she whispered, not wanting to get a bad reputation with the young boys at school.

“Please let me play with it,” he said. His itchy fingers pressed into that sweet, soft natural pussy. Missy melted. She loved his hand down there rubbing her cunt. Oh, she loved the way his fingers tickled the crotch of her panties.

“Jeez, Missy!” he croaked. “I’ve had the hots for you ever since I saw you.”

“Oh, Billy,” she whispered. “But we shouldn’t…”

“I can’t stop though,” he shivered, his hand creeping up to the elastic band of her panties.

He plunged deep into her hot cunt. His fingers slid through the soft, mossy patch of cunt hair.

“Mmmmmmm,” he mumbled. “Oh, Missy.”

“Okay, then. All right. You’re in there. That’s what you want, isn’t it?”

“I won’t let you unless you promise not to tell anyone,” she said.

“I promise!” he huffed eagerly, sliding his middle finger into her cunt.

“Ahff!” She puffed. “Oh, gawd, Billy. You shouldn’t do that.”

“But I am.”

She grabbed his cock and squeezed hard. “Ohhhhhh!” he moaned.

She rubbed his swelling hard prick. He fingered her fucking hot pussy. They were passionate, hot, and steaming there in the street.

“Take my cock out,” he said.



“Okay, then. If you really want me to,” Missy said.

She unzipped his fly, reached in, and withdrew his hard cock. She had a good iron-tense prick of six inches in her hand.

“I wanna fuck!” he gasped.

“Oh, no. We can’t,” Missy mumbled.

He took her down in the weeds. He jerked her panties off. He mounted her. His cock drilled into her pussy.

“No, Billy. No!” Missy cried.

“Yes,” he said, guiding his cock into her pussy.

“Ah, aaaahhh! Ooof!” Missy blurted.

“Oh, jeez, Missy. I’m in there.”

“I know,” she said. He humped. His ass banged up and down.

His hard six-incher slicked in and out. His balls whacked her ass. Missy felt the cool, dewy weeds on her asscheeks.

“No, not in the weeds!” she protested.

He humped harder. Faster. His prick exploded in her cunt. “I’m cumin’, Missy,” he panted.

The squirting fizz flowed like a river into her pussy.

“Oh jeez, Billy!” she gulped, and banged her hot hips up to his fucking thrust.

His hard cock rammed like a piston into Missy’s hot pussy. He poured out a load that spilled out of her cunt, and dripped down her young thighs. He kept up his hot humping. His cock stayed hard.

“Oh, Missy!” he whimpered. His prick got bigger.

He fucked harder.

Her cunt was sloppy, wet, and slushy. “No, no more!” she panted, but the beautiful rip of climax zinged her. “Ah! Oooff!” He fucked faster.

“Ahhhh, ahhh! Uhhh!” she gulped, stiffening under him, holding her hips high in the air, receiving the hot thumping of his stiff cock.

He came again.

The hot juice squirted into her pussy. It spilled out. The thick goo drooled down her legs into the grass. She tingled all over.

“Oh, hove it!” she gasped. “Ohhhh, shit!”

“Missy! Missy!” he huffed. “I love you!” She fell back in the grass, breathing heavily.

He stopped his fuck-pounding, rolled off her onto the grass, and into the weeds next to her. They both lay staring up into the clusters of sparkling stars.

“I wanna go steady with you,” he whispered. “Ooooooh, I dunno,” she answered. “Please!” he begged.

Missy liked him. He’d be a proud catch. Lots of girls at Marlboro High would kill to go steady with Billy. But Missy also thought about the other men who had tendered their affection to her.

“I can’t,” she said.

“Please, I’ll do anything. I want you to be my steady girl. I don’t want to see you with anybody else,” he said.

“I’ll think about it, okay?” she said.

He agreed.

She took his hankie and wiped the gush of cum from her legs. They got up and went back to the gym.

“I better go in first,” Missy said.

She went in, and Billy followed a few minutes later. She went to the punch bowl.

Janet came up. “Jeez, I saw you leave with Billy. You guys go neck?”

“Yeah,” Missy answered.

“Golly, whew! I’d give anything to be with him,” Janet whistled.

A nerdy guy came over and asked Janet to dance. She winked at Missy and left with him. Missy poured some punch and turned to be confronted by her history teacher, Miss Banfield. Miss Banfield was thirty-eight. She had tits like Dolly Parton. She was a luscious woman, supple hips, a tiny waist, long, trim legs, a plush ass… and many of the students thought she looked a lot like Vanya White, the beautiful game show star.

“Hello, Melissa,” she said. “Oh, hi, Miss Banfield.”

“I saw you with Billy Rolfe. I followed you out to the streets. I know what went on out there.”


“Don’t play dumb, Melissa.”

“Gee, I…”

“I could get you in deep water. You could be expelled from school.”


“However, there is a way we could both be happy.”

“Huh? What’s that, Miss Banfield?”

“I want Billy Rolfe, Missy.”

“You what?”

“I want him. And you’re gonna fix it up so I get him alone, so I can do what you did tonight out there in the weeds with him.”


“So, you set that up, Missy. You work something out so that I can make it with Billy Rolfe, okay?”

“Can’t you just go ahead and do it?” Missy asked.

“Of course not!” Miss Banfield snapped. “You set it up for me.”

“Well, gee… I’ll try.”

“You do it. And, if you do, you’ll get an A in history. You’ll get a lot more, too.”

“Well, jeez… all right then. I’ll see what I can do,” Missy said.


Miss Banfield turned and walked away just as Mr. Maxwell stepped up.

“You look gorgeous, Missy,” he whispered.

“Thank you sir,” she smiled.

Her double ponytails bobbed as she twisted her head to greet him. Her lips had been redone. She glossed them a glistening pink just before she had come in from fucking Billy Rolfe in the weeds.

Her big tits pushed out the tight pink sweater. Mr. Maxwell eyed how her skirt rippled around her thighs, tight and supple. “Why don’t we sneak off and play with each other?” he whispered.

“We shouldn’t,” Missy whispered back. “But I’m so hot just lookin’ at you, darling,” Mr. Maxwell said.

Missy saw the stirring in the crotch of his slacks. She felt a swoop of excitement seeing his prick rise so quickly. Mr. Maxwell quickly but used his blue blazer so his stiff erection wasn’t visible.

“Come on, let’s sneak off,” he urged. “But where? You know all the rooms are open, and people are in the halls and, stuff,” Missy reasoned.

“Meet me in the faculty men’s room. No one will come in there,” he said.

“I better not,” Missy protested. “You know it’ll be fun, and I’ll give you some money,” he offered.


“I’ll leave, and you come in a few minutes. Just walk in. I’ll be waiting,” Mr. Maxwell instructed.

He turned and strode off.

Missy sipped her punch. She waited until everyone was dancing to the new Cindy Lauper record, then she slipped out of the gym. She went to the girls’ room first, applied some lovely red rouge to her cheeks, straightened her sweet bangs across her forehead, and applied a new bubble-gum coating of pink lipstick. She tightened the pink ribbon on her pony-tail and walked back out in the hall.

She turned a corner and came to the men’s faculty toilet. She quickly entered. Mr. Maxwell was waiting. He took her hand and led her into a toilet stall, closed the swinging door, and locked it.

The place smelled of sweet pine, almost a winter-green liniment odor. Mr. Maxwell took Missy in his arms and kissed her hot pink lips, tasting the delicious lushness of her candy soft mouth.

His hands roamed down the back of her sweater and he plunged his fingers into the plumpness of her gorgeous, dumpling ass.

His cock ignited.

Missy felt a shimmer of eruptive fury, a heat, buzz through her. His cock curled against her. His fingers caressed her butter-slick ass. He wiggled his hips, and dry-fucked into her. Missy glued her cunt to his thigh and pressed hard, undulated against him.

Their tongues slapped.

He broke the kiss.

“Oh, baby!” he panted. “You’re so damn fine, so beautiful!”

His hand slid between them, onto his thigh, prying into the press of flesh until he had his palm pressed to her pussy.

He gave her a good rub.

He took her hand and placed it on his hard cock.

She squeezed, and felt the thick, portly prick. Her fingers tightened. She felt the throb of his passion.

“This is wonderful, isn’t it?” he hugged. “Does this make you feel as good as it does me?”

“Yes,” Missy murmured, “it makes me feel good.”

“Oh, honey!” he puffed, slipping her black skirt up into ruffles on her generous, young hips.

He slid his hand into the nylon gooeyness of her panties, his fingers pressing, tapping at her wet cunt.

“Baby!” he gasped, then sent his hand deep into her, pink panties, his fingertips gliding through the fuzzy forest of cunt hairs between her legs. He fucked a finger into her pussy.

“Oooooh, shit,” Missy hissed.

She unzipped his fly and yanked out his big, eight-inch prick. The tip bullied her hand, and spit out a good of cum. She slicked the thick jizz down onto the cockstalk, trailing her fingers along the sides, slicking down, into his balls. She grabbed his balls and brought her other hand down and clutched his cock.

“Ah, baby!” he sighed.

She tickled his balls and squeezed them. Her other hand pushed in and out with an overhand grip on his monster prick.

He managed to pull her panties down. Then he pushed her back to the toilet. She stood in front of it.

“I wanna take your panties down,” he whispered.

“Okay, take ’em down,” she gulped.

He slid the pink undies down her tanned, smooth legs, over her pink heels, and took them off.

“Me you gonna let me keep them?” he asked.

“No, not unless you pay me for ’em,” Missy said, standing beautifully over him, her black skirt up, her brown pussy looking scrumptious.

“I’m gonna pay for ’em. I’m gonna pay you, too,” he said, pushing Missy to the shiny, black toilet seat.

She sat down on the cool stool. He spread her legs. He crawled between them, pushing her knees out. He licked his tongue along her thighs.

“Mmmmmmm,” he mumbled. His tongue flicked up into her cunt. He licked the fuzzy, brown softness. Missy slid down on the toilet seat, her hips on the edge. Her legs were wide. She lifted her ass off the stool and swirled her hips, pushing her pussy up against Mr. Maxwell’s gaping tongue.

“Shit, sir!” Missy throbbed.

He slipped his hands under her tubby little ass, pinched his fingers into the chunky asscheeks and sucked on her pussy.

“Mmmm,” he mumbled. “I love suckin’ your cunt.”

“I guess you do,” she blurted. “Suck it then. Go ahead.”

He licked fast as a turkey tongue. She felt the grand explosion, the rippling tide of her climax. She pushed her cunt harder to Mr. Maxwell’s face. He slurped her pussy with loud smacking noises, his tongue walloping at her lollipop pussy.

“Aw, shit! Aw, shit!” Missy cried. “Uh, uh, uhhhh.”

She fell back on the toilet stool, catching her breath. Mr. Maxwell stood up. His cock was fat as a pork hog, hard as rock. He grabbed the cockstalk. He looked down and began stroking.

“You look so good,” he whispered.

Missy leaned back, her body splayed out on the toilet. Her head rested on the wall behind the toilet. Her legs were spread.

She smiled and looked up into Mr. Maxwell’s face, then down at his cock.

“You gonna jerk on it, sir?” she whispered. “Damn right. Jerk to you, Missy.”

“Jeez, sir,” she purred.

“Talk to me, honey,” he said.

“What? What should I say?”

“Make me hot. Talk dirty to me and I’ll give you a big surprise.”

“Well… I don’t know, like saying fuck, shit, cock, stuff like that?”

“Yeah,” he panted. “Just talk to me.” He jerked real slow on his cock. The big red head bulged with each pull backward on the bristling cockstalk.

“You’re gonna pay me a lot more if I do, huh? That’s the big surprise?”

“Yes… yes!” he exclaimed loudly. “Okay then… fuck… shit… pussy!” Missy huffed hotly, rolling her hips off the toilet seat. “Wanta see my titties too?”

She pulled her pink sweater up over a white bra. She lifted her big, round tits out of the bra and sat them up over the top so they looked colossal.

“Ooooh, honey?” he panted. “Titties, titties,” Missy whispered. “Yes, yes, yes,” he answered. “You’re jerkin’ off, sir. You’re givin’ yourself a handjob.”

“I know. Yes!”

“You’re makin’ yourself feel good. You’re fuckin’ your fist.”


“Masturbatin’ your prick.”

“Lookin’ at my titties and my pussy.”


“Do it faster, sir. Ooooooooh, yeah, like that. Wow!”

“Gawd, you’re goin’ fast, sir.”

“Yeah, fast!”

“Beat it, beat off to me like that sir, you are really whopping that big hunk of bacon, aren’t you? You’re rally pumpin’ that big ol cock.”

“Uh-huh, yeah.”

“Am I talkin’ good, sir?”

“Yeah, don’t stop. Don’t stop, damnit! Keep talkin’ to me, Missy!”

“You like my big titties, don’tcha?”

“Oh, yes.”

“You like my young body too?”

“I love it!”

“Oooooh, yeah, Missy!” he panted, his hand jerking furiously on his immense prick.

“That looks good, sir… the way you’re beatin’ off like that.”

He hammered his prick. Passion clutched his face. His mouth hung open. His hand blurred on his cock.

“Yeah, fuck it! Beat it! Jerk it. Ooooooh, shit! Come on! Come on, damnit, look at my pussy and jerk your big ol cock.”

“Ah, ah.”

“Am I doin’ good, sir?”

“Don’t stop!” he gasped, moving closer to her. He stood between her legs. His prick was inches from her face. His hand was hot on the cockstalk.

She swirled her tongue over her pink lips. She brought her hands up to her tits and squeezed them together. Her tongue was pink on her pink lips. She was beautiful.

“Ah, oh, baby!” he gulped.

“Fuck, shit, cunt, pussy, jerk-off, tits, hot balls, asshole, shit, shit, shit, shit!” Missy babbled, sending Mr. Maxwell into a raging passion and a throbbing ecstasy.

He moved closer, pushed the tip of his prick onto her twirling tongue, against her luscious pink lips. He beat his meat wildly; the cockhead slapped at Missy’s mouth.

“Mmmmmmm, whewff!” she mumbled, swirling her tongue at the gooey cock head, licking off the hot bubbles of cum that clung to the top of his lovesick prick.

“Baby,” he huffed.

“I’m lickin’ your cock,” she burbied, her tongue out, her words clipped, muffled.

He fucked his fist faster. His bulging cock head smacked at Missy’s mouth, her nose, her cheeks, and her forehead. He jerked into her bangs.

“Jeez!” Missy gasped.

“I want you to call me Big Daddy,” he said, gasping.


“I wanna hear you tell me to fuck your face. I wanna hear you tell me to cum. I wanna cum. Oh, I wanna cum.”

“Jeez.” Missy gasped. “Okay, go ahead. Fuck my face, Mr. Maxwell! Just fuck it! Fuck my face, Big Daddy! Come on! Fuck my face! I want you to cum, Big Daddy! I wanna see you cum on my face.”

“Au, ohhhh, honey!” he cried, slapping the top half of his squirting cock all over her beautiful facet slicking it along her red-rouged clit. Snaking the cock head at her lovely lips.

“Come on. Come on, Big Daddy! Fuck my face! That’s what you wanna do. You wanna fuck my face! You get all hot about fuckin’ my face… so do it! Fuck my face!” Missy babbled.

He blasted a cummy load.

Big slushes of gooey cream spilled onto her gorgeous sculptured face.

“Ah, whoooooo!” he panted, jerking wildly. He was humped in front of her, his hips thrust forward, his ass pumped inward. His cock was a piston in his slick hand. The slippery slide.

Cream splashed onto Missy’s pretty face. She opened her mouth and tried to catch a huge web of flying jizz. It splattered all over her lips and dribbled down onto her chin.

“Ahhhppp, Big Daddy… face fucker!” Missy mumbled, her tongue sticking out, her words garbled, insane.

“Darling, darling, darling!” he moaned, his cock gushing, the stream of cream matting Missy’s bangs against her forehead, all wet, stringy-soaked with thick juicy cum.

“Come on, Daddy…!” Missy yelped.

“Fuck it all on my face!”

“Baby!” he groaned.

“Go on, keep shootin! Keep shootin’ like that!”

“I’m drowning you.”

“I know. I’m goin’ under here, Big Daddy.”

“I love you,” Mr. Maxwell sobbed. “I love you, I love you, darling!”

“I’m drowning. I’m drowning in your love, sir,” Missy whispered, falling back on the toilet away from him.

Big slurpy chunks of cum slithered down her cheeks and her chin. A gap of cream clung like a spider to her bangs. Her mouth was all creamy. Her pink lips drooled with jizz.

“Boy, you did. You shot off all over my face, sir,” Missy whispered.

Mr. Maxwell stumbled backward, a victim of his wonderful climax. He leaned against the toilet door.

“Oh, Missy,” he gasped. “Do you know how much I love you?”

Missy stuck her finger in her pussy. “How about this, sir?”

“Oh, oh,” he gulped.

“Wanna see me fuck my pussy with my finger?”


“I’ll bet you’d pay me even more to see me do what you just did, huh?”

“Yeah, do it?”

“Like this, huh?” Missy cooed, her finger sloshing in and out of her pussy.

Mr. Maxwell grabbed his sticky, cum-soaked prick. He stroked slowly. “Yes, just like that.”

“Jerk some more, for me, Mr. Maxwell. I really like to see a guy jerk off and stuff,” Missy whispered, her finger delighting her young cunt, her ass slick to the toilet seat, her legs apart, her pink high heels flat to the, floor.

“Let’s fuck,” he said. “Okay.”

He pulled her from the toilet seat and sat down himself.

She straddled him. Her pussy came down on his slushy prick.

He spiked up to her and shoved in. “Ooooooooh,” he sighed. “Oh, wow!” Missy clipped. “Okay,” he said.

“I’m gonna fuck you, Big Daddy!” she whispered, starting a slow, incessant hump pump movement with her hips, fucking down on his eight-inch prick.

“Yeah, talk to me like that!” he gasped.

Missy pushed down on his huge, slick prickstick which was lathered thickly with slushy cum. She took another inch into her pussy.

“Oh, Missy!” he chirped, reaching behind her, slapping his hands to her pudgy little ass.

Missy stood over him, bent at the knees, her fine legs horseshoed down, her pink high heels rocking as she humped up and down, slithering slow as a smoke ring, then bobbing back up as his cock withdrew. She tucked in her chin and looked down at the creamy slide of his heroic prick.

Mr. Maxwell looked up into her dripping face. Hot thick splashes of cum clung to her cheeks, her mouth, her chin. Her darling bangs were slicked to her forehead.

She leaned over him a little so her big tits dropped down. He fish sucked his lips, craned upward, and plunged his mouth into them.

Missy pumped down, back up, sliding on his stupendous cock. The hard cockstalk felt good, hot, and thrilling in the vise of her cunt.

“Talk to me,” he said, leaning back, laying his head against the wall, and playing out on the toilet seat.

Missy humped up and down over him. She reached down with one hand and fingered into the slick drive of his cock into her cunt.

“Talk dirty again?”

“Yeah, please.”

“You gonna give me another surprise if I do?”

“You know I will, Missy.”

“Okay, then. Fuck, shit… fuck me! You dirty old man. You’re fuckin’ me in the toilet here.”

“Yes, yes,” he huffed.

“Like that?” Missy said. “Talk like that?”


“You’re fuckin’ with me, sir. You’re a dirty guy. And we’re fuckin’ here in the toilet. Boy, this is bad, sir.”

He humped his hips off the toilet, and speared his cock into her cunt.

“Okay, shit then! Fuck mere of your big boner into my little pussy, sir. That big ol whopping cock. I’m fuckin’ all around on it, huh?”

“Yes, yes you are, Missy.”

“Shit, fuck, pussy, cock… I’m talkin’ to you, sir. I’m talkin’ dirty and fuckin’ you… that’s what you like, isn’t it?”

“Oh, yeahhhhh!” he sighed.

“You like getting in my panties and feelin’ pussy, too. And you love my little ass, don’t you?” Missy huffed hotly.


“You love my fine ass. You like to fuck me, too. We’re fuckin’ right now, Mr. Maxwell, and your big boner is really hard about it.”

“Oh, darling!” he whimpered.

“You’re a naughty guy, Mr. Maxwell, gettin’ me in this toilet and fuckin’ me.”

“I’m gonna cum!” he yelped.

Missy fucked faster, then she pulled up, got off, grabbed his cock with her hand and jerked, hammered, pounded the fat prickstalk.

“Ah, ahhhh!” he moaned.

She slugged wildly on his prick, and he shot off. A spray of jizz jetted high in the air. Missy jerked hotly. She smiled as she watched the pumpkin-head of his cock squirting gobs of steaming juice.

“You naughty, naughty guy!” Missy whispered.


The three fuckings she had enjoyed at the dance, the money Mr. Maxwell and Mr. Sexton had given her excited Missy, and she realized she had something men wanted, both young and old men wanted it… her delicious young body, her beauty, her gorgeous butter ass, her jumbo tits, her sweet cunt.

She sat in her room counting all the money she had been making. She locked the stacks of bills into a jewelry box and hid it away in the bottom drawer of her dresser. She knew if she kept saving she could get out of town, get away from her grandmother, and go to Los Angeles.

The next day at school Billy Rolfe came up to her as Missy walked down the hall, looking sharp in a short, blue jeans skirt, a tight red sweater, and little red flats on her feet.

“Did you think anymore about going steady with me?” he asked.

She thought about what Miss Banfield had said, about how she wanted to screw Billy.

“Say, you know Miss Banfield don’t you?” she asked.

“What does she have to do with anything?” Billy asked.

“Just that she likes you,” Missy said. “Oh, come on.”

“She does.”

“How do you know?”

“I know, that’s all.”

“Well, so she likes me… what about it?”

“Lots. She wants to see you.”

“Oh, stop kiddin’ me.”

Missy waked with him to Miss Banfield’s office. She knocked and went in. Miss Banfield wore a tight black skirt that hugged her mature, lush curves sexily. Her yellow sweater was obscenely bulged by her big Dolly Parton tits, so huge, so big and round. Her long blonde hair was perfectly coifed, falling to her shoulders, barretted at the sides with red pins.

“I have Billy Rolfe out in the hall, waiting to see you, ma’am,” Missy said, “like you asked.”

“Ah, very good, Missy,” she smiled. “Go get him.”

Missy opened the door and beckoned Billy in. He walked through the doorway sheepishly. Miss Banfield closed the door.

“Now then,” she said, “you two were out of line the other night in the trees, out there in the weeds, weren’t you?”

Missy nodded. Billy looked puzzled. “Well, as I told Melissa, Billy, you both could be expelled from school if I went to the principal with the story of what you were doing.”

“But you won’t, will you?” Missy asked quickly. She didn’t want to be kicked out of school. Too many good things were happening to her.

“No, not if you do as I say.”

“Sure,” Missy replied. “Okay, Billy, I want you to kiss Melissa.”


“I said kiss her. Right now.” Billy put his arms around Missy and kissed her. Miss Banfield smiled. “Feel her up a little, Billy.”

He slid his hands down into her jeans skirt, and cupped the cheeks of her girlish ass. Missy felt the rise of his cock against her.

“Take his prick out, Missy,” Miss Banfield said.

Missy backed away from the kiss, reached down and unzipped Billy’s fly. She wiggled her hand inside, into the shorts and found his cock. She pulled the bristling, hard cockstalk out.

“Mmmm, yes,” Miss Banfield whispered. “Like this?” Missy said, holding Billy’s prick. “Yes. Now, Billy, you pull Melissa’s skirt up.”

Billy lifted her jeans skirt up over a pretty pair of ice-blue panties. He trembled all over. He slid his hand down between her legs and rubbed her pussy through the thin nylon.

Missy now realized what Miss Banfield was up to, why she wanted her involved in this… she wanted to watch them.

“Take all your clothes off, Billy,” she instructed.

Billy stripped down until he was nude, his hard, lean body rippling with new muscles. His six-inch prick stuck out hard and hot.

“Ah, yes,” Miss Banfield sighed.

She lifted her little black skirt, pulled it up around her waist. She had on a pair of pussy packed yellow panties that were shaded light brown at the crotch by a thick patch of hair.

“Suck his prick, Missy,” Miss Banfield said.

Missy bent over at the waist, clutched Billy’s cock in her hand, and licked her tongue over the beet-red head.

“Oooooh,” Miss Banfield sighed, rubbing her pussy through her panties.

“Oh, ahhhhh!” Billy chirped joyfully.

Missy sealed her pretty candy-red lips around the head of his cock, then fucked it into her mouth. She dipped to one knee and bobbed in and out, sucking slowly. Her lips were all puckered on the cockstalk. Her cheeks were dimpled and caved in.

“Yes, suck that prick, Melissa!” Miss Banfield huffed.

She dipped her hand into her panties and stuck a finger in her big cunt.

Missy bobbed in and out, sucking, slurping his prick until he stiffened and groaned. She felt his hard-on expand and swell in her mouth. She pulled off. She grabbed the cockstalk with her hand and pumped furiously, moving to the side as Billy shot off a squirting load of cum.

“Ah! Ooooooh!” he chortled.

“Oh, yes… jerk him off like that, Missy!” Miss Banfield yelped.

Miss Banfield’s yellow panties were bulged out at the crotch where her hand jiggled as she finger-fucked herself and watched her two students in their amorous pursuit. Billy’s cock spurted a gusher of cum. Missy pumped the goo out, bent down on one knee, her hand jerking hotly an his hard prickstick.

“Mmmmmm, ooooh,” Miss Banfield sighed.

Missy looked over at her, and she could tell Miss Banfield was cuming too. She hummed her hand faster on Billy’s prick, gave him a hotshot hand-job.

When she milked him dry, she got up.

“Very good,” Banfield said. “Now, Billy. Can you get all hard again?”

She pulled off her yellow sweater to reveal a big black bra that bubbled with her immense tits. She took the bra off and the huge tit orbs splashed out.

“Now, Missy, you show him your tits too.” Missy pulled her red sweater off, undid her blue bra, and let her tits swing free.

“How ’bout this Billy? Big tits, huh?”

“Oh, wow!” he huffed.

His cock leaped to a gooey hard-on.

“Come here and take my panties down, Billy,” Miss Banfield ordered.

He got down on his knees and tugged her yellow panties down. She stepped out of them. Her honey-blonde pussy was big, hairy, and she pulled Billy’s head to her, mashing his face into her cunt.

Billy gobbled at her cunt. Missy got up, her skirt still on her hips. She unbuttoned it, and let it fall to the floor. She stuck a finger in her pussy and watched Billy eat Miss Banfield.

The beautiful teacher swirled her hips at Billy’s lapping tongue. She pulled him up, and pushed him into her chair, he sat down. She straddled him, grabbed his cock and inserted it in her pussy.

“Ah, now we’ll fuck,” she said. She began bouncing on top of him, her ass slapping on his thighs as she smacked up and down, taking all his cock with her downward thrusts.

Missy had never watched two people fucking. She was super excited by the scene, and she diddled her cunt faster, pinned her clit and rubbed herself to the edge of a cum.

“Oh, yeah!” Miss Banfield sighed, bumping up and down, her monster tits swinging.

Billy reached up and grabbed them. He couldn’t hold them because they were so big. She fucked faster, humping him, riding high on his little prick.

“Oooooh, this is good, Billy!” she whispered.

“Fuck him, ma’am!” Missy blurted, fingering her pu