Hot Mom, Hot Daughters

It has been said that every person has some dark passion in his soul — some hidden secret, desire or whim that may never surface to be seen even by the closest confidante. Such a secret can be evil or sinister, or it may be trivial and trite.

In America, such passions are easily submerged and hidden by the complexities of modern everyday life. Yet sometimes these dark passions surface, and the headlines scream of someone’s antisocial behavior or, in some cases, illegal acts. In fact, hardly a day goes by without these hidden passions coming to the fore and resulting in big news.

HOT MOM, HOT DAUGHTERS is a dramatic representation of a family — a mother and her two daughters — who dare to let their most base desires come to the surface, who dare to indulge their taboo cravings. They are the exceptions in our society — people who are willing to accept the consequences, be it reward or punishment, for allowing themselves to become completely liberated. Their story is a startling insight into the lives of people who dare to let it all hang out.


When Ann answered the door, Pete gasped. He hadn’t seen her for months, and she had changed. She had always just been Barb’s big sister to him — good looking, big tits, long blond hair. But now she was a sexy dream.

“Come in,” she said in a musical voice. “How have you been, Pete?”

“Fine. How’ve you been?”

“Terrific!” Ann said. “I’ll tell Barb you’re here.”

She wiggled out of the room, called to Barb, then came back. Pete was glad she hadn’t left him alone. He wasn’t finished enjoying the sight of her.

She wore a skimpy blouse that let her tits rise into view, hiding only her nipples. And they weren’t really hidden because he could see them as dark circles right through the pink material. Ann’s golden hair was now curled around her face like fine shavings of oak.

“You’ve changed,” Pete said, trying to pry his gaze off her gorgeous tits.

“You haven’t. You’re still staring at my tits, same as ever.”

That made Pete look up at her face. She was smiling at him warmly, and although Pete was embarrassed he smiled back.

“Hi,” Barb said as she came into the room.

Pete said hello to Barb, but he hardly took his gaze from Ann.

“Well, I’m off,” Ann said. “See you later.”

She walked out the front door with an exaggerated wiggle that made Pete swallow hard. Her wide ass, packed into her tight white pants, was an exciting sight.

“What do you think of her?” Barb asked.


“Oh, Pete! You’re so childish. Can’t you see how cheap she’s become,” Barb said. “My parents are very upset. They think she looks like a whore.”

“I think she looks great!”

Pete dropped the subject. After all, he hadn’t come to fight — he’d come to grab some tits. And there was always the chance he would get fucked. Barb had been dropping hints that she was thinking about it. And his chances would be better if he didn’t argue with her.

“Uh, your parents aren’t home, are they?”

“No,” Barb said. “You know they always go out on Saturdays. I don’t suppose you would be here if they were home. You only come to see me for one thing anyhow.”

“That’s not true,” Pete said as he went to where Barb had sat down on the couch. “I come to see you because I like you.”

He sat close to Barb and put an arm around her shoulders. He pulled her closer and kissed her. At first, she didn’t open her mouth to admit his tongue. Only after they had kissed a while and Barb was panting with lust through, her nose did her mouth open.

Why couldn’t Barb be more like Ann? Pete stuck his tongue deep into her mouth to find her tongue.

Barb had one of her firm tits pressed to his chest. The guy was dying to grab it, but he knew it was too soon. Barb had to be a lot hotter than she was now before she let him play with her tits.

Sometimes it helped to put his hand on Barb’s thigh. He moved it near her crotch until he felt the the heat of her cunt. Then, as always, Barb stopped him. But now she let him grab her tits.

Lifting his hand, Pete caught one big tit and caressed it. Barb inhaled sharply through her flaring nostrils as his fingers sank into her tit. Her nipple became erect as his palm pressed against it.

She loved having her tits massaged, Pete knew. And there were a lot of other things she would love if only she tried them.

A few times Barb had let Pete put his hand inside her blouse to play with her naked tits. Once, she had let him suck her nipples for a while. There didn’t seem to be any pattern to her favors, so Pete constantly hoped she would someday let him fuck her. It was possible, after all.

“Mmmmmmm!” Barb moaned softly into Pete’s mouth as he gave her tit a hard squeeze.

She seemed to be especially hot. So Pete tried far same bare tit.

He released his hold on her tit and brought his shaking hand to the buttons of her blouse. He was insane with suspense. He wanted so badly to get at the creamy smooth skin of her tits, but Barb could stop him merely by grabbing his wrist. The times she had grabbed his wrist in the past he had felt such a sharp disappointment he could have cried.

But this time he unbuttoned two buttons and slipped his hand into her blouse without her stopping him. Pete’s hard cock began to vibrate in the prison of his pants.

His fingertips touched Barb’s naked tit. Then his hand moved farther into her blouse, and he wrapped his hand tightly around her big tit.

“Oh, Pete!” Barb gasped in a voice that made his blood surge.

She loved it! That was obvious.

Now Pete buried his face in the nape of her long neck. He inhaled the sweet odor of her body as her blond hair tickled his nose.

“Ummm!” Barb hummed with passion as the guy kissed her beneath her ear.

He nibbled her ear lobe and stuck his tongue into her ear. She loved that. Besides, it took her mind off his fingers which were now unbuttoning the rest of her buttons.

Opening her blouse, Pete moved his hand back to her tits. He stroked his hand across her swollen tits, then gave each good workout. With his fingertips he examined her erect nipples.

His face was still tucked into the nape of Barb’s neck. But he longed to lift his face and look down at her tits. The one time he’d sucked them it had been dark and he had only gotten a dim view. But he was afraid that Barb would close her blouse over her tits if he tried to look at them.

Still, he had to try. So after reaming her ear with his wet tongue, he raised his head and looked down at Barb’s chest.

He held his breath. He’d never seen anything so beautiful! Her big tits were snowy white. Her nipples were pink and perfectly shaped circles with a gumdrop-sized bud in the center. Pete played softball, and he realized that Barb’s tits were almost the exact size and shape of the balls used in that game.

“Pete, don’t!” Barb whispered as she tried to throw her blouse closed over her tits.

Without realizing it, Pete grabbed her wrists and held them, preventing her from hiding her tits. She tried to pull her wrists away, shaking her tits with the effort.

The next thing Pete knew, he had dropped his face to one of her lovely tits and was sucking it. He let go of her wrists now — she couldn’t close her blouse with his head at her tits, after all!

But Barb had no intention of closing her blouse now. Rather, she threw her arms around the guy’s head and pulled his mouth tighter onto her nipple.

“That feels so good!” she uttered through clenched teeth.

With this mouth full of tit, Pete was going wild!

Pete’s mouth was opened wide, and his teeth pressed into Barb’s pliant titflesh. At the same time, his tongue poked around her nipple which was thrust deep into his mouth.

“Ohhhh!” Barb moaned, her lust obvious in her voice.

Pete was afraid to take his mouth from her nipple in case she closed her blouse suddenly. But Barb was moaning so passionately that he took the chance. He lifted his mouth from one nipple and moved it to the other.

“Ooo! Ah!” Barb cried as his mouth changed nipples and began sucking again.

Not only did Pete use his mouth on Barb’s exposed tits, but he used both his hands on them too. One held the unsucked tit, and the other held the bulk of the tit he sucked — the portion he couldn’t fit into his mouth.

As he feasted on Barb’s nipples and titflesh, he began to hope for more. He was already planning a foray to her cunt. She had never been so wantonly excited before, and she might welcome his fingers in her cunt.

Pete lifted his wet face from her tits and kissed her hard on the mouth. He stuffed his tongue into her mouth as he pushed her down on the couch.

Barb moaned more desperately.

Steeling himself, Pete reached for Barb’s waist. He found the snap that held her jeans closed and quickly opened it. Then he pulled down her zipper. Again he was terrified of feeling her hand on his wrist, stopping his quest for her pussy. He didn’t know if he could stop now even if he wanted to.

But Barb didn’t stop him. Now even when he stuck his hand down the front of her undies.

Pete’s fingers slid through her cunt hair as he pressed his hand between her body and the tight crotch of her jeans. The tip of his middle finger met the upper corner of her cunt crack, making Pete’s heart leap.

He forced his hand into her pants another half-inch before there simply was no more room. But now he had his finger in her pussy slot.

“Aaaa!” Barb cried in a tone Pete had never heard before.

Barb began wiggling like a hooked fish. And her moaning grew louder. In his innocence, Pete didn’t know he had his finger on her clit. Instead, he longed to reach the mouth of her flowing pussy which he knew was just a big farther. But he had to get her pants pulled down before reaching it.

So he took his hand from the girl’s pants. Then he lifted his mouth from hers.

“Oh, Pete!” Barb gasped with what sounded like disappointment to the teen.

But Pete grabbed her jeans and began to tug them down. Barb helped, much to his amazement and excitement.

As they pulled down her jeans, Pete scanned the girl with his eager gaze. He had known her for two years, had been necking with her for almost a year. Yet he hardly recognized her. First of all, he had never seen her with her gorgeous tits exposed. Second, the look on her pretty face was new — it was a mask of pure lust!

But, as Barb’s jeans slipped past her wide hips, Pete looked down at her crotch. He gasped as her hairy pussy came into view. Between her thighs he saw the crack of her cunt, pink-lined and glistening with fuck juice!

After staring at her pussy for a few seconds, Pete grabbed at her.

“Ohhhh!” Barb cried.

She pulled his face to hers again and sucked his tongue into her mouth. But Pete hardly felt her teeth biting down on his tongue since all his attention was on the sensation of Barb’s wet and hot cunt at his fingertips.

Now that Barb’s cunt was stripped of any protective clothing, Pete’s fingers reached down to the tender lips where her fuck juice seeped. Barb let her thighs sag open, opening the lips of her pussy. Pete’s fingers entered that wet and slippery cunt.

“Ooooo!” Barb cried.

Still kissing the girl, Pete began exploring her pussy. He felt the hot syrup that soaked her cunt gash. Then he examined her delicate pussylips. Parting them, he sent his finger up her tight cunt.

Pete’s heart pounded so hard he heard his pulse in his ears. He had never been so excited.

He searched Barb’s pussy, sending his long middle finger all around inside. Then he pulled his finger out and slid it back and forth along her cunt slot. The way her wiggling pussylips slithered around his fingers made him want to take a good look at her cunt mouth. But he had to take things slowly. After all, if Barb stopped him now, it would be a real disaster!

“Oh, Pete!” Barb moaned.

As his fingers swarmed in her wide-open cunt, Barb shook in a fit of passion. Her wild writhing made Pete drunk with lust. He had never imagined a girl could be so hot. He’d never gotten this wild when he jerked off. What was the girl feeling that made her wiggle and moan like this?

Pete lifted his mouth from hers. As exciting as it was to have her moaning into his mouth, he had to see her in her bliss. Since he hardly believed this was happening, he needed visual proof.

Barb grabbed Pete’s head and tried to bring his face back to hers. But he resisted, determined to look at the nearly naked girl as she went wild with lust.

The sight was startling! Her body writhed with quick, jerky movements which made her tits shake like jello. The muscles of her stomach were taut as she writhed. Looking at her cunt, Pete saw his hand dip past her pussy mound to her opened cunt. Lifting his head higher, he looked into her crotch. Pink folds of flesh held his fingers like an envelope.

“Oh, Pete!” Barb sighed as she grabbed his head and pulled it down to her tits.

Again Pete gobbled her nipples. The sight of her shaking body had doubled his lust, so now as he sucked her tits he shook almost as much as Barb did.

“Eeee!” she began wailing.

Her voice scared Pete. It was like a siren going off right next to his ear. So he jerked his head up again and looked at the girl.

Now her body bucked madly! Her firm tits bounced up and down and her hips did a hula dance, grinding her pussy on Pete’s hand. Looking at the girl’s face was even more exciting. Her eyes were shut tight and her mouth was wide open.

At first, Pete thought something was wrong with her. Had he hurt her cunt with his fingers? Then he realized she wasn’t in pain, but was out of her mind with pleasure. She was coming!

So Pete kept his finger stirring and fucking her cunt. He watched with bulging eyes as Barb went through the rapture of a fabulous orgasm.

Gradually she slowed and quieted until she was limp and gasping. Her tits heaved, and her body convulsed a few more times. Then she opened her eyes and saw Pete looking down at her with a shocked expression.

“That was beautiful!” she said as she hugged the guy and pulled him down to her.

Pete loved being held to her sweaty tits. But his prick was about to rip through his pants.

“Let me fuck you!” Pete said softly, hopefully. He felt the girl stiffen, but he still hoped she would fuck him. After all, it would be inhuman to leave him in such a state of desperation.

“I’ll beat you off,” she said. “Will that be all right?”

Pete’s heart skipped a beat. Where had Barb heard of beating a guy off? Had her sister been coaching her? In any case, Pete jumped at the chance. It wasn’t as good as fucking, but it was a lot better than anything else he’d ever gotten.

So he jumped up and pulled down his pants. He watched Barb’s face as he showed her his hard and throbbing prick. She was fascinated.

Dropping down beside Barb again, Pete brought his prick within her reach. He sat still, watching the girl marvel at the strange sight of an erect prick.

“God! It’s so big!” Barb whispered as she sat up, leaning forward.

Slowly, her hands moved toward his cock, the closer they got, the more his prick jerked.

“What makes it twitch like that?” Barb asked.

“That’s my heart pounding. Blood makes a prick hard.”

Both her hands descended on his cock, grabbing his prick like a baseball bat.

“It’s head is so soft,” Barb said as Pete panted with the excitement of having her hands on his prick.

As she moved her hands around on his prickshaft and cockhead, Pete wiggled and gasped. Her lightly exploring fingers were going to make him come before long.

But Barb let his prick go and lifted his balls. She held them in one hand and petted them with the other.

“Gee!” she sighed in amazement.

The pressure in Pete’s balls was becoming painful. He had to shoot before his gism erupted anyhow.

“Hold it here,” he said as he put Barb’s hand around his thick cockshaft. “And move the skin up and down like this.”

He set her hand pumping, then released it and slumped back as she jerked him off.

“Is this right?” she asked.

“Yeahhhh! A little faster.”

With her tits hanging over his prick, Barb stroked his cock, tugging the loose skin over his bloated prickhead, then down and up again.

Having a hand other than his own on his prick was heavenly. And having a hand belonging to such a gorgeous creature as Barb was almost unbelievable.

“Uhhh!” Pete gasped as his orgasm exploded.

“Wow!” Barb yelled as gobs of thick white fuck cream leaped from his cockhead.

She kept her hand quickly pumping up and down on his shooting cock. Some of Pete’s jism landed on her tits and then drooled down her belly. One shot hit her cheek. But she kept pumping like a champ.

She jerked his cock till he was drained. Her hand slowed, then stopped.

“Was that all right?” she asked.

“Oh, it was great!” Pete said.

Barb wiped jism from her face and tits, feeling it between her fingers.

“Is that what you do to yourself when you’re horny?” she asked.

“Yeah, but it never feels as good as it did this time,” Pete said. “Do you rub your cunt to make yourself come?”

“Uh-huh,” Barb admitted, averting her eyes coyly. “But it never felt as good as when you did it.”

They hugged each other until Pete’s prick was stiff again, which didn’t take long. But before they could begin again, Barb’s parents’ car pulled into the driveway. So they both jumped up and pulled up their pants. Barb quickly buttoned her blouse. When her mother and father walked into the living room, the teens looked like they had been necking, but the didn’t look like they had jerked each other off.

“Hello, Pete,” Mrs. Clark said. “Will you stay for dinner?”

“No, I have to get going,” he said. “My mother wants me to do some chores before dinner.”

Actually, Pete had to go because he wanted to be along to think about what had happened. He wanted to savor this treat, making it last.


The next day Pete rode his bike over to his best friend’s, Don’s, house. Don had a girl friend who let him finger fuck her. But she hadn’t ever jerked Don off. Pete was eager to brag about his recent experience with Barb.

“Wow!” Don said over and over as Pete told his story in vivid detail.

“My jism was hanging from her tits like icicles,” Pete said.

Don was impressed, and Pete felt like a hero.

“Hey, I was talking to my cousin yesterday.” Don said. “He told me how you can peek into the Kingston Hotel.”

“Why would anyone want to peek into that place?” Pete asked.

“That’s where the strippers are,” Don said. “You can look right down on the stage and even into their dressing room. My cousin did it lots of times. We should try it.”

Even though he’d experienced the joy of finger fucking and a hand job, Pete thought it would be exciting to peek at some strippers. So he agreed that they should give it a try.

It was a long bus ride to the old downtown section. Then they had to walk several blocks through a neighborhood where men sat in door stoops sipping from bottles hidden in paper bags.

“There’s an alley behind the building,” Don said. “Then we’ve got to climb up a fire escape to the roof.”

They cut through the bus station and a parking lot. Then they went down a dead-end alley littered with bottles and broken glass. There were some steel doors that had no handles and a lace-work of iron fire escapes on the brick walls which rose around them. A ladder hung from one of the fire escapes, but it was out of reach from the ground.

“You’ve got to grab this pipe and pull yourself up,” Don said.

Pete watched Don experiment until he found a way to climb to the ladder. Once he reached it, it was a simple matter to climb to the roof of the building.

Pete was soon following Don up the ladder. As soon as they reached the roof, they heard loud musk coming from the skylights which were set in two rows the length of the flat roof.

The guys looked at each other. Then, like burglars, they crouched down and sneaked up to a skylight. But when they peered into it, they found themselves looking down into a men’s room. A man stood at a long row of urinals.

But that wasn’t what they had climbed to the roof to see. They crept to the next skylight.

Now they were looking into a room lined with small tables, each of which had a round mirror above it. The tables were covered with small bottles and jars. There were chairs strewn with colorful clothing.

Suddenly, a figure appeared in the room. It was a naked woman! She threw a few lacy garments over the back of a chair, then sat down.

From overhead, the guys could see her big tits protruding from her chest. When she sat down, they caught a glimpse of her cunt hair.

Don grabbed Pete’s arm and shook it. “Great, huh?”

“Yeah!” Pete said.

The woman lit a cigarette and began wiping make-up from her face. The guys watched until she pulled on a jersey and a pair of jeans.

“Let’s check out the other skylights,” Don whispered.

Moving across the roof, the guys locked down into a barroom. There was a bar with men sitting with their backs against it. From another skylight, they saw some sparsely occupied tables. Finally, though, through the skylight at the end of the row, the looked down on a stage where another woman was dancing.

She had a pink, gauzy veil around her tits. Her cunt was bare, but from their position over head, the guys didn’t have a very good view of her pussy. But they were excited nevertheless.

The woman sat down on the stage and spread her legs. Then she began thrusting her cunt toward the men in the audience.

“Those guys have a good view,” Pete said, pointing down to some young guys in the front row who were leaning forward, their faces a few feet from the stripper’s thrusting pussy.

“I wish we were old enough to get in there,” Don whispered.

They watched the woman until her act was over. Although they hadn’t had as good a view as the men in the audience, Don and Pete did get some good views, and their pricks were stiff.

“Let’s go over there again and watch her get dressed,” Don said.

They went back to the skylight that looked into the dressing room. The stripper appeared and went through the same procedure as the last.

As she dressed, another woman came into the room. She began to undress. Then she put on a tiny piece of cloth that covered her cunt and was held in place by strings that went around her waist and down the crack of her ass. Over that she put on a transparent gown.

Then, as the woman put make-up on her face, a man came up behind her. He put his hands on her shoulders, leaned ever, and kissed her.

The woman whose act the guys had caught had left, so the man and woman were alone.

“Come to my office after your show,” the man said.

“Okay,” the woman said.

Then she left the room. The guys went to the skylight that gave them a view of the stage to catch this chick’s strip. She was soon on stage, dancing and pulling off her gown. Then she danced around with her big tits wobbling.

Next, she took off her g-string and began flashing her cunt at the men in the audience.

“Beautiful tits!” Pete whispered.

“Nice ass, too,” Don said.

The woman was down on her belly and her ass wiggled and pumped. Then she rolled over and spread her legs. She was looking up toward the skylight.

Pete’s eyes bulged. It was Ann Clark, Barb’s sister!

“Hey, look!” he said. “That’s Ann Clark!”

“You’re right!” Don gasped. “Holy cow!”

“I saw her at Barb’s yesterday,” Pete said. “I knew she had changed, but I didn’t know why.”

Watching Ann’s act was even more exciting now that the guys realized they knew her.

By the time she left the stage, they were panting. “Let’s see if we can see into that guy’s office,” Pete said. “I have a feeling something interesting will happen.”

“Something interesting would happen if she came to my office,” Don said.

The guys went down the other line of skylights. Through one of them they saw the man sitting at a desk. A few seconds later, they saw Ann come into the room.

“Baby, I’ve been horny all day,” the man said. “Rescue me!”

“Gladly,” Ann said.

The man got up from behind his desk and met the woman in the middle of the room. They embraced and kissed. Then they went to a couch and sat down.

Ann was already naked, and the man immediately began massaging her tits. Ann reached into his crotch and held his balls as they kissed.

Then the man pushed Ann back against the arm of the couch. He leaned over and sucked her tits. Ann ran her fingers through his black, wavy hair.

“Oh, suck me!” she said wantonly and loud enough for the guys on the roof to hear.

After some serious tit-sucking, the man stood up. As he pulled off his pants, Ann slouched on the couch with her crotch open. The guys saw her pink pussy gash like a beacon shining in her dark cunt hair.

Now the man dropped onto the couch with his prick stiff and towering over his stomach.

“Feel like sucking me?” he asked.

“Ummmmm, of course,” Ann said and lowered her face to his lap.

Don and Pete looked at each other. Their faces wore horny expressions of lust.

Then they looked down into the office again. Ann’s head was bobbing over the man’s lap. He stroked Ann’s bare back.

After Ann sucked the guy for a while, he said something to her that the guys couldn’t hear. But they saw Ann lift her face and crawl up onto the couch. She straddled the man’s tap holding her gigantic tits at his face.

The guys watched in awe as both Ann and the man reached to where their crotches came together. By Ann’s movements, the guys knew they were fitting the man’s prick into Ann’s cunt.

“Ahhhhh!” Ann sighed, her voice drifting to the hot guys on the roof.

Ann began bouncing on the man’s lap. The guys imagined how his prick must be fucking deep into her body as she bounced, and her cries of pleasure helped their imaginations.

The man tried sucking Ann’s tits as they fucked. But her tits were bobbing wildly up and down with her bouncing, and they kept slipping out of the man’s mouth. Even when he tried holding one tit at his face, it would slip from his grasp and begin flopping up and down again. Finally, the man gave up the idea of sucking her tits, dropped his head back, and watched Ann’s tits dancing on her chest.

Ann’s blond curls shook around her head and shoulders as she fucked her cunt up and down. The guys saw the cheeks of her ass slapping on the man’s thighs.

“Oh, Joe!” Ann cried, her voice rising in volume.

“Are you coming, baby?” he asked.

“Yessss!” Ann hissed. “Aaaaa!”

“I’m going to come too,” Joe said. “Uh-h!”

Meanwhile, on the roof, Don and Pete stared in a horny trance. They would have given anything to be in that man’s place. The cries of sexual bliss rising from the skylight told the whole story better even than the sight of the fuckers.

“Uhhh! Ohhhh! Ahhhh!” the two on the couch moaned in their ecstasy.

By the time the fuckers were still and panting in each other’s arms, Don and Pete were about ready to came in their pants.

“God!” Don said as they backed away from the skylight. “That lucky bastard!”

“Let’s get out of here,” Pete whispered.

Don nodded, and they hurried to the fire escape. As so as they were on the ground, Pete suggested going for a Coke. They went into a coffee shop and sat down at the counter.

“I’ll be right back,” Don said.

He went to the men’s room. Pete had been about to do the same, but now he had to wait until Don got back. As soon as Don returned, Pete hurried to the men’s room, pulled out his cock and gave his prick a half-dozen pumps. That was all it took to make his jism fly.

Now that he had witnessed the magic of fucking, Pete could no longer settle for anything less. Even the hand job Barb had given him was not going to take the place of the object of his dreams fucking!


“Want to come over tonight?” Barb asked Pete after school on Tuesday. “My parents are going out.”

“Sure,” Pete said happily. “I’ll be there.” This was a lucky break. Usually, he only got a chance to be alone with Barb on Saturdays. But, now that he was especially eager to get at her again, he was going to have his chance.

Since she had let him finger fuck her and had given him a hand job, Pete hoped she would go even farther next time. Also, now that he had felt the chamber of her cunt, he knew how good it would feel to stick his prick into that hot and tender pussy.

He thought of Ann. Barb was her younger sister, and maybe the change Ann had gone through would happen to Barb too.

Pete wondered if Barb knew that her sister was a stripper, but he didn’t want to admit he’d peeked into the Kingston Hotel.

“What’s Ann doing these days?” he asked Barb when he went to her house.

“Why?” she asked, and her tone made Pete think that she did know that Ann was flashing her cunt at the Kingston Hotel.

“I don’t know. I just wondered,” he said. “She was dressed so sexy that I thought she might have to look that way for some sort of job.”

“Oh, Pete. It’s terrible!” Barb said. “Promise you won’t tell anyone? She’s a stripper!”

“Really?” Pete asked, pretending surprise. “What’s so terrible about that?”

“Are you kidding? I suppose you think it’s all right for a woman to take her clothes off and have a bunch of horny men gaping at her.”

“Well, it could be worse,” Pete said. “Yet, but it’s bad enough,” Barb said. “What do your parents think of it?”

“I don’t know. I haven’t talked to them about it,” Barb said.

As they discussed Ann, they sat down oh the couch and cuddled together. Now they kissed, forgetting about Ann. Pete was thinking about Barb’s body and how he had gotten so close to fucking her the last time. He still saw her tits in his memory and was eager to get at them again.

Toward that goal, he stuck his tongue into her mouth and found her tongue. Then, as they intertwined their tongues in a wild kiss, Pete slid his hand to Barb’s tits.

“Ummmmm!” she hummed wantonly.

She seemed to be heating up fast — a good sign. Pete felt her stiff nipples through the material of her jersey.

Barb opened her mouth wider, thrusting her tongue deep into Pete’s mouth and biting his lips. She was becoming a real tigress!

Pete saw her passion as a sign of willingness to fuck. He reached inside her jersey, grabbed her bare tits, and squeezed each of them in turn. By that time, Barb was panting and squirming. She dug her fingernails into Pete’s thighs.

Pete grabbed her jersey and pulled it up. When Barb lifted her arms so he could pull it over her head, he was thrilled.

Barb’s firm tits were exposed. Pete hadn’t remembered how truly beautiful they were. Now, as he gazed at them again, their lovely shape and creamy texture filled him with lustful longing that he couldn’t resist, so he dove into those mountains of softness, landing with his mouth open.

Sucking one of her big, erect nipples into his mouth, Pete sighed in heat. How exciting it was to have a mouth fill of firm titflesh!

“Oh, Pete!” Barb whispered. “I love that!”

“Um-mmmmm!” Pete hummed in agreement.

Just like last time, sucking her tits made him eager to get at her pussy. So he unfastened her pants and pulled down her zipper. So far, it hadn’t even occurred to Pete that she might stop him. So when he felt her hand on his wrist he was surprised as well as devastated.

“What’s the matter?” he asked.

“Nothing, but can’t we just kiss like we used to?”

Pete was flabbergasted. He’d let himself become too confident. But he wasn’t going to let himself get stranded in mid-lust with a case of blue-balls.

Pete jumped up. He only knew he had to do something to change Barb’s mind, and even as he pulled off his shirt he wasn’t sure what he was up to.

Staring down at the girl who was now covering her tits with her hands, Pete threw his shirt down on the floor. Then he unfastened his pants and pulled them down. As he grabbed his underpants, he watched Barb’s face. Her gaze was glued to the lump in his underpants, fascinated, enchanted.

He stripped off his underpants and stood naked in front of the girl. Why hadn’t he thought of this before? After all, the sight of a hard cock must be thrilling for a young girl.

He stood in front of the girl who continued looking at his prick bob up and down. Pete almost felt hep gaze on him, and his prick began to throb harder. Showing off his big cock was exciting, and since the sight was having a powerful effect on Barb, Pete merely stood there, enjoying himself.

After about a minute, Barb lifted her ass and pulled down her pants. She seemed to be hypnotized by the sight of Pete’s prick.

She tossed her jeans aside, then pulled down her undies. Now she was naked, still staring at Pete’s cock. He remained standing, displaying himself for the girl. But now he enjoyed the sight of her flaked body, too. Her cunt was spread so her pink pussylips showed like a vertical smile between her soft thighs.

It wasn’t until Barb held out her arms to the guy that Pete sat down beside her again. They wrapped their arms around each other, pulling their naked bodies into a tight embrace.

“Oh, I love the way your body feels against mine!” Barb whispered.

“Yeah! It’s nothing like being dressed,” Pete agreed.

They kissed again as they explored each other with eager hands. Pete felt Barb’s tits, then ran his hand down her side, over her hip, and across her wide ass. He grabbed a firm asscheek and Barb dragged her fingernails down Pete’s back, then tickled his asscrack. Then she brought her hand around to his standing cock.

Pete shifted his hips, bringing his prick up so Barb could cross his cockshaft. And when her fingers arrived on his taut prickhead, he stiffened his body with pleasure.

“I can’t believe the way it throbs!” Barb said into Pete’s ear.

By now, Pete had brought his hand to Barb’s cunt. She spread her thighs, making room for his hand at her cunt.

“You’re so wet!” he said as his fingers dipped into her pussy gash.

They sat back now, exploring each other with their eyes as well as with their fingers. As Barb experimented with his prick, Pete spread her cunt lips and looked at her tender pussy slot. He had never seen anything so beautiful!

Passing his fingers over Barb’s cuntlips, Pete wiggled them back and forth. Then he watched his finger disappear up her pussy.

Barb gasped as her cunt lips stretched over the finger.

Barb discovered how she could press Pete’s prick into his stomach, but not down to his thighs. Then she examined the way the loose skin could be slid up over his cockhead. She loved to squeeze his cockhead, then let his prick swell again in her hand.

As Pete fucked his finger in and out of Barb’s pussy, stretching its mouth, he got more and more eager to stick his prick in there. But he forced himself to wait. He wasn’t sure Barb would let him, but the hotter she got the better his chances of fucking her would be.

His prick was jerking spasmodically as Barb squeezed and stroked. And, when she let his cock go to lift his balls, his prick wagged like the tail of a friendly dog.

Barb grabbed his prick again, this time with both hands. Then she leaned down as though to get a better look. But she kept lowering her face farther and farther, until Pete wondered what she was doing. As her face neared his prick, he lost his grip on her cunt because she pulled her hips back.

Pete felt the girl’s hot breath on his cockhead. Her tits touched his thigh. But the teen wiggling with lust, still had no idea what was happening. Only when he felt her soft tongue on his swollen prick did he realize what Barb was up to!

“Ahhhh!” he gasped, and his body jerked.

Over and over, Barb’s tongue licked his prick. Up his cockshaft and over his prick-knob her tongue slithered. With each lick, Pete trembled.

He thought Barb’s fingers had felt wonderful as they moved along his cock. But now the touch of her tongue sent waves of dizzying lust through him.

“Oh, Barb!” he gasped.

But he found that even that touch of her soft, wet tongue was nothing compared to the way her mouth fast as it descended over his prick.

“Ahaaaa!” he cried in surprise and pleasure as her hot mouth took his fat cockhead into a tight grip.

Barb’s teeth pressed sharply against his prickshaft, her lips formed a tight seal around his cock, and her tongue began wiggling beneath his prickhead. Pete shook and moaned blissfully.

Barb’s tongue was lifting him toward ecstasy. But the rate of ascent was slow and steady. Pete’s head dropped back and lolled as he was devoured by the joy of a blow job!

If she was willing to suck his prick she would be willing to fuck him, Pete reasoned. But soon he realized he was going to come before he got a chance to stick his prick into Barb’s cunt. In fact, he was going to come before he got a chance to take his prick out of her mouth!

Pete looked down at Barb’s blond head hovering over his lap. He was nearing an orgasm!

It would feel so good to come right in her mouth Pete thought feverishly. But he would have to warn Barb that he was coming. She would never forgive him if be didn’t. When she lifted her head, he would tell her to grab his prick and jerk him as she had the last time.

He waited to the last second. His hips began bucking and he was sweating.

“Barb, I’m going to come!”

But the girl kept her mouth firmly attached to his prick which was now fucking deep into the back of her throat as Pete pumped his hips.

“Barb!” he cried louder. “I-I-I’m com-m-m-m…”

His jism gushed from his prick in mighty spasms. Still, Barb kept her mouth on his cock, letting her mouth fill with his thick cream.

Pete bounced and writhed, overcome with intense pleasure. With Barb’s hot saliva mixing with his jism and her tongue and teeth sliding on his prick, he had the orgasm of his life!

Besides the sheer physical joy, Pete had the excitement of having his prick stuck in Barb’s pretty face!

“Ohhhh!” he moaned as his jism kept spurting. Barb was swallowing his fuck cream as fast as he was pumping it into her.

Even when Pete stopped shooting, Barb remained bent over him, holding his cock in her mouth. Her tongue moved over the shrinking bulk of his cock as her tits rose and fell with her deep breathing.

“Ummm!” Barb moaned suddenly.

Her body twitched. Pete wondered what was going on. After all, he thought it was all over.

“Mm!” she cried and bit down on his cockshaft. Then Pete noticed Barb’s shoulder moving rhythmically. Her arm was tucked beneath her body, and Pete guessed where her hand was. She was rubbing herself off as she sucked him.

Pete’s prick began to inflate again now that he knew what Barb was doing. Her tits, still lying on his thigh, were rolling with her increasing motion.

“Mmmmmmm!” she hummed on the teen’s prick which she still held in her mouth.

Having this chick jerking off while her face was over his prick and her tits were on his leg drove Pete to a high level of horniness. His prick was hard and throbbing again now as Barb’s teeth bit.

“Owww!” he cried in pain as the girl’s climax made her bite him hard.

Hearing his cry, Barb lifted her head and tits from him and rocked backwards, throwing herself down on her back. Now Pete saw the beauty of a young girl in the throes of self-induced sexual bliss!

With her legs spread wide, Barb rubbed vigorously at her gaping pussy. Pete saw how her hairy cunt lips were buffeted by her furiously rubbing fingers. Her tits shook with the motion, and her face was screwed up in an expression of ecstasy.

“Eeeeee!” she wailed.

Her legs, which were drawn up over her body, began to kick. Pete got her foot shoved against his arm and chest a few times before he backed out of the way.

He’d never dreamed of such a kinky sight! Beneath Barb’s gash, her asscheeks were wet with cunt juice. Her little asshole peeked out at him.

“Ahhhhhhh!” Barb sighed as she slowed her fucking fingers.

Her body ground to a halt. Her tits stopped shaking. She dropped her legs across Pete’s thighs.

“Gee! That was weird!” she said. “I got so hat blowing you I didn’t even realize what I was doing until I was coming! I’m so embarrassed!”

She covered her tits and rolled over, hiding her cunt from the teen. But Pete was so excited again, he had renewed hopes of fucking her.

“It was exciting to see you do that!” he said as he rolled her ever onto her back again. “I’ve never seen anything so exciting!”

“I can’t believe I did it,” Barb said.

Pete reached for her cunt. But her thighs were clamped tightly together now, and she wouldn’t open them.

“Barb, let me fuck you?” Pete whispered hoarsely.

“No!” she said, and shook her head.

Pete’s heart sank, but hit prick kept twitching. He saw that she was firm in her refusal, and she could be stubborn.

“Jerk me off then,” he said.

“You do it and I’ll watch!” Barb said eagerly. “That’ll be fair since you watched me.”

Pete was struck by a one-two punch. One — he felt a thrill run through him at the thought of jerking off in front of Barb. Two — he didn’t think he could perform his secret vice in front of her.

“Come on!” she urged. “I’d love to see how you do it.”

“Do it the same way you did it to me last time,” he said.

“I know,” Barb whined. “But I want to see you do it. Come on please!”

Pete knew he was going to hare to do it. And, as soon, as he realized he would, he was wild with passion. Although he was still shy and embarrassed, his excitement was beyond limits!

They both looked at the teen’s cock throb above his lap. Barb sat up attentively.

Slowly, Pete grabbed his prick, closing his fist around his cockshaft. He took a look at Barb’s naked body, then began to pump his cock. Jerking off had never been so exciting! With Barb sitting beside him, with her gorgeous tits exposed, jerking off was a completely new experience!

“God, that looks like fun!” Barb said. “Boys are lucky!”

“I think girls are lucky,” Pete said, still pumping. “You looked like you were out of your mind with pleasure!”

“I was!”

Now, as he pumped his prick, Pete looked up from his cock and ova at Barb. Her gaze was still fastened to his prick and his sliding fist, though. He looked at her tits, then down into her lap where her fuzzy pussy was.

“Ahhh!” he groaned as his second orgasm burst.

With Barb’s gaze on his prick, Pete had a great orgasm. But, before he knew it, more than her gaze was on him. She leaped forward, dropping her face to his erupting cock. Her mouth covered the tip of his prick and she drank the fountain of jism!

She loved his jism, Pete realized!

Again she sucked his prick clean. When she lifted her face, she was licking her lips.

“Mmmmm! I like that stuff!” she said with a smile.

As they dressed, Pete took a quick, wistful look at Barb’s cunt before she pulled up her pants. The blow job was great — he hoped to get more of them. But he still longed to fuck her.


Before he could be alone with Barb again, Pete became awfully horny. He thought about the blow job he’d gotten, and dreamed of fucking his prick into a pussy. He jerked off several times. But none of that was enough. He needed more!

Peeking into the Kingston Hotel again would be fun. The more he thought about it, the more exciting it seemed. Finally, he had to go there and get another look. He hoped to see that guy fucking Ann again. If he couldn’t get fucked, the next best thing was to watch someone else fuck. He went in the evening, alone. Creeping into that alley at night was different from when he’d gone there with Don. If there had been anyone there, Pete would have gone right back home.

But there was no one there, and he soon was on his way up the fire escape. No one was on the roof as he thought there might be just before he reached it. Still, it was scary being there. If it weren’t for his raging lust, he wouldn’t have had the nerve to do this.

The music seemed louder than last time as he tiptoed to the skylight over the stage.

One of the women he had seen last time was dancing around. She swung her tits and pumped her hips, showing the audience everything she had. The audience was bigger now, and they clapped and yelled at the woman when she gave them a good view.

Kneeling on the roof, Pete watched her, wishing he was in the audience where the view was better. When she finished her act, he went to the skylight over the dressing room.

Now there were two other chicks there besides the one who had just done her strip. One was Ann.

Pete felt like he was right in the room with them. Then he realized that the skylights were opened. It was a warm night, and cigarette smoke drifted from the skylights.

“How’s the house?” Ann asked the girl who bad just done her act. “Almost full,” the girl said. “Bunch of young guys in front are good tippers. One shoved a five in my g-string.”

“And now, the lowly Minky!” man’s voice said, drifting up from the skylight over the stage.

One of the girls he looked down on, a redhead, jumped up and hurried from the dressing room.

Pete saw how her big tits bounced under her flimsy costume, and he wanted to see her strip. But it seemed like more fun to watch the girls in the dressing room. For one thing, Ann was there, and since seeing her fucking, he was fascinated with her. For another thing, peeking into a private room, at the chicks who had no idea someone was watching, seemed somehow kinky and exciting. After all, watching the stripper on stage, he would be just one more pair of eyes out of a hundred.

Ann and the other stripper, a black-haired beauty, talked about this and that as Ann undressed. Pete thought it was more exciting to see a woman take off her regular clothing than it was to see a stripper slip out of a silly costume. But he had to admit it was still exciting to see the strippers shaking their tits.

When Ann was naked, she opened a canvas bag and pulled out the pink and black bits of shining material that were her costume. She pulled her g-string on, adjusting it over her cunt and pulling the strings tightly into her asscrack. Then she strapped on her ridiculously tiny bra. Over those garments she put on a black veil that was so transparent it barely dimmed her body.

“Seen Joe?” the black-haired woman asked. “Yeah, this morning,” Ann said as she studied herself in a mirror.

“Still fucking him?”

“Yeah,” Ann said. “He’s a good guy. And fucking him makes the day go faster. Jealous?”

“Hell no! I’ve fucked him too many times to be jealous,” the black-haired chick said. “You can have him with my blessings.”

“Well, I just hope he doesn’t start coming around to my place,” Ann said. “I don’t want to get that friendly with him.”

Pete was thrilled to find that Joe wasn’t really Ann’s boy friend. He was entertaining thoughts of fucking her himself. But would she fuck a guy like him?

The music stopped. The man’s voice was heard again.

“Let’s hear it for the sexy, gorgeous Minky,” he said. “Isn’t she beautiful? What lovely tits!”

There was loud applause.

“See you later,” Ann said as she left the dressing room.

“And now, Spicy Sugar,” the voice said. “Give her a big hand!”

Pete scurried to the skylight over the stage. He wanted to see Ann strip. Even after watching her take off her street clothes and put on her costume, Pete was dying to see more of her beautiful body.

The audience seemed to like Ann better, judging by their wild clapping and whistling. The music started, and Ann began dancing. Now that Pete had seen several of the strippers dance, he saw that Ann was different. She danced wildly, throwing her tits about with more energy and shaking her ass until her asscheeks flapped like a flag in a strong wind.

Men reached up with bills rolled up, and Ann danced to them, bent down, shaking her tits. They slipped the rolled-up bill into her bra or g-string, dipping their fingers in deeper than necessary.

During the first few minutes, Ann merely danced around. Then she took her veil off. Before long, her bra and g-string followed. Then she spread a rug on the stage and lay down. Now Pete had a good view as she rolled over and over, spreading her legs.

Pete grabbed the lump in his pants. He was heating up fast. But as much as he wanted to pull out his prick and jerk off, he resisted the urge. Somehow, he hoped to talk to Ann and get her to fuck him.

When her number was over, she went back to the dressing room. Pete followed her on the roof, watching as she sank into the chair at her dressing table.

Shortly after Ann came into the dressing room, Joe came in.

“Beautiful!” he said to Ann. “You get better every day!”

“You used to say the same thing to me,” the black-haired chick said as she went to where Joe leaned on a table. “Don’t you think I’m getting better every day too?”

The chick was thrusting a naked tit to Joe’s chest.

“Cut the crap, Joy,” he said. “You know you’re not interested in what I think.”

“Oh, that’s right,” the black-haired chick said. “I forgot.”

“Come on to my office, Ann,” Joe said.

“Be right there,” Ann said casually.

Pete felt a current of lust in his prick. It seemed he was going to watch Ann fuck that guy again. He wished it could be him, and he was surprised at his jealousy. Pete went to the skylight over Joe’s office. He saw the man come in and stretch out on the couch. He looked horny.

Ann came in wearing a white robe. Dramatically, she opened it and slipped it from her delicate shoulders. It fell to the floor, revealing her naked body.

“Gorgeous!” Joe said as he held out his hands to the naked woman.

Ann went to him and sat at the side of the couch.

Joe grabbed her tits and began massaging them as Ann unfastened his pants. She fished his prick out and began sucking.

Both sisters seemed to like sucking cocks, Pete noticed. He wished Barb had Ann’s love of fucking too as he remembered how Ann had fucked this guy last time. But Pete hoped they would fuck in a different position this time. The way they had fucked last time hadn’t let Pete see as much as he longed to.

As Ann sucked Joe’s cock, they both lowered his pants. Then Ann lifted her face long enough to pull his pants from his feet. She resumed sucking as Joe took off his shirt.

Now that he was naked, Joe pulled Ann from his crotch. She mounted him, bringing her cunt to his cock. They got his prick inside her pussy, and Ann began rocking and bouncing.

Pete still couldn’t see her cunt as he had hoped to. But he did have a good view of her tits as they hopped like bouncing balls.

Watching the fuckers doing what he had only dreamed about made Pete shake with lust. His prick was jerking and his balls ached. He had to jerk off! So he whipped out his prick as he looked down at the fucking couple.

He began stroking his prick in time with Ann’s bouncing body. Suddenly, though, something was cutting into his knee as he knelt beside the skylight. It felt like a piece of broken glass.

“Ow!” Pete whispered as he shifted his weight from his painful knee.

By shifting his position, though, he bumped the open skylight with his shoulder. It slammed shut, and one pane of glass shattered, raining shards into the room. After flinching under the falling glass, Joe and Ann looked up.

Pete had jumped back into darkness. He shoved his prick back into his pants and ran for the fire escape.

Pete’s heart was pounding, but now it wasn’t lust that excited him, it was fear. It would be simple for Joe to cut him off in the alley, and Pete heard the man yelling to someone.

Pete climbed as fast as he could, reaching the lowest ladder and hang-dropping from it. He dashed toward the entrance of the alley. But before he got there, a flood of light flashed in front of him. Then two men stepped into the light just in time to catch the running teen by the arms.

A fist crashed into Pete’s stomach, knocking the wind from him and doubling him over so he hung by the arms in the men’s grip.

“What’s the big idea, sport?” one of the men asked.

They threw Pete against the brick wall. He couldn’t breathe, let alone talk. But they kept asking him what he was doing, on the roof.

“You like to peek, huh?” a man said. “It’s bad enough getting a free strip show, but I don’t like being spied on.”

Pete recognized Joe although he looked different when seen face to face.

“Pete!” Ann gasped. “What?”

This was the worst thing that could happen, Pete thought. He would rather have the men beat him up than have Ann find him here.

“Leave him alone!” she said as she ran to him and pulled the men’s hands from him. “He’s a friend of mine.”

“You have some weird friends,” Joe said. Pete was just catching his breath, breathing with horrible sounds in his dry throat.

“Come on, Pete,” Ann said as she led him to the open door.

“Hey, where’re you taking him?” Joe asked.

“Never mind!” Ann said. “You’d better pick on people your own size from now on.”

“Did you ever see anything so dumb?” Joe asked the other man as Ann took Pete to the dressing room.

The sight of the redhead putting lipstick on her nipples didn’t help Pete catch his breath. Things were happening so fast he wasn’t sure whether he should be scared or horny.

“Leave us alone, will you?” Ann asked the redhead.

“Well, what’s this?” the redhead asked. “One of the audience stricken with horniness?”

“Joe punched him in the stomach, that big ape,” Ann said bitterly.

“That creep!” the redhead said.

“Please leave us for a while,” Ann said.

They were alone. Pete felt better. He was breathing almost normally.

“I’m sorry,” he said. “I shouldn’t have been peeking. But I heard about being able to watch the strippers. I didn’t mean to see you and that guy.”

That wasn’t quite the truth, but it had happened that way the first time.

Pete was sitting in a chair. Ann was leaning over him. Her robe had opened enough to show the teen her heavy tits hanging from her chest.

“Are you going to be all right?” Ann asked.

“Sure, I’m okay. I can’t even blame that guy for punching me.”

Pete looked up from Ann’s tits. There was a piece of broken glass in her hair. He took it and handed it to her.

“After peeking and breaking the window, I deserved to get punched,” Pete said.

“Nonsense,” Ann said. “It wasn’t your fault. Would you like to go over to my place and rest up? It’s right around the corner. I’ve got to go on again soon, but then I’ll be off for an hour, and I’ll come to see how you are.”

She handed Pete her key and told him where her apartment was. Then she walked him to the parking lot to make sure Joe wasn’t waiting for him.

When Pete got to Ann’s place, his head was still spinning. But he wasn’t too confused to hope that he would fuck him. Why should she? he asked himself. There was no reason except that he had interrupted her fucking, and she might be horny. But in that case, she would probably finish fucking Joe. But she was mad at him. On and on, Pete debated his chances of getting fucked. Finally, he decided that things had been so strange so far, anything could happen.

He paced around the apartment while waiting for Ann. It was shabby, but comfortable. In the bathroom there were sexy undies and bras hanging everywhere. Pete examined them carefully.

By the time Ann arrived, Pete was dying to come. If she wouldn’t fuck him, he would have to jerk off soon!

“How are you?” she asked as she rushed over to him.

“Fine, I’m fine,” he said, “Just horny.”

Ann turned her head slightly, looking at him from the corner of her eye and smiling slyly.

“Poor baby! My sister won’t fuck you, will she? God, when I think back to when I was her age! I was the same way.”

“But you’re not any more,” Pete said.

“No,” Ann laughed. “And I’m having a lot more fun now. If you weren’t my own sisters boy friend, I’d fuck you myself!”

“I wouldn’t tell her!” Pete said eagerly.

Ann laughed. “If you do tell her, I’ll never speak to you again.”

Pete tried to decipher Ann’s words. Was she saying she would fuck him? Was he going to get fucked after all? Did all the trouble he’d caused so far bring his dream to reality?

“You won’t, will you?” Ann asked. “Tell her, I mean. It’s important that you don’t.”

He was going to get fucked! Pete felt like he’d been punched in the stomach again. He couldn’t talk.

Ann came over to him and hugged him. Her big tits, barely contained in her blouse, pressed against his chest. Her mouth moved to his. When she slipped her tongue into his mouth, the teen came alive, throwing his arms around her and pressing the lump in his pants to her stomach.

“Mmmmm!” Ann moaned.

They stood there kissing, Pete holding on to one of her big tits.

“Come on,” Ann said, breaking away. “I’ve got less than an hour.”

She led Pete to her bedroom. Again he saw her strip. But this time it was a hundred times more exciting — she was stripping for him!

Pete pulled off his clothes. Then he joined Ann who was already on the bed.

“What a beautiful cock!” she said as she grabbed his prick. “Too bad Barb is letting it go to waste. Did she at least blow you like I suggested?”

“Was that your idea?” Pete asked.

“Yeah, I told her she’d better do something to keep you happy or you would probably find a chick who would.”

As they talked, Pete kept his hand on one of Ann’s gorgeous tits. He held it like a shot put, hefting it and caressing it. The thrill of playing with such a beautiful tit ended the conversation as Pete kissed Ann again. Then he moved close to her, pressing his prick to her.

As soon as Ann ran her fingers along Pete’s shoulders and back, he knew he was in the arms of an expert. And her tongue had an exciting way of curling around inside his mouth.

Then Ann kissed her way to his ear, bit his ear lobe, and traced the swirls in his ear with the tip of her tongue.

As if the treatment he was receiving weren’t enough, Pete was trembling with the anticipation of fucking Ann. He was eager to feel her cunt sliding over his prick, but he didn’t want to seem as innocent and desperate as he was. He was glad she had to hurry to get back to her job, though.

“Suck my tits!” Ann said.

Without wasting a second, Pete slithered down until his face met her tits. They had spread out slightly on her chest with their great weights. But they formed beautiful curves, crowned with big, erect nipples. Ann’s tits were bigger than Barb’s, even though Barb’s were firmer.

As he nibbled then gobbled Ann’s tits, Pete reached for her cunt. Her mound was plump and her hair soft. Her pussy slot was hot and wet.

Ann grabbed Pete’s cock. Her fingers wrapped around his prick with a sure, firm grip, not like Barb’s grip which always seemed hesitant. Then Ann grabbed his balls and squeezed them tightly, making Pete wince.

Ann moaned as Pete’s finger slipped into her flowing cunt.

She moved her hips in a way he had seen her doing on stage, wiggling her pussy on his fingers. Pete wiggled his finger until it was churning her cunt, stretching her pussy.

He kept sucking her tits too. With her erect nipple sucked deeply into his mouth, his nose pressed into her titflesh. He moved his mouth to the neighboring tit and sucked it, then moved back to the first tit. He dipped his face into the warm valley between her tits, and Ann shook her body, making her tits bounce against the sides of his head.

Meanwhile, Ann’s hand was readying Pete’s prick for fucking. He loved the way she handled him, her fingers traveled up and down his shaft. She took his balls into her hand, reaching to his asshole with tickling fingers. She must have had a lot of practice, Pete thought.

“I love the way you suck me!” Ann said breathlessly.

Pete found that by biting down harder he made Ann cry out louder. She seemed to like him to squeeze hard with his teeth while fluttering his tongue over her big nipple.

“Get inside me!” Ann hissed.

Her words hit the teen like a bullet. His prick leaped from her hand as he scrambled on top of her. He took his finger from her pussy, leaving her cunt open and waiting for his cock.

Pete fumbled at her cunt, holding his fingers at her pussy to guide his prick in. But his prick didn’t seem to fit. He felt her cunt hair bristling beneath his cockhead.

“Uhhh!” he gasped with exertion as he tried to lodge his prick in her body.

He lunged a few times, but his cock slipped up over her stomach.

“Hey, relax,” Ann said softly. “Take it easy. Let me help.”

Forcing himself to slow down, Pete let Ann grab his prick. She bent it down a bit, then pulled forward. Pete followed her hand, hoping to feel his prick fucking into her cunt before he came on her hand.

The head of his prick was suddenly surrounded by tender, hot flesh. He moved his hips forward, and his cock fucked into the tight fit of Ann’s pussy!

“Ahhhhhhh!” Pete cried as he was rifled with the sensation of fucking.

He fucked his cock deep into Ann’s cunt. It throbbed within the confines of her wet cunt chamber, his balls hung to her asscheeks.

Pete was out of his mind. He’d never dreamed anything could feel this good!

Instinctively, he began pumping. He fucked his fat cockhead back and forth in the tunnel of Ann’s cunt, charging himself with mounting pleasure.

“Ahhhh! Ahhhhh!” Ann cried.

Her moans fueled Pete’s passion, making him fuck his prick even faster. He was about to come, but his orgasm was merely part of a total insanity of ecstasy. He couldn’t distinguish between the friction of his prick in Ann’s cunt, the sound of her cries, the way her tits rolled beneath his chest, and the surges of joy running through his cock. It was all part of his overwhelming bliss!

“Uhhh! Uhhhh!” he gasped desperately.

After filling Ann with jism, Pete began to regain his senses. He felt her hips bucking as she kept his prick sliding deep into her cunt. Their stomachs were slapping together.

“Fuck me!” she yelled.

Pete had slowed his fucking. But he picked up the rhythm of her lunging hips, fucking his cock to the end of her cunt, then pulling almost completely out.

He knew Ann hadn’t come yet but was getting close. And he tried his best to give her as much pleasure as she had given him.

Her body became wet and clammy suddenly.

Her cries, which had been continuous, grew louder, more desperate.

She was coming, Pete realized.

“Ohhhhhhhh!” Ann screamed.

Pete was spent. He lay limp on Ann’s body, his prick shriveling in her cunt. Her tits cushioned his chest as they rocked him with her gasping breaths.

“That was wonderful!” Ann said. “Barb doesn’t know what she’s missing. Now, I’ve got to go.”

She gave Pete a few playful slaps on the ass to rouse him. He hated to let her go, but he rolled off her, landing on his back with his wet prick slapping down on his stomach.

“Thanks, Ann,” he said as he watched her climb to her feet.

“Don’t thank me,” she said. “But the show must go on. Spicy Sugar must do her act.”

Pete smiled at her as she pulled her blouse over her bulging tits and buttoned a few buttons.

“Hang around as long as you like,” Ann said. “See you later.”

Pete lay in her bed, keeping the warmth of her body mingling with his own warmth. He tried to keep alive the memory of her tight cunt fucking on his prick. But already the memory was fading. He would have to fuck many more times before really knowing what it was like. It was like trying to recreate the sensation of a roller coaster ride months after being on it.

Pete had to get home. If he were too late, his parents wouldn’t let him out again for awhile, and that might interfere with his fucking. By the time he was on the bus, heading home, the whole evening seemed like a dream.


Now that he knew how it felt to have his prick fucking a pussy, knew the joy of filling a cunt with jism, Pete was hornier than ever!

After school, a few days after fucking Ann, Pete looked for Barb. He hoped they could go somewhere he could get another chance to try and fuck her. In any case, a blow job would be very nice.

But Barb wasn’t to be found. So Pete went to her house. Her mother answered the door and said Barb wouldn’t be home until dinner time.

“But come in,” she said. “I just took some brownies out of the oven. They’ll be cool soon.”

Pete was about to decline, but then he noticed how much Mrs. Clark looked like Ann. He was fascinated by the similarity, and he decided to accept her offer.

They went into the kitchen. Mrs. Clark poured a glass of milk for Pete, and put a platter of brownies on the table.

“Barb went with Ann to shop for some furniture for Ann’s new apartment,” Mrs. Clark said.

Hearing the woman mention her daughters’ names made Pete hot. But watching Mrs. Clark was enough to turn him on. It was strange that he’d never noticed before how sexy she was. She had the body of a much younger woman, and Pete saw where Ann had gotten her big tits.

“How is Ann?” Pete asked, opening a topic that he found exciting.

“Fine!” Mrs. Clark said. “She’s in show business, you know.”

Pete hadn’t expected that reply. Maybe Mrs. Clark didn’t know that her daughter was stripping.

“You mean like an actress?” Pete asked.

“No, she’s a dancer. She dances at the Kingston Hotel.”

“Really?” Pete said, “I’ve never been there.”

“Neither have I,” Mrs. Clark said. “At least not in years. I wanted to go see Ann’s act, but she won’t let me because she has to take all her clothes off while she dances, and I guess she’d be embarrassed to have her mother watch. Isn’t that silly?”

This was surprising, Pete thought. Could Mrs. Clark be so naive she didn’t understand that the only reason Ann danced was to show off her tits and cunt?

“You mean she’s a stripper?” Pete asked, trying to determine Mrs. Clark’s opinion.

“That’s right,” she said. “With that body of hers, I’m sure she’s good at it too. She’s always been a good dancer. Takes after me.”

Pete looked at the woman who sat opposite from him. He munched a brownie, but his interest was with Mrs. Clark.

“Didn’t Barb tell you I used to be a dancer?” she asked.

Pete said she hadn’t.

“Really?” she asked. “Oh, I used to be an exotic dancer. When I was a hoofer, I was Madam La Rue from mysterious Marseilles.”

“No kidding?” Pete asked, amazed at the news.

“I’ll show you my scrapbook,” Mrs. Clark said as she hurried from the room, her tits bobbing in her blouse.

She came back with a big book that had bits of paper sticking out from the pages. She put it in front of Pete and drew up a chair beside him.

Opening the book, she showed him posters of her act when she was a little girl dancing with her parents. She looked like a rag doll.

“Then, when I was a teenager, I did an act with Barney Jones,” she said as she turned the pages. “That’s him. Handsome, huh?”

Pete liked looking at the newspaper clippings and colorful handbills. He’d never imagined Barb had come from a show-biz background.

“Here I am as Madam La Rue,” Mrs. Clark said as she flipped a page.

Pete’s eyes widened as he looked at the picture. She looked almost exactly like Ann. And she wore only a g-string, net stockings, and pasties on her nipples with tassels hanging from them. Pete’s prick began to swell.

“Gee, Ann looks just like you!” he said.

“Yeah, she’s a chip off the old block, all right,” Mrs. Clark said. “Barb takes after her father, but Ann is me all over again.”

“You were beautiful,” Pete said. “I mean you still are. I mean…”

“I know what you mean,” Mrs. Clark laughed. “I don’t look bad nowadays, do I? And my tits are still firm. Here, feel.”

She grabbed Pete’s hand and pulled it to her tit. The teen was shocked, but as soon as he had his hand on the woman’s tit he began to squeeze. She was right about being in, he found.

“Ooooo!” Mrs. Clark sighed. “That’s enough! Don’t get me excited now.”

For the first time, Pete saw Barb’s mother as a real woman. Before, she had always been like a stage prop, something to be polite to, to walk around, to consider as an obstacle to necking with Barb. But now Mrs. Clark became a real woman with soft tits, a hot cunt, and sexual desires.

She began turning the pages of the scrapbook again. As Pete looked at the pictures of her in her outlandish stripper outfits, he wondered what it would be like to fuck her, a woman as old as his mother. His prick throbbed at the thought.

“I used to be terrific,” Mrs. Clark said. “The way I would get my tits swinging, one going around one way, the other swinging the other way. Gosh! You should have seen that!”

Pete was amazed at the way she was talking. But he’d never really talked to her before, and he supposed that was the way stripers talked, even years after they stopped stripping.

“I wonder if I could still do that?” she asked herself out loud.

Pete wondered too. But he wasn’t going to ask her to try it, as much as he would love to see her try.

“Should I show you my act?” she said.

Pete looked at her, too shocked to reply. His mouth hung open, but Mrs. Clark pretended not to notice his condition. She talked as though she’d asked if he wanted her to play the piano for him.

“Well, would you like to see it?” she asked.

“Sure!” Pete managed to gasp, not really believing she was going to strip for him.

“Go into the living room,” she said. “I’ll get ready.”

Mrs. Clark rushed from the room. Pete, bewildered, went into the living room and sat down on the couch. Before long, Mrs. Clark came back wearing a robe. She had pinned her blond hair back and had put on some bright red lipstick and rouge.

“Let’s see. Here’s some good music,” she said as she pulled a record from a shelf.

The music began. Pete sat frozen on the couch, slightly embarrassed and wildly horny.

Mrs. Clark took off her robe, revealing a costume like the one he’d seen Ann wearing — a lacy negligee over tiny bikini panties and bra.

The music started, and so did Mrs. Clark. At first she swayed with the rhythm of the rock music.

Then she danced across the room, turning around to show Pete every angle of her shimmering body. Through the pink negligee, her body writhed like a snake, except for her tits and ass which shook like jello.

She opened her negligee, but caught its sides, on her tits. Then she opened it wider with her back to the teen, shaking her ass. When she turned to face him, her nipples were rising over the cups of her black satin bra.

Finally, she slipped out of the negligee and danced more vigorously. She unsnapped the bra, but kept it over her tits. Then, coming close to Pete, she threw the bra into his face.

“I couldn’t find my pasties,” she said as she danced. “I think they made stripping more exciting. But Ann said they don’t use them any more.”

Pete watched the woman’s bare tits being swung around. They weren’t as firm as Ann’s, but they were beautiful nevertheless!

“Now, let’s see if I still have the knack,” Mrs. Clark said as she spread her legs and leaned forward slightly.

Pete was amazed to see her start one tit flying around in a circle. She moved her body to keep her tit rotating. Then she grabbed the other boob and started it going the opposite way.

“There!” Mrs. Clark said triumphantly as her tits swung around in circles, one clockwise, the other counter clockwise.

It was truly an amazing sight. Not only was it erotic, but it was downright kinky, especially since this was the middle-aged mother of Pete’s girl friend!

“Ohhh!” Mrs. Clark gasped as she let her tits stop. “That’s hard work!”

She kept dancing, though. Now she only wore her bikini panties and net stockings. She sat on the arm of a chair and peeled off the stockings. Then, after dancing around a while longer, she slowly stripped off her panties. She was left with a g-string which only covered her pubic triangle.

Pete was melting in lust. All the surprises he’d had lately paled compared to this!

The music ended. Mrs. Clark stopped dancing and came over to the couch, dropping herself beside Pete.

“Of course, we never went further than this,” she said, panting from her exertions. “Now, Ann tells me, they take everything off. They practically wrap their pussies around the face of every guy in the audience!”

Mrs. Clark was sweating and breathing hard. Her tits rose and fell, sagging only slightly onto her chest. Her thighs were spread a bit, revealing curly cunt hairs which protruded from the patch of satin on her cunt.

“I think it was more exciting in the old days when we left something to the imagination,” she said. “Don’t you? Pete! What’s the matter?”

“N-nothing,” Pete said, gasping almost as much as Mrs. Clark was.

“Oh, dear,” the woman said, putting her hand over her mouth. “I’ve aroused you, haven’t I?”

“Yeah, a little,” Pete said. “I mean, a lot, really.”

If she was willing to strip for him, would she be willing to fuck him? He thought it very likely. The whole family seemed weird all of a sudden — except for Barb, who was too normal.

“I shouldn’t have shown you my act,” she said.

“I didn’t think.”

“No, I’m glad you did! Really, I loved it!”

“But now you’re all worked-up,” she said. “What can I do? I’m sure you wouldn’t want to fuck an old woman like me.”

“You’re not an old woman,” Pete said. “I think you’re beautiful!”

“Aw, you’re sweet,” Mrs. Clark said. “Does that mean you will fuck me? You can if you want. After all, I got you all worked-up, and I should try and satisfy you.”

Pete reached for the woman, grabbing one of her tits. They leaned toward each other and kissed. Then they threw themselves into an embrace. Mrs. Clark’s tits covered Pete’s chest.

After kissing and feeling her tits, Pete reached down to her g-string. It was strange to feel that satin patch on her cunt surrounded by naked flesh. It was more exciting than her naked pussy.

“Get undressed, honey,” Mrs. Clark said. Pete stood and began taking off his clothes. He wished he could put a record on and dance around while seductively pulling off his clothes. It would be fun do to a trip tease, but he wasn’t going to suggest it. Still, it was exciting to take off his clothes with Mrs. Clark watching.

When he only had his underpants hiding his hard cock, he grabbed them, hesitated, then slowly pulled his shorts down until his prick sprang free.

“Oh!” Mrs. Clark said. “What a beautiful prick you have!”

She reached out for his cock. Pete stepped forward, bringing his cock within her reach. When he felt her fingers moving over his prick, he gasped. Mrs. Clark handled him with even mote skill than Ann had as her fingers swarmed over his cock and balls.

“Beautiful!” she whispered like an expert examining a rare and precious object.

She cupped her hands around his cockhead, letting his prick throb in her grip. Then she reached for his balls and scooped them up, weighing and caressing them.

Pete stood in front of her, looking down at her as she examined him. This was even better than kissing and hugging and groping. He liked being the object of such scrutiny and appreciation. Besides, he knew this lusty lady was going to devour him with passion as soon as she finished this examination.

“You young guys have such wonderful, pricks,” she said. “So hard and strong!”

Holding him by the balls, Mrs. Clark dragged Pete forward. He climbed on the couch, his knees on either side of Mrs. Clark’s naked thighs.

Pete watched in awe as she tucked his prick between her tits. His prickhead poked out from the top of her deep valley as she pressed her huge tits on his prick, making a sandwich. Then she shook her tits, giving his prick a thrilling massage.

This new trick excited Pete even more. He couldn’t keep from jerking his hips, fucking his prick within the sandwich of titflesh.

But when he began fucking her tits too eagerly, Mrs. Clark released her tits, loosening their grip on his cock. She didn’t want to waste his jism on such a simple thing.

“Let me suck you!” she whispered as she grabbed his prick again and pulled his cock to her face.

Pete crawled forward. Mrs. Clark slouched down, lowering her face to meet his prick. She held his cock still, one hand around his prickshaft, the other clutching his balls. Her tongue slipped out and touched Pete’s prickhead.

“Ohhh!” he cried, jerking his body.

Mrs. Clark tightened her grip on his balls as her tongue circled his prick-knob. Then she curled her tongue and tickled the underside of his prickhead.

All Pete could do was shiver with lust and look down at the tongue licking his cock.

Then Mrs. Clark opened her mouth and pulled his prick in. She held his prick in her hot mouth, then moved her head back and forth, sliding his cock over her tongue.

This was too much for Pete to bear without coming. Just looking at the woman’s face with her mouth stretched wide over his prick was almost enough to make him come. Added to that was the glorious sensation of her sucking mouth on his throbbing cock. The result was a quick trip to ecstasy!

“Ohhhh!” Pete gasped as his body bent forward over Mrs. Clark’s head.

“Mmmm!” Mrs. Clark moaned with the excitement of having a teen come in her mouth. She knew she would be able to get the teen ready for fucking even after a blow job.

“Aaaa!” Pete cried as the first burst of bliss hit him.

Mrs. Clark had handled him so skillfully, had done everything so perfectly in bringing him to this state of ecstasy, Pete was caught in a blinding orgasm. And, kneeling over her as he was, his hips were free to fuck his prick deeply into her mouth and throat. He fucked his cock forward until Mrs. Clark’s head was shoved to the back of the couch. Then he released a flurry of prick pumping, fucking her face desperately.

As he fucked her mouth, Pete looked down at her. Her face wore an expression of frozen surprise as he fucked it. Below his swinging balls, her tits wobbled and shimmered.

“Ahhhhh!” Pete gasped as he filled her mouth with cream.

“Mmmmmm!” Mrs. Clark hummed.

When Pete’s climax ended, he tried to pull his prick from the woman’s mouth, figuring she would be glad to be rid of the fat cock. But she held onto his balls, keeping his prick in her mouth. He felt her tongue moving over his cock, and he realized she liked his jism as much as Barb did.

When she let go of him, Pete collapsed onto the couch.

“Ummm, that was good!” Mrs. Clark said licking her lips.

Now she had to figure out a way to get the teen hot enough to fuck her before she lost her mind from horniness. His prick was soft, and she needed his cock to be hard so she could get his prick into her hungry cunt.

So she climbed on Pete, straddling him with her g-string-covered cunt over his chest. She gyrated, giving him an eyeful as her tits swung from side to side.

She saw how the teen’s gaze roamed from her crotch to her tits. Even though her cunt was hidden by her g-string, it was a gorgeous sight with her asscheeks below, quivering with her movements.

Mrs. Clark unfastened her g-string and let it fall to Pete’s chest. Now her cunt was bare and gaping. Pete’s eyes burrowed into the tender pussy slot. He’d never gotten such a good look at a pussy before. He saw Mrs. Clark’s cunt-lips guarding her pussy entrance. Near the top corner of her cunt was an interesting fold of flesh that Pete knew was her clit, the most sensitive part of a cunt. At the rear corner of her cunt was an inch of flesh that separated her pussy from her asshole, and it shined with her leaked cunt juice.

“Do I have a nice pussy?” she asked.

“Yeah! Beautiful!” Pete sighed.

The woman slid her fingers through her cunt hair until they were lined up at either side of her pussy crack, and then she spread it. Her cunt lips opened, revealing the darkness of her pussy tunnel.

The sight made Pete dizzy, as though he might lose his balance and tumble headlong into her dark cunt.

As he stared, transfixed by the beautiful sight, her cunt loomed larger, as though getting closer. Her pussy was getting closer! Mrs. Clark was moving forward, holding her cunt open, and bringing her pussy to Pete’s face.

She didn’t want to scare the guy away, so she moved slowly. She knew it was likely that he’d never eaten a pussy before, especially since he was hanging around with her daughter Barb. Bui if he were willing to lick her cunt, nothing else would get Pete ready to give her good fucking.

With the opened cunt approaching his fate, Pete was soon breathing the heady odor of her hot fuck juice.

Mrs. Clark stopped just short of shoving her pussy over the teen’s face. She wanted him to show that he was interested in eating her.

For a while, Pete merely held there, shivering with excitement and staring at the pink cunt that hovered a few inches above his face.

Maybe he had never thought of sucking a cunt, Mrs. Clark thought when Pete remained staring with his mouth closed. She decided not to press him to eat her. Instead, she moved her fingers into her pussy slot and began playing with the wet folds of flesh within.

Pete watched as she dipped a finger up her cunt while another finger played with her clit.

Pete had been too stunned to do anything. He knew what she wanted, but he wasn’t ready to stick his tongue into a flowing cunt. After all, a short time ago he was a horny virgin, almost a total stranger to pussies altogether. But now that he was used to having Mrs. Clark’s pussy in his face, he reached for her cunt with his hand.

Reaching into her crotch from beneath her ass, his fingers joined hers in her slippery pussy slot.

He put a finger up her cunt tunnel with her own finger still in there. Then he combed his fingers through her wing-like pussylips. Gradually, Mrs. Clark let him take over. Then she raised her hand to her tits and began massaging them.

With his fingers in Mrs. Clark’s cunt, Pete was beginning to wonder what it would be like to eat her. The thought excited him so much his mouth watered.

He was going to have to try it, he knew. Having her pussy so close to his face made it impossible to resist. So, dizzy with lust and with a pounding heart, Pete lifted his head and stuck out his tongue. He pulled his hand out of the way.

“Oh, yes!” Mrs. Clark cried when she saw his tongue disappear beyond the horizon of her cunt hair.

Pete’s tongue moved up until it touched the wet flesh of her spread pussy gash. He moved a bit, feeling her satiny cunt-lining. Her fuck juice seeped down his tongue and into his mouth.

“Oh, Pete!” the woman gasped.

Pete liked the flavor of hot cunt juice. Ann he loved the way her cunt lips felt as they slithered over his tongue!

The more he licked her pussy, the more he liked it; and the more he liked it, the harder he pressed his tongue against her cunt gash.

“Ooooo!” Mrs. Clark wailed every time Pete’s tongue passed through the spread lips of her pussy.

Pete looked up at the woman’s face as he ate her, watching as the progress of his cunt lapping twisted her features in a mask of lust.

Mrs. Clark’s body glistened with sweat now as she began to buck her hips. She ground her face on Pete’s out stretched tongue, pressing down harder and harder.

Her hairy mound spread over the teen’s face, covering his mouth and nose. Then, suddenly, her cunt was gone. She had pulled her crotch away from his face and was crawling backwards over him, taking her cunt to his prick.

Being able to breathe again, Pete gasped and wiped the fuck juice from his face. Mrs. Clark’s ass backed into the teen’s wagging cock. Reaching around her hips, she grabbed his prick and backed her ass over his cock. Then, raising herself a bit, she lined his prick up with her cunt tunnel.

Pete watched as his prickhead was fitted into the pink pussy gash in Mrs. Clark’s crotch. Then, as she lowered herself, she saw his cock slide into her pussy. Her hot cunt swallowed his prick.

“Aaaaa!” they both cried, their voices joining in a duet of fuck-lust.

The woman had a snug cunt, Pete realized as he enjoyed the tight grip on his cock. He felt like he was reaching halfway to her heart.

Before beginning to fuck his prick, Mrs. Clark rocked back and forth and swiveled her hips. That way, the teen wouldn’t come while she gave herself an orgasm. Pete felt his prick moving about inside her pussy and watched her rise to a pinnacle of pleasure.

“Ooooooo!” she wailed in a high-pitched cry as she came.

With his prick merely stirring her cunt rather than fucking in her pussy, Pete felt something he would never forget. Her cunt began snapping, squeezing his cock with irregular but powerful grabs. At the same time, Mrs. Clark put on a fabulous show by shaking her tits wildly!

In her cunt, Pete’s cock was swollen and throbbing. But without the friction of her sliding cunt-tube, he wouldn’t come, and the woman could ride him as long as she liked.

But after howling with bliss for a while, Mrs. Clark quieted and began fucking up and down on the teen’s cock.

Now it was Pete’s turn for ecstasy. Mrs. Clark leaned forward, resting her hands on his chest and letting her tits swing. Her ass bobbed up and down, pulling her pussy back and forth over Pete’s cock.

“Ahhhh!” he moaned.

Mrs. Clark moved with a regular, relentless rhythm. Up and down her ass bounced — in and out Pete’s prick fucked. Each cycle brought him a little closer to coming.

He gasped as he took deep breaths.

He tried pumping his hips too, but Mrs. Clark’s motion didn’t change or quicken. She was fucking him like a machine. That steady pace delayed his orgasm, making it more powerful when it struck. Also, since Pete had come a short time earlier, his prick was tender and ticklish.

He came! With great jolts of pleasure and huge gushings of jism, he reached fabulous heights of sexual rapture. Still Mrs. Clark’s cunt rose and fell with the same maddeningly steady rhythm.

“Aaaaa!” Pete screamed as he reached for the woman’s swinging tits.

His orgasm was first-rate! His pleasure sublime!

Only as he began to come down from the heights of pleasure did Mrs. Clark change her tempo. Suddenly, her hips bounced faster — twice as fast, then faster yet!

That sudden flurry of action brought Pete’s dying climax back to life.

His voice rose desperately.

Now he realized the reason for the woman’s steady fucking. It was the technique of a genius?

When they stopped, sated, Mrs. Clark dropped down on Pete’s chest, flattening her tits on him. She was spent after her supreme effort.

They were so dazed and exhausted they didn’t even budge when they heard the front door open and close. When they finally realized someone was about to discover them still in fucking posture on the couch, they leaped up.

Too late. Barb stood at the door staring in horror, her school books spilled at her feet. Without uttering a word, she turned and ran. The sound of her bedroom door slamming rang through the house.

“Oh no!” Mrs. Clark gasped. “What have I done?”

She jumped off Pete and gathered up her scattered costume. Pete got up too and began dressing.

“It’s not the end of the world,” Mrs. Clark said, “I’ll talk to her. She’s stubborn, like her father. But I’ll bet I can patch things up.”

“I hope so,” Pete said before he dashed out of the house.


Pete didn’t hear from Barb or Mrs. Clark for the next week. So Pete called up on the phone.

“I don’t think she’ll talk to you,” Mrs. Clark, who answered, said. “But hang on and I’ll tell her you’re on the phone.”

She came back a few minutes later. “She slammed her door and won’t come to the phone,” Mrs. Clark said. “I’m not surprised. She won’t talk to me either. I think she needs some more time. I told her that it was all my fault, that I was telling you about my career and then showed you my act. I explained how we both got carried away. Barb isn’t the type to get carried away, so she doesn’t understand.”

“I’ll call back next week,” Pete said.

He missed Barb, especially now that she had become looser with her sexual favors. But it was more than never getting another blow job from her. Pete really liked her and was hurt about what had happened.

Maybe Ann could help, he thought. Of course, in the back of his mind, there was the hope of fucking Ann again — a weird way to make up with Barb. But Pete was terribly horny. It seemed that the more he got fucked, the more fucking he needed!

He called Ann and asked to see her. Happy to bear from him, she invited him over that evening at seven.

During the bus ride, Pete almost forgot about his problem with Barb as he remembered the fun he’d had with Ann. He was eager to get to Ann’s apartment. When he got off the bus, it was already ten minutes after seven. Pete knew she would only have an hour or so before she would have to go do another strip, and if he didn’t hurry it would be too late.

So he began running. He got there in record time, but it was about twenty after seven.

When he knocked on Ann’s door, he was out of breath. But his prick was hard. He listened eagerly for Ann’s footsteps, but there were none. He knocked again, louder. No one answered.

She couldn’t have left already, he knew. Maybe she was late getting back and was on her way. He tried the door and found it open, so he let himself in. He was sure Ann wouldn’t mind since she expected him.

“Is that you, Pete?” Ann’s voice called from the bedroom.

“Yeah,” he said. “Didn’t you hear me knocking?”

“You were so late…” Ann stopped talking as Pete entered her bedroom, seeing for himself why she hadn’t answered his knock.

The black-haired stripper Pete had seen at the Kingston Hotel was in bed with Ann. They had a sheet pulled over them, but the bumps of their erect nipples on the sheet showed the teen that they were naked. And there was a scent of cunt juice in the air.

“I didn’t think you were coming,” Ann said. “Oh, do you know Joy? Joy, this is Pete.”

They said hello. Pete felt a weird thrill at finding Ann in bed with another chick. But did that mean he was out of the running as far as fucking Ann went?

There was silence. Pete felt awkward, but he couldn’t leave. What man could walk out of a room in which two naked and sexy chicks were under a sheet?

The girls looked at each other. Pete looked at them hopefully. He didn’t know what it was he hoped for, but the possibilities seemed endless.

“Let’s get him in bed with us,” Joy said. “If you don’t mind sharing him, that is.”

“What do you think, Pete?” Ann said. “Want to join us?”

“Sure!” he said happily.

As he stripped, he felt a vague fear that he wouldn’t know what to do with two chicks at once. But they apparently could do everything themselves and didn’t need him. He could just go along for the ride.

Naked and hard, he approached the bed. The girls threw the sheet off, kicking it out of the way with their feet. The sight of their naked bodies lying side by side was staggering. Compared to Ann’s voluptuous body, Joy’s was boyish, with small well-formed tits. Her tanned skin was a nice contrast to Ann’s pink-white flesh.

“Climb right in,” Ann said. “We both want to get a hold of you.”

Pete climbed over Ann and lay down between the girls. The bed and their bodies were hot and damp. As he made himself comfortable, the girls closed in on him, pressing their faces and tits toward him.

“Isn’t he better to kiss than I am?” Ann asked Joy as she grabbed his cock.

“I don’t know about that,” Joy said. “But he does have a prick.”

If Pete had merely rested there, the girls would have taken care of him. But he wanted more than to be taken care of — he wanted to fuck these two sexy chicks!

So he threw his arms around their shoulders, pulling them closer. He turned his face to Ann, kissing her deeply. Then he kissed Joy with the same passion. As they took turns kissing the teen, the chicks grabbed his prick and balls.

“I’m glad you showed up,” Ann said as Pete stuck his tongue into Joy’s mouth. “There really is nothing like a hard cock!”

As she spoke, Ann slithered down Pete’s body until she could lick his prickhead. Joy was still playing with his cock as Ann licked, and one of the girls, he didn’t know which, was squeezing his balls.

Pete grabbed Joy’s tits. They were the smallest he’d handled, and he found that size wasn’t very important after all. In fact, after Ann’s and Mrs. Clark’s big tits, a small neat pair like Joy’s were a treat. They were firm and perfectly formed.

Ann’s tongue, sliding around on his prickhead, took his mind off Joy’s tits, though. He held Joy’s erect nipple in his mouth, but the pleasure of being licked by Ann stole his attention. Joy realized that, so she took her tits from him and moved down his body beside Ann.

“Give me some!” Joy said as she shoved her face between Ann’s at his throbbing prick.

Pete watched as Joy added her tongue to Ann’s. They both were covering his prick with hungry swipes of their soft tongues.

“Gee!” Pete gasped with amazement as much as with pleasure as he looked down at the incredible sight of the chicks beside his legs and licking his prick like an ice cream cone melting in the sun.

It was Ann who held his balls, he saw. Joy held his cockshaft. But then they both let go of him so their tongues would have more territory to lick.

“Mmmmmm!” Ann moaned as she took his prickhead into her mouth.

Joy licked her way down his cockshaft to his balls. Cocking her head, she dipped her face between his thighs and took his balls into her mouth. She bit down until Pete yelped.

As the girls sucked and licked his prick and balls, they pressed their tits on his thighs, and Joy wrapped her thighs around his side and pressed her cunt to his foot. By wiggling that foot, Pete made her hum with pleasure on his balls.

Pete began writhing from the pleasure the girls gave him. He pulled a pillow beneath his head so he could watch comfortably.

As Ann held his prickhead in her mouth, she reached over to Joy and stroked her shoulders and neck. Then she reached for Joy’s tits. Joy rolled back, lifting her tits from Pete’s thighs and giving Ann’s hand a chance to grab them.

The sight of Ann feeling Joy’s tits thrilled Pete as much as their mouths on his prick and balls did. Joy still held his balls in her mouth as Ann squeezed her tits. Then Joy reached over to Ann’s tits.

They felt each other up as Pete watched. Joy lifted her face from his balls and began kissing Ann’s face as Ann sucked Pete’s cock.

“You look so beautiful with a cock in your mouth!” Joy said, then stuck her tongue out and licked Ann’s lips as they encircled Pete’s prick.

Joy used her tongue to pry Ann’s mouth from the teen’s cock. Then she took his prick into her hot mouth as Ann kissed her face. They took turns and didn’t fight over him.

Now Ann stuck her tongue into Joy’s mouth. Since Pete’s prick was already in there, Joy’s mouth had to open wider. Finally, Joy lifted her mouth from the teen’s prick and sucked in Ann’s tongue. Pete’s prick, throbbing madly, slapped against the chicks faces as they kissed. They were still grabbing each other’s tits, too.

“Mmmmmmmm!” one of them hummed with passion.

Except for Pete’s foot which still pressed against Joy’s cunt, he might as well never have showed up. But he didn’t mind being left out for a while. After all, having two chicks kissing and groping right on top of him was thrilling enough! And his prick was in contact with their kissing faces.

The girls seemed to have forgotten him. They squeezed their tits together as they kissed. So Pete decided to take matters into his own hands. He crawled out from under them. Then he went to the foot of the bed and approached from the opposite direction.

Joy lay with her legs spread. Her cunt smiled at Pete as he reached for her. Ann’s thighs were closed, but Pete pulled her legs apart, opening her cunt too.

When the girls realized what Pete was trying to do, they both threw their legs wide open.

Between their long slender legs, Pete reached for the girls’ cunts; Joy’s with his left and Ann’s with his right. He cupped their pussy mounds, finding Ann’s more plump. Then he stuck his fingers into their cunt slots. They were both slippery with fuck juice, but they felt different since Joy had pussylips that protruded slightly — they were tabs of flesh which Pete took between his fingers. Then he sent a finger up their cunts.

“Ummmmmm!” they both moaned.

Joy’s cunt was tighter. Pete figured that was because she was slimmer. Nevertheless, both pussies would make fabulous sheaths for his twitching cock!

Now that Pete had broken the cunt lapping barrier with Mrs. Clark, the cunts he now wore like rings made his mouth water.

The way he was lying made it more comfortable to stick his face into Joy’s crotch first. So he kept his finger in Ann’s cunt as he stuck out his tongue and licked Joy’s pink pussy.

“Nnnnn!” she cried into Ann’s mouth as Pete began running his tongue along her seeping cunt gash.

Pete tried out different ways of licking, using his tongue’s pointy tip and its flat surface. He licked her pussy slot, her clit, and probed her cunt tunnel. Joy began wiggling her hips.

But Pete didn’t linger. He moved his face to Ann’s pussy and licked avidly. As he did, he stuck a finger back into Joy’s cunt.

Ann reacted to his tongue with more passion than Joy did. She clamped her thighs on Pete’s head and bucked her hips. Pete felt a crick in his neck, but he kept his tongue fucking into the cunt grinding on his face.

Pete pulled his head free and moved back to Joy’s cunt. Back and forth his tongue went, licking the cunts. The girls were getting wilder. When he tried to pull his head from Ann’s clamped thighs again, she held on tight, not wanting to lose his tongue.

“Don’t stop!” Joy cried when he took his tongue from her cunt.

Pete had gotten himself in a predicament as both girls cried for his tongue. But, being a clever lad, he found a solution. He brought the chicks together, belly to belly, cunt to cunt. Then he got behind Joy and stuck his head into the two pressed together crotches. That way, he was able to lick them both with each swipe of his tongue.

The chicks’ clits were almost touching, and Pete could flutter his tongue over both without moving his head. But he only did that between trips from one flowing pussy to the other.

“Eeeee!” the chicks wailed, still kissing each other.

As they neared ecstasy, they shook and jerked their lips, beating Pete’s head between their thighs. But he toughed it out, keeping his tongue moving and lashing at their cunts even as they pound their clits together.

The muffled cries that issued from their kissing mouths thrilled Pete as much as did the wet cunt slots which his tongue fucked through.

“Ohhh! No more!” Ann cried as she pulled her pussy from Pete’s tongue.

Now he concentrated his cunt lapping on Joy’s cunt as she shook and wailed.

“Ohhhh! God!” she screamed as she came.

By the time Pete lifted his face from her cunt, his ears were bright red from the friction of their thighs. His face was soaked with cunt juice.

Just as he got to his knees, the chicks tackled him. Pete fell flat on his back, bouncing on the mattress. The girls were back at his prick, licking and sucking his throbbing cockshaft.

First, one would take his prick deep into her throat and bob her head up and down. The other would kiss his balls or the face of the other chick.

“My turn!” Ann said when Joy sucked too long.

Pete, after eating their cunts, was wild with lust. And now their mouths were bringing him near an explosion of ecstasy. But when the girls switched mouths, Pete’s progress slowed. Tie moved up two rungs on the ladder of lust as they sucked, then moved down one as they switched, leaving his prick unsucked for a few seconds each time.

This way, Pete was building up a tremendous head of steam. When the valves opened, there was going to be havoc!

“Ohhhh!” Pete gasped.

He loved the look on the chicks’ faces as they waited to get his prick into their mouths again. They looked so eager, as though they were afraid the other was going to get to drink all his gism.

They both put a hand on his cockshaft so each could jerk his prickhead to her mouth faster when her turn came. And, now that Pete was gasping, they pulled his prick from mouth to mouth after only a few dips of their heads. So now their hands, tugging his prick back and forth, gave his cock a message which added to the pleasure of their sucking.

“Aaaaa!” Pete cried in lust as he felt his orgasm rage.

Joy thrust her head at his spewing prick before Ann’s head was out of the way. But neither chick was willing to let the other have his spewing prick. So they both pressed their open mouths at his cock, getting some of his fuck cream into their mouths, but most of it shot on their faces.

Pete’s orgasm was robbed of some intensity since neither chick was really sucking him now. But their tongues were licking him, coaxing more jism from him. And the sight of them struggling to get an extra gob made up for the lack of friction from their mouths.

“Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhhh!” Pete gasped as the last of his cream was licked by their flashing tongues.

The teen leaned back, spent and gasping. But the struggle at his prick continued. Lifting his head again, Pete watched the girls licking his gism from each other’s face. When they’d licked up every drop, they pressed their open mouths together, trying to taste what was left in each other’s mouth.

Even in his exhausted condition, their wild greed amazed the teen. They never stopped. Even when every bit of his jism must have been swallowed, the girls wrestled, kissing and knocking their tits together.

Pete was content to watch now. It seemed that they had gotten hot again from sucking him off, and they would have to give each other another orgasm before finding peace.

They reached for each other’s cunt, dipping their fingers into them. Pete watched with pleasure and curiosity. They finger fucked each other as he had finger fucked them, he noticed with satisfaction.

They began shivering, then quaking violently as they both neared release. Their bodies began to sweat, making the sight even more spectacular for the teen who watched in awe.

Finally, the girls let go of each other and rolled onto their backs. Pete watched their tits heaving.

“Shit!” Ann said as she glanced at the clock.

“We’ve got to go!”

“What a rotten shame!” Joy said as she got up.

Pete watched them dress. Watching them finger fucking had stiffened his prick again, and he was all ready for more action.

“See you later!” Ann and Joy called back to the teen as they rushed out the door.

Pete, left alone, relaxed and rested. The thrill of perverted sex made the peace and quiet of the empty apartment a welcomed respite.

As he lounged around, Pete remembered why he had come to Ann in the first place — he wanted to get her help patching up the situation with Barb. But he couldn’t wait until she got back. He had told his parents he was going to the library, and he had to get home. But since he hadn’t talked to Ann about Barb, he still had a good reason to come back.


The next day, Pete called Ann. He told her it was important that he speak to her and asked if he could come over again.

“Sure, any time.” Ann said. “You can come over even if I’m not there. Use the key under the mat.”

So after dinner, Pete told his parents he had to go back to the library. In a half-hour he was taking Ann’s key from beneath her door mat and letting himself into her apartment. He put the key back under the mat and went in. No one was there.

Pete sat down and flipped through a magazine. Even though Ann wasn’t home, her sexy spirit seemed to fill the place. From where he sat on the couch, Pete could look into the bedroom at the bed where he’d had so much pleasure. And the door of Ann’s perfume lingered, teasing the teen.

He got up and paced back and forth. His prick was stirring already, but Ann wasn’t going to be back for a half-hour. Jerking off, although tempting, would be foolish. After all, Ann could take care of his lust much better than he could.

But as he passed the bathroom door, he noticed that there was still an assortment of her underwear hanging about. So he began examining those sexy garments. Some of the panties were little more than two triangles of flimsy material held together with a few ribbons. Pete lifted each one and held it up, imagining Ann’s cunt and ass packed into it.

After that diversion, he went into her bedroom. The empty bed, unmade and inviting, taunted his passion. He sat down on it, imagining all the fucking that had taken place there. Then he went to Ann’s dresser and looked at all the bottles and jars of make-up.

For a reason he didn’t understand, he opened her top drawer. It was filled with more underwear, a sea of shining fabric. He dipped his hand into it as he would into a stream of cold water.

Among the silky garments, Pete found a hard object which he pulled out. He knew what it was because he’d seen them advertised in magazines. It was a vibrating dildo! White, long and fat, shaped like a rocket, it felt heavy and slick in his hand. There was a switch on it’s base. Pete tuned it on and it began to vibrate in his palm.

He could see, in his fevered mind, Ann slipping this thing up her hot pussy. He put it back and closed the drawer before he lost control. Or was it too late for that? He was getting some pretty kinky ideas.

More restlessly horny than before, Pete went back into the bathroom and looked again at the sexy underwear. What if he tried on a pair of those tiny panties? It seemed like fun, and he was already panting merely from the thought of such a weird notion.

There was no stopping now! With his heart pounding and his breath rasping, he stripped off his pants. Then he pulled a pink nylon pair of underpants on. As he tucked his stiff prick in, Pete realized how much pleasure there was in the simplest, but kinkiest, activities.

In the big mirror on the bathroom door, he examined, himself. It was a weird sight, and he had to admit Ann looked much better in these garments than he did. Still, it was fabulously exciting!

Next, he pulled off his shirt and strapped on one of her tiny bras. It looked silly, the empty cups stretched across his chest. But it felt good.

He tried on a few other pairs of undies. Then, wearing a sheer black pair, he pulled on a slip. The cool fabric hanging around his legs excited him. No wonder chicks were such sexy creatures, he thought. Who wouldn’t be with this stuff on?

Pete lifted the front of the slip and pulled his prick out over the top of the undies. His big cock protruding from the folds of delicate nylon looked out of place, but Pete liked the strange sight.

He grabbed his prick. His cock jerked in his grip. It would be fun to jerk off while wearing those garments, he thought. But he hated to waste an orgasm when Ann would be back so soon and would, no doubt, fuck him. So Pete tried on a few more things. Finally, he was outfitted with garterbelt, stockings, and high heels.

This perversion was so engrossing that he forgot about the time. And when he heard the key in the door, he was in Ann’s room admiring himself in the mirror.

As the door opened, Pete was filled with panic. He looked around for a place to hide, but there, was none. His only hope was to dash for the bathroom and close the door before Ann saw him. So he ran through the bedroom door into the hallway. He crashed right into Ann, and they both fell backwards.

“What are you doing?” Ann cried as she gathered herself together. “Oh!”

She looked down at the teen who lay sprawled with her slip thrown up, revealing her garterbelt and undies.

“Well, you certainly look sexy!” she said. “My, my!”

Pete was glad she was taking it so calmly. But he was mortified nevertheless.

“I… I was just trying these things on,” he gasped. “I was waiting for you and… and there wasn’t anything to do, so…”

“That’s all right, Pete,” she said. “What ever turns you on.”

“It doesn’t turn me on! I’m not a fag or anything, you know! I just… just…”

“I didn’t say you were a fag,” Ann said as she got up off the floor. “I know you’re not a fag. A lot of guys like to put on women’s underwear. It’s perfectly all right. In fact, I think you look good. It’s exciting!”

“Really?” he asked.

“Get up and let me have a good look at you,” she said.

Pete felt ridiculous, but he got up and turned around, showing Ann how he looked dressed in her things.

“Your prick is spoiling the lines,” she said. “But you look good. My cunt’s getting wet just from the sight!”

“Really?” Pete asked, feeling less embarrassed. “Yeah! I’m surprised how much it’s getting to me,” she said. “Hey, how about doing a strip for me?”

“No,” Pete laughed. “I’ve got to get out of these things.”

“No!” she called as he reached for the snap of the bra. “Really. Do a strip. Please!”

Pete hated to turn her down after all the things she’d done for him. But he couldn’t strip like a chick.

Ann ran to the record player and started some music. Then she began dancing, bouncing her tits in her tight blouse and wiggling her denim-clad hips. She danced over to Pete, took him by the hands, and started him dancing.

She was relaxing him, exciting him, and he let his hips wiggle to the beat of the music. The more he danced, the more fun it was and the less embarrassed he felt. But he wasn’t yet ready to do a striptease.

“Wiggle your hips more. That’s it,” Ann instructed. “Now turn around.”

Pete did what she said, and soon he was caught up in the game.

“Wiggle your ass,” she coached. “More. Make it jiggle!”

Pete did, feeling his ass shaking in her underwear. This was fun, he discovered, more fun than merely putting on a show for himself!

“Wooow!” Ann hollered in delight. “Take it off. Take it off!”

Now Pete was trying to make this as exciting for her as he could. He remembered how the strippers at the Kingston Hotel had stripped as he watched from the roof, and he imitated them.

After wiggling around, he reached behind him and unsnapped the bra. He held it to his flat chest though letting his nipples peek out a bit. Then he pulled it away from his chest and swung it around.

“Yeahhhhh!” Ann yelled.

He danced around, then began lowering the slip. Slowly, he pulled it down his narrow hips and let it fall to the floor. Then he stepped out of it. Left with the garterbelt, stockings, and underpants, he looked sexier than, ever.

He unfastened the garters one by one. Then he sat down on the arm of a chair just as Mrs. Clark had, and slowly rolled the stockings down his legs. When they were off, he danced about again and took off the garterbelt.

Now he only had the tiny bikini undies covering his ass and cock. But his hard prick was holding the front of the undies away from his stomach.

“Take it off!” Ann screamed. “But do it slowly.”

Pete turned his back on the chick and slowly peeled the back of the undies down over his ass. Then he wiggled his asscheeks again. He turned facing her, his prick still hidden, even though the front of the panties throbbed with the hardness of his cock.

Then he turned his back to her and let the undies fall to his feet. He picked them up, draped them over his standing prick, then turned around.

“Pete! You’re terrific!” Ann yelled. “Yahoooo!”

Pete was having a ball. And he was tremendously excited!

With the undies hanging over his twitching prick, Pete danced toward Ann on the couch. But when she reached out to pull the undies from his prick, he stepped back, still wiggling and thrusting his hips to the music.

“Oh, you’re driving me crazy!” she said as she sprang forward for the undies again.

This time she got them and pulled them from his cock. But Pete kept dancing. He swung his prick around as he danced and spun around the room.

“My cunt is soaking wet!” Ann said. “Now I know how the guys in the audience feel when I strip.”

Pete was getting winded. So he decided to end his number by throwing himself onto the couch beside Ann. He landed with his legs draped over her lap, his prick beside her.

“God! That was exciting!” Ann said as she grabbed his prick. “I never thought seeing a guy strip would be so exciting!”

She bent over him, bringing her face to his cock. She sucked him hard, hungrily!

As Pete caught his breath from the dancing, he lost it to the excitement of having his prick sucked.

He thought about the guys in the audience at the Kingston Hotel, how horny they must be after seeing Ann strip, and how much they would envy him right now.

As she sucked him, Ann took his balls into her hand. Her fingers reached below them to his asshole. When Pete felt her tickling him back there, he spread his thighs wider.

Then Ann lifted her face from his prick and pulled her hand from his balls. She held her finger to her mouth and drooled spit on it, then grabbed his balls again and put her wet finger to his asshole. Pete’s eyes widened as he felt her finger pressing oft his tight asshole!

She was sucking him again, and her finger was slipping into his ass.

“Ahhhhh!” Pete moaned with surprised glee.

After all he’d experienced with Ann, Barb, and their mother, there was still more to learn. Where would it end? Pete shuddered as he thought about it. Meanwhile, he thrilled to the finger wiggling in his ass.

With her free hand, Ann unbuttoned her blouse. Pete sat up and helped her take it off as she continued sucking him with a finger up his ass. But to get her pants off, she had to release the teen and stand up.

She pulled down her pants and undies quickly. And when she got back onto the couch, she did so with her head at Pete’s prick and her crotch at his face.

So Pete stuck his tongue into her pussy gash as she resumed sucking his prick. And when she stuck her finger back into his asshole, he reached for her ass, too.

“Mmmmmm!” Ann hummed when his finger found her puckered ass.

As he ate her cunt, Pete watched his finger at her ass, a few inches in front of his eyes. He managed to get just the very tip of his finger into her dry asshole. So he dipped it into her wet cunt and smeared her fuck juice over her asshole. The next time he tried sticking his finger in, it slipped in smoothly.

“Nnnnnn!” Ann moaned, muffled by the prick in her mouth.

Pete liked having his finger up her ass. And he liked the way her finger felt in his ass, too. He began to wonder if his prick would fit in there. Her asshole was tight, but could be stretched.

They ate each other leisurely as they kept exploring each other’s ass. Their lust rose steadily. But they kept their sucking and lapping slow and gentle, not wanting to bring each other off too soon.

Rather than tickle Ann’s clit, Pete kept his tongue circling and probing her pussy. Ann held his prick in her mouth, but only lightly licked it with her tongue. Still, the wiggling fingers in each of their asses made them hotter by the minute!

“Pete, do you want to fuck me up the ass?” Ann asked softly.

His heart skipped a beat. “Sure!” he said.

They crawled up out of their sixty-nine position and pulled their fingers from each others ass.

Ann lay on her back with her thighs spread. Pete kneeled between her legs and lowered his saliva soaked prick to her ass. He saw her cunt lips between her thighs and her asshole was just visible between her wide, creamy cheeks.

“Smear some more cunt juice on my ass,” she said. “And put some on your cock too.”

So Pete reached down between her thighs and dipped his fingers into her loose cunt lips. He brought some juice to her asshole and pushed his slippery fingers into it. Then he spread some of the slippery cream on his prick.

He was ready. Ann reached around her ass and spread her cheeks. Her asshole lay exposed, and Pete aimed his fat cockhead at it.

When his prick was pressed to her puckered aperture, he bore down on it. Ann grabbed his shaft and helped.

“Ohhhhh!” she cried as her ass began stretching around the fat cockhead.

Pete, watching his prick sinking, gasped too. Her asshole was such a tight fit his prick sank slowly. Her asshole muscle resisted penetration, but, beyond that constriction, her ass was comfortable and cozy.

“That’s deep enough!” Ann said desperately before Pete’s hips reached her asscheeks.

Pete was wild with lust. Her ass felt so good and the idea of fucking her this way was so kinky, the teen was out of his mind with passion!

But when he began fucking, pulling and pushing his prick in her ass, he found how glorious buggery was! This was nothing like fucking a wet and tender pussy. This fuck hole was hard and tight and dry — the wrong hole, but a fabulously exciting one!

“Aaaaaaa!” Ann sang as he fucked her ass.

Each thrust of his prick was deeper until Pete’s hips were slapping against Ann’s plump asscheeks.

“Ohhhhh! Yessss!” she gasped passionately.

“Uhhh! Uhhhhh! Uhhhh!” Pete moaned with each lunge.

He was going to come! Her asshole was bringing him to a powerful climax fast!

“Ahhhhh! Oh, God!” he cried as he filled her ass with jism.

His fuck cream lubricated his prick’s fucking, making it possible to keep fucking her a while longer. But her tight asshole muscle was driving him crazy, making his prick too tender to last.

Ann moaned.

As Pete slowed his fucking, Ann reached back and grabbed his hand. She pulled it roughly around her hip, and tucked it down to her cunt. Pete knew what she wanted — he began diddling her clit.

As soon as he did that, her ass started bucking, making him bounce and making his prick fuck again.

“Ahhhhh!” Pete cried as his prick sent currents of lust through him like lightning through a lightning rod, to be grounded in his overloaded brain.

His finger made Ann hit an orgasm, and she could rage with ecstasy for quite a while, Pete knew. But how long could he stand to have her asshole wringing his spent prick?

“Eeeeee!” she wailed as she came.

She kept bucking wildly, shaking her asshole over Pete’s prick. He was bouncing crazily. But he kept massaging her clit with his finger.

Finally, as Ann’s body spasmed, she squeezed his prick from her ass suddenly.

“Ahhhh!” Pete yelled in pain, but it didn’t hurt enough to matter.

Ann kept bouncing until her orgasm burned itself out. Pete was relieved when she was still again.

“That was wonderful, wasn’t it?” she cooed.

Pete agreed.

“After your strip, we had to do something special, didn’t we?” she asked. “Um-m-m-m-m. I love taking it up the ass!”

They stayed as they were for a while, then Ann wiggled out from beneath Pete’s weight.

“What was it you wanted to talk to me about?” she asked.

“Oh, yeah. Gee, I almost forgot about it again,” he said. “It’s about Barb. She won’t talk to me since she caught me and your mom fucking.”

“You and Mom?” Ann asked, shocked. “You fucked my mother?”

Pete was surprised at Ann’s tone of voice. He’d assumed she knew from either Barb or her mother.

“I thought you knew,” he said. “Your mother put on a striptease for me, then we fucked. Barb came in and caught us.”

Ann got up and began pacing back and forth. She seemed to be thinking. Pete watched her naked body, but he was too much in suspense to enjoy it.

“Gee, Pete,” Ann said. “I don’t know. I feel sort of creepy; I mean, I never fucked anyone who’s fucked my mother. It’s sort of like incest.”

Pete was horrified. If Ann wouldn’t fuck him anymore, he would be out in the cold without even Barb’s tits to comfort him. But could Ann, this lusty chick, really be so upset about his fucking her mother?

“We were looking at her scrapbook,” Pete explained. “Then she put on a striptease, and we both got hot. It was nothing really.”

“I’ll have to think about this,” Ann said. “I don’t know if you should go out with Barb after fucking our mother. It doesn’t seem right, somehow.”

“Ann, come on,” Pete said. “What’s the big deal?”

“I’ve got to get back to work,” she said. “Let me think this over and give you a call.” Pete dressed. But he felt hollow. Ann’s tone was suddenly cold and distant, unlike he’d ever heard her before. All the way home, Pete wished he’d gone to the library instead, even though he had a thrilling time with Ann.


Pete thought and thought about his predicament. He was suddenly cut off from his sources of sex, and he was getting horny. He not only felt horny, but cheated. After all, he hadn’t done anything wrong, had he? He didn’t think so.

He could either forget about Barb, Ann, and their mother and try to find another chick to fuck. Or he could try to get back into the good graces of the Clark family. Not a guy to give up easily, Pete decided to try to convince the Clarks that he was worthy of their sexual favors. Mrs. Clark seemed to be the best one to approach. She was the one who had gotten him in all this trouble in the first place. If she hadn’t insisted on stripping for him, he wouldn’t have been in trouble now.

The next day, Pete skipped school. In the morning he went to the bowling alley, hung around in the coffee shop until that got too expensive, then watched the few bowlers who were there that early. He didn’t want to go to see Mrs. Clark the first thing in the morning.

Near lunch time, Pete set out. He was nervous. The way things were going, he could expect to be thrown out of Mrs. Clark’s house for fucking Ann. Did each of them think he should only fuck her?

By the time Pete knocked on Mrs. Clark’s door he wished he had gone to school. But there was no turning back now.

“Hello, Pete,” Mrs. Clark said as she opened the door. “How come you’re not in school?”

“I skipped so I could talk to you,” he said.

She invited him in. “I’m afraid there hasn’t been much progress with Barb. I told her it was all my fault, but she’s a stubborn girl.”

“I told Ann what happened, and now she’s mad at me too,” Pete said.

“Oh dear,” Mrs. Clark sighed. “We’ve certainly made a mess of things, haven’t we?”


“Well, I didn’t exactly rape you, you know,” Mrs. Clark said.

“No, not exactly,” Pete said.

“Well, what can I do?” the woman asked. “After all, when a young girl finds her boy friend fucking her mother, she’s bound to be a bit testy about it.”

“I thought if you helped me patch things up with Ann, both of you then could make Barb come around,” Pete said.

“I’ll try,” Mrs. Clark said. “But I don’t see Ann that often these days.”

“Call her now,” Pete said. “Tell her we’ll come over to her place right away. Please.”

Mrs. Clark considered for a moment, then went to the phone. Pete felt like a man on trial, waiting for the jury to come in. He listened to Mrs. Clark talking to her daughter — it sounded as though things were working out. Yes, Mrs. Clark told him Ann would expect them. They got into Mrs. Clark’s car and drove to Ann’s apartment.

Ann greeted them politely. She made coffee, and they all sat around the kitchen table.

“Pete wants me to explain how it was my fault we fucked,” Mrs. Clark began. “It’s true. I got into one of my nostalgic moods and insisted on doing a striptease for him. Naturally, after seeing me strip, the guy was horny.”

“I know,” Ann said. “I’ve learned recently how effective a strip can be. It’s not that I’m angry or anything. I just think it’s creepy, that’s all. The same for Barb. I’m sure she can’t help the way she feels.”

Pete’s hopes began to sink. This was more complicated than he’d imagined. Maybe he should try to find a new girl friend.

There was a knock at the door. Ann went to answer it, then came back with Joe from the Kingston Hotel. Pete had hoped he would never see that guy again. This was getting out of hand, he thought. Was fucking worth all the trouble? It was, of course, but there must be an easier way.

“This is my mother, Jane,” Ann said. “You already know Pete.”

“Hello, Jane,” Joe said with a nod. “Hello Pete.”

“Joe’s the manager at the Kingston,” Ann explained. “He likes to seduce all the girls. Don’t you, Joe?”

Joe stared back at Ann, his face turning pale. Ann poured him a cup of coffee, but her eyes had narrowed with contempt.

“Joe used to fuck me every day,” Ann continued. “Didn’t you Joe? But now it’s the new girl, Kathy, that he’s taken a fancy to.”

“Ann, can’t we discuss this later?” Joe said, his lower jaw tensed.

“Oh, is it a private matter?” she asked. “I thought all your fucking was a public concern, like the prime rate and Dow Jones.”

“Leave the poor man alone,” Mrs. Clark said.

“All men are interested in fucking as many chicks as they can. It’s human nature. It’s up to the woman to keep her men in line.”

“Ha!” Ann said. “You couldn’t keep him in line with barbwire.”

Pete was glad the conversation had turned away from his problems, but he was uncomfortable witnessing Ann’s tirade.

“When I was a stripper there was a man who simply had to fuck all of us,” Mrs. Clark said. “He was the stage manager. I’ll never forget him. He broke a lot of hearts, that man.”

“Mother! You’re not suggesting that Joe could ever break a girl’s heart, are you?”

“Why not?” Mrs. Clark asked boldly. “He could break mine if I were a few years younger.”

Mrs. Clark batted her eyelashes at Joe, and Joe smiled at her, his eyes twinkling.

“I couldn’t break your heart,” Joe said to the woman. “If you ever gave me a tumble, I would be hooked for life.”

Mrs. Clark giggled and blushed like a virgin school-girl. Pete was beginning to enjoy this encounter. It was taking his mind off his own problems and was making him realize that sex wars were not that serious.

“I used to be a stripper too, you know,” Mrs. Clark said to Joe. “Madam La Rue was my professional name.”

“No kidding!” Joe gushed. “I’ve heard of you. They say you were the greatest.”

“Oh, brother!” Ann sighed. “Mom, if you fall for that line, you’re hopeless.”

Pete was smiling too now.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s true or not,” Mrs. Clark said. “What counts is that Joe wants to make me feel good. Don’t you, Joe?”

“I’d love to make you feel good,” he said as he moved closer to the blushing woman and put an arm around her shoulders. “I’d love to make you feel so good you’d cry tears of bliss.”

“I can’t stand it!” Ann said. “How could I have given this creep the time of day, much less fucked him?”

“Never mind!” Mrs. Clark said to her daughter. “What do you know about how a gentleman behaves?”

“Gentleman?” Ann screamed, then laughed loudly. “Come on, Pete. Let’s go in the other room where we won’t have to hear this crap.”

Pete followed Ann into the living room. Even from there they heard Mrs. Clark’s coy titters as Joe flattered her.

“Isn’t it sickening?” Ann asked.

“Oh, I don’t know.” Pete said. “It’s sort of funny, really.”

They sat looking at each other and sipping the coffee they had brought with them from the kitchen.

“Ohhhhh! Joe!” Mrs. Clark’s voice cried from the kitchen.

Pete, sitting on the couch, saw Joe and Mrs. Clark slip into Ann’s bedroom and close the door.

“That bastard!” Ann said. “He’ll fuck anything on two legs, and maybe a few things on four legs too.”

“I tend to agree with your mother,” Pete said.

“You would!” Ann said. “You’re just like Joe. You’ve fucked every member of my family who has a cunt to fuck.”

“Not quite. Barb never did let me fuck her. She gave me a blow job, though. But I still hope to fuck her sometime. And I’d love to fuck you again. You’re such a beautiful, sexy woman. I’ve never had so much fun as when we were in bed together.”

Pete had learned a lesson from Joe, and he decided to try out Joe’s technique. To his amazement, Ann already looked softer, calmer, more like she hid before, when he’d fucked her.

“It was nice,” Ann admitted. “But I thought you liked Joy more than me.”

“What? Are you kidding? Joy can’t compare with you!” he said. “You’re more beautiful than she is. And your tits are so much nicer. You fuck better, too.”

“Really?” Ann asked.

Pete was amazed at how the chick had been swayed by his words, especially after labeling Joe’s flattery of Mrs. Clark a lot of crap.

“Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh!” Mrs. Clark cried from the bedroom.

Ann and Pete looked at each other as the moans from the bedroom drifted in and filled them with lust.

“It’s nice to know my mother can still attract men,” Ann said.

“She attracted me, too, don’t forget,” Pete said. “But I’ve been attracted to you since I first met Barb.”

Mrs. Clark began moaning again, louder and more wantonly this time. Pete felt those moans as if they were a hand on his prick. And he saw that Ann was affected the same way. He knew Ann would like to be moaning like her mother.

“Your mother’s moans are driving me wild!”

Pete said as he went to Ann who was sitting across the room.

Ann was slumped in a big easy chair, and Pete dropped into it beside her. Pete was right about Ann’s mood. She threw her arms around him and welcomed his tongue into her mouth.

In another second, Pete had Ann’s hand inside Ann’s blouse, and she was squeezing his hard prick through his pants. As they kissed, they opened buttons and pulled down zippers until their clothing was merely handing from them.

Pete reached into Ann’s pants and grabbed her plump pussy mound. Hot cunt juice drooled onto his fingers.

At the Pete’s pants and grabbed his cock. But this childish groping was not what they needed or wanted. So they both got up and pulled off their clothes. Then they hurried to the couch and jumped on it.

As they kissed again, Mrs. Clark’s moans were pouring from the bedroom louder than ever. Pete knew that Joe must be doing his best.

Pete wanted Ann to cry out to answer her mother’s wails. The best way was to eat her, he knew. But on his way down to her pussy, he lingered at her tits and sucked them.

“Ahhhhhh!” Ann moaned softly, not loud enough to be heard in the bedroom.

But Pete gobbled her nipples and sank his face into the softness of her tits for a while before continuing on his way. Then, after leaving her nipples, he stuck his tongue into her belly button. As he did, he ran his fingers along her pussy’s drooling mouth.

By the time he stuck his face into her crotch, her cunt was soaked. He could almost see steam rising from her pink pussy slot, but he knew that was just an illusion due to the hot mist of her fuck juice he felt on his face and smelled.

His first lick was a long one that bore down hard on Ann’s spread pussy.

“Ahhhhhh!” she cried desperately.

That was heard in the bedroom, and probably up and down the halls of the building, Pete thought.

And with every lick of his tongue, another loud cry sounded.

He made Ann sing out, answering her mother’s moans in a even louder voice.

Pete’s tongue plowed and lashed Ann’s cunt, making her writhe as well as moan. Cunt lapping was the most exciting perversion he’d tried so far. But now he was getting more than wild excitement from it. He was able to enjoy it in several ways: he liked the way Ann’s cunt felt slithering under his tongue; he liked Ann’s reaction, which he watched by looking up over her stomach; he liked the taste of her hot juice; and he was getting wildly excited too.

Moving his tongue in a certain pattern, Pete kept Ann moaning and squirming without bringing her to a climax. When her wailing voice rose too high in pitch, he moved his tongue away from her clit and fucked it up her pussy tunnel. Then, when her hips began humping steadily, he put his tongue on her clit and wiggled it, making her writhe in a tit of bliss. But, before he came, he took his tongue from her clit again until she calmed down.

“Ohhhhh!” she hollered. “Oh, Peeeete!”

When Ann stopped moaning to take a breath, Mrs. Clark’s moans were heard. Like her daughter’s, her moaning was wanton and nonstop. But Pete noticed that Ann’s cries of joy were more profound than Mrs. Clark’s, and Pete thought this was because he was a better fucker than Joe.

“My clit! Lick my clit!” Ann screamed when she could no longer stand nearing orgasms without achieving one.

Like the conductor of an orchestra, Pete was ready for the finish. He put his tongue on Ann’s clit and wiggled it. At first, he wiggled slowly, but then he wiggled faster and faster while pressing down harder and harder. Ann responded by crying out louder and louder. Finally, she was screaming loudly and her body was jerking uncontrollably.

“Eeeeee!” she wailed.

Pete held on tight and kept his tongue working. He loved the way she screamed, knowing the fuckers in the bedroom would be overwhelmed by the sound.

Ann began twisting her body as well as pumping her hips and shaking. Pete understood she was trying to pull her cunt away from his lashing tongue. She had come and couldn’t take anymore. Her moaning was now a cry for mercy!

So Pete lifted his head. Ann slowly calmed down, but her body kept bucking for a while.

The moans from the bedroom had stopped. Pete felt as though he’d won a contest by making Ann cry out longer and more fiercely.

Now that Ann’s pleasure was taken care of, Pete was ready for his own. He brought his twitching cock up to Ann’s cunt. She spread her legs, lifting knees, parting her cunt lips.

As Pete lowered himself over her, his prick fucked effortlessly up her pussy. He drew in a deep breath as he felt her tight cunt take his prick into its snug depths.

“Uhhhhhh!” Ann gasped.

“Oh,” Pete sighed.

For a few seconds, he let his prick remain still, enjoying the tender grip of Ann’s pussy. Then he began fucking.

Ann, still trying to catch her breath from her recent ecstasy, began jerking her hips again. With new passion, she met Pete’s lunges as he fucked his prick into her pussy. She was as hot as ever as she worked toward another orgasm.

Her voice rose again, moaning with a deeper tone which reflected the joy of having ha cunt stuffed and stretched.

Pete kept his fucking smooth and steady, letting his lust mount slowly. He had enough fucking experience to be able to keep his head until the blinding passion of coming. But now, he concentrated on the way his prick fucked back and forth, fucking through the tunnel of Ann’s cunt. He reached down to her ass and grabbed one asscheek. His fingers moved to her asshole. Finding it, he wet a finger with fuck juice which ran down from her cunt, then pressed his finger up her ass.

“Ahhhhhh!” Ann cried, louder now as his finger penetrated her asshole.

Through the membrane which separated her cunt from her ass. Pete felt his own prick fucking the sexy chick’s pussy. It was exciting to hold her like this while fucking her, impaled on his finger like a bug in a display case.

As Pete climbed toward an orgasm, he let his prick fuck faster. He wiggled the finger he had up Ann’s ass. She was completely out of her mind!

She lifted her legs high over Pete’s back, and her hips swiveled back and forth, helping Pete fuck her cunt with maximum speed and friction. Her yoke rang continuously.

“Uhhhhh! Ohhhh!” Pete gasped as he was charging full speed into heavenly bliss.

Ann grabbed his head with both her hands and turned his face to hers. Then she kissed him, sticking her tongue into his mouth as they both gasped for breath. Their tongues and teeth and lips pressed together. The odor of cunt juice, which was smeared over Pete’s face, was blown into both of their noses.

Ann’s asshole began snapping on Pete’s finger as she hit her second orgasm. Pete was already filling her pussy with jism.

They both disappeared down the well of pure sexual bliss. Blackness and dizzying motion accompanied their ecstasy. They were so far removed from the real world they thought they would never get back. And it was only gradually that they did come back to find themselves in a sweaty heap on the couch with Mrs. Clark standing beside them.

Pete first noticed the woman when he saw her feet on the floor. Turning his head he took in the full picture. The woman was standing there naked, gazing at them. She held one of her tits with one hand, and her cunt with the other. Her face wore an expression of passion.

“I couldn’t help coming out here,” Mrs. Clark said. “I heard your moans and couldn’t help it.”

She sat down on the edge of the couch next to Pete and Ann. She leaned over Pete’s back, resting her tits on him. Then she began kissing his neck and ear. Her fingers slid up his thigh into his crotch.

“You both looked so beautiful fucking!” she whispered.

Pete felt the woman’s hand arrive at his balls. She caressed them then moved her fingers to his prick, still in Ann’s cunt.

Ann stirred, not knowing what to think about having her mother’s fingers examining her cunt. As for Pete, having Mrs. Clark’s fingers feeling the connection between his prick and Ann’s pussy was fabulously exciting. His prick had begun to deflate, but now his cockshaft was rock-hard again.

With Mrs. Clark’s fingers at his prickshaft and her lips nibbling his earlobe, Pete was horny again.

He could have begun fucking his prick in Ann’s cunt until he had another climax. But he knew that wasn’t what Mrs. Clark had in mind.

“Fuck me, Pete,” the older woman said, breathing the words into his ear.

Pete hesitated. Ann was still clutching at him.

“What happened to Joe?” Ann asked.

“Who? Oh, Joe. I fucked him silly,” Mrs. Clark said. “I think he’s sleeping.”

Pete was ready to fuck Mrs. Clark. The way she was playing with his balls reminded Pete what a skillful fucker she was. She was holding his balls tightly while sticking her fingertips into her daughter’s cunt, which was still stuffed with Pete’s prick.

“Go ahead,” Ann said. “Fuck her.”

Pete lifted himself from Ann’s body, pulling his prick from her pussy. Mrs. Clark dragged him down to the floor beside the couch. Pressing him down on his back, she mounted him. She reached for his prick, and slid her cunt down over his cockshaft. Her tits hung from her chest, and Pete took them into his strong fingers.

The woman rocked and pumped her hips, making Pete’s prick slide and churn in her cunt. Pete looked up at her, watching her face register passion and happiness. His own face told the same story. His prick was tender from the last fuck, and it would take longer to stir up another orgasm. So Pete was in for an intense fucking.

Since Mrs. Clark had also just finished fucking, her cunt was tender, too. But, for her, one orgasm made another easier to reach. So she didn’t have to bounce long on Pete’s cock to begin moaning with bliss.

Still on his back, Pete watched the woman and held her flailing tits. Ann, still on the couch, watched.

Joe walked into the room rubbing his eyes. When hem what was happening, he stopped and stand as his prick slowly rose.

“Come on, Joe,” Ann said. “No use just watching. Let’s fuck!”

Pete felt proud of himself as Joe walked around him and Mrs. Clark. Then Joe climbed onto the touch with Ann, and began wrestling around with her.

Having this other couple fucking in the same room, gave Pete’s passion a lift. His prick was already sending waves of pleasure through his body.

“What’s that?” Mrs. Clark said as she stopped pumping on Pete’s prick.

Pete tried to keep his cock fucking in her cunt. But with her sitting on him, it wasn’t easy.

“Come on!” he gasped.

“Wait! Someone’s coming in,” the woman said.

Pete heard it too. A key had been slipped into the door, it turned, and the door opened. Barb stood there, stopped in mid-step by the sight that greeted her.

“Barb!” Mrs. Clark gasped.

Pete watched the young girl’s face as her eyes switched from fucking couple to fucking couple. The last time Pete had seen Barb was when she’d walked in on him and Mrs. Clark fucking the last time. She didn’t seem to be getting used to finding her mother fucking her boy friend — her face wore the same shocked expression as the last time, of course. Now that she had the added shock of finding her sister fucking some guy a few feet from where Pete was fucking her mother!

Barb turned, slammed the door, and sent the sound of running footsteps back to the fuckers.

As soon as she was gone, Pete started fucking his prick into Mrs. Clark’s cunt again. He wasn’t able to fuck her very well since she was on top and motionless with her hands over her mouth, dismayed at being discovered by Barb again.

Then she stood up, towering over Pete. His prick was shining with her juice and twitching violently. He was just about ready to come.

“Hey!” he cried at the loss of a cunt to come into.

“Oh, dear!” Mrs. Clark said. “I’ve done it again!”

Meanwhile, Pete felt the agony of an orgasm interrupted. He had no choice but to give his prick a flurry of strokes. His gism spurted as he groaned, not looking at anyone for fear they would be looking back at him.

“Forget it, Mom,” Ann said as she and Joe resumed fucking. “She’ll be all right. It’ll do her good to be a bit shocked.”

“I’ve got to find her,” Mrs. Clark said. “I’ve got to try to make her understand!”

She hurried to the bedroom and came out in a minute, dressed. Then she hurried to the door and ran out, leaving Pete on the floor while Ann and Joe rammed their hips together.

Pete dressed, took one last look at the fucking couple, and left. There was nothing for him to do but go home and hope his mother didn’t find out that he had skipped school.


Pete got away with skipping school. But that was small compensation for his other troubles. After Barb caught him fucking her mother the second time, he was afraid to call either Mrs. Clark or Ann. As for Barb, he didn’t think he would ever see her again.

About a week later, though, when he came in from hanging around with the guys, his mother told him that Mrs. Clark had called and left a message: she wanted him to meet her at Jo-Jo’s Hamburger Haven at seven that evening.

Pete was so curious about what she wanted he didn’t eat dinner. And, as soon as he could, he left the house and headed for the meeting.

He got there early, but was too excited to sit and order anything. So he paced back and forth in front of the place. Mrs. Clark drove up right on time, and Pete ran over to her car.

“Hi, Pete,” she said. “What did you want?”

“What did I want? You called me — what did you want?” he said.

“I didn’t call you; you called me. At least that’s what Barb told me,” Mrs. Clark said. “She said you called and wanted to meet me here.”

“But my mother said you called me and said you wanted to meet me here.”

They looked at each other, wondering what was going on.

“Well, now that we’re here, I suppose we ought to have a cup of coffee,” Mrs. Clark said. “Maybe we’ll figure out what’s going on.”

They went inside and sat down. They both knew this had something to do with Barb. But they couldn’t imagine what. Neither of them mentioned Barb — they were still embarrassed about what had happened at Ann’s.

“Is there a Jane Clark here?” a waitress called. “Telephone call for Mrs. Jane Clark.”

Again, Pete and Mrs. Clark looked at each other, puzzled. Then Mrs. Clark went to answer the phone. Pete wiggled in his seat with curiosity. “It was Barb,” Mrs. Clark said. “She wants me to come right home and bring you with me.”

They ran out of the restaurant, leaving a few dollars for the coffee they hadn’t waited for. Then they sped to Mrs. Clark’s house.

“What could that girl be up to?” Mrs. Clark kept repeating.

They rushed up to the front door and entered. As soon as they did, they were greeted with a clue to what was going on, and they weren’t surprised.

“Ahhhhhh!” It was a sexual purr from the living room.

Pete and Mrs. Clark headed toward it. When they entered, they learned how Jane must have felt when she entered the room and found Pete fucking her mother.

Barb was on her hands and knees on the floor. Behind her knelt a young man, fucking his prick into her pussy. In front of her was another young man, naked, his prick in Barb’s sucking mouth. All around the room there were other men, naked, waiting their turn. There must have been almost twenty.

Pete and Mrs. Clark stood and stared. Pete was surprised and excited. Mrs. Clark was surprised, excited, outraged, bewildered, and flabbergasted. But, as she watched for several minutes while her daughter was fucked in her face and cunt, excitement began to replace the other emotions.

Barb’s head was bobbing steadily. The guy she was sucking began to writhe and groan. Barb sucked with increased vigor, then murmured as her mouth was filled with jism.

She smacked her lips as she lifted her face from the guy’s cock. Another guy got off the couch and took his place in front of Barb’s face. Meanwhile, the guy behind her began moaning with pleasure.

“Hi, Mom, Pete,” Barb said. “This is the Maple Street Park soccer team and the Lazy Hour Tavern bowling team.”

The men said hello. Some waved. Some seemed shy, others eager for the newcomers to join.

“Hi, guys,” Mrs. Clark said with a strange mixture of emotions in her voice.

Pete was fascinated by Barb’s strategy for revenge. He faded to the background, watching the strange sight.

He watched Mrs. Clark. She also backed into a corner and watched as her face changed expressions. She looked at her daughter and scowled, then looked over the crowd of naked guys and her face brightened. Pete read her thoughts as though they were displayed on a billboard. When she fled from the room, he knew what she was up to.

He was proved right in about five minutes when Mrs. Clark, or, rather, Madam La Rue, came back. She was wearing that same stripper costume she wore when she stripped for Pete.

Slinking into the room, Mrs. Clark moved among the men to the record player. She put on some music and began dancing.

Pete noticed Barb look up from the cock she was sucking. Even with her mouth wrapped around a thick prick, Pete knew she was smiling at her mother. This was the Barb that Pete had known — a good-natured chick who loved her mother. She wasn’t the sort of girl who would mind her mother horning in on her act.

All the guys, except those being fucked or sucked at the moment or whose turn was coming up soon, turned their attention to Mrs. Clark. Some began to clap along with the music or whistle.

“Take it off!” they yelled.

Mrs. Clark was slowly opening her black transparent negligee, revealing her tits overflowing her bra and her bikini-clad crotch.

Pete noticed how much more exciting it was to watch Mrs. Clark strip than to watch Barb being fucked. It seemed strange, but the hidden beauty of Mrs. Clark’s body had more allure than Barb’s naked and fucked body.

But the guys didn’t forget about Barb. They kept checking to see if she had a free cunt or mouth. Then they would hurry to her and stick their pricks into her.

Pete felt jealous in spite of his fucking Barb’s mother and sister. After all, he had only fucked them because Barb wouldn’t fuck him. And now prick after prick was slipping into her pussy, where his prick had never been. Then he realized that this was his chance. Or would Barb still refuse to fuck him? He wouldn’t blame her if she did refuse after he had fucked Ann and Mrs. Clark. But he could try.

Now that he contemplated fucking Barb, Pete’s lust took off. Of course, watching Mrs. Clark stripping was adding to his excitement. She was just then unfastening her bra. She held it in front of her tits, then suddenly threw it away.

Mrs. Clark swung her tits from side to side. Her tits went one way, her ass the other. She wore her bikini undies which held her ass tightly, but it still shimmered.

“Shake ’em,” one of the guys yelled.

She shook them, slowly at first, tuning to show all the guys gathered around her. As she turned round and round, she wobbled her tits more and more. Finally, she started her tits turning around like propellers.

“Yahooo!” the guys hollered at the kinky sight. But Pete knew she had saved her best trick. And she was ready to try it. She caught one tit and stopped its motion, then sent it around in the opposite direction. With her tits rotating in different directions, the guys went wild. Mrs. Clark beamed with joy.

“Yeaaah!” the guys cheered.

“Fuck me somebody!” Barb yelled.

She was still sucking a prick, but no one had filled her cunt as Mrs. Clark stole the show. But Barb’s plea brought two guys running toward her. The one who got there first dropped to his knees and stuck his prick into her while the other went back to watching the show.

Pete still struggled with the thought of fucking Barb. It would be awfully embarrassing, though, if he were the only one she wouldn’t fuck. But maybe he could go up to her ass without her seeing who it was. In any case, he decided to get undressed if only so he could blend in with the rest of the guys.

Mrs. Clark was pulling down her bikini panties now. Leaning forward, she thrust her ass out as she slowly bared her asscheeks. When she had them just below her asscheeks so her panties held her ass mounds like a bra, she wiggled her ass — a gorgeous sight!

She still had a g-string on. And the agony of waiting to see her cunt was intoxicating even for the guys who had already fucked Barb. There wasn’t one limp prick in the room!

Now Pete stood with his own hard cock bobbing in the air. With his prick naked, all he had to do was stroll over to Barb when the guy fucking her pulled out and he could have his old wish come true. He wasn’t sure if he should, and he wasn’t sure if he could resist.

Now Mrs. Clark was dancing around with only her g-string on. Her tits and ass shimmered, and she brushed her hands over stiff pricks as she traveled around the room. The guys grabbed at her tits.

Pete began edging nearer to Barb while watching Mrs. Clark. She danced past him, grabbed his prick quickly. As she moved away, a guy grabbed her g-string and pulled it from her. A cheer went up as she was finally naked.

Mrs. Clark began throwing herself into the arms of the guys. They would catch her, grab her tits or cunt, then she would spin out of their grasp. While she was in their arms, she took their pricks or balls into her hand.

The guys kept gathering round about her, tightening their circle, giving her less and less room. She was soon going from man to man without more than a second between.

Pete was just behind Barb now. There was a guy fucking her and another being blown. But the guy behind her was already moaning, about to come. Pete would be next!

“Ahhhhh!” the guy fucking her cried. His body shivered and jerked.

Pete’s prick bucked mightily. The guy fucking her had come, had stopped lunging his prick, was gasping. Then he backed away and got up.

Before Barb knew her cunt was empty, Pete had fallen to his knees behind her and grabbed her hips. Then he shoved his swollen cockhead to her cunt and pressed his stomach against her ass.

With all the jism running from her cunt, and with the loosening of her twat from all the pricks, Pete’s cock seemed to flow right into her.

Barb didn’t even react. How could she as she bent forward to suck the prick in her mouth? Besides, she’d had so many pricks in her that her cunt must be numb, Pete thought. Nevertheless, finally getting to fuck his old girl friend was thrilling!

Pete pumped with all his might. Barb’s tight cunt milked his cock, and Pete was soon gasping in sexual rapture.

He watched the group around Mrs. Clark as he fucked Barb. Every now and then he caught a glimpse of her between the men’s bodies. She had a cock in each hand and there were a few cocks inside her, too. It looked as though a guy were standing in front of her, his hips thrust forward, his prick in her pussy. Another guy stood behind her, pressed against her ass, and he might have a prick in her too, Pete thought.

Watching this scene while fucking Barb was heady stuff. Pete was soon doubled over, resting his head on Barb’s back as he came.

He’d done it — he fucked Barb, and it was heavenly! But, must as he was enjoying the afterglow of his orgasm, someone tapped him on the shoulder.

“Give a guy a chance,” a big blond guy said.

So Pete had to drag himself away from Barb and let someone else fuck her. But he didn’t mind. He wanted to see what was going on with Mrs. Clark, anyhow.

By the time Pete elbowed his way into the crowd around the woman, she was on the floor. Kneeling, she had a guy in front and a guy in back, and they were both fucking their pricks in and out of her. One was fucking her cunt, the other her ass.

Pete didn’t have to wait long before the sight made his prick hard. Soon he was ready to fuck again. But he couldn’t decide which end to go for. It looked as though guys were as eager to fuck her up the ass as they were to fuck her pussy.

He watched Mrs. Clark’s body being bounced back and forth between the guys who fucked her. Since they fucked with different rhythms, they would sometimes both be lunging simultaneously, and sometimes lunging in turn. Mrs. Clark’s body would be crashed by both men, then by one after the other.

“Ohhhhh! Eeeeee!” she moaned deliriously.

Every time someone got up from fucking Mrs. Clark, there was a scramble as guys elbowed each other, jostling for position. The most aggressive would then get in front of or behind Mrs. Clark and stick his cock into her body.

When a chubby guy pulled his prick from the woman’s ass, several others began shoving their way to fill the vacancy. Pete saw his chance. The others were on the other side of the woman, but there was no one between him and her. So as the others pushed and shoved, Pete took his position.

Mrs. Clark’s asshole was now well lubricated and stretched. It was no trouble getting his big prick in her. And since she was still being fucked in the cunt, she was already bucking her hips. It was like sticking his prick into a fucking machine. But that didn’t lessen the pleasure and excitement of sticking his cock up this lusty chick’s asshole!

Having come just a few minutes before, Pete was able to keep his prick fucking for quite a while. He was slowly brought to an orgasm, and it was a good one! Just as he came, the guy fucking Mrs. Clark’s cunt pulled out, so he had her to himself until another guy replaced the prick in her cunt.

Reaching around her body and clutching her tits, Pete fucked his cock relentlessly up the woman’s tight ass.

“Aaaaaa!” Mrs. Clark continuously wailed.

Pete came. It was a smashing climax and seemed to last for long minutes as he pumped his hips. When it diminished, he fell back and moved away. He knew there were those who hadn’t yet experienced the pleasures of Mrs. Clark’s asshole, and they were eager for their turns.

Pete dragged himself to the couch and sat down to rest. Now that he’d fucked both chicks, now that his passion had been soothed, the scene looked more bizarre than ever. Naked guys hovered around the two chicks like drones around queen bees. Each guy had a stinger protruding from his crotch, and after contact with one of the queens it drooped, but only temporarily.

“Gee, I never had a chance to fuck a woman after watching her do a striptease before,” one guy was saying to another.

“Yeah, I know what you mean. Have you fucked the young one yet?”

“No, but she gave me a blow job. A good one, too!”

“Hey, here’s another one!”

Pete looked to where the guy was pointing. Ann had come in and was standing in the doorway. This was the first time Pete had seen that stripper stunned. She looked at the orgy as though she didn’t believe what she was seeing. She looked like her mother had looked when she and Pete walked in, but now the scene was even more incredible.

“Come on in, baby!” one of the guys yelled.

“Hey, more talent!” yelled another.

But Ann walked over to where her mother was getting fucked front and rear. She pushed away the hands that reached for her.

“What’s going on?” Ann asked her delirious mother.

“We’re f-f-fucking!” Mrs. Clark gasped. “C-c-can’t you see?”

Then Ann went to her sister who was still on her knees. A guy knelt behind her, fucking her, but she wasn’t sucking a cock at the moment and was able to talk.

“What the fuck’s going on here?” Ann asked Barb.

“This is the Soccer Street Fucking Team,” Barb said in a quavering voice. “A-and the bowling fuckers. Th-they’re f-fucking us!”

Pete had to talk with Ann, to offer her an explanation. They went into the kitchen, chased out a few naked guys who were raiding the fridge, and Pete explained how they had received the phone calls from Barb, and how they came back to find the house full of naked buys fucking Barb.

“Naturally, your mother did her Madam La Rue number, then started fucking,” Pete said.

“Well, I can’t blame Barb,” Ann said. “It must have been tough finding her mother fucking you like that.”

“Yeah, twice,” Pete said.

“But what are we doing to do now?” Ann asked.

“What do you mean?” Pete said.

“With all these guys! How are we going to get rid of them?” Ann said.

“Oh, I wouldn’t worry about them. They’ll go away when they’re all fucked out. You could hurry it along by fucking some yourself.”

Ann seemed to consider the suggestion. Pete saw Ann’s face light up.

“Why not?” she said. “I’ve never had a chance to get gang-banged.”

As he spoke to Ann, Pete’s prick hung limp. But now as she pulled off her clothes, his cock stiffened. He held her tits as she pulled off her pants. When she was naked, he kissed her, leaning her over the kitchen table. She let herself rest on the cold, shiny table top, let Pete climb over her, and let him fuck her.

When he’d finished, Ann seemed strangely agitated. She quickly slid out from beneath Pete and ran into the living room. Pete wasn’t surprised.


Pete left before the orgy was over. He’d fucked all three chicks, and didn’t feel like hanging around to talk to them. Now that Barb had her revenge, though, Pete hoped to make up with her.

But there was nothing else to do — he had to see Barb.

Finally, he got to Ann’s. But when he knocked, Joy came to the door.

“Well, hello,” she said. “Come on in.”

“Is Ann and Barb here?”

“No, they just left,” Joy said. “But never mind them. I’ve been thinking about you.”

Joy looked as luscious as ever, but Pete didn’t want to get sidetracked.

“Where are they?” he asked.

Joy said they went to the Kingston Hotel; Ann was going on stage soon.

Pete thanked her, said good-bye, and headed for the Kingston. He wondered why Barb had gone along. Maybe he would get a chance to talk to her in Ann’s dressing room.

But when he got to the hotel and knocked on the backstage door, nothing happened. The big steel door hardly made a sound when he knocked on it and there was no bell. So he had to go around to the front. Just as he expected, the woman collecting cover charges wouldn’t let him in and wouldn’t call Ann.

There was nothing to do but climb up on the roof again. On the way up, he thought about the last time he had climbed up there and how he’d been roughed up by Joe and his helper. But Pete kept climbing.

When he looked down through the skylight over the dressing room, he saw Barb and Ann. Ann was putting on her costume. Pete almost called to them, but he decided to wait for Ann to leave. He wanted to get Barb alone.

“I wish I could work here,” Barb was saying. “Doing what?” Ann asked as she draped her filmy robe around her.

“Stripping,” Barb said. “I’d love to be a stripper.”

“Well, why not?” Ann said. “It seems to run in the family.”

The MC announced Ann, and she hurried from the dressing room.

“Hey, Barb,” Pete called down through the open skylight.

Barb jumped, startled to hear a voice coming from above in the empty room. When she saw Pete, she merely looked up at him without saying anything.

“I’ve got to talk to you,” Pete said. “Can I come down?”

“I don’t think you’d better,” Barb said coolly. “No one’s supposed to be back here.”

“But I’ve got to talk to you,” he said. “It’s real important!”

“Well, don’t blame me if you get into trouble,” she said as she looked into a mirror and fooled around with her hair.

Pete crawled into the skylight, hung by his hands, then dropped into the room, sprawling on the floor as he landed.

“How come you’re here?” he asked the girl as he got to his feet.

“Oh, I’ve been hanging around with Ann a lot,” Barb said, still gazing at herself in the mirror. “I like to come here. I think I was cut out for show business.”

“You’d make a great stripper,” Pete said. “You certainly have the body for it. And you’re a great dancer.”

“Thanks,” Barb said.

“Hey, Barb. Now that you’ve gotten even with me, can’t we be like we used to? You know, go out together and things.”

“And things?” Barb asked. “What things?”

“Oh, you know. Fucking and stuff,” Pete said.

“What about Ann? What about my mother?”

“Come on, Barb,” Pete begged. “Don’t be like that. You know it’s just you I’m interested in. And you must still like me. You called me, pretending to be your mother, so you could get me to your house while you were fucking all those guys.”

Barb finally turned around and faced Pete. “Now you know how it feels, I hope.”

“I do,” Pete said. “I hated to see all those guys fucking you. I was so jealous I would have thrown them all out if there weren’t so many of them.”

“Oh, Pete! Really?” Barb said, warming up at last.

As a smile broke out on Barb’s face and her voice softened, Pete felt relief and lust. Barb was going to forgive him and fuck him.

“Sure,” he said. “As a matter of fact, I wanted to fight all those guys, but your mother stopped me. She was afraid I would get hurt. But I didn’t care.”

“Really?” Barb asked with a breathy voice.

“Really!” Pete said, excusing himself for lying, but he would have said anything to win Barb back.

He pulled up a chair near hers and took her hands. She leaned forward, and they kissed. Kissing, they couldn’t help thrusting their tongues back and forth between their mouths. Then Pete had to reach for Barb’s tits. She couldn’t resist sticking her hand into his crotch to feel his hard cock.

As their passion mounted, Pete reached into her tight jersey and groped at her naked tits. She unfastened his pants and reached inside.

Soon, Pete had Barb’s jersey pulled up over her tits and was sucking her nipples. At the same time, she had his prick freed and was stroking his cockshaft lovingly.

“Ohhhhh, Pete!” Barb moaned as he gobbled her titflesh.

As he stuffed his face with her tits, he opened her pants. Then he lifted his head from her tits and pulled her to her feet. He knelt down and pulled her pants down around her ankles. The odor of hot cunt juice filled his nostrils.

Pete pressed his face to Barb’s pussy hair. Burying his nose and lips in that soft tangle of hair, he reached around her hips and hugged her ass. Breathing the mist that rose from her cunt was driving him wild!

Barb ran her fingers through his hair and held his face tighter to her cunt. She spread her legs, opening her crotch just in case Pete wanted to get at her pussy.

He did! Sinking lower, he brought his mouth to her cunt crack. His tongue shot out and felt around in her hair for the lips of her cunt.

“Ohhhhh!” Barb gasped when his tongue entered her pussy.

Barb was near the dressing table, and she backed to it and rested her ass against it. That way, she was able to stick her cunt out and give Pete better access to her tender pussy gash.

As Barb backed to the table, Pete followed. And, when her hips rolled forward, he began licking her pussy from the rear to the front.

“Oooooo!” the girl cried softly.

Pete’s head nodded as he covered her pussy’s slot with his tongue. Barb’s cunt was sweet and wet, and her fuck juice seeped over his face and down his neck.

By rolling his eyes up as far as he could, Pete saw Barb’s tits swaying as she wiggled. Beyond her tits, her pretty face looked down at him. There was a cockeyed smile of pleasure on her mouth. “That feels so good!” she cooed.

Pete lifted his eyebrows several times to tell her he was having fun, too.

His tongue reached up her flowing pussy, twisting and wiggling. Barb’s body imitated the motion of the tongue in her cunt, making her tits sway and making the table she leaned against shake — bottles of make-up and perfume jiggled merrily.

Pete moved his tongue to the girl’s clit. Lightly at first, then more firmly, he wiggled that erect bud in a circle.

“Ohhhhhh!” Barb moaned, telling Pete he had the right spot under his tongue.

Pete kept his eyes lifted to watch Barb as she grew more wantonly excited. There was nothing so beautiful as a girl getting hot, Barb’s face looked blissful, her tits shook, and her voice filled the dressing room.

As he lapped her cunt, Pete kept his hands busy roaming over Barb’s smooth skin. Her thighs and ass felt wonderful to him as her cunt juice seeped down his chin.

“Oh, Pete! You do that so well!” she sighed.

Pete wondered if he should make Barb come with his tongue before fucking her. But he decided to let her tell him what she wanted. He would do anything to please her! He would be her slave, trusting her to give him pleasure in return.

So Pete kept his tongue working on her clit. Round and round he wiggled it as he ran his fingers down the soft skin on the backs of her thighs.

“Ohhhhhh! I’m going to come!” Barb gasped. Pete increased the pressure of his tongue on her clit. His eyes widened as he watched her hit her climax.

“Aaaaaa!” Barb cried in a splitting note of ecstasy.

Pete shared her pleasure, not by coming, but by watching her writhing and shaking with the pleasure he was providing.

Barb lifted her hands from Pete’s head where they had been running through his hair. She grabbed her tits and squeezed them. Pete didn’t know if she squeezed them like that because it felt good or to stop their wild bouncing. In either case, it was exciting to see!

After crying with passion for several minutes, Barb’s voice softened to a whimper. Still, Pete kept his tongue at her clit, waiting for further instructions.

“Get inside me,” Barb said finally. “Fuck me!” That was what he was waiting, hoping, and dying to hear! He got to his feet, bringing his throbbing prick to Barb’s pussy.

Leaning back on the edge of the table, Barb spread her thighs farther and reached for Pete’s prick. As she pulled his cock to her pussy, she lifted her face to be kissed.

Pete knew his face was wet with her fuck juice. But Barb didn’t seem to mind. In fact, she lashed his wet lips and chin with her tongue as though he was chocolate syrup that she was licking.

As eager as he was to feel his prick buried in Barb’s cunt, Pete was thrilled at the way she held his cockhead at her pussy slot, sliding his prickhead over her cunt lips and clit. She was still whimpering, too, even as she kissed him.

Having the slippery folds of flesh in Barb’s cunt slithering beneath his prick made Pete hotter than he’d ever been. And when she pushed his prick down a bit, then pulled his cock inside her, the guy shivered with joy.

His prick kept sliding deeper into the slick cavern of Barb’s cunt until his balls were against her ass below her crotch. The firm grip of her cunt on his stiff cock triggered Pete’s fucking instincts, and he began fucking.

“Ohhhhh!” Barb moaned in profound rapture. Each dip and pull of his prick lifted Pete higher into ecstasy. He tried to fuck slowly, making his pleasure last.

He grabbed one of Barb’s tits in one hand and one of her asscheeks in the other. She put her hands around his neck to hold on.

Harder and deeper, Pete fucked his prick. Bottles on the table had fallen over and were rolling around, but the fuckers were oblivious. The building could have crumbled around them without them being distracted from their fucking. “F-f-fuck me!” Barb wailed, on her way to another orgasm.

Pete gasped with every lunge of his prick.

Pete entered a pre-orgasmic state of ecstasy. With every second, his pleasure increased!

“I’m going to come!” he said, letting Barb know.

Pete pulled his face back from Barb’s. They looked at each other and, seeing the expression of lust on each other’s face, they both moaned with joy.

“Ahhhhh!” Pete cried as jism began surging through his cock.

He forced himself to keep his eyes open so he could watch Barb as she watched him. Her face never looked more beautiful!

Pete’s orgasm boiled and churned inside him as his prick pistoned in Barb’s cunt. Raw pleasure was his reward. And as long as it lasted, he was the richest guy on earth!

Even when his climax subsided, his pleasure was still intense. His prick, although out of ammunition, enjoyed the snapping tightness of Barb’s cunt. He still held her tit and ass in his hand. And he still enjoyed the gorgeous sight of Barb’s body connected to his at the crotch.

“That was heavenly!” Barb sighed.

“I love fucking you!” Pete said.

As they lingered in the glow of their fucking, the door opened. The teens swiveled their heads toward it and saw Ann step into the room. They tensed, held still, then relaxed. After all, they didn’t need to feel shy in front of Ann — not after all they’d been through together.

“Well, look who’s here,” Ann said as she tossed her costume on the back of a chair. “How’d you get in, Pete?”

“He dropped from the sky,” Barb said, pointing up to the skylight but not letting go of Pete.

“Well, don’t mind me,” Ann said as she sat down. “But Joy’s going to be here any minute, and if she finds Pete here she’ll want to fuck him.”

Pete and Barb remained where they were, holding each other, Pete’s cock still plugged into Barb’s cunt. Ann put cold cream on her face, then rubbed it off.

“Maybe we should get dressed,” Barb said. “I’d hate to have to share you with Joy now.”

“You don’t have to share me with anyone,” Pete said as he pulled his shrunken prick from the girl’s pussy. “But there’s no use tormenting her when she gets here.”

So the guys dressed. So did Ann. Then they decided to go out for something to eat. But before they left, Ann called Joy on the phone to make sure she hadn’t forgotten she was due to go on stage.

Pete and Barb stood next to Ann at the pay phone in the hallway, and they heard the gasps and moans coming from the receiver as soon as Joy answered.

“Joy, you’re supposed to be on stage in about two minutes,” Ann said. “Joe will be mad as hell. What? You’re fucking Joe now? Jesus!”

Pete and Barb giggled.

“There’s no one here to take your place,” Ann said. “No, I just got off. They don’t want to see me again.”

There was more moaning and breathy words coming from the receiver, but Pete and Barb couldn’t make them out.

“Oh, sure!” Ann said sarcastically. “And I’ll collect the cover charge while she’s on stage, I suppose.”

Pete and Barb giggled again, knowing that Joy had suggested that Bertha, the old chick who collected cover charges at the door, go on for Joy. Not that Bertha wouldn’t be glad to. But the sight of her two-hundred-pound body bouncing around the stage might drive out more customers than Ann had attracted.

“And now,” the amplified voice of the MC was heard to say, “the delectable, sensational, exotic Joy Toy!”

“Now what?” Ann asked as she hung up.

“I’ll go on!” Barb said.

“You can’t,” Ann said. “You’re too young. The place would be closed down if the cops knew we had an underage stripper. You have to be twenty-one, and you’re only eighteen.”

“They won’t know,” Barb said. “I’ll just go on this once. Besides, there’s hardly anyone out there at this time of day.”

“That’s true,” Ann said, thinking. “I’ll tell you what. I’ll see if there are any cops out there, and you go put on that pink costume.”

“Goody!” Barb yelled as she ran back to the dressing room.

Ann left Pete for a moment and came back. “I guess she’ll get away with it,” Ann said. “There are only a few of the regulars out there anyhow.”

“Well, I guess Joy isn’t quite ready,” the MC was saying. “Remember, Wednesday is ladies night at the Kingston…”

Barb suddenly was running down the hallway. She looked gorgeous in the stripper costume!

“I’m so excited!” she said as she ran past Pete and Ann.

“Let’s go watch,” Pete said.

“Okay. Come up on the roof. We’ll take the stairs, though.”

Once again, Pete found himself on the roof, looking into a skylight. But he never thought he would see his own girl friend on the stage, dancing and stripping.

When they looked down, Barb was just taking off her lacy robe. Her young tits, half bidden in a tiny bra, looked fabulous as they heaved to the music.

At first, Barb seemed a bit stiff. Her face looked rigid as she kept her gaze down. But the longer she danced around, the more relaxed she became. By the time she unfastened her bra and exposed her huge tits, she was dancing loose and free.

“Damn! She’s good!” Ann said.

“Yeahhh!” Pete agreed, excited by the sight even though he’d just fucked her.

When Barb tossed away her bra, her tits looked even more beautiful than they had when Pete had held them.

Pete and Ann were huddled together as they knelt by the skylight. Ann’s sexy perfume added to the guy’s excitement, and he couldn’t help putting an arm around her. As he did, Ann moved closer to him.

Barb was bouncing around the stage, smiling at the audience as she showed off her lovely tits.

“Do you think Barb would mind if we fucked while watching her?” Ann asked.

“Na, I don’t think so,” Pete said. “Especially when we tell her how excited her stripping made us.”

So they both pulled down their pants. Still looking at Barb, they got ready to fuck. Pete sank a few fingers into Ann’s cunt while Ann held his prick. Then, as Barb pulled down the pink satin bottom of her costume, leaving only herself in a tiny g-string, Pete got behind Ann and slipped his prick up her cunt, doggie-style. That way, they could fuck and still watch Barb’s act.

Pete kept his eyes on his girl, friend on the stage below as he slipped his prick in and out of Ann’s sweet cunt. It seemed like just yesterday he’d been up on the roof with his buddy, Don, two virgins getting a peek at naked ladies. Pete had come a long way.

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The Doctor's Horny Wife

Most of us lead two lives — real and fantasy. The housewife imagines herself leading a life of luxury. The businessman imagines himself away from the rat race, fishing by a quiet lake. The schoolboy dreams of future wealth and power. And there are sexual fantasies — wild dreams that we seldom expect to see come true.

In this story, Christina Mentis has learned to be outward and honest in her sexual desires. She becomes a woman whom many would brand a slut and others would merely call liberated. She is a woman dedicated to becoming sexually liberated — a person who feels sexually free.

THE DOCTOR’S HORNY WIFE — deals with a volatile issue, an issue that government has tried to define, that churches have tried to repress, that swingers have tried to advocate. But perhaps the answer lies within the individual. Let he or she decide on a personal standard of morality, just as the young woman in this book has done.


Christina felt a hot tingling in her cunt as she approached the hospital. A stewardess, her flight had been canceled, and she was happy that Dr. Will Mentis, her successful and ever horny husband, would now be able to have lunch with her. Maybe, just maybe, she might be able to sneak in a quick fuck during lunch. Will didn’t do that often, she knew, but there was something special about the day. Surprises, like having her flight canceled, always made her horny. If Christina had stopped to think about it, almost everything out of the ordinary made her horny.

She stopped just long enough to ask a fat old nurse where she could find her husband, then trotted off to the room where he was seeing a patient. When Christina found the room, it was empty except for another nurse who said that Dr. Mentis was busy with the patient taking tests in the lab. She would have, to wait at least an hour to see him. Disappointed, Christina decided to go to the lunch room for some coffee. Then, as an afterthought, she decided to go to the bathroom. She stepped into the patients’ bathroom and locked the door behind her. She heard soft talking and a woman’s giggle, and unlocked the door as quietly as possible, opening it just a crack to peer out.

It was Will! There he was — her wonderful husband, in the arms of a young female patient. Christina froze. One part of her wanted to rush out and grab her husband by the hair and drag him around the room. Another part of her wanted to scream and go running for the nearest lawyer. But something else in her, some dark little creature that had never surfaced before, urged her to be quiet — to watch the weird scene unfolding in front of her. Silence, this character whispered. Silence.

Christina watched as a nurse — a young one she had never seen before — dropped casually to her knees and tugged the zipper of ha husband’s pants down.

“That’s it, Betty,” Will whispered, breaking his kiss with the patient for just a moment. “Suck my cock! You’ve got the hottest mouth in the world!”

Hottest mouth in the world! The words stung Christina. Will had always told her that she had the hottest mouth in the world.

Will plastered his lips against the girl’s. His mouth opened, and he thrust his tongue between her lips — searching, exploring the warm recesses of her mouth. Below, Betty was busy pulling his limp cock out of his pants. When she finally had his prickmeat out of his pants, she moaned low in her throat and kissed the mushroom-shaped cockhead.

“I do love sucking your cock,” she murmured, rolling her tongue around the cockhead in circles. “Nothing better than sucking cock.”

Betty flicked her tongue against his slitted pricktip and around the ridge that separated the cockhead from the prickshaft. His prick twitched and grew, expanding to its full, massive size. Then, when his big prick was hard as a rock, standing straight out from Will’s body, she kissed the cockhead and pushed forward. Slowly the tip of Will’s cock pushed into her mouth, spreading her moist lips. She moaned again, louder than before. His fat hunk of hardened prickmeat spread her lips farther apart as she took the cockpole slowly, deeply into her wet mouth.

“Mmmmm!” she moaned, sliding her frisky tongue against the heavily veined underside of Will’s cockshaft. She took in still more cock until the spongy head was wedged firmly against the back of her mouth. Four inches of prickshaft remained out of her mouth, and Betty culled her slender fingers around that part of Will’s cockmeat, stroking his prickflesh lightly, squeezing it tenderly.

Will felt his throbbing prick sink deep, into the wet mouth of his favorite nurse and the sensation sent shivers through his body. He sucked on his patients tongue, biting it softly as his hands untied the strings holding her hospital gown together. Soon he pulled the gown away from the girl’s body, and she turned to the side and let it slip to the floor.

Christina gaped at the weird scene, too stunned to do anything but watch. She noted smugly that the young patient didn’t have tits nearly the size of her own. And the cute little nurse named Betty, who was at that very moment tossing her head back and forth over Will’s cock, didn’t have the hourglass figure that she had. Still, Christina couldn’t afford to be too smug. Her husband was, after all, getting his cock sucked by a cute nurse who had obviously been giving him blow-jobs for quite some time.

Will cupped the patient’s tits in his hands, squeezing them. They were firm, her nipples pointing slightly upward. He rolled her tiny nipples between his fingers and thumbs, working her tender, sensitive flesh into even greater hardness. Then he bent forward, his hungry lips slowly passing over her smooth, perfumed neck. He nipped her neck with his teeth, drawing a surprised yelp and an approving giggle from the girl.

“Go to it, Doctor. Suck on my tits! Yeah!” the girl hissed, running her fingers through Will’s closely cropped hair.

Will caught her nipple between his teeth and sucked the bud into his mouth. Her titflesh was sweet and warm, alive with sensation. He sucked as much of the firm titflesh into his mouth as he could. With one hand, he reached down, boldly grabbing the girl between her legs to feel her curly cunt bush. His middle finger, as though it had eyes of its own, instantly found her pussyhole. Her fuckhole was dewy already, and with Will’s touch, the girl’s pussy juices began flowing even more heavily.

“Fingerfuck me, Doctor,” she hissed through clenched teeth.

The wild sensations of having her cunt played with while her nipple was being caressed by hot lips and a dancing tongue made her whole body quiver. She hooked her hands behind Will’s head and pushed his face harder against her tit. When she felt his finger sliding deftly between her pussylips, pushing deeply into her hot cunt, she tossed her head back, gritting her teeth so she couldn’t cry out with pleasure.

Betty was pistoning her head back and forth, taking Will’s hard cock into her mouth until the prickhead smacked against the back of her throat. She brought her hand back and forth on his cock shank as she sucked, stroking his quivering prickpole into a state of iron-like hardness. With her other hand, she pulled up her dress and slipped her fingers under the elastic band of her panties.

Christina gasped involuntarily as she watched Betty fingerfuck herself. Not only did the lusty nurse wantonly fingerfuck her own juicy cunt while sucking cock, but she also wore no pantyhose. Instead, she wore nylons help up by a thick elastic band at each thigh. Brazen was the word that came to Christina’s mind. She had seen those filthy stag films Will had shown at a party he had given for a friend who was getting married. Christina knew of the kind of women who would wear frilly lace garter belts and such things, and she didn’t like them one bit.

Betty pulled back so that just the crown of Will’s cock remained between her lips. Then she put her hot tongue to work. Her tongue slid expertly over his cockhead, teasing, dancing, twisting around and around. And while her tongue was working on his cocktip, Betty’s lips moved in a soft chewing motion, drawing an animal-like groan of pleasure from will. Her finger was ramrodding back and forth in her cunt, the slick pussy juice trickling down into her palm. Damn, how she loved sucking win’s prick!

“You hot bitches!” win growled, releasing the nipple from his mouth.

He looked at the firm tit flesh, noticing that the brown areola was glistening with his spit. Looking down, he watched his cock disappear into Betty’s mouth. When she pulled back, the shaft of his cock glistened wetly, just like the girl patient’s tit.

Will sucked on her other nipple as he pumped into the girl’s pussy with his finger. He felt her writhe in ecstasy. He worked a second finger between her clasping pussylips and thrust his hips forward, driving his cock even deeper in Betty’s mouth. He heard her startled gasp, felt the head of his cock slam past the natural resistance at the back of her mouth and drive right down her throat. He hooked his hand behind Betty’s neck and jerked her toward his aching cock. His fat cockhead shoved even deeper, pulsing strongly as his prickflesh expanded in her throat. Betty’s hot lips were at the root of his prick, pressed against the jagged edge of his zipper. She squealed in surprise, her clutching throat protesting the sudden intrusion of hard cockmeat. Putting her hands flat on Will’s thighs, she pushed hard, uncorking his cock from her throat and landing on her ass.

“Damn you!” she hissed angrily, looking up at Will who was still chewing on the girl’s tit. “You know I can’t take that huge hunk of prickmeat down my throat!”

Christina smiled. It pleased, her that Betty couldn’t deep-throat Will’s cock. She made a mental note that soon, very soon, she would learn to deep-throat Will and put that slutty little bitch to shame.

“Come on,” Will said, giving the girl’s nipple one last kiss. “Let’s get on the bed.”

The girl was already completely naked, and she hopped on the bed, spreading her legs wide for Will. Betty hiked up her dress, pulled her panties down her legs and dropped them at the foot of the bed. Will merely opened his pants and pushed them down his thighs a little, dragging his shorts with them to expose his throbbing, spit-slick cock.

“We’ve got to hurry,” he said. “I’ve got my rounds to make.” With that, he climbed onto the bed, flattening the girl’s pert tits with his chest. Will thrust his hips down and his wet cockhead smashed against the patient’s cunt, then slid over the crack of her ass. “Damn it, make yourself useful!” he barked at the nurse.

Betty got on the bed between Will’s legs and grabbed his prick. Aiming his cockhead at the girl’s cunt, she said, “Now!”

Will shoved at the girl again. The head of his prick rammed into her pussy, shoved her cuntlips inward, then split her pussy flesh wide apart as he entered her hot, juicy fuckhole. He thrust his cockshaft into her cunt full length, shoving into her pussy until their pelvic bones ground together.

“Ahhhhh!” the girl gasped, feeling her cunt filled with Will’s hard, pulsing cock. She hooked her ankles together behind his ass and dug her fingernails into his back, scratching so deeply that even through his smock, jacket and shirt, she hurt him.

“You bitch! So you want to play rough, do you?” he rasped.

With that, he began drilling his cock violently into her pussy. He stabbed her tight cunt cruelly, slamming his big cock into her until they practically bounced on the bed. Then he pulled out so that he was, hardly in her pussy. Again and again he shoved his throbbing cock into her hot pussy as he looked down at the girl’s face which was twisted into a mask of absolute pleasure.

Betty slithered belly-down on the bed, kissing Will’s thighs as she worked her way slowly to his balls. She might not be able to suck on his hairy sac as she had hoped she could, because he was fucking so hard and fast. She tried to plant a wet kiss on his asscheek, but Will, raised his ass so quickly that he nearly broke her nose. Betty gasped as her head jerked backwards, and she abandoned her mission. But there was more that she could do and, with a sly smirk pursing her lips, she got off the bed.

Christina’s nipples were tingling like mad. She wanted to touch her tits to relieve her painful desire, but she knew that if she so much as grazed her fingers over her nipples — even through her blouse and bra — she would only kindle a fire that she could not extinguish. She chose instead to do nothing but watch her husband fuck the living daylights out of some young cunt and a nurse named Betty.

“Move a little.” Betty instructed Will as she stepped near the front of the bed. “I’m going to have her eat my pussy.”

“No!” the patient hissed, looking up at Betty with wild, frightened eyes. “I’ve never done that before.”

“Everybody has to learn sometime,” Betty replied. She calmly got on the bed and straddled the girl’s head with her knees. “Now lick my cunt like a good little girl, or the good doctor, here, will stop fucking you, and you won’t come. Now you don’t want that to happen, do you?”

The girl looked at Betty’s dewy pussy, just inches from her face. She really didn’t want to stick her tongue into Betty’s pink cuntflesh. That was a man’s job. But she also didn’t want to stop fucking. One was bad, but the other was worse. As Betty’s cunt lowered slowly to the girl’s face, she opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out. The first taste of pussy juice shocked the girl. She didn’t think cunt juice would be so salty. But with her pussy reeling in ecstasy from the wonderful, thick cock that was rocketing in and out of her cunt walls, the git decided that sucking cunt wasn’t that bad. As her feverish clit got hotter and hotter, edging ever closer to orgasm, the girl began to like eating cunt. Soon she was greedily dragging her tongue along Betty’s sticky fuckhole, scooping up the thick, clear pussy oil and sucking on Betty’s red, hard clit.

“That’s it, lover,” Betty purred, her eyes closed. She fondled her tits through her uniform. She wiggled her hips a little, letting the girl lick and suck on her pussylips.

Will, raising his torso like he was doing push-ups, felt the tingling in his balls get more urgent. It wouldn’t be long now before he shot his jism. Soon his hot, white cum would blast through the length of his cock and spew from his cocktip straight into the girl’s pussy. Soon… very soon.

He slowed his pounding thrusts. He thought he might as well make the fucking session last a while longer. He watched the girl’s small tits jiggle each time he rammed his cock deep up her cunt. Her nipples were like pebbles, hard and small. Fantastic waves of pleasure started from the hot little buds and spread throughout her body.

Christina sensed that the thrashing trio would soon reach a peak of ecstasy. Betty’s eyes were closed as she concentrated on her clit, and Christina decided that now was the time to make her escape. If she waited much longer, the chance of her being discovered would be too great. She opened the door a little more, her eyes glued on Betty’s face. Then she stepped quietly away from the door. She wasn’t concerned about Will — he had his back to her. And she certainly wasn’t concerned about the girl, who couldn’t see anything but Betty’s ass.

She turned the knob and opened the door. It creaked slightly, and she dashed into the hallway. Waiting there, trying to look casual while her heart pounded in her chest, Christina listened carefully. She could still hear the rhythmic, steady squeaking from the room. Silly of me, she thought, they couldn’t hear a fire alarm!

Back in the room, Will had lost all control. If he had had any notions of prolonging the fucking, he would have to give them up. His balls, with the cum welling up in them, had taken complete control of his body. He slammed his cock deep into the girl’s cunt as his nuts pulled up tight to his body. Will gritted his teeth, fighting off the intense pleasure. But his ass just continued to undulate. And then it happened — the scalding hot cum erupted from his balls like lava from a volcano. The thick blobs of juicy cum spewed from the tip of his prick, flooding the girl’s pussy.

“Ahhhh! Arggghhhhh!” he groaned as his hot cum shot from his balls. He pounded his cock into her harder than ever, pressing his muscular hips down to drive the pulsating head of his prick deep up the girl’s cunt.

Christina heard her husband’s choked groan, and she knew he was coming. She had heard his groan many times before — only it was her cunt that his cum filled then. She turned from the door and walked out of the hospital.

It was strange for her. She didn’t feel hurt or cheated. If asked, she would not be able to give a definite answer about how she felt. The times that Will had said he was too tired to fuck or that he had a headache, kept rolling through her mind like a crazy movie.

She wondered how long her husband had been fucking around — wondered if he fucked her just to keep her happy. He had married her when she was a wide-eyed, twenty-one-year-old rookie stewardess. But that was seven years ago. He had taught her how to really enjoy fucking, and it had been with his cock that she had learned to give blow-jobs. Will begged her to suck his cock for weeks before Christina finally consented. After that, he described her as a cock eater because she enjoyed sucking his prick so much.

What’s good for the gander is good for the goose, Christina decided as she hailed a cab. She wasn’t sure what the future held for her, but she knew it would be fun.


Christina went to the bank and withdrew 400 dollars. The first thing she needed to do was get some new clothes. If she was going cock-hunting, as she now thought of it, she’d need the right kind of clothes. Just as a deer hunter needed the right kind of clothes to hunt deer properly.

After her quick stop at the bank, Christina told the cabbie to take her to a clothing store called Julio’s of Hollywood. The place specialized in ultra-sexy apparel, and that’s exactly what Christina was looking for!

Christina took her time, carefully picking outfits that would make her look a sexy, high class whore. She picked out garter belts, black silk hose, a jumpsuit that fit her like a second skin, and a blouse so sheer it was almost transparent. Next came several bras with matching panties, a couple of dresses guaranteed to drive any man right out of his fucking mind, high-heeled shoes with open toes — the works!

Then Christina called her airline and volunteered for several flights that had layovers. If she was going to test her wings away from Will, she wanted to start out in another city.

Christina felt daring. Beneath her stewardess’ uniform, she wore pink panties with a matching bra that hardly contained her thirty-eight-inch tits. A lace garter belt held up her silk hose. She felt like one of those actresses in the stag movie she had seen. She felt horny.

“Would you care for another drink, sir?” Christina asked a distinguished-looking gentleman sitting in a rear seat of the DC-9.

“Yeah, why not?” He looked up at Christina and smiled. Was she coming on to him? The question haunted him. That damned stewardess was so fucking good-looking!

He watched her walk away, her full ass swishing erotically. When Christina walked toward him moments later, he appraised her beauty. Christina’s large, wide-set brown eyes were the loveliest he had ever seen; her tits were absolutely huge and wiggled seductively with each step she took; her hair cascaded down, over her shoulders and curled slightly at the small of her back; her lips were full, highlighting a broad mouth that promised great sensuality. Her waist was narrow, tapering in from the fullness of her tits before flaring out to her hips.

He guessed that Christina had, at the outside, five extra pounds. But she carried it well — as truly voluptuous women do — and the weight was equally distributed between her tits and her ass.

Christina bent lower than necessary to hand the man his drink. In doing so, she gave the gentleman a good view of her ample cleavage.

“If there’s anything I can do for you — anything at all…” she said, pausing to lick her lips sensually, “don’t be afraid to ask.”

“I… ah… I certainly will,” the man said, feeling the stirring of an awakening cock in his pants. Hell’s bells! The last thing he needed was to sporting an embarrassing hard-on!

“What’s your name?”

“Ah… Bob… Bob Helms.”

“My name’s Christina.”

She bent down even farther, putting her hands on her knees. Christina sensed how nervous Bob was. She guessed his age at fifty, but he was in excellent shape — probably a former athlete who still exercised regularly.

“My name’s Christina,” she repeated, “and I’d like to see you after this flight. How about buying a lonely girl a drink?”

“Sure,” Bob choked, wondering how in the flying fuck he had gotten so lucky.

The DC-9 landed in Boston, and it took some time, but Christina was finally off duty. She took a cab to the bar Bob had told her about and found him waiting for her at a table in a dimly lit corner.

“Sorry,” Christina said, her voice a purr, “but I didn’t have time to change into something a little more sexy. I guess I was just in a hurry to see you.”

Bob couldn’t reply. The most he could do was look into Christina’s dark eyes and get lost in them.

“This small talk is getting us nowhere. I haven’t booked a hotel for the evening, so I guess we’ll have to fuck at your place.” She decided to be bold.

An hour later, Christina was absolutely frustrated. Bob, it turned out, lived in one of the fashionable, hundred-year-old buildings that had been turned into condominiums. His place bordered the Boston Commons, but that wasn’t the problem. The problem was Bob’s wife, who was home that evening.

So, since they could not fuck in Bob’s home, they decided to take a walk. They walked in the Commons, and with each step, Christina got hornier and hornier. She needed a hard, big cock driving up her cunt. She needed a fat prick in her, and that was all there was to it! But she was also learning that this fucking around stuff wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.

“Look, you can fuck me over there, near the trees where it’s dark,” Christina at last suggested.

She took his hand in hers, noticing that poor Bob just wasn’t used to having such a young, beautiful woman trying desperately to fuck him.

Christina led him to a small group of trees and looked around. There were several people in the Commons, but she didn’t think they could see her very well. Besides, she and Bob were hidden by the shadows from the trees.

“All right,” Christina cooed, slowly dropping to her knees in the grass. “Let’s see what kind of monster prick you’ve got waiting for me.”

Christina’s mouth went dry as she tugged loose Bob’s belt. This was a pretty dramatic step for her. She opened his belt, then unfastened his pants before pulling down his zipper. She pulled them down to his ankles then, brought his shorts down, too. There, hanging limply between his legs, was a wrinkled, small cock.

“Ohhhhh!” Christina said sarcastically. “The poor little prick. Your cock looks frightened.” Christina curled her slender fingers around his nut sac, and with the fingers of her other hand, raised the head of his cock toward her mouth. She looked up and saw Bob gazing at her, his eyes reflecting the mixture of fear and lust he felt.

“I-I don’t think I can get a hard-on,” Bob whispered, his voice cracking in embarrassment. “I… this is so weird…”

“Of course it’s weird, darling. But you’ll get a hard-on and you’ll fuck me. Just as soon as I put my mouth to work on this cock, you’ll forget how weird it is and know how good my cocksucking can get.”

Christina looked at the cockhead just inches from her face and smiled. Okay, Christina, she thought, let’s show this poor, old bastard what a blow-job is supposed to feel like. And if someone comes around, you can fuck him, too.

With that in mind, Christina leaned forward and captured Bob’s entire cock in her mouth. Her red, lipsticked lips encircled the base of Bob’s prick, forming a perfect, tight seal around his cockmeat. She pushed her tongue out between his soft cock and her lips, and tickled his hairy nuts. Almost instantly, Christina felt his prickmeat twitch, come alive and get slowly harder and thicker. His cock’s girth increased steadily. Christina pulled her head back so that just the knob of Bob’s cock remained in her mouth, and she drew a tight suction on his prickhead, stretching his cockflesh out, making his prick shank skinny.

“Mmmmmm!” she moaned, low in her throat like an animal. She brought her face forward slowly, sucking his prickshaft back into her mouth, feeling his prickmeat constantly expanding as his lusty blood pumped into it.

“You bitch,” Bob hissed softly. “You hot blooded, horny little bitch. That feels so fucking good. So damn fucking good!”

The words spurred Christina on. That was what she wanted to hear. She wanted to be told that she was not just a cocksucker, but a great cocksucker! She wanted to prove, to herself if to no one else, that she knew what the hell a man’s cock was for. And then, just maybe, she’d prove to Will that his fucking around with other women was not only unnecessary, but not as good as fucking his own wife.

Christina rolled her tongue around the cockhead, scratching lightly over Bob’s balls with her long, red fingernails. She heard him gasp, his breath coming in ragged gulps as the pressure of her hot mouth began having maximum effect.

Soon Bob’s prick was long and hard, entirely different than what she thought it would be. He had an average-sized cock, but his cockshaft was very thick with a cockhead the size of a small egg.

“I love it!” Christina murmured, remembering the words that that cocksucker Betty had used with Will. “I love sucking your beautiful cock!”

Christina wrapped her buttery lips around Bob’s throbbing cockhead, her tongue dancing over his pricktip, and started whacking on his quivering prickmeat. She could feel the blood pounding against her palm, feel his prickhead expand and contract between her lips. She cupped his nuts in her other hand and squeezed them, sort of testing his furry sac to see what kind of a load of cum she would get.

“Mmmmmmmm! Nmmmmmmmm!” she slurped on the cockhead, rotating her face around the crown of Bob’s cock. Her teeth gnawed on the tender cockflesh, sending bolts of passion through Bob’s body, jarring his senses. Soon his whole body was rigid — arms, legs, stomach muscles — everything was flexed and straining from Christina’s cocksucking.

“Fucking damn!” Bob hissed, watching his cock sink deeply into the mouth of that crazy brunette stewardess with the big tits. “Fucking damn!”

Christina heard the words and once again started pistoning her face back and forth over the rigid length of his prickmeat. The fat cockhead pressed her tongue to the bottom of her mouth. She took the prick into her mouth until the cockhead was wedged tightly against her throat. Only an inch or two of cock remained out of her mouth, and Christina was determined to get all of his prickmeat. She’d learn to deep-throat and then drive him mad with lust when she took his massive prick down her throat.

Christina pushed forward and nearly gagged. His cockhead was just too big! Her throat just couldn’t expand enough, couldn’t relax enough, for her to get more prickmeat. She let one hand slip down between her legs. Pushing her skirt up, Christina rubbed her middle finger against her clit. Her pink panties, she found, were already wet with her cunt juices. Damn, she was ready for fucking!

“Take my cock down, you bitch! Take all of my cock!”

The words sounded foreign to her. Will would never talk so dirty to her. But then again, she would never suck Will’s cock at night in Boston Commons either. Maybe that was why he was fucking around, Christina thought.

As she sucked now less feverishly than before, she tried to recall a time in their marriage when they hadn’t fucked in bed. She couldn’t. The only time Will had made a pass at her when they were in the dining room, Christina had denied him — even said, in so many words, that she thought he was something of a pervert for wanting to fuck on the floor. But now she was on her knees, playing with her hot clit while whipping her mouth back and forth over a stranger’s cock.

When Christina felt two strong hands, swirling her silky hair around, she snapped back to the reality of the present and forgot about Will. She’d worry about him later. Right now, she had a cock throbbing massively in her mouth and some old guy churning his hips slowly back and forth. Christina kept her head still, and Bob quickly figured out what he was supposed to do — fuck her face just like it was a pussy.

“All the way down your throat, damn it,” he hissed, grabbing two handfuls of Christina’s dark hair and jerking it toward his waist as he pushed his cock at her.

“Uggghhhhh!” Christina groaned as she felt the bullet-like crown of Bob’s prick slam against the back of her throat. But he kept pushing his prick at her and jerked harder on her hair. The next thing Christina knew, her lips were wrapped tightly around the root of Bob’s cock, and prickhead that she was sure would never fit in her throat was cutting off her breath. Christina felt every agonizing inch of Bob’s prick pulse in her mouth. She felt the cockhead, round and smooth, stretch out her throat. Her head stung from his grip on her hair, but that was the least of her worries. The middle-aged man who was afraid that he couldn’t get a hard-on was now viciously stabbing at her throat with his cock!

When Bob pulled back, releasing his cockhead from her throat, Christina got a quick lungful of air, drawing the air in through her nose. And one breath of air was all Christina got, because a moment later, Bob jerked her head against his cock as he plowed down her throat. Christina squeezed her lips tightly around his driving cockshaft, wanting to give his prick more stimulation than it could handle. She wanted a mouthful of juicy cum! She consciously relaxed the muscles in her throat, and the next thing she knew, she was taking Bob’s prick down her throat without any problem at all.

“OOOOOQ! Fucking cocksucker!” Bob gasped, tossing his head back. His fat cockhead buried itself into Christina’s throat.

Christina was rubbing her clit like crazy, pressing the flat of her hand between her legs. Her other hand was busy squeezing her more than ample tits, first one — then the other — working the nipples into tingling buds of hardness. Her lips pulled out and her cheeks sunk in as Bob pulled his cock from her mouth, then her lips puckered and her cheeks puffed out visibly from the massive girth of the cockflesh he pushed into her.

“I can’t take it! I’m gonna… I’m commiiinng!” Bob screamed his voice sounding strong and clear in the warm evening air.

Though he couldn’t see them, the dozen or so people in the Commons all turned toward him. They could vaguely make out the form of someone on her knees in front of someone, else who was standing up. It didn’t take a genius to figure out what was going on.

His prick drove powerfully past Christina’s tightly clutching lips, his cockhead smashing against the back of her mouth before driving down her throat. Christina’s nose was buried in the curly hair above Bob’s cock and she whimpered with delight, her body sizzling as her clit got hotter and hotter. Bob’s fat balls, full of cum, slapped against her chin, and if she could have, Christina would have smiled. The next time she got Will’s prick in her mouth, she’d have a little surprise for him.

“Abhhhhhhhh!” Bob screamed again as pressure built on pressure. Then the dam broke, the floodgates opened, and salty jism exploded from Bob’s balls. Still holding Christina by the hair, he pounded into her, and the throat-stretching thickness of his cockhead made her squirm. With his prick fully, completely buried in her warm mouth and throat, his first blast of cum burst from his cocktip.

Christina sensed his eruption of cum rather than tasted his jism. And then Bob reared back so that Christina’s hungry lips could swallow his throbbing cock knob and his second jet of salty-tasting, creamy cum. The blast splashed over Christina’s tongue, and she moaned, almost crying in ecstasy. She swallowed his cum greedily, hardly having time to get his jism into her belly before Bob thrust his prick into her tight throat again.

“Suck it! Suck my cock! Suck my prick!” Bob chanted, watching his glistening prick disappear between Christina’s lips. He was amazed that she could take his cockmeat all the way down her throat — amazed that such a beautiful woman would crave his prick so much. All in all, he concluded, Christina was a pretty amazing woman.

Christina felt him release her hair, and she began sucking his cock on her own, taking his cockpole deep into her mouth. The blasts of hot cum slowed, then stopped altogether. But not before Bob’s nuts had given her a mouthful of fuck-cream. Christina felt his cock twitch and begin to shrink between her lips, and she groaned sadly.

For all his early hesitation, Bob hadn’t been a bad man to start her lusty campaign with. Still keeping his prickhead between her full lips, Christina gulped down his cum and sucked his prick until his cockshaft was soft and clean. Finally, she let his prick staff slip from her lips tender embrace, and she looked up at her lover.

“Well, how was my cocksucking?”

“Fantastic! I’ve never known anyone who could suck cock so good!” Bob slumped against a tree weakly, his knees suddenly threatening to buckle. “I think you sucked the very life right out of me and my prick.”

“Come on, I’m not that good,” Christina said, getting to her feet.

She looked at Bob and frowned. He looked almost green. Maybe he wasn’t in as good shape as she had earlier supposed.

“We’d better go for a walk. You never can tell if someone called the cops. Besides, a good walk will restore your energies and then you can fuck me.”

Bob looked at her incredulously. His face was a mask of sheer horror. “Are you out of your mind?” he asked, stepping farther away from her and pulling up his pants at the same time. “Are you trying to kill me? Is that it? You get your kicks from working over old men like me! You suck the life out of their bodies, and you work them over until they have a heart attack. That’s it, isn’t it?”

Christina looked at the poor, frightened old bastard. He had never come across a horny woman quite like her before. With her hands on her hips and a strange, condescending smile on her lips, she shook her head.

“Go on, little man. Run home to the wifey. And next time you cuddle up to that fat body of hers, you think about me and what you passed up.”

Bob walked home on weak legs, stumbling occasionally. Christina watched him go, mildly amused at how weak he was. Yes, indeed, Christina thought, you’ve got a knack for blow-jobs, old girl. You’ve got the knack!

In the distance, Christina could see a couple kids — boys in their teens — moving closer. Time to make a hasty escape and figure out what the fuck to do about the incessant itching in her cunt, Christina decided.


The bar was a tacky little joint in the Beacon Hill section of Boston. The brick streets were so narrow, there was not even enough room for cars to pass each other. And all the buildings in the area were anywhere from 130 to 200 years old.

Christina sat at the bar, rather than one of the quaint tables, and ordered a gin martini. She lit a cigarette and smiled at the bartender when he gave her the drink.

“Where the hell does a girl find some action around here?” she asked, her eyes holding a hint of mischief in them.

“I’m not altogether sure I know what you mean,” the bartender replied.

He was in his middle forties and had been a bartender most of his adult life. He had seen just about everything, but a woman as good-looking as Christina looking for action was something way the hell out of the ordinary.

“If you’re looking, for a little rock and roll with the lights out, I’m up for the taking,” he said.

Christina eyed the man. He had a slight pot belly, but that didn’t bother her. The bartender seemed educated, even if he did work in a small bar that didn’t have a lot of customers. You never can tell who does and who doesn’t have an education, she thought.

“Yeah, I think I tan handle that easy enough.” Her eyes met the bartender’s. They both knew fucking the night away was in their future. “When do you get off?”

“I can get off on you,” he said with a leer, “but I have to work until two. That’s when the bar closes.”

Christina glanced at her watch. It was a little past midnight. What the hell? Why not drink for awhile before getting some hard cock shoved into her cunt?

By two, Christina was drunk. The bartender, afraid that she might suddenly back down on her part of the deal, kept making her martinis stronger and stronger. By the end of the evening, Christina was virtually drinking straight gin.

“By the way,” the bartender said, openly staring at Christina’s massive tits, “my name’s Tony. Tony’s the name.”

“Darling. You can call me darling.” Christina giggled at her own joke and downed what remained of her drink. It was nearly two, and Tony was already putting the chairs on the tables and chasing out the customers.

“Come on,” Tony said after the last of the customers had left. “I’ve got a friend I want you to meet.” He grabbed his cock through his pants, motioning for Christina to go outside. Christina, drunk, didn’t realize that Tony’s friend was actually his cock.

“Are we going to get in a three-way?” she asked, her tongue feeling thick. “Oh, no, I’m afraid I’ve gotten drunk. Isn’t that something? Funny how things like that seem to make me more hornier.”

She put her arm around Tony’s waist as they walked down the dimly lit street. He put his arm around her shoulders, his hand dangling very close to her pleasantly plump tit.

“Sweetheart, I’m going to fuck your eyes out.”

“They say love is blind,” Christina replied, then started laughing again. Somehow she just couldn’t take Tony seriously. After Bob had turned into a complete dud, except, of course, for the bellyful of hot jizz he had provided, Christina just couldn’t take anything seriously. If Tony turned out to be a dynamite fucker, then she’d see him again. And if he turned out to be a bum fuck, well, that wouldn’t hurt her, anyway.

Tony let his fingers graze Christina’s tit, and when Christina didn’t make any move to stop him, he boldly cupped her heavy, firm tit mound. Even through her blouse and bra, Tony could feel Christina’s hard nipple pressing out. Never before had he felt a tit as large and firm as Christina’s.

He, too, had had more than a couple drinks. He had convinced himself they were only to calm his jagged nerves so Christina wouldn’t know how nervous he was. And now his mind in a pleasant buzz from the booze, he was ready for fucking.

Christina felt him squeeze her tit and fondle her hard nipple. Instantly, she wanted to fuck. To fuck immediately. She turned to Tony and moved closer. She wrapped her arms lovingly around his neck and pressed her fat tits against his chest, driving Tony mad with lust.

He pushed her back into a doorway where it was dark and secluded from any traffic that might come by. Christina didn’t protest. A little foreplay in the streets wasn’t so bad, she decided. Not many hours earlier, she had sucked an old fart’s cock in the Commons, why not do a little necking in Beacon Hill?

“You’re somethin’ else,” Tony hissed, pressing his body against Christina’s. He felt her tits mash against his chest, felt Christina rub her pussy against his throbbing cock. Tony pressed his lips down on Christina’s, his tongue searching, frisking, playing in her mouth. Both their tongues darted, playing a silly, passionate, lusty game. Tony’s hands slithered between their bodies, cupping a tit in one hand while unbuttoning Christina’s blouse with the other.

“Yessssssssss!” Christina said as Tony buttoned her blouse and started kissing her neck. The clasp of her bra was between the cups, and after Tony’s trembling hands proved too clumsy to unhook it, Christina helped him along by unfastening it herself. A moment later, her tits — all thirty-eight inches of them — popped into view, drawing a gasp of absolute erotic delight from Tony.

“Ho-lee-shit!” he gasped then buried his face in the milky smooth tit-flesh. Tony inhaled deeply and drank in the sweet fragrance of her perfumed tits. He wanted Christina. He wanted her more than anything in the world. He wanted her more than he had ever wanted anything.

“Ooohhhh!” Tony groaned as his hungry lips captured Christina’s large pink nipple. The nipple, engorged with lust, stood out solidly in the middle of the pliant titflesh. Tony almost cried he was so happy. Many times he had watched the guys picking up girls in the bar. Sometimes he even managed to get a date with one customer or another, but nothing like this ever happened to him before.

Tony reached between Christina’s legs, and she spread them for him, closing her eyes and sighing with pleasure.

“That’s it, baby,” Christina whispered, her tongue flicking out to graze Tony’s ear. “I like a man who doesn’t pussy-foot around. Just let me know what you want.”

“I want you, damn I want all of you!”

Tony pushed Christina’s skirt up higher and grabbed her panties. She felt the tug, heard the soft ripping sound as they were torn from her body, then felt the cool evening air against her dewy cunt. When she told Tony that she didn’t like her men to pussy foot around, she never thought he would take it this literally!

“Damn! You’re so fucking hot already! I’ve got to fuck you!”

Tony’s prick slid smoothly over her tongue, pushing out her cheeks, stretching and contorting her features.

“Uhhh!” she gasped at the sudden invasion of prickflesh into her mouth. “Mmmmmm!” she moaned tightening her lips around his charging, throbbing cock.

Tony frantically pounded his prick into Christina’s mouth. He held her head still and jerked his prick back and forth between her lips, forcefully fucking her beautiful face. And then, just as soon as his cock was quivering and wet with her spit, he pulled his prickmeat from her mouth and grabbed her under the arms, raising Christina to her feet.

“Come on, let me stick my cock in you!”

“Yesssssss!” Christina purred, hooking her arms around Tony’s neck. She raised one leg and wrapped it around Tony’s waist, sort of hitting his ass with her heel to spur him on. That left her standing unsteadily on one foot, and her high-heeled shoe wasn’t the easiest thing to balance on.

Tony slipped his hands under Christina’s skirt, his fingers digging into the firm flesh of her ass. He held her up slightly, then drove his slick cock at her wet cunt. His cockhead hit her thigh and slid along it, missing her cunt. Christina dropped a hand and grabbed his cockmeat, and the cylinder of pulsating prickflesh shuddered. She aimed his cockhead at her pussy and whispered, “Now!”

Tony groaned, like an animal. He stabbed at Christina’s pussy, and his prick found her cunt. His cockhead punched between her cuntlips and sank full length between her cunt walls, being gently massaged as it invaded her hot pussy.

Tony plastered his lips against Christina’s, and she sucked on the tongue he offered. She felt every wonderful inch of his prick — particularly his cockhead — as he pounded his cockshaft into her cunt. Her head bounced uncomfortably against the marble wall of the building behind her, and her hip struck the unyielding surface painfully hard, driving right up her cunt, sliding over her clit with enough friction to bring tier to a wrenching orgasm.

It was time. That was all she needed. Just enough time to have Tony slide his cock into her cunt maybe twenty or thirty times, and she would come. She would come and come and come. Christina was ready for it, waiting with anticipation as she closed her eyes, concentrating on the sensations her clit was sending through her body.

But what she wanted and what she got were two entirely different things. Christina’s dark hair glistened in the pale streetlight, and that, more than anything else, caught the policeman’s attention. He and his partner were just cruising the Beacon Hill section of town, looking for rich old fools who had drunk too much and didn’t have the sense to call a cab.

“See that?” the cop said to his young partner who drove the squad car.


“Over there. In the doorway. Looked like hair. Long hair. Woman’s hair, maybe.” The policeman unsnapped the safety strap holding his magnum revolver in its holster. “Kill the lights. Might be a rape.”

The patrolman punched the light switch and turned the car in the right direction, moving slowly up the street with the perfectly-tuned engine humming softly.

Christina was oblivious to anything but her cunt and the thrusting cock inside it. The cops were almost on top of her and Tony before she saw them and shrieked, pushing Tony away. But he struggled with her, unaware of the cops. He grabbed her ass to skewer his prick back into her hot, clasping pussy.

“Don’t!” Christina gasped, hitting Tony with the side of her tiny fist. “Get away!”

“Freeze, buddy!” the cop shouted, dropping down to one knee behind the squad car, leveling his awesome revolver at Tony’s chest. “Step away from the lady, and you won’t get hurt.”

Tony turned, his cock standing out from his body, dripping with cunt juice. He found himself staring down the working end of two police revolvers. He jerked his pants up and, as be was doing that, he was shoved against the wall by the patrolman who had been driving, while the other cop rubbed the side of his head with a long nightstick.

“Are you all right, lady?” the cop with the nightstick asked, assuming that this was a rape. “Everything’s going to be just fine.”


It took some fast talking on Tony’s part, but he finally convinced the cops that he wasn’t raping Christina. They were suspicious, though. On the ground near his feet were her torn panties. Even though Christina pleaded with them, saying she wanted to fuck Tony, they thought that she might be just too afraid to speak out against him. Finally Tony was allowed to leave.

“Why can’t I leave, too?” Christina asked, now completely sober from the combination of fear and lust. She tried to think what Will would say if she were arrested on a charge of fornicating in public. Fucking in public. The thought was to say the least, sobering.

“I don’t like your kind around here,” the cop said, his eyes on Christina’s tits, “Hookers and Beacon Hill just don’t go together. We’ve got the Combat Zone for that sort of thing.”

“Sir, I’m not a prostitute!”

“Sure, lady. Sure. And I’m not a cop.”

The older cop’s patience was wearing than, and his lust was rising. What if she really was just a horny stewardess, as she claimed to be? Damn it all, would he love to fuck her!

“So why don’t you just turn around and put your hands behind your back?”

Christina protested more loudly than before, and then she was being pressed against the brick building, her hard nipples rubbing painfully against the rough surface as her arms were yanked behind her back. She felt the cold steel handcuffs being secured around her wrists, heard the clanking sound as the cuffs locked tight.

The policeman spun Christina around so she faced him and his partner.

“Say, you’re one hot number,” he said, his eyes running up and down Christina’s body. “I never had a cunt quite like you in my life.”

“What’s going on?” Christina asked, now more annoyed than scared.

It had become fairly obvious that the cops had no intention of arresting her. It was pretty clear that both men had hard-ons that bulged their blue pants out. Christina’s eyes caught everything all at once. Their guns. Their uniforms. Their growing pricks inside their pants. The steel handcuffs securely holding her hands behind her back. She was entirely defenseless. There wasn’t a fucking thing she could do to stop the men, whatever their plans were. Vaguely, she wondered if they would want to fuck her virgin ass. The notion of it sent a cold shiver through her body.

“I think you know what’s going on,” the older cop said, calmly reaching out to grab Christina’s tit and give it a little squeeze. “Nice tits. I wonder what they look like.”

“We’d better get her in the car, Pete,” the other patrolman said, standing behind his partner. “What if someone drives by?”

“Then we arrest them,” Pete said over his shoulder. He touched the side of Christina’s face lightly with his fingertips, “What’s your name?”


“Well, Christina, why don’t you get in the car. I’m sure you’ll find cooperation much better than fighting. I always win. I always get what I want.”

Christina looked into the policeman’s eyes. She believed every word he said. There was something special about him — something that she couldn’t quite name — that told her he could and did get whatever he wanted. He struck her as a man who was capable of many things… perhaps anything. With a shrug of resignation, knowing that she was going to get fucked by him, maybe by his buddy too, she got in the squad car. She didn’t much care. Hell, she wanted to come, and Christina wasn’t particularly interested in whose cock it was that drove her mad with desire.

Pete got in the back seat with Christina, and the squad car cruised down the street.

“Find someplace nice and deserted,” he said, then turned to Christina. He put one arm around her shoulders and the other on her tit. “Okay, baby, let’s find out how sweet those lips of yours really taste.”

Christina let Pete kiss her. What choice did she have? But she wasn’t in the least bit aroused by it. Something about having her hands cuffed behind her back took the eroticism out of kissing. And when the cop tried to slip his tongue between her full lips into her mouth, she resisted him.

“So, you don’t like it easy, eh? There are other ways of opening your mouth.”

Pete slipped to the other side of the squad car and jerked his cock out of his pants. He looked at Christina then, his eyes holding an evil glint in them.

“Come on, baby! I want some head.”

“No, please, I’m sorry for what I was doing in the street. Just take these cuffs off and I’ll…”

Christina was going to tell Pete that she would gladly do whatever he asked if only he’d take the cuffs off, but she never got the chance. The sergeant grabbed her by the hair and jerked her face over to his hard prick. Then he put his hands on the back of her head and pushed down. Christina opened, her mouth wide and his fat cockhead slithered between her lips, slamming against the back of her mouth before plugging her throat.

“Arrrgghhhh!” Pete groaned, feeling the hot, moist mouth completely envelop his cock. He held Christina’s head down, keeping his cockhead deep in her throat with her teeth gnawing lightly on the root of his prickshaft.

Christina pulled up as soon as he let her. If he had held her down much longer, she would have passed out from lack of oxygen. But then she was bobbing comfortably on his cockpole, pulling up to graze his cock knob with her teeth before sinking down, taking his cock deep in her mouth. Pete reached around.

Christina’s body and began untucking her blouse. Once that was accomplished, he unbuttoned it and unfastened her bra, baring her incredible tits.

“You’d better find someplace quick,” he told the other patrolman. “This little lady does wonders with a cock in her mouth.”

The poor patrolman, whose cock was hard and aching in the tight confines of his pants, was driving as fast as he dared, headed for the warehouse district of Boston. There wouldn’t be anyone to see them there, and if they should find someone, they could chase him away. It would be simple and safe. A nice place to fuck the hell out of a gorgeous captive.

Christina was twisted on her side in the back seat with her left shoulder against the cop’s hip. She bobbed her face with increasing speed over his hard cock. Her tongue worked feverishly on the shaft of his prick, rolling his cockmeat around in her mouth, sending cold and hot shivers through Pete’s body. Her lipstick had been smeared off on Tony’s cock long ago, but her lips still showed red against the pale color of the horny cop’s cock.

Christina felt the car come to a stop. Now she would have two of them to handle. Did that mean she would come twice as hard? She wondered what had happened to her complacent life. In one day she had not only discovered the joys and frustrations of cheating on Will, but she would have done it with four different men.

Fuck it! Christina thought. I wanted cock and, damn it, that’s exactly what I’m getting!

The patrolman opened the back door, and Christina’s slender, tapered legs emerged. He grabbed one ankle and raised it, spreading Christina’s legs. There, at the juncture of her thighs, he found her dark-haired cunt with the swollen pink cuntlips. His eyes devoured her pussy. The dark nylons stopped at the tops of her thighs, and then there was her pussy. He couldn’t imagine anything looking more scrumptious.

Christina twisted a little more in the seat, giving the patrolman more room. She fought a little against the handcuffs, wishing they weren’t biting into her soft skin quite so much, then decided that fighting wouldn’t do her a damn bit of good, so why do it? She was almost on her back now and sucking cock was difficult. As she bobbed her head down, Pete’s cockhead slipped between her teeth and cheek, causing the side of her face to swell out massively. Pete saw her cock-filled mouth and enjoyed the sight. Such a beautiful woman with her face all distorted from his heavy, lust hardened cock. Nothing could be better!

The patrolman got on his knees on the gritty, tarred parking lot and pushed Christina’s skirt up higher. Then, looking up her body to see her tits, huge and firm, he began kissing his way up her legs. The softness of the silk nylons felt wonderful on his lips, and as he slowly moved closer and closer to his target — Christina’s tasty cunt — he began catching the strange yet familiar scent of pussy juice. As he kissed her thigh, leaning into the car more, he unzipped his pants and brought his prick out to gently stroke his cockshaft while he ate cunt.

Christina was sucking harder on Pete’s cockhead now. She could feel the other cop’s lips edging ever closer to her cunt, and the anticipation of his tongue finally digging into her sweet pussy spurred her on. Her tits tingled as Pete rolled her nipples between his fingers. She wanted to stroke the fat prick in her mouth, and wished once again that she didn’t have the damn handcuffs on. They were so unnecessary!

When the patrolman’s tongue finally connected with her pussy, it shocked Christina. She jerked involuntarily, then began writhing in the back seat of the squad car. Lashing out with her tongue to whip Pete’s throbbing cockhead in the most erotic way. Christina, her silky hair spilling onto Pete’s lap, let his cock pop out of her mouth, and she licked his prickshaft, curling her tongue around his cockmeat as far as she could, whimpering softly as her cunt juices were being greedily lapped up by the patrolman.

“Ohhhh! Eat me! Eat my cunt, you bastard!”

“Call me a bastard? Why you bitch!” the patrolman hissed in mock fury. And then he was eating her pussy more urgently than ever, shoving his tongue deep inside her cunt, pulling up, and dragging his tongue through her pussyslit until he reached her tilt.

He caught the red bud between his lips and nibbled softly, knowing he was driving Christina wild with lust when he felt her squirm. She squeezed her legs together, trapping the patrolman’s head between her thighs, and he groaned and pushed her legs apart again. Nothing was going to stop him from eating Christina’s cunt mull she begged him to fuck her.

Pete twisted Christina’s head so that she could take his cock into her mouth again, and she squealed in protest. He didn’t give a flying fuck whether she protested or not. Getting his aching cock back into the wet warmth of her mouth was all he was concerned about. True to his word, he always, got what he wanted. Always. No exceptions. Always.

She felt a slight pain in her neck, for he had twisted her head so far that her chin nearly touched her shoulder. But Christina was happy to have his pulsing cockhead between her lips. She chewed on his cockmeat, rubbing her tongue against his huge prickhead, trying to worm her tongue into the tiny slit at the cock’s tip. She salivated heavily, and spit welled up at the corners of her mouth before trickling slowly down the shaft of his wet prick mingling into the blue cloth of Pete’s pants.

“Come on, let’s fuck this bitch!” he hissed, grabbing Christina’s hair and pulling her mouth off his prick. “I’ve got seniority, so I’m fucking her first.”

The patrolman thought of arguing — after all, it wasn’t exactly like they were performing an official police action, so what did rank have to do with anything? — but then he thought better of it. Getting Pete angry with him could bring unsettling consequences. What the hell? If the older man made too big a mess in Christina’s cunt, he could always fuck her ass or make her suck his cock until he shot his cum in her mouth.

Christina was rolled onto her back and Pete got out of the car, then re-entered through the other door, sliding between her upraised knees. He grabbed her big tits and squeezed them, causing her nipples to stand up even more. He sucked on them for a moment before moving higher on Christina’s body so his rigid cock was poised and ready near her pussy.

Pete’s gun, still in his holster, scraped against Christina’s thigh. She felt a run in her nylon start, then spread down her straining thigh and finally spread wide to expose her cunt. Pete looked at Christina, and she saw in his eyes nothing but lust and determination. She looked up at him and smiled. Sure, he was getting what he wanted, but she, too, was getting what she desired. The only problem was those damn handcuffs. Now, with her hands under the small of her back, they were more uncomfortable for her than ever before.

“Fuck me, mister po-leese-man!” Christina taunted, her eyes ablaze with lust. “Let me feel that hard cock go right through me!”

The cop groaned, aiming his cock, and thrust. It was a vicious move. He didn’t slowly insert his prick, sliding back and forth, moving cockflesh into her cunt inch by inch. He just stabbed his prick into her, impaling her clutching pussylips until they squeezed his cock shaft exactly the way he wanted them to.

“Hot! Damn fucking hot pussy!” Pete groaned, more for the patrolman’s benefit than for Christina’s. He ground his hips against her pelvis, his cock quivering inside her hot pussy, then pulled back and stabbed into her cunt again, even harder than the first time.

“Fuck me! Fuck meeeee!” Christina wailed, gritting her teeth against the thrills passing through her body.

She wished she could move, but with the cuffs holding her hands under her back, and the cop pushing her knees near her tits, she could do nothing at all. Except, of course, enjoy his hard, driving cock as it thrust into her juicy cunt time and time again.

“Uh! Uh! Uh!” Pete groaned, pushing his cock deep into Christina’s fuckhole. He felt her hairy cuntlips clinging to his driving cockmeat, felt her pussy muscles kneading his shaft and cockhead, felt his balls tingle.

He looked in Christina’s dark brown eyes and saw in them a strange kind of innocence. They were the kind of eyes that would keep their innocence even in the multi-orgasmic throes of an all-night orgy. Pete had never seen eyes quite like that before.

“Yesssssss!” Christina purred, wiggling her ass as best she could. His pounding cock was driving her wild, and squishing noises could be heard from the violent insertion of cock into cunt.

Pete felt his balls begin to itch, the sensations no longer a mere tingle. He tossed his muscular hips up and down, driving his throbbing shaft of lust-hardened cockmeat deep into her cunt. His eyes squeezed shut, and his breath came in ragged, desperate gulps.

“Give your prick to me!” Christina urged, balling her hands into tiny fists under her back. “Give me your cum! I want it!”

“Ahhhh! Fuuuuuck! I’m cuuumming!” Pete screamed. His body convulsed as his balls took control of his senses. He couldn’t have stopped fucking them even if someone had put a gun to his head, threatening to blow his brains out unless he pulled his cock out of Christina’s cunt.

His mind went fuzzy as the cum welled up in his balls. He stabbed Christina’s cunt faster, his pulsating cockhead throbbing — expanding and contracting in Christina’s juicy cunt. And then his balls exploded. The hot, white cum erupted from his nuts and shot through the length of his driving cockshaft before being pumped into Christina’s pussy. The blasts of jism continued, one after another each only slightly less powerful than the one before it.

Christina felt her cunt being deluged with cum, and she, too, lost control of her senses. Her clit, alive with desire and sizzling hot, exploded like a tiny bomb, sending her into sexual oblivion. She kicked her legs out, nearly pushing Pete off her and accidentally caught the patrolman who was standing at the side of the car. The toe of her shoe smashed into his cheek, sending him reeling backward. He held his face and howled in pain.

“Uh! Uh! Uh!” Pete grunted with each explosion of his cum into Christina’s pussy. He gave her every rich drop of his thick fuck cream, then slumped down on her body, his badge sticking into her plump tit. Christina wiggled a little and he moved just enough to spare her tit more pain.

“Okay, partner,” the patrolman said, still holding his cheek. “It’s my turn now. That fucking bitch kicked me!”

“You deserved it,” Pete said weakly, feeling his cock get small inside Christina’s cum soaked pussy. “What the hell did you think this was? A fucking peep show?”

There was more bantering between the older cop and his partner, and Christina was sort of happy for it because it gave her a chance to catch her breath. Her orgasm, strong and all consuming, had taken all the energy out of her. But there was still one more man to be serviced. One big cock with two nuts that had a full load of cum in them. And that man wanted Christina to do something about it — whether she wanted to or not.

“You’re both bastards,” Christina murmured as Pete got out of the car. She felt the cum inside her pussy warming her. The glow in her cunt was comforting, like a reward for a job well done.

The patrolman grabbed Christina by the ankles and pulled her out of the car. Only her hands, still cuffed behind her back, cushioned her fall as she hit the rough surface of the parking lot.

“Ouch! What the hell are you trying to do, break, my ass?”

“Use your mouth on this, cocksucker!” the patrolman said, stabbing his cock between Christina’s lips. He pushed into her, watching her cheeks bulge out with the immensity of his prick. After thrashing back and forth, fucking Christina’s clutching lips with a vengeance, the patrolman grabbed her two hard nipples and pulled up on them.

“Ouch! You’re hurting me!” Christina complained as he pulled her tits.

She scrambled to get her feet under her before that fucking patrolman pulled her nipples clean off! Finally she was on her feet, standing unsteadily before a mean-looking man in his middle twenties and a rather tired looking older cop. Christina despised the patrolman. He wasn’t much taller than her, probably just making the minimum-height requirement for cops in Boston.

“You’ve kicked me, and you’ve insulted me,” the patrolman said, his voice dripping with venom. “Now you’re going to pay for that. Nobody does that to me and gets away with it.”

He pushed Christina’s blouse and bra down her arms so the material was bunched at her wrists and her huge tits were completely exposed. Christina’s skin had fallen back in place and her cunt filled with her own juices and Pete’s cum, was concealed.

“You’re a madman!”

“Yes, that’s probably true,” the patrolman replied, his voice suddenly very calm, very self-assured. “But what’s that got to do with anything? You can’t do anything to stop me — or can anyone else for that matter.”

“What?” Christina gasped, knowing that the patrolman wanted to fuck her virgin ass. “Hey, after what I’ve done for you, are you going to let him kill me?” She looked over at Pete.

“Hey, he’s your problem, not mine,” Pete replied. Then he took a pack of cigarettes from his pocket and went for a walk. What the patrolman did with a prisoner wasn’t his concern. Hell, he had fucked the bitch, so what further use did he have for Christina?

The patrolman moved Christina to the back of the car and pushed her over so her tits flattened against the trunk. Then, as she pressed her cheek against the cold metal and prepared for the worst, she felt the muzzle of a police revolver touch her temple and heard the hammer click softly as it was thumbed back.

“Not a word,” the patrolman said softly. “Not one fucking sound. Got it?”


“Okay, babydoll, here we go then,” the patrolman said with a chuckle, rubbing the spit-slick head of his cock against Christina’s puckered asshole, still keeping his cold gun against his victim’s head.

He pushed, and her virgin asshole resisted his prick’s entry. The cop pushed harder, hearing a quiet, painful groan coming from Christina. He liked that. She had hurt him, and now he was going to hurt her.

“You’ll kill me if you fuck me in the ass,” Christina said through gritted teeth.

“Too fucking bad!”

The cop reared back and stabbed at her asshole again. This time the tight ring of muscle gave way to his hardened cockflesh, and the fat head of his cock burst into Christina’s asshole, making her pull her head up and twitch all over. The pain in her ass shot all through her body, just the same way the pleasure waves coming from her clit had gone clean through her body. But there was a difference between the two feelings — one was pleasure and one was pain. It was a hell of a difference.

“You’re killing meeee!” Christina sobbed, fearing that her ass was, quite literally, being split in two. Her knees went weak but, being flopped over the trunk of the squad car as she was, Christina wasn’t even able to fall to the ground.

The patrolman watched his prick drive between the milky orbs of his captive’s ass, saw how her asshole expanded to take his prick. He watched her tiny hands, cuffed at the wrist, open and close, open and close in response to the pain she was feeling in her ass. He pulled back, saw the ridge of his cockhead escape her ass, then plowed his prickshaft forcefully into her again. His hands pried her asscheeks farther apart so he could see better the destruction his cock was doing.

Damn, how he loved fucking virgin assholes! It made him feel so powerful — all powerful.

Christina’s eyes fluttered, and she was only partially conscious as the patrolman fucked her ass. She wished that she could pass out and be completely unaware of the awful pounding prick that invaded her ass and sent shock waves of agony through her body. Her asshole was being violated by a huge, angry cock. She could feel his big prick even in her fuzzy, half-conscious state.

“Ahhhh! Fucking bitch!” the patrolman screamed as his cum flooded Christina’s asshole. He thrust into her ass again as his thick fuck-cream spewed from his balls directly up her ass. He continued to scream his contempt for her.

When the patrolman’s jism had been spent in Christina’s asshole, he unlocked the handcuffs and let her slide to the ground near the tire of his squad car. He checked to make sure that he wouldn’t run over her when he and Pete drove away, then looked for his partner.

“Are you about ready now?” Pete asked, his voice thick with sarcasm.

“Quite ready.”

“Then let’s get the fuck out of here.” Pete paused a moment to look at the woman on the ground. She had fallen on her side, her hands still behind her back with the blouse and bra bunched loosely at her wrists. Her skirt was still pulled up around her waist with her dark haired cunt exposed. Pete could see a small amount of his cum — thick white blobs amidst her dark pussy hair — and a strange smirk curled his lips. He looked at her heavenly tits, massive in size and incredible in their firmness. On her side, Christina’s tits rested one on top of the other, the nipples soft now in the centers of the darker areolas.

“Sorry,” Pete said softy, then got in the car and ordered the patrolman to drive the fuck away before anyone saw them.


It felt good. Great, actually. Great to be back in her own shower with hot water washing away all her cares. Christina had been a wreck on the flight back to her home town. But now she had the afternoon off, and she was going to totally enjoy herself and not do one fucking thing constructive.

As she soaped her fat tits, noticing with indifference that her nipples had gotten hard, Christina tried to recall all the strange things that had happened in Boston. Yes, it all came back to her, and she felt a twinge of pain in her ass.

The pain was psychosomatic and acted as a reminder of that vicious patrolman and how he brutally raped her ass. But through it all she had some fond memories. Memories of the way she came when the older cop was fucking her, and she was trapped, knees pushed against her upper body, hands secured behind her back — completely vulnerable. There was something special about the incident. Something dangerous, devilish and terribly erotic.

What was it that made her remember the scene with horror and fondness? Was it the handcuffs? Was that it? Or was it the exhibitionism of it all? The possibility of getting caught? Christina thought of the special thrill she felt as she sucked Bob’s cock in Boston Commons, knowing at any minute that someone could walk up and catch them.

What was it that thrilled her so much? She started to finger her tit absently, just because she thought about the evening in Boston.

Christina started working the New York flights, but she wasn’t in the mood for fucking around, so she stayed with stewardesses from other airlines and made a point of telling any man who got near that she was quite happily married and not in the least bit interested in anyone else.

But a week later, the juices in Christina started flowing again, those lusty juices that started at her cunt and seeped into her mind until she stared at the crotch of any good looking man around. Will had been particularly busy at the hospital — or so he said — and Christina really didn’t see much of him. And that, she decided, was okay for now. She wasn’t ready to spill the beans about watching Betty suck his cock yet. Not just yet.

Christina didn’t have to work on that Wednesday afternoon and she was happy about it. She grabbed her swim suit — a blue bikini made of thin material that barely covered her huge tits and pleasantly rounded ass — sunglasses, towel and tanning lotion. She would spend the day at the beach. She knew of a spot where, secluded from the main public beach, she could walk down a narrow trail through the trees and be by herself.

Christina parked the car, pausing for a moment to look at the crowded beach. There were fifty or so kids running in the sand, playing to their heart’s content. And the parents, most of them on towels with coolers nearby, watched with disinterest.

She grabbed her towel in which her bikini and lotion were secured, then headed for her special spot where she often went to tan. As a child, she had gone there often, skinny dipping with her girlfriends and talking about growing up, and what it would be like. The Prince Charmings of their dreams most assuredly had changed drastically since those days, and that brought a slight smile to the stewardess’ lips.

Prince Charming. Christina figured the handsome and romantic figure of yesteryear would probably be a fag in the Eighties. Somewhere along the line, Christina had grudgingly changed from an idealist to a realist. She wasn’t particularly happy about that.

Christina was pleased to find that in her little clearing, where the grass had been trampled down by young couples necking, there was nobody to disturb her peace and quiet. On the lake, there were several boats speeding by with skiers behind them, and she wondered if they could see her. Probably not, she decided, and with that, she grabbed the bottom of her light pull-over shirt and brought it over her head, next her bra came off, and she stood there for a moment, watching the boats and feeling the sun warm her tits. Finally kicking off her shoes and wiggling out of her fashionably tight jeans, Christina once again stood facing the lake, completely exposed to anyone who might be lucky enough to look in her direction.

Soon the game became a bore and she put on her bikini, spread out her blanket and lay down. Christina spread the tanning oil over her arms, shoulders, belly and legs and was, within minutes, sleeping soundly.

His name was Curt, and he had, in his self-pitying way, considered himself the unluckiest boy in the world. Girls his age just didn’t pay any attention to him, and even though he spent his week’s salary on an evening’s date, poor Curt never dated the same girl twice.

Curt had just been rebuffed by a girl and belittled by a boy his age. That was what drove him to walk down the secluded path, seeking comfort in solitude. Then he came upon the sleeping beauty. Her brunette hair splayed out on the blanket like the headdress of a mythological Goddess, and her voluminous tits rose and fell slowly with her shallow breathing. Her flat stomach glistened with oil in the brilliant sunlight, as did her smooth legs. There was a slight swell in her skimpy bikini where her triangular cunt bush was.

His breath caught in his throat. Curt’s mouth went dry, and he tried to swallow but couldn’t. He felt like a Peeping Tom, and something inside his head warned him to run like hell, but his legs felt like lead.

“Is someone there?” Christina asked calmly, never opening her eyes. She could feel someone’s presence near.

“Y-yes, ma’am,” Curt replied, wishing his voice didn’t crack so whenever he was nervous.

“Good. Make yourself useful, will you, darling? I need lotion on my back now.”

Christina rolled over and the frightened boy watched her tits flatten under her body, making her luscious tit-mounds look even larger than before.

“Well, come on then. Don’t be slow.”

Christina took off her large-lensed sunglasses and cradled her head in her arms. The boy would do quite nicely, she decided, after casting a quick peek in his direction.

Curt was trembling as he straddled Christina’s body and then rested lightly on her ass. He expected her to scream and call for help — maybe even cry rape. This sort of luck just didn’t happen to Curt the Unlucky!

“Undo my top,” Christina said sleepily, Curt’s hands were shaking like crazy as he grabbed the thin strap at Christina’s back and unhooked it. Then he pushed the hair away from her neck and untied the knotted string. He grabbed the bottle of tanning lotion and squirted a thick stream on Christina’s back, feeling her skin smooth and warm against his hands.

“Yes, that’s very nice,” Christina purred. “Rub it all in. Yes, very nice.”

Curt worked the lotion into the tanned flesh, seeing the slender, pale line across Christina’s back where the strap of her bikini normally hid her skin. He worked his hands down her body to the edge of her bikini bottom, but went no farther.

“Do my legs now,” Christina said.

When Curt raised himself off her ass and curled his legs beneath him at her side, she spread her legs a little. A tingling of anticipation crept into her cunt. How close to her pussy did the boy dare to go?

Curt started at her calves and worked his way up. The higher he got on her legs, the wider Christina spread them. His breath was now coming hard and fast and his raging stiff prick was straining to pop out of his tight fitting swimming trunks. Curt’s hands were on the insides of Christina’s thighs, inching dangerously close to her cunt.

Christina was disappointed when she felt Curt’s hands go to the very edge of her bikini, but no farther. So the boy didn’t have the courage to baldly reach out and fondle her pussy. Oh, well, she figured, time to take the initiative myself.

“That’s nice. You’ve got very gentle hands.” Christina rolled over, and the top of her bikini stayed on the blanket, no longer attached to her body by those bothersome clasps and knotted strings. “Now put lotion on my tits. I’m tired of having this damn tanning line over my tits.”

As Curt wondered if he had died and gone to a heaven more beautifully erotic than she had ever imagined possible, he began fondling Christina’s tits clumsily. She sensed right away that if she did fuck the boy, he’d be a lousy fuck anyway, so why not try something a little different — a little kinky? She reached between his legs and squeezed his rock-hard cock through his trunks.

“You’ve got a hard prick,” she said, staring into Curt’s eyes calmly. “Stand up and take those damn things off!”

Curt got to his feet, closed his eyes in embarrassment, and brought down his trunks. His prick sprang out, big and hard.

Christina looked at his cock. Plenty of size, nicely rounded cockhead, balls young and full of cum.

“Okay,” she said, “now I want you to sit on me, just like before, only higher up so I can suck your cock.”

Curt did as commanded, his thighs pressing against Christina’s tits. She had her hands under her head, fingers entwined, elbows up — almost as if she were relaxing in her favorite chair after a hard day at the office. Curt’s prick quivered above her face, and she looked at it. Her red lipstick glistened sensually. Christina opened her mouth wide, the red ring of her lips stretching, and Curt leaned forward to put the head of his cock into her mouth.

“Ohhhhhh, my! My, oh, my, oh! Myohmyohmy!” Curt gasped, letting Christina’s lips and tongue go to work on the knob of his cock.

He had never had his cock sucked before, and he could hardly believe that anything could feel quite that great. He pushed more cock into Christina’s mouth, expecting her to be angry, or at least to squirm uncomfortably. She did nothing of the sort. In fact, she let out a soft mean of pleasure as his rigid cock, his prickhead spongy and excited, pushed deeper into her mouth.

“Mmmmmmmmm!” Christina moaned. She worked her lips on his veined cock shank, stretching them out, letting them tighten around his cockmeat again, then pulling them inward, toward her mouth. Her tongue slipped almost lazily along the underside of Curt’s pulsating prick, gliding with ease to further entice his prick into greater hardness.

Curt pushed farther and felt his cockhead press against the back of Christina’s mouth. Not knowing the full extent of her blow-job prowess, he stayed there, letting her suck on his cockmeat, but pushing his prick no farther. The last thing in the world he wanted was to have her get angry with him and suddenly walk away, leaving him with a raging hard prick and nothing to do with his hard-on but jerk off.

When Curt pulled his prick back and up, taking all but his throbbing cockhead from Christina’s mouth, she tasted a small drop of cum that oozed from his cocktip. She moaned again, louder than before, and Curt shoved his prick into her mouth again. He began to understand what was expected of him: fuck the brunette’s face just like it was a cunt, and everything would be fine! He began sliding his cock ever so gently between Christina’s lips, feeling every wonderful flick of her tongue as it rubbed along his cock.

Christina turned her head to the side, and Curt’s cock twisted her lips before popping out of her mouth. His first reaction was to apologize, but when Christina unlocked her fingers and squirted tanning lotion between her tits, he knew she wasn’t angry.

“Okay, lover boy, I want you to fuck my tits now,” Christina said smoothing the oil over her tits and pushing them together. They looked like two hug marshmallows to her. “I’ve listened to my girlfriends talk about their husbands and how the men want to fuck their tits — that is, if they’ve got big enough ones — and my friends always sound so disgusted. As if letting their husbands fuck their tits was something evil. They tell me the men find it very erotic.”

Curt listened to her words, looking down at Christina’s mouth and at her tits. The words seemed to come from very far away, and he was absolutely sure that he was dreaming this all up, and now he would awaken and be disappointed to find it was all a dream. He rubbed Christina’s belly with his cockhead, seeing a drop of cum at the tip smooth over her skin. Then he pushed his cock farther up. His prickhead was engulfed by her tits, and Curt knew be couldn’t control himself much longer. Whether the brunette wanted it or not, be was about to become a fucking machine.

“Fuck my tits!” Christina said in a hoarse voice, seeing his red cockhead peek through her cleavage, pointing at her chin. “Fuck my tits hard!”

Curt braced himself by putting his hands on the ground above her head. Then he started ramrodding his pulsating cock into her milky, firm, tantalizing tits. His balls slid over her body beneath her tits as he fucked with wild intensity. Curt looked down at the gorgeous woman as she pushed her tits tighter around his driving cockmeat. He noticed that her lips weren’t as red as they had been earlier, the lipstick now having been rubbed off on his cock. His cock. She had sucked his cock, and now she was begging him to fuck her massive tits. This sort of thing just didn’t happen to Curt the Unlucky!

The shiver started somewhere in the vicinity of his toes and worked its way slowly up his legs, jumping an inch or two each time he thrust his throbbing prick between Christina’s tits. By the time that shiver, reached his nuts, Curt couldn’t think, breathe or even moan. All he was capable of doing at that time was pounding his cock between Christina’s tits, and that’s exactly, what he did.

When the shiver reached his nuts, they exploded with a force greater than Christina had previously imagined possible. She raised her head and parted her lips, waiting for the first spurts of cum to spew from his cockhead. She expected a strong blast, but not as strong as the one she got. His jism missed her open mouth and splattered against her cheek, hitting her a inch or so below the eye with enough momentum to smack against her cheek, sending droplets of rich cum flying in every direction. His main load of cum continued blasting forward and matted in her luxurious hair.

“Oh!” Christina gasped as his cum hit her. She opened her lips wider, waiting expectantly for the second blast of jism.

When his cockhead reappeared between Christina’s tits, a second eruption of sticky fuck-cream arched through the air. The stringy liquid flipped up and struck Christina on the bridge of her nose, running over her open lips and trailing down to her tits.

Curt continued to thrust his spewing cock between her marshmallowy tits as his cum jetted from his red prickhead. When his nuts were finally spent, cum was sticking to Christina’s neck and tits, including one long line from her nose to her neck and another running from her cheek into her hair.

Curt got to his feet and looked down at Christina, who seemed to take the greatest delight in scooping the cum off her face with a finger and then licking her finger clean. He couldn’t imagine any woman loving the taste of jism that much.

“Thank you, dear boy,” Christina said, then winked mischievously. “That was wonderful. I’ve wondered what that would be like — to get titty fucked — and now I know!”

She sensed that he was about to say something — ask for her phone number or something else equally silly.

“No, don’t say anything. I’m married. See.” She showed Curt her diamond ring. “Don’t say anything. Just remember how great it was, and I’ll do the same.”

Curt left, walking back down the narrow pathway. When he was gone, it suddenly occurred to Christina that she had just been titty fucked, and the boy who did it had hardly said a word to her. Neither had volunteered giving a name. It seemed strange, particularly with the warm sun on her skin and the puddles of thick cum sticking to her chin and neck. Christina put her sunglasses back on, promising herself to lick the cum off her body shortly, and wound up falling fast asleep.


Christina was sleeping when she heard the cackling laughter of young men. They were yelling something, something she couldn’t quite hear.

“Come on! Let’s see it all!” a young man in his middle twenties shouted. He was in a speedboat with three of his friends. They had spotted Christina sleeping on the blanket with the top half of her bikini off, leaving her tits to get nice and tan.

Christina blinked her eyes, slowly becoming aware of what was happening. She sat up, exposing her tits to their lusty gazes. And there, perhaps sixty feet from the shore, she saw the boys leering at her.

The three men gasped in unison when they finally got a good look at those incredible tits of Christina’s. The stewardess just looked at them, making no attempt to hide herself. They had expected her to scream and cover her big tits as soon as she discovered her lack of privacy. But what the men expected and what they got were two different things. Instead of expressing fear and embarrassment, the young brunette stared at then unflinchingly, obviously proud of her more than ample tits.

“Hey, want to ski?” the man behind the wheel of the speedboat asked, holding up a beer can.

“Why not?” Christina shouted back. “Come on closer to shore, and I’ll get in.”

“Can’t do it! Too shallow. We’ll get beached!”

“I’ll swim out!” Christina grabbed the top of her bikini and started to put it on then noticed the caked and dried cum on her neck and between her tits. The sight of it made a warm flush go through her veins as she remembered watching her tits get fucked by the young boy’s cock. The memory was pleasant. She was glad that the guys in the speedboat couldn’t see the cum on her from that distance.

Christina slipped on her top, harnessing her thirty-eight-inch tits once more. The bikini pushed her tits up and together, making her cleavage even more pronounced than usual. She grabbed her blouse, pants, shoes and lotion and balled them all up in one fist, then walked into the water, holding one arm up to keep the clothes dry. A strong, skilled swimmer since childhood, Christina walked out until she was neck-deep in the water, then she vigorously washed the cum off her body and swam to the boat, keeping on her side with one arm angled upward.

“Throw the clothes,” a man said, waiting at the edge of the boat. Christina tossed her stuff to him and he caught it deftly.

“Thanks, guy,” Christina said, grabbing the edge of the boat.

All three men were more than eager to help the beauty aboard, and the boat tilted dangerously to one side. But, with men grabbing her under the arms, she slithered over the edge and sat on the bottom of the boat.

“I’ll take a beer, if you’ve got an extra one.” A beer appeared immediately. “Now let’s get the hell out of here, eh?” The boat sped away immediately. “Where’s my sunglasses?” One of the men got them for her in a flash.

Christina felt all-powerful. The three men were young lawyers working for a large firm in the city. Their names were Jon, Andy and Smitty. Christina looked at them and smiled. All in their middle to late twenties, they were moderately wealthy, in excellent shape, and willing to do anything she asked. Yes, the men wanted to get their cocks into Christina. What they didn’t know, or at least weren’t absolutely sure about, was that Christina had the same thought in mind.

Christina leaned their names, and she gave them hers. No last names. Just the first names. And that was fine with her. She looked at the men, smiling that smile that she knew drove men crazy.

At last she said, “Let’s see, how shall I do this? Andy, you’re the first. We’ll be alphabetical about this.”

“Huh?” Andy asked, figuring he knew what she meant but lacking the courage to scoop her up holding his arms and pound his hard prick into her cunt.

“You know what I mean, silly,” Christina said, holding her arms out to him.

Andy slipped to his knees on the bottom of the boat, and Christina twisted, kicking her legs out so she had one on either side of him.

He took Christina’s lace in his hands and kissed her sweet lips. Christina scratched his slightly hairy stomach with her fingernails, letting her hands slide down his body. Then she pulled him down on top of her so his muscular torso pressed against her firm tits.

“I like that,” Christina said, feeling Andy’s hungry lips working on the smooth skin of her neck. That was a particularly sensitive spot for her. That area near the collarbone where it was slightly hollow. She arched her back a little, rubbing her pussy against Andy’s quickly growing cock. Looking over his shoulder, up at his friends, Christina found Jon and Smitty to be totally amazed, their eyes wide with excitement.

“Can you believe this?” Jon asked Smitty. The latter was driving the boat and suddenly had to swerve hard to port to avoid a collision. Christina felt the sudden turn and heard the curses from the other boat.

She chuckled deep in her throat. The power she had over men amazed her. And, most delightful of all, she was just learning how to use what she had and enjoy her life to the fullest. If nothing else, she could thank wiu for that.

“You’re so beautiful,” Andy sighed, squeezing Christina’s tits in both hands. He kissed her milky tit-mounds, running his tongue between them, wishing he could kiss every bit of them at once.

“Fuck me, lover!” Christina cried.

She reached around his body and squeezed him on the ass, trying unsuccessfully to get her fingers inside the back of his trunks, but his trunks were tied with a tight string.

“Get up,” Christina whispered. “I want your cock.”

Andy slipped is trunks off, and all three men watched as Christina wiggled her shapely ass out of her bikini. They had already seen her tits and had been properly amazed by them. But when he men finally feasted their eyes on her thick, dark, triangular cunt bush, all of them gasped.

Andy crawled lower on Christina’s body and pushed her knees up so the backs of them were on his shoulders and her feet rested lightly on his back. Her cunt was sweet-smelling and looked delicious. Without any preliminary kissing — without fondling Christina’s ass or thighs — Andy buried his tongue deep into her cunt.

“Ahhhhhhh!” Christina gasped, arching her back again. Andy was one hell of a good cunt licker, and he knew it. Now Christina knew it, too. She tingled all over and her nipples became erect as her clit got harder and hotter. Her pussy juice began flowing, only to be quickly lapped up by Andy as he dragged his tongue across her cuntlips and pushed his tongue as far as possible into her cunt.

Smitty brought the speedboat to a stop. Driving it any longer would have been suicidal. The tongue-fucking behind him was far more interesting than anything going on in front of him. He and Jon sat in chairs facing the back of the boat and watched their buddy licking the cunt of that incredible brunette with the big tits.

Christina was delirious. The effects of the hot sun and Andy’s hot tongue made her head reel. Swirling Andy’s expensively coifed hair in her hands, Christina licked her lips, making them shine in the brilliant sunlight. Vaguely she wondered if anyone but the three men could see them. She let the thought pass, unable to concentrate on anything but the tongue that was at that very moment fucking passionately, expertly on her clit. She felt Andy nibble gently on the red nubbin of her tantalized clit, and her body quivered.

“Lick my cunt! Ohhhhhh! Lick my pussy, Andy!” she wailed, stretching her arms up toward his friends.

Quickly Jon and Smitty wiggled out of their tight swimming trunks. They came over and sat near her head, and she had to push them a little farther away so she could wrap her slender fingers around their hard cocks.

“Suck cocks! So many beautiful cocks!” she gasped.

Andy watched Christina’s hands moving up and down on his buddys’ pricks, and it suddenly occurred to him that his cock was being ignored. He twisted around, poising his long, trembling cock over Christina’s face. As he started eating her cunt again, he worked his hips in a fucking motion, and his pulsating cockmeat — long, hot and hard — sunk into Christina’s mouth.

“Mmmmmm!” Christina moaned, rolling her tongue over Andy’s cockhead as he pushed his prick into her. Ovaling her lips around his thick cockshaft, she kneaded his slick cockflesh, squeezing his prick till he gasped with pleasure. Christina sucked him using all the techniques she had learned about sucking cock. Her red nails dug into his firm asscheeks, and she pushed Andy down, almost forcing him to stab her throat with his cock.

“Ugghh!” Andy choked, gulping in air. He had been thrusting his hungry tongue into her fiery pussy for so long, he had almost forgotten to breathe.

He parted her pussylips with his fingers looking into the deep, red tunnel that was Christina’s cunt. Her cunt looked more delicious than the most expensive steak. He sucked on her nub-like clit, feeling Christina tense up and knowing that he had found just the right spot. Andy raised his hips, then pushed down again slowly, sliding his cock over the brunette’s tongue and plugging her throat with his prickhead. What a cocksucker!

Jon and Smitty mumbled complaints about being ignored, and Christina took her hands off Andy’s ass and put them on the cocks on either side of her. She whacked on the cockshafts hard and fast, then soft and slow, alternating the tempo to drive the men wild. Her nipples were tingling, her fat tits pressed almost flat from Andy’s weight pressing down on her.

“Mmmmmmmmm!” Christina moaned loudly for the benefit of her lovers. Andy had pulled up, and she was sucking like a maniac on his cockhead, turning her head to the side, letting Andy push his prick between her teeth and cheek.

“Christina,” Jon said, feeling his balls tingle from the nice hand-job she was giving him. “Do you think you can suck cock and get fucked at the same time? You’ll bye it!”

When Christina made no motion to change her position, Jon started to get a little desperate.

“Come on! If you keep this up, I’m going to come all over your hand, and if I wanted that, I could do it myself!”

“Nuuummmm!” Christina groaned, trying to get Andy’s cock out of her mouth.

Getting fucked by one hard cock while sucking on another sounded absolutely fantastic, but how could she let him know if Andy wouldn’t uncork his prick? Christina tapped him on the ass and squeezed her legs together, trapping Andy’s head against her cunt. Finally he raised his hips and pulled his prick from her full lips with a smack.

“That kinda fucking sounds great!” Christina said, looking up at Jon from between Andy’s legs. “Just get this big lug off me, and we’ll get to it!”

There was a general shifting of positions, and soon Christina was straddling Andy’s body with his cock plowing deep up her cunt, and Jon and Smitty were standing near her face on either side of Andy. Christina had their cocks in her hands and was taking turns sucking them into a state of quivering hardness as she bounced up and down on Andy’s cock, taking his prick deep into her fuckhole.

“Hell of a cocksucker, isn’t she,” Andy said, watching Christina whip her head back and forth over Smitty’s hard cock in rhythm to her bouncing on his prick.

“No shit!” Smitty replied with a grin.

His cock, long and glistening from Christina’s spit, sank deep into her throat.

Never before — with all the chicks he had had suck on his cock — had anyone taken him all the way down to his cockroot before. He watched her lips make their way down his shank, starting at his cockhead and not stopping until they were stretched tightly around the root of his prickmeat. His balls, heavy with cum, swung crazily between his legs as he pushed his prick at her face.

“Don’t forget about me,” Jon complained, reaching down to tweak Christina’s hard, jouncing nipple. “After all, this was my idea.”

Christina pulled her lips off Smitty cock and turned her head, burying Jon’s cock deep in her throat a moment later. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see other boats in the area and wondered how much they could actually see. Andy was hidden from view, lying flat on his back in the boat, but Jon, Smitty and her upper torso were entirely visible.

A chill went through her veins — a very erotic chill. Fucking in public was something that she had never considered until recently, and now she felt extra sexy when she fucked or sucked. She felt like a movie star — a porno movie star!

“I can’t wait any longer,” Jon hissed, feeling his nuts pull up tight to his body in their sac. “Her mouth is just too hot. I’m…” his voice still sounded calm, almost conversational. “I’m going to come. I’m coming!”

Christina tossed her head faster over the throbbing cock in her mouth. She took his cockmeat down her throat, whacking on his prick shank as she sucked on his cockhead. Christina wanted his cum. Hot jism was her reward for working so hard, and damn it, she was going to get some tasty cum!

“You drink all his jizz! I don’t want his cum on me!” Andy said quickly, looking up at Christina.

The first several spurts of cock juice went straight down Christina’s throat, and she stopped bouncing on Andy’s cock to pay more attention to Jon. But once the first jets of fuck-cream had deluged her mouth, she continued to raise and lower her cunt on Andy’s prickshaft, feeling her clit tingle as the salty taste of jism excited her senses.

Cum was almost intoxicating to her. One taste of creamy jizz, and she wanted more and more and more. She squeezed Jon’s nuts lightly, forcing his hairy sac to erupt with all of its heavy load of jizz while her tongue worked in feverish circles wound his spurting cockhead.

“Mmmmmmmmmm!” Christina moaned, gulping down the pungent fuck cream and sucking harder, trying to draw every last drop of jizz out of his thick tube, of cockflesh.

“That’s it,” Jon said weakly, stepping away from Christina, taking his prick from between her lips. “You’ve got it all, lady. My cock’s tender now.”

Christina’s clit was sizzling hot, ready to bust! She didn’t have time to bother with Jon or argue with him — there was another lusty cock waiting for her mouth. She twisted slightly, rotating on Andy’s invading cock, and grabbed Smitty’s prick by the shank. Her full, hungry lips captured the head of his cock and her tongue whipped in circles, sliding over the ridge that separated his cockhead from the shaft.

“That’s it, Christina,” Smitty said, pushing her long, wet hair away from her face to watch his prick sinking into her mouth.

Andy grabbed Christina’s huge, jiggling tits. Her nipples were hard as little pebbles in his palms as he caressed the huge orbs of unusually firm titflesh. Releasing one tit, he reached for her cuntbush just above where his prick was invading her body, and he rubbed her tiny clit with his thumb. Her cunt juices, flowing heavily, instantly coated his thumb, and he knew that it wouldn’t be long before her cum spilt over his loins.

Jon, his cock now hanging limply between his legs, surveyed the lake. Several boats were keeping their distance, but the people in those boats were definitely watching what was going on in his boat. Jon pulled his trunks back on and prepared to make a hasty retreat should any of the unwanted Peeping Toms decide to make a fuss about Christina’s lusty cocksucking. Andy, on his back in the bottom of the boat, wasn’t seen by the people.

“Nngggg!” Christina whimpered lustily, salivating heavily around Smitty’s fat pole of cockmeat in her mouth. She wanted his cum spurting against her tongue. That thought, and that thought alone, spurred her on as she massaged the cock with her lips, keeping her teeth away from his sensitive cockmeat.

“Suck my cock, Christina! Eat my meat!” Smitty timed his thrusts, working his prick down her throat each time she lowered her thighs to take Andy’s cock deep in her pussy.

The stewardess was turned almost sideways on Andy’s prick, facing Smitty. She had his fat nuts in her palm and was stroking his cockshaft as her lips worked feverishly over his cockhead, taking his prick quickly in and out of her mouth. She pulled her face away from his prick meat and whacked on it with her fist, running her fingers from the head of his prick all the way down his cock shank to the root of Smitty’s meat. Stroking him, she knew, would bring his nuts to a fever pitch faster than just sucking, and she wanted his cum soon. Very soon. Her own climax was just seconds away, and she wanted — needed — to gobble down his fuck-cream while her own lusty jism spurted from her cunt.

“Hurry up!” Jon said, starting the boat’s big Mercury engine. “It looks like the natives are getting restless.”

Andy didn’t need the encouragement. He was on the brink of ecstasy as it was. He jerked his hips up toward Christina’s undulating loins, sinking his throbbing cock between her pussylips, slamming his big prick home deep in her cunt.

“Bitch! Bitch!” he hissed, grabbing Christina’s jiggling tits, squeezing them so hard she squirmed in pain. He watched his powerful fingers digging deep into her massive tits, saw Christina’s pained expression as his friend’s prick pushed out her throat.

“Ahhhhhhhhh!” Smitty gasped, feeling the scalding jism blow out of his balls, streak through the tube of his cock, then jet from his pulsating cock knob.

His cum splattered against Christina’s probing tongue. She swirled the cum around in her mouth, getting the full taste of sweet creamy jizz before gulping it down. Smitty hooked his hands behind her head and jerked her face toward his spitting cock. His long, meaty prick smashed against the back of her mouth, then his cockhead jammed in her throat, jetting out the last weak blasts of jism directly into her stomach.

As Smitty’s cum was filling Christina’s mouth, her jism exploded from her body. The rich pussy oil squeezed out between her pussylips. She whined and then tongued the quivering cock in her mouth, oblivious to everything else in the work. The salty, tantalizing, tangy taste of jism on her tongue had heightened the beautiful orgasm that wracked her body, making her twitch convulsively.

She kept bobbing on Andy’s cock and, even while her cunt juice was running down from her cunt and the last trickles of Smitty’s cum were oozing from his prick, Andy’s cock juices started flooding her cunt. Andy thrashed beneath Christina as he arched his back, his entire weight on his shoulders and heels. He reared up, like a bucking horse, driving his cock as far into Christina’s pussy as possible.

And when it was all over, when Christina had two hefty loads of turn warming her stomach and a third in her cunt, she fell to the side, her sunglasses askew, and gulped in the fresh air. Her body tingled in the pleasant afterglow of orgasm.

“Thanks, boys,” Christina said weakly, pushing her glasses up her nose. “That was a wonderful fuck. It really was.”


“What the hell happened to you?” Will asked when Christina returned home. “Your hair looks like shit.”

Christina dropped her wet bikini on the floor and pointed to it without saying anything. Right away, she didn’t like his attitude. She curled her fingers under her blouse and pulled it over her head, dropping it near her bikini.

“When did you quit wearing a brassiere?”

“I didn’t think you would notice. You haven’t paid much attention to me lately.”

She stood there near the front door of their luxury apartment naked from the waist up, her big tits rising and falling with her breathing. She was angry at his attitude, and her stance — shoulders squared, legs spread wide — reflected her feelings.

“I’ve been working hard, honey,” Will said. His voice had a slightly condescending tone to it. “You know that. We’ve talked it all through before.”

Christina thought of telling Will that she had seen him fucking his patient and the nurse named Betty. She turned the notion over in her mind, then decided against it. The information, after all, was her trump card. She didn’t want to use it until she had to.

Will got to his feet and approached Christina, making straight for her plump tits.

“Forget it, Will. I’m not in the mood.” And with that, Christina turned on her heel and walked to the bathroom hoping like hell that she had turned Will on. It would do him good to get horny and not have a woman around to service his hard prick.

When she got out of the shower, Christina found a note saying that her husband thought she was quite the snippy bitch, and he was going to the hospital. Christina figured Betty was working the shift and wondered in whose room the two would soon be fucking.

Though it was against her better judgment, Christina quickly dried her hair, slipped into one of the slinky dresses she had just bought, and drove to the hospital. It might not be the time to tell Will that he wasn’t as sneaky as he thought he was, but it was time to introduce herself to her competitor.

Christina turned everybody’s head when she stepped into the hospital and headed for the administrator’s office. Wearing a white silk dress cut dramatically low at the neck and high on the thighs, she was a vision of feminine beauty.

“Hey, hey, hey!” a black kid, in a wheelchair said as Christina passed him.

After asking several members of the hospital staff where she might locate Betty, Christina discovered that Will, too, was looking for Betty. But, unlike Will, Christina didn’t have to hide her intentions. Will had to explain his presence off duty at the hospital; Christina did not.

Christina found Betty in the employee lunch room, sipping a cup of coffee and munching on a roll. She was relieved to find the nurse sitting alone.

“You’ve got to be careful of what you eat,” Christina said casually, sitting across the small table from Betty. “You’ll lose your figure if you’re not careful.”

Betty eyed Christina suspiciously. Will had never showed her a picture of his wife and she had, she wisely assumed, no right to ask any questions about his marital relations.

“I don’t believe I’ve had the honor,” Betty said finally, extending her hand.

“It’s really not much of an honor,” Christina replied, shaking the nurse’s hand. “The name’s Christina. Christina Mentis. You may not be familiar with the first name, but the last name should ring a bell. You’ve been fucking and sucking my husband. His name’s Will. Perhaps you remember him. Nice guy, sort of quiet, has a big cock.”

Betty felt her cheeks getting hot. The embarrassment was greater than she had thought it would be. Whenever she had fucked around with a married man — and there had been so many of them — she had always assumed that sooner or later she’d get caught. But this knowledge hadn’t made the confrontation any easier.

Christina could sense the nurse’s discomfort, and she reached out, putting her hand over Betty’s, and said, “Don’t worry, I’m not going to make a scene. In fact, I’m not even going to tell Will I know. At least, not yet. Right now, I just want to know the whole story. Hell, we might become friends.”

Betty forced a nervous smile and replied, “Yes… yes, I’d like that.”

The two women talked through Betty’s coffee break. When it was over, Betty got Christina a white smock so the stewardess could accompany her on the rounds to check the patients. Since Christina had kept a rather low profile at the hospital, very few people would recognize her as Dr. Will Mentis’ wife.

Will saw Betty and Christina walking down the hallway, and he knew he was in trouble. Exactly what kind of trouble, he wasn’t exactly sure. But he knew he was in trouble. Christina seemed to be talking in such a friendly manner with his lover, Betty. It didn’t make sense to him, but then, he didn’t expect to find Christina with Betty in the first place.

Betty whispered to Christina as they entered a room, “Just pretend you’re a doctor. Look quickly at his chart, mumble something, he can’t hear and nod your head. That’s all your husband does.”

“This is ridiculous,” Christina replied with a smile, deciding that playing doctor might be a lot of fun.

In the room, Christina found a distinguished-looking man in his early forties with graying hair and sharp, green eyes that seemed to size up everyone and everything in an instant. As Betty went about her duties, Christina picked up the chart hanging at the foot of the bed.

“Let’s see…” she murmured, never really looking at the man. The chart said he was in for problems with an ulcer. “And how are you feeling today?”

“You’re not my doctor. Who are you?”

“My name is Doctor Young,” Christina replied, still looking at the chart and fighting to keep from smiling. “I’m a specialist in this field. I have some ideas… opinions, if you like, on the matter at hand?”

“I don’t understand.” The patient sat up in his bed, eyeing Christina.

If nothing else, she was surely the sexiest doctor he had ever seen. Her white smock parted to reveal a white dress with a V neck cut so low that her tits threatened to burst free at any moment.

“I believe that ulcers are, to a great extent, caused by sexual frustration.” Christina hung the chart up again and walked to the head of the bed, closer to the patient. “I can’t imagine a man as handsome as you experiencing sexual frustrations, but perhaps there is something more… something deep inside your subconscious that is bursting to be let free. And because you hold these subconscious urges back, your stomach takes the brunt of your frustrations.”

Betty was standing behind Christina now, jabbing the stewardess in the back with a finger. She wanted to shut Christina up, but that would be pretty difficult without making a scene, and she didn’t want the patient to know that Dr. Young was, in fact, a phony.

“Nurse, please step to the other side of the bed,” Christina said, her voice sounding sure, authoritative. “I’d like your assistance in this experiment.”

“What experiment?” the patient asked, getting nervous. “Hey, Doctor, I don’t want to be a guinea pig.”

Betty was even more nervous than the patient, but that crazy Christina couldn’t be stopped without the patient realizing the whole thing was a hoax. Visions of law suits passed through Betty’s mind as she got into position and shivered with fright.

“Sir,” Christina said calmly, putting a hand on his shoulder. “I assure you that my experiments are by no means dangerous.”

Christina delicately grabbed the sheet covering the man and pulled it down to his feet. He was wearing one of those hideous hospital gowns that open in the back.

“Please excuse the bluntness of this request,” Christina said, “but I’d like you to raise your gown above your genitals. I assure you, this is quite important and quite safe.”

The patient did at requested, albeit with a great deal of reservation. But just the same, she pulled the gown up to expose his prick and nuts.

“Sir, has it not been a fantasy for you since childhood to go into a hospital and have a sexy doctor and her nurse suck your cock until you blew your nuts off? Have you not dreamed — fantasized, as it were — of coming in such a manner?”

“Well… ah… yeah, I have.”

“Then please lie down on the bed. A sitting position is uncomfortable, and your comfort is of the greatest priority in my experiments.”

The patient slipped down on the bed, and Christina fluffed his pillow for him, then looked at Betty. Betty’s eyes no longer had that hint of fear in them. The nurse had done similar experiments with many patients — both men and women — in her career.

“Watch carefully, nurse,” Christina said, grabbing the man’s heavy, slumbering cock in her hand. “You’ll be judged on your performance later.”

“Yes, Doctor.”

Christina swept her hair back over her shoulders so Betty and the patient could see what she was doing, then she bent forward and planted several light, smacking kisses on the man’s cockhead. She felt his cockshaft throb in her hand, getting harder quickly. After several more wet kisses on his swelling prick knob, his prick was standing up of its own accord.

“There we go,” Christina said quietly, her warm breath passing over his cockhead, making it dance in the air. “Now the experiment can fully begin.”

Christina looked at the patient, her eyes coolly professional. She was playing the game to the hilt, and so she pretended that the experiment was serious business. She returned her attention to his cock so close to her face. She kissed his cockhead, finding a small drop of white cum on the tip. Christina licked it off tasting the salty cock juice. It pleased her, and when she kissed his prick again, she pushed her head down farther, letting his drooling cock knob pry apart her lips and sink into her mouth. Her tongue moved slowly in circles around his fat prickhead, driving his cockmeat to even greater hardness. Christina squeezed his cock shank with her lips, testing the rigidity of his prick.

“Doctor,” the man said, trying unsuccessfully to remain calm. He had quickly made up his mind to change doctors. “Doctor… I ah.”

Christina swirled her tongue around his cockhead, then let the prick slip from her lips.

“You must be quiet, sir,” she said, giving the patient a stern ionic, “This experiment is very serious business.”

“Yes, Doctor Young.”

Christina cradled the man’s nuts in her hand and whipped her head over his cockhead, not taking the knob of spongy cockflesh into her mouth. She licked around the head of his prick, then worked her way down his quivering prick shank, chewing gently on his thick shaft as she headed for his nuts. When Christina finally got to the root of the patient’s prick, he was quivering on the bed, squirming from the unbelievable pleasure she was providing.

“Please be still,” Christina said, never taking her eyes off the twin, hairy nuts in her hand. Her tongue snaked out, running over the wrinkled sac. Once it was nice and wet from her spit, she sucked one of the balls into her mouth, careful not to scrape the sensitive nut with her teeth. Her tongue rolled lightly on his nut, and Christina felt the patient’s prick throbbing against the side of her face, making her cheek wet with her own spit.

“Is there anything you’d like me to do, Doctor?” Betty asked, feeling her panties getting moist from her pussy juice. Watching Christina’s expert cocksucking, and what it was doing to the patient, was getting to Betty.

Christina let the man’s nut pop out of her mouth, and she looked up. “Yes. For added stimulation, added pleasure, I’d like you to feed your nipples to the patient.” Then, to the surprised man, she said, “That will please you, will it not?”

The patient nodded his head vigorously. Betty moved closer to his face and calmly unbuttoned the front of her white uniform. When that was accomplished, she shook her shoulders and slipped her arms out of the uniform, pushing it down to her curvaceous hips. Reaching behind her back, Betty unfastened her bra and let that slide down her arms and fall to the floor. Her tits were large — though not quite the size of Christina’s — with chocolate-colored areolas and hard, pointed nipples. She cupped her hands under her tits and squeezed, making her nipples more pronounced.

“Here, sir, enjoy yourself,” she said, pushing her chest forward.

“Unbelievable,” the man mumbled, grabbing both of her tits. He buried his face between the plump mounds of tit flesh, inhaling deeply and catching the richly feminine perfume of Betty’s tits. Then he began kissing, salivating heavily and licking until he reached her hardened nipple. His lips fastened on the nub, and he sucked like an infant, delirious with lust. As his lips closed around Betty’s nipple, Christina’s lips were closing around his cockhead.

Christina licked his cock’s pulsating crown as she pushed her face down, taking the meat of his cock deep into her mouth. Her tits pressed against the side of the bed, tingling hotly inside her bra. She wanted to reach her hand into her panties and finger herself, but that would be out of character even for an avant-garde doctor.

Her lips crept slowly down his fat prick until they pressed against the side of her fingers that were wrapped tightly around the base of his cock. She stayed like that for a long time, basting his cockmeat with her spit, letting his prick throb from the warmth of her mouth as her lips sucked expertly and her tongue danced over his prickshaft.

Christina could hear the patient sucking on Betty’s tits, and now and then an occasional whimper of delight would come from the nurse. Christina knew how cock hungry the nurse was — she had witnessed the way Betty had whipped her mouth over Will’s prick — and decided to share the tasty hunk of hard prick.

“Nurse, please apply your lips to this man’s penis,” Christina said, standing erect, again affecting the authoritarian stance she had taken earlier.

Betty almost leaped at the upraised prick, taking the patient’s cockflesh into her mouth until his bulky prickhead hit the opening of her throat. She moaned with delight, loving the way the girth of the man’s prick stuffed her mouth and spread her lips wide.

The man started pumping his hips up and down slowly to meet Betty’s bobbing head. His nuts itched, a sure sign that soon he would explode in a liquid fountain of bubbling cum. He looked at Betty, seeing the sheer delight on her face. And though she was definitely a pretty woman, what he really wanted was to have the doctor suck him off. He reached his hand out to Christina, but she was too far away.

“Sir, would you like to feel my breasts?” Christina asked indifferently. When the man nodded his head, she moved closer, grabbing her smock by the lapels to open it.

“Damn, you’ve got big tits,” the man said, his face looking a little pained from the blowjob Betty was providing.

He squeezed Christina’s tit with one hand ad rested his other hand on Betty’s slowly bobbing head. He rubbed her silky hair between his fingers and thumb as she gulped his hard, lusty cockmeat deep into her mouth.

“Mmmmmmmmmmm!” Betty moaned, lashing her tongue along the underside of the man’s prick.

She sucked hard on his tube of cockmeat, taking his cockflesh deep into her mouth. Fitting as much of his cock into her mouth as possible, Betty still left an inch or two of prick outside of heir lips. She had seen Christina’s ability to deep-throat and decided that perhaps the lusty stewardess would like to share the man’s cum. It had become obvious that the patient, who writhed with pleasure on the bed, jerking his ass up and down to fuck Betty’s mouth, would shoot his nuts off soon.

Christina’s nipples were hard, and even through her bra and dress, the patient could see and feel them poking out. When the man attempted to feel her cunt, she made no attempt to stop him. Christina spread her legs a little more, and the patient’s hand dipped under her dress, pushing up until he reached the top of her silk stocking.

“I like those,” the man whispered softly, his cock almost aching now from the intense sucking pressure Betty was applying. He rubbed Christina’s thigh through her stocking, then let his hand ride higher. His fingertips grazed her lace panties, erotic to his touch. He felt the warmth and wetness of her pussy, even through the material, and knew that despite the beautiful doctor’s austere appearance, she was a hot, lusty bitch.

“YOU may do as you like with me, sir,” Christina said, fighting off the urge to twist and churn her hips and push her hot pussy against the man’s probing, groping hand. “Whatever pleases you is essential to this experiment.”

“Take your panties off,” he instructed. “I want to finger your pussy.”

Christina did as she was asked, dropping her panties on the man’s chest. He grabbed them and pressed them to his nose, inhaling deeply, catching all the pungent, womanly scent. Releasing the panties, he reached between Christina’s legs once again, this time finding her cunt exposed to his probing finger.

He slipped his middle finger into her juicy cunt, working it far into her body. And despite Christina’s attempts to show no emotion, she closed her eyes and whimpered softly. Whoever this man was, he was sure as hell no stranger to a cunt. Experience had taught him what to do once he had his finger in a hot pussy, and experience had taught him well!

“Ohhhhhhh!” A moan escaped Christina’s lips, and she silently cursed herself, fighting to remain indifferent. But nothing could stop her cunt — her cunt, in particular — from taking notice of the finger delving deeply between her pink cuntlips.

“Arrrrgggghhhh!” the man groaned a moment later, jerking his hips up and down on the bed, fucking his hard prick between Betty’s clutching lips.

His balls slapped back and forth, bouncing furiously between his thighs. The resounding, slurping noises of Betty’s juicy cocksucking filled the room. Christina looked over, seeing the busty nurse’s heavy tits waggling, slapping together, as she tossed her head down to meet the man’s upthrusting prick.

“Mmmmmmmmmiu! Unn! Uggghhhhh! Mmmmmmm!” Betty wailed as cum erupted from the patient’s throbbing cockhead.

The salty jism, very thick and flavorful, spewed from his fat cock knob, splattering over Betty’s frisky tongue. She whimpered with delight, sliding her tongue over his cockmeat, drawing a hard suction on his prick, to get all the cum from his nuts.

“Ssssshhhhiiittt!” the man hissed through clenched teeth.

The extraordinary pleasure of having shot his cum in one woman’s mouth while fingerfucking another beautiful woman was more than anything he had ever felt before. True, he had wanted to shoot his cum in the doctor’s mouth, but the nurse had sucked him too well for him to hold back any longer. Despite not having gotten exactly what he wanted, this was one hell of an experience for the tired business executive.

“Unngghhh!” Betty grunted as the man gave his prick one last stab between her lips. His cockhead slammed against the back of Betty’s throat, catching her by surprise. His jism filled her mouth to such an extent that her cheeks swelled with the hot cock juice. His fuck-cream trickled from the corners of her lips when he pushed his cock back in her mouth. Betty pulled her head up, keeping her lips tight around his throbbing cockshaft so she wouldn’t lose any of the cum.

“Na, don’t swallow it,” the man said. “I want you to kiss the doctor. Share my cum with her.”

Betty smiled, keeping her lips closed, and walked around the bed to Christina. Her heavy tits jiggled, catching the somewhat frightened gaze of the stewardess.

“I can’t kiss a woman,” Christina said softly, her insides suddenly filled with butterflies. She had seen Betty almost force a woman to eat her cunt. Would the nurse expect the same from her?

Betty put her hands softly on the sides of Christina’s face, stepping ever so slowly nearer the woman. When her naked tits brushed against Christina’s, she whimpered with happiness. What a thrill it would be to suck on Christina’s massive tits, to dig her tongue hungrily into the brunette’s furry pussy!

But instead, Betty put her lips against Christina’s full, trembling ones. They kissed tenderly, and then, without warning, the nurse wrapped her arms around Christina’s neck, holding her close and secure. Her lips mashed against Christina’s, and she thrust her tongue into the frightened stewardess’ mouth. Christina struggled, stumbling backward until she hit the wall, fighting to get away from Betty. But the half-naked woman would not be denied! Betty pressed on, rubbing her tits against Christina’s coveted ones, pressing her pussy against Christina.

When Betty’s cum-slick tongue slithered into Christina’s mouth and the heady taste of jism was transferred, the stewardess lost all will to struggle. A moment later, she opened her lips wide and tasted the full load of the man’s creamy cum as Betty spit it into her mouth. They transferred the cum back and forth until there was nothing left of it, having been swallowed drop by drop with each transfer.

And when it was over, Christina pushed Betty away firmly, ashamed of herself for allowing such a thing to happen. Looking at Betty, she saw two opaque lines of cum trickling from the corners of her mouth down to her chin. It was, without doubt, the lewdest thing she had ever seen.

“You’ve got cum on your face,” she said softly.

“Lick it off,” Betty replied and was mildly amused when Christina did just that.


By the time Christina and Will got to the party, it was already in full swing. The ten couples and four or five men and women who came without partners were gathered in the ball room, drinking primarily champagne and martinis.

Christina took a drink, from a butler who passed by holding a silver tray full of champagne. Will took one, too, and looked at the guests. Christina saw his gaze stop at one person, and she sought out and found who had caught her husband’s attention. It was Betty, the horny nurse from the hospital. Christina smiled, knowing what must be going through her husband’s mind.

“Go ahead and mingle,” Will said, casting Christina a sidelong glance, trying to seem casual. “You don’t need me to chaperon you, do you?”

“No, darling, go ahead and enjoy yourself. I’ll do the same,” Christina replied, flashing Will that smile of hers that always got her what she wanted.

She knew what Will had in mind, but he didn’t know what she had in mind. Christina liked that. It gave her the upper hand.

As Will stepped in the direction of Betty, Christina downed her drink and grabbed a second glass before leaving the room. She found another room, much smaller than the ball room. A young man, probably two or three years younger than her, was standing near a table of food munching on meat and cheese.

“Hello,” Christina said, her voice a cat’s purr. “How’s it hanging?”

She guessed the kid to be an intern at the hospital. Just the perfect sort of lover to really piss Will off. Not only would she be wrapping her thick, glossy lips around another man’s cock, but she’d also be taking a step down on the social ladder. The combination would drive Will crazy.

“Kind of limp right now,” the guy said, looking straight into Christina’s eyes.

Christina liked him right away. Not only was he good-looking in a boyish way, but he also had balls.

“I think I might be able to change that.” She grabbed a tooth pick and skewered a hunk of salami. “I like meat,” she said, sinking her teeth into the meat but doing it in such a way as to pantomime the sucking of a cock.

“I’ll bet you could.”

The guy looked at Christina and felt the stirring in his prick. She was really a hot number. Massive tits pushed up and together by a blouse that looked at least one size too small. The intern could see the faint darkness of her dark-brown areolas, and in the center of that darkness, he saw the peaked nipples. He made no attempt to hide the fact that he was appraising her body, and Christina made no attempt to stop him.

“Nice,” the kid murmured. “Very nice.”

Looking farther down, he saw a thin strip of her thigh. Christina’s skin came down to her calves, but it was slit up both sides to where her garter belt joined with her silk hose. Christina saw the kid looking at her legs, and she turned to stab at a piece of cheese, intentionally splitting her legs a little to reveal more of herself, knowing full well how damn sexy she was.

“Enough of this chit-chat. I’m not in the mood for it,” she said.

“Lead the way.”

“Follow… at a distance.”

Christina turned and walked back to the party with the kid following at a discreet distance. Nobody would ever guess that he was following her. Christina checked all the rooms and finally decided on the library. She ruled out the bathroom because people would eventually need it and, therefore, disturb her. And she ruled out fucking in one of the cars outside. That would serve no purpose. They’d never get caught fucking in a car, and Christina wanted to add a little danger to her sex.

The library was spacious, with several overstuffed chairs for reading. All the walls were covered with books. When the kid stepped in, she closed the door behind him and checked the knob — there was no lack. She smiled and turned to the intern.

“We haven’t got much time, so don’t hold back. It’s not necessary for me to climax just yet. All I want is your cum.”

“Whatever,” the boy said, smirking. He jerked down his zipper and brought his stiffening cock out, causing Christina to catch her breath. “It’s a good thing you found this place when you did. Watching your ass move was giving me a hard-on.”

Christina grabbed his cock, wrapping her warm fingers around the wrinkled shaft. She gave his prick a playful tug. The kid put his hands in his pocket, trying to seem indifferent about it all. But he couldn’t fool Christina or his cock because his prick was twitching, coming to life, getting harder by the second. Using his cock like it was a leash, she pulled the intern near one of the chairs and turned it so the high back was toward the door. Should someone come in, the chair might hide them.

Christina sat in the chair and pulled the boy nearer so he stood near her shoulder. She wiggled out of her tight panties, then hooked one knee up on each leg of the chair, spreading her thighs wide and exposing her pussy. Turning her face toward him, she opened her mouth. The kid, his hands still in his pockets, moved a little closer to the chair, and Christina captured the head of his prick between her lips.

“Mmmmmm!” She sucked on the head, twisting her tongue around the knob of his cock, letting it slide along the underside and flick against his slitted cockhead.

Her shimmering hair cascaded down her shoulders, over her trembling tits. She pushed her skirt up higher, revealing her dark-haired pussy with its pink cuntlips. With one hand she spread her pussylips, and with the other, she began fingering her cunt. Soon she was churning in the chair, her nipples hard as pebbles, her breath wheezing through her nostrils as she accepted the intern’s prick into her throat.

“Nice. Very nice,” the kid said.

He moved his hips slowly back and forth, watching the whiteness of his prick get darker, turning red from Christina’s hungry cocksucking. Her full lips massaged his quivering cockmeat, exciting him completely. Christina’s tongue was incredibly erotic, moving incessantly, fucking here, rubbing there, curling around his cock’s shaft, rolling over his smooth cockhead, teasing his balls whenever he thrust into her throat. He pushed into her mouth completely, seeing Christina’s nose slip into his open fly. Damn, what a cocksucker! She took his big, throbbing prick with such ease.

“Mmmmm!” Christina moaned again, sliding a little lower in the chair so she could turn her head a little to one side.

In this position, the kid’s cock went into her mouth, her tongue rubbing against the side of his cockshaft rather than the bottom. A thin trickle of spit formed a bubble at the corner of her mouth, then traveled down the side of her chin. Christina didn’t care. Her hands were busy on her cunt, and she wasn’t going to take them away just to wipe away a little spit.

Her breath was coming faster now as her excitement increased. Her heavenly tits rose and fell, her nipples proud and pointed. The big, pulsating cock in her mouth stretched and ovaled her lips, plummeting down her throat. She squeezed her lips tightly around the kid’s driving prickmeat, kneading his tender flesh as it drove into her mouth and down her throat. Between her legs, Christina was working the middle finger of her right hand into her cunt and rubbing her feverish clit with, her thumb.

“Ooooo!” the intern groaned, seeing those lovely red lips caressing his cock. “You’re really good at this. Fucking good!”

He watched her finger her dark cunt, and, for the first time, noticed her glimmering diamond ring. Married? Sure. It made sense to him. Those married women never got enough cock from their workaholic husbands to satisfy them.

He took a hand from his pocket and flicked open two buttons on Christina’s blouse, exposing her sheer lace bra. The intern opened her blouse a little more and rubbed one nipple through her bra, causing Christina to writhe even more in the chair and stab her finger even faster into her cunt.

“Nugggg! Mmmmmm!” she choked around his throat-stretching prick.

Christina’s legs twitched as the fire in her cunt grew into an inferno. What if someone should come into the library? She didn’t care. She didn’t care about anything just then and there… that is, anything except the cock in her mouth and her own hungry, juicy pussy.

Both of them gave a long, lusty moan at the same time. They shouldn’t have, because when they did, neither of them heard the door open. Betty, her mind spinning crazily from the champagne, put her head in the room and saw the intern standing near a chair.

She was just about to close the door, looking for more interesting action, when she saw him pull his hips back, then push them toward the chair again. He had a strange look on his face, a look similar to those Betty had seen many times when she looked up into the face of a man whose cock was sunk in her hot mouth. Cocksucking! Somebody was sucking his cock, and that was exactly the kind of action Betty was hoping to find at this otherwise drab, dull party.

Betty stepped into the room, closing the door quietly behind her. She pressed against the wall, keeping hidden as much as possible from the intern. Her nipples tingled at the thought of soon sucking a cock, maybe even getting lucky enough to get fucked. Then she could see legs — female legs — kicking out from the other side of the chair. Well, at least it wasn’t a gay encounter. That would really leave her out of the action!

The intern reached down again to caress Christina’s tit. He wasn’t sure how much longer he could hold back. True, the brunette, whose name he didn’t even know, had told him to just let loose and not try to prolong the cocksucking, but when something felt as good as her sweet lips around his cock, his natural desire was to make it last and last.

Betty was right behind the intern when he suddenly realized that he wasn’t alone with Christina. Shit! He looked over his shoulder, trying to hide his big, wet cock, but it was to no avail. Betty was at his shoulder and had already watched Christina’s expertise as she put her lips and tongue to work on his prick.

“Don’t stop because of me,” Betty whispered, putting her hand on the kid’s ass. “I’m not one to be judgmental.”

Christina, her clit threatening to explode at any second, heard Betty’s voice, but it sounded very distant. Not like something she should worry about. She whimpered softly, a little annoyed that her toy — the intern’s prick — had been taken from her. And even though she loved his cock thrashing back and forth between her lips, that wasn’t where her attention was. It was on her clit. That tiny, hard nubbin of sensual delight that sent shivering waves of ecstasy coursing through her veins, fogging her mind, making her whole body — from her toes to the top of her head — tingle.

“Ohhhh! I’m soooo close,” Christina whimpered, and her eyes squeezed shut as she fingered her cunt. “Cock… I want your cock.”

“Don’t deny her, fool,” Betty said, grabbing the intern’s prick and pulling it so his prickhead touched Christina’s lips again.

Instantly the brunette was sucking like a madwoman on his cockflesh. Betty watched Christina’s finger digging deeply between the velvet folds of her cunt, and her mouth watered. She wanted to eat that pussy. That beautiful, juicy cunt. And just as Betty moved around the intern, preparing to get on her knees between Christina’s legs, Christina arched her back and moaned long and laud. Betty saw the clear, rich pussy oil trickle between her fingers, running between Christina’s legs, down the crack of her ass.

The rising tide of ecstasy washed Christina away in a sea of sexual oblivion. She wasn’t even aware of the intern’s fat prick in her mouth, pressing her tongue flat. Christina wasn’t aware of anything but the glorious sense of release she felt. Her body, which only a minute earlier had been tied into an unyielding knot, was now limp and lifeless. Only her buttery lips, which worked slowly on the throbbing tip of the intern’s cock moved. The rest of her body was completely lifeless.

Betty slowly sank to her knees and took Christina’s hands away from her pussy. She saw the cunt juice shimmering on the woman’s fingers, coating them with pussy cum so thick, it looked like clear, wet nail polish.

Christina looked down her body, between her heaving tits and saw Betty. The sight shocked her, but she was too exhausted to say anything. She turned her head to get a better look at the busty nurse and let the boy’s cock slip from her lips.

“What are you doing here?” Christina asked quietly, catching her breath.

“Well, I was sincerely thinking of eating your pussy. Not a bad idea, right?”

“You’ve got to be kidding me! I just came! I can’t come again right away!”

“Of course you can. I can make any man or woman come like they’ve never come in their life. Feels like the top of their fucking head is coming right off.”

The arrogance of the nurse bothered Christina. True, she did seem to have an excellent style when it came to giving blow-jobs. And Christina had seen Betty spread her legs and sit on a young patient’s face, practically forcing the girl to eat her pussy. But the am regain! As though a woman hadn’t lived until she had had her pussy thoroughly tongue fucked by the nurse. The arrogance!

“Sweetheart,” Christina said, a twinkle of energy and sarcasm coming back into her dark eyes, “there isn’t a way in hell I’d let another woman put her tongue in my cunt. And even if I would, it’s going to be a long time before I come again, anyway. So, you see, it’s really no use sitting there, staring at my cunt. The well’s gone dry, baby.”

“It doesn’t look dry to me,” Betty said, completely confident in herself.

She pulled Christina’s hand to her month and ran the pink tip of her tongue along the middle finger, scooping up Christina’s tangy cunt juice. As soon as she tasted Christina’s cum, Betty knew that she wouldn’t be able to sleep until she had more of the beautiful woman’s pussy juice. Much more.

“Hey, don’t forget about me,” the intern interrupted, his prick still wet and aroused. “I thought you weren’t interested in coming!”

“Well, dearie, those things just sort of have a way of happening. Come on,” Christina said as she winked at the boy, “let’s have that cock again. I’m thirsty, and you’ve got the cock juice.”

The boy pushed his hips forward, and once again, his cockhead invaded Christina’s hot, wet mouth. He felt her tongue, so tireless, sliding over his cocktip, sucking on the flesh of his prick, teasing it into a state of rigid, quivering hardness. And that was what he wanted. He needed to come now. Having Betty pop in, surprising the hell out of him, had delayed his orgasm. The intern had been on the brink of shooting his wad of jism before, and now he had a good reserve of sensations left in him. He could take a lot more of Christina’s pleasurable cocksucking before he blew his nuts off.

“Hey,” the kid said to Betty. “You want a little of this? I’ve got plenty of cock to go around.”

“No thank you,” Betty said, staring at Christina’s cunt. “But thanks anyway. There’s something else I want to eat.”

She put her hands on Christina’s thighs and felt the sheer hose, then pushed her legs slightly apart so she could get to Christina’s gaping cunt. There was still plenty of cuntjuice there to please her, even if she couldn’t get Christina to come again. It didn’t take much to please Betty, the ever-horny nurse.

“Don’t,” Christina murmured, taking her lips from the boy’s prick for just a second before once again stretching them around his fat cockpole.

Then something in Christina’s head snapped. She really wasn’t sure what it was. Maybe it was Betty’s fingers toying with her frilly garter belt, or Betty’s challenge about making her come again, or maybe it was the prick in her mouth that throbbed so wonderfully. Christina wasn’t sure, but she was sure that whatever the fuck Betty wanted to do to her cunt was a-okay. Christina put her hand out, caressing Betty’s hair and gently urging the nurse to start licking her cunt.

When the tiny clit at the top of Christina’s cunt first felt Betty’s tongue, it shivered with excitement. Christina had thought her clit was done for, was finished with erotic games for awhile. How wrong she was!

She sucked harder on the boy’s cock, wrapping full, sensual lips tighter around the shank of his cock as he fucked her mouth. She reached between his legs and fondled his nuts, bouncing them a little in her palm, testing his sac to see what kind of load of jism it would give her.

Meanwhile, Betty was spreading Christina’s pussylips, searching for and finding her clit. The nurse inhaled deeply, catching the pungent scent of cunt juices, and her mouth watered. Damn! how she loved eating pussy!

“Take it all!” the intern moaned, seeing Christina’s throat expand to accommodate his pulsating cock. “Take all of my cock right down your throat! Yeah, feels so fucking good!”

Christina grabbed Betty’s hair and pulled the nurse’s face to her wet cunt. She delighted in the idea that the same person who had sucked her husband’s cock was now licking her pussy. Then she rubbed her tongue harder against the boy’s turgid prick, happy that his cock was so solid. His long, thick cock didn’t have a bit of give in it. It was a ramrod, punching between her lips, causing his cockhead to slam against the back of her mouth before invading her throat.

“Mmmmmm.” Christina moaned as his prick sank deep into her mouth.

She could feel every tantalizing flick of Betty’s frisky tongue as it scooped up her cunt juices, slid over her pussylips and lashed at her clit. Christina’s huge tits rolled back and forth on her chest as she bounced back slightly from the intern’s powerful thrusts and then jerked the other way when Betty shoved her tongue deep into her cunt.

“Sweet pussy,” Betty murmured, catching Christina’s clit between her lips and sucking on the little bud as if it was a tiny cock. “Sweet motherfucking clit!”

The intern watched Betty sucking cunt, then watched his own cock sink deeply into Christina’s hot mouth. The combined effects of getting sucked, watching the sucking, and seeing Betty lick Christina’s pussy was more than he could stand. He gritted his teeth, fighting off the urgency in his balls. He held his breath, hoping that he could prolong the intense pleasure, but pressure built on pressure, and his bubbling, creamy cum jetted from the end of his prick straight into Christina’s throat. He pushed into her face hard, jerking his cock back so he was hardly between her lips. Then he jammed his hard, spewing cock cruelly down her throat.

Despite his rough treatment Christina took him easily, enjoying the hard cockflesh that expanded her throat, jamming deep inside her body. She arched her back and began bucking even as the intern’s cum was spurting against her tongue. Her cum, clear and salty, flooded from between her cuntlips and was quickly, ardently licked up by Betty, who whimpered and moaned happily.

“Uggghhhh!” Christina choked, gulping down the seemingly endless eruptions of jism.

Christina’s stomach knotted and loosened convulsively as her cum was being lapped up by Betty. She twitched and moaned, wracked by the spasms of a delirious orgasm. Her lips sucked hard on the thick piece of cockmeat stuffed in her mouth, and she opened her eyes only to see the intern’s pants and the root of his cock jutting out of his fly.

“Arrrggghh!” the intern groaned one last time as Christina sucked one final drop of tangy fuck-cream from his prick.

He let her tongue his shrinking cock for a while, then stepped away, intending on tucking his sated prick back in his pants. It was not to be. As soon as he uncorked his cock from Christina’s mouth, Betty quickly knelt at his feet and whipped her lips over his prick. When she had finally licked his prick clean, she fell backward on her ass, a contented smile pursing her lips.

“I knew I’d eat your cunt someday,” Betty said quietly, not even looking at Christina. “And I knew your pussy would be just as sweet and juicy as it was. Remember in the hospital? The time I sucked that patient’s cock, and then we shared his cum? Once we did that, I just knew I’d have to eat your pussy.”

“I don’t know why I waited so long for you,” Christina replied weakly, adjusting her dress. “I thought I’d never stop coming.”

Ten minutes later, the women were composed and ready to join the party. The intern had left them, a dazed but happy expression on his face.

“What I figure we should do,” Christina held up two glasses of champagne brought by a waiter, “is both fuck Will. I mean, if he’s been spending his time sinking his cock in your pussy, the least he can do is stick his prick in me once in a while, right? Hell, having both of us at one time should really tire that big cock of his.”

“And maybe you’ll learn to eat cunt?” Betty asked hopefully.

Christina eyed her new friend, wondering if she really would end up being a cunt licker. Hell, if she was willing to let another woman lick her cunt, wouldn’t it only be fair to return the favor? Christina couldn’t make a decision just then, but she knew she’d have to make it soon.

By one a.m., Betty and Christina were both a little tipsy, but they had devised a plan that they figured was foot-proof. Christina pretended to be very, very drunk, and Betty helped her to walk over to where Will was standing.

“You’d better take her home pretty quick,” Betty said, trying to seem very serious. “Your wifey is going to pass out before long.”

Will looked at Christina. She didn’t appear to be that drunk, but then, he hadn’t seen her drink too much in a long time. He was angry and didn’t want to leave the party. But he didn’t dare embarrass himself by having his wife suddenly collapse on the floor in front of all his friends — he’d never be able to show his face in the hospital again. With Betty’s help, he got Christina into the car without anyone suspecting that she was drunk.

“Maybe I should go with you,” Betty said. “Help you get her inside.”

Her eyes locked with Will’s, giving him a silent promise that the evening would be well spent with her. He nodded his head, and Betty slipped into the back seat.

The drive home was silent, and Christina had to pretend complete intoxication all the way. She let Betty and Will half-carry, half-drag her into the bedroom and flop her carelessly down on the big, king-sized bed.

“I suppose we should take her clothes off,” Betty said, easing off Christina’s shoes.

Will, who wasn’t altogether sober himself, watched with fascination as his lover rolled his wife over and stripped her naked. The last things Betty took off were Christina’s stockings, letting her fingers graze lightly over the thick, dark cunt bush between her thighs before tugging the silk down Christina’s tapered legs.

“I can’t see what you’re doing fucking around with me,” Betty said, still looking at Christina’s naked body. “She’s the sexiest woman I’ve ever seen. Shit, she’s twice as foxy as I am!”

Betty turned to look at Will and found him standing in the corner of the room, completely naked with a raging hard cock in his hand that he was fingering slowly.

“I want to fuck you,” Will said calmly, taking a step closer to Betty. “I want to fuck you in the same bed with my wife.”

“But, Will, what if she wakes up? Shit, she’d kill us both!”

“Don’t argue with me. Take your clothes off and get next to Christina. Do as I say. I’m willing to take it if I have to!”

“You’d rape me?”

Will smiled, but there was no warmth in it. His face was cruel, determined. “Let’s just say that I’m willing to take whatever steps are necessary to fuck you. So let’s not argue, or you’ll see a side of me you haven’t seen before.”

Christina’s cunt tingled. Will was being so forceful! He had never been that way with her, and she wondered why not. Didn’t he feel the same animal attraction to her body that he felt toward Betty’s? She struggled with her inner turmoil, wishing she could open her eyes to see what was happening.

Betty watched Will as she slowly stripped. Her clothes fell in a crumpled heap at her feet, and then she was standing there, completely naked, just like her new friend Christina.

“Now get on the bed,” Will commanded. When Betty got on her back next to Christina, Will’s prick jumped in his hand.

His cock had never been harder, never throbbed more powerfully, never felt quite so alive. He slipped onto the bed between Christina and Betty, feeling their tits.

“Suck my cock, Betty,” Will commanded. Betty pulled her knees under her body and took his huge cock in her mouth just as Will began to suck on Christina’s nipples, nipping the buds gently.

Christina groaned softly and shifted on the bed. The pleasure she felt from having her hard nipples chewed by Will was, intense, but she had to pretend to be unconscious. It wasn’t an easy feat, but she pretended well enough to fool Will. Besides, he had only half his concentration on her. Betty was, after all, whipping her mouth hungrily over his fat lump of cockmeat, taking his cock deep in her mouth, massaging his rigid cock shank with her lips.

“This is fantastic,” Will sighed between Christina’s plump tits. He licked her titflesh, making sure to leave enough spit there to act as lubrication when he fucked her tits. And then, his cock wet from Betty’s mouth, Will pushed her away and straddled Christina’s body. He grabbed her tits and pushed them together to capture his cock.

“You like to titty fuck?” Betty asked softly, smoothing the hair away from Christina’s calm, blank face.

“Never fucked her this way before,” Will replied with a deep groan, shoving his prick between Christina’s tits. “Figured she’d scream to high heavens if I asked her, so I never did.”

“Maybe you figured wrong.”

“Maybe not.” Will fucked Christina’s tits for a while, feeling his nuts slide back and forth over her body as his prick got harder between her tits. Then he grabbed Betty by the hair and jerked her face down to his prick, making her suck his pulsating cock for awhile to get his prickshaft even wetter. He switched to titty fucking again, thrusting his cock between Christina’s tit-orbs happily.

Betty sat up on the bed and cupped her tits, making her nipples point toward Will. He bared his teeth and sunk them deep into Betty’s tender tit-flesh.

“Ouch! Awwww!” she shrieked, feeling the doctor’s sharp teeth sinking into her tits, capturing all of her dark areola and causing sharp painful pangs to race through her body. This definitely wasn’t her idea of fun. “Stop that!” she screamed, too afraid to back away for fear that he’d bite even harder.

Will opened his mouth, letting Betty’s abused tit fall from his mouth. She rubbed her sore tit, trying to figure out what the fuck had gotten into her lover to make him do such a thing.

Will then leaned forward and squeezed his prick. A small, white drop of cum oozed from the tip of his cock, and he smeared his cum onto Christina’s soft lips.

“Another thing I’ve always wanted to do was come on her face,” he said quietly. “She’s sucked me off plenty of times, but I never had the courage to yank my prick from her mouth just before coming and squirt my load of jism all over her lovely face.” He looked at Betty, who was still rubbing her tit. “Wouldn’t that be an incredible sight? My wife with my cum streaked on her face. Shit, I’d blow my nuts a second time just from looking at her face smeared with my jism.”

“Do you want to fuck me now?”

“Yes, get in a doggie position; I want you to eat Christina’s pussy while I fuck your cunt from behind. I’d like that.”

“So would I,” Betty purred, getting into position. She rested on her elbows with her ass high in the air and her feet dangling over the edge of the bed. Will stood on the floor, his cock at just the right level to sink easily into her cunt.

Christina felt Betty parting her pussylips, and she twitched involuntarily. Remaining unconscious was going to get pretty fucking difficult!

“Eat her pussy,” Will demanded as he rubbed his angry-looking cockhead against Betty’s cunt.

Her ass was, perhaps, a little larger than it needed to be, but he liked that. It enhanced her femininity, making her seem more like a woman and not like a little girl. He pushed at her slowly, watching her cuntlips spread and stretch, opening to accept his prick, then wrapping tightly around his sliding tube of hard cockflesh. Betty’s cunt was wet, warm and tight, just the way Will liked a cunt to be — just the way Christina’s always was whenever he decided to fuck her.

He watched the back of Betty’s head as she sucked on Christina’s cunt. It was a strange sight, but one that he enjoyed very much. He shoved more of his cock into her cunt, continuing his slow insertion of his prickshaft into her pussy until his balls were resting warmly against Betty’s thighs. He sensed every quivering inch of her cunt channel, felt it rhythmically tightening and loosening around his cock, tantalizing all of him and enveloping his cockmeat in a caress.

“Ohhhh! I love the way you use your cunt muscles,” Will gasped, pulling back slowly, withdrawing his prick from her hot pussy. “I can feel you milking my cockmeat with your pussy. Fucking you feels great!”

Betty mumbled something incoherent, refusing to take her lips and tongue from Christina’s cunt for even a moment. She fingered Christina’s fuckhole and tongued her clit, sliding her finger in and out quickly, intending on lapping up Christina’s pussy oil as quickly as possible.

Christina moaned, unable to stop herself. Her hips twitched slightly, moving slowly from side to side. She couldn’t pretend that nothing was happening to her pussy, because Betty knew better than anyone else how to eat a cunt. And yet Christina couldn’t admit to being awake because she hadn’t found out all of her husband’s fantasies yet. She and the nurse had planned the whole scene out carefully, and Christina would be damned if she was going to change anything when the game was going so well.

“Look at her,” Will said, accentuating his words with a hard shove of his prick into Betty’s pussy. “Even as drunk as she is, you’re getting to her. Can you taste her cunt juices?”

Betty pulled her face away from Christina’s dark cunt, deciding that she probably needed a breather, and Will needed an answer.

“Her cunt is delicious,” Betty answered, wiggling her ass back against Will’s charging prick. “I love eating cunts, especially when they’re as tasty as hers is.”

Will chuckled and watched his cock sinking deep into Betty’s pussy. He pounded into her cunthole several more times, then pulled his cock from her.

“Hey, what’s the big idea?” Betty complained. “I was really getting into the fucking! I would have come soon!”

“Sorry, my dear, but I have more important plans for my cum this evening. Something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, but never quite got around to doing.”

“What’s that?” Betty asked, becoming excited by the unexpected.

Her pussy felt empty, but her mind was spinning. Will, she was certain, was going to get kinky, and knowing that Christina was not unconscious made Betty privy to precious knowledge. She wondered when Christina would spring the trap and shock the living shit right out of Will.

“I’ve already told you,” Will said, assuming his position above Christina’s big tits again. “I’m going to come on her face after titty fucking her. Then you’re going to suck my cock until it’s hard again, and we’re going to fuck some more, and then we’ll roll her over and I’m going to ass-fuck this tight-assed bitch!”

Christina stirred on the bed. It was the best way to mask her inner emotions. Will was going to shove his prick up her ass. Christina was glad now that the cop had fucked her asshole, because that would make it easier now — both on her and on Will.

Christina turned her face to one side, feeling Will grab her tits and begin sliding his cock between them. She knew then when the trap would be sprung — when it would have the greatest shock value. As Will fucked her firm tit-mounds, Betty slithered between her legs and started putting her tongue to work on Christina’s hot, turgid cunt.

“Oh, shit!” Will groaned, squeezing Christina’s tits together. “Betty, get your ass over here!”

Betty quickly slid higher on the bed, near Will’s pistoning prick. She watched his thick, round cock knob slide between Christina’s tits with each deep thrust and could sense that very soon his cum would spurt.

“What? What do you want me to do?”

Betty asked frantically, not wanting to miss out on any of the action.

“J-jerk me off when I tell you. Jerk me off so I shoot jism on her face!” Will’s face was a study of pleasure so intense, it was painful. He jabbed his cock between Christina’s tits faster, digging his powerful fingers into her milky flesh until she squirmed with pain.

“Shit! Oh, Betty, get ready. I’m going to come! Shit! I’m cooomiing!” Will released Christina’s tits and aimed his prick straight at her face.

As Betty grabbed Will’s prick, Christina opened her eyes, flashing her husband a brilliant smile and saying, “Hi, honey!”

“Ahhhh!” Will shrieked out in horror. But his cock was firmly secured in Betty’s hand, and she wasn’t going to let go. Christina, too, grabbed Will’s prick and massaged it.

His emotions being tossed back and forth from fear, elation and shock, Will’s jism exploded from the tip of his prick with incredible force, splattering on his wife’s beautiful face. Christina and Betty kept whacking on his cockmeat, holding Will over his wife, milking every last drop of salty cum from his balls. His cum was smeared all over Christina’s face, clinging wetly to her cheeks, sticking in strands on her neck and forehead, mingling in with her shining dark hair.

“Holy shit!” Will gasped, falling on the bed when his cum had been exhausted. He looked at Christina and Betty with wide, unbelieving eyes. “Holy shit!”

“Fooled you, didn’t we?” Christina said, sitting up in bed and tucking her legs under her Indian-fashion. She looked at Will, his cum still sticking in gobs on her skin, and laughed long and loud.

“You look like you’ve just — Ha! Ha! Ha! — seen a ghost! Damn it all, the look on your face!” Christina slapped her thighs, and her tits jiggled crazily, the wetness from Will’s spit glistening in the glow of the overhead lamp.

“You mean you weren’t unconscious?”

“No, you dizzy fool! We — Betty and I — we planned this whole thing! Oh, shit! The look on your face!” She was wracked with side wrenching laughter again, and Christina hugged Betty, their naked bodies molding together.

Betty began licking the cum off Christina’s face and the brunette cocked her head to one side, giving the nurse more room. Will looked at the scene and, even though his balls had released their heavy load of jism just a short time earlier, he felt his prick begin to twitch between his legs.

When Christina’s face was clean, she jack-knifed forward and buried Will’s prick in her mouth. She sucked on his fat cockhead, stroking the shaft of his prick while her tongue slithered and poked. As she demonstrated to Will her supreme blow-job ability, Betty kissed the back of her neck and fondled her tits.

“I don’t believe you two,” Will rasped, watching the way his wife was hungrily mouthing his cock. “I guess I should have figured something was up when I saw the two of you in the hospital, but I just didn’t put two and two together.”

Christina pulled her lips off Will’s cock and looked up at him. “Come on, silly, your ass isn’t on the line. Betty’s told me all about your seedy little affair, and I’ve even watched you two in action at the hospital. I’m not mad. Right now, all I want is a cock to eat and some sweet cum to drink — then we’ll see about you fucking me in the ass.”

“You’re serious?”

“Serious as a fucking heart attack,” Christina replied, chuckling as she led the trio to the kitchen. Food would revive their tired bodies, Christina knew, and she intended for the evening to continue for hours… continue until the sun rose, and she had Will’s cum in her ass, in her cunt, in her stomach. And Betty wouldn’t be left out, either.

In the kitchen, Betty and Christina made ham sandwiches while Will sipped a glass of white wine. When the small meal was ready, the three sat at the table, all still completely nude.

“Doesn’t it seem a little strange to be having a midnight snack with a guest when none of us have any clothes on?”

Will laughed, his prick wagging in its half-hard state between his legs, while Christina reached for another sandwich. In doing so, her big tits flopped on the table.

“Yes, I guess it does seem a little strange,” he said. “And while I’m eating, I’d like to be eaten. Which one of you beautiful women would like to slide on under this table and start chewing something a little harder, more meaty, than those ham sandwiches?”

“I think Betty’s had your prick more than I have lately,” Christina said, downing the last of her milk. “It’s my turn to suck that delicious hunk of cockmeat you’ve got.”

She pushed her chair back and crawled on her hands and knees under the table. All she could see of Will was his naked legs and flat, muscular stomach. And of course, his cock and balls — the target of her affections. Christina lifted his prick and kissed his cock knob with tenderness.

“You two are incredible,” Betty said enviously when she heard the sucking sounds of Christina whipping her mouth over Will’s prick under the table. “Do you always fuck and suck this often?”

“Actually, you’ve improved our sex life,” Will replied, seemingly paying little or no attention to his wife’s hot cocksucking under the table. “Things are really picking up for us.”

Beneath the table, Christina was rubbing one nipple and lightly fingering her pussy as she bobbed slowly on Will’s prickmeat. His cock was long, thick, hard… just the way she liked it. Her wide mouth, the lips soft and full, pushed over his cockhead until her button nose was firmly pressed into Will’s curly bush, and her chin was rubbing against his balls.

“Mmmmmm,” Christina moaned, her pussy getting hotter from the wonderful feeling of having Will’s prick throbbing powerfully against her lips and tongue and having her own finger sliding expertly over her pussylips. She pulled back and lashed her tongue in circles around Will’s swollen cockhead, rolling her nipple harder between her fingers and tugging on her hard bud lightly.

“Honey, that really feels great,” Will said, pushing his chair away from the table so he could watch her.

Christina looked up at him, the thick tube of his hard prickmeat stretching and ovaling her lips. She stroked the shank of his cock and sucked on his prick, then rubbed the drooling tip over her eyes and nose lovingly, showing her husband exactly how much she adored him.

“Are you ready to get ass-fucked?” Will asked, caressing Christina’s cheek. “My cock’s sure as hell hard enough for it. Are you ready?”

Christina sucked hard on Will’s cockhead and stroked his cockshaft, then withdrew her lips with a loud smack.

“Yeah,” she moaned, rubbing his wet prick over the back of her neck, “I want to feel your delicious cockmeat thrusting up my ass. I want it, darling. I really do want to get ass-fucked by you.”

Christina crawled out from under the table and started for the bedroom, but Will caught her wrist and twisted her around. Instantly, she was captured in his strong arms. He squeezed her so tightly that her plump tits mashed against his chest, and her hard, erect nipples dug into his flesh. He caught her lips with his, shoving his tongue into her mouth for her to suck on. They kissed feverishly, tongues stabbing and darting, hands pawing almost clumsily in their haste to fondle the hot flesh.

“Incredible,” Betty mumbled, stepping near the kissing couple. She dropped silently to her knees and wedged her face between their bodies. On one side, she had Christina’s delicious cunt to tongue and finger; on the other side, she had Will’s hard, wet prick to tease with her lips.

Betty turned her attention first to Christina, flicking her tongue into Christina’s furry cunt. She tasted her delicious pussy juices, reveling in the sensations that passed through her body. As Betty licked Christina’s pussy, Will slid his hips slowly back and forth, rubbing his rigid cock against the side of Christina’s neck.

When the kiss finally broke, Christina’s eyes were glazed over with lust. “I can’t wait,” she whispered, turning her back to Will and getting down on her hands and knees. Looking over her shoulder, she said, “Fuck me now! Fuck my ass right here and now!”

Will knelt behind Christina, but Betty jumped in and gently but firmly pushed him away.

“She’s not ready just yet,” Betty said, staring into Will’s eyes, looking for his acceptance of what she said. “In just a few minutes she will be ready, but not now.”

Then Betty whirled around and got in almost the same position as Christina, only directly behind the stewardess. She looked at Christina’s brown, puckered asshole just a few inches from her face and smiled. It had been a long time since she had tongued a clean, tight asshole!

She’s not going to lick my ass, Christina thought. No, even Betty — as horny as she is — isn’t going to shove her tongue in my ass!

But Christina was wrong, because a moment later, a bolt of ecstasy raced up her spine when her ass first felt the intrusion of Betty’s tongue. The weird feeling of having a tongue sliding in and near her asshole was different from anything else Christina had ever felt. She moaned, softly and passionately and lowered the upper half of her body so her hard, aroused nipples could rub against the plush carpeting.

“Lick me, Betty,” Christina said, her voice hardly above a whisper. “Fuck my ass.”

“I’m making you wet so Will’s cock will slide into you easier,” Betty said quickly, then resumed tonguing Christina’s tight asshole. Her tongue worked in circles over the taut, rounded asscheeks, then made a beeline toward her asshole. Betty salivated heavily, licking her tongue over Christina’s ass, getting it wet. Then Betty actually shoved her tongue partially into Christina’s ass, and she felt the stewardess quiver all over.

“Hurry up,” Will said, squeezing Betty’s ass as he watched her tongue-fuck his wife. “My cock’s so hard, I could shoot cum right now!”

“Quick, Betty! I want his cock up my ass!” Christina begged, wiggling her hips impatiently.

To actually be whimpering for Will to shove his hard, throbbing cock up her ass seemed so strange to Christina. It hadn’t been many weeks earlier that she had been initiated into cocksucking by a cock other than Will’s. Christina had sucked cock in Boston Commons, whipping her lips feverishly over the rigid pole of lusty cockmeat until the nuts showered her mouth with frothy cum. And now? Now she was begging her husband to ass-fuck her. What a change she had made in such a short time!

“Move aside, I’m fucking her now!” Will demanded. He watched Betty wrap her hungry lips around his prick knob quickly, then release his prick. His cockhead was dripping with her spit when he nudged it against Christina’s tiny asshole.

Betty crawled on the floor, getting in front of Christina and rolling onto her back. Then she slithered under Christina, stopping just long enough to kiss her lips, then her nipples. In moments, her face was directly below Christina’s dark, dewy cunt, and her own cunt was below her friend’s face.

“Don’t shove your cock in until I start eating her pussy out,” Christina said, looking up at Will.

“Are you really going to eat cunt?” Will asked incredulously. “Not in a million years did I think I would ever see that!” Just the same, he had always wanted his wife to enjoy another female’s body, and three-way sex had been a fantasy of his since his early teens. Now, he was sure, he could get in on a three-way fuck when ever he so desired.

Christina curled her arms under, then up around Betty’s thighs and spread them wider. She could smell Betty’s hot cunt and knew, though she had never eaten pussy before, that she would be digging her tongue into Betty’s juicy fuckhole again and again in the future.

Her asshole responded to Will’s attempted invasion by involuntarily closing up. Christina consciously relaxed her ass muscles and gritted her teeth against the mild pain she felt when Will’s cockhead popped into her ass.

“Ohhhh!” she moaned, the mixture of pleasure and pain gripping her body. When Betty’s tongue found her clit, Christina shook her ass and waited for the awesome length and girth of her husband’s cock to stuff her asshole. As his prickshaft drove deep into her ass, Christina lowered her face and started eating Betty’s cunt ravenously.

Now that everything was out in the open, Christina felt far mote comfortable being with her husband than she had in a long time. They had come to the agreement that both needed a change of sex partners now and then to spice up their desire for each other. They were convinced that this would help them to become better, more ardent lovers.

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Daughter Puts Out

Although Americans appear to the rest of the world as frank and open people, the truth is often the opposite when relating on a personal basis. This is particularly true regarding sexual matters.

The fact is Americans are only now beginning to learn to discuss sex and sexuality with candor, and usually that is within limits of marital sex.

While no one is advocating sex as the main topic of conversation, and while sexual privacy is very important, many adults harbor fears about themselves and their sexual behavior that could be erased if they were more aware of other people’s behavior. Most of us have been brought up to be at least slightly ashamed to discover that we are not different, naughty or even perverted in our sexual practices. In discussing sex with others, people find out how truly normal they are.

DAUGHTER PUTS OUT — a shocking story, certainly, but one which may not be as unbelievable as it first appears, one which could hold many valuable lessons for a large segment of our diverse population.


She ran the wash cloth caressingly over her firm, very big tits, feeling the spongy weight of the melons, pausing to soap her nipples. The sensation made the fat, dusky-pink caps crinkle and stiffen. Tammy moaned as she washed her luscious naked body in the tub. The pretty teenager was thinking about some stiff, throbbing cock.

The bathroom of their new condominium was clean and spacious, unlike the cramped toilet of the old house her father and she had just moved out of. Tammy sighed happily, dipping the wash cloth down her slender waist, touching the light-brown triangle of her young pussy. Sometimes she got lonely for her old neighborhood, but the immaculate condo was nice consolation.

She had a shower and a bathtub now; a bathtub was such a wonderful place to jack off. Tammy’s big tits jiggled as she scrunched down in the porcelain basin, pushing her succulently rounded ass cheeks onto the floor of the tub.

She splayed her long, slender legs widely, draping one delicate ankle over the side of the tub. Then the blonde-haired vixen wantonly began to finger-fuck her pussy, groaning and whimpering as she pumped two fingers between the pouting, fur-fringed lips of her cunt.

Tammy scanned her horny mind for fantasies, remembering the countless boys and men she’d given her pussy to since her father had first fucked her. Instead, she decided to jack off to new fantasies, of all the guys who would be drooling over her with stiff, oozing pricks, as soon as they learned what a stacked, horny fox had moved into their part of town.

One thing Tammy had never had a problem with was getting guys to fuck her. It wasn’t only because she was so eager and willing and had a very lewd mouth, though that certainly didn’t hurt. And it wasn’t because of her age, either, though experience had shown her how much older guys dug fucking a teenager.

It was because she was so gorgeous! Tammy giggled and jacked off harder, making the bath water slosh as she humped her ass and fucked her fingers into her cunt. Her long, wavy blonde hair framed a face that had already won two beauty contests, but that was only the introduction, in a way, to the real treat… her body.

Men were always getting boners around her, Tammy thought, with a self-satisfied smile. Even conservative clothes couldn’t cover her big tits or her dazzling legs, though she rarely dressed conservatively. If she wore her usual outfit — short denim cut-offs that hugged her ass cheeks, a halter top stretched over her ample tits — cocks leaped to painful, pulsing stiffness everywhere she went.

Tammy knew how much she enjoyed giving men hard-ons. There was nothing like knowing that her huge, rounded tits or long legs had created the anxious grimace on a man’s face when his prick pounded in his pants.

Sometimes she just liked teasing them, flirting and showing her body until she was sure her victim would have to beat his meat the moment she finally went away, spraying his ceiling with cum in memory of her mouthwatering body.

But most of the time Tammy was eager to spread her legs and give her admirers the fucking and sucking of their lives. She’d been that way ever since the first time her father’s huge prick had pierced her virgin cunt.

At that moment, her father entered the bathroom.

Most people seeing Tammy for the first time assumed that she had come from extraordinarily handsome parents, reasoning that there was no other way she could have acquired her beauty.

But Tammy’s father William was an ordinary, mousy looking man in his early forties, with a weak, slender physique and horn rimmed glasses, that made him look like the bookworm he was. He was a grammar school teacher, who’d hardly been noticed by his colleagues when he abruptly chose to transfer to another school. Tammy knew that no one who knew her father would ever have guessed that he had the guts to fuck his daughter.

“Honey, it’s almost seven o’clock,” William said, in his soft, shy voice. “I thought you said you had a date tonight.”

“I do, Daddy.” Tammy wiggled her nose vixenishly. “I’m just making him wait a little, that’s all.”

Her father fell silent, but he didn’t leave the bathroom. Instead, he moved closer to the tub and stood silently watching his stacked young daughter, naked in the tub. Tammy saw his eyes roam over her full, D-cup tits, down her slender waist, to the grotto of her hairy, wet cunt.

Tammy looked boldly up at her father and again draped her slender leg over the side, of the bathtub. Without taking her eyes from him she again began to finger-fuck her pussy, wiggling her ass as she pumped a slim finger in and out of her cunt.

“Daddy, did you know who I was going out with tonight?”

Her father shook his head with a slightly pained expression. A long lump swelled the crotch of his khaki slacks.

“Mr. Jackson, Daddy. Remember? I used to baby-sit for him all the time.” Tammy watched her father’s eyes and started to beat off faster, humping her ass in the water, slipping a second finger into her pussy. “Daddy, do you know what I’m going to do with Mr. Jackson tonight?”

Her father’s expression was anguished now as he nodded. Tammy knew she was torturing him. She loved teasing her father.

“I’m going to fuck the hell out of him, Daddy,” she confessed huskily. “I used to fuck him all the time when I was sitting for him. He’d leave with his wife, but then he’d leave the party early so he could come home and give me a good fucking while his kids were asleep. Once one of his little boys came out and saw us. Frank got so turned on then, he just exploded in my pussy. What do you think of that, Daddy?”

William said nothing. Then Tammy watched as her father unbuckled his pants and slid them down his skinny, hairy thighs. She whimpered and rubbed her cunt as his huge prick bobbed out in the raw.

Her father was incredibly well hung for such a slight man. It frustrated Tammy that, after all the men she’d fucked, her daddy still had the biggest prick she’d yet seen.

And now his cock was as hard as stone, rising stiffly out of his cock hairs like a club, capped with a shiny-skinned, rosy prick knob that was already leaking cum. Tammy got very, very horny as she stared at her father’s prick, watching it throb and jerk lewdly up and down.

“Why Daddy, look at you,” Tammy whispered. “I’ve given you a big boner!”

William said nothing; he rarely spoke when he was turned on. With his pants bunched around his ankles, he stood as close to the bathtub as he could. His huge hard-on twitched over the water.

Tammy took her fingers out of her cunt and got on her knees to face him. “Look at this big cock you have, Daddy,” she mewled, wrapping her little fist around the meaty base and holding his cock up for inspection. “Now what are we going to do about this? I can’t just go out and leave you here with a boner. You need some release.”

Her father remained silent. Tammy looked up into his anguished eyes. Then she slowly began to stroke and jack his aching prick, pulling her fist up to the cock knob before luxuriously sliding it back to the root.

“Unh!” William moaned. “Oh shit, honey.”

“Do you want a blowjob Daddy?” Tammy’s pussy juiced as she jacked her father off faster, watching more pre-cum ooze from his piss slit. “My, but your cock’s really throbbing tonight. Wouldn’t you like me to give it a good sucking before I go on my date with Mr. Jackson?”

William groaned and nodded. Tammy opened her mouth wide and dropped her head, taking her father’s prick between her lips.

She wrapped her lips in a tight circle around the center of the swollen prick shaft, stretching them obscenely to accommodate the thickness of her father’s fuck tool. Then Tammy caved in her cheeks and feverishly started sucking, making gurgling, slurping sounds as she sucked her daddy’s cock.

“Oh shit, Tammy!” William gasped as he held the back of her head, curling his fingers in her wonderful mane of long, blonde hair. “Unh! Suck it, honey! Suck hard!”

Tammy began to bob her head, fucking her face with her father’s cock. He’d taught her how to suck him off shortly after fucking her, and in three years Tammy had become very proud of her ability to give fantastic blowjobs.

Sometimes, on her many dates with strange men, Tammy did nothing except give a quick blow-job. She loved having control over the opposite sex just as she had control over her father, and there was no better way of getting it than watching a man swoon when she took his prick between her lips.

Most men liked to have a cock-sucking last a while, but it made Tammy even more powerful when she forced him to shoot his wad within a couple of minutes with her ultra-talented mouth. Jacking and sucking and making lots of noise at the same time usually did the trick. Then she could take the man’s cock out of her mouth at the last moment, and giggle as she watched his jism spray all over his shirt.

But Tammy rarely did that with her father, though she loved the sight of his thick, milky cum cascading onto his chest. That was because she loved the taste of his jizz.

Now his cock grew even longer and harder in her mouth, twitching spasmodically and leaking jism that she swiped up with her tongue. Tammy puckered and bellowed her cheeks like a machine, feeling her face flush with the wanton energy she devoted to her daddy’s cock.

“Oh, Tammy,” William moaned. He pulled her hair and bucked his ass faster. “My balls are burning up… I can’t hold it back.”

Tammy panted through her nose, making loud smacking, gurgling sounds as her lips worked madly around her father’s fucker. Her fist pumped rhythmically up and down his veined cock shaft, beating his meat between her lips.

William was literally shaking all over with excitement. Tammy knew he was going to spurt soon, and she thought of taking his cock from her lips so she could watch the creamy goo gush out, landing on her face and big tits.

But she had to swallow it, had to taste the cum. Tammy squeezed her father’s balls with her left hand and jacked and sucked his cock as hard as she could, summoning up all her energy to help her daddy cum.


A hot stream of cum opened her father’s piss hole, shooting down Tammy’s throat. Tammy gurgled contentedly and noisily started swallowing, working her throat muscles, relishing the taste of her daddy’s cum as it spurted across her slippery tongue.

William grimaced and moaned as his jism continued to spout out of his cock. Tammy kept on gulping for nearly a minute, nursing her father’s cock with her fist, refusing to release his prick until she had drained his balls of cum.

Then her embarrassed looking father pulled up his pants and hastily left the bathroom. Tammy giggled and climbed out of the tub, momentarily admiring her lush nakedness in the mirror.

Wait until Mr. Jackson gets a load of this, she thought proudly. His prick will practically split his pants!

Ever since her father had, first fucked her, Tammy had loved the power her pussy gave her over men.


“Come on, Tammy! I can’t stand this! Please let me fuck you, please!”

They were in a clean, sterile-looking bedroom, in the most private motel Frank Jackson had been able to find in town. Frank had worn a suit for his illicit date with the teenaged nymphomaniac, but now it was badly disheveled, and his stiff throbbing cock protruded obscenely within his pants.

Tammy was teasing the hell out of him. He was practically chasing her around the bed, swiping at the long, revealing gown that was now almost in shreds. Tammy giggled as her huge naked tits bounced before her former babysitting customer. The slit of the gown had been torn up to her hips, exposing all of her legs and the gorgeous cheeks of her panty-clad ass.

“But I’m not ready to fuck you yet, Mr. Jackson!” Tammy squealed, wiggling away from his grasp. “You’re not being nice enough to me!”

“Nice enough! Shit, I take you out to dinner… if my wife found out… Jesus, Tammy, you’re killing me! My cock’s going to explode! Oh please, just let me see your cunt!”

The middle-aged father lunged at her, ripping at her gown. Tammy screamed, but she wasn’t quick enough. It came off completely, leaving her naked except for her bikini panties. Frank moaned like a horny animal at the sight of her pussy triangle through the sheer fabric, and the stain her wet cunt had left on her panty crotch.

“God, Mr. Jackson!” Tammy cried. “If you’re really that horny you should go into the bathroom and jack yourself off! You’d just cum the second you got your prick inside me!”

“Tammy, why are you doing this to me?” Frank moaned. “I can’t stand it! I’ve got to have your cunt!”

Then he threw himself on top of her, wrestling her to the bed. Tammy flailed her fists on his back, but it was a mock struggle; she had only wanted to make him wild with lust before sacrificing her cunt.

Madly, the older man tore at her panties, shredding them from her lithe hips, exposing her hairy, dripping cunt. He forced her slim legs apart and buried his face between them, moaning with desire as he rubbed his mouth on the fragrant folds of her fuck slit.

“No, Mr. Jackson!” Tammy cried playfully, beating her fists on his back. “You’re raping me! Noooo!”

Frank pushed his hands under her hips, sighing as he enveloped her peach shaped ass-cheeks in his brawny hands. Then he eagerly started to suck and tongue her tender young pussy, thrusting his tongue between the pouting, hairy lips of her cunt.

“Mmmmm…” Tammy slowly stopped struggling, letting her ass fall to the bed. “Oh, Mr. Jackson, that really feels good. I don’t know if I want you to stop, after all.”

She opened her slender legs widely, completely baring her hairy, pink cunt for his lips and tongue. Tammy held the back of his head and lightly ground her ass off the mattress, biting her lip as she felt the sensations of having her pussy sucked ripple through her young cunt.

“Yes, that does feel good now. Ungh! Suck me good, Mr. Jackson! Then I’ll let you fuck me!”

Jackson pawed her ass cheeks with shameless hunger, rooting his tongue deeply into her pussy, licking up the fuck oil that drooled heavily from the depths of her cunt tunnel. Tammy looked down her belly between her huge tits, wanting to giggle at the sight of his hair and forehead nestled between her legs.

Then the pleasure of the cunt-sucking started to get to her. Tammy loved it when men sucked her pussy. To make a man so horny that he simply had to lick and eat the hairy fuck hole he wanted to put his cock in it almost made her feel as powerful as when a guy shot his cum-load all over her tits.

“Unh! More, suck me more!” Tammy pulled her babysitting client’s thinning hair and bucked her ass off the bed, hornily fucking her pussy onto his lips. “My cunt’s getting super hot, Mr. Jackson! Keep sucking me! Then I’ll let you give me a good fucking.”

The promise of dipping his cock into Tammy’s juicy teenaged pussy made Frank more eager than ever to satisfy her. His big hands kneaded her ass cheeks, making her little asshole stretch and pucker as he pawed at the two creamy-white tit globes.

His tongue burrowed into her pussy, licking a wet swath from her aching clit to the little ridge of flesh separating her cunt from her asshole. Tammy moaned and bucked her ass faster, fucking her pussy all over his face.

“I want to cum now!” she gasped. “Keep sucking me! Oh, Mr. Jackson, my pussy’s so wet and hot!”

Unable to hold her humping ass in position, Frank withdrew his hands from the wildly jiggling ass cheeks. He slipped his fingers up her slender, sweating thigh and insinuated one finger into the sopping sheath of her cunt. His cock stiffened and throbbed as he felt her very tight pussy suck needfully round his finger, seeming to draw it into her belly.

“Gotta cum!” Tammy panted.

She knew she was losing her control now, as she always did when she was about to cum, but by now she was too horny for that to bother her. Tammy made the bed shake as she whipped her lithe ass frenetically off the mattress, grunting as she thrust her pussy onto Frank’s tongue and lips.

“Suck my clit!” she pleaded. “Oh God, Mr. Jackson, suck off my clit!”

Frank glued his lips to the pink, shining bud. He sucked her clit gently but forcefully, simultaneously burying a second finger into the fragrant, sucking wetness of her pussy. Tammy immediately came.

“Suck meeeeee!” She writhed as if in the throes of a fit, pulling his hair and grimacing as the spasms swept through her pussy. “Suck me, Mr. Jackson! My pussy! Ahhh! I’m cumming!”

Her hairy cunt slit throbbed in his lips, oozing fuck cream into his mouth. Pawing at her luscious, naked body, Frank tongued his babysitter’s gooey pussy until the racking spasms had completely subsided.

Then he pulled down his pants and crawled up between her legs, and the crazed expression in his eyes told Tammy that he was going to put his cock inside her body now, whether she wanted him to or not.

Tammy smiled teasingly, wiggled her ass on the bed and spread her legs wide apart; she lifted her knees until they nearly touched her shoulders, completely opening her plump pussy mound for the invasion of his cock.

She was going to give him her cunt, just as he wanted. But she was going to make it fast, humping so quickly that Mr. Jackson would pop his rocks long before savoring the real pleasure of a fuck session. That would keep him, nice and frustrated, Tammy thought mischievously.

And she didn’t have to worry about her own satisfaction. She’d get that when she returned later that night, from her father’s big, ever ready prick.

“Oh Tammy, I want your pussy so much!” Frank moaned. He nestled his cock head between her pussy folds, sighing as he felt the petal-like lips nip around his prick. “I’ve got to fuck you… fuck your sweet little cunt.”

“Go ahead, Mr. Jackson! I’m horny too!” Tammy squealed. “Fuck me!”

Frank pushed his cock into her fuck hole. Immediately Tammy started wiggling her butt, helping him fit every inch of his big prick into the buttery wetness of her fuck tunnel.

Then she started humping and bucking her ass like a machine. Her legs locked around his thick waist, pulling his body closer to her.

Tammy panted as she flexed her cunt muscles, sucking and kneading the painful hardness of his cock.

“Not… not so fast, Tammy!” Frank said anxiously. “My cock’s so stiff… you’ll make me cum too soon!”

“Fuck me, Mr. Jackson!” Tammy shouted. She ignored his request and humped her horny ass faster than ever, lifting it off the springy bed with each fuck-thrust. “I want you to cum in me! I want to feel your juice gushing inside my pussy!”

The pounding rhythm of her ass and the constant sucking pressure of her pussy was irresistibly good. Frank panted and started fucking his babysitter like a wild man, making his hairy balls slap her ass crack with every thrust.

“Faster, fuck me fast!” Tammy clawed his shoulders, lifting her long legs until they were around the center of his back. Her voice whipped him on, encouraging him to shoot his load quickly into her velvety cunt.

“Unh,” Frank gasped. “Oh Tammy already… I’m starting to cum!”

“Fuck meeee! Fuck me hard, fuck me good!” Tammy’s pussy burned and juiced as she squeezed down on the older man’s pounding prick, using her cunt to suck it from the base to the knob. “Awww, your fucking cock feels so big inside me! Shoot your load, Mr. Jackson! Shoot your wad up my cunt!”

“Oh, Tammy!”

He collapsed between her thighs, less than a minute after he had first inserted his prick in her pussy, burying his cock to the balls in the slippery heat of her cunt tunnel. Then a torrent of cum shot out of his throbbing cock, filling Tammy’s pussy with tide after tide of hot, salty cum.

“Unh! Oh God, you made me cum!” Wincing with lust and frustration, Frank pumped his cum-gushing prick in and out of her hairy pussy. “So fast! Damn you, Tammy! Ungghhh!”

Tammy giggled and tirelessly humped her ass, helping her babysitting customer drain his balls in the receptacle of her cunt. For days and days, he had probably looked forward to this date, getting a huge, painful boner as he dreamed of the youngster’s big tits and hot, pumping pussy.

And now she had just made him shoot his wad in less than a minute. It wouldn’t be enough, Tammy knew. Now Mr. Jackson would be more hot for her body than ever!

“Please do something for me, Tammy. Please. I can’t stand it.”

An hour later Frank’s Cadillac was parked on the dark street beside Tammy’s condominium complex. The middle-aged father sat behind the steering wheel with a pained expression on his face and a painful hard-on stretching his pants.

Tammy sat next to him, wiggling her ass, playfully running her fingers up and down the outline of his cock. She had known he would get another big boner. That was what usually happened when she made a man cum too fast.

“But you just fucked me an hour ago, Mr. Jackson,” she said teasingly. “I mean, God! You must really think I’m some kind of whore.”

“No I don’t,” Frank interjected quickly. “I’m just… Tammy, please do something for me. I just can’t take this. I’ll get blue balls. Please.”

He was really begging for it now, and that was what Tammy had wanted to see. Smiling vixenishly, the teenaged blonde unzipped his pants and pushed them down his thighs. Then she wrapped her little hand around his big, throbbing, stiff prick.

“Oh yes, Tammy!” Frank settled back in the car seat and moaned with pleasure. “That’s the girl… do me, Tammy, please!”

“You want me to suck your cock?” Tammy whispered. She looked at him with mock solemnity as she tantalizingly beat his meat, tugging it up and down in long, hard strokes. “Your cock is really throbbing now, Mr. Jackson. You want a blow-job, don’t you?”

“Yes, oh God…”

“Will you promise to let me go if I give your prick a good sucking?”

“Yes, yes! Anything, please!”

Just begging for it, Tammy thought. A big, powerful man, begging for her lips. She loved it!

A lewd, lascivious smile curled her lips. Slowly she pushed her fist to the root of his hard-on, holding it up for inspection. Then she dropped her head and mewled contentedly as she enveloped his cock between her lips.

It wasn’t as big as her daddy’s, but it was plenty big enough, and she had to stretch her lips wide to engulf the thick, swollen cock shaft. Tammy bobbed her head and eagerly started sucking, rolling her tongue all over the purplish flesh of his cock head.

Jackson grinned luridly, and put his hand on the back of her head. “Not so fast this time, Tammy. Please! I want to enjoy it!”

But Tammy was going to make him cum as fast as she could. Faster and faster her head bucked, taking more of his prick between her lips.

“Ahhh!” As if in agony Frank jerked and writhed under the steering wheel, helpless in the pleasure of the teenager’s cock-sucking. “Not so fast, Tammy! Oh, Jesus, I can feel it already. You’re making me cum!”

Lewd slurping sounds filled the interior of the Cadillac as Tammy feverishly sucked his cock. Her hand and wrist ached as she violently jacked him off, milking and tugging his cock between her lips.

“Cumming… oh!”

A thick gob of jism spouted from the tip of his prick, shooting down Tammy’s throat. Tammy gurgled hungrily and started to jack him off with a slow, steady rhythm, beating the cum-load out of his balls as she sucked.

“Oh!” Frank shook like a quivering animal as the second load of cum spurted from his throbbing prick, filling Tammy’s mouth with his cream. “Oh, Tammy… you made me cum fast… oh, God!”

Tammy opened her mouth and let her babysitting client’s cum drip back down over his cock into his lap. Then she sat up and smiled at the spectacle she had created: a rich, older man in a suit, with his suck-wilted, greasy prick lolling out of his pants, and a wet, white stain on his crotch.

“Bye, Mr. Jackson!” Tammy cried gaily, throwing open the car door. “Call me again soon, okay?”

“Wait, Tammy!” Frank looked miserable, knowing how long it would be before he could again get a date with such an incredibly desirable, big-titted girl. “I’m not… wait!”

Tammy ignored him, running up the flagstone pathway to the still-unfamiliar grounds of the condo complex. Her pussy was still wet from the cum-load Mr. Jackson had shot off in her cunt. And she was unbearably horny, too. Her pussy burned and throbbed from all the teasing, fucking and sucking she’d done that evening.

She couldn’t wait to fuck with her daddy.


Tammy’s father was reading a book as she entered their living room. The expression on his face told her how obvious it was to him that she’d just been fucked.

The slinky, expensive gown she’d warn on the date was practically in shreds now, barely covering her huge tits or her long, delectable legs. Her hair was disheveled and her make-up was mussed. More importantly, the scent of cum seemed to hang over her, along with the pungent aroma of her own dripping cunt.

“Hi, Daddy. I’m home.”

William put down his book and looked at his nymphomaniac daughter.

Immediately, Tammy saw the bulge of a big hard-on rising in his pants. Boldly she crossed the living room and stood over him as he sat on the couch, pushing her hips forward, letting him see the wet stain on the crotch of her dress.

“Aren’t you going to ask me if I had a good time tonight, Daddy?”

There was a long silence. Her father licked his lips and looked at her with a pained, nervous expression. That was what made her so horny for her daddy, Tammy thought: that he was always trying to fight his lust for his daughter.

“Did you… enjoy your date?” William asked softly.

A mischievous smile spread across Tammy’s gorgeous, wide-eyed face. Slowly she lifted the hem of her gown, bit by bit, exposing more and more of her long, tapering legs. Her father gasped when he saw she wasn’t wearing any panties, and he gaped at the sight of her wet, reeking, hairy cunt.

“Look at my pussy, Daddy. That’s how much I enjoyed my date!”

Her father just stared, inhaling the cock stiffening aroma of wet, cum-dripping cunt, with his boner pounding wildly in his pants. Tammy hurriedly knotted the gown around her waist, exposing her naked body from the waist down.

She put one high-heeled foot up on the couch, opening her pink pussy slit for her father’s inspection. Then she gently put her hand on the back of his head and pulled it forward, to the throbbing head of her pussy.

“Mr. Jackson fucked me, Daddy. He had a really big cock, but it’s not as big as yours is. He fucked me good, and he came in my pussy. And now I want you to suck my pussy and make me cum.”

Her father’s whole body trembled as he leaned forward and glued his face to her steaming cunt. He slipped his tongue between her swollen pussy folds, making Tammy whine as she felt it brush her clit.

Then he started sucking her, pressing his lips up her hairy gash. After three years, no one knew how to suck her pussy better than her daddy did.

And now it was Tammy’s turn to lose control. Her eyes became slits and her expression became dreamy as her father tongued and sucked the juice from her cunt.

“Oh, Daddy,” she moaned. Hotly, she started rocking her ass, pumping her pussy onto his lips. “Harder, Daddy. Suck my cunt now… oh God, it’s burning so much. Make me cum!”

William slid his hands up his daughter’s leanly muscled thighs, cupping the juicy cheeks of her humping ass. Then he started to eat out her pussy in earnest, swiping his tongue rhythmically up and down her open, juicing cunt slit.

“Unh!” Tammy grimaced and started to shake her head from side to side, unable to stand the intense pleasure shooting through her pussy. “Daddy! Oh fuck, Daddy, fuck! You’re making me so hot!”

His hands pawed her ass cheeks just as Jackson’s had, but there was something different in his touch, something that made it possible for Tammy to resist him. She bit her lip and humped her ass much faster, fucking her pussy wildly all over his face.

“Gonna cum now, Daddy!” she squealed. “There, suck on my clit! Oooh, jack off my pussy, Daddy! Put your fingers up my cunt!”

William slipped his hand from her bouncing ass cheeks and buried two fingers in the gurgling tunnel of her cunt. He jacked her off hard and fast, knowing that was how his daughter liked it. At the same time, his lips moved higher up her cunt slit, enveloping her cunt.

“Cumming now!” Tammy’s cheeks flushed nearly crimson as the spasms started to burn through her belly, making it difficult to remain standing. “Oh, Daddy! My pussy’s burning, it’s burning up! I love the way you suck my cunt, Daddy! Cumming, I’m cumming!”

She pounded her curly-haired pussy onto his lips, moaning and crying put her pleasure as the cum drenched her cunt slit again and again. William squeezed her ass and kept sucking his daughter, helping her through the delicious climax.

Afterwards, Tammy backed away and looked at her father with wide, shining eyes. She had cum incredibly hard with his mouth on her pussy, but that hadn’t begun to satisfy her.

Tammy knew she’d just been born with a wet, horny pussy. She’d been finger-fucking herself ever since she was a kid. That was one of the reasons her father had started fucking her. He had come into her bedroom to say good night and found her naked, groaning as she pumped her pussy with her fingers she was constantly daydreaming about stiff, spurting pricks, especially her father’s. And now she wanted to fuck her daddy all night…

“Rub it in me, Daddy,” Tammy sighed. “Ummm, that feels so nice. Daddy, you’re making me so hot!”

They were on Tammy’s bed now, with the blonde vixen on her belly and William seated beside her on the edge of the bed. An open jar of almond oil sat on the bedstand. Tammy’s father was giving his little girl an extremely sexual massage, rubbing the oil into the cheeks of her naked, jiggling ass.

“Get in between the cheeks, Daddy. It feels so good!”

She squirmed anxiously on the mattress, feeling her pussy throb, dying to feel his cock in her pussy. Her father poured some oil on the crevice between her ass cheeks and started to rub the inner cheeks.

Tammy squealed as his finger touched her asshole, smearing the lotion around her pink, hairless ass ring. Her father pushed his wet finger up her ass and finger-fucked her rubbery ass tunnel, making Tammy squeal and hump her pussy on the bed.

“Fuck my pussy now, Daddy!” she said excitedly. “Please, I’m so hot!”

William dabbed lotion on his fingertips and buried them between the dripping folds of her cunt. Tammy gasped and hornily bucked her hips, fucking her pussy onto his hand.

“Can’t stand it any more, Daddy!” she gasped. “Take off your clothes right now! I need your cock inside roe, fucking my cunt!”

William rose from the bed to strip off his clothes, revealing his slender, naked body and his oversized cock. He climbed back onto the mattress and knelt between, his daughter’s splayed thighs. Eagerly, Tammy grabbed a pillow and shoved it under his belly, lifting up her ass and hairy pussy for the invasion of her father’s cock.

“Put your cock in me, Daddy! Ram it up my cunt!”

Her father centered his spongy, heartshaped cock head on the small slit of his daughter’s pussy. Then he pushed forward, burying inch after inch of his huge, throbbing prick into the churning wetness of her fuck hole.

“Ahhh!” A lurid smile spread across Tammy’s face as she felt her daddy’s prick fucking into her cunt. “Oh Daddy, it’s stretching me! I can feel the way it’s stretching my pussy! Fuck me, Daddy! Fuck my hot cunt!”

William panted as he felt the succulent tightness of his daughter’s pussy sheath, sucking and milking around his bloated prick. Harder and harder he bucked his hips, forcing his cock into the depths of her silken pussy.

Then he started fucking her, ramming his aching hard-on furiously in and out of her cunt. His hands slid up her slender waist, cupping the big, rounded globes of her tits.

He pinched her nipples as he fucked her, making them stiff between his fingers and thumbs. Tammy gasped and made the bed shake as she pounded up her pussy to meet her father’s fuck-strokes into her cunt.

“Harder, Daddy, harder!” she pleaded. Her expression was a mask of arousal; nothing felt better than her father’s big, hard cock, thrusting into her cunt. “Fuck my pussy! Do it as hard as you can!”

Pulling on her tits, William pounded his throbbing cock into her pussy in a frenzy of fuck-lust. Tammy felt her cunt hole pulsing and juicing, sucking spasmodically around the steely stiffness of his prick.

“Cumming now!” She clawed the sheets and groaned as she bucked madly beneath him, thrusting up her hips to get more of his cock into her pussy. “Oh Daddy, it feels as good the way you fuck me! Ungh! Cumming now, Daddy! My pussy’s hot, I’m cumming!”

The spasms gushed deliciously through her cock-filled fuck hole, making her clit tingle and her cunt throb repeatedly around her father’s cock. But her father kept his cum-load back, still pistoning his prick into her pussy to guide her through her cum.

When she regained her composure, the first thing Tammy realized was that her father’s cock was still as hard as stone, juicing and pulsing deep inside her cunt. She had to satisfy him, she realized; her daddy needed relief.

“Take it out, Daddy,” she whimpered softly. “Now I’m really gonna make you cum!”

Obediently, William pulled his hard-on from his daughter’s clinging cunt. Reaching around her hips, Tammy dug her fingers into the rounded, creamy-white cheeks of her ass. Shamelessly she spread them wide, revealing the pink, puckered ring of her burning asshole.

“Fuck me there, Daddy! That’s where I want to feel your hot cum! Ram that whopper of yours up my little ass!”

Excitedly, William grabbed the bottle of almond oil and smeared more of the lotion on his daughter’s hairless asshole, making Tammy whimper as she felt the thick goo dripping down her ass tunnel. Then her father’s cock replaced the liquid as he mounted her, pressing the heart-shaped knob of his prick to the tender ring of her asshole.

“Push your prick in me, Daddy! My asshole’s so wet! Cum up my horny ass!”

His daughter’s filthy language seemed to make William hornier than ever. Squeezing her tits, he contracted his ass cheeks. He groaned with incestuous lust as the meaty inches of his cock bored into the furnace-like heat of his daughter’s asshole.

“Harder, Daddy! It feels so good!” Tammy madly humped beneath him, wiggling her ass cheeks to help her father fuck his thick cock meat between her ivory ass globes. “Love it, Daddy! Love your huge prick fucking up my butt!”

William groaned and pulled her huge tits, as if trying to separate the spongy melons from her body. With a furious fuck-thrust, he rammed every inch of his enormous cock into her little asshole, stretching the rubbery walls almost painfully around the thickness of his fat cock.

There was a flash of intense pain as Tammy’s asshole struggled to accommodate the hugeness of her father’s prick. For a moment she lay silently and submissively beneath him, moaning as her ass tunnel throbbed around his prick.

But soon the pain vanished, and it felt better than ever. Tammy curled her fingers into the sheets and started humping faster than ever, making her ass cheeks jiggle as she lifted them for the satisfying invasion of her father’s cock.

“Fuck me fast, Daddy!” she gasped. “I’m so horny, you’re gonna make me cum again! Fuck my asshole!”

Her father fucked her asshole as hard as he could. The almond oil bubbled up in her rubbery ass tunnel around his cock, making the path of his cock slippery as the rock-hard shaft pistoned grisly between her ass cheeks.

Tammy squealed and whimpered continually as her father brutalized her little asshole with his big, hard cock. Her belly was burning and knotted; she had to cum soon.

Thrusting her hand under her pussy curls, the horny girl moaned as she buried two fingers in her sopping, empty-feeling pussy. Then she wantonly jacked off her cunt as her father reamed out her asshole, rolling her clit feverishly under her thumb.

“Cumming, Daddy! Gonna cum!”

The spasms burst suddenly inside her body, making her clit ache and her asshole clench violently around her father’s cock. Tammy shrieked and fucked up her ass as hard as she could, grunting and moaning as she squirmed her asshole on her father’s prick.

“Cumming!” she cried. “So good, Daddy, love your huge cock! Fuck me with it! Fuck my asshole!”

It was a long, incredibly hard cum, completely satisfying the tingling lust that had racked her body all night. Her father was unable to bear the pressure of her sucking asshole around his cock.

He fell heavily on top of her stacked, naked body, hammering his huge prick into the churning depths of his daughter’s asshole. Then the salty white jism erupted from his balls, gushing and spurting out of his swollen cock head in burst after burst of cum.

“Yes, Daddy, shoot your rocks!” Tammy screamed. She flexed her asshole muscles, helping her daddy drain his cum-load between her ass cheeks. “I can feel your cum now, Daddy! It’s spurting, oh God, it’s shooting inside my asshole! Fuck me, fuck meeeeee!”

Exhausted, William rolled off her ass and lay panting beside her. Tammy giggled and rested her cheek on her folded arms. She was still horny, but it wouldn’t hurt to let her father rest a little bit.

He did have to get up for work, after all. And Tammy pinched herself, realizing that she’d almost forgotten tomorrow was her first day at her new high school.


Tammy was happy that her father didn’t have to leave early for work the next morning. That gave her a chance to tease him when she came out for breakfast.

“Jesus,” her father whispered as she entered the kitchen. “Jesus Christ! Tammy, you can’t go to school dressed like that!”

Pretending innocence, Tammy looked down at herself as if surprised. She wore her favorite outfit, a tube top with sandals and a skin-tight pair of denim cut-offs.

The trouble was, her body was much too voluptuous for such skimpy clothes. Tube tops weren’t made to be worn with bras, Tammy felt, and her enormous, firm tits jiggled obscenely beneath the stretch fabric. Her fat red nipples protruded clearly, making it even more obvious that her huge tits were bare under the top.

The cut-offs were just as provocative. Tammy’s long, shapely legs were enough to make any man cum in his underwear, but the shorts had been cut extremely high, so that her delectable ass cheeks were exposed under the hem.

“But Daddy, what’s wrong?” Tammy asked, barely suppressing a giggle. “You’ve seen me dressed like this before.”

“But… but Jesus, not on your first day at a new high-school!” William’s mouth sagged as he ran his eyes up and down his teenaged daughter’s body. “Tammy, can’t you see what I’m talking about? You’ll get raped before you ever get to your first class!”

Tammy laughed and lowered her eyes to her father’s slacks. Her pussy began to ache under the cut-offs as she saw the big hard-on stretching the crotch of her father’s pants.

“Ummm, Daddy’s getting a big boner again,” Tammy whispered teasingly. She stepped close to him and massaged his burning prick through his slacks. “I guess my little outfit turned you on, didn’t it?”

William shook his head and looked at her helplessly. “Please, Tammy, don’t do this to me now. I’ll be late for work.”

“Can’t go off to work yet, Daddy,” Tammy said, and slid to her knees on the kitchen floor. “Not with a big hard-on like this stretching your pants. You’ll make a mess in the car!”

Her father stood over her in horny frustration, knowing that a blowjob would make him late but too aroused to stop her. Tammy unzipped his pants and tugged them down his thighs, releasing his stiff prick from confinement. Her eyes widened as she saw how big her father’s cock was. Daddy always was horny in the morning.

“Please, honey. I can’t be late. I’ll lose my job.”

Ignoring his protests, Tammy opened her mouth wide and took the mushroom-shaped knob of her father’s prick between her lips. She clamped her lips tightly around the cockshaft, gurgling as she struggled to accommodate all of his prick meat.

Then she feverishly started sucking his cock, rolling her tongue around the delicious, cum oozing knob, caving in her cheeks to increase the pressure around her father’s wonderful cock.

Tammy was in a teasing mood this morning, as she was nearly every day. For a full minute, she sucked her father’s cock as hard as she could, wrapping her little hand tightly around the prickshaft and beating him off violently as her tongue swirled on his piss slit.

Soon her father was groaning and rocking his ass, fucking her face with his gigantic prick. Then, just as he was about to unload, Tammy withdrew his cock from her mouth and giggled as she watched the pre-cum ooze from the tip of his cock.

“Still want me to stop, Daddy? Remember, you don’t want to be late for work!”

Her father looked down at her miserably. Tammy laughed again and pushed her fist to the root of his cock. Then she took it back between her lips and sucked harder than ever, feeling her pussy burn as she awaited the hot spurts of her daddy’s cum.

“Ungh!” William pulled her long, thick hair and bucked faster; his balls slapped the underside of her chin. “Oh, Tammy! Oh, fuck it, little girl! Here it cums!”

He heaved forward, fucking his cock almost two-thirds down her throat. Tammy nearly choked around the unexpected thickness of his prick, but she made herself keep on sucking furiously. Her tongue slid over and around his cock, feeling it throb hotly, waiting for the rich, gooey jism.

Then he spurted, shooting what felt like whole pints of cum down his daughter’s throat. Tammy moaned in ecstasy as she tasted the thick, salty cum sliding over her tongue. She jacked and sucked her father’s cumming prick as hard as she could, draining his balls completely of their milky load.

Fifteen minutes later she was walking happily to school, down a street lined with small houses and other condominium developments.

She felt the weight of her big, spongy tits jiggling under the tube top, and smiled when male drivers passing her slowed down or honked their horns or had to swerve violently to avoid crashing into another car.

She slid her tongue around her lips, lapping up the residue of her father’s cum. Sucking his prick had made Tammy’s pussy burn painfully beneath her shorts. She hoped she turned on lots of boys at school that day, as she was sure she would.

Tammy was extremely, painfully horny by her last class.

The girls at her new school were much more conservative than they’d been at Roosevelt; all the boys acted as if they’d never seen a girl without a bra before. Tammy had lost count of the number of guys who had hooted at her, or made obscene gestures, or the even larger number, who had remained bashfully silent while enormous cocks had swelled obscenely in their jeans.

At lunchtime she had passed a roughlooking bunch of boys around a row of hot cars in the parking lot, sand she’d had to run when two of them had started following her.

The other girls in the high school looked at her jealously all the time. The teachers were just as bad. They weren’t supposed to get horny for high school girls young enough to be their children, but it was hard for them to resist staring at her big tits through her skimpy top.

And Mr. Jennings, the teacher of her last period class, was the worst of all.

Tammy sat primly in the front row, realizing that she was the center of the poor man’s attention. He was a tall, rugged-looking history instructor in his early forties, who was apparently quite popular with the other students.

But he was obviously totally flustered by the mouth-watering lushness of Tammy’s body. He kept on staring at her as he lectured, frequently forgetting what he was saying in mid-sentence… making a fool of himself, Tammy realized, and all because he was hot for her gorgeous body.

His desire for her pussy made her incredibly hot. Tammy had to stop herself from wiggling her ass on the hard wooden chair, even though a burning wetness soaked the hairy lips of her cunt.

When the last bell rang and the class let out, Tammy was overjoyed when the teacher called her name and asked her to stay on a little longer.

“Did I forget to give you my registration or something, Mr. Jennings?” she asked, standing beside his desk and looking at him innocently.

Jennings waited until the last student had shut the door behind him. Then he sat back in his chair, mopped his forehead with a handkerchief and looked at Tammy nervously. He was trying to keep his eyes on her face, but he was obviously having trouble. Tammy wanted to smile as she watched his eyes persistently glancing downwards to the mouth-watering shelf of her big tits.

“No, nothing like that,” he sighed. “Sit down again, Tammy, please. There’s something special I have to talk to you about.”

Obediently, Tammy returned to her desk. The teacher rose from his chair and approached her slowly, looking more nervous than ever. Tammy was delighted to see a large cock-bulge growing in his pants.

“Tammy, I’m not sure how to begin this.” Jennings paused. “The high school you just left… did they have a dress code there?”

Something mischievous gleamed in Tammy’s eyes, even as she innocently shook her head. “I don’t think so, Mr. Jennings. Why?”

“Well, we really don’t have a formal one here either. Times have changed quite a bit since I first started teaching. Nonetheless, Tammy, if you don’t mind, I would like to ask you a little favor.”

“What’s that, sir?”

“Would you mind wearing clothes that are… a little less revealing… in the future?” Tammy looked down at herself in mock dismay. “What’s wrong with what I’ve got on?”

Jennings seemed increasingly, flustered as the conversation continued. “Well, it’s provocative, Tammy. Teenage boys are very easily excited, you know, and same of them were obviously having difficulty concentrating on my lesson today.”

“But lots of girls wear cut-offs and tube tops!” Tammy protested. “I saw girls dressed like that all over school!”

“I realize that, Tammy, but the other girls aren’t nearly as… well-developed as you are. Every silver lining has its cloud, in a sense. It’s just a lot easier for a young lady with your unusual physical, attributes to entice males than it would be for other girls. Perhaps if you wore a bra things might be different. That would be good for a start.”

There was a long pause. Tammy’s cunt throbbed wetly as she stared steadily at the cock-bulge in her teacher’s pants, which was now so big and stiff that it looked like his prick might explode through his slacks.

“Mr. Jennings,” she said softly, “I don’t think its the other boys you’re concerned about at all. I think you’re just too scared to say how much you want to fuck me.”

Jennings blushed fiercely. “Why, T-Tammy!” he sputtered. “What a thing to say to me! You must know that’s not true at all.”

“Not true, huh?” Tammy’s ripe lips, broke into a lascivious smile as she shamelessly lifted her hand to squeeze the rock-hard prick pulsing in his slacks. “Then how come your cock is so hard, Mr. Jennings? Hmm?”

Jennings gaped down at her speechlessly, too shocked to speak or step away.

Tammy was very, very horny, and she didn’t want to waste any more time seducing him. Deftly, her fingers squeezed and massaged his hard-on through his slacks, until a wet stain appeared on the cotton by the tip of his cock. Then Tammy unzipped his slacks, pulled them down and groaned at the sight of his naked prick. His cock was huge and thick, nearly as big as her daddy’s was.

Jennings bit his lip and remained silent. There was obviously no point in denying his arousal now that the teenaged blonde could see his enormously swollen cock, bobbing and twitching, luridly oozing cum.

“So you don’t want to fuck me?” Tammy pushed his shirt out of the way and wrapped her little hand securely around the base of his cock. Slowly, she beat his cock meat, smiling as more pre-cum dripped and oozed from his inflamed cock head. “I guess you always like to teach history with a big boner like this, huh?”

“Tammy, please don’t do this to me,” Jennings gasped. “I’m a married man.”

Tammy held up his magnificent cock and planted a wet kiss on the tip. She slipped her tongue all over the spongy, juicy prick knob, lapping up the cream that ran from the tip. Then she made his cock twitch and dance as she gave every inch of it a tongue bath, leaving his prick glistening with a mixture of her saliva and his own oozing cum.

“Ohhh, Tammy,” Jennings moaned. His face was a dazed mask of guilt and lust. “You’re making me lose control of myself!”

Tammy chuckled and pushed her wet fist to the root of his prick. Then she parted her lips and pushed the heart-shaped knob between her lips, compressing her lips in a tight circle just under the crown.

His prick tasted delicious, but then again, Tammy had loved the taste of every cock she’d ever sucked. Gurgling, the horny youngster swirled her tongue around the purplish prick knob, enjoying the way her teacher trembled every time her tongue danced on his cum slit.

Her hand began to stroke and knead his cock shaft, tenderly beating his meat. Tammy caved in her cheeks and grunted wetly as she let his cock head go deeper into her mouth, pushing down her buttery, sucking throat.

“Oh, fuck!” Lust quickly started to outweigh guilt as Jennings watched his stacked new student giving him head. “Suck harder, Tammy!” His cock leaped at the spectacle of her pretty lips, stretched tightly around the circumference of his fuck rod. “I can’t stand it any more! Give me a blowjob! I’ve got to cum!”

Soon the classroom was filled with the slurping, gurgling sounds of a good cock sucking as, Tammy worked feverishly on her teacher’s prick meat. Her head bobbed, making her lips slip up and down on his cock like a pussy; wantonly, she fucked her face with her teacher’s prick.

“I said harder, Tammy.” Jennings thrust his hands behind her ears and moved the lean cheeks of his hairy ass, fucking his prick between her lips. “My balls are so full! Oh God, I think I’m going to cum now! I can feel it! Oh shit, Tammy, please. Keep sucking! I’m cumming!”

His prick swelled to enormous dimensions in Tammy’s mouth, nearly making the young girl gag as she whipped her tongue around the veined stiffness of his hard-on. Then a stream of jism pumped out of his balls, gushing torrentially out of his cum slit.

His cum was salty and thick and milky white, loaded with the man protein Tammy had craved constantly since her father had first fucked her. She puckered her cheeks around her teacher’s cum-gushing, throbbing cock and sucked harder than ever.

“Ahhh!” Jennings held onto her head and gasped as the thick, gooey jism continued to spurt from his cock head. Tammy clung to his prick with her stroking hand and slurped noisily as she gulped and swallowed down every delicious drop of his cum.

“God, Mr. Jennings!” Tammy teasingly wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. “You really came buckets! Doesn’t your wife ever give you blow-jobs?”

“Not like that.” Fear returned to the teacher’s face as he looked wildly around the deserted classroom. “Oh my Lord, Tammy, what have you made me do? At school and everything… don’t you realize the danger? We could be caught!”

Tammy was well aware of the danger, but that only made her hornier. She rose from the chair and fingered the edge of her tube top, staring hungrily at her teacher’s thick cock.

“Mr. Jennings, what were you saying earlier about making me wear a bra? Don’t you like my tits?”

Jennings’ jaw sagged open as Tammy whipped off the tube top, baring her huge, spongy, creamy tits. The horny blonde pinched, her silver-dollar-sized, nipples, making the rosy caps stiffen with her lust. Quickly, fresh blood flowed into Jennings’ meaty prick.

“I mean, most guys really dig my knockers!” Tammy cupped her D-cup tits in her little hands and then released them, making the twin globes jiggle and sway. “They’re so big and everything. Half the guys I fuck spend hours just sucking my tits.”

“Tammy, please don’t do this to me.”

“And the rest of my body’s not bad either. Don’t you like my legs?” Tammy kicked off her sandals and held out one long, slender leg for inspection. “And wait till you see my ass and pussy!”

She stripped off her denim cut-offs, stepping out of them and leaving herself naked. Her teacher’s cock leaped to total stiffness when he saw her softly furred pussy mound; his eyes riveted to the pink slit of her small, wet cunt.

“Look at my ass, Mr. Jennings.” Tammy crossed the classroom and leaned across his broad desk, pushing papers onto the floor. Her huge tits flattened on the wood; she reached behind herself and spread her ass cheeks with her fingers, completely exposing her pink asshole and her pouting, hairy cunt. “Look at my cunt!”

“I can’t stand this!” Jennings gasped. “I just can’t fucking stand it!”

He was on her in a second, wrapping his arms around her slender ribcage to desperately paw her enormous tits, hurriedly trying to cram his cock head into her cunt. Tammy squealed and leaned farther across the desk, impatiently awaiting the throbbing impalement of her teacher’s cock.

“Fuck me, teacher!” She spread her ass cheeks wider, completely opening her pussy slit for the invasion of his cock. “Yes, I want it now! Fuck my pussy, Mr. Jennings! Fuck my horny cunt!”

Jennings stuffed his bloated cock head into her cunt hole, groaning as her pussy muscles gripped slickly around the tip of his prick. Then he was madly fucking into her, burying more of his cock into her hot pussy with every fuck stroke.

“Oooh, yes!” Tammy released her ass cheeks and held onto the edge of the desk for support. “Fuck me!” She wiggled her hips, hornily trying to help her teacher to fill her pussy with his stiff, aching prick meat. “I can feel it! Oh God, it’s going into me! I said fuck meeeee! Fuck me with your big cock!”

Her screams were nearly loud enough to be heard by the janitors in the basement, but Jennings was now too horny to care. Her wet teenaged cunt was much tighter than his wife’s pussy. He could feel it sucking spasmodically around his burning cock, as if her cunt were milking the jism out of his balls.

With one heavy fuck-thrust, Jennings rammed every inch of his hard-on into his young student’s cunt. Then he held onto her stiff-nippled tits and furiously started fucking her, sawing his rock-hard cock in and out of her velvety, dripping cunt.

“Harder!” As best she could in her standing position, Tammy wildly humped her ass, pounding her pussy up to meet the fuck strokes of her teacher’s cock. “It feels good, Mr. Jennings! Awww, making my pussy so hot! Fuck me, lover! Harder make me cream!”

She had always loved being fucked. Ever since her father’s massive prick had first stretched her teenaged pussy tunnel, Tammy’s cunt had always felt a little empty without a big cock fucking inside it.

The first fuck-thrust was always the best her cunt slit spreading, tightening and clinging around the fat, hard cock the heat in her belly as a big prick fucked all the way up her cunt.

As hard as she tried, Tammy just couldn’t understand girls who said they weren’t horny.

She was always horny, twenty-four hours a day.

Now her teacher was panting as he fucked her hard and fast, pounding his swollen cock in and out of her hairy pussy. Tammy felt his prick shaft chafing her clit, making the little button rise from its pink hood.

Her belly was burning, and her cunt sucked wetly around his pistoning cock with every fuck-thrust. Tammy groaned and shuddered as the heat built in her cock-stuffed pussy. Soon she was going to cum.

“Fuck me harder, Mr. Jennings!” Tammy clawed the desk and made her ass cheeks jiggle as she fucked on his cock as fast as she could. “My pussy’s burning, it’s so God damn hot! Unh. Oh shit, fuck me deeper! I wanna cum!”

Jennings’ fuck-strokes became more and more furious as his balls ached with another load of cum. Both their bodies were covered with a thin veneer of sweat, and he could feel the hairy sac of his balls slapping her luscious thighs with every cock-thrilling thrust.

“Oh, Tammy!” Jennings’ prick jerked in her pussy as he prepared to cum, growing to total, tingling hardness. “I’m gonna cum now, honey! I can’t hold it back! Oh shit. God… fuck!”

He came, spraying her pussy tunnel with hot spurts of his jism. Tammy had always been incredibly excited by the way it felt to have her pussy deluged with some guy’s thick, gooey cum. She felt herself cumming too as she worked her cunt muscles, helping her teacher gush all of his jism into her pussy.

“Fuck meee!” she shrieked. “I’m cumming too, Mr. Jennings! Ungghh! Fuck me harder! You’ve got such a big cock! Fuck me, oh shit… ungghh! I’m cumming!”

Her pussy throbbed convulsively around his cock, making him spurt more jism into the gurgling depths of her fuck hole. Jennings gazed dazedly all around him, unable to believe that he had just fucked one of his high school students on his desk.

A few minutes later, Tammy smiled with satisfaction as she walked home from school, feeling her teacher’s cum-load squishing in her pussy. Wait until Daddy gets home, she thought hornily. He can suck my cunt for dinner, and for dessert, too.


Each building contained two condominiums, an upper and a lower. The upper condo had a balcony; the lower had a small back yard.

Tammy and her father lived in a lower unit, and that weekend she decided to make use of the small patch of grass on the other side of the living room’s sliding glass doors.

Dressed in a skimpy bikini, the stacked blonde went out back for a long session of sunbathing. Her creamy white skin was perfect just as nature had made it, but Tammy had always enjoyed sunbathing because it made her so horny. She knew she was going to fuck her daddy half to death when he got back in a couple of hours.

Tammy smeared her luscious body with cocoa butter as best she could, regretting that there were no males handy to help her. Then she spread the beach towel on the grass, stretched out on her belly and almost immediately began to sigh as she daydreamed about stiff pricks.

Her father was fucking her daily, of course, and Tammy was kept constantly aroused by the way bays had ogled her mouth-watering body during her first week at her new high school.

Then there was Mr. Jackson, and Mr. Jennings… but Tammy was still horny. She moaned as the sun warmed her back, and she wiggled her ass, grinding her pussy lightly on the towel. She was always horny, always hungry for stiff, pounding cock meat.

The back yard was bounded by a chest-high wooden fence, separating it from the yard of the condominium opposite hers. Tammy hadn’t met the people who lived in it yet, but she realized she was going to when she noticed something moving, visible through the slits of the fenced boards.

Not wanting to disturb whoever it was, Tammy rested her cheek on her folded arms and half-lidded her eyes. But she kept them open enough to watch surreptitiously, and before long she was able to determine that it was definitely a man, and that the man was definitely peeping at her through the fence.

Tammy’s pussy burned as she realized her next-door neighbor was a voyeur. She wiggled her pussy on the towel harder, knowing that her ass cheeks would jiggle for him under the thin strap of the bikini bottom.

Having apparently found the slit between the fence boards with the best view, her neighbor was watching her intently. Tammy yawned and rolled onto her back, letting the peeper see the way her huge tits stretched the bikini top, the way her fat, stiff nipples protruded against the sheer fabric.

She picked up the cocoa butter and smeared it all over her belly, legs and tits. Then Tammy lightly began to rub her pussy mound through her bikini, knowing that by now the voyeur’s cock had been as hard as a rock.

The crotch of her bikini panty was wet, but not from tanning oil; her pussy was dripping with cream. Tammy told herself to make the show last longer, but she was too horny to control herself.

Quickly, she pulled off the bikini top, baring her huge tits. On the other side of the fence, she was sure she heard a soft, suppressed groan. Even more hurriedly, she pulled off her bikini bottoms, wiggling them over her luscious ass cheeks and down her long legs, revealing the hairy triangle of her aching cunt.

Then she wiggled her ass on the towel and spread-eagled her thighs as far apart as she could. Tammy whimpered as she slipped a finger into her gooey, hairy pussy slit. Hornily, she started to finger-fuck herself, bouncing her ass on the towel.

“Ungghh…” She groaned loudly, wanting the peeper to hear. “Fuck me… so hot… fuck my cunt…”

“Excuse me,” a polite voice said above her. “Would you like a little help?”

Tammy looked up. The peeper had decided to show himself. He was a fat, man about her father’s age, with a shiny baldhead, red cheeks and an expression of utter lust branded on his face.

“Come over the fence, God damn it,” Tammy hissed. She looked at him hornily and fucked her fingers faster in and out of her burning pussy. “I’m so hot. Come over here and eat my pussy!”

Her neighbor climbed over the fence, grunting as he struggled to hoist his pot, belly over it. He wore a pair of bathing trunks, Tammy saw, and the crotch was stretched obscenely over what looked like a very big prick.

“Suck my pussy!” Tammy spread her legs as widely as she could, lifting her knees nearly to her shoulders. “See how wet it is? Suck my cunt!”

Her neighbor crouched on the grass between her legs and stared hungrily at the hair-fringed fissure of her pussy. Then he moaned, stretched out on his big stomach and buried his face between her milk-white thighs.

The sun beat down on her naked body, making Tammy hornier than ever. She shuddered as she felt the man’s lips wriggle on her curly-haired pussy slit, and his tongue pierce into the slick pinkness of her cunt.

“Yes, oh God!” Tammy dug her fingernails into the back of his neck and feverishly started to grind and hump her bare ass cheeks off the towel, fucking her pussy all over his face. “I’m so horny! Oh Jesus, that’s just what I need! Suck my pussy juice, mister! Please make my pussy cum!”

Her filthy mouth obviously aroused the voyeur incredibly. He groaned on her steaming cunt as he slipped his hands up her oil-slicked legs, thrusting them under her ass, cupping the rounded, peach-shaped ass globes. Then his tongue licked quickly up and down her pussy slit, wiggling on her clit.

“Suck it, suck harder!” Tammy pulled his ears and bounced her ass off the towel, grimacing and grunting as his tongue made her pussy burn and ooze juice. “Eat my dick, lick it good! I’ve gotta cum, mister! I need to cum!”

Lewdly, he pawed her ass cheeks, thrusting one hand into the jiggling cleft of her ass. Tammy stiffened as she felt his big finger massage her pink, hairless asshole. Slowly he pushed it into the rubbery, tight tunnel, fingerfucking her as.

“Ye-ye–yesssss!” Tammy’s burning ass humped up and down like a machine, pushing her asshole onto her neighbor’s finger. “DO it to my pussy too!” she cried. “Ungh! My cunt’s so hot, it’s starting to burn! Jack me off, mister, make me cream!”

The voyeur slid his other hand from her humping ass, realizing that he couldn’t hold her down. He sighed as he pushed two fingers into the sopping, hairy hole of her pussy, feeling her cunt muscles cling tightly around them. Then he finger-fucked her pussy and asshole at the same time, simultaneously wrapping his lips around her tingling clit.

“Cuming now!” Tammy’s pretty face flushed with lust as the cum burned through her loins, making her cunt flood and her asshole suck around the man’s finger. “Aww, suck it, such it haaaard! Cuming!”

Her neighbor sucked her pussy feverishly throughout the duration of her cum, fucking his fingers hotly in her cunt and asshole.

Tammy whimpered and let her rounded ass fall slowly back to the towel. The man stopped sucking her clit and again thrust his tongue into her fleecy-haired pussy. Sloppily, he lapped up all the fuck oil that glistened on her pink cunt slit.

“My name’s Sam, by the way,” the man said pleasantly, finally lifting his head and smiling at her. “What’s yours?”

“Tammy.” She giggled at the sight of her cunt curls stuck around Sam’s mouth. “Where’d you learn to suck pussy like that, Sam? Jesus, you really made me cream!”

“My wife taught me,” Sam replied. “I think I just took to cunt-lapping naturally the first time I tried it, but she just loves it. She always wants me to eat her pussy before we fuck, so my cock will go in easy.”

Sam rose to his knees and skinned off his bathing trunks. Like the rest of his body, his stiff cock was short and very fat. Tammy pussy moistened with fresh juice as she wondered how it would feel to take such a thick boner into her buttery cunt.

“Well, you’ve licked my pussy, so why don’t you fuck me too, Sam?” She wiggled her horny ass into a comfortable position and again spread-eagled her silky legs. “If you can get that fat cock up my little cunt!”

Sam quickly moved into position between her spread thighs, supporting the weight of his ample torso on his outstretched arms, so he could stare at her gorgeous face and huge tits.

“You’re so beautiful,” he said hoarsely. “Watching you through the fence, playing with yourself… God, you’ve got big tits for a girl your age. I nearly came in my bathing suit!”

Tammy giggled, reached between her thighs and hotly grasped the stone-hard length of Sam’s cock. “You can tell me how gorgeous I am later, Sam,” she said huskily. “Right now I’ve got to feel that fat prick up my cunt!”

The spongy, drooling cock-knob nestled between her pouting pussy lips, mingling his cum drippings with the hot cream that flowed continually from the depths of her cunt. Sam’s big belly jiggled obscenely as he heaved his fat ass, slipping his aching cock greasily into the sucking sheath of her pussy.

“Oh, Sam!” Tammy scissored her long legs around his waist, barely able to clamp her ankles together on the small of his back. “Yes, Sam, it’s going into me! Oh fuck, I can feel it!”

Tammy wrapped her arms around his brawny shoulders, humping and wiggling her burning ass to help him get his prick all the way inside her pussy. It had looked like a short cock, but maybe that was because it had been partially hidden by his stomach. His cock seemed to keep on fucking into her, stuffing her pussy with the steely hardness of his prick meat.

“Oh, God, you’re beautiful,” Sam groaned. “So God damn young and pretty… oh fuck!”

Then he started fucking her. His big ass heaved up and down between her thighs, pounding his rigid prick in and out of her gurgling pussy. Tammy squealed as her hot cunt started to juice and burn. She felt her cunt tunnel clinging slipperily to his pistoning prick, the muscles working, drawing his cock deeper insider her pussy.

“Fuck me, Sam!” She lifted her thighs up his back, desperate to feel more of his cock going inside her. “Unh shit, you’re gonna make me cum some more! God, you’ve got a fat cock! It’s stretching me… keep fucking, Sammy! Fuck my cunt!”

Sam moaned as he watched her big tits jiggle. His face dropped to her deep cleavage; he turned his face so that he could pop one fat, rosy nipple into his mouth. Sam sucked her tit furiously as he fucked her cunt, rolling his tongue all over the stiff, rubbery tip.

“Harder, Sam!” Tammy realized that she loved being fucked by such a fat man, feeling his weight crushing her lithe young body. “Your cock is so good! I love getting fucked by fat cocks, Sam! Unhh! Make me cum, lover, fuck me good!”

Sam’s big balls slapped the crack of her heaving ass with every fuck thrust. Suddenly Tammy felt his prick growing inside her, stretching her velvety pussy walls farther as he hammered his cock wildly into her burning cunt.

“Gonna spurt!” Sam moaned. He winced as the jism boiled in his balls. “Oh Tammy. Tammy honey, you’ve got such a tight pussy. I can’t control myself. Ahhh!”

Grunting, he fucked her pussy as fast as he could. Then the white jism gushed and streamed, from the reservoir of his balls, cascading out of his cock head, squirting her cunt full of fuck cream.

“Cumming!” Tammy cried. Her pussy contracted tightly around his cum-gushing cock, wringing every drop of jism from his purplish cock. “Oh fuck, Sam, fuck me harder! Harder! Fuck me super hard! I’m cumming now!”

Her pussy throbbed around his prick oozing fuck juices onto his pistoning, spurting fuck rod.


After Sam finished fucking her and crawled back over the fence, Tammy lay naked on the towel for a long time. She moaned as the sun warmed her big-titted young body, and smiled lustfully as she felt his jism trickling out of her hot cunt.

Finally she retrieved the towel, the cocoa butter and her bikini and walked across the little yard to her house. Her pussy was still very hot, and until her father returned, Tammy knew that nothing else would do but to jack off in the bathtub.

Then she entered the sliding doors and was shocked to see that her daddy had already returned. William stood in the middle of the living room, with a bag of groceries beside him on the couch. One look at his face told Tammy that he’d just seen their neighbor fucking her cunt.

Tammy threw the bikini and towel on the floor and walked boldly up to her father. “Hi, Daddy,” she said breezily. “Did you enjoy the free fuck show?”

Her father was too stunned to say anything. He just looked at her succulent nakedness; his mouth sagged open as he saw the smeared white cum on her fleecy-haired pussy.

“Why are you looking at my pussy like that, Daddy?” Tammy asked vixenishly. “You’ve seen it full of cum before.”

“How long have you been fucking him?” William asked hoarsely.

“Oh, this was the first time,” Tammy replied. “But Daddy, I think I gonna be fucking Sam lots more from now on. He’s really fat, but he sucks my pussy so good, and he’s got such a fat cock. It’s almost as big as your cock is, Daddy!”

William licked his lips and looked at his daughter nervously. As expected, a big hard-on stretched the inseam of his slacks. Tammy stood close to him and squeezed and fondled his swelling cock through his pants.

“But Daddy, I’m still, horny. Very horny. Sam licked my pussy and fucked my cunt, but Daddy, all he did was finger-fuck my asshole a little. I’m still really horny down there, Daddy. I need a big prick up my ass.”

“Little bitch,” William whispered fiercely. “You are such a horny little bitch!”

Tammy giggled and fell to her hands and knees on the living room carpet. “Fuck me, Daddy!” She dropped her shoulders and lifted her ass, letting her father see her cum-dripping pussy slit and the pink, throbbing circle of her asshole. “My asshole’s super hot for your cock!”

Silently her father kicked off his shoes and slid off his pants and underwear, releasing his blood-swollen fucker from confinement. It weaved and pulsed obscenely before him. He crossed the living room, kneeling on the rug between his daughter’s legs.

Tammy shuddered as her father dipped his cock briefly into her pussy, wetting the bloated, veined prick shaft with her cunt juices. Then he reached for the tube of cocoa butter, unscrewed the top and poured a liberal glob of the clear jelly in the cleft of his daughter’s ass.

“Oh, yes, Daddy! Ummm!” Tammy bit her lip and dry-humped the air as her father rubbed the goo all over her asshole, moistening the puckered sphincter for the invasion of his cock. Then he tossed the tube aside and mounted her, pushing the knob of his cock into her horny young ass.

“Oh, Daddy!” Tammy grunted as her father’s cock head pierced her asshole, spreading the tubbery ass ring around the invading thickness of his fuck tool. “Yes, Daddy, it feels super good! My asshole’s so hot! Fuck it for me, Daddy! Fuck my asshole as hard as you can!”

William sighed as he worked his hips, fucking his big prick deeper and deeper into the tender sheath of his daughter’s ass. He could feel her asshole muscles working around his cock, clinging and clasping to the hard pink surface, as if to drain his balls of cum before he ever got his cock completely inside her.

His hands came up, grasping the pendulous globes of his daughter’s huge tits. He paused, with all of his cock embedded between her creamy ass checks, savoring the pressure of her asshole around his cock.

Slowly he pulled out, until only the cockknob parted her sphincter. He rammed his cock home again. Then he eagerly started assfucking her, pistoning his prick deeper and faster with every fuck-stroke.

“Oh Daddy, Daddy, I love your cock up my ass!” Tammy clawed the carpet and humped her hips like a machine, pounding her burning asshole onto her father’s throbbing cock. “Fuck me harder, Daddy! I want to feel your prick all the way up to my throat!”

His big cock twitched and oozed, lubricating her asshole further with the translucent precum that dripped from the crown of his fucking cock. The cocoa butter had never been intended for a girl’s tender asshole tissues; Tammy felt it starting to burn deep inside her asshole, but that only made her hornier for more ass fucking.

Her father had kept her asshole cherry for a full six months after first fucking her pussy, until one sunny afternoon, when he had fucked her second fuck hole in the bathroom. Since then, Tammy had loved having her asshole fucked almost as much as she adored straight fucking.

Sometimes she went on binges, when her ass throbbed and pulsed all day for hot, steely prick. At such times, Tammy would almost ignore her pussy, demanding her father’s cock up her asshole again and again, until the pink, hairless ring was rubbed raw and the rubbery tunnel felt so sore that she could hardly shit.

But it had been a few days since her father had last stuck his fat cock between her asscheeks, and Tammy was ready for all the assfucking he could give her. She whimpered as she felt the simultaneous throbbing in her asshole and pussy, and the remnants of Sam’s cum-load dripping luridly from her cunt.

“Gonna cum, Daddy!” Her knees bounced off the carpet as she pounded her ass cheeks onto his cock as hard as she could, gasping and squealing as his cock bored into her guts with every fuck-thrust. “Oh Daddy, my asshole’s throbbing! Can you feel it pulsing on your big prick?”

William could feel it, and the pressure of his daughter’s asshole made his fucking cock as hard as a brick. He panted and sweated and reamed out her asshole as hard as he could, knowing that it wouldn’t be long before the cum exploded from his balls.

“Gonna cum!” Tammy gasped again. She thrust her hand through her fleecy pussy curls and whimpered as she fucked two fingers into her sopping cunt.

Her pussy was dripping with her own girl juices and the white liquid of Sam’s jism. Tammy moaned and frantically finger-fucked her pussy, sloshing her fingers through the swampy wetness of her fuck hole.

“Cumming, Daddy!” She pinched her clit, fucking two fingers into her gurgling pussy. “Daddy, Daddy!” Her asshole throbbed and puckered, clasping tightly around her father’s hammering cock. “Cumming now! Keep fucking me!”

William felt the pressure of his daughter’s asshole through every inch of his cock. His hairy balls slapped her pussy mound with every fuck-thrust, until he felt his cum-load boiling up.

Gasping, he slammed his cock to the balls between his daughter’s jiggling ass cheeks. Then a gusher of cum erupted from his cock head, exploding in the depths of Tammy’s rubbery asshole.

Tammy shrieked as her father’s salty cum sprayed her ass tunnel with fuck juice. Clawing carpet, she humped and bucked to help him shoot out every drop.

There were many, many men in her new neighborhood that she hadn’t given her hot pussy to yet. But no matter how many men she fucked with, Tammy knew her big, beautiful daddy would always be her favorite fuck.


Tammy knew her father had been made both horny and jealous at the sight of her fucking their neighbor in the back yard. For the rest of that day and most of the night, he fucked her constantly, until her asshole, mouth and pussy felt raw from so much fucking and sucking.

The next day, Sunday, was as bright and hot as Saturday had been. Tammy dressed in sandals, a polka-dot bikini bottom and one of her father’s shirts, without a bra. Then she decided to take a walk around the condominium complex, to see what other studs she could give her pussy to next.

Her ass cheeks jiggled delectably in the bikini bottom, and her huge tits swayed and danced under her father’s shirt, with the stiff nipples clearly visible through the sheer white cotton. All the men were out, pruning hedges or fixing their cars, and they all leered at her body, making Tammy’s pussy wet with expectation and lust.

Within ten minutes, she had found herself a new baby-sitting customer, a balding middle-aged man named Todd Brady who was tinkering with something under the hood of his car. Tammy stopped and talked with him for a minute, creating a big hard-on in Brady’s pants and making him blush as he stared helplessly at her big tits. It turned out he had two small boys, and he quickly asked if she could sit for him the next Wednesday night. Tammy agreed with a wink and a wiggle of her hips as she walked away.

Tammy left the complex and walked down the street, passing small houses and developments similar to her own. As always when she was provocatively dressed, cars slowed as they passed her, and women passing her on the sidewalk regarded her jealously from the corners of their eyes.

Then Tammy passed a small house sandwiched between two apartment buildings. A big, muscular man was washing his windows, wearing only a air of Hawaiian-print shorts.

As soon as she saw his rippling back muscles and the shape of his ass, Tammy knew she’d found the stud to give her Sunday afternoon fucking.

“Hi,” Tammy said, and crossed the lawn towards him. “It’s a little hot to be doing that today, isn’t it?”

The man stood on a short stepladder. He glanced quickly at her over his shoulders, revealing a chiseled, weathered face. Tammy guessed he was in his early thirties. Then he did a classic double-take and nearly fell off the ladder as he saw want a stacked, blonde vixen was walking towards him.

“My name’s Tammy. We just moved in down the street, my Daddy and me. I’m sort of trying to get to know people in the neighborhood.”

“Hank Nelson,” the man said, extending his hand and looking nervously at her tits. “Pleased to meet you.”

Tammy’s pussy started burning as she felt his solid, masculine grip. Only one car was parked in the driveway behind him; he was probably alone. She was pleased to see a bulge already beginning to form in the crotch of his shorts. Now what was the best way to seduce him?

“God, you’re good at this,” she said, stepping back and admiring the sparkling, streakfree picture window. “I always have to let my daddy wash the windows. When I do it they look dirtier than they did when I started.”

“Aw, shit it’s easy,” Hank said, smiling. “I put myself through school doing this on weekends. Nothing to it.”

“Maybe you could show me the right way, then. Here let me try.”

Hank stepped off the ladder and handed Tammy the sponge and wiper. Tammy stood on her tiptoes and made a great show of sudsing the glass and squeegeeing it clean with the rubber sliver. Not what she was really doing was giving her neighbor a chance to see her pussy curls peeking out of the thin crotch of her bikini.

“Am I doing it right?” Tammy asked. Hank said nothing. Then Tammy felt his fingers moving boldly up her sleek leg, pressing against her steaming cunt through the bikini.

She dropped the sponge and wiper and looked down at him evenly. “God, Mr. Nelson. You’ve really got a lot of nerve.”

“Sorry.” Hank stepped back anti looked at her nervously. “You’re so gorgeous. I guess I couldn’t help myself.”

But then he pushed his hand up her leg again, pulled aside the panty crotch and rubbed her hairy pussy with his fingers. Tammy giggled and arched her back, pushing her cunt onto his hand.

“Do you like my pussy, Mr. Nelson? It’s really juicy, isn’t it?”

Hank remained silent. Tammy shuddered as he slipped his finger into her pussy, probing the hot, slippery wetness of her cunt tunnel. Hornily, she pumped her ass, fucking her pussy on his hand.

“Is your wife inside?”

“Nope.” Hank’s grin was both bold and nervous as he slipped a second finger into her tight, sucking pussy. “Took the kids out shopping. Won’t be home till dinner time, at least.”

“How would you like to suck my pussy, Mr. Nelson?” Tammy asked. “Then maybe I’ll let you fuck me.”

Hank pulled his hand from her cunt and made room for her as she climbed off the ladder. Tammy’s huge tits swung under her father’s shirt as she followed him inside, entering a living room that was bright from the sun streaming through the newly washed window.

“Take off that fucking bikini,” Hank said behind her, kicking the door shut. “Please, honey. You don’t know how much you’ve got me turned on.”

Tammy walked to the couch and stripped off her bikini bottom as she moved, revealing the deep cleavage of her round, heart-shaped ass. She sat on the cushion and took the bikini bottom off the rest of the way, leaving herself naked from the waist down.

Then she stretched out on the couch, dropped one foot to the floor and rested the other on the back rest, completely opening her curly-haired pussy triangle for her neighbor’s perusal.

“Oh, shit,” Hank whispered.

He climbed onto the couch and knelt between her nakedly splayed thighs, staring hungrily at the profusely haired slit of her pussy. The lips were swollen and pouting, hiding the bright pinkness within. Hank’s big cock throbbed obscenely in his shorts.

“Suck it, Mr. Nelson!” Languidly, Tammy dropped a hand between her legs and started to finger-fuck her pussy ring in front of him, making her hot cunt jiggle and shake. “Can’t you see how wet my pussy is? Can’t you smell it? My cunt needs a good cum.”

Groaning, her neighbor dropped between her thighs. Tammy stiffened as she felt his breath on her pussy, then his tongue probing the flowering cunt lips. Hank panted through his nose and started to eat out her cunt like a wildman, fucking his tongue in and out of her pussy slit.

“Ooooooh, fuck it!” Tammy thrust her fingers into his thick black hair and feverishly started to grind and hump her ass off the couch cushions fucking her pussy onto his mouth. “That feels good, Mr. Nelson! Oh God, you’re a super good pussy licker! Unghh! Suck harder now, lover! Make me cream!”

Hank thrust his hands under her ass, pawing the succulent, bumping ass checks. His tongue swiped quickly up and down her furry pussy slit, lapping up the hot fuck juices that drooled from deep inside her fuck tunnel.

“I’m getting really hot, Mr. Nelson!” she cried. “Get my cunt now! Please suck on it. It hurts so fucking bad! Unghh! Oh fuck, Mr. Nelson, I’m getting so close!”

Hank enveloped her blood-swollen clit between his lips. He sucked it gently but forcefully, dancing his tongue teasingly on the cunt tip. At the same time, he fucked two fingers into her pussy furrow, burying them to the knuckles in her throbbing cunt.

“Cumming!” Tammy whipped her ass off the couch in a fever, pounding her pussy onto her neighbor’s lips. “Suck me, it’s so good! Aww, God, get my clit, suck my clitty! Cumming!”

Nelson tongue-fucked her through the wet tide of her cum, pursing his lips on her clit, sucking it hard before returning his lips to her open, cum-gushing cunt slit. Tammy shrieked and wantonly bucked her ass, until the cum subsided and she collapsed on the couch.

“Okay, Mr. Nelson,” she panted. “That was really good. Now you get to fuck me.”

“Take off that fucking shirt first,” Hank said breathlessly. “I’ve got to see those huge tits!”

Tammy giggled and unbuttoned her shirt, revealing her enormous, milk-white tits. She tossed it to the floor, baring all of her nakedness. Then she sat up and fumbled eagerly with her neighbor’s shorts.

“Now you get to show me what you’ve got, Mr. Nelson,” she said, tugging his shorts over his hairy ass. “From the way your cock’s been sticking out of your pants… oh, God!”

His prick was a whopper, long and thick, nearly as big as her daddy’s. Tammy’s eyes bulged as she watched Hank’s cock bob and twitch with its engorgement of blood. The spongy prick-knob was swollen nearly to the bursting point, and even as she stared at it the thin piss slit lewdly drooled seeping pre-cum.

“Oh, fuck!” Crouching beside him as he sat on the couch, Tammy wrapped her hand tightly around his blue-veined cock. “You’ve got a beautiful prick, Mr. Nelson! I can feel it throbbing and everything! Oh, God, I’ve just got to suck on it first!”

She opened her mouth wide and made a gurgling sound as she lowered her head into Hank’s lap. Hank’s massive prick throbbed harder than ever as he felt the teenaged blonde take his fucker into her mouth, clasping her lips tightly around the center of his cock.

Then Tammy caved in her cheeks and started sucking on his prick, groaning as she savored the musky, cunt-moistening taste of his fuck rod. Her tongue swirled sloppily all over the rosy prick-knob, teasing the piss hole, lapping the turn juices that dribbled from his cock tip.

Quickly, she started to bob her head, fucking her face with the magnificent cock. Her hand stroked lightly up and down his cock shaft, beating his meat into her mouth.

“Harder!” Hank stared dazedly at the spectacle of the beautiful girl sucking his cock. “Oh shit, Tammy, my prick’s never been this hard! You give such a good blowjob… oh fuck, do it like that! Oh yes, make me pop my fucking rocks!”

Tammy bobbed her head faster, fucking her face with more and more of his prick. Her wrist ached as she jacked him violently, squeezing and massaging the thick root of his cock. At the same time her pussy burned and grew wetter than ever, anxious for the invading stiffness of his big fucker.

“Okay! Stop, stop now!” Hank cried excitedly. “I’m gonna cum!”

Obediently, she released his prick from the grip of her lips and giggled as she watched the gigantic cockshaft twitch and jerk and drip over his lap.

“Get an your back!” Hank demanded hoarsely. “And spread those legs wide!”

Tammy squealed impatiently as she wiggled her ass cheeks on the couch cushions, spreading and lifting her knees to her shoulders.

Hank mounted her quickly, jabbing his aching hard-on at the gurgling slit of her cunt.

His cockhead penetrated the slick folds her pussy. Tammy stiffened and whimpered as she felt its meaty thickness fucking up her cunt. There was nothing better than that first penetration, she thought hornily that big, whopping ramrod fucking into her cunt.

“Fuck meeee!” Tammy threw her long legs around his back and frantically humped her ass, fucking and grinding her hairy pussy onto the stabbing shaft of his cock. “It’s throbbing in me, Mr. Nelson! Oh shit, I can’t believe how hard your cock is! Please, fuck me with it. Fuck me good and hard!”

Nelson pulled up his hips, withdrawing his swollen prick until only the crown parted the flowering lips of Tammy’s pussy. He sighed as he rammed his cock back in again, feeling his bloated cock enveloped by the slippery, velvety wetness of hot teenaged cunt.

Then he started to fuck her pussy hard and fast, pounding his cock in to the balls with every fuck-thrust. Tammy squealed and moaned as her pussy juiced with every thrust, and her cunt slit started to burn with the friction of his fucking cock.

“Faster! Fuck me harder!” She clawed his back with her long fingernails, driving him on. “I love getting fucked, Mr. Nelson! I need it bad! Oh shit, my pussy’s burning up! I’m gonna cum now! I’m gonna cream all over your big prick!”

“Can’t hold it, Tammy,” Nelson groaned. “Ahhhh…”

For a minute he fucked her so violently that the couch shook on the floor. Then he slammed his prick all the way up her pussy and groaned as the white cum poured out of his balls, spraying her cunt tunnel with one hot burst of cum after another.

“Keep fucking me!” Tammy gasped. “I’m cumming too! I can feel you spurting in me! Oh fuck, it’s gushing out of my pussy! I’m cumming, Mr. Nelson! Harder, harder, keep fucking me, cuuuummmmiiinnngggg!”

When it was over, her hairy cunt had been fucked raw, and a wet puddle, of fuck juices glistened on the cushion beneath her ass. Tammy hugged Hank tightly, feeling his prick starting to soften inside her pussy.

Todd Brady’s condominium was better furnished than theirs but it was also messier, because had two small boys. Tammy yawned, picked up the remote control switch and flicked the channels on the television in search of a good show.

But there weren’t any. Tummy had never been very fond of TV anyhow; she had always preferred sex, even before her father first fucked her. She shut off the set and wandered around the living room in search of something to do.

That was the main drawback with babysitting, she thought: boredom. Mr. Brady’s kids had been asleep for hours, and he and his wife weren’t due back from the party for a while yet. Tammy had been tempted to invite a date over to give her a good fucking while she waited, but she decided against it. Besides, she was sure Mr. Brady wanted to fuck her.

Tammy wandered into the bedroom and brazenly started opening closets and bureau drawers, in search of anything that might catch her interest. Then she found it: a big box of fuck magazines in the closet, under some old blankets.

The box was obviously being hidden from either Mrs. Brady or their small kids, and it was obviously quite a collection, too. Magazine after magazine showed pictures of girls with their mouths stuffed with cock, and others squealing as big hairy studs fed prick meat into their wet pussies.

“Fuck,” Tammy whispered. She dumped the contents of the box on the double bed and stretched out on it, opening one of the magazines and starting to rub her pussy hornily through her jeans.

She didn’t get a chance to look at hardcore very often, but when she did it always turned her on. It occurred to Tammy that the Bradys might return to find her with their porno collection, but she was too horny to care about that. She just wanted to jack off to all the fantastic pictures.

One spread showed a tiny young blonde sucking on a gigantic cock. The next picture was of a Latin chick taking it up her well greased asshole, and the next was a close-up of a frizzy-haired pussy, opening to suck around a stiff, thrusting cock.

“Fuck me,” Tammy repeated.

Unable to control herself, the stacked blonde tugged her jeans and panties halfway down her lush thighs. She stretched out on the bed, propped the open magazine on her big tits and shamelessly began to finger-fuck her pussy as she ogled the glossy color photos.

Tammy’s fingers made her pussy burn and froth as they fucked in and out of her hairy cunt slit. Her thumb danced on her hard clit. She grew hornier and hornier as she turned the pages, dreaming that it was herself in all the photos, sucking and fucking all those big, cum-spurting cocks.

“Jesus!” someone gasped nearby.

Tammy gulped, dropped the magazine and looked to the door of the bedroom. Standing there open-mouthed were both Mr. and Mrs. Brady, dressed in a tuxedo and evening gown, respectively. Mrs. Brady was a slim, petite redhead in her early thirties.

Tammy flushed brightly with embarrassment, tossed the magazine aside and desperately struggled to pull up her designer jeans.

“My God,” Mrs. Brady whispered.

“I’m, uh, sorry about this,” Tammy muttered. She wiggled the jeans over her ass cheeks and tried to zip them up, but the zipper caught in her pussy hair. “Oh, fuck… I me… I was just, well, looking around your place when I saw the mags, you know, and…”

“Get her, Todd,” Mrs. Brady whispered. “She’s all yours!”

Tammy’s mouth hung open in astonishment as she watched her babysitting client leap onto the bed with her, covering her body with his own. The next thing she knew, her clothes were being torn off and scattered around the room, revealing all of her magnificently big titted, naked body.

“Jesus, Mr. Brady!” Tammy gasped and glanced fearfully from his lust-crazed face to his wife as he tore off her clothes. “What do you think you’re doing to me? Not right in front of your wife!”

“What’s the matter, honey?” Mrs. Brady said as she approached the bed. “Haven’t you ever gotten it on with a woman before?”

Then she stripped too, revealing one of the most gorgeous bodies Tammy had ever seen. Her legs were slim and her hips were lithe, making her furry pussy triangle look even hairier. Her tits were small, firm globes peaked by unusually large nipples, protruding nearly a half-inch from the strawberry circles.

Mrs. Brady climbed onto the bed and parted the bewildered Tammy’s thighs, staring hungrily at her fleecy-haired cunt. Tammy quickly felt her pussy starting to juice and burn harder than ever. She’d never thought of making it with another woman before, but there was always a first time, and this was evidently going to be it.

“Get out of the way, Todd,” Mrs. Brady said throatily: “Her cunt’s all mine.”

Stretching out on the bed between Tammy’s legs, Mrs. Brady slid her fingers up the girl’s soft thighs and parted her pouting pussy lips with her fingers. Tammy whispered and ground her ass as she felt the woman’s fingers outline her cunt sheath, pressing hard on her swollen clit.

“You’ve got a juicy little pussy, baby,” Mrs. Brady murmured. “Has anyone ever told you what a pretty girl you are?”

“Suck me,” Tammy pleaded. She grimaced as Mrs. Brady started finger-fucking her cunt hard and fast, pounding her fingers in and out of her clinging pussy. “Please… I need it bad.”

“You’ll get it, baby. God, what big tits!” Mrs. Brady lifted her free hand and lustfully squeezed Tammy’s huge tits, massaging and kneading the globes, pinching the nipples. “Jesus, Todd, don’t you wish I had a pair of knockers like this? Is this turning you on some more, baby!”

“Suck me, please, suck me now!” Tammy dry-humped Mrs. Brady’s fingers, dying to feel her tongue probing the gushing folds of her pussy. “Please, I need to cum!”

“So our little porno collection turned you on, did it?” Mrs. Brady asked.

Without waiting for an answer, the horny wife dropped her head between her babysitter’s legs. Then her tongue swiped up and down her pussy slit, and Tammy knew instantly that being sucked by a woman would be a very special thrill.

Tenderly, Mrs. Brady ran her tongue around Tammy’s cunt hole, outlining it, pausing to lick and wriggle her tongue on the hard clit until Tammy thought she was going to go out of her mind with fuck-lust.

“Suck my pussy!” Her ass cheeks danced off the mattress, slamming her pussy up to the wife’s mouth. “Please, I can’t take it any more! Suck my cunt!”

Mrs. Brady breathed through her nose and pressed her lips to the hairy folds of her babysitter’s pussy. She sucked it tenderly but forcefully, running her tongue quickly in and out of her gushing cunt, lapping up the cunt cream that flowed from deep inside Tammy’s pussy. Her tongue swirled repeatedly around her pussy slit, drawing close to her aching clit.

“I’m gonna cum!” Tammy gasped. She pulled Mrs. Brady’s red hair and whipped her ass off the mattress, grunting and squealing as she fucked her pussy all over her face. “You suck me so good! Oh fuck, I can’t stand it! Lick my pusss-eeee! Make me cum.”

“Cum with a cock in your mouth, honey.” Tammy turned her head to see Mr. Brady’s cock throbbing before her face. He had stripped naked too, and his prick was very long and fat, swollen and pulsing warmly.

Tammy opened her mouth automatically, anxious for a mouthful of stiff, oozing prick. Tenderly, Brady held her head as he eased his cock between her lips, pushing it down her throat.

“Ahhhh, so good!” A lewd smile curled his lips at the spectacle of the babysitter sucking his prick, her lips stretched widely around the circumference of the cock shaft. “Suck hard, baby! Make it a good blow-job!”

Mrs. Brady tirelessly sucked her pussy, making Tammy’s wet cunt burn and ache more by the second.

With flushed cheeks and glistening eyes, the big-titted babysitter wrapped her lips tightly around Brady’s cock. Then she caved in her cheeks and started sucking it, dying to taste his cum as it gushed down her throat.

“Make him cum, honey,” Mrs. Brady whispered. “And I’ll make you cum, too.”

She thrust her hands under Tammy’s hips, digging her fingernails almost painfully into the ripe, peach-shaped cheeks of her ass. Then she sucked her pussy more forcefully than ever, spearing her tongue in and out of the foaming cunt slit.

“Umfff,” Tammy gurgled around Brady’s cock. Her face contorted as she sucked his big prick as hard as she could, swirling her tongue around the fat, rosy cock knob, lapping up the cum juices that dripped from his piss hole.

“Oh, fuck!” Brady pulled her hair and started to buck his ass, brutally fucking his cock down her throat. “Harder, honey, suck harder! Just like those chicks in the magazines! You can do it, baby! Work out on my fat cock!”

Mrs. Brady pulled one hand from Tammy’s sweating, humping ass, and this time burying three fingers into her sopping, pink pussy. She finger-fucked Tammy’s cunt hard and fast, slamming her fingers in to the knuckles with each stroke. Her lips closed around Tammy cunt, sucking it out of its reddened hood.

Tammy puckered her cheeks around Brady’s throbbing cock as the heat burned in her belly, and she felt her pussy starting to cum.

“Umphh!” She tried to moan and squeal around his cock, but all she wound up doing was sucking it harder. “Umph! Um-um mmmmmmmmmm.”

The cum gushed satisfyingly from her red-hot cunt, drenching the pouting pussy lips with fuck cream and making her clit tingle deliciously on Mrs. Brady’s lips. The horny wife rubbed her own pussy on the mattress and continued to eat out her babysitter long after the cum had subsided, cleaning up all the fuck juices from the swollen lips of her cunt.

Then Mrs. Brady pulled her mouth from Tammy’s pussy, and the babysitter could devote her complete attention to sucking the jism out of Mr. Brady’s pulsing cock.

She turned her head slightly, allowing him to spear more of his big prick down her throat. Then Tammy’s pretty face flushed as she sucked his cock as hard as she could, determined to gulp down the hot jism that her lips and tongue would make gush up out of his balls.

“You suck my cock good, baby!” Brady gasped. Delightedly, he watched the babysitter pump her head up and down on his stiff prick. “Oh shit… it’s starting to boil in my balls now… I can’t hold it back much longer, honey!”

“Cum in her,” Mrs. Brady whispered, rubbing her red-haired pussy as she watched. “That’s right, Todd. Cum in her fucking mouth!”

Todd lunged forward, jamming nearly all of his rock-hard prick down Tammy’s throat. Tammy choked and started to gag as she felt his cock head swell to enormous dimensions deep down in her throat.

Then he came, shooting off what felt like whole pints of cum into her mouth. Tammy tasted the milky, salty deliciousness of his jism and groaned with ecstasy around his cumspurting prick.

Wrapping her hand around the base of his prick, she furiously started beating his meat. Then she gulped and slurped and swallowed, draining every ounce of cum from his balls, until his still-throbbing prick popped out of her mouth and dropped another spurt of cum onto her chin.

“Did you like that, baby?” Mrs. Brady asked.

Tammy gulped, smiled and shamelessly nodded her head. Her pussy was still burning; she was so horny that even her asshole hurt. She hoped the wanton Bradys were ready for more fucking and sucking.

“That’s good, baby,” Mrs. Brady whispered. “Because now you get to do me.”

She climbed up Tammy’s body, pausing briefly to fondle and squeeze her huge tits. Then she sat on Tammy’s face, planting her knees onto the bed to either side of her ears. Tammy groaned as Mrs. Brady dropped her hips and ground her pussy onto her lips.

“Smell good, baby?” She reached down and parted her pussy folds with her fingers, exposing the bright pinkness of her fuck hole. “Now suck my cunt good for me, okay? Make me cum just like I made yours.”

Tammy’s head reeled as she inhaled the aroma of her first pussy. It didn’t taste or smell as fantastic as a man’s prick, but it was tantalizing in its own way, and she felt fresh fuck juices seeping from her pussy as she fucked her tongue into Mrs. Brady’s cunt.

“Umm,” Mrs. Brady’s pretty, proper looking face contorted with lust. “That’s right, baby!” She pulled Tammy’s hair and started to rock her ass, fucking her babysitter’s face with her burning, sopping pussy. “Suck my pussy good now! Clean up my hot cunt with that cute little tongue!”

Tammy wiggled her tongue between the lips of Mrs. Brady’s pussy, lapping up the rich fuck in earn that shone on her cunt. It tasted delicious, and she felt her pussy steaming all over again.

Her hands came up, squeezing the plump checks of the wife’s bucking ass. Then she started to eat out her pussy as if she’d been doing it all her life, rhythmically slipping her tongue up and down her open, flowing cunt.

“Harder!” Mrs. Brady was fucking her ass like a wild woman now, pounding her pussy slit onto Tammy’s mouth. “Suck it, you little slut! Get my clit, make me cum, baby, got to make me cum!”

Tammy took Mrs. Brady’s clit between her lips and gently bit it, making the naked redhead gasp and buck her ass faster than ever. Squeezing and clawing her ass cheeks, Tammy alternated between sucking the hard little clit and fucking her tongue in and out of her pussy.

“Cumming!” Mrs. Brady stiffened, pulled Tammy’s hair, then pumped and bucked her ass like a bitch in heat as the cum exploded in her fuck tunnel. “Ohhh! Oh, Tammy, you’re such a good cunt-sucker! Eat it, little girl! Eat my cunt! Awwwww, I’m cumming!”

Her cunt exploded on Tammy’s mouth, drenching the babysitter’s mouth with her fuck juices. Tammy squeezed Mrs. Brady’s ass and eagerly continued to tongue and lick her pussy, anxious for more of her fuck juices. Finally the exhausted wife slipped off of her face and gestured tiredly to her husband.

“God, that was fantastic,” she moaned. “I can’t take any more. Now you do her, Todd!”

All Tammy could do was lie there and watch excitedly as Brady mounted her, crawling between her spread-eagled legs. She moaned with pleasure as she felt his spongy cock head pushing onto her pussy. Then the moan turned to a gasp as the prick knob parted the cunt slit and started to fuck into her cunt.

First thrust, Tammy thought giggly. Big, thick cock fucking into me… spreading my pussy… so good, up my belly. Fucking his big, stiff prick.

After being sucked to orgasm by Mrs. Brady’s skillful tongue, Tammy’s pussy was incredibly sensitive to cock. Brady’s meaty prick shaft seemed to keep on going into her, until she imagined she could feel his juicing prick head oozing cum in her throat.

“Oh Jesus, what a tight cunt!” Brady collapsed on top of her, flattening her huge tits beneath his hairy cheat as he fucked his cock to the balls in her churning fuck hole. “Nothing like… unh… a teenage girl for a… oh, shit… fantastic fuck!”

“Go ahead, Todd,” Mrs. Brady whispered hornily. The naked redhead stretched out beside them and started to jack off, rubbing and fingering her wet cunt as she watched her husband’s cock fucking into the babysitter’s cunt. “That’s what she needs, the horny little slut. Give her a good fucking!”

Tammy whimpered and impatiently started to grind her ass off the bed. Todd lifted his hips, until only the crown of his throbbing hard-on parted the folds of her young pussy.

Then he slammed it back home again, and started fucking her cunt hard and fast. Tammy gasped and raked his back with her fingernails, twisting her head to and fro on the bed, almost unable to stand the pleasure of his long fucker hammering into her hairy, clinging cunt.

“Haaaarder!” She tossed up her long legs, twining them tightly around his heaving back. “My cunt’s so wet! Keep fucking me, Mr. Brady! Make my pussy cum!”

“Harder, Todd!” Mrs. Brady pumped her ass off the mattress as she stroked her slender fingers into her own sucking pussy. “That’s what a young girl likes.”

Panting, Brady fucked his prick into Tammy’s curly-haired pussy as fast and hard as he could. The bed creaked and shook obscenely; their bellies slapped sweatily together as they fucked.

“Harder, Mr. Brady!” Tammy squealed into his ear. She threw her arms around his shoulders, then pulled on his ass cheeks, trying to get more of his cock meat into her pussy. “Oh fuck, I’m getting so close! I’m gonna cum soon! I can feel it, gonna cum!”

“Cumming,” Mrs. Brady murmured. Her contorted face and the jerky movements of her fingers in her fuck hole told her husband and babysitter that she was getting off. “Fuck her, Todd… cumming… cumming good!”

Todd’s balls slapped heavily on the crack of Tammy’s ass. He fucked her like a machine, slamming his prick all the way into her pussy with every brutal fuck-stroke.

“Cumming!” Tammy cried. She lifted her jiggling ass cheeks a full foot off the bed, clamping her thighs around his waist and raking his back as the cum burst through her hot pussy. “Harder, harder, fuck me as hard as you can! I’m cumming!”

As he felt the teenaged babysitter’s pussy throbbing convulsively around his prick, Brady gave himself permission to shoot. Burying his cock inside her clinging cunt tunnel, he moaned as the jism shot from the tip of his cock, deluging her pussy with the second load of his salty cum.

Tammy whimpered and pumped her ass, helping her babysitting customer to drain his wad completely in her tight, hairy fuck hole. Wait until I get home, she thought hornily. Then I can get same more sucking and fucking from my father.


Tammy awakened the next morning feeling particularly horny, even hotter than she usually was. The first thought she had upon opening her eyes was how wet and hot her pussy felt; evidently she had just come out of a very arousing dream.

Tammy got out of bed and admired her full figured nakedness in the mirror. Her cunt really was burning, so wet that she could see her fuck cream glistening on her inner thighs. Tammy hefted her huge tits, moaning softly as she pinched the stiff, crinkled nipples.

It was only six-thirty, an hour before she and her father usually awakened. But Tammy trotted out of her bedroom and opened her father’s door, figuring that Thursday was a good day to make sure her daddy got to work extra early.

William slumbered heavily on his back, with the sheets crumpled at the foot of the bed. Tammy was delighted to see that her daddy had an enormous, throbbing hard-on as he slept. His big fucker rose out of his prick hairs in a steely crescent, with the cock, knob bloated and dripping cum luridly as it twitched over his navel.

With her steaming pussy squishing between her thighs, Tammy crossed the room and knelt on the floor beside the bed. She licked her palm several times to make it nice and wet, then wrapped her little hand tightly around the veined stiffness of her father’s cock.

It felt hot and hard, just like a cock should. Tammy made her father moan in his sleep as she lightly caressed his aching cock, sliding up the loose flesh, milking the prick knob to make several more drops of pre-cum ooze from the piss slit.

“Unh,” William murmured, and he shifted slightly. “Tammy… ummm…”

He was dreaming about her! Happily, Tammy extended her tongue and licked a wet, teasing circle around the crown of her father’s prick. She pushed his stiff boner with her tongue, making it weave and dance over his hairy stomach.

Then, unable to control herself any longer, the horny young blonde opened her mouth widely and stuffed her father’s cock down her throat.

William started to awaken as he felt the wet pressure around his cock meat, but Tammy ignored him. She puckered her cheeks and sucked her daddy’s cock extremely hard, groaning as she savored the salty taste of his prick.

More cum was oozing out of his purplish cock head; Tammy became hornier than ever as she realized her daddy was about to cum. Wrapping her hand more tightly around the thick root of his fuck rod, Tammy started to jack off her daddy’s prick as she sucked on the cock knob. Soon the bedroom was filled with the smacking, slurping sounds of a good blowjob.

“Umph… whassa…” William’s eyes fluttered as he slowly came to. “Tammy! Jesus Christ!”

“Good morning, Daddy!” A thin, gooey strand of cum dripped from the blonde’s lips as she removed her father’s cock momentarily from her mouth, looking up at him. “I decided to wake you up with a good blow-job. You don’t mind, do you, Daddy?”

William sighed and let his head return to the pillow, more than accustomed to such shameless wanton behavior from his horny daughter. Whimpering, Tammy smacked her lips as she again engulfed the heart-shaped crown of her father’s prick.

She badly wanted to drink his cum, but she also wanted him to fuck her. Mischievously, Tammy decided to torture her father a little and have her pleasure both ways.

Her head bobbed, fucking her throat with her father’s stone-hard prick. Tammy’s cheeks flushed luridly as she sucked his cock as hard as she could, rhythmically puckering and bellowing her cheeks to increase the suction around her father’s throbbing cock.

“Oh shit, baby!” William stiffened and curled his fingers in her thick, blonde hair, arching his ass off the bed as his balls prepared to explode.

“You suck my prick so good… here, here now… ahhh!”

His meaty prick trembled between her pursed lips, growing another half-inch in length and becoming even fatter than before. Then a hot geyser of jism spurted from the tip of his cock, puffing out Tammy’s cheeks with the first shot of her father’s cum.

Holding his cum in her mouth, Tammy immediately pulled her lips from his cock and clamped her thumb and forefinger on the tip. Her father looked up at her in surprise and pain as his prick throbbed wildly in her pinching grip, unable to release the rest of its load of cum.

“Jesus, what the fuck are you trying to do to me?” he shouted miserably. “Give me blue balls?”

Tammy smiled as she gulped hard, swallowing the first shot of her father’s cock cream. She held her thumb and forefinger tightly on his prick head, becoming hornier than ever as his big fucker pulsed and throbbed in a vain effort to shoot the rest of his jism.

When she finally released his cock, the fat, rock-hard tool bobbed and twitched painfully and spasmodically over his stomach. But the prick head stayed dry, and Tammy quickly mounted him, planting her knees on the bed to either side of his hips.

“I wanted you to fuck me, Daddy,” she explained simply. “I just had to drink some of your cum, but I wanted to make sure you’d stay stiff enough to fill my pussy. I’m sorry if I hurt you!”

Giggling, Tammy reached between her milk white thighs and grasped the pounding length of her father’s prick. She drew the meaty cock tip to her swollen pussy lips, shuddering as she let her father’s prick fuck into the oiled, dripping sheath of her cunt.

“Fucking me, Daddy!” She wiggled her ass to help his cock go up her pussy, then lean forward so that her enormous tits danced and swung over his chest. “I love the way your prick feels when it’s going up my cunt! Stretching me… so hot in my belly… oh fuck me, Daddy! Fuck my pussy!”

Tirelessly, she humped and wriggled her little ass until his prick was buried to the balls in the syrupy warmth of her cunt. Then Tammy grabbed her father’s shoulders and wildly started pumping her ass up and down, fucking her hairy, gurgling pussy slit quickly up and down on his pulsing cock.

“Unh! Good!” William’s hands idly massaged his daughter’s big, jiggling tits, feeling their spongy weight. He lowered his head to the pillow and simply lay there groaning, feeling his aching cock continually massaged by the buttery wetness of her young cunt.

“Fuck meeee, Daddy!” Tammy made the bed shake as she fucked her ass faster and faster, grunting every time her father’s cock filled her cunt. “My pussy’s burning! Oh shit, I gotta cum!”

William started grinding his ass, thrusting up his throbbing cock to meet the downward fuck-thrusts of his daughter’s pussy. Within a few strokes they were fucking in almost perfect time, with William panting as he struggled to keep up with the frenzied, driven rhythm of his lust-crazed daughter.

“Gonna cum, Daddy!” Tammy felt the throbbing heat begin deep inside her pussy as she fucked her pussy on his cock. “Cumming now, it’s burning! Keep fucking me, Daddy! Harder, faster, I’m cumming!”

“Oh shit, honey,” William whispered. He grimaced as his balls swelled with cum. “I’m cuming too!”

He whipped his ass off the bed, slamming his twitching hard-on all the way into Tammy’s cunt. Tammy squealed happily as she felt the hot spurts of his dim gushing from his hairy balls, deluging her velvety cunt tunnel with paternal cum.

But it wasn’t enough, she thought, even as she contracted her pussy muscles to milk more jizz from her daddy’s slowly softening cock. She was so horny today; she didn’t know why; she just was. If she didn’t get fucked at school, she would just go crazy!


Tammy deliberately wore the same outfit to school that morning that she’d worn on the first day: her skimpiest cut-offs, and the tube top that barely restrained her enormous, jiggling tits. It was her most provocative outfit, and she knew she was making a spectacle of her gorgeous body, but she was so horny that she wanted every male in sight to know she was available for fucking.

Living dangerously, Tammy walked to her morning class through the back parting lot.

On her first day, she’s had to run when two boys had chased her through the rows of parked hot-rod cars. That was where all the tough kids hung out, she had later learned, the delinquents who showed up at high school only between long stints at juvenile hall.

They took drugs, and they drank, and they shouted obscenities at teachers, and they extorted money from any smaller kids who were stupid enough to wander into their turf. Tammy’s pussy tingled as she walked through the gate to their parking lot.

She knew she was going to get raped as she felt the first horny pair of eyes turn to watch her big tits bounce under the tube top. She wanted to get raped this morning, she was so horny.

Tammy’s high-heeled sandals clicked on the pavement as she walked slowly between the rows of cars, feeling the silence envelop her as groups of tough boys stopped talking to stare at her hungrily.

Their mousy-looking girlfriends looked at her jealously. Tammy realized two young dark-haired guys were following her. One of them dragged on a cigarette; the other sipped a half-pint of Jack Daniels.

She passed the open door of a red van, noticing a sullen-looking older man lying on a garish pink carpet. Suddenly Tammy felt strong hands on her shoulders, and she realized she was being pushed into the van, against her with and that she was going to be raped after all.

Tammy squealed as she was dropped on the van’s carpeted floor, then lifted her head just in time to see the van door thrown shut and locked securely. She studied the two boys and realized they were the same boys who’d chased her on her first day at school.

She had heard their names in whispered, fearful conversation in the girls’ lavatories. Chuck was the really big one with the long, greasy hair; Tammy had heard two younger girls say he’d been acquitted on two rape charges in the past year.

The smaller boy, who was very muscular, was named Walter. He had been one of the school’s best wrestlers before he’d started drinking and stealing money from the lockers.

She didn’t know who the skinny, older man was. He was in his late twenties, Tammy guessed, much too old to be hanging around high schools. A pencil-thin mustache made him look menacing; he wore a windbreaker and a stained pair of jeans. Sitting on the floor of the van opposite her, he looked at her, apparently disinterested in her abduction.

“Hi, Tammy,” Chuck said softly. “It really was nice of you to come to school through our parking lot today. We were waiting for you to come back here.”

“You fuckers!” Tammy screamed. “What the hell do you think you’re doing, grabbing me and throwing me in here like that? I’m gonna go to the principal’s office… you let me out of here right now!”

She lunged at the van door, but both Chuck and Walter immediately grabbed her and threw her onto her back. Tammy squealed as Chuck hungrily squeezed her grapefruit-sized tits through the tube top, rolling his palm on the outline of her stiff nipple.

“God damn, you got big tits,” he whispered.

“You’re not going anywhere, Tammy,” Walter said gleefully. “Shit, this is your surprise party. We’ve got a special present for you today. Meet Ben!”

The sullen-looking older man smiled briefly and nodded his head. Tammy screamed as Chuck pulled down her tube top, attached his mouth to one rosy nipple and sucked it like a lamprey, as if he expected to suck hot milk from the rubbery tit tip.

“Ben here’s gonna fuck you, Tammy,” Walter continued. “And you’re really gonna dig it. And you know why? ‘Cause Ben’s got the biggest fucking prick you ever saw in your life!”

Tammy was too busy squealing to reply, flailing her fists on Chuck’s back as the horny delinquent tore at her clothes. In spite of her struggles, she was naked within a few seconds.

Both boys developed enormous hard-ons at the sight of her bare tits and hairy pussy triangle. Tammy looked at Ben’s crotch and gasped. His expression was still sullen, but a gigantic tube of prick meat had grown down the inside of his pants leg.

“Whip it out, Ben,” Chuck whispered. “Show her that huge cock!”

Ben silently stripped his pants over his tennis shoes, leaving himself naked from the waist to the ankles. Tammy’s eyes bulged in both lust and fear. For the first time, she saw a cock even larger than her father’s.

Ben’s fucker was enormous, at least ten or eleven inches long and incredibly fat, thicker than her wrist. Tammy couldn’t believe the slender man had enough blood in his body to fill out such an oversized cock, but his prick was now as hard as stone, standing out nearly a foot from his slender hips, bobbing and twitching with lust.

“Noooooo!” Tammy squealed and struggled to rise to her feet. “You’re not going to fuck me with that big thing! Nooooo!”

Chuck fell on top of her chest, crushing her tits beneath his weight. Walter grabbed her ankles and spread them wide apart. Tammy shrieked and continued to struggle as Ben crawled between her thighs, holding his gigantic cock before him.

She was frightened of being fucked by such a huge cock, but she was also extremely turned on. She was being raped, she thought giddily, for the first time in her life. They were so hot for her pussy that they were taking her by force. And giving her to their friend, whose prick would stretch her pussy farther than ever before.

“Stick it in, Ben,” Chuck whispered. “Feed her your cock meat.”

Crouching between Tammy’s spread-eagled, struggling thighs, Ben rubbed his cock head up and down her fleecy-haired pussy slit. He smiled as he realized how wet her cunt was, but said nothing to his companions, keeping to himself the secret of how badly Tammy craved to be fucked.

Then he pushed his cock head into her fuck hole, and Tammy shuddered as her pussy lips stretched to admit his massive prick.

“Ungghh!” She bit her lip and grimaced and wriggled her ass desperately, overwhelmed by the sensation as her cunt stretched to admit his prick. “Oh, fuck…” His huge cock seemed to burn as it fucked into her, inch after inch of the swollen knob and shaft penetrating the slippery tunnel of her pussy.

“Oh God, stop it!” she shrieked, when his prick suddenly felt too big for her pussy. “You’re killing me with that monster! Ungggh! Take it out!”

Ben ignored her protests. Something changed in his blank expression as her pussy worked around his cock, milking and wetly clinging to the blood-swollen hardness of his cock. “Tight cunt,” be said dryly, wincing as Tammy’s pussy clasped spasmodically around his cock. “Oh shit, yes… tight teenage pussy!”

Finally his prick was all the way inside her, buried to the balls between the stretched, swollen lips of her hairy pussy. Tammy gushed and writhed as she felt his cock throbbing rhythmically deep inside her fuck hole, seeming to bore all the way into her stomach.

“Oh God, can’t stand it,” she moaned. “Too fucking big!”

Ben pulled out, watching as his huge prick, glossy with her pussy juices, pulled greasily out of her furry cunt. Gently, he eased his enormous prick back in again.

Then he started to fuck her, reaming out her pussy with long, smooth strokes of his rock-hard cock. Tammy’s eyelids fluttered. She struggled to suppress the feelings of wet need throbbing through her cunt hole, not wanting to give in to the rape so easily.

But it was impossible. Ben’s ten-inch cock made wet, squishing sounds as he began to pound it in and out of her cunt. Sensing her arousal, both Chuck and Walter released her. Then they sat up and happily watched the spread-eagled blonde moaning as she was fucked by their friend’s giant cock.

“Do you like it, Tammy?” Walter asked, rubbing his stiff prick through his jeans. “Don’t it feel good?”

“Ungghh! Fuck!” Tammy lifted her knees until they nearly touched her shoulders, opening up her pussy passage completely for the invasion of Ben’s hammering cock.

“Fuck, fuck harder!” she gasped. Then she started to rock and hump her ass off the floor of the van, fucking up her pussy for more of his cock.

“Shit,” Chuck whispered.

“I gotta get my cock sucked,” Walter moaned.

Hurriedly, he unbuttoned his jeans, never taking his eyes off the blue-veined shaft of Ben’s ten-inch cock, fucking steadily into the gurgling wetness of Tammy’s cunt. Tammy turned her head and watched as his prick popped out of his underwear… a long, slender cock, very stiff, perfect for sucking.

“Suck it, bitch!” Walter demanded. He grabbed her head and thrust his rosy cock head between her lips. “Suck out my cum!”

Tammy knew she was now being gang banged, but she was much too horny to protest. Submissively parting her lips, she made a gurgling sound as Walter rammed his prick into her mouth, hitting the back of her mouth with the oozing crown of his cock.

Ben fucked her faster, whipping his huge prick in and out of her pumping, horny cunt. Tammy caved in her cheeks and started sucking Walter’s cock very hard, swirling her tongue all over the tip.

“Good, do it gooood!” Walter moaned. He held her head and made humping motions with his hips, fucking his prick in and out of her lips. “Do you like the taste of my dick, baby? When you’re getting fucked?”

Tammy slurped and nodded her head. Her big tits jiggled gelatinously as Walter fed her his cock, and the feeling of her stiff, shaking nipples made her hornier than ever.

Pushing her hand up his hairy thighs, Tammy wrapped her fist tightly around Walter’s cock. Then she eagerly bobbed her head, helping him fuck her face with his swollen cock.

“Gonna cum,” Walter whispered. “Shit, you suck cock good. I can’t hold it much longer!”

Ben continued to fuck her tirelessly, wincing every time her slippery pussy sheath contracted around his long, thick prick. Tammy was dying to gulp down a mouthful of boiling cum. She jacked Walter’s cock and sucked the prick knob as hard as she could, darting her tongue into the cum slit.

“Can’t fucking stand it!” Walter yelped. “Oh fuck, here I cummmm!”

He bucked his hips forward, fucking nearly all of his cock down the vixen’s throat. Tammy gurgled wetly as she tasted the salty cum spraying out of his cock head. Creamily, it rushed down her throat, and she gulped and swallowed it all down, continuing to suck and lick his prick until she’d drunk all of the jism from his throbbing balls.

“Oh, fuck,” Walter said. Sighing with pleasure, he fell back against the wall of the van and wiped his cock off as he watched Ben continue to hammer his cock into Tammy’s pussy. “Make her cum now, Ben. I want to watch her cream!”

Ben quickly started fucking her pussy as hard as he could, slamming his prick like a piston into her buttery fuck tunnel. Tammy groaned as an intense, throbbing sensation started up in the depths of her pussy.

Fucking me, she thought hornily. Huge, throbbing prick, stretching me, fucking me, filling my pussy. Going to cum now. Stroking my cunt, oh fuck!

“Cumming!” she cried. Tammy bounced her ass off the van floor like a wild woman, clawing Ben’s shoulders as she feverishly fucked her pussy on his huge cock. “Fuck me, Ben! Fuck me hard, as hard as you… can! Oh God, my cunt’s burning up! I’m gonna… unggghhh! Oh fuck me, keep fucking me. I’m cumming!”

The spasms deluged her pussy with ecstasy, making her clit tingle and her nipples ache and her dripping pussy tunnel sucked convulsively around Ben’s cock. Ben moaned, feeling the tight cunt milking his cock. He fell forward, stabbing his ten-inch rod as far into her cunt as it would go.

His cum-load was as big as his prick. Again and again, the hot spunk shot out of his plumsized cock head, spraying the innermost walls of Tammy’s pussy with his milky cock cream.

Tammy screamed and fucked and flexed her cunt muscles, wanting to drain her assailant of all of his jizz. Cum kept on squirting into her pussy, finally gurgling out of her cunt around his fucking cock and running onto the carpet.

Ben moaned as he pulled his prick out of her clinging pussy. He watched his fuck-wilted, dripping cock shaft soften slowly, until, in its flaccid state, it was only a few inches longer than the average man’s cock.

Tammy whimpered with both satisfaction and disappointment, thinking that her rape was over. But she’d forgotten about Chuck, who she quickly remembered when she turned her head and saw his naked prick, jutting out of his curly cock hairs like a length of iron pipe.

“Turn over, baby,” he said harshly. “Get on your hands and knees, just like a dog. I’m going to shoot my wad up your sweet little asshole!”

Tammy screamed, but she was too exhausted and horny to make much of a struggle as Walter rolled her onto her belly. Submissively she lay flat on her stomach, looking at Chuck over her shoulder as his big prick bobbed and throbbed with blood.

Walter held her ass cheeks apart, revealing her cum-drenched pussy slit and the pink, puckered ring of her asshole. Chuck groaned with pleasure as he centered the cock knob onto the rubbery circle.

“Ever had your asshole fucked before, honey?” he asked, and he started to push his prick in.

Tammy nodded her head shamefully. Then all she could do was moan and start humping as Chuck gradually packed her asshole with the burning hardness of his big prick.

In and in and in it went, filling her asshole as completely as Ben’s monster cock had stretched her pussy. Releasing her ass cheeks, Walter sat back and watched the big-titted blonde taking his friend’s cock up her little asshole.

“Do you like it, sugar?” Chuck lay with all of his throbbing boner embedded in her shitter, groaning as her rubbery asshole muscles sucked convulsively around his cock. “Don’t it just stretch you to death? Tell me how much you love my prick!”

Tammy slowly lifted her ass, rising on her knees until she was crouched in the dog fucking position, with Chuck on top of her and her enormous tits dangling pendulously over the van floor.

“Unh!” Slowly she started to hump her ass, fucking her asshole onto Chuck’s cock. “Yes, oh fuck yesss!” she hissed wantonly. “I love getting my asshole fucked! Do it, Chuck! Fuck my asshole, fuck it hard!”

Chuck moaned and pulled out his greasy prick, staring between her ass cheeks as only the mushroom-shaped crown parted her pink asshole. Then he rammed his cock home again, pounding his stiff, oozing cock in and out of her little ass.

“Fuck me harder, Chuck!” Uncontrollably horny now, Tammy thrust her fingers through her pussy curls and moaned in ecstasy as she buried two in the dripping, cum-filled slit of her cunt. “I said fuck me, do it harder!” Wantonly, she jacked off her throbbing pussy, rubbing her clit with her thumb. “I’ve gotta cum again, Chuck! I want your prick fucking my asshole good and haaaard!”

Chuck panted as he fucked his cum-bloated prick in and out of her tight asshole, already feeling the jism starting to churn in his balls. Tammy gasped as she fucked her fingers in a blur in her pussy. Ben and Walter exchanged appreciative glances and watched as they leaned on the tire well of the van.

“I’m cumming!” Chuck gasped. “Your asshole’s so God damn tight… can’t hold it… ahhhhh, shit!”

He fucked her asshole brutally for a minute, grimacing and panting as he felt the tingling stiffness flowing through his racing cock. Then he buried his prick to the balls in the furnace-like heat of her asshole, and a second later Tammy felt her shitter overflowing with the boiling tide of his cum.

“Cumming!” she shrieked. Jism overflowed her asshole and her pussy creamed as Chuck’s hot cum spurted into her guts. Tammy felt her rubbery asshole muscles sucking spasmodically around his hammering cock, milking more jism up from his balls. “Fuck me, Chuck! Fuck my fucking asshole! Harder, bastard, I’m cuuummmiiinnngggg!”

Then he pulled his wilting prick from her sucking asshole ring, and Tammy knew that, at least for the time being, her gang rape was over. The big-titted teenager stretched out on the van floor and moaned deliriously with pleasure as she felt the tingling satisfaction in her pussy and asshole.

She didn’t mind being fucked by three young studs at once, especially when one was hung like Ben. She loved it; she couldn’t wait to do it again. And a mischievous smile spread across Tammy’s pretty face as she suddenly thought of a new way to tease her daddy.


Her bedroom door was wide open, and just to make sure a gust of air wouldn’t shut it, Tammy had put her schoolbooks in front of the door.

It was now just before five o’clock; her father would be home any minute. Tammy lay spread-eagled on her bed, naked, with her pussy creaming and her huge tits jiggling as Walter fucked his stiff prick into her cunt.

Ben and Chuck stood in front of the bed, watching their rape victim now willingly getting fucked. Tammy had invited them all over for a good gang-bang. They didn’t know it, but the main reason was that Tammy wanted her father to see her fucking and sucking Ben’s enormous cock.

“Harder, Walter!” Tammy wrapped her long legs tightly around his waist and heaved her sweating ass off the springy bed, fucking her pussy onto his cock. “Oh fuck, your prick feels so good inside me! Stretch it, Walter! Kill my pussy with your big, beautiful cock!”

Walter panted as he worked out between her thighs, fucking his throbbing, aching hard-on to the balls in her sweet pussy with every thrust. Tammy felt the hairy sac of his balls slapping her ass crack with every fuck-stroke.

His chest heaved on top of her, flattening her creamy white tits.

“I’m gonna cum, Walter!” Tammy whipped up her blushing ass cheeks in a fever, wiggling her hips in a desperate attempt to get more of his thick cock inside her. “Oh fuck, my pussy’s burning up! It’s burning on your prick! Keep fucking meeeee! I’m cumming!”

The cum drenched her curly-haired pussy slit, filling her cunt with so much fuck cream that the slippery tunnel made obscene slushing sounds as it clung to Walter’s fucking cock.

Walter moaned and fucked her cunt harder, wincing as her cumming pussy sucked around his cock. Then he came too, shooting bug spurts of thick, white cum into her buttery, overflowing pussy.

“Okay, get off me!” Tammy squealed excitedly. “Now it’s Ben’s turn!”

The exhausted Walter climbed from between her thighs, rolling off the bed. Tammy glanced at the clock beside her bed. Any second, she thought and at that moment she heard her father’s car rolling up the driveway.

“Take down your pants, Ben,” she said, sitting up on the bed. “I want to suck your big cock first.”

Ben silently stripped off all his clothes, revealing his lean, naked musculature. His gigantic, ten-inch cock rose from his belly like a battering ram, as big around as Tammy’s wrist, with a purplish, swollen prick knob that was already leaking pre-cum.

Tammy heard the front door open and close quietly. Her daddy was home.

Wiggling her ass on the edge of the bed, Tammy wrapped both hands tightly around Ben’s huge fuck tool. She rolled her tongue all over the spongy cock knob, darting her tongue into his piss hole, making him hot.

She heard the footsteps coming down the hallway, about to pass her door. Tammy stretched her lips as widely as she could and took Ben’s cock into her mouth. Her cheeks caved in.

As her father passed her open door, and stopped dead in his tracks, the first thing he saw was his teenaged daughter, sitting naked on the bed and sucking wildly on the biggest cock he had ever seen.

“Jesus,” William gasped.

“Oh fuck,” Chuck groaned. “It’s her old man.”

For a long time, they just stood there staring at each other. William dropped his briefcase, and entered his daughter’s bedroom as if in a trance. Walter and Chuck exchanged guilty looks. Ben just stood there impassively, with his huge cock bobbing next to Tammy’s cheek and her saliva dripping luridly from the tip.

“Hi, Daddy,” Tammy said brightly. “You’re home a little early today, aren’t you?”

“Tammy!” William exclaimed hoarsely. He crossed the bedroom and stood beside the bed, gaping at the spectacle of his gorgeous daughter holding the enormous prick. “What in the world… in the name of God!”

“I’m sucking Ben’s cock, Daddy,” Tammy said, milking his massive cock up and down. “Isn’t it a super big one? This here’s Walter and Chuck. Walter just gave me a really good fucking, and Chuck’s going to be next. Why don’t you stick around and watch, Daddy?”

With that, she opened her mouth wide and stuffed Ben’s drooling cock back down her buttery throat. Panting for air through her nose, Tammy caved in her cheeks and sucked Ben’s prick right in front of her father. Her hands moved on his cock shaft, beating his meat between her lips.

“Jesus,” William whispered dazedly.

“Hot damn!” Walter exclaimed. “Right in front of her fucking father!”

“How’s it look, old man?” Chuck asked, looking at him cruelly. “She gives a good blow-job, don’t she? Especially with a big prick like that in her mouth!”

The color rose in William’s cheeks. He clenched his fists and looked helplessly around the room, fighting the urge to hit Chuck or Ben or Walter or all three of them.

But they were all bigger than he was. Miserably, William stood watching his daughter suck Ben’s cock. A bulge swelled in his crotch as he heard her full lips smacking on the guy’s hard-on, watching her lips compress and her cheeks puff and pucker around his prick. Then, almost on the verge of screaming, Tammy’s father stomped out of the room and slammed the door shut behind him.

“Guess we pissed him off,” Walter said, laughing.

Tammy gurgled and nodded her head, never taking her lips or hands from Ben’s delicious cock. She knew the effect his anger would have on him.

That was the only reason she was doing this, she thought: for her father’s benefit. When Ben and Chuck and Walter left, her wonderful, big-cocked daddy would be horny enough to fuck her to death.

“I’m gonna cum,” Ben grunted. “Oh, shit!”

He grabbed her ears and pumped his ass, fucking his ten-inch cock in and out of her mouth. Tammy almost choked round the thickness of his prick, but she made herself keep sucking.

His prick swelled to steely stiffness, pulsing and throbbing hotly. Tammy jacked his big cock as fast as she could. Then a torrent of hot cum flooded out of his cock head, gushing down her throat.

Tammy gurgled. Desperately she worked her throat muscles, trying to gulp down the avalanche of cum. But there was more of his thick jism than she could ever take. Tammy slurped as his cum-load filled her cheeks and ran out of her lips around his squirting prick, running in a lewd stream down her chin.

Ben pulled his cock from her lips and wiped the knob off on her cheek. Tammy swallowed hard and looked anxiously at the other two boys. Chuck already had his clothes off. His big fucker weaved before him as he climbed onto the bed with her.

“Lie on your back,” he commanded. “And spread those pretty legs!”

His weight crushed her big tits as he mounted her. Tammy moaned with pleasure as his spongy cock knob parted her pussy slit and bored into the molten depths of her dripping cunt.

“Fuck me!” She threw her long legs around his back and feverishly started humping, fucking her pussy onto his thrusting cock. “Yes, Chuckie… that’s the way… fuck me, fuck me good and hard!”

Chuck panted and worked out between her thighs. Tammy pistoned her ass to meet his fuck strokes. Her pussy was burning, but only partially because of Chuck’s torrid fucking. All she could think of was her daddy, alone in his bedroom now, cursing the ceiling as his hard-on throbbed in his pants.

Two hours later, Ben was still fucking Tammy.

“Fuck me faster, Ben! Oh God, I love your huge fucking prick. Kill my pussy lover, kill it with your big cock!”

Walter and Chuck had left after their third round of fucking Tammy. Heaving between Tammy’s nakedly splayed thighs, Ben panted as he pounded his rock-hard cock in and out of her sucking pussy, filling her cunt completely with every fuck thrust.

Tammy scissored her creamy thighs around his back and grunted as she humped her nimble ass to meet his fuck-strokes. She hadn’t heard a sound from her father’s bedroom in the past two hours, and knew that was because he was in there listening to her, listening to every squishing thrust of Ben’s big cock up her fuck tunnel.

Tammy moaned extra loud for his benefit.

“Fuck me harder, Ben!” she gasped. “Your cock is so enormous! Oh slit, it’s killing me! Fill up my pussy! You’re making me cum!”

“I’m cumming!” Ben gasped. “Tight, sucking pussy! I can’t hold my rocks back…”

He slammed his cock all the way into her hairy fuck slit and started to fuck her with a special passion, feeling the jism mount again in his hairy balls. Then it gushed out of the tip of his cock, streaming into her red, ravaged pussy.

“I’m cumming, Ben!” Tammy screamed. “I’m cumming on your huge cock!”

The spasms gushed through her pussy like a ruptured damn, making her clit tingle deliciously and her cunt muscles shudder around Ben’s ten-inch cock.

Ben kept fucking her through the duration of her cum, sighing as her throbbing pussy sucked the last drops of jism from his cock. Then he pulled out, got off the bed, dressed without saying a word and left the condominium quietly.

For a long time Tammy just lay there, panting as she felt the hot tingling sensations in her cunt. Then, with jism running out of her pussy and down her legs, she got up and went into the hall to confront her father.


Her father was sitting on the edge of his bed when Tammy entered his room. He was staring blankly at the floor. Tammy knew how furious he was with her, and it both scared and excited her tremendously.

That was why she’d done it, she thought: so her daddy would punish her for being such a horny slut.

“Hi, Daddy,” she said easily. “Sorry I took so long and missed dinner and everything. God, those guys really gave my pussy a workout!”

“You utile whore,” William said harshly. “You miserable, fucking little slut!”

Tammy stood in front of her father and looked at him intently, already feeling the burning expectation mounting in her cunt. His face was angrier than she’d ever seen it; showing how much rage he’d fought back for the past two hours.

“But Daddy, what’s…”

“Don’t give me that horseshit!” her father bellowed. “I come home and find you gangbanging three hoods from school and then Jesus, you don’t even stop! You just go right on sucking his cock right in front of me! They practically laughed me out of my own daughter’s bedroom! And then you spent the next two hours moaning and groaning so loud I thought the ceiling was going to cave in!”

A vein stood out on her father’s neck; he was actually quivering with rage. Tammy knew she should apologize now, but she didn’t want to. She wanted to bait him, to see how angry he would get. Then she’d really get punished.

“Fuck you, Daddy,” she said brazenly. “You don’t have any right to tell me what to do!”

“What did you say to me?” William whispered, and he grabbed her wrist.

“Let go of my arm!” Tammy pulled her wrist away. “I can fuck anybody I want to, and I can do it anywhere I want to, too. Shit, Daddy, I think you’re just jealous ’cause Ben has a bigger cock than you! God, I loved sucking on it so much! I wish I had his cock in my mouth right now!”

Her father’s hands trembled on his knees, and his face shook convulsively with anger. “So you liked giving him a blow-job, did you?”

“I sure did, Daddy!”

“Well, why don’t you try sucking my prick, instead?”

He grabbed her hair and threw her to her knees before him, quickly tearing at the zipper and buckle of his pants. Tammy screamed and tried to rise, but her father hit her on the back of her neck very hard.

Then his pants were down around his ankles, and as soon as Tammy saw his naked cock she knew her suspicions had been correct: her daddy’s big prick was extremely stiff, throbbing and pulsing wickedly.

“Suck on it!” William roared. He pulled her head up by the hair and jammed his spongy cockhead against his daughter’s lips. “You’re going to give me the best cocksucking I ever had! Do you hear me? You little slut! Start sucking my prick!”

“No, Daddy, I don’t want to do it with you!” Tammy squealed, grimacing and turning her head away. “You can’t make me!”

William lifted his open hand and struck her cheek twice, quite hard. Spots of color danced before Tammy’s eyes. She looked up at her father in amazement. He’d never hit her before. She wondered if that was what she had wanted.

“Now start sucking!”

There was a long pause. Then Tammy wrapped her little fist tightly around the base of his cock and submissively dropped her head to his prick-knob.

“Yes, Daddy,” she said softly.

As her father stared down at her, Tammy opened her mouth widely and engulfed the rosy crown of his prick. She clasped her lips in a tight circle around the veined cockshaft, and immediately felt her pussy creaming as she tasted the salty deliciousness of his cock.

Ben’s cock was bigger, but her father still had the best prick she’d ever sucked.

Making lewd, slurping sounds, Tammy started to bob her head up and down on her father’s fuck rod. Her hand clenched the base of his cock and slowly started to milk and tug it, beating his cockmeat into her mouth. Tammy rolled her tongue all over his shiny cockhead, wanting to give her daddy the best cock sucking of his life.

“Unh!” The rage faded from William’s face as he watched his beautiful teenaged daughter giving him head. “Oh, shit, Tammy!” His ass cheeks started to rock off the edge of the bed as he fucked his cock in and out of her lips. “That’s good, honey! My cock’s burning! Suck it good and hard!”

Tammy dropped her free hand between his thighs, cupping the bloated orbs of his balls. Tenderly, she massaged the hairy sac, then extended a finger and massaged his hard, wrinkled asshole, knowing that was a good way to make her father cum.

“Oh, fuck it!” William winced and bucked his ass harder, ramming nearly two-thirds of his blood-filled cock down his daughter’s silky throat. “I’m gonna cum, Tammy! Keep sucking me. Oh shit, suck the cum right out of my balls!”

Tammy stuck her finger up her daddy’s asshole, probing the narrow tunnel. Her right wrist ached as she jacked his prick fast and hard, making more cum ooze from the cock tip onto her swirling tongue.

“Ahhh, Tammy, oh my God!”

He came, shooting gushers of hot cum down her throat. After three years of constant sucking and fucking, Tammy knew about how much jism her father would shoot off with every cum.

This was a very big cum-load for him, and it showed how much the spectacle of his daughter sucking his cock had tuned him on. Again and again, the white torrents of spunk burst from his cockhead, until Tammy was simply unable to swallow it all down.

William sighed as his cock shot off between his daughter’s lips. The rest of his cum dribbled out of her mouth around his prick, dripping down her chin onto her big, jiggling tits.

Tammy took her father’s hard-on out of her mouth and licked her lips, staring at his big fuck-tool. His cock was still as hard as stone, and her pussy burned as she realized she would soon be taking that cock deep inside her cunt.

“That was good, Daddy,” she whimpered, slowly beating off his prick. “You were right, making me suck your cock like that. I never should have talked to you so sassily.”

“I’m… I’m sorry too,” William murmured. “I shouldn’t have hit you.”

“I wanted you to, Daddy! Or at least I wanted to make you mad! I mean, I set it up so you’d see me sucking Ben’s cock when you came home from work. I knew it would make you mad — and turn you on. The whole thing was just for you, Daddy.”

William looked at his daughter dazedly. “Why you miserable little…”

“You’re right, Daddy! I deserve a good spanking! Why don’t you give me one right now?”

Tammy rose to her feet and threw herself on her father’s knees, wiggling her pussy on his lap. He could see her pussy slit between her ass cheeks, and the hairy little fuck-hole literally bubbled with all the white, foaming jism she’d taken up her cunt.

“Spank me, Daddy!” Tammy cried, wiggling her hot pussy triangle on his leg. “Spank me as hard as you can!”

Tentatively, William lifted his hand and swatted her bare ass. He paused to watch the ass cheeks jiggle, and a hot flush appeared in the ivory flesh.

Then he spanked her again, and again, and then, as Tammy felt his cock growing with fresh fuck-lust, he started to spank her much harder. Tammy moaned and bounced her burning pussy, dry-humping her cunt on his leg.

“Awww Daddy, it’s hurting me!” she squealed. “You spank my ass so hard!”

“Slut,” William whispered. His broad hand pounded on her jiggling ass cheeks, until they flushed crimson from the spanking.

Suddenly he threw her off his lap onto the floor. Knowing what he wanted, Tammy got on her hands and knees and looked at him anxiously over her shoulder, wiggling the reddened cheeks of her ass.

His prick was still incredibly stiff after blowing such a huge load, ready to fuck more hot cum into her buttery cunt. William crouched over his daughter and rubbed the swollen knob of his prick into the foaming gash of her pussy, dripping white with all the jism Walter and Ben and Chuck had fucked into her cunt.

“God, you’re wet down there!” William moaned. “Jesus, like a swamp!”

“Fuck meeeeee, Daddy!” Impatiently, Tammy started bumping and humping her ass cheeks, eager for the invasion of her father’s big prick. “I’m still horny! I need to get fucked!”

William worked his ass and fucked his throbbing cock up his daughter’s pussy. Because of all the jism in her cunt it glided in easily, like a knife through butter. He quickly started fucking her, pounding his cock in and out of her pussy.

“Harder, Daddy!” Tammy could hear her hairy pussy lips making wet sounds as they clung hungrily to her father’s fucking cock. “Oooh yes, you’re fucking me good now! Punish me, Daddy, fuck my cunt as hard as you can!”

William felt the delicious pressure of her slick cunt tunnel around his prick and knew he wouldn’t be able to hold his wad much longer. He moaned and fucked his daughter faster and harder, pounding his knees onto the bedroom rug.

“Gonna cum!” Tammy groaned. She clawed the rug and whipped up her ass in a delirious frenzy, grimacing as the spasms started to flow inside her pussy. “Getting off, Daddy! Feels so fucking good! Harder, fuck my cunt, Daddy! Awwww I’m cuummmiiinnng!”

William sighed as the jism streamed up out of his balls, spurting from the rosy tip of his prick, completely relieving him of all the anger he had felt towards his daughter.

“Never again,” he panted, withdrawing his wilted cock from her dripping cunt. “I don’t want you to fuck anyone but me in this house from now on. Understand?”

Tammy whimpered and nodded her head.


Tammy had, only the haziest memories of playing with her younger cousin Randy when she was a little girl, before her mother died. Thus she was taken completely by surprise when her father announced that he would be staying with them for an extended visit.

Tammy protested the invasion of their privacy, but all William could do was shrug and explain that he had owed his sister a favor for a long time. A few days later, they picked Randy up at the airport.

He was a short, muscular teenager with a cherubic face and a boyish mop of light-brown hair. Tammy thought he was handsome for a kid, and she automatically tried to gauge the size of his cock through his jeans. But Randy seemed totally innocent, about sex, and Tammy soon began to think of him as a mere child.

As the first week of Randy’s stay passed, Tammy got hornier and hornier. Mr. Brady, Mr. Nelson, Ben, Chuck, Walter… all the men in her life were fucking her at least once a day. But none of them were any substitute for her father’s fat prick, and her opportunities for fucking with her daddy were limited, with Randy around.

Then one afternoon their whole family situation changed, when Tammy happened to come home early from school.

She entered the condominium quietly, dropping her school books on the couch and walking to her bedroom. Silently she passed the door of the small storage room Randy had been sleeping in since his arrival. Then Tammy stopped and stared, and a wet heat began to pulse through her pussy.

Randy had neglected to shut the door all the way. There was a narrow slit between it and the frame, and from where she stood Tammy could clearly see her cousin lying on his cot. His pants were bunched down around his ankles. He was wildly beating his cock meat.

The nipples of her huge, braless tits stiffened as she saw what an enormous hunk of prick meat her cousin clutched in his pumping fist. It was nearly as large as her father’s fuck tool, hopelessly oversized for such a young boy.

Randy was a horny boy, a very horny one! As Tammy watched, the athletic youth winced as he feverishly pounded his cock. Then he cried out, tightened his fist under the prick knob, and he moaned as an ivory cascade of cum shot from the piss slit, raining all over his chest.

Tammy left the hallway and went to her bed. She pulled down her jeans and panties and immediately started to finger-fuck her cunt, fantasizing about what she’d just seen. She had to seduce Randy, had to take his cherry. The only question was how.

“Randy, could you come in here for a minute?” Tammy called. “There’s something I need you to do for me.”

It was the middle of the next week, around ten in the morning. She and her younger cousin were alone in the condominium. William had gone to work hours ago, content to let his daughter skip a day of school when she told him how sick she felt.

Looking a little nervous, Randy entered Tammy’s bedroom. He always seemed especially shy around her, Tammy noticed. He was either scared of her in particular — or girls in general.

“Do you want something else to eat?” Randy asked. “I can get you some juice, if you want.”

“Nah!” she said. Lying on her stomach, Tammy smiled and wiggled naked under the sheets. “I need you to give me a massage, Randy. Whenever I get sick like this, my back really kills me.”

Randy glanced nervously over his shoulder, as if sure that some spirit would strike him down at the mere thought of touching his cousin’s naked flesh. Blushing fiercely, he walked across the bedroom and sat gingerly on the edge of the bed.

“What… what do you want me to do?”

“Oh, you know, just rub me,” Tammy murmured. “Anything you do will feel good.”

Shyly, Randy lifted his hands to her shoulders and awkwardly rubbed her shoulder muscles, before Tammy impatiently shrugged his hands away.

“No, silly! I want you to give me a back rub! Here…”

Tammy pulled down the sheets to the rise of her ass cheeks, leaving herself naked from the waist up. The virgin teenager gasped as he found himself staring at her naked back, and the sides of her huge, milk-white tits.

“What’s the matter, Randy?” Tammy asked, suppressing a mischievous giggle. “You look funny.”

“N-nothing,” Randy stammered. “It’s okay.”

He dug his fingers into her back and kneaded the muscles running along either side of her spine. Tammy moaned pleasurably and wiggled on the bed, making her big tits stick out farther from under her ribs. She could practically feel Randy’s eyes burning into her tits, desperately trying to catch a glimpse of her taut, rosy pink nipples.

“Your fingers are trembling, Randy,” Tammy observed mildly. “Why are your hands shaking so hard?”

“S-sorry,” Randy stammered.

“Randy, are you trying to look at my body?”

Randy took his hands away and looked at her helplessly, crimson with embarrassment. As the wet heat mounted in her hairy pussy, Tammy rolled suddenly onto her back, bringing her mammoth tits suddenly into the open.

“Why don’t you just ask, Randy? I’ll let you look at my body if you want to.”

The boy’s eyes bulged as he gaped at her huge, spongy tits, tipped by the fattest, stiffest nipples he had ever imagined seeing. A long, stiff tube of cock meat quickly started pulsing in his jeans.

Giggling, Tammy fingered the edge of the sheet and then pushed it slowly to the foot of the bed. She wiggled her ass on the mattress, folded her hands behind her head to lift her tits, and then she spread her legs, revealing the pink, moist slit of her cunt.

“There you go, Randy. Now you can look at all of me,” she said huskily. “Do you like what you see?”

Randy stammered something unintelligible in response. Lazily, Tammy raised her arm and ran her fingers up and down his stiff cockbulge.

“You’ve got quite a hard-on, Randy. I’m turning you on, aren’t I?”

Randy gulped and nodded his head.

“I’ll bet I am.” Tammy chuckled and pinched his cock head through his jeans. “You’ve got a really big dick for a kid your age, don’t you, Randy? Tell me, do you ever think about fucking girls?”

Randy was so embarrassed and horny that he couldn’t do anything. He gave no resistance as Tammy gently pushed him onto his back on the bed beside her. Then her fingers deftly unzipped his pants and tugged them down to his ankles with his cum-smeared shorts, releasing his cock from confinement.

Up close, his stiff prick looked even more magnificent than before. It was long and fat and a mouth-watering shade of pink, with blue veins gleaming on the rock-hard shaft, and a swollen red cock knob that was bobbing and twitching salaciously up and down.

“God, you’ve got one hell of a boner!” Tammy wrapped her hand around his cock shaft and lightly began beating her cousin’s meat, staring intently at his agonized expression. “Tell me, little lover, what do you think about when you whack off this fat cock of yours?”

“G-girls,” Randy stammered. “Pr-pretty girls. I think about doing it with them.”

“Fucking them, you mean. Fucking their hot, wet pussies.” Tammy smiled and jacked his prick harder, sliding her little finger around his cock head to catch a thick gob of oozing pre-cum. “Do you ever think about me, Randy? When you jack off? You look at my tits all the time, you know.”

“Ye-ye-yes,” Randy confessed miserably.

“How about getting a blow-job? Do you ever think about me, Randy?” By now Tammy’s practiced hand was racing feverishly up and down his swollen cock, making more and more translucent pre-cum spit from the piss hole. “You like the way I beat your meat, don’t you, Randy? Do you ever think about some horny girl giving this big cock a good, juicy sucking?”

“Oh, shit!” Randy started to pump his ass off the bed, grimacing as he fucked his cock through her fingers. “Oh shit, Tammy, oh fuck, oh shit.”

Tammy was too horny to control herself. Groaning, she sat up on her side and lowered her head into her cousin’s lap. Then, with a deep, earthy moan, she let his big prick bore into her buttery throat.

She knew it was the first cock sucking the virgin youth had ever had, and she wanted it to be a blowjob he would remember for the rest of his life. Tammy caved in her cheeks and feverishly went to work sucking his cock, pumping and bellowing her pursed lips to intensify the suction around his prick.

“Unhh!” Automatically, Randy grabbed her head, writhing on the bed as he fucked his cock into her mouth. “Oh shit, suck it, Tammy! That feels so good!”

Slurping, gurgling, smacking sounds filled the bedroom as Tammy shamelessly sucked her cousin’s delicious cock. Again her fingers wrapped around the base of his cock. She whimpered around his drooling prick head as she felt the hot hardness throb on her palm.

Tammy started to jack his fucker again, milking the loose flesh up and down the steely column of cock. More frothing pre-cum oozed from the crown of his hard-on. Tammy swiped her tongue eagerly around it, lapping it all up, thrusting her tongue hard into his piss hole.

Helplessly, Randy lifted his head, gaping at the spectacle of his big-titted older cousin with her mouth full of his fat cock. He moved his hips harder, trying to ram more of his cock down her throat.

His prick had never felt so painfully stiff before, even in innumerable jack-off sessions, and his balls were so full of cream that he thought they were going to explode. Randy knew he was going to cum any second.

“Do you like it, Randy?” Tammy pulled his throbbing cock from her wet lips and looked at him with hornily glistening eyes. “That’s better than beating off, isn’t it? You want to cum in my mouth now, don’t you? You want me to drink your jism.”

Randy moaned, nodded his head, grabbed her hair and tried to fuck his prick back into her lips. Giggling, Tammy again enveloped his burning cock in the buttery heat of her mouth.

This time she sucked his cock harder than ever, luridly flushing with the wanton energy of the blowjob. Her head bobbed faster, until she was taking nearly all of his cock down her throat with each thrust. Tammy’s tongue tirelessly swirled and slurped and licked his stone-hard prick, coaxing the jism to come spurting out. Finally she dropped her free hand between his thighs and fondled his hairy, swollen balls.

“Ahhh, fuck!” Randy gasped. “Fuck, fuck, oh shit, Tammy, I’m doing it, I’m… ahhhhhhh!”

He came then, and Tammy instantly learned a lesson other horny girls had known for ages: no one could hold a wad of jism like a virgin teenaged boy.

It was the biggest load of cum she’d ever swallowed in her life. Repeatedly, the white, salty jism streamed and spurted from his cock head, draining his balls in one torrent of cum after another.

Madly, Tammy sucked his cum-gushing prick, swallowing and gulping as she did, determined to drink down all of his jism. Her mouth filled with his cum, but she didn’t stop slurping it down. When she finally released Randy’s cock, her belly felt full with all of his hot cum.

“Oh God, Randy!” Tammy licked her lips and looked delightedly at his still-throbbing cock. “You really came buckets! How long have you been holding all that juice in those big balls of yours?”

Randy said nothing, only panted as he stared at the ceiling. His prick was still as hard as a board, and Tammy knew she could get several fucks out of him before she was through. Her eyes glinted mischievously as she decided that this was an excellent time to teach the young virgin boy how to suck some cunt.

“Get up, Randy,” she said, rolling onto her back. “There’s something special I want to show you.”

Obediently, Randy got onto his hands and knees and looked at her expectantly. Tammy hunched her ass into the springy mattress and then spread her long legs as wide apart as she could, baring the hair-fringed fissure of her burning, dripping cunt.

“Oh, fuck,” Randy whispered.

“Do you like looking at my pussy, lover?” Tammy spread her flowering pussy folds with her fingers, exposing the bright pinkness of her inner cunt tunnel. “See how wet and red it looks? That’s because I’m really horny now. My pussy wants you to make it cum!”

Uncontrollably horny, Tammy put her forefinger on the protruding clit at the top of her pussy gash. She ground her ass off the bed as she rubbed her clit before her cousin’s eyes, pausing to dip two fingers into the syrupy wetness of her fuck hole.

“Have you ever tasted a girl’s cunt before, Randy?”

Randy shook his head.

“Well, you want lots of girl to want to fuck you, don’t you?”

Randy nodded.

“The best way to do that is to suck their pussies, Randy. That’s what girls love. And I’m going to show you how. Now put your mouth on it, lover. Lick my hot cunt!”

Tentatively, looking a little frightened, Randy stretched out between his cousins nakedly splayed thighs. He extended his tongue and dipped it into her pussy, tasting the fuck cream that oozed from her fur-fringed cunt slit.

And it was soon obvious that he loved the taste of cunt. Randy moaned as his big cock throbbed with new lust. Quickly he started to suck off Tammy’s pussy as if he’d been doing it all his life, swiping his tongue rhythmically up and down her gushing fuck hole.

“Yes, Randy, yes, you’re doing good!” Tammy fought to control the bucking motions of her ass, knowing that the inexperienced boy wouldn’t be able to keep his mouth on her pussy. “Suck harder now! That’s right! Get your tongue in there, Randy! Stick it as far in as you can, just like a little cock!”

Randy tongue-fucked his cousin’s pussy, separating the swollen cunt lips around his spearing tongue. His hands moved all over her body as he ate her aching pussy. Tammy moaned as he squeezed her huge tits, caressed the cheeks of her grinding ass.

“Oh Randy, you’ve got to make me cum!” Tammy moaned. “Finger-fuck me, lover! Put your fingers in my pussy, pump them in and out!”

Obediently, Randy slid his hand up her shaking thigh and dipped a finger into the molten wetness of her cunt. Tammy whined and started humping uncontrollably as he buried it to the knuckles in her gooey cunt.

Randy started to finger-fuck her hard and fast, simultaneously licking higher up her pussy slit.

“Gonna cum, Randy!” With trembling fingers, Tammy parted the pouting lips of her cunt, exposing her hard clit. “See… unh, fuck… see the little button? That’s my… ahhh, God… that’s my clit, Randy. That’s the most sensitive… oh shit, just suck on it! Suck it hard!”

Randy wrapped his lips around her clit, realizing at once how sensitive it was when Tammy bucked her pussy feverishly all over his face. He sucked her clit gently but forcefully, wriggling his tongue on the tip. At the same time, he jammed two fingers up her throbbing fuck hole and jacked her off furiously, whipping his hand between her legs.

“Cu-cu-cumming!” Tammy cried. She clawed his neck and pounded her ass off the mattress, grinding and humping her pussy onto his mouth. “Suck it, Randy! Oh suck, suck it harder! I’m cumming now! Can’t hold it… oh fuck, fuck I’m cuuummmiiinng!”

She grabbed his head and shrieked obscenely as she fucked her cunt onto his lips and fingers, refusing to release him until the spasms had drained her body again and again. Then Tammy collapsed in an exhausted heap on her bed, panting and moaning as the tingling aftermath of sensations filled her pussy with ecstasy.

“Oh, Randy, that was so good,” she sighed. “You suck pussy like you’ve been doing it your whole life. Don’t tell me you’ve never gone down on a girl before, darling? Really?”

Randy shook his head, looking a little smug. “That was my first time. For everything.”

Tammy looked at his cock and smiled. His cock was stiff to the point of exploding, rising straight out of his loins and pulsing wildly straight before him. Fresh heat churned in her tight pussy as she realized that it was time to show him the main event.

“Lie on top of me, Randy,” she said softly. “Between my legs.”

A hot flush spread through the boy’s cheeks as he saw what was going to happen, and his big prick jerked eagerly up and down. Awkwardly, he crouched between Tammy’s thighs, supporting the weight of his torso on his outstretched arms, staring hungrily down at her gorgeous, horny face and her big, stiff nippled tits.

Reaching between her legs, Tammy grasped his big cock and pulled the bloated prick knob to her slick pussy. “Feel my cunt now, Randy?” she asked huskily. “Feel the pussy lips nipping around your cock?”

Randy moaned and nodded. Eagerly, Tammy started humping her ass again, pumping her pussy up to his cock.

“Then push it in me, Randy! That’s what a girl loves even more than pussy sucking. Getting her cunt fucked by a nice, big oooh, Randy! Oh, God!”

She screamed as she felt his big prick fucking into her, stretching her velvety pussy tunnel around the meaty thickness of his cock. Wincing, Tammy shook her head repeatedly back and forth on the bed, shuddering as he packed her cunt slowly with all of his cock.

Fucking into me, she thought wantonly. Long, thick cock… into my cunt!

“Fuck me, Randy!” Forgetting her role as her cousin’s sex teacher, the big titted blonde threw her legs around his waist and started to hump her ass like a bitch in heat. “Feels so good, it fills my pussy! Fuck me with your fat cock! Spray my pussy with cum!”

Awkwardly at first, Randy worked his ass between her quivering legs. Tammy kept fucking like a machine, too horny to slow down and teach the boy to fuck right.

But fortunately, Randy was a very quick learner. Soon, he was fucking her as if he’d been fucking for years, grunting as he slammed his blood-logged cock into her hairy cunt slit, pounding his cock down every time she whipped up her pussy for more prick meat.

“That’s right, Randy! Harder, fuck me faster!” Tammy lifted her legs higher up his back, opening up her pussy passage for more cock. Her hands raked his heaving back, clawing his ass cheeks. “Fuck meeee! My pussy’s burning up, Randy! Oh fuck, you’ve got to make me cum!”

“Gonna cum too,” Randy panted. Harder and harder he fucked his bloated hard-on into the sucking, jelly-like grip of her pussy, feeling her cunt muscles continually massaging his pistoning cock. “So tight and good… oh, Tammy, I can’t hold it! I’m… I’m cumming!”

He fell on her belly, crushing her big tits beneath his hairless chest as he fucked his cock to the balls in her burning cunt. Tammy screamed as his cum gushed into her, instantly deluging her pussy with hot, salty fuck juice.

“Keep fucking me, Randy! I’m cumming too!” She felt the beat exploding in her pussy as his jism lubricated her cunt tunnel with long, hot spurts. “Oh, Randy! Harder, lover, fuck me as hard as you can! Oh fuck, I’m cuuummmiiinnng!”

For a full minute she humped and fucked deliriously beneath him, pleasuring her hot pussy again and again. Then she opened her eyes, and she gasped as she saw who stood at the open bedroom door.



William stood open-mouthed in the doorway, gaping at the obscene sight of his daughter fucking her pussy onto his nephew’s cock. Tammy opened her mouth to say something, but quickly shut it again. There was no explanation. She’d been caught in a simple act of pure lust.

“Little whore,” William whispered. He slammed the door shut and stood glowering down at her over the bed. “Horny little slut!”

Randy polled his wilted prick from her cunt and rolled off the bed, crouching fearfully on the floor. Tammy sat up and looked at her father blankly. A slight smile curled her lips as she saw an enormous hard-on throbbing for release in his pants.

“Just couldn’t keep from it, could you?” he whispered tersely. “Your own cousin and he’s only a kid. Jesus, sometimes I think you’d fuck anything in pants!”

“You should talk, Daddy!” Tammy blurted suddenly. “You fuck me all the time.”

William looked like he’d swallowed a frog. He glanced between his daughter and nephew, unable to believe that she could ever reveal their most precious secret to anyone. But Tammy only giggled and put her hand on his crotch, rubbing his cock through his slacks.

“Aw Daddy, don’t worry about it,” she purred. “Randy won’t tell anybody.”

William gulped hard; all the tension was drained from him by his daughter’s revelation of their incestuous relationship. But his cock was as hard as a rock, and Tammy felt her pussy warming again as she quickly undid his pants and pulled her father’s naked prick into the open.

“Jee-sus!” Randy gasped.

“I showed you what turns girls on, Randy,” Tammy said, beating off her father’s huge prick and looking at Randy over her shoulder. “Now I’m going to show you what guys love!”

Opening her mouth, she popped the rosy knob of her father’s stiff cock between her lips. Tammy caved in her cheeks and immediately started sucking her daddy’s cock very hard, swirling her tongue around the prick knob, lapping up the clear juices that dribbled from the tip.

“Ungghh!” William glanced rapidly between his cock-sucking daughter and his nephew, still frightened that Randy would tell someone what he’d seen.

But his fear quickly gave way to the intense pleasure of his horny daughter’s cock sucking.

“Oh, fuck,” William groaned. His fingers curled in Tammy’s long, blonde hair, pulling her head close. “Suck it,” he whispered urgently. He started to rock his ass, fucking her face with his cock.

Mischievously, Tammy withdrew her daddy’s prick from her lips and looked meaningfully again at her cousin. “See, Randy? If you’re a really good fuck, like my daddy is, someday you’ll get a girl to suck your cock every day too!”

Randy didn’t seem to hear her; he had already begun pounding his prick as he watched, her giving head. Smiling, Tammy returned her complete attention to her father’s cock.

His prick was painfully swollen and stiff, and Tammy realized as she lightly stroked her father’s cock that he was very turned on to be doing this in front of someone else. She squeezed and massaged his cock, thrusting her tongue onto the prick knob to catch the white cum that dripped from the piss slit.

Then she parted her lips and again took her father’s aching hard-on down her buttery throat. Tammy wrapped her lips in a tight circle around the center of his hot, pink cock. She flushed as she sucked her daddy’s prick as hard as she could, rhythmically bellowing and puckering her cheeks around his cock meat.

“Oh, Jesus!” William pulled her hair and frantically bucked his ass, fucking her face with his enormous cock. “You’re, oh Tammy, you’ll make me shoot!”

Tammy gurgled and slurped noisily on her father’s big fuck tool, anxious to gulp down the salty spurts of his cum. Her hand tightened around the base of his cock. Wantonly, she jacked him off as she sucked the prick head, toying with his balls with her free hand.

“Harder, Tammy!” It was Randy now, behind her, savagely pumping his prick. “God, that looks good! Suck his cock!”

Tammy hugged her father’s thighs, desperately wanting to feel a prick churning in her pussy as she sucked him. Maybe Randy could fuck her as soon as she was through she gurgled and widened her throat muscles, suddenly taking all of her father’s cock between her clinging lips.

“Can’t hold it, Tammy!” William cried. “Oh shit, take it! Take my cum, ahhh.”

His meaty prick trembled between her lips, then violently exploded, shooting a long ribbon of cum down his daughter’s throat. Whimpering around his cum-gushing cock, Tammy worked her throat muscles to swallow all of her father’s cum.

Jism kept spurting out of his cock, completely draining his balls of fuck juice. Behind her, Tammy could hear Randy moaning as he shot his own cum-load onto his fist. Tammy clung to her father’s massive prick and sucked it harder than ever, unable to ever get enough of her daddy’s hot cum.

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Hung Man

One needs only to tune in his television set during “prime time” on any night of the week to witness a seemingly endless barrage of violence. That many people in our society are fascinated by violence — whether the result of our increasingly safe and “civilized” world, or the vestiges of primitive instinct, or some other compulsion scientists have yet: to discover — seems a fact of life. While most people are content to dissipate their desire to hurt or be hurt through the vicarious medium of TV, some seek a more direct course of action.

Wade Matthews is a young man who is fascinated by violence and possessed of an overwhelming urge to be dominated. His need to play the part of the masochist becomes so strong that he leaves the man he loves and sinks into a twilight world of debauchery and degradation, a world which eventually erupts into a holocaust of unbridled violence. Fortunately for Wade, the damage done is not irreversible, and he eventually returns to his lover, a sadder but wiser man. But how many others are not so lucky?

Wade Matthews’ story poses to all of us the question of violence’s place in our society. It is a question we can all afford to ignore.


Fucking Rick was exciting, if not always comfortable, and it was an experience different from any other young Wade Matthews had ever known. He reached down and rubbed the crotch of his Levi’s, which bulged with his excitement, as he hurried home. Just the thought of Rick — big, handsome, athletic Rick — was enough to give Wade a hard-on.

On the other hand, the thought of losing Rick was enough to make that hard-on subside. He told himself that he wasn’t going to think about it anymore. It only brought depression and sewed to remind him of his insecurity, it certainly did no good.

It was best, Wade decided, to spend more time concentrating on his rock-hard cock. Everyone would be better off that way, he told himself as he reached down and squeezed his prick again.

As the door to the house closed behind him, he could hear Rick’s voice. “That you, Wade?” he called out.

“No, it’s the mailman,” Wade teased. He pulled off his coat as he bounded up the stairs, his short, compact body taking each step with a lithe, animal like grace. “What kept you up so late?” he asked.

“I couldn’t sleep,” Rick grinned with his customary devilish, mocking grin. “I’m horny as shit.”

“Well, I have the answer to that,” Wade laughed, reaching down to rub his bulging, confined prick once more.

Wade could tell by the look on his lover’s face that Rick was really wanting to fuck bad tonight, wanting it almost as much as Wade himself wanted it.

Rick moved over near the bed’s edge and gripped Wade’s leg, pulling him closer to the mattress. Surrendering, Wade fell on top of him, and for a few moments the two handsome young men made love to one another with their mouths and tongues and teeth. Wade opened his mouth wide as Rick’s thick, insistent tongue explored the depths of his throat; Rick’s breath was hot and smelled of beer. They groped and grappled while Rick asserted his overbearing strength, their bodies rolling all over the mattress.

Rick was naked. His hard, sinewy, hairy flesh rubbed against Wade’s clothing, and Wade’s prick strained painfully against its confines, demanding to be released and relieved.

Wade’s hands reached under Rick’s steel-plate buttocks; his fingers dug into the hard asscheeks, squeezing and pressing as their tongues continued to play together. Rick moved his body to cover Wade’s, pressing his thick, dark-brown cock against Wade’s crotch.

Wade broke away from the man’s embrace and sprang to his fret. Urgently, he began to strip off his clothing, trembling in anticipation of being naked against Rick, the rough, perpetually horny young man he had grown to love. Within a matter of seconds, his clothes were scattered all over the room.

And he was making hot, exciting contact with Rick’s dark flesh; shivers of longing and alarm tingled his body all over. It was almost frightening, the power Rick had over him, the way his body screamed at Rick’s every touch, the way he loved — blindly, without restraint — just being in bed with Rick Murphy. He had been wanting Rick all night, wanting him desperately.

Wade felt the man’s strong, rough-knuckled hand gliding over his smooth, boyishly flat chest, felt that hand down between his legs, the fingers tangling in his pubic hair. Reaching down, Wade grabbed Rick’s big dick and began to massage the warm, cannon-shaped organ tenderly.

“Oh, baby,” Wade groaned. “I could play with that cock all night.”

“Well, you got it to play with, baby,” Rick growled deep in his throat, and he tightened his grip on Wade’s smaller cock. “Suck it,” Rick then demanded. “Go ahead… suck that cock you love so much.”

“I could use a mouth on my dick, too, Rick… please? Will you tonight?” All he could do was ask. He didn’t ask often, and it was seldom that the big, too-handsome stud that he kept and had grown to love reciprocated his sexual affections.

But tonight he was lucky. Rick repositioned himself between his legs, slithering his heavy, powerful body down to get in between. He held Wade’s cock straight up to his mouth and began to kiss it from top to bottom, and then his lips moved torturously neat the tip of the prick; the lips parted.

With shuddering ecstasy, Wade felt Rick’s mouth circle his dick and suck the flesh in.

“Oh, that’s it,” Wade moaned. “Suck that cock… suck it, Rick, suck it!” His cock inside Rick’s mouth, he could not help but wonder just what sort of rough play Rick had lined up for him later tonight; when Rick bestowed his precious favors — sexually, anyway — he always expected a lot in return. But Wade did not care now, he couldn’t think that far ahead. He could only wallow in the thrilling sensations of having his cock deep inside the rangy, muscular stud’s mouth. “Suck it, Rick… suck me off!” he kept groaning.

Rick only moaned his agreement and went down further on Wade’s cock. Saliva escaped in tiny drops from the corners of his mouth and ran down Wade’s cock and into the hairs at its base. Rick began to massage the boy’s balls as he went into a slow rhythm with his mouth circular and up and down at the same time. His thick, sensual lips remained tightly closed upon Wade’s jutting prick; Wade gripped Rick’s skull firmly between both hands and glided his mouth up and down the cock. It was so wonderful that he wanted to scream aloud his passion and pleasure — wanted to scream and to ram his cock so deep into Rick’s hot mouth that it would never come out again.

As if Rick had read his mind, he took a deep breath and dove to the bottom, sliding the cock all the way down his throat, sputtering and choking a little but never relinquishing the hard meat. Wade gave in to his ecstasy; he began to make deep-throated animal sounds and to writhe his body all over the bed.

He couldn’t stand it any longer. He reached down and pulled at Rick’s body, letting him know that he wanted him to turn around. After all (and Rick reminded, him frequently and pointedly) Wade was the true, natural-born cocksucker in their strange, perversely one-sided relationship, and now Wade, knowing just how true it was, wanted desperately to feel Rick’s uncomfortably wide around prick in his mouth. Understanding, Rick repositioned his body until his throbbing, hard dick was only inches away from Wade’s face. Rick’s lips were around the tip of Wade’s cock, lapping at the head and piss slit, causing Wade to squirm and moan with delight. Without thinking, without hesitating, Wade closed his eyes and moved it until he felt the oversensitive head of Rick’s cock, a cockhead that resembled a mammoth mushroom, pressing at his lips. Willingly, he opened his mouth and allowed the stiff cockflesh to move into his hungry, searching, quite expert lips.

In the darkness, the only thing which could be heard was a loud sucking sound. Wade felt relieved and safe in the darkness with his powerful lover. Rick could be rough, even brutal, but being with him was less threatening than the dark and foreboding insecurities he felt from the outside world, the constant and inexplicable fears he felt for himself and his ravenous sexual hungers — and hang-ups. At least Rick understood those hungers, and he accepted the hang-ups.

In the darkness, ht heard Rick searching for something in a drawer next to the bed; Wade knew what Rick was doing and shivered all over in anticipation. They maintained a steady rhythm on each other’s cocks while Rick opened the container and put a new popper in. Wade heard it break in the darkness, heard Rick taking a deep, guttural breath, and then the little metal holder was being extended to him by Rick’s long, muscle-bulging arm.

Suddenly there was a change in Rick’s rhythm. His hands gripped Wade’s cock more firmly and his lips tightened, sucking harder, taking Wade’s dick deeper into his mouth with each thrust.

Wade inhaled deeply, allowing the fumes to obliterate his sense of time and place and movement. All was now pure sensation, and hard, rugged, masculine flesh. At first it was like floating upward with no destination; his body felt weightless, as if it were floating through space. Tiny fingers reached out and soothed every aching nerve, every inch of flesh. The world went away, there was only a big, hairy prick in his mouth, and his cock was in another mouth — nothing else could penetrate the fortress of ecstasy.

Cocks… big hard cocks… it was all he wanted, all he had ever wanted… the smell and the taste of a man’s cock.

Rick reached out into the drawer again and then took the inhaler from Wade. Taking another deep breath, he handed it back, and Wade did the same. He felt Rick’s hand, wet and slippery, massaging his aching balls, rubbing them hard and allowing his fingers to move over them while he sucked his cock. Then he slipped lower between Wade’s legs and spread some of the cream over his asshole, teasingly at first, rubbing his middle finger around the lips of the puckered anus. Each stroke became harder and deeper.

Wade took another whiff of the popper and let his body go, released all inhibitions, opened his legs wide. Rick’s big, knobby finger moved into Wade’s asshole, massaging the inner walls, pressing deeper and deeper. Then a second and a third finger entered the hole. Wade dug his heels into the mattress and lifted himself up in the air a little to give Rick better access to his asshole.

“Move that ass,” Rick grunted. “Move it on my fingers, you little bitch. I’m gonna fuck it… you know that, don’t you? You’re gonna pay for gettin’ your dick sucked tonight, baby… and pay good. I want to stick my big dick up that fucked-out hole of yours.”

Wade could not answer. Rick was mean to him in bed, and Wade loved it. He continued moving his body in such a way as to take Rick’s fingers deeply into his ass. Rick’s jabbing fingers moved rapidly inside him, spreading apart up inside Wade’s body. Rick had removed his mouth from Wade’s cock, but Wade continued to suck easily, slobbering around on Rick’s dick, making it throb and swell up to gigantic proportions inside his mouth.

“Oh, Rick,” he moaned, strangling. “It’s so good, so good… do to me whatever you want… anything, so long as I can feel your cock. I worship your fucking cock, you big dumb stud, you know that, don’t you?”

“Shut up, bitch,” Rick barked, always irritated to be reminded that he wasn’t very bright — and Wade loved his anger, loved his glowering, handsome, uncomplicated face when it became violent. “Spread those legs,” Rick grunted at Wade. “Spread those legs wide and let me in that asshole. Better get ready for it, baby, because I’m gonna fuck you until you scream.”

“Do it to me, Rick! Fuck me!” Wade begged, needing to feel the man overpower him, needing it so strongly that he could not resist any of Rick’s cruel whims.

“How’d you like to get fist-fucked, you cocksucker?” Rick asked. He was kneeling between Wade’s outstretched legs now, his unkempt black hair cascading down over his wide, sun-tanned forehead. The broad, dark shoulders towered threateningly over the boy; his wide, sensual mouth was turned down sardonically. “Well,” he drawled slowly. “How about it? How would you like to feel my whole fucking fist up that big asshole of yours?”

“Oh, do it, baby, do it,” Wade said, before he had a chance to take another breath.

And then he waited. It seemed like an eternity had passed since he’d uttered the words giving Rick permission to fist-fuck him. Instinctively, he began to feel his legs wanting to close, wanting to protect himself from the slaughter. But another part of him wanted it with agonizing lust and intensity.

He brought the little metal inhaler to his nose again. Placing it in one nostril, holding the other firmly closed, he breathed as deeply as he could. And then he placed the popper in the other nostril and repeated the action. His head began to swim, his body tingled madly, he was ready and willing for anything.

“That’s it,” he heard Rick’s deep voice. “That’s it, bitch… just like I knew you’d do… spread those legs wide and let me show you what it’s like to be in bed with a real man. I’m gonna tear you up, baby…”

All the time Rick was speaking his fingers were manipulating the boy’s tender asshole, constantly massaging and opening and stroking.

“That’s it, cocksucker our fingers, now the fifth. Take that hand up your asshole!”

Wade began to feel the strain, began to feel the pressure of the fingers moving into his body. Slowly, steadily, never the pace, Rick altering pressed forward… the hand moved irrevocably up the deep, long tunnel of Wade’s shit-chute.

“Oh, fuck me, baby!” Wade cried. “Fuck me, Rick… fuck me good and hard, fuck me, you big stupid fucker! Shove that fist up my hole!”

“It’s going, bitch,” Rick mumbled, his breath coming ominously hard. He was angry and worked up now. “It’s going right up that big juicy ass of yours… right up there where you’ve let every two-balled stud you can find shove their big hairy pricks…”

The ugliness of the man’s voice excited Wade all the more. He began to wiggle and squirm, not caring about the pain, not caring about anything except pleasing Rick. “More, Rick, more,” he moaned.

“Goddamn you, bitch,” Rick hissed. “It’d take a fucking telephone pole to satisfy you.” He thrust forward with his hand then. “Take it, baby,” he moaned deep in his throat. “Take it, bitch, take it,” he repeated, pushing in, fast, sharp, hard.

Wade’s moans filled the room, echoed inside his own dizzy head.

“Enjoying it, bitch?” Rick chuckled.

“It’s so… so big,” Wade moaned. “My ass feels full, baby, real full. It hurts…”

“You love it, you little faggot,” Rick laughed mercilessly. “Here, take this.” He broke another capsule between his fingers and put it up to Wade’s nose. “This should take care of it,” he said.

Wade inhaled deeply and felt his head floating blissfully towards the ceiling once again. And his body felt open, vulnerable to anything the stud who was straddling him wanted to do. Anything the big hairy bastard wanted to shove inside his ass was all right with Wade now.

“Shit, your ass is big,” Rick was mocking him. “Biggest fuckin’ asshole I’ve ever stuck my hand up in my life. It’s like a big pussy… know that? Like a cunt that’s been fucked to hell by too many big dicks…” Rick was mumbling more to himself than to Wade, getting off on fist-fucking the kid rather than talking to him. But Wade did not care — he was in a lost world.

Wade took another whiff of the popper and then — recklessly, considering his present condition — gave it back to Rick.

His eyes had adjusted to the total darkness; he could see Rick clearly as he raised the popper to his nose, held it to his nostril. Wade could see the animal lust in Rick’s face.

And then he felt that ultimate surge of power from Rick’s strong arm, felt the fist push into his asshole; Wade opened to accept him.

“That’s it, cocksucker!” Rick announced. “I’ve got it in there now… all the way.”

Wade felt that his ass was about to burst open from the intrusion, but then Rick pushed again and Wade felt the wrist in his asshole, and he gripped at it tightly with his ass muscles.

“Now I’m going to massage that pussy from the inside,” Rick said. “I’m gonna work that asshole until you scream and beg me to stop.” And he moved his fingers inside Wade’s body, massaging the sensitive walls of the canal. His fingers found the boy’s prostate gland and he tortured him by rubbing it, stroking it, making Wade’s body shake all over with the intensity of orgasm. Wade had never known such joy and such pain in his life.

Rick pulled the popper from his nose and held it to Wade’s nostrils again. He inhaled greedily, anxiously.

Rick’s hands began to move slowly, pushing in and out of Wade’s asshole. Wade wrapped his legs around the man’s broad, muscle-laden torso and began to beat his meat furiously as Rick fist-fucked him.

“That’s it, baby,” Rick said. “Shoot it… shoot that come all over yourself.” His own cock was throbbing and stiff; Wade reached down and grabbed hold of it. Taking the bottle of lotion and pouring some onto his hands, Wade began to work Rick’s thick, sausage like prick up and down, massaging it and jerking him off while the man worked his asshole over.

Leaning over the boy, Rick pushed harder, and Wade thought he would faint. The pain was unbearable this time, unreal, and it frightened him. “Rick,” he moaned, “please…”

“You can take more of it. You can take it up to the elbow if you have to.”

“No, please,” Wade whimpered, his legs moving in to close together. “Please… don’t do it anymore.”

But Rick was like a madman by now — mad with power.


He had the young man totally helpless and vulnerable beneath his strong grip; he was uncannily turned on by it. His fist moved steadily inward until Wade thought he would scream, until he thought that hand, that fist, would smash into his guts.

“Go ahead, bitch,” Rick growled. “Scream… do what you want, but just remember I’m gonna fuck you until I’m ready to stop. I’m gonna fuck you just like you’ve always wanted to get it!”

Wade fell back in a perverse combination of pleasure, fear, pain. His legs had closed until his knees were placed together, but it did no good. Rick’s hand was up inside his body and there was nothing he could do to stop it.

“Spread those legs, bitch! Let me see that asshole… let me see it spread wide… wider than it’s ever been spread before!”

“Please, Rick, I can’t!” Wade implored. “No more, Rick… you’re killing me!”

Wade felt the big hands moving between his legs, spreading them apart once more. “I said do it, bitch. Spread those legs, I want to see what I’m fucking. I wanna see my hand up there in that big asshole. I wanna see it move inside you and I wanna see those little red lips grabbing my arm. Spread ’em, cocksucker, spread ’em, or I’ll spread ’em for you!”

Wade recognized a new tone to Rick’s voice. Never had he been so harsh, so implacable in bed. It seemed that at last Rick felt in a position to exploit his own power, to use Wade as his guinea pig. Wade had given him the opportunity; now he was the victim of it.

Wade wanted it — and yet he didn’t. He couldn’t stand the physical pain any longer; yet the emotional need to be possessed and used and overpowered came screaming out through his body.

Wade lay back and surrendered to the brutal animal on top of him. “All right, you bastard,” he moaned. “Have it your way. Fuck me… go ahead, fuck my asshole off, fuck me, you hairy animal… fuck the shit out of me!”

The fist slammed furiously in and out. Rick groaned and heaved and made deep, gurgling sounds deep in his throat. Beads of sweat were thrown from the man’s hairy chest down onto Wade’s mottled face and the fist, like some terrible living instrument of torture, pounded his asshole in a steady, monstrous rhythm.

Finally it stopped. “Okay, baby,” Rick sighed. “You’ve had enough.” He took the popper and placed it in Wade’s nose. “Take it,” he ordered. “You’ll need it.”

Wade inhaled deeply again and again as he felt Rick pulling back, pulling ever-so slightly out of him.

Then he heard the sound of another popper and wondered what had happened, wondered if perhaps Rick had changed his mind and wanted to give him some more fist.

Rick took a strong whiff and then held it to Wade’s free nostril. Wade soared heavenward. He felt full inside again, felt the fingers moving slowly, moving fractions of an inch at a time out toward freedom from their confinement.

It seemed to take hours. His asshole felt as if it were being stretched beyond the point of endurance, beyond what could possibly be real, and he could feel his sphincter muscle fighting, pushing as the hand tried to pull free.

Rick’s hand was fighting steadily, carefully against the boy’s straining asshole.

Wade tried desperately to relax, tried to allow the man to complete the maneuver, but nothing he could do would allow him total relaxation.

Inch by inch, Rick moved out of his asshole. Each second was a threat, a terror. He never knew from moment to moment whether the next movement would be the one to make him scream out in excruciating pain as the huge fist passed through the straining sphincter muscle.

“Relax, baby,” Rick said. “Just relax and let me take care of it.” With his free hand he began to massage the outside of Wade’s asshole, rubbing in a circular, slow motion.

And then it was over. Wade suddenly felt empty, abandoned, ravished.

His body writhed with relief upon the bed, but before he knew what was happening, he felt Rick’s thick muscular legs between his own, opening them, pushing them apart. He felt the rock-hard column that was Rick’s cock probing between his asscheeks, trying to find that opening which would now be large enough to swallow his dick — or any dick — easily into his body.

Although Wade felt sore all over, he was still excited and he moved in such a way as to capture the tip of Rick’s bulbous cockhead and allow it easy access.

“That’s right, baby,” Rick chuckled as he mounted the smaller boy. “That’s it, bitch. Now you’re gonna take my cock… take it all the way to the bottom, right to the balls. If you don’t cooperate you may end up taking the balls too… Ever wondered how it would feel to have a big pair of hairy balls crammed up your asshole right along with a dick?”

Wade writhed his body into the body above him, locking his legs around the huge back, digging into the thick biceps with one hand and plucking at the coarse, curly black hairs of Rick’s chest with his other hand. Rick was leaning over him in a push-up position, smiling knowingly and mockingly into his face.

“Now then,” Rick grinned. “Let me fuck that big asshole.”

In one lithe, swift motion, Rick imbedded his huge, engorged cock all the way to its root. Moaning deeply, he let his tremendous weight collapse upon the young man below.

“Spread those legs, bitch,” he grunted. “Get ’em up in the air… higher… stick ’em up to the ceiling… Get that big asshole up where I can fuck it!”

“Oh, baby, give it to me,” Wade heard himself murmuring despite everything. “Come on, stud, fuck the shit out of me.”

In an instant, it seemed to Wade that the pain was gone. He heard Rick crack another popper and he knew that soon the two of them would be in ecstasy, knew that they would reach higher levels of pleasure before the night was over.

Still there was a nagging, uncomfortable feeling. He knew that he was debasing himself, humiliating himself for Rick, more so tonight than he had ever done before. And he was loving it like never before too. He didn’t want to think about it. He didn’t have room to feel anything except that thick, blunt, obstinate cock pile driving its way in and out of his wide-stretched asshole. After the fist, a mere cock was not even painful. It just felt good and warm and manly inside him, banging against his prostate gland, pounding triumphantly in and out, in and out.

Time seemed to go on forever. There was nothing in the whole world except the rocking, steady motion of Rick’s flat, hard, taut, hair covered hips being met by Wade’s.

“That’s a good bitch,” Rick said hotly against his neck. “Keep those legs spread good and wide so I can fuck that asshole raw!”

The dick moved with a furious speed, pistoning in and out, the man’s balls slapping loudly against the cheeks of Wade’s ass with each inward thrust. The swollen asslips yielded easily for the big thick dick and Wade reveled in the sensation of being full of Rick, being full of his hardness and his fury and his lust.

“I love you,” Wade groaned.

“I know what you love,” Rick returned. “You love what you’ve got up your ass, that’s what you love. Oh, take that dick, you big cocksucking asshole! Take that… and that… and that!” He accentuated his words with violent thrusts which rocked the boy all over the mattress and made him cling frantically do the man’s big chest as it bounced up and down on him.

“It’s true,” Wade moaned. “I love your dick… I love the way it fits my asshole.” He spread his legs even wider. “Dick me, Rick,” he grunted. “Dick me good and hard just like I deserve. Fuck me like a bitch. That’s all I want, to be… your bitch… the bitch who takes your cock every night… you could fuck me until I bleed and I’d still get down on my knees and kiss your balls… do anything you say… just fuck me, Rick, please keep on fucking me!”

“Take dick, you cocksucker,” Rick grunted, pounding furiously.

“Fuck me, Rick. Fuck me till I scream,” Wade pleaded. He had forgotten everything now, everything except that he was beneath a man, a big man, groveling in that man’s warmth and strength and power.

“Listen to that asshole, bitch,” Rick snorted contemptuously. “Listen to it get fucked.” Wade’s asshole had begun to lubricate itself from the first moment a cock had entered it; now each time Rick thrust his dick into the tunnel it made a loud sloshing sound.

In and out the cock went, faster and faster, until Wade felt like an automatic piston was in constant motion inside his asshole.

“Take that cock.” Rick said. “Take it right up that big shitty asshole!”

“Give it to me,” was all Wade could moan. Just their tongues met, tangled, fought, pushed; Rick sank his teeth into the boy’s lower lip until he drew blood. Wade moaned and shoved his tongue deep into Rick’s throat, searching over the tops of his teeth; seeking out Rick’s tongue. They seemed on the verge of totally and literally devouring one another with their mouths.

“How’d you like my dick in your mouth?” Rick shouted at Wade. “How’d you like my cock down your throat right now, bitch, covered with your shit?”

“Anything,” Wade sighed. “I’ll suck your cock any way and any time you want me to. Anything you tell me to do, Rick, I’ll do it.” And then he moaned, “Fuck, yes, I’ll eat your dick with my ass juice on it. Give it to me, stud. I want your cock shoved down my throat.”

The cock came ripping out of the swollen asshole. Rick moved up over his body and then off; firmly, he took Wade’s arm and made him get down on his knees at the side of the bed. Rick sat on the edge. He moved up to Wade and began to rub his big hairy prick all over the boy’s face, pulling Wade’s face into his hot loins and making him lick the huge egg-shaped balls.

Rick’s large hands reached out, took Wade’s head, ripped the blond hair tightly. He continued to rub his crotch with Wade’s face… the cock, the balls all over. Wade breathed deeply, taking in the heavy male odor, loving every minute of it, loving the smell of Rick deep down between the crevice of his balls and buttocks. He nibbled at the thick, coarse hairs that sprouted on the nuts, swirled profusely around the crotch, and even ran in little tufts out onto the turgid trunk of the cock itself.

Rick reached over onto the bed and picked up the popper. He opened the metal container and shoved it into Wade’s nostril. Wade took a deep, intoxicating whiff of it; Rick did the same. Wade’s body was moving as if in a fantasy.

“Open that mouth now, you bitch,” Rick ordered.

As soon as his lips were open, Wade felt the tip of the cock moving in between them, moving straight on in until the warm heaviness was lodged deep in his throat. He opened his mouth wider and began to work on the thick, swollen head of the man’s dick. He let his tongue run all over the head in circular patterns, then ran it underneath, where there were several blood-gorged veins, and then over to the crack in the cockhead. He was in heaven. He began to suck madly, furiously, saliva running down the sides of his mouth. The cock was pressed in a little deeper and Wade had to open his mouth so wide that his jaws ached.

Rick picked up the rhythm of Wade’s mouth and began shoving his prick further into the young man’s mouth. Ever time he moved, he thrust his meat a little further inside. Wade reached out and took hold of the man’s muscle-bulging thighs, feeling them flex each time he dipped forward and plunged his mouth down onto the throbbing, pulsating cock. It seemed to go deeper and deeper until at last Wade felt the cock at the start of his throat. He gagged, choked, but he did not give up. He wanted too much to keep it there, to suck that cock totally into his throat, into his body; he wanted it in his mouth as completely as he had wanted the big dick in his ass.

Rick kept moving deeper and deeper, pulling out just enough to let Wade take a breath of air, and then pushing his prick back into him beyond the limitation of his mouth, deep into the throat.

“Take this, baby,” Rick said, handing Wade another popper. “Take this and eat me good, bitch. I want my whole fuckin’ cock down your throat, every inch of it.”

Wade pressed in tightly with his lips, creating pressure, running his tongue around and around the sides of the cock even while he sucked it.

“Eat it, cocksucker,” Rick demanded. “Eat dick!”

He was sucking Rick’s cock so deeply that he couldn’t breathe, and he was loving it. When he was allowed to take a breath of air the popper filled his head until he was spinning, until the only thing he could concentrate on was taking every inch of Rick’s cock. He wanted to take the man’s cock all the way down his throat, to feel the man’s pubic hair scratching against his face; he wanted to be able to open his mouth wide enough to take the thick, heavy balls, which hung down in their sac and swayed gently against his chin.

“Oh, baby, suck my cock, suck my dick good,” Rick demanded, tightening his grip on Wade’s head and increasing the speed and the power of his movements until each stroke made the boy gag. A slippery, slimy fluid had lubricated Rick’s cock so that it flowed smoothly into Wade’s mouth.

Rick moved forward, trapping Wade’s head. The young man’s blond head, and his smooth, boyish body were trapped between the bed and Rick’s dark, hairy legs.

“Eat me!” Rick grunted. “Eat that fucking cock!” He grabbed the blond hair with one hand and forced Wade’s head back until it was lying on the mattress. Then Rick spread his legs wide and positioned himself over Wade so that he was fucking him in the mouth.

“Fuck me long and deep,” Wade moaned, still choking and gagging on the big dick. His difficulty in taking the cock all the way seemed to excite Rick all the more, seemed to turn him on to the point that he was like an animal fucking the boy’s mouth over and over and over; Wade could feel nothing but the power of Rick’s cock.

“Eat me, cocksucker,” Rick growled down as he mouth-fucked the boy. “Come on, take more of it, take that hot dick. You know how… you’re the cocksucking expert, remember? Suck it in there, baby!”

Wade felt the man’s body tense, felt every muscle in the large frame strain and grow ready. He knew that at any minute now Rick was going to release the gushing evidence of his virility. He was going to let loose with that which he had been building up to for so long, he was going to give the cocksucker his pride and manhood — he was going to shoot a load of come into Wade Matthews’ mouth.

“Come on, bitch, come on,” he groaned. “Suck it, suck it good. Suck it like you’ve always wanted to suck cock!”

Wade’s head was swirling. With Rick’s words and the popper and the cock in his mouth, he was in ecstasy. It was a terrible, frightening, dreamlike ecstasy: it was an ecstasy that he hoped would never end.

Rick began to work his hips back and forth, undulating with a fierce rhythm, shoving his big fat cock all the way down Wade’s throat, leaning the full weight of his body on Wade’s face as he did so. He pounded his dick just as he had when it had been in Wade’s asshole, pumping fast and furious.

“Get ready for it, baby,” he said, out of breath. “Get ready for my big load!”

He was all the way on top of Wade’s face now, burying the blond head, crushing it beneath the massive weight of his dark thighs and hairy groin. Wade, unable to breathe, pushed against the big legs each time Rick pulled back, trying to get air into his lungs, trying to take the cock all the way into his throat with each stroke.

Wade could only moan and caress Rick as he felt the cock stiffen and throb like a battering ram in his mouth. His jaws ached from being locked in the open position for so long, but, just as before, the combination was one of pain intermingled with almost unbearable pleasure.

Rick was murmuring on top of him now. His words were almost inaudible as Wade sucked harder on his dick, as he took the entire column into his mouth and gently nibbled at its hairy root. He could feel the crinkled, enormous balls pressed deep into his chin, could feel Rick driving with all his power and fury, making hint submit to his way, making him submit to whatever sexual abuse he might care to toss in Wade’s direction.

“Oh, thataway, baby,” Rick was murmuring. “Baby, you are one hell of a cocksucking sonofabitch, take my word for it. Nobody’s ever eaten my dick like you do… you’re one super cocksucker, baby.”

Rick began to pound harder, driving his dick further and further into the wide-open mouth, making Wade want to scream with the rasping, scratching feeling the cock was causing in his throat. Wade knew that he wouldn’t even be able to talk by the time Rick was finished with him, and yet he knew at the same time that he had to let him do it. He had to let Rick have his way. He had to feel that Rick had anything and everything he could possibly want with him, had to give in and submit to him, no matter how painful and degrading it might be. He couldn’t allow himself to even think about it, to wonder why he was doing this. He simply knew that he had no choice. He had to keep Rick. He loved the big crude man, perverse though it often seemed. It was something that he had accepted, something that he wanted, and lying back now with the cock plunging down his throat, it all seemed somehow worth it.

He never did really kid himself about Rick. He had known from the beginning; he understood what he was doing and did it with his eyes wide open, accepting his own feelings of self-worthlessness, knowing that he needed a man like Rick to prove that worthlessness to him and knew at the same time Rick was not the kind of man to be pinned down easily.


It was a slow night at the club — which wasn’t unusual — and the minutes dragged into hours. Wade played the piano slowly and listlessly and stared over the mahogany toward the bar, the same bar with the same crowd night after night, and wished only that midnight would hurry up and arrive so that he could go home to Rick.

There was a fair-sized crowd — but still it was the same crowd — and Wade watched the men doing their old routines up at the bar or in the lounge. He was growing tired of his job, and sometimes he wondered why he even bothered with it. He really didn’t need the money. He supposed he just needed something to do with himself, some kind of work.

One of the advantages of working in a gay bar was being able to observe the customers. They were so excessive, so extremely ridiculous or extremely funny or extremely sad.

Wade glanced inadvertently over to his left and saw an old friend walk into the lounge. At first, out of instinct, he was glad to see the fellow, a good-looking young man named Greg. But when Greg began crossing towards the piano, Wade suddenly felt unnerved by the prospect of a conversation. Rick was on his mind tonight, and he wasn’t in the mood for gossip and talk of old love affairs. Too, none of Wade’s friends really liked Rick. Most of them didn’t consider Rick worthy of being his lover, and some of Wade’s friends even found Rick crude and obnoxious and told him so to his face. Greg was one of those who told him so — frequently.

Wade grew momentarily defensive as Greg approached. But the man had a wide smile on his face, a smile with warmth and genuine sincerity in it, and Wade let himself smile back.

“How are you?” Greg asked, coming to stand beside the piano.

Wade brought the song he was playing to an end, then nodded. “I’m fine. And you?” He reached for his drink. “What have you been doing with yourself?”

Greg shrugged, “Not much. You look bored, Wade.”

“Yes, I am bored.”

“You should quit this job. God knows you’ve got plenty of money to live on without working.”

“I’ve got to be doing something, Greg. Can’t just sit around. Besides, I like music.”

“Hell, you should go to New York… go somewhere that could do you some good. What’s a musician doing in Los Angeles to begin with?”

“Guess I haven’t had much time to think about that sort of stuff,” Wade said. “A career or anything like that.”

“Has Rick been keeping you all that busy?”

“Don’t start in on Rick, Greg.”

“Ah,” Greg shook his head with mock despair. “They call it love. Or do they call if masochism? Well, if you really enjoy the suffering and feel that you deserve it, buddy, then I suppose I shouldn’t find fault.”

“Cut it out, Greg. All right, so Rick is a little bit selfish and demanding.”

“And suppose he doesn’t have a job and he cheats with other guys…” Greg quickly added.

Annoyed, Wade went back to playing. “It’s my own business, Greg,” he said. “I like making him happy, so what’s wrong with that?”

“I just like you too much to see you get treated like shit by that bastard,” Greg said. “You’d think he at least wouldn’t cheat on you. Not the way you treat him. Hell, anytime he’s the least bit horny, he snaps his fingers and you dive into his crotch or drop your pants to relieve him. And he even comes in the bars and talks about his tricks. Really, Wade, I wish you’d start facing some facts about Rick.”

“I love him, Greg. And he doesn’t cheat all that much. Now I’d rather drop the subject.”

“Okay. What are you doing after work? A bunch of us were thinking about getting together at my place tonight.”

“Thanks, Greg, but I’ll probably be busy. You see, tonight is Rick’s birthday and I was going to take off early and…”

“Yeah, yeah, I get the picture. Take him out to a nice midnight dinner, wine and dine him, then hop in the hay.”

“Greg, I…”

“Look, kid, I understand, believe me, I do. We’ll make it some other time, right?”

“Right, Greg.”

“See you around.”

“See you, Greg.”

As he watched his friend walk off, Wade felt even more irritated. He knew that he should have told Greg to go to hell, but deep inside he knew that what Greg and his other friends said about Rick was not so far from the truth.

But he was hooked on the guy, that was what none of them could seem to understand. They could not see the uncontrollable need he had for Rick, they could not see how deep that hook was in him. They could not understand how one seductive look from Rick, even an occasional warm, off-hand remark, could stir his blood to the boiling point and obliterate all the pain Rick caused him other times. Even when he knew that he was being used by Rick, just the fact that he was there and living with him was all the promise and reward that Wade needed.

It scared him, though, particularly when other people intimated him, as Greg had done tonight. I scared him that the pain of Rick’s hook hat become not only tolerable, but normal, expected. It scared him that he could no longer even picture their relationship on any different level, that he no longer even anticipated a change in Rick or himself.

As always, he put the negative thoughts from his mind. He would think about it all later, much later. It was Rick’s birthday and he had planned a special evening for the both of them. They would be together tonight, he would make Rick smile, would make Rick happy tonight.

He couldn’t get the conversation with Greg out of his mind, couldn’t forget about it all night. But as the hours passed and the time grew closer to the moment when he would be with Rick, Wade decided not to let it bother him, thought only of Rick, and forced his mood to shift back into a pleasant frame of mind.

The bar was quieter than usual, so he left even earlier than he had planned. As he walked out into the warm spring air and over to the parking lot to his little sports-car, Wade felt the familiar stirring in his groin, felt his cock hardening in his pants at the simple knowledge that the minutes were moving faster and faster toward that moment when he would be with Rick in bed. As he drove down the streets and out on the freeway, he felt his prick with one hand, outlining its hard impression in his trousers, and recalled fondly a night when he had jerked Rick off as he drove down the expressway late one night, the tension and furtive, reckless excitement of the experience. He was getting hornier, and hornier.

Wade was surprised to see that all the lights in the house were out except one in the bathroom upstairs. It seemed a little early for Rick to have gone to bed, even taking into consideration the fact that he probably didn’t remember that it was his own birthday.

Silently, Wade crossed the lawn until he was in front of the door. He slipped his key in quietly and, opened the lock and went inside.

He had just started up the dark stairs when he heard it. It was like a knife in the dark. There were voices coming from the upstairs bedroom.

“No, Rick. No, please… it hurts!”

“Go ahead, you little faggot, spread those legs. Shit, baby, this ain’t the first time… you know you love to get fucked by me.” It was Rick’s voice.

Wade ran up the stairs, ran frantically, totally beside himself with feelings of rage and jealousy he didn’t think he was capable of harboring. He knew what he would see and he knew that it was going to hurt him, but he had to see for himself.

There was a boy he had never seen before on the bed, a very young, very little boy, surely not over eighteen years old. He was very pretty, long, shoulder-length brown hair, a face like a fashion model. He was on his haunches, leaning up on his elbows with his back turned to Rick and his head turned down to the bed. Rick was on his knees behind the kid, fucking him dog-style. He was right in the middle of a thrust when Wade walked into the room and turned on the light — his big cock was half buried in the boy’s widespread ass.

Rick seemed a little annoyed that Wade had interrupted his ass-fuck. He scowled a little and said, “What the hell are you doing home so early?”

Wade could not speak, he only stared down at the floor.

“Well,” Rick chuckled, “at least you got here in time for some entertainment. I want you to meet someone.” He slapped the kid on his ass and said, “Hey, Billy, look up for a minute.” Billy raised his face, a bit sheepishly, and held Wade’s eyes. “Billy,” Rick said, “this is the guy that gets my dick every night. Wade, this here is Billy. Real little whore, regular bitch in heat. Just seventeen and fucks like a pussy already. I’ve been fucking him off and on for about a month or two now… he picked me up on a street one night, believe it or not. Yeah, this little kid picked me up. Really something, isn’t he? Took me into an alley and sucked me off behind a garbage can… right downtown. Ain’t that right, bitch?” he laughed, slapping the kid’s ass harder this time.

“That’s right, sir,” the kid said in a thin, strained voice.

“Hell,” Rick said, “if I’d known you were going to be coming in early, Wade, I’d have fucked him already and gotten his Nellie-ass out of here. But as it is well, you might as well get in on it too. Come on over here and play with my balls while I fuck this bitch.”

Wade stood against the wall, glowering furiously.

“Ah, shit,” Rick grimaced. “Don’t tell me you’re mad?”

Wade said nothing, only stared.

“All right,” Rick said, “have it your way. Give me one minute and we’ll talk it over.” And with that he returned his undivided attention to the ass that was raised up so high for his convenience. He patted the ass a couple of times and then, as if oblivious to Wade’s presence, with singe-minded absorption, he began to complete what he had started with Billy. He drew back his flat, taut hips and then lunged forward with all his might, rocking the squatting figure all over the bed. Billy moaned and whimpered a little bit. In a hurry now, anxious to get his rocks off and see what Wade had to say, Rick barked gruffly at the teenage boy, “Don’t move you bitch,” and then proceeded to assault the tender young asshole like a battering bull, slamming his big cock into the asshole as far as it would go, right down to his huge, hairy balls, and then withdrawing to the very tip of the cockhead before whamming it home again. It only took him about five thrusts; he groaned and began to come. Bored with the teenage trick even before he had finished coming, Rick ripped his prick out of the butt, jerked it out ruthlessly and without concern for the discomfort it caused young Billy. Globs of his sticky white come spurted in jets down the backs of the kid’s thighs as the head of the cock came tearing out of the puckered lips.

Rick grabbed a towel and began wiping his cock off. “Get out of here,” he said to Billy, who rose, embarrassed and a little frightened, and hurriedly began to dress, even though Rick’s hot sperm was still dripping from his asshole and running down his practically hairless legs.

The moment the kid had gone, Wade stared murderously at Rick and said, “You bastard.”

Rick rolled his eyes, genuinely perplexed and angry that Wade could find fault in his behavior. “What the fuck,” he shrugged. “That kid means nothing to me… just a nice tight asshole is all. Nothing to get upset about, Wade.”

Wade went towards the man. He drew back his arm and, without thinking, slapped Rick violently across the face. The slap was more of a shock than anything else; Rick turned livid with fury, raised his naked arm, and backhanded Wade swiftly and calculatedly across the chin, knocking him backward, causing him to reel sideways and crash into the wall. He felt the blood trickling down his chin, tasted it from the gash in his upper lip. It did not even hurt, though; somehow, it was all just very humiliating.

“Don’t you ever hit me again, you fuckin’ cocksucker,” Rick said to him in an oddly calm, dark voice.

Wade looked at his feet, almost crying. He was ashamed and miserable, this was not what he had wanted at all. He reproached himself for having gotten so upset. After all, he knew, just as everyone did, that Rick was not faithful to him, had never made any promise to be. It was just that Greg had disturbed him so by what he had said in the bar and the fact that this was the first time he had actually caught Rick bringing another boy to the apartment that he, Wade Matthews, paid the rent on. And, too, it was supposed to have been such a good night… all his plans.

“I’m sorry, Rick,” Wade heard himself apologizing, knowing that he was a fool to do so, but only wanting the ugliness to be over with, wanting to be able to pretend that what had just occurred in this room had not happened at all. He went on, making it even worse, making himself an even bigger fool in Rick’s eyes. “I know it was all my fault,” he said. “Please don’t be angry with me, Rick, not tonight… I…” His voice trailed off dismally.

“Cocksucker,” Rick said quietly, in the same dark, ominous voice, “I think it’s about time you and I got down to the nitty-gritty about a few things. I’m gonna take you somewhere tonight. To a little party I happen to know about across town. It’s about time you learned a few things about me, baby, and learned to accept me for what I am… I’ll guarantee you one thing, too. It’s not one of them namby-pamby, Nellie-ass camp parties that your kind of friends throw, either. You interested?”

Wade felt a chill rush through his limbs; he felt a little sick and weak at the knees. He had to go. He knew he had to go. It was for Rick, Rick demanded it. The plans he had made for the birthday celebration would have to wait, perhaps tomorrow night.

“Do you really want me to go, Rick?” he asked softly.

“I invited you, didn’t I.”

“All right, then, Rick. Whatever you say.”

“Okay, baby,” he said, reaching over and grabbing Wade behind the neck to pull him close. Wade noticed that his grip was tighter and more forceful than before, somehow even more insistent. Wade felt a thrill of anticipation run down his spine.

They pulled up in front of the house where the party was to be held. It seemed a very average place, a large house on a good piece of property about fifty yards back from the highway.

“This is it?” Wade asked quizzically as they pulled into the driveway.

“Sure. What did you expect?”

“I don’t know. I just thought for some reason that it would be… I don’t know… different.”

“It will be different, don’t worry about that,” Rick told him.

When the doorbell was answered, Wade felt another tingle of excitement go through him. The man who answered the door was very big and muscular, a man with a craggy, bellicose face, deep-set eyes, and an exquisitely developed body shown off in a white T-shirt and a pair of tight, faded Levi’s. Beneath the flimsy T-shirt his chest could be seen. It was covered with thick mats of dark, curly hair. He looked at Wade for a few moments with cold, incisive eyes, shifting his lingering gaze over the full length of the young blond’s body, then back up to his face. A vaguely seductive look flickered across the rugged; hard-set face as the man turned to look at Rick and nod his approval. Rick introduced the man as Clint, and they all moved inside.

The house was very warm inside from the presence of so many bodies.


Wade could see beyond the entrance hall into the living room where all the people were sitting around in chairs or standing in small groups talking. It looked like a very ordinary and sophisticated party; Wade wondered if perhaps Rick had been playing a joke of some kind on him.

But as he got closer, Wade noticed that all of the men — or almost all of the men in the worn — were extremely masculine and handsome. Through the crowd, his eyes fell on one peculiar sight: amongst all the masculinity, there was a man wearing only a pair of black lace panties and a pair of high-heeled shoes. His chest was covered with a T-shirt and he was languidly serving cocktails on a tray.

Clint, the man who had met them at the door, came up behind them and ushered them on into the living room.

After a few initial introductions, Rick and Wade sat on a sofa and started up conversations with two other men. The man in the strange costume brought them drinks, and kept them coming. Wade couldn’t tell how much time had passed, but when he looked around the room again, it had taken on a subtly different atmosphere, a different appearance. After a second and harder look, he began to see a difference in the men’s dress. Some men had already taken off their shirts while others had just taken off ties or coats. There was a tense undercurrent in the room, and the conversations had grown quieter.

After a few more drinks, he really began to notice the change. There was a man leaning against the fireplace, wearing only a pair of tight Levi’s. He had taken off his belt and placed it over his shoulders so that either end of the brown-leather strap fell down over his broad chest. He was beautifully developed, the muscles hard, the crevice separating his torso deep and wide; it was difficult for Wade to keep his eyes off the man. He was standing up by this time and he noticed that a man was sitting behind him, openly scrutinizing his ass.

Something was coming, Wade knew, it was in the air. He could feel the tension mounting to a point where it would have to explode, would have to be let out.

He looked around. Rick was gone from the sofa. He was nowhere in sight and Wade had no idea where he could have gone. Abruptly, Wade found himself feeling very vulnerable, before all these men; so now he felt naked and exposed, although he was still completely dressed.

A tall, husky young man walked up to the stud who was leaning on the fireplace. He took the bare-chested man’s arm and began leading him from the room; Wade could not help but note the tight grip of the stranger. To the others in the room, it was as if something very obvious and revealing had just occurred. Wade was baffled — but oddly excited.

He took another drink from the tray as the waiter-waitress brought it around. He felt himself getting a little high. And then he smelt grass in the room. He looked over his shoulder and saw that the owner of the house, the big burly man named Clint, was lighting several joints and passing them out to extended hands. Within a matter of minutes, the entire house reeked of the sweet, thick substance. Wade’s head, after only a few tokes, was reeling crazily, and it was obvious that his was not the only head present that was reeling.

Everything seemed to be changing. The lights seemed dimmer. The music grew louder, stronger: acid rock burst from the speakers, and it seemed to be coming from every corner in the room.

There was an endless supply of grass, an endless supply of booze. The music kept coming — from where it was coming Wade no longer knew.

Then he noticed that there were fewer people in the room. He thought for a moment that he was only imagining it; his vision was impaired, to say the least.

Through the sounds of the rock music, he could hear a loud slapping sound. His skin tingled all over, tingled with an eerie combination of excitement and revulsion. He was hearing the sound of leather striking bare skin. It was rhythmic, almost in perfect time with the beat of the record that was playing. With each progression of the drum music, the striking, ringing, slapping sound grew louder… stronger… undoubtedly, grew more painful.

There was suddenly, he noticed, no sound of voices talking anywhere in the house. The only sounds whatever were those coming from the loud stereo and the slashing sound of leather. Everyone seemed to be hypnotized by one or the other, or by both. It was as if one sound were interdependent upon the other. As the music grew to a more frantic and piercing level, so did the beating in the next room, or upstairs, or wherever it was coming from.

And then a new sound came through. At first, it was like a soft whimpering. But as the sensual beat of the music continued to grow more piercing, so did the cry of the recipient of the leather belt. The cry went higher and higher until it had set off the needs of the people in the room, and the party had really begun.

He noticed that across the room there were two good-looking men standing against the wall. At first it was difficult to make out what they were doing, because the lighting in the room had grown so dim. But as Wade’s eyes focused through the dark, he recognized that one of them was being fucked by the other, and he felt quietly desperate shivers go through his body.

He looked around for Rick, wondering if he dare move from the spot in which he had been standing for so long, seemingly for hours.

But he had enough liquor and enough dope in him to make him game for anything. Gazing all around, he walked bravely from the room and into the foyer again. Stopping for a moment, he looked around to see where the action was, where Rick might be, and he found that there was action going on all over.

He went upstairs, checked out the rooms. And in one of those rooms he found Rick. At first he couldn’t believe his eyes. It was incredulous, especially through the dope and the booze. Rick was the man who was beating the boy whose screams he had heard!

Standing in the doorway, Wade watched on in disbelief. There were three other men in the room with Rick, one of them Clint. All were naked and watching Rick, who moved over to the bed where the pretty boy was fled spread eagled to the bed. With his thick, brown-leather belt, Rick began to lash the boy’s naked, upturned buttocks again.

Clint looked around at Wade. “Look who just came in, Rick,” he grinned. “Your bitch.”

Clint and Rick exchanged knowing, meaningful glances, as if engaged in some kind of conspiracy. Wade kept staring at Clint. The man’s burly, muscular hair-covered body excited him and his cock was straining hard against the front of his trousers.

Holding his cock in his hand, still grinning, Clint moved over to the bed. He moved in between the boy and the headboard until his cock was directly over the kid’s mouth. And then Rick brought the leather belt cracking down across the boy’s ass again. “Go ahead,” Rick ordered the boy. “Eat it! Take that man’s cock in your mouth, baby! Now!” He accentuated each gasp of breath with a fresh blow from the belt.

The boy’s head began to bob quickly up and down on Clint’s dick. Clint had a firm hold on the boy’s long blond hair; he pulled the head roughly up and down on his long, curving, saber like cock.

Wade could tell by looking at the boy that he was in agony. Thick red welts stood out all over the backs of his thighs and buttocks, and yet there was a resigned, rather contented sound coming from the boy’s throat as he sucked hungrily on Clint’s prick.

Wade glanced at the other man in the room. Wade had met the fellow earlier downstairs — his name was Dennis. He was simply standing over in one corner watching the action on the bed. He looked much nicer, Wade realized, beginning to level his eyes upon the onlooker, with his clothes off. He was a tall young man with slender, supple limbs, well-formed and natural-looking. His hair, which hung around his shoulders, was the color of the sun and his body was a deep-tan color all over. Although his cock was neither as long nor as thick as Rick’s, it was still much better than average; it stood straight up from his crotch and pressed against his rigid stomach, the loose balls hanging low on his thighs. Dennis’ crotch was covered with a thick growth of curly blond hair which spread up to his stomach and down his thighs, covering his balls and spreading into the crack of his ass.

Dennis caught Wade’s eyes on him; he nodded and then moved closer to the bed to watch the action. As he stroked his jutting cock softly with one hand, he said to Rick, “Put your belt away and fuck him, Rick. That’s what he wants. I wanna see one cock in his mouth and another one in his asshole. Fuck him, Rick.”

Up at the headboard, Clint straddled the boy’s face so that he was, facing Rick. “Go ahead, buddy,” he said. “Fuck him. I want to watch you fuck the shit out of this little faggot while I pound the meat down his throat.”

Wade had taken off his clothes and moved very close to the bed, close enough to observe every movement. His cock was hard and throbbing with the visual stimulation; he thought several times he was going to shoot his load just from watching the two big studs work over the handsome young boy.

Rick was on his knees on the bed, holding the boy’s legs up against his massive chest, the feet locked around his neck. Wade climbed upon the bed behind his lover and moved his head in the open triangle created by Rick’s wide-apart thighs until his face was right where Rick’s balls hung down and where his mammoth cock was seeking its position at the boy’s asshole. Wade could see everything, and at very close range. A sudden rustling movement told him that Dennis, too, had moved closer, and then he could hear the blond stud beating his meat very close to the edge of the bed where the four other male bodies were sprawled in their varying positions.

Rick took the time to explore the area before plunging his cock into the gaping hole which all but begged to be fucked. While Wade toyed with his big hairy balls from underneath his thighs, Rick probed the bound boy’s ass with his fingers. Wade could see each finger sliding inside the hole, pushing at the tender folds of warm flesh. The boy’s canal seemed to be tight, but it offered no resistance to Rick’s big jabbing fingers.

When Rick pulled his fingers out, they were wet from the boy’s ass juices. Wade watched on, seeing it upside down, as Rick held the lips of the puckered hole open and placed the wide, mushroom head of his, cock just inside the crack, teasing the anxious boy with his hot cock. The boy squirmed with near-delirious joy and continued sucking Clint’s prick as he prepared for the ass-fucking.

Dennis was pounding his cock furiously now, breathing hard. “Fuck him, Rick,” he barked. “Ram that big dick of yours right up that asshole. Fuck him with it like you fucked me with it that time… fuck the Goddamn shit out of that asshole. He’ll love it.”

Wade opened his mouth and swallowed one of Rick’s large balls down his throat. The coarse pubic hair scraped against the walls of his mouth; he sucked avidly and watched with wide eyes as Rick’s cock, up inside the crack of the ass, began to throb and pulsate with anxiety.

Rick could stand it no longer. He thrust forward with his hips and began to give the boy his cock, inch by delectable inch. The boy moaned and twisted his ass around as the huge tool worked its way up the narrow channel, ripping and tearing and burrowing a path of its own.

When his cock was halfway inside, Rick suddenly stopped. Cruelly, ruthlessly, tantalizingly, he abruptly jerked his dick out to the very tip, leaving the boy gasping for breath.

The bound kid took Clint’s meat from his mouth just long enough to implore, “Put it back in. Please, Rick, put it back in. I want to feel that cock back inside me. Please put that big fat peter back up my asshole, Rick!”

Rick teased him awhile by rubbing his cock up and down the crack, gliding it along the sensitive crevice. And when he would allow just the head to slide back in, the boy would moan and beg to be fucked.

Rick relented. He pulled his hips back, aimed his cock at the gaping asshole with his fist, and plunged forward with a just-crazed fury, driving his huge pole straight up inside the hot asshole, causing the boy to lurch forward and scrape Clint’s cock against his teeth. He screamed out from the sudden, ripping pain.

“That’s it,” Clint laughed, grabbing the boy’s head and forcing his cock back into the anguished mouth. “That’s the way, Rick, ram it in. Fuck the shit out of this bitch… ram that thing in his ass!”

Wade’s cock tingled unbearably as he watched Rick plunging his big dick into the upturned ass. His tongue flicked out and licked Rick’s balls all over, catching, very briefly, the very base of his dick when it would jerk outward to prepare for another thrust. Rick was slamming into the asshole now, his balls slapping against the boy’s crotch as he held the kid firmly by the waist, pulling him back onto the hot, angry, obstinate prick, not letting him escape even one mighty thrust. The boy seemed to grow accustomed to the stretched, gorged feeling; he began to wiggle and rotate his buttocks against Rick’s rippling stomach muscles.

Wade lay down flat on his back so that his head was positioned just beneath the asshole to watch Rick thrust in and out. He reached up and grasped Rick’s cock when he pulled it out and held tightly to it when Rick pumped it back in again, letting it slide through his fingers as it drove into the hot, moist, gyrating ass channel. Once he slipped his fingers inside the boy’s ass, forcing the lips to stretch open even wider; inside the hole, he could feel Rick’s cock as it pushed upward and the walls of the boy’s ass clinging around the rigid shaft.

Sweat had soaked Rick’s body. It ran down his chest, his stomach, through the curly dark hairs of his crotch. It dripped from his balls onto Wade’s face. Wade delighted in it. He returned his attention to the big nuts hanging over him. Reaching up with one hand, he began to fondle Rick’s balls as they flopped above his face, squeezing them lightly and pulling down on the wrinkled bag. The added pressure and sensation caused Rick’s already rigid cock to swell up to even greater proportions, the head growing harder and wider as the fresh blood pumped into it.

Rick had gone wild. He was ramming his big cock in and out of the warm, wet hole as fast as he possibly could. The boy’s ass worked with him, meeting his thrusts and sucking the long hard meat up into the slippery channel as surely as he sucked Clint’s prick down his choking throat.

“Fuck that asshole,” Dennis was shouting. “Shoot, Rick. You, too, Clint. Shoot him full of your hot come… I wanna see it running out his asshole and dribbling down his fucking chin! Shoot it, men. Shoot that come!”

The boy moaned and gasped for breath as he continued sucking on Clint’s long prick. His body was quivering as one huge cock pushed his jaws apart and another slaughtered his sensitive asshole, gorging him to the absolute limit.

Rick kept crashing into him, slamming his hips forward until his cock hair brushed the lips of the asshole. He held the boy in place, hard and steady, as his orgasm began to flood his entire body. His hard thighs quivered a little against Wade’s face as his torso shuddered. “Oh, fuck,” he groaned. “I’m coming… I’m… gonna come… oh, fuck, here comes my load you little cocksuckin’ asshole… get ready for it, baby!”

Thick bolts of hot jism flooded the kid’s asshole as Rick poured himself into him, his thick, throbbing cock convulsing inside the hot asshole, the long jets of white cream shooting out of his cock and gushing out the wide-open hole to drip along the boy’s thighs.

A moment later and Clint was ready too. He jerked his cock from the boy’s mouth and stroked it furiously with his fist for a second, and his hot juices came spurting out in sharp jetting streams, spraying the boy all over the face and chest.

Rick was the first one off the bed. He glanced with a caustic grin at Wade, still lying on his back and fondling his own cock now. Then Rick looked at Dennis, who had stopped beating his meat and was watching Wade.

“That’s my bitch,” Rick said, nodding at Wade, who blushed and could not help thinking how callous and cruel Rick was to him in public. “You wanna fuck him?”

“Sure,” Dennis said.

“Go ahead,” Rick chuckled. “But I warn you… it’ll be like falling in a well, fucking that bitch there. I’ve already got him just about all fucked out between my cock and my fist.” He then looked at Clint, who was cleaning his cock off on the other side of the bed. “You’re welcome to him too, buddy,” he paid, and then he shrugged and walked nonchalantly from the room.

The broad, sunny, handsome face was suddenly looming over him. Thick lips curled up in a mocking smile. “All right, kid,” Dennis said. “Get your ass over here. I got something I want to put in it.”

It didn’t matter any more. He knew now for sure what Rick thought oil him, knew that Rick had brought him here to abuse and humiliate him, to punish him for his love. It just didn’t matter any more. They could have him, all of them, they could do with him as they pleased. Whatever happened, he deserved it — deserved it for having been such a fool about Rick, for having come here in the first place.

Wade squirmed his body, still on his back, over to the edge of the bed. He opened his legs wide, resting his ass on the very edge for Dennis’ convenience. Dennis stood between his legs; with his strong tan arms, he lifted Wade’s legs and held them upward over his chest. Wade’s ass was pulled high into the air, stretched open, waiting to be fucked by a strange new cock.

“Is it true that you’ve had a fist up this ass, you little sissy?” Dennis leered down at him.

“Yes,” Wade nodded, “it’s true. Rick’s fist. Rick has stuck his whole Goddamned arm up me.”

“What of it?”

“Then I’d better fuck you good and hard, hadn’t I?” Dennis chuckled, his long hair falling into his face as he leaned downward. “If I don’t, you might not even know you’ve got a cock up you… that right?”

“Just fuck me,” Wade said. “Fuck me and get it over with. That’s all you want from me, all any of you want… just do it, Goddammit… fuck me!”

Dennis wasted no time. He opened the lips of Wade’s asshole, preparing the way for his selfish invasion. He held the lips open and rested the tip of his cock just at the entrance. And then, with a tremendous thrust from his pelvis, he sent his big, golden-shrouded prick thundering up Wade’s passageway, tearing at the already widely-stretched flesh. The big rod furrowed its way up the channel, pushing at the soft folds of flesh, until Wade felt it all the way inside him, felt Dennis’ pubic bones crushing against his ass, felt their crotch hair intertwining.

Dennis was standing over him, holding the widespread ass up to his belly, feet planted firmly on the floor. Wade realized rather suddenly the power and strength the position gave Dennis over him, and he shuddered and gasped as he felt himself filled to the brim with the young man’s column of hard cock. He backed up against Dennis, nestling his ass against his lower stomach, his ass muscles working on the hard slab of meat. And then Dennis began his slow rhythm of long, deliberate, well-calculated thrusts, followed by a series of rapid, shorter thrusts.

“How’s that, queer?” he asked. “Can you feel yourself getting screwed?”


“Yes,” Wade moaned. “I can feel it. It feels wonderful, Dennis. Keep fucking me. Fuck my ass, Dennis. Fuck my ass with that hard cock.”

Dennis pounded his long, hard prick into the boy then, pounded him swiftly and deeply, thrusting with his strong lean thighs and his sturdy hips, withdrawing until the head would pop out of the asslips and then would force the nice-sized dick back in once again to tear up the overly sensitive channel. Wade looked straight ahead, his eyes directly level with the slamming crotch, as the big peter thrust in and out of his hole. He reached forward with one hand and, grabbing for Dennis’ baseball-sized nuts, unwittingly caused the cock to slip all the way out of him.

Dennis roughly pushed him back onto the bed, grabbed up his legs and pulled them even closer against his broad chest. “Lay back, bitch,” he growled. “If I want you to play with my balls, then I’ll cram them down your fucking throat when I’m done with your ass. Right now, just lay back and take cock, you hear me?”

Dennis placed his cock back into position. Wade felt the jabbing entrance pain all over again as the cock went tearing back up inside him; he winced with the pain and writhed his head on the mattress. Finally Dennis was buried inside him all the way again and the pain began to abate, the warmth and fullness returned. Wade squeezed in on the cock with his asshole until he caused Dennis to grimace with pain; pleased with himself, he continued the pressure until Dennis began to slam his cock with furious thrusts in and out of him once more. The cock battered his asshole savagely and relentlessly, the strokes lengthening with each thrust.

The pain, however, had completely subsided. Wade knew that Rick really had done a good job opening up his asshole, just as Rick boasted, and he felt twinges of pleasure and shame simultaneously as Dennis pounded his cock in and out of him. It felt great, he was loving it, he was everything Rick said he was.

“Fuck me, baby,” he groaned. “Fuck my ass. Ram the dick to me, Dennis!”

His prostate gland was throbbing wildly as the hard cock stroked and rubbed against it, bringing on mounting, multiplying fireworks inside his body. Dennis was screwing him as fast as he could go now, pushing his cock each time all the way to the hilt and then withdrawing to the tip and slamming back inside. And the look on Wade’s face clearly indicated that this was how he liked to take cock most. Wade thrashed about on the bed, his arms and shoulders bouncing forward each time Dennis jammed himself into him. He sobbed aloud as he felt his prostate gland soaring him toward orgasm; he began to grind his ass backward to meet the forward advances of the heavy weapon attached to Dennis’ beautiful, sun-golden crotch.

“Oh, it feels really great now,” he moaned. “Come on, Dennis, ride me hard… let me have every fucking inch of that meat! Give it to me the way Rick does. Fuck the hell out of me!”

“Oh, you dirty cocksucking bitch,” Dennis growled deep in his throat. “I’ll fuck you, all right… I’ll fuck you till your ass bleeds, you fucking pussy!”

“Oh, shit, man,” Wade moaned. “I’m gonna come… you’re making me come with that big dick… I can’t take much more!” He wiggled his ass back onto the pounding, steel-driving cock. “Fuck that asshole, man. Shove that meat in there!”

“Get ready for the load of your life,” Dennis grunted as he jabbed himself deep inside Wade’s slimy-hot asshole. “I’m gonna shoot, cocksucker. I’m coming! Now… here it comes!”

“Shoot it, man,” Wade whimpered, feeling the hot juices searing up inside him. “Oh, that’s it… give me your come.” He squeezed in on the throbbing cock with his innermost muscles and milked the cock dry up in his ass.

Dennis stood firmly between his legs, his cock rammed up inside Wade’s ass, as the very last of his come flowed into the warm receptacle. His heavy breathing subsided, his limbs relaxed, and it was all over. “Pretty good lay,” Dennis winked at Clint across the room as he yanked his cock from Wade’s steaming bowels.

“I’m gonna find out for myself,” Clint chuckled.

“Please,” Wade said, exhausted and bruised. “No more right now… just give me time to rest… please, no more.”

But there was more — and there was no time to rest.

Dennis had just pulled himself away when Clint was there to replace him. He grabbed Wade’s legs up and mounted him, guiding his prick with one hand.

They kept giving him poppers, kept giving him grass; Wade kept taking it all, taking it until nothing in the world seemed more realistic than a fantasy.

At first he felt two men kissing his body all over, rubbing it gently… and then, very gradually, so gradually that it was hard to notice, rubbing him and kissing him harder and harder. Then they began to slowly pat his ass, building it up until both were slapping him hard with the palms of their hands. Even though it felt good.

But then they began to use their belts. And no amount of drugs could obliterate the pain, nothing could make it seem like a dream-fantasy. It was real, this pain, and nothing could stop the pain.

He pleaded with Rick, begged for him to stop, but Rick ignored him. He felt nothing but one stinging slap after another — leather straps cutting into his flesh, punishing his ass for all the cocks it had taken.

Wade continued to be; it did no good. At last, mercifully, he surrendered to the dizziness and the weariness. He blacked out.

When he came to, he was no longer at the house where he had begun. He was somewhere else — with different men. Rick had gone oft he was told, with, some cute blond kid and had dropped him off for his friends to enjoy.

And that was when Wade realized he was going to have to drop Rick. With pain and disappointment and humiliation — and with hatred for himself as well as for Rick — he made his way back to his own house. Rick was still out; he thought it just as well.

He only knew that he had to run, had to get away from, Rick and from himself, or what Rick had made of him. Practicalities were irrelevant. He packed one suitcase, took all his credit cards and the cash he had on hand, and took a taxi to the airport.

He awoke in the hotel room and looked around, trying to concentrate, trying, through his hangover, to recall the events of the night before. The only thing he could really remember was that he had left Rick two days ago and, terribly enough, he missed Rick, ached with jealousy to know what he was doing back in Los Angeles, ached to be with him and to hold him.

Gradually, his memory returned. He knew then that he was in a hotel room on Miami Beach. He was lying naked in a strange bed. Someone had been with him, someone had come to this room last night, someone he had met on the beach… What was his name? He couldn’t really even remember what the guy had looked like, let alone his name.

They had both been drunk, Wade knew that for certain. They had been drunk and they had collapsed onto the bed… and the man had sucked Wade off rather sensationally before they had both passed out. And something else from very early this morning… ah, yes, the kid had dressed and gone. Wade remembered watching him, half asleep, and on his way out he had promised to come back later in the afternoon.

Wade wished he could remember what the guy had looked like. But it didn’t really matter. He wouldn’t come back, guys like that never came back.

Just trying to trace back the last twenty-four hours was difficult and painful. He didn’t want to face that yet. Before that, there were twenty-five years to be accounted for. Had everything been building toward this moment in this strange bed in this tasteless hotel room? It was a question that frightened him.

The first thing Wade did when he got to Miami was to go out for a drink and, accidentally, come across a gay bar, one of the smaller downtown places with an oddly mixed clientele. He sat up at the bar for hours, stating over the bartender’s head into the smoked mirror which reflected the hundreds of varicolored bottles and the heads of the people at the tables behind him. He got very drunk and knew that he should stop drinking, but somehow his glass just kept getting empty and the bartender kept refilling it. He felt better being drunk, anyway. He didn’t have to think about the details of his situation, he didn’t have to remind himself that he had left Rick and that he was in a strange bar in a strange city and that he had no idea what he was going to do about everything. Drunk, it was easy to remember that nothing mattered in the end, or that things would work themselves out, tomorrow or the next day.

And yet the smoke-filled bar and the sad music on the jukebox was beginning to depress him. He swirled around on his bar stool and looked out over the sea of faces. Most of the people were sitting in groups at tables and he had trouble when he tried to focus on individuals. His eyes shifted from one table to the next… and finally they rested on a figure standing against the wall near the doorway. Wade stared, not really aware that he was staring. The man was too beautiful not to be a little absurd. He was about twenty-five years old, so suntanned that his skin was almost black, a man of medium height in a tight-fitting shirt open halfway down his chest, revealing a mattress of curly black hair, tight corduroy pants which emphasized the bulge of his crotch and the outline of his thick, stocky legs. His pants were jammed down inside gold-buckled leather boots which came almost to his knees, and around his waist there was a very wide, brown-leather belt. There was a gaudy tattoo on the bicep of one enormous arm, and his black hair was thick, curly, and unkempt all around his head. He wore a little gold-circle earring in one ear; now and then when he moved his head, twisting his thick, bullish neck, the golden band could be seen underneath the wild curls of his hair. He had a classic Roman nose, dark, thickly-lashed, extraordinarily sexy eyes, and a full sensual mouth which curled downward ever so slightly at the corners.

A bleached, flighty queen was sitting beside Wade up at the bar; Wade noticed him for the first time when he leaned over and said, “Looking for company?”

Wade glanced at him, shrugged. “I’m looking at somebody right now who I wouldn’t mind having for company,” he said.

The other guy turned on his stool, following Wade’s eyes, and then he laughed and turned back around. “I know what you mean,” he sighed. “It’s really a pity about Costas. He’s too handsome for his own good.”

Wade was captivated by the name. “Do you know him?” he asked. “Is he American?”

“He’s Greek or Spanish or something, I think,” the boy said. “And, yes, I know him, or know about him. He’s trouble. Forget him, pure trash… it’s really a shame too, because he is so beautiful. He nearly killed some queens in here one night because they were carrying on about him, groping him and all. You have to watch him, he’s dangerous. He comes in here and stands around but if you make a wrong move with him, he goes crazy, starts slugging.”

“You mean he isn’t gay?” Wade asked.

“I don’t know what he is, except crazy,” the queen said. He waved his hands languidly, and went on, “Sometimes he goes off with men, sometimes he doesn’t. But he gets pissed off very easily and you never know what you said or did that was wrong. There’s no rationality to him, he operates on instincts and emotions, I think. But just forget about him, honey, he’s trouble all the way.”

Wade shrugged away the guy’s advice. “I think I need that kind of distraction tonight,” he said.

The queen turned away, somewhat indignant, and his tone and mannerisms turned bitchy. “Well, just wave ten dollars in front of him and he’ll either drop his pants or put you in the hospital,” the queen said, lighting another cigarette from the butt of his previous one.

Wade continued staring at Costas. The man did not seem to be so ill-humored, at least not tonight. Once somebody walked by him, an older man in a business suit, made some passing remark, and Costas tilted his wild-looking head back and laughed — a sudden flash of startling white teeth against his dark face. His eyes were following the man who’d made him laugh, and, as his gaze swept back toward its former direction, the dark eyes caught Wade staring. Costas looked for a moment, aloofly, but knowing that he was being watched, and then turned away again. He was holding a long-necked beer bottle on the thigh of one leg which was stuck behind him on the wall, and the proximity of the bottle to his crotch created an extremely enticing picture.

Wade ordered another drink and continued to watch the young stud for about thirty more minutes. Costas appeared oblivious; once he glanced over and met Wade’s eyes again — then, as before, he looked disinterestedly away.

It was disconcerting and frustrating. Wade shifted his eyes to some of the others in the bar, wondering if perhaps there was something about himself which the man didn’t like. After a couple of more drinks, he decided to find out.

Costas had dropped his leg from the wall, placed the beer bottle aside, and sauntered cockily back towards the bathrooms. Quite blatantly, Wade followed him.

The toilet was dirty, smelly, the walls covered with graffiti. Huge cocks were drawn everywhere, scrawled over desperate messages, telephone numbers, addresses. Costas was standing up at the urinal, his broad, sinuous back facing Wade. He was standing with his legs spread far apart as he pissed, so that the clean outline of his ass in the tight corduroy pants was alluringly prominent.

Wade stepped up to the adjoining urinal. He unzipped the fly of the shorts he was wearing, tugged out his cock, and stood there trying to piss. Somehow it didn’t work; he was too nervous, too aware of the man beside him. He glanced over through the corners of his eyes. Costas was finishing, shaking his big, limp, almost black cock with his hand. Apparently he was wearing no underwear, for the curly black crotch hair sprouted out from his open fly along with his dick. While Wade stood there, Costas continued to shake his cock with his hand, then he flushed the urinal and suddenly stepped aside to lean against the wall, facing Wade from the side, his prick still hanging out in his hand. His mouth twisted in an arrogant grimace as his dark eyes flashed across Wade, and he said, “All right, queen, cut out the games; I know what you want.”

Taken off guard, Wade nervously tucked his cock back into his shorts and turned to face the man.

“Well, now,” Costas grinned. “Just how much bread are you willing to part with, faggot?”

“I’ll give you ten,” Wade said.

Costas thought it over for a moment. “Ten bucks, and I do to you what I want,” he said.

“Fine with me,” Wade shrugged, relinquishing all concern.

Costas wheeled around and went to close and lock the door of the john. Then he leaned against the door, staring at Wade, still fondling his prick with one hand. “Get your pants down,” he ordered.

Wade pulled down the shorts, then his underwear, pulling them over the sandals on his feet without much difficulty. He placed the clothing across the sink basin. Then he walked up to the handsome hustler, reached out with one hand and began to stroke Costas’ big cock. Costas stood immobile, watching rather contemptuously, not even bothering to remove his own hand from where it was wrapped around his cock. Wade squeezed the man’s hand around, the prick and played with both hand and dick at the same time until the cockflesh began to swell and expand and stood rock-hard and ready, sticking straight out of Costas’ open fly.

Nothing else was spoken between them. Abruptly, Costas grabbed Wade by the shoulders and slammed him up against the dirty bathroom wall. His hands worked quickly, unbuckling the heavy belt, dropping his pants down his hairy, muscular thighs all the way to the knees. He grabbed Wade’s legs out from under him, raising them into the air and wrapping them around his waist. He kept Wade suspended from the floor by pressing his back hard into the wall and moving his own sturdy body up under Wade’s. Wade locked his legs around the man’s waist and clung tightly to the thick neck with both arms.

Costas positioned himself so that his cock was pointing straight upward at Wade’s ass. At the moment he shoved upward, Wade managed to drop his buttocks down; the cock, by their mutually well-timed movements, was plunged straight up into Wade’s asshole. The head went searing inside, burning and filling Wade with that familiar, painful shock — the shock of having a big cock rammed straight inside his ass without the benefit of lubrication. Costas waited only a moment, then he ground his entire prick up into the warm asshole, shoving it until Wade’s ass was connected to Costas’ hairy crotch at the balls.

Immediately, he began to plunge his cock up and down and thus in and out of Wade’s ass, thrusting by sinking on his haunches and then lunging back upward, pile driving the cock to the hilt. Wade groaned and held tightly to the strong, hairy body, the only thing which prevented him from falling to the floor. He squeezed in with the muscles of his anal canal, gripping the long thick cock tightly as it tore its way in and out of his ass.


Costas was holding to Wade’s naked legs with both arms, and once Wade reached down and ran his fingers over the colorful tattoo; Costas laughed at him and slammed his cock in extra hard, so hard that Wade winced and banged his head back against the wall.

He was aching all over by the time the man got done with him. His ass ached from the brutal fucking, his back and neck felt sore from the awkward position.

Costas never spoke. He simply slammed his cock in and out of the asshole until he shot a huge load of come, some of which dripped out and splashed across Wade’s thighs. Then the man jerked his cock out and, placing his hands on Wade’s waist, lifted Wade down until his feet were planted on the floor. Wade leaned against the wall for a moment trying to catch his breath. Costas stuffed his big cock back into his pants, zipped up his fly, and stuck out one dark, callused hand.

Wade crossed to the sink, got out his wallet, extracted a ten-dollar bill, and handed it to the bored, hustler. Costas turned and left.

After he had dressed, Wade went back into the bar and paid his bill. Several people glanced at him with knowing, mocking smiles; he refused to look at them, refused to be embarrassed or ashamed over the degrading little episode. He had wanted a cock up his ass and he had gotten one — to hell with everything else.

Costas was sitting up at the bar, drinking, looking as cocky and aloof as ever. He did not even glance at Wade.

Out on the street, the night air felt cool and good on his face; it erased the smoke and the heat and the foul odor of that john. Out on the street, it was as if nothing had happened, as if that quick; frenzied incident in that toilet with a stranger had never occurred. Wade was so drunk that he knew once he made it back to his hotel and went to sleep. None of it would be remembered in the morning, anyway. At least, he hoped it wouldn’t be remembered.

He was walking down the sidewalk, telling himself that he wouldn’t remember and that nothing mattered. Suddenly somebody was beside him, walking with him. Somebody handsome. Somebody whom he thought he’d seen earlier in the bar, but couldn’t tell for sure.

The boy was talking to him and he tried to answer, although he really just wanted to be left alone. He caught the name “Paul”, some question about being new in town, another question as to the destination of his walk.

He couldn’t cope with it. “Look,” he said finally, the words coming out sounding slurred, even to himself. “If you want to fuck, then come on… if not, leave me alone.”

The boy stopped speaking. They walked together back to the hotel.

Wade went into the shower. He wanted to wash all traces of Florida off him before making a start back home, all traces of that sad, pathetic, drunken, and meaningless little encounter the night before. It was the first time he had had sex when he could not even recall what the person looked like the following morning. Things had gone too far. He had to go back to Los Angeles and settle things. He couldn’t stay here and start a new series of meaningless sexual encounters.

He decided not to even think about facing Rick. Rick wouldn’t go anywhere until he knew where Wade was. After all, Wade was his meal ticket. If Rick didn’t know anything else in relation to Wade — except how to turn him on — he was certainly sure that living with him was preferable to trying to make it on his own.

Turn the whole business off, Wade told himself, until you are back home.

He had just gotten dressed when a knock came on the door. At first, Wade just stood there, not certain, and thinking that the last thing he needed to add to his confusion was to have that silly trick from last night actually show up again.

“Who is it?” he called sharply.

“It’s only me,” came the reply. “Paul.”

Paul. Yes, that was his name. What was wrong with him? Why couldn’t he just be honest with the boy? Open the door and say sorry — sorry, but I’m going back to Los Angeles to my sonofabitch lover, and it’s been nice talking with you and even nicer being sucked off by you, but just keep your pants on, Paul, baby, because I don’t have the energy to make it with you again.

“Wade?” came the voice from outside the door. “Are you going to let me in?”

As bright as the room was with the midday sun glowing on the curtains, it brightened a hundred times when he saw Paul’s smile of greeting.

“Hey,” he said cheerfully. “You’re all dressed and ready to face the day.” He glanced around the room a moment and then said, “Let’s go get something to eat.”

His actions took Wade off balance. He had been sure the kid was going to be hot for more sex and disappointed to see him dressed. Wade was staring at him.

“Is something wrong?” Paul asked. “The way you’re looking at me, I thought there was something wrong with my face.”

“No, Paul,” Wade said. “There’s nothing wrong. And there’s certainly nothing wrong with your face. It is exceptionally nice to look at.”

“Thank you,” he replied, and it was a combination of acceptance and appreciation Wade was unused to; it was as though Paul knew he was good-looking and was sincerely glad to find out someone else thought so too.

They stood staring at one another. He was very nice, Wade thought, he wasn’t just some silly trick at all.

“I didn’t expect to see you again,” Wade said. “We were both… well, awfully drunk last night. It’s a little embarrassing, isn’t it?”

“Yes,” Paul grinned, “it is. I didn’t know whether to come back or not. I didn’t know if you’d want to see me again.”

“Why did you come back?” Wade asked him.

The boy shrugged, looked down.

“Come on,” Wade said. “Let’s go get something to eat.”

“You know, it’s funny,” Wade said. “I spend several hours answering a question, and it ends up that I’ve asked myself about a hundred new ones.”

“Okay,” Paul answered, “if you say it’s funny, I won’t argue.”

Wade knew what he meant, but there was no reason to say anything more about it. They had eaten a long and leisurely lunch, then walked, or rather wandered through blocks of sunlit, palm lined streets while Wade poured out much of the story of Rick and himself…

Paul was an excellent listener, only occasionally asking a question which led into more details, and sometimes he would break in to point out some place of interest: a new lust-hotel, a famous shop, a gay bar.

“You know,” Wade said finally. “I’ve been talking about myself all this time, but you haven’t told me one thing about you.”

“Is that important?” Paul asked with a quizzical look. “You’ll be on a plane before the day is over and back in California tonight. What difference will it make if you know anything about me or not?”

They were standing at a corner waiting for the light to change. Wade turned and looked him square in the face. It was like seeing him for the first time. Still an exceptionally attractive young man, but something much more. For a brief instant he remembered him kneeling between his legs in the hotel room, his hand firmly around his throbbing cock, and heard the echo of his words: “I’m going to blow you.” Then it was replaced by the actuality of his deep, intelligent eyes looking at him in a way Wade was not accustomed to — curious, seeking something inside which had nothing to do with sweating, anxious sensuality, stiff pricks, wide-open assholes, white come.

“It makes a difference,” Wade heard himself saying. “Because I’m not, going back to Los Angeles today.”

“When did you make that decision?”

“Just now.”


Wade thought about it for a minute. “I’m not sure I know, Paul,” he said. “It has something to do with what I’ve been telling you about Rick. And it has something to do with you, I suppose. I want to know more about you. I can only do that by staying in Miami.”

“What about your job? And your house… and the car you left at the airport? You can’t just walk away from everything.”

“Are you trying to convince me to go back home?”

They looked intently at one another and then they both smiled at the same time. It was the only answer needed.

“I’ll have to make a phone call to Greg today,” Wade thought aloud. “He can take care of most things for me. He’s the best friend I have.”

“Yes,” Paul said, “I gathered that from what you told me. It’s too bad Rick isn’t.”

“Isn’t what?”

“Your closest friend.”

Wade knew the minute they walked into his apartment that it was all Paul. He had picked it out. He had decorated it. He had selected the furniture, the colors. And there was nothing phony, pretentious, or fancy about it. It was masculine without being defensive — modern without being attention-getting.

Paul carded the bag of groceries he had purchased into the kitchen and then returned to stand in the doorway facing Wade.

“If you like it,” he said, “stay awhile.”

“I like it,” Wade said. “And I know why. The place is simply an extension of you.”

“Thanks,” he grinned; he walked over to the windows and pulled up the rolled bamboo curtains. “Welcome to the Atlantic Ocean.”

The view was surprising. The sun was getting low and great piles of clouds above the blue-green ocean were being tinted with hues of pink and violet. Between the apartment and the beach there was nothing but a few blocks of private homes.

They stood together staring out the window. “I could watch it for hours,” Paul said.

Wade turned, standing very close to him, and Paul faced him. Wade could feel the warm touch of his breath on his face, and at close range his brown eyes seemed wider and deeper than ever. Wade was still looking into them when he felt Paul’s lips pressing against his own with just enough pressure to cause a dry electricity to flash its message into him.

Paul moved back from him, making Wade feel as if he were being deserted. Wade put a hand against the flat of his chest.

Then he began to unbutton Paul’s shirt. Paul stood silent and motionless, as though he were a slave at Wade’s command. When the material had parted, Wade put his hand inside. He was slimmer, but more muscular, than Wade had expected. The pectorals flared under his exploring hand; Wade ran his hand from side to side, caressing his skin and feeling the hardening of his nipples. A soft sigh escaped him, but he did not move or try to change the tempo of their contact.

With both hands, Wade pulled the shirt up out of his pants and took it off. Square-shouldered, a bit boyish. Wade opened the waistband of Paul’s slacks, pulled down the zipper, and, holding the pants on both sides, lowered them so he could step out of them after slipping off his sandals. Paul’s legs were lean, the skin stretched tautly over the sinew and muscle. Although his chest was hairless, his legs bore a smooth, dark; downy covering. When he put his pants aside, Wade drew his hands up along the outer contours of Paul’s legs, trying not to pay direct attention to the promised prize which was already right in front of his face.

Paul was wearing jockey-style shorts, probably one size larger than he needed for his slim waist and flat hips. But caged within the pouch was a mound far beyond the proportions his body or his hands might have suggested. And it was growing quite rapidly even as Wade slid his fingers inside the elastic waistband.

Wade pulled the flexible material out toward him, and the fine-sized, column of Paul’s cock, freed from its entrapment, rose up sharply to lie against the rigid muscles of his stomach. Its great, flaring head gave more than a hint of what Wade revealed a moment later when he slipped the undershorts all the way to the floor. Paul stepped out of them; Wade put the discarded garment with his other clothes while he stood there waiting, erect and wide-legged and ready for Wade’s next move or comment.

Wade studied the splendid body. He could see the full excellence of his physical condition; a body which was a complete unit, well-kept, thoroughly used — the end result of hard work and natural sports development, rather than concentrated, self-centered efforts. Everything about him was natural, from the full crown of sun-lightened brown hair to the confidently relaxed posture to the upthrust of his swollen cock.

“Where is your bedroom?” Wade asked.

He motioned with his head toward the hallway which led beyond the kitchen. And he stepped past Wade to lead the way.

Walking behind him, Wade had a new perspective on the young man’s body. His backside with all solid muscle, high and round, and incredibly sensual, inviting to be touched, kissed, even — no, of course not. That wasn’t his scene, Wade knew that already. Certainly no man had ever put his prick into the asshole hidden deep between those luscious cheeks.

In the few seconds it took to get to his bedroom, Wade also noticed that his soft, smooth tan did not stop at his asscheeks. True, that area was lighter in color, almost had an airbrush effect, toned down at that precious zone. Obviously he had someplace where he could sunbathe in the nude. Wade would have to ask him about it. But that and the rest of the world could wait.

Paul stood watching him as Wade quickly got out of his clothes. Then Wade went to sit on the edge of the bed. Paul walked to where he was sitting, stood with his legs planted wide apart on the floor before him. Wade reached out and softly stroked the cock. “It’s so big,” he said. “I wouldn’t think you’d have such a big cock, for some reason.”

Paul only laughed, good-naturedly. “Why don’t you suck on it a little while?” he said.

Gently, Wade took the column of hard flesh into his mouth. He sucked on it until Paul was overcome with excitement; they moved onto the bed together, Paul stretched out and extended one arm for Wade to join him. A moment later, Wade was against him full length, chest to chest, belly to belly, leg to leg, their thrusting cocks sparring with each other almost independently of their movements.

The first true joining was their mouths, and the contact became wild, anxious, almost desperate, as they fought to plunge their tongues deeper and deeper into each other and to taste more fully the special and personal flavor of initial passion. And the wonderful struggle seemed to continue for hour after marvelous hour.

As though their joining had resulted in an increased ability to read one another’s minds, their mouths moved apart on mutual command, and each began to seek out new areas of pleasure, together and individually. There was no pattern or order to it. They licked and kissed and bit and sucked at ears, necks, shoulders, nipples, arms, fingers, navels. Their lips and tongues and fingers pressed and pulled and touched at hips and thighs and buttocks and backs and calves, multiplying the possibilities of nerve reaction.

Wade had moved into an unworldly state of excessive wonder, unlike any he had ever known. For the first time he was not only aware of the taste and feel and erotic odor of every part of a man’s body, but was in tune with the increasing pace of uncontrollable thrill building throughout his whole being.

When Paul’s exploration of his body reached rapidly towards his sex organs, Wade had to warn him that he was dangerously close to orgasm.

“Take it very easy on me, Paul,” he whispered. “I don’t want to come before you do.”

Paul’s voice came back, thick with excitement. “I’m about to shoot my load, too…” Then he relaxed, but without taking his hand from Wade’s prick. He was doing something with his fingers to keep Wade at the very highest pitch of feeling without bringing him over that ultimate crest.


And now, Wade knew, that cock was waiting for him, the super-swollen prick dripping freely with an excessive flood of lubrication; the prodigious balls hanging hot and loose between his opened thighs. Wade put one hand around the big cock and pulled its heavy length up from Paul’s stomach to his lips; he tasted the delicious richness of Paul’s juice.

His other hand came up under the balls, lifting them and massaging them, and feeling the great reservoir of power which they contained. His tongue licked hungrily at the big cockhead, and slowly he tested his ability to take its pulsing roundness into his mouth.

He could feel Paul react, his whole body vibrating, and Paul’s soft cries of desire were telling Wade how good he was making him feel. Wade moved further down on his cockshaft. How much of the massive pole could he engulf? How many of those exposed nerve endings in that stupendous prick could he arouse?

The further he went the easier it seemed to be accept the size of Paul’s dick. He felt a combination of the satisfaction it was bringing him and the obvious exaltation he had produced in Paul.

“Oh, suck it, baby,” Paul was moaning. “Suck that cock. Yeah… there. It feels so good, so good. Suck it… take as much of it as you can. Eat me, Wade. Eat my dick.”

And the proof of Wade’s ability came more quickly than he had expected. He reached the ultimate goal of his sexual odyssey — the entire length of Paul’s big cock was buried within him, the head of it all the way into the back of his throat.

“Oh, baby,” Paul suddenly called out. “I’m going to shoot! I’m going to shoot my come down your throat… suck, Wade, suck it, suck that dick!”

And an instant later he had gone down on Wade as far as Wade was on him — and with a violence so intense Wade thought he heard the accompanying explosion of thunder, they both began to come. It was impossible for Wade to tell whether it was Paul’s bursting jolts of semen he was more conscious of, or his own jetting flood. They rocked and quivered with the energy of the dual release. Wade could feel the pumping of Paul’s balls in his hand which surrounded the big sac, and urged them to deliver more and more of the thick cream. Paul’s lips and mouth and throat were pulling a matching portion of churning semen from Wade’s cock.

And even after the last traces of orgasm and passion had gone from their bodies, they still lay plunged full length into each other’s mouths, drifting from fiery passion into an unequaled state of exquisite enchantment. Wade had always heard the term “afterglow”. And now, lying in a prolonged sixty-nine position with a young man whom he did not understand, he felt sure he knew what the term meant.

He was a little bit in love with this stranger named Paul.

The remainder of that week passed like a dream to Wade. For the first time in years, he was sleeping while it was dark and living while the sun was shining. But more importantly, for the first time in his life, he was finding out what it was like to share a life with someone.

He was sleeping late every morning, only vaguely aware when Paul left his arms and the apartment to go to his job. The tension and exhaustion of years of crazy schedules, noisy clubs, long band practices, an undefinable loneliness had never been dissipated when he’d started living with Rick.

He had only gone from one sort of pressure at work to another at home.

He believed Paul when he told him after several days how much better he was looking. It was not only the tan he was building up from their afternoons together at the beach; he felt better, he was happier, and he simply looked it.

He would make a big breakfast for himself when he got up, clean the apartment, and be ready for an equally expansive lunch with Paul when he came back from his job at the hotels. Often they took the meals as picnics and spent their time on the sand. They swam hard, walked endless miles along the ocean, and talked for hours and hours. The odd part was that they never seemed to talk about anything except Wade.

Then, of course, there was the lovemaking. Every day. And more than once a day that first week. Open, uninhibited, marvelous sexual exploration and satisfaction. And with Paul it never had the aura of insatiability which had made sex with Rick so urgent, desperate, and violent.

Paul came home from work one afternoon exceedingly horny. With a cock the size of Paul’s, it wasn’t easy for him to hide the fact that he had a hard-on.

“Wade, would you do me a favor and get my rocks off?” he asked quite frankly. “By hand or mouth… or even by slamming a Goddamn window down on it!”

“Of course,” Wade answered, putting down the silverware and dishes he had been setting the table with. “What’s the problem?”

“The problem,” he said, already shedding his clothes, “is those two jock college boys who checked into the hotel day before yesterday. They apparently came down to Miami Beach to set up a nonstop sex orgy, and they are doing their damndest to get me to join in.”

He was nude now, and Wade could see the heavy ooze of clear juice welling up from the head of his cock. Paul sat on the sofa, putting one hand firmly around the cockshaft to milk up more of the lubrication.

“Oh, shit, I can beat it myself,” he said, spreading the slick fluid over his tool.

“No, you don’t,” Wade told him as he sat on the floor between Paul’s legs and took hold of his cock. “Tell me what happened, and let me enjoy myself. I like sucking your cock, Paul… among other things.” And he went down on the prick, delighting in the taste of Paul’s body and in the feel of the throbbing hard dick in his mouth.

“Well, these guys are eating all their meals in their rooms, and a lot of other things besides, judging by who I’ve seen in there and who I’ve seen going in there. I guess athletes specialize in athletes, but the group up there this morning was enough to bend the mind.”

He stopped talking suddenly and took in a sharp breath.

“Oh, that feels good, Wade,” he exclaimed, grinning at the man who was busily sucking his cock.

Wade moved back from the dick to return the smile; Paul took the opportunity to slide forward on the sofa so that his balls were hanging over the edge. Wade took hold of them with one hand to increase his excitement.

“Go on with your story,” Wade said, and he engulfed the inviting, purplish head again.

“This was about eleven o’clock. They had called room service and put in a big order. They knew I was on duty from the two previous days, and they’ve been cruising me pretty openly on each occasion. When I knocked on the door, someone called out that it was open, so I pushed it aside and wheeled the cart into the living room of their suite. There were seven guys in there, all with drinks, and not one of them had a stitch of clothes on. They all looked like members of a college football team. Enough muscles among them for three times as many guys… and plenty of cock too, believe.”

Wade stopped working on his cock long enough to ask, “What were they doing when you came in?”

“Waiting for me. I don’t mean to be conceited about it, but there was no doubt, that the two who lived there had told the five guests about me. I felt as though I had walked out onto a stage with seven glowing spotlights on me. They were all sitting around bare-ass on the couch and chairs, one was on the floor. None of them had hard-ons exactly… but they weren’t exactly relaxed either. One of the guys who is registered there closed the door behind me… started talking, introducing me to the others. Of course, I haven’t the damnedest idea of what their names were. All I wanted to do was get the hell out of there.”

“Why?” Wade asked Paul. “What the hell difference would it make to have a swing with some of them?”

“You really don’t understand me, do you, Wade?” he said. “If I had decided to have sex with any of them, would I have come back home and asked you to do this?”

“No, I guess not.”

“Would you have followed through if you had been there? Would you have let them talk you into stripping down, and going at it hot and heavy with any or all of them?”

“I’m not sure,” Wade said. “But then, they probably wouldn’t go after me the way they did you. It’s different with you.”


“You are exceptionally handsome… and something about you spells ‘Sex’ to everyone.”

“And you think this is an advantage?”

Wade couldn’t answer the question.

Paul stood up suddenly, grasped Wade by the upper arms, and lifted him bodily from the floor. As soon as Wade was on his feet facing him, Paul covered his mouth with his, parted Wade’s lips with his tongue, and plunged it deep into Wade’s mouth. Before Wade could recover from the pleasant surprise, Paul had already opened his trousers and pushed them down with his shorts. He began to fondle Wade’s cock until it had reached a full erection.

Paul transferred some of the slick lubrication from his cock to Wade’s, and in a very short time he had Wade extremely aroused as he rode his hand smoothly up over the cockhead and all the way to the base. Wade matched the motion on Paul’s big prong; each of them kept increasing the pace and following suit until their, hands were slimy tunnels of eroticism.

Paul stepped back to the sofa, pulling Wade with him by the hand on his dick as well as the strong suction of his mouth, and sat down again. The movement forced Wade to kneel facing him, his knees on either side of Paul’s. They were going to shoot off on one another, Wade knew, and from the increasingly rapid pace of their breathing and the strangling sounds they were making, Wade knew that the moment of orgasm was not far away.

At the very last instant, just as Wade could feel the first squeeze of the orgasm deep between his legs, Paul pulled his mouth from his with a loud wet sound, threw his head forward, and captured his straining cock with his lips.

There was no stopping at this apex of sensation. Wade began to come, and at the unceasing stimulation of his hand, so did Paul. Paul’s thick, splashing ejaculations coursed on Wade’s hand and arm, onto Paul’s stomach and chest, dripping down Paul’s abdomen towards their original source. At the same time, Wade’s balls were sending out their own pulsing jets of jism, and Paul was receiving them sweetly, almost greedily.

Tuesday was Paul’s day off at the hotel, so Monday night the two of them went out for a good seafood dinner and then went bar-hopping at Paul’s suggestion.

Wade found the bars in Miami much like those he had been to in Los Angeles. There was the eternal cruising, the continual search for a new bed partner, a good-looking trick, or even a possible new lover. Even the guys who were not strictly out looking for sex still were looking. Wade knew that it was as impossible for a stranger to walk into a gay bar and not be noticed as it would be for an alligator to slither up to the bar and order a drink.

And even though he was not as good-looking as Paul, Wade found himself receiving just as much attention because of his newness as Paul was getting for his special attractiveness.

Wade really didn’t pay much attention to the strong glances and occasional leading remarks made to him. It was interesting, even somewhat flattering. But he had no intention of going off with anyone or bringing anyone back to Paul’s apartment, even though Paul had given his permission for Wade to do so. And the last five days had made it clear that Paul wasn’t out to pick up another guy, either.

Wade knew that it was a convenient arrangement and nothing more. They were infatuated with one another, but Paul understood quite well how Wade felt about Rick, and he knew that despite all the problems between them, Rick was the man Wade would eventually be going home to. At the same time, Wade was smart enough to realize that his meeting Paul was the luckiest accident of his life.

About eleven o’clock they arrived at what was apparently Paul’s favorite bar. It was a large circular room with a ceiling dominated by a magnificently intricate chandelier. There was a continuous wall of seats along the outer wall with tiny tables which could be put together or left separate, and in the middle there was a circular bar surrounded by stools, except where a baby grand cut into the almost-complete wheel.

It was the most crowded of all the bars Paul had taken him to, but Wade noticed the unused piano while they were waiting for their drinks to be served.

“Don’t they ever have a pianist?” Wade inquired.

“Yes,” Paul told him. “A fellow named Sammy. I wonder why he’s not here.”

“Maybe he’s on his break.”

Paul shook his head. “I doubt it. If he were working tonight, there would be at least five cocktail glasses up there. I don’t think he can play unless he’s drinking.” When the bartender was setting their two glasses before them, Paul asked, “Henry, where’s Sammy tonight?”

“Beats me, Paul. Tonight, or last night… or Saturday night. He hasn’t shown up.”

“I’ll bet Rodney is sore as hell,” Paul laughed.

“Yeah,” Henry commented. “But what’s he gonna do? It isn’t easy to pick up another pianist.”

Paul looked at Wade with a cunning smile. “Want to earn some money?” he asked.

Wade looked around the club. The crowd was comparatively quiet, good-looking; neither the screaming queen group nor the heavy-drinking crowd. They would probably be a good audience for jazz piano music.

“Why not?” Wade answered. “That is, if the hours aren’t too long.”

“I hear the money is real good,” Paul said, then turned to the bartender and asked, “Is Rod around now?”

“He’s upstairs, I think,” the bartender said. “Wait a minute. I’ll call and see.”

He went to the other side of the bar and picked up a phone there, an intercom instrument, Wade noted. A minute or so later, he was back.

“He’s in his apartment. Says come on up, and the drinks are on the house.”

“Thanks, Henry,” Paul said, pushing a five-dollar bill across the bar. “Take, out for the drinks, anyway. This is strictly a business call.”

When the change had come back, Paul told Wade to bring his glass and follow him. They went back toward the front entrance, and just across from the little checkroom they turned up the stairway which said “Lounges”. Halfway up, Paul stopped and faced him.

“Don’t let Rod con you, Wade,” Paul warned. “He’s famous for that. This bar is a gold mine and he can afford top money. I heard him arguing with Sammy once, and he was saying that he made more money here than he could get in New York. You’d know about what the pay should be, so don’t feel you have to do him any favors. He’s just an acquaintance as far as I’m concerned. I suggested this for your benefit, not his.”

“Okay, Paul, thanks. I appreciate the interest.” He grinned down at Wade and they went to the top. There were three doors, one marked “Private”. Paul pressed the buzzer.

Wade wasn’t prepared for the man who opened the door to them. He had not formed any definitive picture of what Rod might look like, but what he encountered was the farthest thing for any image he could have conjured of the owner of a gay bar. Rod was about six feet four, weighed over two hundred pounds, and could have passed for a rancher or a lumberjack.

He had the strong, sculptured face and body of a true outdoorsman, with thick black hair, wide, squarish dark-blue eyes, a straight nose, and the kind of clean-edged mouth Wade had always associated with carved marble. At the moment he was bare from the waist up, obviously in the midst of getting dressed. His huge chest, the crevice like a canyon, was covered with a mattress of curly hairs, some of which had gone gray. Wade judged him to be about thirty-five.

“How’s the Miami Beach virgin?” he called out in a deep baritone voice which suited his appearance. He clasped Paul by the upper arm until Wade was introduced, then extended both hands to shake Wade’s and to simultaneously clasp their joined hands in a muscular grip.

“Good to know you, Wade. Come in and sit down. Let me freshen your drinks.”

“They’re brand new,” Paul said, going toward the built-in bar across the room, “but if I can, use a taller glass, I’ll pour it over some ice.”


“The bucket’s right there,” Rod said, his eyes following Paul. “Make yourself a big one, get real drunk, and give me an even chance of raping you.”

“You haven’t got that much booze, not even downstairs.” Paul’s tone was bantering; Rod took everything as a joke, laughed heartily, and turned to face Wade.

“I’ve been propositioning Paul since the first night we met,” he announced. “But I haven’t made it into that beautiful ass of his yet.” Paul had finished pouring his cocktail onto the rocks, and Rod turned toward him. “For five hundred bucks, Paul?” It sounded like a private joke — at the same time it didn’t sound funny at all.

Paul’s expression did not alter. He neither frowned nor smiled, only gazed with a searching stare.

“Wade came up to talk about playing your deserted piano,” Paul reminded Rod. “What happened to Sammy?”

“Who the fuck knows?” Rod snorted, picking up a clean shirt draped over the back of a chair and beginning to put it on. “He left here at closing time Friday with a couple of guys from Ohio, I think. I heard them talking about Key West and the possibility of going there and picking up some sailors. You know, once in a while Sammy sobers up long enough to remember what sex is, and then he goes off on a cruising jag. The trouble is, he can work while he’s drinking, but he can’t play the piano while he’s sucking cocks, so I’m the one who’s left high and dry.” Then he swung around toward Wade. “Except,” he said, “you’re supposed to be a piano player too.”

“That’s right,” Wade said. “Jazz. Cocktail. Rock, if I have to.”

“Do you sing too?”

“That’s not too important. I see you drink, though.”

“When I’m working,” Wade said, “a highball like this will last me maybe two hours.”

Rod nodded. “Is Paul your agent?”

Wade laughed. “No. I’m just sharing his apartment right now.”

Rod’s eyebrows shot up. “Lovers?”

“Are you publishing a Goddamned newspaper, Rod?” Paul said. “Or are you just a nosy sonofabitch?”

“A thousand dollars, Paul!” he said. “I mean it, and you have a witness. I’ll give you a grand in cash this minute. All you have to do is open up that nice little ass of yours and let me in!”

Paul drained his glass and set it down hard on the bar. “I better get out of here, Wade, or he’ll never talk business to you.”

“Yeah, why don’t you split, Paul,” Rod said. “You’re distracting me from important things.”

Paul winked at Wade as he passed on the way to the door. “I’ll see you downstairs.”

Rod stood staring at the door after Paul had gone out. He still had not buttoned his shirt after putting it on; Wade could not keep his eyes from wandering over the splendid chest, and from surreptitiously dropping even lower to the man’s crotch, which revealed an interesting imprint beneath his trousers.

Rod seemed to be easily distracted from one idea to another. “I’ve got a thing about that kid,” he said. “And I suppose a lot of guys in this town who know him are in the same boat with me. He’s really different from the rest. I’m not sure how or why because I only know him from the bar and from a few reasonably respectable parties. But whatever he is, I’d like to get next to it once.” He laughed. “But then I’d like to get next to a lot of guys in the same way, so what the hell. Let’s talk about your playing. Have you ever played in a gay club before?”

Wade nodded.

“There are some problems, you know,” Rod said. “You have to play it cool with the customers. I mean, be friendly, but distant. I don’t hire people to make it easier for them to find sex. A pianist at the bar is in a great position to cruise and be cruised.”

“You don’t have to worry about that, Rod. When I’m playing, my mind is strictly on my music. Besides, I’m not the kind of guy to go looking for bed company. I live with someone and have for a long time now.”

“In Los Angeles?”


“Is he there now?”

“Yes, he is.”

“And you’re here?” The look accompanying his obvious question already got his meaning across.

“It’s kind of a vacation. You should know that I’ll most likely be going back within a week or so.”

He shrugged. “I expect Sammy will be back before that. I can only hire you on a night-to-night basis, you understand. Despite all his faults, Sammy has preference on this job.”

“That’s fine. We understand, each other then. When would you like me to start?”

“Right now, if you’re ready. Or do you need music?”

“It’s all up here,” Wade answered, tapping the side of his head. “Suppose I play a couple of sets and see how your customers like it. If I’m not right, there’s no point in wasting my time or yours.”

“Fine,” Rod said. He walked across the room to shake hands with Wade. “Go downstairs and start working. I’ll be down shortly and we can talk money then.”

“Great,” Wade answered, and he turned away to go to the door. As he did, Rod gave him a kind of friendly pat on the ass, a pat which lingered for just a second longer than a purely, offhand gesture could account for. There was absolute silence until Wade had opened the door.

“Think nothing of it, Wade. I’ve got a thing for asses.”

“Well?” Paul asked Wade when he came up to the bar.

“Well, I’m about to go to work for awhile.”


“You don’t mind?”

“Of course not. It was my idea, wasn’t it?”

Wade grabbed him by the shoulder. “This was probably exactly what I needed. I was beginning to feel kind of useless. This may only be for one night, or a few — till Sammy comes back — but at least I’m doing something.”

Paul turned and called to Henry, the bartender. He introduced Wade and told him he was going to play piano for a while. Wade ducked through the gate under the bar, opened the piano, and made himself comfortable on the bench. Henry snapped on a switch and abruptly there was a soft spotlight on Wade. Then he realized that the conversations had hushed and most of the eyes were on him, interested and expectant.

That familiar excitement coursed through him and said the words, “Show Tunes.” It was always good to start with them at least. He put a program through his mind and then started to play; the full room of people seemed to condense into the single person of Paul sitting on the stool closest to him.

A vocalist had once told him that her method of putting a song across to an audience was to find just one person in it and sing directly to him. She said it made the performance a personal act, and helped her to give the proper phrasing and meaning to the lyrics. Wade had found that this could work for him, too, when he was playing solo. In most instances, the singe person from the audience would not be someone he knew, but just a fact which seemed more receptive to his performance than the average.

But Paul became that object not simply because he was sitting close enough for Wade to see him easily against the glare of the spotlight, but as the one person who would best understand what Wade was trying to say with his music. He had spent most of the past week telling about himself in words. This was another way of transmitting more of what he was on a deeper, more direct level. It was not too much different from making bye to him, it was just out in the open.

And even as he was enjoying the wonderful, personal contact, he wondered why he had never been able to do this with Rick.

The applause was as much a surprise to Henry and Paul as it was to Wade. It came spontaneously at the end of his first set and built to an exciting and satisfying volume, including a few whistles of appreciation and some straightforward complimentary comments. It continued until Wade had gotten down from the low dais the piano stood on and Henry had turned off the spotlight.

The bartender rubbed him on the shoulder. “That was solid,” he said. “Right down the middle.”

“You’re a star!” Paul grinned at him as he came up from the gate under the bar. “Why didn’t you tell me how talented you are?”

“There are thousands of guys who can play as well as that,” Wade protested happily.

“Oh, sure,” he came back. “That’s why all these guys are giving you the big hand. Believe me, it takes talent to take their minds off themselves and their gossip and their cruising. They were really listening to you up there. I’ve never heard them really applaud for Sammy.”

“They’re used to him. I’m something new.”

“That’s true,” Paul grinned affably. “New and talented.”

“Thank you very much,” Wade told him. “If you liked it, then that’s all that counts.”

Henry came over to them and broke in. “You might be interested in knowing that the boss just called down and wanted to know what all the noise was about. I told him the boys were applauding your playing. He says he’ll be right down to talk to you.”

Paul put his hand on Wade’s arm. “Look, Wade, you won’t mind if I head home. You’re going to be here late, and I could use the extra sack time. You have enough audience without me and I can look forward to hearing you play for me sometime soon… just for me, right?”

Wade felt a little let down; his face must have revealed it.

“Besides,” Paul sighed. “I can’t take anymore of Rod tonight. You understand?”

Wade said, “Of course I understand.” But when Paul walked out of the place he seemed to be very much alone. He sensed that there was more to Paul’s relationship with the owner of the bar than he wanted to let on. It was not his business, though, and he knew he had no right to ask any questions. Still, it disturbed him.

A few minutes later those thoughts were gone from his mind, as he found himself the center of conversation with a number of patrons. Within five minutes, he had been introduced to a dozen or more smiling, sun-tanned guys and was answering their questions about where he was from, had he made any recordings, who did he know in the music business, and what was the gay scene in Los Angeles. It was, impossible to maintain any dialogue with any one person before another was talking.

Wade had to admit to himself that he liked it. He was a performer at heart, and he liked attention. It was all very friendly, gay, open, genuine appreciation for what he could do at the piano, and what seemed to Wade to be honest interest in himself as an individual. Then Rod showed up and everything changed.

Without really trying, Rod seemed to dominate the group from the moment he joined it. It was partly his own appearance and personality, and partly a kind of deference the men showed him. Rod was different from the rest, just as he felt Paul was different, but not for the same reasons.

Not one of the young men around Wade was an effeminate or obvious type of gay man; all were healthy, outgoing, athletic types, well-dressed, in their early twenties. But there was just something about Rod. Perhaps it was because he was older. Perhaps it was his size, his well-carried massive frame which outshone the one basketball player in the circle around Wade. More likely, it was the slow assurance of his actions, a kind of self-contained arrogance or nonchalance which said, “I know what I want and I get it by asking for it.”

Wade wasn’t quite sure why, but little by little the group began to break up, drift away to another part of the room, leaving him talking alone with Rod.

“It sounds as though you’ve made a good impression on the customers, Wade. I’m looking forward to hearing your next set.”

Suddenly it was very important to Wade to have this man’s approval of his playing added to the response he had already received.

“Is there a schedule of playing I’m supposed to follow, Rod?” he asked, “or can I get back to the piano now?”

“Be my guest,” he answered, and then he said across the bar: “Henry, put on Wade’s spotlight. He’s going to give a command performance.”

The next set went even better than the first and Rod’s reaction was the reason. Wade wasn’t more than a dozen bars into the first piece when he saw the approving smile, or half-smile, on the man’s rugged face; Wade knew that Rod liked what he was hearing.

With Paul gone, Wade used Rod as his total-audience-of-one, and the evening began to dissolve into a long, unspoken conversation between Wade at the piano and Rod at the closest stool. Rod took perfunctory time out to speak with the bartender or give an order; once he even made a circuit around the room. But he always came back to watch Wade. Occasionally he would keep time with the music with his hand on the bar as he stared long and intently, not smiling, at the new pianist.

Since it was a week night, the bar began to empty not long after midnight. By one o’clock, after Wade had completed a medley of Judy Garland favorites, Rod said, “That’s enough, Wade. You’ve earned yourself a good night’s pay.” He glanced around the room and added, “The ones who are staying up later than this are interested in booze or cock rather than in music. Never outstay your audience.”

“I enjoyed it,” Wade smiled at the man. “It’s good to know that I haven’t lost my touch in a week.”

“Not likely,” Rod said. “Come on upstairs so I can pay you and make some arrangements for the rest of the week. Even if Sammy does come back, I’ll tell him to take a vacation. I want to get the full benefits of your talent while you’re in Miami.”

After they climbed the stairway and entered his apartment, Rod said, “Relax, and pour yourself a drink. It must be tiring sitting on that bench for hours.”

“Pianists get used to it,” Wade said, flopping down onto the deep sofa. “I guess we develop good muscles where we sit.”

“Yes, I noticed when you were up there earlier,” he replied. The words came out very directly and they stared at each other for a moment. Wade’s heart was beating very hard all of a sudden and he wouldn’t have known how to answer Rod’s statement had the man not burst into a deep-throated laughter. “Imagine,” he went on, “developing the shape of your ass and getting paid for it.”

Wade stood up. “I think I’ll have the drink,” he said, and he walked past Rod over to the bar. He was putting ice into a tall glass when he heard the man’s warm breath, and then his voice, right behind him, almost in his ear.

“I’d like to see that ass, Wade.”

And now his pulse was pounding so loud in his ears that he felt dizzy. He couldn’t move, he could only stand there with the glass of ice, not answering, not turning around. He knew what he was waiting for, but he dared not speak it. The noisy silence went on until the pressure of his own blood in his own ears was like an excruciating pain.

Then he felt Rod’s hand move onto his backside, not hesitantly, not delicately, but with virile assurance. It was a contact so strong that the layers of cloth which separated them seemed to disappear. And the strength of the hand was what made Wade Matthews heart pound, made his knees feel weak all over, rendered him speechless. Rod’s big fingers seemed to mold themselves to Wade’s bunching flesh, and Wade moved back against Rod’s palm with an abrupt and knowing thrust of desire.

“It feels better than it looks,” Rod told the boy, and his other hand moved between Wade and the bar to pull skillfully at Wade’s belt buckle, opening it and the button at the waistband of his trousers more rapidly than Wade himself could have done it. Just as rapidly, Rod opened Wade’s zipper and undid the snaps of Wade’s shorts, then pulled both garments down to his ankles.

Both of his hands were exploring the curves of Wade’s exposed ass, massaging and kneading the trembling cheeks until Wade felt that any moment his legs would buckle.

“You little bitch,” Rod whispered hoarsely in Wade’s ear. “I knew you’d drop your pants for me… you’re just like all the others, aren’t you… all of them except Paul. Tell me, does he fuck this sweet ass of yours?” His voice sounded mean and full of contempt.

“Yes,” Wade whispered, knowing that he was lost now, knowing that he loved it.

“Does he have a big dick?”

“And I bet you love it, don’t you?”

“Yes, yes, I love it… every inch of it.” Wade heard the man chuckling behind him. And then he was aware of a quick movement back there — and an instant later, lightning struck him. Hot, wet, lightning. Rod’s mouth was nibbling, animal like, at the aroused nerves of Wade’s ass; the tongue was licking with an accelerating speed. And then both Rod’s big clumsy hands were pushing the cheeks apart and that flicking wet sword went to its target without parrying.

Wade had to grab onto the bar for support. So Rod had a “thing” about asses — hell, it was an unadulterated talent. He had his tongue rotating Wade’s ass with a technique designed to unlock the portal in the delight of pure surrender.

Farther and farther Rod pressed into his ass with his tongue, wilder and wilder were the sensations radiating from the lunging tongue-kiss and, consequently, just as Rod had calculated, greater and greater was Wade’s own need to be entered, penetrated.

Only vaguely was Wade aware that his own stiff prick was jamming mercilessly against the wood paneling on the front of the bar. At that moment his entire universe was centered upon the thrilling, vibrating nerves of his rectum.

And then he could hold it back no longer.

“Fuck me, Rod!” he screamed, his voice rasping, hoarse. “For shit’s sake, use your cock… and fuck me as hard as you can!”

“You asked for it, you little bitch,” Rod’s deep voice assured him, “and you’re fucking well gonna get it now.”

There was a hurried rustling of clothing. And much faster than Wade thought anyone could have gotten undressed, Rod was against him, his strong hands on his hips, holding the cheeks spread wide.

Then Wade reached behind him, and down. He gasped. His mind did not believe what his hand was feeling, it was too terrifying at this point, and he whirled around so swiftly that Rod did not have time to step back and they crashed chests first into one another. The monstrosity of a cock was stabbed into Wade’s belly as they came face to face, and he reached down to grip it again. The weight alone was enormous.

“Oh, my God,” Wade breathed quietly. “Oh, Rod… let me see it, let me look at it…”

Rod laughed. “You’ll do more than look at it, you little queen. You’re going to get it shoved up your asshole.”

“I can’t take it… it’s too…”

Rod grabbed him by the shoulders, flung him back around against the bar. “You’ll take it, all right,” he snorted. “You asked for it and you’re gonna get it.” He held Wade pressed into the wood as he found his mark again. “Okay, bitch, I’m coming in!” he announced.


There was not a split second of hesitation before he leaned forward, bringing his entire body against Wade’s in a moment of unbelievable horror. “Here comes thirteen inches of fat cock, bitch!” he laughed. And the prick went tearing into Wade like some instrument of torture, big and thick, battering him like, a rampaging bull, driven by the full power of the man’s powerful body. Nothing could stand in its way.

“Oh, shit, Rod!” Wade shouted in panic. “Take it out! I can’t stand it… please take that fucking cock out of me… it’s tearing my ass apart! For Christ’s sake… please!”

The big hairy arms were around him like clamps.

“You’re gonna love it,” Rod said. “Your ass is built just right for this, I can tell that already… and you want it more than anything in your life. Somebody’s already made a good start on you. Hell, your ass has had a lot of cock shoved up it, don’t think I can’t tell that. But, bitch, before I’m through with you, you’re gonna have the biggest, wasted, fucked-out asshole in the world. Bend over, faggot, and get fucked by a man!”

Wade knew that there was no point in struggle. He was trapped by the man’s power, by his masculinity, his will — and most of all by his sexuality. He knew it, and although part of his mind tried to fight against it, something in his body over which he seemed to have no control whatever screamed at him to say that it was true.

This was exactly what he wanted to be fucked like a worthless little bitch in heat, to be fucked by a man in every sense of the word, to be used for a man’s lust to the point of satiation.

Rod’s prick could have been tipped with a lance of steel judging from the way it felt up inside his body. Each forward thrust seemed to strike a new area of pain in Wade’s bowels, and the movement of the whole shaft was a rasping, tearing assault on his sensations. The big, muscular man was tireless and at least ten minutes of brutal fucking went on before the level of pain began to decrease.

It continued to decrease, and then a new reaction took hold of Wade. Slowly, but ever so surely, he was being released from the torture; it was as though some miraculous medicine was being introduced into his body. The pain ebbed, dulled, and then turned into a riveting, heart-pounding, sensational pleasure. And gradually the pleasure built to intense heights.

Rod’s ponderous cock was no longer a weapon of determined misery; like a magician’s wand, it had transformed itself into a hard, warm, life-pulsating organ capable of creating marvels in the deep recesses of Wade’s asshole. Wade found himself rearing back against each of the strokes, trying to draw even more of the engorged cock into him, trying to drain even more delight from the contact.

“Liking it, bitch?” Rod laughed, sensing the change.

“Oh, God, yes. Fuck me, you stud-horse… fuck the shit out of me!”

“Baby, you sure are asking for it, aren’t you?” Rod groaned as he began to increase the fury of his thrusts.

“That’s it,” Wade cried. “Give it to me! Like that! And that! And that! Fuck me, fuck me, oh, fuck me!”

“I’m fucking you, you bitch. Just like I’m gonna fuck that snotty friend of yours. Yeah, how’d you like to see that? See your big hero being fucked in the ass by my big cock? Would you like that, bitch? One of these days I’m gonna throw Paul down on my bed over there and spread his legs wide. Yeah. You ought to be here to see it. I’ll tear that asshole of his to shreds — and I’ll make him love it and beg for more like you’re doing.”

Wade’s entire body was thrilling to the unimaginable change, and just as he was hoping it would never stop, Rod shouted out some wordless, guttural sounds and started to come. Once, twice, three times. Wade was counting the separate spurts of the man’s semen, racing through Rod and through Wade at the same time and then out of the huge prick to erupt in Wade’s battered asshole. Four, five, six, seven. Wade hoped they would stay joined like this forever. Eight, nine, ten. He had done this for Rod and he would show his appreciation, surely, by doing it again. Tonight, hopefully even tomorrow. Eleven. A pause. Twelve.

“Keep it in, Rod,” Wade moaned. “God, I love the way that fucking dick feels up my ass. I wish I could keep it there forever. I belong with a dick in my ass, I love it, and I love being fucked by big-cocked studs like you, Rod. Keep it in… I want you to cold-cock me again; right now… fuck me until I can’t stand up…”

Rod yanked his cock out of the boy in one brutal movement, a movement that was as swift and inconsiderate as his entrance had been. The pleasure Wade had been experiencing was cut off with an exclamation mark of sharp pain. And he was left clutching the bar, his stiff and untouched cock sticking against the wood, his pants and shorts down around his shoe tops, his ass sore and bruised. And his self-esteem at the same vanishing point it had been the night he’d arrived in town.

“Get out, you bitch,” Rod said. “I’ll fuck you again tomorrow night, maybe.” And before Wade could, turn around, he had gone into the bathroom.

Wade was grateful that he had exited, anyway. At least he didn’t stand there to watch him pulling at his clothing, looking and feeling so helpless and defeated. Wade finally got all his clothing on and started for Paul’s place.

He was ashamed and humiliated, and he knew that he deserved nothing better than what he had just gotten.

“Any particular reason why you slept in the other bedroom?” Paul asked him when he came into the kitchen.

Wade had fixed lunch for both of them. Paul’s tone of voice sounded merely curious, but Wade was still glad that he had a tan to cover the hot flush which was creeping up his neck and face.

He had, answers all prepared to deliver, but somehow he was just as shaken up as he would have been had Paul been awake and waiting for him when he’d gotten back from the bar last night.

“It was late,” Wade finally, managed. “I didn’t want to disturb your sleep. You said yourself you needed a good night’s rest.”

“I would never be disturbed by you getting into my bed,” Paul smiled quickly. Then he added, “I just hoped you weren’t pissed off by my not staying to hear more of your playing.”

Wade had the oddest feeling that Paul was lying to him, or concealing something from him, for the first time since they had known one another. He wondered if somehow Paul knew what had happened between him and Rod? No, that wasn’t possible. Not unless Rod was actually rotten enough to have called him at work. But why? To make Paul jealous? Of whom? Certainly not of Rod. It was quite clear that if Paul was interested in having sex with Rod, then all he had to do was to say so.

Did Rod think Paul would be jealous of Wade? He looked across the table at the handsome young man starting in on his bowl of salad. No, Paul didn’t think of him that way. An intimate friend, perhaps. A desirable bed partner, for sure. But it was Paul who was always reminding him that he would eventually be going back to Rick in Los Angeles.

No, Paul’s odd reaction must be a facade for some other emotion, perhaps some complication in his life which had nothing to do with him. Or maybe he was just hung-up horny because they had not had sex last night. Well, that was easily cured. He could be just as direct with Paul as Paul was with him.

“If that invitation to your bed still holds,” Wade said, “I’d like to take you up on it right after lunch.”

But this time it was Paul who looked at a loss for words. He looked away from Wade and bit at his lip.

“I can’t this afternoon,” he said, half mumbling. “I’ve got to go somewhere. I’ll be back for dinner. Can we make it then?”

“I guess so. If you come back early enough. I have to be at the bar by eight.”

“Well, look, Wade, if I don’t show up by six, you go ahead and eat without me, okay?”

No, it wasn’t all right. In fact, something was all wrong, and Wade felt a cold stab of fear run through him. He wanted to ask some questions, demand answers. But where did he come off thinking he could require Paul to tell him everything about himself? He had no hold on him, no emotional hold — and obviously no sexual one either. Maybe they had simply been together for too long in such a short period of time and boredom was setting in.

Wade tried to think of something to talk about which would fill up the silence, but he could find nothing in his mind except a series of pictures of him and Paul making love, abruptly interspersed with a memory of last night, of Rod driving his ruthless cock in and out of his asshole.

“Are you going to the beach?” Paul finally asked, breaking the spell of emptiness. “It’s a beautiful day.”

“I don’t know,” Wade answered, trying not to look or sound disappointed. “I really ought to find a piano and do some practicing. I was stiff last night during the first couple of sets.”

“You sounded top drawer to me. And to the rest of the guys, too.” He paused. “Apparently Rod thought you were doing all right if you’re going back again.”

“Yes, he was happy about it. And he certainly pays well.”

Paul nodded. “He’s known for that. He’ll spend as much as he has to when there is something he wants.”

The statement had too many connotations for Wade not to feel embarrassed and awkward again. “I’ll probably work there right through the rest of the week,” Wade told Paul. “He said he’d like for me to stay even if Sammy does come back.”

“I see.” There was a moment of agonizing silence. And then Paul said it. “You went to bed with him, didn’t you, Wade?”

“Yes,” Wade said. Even the tan could not hide the color in his face this time.

Paul did not say anything. He simply rose and left the kitchen, left the house. It really didn’t matter anymore, Wade knew.

Nothing really mattered. He and Paul would never have made it together, anyway.

He was playing the piano, and he was drunk. It was the first time he had ever gotten smashed while working, but that, too, did not matter. He had already told Rod that tonight would be his last night, that tomorrow he had to leave for Los Angeles. He had moved his suitcase into Rod’s apartment upstairs, because, he did not want to face Paul again — and he was certain Paul did not want to see him either.

It was just as well. Probably for the better. Hell, a guy like Paul would only spoil him for Rick when he went home. But a few sessions with Rod plowing his ass unmercifully would make Rick’s actions seem like the ultimate in a give-and-take, well-balanced relationship.

And soon he would be getting that brutal, unfeeling fucking. The more he drank, the more he looked forward to it.

It was time he face the truth about himself at last.

It was what he wanted. Drunk, he knew it. Sober, he could only try to run from it.

About midnight, Rod told Henry to turn up all the lights in the big ceiling fixture and when he had everyone’s attention, he announced that the place would close at twelve-thirty. He answered the groans and boos by giving all the patrons a drink on the house.

Wade played a long set and then at a signal from Rod, switched to “Goodnight Ladies”, and had the bar empty and locked within five minutes.

When he got upstairs to Rod’s apartment, he was surprised to be handed an envelope with his night’s pay and to be told, “Come on, Wade, I’m taking you somewhere special.” When he asked to know more about it, Rod only said, “You’ll see when you get there,” and gave his ass a brief, possessive feeling up.

His car was in a tiny garage situated behind the bar. It was a black Cadillac convertible, but he did not put the top down, saying that they would be at their destination too soon to take advantage of riding in the open air.

Even though he had known Rod such a short time, Wade could recognize the look on his face as one of sexual expectancy, and he felt, himself warming to the possibilities of what lay ahead. Maybe it was going to be a threesome, perhaps even four. Whatever, Wade was ready for it. He wanted to emerge himself in warm, hard, male bodies, in flesh, in uninhibited sex; he wanted to forget that he had ever met Paul.

The first shock came as they drove up to park before the hotel. Wade recognized it as the hotel where Paul worked.

“Who are we going to see?” Wade asked again, more insistently this time, giving away his apprehension.

“A couple of swinging tourists,” Rod told him. “They came in the club one night. Believe me, you’ll enjoy them.”

They stopped in front of a door and Rod knocked. A few moments later a voice called, “Who is it?” and when Rod identified himself, there was only a moment’s delay before the door opened. The room beyond was in darkness.

They stepped through and then a switch snapped and several lamps came on. Wade had to keep himself from gasping at the scene in the room.

There were at least a dozen guys there, ranging in age from their late teens to maybe thirty, thirty-one. Except for the variations in coloring and complexion from blonds to golden tans to olive-skinned brunettes, they all had several things in common: above-average looks, running to several extraordinarily handsome faces, excellent builds, including one body-builder who bordered on the incredulous, and a total absence of clothing. Only in a beach locker room or a YMCA pool had Wade seen so many males naked at one time. And horny.

They had come into the middle of a very active sex scene. When the lights had come on, even the most involved lovers had paused long enough for a look at the newcomers. Many of them went quickly back to the kissing, jerking, sucking they had been doing before Wade’s arrival, and Wade’s cock was as hard as most of those he could see.

Rod introduced him to the handsome, dark haired college jock who had answered the door, and right away Wade knew that this party was being thrown by the guys Paul had spoken of that afternoon.

“Wade, this is Tom.”

As they shook hands, Rod began to strip his clothes off. Soon he was naked and Tom was fondling his prick.

“Don’t be shy, Wade,” Tom said. “Get undressed.”

A dark shadow walked by and said, “I’ll get you a drink. What’ll it be?”

“I don’t need a drink,” Wade said. “I need…”

“Rod already told me what you need, Wade,” Tom said then. “Come in the bedroom with me… I’ve been waiting to give it to you.”

It was so abrupt, he could do nothing but obey. Tom stood behind him, his hands on his waist, propelling him through the dimly lit rooms to the bedroom. Someone handed them a joint on the way, someone else a popper.

His head swam with the dope, with the alcohol from the club. Tom was undressing him — and Wade realized how big the boy was, how his pectorals bulged, noticed the deep ravine in his hairless chest.

“Ever been worked over by a hockey player?” Tom laughed.

Wade was too stoned to really understand what he was talking about.

“We go in for the rough stuff sometimes,” Tom was telling him.

“Anything,” Wade heard himself muttering. “Anything… Tom…”

Then he was naked and being pushed back onto the bed.

Only vaguely was he aware of the fact that some other people had entered the room, another of the college jocks with Rod. They stood near the bed and the stranger-friend of Tom’s asked, “Is this the bitch you were talking about, Rod?”

“Yeah, that’s him. Biggest asshole in the USA. I fucked the shit out of him just last night.”

Wade writhed on the bed, aware that Tom was climbing up to straddle him. He looked groggily up, saw the magnificent body, reached for it with one weak, listless, uncertain hand.

“Me and my buddy Joe have something a little special planned out for you, cocksucker,” Tom was saying down into Wade’s face. “Little something we’ve been wanting to try out on some horny bitch like you for a long time. I’m betting that you’ll love it.”

The other jock, obviously Joe, joined in. “Give it to him, Tom. Cram it up his ass till he squeals like a stuck pig. I wanna hear him yell. Go on fuck the little sissy’s ass off.”

Wade felt one of Tom’s fingers digging into his asshole. He relaxed, loving the feeling, and spread his legs wide to accommodate him. Wade closed his eyes and reveled in the sensations of the finger jabbing into his opening; his head writhed on the pillow and he did not even see when Tom reached over to a table nearby and picked up a gigantic and thickly lubricated dildo.

With one hand, eyes still closed, Wade was pulling at Tom’s cock, feeling his hairy balls, anxious to get the meat inside him. The cock was not particularly long, but it was incredibly big around, and Wade loved thick pricks the best.

With his hand, Tom parted the flaccid buttocks and held the dildo into position. And before Wade could utter a word, he suddenly felt a jabbing, piercing object force the muscles of his asshole to yield. The tapered end of the dildo moved quickly up the tight channel.

“What is it?” Wade cried in genuine alarm. “What are you doing to me?”

The others in the room laughed. Both Joe and Rod had moved up to stand at the edge of the bed so that they had level, even sight of the boy’s upraised legs and the well exposed asshole.

“I’m fucking you, cocksucker, what do you think?” Tom laughed. “I’m fucking you with a fifteen-inch dildo.” Their sadistic laughter filled the room, drowning out Wade’s feeble pleas and moans. “Rod says you’ve got the one asshole in town that can for sure take it,” Tom said. “And I for one think he’s right.”

As he felt his asshole stretching to receive the thick shaft of the dildo, Wade suddenly dropped his hips down onto the bed, retreating from the unbearable pain. He yelled loudly as the sharp stinging waves spread through his bowels and stomach. But Tom was relentless in his effort. His hand held the dildo tightly as he drove it deeper and deeper into the dark crevice. And with one long, even stroke, he plunged it all the way to its base as Wade yelled and gripped his pillow to his face.

Joe laughed and brushed his long brown hair from his forehead as he climbed upon the bed and knelt on his haunches for a better look. His big cock was jutting out from between, his almost too-muscular thighs, and as he looked down at Wade’s ravaged asshole, covered with a slimy mixture of shit, mood, mucus, and lubrication, he began to work his cock with his hand, jerking it off over Wade’s stomach.

“How’s it feel, bitch?” Rod asked, stroking his own gigantic cock.

Wade could not reply, could only lie there sighing and hoping there was no more to come. He was gorged and distended with the huge weapon; the hairy lips of his asshole gripped the base tightly.

Joe moved upward, across Wade’s body, and then scooted himself forward until he was sitting in the boy’s face. His hairy, sweaty, weighty prick dropped down into Wade’s face, flopping against his cheekbones while the big balls covered his mouth. “How’d you like to eat some dick while you’re getting those fifteen inches?” Joe leered down at him. “I bet you like getting fucked in the ass and the mouth at the same time, don’t you, cocksucker?”

He took his prick into his hand and began to beat it roughly right in Wade’s face, jerking himself off so that each time his hand moved to the tip of his cock, his fist struck Wade roughly against the chin.

“Lick my balls,” Joe said. “Get those big hairy balls down your fucking throat before I choke you to death with ’em.”

Wade obeyed, taking first one and then the other, licking them all over, nibbling at the wiry little hairs. The weight of the big bulky cock was tremendous and Wade, growing a bit more accustomed to the monstrosity rammed up his ass was beginning to enjoy the scene a little.

Tom reached for the base of the dildo with both hands. He pulled it out slightly in order to get a better grip. Then with a twisting motion, he turned on the vibrator. The only sound in the room was the steady buzz of the electric dildo and the sobs and moans of Wade’s stunned pain.

“Rip the bitch open, Tommy boy!” Rod called loudly.

Wade was like, putty in their hands now, his body racked with a combination of excruciating pain and exhilarating pleasure. The vibrator stuck out of his asshole as he lay there before them with his legs stuck up in the air. Tom gripped the slippery base and began to move it slowly in and out, pumping the dildo deep into Wade’s ass. His thighs quivered as he felt the ramming pole pushing and pulling and tearing at the tender walls of his ass.

And then Wade began to like it. The harder he sucked Joe’s balls, the more absorbed he grew in the heavy, masculine body above him — the smells of him, the feel of his hard body — and consequently the more absorbed in the total experience he became. The vibrator tickled inside as much as it hurt. It really was, he decided, like a hard gigantic cock slamming in and out of him. He began to move with it. And it felt good inside him then, very good. It went so fucking far — but there was sure room for it, many different men had seen to that, and now, in a way, in a very perverse and self-hating way, Wade found himself rather pleased to find that his asshole was big enough to take the giant-size vibrator prick.

He began to move in a slow, steady rhythm. Going slow, gave him a chance to savor the experience. “It’s fantastic,” he moaned, talking against one of Joe’s hairy nuts. “Oh, it feels so good. You can go faster, Tom. Faster.”

“Holy shit, the bitch loves it!” Tom laughed wildly.

“Give him some more of it then,” Rod said. “Hell, ram the thing up him until you lose it in that big asshole!”

Joe began to beat off furiously into his face. And Wade could feel the deep sensation inside his asshole as the vibrator sent waves of thrilling pleasure throughout his body. His cock was responding in jerking spasms as he felt the dildo vibrating against the hard, throbbing gland inside his asshole. The shaft of the rapidly vibrating dildo lay directly against his prostate gland and it was sending him into a shuddering sexual ecstasy like he had never known before.

Tom, too, had begun to beat himself off, still between Wade’s legs, holding the vibrator in with one hand and pounding his meat with the other. He continued to drive the machine ruthlessly in and out of Wade’s ravaged asshole, and Wade had begun to respond by moving his hips to meet each thrust. His legs quivered and his toes were wiggling as they pointed toward the ceiling. His breathing was heavier now and his head was tossing from side to side as he felt himself being lifted to an unknown level, a height of passion he had never known existed. It was as if there were nothing else in the world, no head, no arms, no legs, no mind — nothing but his throbbing cock and palpitating asshole and a pair of big hairy balls smothering his face. It was all that mattered.

“I’m coming!” Wade screamed. “Oh, shit, fuck, oh, I’m shooting… oh, you fuckers, here comes my load!” And the hot seed came erupting from his balls, shooting straight up into the air. A moment later his face was covered and smeared all over with Joe’s come. It spurted into his hair, all over his forehead, some of it dripped into his mouth.

Tom continued fucking him with the vibrator until every drop of his seed was released. His ass continued to pump up and down, meeting the thrust of each stroke as the dildo buried itself deep inside his asshole. Then, as his cock suddenly fell down against his stomach and the last drops of come squirted out, Wade began to yell in a frantic, panting voice, “Take it out! Get it out! Oh, shit, get that fucking thing out of my asshole!”

The muscles of his ass constricted and held tightly onto the vibrator, which felt like a huge turd that wouldn’t come out.

He was covered with sticky white cream. Tom released a huge load through the mushroom head of his thick cock, shooting it all over Wade’s crotch. Rod had stepped up close enough to the bed to spill his load all over Wade’s chest. And when they were all finished with him, Tom reached down and yanked the vibrator straight out of his ass as violently as Rod had jerked his cock out of him only the night before.

Joe moved away from his come-splattered face, rose. And with one hand he reached over, took. Wade’s arm, and pulled him off the bed and onto the floor. Wade lay there between them, his head surrounded by six bare feet. There was a moment of silence, as if they were trying to decide what to do with him next.

“Please,” Wade moaned. “Please… I’ve had enough… let me leave, let me get out of here… I just want to get out of here and never have to see any of you dirty bastards again as long as I live. Let me go!”

“Sure,” Rod said. Then he laughed. “One last good-bye present,” he said.

“No!” Wade cried, eyes turned upward, suddenly realizing, with genuine and total revulsion, what the man was going to do. “No! Please, Rod!”

Then he could only bury his face. The piss splattered down from Rod’s huge, still semi-hard prick at first in a small trickle, and then in a large, stinging stream. The terrible smells intermingled all over his body with the piss; the yellow liquid ran over his back, down into his crotch, down his legs, mixing with the come.

Rod, without another word, walked away. Tom and Joe stood there laughing, amused to see the object of their contempt so degraded and debased.

Furiously, Wade sat up, grabbed the cover from the bed, and tried to clean himself with it. If he could just get clean enough to get his clothes on and get out of here, then everything would be all right. He didn’t know where he would go tonight or what he would do, now or ever, but he had to get out of this terrible room where he had shamed himself beyond all justification for these strangers, these handsome, arrogant, masculine strangers.

“My clothes,” he murmured. “Where are my clothes?”

An arm reached out, handed them to him. Wade looked up and was so startled that the mute, unseeing shock which had resulted from his panic disappeared; he was back in reality again.

Paul had come into the room. How long had he been there? Had he seen? What was he doing here?

Wade grabbed his clothes and, holding them against his naked body as if ashamed of his nudity, he turned away from Paul.

“Go away,” he said. “I don’t want you to be here.”

“It’s no great pleasure for me to be here,” Paul said softly.

“I don’t want you to see this… to know I…”

“To know what Rick has done to you?” Paul said in the same quiet voice. “I knew that all along, Wade. You told me. Remember?”

Wade turned to look at him, imploringly now. “Can I come back?” he asked. “Just for tonight?”

“I leave tomorrow… I’ll go back to Rick… but just let me stay tonight, I’ve got to have somewhere to stay tonight. I… I don’t know what else to do, Paul. I…”

“You don’t have to talk if you don’t want to,” Paul said, helping him into his clothes. “It’s all right. You can stay as long as you want, I told you that before. You should have believed me, Wade, trusted me… about a lot of things.”


“No more words, Wade. Not tonight. Come on, let’s go home.”

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The Spying Stepdaughter

Although Americans appear to the rest of the world as frank and open peoples the truth is often the opposite when it comes to relating on a personal basis. This is particularly true regarding sexual matters.

The fact is, Americans are only now beginning to learn to discuss sex and sexuality with candor and usually that is within the limits of marital sex.

While no one is advocating sex as the main topic of conversation, and while sexual privacy is very important to most people, many adults harbor fears about themselves and their sexual behavior that could be erased if they were more aware of other people’s behavior. Most of us have been brought up to be at least slightly ashamed of anything sexual, and it is frequently reassuring to discover that we are not different, naughty, or even perverted in our sex practices. In discussing sex with others, people find out how truly normal they are.

THE SPYING STEPDAUGHTER — a frank story of one young woman’s approach to sexual honesty. A story with a lesson for us all.


The gentle fingers smoothed the curly copper hair to each side of the swollen cunt-lips, delighting in the silky feel of the already dampening skin. As the fingers gently stroked the cunt-lips apart, before plunging into the grasping depths, one fingertip gently brushed the clit, bringing a moan of pure animal pleasure from the full lips, which were the second most lovely feature beneath the crown of copper which billowed on the pillow behind Cheri Hill’s head.

“Oh, hell!” Cheri moaned, playing with her hot cunt, lost in the smell of heated flesh and fantasies.

Her fantasies of late seemed to center around Neva, her mother. She had been told that she looked just like her — though Cheri couldn’t see it — that her mind just naturally turned to remembering things she had seen her mother do.

Neva was beautiful, with her copper hair, soft green eyes, little, slightly turned up nose, full lips, and big tits. Cheri didn’t mind being compared with her mother. But Cheri, at five-two, was three inches taller than her mother. Still, when she was forced to fantasize to satisfy herself, it was usually Neva she thought about. Neva and Bill.

Moving her other hand up to stroke her full breasts, bringing the nipples to protruding hardness, Cheri occasionally ducked her head down to push one up and take the nipple in her mouth, delighting in the feel of it, and in the taste of it. Through her mind, pictures flashed as if a movie projector were in her head. Pictures which depicted real, imagined, and wishful experiences. Her fingers continued to bring her the wonderful feelings of the mental images as Cheri felt her body responding and the sensations building in her sex-charged body.

As her fingers plunged in and out of her soaked cunt, Cheri stopped to pinch and stroke her clit, but found that it brought her too near the top, and she didn’t want it to end just yet.

“God, I need a man!” she moaned. “Or a woman, or anything!”

As pictures of first one lover, then another, and even some she had only hoped to love continued flashing through her mind, Cheri twisted and turned on the bed, her ass clenching, her cunt gripping at her plunging fingers, her tits aching for more than just her own touch. Even as she built toward an explosion which would rip her apart with pleasure, Cheri was cussing fate. And she was remembering past pleasures and disappointments.

Cheri had been very young when Bill moved in with them. He had actually moved in with Neva, but the rest came with the deal. Cheri was the oldest. Then came Reesa, and last, Jim. Cheri knew from the start that Bill hadn’t really wanted a family, but he showed them as much attention as Neva would let him. Cheri’s mother had wanted all his attention, but kids do demand certain things, and Bill seemed willing to share his time with them. Cheri wanted more than he was ever willing to give, though.

Cheri had long before drilled a hole in Neva’s bedroom door. She did it first because she thought it would be a kick to spy on her mother, but later found intense pleasure in watching Neva’s sexual encounters. But nothing which had gone before had prepared her for Bill.

It wasn’t that he was better-looking than Neva’s other men. Or that he had anything special about him which made him sexier. His hair was just a normal dark brown, his features even a little short of handsome, and his body just average. The first time Cheri spied on them, her legs became so weak that she almost couldn’t stand up to peek through the hole.

It had actually started in the living room. Cheri had been almost asleep when she heard the knock at the door. “I wonder who could be coming?”

Cheri had come wide awake, but Reesa and Jim were sleeping totally unaware.

Slipping carefully out of bed, wearing only her t-shirt — having discarded her panties early in the night because her little cunt had gotten too hot — Cheri crept to the door to listen.

“I decided to take you up on your invitation.” The deep voice sent shivers of pleasure down Cheri’s spine, straight into her crotch.

“I’m glad you did.” Neva’s voice sounded soft, sexy. “Does your wife know where you are?”

“I don’t even know where she is. And I don’t care. I told her that I never wanted to see her again.”

Things became so quiet that Cheri had to crack the door. She couldn’t bear not knowing what was going on, and she wanted a look at the owner of that deep, passionate voice.

She was disappointed when she finally got the door open enough to see what was going on. They were simply sitting on the couch.

“You can’t be too comfortable with all those clothes on,” Neva murmured, rubbing her hair against Bill’s clean-shaven face. “I know I’m sure getting hot, and all I’ve got on is this thin gown.”

Cheri grinned, holding the laughter which bubbled inside her, at the look on Bill’s face.

“I do feel a little warm. And my pants are suddenly too tight.”

As Neva moved her hand over to stroke the bulge in Bill’s pants, Cheri almost moaned at the throb she felt in her little cunt.

“It does feel tight.” Neva smiled. “If you could just get that out, we’ll both feel better.”

Squeezing her legs together in an attempt to stop the pain of pleasure in her crotch, Cheri watched them twist and turn, getting out of their clothes. The moment they were naked, Neva took the biggest hard-on Cheri had ever seen in her hands.

“Does that feel good?”

“Mmmmmm!” Bill moaned, dropping his face to kiss Neva’s full lips. His right hand was kneading and stroking Neva’s full tits. Cheri couldn’t see his other hand, but when she realized it was between her mother’s legs, she moved her own hand down to pet her own curly cunt-hair.

“I think we’d better move into the bedroom.” Neva’s words came out in gasps. Her chest was rising and falling so rapidly that her tits actually bounced, except where Bill was holding them. “One of the kids might wake up and come wandering in.”

Cheri knew she should close the door as they came through the hall, but she just couldn’t seem to take her eyes off Bill’s hard-on. She loved looking at her mother’s naked body, but looking at Bill’s built fires in her so hot she thought she would burst into flames at any moment. As they passed her door, Cheri caught the scent of heated fuck-flesh and felt almost drunk from the scent.

Once they were behind Neva’s closed door, Cheri slipped into the hall. For some reason, she couldn’t stand having the t-shirt on, so she pulled it over her head and left it on the floor of the bedroom she shared with her sister and brother. Standing in the hall completely naked was thrilling. Standing there peeking through the hole at Bill and her mother was even more thrilling.

“Would it bother you,” Neva pulled her lips loose from Bill’s, her hand gently stroking the full length of his hard-on, “if I sucked on that delicious-looking, thing?”

Cheri wanted to press her car against the door, but didn’t want to take her eye away from the hole to do it.

Bill smiled. “I’d love it. But only if you’ll let me return the favor.”

Neva smiled, moving her lips down Bill’s naked body. Cheri had a good view of her lips and tongue working on Bill’s naked, hairy chest. Cheri plunged her finger deeper inside her cunt as she watched her mother’s pink tongue come out and bury itself in Bill’s navel. Then, when her head moved on down and she saw Neva’s tongue flick out and touch the swollen head of Bill’s prick, Cheri wanted to fling open the door and join them. She wanted to feel that wonderful piece of cock-meat inside her, instead of her wiggling finger.

Cheri watched as Neva worked her tongue around and over the entire length of that dancing, throbbing hunk of prick in her hand. As she finally opened her lips and began gently sucking it inside, Cheri could almost taste it in her own mouth. She had never tasted anyone’s prick, but she could just imagine how delicious it would be from the smell she had caught a few moments earlier.

Neva continued sucking it in and out with even, measured strokes. Cheri timed her finger so that she was plunging it in and out at the same pace as her mother was using on Bill’s prick. That way, she could almost imagine that it was stroking in and out of her mouth instead of her mother’s.

Bill moaned as his prick began swelling. “God, Neva, if you don’t stop, I’ll shoot right in your mouth!”

Neva just grinned, her mouth around his cock-meat, and began moving her head faster.

Cheri, seeing what was about to happen, stopped moving her finger and gripped her naked crotch. The pain of the pleasure was so intense that she could hardly stand enough to keep her eyes up to the hole.

Then Bill groaned, pushing his hard-on deep into Neva’s mouth. Cheri could tell he was pumping his fuck-juices into her mother’s mouth just by the way his ass was clenching and his face was contorting, but she couldn’t see it. She moved her finger again, bringing small explosions inside her young cunt, and hoped that she would get to see some of his fuck-juice shooting.

Neva was greedy. She seemed to be swallowing it as fast as it came out. But Bill had more than she could take, and Cheri was rewarded with the sight of a few drops leaking out of her mother’s lips and sliding down her chin. Cheri was wishing that she could run in and lick it off her mother’s face, nearly passed out as she began to come.

When Bill finally pulled out and a couple of spurts of the thick, white spunk landed on Neva’s face, Cheri found that her legs wouldn’t hold her up and slid down against the door to fuck her finger deeper into her cunt.


As her breathing finally slowed, Cheri thought about getting up and around. She moved her hands over her still-sensitive tits, the nipples leaping to attention again.

As her body began to come alive again, Cheri moved her hands down over her flat belly, tickling the top of her cunt-hair. She felt her pussy responding, coming alive with this and for a hard prick. Her mind began moving beck to that first time she had felt her obsession for Bill taking hold.

Leaning on her mother’s closed bedroom door, Cheri finally felt strength returning to her legs. She knew she wasn’t missing anything by not looking through the hole because she could hear them just lying on the bed, murmuring to each other.

When she heard the bedsprings squeak, she pushed herself up to see what they were going to do next, her cunt already getting wet at just the thought of seeing Bill and her mother going at it again.

By the time Cheri got her eye focused to the hole, Bill was leaning over Neva, kissing and sucking on her tits. Cheri’s own tits ached for those lips to be sucking on them. She could feel her little nipples hardening at the thought.

Bill didn’t linger long on Neva’s tits, though, but began kissing and licking his way down her body. Neva was soon moaning and twisting under his ministrations, and Cheri fought to keep her body still. When he stopped to sink his tongue in her mother’s navel, Cheri pushed her little fingertip into her own, imagining the hot wetness of Bill’s tongue there.

By the time Bill had worked his way down to take some of Neva’s coppery cunt-curls between his lips, Cheri was breathing so hart that she could barely hear her mother’s ragged breathing. Her fingertips were twisting and pulling her own cunt-hair as Bill tugged on her mother’s. Neva was hunching up against his face, trying to push him on down, and Bill did finally move down, but not to press his lips against that hot pussy, as both Neva and Cheri were hoping.

Instead, with a grin on his lips, he began kissing Neva’s inner thighs, carefully avoiding touching anything closer to her pussy than then skin between her legs and cunt-lips.

When Bill finally did push his mouth against her mother’s wet, gaping cunt, Cheri was about ready to scream. Her own cunt-slit was wet, hot, and almost hurting with the need for something inside it.

Cheri could see perfectly as Bill pushed Neva’s cunt-slit open and put the tip of his tongue inside. With his fingers, he spread her mother’s pussy wider, revealing her stiff clit, which he flicked with the tip of his tongue. Neva let go a high, soft scream and her entire body came off the bed as she pushed against his face.

Cheri bit her tongue to keep from joining her mother in the scream. The finger she had shoved into her little cunt was soaked with her fuck juices and her mind was filling with wanting Bill’s tongue to be there. Cheri almost fell against the door as Bill’s tongue finally plunged all the way into Neva’s pussy. Cheri fucked another finger in and gripped her entire cunt mound with a pressure that was almost painful.

Cheri could no longer see her mother’s cunt — Bill’s face was being buried in it — but she could see his throat muscles working as he moved his tongue. Her fingers matched his rhythm, and it almost felt like it was her own cunt that he was eating. As she brought herself nearer the top, Cheri realized that the hall had filled with the smell of hot sex. If either her mother or Bill decided to go to the bathroom now, it would be hard for them not to notice, even if Cheri managed to escape to her bedroom. But Cheri didn’t care. If she saw Bill headed toward the door, she was determined that she would just stay right there, maybe even keep her fingers in her cunt. She envisioned that happening. She decided that she would even reach out and take his hard-on in her hand.

As these thoughts danced through her mind, Cheri felt herself building for a big climax and quickly moved her eye to the hole again. If she was going to get off, she wanted it to be while she was watching Bill and Neva. Her fingers were getting so wet and slippery that she almost couldn’t feel them sliding in and out of her pussy. Her body was shaking with passion and her breath was coming in loud, short gasps as she fought to hold back her climax until her mother came too.

But that wasn’t such a long wait. Even as Cheri watched, Bill locked his lips on Neva’s hot cunt, and Neva pushed her entire body off the bed, pushing hard against Bill’s face, a high, thin scream escaping her pursed lips. Then her whole body began trembling as she fought to hold herself in that awkward position.

Cheri still managed to sustain herself right at the edge until Neva relaxed, falling down against the bed. When Bill raised his smiling face, it was glistening with her mother’s fuck-juices. Cheri could hold back no longer. The intense good feeling in her pussy was almost more than she could take, and her legs began to wobble so furiously that she had to slap her free hand against the wall to keep from falling straight through the door. Again, she found herself sitting on the floor, her back to the door, her fingers fucking in and out of her wet cunt-hole.

She didn’t have long to rest, though, because she heard low laughter and the squeak of the bedsprings.

At first, when she got her eye back to the peephole, Cheri thought she was going to see a repeat. Bill was on his knees, his hard-on waving in her mother’s face. Still, just seeing that magnificent hunk of cock-meat was enough to get Cheri excited again. As she watched, Bill moved the swollen head of his prick gently over Neva’s face, rubbing it against her cheeks, her chin, and finally on her lips.

Cheri moved her right hand up to rub her fingers over her lips, wanting to feel something like what her mother was feeling. As she licked her lips, she discovered the sweet taste of her own pussy on them, and that sent new shivers of excitement coursing through her young body. Neva started to open her mouth, to take Bill’s cock in, but Bill pulled it away.

As Bill moved his cock on down Neva’s throat, Cheri followed the motion with her fingers, trying to imagine the feel of him on her.

Finally, after playing his hard cock around and over her mother’s tits, Bill moved on down to Neva’s navel, pretending that he was going to stick it in that little hole. Cheri almost laughed aloud as her finger plugged her own little navel.

Then his prick trailed over Neva’s flat stomach and began moving around in the copper curls of cunt hair. Cheri pushed her hips forward. She flattened her hand against her stomach, the tips of her fingers as deep into her own cunt-curls as Bill’s prick was in her mother’s.

By the time he moved on down to brush the distended cock-head against Neva’s open cunt lips, Cheri had her own legs spread, her fingers again finding their way inside her slippery pussy. She had to force herself to breathe, to keep from passing out, as Bill began gently pushing his huge prick against Neva’s delicate cunt-lips. As they began parting, conforming to the shape of his prick, Cheri felt her own pussy wanting to open wider, wanting to accept that hot cockmeat. Just the sight of all that prick-meat fucking into her mother’s pussy was enough to drive Cheri to orgasm.

Cheri could see the full length of his delicious cock as it fucked in and out of her mother’s cunt. As Bill slowly fucked Neva, Cheri could see the cunt-juices clinging to his cock-shaft. She could almost taste the white, creamy stuff which their fucking seemed to be generating. She yanked her fingers out of her own cunt and stuck them into her mouth. But just long enough to get a good taste, because her crotch was going crazy without the prodding of her fingers.

When Bill started picking up speed, causing more fuck-juices to flow from Neva’s pussy, Cheri increased the rate of her finger-fucking. She could see sweat forming on Bill’s forehead, on his back, and even on his bare ass. She could see a sheen of dampness on her mother’s skin, adding a rosy glow to it.

But most of all, she couldn’t keep her eyes away from the huge prick fucking in and out of Neva’s hot cunt. Her body was trembling with waves of wonderful feeling as she watched both her mother and Bill building to a great climax together. She fucked her fingers deeper and faster, hoping to match them.

As Bill let out a deep moan and forced his body hard against Neva’s, Neva whimpered and fought to push him up off the bed. Cheri felt the flood of release coming into her body at the same time. She gripped the doorframe with her free hand to keep her balance.

“Oh God, yes!” Neva screamed, and Cheri wanted to scream too.

“Uh-uh-uh!” Bill grunted.

Cheri could see his ass muscles clenching tightly as his balls drew tight. She could even see the big vein on the underside of his prick pulsing. She could almost picture the globs of spunk shooting into her mother, and could almost feel them shooting into her own little cunt.


As Cheri lay in bed fantasizing and fingering her hot pussy, she thought about an exciting encounter she had peeked on about two years after Bill had moved in. Cheri had lived in a combination of joy and torment during the entire time he’d been living with them. Joy because she loved watching them through the hole in the door. Torment because she had still found no way to let Bill know how she felt about him. And further torment because she was still a virgin. But there had been times when she felt Bill watching her.

Cheri had taken to sleeping in the living room during the last couple of weeks.

“That room’s just not big enough for all three of us,” she said to her mother. “Besides, I’m too old to sleep in the same room with my brother.”

Neva had argued, but Bill had convinced her, which made Cheri even happier — thinking that he had other reasons besides just taking her side.

She always slept in only her T-shirt and panties — and always made certain that she kicked the covers off so that her legs and panties showed plainly. Sometimes, she would even roll her shirt up, as if it had happened in her sleep, so that her tits would be bare.

Tonight she had heard them talking ant almost crept out of bed to pin her eye to the peephole. When the door creaked open, she was glad that she had stayed in bed. When Bill stepped through the hall door, she was doubly glad that she had stayed in bed. He was completely naked — and had a marvelous hard-on.

Cheri held her breath, hoping he would come toward her. Then, as he turned toward the kitchen, she sighed, twisting around on the couch so that her legs spread, revealing her cunthair around the edges of her panties. As if she were dreaming, she brushed her arm up, pushing her T-shirt off her tits. Through slitted lids she watched, her heart trying to beat an escape from her chest, as Bill tuned toward her.

But he only paused, then disappeared into the kitchen.

Cheri could have cried, but decided to try something else when he returned. Still moving slowly, so that she wouldn’t make too much noise, she moved her hands down to the waistband of her panties. If she could just ease them off before he came back through, he wouldn’t be able to resist coming to her. But a noise from the hall stopped her before she even got them pushed off her waist.

Cheri tried to make her breathing as near normal as possible as she watched her mother enter the living room. Neva’s nipples were hard and, as she moved over to stand by the couch, Cheri could smell her heated flesh. Neva leaned over her, her pendulous tits brushing against Cheri’s bare skin. Cheri fought to control her breathing. It wouldn’t do to let her mother know she wasn’t asleep.

After puffing the sheet up to cover what Cheri had so carefully uncovered, Neva turned to follow Bill into the kitchen.

Cheri felt like she was suffocating, so she pushed the sheet off again. Then she pulled the T-shirt over her head and, pushed her panties off. She posed herself as seductively as possible on the couch. She hoped Bill would see her, and that Neva wouldn’t. Then she heard the back door open and close.

“They can’t possibly be going outside naked!” Cheri giggled. “I would love to do that!”

Slipping off the couch, she hurried to the dining room. Peeking through the curtain, she spotted Bill, and a moan caught in her throat. He looked so magnificent, standing out in the open, totally naked, his hard prick throbbing in excitement.

Neva was moving slowly, shaking her hips from side to side. One hand was on her right tit, massaging it. The other hand was between her legs, pushing the lips of her cunt apart, making sure Bill had a really good view. As she moved toward him, she would occasionally stop, hunch forward and fuck a finger into her cunt. Her eyes never left Bill’s protruding prick.

As Bill watched her approach, he was slowly stroking the full length of his cock, keeping it hot and ready for when Neva came within reach of him. Cheri could almost feel it in her own hand. She could imagine what it would feel like to stroke it. She could almost taste it in her mouth. She wanted to feel it in her pussy. When her mother finally came right up against Bill, pressing her naked body against his, Cheri had to grip the curtain to keep from hurting her cunt with her other hand.

Neva knelt in front of him, almost as if he were a God and she had come to worship him. Reaching out, she took hold of his throbbing prick and pulled it toward her smiling lips. Cheri felt her jaw muscles forcing her own lips open as she watched her mother pull his lovely cock to her lips. It was almost as if the smooth prick head forced her red lips open, and there was just a flash of white teeth before it disappeared inside Neva’s hungry mouth. To get the full flavor of what her mother was tasting, Cheri slipped her fingers out of her cunt, sticking them in her mouth only long enough to lick her juices off. That way she could almost feel that she was sucking Bill’s prick, instead of just watching her mother do it. What made it even greater, to Cheri’s way of thinking, was that they were doing it right out in the open — in plain sight of God and everybody.

This time, to Cheri’s disappointment, Bill didn’t let Neva suck him off. Cheri could see that he was nearing a climax when he grabbed Neva’s shoulders and pulled her up. Then he knelt, and Cheri almost leaped to her feet, wanting to join in on the fun.

Neva squatted just a little to open her cunt wider, and Bill moved his face in to lean it against her inner thigh. His tongue snaked out and licked at the lips of her cunt, with Neva holding the hair aside to give him a clear shot.

Cheri pushed and pulled at her own cunt-lips, wanting Bill’s tongue so bad she could taste it.

Even in the dim light, Cheri could see his tongue fucking in and out of her mother’s pussy. When Neva started twisting and hunching, Cheri heard her clearly. “Oh, please, Bill, fuck me! Right here in the open!”

Bill squatted so that his hard prick was between Neva’s naked legs. But, because of the difference in their heights, he still couldn’t get it to go in right.

Neva giggled. “Let’s move over to the porch. I think that’ll put me up high enough.”

Cheri had to move in order to see them, but it was worth the effort, even if it did cause her fuck-juices to dribble down her right leg. She barely got into position in time.

Bill’s delicious hard-on was already disappearing inside her mother’s wet cunt. Neva was standing on the porch, her feet apart, with Bill still on the ground. As his prick fucked in to the hilt, Neva threw her head back.

“Oh, hell, yes! That’s the best ever!” she groaned.

Cars were streaming by on the highway which ran behind the apartments and, since some of them were slowing down, Cheri just knew they could, see the two people fucking on the back porch. For some reason, that made it even more exciting, and her hand almost couldn’t move fast enough to keep up with the demands of her pussy.

“Here it comes!” Bill yelped, fucking harder into Neva.

“I want it!” Neva screamed.

Grabbing his shoulders, she hefted herself straight up, puffing his spurting prick out of her sucking cunt.

Cheri licked her lips, fucking her fingers into her cunt as deep as they would go. Neva dropped down until she could take his still shooting cock in her mouth, and Cheri almost passed out.

She was so weak that she almost didn’t get back to the couch before her mother came in. She did manage to get the sheet pulled up to cover her nakedness, but she was afraid Neva would hear her gasping breath.

But Neva was walking on a cloud of her own and didn’t even glance toward her daughter.

By the time Bill came through, Cheri had managed to kick the cover off again and was lying with her legs wide apart, her pussy hot and wet. Bill just glanced her way, at first. Then he stopped, his soft prick starting to stiffen as he stared directly at her hot pussy, causing it to get even hotter and wetter. Then, after stroking his cock a couple of times, Bill took a very deep breath, squared his shoulders, forced his eyes away from her and hurriedly disappeared into the bedroom.

Cheri went to sleep whimpering.


Cheri decided that she had to get out of her bedroom. As much as she was enjoying getting off on her memories — with a little help from her fingers — she knew she would only wind up depressed by this solitary form of sex.

“Damn, I need a man,” she said.

A quick shower and a bowl of cereal and milk left her feeling better, but still very reluctant to put any clothes on.

“God, it would be wonderful if I could just go naked everywhere,” she said to herself. “I would love it, and I know all the guys would.”

Thinking about running around naked in public took Cheri’s mind back to something that happened when she was in high school.

School was out for the summer, leaving them very little to do. Cheri and Reesa had taken to walking to the shopping center, just for something besides sitting around the house, or hanging around the apartment complex. Even if there wasn’t much a person could do at the shopping center, it was something different. And they enjoyed watching the people. Sometimes, they would even run into some of the kids from school.

They hadn’t been there long when they saw Bill’s station wagon pull into a parking space near the front door of the department store.

“Let’s go over and see if Bill or Mom will buy us something,” Reesa said, starting in that direction.

“No!” Cheri reached out, grabbing Reesa. “Let’s stay out of sight and see what they’re doing.”

As they watched, their mother got out of the car, leaving Bill sitting there. She was wearing a dress that plunged down between her magnificent tits and ended halfway between her knees and her ass.

“I love that dress,” Cheri. “I’ll bet it was Bill’s idea for Mom to wear it.”

Neva slowly walked into the store, while Bill sat in the car, watching her. His right shoulder was moving, as if he were keeping time to something on the radio. Cheri, trying to watch both of them, almost missed the little flip her mother just before disappearing into the store. But she did catch enough of it to see that Neva wasn’t wearing any panties.

As they watched, Neva kept going in and out of the store. Each time she came out, she was wearing something a little sexier.

“Wow, look at that!” Reesa gasped. “Mom ain’t got nothing on but a blouse!”

“I see,” Cheri said, trying to hush her sister. “And you can almost see her entire bare ass. I’d love to do that.”

“You know what?” Cheri asked. “I wonder what Bill’s doing while Mom’s walking back and forth.”

“Looks like he’s listening to the radio.” Reesa had seen the rhythmic movement of his shoulder.

“Let’s go around behind those other cars and sneak up on him.”

“What if he sees us?” Reesa asked.

“We’ll just tell him that we walked up her to see if they were here.”

“What if Mom comes back while we’re walking by?”

Cheri thought about the possibility. It was something she hadn’t even considered.

“Okay,” She patted her sister’s shoulder. “We’ll wait until she comes back to the car, then goes back inside. That way, we’ll know.”

“Here she comes!” Reesa pulled at Cheri’s arm. “And she’s just wearing panties and bra!”

Actually, Neva was wearing a bikini, but it was designed to look more like underwear than a swimsuit.

“Come on!” Cheri pulled at Reesa’s arm. “Let’s go by while Bill’s still watching! That way maybe he won’t even notice.”

Cheri could feel her heart thumping as they moved up beside Bill’s station wagon.

Bill’s arm was still moving as they neared the window of the car. Cheri tried to look into the car without turning her head so that he wouldn’t stop whatever he was doing. He was doing what she had hoped he would be doing. He was jacking off.

Cheri felt her legs tremble, and heat surged into her cunt as she looked down at his beautiful hard-on. Bill was slowly stroking it up and down, and she could just feel his eyes burning the skin on her bare legs. Even after they passed the car, Cheri was sure his eyes were still on her.

“Oh, God!” Reesa gasped. “Did you see what he was doing? I could just die!”

“I loved it,” Cheri said.

“But,” Reesa said, though her eyes were shining with excitement, “he could get arrested!”

“Only if some old prude snitches on him. I can’t imagine any woman wanting to do anything but reach in there and get hold of that beautiful cock. It would take some bitch that was totally frustrated not to like seeing him that way.”

“I did like it,” Reesa said. “But it bothers me, too. I feel like he’s enjoying me, without me getting anything out of it.”

Cheri smiled. “Let’s get something out of it. Let’s give him a better show than Mom’s giving him.”

“What about Mom? What if she catches us?”

“We’ll just have to time it right.”

They went into the store. Unlike their mother, the girls didn’t have different outfits to put on. Nor did they have the money to buy much of anything. Cheri finally solved their problem by buying a couple of inexpensive scarves.

“But what are we going to do with these?” Reesa asked.

“We’ll improvise,” Cheri said. “When we see Mom come out of the restroom, we’ll sneak in and do our changing. Then we’ll slip out and wait until we see her go in. We can walk past Bill’s car and wait until we see her go back in. That way we’ll always be one step ahead of her.”

“But what are we going to do with the scarves?”

“I’ll think of something.” Cheri had already thought of a couple of tricks, but she didn’t want to tell Reesa until she tried them.

The first time, she just took off her bra. Since the tank top was rather thin, it gave an almost perfect view of her tits. She just wanted Bill to notice her.

As they walked by his car, Cheri could see that he was staring directly at her tits, and probably didn’t even notice who she was. That made her a little jealous, but just looking in and watching him stroking his lovely hard-on was enough to lift her depression. She wished that she had the nerve to just go over, open the other door of the car and get in. But she was too afraid that Bill would put her down, so she contented herself with walking around in front of him.

For the next trip, Cheri removed their blouses completely, then fixed the nearly transparent scarves on them like bikini tops.

“I love it!” She gazed at her sister, then at herself in the mirror. Their nipples were rather plainly visible, but covered enough that they wouldn’t chance getting arrested. “And I know Bill will love it, too!”

“I feel almost naked,” Reesa said. “I just hope we don’t run into anybody that we know.”

They were lucky. Bill was the only one they saw, and he was too involved looking at their nearly naked tits to notice their faces. He was really jerking on his hard prick as they passed the car. Cheri wanted to stick her head in the window and lock her lips around it, but she was still afraid of how her intrusion would be received.

Hiding near the corner of the store, they watched Neva coming back.

“She’s almost naked,” Reesa said.

Watching their mother walk toward the car wearing only a blouse, Cheri felt her mouth watering. The blouse was so short that Neva couldn’t even take a step without her pussy and ass coming into sight. Cheri could see that several men were watching her as closely as Bill — and even some women.

“We’ll never be able to top that,” Reesa said, “without getting arrested.”

“Oh. I think we can.” Cheri smiled at her new idea. “Just wait until we get back to the restroom!”

They went in and Cheri wrapped the scarf around her waist, then ran it between her legs. It covered everything, without hiding anything. She tied the other scarf on Reesa. She positioned the material in such a way that it left the cheeks of their asses totally bare.

“It’s not any worse than some of the cut-offs I’ve seen the girls wearing,” Cheri said.

Reesa looked Cheri over, a definite excitement in her eyes. “I guess if we’re going, we’d better do it.”

As they came out of the restroom, Cheri noticed the looks they were getting from some men in the store. She could feel heat in her crotch at the looks they were getting. She hoped Bill liked them as much as these men did. But she saw, the moment they stepped out the door, that Bill wouldn’t notice.

He was gone.


Thinking about Bill sitting there in his car playing with himself gave Cheri an idea of how to get out of the apartment.

Since she didn’t dare go out naked, as much as she wanted to do just that, she slipped on as few clothes as the law would allow. The halter top was easy, but she wanted something on the bottom that would both cover and reveal, as well as being easy to get out of. When she was ready, she checked herself out in the full-length mirror.

And she did look delicious, with her tits nearly showing, her entire belly exposed, and the legs of the shorts ending so high that a hint of cunt-hair even showed.

“Love it!” She smiled. “If I don’t get arrested, I’ll knock ’em dead.”

With the little car, it wasn’t hard to find a good parking space. Cheri had chosen carefully. She didn’t want to be too near the door. There would be too much traffic. Nor did she want to be too far away, where nobody would be likely to pass her car. The spot she chose was a little risky, being in a handicapped parking space, but it put her in a perfect place to sit, waiting for some good-looking guys to pass by.

As soon as she was certain she wouldn’t be seen, she worked her shorts down to her ankles and spread her legs. Her right hand dropped to begin petting her pussy. She could feel it responding immediately, but she didn’t want to get too carried away, so she restrained herself from doing more than just rubbing.

Thinking back to what Bill had done, Cheri waited for some sexy guy to walk by. At first, she didn’t get too much out of it. Other than the usual joy of playing with herself, the only new excitement was knowing that she was sitting out in public with her cunt plainly visible. Then a particularly beautiful girl with long, straight blonde hair, and very short shorts came out of the store and headed right for her little car.

For some reason, watching this beauty moving toward her while her finger worked inside her hot cunt excited Cheri. As the girl came nearer, Cheri couldn’t stop her finger from moving in and out of her cunt. By the time the girl was close enough to see, Cheri had moved her hips forward, lifting her bare ass clear off the seat. Her pussy was almost even with the bottom of the window when the blonde came up to the car.

When the blonde first glanced down, she let her gaze slide right by and started to walk on. But then it must have registered, because she stopped. Cheri just kept on playing with herself, smiling out at the blonde. The blonde’s face began to get red, her eyes wide, and her breathing increased enough so that Cheri could see the rise and fall of her little tits. Since she obviously wasn’t wearing a bra, Cheri could see her little nipples getting hard. Then the blonde finally smiled and took a step back, bringing herself almost up to the door of the car.

“That’s really gross,” she said, smiling.

“But it sure is fun!” Cheri found her breath so short that the words came out as a gasp. “Wouldn’t you like to join me?”

“That’s crazy. I’m not into other girls.”

“You look like you’d enjoy it, though.”

“I don’t really think so.”

Then a guy passed by, causing the blonde to tear her gaze away from Cheri.

“Come a little closer.” Cheri tried to keep her voice soft. “Let me show you how much fun it is.”

Almost as if someone was forcing her, the blonde moved right up to the window of the car.

Moving her left hand out the window, Cheri brought it down slowly, softly on the blonde’s nearly bare ass. The feel of the smooth, hot flesh on the palm of her hand felt almost as good as the silky wetness of her own cunt on the other hand. She massaged the satin skin for only a moment before the blonde began rubbing against the car. Then Cheri slipped a finger inside the leg of the blonde’s shorts and felt the moistness that was already in the cunt-hair her fingers found there.

“Oh, God!” the blonde moaned, dropping a hand inside the car, searching for something to hold onto.

Taking her own hand away from her cunt, Cheri guided the blonde’s hand, delighting in the feel of another hand on her hot cunt. The blonde wasted no time, fucking a finger inside almost immediately.

By then Cheri had managed to work a finger inside the blonde’s wet pussy. She could feel the cunt-lips gripping her finger and could almost feel the heat sucking her finger deeper inside.

They didn’t remain like that long, though. Both of them were getting much too hot for what they were doing to be enough.

“Please!” the blonde’s words came out in a whimper. “Can’t I get in the car with you?”

“Only if you’ll get out of those clothes.”

“But, somebody might see…”

“That’s what makes it exciting!”

Even though she kept looking around like she was terrified that someone would call the police on them, the blonde quickly shed her clothes the moment she was in the car. Cheri loved the look of her beautiful body, and she loved the excitement of both of them sitting there with no clothes on. She could see that some guys had already noticed, but they all seemed to be cowards, afraid to come over to the car.

Leaning over to kiss the blonde’s little tits, Cheri loved the way the nipples seemed to reach out to her. The blonde moaned and leaned over to play with Cheri’s big tits, kissing them and pulling at them, her eyes wide as the nipples swelled.

“My pussy is just burning for something inside!” the blonde moaned. “Why can’t some of these horny guys come over?”

“Until they do,” Cheri said, “we can take care of our own business.”

“I told you!” The blonde pulled back, her eyes still on Cheri’s naked boy. “I’m not into girls.”

“You will be when you feel what my tongue can do for you.”

Cheri could feel the trembling in the beautiful leg as she leaned over and laid her face against it. But the blonde didn’t try to stop her. As her face moved over until the thin, blonde cunt-hair was tickling her nose, Cheri almost got high on the hot scent of fuck-juice coming from the girl’s pretty pussy.

As her tongue came out to lick across the pink pussy-lips, Cheri could barely hold herself back from just plunging her tongue right on it. But she took her time and delighted in the soft whimpers coming form the blonde as her luscious hips moved up to meet Cheri’s face. The taste of her cunt was clean and slightly salty. It reminded Cheri of the taste of a man’s prick. The blonde, already wet, was getting almost sloppy as Cheri’s tongue worked on her. Then she fucked her tongue all the way in and felt the blonde move.

It wasn’t really a movement, if sexual excitement, but rather a shifting for a different position. Then Cheri felt a whisper of breath on her own thigh and almost lost it when she felt a wet tongue swipe across her cunt-lips.

Then, as her tongue began flicking the blonde’s clit, she felt a spasming in her cunt and knew she was about to let go everything she had, right in the blonde’s mouth.

“Goddamn lesbians!” The male voice penetrated the ring of passion in Cheri’s ears, causing her to sit up so suddenly that her tongue made a plopping sound.

The guy was less than handsome, but not bad. And, looking at his crotch, Cheri could see that he was really turned on by what he saw, even if he did sound upset by it.

“Hey!” She smiled at him. “A girl’s gotta do something when all the guys around are afraid to do anything.”

“I’m not afraid. But I don’t get off on lesbians.”

“Come a little bit closer.” Cheri moved her body so that he could get a really good look at her nakedness. “I’ll show you who’s a lesbian.”

He fought to pull his eyes away from her to look around, then moved right up against the door. “So, how you gonna prove that?”

Without a word, Cheri reached out to unzip his pants, grabbing his belt when he staffed to step back. It was a struggle to pull his big cock out of his tight pants, but Cheri was well rewarded when it came into view.

“Beautiful!” she murmured, bringing her lips against it.

It leaped and jumped at the touch of her lips, but Cheri had it firmly in her hand and held it in place as she moved her tongue out to lick across his little piss-silt. The jizz she licked off was quickly replaced by more as he hunched forward, trying to force his prick past her lips. But Cheri just continued to tease him, while she felt the blonde’s lips again seeking and finding her dripping cunt.

The head of the guy’s prick began swelling instantly, telling Cheri that he was looking through the window at what the blonde was doing. She was afraid that he was about to shoot off, so she quickly pulled the swelling prick-head inside her mouth, running her tongue around it as she sucked on it. She felt the big prick swelling and knew she was about ready to get a mouthful.

Then it came. The hot globs of jizz felt so good shooting into her mouth, but Cheri managed to control herself enough to share.

“Come on,” she said around a mouthful of jism as she pulled on the blonde’s shoulder. “There’s enough for you, too.”

Some of the hot globs landed on her face and tits as she pulled the blonde up and helped her stick the shooting prick into her mouth. As she watched the blonde sucking on the hard prick, Cheri felt her cunt tighten and her fuck-juices start to flow.

It was the day after her eighteenth birthday. Bill and her mother had gone somewhere, saying that they would be gone all day. She had been left alone. Reesa and Jim were both at school.

After her mother and Bill left, Cheri felt really bad. She had been spying on them again last night, and she was still so fired up that she couldn’t keep her cunt from leaking. She wondered that they hadn’t been able to smell her hot pussy, even though she had made sure to stay away from them. Still, her mother had insisted on kissing her goodbye, and she was sure that her fuck-juices had been strong enough that Neva must have caught the scent.

Once she was alone, she decided to get out of her clothes. But that didn’t really help. It only made it easier for her hand to stray down to caress her cunt, and that only added to her misery. She was looking out the window when the maintenance man happened to pass by.

Though Cheri stepped quickly back, she was sure that he had seen her standing there in the front of the window, one hand playing with her pussy. He was older than Bill, which meant that he was much too old for her to really think about fucking. Still, as she stood in front of the window again, Cheri began to wonder what he would look like naked. She actually began to hope he would come back.

A soft knock on the door pulled her away from the window.

Cheri’s heart began beating hard enough to shake her entire small body as she put her eye to the peephole and saw the maintenance man standing there. “Who’s there?”

“Maintenance man. Did you call about something?”

Naturally, Cheri knew that nothing was wrong in the apartment, but she decided to play his game.

“Just a minute,” she said, and fumbled with the deadbolt. For a moment, she thought about putting something on.

“I’m not dressed, though!”

“That’s all right,” he said. “I’m used to that sort of thing.”

Flinging the door open, Cheri struck what she thought was a sexy pose. “Well, come on in.”

He wasted no time, but said nothing more. Before the door was even closed, he was stripping off his coveralls, revealing that he was wearing nothing at all underneath — and revealing that he had a hard-on.

“Be careful,” she said as he gripped her naked shoulders and guided her toward the couch, “I’m still a virgin.”

Still, he never said a word. He just moved her to the couch and pushed her down, spreading her legs as he came down between them. Her pussy almost formed an O as she felt his cockhead push against it. He didn’t even work at getting her wet, just starting pushing his prick against her cunt, forcing the cunt-lips open wide.

“Oh, that hurts!” she moaned, even though it didn’t really feel that bad. “Take it easy!”

He did slow down just a little in his attempts to fuck her, but he never stopped pushing. Fortunately, she was already hot enough from playing with herself. By the time his cock-head was inside her, Cheri was beginning to enjoy it enough that she could ignore the slight pain she felt. Then he hit something that didn’t want to let him go any farther and the pain came back.

His breathing was ragged as he continued pushing and thrusting. He finally started fucking a little, and then it felt better. Then he pulled almost all the way out and suddenly fucked hard into her.

“Ouch, damn it!”

But it only lasted a moment, and she felt him fuck deep inside her.

“God, that feels good!” she screamed, the good feeling totally banishing the pain.

From then on it just got better and better. He was fucking her so fast that Cheri almost couldn’t enjoy the strokes. But when she felt his hot spunk shooting inside her, she felt her insides spasming and her own fuck-juices flowing.

“It’s wonderful,” she murmured, wanting him to stay inside her.

“It was good,” he said, pulling his coveralls back on. “I’ll come back when I’ve got more time.”

“Like hell you will!”

Cheri spat at the door, the moment he was gone.

Having seen the pleasure Bill gave her mother, Cheri knew that she had been used. Though she had enjoyed it, she also knew there was a lot more to fucking than what the maintenance man had given to her.

She was so lost in her thoughts that she didn’t hear the door open.

“What’s been going on here?” Neva yelled.

“I just saw the maintenance man leaving…”

“Then we find you standing here naked!” Bill shouted.

Cheri just smiled, a trail of jism running down her leg.


As Cheri pulled out of the parking lot, she saw a couple of police cars pulling in from the other end.

“I guess we got out of there just in time,” she said, feeling excited to know she had come so close to getting caught.

Driving away, she realized that she hadn’t gotten the blonde’s name, or a way to get in touch with her. Nor had she even thought to ask the guy what his name was.

Forcing her misgivings from her mind, Cheri let her thoughts drift as she drove. She didn’t want to go back to her empty apartment, but she couldn’t think of anywhere she really wanted to go. As usual, Bill kept slipping into her thoughts. She remembered lovingly and sadly what had happened the night after they had almost caught her with the maintenance man.

She was still sleeping in the living room. She was still hoping that Bill would finally come to her, though he never gave any indication of doing so. She had almost gone to sleep after having spied on them again when she heard the bedroom door open.

Holding her breath, Cheri slipped the covers off her naked body. It was Bill. And he didn’t walk into the kitchen. But he didn’t come to her, either. He just stood, naked, with a marvelous hard-on, leaning against the hall door, looking at her. Then he began stroking his prick, and Cheri had felt the tension building in her crotch.

She almost lost it when he pushed himself away from the door and moved over to stand right beside her. His hard prick was so close she could almost feel the heat of it. She could smell the hot sex, and she just knew he would be able to smell her own excitement. Her pussy was getting so wet she knew it had to be making a spot on the sheet. But he just stood there looking down at her and stroking his hard-on. Then he started shooting, and Cheri opened her mouth, but she was still too afraid to open her eyes and let him know she was awake.

Most of his hot jizm landed on her tits, with a little of it splashing on her belly. A drop or two even managed to land right on her hungry cunt, but she didn’t think any of it found its way inside. A few drops did actually land in her open mouth, and she loved the taste of it. But it was just enough to make her hungry for more. Then he was gone.

As she remembered it, Cheri nearly ran a red light, so caught up in her frustrating memory that she didn’t even see it. But she did manage to stop and she shook her head angrily at the thought that both of them had been such cowards.

“Damn!” she screamed at the uncaring would outside her car. “I’ve got to go somewhere, do something to get this shit off my mind!”

She decided to stop by the Vegas Club. Maybe Candy, Michelle, and some of the other girls she knew would still be working there.

The loud rock music slapped her in the face as she went through the door. It was one of the reasons she had quit. The constant clamor of the rock music drove her crazy. Michelle was definitely still working, since she was on stage as Cheri came in.

Taking one of the back tables, which still put her within four feet of the stage, Cheri felt her cunt twitch with desire. She could almost taste the beautiful girl’s cunt on her tongue. Michelle finally looked her way and, from the smile on her face, Cheri knew she had recognized her, even through the bright lights. Michelle would be over to talk to her as soon as she finished her routine. Cheri sat back, waiting for the waitress to come and take her order.

With her plain Coke in front of her, Cheri took in every inch of the naked flesh on the stage, but her mind was roaming back to when she had first come to work here.

Her mother would’ve raised the roof if she had known her daughter was working here. And Cheri was really nervous about taking her clothes off in public, even though she had often wanted to do just that. But there was something about doing it for money, in a place where there was nothing but drunk men and other naked women, that seemed different than the way slit had dreamed about doing it. Still, it was a way to make money when jobs were hard to find, and it was something that she enjoyed doing — both the dancing and the nudity. So, with a couple of drinks to fortify her courage, Cheri had stepped out on the stage, wearing only a skimpy bra and bikini panties.

At first, she was so nervous that she couldn’t seem to do anything right. But seeing the looks of admiration and desire on the faces of the men seemed to give her both courage and confidence. By the time she had stripped off the bra, her nipples hardening to the feel of the air on them, and the thought that all these men were staring at them, Cheri was really getting into it.

When it came time for her to strip off her panties. Cheri was actually eager to get rid of them. When her naked pussy felt the coolness of the open air and all eyes in front of her were riveted to that one spot on her body, she actually began to feel her fuck-juices flowing.

“That was fantastic!” She grabbed Candy and hugged her, the moment she came into the dressing room. “I was scared, but now I feel like I could fuck a mule!”

Candy, after pulling away from her, hugged her tighter. “I know what you mean. I get off on some of the looks those guys give me. But I’d better get on out there before I get carried away in here. You smell so — I don’t know — so exciting. I feel like I could just eat you!”

She stopped, pulling away and turning her head, refusing to even look at Cheri. “I’d better get out there.”

Cheri knew she was supposed to get dressed and mingle with the customers. A big part of the money she would make came from customers buying table dances — where the girls danced right at the table for five dollars, just for that particular customer — but she just didn’t feel up to it. Holding Candy in her arms, with her cunt dripping wet, had made Cheri’s legs feel very trembly. She was still sitting there when Candy came back in.

“You still here?” Candy seemed upset, and more than a little excited. “You can’t make any money in here.”

“I know.” Cheri looked at the girl’s naked pussy and saw that it was as wet as her own. “I just couldn’t seem to get ready.”

“Well, you’d better. Jerri won’t like it,” she said, her eyes staring at Cheri’s naked cunt. “Damn, I’ve never done it with a woman. I never even felt like I wanted to. But your little pussy looks so delicious!”

Candy was suddenly on her knees, her head between Cheri’s legs, her tongue licking up and down on her cunt-lips.

“Oh, shit!” Cheri moaned. “That feels so good!”

As she felt that wiggling tongue inside her, Cheri grabbed a handful of the light brown hair and pushed her hips up, pressing her hot cunt against the girl’s busy mouth and tongue. Candy was moaning softly, sending vibrations into Cheri’s pussy and throughout her body. Cheri moved one hand down to a smooth, white shoulder and loved the feel of the soft, heated flesh on her hand. Then, sliding her hand on around, she found one of Candy’s little tits and pinched the hard nipple between a thumb and forefinger.

The touch caused Candy to moan louder, and that caused Cheri to flood her mouth with more cunt-juice. Her entire body grew rigid as the hungry mouth and busy tongue continued working on her cunt. She could feel Candy’s throat working as she swallowed the fuck-juices Cheri’s overcharged cunt was gushing.

“Damn, you taste so damn good!” Candy smiled up at her, the entire bottom of her face wet. “I just wish we had time for you to make me feel just as good!”

“The hell with it!” Cheri’s mouth was watering for a taste of Candy’s pretty pussy. “Let’s make time!”

“No,” Candy said. “If we don’t get on out there, not only will we not make any money, but Jerri may fire us. But nothing says we can’t get together after work.”

For the next three hours, Cheri spent more time thinking about what would happen after work than she did about what she was supposed to be doing. It must have worked to her advantage, though, because she wound up making nearly two hundred dollars. Jerri was even pleased enough with her performance to say something — she had been warned that Jerri seldom said anything good. “You did great, Cheri. Keep this up and you’ll be my star attraction. I was worried at first that you were just going to be another pretty face, but you really came through.”

And that made Cheri feel almost as good as Candy had made her feel in the dressing room.


“Well, hello,” Jerri said. “I thought we’d never see you again after you got married.”

“I’d rather not even think about that.” Cheri had tried to push all memory of her disastrous marriage from her mind. “It was, just like you said, the worst mistake I could ever make.”

Jerri smiled. “You about ready to come back where the action is?”

“No,” Cheri said. “Just thought I’d stop by and see if any of the old crowd…”

“Cheri!” The high, girlish voice drowned out even the pulsating music. “Get up here with me!”

Cheri felt a strong urge to crawl under the table.

“Shut up, Michelle,” she whispered.

Michelle smiled and continued her dance, but Cheri knew she had already done what she intended — calling attention to her from every man in the place.

While thinking about Candy earlier, Cheri had started thinking about the very first time she had gotten turned on by a woman.

Cheri hadn’t even been living at home by then, but came back to attend Reesa’s graduation. Her mother had asked her to stay the weekend with them, and Reesa had begged. Since Bill was no longer living there, Cheri had no trouble in agreeing. It was that weekend she learned what her bitch her mother had become, and it was then she learned that sexual enjoyment wasn’t confined to just finding the right man.

Cheri had gone to bed early, both because she was tired and because she knew that if she listened to her mother gripe one minute more, it would mean a fight. She had been having a very nice dream about some guy she saw at the graduation, and it didn’t even penetrate at first when she felt a gentle finger spreading the lips of her cunt apart. She was already wet from her dream, and the finger slid inside easily. It was when she noticed that the wiggling digit was concentrating more on her clit than on deep penetration that Cheri began to come awake.

Waking slowly, Cheri couldn’t seem to stop her hips from moving, pushing her pussy harder and harder against the soft hand. Her slightly parted lips allowed her wet tongue to dart out, wanting to slip across her dry lips, but something soft, warm and wet captured it before it could return to its haven. The lips which pressed against her own, as another tongue dueled with hers between them, were soft and demanding. That’s when Cheri knew whose lips they were.

“Reesa!” She tried to pull away. But Cheri didn’t really want to pull away once the initial shock wore off. “What’re you doing?”

“Having fun,” the blonde said. “Don’t you like it?”

The wiggling finger accompanying the words made Cheri moan. “Oh yes, I like it! But it’s not right!”

Reesa, pushing her lips again down on her sister’s, only moaned. Cheri gave herself up to the pleasure then and returned the kiss, her breath almost whistling in and out through her nose. The finger in her cunt was bringing her so swiftly toward orgasm that she felt as if she were on an express elevator.

“Please!” she gasped, tearing her lips free long enough to breathe. “Not so fast!”

At her words, the finger withdrew from her cunt, leaving a void there which seemed a mile wide. The rush of cold air, the sudden disappearance of pleasure, and the feeling of falling caused Cheri to push her hips up and rub her hot pussy-lips together.

“Damn, damn, damn!” she moaned, wanting Reesa’s finger back in her cunt.

The bed creaked as Reesa moved.

“No!” Cheri moaned, thinking her sister was leaving her side. “I want…”

Then she felt long blonde hair brushing her thighs, firm hands on her hips and tits almost as big as her own tickling her knees.

“Cheri,” Reesa said in a soft voice, “let me love you.”

Though something in her revolted against what she thought was about to happen, Cheri’s hot cunt itched and ached so much for Reesa’s touch that she felt her legs open as if they were spring loaded.

The feel of soft breath tickling her cunt-hair almost drove Cheri to the point of no return, but she still felt enough reservations about what was happening that it held her in check. Then she felt soft lips pressing against her cunt, brushing gently on her pussy-lips, and her fuck juices began gushing again. The first time the tongue darted out to lick the entire length of her cunt-slit, Cheri almost screamed.

She caught herself just in time, remembering that their mother was in the next room. But the low moan which forced its way out sounded incredibly loud in her cars. Reesa’s answering moan sent vibrations through her crotch. Then she felt her wet tongue wiggling its way inside and she knew she would scream if she didn’t do something.

“Oh, God, yes!” Cheri gasped. “Oh, shit, now!”

Though Cheri quickly came to enjoy spending time with her sister, she just couldn’t seem to bring herself to return the favor. At least, not in the same way. But she could help Reesa to get off in other ways, even came to enjoy doing it, but there was just something about pressing her lips against her sister’s cunt that actually turned her off. It wasn’t until she met Michelle that she finally discovered the joys of lesbian love and satisfaction.

It probably never would have come about if she hadn’t found herself without a man at one particularly low point in her young life.

“I don’t know if I can stand dancing tonight,” Cheri said, trying to keep the utter despair she felt from her voice. “It always excites me, and after last night, I’m not sure I can stand having that feeling.”

“What happened?” Michelle asked.

“I’d really rather not talk about it.”

“Come on, now.” Michelle’s laughter was far from sympathetic, almost deriding. “You wouldn’t even have mentioned it if you didn’t want to talk about it. But, I’m not going to beg…”

“All right. It all started out well. It was the first time Randy and I had seen each other since the divorce. It felt like the old magic was there, and Randy even seemed his old wonderful self. And it did go well, until later.”

Randy had called to make arrangements for them to meet and talk about some things.

“I don’t really think so,” Cheri said. “I just don’t see any sense in raking over old coals…”

“Come on, Cheri, you know you can trust me!”

“It’s not that, Randy.”

But she had finally given in. Remembering how marvelous it always was with him, she couldn’t help thinking about how the talking could lead to bed. And it had.

And it was great. Even the feel of his soft skin, the smooth, easy way he stroked her naked body, the fires just his touch built inside her, everything worked to erase the anguish of their fights from her mind.

His soft murmurings in her ear, then against her ample tits, sent shivers of pleasure coursing through her veins. She could feel the growing hardness of him beneath her hands and felt such a strong urge to move down and take his cock in her mouth that she had to fight for control. She knew she had to wait for him to make the first move or it would cause trouble. That much she had learned.

When Randy continued working on her lips, her ears, her throat, her tits, but never going any lower, Cheri felt as if she had reached a small ledge on the face of a cliff and gotten stuck there. She couldn’t go on up, but she found it impossible to let herself down. It was driving her out of her mind.

“Damn it, Randy!” The words found their own way out of her mouth between deep kisses. “Do something! Or let me do something!”

“I’m sorry, honey, I just can’t seem to make myself do it. I want to eat your pussy so bad that I can taste it, but the thought keeps flashing on me about how many pricks have been there since we split.”

“Damn it, Randy!” Cheri’s breath was coming in such gasps she could barely get the words out. “It don’t matter! You know I keep myself clean…”

“I just don’t give a damn! It’s just the thought of it! The thought that I don’t know who…”

“You don’t think I’ve thought about the cunts you’ve…”

“It doesn’t matter as much to you,” he said.

“Randy, what are you trying to do to me?”

“Fuck you!”

As Cheri felt her body rapidly cooling, leaving her feeling as if she had been pulled through a barbed wire fence, she found that she hated Randy more than she had ever hated anyone in her life.

“Damn you,” she whispered. “Damn you straight to hell!”

Cheri looked Michelle straight in the eyes seeing something there more than sympathy. “I feel like I couldn’t stand any man to even touch me. Or even look at me. But I also feel — I don’t know.”

With her eyes blinded by team, it came as a shock when Cheri felt soft, warm arms grabbing her, when she felt loving lips on her face, kissing and licking away the tears. The warmth of human contact, the ripples of delight racing through her body, all combined to push that ball of misery deep and away.

“Oh, Cheri,” Michelle whispered. “I’ve wanted to suck your clit since the first time I saw you dance.” The words, to Cheri’s ears, were vulgar, harsh, but the way Michelle said them gave a sugar coating to them which sent warm pleasure through her entire body. “I just hoped that one day…”

The rest of her words were smothered against Cheri’s soft right tit.

“Oh, damn, Michelle,” Cheri moaned.

“Please!” Michelle’s words were barely audible. “Let me!”

As the soft lips worked their way down her naked body, Cheri no longer even remembered where they were. The emotions and passions awakening in her nubile body took complete control of her. Her mind no longer functioned except as a receptacle for feelings — and the feelings were fantastic. The tongue on her inner thighs seemed to brand her with a hellish fire, while the dampness it left was incredibly cold. The fire building in her loins was almost enough to burn the bench on which she had slowly sat down. She was aching for the touch of something on her cunt-lips.

With the first brush of the soft, rough tongue across the hot, wet lips of her pussy, Cheri felt that she wasn’t going to be able to enjoy this. She felt the fires banking inside her, ready to burst forth.

Michelle probed deeper and deeper. When the tip of her tongue found Cheri’s swollen clit, all hell threatened to break loose inside her. When she felt the other girl’s lips taking that same protruding center of pleasure between them, with her tongue still going crazy, Cheri knew she couldn’t hold back.

Her body arching upward, Cheri gave in to the convulsions shaking her body, the rush of pure pleasure shaking her entire, world. It came in such a rush that she wanted it to hurry and end, but also hope it would go on forever.

“Damn, that was great!” Michelle’s face was glistening with Cheri’s cunt-juices, her face shining with pleasure. “Now, it’s my turn!”

At the thought, Cheri felt herself freezing inside. She became very still.

“I don’t think I can,” she whispered. “Something just won’t let me think about putting my mouth there.”

“Look,” Michelle said, obviously disappointed but not upset, “I know you’ve kissed guys after they’ve eaten your pussy.”

“But it’s not the same.”

“It’s exactly the same. In fact, there’s no real difference to sucking a guy’s prick. It’s all sex.”

“But, it’s a woman’s pussy!”

“And I can guarantee that you’ll love it. I know I do.”

Cheri felt the ice melting, but she still couldn’t imagine herself licking and sucking on a cunt.

There was just something about it.

“Give it a try,” Michelle said, looking very excited. “If you don’t like it, you can stop. I promise that I won’t blame you.”

Though Cheri knew Michelle would be very disappointed if she stopped, Cheri decided that she would give it her best shot.

Michelle had her start by just kissing. Cheri could still taste her own cunt on the girl’s lips, and that gave her a little more courage to work her way down. When she felt Michelle’s tits swelling and warming beneath her tongue and inside her lips, she felt the heat melting the last of the interior ice away from her own crotch. As her lips and tongue worked their way down the smooth belly, pausing a moment to work the tip inside the navel, she realized that her taste buds were responding to the clean, salty taste of the girl’s body. As she moved nearer the target, she began to smell the heady excitement of fuck-juice permeating every breath she took. By the time her lips touched the soft cunt-hair, the smell of hot sex was almost overpowering, promising a taste delight.

“Come on, baby!” Michelle’s voice was hoarse, with excitement. “Do it! Stick your finger in! Lick it with your tongue!”

Cheri found that she was ready, though still slightly repulsed by what she was doing. When her finger fucked inside and Michelle’s cunt muscles began gripping it, she felt such a surge of pleasure that she almost pushed her entire face inside. Her first lick was very tentative. Prepared to pull back if the taste was unpleasant, Cheri found it such a delicious taste that her mouth began screaming for more.

From the increase in heat and taste, she could tell that Michelle was climaxing. She began licking her hard clit. The fuck-juices were flowing, and Cheri tried to swallow them, only to discover that most of them continued to work on coating the inside of Michelle’s pussy. Still, she managed to get enough fuck-juice in her mouth and down her throat to slack her thirst.

“Oh, hell, yes!” Michelle shrieked above the loud rock music out in the club. Cheri felt herself drowning in delicious fuck-juices as her cunt spasmed.

Soft lips on her cheek brought Cheri back to the present.

“Hello, Cheri, you really look great!” It was Michelle. “And good enough to eat!”


It was an unusual feeling for Cheri to have her face heat up and turn red, but Michelle’s words, coming right at the end of her thoughts, brought a bright redness to her face.

“Hello, Michelle. You still dance as beautifully as always.”

“I’d love to see you dance again,” Michelle said. “And I just know the customers would enjoy hell out of it.”

Cheri felt that old pull, the desire to be the center of attention, and to know that every man in the place wanted her. “Maybe later. Right now I just need to relax.”

“Not again!” Michelle exclaimed. “Why don’t I just take the rest of the day off and…”

“No, you can’t afford to do that.”

“Money be damned!” Michelle’s dark hair danced as she shook her head. “Someone I care deeply about needs me. That’s more important than money.”

Cheri still refused.

“I told you,” Michelle said. “When you need me, I can make money anytime. Just let me go tell Jerri.”

As Cheri waited for Michelle to return from telling Jerri, and from getting dressed, she watched a dancer she hadn’t seen before, her mind wandering to an episode that had concerned the club.

It was the first time Jerri had ever let any of the girls take off when they were supposed to be working. Of course, it had been to do something for her, and that made it different. Jerri’s brother, Vic, had come up from Houston, and he wanted to have a little party at her house.

Cheri had noticed Vic the moment he’d come into the club and taken one of the stage seats. He caught her eye, not only because he was marvelous-looking, but because he looked so familiar. He looked almost exactly like a male version of Jerri.

“He wants you, Michelle, and Candy,” Jerri said after calling Cheri over to the bar. “So find them and the three of you be ready to leave as soon as I can get Mike to take over for me.”

“Are there going to be any other guys there?”

“No,” Jerri said. “But you won’t miss them, I can guarantee that.”

Leaving the noise of the club behind, Cheri felt herself relax. She relaxed even more when she realized that Vic wasn’t going to be one of those all-hands types who thought just because a girl danced naked onstage, she was free game for him. But she was also vaguely disappointed that he just sat there when he had four beautiful girls in the car with him.

She had never been to Jerri’s house and was rather impressed by it. It was a pretty brick three-bedroom about four miles from the club. “Don’t expect too much,” Jerri said, seeming to be a little nervous. “I’ve been spending so much time at the club that I haven’t had a lot of time for housekeeping.”

While the ashtrays hadn’t been emptied and there were a couple of magazines lying on the sofa, Cheri couldn’t see what Jerri had to be ashamed about. It looked better than her own apartment, and there were a lot more rooms to keep clean.

“It’s beautiful,” Cheri said. “I’d love to have a place like this, but I can barely afford my apartment.”

Once they were all comfortable, with drinks supplied by Jerri, Vic began explaining why they had been invited.

“You see,” he said, “there’s a card game I’ve been wanting to try out. Jerri told me that you three, and she would be perfect for it, and that we could all have lots of fun doing it.”

“What kind of card game?” Candy asked. “Nothing weird, I hope.”

Michelle’s laugh came out as a nervous giggle. “I like weird, as long as it don’t hurt.”

“Nothing weird,” Vic said. “Unless you consider five people having fun sex as weird.”

Cheri wasn’t too sure about it. “I don’t know. Group sex…”

“Can be a blast,” Jerri said. “Just give it a chance.”

Though Cheri didn’t like the hint of threat in her boss’ voice, she was getting interested in finding out what would happen.

“Basically,” Vic said, “it starts off just like strip poker, but doesn’t end up with us losing our clothes. In fact, once we all lose all our clothes is when the fun really starts. But we must agree that once it begins, we’ll stay with the game until it’s over.”

“And how do we know when it’s over?” Candy asked. “When you tell us it is?”

“It’s over when the first one of us gets fucked by my darling brother,” Jerri said. “And I’m sure that we’ll each be hoping that we win by that time. I know I will.”

As Cheri listened to the game being explained, she began to get into it. There were aspects about it — such as certain cards representing body parts — that thrilled her. By the time Jerri sent them into a bedroom to get into what clothes they needed so that everyone would start off equal, she was ready to play the game. Even Candy appeared to be ready for whatever happened.

When they were ready, Cheri felt a little uncomfortable with a bra on. She hadn’t worn one in so long, and even the bikini panties felt restrictive, since she wasn’t used to wearing any, but she felt an excitement building in her as she looked around the glass-topped table at the other players.

“You sure you didn’t stack the deck?” Jerri laughed, seeing the first card calling for Vic to do whatever the next card said.

“If I had,” he said, “I would have the next card having me take someone’s panties off.”

The next card was Jerri’s, and it told Vic to take her skirt off.

“Almost as good,” she said, standing so that he could pull her skirt down to where she could step out of it.

The next hand had Candy taking Michelle’s bra off. Cheri thought it was interesting the way Vic moved around to where he could get a good look at Michelle’s tits before she got her blouse back on.

“Damn, this ain’t no fun,” Jerri said, frowning at the card telling her to take her panties off. “I was hoping someone else would get to do this.”

Still, being the performer she was, she made it fun for the rest of them as she pushed them down to reveal her lovely cunt. Sitting back down, she made certain to sit so that her legs were wide enough that everyone could get a good look at her hot cunt.

Finally, when they were all naked, Michelle got a card which told her to kiss Candy’s pussy.

“Hey!” she gasped, almost leaping out of her chair to go over and kneel between the lovely brunette’s legs. “This is more like it!”

And it was a thrill for Cheri, too, just watching Michelle’s lovely lips come in contact with Candy’s beautiful pussy. She could feel her own cunt getting wet. Candy obviously enjoyed it, her hips coming up to press her hairy cunt against Michelle’s eager lips.

Then Michelle got to kiss Cheri’s ass, and though Cheri had never thought it would be a thrill to have a girl kiss her ass, she found a curious delight in it.

The next hand was even better. As Michelle pressed her lips against Cheri’s cunt, Cheri almost got off. If Michelle had pushed her tongue in, as Cheri hoped, she would’ve exploded. But Michelle was apparently determined to abide by the rules and only kissed her cunt.

“That was good!” she moaned, licking her lips as she returned to her seat. “I hope it gets even better!”

“It will,” Vic said, obviously enjoying the game more than anyone.

As she sat there, watching kisses being bestowed on various parts of various bodies, having some put on her, and getting to kiss tits, asses, pussies, and one time even Vic’s prick, Cheri continued to alternate between wild excitement and total boredom. When they finally got down to actually licking and sucking, she felt the excitement building again.

She really got a charge when Candy ate her cunt out, but it didn’t last long enough for her to climax and left her feeling a little down. She began to hope that she would get to suck Vic’s prick, but when that finally happened, Jerri was the lucky one.

“I can’t believe you’re going to do it!” Cheri sounded as shocked as she was. “He’s your own brother!”

“Damn right.” Jerri was already licking her lips. “And I’ve wanted to suck on that prick of his nearly all my life!”

As she watched this beautiful blonde lady take her brother’s prick in her mouth, Cheri felt a new excitement building in her. It wasn’t all from what was going on, either. As she watched the brother and sister, she began thinking about her own brother.

She had seen the outline of Jim’s hard-on several times, but she had never made any real attempt to see it.


Jerri’s voice startled her from her thoughts. “Where are you? You’re the lucky one, damn it, you get to fuck Vic!”


Very near to going over the top already, Cheri felt herself building even more at the thought of having Vic’s lovely hard-on in her cunt.

“I’m ready!” she cried. “Even if I was hoping I could suck that delicious hunk of cockmeat!”

“You might get to.” Vic smiled. “How?” Cheri asked. “I thought the game was over when…”

“When I fuck somebody in the pussy.” His hands felt hot and sweaty as he moved to position her on her hands and knees.

“I thought you were…”

Jerri laughed. “I didn’t say how he was going to fuck you. You must’ve been out, of it. The cards came up for him to fuck you in the ass.”

“I’ve never done it that way!” Cheri felt like crying, and almost did. “I’ve heard that it hurts!”

“Just trust me,” Vic said. “I promise that you’ll like it.”

“And we all promised to play the game completely out,” Jerri said. “You wouldn’t want to be the one to chicken out.”

“No,” Cheri said. “But if it hurts, I’m going to…”

“You’ve probably shit bigger turds than my prick,” Vic said. “Just relax and enjoy it.”

Cheri had to admit, as she felt something warm, wet and sticky cm his finger rubbing across her ass, that it felt good. Even when he put his finger inside her asshole, she began feeling a warmth spreading through her body, and she could feel the pressure and the movement in her cunt, causing it to get even wetter. As he worked his finger around in her asshole, she began to enjoy it. Even when he rammed it all the way in, she still didn’t feel any real pain. Just unusual pressure. It wasn’t long until her cunt was so hot that she ached to feel something in it, and she was wishing that he would do something more than just finger her asshole. Then he pulled his finger out, leaving her feeling sort of empty.

But it didn’t last long enough or her to even say anything. Almost immediately, Cheri felt the head of his prick against her ass. It was lots bigger than his finger, and he worked it very slowly against her shit-hole. She tried to concentrate on looking at the naked girls in front of her, trying to relax her shitter enough that he could get it in.

“Ouch!” she moaned, though it didn’t really hurt, as she felt the head slip past her ring.

Once the cock-head was inside, Cheri found that she was actually enjoying the pressure and the movement. Vic didn’t just fuck in, as she had feared. He worked the prick-head in and out, going just a fraction deeper with each stroke.

It wasn’t long before he was fucking her rapidly. She began pounding her ass against his belly each time she felt him driving into her. She wanted him deeper and deeper.

“Oh, shit, do it! Harder! Deeper!” When she felt the cock-head swelling inside her ass, she began bucking against him like she was trying to throw him off, but actually just wanted him to fuck faster and harder and deeper.

“Time!” Jerri cried.

“Damn!” Cheri moaned. “I wasn’t ready to stop!”

All the girls laughed. Cheri could tell that just watching had excited them almost as much as doing it had excited her.

The cards didn’t come up in Cheri’s favor for quite a while, and Cheri began to drift away again as she watched the others licking each others cunts and sucking on Vic’s prick.

She wasn’t sure what had brought the incident to her mind, but she began thinking about the first time she had found herself in a threesome. It had happened when she walked in and caught Reesa in bed with a guy.

“Damn!” Reesa’s face was a picture of dismay and frustration, but her words caught in her threat at the look on Cheri’s face.

Cheri found that she wasn’t shocked. In fact, standing in the doorway, looking at her sister’s beautiful naked body, with the smooth nakedness of the guy who was between her legs, his face buried in her crotch, started flashes of heat lightning running through her body. Her few clothes felt restrictive and tight. She wanted to get out of her clothes and push her hot cunt down on her sister’s smiling lips. At the same time, she felt an overpowering desire to take the guy’s prick in her mouth. Almost without thinking about it, she slipped her clothes off and moved toward the bed.

Reesa opened her mouth to say something, but shut it again as Cheri advanced on them.

As she approached, Cheri studied their positions, trying to figure out if the plan she had in mind would work. The guy was lying mostly on his side, his hard-on almost rubbing against Reesa’s left leg. Reesa would be no problem. She could easily move her head so that she could reach her sister’s pussy. All Cheri had to do was decide how she was going to get her cunt to her sister’s mouth and still be able to get her own mouth on the guy’s prick.

Reesa grunted, both in pleasure from what the guy was doing to her cunt and to cover the movement of the bed as Cheri moved to straddle her head. Cheri felt her sister’s hot breath on her cunt-hair, and her insides tightened in anticipation of the feel of the wiggling, hot tongue on her pussy-lips. Her breath came in short gasps as she leaned over to pick up the stiff prick and bring it to her lips. Her tongue snaked out to lick the cock-head as Reesa’s tongue wiped across the wet lips of her pussy. She groaned at both pleasures.

With the tongue going like mad in her cunt, the prick swelling and leaking into her mouth and the scent of Reesa’s hot pussy as the guy continued working on her, Cheri almost couldn’t stop herself before sucking the guy completely off.

“No!” she cried, yanking the swelling cock from her mouth. “I’m not ready, yet!”

“Who the hell are you?” the guy asked.

Reesa laughed. “This is my sister, Cheri.”

Once the initial shock wore off, Cheri could see that the guy was really thrilled at what was going on.

“Cheri, this is Mark,” Reesa said. “He eats pussy real good, and fucks even better.”

“You want a demonstration?” Mark’s eyes were riveted to Cheri’s cunt, his tongue licking Reesa’s fuck-juices from his lips as if they were only the appetizer. “I’ve got plenty to go around.”

“Okay,” she said, licking her lips in a way she knew would drive him wild. “Why don’t you fuck Reesa while you eat my pussy?”

“Sounds good to me,” Mark said, flipping onto his back and pulling Reesa toward his prick. “Sit on my face, Cheri.”

“Can’t I eat your pussy, too?” Reesa sighed as she fucked his prick to the hilt in her wet cunt.

Cheri felt twinges throughout her lower belly at the thought of two tongues dueling inside her pussy-hole. “Just be sure that one of you works on my clit a little.”

The only sounds which came from the bedroom for the next fifteen minutes were grunts and groans. Cheri almost screamed when Mark and Reesa both began moaning in perfect harmony, sending vibrations through her cunt. She felt herself building to a climax as Mark’s prick made plopping sounds in Reesa’s pussy and the two tongues continued licking and flicking inside her cunt.

“Oh, God, I’m coming!” Mark moaned.

Cheri suddenly shoved Reesa off. “Damn it, I’ve got to taste it!”

“Damn you, Cheri,” Reesa said, her pussy throbbing at being so suddenly emptied.

Cheri ignored everything, even the fact that her cunt had completely covered Mark’s mouth and nose as she leaned forward to take his swollen prick in her mouth. She could taste Reesa’s fuck-juices on his prick, but it only added flavor to it, and she never gave a thought to how she had resisted eating her sister’s pussy, even though Reesa had begged her to. All she could think of was the way the hot globs of jizz were shooting from the prick into her mouth. She swallowed as fast as she could, wanting every drop of it. She could feel her own cunt-juices drowning Mark, but he just kept shoving his prick deeper and shooting constant streams of the thick, white spunk into her mouth. Cheri was almost hurting from the tenseness of her own orgasm by the time he finally stopped shooting and she felt his cock softening in her mouth. Then she collapsed over on her side, letting Mark breathe again.

“That was fantastic!” Cheri moaned, feeling totally satisfied for the moment. “But I’d love to do it again after you’ve rested!”

“What about me?” Reesa asked. “You two pushed me away just as I was about…”

“Oh, Reesa!” Cheri smiled. “I’m sorry. What can we do?”

“You could eat my pussy.”

Cheri still couldn’t face doing that. “You know I can’t…”

“You didn’t mind tasting it on Mark’s prick.”

“I know,” Cheri said. “Hey, I’ve got an idea.” She glanced down at Mark. “That is, if Mark can get up for it.”

“Give me ten minutes,” he said. “I’ll be ready for anything.”


At first, Reesa pouted, making her babyface look even more delectable. “I still don’t see what good I’ll get!”

Cheri was all hot for the idea, not just because it was hers. “I’ll see that you get off. You like to eat my pussy, and you like to suck Mark’s prick, so this’ll be almost like doing both at once.”

“But I still don’t see, if he fucks you…”

“Just leave it to me.” Cheri had always been good at talking her little sister into things, but she was being difficult about this. “I guarantee that you’ll get yours.”

“You going to eat me?”

“No, but I’ll see that you get yours.”

“Let’s get on with it.” Mark was holding his stiff cock, eager to stick it in Cheri’s cunt.

With Reesa’s blonde head on her chest, her pouted lips working on sensitive tits, Cheri almost lost it before Mark’s cock was even halfway in. But she held off. She wanted to save it until she felt him shooting inside her. She wanted to save it until Reesa went to work on her.

Cheri tried to push the super feeling of him fucking in and out of her, while concentrating on working her muscles to bring him to the top as soon as possible.

The sensations were flooding her mind, bringing her volcano to a super boil, but Cheri managed to hang on until she felt Mark’s prick swelling. Then she felt the slight sensation of his shooting inside her and knew it was time.

“Now, Reesa!”

Mark was still shooting when Reesa jerked his cock out and made a dive for it, trying to get it in her mouth.

“No, Reesa!” Cheri screamed. “Let him go! I want you on me while it’s still hot!”

“What about me?” Mark asked, looking comically disappointed at having his throbbing cock released at this crucial moment.

“Eat Reesa!” Cheri yelled as she felt Reesa’s tongue inside her hot cunt. Then she lost all thought of Mark and all thought of anything other than the tremors which were shaking her body with every movement of her sister’s tongue and the sound of her sister’s throat swallowing the gobs of Mark’s come she was sucking into her mouth.


At first, Cheri thought it was Reesa. Then she recognized Michelle’s voice and looked around, expecting to see the others waiting to tell her what her card had said.

“Cheri?” Michelle’s voice was right in her ear and it totally shocked to realize that she was sitting in the Vegas Club, watching a strange girl dancing, with Michelle leaning over the table looking very worried. “For a minute there, I thought you had passed out, or something.”

Cheri smiled. “No, I was just drifting. Remembering some old times.”

Michelle’s smile almost lit up the dark corner where they sat. “Why remember old times when we can create new ones?”

Feeling a slight movement in her crotch, Cheri smiled. “I think I’d like that, but not right now.”

“Well,” Michelle said, “I can wait. But that wasn’t what I called you out of your reverie for I want you to look at that older guy who just came in.”

At first, Cheri couldn’t make out which one she was talking about. Most of the guys at the stage seats were older guys. One of them did look rather striking, and rather familiar. “You into older guys now?”

“Not really,” Michelle said. “But this dude has been coming in a lot lately. There’s something about him. I don’t know, maybe it’s because he never drinks anything stronger than Coke. Or it could be because he never spends much money, even though he looks like he has plenty. I don’t know what it is, but I feel a real strong attraction to him.”

“Well, if you feel that way, go for it.”

“I’ve thought about it, but he never tries to come on to me. Or any of us.”

“My God, no!” Cheri gasped, having just gotten a good look at the guy. “It can’t be!”

Cheri wanted to run. She wanted to hide under the table. “It’s Bill!”

“Bill who?”

“Never mind.” Cheri pushed herself farther back into the darkened corner. “I just can’t let him see me in here.”

Cheri hadn’t been able to leave, even when Bill gave her the chance by going to the restroom, and she was forced to sit and watch as Michelle, and a couple of the other girls, did everything they could to flirt with Bill.

Just looking at Bill, even though he was staring intently at each and every girl who danced, was enough to make Cheri squirm in her seat. She could imagine his beautiful hard-on throbbing with pleasure, crying for release, as he watched the naked tits, asses, and cunts in front of him. Her desire to dance naked in front of him became stronger and stronger. At the same time, she was afraid to do it because she just knew she would come all over the stage just from having his eyes on her hot pussy. If she looked down and saw the bulge she knew must be in his pants, she might even lose control and attack him right in public.

As these thoughts ran through her mind, Cheri found herself pressing farther and farther into the darkness of her corner. She wanted him so bad she could taste it, but she also had a tremendous surge of fear.

“Damn!” Michelle exclaimed, coming back to Cheri’s table naked. “I’m about to give up! The dude just looks and looks, and obviously enjoys what he sees, but he absolutely refuses to do anything else! He won’t even talk to me! Or any of the girls!”

“Maybe he just likes to look.” Cheri knew she was lying even as she said it. “There are guys like that, you know.”

Michelle smiled. “He just don’t strike me as being like that. There’s something he’s looking for, and it just ain’t any of us.” She turned toward Cheri, finally putting her scant garments back on. “Maybe he’s looking for you.”

“He couldn’t be looking for me,” Cheri said. “I haven’t danced here in months. Besides, he knows where to find me. I’m sure he’s still in love with my mother.”

“It might be something worth considering, though,” Michelle said. “I’ll bet if you got up there and danced, his whole attitude would change.”

“I couldn’t. It wouldn’t be right. And I haven’t danced in so long.”

“You’re still just as beautiful as ever. I’ll bet you still remember all your routines. Do it, Cheri. You’re chicken if you don’t.”

“Jerri wouldn’t go for it.”

“Maybe not,” Michelle said. “Let me ask her.” She held up her hand before Cheri could protest. “Even if she says it’s okay, you still don’t have to unless you want to.”

By the time Michelle came back with permission, Cheri knew she was going to dance. She found herself hoping that Bill would decide to leave in the next few minutes, and knew it would convince her not to dance if he did. “Okay,” she said, borrowing one of Michelle’s costumes. “But I want to get to the dressing room without Bill seeing me.”

“We’ll just wait until he goes to the restroom again.”

Once she was in the skimpy costume, consisting of G-string and skimpy bra, Cheri felt the old excitement coming back. Just the thought of being naked in front of all those men and women was charge enough to make her feel totally alive again. And it wasn’t just the power she felt when she knew every eye in the place was devouring her nakedness. It was almost as if she only truly came alive when she was naked in public.

“I’m ready,” she said to Michelle. “If you’ll go on out and get the DJ to pick out a couple of good tunes, I’ll wait here until I hear him announce me.”

As she waited to hear her name called, Cheri felt herself tensing. It was the first time she had felt this way since the first time. She was eager to get out there, because she knew the tension would leave as soon as she stepped on the stage. But she was also afraid to go out there, knowing that Bill would be sitting there, his hot eyes on her naked body, staring right into her hot cunt. She just hoped that she could keep from climaxing. She wasn’t sure she could keep from collapsing if that happened.

The moment she stepped out on the stage, her nervousness vanished. She wasn’t just plain Cheri anymore. She was a total sexual animal. She knew that every man and woman in the place would be eating her up with their eyes. She could hardly wait to finish the first song so she could get out of her scant covering. She wanted to be completely naked in public. She wanted to be naked in front of Bill.

After her first glance at him, Cheri fought to it keep her eyes off Bill. She had seen the shock of recognition on his face and the thought flashed through her mind that he didn’t like the idea of seeing her up there. She concentrated on looking at the guys who were really getting off on her. She finally found herself getting back into it.

As she twisted and turned her naked body, being careful that she moved her legs in such a way to give the guys who had put money on the stage the best look at her pussy, she continued to feel the heat moving through her body. Her cunt kept getting wetter and wetter. She even felt moisture seeping onto her inner thighs. She could feel the pressure building in her crotch and knew that if she dared look at Bill, she would start coming.

As she moved to lie on the stage, to simulate being fucked, she felt it building. The heat continued to wash over her body, finally centering in her crotch. She could almost feel a physical force there, as if the looks she was getting were actually fucking her. It was almost like having a hot tongue, or a hard prick moving between her satin lips. She wanted to reach down and fuck her finger into her cunt so bad that it hurt. Then she looked at Bill.

It might have been the reflection of the light but his eyes looked as if they were on fire. He was staring at her pussy so hard that tears were almost coming to his eyes. He hadn’t laid any money on the stage, but Cheri felt herself turn toward him. She wanted him to see how wet she was. She wanted him to be able to look directly at her cunt. She wanted him to fuck her. Then she lost all track of everything as her body trembled with orgasm.


There were vague flashes in Cheri’s mind of strong, gentle hands lifting her naked body, of soft hands dressing her, of the chill of fresh air on her face, of a bouncy ride, of voices she thought she recognized, then a soft bed. When she finally came to her senses, she could almost call her surroundings familiar, but they just didn’t look right. She finally discovered that she was in the same bedroom where she had spent much of her childhood.

“What the hell am I doing here?” she whispered.

The bed was soft, but she felt uncomfortable. Even though her first movements told her that she was very weak, she could feel her strength returning. She wanted to get up. She wanted to find her mother and ask how she came to be here. But she wasn’t sure she was up to moving that much, or up to facing her mother. She just lay, staring in the semi-darkness at the almost familiar walls, wondering what was going on.

It was about then that the voices seeped through the walls.

Cheri couldn’t make out the words and longed to climb out of bed and tiptoe to the door, but she could recognize the voices. It was definitely her mother, with that belligerent whine she used when she had been drinking, and there was no way Cheri couldn’t pick Bill’s voice out of a crowd of a thousand.

Cheri strained her cars, trying to make out the words. But it was no use. She would have to get out of bed, and she didn’t dare do that.

At first it was only because she was afraid her legs wouldn’t hold her, but there was also apprehension that her mother would come and check on her and she wouldn’t be quick enough to get back in bed.

Watching the lights from the cars on the Interstate produce dancing patterns on the window curtains, Cheri tried to amplify her hearing, but she couldn’t catch a single word. Not until her mother went to the bathroom.

She heard Bill speaking from near the bathroom door. “Are you sure?”

Neva said something Cheri couldn’t catch. “Okay,” Bill said. “You know I’ll love it, but I want you to be sure.”

“I hope the hole is still in the door,” Cheri said to herself.

By the time she heard the rhythmic speaking of the springs, Cheri was so hot and wet that she worried about the sheets. Careful to raise her ass up so she wouldn’t slide on the bed, she slipped out and headed for her door.

The hole was still there, but Cheri found that she didn’t enjoy watching as much as she had when she was a kid. Even though they were lying in a perfect position for viewing, with a clear shot at watching Bill’s lovely prick fucking in and out of her mother’s beautiful cunt, Cheri didn’t feel the old excitement. Perhaps it was because she had been fucked so much. She wanted to be in there with them. If she could just find the nerve.

Neither of them appeared to notice as she eased the door open. She could hear their grunts and groans better, and the smell of hot sex almost permeated the room. Cheri found that the scent of their pleasure added to her own, even before she was close to the bed. She stood, enjoying the view of the two naked bodies, the prick fucking in and out of her mother’s cunt.

Easing herself onto the bed so that she could feel the heat from Neva’s body on her hot cunt and press her hard nipple against Bill’s leg, she moved her head up so close that her entire head was filled with the smell of hot sex. Up close, the sight of Bill’s hard-on fucking into her mother’s box was even more beautiful. Moving in closer, Cheri pushed her tongue out to rake it across Bill’s wet prick, right at the point where it was coming out of Neva’s cunt. It was so delicious that it sent little stars of delight shattering through Cheri’s brain.

Shifting her body to bring her mouth more in line with what she wanted to do, Cheri felt her hot pussy come in contact with Neva’s shoulder. Now she could get her tongue into position so that she could run it over the bottom of her mother’s smooth cunt-lips and along the length of Bill’s prick in quick, alternating darts. She got so wound up in the taste and feel of what she was doing she almost didn’t notice the hand on her leg, pushing it up so that the cool air played with her cunt-hair, letting some of the heat escape from her wet pussy. But she did notice when she felt the darting, wet tongue sliding along her own cunt-lips.

“Oh, Bill!” Cheri moaned, her lips against her mother’s pussy, her tongue licking the juices from Bill’s cock. Then she realized that the lips on her own pussy didn’t have the rough feel of a man’s lips.

Cheri almost lost it when she realized that her mother was eating her pussy. But she held on and continued working on Bill’s cock and her mother’s cunt until she felt the insistent pull of hands on her legs and hips.

“Honey,” Neva said, “get on top so you can suck my clit.”

In the mad scramble for new position, Cheri barely noticed the looks on the faces of Bill and Neva. But she did notice and it gave her a warm feeling like none she had never experienced before.

Feeling her mother’s big tits pressed against her stomach, her own pressed against the naked belly of her mother, her mother’s lips on her cunt, and Bill’s hands on her bare shoulders, Cheri almost didn’t need the taste and feel of her mother’s pussy to get off. It added to the taste and pleasure being able to lick at Bill’s big prick as it fucked in and out of Neva’s cunthole. Cheri almost drowned in the sensations which flooded her mind and body. She knew she was soaking her mother’s face with her fuck-juices.

Reaching around to clench his ass so she could really tell when he was shooting, Cheri waited until he had shot a couple of good wads before pushing him up and back.

Cheri hadn’t wanted to cheat her mother, but she did want to taste Bill’s cock in her mouth. His prick was still spurting in great, white gobs as it came out of Neva’s cunt, and Cheri hungrily grabbed the huge, beautiful thing and stuck it in her mouth.

As the large, viscous drops of spunk splashed on her tongue, Cheri began swallowing. She wanted it all. She sucked it deeper in her mouth, until she could feel it shooting against her tonsils, and still she wanted more.

Even though his cock stopped shooting and began softening, Cheri still wanted more.

Neva was twisting and moaning beneath her as Bill’s cock came out of her mouth, so Cheri simply dropped her head down and began eating her mother’s pussy again. It was even more delicious with the flavor of Bill’s jizz still there.

Neva’s tongue was going ninety inside her daughter’s cunt, and Cheri knew she couldn’t take much more without going over the top. She wanted to bring her mother with her. She wanted them to go off together. It would have been treat if all three could have been there at the same time, but she wanted her mother there.

Cheri did her best to press Neva’s head through the pillow, through the bed, through the floor, as their bodies shuddered in orgasm.

Rolling off her mother, Cheri prepared for the rest she knew they all three would need, but found that rest wasn’t on anyone’s mind but hers.

Bill had practically leaped, whirling around on the bed. His finger found its way easily into her sopping cunt, his lips and tongue quickly bringing the profuse fuck-juice there to a new boil. Neva reached over to stick Bill’s slick prick into her mouth, sucking him back to almost instant hardness.

Though she really just wanted to lie there, Cheri felt she had to do something. Since her mother’s hairy, wet cunt was almost in her face, she followed Bill’s example and stuck a finger in Neva’s hot pussy. Then she buried her face in that hot flesh, her tongue searching out the upper reaches of the cunt-slit, hunting for Neva’s clit.

Suddenly Bill yelled, “God, Cheri, I want to fuck you!”

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck!”

As she felt Bill’s huge prick parting the lips of her pussy, Cheri felt her mother pull away from both of them. For a second, she was afraid that Neva was getting mad about Bill fucking her daughter, but the thrill of having him inside her obliterated any feelings of guilt and fear that tried to get through. She just closed her eyes and pictured his lovely hard-on fucking in and out of her hot cunt and forgot all about her mother.

She got off so many times that she couldn’t keep track. Each time it was more enjoyable — and more violent — than the time before. When Bill’s cock expanded inside her and she felt the first hot drops of jism shooting into her, Cheri screamed so hard that it tore something in her throat. Her entire body tensed so fight that she thought she was going to explode.


Cheri awoke and stretched her small naked body, feeling wonderful.

Bill smiled. “That’s the second time in the past twenty-four hours that you’ve passed out. There’s got to be something…”

“Silly!” Cheri giggled. “Don’t you realize that it’s you? I just get so wound up on you that my body overloads. I hope it’ll pass — not getting wound up on you — but the passing out. I feel that I miss something then.”

Bill seemed relieved, and even pleased. Neva, though, frowned and stared at her daughter.

Finally, when no one talked, Neva pushed herself off the bed. Cheri marveled out how beautiful her mother was, even at forty-one, and felt her desire coming alive again. She was almost afraid to look at Bill, who was still naked.

“Is Jim living here?” Cheri asked.

“Yes.” Neva nodded, causing her large tits to bounce delightfully. “But he’s gone for a couple of weeks. A friend of his invited him on a trip down the Arkansas.”

Neva smiled.

“I was invited, but now I’m very glad that I didn’t go.”

“I think,” Bill said, “that with Jim gone, Cheri could stay here. I’m still worried about her passing…”

“You can both stay.” Neva smiled, but it looked forced. “I sort of like the idea of group sex.”

And group sex was what it was. Bill, especially, didn’t seem to want to go to bed without both of them there. Several times, Neva tried to get Bill alone, though she never attempted the same thing with Cheri. Cheri began to get the idea that her mother wasn’t enjoying it, but it didn’t matter to her as long as she got to suck and fuck Bill, and got to eat and be eaten by both of them.

Mostly, Cheri’s ideas came wanting the three of them to do things she remembered the two of them doing when she was a kid. Now and then, though she would come up with something she had learned since she’d left home. Like the night her ass got to itching, demanding to be fucked. She brought it up and, though Bill didn’t really want to do it, she talked him into it.

“And Mom — you can eat my pussy while Bill fucks me in the ass,” Cheri said.

Neva liked the eating idea, but she seemed put off by the ass-fucking. “I just can’t see how that could be any fun. It sounds awfully nasty.” But, after seeing the way Cheri got off on it, and the way Bill shot more jism than usual from doing it, Neva began to get intrigued.

“It only hurts for a moment,” Cheri said. “After that, pure pleasure. I’ll help you, and Bill will go slow, if you want to try it.”

Neva finally agreed, and Cheri positioned her on her hands and knees. Leaning over, she spread her mother’s asscheeks, revealing a very tight asshole.

At the first touch of Cheri’s lips on her asshole, Neva flinched. Cheri gently slapped her ass and told her to hold still.

“But it tickles!”

When Cheri began licking on her mother’s asshole, then stuck her tongue in, Neva began to push against her face. It didn’t take long to get the hole good and wet. “Okay, Bill. It’s wet, but take it easy. I’m used to it, but she’ll will need slow, gentle pressure. And, Mom, you help. Push against him. Also, you’ll need to force your muscles to relax. Almost like you’re trying to take a shit, except don’t put any outward pressure on it.”

“Oh, damn, it hurts!” Neva moaned as the head of Bill’s cock fucked inside.

“Just relax, Mom, and enjoy.” Cheri slipped underneath her mother so that she could get her lips and tongue busy on the woman’s hairy cunt, putting her own pussy directly beneath Neva’s face.

“It feels good!” Bill groaned. “And it looks super!”

Whether it was Cheri’s tongue working inside her cunt, the taste of her daughter’s pussy in her own mouth, or that she was really enjoying being fucked in the ass, Neva finally began to moan and twist about.

“Fuck her in the ass good, Bill,” Cheri yelled.

“Oh, ummmm! Fuck me in the ass!” Neva groaned.

“Here it comes!” Bill yelled, fucking his big prick in and out of Neva’s ass with lightning strokes.

“Don’t shoot in my ass!” Neva screamed, pulling away.

Bill’s prick flopped out of her ass, and big drops of jizz began splashing on Cheri’s face.

Cheri reached up to pull the throbbing prick toward her open mouth. Her mother, whirling on the bed, beat her to it.

“I want to taste it! I want it in my mouth! I want to taste my ass!”

She filled her mouth with his prick, drinking his fuck-juices as if she were starving.

A little later, Cheri suggested they take a stroll around the apartment complex. “I think it would be fun for the three of us to walk around naked.”

Bill was ready, his prick hardening at the thought, but Neva hesitated. “I don’t know. We had some window peepers around and they put in some new security lights. It’s almost as light as day.”

“That makes it even better,” Cheri said, leaping to her feet. “What’s the point in doing it if no one can see us?”

Just the feel of the fresh air on her bare skin was exciting. Seeing some of the cars on the highway slowing down was even more exciting. Seeing curtains moving, as if people were watching them, made Cheri want to stop and fuck. By the time they reached the bright lights of the playground, Cheri was ready to do something more than just walk.

Without a word, Cheri wheeled about, grabbing Bill’s prick in her hand. Loving the hardness of it, she quickly dropped into a squat and sucked it in her mouth. It tasted hot and delicious.

“Cheri, are you crazy?” Neva gasped. “Somebody will call the cops!”

But before Cheri could really get full enjoyment out of sucking Bill’s cock, her mother knelt beside her and took it away from her, sticking it in her own mouth.

Watching her mother suck Bill’s prick under the bright lights was a real thrill for Cheri. Especially since she was naked and fingerfucking herself. But she wanted more.

Stretching out on the concrete, ignoring the cold roughness, she reached for her mother’s cunt with her tongue. With her tongue in her mother’s pussy, her finger in her own, and her eyes drinking in the huge prick moving in and out of her mother’s mouth, Cheri was ready to forget that everyone in the apartment complex, as well as the people in the cars on the highway, could see.

“Hey, look at that!” Bill jerked them away from what they were doing with his words. “That young couple that just moved in opened their curtains. And they’re both stark naked!”

“So what?” Neva started to stick his prick back in her mouth.

“I think they’ve been watching us,” he whispered, moving away from them, toward the window. “Maybe they want us to watch them, now.”

Neva tried to pull Bill back, but Cheri was excited by the idea of peeking.

“Come on, Mom,” she said. “It might be fun.”

The people were both lying on top of their bed, completely naked. The woman was so very pretty that Cheri felt her tongue getting wet just from looking at her pretty little pussy. And the guy looked good, too. Though his cock wasn’t as big as Bill’s, it looked so smooth and tasty that Cheri ached to suck it.

The man started fucking the woman. It looked as if he deliberately positioned them so those outside the window could see his prick fucking in and out of his wife’s pretty little cunt.

“You know what would be great?” Bill whispered, not taking his eyes off the fucking couple. “If you two would sneak in there and join them.”

“What about you?” Neva asked.

“I’ll just stay here and watch. Besides, he might not like the idea of another man in bed with his wife.”

Cheri liked the idea, and Neva gave in. Bill eased the screen off the window so they could climb in.

Cheri motioned Neva to move to the head of the bed while she worked herself in beside the couple, ducking under the girl’s leg.

She waited to see her mother position herself, straddling the guy’s head. When her mother dropped her cunt down to cover the guy’s mouth, Cheri, started moving in toward the woman’s little cunt.

“Hey, what’s going on?” the girl cried.

Cheri quickly fastened her lips to her wet cunt. The girl stopped yelling and pushed her hips up, both to get the guy’s prick in deeper and to push against the lips she felt on her pussy. Cheri spread the girl’s legs wide, knowing that Bill would get a really good look at her open cunt. The taste of the girl, and the guy, and picturing what her mother was doing, as well as knowing Bill was watching it all, made Cheri so hot and wet that her pussy was spasming, trying to pull something besides air in. She felt the guy’s prick swelling and jerked it out of his wife’s cunt.

While the guy’s prick was shooting off in her mouth, Cheri reached up to fuck a finger inside the girl’s wet pussy. The girl moved, letting Cheri see what was going on at the top. Not only was the guy sticking his tongue inside her mother’s pussy, but the girl was licking Neva’s asshole.

When they were all finally relaxing on the bed, Cheri motioned for Bill to join them.

The moment he came through the window, Cheri noticed that the young couple’s eyes were on his hard-on.

“God?” the girl gasped. “I’d like to suck that!”

“It’s all right with me if you suck it,” Bill said.


After the fuck sessions with Bill and Neva, Cheri spent the next three days in her apartment, wondering why Bill hadn’t called. She realized that she hadn’t thought to give him her number, but he could surely get it from Reesa.

When the phone finally did ring, it was Jim. “Cheri, can you get one of your dynamite friends and come over?”

Jim, she could tell, had a friend with him, and had probably promised that he could get the guy a real knockout gal who loved to fuck. “I don’t know, Jim. Mom might not want me there for awhile.”

“She won’t be here,” he said. “She’s gone out of town with some old dude and won’t be back for at least a week.”

“And she’s actually left you there alone?”

“Actually, she left me with Gramma, but I’ve got a key. I told George that we would come over here and party, but the girls we picked up backed out. If you could get a friend — I mean, you’ll really like George. And I know he’ll love you.”

Jim had tried to get her to fuck some of his friends before, but they were usually so childish that Cheri couldn’t get turned on.

“Come on, Cheri. I promised.”

The thought of her brother’s hard cock popped into her mind, and she could almost taste it. Even if his buddy was some little jerk, she could still have fun. “I’ll try. But I may not be able to find anyone on such short notice.”

“Please, Cheri!”

“I’ll come, even if I can’t find…”

“Thank you, Cheri?” He hung up before she could say more.

Cheri noticed the strong scent of hot prick as she walked in the door. It made her wonder what Jim and George had been doing, while waiting. It didn’t take her long to find out.

They were both sitting at the kitchen table, stark naked, with marvelous hard-ons, looking at a dirty magazine.

“Oh, hi, Cheri!” Jim acted proud of his hard cock, but George seemed just a little embarrassed. “Where’s the other girl?”

Cheri hadn’t even tried to find anyone. “Couldn’t find anyone that wasn’t working. But I won’t disappoint you.”

George looked at Jim. “I guess you’ll just have to be satisfied with the magazine.”

“Like hell I will,” Jim said. “My sister can take both of us on and make us wonder if we can stay with her.”

“You?” George’s eyes opened so wide they threatened to pop right out of his head. “That sounds really freaky — and fun!”

Quickly stripping off her shorts and halter, Cheri moved toward them. She loved the way they were looking at her naked body, and she loved the way their hard pricks seemed to get even harder. Dropping to her knees, she took both those hunks of hot cock-meat in her hands and began jacking them. She barely noticed their hands on her tits as she lost herself in the feel of their pricks. Bobbing her head down, she took Jim’s prick in her mouth while keeping up a slow stroking on George’s.

George had pleasantly surprised her. Jim usually picked real wimpy-looking guys to run around with, but George, though young, looked great. He had dark brown hair, a nice strong face, and big shoulders. His hips were slim, and his legs were almost as pretty as a girl’s. His cock was nearly as big as Bill’s. She had wanted to taste it first, but she knew Jim would feel put down if she didn’t taste his first. As she sucked on her brother’s hard prick and slowly jacked George’s, Cheri felt her cunt tingle. It was already demanding a piece of the action, but Cheri wanted to work up to that.

“Fucking fantastic!” George groaned when she shifted over to take his cock deep in her mouth.

His hand was squeezing her right tit so hard that it almost hurt, and her pussy was almost dripping, but Cheri concentrated on bringing him almost to the point of orgasm before she stopped sucking.

With gentle pressure, Cheri managed to get them turned so that she could stick both their pricks in her mouth at the same time. She loved the way the guys were moaning and groaning, but found that it really wasn’t as much fun as she had thought to have two hard pricks in her mouth at the same time. The taste was super, but her mouth was so full that she couldn’t even move her tongue. Still, because they seemed to be getting such a kick out of it, she stayed that way for a few minutes.

“Who gets to fuck me first?” she asked when she finally pulled their cocks out of their mouth, taking a moment to lick the jizz off the heads of both pricks.

“Go ahead, George,” Jim said.

George started to get up, but Cheri pushed him back down.

“Just sit there,” she said. “I’ll sit down on it.”

As she felt his prick fill her hot cunt, Cheri couldn’t stifle a low moan.

“Come on, Jim! If you stand in front of me, I can suck you while George fucks me!” Cheri moaned.

With her brother’s hard cock filling her mouth, Cheri still wasn’t getting off the way she liked. There seemed to be something missing.

“Maybe,” she said, taking Jim’s prick out of her mouth, “if we try something different, I can really get into it.”

The boys groaned.

Getting on the floor on her hands and knees, she said, “You slide in under me and stick it in my cunt, George.”

She had to lower herself a little, and it wasn’t all that comfortable, but Cheri wanted to try it. Once she got George’s cock back inside her pussy, she looked at Jim.

“Now, brother dear, you get down here and stick that beautiful cock of yours in my ass.”

“What?” he gasped.

“Come on, Jim! Fuck me in the ass!”

He wasn’t as hard as he should have been, but that helped a little. He was still hard enough to get inside her asshole, though, and Cheri began to really get into being fucked in the ass and the cunt at the same time. It made her feel so full, and so complete, that she even forgot all about Bill.

As the two guys began fucking her harder, Cheri thought she was going to climb the walls. The wall of flesh between her cunt and asshole was so thin that she could almost feel that the cocks were rubbing together inside her. She felt herself building and wanting them to come inside her.

“Come on!” she cried. “Fuck me, fuck me! Come on, you guys, shoot it into me! Let’s go! Shoot me now!”

“What the hell is going on here?”

Neva’s voice suddenly cut through the dense cloud of excitement in Cheri’s brain.


Cheri was so tense that neither Jim nor George could pull out, even though their pricks were rapidly going soft inside her. Her brother was especially trapped because, at the sound of Neva’s voice, Cheri’s asshole had drawn up so tight that she was nearly squeezing his prick completely off. When she finally dared to look around, though, she relaxed.

“I can’t believe what I’m seeing!” Neva was smiling and rapidly stripping her clothes off.

“But I sure hope I can get in on it!”

“Mother!” Jim gasped, but Cheri felt his cock getting hard inside her ass as he watched his mother strip. “I can’t believe you’re doing this!”

“And I thought all you were interested in were your science friction books and stories,” Neva said, moving toward them, her big tits jiggling delightfully. “I can see that I’ve spent some mighty lonely nights when there was no need for it. And who is this marvelous-looking guy with his prick in my daughter’s cunt?”

“I’m George.”

“Well,” Neva said, standing right over them, her hot cunt right in her daughter’s face, “if you don’t want to take that thing out of my little girl’s cunt, maybe you wouldn’t mind if I sit on your face.”

Cheri almost giggled at the look on George’s face.

“Sounds good to me,” he whispered, his eyes staring so hard at Neva’s cunt that they started to water.

“What about me?” Cheri and Jim asked at the same time.

Neva smiled, lowering himself on George’s face. “You both look as if you’re doing all right. Who would’ve dreamed I’d find my son with his cock stuck up his sister’s ass? It does look exciting!”

As Neva began twisting and moaning, Cheri moved so that George’s hard cock could still fuck her cunt, and Jim rammed his prick deeper into her ass but Jim wasn’t ready to just relax and enjoy.

“I’ve always dreamed of having you suck my prick, Mother. Can I pull it out of Cheri’s ass and stick it in your mouth?”

“Why not?” Neva said, leaning in to rub her big tits right in her daughter’s face. “I’m sure Cheri has enough with George’s prick in her cunt.”

Feeling almost empty without her brother’s cock in her ass, Cheri moaned, “If you’re going to suck Jim, then I’m going to suck George!” She yanked herself up, off his throbbing hard-on. “And I think we should move around so that you can eat my pussy.”

Plopping her son’s prick out of her mouth, Neva said, “I can’t suck your brother and eat you at the same time!”

“Okay,” Cheri said. “Since George is eating you, and I want to suck him, then you can suck Jim while he eats me.”

“Wait a minute,” Jim said. “George just had his prick in there. I’m not going to…”

“What the hell’s wrong with that?” Neva’s gasped. “You just had yours in your sister’s ass, but I didn’t object to sucking on it! It shouldn’t matter.”

“It does,” Jim said. “I’m not a fucking queer!”

“Hey, I knocked, but nobody answered!” Reesa gasped. “I didn’t know there was a party going on!”

Cheri smiled. “Come on in, sister! There’s plenty of room!”

Neva groaned when she saw that her younger daughter was stripping.

“It’s perfect,” Cheri said to her mother. “George can keep eating you, you can keep sucking Jim, he can eat Reesa, while she eats me, and I can suck George off! That way, Jim doesn’t have to worry about George’s cock having just been in my pussy!”

As Reesa, not totally naked, started to join the group on the floor, Cheri saw that it was about to become a mess.

“Wait a minute. We’ve got to get this organized. George, you lie just where you are. Now, Mom, you lay down so that George can lick your cunt. Okay, Jim, you lie down here, just so Mom can get your cock in her mouth.”

Then she had Reesa lie down and slide her ass in so that her cunt pressed against her brother’s mouth. She finally had them arranged so that she could slide in with her pussy pressed against her sister’s mouth and her head lying right on George’s naked belly, his throbbing hard-on bouncing against her face.

Cheri could actually see George’s tongue working on her mother’s pussy, and she could see her brother’s prick fucking in and out of Neva’s mouth, and Reesa’s hot pussy on her brother’s tongue. And she could feel her sister’s tongue inside her own prissy.

Then Cheri moved over to slide George’s hot rod into her mouth. She could still taste her cunt-juices on his prick, but that just added seasoning to the delicious taste of it. As the excitement built and the moans and groans increased, Cheri felt herself reaching a shattering climax.

It was just moments before everyone started to come. Cunt-juice and jism splattered and flew as the horny participants in the hot cluster-fuck came and came.

Cheri sucked and swallowed all the fuck-juice she could, relishing the taste and texture of the sticky spunk and slippery pussy-juice.

As her pussy spasmed again and again, she realized that fucking was all that really mattered. A hard cock or a hot pussy were all Cheri would ever need to find true happiness.

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Hot Daughter, Hotter Mom

Most of us lead two lives — real and fantasy. The housewife imagines herself leading a life of luxury, surrounded by jewels and furs. The businessman imagines himself away from the rat race, painting or fishing by a quiet lake. The schoolboy dreams of becoming a famous athlete. And then there are sexual fantasies — wild dreams that we seldom expect to come true.

Is it best to suppress our desires and fantasies, or to bring them out in the open and act on them? Does their repression lead to sickness, or does their fulfillment bring shame? No one has yet been able to answer these questions satisfactorily.

In this story the characters have decided not to repress their sexual desires and fantasies — and for some of them they must suffer the consequences, while others find ultimate happiness.

HOT DAUGHTER, HOTTER MOM — a story that deals with a sexual dilemma that confronts us all in one form or another. We cannot pass judgment on the solutions of others. We can only look at them with an open mind, seeing how some members of our society face the problem.


It was after nine-thirty on a Saturday morning, and Lisa Strong was lying naked on her bed. The top sheet was kicked down and her bare knees were drawn back almost to her gigantic tits while her middle finger was fucking in the hot moistness of her super-horny pussy. The beautiful woman’s long hair was cascading over the pillow as her half-closed eyes stared dreamily into space. She was having visions of big hard cocks and hairy balls. With her fingers moving around sensuously in her dripping hot cunt, Lisa was fantasizing about plump hard pricks.

Since the first time she’d been fucked at a tender age, Lisa’s consuming interest in fucking had grown more intense with every year and now, in her mid-thirties, cocks had become an obsession with the beautiful divorcee. She’d been knocked up when she was a teenager and, after a hurried wedding, she gave birth to her son, Matt, who was now eighteen. A few years later she gave birth to her daughter, Hope. Shortly after that, she divorced her husband, and with alimony and child support to augment her own earnings, she raised the two children by herself.

As her need for more sex increased with the passing years, she was no longer even discriminate about her fuck-mates, which included most of the male employees where she worked, the postman, a salesman who came to the door, and several of her male neighbors as well as her son. She had taught Matt to fuck her — when he was just a kid. Lisa’s ever-ready cunt usually relieved one or two hard cocks every day.

As she lazily finger-fucked herself, Lisa could hear her son in the bathroom and knew he would soon be in to fuck her. Her young daughter, Hope, always went for a long bicycle ride with her girlfriend on Saturday mornings, and with the girl gone, it gave Lisa and Matt an opportunity for a nice suck-and-fuck party.

“Hi, Matt,” she beamed, still finger-fucking herself when the handsome young man walked into the room. “I’m getting my cunt all warmed up for you.”

“Gee, Mom,” he grinned, standing completely naked with his throbbing boner spearing straight up in front of him. “I didn’t know the thing ever cooled off.” He crawled onto the bed.

When Hope got over to her girlfriend’s place that morning, she found out that the girl had to go shopping with her mother for some clothes. Feeling a bit disappointed, Hope pedaled her bike home.

Entering the house, she heard soft giggles coming from her mother’s bedroom. Hope was about to enter the room when she was suddenly stunned by what she heard.

“Oh, Matt,” her mother giggled. “I just love your nice hard cock.”

The door was slightly ajar, and unable to believe what she was hearing, Hope peered through the open crack. The breath caught in her throat when she saw her mother and big brother spread out completely naked on the bed, but the thing that really shocked her was the size of the hard cock her mom was holding in her hand. Hope had never seen any pricks except on little baby boys when the mothers had been changing their diapers. She couldn’t believe that her brother had such a big cock.

Hope’s mother was lazily sliding the tightly stretched cock-skin up and down over her son’s big naked prick while he lovingly rubbed his hands against her hard, swollen nipples.

“God, honey,” Lisa smiled as she continued stroking her son’s boner. “I can’t believe this is the same cock that you first fucked me with.”

“It’s a lot bigger now,” grinned Matt. “It sure is,” his horny mother smiled. “It was only about four inches long then, and now it’s such a beautiful big cock.”

“That’s because you gave it plenty of exercise,” he laughed. “And now fucking is my favorite sport.”

“It’s mine, too,” his mother giggled, giving his hard prick a loving squeeze.

“I fucked two different girls last night,” he bragged. “And boy, did they come and come and come!”

“That’s fine, darling,” smiled his mother. “But don’t wear yourself out.”

“Don’t worry about that,” he grinned as his horny mom lowered her head down toward his prick.

As the beautiful redhead’s face came closer and closer to her son’s throbbing boner, her nostrils flared excitedly from the delightful musky aroma that was rising from his loins.

Watching with disbelieving eyes, Hope was completely stunned to see her mother’s tongue come out and wetly swipe across the youth’s big plum-colored cockhead. She couldn’t imagine touching a man’s cock with her mouth. Hope almost threw up all over the floor as she watched her mother’s tongue swirling around his big shiny prick.

“Oh, sweet Mom,” panted the young man.

Lisa’s hand was holding the thick root of his cockshaft, and her son’s cockhead was pointing straight toward her mouth as she wetly lashed it with her tongue. Leaning back on his elbows, Matt excitedly watched his mother’s soft moist lips slide down around the sensitive head of his cock.

Standing by the door, Hope could clearly hear her brother panting excitedly as their mother licked and sucked on the end of Matt’s throbbing prick. With her earlier shock turning to fascination, the cute little blonde watched the way Matt was excitedly twisting and pulling on their mother’s long red hair as she passionately sucked and licked on his big steaming prick.

Lisa’s head was rhythmically moving up and down, her wet lips gliding over his thick cock as she affectionately squeezed and rolled his balls around in her hand. Taking his quivering boner deeper and deeper, into her mouth as she sucked, the beautiful redhead had her son twitching with joy. Matt continued unconsciously digging his hands into his mother’s hair as her mouth moved up and down over his spit-soaked prick with her big firm tits jiggling beneath her.

Suddenly wondering what a cock tasted like, little Hope began excitedly rubbing her pussy through the material of her tight jeans. The girl realized how depraved her mother and brother were, yet her leaking pussy responded as she watched their naked bodies writhing on the bed.

“Oh, Matt,” whispered his mother, removing her mouth from his cockhead. “I guess we’d better slow down for a minute, so you won’t shoot your wad too soon.”

The lovely redhead had been sucking her son off since he was a kid, and she could always tell when he was close to climaxing. Kneeling over him, she firmly grasped the base of his thick cockshaft and rubbed his sensitive cockknob against her hotly erect nipples for a few heavenly moments before she once more inserted the cock between her moistly parted lips.

“God Mom,” he panted. “You sure know how to make me feel good.”

“I should,” she giggled. “I’ve been sucking you off for a long time.”

Again lowering her mouth, she took his prick in deeper as she thoroughly washed the sensitive flesh with her tongue. Now once more removing her mouth, she ran her lips and tongue up and down the length of his cock until it was obscenely coated with her frothy spit. Knowing that she had temporarily postponed his climax for a little while, she brushed her long red hair back from her face and lowered her mouth down over his lurching prick again. Gently cupping his balls in her free hand, the depraved woman sucked her son’s cock deeper and deeper into her warm mouth.

His horny mother loved the feel of the skin on his big hair-covered balls. The exciting texture of his big heavy ball-sac always sent little tingles streaking through her hot cunt. There was something about the weight of big swollen balls that never failed to turn her on.

“That’s it, Mom,” he choked with pleasure.

“You sweet darling cock-sucker.”

It always thrilled her to know she was pleasing her son, and little beads of perspiration stood out on her upper lip as her hot slurping mouth sucked deeper and harder on his throbbing cockhead. As Matt always did when he became overly excited, he began slowly rocking his hips back and forth, fucking his cock in and out between his mother’s sucking, pulling lips. Knowing what her son enjoyed the most about her blow-jobs, Lisa released his balls and reached back under them until she found the puckered opening between the sinewy cheeks of his ass. Wanting to please him as much as possible, she began lightly teasing her fingertip around his sensitive asshole.

“Oh, shit,” he groaned with ecstasy.

“D’ya like that?” she giggled.

Knowing how it thrilled him when she fucked her finger deep into his asshole, she probed the tip of it around his tightly puckered shitter, feeling his lean hard asscheeks quivering with anticipation.

“Ram it in!” he roared, unable to stand the heavenly suspense any longer.

As she passionately sucked on his big juicy cock, she slipped the tip of her finger through the tight ring of his asshole.

“That’s it, Mom! That’s it!” he shouted with glee.

Ramming her finger all the way up his ass, Lisa sucked even harder on his lurching prick, aware that he would soon be shooting his wad.

“In here!” she suddenly squealed, releasing his cock from her mouth and pulling her finger out of his ass as she rolled onto her back and spread her shapely legs for him. “Shoot your jizz right into my hot cunt!”

“Are you ready, Mom?” he excitedly panted, crawling up between her splayed thighs.

“You bet your sweet ass I am,” his mother said. “I’m ready for everything you have.”

Hope couldn’t believe what was happening. It was bad enough that her mother had been sucking and licking his hard cock, but the idea of letting her son fuck her was outrageous. Hope could feel her heart pounding loudly in her breast as she watched her brother’s hard boner slowly advancing toward their mother’s cunt.

“Oh, honey,” the beautiful woman whispered into her son’s ear as his big prick glided smoothly into the hot juicy depths of her horny fuckhole. “Shit, that feels good.”

Clutching her son tightly in her arms, Lisa felt his wonderful cock fuck deeper and deeper into her scalding pussy, every sinewy knot, vein and ridge of his swollen cock rubbing deliciously against the slippery walls of her pussy.

“Oh, honey!” she whimpered with pleasure when his big rubbery cock-knob probed against the very end of her cunt. “That’s gotta be the neatest Goddamn cock in the whole world, and you’re the best fucker!”

After a short pause, the youth partially withdrew his hard prick and began fucking her with long rhythmic thrusts.

“Fuck me good, honey!” she shrieked. “Just fuck the piss out of me!”

The feel of her son’s virile prick plunging in and out of her grasping, sucking pussy was driving the woman wild. Her entire body was tingling from the intense pleasure she was receiving from his hard cock.

Hope had never witnessed anything so erotic as the sight of those two naked bodies on the bed as her brother lustily fucked his hard slippery cockshaft in and out of their mother’s pussy. Naturally, Hope had never seen a couple fucking before, and the lewd scene was almost beyond the girl’s comprehension. Her mom was spread out on her back with her arms and legs wrapped passionately around her own son’s naked body as he snorted and panted, slamming his throbbing boner in and out of her juicy hot cunt slit with all his youthful power.

Hope and her girlfriends at school often talked and giggled about fucking, but to actually watch two people fucking was almost mind-boggling. The most amazing thing about it was the way her brother’s big thick cock could fit into their mother’s cunt. The girl had always thought that a man’s cock was probably about the size of a wiener, and she was completely amazed at the huge size of her brother’s prick. She couldn’t take her eyes away from the big juice-slickened cockshaft that was noisily plunging in and out of her mom’s slippery pussyhole. This big boner was at least seven or eight inches long and almost as big around as her own wrist. Not only was Hope amazed at the size of his prick, but she was strangely fascinated by the big hairy balls that swung back and forth under it, slapping smartly against her beautiful mother’s juice-drenched asscheeks.

“Oh, you sweet damn stud!” she heard her mother excitedly squeal. “It feels so fuckin’ good, honey! Oh, shit — how I love this big hard cock of yours!”

“And how I love your hot pussy,” Matt panted, slamming his bloated prick deeper and harder into his beautiful mother’s heatedly aroused cunt. “Oh, shit, are you gonna get a big hot load of cum!”

“Just fuck it to me, honey!” cried his wildly turned-on mother. “Give me everything you’ve got, baby!”

“Don’t worry, Mom!” he gasped. “I’m gonna fuck your tail off!”

“Do you promise to shoot a big batch of jizz into me?” she excitedly moaned.

“You can bet your sweet ass on that,” her son panted. “This is gonna be one fuck you’ll never forget.”

Hope was feverishly aroused by the excitement in their passion-crazed voices, but she still couldn’t understand how Matt could possibly enjoy fucking his own mother. There was something so depraved about it — yet Hope began wondering how a cock would feel in her own little pussy. From the ecstasy and joy on her mother’s face, she could tell it was very exciting.

“Oh, honey!” she heard her mom cry out as the woman slammed her naked loins up to meet every deep fuckplunge of her son’s prick. “It feels so good, honey! It feels so fuckin’ good I can hardly stand it! Ooooooh, I love your beautiful cock!”

Wondering what fucking felt like, Hope began rubbing her pussy more vigorously through the material of her jeans. Becoming more aroused by the second, the girl pulled her zipper down and wormed her finger through the leg opening of her panties, fucking it into the hot slickness of her little dripping, itching pussy slit. Excitedly rubbing her stiff cunt, Hope continued watching his erotic performance on the bed.

“Oh, sweet baby!” Lisa began squealing. “It’s so fuckin’ good, honey! Make me come! Make me come!”

Excitedly watching, Hope could see that her big brother was fucking into their mother with all his power, his panting mouth gaping open as he crazily stared ahead of him. She could see the juicy pink lips of her mother’s red-fringed pussy sucking and puffing on the slippery length of his hard cockrod as it wildly fucked in and out of her steaming pussy. Matt’s plunging cockshaft was glistening with his mother’s frothy cunt juices that were oozing out from between her prick-squeezing cuntlips.

Hope was vigorously rubbing her little cunt as the wet sucking sound of her brother’s cock squishing in and out of their mother’s fuckhole was almost driving her wild. She’d never heard anything as exciting as the sound of that big slippery cock fucking in and out between her mom’s squeezing pussylips.

“Oh, sweet squirtin’ angel!” screamed Lisa, wrapping her arms and legs more tightly around her son’s humping body. “I’m coming, darling! Squirt me! Squirt me!”

Wanting to blast his mother’s hot cunt full of jism, the youth began fucking her at a much faster tempo.

“Yes! Yes!” shrieked the climaxing redhead. “Fill me with spunk! Oh, shit, how I’m coming! It’s so fuckin’ good, honey!”

Matt could feel his hot load of cum streaking up through the tingling length of his prickshaft. He gave a final wild fuck-thrust, and his exploding cockhead fired a torrent of jism into his beautiful mother’s writhing cunt.

“That’s it! Cream me good, honey!” the woman screamed, feeling her son’s heavenly cum flooding into her spasming fuckhole. “I’m coming… coming!”

Hope had never witnessed such intense ecstasy in her life, and when their mother collapsed into a wet heap of warm trembling flesh beneath her son’s weight, the young girl was shaking like a leaf.

“Oh, you sweet big-pricked darling,” she heard her mom whisper. “God, how I love it when you fuck me. I’ve been fucked by hundreds of men, but nobody can fuck any better than you.”

Hope was about to slip away when she saw her mother move down on the bed and start licking Matt’s gooey prick. The girl could hardly believe her eyes as she watched their mother lick and suck until she’d completely cleaned his cum-soaked prick.

“Oh, honey,” she heard the woman whisper up to her son. “I just love the taste of that fuckin’ stuff.”

Afraid that she’d be discovered, Hope tiptoed down the hall to her own room. Closing the door behind her, she quickly removed all her clothes and began studying her naked young body in the mirror. Staring excitedly at the reflection, she cupped and lifted her tits in her palms, squeezing the big passion-swollen nipples with her fingers. Letting her eyes move down over her smooth young belly, she could see the slippery wetness of her hotly oozing cunt. The open pink cunt-lips were glistening with the pussy juices that were leaking out from between them.

Unable to control her passions any longer, the girl threw her naked body out on the bed and excitedly stuffed a finger up her pussy. Closing her eyes and clearly visualizing what she’d just seen, Hope finger-fucked herself to one of the wildest orgasms she’d ever given herself.


For the next few days, Hope couldn’t seem to get the scene of her mother and brother fucking out of her mind. Every time she thought about it, hot pussy juices started oozing out from between her legs. One afternoon when her friend, Chip Carter, was over at the house listening to records with her, she kept wondering what kind of a prick he had. Chip was a teenager who lived around the corner and the two of them had played together since they were small children.

Hope had never once thought about him in a sexual way, but today she kept glancing at the crotch of his pants, trying to detect some kind of a cock-bulge under the material.

“Chip,” she suddenly asked, “have you ever fooled around with a girl?”

“What do you mean?”

“You know,” she said. “Have you ever kissed a girl or anything?”

“Sure,” the young boy grinned. “I’ve kissed lots of them.”

“Why haven’t you ever kissed me?”

“Because we’re buddies.”

“Have you ever done anything else?”

“Well,” the boy blushed, “Betty Morton used to let me feel her boobs before she moved away.”

“Did they feel good?” asked Hope, getting hotter and wetter between her legs.

“Sure,” he grinned.

“Did she like it?”

“Heck, yes,” beamed Chip. “She loved it.” The conversation momentarily ended when the boy excused himself and went into the bathroom. Moments later, when she heard the boy pissing, Hope got so hot she could hardly stand it. The thought of him having his prick out in the bathroom was enough to blow her mind.

Unable to control herself any longer, she rushed into the bathroom and threw her arms around him from the back, her fingers reaching for his cock. A delicious tingle streaked through her body when she felt the soft warm flesh of a cock for the first time.

The startled boy almost shit in his pants with excitement when she grabbed his prick. No girl had ever touched him down there before, and his young cock exploded into an instant hard on.

Peeking over his shoulder, Hope excitedly squeezed his pulsing boner as she stared at the pink cockhead sticking out of her clenched fist. Wanting to get him as excited as she was, the cuie little blonde began sliding the foreskin back and forth on his hard cockshaft. The velvety-smooth texture felt so warm and exciting as her fingers teased up and down over his quivering prick.

“Oh, jeez, that feels neat!” he panted as his entire young body trembled with desire.

The young boy had never felt anything but his own hands on his prick before, and the touch of Hope’s soft warm fingers was enough to blow his mind.

“Hope,” he whispered, “would you jerk me off?”

“Would you rather have me suck on it?” she asked, remembering how she’d seen her mother giving Matt a blow-job.

“I’ve never heard of that,” he muttered with a puzzled look on his face.

“I’ve watched my mom suck off my brother,” she giggled. “And he sure seemed to like it.”

“Wow!” gasped Chip. “I sure didn’t know girls put pricks in their mouths.”

“D’ya want me to try it?” she asked.

“Sure,” he grinned.

“Then let’s go to my bedroom,” she beamed, leading him out of the bathroom.

The moment they were in there, they both quickly stripped and spread their naked bodies out on the bed.

Trembling with excitement, and hoping she could do it right, she lowered her head and extended her tongue until it came in contact with his pink cockhead. She wetly circled his prick-knob with her tongue, experimentally tasting it, finding that the little drops of clear fluid oozing from the piss slit in the tip of his prick had a rather pleasant flavor. Drop after drop of pre-cum was leaking out of the tiny slit as she excitedly licked it up.

“Holy shit!” moaned the boy. “That feels neat!”

Hope was finding cock-sucking to be very exciting as she slowly worked her tongue down the underside of his quivering cockshaft until she reached his balls. After giving his balls a hot wet tongue bath, she moved her mouth back up to his cockhead again.

Opening her mouth, she covered his pulsing cock-knob with her warm juicy lips, thrilled with the texture and taste of his hard young prick.

“Oh, shit!” he groaned. “That feels so fuckin’ good!”

Chip started moaning and writhing with delight as Hope’s sucking lips began sliding up and down over his throbbing prick. The boy had never experienced such intense pleasure in his life, and as he rapidly approached climax, he wanted to shout a warning to Hope — but in his ecstasy and excitement he wasn’t able to utter a word.

Not realizing he was about to shoot off, Hope was unprepared for it when his hot jizz blasted into her throat. She almost gagged at first, but she had to swallow in desperation to keep from choking. Soon she was feverishly sucking and swallowing cum for the sheer love of it. Her cum-drenched lips were sucking passionately on his jerking boner, trying to draw out every delicious drop of his frothy cum.

When she’d finally sucked him dry, she smiled at the boy, enjoying the delicious after taste of his jism burning so warmly in the back of her throat.

“My God,” the boy panted, trying to catch his breath. “I’ve never felt anything so good in my life.”

“I’m glad you liked it,” she giggled, rolling over onto her back. “Now I want you to suck on my pussy.”

“Do you mean it?” he grinned with excitement as he quickly sat up.

“I sure do,” she smiled, her little pussy burning with desire.

Spreading her thighs apart, Chip lowered his mouth down into the moist warmth of her downy little cunt.

“Ooooooooh! Oooooooh!” squealed Hope when she felt his hot breath on her pussy. “Suck it, Chip! Suck my cunt!”

The taste and scent of her sweet young pussy sent a wild shudder through his body. Until now the boy had never heard about licking cocks and cunts, and now he was enjoying the exciting taste of pussy juice for the very first time.

Fucking his tongue farther up into the sweetness of her smoldering cunt, he locked his mouth tightly over the girl’s open cuntlips. Sucking and swirling his tongue around in the depths of her dripping cunt slit, he drank in the delicious nectar of her pussy.

Clawing frantically at the sheets, Hope was squeezing her soft young legs against his juice-drenched face.

“Ooooooooh, shit! Ooooooh, shit!” she squealed, grinding her pussy up tighter around Chip’s slurping mouth. “My cunt’s tingling like crazy! Oh, wow, it’s good!”

After spending several minutes thoroughly licking the delicious pussy juices from deep in her little cunt slit, Chip gently sucked her erect cunt in between his lips.

“Oh, my God!” she screamed when the boy began swirling his tongue around her hard little cunt. “Oooooooh, shit, that feels good!”

Having often finger-fucked herself, Hope could feel a wild orgasm building up in her loins as he continued sucking and teasing her clit with his lips and tongue.

“Oh, shit! Oh, shit!” she shrieked, aware that she was going to climax. “Don’t stop, Chip! Keep suckin’! Keep suckin’!”

Feeling the young girl writhing her pussy wildly up against his mouth, he attacked her little clit with even more fervor.

“Ooooooooh!” she squealed. “I’m gonna come! I’m gonna come all around your tongue!”

Hope was writhing with ecstasy as her hot young pussy exploded all over his mouth.

“Oh, Chip,” she whispered a few moments later as she slowly recovered from her wild orgasm.

“Oh, shit!” she squealed with delight. “I’ve never felt anything so fuckin’ good in my life!”

As they clung passionately to each other, the boy was fucking his hard cock in and out at an ever-increasing speed. The room was filled with squeals of delight as the two horny kids pounded their bodies together in the age-old ritual of fucking. Chip had never dreamed that such ecstasy could exist. The intense rapture increased in their bodies as Chip’s hard young boner fucked frenziedly into her writhing pussy while his balls slapped rhythmically against her cute bare ass.

“Chip! Chip!” she squealed, clasping his wildly humping body tighter in her arms. “We’re fuckin’… we’re really fuckin’.”

“You’re not shittin’,” he gasped. “This is really wild.”

On and on they pounded. Chip didn’t know where this ecstasy was carrying them, but with every fuck-thrust of his hard cock, the intense pleasure was building and building.

“Ooooooooh! Aaaaaaaggg!” screamed Hope, feeling as if her body were turning into molten lava. “It’s so fuckin’ good… oh, shit… so fuckin’ good!”

The top ridge of Chip’s hard cock was rubbing against her hard little clit, sending sparks of unbelievable pleasure streaking through her young body.

“Fuck me, honey!” she shrieked, slamming her hips up to better receive every glorious fuck-thrust of his hotly spearing boner.

He loved the girl’s tight little pussy. This was the neatest thing he’d ever found to jack off in.

“Oh, yes, Chip!” she squealed, clinging tightly to his lurching body. “Fuck it to me, honey! Fuck me good! Just fuck and fuck and fuck!”

Suddenly, she felt his hot cum gushing into her seething cunt. The incredible feeling of his jism splattering against the sensitive walls of her cunt triggered the wild orgasm — the wildest the girl had ever experienced.

“Oooooooh, I’m coming!” she shrieked with joy, clinging more tightly to him. “I’m coming… coming… commmmiiinnngg!”

It was the most thrilling thing that had ever happened to either of them. As their mutual climaxes slowly passed, they clung passionately together.

Later as they slowly recovered in each other’s arms, Chip’s virile young cock was soon as hard as a rock again.

“Oh, Chip!” she squealed with joy when she saw that his prick was once more hard.

“Your cock’s all nice and hard again.”

“D’ya wanta suck it off?” he grinned.

“Oh, yes,” the cute blonde beamed. “I love the taste of that stuff.”

Afraid she might change her mind, Chip quickly rolled onto his back with his hard prick pointing directly up at the ceiling.

“Mmmmmmmm,” crooned Hope, anxious to taste his cum again as she knelt between his widely spread legs.

“It sure feels good when you suck me off,” Chip grinned as she bent over his prick.

“He’s sure nice and hard,” Hope giggled, grasping the base of his hard cockshaft in her hand. “I sure hope you shoot me a nice hot load again.”

Staring excitedly at his cock, she began gently sliding the smooth rubbery foreskin up and down over his pink prick-knob. His tightly stretched cock-skin felt like smooth velvet wrapped around his throbbing fucker.

“Suck it!” he panted. “Please start suckin’! I can’t wait much longer!”

The musky aroma floated up to her nostrils, filling her horny body with wild excitement.

Holding his cockshaft firmly in her hand, Hope snaked her tongue out, lightly touching the shiny head of his prick. The faint taste was the same as the hot cum that had splattered into her mouth earlier. Excited by the taste, she began swirling her tongue around and over his prick. The texture of his shiny cockhead felt wildly exciting against her probing tongue.

“Are you about ready to shoot?” she whispered.

“Not yet,” panted the boy. “I think you’ve gotta suck harder, like you did before.”

Doing as he suggested, she opened her mouth and slid her juicy lips down over his slippery cockhead.

“Oh, fuck!” Chip gasped with pleasure. “That’s the way to do it!”

The cute girl began bobbing her head up and down, fucking his prick between her soft sucking lips. From the way Chip was panting and lurching, Hope knew she was giving him a real treat. She was taking more and more of his cock into her mouth with every plunge, and she was loving every precious moment of it.

Sucking harder and deeper, the horny young blonde couldn’t wait for him to shoot his cum into her mouth, to fill her throat with his slippery cock cream again.

“Oh, shit!” cried Chip, pushing her mouth down tighter over his lurching prick. “Here comes the juice!”

Thrilled with the torrent of jizz that splattered against the back of her throat, she frenziedly sucked and swallowed until she’d drained out every last drop of cum from his spent prick.

“Wow,” she beamed, licking her lips as she removed his limp cock from her mouth. “Now as soon as this thing gets hard again, I want another fuck.”


The following evening, Hope’s slutty mother, Lisa, was sitting at a bar with two men who’d picked her up about an hour ago. They were brothers named Kirk and Guy Westwood who were celebrating because their wives were out of town for a few days. Lisa had taken an immediate liking to the two men and was hoping they might take her home with them. She thought how much fun it would be to let them take turns fucking her.

“Are you married?” Kirk asked her a little later, when they were all a bit smashed.

“Shit, no,” giggled the sexy redhead. “No one man could ever keep me satisfied.”

“What kind of men do you like?” asked Guy.

“The kind that loves to fuck,” giggled Lisa. “Is that what you’re looking for?” gulped Kirk, suddenly wondering if they might be able to score with her.

“Why don’t you take me home with you and find out for yourselves?”

Ten minutes later Lisa was sitting between the two men in Guy’s car as he drove across town. A delicious warmth filled her pussy when she felt Kirk’s hand working up under the hem of her skirt. She felt his warm fingers brush between her nakedly parted thighs. Lisa squirmed and closed her eyes as she excitedly pressed her hand against the big cock-bulge in front of his pants.

He momentarily removed his hand from the soft warmth between her legs and lowered his zipper.

“It’s all yours, baby,” he whispered. “Just help yourself.”

Lisa shivered with excitement when she cured her fingers around his long thick cock. “Mmmmmmmm… oooooooh,” Lisa softly moaned as he brushed a finger across her pussy.

Finding the leg band of her panties, he pulled it aside as Lisa shamelessly lifted her ass, giving him enough room to wriggle his finger in between her slippery cuntlips. Writhing her hot ass around while the man finger-fucked her oozing cunt, she looked down and watched her hand working up and down on his stiff cock.

When they arrived at Guy’s house a few minutes later, the three of them hurried inside. The men led her directly to a bedroom, and when they left to take a leak, she quickly stripped.

She was lying naked in the center of the bed with her legs widely open when the two brothers returned. Staring at her slippery red-fringed pussy slit, the men wasted no time in removing their clothes. Her horny pussy twitched excitedly when she saw that Guy’s hard-on was very bit as large as his brother’s.

“Jesus Christ,” she whispered. “What a beautiful pair of cocks.”

Lisa’s horny cunt was creaming as the brothers moved onto the bed, one on each side of her. With the men lying on their backs, Lisa took a big stiff prick in each hand. Hot pussy cream was boiling out of her cunt as she slid the velvet-soft foreskins up and down over the thick cockshafts. The feel of their hot meaty pricks in her fingers was driving the horny woman out of her mind.

“Oh, you sweet darlings,” she whispered. “Shit, what gorgeous cocks.”

A heavenly tremor rippled through her loins when she felt Kirk’s hands roaming over her naked body, massaging her full tits as his fingers rolled and tweaked her erect nipples. Moments later she felt his lips nibbling and sucking as his hot wet mouth covered a big swollen nipple. His sucking lips on her voluptuously sensitive tits sent flames of desire scorching throughout her body.

“Oh, sweet piss,” she softly whispered as she felt Kirk’s mouth slithering down lower until he was noisily kissing her little dimpled navel.

When Kirk’s mouth moved down still lower, his lips kissing and nibbling over the softness of her quivering belly, Guy reached over and gently cupped her tit in his hand. Lisa began trembling with anticipation as Kirk’s mouth slowly approached her curls of red pussy hair.

Guy’s hand was gently squeezing her tits as he rolled her pink turgid nipples between his fingers. Lisa let out a little whimper of ecstasy when the man began rapidly sucking her big cherry-hard nipple in and out between his lips. Having two mouths and four hands deliciously stimulating every secret corner of her sensitive body was one of the most erotic experiences that the horny bitch had ever enjoyed.

With his mouth poised only an inch or two from the woman’s sweetly scented cunt, Kirk was staring at the way Lisa’s soft pink cuntlips were opening like the petals of a flower. Her pussy juices were glistening like dew drops on the wet slippery flesh of her pussy.

Spreading her legs wider apart with his hands, Kirk began kissing and nibbling the soft velvety skin of her bare inner thighs. His mouth was moving closer and closer to the moist hotness of her sweet open pussy.

“Aaaaaaaaggghhh!” Lisa squealed with delight when his tongue fucked into her cunt slit.

Crazed with passion, she ground her pussy up tighter against Kirk’s mouth while his brother continued sucking noisily on her spitsoaked tits. The joy of having two men stimulating her body at the same time was almost mind-boggling.

Gently grasping her soft hips, Kirk was circling his tongue around in the deliciously moist flesh just inside the entrance of her pussy while the excited redhead writhed her cunt slit up tighter against his face. When he suddenly began fucking his tongue in and out, Lisa began arching her pussy up to receive every thrust of his cunt-fucking tongue. From the woman’s squeals and writhing movements, Kirk could tell how truly hot the horny bitch really was.

Excitedly panting, Kirk was deeply inhaling the fragrant scent of her juicy cunt as his tongue plunged in and out of her steaming fuckhole. Kirk had eaten a lot of pussies in his life, but he’d never found one any tastier than this hot, horny cunt. He continued tongue fucking her while the insanely aroused woman continued writhing her pussy up against his mouth as he lightly nipped at her slippery cunt flesh with his teeth and lips.

“Oh, shit!” she squealed with joy when he withdrew his tongue from the hot depths of her cunt and began licking the sensitive hardness of her tingling clit. “That’s it, baby, that’s it! Suck, honey, suck!”

The joy was beyond description for the woman as the men’s hot sucking mouths worked harder and harder on her pussy and tits. Gyrating her dripping hot pussy up even tighter against Kirk’s juice-drenched face, she cupped a tit in her hand, forcing the resilient tit globe farther into Guy’s mouth, wanting more and more of everything they were doing to her.

Still frantically sucking on the woman’s big trembling tits, Guy eased one hand down beneath her squirming ass and goosed his finger into the soft deep crevice between the cheeks of her sweet hot ass. His cock was throbbing violently in Lisa’s grasping hand as his fingers dug into the smooth warm flesh between her quivering asscheeks.

Lisa thought she’d go wild with the feel of Guy’s finger teasing around her sensitive asshole while his brother’s tongue fucked in and out of her frothy hot cunt slit. Lisa suddenly wondered if she could ever be satisfied with one man again. Every inch of her obscenely naked body was burning with an intense passion she had never experienced before in her life.

Feeling Kirk’s mouth leaving her cunt, Lisa opened her eyes and glanced down to see him excitedly grasping his super-hard cock as he knelt between her thighs. A wild shudder raced through her body when she realized he intended to ram his big prick into her dripping pussy.

“Oh, yes, Kirk,” she whispered. “Fuck me, honey. Fuck me good.”

Staring down at the long thick cock that he was guiding up toward her eagerly open pussy, she was very much aware of the way Guy’s finger was probing more persistently at her asshole while he sucked deeper and harder on her swollen tit. Spreading her thighs farther apart, she looked down at Kirk’s big shiny cockhead resting in the hot split of her cuntal furrow.

“Oh, Kirk,” she moaned. “Do it now, honey. Please, sweetheart, fuck me now.”

She could see him flex his hips in preparation for his thrust, and she held her breath in sweet anticipation.

“Oooooooohhhhh!” she shrieked with unrestrained joy as he drove his big lust-thickened cock into the depths of her hot juicy fuckhole with one mighty fuck-thrust.

Lisa thrust her cunt up, trying to take his cock even deeper into her grasping, sucking pussy. There was nothing in the world as neat as a cunt full of cock. The intense pleasure was increased for the woman when he began rhythmically pumping his stiff cockrod in and out of her fuckhole.

While Kirk’s lusty prick fucked away in her pussy, Lisa could still feel Guy’s fingers digging into the soft flesh between her quivering buns, deliciously teasing her sensitive little asshole.

“Holy shit!” she shrieked when Guy suddenly fucked the entire length of his middle finger up into her tight hot shitter.

Grinding his finger around in the soft buttery warmth of her asshole, he removed his lips from her tits, and pressed them to Lisa’s moistly open mouth. Locked in a passionate kiss, he entwined his tongue around hers.

Sucking frantically on Guy’s tongue, Lisa began rubbing his hot swollen cockhead against her hard nipples. She’d never wallowed in such lewdly wanton fuck-lust in her life and she was loving every perverted moment of it. Lisa’s cunt was filled with cock, her asshole was filled with finger and her mouth was filled with his slippery tongue. Every hole in her naked body was stuffed full of hot male flesh. Sucking on Guy’s tongue, she was writhing her cunt around Kirk’s plunging cock as Guy’s middle finger twisted around deep in her shitter. Every nerve in her body was alive with excitement.

Lisa’s breathing was short and shallow as the unbelievable sensations became almost unbearable. She was wildly grinding her hips up, her hot pussy slithering up and down over Kirk’s big slippery cockshaft while Guy’s lewdly embedded finger swirled deliciously around in her asshole.

Sucking on Guy’s tongue, Lisa suddenly realized that she wanted his big prick in her mouth. Taking her lips away from his, she pulled his stiff prick up against her warm fleshed cheeks. Feeling the hard, thickness of his cock burning against her face, she became more aroused than ever.

“Oh, Guy,” she panted. “I want a big hot drink of jizz.”

“Okay, baby,” he gasped. “I’m just the guy to give it to you.”

Opening her mouth, Lisa guided his cockhead between her lips. The strong male taste of the pre-cum that was oozing out from the little slit in the tip of his cock-knob further excited the horny slut. With her lips ovaled around its throbbing thickness, her tongue was eagerly licking at the smooth, satiny cockhead. God, how she loved the strong randy taste of meaty cocks! Hollowing her cheeks, Lisa started a deep suction that soon had Guy moaning with ecstasy.

Kirk was still fucking his big prick into her pussy with a renewed fury as Guy’s finger stirred around in her asshole. This was one night that Lisa would never forget. With Guy’s cock filling her mouth, and Kirk’s big boner fucking in and out of her hot pussy, the horny redhead was filled with a rapture beyond her wildest fantasies.

As Kirk plunged his thick cock into the seething depths of Lisa’s sucking, grasping cunt, he could tell from the pressure in his balls that he would soon be shooting her pussy full of cum. It excited him to watch his brother’s stiff prick fucking in and out between Lisa’s softly ovaled lips. Her beautiful face was contorted with lust as she wildly sucked on his big hard prick while her cunt and asshole were being deliciously reamed out.

“Oh, sweet, babies!” she sobbed between slurps on Guy’s big wet prick. “I’ve never been fucked like this in my life!”

Lisa suddenly felt an orgasm building up in the depths of her pleasure-tortured body. Nothing seemed real to the woman as she was carried along on a tidal wave of lust and passion.

“Harder!” she screamed down to Kirk. “Fuck the shit out of me, honey!”

The room was a bedlam of noise as the three naked bodies pounded toward their impending climaxes. Crazed with excitement, Guy was thrusting his hips back and forth, fucking his cock in and out of Lisa’s hot sucking mouth while his thick middle finger was swirling around madly in her asshole.

Then Guy’s big cockhead exploded a thick stream of jizz into Lisa’s mouth. Startled by the unexpected gush of delicious cock cream, the woman had to suck and swallow cum rapidly, not wanting to lose any of it.

“Oh, shit!” she screamed, releasing his rapidly shrinking prick from her mouth when she felt Kirk’s hot cum gushing up into her pussy. “I’m coming! I’m coming!”

Later when the three exhausted people slowly recovered on the bed, they disentangled their sweaty, juice-smeared bodies.

“Shit,” grinned Kirk. “That was really a ball.”

“You’re not shittin’,” giggled Lisa. “That’s the wildest time I’ve ever had.”

“Me, too,” sighed Guy, stroking his reviving cock. “I’m ready for more.”

“So am I,” Lisa laughed, shivering with expectancy. “God, your finger felt good up my ass.”

“A cock would feel better,” grinned Kirk. “I wouldn’t know,” the woman confessed.

“I’ve tried everything else, but not that.”

“You haven’t?” gasped the man. “I was sure you’d been ass-fucked.”

“Nope,” she giggled. “The thought of a big cock shoved up my ass scares me to death.”

“Wanta try it?” asked Guy.

“Shit no,” she answered. “Your big fuckin’ cock would rip my ass open.”

“I’ll be careful,” he said. “Let’s make a fuck-sandwich.”

“What’s that?”

“One guy lies on his back,” he explained. “And then the woman gets on top of him and lies flat with his prick in her cunt. The second guy lies over her with his cock up her ass.”

“Sounds wild,” she giggled.

“Wanta try it?”

“Promise you’ll stop if it hurts?” she asked.

“I promise.”

“Okay,” Lisa smiled. “I’ll try it. Your finger sure felt good in my shitter. Which one of you gets my asshole?”

“I’ll let Guy have it,” smiled Kirk. “This was his idea, and anyway, I sure enjoyed that hot cunt of yours.”

“Okay,” Lisa grinned. “Roll over on your back.”

When Kirk was spread out with his big cock thrusting into the air, Lisa eagerly straddled his loins, slowly lowering her juicy cunt down around his nice thick cockrod. Just as soon as his cock had completely filled her pussy, Lisa lay forward over his body, her full tits pressed against his chest. A tremor of fear gripped the woman as she felt Guy kneeling behind her, his thumbs gently trying to open the little elastic ring of her puckered asshole. Sandwiched between the two men, her pussy filled with Kirk’s cock, she could feel his brother’s big hard prick-knob nosing wetly up against her tight asshole.

Aware that Lisa was momentarily too tense to take his prick into her shitter, Guy began teasing and probing at her little asshole with his middle finger until the tip of it slipped in to the first knuckle.

“Oooooooh, baby,” she whispered when he finally fucked the entire length of his finger up her tingling asshole. “That feels neat!”

Plunging his finger in and out of the hot slippery passage, he added a second finger. When the tight muscle around her asshole began to relax from the erotic stimulation, he fucked a third finger up into the buttery softness of her shitter.

“Oh, my God!” she sobbed as the thickness of three fingers plunged in and out of her thoroughly stimulated ass. “That’s fantastic, Guy. Shit, that feels good!”

Poising the head of his cock up in the soft crack between her quivering ass globes, he quickly withdrew his fingers and fucked his prick up her asshole before the spread muscles were able to contract again.

“Eeeeggghhh!” she shrieked when his lusty fucker ripped up through her tight shitter.

The initial fuck-thrust had been a bit painful for the woman, but it was accompanied by an erotic sensation that soon overshadowed the momentary discomfort. As Lisa’s widely stretched asshole slowly became adjusted to the big cock that was filling it, she began grinding her ass back around the base of his deeply impaled cock.

Within a short time, the two brothers were rhythmically fucking their boners in and out of her body. Lying skewered between the muscular men, she was being ravaged by their pistoning cocks. Beneath her, Kirk was fucking deeply into her clasping sucking pussy while Guy was fucking her tight ass like a wild bull. Lisa was concentrating so strongly on the intense sensations, the two fucking cocks were generating that she didn’t realize she was rushing to an orgasm until almost upon her.

“Oh, shit!” she screamed when she suddenly felt Guy’s thick hot cum gushing into her ass guts. The feel of his big thick prick belching jizz into the very depths of her asshole was incredible.

She was soon in the throes of her own monumental orgasm. Lights were flashing, bells ringing, and suddenly the whole universe was filled with nothing but cocks and joy.

“Ooooooooh! Oh, sweet darlings!” she shrieked as Kirk’s cock began spewing a torrent of cum into her hot, climaxing pussy.

It was fucking fabulous to feel her pussy and shitter being filled with hot slippery jizz. Lying naked between the two exploding pricks, she was quivering with a mindless joy.

This was one fucking that Lisa Strong would remember for the rest of her life.


Ever since Chip had popped Hope’s cherry, the two kids had been fucking three and four times a day, and the cute little blonde couldn’t seem to get enough of it. As the days passed, she thought more and more about that big hard prick that she’d seen her brother fucking her mother with. The thought of having that big beauty fucked up her pussy was enough to blow her mind. Thinking more and more about it, she began wondering if she might get Matt to fuck her.

One evening when her mom was out on a date, Hope was home alone with her big brother. Sitting across from him in the living room as they chatted, the cute girl couldn’t seem to think about anything except his beautiful cock. Hoping to excite him, she kept crossing and re-crossing her legs under the short skirt she was wearing to let him see her brief panties that barely covered her pussy — but he didn’t seem to pay any attention.

“Christ, it’s hot tonight,” he said, finally rising to his feet. “I think I’ll take a shower and go to bed.”

When he left the room, Hope threw herself back in the chair, wondering how she would ever be able to seduce her big brother. Her young cunt began getting all hot and juicy, as it always did when she thought about fucking. As the girl became more and more aroused, she could almost feel her brother’s big hard cock filling her itching cunt slit. Closing her eyes and thinking about him, Hope lifted her skirt and, slipping her finger through the leg opening of her panties, she began rubbing her hard little clit. Slowly fingering herself, the pretty young blonde was getting hotter by the second. Not wanting her brother to walk in and find her playing with her pussy, Hope decided to go and finger-fuck in the privacy of her room.

Walking down the hall, she glanced through the partially open door to her brother’s room and saw him spread out on his back with the sheet pushed down around his waist. Seeing that he was bare-chested, the girl realized he was completely naked under the sheet. Unable to control her wild desires, Hope walked right into his room.

“Hi, Sis,” he smiled at the cute youngster. “What do you want?”

“I want to see your thing.”

“What thing?”

“Your prick.”

“Have you lost your mind?” he exclaimed. “Now get the hell out of here!”


“No!” he shouted.

“I’ll show you my boobs,” she bargained, quickly removing her blouse.

He just lay there completely stunned as she bared her firm little tits with their huge nipples.

“D’ya like them?” she whispered, lightly squeezing the hard tit tips with her fingers.

Matt hated to admit it, even to himself, but the sight of her cute young tits was really exciting him.

“Please let me see it, Matt,” she begged.

“It’s the biggest one I’ve ever seen. Please let me see it again.”

“When did you ever see my cock?” asked the shocked youth.

“I saw you fuckin’ Mom with it once,” she giggled. “And it was sure a big beauty.”

Too stunned to move or say anything, he just lay staring at her, making no attempt to speak. Unable to control herself, Hope quickly reached out and pulled the sheet down.

“Shit, he’s a beauty,” she giggled, playfully shoving Matt back on the bed when he tried to sit up.

Throwing herself over his naked body, she grasped his big limp prick in her hand.

“Get out of here!” he roared, trying to free himself as she clung to his prick with stubborn tenacity.

“No!” she squealed with delight, feeling his cock swelling in her hand. “I wanta be fucked!”

“What do you know about fucking?”

“Lots of things,” she answered. “Guys screw me all the time, and I even suck them off.”

“Do the boys really fuck you?” he gasped, his big prick exploding into a throbbing hard on.

“Slit, yes,” she pinned. “Why don’t you try my horny little pussy?”

Matt had never once thought about fucking his little sister, but it suddenly seemed like a wonderful idea to him.

“Well?” she whispered, still stroking his throbbing cock. “Do you wanta fuck me?”

Trembling with incestuous lust, Matt drew his little sister’s cute body up tightly against him. A wild tingle raced through Hope’s loins when she felt her brother’s hot cock burning against her belly.

“Oh, Matt,” she whispered.

Pressing his mouth to her moistly parted lips, he lowered the zipper on the side of her skirt and quickly removed the garment. Slipping his trembling finger into the waistband of her panties, he peeled them over her soft little ass and down her shapely legs. Then, grasping her firm young ass, he pulled his little sister’s hotly squirming pussy up against his hard throbbing fucker.

Shivering with excitement, Hope could feel Matt’s strong hands massaging and kneading the sweet bare meat of her dimpled ass while his fingers goosed around deliciously in the soft crack between her wiggly asscheeks. The lovely girl was writhing with lust, feeling his big hard prick probing against the soft golden curls around her smoldering pussy. The feel of his hands and fingers digging into the warm fleshy crevice between her quivering buns was almost blowing her mind. As the excitement mounted, she threw her arms around his neck, pulling his lips down over her hot open mouth again, giving him a deep tongue-sucking kiss. With their lips welded deliciously together, Hope was feverishly writhing her wet little pussy against the hardness of his cock.

Still goosing his finger into the crack between her cute bare asscheeks, he rolled his little sister onto her back. As he ran his other hand up between her naked thighs, his prick gave a wild lurch when his probing finger touched the hot slit of her luscious young cunt. Gently parting her legs with his hands, Matt stared down at the slippery pussy that was exposed only inches from his eyes. The soft moist pussylips were swollen, and droplets of slippery cunt juice glistened against the soft pink cunt flesh. Her sweet young pussy was a beautiful sight, nestled in her soft flaxen cunt bush, warm juices oozing out and dripping down over her bare ass.

Completely aroused by the sight of his little sister’s darling pussy, and remembering how good their mother’s pussy tasted, Matt parted Hope’s thighs farther and lowered his mouth into the warm fragrance of her juice-drenched crotch.

“Oh, Matt!” squealed Hope, feeling his tongue probing at her cunt. “Oh, God! That feels good!”

The horny young girl was soon lurching and writhing frantically on the bed as her brother sucked and tongued her juicy cunt slit.

“Does this feel good, honey?” he panted. “Ooooooooh, yes!” she squealed with joy. Still clutching her soft little ass, Matt was fucking his tongue deeper into the hot depths of her tasty pussy, his upper lip working frantically on her quivering cunt as their mother had taught him.

“Holy shit!” shrieked Hope, digging her fingers into her big brother’s thick head of hair. “It feels so good, honey! I can’t stand it! Oh, so good… how good… how good!”

The wildly aroused little blonde was pinching and twisting her swollen nipples, completely crazed by the feel of her brother’s tongue in her pussy.

“Suck, honey, suck!” she squealed, frantically tearing at her firm tits. “Shit, Matt, suck… suck… suck!”

Hope had lost all sense of reality. She was aware of nothing but the agonizing delicious sensations she was receiving from his wonderful tongue and mouth.

“Oh, God! Oh, shit!” she suddenly screamed, grasping at his head, pushing his mouth down tighter against her hot, climaxing fuckhole. “I’m coming, honey! I’m coming… commmmmiiiinnnnggg!”

Her darling young body wrenched wildly as she exploded into her fantastic orgasm. Trembling from head to toe, she felt wave after wave of rapture flowing through her loins.

“Shit, that was wonderful,” she whispered to her brother as she slowly recovered from her climax.

“Jesus, Hope,” he grinned, kissing her tenderly on the lips. “Your sweet little pussy sure tastes good.”

“Oh, look,” she giggled, staring down at his big throbbing prick. “I’d better do something about relieving that big fuckin’ cock of yours.”

Grasping his long thick cockshaft in her hand, Hope could feel the hot blood pumping through the distended veins below the surface of his tightly stretched cock-skin. The big purple cock-knob looked like it was ready to explode as she lowered her face and flicked the tip of his prick with her wet tongue. The taste of her brother’s boner was very strong, but was very exciting to the young girl. Clutching the base of his thick fuck-tool, Hope began licking greedily around his big rubbery cockknob. Nibbling against the sensitive area on the underside of his cockhead with a featherlight pressure, she could feel him writhing with joy.

Momentarily deserting the delicious head of his prick, Hope began licking up and down the entire length of his fuck-shaft until his throbbing prick was completely saturated with her hot wet saliva. Her brother’s muscular legs were quivering with excitement as his little sister’s tongue continued sensuously licking on his big tasty cock.

“Jesus Christ!” he gasped whew her hot lips and tongue reached his cum-swollen balls.

Almost out of her mind with the randy taste and aroma of his hairy crotch, Hope began sucking his balls in and out of her hot wet mouth. The crinkly skin of his massive ball-sac felt exciting against her tongue and lips. Then sliding her mouth back up the underside of his hard glistening cock, Hope opened her lips and took the shiny prick-knob deep into her eager mouth.

“Oh, you sweet little darling!” Matt panted as his little sister’s soft wet lips closed tightly around the head of his cock.

Sucking deeply, the horny youngster began pumping her moistly clinging lips up and down over his throbbing prick, taking her brother’s massive cock deeper and deeper into her mouth with every plunge.

“Sweet fuckin’ Jesus!” he moaned. “Don’t stop, baby! For Christ’s sake, don’t stop!”

Frantically grasping his kid sister’s head, Matt pushed her face down tighter over his prick and began thrusting his hips up and down, mouth-fucking her.

“Oh, sweet pissin’ glory!” he roared, thrusting his exploding cockhead deep into her throat. “Here it comes, honey! Here it comes!”

Hope was shocked by the amount of hot cum that gushed out of her brother’s big prick. She had to swallow jism rapidly as his cock continued spewing spurt after spurt of thick hot cum into her frantically sucking mouth. The cock-happy young girl sucked hungrily on his big creaming prick, not wanting to miss a single drop of his tasty jizz.

When the last drop of cum had been sucked out of his cock, Matt collapsed back on the bed, completely exhausted by his little sister’s fantastic blow-job.

“God, that was good,” he panted as he slowly regained his strength.

“Did you really like it?” she beamed.

“Christ, yes!”

“I’m sure glad,” she whispered, pressing her naked body against him. “But now I need a hot fuck.”

“I can’t do much with this,” he grinned, looking down at his shriveled prick.

“I can sure fix that,” she giggled, slipping his soft, wet prick back into her mouth.

After a few moments of teasing his limp cock with her tongue and lips, Hope could feel it swelling again.

“See,” she smiled. “He’s almost ready to go again.”

“Hope,” he suddenly said, “do you think it’s right for a brother and sister to fuck?”

“Why not?” she giggled. “You seemed to like it when you licked my pussy and I sucked you off.”

“But,” he weakly protested, “you’re my sister.”

“I know,” she grinned with a naughty twinkle in her eyes as she rolled onto her back and spread her thighs for him. “And that will make it all the more fun.”

As he crawled up between her legs, Hope excitedly watched his hard cock brushing against the bare flesh of her inner thighs. Reaching down, she grasped his hard prick as it moved toward her juicy little cunt.

“You’ve sure got a nice big cock,” she whispered, closing her fingers around the swollen prick-tool. His prick was so much bigger than Chip’s, and she momentarily wondered if her young pussy would be able to handle Matt’s cock.

Reaching beneath her, Matt cupped his little it’s cute asscheeks in his hands, pulling the steaming cunt up around his slowly advancing boner.

“Oh, Matt,” she whimpered, grinding herself up tightly against his body as, she felt the heat and hardness of his bloated cockhead pushing against her juicy cunt slit. Grasping the root of his thick cock shaft, Hope guided his big prick-knob into her hot pussy slot.

Feeling his kid sister’s fiery cunt slit swallowing his pulsing cock-knob, the youth continued slowly fucking in until her sweet pussy was completely filled with his thick meaty prick.

“Oh, sweet shit,” she whimpered in ecstasy as his big cock pushed out against her widely stretched cuntwalls.

She’d expected his huge boner to be painful, but instead, it was filling her cunt with nothing but intense pleasure. When her horny little pussy was completely filled with his hard cockmeat, Hope could feel his lusty balls nested in the wide crevice between her quivering asscheeks.

“Oh, God, I love your big prick,” she whispered, screwing her deliciously stretched cunt slit up around the base of his thick meaty fucker.

Her little naked body was quivering as he partially withdrew his prick for another plunge.

“Ooooaoooh!” she squealed when his prick slashed up into her cunthole, and then after two or three initial fuck-thrusts, he settled down to a steady rhythm of deep, hard fuckstrokes into the moist hotness of her clinging pussy.

Hope was almost out of her mind with rapture as his fantastic cock rubbed delightfully against every aroused nerve in her tight little fuckhole. From the first moment Hope had seen her brother’s prick fucking into her mother, the girl had known he would be a wild fuck, but she hadn’t dreamed it would be this sensational.

Grasping his sinewy asscheeks in her hands, she was thrusting her cunt up to meet every fuck-stroke of his plunging cock shaft, pulling him violently into her as she arched her hips up to take the full length of his big prick. The open lips of her frothy little cunt were sucking and grasping at the base of his cock shaft, frantically trying to suck even more of his cock into her sweet young cunt.

“Oh, shit, honey!” she squealed with delight. “Fuck me harder, honey! It feels so shittin’ good!”

As they increased the tempo of their mutual fuck-thrusts, Matt could feel that glorious sensation building up in his balls and knew he would soon be filling his little sister’s pussy with his hot cock cream.

“Oh, you sweet fucker!” Hope squealed, waving her pretty legs in the air. “Fuck me harder, honey! I’m gonna come! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”

The wild ecstasy was almost beyond her tolerance as his hard cock slammed deeper into her cunt, lifting her toward her inevitable climax.

“Ooooooooohhhh!” she shrieked, exploding into a wild orgasm when she felt her brother’s hot cum gushing out of his bursting cockhead. “Squirt, honey, squirt! I’m coming! Fill me with jizz!”

Shuddering violently, she ground her pussy up tighter around her brother’s cum-spewing prick, feeling spurt after spurt of his hot fuckjuice shooting into her cunt. It was all so unbelievably beautiful. This was the most intense climax the girl had ever experienced, and it was wonderful to have shared it with her own sweet brother.


The following weekend, Hope’s mother went away with a man for a suck-and-fuck party at a beach resort. Lisa had met Dave Walker a few days ago, and the two of them had been fucking up a storm ever since.

Lisa was the most exciting woman that Dave had ever met. He’d met the woman in a bar two or three days after his wife and daughter left on a two-week vacation. These last few days with Lisa had been the most sexually exciting period of his life. The cock-crazy redhead had so many sexual innovations that it seemed that his life now consisted of nothing but mind-blowing climaxes. He’d never dreamed that there were so many ways for a woman to bring him off. Every climax had been a glorious new experience for the man.

Driving down the highway toward the beach resort, he could feel Lisa idly caressing his prick through the material of his pants as she sat beside him. Wanting to feel his bare flesh, the horny redhead lowered his zipper and slipped her hand into his open fly.

“I guess I shouldn’t do this when you’re driving,” she whispered, making no attempt to withdraw her hand.

“God, that feels good,” he sighed, feeling her gently squeezing his soft prick between her thumb and forefinger.

Resting her head against the back of the seat, she continued toying with the man’s soft prick. She was excitedly looking forward to this weekend because she’d never enjoyed any cock as much as his. He was both gentle and wild when he fucked her, and best of all was his durable prick that always rose to the occasion, regardless of how recently he’d fucked her.

A delicious little tremor rippled through her cunt when she felt his soft prick starting to throb and harden in her hand.

“Oh, he’s waking up,” she giggled, reaching over and kissing him on the cheek. “My naughty little fingers are getting you nice and horny.”

“My cock loves your fingers,” he grinned.

“And my fingers like to play with your cock,” Lisa whispered, giving the end of his prick a loving squeeze.

Leaning over, she looked down at his stiff cockrod that was throbbing wildly in her hand. It was once more the big hard fucker that she loved to feel in her juicy hot cunt. There was something about the heat and rubbery hardness of his cock throbbing in her hand that always felt so good to Lisa. Sliding his thick cock-skin up and down over his hard prick shaft, the beautiful slut felt her aroused pussy creaming all over her legs. Wanting to feel his hard cock burning her flesh, she bent down and pressed his hot throbbing cock meat against her face. The texture and warmth of any prick felt fantastic on her cheek, but none had ever excited her as much as this one.

Lisa knew she shouldn’t arouse him while he was driving, but she instinctively brushed her softly parted lips over his naked cockhead. She loved the pungent male scent and the wild exciting taste of Dave’s prick against her lips. Holding his stiff cock shaft in her hand, Lisa licked wetly around his cockhead. She could feel his muscular body trembling with excitement.

Pressing his foot down a little harder on the gas pedal, Dave felt a wonderful exhilaration as the powerful car picked up speed. The feel of her soft wet tongue on his cock and the roar of the speeding engine were tremendously exciting.

Smiling up at his handsome gleaming face, Lisa began running her tongue up and down the entire length of his big blood-engorged prick. She could feel his prick swelling and throbbing as she teased her tongue all around the sensitive base of his big purple cock-knob. Then she took all of his big shiny cockhead into her sucking mouth.

She felt Dave’s foot press down a little harder on the accelerator as her soft slippery lips slid over his big tasty prick-knob. Tightening her lips around the thick ridge at the base of his cockhead, she lacked it securely inside of her hot moist mouth. She knew that she’d soon be drinking his delicious hot fuck-cream, and that was what she wanted more than anything else right now.

“Oh, God!” Dave shouted with joy as he quickly turned the wheel to pass a car, and after passing it, he had to swing back quickly to avoid hitting an oncoming car in the opposite lane.

The roar of the engine and the fantastic feel of Lisa’s sucking lips on his prick was one of the most exhilarating things he had ever experienced.

“Does it feel good, honey?” she shouted up to him over the sound of the speeding motor.

“Shit, yes,” he moaned.

“Am I gonna get a nice big mouthful of cum?” she excitedly asked.

“If that’s what you want,” he panted. “Then that’s what you’ll get.”

“Good,” she grinned. “I want all you can feed me.”

“That’s my girl,” the man laughed, swinging out to pass another car.

With his big beautiful cock thrusting up from his open fly, Lisa once more lowered her mouth to continue sucking him off. His ears were filled with the roar of the engine and the screeching tires as the horny redhead’s slobbering mouth sucked noisily on his big lurching prick. Staring through glazed eyes at the highway, the man was acutely aware of the obscenely erotic sound of Lisa’s slurping lips.

The hot-cunted woman was trembling with excitement at the feel of his thick cock sliding over the top of her tongue. There was nothing that Lisa enjoyed more than the feel of a big meaty cock in her mouth or pussy.

With her hot sucking lips locked wetly around his boner, she took it deeper and deeper into her mouth until she felt his big swollen cock-knob pressing against the back of her throat. She then slowly lifted her mouth with a deep sucking action that made him cry out in ecstasy. Repeating this fantastically delicious ritual, she soon had the man almost out of his mind from the intense pleasure. Tightly gripping the wheel of his careening car, he was frantically thrusting his hips up to meet each downward plunge of the redhead’s wildly sucking mouth.

“Suck, honey, suck!” he shouted, pressing down harder on the throttle as he swung his speeding car out to pass a truck, barely swerving back in time to avoid a head-on crash. “Shit, it’s good, baby! Keep suckin’! Keep suckin’!”

Dave was a lurching mass of unbridled lust as her wildly sucking mouth worked over his bursting cockhead. With one hand on the wheel he was grasping at her long red hair, frantically pumping her face up and down over his prick.

“Suck, baby, suck!” he panted, wildly fucking his cock in and out of her slurping mouth.

Dave’s hand was curled in her hair, pressing her mouth down tighter over his violently twitching prick.

“Suck Lisa, suck!” he shouted above the roar of the engine. “Oh, shit, what a mouthful of jizz you’re gonna get!”

Eagerly waiting for him to shoot her mouth full of jizz, the hot bitch was sucking deeper and harder on his big jerking cock. She could tell from his spasmodic movement that he was about to blast her mouth full of his creamy spunk.

“Oh, shit!” he roared, thrusting his fingers into her hair as he slammed her mouth down tighter around his exploding prick. “Here it comes, baby! Here comes the juice!”

Lisa almost went out of her mind with excitement when she felt his hot jizz gushing against the back of her throat. The horny slut frantically sucked and swallowed as spurt after spurt of his slippery cum spewed into her throat.

As Lisa’s sucking mouth slowly drained the cum from deep in his balls, Dave slowly applied the brakes and cased the car over to the side of the road. When the car came to a complete stop, Dave rested his head against the back of the seat, listening to the traffic roaring past them while Lisa sucked the very last drops from his slowly shrinking prick. “Did you like that?” she asked, a little trickle of cum dribbling from the corner of her mouth.

“It was perfect,” he smiled, tenderly wiping a glob of half-dried jizz from her face with the back of his hand…

It was shortly after dark when they finally arrived at the small resort hotel where he’d made their reservations. Being famished, they had an early dinner and then went, directly to their room.

“Now what do you have in mind?” smiled Dave as he watched the woman disrobe.

“You’ve had your blow-job,” Lisa whispered, walking over to where he was sitting on the edge of the bed. “Now I want to be fucked.”

“You’re always ready, aren’t you?” grinned the man, drawing her naked body into his arms.

“You’re not shittin’,” Lisa giggled. “Now take your fuckin’ clothes off and let’s get busy.”

“Are you always this horny?” he asked, removing his clothes.

“Shit, yes,” she laughed, grasping for his cock when he lay down beside her on the bed.

“I’m glad,” smiled the man.

“Jesus, that’s a beautiful prick,” she hotly whispered as she squeezed his thick hard cock. “Hurry, honey. I need that big hunk of meat in my cunt.”

With his big blue-veined cock thrusting up from between his legs, he moved up over her trembling body. Nudging his big bloated cockknob against her juicy pussylips, he cupped her asscheeks in his palms and pulled her loins up tighter against him. Pushing forward, he could feel his cock slipping into the hot slickness between her pussy lips.

Pulling her knees back as far as possible, Lisa spread her legs even farther apart, trying to help his penetration. Trembling with excitement, she clawed at the sinewy cheeks of his ass, pulling his hard fuck-tool into her cunt.

“Oooooooh, God,” she softly moaned, feeling the heavenly pressure of his thick cockshaft pressing out against the soft walls of her widely stretched pussy. Lisa had always enjoyed strange cock, but there seemed to be something special about this cock. Maybe it was because Dave fucked with such utter abandon that made it seem so much more exciting.

With the throbbing length of his thick prick stretching the elastic walls of her cunt, Lisa was moaning softly as his hard prick fucked deeper and deeper into her pussy. The beautiful redhead’s face was flushed with pleasure as the heavenly glow between her leg spread throughout her body.

Once the entire length of his prick was buried in her pussy, the hot slippery folds of her clinging cuntal sheath squeezed against the tingling length of his cock shaft. The walls of her juicy pussy pulled and milked on his sensitive cock rod, making it thicker and harder with every passing second.

Lisa had always felt a deep sensuality with the various men in her sexually active life, but no one had ever aroused her as much as Dave had. He hadn’t even started to fuck his cock in and out of her pussy yet, and the beautiful woman felt as if she were already on the verge of a climax.

“Oh, yes, baby!” she squealed when he finally began fucking his thick cock back and forth in her slippery cunt slit. “Give it to me honey! Fuck the shit out of me!”

The feel of his throbbing boner fucking in and out of her stretched cunt was driving Lisa wild. The hot lips of her steaming pussy were feverishly sucking and pulling on the throbbing length of his thrusting prick. With his cock fucking deeper and harder into her shuddering belly, she clung tightly to him, squealing from the intense pleasure that was flowing through her aroused body. As her juices of passion squished around his prick, his cream-coated cock shaft was getting more slippery with every fuck-thrust into her hotly sizzling cunt.

Completely lost in his raging lust, Dave was fucking his hard meat into her at a faster pace, aware of nothing but the raw pleasure that was streaking through his entire body. Fucking into her hot slippery pussy with all his power, ht was sending wave after wave of heavenly rapture flooding through her seething pussy.

Becoming more aroused with every fuckthrust of her new lover’s hard cock, Lisa wrapped her soft bare legs tightly around his humping body. Screaming and moaning, she frenziedly ground her pussy up against his pounding groin.

“Oh, sweet lover! Fuck it to me, honey!” she whimpered, pulling his face down and plunging her tongue deep into his gasping mouth.

Writhing passionately beneath him, the lust filled redhead couldn’t seem to get enough of his big hard cock as her raging desires increased with every passing moment.

“Fuck it to me, baby! Fuck my cunt!” she hysterically screamed. “Just fuck me to death!”

Further aroused by Lisa’s screams for more, Dave increased both the tempo and depth of his pounding fuck-thrusts.

“Oh, yes! Yes!” shrieked the beautiful redhead, loving the way his huge fuck-tool was dulling into her, bouncing her ass all over the bed.

Her stretched pussy was hungrily welcoming every hard plunge of his big fucker. Being so thoroughly fucked by her handsome lover was one of the most thrilling experiences she’d ever had. Passionately clinging to him, the squealing woman was feverishly bucking and churning beneath him.

“My, God!” panted the wildly fucking man. “You’re sure a hot-cunted little bitch!”

“I know! I know!” she squealed. “I’ll bet I’m the hottest broad you’ve ever had on your hands.”

“You sure are,” he gasped.

“Then stop talkin’ and keep fuckin’!” she squealed, her eyes glowing with excitement. “I want a big hot load of jizz in my cunt!”

Increasing the tempo of his fucking, Dave drilled his throbbing boner even deeper into the horny redhead’s pussy. He could feel her hot slick cuntal sheath expanding and contracting around the swollen thickness of his meaty prick. Slamming her juicy crotch up to rhythmically meet his deep hard fuck-thrusts, Lisa made her talented cuntal muscles suck on his bloated prick. Her slippery cunt eagerly welcomed each hard fuck-thrust as her oily pussy juices flowed all around his lubricated cock.

“Harder, you sweet fucker! Faster!” she shrieked. “I’m almost there! Oh, shit — I’m almost there!”

The beautiful redhead’s hot pussy was burning with lust, and the writhing woman felt that if the ecstasy mounted any more, she would virtually explode.

“Thick it, honey, fuck it!” she screamed, clinging desperately to him as the intense ecstasy increased. “Fuck me! Fuck my cunt. Fuck it harder, baby… harder.”

The wild ecstasy of the map’s big hard cock fucking in and out of her juicy cunt was driving the redhead wild. Her beautiful face was distorted with lust as her head rolled from side to side on the bed. Staring up at the spinning ceiling, she finally reached a point where she didn’t think she could stand another second of this bliss.

“Fuck it to me! Fuck my pussy!” she squealed, urgently slamming her cunt slit up to meet every deep lunge of his wonderful fucktool.

Peeling a climax building up deep in his balls, Dave increased the tempo of his fuckthrusts, wanting to bring the beautiful woman off before he shot his wad.

“Fuck me, darling! Give it to me good!” screamed Lisa, waving her legs around in the air as he feverishly fucked her cunt. “Do me! Make me come! Make me come!”

The woman’s naked body, was filled with such intense heat that she didn’t think she could stand another second of it. The white-hot heat fanned out from her hot cunt to her tingling nipples. The raw rapture in her body was the most wonderful thing she’d ever felt.

The lewdly locked couple fucked up a storm as their undulating bodies slapped together in wanton abandon. Dave could feel his prick swelling thicker as his climax drew nearer. He thought his bloated cock would literally burst from the exquisite sensations induced by her talented cunt.

“Oooooooooh! I’m coming!” she screamed, throwing her legs up over his shoulders, exposing the full length of her open cunt slit to his relentlessly pounding cock. “Fuck me! Fuck meeeee!”

The wild ecstasy was almost beyond her endurance as she frantically clung to him, sinking her teeth into his broad shoulder.

“Ooooooooh! Aaaaaaaaggghhh!” she shrieked, her orgasm intensifying when she felt his hot fuck-juice gushing into her climaxing pussy. “Cream me, baby! Juice me! Cream my fucking cunt! I’m coming! I’m coming!”

Shuddering violently beneath him, she fucked her pussy up around the base of his cum-shooting prick, feeling little spurts of jizz still squirting into her deliciously glowing cunt slit.

She smiled softly as the warm contentment spread throughout her body.

Pulling his face down to hers she covered his lips with her open mouth, her tongue gently swirling around his.

“Jesus, honey, that was a good fuck,” she sighed, holding the handsome man in her arms.

“You’re so beautiful,” he whispered. “I hope we can do this again sometime.”

“God, baby, you can screw me any fucking time you feel like it,” she said.

“Then suck me hard again,” he whispered. “I want another blow-job right now.”

“Oh, good, you sweet thing,” she giggled, crawling down and stuffing his limp prick into her mouth. “I’m gonna fuck you to death before we’re finished.”


A few nights later when Hope and her big brother were home alone, they were fucking on the living room couch.

“Oh, sweet baby,” she whispered, feeling him fucking deeper and deeper, bringing more joy with ever fuck-plunge. “I love it when you fuck me.”

Matt stared down at his kid sister’s hard little cone-shaped tits. It was obvious that she wasn’t much more than a child, and that it was wrong for him to be fucking her, but her little pussy was the tightest, hottest, sweetest damn thing he had ever fucked. Her big blue eyes were glowing up at him from her lovely flushed face, and her baby-soft lips were moistly parted, showing her white teeth. Until only recently, Matt hadn’t fully realized what a cute little kid she was.

Excited by the sight of his naked little sister, Matt was fucking harder and deeper into her lurching cunt. He could hear her sweet pussy juices squishing around his plunging prick as it slithered in and out of her squeezing cunt.

“Oh, Matt,” she whimpered, grinding her pussy slit up tighter around the base of his cock. “That feels so good!”

The cute youngster just loved to be fucked by her big brother. She squealed with delight at the feel of his prick fucking smoothly between her sensitive cuntal tissues. Wrapping her arms more tightly around his back, she squirmed her crotch up against him, squeezing his luscious prick with her little hotly sucking cunt.

“Oh, fuck, honey, fuck!” she whimpered, wrapping her soft thighs around his waist.

He fucked his rigid prick deeper and deeper into her eager pussy, and hot globs of pussy juice were oozing from between her swollen cuntlips and dribbling down over her ass.

“Matt! Matt!” she shrieked, her excited cunt muscles involuntarily sucking on the full length of her big brother’s boner. “That’s it! Harder! Harder!”

Answering her hysterical pleas, the youth began fucking his passion-bloated cock into his little sister’s juicy young cunt with all his power.

“Eeeeeeeeeegggggghhh!” she shrieked as he relentlessly drilled his prick up into her fuckhole. “That’s it, honey! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”

She suddenly felt his hot cum gushing into her lurching belly and instinctively screwed her cunt up tighter against him to receive the full load of his hot thick jism. At that very moment, she was violently shaken by her own orgasm that left her weak and trembling when it finally passed.

They had been so busy fucking that neither of them had noticed their slutty mother and Dave Walker when they entered the room.

“Well, Matt,” Lisa sneered as she watched her son finally pull his limp wet cock out of is little sister’s cum-drenched pussy. “Aren’t you picking them these days?”

The youth just stared at her, too embarrassed to answer.

“Hi, Mom,” grinned the cute little blonde. “Matt just fucked me.”

“I can see that,” snapped her mother. “But you just can’t keep a guy from fucking his sister.”

“Don’t be stupid, Mom,” the girl cut in.

“I’m no damned angel — and besides, I love to fuck.”

“I can’t understand you,” gasped her mother.

“I might your daughter,” giggled Hope. “But I’m sure a hot piece of ass.”

“That’s right,” said Matt as his mother glanced over at him. “This little shit can really fuck.”

“Doesn’t his big cock hurt you?” the woman asked, turning back to her daughter.

“Shit, no,” said Hope. “I don’t think they’ve made a prick too big for me.”

Lisa just stared at her young daughter.

“Who is he?” asked the girl, referring to the handsome man with her mother. “He looks like quite a stud.”

“Don’t be such a smart ass,” snapped Lisa. “This is my friend, Dave Walker. Dave, this is my daughter, Hope — and her lover and brother, Matt.”

“Hi, Mr. Walker,” beamed Hope, and then she turned to her mother. “What do you mean by my lover? He’s been fucking you for years, but he’s only been fucking me for a few days.”

Dave couldn’t believe this crazy family. Lisa was the hottest woman he’d ever met, and now her little daughter seemed to be just as horny as the mother. The man had never seen such a cute girl in his life, and the sight of her naked body was giving him one hell of a hard-on.

“Mr. Walker has heard me talk about you both so often that I wanted him to meet you,” said Lisa.

“How’s he hung?” giggled Hope, walking up in front of the handsome man.

“That’s none of your business,” snapped her mother.

“I think I’ll check him out,” she grinned, lightly running her fingers across the front of his pants.

“What?” gasped the startled woman.

“Go get Matt hard again,” Hope said over her shoulder. “I’ll take care of this guy here.”

Lisa was so shocked with her daughter’s brazen attitude that she was too stunned to speak.

“Have you ever screwed real pussy?” the girl whispered to the man as she struggled to open his pants.

“No,” he nervously answered, completely confused by this strange family.

“Have you ever thought about it?” asked Hope, reaching into his open fly and wrapping her fingers around his prick.

“Not really.”

“Why not?” she smiled, easing his throbbing boner out of his pants.

“Well,” he said, his entire body tingling from the feel of her soft young fingers wrapped around his cock, “I’ve always thought girls like you were too crazy to mess with.”

“Does my hot body look crazy?” whispered Hope, dropping to her knees and swiping her moist tongue across the tip of his sensitive cockhead.

“God, no,” gulped the man, slowly starting to regain his composure. “That’s the hotest body I’ve ever sea.”

“Thank you,” she giggled. “Would you like to fuck me?”

“I sure would.”

Sitting on her son’s lap in a chair, Lisa excitedly watched her daughter lead Dave over to the couch. The horny woman’s cunt started leaking hot juices as she watched him quickly disrobe. She began excitedly squirming her ass around on Matt’s lap as she stared at Dave’s throbbing boner.

Looking down at the girl on the couch, Dave had never seen anything as beautiful as the way this adorable girl spread out on her back, her long blonde hair cascading over the cushion and the fingers of one hand sensually caressing her juicy little pussy.

“Come on, honey?” she whispered up to him. “I need a hot fuck.”

Hope was thrilled with the size of his nice big prick, and she was dying to feel it stuffed up deep in her cunt.

“Please hurry,” she whispered when he dropped to his knees between her widely spread thighs.

The man could hear his heart pounding loudly as he stared down at her luscious little pussy. The pink, wet flesh of her sweet cunt was quivering with anticipation, and the soft pussy curls around her slippery little pussy were glistening with hot juices.

“Come on,” she begged again. “Please put that beauty in my hot little cunt.”

As the handsome man slowly moved forward, Hope trembled with excitement when his cockhead brushed lightly against her naked thighs. Reaching down, the horny youngster grasped his thick boner and eased his big prick-knob between the moistly hot lips of her hungry cuntslit.

“Ooooooooh,” she whimpered, feeling his cock fucking slowly through the tight little opening.

When the head of his prick had finally penetrated the mouth of her tight young fuckhole, she desperately clung to him, waiting for her tiny cuntslit to become accustomed to his big cock.

“God, it’s big,” she gasped as he continued pushing forward.

“Is my cock too big?” he gulped.

“Shit, no!” she exclaimed. “Shove harder. I can take it.”

Determined to fill this horny bitch’s cunt with his throbbing prick, Dave gave a hard lunge and the entire length of his boner fucked into the squeezing warmth of her tight pussy.

Clutching him tightly as she waited for the momentary discomfort to recede, she could feel his huge cock throbbing deep in her pussy. She could feel her sensitive cunt walls stretch, and the hardness of his prick felt heavenly.

“Oh, Mr. Walker,” she panted, pulling his mouth down to her softly parted lips. “Thank you. I just love the feel of your big cock in me.”

Excitedly watching them from where she was sitting on Matt’s lap, Lisa was frantically tearing her clothes off. She could feel her son’s naked cock throbbing against her bare ass. Wriggling her ass against her son’s swollen prick, Lisa breathlessly watched Dave fucking his thick cock in and out of her daughter’s tightly stretched pussy.

“Oh, shit! Oh, God!” she could hear Hope moaning as the man fucked his cock deeper and harder into her cunt, bringing her even more intense pleasure with every thrust.

Becoming more excited by the second, Hope opened her thighs farther apart and grabbed the bare cheeks of his ass, pulling his cock deeper into her pussy. As he pounded his thick cock in and out of her slippery little cunt, she continued clawing at his ass, pulling him more violently into her. Wanting to really excite the handsome man, Hope began probing her finger around the sensitive ring of his puckered asshole.

Becoming more aroused by the feel of her naughty finger tracing around his shitter, Dave began excitedly fucking his cockshaft in and out at a much faster tempo. His lunging body lurched crazily when the tip of her finger slipped through the tight opening of his asshole. Letting out a roar, he instinctively fucked his big hot boner deeper into the juicy little cunt.

“Ooooooooh! Ooooooooh!” she shrieked as the full force of his powerful fuck-thrusts drilled even deeper into her writhing belly. “Harder, baby! Fuck me harder!”

Pounding into her with all his strength, the man let out a wild roar when the horny youngster suddenly drove the full length of her middle finger up his ass. With her deeply implanted finger lewdly massaging his fiery prostate, he fucked even harder into her tight little cuntslit.

“Oh, sweet fuckin’ shit!” she screamed as the man fucked his cock harder and deeper into her seething little pussy. “That feels so fuckin’ good! Fuck me! Fuck meeee!”

Dave could feel an ejaculation building up in his balls as the shrieking young girl kept her swirling finger embedded deep in his quivering shitter. He realized he couldn’t last much longer, and he was hoping she would hurry up and climax.

As his thick boner continued slashing into her pussy, Hope could feel herself rushing toward a wild orgasm.

“Oh, shit!” she squealed. “I’m coming, honey! I’m coming!”

The whole beautiful fucking world seemed to explode into an all-consuming orgasm when the screaming youngster felt the man’s hot cum gushing into her pussy. Writhing and moaning beneath his big humping body, Hope could feel spurt after spurt of thick creamy jizz splattering against her cuntal walls.

“Oh, shit,” she panted, covering his mouth with her hot open lips. “I think fuckin’ is the neatest thing in the whole world.”

“So do I!” gasped the exhausted man.

When he fi