First time eating pussy

I had known that I was bisexual for a long time so behind my moms back I would date girls because she’s a Christian and thinks being gay is wrong and disgusting

I was 17 and my girlfriend was 18. We had been going out for a while and I had never had sex with a girl but I have had girlfriends.

One day me and her were cuddling on the couch getting high and I started to get horny. I whispered in her ear I wanna eat your pussy. She started to kiss me and then she grabbed my hand and we walked into the bedroom. She was on top of me kissing me and playing with my pussy. I flipped her onto her back and started kissing her and rubbing her extremely wet pussy. Pussy felt so good. I started to kiss her from the neck down and eating her out.

Her pussy tasted so good. I started to finger her and lick her clit I watched her as she enjoyed every moment she looked so beautiful. I ate her out till she came in my mouth loving the sound of her precious moan. Then my mom came and I had to go home…

Seduced by a girl 5 years younger than me

At a age of 19 I was seduced by an over seed 14 year old. Starting with wearing see through teddies, spread legs, and brushing against my dick; she got what she was looking for.

I had moved in to my best friends house for the summer. We were working different shifts, and his little sister and her best friend were home when I was.
His little sister had been trying to seduce me for most of my memory. But, her friend was a real little temptress.
After dinner, I’d take a shower and come out in clean shorts (no underwear), and a tshirt. If Roxie was staying over, she usually came into the den in a short teddy. So did my best friend’s sister. But she had given up trying to seduce me. Roxie was just starting.
By 19, I was into real women. Not wanna be’s.
But, you couldn’t ignore what she was doing. She would walk in with her budding nipples poking straight out. They were mostly nipples not sumptuous breasts I was used to by now. Then she sit down across from me, spread her legs shamelessly for me to see her hairless pussy. When she got sleepy, she’d change couches and ‘fall asleep ‘ with her face in my lap.
After enough teasing, I decided to give her what she wanted. Pulling my cock out, I shoved her face straight into it. As she opened her mouth to say something in protest, I shoved my dick down her mouth. As she gagged, I told her to suck me. If she didn’t do a good job, I’d pull down her panties and spank her.
Oh, she could suck, but I was going to teach her a lesson, no matter what. I told her to pull her panties down and be prepared to be spanked. I said I’ve had better blow jobs by her mom and grandma.
Getting her ass bright red, I stuck my middle finger all the way in her asshole. Flipping her over, I stuck my other middle finger up her pussy. See sawing back and forth I told her to take my dick out of her mouth since she couldn’t suck worth a damn, and to sit on my cock. I fucked her so hard and so long she was practically crying with joy.
After I came, I told her to go fuck boys her age and not to bother me again.

Old woman sex oral and more

A next door neighbor from my teen years calls for help. For Oral and more. Plumbing and sex. Eating pussy, rimming ass and eating cream pie.

A neighbor from my teen years moved to a new home. She is now in her eighties. She said since she moved to her new home she was not able to take a hot bath or shower. I am now a plumber and she called me for help. It was easy to adjust the maximum temperature on the faucets. She called me about a week after I had done the repair and ask me to stop by. She said she really enjoyed to hot showers. Then she said she had not enjoyed hot sex for quite some time either and thought I could help. She was wearing a silk robe and reached down and undid the belt and let it fall open. She was small and as old as she was her wrinkled saggy body turned me on. I fantasied about her when I was a teen and her daughter was my first romantic kiss. She took my hand and we walked back to her bedroom. She dropped her robe and sat down on the bed and told me to undress. I took off my clothes as I stood in front of her and she reached up and squeezed my balls and bent over and started licking my dick. I told her I fantasied about eating her pussy. She told me to lay down on her bed and then straddled me and started rubbing her pussy as she sat on my mouth and face. She wasn’t old her pussy was juicy and musty and I licked and sucked her juices. Then she moved up and told me to lick and suck her ass. She turned around after a while to the 69 position and sucked my dick as I licked her pussy. She slid down and pulled my dick into her pussy and pump as I looked down at her ass, I rubbed her ass hole and stuck my finger deep in her ass and came in her pussy. She slip back to the 69 position and told me to eat her ‘Cream Pie’ as she licked my dick clean. Her juice and my cum really turned me on as I sucked and swallowed. We got up and took a ‘hot’ shower together. We have been together many times since then. She has a femdom personality and ‘makes’ me do things for her. I will post in the future. Next I will tell you about my strap-on experience with her.

Birthday sex chronicles

Quest to fufill the birthday sex rutal , of getting two completely different woman to please me on my day

The day I got the pleasure of pleasing two women

It’s my birthday , and shouldn’t I get what I want . I have always enjoyed having two women , Ive enjoyed that lot in my last relationship. But I’ve been working so hard and long . But I have managed to still see two beautiful chocolate women , both complete opposites.

One I have giving the nickname ‘young nomadic turn up addict’ we’ll call her YNTUA, we cant use names. She was the girl I meet when my life was set to failure and depression, having her around gave me the escape from reality I needed . I knew from the start that there was no taming her spirt or, beginning a relationship with her . I would just love her for the moment. When we made love, it was never when I asked, it always happen spontaneously. She was so wild and excited with passion . Her pussy would always pull the life out of me , O my god! and her chocolate smooth skin, and curves that deserve to be gripped. I could always tell she was fucking for herself , she always would cum many times compared to my one.
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A Hot taxi hookup

This is the Hook-up I am an Indian girl in USA, working, single. one day my friend called me and said she is in the same city as I am and we planned to meet. I need to go meet a friend, I can’t drive. So, I called for the Taxi. Taxi arrived and I told him I need to go to this restaurant showing him the address as I don’t know where it is. He looked at the address and said 30 minutes madam. “He is very handsome, lively and smiling – triggered something in me” I sat in the back seat, he started Driving. I Know he can see me from the mirror he is so hot that I can’t stop thinking about him. We have arrived at the place and he asked me, if I would need a ride back. I said yes- I would need a ride for sure. I am taking money out – he said ‘I will wait for you, we can settle that later’. I went inside the Restaurant but Can’t stop thinking about him. Met my friend, we are talking about our families and ex-Bf’s.but my eyes are looking for him, finally caught him smoking at his taxi. He is very tall I guess 6’2, well build body, wore shorts and a blue t-shirt – smoking hot as he smokes the cigarette. my friend ordered some food, we ate a bit and then I said I must go as I have something important to do as I saw my taxi driver is talking to 2 girls. she said “Ok, but we are expecting 2 more friends in a bit” I said ” sorry, but I have to hurry” I left some money on the table and rushed out. I got at the taxi and said, “hey I am ready to go while he talking to 2 young girls” I don’t know, what they talked about he looked at me and opened the car door for me to board in. I sat in the back seat while he got in and started driving, I am 5’4, Busty,152 lbs., black medium length hair, brown eyes, Tan Skin, Wore a red dress above my knees, tight fit and red wedge heels. I just can’t control my self so, I started rubbing my boobs on my dress and kissing on my cleavage – made sure he can see. I got one of my boob out and started to care it like rubbing it, holding tight, kissing on top and noticed he is getting hard as I can see he started sweating even though it’s cool inside. I put one leg on seat pushing my dress back, other to his seat on his pants rubbing his cock with my heels. looking in the mirror, sucking my 2 fingers I said, “stop the taxi – I want you” He got an exit and stopped it to the side of road, where it is so quiet as nothing goes in that way. I took my leg back and taking other boob out while asked him to ” Take your shirt off and come here” He is very quick – just slide his shirt off and standing in front of me like in seconds he got in back seat – looking at me playing with my boobs. ” do you like me?” asked him with a wink face he held my face and started to kiss me as he is kissing me more he is holding my hair my hands around his neck, creasing his head with no hair. then he got his hands-on dress and started to unzip it while hugging me tight he unzipped me and I removed my dress exposing my big boobs no bra and a red panty. he pushed me to the door and held my boobs tight with his 2 hands ” OMG! these are big, I always love busty girls” and started to kiss and suck my nipples, my hands-on seats back sticking to the car door. He is so good, sucking my nipples and biting them gently I am moaning in pleasure supporting myself for his pressure applied on me “aaaahhhhh- Yesss” He looked at me, “enjoying it sweetie”, while pinching my boobs “aaaaaaaaaa – yes”, looked at him. he then kissing me on lips while sliding his one hand on to my pussy sucking my lips and reaching for my tongue as he is rubbing on my panty. I then pushed him back a little and said ” remove your shorts and boxers” he got naked while I remove my panty and here we are both naked. I bended to his cock, held it with my hands kissing on the top, rubbing it. his hand on my back and one on front seat, he could reach my butt with his hand. started to lick his cock, while he is moaning ” yeahhh” then I took his dick head in my mouth and sucking it, he is so enjoying it, he grabbed my butt hard and as I took it off my mouth he slapped my butt I moaned ‘AAAHHHHH” I started to lick all his cock while holding his balls tried to suck it, it is so big that I can’t suck it all so, I took as much as I can inn my mouth as he grabbed my hair and pushed me on to it. Chocking and deep throught his cock while holding and slightly pressing on his balls he pulled me out and kissed me, told me ” Spit on it and lick baby – You are doing soo good” I spit on it and started to lick it all and his balls sucking his cock again, he now grabbed my hair pulled me up to kiss me and said, ” ride me sweetie” I sat on his cock, he held me and helping me while I ride him. he is pushing me up and down with his hands down my butt “aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh” both enjoying it as he is pounding me hard “aaaahhhhh, yeahhhhh” “just like that” ” fuck Me, fuck me” he took his hands out to hold my boobs and suck them as I ride him. I am riding him slowly as he is sucking my boobs and I say,” eat them hotie” he bites on them little hard and I moaned loud ‘AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” I pushed his head between my boobs hugging him tight he now put his hands down my butt and started to pound me hard, fast while I held his neck tight I am moaning in pleasure ‘AAAHHHHHHH, Yesssss- FUCK me” “Fuck me hard, give me what I deserve” “fucking fuck me hard” he pounded me hard and fast as I can feel his balls slapping my butt he then pulled his cock out and I rubbed it cock to get the cum on both of our naked bodies he shoots a load of cum that my boobs and his chest filled with his cum while my cream dripping down his cock. we both smiled at each other while he put 2 fingers in my pussy to get me cum out, as he fingers fucking my pussy – me cum dripping down his fingers. I moaned “AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA”. he said,” I loved it” I smiled and ” me too”. we rested for 5 minutes. Got dressed and he drove me home.
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Zoe and Ashley

Zoe came home fairly early from the mall that night, considering it was a midnight madness sale. She had gone with some of her other friends that went to the same school as her. As she walked into her living room with a glass of water, she saw her stepsister, Ashley, who was 2 years older, laying on the couch. As it was the middle of summer, Ashley’s large nipples were erect from the coolness of the air conditioner. Zoe couldn’t help but stare as she sat down on the carpeted floor, crossing her legs.


“Have fun at the mall?” Ashley asked while watching the television.

“Mmmhmm,” Zoe mumbled in return, while sipping at her water. She caught herself checking out Ashley’s figure and almost scolded herself out loud. As Zoe went to lean against the coffee table, she cried out, as she had forgotten about her sunburn. Ashley’s head whipped around to look at Zoe.

“Forgot about your sunburn again, kid?” Ashley asked. Zoe nodded and groaned. She just couldn’t tan, no matter what she did. She could only burn. Ashley continued, “Want me to tickle your back for you?”

“Yeah, please. Can we go to our room though? It’s a lot more comfortable.” Zoe said. Ever since she was a kid she had just loved having her back tickled, especially when it was sunburnt. Ashley and Zoe quickly went upstairs into their room and Zoe flopped down on her queen sized bed. As she slowly lifted her shirt up at the back, Ashley carefully unclipped her bra for her, and slid it out from underneath her.

“Thanks, Ash,” Zoe sighed in pleasure.

Ashley slowly and carefully moved her fingers over Zoe’s back, along the top, the bottom, the middle, and of course, her sides. Zoe turned her head and looked up at Ashley gratefully. Once again, her eyes drifted to her stepsister’s large breasts with the perky erect nipples. Ashley noticed, and to her own surprise, it turned her on to think, her little stepsister was staring at her breasts! Ashley, becoming a little aroused now, became daring and went lower on Zoe’s sides… working her way to her soft, little breasts. This forced Zoe to also become aroused, and soon enough, Zoe found herself resting on her elbows so that Ashley had better access to her breasts. Finally, Zoe was fed up with resting on her elbows, and whipped herself onto her back, tearing her shirt off from around her neck.

Zoe moaned lightly as Ashley straddled her, without saying a word, and began to lightly pinch and rub her nipples with her soft fingers. This was all too much for Zoe, who had never actually had an experience with a guy.

“Oh my God, please suck them Ashley,” Zoe begged. Ashley grinned and craned her neck down to allow her to bury her mouth around Zoe’s small breasts. By now, Ashley and Zoe were both aroused greatly. Finally Ashley decided to remove her shirt also. Zoe immediately brought her mouth to Ashley’s erect nipples and flicked them lightly with her tongue. Ashley groaned in delight.

“That’s right, Zoe, you little bitch, lick them! Suck them! Make my huge nipples hard as pebbles!” Ashley said as she rubbed her own crotch area. Zoe obeyed as she sucked, slurped and pinched at her stepsister’s breasts.

Soon enough, both girls were close to orgasm just from a nipple fetish. Zoe stood up and began to unzip her own jeans, and than pulled down both her pants and panties. She laid back on the bed and slowly pushed two of her little fingers into her sopping pussy. Ashley did the same, but almost immediately after she started she replaced Zoe’s fingers with her own, and her own fingers with Zoe’s, so that they were fingering each other’s pussy in sync with each other. No later than she herself began to orgasm did she feel Zoe’s tight pussy convulsing around her fingers. Both of them bucked at the hands intruding their pussies and moaned loudly.

When Zoe’s orgasm subsided, she than positioned herself between Ashley’s legs and inhaled the sweet aromas of her stepsister, before burying her tongue deep inside of her pussy. Ashley squealed with delight as she grasped the sheets with pleasure. After about 2 minutes Ashley had a huge orgasm and came all over Zoe’s face. Zoe licked her face clean, and all the juices out of Ashley’s pussy invaded her mouth like mouthwash. Zoe than laid back on her bed, and fell into a light sleep, while thinking “I hope we do this more often…” while Ashley was thinking the exact same thing.

Hot Mother-In-Law

My wife and I were visiting my divorced mother-in-law last month when she asked me to fix her computer. Being a nice guy that I am, I agreed and she said she would make it worthwhile for me. Man, did she ever!

The next night she made this great dinner for the three of us and the three of us finished four bottles of wine in two hours. My wife and Lynda went to bed early and I went to install the new modem that she wanted on her computer. It took a long time because it was an old computer and there were lots of problems. I finally got it working so I went on the net and it seemed to be working just fine. I turned off the computer and was heading upstairs when I walked by her room. The door was opened, and even though it was dark inside I could still see Lynda was sleeping on her side with her blanket kicked off the bed. I tiptoed in and was going to put the blanket back on her when I noticed her nightgown was hiked all the way up above her tiny waist. She has a great body for a 48 years old woman. She is about 5’5″, 110lbs, blond hair and blue eyes. Her ass is round and tight without any sign of cellulite. Her legs were nicely shaped and long. The sight of her beautiful ass has caused my heart beating a little faster and a stir in my crotch.

I tiptoed to the side of her bed, not knowing what I would do. I guess I just want to have a closer look of her fine bare ass. I leaned closer and took a deep breath of her pussy and ass. The smell gave me a boner instantaneously. I whispered in her ears to try to wake her up but there was no response. I shook her shoulders but she continued in her deep sleep. Both my wife and her mom are not good with alcohol and they often forget what happens after they passed out.

I still don’t know what gave me the courage but I stuck my wet tongue out and licked from her pussy all the way to her tiny puckered rosebud. She moaned softly and rolled onto her back, exposing her clean shaven pussy with her legs spread open. By now I was thinking with my dick and not my brain, I got bolder and started kissing her inner thigh. I used my middle finger to search for her clit and started rubbing gently. This made her moaned a little more and I could tell she was enjoying the attention because pussy lips were getting wet. Her beautiful face under the moonlight was so sexy and fuckable that I kissed her softly on the lips. I forced my tongue into her mouth and she dreamily darted hers into mine. I wondered if she was having a wet dream as she snaked her wet tongue in my mouth.

Feeling bolder, I took my shorts off and climbed onto the bed. I stroked my cock to its full length, then gently lifting Lynda’s legs on my shoulder, I slid my pulsating cock up and down the full length of her wet, swollen slit. My fingers continued the assault on her clit which has now grown very hard. The feeling of the head parting her puffy cunt lips was pure heaven but the heat of her sex was too much to handle. So without any warning I thrust my 8 inch dick into her well lubed vagina to the hilt. I felt the tip of my cock hitting her cervix and my balls slapped against her virgin asshole. The sensation of splitting her tight, velvety cunt muscles almost made me cum after one plunge. Finally, she was wakened by the sudden intrusion to her private sanctuary and woke up.

Seeing and having my cock in my mother-in-law’s pussy was too overwhelming for both her and I. “Oh jesus! What are you doing? Oh my god, please, you can’t! We can’t do this! You are married to my daughter! Oh god, oh!” Her voice was shaky, lustful but yet filled with uncertainty. With every ounce of concentration, I pleaded, “Please Lynda, you are so fucking beautiful, I just need to make love to you so bad!”

“But this is not right, we can’t do this,” she said softly, not wanting to wake up her daughter.

However, I was totally immersed in my love making to my gorgeous mother-in-law. I pleaded with her again, “Oh Lynda, you are so fucking hot! Oh god, I need to! Please mom, let me make love to you!”

My hands took hold her waist and now I was giving it to her. All the while Lynda kept saying, “We… can’t….do….this! This…is…not…right! I…am…your…mother-….in-……..Oh please……Oh!” She kept moaning but she didn’t nothing to stop me from fucking her hard and fast. In stead, her hands have now wondered to my ass and pulled my towards her in sync with every thrust. She was also using her muscles in her vagina to massage the entire shaft of my manhood. Her juice was oozing out of her pussy even though my fat cock had filled up her cunt. Finally, she told me softly, “Just this once, OK? Oh god, I’ve haven’t have a cock in me since he left. It feels so good!……Oh god! What am I saying?”

Holy shit, I thought, this beautiful woman hasn’t have a cock in her for the past 5 years! So I assured her as I fucked her pussy, “I am going to make you feel so good, Lynda, I promised I’ll take it slow.”

Not wanting to ignore anything, my hands crawled up from her tiny waist to her firm 36C tits as I fuck her on the same bed they did. Her firm breasts were melting in my skillful hands and her nipples got hard within seconds as I circled them ever so lightly with my fingers. Her protests have stopped and the only thing I could hear now was her moans. With every stroke, I made sure I pulled all the way out, then shoved it back in as fast and as hard as I could. I felt the tip of my penis pounding on the entrance of her cervix.

I reached down with my hands and started playing with her ass. With her pussy juice running down the crack of her ass, I circled her shaved anus with my finger for a while. She was getting nervous as her breathing became louder. Her look told me that she wondered what I would do with that finger down there. She gasped as I saw her eyes became wide opened when I pushed my finger up her virgin asshole. It went in without a hitch., and with plenty of fuck juice, I was not surprised how easy it was when I jammed a second finger up Lynda’s colon. Now having both holes jammed I picked up the pace and I could feel her cunt muscles twitching with my fingers through the thin wall between her pussy and her rectum.

“Oh Lynda, I need to fuck your ass now baby!” And I pulled out my fat cigar and placed it just outside the puckered rosebud. She took a deep breathe and asked,

“Please go slow, I’ve never had my ass fucked before and your cock feel so fucking big.” Not wanting to hurt her, I slowly eased the head of my dick into her virgin ass. It entered without any problem since it was well lubed and prepared by my fingers. As soon as the head popped pass the ring of muscles, the rest of the shaft slid in nicely. When I looked down between our hips, our eyes saw my entire 8″ cock was now completely buried inside Lynda’s shitter. My balls were right against her bare ass skin and my pubic hair now tickling her still dripping wet pussy.

Holding my dick inside her for about a minute, she prepared herself physically and mentally for the first ass-fucking she was going to receive. Her glassy blue eyes begged me to fuck her ass, “Oh god! Please fuck my ass, please do it NOW!” With that encouragement, I pulled out my pecker and started to fuck her ass furiously, forgetting her request for a slow initiation. Her hands were now caressing my chest and pinching my nipples between her fingers. I lowered my mouth to hers and we kissed passionately as I rammed her anus. Our tongues were dancing inside our mouths as I held her hands together above her head. I took complete control of my mother-in-law as I made taboo love to her. I only let go of her mouth when her breathing was getting too heavy that I thought she was going to pass out from our act of animal lust.

On the other hand, the fact that I am ass fucking my mother-in-law almost made me shot all my cum inside her colon after a few heavenly minutes. But I could feel the end is approaching fast when my balls were tightening up. She must have felt that when she whispered in my ears, “Please cum inside me! I want to feel your hot cum inside me!” She looked at me with her sultry blue eyes and I kissed her deeply on the mouth again. My pace has now picked up even more and her bed is now making that familiar squeaky sound. We broke out kiss and I told her, “I love you Lynda.”

She replied with a smile, “Please, call me mom and just fucking cum in my ass, will ya?” With that, numerous loads of hot jizz came squirting out of my gun inside her tight unpolluted ass. Even with such a tight fit, some managed to leaked out as we held each other in a tight embrace.

After a while, mom looked at me and said with a grin on her face, “I think I need a major computer overhaul, do you think you can come over more often?”

Brother and Sister watching a porno tape

Dilton and his sister Sabrina had just been watching a porno tape on the big screen TV in the livingroom late at night. Dilton had found the secret hiding place his father had for these tapes and this was the perfect night. Their parents were out for the evening. This particular tape had a lot cocksucking and pussy-eating and the scenes of the young people fucking were just wild. They sat in front of the screen watching intently, getting more and more excited themselves as they watched. After it was over, he quickly put the tape back where he had found it so his father couldn’t tell it had been moved, and they quickly headed upstairs to Dilton’s room after turning off the TV.

“It sure gave me a hard-on, Sabrina,” Dilton said, a catch in his voice.

“I saw it,” Sabrina confessed. “You’re still hard too, Dilton.” Her eyes glanced down, staring at where his cock was pushing up at his pajama bottoms.

“You wanna see it up close, Sabrina?”

“Maybe we shouldn’t, we’re too little,” Sabrina protested, but her eyes were hot on the rounded head of his cock as it pushed at his pajamas.

“Does my cock look too little?” Dilton asked. “if I can get a hard-on, I guess we should be able to do it.”

“Does it hurt?” Sabrina asked.

“I don’t know, Sabrina. I’ve never done it before either.”

“Well . . . we don’t have to really do it, do we?” Sabrina asked. “We can just sort of play a little.”

“Can I see you pussy, too?”

Sabrina lifted her sweet face and looked into her brother’s eyes for a breathless moment. Then she nodded, licking her lips, her eyes going back down to her brother’s lap.

“Take it out, Sabrina,” Dilton urged, his young voice husky. “Take it out and look.”

Sabrina’s small hand moved toward her brother’s cock. Her eyes were big and hot, half-glazed, lips parted. She touched Dilton’s cock through his pajamas with the tips of her fingers, and jerked her hand back.

“Ohhhh, Dilton, it’s hot!”

“That’s because it’s so hard, Sabrina,” her explained. “Go on . . . just wrap your hand around it and squeeze.”

I thought you wanted me to take it out of your pajamas?” Sabrina said, her voice throaty. “Don’t you want me to take it out and look at it?”

“Yeah!” Dilton moaned, leaning back on his hands, spreading his knees and offering his crotch to his sister. “Take it out and look at it.”

Sabrina’s small hand moved slowly to Dilton’s cock again. This time, as she touched his cock through his pajamas, she didn’t jerk away. Her eyes became larger as she ran her fingertips along the concealed shaft, from the head to his balls. Dilton writhed his hips, grinning at his sister.

“Ooooh, it feels so hard and hot!” Sabrina giggled. “I’m gonna take it out now. I wanna see it.”

Her small hand sneaked into the fly of his pajamas, and she pulled his cock out, making a purring sound of pleasure as she looked at it. He had a lovely swollen head on it. His pisshole was glistening wetly. His heavy balls were hairless and loaded with cum. She closed her small fist about his cock, flexing her fingers, gasping as she saw the head bulge, juices seeping from his pisshole. She flexed her fingers time after time watching the head of his cock.

“Move your fist up and down, Sabrina,” Dilton urged, lifting his hips up. “Pump it with your fist.”

“Like this?” Sabrina asked in a soft voice, jerking her fist up and down, sliding her hand from the base to the head.

Dilton couldn’t believe it. This was better than the time he and his best friend Jughead were in the woods and decided to jerk each other off. They had been in the showers after gym class, the last period of school, and Dilton noticed his friend Jughead’s hard- on. Jughead was soaping his balls and playing with himself and wasn’t at all bashful when he saw Dilton staring. It was almost like he wanted Dilton to look. Dilton couldn’t help noticing how plump and round Jughead’s ass was and how Jughead’s dick got longer and stiffer the more he stroked it. He also noticed how Jughead was looking at his, Dilton’s, dick and how it was rising into one of the best boners he had ever had.

His mind wandered back to the two of them walking home after school and into the woods, finding a secluded spot and both of them dropping their pants and underpants and each one grabbing the other boy’s dick. He was a little embarrassed at first, but the feeling of someone else’s hand on his boner and his hand on another boy’s dick made him quickly get over it. He almost hoped that Jughead would offer to suck him off, rather than just jerking him off. Jughead began feeling Dilton’s ass and Dilton did likewise to him. Before long, they had kicked off their shoes, pants and underpants. All that remained was their tee-shirts and their socks.

Suddenly, Dilton’s silent wish came true and Jughead removed his hand from Dilton’s dick only long enough to turn around and sink his mouth onto it! Dilton was in ecstasy! Jughead started to suck for all he was worth and began to fondle Dilton’s ass-cheeks. “WOW!” he thought. They were going to ’69’! With Jughead turned around working on his dick, he decided to do the same for Jughead.

It was the first time in his life he had ever seen another boy’s prick close up and he thought it was great. Oh sure, he had watched himself many times when he jerked off, but it wasn’t the same as seeing another boy’s boner like this. Jughead’s cock was very hard, yet the skin was so smooth. Jughead had just a little bit of hair at the base of his prick, and his balls, which hung low in their smooth sack, had no hair, just like Dilton’s. He ran his hands up and down Jughead’s smooth legs and plump ass-cheeks and began to suck away at his dick. The electric feeling was almost too much as Jughead began to fondle his legs and ass in the same way. “Man, this feels great!” he thought, having someone feel up his ass, as Jughead spread his ass-cheeks and probed his asshole with his finger. He though he would go out of his mind with delight!

Pretty soon both boys were rocking back and forth on the grass, each boy reaching the point of no return. They kept fondling each other’s ass, occasionally reaching around with a free hand to tug at and lick each other’s balls.

Suddenly, Dilton felt Jughead’s load of cum start to empty into his mouth. It tasted so good! With Jughead’s throbbing dick in his mouth, his own explosion started to rise in his prick and he let loose with the best load of cum he had ever had! Each boy kept sucking and sucking until they were both drained, and Dilton was sorry to see it end.

But it wasn’t the end. Jughead kept sucking on Dilton’s wilting cock and massaging Dilton’s balls with his free hand. His cock started to stiffen all over again! He had never been able to get a second hard-on so quick, but with Jughead’s expert tongue working on his shaft it was about to happen! Jughead sucked and licked on his boner like there was gonna be no tomorrow and it shot up into full erection. The massage his balls were getting was driving him crazy, and a fresh load of sperm was beginning to rise in his dick. Jughead kept licking and sucking his boy-meat lollipop and had his middle finger wedged between the cheeks of Dilton’s ass. When his finger reached its target of Dilton’s asshole, he couldn’t hold back any longer, and he let loose with a load of sperm as thick and creamy as his last one and filled Jughead’s mouth to the brim.

Jughead kissed Dilton’s dick and looked up to him with a smile as he licked some of Dilton’s cum dribbling from his mouth. Returning his head to Dilton’s crotch, he kissed and licked Dilton’s well-drained balls and dick and licked any dribbled cum off of his thighs and stomach. He continued to kiss, higher and higher, working up to Dilton’s bellybutton and stomach, reaching his chest and still hard nipples, and then his neck. When he reached Dilton’s mouth, they both french kissed for what seemed to be hours, but in reality lasted only a few minutes. Jughead made Dilton promise not to tell anyone of their little sex outing and said that he would love to do it again anytime Dilton wanted. Dilton promised, and secretly hoped that Jughead and he could do it again real soon.

Both boys started to get dressed and Jughead came up behind Dilton for one last feel. He reached around and under Dilton’s arms to feel his soft stomach and higher to rub his soft nipples, then slowly he worked down past his bellybutton to have one last feel of his ass and softened dick and balls before Dilton put on his underpants. Dilton reached around and pulled Jughead closer so he could rub Jughead’s ass, all the while Jughead had a hold on his crotch. Even after having been drained twice, it still felt great to have Jughead’s arms around him playing with his dick and balls. And the feeling of Jughead’s dick up against the crack of his ass was just too much. Maybe next time he would ask Jughead to spread his cheeks and stick his big boner in him!

Dilton’s mind was brought back to the present by his sister’s hand pounding on his dick and the cum beginning to swell in his balls.

“My pussy is so wet that my panties are soaked,” Sabrina giggled softly, shyly at her confession. “I’ve been wet before, but this time I’m drenched down there.”

“Let me see.” Dilton said.

“You really wanna see?” Sabrina replied, pulling her hand off his cock reluctantly. “Have you ever seen a girl’s pussy before, Dilton?”

“Sure,” he admitted. “I peeked one time when you were in the shower.”

“Dilton! You didn’t!” Sabrina squealed. “Well, you didn’t see much anyway.”

“No, not too much,” he said. “I saw your tits, but it was so fast, I wasn’t sure, and your ass.”

“Really? You peeked at me?”

He nodded.

“You’re naughty.” Sabrina giggled.

“Yeah, I know. Her brother grinned. “Isn’t that nice?”

“Well . . . sure,” Sabrina agreed.

“Come on, show it to me now, Sabrina.”

“Okay, I will.” She giggled softly.

Sabrina pulled her feet up onto her brother’s bed, lifting her little ass to jerk her gown away. Sabrina spread her slim legs and bent them at her knees slightly. She pulled her gown to her waist, showing the crotch of her tight little panties. Instead of pulling the crotch away, Sabrina shoved the elastic waist downward, opening her legs wider. She leaned back on one hand, holding her panties down with the other. Dilton made a gulping sound as he stared.

Sabrina’s young cunt was pink and sweet-looking. The slit was fine, with puffy little lips. It was hairless: nothing to hide the succulent slit of her cunt at all. She watched her brother’s face with glassy eyes, a slight flush on her face that could have been shyness or desire.

“You are wet, Sabrina,” Dilton said in a husky voice. “I can see you’re really wet.”

“Sometimes I play with it,” Sabrina confessed. “It makes me feel good when I rub on it, and you know what? . . . I can put my finger inside too!”

“Show me! Dilton groaned, turning on the bed so he faced his sister, his legs crossed, his cock standing up with jerking hardness. “Show me how you put your finger in it, Sabrina!”

“I’m embarrassed,” Sabrina giggled, but sat up and rubbed at the slit of her cunt a few times, then slowly eased her middle finger into it.

“Yeah!” Dilton moaned, leaning forward and watching closely. “Can I do it, Sabrina?” Dilton asked, sliding his hand up his sister’s inner thigh. “Let me stick my finger in you!”

“You gotta do it slow,” Sabrina said. “I like it slow, then go real fast when it starts feeling good.”

Sabrina pulled her finger out of her cunt, staring down between her thighs and watching her brother’s finger slip into it. She gurgled softly.

“Ohhhhhhhh, it feels better when you do it, Dilton.”

Dilton probed his sister’s cunt with his fingers, pushing and pulling it. His eyes burned as he watched. Sabrina twisted her little ass on the mattress, spreading her bent knees wider, her heels almost together. “Now do it faster, Dilton! It’s starting to feel good!”

Dilton stabbed into his sister’s cunt fast, making wet sounds as his knuckles smashed the sugary lips. Sabrina leaned back on her hands, lifting her cunt to him, her eyes closed as she cried out with growing ecstasy. Her cunt was very slippery and wet, with the juices seeping out and over the creamy curves of her cute little ass. She lifted her hips, pushing her cunt to her brother’s finger.

“Oooooh, Dilton!” she sobbed. “Faster please! It’s gonna happen!”

Dilton rammed as fast as he could, leaning down close, his eyes blazing on her pussy.

“Now, Dilton! Ohhh, yes, now!”

Sabrina’s hips jerked upward, her body stiffening. Sabrina tried to muffle the sounds of her rapture, but they came gurgling out anyway.

Dilton was panting, feeling his sister’s cunt grabbing at his finger. He was awed by the action seeing those pretty pink lips of her cunt squeeze and flex. He could see the tip of her small clit throbbing. He thrust his finger into her cunt, holding it there, and feeling the waving ripples of the soft, satiny flesh of her cunt grip him.

Sabrina’s small body shuddered, then with a long sigh, she relaxed, her ass lowering back to the bed. Her face was flushed and her eyes shone as she smiled at her brother.

“You can take your finger out now, Dilton,” she said, breathing heavily. You made me do it.”

Dilton pulled his finger out of his sister’s pussy, looking at her face. “I made you cum, didn’t I, Sabrina?”

“Ooooh, yes,” Sabrina sighed. “You made me cum better than I do it for myself.”

“You wanna make me cum now?”

“You’re really hard, aren’t you?” Sabrina said, seeing his cock jerking from the fly of his pajama bottoms. “I bet you’d cum real fast.”

“I’m almost afraid for you to touch my cock,” he said. “I might cum right then.”

His cock rose inside his pajama pants, the head looking as if it were trying to find a way past the leg.

“Touch yourself, Sabrina,” he whispered. “I want to see you play with your little cunt while you take my cock.”

Sabrina didn’t hesitate. Her hand moved up her thigh and she ran a finger up and down the slit of her cunt. Her other hand sneaked to her brother’s lap, where she squeezed his cock through his pajamas.

Suddenly, with a soft cry, Sabrina twisted her body around until she could push her face onto her brother’s lap. She pulled Dilton’s dick from the fly of his pajamas and Dilton let out a gasp of pleasure when she began to run her wet tongue about the swollen head of his cock. Sabrina closed her eyes as she licked, running her tongue up and down the hard shaft, then swirling it eagerly about the smooth head, tapping the tip into his pisshole. As she licked her brother’s hot rod, Sabrina shoved her hand into her cunt, smashing at her knotted clit, stabbing a finger into her slit. She held one leg high, knee bent, exposed lewdly.

“Suck it!” Dilton hissed. “Oh Sabrina suck my cock! I want you to wrap those pretty lips around my cock and suck! Ohhh, baby, take it in your hot little mouth!”

Squealing eagerly, Sabrina opened her mouth and closed her soft lips about Dilton’s cock, sinking her face down. Her fingers plunged even faster into her pussy as she tasted the hard heat of his meat. Her lips spread and stretched as her mouth filled.

“Oh, God, yes!” Dilton whimpered. “Eat it, Sabrina! Ohhh, baby, eat my hard dick!”

Sabrina bobbled her sweet face up and down, sucking on Dilton’s throbbing prick with hunger. Her wet tongue swished and twisted. She alternated her speed, sucking fast a number of times, then slowly as she purred with delight.

“Take my fucking pants off!” Dilton groaned. “Pull these fucking pants off my ass and suck that dick, Sabrina!”

Sabrina lifted her mouth and tugged at her brother’s pajama bottoms. Dilton lay back, his face expressing his ecstasy. His cock stood up stiffly as his sister removed his pajamas. She loved the smooth feeling of his plump ass as she rubbed up and down his dimpled buns, and the way her fingers could run up and down the crack of his ass. Dilton moaned and she could tell he liked it as much as she like doing it to him. Then, lying at his side, Sabrina leaned over and began to suck his cock again, cupping his young, hot hairless balls in her hand. Sabrina pushed her mouth down on his cock as far as she could, cooing in ecstasy.

Sensing he was about to explode with a load of cum, and wanting to keep his hard-on up as long as possible, she moved her hands down and spread her brother’s feet, and began to lick up the inner surfaces of her brother’s thighs, tantalizing him and giving him a slight chance to cool off a bit. Then, without warning, she pushed her face into Dilton’s crotch, nuzzling at his hot balls, kissing them, licking them, gazing at his beautiful, stiff dick.

“Ohhh, sweet, sweet little cocksucker!” Dilton moaned as Sabrina pulled her brother’s hot balls into her mouth, sucking and licking hungrily.

“Ohhh, Sabrina!” Dilton grunted as he felt her sucking his balls. “Oooooh, that’s sooooo good! My balls . . . Oh, suck my balls! Eat my prick, Sabrina! Lick my balls and suck my dick!”

Dilton decided he couldn’t keep his hands off his sister any longer. He moved his arm across the velvety flesh of her slender thigh and caressed Sabrina’s tight little ass as she sucked him.

Sabrina wiggled her ass to her brother’s hand, purring softly about his cock. Turning her body, she opened her legs wide. She lay on her side, her mouth stuffed with her brother’s hard cock, while he cupped her sugary pussy. The he began to rub at the steamy slit as she sucked his hairless balls.

“Fuck me Dilton!” she cried out. “Fuck me with your finger! Oh, please fuck me!”

Dilton shoved two of his fingers into her cunt and began to plunge them in and out. Now that her cunt was being stimulated, Sabrina began to suck wildly on her brother’s cock.

“Ohhh, go to it, Sabrina!” Dilton gasped. “Suck it hard! Oh, baby, eat my balls . . . eat my balls and eat my cock!”

Sabrina alternated sucking hard on his balls and bobbing up and down on his dick. Dilton drove his fingers faster and deeper into the gripping cunt of his sister and she churned her hips with the motion.

“Ohhh, that’s fantastic!” Dilton gurgled. “Stick a finger up my ass, Sabrina!”

Dilton had his ass lifted from the bed, urging his sister to swallow his cock. Sabrina darted a stiff finger into the crack of his ass and rubbed the crinkle of his asshole. She exerted pressure, and her finger slipped deep into the tight ring of his asshole. Dilton yelped, but otherwise made no protest. On the contrary it started to feel fantastic and it almost made him cum.

Once again Sabrina greedily spread her lips about Dilton’s cock. She didn’t find it difficult at all to pump her finger in his asshole and lick at his cock and balls and then take him deep into her throat.

Dilton twisted his ass about, gasping as his balls hardened and throbbed. He was dripping pre-cum juices from his pisshole, and when his sister lifted her mouth, it ran down the shaft of his cock. But his sister, with soft murmurs, began to lick up and down, on both his cock and his balls. Sabrina was squeezing and twisting his balls while fingering his asshole. He was about to go out of his mind with ecstasy.

“I’m about to cum!” he shouted. “Suck meeeee! Oh, please, suck me! Ohhh,my balls are on fire and my cock is gonna really spurt!”

Sabrina gave a little gasp as her tongue moved faster on his dick. When Dilton exploded, she had her tongue right over the head of his dick. She squealed as Dilton came, spewing creamy boy-juice over her tongue and into her mouth. Then, as he spewed hotly, rapidly, Sabrina flicked and licked at his pisshole and up and down his now drained balls as he came.

“Ohhhhhhhh, that was so fucking good!” Dilton moaned softly as his cock deflated. “I sure came!!”

Sabrina giggled again, licking at the juices clinging to his softening dick. With a little cry, she pushed her cunt onto Dilton’s fingers, and came. Dilton felt the tight little pussy clutch his fingers, and pumped them in and out until the spasm ended.

Mike, Chris and a prego bitch

When she next wrote to me, I read her “idea” and came to the conclusion that she was telling me the truth. She wrote me what you will see below, between the double brackets. Except for a few “cosmetic” changes, every word is hers, and you might just enjoy seeing it as I received it. I have lost contact with her (her e-mail address returns a Daemon saying that the site doesn’t recognize her address) but I hope she’s still out there, somewhere, and continuing to record her memoirs.

OK, well, here is some food for a good story. I use to spend summers with my grandmother when I was growing up. My two uncles were still living at home. They are not much older than me. Chris is 6 years older and Michael is 8 years older. My grandmother lived on a farm in the midwest. She and Grandpa had adopted two orphaned boys that I called my Uncles. Grandpa died many years before the time I’m going to tell you about. The land wasn’t farmed much but was completely owned by Grandma. She would go in at the crack of dawn every day to work at a factory in town. That is when the fun began.

It started off with Chris and Michael crawling in bed beside me. They would hug me and tell me to go back to sleep. They eventually adventured on to massaging my back and then my butt and finally to spreading my legs and slipping their fingers in and out of my pussy and ass. At that time of my life, I didn’t really know exactly what they were doing. I really didn’t know anything about sex and I didn’t know I had much of anything to slip a finger in and out of down there. I would lie on my tummy and pretend to be asleep. Eventually, the more I relaxed and pretended I didn’t know what was going on, the more I began to enjoy it. I was very attracted to my “uncles”.

They finally caught on one day that I was awake when I let out a small moan. Michael had pulled my panties off, spread my legs, and started licking on my pussy. I had never felt anything like it. Chris was sucking on my nubile breast. I couldn’t keep on pretending. I accidentally moaned. They started laughing. I guess they knew all along that I was faking it. Michael told me, “Baby, it’s okay. We won’t tell, we just want you to learn some stuff and no one else will know our secret.” I would let them play with me time and time again. It felt so increasingly good, and besides, they said there was nothing wrong with it, and they were, after all, my “uncles.”

By the next year, Mike moved into an apartment in town. Sometimes I would go into town to spend the weekend. One night Mike gave me a night gown he had bought for me to wear over at his house only. It had bikini panties that tied on each side and a flowing lacy top that also tied on each side. I went to bed early that night. Chris came over with a couple of his friends. They turned on a movie and I went to sleep in my room. Finally, a little later, Chris came in and asked if I wanted to watch a movie with them. I crawled out of bed and climbed onto Uncle Mike’s lap. I was still halfway asleep when Mike repositioned me to be facing away from him, so that I was leaning back against his chest with my legs on either side of his. Then he began lightly rubbing my breasts and pinching my nipples. Slowly, he untied each side of my panties and began massaging my pussy. I felt great embarrassment when I woke up and realized what he was doing to me with all his of friends watching. I also came to the realization that the movie they were watching was a porn movie. I had never seen anything like it before. I got scared and stiffened up. Mike started rubbing my arms, kissing my neck and ears, and saying, “It’ll be okay, baby. No one will know. We just want to relieve a little stress for the boys.”

Up to this point, I had never seen a cock; Mike and Chris had shown great restraint in the past by only playing with me at night. Anyway, Mike kept telling me to relax and just watch the movie. Meanwhile, he kept running his fingers in and out of my (now) wet pussy, and down to the crack to my ass. Occasionally he would try to run a finger in and out of my ass hole. He kept asking me if it felt good. And asking if I enjoy what I was seeing in the movie. I know that at that age I maybe shouldn’t have gotten so hot, but they had sort of been working me up to this for a long time, and it felt so good that I just gave in to the yearnings of my young body.

Finally, at some point in the evening, Chris came over and grabbed my ankles and held them spread open on each side of Mike’s legs, which he also spread apart. He began sucking and licking on my cunt. He rammed one and then two fingers in my pussy. Finally he said it was time to learn what it meant to be a woman. One of the guys said, “Hey, stick a bottle up her pussy first.” Chris grabbed Mike’s nearly full beer bottle and pushed it up in my pussy. They leaned me back so that the beer ran all the way in me. Another of their friends came over and started sucking the beer off my cunt and legs. Mike stood up, holding me around my breasts with one arm, and dropped his pants. He sat me down on his lap again, with his cock sticking up between my legs, and told me to squeeze my legs together. He kept ramming it between my tightly closed legs. Finally he said, “Baby, I can’t take it any more.” He put me on the floor on my hands and knees, and rammed his cock in my mouth. He kept saying, “I love you. I love you. Suck it. Suck it like a lollipop, you cock sucker. You are my sweet little cock sucker.”

Chris got behind me and started playing with my ass. He was licking my hole and kept saying he didn’t want to get me pregnant. He began ramming his fingers in and out of my ass. Mike came all over my face. He bent down and started kissing my lips and telling me what a wonderful cocksucker I could be with a little practice. He wrapped my arms around his waist, holding me down while Chris began unzipping his pants. I started to feel some pressure on my behind. Mike said, “Baby, this is going to hurt, but I just want you to know I love you and this is for your own good.” Searing, ripping pain tore through my ass. I have never felt such pain in my life. One of their friends got underneath me and started sucking on my nipples. They told me to relax, and that I would learn to love it. Someone else took Mike’s place and shoved their cock in my face. They taught me, patiently, how to suck cock.

I began to feel a warm sensation all over my body. It was incredible. As I had my first orgasm, Chris came in my ass while another guy was face fucking my mouth. Finally one of the guys turned me over after Chris wiped his cum all over my ass, and held me down. One guy held both hands while two others ripped my legs apart, and another one came at me with his hard, red cock. There was no mercy in his face. He rammed that hard thing in me and I let out an ear piercing scream. They laughed and poured beer all over my torn body.

Many nights following that, I became a card night special for these guys. I was dessert after dinner on the table, and a card winners fuck after game night. I experienced all kinds of perversion, from having clips on my nipples to being held down while one of their friend’s dogs licked me clean after a card playing gang bang.

I have to tell you, I fantasize about a man that will fuck me hard and mercilessly like that. I love all kinds of sadistic fucking.

My goodness… pussy is just dripping wet right now. I wish you could just watch me ramming my fingers in and out of my wet pussy right now. Uhmmmmm, my fingers taste so sweet. I am just picturing you watching me while I come all over myself. I could certainly use a hard cock rammed up my pussy right now.

Please feel free to use any of this to write a story about. It is a true story for me. It would turn me on to see it on the Internet one night. ]]

So, dear reader, there you have it. Short. Poignant. And, in my never humble estimation, probably true for the most part. Could it have been elongated and massaged into a good story? Absolutely. But it has impact just the way it is. As she wrote it to me. Or do you believe I have put this whole thing together as an authors trick? Would I do that to you? After all that we’ve meant to each other? Nope! Her story might not actually be true, but you can be assured that I’m playing this one straight. You can trust me the same as you could trust a precious neighbor. Honest. As for the title of this story making sense – to one person it will make sense. That’s good enough for me.

Toilet Slave

Kaylie texted Ashley “SBMH” which meant “smoke break, my house” and that they would meet on Kaylie’s dad’s patio, smoking cigarettes and hang out. Their two houses backed up to each other in the neighborhood separated by a small greenspace and they’d been living there since birth. They were inseparable since the age of five and now both being 16, very well versed in the ways of adult pleasure.

Ashley smoked her first cigarette at age 13 and Kaylie quickly picked up her friend’s habit as well. They were nearly identical both physically and psychologically. Many people seeing them together often mistook them for sisters and sometimes twins. Both had better than average physical builds, blonde, similar aptitudes in schools, the same tastes in music, boys, girls, clothes and about everything else. Continue reading Toilet Slave