Chained Slave Wife

Who can judge a person’s reactions during stress situations? The prisoner of war who gives in to his captors’ demands, the kidnapped heiress who joins forces with her abductors — both must act without past experience to guide them. The end result can be either a very negative or positive experience.

In CHAINED SLAVE WIFE, Sally Akins finds herself in such a situation. Because of her frigidity, her husband has decided to enslave her in chains and degrade her — the end result is a wife whose passion has no limits.

Though Sally suffers through an unspeakably horrible experience, she comes thought with her sensibilities intact, knowing that bondage has unleashed her sexuality.


Sylvia Kern heard the crunch of the tires on the gavel. Patrick, her husband was home. She felt her pussy convulse, and she glanced hurriedly round the room to make sure everything was in its place. The lighting was soft and seductive, the ropes were out if he wanted to use them, and the padded bench was in place in the center of the carpet. She heard him open the front door.

“Hi honey,” she called.

“Hi,” he shouted. “Any coffee on?”

“Yes, the pot’s on the stove.”

She waited breathlessly while she heard him clinking mugs and opening the refrigerator. It was only a few minutes, but to her it seemed like hours before he opened the bedroom door and came in. Patrick was tall, over six feet, and his muscular body had stayed firm for the ten years of their marriage. Instantly he knew what was on her mind, and he grinned, tossed his jacket over a chair and sat down in another chair, eyeing Sylvia as she got up off the bed and paraded slowly into the middle of the room.

“Did you have a nice evening with John?” she asked sliding a hand slowly into the opening of her long robe.

“Well, the poor fucker’s really in a mess,” said Patrick, easing back in the chair and stretching his legs. “It’s that bitch of a wife of his.” He grinned again and yawned, taking a gulp of his coffee. “Apparently, she’s dressing up in all this seductive gear and turning him on, then pulling away and treating him as if he’s some kind of sex fiend and should be locked up. The poor bastard’s jerking off for relief.”

“You know what she needs,” said Sylvia, so taken with the idea she stopped running her hands over her body. “How about we get them to take a weekend with us and Cindy and Hank? At the cabin? That would break her in. And Cindy said they’ve got a new slave you’ve just got to fuck. How about that?”

Patrick gazed at his wife for a few seconds. “Worth a try,” he said. “Ill call Hank in the morning.”

“Good,” said Sylvia and moved closer to him. “I hope you’re ready.” She began opening the top of her robe. “I was a really bad girl today.”

“Uh-huh,” said Patrick, feeling his cock already stiffening in his pants.

“Yes,” said Sylvia softly, opening her robe the rest of the way and dropping it on the floor. “A really bad girl.”

After all these years, Patrick still gasped as she stood there. Her long wavy brunette hair flowed over her shoulders and her blue eyes were wide with expectation and desire. But it was the fact that Sylvia wore her schoolgirl uniform that really turned Patrick on. She was hot. She really wanted it tonight. The white, low-cut blouse just covered the lower half of her thrusting tits, and the dark-blue straps of her schoolgirl dress just ran over the nipples, keeping them hidden from view. The pleated skirt stopped well short of her knees, flaring out over her taut ass cheeks. Below the dress were her white stockings, matching the blouse and outlining a pair of legs that begged to be stretched open. The high heels she wore accentuated those legs to the point that Patrick wanted to leap out of the chair and ram his cock into her pussy right away, but he restrained himself. He had some work to do first.

“So you were a bad girl, were you?” he asked.

“Oh, yes sir,” she whispered, sounding as if she were terrified. “I was a very bad girl, sir.” She gasped at the thought and ran her hands over the short skirt, easing it up as she caressed her thighs.

“So what did you do?” asked Patrick, rubbing his cock in his pants.

“I watched a dirty movie, sir,” said Sylvia softly, her voice trembling, her hands on her waist and running up to the swelling mounds of her tits.

“I see,” said Patrick.

“And I… I made myself come, sir, while I watched it,” said Sylvia.

“That is certainly a very bad girl,” agreed Patrick. He sat up a little in the chair. “We shall have to punish you very severely for that.”

“Yes, sir, you must,” Sylvia gasped, her fingers now opening the top button of her blouse and slipping wantonly in to pinch her hard nipples.

“Take my shoes and socks off,” Patrick ordered.

Willingly Sylvia came forward, knelt at his feet and slipped his casuals off. Then she took his socks off and toned them aside.

“My shin, girl,” Patrick ordered.

“Oh, yes, sir,” Sylvia whispered.

Slowly she worked her hands up his strong body, running them over the stiff cock-bulge in his pants, then over his chest until she was at the open neck of his shirt. She half stood, nuzzling her lips into his neck as her fingers rapidly opened his shirt and pulled it out of the waistband of his pants.

“Did I tell you to kiss me?” he snapped.

“Oh, sorry, sir.”

Sylvia pulled his shirt away and then, on the next order, she knelt again and pulled the zipper of his pants down, opening the button reaching in for his prick. She moaned at the hardness and strength of his cock, pulling it to her hot slick lips.

“Did I tell you to suck my cock?” Patrick asked, his voice full of menace.

“Oh, no, sir, no you didn’t,” Sylvia said, her voice cracking as she moaned again and licked at the tip of his prick.

“Take my pants off and leave my cock alone,” he said.

“Please, sir — let me suck it, just a bit more,” Sylvia begged, her tongue flicking over his cock, her hands on his balls.

“If you don’t stop at once, I’ll start counting, and you get one extra stroke of the whip for each number.”

Patrick leaned back, in the chair and slowly counted to ten. Sylvia kept going crazy on his cock. She was even hotter than he had thought. In fact, she was going to bring him off at any moment.

“Oh, please, sir,” she begged. “Please let me suck you off sir. I was such a bad girl. Then you must whip me till you’re hard again and then have me anyway you want. Please, sir.” She ran her open mouth down the length of his cock until she was licking his balls and her fingers ran up and down his rock-hard fucker. “Please, sir? I’ll be such a good girl.”

“This is your last chance,” he said. “If your mouth goes over my cock once more, that’s exactly what you’ll get.”

With a groan of utter lust, Sylvia worked her mouth back up his cock and took it deep into her mouth again.

Patrick got to his feet and pulled her onto his throbbing prick. His hands wound themselves in her hair and he held her close, letting her mouth work inches on and off his cock. Sylvia murmured deep in her throat and her hands went down to her pussy, sliding inside her panties and working the clit. Patrick threw his head back and pulled her willing mouth right onto his cock, fucking it into her throat.

“Oh, shit!” he shouted, pulling at her hair until his cock was in her mouth to the balls.

“Suck me, you little whore.” He began pulling his prick out, watching as she took in air with great heaving sobs and licked over the head of his prick while she hung onto the prickshaft as if for dear life. Sylvia leaned in, her hair still in his grasp, letting him ram home again until she could feel his cock fucking in and out of her throat. She let her throat muscles work on his cock, tightening, then releasing.

“Shit, am I gonna whip your ass,” he snarled.

“Whip it until I’m hard enough again to fuck it. Fuck that ass of yours, when it’s still red and throbbing. Make you scream, you little whore, make you scream!”

“Oh, yes, sir — yes, I deserve it, I was so bad today,” she gasped. “Oh, come in my mouth, please come in my mouth.”

“Suck,” he said, and pulled her in again. The soft red lips surrounded his cock tightly, forming a perfect circle as her wicked tongue started to work the underside of his cock shaft and he knew he wasn’t going to last much longer. “That’s right, you bitch.”

Sylvia’s hand went back down to her cunt, but Patrick saw her do it.

“Get that hand back on my cock,” he ordered. “You come by sucking me, or you don’t come, bitch.”

For one desperate second Sylvia let her fingers close over her twitching clit, and that was more than enough. The first pulse of orgasm shot out from her pussy and all over her body. She sucked on his cock, taking it even deeper. She moaned as her orgasm burst harder through her, the sound muffled on his cock. Desperately, she pulled him closer, until her face was flush against his dark cock hair and her throbbing tits could scrape against the stiff hair on his thighs. Again she moaned, working her tits up and down his legs.

Then she felt his cock leap as it always did just before it was about to shoot. He was yelling as the cum burst out of his piss slit to stream out into her hot mouth. She moaned with a final wave of orgasm as the salty cock cream pumped down her throat and she swallowed, again and again, taking it down. But even then, the cum backed up, filling her cheeks until she let some of it escape from her lips and flow down over her chin.

“Oh, yes!” Patrick yelled as his cock fucked in and out of her red lips, shooting cum all the time. “Suck it all down!”

He watched as her tongue flicked out to get more of his jism. Sucking as the slid down, the last waves of her orgasm washing over her, Sylvia took the last shots of cum from her husband. Then she cleaned his cummy cock with her mouth and caught the cum on her chin with her fingers and licked them clean, too. Then she just sat at his feet and looked up at him. Her short skirt just covered the tops of her thighs and her blouse was now open almost to the waist, showing the whole of her tit.

Patrick looked down at her.

“Now get me the whip,” he said. “I’ll teach you not to suck me off before I tell you to.”

“Yes, sir,” she said, and she got to her feet, flicking her skirt so that he could see her panties as she did so.


Sylvia walked over to the closet and came back with the leather whip. It had a short handle, and nine strips of knotted leather reached out about four feet.

“Here you are,” she whispered, and she gave it to Patrick.

“So you finger-fucked yourself to a porno movie,” he said softly, running the thongs of the whip through his fingers.

“Yes, sir,” said Sylvia, spreading her legs and lifting the hem of her skirt until it was clear of the stocking tops. “I watched one about a girl getting raped by four men, sir. Oooohh, the things they made her do, sir.”

Her fingers were inside her panties, rubbing the slick damp flesh of her pussy.

“I see,” said Patrick, watching as his wife worked her cunt back, up into a frenzy. “And how many times did you come?” He flicked the whip threateningly through the air.

“Oh, I don’t know, sir. Lots of times, everytime she came when they shot cum all over her face or into her ass, sir.”

“Bend over the bed,” said Patrick.

Sylvia gasped again and fucked a finger into her pussy before obeying. Their bed was high off the ground, especially for these occasions. The top of the mattress was just at Sylvia’s waist and she bent down over it, spreading her arms out on the cover, her face deep in the soft warm down of the comforter. Her breathing was getting ragged again and her pussy started to run as Patrick slowly walked around the bed, looking at her. His hands moved over her ass, and he slowly eased one of his fingers into the crotch of her panties, still covered by her schoolgirl skirt. With the command of a true master, he slowly fucked his finger into her cunt, making her body roll and twitch at the sensations.

“You horny little bitch.”

His hands pulled at the waistband of her panties, pulling them down, over the stocking tops and down her legs until he made her step out of them. Then he walked away and she stayed there, face down, waiting for whatever he chose to do next. Suddenly she felt the leather thong around her ankle. He pulled her legs farther open and tied her ankles to the stout wooden support of the bed.

Sylvia moaned and gasped and the first spasms of new orgasms flicked around her throbbing little cunt and ran down into her thighs and belly. But Patrick wasn’t finished yet. He walked slowly to the head of the bed, lashing more thongs around her wrists and tying those to the headboard. Then Sylvia was utterly helpless.

He moved closer and flipped the blue skirt up, over her ass to her waist. Now she was totally exposed, her rounded ass cheeks bare except for the small, white panties that concealed very little. They hugged close to the deep cavern of her ass, but he still leaned in and gently slid the sides together until all of the nylon was gathered in the crack of her ass.

“Well now,” he said, and he stepped back, lining her ass up, swinging the whip though the air, letting her hear it. “Such a naughty little girl.”

“Aaaaaghhh!” Sylvia screamed as the whip cut across the taut flesh of her ass cheeks. Patrick lined it up again and lashed down, getting another scream from his wife.

“I’m sorry for all this pain, my dear,” he said softly. “But you have been such a bad girl, I’m going to I have to whip you very hard.” He thrashed the rolling globes of her ass again.

“Oh, yes!” Sylvia screamed. “Oh, God, I’ve been so bad. Oh, punish me, please, punish me.”

She screamed again and again as Patrick settled in and gave her ass a series of hard, regular whippings. Again and again he whipped her until her ass was red, the tortured ass flesh flinching under each impact.

She yelled, her body going crazy under the beating, her ass thrusting up and down, reaching unashamedly for each downward beat of the knotted leather. Her ass cheeks got steadily redder as Patrick thrashed her again and the pain shot all over her body, mingling with the excitement of her rising come, pain and pleasure mixing, the orgasms building to an incredible climax.

But the bastard wasn’t going to let her have her orgasm yet. Patrick knew her perfectly. He watched as her ass circled in the air and she begged for more, begged to be punished for being such a bad girl. Then, as he should have given her another hard whipping, he held his hand, watching as her body tensed for the stroke, then trembled when it didn’t come.

“Oh, please!” she yelled. “Please, I’m going to come, please, whip me, please, please, please!”

Patrick walked to the head of the bed and moved over onto the mattress and sat between his wife’s bound arms. She whimpered and cried, her body held just short of the great climax she wanted so much.

“You told me to whip you until my cock was hard again,” said Patrick. He yanked her head up by the hair again and rammed her mouth onto his prick. “Do you think it’s hard enough yet?”

His prick was as hard as it had been the moment it shot the first cum-load into her mouth. Sylvia rolled her lips round the huge cock shaft, sank it deep into her throat. He pulled her head back up.

“Oh, no, sir,” she gasped. “No, it’s not hard enough yet, sir. It’s all my fault. You must whip me again, please, sir, whip me again.” She groaned and tried to suck his cock again, but he held her head away from it, “Please, sir, please. I’ll do anything, anything.”

Satisfied, Patrick got back off the bed and Sylvia gasped with, new lust as she heard the whip sing through the air and crash onto her ass again. She sobbed, her face in the bed, her ass longing for the new pain he had promised her.

This time he didn’t cheat her. At the top of each upward thrust of her red, throbbing ass, the whip crashed down to add another row of stripes to the soft ass flesh. Her ass cheeks were inflamed and the pain flowed through her entire body, reaching to the tips of her nipples as they rubbed deep into the bed, helping her get herself off. The orgasm grew and grew inside her body, the whip adding new dimensions until it burst deep in her guts, exploding outwards, and she could hear herself in an endless scream of release as the whip peaked each throb of come, raising her higher until she gave one final yell and collapsed on the bed, the tension broken, her body relaxing.

But she wasn’t finished and she knew it. She felt his expert hands running aver her ass cheeks, softly, caressing.

“Now that’s a good little girl,” she heard him say through the haze of her slowly dying come. “I think we can give you a little reward for all that.” A jet of soothing lotion shot over the burning globes of her ass.

Softly, he spread the lotion over her ass. The cool liquid spread over the red ass flesh and Sylvia murmured contentedly as he slowly spread it and worked it in, giving her a wonderful slow massage, kneading the ass flesh until it relaxed and Sylvia lay there contentedly.

Then his fingers took the lotion to the puckered entrance of her ass, and the very touch sent Sylvia into a new moan of arousal.

“I told you to stop sucking my cock, and you refused to. I counted to ten, didn’t I?”

Sylvia mowed and her ass thrust up at his hands again and fucked her asshole onto his creamed fingers.

“Oh, yes, sir — oh, yes!” Sylvia screamed, as his fingers scissored inside her ass.

“Then I’ll have to give you ten strokes of the whip before fucking this little ass of yours, won’t I?”

“Oh yes, yes sir, whatever you think, whatever you want,” she moaned.

She felt his fingers pull out of her ass. Again that very action triggered her body and pinpricks of orgasm ran from her cunt and asshole around the rest of her body.

“One,” said Patrick, and he whipped her ass. Sylvia yelled and heaved on the bed.

“Two. Three. Four. Five.”

“Aaaaggghhh! You fucking bastard!”

“Six. Seven. Eight.”

“You fucking sonofabitch. I hate you!”

“Nine. One more.”

“Fuck you. I hate you. You dirty fucking bastard. Fuck off!”


And Patrick threw the whip onto the floor and advanced on his wife’s bound figure over the bed. He squirted a handful of lotion over his hands and ran it over the stiff pole of his cock. Brutally, he fucked his fingers into her asshole again.

Suddenly he fucked his cock up her ass and Sylvia screamed as his balls slapped against her clit. She wept, her head in the soft comforter, her asshole widened by the hard prick fucked deep into it. He pulled his cock almost out and she moaned and begged incoherently with all the movements he made.

Impaled on his cock, helplessly bound to the bed, Sylvia went into her final and hardest come of the night. His cockmeat deep in her ass guts sent her into utter ecstasy. She fucked her ass on his cock, and he held it there, letting her move as she wanted, her ass muscles sucking and pulling at his prick.

“Oooooogghh shiiittttt!” she yelled, the orgasms exploding through her body, her wrists and ankles pulling at the leather thongs. Her ass became a blur as she fucked herself on his cock, giving herself every last ounce of the satisfaction she wanted. “Oooooo fuck, ohhhh shit!”

She felt his cock heave again and suddenly the cum splattered deep in her ass guts and his hips went wild, thrusting her body harder and harder onto the bed as the cum shot out of his cock and was rubbed into the walls of her ass with each fuck-thrust of his prick.

Her orgasm peaked and went over the top. As his stiff cock lifted her off the bed and held her there while he shot the last of his cum into her ass, she moaned and relaxed, letting him shoot until his prick grew soft and slid out of her ass.

He slowly walked around, his cummy cock twitching slowly down, and made her clean the last of his cum off it with her tongue. Then he released the thongs and she murmured and rolled into a satiated heap on the bed. Very gently, he undressed her, slipping each article of clothing off and then covering her with the sheets and comforter.

“It’s going to be one hell of a weekend with Cindy and Hank,” he said, kissing her face softly.

“Mmmmmmnnnnn,” she murmured. “I’ll have to go into training for that. Promise you’ll help?”

He chuckled, kissed her again, and she fell asleep.


John Akins got home to a very different reception. He put the car into the garage and went upstairs. Sally, his wife, was in their bedroom. She was a tall, statuesque, beautiful blonde, her long hair falling well below her shoulders, wide-set eyes and a full, sensuous mouth. She wore a silken gown and was lying back on the bed, watching television.

“Hello, darling,” she said. “Did you have a good evening?”

“Yes,” said John thickly.

He had drunk too much, as usual. It was the only way he could face his bitch of a wife. He looked at her dully and started to walk toward the bathroom.

“Oh, darling, do you like what I got today?” asked Sally brightly, hopping off the bed. “I think it looks wonderful.”

She opened the robe and let it fall to the floor. Beneath, she wore only a nylon playsuit in blue and black. The transparent blue fabric covered her from her magnificent tits to about six inches above her pussy. There the black nylon strings took over, holding the playsuit between her legs, but open, so that the blonde hair of her cunt taunted him. Black ruffles ran around her tits, but covered nothing. Black straps held the suit in place around her neck.

“Do you like it?” Sally asked, swaying her hips and slowly opening her legs.

“Yes,” said John, and he turned to try and get to the bathroom again.

“Don’t you think it fits nicely over my breasts?” Sally said, coming forward, her fingers on her nipples, playing with them as she closed in on him.

“Yes,” he said, and he tried to escape again.

John’s head was swimming. However many times Sally played this game with him, he always fell for it. Perhaps this time she would give in and let him fuck her. He stood helplessly as Sally came up to him.

“Just look at the way it fits me,” she whispered, close to him, almost touching. “It makes me look so good, doesn’t it?”

“Yes!” John almost shouted, but he didn’t surrender quite yet.

“Oh good, I was hoping you’d like it,” Sally whispered sensuously, and she slowly turned away.

John grabbed for his wife, swung her around to him, planted a desperate kiss on the soft red lips that teased him so unmercifully.

“John!” Sally yelled as if utterly surprised by his behavior. “What do you think you’re doing?” She stood in front of him, looking utterly outraged. “That’s all you want, isn’t it? Sex, sex, sex, that’s all that’s on that nasty little mind of yours. Well, there are other things in life you know, other things that you wouldn’t know about because you’re such a beast. I’m just disgusted with you.”

Throughout her whole tirade, John stood silently, his head lowered, his hands compulsively opening and closing into fists again. His rage burned so hot he didn’t know if he could hold it in. Again and again, in his mind, he repeated his father’s words to him: “Never raise your hand to a woman, bay, never whatever the provocation. Never, do you hear me?”

So he waited until Sally went back to bed, put her robe on and went back to watching the television. Then he went into the bathroom.

When he was gone, Sally laughed to herself and ran her fingers down into her soft little cunt. John was such a wimp, she could do whatever she liked to him. Before long she’d have him begging for every favor, licking her feet for a glimpse of her pussy. She rolled and spread her long shapely legs, allowing her fingers to run over the swollen bud of her clit inflamed from the teasing she had given John. Slowly, she rolled her clit, enjoying the soft rising of her passion.

Soon she’d have John just where she wanted him, make him watch as she finger-fucked herself, then make him jerk herself off while she sneered at him. She would stand over him while his jism shot out of his nasty cock and he groaned helplessly, reaching for her, but never allowed to touch her. Yes, make him jerk himself off, as he was doing in the bathroom now in a frenzy of frustration… yes, make him jack off in front of the mirror, watch his own humiliation as she stood behind him, showing him her body, but never, never letting him get his rough hands on her soft tits or her tight little pussy. The thought thrilled her, sending her higher, working up to a long slow climax.

Her fingers worked on her pussy and one of them daringly slid just inside the warm damp entrance of her cunt, caressing slowly as she pinched her clit gently, spreading her legs farther, leaning back as the first waves of orgasm tore through her.

And then the whole thing took the turn it always did, beyond her control, the fantasy overwhelming her mind whatever she did, however she tried to stop it…

A door flew open. In the darkness, she cringed in the chair she was bound to. The ropes holding her arms tightly and her knees and ankles tied to each side, her legs open. Above her, up a short flight of stairs, stood the figure of a man. An immense, muscular man, silhouetted against the light. For endless moments he stood there, staring down at her. She whimpered and pulled at the ropes, but she couldn’t move.

She realized that all she had on was a torn slip, torn in some previous encounter she could only vaguely remember, but it had been horrible.

Then, slowly the man came down the stairs, one step at a time, pausing at each one. In the shaft of light, he could see her, but still he was only an outline in the darkness to her. He reached the bottom of the stairs.

“Well, my little girl, have you recovered?” he asked in a menacing voice.

He put a light on and she blinked. He was wearing an open shirt and tight leather pants. Pants that outlined clearly the most enormous cock, standing up, reaching to his waist, straining to get out of his pants.

He walked up to the chair, stood arrogantly in front of her. She pleaded for him to let her go, but he just chuckled softly and reached out, pulling the ripped fabric of her slip away from her tits and taking one of her nipples between two of his fingers. She sobbed and then screamed as he twisted her nipple hard, writhing against the ropes until they held her and threw her back. Without any hurry, the man moved to her other tit, running his hand gently over it, pushing the ruined slip out of the way. She wept and pleaded, staring all the time at the huge cock level with her face. The pressure on her nipple increased until she was weeping, her body thrashing in the chair. She was utterly vulnerable to anything he wanted to do to her.

On the bed, Sally rolled, one hand in her mouth where her teeth bit down, holding in the screams of orgasm she knew would otherwise reach John in the bathroom. The other hand worked at her nipple, squeezing it, pinching for all she was worth. She hated herself for this, but she couldn’t stop it. At the point of orgasm, the vision always took over. Always the man in leather, always the huge cock about to violate her. Always.

In the bathroom, John had his cock in his hand and was rubbing away, trying to get some release from the torment Sally was putting him through. One day he would get his revenge on that bitch, one day. But he could dream now, he could dream of getting her… tied up, her arms stretched up above her head, reaching over the beam where they were held securely by leather straps. She was naked, except for the playsuit she had worn to tease him that night. Her feet were just touching the round, held wide apart by more leather straps into ring bolts in the floor. She twisted and turned, begging him for mercy.

He felt his cock get harder as he moved closer to her, her eyes wide, her lips open, tears rolling down her face.

“Please let me go, John, please, and I’ll be such a good wife to you, I will. I’ll get you breakfast in bed every morning. Please?”

He laughed and ran his hand over her jutting, high-nippled tits.

“Oh no, my dear,” he said softly. “Tonight we play a different game entirely.”

“Oh, please… please, no,” she sobbed as she caught sight of the long thin whip in his hand.

He laughed again and ran his hand down to her pussy, grinning as she twisted on the ropes, hanging by her hands, gyrating to the soft touch of her fingers on the blonde hair of her pussy mound, feeling the dampness already spreading there.

“I’ve had enough of your games, my dear,” he said softly. “Quite enough.”

With brutal suddenness he ran his finger up into her cunt, lifting her whole body on his hand. Again she screamed and begged, but he ran his finger around her wet hole far a few moments and then stepped back, getting the whole view of her, the arrogance gone, staring terrified at the whip in his hand.

“Now I’m going to show you what cockteasers get,” he said.

“Oh, please,” she whispered, watching his arm draw back, the whip hanging almost to the floor over his shoulder.

Terrified, she could only pull desperately against the ropes as he suddenly, almost casually, flicked his wrist forward and the leather caressed her tit, the knotted end biting savagely into her nipple. She screamed in agony as the pain ran through her body and the red stripe appeared across her tit.

The whip came at her again, on the other tit. She screamed and threw herself against the ropes as the pain shot out again and the red curving tit flesh showed where the whip had landed.

“Oh, please, please,” she begged, watching as he whipped her again, adding another mark of torment to her tits. “I’ll be good.”

But nothing stopped him. Repeatedly he whipped her, getting back for all the time she had flaunted those wonderful tits in his face and never let him touch them.

John stepped closer, running his fingers over the red and hot flesh of her tits.

“Now you see what you get for teasing me,” he said with no remorse at all. “Beg me to fuck you, or I’ll whip you again.”

“Oh no, please, don’t do that again,” Sally begged, tears rolling down her cheeks.

“Then beg me to fuck you.”

“Oh, please, don’t make me… aaagggh!” she yelled as his fingers pinched the throbbing flesh of her nipple.

“Beg me to fuck you.”

“Oh please, please fuck me, please, anything, please… please.”

“That’s better,” said John, taking his fingers from her tits. He took his huge cock out of his pants and held her at the hips, running his hands down and over her spread thighs. Slowly he put the tip of his prick at the mouth of her cunt, working it over the slick flesh, damp from her pussy juices.

“Oh no, please, I’ll be good,” Sally said.

He rammed his cock right up her hot little cunt, until her body was speared on his fucker and the ropes over the beam held practically none of her weight at all.

“Oh God!” Sally yelled, her hips twisting, her cunt muscles sucking on his prick. “Oh please, come up me, please.”

“I fully intend to,” said John with great satisfaction as he rammed his cock shaft up her pussy again.

He eased back down, letting the ropes take her weight again. Then he thrust his fucker back up, enjoying the yell she gave and the new tears on her cheeks. Now he let her hang there and his hand went to her reddened tits, playing with them, sending new surges of pain through her body as he fucked deep into her cunt and bounced her helpless body up and down on his cock.

Sally screamed and her cuntal muscles closed around his cock, working for all they were worth, and the first surge of jism came up from his balls. He shoved her body up again, took the weight as it fell, fucked her as her fingers tweaked her throbbing nipples and his cock started to shoot cum deep into that helpless body, shot upon shot of jism shooting out…

There was cum all over the sink as John held his spouting cock and the last of the cum dribbled out and onto his hand. The pounding in his chest went down and he washed his prick off, cleaned the cum from the sink and threw it in the waste basket. Then he showered and went back into the kitchen.

Sally was apparently asleep in bed, her face away from him. He couldn’t see that she was awake and in a blind fury at herself and everybody else. John looked down at her for a few moments, but then he climbed into bed beside her and switched off the light.

Both of them lay there for a long time before going to sleep.


Cindy lay back and enjoyed the delicious sensations as Monique sucked softly on her hot pussy. Monique was a good little slave, the best that Cindy and Hank had ever had. Slowly Hank pulled Monique up by the hips and ran his enormous cock against the entrance of her cunt. Monique moaned and braced herself on the sofa, waiting far the moment he would ram his fucker into her cunt.

Monique was a tiny girl, only just over five feet tall and built petite to match. Her face was pretty and looked vulnerable, with big dark eyes above a wide red mouth. Her tits were small and thrusting, her waist slim and her ass was tight and rounded above shapely legs. She was a teenager and, when dressed as Cindy and Hank wanted, she frequently looked like a child.

Cindy actually didn’t look that much older, and was ten years younger than Hank anyway. She was a blonde, with a foxy face, blue eyes and a mouth that promised lewd delights. Her tits were larger than Monique’s, but stood out as proudly from her soft white body.

Cindy’s pussy mound gently fucked at Monique’s face, and her long legs held the young girl in place as she gave quiet instructions as to how Monique should use her tongue and lips on her clit.

Hank paused to admire the girl’s ass. His cock tip probed slowly into the hair-fringed fuck hole and Monique gasped, sucked her mouth tighter to Cindy’s cunt and moaned with delight as Hank slowly fucked all the way into her tight pussy.

Hank was a huge man, well over six feet tall, darkly handsome, with a massive chest, strong thighs and a colossal cock. More than one of the slaves he and Cindy had broken in had wept at the sight of his horse cock and pleaded she couldn’t take it all. His cock was a foot long and very thick, so they were bound to be scared, but all of them had taken his cock, every way he told them to. The alternative was severe, indeed.

But Monique had been a good girl that day and didn’t need to be punished, in strong contrast to the day she met them.

She had escaped from reform school, unable to take the cruelty of the staff and the loneliness of the life there. She was determined not to go back, and fate led her to the bar Hank ran in the sleazy area of town, a bar frequented by a variety of people, all of them dangerous to a young escapee who couldn’t go to the police for help.

Monique was worldly wise to an extent, but she was weak underneath — and Hank spotted that the moment she came into the bar, blinking in the dim light after the sun outside. She went to the bar and asked for a drink, hoping they wouldn’t ask her age or demand some identification. A large, but friendly looking man served her at once and slowly walked down the bar to the phone, where he nodded pleasantly to some of his other customers and made a call. Monique reveled in her new freedom. She ordered another drink, and she grinned at the several husky men sitting around watching the ball game.

The alcohol started to go to her head. She was feeling better and better and didn’t notice the police car pulling up outside the bar. She wondered at her cleverness, even as the burly cop came in through the door and the nice bartender converged on her with him.

“Let’s see some ID, Miss,” said the cop, leaning over the bar and looking her straight in the face.

Fear swept over Monique. She was trapped.

“Er… er… yes, officer,” she said hurriedly as she dug into her bag. “I think I must have left it at home.”

“Serious offense, Miss,” said the cop. “Drinking under age. You could get this owner here a big fine and the loss of his license for that.” He leaned over the bar farther and reached in his pocket for his book.

All the coolness that Monique had vanished in that moment. She burst into tears.

“Please don’t send me back,” she sobbed. “And where would ‘back’ be?” asked the cop, his voice sounding almost friendly but his gaze as steely as ever.

“Packard School,” Monique sobbed.

“And why wouldn’t you want to go back to such a nice place?” the cop went on.

“I won’t go back, I won’t!”

“Well,” said the cop, “I think we had better discuss this in the back room young lady.”

Almost roughly, he took her by the arm, the bartender raised the section of the bar and they all went through, then down a corridor smelling of stale beer, to a small room with beer kegs along one wall, a stove and a table and chairs.

It was dark, dark as her room at the school, and only a cobweb-covered window let in any light at all from high on one wall. The bartender switched the light on and a bare bulb swung from the cord as he let it go.

“Well now, young lady,” said the cop, sitting down slowly in one of the chairs. “What’s your name?”

“Monique,” she said, standing in fear, her arms crossed in front of her body, holding desperately onto the bag with her few possessions in it.

“Well now,” the cop said, easing back in the chair and staring openly at her. “You can call me Tom, and this is Hank, the owner of the bar where you just broke the law.”

Monique broke into fresh tears. “Please don’t send me back, please! I’ll do anything, anything if you don’t send me back. And I promise I won’t come in here again.”

She sobbed louder, hoping that would make them sorry for her.

“Well now,” said the cop, leaning his chair back. “I think we can find another way to solve this problem.”

“Oh yes, oh yes, anything,” said Monique, unwittingly sealing her fate.

“I want to make it really clear to you that you don’t drink in bars,” said the cop, a note of menace in his voice.

Monique just stood and sniffled. She couldn’t understand exactly what he was getting at, but, having gone through reform school, she was sure it was going to be something nasty.

“We have our own way of punishing little girls who break the law,” said the cop, swinging his chair back upright and getting up. “It’s your choice little girl — that, or down to the precinct.”

Monique just kept crying slowly and nodded her head.

“So you think we should punish you for what you’ve done?” asked the cop, his voice as hard as his face now.

Monique choked back tears and nodded again.

“Good,” said the cop. “Now drop that bag of yours.”

Monique dropped her bag on the floor and looked up, stifling a scream. The cop was slowly sliding a thick leather belt out of the waistband of his pants, and Monique didn’t have to be told what it was for.

“Oh, please,” she whispered, but he ignored her plea and wrapped the buckle end around his right hand, leaving over three feet of black leather hanging.

“Take your panties off,” the cop said.

The two men watched with glee as Monique reached under her short shirt and slid her panties slowly down her legs and stepped out of them.

“Show us your legs,” said the cop suddenly.

“Oh please,” whispered Monique.

“Show us your legs,” said Hank, moving around until he was in front of the terrified girl.

Monique saw the belt slowly swinging in the cop’s hand. Saw the look of lust on both their faces. She knew now roughly what she was in for, and yet still, that was better than facing going back to the reform school. Very slowly, she reached down and lifted the hem of her skirt, showing them her young firm and shapely legs, all the way to the blonde patch of pussy hair between her thighs.

Both the men whistled in appreciation.

“Hey,” said Hank, “this chick’s got a pair on her.”

“Speaking of pairs,” snapped the cap, “open your shirt, show us your tits.”

All the effects of the alcohol had gone now. Monique’s mouth was dry as she pulled at the top button of her shirt, doing as she was told until her shirt was open to the waistband of her skirt. At a sign from the cop, she pulled it out and let it hang open. Now only her small uplift bra was between them and her tits. Monique unclipped her bra, pulling it around her arms and out of her shirt, dropping the lacy bra to the dirty floor.

“Come here,” said flank.

Slowly Monique walked over to him and he inspected her for a long time. Then his hands went up to her tits and ran gently over them, tweaking the nipples. Monique asked them for a drink of water.

“Hmmmm,” said Hank, his fingers at her nipples. Without warning he twisted them hard, so hard Monique cried out and stumbled against him. “Certainly little girl, a drink of water.”

He left her standing there and went back into the bar. The cop stood silently, swinging his belt. When Hank came back, he had the water and also a smaller glass with a light-brown drink in it. He gave her the water and she drank hastily, aware of the men’s eyes on her body, wanting to get this over with as soon as possible. Then Hank handed her the other drink. It was some kind of spirits, she could tell that much.

“Drink it down!” he snapped.

Monique slowly raised the glass to her lips and gulped the bitter liquid. It made her gasp and clutch at herself as it burned down into her stomach, but, after a few moments it began to help. The fear in her subsided even further and her mouth felt better. She stood in front of them again and ran her hands over her tits.

“Now bend over that table,” said the cop. The fear in her rose to fever pitch again, but it wasn’t quite the fear of a few minutes ago. Trembling, Monique stepped up to the table and bent at the waist, her legs spread, her skirt covering her just to the top of her thighs as she lay flat on the rough surface, her tits rubbing against the wood. Then she felt a hand flip her skirt up and over her ass until it rested at her waist — and nothing stood between the belt and her helpless ass.

“Now I’m gonna show you what we do to little girls who break the law,” said the cop, and his voice was husky and thick with lust.

For a few seconds nothing happened. Then she heard a slight swish, and a terrible pain shot out from her ass cheeks and up her body. Monique screamed and her body lurched off the table.

“Aaaagghhhh!” she yelled, her legs kicking into the air and her upper body trying to get free of Hank’s strong hands. “Oh, please,” she begged. “Please, anything, but not this!”

“Keep your legs where they are,” the cop warned, “or we’ll have to tic them to the table, and that would make me very angry indeed.”

The belt slammed into her ass again and her screams filled the little room. Monique couldn’t see the glee with which the cop raised the belt each time. She didn’t know that this was the only way he could get his cock up. All she knew was that the dreadful pain exploded through her body again and she screamed, but kept her legs down. She couldn’t imagine what he would do to her if he got really angry.

“Remember, my name’s Tom,” said the cop as he waited, the belt high in the air over his head. “How about you beg me to fuck that little cunt of yours?”

“Oh yes, anything, anything if you’ll please stop hurting me!”

“She’s too fuckin’ easy,” the cop said, and he whipped her red and painful ass cheeks again.

Several more times he threw the belt savagely into her body, and each time Monique screamed and begged him to fuck her.

“I think she needs her mouth stopped up,” Tom said.

“Just what I was thinking,” Monique heard Hank say.

His grip on her shoulders shifted and he came around to her head. And it was then she saw it for the first time — his enormous cock. It was standing out like a menacing pole from his hairy legs. His prick was inches from her lips.

“Open wide,” Hank said, his hands sliding down her arms almost to her elbows as he leaned back, stretching her body harder over the table.

Monique sobbed and firmly closed her mouth. At a nod from Hank, Tom threw the belt at her ass again and she screamed at the fresh agony. But Hank still didn’t shove his cock at her. He just stood there as she sobbed and pleaded for mercy. Tom whipped her again. She screamed, lurched as far as she could and fell back to the table.

“You know when I’m going to stop whipping this tight little ass of yours?” asked Tom, giving her another painful stroke.

“No, no, I don’t know.”

“I will stop whipping your ass when you have licked the last of the cum off Hank’s cock there. And to do that you’ll have to suck it, won’t you?”

He crashed the belt across Monique’s desperately sore ass again and she had a moment of clarity. She remembered what she had told herself at the beginning. Even this whipping and to have Hank shoot his cum-load in her mouth was better than going back to the school. And after this she would be free again. As the next stroke hit her, she closed her eyes and opened her mouth.

Hank slid his huge cock between her teeth. “Suck on it,” he said.

Monique started to suck on the immense fucker that filled her mouth. The belt whipped her again, but now the pain was less and only her hips jumped to the stroke. Hank took his hands off her elbows and reached up to her head, running his fingers though her blonde hair and gently pushing her mouth farther onto his cock. She worked her tongue along the underside of the monster prick, amazed that she wasn’t half as repelled by cock-sucking as she thought she would be. She felt his cock fucking deep into her mouth and the belt crashed across her ass.

She screamed again, but it was muffled by the cock. The pain in her whipped ass had turned to a fire that burned through her belly and down her thighs. Hank rammed his cock in her mouth again and the belt came in perfect time with it. Her throat opened and took Hank’s prick deeper. Again the cock rammed home and the belt whipped her, but now her screams had become a moan, and she worked her head down onto Hank’s cock, sucking at it for all she was worth.

The fire in her ass was spreading and the cock in her mouth was jumping and twitching, and she wasn’t even aware that her throat muscles had given way completely. Hank fucked deep into her throat with every thrash of the whip.

She heard Hank gasp and grunt as her mouth rammed over his throbbing prick. She felt the belt whipping into her ass, but all it did at each pass was to inflame the incredible feeling running through her pussy. She rolled with each stroke, her ass reaching wantonly up in the air for the belt.

Behind her, Tom was sweating profusely as he swung again and again and his cock hardened as he watched the young girl, her ass circling, reaching, trembling far the beating she was getting. He took his cock out of his pants and rubbed it between the fingers of his left hand, thinking all the time about fucking it into her wet little cunt.

Suddenly Monique felt Hank’s cock throb wildly in her mouth.

“Oh, fuck!” he yelled.

He grabbed for her head, shoving it down on his cock harder than he had ever done before. The belt cracked across her ass again as the first jet of salty cum shot deep into her throat. The combination triggered her body and she went into the most incredible series of heaving orgasms, each pulse coming as a fresh rush of Hank’s cum shot into her mouth and Tom slapped the belt across her ass. Her mouth opened wide as she gurgled with release, sucking and swallowing the cum while Hank bellowed at her to take it all and fucked deep into her mouth again. In a frenzy, Tom kept whipping her ass. Hank’s cock pumped the last of its cum as her ass did the final swings in the air. She fell down across the table, gasping and still sucking at the cock in her mouth.

Tom let her suck on Hank’s cock for a while, gazing in satisfaction at her reddened and throbbing ass.

“Now,” he said, as Hank pulled his cock out of her mouth and grinned, “now I’m gonna fuck that little cunt of yours.”


On the table, Monique moaned and wept, but she didn’t plead anymore. After what she had been through, a fucking was going to be easy. She never saw Tom’s cock, just felt it rub slowly across the wet lips of her cunt. She heard his laugh.

“Little bitch got really turned on by that,” he commented.

“Oh no, no that’s not true!” wept Monique, appalled at the thought that she had come by having her ass whipped.

Tom slowly fucked his cock up into her pussy. Monique had been fucked before but never before had she been so cruelly fucked, over a table, with a whipped ass that throbbed painfully each time Tom rammed his cock right into her cunt. She groaned and wished it were all over and she could get out of there, but Tom took a long time to come. Hank watched with amusement for a few minutes. Monique didn’t know it, but he had already decided she was just what he and Cindy wanted. She saw him leave and was glad of it.

Tom was still fucking his hard cock in and out of her soft cunt, his body forcing her into the wooden tabletop at each stroke. She found herself gasping and trying to stop her nipples from rasping so hard on the rough wood, but he grunted and leaned on her tiny body, forcing her back down. She again began to sob and cry, and the pain from her nipples spread through her body.

Her coming had been an added bonus, ensuring Tom the hardest cock he had had for a long time. He held her painfully whipped ass and fucked in again. Monique felt her cunt muscles tighten involuntarily around the cock shaft invading her body. She moaned again, and with the next fuck-thrust the pain from her nipples on the wood and the pain from his hands on her ass mingled with the pleasure just beginning to come from her fucked cunt. She fucked back at him, trying to get as much of his cock as she could.

“Oh, yes!” she cried. “Yes, fuck me! Oh, yes!”

Her cunt closed around his cock and Tom began to come. As she felt his cock tighten and begin to pump cum, Monique screamed at him for being such a bastard, leaving her like this before she could come, herself. Tom couldn’t do anything about it. He was gone, his cock leaping in her cunt as it shot and poured the white jism into her until it overflowed her cunt and ran into the blonde hair of her pussy.

“Shut up!” he snarled. “Or I’ll whip your ass again.”

Monique moaned and subsided against the tabletop, letting him come, afraid of getting whipped again. Torn shot the last of his cumload, rested against her for a second, then pulled his cock out and zipped his pants back up.

“Stay where you are,” he warned.

Monique lay still across the table, her legs trembling, terrified of what he might do next. He stood behind her until Hank came back into the room, then he left. Slowly, Monique straightened up to see Hank smiling strangely at her.

“My, you are a mess,” he said. “You’ll have to stay here until the evening bartenders come on and I can take you home and give you a shower.”

“Oh, no, no, that’s all right,” said Monique hurriedly, reaching down and picking up her panties. “I’ll be okay. Just let me use the ladies room and I’ll…”

“Oh, no,” said Hank softly. “My wife is dying to meet a little girl like you. We can’t let her down, can we?” He smiled at Monique. “Now, if you’re a good little girl, we can do this pleasantly. I’m going to lock the door, and you’ll wait in here. If you yell or scream just once, I’ll tie you to one of the chairs and gag you. Understand?”

“Yes,” sobbed Monique, her head hanging, her tears once more staining her cheeks.

It had all been so sordid, and she knew it was going to happen to her again. The desperation that ran through her was mixed with a strange pang of anticipation.

She spent the rest of the afternoon in that tiny room. Hank brought, her food and another drink, and so things weren’t that bad. Then he drove her home, telling her about the bar and how he had won it in a poker game some years before…

That night, Monique was introduced to the true meaning of being a sex slave. She fought Hank and Cindy for hours. She was tied up, had her tits and pussy whipped, and when she still wouldn’t give in, her ass was whipped again, painful though it was.

Suddenly she gave in, not just letting them do as they wanted, but truly accepting that she had orgasms every time they whipped and fucked her. With a great cry of release, she had gone down on Cindy’s cunt, licking and sucking for all she was worth, then licking around until she reached Cindy’s asshole and gave her an orgasm from sucking her ass.

Monique lay back on the bed, sucking Hank while Cindy flicked a small but painful whip over her nipples. Monique began coming as he shot into her mouth, then she got his cock hard again so he could fuck her pussy until she came again. And then he turned her over and fucked her ass. Willingly, she knelt to suck at the two of them as Cindy took Hank’s huge cock up her pussy and they fucked. When they were all exhausted, she allowed herself to be chained to the bed and left to sleep for the night.

In the morning, Monique began to learn some of the rewards of being a total slave. Cindy brought her breakfast and the two of them bathed her gently, relaxing her, bringing her off again in the warm water. Then Cindy measured her and, during the next few days, they fitted her in the clothes she was to wear as their slave. For the days, she usually wore a maid’s costume, cut low over her tits and with a skirt that just covered her ass.

Cindy and Hank were a horny pair, and many times a day Monique found herself sucking Cindy off, or fucking her with one of the enormous vibrators the pair had. Or she would be thrown on the bed and fucked by Hank whenever he felt like it.

And then there was Tom. When he learned that Monique was now a part of the household, he demanded to have a piece of the action. Cindy and Hank were only too wining to let him in on it. Monique grew to almost enjoy his visits.

The ritual was almost the same each time. She would bend over the sofa without a word, and he would whip her with his belt until his cock was hard. Usually that didn’t take very long. Then he would fuck either her cunt or her ass. She was now such a willing little slave that Tom was always done before Monique had really come the way she wanted to. That meant frustration if there was nobody else at home. But she would wait. When Cindy and Hank were back, she would drop a dish or spill the coffee — and she would then be punished and fucked until she had come.

That was why Monique stayed.

She was a pampered pet, given everything she wanted, dressed in exotic clothes and bathed in scented water every day. After a few weeks, she no longer even thought of escaping. All she had to do to get satisfaction was be the slightest bit naughty, and she was punished with the whip until she came again and again and got fucked until she was satisfied.

After a couple of months she was taken out to her first party. Led in with a chain around her neck and dressed in nothing but a pair of thigh-length black boots and tiny black panties, she gasped as she saw the spot lit stage and the metal bar reaching across with the ropes hanging from it. She was tied to the ropes, her feet just touching the floor, her tits thrusting up in the air. She could sense the audience waiting breathlessly. A tall man in a leather mask stepped into the spotlight beside her, a long thin whip in his hands. She gasped and struggled, but he ran his hands over her body, then stepped back and lined the cruel leather up to her body.

The stroke seemed just to curl around her tits, but the knotted tip lashed into her nipple, sending jolts of pain though her body. She screamed as he lashed the other tit, and her nipples stood out, red from the repeat stroke of the whip. The pain in her body was magnified and suddenly as she always did now — she was begging for more, begging for the pain that sent her higher and higher, the whip doing nothing more than contacting her nipples, until she came, gasping and hanging on the ropes.

The man let her down and she collapsed in a heap on the stage. Then she was picked up and thrown into the audience. For the next three hours, she sated the lusts of total strangers. Her body was covered in cum and her pussy and ass overflowed with on, while her mouth was sore from sucking so much pussy and cock.

That was why Cindy and Hank thought she was the best slave they had ever had. That was why they pampered her, made sure that beautiful body was kept clean and in shape for the orgies they wished to use it for.

This night, they were doing nothing more than fucking, though Monique’s ass showed the clear, though fading signs of how wicked she had been the day before, refusing to clean up the coffee she had spilled on the carpet.

Hank fucked his cock slowly in and out of Monique’s tight little pussy and grinned at Cindy as she lay back, her endless small orgasms running through her body as Monique sucked her cunt. Hank was going to take his time, and when Cindy was done he would turn Monique over and fuck her.

Then the phone rang. Cursing, Hank pulled his prick out of Monique and went to answer it. If it was the night shift at the bar, it might be important.

“Oh, hi, Pat,” he said. “No, you weren’t interrupting. No more than usual, anyway. Yeah, didn’t you hear? Fantastic bit of cunt. She’s sucking Cindy right now. Yeah, you’ll love her. Monique. Yeah.” He stopped and listened for a while. “Hey, Cindy!”

“Yeah?” she said dreamily, her orgasms still washing over her.

“How about a weekend at the cabin with Pat and Sylvia? They say they want to break in a friend of theirs, say she’s ripe for it. What did you say her name was?” he asked into the phone. “Sally, and her husband’s John. He needs to learn how to treat a bitch, Pat says. Sound good?”

“Sure,” said Cindy sleepily. “Now tell him to phone later. He’s interrupting my come.”

Hank went back to the phone and talked to Patrick for a while longer. Then he put the phone down and came back to where Cindy had almost finished coming.

Cindy’s pussy rolled slowly against Monique’s hot little tongue and her eyes were closed as she leaned back and moaned softly.

Hank surveyed the two women. Suddenly he had the urge to put Cindy in her place. She could tell Monique exactly what to do, but he was the boss, and Cindy was going to know it. He grabbed Monique and fucked her again, roughly, slamming his prick in hard until she, too, was coming and crying out.

He kept fucking until Monique was satisfied, had come until she was spent. Then he looked at the two of them, both satisfied.

“Okay,” he said. “Now you both bring me off. Double blow-job. Come on.”

He lay on the soft carpet, his massive fuck tool pointing up at them. Cindy called him a bastard, but she knelt with Monique and the two of them kissed each other across the tip of his throbbing cock. Slowly they slid their mouths down, licking every inch of the way, until they reached the base of the cockshaft and started up again.

Hank gurgled with pleasure and he reached up, holding each of them by the hair and guiding her mouth over his hard cock meat. Slowly he lifted Cindy’s mouth until she sank it onto the cock head and tan her teeth over the tip, getting a yell and thrust from him, while he held Monique on the cockshaft, letting her lick the veined underside. He kept them at it for minutes, exchanging one mouth sucking him for the other until he felt the cum surging around in his balls.

Quickly he slid first Cindy and then Monique deep onto his cock, holding their hair, forcing the one and then the other until the cum burst from his piss slit and out over their lips. Still holding them, he moved their mouths over the spouting geyser, watching his cum shooting partly in their mouths and partly over their cheeks and noses. He moaned in long drawn out satisfaction as they took it all. Then he watched as they cleaned each other’s face, licking up cum until they collapsed in a heap across his strong body.

The three of them lay contentedly until Monique got up to get them all a nightcap.


On their way to the cabin, Sally asked John about Cindy and flank.

“I don’t know,” he said shortly.

Sally had put him through nearly an hour of titillation before they set off, asking him which of her many scanty underclothes and nighties she should take. He knew he was heading for another frustrating few days, but still he labored the hope that, out in the country, and in a strange place, she might come across and let him fuck her.

“They’re friends of Sylvia’s and Pat’s,” John said after a while. “I don’t know anything about them.”

“Oh,” said Sally crossing her long, shapely legs and driving him crazy all over again. She gazed out of the window. The cabin was isolated all right, she thought. They had been on the gravel road for nearly an hour and were still climbing along the riverside into the hills. She had only come on this weekend because Sylvia had personally phoned and asked her. It wasn’t really her style, this pastoral, return-to-nature stuff. The very thought made her furious. She stared away from John as he steered more and more carefully along the winding road.

The cabin was at least six miles from its nearest neighbor, and Sally had another burst of irritation as they pulled up. She was barely civil to Hank and Cindy as she was introduced, and she asked to be shown to her room immediately.

The rest of them seemed to take very little notice. They all took John into the main room, with the full-length windows overlooking the valley. He sat down in a soft seat and a young girl in a tiny maid’s uniform came up to ask him if he wanted a drink. He nearly leaped out of the chair in shock.

“This is Monique, our maid,” said Cindy. “Uh,” John grunted, surveying the curvaceous figure of the young girl. The uniform barely covered a pair of small thrusting tits, and it stopped well short of her knees, and the slips under it flared it out until he had a view right up her legs almost to the top of her black, fishnet stockings. “I’ll have bourbon. Rocks.”

“Yes, sir,” said Monique as she turned briskly away.

“She’s a very good maid,” said Cindy casually, leaning back on the window seat and showing John her thighs as she crossed her legs. “Did you find us easily?”

“Oh, yes,” said John, and he thanked Monique for his drink.

“Ah,” said Patrick, “here’s the guest of honor.” It was Sally, finally coming in, dressed in a long robe as if she were already ready for bed.

“Hello,” she said ungraciously. “The rooms here certainly are small, aren’t they?”

“Oh, not all of them,” said Sylvia with a grin at Patrick.

“It’s cold up here,” Sally said. “Couldn’t we have a fire or something.”

“Certainly my dear,” said Hank, rising to his feet. “A fire you shall have, not to mention the something.”

The remark was lost on Sally who merely stared at him and gave a curt nod. John was not only angry but now thoroughly embarrassed. This sort of behavior on Sally’s part had already lost them a great many of their friends, and now she was about to lose them more. They certainly wouldn’t be asked back, even if they weren’t asked to leave. He took a large drink of the whiskey and glowered at his wife, but she just looked past him and ignored everything going on around her.

Hank and Monique were making the fire.

John heard Hank say to Monique: “Oh no my dear, we need you for later, let me do this,” and Monique giggled and got back to her feet and went off to the kitchen.

The remark had seemed very strange to John, and he didn’t get the significance of it at all. Sally didn’t even acknowledge that it had all been done for her. She just pulled her robe around her more tightly as the flames started to flare up the chimney.

Dinner would have been fun, had it not been for Sally ignoring everybody so rudely. She hardly noticed the rise in expectation in the room as the coffee was saved. She didn’t drink much of hers, afraid it might keep her awake. But even the few sips she took made her drowsy and her head began to sag as she yawned and blinked her eyes.

“I really must go to bed,” were her last words as she slumped forward on the table.

“What’s the matter… darling?” asked John, leaping to his feet, playing the good husband to the last.

“Oh, never mind,” said Sylvia, putting her arm through his and drawing him to her. “She’s about to get what she’s been asking for all these years.” She reached up and her soft lips kissed his cheek and lingered there.

John flinched. Patrick was grinning and seeming not to mind that his wife had her hand inside another man’s shirt and was running it over his chest.

Hank and Cindy were lifting Sally’s inert body up from the table and Monique was there, ready to help.

“Well, look here,” said Hank as he parted the robe and saw the slinky camisole top and matching panties that Sally was wearing. “Going to tease you with these later was she?” he asked John.

“Now look here,” John began, but Sylvia kissed him again and ran her hands over the front of his pants. No woman had done that to him in years and the sensation almost caused his cock to leap out of his zipper. “What’s going on?”

“This wife of yours has been a bitch, right?” said Hank, pulling the robe down Sally’s arms.

“Well…” John said, but Sylvia was now unashamedly running her hand into his pants and holding the already throbbing prick. “Yeah, well, sometimes, you know, she…”

“Lets you think you’re going to get it and then she pulls back and tells you you’re a sex fiend and should be locked up,” Cindy finished for him as they got the robe off Sally’s body and Hank lifted her unconscious form effortlessly aver his shoulder.

John gasped as Sylvia knelt at his feet and slowly ran the zipper of his pants down, gazing at him all the time.

“In fact,” said Cindy, swaying up to him as Sylvia reached in and took his cock in her hands, “she does that all the time, doesn’t she?” She reached around and nuzzled his neck.

John watched as Hank and Patrick took Sally into the hall and through a door where they vanished.

“She’ll wake up in less than half an hour,” said Cindy, standing back slightly from John and opening the top button of her own dress.

John gaped. This was too good to be true. It couldn’t be. Cindy was opening another button, and Sylvia had slipped her hot little mouth over the tip of his cock. He moaned and gasped, not daring to look down.

“We want to show Sally how to be a good wife,” said Cindy, opening yet another button, showing the clasp of the quarter-cup bra she was wearing. “Monique, get down there and help Sylvia. That’s a big cock he’s got and it looks as if it needs a lot of sucking.”

In a daze, John watched as the little maid walked over to them, smiled and sank obediently to her knees in front of him. Helplessly, he stared down as she reached up to take the shaft of his cock in her hand while Sylvia slid her hand down to caress his balls. Then the two of them kissed each other across the swollen, head of his cock and their tongues licked out over his prick. The sensations shot up into his thighs and he groaned, trying not to come. It was wrong, disgusting, to shoot into a woman’s mouth.

Cindy walked slowly around until she was directly in front of him. She opened another button, pulling the dress away from her body. Now he could see that the quarter-cup bra was just the top of a tight black corset that squeezed her high tits up and thrust the nipples out at him. The corset stopped just above her navel and from there suspender belts reached down to a set of stockings.

“Oh, shit,” he groaned as Monique slid his cock deep into her mouth and let her tongue run over it while Sylvia licked his balls. “Oh please,” he gasped. “You’ll make me come if you go on like that.”

But Sylvia just ignored him, and both the women kept their soft sucking and licking going. He groaned as Cindy smiled again and opened the last button of her dress and let it slip down her arms and onto the floor. Now she showed him her scanty red-and-black panties and the red stockings he had glimpsed earlier. Her tight little panties hugged her swelling pussy mound and she ran her fingers over it, rolling her hips at him she did so.

“I think it would be a good idea if we girls sucked this gentleman off,” she said. “He looks just too hot, and he’ll be so much more fun when he watches us start on that wife of his.” She moved in, took John’s hand and ran it over her tits, making him feel her aroused nipples. “But before that, you have to promise that you’ll watch us teach that little cunt how to behave. We’ll make her into the best little wife a man could want. If you’ll let us.”

Her tongue swirled around in John’s ear and he thought he would pass out.

The two girls at his feet were still playing with his cock. He was so close to coming he could feel the spunk swirling in his balls. He was being offered a weekend of delights he had only dreamed of before, and he hesitated. It was wrong. He shouldn’t want them to do these things to Sally. She was his wife and he should stand by her. He sighed as Sylvia sucked his cock.

What was he waiting for? Shit, who cared what happened to Sally? She was a fucking bitch and she was going to get what she deserved.

“Okay, you got it,” John heard himself say.

“Just go with Sylvia and watch what we do,” whispered Cindy in his ear as Monique took his cock into her mouth. “After you’ve shot all over these two.”

John groaned as Monique worked the muscles of her throat on his prick, setting him up for what he knew was going to be the biggest come of his life.

“As you watch,” Cindy whispered in his ear, “make Sylvia suck your cock hard again. Make her do whatever you want. Do you understand that?” She ran her hands over his chest.

“Yeah,” he said, though he was far from sure what he was saying.

His balls were boiling as they released his cum. At his feet, Monique held his cock in her mouth, sucking deeply on it while Sylvia licked at the cockshaft and balls. His prick was shooting cum into Monique’s little mouth.

“Ohhhhh, sheeeeiiitttt!” John yelled as the first jet of jizz surged into the blonde maid’s throat and she gurgled with pleasure, working his cock meat frantically with her hands. Milky cum escaped from her sucking lips.

“Let me have some,” Sylvia said, and she almost forced Monique’s mouth away, so that she could share as the salty jism spat out over her lips and cheeks.

She licked and sucked, fucking his still pumping cock into her own mouth while Monique licked the cum off her cheeks. Then Monique leaned in to take more cum as Sylvia eased away. They shared the last of the cumload as John leaned back, letting the waves of his come jerk at his legs and send him into an ecstasy he hadn’t known since he met his cock-teasing wife. And now two women were not only sucking his cock — something Sally would have died before doing — but they were taking all his cum, running it into each other’s mouth, kissing as they licked at his cock, smiling up at him as the last pouring of white jism came out. And he felt a satisfaction he hadn’t know before.

“I’m afraid we need Monique for the moment,” said Cindy, “but she will be available later, and Sylvia will attend to everything you want. Come along now, the bitch will be awake soon, and we wouldn’t want to miss that, would we?”


Sally slowly woke up. She couldn’t imagine why she had been so tired, but at least she was in bed and away from all those terrible people.

She wasn’t in bed! She couldn’t move! Where was she? The room was lit dimly. Her arms hurt, and she was tied up. She was tied up with her arms over something up there, and the broad leather thongs held her so that her feet just touched the floor.

She wrenched against the leather bindings but they only moved with her arms and the strong ropes above them showed no signs of giving way. She flapped her feet, but they could only just touch the thick carpet and her body just swung where it was.

“Let me down!” she screamed.

“Aha,” said a voice.

The lights went on. They weren’t very bright, but they showed Sally the rest of the room. It was large, almost the size of the house. So this was what Sylvia had meant by that snide remark before dinner. Sally wrenched at the ropes and turned her body as far as she could.

Behind her, the room was the same. Everywhere it was soft and padded. The carpet was luxurious, and the walls were covered in the same material. Several large mirrors stood around on stands, and there was one that covered almost the whole of the wall on one side. There were also several pieces of equipment, looking rather like the things in an exercise gymnasium, but not quite the same — bars and padded platforms at various angles. But what caught her attention was the collection of instruments along one wall.

There were whips and bindings such as the ones she had on. There were dildos and vibrators, huge things she thought would split her body in two if anybody was evil enough to try and fuck one into her. There were gags and ropes and thin birch rods, and even Sally could imagine what they would be used for. She gasped in terror and almost fainted.

“So you are awake,” said Hank as he walked into the center of the room and looked at her bound form. “We got the dosage in the coffee just right.”

“Let me down!” Sally shouted, and she tried to lunge at him.

She was really frightened now. Hank was not the Hank who had greeted her at the door. He wore a loose white shirt and the tightest pair of black leather pants Sally had ever seen. And what was worse, the bulge of his enormous cock could be clearly seen.

Hank chuckled and Sally gaped again as Patrick came in to join him. He was still wearing just about what he had when Sally and John had arrived, but there was no mistaking the cock-bulge in his pants either.

“Pat,” she said, “let me down. I demand that you let me down. Where’s John? He should help me, he should…”

“Be having the time of his life right now,” interrupted Cindy as she came up behind Sally, walking slowly into her view. Cindy was dressed in a sexy black corset and red stockings. And she carried a long whip in her hand. She grinned at Sally. “Well, bitch, it’s time you learned a few things.”

“Let me down!” Sally screamed, kicking out at Cindy.

Cindy raised her arm, but Hank cut her off. “No, no, my dear,” he said, “let me do this one.”

To Sally’s horror, he went to the wall and took down one of the thin birch rods. It tapered to only a fraction of an inch around and he whistled it through the air, letting Sally hear the terrible noise it made. With awful slowness, he walked toward Sally.

“You bastard,” she said. “You bastard, you wouldn’t hit a… aaaaagh!” She rolled on the ropes as the birch rod slashed across the cheeks of her ass, sending pain echoing through the whole of her body. “You bastard!”

He raised the birch rod, held it up as she stared at it, waiting until she was crying and sobbing, her eyes fixed on the trembling tip. Then he slashed down again and Sally screamed again and jerked on the ropes. The rod left a thin red line of agony across her ass and her tiny pink panties were no defense against it.

Lifting herself on the ropes, she swung her feet with all she had at him, watching as he leaned easily aside and whipped her ass hard as her body crashed down again.

“Aaaagghhhh, you shit!” Sally screamed as another lash of pain shot through her body.

He raised his hand again and the birch sang through the air and sent more pain shooting up into her stomach and chest. She screamed and twisted on the ropes, her ass beginning to throb with the agony.

“You don’t call me a shit!” snapped Hank. “In fact, you can call me sir tonight.”

And the terrible birch swished through the air again and landed once more on the cheeks of Sally’s trembling ass.

“No!” Sally yelled. Then she screamed again as Hank whipped her ass and her body swung on the ropes with the force of the blow. “Aaaaaagh! No, no! Fuck you!” She was using words she hadn’t used since she was a kid. She screamed again as three more solid blows landed on her ass.

Cindy looked at her closely. “I think it’s time we showed her something she’s going to be doing later,” she said. “And then we can let Monique go and help give John a good time, while the three of us convince this little bitch that she isn’t going anywhere until she gives out.”

At the mention of John’s name, Sally broke into tears. “Where is he?” she gasped. She watched as Hank came around to face her.

“When did you last let John fuck you?” he asked.

“None of your business!” she yelled, and she watched in horror as he walked around and laid the birch across her ass again. “Oh shit!”

“When was the last time you let him fuck you?” asked Cindy now, swinging her own whip and looking just as menacing.

“I don’t know. Aaaaaag!”

Cindy had flung her own whip into Sally’s jutting tits, leaving a mark showing through the thin fabric of her camisole.

“When was the last time?”

“A long time ago. I don’t remember when, honestly. I just don’t remember when. Please stop it, please!” Sally sobbed.

“I’m not surprised you can’t remember,” said Hank, coming around and facing Sally. “It was so long ago. Well, Patrick here reckoned your behavior was bad enough for us all to get together to teach you better manners. And we’re going to. However long it takes.”

“Oh, no, please!” Sally sobbed, tears running down her proud cheeks. “That’s not fair. I just don’t like sex. It’s dirty; it’s…”

“Then why do you tease him with things like this?” asked Cindy, reaching up and running her hands over the lush material of the silk camisole.

“I don’t tease him, I just want to… aaaaaghhh!”

Sally lurched again as Hank put another painful stripe over her ass.

“Why do you wear things like this?” Cindy repeated.

“Fuck off!” Sally yelled.

Cindy reached up, her fingers on the top of the camisole. With one rip, she tore the material right down until it came apart, and she pulled the two halves aside until Sally’s tits were in plain view.

“You cunt!” Sally yelled. “That cost seventy dollars. I’ll make you pay for that.”

Cindy smiled and stepped back.

Sally watched as her arm went back and the whip flashed and cut right across her tits. The pain surged and joined with the agony spreading up from her heavily beaten ass. She moaned and twisted on the ropes, trying in vain to break free. “She’s got a nice pair of tits,” Cindy remarked, and she lashed the whip over them again.

Sally screamed and begged her to stop, but Cindy whipped her tits again, expertly cutting into the tit flesh. Sally’s nipples stood out, taking the brunt of each lashing. Sally jerked and twisted on the ropes until Cindy suddenly stopped for no apparent reason and stood looking at her.

“You have a long way to go, bitch,” Cindy said. “You’re going to fuck and suck everything we tell you to tonight. And tomorrow. But we’ll give you a rest now, show you what’s coming, shall we?”

“Fuck off,” Sally said, and she braced herself for the beating that would follow, but it didn’t come.

Instead, they walked away and left her hanging there, and she suddenly noticed that Monique was in the room, still dressed in her maid’s outfit, but with her hands under the short skin, playing with her own cunt as she looked at Sally.

“Take your panties off, Monique,” he said.

“Oh, yes, sir! Yes!” said Monique as she lifted her skirt and worked her frilly panties down her legs and off. She walked toward Sally, playing with her pussy, grinning at the helplessly bound woman. “Be a good girl, and you get lots of rewards.”

“Fuck off,” said Sally, determined not to give in.

Monique shrugged and walked away.

“On here,” said Hank. “On your back.”

Monique did as she was told, lying on her back on a small platform, padded, and with her head hanging back over one end. Sally watched as Patrick walked to her head and pulled Monique’s legs back until her ankles were well over her head and her body was bent almost double. Monique moaned with pleasure as Patrick leaned down on her legs, forcing her ass even higher into the air.

“Take my cock out,” Patrick ordered her, and Monique reached over her head and unzipped his pants, taking his swollen prick into her hands. “Suck it.”

Sally gasped as Monique smiled and pulled his prick in until it slid between her red, soft lips. Slowly Patrick fucked her mouth, thrusting his hips, letting Monique’s gurgles of satisfaction reach Sally’s ears. Sally watched as Cindy went over to the wall and came back with one of the vibrators.

“This is what good little slaves get,” she said to Sally, moving over to where Monique’s spread legs were thrusting up into the air.

Cindy gently eased the skirt of Monique’s uniform out of the way, up to her waist, until the whole of her young body was open to her. Then she switched on the vibrator, and Monique gave a huge lurch of desire as she heard it.

Sally watched Cindy put the vibrating rubber tip against the soft lips of Monique’s cunt. Monique moaned and sank Patrick’s cock deeper into her mouth as Cindy fucked the vibrator in until it pulsed against the walls of her cunt. Sally became aware that Hank was standing beside her.

“Watch carefully, my dear,” he said. “You have all this coming, and you will beg us for it before we have finished with you.”

There was so much menace in his voice that Sally jerked on the ropes and almost passed out. She moaned and softly begged him to let her go. But already she knew it was futile and she collapsed into tears, watching as Cindy slowly fucked the whole length of the huge rubber cock into Monique. The girl moaned and lunged at the dildo, trying to get as much of it as she could. In horror, Sally saw Cindy run the straps around Monique’s thighs until the vibrator was trapped inside her cunt, throbbing away as Patrick leaned down on her legs, forcing his cock ever deeper into her willing mouth.

Cindy stepped back and swished her whip through the air. Sally moaned, remembering what it had been like. Sharply, Cindy brought the leather down across Monique’s ass, and Monique screamed and sucked Patrick’s cock into her mouth to the balls. Patrick grunted with satisfaction and eased his cock out again. Cindy whipped her slave again, and Monique swallowed his cock, her throat muscles working hard to take the whole of the rigid monster. Behind her, Sally could hear Hank chuckling as he reached out and rubbed her reddened ass beneath her panties.

“I hope you are watching well, my dear,” he said. “That is how to suck a cock, and that is how you’re going to suck cocks before we have finished with you.”

Sally almost told him to fuck off again, that she would never do anything so dirty as to suck a man’s cock — but Hank’s fingers were between her legs and they were doing strange things to her. He forced her thighs open and ran his hand over the stretched material of her panties, just where they covered her hot little pussy mound.

“Keep your legs open,” he warned, “or I’ll whip your ass again.”

Sally groaned and let him touch where he liked. She saw Monique sucking Patrick’s cock right into her hot little mouth and lunging her ass up to meet each stroke of the whip as Cindy flicked it at her. Monique was coming. Sally watched as Patrick pulled his cock back until it was just against Monique’s red lips and he could see her tongue play with the cocktip as her fingers worked his cockshaft.

“Oh, yes!” Monique yelled. “Oh, yes, just like that. Yes, whip me, Cindy, whip me, oh yeeeeessss!” And she took Patrick’s cock into her mouth again and her ass desperately thrust up to meet the downward stroke of Cindy’s whip.

Sally heard Hank chuckle and realized his fingers were inside her panties and working over the soft flesh of her pussy. She flinched in shame as he rubbed her clit and leaned in to whisper in her ear.

“Getting really damp, aren’t we little girl?” he said. “Could it be that we are getting turned on by what we watch?”

He gave her clit a sharp twist and Sally yelled as the throb of lust surged up into her body.

“You shit!” she yelled. Her body writhed on the ropes under his expert hands.

“Watch, little girl,” Hank said. “When you’re over there like that, it will be my cock you suck. Would you like to see it?”

“Oh, no, please!” cried Sally as his fingers worked on her cunt.

“Very well,” said Hank. “I’ll stop rubbing your pussy.”

His hands went away and Sally yelled as her body heaved up and thrashed around, desperately seeking the satisfaction Hank had been giving it, though she was nowhere near confessing to that.

Hank walked around in front of her. “Do you want to see my cock?”

Sally moaned, seeing Monique screaming and writhing on the bench as she went over the top and came, working Patrick’s cock in her hands and mouth as he leaned even more heavily on her legs, lifting them in time to each stroke of Cindy’s whip. Cindy was now dining her strokes to the pulses of Monique’s orgasm, whipping down at the peak of each one, sending Monique higher and higher.

“Do you want to see my cock?” Hank repeated.

She moaned and her head rolled as the pain in her arms slowly gave way to the hot sensations spreading out from her pussy.

“Do you want to see my cock?”

Sally suddenly screamed with pain as his fingers went to her swollen nipples, still painful from the whipping, and twisted them brutally. The pain in her tits had gone down to meet the pain from her ass and the burning from her pussy, and the whole thing was making her crazy. Her tits seemed to explode as he twisted brutally and held on, sending pain out and back. She saw Patrick suddenly throw his head back and yell, fucking his huge cock right down Monique’s throat while his hips beat in and out and cum spurted first into Monique’s mouth and then over her face. Cindy whipped Monique as she swallowed, getting every last ounce of the orgasm out of her, making her suck and lick until Patrick was utterly spent and his cock couldn’t let out any more cum.

On the ropes, Sally yelled. Her whole being seemed to be concentrated in her sore nipples. Hank worked them, not even asking her the question anymore as she twisted and screamed with each clever twist of his fingers. He kept her coming, working her tits until she twisted in the bonds, her eyes closed, her mouth open. Tears flowed down her face. She didn’t see Patrick release Monique’s legs, or Cindy give her a great big kiss and send her out of the room for something.

All Sally knew was that her body was the center of an earthquake, a throbbing, pulsing orgasm that finally left her weak and sobbing as she rolled helplessly against the leather thongs. She came until Hank slowly released his pressure and worked her down. He didn’t want to exhaust her. He knew now who she was and what she was capable of, and he wanted to use her for the rest of the night. He brought her down, released her from the bonds and let her fall onto the soft carpet. She was still moaning as her body relaxed, and she lay there, utterly quiet.

She had some thinking to do, Hank figured. Give her a while to come around. Then they could really give her a workout.


Behind the two-way mirror, Sylvia slowly eased her mouth along John’s rigid cock until she was just licking the cocktip. She smiled up at him as he stared out at Sally’s crumpled form on the carpet in the other room.

“Shit, man,” he said, “the bitch came.”

“She sure did,” Sylvia agreed, running his rigid fucker between her soft lips again. “Now you know that’s the way to treat her. They’ll let her get over this and then we’ll watch again. You wait for the next round.” She smiled up at him and bit gently down on his cock. Slowly she worked her way up his body until she was hanging around his chest and her mouth was close to his ear. “That’s the way to treat a bitch like her, and that’s the way to treat a bitch like me, too.” Her hand went to caress his cock again.

John couldn’t believe his ears. Sylvia’s hand on his cock almost brought him off again. He had stood in front of the mirror, watching the humiliations heaped on his wife, all the time getting his prick gently sucked and played with by this woman, and now she was inviting him to treat her as they had treated Sally. He ran his arm down Sylvia’s back and caressed her ass cheeks, getting a gasp and hard squeeze of his cock as he did so.

“I’m such a wicked little girl,” Sylvia said softly to him. “I deserve to be punished, hard, punished by a big strong man like you, make me do anything he wants. And everything.”

John had another brief struggle. It was wrong, wrong, his father had drummed into him, wrong to strike a woman in any way at all. Wrong, wrong…

And then the long-repressed memory hit him, came out into the open. He had been just a kid, and heard noises from his parents’ bedroom, got up in the middle of the night, moved along the passage in bare feet, knocked on the door. There had been a strange commotion from inside, and he couldn’t understand it. After a time his father had opened the door and peered out.

“What do you want, boy?” he had asked. And behind him John had seen his mother, half out of her leather bonds, but still with her feet spread and tied to the legs of the heavy wickerwork chair in his parents’ bedroom.

So that was it. Hypocrisy again. Shit, that was the real trouble, that was why he hadn’t been able to deal with Sally, and why he’d married a bitch like her in the first place.

Then he turned and ran his hands over Sylvia’s luscious big tits. “A wicked girl huh?”

“Oh, yes,” said Sylvia, almost coming at the touch of his suddenly commanding hands. He pulled open another button of her tiny little slip and she moaned.

“Well, we shall have to punish that wicked little girl, shan’t we,” he said, taking her nipples in his fingers and pinching them harder.

“Oh, yes, oh, yes, sir — please, I deserve it,” she gasped.

For the first time, John looked around the dimly lit room. Behind them was a huge bed, piled with pillows and cushions. But what he needed was a whip, something like Cindy and Hank had used on Sally.

“Oh, please, sir,” said Sylvia, hugging him closer, gasping in his ear. “There’s what you need at the head of the bed, sir. Just what you need.”

A new surge of lust went through John as he led Sylvia over to the bed and tossed her onto it. She moaned and hugged a pillow into her stomach, lifting her ass. There were thin suspender straps leading down to her stockings.

Hanging at the head of the bed was a whip. A short-handled one, with strips of knotted leather reaching down in a loose bunch from it.

Sylvia moaned again as she saw him bring it out. She hadn’t been whipped since the night they had planned this weekend, and she felt as if she would come just looking at it. She watched as John swung it, seeing how the strands cut through the air. Me was new to this, but already he had a pretty good idea of what to do. He stood by the side of the bed, looking at Sylvia’s face as she gasped with lust, biting into one of the cushions as she waited.

John dropped the whip over Sylvia’s ass, softly, judging the distance, making sure he had it right. Sylvia moaned and turned her desperate face again into the pillows.

Slowly John raised the whip again, over his shoulder, waiting as Sylvia went crazy on the bed, her ass beating up and down, waiting, begging for it. Then he whipped her ass. Hard. A single stroke, down over the heaving mounds of her ass. Sylvia screamed and almost leaped off the bed.

“Oh, yes!” she yelled.

John whipped her again, watching as the knotted leather reddened her ass cheeks. He didn’t notice that his left hand was slowly running up and down his cock. At the top of her next thrust he whipped her again, heard her scream, watched as her ass rammed down into the bed and instantly surged up again, wanting the stroke that came as he whipped again, hitting her exactly at the top of her thrust.

“Oh, shit!” she yelled. “Oh, please, whip me now, make me come. I’ll do anything. Whip me again, please, whip me, whip me, make me come, then whip me again… aaaaaghhhh! Oh, you lovely bastard!”

She went crazy on the bed, leaping up and down as he whipped her. Suddenly she plunged her head into the pillows and a long drawn-out scream was muffled as she came.

It had been too long, she had to come right away and she knew it wouldn’t satisfy her much at all. It was great as the pain reached out, mingling with the orgasm running through her entire body, but it was just a start.

“Turn over,” he said.

And there was a new authority in his voice that thrilled Sylvia — a man’s command to his slave, and not to be ignored. She rolled over onto her back and gazed up at him.

“Open your legs,” he said.

She spread her thighs, showing him the dark mound of her pussy — and the hard bud of her clit, showing between the lips of her cunt. For a moment John was tempted to whip her pussy, but Sylvia’s tits spread invitingly over her chest, the nipples prominent, the tit flesh soft and ready. Slowly he let the strands of the whip brush over the sensitive tit mounds and he moved closer until he was at the edge of the bed, looking directly down on Sylvia. She smiled, her lips parted, the red oval inviting him to spend all his lust on her willing, helpless body.

“Oh, yes,” she whispered as the whip caressed her tits.

“Run your hand down to your pussy,” he said.

“I can think of a better way to do it,” said a voice, and John turned to find Monique standing in the doorway.

She still had her maid’s uniform on, but the skirt was up close to her waist, and she was fucking the vibrator in and out of her cunt as she looked at the two of them.

“How about I take care of her cunt while you whip her tits?” Monique suggested, the combination of the innocent teenaged face and the utter depravity of the suggestion sending further pulses of lust through John.

Monique opened the buttons at the top of her maid’s uniform and showed John her small high tits. “You can whip them, too, if you want,” she said, fucking the vibrator in and out of her cunt.

“Get over here,” said John. He wasn’t sure what he was going to do, but Sylvia’s hand was on his cock.

“Oh, please,” she moaned. “Please, whip me first, please!”

He looked Monique over, then told her to get between Sylvia’s legs. The little maid slid onto the bed and up, kissing Sylvia’s thighs as she went. Sylvia moaned and held harder to John’s prick and he let her as Monique softly reached out and kissed Sylvia’s cunt lips. Sylvia gasped, her hand almost tearing John’s cock off. Then she screamed as John finally lost patience and whipped her across her soft spreading tits.

“Work my cock gently, bitch, or I’ll whip you till you’re sorry!” he snapped.

To make his point, he whipped her again and the red marks spread over her tits as she screamed and rocked on the bed. Monique sucked on her clit, sending the pleasure to meet with the agony from her red and swollen tits. Her hand clutched convulsively at John’s cock as he brought the whip down again on her tits and they bounced and stretched under the slashing onslaught.

Sylvia moaned and rolled on the bed, the delicious agony flowing from her tits to meet the soft licking Monique was giving her burning pussy. Her hands were still around John’s cock, rubbing up and down on the cock shaft. She was forced to look up at his cock, so long and thick in her fingers, as his arm went back and she saw the whip slashing down once more onto her tits. She yelled, twisting at the pain. And he whipped her again and she could see the lust in his eyes as he slapped the leather down mercilessly, spreading the red pain through her body, sending the first surges of a new came crashing into every tight little corner of her flesh.

Then Monique slid the tip of the vibrator into the lips of Sylvia’s pussy. Sylvia gasped, then screamed with lust as John whipped her again. Her hands worked desperately on his cock, but he held back, enjoying her helplessness. Monique fucked the vibrator in farther and it ran along the walls of her pussy, entering easily on the freely flowing cunt juices.

“Oh, God,” Sylvia moaned. “Oh, God, whip me, please do it again, whip me!”

She saw the whip flashing downwards, closed her eyes as he cut expertly across her tits. At that moment, Monique tucked the vibrator the rest of the way into her cunt and Sylvia came. She lost all sense of time. Vaguely she knew that she was rolling on the soft cushions, begging John for more of the whip, and harder, harder on her tortured tits. The rushes of orgasm careened through her entire body, sending her higher and higher with each stroke of the wonderful whip that John was now wielding with such precision. He was above her, his arm crashing down as her body leaped and her tits spread pain, eagerly searching for more, more pain that would send her higher.

She hardly noticed that Monique expertly tied the vibrator around her hips, leaving it imprisoned in her cunt, then took her legs and spread them, pulling them back as she walked around the bed. Monique’s soft warm body snuggled up behind John as he brought the whip down again on Sylvia’s pleading, leaping body. Monique spread Sylvia’s legs as wide as she could and ran her hot little hips over his ass.

“Now you can whip that little pussy, too,” she whispered in John’s ear as she pulled Sylvia’s legs farther back, around John’s arms, and Sylvia’s well-whipped ass came up higher into the air.

John felt Sylvia’s hands clutching at his cock, but he wasn’t going to let her bring him off yet. He brought the whip down on the soft hairy mound of her pussy and saw it flick onto the clit, already swollen and red between the cunt lips. Sylvia’s screams echoed around the room, dampened by the lush furnishings, but beating at John’s ears as he whipped her wide-open pussy again and some of the leather strands went across the stretched ass cheeks.

“Ohhhhhh, shhhiiitt!” Sylvia screamed, her legs going wild, her hips reaching up, her eyes closed as she waited.

John surprised her with another whipping across her tits, then swung down onto her pussy again. The thongs crashed across the end of the vibrator, sending it farther into her cunt until her cunt muscles forced it out as far as the straps would allow it. John sensed she was ready to crash over the final summit and collapse. He could probably hold her just where she was, coming in one endless orgasm, for nearly as long as he wanted. But he was ready to fuck his cock in one hole or the other, and he wasn’t going to exhaust her. He whipped her tits again, then put three extra-hard strokes on her cunt, one after the other, fast.

Sylvia felt her orgasm throw her almost off the bed as she took the final waves thumping through her, sending her into that world where she could only go if she was well and truly whipped by a man who knew what he was doing. Her whole body throbbed with ecstasy as she fell back onto the bed and Monique let her legs go. Sylvia moaned and rolled onto her face, her red and sore tits pushing into the mattress as she fought to keep the feeling running through her. Her fingers were down at her cunt, pushing the vibrator harder into her pussy, her face buried in the pillows as she moaned for more.

Monique stood with John and watched Sylvia writhe on the bed.

“I think she needs her ass fucked,” said Monique, running her own hands over John’s rigid prick. “That’s what I usually need when I get that gone.” She knelt and took his cock into her warm mouth for an instant. “Must make sure it’s hard enough, mustn’t we, sir?”

“Right down your throat,” John ordered, and he gasped with pleasure as the little slave sucked in his cock until his balls were against her chin. “That’s a good girl.” He was looking at Sylvia still moaning and rolling on the bed. “Keep it like that until I tell you to stop, and then you get your little pussy sucked while I fuck her ass.”

Monique murmured with pleasure and took his cock even deeper, that last inch so that her tongue worked lightly on his balls.

“Roll over,” he ordered, and he watched as she obediently turned onto her stomach. “Get your hands away from your pussy.”

“Oh, yes, sir!” Sylvia cried, and she spread her arms out above her head on the bed.

John watched Monique as she licked and sucked his cock to the balls again. He almost came with the sense of power he had, but he controlled himself. He knew already that the master also had to satisfy the slave, and he was going to do that, all right.

“Swing your legs over the edge of the bed,” he said to Sylvia. “That’s right, onto the floor, spread them, get them straight. Get your ass higher. That’s better.” Almost casually, he whipped her ass again, getting another desperate scream of lust from Sylvia. “Now, you are going to suck this good little girl here off, while I fuck your ass. You hear that?”

“Oh, yes!” screamed Sylvia as he cut into her ass again. “I’ll do anything, sir, anything you tell me.”

“Hope so,” said John with satisfaction.

Slowly he pulled Monique’s hot little mouth from his cock, though he made her suck on the cocktip for a few moments. Then he told her to get onto the bed, and eagerly Monique scrambled up and spread her legs around Sylvia’s head, pulling at her dark hair until her face was buried in her crotch.

“Make sure she gives you a good suck,” said John, “or we shall have to encourage her a bit.”

“I think she needs a little, sir,” said Monique. “She’s not really sucking me deeply enough.”

John stood back and gave Sylvia three hard beatings on her ass.

“Oh, yes, sir,” said Monique. “That’s much better sir.”

By now John’s cock was in need of a warm, tight hole to shoot his cum load in. He had been sucked and worked on just enough. He put lotion on his throbbing cock and leaned in over Sylvia’s thrusting body as she sucked Monique’s cunt. Slowly he edged his cock against the tight little hole of Sylvia’s ass, hearing her moan as he pushed it in, just past the first ring of muscle. In one thrust, he fucked right into Sylvia’s ass right up until he could hear his balls slap against her red ass cheeks.

Sylvia screamed, threw herself off the bed and crashed down again, her mouth still held to Monique’s warm little pussy. John pulled his prick almost out of her ass and fucked in again. Then he started a hard regular fucking, his cock almost ready to burst from the tight pulling Sylvia’s ass was giving him.

The vibrator in Sylvia’s pussy stretched the cunt walls and rubbed deliciously against the thin wall separating her cunt from her asshole. To Sylvia, it seemed as if she were being fucked by the two most enormous cocks in the world. They filled her body, the thrust of the rock-hard cock in her ass running along the smooth length of the vibrator, held firmly in her cunt, working its throbbing magic, sending her into the endless come she had always wanted. Her mouth on Monique’s clit worked like fury. Sylvia felt Monique coming.

“Oh, suck it!” Monique shouted. “Suck it! Oh, make me come? Oh, I’ll be such a bitch coming by being sucked, you’ll have to punish me for that, sir, won’t you?”

That sent John into orgasm. His cock had been teased and handled by these two chicks for just too long. His cum burst out into Sylvia’s ass as she yelled and, rolled, her own come breaking over the top into that release she could only get most of the time from the pain of leather on her ass or pussy or tits. The two women clutched and held each other and John shot wad after wad of his hot cum into Sylvia’s ass, leaning back, fucking as deep as he could. Her ass heaved back to take his sock deeper and deeper.

Finally, they fell exhausted across the bed and Sylvia felt John’s cock slide out of her asshole, and Monique undid the straps of the vibrator and cased that out of her satisfied cunt. She lay there, in the luxury of blissful satisfaction and heard Monique as she smoothed her maid’s dress down and got off the bed.

“I think you should let me give you a nice warm bath, sir. Then we’ll be ready to get that wonderful cock of yours hard again while we watch them train your wife to be as obedient as she should be.”


Sally stirred on the soft carpet. Her ass and tits still ached from the whipping, but it was a strange warmth now, almost caressing her body. She looked up. Hank, Cindy and Patrick were ignoring her, stretched out on a sofa and chairs, watching a video. Sally took a more careful look as she heard them chuckle. She was horrified. On the video, there was Sylvia, bent over a sofa and it looked like the sofa Cindy and Patrick were on — sucking Hank’s cock while Cindy whipped her ass.

Sally looked around desperately. She had to find a way out. All she had to do was get to one of the cars and get away, tell the police, have them all arrested. There had to be a door. She saw it, behind her, half hidden from the others by one of those horrible pieces of sexual apparatus.

Slowly and quietly, Sally wormed her way across the floor toward the door, looking back at each moment to make sure the others were still engrossed in the dirty movie. At the door she took one more look and reached for the handle.

“It’s locked,” said Hank, not even looking behind him. “You can’t get out, bitch.” Slowly he got up from the chair and turned toward her. “Come over here.”

Sally tried the door, but he hadn’t been lying. “Fuck off!” she shouted. “You can’t keep me here. I’ll tell the police when I get out, have you all mated.”

Hank just laughed. “Come here,” he said.

Sally swore at him again.

“Don’t make me come and get you,” he warned.

“Fuck off, you bastard! Fuck off!” Sally screamed.

“Your last chance,” said Hank, and he picked up the birch again.

Sally looked at it and went weak in the knees. She remembered the pain of it only too well, but something else was working in her. She didn’t know what it was, but it shook her body, and her pussy was damp… and she suddenly saw the man at the top of the stairs again, outlined against the light, coming slowly down until his enormous cock was inches from her face and she was gasping for breath.

“Fuck off!” she yelled at Hank.

Brutally, he grabbed her, spun her around and flung her over to a low bench, padded and with a bar above it with leather bindings hanging from it. Cindy and Patrick were there as her helpless body reached it.

“She gets what Monique got — with some changes,” Hank said and the other two grabbed Sally and flung her on her back across the bench.

She screamed and struggled, fighting for all she was worth as they took her hands and bound them tightly to the sides of the bench. Then they took her ankles and pushed them over her head and lashed them to the bindings hanging from the bar. Cindy and Patrick pulled the bench, stretching her arms out and forcing her head back so that it hung over the edge, just about level with Hank’s knees. He stood over her, legs wide apart, and he had one of those dreadful knotted whips in his hand as well as the birch.

“Jack her up,” said Hank.

Sally found the bench rising under her bound body, lifting her face inch by inch up closer to that enormous cock of Hank’s where it stretched the leather of his pants.

Not only was she getting closer to Hank’s cock, the bar holding her legs was not moving upward as well. So her legs were being forced closer and closer to her body, her ass was being forced higher and higher, and Cindy and Patrick were spreading her ankles as her legs came down, exposing her even more.

“That’s enough,” said Hank.

Sally whimpered and struggled in futile rage as an extra leather belt was laid across her hips and tied down tightly, so that she could hardly move at all. Then she felt hands on her panties, pulling at them.

Hank snapped: “No! Leave them until she begs me to tear them off.”

“You bastard!” Sally screamed. “You fucking cunt, let me go, let me go, you… you fucking sadist!”

“Oh, yes,” said Hank. “You got it, baby, you got it, but I know how to choose. Every slave I break in learns to love it — and you will, too.”

“Fuck off. I won’t… never, never, never! Fuck off!”

Hank just chuckled again. “First I’m gonna give that great little ass of yours some warm-up for being a bad little slave,” he said. “And then we’re gonna whip that pussy of yours, and other places if we have to, until you beg us to tear those seventy-dollar panties off you and fuck you whatever way we like.”

Sally heard the swish of the birch. She screamed and wept on the bench, her head rolling, her body feeling each tiny prick of the pain that shot out from her ass cheeks.

“Next time I tell you to do something,” said Hank, getting another scream as he cut across her tender ass flesh again, “you will do it right away. Got that?”

Hank brutally whipped her ass in a series of hard solid blows. Most of the twin globes of her ass were still hidden by the silk panties, but the reddened and glowing flesh that could be seen was crimson. Hank sensed it was time to lay into her hard. His arm went back and he thrashed the rod over Sally’s ass flesh again and again in a frenzy of lust.

Something was happening to Sally. Every thrust of the whip hurt as much, but the pain now spread in softer waves, out from her whipped ass and over her body, mingling with strange sensations coming from deep in her cunt. Things were triggering down there, new feelings, sending juices through her pussy, making her moan with lust. Now the pain from the birch was almost gone, and each stroke fed the fire in her body, made the walls of her cunt spasm, trying to get hold of something big and hard that should be up there.

“Oh, fuck,” she sobbed. “Fuck, fuck, fuck!”

Her head rolled off the edge of the bench, her body went crazy and… her ass was reaching for the whip… it couldn’t be, she wasn’t like that… she was… oh, God, she was!

“Oh, yes! I’ll do whatever you want!” she suddenly screamed. “Anything!” She was coming helplessly, driven to insane lust by the whip.

Hank stopped whipping her, which got a desperate scream from the bound woman, her body contorting as her orgasm broke in midstream, needing the whip to feed it.

“What is it?” Hank asked, his fingers running softly over her ass.

Sally moaned, her legs heaving against the bar.

“Is there something you want, little girl?” asked Hank.

Sally moaned, but she couldn’t give in, the horrible suggestion he was making to her. “Fuck off.”

Hank laughed and stepped back. He tossed the birch aside and took the nine-tailed whip in his hand.

“Now for that little pussy of yours,” he said.

His strokes were expert. Standing directly behind Sally, he flicked the whip exactly into her spread pussy, still just hidden by the thin silk panties. To Sally, it was as if she were falling down an endless pit and suddenly the leather landed in her pussy and sent her skyrocketing up again on the wings of a new pain. Her screech was already different.

Hank was whipping her at the center of her desire, laying the knotted leather at the point that could release the full force of her come. By the third stroke she was berserk, rolling and moaning, her legs trying to spread wider for the whip. At her side, Cindy held Patrick’s cock and worked it slowly as they watched the performance, Hank’s arm throwing the whip into Sally’s cunt, and Sally moaned with each blow. She lay there, her eyes closed, her body submitting utterly.

“Just beg us to tear off these panties — and fuck us how we like,” said Hank, giving her another severe beating.

Sally’s pussy was burning. Each stroke of the whip added to it, and the fire spread over her entire body, mixing with the horrible feelings of lust from her pussy until she couldn’t deny it anymore. She was having an orgasm. It was horrible for her. It was disgusting, to climax from the feel of a whip. It made her one of the mast terrible women in the world. She was a pervert.

She screamed as her come broke all over her body, a long scream that couldn’t be disguised, reaching extra heights, sobbing until she felt her lungs would burst as Hank whipped her in one continuous circular stroke.

“Oh, yes!” she heard herself yell. “Rip them off me, do what you like to me! Oh, yes, oh, do it, oh… aaaaggghhhh! Shit, fuck, shit!” This time, Hank whipped her until she reached the end of the come. But he didn’t give her any respite. He walked back to her head and stood very close to her wide-open mouth.

“I believe Patrick wants your cunt,” he said. “I’m gonna fuck this cute little mouth of yours, and then you’re gonna give Cindy here a nice long suck and I’m gonna fuck your ass.”

Sally moaned at the prospect, feeling hands on her last defense, her silk panties. With one great heave, Patrick tore them, but it took several more severe pulls to tear them right off.

“Well, you sure whipped that ass,” said Patrick, looking at the almost uniformly reddened ass flesh. He slid his pants to the floor and ran his hard and throbbing cock over the wet, slippery entrance to Sally’s cunt.

Sally, her head still thrown back, her eyes looking up into Hank’s crotch and the enormous cock-bulge in his pants, gasped as she felt Patrick’s prick then gasped again as Cindy knelt beside the bench and ran the zipper of Hank’s pants down and reached in for his cock. Sally felt a surge of fear and she gurgled deep in her throat. The cock was huge, standing at least twelve inches from base to tip, and so thick Cindy couldn’t get her fingers all the way around it.

“See that, bitch?” Cindy said. “I can take it all down my throat. Can you?” She smiled and opened Hank’s pants and pushed them down his legs. “I hope so. I will whip you till you do.” She grinned at Sally’s staring eyes and led the huge cock right to Sally’s open mouth.

Sally let the cock slide in, beyond her front teeth until the engorged cocktip was at the back of her mouth and working slightly in and out. She knew what she had to do, but she hardly cared anymore. She was at a pitch of fuck lust she hadn’t known existed. Patrick slowly fucked his cock into her cunt, and she moaned around the monster cock stretching her cheeks out. Her throat muscles opened a little and Hank fucked in deeper. He eased back and slowly rammed his prick in again. He hadn’t come that night yet, and when he did, it was going to be a dandy. Sally felt Patrick fucking her cunt and she had a sudden burst of shame. What would John think of her, tied up like this, sucking a cock and being fucked by another man at the same time? The knowledge of being so helpless, and the shame that her husband might even be watching it all, might even… might even be fucking… no, he wouldn’t… but where was Sylvia? And where was Monique?

Monique was sitting on John’s cock as they all watched Sally getting her double fuck. Sylvia sucked gently on Monique’s cunt and John’s rigid cock. They had already changed places several times. John was proving himself a stud of no mean proportions. He could fuck each of them until they came on his cock, and hold his own come in, waiting, enjoying the different cunts and mouths that worked on his prick. He lay back, already planning what was in store for Sally when he got hold of her. Monique suddenly went into spasms again, fucking up and down on his cock as she came for at least the sixth time that night.

“Oh, sir,” she said, falling back against him. “How many more can you give us?”

John chuckled and lifted her off his cock so that the eager Sylvia could get on. Sylvia moaned as she fucked his cock deep into her pussy.

“Oh, Monique,” she whispered. “Whip my tits. I need it to come this time.”

She gasped and moaned as John took her arms and held them behind her back so that her tits were pushed forward for the small thin whip Monique was pulling out of the stand against the wall.

Sally took Hank’s cock even deeper in her mouth. Patrick was fucking her pussy, and the combined sensations were bringing her rapidly to another come. She still didn’t want to admit it. She was turned on like never before by being abused.

Again and again, she moaned as Hank pushed his huge cockmeat into her mouth, then pulled back. And a tiny drop of fluid oozed out of the cocktip and over her tongue and, for the first time in her life she tasted the salty pre-cum from a man’s cock. It wasn’t so bad… it was better than she imagined such disgusting stuff would be. Suddenly, she realized Hank was going to come in her mouth. Shame and fear ran through her again. The cock sank deeper and she felt it throbbing now, and she was sure that was the sign that all that jism that she washed disgustedly out of her tender little cunt whenever… the few times she let John fuck her… was going to pour out and he was going to [missing text].

Hank shot his first load of cum into Sally’s throat. Sally gurgled as he rammed his prick in and, to her horror and disgust, another great orgasm hit her. The cum shot out so deep in her throat she couldn’t even taste it.

“Suck it all, bitch!” he yelled.

And then he pulled back so that the white cum flowed out over Sally’s tongue and into her cheeks as he grabbed her head, holding it firmly as the pulses of his jism filled her cheeks. Sally found herself swallowing compulsively to take it all in, and still shots of cum squirted past her lips and down her cheeks. She hardly felt Patrick shoot into her pussy, she was so busy with Hank’s great cock, trying to take it all and adjust to the taste, of the cock cream running wild in her hot little mouth. She was also hardly aware that Hank, with one great thrust at the height of his come, fucked his cock right into her throat to the balls and let several more shots fly before he eased back and made her lick and suck the last drops of cum from his prick.

Patrick poured the last of his cum-load too, and both of them stepped back for a long look at the moaning, bound figure on the bench. Cindy knelt down beside Sally and licked at Hank’s cum still sticking to her cheeks. When she captured the spilled cum, she took it to Sally’s mouth and the two of them shared it until it was all gone. Sally was too surprised to protest. She had never done anything so intimate with a woman before, but she was in such a swirling haze of excitement she didn’t care what was happening anymore.

At the next thrust of John’s whip, Sylvia came, begging him for more until she collapsed across the cushions. Still, Monique sucked at his cock like the prefect little slave she was. About the only hole he hadn’t fucked was Monique’s ass, and that seemed a fitting end to the evening.

Without a word, he picked her up and slung her over the back of the sofa, much like Sally was pinned in the other room. In one fuck stroke, he rammed his prick into her ass, making her yell and thrust back for more. On the sofa, Sylvia turned slowly over and engaged Monique in a long soft kiss as John’s cock fucked in and out of her ass. Monique’s hand went down and caressed Sylvia’s cunt, and Sylvia murmured in appreciation and spread her legs.

Sally slid her mouth deeper and deeper onto Patrick’s cock, feeling it throb. She wanted cum in her mouth again, lots of cum. She wanted men to shoot jism all over her, whip her, use her as they wanted. Hank’s immense cock fucked back into her ass, sending more incredible waves of pleasure through her. She was going to take it all, every last wonderfully perverted whipping and fucking she could get.

Hank shot his pulsing cum-load up her ass and Patrick a few moments later gave her another wonderful mouthful of cum. In the other room, John shot his cum-load into Monique and she made Sylvia come again with her fingers in her cunt.

Then they all went to bed and Sally fell asleep knowing that when she woke up, she was going to have to prove what a good little slave she was… to John, her husband.


In the morning, Sally was awakened by Monique and Sylvia. They gave her a shower and took her into the kitchen for breakfast. Nobody else was there and Sally ate alone, waiting for what was to come. Neither of the other women spoke to her much, just put the food and coffee in front of her, then took her back to her room when she was finished. There, she sat for a long time, watching television.

Occasionally she heard noises and tried to peer through the heavily barred windows, but she couldn’t see anything. She inspected her ass and tits in the mirror and was amazed at how fast the marks of the whippings had vanished. Sally had a good, tight and hard body, and had kept it in shape, particularly to tease John, and now it was paying her a different dividend. Her tits were as creamy white as they had been the moment Cindy first put her whip across them, and her ass showed only the faintest signs of the birch, despite how hard it had been beaten.

She stood in front of the mirror and remembered how it had been — and she started to get aroused again. Her fingers played with her tits, then roved down to wander in her blonde pussy hair, over the thrusting bud of her clit and… she stopped herself. She knew she was going to have to go through a lot more today and, despite the excitement that thought brought to her hot little cunt, she restrained herself. She wanted to be hotter than hall for the confrontation.

It was the afternoon before the two women came to get her. They opened the door and came through, several pieces of clothing in their arms. They told Sally to stand up, then sprayed perfume all over her body, examining it, making sure it was ripe and ready for the long session ahead.

“Put this on,” Cindy said as she threw a tight black corset at Sally.

The corset fitted under Sally’s tits, thrusting them higher than ever, the nipples clearly in view. Behind her, Monique tightened the laces until Sally’s already-slim waist was pinched in and almost painful. Now her hips spread wider below the bottom of the material and her body assumed an hour-glass shape.

“Good,” Cindy said. “Now, the boots.” Monique brought out a pair of high-heeled, shiny black boots. The boots fitted Sally’s legs like a second skin, and ran up almost to the tops of her thighs, only inches from her pussy, where they were tied with thin laces that also pinched her uncomfortably. Again Cindy stepped back to take a look at Sally.

“What do you think?” she asked Sylvia. “Panties or not?”

Sylvia considered the question. “Yeah,” she said at length. “I bet John’s going to whip her, and he’s bound to like it with panties on. They always do. Then they can do it again when they take them off.”

So Sally was fitted with a pair of tight, pussy hugging black panties. All the time her breath was going excitedly. The treatment of her as an object — a slave about to be thrown out there to satisfy the lust of her master — was almost more than she could stand. She hoped they didn’t notice how wet her pussy was, or how she trembled with desire.

“The gloves,” said Cindy.

Sally found herself filled with a pair of mesh, silky gloves that came well above her elbows, the thin material caressing the sensitive skin of her hands and arms. Finally, Cindy fitted a studded leather collar around her neck and attached a chain to it.

“There,” she said, “I think you are ready now.” They led her out of the room and down into the den where she had been through so much the night before. Sally trembled at the sight of the ropes and the bar that had held her feet for the punishment she had taken. The three men were sitting around watching a porno video, drinking whiskey and chatting.

“Here,” said Cindy, throwing Sally at John. “Here is your slave.”

Sally could see that John’s cock was already hard from watching the movie, and she trembled with new lust as he slowly walked around her, examining her body.

“We have some catching up to do, don’t we my dear?” he said.

“Yes, sir,” said Sally breathlessly.

“Over the beam,” said John.

Sally thrilled to the new command in his voice. She moaned as her arms were stretched up and again she hung by them, but this time with her whole body desperate for the thrills to come. John walked in front of her, the ninetailed whip in his hands.

“First I’m going to punish you for all the times you cock-teased me,” he said. “Punish you until Monique and Sylvia make my cock come. Then you’re going to get my cock hard again while Hank and Patrick here fuck you any way they want — and then we have a special surprise for you.”

“Oh, yes! Yes, sir!” Sally breathed softly, her tits heaving up and down, the nipples rising and falling above the corset.

In one quick movement, John flicked the whip over Sally’s exposed tits, drawing a moan and a great heave of her body on the ropes.

“Come here, Monique, and Sylvia,” he said. “Take my pants off.”

Both of them went to their knees and slid the zipper of his tight pants down before taking them off. Sally gasped.

She had never really looked at John’s cock closely before. It was something she just didn’t do. His prick was big, almost as big as Hank’s, and she couldn’t believe that monster was what had gone up her pussy the few times she had allowed him to fuck her. His cock stood out menacingly from his loins. Almost casually, he whipped her tits again, drawing a cry from his helpless captive. Meanwhile, Monique and Sylvia both kissed his cock, running their willing mouths up and down the cock shaft.

On the ropes, Sally moaned and gasped again. The sight of two other women sucking her husband’s cock — one of them dressed in a bra, panties and stocking set, the other, Monique, in a tight fitting leather skirt and transparent top — was almost too much for her. The whip slapped onto her tits again, and this time she cried out in pain and her body writhed around on the ropes. Again John whipped her tits and the pain began to spread down her body to mingle with the lust spreading out from her wanton pussy.

Monique slid John’s cock deep into her throat, sucking on it while Sylvia worked his balls and cock shaft. Holding Sally’s lust-filled gaze, he drew the whip back again and let her tits have it, in a series of heavy blows. Sally screamed now and begged, not for him to stop, but for him to whip her harder. And that almost sent John’s cock out of control. With an effort, he stopped himself.

“What do you want, bitch?” he asked.

“Oh, whip me! Whip me, please. Please!” Sally swung on the ropes, her arms extended, her tits thrust forward desperately for the whip that didn’t come. Sylvia almost pushed Monique’s mouth from John’s cock so that she could get her own lips around it. She sucked his prick deep and worked her tongue over the underside of the cock shaft, hearing him murmur with pleasure as he looked at his wife, hanging from the ropes and pleading.

“Oh, please, I’ll do anything you want,” wept Sally, going berserk as John still held his hand.

John grinned and lashed her across the heaving domes of her tits. Sally begged some more, and John let her have it, lash after lash on those jutting arrogant tits of hers. Sally jerked on the ropes, thrusting forward for the whip, begging all the time for more, and John couldn’t hold out against it. The sight of his formerly untouchable bitch of a wife, heaving on ropes tied over a beam and begging him to whip her as hard as he could, coupled with the sucking he was getting from Monique and Sylvia, sent his cock spurting cum.

As he felt the first shots of cam shooting out of his prick, John swung the whip around and ordered Sally to open her legs. Instantly she did so, gazing at him with such adoration that his cum shot into Monique’s mouth with double the intensity he ever thought it could. He thrust the whip upward, between Sally’s legs and into her vulnerable pussy. She screamed and her body spasmed in orgasm as he whipped her clit again, sending the surge of lust up through her body to join the pain still running out from her tits.

Again and again, Sally screamed in release as John whipped her between the legs, and she spread them farther to get every last inch of the knotted leather. His cum spurted out into Monique’s mouth and then into Sylvia’s as they changed places, and then over their lips as they shared his cum-load. He whipped Sally again, and she yelled in one last great jolt of orgasm and hung on the ropes, her body still twitching.

“Take her down,” John said, and he held the two lovely heads at his cock while they took the last of the white oozing cum and licked it up.

Hank and Patrick took Sally as she moaned in delicious agony and threw her over the sofa. Sally’s boots were so tight she could hardly bend her legs, and she sprawled on the cushions until John came back around and heaved her up to face him once more.

“Now you get my cock hard again,” he said. “And Hank and Patrick are going to fuck you, in the cunt or ass, and if they finish before you get my prick hard again, I’ll whip you until it is hard — and you can suck the ladies off. You’ll have to do that before the night is out, anyway.”

“Oh… oh, yes… please, yes,” sighed Sally as she hung on his strong arms and her whole body went limp.

She moaned softly as John sat in the soft chair and pulled her head down to his cock. The boots prevented her from falling to her knees, and so she had to bend steeply at the waist to get her mouth over the tip of his prick.

For Sally, it was the first time she had sucked her husband’s cock. It was something she had thought she would never do — and now she wanted him to have the best blow-job of his life to shoot his cum-load in her mouth. Slowly, she slid her hot red lips over the cock tip, her gloved hands reaching far the cock shaft.

John held back a bit. He wanted to have this moment just to the two of them, and the rest of the people in the room understood. They watched as Sally bent farther, her body held in the tight corset that pushed her tits even higher now that she was bent double at the waist. Her rounded ass cheeks with the tiny black panties rose in the air as her mouth went down. And her legs, stretched out to perfection in the high heeled boots, directed all the lust in the room to the point where they met at the reddened curves of her ass. Slowly, Sally took more of John’s cock in her mouth. His prick was heavy and slightly sticky from the cum it had shot, and she rolled her tongue over the surface, getting his prick hard almost instantly. But neither of them paid any attention to that. John would tell Sally when his fucker was hard enough, and tell her everything else. Another great thrill of submission went through her.

“Fuck her ass,” said John suddenly.

Sally sank her mouth to the base of his cock. “You got it,” Patrick said as his hands went inside the thin material of her panties.

Another surge of almost unbearable lust went through her as he ripped her panties apart with one heave and stood back, surveying the tight little ass and the long legs in their shiny black boots. As Patrick’s cock rubbed gently against the puckered entrance of her ass, Sally groaned and sucked John’s cock even harder.

In one long slow heave, Patrick fucked his cock into her asshole, and her ass muscles tightened convulsively around his cock, sucking at it’s rigid length as hard as her mouth sucked at John’s cock. Patrick drew his cock back out, then slammed it in hard, feeling her ass muscles tighten on his fucker as she moaned and sucked on her husband’s rock-hard prick.

“Almost a pity she hasn’t been whipped,” Patrick commented as he fucked in again.

“Wait,” said John with a grin.

He pulled Sally’s head closer onto his cock and lay back to enjoy all the sensations. He wasn’t going to come for a while yet, and everything he wanted Sally to do she was going to do before then. Patrick fucked away in her ass and Sally felt the new pulses of orgasm rising in her body. Her moans got louder as the huge pricks rammed into her helpless body and her burning ass walls took the fucking and sent her over the top. She rammed John’s cock into her mouth until her tongue could lick at his balls, and he was grunting and holding her head as orgasm after orgasm came over her at the double fucking she was getting.

Suddenly Patrick threw his head back and yelled as the warm thick cum poured out of his cock and deep into Sally’s ass guts.

No sooner had Patrick slid his satisfied cock out of her ass than Hank rammed his enormous fucker in. Bent as she was, her body in the grip of an endless orgasm, she felt her ass walls stretch, and the sensations rise another notch. She sucked John’s cock, willing it to come, wanting him to come in her mouth. Hank’s rough ass-fucking forced her farther and farther onto John’s big prick.

“Shit,” John said as he realized that, despite all his intentions, he was going to shoot in her mouth. “You little bitch!”

Sally knew what was to come, and that gave her pounding orgasm another lift. Her mouth closed tightly around his cock. Her ass muscles spasmed around Hank’s fucking cock and she kit him lose control and start to shoot inside her ass. As the cum spurted from both men’s pricks, Sally went crazy with joy. She was getting them all off faster than they had ever been taken before. She might be the slave, but each time she submitted further, the men were more and more helpless in her hands.

That realization sent an orgasm ripping through her — more powerful than any she had had before, and yet, she knew it was only the start. Those orgasms still to come were going to be even better. She sucked up the cum spurting from John’s throbbing cock shaft, drinking it down, trying to taste every wonderful salty drop, wanting him to go on shooting cum forever.

Slowly, Hank’s massive cock softened and slid out of Sally’s ass, and John’s cock softened as Sally moved her lips over it.

“That was a naughty girl, wasn’t it?” said John.

“Yes, sir… oh, yes,” whispered Sally, her mouth still on his cock, her hands in their black mesh gloves caressing his prick into new life.

“That’s better,” said John, still speaking gently, but with a wonderful new menace in his voice. “I was going to fuck you next, but we will have to get my cock hard again, won’t we?”

“Yes, oh, please make them whip me until I get you hard again, sir,” Sally pleaded. “And then fuck me.”

“But then you get a double whipping,” said John, playing with the soft blonde hair that fell around Sally’s face and over his hips. “Because they are going to whip you while you sit on my cock, until you make me come. So it was very silly of you to bring me off like that, wasn’t it?”

Sally groaned in pure fuck-lust, settling any doubts John might have had about the kind of woman she was now.

“Oh, yes, sir. Yes, that was very bad of me. You must punish me very severely… very severely.”

And her soft red lips sucked on his cock, he leaned back in utter bliss and nodded to Cindy.

“Punish her,” John said.

Cindy grinned and went over to the wall to get the heavier whip. She ordered Sylvia to get Hank’s cock hard again and Monique to work on Patrick. The two girls cleaned off the men’s slimy cocks and ran their soft hands and lips over them, feeling the first surges of new arousal, particularly as Cindy was lining up Sally’s ass. She lashed across the ass cheeks, and Sally twisted and moaned. John reached down and took her nipples in his fingers and twisted them at each hard lash of the whip. For nearly a minute, Cindy whipped Sally’s ass until it was a red mass of heaving flesh as it had been the night before. Then she stopped.

“Oh, no!” Sally screamed. “Give it to me! Please, please, you lousy fucking bitch, give it to me!”

By this time, John’s cock was hard again, but she wasn’t going to point that out. She wanted more pain in her body to send her over the top. She didn’t see Cindy take a pair of heavy paper clamps out of a drawer and hand them to John. They were the type with tight metal jaws that could be pulled open with handles to snap onto the sheaves of paper and then snap shut. Sally didn’t notice as John lowered them beneath her body and held them open around her thrusting nipples.

“Oh, please,” she still moaned. “Please whip me, please give it to…”

Cindy crashed the whip into her ass and John let the paper clamps snap closed over Sally’s nipples. Sally’s scream echoed through the room. The cruel agony in her tits slammed back to meet the pain throbbing up from her ass where Cindy threw the whip in to meet every thrust of the tortured ass globes.

“Oh, shit! Oh, fuck!”

Then her mouth went down deep on John’s hardening cock as Cindy brought her to yet another wild orgasm that sent the whole of her body out of control. She moaned, screamed and sobbed as the whip gave her release. John’s rising cock fucked deeper and deeper into her mouth. The terrible pain in her tits sent her into new moans of arousal.

John took the clamps off her tits as his cock got as hard as he wanted it to be. Sally didn’t know whether to thank him or plead for more, so she just moaned and sucked at his cock as it fucked into her throat and waited for what he would do next. Slowly, he pulled her head back and smiled into her lust-filled eyes.

“Sit on my cock,” he ordered.

He picked her up, carrying bet over to one of the benches, where he lay on his back. Sally slid her cunt onto his prick, fucking it deep into her pussy and falling across his hard body kissing his neck and his face until she reached his mouth. There she stayed, her mouth against his as she promised him that she would be the best little slave, best little wife a man could ever want. She felt his cock get even harder in her cum as she offered herself, and then her voice was cut off by a new scream of exquisite agony as the birch landed across her ass cheeks.

Her pussy muscles tightened around his cock as the pain spread out. She flattened her body closer to him, sending her ass higher with each stroke of the birch. If John’s cock had been any softer, Sally’s pussy muscles would have squeezed it out of her cunt. She no longer felt the individual beatings of the whip. She was flying higher and higher.

Before she brought John to climax yet again, she had a vibrator rammed into her ass, so he could feel the throbbing length on his cock through the thin wall between her fuck holes. Her ass burned. As John started to shoot into her pussy, he let the paper clamps slam shut on her nipples again, purely to feel the added tightening of her pussy muscles around his cock.

Her body became a sea of pain and she felt the deep orgasms she had never even dreamed she had in her, rising to the surface like monsters, driving her out of her mind. Suddenly she knew she could get whatever she wanted from men, because she could take anything they handed out and still beg for more.

John yelled and fucked his cock deep into her pussy as the final pulses of his climax died away.

Then they took Sally and sat her on Hank’s cock, her legs spread wide around him still unable to bend, while Monique held her arms behind her back and Cindy whipped her tits until the paper clamps fell off. Sally screamed endlessly and fucked up and down on Hank’s huge hard-on until it shot its load of cum. Then they put her down onto Patrick and again it was her ass that took the whipping as her cunt closed around his fucker. Sally still begged for more even as Patrick loosed his own cum-load, and she screamed in the final vicious beating of the whip and fell across his body, satisfied.

“Shit, man!” said John.

Sally knew the extent of her power for the first time. By this total submission, she had gained the most incredible power over them all. The same kind of power that Sylvia had over Patrick. The same power that Monique, in her quieter way, had over Cindy and Hank.

They, the slaves, could give the masters what they needed, and the masters would give the slaves everything they wanted in exchange for that sense of power. But it was the slaves who had the real power.

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Two Horny Moms

Two young boys without a release for their raging sexual drive, and their mothers, all driven to the extremes of lust, are the subjects of this novel. Under the circumstances, we can understand how these individuals are driven into each other’s arms. Our society forbids sexual union between a mother and son, but sometimes it seems to be the most likely way for both to find satisfaction.

As you read this account of passions unleashed, try to put yourself into the characters’ roles and then see if you can find fault. Although they sink deeper and deeper into wanton behavior, they, at least, get a taste of all those pleasures that so many of us miss.

So, what is normal? What are the rules we should live by? Is conformity to the average the goal, or should we seek our pleasure in extremes?

In reading TWO HORNY MOMS each reader must decide for himself what is the right path. So, take a trip into the nether world of sexuality, and find out what goes on behind the drawn shutters of our neighbors’ lives.


Jill Mellon stood in the kitchen of the sprawling suburban home that her ex-husband had left her, preparing breakfast for her teenager Bill. Expertly her hands moved across the stove, flipping the eggs with a flick of one wrist, turning over the bacon with the other.

Jill smiled, brushing the short blonde hair out of her eyes. Twenty years of marriage could make any woman an accomplished chef.

But even as she cooked, Jill was painfully aware of the wet need burning deep inside her hairy cunt.

She was so horny, she thought miserably. So fucking hot.

All she had on was a sheer nightie that hugged the curves of her slim, naked body. Jill was perfectly preserved at age thirty-nine, with the supple flesh and sumptuous figure of a teenager. Now she hotly pressed her pussy mound against the stove, thinking of how badly she needed a long, fat cock spearing up her cunt.

That was the only trouble with being divorced, she thought wryly. Randall had been a bum in a lot other respects, but he’d always been a fantastic fucker. Jill’s pussy creamed as she remembered his huge, cum-spitting prick, the way it had felt going up her always-horny pussy tunnel.

Oh Christ, I need some cock, Jill thought hornily, wondering how long it had been since her last lay. I need some stiff fucking prick.

Sighing to herself, the horny mother turned off the stove and hurriedly arranged eggs, bacon and toast on a plate. Then she looked toward the kitchen door, expecting Bill.

It was already eight o’clock, and he was still asleep. That wasn’t like him. Of course, Bill was a growing teen, and Jill’s heart warmed as she thought of her only child, a shy, handsome teen with a tall, rangy figure and an unkept shock of thick brown hair.

And as she thought of him, a throbbing heat coursed through her pussy. Jill blushed as she left the kitchen and walked softly up the stairs to his room.

It was horrible to admit it to herself, but she knew she wanted to fuck her own son. She’d been having constant sex fantasies ever since the divorce had left her alone in the house with Bill. God, he was built for his age. Every day Jill found herself wondering about the size of his cock. Did Bill have a nice big one? She’d heard that teenaged bays had incredible endurance, that they could keep it stiff all day long.

Jill stopped before her son’s bedroom door, absent-mindedly wondering if her son had any juicy fuck fantasies about her. She knew she had a stacked body; men were always whistling at her when she went shopping. Her C-cup tits weren’t overly large, but they stood out nicely on her slim frame.

Jill ran her hands down her body, patting her rounded ass cheeks, gliding her fingers down her, long, tapering legs. Her pussy was tight and juicy, too, able to suck the cum out of any man’s cock.

Sighing, Jill lifted her hand to knock on the door, but decided against it. She was sure Bill was fast asleep.

Oh fuck, Bill thought. Did Mrs. Watson ever have a big pair of tits!

Mike was Mrs. Watson’s son and he was also Bill’s best friend. The Watsons lived next door, and the other day Bill and Mike had been eating a snack in the living room when Mike’s mom came out in her bikini to do some sunbathing.

Now Bill was on his back in bed with the sheets pushed down to the bottom and his huge cock quivering stiffly over his stomach. Bill’s prick was so big that he hardly knew what to do with it. It had started to grow tremendously when he reached puberty, and now it was enormous, like a third leg hanging between his slender thighs. It felt so good when he touched it. Bill loved to beat his meat all the time.

He wrapped his hand around the trunk of his throbbing cock and thought of Mrs. Watson, remembering how she’d looked in the bikini. Jesus, what a pair of tits! Bill fantasized about Mrs. Watson’s huge tits, remembering how they’d jiggled and shook in her bikini bra. He’d seen her nipples sticking through the fabric. Boy, would he love to suck her huge tits!

Bill started jacking off. His fist pumped wildly on his aching hard-on, making his puffy cock-knob expand and pre-cum drool from the tip. Bill rubbed his palm on the crown, lubricating his hand. He beat his meat faster, his ass lifting off the bed.

Then his fantasies changed. Bill, found himself thinking about his mother’s juicy cunt. It embarrassed him, but he couldn’t help himself. More and more when he jacked off, he’d found himself thinking of his mom’s beautiful face and stacked body.

“Oh, fuck,” Bill whispered, pumping his prick. “Oh, fuck, oh fuck…”

The bedroom door opened. Bill’s face went crimson. He’d just been caught with his hand on his big prick.

“Oh, Bill! My Lord!”

Jill didn’t know what to think or feel or say. Her hands fell limp at her sides, her mouth dropped open; all she could do was stand there and stare at her son’s huge cock. Never in her wildest imaginings had she dreamed that her teenager would have a cock like this!

A deep throbbing penetrated the folds of her pussy as she ran her eyes up his prick shaft, seeing the fat, bloated vein seaming the underside, studying the glistening, shiny-skinned cock-knob. Jill’s pussy burned and itched and throbbed. All her maternal inhibitions seemed to pass from her body. As she crossed the room, she knew she’d already made the decision to get it on with her own son.

“Well, Bill,” she said humorously. “Is this how you like to spend your mornings?”

“I’m… I’m sorry, Mom,” Bill stammered.

Blushing fiercely, Bill reached down and started to pull up the sheets.

But Jill stood next to the bed and gently grabbed his wrist. She couldn’t let him do that. She couldn’t let him cover that huge cock!

“No, Bill, don’t do that. Masturbation is very natural. I’m glad. I just caught you playing with yourself. Here, let’s have a little talk about your body.”

Hesitantly, Bill let his head drop back to the pillows, embarrassed that his prick was exposed. His hard-on didn’t go down. If anything, his cock got even longer and thicker under his mother’s gaze, pulsing obscenely over is stomach.

Jill sat by his hip on the mattress and stared at his twitching cock. Her whole body was shaking. Never had she seen such a magnificent prick.

“I knew you were doing this, you know,” she said huskily. “All guys do it. Tell me, Bill. How often do you beat your meat?”

“All… a lot.” Bill muttered, staring wide-eyed at his mother.

“Hmmm, that’s what I thought. What do you think about when you jack off?” Unable to restrain herself, Jill glided her delicate fingers up his thigh.

Bill gasped as his mother cupped his balls. Jill sighed as she felt the weight of his cum congested balls. Delicately Jill folded her fingers around the steely root of his prick.

“I… I think about girls,” Bill stammered. “About them, you know, making out with me, and… and fucking and stuff.”

“It shouldn’t be hard to find a girl to make out with you, Bill. You’ve got an extremely large cock. Just enormous… tell me, do you jack off like this?”

Jill wrapped her hand tightly around her son’s cock, moaning as she felt its meaty thickness pulse wildly in her palm. She pushed up her fist, dragging up the loose flesh. Then she fell into a steady, pumping rhythm, lewdly jacking her son’s huge hard-on.

“Unh! Oh, Mom!” Bill was wide-eyed with disbelief. He started to rock his ass off the bed, pumping his prick through the oval of his mother’s fingers. “That feels good, Mom! Do it harder!”

Jill squeezed her son’s prick hard, making fresh droplets of sticky pre-cum drool out of the piss hole. Catching it on her palm, she smeared it all over the shaft of his cock. Then she jacked his cock much harder. The big trunk of his prick was nice and wet now. Her hand made a slapping sound as she beat his meat.

“Unh! Mom, Mom, oh fuck!”

“That feels good, Bill, doesn’t it? Your cock is getting really big now. God, it’s simply enormous. What else do you think about when you play with yourself?”

“Sometimes… sometimes I think about you, Mom!” Bill blurted suddenly, blushing. “Oh please, do it harder! My cock’s so stiff! I need to cum!”

“Oh, you think about me, do you? Well, well, well. I guess I’ll just have to give you more to think about from now on, won’t I?”

Gritting her teeth, Jill started to jack her son’s cock as hard as she could. Her hand whipped frantically up and down his drooling, swollen prick, her arm moving in a blur.

Soon her wrist ached with the feverish energy of the hand job, but that didn’t stop her. Jill thought of nothing but the throbbing, steely stiffness of her son’s magnificent cock. She was determined to make him cream.

“Unh, Mom!” Bill grimaced and rocked his head back and forth, unable to contain his incestuous passion. “I’m going, to cum, Mom!”

“Are you, Bill? Are you really going to spurt?” Jill leaned close, whispered the words as her hand pounded up and down on his prick. “Go ahead, darling. I’d love to see it gush out of your big, hairy balls! Mothers love to see the white juice spurting out, you know. That’s what makes wonderful baby sons like you in the first place. So go ahead, darling! Cum, cum!”

“Unh!” Bill’s face reddened, and he trembled all over. “Oh, Mom!”

He lurched his ass off the bed, thrusting his cock through her tightly gripping fingers. A huge stream of milky white cock juice erupted from his cock head, spurting all the way up his chest. The initial blast was followed by long spurts of viscous cum.

“Yes, Bill! You’re cumming!” Jill jacked off her son’s big prick faster, licking her lips as she watched the sappy cum squirt out. “Cum, darling! Cum for your mother! Cum, Bill, cram!”

Bill writhed beneath her, unable to stand the overwhelming passion. Cum squirted all over his chest, covering his lean young flesh with jism. Then it drooled in a heavy flow from the tip of his prick, covering her fingers and his cock shaft. It was the biggest load Jill had ever jacked out of a man in her life. When it was over, her hand and Bill’s cock were dripping cum.

“Oh, Mom…” Bill continued to tremble on the bed, overwhelmed with pleasure. His massive prick stayed as hard as bone, throbbing stiffly. “That was so good.”

“I’ll bet it was, Bill. Did you enjoy your cum? You really popped your rocks, didn’t you?” Smiling, Jill lifted her hand and shamefully licked her son’s jism off her fingers. “Mmmmm, your cum tastes good, Bill! Will you think about me more often now when you jack off?”

Bill gulped and nodded his head.

The throbbing wetness in Jill’s pussy felt like it had penetrated her whole body. Slowly, she rose from the bed and untied the sash of her nightie. She knew she had to get her creamy pussy sucked.

“Well. I’d better give you some more to think about, then.”

Jill let the nightie fall to the floor, stepping out of it, exposing her nakedness.

Bill’s eyes widened at the sight of her sleek, stacked body. Hungrily he ogled her large tits, studying his mother’s pink, rubbery-stiff nipples. His eyes went down to her slender waist, then up her long, shapely legs. Finally his gaze riveted on her very hairy pussy, studying the glistening pink slit her cunt fur fringed.

“Is this better, Bill? Will this help you jack off from now on? Do you like looking at my naked body?”

Bill responded with his cock, gaping at her as the enormous trunk bobbed and twitched luridly over his stomach, still oozing cum from the swollen shaft. Jill crawled onto the bed. She leaned forward and dangled her rounded C-cup tits over his face.

“See how stiff my nipples are, Bill? That’s cause Mom wants you to suck them. That’s right, darling. Suck Mom’s hot tits.”

Opening his mouth, Bill hurriedly guided one spongy globe to his lips. Hungrily he tugged in a fat, rosy stiff nipple and started sucking it, puckering his cheek around his mother’s tit.

“Unh! That’s good, darling!” Jill shut her eyes and moaned as the wetness spread through her cunthole, making her pussy throb with incestuous desire. “Just like when you were a little baby. You used to love to nurse my titties, didn’t you, Son?”

Bill nodded his head, keeping the swollen nipple bud in his mouth. Jill couldn’t stand it anymore. Pushing him away, she crawled up the bed and straddled his face, planting her knees on the bed to either side of his ears.

“All right, lover, now you get the real treat,” she hissed. “Mom’s pussy’s all hot and creamy. Make me cum, darling! Suck Mom’s hot cunt!”

A long strand of cock juice leaked from Bill’s blood-gorged cock head as he inhaled the musky, pungent aroma of his mother’s fuck oil. Hungrily he stared at her hair-fringed pussy, directly over his face. Her pussy looked delicious. Never had he seen a more cock stiffening sight than his mother’s creamy cunt.

He slid his hands up her sleek thighs, cupping his fingers firmly around the cheeks of his mother’s ass. Then he lifted his chin and directed his mouth to her gushing pussyhole.

His tongue pushed between the flowering folds of her pussy, making Jill gasp as she savored the first contact of his mouth on her cunt. Squeezing and milking her ass cheeks, Bill awkwardly but enthusiastically started eating her pussy, sliding his tongue rapidly up and down her burning pussy silt.

“Yes, Bill! Yes, oh fuck, yes yes yes!”

Jill lifted her head and shuddered violently as she realized what was happening to her. Her son was eating her pussy. Her own son, sucking her hot cunt!

“Lick faster, Bill!” Needfully she pushed her fingers through his hair, holding the back of his head. Dropping her ass, she ground her aching cunt onto his mouth. Jill whispered as his tongue pushed deep into the glistening wet pinkness of her pussyhole.

“Ahhhhh God, that’s so good, darling! You’re making Mom cum!”

The smell of her fuck juice filled the bedroom. Bill felt wonderfully overwhelmed by the musky, fishy smell of his mom’s delicious cunt. His tongue moved in a blur up and down the foaming pink pussy. He paused to teasingly nip the short, fleecy curls fringing her sopping wet cunt.

“See… ah… see the little bump at the top?” Jill gasped impatiently. “That’s unh… my clit! Oh, please suck it for me, Bill! It needs to be sucked!”

Bill moved his tongue up her juicy pussy, tentatively touching her swollen clit with his tongue. Jill grunted, bucking as if she’d been shot, and immediately started humping her cunt wildly all over his face.

“That’s right, Bill, suck it for me! Make Mom cream!”

Bill continued to lick his mother’s clit for another minute, fascinated by the way the slightest touch to her little organ could make her whole body shiver and buck. Finally he wrapped his lips around it, folding them over his teeth. Bill sucked his mother’s clot gently but firmly, drawing it out with his lips.

“Awwnngghh! Yes, Bill! Suck it, suuuuck!”

Jill could barely restrain the frantic bucking motions of her hips, though she wanted to keep her swollen clit centered on her son’s tongue. Instead she released her craving by clawing his neck so hard she almost drew blood.

“Suck me, Bill, keep your sucking!” she squealed. “Unh unh unh, Mom’s cumming! Lick my pussy, darling, suck my clit! Oh fuck, oh shit, cuuummmiiinnnggg!”

The hot fuck juice bubbled up in the depths of her pussy tunnel, drooling out of the throbbing pink slit into her son’s mouth. Bill kept his lips glued to her spasming clit, feeling it pulse rhythmically in his mouth. Finally, as the cum continued to pump through his mother’s body, he returned his lips to her pussyhole and eagerly sucked up the juices foaming from the depths of her hairy cunt.

“Oh, fuck, Bill, oh, fuck!” Jill gritted her teeth and mindlessly rocked her ass, fucking her cumming pussy onto her sop’s mouth. “Suck, darling, keep sucking. Suck your mother!”

The cum finally faded, but her pussy remained incredibly hot. Impulsively, Jill turned on her son’s face, swinging her legs around so she could face Bill’s throbbing cock. His mouth stayed glued to her foaming cunt as she turned into the sixty-nine position, but now his nose nearly touched her pink little asshole as he continued to suck her off.

“Oh, Bill! Your cock is huge!”

It was harder than ever, hopelessly aroused by sucking off her juicing cunt. The massive prick loomed straight out of his cock hairs, so swollen with blood that the shaft and knob looked ready to explode. Hot, milky pre-cum drooled from the open piss hole, forming a little puddle just over his navel.

“Keep sucking me, Bill! Let me take care of this big, beautiful cock!”

For a moment Jill almost yielded to the temptation of sucking her son’s magnificent cock. She’d always loved to give blow-jobs, and the thought of wrapping her lips around Bill’s magnificent prick made fresh fuck juice bubble out of her cunt.

But that would be going too far, she told herself. Jill squirmed on her son’s face as she leaned forward and wrapped her hand around his swollen prick. Again she began to beat his meat, violently milking and tugging the rock-hard trunk of his prick.

“Unh, Mom!” Bill muttered, his words muffled by her matted pussy. Responding to the hand-job, he glued his lips to her cunt and continued to suck.

“You’re gonna cum, aren’t you, Bill? You’re gonna cum!”

His mouth felt wonderful on her pussy, but Jill hardly paid any attention. She was too wrapped up in his huge prick. Violently she jacked and stroked and beat his meat, whipping her little fist in a blur on the shaft as she stared intently at the rosy crown.

It didn’t take long. Bill’s big prick leapt in her hand, then started spraying more cum. The load boiled out of his knob, spraying his chest and her wrist with endless spurts of milky white jism.

Her mouth open in awe, Jill continued to jack her son’s cock as it exploded. Slowly the full realization of the incestuous act she’d perpetrated with her son came to her.


After Bill finally left for school — with a written excuse for missing his first class — Jill spent the rest of the day in a miserable heat of fuck-lust. As soon as he was out the door she went to bed and finger-fucked herself to several hard cums, remembering the taste of his juice and the magnificent size of his cock.

Afterwards she tried to tell herself how wrong mother-son incest was, and how she had to promise never to do it again. But the words seemed to mean nothing to her. The more she considered the act’s sinfulness, the hornier she got.

At three that afternoon, Jill was hornier than a bitch in heat. Naked, she lay on her mattress with her legs spread wide and her tits jiggling as she pounded two fingers in and out of her cunt.

By now her clit and pussylips were raw from so much jacking off, but it made to difference. Jill couldn’t stop herself. She whimpered as she humped her ass on the bed, pounding her fingers into her pussy, dreaming about her son’s huge prick.

Then she heard the front door open and slam shut. Bill was home from school!

She stopped finger-fucking herself and lay still, her heart pounding as she wondered what her son would do. There was a long silence, as if Bill hesitated in the hallway, then she heard footsteps on the stairs. A few minutes later the rushing hum of the water pipes could be heard through the wall. Bill was taking a shower.

The naked mother lay still, listening to her pounding heart beat, feeling the fuck juice drool from her creamy cunt. What did the shower mean? Was Bill scared to come see her? Did he want to get nice and clean for more sex? How did he feel about what they’d done that morning?

He had to be incredibly confused about it. Telling herself that she was only going to have a talk with him, Jill rolled off the bed and walked up the stairs to the bathroom. It never occurred to her to put on any clothes.

Just a little talk, she repeated to herself. She wasn’t going to get it on with him again. She had to ask Bill how he felt about making it with his horny mother.

Jill pushed open the bathroom door as softly as she could. Steam already filled the bathroom, but she could easily see her son’s form through the translucent shower stall.

Bill stood under the spray, soaking himself. A huge, stiff hard-on stood out of his belly. Jill’s cunt creamed. Her son’s cock was huge!

Without hesitating a moment longer. Jill crossed the bathroom and slid open the shower door. Bill gasped and looked at her with wide, innocent eyes. Jill glanced at his face before hungrily lowering her eyes to his straining cock.

“Hello, darling. You don’t mind if I take a shower with you, do you?”

Bill gulped and shook his head. His face was flushed with embarrassment. Her pussy tingling, Jill climbed into the stall. She faced her son as the shower spray cascaded over them. A strange smile curled her lips as she stared hungrily at his big prick.

“You’ve got another hard-on, Bill. What do you think about what we did this morning?”

“I… uh…”

Jill stepped close, stopping her son’s stammering as she wrapped her hand firmly around the bloated trunk of his prick. Bill shuddered as she started to jack on his cock all over again, lasciviously pumping and milking his rock-hard prick.

“God, you’re stiff. Did you get all horny at school today thinking about Mom’s body? Mmmmm?”

“Yesss,” Bill hissed, relieved that his mother knew what he’d been thinking. “Oh Christ, Mom, I couldn’t help it. I flunked a quiz, I was so horny. All I could think about was you. My cock felt like it was going to explode!”

“Well, we can’t have you doing poorly in school, can we? Mom will just have to give you some relief.”

Smiling shamelessly, Jill tightened her hand around his cock and beat his meat fast and hard. Moaning, Bill worked his ass to pump his prick through her ovaled fingers. But Jill knew as soon as she started that she couldn’t be satisfied with just this.

Again the urge to give him a blow-job entered her mind, and again she struggled to fight it down. But this time she knew she couldn’t help herself. As much as she’d once loved going down on her husband, nothing would compare with the pleasure of taking Bill’s huge prick deep into her buttery throat.

“Let’s get out of the shower, Bill,” Jill said abruptly. She stepped away and turned off the water. “It’s time to give you a special treat.”

Obediently, Bill stepped out of the shower, reaching automatically for a towel. But Jill was much, too horny to wait for him to dry himself. The naked son and mother dripped water all over the tiled floor as Jill pushed him towards the toilet.

“Sit there, Bill,” she murmured, as her mouth filled with saliva in expectation of the incestuous cock-sucking. “I’m going to kneel between your legs.”

Bill at on the toilet, spreading his thighs on the porcelain seat to let his enormous hard-on bob up toward his stomach. Jill pushed over the throw rug so she’d have something to kneel on. Then she fell to her knees and realized delightedly that she was in the perfect position, her head directly over the shiny-skinned knob of the son’s prick.

“Now, Bill, I’m going to show you something that feels a lot better than jacking off!”

She pushed her hand between her son’s legs, wrapping her fingers firmly around the base of his prick. Then she dropped her head and extended her tongue. Bill gasped as his mother started licking his swollen cock head, lapping it like a horny kitten, sliding her tongue wetly all over and around the juicing knob.

“Unh, Mom!” Bill said as he eagerly started to rock his ass lightly off the toilet. “That feels so good!”

Her son’s cock tasted delicious! Kneeling before the toilet, the horny mother rubbed her slim thighs together in a desperate attempt to stop the wetness pulsing through her pussy. Hungrily she licked all over her son’s cock, swiping her tongue onto his piss hole to catch the drooling, pearly droplets of his oozing cum.

Then she pressed her lips directly to the tip of his prick, kissing her son’s cock. Her nostrils flared as she savored his manly aroma.

“Unh, Mom!” Bill’s eyes were as wide as saucers. He couldn’t believe his gorgeous mother was giving him head. “That feels fantastic! Unngghhh!”

Pressing her lips on the crown of his hard-on. Jill gradually opened her mouth. Slowly she slid his fat cock head between her lips, welcoming it into her mouth with her slippery tongue. Lower and lower she pushed her head, gurgling obscenely as she took the heartshaped crown of his prick down her buttery throat.

Then she stopped, with a full third of his huge prick stabbed into her mouth. Bill stared at the obscene spectacle of his mother’s lips stretched wide around his swollen cock, her whole face flushed with the lurid energy of giving him head.

Jill milked her little hand around the root of his cock, squeezing hard. Her lips formed a tight, sucking circle around the center of his cock. She caved in her cheeks and started sucking her son’s prick, rolling her tongue wetly all over the juicing knob.

“Unh! Mom!” Bill stared excitedly at his mother’s face, wincing as he felt the suctioning, liquid pressure around his cock. Immediately his prick grew much stiffer, stretching her lips wide.

“It feels good, Mom!” He thrust his hands behind her head, curling his fingers in her hair. “Harder!” Hornily he bucked his ass off the toilet seat, fucking his cock down her throat. “Unh, Christ, suck my prick!”

Jill teasingly withdrew her mouth from his cock, giggling at his eagerness. “You like that, don’t you, lover?” Lewdly she continued to jack on his prick as she looked invitingly into his eyes. “Do you like it when Mom puts your big cock in her mouth?”

“Yes, oh God!” Bill cried.

“Well, Mom loves it too. I’m a very, very good cock-sucker, darling. Your father always loved it when I gave him head, and so did all the men I had before him! But your big prick is the best Mom’s ever sucked!”

Smiling, Jill dropped her head and popped the bulbous knob of his cock back into her mouth. She gurgled as she stuffed even more of it in, letting the knob push past her tonsils, boring down her throat.

It nearly made her choke to take in so much of her son’s prick, but Jill fought back, the reflex. She flared her nostrils for air, panting and puffing lewdly around the steely thickness of his cock.

Then she started sucking his prick much harder, feeling her whole face go red as she devoted all her energy to the oral pleasuring of her son’s massive cock. Up and down her head bobbed, fucking her face with his delicious prick. Slurping, smacking, gurgling sounds of a good cock-sucking filled the bathroom.

“Ahhh! Mom… ahhhhh!”

Bill shuddered and sat back on the toilet, staring wide-eyed at his mother’s closed eyes and cock-stuffed mouth. The ecstasy of getting his prick sucked was so intense he could barely stand it. Her lips clamped around his shaft, the swirling tongue, darting into his piss hole… the non-stop sucking, sucking, sucking…

“Harder!” Bill rocked his ass again, watching his glistening, veined cock shaft pump in and out of her sucking mouth. “My balls are so full! Oh Mom, I’m gonna cum!”

Jill felt his cock stiffening inside her buttery throat, and her pussy creamed as she awaited the full explosion of his thick, teenaged juice. Her left hand slid up his thighs to his ball bag. Gently she cupped and fondled the congested globes, rolling them in their wrinkled, hairy sac. At the same time her right fist started pimping quickly up and down his swollen shaft, beating his meat as she feverishly sucked the knob.

“Ahhh, Mom! I’m cumming!”

Bill bucked off the toilet seat, stabbing his cock even farther down her throat. Just as Jill was going to choke, the hot jism started gushing between her lips.

She knew immediately what a big load it was, that Bill’s cock and balls had recovered completely during the long day at school. Thick, sappy ribbons of spunk erupted from his bloated knob, shooting violently down her clinging throat.

Jill gurgled and nearly came on the spot as she tasted her son’s salty cum, spraying up his prick shaft, out of his balls, and spurting down her throat to her hungry stomach. Jacking his cock, squeezing his balls, Jill hornily worked her throat muscles. Frantically she gulped and swallowed, refusing to release her son’s massive cock until she’d sucked out all of his cum.

“Oh, Mom!”

Bill sat back when she finally lifted her head, staring at his cock. The meaty shaft was still as hard as stone, dripping with an obscene mixture of cock juice and his mother’s saliva. As she ogled his huge cock, Jill felt her pussy getting hotter than ever before. All thoughts of moral restraint were behind her. She had to feel that big prick stabbing into her cunt!

“Wait a minute, Bill,” she murmured huskily. “I’m going to give you another treat.”

Jill pushed the throw rug back to the center of the bathroom floor. She lay on it on her back, wiggling her ass into position on the small carpet. Slowly, teasing her son, she spread her long legs wide to reveal the matted fissure of her hairy cunt.

“Would you like to fuck me now, Bill?” she hissed. “Mom’s cunt is all wet for you. Would you like to fuck Mom’s tight pussy?”

Bill’s mouth sagged open as he stared in a trance at the flowering folds of his mother’s lust-glistening cunt hole. Even after shooting off so much jism, his over-sized cock swelled immediately, shortly becoming just as long and fat and stiff as it had been before his mother sucked him off.

Bill crawled off the toilet, with his stiff prick quivering straight before him. He knelt between his mother’s nakedly splayed legs and stared hypnotically at her throbbing cunt. He started to move his head toward her pussy, intending to suck the petal-like lips, but Jill pushed him impatiently away.

“No, darling. Mom doesn’t need any more foreplay right now. Mom wants to get fucked.” Jill squirmed her hot ass eagerly on the bathroom rug. “Get on top of me, lover! I’ll take your cock and show you how to put it in Mom’s body!”

Awkwardly, eagerly, Bill crawled into position between her spread-eagled legs, supporting the weight of his torso on his outstretched arms and staring down at her tits as his nakedness loomed over his mother’s body.

Jill could see his hugely swollen cock pulsating madly over her pussy triangle. Pushing her hand between their bodies, she took hold of his cock and forced the stiff shaft down until, the bulbous knob touched her gushing cunt slit.

“Okay, Bill!” she cried. “You’re in me now! Push, darling! Work your ass, fuck my cunt!”

Bill squirmed over her, feeling the way her tight pussyhole nipped around the tip of his cock. Slowly he contracted his ass cheeks, pushing down. Then his face glazed over as the meaty inches of his hard-on bored into his mother’s slippery cunt.

“Yes, Bill, you’re fucking me! You’re fucking Mom’s pussy!” Jill had to restrain herself from humping her ass like a bitch in heat, knowing that the sudden bucking motions might make her inexperienced son unseat his prick from her snatch. “Keep pushing it in, darling! Doesn’t my cunt feel good around your cock?”

“Unh… oh, Mom! Unggghhh.”

It did feel good, incredibly good. Bill kept pushing, gasping loudly as he buried first a third, then a half, then two thirds of his straining prick into her pussy.

With every impaling thrust he felt her cunt muscles working around his cock, welcoming it into her belly. Her pussy was so tight and wet, it seemed to suck around every inch of his dock at once. Bill couldn’t believe how good it felt. It was even better than getting his prick sucked.

“You’re almost all the way in, darling! Keep pushing, keep pushing!”

With a heavy groan, Bill stabbed his hips forward and buried the meaty root of his hard-on into his mother’s pulsing pussy. For a long time then he just lay on top of her, shaking as his big prick soaked in the buttery wetness of her well-oiled cunt.

“Okay, Bill!” Furiously excited, the naked mother threw up her long legs and clasped them securely around his waist. “Now I’m going to show you all about fucking!”

Jill started humping, working her blushing ass cheeks rhythmically off the carpet, thrusting her wet, clasping, hairy cunt onto her son’s prick. “Move your ass, Bill!” she commanded, her voice rising. “Feel how I’m thrusting! Hump your cock into my pussy!”

Jill made herself hump slow and steady, so her son could catch onto her rhythm. Fortunately, Bill was a fast learner. Experimentally he pulled out of her clutching pussy, then rammed his cock back in just as she was lifting her ass for more prick.

“Unh, Mom!” he gasped. “That feels incredible!”

“I know it does! And it’s going to feel even better when your prick starts spurting inside me! Now fuck me, lover!” Jill wrapped her slender arms around his shoulders and started pistoning her ass faster. “Fuck Mom’s horny pussy!”

Bill kept thrusting slowly, greasily stabbing his cum-laden prick in and out of her clinging cunt. Then he seemed to catch onto his mother’s humping rhythm. His fuck strokes quickened as he expertly met the pumping thrusts of her ass.

“Harder, Bill!” Jill danced her hips off the bathroom floor, unable to restrain her incestuous passion. “My pussy’s burning! You’re making Mom cum!”

Harder and harder Bill fucked her, grimacing as he concentrated, his huge cock growing longer and fatter in the bathing wetness of her velvety pussy. Within a minute he was reaming out her cunt tunnel as if he’d been doing it all his life.

His rock-hard prick pistoned rhythmically in and out of her pussy, stabbing deeper with every fuck thrust. Gasping, Jill worked her ass to meet his strokes, whipping her ass feverishly off the floor.

“You’re doing it now, darling! Harder, harder! Fuck me as hard as you can!”

Bill panted as he began to fuck her like a machine, wildly stabbed his bloated, cum drooling prick into her clasping cunt. He gasped as the jism swelled in his heavy ball bag, slapping luridly against the crack of her ass.

“I’m cumming, Mom! Uhhh…”

The hot jism gushed out of his cock head, squirting deep inside his mother’s burning pussy. Jill felt her cunt throb violently as the milky spunk splattered the innermost walls of her cunt. Then she was cumming too, with her pussy throbbing spasmodically around Bill’s stabbing prick.

“Yes, darling, I’m making it!” she panted. “Fuck me, fuck Mom harder! Unnggghhh! I love you, Bill! Awww, love your big fucking cock! I’m cumming, Bill! Unngggghhhh! Mom’s cuuummmiiinnngggg!”

Her cunt spasmed, milking exquisitely around Bill’s pumping cock. Bill kept fucking her furiously through the duration of their cums. Wild thoughts flooded through Jill’s mind. She’d done it now, fucked her own son. She knew it felt too good to ever consider stopping.


“Okay, Bill, now I’ll quiz you on chapter six,” Jill said, wetting her thumb to turn the page. “All right. What was Eisenhower’s attitude on increases in defense spending? Oh, Bill, don’t do that to me now!”

They sat side by side on the living room couch, the history book open across Jill’s legs. Jill shook her head in exasperation as she watched her horny son unbutton her blouse and push in his hand to fondle a bare, full tit.

“Bill, we can do that later. Right now you still have to bone up for your test tomorrow.”

“I’ll do okay,” Bill muttered distractedly. He sighed as he squeezed and molded his mother’s big, stiff-nippled tit, his cock swelling rapidly in his pants. “God, Mom, you’ve got really nice tits.”

Jill sighed and lifted her head in submission, making no protest as her horny teenager unbuttoned her blouse completely and leaned forward to pop the fat, rosy nipple into his mouth. That was the one drawback with incest, she thought humorously. It made it difficult to keep up her other responsibilities as a mother.

Two days had passed since her son’s first fuck in the bathroom, and mother and son had been after each other like a pair of horny dogs ever since. They’d fucked everywhere, in the car after a shopping expedition, on the kitchen floor, in every room of the house.

Jill was still just as horny for Bill’s cock as he was for her pussy, probably even hornier. But her son had been neglecting his high school homework, and she knew she couldn’t allow that to happen. But how could she concentrate on the tutoring session when her son made her horny by playing with her tits?

“Bill, please don’t do that to me now,” she sighed. “I really don’t want you to flunk out of high school.”

“I won’t,” Bill muttered, withdrawing his lips momentarily from her nipple. “Christ, your tit tastes good!”

He popped it back into his mouth and puckered his cheeks, sucking his mother’s rounded, C-cup tit harder than ever. Jill shuddered as the wet desire blossomed in her hairy cunt. Her nipple was very stiff, goose-bumped and crinkled, with the rubbery tip as hard as a little pebble in her son’s mouth.

“Oh, Bill! You’re making me lose control over myself!”

Sucking avidly on her nipple, Bill slid his hand up his mother’s sleek leg and pushed up the hem of her short summer dress. Beneath it she wore no panties, and her curly haired pussy still bore traces of his jism from the torrid fuck session they’d had after dinner.

Shamefully aiding him, Jill spread her legs on the couch. Bill put a finger into her pouting pussy and started to finger-fuck her cunt as he sucked her tit, stabbing his finger in to the knuckle with every stroke.

Within a half-minute, Jill’s pussy burned and throbbed and juiced. She pushed the history book to the floor.

“All right, Bill,” she gasped. “You win. Take off your clothes, darling! It’s time to give me another good fucking!”

Jill rose from the couch, kicked off her sandals and stripped off her summer dress, leaving herself naked. She fell to her hands and knees on the living room carpet, looking eagerly at her son over her shoulder.

Bill could see the puffy slit of her hairy pussy under her ass cheeks, and that made his cock get stiffer than ever. Frantically he stripped, throwing his clothes around the living room in every direction.

Then he was naked, too, his huge cock standing up like an iron poker. Jill felt her pussy creaming in anticipation. Her husband had been a deeply horny man, but no one but a teenager could be so constantly ready for hot sex.

“Fuck me, Bill!” Jill spread her knees wide on the carpet, then dropped her shoulders to the rug. That lifted her ass cheeks, putting her dripping cunt in the perfect position to be stabbed full of her son’s cock. “I’m very horny now! Fuck Mom’s pussy!”

Bill mounted her, crawling into position behind her. Lifting his swollen prick in his fist, he fit the spongy knob between the flowering folds of his mother’s cunt. Then he pushed it into her, inch by inch, packing her dripping pussy with the meaty stiffness of his cock.

“Unnggghhh!” Jill dug her fingernails into the carpet, grimacing as her tight pussy tunnel spread exquisitely to admit his massive prick. “Oh fuck, darling, you’ve got such a big cock! Fuck me with it, Son! Fuck me, fuck hard!”

In two days of incest, Bill had become an expert at fucking. His hands slid up his mother’s slim waist, cupping her pendulous, stiff-nippled tits. Then he eased the rest of his cock into her tight, syrupy pussy, packing her cunt completely with the throbbing hardness of his cock.

“Unh! Fuck me, Bill, fuck me!” Jill started humping, making her ass cheeks jiggle obscenely as she pounded her pussy onto her son’s cock. “Fuck me, my cunt’s so wet! Fuck me, make me cum!”

Bill pulled out slowly, withdrawing until only the bulbous crown of his prick parted his mother’s pussy slit. He squeezed her tits as he pumped his cock back in again, wiggling his ass to sink his prick to the very root in her clinging, juicy cunt.

“Ungghh! Fuck me, Bill! Fuck Mom!” Clawing the carpet, Jill humped like a bitch in heat, pounding her curly haired slit onto her son’s big cock. “My pussy’s burning! Please, Bill! Fuck the shit out of my horny cunt!”

Bill slowly eased his rigid hard-on into her gurgling cunt, teasing her with the easy rhythm of his strokes. Jill both hated and loved it when he teased her like that. Her cunt was already throbbing uncontrollably, in spite of all the fucking they’d done that day. She grimaced as the slippery walls suctioned madly around her son’s fat prick.

“Fuck me, Bill! Fuck meeeee!”

Bill leaned farther over her nakedness, changing the angle at which his swollen cock speared into her pussy slit. Then he started fucking in earnest, slamming his prick rhythmically through the buttery wetness of his mother’s cunt.

“You’re so tight, Mom!” Harder and faster he fucked her, bucking the lean cheeks of his ass. “Shit, your pussy’s so juicy! It’s gonna suck out my cum!”

“Keep fucking me, Bill! I’m cumming too!” Jill dropped her shoulders flat on the floor, grunting as her cunt tunnel squeezed spasmodically around her son’s prick. “Unngghhh! Harder, Bill! Unnggghhh! I’m getting so wet! I’m cuuummmiiinngggg!”

The spasms pumped suddenly through her loins, burning through her belly, making her whole body shiver with mad, incestuous passion. Jill bit her lip hard as her cunt contracted, sucking hard on her son’s massive cock. She came again and again, crying out as her clit burned, chafed continually by the pistoning length of Bill’s big prick.

“T-t-take it out!” she gasped. “I can’t take anymore, Bill! I’m too sensitive!”

Obediently, if reluctantly, Bill withdrew his smoking hard-on from his mother’s creamy cunt, staring at the hairy slit that was foaming with fuck oil. He hadn’t cum yet, and his prick was still as hard as iron.

“Lie down, Bill! Let me suck out your juice!”

Bill lay happily on his back on the floor, his huge hard-on quivering stiffly over his stomach. Hurriedly Jill turned onto her hands and knees, crouching beside him. For a moment she ogled his over-sized cock, seeing the way the fuck juices glistened on the fat, blue veined shaft. Then she hungrily dropped her head and took the spongy knob deep down her throat.

Wantonly she let her head drop, stuffing the big prick between her lips until she nearly choked. But Jill fought back the gagging reflex and instead clamped her lips in a tight circle around the center of his cock.

She was an avid cock-sucker, starved for the taste of her son’s jism. Jill hollowed her cheeks and feverishly started sucking, wrapping her fingers around the base of his cock to hold it in position. Lewdly she bobbed her head as she began the blow-job, fucking her face with her son’s magnificent prick.

Bill’s face clouded over with lust as he watched his horny mother give him head. “Oh shit, Mom!” He lifted his hands, curling his fingers gently into her hair. “Suck my cock, suck harder!” Hungrily he rocked his ass off the carpet, thrusting his prick through the wet oval of her full lips.

Jill swirled her tongue around his shiny skinned cock head, wetly lapping up the hot pre-cum that oozed up from his bloated nuts. There was a lot of the juice coming out now, and she knew it wouldn’t be long before her horny teenager had to cum.

Jill was dying to slurp down his cock cream. Tightening her fist around his fat, swollen cock root, she started jacking as she sucked, milking and tugging the turgid flesh of her son’s prick. Her cheeks caved in farther until golf balls could have fit in the indentations.

Jill sucked her son’s prick loud and wet, shamelessly enjoying the slurping sounds of her own cock-sucking as they filled the living room.

“I’m cumming, Mom!” Bill winced and drove his ass off the floor, stabbing his stone-hard prick deep down her throat. “I can’t hold it, oh fuck, I’m cumming!”

His cock leapt between her lips, making the heart-shaped knob slap the top of her mouth. Then the big prick exploded. Jill swallowed convulsively as at least a half-pint of thick, milky jism gushed out of his balls, shooting torrentially from the tip of his prick.

“Ummmmmm,” the horny mother gurgled. She jacked and sucked her son’s cock harder than ever, feeling her pussy juice as she relished the taste of his cum nectar. Her cheeks bellowed as she held the gushing wad in her mouth, savoring the taste of his cum. Then she swallowed as his prick kept on spurting, draining his hairy balls of their heavy load.

Finally she took his big, wet prick out of her mouth. By this time Jill wasn’t surprised when her son’s cock remained rock-hard, quivering with the same eager stiffness. Her cunt throbbed as she looked at it, running her eyes from the thick shaft to the bulbous crown. Na matter how much cock juice he shot off, Bill was always ready for more fucking.

But this time Jill felt the throbbing in another hole, too. A shameless smile curled her lips. She remembered the combined pain and pleasure of when her husband had fucked her between her ass cheeks. It was time to teach Bill about the back road to sex.

“Oh, Mom!” Bill smiled happily, covered with sweat from the force of his cum. “Was that ever good! You really drained me that time!”

“I’m sure, darling,” Jill said distractedly. “Bill, I want you to do a favor for me. Go to my bathroom and look in the medicine cabinet. I want you to bring me the jar of Vaseline!”

Bill looked at her curiously. “What for?”

“Just do it, darling! I’ll show you why in a minute!”

Bill shrugged, got up and went to the bathroom. Hurriedly Jill pulled a cushion off the couch and sprawled on it, wiggling it under her belly. That would lift her asshole into the perfect position to be invaded by her son’s steel-hard prick.

Bill returned with the Vaseline, his massive cock quivering straight out before him. Giggling, the shameless mother grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them wide apart. Bill gasped at the sight of her pink, puckered asshole.

“You’re going to fuck my asshole now, darling! Smear the jelly all over your cock and my ass!”

Bill’s cock swelled stiffer as he stared at his mother’s asshole, seeing the tightly muscled ring pulse and contract obscenely in her incestuous heat. Unscrewing the jar, he smeared the goo liberally all over his cock, taking special care to grease the mushroom tip.

Then he knelt on the floor between her splayed legs. Jill shuddered and wiggled her pussy on the cushion as she felt his fingers touch her burning asshole. Carefully he pasted the jelly all over her little asshole, extending his finger and pushing it into her ass to coat the inside of her ass tunnel.

“All right, darling! That’s enough! Now fuck my asshole! Fuck your mother’s horny asshole with your big, hard cock!”

Bill dropped the Vaseline on the floor. He mounted his gorgeous, naked mother, holding his cock in his fist and centering the rosy knob onto the slicked-down circle of her asshole. Then he hunched his ass, driving the first inch of his big prick into her rubbery ass tunnel.

“Unnggghhh!” Jill’s jaw sagged open as she felt her asshole being invaded, the powerful little muscles stretching to admit her son’s mammoth cock. “Oh Bill, Bill…” She started humping lightly, eager to be impaled by all of his cock.

Bill adjusted his position, making his swollen cock spear directly into the center of her asshole. Then he started thrusting lightly, pumping another inch of his fat cock into her burning ass with every stroke.

Grimacing, Jill pushed out her asshole to help her son stuff his cock between her ass cheeks. There was sharp pain as he invaded her ass, but it was quickly overwhelmed by pleasure. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d had her asshole fucked.

Hot, throbbing waves of pleasure pumped through her nakedness, spreading from her asshole to her pussy as the big, straining cock pushed into her second fuck tunnel. Shuddering, Jill nearly came on the spot as her asshole stretched to admit a full half of his big prick. Then she started pounding her pussy wildly off the cushion, groaning and gasping as she thrust her throbbing asshole onto her son’s stabbing prick.

“Fuck me, Bill! Fuck Mom’s asshole!” Eagerly she reached behind her and pulled her ass cheeks apart again, encouraging her son to bury his cock all the way into her burning asshole. “It doesn’t hurt, darling. Ungggh, need all of your cock! Fuck my horny ass!”

Bill had tried to be gentle, but his mother’s squealed obscenities urged him on. Rearing back, he thrust brutally into her asshole, ramming all of his cock in with one stroke.

Jill nearly blacked out as her asshole was packed by the second half of her son’s cock. Now all of its hugeness was embedded between her peach-shaped cheeks, pulsing and drooling jism deep inside her bowels.

“Oh, Mom,” Bill moaned as he lay flat on top of her, feeling the rubbery pressure of her asshole muscles convulsively milking his cock. “You’re so tight! You’ve got such a tight, fucking ass!”

“Fuck me, darling! Start fucking me!”

Jill grunted and squealed as she began to hump, thrusting her horny asshole onto her son’s cock. Again the waves of delirious pleasure flowed through her, this time more intensely than before. Her asshole and pussy throbbed in rhythmic unison and already she felt close to cumming.

“Fuck me, Bill! Fuck my asshole!”

Bill pulled out slowly, feeling the tight stricture of her asshole drag exquisitely around his cock. Slowly he pumped his Vaseline slicked prick back into her burning asshole, wiggling his hips to sink it all the way back up her ass hole.

Then he fell into a fuck rhythm. He heaved over his horny mother, pounding his cock steadily in and out of her churning asshole. As gently as he fucked her, Jill felt completely overwhelmed by the pulsing hardness of his long, fat cock.

“Yes, Bill! Fuck me, fuck Mom’s asshole!” Jill humped like a bitch in heat, bouncing her pussy off the couch cushion, ramming her asshole onto her son’s cock. “Unnggghhh! Harder, darling! You’re making me cum!”

Bill’s cock had grown stiffer inside her asshole, milked continually by the hot walls of her ass tunnel. Groaning, the horny teenager started to ream out her asshole as hard as he could. In and out his bloated cock sawed, stabbing deeper into his mother’s bowels with every stroke. His balls ached, slapping her creamy pussy crack with every jackhammering thrust.

“Unghhh! Bill, fuck me, fuck meeee! I’m cumming, Son! Fuck my asshole, I’m cuuummmiiinnnggg!”

The spasms rippled through her asshole, simultaneously thrilling her drenched pussy as her asshole clasped around her son’s driving cock. Moaning, Bill slammed his big prick to the hilt in his mother’s asshole. The second load of jism gushed out of his balls, splattering deeply into her throbbing ass.

Jill flexed her ass muscles wantonly, groaning obscenely as her ass milked out her son’s salty cum. A lewd delight thrilled her as she realized that Bill’s cock was still stiff, that he would soon be ready for even more fucking. Oh, well, they’d just have to worry about his homework some other time.


“Jesus,” Bill murmured reverently. “Does your mom ever have a big pair of tits!”

“I know,” Mike replied, rubbing his swollen cock through his shorts.

Mike was Bill’s age, a short, muscular, tow-headed blond with a face full of freckles and an infectious grin. They’d been best friends ever since the Watson family — Mike and his mother Beth — had moved in next door years ago. But Bill hadn’t been able to keep up their friendship much since he’d started fucking his mother.

But Jill had reserved this Saturday afternoon for a shopping trip, and Bill had been able to pay Mike a long-overdue visit. Now he thought it a little funny that he was again thinking about nothing but fucking.

The two horny teenagers knelt on the living room rug, staring out through the patio window at the pool. Mrs. Watson was sunbathing beside it, dressed in a skimpy flower-print bikini. A pair of sunglasses concealed her wide brown eyes and strands of her short, brown hair fell about her temples. Her enormous tits stretched the bikini top as she lay on her back, with huge, fat nipples visible through the fabric from ten feet away.

“Goddamn,” Bill murmured. “What a fantastic-fucking pair of tits!”

Beth Watson’s huge tits were her most outstanding feature, but she was delectably formed from head to toe. At thirty-eight, she was two years older than Jill, and her reason for living alone with her son was different from Jill’s too — Mr. Watson had died shortly after Mike was born.

Bill had ogled Mrs. Watson’s deep cleavage for years, but it was only since he’d begun his incestuous affair with his mother that he’d begun thinking seriously that he could fuck her. And it shocked him a little that Mike seemed to be thinking the same thing.

Mike didn’t mind the things Bill said about his mother’s tits, slim waist, lush thighs and full, mouth-watering ass. If anything, he seemed eager to hear them so he could respond with an obscene compliment of his own.

It was Mike who had suggested peeping through the window so they could watch his mother sunbathe. And it was Mike who was now rubbing a straining hard-on through his pants. Bill was a little shocked to see that his best friend obviously had a cock just as big as his own.

“Does she ever do any fucking?” Bill asked suddenly.

“Naw,” Mike replied. “I don’t know the last time she got laid. Guys call her all the time. Sometimes she’ll take me out shopping and stuff, and when I come back from the john the clerk or somebody else will already be hitting on her.”

“Do you ever think about fucking her yourself?”

Mike hesitated a moment before answering, in a soft, deliberate voice. “Yeah. Yeah, I think about it a lot.”

At that moment Mrs. Watson rolled onto her stomach, unknowingly displaying her full ass cheeks and sleek back to the two horny teenaged voyeurs. Reaching behind her, she undid the strap of the bikini bra. The thin strands fell to either side and the guys could now see the bare sides of her spongy melons, flattened on the terrycloth towel.

“Oh, Jesus!” Mike muttered.

“Uh, I gotta go home,” Bill said suddenly. “Hey, I’ll see you later!”

Mike didn’t look up as Bill hurriedly rose to his feet and left the house, walking quickly back to his home. His cock was throbbing painfully from looking at Mrs. Watson, and it started drooling jism as he saw, gratefully, that his mother’s car was again parked in the drive.

Thank God she was home! Bill hurried to his front door, thinking of how he’d fuck the holy shit out of Jill’s pussy, all the while thinking of Mrs. Watson’s big tits and hairy cunt.

The sun beat on her back, warming her smooth, unblemished, milk-white flesh. Beth Watson sighed and turned her head, staring through the tinted glasses at the rippling water of the swimming pool. Her huge tits ached as they pressed the towel. A throbbing heat burned through her curly haired pussy.

For so many years she’d denied herself male companionship, out of respect for her late husband. But recently her fuck urges had gotten nearly out of her control. She was constantly horny these days, constantly starved for cock meat. All she ever thought about was big, cum-spurting pricks!

Staring at the pool, Beth felt her cheeks reddening with shame. It wasn’t just that she thought about getting laid, that was normal enough. It was the males she thought about fucking with.

Like Bill, her son’s best friend! He’d grown into such a handsome young man with a lean, hard body and a bulge in his pants that promised a huge cock. The other night Beth had had a wet dream about him, waking to thoughts of his massive cock stabbing into her hungry pussy. It had made her feel horribly ashamed of herself, but there was no denying the desire.

Suddenly Beth felt herself overwhelmed with lust. Rising from the towel, she picked it up and walked hurriedly back to the couch. Her blush deepened as she felt her creamy pussy squishing between her full, shapely thighs. She had to finger-fuck herself!

Sliding open the patio door, she was a little surprised to see her son Mike standing in the dining room. There was a sheepish expression on his face and Beth wondered vaguely what she’d caught him doing.

“Did Bill leave already?”

“Yes,” Mike muttered. “He said he had something to take care of. Don’t ask me what.”

Mike’s eyes darted down, looking at her bikini-clad body. Beth suppressed a gasp as she realized that her own son was ogling her huge tits! Then she glanced at his crotch and her mouth opened as she saw the huge hard-on straining his shorts.

“Uh, I gotta do my homework,” Mike said.

Turning, he ran up the stairs to his bedroom. Beth walked into her bedroom as if in a trance. Shutting and locking the door, she stripped off her bikini and admired herself in the mirror. Her nipples were still pink at age thirty-eight, not brown like the nipples of most women her age, and the tips were fat and rubbery and easily made stiff. Beth cupped her huge tits and let them fall, reeling their meaty weight bounce on her ribs, watching the oversized melons bounce in the mirror. Still firm, she thought proudly, in spite of their size.

Moving closer to the mirror, the horny mother slid her hand down her girlishly rounded belly bulge, then shuddered as she sank two fingers into her curly haired cunt. The lips were damp and swollen.

“So horny,” she whispered. “So fucking hot. I need some cock!”

Beth spread her feet on the floor and started to pump her fingers into her creaming pussy. For a moment she watched herself jack off in the mirror. Then she stepped buck to the big double bed and collapsed on it. Immediately she wiggled her horny ass on the sheets and splayed her milk-white thighs as far apart as they’d go.

“Oh fuck, I need some fucking. I need some fat, stiff cock!”

She grimaced as she whipped her fingers in and out of her throbbing cunt, stabbing them in to the knuckles with each hard stroke. Expertly she caught her clit under her thumb, quivering as she titillated the most sensitive spot on her body.

First she thought of Bill, pleasuring herself with the forbidden fantasy of fucking her son’s best friend. Hotly she imagined the look of surprise that would appear on his face as she showed him her tits, the steely stiffness of the big cock she would pull out of his pants.

Then Beth’s cheeks flushed with shame and her horniness intensified as she started thinking about her own son.

She tried to suppress the incestuous fantasy, but she couldn’t help herself. All at once she saw her son kneeling between her legs, hunching over her as he greasily stabbed his meaty cock trunk into her gooey, churning cunt.

Moaning, Beth Watson started fingerfucking herself as hard as she could. “Fuck me, Mike,” she whispered, humping her ass furiously off the bed. “Fuck me, Son!”


“Bill! Good Lord, restrain yourself! Can’t you see I’m cooking? You can fuck me after dinner!”

She’d just gotten back from her shopping trip, and the first thing Jill had done after depositing her packages was to change into a breezy cotton dress that hugged her braless tits and showed off her bare thighs.

It was hard to believe that the sight of her without her underwear would make her son so horny. After all, Bill had seen so much of her nakedness since they’d started fucking. One way or the other, something had really gotten into him. He’d started pawing at her the second he’d walked through the door.

“Bill! Get told of yourself! I’m trying to cook! Why don’t you go over and visit with Mike a little longer? I thought you were telling me how much you wanted to see him?”

“Already did,” Bill grunted. “Jesus, my prick’s so fucking stiff!”

Jill stood at the stove, stirring the spaghetti sauce she had simmering on the burner. It would only take a half hour to fix dinner and to eat it, but Bill seemed incapable of waiting that long. Her horny son stood behind her with his rock-hard prick pressing between her ass cheeks as his hands roamed hungrily all over her lush body.

“Bill, wait a minute!” Jill slapped his hand away, giggling as she realized this was the first time she’d played hard to get. “I’m making this sauce just for you! It’s a special recipe! You’ll make me ruin it!”

“I don’t care about the Goddamn sauce!” Bill muttered. “I just wanna suck your sweet fucking cunt!”

His hands tore at her blouse buttons and Jill gasped as her son thrust in his fingers and lewdly molded her fat, stiff-nippled tits. Then he started dry-humping her, thrusting his aching prick on the crack of her ass. Jill moaned as the wet lust spread through her pussy. Something certainly had gotten into him! His cock was incredibly hard!

“Please, Bill. Just wait until after dinner. The sauce is almost ready.”

Bill reached around and flicked off the burner. Jill turned to face him, trying to look stern. The next thing she knew, her horny son had picked her up and deposited her ass on the kitchen counter!

“Bill! Didn’t you hear a word I said?”

“I want to fuck you! I want to suck your cunt!”

He pulled her ass to the edge of the counter, then hiked her dress up to her waist. Bill moaned at the sight of his mother’s sleek, magnificently formed thighs and the hairy bush of her cunt hair concealing her pink, moistening pussy.

“Oh, Mom!”

Jill sighed as he parted her legs, then burrowed his head between her milk-white thighs. She leaned back, slumping her shoulders on the wall. The sauce wouldn’t taste nearly as good when re-heated, but there was no use thinking about that when her horny son was so determined to suck her cunt.

“You pussy tastes so good!”

He rubbed his face on her pussy, inhaling the rich, musky aroma of her fragrant fuck juices, the same mysteriously tantalizing pussy smell that had made men helplessly horny since the dawn of time. Bill sighed as he covered his cheeks with her running cunt cream. Jill shuddered and bit her lip. She cared less about dinner by the moment.

“Oh, Mom!”

Bill thrust his hands under her lithe hips, cupping her ass cheeks, lifting them slightly so he could press his mouth directly on her juicing cunt slit. Then he did just that. Bill puckered up and sucked hard on her gooey cunt hole. At the same time he thrust his tongue deep into her pink pussy, sucking the foaming cunt liquid from the depths of his mother’s pussy.

Jill wiggled her ass cheeks in her son’s hands, unconsciously spreading her thighs wider apart. “Oh, oh Bill!” Her face became dreamy with lust as her son’s tongue pleasured her pussy, expertly sucking her off.

Bill pressed his swollen crotch against the counter, slurping noisily away at his mother’s delicious cunt. He ate her out like a wild man, as if he’d been dreaming all day long about the taste of her pussy.

“Ungghhh!” Jill twisted her head from side to side, grimacing as she savored the pleasure churning deep inside her buttery cunt. “Oh fuck, Bill!” She gasped and started humping her ass in his hands, grinding and thrusting her furry pussy slit onto his mouth. “I… I can’t stand it! You make me feel so good! Suck my pussy, darling! Make Mom’s cunt cum!”

Bill lapped his tongue quickly up and down her drooling cunt, cleaning up the juices as they oozed out of the depths of her pussy tube.

His tongue curled skillfully around her swollen clit bud, making the horny mother buck and hump in his hands.

“Yes, Bill! Suck my clit!” Beside herself with pleasure, Jill held the back of Bill’s head and started to work her ass in earnest, fucking her throbbing pussy all over her teenaged son’s face. “Suck me, suck Mom! Mom’s going to cum!”

Bill wrapped his lips around her straining clit. He sucked it gently but forcefully, flicking his tongue rapidly on the twitching tip.

By this time his mother was humping much too quickly to be held in position. Withdrawing his hands, Bill thrust two fingers into her cunt slit, sighing on her hot pussy as he felt the slippery muscles of her velvety cunt clasp needfully around them.

“I’m gonna cum!” Jill grunted obscenely, shuddering and quivering from head to toe as the familiar, exquisite heat burned through the depths of her creamy, pussy. “Eat me out, Bill! Suck me good! Unngghh, oh fuck, oh Christ! Unnggghhh!”

Her ass moved in a blur, but Bill managed to work the fingers of his left hand between her ass cheeks. Jill groaned as his finger touched her throbbing asshole, pushing into the puckered ring. Then he was feverishly jacking off her pussy and shit tunnel at the same time.

“Cumming, Bill! Suck me, suck Mom’s cunt! Play with my asshole! Awww, I’m burning! Mom’s cuuummmiiinnugggg!”

It was as hard a cum as she’d had for days. Her pussy spumed uncontrollably, the swollen lips throbbing on her son’s lips and fingers as the fuck juice flowed profusely from the depths of her clit. Gasping, the wanton mother pulled her son’s hair and tirelessly humped his face, grinding her churning asshole onto his fingers at the same time.

Finally the cum heat subsided. Bill lifted his head from his mother’s pussy, his cheeks glistening with her fuck oil. He stepped back from the counter and dropped his pants, leaving himself naked from the waist down except for his tennis shoes.

Jill gasped at the sight of his naked cock. It looked even larger than usual, totally swollen and stiff with blood and cum. The meaty shaft bobbed and twitched and pulsed and Jill wondered what on earth had given her beloved son such a painfully stiff cock.

“Let’s go in the living room, Mom,” he whispered. “I’m gonna fuck you on the couch.”

It wasn’t a request as much as it was a demand, and Jill realized that her son was horny enough to force his cock up her pussy if she didn’t comply. Submissively, the horny mother slid off the counter top and walked into the living room, her horny pussy squishing between her thighs.

Bill had become so manly and demanding since they’d started fucking, she thought. Now he just told her whenever he wanted to ball.

Two big beach towels were spread out on the couch and Jill blushed as she remembered that she hadn’t removed, them from her last fuck session. With Bill panting behind her, she crawled onto the couch and lay on her back on the cushions.

“All right, darling.” Spreading her legs wide, she draped one ankle over the back of the couch and let the other foot touch the floor. “If you’re so horny, I guess we’ll just have to take care of that hard cock of yours. I can’t let my son walk around with a hard-on like that.”

Wiggling her ass on the couch, Jill lifted her pelvis to display her creamy pussy to her well hung son. “Go ahead, Bill. Fuck my pussy as hard as you want!”

With his battering ram prick jerking and oozing jism before him, Bill got on the couch and crawled between his mother’s thighs. He held his cock and fit the bulbous, spongy knob onto her wet pussy opening. Then he immediately started pushing it into her, sighing as the slippery cunt tunnel wetly enveloped his throbbing cock.

Jill eagerly wiggled her ass, helping her son’s hard-on bore into her greasy pussy. “Yes! Oh yes, Bill, I want it now! Fuck Mom’s cunt!”

Bill panted as he hunched over her, supporting the weight of his torso on his outstretched arms, hands planted on the cushions to either side of her head. Furiously he worked his ass, driving his cock into her belly until his balls touched her ass crack, and the very root of his prick soaked in the buttery slit of her cunt hole.

Automatically Jill threw up her long legs, scissoring them tightly around her teenager’s waist. “Your cock’s so hard, Bill!” Eagerly she started humping, grinding and thrusting her pussy onto the satisfying stiffness of his prick. “Fuck me now, darling! Fuck your horny mother!”

Bill pulled out slowly, savoring the moment, gasping as his mother’s clasping pussy tunnel dragged around his bloated prick. Heavily he slammed the prick home again.

Then he fell into a steady, horny fuck rhythm, pistoning his aching cock into her hairy cunt. Jill gasped as her pussy thrilled to the strokes of his prick, clasping spasmodically around the swollen, pistoning length. She humped harder, wrapping her thighs more tightly around his waist, flinging her arms around his shoulders.

“Fuck harder, Bill!” Her pussy was already spasming again, preparing for another cum. “Unggghhh! Now I’m just as horny as you are! Oh Bill, fuck Mom hard! I need to cum!”

Bill rammed his cock into her pussy, feeling the drooling fuck oil foam up around his stabbing prick. Jill winced with a momentary stab of pain. But shortly it turned into pleasure, as her erected clit was chafed by the hammering shaft of his cock.

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me…”

She pushed her ankles high up his muscular back, lifting her ass, opening her cunt tunnel completely for the furious thrusts of his cock. Jill clawed his shoulders and whipped up her ass as high as she could. Obscenely the couch cushions creaked beneath her. Then the whole couch began to skitter on the floor with the driven fury of their incestuous fucking.

“So tight, Mom,” Bill moaned. “Tight fucking pussy!”

He fucked his mother with all the strength he could muster, brutally pounding his rock-hard prick into her clinging, clasping pussy. Jill didn’t know what had made him so horny, but she no longer cared. She panted and sweated as she thrust her hips to meet every stroke of her stiff-cocked son.

“Cumming, Mom!” Bill moaned. “Ungghh! Oh fuck, I’m popping my rocks! Ahhhh…”

He scissored between her thighs, burying his cock to the root in her syrupy pussy slit. Jill shuddered as the milky juice flooded into her pussy, splattering the pink walls with the viscous spurts of her son’s hot cum.

Again and again it burst into her pussy, making his cock shaft tremble and throb violently as the white jism blew out of his balls. Jill loved feeling her teenager shoot off inside her pussy, and this time it put her over the edge.

“I’m cuming, Bill!” Crying and whimpering, the horny mother pounded her pussy furiously on his erupting cock. “Fuck me, fuck me good! Unngghhh! Oh fuck, oh fuck it! Nnnnggg cuuummmiiiinnnngggg.”

Her cunt spasmed, sucking down hard around Bill’s pistoning cock. Jill’s ass danced uncontrollably off the couch as her second cum gushed through her body, making her nipples tingle and her asshole pulse as she orgasmed all aver her son’s racing cock.

Bill fucked her fast and hard through her cum, guiding her through the peak. Then he pulled his smoking cock out of her pussy. Jill gasped as she saw that his cock was still as hard as stone, having lost none of its stiffness after dumping a big wad in his mother’s cunt.

“Why, Bill!” she said admiringly. “You really are horny today!”

Bill climbed off the couch, his dripping wet cock throbbing and jerking before him. Knowing what he wanted, Beth sat up on the couch. Her son stood before her, his massive hard-on drooling jism directly in front of her face.

“I need to cum some more, Mom!”

Lifting her hand, Jill wrapped ha fingers tightly around the base of his cock. She pulled him close with it, touching the knob to her lips. “Mmmmm, of course you do, darling!”

Extending her tongue, the horny mother licked all over the crown and shaft of her sons big cock. She could taste, her own cunt cream on his cock, and the combined scent of prick juice and pussy oil made her even hornier.

Jill kissed the tip of Bill’s cock. Then she opened her mouth and gurgled contentedly as her horny teen pushed his stiff prick slowly down her throat, stopping when nearly half of his throbbing prick was in his mother’s hot mouth.

Jill gurgled and quickly wrapped her lips around his veined cock shaft, forming a tightly clasping circle. Then she hollowed her, cheeks and started giving a blow-job to her horny son, already looking forward to the second explosion of his cum.

“Yes, Mom!” Bill held the back of her head and rocked his hips, watching her face contort with the lewd energy of the cocksucking, seeing the way her lips clung to his burning prick. “Suck it, Mom! I need to cum!”

Jill bobbed her head in time with his hips thrusts, fucking her face with her son’s magnificent cock. She swirled her tongue sloppily around the juicing knob, lapping up the prick cream as it oozed up from his balls.

Her ass was squirming hornily on the couch as she looked forward to the rich gushers of her son’s cum. Nearly choking, Jill forced another inch of Bill’s big hard-on into her mouth. She tightened her fist around the meaty base and feverishly jacked his prick as she sucked on the knob.

“Unngghhh! I’m cumming, Mom!” Bill moaned and lunged forwards. “Cuuummmiiinnnggg…”

His cock creamed, spurting long ribbons of sappy cum down her throat. Jill pumped his prick furiously as the delicious cock milk splattered on the roof of her mouth, rushing across her tongue. It was amazing how much jism he still had in his balls, she thought, even as she swallowed. Repeatedly the spunk gushed out of his cock head and Jill sucked it all down, finally lapping the last burning droplets from the tip of his prick.

Bill moaned and sat beside her on the couch, his suck and fuck-wilted cock finally going soft and rubbery between his thighs. Jill licked the jism off her lips and looked at him happily. She knew her horny son would have another hard-on by the time they finished dinner.


Beth Watson was finger-fucking herself when the doorbell rang. She felt ashamed of herself for playing with her pussy so early in the afternoon, but she was too horny to help herself. It was a hot, sunny day, and that kind of weather always seemed to get her cunt juices flowing.

For the past two hours she’d lain naked on her bed, her huge tits jiggling as she hopped her ass on the mattress and pounded her fingers into her sopping wets cunt. When the doorbell rang her pussy had been right on the verge of another delicious cum.

“Fuck!” Beth whispered.

Cursing under her breath, the horny mother rolled off the bed and hurriedly put on a pullover, V-neck blouse and a pair of stretch shorts. She could feel the weight of her enormous tits jiggling as she walked to the front door, but it wasn’t worth the effort to put on a bra.

It was probably just a salesman, she guessed. She’d get rid of him and hurry back to bed while her pussy was still nice and hot.

But she was in for a surprise as she opened the door. Standing on the front step was her son’s best friend, Bill.

“Hi, Mrs. Watson,” he said, smiling politely. “Is Mike home?”

“Why B-Bill, what a surprise this is,” Beth said self-consciously. “No, Mike isn’t home yet. It’s only two in the afternoon. I thought you’d both be in school.”

“Oh, our last class got cancelled. Mike and me were just going to play some baseball. I’ll bet he’ll be home pretty soon. Do you mind if I come in and wait for him?”

“No, of course not.” Beth held open the door. “Come on in. Here, I’ll make you a snack in the kitchen.”

Beth walked ahead of him, flushing slightly as she realized how lewdly her big tits were jiggling under the blouse. Her cunt was still very wet, and she wondered if her son’s friend could smell her musky pussy juices. Worse still, just being alone in the house with him was turning her on.

She wouldn’t have been nearly so nervous if she’d known what Bill was thinking. Unbeknownst to her, Jill’s horny son practically drooled over Beth Watson’s ass cheeks, watching the full globes shake provocatively under her shorts.

The last class, of course, had not been cancelled at all, and Mike wouldn’t be home for several hours. But by that time Bill planned to have Mrs. Watson so enslaved by his cock that she’d let him sneak out through her bedroom window.

The night before, while slamming his stiff cock into his mother’s pussy, he’d made up his mind to seduce her. Mrs. Watson was such a hot piece of ass! She had such a big, beautiful pair of tits and something in her face told him how horny she was.

Bill didn’t have any doubts that he’d be able to seduce her. His experiences with his mom had made him completely confident of himself sexually. His mother would always be his favorite fuck, but he had enough cock juice for both her and Mrs. Watson, and he was dying to see what she looked like in the raw.

“Is orange juice all right, Bill?” Beth asked, looking at him questioningly as she opened the refrigerator. “I can get you a Coke instead, if you want.”

“No, orange juice is fine.” Bill grinned as he took a seat at the kitchen table. “I’ll eat anything.”

Beth took out the pitcher, stood on her tiptoes to get a glass from the cupboard and put it on the table in front of her son’s friend. Then she leaned over to pour.

“It’s not fresh-squeezed. I hope you like it. Mike always says he likes the concentrate better.”

Bill wasn’t paying any attention to the orange juice. A lewd grin spread across his face as he looked down the front of Beth’s blouse. It had gaped open as she bent over, and her huge bra-less tits jostled spongily against each other, forming the deepest cleavage Bill had ever seen.

“There you go, Bill.”

“Jesus, Mrs. Watson. You’ve got the biggest tits I’ve ever seen.”

“What… what did you say to me, Bill?”

“I said you’ve got a beautiful fucking pair of tits!”

Just as her knees went rubbery, Beth managed to put the pitcher down on the table. Her cheeks colored brightly. Disbelievingly she stared at the bold, grinning teenager as he pushed his chair away from the table and rose to stand in front of her. There was an enormous hard-on sticking out of his pants and as she saw it Beth’s cunt began dripping with lust.

“Why Bill, what a… what a disgusting thing to say to me! You ought to be ashamed of yourself.”

“I don’t feel ashamed, Mrs. Watson,” Bill smiled, moving closer. “You’re really stacked, that’s all. I’ve been looking at your titties ever since I was a little kid.”

His hands shot out and before Beth knew what was happening, his fingers closed around her tits, sending wanton thrills, through her body as he hungrily kneaded and massaged the D-cup melons.

“Bill! Take your hands off of me!” Batting his hands away, Beth backed nervously toward the kitchen counter. “Don’t you touch my bosom like that! You’re young enough to be my son!”

“Shit, that just makes it an even bigger turn-on, Mrs. Watson!”

He stood directly in front of her, blocking her path. Then he suddenly pulled up her blouse, exposing her naked, enormous tits. His eyes widened at the sight of her fat, rosy, silver-dollar-sized nipples!

“Bill! Bill, how dare you!”

Ignoring her pleas and pressing closer, Bill held up one over-sized tit and brought the cherry cap to his lips. Hungrily he sucked it in, chewing his teeth lightly on the goose-bumped areola, sucking hard on the rubbery tip.

Beth squealed and tried to wrestle away from him, but the strong teen effortlessly held her against the counter. Gasping, she tried to push his hand away as he unzipped her shorts. But he got his hand in her pants anyhow, and a second later she felt his fingers pushing through the curly muff over her pussy.

“No, Bill! Awwwww! I’m going to scream! Don’t you touch me there! No, I’ll unnggghhh!”

She shuddered convulsively as the tit sucking teenager invaded her hot, wet pussy with his fingers, stabbing them deep inside her buttery cunt. Beth stiffened and felt her hips pushing forward, thrusting her pussy onto his hand. She knew she could scream, but the throbbing lust had made her weak. Her pussy was like jelly, sucking Bill’s fingers.

She wanted him to do it. Her resistance was just a sham. He was making her so hot!

“Unh, fuck,” Bill groaned obscenely.

Rapidly he pistoned his fingers in and out of her pussy, feeling the fuck juices gushing around his hand. Her clit was swollen and her whale body jerked as he rubbed it softly. Avidly, hungrily, he sucked her tit, making the nipple as stiff as a little eraser tip.

“Unh… stop it…” But there was more groaning mixed in with her protests and Beth’s whole face was clouded over with lust. “Can’t do it to me… no, no, nuuunnggghhh, stop, unngghhhhh.”

Moving with complete confidence, Bill stripped the horny mother rapidly, tossing her shorts and blouse on the kitchen floor. He stood back and admired her voluptuous nakedness as she daintily tried to cover her pussy triangle with her hands.

Then he stripped too. Beth made no move to escape as he kicked off his tennis shoes and pulled off his shirt. Then he stripped off his pants and Beth gasped at the sight of his huge, rock-hard prick.

Then he was all over her again, pawing her tits and fingering her pussy, jamming his swollen, drooling cock head onto her, rounded belly. Beth squealed as she felt herself being dragged to the floor. Then she was on her back on the cool linoleum, with the horny teenaged stud crawling between her thighs.

“No, no, Bill!” she gasped. “You can’t fuck me! Stop, stop, noooo.”

Bill pushed her milk-white legs wide apart, opening her creamy pussy fat the invasion of his cock. Holding his throbbing prick in his fist, he rubbed the juicing knob up and down her pussy furrow.

Then he centered the tip in her aching, tight cunt. Beth quivered convulsively as she felt his stiff cock boring into her, spreading the walls of her slippery pussy around the pounding thickness of his cock.

“No, nuuuunnngghhh…” She just lay there and took it, her eyes tightly shut as inch after inch of his big hard-on stabbed into her cunt slit. “Can’t fuck me, no, Bill, nunhhh unh fuck, noooooo…”

“Goddamn, Mrs. Watson! You’ve got a really juicy cunt!”

Bill wiggled his ass, helping his cock to slide into the churning, silky wetness of her tight pussy hole. Beth whimpered as the irresistible fuck heat spread through her naked body. Her pussy walls were spreading apart, wetly clinging to Bill’s thrusting hard-on. It was such a big, fat cock, she thought deliriously. What a wonder that he could have a hard prick like this!

“Do you like it, Mrs. Watson?” Bill rammed his hips between her spread thighs, making her huge tits jiggle as he rammed every inch of his cock into her cunt slit. “Don’t you like my big prick? Doesn’t it feel good up your hot pussy?”

Beth bit her lip and turned her head rapidly back and forth on the floor, trying to fight down the passion that burned through her loins. She didn’t want to give in to Bill like this, didn’t want to simply let him fuck her brains out on the kitchen floor.

But she couldn’t seem to help herself. Rapidly she felt herself succumbing, her pussy creaming and throbbing rhythmically around his stiff cock. It felt so good to be fucked again, to have a big prick inside her! And there was something especially obscene in the knowledge that Bill was so young.

“Don’t you dig it?” Bill pulled out, teasing her by keeping only the knob of his cock inside her hairy cunthole. Then he rammed it in again, burying it to the balls in her burning, sucking cunt. “Come on, Mrs. Watson. Don’t you love getting fucked?”

Bill started fucking her, working his ass cheeks, stroking his stone-hard prick steadily through the foaming wetness of her cunt tunnel. Unconsciously, Beth rocked her rounded ass cheeks off the floor, lightly grinding and thrusting her pussy mound onto his cock.

“You’re humping your ass, Mrs. Watson,” Bill sighed. “Shit, your pussy feels good! It’s so Goddamn tight! Now don’t you just love getting your cunt fucked?”

His obscenities rained down on her ears, urging her on with the driving thrusts of his cock. Beth’s big tits felt incredibly swollen, the nipples stiff and tingling with desire. Her pussy seemed to have a mind of its own, clasping and juicing profusely around the teen’s jack-hammering cock.

Grunting, Bill dropped his torso, flattening her big tits under his muscular chest. He dug his fingers into her sides and started fucking her pussy as hard as he could, slamming his pulsing hard-on into her cunt.

“Unnggghhh! Oh, oh Bill! Yes, yesssss, unnghhh!”

“Do you like it? Do you, do you?”

“Fuck me,” Beth whimpered abruptly. Flushing brightly with shame at her own submission, the horny mother threw up her legs and wrapped them tightly around Bill’s waist. Then she started humping her ass like a machine, crying and squealing as she furiously thrust her hairy pussy onto Bill’s cock.

“Fuck me, Bill!” she gasped. “Unh unh, making me cum! Fuck my ass off, fuck my horny cunt!”

Grinning triumphantly, the teenaged stud started fucking her even faster. His massively swollen cock rammed into her gushing pussy, seeming to pack her cunt deeper with every stroke. Beth humped openly beneath him now, feeling the beads of sweat drip off her huge, shaking tits as she struggled to meet his rhythm.

“Harder, Bill! Fuck me, fuck the shit out of me!” She wrapped her arms around his shoulders and moaned as she clawed his back with her long nails. “Unh unh unh, it feels so good! My pussy’s throbbing, Bill! Fuck me harder, I need to cummm!”

Bill fucked her like a machine, slamming his cum-swollen cock feverishly through the velvety sheath of her hot pussy. Beth felt his spongy prick head pushing all the way inside her, seeming to spear into her belly with every stroke.

Her cunt started spasming, squeezing deliciously around his iron-hard cock. The delicious heat of lust spread completely through her loins, warming her belly, making her nipples ache and her asshole throb as her pussy prepared to explode around his driving cock.

“I’m cumming, Bill!” Whipping her ass in a blur off the kitchen floor, the naked mother clawed his ass cheeks as the spasms tore through her body. “Fuck me, fuck my brains out! Unnngggghhhh! Yes, Bill, what a big fucking cock! Fuck me with it! Haaaarder, unnggghhh yes, oh shit, oh fuck, cuuummmmiiinnnnggggg!”

Bill fucked her savagely through her orgasm, guiding her, through peak after peak of cumming pleasure. The he pulled his rock-hard prick out of her dripping cunthole. Beth was surprised that her son’s friend hadn’t cum inside her — until Bill climbed to his feet and stood over her, with his massive cock throbbing over her body.

“Okay, Mrs. Watson,” he said softly. “I want you to give me a blow-job now! I want you to suck my prick and suck out my cum!”

Beth looked up, seeing the thick vein running up the belly of his cock as the bloated trunk quivered over her face. Her cheeks were flushed with shame and desire. She felt completely helpless now, like a slave to Bill’s obscene desires.

Obediently, the big-titted mother crawled to her knees before him, his cock quivering in front of her face. Hungrily she stared at it, again marveling that he could have such an over-sized prick.

The shaft was as hard as bone, laced with blue veins, throbbing and jerking obscenely up and down with its engorgement of blood. The knob was very fat and a deep rose in color, freely dripping, juice from the piss slit in the tip.

“Suck it, Mrs. Watson! Suck off my big cock!”

Moaning shamefully, Beth slid her hand up and wrapped her fingers tightly around the swollen base of his prick. She milked it hard, making the cock cream ooze from the tip. Before the viscous strand could drip to the floor, the naked mother bent her head and pressed her tongue to the knob, lapping up his pre-cum.

It tasted delicious, salty and hot. Beth pressed her lips to the head of his hard-on and kissed it lasciviously, breathing in, inhaling the tantalizing aroma of prick meat. Then she opened her mouth wide and gurgled obscenely as she took the throbbing inches of his cock deep down her throat.

“Thaaaaat’s right,” Bill sighed. He held the back of her head and happily watched as her face contorted around the steely thickness of his cock. “Shit, yeah!” She was an eager cock-sucker, he saw, by the way her lips stretched hungrily to engulf his cock. “That’s a good girl! Suck it, Mrs. Watson! Suck off my prick!”

Beth bobbed her head, nearly choking as she stuffed his hard-on down her throat. Her pussy was throbbing nearly as hard as it had while he’d fucked her and she knew shamefully that the taste of his cock turned her on incredibly.

Gurgling, the stacked mother wrapped her lips in a tight, clasping circle around the center of his straining prick. She puckered her cheeks sharply and sucked his cock extremely hard, feeling her face flush with the wanton intensity of the blow-job.

Bill, curled his fingers in her hair and rocked his ass, fucking his big prick lightly between her lips. “Play with my balls, Mrs. Watson! They’re full of cum! And that’s just what I want you to swallow!”

Beth was in heaven now, her eyes shut and her cheeks alternately puckered and bellowing. She was thinking of nothing but the hot, throbbing cock shaft stretching her lips. Her tongue swirled around the bulbous knob, pushing into his piss hole. She smacked and kissed and slurped as she lapped up the oozing cum drooling up from his nuts.

“I said play with my balls!”

Obediently, Beth slid her free hand up his thighs. His balls rested in their big, hairy sac, bloated painfully with his load of jism. Tenderly she fondled them, delighting in the feel of the delicate globes as she rolled them on her fingers.

“Ah, fuck yes!” Bill bucked his ass harder, brutally fucking her face. “Now jack me off!”

Beth tightened her face around the aching stiffness of his cock root. Rhythmically she started pumping it, slurping and slobbering on his prick head as she milked the fat trunk deeper into her mouth.

“I’m gonna cum, Mrs. Watson! Suck it hard now, as hard as you can!”

Beth felt his big prick quiver and pulse violently down her throat, preparing to shoot off its load of cream. Panting for air through her nose, she sucked and jacked his big cock as hard as she could. Bill thrust forward, jamming his cock down her throat. His cock started spurting and long, sappy ribbons of jism gushed from the crown, squirting torrentially into her mouth, pouring down her throat.

Beth gurgled and nearly came on the spot as she tasted the jism of her son’s friend, the milky, salty juice pumping steadily out of his balls.

It was an incredibly big load, much bigger than the ones her husband had once given her when she’d sucked him off. Repeatedly the gushers of spunk blasted out of Bill’s cock head as Beth worked her throat muscles and sucked noisily, gulping all of his cum down.

Then she took his satiated prick out of her mouth and stroked it wantonly, shamelessly hoping that he’d keep his hard-on for another fuck. Beth knew she’d regret this as soon as Bill left, but she didn’t want to think of that now. Her pussy had never felt so wet and she didn’t care about anything except the teen’s stiff cock and getting fucked.


“Fuck me, Bill!” Jill gasped. “That’s good… pack it in… fuck your horny mother! Oooh, your prick feels so big tonight! Harder, Bill! Make Mom cum!”

It was after midnight and Jill lay spread eagled on her back on her bed, her ass humping wildly off the mattress and her legs wrapped tightly around Bill’s waist. Bill was feeding the meat to her pussy and Jill shuddered with every stabbing stroke into her cunt.

“Unghh, God, you’re fucking me! I love the way you fuck!” Her hairy, tender-lipped pussy was overflowing with musky cunt oil, squishing luridly around the pistoning length of her son’s cock. “Higher up… that’s right, right at the top of my pussy! Oh fuck, Bill, you’re riding right on my clit!”

Bill rode high in the saddle, pistoning his hips furiously between his mother’s creamy thighs and slamming his rock-hard cock into the churning depths of her cunt. Every thrust of his prick sent hot thrills of pleasure burning through her clit and pussy and Jill knew that soon her son would make her cum.

“Harder, Bill, fuck harder!” Jill raked her fingernails down his muscular back and whipped up her ass in a frenzy of lust, pounding her pussy mound onto her son’s raging hard-on. “Ungghhh! My cunt’s burning! Fuck the shit out of my pussy, Son! Oh fuck, love your big Goddamn prick!”

Bill fucked his mother as hard as he could, making the mattress creak obscenely with the driven energy of their humping. Locking her thighs around his waist, Jill lifted her ass nearly a foot off the bed, surprising Bill with her strength as she ground her throbbing, juicing pussy on the very root of his cock.

“I’m cumming, Bill! I’m cuuummmiiinnnggg!”

The delicious fuck spasms swept through her, ravishing her pussy with pleasure as the slippery pussy tunnel sucked and clasped her son’s driving cock. Bill gave several short, savage thrusts into her cumming cunt. Then he was shooting off, too.

Jill cried out lustily as the hot, sappy jism squirted deep inside her, instantly filling her pussy with hot cock cream. Endlessly the spunk gushed up from his balls, making his whole prick shaft jerk as it emptied its load into Jill’s clinging cunt.

A lewd smile curled the horny mother’s lips as she slowly let her hot ass fall back to the bed. It was so nice when Bill came inside her, filling her up with all of that hot, teenaged juice. No man would ever satisfy her as much as her always-eager son!

“Take it out, darling,” she murmured, licking his ear. “Let Mom suck your cock and make it nice and stiff again.”

Bill pulled his fuck-wilted cock out of her pussy, but surprised her by sliding slowly down between her legs. “Unh unh, Mom. Tonight it’s my turn to suck you!”

Jill immediately spread her slim legs even wider apart, wriggling her ass on the mattress as she looked forward to her son’s avid pussy sucking. Sighing, Bill buried his head between her legs. He cupped her, ass cheeks and thrust his tongue deeply into her curly haired pussyslit, tonguing up the viscous drops of his own cum.

“Oh yes, Bill, oh yes!” Automatically Jill grabbed the back of his head, pulling his face onto her steaming cunt. Immediately she felt fresh fuck oil flowing into her gooey pussy.

“Suck it, darling. Make me cum again!”

Bill slipped his tongue rapidly up and down her hairy pussy, cleaning all the cream from the swollen folds of his mother’s cunt. Then his tongue moved around her clit, teasing it, pushing it back and forth.

Jill bucked as if she’d been shot, grimacing wantonly as she pleasure built dramatically in her loins. She clawed the back of his head and worked her ass frantically, fucking her cunt all over his face. “Yes, darling, lick Mom’s pussy! Unh, unh, suck my fucking clit!”

Bill wrapped his lips directly around the ultra-sensitive bud. He sucked it hard, flicking his tongue rapidly on the tip. His hand probed between her legs and Jill stiffened as she felt two fingers boring into her greasy, sucking cunt.

“I’m cumming again, Bill!” she cried. “Ah, ah fuck! Suck haaarder, cuuummmiiinnngggg!”

She came like a rupturing dam, groaning and crying as the heavy load of cunt juice flowed out of her pussy. Bill moaned with pleasure as he tasted his mother’s delicious cunt oil. Squeezing her ass cheeks and fingerfucking her pussy, he sucked it all up with his squirming tongue.

“Oh, Bill, that was so good!” A dreamy, relaxed smile curled Jill’s lips. Her whole body seemed to throb with the delicious tingling sensations that always followed a good cum. “Love you, darling. Don’t ever stop fucking me…”

She felt so peaceful and reined that she shut her eyes. They’d been fucking and sucking all night long. Now she could rest a little while before they went at it again.

But a few minutes later she was fast asleep, pussy nectar still oozing from the pouting lips of her hot cunt. Bill looked at his mother for a long time, making sure that she was fast asleep. Then he climbed off the bed and slipped into the denim cut-offs he’d left on the floor.

By the time he slipped out of the house a few seconds later, Bill’s prick was already as hard as iron again, turning the crotch of his shorts into a tent. He grinned secretively to himself as he climbed the little fence separating his lawn from the Watsons’.

He didn’t know if Beth Watson was asleep at this hour, but he was sure she wouldn’t be for long. A day had passed since their afternoon fuck session, and he’d been unable to stop thinking about her big tits and tight pussy. What his horny mother didn’t know wouldn’t hurt her, he decided. Bill’s big prick throbbed as he prepared to sneak into Beth’s house and give her the fucking of her life.

She’d drunk nearly a half-pint of gin after seeing Mike to bed, but it hadn’t helped at all. Beth lay on her back on top of the sheets, her hands behind her head, staring up at the night shadows on the ceiling. She wore her skimpiest, most provocative negligee, a crotch length, transparent thing that showed all of her hairy pussy triangle and huge, cherry capped tits. There was no way of denying to herself the reason she’d worn it. Desperately she hoped that Bill would come to her and give her another furious fucking.

The past two days had been one of the most bewildering, miserably frustrating periods in Beth’s life. As soon as Bill had left her the afternoon before, she’d sworn to herself that she could never again yield to her fuck urges with him. He was young enough to be her son and that was all there was to it. She couldn’t spread her legs for a baby!

But her attempts at repression did nothing to quell the burning heat in her pussy. Constantly she thought of his huge prick, remembering how it had felt deep inside her cunt, or shooting loads of jism down her buttery throat. Even her husband had never turned her on like this.

She couldn’t rest now because she was too horny to sleep. Beth squirmed miserably on the mattress, feeling the weight of her enormous tits jiggling under the negligee. Her pussy had been constantly dripping, throbbing wet for the past twenty-four hours. She was desperate for another fuck with the teenaged stud.

At that moment, just as the horny mother was going to succumb to the urge to fingerfuck herself again, a shadow appeared at her bedroom window. Beth’s breath caught in her throat. Silently she watched as a male silhouette pushed open the unlocked window and climbed into her room.

“Hi there, Mrs. Watson,” Bill said softly. “Did I wake you up?”

She didn’t move, her heart pounding wildly as Bill climbed onto the bed. Even in the darkness she saw the shape of the enormous hard-on sticking out of his shorts. Bill slid his hands up her waist, cupping her huge tits through the negligee.

“Bill,” Beth hissed sternly. “What do you think you’re doing in my house? Get out of here immediately!”

“I don’t think you really want me to go, Mrs. Watson. Do you always go to sleep in a negligee like this?” Bill rolled her mammoth tits under his hands, feeling the stiff, rubbery nipples poking his palms. “Your nipples are all swollen. You must be awfully hot.”

Beth shuddered and said nothing as the horny teenager pushed a hand between her legs. Hotly she flushed with embarrassment as he felt the dripping wet slit of her hairy cunt.

“No, Bill.” Her voice was weaker as he began to finger-fuck her throbbing cunt. “Don’t do that to me. You can’t just come into my room like this. Nooo!”

“Spread those sweet legs of yours, Mrs. Watson. I think it’s time for you to get fucked.”

Bill moved between her milk-white legs, meeting no resistance as he spread her thighs apart. Beth looked up at him without moving as he mounted her, deftly slipping out of his cut-offs to reveal the swollen trunk of his naked prick. A second later he was holding it in his fist, fitting the bulbous knob into her puffy pussy slit.

“Tell me if you want me to leave now, Mrs. Watson.”

Beth only shut her eyes, shuddering with pleasure as she felt her cunt invaded by the big, stiff hard-on she so desperately needed. Bill leaned over her voluptuous body, supporting the weight of his torso on outstretched arms so he could stare at her face and tits as he fed her his prick.

“Ahh shit, Mrs. Watson! Your pussy feels so fucking good!”

His ass cheeks contracted and he humped rhythmically between her thighs, steadily driving the meaty inches of his prick up her throbbing pussy passage. Beth grimaced as she felt her cunt slit stretching, opening to admit the swollen thickness of his cock.

“Unh! Bill, unngghhh!” Grimacing, she started shaking her head back and forth, unable to bear the pleasure as her cunt enveloped her son’s friend’s prick. “Oh, oh Bill. You’re fucking me… fucking my pussy! Unh… I can’t… hold it back, lover. Oh, oh Christ, fuck me, Bill! I’m so horny. Fuck my hot cunt!”

Something seemed to snap in Beth’s mind as she gave in utterly to her obscene cravings. Throwing her legs wide apart, she scissored her thighs tightly around the humping teen’s waist. Then her ass cheeks bucked off the bed, making her huge tits shake spongily as she pounded her dripping cunt onto his cock.

Bill lay motionless between her tender thighs, letting his swollen prick soak all the way inside her slippery cunt. Slowly he pulled out, teasing her as only the crown of his cock soaked in her squirmy pussy slit. Then he fell into a steady fuck rhythm, smiling down at her as he jack-hammered his bloated cock into her drooling cunt.

“Is that how you like it, Mrs. Watson? Shit, your pussy’s really sucking me. You’ve got a real snapper! Do you still want me to leave?”

“No, oh Bill, fuck me harder!” Beth eagerly tightened her pussy muscles, making the pink tunnel clasp spasmodically around Bill’s pounding cock. “Yes, yes, it feels so good. I’m going to cum, lover! Keep fucking!”

Bill’s balls slapped the crack of her humping ass as he continued fucking the big titted mother. He felt the load churning inside them and knew it wouldn’t be long before he had to spurt.

Panting for air, the horny teenager started fucking her wet pussy as hard as he could. The bed creaked loudly beneath them as the two sweating lovers humped, their bellies slapping together with every thrust of Bill’s cock into her throbbing cunt.

“I’m making it, Bill!” Beth cried. Her voice was loud, but she was too horny to restrain herself. “Oh God, fuck me, fuck my ass off! Unngggghhh. I’m cumming, Bill! Fuck me haaaaard, I’m cuuummmiiinnggg!”

Her pussy exploded, contracting tightly around Bill’s pounding prick and sucking it deep inside her belly. Beth came for nearly a minute straight, groaning and shrieking as the indescribable sensations washed through her stacked, naked body. She raked Bill’s back with her fingernails and bucked in a fury of fuck lust, tirelessly pleasuring her pussy on his long, fat cock.

“Okay, Mrs. Watson,” Bill moaned hoarsely. “Now you get the whole wad!”

He collapsed between her thighs, slamming his cock to the balls in her sucking, cumming pussy. Beth squealed as she felt the teen’s hot jism gush into her cunt. Profusely Bill’s thick, milky cum erupted from his balls, splattering the inner walls of Beth’s pussy in shot after shot of creamy cum.

“Oh, Bill!” Locking her thighs around his waist, the naked mother continued to hump, pounding her wet pussy on his still-hard prick. All thoughts of morality were behind her now. All she wanted was Bill’s fat cock!

“Keep fucking me, darling! Don’t ever stop fucking!”


“I know you fucked her. Don’t try to bullshit me!” Mike stood in front of his friend, blocking his path on the sidewalk. Bill just looked at him, surprised by the way Mike had way layed him after school.

“I heard you humping her last night,” Mike went on. His face was flushed and his fists were clenched at his sides. “Shit! My own mother! I oughta beat your fucking face in.”

“Jesus, take it easy!” Bill retorted. “Why are you blaming me just ’cause I got lucky? You know you want to fuck her yourself!”

Mike started to speak, but then fell silent as he realized the truth of his friend’s words. Cautiously Bill studied his friend’s furious expression. It was obvious that Mike was just jealous, and the best way to make it up to him was obvious too.

“Hey, tell me something,” Bill said abruptly. “You’ve never been fucked, have you?”

“What the fuck does that have to do with anything?” Mike shouted.

“Yeah, you’ve never got your cherry popped yet,” Bill chided. “Well, that’s okay. Don’t get upset about it. But listen, how’d you like to get fucked right away? I mean, like this afternoon?”

“What the hell are you talking about?”

Bill put his arm around Mike’s shoulder and grinned as he led him up the sidewalk. “I’ll just take you over to my house, man. We got just the pussy you’re looking for there.”


Then Bill told him the whole story of how he’d fucked his mother. At first Mike was shocked and a little disgusted by the reality of incest. But as Bill went on about how Jill loved to suck his prick and take it up the ass, Mike became increasingly turned on. By the time they walked up the path to the Mellon home, Mike’s fat cock was throbbing obscenely in his pants.

As she stood at the kitchen counter and prepared Bill’s afternoon snack, Jill was in a state of burning fuck heat. Her son was only slightly late in getting home from school, but already she was terribly impatient. A morning’s worth of finger-fucking hadn’t helped. She needed his stiff cock inside her pussy immediately.

Hot weather like this always made her horny and Jill sighed as she laid out the snack on the plate. All she had on was a light blouse that molded her full tits, and a transparent pair of bikini panties. Her pussy mound and rounded ass cheeks were completely visible through it. She hoped her well-hung son would want to fuck her brains out as soon as he came through the door.

The front door opened and slammed shut again. Eagerly Jill turned to await her son’s arrival. She was deeply disappointed to see he was accompanied by Mike.

“Hi ya, Mom,” Bill said casually. “I brought my buddy here over. You don’t mind, do you?”

“N-no, of course not,” Jill said, making herself smile. “Come on in, Mike. It’s good to see you again.”

Mike shot a quick glance at her face, then homed in on her crotch. A deep blush shot through Jill’s cheeks as she remembered her skimpy outfit. Nervously she backed towards the counter.

“Unh, have a seat, guys. I was just making a snack. It won’t take more than a minute to fix one for Mike too.”

“Goddamn, Mom! Look at those panties you’ve got on! You look really sexy today!”

Jill’s mouth opened in shock. Grinning brazenly, Bill crossed the kitchen and stood close as she leaned against the counter top. Wrapping his arms around her slim shoulders, he gave her a long, tongue-sucking kiss. Jill squealed in surprise as one hand came down to fondle her ass cheeks, and the other rubbed her pussy lewdly through the sheer panty crotch.

“Bill! Stop that!” Feebly she tried to push him away, then lowered her voice to a whisper. “For God’s sake, not with him here! Why did you bring him over anyhow? You know I’m dying to fuck you!”

“Aw, come on, Mom,” Bill said loudly. “I told him all about us. Mike knows everything. Look at his pants, Mom. Doesn’t he have a big hard-on? Mike really wants to fuck you too.”

Automatically Jill glanced over Bill’s shoulder at his friend’s crotch. The cock bulge stretching his jeans was very large, swollen painfully with cum and blood. Immediately the heat in her pussy worsened. Jill’s clit tingled as she thought for the first time of fucking both guys at once.

“Take your cock out, Mike. Show her what you’ve got!”

Mike was blushing too, but he was also obviously eager to begin. Kicking off his shoes, he hurriedly skinned off his jeans and stepped out of them, leaving him naked from the waist down.

Jill gasped. He was shorter than her son, but his prick was every bit as large. The massive, veined shaft stood straight out of his cock fur, pulsing and throbbing obscenely up and down. The cock head was big too, puffy and bulbous, and hot pre-cum glistened on the piss hole, dripping luridly to the floor.

“Go ahead, Mom,” Bill said, stepping aside. “Mike’s never even been fucked yet. I just told him you’re the best cock-sucker in the world. Go ahead and suck his prick!”

Mike just stood there, his big prick twitching and drooling before him. Suddenly Jill as overwhelmed by the cunt-thrilling obscenity of the moment. Not only was she fucking her own son, she was going to give another teenager blow-job at Bill’s request.

Even as she blushed, Jill’s lips curled into a vixenish smile. She crossed the kitchen, swinging her hips to make her ass cheeks wiggle provocatively. Then she smiled at Mike and took hold of his huge, straining cock.

“Oh, fuck,” Mike whispered.

“Hello, Mike. You’ve got an awfully big cock. It’s very stiff, too. Would you like me to give it a good sucking, like Bill says?”

“Oh Christ, that’s right,” Bill moaned, rubbing his own crotch as he looked on.

Mike gulped and nodded. Feeling incredibly wanton, Jill fell to her knees and faced the pulsing shaft of his cock. Sliding her hand up his thigh, she wrapped her fingers firmly around the bloated trunk of his hard-on. Then she started jacking on it, watching intently as the milky cock cream leaked out of the tip.

“Ohhh, fuck,” Mike gasped.

“Your cock is oozing, Mike. You must be awfully hot. Would you like me to give your big prick a blow-job now, lover?”

“Y-y-yess,” Mike stammered.

Jill pushed her fist to the root of his cock, holding his meat in position. She extended her tongue and licked all around his shiny-skinned knob, lapping up the salty juices that drooled up from his nuts.

Mike shuddered as his cock pulsed in her fist. Jill pressed her lips to his cock, kissing the very tip of his prick. Then she gurgled as she slowly opened her mouth and dropped her head, pushing his big prick between her lips.

“How’s it feel, Mike?” Bill asked. “How’s it feel with your cock in her mouth?”

Mike groaned and stared down, seeing the way her face contorted as she stretched her lips around his cock meat. Jill fought back the choking reflex as his swollen knob pushed past her tonsils, boring down her wet throat. She wrapped her lips tightly around the center of his prick.

“Unh! Oh, fuck!” Mike thrust his hands behind her head, holding her in position. “Suck it, Mrs. Mellon! That feels so Goddamn good! Suck my fucking prick!”

Jill milked his swollen hard-on with her fist, gently tugging and stroking his meat. Her lips formed a tight, wet oval around his shaft. She puckered her cheeks and hungrily started sucking his prick, sliding her tongue all over the bulbous crown.

“Unh! Oh, fuck!” Mike rocked his ass, fucking her face lightly with his rock-hard prick. “You’re giving me a blow-job! Oh shit, it feels good!”

Jill’s pussy was, creaming through her panties, making her inner thighs damp with the flow of her fuck juice. She slurped and sucked and smacked around the guy’s delicious hard-on, pushing her tongue hard into the piss slit. Then she bobbed her head too, fucking her face with his cock as he hornily jerked his hips.

“Suck it, Mom!” By now Bill had stripped naked so he could lightly stroke his hard-on as he watched his mother giving his friend head. “Come on, you can go deeper than that! Take more of his cock down your throat!”

Jill wantonly obeyed her son’s command, gurgling obscenely as she stuffed another inch of Mike’s cock between her lips. Her sucking became very wet and obscene as the sound of the blow-job filled the kitchen. Her hand began to pump the base of his steely prick, jacking his cock between her lips.

“Ahhh, fuck!” Mike pulled her hair and bucked his ass hard, stroking his cock deeper down her throat. “Suck it, Mrs. Mellon! Feels so fucking good! Unh, shit! Gonna cum!”

“Okay, that’s enough,” Bill said. “Now show him how to fuck!”

Jill quickly took her wet mouth from his throbbing prick, pinching the tip between her thumb and forefinger to stern back the tide of jism. She giggled as she snapped her fingers, directing Mike to the floor.

“All right, darling,” she puffed huskily. “Lie on your back now. The first fuck will be a lot easier if I get on top!”

With his cock pulsing harder than ever before in his life, Mike lay on his back on the kitchen floor. Jill’s hands trembled with lust as he hurriedly stripped off her soaked panties, exposing her bare ass and silky-haired cunt. Then she mounted her son’s friend, planting her knees on the linoleum to either side of his hips, with her pussy juicing directly over his cock.

“Now don’t move right away, Mike,” she hissed. “Let me put your cock in!”

She lifted his throbbing cock shaft, delighting in how heavy it felt. Jill whimpered as she rubbed the knob up and down her hairy pussy slit, teasing her clit with the tip of his prick.

Mike’s expression was glazed with desire as he awaited his first fuck. Jill wiggled her ass, shuddering as she fit the spongy cock head into her pussy opening. Then she bucked down, taking the first several inches of his prick into her sopping wet cunt.

“Unhhh! It feels good, it feels good!” Mike groaned. He stared at her pussy mound, seeing the way his swollen cock seemed to disappear into her bush. “More! Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum!”

Jill leaned forward, letting her tits swing and jiggle over Mike’s chest as she held his shoulders for support. Lewdly she started humping, grunting as she gradually impaled herself on Mike’s straining cock.

Now that she had it inside her, she knew for certain that he was as well-endowed as her son. Deliciously the mammoth cock stretched her pussy, filling her with inch after inch of his hardened meat.

“Nunh unh unh unh…” Jill grunted repeatedly as she forced her hips down, wiggling her ass to help his cock go all the way up her pussy hole. Then she stopped when their thighs pressed together, and every inch of his hard-on was impaled in her clinging, juicy pussy.

“Well, lover, you’re in me now,” she panted. “How does it feel?”

“Oh, fuck!” Mike groaned with pleasure, feeling the sucking pressure of her pussy muscles around his burning cock. “Fuck me… oh, Christ, I’m gonna shoot any second! Fuck me, Mrs. Mellon!”

Holding his shoulders, Jill lifted her ass, feeling the thickness of his cock tube drag out of her pussy until only the knob parted her swollen cunt lips. Wiggling her hips, she dropped her ass and took his hard-on back into her buttery cunt.

Then she started humping him. Up and down her luscious ass heaved, pounding her pussy full of his stabbing cock meat. “Fuck me, Mike!” she gasped, as her cunt tunnel churned around his big prick. “My pussy’s so horny! Unh, God, fuck the shit out of me!”

Mike slid his hands down her sides, cupping her jiggling ass cheeks. His ass started to move off the floor. At first his fuck strokes were awkward, as he struggled to learn the rhythm of her movements. But within a few strokes he was fucking her pussy as if he’d been doing it all his life.

“Yes, lover, yes! Fuck me harder!” Jill’s hot pussy violently burned and juiced, wetly sucking the turgid hardness of Mike’s stroking prick. “Ungghh! Oh fuck, I love it like that!” Pushing her fingers through her pussy curls, she caught her clit under her thumb. “Fuck my cunt! Fuck me while I jack off! Fuck me!”

Her ass moved like a driven machine, pounding her cunt steadily onto his long, thick hard-on. Mike bucked furiously to meet her strokes, gasping with the pleasure of fucking as he sawed his bloated hard-on into the horny mother’s gurgling cunt.

“I’m cumming, Mike!” The obscenity of the act overwhelmed her, sending thrilling waves of ecstasy coursing from her ravished cunt throughout her naked body. “F-f-fuck meeeee!” she hissed. “Unggghhh! Oh Mike, I love your big cock! Fuck, fuck, cuuummmiinnngggg!”

The spasms erupted deep inside her pussy hole, making the creamy tunnel clasp spasmodically around Mike’s hammering cock. Mike fucked her furiously through the hot contractions of her orgasm, somehow keeping the wad inside his hairy balls. He was still fucking her as hard as he could when she came down from the peak of cumming.

“Oh, fuck…” Jill writhed deliriously on top of him, her pussy flooding with fuck oil. “I can’t stand it… oh fuck, oh fuuuck!”

“I can’t wait anymore, Mom. NOW it’s my turn!”

Bill pushed his mother down, making her flatten her its on Mike’s chest. The next thing Jill knew, her ass cheeks were being spread as her horny teenager smeared some wet goo on the puckered ring of her asshole.

Squealing, Jill looked at him over her shoulder. Bill grinned as he held an open container of Crisco. He’d gotten it from the cabinet while she’d been busy cumming on Mike’s cock. Now he intended to sandwich her asshole while she continued to fuck his friend.

“Oh, be gentle, Bill,” she squealed. “Your cock’s awfully big for my ass!”

Bill chuckled and coated his huge, rock-hard prick from knob to base with the white goo. Then he dropped the can of Crisco on the floor. He mounted his mother’s ass, holding his prick in his fist as he fit the beating knob to the tightly muscled ass sphincter.

“Nuuunhh!” Jill groaned and automatically pushed her pussy down onto Mike’s straining cock, as she felt her son’s cock head invading her asshole. “Go easy, Bill! You got such a big fucking prick!”

The Crisco lubricated her asshole completely so that his big cock bored up her ass like a knife cleaving butter. Lewdly Bill wiggled his hips, forcing his cock deep into his mother’s throbbing asshole.

Then it was buried to the balls inside her ass tunnel. Jill shuddered convulsively, almost unable to stand the pleasure of being fucked by two stiff teenaged pricks at once.

Mike’s hard-on was huge in her pussy, pulsing steadily as the eager teen fought to hold back his load of cum. The membrane separating her pussy and asshole was stretched thin. She could feel the young studs’ cocks rubbing together, packed to the root in her writhing, horny body.

“Fu-fu-fuck meeee,” Jill gurgled. Feverishly she started humping beneath her son, pushing her throbbing cunthole onto Mike’s cock. “Fuuuck me, fuck me haaard! It feels gooood, oh fuuuuck!”

Her pleading, guttural moans made both teens very hot. Bill started thrusting, stroking his cock through the rubbery grip of his mother’s asshole. Mike responded by hammering his aching prick into her clinging cunt. Soon they were both fucking her in rhythmic unison, simultaneously slamming her their swollen pricks into her body.

“Unnggghh! Oh God, oh fucking God!” Jill shivered and writhed between them, desperately trying to get both cocks all the way inside her at once. “I can’t staaand it! Fuck me! Fuck my ass off! Do it haaaard!”

“Come on, Mike, fuck the slit out of her!” Bill gasped. “Mom’s asshole’s really sucking on my cock! She’s gonna cum!”

Panting and sweating, both naked teenagers started fucking her ravished nakedness as hard as they could. Jill humped madly between them, groaning and shrieking as her body began to ache in expectation of cumming.

Her lubed-up asshole throbbed violently, sucking tightly around her son’s prick as he pounded her ass furiously. Her cunt was dripping wet with fuck oil, swimming in the hot cunt cream that drooled out of her pussy around Mike’s pistoning cock.

“Fuuuck meeee!” she panted. “Fuck me, fuck harder! Fuck my pussy, Mike! Awww Son, fuck the shit out of my asshole! I’m cumming, cumming, cuuummmiiinnngggg!”

Her whole body exploded. Jill’s jaw sagged open and her face flushed crimson as the spasms of cumming swept through her loins. She thought she would black out as her pussy and asshole sucked simultaneously around the twin-pronged cock.

“Oh, fuck, I can’t hold it!” Mike winced as her throbbing, juicing, cumming cunt milked his pistoning cock. “Ahhhhh…”

The white cream gushed up from his balls, fountaining deeply into the horny mother’s slippery cunt. At the same time Jill felt her son’s cock shaft exploding jism into her asshole.

Wildly she rocked between them, feeling her holes contract automatically to suck out their wads of jism. Mike’s cock shot off for a long time, spraying the inner walls of her pussy with his squirting spunk. Bill’s heavy load filled her asshole, burbling obscenely out of the puckered ring around his hammering cock.


At ten the next Saturday morning, Beth Watson stood in her kitchen in her bikini, hurriedly fixing breakfast for her son. She wanted to feed Mike and get him out of the house so she could do some sunbathing. Then, with the sweat dripping from her flesh, she knew she’d retreat to the bedroom for a long, frustrating afternoon of finger-fucking.

For some reason Mike hadn’t been spending much time at home for the past few days, preferring to renew his old acquaintance with Bill. Beth was glad to see her son’s social life improve, but not at the expense of her hot, horny pussy.

Bill wasn’t coming over to fuck her anymore. Beth’s conscience told her that this was for the test, that she’d had no business fucking a teenager, regardless of how good a hump he’d been.

But her creamy pussy paid no attention to her conscience at all. On one hand Beth knew that she couldn’t call Bill over and ask him to fuck her. On the other, she felt that she’d go mad if she didn’t get his big prick stroking inside her again.

As she fixed Mike’s breakfast, the big-titted mother rubbed her thighs together in a desperate attempt to stop the wetness seething through her fuck channel. I need to fuck, she thought, over and over again. The nipples of her huge tits stiffened through the bikini top with the shameless intensity of the thought.

Need to fuck, need to fuck…

“Mike!” she cried abruptly, putting the plate on the kitchen table beside the orange juice she’d already laid out. “Your breakfast is ready!”

Mike entered the kitchen a minute later. Beth was surprised to see that he wore only his jockey shorts, and a flush of embarrassment coursed through her face as she found herself staring intently at his crotch. Her breath caught in her throat — her son had an exceptionally large prick.

“Uh, have a seat, darling,” she said distractedly. “You don’t want your breakfast to get cold, to you?”

Mike took his seat at the table. But before he did he cast a long look over her voluptuous body, running his eyes up her bare thighs to her slim waist, ogling the deep cleavage of her enormous tits.

The blush in Beth’s cheeks deepened. Mike had never looked at her body so brazenly before. Several times she’d caught him admiring her abundant tits, but never like this.

“Could I have some milk too, Mom?” Mike said, pushing his chair close to the table.

“‘Course,” Beth replied distractedly. Opening the refrigerator, she took out the carton and leaned across the table, practically dangling her huge tits over the bacon and eggs as she deposited it in front of her only child. “You might as well finish it. I have to go to the store and…”

Then she stopped speaking as she felt a hot hand slide up her back, moving to the knot holding her D-cup bikini bra together. Beth gasped as her son boldly undid it with a flick of his fingers. Before she could catch the bra it had fluttered to the floor, exposing her huge, naked tits to her son.

“Michael!” Beth cried, stepping back and covering her fat, rosy nipples with her hands. “What on earth do you think you’re doing?”

“Just having some fun, Mom!”

Mike pushed the plate away and stood up, grinning as he reached for his mother. Never before had Beth seen him with such a bold, lewd expression. She moaned softly as she shot a quick glance at his crotch, and saw the size of the now rock-hard cock throbbing through his jockey shorts.

“Fun? Is that your idea of fun?” she shot back indignantly. “Mike, you are never again to do anything like that to me! Ever! Do you understand me?”

Doing her best to cover her jiggling tits with her forearm, the stacked mother leaned over to retrieve her bikini bra. Then she gasped again as her horny son pushed her hand out of the way. Cupping both her tits, he squeezed them hungrily before she pulled away.

“Michael! My God, what has come over you?”

“I’m just horny, Mom,” Mike whispered. “Shit, you’ve got nice tits! You turn me on so fucking much when you wear your bikini!”

He pushed close to her, backing her against the kitchen wall as Beth again struggled to hold her hands over her spongy, milk-white tit melons. But Mike pushed her hands away and dropped his head to her cleavage. Squealing, Beth flailed her fists on his shoulders as her horny son glued his mouth to one rubbery-stiff nipple.

“Good God! Michael, you stop that!” In horror she looked down at him, seeing his lips puckering around the swollen red tit cap.

“Stop sucking my breast immediately! You can’t do this with your mother!”

Mike paid no attention to her. Beth stiffened as his hand pushed between their bodies. The next thing she knew, he’d untied the knots holding her bikini bottom together, leaving her stark naked!

“Michael!” Now Beth tried to cover her quivering tits with one hand while holding the other over her pussy triangle. “Stop it, stop this instant! Oh God, what do you think you’re doing to me?”

“I’m gonna lick your pussy, Mom,” Mike moaned. “I’m going to lick your sweet cunt and make you cum!”

His cock was as hard as a poker and Beth saw that the quivering shaft had deposited cock drippings all over the front of his shorts. All at once she realized how wet her pussy was, how her son’s forceful behavior and the sight of his stiff prick had filled her loins with lust.

She was amazed by her lack of resistance as he wrestled her to the floor, crawling quickly between her legs to hold her thighs apart. Beth looked up and shuddered as she saw her teenager bury his head between her legs, gluing his lips to the curly haired folds of her hot pussy.

“Oh Mom, your cunt’s already so nice and wet!”

Holding her thighs apart, he thrust his tongue deep inside her buttery cunt, lapping up the fuck oil that foamed around the pouting pussylips. Beth quivered violently on the kitchen floor, feeling the weight of her D-cup tits jiggle spongily on her chest. The heat flowered through her pussy, swelling her cunt lips with desire.

She wanted him to do it now, she realized. Beth felt horribly ashamed even as her cunt began to juice and throb. It had been bad enough to fuck her son’s teenaged friend, but having sex with her own child was the most obscene thing she could imagine.

“Your pussy tastes so good, Mom!” Seeing that her resistance had lessened, the horny young stud thrust his hand under her hips to cup the rounded cheeks of her bare ass. “Oh Mom, I love the taste of your cunt!”

He ground his face on her pussy triangle, smearing his cheeks with the hot juice flowing from the depths of her cunt channel. Then he began to eat out his mother in earnest, fucking his tongue rapidly up and down the buttery slit of her pussy.

Oh God, where had he learned to suck cunt like that? Beth wondered dazedly. All at once she stopped struggling, lying stiffly with her legs spread as her son eagerly sucked out her hot pussy.

Then she felt herself responding, becoming more and more aroused by the feel of her son’s tongue in her cunt. Unconsciously, the horny mother spread her legs a little farther apart, thrusting her musky-scented cunthole onto her son’s mouth. “Oh Mike, Michael.” She bit her lip and began to toss her head wildly back and forth, unable to stand the wanton pleasure of the incestuous cunt-sucking. “Stop it… don’t do that to me! Nooo, Michael… unnngghhhh! Oh, fuck, unnnggghhh…”

Her ass was humping lightly on the floor now, making her mammoth tits dance as she fucked her pussy onto his mouth. Mike knew he had his big-titted mother completely in his power. Sliding his tongue up her pussyhole, he wrapped it skillfully around the protruding bud of her swollen clit.

Immediately Beth bucked as if she’d been shot, gasping as her son titillated the most sensitive spot in her body. “Unngghhh, Mike, don’t lick me there! Unh! Oh, fuck it! Unnggghhh!”

Mike wrapped his lips around his mother’s swollen clit. Beth grimaced as he sucked it hard, rubbing his tongue hard on the tip. Then she was fucking her ass furiously off the floor, giving in completely to the lewd incestuous passion, grinding her steaming, burning cunt slit onto her son’s mouth.

“Suck it, Mike!” she squealed. “Unh unh, can’t stand it anymore! Suck me, suck Mom’s cunt. Mom’s gonna cum!” Her ass was bucking much too hard now to be held in position. Slurping up her cunt cream, Mike pulled his hand away from the humping cheeks and guided it between her creamy-white legs. Beth made a gurgling sound deep in her throat as he pushed his fingers into her slippery cunt tunnel, filling her pussy until his knuckles touched the puffy, swollen outer lips of her cunt.

“I’m cumming, Mike! Suck my clit, jack me off!” Grabbing his head, Beth humped uncontrollably off the floor, panting and moaning as she fucked her throbbing cunt all over his face. “Suck my puss-eee! Unngghhh! Jack me off! Ungghh unh, I’m gonna cum!”

Mike twirled his fingers inside her pussy then started to pump them in and out. Furiously he jacked off her cumming cunt hole, sucking hard on her clit. Beth cried out and arched her ass off the floor, grinding her juicing, aching pussy onto his mouth.

“I’m cumming, I’m cuuummmiiinnnggg!”

The spasms swept exquisitely through her nakedness, making her tits swell and her pussy pump out a heavy flow of fuck juice into her son’s mouth. Avidly Mike continued to suck her cunt and jack her off, expertly guiding his mother through the full force of her orgasm. Then, as she slowly let her burning ass drop back to the floor, he moved up between her thighs.

“Okay, Mom. I made you cum! Now you get a taste of my big, hard cock!”

Grinning down at her, he slipped off his shorts, leaving himself naked. Beth moaned deliriously at the sight of his bare cock. It was enormous, a throbbing battering ram of flesh sticking out of his prick fur and huge, hairy balls. Cum dripped freely from the bulbous knob. She realized that she could hardly wait to feel the big cock stabbing inside her tight cunt.

“No, Mike,” she moaned softly, making a desperate effort to cover her soaked pussy with her hand. “Please, let’s… let’s stop while we still have time.”

“Bullshit, Mom!”

Roughly he pushed her hand away from her pussy, then fit the drooling tip of his hard-on quickly between the flowering petals of her cunt. Beth grimaced as he bucked convulsively between her legs. Immediately she felt the meaty inches of his cock boring up her pussy, stretching the slippery walls of her cunt tunnel around the invading thickness of his cock.

“No, Mike! No, no, nuuunhhhh…”

The words of protest turned into a moan as he heaved between her splayed thighs, ramming his cock to the hilt in her churning pussy. Beth just lay there and shuddered, tossing her head back and forth as her tight cunt sucked around every inch of her son’s prick.

“Do you like it, Mom?” Mike lay on top of her, crushing her huge tits under his chest as her pussy muscles nippled exquisitely around his throbbing prick. “God, your cunt feels good! Don’t you like getting fucked?”

“Unnggghhh!” Beth started humping up in spite of herself, grinding her ass off the floor and thrusting her creamy pussy into her son’s straining cock. “Oh, Mike, oh fuck! Uggghh! Unnggghhh!”

Mike pulled out slowly, then rammed his prick back in again. He sighed as he felt the way his mother’s pink cunt slit clung to his cock. Then he fell into a steadily driving fuck rhythm, pounding his big, cum-oozing hard-on through the velvety sheath of her pussy.

“Beg for it, Mom! Beg for my prick in your pussy!”

“Fu-fu-fuck meeee,” Beth gurgled. Giving into the forbidden sensations, the shameful mother threw up her legs and wrapped them tightly around her son’s heaving waist. “Fuck my cunt, Mike!” She started humping in earnest, grunting as she slammed her hairy pussy slit onto his big, fat, swollen prick. “I’m so Goddamn horny! Fuck my ass off! Make me cum all over your cock!”

Encouraged by his mother’s obscenities, Mike started fucking her fast and hard. His bloated prick slammed furiously into her pussy, darting into her hot, clasping cunt. Again Beth wondered where her teenaged son had learned so much about fucking, even as her drenched pussy responded to the thrusts of his pulsing cock.

“You’re making me cum, Mike!” She wrapped her arms around his shoulders, clawing his back in a frenzy as her pussy channel pulsed spasmodically around his jack-hammering cock. “Unggghh! Fuck me harder, fuck your mother! Nnnnggg! I’m gonna cum!”

Mike fucked his mother as hard as he could, ramming his stone-hard prick violently into the burning heat of her pussy. Their hairy mounds ground together, and their bellies slapped sweatily as they fucked. Beth panted and moaned as she struggled to meet his eager rhythm, pumping her ass off the floor in a fever of incestuous lust.

“Fuck me, keep fucking me!” Gritting her teeth, she slapped his ass to make him fuck faster, as if she were spurring on a horse. “My cunt’s throbbing! Unngghh! Oh Jesus, my pussy’s tingling! Unngghhh! I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum!”

“Ah, Mom, I can’t hold it!” Mike groaned. “Your pussy’s too fucking tight! Ahh, shit! Ahhh!”

He fucked her even faster, whipping his drooling, cum-swollen hard-on through the slippery sheath of her pussy. Beth felt like her whole body was burning now, as her belly knotted in expectation of orgasm.

Mike slammed his cock into her cunt as he started cumming. The white geyser of jism erupted from the tip of his prick, spurting heavily up her throbbing pussy. Beth screamed as the milky cum bathed the inner walls of her cunt.

Still her son kept cumming, as if he’d been holding his wad in his nuts for a year. His sappy cream completely over-flowed her hairy pussy passage, running out of her cunt onto the floor.

“I’m cumming, Mike! Fuck meeee, I’m cuuummmiinnggg!”

She came uncontrollably, heaving and bucking her ass as her pussy spasmed around her son’s big prick. It was one of the most tremendous cums she’d ever had in her life. For what felt like whole minutes the horny mother bucked and thrust, grinding her sopping pussyhole onto the root of Mike’s prick as the cum pleasured her naked body.

Mike pulled his fuck-wilted cock out of his mother’s drooling pussy. “You eat the breakfast, Mom,” he said, giving her a long, tongue-sucking kiss. “I don’t feel so hungry anymore.”

Then he walked out of the kitchen, leaving his cum-stained underwear crumpled on the floor. Beth made no effort to rise. Instead she just lay there, sweating and naked, the guilty thoughts only beginning to run through her mind.

How was she going to deal with this?

Meanwhile, Mike smiled contentedly as he mounted the stairs to his room. He was glad Bill and Jill had shown him all about fucking.


“Ahhhh ahhhh shit!” Beth grimaced, rubbing her clit hard. “Oh, fuck me! I’m so horny! Fuck, fuck, fuck, ahhhh!”

The naked mother sat on the toilet, humping her ass off the toilet seat as she rubbed her clit with her thumb and pounded her fingers into her sopping wet pussy. She’d come to the bathroom to piss before going to sleep, but after wiping herself Beth had felt how wet her cunt still was with cunt cream.

All day long she’d avoided her son since the fuck session that morning, leaving him to fix his own dinner as she locked herself in her bedroom. Now her lust was almost out of control. Her enormous tits danced and shook as she slipped her fingers into her pussy, feeling her stomach muscles tighten as she approached a good cum.

She tried to fantasize about anything, even Bill, to take her mind off her son’s fucking. But it was impossible. The cock throbbing in her mind’s eye definitely belonged to her only child… stiff and throbbing, spurting pints of jism up her buttery, horny cunt.

“Oh, oh, fuck it!” Beth hissed loudly as she felt her pussy slit pulse violently around her fingers. “I’m cummiing! Nuunngghhh! Fuck, fuck, hhhh…”

Madly she jerked up her ass, nearly shaking the seat off its hinges as her pussy creamed on her fingers. Beth rolled her clit feverishly, shuddering as the fuck spasms drenched her cunt with lust. The hot pussy juice foamed out of her hairy slit, dripping obscenely into the toilet.

“Ahhh, ahhhhhh…”

She relaxed then, leaning on the back of the toilet, smiling giddily as the tingling sensations of the aftermath of a good cum coursed through her body. But just as she was preparing to get up and head for the bedroom, the bathroom door opened. Beth shrieked at the sight of her son.

“Hi, Mom,” Mike said carelessly. “Jesus, it’s after midnight! What’re you doing in here?”

“I was… I was using the bathroom!” Beth stammered. “Mike, would you please get out of here until I’m done? Haven’t you ever heard of knocking?”

Mike grinned, kicked the door shut behind himself and brazenly crossed the tiled bathroom floor to stand in front of his naked mother. Again he wore only a pair of jockey shorts, and Beth saw that his cock was already as hard as stone through the sheer cotton.

She tried to look away, but the sight was so wonderfully obscene she could hardly bear to take her eyes off of it. Mike really did have a big cock. The meaty trunk stood stiffly through the crotch of his underwear, the cotton so stretched and wet that she could see the shape and color of his prick knob through it. Shamefully Beth admitted to herself that her teenaged son had the most magnificent prick she’d ever seen.

“Mike, please leave me alone,” she said wearily, not trying to rise. “Don’t start up with me again. You’re my son. It’s wrong to have sex with me.”

“I’m not going to start anything, Mom,” Mike said, smiling lewdly at her lush nakedness. “I just came in here to take a piss. Wanna watch?”

He opened the front of his shorts, letting out his massively swollen hard-on. Then he just stood there with it dangling out of his underwear, making no move to do anything else.

The bulbous, shiny-skinned cock head bobbed mere inches from her face. Beth groaned as she looked at it, seeing the size of his fat, hairy balls, the blue veins lacing up the massive shaft of his prick.

“Jesus, Mom, I don’t think I can piss.” Chuckling, Mike stepped still closer and closer to the toilet until his cum-drooling cock head was right in front of her mouth. “My prick’s too hard to piss through. I guess I better wait for it to go down some, huh?”

“Oh, fuck!” Beth unconsciously licked her lips, feeling her mouth fill with saliva as she stared hungrily at the cream oozing from her son’s hard-on. “Oh Mike, you bastard! Don’t tease me like this!”

“I’m not teasing you…”

“You little son of a bitch!”

Beth moaned with lust as her pussy throbbed violently. Vaguely she wondered if her son had read her mind. There was nothing like a big, stiff prick right in front of her to drive her mad with passion.

So much had happened already, so many of her defenses had broken down. Abruptly, Beth stopped trying to fight the incestuous urges. Her cheeks colored with shame as she slid her hand up her son’s thighs, squeezing his cum-laden balls through his underwear.

“Oh, Mom!” Mike grinned and arched forward, smearing the wet tip of his prick on her cheek. “I guess you’re starting up with me this time, aren’t you?”

“You little fucker!”

Whimpering, the big-titted mother wrapped her hand tightly around the root of Mike’s cock. A spasm of desire warmed her pussy as she jacked her son’s cock slow and hard, milking it, making the juice dribble obscenely from the tip.

“Unh!” Mike dropped his hands to his mother’s heavy tits, hefting the spongy melons, tweaking the stiff nipples. “That feels so good, Mom! Stroke me off harder!”

“You like that, don’t you?” Beth hissed. Her wrist moved in a blur as she beat her son’s meat as hard as she could, frantically tugging the steely length of his hard-on. “Would you like me to suck it for you, Mike? Hmmmm? Is that what you want? Do you want Mom to put your cock in her mouth and give it a nice, hard sucking?”

Mike moaned and nodded his head. Beth opened her mouth wide. She made a shameless gurgling sound as she pushed her head down to his loins, stuffing her buttery throat with the mammoth hardness of his cock.

It stretched her lips wide, forcing her mouth into a tightly compressing oval around the center of his prick. Beth fought back the choking reflex, panting through her nose as she caved in her cheeks. All thoughts of morality and inhibition were behind her. She’d succumbed completely to the wanton craving to give her son head.

Clasping her lips around the meaty trunk of his cock, Beth puckered her cheeks sharply as she began to suck. Quickly the wet smacking, slurping sounds of a good blow-job filled the bathroom. Swiggling his cock head on the roof of her mouth, Beth started to jack his prick again as she rolled her tongue around the tip.

“Ungghh! Oh, Mom!” Mike moaned and started to hump his ass, fucking his mother’s face with his stone-hard cock. “Suck it, Mom. That’s right, suck my cock good, make it cum!”

Beth wriggled her ass hornily on the toilet seat, feeling her puffy, swollen pussylips itching and burning with desire. A warm, contented feeling washed through her as she relished the taste of the big prick clogging her throat. Her son’s cock tasted even better than Bill’s, the best prick she’d ever sucked.

The musky cock juices were dribbling more quickly from his shiny-skinned knob now, and his balls had become tight and swollen as they built up their load of juice. Eagerly Beth slid her tongue around his cock head, darting it into his piss hole like a slippery sexual eel. She whimpered around the mouth-filling cock as she savored the taste of Mike’s oozing cum.

“Ohhhh, fuck!” Mike held the back of his mother’s head, furiously bucking his lean ass as the cum built deep inside his balls. “Play with my nuts, Mom. They’re so fucking full of juice!”

Eagerly, Beth pushed her free hand between his legs. She tenderly cupped his bloated balls as she continued to suck and jack his cock. Opening her mouth wide, she forced her lips to accept another half-inch of his swollen prick. Then she bucked her head in a fury, wildly fucking her face, anticipating the white explosion of Mike’s hot cum.

“Awww, Mom.” Mike thrust forward, ramming his cock down her throat. “I’m cumming, Mom. Suck it, suck it… ahhh!”

His cock exploded, shooting long bursts of cum cream between his mother’s lips. Gurgling, Beth hungrily swallowed it, working her throat muscles in a frantic effort to gulp down his shooting spunk.

But there was more of her son’s hot jism than she could ever swallow. Sucking and jacking his prick, the horny mother felt the white goo foaming out of her lips around his cock, dripping down her chin into the cleavage of her enormous tits.

“Oh, Mom,” Mike groaned. “That was so fucking good!”

Beth looked dazedly at the big cock looming in front of her face. It was still as hard as a rock, and as the seconds passed she realized that it would lose none of its stiffness. The shaft and knob were slick and dripping with a richly scented mixture of her saliva and his own oozing jism.

His cock looked beautiful. Whimpering, the horny mother bent her head to capture it again between her lips, to give it another sucking.

“No, Mom,” Mike muttered. “Now I get to go down on you!”

He fell to his knees in front of the toilet, staring at the foaming slit of his mother’s hairy cunt. Moaning eagerly, Beth pushed her ass to the edge of the seat. Mike buried his head between her legs. He glued his lips to her steaming pussy and thrust his tongue into the aching hole, sucking it, sliding his tongue quickly up and down her itching cunt furrow.

Beth wiggled her ass on the edge of the seat, the nipples of her huge melons popping out as the pleasure flowered through her pussy channel. “Yes, darling!” She put her hand on the back of his head and shuddered as she felt his tongue squirming between the pouting folds of her cunt. “Suck me, lover, suck out my honey! Mom’s all horny! Mom needs to cum!”

Mike’s cock got even stiffer, poking against the base of the toilet as he lapped up the rich juices burbling from his mother’s slick pussy. His hands roamed hungrily over her naked body, massaging her big tits, patting her tender thighs. He moved his tongue up her pussyhole, touching it to her swollen clit.

“Nunh!” Beth shivered violently, pushing her cunt onto her son’s mouth. “That’s right, Mike! Suck me there, right there!”

Mike wrapped his lips around his mother’s protruding clit. Tenderly he sucked it, writhing his tongue on its tip. He extended two fingers and put them into her cunt tunnel, feeling the walls of her pussy close needfully around them. Then he jacked her off as he sucked, sending waves of desire shooting through her voluptuous body.

“Unh unh fuck, oh fuck, oh yessss!” Beth hissed. “I’m cumming, darling! Suck me, suck Mom’s pussy! Nnnggg fuck, oh fuck! I’m cuuummiiinnnggg!”

She came hard, frantically humping her peach-shaped ass cheeks off the toilet seat, as her clit tingled in her son’s mouth and her pussy creamed with fuck oil. Again and again the spasms pumped through her. Even her little asshole throbbed as she came on her son’s sucking tongue.

Mike eagerly ate her out as she came, relishing the profusion of her musky fuck juices. Then he lifted his head and looked at her meaningfully. A swift downward glance showed Beth that his cock was again pulsing obscenely up and down, ready to be stabbed deep inside her churning cunt tunnel.

“All right, Mike,” she sighed.

Beth slid off the toilet and moved to the throw rug on the center of the bathroom floor. She got on it on her hands and knees, letting her enormous tits jiggle over the rug as she lifted her ass for the invasion of his prick.

“Fuck me doggy-style, darling! Your cock will go in deeper that way!”

With his hugely swollen cock throbbing straight before him, Mike mounted his mother, hunching over her back and holding onto her pendulous tits for support. Beth gasped as the bobbing cock head found her pussyhole, pushing between the juice-laden lips of her cunt.

“Yes, Son! Fuck me now! Fuck your mother!” Impatiently Beth started humping, thrusting her hairy pussy slit up to meet the stroking cock. “Fuck me all the way in, Mike! Unh unh, Mom needs your big fat prick!”

Mauling and squeezing her fat nippled tits, Mike worked his ass, ramming his hard-on deeper and deeper into the sucking wetness of her pussy. Beth grimaced as the walls of her cunt spread around the invading prick. Her son’s cock felt incredibly large tonight. It was as if she were being fucked by a big horse.

“Unhhh!” She dropped her shoulders, flattening her tits on the floor, resting her cheek on the rug. “Fuck me, Mike!” Her ass was higher and she spread her knees so he could get more of his prick inside her. “Fuck me deep, fuck me all the way! My pussy’s so horny! Fuck Mom’s cunt!”

Mike cork-screwed his ass, helping his cock to slide all the way up her throbbing, juicing cunt slit. Then it was all the way inside his mother’s pussy, buried to the balls in her wetly gripping cunt.

Mike lay motionless on top of her for nearly half a minute, moaning as he felt the velvety pressure of her hot cunt encase his cock. Then he started fucking her. At first his strokes were slow and tentative, but they intensified rapidly in speed and fury. Soon he was fucking her hard and fast, packing her cunt completely with every driving stroke of his swollen cock.

“Yes, Mike! Do it to me! Fuck your mother!” Beth was beside herself with obscene fuck lust. The knowledge that she was eagerly making it with her own child now made her even hotter than before. “Unh! My pussy’s creaming, darling! It’s sucking your prick! Fuck me, fuck the shit out of me! I want to cum!”

Mike hunched higher over her nakedness, changing the angle at which his big prick speared into her sodden pussy. Holding her hips, he fucked her pussy as hard as he could. His cock pistoned furiously through, the velvety grip of her pussy, making her stomach muscles knot with every stroke into her body.

“Unh unh, Michael, unh unh unh.”

Beth clawed the strands of the little rug, grunting like a bitch in heat as her son’s big prick pleasured her cunt hole. “I’m cumming, lover! Fuck me fast, harder, harder, ahhhh fuck, I’m cuuummmiiinnnggg!”

Her pussy spasmed uncontrollably, milking the steely stiffness of Mike’s huge cock. Again and again she came, moaning loudly as her pussy oozed fuck oil around her son’s hammering cock. As hard as she’d cum when he’d sucked her off on the toilet, this one was even more satisfying. When the spasms finally subsided, her pussy cream had oozed out of her hairy slit and run down her milk-white thighs.

Mike continued to fuck her savagely through her cum explosion, ramming his hard-on all the way into her pussy with every thrust. Then he pulled his cock out of her itching pussy. His big cock quivered straight before him as he stood up and went to the medicine cabinet over the sink.

“What… what are you doing, darling?” Beth murmured, looking up at him dazedly. “You still haven’t cum yet. God, your prick is so fucking stiff! Come back and fuck me some more!”

“I’m gonna, Mom,” Mike whispered. “Don’t worry!”

Opening the medicine cabinet, he took out a jar of Vaseline. Then he unscrewed it and smeared the jelly all over his straining hard-on, slicking it down completely from knob to root.

Beth wondered vaguely what he was doing. Her pussy was more than wet enough for a second fuck from his huge prick. Then her little puckered asshole started tingling as she realized where her horny son intended to stuff his stiff prick next.

“Oh Mike, I don’t know if we can do it that way. Your cock is too big for my little ass to take.”

Mike only grinned and held the Vaseline as he again fell to his knees between his mother’s legs. Spreading her ass cheeks with one hand, he took out a thick dab of the jelly and smeared it all over herpink asshole. Beth whimpered with fresh lust as she felt his Vaseline-coated finger bore into her rubbery ass.

“Oh! Oh, Mike! That feels good!” Hornily Beth started humping, pushing her tight asshole onto his probing hand. “Yes, Mike! I want it now! My asshole’s wet enough! Put your big cock up my horny ass!”

Chuckling, Mike pulled his finger out of his mother’s asshole and kicked the jar of Vaseline aside. He mounted her, rubbing his swollen cock head up her pussy slit as he aimed it at her puckering asshole.

Then he centered it on the little asshole and started to ease his prick in. Beth shuddered and immediately fell flat on the floor. She moaned loudly with pleasure as her son’s huge cock pushed into her second fuck tunnel, spreading the rubbery walls of her asshole around the stabbing hugeness of his cock.

“Yes, yes Mike!” Her face grimaced as she started humping, bouncing her pussy off the rug, thrusting up her asshole for more of his stiff cock. “I love it, darling! It doesn’t hurt at all! Unnggghhh! Fuck me, fuck me up the ass!”

Mike pushed down hard, feeling the pressure of her shit muscles enveloping his stone-hard prick. He held her hips and worked his ass like a machine, not stopping until he had every inch of his mammoth prick embedded in the burning heat of his mother’s asshole.

“Uggghhh!” Beth thought she would pass out for a moment, as her asshole was completely overwhelmed by taking all of Mike’s cock at once. “Oh God, oh fuck!” She lay flat on her belly, with her huge tits flattened on the floor, whimpering as her asshole throbbed convulsively around her son’s enormous prick.

“It’s so big, Mike! So fucking big!”

Mike rested on top of her, letting his cock soak in the shit juices bubbling up in her asshole. His mother’s ass tunnel felt much tighter than her pussy, but it was very wet too, thanks to all the Vaseline he’d used.

Slowly he pulled out, withdrawing until only the crown of his hard-on parted her asshole ring. Then he rammed his cock back between her cheeks, packing her asshole full of his throbbing prick.

“Fuck me, Mike!” Beth thrust her hand under her belly, pushing her fingers through her drenched pussy curls. She groaned loudly as she sank two fingers into her slippery cunt. “Fuck me, fuck my Goddamn asshole. Fuck the shit out of my horny ass!”

Mike moaned as her rubbery slit muscles flexed around his blood-gorged cock. Panting, he fell into a driving fuck rhythm, hammering his stiffened prick deep into his mother’s bowels with every stroke.

“Harder, Mike! Fuck your mother, fuck my ass!” Frantically Beth humped to meet his strokes, pushing out her asshole ring to help his cock bore deeper into her ass. “I’m gonna cum, darling! Fuuuuuck meeee, I’m gonna cum!”

Mike winced, feeling the jism swelling in his freely swinging ball bag. He knew he couldn’t hold back the juice much longer. Digging his fingernails into her sides, the horny son started to ream out her asshole as hard as he could, completely burying his cock in her puckered ass ring with every stroke.

“I’m cumming, you little fucker!” Beth shrieked. “Unhhhh! Oh shit, oh fuck!” She rolled her clit harder, squealing as she buried her fingers in her throbbing pussy. “Fuck me deep, Mike! My asshole’s cumming, it’s cuuummmiiinnnggg!”

Her asshole and pussy spasmed together, sending a hot gush of pleasure shooting through her naked body. For whole minutes Beth bucked and writhed on the floor in a helpless fever as her cumming asshole sucked spasmodically around her son’s pistoning cock.

“Unh,” Mike grunted. “Oh, Mom… ahh, shit!”

He collapsed on top of her, spearing his prick to the balls in the burning heat of her itchy asshole. The hot spunk gushed up from his balls, spurting out of his cock head in long ribbons of cum.

Beth gasped as she felt her asshole being deluged with the milky nectar of her son’s cum. Shamelessly she flexed her burning asshole around his erupting prick, draining all of the sappy cum out of the orbs of his bloated balls.


The next afternoon found Beth anxiously awaiting her son’s return from school. She wore only a t-shirt and a pair of cut-offs as she walked around the house, pausing occasionally to rub her hot pussy through the crotch. The t-shirt, which she usually wore only when doing some heavy cleaning, had big holes in it, revealing the milky whiteness of her enormous, braless tits. The cut-offs rode so high that nearly half of her ass cheeks were visible.

Beth was so incredibly horny, so fucking hot! All thoughts of shame and maternal responsibility were completely forgotten, drowned by the ceaseless heat throbbing through her pussy channel. She lived to suck and fuck with her son’s mammoth prick.

But Mike came home from school an hour late, and when he entered the living room he already looked tired. Excitedly he looked at his mother’s stacked body, seeing the edge of one rosy areola through one of the holes in her shirt. But there was a glaze over his eyes. He didn’t seem nearly as horny as she wanted him to be.

“Hello, darling,” she murmured, approaching her son with a lascivious swing of her hips. “I hope you brought home a nice treat for Mom!”

With that she fell to her knees in the hall way, immediately reaching for the zipper of his jeans. Deftly she pulled down his pants and underwear at the same time, letting him step out of them, leaving him naked from the waist down except for his sneakers.

But just as she was about to pop his half-swollen cock between her lips, something made her pause. Beth inspected her son’s prick, lifting it. It was wet! She sniffed. Her son’s cock was damp with pussy juice! He’d been making it with someone else!

“Mike!” She twisted his cock and looked up at him severely. “Who did you just finish fucking? That’s why you’re late from school, isn’t it?”

Mike looked down at her for several seconds before answering. There was a strange light in his eyes, as if he didn’t know whether to be excited or frightened by the confession he was about to make.

“Mrs. Mellon,” he said softly. “I just got through fucking her. I was going to come right over, but Bill made me go with him first.”

Beth’s mouth sagged open. “Bill? What on earth are you talking about…”

“That’s right,” Mike sighed. “I fucked her with Bill, and he fucked her up the ass. Shit, they’re the ones who taught me about fucking in the first place!”

Then he told his mother the whole story: of how he’d heard his mother being humped one night, of how he’d confronted Bill the next day, only to be invited to share the pleasures of Bill’s mother’s pussy. As he spoke, Mike was relieved to observe that his mother didn’t seem distressed by the story at all.

If anything, it relieved her and made her horny. For a long time Beth had worried what would happen if Mike discovered that Bill had fucked her. Now she could put that concern behind her, along with the rest of the guilty psychological baggage. And the knowledge that her next-door neighbor was also in the habit of fucking her horny son… that made Beth’s whole pussy cream with lust!

“So, you like fucking Mrs. Mellon, do you?” Beth looked up at her son intently as she began to jerk on her son’s big prick. She groaned as the meaty trunk began to swell and throb in her fist. “Well, tell me the truth. Do you like fucking her better than me?”

“No,” Mike grinned. “Bill thinks his mom is best, but he’s got his head up his ass. You’re the most fantastic fuck around, Mom. Shit, Mrs. Mellon is never going to grow a huge pair of tits like yours!”

Beth blushed as her horny son reached down to lift her mammoth tits, rolling and massaging the twin ivory globes and pinching the fat, stiffening nipples. Creaming to his touch, she started to jack on his cock as hard as she could, moving her fist in a blur. Soon her son’s cock was as bug and fat and stiff as it could get, throbbing obscenely.

“Well, let’s just see if I can suck a cock as well as our next-door neighbor can,” Beth murmured.

Sliding her fist to the base of her son’s prick, the wanton mother bent her head and lapped the pearly drops of pre-cum from the crown of her son’s cock. Mike groaned and thrust his prick forward, pressing the knob to her cheek.

Squeezing and milking his straining cock, Beth lapped lasciviously all around the shaft and knob. Then she opened her mouth wide and let the bulbous cock head slide between her lips.

“Oh, Mom!” Eagerly Mike thrust his hands behind her head, needfully curling his fingers in her hair. “Suck it, Mom! Suck the cum out of my prick!”

Beth wrapped her lips in a tight, wet circle around the center of his veined cock shaft, panting through her nose, savoring the cunt thrilling taste of her son’s cock. Then she caved in her cheeks and feverishly started sucking, determining to out-do Mrs. Mellon in her wild pleasuring of her son’s magnificent cock.

Her tongue swirled around the angry red knob, lapping at his piss hole, licking down the milky juices dribbling up from his balls. Beth made a gurgling sound as she forced her head downward, impaling her face on the steely stiffness of her son’s prick.

Mike stared down at his mother’s face, seeing the flush in her cheeks and the way her lips stretched to bursting around the pulsating hardness of his cock shaft.

“Oh fuck, suck on it, Mom!” He pulled her hair and humped excitedly, jamming his prick through the clinging sheath of her throat. “My cock’s getting so stiff! You give such good head! Eat my meat!”

Beth’s hand clung to the root of her son’s hard-on, tenderly milking it as she noisily swoggled and lapped and sucked. Soon the smacking, gurgling sounds of an eager blowjob filled the living room. She fought back the choking reflex as she crammed even more of her son’s magnificent cock trunk between her lips.

“Unh! Ahh!” Mike winced as his big prick started to throb violently on her tongue, pulsing on the roof of her mouth. “Keep sucking, Mom! I’m gonna blow my wad any second!”

Beth began pumping her fist up and down his steely prick, milking and tugging its turgid length with her fingers. Her pussy creamed as she felt its hot pulsations, and her tongue lapped down the profusion of oozing jism flowing from his piss slit.

“Ahhhh, Mom, play with my balls! I’m cumming, I’m cumming!”

Beth immediately cupped her left hand around her son’s hairy, wrinkled ball bag. Tenderly she kneaded the twin, cum-congested globes, warming them with the flat of her hand. Mike’s rock-hard cock twitched and jerked between her lips. Then the big dick exploded.

“Ahhh, Mom!”

A long, sappy ribbon of cum erupted from his puffy cock head, shooting torrentially down the sucking mother’s throat. It was followed by spurt after spurt of milky cum.

If Mike had just come with Mrs. Mellon, she’d certainly left a lot of jism in his balls. Endlessly the sappy spunk poured out of his throbbing prick, filling Beth’s mouth with the heavy liquid of his cum cream. She tried desperately to swallow it all, but some of the load escaped her lips around his squirting prick, running obscenely down her chin.

Beth kept sucking his cock tenderly after the cum was over, nursing the tip of his prick to get out the last burning drops. Then she took his cock out of her mouth and continued to jack on its hardened length, looking up at her beloved teenager with lust-shining eyes.

“Can you keep your big prick for me, lover?” she whispered huskily. “Or do you want to suck my pussy first?”

“Yeah, Mom,” Mike groaned, nodding enthusiastically. “Let me suck your juicy cunt!”

Beth stripped off her skimpy t-shirt, shrugging her shoulders to make her enormous, fat nippled tits jiggle and sway on her chest. Stretching out on her back on the hallway floor, she wiggled out of her cut-offs, showing her son the fleecy triangle of her pussy.

“Then lick it, darling!” Beth spread her legs wide, opening the curly haired slit of her dripping cunt. “Can’t you see how wet my horny pussy is? It needs your tongue inside it!”

Mike fell to his knees between his mother’s milk-white thighs, thrusting his hands under her hips to lift the rounded cheeks of her ass. Then he glued his mouth to her delicious cunt, sighing as he tasted the musky wetness of her fuck oil.

Avidly Mike began to eat out his mother, whipping his tongue rapidly between the flowering, swollen cuntlips.

Beth moaned in delight as her cunthole started to pulse and throb. Hunching up her ass, she thrust her hand behind her son’s head, curling her fingers in his hair. Then she started to buck and hump her hips, grinding her dripping pussy all over his face.

“Suck it, Mike!” she pleaded. “Mom’s cunt is all wet and hot! Suck my horny pussy!”

Mike stabbed his tongue deeply into her cunt, lapping at the bright pinkness of her inner cunt. He pulled his hands from her madly humping ass and put two fingers into the clinging sheath of her cunt. Slowly he pushed them into her body, burying them to the knuckles in her aching pussy. Then he started to jack off his mother as he sucked, moving his tongue closer to her protruding clit.

“Nunh!” Beth squealed as she clawed the back of his neck, thrusting her pussy hard onto his fingers. “Yes, lover! Play with Mom’s cunt! Unh! Suck me, Mike! Suck my clit!”

Mike wrapped his lips tightly around her swollen clit bud. He sucked it hard, flicking his tongue quickly on the glistening tip. Beth bucked and heaved and shook, squealing as the cum spasms rocketed through her stacked, naked body.

“Suck me, Mike! Unh unh unh, suck Mom’s cunt! I’m cumming now! Suck meeee, cuuummmiiinnnggg!”

Her pussy exploded, gushing out fuck cream as the lips throbbed around her son’s stroking fingers. Mike sucked her clit tenderly as the little nub pulsed in his mouth, tingling almost painfully as the orgasm racked Beth’s body.

“Oh, God!” Panting and sweating, Beth let her burning ass drift slowly back to the rug. Her whole body tingled with the aftermath sensations of cumming. “Oh Mike, that was wonderful,” she whispered. “You sucked me so beautifully. You’re such a magnificent pussy-sucker!”

Then she looked up to see that her son had mounted between her thighs, looking down at her eagerly as his big prick pulsed over her stomach. Hungrily Beth stared at the bloated trunk, seeing more cock juice bubbling out of the tip. Fresh cream gushed into her pussy as she imagined her son’s giant hard-on stabbing into her cunt.

“Oh, darling,” she murmured. “You’re already ready to fuck me?”

Mike quickly nodded his head. Giggling, Beth felt her huge tits jiggle as she reached up to grasp his straining cock. Whimpering, she pulled the spongy crown to the sopping wet lips of her pussy.

“Then go ahead and push it in, Mike,” she whispered. “Fuck your horny mother!”

Mike slipped the head of his cock into her gooey pussy slit, securely embedding it in her tight, clinging cunt. He leaned over her, supporting the weight of his body on outstretched arms so he could watch her face and tits as he fed her his cock.

“Fuck me, Mike!” Beth hunched up her ass and spread her legs wider, opening her hairy pussy passage completely for her son’s cock. “Fuck me, fuck me!”

Mike bucked his ass, slipping inch after inch of his hard-on into the enveloping tightness of her cunt. He groaned as he felt her clasping pussy sheath welcome him into her body, sucking and reflexively kneading the iron-hard stiffness of his cock.

“Ahhh, fuck!” Lifting her head. Beth watched his cock stab into her, the meaty trunk disappearing into the matted bush fringing her cunthole. “Do it, do it!” Excitedly she worked her ass, grinding and thrusting her steaming pussy onto his prick. “Fuck, fuck, fuck…”

Mike pushed down hard, stuffing every inch of his cock into the silky wetness of his mother’s cunt. For a long time he lay on top of her without moving, savoring the wet pressure of her pussy around his prick.

Slowly he pulled out, withdrawing until only the knob of his hard-on was encased in her pussy mouth. A little more quickly he sawed his swollen pole back in again.

“Fuck me, Mike!” Convulsively Beth threw her legs around his waist, scissoring them at the ankles. “Fuck my pussy!” She started humping rhythmically beneath him, grinding and thrusting her wet cunthole onto his cock: “Unh unh unh, I’m so horny! Fuck your mother!”

Mike started fucking her, reaming out her pussy with long, driving strokes of his blood swollen prick. With every thrust her cunt seemed to grow wetter and tighter, luridly nursing the steely hardness of his cock. Mike gasped as his jism-laden balls slapped the crack of her driving ass. He started fucking much faster, making her enormous tits sway with the wild energy of his incestuous fucking.

A wanton flush spread through the naked mother’s cheeks as her pussy creamed around her son’s hammering cock. “Harder, Mike!” She clawed his shoulders with her long fingernails, then grabbed his ass in a desperate effort to get more hard dick inside her. “Fuuuuuck meeee! Unh! Gonna cum, you’re making me cream!”

Mike pushed up her right tit with his hand until the turgid nipple nearly touched her chin. Dropping down, he sought the cherry cap with his lips. Hungrily he sucked her rubbery nipple into his mouth and began to nurse on it, chewing lightly on the silver-dollar-sized tit cap as he pounded his rock-hard cock into her syrupy cunt.

“Unngghhh! Yes, Mike! Unnggghh!” The combined, sensations in her tits and cock stuffed pussy put Beth over the edge into ecstasy. “Aww, fuck me, Mike! Suck my tits!” Holding the back of his head to her bosom, she grimaced obscenely as she whipped her ass feverishly off the floor. “Fuck my cunt! Fuck my horny cunt! Unh! Unngghh cumming ahhh cuuummmiiinnnggg!”

Her pussy contracted sharply, milking wetly around her son’s pumping cock. Mike eagerly sucked her stiff, taut nipple as she came beneath him, holding his rigid prick deep inside her buttery cunt. Again and again the spasms contracted her pussy, but he forced the jism to remain in his aching balls.

“You… you didn’t cum,” Beth panted, when the spasms finally subsided. “Do you want me to give you a blow-job now? I’ll do anything you want!”

Mike grinned down at her as he slipped his stone-hard cock out of her pussy. “No, Mom! What I want to do is go next door and watch Bill give Mrs. Mellon a good fuck!”

Beth took a deep breath before answering. She knew she’d fucked both the teens, and she knew that Mrs. Mellon might already know of her incestuous activities with Mike. But it seemed like an awful risk to actually bring it all into the open.

“Come on, Mom!” Mike said, standing up. “Let’s do it!”

Smiling impulsively, Beth rose to her feet. What the fuck! A lewd wetness stirred her body as she reached for her t-shirt and shorts. None of the risks mattered anymore. She couldn’t wait to see her friend Jill getting fucked!


“Oooh, fuck! Unh! Unh!” Jill squealed as her pussy throbbed, stroked into tingling ecstasy by her son’s expert tongue. “That’s right, Bill! Suck it! Suck my cunt and make it cum!”

She lay naked on her back on the living room floor, her ass bucking frantically off the carpet as her son burrowed his head between her legs. Bill was naked too. His huge cock pressed between his stomach and the floor as I he lay between his horny mother’s thighs, tonguing up the fuck juices as they drooled out of her curly haired cunt.

“Nunh! Oh Bill, oh God!” Eagerly Jill reached down to spread her puffy cunt folds with her fingers, making her lust-swollen clit pop out of its fleshy hood. “Suck me there, darling! Suck off my clit!”

Moving his sucking mouth up her throbbing pussy, Bill enveloped his mother’s straining clit between his lips. He sucked it gently, twirling his tongue round its minute shape, flicking it on the tip.

“Ahhhhh!” she shuddered convulsively as the pleasure flowered through her naked body. “Ahhh God, oh fuck, oh, so goooood!”

It was only three or four in the afternoon, and already she’d completely lost track of the number of times he’d made her cum. Jill had come to expect a horny fuck and suck session as soon as her son got home from school everyday.

She was so glad that she’d caught him jacking off that one morning, and that their incestuous affair had finally begun. Jill knew she had the face and body to get any man she wanted, but none could compare with her always-horny son.

“Ungghh! You’re making me cum, Bill!” Jill grabbed the back of his head and whipped her ass frantically off the floor, fucking her pussy all over his face. “Unh! Oh shit, oh fucking yes! Cuuummmiiinnnggg!”

Her pussy spasmed, the aching little clit bud twitching in her son’s mouth. Jill squealed and lifted her ass completely off the floor, grinding her hairy cunt mound onto her son’s face as the contractions ravished her nakedness. The thick fuck oil gushed from her pussy, leaving her pussy and inner thighs wet and slick with the juice from her cunt depths.

“Ahhhhh!” Jill’s tongue lolled obscenely out of her mouth as she slowly let her horny ass fall back to the floor. “Oh, Bill! You get better at sucking cunt every Goddamn day!”

Bill looked anxiously up at his naked mother, licking a stray cunt hair from his lips. “I’m gonna fuck you now, Mom,” he whispered. “My cock is so Goddamn stiff. I’m gonna fuck your ass right through the fucking floor!”

He moved up her torso and Jill saw the huge, stiffened length of his hard-on bobbing over her stomach. It was enormously hard, gorged to the bursting point with a heavy load of cum and blood. The knob was the color of a ripe apple and nearly as large, dripping viscous pre-cum from the little slit in the tip.

“Oooh, Bill!” Reaching down, Jill grasped his throbbing cock and directed it to her gooey cunt. “Yes, lover! Fuck me! Fuck Mom’s pussy!”

Bill slipped his hard-on into her creaming cunt, sighing as he felt the flowering pussy folds spread to admit his stiff cock. Quickly he started humping, thrusting inch after inch of his big prick into her fuck channel. Jill moaned and squealed as the slippery walls of her pussy spread to admit his hammering prick.

“Unnggghhh!” She threw her long legs up high, tossing them around her son’s driving back. “Fuuuuuck meeee! Fuck my cunt!” Feverishly she started humping, grinding her sopping wet pussy slit onto the satisfying stiffness of her son’s prick. “Fuck me, fuck the slit out of me! Mom needs to cum!”

Impaling his cock to the balls in her clasping pussy, Bill began to fuck his naked mother hard and fast. But Jill was very horny now and she needed more. Throwing her arms around him, she suddenly rolled over. The next thing Bill knew, he was on his back with his mother on top of him.

“Now I’m going to show you how to really fuck me!” Jill cried.

She leaned forward, letting her full tits jiggle over his chest as she held his shoulders for support. Then Jill started to work her ass like a hurricane, grunting and sighing as she pistoned her wet pussy up and down his fat cock.

“Oh, Mom!” Dazedly Bill watched her work out on his massive cock, seeing the speed with which his big prick darted in and out of her matted pussy bush. “Do it Mom! Fuck yourself!”

Jill clawed his shoulders, wincing and gasping as her pussy spasmed around his cock. She worked her ass like a machine, bouncing her legs off his hairy thighs with every cunt-filling stroke. Already she could feel her pussy tightening, flexing spasmodically around his cock. Then she knew she was cumming.

“I’m doing it again, Bill!” she shouted. “Unh! Fuck me! Fuck me with your cock! Aww yes, I’m making it! Cumming, cuummiinngg, ahhhhh!”

Her cunt spasmed uncontrollably, wetly milking around her son’s impaling cock. Bill just lay beneath her, sighing as her pussy came all over his cock. Jill humped her cunt frantically on his prick for a minute straight, blowing off her aching fuck slit completely on his long, fat cock.

Then, just as she finished cumming, she saw a strange, worried look come into her son’s face. Automatically Jill glanced over her shoulder in the direction of his gaze. Then her breath caught in her throat, and she stopped moving on his hard-on. They had an audience!

“Congratulations, Mrs. Mellon,” Beth said softly. “That was quite a performance.”

It was her next-door neighbors! Mike stood to one side of his mother, smiling at Jill sheepishly, with his cock already protruding visibly through his pants. Beth Watson wore one of the most obscene outfits Jill had seen, an incredibly short pair of cut-offs and a t-shirt with big holes revealing her enormous, braless tits.

A deep fear passed automatically through Jill’s body. A horrible scenario went through her mind, of being tried and convicted for fucking her teenaged son.

Then she saw the lewd expression on Beth’s face, and the fear was quickly replaced by lust.

Seeing them fucking had obviously made Beth very, very hot. And the suspicion was confirmed when Beth reached over to boldly fondle her own son’s cock through his pants.

“Why don’t you join them, Mike?” she whispered. “I think Jill needs another stiff prick for another cum!”

Eagerly Mike stripped naked, showing the long, fat hard-on that Jill had come to love almost as much as her son’s enormous prick. Bill’s cock was still as hard as a rock inside her pussy. Anticipating Mike’s needs, Jill leaned forward, crushing her tits against her son’s chest. Then she reached behind her and spread apart the rounded cheeks of her ass.

“Oh, look,” Beth said, taking off her t-shirt. “Mrs. Mellon wants her asshole fucked!”

Jill realized she was turned on by the sight of Beth’s enormous, rose-capped tits — later she’d have to ask to go down on her! But right now her attention was devoted to Mike’s throbbing prick, watching it quiver stiffly before him as he crossed the living room toward her naked body.

“Go ahead, Mike!” Jill hissed. “See my asshole throbbing? It’s all hot and horny for your cock!”

Mike mounted her, kneeling on the floor behind her upturned ass. He held his aching prick in his fist and pushed the bloated knob onto her pink, asshole ring. Then it was going into her shit chute, stretching the thin membrane that separated his invading cock from the one already buried in her cunt.

“Unnggghhh!” Jill bit her lip and writhed with pleasure, squirming her juicing pussy on Bill’s big prick. “Yes, Mike, fuck my asshole! I’m so Goddamn horny! Fuck the shit out of my horny ass!”

“Oh, fuck,” Beth whispered. Stripping naked, she sat on the floor and started to finger-whip her pussy as she watched her son in action. “Go ahead, Mike! Fuck her, fuck her ass!”

Mike cork-screwed his ass, forcing his prick into the guttural depths of her asshole. For a long time he lay motionless on top of her, letting her shit tunnel stretch around the meaty thickness of his cock.

“Do it, Mike!” Bill cried, starting to hump. “Let’s really fuck the shit out of her!”

His cock stabbed into her pussy, spearing rhythmically in and out of her hairy cunt. Mike quickly caught on to his friend’s rhythm. Furiously he started stroking his swollen prick into Jill’s clinging asshole, packing her shitter more and more deeply with the driving hardness of his cock.

“Unhhh!” A wanton flush spread through Jill’s cheeks as she felt her pussy and asshole churning around the two-pronged cock. “Oh, yes! Oh fuck, oh shit!” Madly she humped between them, desperately trying to get both big cocks inside her at once.

“Fuck me, Mike! Fuck my asshole! Unnggghh! Oh, Son, fuck my horny pussy! You’re making me cum!”

Holding his mother’s hips, Bill hammered his stone-hard prick into her throbbing pussy as hard as he could. Madly Mike stabbed his cock into her burning asshole, stretching the ravished sphincter around the invading shaft of his cock.

“I’m cumming!” Jill shrieked. “Unngghhh! I’m burning up, it feels so goooood! Harder, fuck my pussy, fuck my asshole! Nnnngggg, nnnngggg, cuuummmiiinnnggg!”

Her pussy and asshole spasmed in rhythmic unison, clasping tightly around the enormous cocks stroking her to the peak of lust. Jill humped uncontrollably between them, whimpering as the fuck juice drooled out of her pussy onto her son’s hips.

“Oh, Mrs. Mellon, I can’t hold it,” Mike gasped. He collapsed on top of her, ramming his violently pulsing cock to the root in her hot asshole. “I’m cumming! Ahhh…”

His prick tossed off, gushing long spurts of jism into the rubbery depths of her shit tunnel. Even as his big cock squirted, Jill felt her son’s prick swell as hard as stone deep inside her pussy.

“Ahhh, Mom!” Bill moaned.

His prick jerked in her pussy as his balls vented their load of cum. Hornily Jill continued to hump between the two cumming youths, squealing as her son’s massive hard-on squirted long ribbons of spunk into her buttery cunt. Finally they rolled off of her, leaving her naked and panting, oozing fuck juice on the floor.

“All right,” Jill heard Beth whisper. “Now it’s my turn!”

Jill lifted her head in time to watch dazedly as Mike and her son walked to the kneeling, big-titted mother. Opening her mouth wide, Beth sucked in her son’s cock. Feverishly she gave him a blow-job, not releasing his prick until it had swelled back to full stiffness in her mouth.

“Now it’s time for your cock, Bill!”

Bill’s cock was covered with Jill’s pussy juices, but Beth didn’t seem to care. Popping it into her mouth, she sucked his prick hungrily, puckering her cheeks to increase the suction around his prick. Jill watched Beth raise her hand, fold it around the root of Bill’s cock, and jack it fast and hard. Within a minute she triumphantly pulled back her head, seeing how stiffly Bill’s cock now stood out from his loins.

“Okay, darlings! Now fuck me just like you fucked Jill!”

Mike lay on the floor this time, his big prick quivering over his stomach. Mounting him, Beth gasped with pleasure as the meaty shaft slid deep inside her aching cunt. Then she leaned forward, flattening her tits on her son’s chest as she looked eagerly at Bill over her shoulder.

“Fuck my asshole,” she said softly.

Bill mounted her, pushing the crown of his hard-on onto the pink circle of her ass. He pushed in and Jill saw Beth grunt as her asshole was stuffed with the steely hardness of Bill’s cock.

“Oh, fuck me!” Beth immediately started humping, writhing between the two teenaged studs. “Fuck me, fuck me hard!”

Mike worked his ass off the floor, pounding his cock into the clasping wetness of his mother’s cunt. Impaling his cock in her asshole, Bill started stroking it in and out. Then they were all fucking in rhythmic unison, forgetting everything as they concentrated on their impending cums.

Watching, Jill spread her slim legs on the floor and slipped two fingers into her gushing pussy. She could see her son’s ass humping, packing his big cock into Beth’s asshole. The sight made her incredibly horny!

“Unhhh!” Jill started finger-fucking herself, humping her ass off the floor and rolling her clit under her thumb. “Fuck her!” she whispered.

A deep feeling of satisfaction flowed through Jill. It was so wonderful to be good friends with her next-door neighbor — and to have two horny sons to fuck.

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Tied Up Cousin

Oftentimes, strange and unconventional desires lurk beneath the veneer of normalcy many individuals project. Given the right set of circumstances, these desires cease to be repressed — and are eventually acted out.

Certain individuals attempt to retaliate against the increasing necessity to comply with society’s demands by embracing unorthodox modes of behavior. Subcultures exist in our society, catering to a wide range of tastes. If these cultural avenues of expression did not exist, the pressure to conform would become too much for some people to bear — and the consequences would be devastating.

Carol Tyler — the heroine of TIED UP COUSIN — is an unwilling victim of a subculture. Caught up in a convert world she never dreamed existed, Carol struggles to free herself — until she comes to understand the ultimate value of her new experience.


Carol Tyler sobbed, blinking away the tears as she pulled at the ropes chafing her wrists. This was obscene, perverted! Why had her cousin tied her up like this?

Draped over a sawhorse in her uncle’s barn, the young woman found her wrists and ankles tied to the four roughly hewn legs of the device. The top connecting two-by-four pressed hard against her belly. Twisting her head around, the teenage blonde stared at her handsome cousin. He stood spread-legged some ten feet behind the saw, his shirt hanging loosely open against his broad chest while his Levi’s were opened down to the third button.

“Why, Billy, why?”

Carol couldn’t understand. She and her first cousin had been fooling around, touching one another and doing some light kissing. Certainly it wasn’t anything more than she’d done back home in Los Angeles. Kissing someone as hunky and good-looking as Billy was an exciting act, especially out here in the high chaparral country. The smell of the hay, the clean air, the slight overhanging odor of animal urine — all of it seemed a kind of aphrodisiac to the young virgin.

And then all of a sudden, as if Billy had tripped out on some wild drug, he pinned her down, rolled her over as if she were some criminal, then held her there for a while calling her all sorts of dirty names. How her back and arms hurt as he pinned her to the floor with his knees, then dragged her like a common slut over the dirt floor to the sawhorse where he bound her tightly.

“You’re all alike… all cunts, all alike, all wanna get a guy hot then shoot ’em down,” the young man said, his voice quivering with anger.

Carol shivered. She’d never suspected her cousin was a psychopath. Blood rushed to her head, making her face flush and her brain spin. The cool air in the barn chilled her bare asscheeks. Billy had yanked down her sheer white cotton panties, bitching her dress up to her waist before finally binding her ankles to the sawhorse.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Carol cried, twisting her wrists. That movement only made the pain worse. Oh, God, this had to be a nightmare. Nothing in her life had prepared the young teenager for this. She looked at her cousin upside down. He was fumbling with his fly, stroking the fat bulge she’d noticed earlier this evening when he watched her watching the sunset on the porch. How handsome and romantic he looked to her then, standing against a tall oak, his thick muscled arms folded over his chest while he chewed on a weed and stared at her. A romance with her cousin. How that thought chilled the impressionable city girl to the bone. Of course, there wouldn’t be anything too physical about what happened. It would be just like the stories in Seventeen… lots of kissing, lots of guilt mixed with happiness, then the final parting when she left her uncle’s farm and went back to Los Angeles. But oh, how differently things turned out!

“No, sure you don’t,” Billy growled, finally unbuttoning his fly, then reaching around and puffing his thick black leather belt from the pant loops. Carol’s eyes widened, watching the strip of animal bide hang loosely from his right hand. He flicked his wrists, making the belt dance across the floor toward her. “None of you fuckin’ cunts know what I’m talkin’ about. Well, you’re gonna find out. You’re gonna find out,” he continued, spit flecking his lips, “find out you can’t fuck with a… man!”

With that, Billy jerked his right arm back, snapping the belt over his head. Carol cried out, her body shivering with terror as she watched the leather arc in the air, snap in the middle, then slice down toward her buttocks. She closed her eyes, tensing her ass-muscles, waiting for the sharp jolt of pain that was bound to come.


Carol’s eyes fluttered open, bugging out, while her lower jaw slackened and her head shook with pain. She snapped her body back and forth, her fingers clawing at the rough wood of the sawhorse while her leg muscles tensed and pushed against her lightly tanned flesh. The belt had cut a searing path across the center of both buttocks. Billy watched as her asscheeks jiggled from the force of that blow. A long, narrow red mark slowly appeared on her white, smooth butt-flesh, Carol felt tortured and humiliated. No man had seen her even partially naked, let alone bound up in this kind of dirty position. Now her own cousin was beating her, was possibly going to commit a more foul act.

“Little cunt!” he sneered, coiling the buckled end of the belt tighter around his hand and looking slant-eyed at the young woman. Carol sucked in a ragged breath holding it, waiting for the next painful blow mid-strike. Her bare feet moved uncomfortably over the hay-strewn barn floor while splinters dug into her wrists and ankles. Her belly hurt from the constant pressure of that connecting two-by-four of the sawhorse.


The belt sliced into her buttock just above her thigh, drawing a large purple welt up from her flesh. Carol’s hair whipped across her face as her body thrashed in its bonds.

“Little slut! You’re all alike,” Billy said in a low voice, his breath becoming shallow and uneven. He was examining the belt now, drawing the smooth leather across his cheek while staring at his cousin’s white, plump buttocks. Carol was a virgin — a young, athletic, blonde teenager whose body had only recently matured. Her full rounded tits with their long red nipples, her boyish hips, those rounded asscheeks, and her long, tapered legs all called attention to her as she passed by groups of staring men on the street.

But the blonde teen didn’t quite realize the stir she caused in men’s crotches. She was still teetering between the days of her childhood and those of the woman she was to be. As a result, Carol said and did things men took to be a sexual invitation, but that turned out to be nothing but childish teasing. Billy had been one of those victims… a victim who was now fighting back in his own fashion.

“Oh man, you ain’t gonna tease me no more,” Billy said, pushing his Levi’s down past his jutting hipbones. Carol twists her head around, blinking away the tears to clear her vision. Ohhh, he was stroking a… cock… his dick, something that should have been hanging between the hindquarters of a donkey.

“Help! Ohhhh, God, help!” Carol shrieked, feeling her flesh pucker up into goosepimples. He was going to rape her. He was going to stick that thing up her pussy. Carol pulled hard at the ropes binding her to the sawhorse. Blood started oozing from her wrists and ankles while her belly scraped across the top board. She clawed at the rough wood, actually moving the apparatus several inches by her violent body motions. But the bonds held, keeping Carol’s ass high and tilted up for easy entry from behind.

“Man, it’s gonna feel real nice shovin’ my dick into you,” he said, licking his lips while moving his fingers up and down the hot hunk of his cockmeat. Drops of pre-cum oozed from the fat head. Billy smeared them over his prong, using the sticky jizz as a lubricant to enhance the feeling of his fingers over his cock.

Carol stared in horror. She watched as Billy closed his deep-blue eyes and shuddered. A line of saliva trickled from between his tightly closed lips. She could hear him grinding his teeth together. Oh, yes, he was going to rape her. The young blonde had no doubt of that. And there was no one home. Her aunt and uncle had left earlier that evening for a movie in town some ten miles away. The few hands they hired never stayed the night. She was alone, alone with this savage animal of a man.

“Billy, you’re my own cousin! Please, how could you do this to me?” she whined.

“You were doin’ it to me and you’re my cousin,” he said, cruelly imitating her terrified voice.

“Step it, stop it or I’ll tell your mother and father!” Carol cried as he advanced.

Billy stopped, his face twitching with anger.

“Threats!” he bellowed.

Carol watched in terror as Billy stopped and jerked his hand holding the belt over his head. The young woman turned her head around, closing her eyes and waiting for the terrible burning pain.


The force of his blow would have sent her heaving over the top of the sawhorse if it hadn’t been for the ropes. Cool air on her inner thighs and the slow, heavy trickle down her legs told Carol the belt had broken her flesh. She tried to ignore the sharp, fiery pain radiating from her ass to her navel and cunt. Mother and another blow followed. After her initial scream, the blonde teenager tried to fight down the pain that went on and on. Her vacation, something her mother and father thought she richly deserved after a particularly difficult year at school, was to be spent on the scenic small ranch of her aunt and uncle. How little anyone realized what a maniac lived with those two wonderful people.

“Ohhhhh, God! God in heaved, help me,” Carol whimpered as the belt sliced through the air and curled around her leg, the tip biting close to her cunt.


Another blow nearly peeled flesh from behind her knee. Carol writhed with the pain of the whip. Her dress stuck uncomfortably to her chest and tits as more and more sweat oozed from her pores. Ohhh, if only she could wake up from this terrible nightmare.

“Stop it, stop it!” she cried, her voice now no louder than a whisper. What was happening? What was going on in her pussy? Fighting through the cloud of pain that had settled over her brain, Carol realized her tight little cunt was on fire. She was juicing herself! The liquid she’d felt running down her thighs now wasn’t blood or sweat, but it was cunt-juice — thick, bubbly, frothy cunt-juice that oozed from her tight pussy-slit.

Carol moved her buttocks subtly back and forth, and she groaned. The smooth rubbing sensation of her slick cuntal walls against one another and her clit made the girl gasp for breath. Oh, dear God, she was in heat. That beating had actually triggered something sick, something foul in her body, something that made her so hot and wet. She closed her eyes and tried to fight that electric spark that made her thighs twitch and her pussy-lips swell. She shuddered, drawing her head up between her shoulder blades. Was Billy right? Was she nothing more than a slut?

Billy stared at her, licking his lips. The tortured body in front of him aroused the young farm boy. He groaned, feeling his fat, hanging balls tighten up against his dick root. Billy jerked his cock harder, moving his callused fingers up and down the sensitive ridge of his prong while he caressed his balls with the leather belt.

“Man, you’re fuckin’ hot. I can see it! Shit, you’re like a fuckin’ bitch in heat!”

Carol closed her eyes, sucking in her lower lip and biting down hard. It was true. She couldn’t lie to herself. This was worse than when she lay naked in her bed at night and thought about boys. Ohhh, how her clit burned then. How she wished she could touch herself to relieve the tight, throbbing pressure plaguing her. Yet her mother had caught her once and created such a scene that the blonde girl could never jerk off again.

“No, no, it’s not true,” she moaned.


Billy reached forward and grabbed at her cunt, twisting the hairs and her outer pussy-lips in his fist. The pulling, tearing sensation blasted through the girl fiercely. No man had ever done that to her. No map had ever touched her. She cried out in offended rage and pain, trying to bring her knee up.

Billy retreated for the moment, lashing her with the belt until Carol’s body sagged atop the sawhorse. Billy stopped then, throwing the leather instrument away and bending down to untie the ropes binding her ankles.


Carol felt her legs go free. She should break free once her wrists were untied and bait for the doorway. But where would she run? She was injured, weak, unable to go very far. And there was no one home, no one around the house for miles. Billy would catch her easily. And then… He was crazy! God only knows what he’d do to her once he caught her.

“I’m gonna fuck you, bitch. I’m gonna take care of that cunt of yours so you won’t be able to piss for a week!” he growled, moving around and cutting the ropes holding her wrists to the sawhorse. Carol stared at the long metal blade and shivered, wondering if he would use that knife on her. Nothing would have surprised her at this point.

Billy stood up, sliding his big hands under her waist and lifting her gently from the sawhorse. Carol groaned, closing her eyes, refusing to watch what was going to happen. Her pussy was so hot, so tight, so itchy. Every move made her clit throb like a festering wound. She felt the bulge of his dick pressing against her thighs as he carried her over to a pile of straw near an abandoned stall and slid her down onto the floor.

Carol winced. The stubble bit into the welts and cuts created by the savage whipping she’d just received. Billy breathed more heavily, shrugging his shirt off his shoulders and shoving his Levi’s down to his ankles. He threw himself down on top of her, burying his face in her tits, biting her smooth flesh while pawing her body shamelessly.

The blonde teenager ground her teeth together, feeling her stomach turn over with terror. No, this couldn’t be happening to her. The day had started out just like all the others in her life. Nothing during the day had suggested she was going to experience one of the worst events in her young life that evening. She’d been so happy. And now…!

Carol’s joints hurt from the grotesque position she’d been forced into. Billy’s weight was increasing the pain, making her shoulders and hips throb with discomfort as he writhed on top of the girl. She should have been crying out with agony. But instead Carol kept silent, concentrating on the increasing heat in her pussy.

She felt his dick pushing along the groove separating her leg from her torso. He was dry fucking her, moving his ass high in the air, then bringing it down, shoving his throbbing cock along her hot smooth flesh. He groaned obscene endearments in her ear, occasionally flicking his tongue in the narrow canal while kneading her big tits.

Carol thought she’d explode when he strummed her stiffened nipples with his thumbs. She moved her buttocks back and forth, ignoring the sharp sensation of the straw and hay as it tickled across her ass and up into her cunt. The horror of the resent situation gradually evaporated under the girl’s rising sexuality. Carol thought less and less of Billy as a maniac and more than as a man who could satisfy that strange itchy ache that was growing hotter and tighter between her legs.

“Mmmmm, yeah, baby, oh, man, Carol, you’re somethin’ else.”

He moved one hand between their grinding bodies. She felt his fingers sliding down her belly, pushing through the tangled forest of her cunthairs. Every nerve-ending in her pussy seemed to be straining upward toward his hand.

“Good hot pussy, good wet cunt,” he whispered in her ear, biting the lobe while continuing to dry fuck her leg. Carol was almost babbling, staring up heavy-lidded at her cousin. His palm pressed against her furry cuntal mound. Oh, she could feel her pussy actually move as he applied pressure. And then he curled his fingers and dipped them into her hot, juicy slit up to the second joint. The girl arched her back, wallowing her shoulders against the loose hay on the floor while drawing her knees up toward her chest slowly, feeling her pussy opening up more and more to Billy.

“Oh, no, no, no,” Carol groaned, unable to keep pace with her body. Things were going on she couldn’t understand. Her ass bounced around in frantic circles as she breathed with a wheezing, whistling sound through her nostrils. He was greedily working his fingers over her pussy, rubbing the slick slippery edges of her outer cunt-lips together while sliding his palm over her clit. Carol thought she was going to go out of her mind. She screamed, kicked out one leg, and actually moved her hands around her cousin’s neck and pulled him more tightly to her body. Oh, God, what was happening to her?

“Kiss, kiss,” Billy said thickly, moving his face to hers and cementing his lips tightly against her mouth.

Carol felt his tongue lashing against hers, felt it sliding down to her throat. She fought back, feeling spittle ooze down her cheeks, chin and throat. She moaned through the spit-slicked kiss, feeling him squirm more wildly on top of her. The thick muscled, hairy hardness of Billy’s chest, legs and belly excited her more and more.


The blonde teen pulled away from his hard kiss, her head throbbing after the wild thrusts of his tongue. She spread her legs even farther apart, shamelessly inviting her cousin to finger her naked pussy harder. Billy accepted, sliding his hand deeper into her crotch. The sliding, rolling fingertips moved from the top of her cuntal mound to the wet slippery area down below. She was being raped, raped by her cousin’s fingers. Rashes of guilt and terror shot through the confused young woman’s mind as she pitched and tossed under Billy’s body.

Carol felt the long, thick ridge of Billy’s dick slide up across one leg toward her cunt. Yes, he was getting ready to fuck her. She tensed, folded one leg over the other, and tried to twist away from the young man’s cock.

But Billy was too strong for her, kicking her legs apart. She groaned, feeling the hands on her cunt move up and down. He was squeezing her pussylips together, rubbing her inner cunt-lips against her clit. Carol sighed with relief, feeling a mini orgasm take some of the pressure from her spasming cunt. But still she knew there was something more, something better in store for her.

Billy was breathing harder against her, their bellies pressed tightly together. The girl could feel his cock rubbing a new, strange kind of life into her pussy. Heavy, frothy juices flowed from her cunt, wetting down both her thighs and her cousin’s dick. Ohhh, how hot she was! The young man rolled his hips, his prick shoving against the top of the girl’s cuntal mound. His hands now moved to her small shoulders, pinning her down. Carol involuntarily moved her thighs toward him.


The knob of his prick pressed against her clit. Carol stiffened. She felt an electric charge seep from her tiny clit. She rocked her asscheeks from side to side, feeling his cock touch one cunt-lip, then the other. Oh, my God, I’m going crazy! the girl thought as she prepared herself for her first fuck.


Carol shivered, rocking her hips forward, sliding the greasy crack of her pussy over his dick-head. Billy raised his asscheeks, pulling his cock away from the girl’s snatch. For an instant, the blonde teen had felt something enter her pussy, something shove apart the itchy walls of her snatch and start to screw itself in. The sensation was exhilarating, thrilling!

Carol curled her fingers and dragged them across Billy’s bunching back. Fuck, fuck, her mind concentrated on that filthy word, a word that had made her blush and become angry when she heard it several days ago. But now…

“Fuck, you’re a fuckin’ little animal!”

Carol didn’t care what he called her anymore. She needed him, needed to feel something new in her cunt. Now the blonde teenager realized her life had been leading up to this moment. Maybe there were better, more gentle ways of getting fucked. But somehow Carol thought that wasn’t so… at least for her. The beating, the cruelty, the abuse had made her so horny. Now she felt him teasingly probing her crotch, poking his hot dick-head between her fat cunt-lips, then pulling it out, watching her squirm and arch her back, tilt her pussy mound up in a silent plea for his cock.

“Man, you’re fuckin’ wet all over!” he yelled. It was true. Her body glistened with sweat while more cunt-juice oozed from her slit and dampened her curly blonde pussy-hairs. Soon the big head of his cock was between her little, bloated pussy-lips. Both of them let out small grunts, Carol’s turning into a warm sigh and going on as her cousin stopped with the head of his dick inside her cunt. She twisted around, jerking her head back and groaning when she felt her pussy-lips fit tightly over his dick-head.

Billy said nothing, smiling after wiping the sweat from his forehead. Both his hands were braced on the ground, pressing hard against her shoulders. Billy moved his body from side to side, reaming out the throat of her pussy, making his cousin grunt and sob as he sank more and more of his thick cock into her pussy.


She felt gobs of hot pussy-oil bubble out of her slit. It wet down Billy’s dick and nuts as he trenched out her snatch.

“Fucking, fucking, man, that’s what’s gain on, and the two of us, man, two of us are dam’ it.”

Billy was fucking her with short, jerky thrusts, his cock-head just barely touching her cherry. Carol’s legs fell apart at times, then jerked together in a butterfly motion, trapping his body. When his cock finally reached her cherry, the young man felt it give. He wasn’t ready to shove through, yet. He watched, watched as Carol tensed, her face becoming a mask of intense concentration when he pushed his dick-head against the fleshy barrier. Backing away, Billy saw the young woman relax and get back into the swing of things.

Carol was panting out broken phrases, her head rolling from side to side as her body heaved and thrashed under him. They both could hear the squishy sounds of his cock pistoning in and out of her hole. She seemed to be almost out of her mind with lust. At that time, the young man decided he was going to take care of her cherry.

Billy gave his cousin no warning. Holding on to her shoulders more tightly while drawing his legs up a little to pin her knees tightly to the ground, he shoved down hard, his thigh muscles tensing. The thin barrier put up little resistance. His cock-head sailed through with ease, ripping the cherry from her twat.

The sudden lunge had taken the teenage girl by surprise. Carol let out a sharp high-pitched cry, her body twisting and stiffening. But she still panted hard, her arms holding her cousin tightly as his dick sank all the way into her pussy.

“Man, yeah, yeah, you ain’t hurt are you? Fuck, I fucked broads who passed out. But, man, you’re so fuckin’ hot I’ll bet you didn’t feel a Goddamned thing!”

That wasn’t true. The pain had shot to her head and nearly knocked her out. But her cunt was so hot Carol soon forgot about her ruptured membrane. Her thoughts centered around that pistoning dick and how it was rushing through her pussy. Waves of fiery sensations washed over the panting young woman as Billy started fucking her in earnest, his long hot cock going all the way in, then dragging back, making Carol feel as if he were pulling out her insides.

Billy kissed her hard again. Carol groaned into his mouth. His hairy belly ground against her cunt mound, flashes of mindless joy shooting through her confused brain. Her cousin had slipped his hand to her asscheeks, sliding his fingers under the cloth of her torn, wrinkled dress. His fingertips dug into her asscheeks, forcing her hips to move as he chose. Carol cried out once more, her body matching the fucking rhythm of his dick.

“No, nooooo!”

Carol ground her clit against him, loving the sensation of stretching in her cunt. And the steady beat of his cock-head against her cuntal walls drove her wild. Carol felt herself stretching thin. A weird kind of insanity had taken her over. She dripped sweat, the salty sting of that liquid adding to her wild excitement.

“Man, fuck it out, baby, fuck it out!” She was all the way down on his fat, long dick now. She moved her ass in tight little circles, feeling Billy’s cock stir her insides savagely. The growing mass of tension in her body swelled up hotly. Something was going to happen, something tremendously pleasurable and painful. Carol could feel the pressure building up in her cunt, asshole and belly. Her entire body was melting into a hot, bubbly sex-pool.

“Huhhhhh! Huhhhhh!”

The blonde teen tossed her hips crazily, nearly knocking Billy off. She gasped for air desperately. A chilly flash of sexual heat ripped through her cunt as she jerked from side to side, begging the young man to fuck her harder.

“In, uhhnng, unnghh!” Carol cried with each forward fucking thrust. Her feet pounded against the farm boy’s back while her body scraped across the floor. Strands of bet blonde hair clung to her face and throat while stubble clung to her asscheeks and back. The girl could feel something new happening inside her — it was the rising of her sexual heat, climbing higher and higher. It rose steadily, driving up into her brain. She started holding her breath, waiting for the explosion she knew was going to nearly knock her unconscious.

“Man, gonna shoot, gonna come!” the boy yelled.

The words made Carol cry out again, and scissor her legs more tightly around his body, hammering her feet against his pumping ass. Every square inch of her body was alive to his touch. She could feel the stiff hairs on his chest and belly scraping her hot wet skin.


Carol was going crazy. Holding a deep, sobbing breath, she felt her cunt crash down on Billy’s cock. Her cuntal mouth hurt from the steady friction of the big man’s pistoning cock. She was drained of all strength. And yet somehow, the young woman found the energy to fuck harder, thrash more furiously, beg for more dick-meat to feed her tightening, hot, wet pussy.

“SHOOTIN’!” Billy hissed.

Carol felt him stiffen on top of her, his fingertips digging painfully into her upper arms. He threw his head back and closed his eyes tightly, his face a strange mask of pain. Sweat oozed down from his forehead, dripping onto his nose and down, his neck. His legs jerked against her thighs, forcing her legs farther apart while big dick thrust harder. An angry fire started at the mouth of her furry hole. Carol’s entire belly seemed to bulge with dick, swelling up with growing sexual excitement. She grunted, ramming her cunt up and down his rock-hard bar of cock.

Then the girl felt something hot and wet scalding the quivering walls of her snatch. He was firing his load into her pussy. Carol had read ail the books she could on the male orgasm. But nothing in print could have ever suggested the mind-blowing sensation of a man’s cock shooting out wads of cum into her cunt. The young girl snapped her head back, rolling it from side to side. The hard, heavy jolt of his cum blasted against her pussy, making the girl scream as if someone had stabbed her with a knife. She wept and struggled, beating at the young man with her fists.


Still, the orgasm refused to come to Carol. She felt Billy thrashing on top of her, his dick shooting more jism into her hole. She was filling up. Already the girl could feel his jizz oozing from her cunt, spilling out of her pussy and wetting down her bouncing asscheeks. Then it came, came with violent force.


Carol was out of control, feeling herself nothing more than a wet, hot, milking cunt. She clenched at his jerking cock, bouncing him up and down on her body. Her tits jiggled like pudding while the girl and her cunt-walls grip down on his cock at least twice for every one that was still shooting from his prick-head. Even when Billy’s orgasm faded, Carol’s climax continued. She was drifting contentedly, her pussy squeezing out the last drop from Billy’s dick before it finally slackened off.

The young blonde didn’t know how long the two of them lay naked like that in the barn. A half hour, perhaps an hour passed before Billy even made an attempt to get off of her. What would he say? What would he do to her? How should she act?

“Good little piece of ass,” Billy grunted, pushing himself off Carol and staring down at her. Oh, how his eyes made her flesh crawl! They were cold, unfeeling, not at all like the friendly gaze he gave her when she first arrived. “All the guys in the valley oughtta know about you.”

Carol felt her heart skip a beat. She sat up after the young man crawled off.

“Don’t tell anyone. Oh, God, don’t!”

Shame and guilt settled on the girl’s mind. She could picture her relatives now as they heard the news about her fucking. How could she face her aunt and uncle, her mother and father? Carol wrinkled her forehead, folding her fingers together and begging her cousin not to say anything.

“Maybe…” Billy said, reaching down and scratching his balls. Carol watched his soft long cock move slowly back and forth as the young man played with himself and smiled strangely at her. “All depends on you…”

Carol felt her stomach turn. “What do you mean?” She watched him carefully as he pulled on his shirt and pants.

“You just do like I tell you and everything’s gonna be fine.”

There was nothing reassuring at all in the tone of her cousin’s voice. Carol reached out and slowly drew her hands to her sides. She wanted to be left alone for a while. But Billy was still there, enjoying her discomfiture, enjoying her growing shame. It was as if he’d fucked her purposely so he could watch this after play of guilt on her mind.

“Enjoy it? Enjoy my dick?” he asked, reaching down and slipping one hand under her thin. Carol closed her eyes and shuddered. His touch now was repulsive. The young boy closed his fingers over her jaw, squeezing hard until he heard her moan. “Little bitch! You do like I tell you, or…” Billy jerked his hand forward, knocking Carol back onto the floor. She let out a tiny cry, choking it down when she saw him raising his hand high above his head. Oh, no, no, she didn’t want another beating. Her body still ached from the last one.

“I promise I won’t say anything,” Carol said rapidly, pushing her dress back down to her knees.

“Yeah, yeah, better be sure,” Billy said, rocking back and forth on his heels. She could tell he was satisfied, satisfied that he’d managed to force her to bend to his will. For an eighteen-year-old, her cousin was acting like the chief commandant of a concentration camp. And to think he was doing all these things without his mother and father knowing about them. God knows how many other young women had fallen prey to his weird desires.

Carol waited for him to leave. She felt a growing apprehension crawl over her the longer he stayed.

“Man, you know, just thinkin’ about your pussy makes me hot again,” Billy said, still playing with his dick. Carol saw his cock growing hard again. She felt sick. Oh, no, she couldn’t go through another fuck. Was he going to rape her again? She was so sore from the last session. Certainly she couldn’t survive another one.

“Please…” Carol didn’t dare say anything about asking him to leave. She saw his face darken the second she spoke. No, no, she had to keep still. No matter what he did to her, sooner or later he’d grow tired and leave her alone. Carol sat on the barn floor then, her eyes fastened on his quickly growing cock. He was so huge, so hard, able to get it up so quickly.

“Please, what? You wanna fuck my dick again? Or maybe you got other plans for it?”

She watched as her cousin’s mouth turned up into a broad smile. He was jerking his fingers back and forth rapidly on his cock now, pulling the relatively loose outer skin over the steely inner core, milking out cum. She watched as his goose fleshed balls rolled back and forth, then slowly tightened against his fat dick-root.

“Blow me!”

Carol’s eyes widened. She knew what the term meant, and the idea of her putting her lips against his cock sickened her!

“No, no, that’s… perverted!”

Billy threw his head back and laughed.

“Man, baby, the way you went after my dick a few seconds ago, and you’re worried about perversion?”

Billy’s laughs died down and he glanced at his dick. It was throbbing, dark-red and ready for action. It jerked between his milking fingers.

“I don’t give a fuck what the hell you think about sucking dick. You’re gonna put your mouth on that thing.”

Billy stepped forward, his cock bouncing up against her cheek. Carol jerked back as if someone had touched her face with a hot poker. Something wet was dripping down her cheek — cum oozing from his piss-slit. She shivered, wiping the foul stuff off her face and scooting back on the hay. She felt the rough stubble tickling the insides of her thighs as she moved farther back into the stall.

Billy smiled, seeming to enjoy her growing revulsion. Then the girl felt herself backed against the wall, her asscheeks pressing hard against the corner. There was no place else to run. Billy stood in front of her, his dick sticking straight out lewdly the fat flanged red head pulsed.

“Show’s over, baby. Suck it!”

He reached down and slipped his hands around the back of her head, drawing Carol forcibly toward him. She wrinkled up her nose when she smelled his crotch. The heat radiating from his cock and balls made her face blush. Oh, was he going to force her to do this terrible thing?

“Suck it!”

Billy guided his cock to her lips. Carol fought back, reaching up and trying to scratch at the young man’s wrists. No, she didn’t want to do this terrible, sick thing. But he was far too strong for her, actually enjoying the small amount of pain she was inflicting in his wrists with her fingernails. Carol’s eyes crossed as she tried to keep the closing dick in sight. Then she sighed, closed her eyes and gave in. What was the use?

“That’s it man,” he purred, rubbing his cockhead back and forth over her lips. The girl swallowed hard, tasting the salty, bleachy flavor of his cum as it seeped through the crack between her tightly closed lips. She was going to have a man’s dick in her mouth — actually in her mouth! Only once or twice did Carol hear her mother talk about this kind of act. And then the older woman called it one of the sickest sex acts thought up by man… second only to getting fucked in the ass!

Billy squeezed his hairy ass forward, shoving his dick hard against her mouth. He warned her not to try anything funny like biting him or he’d knock all her teeth out with one powerful, blow.

In a second, the blonde teenager felt the meaty knob slide past her lips, over her front teeth and start its slow, awful journey toward the back of her mouth. Carol swallowed again, breathing through her nose with a whistling sound as her mouth quickly filled with that fat hunk of cock-meat. Billy was grunting and groaning as he savored the hot, wet sensation of Carol’s mouth against his dick. It was a real oral fuck. He was pushing his dick in and out of her mouth as if he were fucking a cunt. The young man told her to suck and wouldn’t stop harassing her until he saw her cheeks cave in from the force of the suction.

Carol slowly grew accustomed to the awful act. She sucked and slathered his pistoning cock with spittle, moving her tongue around the sensitive underside of his cock. The knob was so thick, so large, so meaty! Against her will, the teenager was beginning to get into the act more than she would have originally believed.

“Yeah, yeah!” Billy hissed.

Carol dug her teeth into the groove behind his flanged dick-head, flicking her tongue around the arrow-shaped bulb until Billy pulled back with a groan. He plunged back and forth in his cousin’s mouth until she thought she’d choke up on her own saliva.

“Suck it harder, bitch.”

Carol did as she was told, sucking as hard as she could. Billy let out a groan, then shoved his dick in again, bouncing the knob off the roof of her mouth. Carol sucked again, almost as hard as before, wondering if he was going to shoot off in her mouth. Oh, dear God, would she be able to take all that it without gagging? Remembering how much, spunk had hot into her cunt-hole before, the young girl was afraid she would drown in her cousin’s jizz.


Billy whimpered, drawing his cock back and glancing down. His rod was slick with his cousin’s spit. He shoved it back in, pressing his fingertips hard against the sides of her head. The sensation of her wet cheeks brushing the throbbing flesh of his rod, the feel of her tongue flicking around his cock was driving him crazy.

“Man, feel my asshole. Go on, get your Goddamned hands over to that asshole!”

Carol did as she was told, forgetting all about modesty, about what society would say about this sort of incestuous playing around. She let one finger slide along the perineum toward Billy’s shitter. The girl sensed she was hurrying her cousin along toward another orgasm. He was groaning, fucking her mouth while squatting down slightly and letting the girl’s finger rim his asshole.

Carol dug her fingers into his buttocks while she moved her other hand over to his balls and stroked the bottom of his swinging nut-sac.

“Oh, yeah, yeah, keep it goin’ that way! Man, you’re somethin’ else,” Billy groaned, pistoning his dick rapidly in and out of her mouth. The young woman didn’t have a chance to suck even if she wanted to. The back of her throat was being pounded hard and fast by Billy’s cock. All of this was making her dizzy, making her head reel around and around. Her knees scraped over the stubble strewn floor while her head bounced back and forth from the force of her cousin’s hammering cock.


Carol moved her hand from his balls to his fucking prick. She was fingering and sucking his cock at the same time. Billy was groaning more loudly now. The girl was sucking hard, pushing her tongue against his cock while worming her finger into Billy’s shitter. Oh, God, she could feel his ass tensing, a sign that he was going to shoot his wad in her mouth. The muscles all over his body were tensing in expectation.

“Shit fuck! Man, I’m gonna shoot, shootin’ your Goddamned fuckin’ mouth!”

Carol felt him digging his fingernails hard into her scalp. His breath was coming in short, shallow gasps while sweat streaked his face and chest. His cock slammed in and out so hard, Carol’s mouth hurt from the friction of the mouth-fucking.

He was crying out something unintelligible, his legs shaking with growing tension. Spittle and jizz oozed from the corners of the girl’s stretched mouth. At times, Billy held his groin hard against her face, shoving his dick in so far the girl could feel it pushing against the back of her throat and then slowly sliding down toward her belly. It was then Carol couldn’t breathe. Even the passages leading from her nose to her lungs seemed blocked. She clawed at the big man’s thighs with one hand, gagging, choking, groaning loudly as she could to relate to her cousin how desperate she was.

Then Billy finally relaxed, slowly pulling his cock back and giving his cousin a chance to catch her breath.

“Man, cum, cum!”

Billy sounded frantic as he pumped in her mouth. Gum, spurt after spurt of it, shot down into her throat. Then he slowed down, giving the girl a second’s rest.

“Man, oh, man,” he gasped while he caressed the sides of Carol’s head. Then his mouth-fucking resumed its intensity, the girl had thought his climax was over. But he surprised her by coming back with an even greater force. There was more pumping, more jizz shooting into her mouth before he was finished. With a sigh of sexual relief, the young man pulled his softening cock from her lips. Carol rolled her eyes up and saw how he was grinning down at her. She held her belly and turned to one side, spitting out the mixture of spit and cum onto the dirt. Oh, she almost felt like vomiting. What a sick thing she’d done… and with her own cousin.

Billy scratched his right temple and stared down at the still kneeling young woman.

“Man, you were somethin’ else. I mean, for a bitch who ain’t done this kinda thing before, you were somethin’ else. Gotta keep you around for a long time.”

Carol didn’t comment. She just hoped this would be enough to satisfy the young man’s incredible sexual appetite. After he left, she’d have to think about leaving. No, she couldn’t stay under the same roof with her cousin for another day. God only knows what he’d try the next time his mother and father left the two of them alone.

“Gotta get some rest far tomorrow. Get dressed and get back to the house. And remember, keep your mouth shut,” he said, pointing a warning finger at Carol. The girl was too tired, too terrified to do anything but nod her head up and down.

She still knelt there, holding her breath until she heard her cousin’s footsteps fade away. When she hard the front screen door of the barn open and slam shut, the girl sighed with relief. She fell back, rolling onto her belly. She wanted to cry, to scream, to shout out to the world what had happened to her that evening. She’d been raped in the cunt and mouth. In a way, Carol expected the sky to fall down, for thunder to roll through the valley. But nothing happened. She could hear the crickets outside chirping merrily. Occasionally, the hooting of a white owl broke the relative silence of the nighttime. No, it was all peaceful. Above her the stars winked while a soft breeze rustled the tall grass growing on both sides of the barn. Raped. Sodomized. And nothing happened.

“Ohhhhh, no.” Carol groaned. She could feel the tears welling up hotly in her eyes. Yes, she was going to cry, going to let it all out. Not only had she been raped, but she had actually enjoyed it, encouraged her own cousin to practice his brutal kind of sexuality on her without complaining. He knew it and was going to exploit her feelings to the limit if she didn’t run from this place soon.

Lying in the hay, the girl softly cried herself to sleep, wondering what to do.

Something during the night she awoke, pulling herself up from the pile of hay she’d been sleeping on and wondering what her aunt and uncle would say about her coming in so late. Straw clung to her arms and legs, and was tangled in her hair. She was a mess. Standing up a little unsteadily, Carol brushed the loose hay from her dress and made her way out of the barn toward the main house. The car still wasn’t there. She saw a light burning in her cousin’s window and drew in a sharp breath. Could she enter the same building that Billy occupied?

Would he try anything further with her?

No, she didn’t think so. He was too tired, too exhausted, too spent. Slowly, Carol made her way into the darkened house, walking quietly up the stairs to the second floor, feeling as if she were taking the weight of the world up with her. Fucked, raped. Those words raced through her mind as she walked down the narrow hall to her room. A band of light appeared under Billy’s door. She felt herself walking on tip-toe, hoping he wouldn’t hear her.


The door shot open and Billy appeared in the doorway, stark naked, his semi-rigid cock in his hand while he leaned against the doorway. Carol jumped with a loud scream, hitting the other wall of the hall.

“Don’t… touch me,” she said in a soft whisper, terror creeping over her. Keeping both eyes fastened on the young man, she slid along the wall until she felt her doorknob. Only when she had slipped the bolt on her door did the girl feel safe. Oh, God, safe, safe here? Her cousin could break the door down, rape her again in her own room. Confused, terrified, Carol stumbled to her bed and fell down, curling up in a tight fetal position and sobbing herself to sleep.

The next few days passed as if nothing had happened in the barn. Billy hadn’t made many appearances at the table since that fateful night, easing the terror Carol felt whenever she caught sight of him. Her aunt and uncle commented on how hard their son worked in the fields, not coming home until very late. Carol wondered what Billy was doing in the fields and shuddered when various thoughts shot through her mind. Did he and his cronies have other girls, torturing them out there, doing all sorts of weird things to them before letting them go? Something told the young blonde that what had happened to her there in the barn was only a taste of what her cousin was capable of.

Any thoughts she had of leaving were postponed when she learned her mother and father had gone on a vacation to Reno and Lake Tahoe. There could be no way she’d be able to convince her aunt and uncle to let her go to an unattended house in Los Angeles. She’d have to stick it out somehow, clinging to their side, going with them wherever they went, avoiding her cousin like the plague.

And for the next few days Carol’s plan seemed to be working. She went with her aunt everywhere during the night and day, refusing to be alone even for an instant with her cousin. Shopping, movies, church meetings, the most boring of socials were everyday events for the blonde teen. Carol would have much preferred running through the rolling beautiful countryside around the small ranch. But thoughts of what might happen when Billy cornered her made her think better of that idea. No, she’d confine herself to helping her aunt and uncle and save the running for another time.

It was the night of the third evening after her initial fuck that Carol’s luck ran out. Having finished dinner and after helping her aunt wash the dishes, Carol strolled to the living room and sat near her uncle, feeling it would be another boring night of television watching with the folks. Outside thunder rolled, shaking the windows as a storm threatened the valley. Occasionally, Carol could see the streaks of lightning slice through the black sky, revealing for a second the rolling thunderheads. Wind whistled through the cracks in the doors and windows.

“Martha, get the phone,” her uncle said, rolling his cigar between his yellow teeth.

Carol heard her aunt running from the kitchen, pick up the receiver and begin to talk.

“Oh, my God, no! We’ll be right over.”

“What is it, honey?”

Carol pushed herself forward in the chair, sensing something terrible had happened.

“Tornado… a freak one, hit the north side of town. Come on, Fred, we’ve got to help,” the old woman said quickly, wiping her hands on her apron, then pulling it off and hanging it neatly on a nearby peg.

“I’m going, too,” Carol said, standing up as her aunt and uncle raced for the front door.

“No, don’t, Carol. It’s going to be terrible. Believe me, I’ve seen these things. You’d be better off staying at home. Just lock all the doors and keep by the phone. And remember, if you hear rumbling, it’s a funnel cloud. Go to the fruit cellar just outside and hide there until it’s over,” her aunt said, comforting her briefly, then turning around and racing for the door.

The young blonde held her hands tightly together in front of her, wishing she could tell her aunt and uncle the real reason for her terror. Where was Billy? They were so concerned about the people in town they failed to tell her where her cousin was. She hadn’t seen him since lunch. Was he out in the fields, out with his buddies, perhaps in town buried under rubble?

“Oh, God,” she groaned, running to the door and bolting it, then moving quickly to the back and locking the kitchen door. In the living room the television droned on as the storm worsened. There was the sound of the car starting, crunching over the gravel drive, then shifting into high gear as it turned around and headed toward the main highway. Carol sat back down in the chair in front of the TV, holding her hands tightly against her upper arms and listening to the howling wind. Her heart beat so loudly, she could hear it over the news announcer now broadcasting about the disaster that had just bit.


The blonde jumped from her chair, standing terrified in front of the television screen and listening very carefully. Was there, someone else in the house? There were so many creaks and groans she couldn’t tell. Opening her eyes the blonde girl saw it was her cousin!

“Leave me alone!” she cried in terror.

“Shut up and get back in. We’re gonna get killed if we stay out here!”

Carol didn’t want to go inside. She’d rather take her chances with the storm. Breaking free, she circled Billy, heading for the barn.

“Get her!”

The blonde twisted her head around and saw the young man wasn’t alone. The wind let up briefly. Brushing her wet hair from her eyes, Carol saw two other boys racing for her, their arms outstretched, their faces wearing the same smile Billy had.

“Oh, no, no!”

The girl turned around and plodded through the storm toward the barn. Could she find safety there? No, no, she had to go beyond it, keep running, run for town, for the next farm, run anywhere to get away from these brutes. For something told the blonde teen that Billy and his friends would put her through the worst if they ever got their hands on her. Her aunt and uncle would doubtlessly be away for a long time, helping out with the disaster in town. The boys must have seen the car drive away and waited for Carol either to go to bed or race from the house.

“The barn!” Billy cried.

One of the taller boys moved in front of the others, his boots squishing in the mud. Carol heard him getting closer, the sounds of his racing feet drowning out the slackening storm. Then she felt his hands down her back. He missed her once, twice, then finally grabbed onto her.

“Lemme go!” Carol screamed, her feet twisting around one another in the mud while the wind blew her wet hair in ha face.

“A fighter!” the tall, dark-haired young man said, shaking the water from his eyes. He held her tightly, his fingers pressing into her upper arms while his legs knocked hers apart. What was he planning to do, fuck her right there in the storm with rain and hail pelting them both? Carol threw back her head and let out a hellish scream of terror and revulsion. The dress she wore clung to her body wetly.

“Billy said you were a hot little number. Let’s see just how hot you are.”

The young man pawed the girl’s tits, moving one hand up front and ripping the top buttons off her dress. He tore the garment, found her bra strap and pulled. Carol struggled futilely, grunting, clawing, kicking, scratching as best she could while trying to keep her balance on the wet dirt. Then there were more tearing sounds and the bra ripped loose from her body. She was naked from the waist up, her tits swinging free.

“No… no,” she whispered, managing to pull one hand up, dragging her fingernails across his cheek.

The young man screamed, jerking back and dropping his hands from Carol’s body. The young woman turned, desperate, holding up her torn dress, stumbling forward. But the boy wasn’t about to be put off. While Billy and the other friend stood to one side, he lunged forward, grabbing one hand and hauling Carol to the ground.


“Stupid slut!” the young man said, holding his cheek as Carol lay in the mud, her hair hanging in front of her eyes while wet dirt covered her legs and part of her belly.

“Hey, Jack, she too much for you?” Billy shouted over the wind.

The dark-haired youth said nothing, reaching down and dragging her by one arm toward the barn. Her heels dug trenches in the mud while the girl still struggled. Carol’s heart raced. The wind had increased again, raising gooseflesh all over her body. The damp chill cut to her bones.

Jack dragged her to the doorway of the large old wooden barn, Billy and the other boy following close behind. He dropped her in the dirt. Carol looked up. He was soaked to the skin as she was, his dark blue Levi’s clinging to his flesh, revealing a bulge between his legs that promised as much cockmeat as her cousin had.

“Open this fuckin’ thing up and let’s get goin’ on her,” Billy said, nodding at the door.

“Oh, no, no!” Carol cried, wiggling desperately.

Jack advanced slowly while Billy and the other boy pushed the door open with a loud rumbling sound. His boots squished in the mud as the girl scooted backward.

“Please, leave me alone, let me go back to the house. I haven’t hurt you,” the girl whimpered. Rain pelted her, cleaning some of the mud off her legs and arms.

“Don’t care. Let’s go,” Jack said, hauling Carol off the ground and dragging her screaming into the barn.


“No, don’t… don’t,” Carol cried, her pleas growing louder as Billy approached her. She was standing against the stall where he’d raped her the first time. She shivered, rubbing her palms up and down her arms while keeping her knees pressed tightly together. Her dress clung to her upper chest, still protecting her tits from view.

“Hey, Ron, you wanna get into her? Man, she’s got a nice, tight little pussy. I know, I’m the only one who’s fucked her.”

“Hey, Christ, with that fat rod you got between your legs, she’s about as tight as a tunnel,” the smaller of the three young men laughed, running his fingers through his long blond hair.

Carol stared from one to the other, brushing the wet hair from her eyes. For a second, at least she was out of their reach. Oh, how good and warm the barn was… compared to that awful damp chill outside. The storm seemed to be letting up. The howling wind had stopped shaking the old wooden building. Maybe her aunt and uncle would be coming back soon. How good that would be! Then Billy and his friends couldn’t torture her anymore.

“Come here, baby.”

Carol stared at Jack’s outstretched hand, her eyes then dropping to his crotch. She could see his dick straining against his wet Levi’s, tenting up the material. Her body trembled. This was a nightmare… a terrible, horrible nightmare. Terror knifed through her mind. This was no dream, no illusion. She knew what her cousin was capable of and could only guess at what the others would do at his suggestion. The girl could only imagine what he told the others laughingly… that when he was through with her he’d turn her over to his buddies the way a cook tosses an old piece of meat to the dogs.

“No, you’re going to hurt me!”

“Not… much.”

That wasn’t very reassuring to the young girl.

She moved back, away from the three young men who stood like hangmen in front of her. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. Her terror-stricken eyes were wide and focused on the advancing hulk of Jack’s body. He reached out and Carol shivered, turning her face away and letting out a low groan.

“Oh, no, no,” she moaned.

Jack sucked in a deep breath, moving his hand sharply to one side, then drawing it back across her face. The force of that slap knocked the girl to her knees. Stars exploded in front of her, as her brain reeled from the blow. Carol cried out, scooting past Jack on all fours like an animal. The three boys watched, fascinated at the blonde teenager’s reaction. The top of her tarn dress fell away from her body, letting her huge tits hang down low. The stiff red tips brushed over the hay. Jack moved behind her, raising one leg and kicking out.


Carol pitched forward as the booted foot smacked hard against her big asscheeks. Her hands flew out in front of her while her knees left the ground. Landing on her belly, the blonde teenager quickly scrambled back to her crawling position. Useless, futile! They closed in on her now, standing in a tight circle, advancing on her. Carol sobbed, covering her mouth with one hand, choking down a rifled scream as she backed into the stall.

“The race’s over, baby. Come on, Carol, give ‘im your paw.” Billy shouted.

The girl shook her head slowly from side to side, watching in horror as her cousin slowly unbuckled his dreadful black leather belt and drew it through the loops of his soaked Levi’s.

“Don’t… don’t!” Carol cried. She twisted around, her arms flailing as she tried to cover bawl! Billy brought the belt down, the tip slicing the flesh just below her tits.

“Aggghhh!” Carol squealed, her body snapping to one side. She rolled over, feeling hands on her body, hands tearing at her dress, pulling the wet material away. She felt the dress rip from her sides. Now only her panties were left.

“Just warmin’ you up for more.”

Billy swung the belt over his head. Carol twisted around. She saw him, standing spread-legged in front, seeing him as she’d seen him days before when he fucked her si brutally in the same spot. The belt chewed the flesh along her hips. She was still screaming a mindless babble of sound, crawling along the hay, trying to get away from this man.

The belt came down again. Carol rolled away, straw sticking uncomfortably to her body. Again and again the belt whipped down. But instead of pain, gradually the young woman began to foci a odd bright warmth explode in her cunt, spreading to all puts of her flesh. At times, the belt smacked the old wounds from two days ago. Carol wondered briefly how much more heat could explode in her? What terrible thing had Billy unleashed in her body earlier and was now resurrecting? That strange force and now the pain from the actual whipping terrified Carol.

“Okay, okay, man, don’t turn her into ground meat,” Jack said, putting a restraining hand on his buddy’s arm.

“Yeah, you’re right,” Billy said under his breath, wiping the sweat from his forehead with the back of one hand. Carol curled into a tight ball, sobbing hysterically as she covered her face with both hands.

“Man, let’s put her through her paces now, you know what I mean?” Ron said, winking at Billy. “Let’s see if she’s as good as Betty Randall.”

The three young boys smiled.

“We got Ranger in the car out back,” Jack said. The three boys watched Carol. She pulled her head from between her arms and looked curiously at them. What were they talking about? Betty Randall? Ranger? Was there someone else around to torment her?

“Come on, let’s get it over with,” Jack said, shrugging his shoulders as Ron and Billy left the barn. Carol rubbed her fingers tenderly over the injured spots on her body. God, she thought, must be very angry with her. How could He allow this sort of terrible thing to happen to her otherwise? Tears welled up in her eyes and rolled down her cheeks as she turned away from the young man in front of her. Shame, guilt, and a growing fear of those three men gradually began to overpower her thoughts. Something told the young woman her ordeal was far from over.


“No, no, no!”

Carol rolled her head from side to side, feeling pieces of straw clinging to her dampened cheeks. She rocked her ass around like a boat tossed in a storm.

“Not bad, honey. Too bad we don’t have a camera. We could make bucks taking shots of you in town,” Ron said.

“Come on, let’s clean ‘er up. I’m kinda tired of her already,” Billy said with a touch of disgust in his voice.

“Hey, man, we ain’t even got started with this one,” Jack protested, rubbing his dick.

“Yeah, man, it’s so fuckin’ dull around here. The only thing we got iss cunt… lots of it… hot, juicy… like this one here.”

Billy scratched his chin, thinking over what he should do. Glancing out the barn door, he noticed the storm had abated. He’d heard about the tornado in town and knew his parents would be leaving to help out. That was why he’d mustered his friends together even in the driving rain to have some “fun” with his cousin. And yet now that the dog had gotten to her, Billy felt some doubt as to doing anything more with her. She was his first cousin, even though she was — in his twisted mind — a woman who was just a cock-tease and deserved the degradation she was getting.

“Yeah, what the fuck,” he said in a low whisper.

Jack and Ron smiled.

“Come one and let’s get this bitch cleaned up,” Ron said, bending down and taking one of Carol’s legs. He dragged her out of the stall. Carol groaned, feeling the straw building up against her cunt, some of the stubble working painfully into her snatch and asshole. They were driving away the relaxing golden glow that had settled over her.

“Clean ‘er up my way,” Billy said, motioning for his buddies to stop pulling her toward the door. Ron and Jack moved back as the big farm boy strutted up to his cousin, smirking down at her. “I’m gonna show you just what the fuck I think about you.”

“You don’t have to,” Carol said softly. “I already know.”

“Man, you don’t have any idea,” Billy said, angry at her presumption. He moved above her, his legs pressing against hers. Carol leaned back, fear leaping to her throat. Hadn’t he done enough to her? Hadn’t he ruined her utterly by that last foul act? What more did he want to put her through?

“Just don’t move, honey.”

Billy was unbuttoning his fly, pulling out his dick. Carol stared at it, big, thick and yet limp between his fingers. What did he want? Was he going to make her suck him?

“Man, he’s really tripped out,” Ron whispered to Jack.

“I… uhhhhhhhh!”

Carol felt revulsion sweep over her, sucking in her breath as the hot yellowish piss suddenly shot from his piss-slit and splashed over her belly. The urine spilled down into her cunt-mound, filling the slot up to her tiny inner pussy-lips. She felt the hot oily piss dribble over her hips and finally wet the pound just under her ass. She shivered, her eyelids blinking. Oh, God, what an awful thing to do. Her hips wiggled, instinctively trying to shake free of the hot, disgusting droplets.

“Man, I said don’t move a fuckin’ muscle,” Billy warned with a growl.

Carol shut her eyes and bit her lips to keep from crying out with frustration and disgust. The thin hot spray splashed across her nipples, washed down over her dirtied tits and down her chest. She felt the urine spray over her chin. Carol couldn’t help herself. She jerked one hand up and covered her mouth, trying to hide her gagging.

“What’s the matter, can’t you understand English?” the young man barked, raising his hand threateningly while directing the thin stream of piss across her tits. Carol forced down the vomit rising in her throat, trying to ignore the foul droplets splashing up from her tits to her face. He was pissing on her.

“Get ‘er in the mouth!”

Billy smiled broadly, directing his piss up to the young blonde’s lips. Carol groaned, twisting her head away. She felt the stream rush into her ears, dirty her hair, trickle down her sides to her asscheeks. She was sticky with urine, covered with piss. And still more shot out of the young man’s prick-head.

She brought her hands down to her sides, curling her fingers and digging her nails into her thighs.

Finally the stream stopped. Billy looked down, flicking off a tiny drop that struck one eye.

“Come on, man, piss on ‘er. Let ‘er know just where’s she’s comin’ from.”

Jack looked at Ron, shrugged and grinned.

“Sure, why not. She’s your cousin,” he said, stepping up in front of the growing puddle of urine and unzipping his Levi’s. Carol watched the young man pull his flaccid cock from inside his Levi’s and hold it between his thumb and forefinger, aiming the fat head right at her face. She closed her eyes and held her breath, waiting for the onrush of piss. Already the stink of her cousin’s urine rose like steam from a sewer. She didn’t know how much more of this foul treatment she could take. What had happened with her cousin was one thing. A fuck, even though it started out as a rape, was relatively natural. Everyone did it, even though Carol hadn’t planned on having a man until after marriage. Yet she could still live with that, could find some way to deal with Billy’s savagery. But the dog, and now… now this horror!

Jack positioned himself much as did Billy, his legs spread widely apart on either side of her body. He looked down at her big tits, at her stiff, red nipples still erect.

Carol stared up, watching his fat balls tighten against his cock-root. The girl swore she could, see them twitch with excitement. For a moment, Carol wasn’t sure if he was going to piss on her or make her blow him. Her doubts were resolved in a moment.

“Open your mouth.”

Carol considered for a moment what would happen if she refused. She glanced up at her cousin and Ron and the dog. No, she didn’t want them to hurt her, to scar her for life. And she was sure none of them would think twice about permanently maiming her beautiful body and face if it pleased them. Reluctantly, she closed her eyes and took in deep breaths. Her tits rose and slapped together with each breath.

Jack looked down and licked his chops. He could feel blood slowly rushing to his cock, making it warm, pulsating, stiff. He wouldn’t be able to on her in a second. Rolling his eyes around, he saw Billy staring at him impatiently. No, it was best not to go against the handsome tall farm boy. He’d seen Carol’s cousin permanently cripple two other boys in a fight just outside the high school grounds. Jack had forgotten what the battle was about — nothing, he was sure.

Billy was almost psychopathic jumping on people at the slightest provocation. He enjoyed imposing his will on others, watching them twist and bend to his liking. Jack sometimes resented this. But he would rather be on Billy’s side than oppose him. So, even though the young dark-haired teen would have preferred to have taken Carol sexually, he fought down his rising desire and reined his groin muscles, feeling the piss slowly boil up to his dick-head.

The urine started. Jack shuddered, directing the stream along her lips, down to her chin, then up to her eyes and hairline.


Carol grunted, her pulse leaping in her throat. The stink spread, grew more intense. The terrible warm stream cascaded down her body. She was drowning in this piss. Every square inch of her body, it seemed, was drenched in foul urine. Carol was choking, gagging, unable to hold back her revulsion any more. Her panties reeked of piss. Jack sprayed her body in an up and down motion, watching the droplets splash off her thighs, her elbows, her tits, her chin. The young blonde teenager kept her eyes closed tightly, her torso now swaying slightly back and forth as she folded her hands in front of her and waited for the stream to end.

“Man, I’m empty.” Jack said, flicking the last few drops off the head of his prong, then stuffing it back into his Levi’s.

“Hey, your turn, Ron.”

The short blond was ready, holding his small dick in one hand, directing the thick yellow stream right at her crotch. That sudden wet pressure nearly knocked Carol off the floor. She opened her eyes and sobbed, drawing her hands over her crotch. The piss splashed off her knuckles and fingertips.

“Okay,” the young farm boy said, grinning sheepishly at his buddies.

“Whew, you’re a regular shit-bowl, you know that?” Billy said, wrinkling up his nose. The other followed [missing text].

“Let’s hose ‘er down,” Jack said.

Carol let them scoop her from the floor and take her outside. She was as limp as a rag doll. Her will had been stripped from her by this last unspeakable act. Let them do to her what they would!


Carol picked herself up from the ground. She was in a crouching position, her knees sliding across the soft mud. The storm had ended. Occasionally, she could see glimpses of the stars and moon through the tumbling clouds.

The light from the opened barn door illuminated the area where she was sprawled. A cold wind from the north chilled her flesh. Shivering, the blonde teen rubbed her fingers over her arms, clenching her thighs together to protect her warm little pussy.

She was dirty, smelly, fouled. Carol couldn’t stand herself. Her flesh reeked of piss. She’d been nothing more than a human urinal. And now she was crouched down in the dirt, shivering in front of three men while they made all sorts of lewd remarks. The weight of her tits pulled at her upper chest while her fingers clawed into the wet dirt. They were going to clean her up? How, by rolling her around in the mud? Another blast of wind blew her hair out behind her, raising goosepimples all over her body.

“Hey, baby, what’s the matter, a little chilly for you?” Billy called out. He buttoned his shirt, running his fingers through his hair while rocking back and forth on his heels.

“Whew, glad she’s downwind. With all that fucking’ piss on ‘er she’d make me throw up if I smelled it,” Jack said, rubbing his chin with one hand while scratching his balls with the other.

“Yeah, she needs a good bath,” Ron grinned, looking at Billy. Reaching out, he ripped her stained panties off.

The older farm boy walked around to one side of the barn building and uncoiled a long green hose. Carol watched as he flipped the hose over and over, untangling it, muttering curses while Jack helped him and Ron tighten the end fixture to the wall spigot.

In a second they were through.

“Get up and get cleaned,” Billy ordered.

Carol sobbed, pushing her hair from her eyes and staggering to her feet. Another chilly blast made her fold one leg over the other, trying to protect her cunt. The wind made her pussy-hairs flutter as Ron turned on the spigot at Billy’s command.

A blast of ice-cold water smashed into the girl’s rib cage. Carol opened her mouth in surprise, making odd gagging sounds. Billy and Jack worked the heavy hose, playing the stream of cold water over her body. The blonde teenager backed away, her feet slipping on the icy mud as she struggled to keep her balance. But it was so difficult. The streaming jet of water splashed around her, sending up small sprays of mud that pelted her thighs and face.

“Clean ‘er up good. I don’t wanna fuck a toilet seat,” Billy said.

Carol glared at him. For the first time rage overcame her terror. She summoned enough energy and will to spit in his direction. But her action only made her cousin laugh and move the hard stream of water down to her ankles. Unprepared for that, Carol spun around, her arms flailing out helplessly as she fell heavily to the ground.

“Oh, God!” she cried between her clenched teeth, trying to struggle to her feet. But Billy enjoyed watching her struggle in the mud. He directed the stream of water at her crotch. The spray hit the sensitive flesh, opening her wide as the blast of water nearly paralyzed all movement.

Carol screamed, dropping her hands to her crotch. She was going to freeze to death, die of exposure. The wind was picking up, moving her wet hair against her face. The young blonde could feel the droplets of cold water hitting the sensitive folds of her cuntal mouth. Some tickled her clit, creating a strange erotic sensation. Carol scooted back, leaving a trail in the cold mud.

She rolled onto her belly, clawing at the wet dirty, trying to get her pussy away from the moving stream. Her long hair tangled around her neck, catching under her shoulders as the young men followed her carefully. She was covered with slime, shivering like a cornered animal. This was being cleaned up? She fought to get free of the spray. But the boys followed her with it, hitting her ankles with the water whenever Carol seemed to be getting her balance.


The water shot straight up between her thighs. The blast against her asshole felt like a long, cold tongue. The streaks on her buttocks and sides from the belt throbbed under the constant cold pressure of the shooting water.


Carol gasped, her slick body sliding on the wet smooth ground. She didn’t want to turn to face the stream. She could imagine Billy drowning her with the water if he felt like it. The girl tried to turn sideways, keeping her back to her cousin. Her flesh turned blue as the roaring water drove the life from her body. Her tits jiggled, bouncing violently as the girl struggled against the powerful spray.

Billy stepped around, directing the water against all parts of Carol’s body. The young blonde tried to keep her face and tits away. But there was no chance of doing that in the face of her cousin. All the muscles in her body were stiffening and contracting. She turned and twisted every way to keep the water from her face and cunt.

Carol twisted her head around finally. In front of the brightly lit barn doorway were the three men. Billy held the hose level with his cock. For a second, the girl thought of him pissing on her, his bright yellow urine splashing against her face and tits and cunt. Then the hose blasted against her tits. Her nipples twitched, becoming stiff under the constant cold stimulation. She felt the whole mass of each round heavy tit aching with strange arousal. The cold water contrasted oddly with the inner heat throbbing in her books. Carol panted, crying out, putting her hands up to break the constant steady spray of water.

“She clean yet?”

“Gotta take care of her ass, Jack,” Billy said, lowering the hose and shooting the water against the soles of her feet.

Carol cried out, feeling her body slowly becoming numb to the steady cold. In a way, the water was heating up her flesh, almost giving her a pleasurable sensation. She sprawled on her back, weeping as her cousin played the hose from her tits to her cunt.


The heavy rush of water on her clit and her pussy made Carol’s hips rise and fall. She cried out with a mixture of pain and shame, letting her raised knees fail apart. How could she be doing this, in public, and with a stream of cold water? And yet the odd contrast of cold and hot, of rushing water and throbbing cunt, was turning the young teenager on. It was insane, awful! And yet, in spite of this train of thought, her hips still rolled in a fucking motion.

Every time Carol moved her hands over her pussy to try to stop that odd pleasure from the stream, Billy moved the water to blast at her asshole or her nipples. The splashing water bounced off her tits, splashed into her nostrils and mouth, threatening to drown her. Carol then turned her head and gasped, coughing, struggling for air, trying to spit out the water.

Carol had tried but couldn’t hide the wild heat from the young men laughing at her. She knew she was rutting there in front of them. Oh, God, could she be so shameless as to do this terrible thing publicly? The girl put her fist to her mouth and gnawed at her knuckles. No matter how much the hosing aroused her, she didn’t want them to see her starting to come.

“Man, she’s fuckin’ the water,” Ron said, a smile crossing his lips.

“Yeah, fuck, she’s a regular sex machine,” Billy said, impressed by his cousin’s sexuality. He played the stream more carefully now, concentrating on her nipples, cunt and bunghole.

Carol cried out again, feeling the unmistakable pressure and tension in her crotch. She felt the slow opening and closing of her cuntal muscles. Water, cold water, was actually doing this to her. She’d heard stories about how some women achieved orgasm by sitting in a tub and directing a stream of warm water on their cunts. But this was cold water, drawn from the ground. And yet she was turning on to it, actually fucking it!

“Uhhhhh! Uhhhhh!”

It wouldn’t be long before the climax built in her crotch. She closed her eyes and remained totally exposed to the water. She hoped the men would stop when she started to come. If they kept on, she knew she wouldn’t be able to resist.

Carol twisted her hips around, actually looking for the stream. It was starting to feel more and more erotic. The wild, hot, tight feelings in her crotch grew more intense. The water beat at her clit, making Carol clench her teeth tightly together and gasp for air. She was going to come, going to shoot off. The young girl tried to fight off her feelings, but they were so strong she could only float along with them.

Her asscheeks slid on the cold ground. Carol knew all the sweat and piss and cum were washed off her now. But still she wanted to come, to feel that water tickling her pussy while she came and came and came. Gritting her teeth, she tried to force her orgasm.

Then Billy moved the stream from her crotch, blasting it across her tits. Carol thought the freezing water would strangle her. She fought with all her strength for short breaths as water splashed into her mouth and nose. Her chest spasmed, while her pussy ached and throbbed crazily. She heard the young men laughing.

Totally out of control, Carol wanted to scream. The water and the gut-wrenching force of her cum wouldn’t let her. She thrashed on the ground, agonized by the growing tension in her snatch. She knew her mind was fading even as she tried to regain control of her body. The sound of the rushing water drowned everything out.

“Ohhh, yeah, baby, come on, come on the water, go on bitch, work it on out,” Billy said. He moved the water up and down, fucking her with the stream, closing his eyes and pressing the hose against his crotch. He was fucking her, using the water was an extension of his dick. Opening her pussy with the stream, tickling her clit with it, spreading her asscheeks while making her jerk and twitch on the wet ground, make him gasp for breath. He thought he was going to shoot off right there in his pants. The young farm boy struggled for control, inhaling deep breaths while leaving off touching his stiff dick. No, he had other plans for his cock. He knew he was ready to fuck with his cousin again. Now she was cleaned off, hot, ready to trot, ready to submit to more of his perversions without a whimper. “Nooooo!”

Carol rolled over, feeling the water blasting against the spasming ring of her asshole. The girl strangled on her sobs and gasps, her breath driven out of her lungs by her powerful orgasm. The bright light streaming from the barn doorway darkened as her nerves exploded. With a howl, the girl rolled away from the cold mud, landing in a clump of high grass.

Billy followed her, blasting the dirt and hay from her flesh while Carol thrashed, crying out wild, broken phrases as she dropped over the edge and into the throes of orgasm.

Carol dragged her clawed fingers over the dry, cold ground now as if she were trying to get away from the wild power of her own reaction. Her flesh was painfully tight, stretched over her bones and muscles by the chill. The tightness of her hard nipples hurt. Everything seemed to throb in her body as the last droplets of the cleansing stream of water fell away. Now the young blonde could feel the cold wind even more. She was going to die from exposure, she knew it! Carol crawled slowly over the clean dry grass, still clawing to get away.

The naked, tortured, still-climaxing young woman managed to stagger up to her feet, her head snapping as she still felt her pussy climaxing. Billy turned the hose on the blonde’s asscheeks, making those fleshy globes jiggle and spread apart. Carol felt her pussy-walls crash down and grind against nothing. She thought of cocks, of tongues, of anything that would fit inside her pussy. Rolling on her back, the teenager rubbed her right hand over her spasming cuntal mound, feeling the furry labes moving under her pressure. Oh, how good it was to climax!

Carol lay there for several minutes while the boys shut off the hose and rolled it up by the side of the barn. She was floating half in a dream. Her head lolled. Two of the boys were carrying her back into the barn. What else could they possible do to her?

Everything was light again. She squinted, turning her face away from the brightness. Carol felt someone covering her with a coarse woolen horse blanket. One of the boys shifted his grip on her torso and shoved her forward.

“Let’s get ‘er on the table. We’ll show ‘er how to behave, not to trot that little ass of hers around and tease guys,” Billy growled.

“I swear, I haven’t done that. Oh, Billy, haven’t you done enough to me? I’m your cousin, your own cousin,” she sobbed, wiping tears from her eyes.

“Man, it’s worse when you don’t know what the fuck you’ve been doin’. All you cunts are the same… tease a dude, then not put out. Well, you’re gonna put-out… lots tonight,” Billy said as Ron and Jack pulled the blanket off her shoulders and forced her down on a saddle table.

She was in another stall.

In the center of the table was a drawer. Billy now opened it, dipping his hand in and drawing out a weird assortment of metal objects. They all looked like things that would be used on the farm. But on closer inspection, Carol saw these weren’t work instruments. Her uncle had nothing like this in his basement.

Billy tugged her thighs widely apart as Jack and Ron held her arms back, pressing her wrists against the back of the table. Billy took the first stirrup-like clamp and opened the screw, slipping the cold metal over her cuntlips and tightening it down. Carol stiffened her back, throwing her head to one side and letting out a low moan. Her tits rolled gently forward, slapping back, on her chest as she felt the cold metal pressing at first gently, then far more intensely against her labes. Billy had her cunt-lip trapped in the screw and was tugging it against her thigh.

“Yeah,” Billy said, smiling as the young teenager gritted her teeth in pain. The pulling sensation was grueling. All the beating she’d, received earlier paled under the possible agony waiting her. Carol watched as her cousin took out another screw and clamped it to her left labe, screwing it against her other thigh. Her cunt-lips were pulled far apart now. Oh, God, how grotesque!

“How about the rings?” Ron said, licking his lips in excitement. He and Jack pulled her arms back tightly, feeling a thrill of power when Carol moaned. Her shoulders and arms were aching.

“Sure… but not for the ears, Carol,” Billy said, taking out a pair of heavy rings from the drawer, opening them, then attaching them to her nipples. Carol shivered under the heavy pull of the metal on her cunt-lips and her tit-tips. They were pushing her to the limit, watching to see what would drive her mad. No, no, she wouldn’t give Billy and his friends the pleasure of watching her break down in front of them. They could throw anything they wanted at her, even laugh as they forced her to come. There seemed to be nothing she could do to control her pussy. But Carol could control her stamina, finding new strength in her sexuality to oppose these boys, to fight off their struggle to bring her to heel. They could make her cum shamelessly, but they couldn’t crush her in the dirt permanently. She clenched her teeth, refusing to scream. She had to survive.

Billy took out some cord and threw it to Jack. The two young farm boys bound her wrists to the legs of the table, stretching her arms over her head. The cord was thin, cutting into the already chafed flesh. Carol knew the more she struggled the more damage she’d do to her wrists.

“Tight up there?” Billy asked, pulling more rope from the drawer.

“Hog-tied!” Ron yelled.

Carol’s cousin bound her ankles to her thighs with the thicker twine, making sure, her knees would point up straight in the air. Then he attached a broad loop to one knee, ran the twine under the table, then slid it around her other knee. Carol saw that this method of knotting prevented her from snapping her knees and thighs together. She was completely opened now, vulnerable to anything.

“Okay,” he told her as she lay there, “I’m really gonna start on you.”

Carol groaned. Her body was distorted, pain cramping her muscles. As she watched, Billy opened his shirt, tugging open his Levi’s, pushing them down to his knees. Ron and Jack did the same. She stretched her neck, watching as the three men worked their fingers over their limp cocks until their rods grew thick and long.

“I’ve beaten the fuck outta you with this thing,” Billy said, holding his belt in his hand and trailing the tip over her thighs, “But I ain’t never hit down there.”

Billy snapped his hand back, and jerked it forward, letting the looped belt strike down hard at her clit.

“Eeeeeyyyahhhhh!” Carol shrieked. She couldn’t believe anything could hurt like that. Agonizing pain ripped through her crotch, radiating to all parts of her body. The girl’s back arched, her head snapping from side to side while her fingers and toes fanned out. The muscles bulged out against her welted flesh as scream after scream ripped from her throat.

Billy waited until his cousin calmed down, then struck at her pussy again. Carol bounced her asscheeks wildly on the table, desperately puffing at the twine cutting into her skin at every move, trying to get away. The girl tried to clamp her thighs together, but of course the ropes held her cunt wide open. Was this the ultimate torture? Was he going to ruin her for life? Looking up at Billy’s savage, twisted face, Carol was sure he was!


The pulling of the screws seemed to increase the intensity of the pain as Billy concentrated his light whipping of Carol’s pussy. The girl wallowed her shoulders against the table, pulling wildly at the ropes, ignoring the chafing against her wrists and ankles. Every muscle in her body tensed and strained. The twine gouged, sliding back and forth against the blonde’s wrists and the table. Billy kept striking her body, whipping heir thighs, knees and cunt with the looped belt until he had his cousin screaming crazily. Carol realized dimly that her rape and further experience with Billy and his friends made her discover this awful streak of hidden masochism in her. The more pain she felt, the more actual pleasure built in her body. Looking at Billy, she saw his trip was different — he enjoyed inflicting pain, enjoyed watching others suffer as he crushed them in the dirt under his boot. Yes, they made a perfect, unholy match. As the belt crashed down again the thrill of pleasure overpowered the pain. Slowly her body was getting used to the beating, deadening itself to the pain.

“Beg, bitch!” he demanded, holding the belt in front of her, dangling it like a noose.

“No, no, you go to hell!” she screamed back.

“Fuckin’ bitch!”

But there was no anger in this comment. Instead, Billy seemed to enjoy what she said, hoping she’d repeat herself when he finished with her.

Throwing the belt to one side, he jumped onto the table, his mouth hungrily looking for hers. When he found it, he chewed on her lips, drawing blood.


Carol felt a power she’d never sensed before flowing through her veins. For a second, she thought she could tear through the ropes. Sexuality made her muscles tense, her blood race, her heart pound wildly. Then she realized something hot and wet was touching her forehead. Rolling her eyes up, the girl saw two fat, dark-red cock-heads. Ron and Jack were moving their dicks over her forehead, grunting with pleasure. She was surrounded with cock-meat. Carol arched her back again, feeling a rush of unholy lust course through her veins.

“You wanna get fucked again — fucked like this, pinned down? Man, you’re gonna get it whether you want it or not,” Billy growled, moving his face down her throat and biting the side of her neck.

Carol’s body squirmed and strained under his pawing hands as he drove his tongue into her mouth. Carol wanted to bite the wiggling thing. But oh, what it was doing to her mind. She felt her throat tighten, her heart beat quickly, her cunt wink shut with heat. His tongue fluttered in and out of her mouth, now caressing her lips, now driving back in over her tonsils and nearly touching the back of her throat. He grabbed her hair with one of his large hands while he slid his other under the girl’s butt and squeezed the tortured asscheeks. The pressure of his fingers against her rounded buns only inflamed her burning lust more.


The sounds coming from her mouth could have been screams. But Billy’s mouth blocked the way. The young boy hoped they were screams. Knowing he had tied and beaten his cousin into a sexual frenzy nearly made him shoot his wad right there.

Carol could taste his spit running down her throat. And even though one part of her wanted to claw him to pieces, another part enjoyed the flames of wild thrills building higher and higher in her pussy. Her body didn’t care about how her cousin was treating her. Her body wanted more excitement, more stimulation. She felt his hot breath against her forehead, in her nostrils. Carol knew he was going to fuck her again, fuck her without mercy, fuck her with those horrible-looking screws pulling her labes apart. She didn’t care. Yes, those clamps were actually adding to the excitement. Their screw-like handles were rubbing against her slick, velvety cuntal surfaces, drawing more juice up from her snatch.


The pressure of the screws on her cunt-lips and nipples made her beg silently for Billy’s cock. She thought of the first time he fucked her and she gasped for air. Now she could feel his dick rubbing against her inner thighs, sliding up and down her legs, getting closer to her snatch. There was still some pain. And something told the young girl that the pain would actually make her orgasm that much more intense.

“Ohhh, baby, hey, get that dick outta my face!” Billy cried out. Ron had become carried away and shoved his dick over the girl’s face nearly into the farm boy’s eye.

“Sorry. Shit, almost came,” he panted.

Carol felt wild thrills surge through her as Billy shoved his fat cock into her belly. He ground his hips from side to side, sliding the fat, overheated dick-head over her sensitive flesh. Carol felt the hot tip and groaned once more. Tears streamed out from under her closed eyes. Her face was a mask of lust and desire as she gasped loudly. Billy still was tonguing her wildly, clawing at her writhing body. Her head throbbed with desire as she felt the two dicks working in her hair. The two boys above her were getting hotter, jacking off in her blonde hair. She’d be swimming in a sea of jizz soon.

“Man, you’re somethin’ else,” Billy gasped, pulling his mouth away from hers. Soon his lips were all over her face, kissing her cheeks, her throat, sucking her tits. His fingers traveled over her body, pinching her nipples. He used the flat of his palm to massage her clit, dipping his fingers into her hole to draw up more juice.

Hate filled Carol’s mind. She loathed this young man now beyond belief. He had betrayed her, a member of her own family… betrayed and humiliated her in front of his friends. If she could have wrapped her fingers around a knife and plunged it in his belly she would have. But she was tied up helplessly, a victim to her cousin’s warped desires.

And yet his kisses aroused her body. She couldn’t deny the stiffness of her nipples and clit, the wetness of her excited flesh. And strangely enough, what she enjoyed most of all was the pain. In her overheated brain, Carol reasoned that it was punishment for letting herself enjoy all the warped sex she’d been having. And she deserved every bit of pain. Yes, yes, she loved what was going on between her legs. She enjoyed being fucked by all these men, enjoyed their laughter, their humiliation, their cruelty. Once again she concentrated on the two dicks sliding in and out of her hair. Yes, she wanted to feel their cum spurting against her scalp, wetting down her skin, making the strands cling together.

Her big tits heaved up and down as Billy’s fingers pulled on her ringed nipples. She bit at him, only to have him slap her. It was obvious the young boy enjoyed hurting her. He knew she loved pain. Carol’s buttocks thumped on the table, her ankles straining to tear free of the rapes.

In a moment Billy raised his asscheeks, dragging his dick-head up to her cunt-hole. Carol felt him centering his cock, then pushing it down, letting it sink into her swampy, musky cunt.

“Ohhhhhhh!” she cried with a shiver, wallowing her body against the table. She felt the young man’s dick sink into her pussy, pushing away the itchy, velvety lining. He was going so deeeeeep! The blonde teen heard squishy sounds as Billy’s prong split her cunt in two.

“Oh, yeah, baby, yeah, you’re still a good tight fuck!”

“Man, I’m gonna shoot!” Ron suddenly cried, his body snapping back.

“Me, too!” Jack added.

“Hey, don’t shoot off in my face or I’ll cut your fuckin’ dicks off!”

Billy’s two friends twisted to one side, holding strands of her hair around their throbbing dicks. Carol cried out, thrashing as best she could on the table. Her legs scraped across the barn floor as both Ron and Jack fired their jizz into her hair.

“Think about it, baby, think about that rich cum shootin’ off! Baby, I got that and more.”

Carol bit her lips, rolling her eyes up, trying to see the two men as they came in her hair. At times she felt something ooze against her scalp. That, she was sure, was some of their hot spunk. Their grunts mixed with hers and Billy’s. The air was thick with sex, stinking with the odor of cum, piss and sweat. This was heaven for the girl… to be surrounded by these men, to be the object of their desires, to be swimming in jizz.

“Oh, yeah!”

Billy drew his dick back halfway, then pushed it back in deep.

“Oh, God, God!”

Carol was going crazy. His dick seemed to be pulling out her insides. She felt her pussy-walls collapse behind the retreating head. This was awful… terrible… wonderful! The young girl felt the itching, burning sensation in and around her cunt and it was driving her crazy. She thrust back up at her cousin’s hammering dick, her ass weaving and swirling while her back arched over the table top.

“Man, she’s goin’ nuts!” Ron commented, flicking the last few droplets of jizz from his cockhead.

Billy’s fingernails clawed at her nipples. Carol grunted and sobbed with the pain. The combination of the awful stretching in her cunt and the gouging, tearing pain around her nipples was almost too much. All she wanted, was to have the feeling increase until the wild swelling and spinning knot in her belly swept over her.

Carol cursed and slavered, her head rolling from side to side. She clawed desperately at nothing, driving her shoulders back and forth against the table top. Billy instinctively pulled at the rings clamped tightly to her nipples, watching her shiver and thrash. The twisting, scratching sensation in her tit tips was like a fire that raced through all her nerves.


Carol growled like a dog. Low, harsh noises ripped at her throat. The knot of lust in her crotch was about to explode. She hated that feeling, hated the dick and hands causing it. And yet the girl wished she could embrace Billy, run her fingers through his hair, scissor her legs around his humping lower back.

The girl tried to hold off. No, she didn’t want to come right now. She wanted to feel the maximum amount of pleasure, and something told Carol there was still more to be had.

“Ride it out, Carol, come on,” Billy panted, riding her with insane fuck-thrusts.


The knot of tension in her belly slipped. She knew the young man’s dick was ready to go off at any second. His cock seemed to thicken. The pounding beat of his prick-thrusts slowed for a second, then resumed more viciously than before. Carol heard Billy grunt. Then suddenly he stopped, backing off, pulling his throbbing cock out slowly. The blonde teenager shivered with frustration. She’d been close, oh so close, and now he was holding back both his and her orgasm.

“Gonna go for the mouth again, babe. Don’t wanna spoil your snatch for somethin’ else,” Billy said. “I’d gonna untie your fuckin’ hands. Try anything and I’ll make sure ol’ Ranger goes a little crazy with you understand?”

Carol nodded her head up and down. She would have agreed to anything now. Billy was soon on her, his dick out of her hole, wagging like a fat tail in front of her glazed eyes as he pressed his knees into her arms, reached down and untied her wrists. The girl sighed. How good it was to have those ropes off her flesh. She rubbed her injured wrists together and shuddered.

“Open up!”

Carol’s face was streaked with perspiration. Her long blonde hair was fanned out on the table. She looked up and saw the wolf-like stare of Billy. He wanted her more than ever, in the most perverse ways, she thought. His knees pressed harder into her arm muscles as he leaned forward, taking the weight off his butt. With one hand he twisted strands of her cum-streaked hair in his fingers while his other hand gripped his cock and aimed the head at her tightly closed lips. He prodded her mouth with the tip of his prong, a few drops of cum smearing over her lips. Then the hand holding her hair tugged her head up, making his dick press harder against her mouth.

“I said open up. Come on, it shouldn’t be hard. Shit, you done it!”

Billy stared down, watching his dick tremble with anticipation. He wanted to cram the full length down her throat until her lips were being scrubbed by his curly cock hairs. He enjoyed fucking a woman’s mouth, the best way to make a girl humble.

Carol stared at his fat cock, seeing it with a mixture of fascination and repulsion. She’d seen it so often. But now on the table, pinned like a laboratory experiment, Carol saw his cock as more menacing. Slowly she opened her mouth, unable to fight back.

“Yeah, yeah!” Billy whispered, sucking in deep breaths as he fed her his prong. “Get your fuckin’ fingers around it and start jackin’ it back and forth.”

As he talked, he reached back and grabbed her tiny clit between his thumb and forefinger. He twisted harder, hearing the young woman sigh with pain. Carol thought she was going to pass out as the pinching became more intense. And yet more pussy-oil seeped out of her hole.

“Fuck, fuck!”

Billy’s fingers tightened around Carol’s clit as her lips pressed harder around his dick-head. Carol felt lightning shoot through her and sparks jump from her aunt as the hand kept tightening, ready to yank her clit from her body. She cried out again and again, her screams muffled by the mouthful of dick meat. The warmth and wetness of her mouth and tongue over his dick sent shivers through Billy. He stared heavy-lidded down at the girl. There was more than just the physical act of having his cousin suck him off. There was a real joy in watching her mouth moving round the big prong without having to tell the girl what to do. She hated him. That Billy knew. He also realized part of her was repulsed by everything he forced her to commit. But the young man reveled in the blonde’s struggle against herself, the struggle of morality versus the desire to submit to every perversion the farm boy threw at her.

The pain of her clit being twisted added a new weird dimension of delight to the thrills racing through her body. And the fast jerking rod pushing into her mouth was adding to the wild, throbbing sensations. She parted her lips a little more, making sucking sounds as she licked at the underside of his dick. Carol could taste her cunt-juice on Billy’s mouth-fucking rod. At times she felt his balls scrape over her chin and press against her nose. There was the pungent aroma of the young man’s sweaty groin as he moved his hips back and forth, feeding the willing girl his fat prick.


Carol caressed the young man’s fat, leathery nuts lovingly. She instinctively knew what to do, knew how to excite Billy as he hammered the fat dick-head against the back of her throat.

“Take her in the cunt, man.” Jack said.

“Yeah, yeah, gotta do it that way,” Billy panted, pulling his dick out with a squishy popping sound. Spittle and cum drooled from the corners of Carol’s mouth. Before she could focus in on what had happened, Billy was sprawled over her, his dick slipping between her bloated cunt-lips.


Billy stabbed his hard cock into her savagely. The girl bubbled and gurgled with a mixture of pain and lust, arousing Billy all the more. His hands gripped her shoulders while the girl raked his back with her long fingernails. The hugeness of his fucking cock made her feel everything against her cuntal walls at once as he kept on stabbing his cock into her mercilessly. He pulled all the way back, letting the flanged red head rest in the opening of her cunt-hole. Carol went crazy, bit her lips, worked her hips back and forth, screamed for his dick. That was all he could take.

The young farm boy lunged forward, his hips slamming against Carol’s as he nailed his dick into the center of her cunt. Her hot pussy-tunnel clamped shut, holding his dick tightly in place. Carol felt the world exploding. She was cumming, heaving her pussy against his pelvis. She heaved and gasped, seeing whirling stars explode in her head. Convulsions shook both of them again and again as the big young man fired off his load in Carol’s clenching pussy.


The force of that last orgasm had knocked Carol almost unconscious. She lay on the table, moaning for minutes after Billy had slipped his dick from her snatch and wiped it off with an old towel handed to him by Jack. He hitched up his Levi’s looking around and smiling at the drooling snatch in front of him, pulled wide apart by the ropes holding her knees apart and by the screws still clamped to her labes.

“Untie her fuckin’ legs, and get those screws off her cunt!”

Jack and Ron worked quickly, slipping the loops from her knees, then unlacing the thinner ropes holding her wrists tightly to the table.

When they were through, Ron and Jack slipped their arms under Carol’s and scooped her up off the table, feeling her tits, working their fingers over her wet cunt, making lewd suggestions as they lowered her to the floor.

Carol rolled over on her belly, clawing at the dirt, trying to get away. But she had no energy left. She wanted to sleep, sleep deeply as if in a coma. And yet she knew the boys weren’t about to let her relax. They still wanted a show. No pleas, no reasoning would deter them from that path.

“Get on over,” Billy growled, slipping one toe under her sides and kicking her onto her back.

“Stop it! Oh, God, let me go! I’m not gonna do your filthy things!”

Then suddenly everything went black. Even later the girl wasn’t sure if she had fainted or if someone had sneaked behind her and knocked her out. All she realized was that the sleep she’d been wanting finally came. With a groan, Carol sank to the floor.

The blonde teen had no idea how long she’d been unconscious. Slowly she awoke, stifling a groan when she thought she heard movement nearby. Even though she was awake Carol wanted them to think she still slept. Let her have a few more minutes rest before they go at her again.

Carol lay quietly for several moments, then slowly opened her eyes and looked around. No one was there. She lay where she’d fallen — naked, shivering, partly covered with stubble. In a flash the girl thought of escape. Certainly her aunt and uncle would soon be on the road back here. They could find her as she ran down toward them. But would they believe her story? It sounded wild, strange. How could they believe her, a near stranger, especially when she told them about their own son?

Carol drew one hand up to her mouth, stifling the sobs. She was alone, abandoned here. People would laugh at her, accuse her of making up stories, of trying to put the blame on her cousin for what she started.

Then she thought of all the pain she’d endured at the hands of men. They were the ones who beat her, humiliated her.


The boys teased Carol mercilessly for the next half-hour. Billy yanked her from the floor and forced her to parade around than while they beat her asscheeks, shoved her down, then kicked her, calling her all sorts of vile names.

Carol sobbed, begging them to stop, knowing full well they wouldn’t.

“Goddamned little slut,” Billy snarled, stopping his beating and staring hotly down at his cousin. Carol fought back the tears, wiping the few that oozed from her eyes with her clenched fists. Oh, God, how she ached all over. When would this end? When would her aunt and uncle come in from town and put a stop to this night? The young girl hung her head, clawing desperately at the loose straw on the barn floor, letting her hair fall over her face and touch the ground. She was in a crouching position, crouching like a bitch, like the bitch everyone was calling her.

She looked up and saw the swell of his hot cock-meat inside his Levi’s bulge out. He was ready to put her through hell once more.

“Hey, man, we really ain’t got into the fuckin’ bitch,” Ron protested.

Billy raised his eyebrows. This was something new. Usually his buddies went, along with everything he said and did.

“Okay, okay, we got time. Ma and pa ain’t gonna be back for a while. Hey, bitch, you gotta take care of my buddies.”

Carol saw she was being passed around like some piece of meat. They were all having their bite.

Carol felt her scalp crawl. Tucking her feet under her ass, the girl struggled up, tearing loose of Ron and backing away. She shook her head slowly from side to side, her eyes wide with fear. Carol held her hands tightly to her belly.

“No, no, you’re not going to do that to me. Oh, God, you’ve pushed me too far,” she said in a low, trembling voice.

Her sudden defiance took Billy and his friends by surprise. Carol saw this and decided to take quick advantage of it. Twisting around, she made a break for the door.

“Get ‘er!”

Carol lifted the heavy bar locking the door and slid it to the ground with a grunt. She pressed her naked shoulder to the door, shoving with all her might. When she felt cool air strike her forehead, she smiled, knowing escape was only seconds away.

“Man, she’s gonna make it!”

The warning sounded like music to Carol’s ears.

The whole process of attempted escape had taken only seconds… perhaps less than that. And yet she was still far from safe. The dog! They could sic him on her, tear her to pieces before they even got near her.

When she slipped out from the barn and started running full speed, the girl decided that would have to be a chance she’d take. Carol thought she couldn’t take much more of the beating and humiliation.

Where should I run? There was fog everywhere, obscuring the most familiar of landmarks. Carol felt the damp air settle on her flesh, leaving tiny droplets on her skin as she ran blindly in the dark. Behind her she could hear the boys shouting and the Doberman barking. Thank God for the fog. They were just as blind as she was. And as the wind was at her back, the dog wouldn’t be able to pick up her scent.

Carol had just finished congratulating herself on outwitting the boys when she stumbled over a pail, pitching forward and crashing to the ground with a scream. The loss of time and her noisy fall alerted her pursuers. She saw their shapes coming through the fog.

“Oh, God, no, no!” she screamed hoarsely, holding her hands to the sides of her head. “Why did you let me get this far?”

She smelled a foul breath and turned. It was Jack, grinning at her with his glazed eyes. He grabbed her arm and pulled her away from where she’d fallen. Carol kept screaming and twisting, clawing at the young man’s fingers, trying to get away again. Mother pair of hands pawed her body. Jack? Billy? It didn’t matter anymore. Let them fuck her again and again. Let them string her up from the trees and beat her. What was the difference?

Jack threw her on the ground, shoving a knee on her belly and slapped her hard across the mouth.

“Maybe we should carve out her pussy. That’d take care of her problems,” the young man said, reaching in his back pocket and pulling out a switchblade. He pressed a small button on the top of the ivory handle and a long silvery blade shot out with a snap.

“NO!” Carol screamed, her eyes bugging out. She could sense a growing insanity among the three boys as they stood in the fog, their hair getting wet from the heavy damp air.

“Let’s get ‘er outta here. Don’t want my folks seein’ what we’re doin’ if they get back early,” Billy warned.

Jack and Ron dragged her kicking, biting and screaming from the area where she’d fallen into a ditch. Carol still twisted around, trying to get away as they pulled her beyond the area, dragging her finally into the brush back near the barn. The prickly weeds tore at her face and snagged her hair. Carol shut her eyes, wondering what they were going to do next.


“Shut ‘er up!”

The two boys dropped her near a fallen tree, one of them jamming a foul-smelling handkerchief in her mouth. Carol struggled, hitting Ron in the face. The young man struck back, knocking her to the ground with a muffled curse.

“Man, she’s a fuckin’ prize. Even though we’ve been fuckin’ the shit outta her, site’s still better ‘n most of the cunts up here,” Jack said, his voice thick with emotion.

They were both squatting down next to her, holding her by the knees and shoulders. Carol’s eyes were wide and unblinking. A pulse erupted in her throat. She could feel her cunt getting hot again, spilling out more juice. Ron and Jack each took a tit and squeezed and fondled it. She was going to take on both of them… that she was certain of. Of course, when Billy made her blow him, the two friends jacked off in her hair. But that was different. Now she was, going to feel both cocks in her… possibly at the same time! The thought of that made her boil with anticipation.

“Fuckin’, baby, that’s all that matters,” Jack said, getting up and unhitching his pants. Ron followed suit, Billy standing guard over the girl and fingering his swollen dick through his trousers. Once more the girl scrambled to her feet and darted backward on her knees. She fell back into the brush, stumbled, pitched down on her ass. The men laughed and got hold of her, pulling her back into the small clearing.

“Get ‘er over the fuckin’ tree.”

The boys shoved Carol down over a fallen trunk, pulling her hands behind her back and holding them there while they shoved her crotch against the rough bark. The young blonde twisted her head around to see what was happening. Her eyes were wide with lust and terror. Sweat made her bare ass glisten under the dim moonlight. Her cheeks were clenched. She pressed her crotch against the wide, dead trunk. The rough trunk scratched her cunt pleasantly. How good that sensation was of bark scratching against her hard clit. She bent her knees, opened wide enough to get her clit against the rough exterior.

“Man, this cunt is fuckin’ unreal,” Ron said. “She’s fuckin’ the Goddamned tree!”

“Can’t have that!”

Billy slapped her hard in the butt, backed up, then aimed the toe of one boot right for her asscrack. Carol tensed, waiting for the blow. It came with a terrible force, knocking the wind from her, making her cry out in pain and frustration. When would this horror end? Once more she thought of her aunt and uncle, of their devotion to their only son, and the cruel deception fate played on them! He had taken her, an innocent virgin, and in the space of less than one week turned her into a screaming sex maniac. Every square inch of her young body had been cruelly violated. She had been subjected to the worst kinds of sex imaginable. And still he kept at her, kept degrading her, humiliating her, hurting her until she was almost mad with terror.

“She’s all wet in there,” Ron said, sticking one finger up her cunt. Involuntarily her pussy snapped shut, trapping the young man’s finger up to the second joint. Carol ground her teeth together, moving her crotch more carefully back and forth over the trunk. Yes, oh, how good it felt to have those sharp wooden shards piercing her clit, making her juice run all the more heavily out of her slot. She felt Ron’s finger move around inside like a tiny worm, his dirty fingernails scraping the sides of her cunt.

“Fuck ‘er so I can get a crack at her pussy,” Jack said impatiently.

Ron moved in position, running his hands up and down her spine, tucking his knees under her buttocks and centering his drooling cock-head over her fuck-slit. He drove in, the wet lips cushioning his hard driving upward thrust.


Carol twisted her head, throwing her long hair back and forth. She felt the strands tangle with the branches in front of her. A wild riot erupted in her pussy. Never before had she been so easily aroused. Time and time again this evening she’d felt her pussy rise to the occasion, heat up and juice only minutes after the last sexual outrage. But now her cunt seemed to be in a continual state of heat, flaring up from a slow simmer whenever a man touched her cunt or looked at her in a certain way.

Had they turned her into an insatiable nymphomaniac?

As Ron pummeled her snatch, digging his fingertips hard into her butt and thighs, the girl felt her tits flopping back and forth, scraping against the tree trunk. Everything in her body exploded with lust. Her belly muscles contracted, matching the throbbing rhythm of her stimulated pussy. She shook her ass, making the heavy muscles dance and jiggle. She was driving herself wild, driving the young man behind her wild.

“Man, she’s good, she’s… unnnghhh!”

Oh, no, no! Carol had secretly been hoping that both of them would fuck her at the same time. She wasn’t brazen enough yet to beg for that. But still she’d hoped that somehow one of them would read her mind, would throw her on the ground and shove his dick in her cunt while the other tried to fuck her in the ass.

“Fuck, gonna… shoot!”

Carol screamed, matching his strangled sound of triumph. The ferocity of his lust was matched by hers. Fucking this way in this obscene, doggie-like position drove her to wild sexual heights. Oh, yes, she enjoyed being raped and beaten this way. All her complaints evaporated under the heat of her raging pussy. The humiliation was a small price to pay for the wonderful sensations burning her. Ron had fucked her quickly, his cum scalding the sides of her cunt and spilling out onto her thighs. His jizz caked on her thick pussy-hairs, the force of his attack wrinkling her cunt-lips. He drew out his cock, grunting like a satisfied animal.

“She good?”

“Man, like nothin’ you ever fucked before. She milks your cock, milks it!” Ron said with surprise.

Carol groaned. It was true. She felt her pussy muscles contracting, relaxing, then contracting again, grabbing at the hammering dick, letting it go, then clenching at it again. She was so hot she couldn’t control what was happening down there. Her cunt had taken on a life of its own.

“She gobbles it up.”

Ron laughed, pushing his dick back into his Levi’s. Now she was the subject of derision, something to be used, laughed at and thrown away.

“Okay, man, get outta the way. I’m next.”

Somewhere in the distance Carol heard the birds singing. It was the calm after that terrible storm that had driven her aunt and uncle into town to help the less fortunate. A faint breeze came up, fresh and clean, bringing in the smell of the wet grass and ground ahead. The fog was breaking up. Everything was deceptively peaceful.

Jack came over. Carol gasped and tensed, breathing deeply through her nose. She wondered what more degradation would be worked against her.

As with Ron, Billy’s other friend took Carol quickly, holding onto her butt, drilling his cock into her with little ceremony. With each fucking thrust, the blonde woman imagined how big his dick must be. Neither of the men had anything the size of Billy. Still their cocks had stirred up a morass of emotions, making her pant for more dick-meat.

“Man, gonna shoot!”

The strained quality of his voice told Carol the young man was near orgasm. She clenched her thighs, wiggling them back and forth, feeling the hard bark scraping her flesh as bursts of hot jizz spattered against her cuntal walls. Ohhh, she was being stuffed with cum. Billy laughed as he watched Jack’s spunk drive out Ron’s. The young girl shivered as she felt the hot liquid burn down the backs of her legs.

“Man, hot little twat!” Jack said, pulling his cock out with a squishy sound.

“And she’s still ready for more,” Billy observed. He raised one leg and pressed his toe against her cunt. They watched as Carol shivered, moved her ass back and tilted it up as if she were ready for more cock.

“Man, she’ll take on anything any time!” Ron commented dryly.

“How about that knife?”

Jack had shoved the switchblade back in his rear pocket. But when Billy made that suggestion he grinned, reached back, and pulled out the ivory handled instrument. Pressing the button, the young man smiled more broadly, twisting the blade back and forth, staring at the cutting edge, then moving his eyes down to Carol’s butt.

“Oh, no!” she moaned, her eyes bugging out when she saw what was going to happen. She tried to fight down the new surge of growing terror. Being fucked and beaten with a bolt was one thing. But this, this could kill her. She had been so close to mutilation so many times that for a few seconds the threat of this blade did little for her. Then the thought that the instrument could do far more damage than a belt or whip scorched her mind.

“Let ‘er squeal, just like the pig she is,” Billy said.

Carol raised her head, eyes wide, and focused on the knife. Her lower lip pouted and quivered, Jack let the blade move almost as if it had its own power. Down it went, shaving the tiny body hairs growing out of her buttocks. Carol let out a shivery moan, her flesh puckering up into goosepimples. Then Jack let the blade cut the girl’s asscheeks, drawing a faint trickle of blood.

Carol screamed, throwing her head back. Jack laughed and bore down harder, making a tiny slit in her smooth rounded buttocks. Her hands beat the earth, scattering the brown and gray twigs. Her legs stirred dust. Caked mud flew up in all directions as she struggled with her tormentors.

The blonde teen screamed again, twisting, trying to break free. But it was futile. The knife traced a circular trail down to her pussy. Carol tensed, waiting for the blade to cut out her snatch. That was what they’d threatened to do to her, and she was certain they would carry out their threat.


The difference between the cold cutting blade and her hot pussy-lips made her snatch tremble, then snap shut. The edge of the knife cut into her trembling outer labes, leaving tiny silts that burned as her snatch-juice trickled over them.

“Stop it!” Carol pleaded. Her chest hurt from the growing terror. Her breath came in gasps. Soon, soon it would be all over. Soon they would kill her and she would be at peace. Death, Carol began to think, would be the only way she could escape.


“Hey, my old man’s gonna be home soon. Let’s get ‘er down and get outta here,” Billy said.

Jack twisted the blade in the girl’s pussy, watching as she bobbed her ass, moving it away from him, then plunging it back. Carol shamelessly felt her juice flowing out from her cunt-hole, burning like acid into the tiny slits caused by the cutting edge of that big switchblade. The thought that he could mutilate her for life with that knife excited the boil out of her.

Then Jack dragged the end of the blade back to the bottom of her cunt-mouth, slid it up to her clit and toyed with her clit.

“No, don’t… cut… that…”

Her face was a mask of extreme concentration.

Buzzing, spinning flashes of terror tore through her mind as the big farm boy slowly moved the tip of the knife wound and around her tiny sex organ.

Involuntarily, Carol shoved her ass back at Jack. The tip of the knife slipped around the rim of her cunt, then moved away.

“All right, man,” Jack said reluctantly, taking the knife away and closing the blade.

Carol let out her breath, her muscles slackening. Something told her ordeal was nearly over. One or two more hurdles and she’d be through with it.

Carol almost laughed, pressing her knuckles in her mouth and shaking her head from side to side.

Carol shook her head violently back and forth, trying to drive thoughts like those away. Still, some shreds of decency remained, the girl thought grimly to herself. Still, something was telling her not to do this.

The blonde girl didn’t care if Billy and his friends stood over her and watched or not. The last shred of decency left her. Now the only thing remaining was her cunt… a throbbing, pulsing organ that had to be satisfied with anything at hand. She growled, biting her fingers, sliding her face over the tough tree trunk, feeling her pussy grow hotter, wetter and tighter under the man’s ministrations. She let out short gasps in between her moans, feeling her cunt closing down on his prick. Ohh, how she wished she could have something inside her, something big, something that would stretch her pussy membranes apart. Carol wanted to be fucked, to have that sensation of being filled. As awful as the boys were, at least they had big dicks, had something that took care of the raging fire in her pussy.


Carol twisted her body, dipping her ass, making her asscheeks shiver as they glistened with spit. She was swaying from side to side, clawing now, splitting her fingernails. Oh, why couldn’t the licking be harder. Carol took another sharp breath, backing into the man, wagging her ass slowly from side to side.

The girl’s juicy cunt-lips clicked around his prick. Carol’s head spun around. What kind of strange world had she entered now? What kind of weird thing was she embracing? And now the man was edging his teeth against the hollows of her thighs. Carol cried out. He lapped noisily at her cunt, shoving his tongue into her pussy and searching around for the most sensitive spots on the young woman.

That touch brought a whimpery gasp from the girl’s throat. Ohhh, how she wanted him to fuck her. All reservations about having a man’s tongue in her disappeared. Yes, yes, she needed a fuck, any kind of fuck! She had to have something to fill herself with. Tongues weren’t too good, neither were fingers. She wanted to be stuffed. It was a need that seemed to go beyond orgasm.

“Harder, harder!”

He was going wild over her seeping cunt. He concentrated his licking there. Each time he shoved his tongue down into the steamy folds, Carol had to think of a cock. A man’s dick, anything that would take care of that increasingly terrible need.

The man growled and gouged roughly around the edges of the teenager’s pussy. His back humped as his sexual instincts guided him. Carol sucked in another ragged breath. Her body was on fire. Her lungs felt as if they were burning while her throat ached from the continuous tightness.

“God, God,” she whimpered softly.

The big man was licking her ass, wetting each cheek so much that spittle dribbled down her thighs. Could she go this far? What a stupid question! She already had! She had encouraged the man so much there could be nowhere else to go except fucking the man. Carol now realized that she had been looking forward to that terrible act all along. She wanted to be covered with the man’s body. “Fuck, fuck!”

She was shoving her knees farther apart to give the man more room.

Carol felt the scratching at her asscheeks and lower back. There was a sudden weight. She felt his hands move along her sides, wrapping around her body, holding his torso steady while he moved his legs up against the backs of her knees. The young woman tried to picture how the two of them must look — a young woman, crouched down over a log, her tits flattened by the bark, while most of her body was covered by that man.

“Fuck ‘er man, fuck ‘er good!” Billy said, his eyes bugging out with excitement. The others murmured the same thing as the man started humping. She felt his dick sliding along her inner thighs, scraping her flesh. Oh, he was trying to find her cunt-hole. She heard his whimpering in frustration as he hugged her body harder, humping up and down, sliding from side to side as he searched for her pussy.

A wild thrill filled the girl’s body. Her long blonde hair hung down to hide her shamed face. She felt the weight of her large tits as she backed away from the log and let them fall freely. Her plump ass moved and dipped. Something very hot brushed her pussy-crack, sliding through her frizzy cunt-hairs.

“Fuck… fuck!”

Carol was babbling now, throwing her ass around to urge the man on. A flash of wild fear and excitement combined to burn out her mind. Her excitement was at a wild pitch. Nothing could have stopped her from her frenzied sex act now. Were there any limits? Carol didn’t know and could care less. She sobbed in confusion and heat, letting the man’s red knobby cock slip into the mouth of her cunt.


It was done. Now she could feel the red prick burning though her snatch, gouging against her slick pussy-folds, going deeper and deeper while the man held on more tightly. Oh, how quickly she’d hit the bottom of the barrel!

And instead of groaning with shame, Carol could only wish for more!


“Hey, I hear somethin’,” Billy said as Carol finally sagged under the man’s weight.

“Ain’t that your folks?” Jack said, pointing at a pair of headlights coming up the road.

“Dunno. Probably. Come on, let’s get the bitch inside.”

The three boys hurried, dragging the moaning girl from the field into the house, up the stairs and finally to her bedroom. Billy threw her on the narrow bed while Jack and Ron ran back down the steps to the rear door.

“Okay, baby, you got saved this time. I had plans… other kind of plans,” he said, his voice dropping off for a second.

Carol shivered, not wanting to know what they were.

“Just don’t think you can say somethin’ about this. Nobody’s gonna believe you. They all think I’m some goody-two-shoes like them. And you open that mouth and try to say somethin’, and you’ll get punished like you ain’t never dreamed. Unnerstan’?”

Carol shook her head up and down quickly, her eyes riveted to the young man’s crotch. She couldn’t imagine what could be more harsh than the events that had taken place that evening. But the blonde teen was reasonably sure if there were more crud acts of sexuality, Billy knew of them.

Satisfied he’d adequately warned her, the young man slammed the door, going down the stairs to meet his parents who had just driven into the yard.

For hours, Carol lay like a zombie in bed, not wishing to move. She was terrified that the slightest sound would bring Billy and his friends back in to torment her. It was only when the house drew quiet, when she heard her aunt and uncle climbing the stairs slowly and discussing the carnage in town, that Carol realized her nightmare was over. Now she would think about her transgressions, about how she willingly accepted all the horror flung at her.


Waves of shame and horror crashed down on her. Grabbing a pillow, Carol covered her head with it, rolling over and sobbing hysterically. No, she couldn’t let her aunt and uncle hear her. She cried and cried, tearing at the sheets with her fingers, fighting down the nausea that swept over her mind. After several more hours, late in the evening, Carol fell asleep, her dreams replays of the torture she’d endured that night. For days later, the girl avoided her cousin, growing so quiet that even her aunt and uncle noticed it. They wanted to take her to the doctor. But Carol adamantly refused, saying it was just a phase she was going through. It had been hard to find clothes to cover the bruises and marks of the previous evening. She didn’t dare go to a doctor. A physician would know automatically something strange had happened. And he would be obligated to tell her aunt and uncle. As sick and confused as Carol was, the girl couldn’t see telling on her cousin. She remembered his warning as he stood in the doorway, his crotch bulging with a stiff dick. The young woman was sure he wanted to fuck her at that point.

Days turned into weeks and still nothing happened. Carol was still haunted by terrible dreams. At times, she awoke screaming and drenched in sweat. Her aunt and uncle would come running to the door, thinking a prowler had entered the house. And somewhere in the dark Carol knew Billy was laughing, knowing full well the reason for her terror.

And yet something clue was happening to her. As the marks healed, the young woman realized she wanted Billy… wanted him in any way he chose. She watched him like a cat in hunt at dinner the third week, trying desperately to musk her true feelings. Once or twice he caught her staring at him and he smiled. He knew what he’d unleashed in her. He could feel its power growing, taking her over, destroying all sense of decency in the girl.

It was the beginning of the fourth week after her ordeal that her aunt and uncle went out once more. This time Carol wasn’t terrified. No, she had been hoping for the two of them to leave. At times the young woman tried to think of reasons to get them out of the house. Oh, God, what a slut she’d turned into. And yet she couldn’t help it. Her pussy was healed and hot now. She wanted Billy, wanted him to do anything to her. She thought of his thick muscled body, his sneering face, his rough way of handling her. And all those thoughts drove her wild!

As her aunt and uncle drove away, Carol moved away from the window. In the background the television droned. Somewhere in the house Billy was lying down… probably in his room.

Carol sat down in front of the television. She was wearing the sexiest thing she could think of now… a flimsy robe with nothing underneath. She watched the stupid TV show drone on as she waited for Billy to come down the stairs.

Footsteps! Some one was walking down the stairs, coming toward her. Carol stiffened, holding the edges of her robe together while her eyes stared blankly in front of her. She was coming to him, actually begging him to destroy her. She hauled in a lungful of air, not caring now what the significance of that desire meant.

“Been watchin’ you.”

The words shot out like cannon fire in the quiet room. Carol could smell her hot cunt. She felt she couldn’t get her breath. It had been so long weeks since anything had touched her cunt. And now it ached… actually ached with sexual tension!


Carol still stared at the television, flat daring to turn around and face Billy’s stare. She knew she’d melt under it, and the young woman still wanted to play coy.

“Been thinkin’ about you, too. Man, you dig the kind of stuff I do. We could be a real team, know that? I mean,” Billy said, moving away from the doorway up behind the chair Carol satin, “I mean I started in on you ’cause I thought you was just another cunt. But, man, you dig me… dig me and what I like, right?”

Carol shivered. Could she admit to something like that… admit it to him? She nodded her head up and down.

Billy moved around to a stool in front of her and sat down. Reaching forward, he opened her robe. She felt the silken edge of the robe inch down the tops of her tits, cling for a second on her large red nipples, then fall completely apart. Billy lowered his mouth, his tongue lightly wetting one dark nipple, then the other. She cried out, letting her head fall back and her knees fall apart.

“Man, you’re good and hot, good and ready for one hell of a fuckin’. Ain’t gonna let my buddies have you this time,” Billy growled.

Carol trembled. Her ass squirmed on the chair, her thighs moving apart for his fingers. When one of those fingers slid into the flooding crack of her pussy, she groaned loudly. Billy kissed Carol, her tongue moving quickly inside his mouth as his fingering became more intense. Carol couldn’t believe this was happening. Oh, it was so good, wonderful!

Billy’s fingers cased up into her cunt. She tightened her pussy-lips around his touch, clamping one of her hands over his to shove him in deeper. How exciting, how thrilling that touching and fingering was. Oh, Carol wished it could go on all evening. She cursed her aunt and uncle, wishing they would stay away forever as she and Billy fucked on for an eternity!

“Please, fuck, fuck,” Carol panted.

“Man, no problem there,” he said.

“I can’t walk,” she complained as he stood up. Billy smiled down at her, scooped her up and carried the overheated young teenager up the stairs to his bedroom. In seconds he was undressed. She had glimpses of his movements — first bare shoulders, bare chest, his fat long dick, and those powerful hairy legs.

Then he was on top of her, pinning her down on the bed while his cock gouged her pussy-lips.

“Man, gonna fuck you silly. Then we’ll talk about other kinds of stuff… you know, the kinda shit you and I dig.”

Carol looked at his eyes… strong, intense, wolf-like. Ohhh, how she loved that. Letting out a cry of joy, the girl linked her arms over his head and kissed him passionately.

It was nice, wonderful. Billy stuck his dick in her pussy fast, reaching between them and strumming her clit-shaft violently. And whenever he touched the sensitive tip, grabbing it between two fingers and rolling it around like a marble, Carol almost pissed on the bed. Oh, God, it was at a time like this she could almost convince herself she loved Billy. Her own cousin! Incest! But considering everything else she’d done, incest was the mildest.

“Fuck me, fuck me, Billy!” she moaned in a low voice.

He was biting each of her tits, taking the nipples one at a time and nibbling on them gently. They continued on that way for what seemed like hours, the room filled with the sounds of sucking and fucking. Carol almost gagged as he lashed out with his tongue.

Then Billy shouted something. Carol shouted back. And soon they were writhing in the throes of mutual orgasm. They bucked and clawed at one another, the bed groaning and squeaking under their wild release.

When it was over, Billy still lay on top of Carol, telling her he was going to fuck her again and again until he was dried up. And then, tomorrow maybe, they could at more daring, more exotic.

Carol remembered that fateful night and smiled back at him… the smile of a willing slave. Yes, she had become Billy’s servant in sex. He could fuck her, best her, anything to bring about their satisfaction. With a sigh of happiness, Carol caressed his back, waiting for the young farm boy’s usual strength to come back.

Her aunt and uncle had gone to practice their religion. Well, thought Carol, It’s time I start practicing mine… again!

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The Preacher's Wife

The seething passions that lurk within many individuals are often hidden beneath a veneer of normalcy, exposed only under the right conditions.

The man who, during the strip show at a stag party, climbs up on stage with the girl and performs with her in front of his friends. The woman who, after a few drinks at a party, takes on all comers, male and female alike. The couple who, under group pressure, join the neighborhood mate-swappers.

Maggie MacDonald is one of these outwardly proper and quite normal people. Though she is a preacher’s wife, there lies a powerful urge to gratify her lusts, to wallow in the flesh of others. This urge lies coiled like a snake waiting only for the proper stimulus to arouse it.

THE PREACHER’S WIFE — a shocking novel about a society that often ignores some of its most important problems.


No boy had ever gotten this far with her! Maggie shivered at the delicious play of his hands beneath her sweater. Loren had unhooked her bra so that he could feel her luscious tits. He now had them stinging with delight. The mounds of flesh seemed to have doubled in size as he massaged them.

Other boys had played with her tits. Maybe they didn’t work on them with the skill of this tall, handsome senior. Still, they had gotten to them. Maggie was accustomed to the boys going ape over her voluptuous breasts. She had given token resistance to Loren as he lay beside her on the campus grass and began to fondle her. She did not put up a protest for several reasons.

Everybody else was probably doing at least as much in the darkness of the evening. She could hear the rustle of clothes, the soft panting and moaning as perhaps twenty other couples took advantage of the area of the campus humorously referred to as “The Factory”. She had asked about the name her first week at Hillcrest College and was told that it was where all the coeds were made.

Loren MacDonald was the most chased man on the campus. Maggie knew that any other coed would be wetting her pants just to have the handsome student leader trying to play with her tits. The red-haired freshman had considered it quite an accomplishment to have Loren dating her for the past month.

Loren was also studying to be a preacher. He already spoke on Sundays in small churches back in the hills surrounding Manchester. He was the most religious boy Maggie had ever talked to. Even tonight they had sat for almost an hour praying and studying the Bible together before joining the others out in the grass. He was sure to control himself, she was convinced.

There was also a deeper reason for Maggie’s eager submission. She liked it! She adored the touch of male hands on her tits and along her thighs. So far she had always been able to keep them from going any farther — until tonight.

Loren had his hand inside her panties! The girl shivered at the sensation of a finger at the lips of her cunt. This was the first time any man had ever felt her pussy.

“Ohhhh, you are so soft and sweet,” he soothed her. “Such a sweet pussy.”

Somehow she hadn’t expected Loren to call it a pussy. Somehow she expected him to come up with some Biblical name for it. Whatever he called it, though, he sure the hell knew what to do with it. His finger had slipped over her clit and was pressing in an erotic rhythm that had her entire body pulsing.

“Ooooooh,” she shuddered. “Loren, do you think we should go this far?” She looked up into his soft eyes as they sparkled. She couldn’t see his mouth clearly, but knew he was smiling.

“If you don’t want to,” he told her, “just say so. Anytime we go further than you can handle, let me know.”

She trusted him. She relaxed and began to enjoy the sweet caresses on her clit and the slow thrusts of his finger into her cunt.

Maggie became more and more intrigued with the thought of playing with him, too. She had always been afraid to touch a boy down there. Mother warned her constantly that touching his cock drove a man wild and uncontrollable. The lovely redhead reached hesitantly for his crotch. Would Loren become some sort of raging sex maniac if she touched his prick?

“Go ahead,” he assured her, feeling the hesitancy in her hand. “Feel it. Feel how hard you make it. It won’t bite, I promise.”

She trusted him again. Maggie felt her hand leap at the warmth which came through his pants from the cock. She felt the shuddering demand in his cock. Her fingers distinguished its shape within the confining prison of his trousers. The girl slowly fingered it until she determined the amazing size and hardness of his prick, then gradually her fingers held his cock tightly. The shuddering tremors along the shaft sent thrills shooting through her. She held his prick more firmly, more bravely.

“Take it out,” Loren whispered. “Unzip me and take it out. Love it a little bit.”

His face came across her tits. His lips kissed her shimmering breasts and caught a nipple in a long, forceful kiss.

She struggled with the zipper without success. In a frenzy to feel his prick, the redhead pulled his belt loose and unbuttoned the top of his pants. Then the zipper slid down. Her hand reached inside for his glowing cock.

“Ahhhhh!” Loren sighed. “Ohhhhh, what a relief. I thought I was going to die if you didn’t get it out and let it get straight up.”

It was straight up! It came way up, large and hard, slightly curved, bulging out into a wide head at the tip. She traced its shape, then grabbed it and held it firmly. She began to pump his cock slowly as Loren went back to work on her tits.

His tongue depressed a nipple, rolling it with the tip of his tongue. His finger thrust just as sensuously, just as maddeningly in her pussy.

Maggie pumped his cock roughly, feeling the amazing way the skin slipped along the shaft. She felt his balls, her fingers delighting in the silken softness of the pouch.

“Ohhhhh, what your fingers do to me,” the senior boy gasped. “Your touch is just so delicious. Those precious fingers on my cock really turn me on.”

Maggie tried to remember her mother’s warning. She felt the sudden pulsing throbs of his cock. It wasn’t cooling off, it was getting hotter as it fucked her hand. The redhead felt a twinge of anxiety. No, no, she could trust him. She kept telling herself she could, even as he pulled her panties down her thighs and slipped them off.

“What are you doing that for?” she asked in rising apprehension. “Please, don’t do anything to me. You promised, Loren. You said everything would be all right.”

“I still say it,” he panted. “Everything is going to be all right. Nothing’s wrong with a little kiss. We’ll let the tip of my cock kiss those soft lips of your pussy.”

If he thought it all right for his cock and her cunt to touch for just a moment, then it must be all right.

“Ohhhhh,” he moaned as the warm head of his prick came up against her pussy. “Ohhhhh God, how soft and sweet.”

“Wait a minute!” Maggie gasped as she felt the lips stretch apart and the swollen head of his cock moved between them and began to press into her pussy. “You said just to let them touch. We were just going to let them kiss a moment. Please, Loren! You’re beginning to hurt me. Ohhhhh, Loren!”

He was hurting her. He was hurting her and driving her wild with erotic demand at the same time. Her pussy was tingling all over. Her thighs were throbbing in anticipation. She was overcome by the desire to feel the long prick inside her. She twisted beneath him, thrusting her tits against his chest.

“Ooooooh!” she moaned. “That hurts. Ohhhh, Loren, you’re hurting me!”

His cock was thrusting angrily against her hymen, threatening to pop her cherry at any moment.

“Only for a moment,” he assured her again. “It will only hurt a moment. I want to feel your pussy around me. We’ll just let my prick slip inside for a moment. No fucking, I promise. We’ll just see how it feels for a moment.”

Maggie knew that wasn’t so. She knew once his cock broke her hymen and got inside her, that he wouldn’t stop. He hadn’t stopped yet. He didn’t stop when she asked him to. He just kept going on and on. He wouldn’t stop now.

She steeled herself for the pain she knew was about to come. Mother had been correct. There was no stopping a cock once it got a smell of pussy.

“Ohhhhhh!” she gasped as he lunged against her.

He slammed the cock at her cunt again and again. His breath came in wilder gasps as he drove his cock into her cunt.

She thought, for a fraction of a second, that he had responded to her pleas. His cock paused, then came at her in a final shuddering lunge. Maggie felt the hardened prick drive through her, burying itself into her aching pussy.

She felt the flow of blood, the warmth that followed the sudden sharp pain.

He was inside her. He ran the shaft deeper into her pussy letting her feel the pulsing excitement of his pecker against the walls of her cunt.

“There!” he panted. “That takes care of the cherry. Now to let you get over the first pain and fear. Then we’ll get the show on the road.”

“Loren,” she pleaded, “you said you’d just let it slip inside. You promised to take it out before anything could happen. Please, don’t go any further. We’ve already gone further than we should.”

He laughed at her. He wasn’t about to remove the cock. Now that he was inside her cunt he planned to do what he had always wanted to do. All that sweet talk, all that religious attitude, all that assurance he gave her, it was all just part of his line. He had gotten her cherry.

Now he planned to fuck her completely. She could feel it in the firm thrusts which his cock made in her cunt.

“Too late to stop now,” he laughed. “I couldn’t stop that old prick if I wanted to. That little pussy feels so good around me, I’m not about to stop. I’m going to fuck the best-looking tail that ever walked across the Hillcrest campus.”

He groped for her tits, caught one and twisted it about in his lust-induced frenzy. His cock thrust powerfully.

As the soreness subsided, her pussy began responding to the sensuous lunges of his prick. Her cunt was beginning to glow. Tiny sparks of delight shot down her thighs and up through her body. Her ass began to hunch against the shimmering shaft of his pecker. Maggie wrapped her arms around his neck, her legs around his thighs and rode him as he increased the tempo of his fuck.

“Oooooooh,” she moaned. “Oooooh, that’s setting me on fire! Fuck me, Loren! Fuck me harder and harder! Ooooooeeeee!”

He dropped a hand to her ass and lifted her slightly. His body began to shudder with the approach of his orgasm. They rolled on the grass, lost in the exploding passions which ripped their bodies. They rolled and writhed, pumping and thrusting, hugging and groping.

Maggie felt her pussy beginning to secrete its sweet cream. She was contracting around his cock as her pussy seemed determined to suck the cum from his steaming prick.

“Ahhhhh!” he panted. “Uhhhhh! I’m about to come! I’m fixing to unload into you!”

“Let me come!” she answered. “Please hurry! I’m already pouring my cum all over you! Let me feel your cock unload in me!”

She shuddered from the force of his orgasm. The stream of cum ignited new thrills in her pussy. She rolled deliriously from the experience of his hot cum spurting into her, crying out her erotic rapture.

“Fuck me!” she screamed. “Ride me, Loren! Fuck me harder! Drive that cock through me! Oooooeeeee! That’s the way! Fuck like that! Keep up the fuck till I can’t move any longer.”

They shuddered together, clutching, grasping, caressing, exploding. Finally Maggie eased Loren off her and cuddled into his arms. He lay beside her trying to regain some regularity in his breathing.

Around them came the sounds of the other couples continuing their sexual experimentation. An occasional plea by a female voice would be followed by the gasping sounds of her submission.

Maggie felt warmth flowing over her body. She had been fucked. She had let herself be fucked. She felt only the slightest twinge of guilt. Mainly she felt guilt only at having no real remorse. She had given up her cherry and enjoyed it, enjoyed the hell out of it.


Had it been only four years?

The remainder of the year sneaking in fucks whenever they could, the marriage that summer, dropping out of Hillcrest to take a job to help finance Loren through Seminary, all of it seemed so long ago.

Maggie MacDonald shivered against the crisp air of early autumn as she looked across the campus.

She was back at Hillcrest to finish her education. She was back to try and get in an additional year while Loren completed his work at the Seminary.

She was back, using the savings accumulated during Loren’s clinical year in the field to enroll in the small college once more. Hillcrest had accepted her eagerly.

The dean had, however, been rather curt when he warned her about their major concern. Since she was a married woman, living in the dormitory, they hoped that she would be able to adjust to the rigors of single life.

Maggie was not sure what the man was trying to say, but his eyes kept resting on her tits as they thrust against the tight knit of her sweater. He mumbled on and on about how she would have to be on guard against the men of the student body who might think she needed some available substitute for a husband’s services.

“I don’t know whether this is going to work out or not,” Maggie sighed to herself as she turned away from the scene of her first fuck. The dean had only touched on something Maggie had become aware of the first night away from Loren. In fact, she had felt a peculiar sensation of erotic freedom within hours after arriving on the small campus.

She was back! She was back, not the innocent, inexperienced young virgin of four years ago. She was back as an earthy, sensual woman.

She watched the boys as they walked about the campus, eyeing the female students. She wondered idly what they had to offer, how much cock each of them could provide. The young wife shivered deliciously each time she felt a student looking at her tits or ass or legs. This was going to be a hell of a problem. She’d been back one day and she was already getting horny.

The redhead walked back toward the dormitory. She forced her thoughts to return to Loren. She had to keep thinking about him, and his confidence that she would be true to him. She made herself remember the last night before she left to return to Hillcrest College. He had come in late from a series of lectures. She had been waiting anxiously, wearing her most provocatively tight skirt and sweater.

“I may be studying to be a preacher,” he panted as he came in and grabbed her, “but I sure get dirty thoughts when I look at you.”

“Just keep it that way!” Maggie ordered as she pressed her tits against his eager face. “Just be sure you don’t get too holy for a good toss in the hay.”

Loren looked down at the luscious bundle of woman. God, but she was sexy! He smiled at the tits, felt her soft ass. She had a hell of a good set of legs, too. She was by far the best built wife at the Seminary.

He lifted her in his arms and started for the bedroom.

Maggie turned her body toward him, letting her immense tits rub freely against him. She felt the warmth of his fingers on the bare skin of her thighs. She shivered in delight as she anticipated the fuck ahead. Loren might be planning on being a preacher, but she still liked a good raunchy fuck, the raunchier and lustier the better.

He tossed her onto the bed, pausing to look down at the delicious contours of her voluptuous body as he slipped out of his shirt and pants.

Maggie smiled, waiting the appearance of his rigid, trembling cock. She moistened her lips as his cock lunged upward when he dropped his shorts.

Loren got a special kick out of undressing her. She sat up on the bed as he came over beside her. She shuddered at the touch of his hands when he ran them under her sweater and filled them with her pulsing tits.

“Ohhhhh!” she whimpered. “Ohhhhh, I’ve been waiting all night for this. You talk about being horny. I have to sit at home and wait alone.”

Tonight, Maggie was going to get herself fucked. She was going to ride Loren’s cock until she exploded in ecstasy.

He reached behind her and unhooked her bra, then pulled sweater and bra upward. The redhead waited for his usual delight at the sight of her naked tits. He smiled and took them in his hands, reverently, adoringly. He leaned down and kissed her areolas before taking a nipple in his mouth and tonguing it.

“Mmmmmm,” he murmured as he loved her excited tits. “Mmmmmm! You still have the most delicious pair!”

Maggie smiled. Loren used to say they were the most delicious tits he ever sucked. He used to say she had the sweetest pussy he ever fucked. He used to say all kinds of things like that before he got so damn pious. Now he had trouble admitting that he had ever fucked anyone else. Shit, he had trouble admitting how many times he fucked her before they were married. It didn’t matter that much to Maggie, just as long as he didn’t get just as shy when he did fuck her.

She thrust her tits against his face. She was proud of her tits. She had always been proud of them. Hell, with twin Mount Everests on her chest she had a right to be. They were firm, too. Maggie was convinced that constant exercise was the reason for the firm upthrust they maintained. She’d seen girls whose tits hung almost to their waists. Not hers, though. Hers were so full and firm they stuck upwards even when she lay on her back.

Loren grabbed her skirt and tugged it over her hips. His hands dragged sensuously along her thighs as he pulled it off.

Maggie waited in delicious anxiety for him to reach for her panties. Maggie had selected her thinnest panties, so sheer that her auburn cunt-hair showed through them as if she wore nothing.

Loren looked at her pussy. He kneeled between her thighs to kiss her pussy through the panties before pulling them off.

“Ohhhhh,” he moaned. “How am I going to go without you for a year? Just thinking about leaving all this lovely woman lying about unused is a sin.”

“Your sin, not mine,” Maggie muttered.

It had not been her idea to go back and complete work on her degree. Loren had become convinced that she needed the degree, that it would be held against them in whatever parish he served if the people knew that she dropped out of school for them to get married. He was certain that people would think them oversexed because they couldn’t wait. Maggie laughed to herself as she wondered how the church people would react if they knew how much their little preacher’s wife loved to fuck.

“You just remember in the next few months,” he assured her, “that I’ll be just as horny as you.”

He stripped the panties over her ankles. His rigid prick pointed at her cunt.

Maggie reached for his cock and held it lovingly before she let him stick it in. She pumped the hardened flesh and fondled his balls while he began kissing her tits again. Her body was throbbing, pulsing in aching demand for the feel of his cock against her clit, for the delicious feeling of the shaft stretching her cunt. Her tits burned from the touch of his lips and tongue. She thrust them upward against the suction of his mouth and pulled his cock toward her cunt.

“Ooooooh,” she squealed.

He pushed against her cunt-lips, then rubbed the warm knob about her clit. Sparks rippled through her body as he continued to massage the passion nerve with his beautiful cock.

“Ohhhhh, that feels so good.”

He began kissing her lustfully, his tongue parting her lips. Maggie could feel his cock throbbing as it prepared to sink deeply into her shivering pussy. She arched her tits against his chest, twisting about in an effort to bring her nipples against his. She writhed her ass, increasing the friction on his shuddering prick, then she gasped in delight as his cock lunged into her cunt passage.

“Ahhhhh!” he panted, holding her roughly and fucking her with rising demand. “Ohhhhh, God! You’re so good! Never thought a woman could be so good!”

“You remember that!” she gasped. “You remember that all the months we are going to be separated!”

He responded to her needling. Irritation only made Loren more demanding, more lusty in his fucks. He fucked her roughly. His cock swelled and pulsed in her tingling pussy.

Maggie felt his climax nearing even as her own began to mount. She rode him wildly, tightening the hold of her legs, the clutching embrace of her arms. She rode his cock until she felt his body begin to shake deliriously. She could hear the light slapping of their bodies against each other, could feel the sucking contractions of her cunt around his fiery cock.

“Now!” she screamed as her orgasm began to seize her. “Now! Fuck me! Unload that prick! Let me feel it! Fuck me! Fuck me! Ooooooeeeee! That’s my boy! Eeeeeee!”

His cum gushed into her. His cock shuddered as it pounded away.

She felt that hot stream of cum bounce against the walls of her cunt, triggering the eruption of her own joy juice. They held each other tight and lunged in the final throes of their passionate orgasm.

“God!” she gasped. “How am I supposed to go without that?”

Loren looked down at her glowing face, at her shimmering body. He slowly caressed her tits.

“Just remember, little sex-pot, I’ll be having just as much trouble as you.”

Maggie walked along the walkway toward the woman’s dormitory, recalling the last night in Loren’s arms. Did he really mean that? Was Loren feeling as horny as she?

Maggie frowned as she remembered how difficult it was for the young preacher to last out the first few days of her monthly period. He’d be as horny as she, no doubt about that. He’d be even hornier.

She tried to force it all out of her mind. If she kept thinking like this, she’d be imagining Loren in bed with every woman he met.

Faces swirled before her, the faces of the women in Loren’s small congregation during his final year at the Seminary. She saw them as they pressed their panting bodies up to him following his sermon. She saw them as they catered to his needs during the coffee hours. She saw them eagerly eyeing him, knowing that he was going to be without his wife’s young body for the next year.

“No!” she exclaimed loudly. “No!”

Maggie had to get herself under control. She had to stop this! Loren wanted her at Hillcrest. He wanted her to be able to say that she had finished college. If this were so important to Loren, then she could trust him to keep his passions under control.

Her passions were the problem.

It was her little pussy that tingled every time one of the young studs sitting on the library steps smiled as he looked her up and down. It was her pussy that felt such a soft warmth as she heard the girls in the dorm speak of the new literature professor who set coeds to panting.

Dr. Harold Painter had joined the faculty last year. Maggie had not met him yet, but she was anxiously looking forward to that event. The one brief time she had spent in the dorm with a group of girls had convinced her that she was fortunate to have been scheduled to have Dr. Painter for her literature course.

She had asked the other coeds what was so exciting about him. A multitude of answers greeted her. He was sexy. He required them to read sexy writing. He had the most seductive way of lecturing.

Now Maggie was fearful. If Harold Painter were so sexually arousing, then he would be more trouble for her. At this point a sexy professor was the last thing she needed.

The lovely redhead walked up the steps of the dorm and into her room. Good! Mary Alice was here. This would be a good chance for conversation with her new roommate.

Maggie smiled as the slender brunette turned and greeted her.

“I thought you’d run back to your husband,” the brunette laughed.

“No,” Maggie answered. “I was just out walking. I went out and looked over the campus, reminiscing a little.”

“Oh, that’s right,” Mary Alice commented. “You were here before, weren’t you? Why the hell did you ever come back? Didn’t you get enough of this nunnery the first time?”

Maggie laughed as she bounced on her bed and looked at Mary Alice.

Mary Alice had stripped down to panties and bra as she sat at the small desk trying to get the jump on her assignments. She was well shaped. Without the sweater she had worn this morning, and without the heavy plaid skirt, her body seemed so much softer, so much curvier.

“Don’t answer,” Mary Alice said. “I was just venting my own frustration. I wanted to transfer to State this year, but my parents wouldn’t hear of it. That would have put me close enough to my boy friend to get screwed regularly. As it is, I’m stuck up here on this hill-top to stay horny as hell. That’s why I was so glad they put you in with me. You’re married. You’re used to getting plenty of cock. We can be horny together. Shit! We might even be able to help each other find a little on the side.”


“Ohhhhh, how lovely!” Mary Alice gasped as she pulled Maggie’s dress off and fingered her big, beautiful tits. “All those studs that kept eyeing these tits tonight, if they only knew how gorgeous they are out in the open. I never saw such beauties in my life!”

She kissed Maggie’s tits where they swelled above the sparkling white bra.

Maggie sighed in delight at Mary Alice’s sensuous caresses. She slowly began to unbutton the satin blouse which covered the pert and saucy tits of her roommate. They had dressed in nice clothes for the first dinner in the campus dining hall and the reception by the Dean of Women afterwards. Mary Alice had wanted to go with the other girls to the party at the student center, but Maggie had turned to go back to their room.

“I don’t really feel up to it,” the redhead explained. “I guess I’d just feel old and out of place.”

“You aren’t horny enough yet,” Mary Alice commented. “Another few weeks and you’ll want to be in the middle of anything like that.”

“I’m too horny,” Maggie corrected her. “I just might forget that I’m married the first time some big, young stud suggested we take a walk out to The Factory.”

“You know all about The Factory?”

“My cherry is out there somewhere,” Maggie laughed. “At least it should be. That’s where I lost it.”

“I’d lost mine a hell of a long time before I ever got to this place,” Mary Alice commented wryly. “Lose it to your little preacher?”

“What makes you ask that?” Maggie snapped.

She turned to look at the sparkle in the brunette’s eyes.

Mary Alice smiled knowingly. “They’re the best. So I’ve heard. They come on with all that prayer and Bible and purity. All the time, they’re getting their hands in your bra and panties. More cherries get plucked at Hillcrest by the student preachers than by any other boys. Only difference for you is that he married you. You must have been one hell of a piece of tail.”

“Oh shut up!” Maggie laughed as she stepped quickly up behind her roommate and slapped her across the ass playfully. She should have been angry at the girl, at her impudence, at her nosiness, at her lack of respect for the church. She couldn’t be angry, though. With all her cryptic sarcasm, the little brunette was charming and warm. Besides she understood Maggie’s needs, and Maggie appreciated that.

She appreciated the touch of Mary Alice’s hands. She appreciated the deftness with which she had removed the bra and begun to fondle her tingling tits.

“Sooooooo beautiful!” Mary Alice murmured, kissing Maggie’s nipples. “Sooooo large and firm and lovely.”

Maggie drew the satin blouse back over her roommate’s arms, then she unhooked the lacy bra.

She delighted in the feel of the satiny skin, enjoying the soft throbs she could feel inside Mary Alice’s tits. No wonder Loren liked to play with her tits. Tits were nice to the touch. Tits were so soft and firm at the same time, especially the taut little mounds on Mary Alice’s chest. Maggie began to suck on a nipple as the brunette trembled beside her.

“Ooooooh!” Mary Alice gasped. “Ohhhhhh, that sends chills all over me. I love your lips on my tits. Suck me, Maggie, suck my tits until they swell up like yours.”

The redhead felt her own nipples getting the sucking treatment. She felt a nipple being teased by the girl’s tongue as fingers slipped inside her pantyhose. Maggie twisted her ass on the bed to assist in the removal of the hose, then her panties. Her body began to glow and sparkle as she lay back naked before the delighted eyes of the little brunette.

“All this pussy!” Mary Alice whispered. “I can’t believe it! I just can’t believe it! I think I know one preacher who’s out of his mind. Unless, of course, he has something going on the side.”

“Will you shut up and get on with the business at hand!” Maggie hissed. She sat up quickly and began to go after her friend. She forced the smaller girl down and tugged her skirt loose, then she grabbed the hose and panties and pulled them down over thighs and legs. “I’ll teach you!” she laughed while the brunette squirmed about in delight. “I’ll teach you!”

“Teach me!” Mary Alice panted. “Come on! Teach me! Show me what you know about fucking! I dare you!”

Maggie plunged her face into the dark hairs above the girl’s pussy. She planted her mouth over her cunt and sucked strongly on her soft cunt-lips. Her tongue flicked in, tasting the moisture.

“Ooooeeee!” Mary Alice shrieked. “Oooooh that drives me crazy! You’re driving my pussy wild! Oooooeeeoooo!”

The brunette twisted beneath the red-haired girl. She struggled until she was able to get her face buried against Maggie’s cunt. She sucked firmly on Maggie’s throbbing pussy.

“Mmmmmm,” Maggie sighed as she felt her roommate’s tongue lapping over her clit. “Mmmmmm!”

Maggie started to draw her lips away from the juicy pussy to give words of encouragement, then she decided that her tongue would do better. She flicked it into the sweet cunt and found Mary Alice’s clit. She pressed against the passion nerve, determined to drive the slender brunette into fits of ecstasy. She held the girl tightly against her face as she sucked and licked in a mad orgy of erotic determination.

The silken thighs against her cheeks began to shudder. Mary Alice twisted and rolled. They were panting, gasping, groping as surges of desire filled their bodies. The smell of cologne, the smell of perfume, the smell of hair spray, the smell of cunt-juice filled the room and enveloped them. Their bodies shook. They sucked and blew. They licked and drank.

“Wow!” Mary Alice panted as she finally pulled her face back from Maggie’s cunt. “Ohhhhh wow! What a pussy! Let’s rub clits before we suck each other to orgasm. I want to feel our clits rubbing against each other.”

She guided Maggie into a position where their groins touched. Just a bit more pressure and Maggie was able to feel the touch of Mary Alice’s clit against her own. Tiny sparks of erotic fire shot through her pussy at the contact. She gasped at the sudden delicious sensation. She smiled and let the shivers ripple through her body.

The two girls panted and gasped. Maggie drew the brunette toward her and covered her sensuous mouth with her own sensuous lips. They kissed, their tongues caressing happily.

“Mmmmm,” the redhead moaned.

Maggie could feel the pounding in her temples as her pulse leaped to the growing excitement. She sucked Mary Alice’s tongue possessively. She sucked with her pussy in wild, twisting fashion.

Their tits were throbbing and pulsing. Fires raged in each cunt. Ecstasy shook their bodies as they soared higher and higher in the thrill of the cunt-fuck.

“Ohhhh, Maggie, Maggie!” Mary Alice panted as she broke the kiss. “It’s been too long since I had an orgasm! You’ve got me soaring already.”

“You almost there?” the red-haired beauty asked in a voice shaking with husky passion. “You about ready to blow?”

“I’m ready!” her friend gasped. “Damn, I’m ready! Ohhhhhhh God, am I ready!”

“Then let me suck it as she blows!” Maggie cried.

They moved frantically back to a sixty-nine position.

“Let me feel your pussy throb as it lets go! Let me taste that cum when it starts flowing!”

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” the brunette whimpered. “Oooooh, hurry! Hurry, Maggie! I’m about to go! I’m ready to explode all over you!”

“Let it go, sweet baby, let it go!” Maggie urged as she plunged her face toward the trembling pussy. “Let it come into my mouth. I want to taste your cum. I want to drink that juice.”

Mary Alice went after the red-head’s pussy wit renewed vigor as her pussy exploded with the contact of Maggie’s lips. She shuddered as the cream oozed out of her cunt and poured out.

Maggie tasted the sharpness as her own pussy began contracting and fluttering in wild spasms. She felt her own juice spurting toward the brunette’s waiting lips and tongue.

They rolled and tossed, lapping at the cum which filled each pussy. They hugged and throbbed in the mad explosion of their orgasms.

They lay quietly afterward. Maggie caressed the brunette’s tits slowly. She looked at Mary Alice.

“No worry,” she smiled. “No one heard us. They were all at the party. I suppose everyone is there except us.”

“That’s a relief,” Mary Alice giggled. “We weren’t exactly the quietest pair in town.”

“Hardly,” Maggie agreed. “I suppose in the future we’ll have to be more careful.”

“Loud or not,” the slender girl commented, “that was one hell of a fuck. Damn! I’ve screwed a hell of a lot of boys who weren’t that good. Your husband sure must have some hot cunt on his hands to send you up here for the year.”

“Will you shut up about that!” Maggie hissed. “I don’t want to hear you talking that way again!”

“All right! All right!” Mary Alice replied. “I’ll drop the subject. I’ll drop it just so long as you promise me you’ll go out on the make along with me.”

“Mary Alice!”

“All right!” the girl laughed. “Forget it! All I was trying to say was what a hell of a pussy you are for man or girl. I still get the shudders just remembering how great it was.”

Maggie leaned over and kissed her roommate. She patted the fabulous little ass as she rose from the bed. She needed a shower. Maggie didn’t want to risk the house-mother coming by to chat with them and finding them lying there together smelling so strongly of cum. She grabbed a towel and ran to the shower.

As she stood under the refreshing spray, the young woman tried to justify her recent act. It wasn’t really fucking, she assured herself. That wasn’t being unfaithful to Loren. It wasn’t really a fuck, just a different sort of masturbation. That’s what it was.

Maggie was sure that Loren was beating his meat at night in her absence. Wasn’t that what guys did when their woman wasn’t around? She certainly couldn’t object to him jerking off. That’s what she had done. She’d jacked off. She and Mary Alice had jacked off.

Maggie stepped from the shower and toweled down in short, brisk strokes. Her body began to glow. She felt the increased flow of her circulation bringing a heightened sensitivity to her skin. Damn! She’d just finished a cunt-suck and she was still horny. She still wanted a cock in her pussy. She still wanted the feel of a rough male hand on her tits.

“Slut!” she hissed to herself as she stepped back into their room and slipped a robe over her naked body.

Maggie walked to the window as Mary Alice took her turn in the shower. The redhead watched the couples stroll arm in arm along the walks of the campus. She saw several couples easing off toward The Factory.

Maggie’s pussy quivered at the knowledge of some girl getting fucked out there. In the next thirty minutes, several girls were going to get what she needed so badly. One or two of them might even have it forced on them.

She sighed deeply, disgustedly. There was no way she could get herself fucked without being unfaithful to Loren.

“Oh Loren!” she muttered as she watched couples embrace below. “Damn it, you sure the hell better be suffering just as much as I am. If I ever discover that you have gotten a little pussy on the side, while I say up here and go crazy…”

She paused. What would she do? What would she do if she found out that Loren was fucking around while she was at Hillcrest? No! She could trust Loren. She had always trusted him. There was no need to doubt him now. Mary Alice just wanted a companion to go out on the make with her. That’s why the brunette kept teasing her.

It was Mary Alice, not Loren that was the problem. She sighed and turned away from the window. Still, what would she do? What would she do if Loren did get in a few fucks along the way?


Dr. Harold Painter caressed the lovely young tits as he laid the red-haired woman back on the soft bed. Now he’d get even for the way she had been sticking those tits out at him while he tried to keep his mind on the lectures. He’d teach this sexy girl to stop flashing her thighs at him each time she sat down at the beginning of class.

Mrs. Marguerite MacDonald, Maggie as she referred to herself, had been a constant distraction during class. If it weren’t her thighs or ass or tits, it was the way she looked up at him from the front row. Her deep blue eyes flashed erotic invitations. She was always watching him with that knowing sparkle in her eyes.

She’d asked for this fuck. By God, he’d give her a fuck! She’d practically asked him to screw her. She stayed a moment after class each day. He could barely contain his excited prick the way she pressed those voluptuous tits against his arm.

Tonight he was sure she’d stepped behind him intentionally in the student center. He’d gotten his cup of coffee and turned to find a table when his arm plunged into her delicious bosom.

“Careful there,” Maggie laughed in a sultry voice. “I wouldn’t want to risk any damage to those.”

She would feel like he’d damaged them when he finished with her. He would paw and suck those tits until they’d be aching for a month.

His hands trembled as he unbuttoned her blouse and drew it away to expose the most lusciously-filled bra he’d ever imagined. His fingers glided over the bra, delighting in the way her magnificent breasts filled it to overflowing. He covered as much of each tit as he could, then he began kissing the soft flesh which swelled above the white nylon.

God, she was delicious! What a hell of a broad!

“Ohhhh,” he sighed. “Ohhhh, how sweet, how soft, how lovely! You are even more beautiful than I thought you’d be.”

“You could have found out a lot sooner if you hadn’t been so shy,” Maggie answered. “I’ve practically raped you after class every day for the past week. I gave you all those hard-ons. I could see that. You wouldn’t do anything else, though. You’d just stand there and get a hard-on.”

“And think of nothing but your body for the next three classes.” He reached behind her and fumbled for the hook of the bra. “I’d look for you during the afternoon. Never could find you out of class, though, until tonight.”

He had the bra loose. His practiced hands lifted the bra and the soft cotton of her blouse from her shoulders. Harold tossed them aside and looked at the most gorgeous sight he’d ever seen. The fantastic tits heaved excitedly before his eyes.

“Damn! What a pair!” he whispered, caressing them with deep adoration, almost reverence. “No woman ever had such a heavenly pair of tits!”

Maggie shivered. No one had ever talked to her like this. She’d heard comments about her tits all her life. Shit, with twin thirty-eights she had constantly been subjected to lewd descriptions of her tits. Hal Painter, though, talked differently about them. He worshipped them. Her body shivered in response to the way he adored them.

He cupped her tits and began to kiss them sweetly. His lips moved about them, above them, around them, beneath them, between them. He kissed her cleavage and pressed her tits against his cheeks. He turned his face from side to side, feeling the silken flow of her tits against his face.

Loren adored her tits. Maggie knew that. Her husband didn’t have the ability to describe them in such an exciting way, though. Loren did his talking through his hands and through his hard cock. Hal Painter was talking pretty damn well with his hands now, but he could also use words to turn her on. Maggie thrust the tits upward, offering them freely and fully to his devouring hands and mouth. “Mmmmmm,” he moaned. Maggie sighed as he caught a trembling nipple between his lips and rolled his tongue over it.

“Mmmmmm, what a ripe little plum. What a sweet and tasty little berry. I could suck on those delicious tits all night.”

His tongue flicked against her nipples. Maggie leaped as her body responded to the thrilling sparks which shimmered through the tits. God, he was good! He had her panting already and he’d only just begun to work her up.

“Ooooooh,” she moaned as she writhed in pleasure. “Oooooh. Love them, Hal! Suck them! Kiss them and suck them! You’re driving me wild! Oooooooh!”

Her professor increased the suction on her tit. He sucked more of the trembling globe of flesh into his mouth. His hand worked on her other tit, caressing and molding and toying with the glowing nipple.

Maggie twisted, her body aflame with surging passion. She grabbed for his groin, aching to get her fingers on his cock. She felt the heat and fingered over his trousers in her search for his cock.

“Yes, love,” Hal gasped. “Get it out and hold it. You’ve gotten it so heated up I can’t bear to keep it inside my pants. Get my prick out and give it a little exercise.”

Maggie struggled with his belt as he worked her tits into a pulsing, heaving frenzy. His hands trembled with excitement as she finally got the belt unbuckled and unzipped his fly. She reached inside and closed her fingers over the hard, warm cock. She pulled his prick free of his shorts, tugging at it until his cock finally lunged out into the air. Her hands immediately closed around it, marveling at its warmth, at its firmness.

“Ooooooh,” she sighed. “Your cock feels so strong, so warm and hard and strong.”

Maggie shuddered in anticipation, her fingers lingering on the shaft as she traced its outline. She closed her hand over his cock again and slowly pumped the skin over the rigid shaft.

Maggie suddenly realized that it was the only cock she had ever held except for Loren’s prick. Strangely, she felt no guilt about it, only a deep feeling of delicious wickedness. She pumped vigorously on his prick, then she reached for his balls.

“Uhhhh!” Hal grunted as his cock leaped in excitement. He sucked harder on her tits. “Ohhhhhh, that turns me on! Pump that prick, baby. Get it ready for your pussy.”

He fingered the lips of her cunt.

Sparks shot through her crotch, sparks that became roaring flames as he massaged her clit. Maggie lurched, reeling with the sensations he sent rippling through her cunt. Her pussy was pulsing and burning as wildly as her tits. She clamped her thighs tightly over his hand, trapping it inside her throbbing cunt.

“Oooooooh, God!” she groaned. “Ooooooh, what you are doing to me! You’ve got me climbing the wall, Hal!”

“My cock is about ready to fuck you,” he answered. “I don’t know how much longer I can stay away from that pussy. You’ve got a hell of a pair of tits, but they can’t hold a candle to the feel of your cunt.”

She parted her lips as they kissed, opening her mouth wide and sucking his tongue inside. Their tongues met in sensuous contact.

“Mmmmmm,” she murmured in delight. “Mmmmmm.”

The luscious redhead drew his cock nearer her crotch as he slipped his finger out of her cunt. Her body was yielding to him in every way. She throbbed with the anxious desire to be taken. She wanted him to take her, to use her, to fuck her. She wanted him to fuck her roughly, completely. She ached for the cock to drive into her cunt and claim her pussy.

“Fuck me!” she begged. “Ooooooh, Hal, fuck me! I want some cock! I want some fucking! I want to get balled and fucked and screwed. I want all of that prick in me! I’m going wild if you don’t fuck me! Ooooooh! There! Like that! Ooooooh! That’s good! That’s soooooo good!”

She cooed and cried as she felt his long prick slowly ease into her throbbing cunt. She felt the shaft spread her cunt-lips as it glided into her. She moaned as he covered her mouth once more and resumed his sensuous tonguing.

Maggie felt him reach beneath her knees and lift, bending her legs back. He lifted and pushed until he had her knees over his shoulders. Her cunt was exposed to the force of his thrusts, her ass to the teasing play of his hands and fingers.

“Mmmmm,” she murmured, feeling the surging power inside her cunt.

His cock trembled as it drove heatedly into her pussy. His hands groped over her ass. His finger slipped into the crack of her ass and teased her asshole. She shuddered as he slid a finger into her asshole and softly pumped. She was being filled. She was being filled as she’d never been filled before. Every damn hole in her body was being fucked. His tongue was in her mouth. His cock was lunging into her pussy. His finger was heating her asshole.

Her body was shuddering in rapture. The redhead had never been fucked this totally.

“Mmmmmm! Mmmmmm!” she moaned as she felt the juices building to an explosion inside her pussy.

Maggie twisted and rolled on the bed as he fucked harder and harder. The room spun around her. Whether her eyes were open or closed, she could only see a haze of brightness, a maze of spinning flashes of light. The final spasms began running along her cunt walls, the last spasms before her orgasm would erupt.

Maggie hunched her cunt against his cock, trying to urge him to join her climax.

She failed. Before she felt the spurt of his cum, before she could feel the enormous shudders of his prick, she soared into her violent orgasm. She thrashed madly. She felt the frenzied explosions ripple through her cunt. She heard the soft slap of their bodies. She heard the slurping of his cock through the flowing cum inside her pussy. She shuddered and clutched him tightly, trying one final time to draw out his hot semen.

“Oooooh, God!” she cried. “Ohhhhh, damn! What a fuck!”


Mary Alice looked over at the still-trembling body of her roommate. She eased the soft plastic cock out of Maggie’s pussy. She smiled.

“Who’s Hal?” she asked. “You kept mumbling to some guy named Hal while I worked you up. I thought your husband’s name was Loren.”

Maggie sat up quickly, the misty glow suddenly evaporating.

“Who?” the redhead gasped. Maggie’s mind was whirling in confusion. She had been fantasizing as the brunette fucked her with the plastic prick. She had fantasized before when they played this game.

In the past, however, it had been Loren not Hal.

“You were imagining it was Dr. Painter, right?” Mary Alice asked.

“You think so?” Maggie asked. Damn! She was caught on this. She had carefully guarded the fact that she did get horny every day in class as she sat aching to fuck the sexy professor. She could close her eyes as he lectured and picture herself rushing up to him in the middle of class and dragging his pants down. She kept seeing his long, curved cock in her hands as she began to kiss and fondle it.

“Don’t let it shake you,” the brunette laughed, seeing her nervousness. “Slut, we all play games like that. I know I’ve fucked my Bob lots of times when I imagined it was some other man. That’s part of the fun of fucking. Bob does the same thing. Hell, soon as he gets a look at you, I know he’ll be imagining it’s you when he fucks me.”

Maggie turned her face away. Her lusty roommate might feel that such a thing was natural, but she didn’t. That wasn’t being faithful to Loren. It wasn’t being faithful any more than the compulsion to stay after class every day and rub her tits all over Dr. Painter.

She was just horny, she decided. That was it! She hadn’t seen Loren for two weeks now. Dr. Painter was easier to picture as her imaginary lover. She saw him every day.

“Hey!” Mary Alice cried, holding out the dildo. “Don’t I get mine? Or are you going to sit there all night drooling about Dr. Painter?”

“Oh, shut up!” Maggie laughed. She took the cock and shoved the little brunette back on the bed. She went after the girl roughly.

Maggie lunged on top of the girl, hands groping and pawing violently. She’d show the teasing brunette. She’d show her not to tease so unmercifully. Maggie was a mass of devouring hands and lips as she worked at the delighted girl beneath her.

“Ohhhh!” Mary Alice gasped. “If the thought of Harold gets you this horny, then think about him all the time. Don’t ever think again about that husband of yours. You’re a hell of a lot better this way!”

The brunette continued to tease as Maggie assaulted her. By the time they were through, the slender girl had hickies in three separate places on her shoulders and neck. Her tits were deep red from the mauling. Her thighs were aching, her asshole sore as hell. The plastic cock had ripped away at her tender pussy until Maggie finally brought herself under control.

She looked over the panting, bruised body beside her and began to apologize. Mary Alice reached up and shushed Maggie’s lips.

“No apologies,” Mary Alice commanded. “I won’t listen. That was a hell of a screw. Know what I imagined while you were doing it to me? I felt like I was taking on the whole damn football team. It was marvelous, Maggie, just marvelous. I felt them all lining up and taking turns ramming their big, beautiful cocks into me. Oooooh, that was fantastic! So why should you feel tight because you have hot pants for Dr. Painter. Shit! I’ve got a panting pussy for any prick that walks by.”

Maggie shook her head in amazement. Mary Alice seemed so frail and delicate, yet she liked her fucking rough and tumble. Mary Alice was too horny, too cock-starved. If something didn’t happen, the sexy brunette would get them both in a hell of a lot of trouble.


Two loud whistles split the air as the young redhead walked briskly toward the dorm. The boys lounging on the steps of the library watched the way Maggie’s tits thrust proudly against her sweater, the dazzling display of thigh as the short skirt whipped about in the breeze, the dramatic curve of her gorgeous ass.

“Man!” one of the campus studs gasped. “Can’t you imagine fucking some of that!”

“Dream about it every night,” one of his friends agreed. “God, what I wouldn’t give to be able to walk up behind that. You know, just walk up, lift that skirt and stick it in her.”

“That would come later,” a third boy suggested. “I’d bury my cock into those tits first thing. I’d lay my meat on her and roll those babies over it. Then I’d fuck the hell out of her.”

Maggie did not hear what they were saying. She usually was aware that the guys made such lusty comments as she passed. This afternoon, though, she was not even aware that the boys were there.

The ripely built girl was even more devastatingly beautiful as the anger rose inside her. Her tits heaved more provocatively against the sweater. Her ass swung with greater appeal.

She clutched the crumpled letter in disgust, disappointment and anger. Damn him anyway! Damn Loren MacDonald! He’d already backed out of a one weekend visit to Hillcrest. Now he claimed that he would have to miss this weekend as well. The congregation he served each weekend could not spare him.

Maggie wanted to get fucked. Maggie was fed up with using a fake cock at night. The lusty redhead was in the mood for live meat. Damn Loren MacDonald! How was he able to go so long without fucking?

She stormed up the stairs of the dorm and stomped into her room. Mary Alice was sitting on the bed, reading her mail. The brunette was laughing as she looked up from the sheet of paper in her hand.

“Hey!” she laughed. “You should enjoy this. Might even be a friend of yours. My cousin, over in Jacksonburg, has been shacking up with the new preacher every weekend. She didn’t give his name, but he’s still in the Seminary. He comes over each weekend to preach to the congregation and to get in a few good fucks with Susan. You have any idea who it might be?”

Maggie froze for a moment, then spun about to walk to the trash can. She threw the crumpled letter into the basket and considered spitting on top of it.

Loren couldn’t be up this weekend! Loren had an important meeting with the board of the little church in Jacksonburg! Important meeting, hell! He had an important fuck in Jacksonburg!

Maggie looked back at Mary Alice.

“I think I do. I just might know the bastard.”

She whirled again and began stripping out of her clothes. She wanted a long shower. Then she would shampoo her hair, perfume her body, dress in her sexiest outfit and go get herself laid. Mary Alice came up behind her as she stepped into the bathroom. The brunette stuck her head in the door, eyes wide and sparkling. “Loren?”

“Loren!” Maggie spat.

“What are you going to do about it?” Mary Alice asked.

“Nothing just yet,” Maggie answered dryly. “I’m going to relax. I’m going to shower. I’ll wash my hair and dry it. Then I’ll sit down and do my nails. Eventually I’ll get dressed in the flashiest dress I own. Then I’m going to go out after dinner tonight and find some big, healthy cock to devour.”

“Good!” the brunette answered. “He deserves it. Any man that can’t service his own wife deserves to discover he’s replaceable. Besides, Loren must have something wrong with him.”

“Why?” Maggie asked. “What makes you say that?”

“Susan,” she replied. “You’ve never seen Susan. Shit, all she’s got is a pussy. Oh, maybe a little ass to go with it. She sure can’t match that body of yours. She’d have to wear padding to fill out an A-cup. She’s got bony legs, too. He has to have something wrong to leave all this sweet meat sitting up here while he’s fucking my cousin.”

“It doesn’t really matter,” Maggie commented.

“He could be shacked up with Raquel Welch, for all I care. I’ve been sitting around here for weeks going wild for a good fuck. I’ve kept kicking myself because I enjoyed the whistles and the looks I get when I walk across the campus. No more! I’m going to get a piece of every cock that comes my way.”


They attracted all manner of attention at dinner. When Maggie and Mary Alice walked up the steps to the dining hall, resplendent in their most seductive dresses, their hair glowing, their bodies displayed in flamboyant outfits, the male students all turned and gaped.

Mule Traynor, the mammoth tackle on the school’s football team, grinned broadly as he opened the door for them.

“What’s the occasion?” he asked. “Something special going on tonight?”

“Yes,” Mary Alice answered haughtily as they stepped past him. “Us.”

They soon became the center of male attention. Maggie wondered how long it would take for some intelligent boy to deduce the reason for the dress and offer his services.

The Dean of Women smiled her approval. Mrs. Milliron fought a losing battle to have the girls dress nicely for dinner. The pompous woman felt that it gave a special air of elegance to the school if they wore something other than jeans and sweatshirts to dinner.

Maggie felt the delicious irony of having the woman’s approval. The custodian of chastity at Hillcrest was in hearty agreement with the dress the two horny coeds had selected to insure that they would get in a good fuck before the evening was over. Maggie accepted Mrs. Milliron’s approval with a flash of her eyes, then she glanced over the students, hoping to select some likely partner for the remainder of the evening.

“Don’t worry,” Mary Alice whispered. “We have a party to go to later on.”

“Oh,” Maggie asked, turning to the brunette. “Where?”

“Shhhhh! It’s one of the parties the administration can’t know about. Shit! If they even dreamed of this kind of party they’d piss all over themselves. One of the married students lets some of us use his apartment. We’ll go over to the student center like we’re planning to attend the piano recital, then slip down the hill to the car that’ll be waiting for us.”

“No chance of getting into trouble, is there?”

“You want to get fucked or not?” Mary Alice asked, then she turned away and resumed talking with the young boy beside her.

Maggie looked at the boy. He looked awfully immature. Damn! The redhead realized that almost any of the boys would seem immature to her. She’d been fucking a husband who was older than any of them. Still, she reminded herself, Mary Alice seemed to be an expert on the available pricks. She’d have to trust her roommate to get her a good length of meat.

The couple who were waiting for them in the car drove into the older section of Manchester. They parked, then led the girls to the entrance of a small basement apartment. They stepped into a darkened room, which was lit by several scented candles.

Maggie shivered. She tried to identify some of the couples who were petting on the couches and on large pillows scattered around the floor. A chubby, buxom blonde came over to her and greeted her.

“Hi!” the blonde called out in a shrill voice. “They said we had some new members of the club for tonight. Glad you can join us. There’s wine on the table. The bed’s in use right now, but feel free to use it if anyone strikes your fancy.”

Maggie looked about again. So this what what went on under the pious noses of Hillcrest College! Booze and sex — it was all here.

She glanced at the bed. There was no question what was going on beneath the sheet. The sound of a male gasp, the soft moan of a girl’s voice, left little to the imagination.

“Hot damn! Look what I found!”

Maggie felt a huge hand reach around her waist and grab her tit. She looked up at Mule Traynor’s leering face. The big athlete pressed his hand over her tit, sending shivering spasms through her body.

Maggie leaned against him. She had been afraid of being stuck at a party with some of the immature kids around campus. Mule was hardly immature. She leaned against his massive chest and let him play with her tit for another minute.

“You want some wine first?” he asked.

He was immense, Maggie realized. She felt like a midget beside his hulking figure. His gentleness was reassuring though.

“Wine,” she answered, looking up at him and wanting for him to kiss her.

Mule kissed her lips softly. Maggie shivered, though, at the force with which he suddenly sucked her breath from her. He held her firmly, his hand still on her tit. Then he smiled at her. He led her to a spare pillow on the floor.

“This is mine!” he announced to the others. “Anybody lay a hand on this pussy before me, I’ll tear him into shreds.”

Then Mule smiled at Maggie again and walked over to pour glasses of wine for the two of them.

Maggie’s eyes became accustomed to the dim, flickering lights. She began to recognize more of the faces in the room.

Mary Alice winked at Maggie. She was nestled in the arms of the young kid who had been seated next to her at dinner.

Williams, Maggie finally remembered, Wade Williams was the boy’s name. Wade was Winston Williams’ son. Winston Williams was the Academic Dean at Hillcrest.

God! Wouldn’t heads tumble if certain people found out about this party. Maggie tried to remember how the blonde hostess had phrased it. Something about this being a club. Hell, the year up here might not be so bad after all. If Loren wanted to fuck around, she could go him one better.

Mule came back. He handed her a glass of wine and sat down behind her. He got another hold on her tit and played with it as she felt the swelling heat of his cock against her ass.

“Damn, what a sweet-feeling piece of tail I have tonight,” he murmured. “I never got my hands on such softness in my life. So much tit, but still so soft. Damn!”

She smiled and raised the glass to her lips. She realized that this was the first wine she had tasted since she married Loren. The church didn’t approve of drinking. Shit! The church didn’t approve of preachers fucking around either, yet he was fucking Susan every weekend.

The sheet hanging in front of the bed parted and a smiling couple climbed out. The girl tossed a bundle of clothing into the corner of the room. She had the boy’s shirt on.

Maggie realized that several of the girls were dressed that way. It must be some sort of ritual. The girls who wore men’s shirts sat with boys who were shirtless.

Mule anticipated her curiosity. “That’s the way we tell who’s already had their fuck,” he whispered. “Then we don’t let them go to use the bed again until everyone has had a chance. With one bed, we have to see that everyone gets the same chance.”

Maggie had expected him to take her to bed immediately. Instead, he remained sitting behind her, teasing her tit, while Wade Williams took Mary Alice beneath the sheets.

Maggie sighed contentedly as Mule began to work her tits into a feverish anticipation. His other hand rubbed along her thigh, then drew her skirt up enough to work its way against her pussy.

Maggie shuddered as his finger pressed the thin nylon crotch of her panties into her pussy. His finger worked her clit into spasms of ecstasy.

“Mmmmmm,” Maggie sighed as she leaned against his chest and relaxed.

His cock throbbed hotly against the thin material of her dress, heating her ass.

“Ohhhhh,” she sighed. “You’re such a sweet guy. You’re so gentle. You make me feel so safe in your arms. Ohhhhh.”

Maggie was thrilled by the throbs of his cock. How large would it be? His prick would probably be twice the size of Loren’s. Hell, Mule was twice as large as the whole damn world! Would his pecker be twice as large, too?

The thought of his cock was exciting and frightening at the same time. It would be a hell of a fuck. It would be, if she could take that much meat without splitting. Her pussy glowed as she thought about it. Her pussy glowed as well from the increasing pressure of his finger.

“Enough feeling through your panties,” he gasped. “I want to feel the real thing. I want to stick my finger up your pussy and get it warmed up. Old Wade never takes too long for a fuck. We’ll be in that bed pretty damn soon. I better get to work so I’m sure to have you lathered up enough.”

“Mmmmmm,” Maggie groaned. He pulled her panties down enough. His finger slipped between the lips of her cunt.

“Ohhhhh,” she sighed as he put his fingertip on her clit and rotated the nerve in small circles. “Ohhhhhh, my God! Ohhhhh, Mule, you’ve got me hot as hell.”

“We’ll both be panting a lot more,” he assured her. “When I get you spread out in that bed.”

He kissed her shoulders and neck. He kissed upwards, then he covered her lips once more. Mule rolled her tits across her chest while he slipped his finger deeper into her cunt and pumped slowly along the damp passageway.

“Uhhhhh!” he panted, his breath coming in excited gasps. “Uhhhhh, what a delicious woman! What a fantastic body!”

His caresses sent thrilling shimmers of desire through her body. Her tits smoldered in anticipation. Her thighs felt tingles of sharp agony ripple. Her pussy glowed and throbbed in eager hope that the bed would soon be available.

Maggie turned toward him and kissed him back. Her tongue shot into his mouth, teasing his tongue. She felt the quick shudder of his cock as she began bringing him to an equal height of passion.

“Mmmmmm,” she sighed as she lay in his arms. “Mmmmmm, you sure know how to work a girl up.”

He grinned sheepishly into her misty blue eyes.

He had never dreamed of fucking a girl like this. Most girls were a little frightened of him. They were afraid he wouldn’t be gentle enough. They were afraid he had too much prick.

He usually ended up fucking the large, often fat, women. Tonight, though, he had the most gorgeous woman he’d ever seen. He was going to fuck Maggie MacDonald. What’s more, she wanted him to fuck her. She wasn’t afraid of him. Shit! She was as horny as he.

Mule shook in anticipation as he looked down at her beautiful face, at her magnificent tits, at the luscious thighs he had exposed by pulling her dress up to finger-fuck her.

“Oooooh, damn!” he gasped. “Damn, if you aren’t the most delicious sight I ever saw!”

They listened for the sounds of the couple in the bed. If she doesn’t get him cracking, Maggie thought, I’ll scream. We need that bed. We need it right now! If Mary Alice is dawdling around under there I’ll scratch her eyes out!

“He’s getting it!” Mule panted, his eyes sparkling. “See the way the sheet is waving in the air. Hell yes! Old Wade is fucking that ass in there. Wheeee! Look at him go! Get her, Wade! Fuck the tail off her!”

Maggie couldn’t resist joining the big brute in laughter. She shook as Mule urged Wade on. Her tits shook as she laughed, bringing a spark of lust to his eyes.

Mule watched them, then he lifted her and plunged his face into Maggie’s heaving, excited tits. He buried his face against them and burrowed between them, turning from side to side in happy abandon.

Maggie laughed at the carefree way he went after her tits.

“Ohhhhh, Mule!” she panted. “Mule! Mule! Mule! You’re delicious! Really, you’re a hell of a guy! A hell of a man!”

Mule lifted his face again and grinned.

Maggie thought the terror of the gridiron was about to melt as he looked at her curves. His hands shook as he held her. He tried to speak, paused, then swallowed. He looked at the bed. Wade and Mary Alice were slowly crawling out.

“My turn!” Mule shouted as he carried Maggie.

Several of the boys clapped and cheered and he stepped across the sprawled bodies, holding his precious armful as if she were as light as a pillow.

“Clear the way!” Mule commanded. “I got a little fucking to do!”

Maggie was laughing along with the other couples. She was shimmering in expectation as he laid her across the bed and began unzipping her dress.

He stripped the soft jersey dress downward. He went after the bra, then her hose and panties.

Maggie turned onto her back as she heard him removing his shirt. His pants came off.

In the dark, she listened to the sound of his shorts being drawn over his legs. She began groping for him in the dark. She grabbed what she thought was his arm. The shuddering heat and moisture quickly revealed her error.

Maggie held the immense flesh in shock. This was his cock! This was what Mule planned to plunge into her pussy! She had wanted a big piece of meat tonight, but she’d hardly bargained for this.

Maggie drew back in terror from the possibility of having her pussy torn apart.

“Too late to back out now, baby!” Mule panted as he pulled her back across the bed. “So it’s bigger than you expected. So what? It’ll still go in there. Shit! Women have babies come out that little hole. No question that this cock’ll go in there.”

He reached beneath her as she crawled away from him. He grabbed her tits. His other hand began to finger her pussy. His prick slid between her thighs as he came up against her ass.

Damn, but his cock felt as big as a telephone pole to her. It throbbed, hot and threatening, against her thighs.

His hand kept working on her cunt, stirring deep throbs of passion despite her anxiety. He thumbed her nipples into fiery buttons. He caressed her tits into swollen masses.

He brought his mammoth cock-head against the lips of her cunt. Maggie felt his prick part her pussy and press upward against her clit. She tried to relax and trust Mule not to hurt her. She kept telling herself that he knew what he was doing, that he was going to fuck her dog-style because it would be easier on her. She could always pull away.

“I’ve never had a girl scream on me yet,” he assured her. “Never hurt a girl. Always left them thanking me. Just take it easy and let your pussy get real oiled and ready. Old pecker will slide in there and you’ll be grateful as hell.”

Her pussy was already getting oiled. The constant rubbing of his prick against her clit was sending wild tremors through her. Her pussy began to glow as frantically as her tits.

Maggie sank back, testing the ability of her cunt to accommodate such a huge shaft. She shuddered as his cock spread her pussy and slowly began to enter the shimmering passage of her cunt. She gasped, not in pain but in a sense of accomplishment. She could handle him. It dawned on her with an erotic thrill. She could handle Mule’s mammoth cock. She was woman enough to take on his immense hulk of cock.

“Ooooooh,” she shuddered as she sank farther on the hot shaft. “Ooooooh, it feels so strong, so powerful. It feels so good going into me.”

“Uh-huh!” he gasped as he began to thrust slowly. “I’m going to fuck your sweet pussy! Ohhhhh, am I going to fuck that delicious pussy!”

“You sure as hell better!” Maggie snapped back at him.

Maggie’s courage was rising. Her passion was more than rising, it was soaring. She began to feel the throbs of his cock. Thrills ran over her ass and down her thighs. The muscles in her cunt rippled over the hard length of prick as Mule began to fuck with greater vigor. The direction of his cock as it came up beneath her ass and into her cunt kept the maddening pressure on her clit.

Maggie shuddered and trembled as Mule drove his cock in with long, deep thrusts.

“Oooooh!” she gasped, feeling him lift her into the air with the power of his fuck. “Ooooooh, what a cock! Fuck me, Mule! It doesn’t hurt! Damn, it feels fabulous! Oooooh!”

His cock swelled within her cunt as he fucked her roughly. Maggie became aware of nothing except the magnificent pressure of his cock in her cunt. She was not even aware of his frantic caresses over her tits. All that existed was his magnificent prick in her cunt.

“Uhhhhh!” he panted as he fucked more rapidly. “I gotta get you to come. I can’t take much more or I’ll explode!”

“Great!” she whispered back to him. “Let it shoot, Mule! Ooooooh, I can imagine how much cum you can shoot into me!”

Maggie’s pussy was quivering in rapture as he fucked deeper into her fiery depths. She felt the flow of her juice, the approaching explosion of her cum. Maggie could hardly breathe from the rising passion which shook her body. She shoved her ass backward against Mule and twisted her body, her pussy squeezing his prick. She felt his immense cock begin shaking in excitement.

“Ohhhhh!” he panted, “I’m going to empty it! I gotta let it flow! Ohhhhh, baby.”

“Fuck me!” she panted back. “Come on, Mule! Fuck me! Shoot it to me! Oooooeeeeee! Wow! Ooooooh, wow! That’s it, Mule! Ooooooh!”

She began oozing her cum over the rampaging cock even as his prick shuddered on the brink of orgasm. She saw only swirling lights spinning through her consciousness as he unloaded his cum. His orgasm gushed through her, blowing her pussy into deeper rapture.

“Mmmmmm!” she cooed as she felt his cum flood her cunt. “Mmmmm, what a hunk of meat!”

Maggie shivered.

Mule rolled them both onto their sides and held her tightly against him, his cock still buried to its hilt in her cunt. His hands roved softly over her tits and abdomen and thighs.

“You’re a hell of a lay, you know that?” he whispered huskily. “You’re the damndest fuck I ever had.”

“Glad to oblige,” Maggie laughed. Hell, he was the one who did the favor. She had planned on getting herself fucked tonight by whatever was available. She’d never dreamed it would be such a championship piece of cock.

Maggie sighed and snuggled her ass tighter against him. She felt like a total woman. She’d just taken on one hell of a prick. She’d taken it on, given it a ride it would never forget, and enjoyed the shit out of it.

The big guy was right. She was a hell of a lay. She was a hell of a woman. Tough shit, Loren MacDonald. The pious little preacher had swapped one lusty, well-built broad for a scrawny little piece of pussy. Tough, Loren.

She was even with him. She’d gotten hers. She’d paid him back. Now she would be ready to fuck him if he made it up to Hillcrest next weekend.


“Men on the floor!”

The housemother’s voice echoed down the hall of the dorm.

Mrs. Milliron had posted notices yesterday about workmen being in the women’s dorm today. The housemother had come around last night to make sure the girls would not be caught unawares and walk out in the hall wearing only bra and panties or less.

“Men on the floor!” The housemother shouted again, even though all the girls were assumed to be in chapel, taking the required midmorning spiritual break.

Maggie and Mary Alice looked at each other and smiled. The redhead checked her watch, waited a moment, then nodded to the brunette.

“Two minutes,” she announced. “The old gal should be back downstairs by now. Give them their thrill of the day.”

Mary Alice giggled as she slipped her robe off her shoulders. She checked her naked body in the mirror, then winked at Maggie. She opened the door quickly and went running out into the hall. Maggie smiled as she listened to the well-rehearsed theatricals that followed.

“Oh,” Mary Alice gasped. “Ohhhhhh, God! Men on the floor! Ohhhhhh!”

Mary Alice came running back into the room and rushed to the bed where she collapsed laughing.

“That was faster than we practiced it,” Maggie commented. “Are you sure they got a good look at you?”

“Everything I had to show,” Mary Alice laughed. “They were looking this way as I went out. Shit, I almost ran into one of them. There are two, by the way, and not bad looking. Maybe they’d appreciate a little more than just having a good look.”

“They look that promising?” Maggie asked. “You aren’t just trying to get my hopes up?”

“No shit,” Mary Alice swore. “Really, honey, they aren’t bad to look at. Neither of them can match Mule, of course, not for sheer size. Still they’re young enough to be interesting.”

“Added attraction,” Maggie commented dryly. “It always helps. All right, I’m game. Hell, after Loren postponed another weekend, I sure am game. You go out and pick out one of them. Tell them I’ll come out and keep watch while you get in a fuck. That’ll give me a chance to meet the other one.”

They slipped into bras and panties, then pulled skirts and sweaters over their excited bodies.

Maggie sat at her desk, pretending to be studying while Mary Alice stepped out into the hall again. She left the door slightly open, enabling the redhead to listen to the conversation.

“Hope I didn’t frighten you,” Mary Alice greeted the workmen. “I forgot that you were going to be working here today.”

“Didn’t frighten us,” a deep male voice answered. “I was just afraid you might not get over the shock of almost walking into me like you were dressed.”

“I almost kept going,” the brunette laughed. “My mind was somewhere else. If I hadn’t looked up at the last moment, I’d have walked right up your body.”

“Damn!” the deep voice exclaimed. “Some days nothing goes right.”

“Shall I go back and try it again?” Mary Alice laughed. “Maybe next time I’ll do better.”

“You’re a teasing little broad. I bet you college girls get a kick out of leading us on this way, don’t you?”

“I’m not leading anybody on,” Mary Alice explained. “You want me to try it again, I will. Even better, I’ll let you come into my room and we’ll practice it in there.”

“You’d get a hell of a lot more than my arms around you,” the deep voice grunted. “A hell of a lot more. Maybe these college boys can play with pussy that way, but I take it serious.”

“Promises! Promises!” Mary Alice teased. “You men are all alike. You threaten like crazy. You brag about what you’d do to us. Then, when you get the chance, you run like hell.”

“You want to try me? You want to take me in that room and see if I’d back off?”

“Hey, Joe!” another voice protested. “You trying to get us fired? You go in there and that old crab from downstairs would show up for sure.”

“Can’t you play watchman?” Mary Alice asked. “I’ll even send my roommate out to keep you company. Maybe you can talk her into a fuck, too.”

“What does she look like? She look half as good as you?”

“A hell of a lot better,” Mary Alice promised. “Tell you what, I’ll give you your choice. You keep watch while your friend and I go in there and fuck. After I finish him, you can either fuck me or you can fuck my roommate. Fair enough?”

“Hell yes!” he gasped. “Get with it, Joe. Get her in there and feed her some cock. Sooner you finish, sooner I get some.”

Maggie looked up as Mary Alice stepped back into the room, followed by the tall man named Joe.

Joe looked over at Maggie and was about to turn his attention to her instead of Mary Alice. His eyes lighted in eager appreciation at the way Maggie’s tits shoved out the white sweater.

Mary Alice managed to recapture his attention by slipping her sweater over her head and her skirt down her legs. She stood beside the bed in her bra and panties, waiting for the workman to take her up on the offer.

“Yours is outside,” Mary Alice told Maggie. “Keep him company while we play for a while. Then we’ll do likewise for you.”

Maggie smiled as she walked out the door. She heard the gasps of delight from Mary Alice as Joe shoved her roughly back onto the bed. She closed the door on them.

The other workman gaped at Maggie as she walked toward him. He’d never expected anything like this! He’d never even seen anything like this outside the movies. Damn! What a body! What a pair of knockers! What legs! He almost fell off the ladder as he gaped at the lovely woman smiling up at him.

Maggie smiled. “Looks like we have a short wait on our hands,” she laughed. “That’s all right. Fucking is always better if you aren’t complete strangers.”

The guy’s eyes roved over Maggie’s body greedily.

Maggie felt his caressing gaze as if it were his hands gliding over her tits and hips and thighs. She leaned against the ladder, her tits threatening to burst out of the sweater. She was panting already. This was going to be fun.

She smiled once more to the silent, gaping man on the ladder. In a strange way, he reminded her of Hal Painter. He had the same clearly defined facial features, the same deep-green eyes. But Harold Painter could never remain silent this long.

Maggie smiled as she remembered Hal’s usual response to her pressing tits and inviting smile. He talked! He talked and talked and talked! She would rub herself all over him. Hal would talk!

Yesterday she had even gotten her legs against him. She slipped a leg along his, hoping that she could get a sexual response from him. He went into some deep, complicated literary theory.

One of these days, she’d stop him from talking. She’d get his sensuous mouth on her tits or between her legs and she’d get a hell of a lot more than talk from him. Maggie was determined to fuck Dr. Harold Painter.

She was also going to fuck this blue-collar, silent edition of Hal. He still hadn’t spoken. He just stood frozen on the ladder, his mouth spread in that silly grin, his eyes glued to her tits.

No, she was wrong. He was moving. In the crotch he was moving. Maggie could take his pulse by watching the throbs of his swelling prick. She put her hand on his.

“You might come down here with me and talk,” she said softly. “I promise not to bite you.”

He grinned even sillier. He nodded his head rapidly and came down the ladder. He faced her. She grabbed his hands and looked up into his eyes.

“That’s better,” she said. She looked at the leaping movement in his groin and smiled. “I like a man who responds like that.”

“I just can’t believe it,” he finally gasped in a strained voice. “I really expected the brunette to send out some dog for me. That’s my usual luck. While I stand around, Joe makes off with the prize broad while I get stuck with some hag. So how come I get you this morning. Your friend is a pretty girl, don’t get me wrong, but I never knew a girl as pretty as you.”

“Thank you, sir,” Maggie replied with a mock bow.

Shit! He was getting to be too much like Hal Painter. Talk! Talk! She pulled his hands against her tits and slipped one leg between his. The heat of his excited cock came through his pants to excite her as she drew her thigh upward and pressed it against the throbbing mass of prick.

“Damn, lady!” he gasped. “What are you trying to do to me?”

“Keep the pot boiling,” she laughed. “When they finish, we’ll get to fuck while the bed’s still warm. Won’t be long until chapel is over and some of the girls will be coming in to rest between classes. I want you ready to go as soon as we can get to bed.”

“Don’t worry about that,” he assured her. “Let me get my hands on those tits, let me feel those legs around me, and you won’t have to worry about my prick.”

Maggie continued to keep his lust building as they waited. By the time Mary Alice stuck her head out the door and invited them in, the man was in a frenzy.

Joe’s eyes were still dazed as he struggled into his clothes. He smiled feebly at Maggie as she began to slip out of sweater and skirt. He wanted to stay and see if Maggie’s body was really that fantastic without clothes.

“Your turn to watch,” Maggie reminded him.

His face showed disappointment. He shrugged and walked slowly out to join Mary Alice in the hall. Maggie turned to face the panting young man who had stripped and was reaching for her.

“Ohhhhh, God!” he gasped as he plunged his face into her tits. “I never thought I’d last till we got in here. Damn, but you’ve got me horny.”

He pulled her against him and unhooked her bra. He went after her tits again as he pushed her down on the bed and tumbled on top of her. He was a swirl of motion as he groped her tits, sucking and tonguing frantically. He reached inside her panties and began to push his finger into her pussy.

“Ohhhhh,” he gasped.

Maggie slipped the panties off, giving his hand more freedom.

“Ohhhhh, what a piece of tail! What a wonderful piece of pussy!”

He caught one tit in his mouth and sucked feverishly as he mashed his finger demandingly on her clit.

Maggie shivered with the excitement of the fuck and with the erotic pleasure of his caresses. She reached for his cock and fingered the throbbing shaft. He shuddered and sucked hungrily on her tit. His tongue flicked rapidly over her nipple, back and forth.

“Mmmmmm,” she moaned, squeezing his cock, then pumping it sensuously. She toyed with his nipples. “Oooooh, I like it! Ohhhh, I do like it!”

His finger reached deeper into her cunt and pumped in and out of her moist passage. He made small circles inside her cunt while his knuckles kept rubbing across her sensitive clit.

She slid her hand along his cock and fingered through the silken hairs to his balls.

He was trembling wildly, his breath gasping and panting on her tits. She thrust her other breast at him as he switched. He sucked even more deliriously while he cupped and mashed and twisted her tits into a state of floating rapture.

“Ohhhhhh!” he muttered as he struggled to control his shuddering prick. “Ohhhhh, lady, you do turn me on!”

Maggie pressed her finger firmly into the area between his ass and his cock. She continued the pressure until she felt him regain control. Damn if she wanted him to shoot off in the air. Nor was she ready for his cock to go in her pussy. She was having too much fun playing with his cock for that. Not yet. Soon she’d slide his cock to her cunt-lips, but first she wanted to work his prick into another fever heat.

“A little trick I learned,” she told him. “We’ll keep that sweet prick calm just a little longer.”

Maggie returned to pumping his cock and gliding her hand sensuously down to his balls before pumping once more.

His face moved from side to side between her tits. He kissed and sacked and licked at the heaving globes. His frantic loving sent deep ripples of pleasure through them. His finger drove firmly into her pussy. He pumped and circled until Maggie was hunching her pussy against his teasing finger and closing her thighs around his hand.

“Uhhhh!” he groaned once more as his body shuddered. “Uhhhhh! I gotta see how these tits feel against my cock. They’re the sweetest tits I ever saw, ever touched. I couldn’t fuck you until I fucked these tits for a while.”

He crawled upward and sat across her hips. She watched the lustful smile on his face as he looked down at her tits. He bent forward until he had his prick between her tits. He pressed her tits up and over his gleaming shaft. Slowly he began to thrust his cock back and forth between them. His eyes glittered and narrowed.

Maggie felt the heat from his cock warming her tits, the friction from the tit-fuck sending warm ripples over her breasts.

“Uhhhhh! Uhhhhh!” he panted as he fucked more violently.

Maggie looked down and saw the brilliant red of the cock-head come surging out of her soft tits with each thrust. The redhead twisted beneath him, her passion rising from the erotic play and from the expression of lust on his face.

He closed his eyes as he shoved his cock against her tits in greater and greater force. Maggie closed her eyes and pictured Hal Painter sitting on her feeding his prick into her tits. She gasped in delight at the image and felt her pussy glowing from the hope that some day it might actually be her sexy professor fucking her.

“Mmmmm!” she sighed. “Ooooooh, I like it! I never had my tits fucked like this before, but I like it! I’ll have to try it again. Ooooooh, it’s sending chills through me.”

They really weren’t chills. They were more like crackling sparks of electrical energy shooting through her body. She reached for his ass and began to caress the firm flesh. She fingered along his crack until she thought he was going to leap off her in his excitement.

“Ohhhhh!” he cried. “Ohhhhh, you are the best! You are the greatest! Ohhhh, Lord! Am I getting a head of steam!”

His cock was trembling ecstatically as he thrust a few more violent times. Then he slowly released her tits and slid down her body until he was hovering over her cunt. He spread her legs and brought his cock against her cunt-lips.

“Can’t take much more of those tits,” he gasped. “My prick is so hot I’d better get it in your pussy before I shoot my wad all over your tits.”

Maggie breathed a sigh of relief. She was also aware that the bell might ring at any moment. The girls could start coming into the dorm any time now.

“Yes!” she breathed passionately. “Yes! Yes! Get it in my pussy! Hurry! Fuck me! Get it in there and fuck me! Ooooooeeeeeeee!”

He slammed into her and began to fuck in earnest. His cock drove frantically into her cunt. She could hear the sound of his prick sliding in the moisture of her passage. She could hear the small pop as suction was released each time he drew his cock back for another lunge. She listened to the sensuous slap of their bodies as she felt her pussy rapidly pulsing around his prick.

“Uhhhh!” he panted. “Uhhhh! Uhhhhh!”

She felt his body begin to tremble. His orgasm was building inside his cock. She sensed the nearness of his eruption and her own climax surged.

“Ooooooh,” she cried. “Hurry! Fuck me! Oooooooh! Let it go! Let it fill me! Mmmmmm! Oooooooh! Yes! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me!”

“Aaaaaiiii!” he gasped as his cock shuddered in a final thrust before it unleashed its hot charge into her pussy. “Aaaaiiii! There it is! There’s what you’ve been begging for!”


Maggie shuddered as her own orgasm followed immediately. She clamped her legs around his charging body. She hugged him. She kissed him. She tongued him frantically. She thrust her tits against his chest, nipples brushing nipples.

“Ohhhhh!” he panted as his cock finally began to subside. “Ohhhhh, what a fuck! What a piece of pussy! Damn!”

She looked at the smile of pleasure on his face. Outside she heard the bell ring. What a sense of timing. It was close, but they got the fuck in. They sure the hell did.

“You’re pretty damn good yourself,” she replied, then parted her lips for his kiss. They were still kissing as a soft tap came on the door.

“You guys better hurry it up,” Mary Alice called through the door. “I hear them downstairs already.”

Maggie smiled as the young man slid his cock out of her pussy. He hurriedly dressed. He winked at her, then came back for a last kiss before he eased through the door to join his friend and return to work.

“Hell, I thought I fucked loudly,” Mary Alice teased as she came into the room and watched Maggie dress. “Ohhhhh, how you do carry on when you get some cock in you.”

Mary Alice had said it in imitation of the workman’s voice, then she ducked Maggie’s playful swat. They stood laughing at each other as they waited for enough commotion to go on in the hall that they could leave for class without being apparent they had cut chapel.

“Beats the hell out of a sermon every time,” Mary Alice laughed as they prepared to leave. “Every time.”

Maggie smiled. She looked up at the workman and blew him a kiss as they walked down the hall. She felt the satisfaction of noticing the envy on Joe’s face as he watched the affection which passed between her and the friend who usually ended up with the dog.

For once, the man who resembled Hal Painter had come out the better. Maggie swung her ass as sensuously as she could. She felt good. She felt damn good. She’d had a good fuck and done the guy a great favor at the same time.


“So we would love to have you spend the weekend with us,” Dr. Harold Painter smiled.

Maggie looked up at him, eyes sparkling. Her tits were pounding at the thought. A weekend with Harold Painter! The tingles went through her pussy as she considered it.

They wouldn’t be alone, of course. Not always.

Her professor had suggested her name to the dean as a student to attend the regional workshop in creative writing. The tall instructor had asked her about it earlier and had just received confirmation of her selection.

“As I told you,” Maggie replied, “I’d love the chance to go. I’m still in a state of shock that you would even consider me.”

“Oh, you’re the first one I considered,” Harold answered as his eyes dropped to her trembling tits. “In fact, I hadn’t thought of anyone else if you had turned me down. You’re more mature than the other students. I think you can deal with some of the, uh, rather adult subject matter we will be discussing.”

“If you mean dirty, I’m looking forward to it,” Maggie laughed as her tits brushed against his arm. “Wheee! Am I looking forward to it!”

Dr. Painter laughed with her, his cock swelling within his pants at the sensation of her breasts against his arm. He suddenly blushed. He stammered a moment, then stepped back from her and busily tried to resume an interest in the sheets of lecture notes on his desk.

“It’s decided, then,” he announced. “Excellent. I’ll let you know more after all plans are set. You will be riding up with me, I assume?”

“Of course!” Maggie answered as she turned to leave.

Hell yes, she’d ride up with him. With any luck at all, she could get a tumble in before they ever arrived at the mountain resort where the workshop was scheduled.

Maggie swung her ass in her most suggestive manner as she walked from the room. She was elated.

Her telephone spat with Loren was wiped out of her memory. The conniving preacher had almost wet his pants when she had suggested that she join him this weekend in Jacksonburg. He stammered over the phone, talked in circles, finally telling Maggie that it would not be convenient at all for her to come down.

“In two or three weeks, maybe we can work it out,” he had said. “Really, you should concentrate on your school work. I’ll be so busy I won’t have a minute to spend with you. You can’t imagine how hectic the weekend is. I have to accomplish a week’s work in two day’s time. I just know it wouldn’t work at all. We’d end up shouting at each other in our frustration.”

Maggie had slammed the phone down. Maggie had been seething, ready to get even with Loren if she had to fuck the whole damn student body to do it. Now she was interested more in the faculty as she bounded down the hall toward her room.

Mary Alice wasn’t there. Maggie sighed in disgust.

She walked to her desk. There was a note from her roommate. It was about Bob. Bob? What Bob? Then Maggie remembered the name of the boy friend Mary Alice referred to on occasion. Bob Johnson who was supposed to have such a hot thing going with Mary Alice, yet he never called, never wrote, never came over to visit.

Bob was coming over. He was due over tonight. He’d called. He would be by the dorm just before dinner to pick up Mary Alice and go out to eat. There was Mary Alice’s problem. She had a date. She had a date that she didn’t want to break.

In the late afternoon, she pleaded with Maggie to have dinner with her boy friend and keep him around until she could get to him.

“Why the hell not?” Maggie asked out loud. “Sure beats the food in the dining hall.”

Still, there was a complication for her. How was she going to get any cock if she had to spend most of the evening entertaining Mary Alice’s boy friend?

Maggie had planned on getting fucked tonight. Well, she shrugged, there still might be some boy around the student center after Mary Alice took over with Bob. If not, there was the weekend ahead. She could certainly get fucked tomorrow night just as easily as tonight.

She was ready by the time Bob called on her. Maggie checked her appearance in the mirror. The shimmering green jersey clung to every luscious curve, dazzling any observer with the display of tits and ass.

“Bob Johnson?” she asked in the reception area as she came downstairs. “Is Bob Johnson here?”

She gasped as Bob stood up and walked over to answer her call. She had expected a young man, not this middle-aged person coming toward her. Bob was as tall as Maggie. His eyes showed his confusion as he walked toward the lovely young woman.

“Yes?” he greeted her. “I’m Bob Johnson. You have a message for me?”

Maggie reached for his hand. She saw the flicker in his eyes that showed his appreciation of her looks.

“Mary Alice had an important meeting tonight,” Maggie lied. “She won’t be able to meet you until later. I’m her roommate. Mary Alice suggested I substitute for her until she can slip out of her meeting. Of course, that’s if you don’t mind.”

Bob brightened at her offer, his body seemed to leap at the thought. His eyes sparkled as he nodded.

“Mind?” he gasped. “Hell no, I don’t mind. Mary Alice told me a little about you. She told me you were the most beautiful girl I’d ever see. I have to admit that she wasn’t lying.”

“Flatterer!” Maggie teased as she took his arm. They walked through the hall toward the front steps. “Don’t stop, though. I like it!”

Bob looked over at Maggie and beamed, clearly ecstatic over having such a gorgeous girl for his dinner companion.

Maggie recalled Mary Alice telling him about herself. How much had Mary Alice told about her? Did this man know that she was married? Did he know that she had been messing around on her husband?

Maggie glanced over at him and calmed herself. Whatever he might know about her, he was happy as he could be at the chance to take her out.


Damn, but the food was good! A good, thick steak was a hell of an improvement over the frozen fishsticks they would have been serving at the dining hall.

Maggie looked up and smiled at the man who sat watching her closely. Bob had not been able to take his eyes off her all night. They had driven out to the Rockwood Inn for dinner. Bob had mentioned casually that he was staying in the inn for the weekend.

He had wanted to waste time, Maggie thought. He’d planned to bring Mary Alice out here, wine her and dine her, then take her to his room and fuck her good. She felt sympathy for Bob Johnson. He wasn’t a bad sort of guy, really quite nice. He was overly attentive, which didn’t upset a girl who had been married to a non-attentive husband for four years.

He was attentive now as he watched her finish her steak. He signaled the waitress to come take her order for dessert.

Maggie declined. She hadn’t eaten this much in months. She leaned back in the booth and smiled across the table. Maggie wondered once more how Mary Alice was going to find them, unless she knew where Bob was staying tonight.

“I understand that they have an excellent combo in the lounge,” Bob suggested. “Perhaps you’d like to listen to them or dance while we wait for Mary Alice.”

“A Hillcrest coed in there?” Maggie cautioned him. “They’d be sure to find that out. We aren’t allowed to go in any places like that, not if they serve whiskey.”

“But Mary Alice and I go out dancing when she’s home or when she comes to visit me,” Bob protested.

“Yes,” Maggie said, “but there’d be no danger of some friend of the administration being in there and reporting her.”

“Ohhhhh,” he sighed. “It’s like that around here. Too bad. I’d sure like a drink. I’m no student. I do have a bottle in my room, if you’d rather wait there for Mary Alice to contact us.”

Maggie looked into his eyes. They were not innocent as they met her gaze.

Maggie smiled as she began to rise from the table. She liked this little guy. He wasn’t a bad sort at all. In fact, he might make a pretty good fuck. If Mary Alice was going to leave him hanging out on a limb, then some girl might as well get a little use out of him. The only problem was that Mary Alice might show up at the wrong time.

Hell! That was something that would be faced then. Right now, Maggie was interested in what Bob had to offer in his bedroom.

He did not take long in showing her. As she walked into his room, he stepped in behind her.

The door closed softly, then she felt his breath at her neck. His hands came slowly and gently around her waist. He pulled her to him and kissed her shoulders and neck.

“God! You’re beautiful!” he gasped. “You should be on stage instead of at this backwater college. A girl like you, with your looks, could write her own ticket.”

She felt the heat of his cock against her ass. His hands came up and cupped beneath her tits.

Maggie shuddered at the gentleness of his touch and leaned back into his embrace. She turned so he could kiss her.

“Mmmmmm,” she sighed, her passion rising with the increased play of his hands on her tits. “Mmmmm, I’ve been wanting this all night.”

“You’re kidding,” Bob panted.

His tongue eased slowly and sensuously into her mouth. Their tongues embraced in delicious teasing. She felt his cock throbbing against the thin jersey of her dress. Her ass warmed from its glow and tingled in anticipation.

Maggie slowly rubbed her buttocks against his cock and felt the rapid increase in the man’s pulse. She slowly turned her body to face him.

“No kidding at all,” she assured him. “I don’t kid around when it comes to fucking. That’s serious. A good fuck is something to work at in dead earnest.”

“Are you?” he asked, lifting his head a moment. His eyes pierced into her while his hands caressed her throbbing tits. “Are you a good fuck?”

“Why don’t you find out!”

Maggie pulled his head down to her tits. She rubbed her breasts all over him as he panted and gasped in soaring passion. His hands caught the cheeks of her ass in a delicious caress, then they ran up and down her thighs.

“Ohhhh, what a doll!” he gasped. “What a delicate, delicious doll you are.”

He lifted her and carried her toward the bed. She hugged him and let her tits rub over his chest and face. She was shivering in anxious anticipation as he laid her on the bed. He reached for the zipper.

“I’ve wanted to do this all night,” he told her in a voice hoarse with passion. “I’ve wanted to see your naked body. I want to see those tits naked. I want to get my hands on them without silk or nylon in the way.”

He stripped her dress downward and bared her to the waist. Only the bra protected her tits from the heat of his lusting hands. That protection lasted only a second.

Bob unhooked the soft white nylon and drew it off her shoulders and arms. He sat back and looked at her. He moistened his lips as his eyes glowed in approval of the luscious display of tit.

“Damn!” he murmured softly. “Damn! They’re even more beautiful. I’ve seen all sorts of tits in my lifetime, but I’ve never seen anything to equal these.”

He caught one tit and fondled it slowly, expertly, until it was shuddering in desire. His fingers slowly closed around it, pressing her shimmering nipple and areola out toward him.

Maggie gasped. “Kiss it! Suck it! Kiss it until it goes wild. I want to feel your lips on it. Please! Suck it! Suck my tit, Bob! Suck my tit!”

He smiled at her softly, then his lips touched her nipple. He increased the force of his kiss gradually, driving her into spasms of erotic demand before he finally began to suck her tit.

Maggie shuddered, the heat of lust soaring through her. She reached for his belt. She was gasping under the sensuous suction of his mouth before she managed to release the buckle and unzip his pants.

Bob had begun to work on her other tit by the time she managed to pull his swollen cock out. She cuddled his wonderful cock happily. She wanted to kiss it, but she could not get to it because his face was at her tits. She was forced to satisfy herself with caressing and pumping the rigid and quivering prick while Bob sucked her tits.

“Mmmmm,” she gasped, throwing her head back as she pumped his cock wildly. “Mmmmmm, it feels so strong, so strong and sweet.”

Bob pushed the lovely woman down on the bed and knelt over her. He’d never seen such beauty, never dreamed there could be such beauty. Her cock-maddening lips smiled her appreciation. Her tits thrust upwards toward him, proud and firm, despite their softness.

“Damn!” he panted. “I never dreamed, never hoped to see such a lovely woman.”

“You going to stand there talking all night,” she gasped, “or are you going to do something about it?”

He smiled in delight at her eagerness to fuck. Bob slipped out of his clothes. He heard the sexy rustle from the bed as Maggie slipped her dress off, then she stripped hose and panties down her legs.

Bob turned back to her and froze a moment as he saw Maggie stretch out on the bed in her full glory. He stared awestruck at her creamy body, her lush curves waiting expectantly for him. Bob sat beside her. Maggie read the adoration in his eyes as he leaned over her and began to kiss along her shoulders.

“God! How lovely!” he murmured gently. “You should be worshipped! You should be displayed for the world to worship! A Goddess! A lovely Goddess!”

Soft kisses sent tremors through her body. Maggie had never been loved in this way. She’d been pawed over, grabbed at, lusted after. She’d never had this kind of treatment. Her body felt every nerve come alive in response to his adoring mouth as Bob kissed her tits. His lips circled each breast before pausing to suck slowly on the quivering nipple.

“Oooooh, you make me feel so special,” Maggie answered him. “You make me feel like I really am a Goddess.”

“You should feel that way,” he sighed as he kissed down her tummy, kissing her navel and sucking softly. “You should always feel that way. You’re that kind of a girl.”

Maggie shuddered as he kissed her thighs. She was panting as he moved along her thighs, her body pounding in expectation.

God, she could hardly bear the suspense. Why didn’t he hurry? She wanted him to hurry, she wanted him to continue his teasing adoration. She was a limp mass of trembling nerves as he finally began licking the silken hairs of her cunt.

“Ooooooh, yes!” she hissed. “Yessssss, yesssssss! Kiss me there, Bob! Kiss my pussy! Suck it till I scream! Ooooooh, Bob, you are magnificent! Ooooooh!”

His lips met the soft, moist opening of her cunt. He kissed slowly, gently. She shuddered beneath his loving as he began to suck on her pussy. Maggie was beginning to lose control of her body. She was merely a raw nerve for him to manipulate with his magical lips. She was alive! She was dying! She was afire! She was exploding in hot, sensuous quakes of passion.

“Oooooo, God! Get it in me, Bob!” she pleaded. “Please! Get your cock inside me. Fuck me, Bob! Ooooooh, please! Fuck me! Fuck me before I explode!”

“No way,” he soothed. “If my lovely red-head wants to be fucked, then I’ll fuck her.”

He brought the head of his cock against her pussy. Bob’s prick was short and stubby. It was wide, though.

Maggie shivered in erotic delirium as his prick spread her pussy and drove slowly inside. Her clit vibrated wildly. Her vaginal passage quivered around the welcomed intruder. She felt her body begin to shake with rising spasms. The red-haired beauty sucked his cock with her pussy. Her cunt quivered along the shaft, squeezing his cock with the walls of her cunt.

“Mmmmmm,” she sighed. “Now fuck me. Fuck me all night, Bob! Fuck me till I’m too weak to get out of bed! Then fuck me again!”

“Uhhhh!” he panted as he drove his cock into her cunt. “Uhhhh! I’ll give you a ride. I’ll show you a fuck. You want a fuck, you’ll get a fuck!”

Maggie got her fuck. She got one hell of a fuck. The middle-aged man surprised her with his energy, with his expertise. He rammed his cock into her. He drove his cock through her. He moved his prick in delicious circles as he fucked her. He caressed her ass and fingered her asshole as he fucked her.

Maggie felt the soaring orgasm begin to shake her. She gasped and panted for breath as the explosion began to erupt inside her.

“Oooooooh!” she gasped. “I’m there, Bob! My pussy is blowing apart! Ooooooh, fuck me harder. Feed me some cum! Fill me! Fuck me! Don’t let me go alone!”

“No way!” he panted. “No way! I’m right behind you! I’m letting go right now!”

She felt his gushing semen spurt into her cunt. She felt the warmth of his cum filling her. She thrashed about in the bed in her passionate orgasm while he fucked her with increasing frenzy.

“Aaaaaaa!” he finally cried as his cock emptied itself with a final series of shuddering explosions. “Ohhhhhh, what a woman! What a hell of a fuck!”

“You loved me into it,” she told him afterwards. “The way you kissed all over my body, I couldn’t be anything but a bundle of passion.”

They lay side by side, caressing each other. He answered the phone when it rang. He smiled as he hung up.

“Your roommate suggested we get in another fuck,” he laughed. “Mary Alice figured we’d end up this way. She said you needed it tonight. She’ll get hers tomorrow. Tonight is for you, all for you.”


“Get her, Mule, get her!” Maggie called out from the circle of students sitting around the couple in the middle of the floor.

“She’s been begging for it all night,” Wade Williams cried. “Show her how we fuck at Hillcrest. Give her a taste of Hillcrest cock!”

Maggie shivered in excitement. The blonde had been asking for it. She’d been twisting her body around every body in the sex club. Margie had teased them with her body and with her words. She would deserve every thrust of Mule’s huge prick. Just because she attended State College was no reason to refer to Hillcrest students as sexually retarded. The stupid little piece of cunt had bragged that there weren’t any ten Hillcrest men who could satisfy her if they stood in a row and took turns.

The usually mild Mule had finally gotten his shit level full of her.

“You made the offer, honey,” he panted in anger as he spun her around. His eyes flashed over her young body, focusing on the pair of thrusting tits. “We’ll just see what’s so special about State College pussy. I’m appointing myself as first in that line. If there’s anything left, the other nine can try it on.”

Mule grabbed her about the waist and lifted her up. He held her as if she were a rag doll, then brought her tits against his face. He rubbed them over his mouth, laughing the whole time.

Margie realized the tremendous strength in the arms which held her so easily, in the huge torso below her, in the mammoth cock that throbbed against her. She gasped.

“Too late, now!” Mary Alice scoffed. “You have old Mule angry. No way he’ll settle down until he’s gotten his pussy. You got him mad, you’ll have to settle him down.”

“Won’t any of you help me!” Margie begged. “You all going to sit there and let him rape me?”

“Won’t be rape!” Wade shouted. “You invited any ten of us. We’re only sending in the first team. No substitutes. Just enjoy it, baby! You won’t find cock like Mule’s over at State!”

The crowd of spectators whooped in delight as Margie was carried toward the bed. Someone pulled the sheets down, removing any veil between the fuck about to occur and the panting, delighted observers. Mule tossed the girl onto the bed and reached for her skirt. A single yank had it down, to be followed by her hose and panties.

Maggie joined the others in applauding the display of exposed pussy. She watched with pulsing excitement.

Mule’s finger teased her pussy. He shoved her sweater upward to get at her tits, jerking her bra off with a single rough motion.

“Get them!” Mary Alice cheered. “Get at those tits, Mule!”

The tits had sagged with the removal of the bra. Margie had tits which sagged without the firm uplift of her bra. Still, she had the most luscious areolas Maggie had ever seen.

Mule was fascinated by her tits as well. The huge man reached for them and lifted her tits gently. He smiled his approval at the blonde while his fingers worked on her nipples.

“I’ll have them sticking out again,” he promised her. “Before I get through with these babies, they’ll be standing up and begging.”

He stepped back from her a moment and slipped his shirt off. Maggie watched the expression on Margie’s face as his pants dropped to display his immense pecker.

The blonde gasped in shock at his cock size. Her eyes showed fright at the thought of him fucking her with that much meat. Her eyes showed horror, yet her lips glistened as she licked them. Her body arched toward the hulking boy as he climbed over her.

“She’s not afraid of you, Mule!” Wade cried out, “You’re going to have to show her you know what to do with that meat.”

They watched Mule’s huge hands envelop a pair of heaving tits. The blonde was lost from view as Mule’s tremendous size covered her soft body. They could only catch glimpses of her legs and ass, of strands of blonde hair and a slender arm. The big tackle went after her roughly. His body shook and twisted about as he grabbed handfuls of tits and ass.

Wade pulled Maggie over to him and crushed her tits. He lifted her thighs and slid her up against his swollen cock as her legs wrapped around him. They sat cock to cunt as they watched the erotic scene on the bed. Maggie pressed her tits against his chest. She could imagine the sensation of Margie’s tits under Mule’s huge, lust-filled hands.

“Oooooh!” the blonde cried from the bed, her cry muffled. “Ooooooh! Easy! You’re going to hurt me! I never had that much cock before!”

Maggie watched Mule raise his ass as he shoved his cock into her glowing pussy. The big cock-head was already buried as he shuddered, feeling the delicious sensation of a tight cunt around his prick. His hands still worked on her tits. His sensuous massage had her breasts thrusting upward. He held her ass in one immense hand while his other hand stroked her thighs. Slowly he buried his cock deeper into her pussy while the blonde shuddered and gasped at the mixture of pain and pleasure.

Maggie slipped her panties off. She knelt beside Wade and unzipped his fly, then she sat once more with her thighs wrapped around him and his slender cock bobbing in excitement against her pussy.

Wade smiled his delight and held her tightly while his cock struggled to get deeper into her. They wriggled their asses on the floor, pressing cock and cunt together while they watched the fantastic scene on the bed.

Gasps and groans were coming from all parts of the room. Maggie and Wade weren’t the only couple who had been unable to contain themselves with a fuck going on before their eyes. The sounds of fingers plunging through cunt juice, the sounds of pricks slapping pussies, the soft moans of aroused students, all joined the groans of the twisting blonde.

“Mmmmmm,” Mule moaned as his cock finally managed to lunge fully into her. “Ohhhhh, what a sweet pussy! You haven’t had as much cock as you claimed, though. Your pussy wouldn’t be so damn tight if you got fucked every night.”

He fucked her slowly, her slender body shuddering with each thrust. He held her by her ass, crushing her, pumping her against his passion-hardened prick.

Margie hung limply in his arms.

Maggie looked closely, fearing the girl had fainted. No way — she smiled! The blonde was simply limp with ecstasy. Her body was quivering over the massive cock. Her tits were rising and falling with rapid pants against Mule’s chest. She was glowing all over in pleasure. The blonde hadn’t fainted. She was lost in the delirious thrill of the fuck. She had yielded herself totally to his impassioned fuck.

Maggie squirmed her pussy against his trembling cock. She felt the warmth of Wade’s meat spreading her pussy, filling her passage with deep pleasure. She hunched along the shaft and rolled her tits sensuously against him. Wade reached beneath her sweater and grabbed her heaving tits. His cock was driving with increasing fervor as he unhooked her bra and began to twist her tits. Her nipples glowed as they hardened beneath his play. She gasped from the swirling delight which rippled through them.

“Ooooooh,” Maggie gasped. “Mmmmmm!”

Their bodies twisted about, pounding, trembling with their growing passion. They could hear the sensuous moans of the blonde as Mule began to thrust his massive prick into her pussy with reckless ferocity. Maggie listened to the cries of the girl as she went into her orgasm. She shuddered as Mule continued his fuck ignoring the blonde’s panting pleas to reach his climax.

Maggie let her shimmering cunt ride freely over Wade’s frantic prick. She shook with powerful tremors as they rose to join the peak of the girl who still moaned on the bed.

“God!” Wade gasped. “I’m about to get there! I’m on the verge of shooting my wad!”

His words were more than welcome to the redhead. Maggie tightened her legs around him and clamped her legs against his ass in rhythm with the hunching of her pussy. She felt his prick tremble deliriously, then spurt its hot semen into her.

“Oooooh,” she cried in delight. “Oooooh! There we are together! I’m having one as strong as yours! Drive that cock into me, Wade! Fuck me! Fuck me harder and harder!”

They held each other tightly as their bodies pounded together. They rode through the fuck, slowing gradually. Even when they had settled back into a soft hazy quiet, they remained in the same position. Her pussy periodically contracted in a loving spasm around his cock which still lay deep inside her cunt.

“I never did it that way before,” Maggie confessed. “I never figured it would be worth the effort to fuck sitting down.”

“How do you feel about it now?”

“New experience,” she admitted. “I like it! We were able to slip in a good fuck and still watch everything that was going on.”

“Still is,” Wade smiled, nodding to the bed. “Mule’s still going after her pussy. I think he has her ready for another orgasm.”

The blonde was pleading with Mule now. Her voice was shaky. Her body seemed even more helpless as Mule’s immense body fucked away in increasing strength.

“Please!” Margie cried. “Please do it to me! Unload all that cock in me! I’m going again, Mule! Ooooooh! I’m having another one! Mmmmmm! Please let it come! Let it fill me up! Ohhhhh God! Mule! Please!”

Maggie shuddered as she saw Mule tremble with his own exploding cock. He shouted his release as he drove viciously into the soft, young body beneath him.

“Uhhhhh! I’ll fuck you! I’ll show you how we fuck at Hillcrest!” He fucked her until she seemed to be in danger of being seriously injured. He banged and balled until her body was limp and passive.

“How about Hillcrest men, now?” Mule panted. “How many more do you want before I take another turn?”

“Mmmmmm,” Margie sighed softly. “Mmmmm, I’d like a few more like that. Not right yet, though. I’ve got to get over that fuck. Mule, you did it! You gave me a better fuck than I ever thought was possible. There’s no man at State who could equal you. None, damn it!”

With the exciting fuck ended, Maggie was about to suggest another fuck with Wade. She was interrupted by one of the girls who stood up and called for everyone’s attention.

“If you’ll all move back along the walls,” she announced, “we’ll get a chain started.”

Maggie looked at Wade’s beaming face. Wade assisted her to her feet and guided her toward the wall.

“You never been in a chain before?” he asked. Then he laughed softly and squeezed her breast. “Married to a preacher, I don’t suppose you have. They like to keep all the pussy to themselves. Long as you don’t have any hang-ups about sucking, I think you’ll enjoy it.”

The girls were invited to form a circle in the middle of the room. Maggie hesitated, looking at Mary Alice for some advice. This looked like it was going to be some sort of gang-bang. Maggie might take on several cocks in a row, but not all at the same time.

The men smiled in delight as the girls began undressing, then they joined the mass strip.

Maggie watched the exposure of various sizes and conditions of cocks as the boys dropped their shorts and stood waiting expectantly. A few fondled their cocks in preparation. Most just stood casually against the wall and watched the luscious display of tits and asses and pussies.

The girls lay down in a large circle, turning on their sides to face the men. They spaced themselves several feet apart in the circle of naked bodies. The men lay down beside them. Each girl slipped forward to bring her face up against a cock, while her pussy was against the face of the boy beneath her. Slowly they began to fondle and caress the cocks as Maggie felt the thrill of hands toying with her cunt.

The boy at her pussy, she had seen him around the campus but did not know him, began kissing her cunt. He reached up and felt her tits.

Maggie felt a slow tingling sensation creeping through her body as he teased with his lips and hands. He kissed along her upper thighs and back onto the lower part of her buttocks. He kissed until he brushed the lips of her cunt. He never solidly planted his lips over her pussy, though.

Maggie felt the result of his teasing approach. Her pussy was trembling in anticipation. Her tits were sparkling in desire for his hands to grasp them roughly.

“Mmmmm,” she sighed as erotic waves rippled through her. “Oooooh, yes. Mmmmmm.”

She fondled the cock which was close to her face. She glanced up to try to identify the owner of the prick. A boy from her literature class, she was almost certain. One of the men who sat quietly in class, leaning his seat against the wall as he listened, half-asleep, to Harold Painter’s lectures.

Maggie shuddered as the image of Dr. Painter came to mind. Hal wouldn’t want her here. Hal Painter would cancel her trip with him if he had any idea what she was doing tonight. Maggie had a sudden urge to break away from the circle of lusty students and run back to the dorm. Her body was for Hal! Her pussy was for Painter’s lips and cock. Her mouth was for his lips, for his prick. She was being unfaithful to her professor.

The warm hardness of the cock she held in her hands shook her back to reality. Maggie scolded herself for letting her attention be taken away from the sensually-writhing circle of students.

Maggie fingered the boy’s balls with one hand while the other hand slowly and tauntingly drew the skin back along the rigid shaft of his prick. Damn Hal Painter, anyway! She’d have been in his bed tonight if he had made a pass at her.

Her hands increased their play with the shuddering cock. She pulled it downward and kissed the tip, then licked around the swollen head. The boy trembled, his thighs trapping her head so that his cock could be hunched into her mouth. Maggie struggled with his prick. He clamped his thighs more firmly around her until she accepted the inevitable outcome. She slowly took the prick between her lips, sucking on the powerful head as it shuddered frantically.

The boy beneath her had ended his gentle teasing. His lips were firmly clamped on her cunt. Maggie felt the force of his suction drawing her pussy into slow throbs of passion. His hands held her tits in lusty grasps, fingers delighting in the softness of her flesh, thumbs pressing her nipples until she was writhing in delirious pleasure.

“Mmmmm,” she sighed as the cock thrust wildly in her mouth. “Mmmmmm!”

The boy shoved it deeper into her mouth, the head of his cock touching the opening of her throat and creating a moment of panic for the girl. He was going to strangle her. Her throat couldn’t take that cock without choking her.

Maggie let the tip of his prick fit into her throat, then she drew back enough to get some air. She fell into the rhythm of the face fuck. She felt the tempo spread throughout her body. She throbbed to the rhythm. She pulsed with the growing demand of the excited prick.

Her pussy glowed from the sucking it received. Her cunt was inflamed as the suction continued drawing her passion through every nerve. He sucked. He licked. He sucked again.

Maggie writhed and twisted, her body pounding with the surging lust that possessed her. She gasped and rolled about. Beyond her, the sounds of the circle told her that every other girl was responding as eagerly as she. Everyone slithered all over the floor. Cocks delighted in the soft, moist mouths they pumped. Cunts erupted into pulsing orgasms.

“Uhhhhh!” the redhead gasped as she felt the final trembling of his cock. “Uhhhhh!”

Maggie tasted his semen. The cum kept pouring from his prick until her mouth was filled. Maggie struggled to free her head from the imprisonment of his thighs. She had to spit the cum out, but she couldn’t free herself. He kept pumping his cock at her. More cum gushed against her throat. She tensed herself and forced a swallow. Her pussy oozed, drawn toward the waiting lips of the boy who had sucked it out.

The room resounded with gasps and pants, with the noise of flailing bodies, with the sudden cries of ecstasy. Maggie yielded herself to the delight of her two men. Warmth flooded through her.


“Ready?” Mary Alice asked as she turned from the mirror where she had just finished adjusting the skirt of her dress. She looked at her roommate with appreciation.

Maggie looked even lovelier than usual. Her cool, mint-green dress clung to her. Her deep-red hair sparkled. Brilliant blue eyes sparkled in anticipation of the evening ahead of them.

Mary Alice felt the thrill of having the beautiful girl with her. She’d show her about town. She’d enjoy the attention she would get from men who had previously ignored her as too young, too girlish to be taken seriously. With this stacked piece of woman beside her, they would be the center of attention at any bar they happened to visit.

“You sure this is all right? You positive we won’t get in any trouble with the college?” Maggie asked.

The brunette had assured Maggie that the college rules did not apply when you were at home. That had been part of the reason for coming home with Mary Alice for the weekend. It would give them a good chance to try out some of the things they couldn’t risk at Hillcrest. That was part of the reason.

Loren MacDonald was the other reason.

Maggie still laughed as she imagined his stricken expression when he read the letter she had sent this week. Maggie had acted as though she had been invited down for the next two weekends. She apologized for not being able to keep those dates. She explained about next weekend’s workshop. Of course she didn’t tell about Dr. Painter. She didn’t tell what she really had planned for the seminar. She just said she’d be tied up that weekend.

Maggie laughed at the disgusted expression on Mary Alice’s face. She held up her hands, pleading to be spared another lecture, then she picked up her pocket book and joined her friend as they walked toward the living room.

Loren should be in a panic by now, Maggie imagined. She’d written of her plans for this trip home with Mary Alice. Casually, just as casually as she could, she had mentioned that her roommate had a cousin in Jacksonburg. Perhaps, she suggested, cousin Susan might be a member of his congregation.

“Wow!” Mary Alice’s father exclaimed as the girls walked through the living room. He forgot about the program on TV as he stood up and let his eyes devour the lovely redhead.

Mary Alice kissed him lightly on the cheek.

“Sure you don’t want an armed guard?” he laughed. “Damn! The way you look, we’d better take a regiment along for protection.”

“Damn if I don’t believe you could seduce the old man himself,” Mary Alice laughed as they backed out the drive and headed the car toward town. “I thought his eyes were going to pop out when he looked at you. Shall I send you back about the time Mom goes to bed so you can get a little from Dad?”

“Oh shut up!” Maggie laughed as she slapped the brunette’s thigh affectionately. “Keep your eye on the road. Where are we going anyway?”

“Out on the make,” Mary Alice answered. “This is our night on the make.”

I’m for that, Maggie thought. She leaned back against the seat and began to relax from the excitement of the trip and the exhilaration of having placed Loren in such a delicate situation. Her body tingled with anticipation. She’d never gone out like this before. She’d never gone to a bar to be picked up by some man.

The new situation was so liberating to Maggie. If she wanted a drink she’d take one. She’d purchase her own or let some interested man supply her. She was going to get gloriously drunk and gloriously fucked. The thought of the evening left her shivering with excitement.

This was a hell of a lot better than messing around with other students from Hillcrest. Her two brief evenings of that had caused enough problems. Both Mule and Wade were acting too possessive. Some of the faculty had already eyed her with disapproving expressions. Sooner or later she was sure to be taken aside and reprimanded. Married women were not expected to be so cozy with campus studs.

Yes, this sort of evening was far better for her. She’d get herself a good length of cock and never have to worry about walking out of class to face her fucker’s beaming face. That was far safer, far more in keeping with her needs. She didn’t want a deep relationship. She wasn’t looking for an old-fashioned love affair.

Perhaps Dr. Painter could fill that need. She’d know more about such a possibility after next weekend. Tonight all she wanted was a raunchy fuck.

Maggie closed her eyes and remembered the evening with Bob Johnson. She fervently hoped he was representative of all older men. If she could get that much of a fuck tonight, she would be supremely content.

“Let’s try this one first,” Mary Alice suggested.

Maggie had been so lost in thought that she hadn’t noticed when they passed through the business district. They were somewhere out on the highway. Motel and service-station signs flashed along the side of the roadway. The building where they had stopped, however, had only a single unlit beer ad hanging over the door.

“You sure this is a safe place?” Maggie asked. “It looks awfully dark.”

“Best place in the county,” Mary Alice laughed. “Don’t let the outside appearance fool you. It’s nice inside. Wasn’t always, though. A few years back it was a real dive. Nobody ever came here but whores and a few men looking for whores.”

“So what happened?” Maggie asked, reading the twinkle in her friend’s eyes.

“Better class of whores started showing up,” Mary Alice smiled. “That brought a better class of paying customers. The owner put in hard liquor, then renovated the place. He left the outside alone, though, as a reminder of where he started. Some claim it’s also to discourage any innocent traveler and wife who might drop in for a meal, expecting a normal restaurant.”

They walked toward the door. Maggie gasped when the brunette opened the door and let her lead the way inside. The interior was every bit as plush as the outside was bare. Maggie stepped onto deep, lush carpeting. Candles glittered on tables, colored lights glowed overhead.

“Oooooooh!” the red-head gasped, turning back to her friend. “This is pretty in here. I’d never have guessed it from the street.”

“That’s the way it’s meant to be,” Mary Alice commented. “All the local cops are paid off. They don’t want any state people to get suspicious. Hard liquor is illegal in this county.”

“You’re kidding!” Maggie gasped as she looked at the well-supplied bar. Waitresses flitted among the tables, clad in skirts that revealed the ruffles on their black panties. Their blouses were low enough to show nipples whenever they leaned over.

The two girls made their way to a table beside the small dance floor. Maggie was fully aware of the male eyes that followed her as she walked past them. This would be a good night, a damn good night. The men seemed prosperous and cultured. The combo was excellent. The atmosphere was perfect.

Maggie settled into her chair and smiled approvingly at Mary Alice.

“First drink is compliments of the house,” the young waitress told them as she took their orders. She smiled knowingly at the two and winked. “After that, I expect we’ll have men standing in line to pay for them.”

Maggie thanked her and watched the swing of her ass when she went back to the bar. The girl had a hell of an ass on her. Whoever designed the costumes for the girls certainly must have had that little girl in mind. The saucy ass was back quickly with their drinks.

Maggie took a long sip and leaned back to listen to the music. She stretched her body, her tits thrusting against the tight green material of her dress until they threatened to hop over the neckline. She imagined the flow of the music caressing her, roving over her tits and waist and ass.

Her musing was interrupted by two men who came to their table to invite the two girls to the dance floor. Those were only the first of a long procession during the evening.

As soon as they returned to their table after one dance, another pair of men would come over.

Slowly Maggie began to distinguish between the various men. Joseph was the tall real-estate man, Maurice was the blond shoe manufacturer’s representative. Paul owned a string of convenience markets, Lionel was a drug salesman. A long procession of men, a long procession of names clouded her mind.

She was never quite sure how she ended up in the motel room. Maggie had not selected Craig on her own. It was more like he had selected her. She had danced with him several times, had discovered he was in one of the motels down the highway. She had danced close to him, feeling the slow rising of his cock. The next thing she really could recall was that he was leading her to his motel room.

Mary Alice! Where was Mary Alice? Maggie froze as she stepped into the room. She had to stay with the brunette. She didn’t have the slightest idea how to get back to her roommate’s home. Worse than that, she had no car to drive back. She shook her head, trying to recall if Mary Alice knew she had come here, whichever motel she had come to.

“Mary Alice?” she gasped as Craig stepped behind her and reached around her waist. “My roommate!” Maggie groaned as he hands closed over her tits.

“The brunette?” he asked. “She’s being taken good care of. Didn’t you see her across the court? I’ll bet you didn’t even see her drive down here. What were you drinking tonight anyway?”

Maggie wanted to ask him more, but his groping hands turned her around and his mouth covered hers. He kissed her firmly while he unzipped her dress and pulled it down enough to get his hands on her tits. She felt his cock lunging inside his pants as he squeezed his hands inside her bra and pressed against the soft flesh of her tit. His other hand reached inside the back of her dress and slipped beneath her pantyhose and panties to finger the crack of her ass. Her body shuddered in growing excitement as he claimed her soft, lovely body for himself.

“Ohhhhhh!” he gasped. “My God! What a gorgeous hunk of pussy!”

He looked at her with lustful eyes as he drew the dress down over her hips and let it fall in a whisper to the floor. His trembling hands reached for her bra. He unhooked it and pulled it from her. His eyes gleamed in anticipation as he looked at her huge tits, then slowly he began to caress them.

Maggie watched the pounding of his temples as his desire rose for her. She stood submissive as his hands became more demanding in their treatment of her breasts.

“Damn!” he sighed. “What a hell of a pair! What a gorgeous set of tits!”

Maggie felt dazed. The drinks had been too strong and too many. She was going to get fucked and not able to enjoy it. She wanted to ask him to wait. She wanted to suggest time for her to sober up. She looked at the raging lust in his eyes, though, and knew there was no possibility of his waiting. He wanted her pussy and he wanted it now!

She felt the bed against the back of her legs. Craig gave her a gentle push. He grabbed her hose and pulled them down from her hips and thighs. He reached for her panties. The delicate green nylon followed the route of the hose. Craig held the whisper-thin material for a moment, as though relishing the feel of them, then caressed them against his cheek.

Maggie watched him undress. He went about it in businesslike fashion. His coat and pants went on a hanger, his shirt over the back of a chair. He pulled his shorts off and laid them across the seat of the chair. Craig turned toward the bed. He lifted his half-rigid cock and smiled at her.

“Now, baby,” he grunted. “Let’s see how fast you can get this pecker ready. You play with it few minutes, all right? You get it up and rearing to go. Then we’ll get us a nice little fuck.”

Maggie felt like telling him to fuck his fist. She looked at him, beginning to feel uncomfortable. Every other man who’d ever fucked her had been concerned with getting her worked up. Craig didn’t seem to give a damn about her passion. All he wanted was a fuck for himself.

“What’s the trouble?” he demanded in a hard voice. “You’ve seen a cock before. You damn well better know what to do with one, too. Shit! You may be pretty, but you aren’t so pretty you can start acting like this. Get to work!”

She reluctantly reached for his prick. It lunged as her hands touched it. She fingered the shaft, then slowly pumped the skin while she teased his balls. She could feel the growing excitement gripping his prick. It slowly came upward until she had it rigid and hard, trembling in expectation.

“That’s the girl!” Craig congratulated her. “That’s the way to work him up. Now let’s have that little fuck.”

He climbed on her. Maggie waited for him to kiss her tits and slowly caress her thighs and cunt. She stared in stunned confusion as he simply brought his cock against her pussy and drove it in.

He thrust his cock deeper and deeper, his body shivering at the friction caused by her dry pussy. He began fucking her roughly as his hands went after her tits. He fucked her fast and violently. His hands tugged on her tits until he had them just beginning to respond. His cock balled away at her cunt, becoming more and more excited with each thrust.

“Uhhhhh!” he grunted. “Uhhhh, what a sweet-feeling little pussy. Not like those others. Shit! You aren’t stretched at all. Like fucking a virgin. Uhhhhh!”

His body shuddered passionately as he fucked. His hands pressed tighter over her tits. He grabbed her ass. He held her ass so he could drive his enraged cock deeper with each plunge.

Maggie shuddered as she realized he didn’t care whether she climaxed or not. He was going to have his orgasm, then he’d be finished with her. Just as she began to respond, he’d be over. She tried to slow her own response. She didn’t want to be left panting as he ended. She failed.

The enormity of his ejaculation threw her pussy into an erotic thrill. She was shivering in passionate need as he exploded into her. He fucked her violently, roughly, then he was through. She looked at him helplessly as he pulled his cock out of her and got up. She lay on the bed, her body panting for more cock, as he began to slip back into his clothes. She started to get up, too, the she lay back to try and calm herself.

Maggie wondered if there was a chance to get back to the bar and find a more cooperative man. She hoped that Mary Alice had done better than this loser who was already walking toward the door.

Craig was going to the wrong door! That wasn’t the way out, that was the door to the adjoining room. He stepped through and spoke to someone on the other side. Maggie saw another man come in immediately.

Suddenly it all began to clear up in her mind. Now they were all going to take turns with her. Craig rushed through his fuck because others were waiting.

“Damn!” the short man said as he looked at her and began undressing. “He said I’d never seen such gorgeous pussy. Damn if he wasn’t right about that.”

She wouldn’t have to help this guy get a hard-on. He was coming at her with a red and rigid prick. Maggie was amazed at the incongruity between the man’s shape and the shape of his prick.

Bolen was short and pudgy, yet his cock was long and lean. He was probably five-seven and weighed close to two hundred.

“Now let’s get a little fun and games under way,” Bolen laughed.

His hands went after her tits. Maggie smiled at him. He was going to give her a good fuck. He would work her up slowly and carefully. She could tell from his touch at her breasts. He cupped and cuddled them until they were swelling out into his hands. He toyed and teased her nipples as she lay shivering with rising delight.

“Oooooooh!” she murmured as he began to suck her tits. “Mmmmmm, that’s the way I like them treated!” She caught his cock and pumped it sensuously. It seemed even longer as she teased it into trembling anticipation.

“Mmmmmmm, what a piece of meat! I think I’m going to like this length of prick in me!”

Bolen sucked her tits deliriously. His tongue pressed against her nipple and rotated it in tiny circles. His hand reached into her crotch and began caressing slowly and softly.

Maggie closed her thighs around his hand and tingled as she awaited the touch of his finger on her pussy. He reached past her cunt, however, and stroked the crease of her ass. Maggie thrust her tits outward. He would leave one tit stinging in happiness, then go after the other with the same sensuous tonguing.

“Mmmmmm,” she sighed again as his finger began to play with her asshole. Maggie had experienced the finger fuck in her ass once. She anticipated another interesting and exotic teasing of her ass. She was right, except that Bolen was a greater expert on working on the asshole than Mary Alice had been.

Maggie shuddered as the thick finger eased into her asshole and reached deep up her ass. She felt exploding delight swirl through her buttocks.

“Uhhhh, what a gorgeous ass!” Bolen moaned. He slipped between her legs and brought his cock along her thighs. Her ass was pressed tightly against him. Then he began to caress her tit again with one hand while the other went back to work on her ass. His warm cock throbbed and pulsed between her thighs, the heat spreading upward about her pussy.

“What a sweet tail!” he sighed. “Your ass has driven me crazy since the first time I saw you dancing tonight. I kept thinking how much fun it was going to be when I got a piece of that tail. Now that I feel it right here, I don’t know how much longer I can keep control of myself.”

His hand came away from her ass, his finger out of her bum.

Maggie sighed in ecstatic relief as he began to caress her aching pussy. She felt the tremors ripple through her cunt as his finger parted the lips and searched for her clit.

“Oooooh,” she squealed as he pressed her passion button. “Ooooooh, that feels soooooo good! Mmmmm! Keep it up until my pussy is wild for you! Oooooooh!”

His finger ran deeper into her and pumped through the delirious passage of her cunt. His knuckles kept pressing against her clit as he pumped her. She shook with passion. This was the fuck she had wanted. This was why she had come out tonight. She panted.

“Now!” Bolen gasped from behind her. “Now to get my piece of tail!”

Maggie tingled as she waited the touch of the hot prick against her pussy. She was already pulsing, just waiting for the long, slippery cock to come snaking into her cunt. She waited breathlessly, then began to gasp in shock.

Bolen was giving it to her in the ass! His cock was pressing against her asshole, not her pussy!

“No! No!” she moaned. “Fuck me in the pussy! Not my ass! I can’t take you in my ass!”

“Sure you can,” he soothed. “I’m not that big. A girl like you would hardly feel my cock in your cunt. I wouldn’t feel much either. This was we can both have a little fun. It’ll be a tighter fit and that’ll make us both happier.”

He continued the pressure against her asshole, finally easing the tip of his cock into her ass. She struggled, but he held her firmly. His hand covered her pussy, his finger deep inside her cunt.

She couldn’t break away from the assault of the cock because of the way he held her. Maggie was frightened, but she was also responding to the touch of finger and prick. Her asshole was giving in. The prick had penetrated her and was sliding up the passage of her ass. She felt the shooting pain as he stretched her asshole. She felt the pain mingle with pleasure as his cock pumped and pulsed in her ass.

“Had to fuck that ass!” he panted. “Knew the moment I saw it out there on the dance floor that I’d have to fuck it! You have a sweet pussy, too. Don’t get me wrong. Still, it was that swinging ass of yours that turned me on.”

“Oooooooh!” she sighed. “Fuck me, Bolen! Fuck my tail off! Ooooooh! Keep it up! Mmmmmm!”

She was shimmering in delight. His other hand moved about her tits, bringing them to a new height of pulsing passion. Her body was shaking with desire as she felt him begin to shake violently inside her ass. The tight fit of her ass was having its effect on his prick. Maggie welcomed it, not because of the pain in her ass, but because of the nearness of her own orgasm.

“Yes!” she urged him. “Yes! Yes! Let it go, Bolen! Oooooooh, let it go! Pour it in me! Shoot it all through my ass! Oooooooh. Fuck me, Bolen! Fuck me!”

“Uhhhhmmm!” he grunted. “Uhhhmmmmmm! Going to get that tail! Going to fuck that tail off! Uhhhmmmmm!”

His cock began to spurt its load up her ass.

Maggie throbbed with her own climax as he unloaded his prick. They thrashed and pulsed as he screamed his release. His cock shuddered, then emptied itself.

Maggie continued a few more minutes in the helplessness of her orgasm. Bolen continued to finger-fuck her.

She collapsed as he released her. He sat beside her and caressed her tired body, then excused himself a moment.

Craig came back into the room with him. They sat beside her. Bolen offered her a drink. She sat up and took the drink thankfully. This one was stronger than anything she had been provided at the bar. Maggie shuddered forced herself to take another long drink of it. Warmth flooded through her body, warmth that brought back some of the old dizziness.

“You’d probably better get dressed,” Craig finally told her. “Your friend ought to be finished in the other room any time now.”

The men watched her as she got her clothes and slipped back into them. She looked at herself in the mirror and shuddered. Her hair was awful. She looked like she had just finished a night of fucking.

Maggie began laughing at herself. How the hell did she expect to look?

Craig walked her to the door. As he held it open he took her hand.

“Honey, you were the greatest. If we’re ever up this way again, we’ll sure look you up.”

She walked to the car dazed, clutching some sort of business card.

Mary Alice was amazed at the two hundred-dollar bills. Maggie looked back at the motel rooms, then began to laugh with her friend.

“As long as all you want is a little fucking,” the brunette told her, “why not pick up a little extra spending money on the side?”

“They thought…” Maggie gasped.

“They thought,” Mary Alice assured her. “I’ll bet they think they can buy tail as nice as yours another time. No chance.”


Hal Painter looked up at the lovely red-head who bounced above him.

Maggie had her head back. Her tits thrust passionately against his adoring hands. Her ass shook with delirium as she rode his hard and driving pecker.

“Oooooeeeee!” she squealed as she bounced on his prick. “Oooooh! I like it! I love it! I adore it! I never thought it would happen! Fuck me, Hal! Fuck me! Keep me flying like this! Oooooooh!”

Hal never thought it would happen either. He had resisted the temptations of countless hot young coeds who had set out to taste his cock. He didn’t have affairs with students. He never had seen a student he really cared to fuck. Until Maggie walked into class that first day.

His cock had trembled at the first sight of her. He had fought staring at those enticing tits while he lectured every morning. He had fought the constant impulse to invite her to his apartment. He had fought and fought against the demand for her which throbbed through his body when he saw her or when he thought about her.

“Mmmmmm,” she moaned as she fucked with intensity. “Ohhhh! You have the sweetest cock! Ooooooh!”

He kissed a hard nipple. He sucked her tit and caressed it. She was so full in the tits. They were so full and firm, yet so soft and delicate. He sucked harder on the trembling button. He wanted to devour this lovely woman.

Dr. Painter had fought this desire for her all term. Hell, the broad was married. Worse than that, she was married to a preacher, at least a soon-to-be preacher. He watched her every day as she walked into class, wondering how the hell her husband could let her come back up to college alone. He had resisted the temptation to walk over and lift her in his arms. The girl was horny. There was no doubt. Maggie MacDonald, preacher’s wife or not, was one hot little pussy!

She’d sure been hot on this trip. She was sure hot now as she bounced over him, her cunt sliding up and down along the shaft of his overheated prick. Damn, but she was a hell of a fuck! She was better than he ever dreamed. His body still felt the glow of her warm-up. She had him turned into a pool of hot lava before her pussy had slipped down over his screaming cock.

“Let’s make this one slow and easy,” she had smiled as soon as he climbed in the bed beside her. “Let me take care of you this time.”

He saw the deep passion in her eyes as she knelt over him. She began kissing his forehead, her sensuous lips gliding along his temples and cheeks, then over his mouth. She tongued him thoroughly, completely, as her luscious tits brushed about his chest. She kissed him until he was grabbing at her ass, at her tits, at her thighs.

“Slowly,” she reminded him. “You’re so good I want to take my time and taste all of you. Mmmmmm!”

He felt a thousand, a million, tiny sparks of delight as her teeth softly worked his skin along his shoulders.

“Ohhhhh!” he moaned in exquisite agony. “Ohhhhh, you are a wonder! You are a marvel! I’ve never been worked up like this! Damn, you’re a sexy broad!”

“I’ve been waiting all term for the chance to do this,” she murmured. “I’ve been sitting in class aching to get you in my clutches. I’ve sat there and planned how I’d kiss you and eat you until you were screaming to get my pussy.”

His body glowed. She’d caught each nipple in her mouth and sucked it, then released to nibble around it. He had been twisting and throbbing by the time she worked her way across his stomach and stirred his cock to shimmering excitement. She ignored the rigid, pulsing cock as she moved her mouth along his waist and over his hips. She turned him slightly and snuggled her face against his ass.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned. “Ooooooh, you taste as good as I imagined. You taste fantastic.”

Her tits rubbed along his leg as she worked downward. She had his legs stinging with wild joy as she nibbled all the way down to his feet, even to his toes, then started her way back up.

“Ooooooh, God!” he panted as she moved along the inside of her leg. “My God, woman! How much do you expect me to take?”

“All of it,” she purred. “I expect you to take all the love I can give you. I want you to take all I have to offer. I want to get you so wild that you’ll fuck me and fuck me and fuck me. I want you so maddened by me that we can forget the damn workshop. Mmmmmmm, I love working you up!”

What workshop? Hal had long since forgotten about any real reason for being up here at the resort, any reason other than a weekend fucking Maggie. He had slowly become aware that the redhead was awfully friendly with Wade Williams and the kids in Wade’s sex club.

Hal was the only member of the faculty to know of the club, the only one trusted enough to be invited. He’d never attended, but he had a standing invitation. When he saw the way she talked with Wade and Mule and some of the others, he suspected the redhaired beauty had been initiated into their membership.

Damned if he was going to stand by and let those kids get all this good pussy. The professor immediately made the arrangements to get her appointed to attend this workshop with him.

It was the best arrangement he’d ever made. Damn if she wasn’t unbelievable in the sack. Her nibbling kisses had left him gasping for air as she worked on his thighs.

She buried her face between his thighs and nibbled her way up about his balls. He could feel the teasing lips and teeth get at his balls, then slowly begin to climb along the length of his angry cock.

“Ooooh!” he panted, his body writhing in agony. “Ohhhh, Lord, what you do to me! Damn, Maggie! I’ve never had such a charge built up in my life!”

She looked up and smiled. The deep blue eyes were hazy, misty with passion, as they glowed toward him. She licked the head of his cock, then took the knob in her mouth and began to suck it sensuously. She sucked him, toying with his balls.

“Mmmmmm,” she purred. “I think I have this sweet piece of meat ready for a little pussy. Ooooooh, look at the way it jumps about as it thinks about having a little pussy around it.”

She slipped up the bed and brought her body even with his. Her cunt lowered over the pulsing head of his cock. She smiled wistfully at him as she eased herself down over his ecstatic pecker, twisting her ass to make the contact of cunt and cock even more stimulating.

“Uhhhhmmmmmm!” Hal gasped as he felt the walls of her cunt pulsing around his cock. “Uhhhhmmmmm, what a woman! What a hell of a fuck you give! Uhhhmmmmm!”

“The best,” she sighed. “You deserve the best. I have to be the best for you. I have to be equal to all that poetry you read about fucking.”

He reached for her tits and caressed them as she rode lightly on his cock. He was amazed how light she was. He listened to the soft sound of his prick stirring the juices which flowed along the passage of her pussy. He listened to the soft sound of their thighs rubbing as she pumped herself on his prick. He listened to the low purr of her breathing as she closed her eyes tightly, her face showing the ecstasy of her emotions.

“Mmmmm,” the redhead moaned as she twisted on his throbbing prick. “Mmmmmm, what a hard cock! Ooooooh! I like it!”

She was fucking Dr. Painter! She had worked her professor into the most intense desire she’d ever seen on a man’s face. She had gotten him so horny for her that he was almost paralyzed from it. He was giving her the fuck she’d been planning on. The other fucks were only preliminary. This was the real thing!

The first time had been on the way up to the workshop. She had slipped across the seat of the car as soon as they drove off the campus of Hillcrest. She snuggled against him, delighting in the touch of their thighs, in the pressure of her tits against his arm. She had watched the swelling in his groin. Slowly she had begun to caress along his thigh as they drove. By the time they reached the second roadside park, his cock was beyond control.

“I thought we might need to take a break,” he muttered in a hoarse voice as he parked the car. “I need a rest.”

Maggie had no doubt why he had stopped the car, why he had selected the secluded park. She slipped from the car. She knew he’d follow her. She knew he’d be right behind her swinging ass. She’d worn her tightest slacks. The way they cupped and displayed her ass, Harold Painter would be following. He’d also want to check out the tits that thrust so provocatively against her satin blouse.

“Maggie,” he sighed as he wrapped his arms about her and pressed his swollen cock against her ass. “Ohhhh, Maggie, are we really alone? Are we really off for a weekend together?”

His hands came over her tits, softly cuddling them. Her body was humming in anticipation. One hand dropped from her tits and grabbed her pussy. He increased the pressure on her cunt until she was gasping. She turned in his arms and offered her lips to him.

“Mmmmmm,” she sighed. “Mmmmmm.”

She let him slip his hand inside her blouse and feel her tits. She caressed his cock through the pants. Hal had a healthy cock, healthy as hell. It was throbbing wildly, straining against its confinement. She pressed her hand firmly against it and felt his body jerk with his rising demand for her.

“I’m going to find out about that pussy you’ve been offering me all term,” he muttered. “I’m going to see just how much pussy you do have to offer.”

“All you’ll ever need,” she teased as he lowered her onto the grass. “As much as you can possibly handle. More than you can ever use up this weekend.”

“Then we’d better get an early start on that,” he muttered, opening her slacks and drawing them down her thighs. She let him pull her panties down as she struggled to get his cock out into the fresh air. She held his throbbing pecker as he mounted her. She held it and pointed it against the lips of her cunt. He needed a quickie to get the edge of his cock. He might need several quickies before she got the fuck she was really after. Good! She needed to lose her own sharp edge of passion as well.

She shuddered in delight as he eased his cock into her pussy, then he unbuttoned her blouse and claimed her excited tits for his own.

“Just want to show you what the weekend is all about,” he panted. “Just want to break you in with a fast fuck. Later, I’ll take my time with you. Right now, though, I have to get at least a little taste of that pussy.”

“Taste it!” she offered. “Take this pussy as often as you like. Get your cock settled down before we get up there.”

He settled his cock into her pussy. He ran his long prick into her and began to pump slowly and steadily. Maggie shivered at the sensations which swirled through her cunt and through her body. She hunched her cunt over his prick, urging him to release all the passion that had built up over the months. She wrapped her legs around him and rode him as he fucked her.

“Ooooooh!” she gasped as his peak began to build. “Oooooh, fuck me, Hal! Fuck me harder! Quickly, Hal! Fuck me! Ooooooeeeee!”

He responded to her urging. His cock rammed wildly in her. His hands rubbed roughly over her tits. He thrust harder and deeper until her cunt began to shudder.

“Oooooeeeee!” she shrieked as he unloaded his cum in her. She shuddered. She tingled. She soared.

The orgasm which was now building in her as she bounced over Hal was of a different order. This fuck was as slow and thorough as the first had been quick and tense.

Her body shivered with deep, shattering throbs as Hal hunched his ass upwards from the bed, plunging his cock deep into her and driving her upward to the ceiling. She watched the ripple of his muscles. She smiled at the soft expression of pleasure on his face. She rode him as her passion mounted to a height she’d never experienced before. She felt it roaring upwards inside her. She felt the power ready to explode through her. She suddenly was shaken by the erotic drive of her passion.

She was paralyzed! She was frozen! She was unable to moan in the sudden whirling orgasm that possessed her. She gasped and panted as he began to drive his cock slowly and deeply into her. She lay back in helpless rapture while he fucked her.

“Uhhmmmmm!” he moaned as he began to shudder violently. “Ohhhhh, Maggie! Maggie! Maggie! I’ve never had such a fuck! Never fucked such a woman! Ohhhh! Maggie!”

She lay panting and trembling while her body was racked by the deepest spasms she’d ever imagined possible. Hal roared through his orgasm, his cock spewing inside her as it joined the frantic pulsing of her cunt.

He gasped with her. He hugged her violently. He pumped furiously, then began rocking her from side to side as their panting, clawing bodies tossed on the bed.

“Ahhhh!” he finally cried out as he drained the last of his cum into her. “Ahhhhh! I fucked the most gorgeous woman of all! I fucked Maggie! I fucked her! Ooooooh!”

She was finally able to breathe. She finally recovered her control over her body, over her voice. Maggie clutched his limp body and kissed him frantically.

“Oooooh!” she gasped. “Ooooooh, I never had it like that before. I never had such an orgasm as that one. Ooooooh, Hal! Hal! I adore it! Oooooooh, I love it!”

She lay beneath him, enjoying the spasms that would still shake his body from time to time. She hugged his cock with her cunt, having no intention of allowing it to withdraw. No way! She was going to fuck, then rest and fuck again.

Hal Painter looked down at the vision of loveliness beneath him. She’d been good in the roadside park on the grass. She’d been better in the bed when they first checked in at the conference, but nothing like just now.

This afternoon she’d been beyond belief. He’d never had so much woman, so much pussy. He wasn’t about to let anything like a little work interfere with this piece of tail.


The motel manager watched the beautiful redhead walk out the door and turn down the walk toward the cottages.

Damn, what a luscious hunk of tail! He watched the flow of her skirt as she went past the window, watched the thrust of those magnificent tits against her blouse. What a piece of pussy! That guy, MacDonald, must be a hell of a man.

First, the slender brunette had shown up with him. Now this sexy redhead had come in to get a key to his room. If the young man was too occupied with the brunette, then the manager would be happy to take care of the red-haired doll.

Maggie walked quietly toward Loren’s room. He’d taken one of the small apartments for the weekend. She had expected him up. She’d had no doubt that her letter about Susan would bring such a result. Now she had to find out what kind of marriage she had.

She knew that Mary Alice had come over with him to the motel. Now she would discover how resistant Loren might be to a seductive woman. She stepped to the door and slipped the key in as softly as possible. If Loren heard her, it would ruin the entire experiment.

She opened the door and looked inside. She could hear them. She could hear the sound of the bed creaking. She waited for the sound of Loren’s voice, then stepped quickly inside as he moaned.

“Ohhhhh,” he was panting as he knelt over Mary Alice’s naked body. “Ohhhh, God! What a gorgeous shape! I thought you’d look a lot less slender beneath those clothes. You’ve got a great pair of hips and the sauciest tits I’ve ever laid eyes on. No need to complain about yourself so.”

Maggie had expected to be seen as soon as she entered, as soon as she opened the door fully. She was not expecting Loren to be so occupied in his seduction of Mary Alice that he’d not even be aware of her presence. She leaned against the wall and considered her next move. She had wanted to only catch him starting to put the make on the brunette. Instead, she had caught him on the verge of fucking the girl.

Hell, Maggie suddenly decided, let Mary Alice get in a little fun. The redhead watched the scene on the bed, her pussy feeling a soft warmth of anticipation as she watched the progress of the fuck.

“Yes,” Mary Alice was saying, “but I have to be around Maggie all the time. Compared to that body of hers, I look like a boy.”

“It’s what you do with it,” Loren consoled the girl. “It isn’t how much you have, but how you can use it.”

Maggie throttled the impulse to scream at him. How the hell had she failed to use what she had? She’d fucked him whenever he wanted it. He’d never gotten a no. Shit! She’d been the aggressor as often as he. Besides, she’d never been passive in a fuck. Hell no!

She watched Loren begin his soft caresses of the brunette’s tits. Loren shivered at the soft caress of her satin thigh and cupped her tits more firmly. He leaned down and took one of the tits in his mouth. He sucked the nipple, then the areola, then most of the tit itself into his mouth. The brunette began to gasp with rising passion.

“Mmmmmm,” Mary Alice moaned. “Oooooh, that’s nice. That’s the way a tit ought to be treated. Ooooooh!”

The young preacher was too occupied to answer her. He sucked each tit lovingly. He caressed her cunt. His finger slipped along the mound, then parted her cunt-lips and eased inside. He could feel the throbs which her clit produced. He continued to press on her clit until her body was twisting about beside him, writhing in erotic agony.

“Oooooh,” she moaned, closing her thighs and shaking her ass gently to make her finger rub more roughly on the button of her rising passion. “Oooooh, get your finger inside! Get me lathered up, Loren. Lather me up, then let me feel your cock.”

She reached for his huge pecker. Her hands closed about the shaft and began to pump it slowly and sensuously. She pulled the skin down until it appeared she might strip it completely from the angry shaft. She teased his cock into a frenzy of demand. Loren smiled lustfully at her.

“Now,” he muttered, “let’s see how that pussy can take a man’s cock. Let’s see if it feels as good around hard meat as it does against a finger.”

Maggie watched with growing passion as she saw his cock begin fucking into the dark hairs around Mary Alice’s pussy. Loren shook as he shoved his prick deeper into the pulsing, throbbing cunt.

“Oooooh,” the brunette moaned. “Ooooooh, that’s a lot of pecker to go in on little pussy. Sure you can’t handle more than one woman?”

“Only one at the time,” he laughed. His large hands slipped beneath her ass and lifted her to expose her cunt to deeper thrusts of his cock. He squeezed the firm flesh of her buttocks as he fucked her more rapidly, his passion beginning to mount from the feel of the slender girl’s pussy.

“Uhhhhh!” he gasped. “Uhhhhh! Going to give this little pussy a good workout. God, but you’re a sweet piece of pussy, a delicious little tail.”

Maggie watched his balls as he fucked the girl. She watched his hands play with the ass. She watched him bend his body so he could get back to sucking and lapping at her tits while he fucked.

“Oooooh,” she moaned. “That’s nice, Loren. That’s the way to work me up. Ooooooh, fuck me, baby! Fuck me like you never fucked any woman before!”

She was twisting and rolling about, turning him from side to side. They gasped and panted as the fuck built up to a seething climax. Loren’s body began to shake and pound with greater enthusiasm. He drove deeper and deeper into the black-haired pussy. He sucked frantically at the heaving young tits. His breath came in shorter gasps.

“God!” he cried. “What a tail! What a woman! Damn! You’re a hell of a fuck! Uhhhmmmmm! What a fuck!”

“Fuck me!” she screamed. “Fuck me harder, Loren! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fill me with that cock! Feed me your cum! Fuck me! Oooooh! Wow! Ooooooh!”

Maggie could hear the slopping of his prick through the flowing pussy, the slapping of thigh against thigh, of balls against ass. She could hear the pop of suction being released as he drew back for another frantic thrust. She listened to the smacking of his lips on her tits.

The room seemed to be alive with erupting intensity which drove them headlong toward orgasm. She discovered that her own breath was coming in short, panting gasps. Her pussy was moist from the erotic excitement. Her tits were threatening to burst out of her bra.

“Oooooh!” Mary Alice was still crying. “Ooooooh! Fuck me! I’m flowing! My cum is covering your prick! Fuck me! I want you in me! I want all that cum to flow into mine! Ooooooh! Fuck me, damn it! Fuck me!”

“I’ll fuck you!” Loren panted. “I’ll fuck that tail off! You wanted it, by God! Here it comes! Uhhhhh! Uhhhhh!”

His body shuddered as he gushed his semen into her. His cock trembled with erotic conquest as it unloaded its pent-up charge into her pussy. They rolled around the bed, pumping and hunching while they drained themselves.

Maggie watched them slowly come down from the heights of their passion. She watched them collapse into a maze of arms and legs and asses. Their bodies still shook periodically from the aftereffects of the wild fuck. Their breathing still came in occasional gasps.

The redhead eased over to a chair. Her knees were trembling from the experience. Her breath was too noisy. She sat back and tried to calm herself.

She had waited too long. She was caught in here with them.

Maggie closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She sat quietly, eyes closed, waiting for them to discover her. She could hear their deep breathing as they seemed to be softly dozing in each other’s arms. She sat there and recalled the past weekend. It was a hell of a lot more fun. Hal had brought her to a series of orgasms she would never have dreamed possible. She spent the weekend with one reality — her professor’s magnificent cock.

She rode his cock constantly. She rode it, she fucked it, she sucked on it, she caressed it. They attended less than half the workshop. The remainder of the time they lay in his bed and fucked.

She would have thought such a weekend would have solved her sexual needs. Strangely, her desires were only stimulated. She had looked over every male she met during the week, wondering how he’d be in the sack. She’d slipped out one night for a fuck with Mule, another night to fuck Wade. The remainder of her evenings had been spent with Hal’s cock up her pussy.

She liked fucking.

Now she had to decide about Loren. She had the preacher by the balls. She could exact almost any promise she liked from him. On the other hand, she could act the part of the mistreated wife and demand a divorce. That would ruin him as a preacher, but it would give her some satisfaction. At least he wouldn’t be seducing every woman in his congregation.

Mary Alice sat up suddenly and looked toward her. The brunette’s eyes brightened, then took on an expression of dramatic horror. The girl gasped and clutched her hands over her naked tits.


Loren looked at his wife. He was horrified.

“Had your little fun?” Maggie asked as she walked toward them. “Finished your cute little fuck you thought you could slip in while I was in class?”


Loren MacDonald watched his beautiful wife walk toward him. She was not such a beautiful sight just now. Her eyes were glistening as she looked at him. He watched, trying to find some way of explaining to her.

He watched, frozen in horror, as she slowly began to unbutton her blouse. She slipped the soft fabric from her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. Her skirt dropped down her thighs.

She smiled as she stepped out of the skirt and began to remove her bra. Loren gasped at the tits which sprang toward him as she tossed the bra across a chair. She walked to the bed, clad only in whisper-thin panties.

He had almost forgotten how devastatingly beautiful she was. Her red hair glowed in the light. Her body shimmered. She stood beside the bed and hooked her thumbs in the top of the panties. She moistened her lips as she slid them down her hips and thighs.

He had been still unable to speak when she sat down beside him. She touched his ass with one hand, the brunette’s tit with the other. She caressed both for a moment, while Loren waited in horror for the explosion of her anger.

“Well?” she asked. “What does a girl have to do to get a fuck around here?”

“What?” he gasped. Loren looked over at Mary Alice to be sure that she wasn’t something he had imagined. Maggie was acting as thought it were perfectly normal to discover him in the act of fucking another woman.

“You heard me,” the redhead said. “I asked whether I was going to get my fuck or not.”

“You,” he gasped. “You want to fuck me after this?”

“Sure,” she replied. “It doesn’t appear that you damaged that cock with Mary Alice. I assume it can still get up a girl’s pussy.”

Loren began to tremble in shock. His teeth rattled. He had made this special trip to Manchester to try and cover his weekend affair with Susan. He’d gotten caught in bed with Maggie’s roommate before he could make up with his wife. Now, instead of blowing her stack, Maggie was ready for a fuck. He shuddered and stammered helplessly.

“Might as well get used to it,” Maggie laughed. “You fuck whoever you want, whenever you want. I’ll do the same. Neither of us will ever get mad at the other because of it. You’re a damn good piece of cock, almost as good as I am a tasty piece of tail. No reason we can’t fuck each other while we’re looking after the rest of the world, is there?”

She slid her body against him, her pussy rubbing against his cock.

“We have quite a life ahead of us. You’ll end up the best known preacher around. You handle the woman, I’ll handle the men. What a fantastic life.”

Loren rolled his eyes. He gasped for air. He shook and trembled as he felt her cunt descending on his prick.

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Two Hot Daughters

How far will some people go to achieve those things that are important to them? A question as old as man. And as long as people have goals they feel are important, other people will feel as if they have been exploited for the sake of an individual’s goals.

Examples can be found everywhere that the end justifies the means for people whose personal achievement, or success, or personal desires, is the only thing that really matters.

TWO HOT DAUGHTERS is a story about two young women who will do anything to attain the goals they have set for themselves. They even resort to what some would call perverted acts in order to get what they want. But the fact remains that despite the means they use to reach their goals, they do find happiness, and no one is harmed.

A startling story that provides insight into the happiness din can be attained by some from actions that much of our society considers [missing text].


When Anita Loper touched her drippy pussy with her warm, soft fingers, her whole body jumped.

“Ohhhh,” she sighed to her friend, Diane Sager. “I’m so horny I could run out and fuck the first cock I see!”

“Really,” Diane agreed, her own fingers massaging her own aching cunt-mound. “We gotta figure something out. If we don’t start getting fucked soon, we might have to start fucking each other!”

“Oh!” Anita exclaimed, jabbing her finger deep into her cunt. “Don’t be gross, Diane! But, ohhhhh, I just gotta get me some cock!”

The two teenagers were sprawled on Diane’s big, double bed. Their school uniforms lay in crumpled heaps beside the bed, their white panties coiled on top of them. Anita still wore her regulation navy-blue knee socks, but Diane was totally naked, her pussy covered with light blonde cunthair. Diane’s hair was long and straight, her bangs feathered back away from her simple, attractive face.

Anita rolled from her back onto her belly, her stockinged legs bent back behind her. Her hand was trapped beneath her, her fingers clawing at her pussy.

Although she had never been fucked, Anita just knew that it would be wonderful. She’d seen a lot of pictures of people fucking in the magazines her older brothers sometimes read. And, once in a while, when she was very lucky, she got a glimpse of a real cock when one of the boys was passing to and from the bathroom. Nowadays it seemed to Anita that all she ever thought about was fucking. It was all she wanted, all that mattered, everything she dreamed of.

She just had to lose her cherry soon or she was going to go crazy!

And her friend, Diane, knew just how she felt — at least Diane thought she did. Diane had never been fucked, either, but she knew from her own feelings and from watching and listening to Anita that fucking would be the best thing in the world. Sometimes Diane felt a little embarrassed at the things Anita said about fucking and the photographs she showed her, but usually she just tried to act grown up, and usually she ended up feeling very hot — like now.

Outside, in the rest of the house, the Sager family came and went, but in Diane’s bedroom the two girls were alone and safe. They could say and do anything they felt like. They could fuck themselves in private and share their dreams of real fucking.

“I want a man with a nice big cock,” Anita said as she humped her hand, her fingers scratching at her cunt-mound. “Yeah, I want my pussy stretched real good the first time. I wanna feel it and maybe bleed.”

Diane giggled. “Oh, Anita, with all the finger-fucking you do, there’s no way you’ve got any cherry left to bleed!”

“But if he’s got a real big one — like telephone pole or something, I’d bleed then.” Diane laughed. “You’d die, then, if he tried to fuck you with anything like that!”

Anita laughed, too, drawing her creamy fingers out from the depths of her cunt and smearing their slippery coating all around her darkened cunt-lips.

“Yeah, but I’d sure have a smile on my face when I went out!”

The girls dissolved in a gale of laughter, and Anita rolled over onto her back. Her tits were larger and more developed than Diane’s, and when she turned, they rolled across her chest. Where Diane was long and blonde and simple, Anita was dark and cuddly. Her hair was cut in a modified pageboy, accenting her dark eyes. A thick, tuft of cunt-hair decorated her pussy.

Anita lay on her back with her knees bent and her legs drawn up. Her knees were parted, and both her hands went down between them to try and coax some kind of satisfaction out of her frustrated pussy. She rolled her fingers around and around the oozing mouth of her cunt, making her cunt tingle and pour out more of the erotic-smelling juices.

At the other end of the bed, Diane lay in a similar position. The blonde rested on her back with her legs curled up alongside her tits. Her cunt was up off the bed, and she had fingers sawing in and out of Diane’s tender pussy gripped her slender fingers tightly. She pulled her fingers out slowly, feeling them tug the inner walls of her cunt-tunnel. Then, when she soon fucked them back in, it felt like her cunt-walls were folding in on themselves, scrunching back up inside of her cunt. She bore down, flexing open her cunt-hole, and feeling her asshole flare open.

“Ummmm!” she sighed, feeling alive and touched by fucking.

Juices ran out of Diane’s cunt and she felt them tickle her whole. She tried to pretend that it was jism and that some handsome man, like her father, maybe, had just fucked her. Whenever Diane fucked herself, she almost always thought of her dad. She’d never even told Anita that but, whenever she got horny, her father was the first man to enter her thoughts.

Anita, on the other hand, had no clear picture of any man in her mind as she got herself off. She was getting so desperate she didn’t care anymore who her first fuck was. All she knew these days was that she needed to find someone willing, and fuck him like the devil as soon as possible.

Anita’s feet were tucked up against the rounded cheeks of her ass, her heels flat against the bedspread. Her knees fell open, parting to allow her hands full access to her aching pussy. She used both hands, now, to spread open the wide mouth of her cunt and stroke the soft, pink skin inside. Then, gasping, she bent two fingers and slithered them over the slippery edge of her cunt and into the dark, sensitive cavern below.

She bit her tongue to keep from crying out as her fingers fucked her. She didn’t even think about her remark about wanting to fuck a telephone pole as she whimpered and shifted her ass around, making room for the intrusion of her own fingers.

The warmth inside her body traveled up Anita’s arms and over into her brain. She pushed her fingers in deeper and felt the contour of her inner cunt-tunnel. Then she pulled her fingers back out, feeling as if her very being were going with them. As the tips reached the flowered lips of her cunt, she reversed their direction, burying them in her cunt’s depths once again.

“Oh man!” she sighed, wiggling around, licking her lips, her whole body excited. “That feels so good!”

Diane turned her head and, smiled at her friend, her own fingers working their own kind of magic. “Yeah, it’s the best!”

“Mmmmmm,” Anita moaned, “not the best — that would be real fucking. But, ohhhhhh, it sure beats homework!”

Diane chuckled, knowing that was what her family thought they were doing. Wouldn’t her mother just shit if she knew the truth!

Diane brought her knees in so they were directly over her curled body. She rubbed the backs of her knees back and forth over her spiked nipples, feeling new and different sensations roar through her. She didn’t understand why touching her tits made her pussy feel good, but it sure did. She twirled her finger around just inside the mouth of her cunt, the combination of sensations marvelous.

Tingles ran directly from her gaping cunt right to her stimulated nipple and back. The more she pinched or poked or jabbed at one erogenous zone, the more the other reacted. A complete circuit of erotic current ran through her, seeming to intensify with every revolution.

Oh Daddy! she thought, plunging her finger back deep up inside of her. Fuck me, Daddy, fuck me! she chanted silently, fucking herself to her internal rhythm.

Anita pulled her dark-tufted pussy wide open one finger hooked on either side of her soft, squishy cunt-hole. Her cunt was so tight it didn’t give much, but Anita imagined opening herself up for that big cock she’d been dreaming of. Cool air rushed into the opened hole of her pussy, and Anita felt a cunt-juice trickle out to meet it.

While she pulled her cunt apart, her index finger hooked in the dark cunt-hole, her thumbs met at the bumpy juncture of her clit. They gripped the pink clit between them and pushed, smashing it just right. Pleasant feelings of pain-tinged pleasure rushed up Anita’s spinal cord and exploded at the base of her brain.

“Oh fuck!” she grunted, shimmers of an orgasm bursting all around her. “Ohhhhhhh fuck!”

Diane again turned her head to watch her friend shuddering with orgasm.

Anita’s face darkened with the intensity of her orgasm. She sputtered, and her lower body jerked uncontrollably. She bit her bottom lip, her fingers still applying plenty of pressure to the sensitive nub of her clit.

On the inside and on the outside, Anita could feel the convulsions of her climaxing cunt. Her pussy-tunnel fluttered, and she could feel it all along the strong-muscled tunnel buried deep inside of her body. But she could also feel the shudders of excitement on the exterior of her cunt, where her thumbs kept up their erotic torture of her clit.

Envious and more excited than ever, Diane stepped up her own finger-fucking. Like Anita had, she began to fuck her self with two fingers instead of just one. Immediately she could feel a difference when her arousal level jumped several notches.

“Ooooh!” she whimpered, and Anita looked over and smiled at her.

“Good, huh?” Anita asked, her own face still glowing with orgasm.

“Yeah,” Diane sighed, her voice tense with lust.

“Just think how much better it would be if you had a real cock inside of you right now.”

Diane closed her eyes. Immediately a very erotic image of her father, stark naked, his prick standing straight out from his groin, popped into her mind. Her cunt lurched, and she gave an involuntary groan.

“Yeah, it would be great, wouldn’t it?” Anita mused, still stroking her shivering cunt, stirring up a new batch of erotic sensations. “God! Where are those boys when you need them?”

But Diane didn’t answer. She didn’t want just any boy, she wanted her father. His was the first cock she wanted to feel up inside of her. She didn’t care about any of the boys from school or even movie stars. All she wanted was her very own dear old dad.

Diane fucked her two fingers in and out of her uplifted cunt rapidly. Her pussy tingled around them, and each time they disappeared inside of her and then pulled out a fresh helping of her rich cunt-cream, she felt herself move a little closer to orgasm.

Anita began fingering herself again in earnest, too. When she was as hot as she was now, her fast orgasm only served to better her second orgasm. One come was never enough. She needed at least two, sometimes more.

This time Anita formed one of her hands into a wedge, all the fingers gathered together. She then wormed her cunt open, coaxing the beginning of her tremendous fucking tool up inside her cunt.

Diane couldn’t see just what her friend was doing, but she could see the satisfied, then pained, expressions that passed over Anita’s face. Her own pussy was heating up. She continued to fuck two fingers in and out of herself, her tight cunt creating a satisfying drag on her insides.

The smell of cunt was thick in the room as the two girls went after themselves. Both cunts were ripe, and cunt-juices poured out of them, lubricating the way for whatever might be coming. Unfortunately for Diane and Anita, this time it was only their own skilled, fingers.

“Oh God, I’m still so hot!” Anita gasped, trying to force more of her wedge-shaped hand up inside of herself. “Ohhh, come on, I want more!”

But, push as she might, her body simply would not open to take her whole hand. She wanted it very badly, and she tried to make herself take it until her cunt was on the point of tearing. Finally, and reluctantly, she stopped trying to fill herself completely, and concentrated on bringing herself what pleasure she could with the amount of fake cock her pussy would allow.

“Yeah, oh, yeah!” she grunted, fucking herself with a rapid, even tempo.

Although she was less vocal about it, Diane was fucking herself straight toward climax, too. But she didn’t speak, she didn’t think. She simply kept her eyes closed and pictured her father, her sexy, naked father, and all the fun they could have together.

Of course, Diane didn’t actually expect to have sex with her own dad. The idea was impossible! It was incest? But, while she was hot it made a nice, little fantasy, and she took full advantage of it to bring her cunt to the boiling point.

Her whole body was moving with the motions of her fucking. Her knees again rubbed over her nips, but now she hardly noticed the erotic motions. She was only aware of the pleasure it brought her. The actual motion itself was lost in the purple haze of passion that swirled around her.

Little tremors rocked her cunt and she bore down. Her hand picked up the pace, flying in and out of her blonde-fuzzed cunt. Her knees smashed down against her nips, her body curled into some kind of obscene fetal position.

“Mmmm! Hmmmmm!” she moaned, not even aware that she was making any sort of noise.

Diane was aware of very little other than the vibrations taking place inside her cunt. They were coming closer and closer together, their strength and intensity growing. She fucked herself harder, faster, trying to turn the string of sensations into one long, continuous erotic chain.

Now it was Anita’s turn to be the observer.

She could tell that Diane was very close to coming, so she held back. She didn’t want to be so taken with her own orgasm that she missed watching Diane come. She loved watching the sexy expression was over Diane’s face. She couldn’t wait for the day when she could see that same look in some boy’s eyes while she fucked him.

“Do it! Go for it!” Anita cheered.

But Diane wasn’t even aware of that. Her pussy tensed around her fucking fingers, clamping down in a wet, velvety vise. She grit her teeth and set her jaw. Her ass bounced around, the cheeks curled up off the bed.

Then, as if a stick of dynamite had gone off somewhere inside of her, Diane seemed to explode. She let out a squeal, and her whole body seemed to draw up tight and then suddenly relax. Her eyes snapped open and her mouth clamped shut to keep any other loud, attention getting noises from escaping.

“Mmmmm! Mmmmmmm!” she moaned. “Yeah, do it!” whispered Anita, her eyes glued to the sight of her climaxing friend. “Work it out, that’s right, Di!”

Visions of fucking with her father flew around in the darkness win Diane shut her eyes again. She saw them spinning together, fucking this way and that just like the people in the picture Anita had shown her. Her father’s prick felt wonderful up inside of her, and that fictional realization increased the very factual event of her climax ten-fold.

“God, that looked hot?” Anita exclaimed. “Can you talk yet?”

“Mmmm,” Diane mewled, still dizzy.

“We gotta do something, Diane. If we don’t get fucked soon, we’re gonna go nuts! Who would you fuck, if you could fuck anyone in the world?”

Her mind still aflame with the wonder of her orgasm, Diane didn’t stop to think before she answered.

“My daddy,” she said sweetly.

“What!” Anita exclaimed, nearly shocking Diane back to her senses. “You wanna fuck your own dad?”

“Well, I, ahhh, well…”

“That’s a great idea! I bet my dad has a pretty nice cock himself? It’d be perfect! Okay, let’s do it!”

“But wait!” Diane said, her thoughts finally forming in her lust-clouded brain. “We can’t do that. It’s not right to fuck with your own family!”

“You said yourself you wanted to.”

“Just because I want to doesn’t mean I’ll ever get to. No, come on, Anita, let’s think of some other guys to bit on.”

“Nope,” Anita said, swinging her feet off the edge of the bed and reaching for her panties. “We fuck our dads, and that’s that.”


Anita pulled her panties up and snapped the elastic around her hips as she stood up.

“Are you chicken?”

“Good,” she said, bending down to pull up her dark plaid skirt. “‘Cause I’m going home to start working on my dad. I’ll bet I can fuck him before you can fuck your old man!”

Suddenly Anita’s bossiness annoyed Diane. Even if they had been friends since they were in the third grade, sometimes she just didn’t like the way Anita tried to push things.

“You’re on!” Diane exclaimed, stretching out nude on her bed and offering her friend her hand to shake. “And may the best cunt win!”


Anita rushed home, her school shoes clicking on the sidewalk. Fucking with her dad, that was a great idea! She shook her head, wondering why she hadn’t thought about it herself. She pretty much had her father wrapped around her little finger. It would be a piece of cake to get him to take her cherry!

She turned the corner near her house, and came to a screeching halt. Her father wasn’t home from work yet! The driveway was empty.

Apparently her mother was gone somewhere, too.

“Damn,” Anita said softly, walking on more slowly.

Because she had cut herself off quickly at Diane’s house, she was still very horny. She hadn’t gotten to experience that needed second orgasm, and her pussy nearly smoked as she headed home to fuck her dad. And now, when she realized that she would have to wait for an hour or so before she could get any sort of satisfaction, lust and frustration bubbled up between her legs.

Sadly, she trudged up the walkway, the heat in her cunt making her sway slightly. She was halfway up the heavily shaked walk when there was a war whoop, and suddenly her twin brother Mike dropped down beside her from the tree that covered most of their front yard.

“No passem, white woman!” Mike said, grabbing Anita’s hair as if he were about to scalp her.

“Cut it out!” she snapped, struggling to get loose.

“This house, Indian house!” Mike insisted, trying to hold her.

Mike was about the same size as Anita, and he wore his dark, straight hair slightly long.

Right now, he had it pulled into a ponytail and he wore only light-colored shorts. His chest was bare, and Anita could see he had streaked it with something, trying to simulate war paint.

As they tussled, Anita dropped her school books. Mike held onto her with both his sweaty hands, mumbling and hooting like an Indian.

“Stop it!” Anita cried.

He’d caught her so off-guard that it took her a few seconds to really start to fight back. Finally, when she could tell that he wasn’t going to just let her go, she hauled off and kicked him in the shin.

“Ow! Shit!” Mike exclaimed, hopping back on one leg. “What’d you do that for?”

“So you’d take your grubby paws off me!” Anita stormed into the house, with Mike hobbling behind.

“What put you in such a good mood?” he asked, sitting on the couch and rubbing his injured leg.

“I just wanted to talk to Dad about something important, and now he’s not here, that’s all.”

“You wanna talk to me about it?”

Anita looked over at her brother. Because they were twins and got along very well, she now felt sorry about what she’d done. It was sweet of him to want to help her.

“Thanks, but I don’t think so. I need a real man, like Daddy.”

Mike jumped up and slapped his tanned chest. “Me real man!”

Anita laughed and went over to give him a hug. She gave him a short peck on the cheek. “Thanks anyway.”

But, when she tried to back away, Mike put his arms around her. In a flash Anita realized that, perhaps, her brother could help her. It was her pussy and not her brain thinking, but she relaxed in his embrace and put her lips back against his face.

She kissed the sweaty side of his neck, her eyes closed, some inner force telling her what to do. Each kiss she gave him seemed to make her pussy hotter, and she shimmied her legs together.

Mike stood very still and let his sister kiss him. He hadn’t expected her to act this way at all. He’d only held onto her as a joke — but what was happening between his legs was anything but funny. He was getting a big hard-on!

Now it was his turn to try and get free. But, just as he had held her before, Anita now kept him encircled with her arms. Her mouth moved back up to his face and across his cheek to his. “Sis — wait…”

But she cut off his protest with her soft lips. Their kisses were timed at first, neither girl knowing much about what they were doing. But Anita was hungry for it, and as the lust mounted in her blood, she grew bolder.

“Come up to my room with me,” she said breathlessly, gripping Mike’s hand and pulling him along behind her.

“What for?” he croaked.

But Anita didn’t answer. She just rushed them upstairs and closed the door to her room behind them. She whirled Mike toward the bed, letting go of his hand. He landed on the bed and bounced. Then, as he looked up, he saw Anita reach under her short, plaid uniform skirt and pull down her panties.

“I wanted Daddy to do this, but since he’s not here.”

Mike gasped as she came toward him and reached for the button on his shorts. Their dark eyes met and shared a look of understanding as he lifted his ass and let her slide his shorts and undershorts down and off.

The naked boy and the girl in the school uniform rolled across the bed. Their hands explored each other, touching here and there.

Anita kicked her legs apart, liking the feel of the cool air on her hot cunt. Her pussy was already very wet, and she touched herself, fingering her pussy open.

They came to rest with Mike on top of her, his naked body between her legs. Anita reached down and gathered up her skirt, baring her pussy. Mike looked down at her dark-tufted cunt-mound and moaned.

“I never did this before,” he said.

“Me neither,” Anita replied.

“But you wanna?”

“Oh yesssss,” she said, reaching down and taking hold of his cock.

It certainly was not the big cock she had imagined for her first fuck, but it felt good in her hand, and she was sure it would feel even better in her cunt.

“I want to,” she said.

Anita bent his cock downward, butting its head against her tight cunt-lips. But, because her pussy was so wet, her cunt opened to take in his throbbing cock. Easily, she fucked her twin brother’s prick just inside the flared lips of her cunt.

“Ummmmm!” she sighed.

“Ohhhhh!” he moaned.

Anita wiggled her ass around, and his prick slipped into her deeper. Mite wiggled, too, and before the two teenagers knew it, his cock was completely buried in the soft warmth of her cunt.

“God,” Anita gasped, “we’re fucking!”

Mike giggled. “We are!”

Moving awkwardly at first, the boy drew back and then shoved forward. The results sent incredible tingles of wonderful sensations coursing through his body, and so he did it again — and again. Soon Mike had established a very respectable fucking tempo.

Anita lay stiff as a board beneath him. She lifted her legs up like the women in the pictures had done, but, other than that she didn’t know what to do. Her brother slammed down against her, fucking the breath out of her. She tried to time her breathing to his so that she didn’t make such horrid gasping sounds. And, once she did that, the fucking was much better.

Her cunt sizzled around his fucking prick. She had known it would feel good, but she hadn’t known it would feel this good. Glorious feelings radiated out from her cunt to the farthest reaches of her body. The ends of her hair even felt good!

To show her appreciation, she started moving, too, rocking with Mike, and, although she wouldn’t have thought it possible, the feelings got even better.

“Yeah, fuck me!” she panted, her words literally fucked right out of her.

Mike turned out to be a very good choice for her first fuck. He drilled his cock in and out of her, fucking her nicely after he got the hang of it. And, even if his prick wasn’t the biggest one she could have chosen, Anita came to realize that her brother’s cock felt just perfect.

Mike started out flat on top of her, his cock barely covering half the length of her cunt tunnel. But, as he grew more confident, he pulled himself back and fucked her with long, deep strokes. His cock had never felt so thick and hard, and he used it to their best advantage. The sweaty streaks of his pretend war paint smeared off against Anita’s white uniform blouse, but neither teenager cared. All that mattered right now was their wonderful fucking.

Anita used muscles she didn’t even know she had as she fucked back at her brother. Her uniform skirt was smashed between their bodies, wrinkles being pressed into it by their sweat, but that didn’t matter, either. She wiggled her ass around, making whatever motions her body craved. Mother Nature was her fucking guide, and she proved to be a good and eager student.

“Whoa! Take it easy, Sis!” Mike panted as his sister’s frenzied fucking picked up speed.

“I can’t help it!” Anita panted in reply, her body never slowing. “I’m so hot!”

“Man, you can say that again!”

“Don’t talk, just fuck meeeee!”

“Is this really what you wanted to talk to Dad about?”

“Ummmm! Ahhhhhh!”

“Anita! Were you gonna try and fuck Dad?”

The girl only moaned, pretending she didn’t understand his question.


Determined to get an answer, Mike gritted his teeth and jerked his cock out of his sister’s pussy. Anita gasped and grabbed for it, but Mike’s hand got to it first.

“You can’t have it back until you tell me the truth. Did you want to fuck Daddy?”

“Just you fuck me now, Mikey, okay?” Anita whimpered, her empty cunt pulsating.

“Uh-uh, not until you tell me.”

Mike’s cock throbbed with frustration. He wanted to fuck it back into his sister just as much as she wanted him to, but he was determined to use whatever leverage he could to get her to talk.

“Okay! Yes, yes, I wanted to fuck Daddy!”

Mike laughed.

“No, I told you I’d never done it. Now, come on!”

“Am I a good fuck?”

Anita squealed. “Yes! Now fuck me!”

She wrestled his slippery cock out from between his fingers and slipped it back into her curt. It hadn’t been easy on Mike to stop in mid-fuck but now that he knew the truth, he fucked her harder and faster than ever.

Sighing with renewed pleasure, Anita again relaxed and fucked back at Mike. It had been hell for her not to have his cock inside of her. After wanting something for so long and then finally getting it, she couldn’t stand to be without it for even a moment.

“Yeah, yeah!” she cried. “Ohhhh, that’s so gooooood!”

Cunt-juice rolled dirt of her cunt in greater abundance than it did when she finger-fucked herself. It sloshed around in her cunt, popping and snapping as Mike fucked his way through it.

Mike felt like her cunt-juices were basting and cooking his prick. Since he’d never fucked a girl before, he had nothing to compare his sister to, but instinct told him that Anita was an unusually hot girl. Her pussy cuddled his prick, alternating holding it tightly and softly babying it.

Anita wasn’t even aware of the way her cunt was gripping and loosening around her brother’s prick. It was something her body did automatically. She had no control over it, and she needed to have none. Her pussy was performing perfectly, left all on its own.

Mike’s cock jabbed at one side of her cunt tunnel and then the other. Pre-cum smeared the insides of her cunt, although Anita didn’t know it, making her pussy juicier than ever. Her pussy felt deliciously stretched and, briefly, she wondered if her cunt would even have been able to take a cock the size she imagined her father’s prick to be.

“Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!” Mike grunted, slamming his hard-on through the tight ring of her cuntmouth and into the equally tight pussy-channel beyond. “Yeah, Sis, this is great!”

Anita wanted to agree, but she was too caught up in their fucking to speak. Instead she threw her arms around her brother’s back and held him tightly. When Mike bowed his head down toward her in a gesture of thanks, she kissed the side of his face, her lips soft and trembling.

Their bodies moved as one, all the awkwardness of their first fuck forgotten. Now they soared and dipped together, lost in a cloud of lust. It was as if they had never done anything but fuck. They were meant for it, just as they were meant for each other.

Anita felt hot all over. Her body temperature rose along with her arousal. She no longer had complete thoughts or finished sentences in her mind. Her brother was fucking her sense right out of her. Her entire world shrank down until it contained only herself and Mike, with their thrusting, gripping fuck-parts at the very center.

“God, oh God,” she gasped, sweat rolling down her sides, underneath her dark uniform.

Mike was very sweaty, too. His war paint was a dark mess, and wherever her hands gripped him, Anita felt them slide. But the girl found this strangely sexy. Her brother’s masculine scent mingled with the familiar smell of her own aroused cunt, and the combination went right to her head. She inhaled deeply, sucking in the sweetness, getting high on it.

Mike’s balls bounced against the cheeks of her upturned ass, and each time they hit her, the boy felt as if he might go through the roof. He’d never been so hot, and he didn’t know how much longer he could stand it. His sister’s cunt was driving him crazy! Racking was fantastic!

“Yeah! Go for it!” he said. “Yeah! Do it!” Anita rolled her head from side to side on the bed. Her hair stuck to her sweaty forehead and cheeks, but there was nothing she could do about it now. Her ass pumped off the bed, time and again, her energy level never fading. The harder and faster she fucked back at him, the harder and faster she tried to go. The more fucking she got, the more she craved.

“Ohhhhh!” she mewled, her face tense. “Ohhhh! Ohhhhhh!”

Strange feelings started to circulate in Anita’s body. It was like she was going to come, but it was different than usual, better, more intense. She concentrated her feelings on those sensations, coaxing them together, making them more defined and exact.

“Ohhhh! I think I’m coming!” she mumbled, her body tight and stiff. “Ough! Look out!”

Mike nearly jumped away. He wasn’t sure what happened when a girl came. But, even if he had wanted to get away, his sister’s arms would not have let him. Anita held him tightly, her cunt thumping toward and away from his crotch. Her orgasm grew stronger, and she urged it to come together at last.

“Ugh! Ugh!” she grunted, working to make it happen.

Mike timidly kept fucking. He could feel the way her cunt was starting to jump around on the inside, and it thrilled him. It was like small earthquakes were rumbling through Anita’s body, making his cock shake and shimmy, too. He fucked her harder, and heard her cries of lust. Afraid he was hurting her, he held back, but she quickly grabbed him and begged for more.

“Don’t stop! Don’t slow down, Mike! Keep fucking me! Keep fucking me!”

Obediently, Mike did as he was told. His own fuck-parts wanted it that way, too. His cock felt buffeted by the growing storm inside of Anita’s cunt-tunnel. He tried to keep fucking straight in and out of her, but it wasn’t easy. Her cunt was already convulsing so strongly that, at times, he could barely force his cock back up inside of her.

Anita whimpered and whined. It sounded to Mike as if she were in great pain. But the look on her face told him differently. She loved whatever it was she was feeling, that much was clear even to this inexperienced teen.

Then, all at once, Anita seemed to go to pieces. She cried out and clawed at him, her cunt clamping down harder than ever.

“Aieee!” the girl exclaimed, her body jumping. “Keep fucking me, keep fucking me!”

Mike did his best, but the convulsions inside of her were just too much for him. His cock responded to them in a most natural way, and suddenly Anita’s cries stopped as she tried to figure out what that new, strange sensation between her legs was.

“You’re coming!” she gasped, realization setting in. “Oh my God! You’re coming inside me!”

Again Mike tried to pull away, worried he had done the wrong thing. But, again, Anita held him right where he was. Her cunt kept on pulsing around his climaxing prick, milking out as much of his fuck-load as she could.

As soon as her orgasm passed, Anita started humping again. If one fuck could feel this good, then two fucks could only be better.

“Wait a second,” her brother said when he caught his breath.

“What’s, the matter?”

“Nothing, my cock just needs a minute.”

“You mean you can’t just keep going?”

“I will in a minute. It just hurts a little now.”

“It hurts?”

“Well, not really, forget it. Let’s fuck!”



The next day after school, Diane and Anita again headed straight to Diane’s house. Anita had called her friend the night before to tell her about fucking with her brother, but she hadn’t shared any of the details. Diane was dying to hear all about it. She was so jealous she could hardly stand it!

“Come on!” she said, taking Anita’s hand to hurry her along.

“Not so fast,” Anita whined. “My pussy is kinda sore, and I can’t run.”

“Oh God, it must have been great!”

Anita tried to be casual, but her smile would not be held back.

“It was great, Diane! Oh, it was better than great! It was, oh, I don’t know. Fan-fuckin’ tastic, I guess!”

Their asses twitching just as fast as they could, the girls disappeared into Diane’s bedroom, slamming the door behind them. Together they dove for the bed, sliding down on their stomachs, their skirts riding up on their thighs.

“Okay, start,” Diane said immediately, “and don’t leave anything out!”

“Maybe I should make you pay me for this,” Anita teased, holding back.

“No!” her friend whined, grabbing her arm and tugging on it to prove her eagerness. “Come on, I’m dying!”

Anita laughed and wrestled with Diane a little bit.

“Okay, okay. Well, I was coming from here and thinking about my dad, you know? And, like, I was still pretty horny.”

Diane interrupted her with a gale of nervous giggles. Cautiously, she glanced at the door to be sure it was closed. She couldn’t take a chance on her mother hearing this!

“So I was almost to the front door, and all of a sudden Mike jumped down out of that big tree and nearly killed me! He was dressed like an Indian and talking all weird.”

“On to the good stuff!”

“You said you wanted all the details.”

“Yeah, but, well, just hurry!”

“Okay, so he tried to pretend he was scalping me, and we started to kind of wrestle around and then, I don’t know why, I just got hot for and I kissed him and gave him a big hug. Then, when I went to let go, he just sort of held on to me, you know? And so I decided to fuck him.”

“Ohhhh, I can’t stand it!”

As Anita told her tale, both of the girls could feel themselves heating up. It was a real turn on for Anita to remember exactly how it had all happened. Diane was getting hot, too, living through her friend’s adventure.

“Diane, it was so crazy; I just took his hand and we went up to my room. He was laying there on the bed, and I could see this big bump in his pants that I knew was his prick. It made me so hot I just flipped up my skirt and took off my panties.”

“You didn’t even get undressed?”

Anita shook her head. “I kept on everything, my whole uniform, even my shoes! But Mike only had on those stupid shorts he always wears, and I took them off of him.”

Diane shrieked. “You did?”

“Yeah, and his cock jumped right up.”

“Was it big?”

“Pretty big.”

“God, I wish I could have seen it! What happened then?”

A devilish twinkle shot into Anita’s dark eyes as she looked at her curious friend.

“You really want to know?”

“Yeah! Are you kidding?”

Anita stood up and began to take off her clothes. As usual, Diane got up to do the same, but Anita shook her head.

“You be me. Just take off your panties.” Diane gasped. “Are you sure?” Anita let her plaid skirt drop to the floor and jerked off her knee socks.

“This way I can show and tell,” she said, her body totally nude in the warm, afternoon sunshine that filled the bedroom.

As Anita flopped back down on the bed beside her, Diane looked at her friend in a new way. She had always thought that Anita was pretty, but now she was more than that. She was a woman, she had been fucked. Her body even looked different, her curves more defined, her tits more bountiful.

Diane felt pale in comparison. She felt like such a child.

“So first we kissed a little bit,” Anita said, lying very close to Diane.

Slowly, Diane opened her arms and let Anita crawl into her embrace. She felt the other girl’s soft, warm, bare skin, and it made her feel strange. Then, when Anita pressed her closed lips against hers, Diane let her kiss her lips.

The kiss was meant to be brief, but once it started, neither girl wanted to seem chicken and be the first one to pull away. Bit by bit, their lips parted, their mouths opening. One girl added a little boldness and the other one followed and went a bit further. Their kiss grew wet and succulent, their lips rubbing together. Then came the tongues, each poking and probing. Anita didn’t want to break away to tell her friend it had been nothing like this with her brother.

Odd sensations raced down to Diane’s cherry cunt. She rubbed her legs together, feeling the sticky wetness in her naked pussy. She felt hot under all her clothes, not realizing that that was just how Anita had felt the day before.

Finally Anita gasped, coming up for air, and then kissed her friend again, this time softly on the cheek. Then, resuming her running commentary, she slipped down Diane’s body, kissing along her neck just as she had done to Mike.

“So I kissed him like this. There, you do it, you’re supposed to be me.”

“Are you sure?” Diane squealed, wanting to kiss her friend, yet not wanting to at the same time.

“If you want to learn about fucking, this is the best way. But you don’t have to if you don’t want to,” Anita said.

Diane forced herself to kiss Anita’s neck the first time and then it got easier. She wiggled down below the other girl, kissing wherever her lips touched. Anita helped her by moving around herself, giving Diane’s mouth a constantly changing target.

While Diane kissed her, Anita reached down between them and pulled up her plaid skirt. She bunched the material up between their naked mound and stroked Diane’s blonde cunt Diane gasped. Her friend had never touched her that way before. No one had ever touched her that way before. Intense sensations shot through her and she licked Anita’s neck, her lust rising to new heights.

“Then,” Anita said, her voice, strangely husky, “I reached down and took hold of his prick with both of my hands. Go ahead, Diane, reach down.”

“But Anita…”

“Just do it — and pretend.”

Almost afraid of what she might find, Diane timidly lowered her hands down to her crotch. It was very hot down there, and she gasped when her fingers touched one of Anita’s buds. Two fingers of that hand were pointing up and out, simulating the rigid position of Mike’s hard-on. Anita had dipped them in her own slippery cunt, first, and when Diane touched them, they were wet and slick with pussy-juices.

“So I took hold of his prick and jacked on it. It was real hard, like a stick or something. But real soft on the outside, like it was covered with silk. And it was all wet, I don’t know why.”

Awkwardly, Diane pulled on the fingers, pretending, just as Anita had told her to. The usual visions of her father were with her now, and it grew easier to imagine that she really did have a man on top of her, his cock in her fingers. She pulled hard and fast, and the prick seemed to strengthen and grow.

Slowly at first, Anita started to make humping motions on top of her turned-on friend. She’d staffed this little charade for Diane’s sake but, as they went on with it, Anita found it very exciting. It was almost like losing her cherry all over again — or like taking Diane’s.

While Diane held her fingers, Anita humped so that their cunt-mounds ground together. Diane was quick to catch on to her rhythm and she began humping, too. When Anita looked into her face, she saw that Diane’s blue eyes were closed and a serene look covered her face.

“Ohhhh, Dadddddy!” Diane whispered.

Adding a bit to her script, Anita reached up under Diane’s white blouse and opened the front clasp of her bra. Then, her fingers trembling, doing what she had wished her brother had done to her, she cupped her friend’s tit. The tit filled her palm and she pushed down on it, making Diane sigh louder.

Diane’s tits were tight and perky, and Anita toyed with them lovingly. Her own naked tits were nearly in Diane’s face, forced upward as she lay on top of her friend. Anita looked down at her own rigid nipples while she tweaked Diane’s.

Pushing the rumpled, white, blouse back, Anita lowered her flushed face toward Diane’s chest. Her lips drawn downward by some strange force, she kissed first one and then the other of Diane’s pointy nipples.

“Ummmm, yesss!” Diane moaned.

Diane lost herself in fantasy. She didn’t want to think that this was her girlfriend doing these things to her. She wanted it to be a man, her father, and she dwelled on that thought. As Anita’s lips twirled and sucked around her nipple, Diane’s head swam with lust for her father.

Down at their crotches, Diane still held onto her girlfriend’s fingers. Now the pretend cock was wet with sweat, and dripping cunt-juice. Eager to have this prick inside of her, Diane pulled the fingers toward her cunt, unwittingly imitating Anita’s motions from the day before.

Anita felt what her friend wanted and went along with ft. When she felt her fingers entering Diane’s cunt, she trembled. It was just like fucking her own pussy — and then again, it was totally different. But Diane’s cunt was soft and wet and warm, just like her own cunt, and Anita concentrated on the similarities, not the differences.

Bravely, she shoved forward with her whole body, as if that were what it took to bury her fingers far up inside of Diane’s cunt.

“Now I’m gonna fuck you,” Anita said, trying to sound macho. “I’m gonna take your cherry, Diane!”

“Yes, yes, oh yes!” Diane said, her head tossing from one side to the other on the bed. “Fuck me, please, fuck me!”

Beginning slowly, just as her brother had, Anita drew her fingers back out of Diane’s clinging cunt and then pushed them back in. Immediately her hand was thick with milky cunt-juice and, as she drew it out, the scent of ripe cunt came with it.

With her hand between their bodies, Anita found that she could touch her own clit while she fucked Diane. Time and again her two fingers entered Diane, while her bent thumb stayed tight against her own clit.

To make the fucking as authentic as possible, Anita humped with her whole body. She threw herself down hard on Diane, using her full weight to try and crush out her breath as her brother had done to her.

Diane wiggled around and parted her legs more to give her fucking father more room to work. She was so sure that he was fucking her, that her cunt almost hurt, stretched by the size of his mammoth prick. Her imagination multiplied the girth of Anita’s fingers, and then thrilled to it.

As Anita fucked her, Diane readied up and took hold of her own naked tits. Diane gripped the tit-mounds with both hands, mauling them almost cruelly. As a result, more waves of feelings sizzled down Diane’s front and exploded in her curt like fireworks.

Diane twirled her pointed nipples around, making them swell even larger with her hot blood.

Anita watched her friend playing with herself. Their faces were very close together, but Diane’s eyes remained closed, her expression distant. Anita kissed her mouth again, and Diane responded by thrusting her tongue out and swirling it around eagerly.

Anita sucked on her friend’s tongue, poking her own far into Diane’s mouth. The girls shared spit while Anita’s fingers kept on moving between them, fucking them both, bringing them up together.

“Oh my God,” Diane panted, her hand clamped over her tits. “Oh, that feels so good.”

“Yes,” Anita agreed, “so good.”

Inside of Diane, Anita wiggled her fingers around, fucking Diane in a way her brother’s cock could never have fucked her. Diane responded by humping up and down faster and harder, making Anita work to keep up with her. Her blonde hair spilled out on the pillow behind her, making her look like an angel, with a halo of light around her pretty face.

Anita looked down into Diane’s face while she fucked her. The dark-haired girl wondered if her own face had worn a similar, sexy expression while Mike had fucked her. Diane’s face was flushed red, her nostrils flared to take in extra breaths. Sweat sparkled on her forehead, like sunshine on snow. Diane had never looked lovelier.

Pressing harder, Anita stabbed her fingers far up inside of Diane. Diane cried out and wiggled her ass, settling down around Anita’s fingers. Her cunt-tunnel held Anita’s fingers tightly, closing in around them as Anita pulled them back, and opening up to take them in again when she fucked forward. Anita scissored her fingers open and closed inside of Diane, making her cunt-tunnel expand around them. But, no matter what she did, Diane’s pussy-channel remained tightly clasped around her fingers, conforming to their every size and configuration.

As she fucked her friend, Anita did not neglect her own needs. The rounded knuckle of her thumb stayed right on top of her clit, grinding it around against the bone behind it. Cunt juice drooled from her empty cunt in a long, white, sticky line, and she could feel the heat of Diane’s aroused cunt against the opened meat of her own pussy.

She stirred her fingers around inside of Diane’s cunt, touching as many nerve-endings as she could. What her fingers lacked in size, they made up in agility, fucking this way and that, poking, probing, exciting. Diane groaned and writhed sexily, her body suddenly starting to shudder.

Unlike her inexperienced brother, Anita knew exactly what to expect when a girl came and, more importantly for Diane, she knew how to make it even better. Although she had only fucked with a boy once, she had gotten herself off hundreds of times, and now that experience came in handy. She kept on fucking Diane, and at the same time rubbing her own clit, feeling her heart pounding with her mounting passion.

Diane’s breathing was loud and labored, and it was matched by Anita’s gusting breath. The two girls panted as one, Anita’s fingers working them both together. Their crotches clashed, their cunt-bones bouncing together with jarring regularity.

“Oh Daddy! Oh, oh, oh, Daddy!” Diane panted, her fantasy never wanting. “Ohhhh!”

Little jerks shook her, and then the big one came. Anita had to put her full weight down on her just to keep Diane from jumping right up off the bed. Her body went wild, as if she were having some kind of fit. Anita worked hard to keep her fingers plowing in and out of Diane’s shivering, shuddering cunt-tunnel.

“Wheeeeee!” Diane screamed.

Panicked, Anita again covered her friend’s mouth with her own, choking off her orgasmic cries. All they needed was for Diane’s mother to come knocking on the door, wondering what they were doing.

Diane continued to moan into Anita’s mouth as her orgasm passed. But, even when she calmed, Anita kept fucking her. Anita’s cunt needed just a few more strokes and then she knew she would be coming, too.

Her orgasm passed, Diane gradually came back to reality. She opened her eyes and looked into Anita’s lust-contorted face. Now it was Anita who had her eyes shut tightly, her body tense with lust.

For an instant, Diane was shocked and embarrassed at what she and her friend were doing. But, when she felt Anita jump, and heard her whimpers of impending orgasm, she rocked with her, returning the favor she had just given her.

“Ohhhh, arghhh!” Anita gurgled and gasped, her clit smashed wonderfully by her own thumb. She felt the convulsions rush through her, and she hugged Diane, the warmth of another body increasing her pleasure.

Diane gladly returned her embrace, the two girls bucking and humping together. Diane followed her friend’s entire climax, doing whatever Anita did, moving with her as if they were dancing. Then, when Anita pulled herself off her, Diane let her go with a smile.

“Thanks,” Diane said, pulling her blouse back down over her tits and smoothing down her skirt chastely. “I think I understand a lot more about fucking now.”

Anita giggled, still too hot to speak.

“I can’t wait to fuck my dad,” Diane continued. “If it’s half as good as fucking you, I know I’m never gonna wanna stop.”

“It’ll be better,” Anita croaked, amused at her friend’s innocence. “It’ll be a lot better, you just wait.”


After a few more fucks with Mike, Anita felt ready to begin her quest for her father again. She’d enjoyed fucking with her twin, and she had gotten to be pretty good at it. But it was her father’s cock she really wanted, and only her father’s cock that would win her bet with Diane.

Anita thought about the best way to seduce her father a lot. She considered many options, but decided she needed to wait until a weekend, when she had a better chance of catching her dad in a good mood, with nothing better to do than fuck her brains out!

One Saturday morning she awoke to the sound of the shower in her parents’ bathroom. Knowing that her mother always showered at night and her father in the morning, Anita was automatically excited.

She jumped out of bed wearing her short, summer nightie, and did a quick check of the house. Both cars were gone, so that meant her mother and probably her oldest brother, Rick, were out of the house. Mike had baseball practice every Saturday mowing, so she knew he was gone. She checked her middle brother Chuck’s room, and he seemed to be up and away, too.

Thrilled to the bone, Anita ran a quick comb through her hair and ran to another bathroom to brush her teeth. She thought about changing clothes, but then decided there wasn’t time for that. She wanted to get to her father while he was still in the shower.

God, what he must look like all wet and naked! Anita thought, her cunt bubbling.

The bathroom was clouded with steam when Anita opened the door and let herself in. In a matter of seconds, her white nightie was stuck to her body, showing off her dark nipples and the tuft of dark hair on her cunt. She wore no panties, and her nightie stuck into the crack of her ass as she gathered her courage and went over toward the shower stall.

The stall had bubble glass, and through it Anita could see a tall, well-proportioned masculine form. She hugged herself.

This is it, she thought. I win, Diane, I win! “Daddy?” she said, hoping he could hear her over the roar of the shower water. “I have a present for you. I think you’re a very sexy man, and I love you very much and, well, if you want to, I thought that maybe we could, uh, we could, well, you know what I mean, don’t you, Daddy?”

Anita could tell from the way her father was standing that he could hear her. She wished he’d just open the door and take her right into his strong arms!

“Don’t you want me, Daddy?” she asked, starting to feel panicked. “Here, maybe if you can see all of me you’ll like me better.”

With that, Anita whisked her nightie up over her head and tossed it across the room. She then pressed her naked front against the glass shower panel, giving her father a two-dimensional view of her tits and belly.

“Open up, please? I want you!” From inside the stall she heard a muffled groan, and then she saw his hand reach for the latch. She pulled away, and got ready to toss herself into her father’s arms.

But, when the door opened, Anita’s sexy look went from lust to shock. The person inside the shower was not her father at all, but her middle brother, Chuck!

“Chuck!” she exclaimed, too shocked to move or cover herself up. “What are you doing in there? That’s Dad’s shower!”

“Dad got up early and went to play golf, so I decided to help myself. And now, boy, am I glad I did!”

Before Anita could get away, her brother had reached out and grabbed her. His grip was sure and strong, and his fingers dug into the soft flesh of her upper arm.

“I guess Mike wasn’t lying, the shit,” Chuck said. “He told me about you, and what you two have been up to, but I didn’t believe it.”

Anita whimpered and tried to get away. “I don’t know what you’re talking about!”

“I think you do,” Chuck laughed, slowly pulling her into the shower with him. “Come on, it’s okay. I may not be Dad, but I sure could use same head.”

Anita was no match for her big brawny brother. Chuck pulled her into the shower and closed the door, holding her captive. The water was very loud in her ears, and he pulled her tight against him and gave her a big, watery kiss.

The girl still struggled a little bit, but, as he kissed her, his lips seemed to take the fight right out of her. And, when Anita realized that the mighty hunk of something that was pressed between them was actually his cock, she gave in completely and even let her fingers travel down to touch his prick. It was huge!

Chuck broke their kiss with a laugh. “You are a hot one! Dad is a lucky man, to have a cute piece like you after him.”

“Who says I’m after him?” Anita said softly. Chuck laughed harder. “Well, that doesn’t matter anyway. You’re mine now.”

Anita had a hold of his prick with both hands now, and she would not have left that shower even if her brother had asked her to. This was the big cock she had wanted, this was the sort of cock she had had in mind for her first fuck. His cock filled her hands with hard, solid warmth.

“Take a closer look,” Chuck said, pushing down on her shoulders, and forcing her to her knees in the shower.

Anita went down, never letting go of Chuck’s prick. She looked at his cock from very close up, going cross-eyed. His prick bobbed right up into her face. She’d never really looked at Mike’s cock, she’d only fucked it. But now, eye-to-eye with Chuck’s big cock, she got a whole new perspective on things.

“Kiss it!” Chuck said, his fingers tangled in her dark, wet hair. “Yeah, ahhhh, that’s right.”

Anita didn’t hesitate at all when she first got a taste of her brother’s cock. She slurped in the big knob of his prick, unable to take in more than that, and she liked the way it filled her mouth and made her lips stretch. She twirled her tongue around his cock-head, and tasted more of his delicious, salty pre-cum, and it made her cunt feel slick and funny.

“Mmmm,” she said, “I like this!”

Chuck laughed. “You’re not sorry anymore that I’m not Dad?”

“Oh, a little,” Anita admitted, lapping at his cock-head. “But not too much.”

Chuck’s laughter turned into sobbing groans as she went back to work on his cock. Like other things sexual, it didn’t seem to matter that Anita had little or no experience. She just let herself go, and the results were guaranteed erotic. She was meant for fucking, and took to it as naturally as a duckling takes to water.

She poked the head of his prick into one of her cheeks, making it contort her pretty face. Then she switched sides and let it slam against her other cheek. She bobbed her head back and forth a few times, massaging his cock with her teeth and the soft, padded inside of her mouth.

Chuck groaned, and leaned against the shower wall. The water hit his chest and ran down his body toward Anita’s sucking face. He kept one hand on the back of her head, but it did not have to guide her. She seemed to know exactly what she was doing, and he certainly had no complaints. His cock felt harder than usual, and her soft lips teased and caressed it with a skill he’d seldom run across, even in girls several years older than Anita.

Water ran down through her fingers as she jacked on the part of his prick she could not fit into her mouth. She pushed her wet locks back away from her face, and forced herself forward, taking a bit more of his prick. She felt it hit against the back of her throat and then, like magic, it seemed to bend and follow the curve of her throat right down.

“Jesus!” Chuck grunted.

Anita looked up at him, her mouth filled with his prick. Her byes were bigger than usual, round and luminous in the dim lights at the shower. Her dark hair was darker than ever, plastered to her skull and cheeks. Her mouth was a big oval, her lips stretched pale around the shaft of his big prick.

“God!” he groaned, not believing this was his very own sister giving him such great head?

Anita pulled back, then she took it all back again, grating her teeth along it sexily. She liked the feel of his prick in her mouth, but she [missing text].

Now she would like the feel of it even better in her cunt. So, with a sudden decision, she popped her lips off of his prick and looked up at him again.

“You wanna fuck me?” she asked, kneeling at his feet.

Chuck almost choked. Why hadn’t he realized his sister was so hot before?

“Sure,” he said, pulling her to her feet. “Turn around and lean against that wall.”

“Standing up?” Anita asked, surprised.

“You’re gonna love it, I promise,” he said, twirling her around and grabbing his prick. “Stick your ass out a little bit.”

Anita bent her knees and arched her back. She felt her brother’s hand and the tip of his prick as he fit it into the hole of her pussy.

It felt very big already!

“Are you ready?” he asked.

“I think so,” she said, biting her lip and trying to relax.

Chuck wrestled with his prick, fighting against her resisting cunt-mouth. Finally he got the tip of his prick securely inside her pussy-lips, and he gave a great shove, sensing the first few inches of his cock plowing into his sister’s guts.

“Ohhhhhhh!” Anita cried out, her body flattened against the tile wall. “Oughhhhh!”

But Chuck didn’t even ask her if she was all right. It didn’t matter to him once he got a taste of her tight, nearly virginal cunt. It felt wonderful to him, and he was not about to let her go even if she wanted him to.

For a moment, Anita did think about getting loose. But then her brother pulled back and fucked forward into her again a few times and she changed her mind. Her cunt quickly adapted to his bigger prick, and she began to like it.

It was just what she had always wanted.

Chuck shoved into her as far as he could, losing his prick in her cunt. Surprisingly, she took all of his prick, each and every inch, and her pussy seemed to beg for more. With a buck of his hips, he fucked in again, filling her up and then emptying her out as he drew his prick away from her.

She pushed her ass out, silently begging him for more, and Chuck gladly gave it to her.

His prick slammed against the end of her cunt-tunnel, his big, round cock-knob butting to a stop. Each time he filled her with his mighty cockmeat he quickly jerked it back out, filling and refilling her with as much cock as she had ever tasted.

Her cunt clutched his prick, keeping a tight, delicious hold on it. Whether he was fucking his cock in, or pulling it out, Anita’s cunt held him tightly, her soft insides making him hotter than a pistol.

“You want more?” he panted, his ass puckering in, fucking her with quick stabs.

“Yes, more, fuck me more!”

“You like it hard?”

“Ohhhh!” Anita sighed, “give it to me hard!”

“Yeah, you take it all, you father fucker! You take every bit of my big cock, and like it, bitch!”

Anita moaned and groaned, her body humping faster, too. It turned her on to hear her brother say those things to her while his big cock trenched out her cunt. It made her feel grownup and sexy, and she liked it. To show him, she humped her ass faster, making him work to keep up with her, his cock continually drilling forward and thundering back.

The hand that had, been around her waist slipped up her wet body until it cut across her tits. One hand cupped one tit, her other tit crushed underneath his hairy arm. His fingers gouged into the soft, pliant skin of her tit, giving Anita even more erotic sensations to enjoy.

“Yes, play with my tit, play with it, Chuck!” He leaned over her and bit into the side of her wet neck. Cool droplets of water fell from her hair and wet his face. Anita could hear, as well as feel, his hot, hard breathing as he turned them into a fucking machine. All their parts worked to one end — orgasm, the ultimate pleasure.

His teeth dug into her neck, hurting her and making her fuck back at him with even more zeal. She grunted and sputtered, her tit mauled by his big hand, her cunt ravaged by his big cock.

She felt possessed by him, owned by him. She was his to bite and claw and fuck — and she had never been happier.

“Ohhhhh!” she sighed. “I think I’m going to come!”

“Do it! Do it!” Chuck panted, as if daring her to climax. “I wanna feel you come!”

Anita’s eyes rolled back into her head, and she lost herself in the sensations he created within her body. Her younger brother had never done anything like this to her.

Chuck aroused her to a fever pitch. His hand twisted her nipple, turning it until she cried out with a strange mixture of pleasure and pain. Teeth marks marred the soft skin of her neck, and her cunt sizzled, alive with her approaching orgasm.

“Come! Come!” Chuck panted.

His words hissed in her ear, and she had no choice but to follow them. She arched her back even more deeply than usual, throwing her ass out and taking his prick in very deeply.

“Now!” she said, shudders already making her body tremble.

Like a crazed animal, Chuck fucked her madly while she came. Her cunt shook around his prick, making him grunt and then come, too. The end of Anita’s orgasm was the beginning of her brother’s, and then it was her turn to keep up the wild fucking pace.

“Grahhhhh!” Chuck groaned, sounding like a caged beast as he filled his sister’s tiny cunt with his great load of jism.

Their wet bodies slapped together, the droplets flying all around them. Chuck pounded her until he had no more strength, and his cock was a mere shadow of itself, lost now in the tingling darkness of Anita’s cunt-tunnel.

Exhausted, the boy finally pulled away. When he let Anita go, she crumpled on the shower floor, her fucked-out body, too weak to stand.

Chuck leaned back against the wall and turned off the shower spray, which had at some point gone cold. He looked down at Anita and shook his head.

“What a horny piece,” he said.

And then he opened the opaque door, and let himself out.


When Anita told Diane about fucking with her middle brother, Diane was positively green with envy. She tried to sound enthusiastic, laughing as she reminded Anita that she didn’t win their bet by fucking brothers. But, as the two girls spoke, Diane was very glad they were talking on the phone, so it was easier for her to bide her real feelings.

She congratulated Anita one last time, and then hung up her private phone and leaned back against her pink and white pillows. Now Anita was two boys ahead of her — and her own brothers, yet! How would she ever catch up? And, more important, how would she ever manage to fuck her father, when she couldn’t even interest the guy from down the street in fucking her?

“I’ll probably die a virgin,” Diane moaned, rolling onto her stomach and hugging her faithful bear. “What has Anita got that I haven’t got?”

She flopped her bear up so he was sitting on her lap and she could address him directly.

“So do you think I’m pretty?” she asked, making him stare into her face. “Would you want to fuck me if you had a cock?” His black, beady eyes looked at her blankly… “I’d sure fuck you if I could,” she said, stroking his fur. “Right now, I’d fuck just about anything!”

She put the bear flat down on her chest, humping up against him as if he really could fuck her.

“God, I’m so horny!”

She let the bear slide off of herself, and then turned over onto her side. She wore shorts and a simple, button-down summer blouse with short sleeves. Her long legs were bare, her blonde hair loose around her face. As she turned, she put her hand between her thighs and pushed it against the mound of her cunt. Just that diffused pressure made her pussy tingle.

“Why won’t somebody fuck me? Daddy, why won’t you fuck me?”

Lying on her side, she humped her hand, bouncing her pussy mound against it. Even through her shorts and panties, she could feel the contours of her cunt area, the button that was her clit, the cleft that led to the hole of her cunt. She cupped herself, the warmth of her I hand radiating out to excite her pussy.

Diane sighed and closed her eyes. She was tired of fucking herself with her fingers. Tired of wondering what fucking was all about. But she already felt that familiar ache between her legs, and she knew she would have to have some kind of relief. Even if it was only the kind she could give herself, it would, again, be better than nothing.

With a sigh, she shimmied out of her shorts and panties, and unbuttoned and shrugged off her blouse. She wore no bra and soon she was gloriously naked.

“That feels good,” she said softly, stretching out long on her bed.

She arched her back, working the kinks out of her shoulders and back. Then she formed herself into a big X, her limbs pointed to the four corners of the bed.

She then drew her feet up, following the line her legs had begun. When her heels met the cheeks of her ass, her thighs were spread wide, opening her cunt up to plenty of the warm, afternoon air. But compared to the temperature of her hot cunt, that air felt cool and refreshing, and Diane scissored her legs together and apart a few times to stir up an erotic breeze.

Her legs rocking, she brought her hands up onto her tits. Immediately she thought of Anita as she touched her tits. Diane was very aware that her body was slow in developing, especially compared to her curvy friend. She pinched her nipples savagely, punishing them for being so childish.

“Ough!” she cried, the hurt zooming up to her brain.

Her hands worked independently, one massaging her right tit, the other, her left. She rolled her nipples around and around, pushing down on them with the tips of her fingers. Despite their size, her tits were very sensitive, and she could feel the sensations she created within them radiating out to other pans of her body, especially her cunt.

The way her legs were working opened her juicing pussy. Already, Diane could feel the wetness gathering there along the furry crack of her cunt and ass. She shifted her hips, the heat in her loins mounting.

Her hands ran down her front, her fingers just touching the top of her blonde pussy triangle. She scratched her fingernails through I the kinky hair there, arousing the sensitive skin underneath it. She fluffed up her cunt-bush, I making what cunt-fur she did have stand up tall and thick.

Then she ran her hands back up herself slowly, letting them make tingling trails along her skin. She raked herself with her fingernails, liking the way she was making herself feel.

Briefly she wondered how much better fucking with a real man would be. For a moment, she remembered what it had been like fucking with Anita, but then she pushed that embarrassing thought from her mind. She didn’t want to turn into a lesbian, and she made herself promise never to let Anita do anything like that to her again, no matter how horny either of them got!

But, whatever she wanted to do to herself with her own hands was fine. It didn’t offend or embarrass her in the least to get herself off. In fact, she liked it.

But, she thought sadly, she would gladly have traded it for just one really good fuck-session with her father.

“Oh, Daddy,” she sighed, “I just have to fuck you. I just have to!”

She cupped her tits again, squeezing them in frustration. The white handfuls of skin turned pink, and then a bloodless white as she gripped them very tightly.

“There!” she gasped, at last letting them go, looking down to watch the blood rush back into the abused areas.

Gently then, Diane stroked herself, working out the pain she had created in her tits. Her nipples stood up stronger and straighter than ever, as if the worse she treated them, the better they liked it.

Although her lower body was calling her, her cunt starting to clutch and demand the touch of her experienced fingers, Diane concentrated on her upper body. She knew that the longer she made herself wait, the better it would feel when she finally allowed herself some stroking.

But, still, her pussy began to sizzle with need, her lust growing.

Her hands went up and down her sides, her fingers clawing and groping. She touched the tanned parts of her belly, and the small bit of white skin that showed the shape of her bikini. She crossed her arms over her chest, pulling them back across her front, her nails leaving narrow stripes of tingles.

“Ummmm,” she sighed, her eyes closed as she enjoyed whatever her hands did to her to the utmost.

While she played with her tits, her legs still moved in and out, in and out, pumping the juices up from far inside her cunt. She butted her heels against her ass, kicking herself slightly to jar loose even more cunt-juices. Her pussy was gulping in air, and Diane could tell that her cunt had gotten very juicy.

Slowly, she let her hands travel down toward her crotch. But, just before they got to the eagerly awaiting tangle of her cunt-hair, they split apart, one moving down one thigh, the other hand caressing her other thigh. The skin there broke out in goosebumps of anticipation, as her fingers touched parts of her that had long gone uncaressed.

With her bent knees pointing upward, she could reach clear to her knees, and all up and down her thighs and shin. She massaged herself, her fingers bringing good feelings to wherever she touched. When she grated her fingernails up toward her aching cunt, along the insides of her thighs, Diane could feel her entire cunt area contracting, the sensations very intense and very arousing.

When she reached her cunt, it took all of her strength to make her fingers reverse their motion, and back down away from her eager pussy once again.

“Oh, you tease me so good,” she sighed, her head tossed back, and her half-smile one of lust and longing.

She raked her fingers up and down her inner thighs a few more times. Each time she came near to her cunt, her body grew tense, and the tendons in her inner thighs tightened up.

Finally, she couldn’t stand it anymore. Her cunt was already clutching and throbbing without her fingers even touching it. She couldn’t put off what she really wanted a moment longer. Her body demanded some kind of relief, and she was just going to have to give in and satisfy herself now.

Both hands crept down over the curves of her inner thighs, toward her cunt. The skin there was sweaty underneath the soft covering of cunt-fur, and her fingernails rustled through it. She scratched her way toward her pussy-hole, feeling the heat rising and the humidity increasing.

“Yes, touch me, Daddy!” she said softly, her fingers arousing yet another sexy vision of her father.

What would it be like to have him touching her this way? she wondered. Would his big hands be soft or hard? Would his touch be tender or demanding? Would he maybe want to put his face between her legs, and eat her out before he fucked her? The erotic questions and possibilities drove her almost crazy.

At last the tips of her fingers touched the outer lips of her cunt, approaching them from both sides. Diane was surprised at how sensitive they were. Just the barest touch from her fingers made her jump with emotion.

“Ow!” she gasped involuntarily, her hips bucking upward as her finger first made contact with the sizzling skin of her cunt.

Gently, she massaged her outer cunt-lips, pushing them in together and then drawing them apart. Wet, smacking sounds came from between her legs as she peeled her pussy-lips away from each other. The heat from her aroused cunt had all but fused theta together, making Diane feel as if she were halving an orange when she opened her cunt up.

Her fingers slid inward, passing over the hairy part of her outer cunt-lips and touching the hot, slick cunt-meat inside. She pried herself open, farther, feeling a cool blast of air against her insides. The sensation made her suck in a gulp of air herself, it was so intense.


Still holding her cunt-lips open and apart with one hand, Diane began to stroke herself with the other. She used the very flip of one finger, probing gently, keeping her touch light and erotic. After only a few seconds, she had herself squirming around, her body reacting to the feeling she was conjuring up with one finger between her legs.

Lust shot out from her cunt, lighting up her whole life. Her finger circled around the pink inner meat of her cunt-mouth, not going far inside, but treating the mouth of her pussy to a barrage of tingling strokes.

Then, with the insides of her cunt already crying for it, Diane slipped her probing finger inside herself. Like magic, her cunt drew back away from it, opening her pussy and welcoming the long-awaited intruder.

Her finger disappeared into her cunt, as if it were made of butter. Her cunt just seemed to melt around it, sucking in her finger, and then closing down around it as if it would never let it go. Her finger went in all the way, gliding forward on a slick sheen of fresh cunt-juice until the palm of Diane’s hand was flat against the gaping mouth of her cunt.

Then, using all her strength, she began to pull her finger back out. Her cunt stuck to it tightly, staying right with it as she withdrew it. Her finger glistened with pussy-juice, and the breeze through the room felt cool against the wetness. Just the tip of her finger remained in the grip of her cunt, and this she wiggled around, teasing herself once again.

Her own finger was driving her nuts, and there was no time for playing anymore. She drove her finger back into her cunt savagely, drilling it in there and then stirring it around. Her cunt opened up around it, and Diane added another one, doubling her pleasure, and the amount of meat in her cunt.

“Yeah, fuck me, Daddy,” she panted, her body responding to her finger-fucking very strongly.

The two fingers were parted slightly, each rubbing against one side of her clasping cunthole. The soft flesh that surrounded them caressed them, coating them with precious fluid, and made them feel safe and secure. In return, the fingers increased their pace, fucking in and out of Diane’s cunt in such a way that couldn’t help but arouse the girl to a fever pitch.

The same juices that surrounded her fingers ran down the crack of her ass and onto her bedspread. Their fragrance excited Diane, and made her fuck herself faster. Her one hand stretched her pink cunt-meat open wide, while the other was a blur as it fucked in and out of her trembling cunt-hole.

Diane humped up toward her hands, increasing the depth of their fuck-stabs. Her ass came up off of the bed, her asscheeks tight with mounting lust. She held her ass up in the air, supporting the weight of her body on her neck and shoulders. Her feet were flat on the bed, her bent knees rocking forward and back to add yet another dimension to her fucking motions.

“Come on, Daddy, come on!” she cried, her mind ablaze with visions of her dad, and how she would fuck him if and when she got the chance. “Come on, stay with me, Daddy, stay with me. God, you fuck me so good!”

Her bridged body gyrated, her hands working quickly. Her fucking hand thrust in deeply, filling her up with as much substance as it could. Her other hand let her cunt-lips go, and they slowly curled back into position around her flying, fucking fingers. Then her hand took up a new post, stroking and thrumming her blood engorged clit.

Saving the best for last, Diane had put off even touching her clit until she knew she was very near to coming. Her breathing was harsh and fast, and she could hear her growing excitement in her own voice. Involuntary whimpers came from her parted lips, and she swallowed often, her spit feeling good along, the parched channel of her throat.

“Oh, it’s getting good,” she mumbled, her words not even registering in her lust-clouded brain. “Ohhhh, that’s right! Ohhhh, that’s so good!”

She pressed her clit flat, holding it down, and then grinding it around and around. The little knob of her clit throbbed with emotion, easily the most alive part of Diane’s very aroused body. Slicing bolts of wondrous sensations raced from her agitated clit making her body shine with a glow of impending orgasmic bliss.

As she played with her clit, her other hand kept on drilling straight down the tunnel of her cunt. More syrupy juice came from inside her pussy, and she smeared them around the outside of her cunt-hole, coating her pulsating clit.

Dressed in its erotic shroud of lubrication, her clit slid more easily than ever around and around underneath her fingers, and Diane got more aroused than ever before. It felt as if every nerve ending in her body were standing up on end, all of them trained on her crotch.

“Oh, Daddy, almost!” she gasped, feeling her blood boiling, and her heart pounding.

Shivers of excitement ran up and down her legs, causing her body to jump and dance. Diane gritted her teeth and kept up her stimulation of her fuck-parts. It was as if she needed to reach inside herself and grab hold of her orgasm, and pull it out of her pussy to the roots.

And, she knew, if that was what it took, then that would be what she would do. She had to come, and come soon, or she feared she might explode with unsatisfied lust.

“OhmyGod, ohmyGod,” she chanted, her eyes wide-open, but seeing nothing.

Then, like a bolt of lightning, her body all at once went wild with spasms. Her cunt convulsed wildly around her fucking fingers, which kept zooming in and out of her cunt with as much speed and depth as ever. Her toes fanned out, and her legs bucked up and down, every inch of her taken with the intensity of her come.

“Daddy!” she screamed, drawing the word out with her slightly stifled scream.

As usual, she had to watch herself, ever mindful of her mother discovering her sexy habits.

Then, bit by bit, the wonder evaporated, and Diane came back to reality to find herself again sprawled naked on her own bed, no fuck partner in sight. Tears of sadness and frustration filled her eyes, and she reached out for the comfort of her teddy-bear once again.

“There, there,” she said to him, cuddling him as if he were the one who was crying, “we’ll get Daddy to fuck you soon enough, and then everything will be all right. There, there, Mr. Bear, don’t cry, shhhhh…”


After fucking her two brothers, Anita turned her attention naturally to her older brother, Rick. While she hadn’t given up, or forgotten about, her desire to fuck her father and her bet with Diane — Rick was a constant temptation. She’d never noticed before just what a hunk he was.

So, she flirted with him, hoping he’d take the bait she made of herself. She figured she had enough cunt left to fuck all the men in her family and, besides, Anita was sure that Diane was still as cherry as the day she was born. She hardly considered it a contest anymore. As far as Anita was concerned, her father was as good as fucked. It was all just a matter of time.

And so, while she bided that time, she turned her attention to Rick. Although he still lived at home, Rick went to junior college and had a part-time job at a gas station. Like her other brothers, he was tall and dark and well-built. For Anita, it was like waking up from a wonderful dream only to find that reality was even better, as she discovered how attractive her brothers all were. She found it amazing that she’d never noticed that until now.

One Sunday afternoon, Rick was working on his car in the driveway. Anita had made a plan to go shopping with Diane but, when she saw that her brother was planning to spend the whole day around the house, Anita called her friend and cancelled. She told Diane she didn’t feel well, that she had her period. Diane sounded disappointed, but Anita couldn’t help that. She was thinking only of the erotic possibility of fucking her older brother.

“Hi!” she said, turning up beside him in a yellow sunsuit. “Need any help?”

Rick saw his sister’s legs from underneath the car, and shimmied out to talk to her. His handsome face was smudged with grease, and his skin glistened with sweat.

“I could use a cold beer, if don’t mind going in for one.”

Anita scampered away and came right back with two beers. She handed Rick one, and took a big pull off the other.

“I didn’t know you drank,” he said, wiping his mouth with the back of his greasy hand.

“Oh sure,” said Anita, trying to sound as if she liked her beer. “I do lots of grown-up things.”

“So I hear,” he said, looking at her meaningfully.

“What do you mean?” Anita asked, moving closer to him.

“You just better watch out that Mom and Dad don’t find out what you’ve been up to.”

“Do you think it’s wrong?”

“I’m sure Mom and Dad would think it’s wrong.”

Anita laughed, making her tits shake. “I didn’t ask you about Mom and Dad, I asked you about you. Do you think what I’ve been doing with Mike and Chuck is wrong?”

Rick paused considering his answer carefully. Anita waited anxiously, knowing this was the moment of truth.

“Nah,” he finally drawled, looking up at her sheepishly. “I think it’s kinda hot.”

Anita laughed happily. “Hooray! God, I’m glad you said that. So you wanna?”

She thrust one hip out and shifted her weight sexily. She and her brother just stared at each other, their eyes locked.

Finally Rick got up and opened the car door, in front of where Anita stood.

“After you,” he said, motioning her inside. “Welcome to my orgy room.”

“All right! I didn’t think you’d be so easy!”

Rick laughed as she climbed in behind her. “I’m easy but I’m not cheap!”

Anita clambered over into the driver’s seat, while Rick settled into the passenger seat. Then he reached across his sister to click the seat recline button, and Anita suddenly found herself flat on her back.

“Hey!” she exclaimed.

He hit his own button, and then reached into the backseat for a beach towel. This he smashed down into the area between the two front seats, covering the gear knob. Then he reached out for Anita, and took her in his arms. He kissed her long and hard, then broke it off to hold her close.

“No,” he said, “I don’t see anything wrong with this at all.”

Anita reached up and drew his head back down to hers. Their arms entwined around their bodies, and their lips quivered and ground together. Anita put her feet on Rick’s side of the car, and together the brother ad sister stretched diagonally across the front seats.

When Anita felt her brother unbuttoning her sunsuit, she helped him along, wiggling out of the one-piece garment. When Rick reached down, to take off her panties, he got an erotic [missing text].

“No underwear!” he exclaimed, breaking their kiss, and looking down at her bare cunt.

Anita giggled. “I was hoping you’d say yes.”

“I swear, you better watch out…”

“The only thing I want to watch,” she said, grabbing his crotch, “is this.”

Rick moaned and let the naked nymph crawl across him and take off his clothes. He had to help her as she pulled down his undershorts and jeans.

“It’s great!” she said, staring at his prick. “I love it!”

Rick reached out and brought her hand over to his prick.

“Show it,” he said, his voice tight with excitement.

Anita jacked on his cock, her fingers barely reaching around its thick shaft. Great amounts of pre-cum ran from the slitted tip of his prick, and she smeared the pre-cum out and down his entire prickshaft. Her hand slid up and down his cock easily, greased by his thick fuck-juice. “Oh, baby,” Rick groaned, reluctantly pulling away from her and curling down into the floor of the car, between his sister’s outstretched legs.

“What are you doing?” Anita asked, her wet fingers already missing his prick.

Rick laughed. “I’m gonna eat your pussy out, silly.”

“You mean put your mouth there?”

“Sure! I like it. You mean you never did this before?”

Anita shook her head, her body jumping as his chin bounced against her tufted cunt-mound.

“Well, I’m glad to hear you don’t know everything about fucking. Get ready!”

Anita wiggled back into the seat, her legs spread wide, and her big brother crouched between them. Her ass stuck to the vinyl, and she felt tense. She couldn’t imagine why anyone would want to put his mouth on her cunt but, if Rick did, she certainly wasn’t going to stop him.

He took hold of the insides of her thighs and leaned forward. His face met the hot meat of her cunt, and he started tonguing and licking immediately. His tongue fluttered lightly over the darker outer lips of her cunt, batting the sensitive skin this way and that.

“Eeeee!” Anita screamed, incredible sensations radiating out from her pussy. “Ohhhhh, that’s great!”

Rick looked up over the mound of her cunt, and smiled at her with his eyes. His mouth continued to work, his tongue now licking straight up and down her cunt-gash, the flat of his tongue covering a wide patch of her cunt area.

Anita spread her legs out wider, wanting her brother to have all the room he needed to eat her cunt. She tossed her head back, her cunt feeling as if it would come at any moment.

Never had she experienced such direct, erotic stimulation! Pussy-eating was the best! She’d demand it of all her brothers from now on!

Rick lapped up and down her cunt-crack, taking down her cunt-juices eagerly. Her cunt was very creamy, and he had to swallow often to keep from drowning in her freely flowing pussy nectar. His flattened tongue covered a wide portion of her cunt area, and his hands tightened on Anita’s thighs to keep her still enough to tongue-fuck. Her ass was dancing around so much, he could barely get his mouth to keep up with it.

Then, for a change of pace, he curled his tongue into a tube, and began to fuck his sister with it as if it were a cock. Judging from the way Anita moaned and gyrated, Rick knew he had hit on something good, so he kept it up. His tongue flew in and out of her open cunt tunnel, reaching in as far as it could go.

Whenever he took his tongue out of her pussy, he flicked the tip of it around her fluttering cunt-lips, making his sister cry out all the louder.

“Ohhhhh! Ahhhhh!” she sighed, her hands clenched into fists of excitement. “Ohhhhh, ohhhhhh, ohhhhhh!”

Her knee bounced up against the dashboard, her other leg stretched out nearly straight. She fluttered her eyes closed, wanting nothing visual to interfere with the incredibly sensual emotions running through her body. Her cunt clutched and trembled, all the nerve-endings raw with lust. As Rick trenched her cunt out with his pointed tongue, she felt her heart pounding and her cunt juicing up like never before.

Rick bobbed his face up and down, butting the bridge of his nose against her clit. Anita jumped higher than ever, her cunt trying to grab hold of his tongue and pull it right out of his fucking mouth. His teeth ground into the light circle of hair around her pussy-hole, chewing at the sensitive skin underneath.

Firecrackers began to burst in Anita’s brain and she climaxed like never before. Her whole body leaped around, the vinyl seat beneath her wet with cunt-juice and sweat. She shimmied and shook, her orgasm nearly overwhelming her.

“God, oh my God!” she panted as she trembled with orgasm.

Rick munched down her creamy cunt-juices, smacking his lips and kissing her pussy noisily. He could feel, both in her cunt and in the rest of her body, just how intense this orgasm was for Anita. She nearly lost herself in it, her body dancing around madly, her cunt-muscles clutching down on her tongue.

Once he’d gotten her off, Rick started to uncurl his big body and crawl back up into the seats. Now that he thought about it, his legs — as well as his cock — were cramped and killing him. But, as he started to get up, Anita put one of her warm hands on his shoulder.

“Do me some more,” she said. “I loved the way you tongued my pussy. Oh, come on, Rick, just eat me out a little more. I’ll fuck you good later, I promise! Come on, please?”

Her pleading clit him to the quick, and he curled back up on the floor. His cock bobbed up, pointing right at his face. When he looked down at it, he saw that a big blob of his thick pre-cum was clinging to the side of his prickhead. He couldn’t help but wonder what it would feel like to have Anita’s lips locked around his spurting prick, sucking his juices out, and then slurping up the mess.

The mere idea made him crazy with lust, and he turned it loose on his sister’s waiting pussy-hole.

This time Anita knew what to expect, and she twined her fingers in her brother’s dark hair, pulling hard as he touched all the right places. She humped her crotch up to his face this time, meeting him halfway in the efforts of their tongue-fuck.

“Yeah, that’s good!” she sighed, her asscheeks puckering as she humped up and down. “Ohhhh! Ahhhhh!”

Rick blew a stream of hot air into her cunthole. The excited skin of her cunt drew back, curling away from the strange sensation. Then, again, he used the flat of his tongue on her pussy, lapping up and down, and leaving a wide path of tingling pussy-flesh.

Anita rocked up toward him, urging him to fuck her with his tongue as he had done before. It would have been so easy for her to just ask him to do as she wanted, so easy except she was too turned-on to speak. Only grunts and groans escaped her lips, now, and she did her best to communicate with them and the sexy motions of her body.

Pussy-juice rolled out of her cunt, and coated the length of Rick’s throat. But he liked the taste. To him it was better than expensive wine. His tongue curled up, like Anita wanted it to, and he probed her with it, going deeper and deeper with each and every stroke. More cunt juices poured out to greet him as her cunt showed him how much it liked what he was doing. Rick used his tongue like a straw to siphon down her delicious pussy-juices.

Hungrily, he moaned against the opened meat of her pussy, thrilling her that way. The vibrations his voice made against her cunt-meat sent tingles clear down to Anita’s toes. He moaned louder, and she cried out with lust.

“Ouuuuuu! That’s it’s — Ohhhhhh!” Delirious thoughts spun through Anita’s mind while her brother tongue-fucked her pussy. She still wanted his cock as much as ever, but she wanted this, too. This was new, and different, and a real turn-on for Anita. She only hoped that the rest of the family stayed away from the house long enough for her to enjoy having the cake of her brother’s big prick, and eating it, too.

Rick fucked her quickly, his tongue wiggling around deep inside of her. He flexed his tongue, making it change shape while he fucked to the root in her sizzling cunt. The walls of her pussy contracted around it, changing shape as it did, staying with it no matter what Rick did with his tongue.

Then, suddenly, he changed the tactic of his fucking. His tonguetip only penetrated her cuntmouth. But, to make up for the lack of size, he hurried his tonguetip around and around the circle of her cunt-mouth.

Her nerve endings stood up as his tongue went around and around, above them. They were never without oral stimulation for long and, after a few revolutions, Anita lost track of just where exactly his tongue was even touching her.

All she knew for certain was that his tongue was at her cunt, making her pussy cream with delight.

Rick fucked his tongue into her slightly, exciting all the ultra-sensitive nerves there the tip of his tongue could touch her cunt in ways his cock never could. There was a new kind of tenderness to this kind of fucking, and Anita learned to like it right away. Her pussy responded to his gentle tonguing mightily, and Rick responded to that.

He was the kind of man who liked to please his woman, and for him to feel his sister’s mounting excitement and lust was the best reward possible. He still wanted to fuck her, but he also wanted her to enjoy herself.

Anita certainly was doing that. Tension was beginning to gather in the pit of her belly again, and she readied herself for another come. She bucked her ass up off the sticky seat, feeding Rick her eager cunt. She clamped her hands over his ears, showing him how to bob his head to bring her the most enjoyment possible.

Rick let her guide him. She moved his had faster, and he did his best to be sure his tongue kept up. He was using it like a cock again, fucking it night in and out of her pussy-hole. Anita took it with sighs of pleasure, as she bucked her clit against his nose.

Rick breathed through his nose, the two hot blasts firing up Anita’s pussy. His Adam’s apple bobbed as he sucked down the cunt-juices that continued to pour from her aroused pussy. The harder he tongued her, the more she creamed, and by now the boy was nearly drowning in it. His whole lower face was slick with her pussyjuices, and they ran together to drip off his chin periodically.

“Ohhhhh! Almost! Ohhhh, Rick, ohhhhh!”

Really turning it on, Rick poured it to her. His tongue was like a piston as it slithered in and out of her cunt-hole. He shoved it in until his teeth were pressed against her lightly haired cunt-mound. Then he pulled his tongue back out, finishing each fuck-stroke with a flourish that encircled her clit and lashed it sexily.

Anita was breathing loudly, her grunts and sighs extra-loud in the enclosed car. Her cunt pumped up toward her brother’s face, her motions exact and demanding. She was working for her second orgasm, going after it in a way that hadn’t been necessary the first time. She strained for it, wanting it very badly.

Rick wanted it for her, too. His cock ached with need, and even his patience was running out. He worked his fingertips up into the soggy juncture of his mouth and her cunt, and used them to help bring about her badly needed come.

His fingers seemed to do the trick for, as he clawed at her pussy with them, Anita arched up, her ass lifting up off the seat. Rick craned his neck to keep his mouth glued to her cunt, and then he bobbed his head like a crazed bird as her orgasm hit.

“Mmmmmmmm!” she cried, her brow furrowed with relief and concentration. “Oh yes, oh yes!”

Bubbling cries of lust came from her mouth, without Anita’s even knowing what she was doing or saying. All along her cunt-channel, tremors rumbled along, feeding Rick even more cunt-juices. Finally, though, her cunt became unbearably sensitive, and she was forced to push his ever-licking, ever-sucking face away. Rick wiped away the slime of her cunt-juices, and pinned.

“You all right?”

Anita laughed. “Do I look all tight?”

Rick laughed, too. “You sure look all right to me, see?”

He gestured to his prick and Anita gasped. His cock was so swollen with blood it was almost purple!

“Here, let me…”

“Wait,” he said, taking her hand before she could touch his prick, “I gotta get out of here, so I can fuck you good! Let’s go in the house.”

“You’re not worried about Mom and Dad anymore?” she teased.

“Fuck ’em!” Rick quipped as he opened the car door for them, and pulled Anita along behind him, the two of them dashing in the front door of the house.


As Diane approached Anita’s house, she saw something very unusual. It looked like Anita and her oldest brother, Rick, running from the garage to the house — naked!

Diane stopped short, wondering if her eyes were playing tricks on her. Then she felt her anger rising. It was no trick, she realized, it was indeed Anita — fucking another one of her brothers! And she said she had her period!

Fueled by anger, Diane stormed up to the front door. The door was open, the screen in front of it closed. She was just about to knock when she froze, her raised fist in mid-air. She stared down, her eyes and cars alerted to what was happening just a few feet away from her.

“Oh, God, yessss, put it in!” Anita sighed as she crouched on all fours on the floor in front of her brother. “Come on, Rick, I’m so hot I can’t stand it!”

Diane’s big, blue eyes flashed past her naked friend and settled on the equally nude body of her brother. Rick was built like a God, with perfect muscles and a shock of dark hair that fell over his handsome face sexily. Diane had secretly been hot for him for a long time and now, watching him about to stick his prick into Anita’s cunt, she felt sick with envy.

Part of her knew she should leave for her own sanity. But another part, a stronger part, told her to stay and watch. If she couldn’t fuck Rick herself, she could at least enjoy watching him.

“Hurry!” Anita moaned.

Rick knelt behind her, fumbling with his incredibly rigid prick. His cock was so hard with blood that he had trouble bending it down so it could fit into his sister’s cunt-mouth. He struggled with it, butting his juicing cock-head around her pussy, and smearing their combined juices all around her cunt area.

Diane looked upon them from the side, their bodies a white contrast against the darkness of the room. She leaned against the door frame, her eyes heavy with lust and envy. She wanted so much to be in Anita’s place that, when she saw Rick at last insert his prick-tip into her cunt, she gave a moan of shared jay.

“Yessss, ahhhhh!” Anita crooned.

“Oh baby!” Rick cried, his prick at last buried somewhere soft and warm.

He leaned over her, starting right in on some fast, hard fucking. His cock ached from all the time it had had to wait while he ate her out in the car. But now, unfurled to its maximum length in the depths of her cunt, he worked the kinks out of it and his back by fucking his sister like there was no tomorrow.

His prick soared into her cunt, slamming against its back wall. Anita arched up, clearing the path for his fucking prick and, somehow, managed to pull a couple more inches of his cock-meat inside herself. Then, just as quickly as he had plowed into her, he jerked his prick back out, anxious to get on with his next forward fuck-thrust.

“Yeah, fuck me!” Anita said, alive with lust. “Yeah, fuck me hard, that’s great!”

Rick slammed his groin against her ass cheeks, pressing the white ass-globes flat. He fucked a cock into her as far as it would go, and then rolled his hips, holding his prick inside of her and stirring it round. The walls of her cunt suctioned around his grating prick, staying with it and keeping it in a tight, sexy squeeze.

Anita rolled her ass around, too, making her brother’s cock move around inside of her more crazily than ever. His big cock felt like it was pushing aside her organs and moving her guts about. She put her head down and concentrated, rolling her ass around and around and around.

Rick’s rutting fuck-strokes were long and sure, poking right into the depths of her cunt. Her cunt closed around his prick whenever he withdrew it, and fucking his prick back into her was like starting their fuck anew with each stroke. The tip of his cock burst into her cuntmouth, forcing its way clear to the back of her pussy-channel.

Her palms and knees grinding into the carpet, Anita took the dog-fuck like it was the best thing that had ever happened to her. She wiggled her ass back at her brother, making her tits sway as they hung beneath her.

She felt wonderfully naked. Rick was a great fucker and she slammed her ass back against him, wanting to do all she could to make their fuck the best it could be.

From just outside the door, Diane watched them. Anita wore a look of savage intensity, and Rick looked more handsome than ever as he fucked her cunt-juice ran into the crotch of her shorts as she watched, and Diane danced her legs together, trying to bring herself some sort of satisfaction.

Oblivious to the fact that they were not alone, Anita and Rick went after each other with increasing urgency. Although she had come twice already, Anita was still as hot as ever to fuck her big brother, and fuck his cock pounding around inside of her, could not remember when he had fucked a cunt so tight and tender as the one he was fucking now. His sister’s pussy-meat felt perfect around his throbbing prick, and he fucked her harder because of it.

“Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!” he grunted, his hairy crotch banging against the cheeks of Anita’s ass. “Oh Anita, oh, oh, oh, Anita, ohhhhh!”

All along his prick-shaft, he could see her cunt-muscles working his cock-meat over as if they were fingers. The inside of her cunt caressed and massaged his prick so well, that Rick threw his head back and howled. Blasts of lust coursed through his veins, making him fuck her harder than ever.

Anita took all of his punishing fuck-stroke, and threw her ass back for more. She loved the way his cock was fucking her. It was great to feel so completely filled with cock-meat. Rick’s prick was even bigger and better than her brother Chuck’s, and she crooned and sighed.

Fucking Chuck had been good, but fucking Rick was even better.

Leaning over her back, Rick eased his hands around her to cup her hanging tits. His cock shifted around in her cunt-hole as he moved, and Anita moaned. The new direction his prick took on, and the way his hands started playing with her tits, added another dimension to her fuck-lust.

Rick mauled her tits, pulling them up tight against her chest, and then letting them fall. Their own weight made them swing sexily, and Rick took hold of just the nipples. His big fingers twisted them around, making Anita squeal with pain and pleasure. Sizzling sensations ran from her abused tit-tips right down to her cunt area. There, the passion her brothers coaxed from her nipples exploded and multiplied, coming back around to Rick via Anita’s urgently fucking cunt.

His hands slithered down her front, leaving her tits tingling and abandoned. For an instant, he flashed them between her legs, sucking his fingertips down with their mingling fuck-juices. Then Rick let his fingers walk back up his sister’s belly, leaving a sticky trail of milky lube that led right to her pointed nipples and dangling tit-globes.

“Ahhhhh!” Anita sighed as he creamed her nips with his load of finger-smearing cunt-juice.

Slick and slippery, her nipples rolled through his fingers. Rick twisted her nipples harshly, and caressed them lovingly. He used the fuck-lube he had brought to his best advantage, making Anita moan and sigh as he covered her tits with it.

As the boy played with his sister’s tits, he did not forget about her cunt. His cock fucked downward into her now, hitting against the bottom of her cunt-tunnel and then glancing back upward. His cock-tip grazed along one side of her cunt, poking at Anita’s sensitive pussy-meat, and making both teenagers cry out with excitement.

Diane wanted to cry out, too. Watching her friend getting so fabulously fucked only made her more frustrated than ever. She knew, now, that fucking was everything everyone ever said it was.

Why was she the only person in the world who wasn’t getting any?

She sighed, partially with sadness and partially with lust as she leaned heavily against the door, her cunt on fire, her eyes glued to the sexy sight.

Anita rocked forward and back, fucking Rick with her whole body. Her tits moved, even underneath Rick’s clutching hands. Her nips pointed against his sweaty palms as he pressed against them. More sensations were wrung from her tits, urging her to fuck her brother with all her might.

Just as Anita’s tits shimmied and shook, so did Rick’s balls. They bounced around, stirred about by their wild fucking. Rick could feel that they were heavy with fuck-cream, and he wanted to let them go, filling Anita with his hearty load. But he also wanted to keep fucking her. It felt so good to send his prick all the way into her cunt, time and time again.

It was a terrible choice to have to make. Either decision was a pleasant one, and so he decided to have both, more fucking, and then a glorious climax.

Although she wasn’t aware of the choices her brother was making, Anita was glad he did what he did. She would not have wanted their fuck to end just yet. She was really enjoying herself, her cunt wonderfully stretched and her tits passionately pawed. She wanted to keep on fucking just as long as her brother could manage and then some.

Cunt-juices snapped and popped at the union of their fuck-parts, and the smell of sex was all around them. Anita’s cunt was so ripe, and her brother’s prick so aroused, that Diane could smell them from where she stood. She inhaled deeply, letting their scent intoxicate her.

God, she longed to combine her own tastes and smells with those of her father!

As Diane watched her friend getting fucked, she tried to pay close attention so that, when she did get the opportunity to fuck her dad, she would know what she was doing. She didn’t want her father to think she was a dumb virgin or anything. Mentally taking very sexy notes, Diane took in Anita’s every move, the way she fucked back at Rick, and the way she wiggled around sexily, making her body twist and turn.

Again Diane was reminded of the afternoon Anita had fucked her with her hand. That had been rather instructional, but this was much better!

“Ohhhh, that’s so gooood!” Anita sighed, her ass bouncing all around. “Keep fucking Rick! Keep fucking me!”

Rick straightened back up, leaving her tits all on their own again. As he took his hands away from them, a rush of cool air hit them, making her nipples stand up as tall as ever before. Anita grunted, her nips taut with lust, and her brother’s cock again shifting around in the hotly clutching confines of her fabulously fucked cunt.

Rick put his hands on the cheeks of her ass, their tanned, slightly greasy skin an exciting contrast to the whiteness of Anita’s ass. He looked down at them curiously, watching, too, the way his cock pulled out of her cunt-hole, and then bored its way back in. Each time his cock was pulled from the small circle of her cunt it was nearly squeezed white, all the blood fucked out of the top layer of cum. Then, when he fucked it into her and it lounged in the soft nest of her pussy-tunnel, the blood returned, rushing to fill his prick anew.

“Oh baby, oh honey!” he panted, fucking her with jarring strokes, watching his cock go in and put of her.

Anita could feel her brother’s eyes boring into the exposed hole of her cunt. At first she was a little embarrassed, after, all, he was her brother! But then she warmed up to the idea, and it turned her on like crazy, especially since Rick was her brother!

She knew that she was doing and enjoying something most people considered to be very wrong. But, as her pussy constantly reminded her, there was nothing, nothing at all wrong with fucking her brother. In fact, it was one of the best things she had ever done!

Shivers of excitement ran up and down her spine as Rick’s cock thundered around inside her cunt-hole. Her pussy clutched his prick tightly, juices constantly flowing out to soak his fucking cock. Because of the two orgasms he had given her in the car, her cunt was tighter and more exciting than usual. And, to her advantage, his prick felt even larger as it moved about inside of her.

The juices that he fucked out of them both glistened in her dark cunt-hair. He looked down into them, his cock slithering back out of her cunt once again. The inner meat of her pink cunt was pulled out around his prick slightly as his cock slipped out. Then, each time he fucked back into her, the extended flesh seemed to fold back in on itself, and his cock tucked it neatly up inside of her pussy once again.

From where she was, Diane could see Rick’s cock each time he pulled it from Anita’s cunthole. She could tell that his prick was very hard, and she was a little intimidated by the size of it. She thought of how her cunt seemed when she finger-fucked it, and wondered if her pussy would ever be able to take anything so big.

But then she thought of Anita’s cunt and how it looked, too. She guessed that if Anita’s pussy would stretch enough to fuck something like that, then her cunt probably would, too. Plus, she thought, she would have done anything if it meant she would get to fuck her dad’s cock. She didn’t care if his prick killed her, just as long as she got to fuck it once before she died.

“Oh, Daddy, when?” she said involuntarily, her eyes never leaving the spectacle of Anita and Rick.

The sides of Rick’s ass-cheeks puckered as he fucked Anita with straight, strong strokes. Diane watched, hypnotized by the motions of the boy’s body. His sturdy body made Anita look small and frail, and Diane found the contrast very sexy.

“Why won’t somebody fuck me?” she moaned quietly, not wanting either of the happy fuckers to look her way and discover her.

But Diane need not have worried. As the pace and the urgency of their fucking increased, Anita and Rick were aware of very little other than the sensations their fuck-parts brought to them. They had no idea Diane was there, and probably would not have cared if they had known. Their fucking was all that mattered now, and if she wanted to watch, they could not have cared less.

Anita dropped her head down, looking underneath her body to watch her brother’s swinging balls. She saw the way his thighs tensed and relaxed, propelling his cock forward and back with such satisfying speed. His hairy legs looked so masculine and adult that Anita sighed, loving the whole sexy situation.

With her head down that way, it almost looked to Rick like he was fucking a woman with no head. There was a dip between her shoulder blades, and then nothing. The macabre notion excited the boy in a strange way, and he fucked deeper, filling the creature his sister had become with all the meat of his prick-shaft.

Straining, Anita reached back and cupped the writhing sack of her brother’s balls. She rolled them in her hand as if they were dice and she were shooting craps. She pulled them down, stretching out his ball-sac and causing Rick to cry out.

“Take it easy!” he said, his voice high and strange sounding.

“Ummmmm!” Anita moaned. “Don’t you like it when I do that?”

She gave his balls a tug to emphasize what she was talking about.

“Sure!” Rick yelped. “Just don’t rip ’em off, okay?”

“Oh, I wouldn’t do that! Then you couldn’t fuck me anymore!”

Rick laughed.

But the rest of his thought was lost as Anita pulled his balls once again. In retaliation, he slammed his groin against her ass, filing her cunt with as many inches of his prick-meat as it could possibly stand.

The new barrage on his sister’s cunt finally took its toll on Rick’s cock. With her hand mauling his balls, and the fingers inside her cunt working over his prick-shaft, it all became too much for him, and his balls contracted and then released their sticky wads of fuck-cream.

“Ohhhhhh!” he bellowed, fucking her faster than ever before.

Anita felt his balls writhing, and then felt the stream of cum filling up her cunt. She his balls some more, getting all that she could out of them. The warmth of their load filtered through her, and she felt her body starting to react to it. Simmering moments passed, and then her cunt joined her brother’s cock in orgasm.

“Ricky!” she cried, her body tense and bucking. “Ohhhhh, that’s so good, ohhh! Ohhhhh!”

Rick curved one hand around her bent body and held her ass back tight against his thundering cock. Their fuck-parts sealed so well that, until he released her, not one drop of cum escaped the pucker of her cunt.

The convulsions that passed through one body were felt by the other. They shared their climax and then, limp with exhaustion, Rick gently let his sister go and they stretched out on the carpet side-by-side, their breathing shallow.

Watching the great moment pass, Diane felt almost as if she had climaxed herself. It had been incredible! How she envied Anita! God, now she wanted to fuck more than ever and so, charged with sexual urgency, she turned away from the door and ran home, leaving Anita and Rick none the wiser.


Just moments after Diane disappeared around the front of the house, Anita and Rick nearly jumped out of their naked skin when they heard someone open the back door. They didn’t even have time to react before they heard Chuck cry out.

“Hey, Rick? Could I borrow your car to — holy shit!”

Hearing who it was, Anita relaxed.

But Rick still reached up toward the couch, and pulled the afghan down to cover his naked sister. It didn’t help, though, as Chuck strode into the room and then stopped dead in his tracks.

“Fuck, Anita, don’t you ever get enough cock?”

He stood towering over them, looking down with an expression that was a combination of lust and envy.

“Now just a minute!” said Rick. “Don’t you talk to her that way. She’s our sister!”

Chuck just laughed. “Our sister? Right, our fucking hot sister is what I’d call her. Did we fuck Ricky nice today?”

Beneath the afghan, Anita seethed with lust. It was a dream come true to have the opportunity to fuck two of her brothers at the same time. Now all she had to do was find a way to make them cooperate.

“Uh-huh,” she said sweetly, nodding her dark head. “And I’d fuck you, too, if you had your clothes off.”

“Anita!” Rick exclaimed, suddenly turning moralistic.

But Chuck just laughed and began to disrobe. “You heard what the lady said, Rick. Why don’t you just get lost?”

“No!” Anita cried, putting her hand on her older brother’s arms as he began to get up off the floor. “You stay, too. I want you both!”

The boys were stunned speechless. They looked at each other, Rick shocked, Chuck intrigued.

“Okay by me.” Chuck shrugged, tossing off the last of his clothes. “So long as I get her [missing text].”

“All right!” Anita said, clapping her hands. “Now, Rick, what do you say?”

“I don’t know…”

“Oh come on! I could suck you off.”

“She gives real good head,” added Chuck. “I should know!”

Unconsciously, Rick stroked his naked prick. His fingers soon discovered that his prick was plenty hard again. Maybe the idea of a threesome was a good one after all.

“Okay,” he said slowly, “but you go lock the back door, and I’ll close the front door. I don’t want anybody dropping in as fast as you did.”

While Anita lounged back in the blanket, rolling around on the floor like some kind of sex kitten, the boys secured the house. Then they came back to their sexy sister, one stretching out on either side of her.

“Ohhhh, this is the life!” Anita said happily as they started kissing opposite sides of her body. “Ohhhhh, you gays do that so good!”

Rick landed kisses all around her neck and face while Chuck moved right on down to her tit. They unwrapped the blanket from around her slender body, exposing her bit by bit, and making Anita feel very beautiful. She lounged back, arching up to meet Chuck’s tit-sucking mouth, her one hand working over the back of Rick’s dark head.

Chuck sucked in her sensitive nipple until it was pressed against the back of his throat. His cheeks puckered in with the strength of his sucking, and Anita felt as if he might suck her whole body into his mouth, tit first. Then he eased back a bit, railing his tongue around and around her luscious nipple, forcing more blood to flood the tiny tip.

Anita sighed and felt her nipple stand up straight and tall. Leaving it slick with his spit, Chuck took his mouth away from her tit and covered it with his hand instead.

“You like this, don’t you?” he asked, speaking to her flushed face. “A slut like you really gets off on this kind of stuff! You are a real cunt, Anita, and I love you for it!”

Hearing his brother talk that way upset Rick, but he said nothing. He didn’t believe in any kind of abuse for women, not even using dirty words. He made a mental note to talk to his brother about it at a later time, and then turned his mental energies back to nibbling his sister’s earlobe.

Shivers ran down Anita’s side as Rick’s mouth bit and nipped around her car and neck. When he stuck his rolled tongue into her ear, she gave a squeal.

“Bested Rick, stop it.”

But Rick would not stop. He flicked her ear with his tongue, holding down her squirming body with one hand tight to her tit. Chuck saw what his brother was up to and joined in, torturing Anita’s other ear.

Kicking and screaming and laughing, the girl tried to get up and get away. But she had no chance of escape with her two big brothers surrounding her. Their nimble fingers tweaked and twisted her nips, and their tongue lapped around and through her ears. Finally, in desperation, the girl reached out and took hold of both of their cocks. Summoning up all her strength, she squeezed the two rigid cock-shafts as hard as she could.

“Ough!” exclaimed Rick, jumping back.

“Son of a bitch!” his brother agreed.

Anita laughed. “Now, I told you to stop! If you want to fuck me, fuck me nice.”

“You got it, bitch,” said Chuck, diving back onto her and throwing her lop apart. “I came for some pussy, anyway!”

Chuck grabbed her and pulled her toward his cock. He knelt down, his knees spread apart, and Anita slid up his thighs and right onto his prick.

“Normally I don’t do sloppy seconds,” Chuck said, feeling how squishy she was inside. “But with our cute fuck-happy sister, here, just about anything feels good.”

“Ohhhhh, yeah!” Anita agreed, closing her eyes and loving the feel of her brother’s prick. Then she opened them and motioned for Rick. “Come sit here, lemme taste your nice, big prick.”

Rick hesitated, looking at Chuck. If they were going to share Anita, they were going to have to get along or kill her.

“Come on,” Chuck said, nodding his head toward Anita. “She wants to suck your cock. What are you waiting for?”

Rick took a deep breath. “Nothing, I guess. Okay sure, let’s go.”

Awkwardly, he tossed one leg across Anita’s chest and settled in. His cock bobbed up right in her face, and Anita went cross-eyed looking at it. Then, with both hands, she reached out and grabbed it, drawing it to her mouth.

“Ahhhh!” Rick sighed, feeling her mouth around his prick-shaft.

Chuck, who had held back from fucking Anita to give her a chance to get a good grip of Rick’s prick, now let himself go. He put one hand underneath each of Anita’s ass-cheeks, and used her like a fuck-off doll, pulling her toward him and then letting her slide away.

Caught between the two boys, Anita reveled in the situation. She held Rick’s cock in both her hands, nursing on the tip of it as if she were a child at her mother’s breast. She cooed and moaned, loving the way her oldest brother’s hard-on stretched her mouth and lips.

Her moans made Rick moan, too. The vibrations her mouth made transferred to his prick at very erotic frequencies. He held himself up off of her slightly, gently pulling his prick back ever so slightly, and then fucked forward again.

Anita loosened her grip of his cock enough to let him move, but not so much as to allow him even the possibility of escape. She wanted to make love to his cock for a very long time.

Rick’s copious and flavorful cock-cream slithered down the back of Anita’s throat like so many oysters. She took down the clots and the thin gruel that flowed from his cock-tip between them. She sucked in her cheeks around his drooling prick, her outer cheeks dented in sharply.

At the other end of her body, Anita had less control over her fuck. The awkward way that Chuck had chosen to fuck her, with her ass and cunt elevated, allowed her very little mobility. She could only squirm and dance, making any real fucking motion just impossible.

Still, doing what she did encouraged Chuck, making him fuck her deeply. With each fuck stroke, he lunged toward her and pulled her toward him, making their bodies meet with joint crunching satisfaction.

“Ahhhh, fuck, that’s good!” Chuck moaned. Plunge after plunge, his cock gradually fucked out the remnants of Rick’s creamy load and turned Anita’s cunt into something that was all his. He felt the gooey squishiness of Rick’s old jizz less and less the more he fucked Anita, and he filled her cunt more and more enthusiastically because of it.

“Yeah, fuck back at me, Anita, come on! Move that ass! Yeah, move it!”

He pinched Anita’s ass hard, making her scream around Rick’s cock and jump around his. His big hands held her ass-cheeks up, mauling them around. His fingers ventured down into the furry crack of Anita’s ass, and that made her move as much as anything. No one had ever paid much attention to her ass before, and now she discovered, with a little help from Chuck’s fingers, that her ass was very sensitive.

The more Chuck made her squeal and squirm, the more Rick benefited. Anita cried out around his prick, thrilling him more than ever. She took her hands away from his prickshaft, too, clawing the carpet with them instead of gripping his prick. With nothing between her lips and the base of his prick except a few inches of his cock-meat, Rick took advantage of the situation and shoved his prick toward his sister with unexpected urgency.

“Mmmmmm!” Anita screamed, her eyes wide with shock and fright.

Rick held his prick down her bobbing throat. He gloried in the feelings his sister’s startled gullet gave his cock. The muscles rippled around his prick as she fought to expel him from her mouth. Her lips clamped down tightly around the base of his prick, snapping open and closed in muffled yelps. With an odd sort of detachment, he watched her face turn bright red, his cock having choked off her air supply. Only when she beat on his thighs with her clenched fists did he reluctantly pull back, giving her back her life.

“Shit!” Anita gasped, turning her face away from him and gasping for air. “What are you trying to do, kill me?”

Embarrassed now at what he had done, Rick tried to get up. He couldn’t believe he had behaved in such a way!

“Oh now,” Anita said, grabbing for his prick with both hands again, “you’re not going anywhere. It takes more than a little cock-meat to choke me.”

“But…” Rick said, but when his sister popped his cock back into her mouth, feeding on it, he forgot his thought and settled back down, his eyes rolling with pleasure.

Anita nodded her head up and back, taking and releasing his cock-shaft. She whirled her tongue around his prick as she slid her face from one end of it to the other. The combination of sensations was the best thing Rick had ever felt. Lust pounded through his body and he fucked back at her, gently this time.

But, down at her cunt, Chuck was being anything but gentle. While Anita and Rick had been fucking for a while, Chuck was still fresh and plenty horny. His cock throbbed inside of Anita’s cunt, and he lunged up over and over again, making her cunt take and take and take his prick-shaft.

Chuck started fucking her wildly, his prick coming all the way out of her cunt, and then thundering back inside. Cunt-juice and Rick’s previously shot load of fuck-cream lathered up her cunt area, and her whole crotch was soon slick with it. Chuck worked her ass up and down very quickly, fucking his prick in all the ways that felt best to him.

“Yeah, fuck back at me, bitch! Fuck me back!”

But Anita could do little more than relax her lower body and let her brother do with her as he wished. The position was too awkward, and his fucking tempo too extreme, for her to be able to keep up.

His cock came clear out of her cunt-mouth and then shot back inside her once again. The more he fucked her, the easier it was for him to shove his cock back inside of her in such a rude way. Anita’s pussy stayed open between fuck-strokes, her pussy-lips pouted apart, ready to take her brother’s next wild fuck-stroke.

“Yeah! Yeah!” Chuck cried, losing himself in the frenzied fuck.

He was so caught up in what he was doing that, when he lunged forward one time, he didn’t at first understand why Anita’s cunt felt so different. It was tighter, drier, not as soft. He jerked his cock back out and then sent it in again, and only then, did he realize that he had pierced her asshole!

Anita’s head had been pumping up and down Rick’s cock with a very satisfying rhythm when, all at once, he felt her buck and try to scramble away. She screamed around his prick, her eyes wild with urgency. Rick just thought she was enjoying herself, and he put his hands down on either side of her face to keep her from pulling away from him.

“Mmmmmm! Mmmmmmm!” Anita screamed, knowing immediately where Chuck’s cock had landed, and not liking it one bit. “Mmmmm!”

Although Chuck could not see his sister’s face, he could sense her pain and fear. But, instead of making him take his prick right out of her asshole, it made him ass-fuck her even harder. He didn’t care whether she liked, it or not. All that mattered to him was that, his cock was being satisfied and, fucking his sister’s virgin asshole, he certainly had no complaints.

Anita felt like a red-hot poker had been shoved up her ass. She shimmied about, trying to break free. But the more she struggled, the tighter her brothers held her. Even Rick did not seem to understand that she wanted to be free. He just kept right on fucking her mouth, his eyes heavy-lidded with lust.

Anita’s ass made faint popping sounds as Chuck violated it time and again, faster and faster. Just as he had done while fucking her cunt, he drew his prick back out of her asshole at the completion of every fuck-stroke. That way he got the pleasure of fucking her from cock-tip to base every single time. And, as long as he fucked her, her ass never failed to satisfy him, puckering back up to allow maximum penetration pleasure.

“I love it, baby, I love it!” he panted, bending her legs back so he could actually watch his prick fucking in and out of her asshole. “It’s beautiful, Anita, I wish you could see how my cock fucks your asshole! It’s beautiful, baby, just fuckin’ beautiful! A real turn-on!”

Almost surprising herself, Anita found herself wishing that she could see Chuck’s cock pounding into her ass. She even shimmied around a bit, getting used to having his cock inside of her. What had once been great pain began to turn, changing tone like the sky at sunset. Her cool disinterest in ass-fucking brightened, changing instead into a hot red that craved her brother’s ass-fucking cock.

As she started to move with him, Chuck felt his prick beginning to give. The tight squeeze her ass put on his prick, and her apparent enthusiasm for ass sucking, combined to do him in. Fighting to hold back, he found it impossible and, before he could stop it, the flood of his come-juice was warming her sister’s bowels.

“Ahhhhh, gooood, ahhhh!” he cried, grunting as he strained to keep his exploding cock moving through the clutching tunnel of Anita’s ass.

Anita felt her ass balloon up with her brother’s exploding cum. She sucked harder on Rick’s cock because of the intense sensations radiating out from Chuck’s prick. But, with all her attention trained on her cum-sucking asshole, she didn’t even realize that she was pulling so mightily on Rick’s cock until she felt his creamy cock-load, too.

“Ungh, I’m coming, I’m coming!” he gasped, sounding as if he were in pain. “Ohhhhh, Anita, ohhhh, honey!”

His hands on either side of her face worked her mouth back and forth along the shaft of his prick. His eyes rolled back in his head, and he almost forgot to breathe as his fuck-cream drained through the maze of veins in his balls, out the tip of his prick, and into Anita’s waiting mouth.

Valiantly, Anita gulped down Rick’s cum load, and tried to keep her ass moving around Chuck’s jetting prick. Her body felt almost limp with exhaustion, and she snorted around Rick’s prick, gasping in air as she gulped down his cum.

“Ahhhh, baby!” Chuck finally sighed, sliding back and popping his cock out of her cunt. He leaned against the edge of the sofa and smiled. “That was just fine.”

Rick stretched out on the carpet. Zinging sensations were still careening through his body, and he needed time to catch his breath.

Unfortunately, he didn’t get it. Their orgy was just breaking up when the three teenagers heard someone try to open the locked front door. Then they heard their mother’s voice.

“Frank, do you have your key? The front door is locked.”

“Jesus!” Chuck exclaimed, jumping up and gathering up his clothes. In a flash he was gone.

Anita and Rick were slower to react, their fucked-out minds and bodies not immediately registering the danger. Just moments before their parents came in the front door, Rick grabbed his sister’s hand and pulled her upstairs, leaving nothing behind to hint at their orgy except a small puddle of cum.


Diane’s run took on a strange gait as she rushed home. Her cunt was so hot she limped as she trotted. Watching Anita getting fucked by her older brother had been the final straw for Diane. She had to get fucked right now, or she knew she would never be able to look herself in the eye again.

Panting with exertion and lust, she burst into the back door of her house to find her father calmly making himself a sandwich. He looked startled by the way his daughter burst into the house and the strange took on her face when she saw him.

“Honey, what’s the matter?” he asked, putting down his knife and grabbing Diane. “Are you all right?”

“Where’s Mom?” Diane puffed, her eyes darting about, her cunt temperature rising as her father took hold of both her shoulders.

“She’s gone out to lunch with some of her friends. Diane, honey, what is it? Is someone after you?”

Hearing that her mother was not at home sent bells off in Diane’s brain. This was it! Her big chance!

She moved in toward her father and hugged him. Her heart thudded against his belly and, not knowing what he was getting himself into, John Sager responded to his daughter’s urgent embrace.

“Oh, Daddy, I love you,” Diane mumbled against her father’s body. “I love you so much!”

“I love you too, Diane,” John replied, touched by his daughter’s sudden display of affection.

“No, Daddy, I mean I really love you!” Diane said, rubbing herself against her father.

“I love you more than anyone, more than Mom, and more than Barney.”

Barney was the family dog.

The way Diane was sliding her tits back and forth across his lower body was beginning to be distracting for John. While he knew his daughter didn’t mean to, he found that she was arousing him. Gently, he tried to push her away.

“That’s very sweet, honey,” he said.

But Diane held onto him tightly. “I don’t mean it to be sweet. I mean it, I mean it.” She took a deep breath. “I mean it to be sexy!”

John laughed nervously. “Did something happen over, at Anita’s? Something that’s upsetting you?”

“Daddy, come on!” Diane whined. “Don’t you understand me? I want you!”

Afraid that he did understand, John pleaded innocence. “Diane, now I don’t know what’s gotten into you, but I think we should stop this. I love you very much, but you have to let me go right now.”

“No! Daddy, no!”

Diane clung to him, bouncing herself purposely against his crotch. At first she had felt nothing there but now, bit by bit, she could tell that his hard-on was beginning to form. Encouraged by his body, if not by his words, she ground herself against his surging crotch. “Diane, please, you don’t know what you’re doing!” John said, trying to extract himself from his daughter’s mighty grip graciously. “Honey, please!”

Diane reached up, straining on her tip-toes, and reached his neck and the open V of his shirt with her lips. She kissed him then, not with the soft, chaste kisses of a daughter to her father, but with the demanding kisses of a woman in heat to her lover. Despite himself, John felt his resolve weakening.

“Diane, you must stop,” he said lamely.

Sensing the change in her father, Diane turned it all on. Although she had never done this before, she had imagined it enough times to now seem very experienced. She kept one hand around her father’s neck, while her other one ventured down to where his rigid prick was. Not exactly sure what to expect, she cupped the big bulge there and then squeezed.

“Diane?” John gasped, increasingly aroused by his daughter’s touch. “Stop that!”

But his protests carried no weight at all now. He didn’t even try to get away from Diane as he spoke them. His cock jumped under her touch, and Diane curled her unsure fingers around it. She couldn’t believe this was really happening!

“Don’t send me away, Daddy,” she said, her fingers searching for and finding the tab of his zipper. “Don’t tell me no. I want to make love to you, Daddy, I’ve wanted it for a very long time.”

John tried to answer, but only gasped instead as her fingers wormed their way inside his fly and touched his prick. He could tell that her fingers were trembling as they encircled his prick-meat. His fingers trembled, too, as he reached down and cupped the back of her neck, bringing his face down to hers for a kiss of agreement.

When Diane’s mouth met her father’s willing lips, she knew that she had won. In victory, she thrust her tongue into her father’s open mouth, tonguing him with all the enthusiasm she had ever imagined. She tightened her grip around his cock-shaft and felt his prick throbbing.

Now, she thought, all I have to do is get this inside me and fast!

“Come up to my room, Daddy,” Diane said, breaking their kiss and giving her father’s cock a tug. “Come on, I really want you to!”

John let his daughter lead him, cock first, up into her pink and white bedroom.

Even when they stretched out together on her big bed, the reality of what he was about to do didn’t hit him. He merely followed Diane’s lead and took his clothes off, falling back together with her, both of them stark naked.

Diane reached out and stroked her father’s chest. Her eyes ran up and down his body, taking it all in as if she couldn’t believe he was real. Then, when she felt his hands reach out to touch her tits, she sighed, not caring if it was fantasy or not. Anything that felt this good she didn’t even want to question.

Her hands went again to his cock, and John rolled over on top of her. Diane was surprised that she didn’t feel shamed by her dad’s weight. Their bodies seemed to fit together perfectly, like two adjoining pieces of a puzzle. She opened her legs and let him fall in between them, just as she had dreamed of doing for so very long.

“Ohhhh, honey!” John sighed, his cock drooling against the side of her leg. “I love you so much!”

“I love you, too, Daddy!” Diane sighed, her hair fanned out sexily behind her. “Now hurry!”

As if in a dream, John reached down to his crotch and took hold of his bobbing prick. Thrusting forward, he aimed his prick-head at the hole of his daughter’s pussy. The tip of his cock breached the mouth of her cunt and he shoved again, this time sending the first inch or so of his prick-meat into the incredibly tight circle of her cunt-muscles.

“Oh, Diane!” he gasped, nearly losing consciousness because of the grip her cunt put on his prick. “God, you’re tight!”

Diane didn’t know if that was good or bad, so she said nothing. Whether her cunt felt good to her dad, or not, did not stop her from rolling her eyes with lust as he fucked into her. His prick was the best thing she had ever experienced. The way it filled her up and made her feel all soft and warm inside was fabulous. She pushed down, wanting all of the cock-meat her pussy could possibly stand to take.

John felt her eating up the inches of his prick, and it stewed in his mind. He’d had no idea his daughter was such a hot one. He pushed back at her, trying to match her enthusiasm. His cock felt strangled in the tunnel of her cunt, and he wondered, briefly, if she was a virgin. Then he told himself that just wasn’t possible. No inexperienced girl would come on to her own father like Diane had come on to him.

But Diane was a virgin, and she thrilled to everything her father did to her. It was all new and it was all wonderful. His cock surged forward and was then drawn back through the ring of her cunt. Diane sighed, loving it. It felt like her whole body was filled up with his cock, and she had never known a more pleasant sensation. Her cunt pulsated with lust, and she wiggled back at her father, not knowing exactly what she was supposed to do.

John drilled his cock into her, feeling how her elastic pussy-hole stretched to admit all of his cock-shaft. Her cunt-muscles caressed and massaged his cock-meat, making his prick feel right at home. Each time he drew back, it felt as if the tip of his prick might be kept by her pussy as a souvenir of their first fuck together. He had to strain his back to be sure that all of his cock exited his daughter’s clutching cunthole.

Had she been able to keep a bit of her father’s cock inside of her forever, Diane gladly would have. Her cunt danced and rocked around his cock-meat, holding it tightly, and letting it go very reluctantly each time he pulled it out of her.

“God, that’s great, Daddy!” Diane said, her cunt fluttering. “Am I doing okay?”

John exhaled loudly, his words taking a moment to form.

“You’re the best. Where did you learn to fuck like this?”

Diane managed to giggle. “I didn’t learn anywhere, Daddy, come on! This is my first time!”

John thought his heart would shoot right out of his open mouth.

“You mean you really are a virgin?”

Thinking that her father didn’t like the idea, Diane said, “Well, I fucked with Anita once, does that count?”

“With Anita?” John croaked, his cock surging through his daughter’s pussy at the very idea of Diane and her girlfriend naked together.

“Yeah, she pretended she was her bro — ah, a boy, and she used her fingers to fuck me.”

“Oh, good Lord!” said John, imagining the sexy scene. “But you’ve never slept with a boy before?”

“No, Daddy,” Diane said sadly. “I’m sorry.”

“No, no, honey, don’t be sorry,” John said, speeding up the pace of his fucking and kissing his daughter noisily between his words. “I’m honored to be your first lover. Thank you, darling. It’s the nicest compliment a girl could ever pay her father! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Diane giggled under the barrage of her father’s silly kisses. She wiggled around underneath him, making her cunt gyrate and dance. His cock kept right on trenching her out, filling her up and then puffing back, taking the insides of her cunt-meat with it.

She started to move with her dad, humping back at him. At first she wasn’t sure if it was a good idea or not, but then, when she heard the way her father started panting, she knew it was good. Inspired, she fucked herself at him harder, shoving her cunt up to meet his fucking prick, and then tucking it back out of his cock’s reach.

John put one hand on either side of her pretty face and kissed her. His back kept humping, his cock still working around inside of her cunt. And, just as his cock surged inside of her pussy, his tongue probed the inside of her mouth. He licked over her teeth and poked his tongue against the insides of her cheeks. His saliva drooled down into her throat, and he could feel, as he tongued her, how Diane swallowed down his drool.

John found his daughter’s mouth almost as sweet as her cunt was on his cock. Gradually he lost himself in her lips and mouth, holding back on his fucking while he kissed her.

Diane felt his cock-strokes slow and then nearly stop as they kissed. His hips still shifted his prick through her cunt a little, fucking her with just his rounded cock-tip. In and out it went through the ring of muscles that encircled her cunt-mouth. But, while his cock moved slowly, his tongue fluttered all around, fucking I her mouth and lapping all around her teeth and tongue.

She met his enthusiastic kisses with kisses of her own. Her tongue dodged back around his, sometimes encouraging him, sometimes avoiding him. Her lips were pushed tight against his, her mouth totally covered by his. She mumbled and moaned, her lust soaring with the intensity of their soul kiss.

Air blasted out of their nostrils as they sucked in air to fuel their long, languid kisses. Diane, who had had her eyes closed, opened them to find her father staring right at her. They looked at one another from very close up.

Almost forgotten in the tunnel of her cunt, his cock lolled around, the warm meat of her insides keeping his prick warm and excited. Even with neither of them moving much, her cunt still puckered and tossed his cock around. The muscles there convulsed involuntarily, fucking his prick despite their inertia.

Diane couldn’t stay completely still. Her body jerked involuntarily as her father’s tongue created feelings inside of her the likes of which she had never experienced before.

“Oh Daddy!” she gasped, finally coming up for air. “Ohhh, I’m so hot!”

“Mmmmm,” John cooed, kissing down the side of her neck and sucking around the pointed tip of her tit.

Diane arched her back, feeding her father as much tit-meat as she had. Tingles of intense excitement ran from one of her tits to the other, as if they were electrically connected. John seemed to feel the current, too, for he moved one of his big, clammy hands up and took hold of the tit his mouth did not cover.

“Oh, honey, you’re so beautiful,” he said, his words spoken right to the pointed mound of her tit. “So very, very lovely.”

Diane’s self-confidence soared as she heard that. Suddenly her tits were no longer an embarrassment for her. Her daddy said they were beautiful, and she believed him. If her father liked her tits, then so did she.

Happily, she bumped her crotch up and down, fucking her father more than he was fucking her. Her cunt sucked all along his prick-meat, taking in all his many inches. Her cunt creamed heavily, making it easy for her pussy to gulp down the meat of his prick. She shook herself from side to side, fucking that way, too, much to her father’s delight.

John puckered his mouth around his daughter’s tender tit-meat. Her age really came home to him as he tongued and fingered the globes. Her skin was so soft, so smooth. There wasn’t a sag or a wrinkle on her anywhere. She was just as perfect as the day she was born.

The way she was fucking back at his cock turned the man on like crazy. His cock roared through the tunnel of her pussy, filling her up just as often as her cunt liked. He felt how she was bucking and writhing underneath him, her whole body working to fuck his prick. His heart swelled with love and lust. To have a daughter like Diane was what life was all about.

The excitement her fucking body created within her father grew and grew. John was still, holding himself up and letting his daughter fuck him. He loved the way her body twisted and turned, her cunt rotating around his prick-shaft. He kissed her mouth and thrummed her tits. His cock-meat was as rigid as ever, the perfect dildo for his daughter to fuck herself with.

“Ohhh, Daddy!” Diane sighed, lost in a seas of lust. “I feel so funny!”

She was light-headed and weightless. The room around her faded until there was nothing in her consciousness other than herself and her father. She fucked at him as if her life depended upon it. She fucked at him as if it was the last thing she would ever live to do.

She fucked back at him as if it was all that mattered to her in the world — and that was true.

Fuck-cream was dredged up from somewhere deep and dark inside of her, and Diane felt it dribbling down the crack of her ass and puddling beneath her. She fucked her father faster and faster, her cunt lubed up by the creamy cunt-sauce from inside of her. Wet, smacking sounds came from between her legs, and she looked down her body, seeing her father’s angry-red prick as it came out of her cunt-hole time and time again.

John saw where her eyes were going and trained his down there, too. The mound of his daughter’s cunt was barely sheltered by a thin, light-colored spray of hair. Beneath it, he could see the rounded, white skin of her pussy-bump and the tip of his big cock disappearing down under it blew his mind. That, combined with Diane’s unceasing fucking, finally got the best of him.

“Hold on, honey,” he said, his head turned to the side, his breath hot and excited. “I’m coming!”

Diane prepared herself, although she didn’t exactly know what for. Then, as if someone had turned a garden hose on inside of her, she felt the hot stream of her father’s come burst forth and wet down the interior of her cunt.

“Daddy! Ohhhhh!” she exclaimed, still fucking him because she didn’t know what else to do. “I feel it! I feel you coming!”

John only grunted, his orgasm too incredible to allow him the luxury of speech. His cock drew back and then fired forward, recoiling like a shotgun and then busting forth again and again. Creamy bullets of his cock-cream shot against the back end of his daughter’s ever fucking pussy, and the older man cried out in wonder and joy.

“Diane! Diane, ohhh, Diane!”

The girl wrapped her arms around her trembling father, feeling his orgasm peak and then pass. She wrapped her legs around him, too, holding him as close to her as possible.

“That was perfect, Daddy,” she said when he finally came to a rest, “just perfect. Now, let’s do it again!”


John was shocked by his daughter’s request and saddened when he looked down at his cock and saw there was no way he’d be able to fuck Diane a second time. His prick just didn’t work like it used to, and now it was as wilted as week-old lettuce.

“Sorry, honey,” he said, giving his dead prick a flick with his index finger. “Looks like he’s had it.”

“Ohhhhh,” Diane said in frustration, her hand between her legs, pushing against her cunt to keep he father’s jizz up inside of her. “Isn’t there anything we can do?”

John knew there was, but he didn’t know if he should suggest it. Then he looked into his daughter’s eyes and saw the lust that sparkled there. Well, he thought, if she wants it that bad…

“You could suck on my, ah, cock, and maybe you could make it hard again.”

“Suck on it!” Diane exclaimed. “Really?”

“Well, if you don’t want to…”

Diane looked at her father’s limp prick. It had their combined fuck-juices on it, and it was all red and wrinkled. She grimaced but then considered her options. She knew now that she loved fucking, and if she wanted to get fucked again, she’d have to put her dad’s cock in her mouth. When she considered all the facts, it became obvious she didn’t have much choice.

“Okay,” she said tentatively, “just tell me what to do.”

John swelled with pride. She was going to give him head! His own daughter was going to suck his prick! It was too good to be true.

“Ah, well, just take it in your mouth and see what happens,” he said, thrusting his crotch out to his daughter.

Diane crawled around so she was curled up between her dad’s legs. Then she flicked the curtain of her blonde hair back over one shoulder, and took his sticky prick between her fingers. She rubbed it around a little bit, wiping off some of the come and goo. Then, glancing up at her father first, she bent her pretty face down and tucked the end of his soft prick in between her lips.

Diane was surprised at how rubbery her father’s cock was. And she was also surprised by the taste. She didn’t know what she had expected, but this wasn’t it. She liked this flavor, it wasn’t at all the bad taste she had anticipated. Encouraged, she sucked in a bit more of her father’s squishy prick.

John lounged back on her bed, relaxing under her tentative but sexy mouthings. He let her play with his prick awhile, finding her obvious inexperience very refreshing. Her fingers fumbled around his cock-shaft, touching, feeling, caressing.

Her lips were very sweet, too. They touched his prick very gently at first, almost as if Diane were afraid of his prick. Then she seemed to gain confidence and she sucked in more of his cock, bobbing her head forward and back a little. Gradually her fucking motions increased, and she relaxed around the many inches of her father’s hard-on.

Diane explored with her tongue. She lapped around his cock-head, tasting all the flavors there. Again she was not disappointed. She liked what she gathered up, and she swallowed often as her own mouth juiced up around her father’s prick. Her tongue swirled around and around, touching his prick everywhere. Then, to her surprise, his cock actually began to grow!

“Ummmmm!” she said, popping her face off of his prick and holding it up for examination. “It’s working!”

She rolled his emerging hard-on around and around in her fingers, and John had to laugh at her amazement.

“Keep sucking, honey,” he said, urging her head back down around his cock-tip. “Just a little more, please.”

More eager than ever, Diane dove down around his cock-head, sucking it back in. His prick-tip thudded against one inner cheek and then the other. The taste of her father’s cock changed, and she realized that juice was coming out of the slitted tip of his prick-shaft.

Drawn to his piss-silt, her tongue ran back and forth across it, feeling it open up. Then she bored her tongue down into it, probing at it and munching toward the source of his oozing prick-juice.

“God, that’s nice,” John moaned, putting one hand on the side of her cock-sucking faces.

Diane looked up at her father, her mouth stretched around his pulsing cock-head. She grinned around his prick, giving his cock a little playful nip.

“Hey!” her father exclaimed. “Watch it!” Learning quickly, Diane puckered in her cheeks, caressing her father’s prick with the inside of her mouth. She had to spit out some of his cock as his hard-on grew larger and longer. But she kept his cock-head securely between her lips, her tongue still lashing back and forth across its very tip.

Slurping, smacking sounds came from Diane’s mouth as she worked his prick over. Drool ran down her chin, and her father reached up and swiped it away with one meaty finger.

John could easily have let her keep sucking his cock forever. Even when he knew his prick had reached its maximum length, he let her keep sucking. He never wanted her to stop, and it was only because he knew that fucking her again would be so good that he finally reached down and put his hands in her armpits and moved her up his body.

“I think it’s ready now,” he said.

Reluctantly, Diane let herself be pulled away from his big hard-on. She was thrilled to have learned about sucking a man’s cock. She wondered if Anita had done that!

Anita! Diane couldn’t believe she’d hardly thought of her friend. As her father hauled her up his body and got her ready to fuck, Diane’s head swam. She’d fucked her father without even thinking of her bet. She’d fucked him all on her own, and only because she’d wanted to do it for such a long time. Winning over Anita seemed only the icing on the cake.

John took her in his arms again and kissed her. Her mouth was just as sweet as before, and his tongue darted around inside it. His arms went around her, and hers around him. They clung to each other with his bulging cock trapped between their bodies. Diane rubbed herself against it, loving the way it felt against her stomach.

“Wanna try something different this time?” her father asked.

“Okay,” she replied, ready for anything. “Just tell me what.”

Surprising her, her father suddenly rolled over, making her land on top.

“There! Now you can sit on my cock!”

“Really? Are you sure?”

“Just try it!”

Testing the waters, Diane sat up cm her father’s body. His cock stood straight up from his groin, and she could feel it running behind her, along the crack of her ass. She reached behind herself and took it in her hand. She jacked on his hard-on a few times, taking in the situation.

“Lean forward first a little, and then stick it in,” her father said easily. “Don’t worry. It won’t hurt you, I promise.”

He could see from the look on her face that she was still very unsure. But, when he reached up and pulled her toward him, she reached back and aimed the head of his cock at the vulnerable hole of her pussy.

Diane squirmed back at his cock-head. Her cunt clutched as she touched it with the tip of his prick. But, because her pussy had gotten very juicy while she was sucking his prick, his cockhead now slid right on into her.

“It’s working, Daddy!” she exclaimed.

John certainly didn’t need to be told. He could feel his cock making its way back into the gloriously tight confines of her cunt. Her pussy-mouth opened reluctantly, taking in his cock a bit at a time, and squeezing it just enough to make John groan with lust.

“Now sit back,” he said, letting her loose and allowing her to lean back.

Diane still held herself up as she leaned back. The tip of her father’s cock was held inside the mouth of her cunt, but the majority of his cock was exposed, connecting their bodies. The tip of his prick rolled around in her pussy-mouth, rotating around sexily.

“Now down,” John instructed.

Very slowly and warily, Diane bent her knees, lowering her cunt down around his upthrusting cock. As she went down, her father exhaled, as if she were fucking the breath and life right out of him. The fit of his prick was very tight, but not uncomfortable, and Diane took his prick an inch or so at a time until she had it all and she was seated in the dark cushion of his hairy groin.

“God,” he gasped, “that’s so good!”

Diane whimpered, too overcome to speak. She felt absolutely filled with cock-meat, as if she couldn’t have stood even an extra fraction of an inch. Her face was red, and her heart was pounding madly.

“You okay?”

Diane nodded weakly, not at all sure that she was all right.

“Good, okay, now, just start moving. Go up and down and back and forth and whatever feels good to you.” She made a short motion. “That’s fine!”

Diane leaned forward again, a determined look on her face. Her dad’s cock was already starting to feel more at home in her cunt and she eased back, letting his cock slide out of her. Then, with even more ease, she sat back down.

His cock surged up inside of her, opening her up and filling her with its many hard, smooth inches.

Setting up her fucking tempo took all of her concentration at first. The beginning strokes were not even pleasant for Diane. They were too much work to be enjoyable. But, after she got the hang of it and her pussy was moving up and down his prick-shaft with predictable ease, she smiled at John.

“Not bad, Dad! I like this!”

Being on top meant that Diane could fuck herself, at any pace and in any way she chose. She fucked him quickly at first, her ass flying up and down his cock-shaft. Juices cascaded out of her pussy, easing her fuck-strokes, and making her cunt glide all around her father’s mighty prick.

John lay back and rolled his eyes. He loved being serviced by a woman, and to have that woman be his daughter was nearly too much for him. He wanted to close his eyes and lose himself in Diane’s luscious fucking, but the sight of her bobbing up and down on his cock was one he couldn’t bear to be without. Torn, he watched Diane from beneath heavy-lidded eyes, his eyeballs darting from her face to her tits to the point where his cock disappeared inside her cunt.

Diane put both her hands flat on her father’s chest and leaned on them heavily. Her ass was pointed up and out, and she liked the way his cock fucked into her from that angle. His prick rubbed her in all the right places and made her smile. Fucking with her dad just seemed to get better and better.

She tucked her cunt in, and then let it out. Her father’s cock bounced against the walls of her inner cunt. She fucked her ass up and down, playing with John’s cock and making it do delightful things to her insides. It seemed like every motion she made caused new, more satisfying sensations than the last motion, and Diane loved it.

“Daddy, this is the best!” she laughed, totally relaxed in her role as a fucker. “I love it!”

John laughed, too, her enthusiasm contagious. He reached up and ran his hands up the front of her body.

His long fingers stretched up over her shoulders, and he massaged the taut muscles there. Then his hands slipped back down, and he caught her nipples between the sides of his fingers. Cupping her tit-mounds, he pinched her nips, sending new and very erotic feelings throughout her fucking, churning body.

Diane’s cunt moved with ease now. Her cunt tunnel was very juicy, and her fucking motions had become second nature to her. She eased her ass downward, and then jerked it back up, liking that. Then, reversing things, she plunged herself downward and took her time on coming up, letting her father’s cock ooze out of the tight tunnel of her cunt. She giggled some more. Whatever she did with her dad’s cock felt good. There was no way she could not enjoy fucking him.

“Wheeeee!” she cried, leaning back, her hands on her father’s thighs for support. “Let’s try it this way now!”

She certainly got no argument from John. His cock was twisted and turned in her pussy-tunnel like nothing he had experienced in years. There was nothing like fucking her. John had almost forgotten how good it could be.

“Ohhhh, baby!” he cheered. “Yeah, fuck it out, Diane! Fuck it right on out!”

Diane did her best. Cunt-juices ran down her dad’s prick as she took and released it time after time. She sat down hard, making the end of John’s cock pound against the end of her cunt tunnel. She stirred her hips around, bouncing his prick all around inside of her. Fucking sensations passed from one body to the other as she worked herself into a frenzy, trying to do everything she could think of with her father’s cock on this first-time-in-charge fuck.

Look at me now, Anita! she thought as she ground her cunt down around the base of her father’s prick. Yeah, I’m fucking my dad! Did you do that or did you just give your pussy to your brothers? Ha-ha! I beat you!

Happily, she laughed out loud, already celebrating her victory. Fucking her father was even better than winning. Fucking her father was better than anything!

“Yeah, Daddy, go!”

John got caught up in her refreshing lust. He started humping up, making Diane ride his cock like she might a bucking horse. Her hips swiveled, and her cunt stayed right with him, fucking him right down to the groin no matter how high or fast he moved his fucking prick.

“Yeah, all right!”

Diane laughed and cheered, as if fucking were the greatest thing she had ever done, John watched her with envy, trying to remember a time when he had been so excited by fucking. If he thought very hard he could, but it was long, long ago.

But, the more he fucked Diane, the younger and sexier he felt. His cock slipped in and out of her easily, but her cunt still put enough pressure on his prick-shaft to bring him incredible pleasure.

Each time Diane’s ass slammed back down against them, his balls rumbled with his cum. His nuts were very full with fuck-cream, even though he had just come. John couldn’t believe it. Not only did he feel like a teenager again, his body was acting like he really was.

Diane liked it when her father started fucking with her. His cock went into her with even more enthusiasm as they fucked as a team. She wiggled around, making his cock butt this way and that inside of her. John jammed his prick up, arching his back and holding his daughter around the waist to keep her securely fastened to his thrusting cock-shaft.

Tingles of orgasm fluttered through Diane, spurring her on and making her fuck faster. She had discovered that, when she had her dad’s cock buried completely in her cunt, she could crush her clit against his groin. Her clit sent sparks out, lighting up her toes and making the ends of her hair sizzle. She pushed herself down harder, working out her orgasm.

“Uhhhh, arghhhh!” she moaned, twisting herself about. “Ummmmm!”

John caught on to what she was doing, and forced her down around the base of his prick. She was completely filled with cock-meat, and her clit was smashed brutally against her pelvis. He watched the look on his daughter’s face change into the slack expression of impending orgasm.

“Come, Diane, come!”

Diane barely heard him. Tier body was on auto-pilot, slamming up and down. Her clit was on file and then, with one last twist of her hips, she brought herself off.

“Dad!” she sputtered. “Oh! Oh! Ohhhh!” John kept her slammed down around his cock, his buried prick taking all of her thundering, shuddering spasms. He tried to ride them out, but it was impossible. Before Diane had even stopped shuddering, he came, too.

His bellowing cries mixed with her high pitched squeals to form a very erotic cacophony. Their screams harmonized and bounced together, sounding like pure enjoyment. Then, right in the middle of it all, the white phone beside Diane’s bed rang.

“Shit!” John exclaimed, nearly jumping out of his skin as the clanging brought him back to [missing text].

Grabbing for it automatically, Diane put the receiver to her ear while her cunt was still vibrating.

“Hello?” she said, her voice breathless. “Hi!” came Anita’s voice. “Say, I’m feeling better now, and I thought you might want to come over. Maybe we can watch MTV or something.”

Diane’s pulse raced as she sat on the fleshy throne of her father’s cock.

“I’m kinda busy,” she said, looking down lovingly at her fucked-out dad.

“Yeah? What’s up?”

Diane let the question hang for a moment, then she burst out laughing.

“I’m fucking my dad! God, it’s incredible, Anita! I win!”

Then, without waiting to hear her friend’s reply, Diane put the receiver back in the cradle and curled up in her father’s arms.

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Wife In A Slave House

A question often asked by those who deal with psychological problems is: what is normal? The answer to that seemingly simple question will probably never be answered.

It is normal for some primitive inhabitants of South America jungles to perform, before the entire village, what Americans would consider depraved sexual acts. Such behavior would probably result in arrests and convictions, if not a full-fledged riot, in the U.S.A.

The young housewife in this novel has not yet accepted and adjusted to the world of sexuality. Yet she changes when forced to experience another side of sex into the dark world where souls mix pleasure with pain, agony with ecstasy, delight with domination.

WIFE IN A SLAVE HOUSE deals with a sexual dilemma that confronts all of us in one form or another. We cannot pass judgment on how individuals seek and find pleasure we can only look at them with an open mind, seeing how some members of our society face the problem.


She never liked Sunday mornings. On Sunday morning her husband was usually interested in sex.

Angela Prentice lay in bed with her back to Ken. She wasn’t certain he was awake yet. She hoped this was one of the days he would sleep until nearly noon. But then she felt him move. He was awake, all right. It was nine o’clock in Sunday morning and she suspected that in a few moments he would start something.

She was right, of course. Ken pressed against her. She could feel his cock pressing against her ass. His arm came over her, his hand moving up to cover one of her tits. He pushed his cock more firmly against her ass. He wanted to fuck.

“Awake, honey? Let’s have a little you-know-what.”

She could feel the heat of his cock pushing against her ass crack. She hated it. She’d always hated it. It just wasn’t her thing. Maybe some women liked, but she didn’t.

Now she pretended she was still asleep. Ken kept pressing against her. He whispered at her, his voice still groggy with sleep.

“Come on, baby, wake up and let’s fuck,” Angela groaned, pretended Ken had awakened her. “What?”

“I said let’s fuck.”

“Oh Ken.”

“Come on, it’s Sunday morning.”

“I know what day it is.”

“Don’t you want to?”

“Ken, it’s too early.”

Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn’t. She had to give it a try. She hoped maybe today it would work and he’d leave her alone.

But Ken persisted. “It’s nice in the morning, Angie.”

“You know I don’t like to do it in the morning.”

“You never give it a chance.”

“Please, Ken.”

“Come on, baby, let me put it in.”

He kept insisting. She could hear the mounting irritation in his voice. If she didn’t let him fuck her now, he’d be irritable all day long. She hated the feel of his cock pushing at her as. How awful it was that he was so eager to fuck her and she had no interest in it.

Finally she yielded. She knew she had to. She allowed herself to relax and Ken felt it. He played with her cunt from behind. She felt his fingers tickling her cunt lips, pushing between them, probing at her cunt hole. She was dry. She was always dry when he wanted to fuck her. He finally reached for the bottle of lotion on the night-table. She hears him mutter something about the dryness of her cunt. Then she felt his fingers again.

She felt him rubbing the lotion between her cunt lips and inside her cunt hole. As always, she found it repulsive. She hated it. But she said nothing. She lay there waiting for him. Finally he finished greasing her cunt hole and she felt the knob of his cock pushing at her pussy. He groaned as his prick slid inside. He pushed all the way in until his belly was against her ass. “Oh, yeah, that’s good. That’s a hot pussy, honey. My honey has a hot pussy.” He giggled at his language. He started fucking her, the two of them on their sides, her back to Ken, his cock sliding in and out of her cunt from behind.

God, how she hated it. After two years of marriage she still found it awful. She hated the intimacy of it. She hated the feel of his cock in there, the feel of his prick ravishing her body. When they weren’t fucking, she was happy with him. She told herself she loved him, but now she felt only hated as his hand squeezed her ass. He was like an animal behind her, grunting and sweating as he fucked her. She was always amazed at how he turned into an animal when he did it. Sex was so messy. Her attitudes towards sex had always been negative. She had no experience with it as a girl. In high school she wouldn’t let anyone touch her.

She’d been a virgin when she married Ken. He’d seemed so delighted to pop her cherry. She remembered the bleeding. She remembered how miserable she’d been during their honeymoon. She’d made a show of it, though. For Ken’s sake. For the sake of the marriage. A man had to make a show, of it.

Now he was into the fucking. His cock felt like a had pipe in her cunt-channel. He pumped away, his hand gripping her hip, his belly slapping against her asscheeks. He squeezed her ass, then he moved his hand to squeeze tits. She felt degraded by the fucking. All he was doing was using her body. Be fore long he would come and use her cunt like a toilet. It was awful. The bed creaked as he fucked her and she hated that, too. Why couldn’t he be decent to her? She hated him when he was like this.

Then finally he was at the finish. As usual, he made noises when he came. He pumped away in her pussy as he emptied his balls. She felt the wetness, the sticky feel of his jism as he pulled his cock out and rolled away.

In a few moments he was sleeping again. He was finished with her. She waited until she was certain he was asleep, and then she slipped off the bed and went to the bathroom.

She closed and locked the bathroom door and then she sat down on the toilet. Ken’s jism started leaking out of her pussy. She hated having his slime in her. She let it all leak out and then she mopped her pussy with toilet paper. She felt so used. She told herself she was nothing but a convenient hole for him.

She lingered in the bathroom, but then finally she went back to the bedroom. Now Ken was out of bed and seated near a window. He had his shorts on. He started picking on her immediately.

“You’re an iceberg, Angie.”

“Ken, we don’t need another fight about that.”

“You’re a fucking iceberg.”

“Please don’t talk like that.”

“But you are.”

“And you’re like an animal sometimes. Do you think I enjoy that?”

“A cold fish. I never thought you’d be such a cold fish.”

It went on and on. He continued berating her. He said that after two years of marriage he expected more from her. Finally he left the bedroom. She heard him put his running suit on. Then he was out of the house to do his jogging. Angela was relieved. She was happy to be alone again.

She went down to the kitchen to have her coffee. She sat there awhile watching a stupid program on TV, then finally she went upstairs to the bathroom. She slipped her robe off, climbed into the shower and turned the water on.

It wasn’t long before she responded to the feel other own hands on her body. She always did.

She could feel her pussy twitch as she lathered her tits. Well, go on, she thought. She hated sex with Ken, but not with herself. She wasn’t such a cold fish, like he thought. She quivered as she ran the bar of soap between her cunt lips. She was a woman, after all. She had a pussy and it gave her pleasure. Secret pleasure. She put the soap away and she used her hand instead. She started masturbating.

She always liked it when she did it herself. Maybe afterwards she’d feel guilty, but now as she did it she loved it. She knew how to give herself pleasure. She rubbed the shaft of her clit. She liked to drag it out, does it slowly until she was in a frenzy of need. She pushed two fingers inside her cunt hole. Her pussy-lips felt so swollen now.

She amused herself by tickling her asshole, pushing the tip of her finger inside and turning it around. Then back to her cunt. Three fingers now. Stretch the old hole. Well, not really old, she was only twenty-eight. She gave her clit a quick rub, hard rubbing on the tip, and in a moment she groaned as her cunt spasmed.

Just a brief moment of pleasure. She thought of doing it again but she changed her mind. She was already feeling guilty. She always felt ashamed of herself when she used her fingers to get off.

When Ken returned, he apologized for what he’d said. “You’re not an iceberg. You’re my wife and I love you.”

He was affectionate. He took her in his arms and kissed her forehead. She could smell the sweat on him. She felt that now she had the upper hand. She accepted his apology.

But soon his hands were moving over her body, squeezing her ass through her robe when they were in the kitchen. He wanted to fuck again. He kissed her mouth. He made her slip the robe off. He fondled her tits and ass. He wanted to fuck her right there. He wanted to fuck her in the kitchen.

Angela was desperate. She resisted. She made excuses. She said the kitchen was an awful place. She talked about the neighbors looking through the windows.

But Ken wouldn’t be put, off. He continued to press her until finally she had to yield. She went limp. She let him do what he wanted with her body. He took her in his arms and kissed her neck. Then he bent his head to kiss her tits. He still had his running suit on. She looked down at him as he sucked her nipples. In a moment he was down in a crouch with his face pressed against her cunt bush. She let him sniff at her a moment and then she pushed him away. “Ken, please…” She told him if he wanted to fuck her they’d have to go to the bedroom. She told him she wouldn’t do it anywhere else. “I just won’t and that’s all.”

He went along with her. They climbed the stairs together. She felt awkward because she was naked and he still had his running suit on. But inside the bedroom he quickly stripped. He had a huge hard-on. He was obviously very excited. And sweaty. She could see the sweat glistening on his chest and belly. She found it repulsive. She was sorry now that she’d agreed to let him fuck her. She ought to have told him to shower first. But of course it was too late. He’d be furious if she put him off again. Now she had to let him fuck her while the sweat dripped off his body.

In a moment they were on the bed for the second time that morning. He was all over her. He kept her pinned down as he kissed her. Then he climbed over her. He pulled her legs up and apart and pushed his cock inside her cunt. He groaned as he went in. Then he settled down to fuck her. He had her legs hanging over his arms as he pounded her pussy. She kept her eyes closed. The only thing she could do now was wait for him to finish. She heard him grunting.

She could smell his sweat, and feel it dripping on her belly. She could feel his cock pummeling her pussy. He liked to fuck this way, hard and fast. Maybe some women would like it, but she had no interest in it. She prayed it would end soon.

Finally he came, pounding her cunt as he shot off, his balls slapping against her ass as the jism shot out of his prick. He always came like a bull and she always found it disgusting.

He rolled away from her and in a moment he was asleep. She suspected this time he would sleep until noon. For the second time that morning, she left the bed and went to wash in the bathroom. His sweat soiled her and jism and she wondered if she ought to have another shower. As she sat on the toilet, she lost control and started weeping.

But finally she pulled herself together. She had to get on with her life. As she expected, Ken slept until noon. She made lunch and they had it on the patio. They waved at the neighbors and Angela wondered what went on in the other houses. Most of them had kids. Maybe someday she’d have children also and the problems she had now wouldn’t matter any more.

After lunch she wanted to be alone. Ken started watching a football game and Angela decided to take the car somewhere. Anywhere. Just to get away. Ken waved goodbye as she walked out. His eyes never left the TV screen. She was happy to have her freedom. At least for a few hours she could do what she wanted.

She drove out to the country. It was a pleasant day and the farms and orchards she passed seemed so peaceful. She finally picked a side road at random and turned onto it off the highway. After a few hundred yards, she pulled the car over on the shoulder of the road and she climbed out to walk.

She hadn’t walked along a road like this since her childhood. The road was isolated, hardly any traffic, nothing more than a single old jalopy in ten minutes. She liked the silence, the open sky, and the smell of fresh cut hay.

Then a van came by, one of those vans with curtained windows and lurid colors on the outside. It slowed down as it passed Angela, and then it stopped about fifty yards ahead of her.

She continued walking towards it. She could see a farmhouse off on the right and she felt completely safe. What could happen out here at two o’clock on a Sunday afternoon?

The back of the van opened and a man and a woman got out. They looked at Angela and she felt even better because of the woman. A woman meant it was safe. She continued walking. Before she passed them, they smiled and the woman spoke to her.

“Need a lift, honey? Why don’t you climb in?”

Angela thanked them, but told them no. They blocked her way and she was suddenly afraid. Now she realized she was all alone out here.

“Please, just let me pass.”

The woman laughed and opened the back of the van. The man grabbed Angela’s arm. She struggled. The woman came to help the man. They forced Angela into the van and then climbed in after her. The woman pulled the door shut. A second man was up front behind the wheel. He called back to them. “Okay?”

The woman answered. “Okay, Moose, get going.”

Angela cowered on the carpeted floor of the van. She could feel her head spinning. She thought she was about to faint, but it didn’t happen. The van was moving now and there was no way to get out. The people who’d forced her inside had the door blocked off.

The woman smiled at Angela. She was about Angie’s age and pretty. She wore a tank top and one of her arms had a metal band around it.

“What’s your name, doll? I’m Lola and this is Jerry.”

Angela finally sat up. “You can’t do this. Please stop this thing and let me out.”

The woman chuckled. “We can’t do that now. Once Moose starts moving, he doesn’t like to stop until he gets where he’s going. Just rein and everything will be fine. You still haven’t told us your name. Come on, have some beer and you’ll feel better.”

Angela was terribly afraid. Lola tried to soothe her, but Angela could tell that Lola wasn’t sincere. They were taking her somewhere against her will. Lola kept asking her name and finally she told it to them.

“I’m calling the police as soon as I can.”

Jerry said hardly anything. Then Angela gasped as she saw him bring some rope out of a pile of junk near where he was sitting. Bath Jerry and Lola came towards her and she was helpless.

“Just to make sure you don’t try anything,” Lola said.

They tied her up. They soon had her ankles tied together and her wrists tied behind her back and a wad of cloth stuffed into her mouth. She lay on the floor and started crying into the gag.

“Oh shut up,” Lola said. She sipped beer out of the can she held in her hand. She talked to Angela. She said Angela was pretty. She took another slug out of the can, and then she handed the can to Jerry. His eyes continually on Angela, Jerry finished the beer and put the can down.

“She’s a knockout.”

Lola laughed. “Yeah, she sure is. I think Cory’s going to like her.”

Jerry kept looking at Angela’s legs and ass and tits, and then finally he touched her. He ran his hands over her tits, his fingers rough as he squeezed her flesh.

Lola laughed. “Don’t break anything, love.”

“Just looking,” Jerry said. He opened the front of Angela’s blouse and pulled one of her tits out of her bra. “Nice. Very nice.” Then he pulled her dress up to look at her thighs and ass. He fondled her ass through her panties. “Yeah, she’s a piece, all right.”

He squeezed her ass. He pulled her panties down to uncover her asscheeks.

Angela closed her eyes and shuddered as he pulled her asscheeks apart to look at her asshole. She heard him laugh. She heard Lola laugh. She wanted to scream, but she had the gag in her mouth and a scream would be useless.

Then she felt Jerry’s fingers in her ass crack. He probed her cunt, his fingers pushing inside her dry cunt-channel. The fingers finally came out and he tickled her asshole. She wanted to die. His finger rubbed around and around, then pushed inside her asshole with a screwing motion.

“Tight as a drum and clean as a whistle,” Jerry said.

Lola laughed. “All right, let’s fuck her and get it over with.”

Angela sobbed in her throat as she squirmed away from Jerry’s finger. She heard them laughing. She trembled from head to toe as she heard them laughing.


Angela lay there cringing on the floor of the van. Lola taunted her. Jerry and Lola both seemed amused at Angela’s fear of them. Jerry’s finger was out of her ass, but he was still touching her. His hand ran back and forth over her legs.

“Maybe we should stop off somewhere.”

“Never mind that,” Lola said. “If you want to fuck her, do it right here. If we stop somewhere, there’s a chance we’ll lose her. Go on, fuck her if you want.”

Jerry leaned closer to Angela. His hand moved from her legs to her ass. Her skirt was still around her waist and her asscheeks were uncovered. She trembled with fear he would stick his finger in her ass again. But instead all he did was tease her. He pinched her ass. He asked her if she liked to fuck.

“I bet you’re a hot piece.”

Angela was terrified. She was completely in their power. They could do anything they wanted to her and after that, they might even kill her. She closed her eyes. She didn’t want to look at them. Looking at them just made it more horrible.

Lola was amused. “She’s so scared, she’ll piss in her panties.”

Jerry chuckled. “That’s okay, that’s a turnon.”

He was playing with Angela’s tits now. He seemed in no hurry to fuck her. Then he pulled her head into his lap. Angela could smell him. A shudder ran through her as he pressed his face against the front of his pants.

Then he opened his fly and brought his cock out. She still had the gag in her mouth. His cock was no more than a few inches from her face. Big and thick and slowly getting hard as he stroked it with his fingers.

“You like cockmeat, baby?”

She wanted to throw up. His cock looked so huge. Then he pulled the gag out of her mouth and she gasped as he pinched her nose. “Please, I beg you!”

“Suck it, baby. Suck the prickmeat.”

She shook her head violently. He slapped her face and told her again. He pulled her face forward and pushed his cock knob against her mouth. He pinched her nose, forcing her to open her lips. Finally she yielded. She was afraid he’d hurt her if she didn’t. She opened her mouth to take his cock. Jerry grunted as he pulled at her head to get more of his cock between her lips.

“Come on, get it all in. All the way in, baby.” He laughed. He joked with Lola about it. “I don’t think she likes it. I don’t think she likes my cock. What do you say about that, Lola? This chick doesn’t like my cock.”

His big cock filled Angela’s mouth. She had to breathe through her nose and she found it difficult. Her jaws were stretched wide. He stroked her face, urging her to suck his prick. She had no idea what he wanted. She didn’t know what to do, so she did nothing. She just lay there with his cock in her mouth and before long he was angry.

He pushed her face away from his cock and he rolled her over. His big hands worked at her body until he had her the way he wanted. He had her kneeling on the carpet, her head down and her ass uncovered. Her wrists were still tied behind her back and now her arms were hurting.

He pulled at her panties, and then ripped them away to expose her ass. She felt his fingers playing with her aunt, probing between her cunt lips to find her cunt hole. His fingers pushed inside, brutally spearing her tender flesh. He churned his fingers around, muttered something to Lola and pulled his fingers out. In a moment Angela felt his cock pressing between her cunt lips. He pushed in. His cock felt like a huge club forcing its way inside her cunt-channel. A plaintive cry came out of her throat as he started fucking her.

“She’s got a dry pussy,” Jerry said. He pulled back and grunted as he rammed in again. “I hate a damn cunt when it’s dry.”

Lola laughed. “I guess you don’t turn the girl on, Jerry.”

Angela prayed he would finish quickly. He reminded her so much of Ken. They were both animals. But this was much worse. This was a nightmare and she told herself she wanted to die. She felt completely degraded. His cock bruised her cunt. It was awful to be taken like this in front of another woman. Lola seemed to enjoy it. Angela couldn’t understand why Lola showed no interest in helping her. She suddenly hated Lola more than Jerry.

Jerry finally shot off in Angela’s cunt. She heard him grunting and then she felt the sudden wetness. He pulled his cock out of her pussy. He slapped her ass and she rolled away to the side with a sob.

Jerry cursed. “She’s a lousy fuck.”

“I told you why,” Lola teased. “You just don’t turn her on. Let’s find out if she likes pussy.”

Angela started trembling again as she watched Lola pull her jeans off. She can’t mean it, Angela thought. But of course Lola did mean it. The brunette wore nothing under her jeans. She had a dark hairy cunt. She ran her fingers through her cunt bush and smiled at Angela.

“Now you get to suck the goodies, honey.” Lola moved to Angela, pushed her over on her back and squatted over Angela’s face. She ordered Angela to suck her cunt. She spread her cunt lips with her fingers to show Angela the inside of her cunt gash. Angela couldn’t help looking at the girl’s hairy pussy. Lola’s clit was like a big red bean. Angela could see the film of white cunt juice at the opening of Lola’s gaping cunt hole. Then suddenly there was nothing but darkness as Lola sat down on Angela’s face.

She could smell it. Angela had the smell of Lola’s cunt in her nose as Lola mashed her pussy against Angela’s face. Angela was nauseated. Lola’s dripping cunt seemed to be everywhere, covering her eyes and nose and mouth. Then Lola pulled up a bit to make it easier for Angela. She ordered Angela to use her tongue.

When Angela did nothing, Lola slapped her. Angela shuddered and stuck her tongue out. She started licking. She soon had the salty taste of Lola’s cunt juice on her tongue. Lola giggled and asked for more.

“Stick it up my pussyhole. Get it all the way in there.”

She pressed down on Angela’s face. Angela did what the girl wanted. She stuck her tongue deep inside Lola’s cunt hole. She could feel Lola’s fingers near her nose as Lola rubbed her clit.

Lola jerked off on Angela’s face. The brunette grunted as she came. Angela retched as a gob of slimy cunt juice slid over her tongue. The hot juice seemed to pour out of Lola’s pussy. Then Angela realized that some of it was piss and she wanted to die. Lola laughed as she climbed off Angela’s face.

After a while the van stopped somewhere. Moose, the one who was driving, wanted his turn at Angela. He came into the back. He was a brawny-looking man and Angela was suddenly terribly afraid of him.

Moose knew exactly what he wanted. The others watched as he forced Angela to kneel on the carpeted floor. His hands were rough as he pushed Angela’s head down. Then his fingers worked at the rope that bound her ankles. “Christ, we don’t need this. She’s not going anywhere.” He spread her legs apart. In a moment Angela felt his cock ramming inside her cunt from behind.

He gripped her asscheeks with his big hand. He fucked in and out of her cunt slowly. He grunted as his fingers toyed with her asshole. Then his pace quickened. He fucked hard and deep until his load boiled over. He rammed into her as he dumped his load in her cunt.

When Moose pulled his cock out of Angela’s cunt, Lola started teasing Angela about all the jism in her pussy. Moose left the back of the van and went back to the driver’s seat. In a moment the van was moving again. Lola scooped same cunt juice out of her own cunt gash and wiped it over Angela’s face. Angela closed her eyes and started crying. The feel of the wet slime on her face was horrible.

After that they drove for hours and hours. Angela slept awhile. She dreamt she was free, on a beach somewhere in the sun. She came awake when the van stopped. She had no idea where they were now. Jerry opened the back door of the van and Angela saw that it was night outside. Moose came around from the front and he helped Jerry carry Angela out of the van and into a house. They took her to a bare room and switched the overhead light on. Then the two men left.

Angela lay on the floor. She thought of getting up and running, but she was too exhausted. Finally the door opened and Lola came in. She brought some water and Angela drank it. After that Lola cleaned Angela’s face.

“You look messy. You’ve got to look pretty for Cory.”

Angela had no idea who Cory was. She begged Lola for more water and Lola gave it to her. She asked Lola where she was, but Lola shook her head and refused to answer. Angela continued asking, and then she started crying again. Lola laughed and pinched one of Angela’s tits until Angela groaned. After that Lola left the room and Angela was alone again.

She remained on the floor. Her wrists were still tied behind her back, but they hadn’t tied her ankles again. She thought about her plight. She’d been kidnapped by these horrible people. They’d been driving so long, they could be anywhere. Maybe four or five hundred miles from her home. Ken had probably called the police by now. Maybe they’d already found the car. The more Angela thought about it, the more confident she became that she’d be found and rescued.

She looked at the room. It was just a bare room with a few chairs and a table. The shade was pulled down to cover the one window. There were no sounds of a city from outside. Angela remembered how clean the air was when she’d come out of the van. She guessed she was in the country somewhere. Once again she wondered who Cory was. Cory was the one she was supposed to be pretty for.

Then she heard talking outside the room. She was suddenly afraid again and she wanted to run. She tried to free her hands but it was useless. Someone laughed on the other side of the door. Angela shuddered, wondering what would happen to her next.

Then suddenly the door opened and a man entered. He was a tall man with dark piercing eyes. He wore neatly pressed pants and a clean white shirt. Angela immediately saw he wasn’t like the others. This one seemed to be someone special. He had an air of quiet authority about him.

The man sat down in one of the chairs and smiled at Angela.

“Hello, Angela. My name’s Cory.”

He started questioning her. Was she married? Did she have any children? What had she been doing walking on that road? Did they hurt her in the van? He had a soft voice and Angela found herself answering his questions. She thought he might help her. He seemed to approve of her. When he wasn’t asking a question, he was looking at her. He seemed to like the way she looked.

Then he asked again about her treatment in the van. “What did they do to you?”

Angela complained. “They raped me. All of them raped me and it was horrible.”

Cory said nothing. Then his lips turned in a thin smile.

“Lola too?”

“She made me do things to her.”

Cory chuckled. “I guess she gets that way sometimes.”

Angela suddenly begged him to release her. She promised him money. She said she was sure her husband would be happy to pay something to get her back.

Cory shook his head and said it wasn’t possible. “We don’t do that. Once you come here, we don’t do that.”

Then he said she shouldn’t think about escaping. He said no one ever escaped from this place. His voice was still soft. He seemed so gentle and easy and yet he was telling her she was a prisoner. She was puzzled and terrified.

Then Cory called to someone and the door opened. Jerry came in and Cory told him to untie Angela’s wrists. Jerry bent down to do it and in a moment her hands were free. Cory told her to stand up and Jerry helped her.

Then Cory told her to take her clothes off. He said he wanted to look at her. A great knot of hopelessness gathered in her stomach. She knew she had to do it. She could tell by his eyes that if she refused he would have Jerry strip her clothes off her anyway. She did what he wanted. She peeled off her blouse and skin. Her panties were already gone. She unhooked her bra and dropped it on the floor.

Cory looked at her. He motioned with his hand and she had to turn to show him her ass. When she faced him again, she saw that he seemed to approve. He nodded and looked at Jerry.

“Take her to the slave house.”

Angela froze. She was numb as Jerry led her away. He held her arm and in a few moments they were out of the house. It was a black night, with no moon and no stars.

They walked on a gravel path and Angela was glad she still wore her flat sandals. Jerry still held her arm. He took her to a long low building, opened the door at one end and made her go inside.

It was a barracks of some kind. There were two rows of cots, a few lamps, and some clothes hanging on a line. And a group of women were inside. Angela was shocked to see the women. They were all naked and they were all looking at her. Angela shuddered upon remembering that Cory had mentioned a slave house. If this was the slave house, then these women must be the slaves. She was more frightened now than ever before. Now she was facing something totally unknown. Jerry left her, closing the door behind him as he walked out. She heard the bolt slide to lock the door from the outside.

Angela looked at the women. There were five of them. They were all young and attractive. They came forward and crowded around Angela.

“Welcome to the fun house,” one of them said.

They questioned Angela about where she was from and how she’d arrived. No one seemed surprised when Angela told them she’d been kidnapped. Then Angela asked about the barracks and about the women themselves.

“Why did he call this a slave house?”

“That’s what it is,” a slender blonde said. “You’ll find out soon enough.”

Angela asked them what would happen to her and they told her she would be a slave.

“After you’re trained.”

“I don’t believe it. No one can do that to someone else.”

They all smiled. They told Angela she would learn. One of the women was sarcastic about Angela’s innocence.

“You can’t be such a pussycat. What did Lola do to you? Did she make you suck her off? I bet she had a time with you.”

The others laughed and Angela blushed. She felt miserable. She found an empty cot and she lay down on it. The women soon ignored her and she lay there trembling in her misery.


Angela had a sleepless night. She tossed and turned on the cot. She was afraid to try anything in the darkness. When dawn finally came, the others were still asleep. She lay there on her cot thinking about her plight. She looked around at the barracks. It was tidy enough. But she could see the bars outside the windows now. There was no doubt that the women in the barracks were prisoners. She looked at the door that she’d come in through last night. Now she carefully slipped off the cot and walked down to the door.

She was about to turn the handle when she heard the deep, growling of a dog outside. A guard-dog. She backed away in fear. She quickly returned to her cot and lay down again. She had to bide her time.

She told herself that if there were any chance to escape, it would come later. She had to learn about the place first. The people here wouldn’t be careless enough to make it that easy for her to get away. She remembered the one called Cory. The way he’d looked at her as though she was just a piece of property he’d acquired. She wondered about the slave girls. They seemed so resigned to their fate. She wondered how they were treated. They were certainly prisoners. Bars on the windows and a guard-dog outside. It was awful.

After a while an alarm went off and the other women finally started awakening. They stretched and yawned on their cots. They sat up and started grumbling at each other. They were all naked. No one seemed bothered by it. Angela lay on her cot and watched them. She heard them joking with each other. They were all attractive women.

The women glanced at Angela occasionally, but no one seemed impressed with her presence. Their attitude seemed to be that she was just another slave girl. There were five women in the barracks beside Angela. All of them were under thirty. There were two blondes and two brunettes and one redhead. Angela thought the redhead was the most beautiful. She had the lushest body. Big tits with large pink nipples and curvy hips. The women gradually came over to talk to Angela and she learned the redhead’s name was Rhoda.

Billie was a tall slender brunette with tiny gold rings piercing her nipples.

Evelyn, the other brunette, was more stacked, with swinging tits and long brawn nipples.

The two blondes seemed to be sisters. One was Susan and the other Connie. They were both sleek and a bit stand-offish, as if they felt they didn’t need anyone else.

Before long the women were talking to Angela. No one questioned Angela too closely about her previous life. They treated her kindly enough, but they seemed preoccupied with their own problems.

After a while the barracks’ door opened and a man appeared. Angela hadn’t seen him before. She tried to hide her nakedness, but none of the other women seemed to care. The man was brutish-looking. His face was unshaved and he had a beer belly that pushed out the front of his grimy tee-shirt. He came over to Angela’s cot and snickered at her.

“So here’s the new one. My name’s Dugan, honey. What’s yours?”

Angela resisted answering him, but then she caught a look of warning from one of the other women. She kept her body covered by the blanket. She finally spoke.

“My name is Angela.”

Dugan smiled. “Come on, off with the blanket so I can look at you.”

He chuckled and pulled the blanket away. She was afraid to do anything. She just lay there as he looked at her naked body. She trembled as she saw the interest in his eyes.

“Nice tits!” he said. “Show me your cunt gash.”

A shudder ran through her as she opened her thighs to show him her pussy. Dugan seemed amused by her fear of him as he feasted his eyes on her cunt.

“Don’t try any tricks around here and you’ll be all right. You try anything and you get it from me.”

She froze as he touched her. His hand moved between her thighs and his fingers, touched her cunt lips. He spread the hairy lips of her pussy to look at her cunt hole. He gazed at it a long moment and then he pulled his hand away. He seemed satisfied. He turned and spoke to the others.

“All right, everybody out. Line up and let’s get out of here. Come on, move your asses if you want breakfast.”

The six naked women lined up near the door. Angela found herself in the middle of the line as they filed out. She had Billie behind her and Rhoda in front of her. Then they were outside in the daylight and for the first time Angela had a look at where she was.

There were six or seven low buildings grouped around a larger three story house. Neat gavel paths ran between carefully cultivated lawns and bushes. There were no other people visible, just the six of them and Dugan. He walked alongside the file of women. He led them to a small building and they went inside.

There were two rooms with tiled walls, one room with a row of three toilets and the other room with three shower nozzles. Dugan herded the women into the toilet room first. Three of the women hurried to the toilet bowls, seated themselves and started pissing.

Angela was shocked. She trembled as she realized in a moment she’d be expected to do the same. Dugan was standing right there watching. He seemed bored by it all, as if he’d seen it a thousand times. Angela was mortified. She couldn’t imagine herself using the toilet in front of Dugan. Or in front of the other women, for that matter. Rut the women on the toilet seats, Rhoda and the two blonde sisters, didn’t seem to care.

Then Dugan moved closer to Angela and casually put his hand on her ass. She cringed as his hand moved over her asscheeks. When she tried to inch away from him, he growled at her to stay put. She had to suffer through it. His fingers pushed beneath her ass to probe her cunt from behind. A shudder ran through her as she beard one of the women on the toilets farting. She guessed it was Rhoda. Angela was horrified as it dawned on her that all three women on the toilets were now shitting.

Now Dugan’s fingers tickled Angela’s ass crack. She trembled as he touched her asshole. “You need to go?”

Angela stammered. “I-I don’t know. Please don’t do that.”

Dugan chuckled. He was amused by how skittish she was.

“Open your ass, cutie.”

She groaned as his finger pushed inside her asshole. She was aware that the other women were watching her now. She closed her eyes. She wanted to die. She stood there frozen as Dugan’s finger worked deep inside her ass. Finally he pulled his finger out. He sniffed his finger and laughed at her.

“Yeah, you got to go, all right. Don’t play any games and hold back. I want you shitting when you sit down.”

Then he wiped his finger on her hip and moved away from her.

Rhoda and the sisters were at last off the toilets and now it was Angela’s turn. Angela realized it was no use fighting it. She sat down on the middle toilet seat. Her bladder was full and she started pissing almost immediately. She heard the others doing the same.

Then after that the shitting started on either side of her. She remembered what Dugan had told her. He was looking at her now. Their eyes met and she blushed. She had to shit. She couldn’t help it. She closed her eyes and pretended she was alone. She prayed she wouldn’t fart. Two long turds came out of her ass and she quickly flushed the toilet without getting up.

Then a roll of toilet paper was passed to her and he tore some paper off the roll and wiped herself. She felt completely degraded. She wondered what Dugan thought about as he stood there watching a group of naked women pissing and shitting under his eyes. She felt a sudden hatred for him. She had an urge to kill him.

Finally the toilet time was finished and Dugan ordered them all into the shower room. He told them to double up. He said they were late for breakfast. Angela found herself under one of the shower nozzles with Billie. The slender brunette seemed amused to have Angela so close to her. She slipped her arms around Angela’s waist as the water cascaded over them.

Then Billie started soaping Angela’s body and now Angela quivered with the strangeness of it. Billie smiled when she saw how Angela felt.

“Just relax, honey. Let me wash you. Don’t let that bastard get you down.”

Billie’s hands moved over Angela’s tits, lathering them up with soap, then gently squeezing and fondling them. Angela felt her nipples get stiff. She felt soothed by Billie’s hands. Then she suddenly realized Billie’s caresses were totally sexual and she tried to pull away. Billie held her, spoke in her ear and told her not to make a fuss. She said Dugan liked to see the women play with each other.

“We’ve got to keep him happy or he gets mean.” She told Angela to just go along with it.

Then Dugan spotted them and he made a wisecrack about Billie feeling up Angela. “Hey, Billie, you got some new pussy, huh?”

Angela shuddered. Billie’s fingers were near her cunt now. Angela closed her eyes and moved her legs apart as Billie’s fingers pushed between her cunt lips. Billie found her clit and whispered in her ear.

“You want to come, honey? It’ll help you to relax. You’ve got to stay relaxed in this place.”

Billie’s fingers started rubbing Angela’s clit and Angela groaned. “Please don’t.”

Billie wouldn’t stop. She had an expert touch. She rubbed the shaft of Angela’s clit until Angela had an orgasm. Angela was intensely embarrassed. No one had ever done it to her before. She was mortified.

Then finally the showering was finished and Dugan handed each of them a towel to dry themselves off. Billie stayed close to Angela as they left the building ma file. Dugan led them along one of the gravel paths, the women stepping carefully in their bare feet.

Angela saw more of the grounds now. The place seemed huge. They seemed to be in a valley of some kind. She could see nothing around them except mountains. She had no idea where she was.

She walked with the others into another small building and she soon understood it was a mess hall. She was thankful for it. She was hungry and she was eager to have some food in her stomach.

The women lined up at a food counter. They had breakfast served to them by three women behind the counter. The serving women were as naked as those they served. Angela thought the serving women looked haggard. Some of them had bruises on their arms and faces. All three of them wore leather collars with metal rings in back and front.

Angela took her tray of food and went to one of the tables. Billie came to sit with her and they started eating breakfast together. Billie smiled when she saw Angela’s eyes returning again and again to the serving women behind the counter.

“They’re just like us only worse,” Billie explained.

“I don’t understand.”

Billie shrugged. “Those are serving girls. They serve everybody, including us. You’ll either be with a group like us or with a group like them. She said Angela would get assigned to one group or the other. Either a serving girl or a playgirl.”


Billie chuckled. “You’ll see.”

Billie told Angela that the serving girls did all the dirty work, the laundry and the cooking and cleaning. She said they also had to have the dirty sex with the masters.

Angela felt herself trembling. “What do you mean?”

Billie showed no emotion as she explained things. She said the serving girls sometimes had to drink piss and eat slit. Billie said that as long as a girl stayed desirable, she could avoid being a serving girl. She warned Angela to make sure she was chosen to be one of the playgirls and not a serving girl. She said the way to do it was to show the masters she could turn them on.

“They like them hot,” Billie said with a smile. “You just be as hot as you know how.”

By the time breakfast was finished, Angela was thoroughly frightened about what would happen to her. Finally the girls were led out of the mess hall and back to the barracks. All of them except Angela were told to go inside. Dugan said Angela was to be shown to the masters immediately.

“I’ll take you over there, cutie.” He locked the barracks door and led Angela away.

He fondled her ass as they walked. “Billie rang your buzzer in the shower, didn’t she? You better watch it with her, she’ll bite your clit off.” He laughed at his joke as he squeezed Angela’s asscheeks. “Nice little ass. Do you like it in the ass? Yeah, I bet you do. I bet you’re a hot one when you get going.”

The weather had suddenly cooled and the gravel was cold. Angela cringed at the feel of his hand on her ass, but she could do nothing. Finally they came to the large three story house and Dugan led her up the steps and inside the front door.

He took her to a room and left her there. In a moment a serving girl came in, a naked girl with a leather collar around her neck. The girl hardly looked at Angela. She went to a small dressing table and took some make-up things out of a drawer. Then the serving girl opened a closet and pulled some clothes and shoes out.

“You can sit here,” the girl said, pointing to the chair in front of the dressing table.

Angela sat down. She tried talking to the girl and asking her questions about what would happen, but the girl refused to talk.

The serving girl helped Angela make up her face. Then the girl showed Angela the clothes and shoes and told Angela to put them an.

“You’d better hurry, honey. They’re waiting for you and they don’t like it when they wait too long.”

She said Angela would go out to them three times. First she’d have everything on. Then she’d go out with only the underwear and heels. Finally she’d go out naked with only the high heeled sandals.

She said after the masters had a chance to look Angela over, they would decide what to do with her. She teased Angela. She said that if they didn’t like Angela, she’d wind up with a leather collar around her neck.

“Just like me.” The serving girl snickered. “Then you won’t be so snotty any more.”

Angela’s hands trembled as she started getting dressed.


Angela knew she looked beautiful as she walked into the room. She wore a lovely black knit dress and high-heeled sandals. Her face was carefully made up. The dress was her exact size, close fitting around her tits and hips. The serving girl had offered her a choice of beige or smoky nylons and Angela had chosen the darker stockings because she thought they looked more sexy.

Now she walked down the aisle in the midst of all these people. There were at least several dozen men and women in the room. They sat surrounding a large open area. In the center of the area was a leather exercise horse.

Angela saw Cory sitting up front. He smiled and beckoned to her. She recognized Lola sitting behind him. Dugan stood off at the side with his anus folded. Angela hadn’t seen the other people before. She walked up to Cory and stood in front of him.

The room had the appearance of a large living room. There were easy chairs and sofas, but there in the center was that leather horse.

Cory told Angela to walk slowly around the horse. “My friends would like to look at you.”

She blushed at the way he stared at her. She was afraid not to obey Cory. She started walking around the leather horse. She felt all the eyes upon her. She pretended they weren’t there. She made believe it was just Cory and herself. Her high heels clicked on the wooden parquet floor. She heard some of the people talking to each other. Were they talking about her? She felt so awkward. All these strange people. She kept walking around and around.

Then finally Cory ordered her to stop. He told her to stand in the center of the room near the horse. She was in a daze. She was afraid to do anything wrong. These people had complete power over her. She told herself the best thing to do was to wait and see what happened.

As she stood surrounded by the seated people, she heard them talking about her. They asked Cory questions and he answered them. Angela understood very little of it. She remembered what Billie had told her about these people deciding her fate.

Finally Cory nodded at Angela and told her to go back to the other room. She walked back the way she had come. She felt their eyes on her.

The serving girl was waiting for Angela with a smirk on her face. “Well, how was it? You’re scared, aren’t you? I was scared too when I did it. They make you afraid, don’t they?”

She helped Angela get her dress off. She smiled at Angela and said she looked sexy. Angela was now wearing a black lace undie set, a black garter belt, the smoky nylons and the black sandals with stiletto heels.

“You look sexy, all right,” the serving girl said.

Angela knew it would be awful to face all those people out there dressed as she was.

But she knew she had to do it. She went back when the signal came. She walked into the room and walked down the aisle to where Cory was.

No one seemed surprised about the way she was dressed. She thought they looked at her with more interest now. Or maybe it was her imagination. Some of the people did look bored.

Once again Cory told her to walk slowly around the horse. Now she felt the full brunt of their eyes. She felt whorish in the lace undies. She never wore underwear like this. She felt terribly awkward because the bra and panties were almost transparent.

But she saw that some of the people were hardly looking at her. She had a sudden bout of fear. She remembered what Billie had said about pleasing them. Some of the people in the room were talking to each other and ignoring her. She tried to avoid thinking about the people or what she was doing. She thought about escaping. She told herself there must be some way to escape.

This time when Cory told her to stop walking, he did not have her stand still. He told her to return immediately to the other room. A bolt of fear went through Angela. She could feel herself sweating as she walked away from the horse. Please God don’t let them make me a serving girl, she thought. She wanted to cry. Now she regretted she hadn’t tried to be more seductive. She had one more chance. The girl who’d helped her dress had told her she’d go out naked the last time. My last chance, Angela thought.

The serving girl chuckled at Angela. “You’re scared, aren’t you?”

Angela nodded. “Tell me what to do. Please help me.”

The girl looked smug. “Well, first you get stripped. Nothing but the shoes.”

She helped Angela get the underwear off. Angela had to unbuckle the sandals in order to get her stockings off. Then finally she was naked. She put the sandals back on and looked at the serving girl.

“Will you help me?”

The girl gave her a cold smile. “You hate the idea of wearing one of these collars, don’t you? You think you’re better than me.”

“No. I don’t.”

Angela wanted to cry. Then she realized that it would ruin her make-up and she would look horrible.

The serving girl was amused by Angela’s distress. “My name’s Lynn.”

“And I’m Angela.”

The girl snickered. “I already know that. I heard Cory talk to you.”

“Will you help me?”

“You’ve got nice tits. Make sure they jiggle around when you walk.”

“What else?”

“And your ass. Don’t be afraid to show them your ass. Put on a little show for them. Even if Cory doesn’t tell you to do it. Let them see your pussy and asshole.”

“Oh God.”

“If you don’t do it, they won’t like you. They won’t choose you to be a playgirl. That’s what you want, isn’t it?”


“Then put on a show.”

“I don’t know if I can.”

Angela hated the idea of facing all those people naked. She couldn’t bear the thought of doing what Lynn had suggested. She wanted to run. But of course if she tried to run they would force her into that room again.

She returned to the large room again. This time she had only the heels on. They all looked at her as she walked down the aisle to Cory. She stopped in front of him and he smiled at her.

“Very nice, Angela.”

Once again he told her to walk around the horse.

She did it. She deliberately moved slowly. Then she remembered what Lynn had said about shaking her tits and she walked a bit faster. She glanced down to see if her tits were jiggling. She prayed it would be enough. She prayed they would like her enough to make her a playgirl.

Cory finally told her to stand still when she came around to him again. He ordered her to bend over with her hands on the horse and stick her ass out.

“Keep your legs apart,” he said.

Angela suddenly froze. She couldn’t do it. She found it impossible to move a muscle. She couldn’t do what he wanted in front of all these people. She couldn’t expose herself to them. All the eyes. The women were looking at her with as much, lust as the men. She stood there paralyzed, unable to move, unable to obey Cory’s order.

Cory spoke to her again. “Angela?”

“I can’t.”

“You must obey me, Angela.”

“I can’t!”

There was an eerie silence in the room. Angela could feel her legs trembling. Cory looked at Dugan and Dugan grinned and started walking towards them. Angela saw that Dugan held a rod of some kind in his hand. When he was a few feet from Angela, he raised his arm and touched the rod to Angela’s belly.

An electric shock suddenly ripped through her middle. She cried out and doubled over. Dugan poked her again. She felt the shock a second time and she fell down at Cory’s feet. She wanted to throw up. She was trembling from head to toe now. She lay naked on the floor trembling with fear.

Some of the people in the room giggled. Cory spoke to Angela again. He told her to get up. He told her to bend over the horse. This time Angela did it. Now she was too afraid of Dugan and the electric prod. She bent over with her hands on the leather horse the way Cory had instructed her.

“You were stupid to be disobedient,” Cory said.

He said she would be punished severely whenever she disobeyed them. Next time the punishment would be more severe. He said she had to learn what was expected of her.

Then he told her to move forward and put her head on the horse. When she did that, he told her to spread her legs apart and pull her asscheeks open.

Angela started crying. But she did what Cory wanted. She reached back with her hands and pulled her asscheeks apart. All the people sitting behind her could see everything she had. She was deathly afraid of them now. She realized she would never have any choice about anything. She had to do what they told her to do. She heard Cory give an order to Dugan. Then a shudder ran through her as she felt Dugan’s hands on her ass. He tickled, her cunt. It was horrible because she knew everyone was watching him. Then he started playing with her asshole. She still had her asscheek spread with her hands. She was afraid to let go of her ass. She had to hold her ass open while Dugan played with it.

Then suddenly she felt something push inside her asshole. It was metal object of some kind. It felt so cold. Cory said something to Dugan and the thing in her asshole suddenly came alive. She felt the electric current. She felt as though her ass and cunt were exploding together. She cried out and lost control of herself. She started pissing all over her legs as the electric shock continued.

Then it stopped as abruptly as it had started.

Cory was explaining something to the audience. Angela felt the metal plug come out of her ass.

She felt Dugan’s fingers again. This time he was greasing her asshole. She was frozen with shock.

A moment later she felt his cock pushing at her asshole to get in. He grunted as his prick stretched her shitter. She sobbed against the leather of the horse. She felt her ass getting ripped open by his cock. She still held her ass with her hands. She was convinced she was going to die.

Dugan grunted as his belly slapped against her ass. He had his cock all the way inside her slitter now. He churned against her asscheeks. Angela kept her eyes closed. She felt saliva drooling out of her mouth. She wanted to die. Anything to end it. A great shudder went through her as he started fucking her.

She’d never imagined it would be like this. Dugan’s cock felt so huge. And before that the electric shock had turned her insides to butter. He fucked her slowly but steadily. He held her hips with his big hands and kept his cock moving smoothly in and out of her ass.

A woman called out something. Angela heard the people talking about her. They were talking about how much training she needed. Someone said she was too green. Cory countered. He said they were using new training methods. He said he was sure she would work out.

Dugan pulled his cock out of Angela’s ass before he came. She moaned as his cock knob popped out of her shit hole. Then she heard him grunting and a moment later she felt his jism splatter against her asscheeks. Angela heard some of the people snickering. She started crying again as Dugan smeared his spunk over her asscheeks.

An hour later Angela was back in the barracks. Rhoda sat with her on her cot. The redhead tried to console her.

“It’s not that bad, honey.”

Angela shook her head. “It was horrible. Dugan is a monster.”

“He doesn’t get at YOU unless you misbehave. When Cory tells you to do something, you always do it.”

“Now I’ll be a serving girl, won’t I?”

Rhoda shrugged. “Maybe not. They do what they want. They may decide to make you a playgirl like us. There’s still hope, honey.”

Rhoda said that if Angela was chosen to be a playgirl, she’d be assigned for training to one of the master couples. Angela would have two weeks of that and then she’d be back in the barracks until they found a place for her.

“A place where?”

Rhoda smiled. “It could be anywhere. I’m hoping they get me a place in Florida. I’ve always wanted to live in Florida.”

Angela quivered. “I’ve got to get out of here. I don’t want to go any place except home.”

Rhoda shook her head. “You can’t get out, honey. If you try anything you’ll be in big trouble. I saw what happened to a girl who tried something. They made her a serving girl and they gave her the worst of everything. She lived with Dugan awhile in his cottage. She was a wreck by the time he was through with her. You don’t want that, do you?”

Angela shuddered as she thought of Dugan. She’d kill herself before she’d live with Dugan in his cottage. She leaned against Rhoda when Rhoda put her arm around her. She was grateful for Rhoda’s friendship. The redhead had turned out to be nicer than the others.

Suddenly the door of the barracks opened and Dugan came in. He wanted Angela. He led her away, out of the barracks and to another building. He said nothing as they crossed the compound. He made her go into a small building. She was put into the hands of two serving girls. Dugan walked out and the girls snickered at Angela.

“On the table, honey.”

Angela had to lie on a massage table while the girls worked on her. One of them shaved her pussy. Angela had no will to resist any more. Rhoda had frightened her.

After her pussy was shaved, Angela was taken to a shower to clean up. When she finished, the girls helped her get her hair dried and her face done.

Then Dugan looked in. He smiled when he saw Angela’s shaved pussy. “Nice little pussy slit, cookie.” Then he told Angela she’d been assigned to the Morgans to be trained as a playgirl.


Carol and Gus Morgan, one of the master couples, had a ranch-style house all to themselves at the edge of the compound. Angela was now with Carol Morgan in the Morgan living room. Carol wore a white jumpsuit but Angela was naked. Angela had already met Gus briefly. Carol was now questioning Angela about her sexual experience. The sultry blonde leaned back and smiled at Angela who was standing meekly in front of her.

“Married only two years?”

Angela nodded. “Two years and two months.”

Carol chuckled. “Take your hands away from your belly, honey. You don’t want to cover that pretty little cunt slit, do’you? Let’s have a look at it.”

Angela was miserable. She felt awful being naked in front of this woman. She could see the mockery in Carol’s eyes. But she had to obey her. She pulled her hands away from her front and moved her legs slightly apart.

Carol wanted more. She told Angela to spread her cunt slit with her fingers.

“Don’t be bashful. You’re never to be bashful here. You always do as you’re told. Do you understand that?”


“Open your pussy more. That’s the way. Don’t be afraid to show your cunt. I watched Dugan fuck your ass this morning. You didn’t like that, did you?”

“I hated it.”

Carol snickered. “You’ll get enough of it from Gus. He likes a tight asshole. And maybe you’ll get some from me, too. Have you ever been fucked by a woman?”

Angela looked at Carol and shook her head.

“Dear God, no.”

“Don’t look at me. You don’t look at any of us, you look at the floor when you’re with us. Do you understand that?”

“You behave yourself, honey. Either that or you get to be a serving girl. Are you going to behave yourself?”

“I’ll try.”

“Well, let’s find out. You can start by kissing my feet.”

Angela went down on her knees on the rug in front of Carol. The blonde raised one foot and Angela kissed her instep. Then Carol slipped the high-heeled mule off her foot and told Angela to suck her toes.

“Get them good and wet. I like the wet feeling.”

Carol kept Angela working on her feet as she sipped her drink. Angela whs miserable. She hated being a slave to this woman. She hated the way Carol treated her. Angela hoped she’d be able to escape from the Morgan house. She had to find a way. She couldn’t go on like this. It was awful to have the woman’s toes wriggling in her mouth. She was determined to try to escape no matter what the danger.

When Carol had enough of the toe sucking, she brusquely pushed Angela away with one of her feet. The blonde chuckled as Angela fell over on the rug.

“I like your mouth,” the blonde said. “I liked it as soon as I saw you. I had Gus pull some strings to get you. Now let’s have the mouth where it belongs. Let’s find out how much you know.”

Horrified, Angela watched Carol unzip her jumpsuit and peel it off. Carol waved her hand and Angela had to crawl to get the jumpsuit off her feet. Then Carol leaned back and spread her thighs apart. She had dark cunt hair. She wasn’t a true blonde. She opened her cunt with her fingers and told Angela to suck it.

Angela stared at it. She wanted to retch. She remembered Lola’s cunt and how she’d sucked it in the van. She saw the amusement in Carol’s eyes. She knew she had no choice. She knew if she refused, Carol would call Dugan and Dugan would give her the electric prod. Or maybe worse than that. Angela moved forward and went down on Carol’s open pussy.

The blonde made a sound of pleasure at the first touch of Angela’s lips.

“That’s it, baby. Don’t be afraid of it. Suck my pussy hole awhile before you do my clit. Get some of the juice out. Let me see it. Let me see some juice on your tongue.”

Angela had to show Carol the froth of cunt juice on her tongue. Angela trembled with disgust at the smell and taste of the woman’s gaping cunt. She tried not to look at it, but she couldn’t avoid it. Carol had a fleshy ripe looking cunt. She had a large clit and a large cunt hole. The mouth of her cunt hole was covered with a film of white cunt juice.

Before long Carol ordered Angela to suck her clit to bring her off. The blonde humped her pussy at Angela’s face. Angela worked diligently to get Carol off. She hoped it would be finished then and she’d have some peace. Carol finally came with a shudder and a groan.

After that the blonde kicked Angela away. She said Angela would get to suck her off at least once a day. She teased Angela about Angela being a lesbian.

“You give head like a dyke, honey. You’re just what I need.”

She said Angela was to remain naked in the house. She could wear shoes when she wanted, but never anything else unless she was told to. Carol said Gus liked his girls in high heels.

“He likes legs and asses.”

She told Angela to keep her asshole clean and always lubricated with Vaseline. She said that if Gus ever found Angela’s ass dirty or without grease he’d get very angry. She said Angela would be taught how to please Gus when he fucked her ass. She said Angela had a nice ass.

“He’ll fuck your brains out,” Carol said with a chuckle. “The one thing he likes is a nice ass.”

Angela learned all about Gus Morgan that evening. She had her first lesson in ass fucking from Gus and Carol in their bedroom. They had some hot musk on the stereo in the living room piped to the speakers in the bedroom. They had Angela kneeling on the bed with her ass in the air. Gus stood behind her. Carol sat on the edge of the bed near Angela.

Gus talked about Angela’s ass hole as he played with it. He’d already greased her asshole with Vaseline. Now he told her to loosen up as he probed it with his fingers.

“Come on, cutie, open it up. That’s it. See how easy it is?”

He stretched her asshole with two fingers. Then a moment later she felt his cock pushing in. He had a thick prick and he hurt her.

Carol taunted Angela as Gus worked his cock inside Angela’s ass.

“You like the cockmeat, don’t you, honey? Oh, look at it. It’s lovely when it goes in.”

She fondled Angela’s tits and pinched her nipples. Her hand slid over Angela’s belly to find her bald cunt lips. The blonde giggled as she pushed two fingers inside Angela’s cunt hole.

“Come on, fuck her, Gus. Fuck the slit out of her.”

“She’s hot. She’s got a hot ass.”

“I told you you’d like her.”

“And what about you? Did you suck her off yet? I bet you had a gallon of cunt juice in your mouth.”

“I haven’t yet, but I will.”

Angela understood that Carol was bisexual. Carol had already told her that she liked pussy. She’d frightened Angela. She said she liked sucking pussy and she liked hurting it. She said she would hurt Angela sometimes when she was in the mood for it.

In the meantime Gus continued fucking Angela’s ass like a bull. He grunted each time he rammed forward. The pain never stopped. Angela’s ass felt like a wide open tunnel, hot and burning. His cock felt enormous as it slid in and out of her shitter.

Finally she came. He roared as he shot off in Angela’s ass. Carol giggled and tore at Angela’s cunt with her fingers. A wave of disgust passed over Angela as Gus pulled his big cock out of her ass.

After fucking, the three of them rested. Carol called one of the two serving girls assigned to the Morgans. The girl’s name was Sarah. She brought in some wine for them and Angela was happy to have it. She tried to catch Sarah’s glance, but the girl kept looking away. She was a slender girl with a pretty face and a leather collar and darling little tits.

Carol spoke to Sarah. She told the girl to suck Gus’ cock and get it clean.

“If there’s anything on it, you can blame Angela,” Carol said with a chuckle.

A quiver ran through Angela as she watched Sarah obediently go down on Gus. His cock had just been inside Angela’s ass. But Sarah seemed hungry for it. She sniffed his limp prick. She licked his hairy balls. Then she took his cock knob between her lips and started sucking it. Angela watched the girl gobble more and more of Gus’ cock until she had all of it in her mouth. She held his balls in her hand and bobbed her head. Her mouth was stretched wide by Gus’ thick cock. Angela thought it looked so obscene.

Finally Sarah had Gus’ cock cleaned off and she was sent away. Gus sat in a chair, his drink in one hand and his cock in the other hand. He kept rolling his foreskin back and forth over his cock knob.

“Make her suck some pussy,” he said to Carol.

The blonde smiled and stretched languorously. She told Angela to get down and eat her cunt. Angela moved forward and started sucking Carol’s pussy. Carol grabbed Angela’s head with both hands and pushed her face into her cunt gash. Then Carol kicked Angela away and told her to go to Gus. She ordered Angela to suck Gus’ cock while he sat in the chair.

“Make him feel good, you lazy bitch. You can’t just lie around here and do nothing.”

Gus giggled as Angela slid off the bed and crawled to him. He opened his legs and ordered her to lick his balls. Angela was afraid to disobey Carol. She understood Carol was the dangerous one. She licked and sucked Gus’ hairy balls.

Carol moved off the bed and came behind Angela to fondle her ass. She dug her fingernails into Angela’s tender cunt flesh while Angela sucked Gus’ balls. Angela shuddered as she felt Carol’s finger twisting inside her asshole.

Finally Gus’ cock was hard again. He told Angela to get back on the bed. She stretched out on her back and Gus mounted her. He put her legs over his shoulders. He drove his cock straight up her cunt and started fucking her. Carol climbed onto the bed and straddled Angela’s head. The blonde sat down on Angela’s face as her husband continued to fuck Angela’s cunt.

Angela was repelled by Carol’s wet cunt on her mouth. But she sucked the blonde’s cunt gash. She hated every moment of it but she did it. She told herself she had no choice. They could do anything they wanted with her. She was a playgirl. She belonged to them.

The two Morgans used Angela, one fucking her cunt and the other fucking her face. Gus shot off in Angela’s pussy and Carol poured out a load of cunt-cream over Angela’s mouth.

Later Angela was alone in the small room she’d been given. She was completely miserable. Then someone knocked on the door and Sarah came in with a tray of food.

“I thought you might be hungry.”

Angela was grateful to the girl. She tried to talk to Sarah about her captivity, but Sarah refused. She said it was too dangerous. She left the food with Angela and went away.

The next day Angela learned how awful it was for the serving girls. She was with Carol in the living room. The blonde seemed in high spirits, almost a little crazy. She called in Sarah and told her to fix a couple of vodka tonics for her and Angela. When Sarah brought the drinks in, Carol began to abuse the girl. She called Sarah vile names. Angela felt awful as she listened to it. Sarah stood there meekly, her face pale with fear as she listened to Carol.

Then Carol made Sarah kneel on the rug. She had to kneel with her back to Carol and Angela and show her cunt and asshole. The slender girl trembled as she pulled her asscheeks wide apart. Carol giggled and rubbed the toe of her shoe up and down Sarah’s ass crack.

“Nice little ass, isn’t it? But it’s the front-end that’s the best. Come on, Sarah, you can do a little clean-up.”

Carol pulled her skirt up and slipped her panties off. She sat down with her skirt around her waist. She slid forward and pulled her knees all the way back to her tits to expose her crotch.

Sarah evidently knew what Carol wanted. The girl crawled forward to bury her face in the blonde’s crotch.

Carol squirmed. “My ass, honey. I want you to suck my ass.”

Angela was shocked at Carol’s depravity. She trembled as she watched Sarah obey her mistress. Sarah’s tongue came out and she started licking Carol’s asshole. Carol giggled.

“Suck it, honey. Get right on it and suck it.”

Sarah’s lips pushed against Carol’s pussyhole. Angela could see the girl’s mouth working. A sound of pleasure came out of Carol’s throat and Angela realized Sarah had her tongue deep inside Carol’s asshole.

Then Carol giggled again. “At the faucet, honey.”

Sarah quickly moved her mouth from Carol’s asshole to Carol’s pisshole. Angela quivered with shock. She could tell that Carol was now pissing in Sarah’s mouth. The craziest thing of all was that Sarah had a look of complete bliss on her face. The girl had her eyes closed, her lips sucking at Carol’s pisser as the liquid gushed, her throat jumping as she continuously swallowed. Angela trembled with shock and disgust. Carol looked at Angela and snickered.

“She’s good at this. She wasn’t that good when she first came to us, but now she’s a little doll.”

Gus walked in just as Carol finished pissing in Sarah’s mouth. He laughed when he saw what was going on.

“Christ, you’re at it again.”

He told Angela to get his cock out and suck it. She did what het wanted. She unzipped his fly and pulled his prick out of his pants. Kneeling at his feet, she sucked his cockhead as he talked to Carol. Angela heard them talking about Sarah. She heard Carol order Sarah to suck her asshole again. Then Gus said he wanted Sarah to work on Angela’s asshole to get it ready for his cock. Carol laughed and pushed Sarah away from her crotch.

In a moment Angela felt Sarah’s face against her ass. It was a wild feeling. A shock of pleasure went through her as she felt Sarah’s tongue lapping over her asshole. Sarah worked diligently with her lips and tongue.

She soon had Angela’s asshole soft and loose. Then her tongue slipped all the way inside Angela’s ass. Angela trembled at the feel of it. She had Gus’ cock stuffing her mouth and Sarah’s tongue stuffing her asshole. She felt the wetness in her ass as Sarah blew her saliva inside her shit hole to get it ready for Gus’ cock.

Before long Angela’s asshole was thoroughly lubricated by Sarah’s saliva and Gus demanded to fuck it. He had Angela kneel on the rug with her ass raised. Angela realized she had no lubrication in her asshole except Sarah’s saliva. She prayed the girl had done a good job. Then Gus’ cock pushed in. Angela groaned. Gus laughed as he rammed forward to fill her shit-tube. Angela looked over at Carol and she saw that Sarah was back at Carol’s crotch. Sarah once again had her mouth on Carol’s asshole.

Suddenly Carol said something to Sarah and pushed her away. Sarah obediently stretched out on the floor. Carol quickly stripped her clothes off and squatted over the girl’s tits. Angela was mesmerized as she watched it. She paid no attention to Gus’ cock in her ass. She couldn’t believe what Carol was doing to Sarah. Carol was shitting. Or at least trying to shit.

Angela could see the blonde’s asshole pushing out. And then the shit finally appeared. A long brown turd oozed out of Carol’s asshole and fell down heavily on Sarah’s pretty tits. Carol grunted, shifted a bit and started another turd on its way. The second one came out just as the first had and fell across the first on Sarah’s tits.

Angela expected Sarah to faint. But instead of fainting, Sarah started smearing Carol’s shit over her tits with her hands. Carol giggled insanely as she watched it.

Gus continued grunting as he rammed his cock in and out of Angela’s ass.

Angela wanted to throw up. She told herself she had to escape. She had to do it soon. A shudder went through her as she watched Sarah smearing the shit over her tits.

Late that night, Angela crept out of her room. She tiptoed down the hall and then through the living room to the front door. She was still in a state of shock over what had happened earlier. She prayed the front door would be open. She finally arrived at the door. She stopped and listened. They were all asleep. If she would ever have a chance, it had to be now. She couldn’t go on with it. She had to get away from this place.

She opened the door carefully and quickly slipped outside into the dark night.

She ran. Ten feet and another twenty feet. For a few seconds, she thought she’d made it.

Then someone grabbed her. Two huge hands grabbed her arms and held her. It was one of the guards. He laughed and brutally squeezed her tits as he dragged her to the punishment house.


Cory sat in a chair and stared impassively at Angela. They were alone in a bare room. Angela was standing, her wrists manacled behind her back and attached to a tall post. She had a ball-gag in her mouth. She was completely naked. She had bruises on her tits and thighs where the guard had hurt her.

She was deathly afraid of them now. She knew they could easily kill her. Cory frightened her more than any of the others. He was the one who controlled them. She trembled at the way he stared at her.

Then suddenly Lola came in. She smirked at Angela. She wore a leather bra and leather pants and calf-high leather boots with five-inch heels. She carried a whip in her hand. Angela’s heart sank when she saw the whip.

No one said anything. Cory looked at Lola and nodded. Angela thought she heard Lola chuckle, but she wasn’t sure. Lola moved behind her.

The whip suddenly came down on Angela’s ass. The post protected her somewhat, but part of her ass and her hip got the full brunt of it. The pain was awful. She sobbed against the gag in her mouth.

Then Lola came around to the front. She smiled at Angela. “Hello, baby.” Lola’s arm went up and the whip came down again. This time it landed on Angela’s tits. She closed her eyes against the burning pain.

After that Lola started whipping her steadily. The whip found Angela’s ass and tits and thighs. Again and again the lash came down. Cory said nothing. He just sat there and watched.

Lola continued the whipping. She timed the blows perfectly. She was an expert. As soon as the effect of a stroke diminished a bit, the whip came down again. She spared no part of Angela’s tender flesh. Finally Angela couldn’t take it any more. She fainted.

When Angela opened her eyes again, she found herself on the floor. She was no longer attached to the post. The ball-gag was out of her mouth.

Cory started talking to her. He told her that any attempt to escape was a severe infraction of the rules.

“You’re going to suffer for it.” Then he told her to crawl to him. She didn’t wait for Cory to tell her. She took his cock in her mouth. She sucked his cock knob. She was anxious to give him pleasure.

But he wanted something else. He started pissing. Angela was caught by surprise. She did her best to hold on. She kept the tip of his prick in her mouth as he pissed.

Cory chuckled and held her head in place. At one point it was too much and she made as if to pull away. He warned her. He said if she moved she’d get whipped again.

She stayed put. She took his piss. The hot salty fluid ran down her throat as she swallowed again and again. She drank everything down.

When Cory was finished pissing, he pushed her away.

“You need practice with that. We’ll make you good at it.” He nodded at Lola. “Get the rhino over here.”

Lola chuckled and walked to the far end of the room. There was something there covered by a large plastic sheet. Angela had noticed it before. She had no idea what it was. Now as she watched, Lola pulled the plastic sheet off and started pushing the thing towards them. It was a machine of some kind, a contraption on wheels. It had something like a small saddle in the middle of it.

They made Angela climb onto the machine. She was in a daze. Lola told her to bend forward. Angela’s ass and part of her cunt hung over the back edge of the saddle. Lola closed the clamps attached to the machine. Angela’s wrists and ankles were fixed in place.

Then suddenly she felt something being pushed inside her cunt. A metal cylinder of some kind. She groaned as it went in. Lola giggled and told her to hold still.

“That’s only one horn, honey. This rhino has two horns.”

Another cylinder pushed at Angela’s asshole. It slipped in. She had both holes filled with cold metal. She was helpless. She trembled with fear.

Lola turned the machine on. At first all that happened was a whirring noises. Then Angela could feel it. The metal cylinders were moving. Slowly at first. Then the speed increased. The two cylinders worked in tandem. One pushed in while the other pulled out. They fucked her cunt hole and asshole with a steadily increasing pace. Angela’s mind was in a whirl. She hung on. She had the rhino’s two horns inside her two holes. It was awful. The speed kept increasing. Before long she thought her insides were coming apart.

Lola laughed as she increased the speed by turning a small dial at the rear of the machine. “She’ll see stars now.”

Angela went wild. She was afraid the machine would kill her. The two pistons were fucking her ass and cunt so fast she couldn’t tell one from the other. Her crotch was on fire. She thought she might be bleeding. She couldn’t see anything. The way her wrists and ankles were attached to the machine, she was bent too far forward to see anything.

Then she started coming. She couldn’t help it. The spasms ripped through her belly. The orgasms were almost continuous. She groaned as she convulsed. She had no control over it. She came so hard she pissed on herself. Lola giggled when she saw it. She slapped Angela’s ass and told her to keep pissing. She turned the dial again and the machine went crazy. Angela screamed. She was certain she was dying. A great shudder ran through her. She screamed and begged them to stop it.

The machine was finally turned off and Lola opened the clamps to free Angela. She fell off the saddle and cringed on the floor. They watched her. Cory kept his eyes on her. Then Lola came to stand over Angela. The brunette unbuckled her leather pants, dropped them and stepped out of them. She now wore only the leather bra and leather boots. She smiled down at Angela as she ran her fingers through her cunt bush.

“You want some pussy, honey?”

Angela quickly nodded. She would do anything for them now. Anything was better than what they’d already done to her. Anything to save herself.

She moved towards Lola, but the brunette laughed and walked away. Angela watched Lola’s ass jiggling as she walked. Lola went to a chair and sat near Cory. She called to Angela.

“Crawl, baby. Crawl over here and suck my cunt.”

Angela crawled. Every part of her body ached. Her cunt hole and ass hole still hurt from the rhino. She crawled to Lola. She pushed her face between Lola’s thighs. Lola giggled and stroked Angela’s face. Angela could smell Lola’s pussy. Lola spread her thighs wide apart as Angela pushed her face forward.

“Down in the trough,” Lola said. “Suck it good, honey. Clean it out far me.”

Angela sucked Lola’s meaty cunt. She did her best to please Lola. She sucked at Lola’s cunt hole and then she tongued Lola’s clit. Cory sat there and watched it. He said nothing.

After a while Lola pushed Angela away. The brunette rose and turned. She bent over and pushed her ass out. She told Angela to work on her ass awhile.

Angela used her hands to spread Lola’s asscheeks. She buried her face in Lola’s ass crack. She licked up and down the brunette’s ass crack. Back and forth over Lola’s asshole. Lola giggled and swayed her ass.

“In my ass, honey. Don’t, get, bashful or you’ll get the whip again.”

Angela pushed her tongue deep inside Lola’s ass. She was desperate to make Lola happy. She licked and sucked Lola’s ass hole until Lola purred with pleasure.

Finally Lola was finished with her. She pushed Angela away. She told Angela to do Cory.

He already had his pants down. He turned his back to Lola and bent over the chair he’d been sitting on. Angela crawled to him. She spread his asscheeks with her and started tonguing his hairy ass crack. Cory chuckled when she sniffed at his asshole.

“Let’s have your tongue inside.”

She gave him what be wanted. She used some saliva to make it easier. She drilled her tongue deep inside his ass and churned it around. He held still and told her to keep on with it. Sic started flicking his asshole with her tongue. In and clit. Her face pressed between his ass cheeks. He kept her there awhile, then finally he pushed her away. She crumpled to the floor. She lay there weeping as Lola went out.

Cory started talking to her. He told her she had to learn a few things about obedience.

“Women like you are too ignorant. We’re going to teach you, Angela. You’ll understand it after a while.”

Then the door opened and Rhoda came in. The redheads eyes grew wild at the sight of Angela. Rhoda was naked. Cory called her over.

“What did Lola tell you?”

Rhoda blushed as she avoided his eyes. She just asked me if I had to shit and I said yes. Cory nodded. “Do it on Angela.”

Rhoda groaned. But of course she had no choice. The redhead shuddered and walked over to Angela. She straddled Angela’s body and squatted down over her tits. Their eyes met. Angela closed her eyes and started crying.

Rhoda began shifting on Angela’s tits. Cory sat and watched it. The redhead grunted and farted. She blushed furiously as the shit came out. Angela kept her eyes closed. She tried to think of something else. But the horror of what was happening was too much for her. Then Rhoda grunted again and a load of shit suddenly dropped on Angela’s tits.

Angela wanted to die. She could feel the hot shit on her body. She could smell it. Rhoda dropped another turd and told Cory she was finished.

Cory sent Rhoda away. He called a guard in. It was the guard who’d first caught Angela. His name was Brewer. Cory told him to take Angela to the guard-house. He said for the time being the guards could have her.

Brewer kicked Angela and made her get up. She felt Rhoda’s shit drop off her body. Brewer cursed and kicked her again. He made Angela walk in front of him. As soon as they were outside the room, he kicked her ass so hard she fell down. He taunted her about the shit on her tits.

“What about it? You like it, huh? You fucking slut, we’ll make you eat it.”

He led her out of the house to the shower building. He stood by while she cleaned herself. When she was finished showering and dried off, he lacked a leather collar around her neck. “Now you’re nothing. Now you’re just another lump of slit.”

He attached a leash to one of the rings in the collar. He led her away. He laughed as he pulled at the leash. Angela stumbled after him.

Brewer took her to the guard-house. He opened the door and pushed her inside. She found herself in the duty room. There were about a dozen guards lounging around the tables. Some of them were drinking beer. They laughed and leered at her. She was horrified by the way they look at her. They were all beefy looking men with powerful arms and hands.

Brewer tossed Angela’s leash to one of the men.

“She stays here. She takes Alice’s place. You can do what you want with her.”

The men shouted their approval. Angela found herself pulled against a table. They started pawing her. She was tossed from one to the other. They mauled her tits and ass. They shoved their fingers inside her cunt and asshole. They forced her to spread her legs to show her pussy. She had to open her cunt with her fingers. Then she had to bend over to show her asshole. She was afraid to refuse anything. She was afraid they would hit her if she didn’t obey them.

They pushed her down. They brought their cocks out. She found herself surrounded by a dozen huge guards. They ordered her to start sucking. She had to suck each guard, one after the other. She had to suck each smelly cock until it was hard.

They taunted her as she did it. They joked with each other about her mouth. They compared her to Alice, the serving girl who Angela was replacing. They said Angela was prettier than Alice. Angela had to keep sucking their cocks. It wasn’t long before her lips were numb. Some of the cocks wouldn’t get hard and she had to keep working on them. She’d never had so many men around her. She trembled with fear.

Then one of them pissed in her mouth and she had to take it. They all started laughing when they saw what was going on. They taunted her.

Finally they made her stop sucking. They wanted her bent over a table. She was tied down, her wrists and ankles tied to the legs of the table.

They talked about her. Someone called for a jar of Vaseline. She felt them spread her asscheeks apart. She felt their fingers in her ass crack. They greased her asshole and cunt hole.

After that the fucking started. The first cock felt enormous nit pushed inside her cunt. The guard grunted and squeezed her ass with his big hands. He said something about the size of her cunt. Angela was too much in a daze to make it out. She wished she were dead.

The guard fucking her began ramming her cunt. He gave her a hard fuck and shot off quickly. After he moved away, and was replaced by another guard. This one wanted Angela’s asshole. His prick slipped inside her shitter without any difficulty. He cursed and grunted as he fucked her ass. Again and again he slammed his belly against her asscheeks.

After the second one came in her ass, she had no idea where they were fucking her. She could feel the cocks, but sometimes she thought she had the cock in her cunt and then a moment later it would feel like it was in her ass instead. All twelve men fucked her one after the other. Her cunt hole and asshole were left gaping and leaking jism. After that they untied her and threw her down on a mattress at one end of the room.

Angela lay there waiting. She knew they were not finished with her. She kept her eyes closed. She was afraid to look at them. They were monsters. Filthy monsters with beer bellies and sour breath.

Then one of them came down on the mattress and grabbed her. He made her get over him. She had to straddle him while he shoved his cock in her cunt. Then he pulled her down against his big chest. She had to bend ever him while he had his cock in her cunt.

In a moment another man was behind her. He grabbed her hips and rammed his cock up her ass. The fit was tight because of the cock in her cunt. They started fucking her, one cock in her ass and the other in her cunt. They joked about how tight she was. Then someone pulled at her head and raised it. Her nose was pinched to force her mouth open. A cock pushed in. The fat cock knob rammed forward until it hit the back of her throat.

They had her skewered. One in her cunt, one in her ass, one in her mouth. The men fucked her until they shot off. They pushed her away and three more men took their place. Once again she had a cock in each hole and in her mouth. She was triple-fucked four times. She was in a complete daze.

At the end, after the twelve men had dumped their load in her, they threw her on the floor. They gathered around her and started pissing on her. A flood of piss rained down on her face and hair and tits. They laughed as they drenched her. They told her she’d have to clean the place up afterward. They told her she had to keep the guard-house as clean as a whistle. “Toot toot,” someone said. They all laughed at her as she lay there on the floor in a puddle of piss.


Angela had a week in the guard-house. It was hell. She was at the beck and call of all the guards and they constantly abused her. She cleaned their rooms and served them meals. They treated her like the slave she was. They fucked her whenever they felt like it. Each guard had his own room and sometimes in the middle of the night one of them would come to Angela’s room and drag her back to his bed.

Most of them liked fucking her ass. She had a sore asshole nearly every day she lived with them. They also made her do everything else. She sucked their cocks. She drank their piss when they were in the mood for that. They constantly degraded her.

After about a week she heard a rumor that she might be leaving the complex. She didn’t believe it. She thought they were teasing her. But then one day she was called to the main house. She was afraid as she walked. She was always afraid of Cory.

He was with a woman. They were waiting for her in a sitting room. Angela trembled in front of them.

The woman was introduced to Angela as Mrs. Farrell. Her eyes were cold. She was about forty, well-groomed. Her clothes looked expensive. She was completely poised. Angela was standing there naked, but Mrs. Farrell didn’t bat an eye.

Angela was embarrassed about her nakedness. She was used to the people in the complex seeing her, but this was a stranger from outside. Angela was ashamed of the bruises on her body.

The woman looked Angela over. Her eyes took in Angela’s heavy tits and shaved pussy. She seemed satisfied.

Then Cory rose. He smiled at Angela and told her to obey Mrs. Farrell. “Do whatever she wants.” After that he walked out and left the two women alone.

Angela was puzzled. She remained standing while Mrs. Farrell sat there looking at her. She wondered what they had in store for her now. Whatever it was, it couldn’t be good.

After a moment, Mrs. Farrell started questioning Angela about her previous life. She asked Angela what sort of education she had. “Any college?”

Angela nodded. “Two years.”

Mrs. Farrell smiled. “Well, it’s better than nothing, isn’t it? You look intelligent and I like that.”

The questions continued. Angela answered meekly. She was afraid to show any resistance. She was afraid Cory would be angry.

Then Mrs. Farrell leaned back in her chair. She pulled at her skirt, exposing her thighs. She wore sheer pantyhose. She calmly ordered Angela to get down on her knees and suck her crotch.

“Show me what you can do.”

Angela’s heart pounded in her chest. She knew she had to do it. Cory had told her to obey Mrs. Farrell.

Angela went down on her knees in front of the woman. Mrs. Farrell smiled and opened her legs. Angela moved her face forward. She could smell Mrs. Farrell’s body. The smell was a mixture of perfume and a ripe-smelling pussy. She could see the woman’s hairy cunt lips through the sheer pantyhose. Mrs. Farrell purred with satisfaction as Angela pressed her face against her nylon-covered crotch. She spread her thighs wider to give Angela more room. Angela started chewing the woman’s cunt through her pantyhose.

Mrs. Farrell was pleased. She said she would take Angela away. Angela didn’t believe it. She continued chewing and sucking Mrs. Farrell’s cunt until the older woman pushed her away.

“I’m too wet,” Mrs. Farrell said with a giggle. “You’re good at it, aren’t you? Well, let’s get my pantyhose off. I think that would be better, don’t you?”

Angela helped. Mrs. Farrell’s shoes came off and then her pantyhose. The older woman seemed excited. She pulled her knees up to show Angela her hairy crotch. She had a ripe-looking cunt. Thick hairy outer cunt lips, with the pink inner lips and her clit clearly visible. Her pussy was soaked. Angela moved in again. Now she had the full smell of the woman’s cunt in her nose.

She pressed her face against the mushy drizzling cunt. She hadn’t been near a woman since they’d put her in the guard-house. She sucked at Mrs. Farrell’s cunt. She sucked up all the pussy-cream she could find. Mrs. Farrell had a big clit. The older woman shuddered as Angela sucked her cunt between her teeth.

“Oh, you’re good, aren’t you? Yes, you’re very good.”

A moment later Mrs. Farrell came on Angela’s face. A fresh batch of cunt juice gushed out of her cunt and Angela lapped it up as Mrs. Farrell stroked her head. Mrs. Farrell was pleased.

When Angela finally pulled away, her face was drenched. Mrs. Farrell smiled. She took some Kleenex out of her purse and carefully wiped her cunt. She wore a huge diamond on one finger and Angela guessed that the ring had cost a fortune.

When Mrs. Farrell had her pussy dried off, she made Angela help her get her shoes back on. She rolled up her pantyhose and pushed the roll inside her purse. Then she smiled at Angela.

“You do like it, don’t you? Yes, I can tell you do.”

She looked at the wad of Kleenex in her hand and chuckled. She ordered Angela to open her mouth. Angela did it. Mrs. Farrell shoved the wad of Kleenex inside Angela’s mouth and giggled.

“There’s a good bit of my juice in there. You might get it out if you chew on it.”

After that Mrs. Farrell rose and walked out. She left Angela kneeling on the floor with the wad of Kleenex in her mouth. Angela was afraid to move. She was afraid to do anything any more. She was totally paralyzed with fear.

A few days later, Angela learned she was to be taken away by Mrs. Farrell. Angela wondered if she would have a better life. Or maybe it would be worse. She prayed something good would happen to her.

On the last night, the guards had a farewell orgy for Angela in the guard-house. She served them drinks wearing nothing but a tiny apron and a pair of heels. As soon as they were drunk enough, they started working her over. It was a night of sucking. At least for Angela. She had to suck twelve assholes.

All the men were drunk when she did it to them. Then she had to suck each of their cocks in turn. They joked about her. They said she was a vampire. They said she would suck their blood if she had the chance. She wallowed in their jism. There was so much of it. When they finally finished with her, she collapsed on the floor. They carried her to her room and chained her to her bed as usual. She felt like an animal.

The next morning Angela was washed and dressed and delivered to Mrs. Farrell’s limousine. Mrs. Farrell was waiting for her in the back. Angela still wore her leather collar. The chauffeur seemed uninterested in her as she climbed into the back of the limo. Angela was suddenly hopeful about the future. It had to be better than the guard-house.

She sat down beside Mrs. Farrell and the limo drove off. Angela was afraid to talk. After a while Mrs. Farrell started talking. She said Angela could call her Helen.

“We’ll be seeing a great deal of each other,” the older woman said with a giggle.

Angela watched the houses roll by as Helen continued talking. Helen said Angela looked pretty in the clothes she was wearing. Angela blushed. The last time Helen had seen her she’d been naked.

Helen teased Angela about the leather collar.

“You’ll always wear it, of course. I guess some people will know what it means. They’ll envy me, won’t they? Yes, I’m sure they will.”

Then she told Angela to get down on the floor of the limo and get her face between her legs.

Helen uncovered her thighs as Angela went down. The back of the limo was spacious and Angela had no trouble kneeling in front of Helen. Today Helen wore a garter belt, stockings and panties. Angela moved in to get her face against Helen’s warm crotch. She worked her mouth at the nylon to get at Helen’s cunt. Helen’s panty-crotch was soaked. Angela sucked the older woman’s cunt juice through the nylon. The car rolled on. Angela had no idea how much time passed. Her nose was filled with the smell of Helen’s cunt.

Finally the limo stopped. Helen pushed Angela away and straightened her dress. Angela hurried to get back into her seat. The chauffeur came around to open the door and the two women climbed out.

Helen led Angela into a large house. Angela told herself her life would be better here. No matter what happened, it would certainly be better than the guard-house and those brutes.

Inside Helen’s house, Angela met the butler and one of the maids. The servants showed no surprise at Angela’s presence. Helen led Angela away to the library. The older woman patted Angela’s cheek.

“I’m sure they’ll love you.”

She was talking about her family. In a moment an old man and a younger one came in. They seemed amused by Angela. The old man was Arthur Farrell, Helen’s husband. He was about sixty. The younger man was their son Peter.

The Farrell men were amused by Angela, but not surprised to see her. Peter snickered as he looked Angela over. The Farrells chatted with each other about Angela’s trip. Then Helen called a maid and Angela was taken to her room. The maid’s name was Mary and she seemed disgusted by Angela.

When the maid left, Angela heard the door being locked from the outside. Maybe it would be better here, but she was still a prisoner. At least she was away from the guards.

She looked at the room. It was an ordinary little bedroom with dull furniture. She walked over to a full length mirror and studied her image. She was still attractive. Her eyes looked sad but she was still pretty. She told herself maybe she could escape from the Farrells. It was a house, after all. It ought to be easier to escape from here than from the other place. There were no guards or vicious dogs. She was so thankful to be rid of the guards. She wanted to cry whenever she thought of them.

After a while the door was unlocked and Helen came in. She smiled at Angela. “All settled in?”

Angela looked away. “I don’t have anything to wear.”

Helen chuckled. “Oh, we’ll take care of that. At the moment I need you for something. Come with me, darling.”

Angela was puzzled. Helen led her out of the room and down the hall. They walked into another bedroom. Helen said it was her room. She walked into the adjoining bathroom and called to Angela to follow her.

Angela trembled with apprehension. She didn’t like the look in Helen’s eyes. Angela remembered that Helen could be awful when she felt like it.

When Angela came into the bathroom, Helen smiled at her and said she didn’t want there to be any confusion about what Angela’s duties were. “You’ve cost me a great deal of money and I expect to get full use out of you.” Her eyes were mocking. She told Angela to sit on the small bench near the marble bathtub.

Angela meekly sat down. As Angela watched, Helen lifted her dress, pulled her panties down and seated herself on the toilet. Angela blushed as she heard Helen start pissing. Helen smiled. Then she giggled as she gave out a tiny fart.

Angela quivered as she realized that Helen was shitting now.

Helen said she’d been told that Angela was experienced at this sort of thing.

“They told me you were good. Are you good, Angela?”

Angela stammered. “I-I don’t know.”

“Yes you do.”

Angela was mortified. “I’ll do whatever you want.”

Helen was amused. “You’d better, darling. Either that or I hand you back to Cory.”

Then Helen was finished shitting. She was matter-of-fact about it. She showed no embarrassment at having Angela watch her. She flushed the toilet and smiled at Angela. Then Helen rose and turned her back to Angela with her dress still at her waist.

This was the first time Angela had seen anything more than Helen’s cunt. The older woman had a full round ass with a deep split between the cheeks. The straps of her garter belt framed her ass on each side. She bent forward and the hairy pouch of her cunt was visible. She ordered Angela to clean her ass.

“With your mouth, darling. Use your mouth first and then some paper.”

Angela’s heart sank. She moved in. Helen’s ass was so white. Angela touched Helen’s asscheeks. She stroked them. She spread them apart to look at Helen’s shit hole. Helen’s grommet certainly needed cleaning. Her whole was dirty and there were streaks of slut all around it. Angela closed her eyes. She knew she had to do it. She couldn’t bear the thought of returning to Cory. She stuck her tongue out and started lapping Helen’s ass crack.

The older woman quivered. Her husband never did this sort of thing. He liked having a girl in bondage, but all he ever did was fuck them and sometimes hurt them with a prod. He was such a fool. He had no idea what money was for. Money was to buy bliss and this was bliss. A pretty girl licking and sucking her asshole after she used the toilet.

Angela gave the woman’s asshole a good swabbing with her tongue. She washed it with her saliva. Then she took some toilet paper and dried Helen’s grommet and ass crack.

Helen was pleased. When Angela finished with her ass, she turned to get her cunt licked clean. She opened her cunt lips with her fingers. She was happy as she spoke to Angela.

“I think I’m going to enjoy you. You’ll have everything you need here.” She said the next time Angela did her asshole she wanted Angela’s tongue all the way inside. “I think you know what I mean. You’ll have to learn what I like.” She said Angela was to be on constant call for any member of the family. “I suppose the men will keep you busy.” She said no one else would touch Angela unless Angela misbehaved. She warned Angela about misbehaving.

After that Helen returned with Angela to Angela’s room. She looked at Angela.

“I have something for you to wear tonight. Just wait right here until I get back.”

Angela stood near the window and waited. She could see nothing except the expanse of lawns and bushes surrounding the enormous house. She was in a daze. Then finally Helen came back with some things in her arms. The older woman seemed in good spirits. She tossed the things on the bed, then picked them up one by one and showed them to Angela.

Bondage clothes. Leather undies. Shackles for Angela’s wrists and ankles. A black ball-gag. Helen seemed thrilled by the stuff. She said Angela would look lovely in it. She told Angela to get her things off.

Angela stripped her clothes off as Helen watched. Of course Helen had already seen her naked when they first met. But the older woman’s eyes looked hungry nevertheless. She helped Angela with the leather bra and panties. The bra had holes to expose Angela’s nipples. The panties had no crotch and the back was split to allow access to her ass. Helen’s eyes were bright as she brought out the clips. Angela trembled when she saw them. Helen made Angela stand still while she put the clips on her nipples and cunt lips.

“Do they hon?”

“Yes, they do. Of course they do. It’s awful. Please, Helen.”

Helen tightened one of the nipple-clips and Angela groaned.

“Don’t talk so much, darling. This is a real hurt. Just so you know. For the time being we’ll keep it a bit loose. Now let’s have a look down here. This lovely little shaved pussy. There, do you feel that?”

The pain brought a cry out of Angela’s throat and she crumpled to the floor. Helen laughed and kicked her. She said her husband liked to use an electric prod. She said Angela should try to withstand as much pain as possible. She said her husband disliked it when the girls were too easy to hurt.

“He gets angry, darling. Then he hurts you even more. Now roll over on your stomach like a good girl, will you?”

Angela trembled as she rolled over. Helen put her foot on Angela’s ass. She pushed the heel of her shoe into the split in the seat of Angela’s leather panties. She pushed further. She drilled the heel of her shoe inside Angela’s asshole.

“Do you feel that?”

She gaged when Angela begged her to stop. She pushed deeper. Finally the tormenting stopped. She made Angela stand, up. She attached a leash to Angela’s collar and said it was time for them to go down to dinner.

Angela felt like a dog as Helen led her downstairs. The two Farrell men smiled at them as they walked in. Peter’s eyes, were hot as he stared at Angela’s clipped nipples. Old man Farrell frowned.

“I’d rather have her pants off.” Helen chuckled. “Oh, Arthur!”

The pants came off easily. Helen unsnapped the two sides and pulled them away. Peter snickered.

“Bald pussy.”

“She’d look better with hair,” the old man said. “Let me see her ass.”

Helen made Angela turn around. Now the old man was pleased. Helen told Angela to stand over at the wall while they had their dinner. Angela stood there, her wrists and ankles shackled, the black ball-gag in her mouth.

They talked about her as they had their meal. Angela tried to ignore them. She hated them. She was determined to find some way to escape.

Towards the end of the meal, Peter told his mother he wanted Angela under the table. “You know what for, Mother.”

Helen chided him, but she agreed. “Just this once, darling. I don’t like it at the dinner table.”

Then she smiled at Angela and called her aver. She pulled the ball-gag out of Angela’s mouth.

“Peter is spoiled, sweetie. I guess you’ll have to get under there and take care of him.”

She ordered Angela to crawl under the table to Peter. Angela heard Peter giggling. His cock was already out. His prick was limp, like a fat noodle hanging out of his fly. Angela took it in her mouth and in a moment he started pissing.

She swallowed rapidly. She heard them talking about her as she drank Peter’s piss. He gushed in her mouth. His piss had a sharp taste. She kept her mouth on the tip of his prick and she managed to get all of it without spilling any on herself.

She trembled in her misery as he finally pushed her away.


“You’re a nice-looking girl,” Arthur Farrell said.

They were in his den. He was smiling at her and Angela was terrified. Her, wrists were manacled behind her back. This pulled her shoulders back and made her tits more prominent. She had a ball-gag in her mouth. She wore a pair of red pumps with five-inch heels, but apart from that she was completely naked.

Farrell seemed amused at the way she looked.

His eyes roved over her tits. He told her to turn so that be could look at her ass. Then she had to turn around again to show him her cunt. He made her put one foot up on a chair to expose her shaved pussy. He seemed fascinated by it. He started talking about her cunt, and about the cunts of women he’d known.

“Sometimes the pussy doesn’t match the woman. You get surprised.” He chuckled. “You have a nice cunt slit. Very pretty.”

She trembled when he picked up the electric prod that had been lying on the nearby table. “Know what this is?”

She nodded. She was frightened. She remembered what Helen had said about him using the prod. She remembered how Cory had hurt her. And Dugan.

Farrell was amused by her fear. He giggled as he extended the prod and touched the end to her belly. Angela was afraid to move. The prod slid down. He pushed it at her pussyslit. She closed her eyes. She felt the prod pushing between her cunt lips. Then it was inside her cunt hole. She could feel it going in. Farrell snickered as she groaned. He pulled the prod out.

“Turn around and bend over.”

She did it. He ran the prod up and down her ass crack, deliberately teasing her. Then he found her asshole with the end and pushed it in. She held still as he did it. She was afraid he would injure her. She whimpered as he slowly pushed the prod inside her ass.

When he finally pulled the prod out of her ass, he made her turn to face him. He giggled as he wiped the end of the prod across her swinging tits. She realized he was much worse than Helen. He was fiendish.

Now he made her bend forward and he pulled the gag out of her mouth. He told her to keep her mouth open. He raised the prod.

“We don’t want this dirty, do we?”

He pushed the end of the prod between her lips and she had to suck it clean. She could taste her ass. She hated him. She hated all of them.

The prod was almost as thick as a cock and he teased her about it as she sucked the end.

“Push your lips out more. That’s it. A pretty girl with a pretty mouth. A sexy mouth. Helen likes it, doesn’t she?”

He said he knew all about Helen. He knew all about what his wife did with the girls. He teased Angela about having to suck Helen’s asshole after she shit. He was amused by the way Angela blushed.

Then he talked about Angela’s slavery. He said she was the fourth gi they’d had. “I think you’re the prettiest.” He opened his fly and pulled his cock out. Her ordered Angela to suck it.

She went down. She stuffed her mouth with his limp wick. She hoped she might get him off quickly and then he would lose interest in her. She took all of his cock in her mouth. He started to get hard and soon she had his cock knob in her throat. She began fucking him with her mouth, desperate to make him come.

But it was no good. He wouldn’t come and she couldn’t use her hands. He giggled at the frantic way she worked on him. Finally he pushed her away. He started frigging his cock with his hand. He had her lean over him so that he could play with her tits. He hefted each tit, bouncing it on his palm. He twisted her nipples and giggled when she sobbed at the pain. He said he liked her tits. He said it was nice to see heavy tits on a girl with slender shoulders. “I’m not too old to appreciate a nice pair of tits.”

He snickered as he continued pumping his cock with his fist.

He still didn’t come. He stopped jerking off and told her to turn around. He spread her asscheeks to look at her asshole. Then she felt the prod in her ass crack. The end slipped inside her asshole. It felt as though he’d greased it this time. He pinched one of her asscheeks and said her ass turned him on.

Then suddenly she felt a jolt in her ass as he activated the prod. He giggled at the way she squirmed. He asked her how it felt. She trembled and groaned as her shit-tube responded to the electric charge. She felt like shitting.

Farrell continued fucking the electrified prod in and out of her asshole. He was amused at her agony. He started talking about Helen again. He questioned Angela about the taste of his wife’s ass. She told him everything.

He suddenly turned the voltage up and she cried out. Now she really felt it in there. She groaned as she came. That was what Farrell wanted. He laughed and reached underneath her ass to finger her cunt. He pushed two fingers inside her cunt hole and kept them there as she had two more orgasms. He told her he could feel the spasms in her pussy.

He kept fucking her with the electric prod. Sometimes it hurt when he gave her jolt. She came again, a knockout climax this time. She moaned as she realized she was pissing on herself. Her legs were drenched. Farrell loved it. He kept his fingers churning inside her cunt as she came.

Finally he pulled the prod out of her ass and he told her he wanted her to shit for him.

She begged him not to make her do it.

He threatened her. He said, after what she did with Helen, she couldn’t pretend to be so innocent.

“One word from me and you go back to that place you were at.”

She tried. She felt totally degraded. She had her back to him. She squatted down. But nothing came out except a fart.

Farrell laughed. He was delighted with her. He reached down and tickled her asshole. He said she was worth all the money it cost him.

He made her sit down. He rose up and slowly peeled his pants and shorts off. He had spindly legs. His cock dangled over his low hanging balls. He diddled his prick with his fingers as he came to her.

She had to suck his balls. She lifted the leathery sack with her fingers and sucked his balls between her lips. He had the prod in his hand again. He prodded her cunt while she sucked his hanging balls. His balls were as big as plums and they filled her mouth. He flipped his cock against her face as he talked about the last slave they’d had in the house. He said Helen always chose the girls. He said the last girl had a terrific tongue. He said Helen liked a tongue in her ass. He teased Angela.

“I bet you like it, huh? How about giving me some? Show me some talent.”

He said he’d give her the prod again if she didn’t do it. He said this time he’d burn her ass with the prod.

She went down on his ass. He bent over in front of her face and pulled his asscheeks apart with his hands. She wasted no time getting her tongue in his ass. She stuck her tongue deep inside his shitter. She found it disgusting. She always hated it when she did it.

He talked to her. He said she was good. He complimented her when she fluttered her tongue inside his ass. He said she had the right technique. Then he talked about Helen again. He said his wife had a thing about shit. He laughed. He said Helen liked to shit on the girls when they didn’t behave.

“She loves it. She always makes them eat her slit.” He asked if Angela had done it yet.

She tried to ignore what he was saying. She sucked his ass and played with his balls. She concentrated her mind on his ass. She had already done it to Peter. And of course she ate Helen’s ass nearly every day. Peter liked a tongue in his ass as much as his mother.

She was always with one of them. They hardly ever let her out of their sight. She was always doing something. When she was inside her room, the door was always locked. She was a prisoner. She wanted to escape, but she didn’t know how. She had to keep hoping.

Then Farrell pulled his ass away from her mouth. Her tongue was sore. She closed her eyes and prayed he would be finished with her soon.

He made her rise. He told her to turn and bend over. Her fear of him returned as she bent over the easy chair.

He started greasing her asshole. He teased her as he did it. He said she had a cute asshole. He told her to open and close her asshole so he could watch it. He held her asscheeks apart with his hands and giggled as she did it. Then a moment later he pushed his cock knob against her grommet and rammed his cock up her ass.

He had no trouble getting in. He started fucking her. He went slowly at first, but then he picked up speed. He was soon fucking her ass fast and hard. He talked about her asshole. He said he could tell she had experience. He told her to tighten the grip of her shitter.

“Yeah, that’s it. Come on, cutie, grab the cock. Oh yeah! You like it, huh? Yeah, I can tell you like it. What a nice big shit hole. Not too big, ha ha.”

He said he hardly ever fucked Helen any more. He said Helen wasn’t what she used to be. He said he liked a tight asshole in a younger woman. He said he liked Angela’s ass. He teased her.

He said the next time he fucked her ass he wanted to feel her shit in there. Or maybe he was feeling something now. Was that a turd he felt in there? He wanted her to talk about it, but she refused. He was amused at her embarrassment. He pinched her ass, then slapped it and laughed. He squeezed her asscheeks as he taunted her.

Then suddenly the door opened and Helen came in. She giggled when she saw Angela with her husband. She came over to watch them. She stood beside Angela as Arthur’s cock slid in and out of Angela’s ass. She teased her husband.

“Don’t overdo it, darling. You’ll pop a blood vessel or something.”

She taunted Angela. She said Angela looked happy. She fondled Angela’s ass. She ran her hand over Arthur’s ass and then slipped her hand between his legs to grip his balls.

Angela’s ass was wide open now. Arthur’s cock moved in and out of her shitter like a greased piston. Helen came back to Angela. She started pinching Angela’s tits. Angela cried out when it hurt. She groaned loudly and Helen laughed at her. Then Helen questioned Arthur about Angela’s asshole.

“Is she what you wanted, darling?”

Arthur grunted. “She’s wonderful. She’s a hot fuck.”

“Better than me, I suppose.”

They started bickering. Angela listened to it with dismay. She hated them.

Then the bickering stopped and Helen cooed at her husband. She moved behind him and stuck a finger up his ass while he fucked Angela’s shitter. Arthur giggled as she told Angela what she was doing. He told Helen he liked it and she gave him two fingers. She fucked his ass with her fingers. Angela could feel his cock get bigger in her ass. Helen’s fingers in his shifter excited him.

Angela was amazed at how strong a fucker he was. She never felt pain in her ass any more. There was always the deep pressure and the uncomfortable feeling that she had to shit, but never any pain. Not after all the times she’d had her ass fucked by Cory’s guards. She could take a cock with ease now. And old man Farrell wasn’t that big anyway. Peter Farrell fucked her pussy but he always finished in her ass. Peter liked to slap her ass around.

Arthur finally pulled out of Angela’s ass without coming. Angela could feel her asshole gaping. She remained as she was, bent over the easy chair, her wrists manacled behind her back and her tits hanging down like a pair of grapefruits. She heard Arthur talking to Helen. Angela didn’t catch it at first. Her mind was too occupied with the easing pressure inside her asshole. Then she realized Arthur was telling Helen that he wanted to fuck her ass. He wanted her to bend over like Angela.

Helen laughed. She was surprised and amused. She teased him about Angela.

“But what about me? Do I still turn you on?” Angela turned and sat down. She watched them as they bantered with each other. It was obvious that Helen wanted to get fucked. She soon pulled her dress up and bent over one of the other chairs. Her big round ass was exposed. Arthur pulled her panties down to her knees. Helen’s creamy white ass seemed to fill the room. The pouch of her cunt and her dark asshole were clearly visible.

Arthur stroked his wife’s ass. He muttered to her as he did it. Angela wondered how often they fucked these days. They weren’t that young any more, even if Helen was twenty years younger than Arthur. She watched as Arthur greased Helen’s asshole. Helen squirmed as his thumb pushed inside her ass. He screwed his thumb in and out and she started giggling. Now they seemed very much at ease with each other. They teased each other about ass fucking. Arthur kept stretching her asshole with his fingers.

Finally he decided she was ready. He took his cock in his hand and placed his cock knob on her asshole. He pushed forward and slowly buried his cock in her shitter. He went in easily. Angela could see how Helen opened her ass to let him in. The older woman groaned with pleasure. Her asshole was now like a huge mouth surrounding Arthur’s swollen cock.

He gripped her ass and started fucking her. He talked to her. He said she was still good. He said she still had a lovely shit-tube. Angela watched his cock slide in and out. Helen made noises as he fucked her. Angela wanted them to enjoy themselves. She prayed they wouldn’t bother her any more. But of course they would.

Then Arthur started grunting, ramming his wife’s ass as he shot off in her shitter. Helen mewled and squirmed. She rolled her ass around, her asshole sucking on his spurting cock. Arthur grunted again and slapped her ass as he shot off.

Angela thought Helen seemed to like it intensely. Arthur giggled as he finished. He pulled his cock out of Helen’s ass and gazed fondly at her gaping asshole. Her fucked out shitter slowly closed. Arthur laughed and rubbed it with his finger.

Helen called to Angela now and Angela trembled. Helen ordered Angela to suck her asshole. She wanted Angela to suck out Arthur’s jism.

Angela was disgusted at the idea. But she resigned herself to it. She was helpless. She never thought of disobeying them. Her slavery in the Farrell house was complete.

She moved behind Helen’s ass. She could see Arthur’s jism leaking out of the older woman’s asshole. Angela crouched down. She still had her wrists manacled behind her back and she moved awkwardly. She pushed her face against Helen’s ass and started licking the woman’s asshole. Helen mewled with pleasure. Angela lapped her tongue over Helen’s asshole. Then she pressed her lips against it and sucked. In a moment Arthur’s jism started flowing into her mouth. She sucked Helen’s shit-ring to get it all. Angela could taste Arthur’s jism on her tongue. Helen squirmed with pleasure. She quivered and mewled as Angela sucked her shit hole.

Angela got most of the jism out of Helen’s ass. Helen urged her on. The older woman’s fingers were moving in her cunt as Angela sucked her asshole. Angela could tell that Helen was more excited than usual. Getting her ass fucked by Arthur and then sucked by Angela seemed to turn her on.

Finally Helen was finished. She shuddered as she came. She rubbed frantically at her clit. Then she pulled away from Angela’s face.

Arthur had watched it carefully. He looked amused. Angela lay an the floor in a heap, and when she looked up she could see the lust in Arthur’s eyes.

Then Helen came over to Angela and straddled her. She had her panties off. Holding her dress at her waist, she squatted down over Angela’s face. Angela groaned as Helen’s cunt came down on her mouth. There was no escape. She had to suck Helen’s raunchy cunt. She had to let Helen’s cunt-slime drip over her tongue and down her throat.

Arthur called to Helen. He said his cock was dirty from her ass.

“Let Angela take care of me first. After that you can fuck her face all day.”

Helen giggled and climbed off Angela. Arthur waved his cock at Angela and smiled. She had to do it. She crawled to him and took his limp prick in her mouth. Yes, it was dirty. He had traces of Helen’s shit on his prick. Angela sucked it. She sucked him clean. Helen frigged her cunt as she watched it. She brought herself off again as Angela cleaned Arthur’s shitty cock with her mouth.

After that Arthur pushed Angela down again. She groveled on the floor in front of them. Arthur giggled and started pissing on her. Angela was miserable. Helen laughed and joined him. The older woman squatted over Angela’s face. Both Farrells pissed on Angela and she was soon drenched.

She lay there in a puddle of piss. She kept her eyes closed. She had the taste of it in her mouth, the smell of it all around her. The Farrells laughed at her. Angela shuddered with revulsion.


Weeks passed. Angela was now a complete and abject slave. She was used constantly by the Farrells. She spent more time with Helen than with the men. Helen enjoyed taking her out sometimes. Angela would wear a turtleneck to cover the leather collar.

Inside the house Angela was always on a leash. The servants in the house mocked her. But at least none of them was allowed to touch her.

Then one day Helen announced that there would be a party for friends of the Farrells. She patted Angela’s cheek and told her she would be one of the star attractions at the party.

When the evening of the party arrived, Helen took great pains with Angela’s outfit. Angela learned she was to be introduced to the people at the party as what she was a slave to the Farrells.

Helen helped her dress. Angela was horrified when she realized what she’d be wearing. Her tits were packed into a fight bra with holes cunt out for her nipples. Then Helen clipped Angela’s nipples and connected the two clips with a thin gold chain.

Angela’s panties had no crotch. The bald lips of her cunt were clearly visible. Helen pulled out Angela’s inner lips and clipped them. Each clip had a thin gold chain dangling from it. Angela’s ankles were loosely shackled with a leather covered chain with large links. Her wrists were manacled behind her back with leather cuffs. Helen giggled as she stuffed a ball-gag into Angela’s mouth. Then she helped Angela step into a pair of five-inch stiletto heels.

Helen was pleased by Angela’s appearance. She said Angela would be a smashing hit at the party.

“I want them creaming,” Helen said. “I want all my girlfriends to envy me.”

Angela had to remain in her room until ten o’clock. Then Helen came for Angela. She led Angela downstairs to the crowd on a leash. The people in the room immediately turned their attention to Angela and Helen.

As Helen had predicted, Angela was a big hit. Angela was mortified at the way they stared at her, at the mocking contempt in their eyes. Then she noticed that certain people in the room also had a leash in their hands and at the other end of the leash there was a woman. A slave. Angela realized she wasn’t the only slave at the party. They were all decently dressed, but they were slaves nonetheless.

Some people began questioning Helen about Angela. Helen answered the questions. She told them about Angela’s history. Then she forced Angela to display herself. Angela was always in fear of Helen’s cruelties and so she did whatever Helen wanted. She had to entertain the guests by exposing herself. She had to show her cunt-lips. She had to bend over and show them her asshole.

They joked about her. They asked Helen questions about her talents. Some of the women wanted to touch Angela