Mother Needs It Hot

Although Americans appear to the rest of the world as frank and open people, the truth is often the opposite en it comes to relating on an individual basis. This is particularly true regarding sexual relationships.

The fact is, Americans are only now learning to discuss sex and sexuality with candor, and usually that is within the limits of marital sex.

While no one is advocating sex as the prime focus of life, and while sexual privacy is very important, many adults harbor fears about themselves and their sexual behavior that could be erased if they were more aware of other people’s behavior. Most of us have been brought up to be at least slightly ashamed of anything sexual, and it is frequently reassuring to discover that we are not different, naughty, or even perverted in our sexual practices. In discussing sex with others, people find out how truly normal they are.

The characters in MOTHER NEEDS IT HOT are cases in point. Their story is one of real importance for our hung-up society. It is a story well worth the reading if we are ever to understand our own sexuality.


Hanging onto the strap, swaying with the motion of the subway car, Susan stared at the crudely drawn graffiti on the wall. It excited her, like everything depicting fucking excited her lately. Even the bodies pressing around her excited her.

It was the rush hour, and normally she would not be riding the subway, but today she was on it. The crush of bodies, warm, vibrant bodies, against her, felt good. Maybe that was because she had not, had a human contact — body against body — in a very long time. Whatever the cause, her body was vibrating with long-suppressed hungers. Her tits were pressed against the broad back of a faceless stranger, and it felt good. She didn’t try to draw away; it wouldn’t have been possible anyway.

She felt a delicious stinging between her thighs, a certain throb about the lips of her cunt. Her clit was trying to swell and strain against the crotch of her panties. Susan ran her tongue over her lips, her eyes half-closed and starting to glaze with a dreamy expression.

It had been so very long since she had felt this way. Always before, she would fight the feelings down, bury them. But not now. She allowed those feelings to surface, enjoying the sweetness, the itching of her cunt. Maybe that was why she didn’t try to pull away when she felt something hard pressing against the cheek of her ass. The hardness was throbbing, and whoever it was kept pushing just a bit harder against her.

There were some weird people who rode the subway, she knew. She had heard about some men who got their jollies by rubbing against a warm woman. Perhaps the man behind her was one of those.

Most women might have become frightened, fought through the crowd to get away, but not Susan.

Susan had erotic feelings, very strong erotic feelings. For many years she had suppressed them, because all they did was torment her. Despite her many opportunities to get laid, to feel a hard cock shoving into her cunt, she resisted. Not because she didn’t want to get fucked, but because she was somewhat particular about whose cock went into her cunt. Yet for some reason, this time, as she felt the throb of the hard cock on her ass, a quiver went through her, and she could feel the crotch of her panties becoming wet. The wetter they became, the better it felt to Susan. She gripped the strap hard as she swayed, and with just a slight adjustment of her ass, she made sure the cock was pressing at her asscrack. She heard a soft sigh behind her, and grinned to herself. She flexed the cheeks of her ass, and heard the sigh of pleasure again. She could turn her head and see who it was, but she didn’t want to see what he looked like.

Feeling his cock throb at the crack of her ass, Susan let her imagination flow with the images of who she really wanted to fuck. It was her secret, and had been her secret for two years. She never felt guilty or ashamed of her erotic fantasies. They felt too good to cause her shame or guilt.

With a slight wiggle of her ass, she pretended it was Tommy’s cock pressing against her. She closed her eyes as the image grew, and writhed her ass, flexing her ass cheeks as the cock throbbed between them. In her mind, Tommy’s cock rubbed up and down her ass, so very hard and hot. She wasn’t dressed, in her mind, but wearing panties. Thinking this way, she could almost feel the cock better. Whoever it was behind her was rubbing up and down, sliding his hard-on along the crack of her ass. Susan kept tightening her ass cheeks, letting them relax, then tightening them again.

The subway stopped, hut Susan stood where she was. A few people managed to get off the train, and a few more squeezed in. The man behind her was pressed tighter, and his cock seemed to slip between the cheeks of her ass, through his pants, and her dress and panties. It felt like an enormous cock, but it was difficult to tell for sure.

She arched her ass back a little, and felt the returning pressure. A soft sigh came from her mouth as the cock throbbed more and more. She lifted up and down on her tiptoes, sliding the crack of her ass on the man’s hard-on. In her mind, Tommy’s cock was sliding up and down, and she could practically feel the hard flesh of his cock against the nakedness of her flesh. She imagined she was naked, with Tommy’s cock sliding up and down the crack of her smooth, rounded ass. Her cunt throbbed and burned, her cunt pressing at the crotch of her wet panties.

The man pressing up against her ass was jiggling up and down, dry-fucking the crack of her ass. He was encouraged by the sharp backward press of her ass and the way Susan squeezed her asscheeks together. She wondered if it would be possible to get fucked on a crowded subway car, with no one knowing the difference. Crushed so lightly, she felt it was possible. Neither would have to really move, she decided. The sway and jolting of the train would do the work for them.

The gasping behind her was increasing, and Susan wiggled her ass as best she could. It amused her to think she could make this man, this person behind her, come in his pants. He would be satisfied, and although she wouldn’t, it would feel good to cause his cock to gush into his pants. It wasn’t really a cock tease this way, because the man would get something out of it. And it wasn’t as if she was being fucked.

Her station was coming up, and she felt she had to hurry if she wanted to accomplish this. She pushed her ass backward as hard as she could, and felt the return pressure of that throbbing hard-on. Her panties and skirt were right in the crack of her asshole now, and she could actually feel the unknown cock throbbing against her assbud.

Then it happened. The man gave a strangling gurgle, and Susan felt the spasms of his cock between the cheeks of her ass. She hoped he didn’t come so much it seeped through his pants and got her skirt wet.

It was over just as the doors hissed open, and Susan squeezed past the bodies and outside. Without looking back, she began walking to the stairs. Reaching the turnstile, she saw people being helped over, while others climbed the steel railings.

“Careful, Ma’am,” said a man. “Damn thing is broken. I’ll help you over.”

Susan allowed the man to take her arm and help her. She swung her leg over, and caught sight of a young man sitting off by himself, leaning against the wall, watching. His eyes gleamed as Susan lifted her leg, and she knew he had positioned himself to see up all the dresses of the women being helped across the turnstile. She impulsively gave him a fine peek at her crotch, and winked at him as she hurried past. The man returned a grin, and she noticed he had a hard-on bulging up from his pants.

Some people got their kicks in strange ways, she thought.

Walking quickly, her heels tapping on the sidewalk, Susan didn’t delay on her way home. Tommy was there, and she was anxious to be with him. It was getting to the point where she hated to go to work and leave him in the apartment alone. Not just when he was alone, either, for she hated to be away from for any length of time.

Men gazed after her as she walked, her rich brown hair dancing about her shoulders, her tits jiggling tightly inside her blouse. Her ass rippled and twisted as her long legs made quick strides.

Today was the day her sister was to arrive. Susan had been looking forward to her sister coming. She had not seen her sister in almost two years, and wondered how she was now. She had agreed with reluctance to let Wanda stay with her and Tommy, and had agreed to help her get a job. But she felt Wanda would be a hindrance to her.

For the past few months, Susan had felt a growing change between her and Tommy. The atmosphere between them was taking on a new meaning, and Susan was waiting almost breathlessly to see what would happen. She had felt such tension between herself and men before, and knew it was erotic. This feeling was different only in that Tommy was her son.

She simply felt her son would be a fantastic fucking partner, and because he was her son, Susan refused to let that sway her judgment. She had no hang-ups about fucking Tommy, none at all.

But now, with Wanda staying awhile, it would be sure to put a damper on the growing attraction she and Tommy were feeling for each other. So far, her son looked openly at her, gazing at her flawless, firm tits, staring at her ass, or peeking at her knees. Not that Susan had exposed anything to him yet, but he looked and his expression was hungry. Once, just a day or so before, he had, touched her on her hip, and both of them had gasped and frozen far a moment. She had glanced down at his hand touching her hip, then into her son’s hungry eyes. Then they pulled away, and there was no further mention of the incident, yet they both had felt the electrical charge whipping through the air.

Tommy was a virgin, she was sure. She had never seen him with a girl, and he seldom went anywhere. She didn’t like him to go outside very often. It was getting dangerous to be alone on the streets, with the gangs roaming about, muggings and so on. She was lucky that Tommy didn’t associate himself with a gang, she thought.

Entering her apartment building, she took the elevator to the tenth floor, and quietly opened the door to her apartment.

Tommy and Wanda didn’t see or hear her enter; they sat on the couch, pressing lightly together. Susan saw that Tommy had his hand under his aunt’s dress and his tongue was down her throat. The next thing she saw was her sister gripping Tommy’s cock very hard. She could see the head of her son’s cock bulging up, very swollen and very smooth, and the glistening beads of wetness on his pinhole. Susan stood still, her eyes wide and hot, staring at her son’s cock. She was afraid to breathe, afraid to make a sound. Not because she would startle them, but because she didn’t want her son’s cock to disappear.

Wanda was moaning softly as she sucked Tommy’s tongue writhing her ass on the couch, opening and closing her legs. Susan saw her son had his hand inside Wanda’s panties. She watched as her sister pumped her fist up and down Tommy’s cock, and listened to the groan of pleasure he made. She had not seen his cock before, not like this. She had seen it pressing in hardness against the front of his pants, but never standing free and naked. It was larger than she had expected.

“Well?” she finally said.

There was an immediate reaction from Tommy and Wanda. Wanda gave a little scream as she jerked her mouth away from Tommy’s tongue, pulling his hand from her panties at the same time. Wanda sat upright quickly, clamping her knees together and flushing with shyness. Tommy, seeing his mother standing in the doorway, stuffed his cock into his pants. Susan almost laughed at the trouble he had because it remained hard.

“I see I got home just in time,” Susan said, closing the door. She was trembling, and her cunt seemed to be throbbing with heat.

Tommy didn’t appear embarrassed at all. It was Wanda who blushed and couldn’t look at Susan. Susan placed her purse on a table and turned to look at her son and sister. Wanda was only a few years older than Tommy, about the prettiest blonde in their old hometown. She was sweet and cuddly and shy, with an innocent way of looking at a person that said she wasn’t as innocent as she appeared. Her sky-blue eyes promised and teased. She was curvy and slender, like Susan.

“When did you get in, Wanda?” she asked. Wanda whispered something, but it was Tommy who answered. “She got here about an hour ago, Mom.”

“Only an hour ago,” Susan asked, arching her eyebrows. “And already you’ve got your hand in her panties, Tommy?”

Tommy almost blushed. Almost, but not quite. This was the boldest Susan had spoken to him.

“And you, Wanda,” Susan said, facing her sister. “I’m surprised at you. I really am.”

“I’m sorry,” Wanda whispered, gazing down at her lap, her hands folded there. “I didn’t mean to do it, Susan.”

“Oh, is that right?” Susan asked, but her voice was not unkind. “If you didn’t mean to, why were you?”

“Mom,” Tommy said. “It wasn’t Wanda’s fault. I’m the one.”

“The one what?”

“I started it, Mom, not Wanda.”

“I suppose you put her hand on your cock,” Susan said.

Tommy’s eyes grew hot, and Wanda’s head jerked up, her blush making her face a deep pink.

“That’s right — cock,” Susan said, but there was no anger in her voice. “If you’re old enough to play with a girl, you’re old enough to hear the word, Tommy.”

Susan noticed her son’s cock was still very hard, outlined against his pants. That pleased her. She looked at it openly, her own eyes growing wet with desire. Tommy made no effort to try and hide his hard-on, but sat there with his knees open, hands at his sides on the cushions. Although she had her knees clamped together, Wanda’s skirt was halfway up her thighs.

“Wanda, do you mind if I talk to Tommy in private for a moment?” Susan asked.

Wanda got up and, averting her face from her older sister, disappeared down the hall. Susan watched her son, who was watching the swelling cheeks of Wanda’s cute ass.

“I don’t care who started it, Tommy,” Susan said, lowering her eyes to her son’s bulging hard-on meaningfully. “That isn’t important to me. What I want to know is this; you know Wanda is my sister, your aunt. Don’t you feel strange about feeling her up?”

Tommy shivered with excitement, listening to his mother talk to him as if he was a grownup, using the words boys and girls did at school. Like his mother, he had sensed the changing atmosphere between them. He wanted to feel his mother’s body badly, to touch her in all those secret places. If he had gotten some sort of sign from his mother, he would have been feeling her up a long time ago.

“I don’t feel strange at all, Mom,” he said after a brief pause.

Susan felt a thrill grow inside her body. Her cunt twitched hotly, and she flashed a smile at her son. “That’s what I hoped to hear.”

She stepped close to her son, holding her hand out. Tommy took her hand and stood up. Susan was six inches taller than her son, and he tilted his head to look into her eyes. Susan held his hand tightly, and brought her other hand between them.

“I don’t see why I shouldn’t be able to touch it, too,” Susan whispered in a hoarse voice. “If you let my sister touch it, I suppose I can feel your cock, too, right, Tommy.”

Before her son could answer, she placed her palm on his bulging cock. Tommy gasped, and Susan pressed, feeling the length of his prick. She pressed at it, and felt a responding throb. She rubbed her palm from his swollen cockhead to the base, then cupped her hand about his balls. Susan squeezed her son’s balls gently, making Tommy moan softly.

“Nice,” she murmured. “Very nice, Tommy.”

She pulled his hand between them, turning it around. Holding his balls tightly, staring down into his eyes, she pressed her son’s palm against her cunt. She heard Tommy’s quick gasp, and she smiled at him.

“That is just as hot as my sister’s,” she whispered, rubbing his hand back and forth, pressing her skirt between her thighs. “Mother’s pussy is just as hot as your aunt’s cunt is.”

“Ohhhhh, Mom!” Tommy groaned, curling his fingers tightly into his mother’s crotch. “It sure is!”


Susan pressed her hips forward, holding the back of her son’s hand, smashing his palm against her cunt. She twisted her hips, clutching her son’s balls tightly but tenderly.

“They feel so hard, baby,” she whispered. “They feel loaded, very full.” She slipped her hand up to his cock again, trying to close her fingers around it. “And this is very, very hard, too.”

Tommy rubbed at his mother’s taint, feeling the heat burn through her panties and skin.

“This isn’t going to work,” Susan purred hotly. “Come with me, Tommy.”

She held his hand tightly as she pulled her son down the hallway. They passed the closed door of the bedroom Wanda was to use. Susan hurried into her own room, dragging her eager son with her. She closed the door, then turned to face. Tommy, her eyes blazing with hunger.

“Now, take it out for me,” she hissed.

Tommy, not the least shy, hurriedly opened his pants, and his cock surged out. Susan gasped and gabbed it, closing her fingers tightly about her son’s cock.

“Oh, God, it’s hard!” she whimpered, and began to jerk back and forth. “So very hard! And beautiful! You have a beautiful cock, Tommy!”

She jacked her hot fist back and forth a few times, then cupped her hand about his swollen cockhead. She felt the wetness seeping out of his piss hole.

“Oh, it’s so lovely!” she gurgled, then stepped back.

With her eyes blazing at her son’s cock, Susan unzipped her skirt and let it fall to her feet. She wore only her skimpy panties, hardly anything covered. Her panties held her hips tightly, and curls of dark pussy hair swirled up above the elastic waist. The hair of her pussy and the puffy lips of her cunt made a delicious, teasing bulge in the crotch of her panties.

Tommy, staring, felt his cock throb up and down. His eyes burned at his mother, fixed almost hypnotically at her crotch. Susan lifted her blouse, then with a jerk, tore it from her body. Her bra was stretched and filled with her shapely, firm tits. She tried to tear it off, but found it hard to do. Feverishly, staring hotly at his jerking cock, she managed to unhook the bra and tossed it aside.

“Ohhhh, nice, Mom!” Tommy groaned as he stared at her tits.

Susan’s tits stood out in round firmness, spaced widely, with deliciously stiff nipples.

“They’re so pretty, Mom!”

“Hold them, Tommy,” she panted. “Hold my tits!”

Tommy lifted both hands, closing his fingers around them. Susan moaned softly as he squeezed.

“Ohhhh, that feels wonderful!” Susan purred. “Pull my nipples, Tommy! Oh, God… twist my nipples hard!”

Tommy did, bringing low gurgles of delight from his mother. Susan again grasped her son’s cock, squeezing it hard, making her son grunt. Her other hand moved to his back, and she rubbed it up to the back of his head. Pulling her son’s face up, she smashed her lips against his. Wildly, her cunt on fire, Susan plunged her tongue into her son’s mouth, moaning hotly. She pumped almost frantically on his cock.

Tommy’s hands left his mother’s tits, scooting around her waist. He clutched at her ass, pulling her tightly against his body. Susan pulled her tongue out of his wet mouth.

“I need this, Tommy!” she sobbed. “Oh, God, I need this hard cock so much!”

She turned him loose, stepping from him. She stared down at his cock, watching it throb up and down, his cockhead dripping with readiness. She slipped her fingers into her flimsy panties, and rolled them down swiftly. She was much too anxious to move slowly, and her movements were feverish. She stepped out of her panties, completely naked before her son. Tommy didn’t have much time to admire his mother’s beauty, however.

Susan grabbed his hand and pulled him to her big bed. They lay side by side, pressing and squirming against each other. She felt her son’s cock rubbing at her stomach, smearing her flesh with that exciting juice. She grabbed at his pants, trying to shove them down.

“Take them off!” Susan hissed hungrily. “You’ve got to take those pants off, Tommy!”

Tommy removed his pants by lying down, lifting his ass and sliding them over his hips, then off his legs. Susan wasn’t in the least surprised that he wasn’t wearing shorts. She wanted to look at him, to examine his cock and precious young balls, but she wanted his cock inside her cunt more. When he pulled his t-shirt off, Susan grabbed her son and pulled him on top of her. She spread her legs wide, and feverishly pushed at his cock with one hand, grabbing the cheek of his ass with the other. Tommy, too, was much too excited to move slowly.

The head of his cock touched his mother’s burning cunt, and with a swift thrust, Tommy stabbed quickly.

“Ohhhh, my God!” Susan wailed as she felt her cunt stretch about her son’s throbbing cock. “Oh, my God! My God, Tommy! Yes! Ohhhh, yes!”

She flung her legs up into the air, holding them wide open, her cunt taking her son’s cock hungrily. She squealed when she felt her son drive deeply into her pussy, filling it. She strained against him, Tommy pressing deep and hard. For a moment, both stayed quite still. Susan wanted to feel every throb of his cock against the fiery lips of her cunt, and Tommy wanted to feel the wet heat sear the hardness of his cock. Susan held her son’s naked ass in both hands, her fingers squeezing his young ass cheeks, trying to press her cunt harder at his cock. Tommy shoved his hands down to his mother’s ass, taking a rounded asscheek in each and pulling her cunt tight onto his cock. They trembled together, both of them gasping at the exquisite sensations rumbling through their naked bodies.

“Tommy! Ohhh, baby, fuck me!” Susan finally wailed, shaking her ass into his hands. “Fuck me, Tommy! Ooohhh, Tommy, Tommy! Fuck mother! Fuck mother hard and fast! Please, please, fuck me!”

With excitement, Tommy began to plunge his cock into his mother’s receptive cunt. Susan pounded her ass up and down, meeting his thrusting cock with powerful hinges of her ass. She clawed at his ass, squirming and grinding frantically, sobbing as she tossed her head from aide to side.

“Oh, Mom?” Tommy groaned, burying his face into her tits. “It’s so good, Mom! So hot and wet and good!”

“Yes, it is!” she answered in gasps. “Fuck me good, baby! Ohhhh, I’ve wanted this for so long! Fuck me, fuck me! Ooohhh, Tommy, you have such a big hard-on! I love it, Tommy! Split mother’s cunt open! Rip mother’s twat apart! Ram your hard cock up my wet pussy!”

Tommy gripped her shaking ass, lifting her, yet she could still move, swing her ass about, bump it up and down with him, matching his frantic rhythm perfectly. Cries of delight bubbled from Susan’s constricted throat as she waved her long legs about in the air, her cunt taking the wild stabs of his cock, sucking at it and devouring it. She swung her ass about in tight circles, grinding in an erotic frenzy at her son’s cock. She felt her pussy gripping at him, felt her clit being scraped along his cock shaft as her son rammed up and down.

Tommy rubbed his face into his mother’s tits, his tongue lapping her nipples. He squeezed her churning ass hard, panting with his wild efforts.

“Ohhhh, yes, yes!” Susan squealed. “That’s the way, Tommy! Ram it hard and deep! Ohhhh, baby, ft’s so wonderful! Ohhhh, you fuck so good, baby!”

Tommy’s cock felt harder than ever, and he couldn’t believe the wet heat he felt on it. His mother’s cunt, so hungry, was soft and wet, yet it seemed fight.

“It’s great, Mom!” he gasped into her tits. “It’s so good! You feel so hot and wet, Mom!”

“I am!” she squealed. “Oh, my cunt is hot and wet! Fuck it… fuck my cunt, Tommy! Fuck mother’s hot, wet cunt!” Susan wrapped her long legs about his, humping her cunt up and down on his cock, riding him with a furious twist of her hips. The bed was protesting, but they didn’t hear it. Susan clung to her son’s ass with both hands, her fingers squeezing his young asscheeks as she shot her cunt up and down. Tommy, clinging to his mother’s thrashing ass, pounded mindlessly, wrapped up in the ecstasy that rumbled about his cock and balls. Although his balls were tight, they smacked against her ass, sending Susan into wilder motions, squealing with rapture.

“Ohhhh, it’s about to happen!” she wailed, “Oh, baby, you’re about to make me come! Fuck me, Tommy! Oh, God! I’m on fire and I’m going to come! I’m so fucking close…”

A scream boiled from her throat as her orgasm exploded, sending her cunt into tight spasms that squeezed his cock time and again.

“Mom, I can’t stop it!” Tommy yelped from between her tits.

“Don’t stop it!” Susan cried out. “Let it go! Ohhhh, baby, let it go!”

With a loud grunt, Tommy felt his fizz begin to spurt.

“Oh, yes, yes, yes!” Susan yelled, puffing at his ass, trying to take his cock deeper, her cunt demanding. “Come, baby! Ohhh, come hard!”

Tommy’s cock squirted time and again, the come juice boiling out of his cock with force, spattering the soft walls of her insatiable cunt, filling her with the creamy wetness. Susan’s naked body vibrated in a way it had not done for a long, long time. The shudders of intense ecstasy drove her mind into shattering, erotic delights. She ground her contracting cunt hard at his spewing cock, feeling the rapid spurts of his come juice filling her.

Slowly, very slowly, Susan’s body relaxed. She let her ass down to the bed, but held her son between her thighs. Tommy lifted and looked down at his mother, his eyes moist with delight. Susan grinned up at him, bringing her hands off his ass, up his back. She hugged him tightly.

“Nice, wasn’t it?” she whispered.

“It was the greatest, Mom!” he gasped, grinning down at her.

“You knew it was going to happen?” she asked.

“I thought so, but I wasn’t sure,” Tommy replied.

“Are you sorry?”

“No way!” Tommy said.

“I’m your first, aren’t I?” Tommy became shy for an instant, then he nodded his head.

“I knew it!” Susan purred. “I’m glad I’m first, Tommy. I’m glad it finally happened, and I’m glad I’m the first.”

She shivered beneath her son, feeling his cock still inside her cunt. Ste worked the muscles of her pussy, causing Tommy’s eyes to glaze.

“Mmmmm, you like that?” she asked softly, squeezing his cock with her cunt again. “Does that feel good?”

Tommy grinned his reply.

“Want some more?” Susan asked, her eyes flashing, her hips writhing beneath her son. “Was it good enough that you’d like some more?”

“I sure would, Mom,” he replied, leaning down and swirling his tongue about his mother’s still-stiff nipple. “I’d love to have some more.”

“Let’s try a different position,” Susan said, her voice growing thick with desire again. “Get off, just a minute.”

Tommy lifted up and sat back on his heels, seeing his mother’s cunt really for the first time. His eyes glowed hotly as he gazed between her parted thighs. Susan remained on her back for a while; her legs open, letting her son look at her pussy. It was quite hairy, with curls along each side of her pink, juicy cuntlips. It was thick at the top of her pussy slit, with a very fine shadow growing in a straight line to her belly button. Her cunt hair was so thick; she had to shave along the edges when she wore a bikini. But it was just now getting warm enough for a bikini, and she had not shaved it.

“You like it?” she asked, softly.

“It’s pretty, Mom,” Tommy replied in a low voice.

She saw his cock was half-hard, never really having gone soft in the first place. His balls, not so loaded now, dangled downward. There was a bit of wiry fuzz at the base of his cock, and she was struck by how young he really was. But there was nothing young about his cock, she was pleased to see. It excited her to have her son look at her cunt, and it pleased her tremendously that he wasn’t shy about it.

“Fuck me from behind,” she said in a throaty voice. “I like getting fucked from behind, Tommy.”

Susan rolled onto her stomach, pulling her knees up underneath. Tommy, sitting on his heels, watched the creamy roundness of his mother’s naked ass with interest. As Susan pulled her knees under her body, her lovely ass checks parted, and she arched her ass back. Her pink cunt pooched from her thighs as she spread her knees, resting her head and shoulders on the bed, her ass high in the air. She shook her ass, inviting her son.

“Fuck me this way, Tommy,” she purred softly, wiggling her ass for him.

“I like getting fucked this way. Your cock can go real deep this way, baby.”

Tommy couldn’t wait any longer. Seeing his mother with her naked, lovely ass high in the air, her cunt waiting, he wanted to fuck her again more than look, right now. He saw the crinkle of her asshole pull inward and his cock jutted out hard. Susan’s finger clawed at the bedspread as she waited, breathless, for her son to ram his cock up her cunt again. She closed her eyes, a smile on her beautiful face.

Tommy brushed the head of his cock up and down the slit of his mother’s cunt, feeling the wet heat blister it.

“Mmmmm, this is going to be very good, Tommy,” Susan whispered. “You’re going to really enjoy fucking me this way.”

Tommy placed the head of his cock against the swollen lips of his mother’s cunt, and his palms on her ass.

“Go in slow,” Susan said. “Let me feel every hard inch go in my cunt real slowly, baby.”

Tommy pushed slowly, watching his cock slide into his mother’s cunt, feeling that exciting wetness again. Inching his cock inward, he saw her pink pussy lips part open, yet they seemed to grip his cock at the same time. Susan made a whimper as his cock moved into her. A shiver shot up and down her spine, and her ass writhed gently.

“How does it feel, Tommy?” she asked.

“Great, Mom?” he replied.

“Is mother’s cunt nice and wet? Is my cunt hot enough for your hard cock?”

“Oh, wow, Mom! It feels like you’re boiling in there!”

“I am!” she squealed, pushing her ass back at him. “My cunt is boiling! Ohhhh, Tommy, fuck me real deep!”

Tommy grabbed his mom’s hips instinctively as Susan began to twist her ass. With quick stabs, he began to fuck her again, staring down at the spread of her asscheeks, watching her asshole pucker. Susan pounded her naked ass back at him with each forward thrust of his cock, gasping in pleasure when her pussy lips were smashed. His balls brushed her clit as he came inward.

“Faster, Tommy!” she urged.

Tommy speeded up, the ecstasy starting to rumble through his young body again. His cock made wet sounds as he beat it in and out of his mother’s cunt. Susan moaned softly and dug her fingers into the bedspread, shaking her ass for her son.

“This is good, Mom!” Tommy groaned, running his cock in and out. “I like to fuck this way, Mom!”

“I do, too,” she moaned. “Oooooh, baby, fuck faster! My God, I think you’re going to make me come again!”

Tommy dug his fingers into his mother’s wiggling hips, stabbing his cock faster and harder and deeper, gritting his teeth. Susan strained her ass onto his prick, making choking sounds of rapture. Her cunt was expanding, dosing about her son’s cock. The ballooning of a tremendous… orgasm caused her stomach to clutch in rippling tightness.

“Oh, God, Tommy! Oh, my God, baby! It’s going to be powerful!”

Tommy, grunting hotly as he stabbed his cock swiftly into the gripping heat of his mother’s cunt, clawed at her shaking ass, jerking her back onto his prick with each forward lunge. His eyes were glassy now, and he couldn’t see except for blurry images of his mother’s ass.

“I’m gonna come, too, Mom!” he bellowed. “Ohhhhh, my balls! My balls hurt, Mom!”

“Come, baby!” she sobbed loudly. “Shoot it to me! Spurt it up mother’s cunt! Come! Ohhh, Tommy, come in my cunt!”

As she screamed, Susan’s pussy convulsed. The writhing, waving orgasm clutched at her son’s cock, pulling and squeezing him. Tommy rammed as deep as he could, lifting his face to the ceiling, his features screwed up as though he was tormented out of his mind.

“Ahhhhh, Mom!” he groaned as his cock squirted into her greedy cunt. “I’m coming in you! Oooooh, Mom, Mom!”

“Come hard, Tommy!” Susan shrieked, shaking her ass with wild movements, her cunt drawing at his throbbing prick. “I love it! I love to feel a cock squirting up my fucking cunt!”

“Fuck! Fuck!” Tommy yelled.

“Oh, yes, fuck!”

The gushes of creamy come juice flooded Susan’s cunt, making her naked body shake, her tits ready to burst.

With her son still coming into her cunt, everything went weak, and Susan sprawled forward, her legs scooting back. Tommy went down with her, lying across his mother’s back. His cock, relaxing, slipped from her pussy as it squeezed.

“Ohhhhh, it’s finished,” Susan moaned. “I don’t want it to be over.”

Tommy panted as he relaxed on top of his mother’s naked body.

“Does it have to be over, Mom?” he asked, almost shy.

“No, baby,” she whispered. “It doesn’t.”

“We can fuck again?”

“Anytime, all the time,” Susan murmured happily. “Anytime you want, baby, you can fuck mother.”


Leaving her son in her room, Susan called her younger sister into the living room.

Wanda sat next to her, shy, keeping her eyes averted and her hands folded in her lap. Susan noticed that Wanda had really grown up since she had last seen her. The years between their ages had prevented then from being really close, like most sisters, and Susan really knew nothing about Wanda, except she had just graduated from high school, didn’t want to go to college, and wanted to stay with her and Tommy while she found herself a good job.

The last time Susan had seen her sister, Wanda had been a skinny little thing. Now she was all grown up and quite shapely. There had been a fantastic change in Wanda’s body. She now had sharp, firm mouthwatering tits, molded by her tight sweater. Her waist was small, and her hips lovely. Susan had already seen those beautiful long legs.

“Well, Wanda,” Susan said, eyeing her sister. “It seems you’ve learned a few things since I last saw you.”

Wanda didn’t reply.

“Do you know how old Tommy is?” Wanda nodded her head. “And you know he is your nephew?” Wanda rubbed her hands together in her lap. “Aren’t you ashamed?” Susan asked, her voice low.

This brought a response from Wanda. She lifted her head and looked her sister in the eye. “Aren’t you?”

“Why should I be ashamed?” Susan asked. “You were the one hanging onto his cock, it was your panties Tommy had his hand in.”

“Maybe so,” Wanda said, without a trace of her former shyness, “but I didn’t fuck him.”

“Say what you mean,” Susan said.

“You make a lot of noise when you’re fucking, Susan,” Wanda said boldly. “You really should learn to control yourself.”

Susan looked her sister over, a faint smile on her lovely face. Wanda returned her stare, unflinching.

After a long time, Susan said very softly, “So now what?”

“I want in on the fun, Susan,” Wanda said, sliding her knee up onto the cushions and facing her older sister. “Why do you I think I came here to live? To find work? Bullshit! I’ve got enough money to carry me for a year. I had to get away from that dumb jerk-off town.”

Susan understood that. The town they came from was very small, and everyone knew what each other was doing and to whom.

“So you had a reputation, huh?” Susan asked, knowing it. She too, had had one before she finally escaped to the city.

“You might say I was getting one,” Wanda replied.

“I can see why,” Susan said, noticing the smooth flesh of her sister’s legs. “If you grab every man or boy five minutes after meeting him, that’s understandable. Any girl would get a reputation.”

Wanda shifted on the couch, and Susan found herself eying the expanse of flesh above her sister’s knee. “You do have trouble controlling such urges, don’t you, Wanda?”

“Sometimes,” Wanda admitted, giving her older sister an impish grin. “But I can… if I want to. It’s just that I don’t want to. It feels too good to stop.”

Susan watched creamier thigh become revealed as her younger sister talked. She wondered if Tommy would remain in her room as she asked him to. She wondered what Wanda would be doing with him just as soon as she went back to work on Monday. She didn’t wonder very hard, though. After what she had seen, she knew what her sister and son would be doing as soon as the door closed behind her. Oddly enough, Susan felt no jealousy or anger.

“You really have to ride the subway one of these days, Wanda,” she said. She felt no surprise in talking to her sister this way. It was almost as if they had been close all their lives. “You can meet strange characters on the subway.” She told then about what happened on her way home.

Wanda laughed, her blue eyes glowing with excitement. “I would want to see who it was.”

“Oh, but that wouldn’t be any fun,” Susan said. “The exciting thing is not knowing who was rubbing against me. Try it and you’ll see.”

But Wanda wasn’t thinking about the subway now. “You did fuck Tommy, didn’t you?” For a moment, Susan didn’t reply, but she stared into her sister’s eyes, a faint smile on her face. Then she nodded her head, once. “But it was the first time,” she said quickly, as if to explain herself. “I’d thought about it before, but today was the first time.”

“Because of what you saw, huh?”

“Probably,” Susan confessed.

“Then you could say I helped you out,” Wanda said softly, running the pink tip of her tongue over her bottom lip. “You might not have fucked him if you hadn’t seen us.”

“That’s true,” Susan replied.

Wanda inched her skirt up gazing into her older sister’s face. “The reason I had to leave home wasn’t because of a boy,” she said, her voice throaty. “Oh, I had boys — many boys. I had the bad luck to be caught with a woman.”

“A woman?”

“Well, yes,” Wanda said, licking her lips again. “She was a few years older than me, and beautiful. I wouldn’t have anything to do with anyone that didn’t attract me. Sure, I fucked around, but I picked who I fucked. I don’t lay for just anyone, Susan.”

Susan’s eyes followed her sister’s fingers. Wanda had inched her skirt halfway up her thigh now. The leg was so slender and shapely, the flesh tanned and creamy.

“A woman?” Susan repeated, curious. “Tell me about it, Wanda.”

“There isn’t much to tell,” her younger sister said. “We just got it on. In her car, as a matter of fact.”

“Teenager stuff,” Susan grinned.

“So what?” Wanda replied. “When I’m turned an, I don’t care where I get fucked. But about what happened. She went down on me in the back seat. I had had my cunt sucked by boys, but that was the first time a woman sucked me. I liked it, I really did like it.”

“She made you come?”

“Like you’d never believe!” Wanda giggled. Susan could now see the crotch of her younger sister’s lacy panties. She was mesmerized by the slight bulge of Wanda’s cunt there, the shadow of pussy hair.

“And did… you lick her?” Susan said, her voice barely under control. Her cunt was twitching between her thighs, becoming wet. Her response wasn’t surprising, Susan became aroused easily. The surprise was her reaction to what her sister was saying, what she was seeing.

“Of course,” Wanda whispered, slipping her hand along her inner thigh, cupping her cunt and pressuring it. She kept staring at Susan, rubbing her palm along the crotch of her panties boldly, unashamedly.

“Did you… did you enjoy doing it?”

“It was lovely,” Wanda purred, sliding her hand into her panties as Susan stared holly. “A pussy is so soft and hot, the feel of a soft cunt against my mouth was exciting. She was very, very wet, and you know, her pussy juices were delicious! She didn’t have very much cunt hair, but my God, what a clit! It was like a tiny cock, and so hard! I sucked on it and sucked on it! When she came, it was like an earthquake.”

Susan was breathing deeply, her firm tits rising and falling. Her cunt was burning, the crotch of her panties drenched. She felt as if her clit was as stiff as a small cock, too. The cheeks of her ass tightened as she watched her sister’s hand moving inside the lacy panties. A soft, liquid sound came from between Wanda’s thighs. Wanda was openly and unashamedly fingerfucking herself. She sat with one leg on the cushions, the other on the floor. She leaned against the arm of the couch, her eyes slitted with passion.

“Do you do that very often?” Susan asked. “Only if I don’t have someone else to do it for me, Susan,” Wanda said softly, her voice thick with passion.

Susan watched as Wanda’s hand stretched those flimsy panties, her cunt becoming very hot and wet. It was exciting to see her sister fingerfucking herself so openly. She had never seen a girl fuck herself with a finger before, except when she watched herself doing it with a mirror.

“Why don’t you ask Tommy to come in here?” Wanda asked. “I wouldn’t have to do this for myself. He was fingerfucking me very good when you walked in the door. I was about to come, too, damn it.”

Susan saw in her mind her son’s cock sliding into Wanda’s cunt. The image sent a wild pulsation through her own pussy, and she felt her pussy lips suck inward as her clit bulged tightly.

“Oh…” Wanda licked her lips again, sliding the crotch of her tight panties aside.

Susan saw her dark blond cunt hair, the wet pink lips of her sister’s cunt, her throbbing clit. Wanda pinched her clit lightly, twisting it and writhing her ass on the cushions.

“Or maybe you’d like to fingerfuck me, Susan? Maybe you’d enjoy… kissing my cunt.”

Susan’s breath caught in her throat. She licked at her lips, staring into her sister’s succulent pussy. Wanda dipped her middle finger into the folds, pressing slowly until her finger was all the way inside, then she pumped it in and out, her thumb agitating her inflamed clit.

“Mmmmmm, I think I’ll come,” Wanda purred hotly. “I think I’ll make myself come.” Her finger speeded up, the liquid sounds becoming more pronounced. When Wanda pulled her finger from her sugary pussy, she began to rub along her clit, then press hard as her fingers made circular movements. Susan couldn’t turn away, couldn’t take her eyes off her sister’s blond-haired pussy and those moving fingers.

“You like to watch, don’t you, Susan?” Wanda said in a low voice, rubbing at her cunt. “You’re getting turned-on by seeing me, aren’t you? I bet your cunt is bubbling and getting very hot, Susan. You love seeing me fingerfucking my cunt, don’t you? I bet you’d come if you saw me fucking Tommy. Do you want to watch your son fuck me, Susan? That would be nice. I’d love to fuck Tommy while you watched us.”

Susan jerked her eyes away.

“Wanda…” she said, then stopped. She stood up, her legs rubbery and weak.

She whirled away from her sister and almost ran down the hall to her room. She heard Wanda’s laughter, and wondered about her lack of shame.

“Fuck him once for me!” she heard Wanda call just before she closed her bedroom door.

Tommy wasn’t there. The bedspread was mussed, and the pillows were on the floor. There was the scent of fucking in the room, and she stood in the middle of it, wringing her hands, wondering how all this had happened in such a short time. Sure, she had been thinking about fucking Tommy. But she had not thought it would ever happen. She certainly never expected her younger sister to be the cause of it. But Wanda wasn’t really the cause, she was only the trigger. The incident on the subway car had helped it along, too, she knew.

Tommy came out of her adjoining bathroom, still naked. He grinned at his mother, then saw her confusion.

“What’s the matter, Mom?” he asked, starting to edge back into the bathroom, covering his cock and balls with one hand.

Susan understood what Tommy was thinking, and smiled at him. “It’s okay, Tommy,” she said. “It’s not what you think. I just had a talk with your aunt, that’s all.”

Tommy stood in the door of the bathroom, his eyes searching his mother’s face. Susan smiled wider, and stepped toward him. She shoved his hand away from his cock and balls, closing her own fingers about his cock and squeezing him.

“Gimme!” she whispered. “Don’t hide it, give it to me.”

“You looked kind of mad, Mom,” he said. “I wasn’t sure you’d let me do it again.”

“Do it again?” she asked, squeezing his cock and feeling it harden in her fist. “You mean fuck me? Why would I stop you from fucking me? Didn’t I say you could fuck me anytime and anywhere and in any way?”

“Yes, but.”

“Stop it, baby,” she said, leaning down and kissing him. She pumped her fist back and forth, feeling his young cock swell and harden. “I have a feeling your aunt is going to fuck you, too.”

Tommy shoved his tongue into his mother’s mouth, sliding his hands over her hips. Susan pressed against him, using her free hand to open her blouse for his mouth. As soon as a nipple was exposed, Tommy closed his hot, wet lips about it, sucking as hungrily as he had a short time ago. Susan purred and pumped his cock, testing the throbbing power of it with her fist.

“Mmmm, this is very nice, baby,” she whispered. “Your cock is very hard again. I know a nice, wet, hot place for it, don’t you?”

While her son stood sucking on her tit, Susan slipped out of her blouse and skirt. Her panties were peeled away quickly, and Tommy rushed his hand to his mother’s cunt. Susan squealed in delight as he stabbed two fingers into her pussy and wiggled them about. She shook her ass and pulled his face tightly into her tits.

“Mmmnmmm, suck my tit, Tommy!” she gurgled. “Suck mother’s tit! Oooooh, suck my nipples and fuck me with your finger! My cunt is very wet and hot, isn’t it?”

Tommy moaned about his mother’s nipple, his tongue licking at the rigid tip, his lips sucking at her flesh.

Pulling his face back, he looked up into his mother’s face. “Aunt Wanda is gonna fuck me?”

“I think so,” Susan said. “Do you want to fuck her, baby?”

“She sure had my cock hard, Mom,” Tommy grinned. “And her pussy was sure hot and wet. Sure, I’d love to fuck her, Mom.”

The idea of Tommy putting his young cock into her sister’s lovely blond-haired cunt sent ripples of pleasure up and down Susan’s flesh. She groaned and pulled him toward her bed.

“Lay on your back, baby,” she whispered, kneeling beside him. “This time, I want on top of you.”

Tommy eagerly laid back, his cock straining up with throbbing hardness. Susan gripped it in her fist, pumping up and down, making his swollen cockhead bulge out, his piss hole widening and dripping. She gazed at her son’s cock with feverish eyes, bringing her other hand to his balls. Squeezing them, she jacked his cock, making soft squealing sounds of pleasure.

“Do something, Mom!” he urged.

“I am doing something, honey,” she purred softly. “I’m jacking your cock, aren’t I?”

“I don’t wanna hand job! I wanna fuck!”

“Of course, you want to fuck,” she gurgled. “With a hard-on like this, I’m sure you do.”

She leaned down, and her tongue flicked outward.

“Ohhhh, Mom!” Tommy groaned as he felt the wet heat of his mother’s tongue swirl about the head of his cock.

“Mmmmm, tasty,” Susan whispered, sliding her tongue along his piss hole, tasting the seeping juices. “Very, very tasty. I bet you’ve never had a blow job, Tommy.”

“I’ve never had a piece of ass until a while ago, Mom,” he moaned. “You know that.”

Susan, with her eyes smoldering in heat, her head turned to watch his expression, closed her lips about the head of her son’s cock. She sucked very hard on the tip of his prick, her tongue flicking against his piss hole. Tommy whimpered and wiggled his ass, lifting his hips.

“You love it, I see,” Susan said, puffing her mouth off his cock. “I can make you love it even more, but not right now.”

She swung her leg over his hips, holding the base of his cock. Tommy watched his mother’s hairy cuntlips part for him. The pink lips of her pussy glistened with wetness. Susan rubbed the head of his cock along the fiery slit of her cunt, mewling softly. Fitting the smooth head of his cock to her pussy, she slowly lowered herself, taking his cock deeply. Tommy gasped with pleasure, feeling the soft, yet tight, lips of his mother’s cunt closing about his prick. He felt the hairs of her cunt tickle the base of his cock, and grabbed for her knees.

Susan settled on his prick, grinding slowly, arching her hips back and forth. She sat up straight, shoulders back. She fondled her tits as she wiggled on him, making soft sounds of pleasure, her eyes slitted with growing passion as she looked into his delighted young face.

Soon, Susan was leaning over, her hands and arms bracing her upper body, her tits jiggling. She lifted her ass until his cock was almost out, then banged down.

“Ohhhh, very nice!” she hissed.

Her naked ass began to move faster, taking her son’s cock deeply into her pussy, gasping each time the puffy lips of her hungry cunt smacked at the base. Wet sounds came from between them as Susan fucked up and down, shaking her ass in tight circles.

“Ohhhhh, I love this feeling, Tommy!” she whimpered. “I love to feel your cock in my cunt! It’s so fucking hard and hot and long! Mmmmm, fuck with me, baby! Fuck with mother!”

Gripping his mother’s knees, Tommy rammed his cock up and down. Susan held her ass up, feeling her son drive his prick in and out of her cunt, gurgling with the wet, slapping sounds. With each upward thrust into her cunt, her tits jiggled, her nipples rigid with desire.

“Ram it to me hard, Tommy!” she groaned. “Ohhhh, be rough! Be rough with me! Bruise my hot cunt with your cock! Beat my cunt raw, baby! Ooooaoh, I love it so much!”

Tommy plunged his cock up and down, gritting his teeth as he stared between their bodies. His balls felt swollen and hard. Digging his fingers into his mother’s flesh an inch or so above her knees, he fucked into her gripping, burning cunt furiously.

“Be still!” she hissed suddenly.

Tommy relaxed, and his mother began to slide her cunt up and down his cock, making tight, screwing movements. She gasped and panted hotly, her hair fanning about her face. She churned her ass in all directions. Her cunt bulged out, feeling as if it was about to burst open like a ripe grape. She strained down on him, grinding lewdly, feeling every throb of his cock deep, inside her fiery cunt. She began to scream softly as she raced her cunt up and down again, pounding her son’s ass into the mattress.

“Oooh, I’m getting ready to come, Tommy!” she wailed. “My cunt is ready to come!”

She pounded in a frenzy, shaking her naked ass wildly, straining her head up with agonized rapture. She felt as if she couldn’t get his cock deep enough. Her hairy cuntlips closed tightly about his cock as she pulled upward, seeming to expand with each down thrust. Her low screams grew in volume, and she couldn’t stop.

“I’m going to come, Tommy!” she screamed at the top of her lungs. “I’m going to come! My cunt… ohhhh, my fucking cunt!”

As the spasm struck, every part of Susan’s naked body vibrated with ecstasy. She slammed her cunt down onto her son’s cock hard, her cuntlips gnawing in liquid heat.

“Now, Tommy! Come with mother!”

Tommy grunted, straining his cock hard into his mother’s convulsing cunt. His balls became very tight, and then he gushed, sending thick squirts of come juice into her boiling cunt. Feeling her son squirting into her pussy sent Susan into wild tremors of mindless orgasm, her cunt rippling and sucking with ecstatic contractions.

“Ohhhhh, Mom!” Tommy groaned, relaxing, his ass settling down on the mattress, his cock deflating inside his mother’s cunt.

“I know, baby! God, how I know!” Susan murmured as she sat weakly on top of him.

“I told you, you made too much noise, Susan!”

Susan’s head jerked upright, and she saw her sister grinning from the open doorway.

With a knowing laugh, Wanda turned away.


Although Tommy wanted to sleep with her, Susan sent him off to his own bedroom.

She didn’t care what Tommy had for dinner, and Wanda could prepare her own food. She bathed and thought about the things that were happening so swiftly. She didn’t regret any of it, though. She would have been fucking her son sooner or later, she knew. The sexual tension between them had been building quite swiftly for weeks. When she thought about it, she realized she didn’t give a shit that Wanda had peeked in at them, either. She knew, when Monday came and she had to go back to work, leaving her sister and son alone in the apartment, Wanda would waste no time in getting Tommy’s pants off, and his cock in her cunt.

She just hoped her son was up to it.

It was near midnight, and she lay in her big bed, tossing and turning, reliving the incident in the subway, seeing again her sister’s hand wrapped about her son’s cock, Tommy’s hand inside Wanda’s panties, seeing her sister openly and unashamedly fingerfucking herself. Her cunt seemed to be constantly throbbing, too, despite the three fantastic fucks she had enjoyed with her son.

It had been some time since she had enjoyed orgasm that she, herself, had not produced. And they had been wild orgasms, too.

She heard the door open softly, and turned to look. Despite the darkness, she made out her sister’s body.

“Are you still awake, Susan?” Wanda whispered.

“Can we talk?”

Susan agreed, and Wanda slipped into the room, closing the door behind her. Susan felt the sag of her bed when Wanda sat on the edge. She sat up, too, leaning against the headboard, the sheet down to her waist. She was naked, the way she preferred to sleep.

“Can I turn the light on?” Wanda asked. “You might as well,” Susan replied. “I can’t seem to sleep, anyway.”

When the nightstand lamp was turned on, Wanda found herself looking at her older sister’s flawless tits. Her tongue moved across her lips.

“What do you want to talk about, Wanda?” Susan said, not bothering to pull the sheet up.

“What I told you about the woman,” Wanda said, lifting her legs onto the bed and crossing her feet. She wore a shortie gown, with frilly panties. “It was my first time.”

“You don’t have to explain to me, Wanda,” Susan said, finding it very difficult to keep from staring at the crotch of her sister’s panties.

“I liked it, Susan,” Wanda said. “I mean, I really enjoyed it.”

“Enjoyed what? Her doing it or… you doing it to her?”

“Both,” Wanda replied. “But I’m not a lesbian. I’m not, and I don’t want you to think.”

“I don’t think anything of the soft.”

“I just wanted you to know,” Wanda said. “I enjoy men, their cocks, that is. But… eating pussy is a nice change of pace.”


“It’s different, Susan,” Wanda said, her voice soft. “It’s much different from tasting a hard cock in your mouth. Oh, I love to suck a cock, you better believe it? But a cunt, so soft and hot and wet…”

“What are you trying to say, Wanda?”

Wanda gazed at Susan’s tits before answering. “I’d like to… Susan, let me lick your cunt.”

“I thought you said you weren’t a lesbian?”

“I’m not!” Wanda replied. “You’ll see, Susan. I’m going to fuck Tommy, remember? I can hardly wait to get his young cock in my cunt.”

“If that’s the case,” Susan said, “why are you here with me and not in his room?”

“I tried, but he’s asleep,” Wanda said. “You tired him out, Susan. I looked and he was snoring.” She giggled. “I touched his cock.”

“Shame on you,” Susan said, without anger in her voice.

“Yes, shame on me,” Wanda whispered, closing one hand about her sister’s naked tit, squeezing and caressing it. “So, since he was sleeping so soundly, I thought we should have a talk.”

Susan glanced down and watched her sister caress her tit, then lifted her eyes to that pretty face. “Doesn’t it bother you, us being sisters?”

“Does it bother you, fucking your son?” Wanda retaliated, and squeezed Susan’s tit hard enough to bring a low moan of pleasure from Susan.

“No,” Susan said, her voice hoarse.

Wanda rested her other hand on her stomach, and was making slow, gentle circles with it, her fingers slipping under the sheet.

“Being your sister doesn’t bother me, either,” Wanda murmured, and slipped her fingers through the soft hair of Susan’s cunt. “Open your legs for me, Susan.”

“What if Tommy comes and catches us?”

“Would you really mind?”

Susan thought about it. Wanda was twisting at her nipple, her pretty face lowering toward it.

“No, I wouldn’t mind,” she finally said.

Her legs opened, and Wanda shoved her palm across her older sister’s cunt, feeling it.

“Nice and hot and wet,” Wanda purred as she rubbed at Susan’s pussy. “I like a cunt when it’s hot and wet this way. I bet you have a real sweet cunt to suck, Susan.”

Susan didn’t reply, but her hips twisted beneath her sister’s moving hand. Wanda’s eyes took on a glassy expression as she lowered her mouth to one of her sister’s tits. Susan watched her pink tongue swirl about her nipple, feeling the wetness scar it. Wanda closed her lips about Susan’s nipple, sucking it gently, her hand constantly rubbing between her thighs.

Susan remained passive, her hands at her sides, but her hips twisted as her sister rubbed and poked gently at her cunt. When Wanda slipped a finger into her pussy and stroked in and out, then brought it to Susan’s throbbing clit. Susan gave a soft gurgle of pleasure.

“Mmmmmm, you like it, I see,” Wanda said, lifting her face and flicking the tip of her tongue from one nipple to the other. “If you like the way I suck your tits, you’re going to love how I suck your hot, wet cunt, Susan.”

Susan trembled with pleasure as Wanda licked her tongue down her body, shoving the sheet to the foot of the bed. Wanda made soft sounds of pleasure as she swirled her tongue about her sister’s stomach, dipping into her belly button. One of her hands kept agitating Susan’s swollen clit, her other hand fondled her tits, caressing the firm flesh and rigid nipples.

Wanda spread her sister’s thighs wide, gazing down between them, seeing Susan’s hairy cunt, so wet and inviting.

“It’s beautiful, Susan,” she whispered throatily. “So much prettier than the other woman’s.”

Susan gasped when her sister leaned down and kissed her cunt right on her swollen, slippery pussy-lips. When Wanda lifted her head and smiled at her, Susan saw the glistening wetness of her cunt on Wanda’s mouth, and somehow that caused a tremor of pleasure to move through her body.

“Did you like that, Susan?”

Before Susan could reply, Wanda pressed her mouth down once more. Susan gasped again as her sister sucked gently at the hairy lips of her cunt, the tip of her tongue sliding up and down her slit. There was no way Susan could hold her hips still, they began to writhe as a low moan bubbled from her throat. The touch of her sister’s tongue sent a wild heat throughout her crotch.

Wanda shoved Susan’s thighs wider as she knelt with her face between her creamy legs. Susan, her eyes slitted and smoldering with increasing passion, stared down her body. She saw one of Wanda’s perky tits through her gauzy short gown. Her eyes traveled along her younger sister’s body, looked at the curve of her ass, her tight panties, her long legs. She heard the wet sounds her sister made as she slurped and licked, kissed and sucked, at her cunt. Wanda shoved her arms about Susan’s hips, closing her palms against the rounded cheeks of her sister’s ass, lifting Susan’s crotch upward. Opening her mouth wide, Wanda pressed her lips hard into her hairy cunt, her tongue stabbing in and out.

Susan whimpered, and returned the pressure by arching her cunt high, grinding as Wanda licked and sucked.

When she realized Wanda was moving her knee closer to her head, Susan didn’t protest. She didn’t protest as her sister lifted her knee and spread her legs around her head. With Wanda thrusting her tongue in and out of Susan’s boiling cunt, fucking around her knotted clit, holding her ass tightly with both hands, Susan found herself staring up into her sister’s crotch. Wanda’s inner thighs were creamy smooth, the crotch of her skimpy panties tight and stretched over her cunt. She saw the white of Wanda’s asscheeks where the sun had failed to tan them. Blond hairs curled from the edges of the panties.

Wanda buried her face into Susan’s cunt, sucking harder, her uplifted ass writhing. She lapped her tongue up and down, tasting Susan’s seeping juices, then she swirled her tongue about her inflamed clit, finally taking it between her hot, greedy lips. When Wanda began to suck, gently yet with fiery desire, Susan pumped her crotch up hard, grinding. Wanda made a purring sound as Susan’s hand caressed up her thighs.

Susan gazed into Wanda’s crotch, her hands cupping the firm cheeks of her pretty ass, feeling the heat coming through her tight panties. She licked her lips, eyes glazed. She didn’t think of what she was going to do.

Then she pulled Wanda’s hips downward.

Wanda rubbed her face up and down her sister’s cunt, moaning softly as she lowered her crotch. Susan felt the moist heat of Wanda’s cunt against her mouth before it touched. The crotch of Wanda’s panties were wet, soaked, really. The juices seeping through, burned against Susan’s lips, urging her to taste, touch, kiss, lick.

But Susan didn’t lick, not yet.

The scent of her sister’s hot cunt worked in an erotic way on her. She parted her lips slightly, keeping them pressed at the panties. The tip of her tongue touched the nylon, and drew back.

Wanda lifted her face an inch or so from Susan’s wet pussy. She took one swipe at her distended clit then moaned hotly.

“Taste me, Susan! Lick me, just once!”

Susan tasted the juices dripping through Wanda’s panties. She tasted them by licking at her lips.

“Please, Susan!”

Wanda was pleading softly, her hot breath fanning over Susan’s cunt. Wanda gripped her sister’s asscheeks tightly, her fingers squeezing as she urged Susan to lick her twat.

“Slide your tongue up and down! Lick my cunt, Susan! I’m very hot, Susan! I need it! Watching you fuck Tommy drove me up the fucking walls! Please! Oh, please, suck my cunt!”

With a soft sob, Wanda buried her face into Susan’s cunt again, rubbing her open lips up and down her wet pussy slit, her tongue sliding almost to the crack of her ass. Susan cried out with pleasure, and strained her cunt into her younger sister’s mouth. She hooked a finger into Wanda’s panties, feverishly pulling the crotch to one side. She didn’t take time to gaze at the pink sweetness; she shoved her mouth against Wanda’s cunt quickly.

Wanda responded by crushing her cunt down into Susan’s face, and at the same time, thrusting her tongue as deep as she could into the juicy heat of her older sister’s cunt. Susan shot her lips up, grinding into Wanda’s sucking mouth feverishly. She clutched Wanda’s ass with one hand, keeping the crotch of her panties wide open with the other. She tasted the creamy juices of her sister’s cunt seeping into her mouth, and swallowing, began to stab her tongue back and forth, fucking Wanda’s succulent cunt, using her tongue like a cock.

Both sisters squealed as they humped into each other’s licking mouth. Susan found the tightness of her sister’s thighs against her face fantastic. She clung to Wanda’s dancing ass tightly, her tongue racing about the wet slit, curling about her sister’s swollen clit. Her nose pressed into Wanda’s asshole, but Susan didn’t care. Her cunt was on fire, boiling hotly as Wanda’s tongue licked and stabbed. When Wanda pressed her cunt down hard into her face, grinding powerfully, she licked all the harder.

As the rapture grew, Susan tried to work Wanda’s panties off. When that didn’t work, she grabbed the flimsy panties tightly and jerked. There was a ripping sound, but the panties failed to tear free.

“Rip them off me!” Wanda growled, her face only an inch out of Susan’s cunt. “Susan, rip off my panties! Tear the fucking things off my ass!”

When Susan sucked hard, the panties came free. Once the full expanse of Wanda’s crotch was exposed, Susan shoved her face up close, whimpering as she began to suck and lick greedily. Now she held Wanda’s ass with both hands, squeezing the cheeks hard as Wanda squeezed her ass. Her tongue dove in and out of the hot wetness, flipping up and down. The softness of her sister’s cunt around her mouth was erotic, delightful, strange and delicious. She sucked and licked in a frenzy, swallowing as her mouth filled with the sweet pussy juices. Susan rammed her naked ass up and down, slapping her cunt into Wanda’s willing, eager mouth. The wet sounds of tongues licking at fiery cunts filled the bedroom, together with moans of frantic ecstasy.

Susan stroked her sister’s spreading asscheeks feverishly as she lapped into her swelling cunt, rubbing across Wanda’s tightly puckered asshole, then along her smooth inner asscheeks. She hugged her younger sister about her naked hips and tried to stuff her mouth into Wanda’s sweet, juicy pussy. Susan’s legs lifted into the air, her thighs squeezing Wanda’s head between them. She waved her feet about in the air as her ass lifted high, then drew her knees backward along Wanda’s sides.

Wands slammed her cunt hard into Susan’s face, squirming as she moaned into her sister’s pussy. Susan, with her tongue deep inside Wanda’s cunt, felt her cunt contractions. The shudders that rippled through Wanda’s now naked ass vibrated into Susan’s palms. She knew her younger sister was starting to get close to orgasm. She renewed her efforts, tonguefucking Wanda in the cunt furiously, grinding her own pussy into Wanda’s devouring mouth. She felt the shivering beginnings of her own orgasm, and smashed her cunt time and again into her sister’s face, making fucking movements. She squealed loudly into Wanda’s cunt, and heard the answering sobs of her sister.

When Wanda came, the strength of it was incredible. With a muffled scream of pleasure, she smashed her cunt hard into Susan’s face. Susan’s tongue was very deep inside Wanda’s pussy, and she felt her soft cuntlips gripping with waves of contractions. The seeping juices increased, and Susan found herself swallowing with hunger. Feeling her sister’s cunt coming, and the steaming convulsions against her sucking mouth, Susan shot her cunt up hard, and Wanda smashed her mouth down.

Now Susan screamed into Wanda’s cunt as she came.

Her pussy clutched at Wanda’s tongue, her ass shaking. Wanda’s tongue darted and licked, her hands holding the shaking cheeks of her older sister’s ass tightly, puffing her crotch into her face.

The orgasms seemed to last forever. But then slowly, both began to relax. Susan didn’t mind Wanda’s weight on top of her. Wanda’s knees were drawn up, her crotch resting lightly in Susan’s face. Susan stroked and caressed her sister’s trembling ass and thighs, while Wanda ran her hands up and down Susan’s smooth legs, kissing and licking the inner surfaces. With lips and tongues and hands, they brought each other down slowly and tenderly.

“That was beautiful,” Wanda whispered as she rolled from Susan.

For a while, Susan didn’t reply. Her thoughts were a jumble, confused. She knew she enjoyed it, loved it, really. But what confused her was that she had sucked her sister’s cunt so willingly, downright hungrily. She had never thought she would suck a cunt, yet she had tongue-fucked her sister with as much greed as she had fucked her son.

“I’ve never done anything like that before,” she finally said in a soft voice, turning on her side and finding her face close to Wanda’s blond-haired cunt. She couldn’t resist, and lowered her mouth, kissing at the tip of Wanda’s protruding clit.

“But you’d do it again, right?” Wanda grinned.

“I’m not sure,” Susan said, then licked her tongue gently at the slit of Wanda’s cunt. “Probably, though.”

Wanda hugged Susan’s hips tightly, pressing her cheek against her thick mat of cunt hair. “Aren’t you glad I’m staying here a white, Susan?”

Susan pulled away from her sister, sliding off the bed. Wanda stretched lewdly, arching her back, grinning impishly up at her.

“Well, aren’t you?” Wanda asked again.

“I’m not sure about that, either,” Susan replied. “One thing… you sure grew up, didn’t you?”

“Don’t we all?” Wanda circled one of her pink nipples after pulling aside her gown. “You always had beautiful tits, didn’t you, Susan? They’re still just as beautiful as ever.”

“Yours aren’t bad, either,” Susan found herself replying. “I remember when you had nothing but two nipples.”

Wanda giggled. “I know. I thought it would be that way the rest of my life. I was sure I’d have to go around giving blowjobs all the time because the boys didn’t want any of my skinny ass. They always went for girls with big tits, you know.” Wanda exposed both her tits. “Yes, that’s how I started, sucking cock in the back seat of a car. Then, all of a sudden, I had tits and all the guys wanted to fuck me. What is it about tits, anyway?”

“I don’t know,” Susan said, starting for the bathroom. “Some men are just tit-crazy, I guess.”

“What about Tommy?” Susan paused. “What about him?”

“Is he a tit man, or what?” Susan smiled. “No, Tommy will take anything he can get. He has no preference, as long as it’s hairy, wet, and hot.”


When Susan woke up, she was in bed alone. Already it was late. She swung her legs out of bed and pulled open the drapes. She didn’t really like living in an apartment, especially a high-rise. But if she wanted to keep her present job, she had no choice. She didn’t like raising Tommy there either. He needed a place he could go outside to run and roughhouse the way most boys his age did.

Sighing, she turned and entered her bathroom, reminding herself that someday she would have the house of her dreams.

She showered, slipped into a pair of bikini panties and a loose, silk robe, and went down the hall. She heard the voices before she reached the kitchen.

“How long have you two been up?” she asked as she saw her sister and son at the table.

“Hours and hours,” Wanda smiled. “Coffee is ready.”

Susan poured her a cup, black and hot. Sitting down in her usual place at the table, she searched her sister’s pretty face for signs of shame, but found none.

“What tales have you been telling, Wanda?” Susan asked, looking at her sister over the rim of her cup.

“None,” Wanda said, staring directly at her sister. “Some things are better left unsaid, unless you tell them yourself.”

Susan knew what her sister meant. She was leaving it up to her to say as much as she wanted to Tommy about the night before. Tommy gave no evidence of shame, and she didn’t know if her son realized his aunt knew what had gone on in her bedroom.

“Why are you wearing your robe, Tommy?” Susan asked. “I don’t believe you’ve worn it five times in a year.”

“I had to put something on, Mom,” he replied. “I’m naked under it.”

Wanda giggled and her eyes flashed at Susan. “So am I.”

Susan said nothing, but sipped her coffee and looked at them over the rim. She was very aware of her sister’s eagerness to get her hat little hands on Tommy’s body, his cock and balls. She wondered why Wanda hadn’t grabbed him already, before she got up.

When nothing more was said, Wanda stood up. Quickly, she flung her robe wide apart. Susan’s eyes widened and Tommy made a choking sound. Wanda was indeed naked under her robe. Her saucy tits strained out, her pink nipples stiff. The blond hair of her cunt gleamed, enticing the eye.

As quickly as she had exposed herself, Wanda wrapped the robe about her nakedness and sat back down, looking quite pleased with herself.

When Susan said nothing, Wanda turned to Tommy. “Are you really naked under that robe?” she asked.

Tommy nodded, glancing at his mother.

“Show us, then, if you’re not afraid.”

Tommy looked at his mother. Susan said nothing, but returned his gaze.

He stood up, untying the belt. When he opened his robe, they saw he was wearing his jockey shorts. But Susan and Wanda gazed at the bulge his cock and balls made. When Tommy belted his robe again, they both sighed, a sound of disappointment as he sat back down.

“Your turn,” Wanda said, giggling, to her older sister.

“What is this, show and tell?” Susan asked, lifting her eyes.

“Show, but no tell,” Wanda replied, her blue eyes sparking and dancing wickedly. “Who wants to tell and give away the fun we can have.”

Susan looked at her son. “I thought you said you were naked. Wearing shorts don’t count, honey.”

“I can take care of that, Mom,” he said, and he removed his shorts beneath the table. He placed them on the end of the table, near his young aunt’s elbow. “Now, I’m naked under my robe.”

“Prove it,” Wanda giggled throatily. “I don’t believe it until I see it.”

“It’s Mom’s turn,” Tommy said. “Are you gonna show us, Mom?”

“I never said I was naked under my robe,” Susan replied, her voice thickening.

“Oh, come on, Susan,” Wanda said. “Play with us. It’s only a game.”

“Maybe it is,” Susan said, “but a game like this can lead to other games, you know.”

“That’s why we want to play it,” Wanda said, picking up Tommy’s shorts. She lifted them to her face, rubbing the crotch about her mouth, her blue eyes twinkling at them. She turned the shorts inside out, and teasingly ran her tongue along the crotch. Tommy’s eyes bugged out as he watched, and Susan’s breath caught in her throat.

“Do they taste good, Wanda?” Susan whispered, feeling her cunt twitching.

“Delicious,” Wanda purred, and sucked the crotch of Tommy’s shorts into her mouth.

Tommy giggled as he watched, his cock lifting into hardness inside his robe.

Wanda sucked at the shorts a moment longer, then pulled them out.

Boldly, she ran her hand under the table to Tommy’s crotch. Tommy glanced at his mother as Wanda’s hand closed about his prick and began to pump up and down.

“Oh, my!” Wanda gurgled. “Susan, I’ve got the hardest cock in my hand!”

She looked straight at her sister as she said it.

Susan didn’t reply, but watched her son. Tommy was gasping with pleasure as his young aunt jacked up and down his cock. When Wanda squeezed his prick hard, he moaned in delight. Slipping her hand down, Wanda cupped Tommy’s balls, twisting them gently.

“And guess what else I found? I think Tommy has a very nice set of loaded balls.”

Susan felt her cunt steaming, picturing her sister playing with Tommy’s balls under the table. She felt no jealousy, only a rising excitement, her cunt throbbing as her clit expanded into hardness.

Standing up, she held the folds of her robe, looking at her son and sister. Her face was flushed, but it was erotic emotion, not shame. She opened her robe, holding it wide.

“You’re wearing panties, Mom,” Tommy said, his voice thick because his young aunt was again jacking her fist up and down his rigid cock.

Wanda grinned wickedly, sliding her tongue over her lips suggestively as she gazed at the bulge of Susan’s panties.

Susan didn’t close her robe, but shrugged it from her shoulders. Her tits danced as she leaned slightly and began to peel her panties from her hips.

“If we’re going to play games, we should play them right,” she said, her voice husky.

She dropped her panties to the floor, and Tommy’s eyes burned on the thick hairs of her cunt. Wanda licked her lips again, staring at her older sister’s delicious body. Susan parted her legs, and slipped her fingers through her thick cunt hair, and then, arching her hips forward, peeled her pink cunt open, her cunt straining outward.

“You see that cunt, Tommy?” Wanda whispered thickly. “You see your mother’s hot cunt? Why don’t you shove this hard cock up your mother’s hairy cunt and fuck her, Tommy?”

Susan, rubbing a finger about her sensitive clit, said softly, “My son knows very well what to do with this cunt, Wanda. We don’t need instructions from you.”

“Oh, is that right?” Wanda giggled. “Show me.”

With Tommy still sittings in his chair, and Wanda pumping at his hard prick, Susan lifted herself to the table. Seeing what Susan was doing, Wanda shoved plates and cups out of the way. Susan laid back on the table, her tits straining up, her nipples peaked hard. She parted her legs, and looked at her son.

“Fuck me, baby,” she whispered throatily. “Mother’s cunt is ready for your big, hard cock! Fuck me on the table… fuck me now!”

Tommy didn’t hesitate. He jumped to his feet, ripping his robe from his young body. His cock jutted out with hardness, his cockhead swollen and smooth, juices dripping from his piss hole. Wanda sucked in her breath as she gazed at it.

Before Tommy moved to his mother’s knees, Wanda gave a loud squeal and grabbed his hip, pulling him toward her. She dipped her face and shot her tongue out. Swiping her tongue across the head of Tommy’s cock, she licked away the seeping juices, making Tommy grunt with pleasure. Susan watched what Wanda was doing, remembering that Wanda had started sucking cock before she had fucked.

“No you don’t, Wanda,” she said. “That cock goes up my cunt! You can have what’s left of it! Come on, Tommy, fuck me!”

Before Tommy pulled away, however, Wanda pulled the swollen head of his cock into her mouth and sucked hard. Tommy’s knees trembled as he stared down, seeing his cock inside his young aunt’s hot mouth. He glanced at his mother, who was writhing her naked ass on the table, watching excitedly as Wanda sucked his cock.

“Tommy, give it to me!” Susan cried out, pulling at his hand. “Give that cock to me, please! Wanda, stop sucking it! I want it in my cunt!”

Wanda released Tommy’s cock, giggling as she licked her lips. “That is one sweet cock,” she said.

Tommy moved quickly to his mother. Sliding his hands along her creamy thighs, he gazed at the wetness of her pussy. Wanda rushed around the table to stand at Tommy’s side. She grasped his cock at the base in one hand, and used the fingers of her other hand to part Susan’s throbbing cunt lips.

“Shove it in, Tommy!” Wanda hissed hotly. “Shove your cock up your mother’s cunt! Look how hot her pussy is, see how wet her fucking twat is! Fuck her, Tommy! Fuck your mother in that hot cunt — hurry!”

Susan’s ass lurched up as Tommy shoved forward. The head of his cock penetrated her cunt quickly, bringing a long, drawn-out hiss of delight from Susan. His balls smacked against her naked ass and her cunt grabbed at his cock. Once his cock was deep inside her sister’s cunt, Wanda let go of its base, making soft sounds of pleasure as she stared at Susan’s stretching cunt lips. She shoved her face down, her tongue darting, and took a swipe at Susan’s swollen clit. Then she pulled her face up.

“Fuck her!” she squealed. “Fuck your mother, Tommy!”

Susan arched her ass, grinding onto her son’s cock, clawing at her tits with both hands, her eyes slitted with smoldering passion. She gasped loudly when her son began stabbing into her pussy, fucking back and forth. She churned her hips with him, meeting him lunge for lunge. Wanda, making soft sounds of voyeuristic pleasure, pressed her hot, young body against Tommy’s back, watching over his shoulder. She rubbed her tits on his back, sliding her hands up and down his naked flesh, pressing her cunt at his ass.

“Oooooh, fuck her good, Tommy!” she mewled. “Pound your hard cock into her hot, wet pussy! Oh, listen to that wet sound!”

Wanda slipped a hand to her nephew’s bunching ass, feeling and squeezing. Her other hand slid under her sister’s ass, clutching one firm asscheek and lifting Susan’s hips.

Susan’s hips churned and thrashed violently. She whimpered as her son’s cock slid in and out of her tight cunt. The friction of his throbbing cock sent shivers of ecstasy about her naked body. She lifted her legs, draping them over her son’s shoulders, grinding her ass powerfully against him.

Wanda was squealing with heat, squeezing her sister’s ass in one hand, sliding her other hand between Tommy’s thighs and cupping his balls. She twisted and pulled at his loaded balls, running her tongue about his shoulder, tasting his flesh, with her eyes never moving from the hairy lips of her sister as Tommy’s cock stretched and filled her greedy cunt.

“Ooooh, Tommy, Tommy!” Susan sobbed. “It’s so good, baby! Oh, yes, Tommy! Ram it to me! My cunt is on fire, baby! Fuck me! Fuck mother hard and last! I love it, Tommy! My God, I love your cock in my pussy so fucking much!”

Wanda’s eyes burned as she watched her sister’s cunt humping up and down, meeting Tommy’s forward lunges. The wet smacking of cunt meeting cock sent wild hungers through her young, curvy body. She smashed her blond haired pussy against Tommy’s hip, trying to slide the swollen lips of her pussy on his flesh, smashing her enflamed cunt against him.

Tommy grunted loudly, clinging to his mother’s thighs, the back of them pressed at his body, her knees squeezing his head. His balls banged against her thrashing, naked ass when Wanda wasn’t holding them. The wet heat of his mother’s cunt pulled at his cock, and with his young aunt’s hands running feverishly about his flesh, her tongue licking at him, his balls throbbed with aching ecstasy.

Wanda slipped her fingers into the crack of Tommy’s ass, rubbing one fingertip about his puckered asshole. Tommy felt it there, and it drove him wild. While she fingered Tommy’s asshole, Wanda slipped the fingers of her other hand into the crack of her sister’s ass. She felt Tommy’s cock sliding in and out of Susan’s greedy cunt, then began to finger Susan at the ring of her asshole.

“You’re so hot, both of you!” Wanda gurgled. “I can feel your hot assholes! I see a hot cock and hot cunt! I see you fucking! I can feel your assholes and see your cunt fucking Tommy’s cock, Susan! Oooooh, it’s beautiful, seeing you fucking Tommy, fuck your mother! Fuck her hot cunt! Oh, Susan, shake your ass! Shake your hot ass and fuck Tommy’s cock!”

She began pressing her finger against her sister’s whole. Susan felt it, but said nothing. The sensations of being rubbed about her asshole while Tommy fueled into her cunt were strange, lovely, delightful. Her eyes glowed with wet heat as she pulled and squeezed at her own tits, thrusting her cunt up and down with her son’s movements.

“Your ass is so fucking hot, Susan!” Wanda hissed. She pushed her finger hard.

Susan cried out as she felt her sister’s finger slide up her asshole. It didn’t hurt, but sent stabs of increased ecstasy through her naked body. She churned her ass more violently on Tommy’s cock, feeling her sister fucking her finger in and out of her asshole.

“Nice and tight, Susan!” Wanda gurgled. “You sure have a tight asshole!”

Tommy’s eyes bugged out as he felt Wanda’s finger pressing at his asshole. For a moment he froze, his cock throbbing inside his mother’s cunt.

“Don’t stop!” Wanda yelped. “Fuck her, Tommy! You’ll like what I’m going to do! Fuck her, Tommy!”

Tommy grunted when Wanda rammed her finger up his asshole, and his hips shot forward powerfully. Susan screamed out in rapture as her son stabbed his cock deep into her cunt. Her eyes closed with the growing rapture, her mouth parted, her ass churning. The friction of her son’s cock in her cunt and the stabbing of her sister’s finger into her asshole sent a liquid heat flowing through her body.

“Now fuck the piss out of your mother!” Wanda urged hotly, driving her fingers in and out of both assholes, staring at Tommy’s cock stabbing into Susan’s gripping cunt. “Fuck her, Tommy. Make her piss! Make her come! Fuck the shit out of your mother’s hot fucking cunt!”

“Oh, yes, Tommy!” Susan screamed. “Fuck me! Fuck the piss out of me! Make me came! Ohhhh, your cock is so hard, so deep! Fuck my pussy… fuck my cunt! I’m getting there! I’m almost there!”

Wanda rammed her fingers in and out of her sister and nephew’s asshole, whimpering as her own cunt bubbled and throbbed with wetness. The twitching of her pussy, the stiffening of her pink nipples told Wanda that she would come, too, just from watching them fucking, just from pounding her fingers up those gripping, hot assholes. She felt Tommy’s balls against her knuckles, felt how hard they were. She spread her legs and rubbed her cunt at his hips, sliding it along his flesh, smashing her swollen clit. She stared down at his cock as it plunged in and out of Susan’s hungry cunt, watching the juices seeping and frothing at the base of his cock.

“Fuck me harder, Tommy!” Susan screamed. “Ooooh, my cunt… my cunt is on fire! My ass is burning up! Come in me, Tommy! Let me feel you squirt that sweet juice up my cunt! Ooooooh, I’m about to come!”

Susan’s ass shot up, smashing hard against her son, sucking his cock as deep as possible. With a wail that turned into a scream, Susan came. Her cunt exploded with powerful, gripping convulsions. She came so hard, her asshole gripped Wanda’s finger so tight, Wanda couldn’t move it in and out.

“She’s coming, Tommy!” Wanda squealed. “Now you come, too!”

Tommy had no choice. His mother’s cunt was squeezing at his cock so tightly, sucking at it all, he could do was shake and moan. Then he came.

A yell came out of his throat as his cock shot creamy juices into his mother’s greedy cunt. As his asshole flexed about Wanda’s finger, she managed to fuck it in and out, making Tommy think his balls were being sucked into his mother’s cunt… his orgasm was so powerful.


Tommy slumped into a chair, gasping for breath.

Susan, sprawled on the table, her legs wide, was breathing with difficulty.

Wanda, her eyes wet with erotic heat, stood shivering, her cunt boiling. She had not come, but had gotten pretty close to it. She was standing at Susan’s knee, holding her pussy tightly in her hand. She looked at Tommy’s glistening cock, then at her sister’s cunt. Come juice seeped from Susan’s pussy, glistening on the dark hair of her cunt lips.

Susan, her eyes closed as the shudders of ecstasy slowly calmed, could feel her younger sister’s eyes on her crotch. She glanced at Wanda and saw the hunger on her pretty face.

“Suck it out,” she whispered. “Suck Tommy’s come juice out of my cunt, Wanda.”

Tommy’s eyes opened as he heard his mother. He saw his mother’s cunt, the wetness of it. Looking up at his young aunt, he asked, “Are you gonna do that, Wanda?”

“Mmmm, you just watch me!” Wanda said, smacking her lips hungrily. “That’s all I wanted to hear you say, Susan.”

Wanda went down on her knees, shoving her face toward her older sister’s cunt.

“You’re gonna kiss my mom’s cunt, Wanda?” Tommy asked, not believing it.

“Not only kiss it, Tommy,” Wanda purred hotly, “but I’m going to suck it good! I’m going to lick her cunt, eat her up!”

While Tommy gasped, Susan lifted her hips. “Suck it out, Wanda!”

With a soft cry of pleasure, Wanda closed her open mouth about Susan’s cunt, her tongue fucking in and out. The taste of Tommy’s come juice was mixed with the hot juices of Susan’s cunt, and Wanda swayed her naked, saucy ass as she sucked. She sucked wetly, licking hungrily up and down Susan’s cuntlips, moaning.

Tommy, amazed, stood up and leaned over, watching Wanda’s face. All he saw was her eyes that looked glassy. The lower half of her face was surrounded by his mother’s cunt hair. He saw Wanda’s tongue, though, licking at his mother’s clit. Susan stretched her hand to his cock, and closed her fingers about it. Tommy stood watching Wanda sucking his mother’s cunt while she held his cock tightly. He was becoming more and more excited by what he saw.

Susan arched her cunt up, twisting into her sister’s face as she clung to Tommy’s cock. She began to make soft, squealing sounds again, grinding her cunt up and down.

“Oooh, I could come again!” she sobbed. “Lick my cunt, Wanda! I know I can come again!”

Tommy’s prick throbbed and started to swell again in his mother’s hand. Susan pumped it, her hips straining into Wanda’s sucking mouth. Wanda shoved her hands under her sister’s ass, lifting her crotch. Susan, with soft cries of delight, draped her legs aver her younger sister’s shoulders, squeezing Wanda’s face tightly.

“Suck it, Wanda! Ohhh, my God, suck my cunt! Eat my pussy, Wanda!” she sobbed.

Wanda’s tongue darted in and out, licking the soft walls of her older sister’s cunt. She held Susan’s naked ass in her palms, bringing her crotch into her face. Her eyes were glazed with erotic pleasure. She glanced into Tommy’s face, seeing his excitement.

Pulling her mouth out of Susan’s cunt, Wanda said, “Suck her tits, Tommy! Let’s both suck her good! I bet we can make your mother come hard again!”

“Yeah, suck my tits, Tommy!” Susan gasped, squeezing his cock. “Suck my tits hard, baby!”

Tommy lowered his mouth to one of his mother’s tits, but kept his eyes turned down, watching Wanda’s face between his mother’s thighs. His cock lifted into hardness swiftly, and his mother clutched it with desperation, grinding her cunt faster and faster into Wanda’s sucking mouth.

“Ooooh, you’ll make me come again!” Susan squealed.

As tasty as his mother’s tits were, Tommy had to watch what his aunt was doing. Standing at the side of the table, with his mother gripping his cock hard, he gazed at Wanda’s face, half buried in Susan’s soft hair. Susan clamped her hot thighs about her sister’s head, humping her crotch up and down, gurgling with pleasure.

Though fucking his mother had been fantastic, Tommy wanted more. His young balls were once more swollen and hard. He shoved his mother’s hand from his cock to his balls, curling her fingers about them. Susan immediately began to twist and play with them, squealing louder and louder. She beat her heels against her younger sister’s back, urging Wanda to tonguefuck her faster.

“Suck me, suck me!” she wailed. “Wanda, eat my cunt! Ohhh, God… it’s wonderful! Suck my pussy, Wanda! Ohhhh, fuck me with your tongue!”

Tommy’s excitement was at a fever pitch as he watched Wanda sucking his mother’s cunt, his cock throbbing out in hardness, his mother about to pull his young balls off. The slurping wet sounds Wanda made between his mother’s thighs sounded good to him. The need to poke his cock into something was strong, and he shoved his mother’s hands away. Susan whimpered and tried to keep her grip on his balls, but he moved to the end of the table. With his mother thrashing about with erotic rapture, Tommy stood behind his young aunt, staring at her saucy, sweet ass.

He pressed his cock forward, running it through Wanda’s blonde hair. Wanda felt his cock, and mewled softly. She lifted to her feet, keeping her mouth buried into her older sister’s wet cunt. She was now leaning over, her naked ass dancing lewdly, her asscheeks bunching.

Susan drew her knees up and back, holding them tightly against her swollen tits, gurgling and moaning as her pleasure swelled. Tommy peeked past his aunt’s shoulder and watched Wanda’s tongue sliding everywhere, licking at his mother’s cunt, at her pussyslit, swirling about her throbbing clit, almost probing his mother in the asshole. His prick jerked up and down and he rubbed it about his aunt’s creamy ass.

Wanda arched her ass to Tommy, crying out softly as she slurped with a greater hunger at Susan’s wet pussy. Tommy moved the head of his cook up and down the hot crack of Wanda’s ass, watching with wet, hot eyes. The heat of his young aunt’s ass excited him, tingled around the head of his hard prick. Shaving it downward, he felt the fiery wetness of Wanda’s blonde-haired cunt. He moved it forward, slipping the swollen head of his cock just inside her pussylips.

Wanda’s head jerked out of Susan’s cunt.

“Ram it to me, Tommy!” she cried out. “Fuck me! Fuck my cunt right now! Ohhh, I’ve been waiting, Tommy! My cunt has been waiting for your cock!”

Then she was diving her hungry mouth back into Susan’s cunt again.

Through the fog of her ecstasy, Susan had heard her sister. Her eyes opened and focused on her son’s face.

“Fuck her young pussy, Tommy!” she sobbed, grinding her cunt into her sister’s mouth frantically. “Fuck the piss out of her hot, fucking cunt!”

Tommy didn’t need the urging.

He rammed his cock fast and hard, bringing a muffled gasp from Wanda. The wet heat caused his face to contort with rapture. The soft, wet folds of his young aunt’s cunt closed about his cock, gripping it hotly. Tommy could feel tiny contractions of it. He had his hands on Wanda’s small waist, staring down at the creamy shape of her ass pressing at his stomach. Wanda twisted her ass in tight circles, sliding her ass hotly against his flesh, his cock very deep inside her cunt.

With a gasp, he began to stab quickly into Wanda’s cunt.

He banged frantically, making his aunt grunt into his mother’s cunt with the force of his penetration. His balls burned with pleasure, and with each inward stab, he felt them become wet with his aunt’s seeping cunt juices. Wanda wiggled and writhed her naked ass for Tommy, moaning as she kept up a relentless tonguefucking into her sister’s juicy pussy. Susan, holding her legs tightly against her tits, whimpered and sobbed with ecstasy, grinding her hairy cunt into her sister’s face, humping her ass up and down.

Wanda parted her feet on the floor, arching her ass back for Tommy, her cunt straining for his cock. She held her older sister by the spreading cheeks of her ass, pulling as she pressed her face hard into her juicy, hairy twat, her tongue diving back and forth, her lips puffing at Susan’s throbbing cunt.

“Eat my mom!” Tommy groaned. “Wanda, eat my mom’s cunt! Suck my mom’s pussy!”

“Fuck her, Tommy!” Susan sobbed with heat. “Fuck my sister in her hot fuckhole!”

Tommy could feel himself beginning to come. Wanda was slamming her ass back like crazy. She was uttering frantic cries as she stuck her tongue deep in Susan’s pussy. As Tommy watched his mother’s cuntlips grip Wanda’s tongue and her thighs close about her head, he realized he was not going to be able to hold back much longer.

“Mom, I’m going to shoot my cum! I’m going to shoot my load, Mommy!”

Susan was moaning loudly, she was clearly starting to spasm, herself.

“Oh come, baby! Tongue me, Wanda! I’m coming too!”

Wanda shoved her tongue deep in Susan’s fuck hole and slammed her ass back into Tommy’s hammering cock.

It was too much for Tommy.

“Mommy!” he screamed. His jizz had begun to pump out steadily into Wanda’s spasming pussy. “Mommy, I’m doing it!”

As she felt his hot fuck cream splash between her thighs, Wanda gave a muffled yell from Susan’s crotch. Her hips were jerking and her cunt was pouring cream. She screamed.

“Oh God!”

Tommy was groaning loudly. He was hardly aware of what he was doing as he rammed his cock home. But already his movements were beginning to slow. He fell forward, Wanda collapsed underneath him, her pussy spasming and running with fuckjuice.

At last they lay still. Although it was only a few more minutes before they recovered, it seemed much longer. Susan looked down at her son’s drooping cock, and smiled. Then she looked at her sister, her eyes taking in the long, smooth thighs and blonde curls that swirled about the pink flesh of Wanda’s pussy.

“Welcome to the big city, Wanda,” Susan said softly.

“Big city, my hot ass,” Wanda giggled. “I can have all this back home, Susan.”

“Then why did you come here?”

“Like I said,” Wanda replied, sitting up. “Small towns don’t let you get away with it everyday.”

“Well, this doesn’t happen every day in the city,” Susan reminded her. “At least not that I know of.”

“It seems to happen around here pretty often,” Wanda said, grinning impishly, gazing at Tommy’s spreading thighs.

“I couldn’t say, since it just started,” Susan replied.


Susan smiled, her eyes dancing brightly. “I’m sure it was going to happen. You just set it in motion, Wanda.”

“Me? What did I do?”

“By letting Tommy feel you up,” Susan said. “If I hadn’t seen you two feeling each other up yesterday, Tommy and I may not have gotten it on for months, if ever.”

“But you said it was about to happen.”

“It was,” Susan answered, picking up her robe. “But then again, it might not have happened at all.”

Carrying her robe, she started from the kitchen.

“Are you sorry, Susan?” Wanda asked.

Susan turned, her eyes hot. “No, I’m not sorry.” She looked at her son. “What about you, Tommy?”

Tommy grinned at his mother.


In the park, Tommy walked between his mother and aunt, holding their hands. Both Susan and Wanda were dressed in skirts and blouses, both of them wearing knee-length boots. They were amusing themselves by watching people. Many of the young girls wore shorts, some quite revealing. Tommy enjoyed watching the exposed ass cheeks of the women, and wasn’t the least surprised to know that his mother and her sister were digging those shapely tight asses, too.

There was one pretty woman sitting on the grass, leaning against a free, Tommy realized he could see under her dress. He whispered to his mother, and Susan looked in that direction.

“I could never show myself off that way,” Susan said. “It’s much too blatant. But I like to watch.”

Wanda braced the heel of her boot on the edge of the bench, resting her chin on the bent knee. “I don’t mind showing a little leg, or more, for that matter.”

“I wanna get a good look at that woman,” Tommy said. There was a restroom near the woman, and he stood up. “I think I’ll go to pee.”

“Sure, you will,” Susan laughed. “Well, I guess I have to pee. I can’t help it if that woman is sitting next to the toilet, with her dress up, can I?”

Wanda and Susan watched him. “What have we done with that boy?” Susan asked, amused. “I think we found a sex-fiend.”

“I sure hope so,” Wanda replied, hugging her arm around her sister, feeling the swell of Susan’s tit. “I don’t mind getting tangled up with a sex-fiend, do you?”

“Not in the least,” Susan answered, watching her son boldly peer at the woman’s exposure. “Look at that! That fucking bitch is opening her legs wider for Tommy! That hussy!”

Wanda giggled. “Jealous, huh?”

“Well, maybe a little,” Wanda replied, smiling and pulling Wanda’s arm against her tit.

They watched Tommy disappear into the toilet.

“We can’t let that cunt beat our time, Susan,” Wanda said. “You and I discovered Tommy, and we have to hang on, wouldn’t you say?”

“You’re fucking right!”

“Then let’s give him a show when he comes back,” Wanda suggested.


“Why not? You know how it would excite him.” Wanda laughed throatily. “If that cunt can do it, so can we.”

Wanda raised her heels up onto the bench, her knees together, her skirt covering them. Susan, after a moment’s hesitation, did the same.

When Tommy came out of the toilet and started toward his mother and young aunt, Wanda let her skirt fall open. All interest in the woman leaning against the tree was lost. As he came close to them, he saw the backs of his aunt’s creamy thighs and the tight, pooching bulge of her panties. His cock stirred inside his pants, and he swaggered a bit, letting the swelling outline show.

Susan’s eyes watched her son’s cock, and she licked her lips. She had not really sucked him, and that one quick taste of his cock had whetted her desire. As her desire grew, she allowed her arms to fall away from her bent legs. Her skirt opened too, and Tommy saw his mother’s thighs and her panties. His cock throbbed into a quick hardness, and as he came closer, both Susan and Wanda could see the size and shape of it outlined there in his pants.

As if knowing what Susan was thinking, Wanda said, “I’m first.”

“Fuck you, sister, dear,” Susan whispered. “He’s my son.”

“And my nephew,” Wanda replied.

Susan wasn’t going to argue because she knew she would suck her son off, giving him his first blowjob just as she had given him his first piece of ass.

“Where should I do it?” Susan asked. “It’s too far back to the apartment, and I want to suck that cock now.”

“The bushes?” Wanda suggested.

By now, Tommy was standing before them, his eyes darting from his young aunt’s thighs and panties to his mother’s. His cock stood boldly against his pants, even his swollen cockhead outlined. Both his mother and aunt gazed at it with hot, hungry eyes.

Susan was so excited about what she was going to do with her son, she paid no attention to anything else. She wasn’t even aware of the passerby who had stopped, staring at her exposed panties and thighs. Her hand itched with the desire to yank her son’s cock out and suck it right there, sitting on the bench.

Unable to wait any longer, her cunt juicy and throbbing, Susan stood up. As she did so, the watching man’s eyes shifted to Wanda’s revealed thighs and panties. Susan took Tommy’s hand.

“Let’s sneak into those bushes, baby,” she whispered throatily. “Mother wants to do something very nice for you.”

“I want to watch,” Wanda said, excitement in her voice.

“I don’t care if you do,” Susan answered, holding her son’s hand as they walked toward the bushes.

None of them saw the man following.

When Susan was satisfied they were concealed, she dropped to her knees and opened her son’s pants with feverish fingers. Tommy stood grinning as he watched his mother pull his hard cock out. Susan stroked her son’s cock with her hot fist, purring as she gazed at his piss hole, watching juices seeping from it.

Wanda, watching, lifted her skirt and spread her legs, feeling the bulge of her panties and caressing her cunt through them.

“God, does that look tasty!” Wanda mewled softly.

“Tasty enough to eat,” Susan purred. “Are you gonna suck my cock, Mom?”

“Would you like that, baby?”

“Oh, yes, Mom!”

Susan kissed the tip of her son’s prick, feeling the heat of it against her lips. She mewled softly and brushed his dripping piss hole back and forth on her mouth, smearing her lips, making them slippery.

None of them noticed the man peering through the bushes at them, his cock in his hand, as he moved it back and forth.

Wanda, rubbing at her cunt, swayed her tight ass, her eyes glazed with heat as she watched her sister rubbing Tommy’s cock back and forth on her lips. Susan gurgled as she squatted before her son, her knees open and her skirt hiked to her waist.

The man in the bushes could see Susan’s cunt, and he could see Wanda playing with her pussy. His cock was very hard, his cockhead seeping as he jerked his fist back and forth.

“Suck him, Susan!” Wanda hissed. “Suck his cock! If you don’t suck it now, I’m going to!”

“Mmmm,” Susan purred, and slipped her lips over the smooth head of her son’s cock. The taste sent ripples of delight racing about her flesh, and her cunt bubbled wetly, the stretched crotch of her panties becoming soaked with pussy juice.

Sliding her lips onto Tommy’s cock, Susan slipped her hands to his hips. She felt his pants front against her lips, his cock at the back of her throat. With a soft sob of delight, she clutched her son by his ass, and began to dart her mouth back and forth, sucking hotly, her tongue licking. The hard heat of Tommy’s cock stretched her lips and filled her mouth. Susan whimpered with ecstasy, sucking back and forth, her fingers squeezing her son’s ass, pulling his hips forward as she shoved her face onto his prick.

Wanda jerked her panties to one side and began to agitate her swollen cunt, her blue eyes burning with hunger as she watched her sister gobbling so hungrily on Tommy’s prick. She shook her tight ass from side to side, then pumped her hips in a fucking motion, driving one finger into her wet cunt even as she kept smashing and twisting at her clit.

“Suck that cock, Susan!” she sobbed with voyeuristic delight. “Suck him off! Fuck his cock with your hot mouth! Suck the come juice out of his balls! Eat that prick, Susan, eat the pies out of his hard cock!”

The words of encouragement coming from her younger sister sent Susan in a frenzy. She began sucking wildly, shaking her head to twist her lips about her son’s cock. The hot hardness of it made her lips tingle, his swollen cockhead banging into her throat. The juices dripping out of his piss hole burned at her throat, making her desperate to have the creamy come juice splashing into her mouth.

The man watching them pounded faster on his cock. Wanda heard the sound behind her, knowing instantly that someone was watching them. She said nothing to Susan or Tommy, though. She pulled her skirt up all the way to her waist, shaking her curvy ass, knowing whoever was there could see it. She spread her legs wider, arching her ass backward and rubbing faster at her cunt. Her eyes were fixed on her sister’s mouth, watching Susan sucking Tommy’s cock with swift, short movements of her head. Knowing someone was watching them excited Wanda intensely, and she made the cheeks of her ass bunch, making sure that whoever it was could see her rubbing her cunt and see her sister sucking Tommy’s cock.

“Eat his prick!” she gasped, loud enough to be heard by the man in the bushes. “Eat his hard cock! Suck it, Susan! Oooohh, you look so pretty with a hard cock stuffed in your cocksucking mouth! That makes my cunt so wet, seeing you sucking cock! I bet you have a wet pussy, too, Susan! I bet sucking Tommy’s cock is making your cunt so fucking wet, you’d love to have another cock fucking it, wouldn’t you?”

Susan didn’t reply, she couldn’t. Her mouth was filled with her son’s cock, and she wasn’t going to stop sucking for anything. She felt his cock throbbing very hard between her lips, and when Tommy rested his hands on her head, urging her, she cried with ecstasy. Her cunt felt very swollen, as if it would burst out of her panties. Her clit burned and ached. She clutched her son’s ass cheeks lightly, wishing now she had pulled his pants down, wanting to feel his naked ass against her palms, play with his tender, sweet balls. But her hunger as intense, and his cock was throbbing powerfully. Tommy could be coming very soon, she suspected, and she wasn’t going to stop sucking until her mouth was flooded with his sweet come juice.

Wanda, without warning, whirled around and looked straight into the bulging eyes of the man behind her.

“Come here, you bastard!” she hissed. “Get your ass in the open and let’s see if you’ve got a cock that can handle this hot pussy.”

Before the man could react, Wanda had stepped forward, shot her hand out and pushed his fist off his cock. She grabbed it and pulled, giving the man no choice but to come forward from his concealment.

“Why jack off back there when you can fuck this cunt?” Wanda said, her voice demanding and hot. “You can watch here just as easily, and fuck my pussy at the same time. Why waste a lovely hard-on by jerking off?”

Susan had heard her sister, and she saw Wanda pull the stranger from the bushes, but she was only momentarily surprised. Her son’s cock was about to come, and she clung to it with greedy lips, watching as her sister flopped onto her back, spreading her legs and holding the crotch of her panties wide. She saw the man go to his knees and bury his face into Wanda’s cunt, his cock standing out of his pants with throbbing hardness.

Tommy had heard, too. He could see his aunt wrapping her long legs about the man’s head, and he pulled his mother’s face tighter onto his cock.

“Don’t stop sucking, Mom!” he yelped. “I’m about to let go!”

Sucking faster on Tommy’s cock, Susan watched her sister pull the man’s face out of her cunt and grab for his cock.

“Fuck me, you asshole!” Wanda yelled.

The man stabbed, wildly, his cock penetrating Wanda’s cunt with one quick lunge. Wanda gasped with the sudden fullness, and flung her legs about the man, lunging her ass up powerfully, grinding. The man’s eyes were wild with passion as he turned and saw Susan suck Tommy’s cock, his ass pumping between Wanda’s clutching thighs.

Susan was so hot she didn’t care. She sucked as hard as she could on her son’s cock, racing her wet lips back and forth. She clung to Tommy’s ass, ready to jerk him forward in case he tried to pull out when he came. But Tommy had no thought of jerking his cock from his mother’s mouth at that moment. The sensations of his mother’s wet, hot mouth demanded he come, made his balls ache with need. His legs shook, and he couldn’t prevent his hips from jerking back and forth. He rammed his cock into his mother’s mouth as she darted her face forward, making Susan sob with ecstasy. Her cunt was drenching her panties, and she couldn’t seem to spread her knees wide enough. There was no doubt that she, too, would come. She had not touched her cunt, nor had anyone else, but she was going to come and come hard.

Wanda was waving her legs in the air as her ass thrashed beneath the man, her cunt riding on his cock with frantic thrusts. She was gasping and crying out with ecstasy, clawing at his back and urging him to fuck her hard and fast. The man’s grunts were loud, and he kept staring at Susan’s mouth sucking at Tommy’s cock.

“I’m about to come, Mom!” Tommy grunted. “Ohhh, I’m gonna come so fucking hard, Mom!”

“Fill her cocksucking mouth!” Wanda yelped, straining her cunt onto the man’s prick. “Come in her cocksucking mouth, Tommy! Shoot that sweet juice down her fucking mouth! Come on, you asshole, fuck me harder!”

Tommy’s cock swelled inside his mother’s mouth, and Susan had to swallow as the seeping juices increased. Her son’s cock filling her mouth sent wild, burning flashes to her cunt, and she was very close to orgasm herself.

Tommy grunted, and his balls erupted.

“Mmmmmm,” Susan squealed as the thick come juice spurted into her mouth.

The creamy taste sent a spasm down her body, causing her cunt to swell more. By the second gush of her son’s creamy, sweet come juice, her cunt went into contractions of steaming orgasm. She swallowed wetly, loving the burning taste of her son’s come juice going down her throat. Her eyes closed as the rapture of sucking her son’s cock off, getting his come juice in her mouth, wrapped her up with boiling lust. Her pussy clutched and sucked, the convulsions causing her squatting ass to tremble and shake.

The strong spurts of come juice splashed at her throat, and Susan gulped wetly, her cunt going through delicious ripples of orgasm.

Tommy grunted with each gush of come juice, and pulled his mother’s face tight into his crotch. Susan’s lips felt his prick throbbing as he spewed jism down her throat, and her tongue pressed it hard against the roof of her mouth.

“Suck it off! Suck that cock off!” Wanda was groaning underneath the hunching man. “Suck that come juice down, Susan! Eat his come juice up! I didn’t know you sucked cock so hungrily, Susan! Drink Tommy’s come juice! I’m next! I get to suck his cock off next!” To the man who was puffing and panting atop her, she cried out, “Fuck faster, you asshole! You better make me come! Fuck that cunt, you fucking asshole-peeping piece of shit!”

Susan clung to her son’s cock after there was no more juice left. She felt it softening between her lips, her tongue gliding about his sensitive cockhead tenderly, making sure she had it all.

Tommy was staring at his aunt now, amazed by her frantic fucking of this strange man.

With a loud moan, the man’s body went stiff, his ass straining as he tried to shove his cock deeper into Wanda’s boiling cunt.

“Shoot it to me, you asshole!” Wanda yelled. “Shoot that sweet juice up my fucking cunt!”

With a screech that made Susan jerk from Tommy’s cock, Wanda slammed her crotch up, grinding in a frenzy, her pussy sucking at the man’s spurting prick. Susan stood up, smoothing her skirt over her long legs, looking around fearfully. Her sister was making enough noise to draw a crowd.

Tommy was staring at his aunt, his cock dangling out of his pants. Susan stuffed it back inside, and zipped up his fly. She was surprised at her lack of shame, knowing this man had seen her sucking Tommy’s cock. Instead of shame, she felt good, very good. It was a better feeling than she had felt in the subway with that unknown man rubbing his cock about her ass and coming off in his pants.

“Get off me, asshole,” Wanda was saying. “That’s all you get! Take your cock out of me and haul ass, you peeking piece of shit.”

The man stood up, his face flushed. He didn’t look at them as he zipped his pants and moved away.

“Why in the world did you do that?” Susan asked when the man was gone. “Are you out of your mind, Wanda?”

“Well, he was peeking at us, and I wanted some cock,” Wanda giggled, standing and adjusting her panties, then smoothing her skirt down.

“What if he tells someone?” Susan asked. “So what?” Wanda grinned lewdly. “Who would believe him?”

Susan laughed. “I guess you’re right. I wouldn’t believe it myself. I am beginning to understand why you had to leave home now, though. You fucked all the men until they couldn’t get it up anymore, and now you need new ground.”

“Maybe,” Wanda giggled as they left the bushes. “But I think Tommy can take care of both of us quite nicely. He sure seems to be doing it so far. Now, let’s hurry back to the apartment — I want to suck him next.”


As soon as the elevator doors closed, Wanda grabbed Tommy’s crotch, squeezing it.

“Mmmm, I can hardly wait to taste this,” she said.

Susan didn’t say anything when Wanda pulled Tommy’s cock out in the elevator. She watched as her sister fondled it, feeling her cunt swelling again. With a lewd giggle, Susan lifted her skirt and peeled her panties off, dropping them in the corner.

“That will make someone wonder,” she said. “They were so wet, I was uncomfortable.”

Wanda darted her hand to her sister’s cunt, cupping it and rubbing gently, stroking Tommy’s cock at the same time. “You know, Susan, this could be just what I’ve been wanting all the time.”

“What’s that?” Susan said, pressing her hand on top of her sister’s, pressing Wanda’s palm onto her pussy.

“To be able to have cock and cunt at the same time!”

Susan watched Wanda fondling Tommy’s cock. She squeezed her hot thighs together tightly, gripping her sister’s hand against her cunt. She wondered about her sister at the park, the way she had dragged a strange man down and fucked him so willingly. That was something she couldn’t do. But then, if it had been Wanda sucking Tommy off, would she have done the same thing? Susan didn’t know, but she realized she had the same desires as her sister. She not only wanted to fuck and suck, she wanted to watch, too. Seeing how wantonly her sister had fucked that unknown man had increased the heat of her cunt a hundred-fold, she was sure.

Wanda probably told her the truth, she wasn’t a lesbian. There was not a lesbian in the world who would fuck as crazily as Wanda. What her sister wanted was cock and cunt, both of them. That Susan could accept, because eating her younger sister’s cunt the night before told her she could get turned on very hot for it. Eating a hairy, wet pussy certainly didn’t take away her desire for hard, thick cock, either.

The elevator rose slowly, and Wanda couldn’t wait. She went down on her knees and pulled Tommy’s cock into her young mouth. Her blue eyes flashed up at Susan as she sucked a few times. Then, taking Tommy’s cock out of her mouth, she pressed her face into her sister’s cunt, taking a lick or two, then sucking at Tommy’s cock again.

She was just getting started when they arrived at their floor.

With a quick peek from the elevator, all three made a dash for the apartment, giggling. Tommy, his cock sticking from his pants, was as eager as if he hadn’t come for days. Susan and Wanda laughed as they closed the door, and both of then turned to face Tommy. They grabbed for his cock at the same time.

“It’s my turn, Susan,” Wanda said as Susan’s hand closed about her son’s cock. “You sucked it in the park. Now I get to suck him.”

Susan stroked her son’s cock, her eyes teasing her younger sister. But Wanda wasn’t going to be left out. She immediately began to feel Susan up, sliding her palms about her older sister’s straining tits, across Susan’s swelling ass, between her legs. Susan wiggled with pleasure, clinging to her son’s cock tightly as her sister ran her hot hands about her body.

“Oh, you feel so good, Susan,” Wanda purred softly as she clutched Susan’s ass in one hand, her other pressing at her sister’s cunt, feeling it through her dress. “Your ass is so round and firm, and your cunt so hot!”

Tommy wasn’t just standing there. While his mother caressed his cock, he lifted his young aunt’s skirt and fondled her cunt, dipping his finger into it. “You’re sort of hot, too, Aunt Wanda,” he said.

“Sort of?” Wanda squealed. “Sort of hot? Baby, my cunt can blister a cock made out of marble!”

Susan released her son’s cock, panting hotly. She stripped her clothing from her body quickly, her eyes hot and glazed with desire. Her son, with his cock sticking out so hard again, looked deliciously erotic to her as he played with Wanda’s cunt. Wanda had jerked her skirt about her waist and had her hips arched outward, legs open, cooing softly while Tommy prodded at her blonde cunt with his fingers.

By the time her skirt swirled about her feet, Wanda was removing her clothing. Then Tommy was the only one still dressed.

“You’re next,” his mother whispered huskily. Both his mother and aunt began stripping him. Tommy stood in the middle of the floor, feeling pampered, his cock hard and his balls swollen and full again. Wanda was on her knees in front of him, and his mother behind. The feel of their soft, hot hands moving about his young body sent shivers of delight through him. While Wanda fondled his cock and balls, his mother was feeling about his ass, squeezing his ass cheeks.

“This is going to be so fucking sweet!” Wanda cried softly, staring at the swollen head of his cock, her fist tight around the base, the other holding his full balls. “I hope you still have enough come juice in your balls for me, Tommy! I just hope your mother didn’t drain you completely!”

Susan leaned forward and kissed the cheek of her son’s ass, her lips moist and hot. Tommy trembled with pleasure. He stared down at his aunt’s pretty blonde head, watching her blue eyes sparkle as the pink tip of her tongue fucked back and forth on her lips. He could see her pink nipples, swollen and stiff, below.

Wanda dipped her head, and shot her tongue out. It was a very long tongue, and the tip touched beneath his balls, his cock sliding along her creamy cheek. Her eyes glittered up at him mischievously. She licked his balls, swirling her tongue about them. Tommy groaned as the sensation of her wet tongue caused his cock to jerk. With a lewd giggle, Wanda opened her lips and pulled his balls into her mouth.

“Ooooh, Wanda!” he cried out.

“Mmmm, nice,” Wanda purred, sucking on his balls and pressing his cock hard against her cheek. Her tongue swirled and Tommy’s balls writhed. Behind him, he could feel his mother’s tongue lapping about the cheeks of his ass, making his flesh wet.

Susan leaned around her son’s hip, watching her sister sucking on his balls, her eyes smoldering. Scooting her face closer, she ran her tongue along the throbbing shaft of his cock, from the swollen head to the base. Tommy stared down at them, excited so much he was dancing from foot to foot. He saw his mother’s tongue probe the rim of his aunt’s pussylips, then lick along his cock again. All the time, Wanda was sucking at his balls with her hot, wet mouth.

Susan managed to get her mouth about the head of her son’s cock, sucking as her tongue fluttered against his seeping piss hole. Tommy felt both hot mouths sucking at him, and his eyes became glazed with rapture. He could feel his mother’s tits brushing his thighs. Resting a hand on top of their heads, he trembled, his knees shaking.

“Let me suck it!” Wanda gurgled as his balls fell from her mouth. “It’s my turn to suck that sweet, hard cock, Susan!”

Reluctantly, Susan took her mouth off her son’s cock. She made a soft sob low in her throat as she saw her younger sister swallow it. Tommy groaned as he watched his young aunt’s mouth stretch about his prick, taking it completely into her fiery mouth.

“Are you going to fall, baby?” Susan asked, feeling her son’s thighs shaking against her tits. “You’re trembling.”

“I don’t know, Mom.”

“Wanda, let him sit down,” Susan said.

Wanda sucked off his cock, kissed his dripping piss hole, and with her lips glistening, pulled away. Susan pulled her son to the floor. Tommy lay back, his cock upright, ready for more. Susan parted his legs as Wanda knelt at his side. As Wanda’s mouth opened, Tommy arched his hips up, pressing the swollen head of his prick back into her mouth. For a moment, Wanda held her head still, and Tommy fucked up and down, his cock penetrating her mouth half way. Susan stared at it, running her hands up and down his thighs. Drawing her knees up underneath her, Susan leaned over, pushing her face into her son’s crotch, licking at his loaded balls again.

While Wanda began to bob her pretty young face up and down, her lips tight about Tommy’s cock, Susan licked and sucked at his balls.

“Ohhh, this is great!” Tommy yelped.

“Mmmmm, tastes great, too,” Susan murmured, with her face in his crotch.

Wanda was sliding her hot mouth up and down, her lips clinging possessively to his throbbing prick. Her blue eyes stared at her older sister’s tongue, watching Susan lick Tommy’s balls. She squirmed about on the floor until she pulled one of Susan’s hands between her legs, her mouth, constantly moving up and down Tommy’s cock. Susan knew what her sister wanted, and willingly slipped her hand to Wanda’s cunt. Wanda squealed as Susan began to twist and agitate her clit, her mouth filled with Tommy’s cock.

Wanting to get her face closer and tighter into her son’s crotch, Susan shoved at Tommy’s legs. He drew them back, and Wanda had to lift her head. Then she leaned over the back of his leg as he held his knees tight against his chest, closing her wet, hot lips about his cock again. Susan shoved her face into her son’s crotch, now able to feel the total heat of his balls in her face. Her tongue swirled about them wetly, her eyes watching as Wanda sucked up and down his cock. Sliding her tongue downward, she licked around Tommy’s asshole.

“Ooohh, Mom!” Tommy gasped.

“Do you like that?” she whispered hoarsely. Tommy squirmed his hips, groaning as his young aunt sucked very hard and hungrily at his cock.

Susan dipped her tongue into the crack of her son’s ass, sliding it up and down, tasting his asshole, his hot balls in her face. Tommy groaned at the exquisite sensations. Susan pressured her tongue against the ring of his asshole, making Tommy moan softly. Wanda, riding her mouth up and down her nephew’s cock, stared at what her older sister was doing.

As she licked at her son’s ass, swirling her wet tongue along the inner smoothness of his ass cheeks and around his asshole, Susan began to thrust her fingers into Wanda’s juicy cunt, fucking in and out.

Susan and Wanda could watch each other, greatly adding to their enjoyment. Tommy trembled from head to toe with rapture. The hot mouths and tongues on his cock, his balls, his asshole, sent his young mind to spinning with intense sensations.

Wet moans came from Susan and Wanda as they tasted, kissed, sucked at Tommy’s crotch. Wanda writhed her hips on the floor as her older sister probed and stroked at her blonde-haired cunt. The liquid sounds of her hot pussy mingled with the wetness of their tongues. As Wanda went down deep on Tommy’s cock, Susan swirled her tongue from her son’s asshole, over his tight balls, and licked the base of his cock.

“Mmmm, he tastes so fucking good!” Susan murmured in a low voice. “Everywhere I taste, it’s hot and beautiful!”

“I know,” Wanda replied, her lips brushing about his seeping piss hole.

For a moment, they took turns sucking his cock, with Susan cradling his balls. But Wanda became eager, and when she had his cock inside her mouth, she started sucking faster and harder.

“Ooooh, that’s so good, Aunt Wanda!” Tommy moaned. “Suck real hard and fast! Mom, please… lick my balls, my asshole!”

“Feel his cock throb, Wanda?” Susan asked in a thick voice. “Feel that cock throb? Ohhh, Tommy, your balls are so full! Your asshole is so fucking hot! Let’s make him come, Wanda! Let’s suck his come juice out of his precious, sweet balls!”

Wanda, already sucking with a frenzy, could only moan about Tommy’s cock. Susan, her eyes glazed with passion, began licking hard on his puckered ass. Closing her open lips around his ass ring, she sucked. Tommy’s cock jerked inside his aunt’s mouth, his balls tingling.

“I’m gonna come!” Tommy groaned.

Wanda squealed, sliding her hot, wet lips up and down his cock greedily, striving to bring the creamy, scalding come juice into her mouth. Susan pressed her lips round her son’s asshole, her tongue sliding into his tight ass ring. Tommy yelped when his mother began darting her tongue back and forth, fucking him up his asshole. Susan had his tight balls on her cheek, feeling them writhe as he got ready to unload them.

His cock pounded. Wanda used her mouth like she used her fiery blonde cunt, fucking him with it more than sucking, really. Tommy squirmed his lifted ass, unable to hold still. The feelings were fantastic, and he tried not to move much, afraid his cock would leave his aunt’s hot mouth, or his mother would stop fucking him in his asshole with her tongue. But both his mother and aunt were as frantic as he was, and there was no way they would lose what they had in their mouths. Susan was no longer fingerfucking her sister, but had two fingers deep inside her pussy. She was concentrating on sucking and licking her son’s asshole, feeling his ass ring close and relax around her tongue.

With a cry, Tommy came.

As his creamy come juice spurted into her mouth, Wanda sobbed with ecstasy, her tongue wild. His slippery come juice coated her tongue, and her throat worked greedily, sucking his come juice down into her stomach. The burning of his thick come juice glazed her blue eyes, and she slurped happily. When Wanda sucked a cock off, she enjoyed letting some come juice slip out of her mouth, and she did this now. Susan saw it, tasted it dripping alongside Tommy’s balls. She slipped her tongue out of his asshole, lapping at the come juice along his balls, then thrust her tongue back up his ass, feeling his ass muscles clamp in flexing waves as he came.

While Tommy’s cock still gushed, Wanda moved her lips off it, racing her tongue along his cockshaft, catching a hot splash of come juice on her cheek. Dragging her tongue around his cockhead, she caught a spurt in her open mouth, then let it dribble back over his cock. Before Susan could jerk her tongue out of Tommy’s asshole and suck it up, Wanda had licked him clean and had his cock back inside her mouth. Susan plunged her tongue as deep as she could into her son’s asshole, holding it there, feeling his gripping ass ring pull inward. Slowly, Tommy had to straighten out. Susan pulled her face out of his ass, and Tommy relaxed, spreading his legs wide. Wanda licked her tongue about his trembling stomach, and when Susan saw a gleaming spot of come juice on the outer corner of her sister’s full lips, she gave a little moan and licked it away.

As Tommy rested, Susan and Wanda sat on each side of him, their eyes eating his young body up. Susan idly played with her pussy as she sat with her knees up. She looked at her son’s cock and balls, then at Wanda’s sugary cunt. She had often wondered why Wanda was blonde and she was not. There was no doubt they were sisters, though.

Tommy was breathing evenly now, and Wanda inched her cunt toward his head. He shoved his hand between her creamy thighs and caressed his aunt’s pussy, running his fingers through her soft blonde cunt hair, stroking her puffy cunt lips. Susan shoved her cunt toward him on the other side, and Tommy played with both cunts, finding them equally wet and hot. He dipped a finger into each cunt. Both his mother and aunt had hot, tight, soft curs.

“You like to feel our cunts?” Susan asked, grinning wickedly as her son ran his finger in and out of her pussy. “Do you enjoy playing with our twats, baby?”

“You know I do, Mom,” he replied, fingering them both, making liquid sounds. Puffing his finger out of his mother’s cunt, he drew it to his mouth, licking the juices from it.

“You like that taste, do you?” his mother asked. “You like the taste of cunt, Tommy?”

“Yeah,” he laughed, doing the same thing with his other hand. He found no difference in the taste of their cunts, either. Both were juicy and hot and sweet.

“Taste it straight from the source, then,” Wanda giggled, drawing her feet beneath her ass and offering her pussy to his mouth.

Tommy twisted on the floor until he had shoved his head beneath his aunt’s squatting ass. He swirled his tongue along her hairy cuntlips, probing at her clit, dipping his tongue into her cunt. Wanda, giggling wickedly, shifted her hips.

“Taste my asshole, too,” she laughed softly. Tommy plunged his tongue up his aunt’s asshole. Susan’s eyes grew hot again as she saw her sister’s hairy wet cunt on her son’s chin. She leaned her face forward and began to suck on Wanda’s pink nipples, caressing her son’s cock and balls at the same time.

“Oh, this could make me come?” Wanda purred. “Tommy, suck my cunt too, suck my cunt and suck my asshole!”

Tommy slipped his tongue from his aunt’s juicy cunt to her hot asshole, licking back and forth. Having his aunt sit on his face sent tremors through his cock, and Susan felt it stir again. Pulling from her sister’s tits, she leaned down and worked his cock into hardness once more with her lips and tongue.

“Mmmm, beautiful, Susan!” Wanda purred as she saw Tommy’s prick standing up again. “But now that you’ve got his cock hard again, what are you going to do with it?”

“Fuck it!” Susan replied. “What else?”


Susan swung her leg over her son, squatting above his cock as her sister squatted above his mouth.

Wanda shot her hand down and grabbed Tommy’s cock at the base, holding it upright as Susan rubbed the slit of her cunt back and forth on his cockhead. Susan gurgled with the contact, her cunt throbbing. Pulling the swollen lips of her pussy open, she pressed her tingling cunt against the head of her son’s cock, rubbing it and mewling softly.

Tommy, feeling what they were doing with his cock, licked and sucked with more hunger at his aunt’s juicy cunt and tight asshole. Wanda twisted and squirmed in his face, staring at her older sister as Susan slowly pushed her cunt downward. Tommy felt his cock being enveloped by his mother’s fiery cunt, and lifted his hips.

“Mmmm, nice,” Susan purred as her son arched upward, shoving his cock into her cunt. She held her ass just high enough so Tommy could fuck her, thrusting his cock up and down. Wanda could see it all as she sat in her nephew’s face. Her blue eyes glowed with pleasure as she wiggled her crotch back and forth, rubbing her hairy cunt and asshole about Tommy’s open mouth, aver his protruding tongue. “Fuck me, Tommy. Oh, yes, baby! Fuck mother and suck your aunt! Fuck my cunt, Tommy! Eat Wanda’s pussy… her asshole! But… ohhh, fuck me!”

Tommy moved his hands along his aunt’s smooth thighs, feeling her flesh. He stroked her hips and ran his hands about her spreading ass cheeks. He banged his cock up and down, fucking his mother as she squatted above him, and licked at his aunt’s cunt or ass, whichever Wanda placed against his mouth and tongue sucking a hot pussy and fucking another at the same time was a new experience for Tommy, one he wanted to repeat over and over.

“Eat me!” Wanda cooed. “Suck my cunt, Tommy! You lick, my pussy as good as your mother does!”

Tommy swirled his tongue into her fiery crotch, tasting the dripping juices, swallowing when his mouth filled. His hips kept pumping up and down, his mother now moving with him. Susan held her younger sister’s tits, pulling and twisting the pink nipples. Wanda leaned forward, pressing her lips against Susan’s, kissing her deeply, sliding one hand down Susan’s back and clasping a tight ass cheek. Dropping her lips from Wanda’s, Susan began to suck her tits, and Wanda mewled with pleasure, clutching Susan’s ass with both hands, holding her sister’s crotch up. Tommy banged hard, driving his cock in and out of his mother’s cunt wetly.

Susan, with her mouth full of sweet, firm tit, cried out with the sharp stabs of his cock into her cunt. The wet slapping sound of his cock pounding into her cunt joined the wet slurping of his tongue in Wanda’s pussy and the heavy gasps the two sisters were making. Tommy plunged his tongue first into his aunt’s cunt, then her asshole. No matter where his tongue went, Wanda squealed with delight.

“Oh, God, fuck me!” Susan wailed as she lifted her mouth from Wanda’s tit. “Fuck me, Tommy! Ohhhh, baby, you’re so fucking hard! Fuck mother! Fuck mother’s hot cunt! Ram it to me, Tommy! Oooooh, fuck me… suck Wanda’s twat, her pussy!”

“Yes, Tommy!” Wanda groaned, twisting her hot crotch into his face. “Suck my cunt! Fuck your mother in her fucking wet snatch!”

Susan held her crotch up, letting her son bang up and down. She loved his power as he smashed at her swollen pussy lips. Her clit was being bruised with each of his upward lunges. She could see her son’s lips and tongue as her sister squirmed into his face. His chin was glistening with the wetness of Wanda’s pussy, her blonde cunt hairs swirling about his mouth.

Tommy had his hands cupped on Wanda’s naked ass, his cock felt larger than ever, swollen and straining as his mother’s pussy gripped it.

Wanda was holding Susan’s ass in both hands, and Susan shoved her hand behind her back, gabbing her son’s balls. As he came upward, she rubbed them against her burning asshole, gurgling in pleasure. Unable to remain still, Susan began beating her cunt up and down, driving her son’s ass to the floor. Tommy, being fucked so violently by his mother, simply rested his ass on the floor — and let her fuck him. The heat of her cunt around his cock brought moans out of his mouth as he sucked faster and faster at his aunt’s cunt. But Wanda was tremendously excited, and she wiggled her crotch about so that Tommy’s tongue was almost taking turns plunging into her cunt and asshole. He didn’t mind where his tongue was, where it went. His balls were tingling again as his mother fucked him with increasingly frantic motions. Susan clutched his balls, her asshole tingling as she pressed them between the cheeks of her ass.

“Ohhh, Wanda, hold my ass!” Susan whimpered. “Hold my hot ass! Tommy, fuck me!”

But Tommy couldn’t fuck his mother.

She was ramming her cunt up and down so fast and hard, he couldn’t get his own hips in motion. His mother beat on his cock with wild lunges of her fiery cunt.

“Suck my cunt, Tommy!” Wanda sobbed, grinding into his face. “Suck my pussy! Oooh, eat my hot cunt up!”

Tommy was gasping. His aunt was smashing her cunt or her asshole into his face, cutting off his breathing, but he didn’t mind. His cock was straining hard into his mother’s pussy as she slammed up and down, his balls ready to burst.

“Ooooh, now, now!” Susan cried. “I’m going to come! Ohhh, my cunt is on fire! I’m going to come! Ohhh, God, I’m going to come!”

Susan rammed down onto her son’s cock hard, and her pussy contractions closed with wet heat at the base. She cried out with ecstasy as her cunt convulsed maddeningly. She crushed his balls very tight against her twinkling asshole.

“Me, too!” Wanda screamed. “Suck it, Tommy! Suck my cunt! I’m going to come, too!”

The feel of his mother’s cunt sucking hard at his cock and his aunt’s cunt grabbing at his tongue sent Tommy into an explosive discharge. The thick come juice spurted from his cock, splashing the insatiable walls of his mother’s pussy. The juices of his aunt’s cunt seemed to increase until he was swallowing time after time.

As soon as her spasm ended, Wanda slid off his face, sprawling on her back, her legs and arms wide. Susan lifted herself weakly from her son’s cock, leaning against the couch, her tits rising and falling as she struggled to calm her breathing. Tommy lay where they left him, grunting, sucking in air, his face smeared with pussy juices, his balls loose now, his cock wrinkled.

After a while, Susan got up, her legs rubbery. “I don’t know how you do it, Tommy,” she said, cupping her hand on her cunt, “but you come so fucking much and so often. I love it, too. Now I have to go piss.”

She shook her lovely naked ass down the hallway, and within a minute or so, Tommy and Wanda heard Susan pissing, the sound carrying to them.

“Ahhh, music to my ears,” Wanda said, winking erotically at Tommy. “I like to hear the sound of pissing, don’t you, Tommy?”

“I never paid much attention,” he replied. “But now that you mention it, it does make me excited, a little.”

“I think I’ll take a piss, too,” Wanda said. She stood up, swaying her hips at him. “Want to watch?”

“Hey, yeah!”

Tommy followed his aunt to the bathroom, watching Wanda’s lovely ass sway. They entered just as Susan was standing up. Piss gleamed like dew on the dark hairs of her cunt. Wanda’s eyes glowed, and before Susan or Tommy realized what she was up to, Wanda had dropped to her knees, and clutching her older sister about the hips, shoved her face into Susan’s cunt, licking at her piss-wet cunt hair.

“Mmmmmm, even your piss tastes good, Susan,” she said, sliding onto the toilet. “Tommy said he wanted to watch me piss.”

She spread her legs around the toilet, holding her ass up.

The golden piss spurted out of her blonde haired cunt with a quick, strong stream. Tommy stared at it, grinning.

“Wanda, I believe you’re trying to teach my son bad habits,” Susan said, but she giggled. She, too, was staring at her younger sister’s cunt.

“Maybe so, but what nice bad habits they are,” Wanda laughed wickedly, sending her piss into the bowl with a hissing sound. “Anyone want a drink?”

Neither Susan nor Tommy answered, they were both staring at Wanda as she pissed. Wanda ran her hand out and cupped her sister’s cunt, her other hand cupping Tommy’s balls. As she finished pissing, she ran her hand across her cunt, then brought it up and ran her palm aver her tight tits.

“No one wants a drink, huh?” she giggled. “Well, I wouldn’t mind. Tommy, I’m sure you can piss. Come on, give me just a little.”

Susan stared at her sister. “More and more, I understand why you had to leave home, Wanda,” she said, but her voice was indicating excitement.

Susan lifted her ass higher, using her hands to peel her cunt as open as she could. The hot piss gushed out in a strong stream. Tommy was gazing between his young aunt’s thighs, fascinated. Wanda pulled at his cock, causing him to step closer to her.

“Piss on my cunt, Tommy,” Wanda said, her voice, thick with eagerness. “Piss right on my hot cunt, please!”

Tommy glanced at his mother, who nodded, a small smile on her, face.

Wanda held his prick, waiting, still pissing strongly.

Giggling, Tommy let go. The hot piss flooded out of his cock, and with a squeal, Wanda aimed it onto her pussy. She soaked the blonde hairs of her cunt until they were matted tightly to her flesh, then she moved his cock to take the force of his piss upon her clit.

“Ooooh, nice, Tommy!” Wanda purred. “Piss on that hot pussy! Ahhhh, piss all over my hot fucking cunt!”

Susan watched, finding it extremely erotic. As Tommy’s piss weakened, Wanda suddenly darted her face down, and before Tommy or Susan realized it, she had taken the head of his cock into her mouth. The suddenness of it stopped Tommy from pissing, but Wanda, with her lips closed tightly around the head of his cock moaned and urged him to piss.

“Go ahead, Tommy,” Susan said, her voice a low whisper. “Give her what she wants.”

“Mmmm!” Wanda urged, her tongue flicking at his piss hole.

Tommy giggled, then squirted a quick burst of piss. Wanda made a whimpering sound as it splashed into her mouth. Her tongue flicked across his pinhole quickly, and Tommy let go.

As the hot piss gushed across her tongue and into her mouth, Wanda gulped in pleasure. Tommy made no attempt to stop pissing now. He stood with the head of his cock inside Wanda’s lips, pissing away. Susan, watching her sister cup Tommy’s balls, ran her hands through Wanda’s hair.

“I’m doing it!” Tommy groaned. “Mom, I’m pissing in Wanda’s mouth!”

Susan grinned at her son, placing her other hand on the cheeks of his ass. “Give it to her, Tommy,” she said. “If that’s what she wants, let her have it.”

Wanda made liquid sounds as her nephew’s hot piss ran down her throat. Her cunt twitched as she straddled the toilet, her clit swelling and protruding from the wet folds of her cunt. Susan slipped her hand down Wanda’s back, cupped a sweet ass cheek for a squeeze, then moved her fingers along her ass crack. She stroked her sister’s asshole for a brief moment, then ran her hand between Wanda’s thighs. Cupping her sister’s cunt, pressuring it with the palm of her hand, she pulled her son’s cock back from Wanda’s mouth.

With his cock an inch from Wanda’s open mouth, she watched the golden piss spray past her lips. Wanda’s mouth filled and Tommy’s piss ran from it, down her chin, dripping.

As the stream slowed, Wanda’s tongue followed it. As Tommy drew back, Wanda jumped from the toilet and squatted before him.

“Shake it off in my face!” she squealed. “Shake it off in my face.”

It was Susan who grasped her son’s cock and shook it, watching the final drops spatter on Wanda’s nose.

Holding Tommy’s hips, Wanda looked up at her sister. “I guess you think I’m strange, don’t you?”

“By no means,” Susan replied. “No more strange than me letting some guy rub himself off against my ass on the subway.”

To emphasize her words, Susan pushed her sister’s face into her son’s, crotch. Wanda didn’t mind at all. She kissed at Tommy’s balls, shoving the tip of her tongue past them when he spread his legs, and then probed at his asshole. Susan leaned down and sucked the head of her son’s cock, tasting the hint of his piss on it.

Puffing her face back, Wanda looked up again, her eyes star-bright. “I want it up the ass,” she said simply.

“I wondered when you’d ask that,” Susan said.

“You’re not surprised?” Wanda asked.

“Are you?” Susan laughed, a wicked sound. “Nothing you do or want would surprise me, Wanda.”

Standing up, Wanda went to the door, turning to look at her sister and nephew across her shoulder. Her blonde hair fell softly about her shoulders. She waggled her shapely ass.

“In the bedroom?”

With Tommy and Susan following, Wanda moved into her sister’s bedroom, her saucy, lovely ass shaking invitingly. Climbing onto the bed, with her knees drawn beneath her, resting her head and shoulders on the mattress, Wanda ran her hands past her hips and clutched the firm cheeks of her ass, spreading them wider. Tommy and Susan watched her blonde, juicy cunt pooching backward, her cuntlips puffy. Her light brown asshole looked very, very tight, puckered inward as if to avoid penetration.

Tommy’s cock throbbed as he stared excitedly. Susan ran her tongue across her lips. “Want some of that pretty ass, Tommy?”

“Oh, yeah, Mom!”

Susan stepped up behind her sister’s offered ass. She stroked the creamy flesh, sliding the edge of her hand up and down her parted ass crack, feeling the heat of Wanda’s asshole. Slipping her fingers downward, Susan fondled her wet pussy, then rubbed her cunt juices about Wanda’s asshole. But it wasn’t to prepare that tight opening for her son’s cock. She leaned down quickly, and Tommy saw the tip of his mother’s tongue licking along the surface of Wanda’s ass, dipping into the crack and swirling about her asshole.

Moving closer, wanting to see better, Tommy stroked his aunt’s thigh, running his hand under to squeeze one of her tits. Wanda gurgled and shook her ass into Susan’s face. Susan ran her tongue down and licked at her sister’s cunt a few times, then dragged the tip back to her asshole.

“Shove your tongue up her asshole, Mom,” Tommy said, gasping with excitement and readiness. “Fuck her in the asshole.”

Susan pressed the tip of her tongue upon Wanda’s asshole, and the tip slipped into it. Wanda cried out with delight, and Susan probed her tongue into the steamy asshole, darting and licking. Wanda shook her ass with pleasure.

Tommy watched his mother, rubbing the wet head of his cock along his aunt’s thigh, squeezing Wanda’s tit. His balls tingled as his mother cupped them. Twisting his balls, Susan tongue-fucked her younger sister in the ass for a time, then pulled free.

“Wanda, you have one tasty asshole,” she laughed.

“Eat all you want, Susan,” Wanda offered. “If there’s one thing I like better than a hard cock, it’s a nice tonguefuck.”

Susan slapped her sister on the naked ass playfully. “You would.”

Tommy stepped behind Wanda’s lifted ass. “Let me help,” Susan said, taking her son’s cock in her hand. She pumped it a few times, then grasped the base.

Tommy stood and watched his mother rub his cock about Wanda’s crotch, sliding his swollen cockhead along the fiery slit of her blonde-haired cunt, shoving in for a moment. Susan lifted her son’s cock again, brushing Wanda’s asshole with it this time.

“Ooohh, that’s wonderful!” Wanda hissed. Tommy, feeling the heat and tightness of Wanda’s asshole, began to push forward. Susan held his cockshaft, leaning down to watch closely. The ring of Wanda’s asshole stretched slowly, making Wanda sob with the sudden pleasure.

“Ram it!” Susan gurgled.

Tommy grabbed his aunt’s hips, jerking her ass backward as he lunged his cock forward.

“Ohhhh, yes!” Wanda screamed. It was not the sound of pain, but the sound of a woman experiencing an instant reaction to rapture.

Tommy’s cock penetrated completely, his balls smacking Wanda’s cunt. Susan lifted her hands, placing them both on Wanda’s lower back. “You’ve been fucked in the ass before,” she accused.

“Oh, have I?” Wanda whispered hotly. “Tommy’s cock went in too easy,” Susan giggled, seeing Wanda’s asshole stretched tightly about her son’s cock. “No cock can go up an asshole that easily.”

“You’re right, Susan,” Wanda hissed softly. “I have, and I love it and I’m going to use my asshole as often as I can, too.”


The gripping sensations around his cock made Tommy tremble.

Wanda’s ass was pressed tightly at his lower stomach, his balls against her wet cunt. The heat that closed around his cock sent shivers about his naked flesh. He could feel the squeezing of Wanda’s asshole, and he gasped with delight.

“Fuck the shit out of her hot little ass, Tommy!” Susan urged in a very thick voice. “Ram the shit out of her asshole!”

“I want it hard and fast!” Wanda urged, straining her ass against her nephew. “You don’t have to be gentle, Tommy! Just ram that hard fucker up my asshole!”

Gritting his teeth, Tommy pulled back, feeling his young aunt’s asshole grip tighter as if to prevent him from coming out. But Tommy had no intention of taking his cock out. With his swollen cockhead caught just inside her ass ring, he held his breath, and lunged hard.

“Ohhh, that’s the way, Tommy!” Wanda cried out as the slapping sound on her ass sounded. “Fast and hard!”

Tommy hunched his hips, pumping back and forth, his cock sliding inside Wanda’s asshole. The friction made him hold his breath, but Wanda was crying out with ecstasy, shaking her ass from side to side. Her hands, above her head, clawed at the sheets, her eyes closed and her lips parted. She grunted with each forward thrust of Tommy’s cock.

Susan watched her son’s cock going in and out of her younger sister’s asshole, her eyes smoldering. She ran a finger down, feeling the shaft of Tommy’s cock, the tightness of Wanda’s asshole. Impulsively, she lowered her face, thrusting her tongue out as far as she could. She managed to taste her son’s cock and her sister’s asshole, and began licking along the base of Wanda’s spine, down into her spreading ass cheeks as far as she could go.

“Ohhh, that’s wonderful!” Wanda whimpered. “Fuck my ass, Tommy! Oooohhh, ram that hard fucking cock up my asshole! Susan, lick it! Oh, I’ve never had my ass licked with a cock up it before!”

With her tongue swirling as close as possible about her son’s cock and sister’s asshole, Susan pulled his hand down and between her thighs. Tommy immediately began to rub, and he caressed his mother’s hairy cunt. When Susan lifted her head, he pressed his mouth against hers and moved his tongue past his mother’s lips. Susan moaned as she sucked at her son’s tongue, squeezing one hand into his pumping ass tightly.

“Ohhh, Tommy!” Susan mewled softly, pulling her lips off his tongue. “Is that hot, baby? Is Wanda’s asshole hot and tight?”

“Yeah, Mom!” Tommy grunted, banging back and forth.

Wanda twisted her uplifted ass quickly, shaking it lewdly.

Susan lowered her face again, sliding the flat surface of her tongue about her sister’s creamy ass, dipping into the crack to taste the throbbing base of her son’s prick as he pulled back. But Susan wasn’t satisfied, her own hairy cunt was fiery, with jukes seeping from it and running along her inner thighs.

“Let me suck it a minute!” she moaned.

Wanda pulled her ass forward, and as Tommy’s cock came free, it closed tightly. With a squeal, Susan closed her mouth about her son’s cock, bobbing down with tight lips. She tasted the shit of her sister’s asshole on it, but she sucked back and forth hungrily for a few times. Tommy was dripping from his piss hole, and she licked at his juices hungrily, then pulled her mouth off.

“Put it back in her asshole,” Susan whined. “Fuck her a few times, and let me suck it again!”

Tommy’s cock plunged back up his aunt’s asshole, bringing a wail of delight from Wanda. He drove his cock back and forth a dozen times, and once more, his mother wanted it in her mouth. Susan had her mouth open and waiting as Tommy pulled his cock free. She grabbed it with her hot, wet lips and sucked his cockhead into her throat. Tommy was fucking his mother’s hot cunt with two fingers as she sucked on his cock, and Susan twisted her hips about.

As soon as she turned his cock loose, Tommy rammed it into his aunt’s asshole, hard.

“Ohhh, yes!” Wanda wailed.

“Fuck her, Tommy!” Susan groaned. “Fuck her hard now! Come in her hot fucking asshole, baby! Squirt it to her hot asshole!”

Tommy pounded hard and fast, driving the full length of his throbbing cock into Wanda’s clutching asshole. Wanda wiggled and twisted with ecstasy, gurgling and sobbing, her fingers clutching the sheet on the bed. His balls beat hard against Wanda’s cunt. Susan shoved her hand between her son’s thighs and grabbed his balls, squeezing them as she gazed hotly between the cheeks of Wanda’s shaking ass. Tommy was no longer thrusting his finger in and out of his mother’s cunt, he was caught up with the rapture of his aunt’s asshole, the tight squeezing of it, his balls about to unload.

With a yelp, he thrust hard into Wanda’s asshole, his body going stiff.

Susan knew he was ready.

“Squirt it, Tommy!” she wailed. “Squirt into her hot fucking asshole!”

With a grunt, Tommy came.

“Ohhhh, I feel it! I can feel you coming up my ass, Tommy!” Wanda cried out, her asshole sucking at his gushing cock. “Give it to me! Ohhh, it’s so hot and good! My… I’m going to come, too!”

Tommy’s balls were pressed at his aunt’s cunt, and his mother began to stuff them into Wanda’s wet cuntlips. Just as she got his balls inside Wanda’s cunt, Wanda came.

“Ohhh!” Tommy moaned. His cock was being squeezed by Wanda’s asshole, and his balls were caught inside her convulsing cunt. He came hard, harder than ever. “Oohhh, wow!”

His legs trembled, and his cock slipped from Wanda’s asshole. With heavy breathing, he sat down on the floor, gazing up at his aunt’s hairy cunt and asshole. Wanda’s knees were a foot apart, and she, too, was trembling. Her light-tan asshole was glistening wetly, and Susan moaned.

“Oh, I’ve got to suck it out!”

Tommy wasn’t surprised to see his mother’s lips close about Wanda’s asshole, sucking and licking hungrily. He was no longer surprised at anything his mother or aunt did, with him or each other.

Susan ran her tongue into her sister’s asshole, sucking her son’s come juice front it. She whimpered softly, the cheeks of her ass bunching up as her pussy burned toward an orgasm. Wanda whimpered softly as her older sister tongue-fucked her up the ass, but she was very weak. As she scooted forward on the bed, lying out flat on her stomach, Susan kept her mouth pressed between Wanda’s hot cheeks, licking hungrily.

The moment Susan pulled her tongue out of her asshole, Wanda turned over and Tommy watched them fall into each other’s arms, kissing and hugging and feeling each other, tits and asses and cunts. The view he had from the floor was very pleasant. He saw rounded asses and hairy cunts flashing as his mother and aunt rubbed at each other.

Susan spread her thighs around Wanda’s, and Tommy looked between them, watching his mother rubbing her cunt against Wanda’s.

“Oooh, Wanda, I want to come!” Susan moaned, smashing her hairy cunt into her sister’s. “I want to come so much!”

Wanda grabbed her sister’s ass and squeezed, grinding her cunt into Susan’s. Tommy was excited to see them, and stood up, his cock wet, his balls glistening from the juices of Wanda’s cunt. He leaned over and began to lick at his mother’s squirming ass.

“Lick it, Tommy!” Susan wailed. “Lick mother’s ass!”

Wanda pulled her sister’s ass cheeks wide apart, and Tommy ran his tongue into the crack. Swirling his tongue about his mother’s asshole sent Susan into squirming ecstasy. She rubbed ha cunt hard into her sister’s, and Tommy probed at her asshole with his tongue.

It didn’t take long.

Susan cried out as her cunt contracted, her asshole sucking at her son’s tongue as he licked faster at it.

“Ohhh, yes, yes!” Susan sobbed. “Ohhh, lick my asshole! Shove your cunt hard against mine, Wanda!”

Their bodies shook as Susan came, and Tommy kept licking at the tight heat of his mother’s asshole until she slowly began to relax.

Later, after an early dinner, they sat in the living room. Susan wore panties, her tits naked. Wanda, like Tommy, was naked.

“I told you a lie,” Wanda said to her sister. “I didn’t do all those things at home I said.”

“You could have fooled me,” Susan replied.

“Oh, I was fucking, all right, but only with one guy,” Wanda explained. “But I never licked a pussy until you. And Tommy’s cock was the first one up my asshole.”

Susan’s eyes opened as she looked at her sister. “But it went in so easily.”

Wanda lifted her middle finger, wiggling it. “I’ve used this many times.”

“Then why did you want Tommy to fuck you in the ass?”

“Because I wanted a cock in there, not my finger,” Wanda giggled. “The way I wanted to suck cunt. Here I got both, didn’t I?”

“You were pretty sure of yourself, I’d say,” Susan said, remembering how she had caught her sister and son that day.

“I’m not dumb, Susan,” Wanda said. “I had a hunch it would be like this when I came here.”

“You may have had a good hunch,” Susan said. “But I didn’t fuck Tommy until that fir st night you were here.”

“I know,” Wanda replied. “Seeing us that way made your cunt tickle, and you couldn’t keep back from it.”

“That’s about it,” Susan said. “But I’ve been wanting to fuck him for some time. You just happened to help it along. I’d have fucked him sooner or later, I’m sure.”

Tommy listened to them, excited as always when they were naked or wore panties. His cock was half-hard, and he was holding his young balls gently.

“I’m not sure about this pissing thing,” Susan said, but there was a twinkle in her eyes.

“You should try it,” Wanda said, smacking her lips suggestively.

“Maybe I will, but not in my mouth,” Susan said. “Maybe later, but not right now. On my tits, or my cunt, okay, and then maybe in my face, but I’ll think about taking it in my mouth, though.”

“I will!” Tommy exclaimed.

“Will what, honey?” Susan asked.

“Take it in my mouth!” Wanda giggled.

Susan stared at her son. “You’d let Wanda piss in your mouth?”

Tommy nodded, his eyes sparkling. “I’d let both of you piss in my mouth, Mom.”

“But, you’ve never tried it before.”

“I wanna try it now,” he said. His cock was standing up with anticipation.

“I’ll do it,” Wanda said, getting to her feet.

“Are you sure, Tommy?” Susan asked.


Wanda stood near his shoulder, and pulled the hairy lips of her cunt open. Tommy stared at it, and buried his face between his aunt’s thighs to lick at her cunt. Wanda purred softly and writhed as his tongue swirled about her cunt. Susan got to her feet and stood at her son’s other shoulder, watching him.

Pulling his face out of Wanda’s cunt, Tommy shoved his hands behind his back, leaning there and looking upward. The crotch of his mother’s panties were tight, outlining her puffy cunt, the shadow of her thick pussy hair making them bulge out. Wanda kept holding her cunt open, her hips arched forward, her legs parted.

A small dribble of piss came from Wanda’s cunt, running along her inner thigh. “Lick it off my leg, Tommy,” she whispered. Tommy didn’t hesitate. He shot his tongue out and lapped at the hot piss on Wanda’s smooth thigh. Wanda spurted a bit more, and Tommy opened his lips wide, catching a small amount.

“Do you like it?” Wanda asked, her voice throaty.

“Nice,” Tommy replied.

Susan’s eyes smoldered, her fingers toying with the crotch of her panties, watching her son, her sister’s cunt.

“Want some more?” Wanda asked.

Tommy nodded his head.

A long gush of golden piss spewed from Wanda’s blonde-haired cunt. It splashed into Tommy’s face before he slipped his open mouth into the stream.

Susan moaned as she saw her sister pissing into her son’s mouth, watching it run from the corner of his lips and down his neck.

“Piss in his face, Susan,” Wanda urged. “Let’s both piss in Tommy’s face!”

Susan pulled the crotch of her panties aside slowly, staring at her sister’s cunt, the hot piss running into Tommy’s mouth. Stretching her panties past her cunt, she pulled her puffy cunt lips open with her fingers the way Wanda was doing.

Tommy turned his head, and Wanda cut the flow of her piss for a moment.

Susan stared down at her son’s uplifted face. His mouth was as wide open as he could get it. Her hairy cunt was about three inches away from his mouth.

She began pissing.

Tommy moaned as he tasted his mother’s hot piss splashing into his mouth. Wanda, with a squeal, also began to spurt piss across Tommy’s cheek. Tommy turned his face, taking his aunt’s piss into his mouth. His cock jerked about in hardness. Susan gurgled as her son shoved his face into Wanda’s cunt, watching piss stream past his cheeks. She was still letting go, too, and her piss drenched his ear and neck. But Tommy didn’t keep his face in his aunt’s cunt, he pulled back and shoved it into his mother’s pussy. He twisted his face from side to side, golden hot piss showering down into his face and mouth from two hairy cunts.

“This makes me hot!” Susan whimpered, spraying her son’s face as the stream of her piss mixed with that of her sister. “This makes me so fucking hot!”

With a squeal, she stopped pissing, and pushed her son onto his back, his cock arching up. She straddled his cock swiftly, grasping it at the base with her fingers. Wanda, still pissing into Tommy’s face as she stood there, swung her hips around, and began, to piss over her sister’s straining tits.

“Ohhh, God!” Susan sobbed as the hot piss drenched her tits.

Instead of taking her son’s cock into her cunt, she shifted until she had his cockhead pushing at her asshole. She jerked her panties so hard, they tore. With a wild cry, she slammed down without hesitation on her son’s cock. She screamed as his prick penetrated her asshole, but it was a scream like Wanda’s earlier.

“I’m going to take it up my asshole now!” she sobbed, and as her hips began to churn and pound up and down, she shoved her face into her sister’s cunt, licking frantically.

Wanda grabbed Susan by the back of her head, smashing her cunt into Susan’s face. Tommy stared up at them, his mother’s asshole grinding onto his cock in a frenzy. Susan licked greedily at her sister’s wet cunt, tasting her piss and her juices, her ass shaking and slamming downward on Tommy’s prick. Wanda squirmed her cunt into Susan’s face, gurgling softly. She was no longer pissing, though.

“Eat my cunt, Susan!” Wanda urged. “Suck my fucking cunt and fuck Tommy with your asshole! Ohhh, yes!”

Tommy arched his hips up, driving his cock into his mother’s asshole as she came down.

“Piss in her cocksucking mouth, Wanda!” he groaned. “Piss in my mom’s pussy-licking mouth!”

His balls were tight, and the fiery heat of his mother’s asshole was about to make them spew. He shoved a hand up his aunt’s thigh, clutching a check of her ass.

“Piss in my mom’s mouth!” he shouted. “Ohhh. Mom, I’m gonna come! I’m gonna come in your hot asshole!”

Susan twisted her ass wildly on her son’s throbbing cock. She sucked hard at Wanda’s cunt. Her cunt was sucking as if it, too, had a cock inside it. Wanda was grinding lewdly, rubbing her wet cunt about her sister’s lips and protruding tongue. She couldn’t do what Tommy wanted now. She was close to coming herself, and there was no way she could piss.

With a grunt, Tommy came, sending spurts of hot come juice into his mother’s asshole. Susan felt him coming, felt the throbbing of his cock deep inside her ass. As she uttered a muffled scream, her cunt convulsed into a tight, pulsating orgasm. Almost at the same time, Wanda came, too. Susan sucked hard at her sister’s cunt, her asshole gripping her son’s spewing cock with incredible power.

As powerful as her orgasm was, Susan jerked her mouth out of her sister’s cunt quickly.

“Piss in my face, Wanda!” she screamed. “Piss in my face and mouth while I’m still coming!”

Tommy watched as his mother opened her mouth wide, and the hot piss of his aunt gushed into it. Susan made wet sounds as she swallowed her sister’s sweet piss, and her cunt contracted again… and again…

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Wet And Ready Wife

What do you do with a horny housewife? That is a frequently asked question today. All over the nation, many young married women are expressing dissatisfaction with their sex lives.

Why do theft husbands spend too much time on the job? Are women hornier now? Men less so? Or is it simply that women feel free for the first time to express theft sexual needs?

In today’s society, women have made many new discoveries about themselves, men and the way we all fit into society. They have been freed by the Pill, encouraged by Women’s Lib, and are growing in self-confidence every day to help mold a new American society. In contrast to past history, some researchers suspect that American men are becoming more sexually cautious as women become bolder. With constant pressure to perform well sexually, many men feel threatened.

One relief from the constant demands of modern liberated women is the prostitute. Having paid his money, the man feels no pressure. It’s his money that pleases the prostitute, not his sexual thoughtfulness.

WET AND READY WIFE is the contemporary story of a young married couple. Judy is bored by the daily familiarity of their sex life and must find an outlet for it. Joe Prentiss has broken his leg and can’t work, so Judy must. Joe is also so uptight sexually that he can’t have sexual relations with Judy — they can’t have it “normally”. The solution to their problems is the job Judy takes at a swank bar. The cocktail waitresses there double as call girls and Judy is swept up by the world of business and prostitution. The garden path she has sought to discover new things about sex quickly becomes a freeway till finally Judy decides she must reject her whorish ways.

WET AND READY WIFE — a story that may prove shocking because of its truthfulness.


Judy Prentiss stared at her husband’s cock with longing.

“Joe, darling,” she sighed, “are you sure we couldn’t? I mean, there may be some other way.”

Joe Prentiss sat in bed, naked except for the heavy cast encasing his whole left leg. He was the picture of frustration.

“No, dammit,” he snapped. “For the last time, Judy, we’ll just have to forget about fucking until this cast comes off the damn thing’s in the way.”

“But. Joe, that could be weeks,” Judy moaned. “Please, darling, let’s try some of the things I was telling you about.” Joe glared at her.

“Judy, shut up and go to sleep,” he said.

After five years of marriage, Judy could tell when her husband’s temper was about to boil over. She turned off the bedside lamp and curled up in bed without a word. But inside she seethed with longing. Ever since Joe broke his leg at work, three weeks ago, she’d been horny as hell.

The problem really wasn’t the cast, it was Joe’s hopelessly old-fashioned attitudes about sex. He’d only make love in one way, with him on top, and Judy couldn’t convince him to try the other positions she’d read about. But at least after tonight she wouldn’t have to lie beside him in bed and long for him. She’d be busy somewhere else.

Judy had had to get a job to supplement Joe’s unemployment checks, and tomorrow would be her first day. She’d managed to be hired as a cocktail waitress at a nightclub called the Flamingo. The job would keep her busy from eight in the evening till well after midnight. She didn’t like being separated from Joe that long, but it was better than the aching lust she felt now.

The next evening Judy reported for work at the Flamingo and was told to go see the owner, Mr. Tony Rossi. She knocked timidly at his office door. She’d been hired by the club’s hostess and hadn’t met Rossi yet. She hoped he wouldn’t change his mind when he saw her.

“Come in,” Rossi boomed.

Judy entered a plush large office and saw an attractive man sitting behind a desk and smoking a cigar. Tony Rossi appeared to be in his mid-thirties, and he had black hair and mustache, a deep taxi, and bright brown eyes. His features were handsome, but there was something sinister about them, too.

“I’m Judy Prentiss,” she said. “The new girl.”

“Oh, yeah,” Rossi said. “Come closer.”

Judy shyly crossed the room and stood before Rossi’s desk. He studied her in silence. He saw a petite but curvy girl of twenty-five with short curly red hair. Judy’s face was pretty enough, but her most attractive feature was her large firm breasts. Rossi’s dark eyes focused on the ripe thrust of her tits, and Judy reddened.

“Well, I don’t know,” he said. “You’re kinda short.”

“Oh, please, Mr. Rossi,” Judy said, “I really need the job. My husband broke his leg and can’t work. I learn fast, I really do, and if I wear heels I won’t be so short.”

“Well, I only use the very best-looking girls,” Rossi said, “but I’ll check you out. Take off your clothes.”

“WHAT?” Judy asked, shocked.

“Honey,” Rossi said wearily, “I can’t hire you unless I see your figure. I gotta know how you’ll look in your costume. So undress — if you want the job.”

Judy turned even redder. She’d never undressed for any man but her own husband. She wanted to run out of the room, but she really needed the job. It paid well, and she didn’t have the skills to do anything but wait on tables. It looked as if she had no choice but to take off her clothes for Rossi.

“All right,” she said nervously.

Judy unbuttoned her prim white blouse and pulled it off, blushing hotly all the while. Rossi’s eyes glittered as he studied the tightly-packed cups of her pink bikini bra. Judy felt as if his look was burning right through her. With trembling hands she reached for the zipper of her tweed skirt and tugged it down.

“Come on, come on,” Rossi sighed, “I ain’t got all night.”

Judy hastily opened the zipper and let her skirt fall to the floor. She stood before Rossi wearing only her skimpy bra and a little pair of pink bikini panties. Rossi admired her curvy little body, ripe round tits and shapely legs. He took in her creamy skin, tiny firm waist, and the adorable little globes of her ass.

“There,” Judy said, red-faced with embarrassment, “I hope I’ll look all right in the costume.”

“I won’t know,” Rossi said, “till you finish taking off your clothes.”

“Finish?” Judy gasped. “But-but isn’t this enough?”

“I have to check for scars,” Rossi said, looking bored and impatient. “Now, do you want this job or not?”

Judy hadn’t known how hard she could blush until that moment. No man had ever seen her naked except Joe, and she could hardly bear the idea of stripping for a complete stranger. But, dammit, she had to have the job. In two weeks of looking, it was the only decent job she’d found. And she and Joe urgently needed the money.

“Yes, Mr. Rossi,” she said grimly.

Judy reached around and unhooked her flimsy little bra. Rossi remained behind his desk, puffing on his cigar, eyeing her coolly, as if he were judging livestock. Judy had never felt so embarrassed in her life as when she drew off her bra and revealed her naked breasts.

“Hey, not bad. Not bad at all,” Rossi said, showing enthusiasm for the first time.

He ogled Judy’s lovely grapefruit-size boobs. The ripe creamy globes stood straight out, firm and flawless, capped with dainty little pink nipples. Judy stood there blushing furiously. She’d always been proud of her pretty tits, but she didn’t like some stranger ogling them.

“Okay, now the panties,” Rossi said. “And hurry up. I got business to take care of.”

Judy felt total mortification as she tugged down her flimsy pink panties. Rossi’s eyes glittered as she removed her last garment. Unable to bear it, Judy turned around and first unveiled the lovely firm rounds of her little butt. Her panties slithered down her legs to the floor.

“Turn around, baby,” Rossi said gruffly. “I’m a big boy. I seen naked chicks before.”

Cheeks burning, Judy turned and let Rossi see the fiery-red curls of her small triangular bush. Thank God Joe wouldn’t have to know about this incident — he’d have a fit. It was hard enough for Judy herself to endure it, standing there stark naked while Rossi looked her up and down.

“Real nice,” he commented. “Yeah, you’ll be okay in the costume.”

“Thank goodness,” Judy sighed.

She started to reach for her clothes, but Rossi said, “Just a minute. There’s one more thing I gotta check. Step into that next room.”

There was a doer behind his desk, and Judy sighed and went to it. She supposed it didn’t matter now that she was naked. He’d already looked her over thoroughly and seen everything he could. She opened the door and walked into a smaller room. It contained nothing but a bed.

Judy whirled to face Rossi, her face flaming. He’d gotten up from his desk and was following her into the little, bedroom. She squealed with alarm and tried to brush past him, but he grabbed her shoulder and steered her inside and, closed the door. Judy backed away from him.

“Just what is it you have to check out, Mr. Rossi?” she said nervously.

He was taking off his tie.

“I like to make sure I get along with all my girls,” he said. “I like to get along with them real well.”

Judy just couldn’t believe what was happening. She backed up against the wall and gawked as Tony Rossi stripped naked in front of her. Why, she hadn’t been in his office five minutes, and he was suggesting that they get it on. It was insane, outrageous.

“Mr. Rossi,” she said, “I’m a married woman. I wouldn’t dream of going to bed with anyone but my husband. I never have, and I never will.”

Rossi laughed and began to unzip his fly.

“Hey, get with it, kid,” he said. “If you wanta work in a high-class place like this, you gotta play the game. Forget about your husband — he don’t have to know a thing about it.”

Judy’s blue eyes widened as Rossi opened his pants. He really had a fine body, deeply tanned, broad-shouldered, big chest thickly matted with dark hairs. But what really drew her attention was his crotch. She’d seen only one cock in her whole life, Joe’s. She couldn’t help wondering how another man’s prick would look.

Rossi dropped his pants and stepped out of them in just his jockey shorts. The crotch bulged with a huge erection. Judy knew she ought to scream and run, but she seemed paralyzed with curiosity. She just stood there and gawked as Rossi tugged down his shorts and stood before her completely naked.

“Now, you wouldn’t mind having some of this, would you, honey?” he said with a leer.

Judy stared wide-eyed at Rossi’s erect cock. It was not quite as long as Joe’s, she thought, perhaps six inches, but it was thick and stiff and handsome. Springing from a thick black bush, it hugged his belly, pale and blue-veined, capped with a big swollen purple head. Bright bubbles of cock-juice oozed from the knob-shaped head of his prick.

In spite of her fear and shock, Judy suddenly experienced an all-too-familiar sensation, a glowing and melting feeling in her pussy. She’d had that feeling a lot lately, and she knew just what it meant. She was horny. She was achingly horny, in fact. To her horror she realized that she wanted Rossi to fuck her.

“Come on, baby, over to the bed,” he said, walking toward her, his swollen heavy cock wagging lewdly.

“Noooo,” Judy squealed.

She ran for the door. She was horny for Rossi, all tight, but she wasn’t going to ball him. She just couldn’t do that to Joe. She’d never fucked another man in her life, and she didn’t intend to start now. She believed in her marriage vows.

“Aw, shit, cut out the kid stuff,” Rossi snarled.

Judy grabbed the doorknob and turned it frantically, but it wouldn’t open. Rossi had locked the door in some way she didn’t understand. She put her back to the door and faced him, sobbing. He stood there grinning at her triumphantly.

“I’m the only one who knows how to open that door,” he said, “and you ain’t leaving till you put out for me. Now, why don’t you save us both a lot of trouble and get over to that bed?”

“No,” Judy sobbed, “I won’t cheat on my husband.”

“Christ, I got a good mind to let you go,” Rossi said impatiently. “I don’t need a silly little cunt like you working here. But I gotta have you now. Look at this.”

He lewdly wagged his stiff cock at her.

“No, I won’t do it,” Judy cried.

Rossi gave a snort of impatience and rushed across the room. He lifted Judy easily and carried her over to the bed. She kicked and clawed and screamed, but it was useless. Rossi was far bigger and stronger than she was. He dropped her on her back and climbed on top of her, pinning her to the bed with his muscular body.

“Now just be a good girl and relax,” he crooned.

Judy felt his hard, masculine body press tight against her, and she felt the stiff line of his erect cock rubbing her soft little belly. Dizzy excitement washed over her, and her starved little cunt gushed a big steamy load of cream that soaked her hot swollen pussy.

“Oh, God, no,” she moaned.

As Rossi began running his hands all over her curvy little body, she fought to regain her self-control. She hadn’t been balled in a month, and she was achingly horny. She wanted his big stiff cock so badly, she could have screamed. But always there was the thought of Joe. She loved him and didn’t want to be unfaithful to him.

“Take it easy, take it easy,” Rossi crooned. “I’ll make it real good for you, baby. I know you want it.”

“No, I don’t,” Judy wept. “Let me go.”

But she was lying. Her flaming-hot pussy was crying for relief from the aching need she’d felt so long. It would be so tempting just to open her legs and let Rossi slip that gorgeous hard dick into her. Damn Joe and hip puritanical hang-ups! If he’d just taken care of her in bed, she wouldn’t be lusting for another man. With her last ounce of self-control she pushed at Rossi’s broad shoulders. She couldn’t budge him.

“So you don’t wanta ball, huh?” he growled. “Well, I’ll make you want it. When I get through, you’ll be begging me for it, bitch.”

He didn’t realize how close she was to begging already. She felt hotly aroused — and now Rossi made it even worse by slipping his hand into her crotch and stroking her moist swollen pussy. Joe had never done that to her, never touched her between the legs. Judy was amazed at how good it felt. She stifled a horny moan.

Each little touch of his fingers made her whole belly melt with pleasure. Rossi teasingly rimmed the tight little mouth of her asshole, fingertip circling swiftly. He inserted a fingertip in the heavily creaming mouth of her cunt and poked around playfully. He moved on and pressed his finger against the dainty little button of her clit. He rubbed the fat hot nub, and Judy shuddered with pleasure.

“Yeah, you like that, don’t you?” Rossi chuckled. “You like me to play with your pussy.”

“Nooo,” Judy whined.

She hoped he’d believe her lie, that he’d let her go before it was too late. If he went on frigging her like that, she wasn’t going to be able to control herself. It just felt too damned good, and she needed a man too much. But Rossi didn’t believe her. He seized her throbbingly moist clit and began to knead it briskly. Judy couldn’t stifle her cry of delight.

“Oooooo,” she squealed.

Rossi chuckled and kneaded her clit even faster. Judy couldn’t believe the sharp sensations of pleasure that melted her whole belly. She hadn’t known it was possible to feel that good. Damn Joe anyhow, why hadn’t he ever done this to her? He’d robbed her of years of pleasure, thanks to his silly Victorian ideas about sex.

Judy had been a virgin when she married Joe, and up to recently she hadn’t known there was any other way to make love than the way Joe did it — no foreplay, just a quick fuck with the man on top. But since Joe broke his leg she’d been reading a lot about other ways to do it, and she’d discovered a whole new world of sex.

It was a world Joe refused to explore or even to discuss. But men like Tony Rossi knew all about those delicious variations, those exciting ways of turning a woman on. Judy moaned and writhed with dizzy pleasure as Rossi rubbed her hot little joy button faster and faster. She just couldn’t resist those delicious sensations.

“That’s it, baby,” Rossi whispered, “dig it. Get all hot and wet for me. Yeah, that’s the way.”

Judy blushed hotly. She hadn’t realized that Rossi could feel the steady stream of hot sticky juice flowing from her aroused box. But it must be soaking his hand by now, running over his frigging fingers. Still she couldn’t bear to have him stop. She had a month of pent-up lust to satisfy.

“Oh, God,” Judy moaned, “ohhhh, OHHHH.”

She was spinning out of control, but she couldn’t stop herself. As Rossi’s expert fingers kneaded her horny little clit faster and faster, she felt herself rising to the very edge of orgasm. She arched her body upward to get all the friction she could from his frigging fingers. But just as she was about to come, Rossi drew his hand away.

“Uh-uh,” he chuckled, “you don’t get off that easy. I want you to be good and hot for me when we ball.”

“I-I’m not going to b-ball you,” Judy stammered, surprised at herself for using that wicked word.

“Sure, kid, sure,” Rossi laughed. “Here’s something else you’re gonna dig.”

He slipped his hand into her steamy crotch again, and Judy felt his stiff middle finger sliding right up her cream-flooded little cunt.

“Oooooh,” she wailed.

She just couldn’t help that loud hoarse cry of delight as Rossi pushed his stiff thick finger up her flaming-hot box. She’d needed something stiff in there for so long. Rossi started working his finger in her like a miniature cock, swiftly up and down, and Judy helplessly gushed hot sticky cunt-juice all around his jerking finger.

She was lost and she knew it. She let her legs fall wide open, giving Rossi more room to frig her, and she creamed a steady thick flow of molten cunt-juice. Through glazed lusty eyes she saw Rossi grinning down at her. He was obviously gloating over his victory. Judy didn’t care any more. The only thing that mattered was satisfying the burning need in her pussy.

“Okay, baby, no more games,” Rossi said huskily.

He popped his cream-soaked finger out of her snug little twat and eased himself between her widely parted thighs. The big hard head of his stiff cock nudged the soaked tight mouth of her cunt. Judy quivered. It was her last chance to stay faithful to Joe — and she knew she wasn’t going to take it. Her need was just too great.

“Take my meat, baby,” Rossi panted. “You’re really gonna love it.”

“Oooooh,” Judy wailed.

She moaned steadily as Rossi pushed his long thick cock into her. It felt so great to have a prick inside her again, stuffing her snug little twat, tickling her womb. She creamed furiously around his invading meat, and when his balls came to rest against her soaked pussy, she whimpered with pleasure.

“Feels good, huh, baby?” Rossi said.

“Yes,” Judy whimpered, surrendering totally, “oh, yes, yessss.”

Rossi chuckled and began to work his cock in her, fucking her in hard quick lunges, fucking her deep and fast, just the way she needed it. She didn’t want him to be gentle. She was much too horny for that. She wanted him to ball her roughly, savagely — and he did. Judy wailed ecstatically and clung to him, jerking her hips in time to his strokes.

“Yeah, you’re gettin’ off on it, ain’t you, doll?” Rossi panted. “I figured you would.”

Judy didn’t like his taunts, but she loved his cock. She bucked her slim hips faster and faster as Rossi speeded the pace of his fucking. In less than a minute she started to come, an explosive body-rocking climax that left her breathless. Rossi just kept right on balling her, and soon she was coming again.

“AHHHHHHH,” Judy wailed, “yes, yes, I LOVE IT.”

Unlike her husband, who always came in less than a minute, Rossi seemed tireless. He balled her into a string of orgasms that left her dizzy and panting. Judy hadn’t known it was possible to come more than once, let alone half a dozen times. But then there were a lot of things Joe hadn’t taught her.

“You want more, baby?” Rossi chuckled.

“Yes, yes,” Judy babbled, “please keep fucking me, PLEASE.”

But even Tony Rossi couldn’t last forever. After he’d brought her off one more time, he gasped and shot a huge load of sizzling come into her snug little box. He’d hardly finished coming before he pulled his cock out of her, stood up and began to dress.

“Well, you’re no pro,” he said as he pulled on his pants, “but you got enthusiasm and a nice tight box. You’ll do.”

“What?” Judy said dizzily.

“I said you got the job,” Rossi answered. “Come on now, hop to it. Go ask the hostess far your costume. I’ll be around later to see how you’re doing.”

Rossi left the room, and Judy staggered to her feet and put on her clothes. She realized with shock that she’d just cheated on the husband she loved — and that she wasn’t sorry. Tony Rossi had given her the best fuck of her life. But where did she go from here?

If she went to work at the Flamingo, Rossi would surely want to take her to bed again. Yet she needed the job so desperately. Still undecided, Judy went off to try on her costume. Rossi might approach her again, but she’d cross that bridge when she came to it.


Still dazed from her encounter with Tony Rossi, Judy went to the club’s hostess and was given a costume. There was a small dressing room for the waitresses, and Judy went there to try on the outfit. She inspected herself in the full-length mirror.

“Oh, dear,” Judy muttered to herself.

As Rossi had predicted, Judy looked great in the costume. The only problem was, there was hardly any costume. It looked like no more than a black bikini bathing suit with sequins. With it she had to wear black net stockings and black shoes with four-inch heels.

Again Judy was glad her husband couldn’t see her. Joe would have had a fit if he’d seen her in that skimpy outrageous costume. Pink with embarrassment, Judy entered the main floor of the nightclub and went to work. The more experienced girls showed her what to do, and she caught on fast.

The work seemed fairly easy, and Judy got many admiring glances from the customers, but it bothered her to walk around in such a revealing costume.

Then, to make matters worse, Tony Rossi appeared and gave her a soulful look. Recalling their passionate encounter, just a few hours earlier, Judy blushed beet red.

Rossi walked over to her and said, “You’re looking good, kid. You’ll do just fine.”

“Thank you, Mr. Rossi,” Judy said timidly. “Now, there’s just one other thing to this job that we didn’t tell you about,” Rossi said. “Sometimes I ask a girl to be extra nice to a special customer, you dig?”

“Oh, you mean pay special attention to him?” Judy said.

Rossi grinned and said, “You’re getting the idea, honey. There’s a guy been asking about you tonight. His name is Frank and he’s alone at that corner table. You take him a drink on the house and sit and talk with him awhile.”

“Yes, sir,” Judy said. She didn’t mind the assignment. She was glad of a chance to rest her feet.

Frank was an attractive middle-aged man with black hair graying at the temples, a tall lean body, and expensive clothes. Judy brought him a drink, and they chatted for a few minutes. She learned that Frank was an attorney. Then Frank abruptly changed the subject.

“You’ll do just fine,” he said. “Let’s go.”

“Go?” Judy said, gawking at him. “Go where? I have to work till after midnight.”

Frank looked impatient. “Didn’t Tony tell you what to do?” he asked.

“He said to sit and talk with you awhile,” Judy said.

“Then he left something out,” Frank replied. “You’re supposed to come to my place and do what I want.”

Judy stood up, face flaming. “I don’t believe that,” she said angrily. “Mr. Rossi would never ask you to do a thing like that. I’m a waitress, not a hooker.”

She turned and started to walk away. Frank made a signal at Rosa, who came hurrying over and grabbed Judy roughly by the arm. He steered her into an alcove where no one could see them. He looked furious.

“You dumb little cunt,” he hissed, “you made one of my best customers angry. I thought you understood my instructions. You’re not supposed to just talk with him. You’re supposed to ball him.”

Judy’s mouth fell open, and she gawked at her new boss as if she couldn’t believe what he was saying.

“But I’m a waitress,” she gasped. “I wouldn’t dream of doing a thing like that.”

“You gotta be more than a waitress around here,” Rossi growled. “Whaddya think I’m paying you that big salary for? Besides, this guy Frank will give you a hundred bucks to go with him. Don’t be stupid — go back there and be nice. If you don’t, you’re fired.”

Rossi gave her a little push, and Judy stumbled back toward Frank’s table, her mind reeling. She’d had no idea that her new job would involve prostitution. She was shocked and horrified at the idea, yet she needed the money so much. As she approached the table, Frank stood up, took her by the arm, and steered her out of the nightclub.

“I’m glad Tony talked some sense into you,” he said. “You’re a damned attractive girl. I didn’t want to miss out on you.”

The parking attendant brought Frank’s Cadillac, and he muscled Judy inside. She was still too shocked to speak or even to think. It was a short drive to Frank’s apartment, and by the time Judy came back to her senses, he was ushering her into a plushly furnished living room.

“You look a little shaken up,” Frank said. “How about a drink?”

“Yes, please,” Judy said numbly. She hardly ever drank, but she figured the alcohol would steady her nerves.

“Look, baby,” Frank said as she gulped her drink, “be smart and keep working for Tony. Do just what he says. A lot of girls have made a lot of money there. Some of them even marry rich customers.”

“But I’m already married,” Judy said.

“Then look for something better,” Frank laughed.

Something better? Judy’s pleasantly bruised cunt reminded her that Tony Rossi had been a much better fuck than her husband Joe. She loved Joe dearly, but she also craved excitement and adventure in fucking. Her new job could give it to her, and she’d even be paid for it. She looked intently at Frank, wondering what kind of lover he’d be.

Frank reached into his pocket and handed Judy a crisp, new one-hundred dollar bill.

“Use that to dry your tears,” he said, “and let’s go in the bedroom. I’m only supposed to keep you for one hour.”

Judy tucked away the money and meekly followed Frank down a short hall and into a luxurious bedroom with a king-size bed. Frank started to undress. Judy watched him in a daze. The drink was beginning to hit her, and she couldn’t think clearly. Was she really going to fuck this total stranger?

What am I doing here? she thought. This is insane.

“Come on, honey,” Frank said. “We haven’t got all night.”

Judy kicked off her shoes. She didn’t see any way out of the situation. She’d accepted the man’s money, and now she had to earn it. Besides, she didn’t want to lose her job at the Flamingo. She untied the little black bra-top of her costume and let it fall to the carpet.

“Hey, really nice,” Frank said, ogling her lovely round full breasts. “Tony sure knows how to pick em.”

Judy was still too dazed to think or even blush. One part of her was cool, thinking that this was an easy way to earn big money. Another part of her screamed that it was evil and immoral and that she shouldn’t cheat on her husband. She was just blindly following along with whatever Frank told her to do.

She hooked her thumbs under the waistband of her bikini panties. The black net stockings were sewn to the panties, and the whole thing came down as Judy lowered her last stitch of clothing. Frank, half undressed, paused to ogle her cute little flame-red bush.

“You’re just about the prettiest little thing I ever saw,” he told her. “Tony usually hires big tall chicks. It’s nice to have a small one for a change.”

Now Judy was able to blush. A man she’d met only half an hour ago was staring at her naked body, his eyes darting hungrily from her big round tits to her copper-colored bush. Frank continued to stare at her as he removed the rest of his clothing. As he lowered his pants, Judy gawked at his crotch in helpless curiosity.

His jockey shorts were tented with a stiff erection, and as he lowered them Judy just couldn’t look away. Out popped a rigid six-inch prick, the stalk milky pale, the head swollen and purple. Judy felt her pussy starting to glow and melt. Just the sight of Frank’s stiff prick had aroused her.

Still she felt very nervous as they walked over to the bed and lay down. Frank didn’t waste any time. He pushed open Judy’s legs and got on top of her and poked the hard hot head of his cock against the dry little mouth of her cunt. He grunted and pushed — but nothing happened. Her tight little cunt mouth refused to yield.

“You’re dry,” Frank said impatiently. “What’s the matter, do I turn you off?”

“It’s-it’s not you,” Judy said. “I’ve just never done this before, that’s all.”

Frank sighed and said, “Well, I guess you’re worth breaking in. Just a second.”

He opened the drawer of the bedside table and took out a tube of lubricating jelly. He smeared some of the jelly on his hand and reached down into Judy’s crotch. She flinched a little when he touched her with the cold stuff, but then she felt sudden excitement as he began to massage her pussy.

“Relax,” he soothed, “just relax and let me get you ready.”

Judy flopped back on the pillow and submissively opened her legs wider. What Frank was doing to her felt delicious. He rubbed the jelly all over her rich scarlet gash, his fingers moving slowly and steadily over the sensitive flesh. It was even better than when Rossi had frigged her. Frank had a much gentler touch.

“Ummmm,” Judy murmured.

Frank rimmed the tight little mouth of her asshole, then worked up to her plump pink pussylips, massaging into the hot folds. He rimmed the mouth of her twat, smearing it with the now-hot jelly. He worked up to the fat little lump of her clit and rubbed the jelly into it. Judy gasped with pleasure.

“Oh, my gosh,” she exclaimed, “that feels nice.”

“I can do even better,” Frank said softly.

He took the throbbing shaft of her clit between his fingers and began to knead it. Rossi had done the same thing to her, but Frank’s touch was more exciting, and the jelly made his kneading swift and slick. Judy could hardly contain herself, it felt so good. Her cunt began to leak hot sticky juice, and her pussy started to swell up hot and moist.

Frank massaged her clit into erection and then moved lower in her swelling pussy till he was once more rimming the moist little mouth of her cunt. This time his fingers moved faster, making Judy sigh with pleasure. He smeared the jelly all around her snug twat mouth, making the small hole slick and juicy.

Then he eased his stiff middle finger right up her snug little box.

“Ooooooo,” Judy squealed.

“You like that, eh?” Frank chuckled softly. “Well, let’s see how you like this.”

He began to pump his thick stiff finger in her jelly-smeared cunt, working it swiftly up and down like a small cock. Judy’s teeth flashed in a lusty grimace, and she arched her petite body upward and took in his finger clear to the last knuckle. Frank pumped even faster, and her cunt-cream boiled around his jerking finger.

“Oh, yes, yessss,” Judy gasped.

She knew it was shameful of her to be so lusty for this stranger, to let him know she loved his frigging finger, but she was only human. She and Joe had never had a very thrilling sex life, and for a month they’d had none at all. She was a normal healthy young woman, and she was starved for sexual satisfaction.

“I’ll bring you off,” Frank said eagerly.

He finger-fucked her even faster, his thick jelly-slick finger zipping up and down in her boiling little box. Judy moaned hoarsely as she felt the delicious hot friction. She creamed a huge load of juice, soaking her inner thighs, and then she was coming.

“AHHHHHH,” Judy wailed.

Her red-hot cunt gripped Frank’s stroking finger and held it as she came. Her little curvy body rocked violently, and she moaned hoarsely with pleasure. When her spasms had finally died down, Frank grinned and popped his finger out of her snug little twat. She felt him exploring even lower in her steamy pussy.

“Here’s something else I bet you’ll like,” he said. Judy smiled vaguely. She’d just had an explosive orgasm, and she was sure she couldn’t get aroused again so soon. But then she recalled that afternoon with Rossi and how he’d fucked her into half a dozen climaxes. Maybe anything was possible in bed if she had an expert lover.

Frank touched the tightly clenched mouth of her asshole, pressing his fingertip against the wrinkled flesh. He pushed, and his fingertip popped inside, no more than a quarter of an inch. He twirled the finger, rimming the hot tight opening.

“Oh, my gosh,” Judy gasped, “you shouldn’t touch me THERE.”

“Why not, if it feels good?” Frank laughed. “And it does feel good, doesn’t it, baby?”

Judy was too embarrassed to reply, because the truth was, it felt terrific. She’d never dreamed she’d enjoy having a guy stick his finger up her ass, but her tight little brownie was just as sensitive and horny as her cunt. Frank began to ease his finger farther and farther up her pencil-thin bumhole, and her excitement mounted.

“Oooooh,” Judy squealed.

“Quite a turn-on, isn’t it?” Frank chuckled. “First time a woman did this to me, I came like hell.”

Judy tried to imagine putting her finger up a man’s ass. It was a wicked idea, but it turned her on like mad. She’d love to do it to someone she cared for — for Joe. But of course Joe would never permit it. He’d think she was some kind of pervert.

Judy forgot Joe and everything else as Frank worked his finger clear to the last knuckle in her fiery little asshole. Deeply skewered on his thick finger, she felt heart-pounding excitement. He started to move his finger up and down, and it felt terrific. Judy couldn’t contain herself.

“Oh, yes, yessss,” she gasped, “that feels so GOOD.”

Molten cream gushed from her aroused cunt as Frank briskly frigged her gripping hot asshole. Judy gasped and panted and clawed the bed in her excitement. To her wonder, she felt herself rising toward climax again oven though she’d come just a minute ago. She was learning about a whole new world of sensation which Joe had never shown her.

“Oh, God, YES,” she gasped. “OHHHHH.”

As she came, her flaming-hot bumhole gripped and held Frank’s finger. Steamy juice gushed from her convulsing cunt. Her little body shook powerfully, her big ripe boobs wobbled. She’d never experienced such violent climaxes as today with Rossi and Frank. With Joe it was always gentle — and dull.

“I think you’re ready now,” Frank chuckled.

He popped his finger from her asshole and climbed between her legs. Judy was way beyond resistance now. She eagerly opened her legs wide for him, and as he shoved his thick stiff cock into her, she wailed with delight. He began balling her in swift hard strokes, just the way she needed it.

“Oh, God, yes,” she wailed, “do it to me, fuck me.”

“Christ, you’re tight,” Frank panted. “You’ve got a great little box, baby. Jesus, YEAH.”

Unfortunately it was all to great. Her gripping red-hot cunt squeezed and milked his probing dick, and in less than a minute he was coming. Judy felt the hot blast of his jism against her womb, and she moaned with disappointment. She hadn’t even had time to come.

“Hey, sorry about that,” Frank gasped. “I guess I was too excited. I usually last longer than that.”

“It’s all right,” Judy lied.

“No, it’s not,” Frank said. “I want you to remember me, lady. So let’s do it again. Just get me hard.”

Judy blushed deeply and said, “Frank, I don’t know how. I mean, my husband never taught me that.”

Frank snorted with laughter.

“You really are innocent,” he said. “Well, it’s pretty simple, honey. Just take my cock in your hand and pump it.”

Judy’s blushed deepened. Joe had never allowed her to play with his prick, not even to touch it. Now at last she’d have her chance, though not with Joe’s cock. Eagerly she wrapped her fingers around Frank’s limp cream-soaked prick and began to pump.

“That’s it,” Frank sighed. “Yeah, just keep doing that, honey. The old pecker will get hard in no time.”

Judy was delighted to discover that playing with cocks was a big turn-on. Frank’s wrinkled prick was soft as silk, warm and pleasant to touch. She pumped faster as her excitement mounted. Poor silly Joe, if only he’d let her do this to him! She knew he’d love it, if he could just get rid of his inhibitions.

Frank loved it, all right. He stared at the ceiling with a lusty grin, and he panted and sighed as she swiftly frigged his cock in her hot little fist. It wasn’t long before she felt the droopy little dick give a violent lurch and begin to grow. It excited hell out of her to feel a man getting hard right in her hand.

“Good girl,” Frank panted. “Just a little more.”

Judy eagerly kept pumping his cock with her fist, and she felt it mushroom from a tiny shriveled nub into six stiff inches of thick cock-meat. She couldn’t hold it all. The huge knob-like purple head escaped from her fist and poked out obscenely, the dark slit mouth seeping bright droplets of cock-juice.

“Okay, that’s enough,” Frank gasped.

Judy reluctantly let go of his erect and swollen dick, but she was soon rewarded when Frank scrambled between her legs and thrust his stiff meat into her again. Judy squealed with horny excitement and arched her soaked little pussy up to meet his invading cock.

“Ooooooh,” she cried, “yes, put it in meeee.”

“I’ll last longer this time, too,” Frank promised. He wasn’t kidding. This time he balled her for half an hour, making her come again and again. It I was the kind of fuck she’d dreamed of all those dull years with Joe. There’d been many times when Joe had come so fast that she didn’t get off, and then she’d lie in the darkness beside him seething with frustration and wishing someone would ball her to exhaustion.

Now it was happening. As Frank sawed steadily away with his big hard prick, Judy clung to him and felt a melting series of orgasms that left her breathless and dizzy with pleasure. Why, oh, why wouldn’t her own husband ball her like that?

“My God, Frank,” she finally gasped, “I’m exhausted. You’ve got to come now.”

“Okay,” he panted. “Put your legs around me. I dig it that way.”

Judy clumsily obeyed, wrapping her legs around his sweaty hot back, locking them there. Naturally Joe had never asked her to do that. But it felt good, opening her more deeply to Frank’s slamming cock. Then Frank moaned and flooded her tight little twat with a fiery load of come.

As his cock shriveled inside her, Judy sighed with satisfaction. It seemed too good to be true that she’d been wonderfully fucked — and paid a hundred dollars for it! Her new job was turning out to be quite an adventure.

They dressed and Frank drove her back to the club. As they entered, Rossi hurried over to them, a look of concern on his face. When Frank grinned and winked, Rossi looked relieved. Obviously he’d expected Judy to foul up her first assignment.

“Great little piece of ass,” Frank told Rossi.

Rossi flashed Judy a look of approval, and she blushed and hurried off to resume her duties as a waitress. She was kept very busy until two in the morning, when she finally dressed and drove home. To her relief she found Joe sound asleep. She really couldn’t have faced him, not after what she’d done tonight. She crawled into bed beside him and lay there thinking about her amazing evening.

After five years of marriage, after five years of perfect fidelity to one man, she had fucked two total strangers in one night. It just didn’t seem possible, but her bruised and, satisfied cunt told her it was true. Lying beside her unsuspecting husband, she felt a wave of guilt — but she felt something else, too. She felt sexually fulfilled for the first time in her life.

“Oh, my God,” Judy whispered, “what am I getting myself into?”

That was the problem — she LIKED what she’d done, and she wasn’t about to stop. She felt very guilty about cheating on Joe, yes, but she knew she couldn’t give up her new life, not even for him. She had to go on and explore the whole world of sex, to experience everything it was possible to do in bed.

In fact she could hardly wait till tomorrow.


Joe looked up from his breakfast and said, “How’d the job go last night, honey? Sorry I couldn’t stay awake till you got home, but I hope everything went all right.”

Judy tried not to blush — and failed.

“Oh, it was just fine,” she said. “The work isn’t all that hard.”

Fortunately Joe didn’t notice her blush. He nodded and got back to his scrambled eggs. Judy breathed a sigh of relief. Thank God Joe couldn’t read the guilt on her face or know of the wicked memories running through her mind.

Even in the sober light of morning it excited her powerfully to recall the terrific sex she’d had with Tony Rossi and with the man named Frank. Though she felt a lot of guilt toward them, she was still looking forward to her evening’s adventures. She was restless and impatient all day.

Finally she said goodbye to Joe and went off to the Flamingo. She hummed to herself as she got into her skimpy costume. Her pussy had that melting warm feeling again. Just the thought of making it with other men made her horny.

“I’m sorry, Joe,” she sighed while driving to work, “but this is how it’s got to be — at least till I get it out of my system.”

But was it possible ever to get over the need for satisfactory sex? After her experiences with Rossi and Frank, she knew Joe hadn’t been doing his job in bed, and she felt she could never settle for second-rate again. Yet she hated the idea of being unfaithful to the man she loved. There had to be a solution somewhere, but until she found it, she was damned well going to enjoy herself.

When she walked onto the floor, Rossi was there and gave her a brief smile of encouragement. Frank really must have bragged her up. Judy went about her duties, and several hours later Rossi approached her. Her heart pounded. Would he have another “assignment” for her?

“Got a customer I want you to treat special,” he said. “I guess you know what I mean this time.”

“Yes, Mr. Rossi,” Judy said smilingly, “I understand perfectly. Which one is he?”

“The shy-looking guy with glasses, over there,” Rossi said. “Don’t let him fool you, he’s a real tiger — and he’s loaded with money. Just do like you did last night, take him a drink, talk, and she what he wants.”

“Yes,” Judy said.

“Oh, and listen, kid,” Rossi added, “whatever he wants, no matter how wild — DO IT. You got that?”

Judy nodded. She took a drink over to the customer’s table. He seemed young, perhaps in his mid-twenties, and he looked so average that Judy was disappointed. Short hair, horn-rimmed glasses, perfectly average face and build — there was nothing exciting or unusual about him. In fact he looked like a bore.

“Good evening, sir,” Judy said. “Here’s a drink on the house. My name is Judy. May I sit with you?”

“Please do,” the young man said. “I’m Howard Wells.”

“Well, Howard,” Judy said, starting off the conversation, “what do you do for a living?”

“Nothing,” Howard Wells said. “I just spend money. I inherited piles of it.”

Judy’s mouth dropped open. She’d never met a truly rich person before. Hoping for a big tip, she became as charming as possible, smiling broadly, leaning toward Howard to show him her cleavage, patting his leg as they talked. Howard looked bored.

Finally he said abruptly, “Let’s go to my place.” Judy agreed, and as they left the club Rossi nodded approvingly at her. Howard Wells had a chauffeured limousine waiting, and they were driven to his enormous mansion. They even too an elevator to his third-floor den, a huge room with fireplace, wet bar, and circular bed. Judy was dazed as she thought of how much it had all cost.

The money might be impressive, but Howard wasn’t. He had all the sparkling personality of a dead clam. After mixing them a couple of drinks he just stared at Judy without expression, and his talk was limited to “yes” and “no”.

Howard looked at her poker-faced, sipping his drink, and Judy wondered what in hell it would take to turn the guy on. He looked about as excited as a man visiting the dentist. His cool blue eyes traveled slowly up and down her small curvy body, but they showed not a flicker of lust.

“Fine,” he said at last. “Now undress me, please.”

Judy swallowed hard as Howard tossed off the rest of his drink and stood up. She’d never undressed a man before, and she hoped she wouldn’t be clumsy. With shaking hands she removed his jacket, tie and shirt. When she pulled off his t-shirt, Howard was very careful not to lose his glasses.

Judy glanced with dismay at his wormy, pale, hairless chest. He was lean and trim but hardly muscular. His slender pale body didn’t excite her at all, no more than his dull personality. But for two hundred dollars she felt she could endure almost anything. She dropped to her knees and helped him out of his shoes and socks.

Her hands started to tremble again as she unbuckled his belt and opened his fly. He was wearing baggy boxer shorts, and it was impossible to tell if his cock was hard. She got his trousers off and reached for the waistband of his shorts, her hands starting to perspire. Quickly she tugged the shorts off.

Then she got her first pleasant surprise of the evening. Dull, bespectacled Howard Wells was hung like a home.

Judy couldn’t help gawking. She’d never seen a cock that big, she hadn’t even dreamed they could be so large. His prick was a good eight inches long and seemed as thick as her wrist. The huge swollen purple head looked the size of a doorknob. His balls were enormous, too, fat and red and swollen. His erect cock wagged lewdly at her, and Judy felt a sudden moistening in her pussy.

She tried to imagine taking a cock that large into her snug little box. It was frightening and exciting at the same time. And of course she WOULD be taking it very soon, whether she liked it or not. The thought made her a little nervous, and she leaped to her feet, her full tits bouncing. “There,” she said.

Though his cock was hugely swollen and obviously ready, Howard still looked bored. “I’d like you to go lie on the bed, Judy,” he said, “on your back.”

Judy obeyed with some misgivings. She really wasn’t sure she could take a cock that large. But there was no graceful way out of it now. She’d accepted his money, and he had an urgent cock-stand. If she tried to back out, he’d be furious and she’d surely lose her job. She sighed and lay down on the circular bed, opening her thighs.

Howard followed, still wearing his glasses, his big cock wagging heavily. Judy noticed that the big purple head was leaking plenty of thick gleaming juice. She was glad, because her little cunt was still quite dry from nervousness. They’d need all the lubrication they could get.

Without a word Howard crawled onto the bed and pulled Judy’s shapely legs open wide. She blushed as he solemnly studied her ripe red gash, his eyes flitting from the tiny red shaft of her clit down to the shadowed mouth of her cunt and the light-brown wrinkle of her asshole. Then Howard crawled between her silky warm thighs and lay down on her.

He pressed the enormous hard head of his cock against the small dry mouth of her cunt and pushed very hard.

“UHHHHHH,” Judy gasped.

She was suddenly stuffed so full of thick cock-meat that she could hardly breathe. Howard grunted and shoved again, forcing his giant cock all the way to her womb. His hugely swollen balls came to rest against her moist tender pussy. His cock seemed even larger now that it was in her.

He began to fuck her in long, slow, deep strokes, and Judy gasped in fear, certain that he was going to split her tight little box with his giant prick. She whined and clawed at his shoulders and tried to wriggle off the enormous impalement of his thick cock, but she couldn’t get away.

“Howard,” she whimpered, “it’s too big. Please, take it out of me.”

Howard raised his head to look at her, and Judy was astonished at the change. He wasn’t expressionless any more. He was grinning lewdly, evilly, and his glasses were steamy and crooked on his nose. His blue eyes glinted lustily as he worked his cock slowly and deeply in her snug little twat.

“Relax,” he panted. “You’ll start liking it. You’d better, because I’m going to get my money’s worth. I’m going to fuck you silly, baby.”

Judy was astonished to hear such words from the seemingly meek young man. She gritted her teeth as his gigantic cock stuffed and raked her tiny tight box. She did her best to relax like he’d told her, and she found that it really didn’t hurt. It was just frightening to take a prick that thick and long.

“Ummmmm,” Judy murmured.

The longer he balled her, the better it felt. She began to get really excited about taking that huge dick, and at last her relaxed cunt began to cream around the huge pole. The slickness made it much better. Judy began to moan with delight each time Howard shoved his monster cock into her.

“Now you like it, don’t you?” he panted.

“Oooooo, yes,” Judy squealed, “it’s so big.”

Her gripping cunt was growing creamier by the second, and Howard was able to fuck her faster, slamming his big dick hard against her womb with each thrust. Judy was really getting off on it now. Each plunge of his hard meat rubbed her clit deliciously. Her legs fell open wider and wider, giving him more room.

“Yes,” Howard gasped, “you really dig it now, don’t you, baby? You like having that big dick in you.”

“Yes,” Judy babbled, “oh, my God, yes. Ohhhhh, Howard, I’m going to come.”

Her little body shuddered violently, and she wailed with pleasure as the orgasm took her. Her powerful young cunt muscles gripped Howard’s prick and held it as she came. She could hear him panting lustily as he felt his cock squeezed and pressed by her velvety cunt walls — but he didn’t come.

“OHHHHHH,” Judy wailed.

Her cunt relaxed at last, and Howard began moving his huge hard cock in her again.

“Put your legs around my neck,” he panted. “Let me get into you deeper.”

Still dazed from her violent climax, Judy obeyed, wrapping her legs around his sweaty neck, locking them there. His huge cock-head battered hard against her womb, but she didn’t mind. The mixture of pain and pleasure got her quickly aroused again. Their fucking got noisy, a lewd squishing and slurping sound, and that turned her on, too.

“Ohhhh, Howard, you’re fantastic,” she sighed.

“I’m not,” he corrected, “but my cock is. Anyhow, take it easy, because we’re just getting started.”

Judy wondered how long it would take him to get his two hundred dollars worth of pussy. Maybe he had a cash register in his head which would tell him when to shoot. She didn’t care. It was wonderful just to lie there and take the repeated tireless thrusts of his giant dick. She’d never felt so thoroughly fucked before.

With her legs wrapped around his neck, her whole flaming-hot pussy was pressed hard against his crotch and her tight little box was completely open to him. She moaned with delight as his thick throbbing cock stoked deep in her gushing little hole and rubbed deliciously back and forth over her horny joy button.

“You like it this way?” Howard panted.

“Ummmmm, yes,” Judy sighed. “I’d like it any way with you, Howard.”

“Good,” he chuckled, “I’m glad to hear that.” Judy sensed that he had some surprise in store for her, but before she could think more about it, another violent climax rocked her body. Again her red-hot cunt gripped Howard’s big rod, holding and squeezing it as she came, and again Howard held out. His cock was still hard as a rock when she finished coming.

Suddenly Howard whipped his big prick out of her and gasped, “Roll over.”

Judy gawked at him. He was beet red with effort, his face and chest dripping sweat, but his cock was as hard as ever. He had a strange lusty glint in his blue eyes, a faraway look. He could have been fucking anyone — or anything, for that matter. Judy was just a device for him, a place to stick his cock.

“Hurry,” he panted, “roll over, on your hands and knees.”

Judy obeyed, her heart pounding. At last she was going to be balled in something besides the missionary position. For so long she’d wanted to try other ways with Joe, but he only believed in one way. She eagerly got onto her hands and knees and thrust her pert little ass high in the air. Howard knelt behind her and seized her slim hips for balance.

“AHHHHHHH,” Judy wailed.

He’d plunged his gigantic cock all the way into her in one powerful thrust, butting her womb, his fat swollen nut sacs slapping loudly against her soaked pussy. He balled her hard and fast now, making a lewd wet slurping sound as his thick cock reamed her juicy little box. Judy loved it.

“Oooooooo,” she squealed, “it’s so GOOD. Oh, yes, Howard, I love doing it like this.”

“I love doing it any way,” Howard replied. “I even did it in the bathtub once.”

“How was it?” Judy panted.

“Wet,” Howard gasped.

Their brief conversation lapsed as he fucked her harder and harder. Judy really dug doing it dog-style, because his big cock could ream her thoroughly and stuff her horny little box till she was breathless. She was long overdue for this deep nearly-savage fucking. It wasn’t long before she felt herself coming again.

“OHHHHHH,” Judy screamed. “Yes, YESSS.”

It was the same old story, Judy coming like a bomb, her tiny cunt grabbing Howard’s cock and squeezing it like a velvet vise — and still Howard didn’t get off. His swollen dick still stuffed her snug twat completely when she finished coming. She began to wonder what it would take to make him come.

“Let’s try it another way,” Howard panted.

Judy whined with frustration as he whipped his big cream-soaked cock out of her gripping little hole. He rolled over onto his back, his giant prick pointing lewdly up at the ceiling and gleaming with her pussy-juice. Judy stared at him, wondering what he wanted next.

“Sit on me,” he said. “You be on top.”

“All right,” Judy sighed.

It was fun trying out all these new positions, but she was getting a little tired. She’d come three times, and her small delicate cunt was getting a little sore. Still the man had paid her plenty, and she had to earn it. She got up and straddled Howard’s belly, bringing her soaked little cunt down the slick pole of his big hard dick.

“Oooooooo,” Judy squealed.

Every time they tried a new position, she seemed to be even more full of cock. As her little copper-colored muff met Howard’s crisp black bush, she felt like his enormously long prick would push right to her throat. Still it was terribly exciting, and she squealed with pleasure as he began to ball her. Howard seemed tireless, fucking her as hard and fast as ever.

“How do you like it this way?” he panted, wanting to know.

“Great,” Judy sighed, “but don’t you ever get tired?”

“Not till I’ve had my money’s worth,” Howard replied.

It embarrassed Judy to sit on top of him, because he could see everything that way. He watched her little red muff moving up and down. He watched her big ripe round tits wobbling crazily. He saw the bright pink flush of arousal that spread over her pretty face. Yet it was naughtily exciting to be watched, too.

She tried to imagine carrying on like this with Joe, fucking half the night, trying every possible position, moaning and panting and using dirty words. It was just inconceivable. Poor uptight Joe would never do it. Too bad, because they could have so much fun that way. She’d just have to find her fun with other men.

“Oh, God,” Judy whimpered, “so good. OHHHHH.”

She could hardly believe it, but she was coming again, Howard’s monster cock fucking her into another violent climax. All the while she was coming, he watched her, eyes glinting lustily behind his steamy glasses. He pumped away steadily in her red-hot gripping box, and in spite of its tightness he didn’t come.

“My God, Howard,” Judy gasped when her climax was over, “I’m exhausted. You’ve got to come.”

“Okay,” he said, “but let’s try just one other way.”

“All right, but just one,” Judy moaned.

“Great,” Howard said, pulling his stiff cock out of her. “Go over and sit in that chair.”

Judy staggered over to the easy chair he’d indicated and sat down, still gasping for breath. Howard followed, his giant prick wagging heavily before him. He got on his knees in front of her and raised her legs up over the chair arms, thoroughly exposing her soaked red pussy. Grinning, he plunged his cock into her again.

“OHHHHHH,” Judy gasped.

Howard always seemed to choose positions in which he could stuff her breathless with his giant prick. He started balling her furiously, red-faced and panting, and with that kind of friction it was no time at all before Judy had her fifth climax of the night. But this time, to her great relief, Howard came, too, yelping and pumping her little cunt full of steamy jism.

When Judy returned to the club she was so sore she could hardly walk. Rossi noticed her difficulty and gave her an approving grin.

“You better take the rest of the night off, kid,” he chuckled. “Looks like old Howard gave you a real workout.”

“Tell me about it,” Judy sighed.

She was glad to get off early because she really was tired, but she was also nervous that Joe might still be awake. And he was. She found him lying on the couch and watching a late movie on TV. He looked up in surprise when she walked in.

“We had some electrical problems,” Judy quickly lied, “and the boss let everyone off early.”

“Oh, great,” Joe said, “it’ll give us a chance to be together.”

Judy didn’t find it great at all. She loved Joe dearly, but she felt guilty as hell sitting next to him on the couch and pretending that everything was just as usual between them. She could hardly tell him that the boss had let her off early because she’d been fucked sore by a customer.

Well, she’d just have to live with her guilt, because she wasn’t about to quit her job. It was the ticket to all the sexual adventures she craved, and she had a feeling that her adventures were only beginning.


When Judy reported for work the next evening she found two other cocktail waitresses in the dressing room putting on their costumes. Judy eagerly introduced herself, since she hadn’t had a chance to talk to the other girls yet and wanted to know how they felt about working for Tony Rossi.

“Do you really like working here?” she asked a tall blonde named Carol.

“Are you kidding? I love it,” Carol said enthusiastically. “Where else could you make so much money for so little work?”

“The tips are great, too,” said Barb, a statuesque brunette.

“I suppose you’re right,” Judy sighed, “but I feel kind of strange doing — well, you know. I’m married, and it would kill my husband if he found out.”

“Honey, we’re married, too,” Carol said. “What your old man doesn’t know won’t hurt him.”

“Yeah, don’t worry about it,” Barb said. “Both Carol and I had to go back to work when our husbands were laid off. We’re just making the best deal we can for ourselves, that’s all.”

“Besides,” Carol said with an impish grin, “sometimes the work here can be a helluva lot of fun.”

Judy blushed because secretly she agreed with Carol. No matter how guilty she felt about being unfaithful to Joe, she had to admit that she really loved getting it on with other men. As she slipped into her black bikini costume, she could hardly wait to discover what man Tony had picked for her tonight.

“Hey, honey, a word of advice,” Barb said as they left the dressing room. “Once in awhile you’ll get a real rough customer, somebody who likes to hurt women. Don’t put up with it. Get out of there, tell Mr. Rossi, and he’ll take care of the guy — and I mean good.”

Judy shuddered.

“Thanks,” she said, “I’ll remember that.”

She’d worked the floor for a couple of hours when Rossi appeared and signaled her to step into the alcove for a conference. Judy obeyed eagerly. She’d been horny since the moment she woke up, and she could hardly wait for her next “assignment”.

“There’s an older guy I want you to entertain,” Rossi said. “White hair, black suit, sitting over against the wall. He may not be pretty, kid, but he’s loaded, so be real nice to him. Do whatever he wants, no matter how weird it sounds.”

Judy felt nervous. Rossi had said the same thing to her yesterday regarding Howard, the mouse who turned into a tiger. “Mr. Rossi,” she said, “what if I happen to run into somebody who tries to hurt me?”

Rossi frowned.

“It won’t happen with this old dude, believe me. I know him. But if it ever does, you tell me and I’ll see that he never hurts anybody again.”

Feeling reassured, Judy went over to the old man’s table and delivered his free drink. The guy was probably in his early sixties, with a thick head of white hair and a face like Santa Claus. He was tall, broad-shouldered, and portly, and despite his age he was still a very attractive man.

“Good evening, sir,” she said, “my name is Judy. May I sit with you?”

“We needn’t bother with that, my dear,” he said. “I can see already that you’ll do just fine. Come on, my car is right outside. By the way, my name is Miles.”

Judy never did learn if Miles was his first name or his last, the guy moved so fast. They were out of the club and into his car before she knew what was happening. Miles took her to his penthouse apartment, which had a rug about a foot deep and a magnificent view of the city. He mixed up a pitcher of excellent martinis.

“Some people would call me a dirty old man,” he told Judy, “but I like to think of myself as a fancier of lovely things. I think girls are lovely things, especially with their clothes off. So if you’d oblige me, my dear, I’d like you to undress and lie on the carpet over there.”

Things seemed to be moving too fast for Judy. In the car Miles had slipped her a hundred dollar bill, and she knew she was supposed to earn it by doing whatever he wanted, but she’d hardly had time to catch her breath before he asked her to strip. Nervously she kicked off her four-inch black heels and started to untie her top.

“I just want to look at you for a while,” Miles said, settling into a big easy chair and sipping his martini. “You may take your drink with you.”

Judy shucked her bra and quickly skinned out of her panties and stockings. Miles watched her with a blissful little smile. She went to the place he’d indicated, just a few feet from his chair, and lay down on the thick deep carpet. She reclined on her side and tried to look cool and professional as she sipped her drink.

“Lovely,” Miles sighed, “just lovely.”

It made Judy nervous to have to just lie there while the old man ogled her naked body. His bright little blue eyes flickered back and forth between her round ripe tits and the flame-colored triangle of her bush. Long minutes passed and Judy had finished her martini before he spoke again.

“Tell me, my dear,” he said, “do you like to fuck?”

Judy blushed hotly. She still wasn’t used to hearing such words.

“Why, uh, yes, of course,” she stammered.

Miles chuckled, “No, I mean really. You don’t have to lie to me, because I paid for your services and I’m going to have you anyway. I just want to know if you really, honestly enjoy sex.”

Judy’s blush deepened as she replied shyly, “Well, yes, I do.”

“I believe you,” Miles said. “That’s good. I hate phonies, girls who just fake it. I like a naturally lusty woman. And now I think it’s time we went into the bedroom. Tony only lends his girls for an hour, you know.”

Judy was glad it was only an hour. Something about Miles gave her the creeps. It wasn’t just that he was old enough to be her grandfather. There was something very strange about his manner. She shuddered as she recalled Barb’s warning about weirdos.

Still she did her duty and followed Miles down a hall to a huge bedroom with a mammoth bed covered in white fur.

“Lie down, please,” Miles said, “on your back. I want to look at you while I undress.”

Judy obeyed, trying her best to look cool and at ease. She climbed onto the huge bed and lay down in the soft fur. It was a very sexy feeling to have the fur against her naked body. Miles towered over her, standing at the foot of the bed and eyeing her curvy little body as he took off his clothes.

“Open your legs a little, dear,” he said. “Yes, that’s it. Now just stay that way.”

Judy couldn’t help blushing again when Miles asked her to show her pussy. She did as he ordered, however, opening her legs and drawing back her knees, showing him the rich red of her gash with its delicate fringe of coppery curls. Miles’ little blue eyes twinkled lustily as he stared between her legs.

“You’re lovely all over,” he said. “I can hardly wait for this one.”

Judy couldn’t bear having his horny gaze focused on her naked pussy, so she looked around to avoid seeing him. Her blush deepened. On both walls and on the ceiling were huge mirrors, reflecting the bed. No matter what Miles was doing, or who he was doing it with, he could see all the action from every angle.

“You noticed the mirrors,” he chuckled. “Actually they’re quite a turn-on, once you get used to them.”

Judy didn’t know where to look now. In the mirrors she saw her own lovely naked body, the orange bush contrasting sharply with her creamy white skin. She saw her own pink-flushed and embarrassed face and her slightly quivering globe-shaped tits. She glanced back at Miles.

He’d just taken off his shirt, and his chest was very broad and thickly matted with white hairs. She couldn’t help gawking as the old man lowered his pants. His jockey shorts showed no sign of a hard-on. He took down the shorts, and Judy eyed his cock with deep disappointment.

Miles’ prick was perfectly limp. In fact it was hardly there, just a poor wrinkled little nub of flesh no more than an inch long, practically hidden in his thick white bush. His rosy balls were tiny, too, wrinkled and slack.

Miles didn’t seem bothered by any of this. He marched confidently around to the side of the bed, his pitiful little limp cock wagging, and climbed on beside Judy. She felt not a trace of lust for him, and she wondered how in hell he expected to fuck her with that tiny soft cock.

“Open your legs as wide as you can, my dear,” Miles said eagerly. “Don’t be shy about it. There, that’s excellent.”

Reluctantly Judy had opened her legs to the maximum, spreading them wide and drawing her knees back to touch her big swollen breasts. She wondered what would happen next. It was bound to be embarrassing, because Miles’ cock was still utterly limp and useless. Trying to fuck her with that soft little nub would be like trying to put a wet noodle into a keyhole.

Miles still didn’t look a bit worried, though. He knelt between her legs and eyed her naked scarlet pussy with lusty twinkling eyes. He licked his lips in anticipation. Judy was really puzzled, because his poor little cock didn’t even twitch. It just stayed dead and flaccid.

Then Miles shoved his face right into her pussy.

“OH,” Judy gasped.

She wanted to scramble away from him, but she remembered that she had a job to do, money to earn. Whatever crazy thing he wanted was all right, unless he hurt her. Still she felt pretty strange with his white head jammed between her thighs and his moist hot breath fanning her naked slit. What in hell was he up to?

Then she felt it, Miles’ slick hot tongue lapping gently but steadily on the highly sensitive bud of her clit. For a brief moment she was shocked that he should lick her there, but her shock vanished in a powerful wave of pleasure. It felt absolutely wonderful to have her clit tongued.

“Oooooo,” Judy squealed.

Now it came back to her, the things she’d read lately about different ways to make love. Oral sex had been mentioned, men and women using their mouths and lips and tongues on each other. Judy had skipped that part because she knew Joe would never go for it, but she’d been curious about how it would feel.

Now she knew. It felt fantastic. Miles lapped steadily on the tender hot shaft of her little red clit, and powerful waves of pleasure melted her belly. She’d never felt anything so delicious in her life. She forgot her uneasiness about Miles, forgot everything but the stunning joy of having her clit licked and tongued.

“Ohhhh, yes,” she squealed, “yes, yessss.”

Miles lapped harder and faster on her ultrasensitive little clit, and now the melting pleasure took in her whole body. Judy moaned and flushed pink with horny arousal. She felt her snug little cunt starting to cream hot sticky juice. The old dude was turning her on like mad with his steady clit-licking.

“Ohhhhh, it’s so GOOD,” Judy gasped.

She simply couldn’t believe the incredible pleasure of having her pussy eaten. Goddamn Joe anyhow, why did he have to be so old-fashioned and uptight about sex? She’d missed so much fun because of his hang-ups. Well, not any more. She could have men like Miles who’d do any crazy and wonderful thing to turn a woman on.

Now Miles intensified her pleasure by pressing his lips against her moist little joy button and sucking on it. Judy gasped and almost rose off the bed, it felt so good. A big molten flood of cream gushed from her hotly aroused cunt, wetting Miles’ chin. She’d never known such ecstasy in bed.

“My God, YES,” Judy whimpered, “yes, suck meee. Oh, it’s so good, OHHHHH.”

Miles’ white head bobbed steadily up and down between her widely parted thighs as he sucked loudly on her juicy little clit. He really seemed to enjoy what he was doing, for he made hungry gurgling and snorting noises as he tasted her fragrant juice. He sucked her clit even farther between his lips, sucked it faster and faster.

“AHHHHHH,” Judy wailed.

The powerful orgasm took her by surprise, rocking her petite body, making her scream with pleasure and claw the fur spread. As she came Miles just went right on sucking her clit, intensifying her climax. Judy almost blacked out with pleasure. It was the most powerful orgasm she’d ever had.

“Ohhhh, my God,” she panted when it was over, “that was beautiful, Miles. I never felt anything like that before.”

Miles raised his cream-soaked face and looked at her with surprise. “How old are you, Judy?” he said.

“Twenty-five,” said Judy.

“And no man ever went down on you before?” Miles said wonderingly.

“No,” Judy said, “but I’ve only been with one man till lately, my husband. And he doesn’t believe in that kind of thing.”

“He’s a damned fool,” Miles said. “He’d better hurry up and learn, or he’ll lose you.”

Judy wondered if that was a possibility. She loved Joe now and didn’t want to leave him, but she was getting more, and more turned on to infidelity, to the lovely things other men did to her in bed. Maybe Miles was right — Joe might have to clean up his act or lose her.

“Anyhow,” Miles was saying, “forget about your husband for tonight, my dear. We’re just getting started.”

His white head dipped into her crotch again, and Judy moaned in horny anticipation. She’d just had a violent climax, but she was more than ready to have him eat her pussy again. As his white hair tickled her inner thighs and his hot breath fanned her slit, she sighed blissfully.

“Let’s see how you like this,” Miles said in an eager but muffled voice.

Judy felt his thick slick tongue exploring the plump steamy folds of her pussylips, and she squealed with delight. He might be an old man, but he sure as hell knew how to get a woman aroused. She creamed hot gobs as Miles tongued and tickled every little fold and cranny of her scarlet cuntlips.

“Ummmmm, yes, that’s so nice,” she sighed.

But there was something better to come. Miles’ slick tongue tip began to rim the very mouth of her cunt, zipping rapidly around and around, teasing and lashing. Judy was nearly breathless with excitement. It was wicked of him to lick her there, but she loved it.

“Yes, yes, yes,” she panted.

Then Miles shoved his thick wet tongue-meat right up her cunt.

“OHHHHHH,” Judy screamed.

She’d never felt anything so exciting as Miles’ tongue wriggling right up her box. He stuffed her with the thick tongue-meat, shoving it clear to the root in her red-hot creamy little hole. Judy wailed ecstatically, and her strong young cunt muscles gripped his tongue greedily, wanting it there forever.

“Oh, Miles,” Judy wailed, “I just love it. Yes, yes, put your tongue in meeee.”

Miles responded by jerking his fat tongue up and down in her boiling little box, working it just like a cock. Only it was more slippery and mobile than a cock, and Judy squealed with delight as he fucked her with it. She arched her little body up to take even more of his hot tongue-meat in her greedy little twat.

“Yes, yes, lick me,” she panted. “I just love it, Miles. Oh, God, I think I’m going to come.”

Miles picked up on her excitement and tongued even faster in her snug creamy box, jerking his thick tongue furiously. Judy gushed a steady load of steamy juice all over his face as she rose higher and higher toward climax. Then a dizzying orgasm shook her.

“AHHHHHH,” she cried, “YES, I’M COMING.”

Miles went on tongue-fucking her hard and fast as the climax rocked her body for long delicious moments. Judy whined and moaned, clawed the bed, and nearly passed out with the stunning pleasure of having her cunt tongued. Then she collapsed, panting and gasping, and Miles eased his tongue out of her satisfied little twat.

“Oh, God, that was wonderful,” Judy sighed.

“Thank you, my dear,” Miles chuckled, “but that was just for openers. Rest a moment, and then I’ll do something even better for you. Pussy-eating is my specialty, in case you hadn’t guessed.”

Judy stared wonderingly at the rosy-faced old man. He seemed to be having a ball just going down on her, getting nothing for himself. He grinned and licked his lips, lapping up her sticky hot cunt cream as if he loved the taste. It was very strange — but Judy sure as hell wasn’t complaining. He could eat her all night if he wanted to.

When she caught her breath, Miles winked and dived for her pussy again. Judy moaned in happy anticipation, wondering where he’d tongue her this time. He’d already done her clit and her cunt. To her astonishment — and shock — she felt his slick hot tongue tip rimming the tight little mouth of her asshole.

“Oh, no, Miles,” she gasped, “you mustn’t lick me THERE.”

Miles paid no attention to her protest. He seemed to find her pungent little brownie just as tasty as her clit and cunt. His slick tongue zipped around and around the clenched opening of her bumhole, and he gurgled and snorted hungrily. In spite of her shock, Judy felt a wicked pleasure in having her ass licked.

Then Miles popped his stiff tongue tip right into her asshole, swiftly thrusting his thick tongue clear to the root in her tight hot bung-hole. Judy gasped with shock. She was fully skewered on his slick hot tongue-meat, her brownie stuffed with it.

“Miles, no,” she gasped, “that’s too much. You mustn’t do… Oh, OH, OHHHHH.”

Miles was bum-fucking her with his tongue, working the fat slick meat furiously up and down in the tight pungent passage. All Judy’s inhibitions went right out the window as she responded to the wicked pleasure of having her ass tongued. It felt fantastic, just as good as when he’d licked her cunt.

“Oh, God, YES,” she shrieked, “I love it. Yes, yes, make me COME.”

It wasn’t long before Miles did just that. Another blinding orgasm washed over her, and for long sweet moments she writhed in ecstasy. Only when her spasms had died down did Miles finally pull his tongue out of her snug little asshole. He raised his flushed face from her crotch, looking perfectly content.

“Miles, you devil,” Judy laughed, “it’s been just wonderful, but can’t I do anything for you?” Miles sighed loudly.

“My dear,” he said, “at my age I’m not much of a stud. I come far too fast. I like to satisfy the lady first.”

“I’m more than satisfied,” Judy said. “What can I do for you?”

“Jack me off,” Miles said almost shyly.

Without hesitation Judy reached for his little limp prick, fisted it, and began pumping. Miles flopped back on the bed with a blissful sigh. To her astonishment, his cock went hard in an instant, blossoming into a stiff thick five-inch rod. But he hadn’t been kidding about how fast he came. She’d pumped his silky stiff dick less than a minute when he groaned and shot a gleaming arc of jism into the air.

“Thank you, my dear,” he sighed. “Now the old man has to have his nap. Call a taxi to take you back to the club, and tell the driver to bill me.”

Miles nodded off in blissful snores, and Judy dressed and returned to the club. When Rossi saw her flushed shiny cheeks and her smug little smile, he grinned and gave her an approving pat on the butt. Seeing her obvious satisfaction, he didn’t need to ask questions.

“Nice old guy, that Miles, huh?” he said.

“Very nice,” Judy sighed, “very nice, indeed.”


The next evening Rossi drew Judy’s attention to a burly, balding, cigar-smoking man sitting at a corner table. The man appeared to be about forty, and his slightly pudgy fingers glittered with showy and expensive rings.

“That’s George Dimitri,” Rossi said, “one of my most important customers. I want you to treat him real nice. If you do, there’ll be a big tip for you.”

“Yes, Mr. Rossi,” Judy said.

George Dimitri was hardly the most attractive man in the club, but Judy knew better than to disobey Tony Rossi’s orders. She brought Dimitri a drink and sat down to talk with him. He was loud, laughing and jovial, the kind of guy who probably played practical jokes and slapped people too hard on the back.

Before long Dimitri said, “Let’s go on over to my place and have some fun, baby.”

“Yes, Mr. Dimitri,” Judy said shyly.

“Hey, call me George,” he laughed. “Come on.”

Judy followed the big man out of the club.

Although she was horny as usual, she really didn’t feel at all turned on to George. He was loud, crude and somewhat fat, not her type at all. She just I hoped he tipped her well and that his love-making wouldn’t take too long.

George had a penthouse suite in the city’s leading hotel, and there was a male servant there to make their drinks and bring a tray of snacks. Then the servant discreetly disappeared and left them alone. George polished off the snacks, all the while eyeing Judy hungrily. His little gleaming brown eyes made her nervous.

“Well, let’s get to it,” he said at last. “Will two hundred do?”

“That would be just fine, Mr. — uh, George,” Judy said.

She tucked the money in her shoe and followed George into the bedroom, feeling very little enthusiasm. The money was nice, but George had all the sex appeal of a bull walrus. He began taking off his clothes, and Judy followed suit, quickly discarding her skimpy costume. As she walked naked to the bed, George gave a loud whistle.

“Honey, you are really built,” he said.

“Thank you,” Judy said with a hot blush.

She got onto the bed and waited. It took George quite a long time to struggle out of all his clothes. Judy was awed by his powerful barrel chest with its thick mat of black hair. And of course she couldn’t help staring when he removed his pants and shorts.

She was rather surprised to see that his cock was completely limp. He’d acted so lusty and aggressive, she could hardly believe that he showed no signs of arousal. His small pale droopy prick dangled from a thick black bush, and his little red balls were limp and empty. As he walked over to the bed, his flaccid dick bounced forlornly.

George crawled onto the bed, making the springs groan, and said, “Hey, give me a head job, then we’ll ball.”

“Head job?” Judy said, not having the slightest idea what he meant.

George stared at her.

“You don’t know what that means?” he exclaimed. “Jesus, you really are new on the job. I mean go down on me, baby, suck my cock.”

The last phrase told Judy all too vividly what the man wanted of her. She blushed scarlet. Of course she’d read about oral sex, but she’d never done it — not with puritanical, uptight Joe. Staring at George’s wormy, white little cock, she wasn’t at all sure she wanted to try it.

“Hey, come on, baby,” George said impatiently. “We ain’t got all night.”

Judy swallowed hard. She didn’t even like the guy, and he expected her to take his cock in her mouth. But he’d paid her very well, and it was her job to do whatever he wanted. If she didn’t, Rossi would hear about it, and she’d lose her job for sure. “All right,” she said uneasily, “but you’ll have to tell me what to do. I’ve never done anything like that before.”

“Oh, Jesus,” George laughed, “I don’t believe this. But what the hell, we’ll give it a try. You just bend over me there and start out by pumping my dick. You can handle that much, can’t you?”

“Yes, George,” Judy said meekly.

She knelt by the big man’s hips and reached out with trembling fingers to touch his cock. It was soft and silky and warm, not at all unpleasant to feel. Timidly she curled her fingers around it, holding the limp meat securely in her fist, and began to pump.

“Faster, honey,” George sighed. “Harder, too. I want you to get me excited, not put me to sleep.”

“Sorry,” Judy said with a blush.

She pumped his soft little prick faster and harder, ashamed of appearing such an amateur. Damn Joe anyhow, if he’d just taught her a few tricks in bed, she wouldn’t seem such an idiot. But then if Joe had done anything to liven up theft sex life, she wouldn’t be here now. She’d be home very happily fucking her own husband.

“That’s better,” George sighed. “Yeah, just keep pumping my dick like that for awhile and see if you can get it hard.”

Judy increased the pace of her frigging, hoping to get his cock hard and get her ordeal over with. George watched her intently as she pumped his prick, a wicked lusty gleam in his little brown eyes. Judy wished he’d look somewhere else.

“You’re real cute, you know that?” George said. “You oughta go real far in this business as soon as you learn a little more.”

His glittering eyes took in everything. He stared at Judy’s big round quivering tits with their dainty soft pink nipples, and he gawked at her flame-red little bush. He watched her pumping fist as she frigged his limp cock-meat faster and faster. He seemed to get quite excited by watching, but his prick remained completely limp.

“Faster,” he sighed, “harder. Make that thing really fly, baby.”

Judy obeyed, working her little hot fist as fast as she could around the small soft nub of his cock. His rosy red balls jumped and jiggled, and George lay back with a lusty grin of enjoyment, but all her hot frigging came to nothing. His dick remained limp and useless.

“I guess that ain’t gonna work,” George sighed. “Sometimes it takes me a long time to get it up. Try licking my cock and balls, okay?”

Judy was shocked and put off by the idea of using her tongue on his prick and balls, but she knew she didn’t have any choice — not if she wanted to keep her job. She swallowed hard, conquering her nausea, and bent low over George’s big hairy belly. Fortunately, he smelled clean and freshly bathed.

Judy let his limp pale prick rest on her palm. Her hot moist breath fanned the little sausage as she leaned close over it and wondered just what to do. She’d never licked a cock before, and she was afraid of being clumsy.

“Come on, come on,” George sighed. “We only got an hour. Just stick your tongue out and lick my meat, baby. It’s easy.”

Reluctantly Judy obeyed. She stuck out her little pink tongue and timidly applied the wet tip to the rosy soft head of George’s cock. She lashed it gently, making the rubbery head of his dick gleam with her hot saliva. His cock didn’t taste bad, much to her relief. In fact the taste was slightly salty and pleasant.

George stirred restlessly.

“Hey, it won’t bite,” he said. “Lick it harder, faster. I can hardly feel it.”

Judy sighed and began to lash his cock quite hard with her wet little tongue. The pale sausage bounced on her palm as she tongued it hard and fast. She worked from the dull red head right down to the base of his dick where the pale stalk met crisp black hairs. George began to breathe heavily, and his lusty grin broadened.

“Yeah, that’s the stuff,” he sighed. “Lick that meat like you were starved for it, doll. Lick my nuts, too.”

Judy wasn’t too excited about the idea, but she obediently trailed her tongue through the crisp hairs of his bush and lapped the hot wrinkled flesh of his nut sacs. Again it wasn’t disagreeable. She liked the silky texture of his balls and the light salty taste. But she wished she was doing all this with a guy who really aroused her, not with fat crude George.

“Faster,” he panted, “harder.”

Judy obeyed, giving his soft rosy balls a real tongue lashing, making the wrinkled sacs flop and bounce and gleam with her spit. George gave a shrill whinny of excitement, and his breathing got heavier and louder. He obviously got off on having his balls tongued — but still his cock remained tiny and limp.

In desperation Judy tongued back to his cock again, making the pitiful little sausage slap and flop as she lashed it with her slick hot tongue. George moaned blissfully, but it was a no go. Even her fastest tonguing had no effect on his wrinkled flaccid prick.

“You better suck it,” he sighed, “that’s the only thing that’s gonna work.”

Judy swallowed hard. She’d hoped to avoid actually taking his cock in her mouth, but now the moment had come. She guessed that George had had so many women, done so many things in bed, that very little aroused him any more. It would take something really kinky to get his cock up. She didn’t want to blow him, but it seemed the only way.

“Hurry up, baby,” George panted. “I wanta feel you suck that meat real good.”

Judy sighed and opened her mouth. Gingerly, she placed the soft rosy head of his dick between her lips and sucked inward. Ills limp cock was so small that she had no trouble taking the whole thing into her mouth. As his wrinkled red nut sacs came to rest against her chin, George sighed lustily.

“Yeah, good,” he said. “Now suck on it real hard and fast.”

Judy did her best to please him. She drew in her cheeks sharply, making a tight wet nest for his little soft dick. She lashed the flaccid meat with her tongue, and she sucked as fast and hard as she could on the salty little sausage. Her curly red locks bobbed up and down furiously over George’s hairy belly.

“Hey, yeah, that’s good,” he gasped. “Yeah, baby, suck me good. Just keep doing that. Oh, man, YEAH.”

Judy sucked till her lips and jaws ached, while George moaned and panted. It wasn’t unpleasant at all. She just wished she were doing it with Joe instead of George. Poor silly Joe, if only he’d lose his inhibitions and let her go down on him, they’d have a marvelous time in bed.

But that wasn’t to be. Instead she was sucking loudly and furiously on a stranger’s cock, making a crude fat man moan and wheeze with lusty excitement. George’s face was flushed with arousal and split by a horny grin. He obviously loved having his prick sucked. So why in hell didn’t he get hard?

Judy’s jaws ached for a rest, and she was just about to ask for one when George gasped.

“Play with my nuts, too. Squeeze ’em. That oughta do it.”

Wearily Judy obeyed. While she went on sucking hard and fast and loud on his limp little prick, she reached down and cupped his hot wrinkled nut sacs. She gave them a steady massage as she sucked his dick, and George responded with a hoarse moan of pleasure. Judy prayed that this would do the trick, that his cock would finally get hard.

“Yeah, yeah,” George panted, “suck that meat, honey, eat me real good.”

Then to Judy’s enormous relief, she felt his soft little prick give a twitch or two, then a violent lurch. The limp cock began to stiffen on her tongue, growing long and fat and hard. It blossomed into five inches of stubby stiff cock, stretching her lips widely.

“Jesus, at last,” George sighed.

Judy shared his relief. She felt his balls growing full and taut in her pumping hand, felt the big hard head of his prick butting her throat. Tasty hot drops of cock-juice began to dribble onto her tongue. George’s fat face was red with pleasure.

“Oh, shit, YEAH,” he gasped, “yeah, you got me good and hard now, baby. Let’s ball.”

Judy gratefully raised her head and let his thick hard spit-soaked meat pop from her mouth. Her jaws ached from all that sucking. But before she could rest or even catch her breath, George was rolling her onto her back and climbing onto her, practically crushing her with his big burly body.

“Open your legs for me, baby,” he panted. “Let me get this meat into you.”

Judy wasn’t thrilled with the idea of balling him, but she wanted to get it over with, so she opened her slim legs as wide as she could. George, sweaty and panting, rammed his stubby stiff cock against her tender moist pussy and hit the target after a few tries. Judy gasped when she felt the thick meat stuffing her snug little cunt.

“Ooooooo,” she squealed.

Even if she wasn’t turned on to George, she was still horny, still desperate to get laid, and his fat hard cock felt great inter horny little box. George panted and fucked her, jerking his rigid dick in short hard jabs, and Judy creamed hotly all around him, working her hips in time to his strokes.

“Aw, shit, YEAH,” George moaned. “You got a great little box, baby, real tight an’ hot.”

Judy tried to forget who she was balling and to concentrate just on the delicious sensation of being fucked. Each rough thrust of his thick meat in her boiling-hot cunt brought her closer to coming. As George got more excited, he fucked her faster and harder, and Judy responded with squeals of pleasure.

Then she was coming, writhing and gushing hot cream all around his jerking meat.

“OHHHHHH,” she wailed.

George stared at her in apparent surprise when her little body writhed violently under him and her strong young cunt muscles gripped and squeezed his dick. Then he yelped and began to shoot his load, flooding and overflowing her little clinging twat.

Judy could have come many more times, but she was glad to get away from George. That night wasn’t a total loss, anyhow. She’d learned how to suck cock, and soon she’d be able to do it for some guy who really aroused her. She dressed in a hurry, eager to get back to the club.

George drove her back to the Flamingo and stopped to talk to Tony Rossi.

“She’s gonna be real good as soon as she gets some experience,” he told Rossi.

As soon as George had left, Rossi glared at Judy and snapped, “Go wait for me in my office.”

Judy went off trembling and hanging her head. George’s remark about her lack of experience had really pissed Rossi off. She was terrified that she’d lose her job. She looked pale and frightened five minutes later when Rossi burst into the room with a scowl on his face.

“I don’t fool around with amateurs,” he said. “Now just what did Dimitri mean? Did you foul up?”

“I did everything he asked for,” Judy said quickly. “But there was something I’d never done before, and I guess I was a little clumsy. I’ll learn, Mr. Rossi, I really will.”

“Just what was it?” Rossi growled. “What did he ask you to do?”

“To blow him,” Judy said with a deep blush.

Rossi stared at her, then burst into loud laughter.

“You’re shitting me,” he said. “You mean to say you never went down on a guy before?”

“That’s right,” Judy admitted. “My husband doesn’t approve of it, so I never learned how.”

“Doesn’t approve?” Rossi sputtered. “Oh, Jesus, the guy’s gotta be nuts. Well, all right, kid, I’ll give you another chance. But I’m gonna teach you myself. You need to learn how to give head, otherwise you’ll never make it in this business.”

He led Judy into the little bedroom behind his office, the place where he’d initiated her into the business not so many days ago. Judy blushed as she recalled her behavior then, the wild release of her stored-up lust when Rossi balled her. Things had changed a lot since then. She wasn’t timid or shocked any more. She really looked forward to this lesson in cock-sucking.

Rossi sat down on the edge of the bed and said, “Okay, pretend I’m a customer and I asked you for a blow job. You kneel here in front of me and take out my dick.”

Judy blushed at his words, but she hurried to obey. Rossi was a very attractive man, and she was eager to go down on him. She dropped to her knees on the carpet and quickly unzipped his fly. Gently but eagerly she drew out his handsome limp cock.

“Okay,” Rossi said, completely business-like, “some guys ask you to pet it or lick it first, but we’ll skip that, because I’m real busy tonight. Just take it in your mouth — all of it.”

Judy felt a hot rush of saliva to her mouth as she carried out his orders. His cock was clean and handsome, and it tasted good as she eased it between her lips and onto her tongue. She drew it in all the way to his furry limp balls.

“Okay, make your mouth as tight as you can,” Rossi instructed, still showing no signs of arousal. “Then suck hard and fast. Pretend like you’re starved for it. Guys wanta think you just can’t get enough of it, you dig?”

Judy couldn’t reply with her mouth full of cock, so she just got to work, drawing her cheeks in sharply to make a silky wet sheath for his dick. With the limp tasty meat resting on her slick tongue, she began to suck Rossi’s cock ravenously, making a loud lewd slurping noise. Looking up, she saw surprise and approval on his face.

“Hey, all RIGHT,” he said. “That’s the way. Yeah, just keep doing that and maybe I’ll even get off.”

He settled back and lit a cigar, watching Judy intently as she sucked his dick. Her flame-red head bounced briskly up and down, and the noise of her sucking got louder and wetter. Soon Rossi couldn’t stay poker-faced. He broke into a lusty grin and began to pant.

“Yeah, yeah, that’s real good, baby,” he sighed. “You really do learn fast.”

Judy was pleased with his approval — and powerfully turned on by sucking his sleek tasty prick. George hadn’t excited her at all, but with her darkly handsome boss it was another story. Her hot saliva gushed all around his soft meat as she sucked him faster and faster. Rossi watched her and grinned approvingly.

“Jesus,” he panted, “that really is GOOD.”

It was so good, in fact, that his cock started to lurch and stiffen. Judy felt her pussy going hot and wet with excitement as his prick grew to full erection on her tongue. His shaft swelled up thick and stretched her lips grotesquely, and his ballooning cock grew so long that she had to take the big knobby head into her throat.

“Christ, yes,” Rossi whined, “keep sucking me, baby. I wanta get off.”

He let his cigar fall into the ashtray and just lay there flushed and panting as Judy blew him. She was pretty proud of herself for blowing his cool, and she was very hotly aroused. She loved sucking on his slick hot cock, loved the taste of his dribbling juices.

“Okay,” Rossi gasped, “I didn’t think we’d get to this part, but here’s what happens next. I’m gonna come in your mouth, and you gotta eat every bit of it. Get ready.”

Judy almost lost her cool when he said that. She hadn’t realized that he intended to come in her mouth, and she didn’t like the idea at all. But she knew better than to disobey Tony Rossi. Gamely she kept sucking hard and fast on his big swollen dick, while he moaned and panted with pleasure.

“Yeah, yeah,” he panted. “NOW. Awwwwww.”

Judy felt her mouth and throat suddenly filled with hot sticky come. To her relief, she liked the taste. More than that — she loved it. She gulped down the thick salty jism while Rossi whined and pumped out his load. When his prick finally shriveled and slipped from her mouth, she licked her lips to get the last of his tasty come.

When Rossi had caught his breath, he said: “Shit, you don’t need any lessons. You’re a natural, baby. If George didn’t like the way you suck cock, he’s crazy. In fact I think you’re ready for the big time.”

“What do you mean, Mr. Rossi?” Judy asked eagerly.

Rossi stood up and zipped his fly.

“You’ll find out,” he grinned, “when you come to work tomorrow night.”


When Judy woke up the next morning her husband was already awake and sitting up in bed. Joe had a huge hard-on and a very gloomy look on his face.

“God dammit all to hell,” he muttered.

Judy moved closer to him, hungrily eyeing his swollen dick. “What’s the matter, darling?” she said.

“You can SEE what’s the matter,” Joe said grumpily. “I wish I had this damned cast off.”

Judy wanted to say so many things to him, about how they could make love in different positions and in different ways so that his leg cast wouldn’t interfere at all. But she’d tried talking to him about those things before, and he’d refused to listen. Too bad — she was pretty horny herself.

“Poor baby,” she murmured, snuggling even closer to Joe.

Perhaps, she thought, it was time for actions instead of words. Joe might not listen to her ideas about variations in their love-making, but maybe if she just went ahead and tried them, he’d dig it. She reached out slowly and curled her hand gently around the hard stalk of his cock.

Joe flinched and stared at her, but he didn’t say anything right away. Encouraged, Judy tightened her grip on his smooth throbbing dick and began to move her hot little fist gently up and down the swollen meat. Her pussy grew hot and wet. For years she’d wanted to play with Joe’s handsome cock.

“Judy, what the hell are you doing?” Joe snapped.

“Darling, I’m just trying to help you out,” Judy said.

“Well, stop it,” Joe said angrily. “You know I don’t go for that sort of thing.”

Judy’s temper flared.

“Look,” she said, “this is ridiculous. We both need to make love, Joe, and there’s more than one way to do it. Just let me show you, for heavens sake.”

Before Joe could reply, Judy dipped her curly red head into his lap and took his achingly swollen cock fully into her mouth. Her heart pounded. For so long she’d wanted to taste and suck her husband’s prick. She began sucking fast and hard on the tasty hot meat, and she felt Joe quiver.

Maybe now he’d give up his silly inhibitions and let her teach him new ways to make love. Her saliva boiled around his wet cock-meat as she eagerly sucked him. Joe gave a loud gasp, and she felt big drops of tasty prick-juice falling onto her tongue. Had she finally turned him on to experimenting?

“Judy, dammit, STOP,” Joe snarled.

He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her off his stiff spit-soaked cock.

“My God, Judy,” he said angrily, “only whores do things like that.”

Judy bounced out of bed, her face flaming with anger. “Joe Prentiss,” she said, “you’re a Goddamned fool. We could have so much fun together if you’d stop being uptight. There’s nothing wrong with what I did. The only thing wrong with this relationship is YOU.”

Judy stalked off to take a shower — a cold one to dampen the fire in her pussy. She’d wanted Joe so much, and she’d prayed that this time he’d be willing to try something new in bed. Well, to hell with him. He could stay home and jack off for all she cared. She was going to the club and find another man.

Judy and Joe didn’t talk to each other all day, so she had plenty of time to anticipate what adventure she might meet that evening. She was intrigued by Tony Rossi’s remark that she was ready for “the big time”. He’d promised to explain tonight — and she could hardly wait.

Finally it was time to report for work at the Flamingo. Judy was on the floor five minutes early, looking stunning with her flaming-red hair and skimpy black costume. Rossi gave her a nod of approval, but he didn’t approach her for several hours. When he finally beckoned for her to step into the alcove, Judy hurried aver eagerly.

“Yes, Mr. Rossi?” she said. “Do you have a special customer for me?”

“You might say that,” Rossi chuckled. “There’s a white Cadillac right outside, and I want you to go wait in it.”

Judy obeyed, mystified. It was the first time she’d had an assignment without meeting the man first. She waited in the Cadillac for five minutes, and then she couldn’t contain her curiosity any longer. She took a look at the driver’s registration — the car belonged to Tony Rossi himself.

Judy tried to look cool when she saw Rossi coming out of the club accompanied by another man, but it wasn’t easy. She knew the man from newspaper photos. He was a prominent local politician, Ed Simmons, a ruggedly handsome man in his early forties. What could Rossi and Simmons possibly want with her?

“We’re going for a ride, baby,” Rossi told her as they got into the car. “My friend Ed wants to have a little fun.”

“Yes, sir,” Judy said meekly.

She still didn’t understand what was going on. They drove to Rossi’s penthouse apartment and went into the living room, where Rossi made drinks for the three of them. Ed Simmons kept eyeing Judy as if she were an eight course banquet. Judy sipped her drink nervously.

“Okay, honey,” Rossi said, “as soon as you finish your drink, I want you to take your clothes off.”

Judy’s face flamed.

“Mr. Rossi,” she said, “I don’t understand. Which one of you am I supposed to go with?”

The men laughed.

“Hey, baby, haven’t you ever made it with two guys before? It’s a lot more fun that way.” Ed Simmons said.

Judy dropped her glass, spilling the remains of her drink, and leaped to her feet.

“I hope you’re not serious,” she said with a trembling voice, “because I wouldn’t dream of doing such a thing.”

Rossi sighed with impatience.

“You’ll do just what I tell you,” he said, “if you want to keep your job. This kind of thing is routine, baby. Lots of guys like it this way. So cut out the crap and do what I say.”

Judy backed toward the door, her heart pounding. She’d been wanting some adventures in sex, yes, but she didn’t approve of making it with two men at once. That was too kinky for her.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Rossi,” she said, “but I have to draw the line at this. Find yourself another girl.”

“Sorry, kid, but we want YOU,” Rossi snapped.

He leaped up and grabbed Judy, easily lifting her into his arms.

“Sorry, Ed,” he said to Simmons, “she’s a little new at the business, but I’ll make her shape up.”

“I’d be glad to help,” Ed said with a lusty grin. Judy kicked and screamed and fought, but Rossi was far too strong for her. He carried her to the middle of the room and set her, down on the soft carpet. Ed hurried over to join them, holding Judy down while Rossi deftly stripped her of her costume.

“Oh, nooo,” Judy wept, “don’t do this to me. This is rape, and you know it.”

“Aw, just shut up,” Rossi snapped as he pulled off her skimpy bra. “You know damn well you’re gonna love it.”

“Jesus,” Ed exclaimed, “fantastic tits!”

He was staring at Judy’s big round ripe boobs which wobbled enticingly as she struggled. Soon he had even more to look at when Rossi skinned down her panties and stockings to expose the copper curls of her bush and the rich red flesh of her pussy.

“Fantastic body,” Ed remarked.

“Yeah, she’s built, all right,” Rossi said, “but she needs to learn a few things.”

“I sure as hell wouldn’t mind teaching her,” Ed said.

Judy writhed with embarrassment. She didn’t mind being naked with one man who turned her on, but she hated being stared at by these men. While Ed kept her pinned to the carpet, Rossi quickly took off his clothes. Then the men changed places so Ed could strip.

Even in her fright and anger Judy couldn’t help gawking at the men’s naked bodies. She was familiar with Rossi’s powerful tan body and his handsome seven-inch cock, but he still turned her on like mad. Ed was more pale but well built, his muscles hard and rippling.

But it was Ed’s cock that really caught her attention. It must have been eight inches long, hugging his belly in a stiff erection. The fat purple head of his dick was leaking big gobs of juice, and his rosy balls were swollen up big and taut. Judy couldn’t help feeling a little rush of excitement when she looked at that magnificent hard-on.

On the other hand, she didn’t like being forced, and she didn’t approve of making it with two guys at once, not even for the sake of keeping her job. She wept and struggled as Rossi held her, but he was much too strong for her. It looked as if she was going to be raped by the two men, and there was nothing she could do about it.

“Please, Mr. Rossi,” she sobbed, “don’t make me do this. I don’t mind going with one man at a time, but this is too much.”

“You’re really pissing me off baby,” Rossi snarled. “Ed here is a really important guy, and I want to impress him. Now just shut up and do what we want.”

Judy saw her argument didn’t sway him. She went on struggling right to the moment when Ed Simmons scrambled between her legs and pushed the hot hard head of his cock against the dry little mouth of her cunt. Then she let out a shrill cry of pain as he tried to push his thick meat into her.

“Shit, she’s too dry,” Ed panted. “I can’t get in. I never saw a box that tight before.”

“It doesn’t have to be that tight,” Rossi said impatiently. “We better do something to turn her on.”

Ed grinned broadly.

“I can handle that,” he said. “I think I know just the trick.”

He drew back a little and, still kneeling between Judy’s legs, he plunged his flushed face right into her crotch. Judy stiffened when she felt his hot moist breath fanning her delicate pussy. She knew if he started eating her, she’d have a hard time resisting it.

“Nooo,” she whined.

The men paid no attention to her protests. Rossi held her shoulders down, pinning her to the rug, while Ed stuck out his thick hot tongue and began to lick her fragrant pussy. His slick tongue tickled from her sensitive little clit right down to the wrinkled little mouth of her asshole.

Judy felt intense pleasure the moment his tongue touched her ever-horny pussy, and she pitted her teeth to stifle her moans of delight. Ed was obviously a man who loved to eat pussy, because he did it expertly and eagerly. Damn him, he would have to do the thing that aroused her most!

“Don’t pretend you don’t like it, baby,” Rossi said. “We know you dig it. Why don’t you just relax and have fun?”

But Judy’s pride wouldn’t let her surrender that easily. Ed zeroed in on her delicate scarlet clit and began lashing and tickling it with his tongue tip. Hot pleasure melted her belly, but Judy kept her body stiff and unresponsive, and she stifled her ecstatic cries. She just couldn’t give these two brutes the satisfaction of knowing she was aroused.

Still it was damned hard to keep still with Ed’s slick tongue expertly massaging the sensitive little button of her clit. She’d never had her pussy eaten so well. Her treacherous cunt started to betray her, leaking a little stream of tot sticky juice. There was nothing she could do to control it. Her fragrant pussy-cream gushed out to wet Ed’s chin. He gave a muffled laugh when he felt it, but he just went right on tonguing her eager little joy button till Judy could hardly keep still. To her mortification, her aroused cunt leaked more and more hot juice, till she was sure Ed’s face was soaked with the stuff. Now he had to know how much he was turning her on.

Still he didn’t stop. When her clit was erect and throbbing, he left it and tongued even lower in her steamy little snatch. Judy braced herself for another blast of pleasure, and it came when Ed began rimming the drooling mouth of her twat with his slick tongue tip.

“Noooo,” Judy whined, “oh, no, please.”

Rossi dug his nails hard into her shoulders, and she knew she’d better keep quiet. Ed paid no attention to her last desperate protest anyhow. He began inching his thick tongue right up her snug little box, and the pleasure was more than Judy could resist. With her horny little cunt stuffed with slick tongue-meat, she lost all self-control.

“Ooooooo,” she squealed.

Behind her Rossi breathed a sigh of relief, and there was another muffled laugh from Ed. He tongue-fucked her briskly, jerking his tongue up and down in her creamy little hole. Judy just couldn’t fight any more. She let her legs fall wide open for him and gave a hoarse moan of ecstasy.

“She’s ready now,” Rossi said.

Ed drew his tongue out of her steamy little twat and raised his head from her pussy. He was grinning lewdly as he wiped her hot sticky cream from his face. Judy felt utterly humiliated. These two apes had succeeded in getting her hotly horny, and they knew it.

“Okay, let’s give it another try,” Ed said eagerly. “I bet you want it this time, don’t you, baby?”

Judy blushed deeply and didn’t answer, but of course Ed was right. His expert pussy-eating had made her so horny she could have screamed. Once again he poked the fat hard head of his cock against her tight little cunt mouth, but this time the thick stiff meat entered her easily.

“OHHHHHH,” Judy moaned.

She couldn’t help it, it felt so damned good. That frustrating encounter with Joe that morning had left her horny all day, and she’d been dying to make it with a customer. She hadn’t counted on doing it with two guys at once, but that didn’t matter any more. All that mattered was Ed Simmons’ thick eight-inch prick stuffing her eager little twat.

Ed drove his big stiff dick all the way to her womb and gave a big sigh of satisfaction.

“Really tight pussy,” he said. “You picked a great one this time, Tony.”

“I always picked the best,” Rossi laughed.

He let go of Judy’s shoulders, but she didn’t try to get away. Wild homes couldn’t have dragged her away now. She arched her little body up to take the full thrust of Ed’s big cock, and she moaned blissfully each time the stiff meat battered her womb. She needed to be fucked long and hard, and Ed was giving her just what she wanted.

“Ahhhhhh,” Judy wailed, “AHHHHHH.”

Rossi sat on the rug beside them and watched the action with a wicked grin. He eyed Judy’s frantically wobbling boobs, and he watched her pretty face turn pink with arousal, her teeth flash in an ecstatic smile. He watched Ed’s thick pale cock slicing in and out between Judy’s plump pink cuntlips. Judy was embarrassed to have him watch, but she soon forgot herself in pleasure.

“You sure wasted a lot of time fighting us,” Rossi told her. “I knew all along you’d dig it. Next time I give you something different to do, just go along with it, okay?”

Judy nodded dizzily, wishing her boss would just shut up and let her concentrate totally on Ed’s hard, tireless balling. Above her Ed panted and snorted with pleasure, his rugged face twisted in a horny grin, his eyes rolling crazily as he worked his achingly stiff cock in her snug juicy little box.

“Fantastic pussy,” he sighed. “Real tight and hot. Oh, Jesus, yeah, this is good.”

Judy couldn’t have agreed more. In her mounting excitement she threw her legs up around Ed’s sweating back and locked them there, allowing him to dig his big cock even deeper into her boiling-hot cunt. The hard stalk of his prick rubbed deliciously back and forth over her sensitive little clit, adding to her pleasure.

“You digging this, baby?” Ed panted.

Judy couldn’t help herself.

“Yes,” she cried shrilly, “oh, God, YES. Don’t stop. Keep fucking me, PLEASE.”

Ed laughed smugly.

“I’ll sure do my best, doll. You’ve got a helluva nice box.”

He started slamming his big cock into her even harder and faster, and Judy responded with wails of delight, her slim hips pumping in time to his strokes, her aroused twat gushing a huge flow of hot cream. It all would have been perfect if Tony Rossi hadn’t been sitting right there grinning at them.

“Don’t ever try to fake it with me again, kid,” he told her. “You’re a hot little number, and you know it. Just look at you now, for chrissake. You love it.”

Judy blushed beet red. She felt ashamed that she couldn’t control her passion, but that didn’t keep her from loving each deep hard thrust of Ed’s cock. It got so good that even Rossi’s crude remarks and wicked grin stopped bothering her. Nothing mattered now except coming.

“Oh, do it to me,” Judy babbled, “fuck meeee.”

“I’m sure trying,” Ed panted.

He didn’t have to try much longer. Judy felt a violent explosion of pleasure, and then her, petite body was writhing and rocking in climax. She screamed her pleasure, and just before she closed her eyes she saw Tony Rossi’s grinning face. Ed just kept right on humping her like a pile driver, making her orgasm more intense.

“OOHHH, GOD,” Judy moaned.

Per climax seemed to go on and on. Her cu contracted powerfully, squeezing Ed’s dick hard. He gave a yelp of pleasure, and then Judy felt the steamy blast of his come against her womb. They writhed together for a moment before his cock went limp and he sighed and rolled off her.

“Fantastic piece of ass,” he panted. “Go ahead, Tony, your turn.”

“It’s about time,” Rossi said dryly. “I thought you were gonna ball her all night.”

“Wish to hell I could,” Ed sighed.

Rossi laughed and pulled Judy to her feet. Dizzily she allowed him to lead her over to an armchair, and he had her lean forward and rest her elbows on the arm. He got behind her and shoved his erect and throbbing cock roughly into her jism-filled cunt.

“Ooooooooo,” Judy squealed.

Rossi balled her roughly, almost savagely, but she loved it. It was the kind of fucking she craved after so many frustrating years with Joe. She gripped the chair arm and howled with delight, keeping her pert little ass stuck up in the air.

Behind her Rossi panted and snorted with pleasure. Then Ed got into the act. He sat in the very chair Judy was clinging to and hungrily eyed her big wobbling tits. With each hard shove of Rossi’s cock, her big beautiful breasts bounced heavily. Ed reached out and cupped the hot swollen globes, massaging and molding them while Rossi fucked Judy.

“Oh, God,” Judy whimpered, “so good. Ohhhhh.”

Her fiery-hot little cunt was gushing a molten stream of juice all around Rossi’s hammering prick. It didn’t bother her that Ed was playing with her tits and grinning at her. Nothing bothered her now. She moaned hoarsely with each hard shove of Rossi’s cock and felt herself rising rapidly towards another climax.

“Yes, do it to me, ball me, fuck meeee,” she wailed. “Oh, God, I love it, I LOVE IT.”

“Christ, I don’t think she’s kidding,” Ed chuckled.

“You bet she isn’t,” Rossi panted. “This little chick loves to ball.”

Judy was far beyond being embarrassed by his words. She gripped the chair arm hard as she felt herself coming again. Her big ripe breasts wobbled furiously in Ed’s sweaty hands when the powerful orgasm rocked her body. Rossi slammed his cock even harder and faster in her gripping red-hot cunt.

“Aw, Christ,” he yelped, “TIGHT. AWWWWW.”

Judy felt his steamy-hot come flooding and overflowing her gripping little box. Her spasms were still coming when Rossi’s cock went limp and empty and slipped from her cunt. Judy dropped to the rug, still writhing in ecstasy. When she finally I opened her eyes, the two men were grinning at her triumphantly.

“Get dressed, kid,” Rossi said. “Time to go back to work.”

Rossi went to make himself a quick drink, and as Judy was getting into her clothes, Ed handed her a wad of money. “That’s for a nice time,” he said, “and to be sure you never tell anybody I was here tonight. I’m up for re-election soon, and it could hurt my image, you know?”

“I understand, Mr. Simmons,” Judy said.

Later she counted the money and found three hundred dollars. That was very nice, but she was beginning to wonder about herself. She’d fucked two men in one night and enjoyed every second of it. Just how far was she going to go in her search for thrills?


The next evening when Judy arrived at the club, Rossi met her in the foyer.

“Don’t bother to put on your costume tonight, kid. You’re going to a party.”

“A party?” Judy said. “What do you mean, Mr. Rossi?”

“I’m sending you and two other girls to entertain some guys at a convention,” Rossi said. “There oughta be big money in it. Here come the other girls now. You can take my car.”

Judy looked up and saw her new friends, Carol and Barb, entering the club. Rossi told them the assignment, and the three women took off in his car. Carol drove. Judy wished she’d been warned about the party so she could have dressed fancier. She was wearing a plain black pantsuit.

“What’s this party about, anyhow?” Judy asked. “What are we supposed to do?”

“The usual, honey, the usual,” Carol said.

Noticing that Judy still looked puzzled, Barb added, “We’re supposed to ball these guys.”

“Oh, my gosh,” Judy exclaimed, her face turning red, “ALL of them?”

“That’s why Rossi is sending three girls, honey,” Carol told her. “He wants these guys well entertained. Then they’ll party at the club and recommend it to other people. It’s good business for Rossi.”

“Wow, I hope there aren’t too many of them,” Judy said nervously.

“Hey, don’t worry about it,” Barb said, patting Judy’s hand. “It’s just like any other job, only we’ll be a little more busy. And you can bet we’ll get some great tips out of it.”

Judy sighed and tried to concentrate just on how much money she might get out of the job, but she still felt uneasy about it. She’d never worked with other girls before, and certainly not with a roomful of men. She wondered if Rossi had been training her last night when he made her ball both him and Ed. If so, she still didn’t feel ready.

The party was in a suite of rooms at the leading hotel in the city. Judy never did find out what the convention was about — something to do with industrial machinery — but it was a typical convention, with drunken men in funny hats running all over the place. Judy and Barb and Carol had their butts pinched and patted many times before they got to the suite.

“Looks like we got some live ones,” Barb sighed.

“Yeah, we won’t be getting home early tonight,” Carol said.

They knocked at the door of the suite and were admitted into a noisy crowd of men. The air was thick with cigarette smoke, and there were bottles and glasses on every table. The men were laughing, singing, and shouting. To Judy’s horrified eyes there seemed to be several dozen men.

“Oh, wow, we can’t take care of all these guys,” she whispered to her friends.

“Not many of them will actually want to make out,” Carol assured her. “Most of them are just here for the entertainment.”

“Entertainment?” Judy said.

“You’ll see,” Barb told her. “Just watch what Carol and I do.”

A man who appeared to be the host of the party led the three girls over to a big table which had been cleared off. He bellowed for attention, and the men fell silent hungrily ogling the three pretty women. Judy felt dozens of horny eyes stripping her naked.

“Okay, fellas,” the host said, “these three young ladies are gonna give us a little show. How about you starting out, honey?”

He leered at Carol.

“Sure,” Carol said calmly. “Where’s the music?”

Somebody switched on a transistor radio, and loud rock music filled the room. Carol leaped gracefully onto the table and began to dance to the music. The men went wild, cheering and stamp and whistling. Just behind her Judy heard a man say excitedly, “Wow, a blonde, a brunette, and a redhead. This oughta be some party.”

“Take it off baby,” someone yelled.

There was another round of cheers and whistles at this suggestion. Carol, looking perfectly at ease, flashed a sexy grin and began unbuttoning her blouse, all the while keeping perfect time to the music. When her blouse was open, she drew it off and tossed it into the crowd. Her large breasts wobbled enticingly in her skimpy black lace bra.

“Oh, my gosh,” Judy exclaimed to Barb, “is she really going to take all her clothes off?”

“It’s part of the job, kid,” Barb said with a shrug.

Judy gawked at tall blonde Carol, wondering where she got the courage to strip before a whole roomful of howling lusty men. It didn’t seem to bother Carol at all. Still smiling broadly and rocking to the music, Carol unzipped her skirt, let it fall, and danced gracefully out of it. Now she wore only her matching black lace bra and panties. “Take it all off,” somebody yelled.

More cheering and stamping. Judy couldn’t take her eyes off Carol as the statuesque blonde grinned and reached around to unhook her bra. The cheers and shouts were deafening as Carol drew the skimpy bra off and revealed her large cone-shaped tits with their large rosy nipples. Her big boobs wobbled and shook violently as she danced.

“Look at the knockers on that chick,” somebody said.

“Man, I’d love to ball her,” said someone else.

Carol must have heard these and other lewd comments, but she didn’t even blush. She just grinned invitingly and started to inch down her flimsy black bikini panties. The men roared their approval. Judy gawked unbelievingly as her friend let the panties slip down her legs and then kicked them into the audience, giving the howling men a brief glimpse of her rich red gash.

Carol danced perfectly naked now, her large blonde bush gleaming in the lights, her big breasts bouncing crazily. Judy was shocked, but at the same time she felt a kind of wicked excitement about watching her friend’s gorgeous body in motion. She glanced at Barb and saw that the tall brunette looked perfectly calm, almost bored.

“Oh, wow, how does she get the nerve?” Judy sighed.

“Experience,” Barb said. “Carol and I have worked lots of these parties. You’ll get used to it, too.”

Judy doubted she’d ever get used to dancing naked before a howling crowd of strange men. She looked around and saw dozens of gleaming eyes focusing on Carol’s wildly wobbling boobs and platinum-blonde muff. Judy tried to imagine herself in Carol’s place, and she felt a wave of humiliation and shame.

“My turn,” Barb said. “They’re getting restless.” Judy gawked at the lovely tall brunette as she leaped up on the table to join Carol. To Judy’s shock and astonishment, Barb began to dance to the music with a broad sexy gin, just as if she enjoyed it. She was wearing a one-piece red jumpsuit, and she reached for the zipper.

“Yeah, yeah, take it off!” a man shouted.

Barb pulled the zipper from her throat down to her crotch, then shrugged the clinging red suit off her shoulders. It fell to the floor, where she stepped out of it and kicked, it off the table. She danced in just her matching yellow bra and panties, while the men shouted their approval.

“Hey, take off that bra,” someone yelled.

“Let’s see your pussy, honey.”

“Yeah, take it all off.”

While Judy watched in shock and disbelief, Barb obliged the shouting men by unhooking her bra and tossing it away. Her heavy melon-shaped tits were even bigger than Carol’s and capped with large light brown nipples. When her big boobs bounced and shook, the men screamed their approval.

“Look at those jugs.”


“Oh, man, I’d like to fuck that one.”

The men’s lewd comments didn’t bother Barb any more than they’d bothered Carol. She just grinned and danced and began to lower her panties. The men crowded closer to watch. All around her Judy heard eager men panting or laughing.

“Show us your snatch, baby,” someone shouted.

Barb did just that. She tugged her panties down over her lush black bush and let the little garment slither down her legs. Just like Carol, she kicked the panties into the audience, raising her long leg high, showing the men the rich scarlet flesh of her pussy.

Now Carol and Barb danced naked together, and it was a spectacular sight. Both were big girls, around five-feet-eight, and both had huge firm breasts. Carol’s light blonde hair contrasted with Barb’s gleaming black curls. Judy didn’t blame the men for gawking and crowding closer. Then she noticed that Barb was looking right at HER.

“Come on, Judy,” Barb said in an urgent whisper, “It’s your turn. They want you now.”

“ME?” Judy gasped. “Oh, my God, no, I could never do a thing like that.”

Barb looked desperate.

“Honey,” she hissed, “if you don’t get up here, you’ll spoil the show, and Rossi will fire all of us. Please, Judy, don’t make us lose our jobs.”

It was the hardest thing she’d ever done in her life, but Judy couldn’t let her friends down. She had to get up there and join that obscene striptease, or else Carol and Barb would lose their desperately needed jobs. With a flaming face, Judy jumped up on the table and began to dance to the music.

“Hey, now the redhead,” someone gleefully shouted. “Far out. Get naked for us, baby.”

Judy had never felt so mortified in her life as when she began to undress before all those leering eyes. The men crowded even closer now as Judy removed the blouse of her pantsuit and then tugged at the zipper of her pants. She wished she could just drop through the floor and disappear.

As her pants slithered down her legs, Judy tried to keep up a broad sexy smile just like her two friends. It certainly wasn’t easy, not with all those men yelling and staring all around them. She kicked her pants away and danced in just her flimsy blue bikini bra and panties.

“Take it off,” the men shouted.

“Honey,” Carol whispered urgently, “you’re too slow. Come on, get the rest of your clothes off before they get impatient.”

Judy’s pretty face flamed almost as red as her hair when she unhooked her bra and drew it off. The men broke into enthusiastic shouts when her lovely round grapefruit-size tits wobbled into view, little pink nipples dancing. To have dozens of horny men leering at her naked tits was bad enough, but it was going to get worse. Now she had to take off her panties.

“Let’s see your pussy,” someone shouted.

“Hurry it up,” Carol whispered. “Don’t blow it for us, Judy.”

Stifling tears of humiliation, Judy tugged down her panties and exposed the flaming-red curls of her little muff. The room seemed to explode with applause and shouts. Miserable, she kicked her panties into the crowd and danced along with Carol and Barb.

Judy, several inches shorter than the other two girls but just as well built, presented a nice contrast to Barb and Carol. The men clearly appreciated the show, crowding around the table, grinning, making lewd comments. Some of them even leaned against the table and tried to look between the girls’ legs. Judy felt dizzy with shame.

“Okay, let’s wrap it up,” Barb said.

They stopped their dance at the end of that number and hopped off the table. Glasses of champagne were pressed into their hands, and eager men moved around them, patting their butts, copping feels of their tits. Judy felt totally humiliated, but Barb and Carol looked entirely calm.

“Well, see you later,” Barb said as an eager middle-aged man pressed some bills into her hand and led her off toward a closed door.

“Where’s she going?” Judy squeaked.

“The real work’s starting now, kid,” Carol said with a grin.

Another man gave Carol money and led her away to another room. Then Judy was approached by a balding little fat man who flashed a hundred dollar bill and pressed it into her hand. Reluctantly Judy followed him out of the crowd and into a bedroom. She got the idea now. She and her friends were supposed to ball every man who paid them.

“Oh, boy, I can hardly wait,” the little fat guy said. “You sure turned me on with that strip show, baby.”

Judy grinned feebly and went to lie down on the bed. In no way did she want to get the other girls in trouble. The fat man fumbled out of his clothes and walked over to the bed, paunch bouncing, stiff three-inch cock pointing right at Judy.

“Open your legs for me, sugar,” he said with a leer.

Judy sighed and opened her legs. The fat man wheezed his way over to her, climbed between her legs, and poked his little hard prick against her tender pussy. After a few misses he managed to stuff the small hard cock into her snug, but dry hole.

“Oh, boy,” the fat man sighed, “you’re real tight. Ohhhh, YEAH.”

He began to ball her, wheezing and panting, his fat belly knocking the breath out of her with each shove. Judy felt his hard little pecker jerking fast in her cunt, but it didn’t excite her at all. She just wanted to get it over with.

“Good for you, honey?” the fat man gasped.

“Oh, yes,” Judy lied, “fantastic.”

The customer is always right — she was sure Rossi would say something like that. She squealed and bucked her hips and pretended to go wild with pleasure as the little fat guy humped her furiously. To her relief it didn’t take long for him to shoot his load. He rolled off her with a contented sigh.

“Don’t go away, doll,” he said as he got dressed. “A buddy of mine wants to make it with you when I’m finished.”

“Oh, God,” Judy muttered to herself.

The fat man left, and his buddy came m. He was a tall bony middle-aged man with a face like a bloodhound. He eyed Judy’s naked body hungrily, but he didn’t smile or say a word as he undressed. Approaching the bed, he tossed some bills on the dresser.

Judy gawked at the man’s cock. It was a beauty, all right, eight thick inches of stiff pale meat. Under more romantic circumstances, she might have gotten pretty excited about taking a prick that big. But this lean, gloomy man didn’t arouse her at all.

“Roll over,” he said.

That was all he ever said to her. Judy obediently rolled over onto her hands and knees, and the big bony man knelt behind her and grasped her slim hips for balance. Judy gasped as she felt his huge thick cock stuffing her tight little twat. The man shoved his huge dick closer to her womb.

“UHHHHH,” Judy gasped.

He began fucking her hard and fast, his big swollen nut sacs slapping her pert little ass. Judy felt a certain wicked excitement as his big cock slammed into her again and again, and she started to cream around the jerking hard meat. Maybe it could be a fun evening after all.

Then the man groaned and shot his load, overflowing her tight little box. Judy sighed with frustration. She might have got off with the guy if he’d lasted longer. But no man at the party was going to have much consideration for her needs. She was just a nice juicy little hole to stick their cocks in.

The big bony guy left, and another man came in immediately, tossed money on the table, and balled Judy quickly, hardly saying a word to her. She decided they must be lined up outside the door, wanting to get their rocks off as fast as possible and then get back to the party.

So it went for an hour and more. Judy made it with more than a dozen men — she lost count. She remembered later that she’d given three blow jobs, a relief for her bruised and sore little box. The only time she had fun was with a timid little old man who liked to eat pussy. That got her off and made her whole evening.

At last no more men came into the room, and Judy sighed with relief. She stretched and yawned and thought about taking a short nap when suddenly the door opened and Carol walked in, still stark naked.

“Come on out in the main room, honey,” she said. “We’re wanted for a private party.”

“How private?” Judy said wearily.

“Oh, only a dozen guys,” Carol said nonchalantly. “The others have crashed. We just have to take care of these die-hards and then we can go home.”

“Thank God for small favors,” Judy said, following Carol out of the room.

As Carol had said, there were only about a dozen men left at the party, most of them young and vigorous. Barb was there, too, sitting on a man’s lap, laughing, drinking champagne. Another man pulled Judy onto his lap and handed her a glass. She didn’t like being felt up, but she gulped the champagne gratefully.

A tall well-built man, completely naked, led Carol to the center of the room and drew her down on the rug. Carol went willingly, laughing as the man dived for her crotch and began noisily eating her pussy. She kept her long legs wide open as his head bobbed up and down between her thighs.

“Ummmmm,” Carol sighed, “that feels really great, honey.”

Judy wondered if her friend was faking her pleasure. Carol and Barb were such professionals, it was difficult to tell. In any case, if Carol was faking, she did a damned good job. She squealed and howled and bucked her hips as her partner snorted and sucked loudly in her pussy. Judy felt shocked and embarrassed to witness the scene, yet she also felt a naughty excitement.

“Ooooooo,” Carol moaned, “I love it, baby. Oh, yeah, you’re making me come.”

The lovely tall blonde threw her long legs right up in the air and gave a hoarse howl of pleasure. Her partner sucked fast and loud on her bright red clit as Carol came — or perhaps pretended to come. Then the man raised his head from her snatch and poked his erect cock into the small blonde-fringed mouth of her cunt.

“Ahhhhh, yes,” Carol wailed, “do it to me. Fuck me, do it HARD.”

Judy reddened with shock. She couldn’t believe Carol would actually fuck the guy right there in front of everyone, but that was exactly what happened. Carol howled her delight and bucked her hips furiously as the guy balled her. She didn’t seem to mind having a leering audience.

Judy somehow couldn’t take her eyes off the scene. There was something especially exciting about watching another couple fuck. She stared at the man’s frantically wriggling ass, at Carol’s big wobbling breasts. She got glimpses of the guy’s stiff sawing prick and the plump red lips of Carol’s cunt.

To her shame, she felt that familiar hot glowing sensation in her pussy. For the first time that night she felt really horny — from watching her friend getting balled. Judy felt ashamed of herself, but she still couldn’t tear her eyes away from the fucking couple on the rug.

“Oh, yes, give it to me,” Carol cried. “I love your cock, baby, it feels so GOOD.”

The sweating panting man fucked Carol even harder, and the lewd wet noise of their fucking could be heard all over the room. Judy’s cheeks flamed with embarrassment, yet her pussy got hotter and hotter as she watched. Hot sticky juice started leaking from her aroused cunt.

She almost forgot that she was sitting on someone’s lap. He was an average-looking guy with a very forgettable face, but he had very busy hands. All the time Carol was getting balled, this guy was playing with Judy’s round ripe tits and petting her warm furry muff. But she didn’t really notice his attentions till he slipped his hand between her legs.

“Ooooo,” Judy squeaked.

The guy had grabbed her slick little clit between his fingers and was kneading it briskly. Judy couldn’t help but enjoy that. She wriggled her naked little ass in horny pleasure as he frigged her. But all the while her eyes were glued to the scene on the floor.

Carol’s partner was humping, her like a pile driver now, his back and ass gleaming with sweat, their bellies meeting in loud damp smacks. Carol had her long legs open obscenely wide, and her lovely face was twisted in a lusty grin as if she were in ecstasy.

“Oh, God, I love it, I love it,” she whined.

“Oh, Christ, I can’t stand it,” a man said. “Let’s get it on, baby.”

Judy glanced around and saw that the man was the one holding Barb on his lap. Barb grinned and stood up, and the guy led her out to the center of the room, not far from Carol and her partner. He whispered something to Barb, and she grinned and nodded.

Then the statuesque brunette dropped to her hands and knees, sticking her lovely round ass high up in the air. Judy gawked. She could see all of Barb’s ripe red pussy, the bright scarlet lump of her clit, the fat pink lips of her cunt, the little light brown wrinkled mouth of her asshole. Every man in the room stared hungrily at Barb’s lewdly exposed slit.

Then their view was blocked was Barb’s partner dropped to his knees behind her and rammed his erect cock up the little shadowed mouth of her cunt. Barb gave a loud squeal of pleasure as he worked his prick clear to the balls in her steamy little twat.

“Oooooo, yeah, stick it in meee,” Barb whined.

The guy began fucking Barb hard and fast, and she clawed the rug and moaned blissfully, as if she loved every second of it. Meanwhile Carol’s partner was yelping and coming, his steamy jism overflowing her snug box and puddling on the rug.

No sooner had the guy rolled off Carol than another man rushed to take his place. Judy felt dizzy and confused. She felt this little orgy was incredibly wicked and lewd, yet it was turning her on like mad to watch her two friends getting balled.

Her partner was still busily kneading her clit, too, making her cream helplessly all over his fingers. In spite of her shock and embarrassment, Judy was getting achingly horny. She envied Carol and Barb for having hard pounding cocks in their cunts. But would SHE have the nerve to fuck someone with all those men looking on?

“Hey, let’s ball,” her partner said.

Judy blushed furiously, but before she could reply the man had lifted her easily in his arms and carried her out to the center of the room, just a few feet from where Barb and Carol were fucking their partners. He drew her down on the rug and rolled onto his back, his stiff six-inch prick pointing right at the ceiling.

“Sit on me,” he said eagerly. “Let’s do it this way.”

Judy felt deeply embarrassed, but again it was a matter of not letting down her friends. If she refused his request, Barb and Carol would be in trouble. Blushing with shame, Judy straddled the man and brought her wet little cunt mouth down on the hard hot pole of his cock.

“OHHHHHH,” she moaned.

She hadn’t realized how horny she was till the man’s thick hard cock-meat stuffed her tight juicy little twat. It felt terrific, and Judy creamed furiously all around the invading meat. All over the room men were watching her, but suddenly she didn’t care. All she wanted was to satisfy the horny ache in her pussy.

“Fuck me, baby,” her partner panted.

Judy obeyed eagerly, working her slick hot cunt briskly up and down the deliciously thick pole of his cock. From the sidelines men leered at her, and beside her Carol and Barb were screaming their pleasure as their partners balled them hard and fast. Judy realized with some astonishment that she was taking part in an orgy — and really getting off on it.

Suddenly one of the younger men bounded out of his chair and headed for the action, his stiff five-inch prick bobbing lewdly.

“I’m going crazy,” he laughed. “I just gotta get in on this.”

“You can join us, old buddy,” said Judy’s partner.

Judy didn’t realize what they were talking about until the new guy knelt behind her and poked the hard drooling head of his cock against the tightly clenched mouth of her asshole. She gasped as he shoved hard and popped the fat cock-head right into her narrow little bumhole.

“Hey, NO,” Judy squeaked.

Too late — the guy was already shoving his stiff meat clear to the balls in her hot, tight brownie. She expected to feel pain, but what she experienced was a wicked rush of excitement. It felt great to have two cocks in her belly, pumping side by side, separated only by the thin wall between her cunt and her asshole.

“Ooooooo,” Judy screeched, “YES.”

The two men sawed away in her twat and brownie, fully stuffing her with thick cock-meat. Judy gurgled with pleasure as she took the two jerking dicks, and her hot pussy cream drenched two pair of balls. Looking around, she saw that Barb and Carol had satisfied their latest partners and were fucking two new men.

“Oh, God,” Judy sighed, “I can’t believe this.” The orgy was the most wicked and kinky thing she’d ever experienced, but it made her wildly aroused, too. Maybe that was how Barb and Carol felt — but it didn’t really matter. They might be faking their response, but Judy sure as hell wasn’t. She adored taking on two men at the same time.

“Hey, honey,” the guy behind her panted, “you digging this? You like getting it in the ass?”

“Ummmm, yes,” Judy moaned, “it’s fantastic.”

Another man had been eyeing her from the sidelines for some time. When Judy moaned how much she loved getting it in the ass, he just couldn’t contain himself any longer. He leaped from his chair and hurried over, straddling her first partner and poking his erect and drooling prick against Judy’s lips.

“You still got room for this,” he panted. “Suck me off, baby.”

Hell, Judy thought, why not?

In her lusty frenzy, she loved the idea of satisfying three men at once. She opened her mouth and sucked the guy’s fat hard cock in clear to the balls. He gave a yelp of pleasure when she began sucking hard and fast pn his swollen meat.

“Hey, way to go, Judy,” Carol laughed.

Judy knew she’d been accepted as a real pro. But that wasn’t important now. Her whole body hummed with pleasure as she took the three cocks, sucking loudly on one stiff dick while another stuffed her boiling-hot cunt and a third reamed her tight little asshole. It was the wildest sexual adventure yet.

Judy was so hotly aroused by now that it didn’t take her long to come. As the violent orgasm shook her body, she sucked even harder on the tasty drooling cock-meat, and her cunt and asshole contracted and gripped the other two jerking cocks. The result was that everyone came at once, the men howling and pumping steamy loads of jism into her cunt, mouth and asshole.

Judy lost count of how many men she balled that night or how many times she came, but when she and Barb and Carol finally drove back to the club, her body glowed with satisfaction.

“Kid, you really proved yourself tonight,” Carol said. “Rossi’s really gonna be proud of you.”

That was nice — but was she proud of herself? Judy thought of Joe sitting home alone, waiting for her and needing her, and she wondered just what kind of monster she was turning into.


“You got home awfully late last night, honey,” Joe said as Judy was leaving for work the next day.

“I was real worried about you. I hope you can get home earlier this time.”

“I’ll try, darling,” Judy said, hurrying out the door.

She felt guilty about running out like that, but she could hardly stay and explain to Joe that she’d been late because she’d been to an orgy. She was going to have to face her guilt over Joe, but this was not the night.

She’d been working at the club a couple of hours when Rossi made his familiar gesture for her to step into the alcove. Somehow Judy didn’t feel quite so enthusiastic as she usually did about taking an “assignment”, but she hurried aver, fearing to anger Rossi. She couldn’t get rid of the image of Joe looking worried and begging her to get home earlier.

“Yes, Mr. Rossi?” Judy said.

“That tall guy sitting at the bar,” Rossi said. “You take care of him.”

“All right,” Judy said listlessly.

She didn’t like the guy’s looks at all. In fact he reminded her of an undertaker, tall, bony and gloomy-looking. He was well-dressed, though, and not too old, perhaps forty. Judy planted a big smile on her face and went over to him.

“Good evening, sir,” she said, “I’m Judy. I’d like to offer you a drink on the house and a little talk, if you’re interested.”

He didn’t smile.

“Sure, sit down,” he said coldly.

Judy got him the drink he wanted and attempted to make small talk with him, but all she got was his name, Fred Olson, and his occupation, real estate salesman. He didn’t seem at all attracted to her, and Judy wondered why Rossi had sent her over to him.

Then Olson said abruptly, “Cone on, we’re going to my place.”

Judy followed him obediently, but she was hardly excited about the idea of going to bed with that sourpuss. He drove them a few blocks away to the hotel where he was staying. In the room, he didn’t even offer her a drink. He just handed her fifty dollars and started to undress.

“Come on, come on,” he said, “take your clothes off I didn’t ask you over here to talk.”

Judy wanted to tell him that fifty dollars was a lot less money than she was used to, but she decided to let it pass. The main thing here was to ball him and get it over with, so she could get back to the club and find more generous and attractive customers.

Judy got out of her costume quickly, not trying to make a show of it. Fred Olson’s eyes flickered from her round thrusting tits with their soft pink nipples down to her copper-colored bush, but still he didn’t look especially turned on. He continued to undress, and soon he was down to his shorts.

Judy was repelled by the man’s body. He was bony and pale all over, his muscles slack, his chest hairless. Still she felt her usual curiosity as he lowered his shorts. He had a very long but skinny cock that waved stiffly and heavily from a small brown bush. Judy decided that even his cock was ugly.

“Get down on your knees,” Olson snapped.

Judy didn’t like the tone of his voice — no warmth in it at all, no honest lust. But she obeyed, dropping to her knees before him. Olson stepped up close to her and pushed the hard purple head of his cock roughly against her lips. Judy breathed a sigh of relief. At least she wasn’t going to have to ball him.

Relieved that that hard bony body wouldn’t touch her, she willingly opened her mouth for his stiff skinny cock. Far better to give him a blow job than to have that ugly cold man pressing his body against hers. But when she opened her lips, Olson savagely rammed his erect dick right into her throat.

“UHHHHHH!” Judy gasped.

Olson grabbed her head and held it in place, brutally fucking her mouth and throat in hard deep lunges. He didn’t want a blow job, Judy realized — he wanted to rape her mouth, to choke and hurt her. And he was succeeding. She couldn’t breathe, and her throat was painfully raked.

Olson towered over her, his face absolutely cold as he rammed his rock-hard cock-head again and again into her tender throat. Judy felt she’d faint if she didn’t get some air, if that awful pain didn’t stop. Job or no job, she had to get away from this sadistic creep.

Judy managed to get one foot against Olson’s belly and she pushed with all her strength. He stumbled backwards, his erect spit-soaked prick popping from her mouth. He sat down hard on the rug. Judy snatched up her clothes and threw the fifty dollars in his face.

“I don’t have to go with any man who tries to hurt me,” she said angrily. “You can have your damned money back.”

But before she could put on her costume again, Olson recovered his breath and was leaping on her, slapping her hard across the face. Judy was stunned by the blow and the next thing she knew Olson had her on the bed, on her back, and was slamming his rigid skinny prick into her dry and resisting cunt.

“Nooooo,” Judy wailed.

“Shut up, bitch,” Olson snarled. “I paid for you, and I’m gonna have you.”

The pain was just as bad as when he’d fucked her throat. Her narrow twat was dry and unprepared, and Olson’s hard cock raked and bruised her as he balled her in swift deep savage hinges. Judy screamed and tried to twist away, but he pinned her wrists and held her in place.

“Oh, God, no,” Judy sobbed, “please take it out. You’re hurting me.”

Olson slapped her in the face again, and this time she’d had enough. She stopped struggling and just lay there and let him complete his brutal rape. It hurt, but it wasn’t as bad as having her teeth knocked out. Olson fucked her harder and harder, his face perfectly cold.

Judy could hardly even tell when he came. He made no sound, showed no pleasure. All she could feel was the hot gush of his come in her bruised little box. Instantly Olson withdrew and reached for his clothes. Judy staggered off the bed and found her costume.

“I’m not paying you, bitch,” Olson said. “You didn’t cooperate. Tony Rossi’s gonna hear about this.”

“Fuck you,” Judy spat. “He’ll hear about it, all right, and you’ll be sorry. He doesn’t let anyone hurt his girls.”

“We’ll see about that,” Olson said, reaching for the phone.

Judy didn’t wait to hear his call. She walked all the way back to the club in her costume, drawing whistles and stares. She didn’t care about that. All she wanted was to tell Rossi that one of his customers was a dangerous sadist. When she got to the Flamingo, she went straight to Rossi’s office.

When Judy burst into the office, Rossi was already there, sitting behind his desk and chewing on a cigar and frowning. “Mr. Rossi…” she began. But Rossi signaled her to be quiet.

“I just got a call from a pal of mine, Fred Olson,” he said angrily. “He told me you wouldn’t do what he wanted. What the hell’s the matter with you?”

“Mr. Rossi, that’s just what I wanted to tell you,” Judy said earnestly. “He wanted to hurt me. He DID hurt me.”

“Aw, bullshit,” Rossi said. “The guy just wanted a blow job, and maybe his dick was a little too long. It happens. You gotta take a little discomfort now and then in this business.”

“Discomfort?” Judy squeaked. “He almost choked me. Then he raped me. I don’t call that discomfort.”

Rossi ground out his cigar and rose from behind the desk, his face dark with anger.

“If you think that hurt,” he growled, “wait’ll I get through with you. I’ll show you what real pain is, baby.”

He seized Judy by the wrist and dragged her into the private bedroom behind his office. Judy sobbed and protested, but Rossi was far stronger than she was. He flung her into the room and locked the door with the special lock that only he could open. Judy was trapped.

“You insulted a customer,” he told her, “so you gotta be punished. Get your clothes off.”

Sobbing with fright, Judy obeyed. She recalled when Rossi had told her to report any man who tried to hurt her. He hadn’t meant a word of it. The customer was always right, even if he was a brutal sadist. And God knew how many more sadists Rossi might send her to.

When Judy was naked, Rossi’s dark eyes flicked briefly over her curvy little body, but there was no warmth in his glance. “Get over here and undress me,” he snapped.

Judy obeyed without a murmur. Only Rossi could unlock the door, so she was stuck here till she did everything he wanted. She might as well just obey and get it over with. She removed his jacket and shirt and tie, then knelt down to help him out of his shoes and socks.

“I’m gonna teach you a lesson, cunt,” Rossi said icily. “I’m gonna show you what happens to my girls when they don’t carry out orders. You won’t forget in a hurry, believe me.”

Judy’s hands trembled as she unbuckled his belt and opened his fly. His pants slid down to the floor, but there was no bulge in the crotch of his jockey shorts. Judy pulled down the shorts and saw that his cock was wrinkled and limp. At least he couldn’t punish her with THAT.

“Okay, stay on your knees,” Rossi said when she had him completely naked. “You’re gonna blow me, and you’re gonna do it right, just like I taught you. You understand?”

“Yes,” Judy said wearily. She was damned if she was going to call him “sir” any more.

“All right, get to it, then,” Rossi said coldly.

Kneeling naked before him, Judy took his soft little prick and slipped it between her lips, feeding it in till his slack sagging balls rubbed her chin. She began sucking on the silky soft meat, something she didn’t mind doing at all. It was rather exciting, not scary like when Olson jammed his long hard cock into her tender throat.

In fact if Rossi hadn’t been mad at her, she’d really be having fun. She loved blowing a man who really turned her on, and Rossi had always seemed sexy. She gurgled with excitement and sucked even faster on his droopy little prick.

“Yeah, you dig that, don’t you?” Rossi said with a harsh laugh. “You dig it as long as it don’t hurt. Well, hurting is part of the game, baby, and I’m gonna show you that in a minute.”

Bullshit, Judy thought. Hurting was never part of real love-making. Something was warped and sick in the minds of men like Rossi and Olson. But for now she wasn’t worrying. She liked sucking on Rossi’s tasty limp cock, and it certainly couldn’t hurt her. The whole thing fit into her mouth with room to spare.

As her excitement grew, Judy drew in her cheeks sharply to make a tight juicy nest, for his prick. She lashed the soft rosy head of his dick with her wet little tongue, and her hot saliva boiled all around his flaccid meat. She increased the pace and pressure of her sucking, and Rossi gave an involuntary snort of pleasure. Judy felt his flaccid cock starting to twitch on her tongue.

“Yeah, you give a real good blow job, I gotta admit that,” Rossi sighed. “But you still gotta be punished. None of the girls can disobey my orders and get away with it.”

Judy paid no attention to his threats. She was lost in the horny excitement of sucking his silky little dick into swollen erection. And she was succeeding. As she again increased the speed of her sucking, Rossi’s cock gave a powerful lurch and began to grow and stiffen in her mouth.

“Yeah, yeah, that’s it,” he gasped.

Judy felt the wrinkled little prick blossom into seven inches of thick hard meat. Now she couldn’t hold it all in her mouth, so she let some out, sucking on just half the length of his swelling hot prick. Rossi snarled angrily and grabbed her head.

“You take all of it, bitch,” he growled. “You’re supposed to be a pro, dammit. You take that cock right into your throat.”

He held her head steady and pushed forward with his rigid thick cock. Judy had no choice but to take the big knobby head of his dick right into her tender throat. For a moment she felt like she was choking, but she managed to overcome it.

Rossi grunted and shoved, the hugely swollen head of his cock popping into Judy’s tight slick throat. His furry balls rubbed her chin. Holding her head tightly, he began to fuck her mouth, plunging his cock deep into her throat.

“UMPF,” Judy cried.

Only with the greatest self-control did she keep back the choking sensations. She knew Rossi was doing this to punish her, but she didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of knowing he was hurting her. She kept her throat as relaxed as she could while the big slick head of his cock probed deep and hard.

“Take it, cunt,” Rossi panted. “If a guy wants to stick his cock down your throat, you do it, you hear?”

Judy certainly got the message. As Rossi’s thick cock pounded in her throat, her lips were hugely stretched and her jaws ached from the continual stuffing. But her pride made her conceal all signs of discomfort. She took the repeated lunges of his long hard prick without a murmur.

“Now eat it,” Rossi snarled, “eat every bit of my come.”

His dark eyes rolled upward, and Judy felt the steamy blast of his come in her mouth and throat. He’d ordered her to swallow it all — and she didn’t have much choice. Judy gulped the salty sticky stuff until his cock went limp and empty and slipped from her mouth.

“Get it all,” Rossi gasped.

Looking right at him with big blue accusing eyes, Judy licked her lips, her little pink tongue lapping up the last drops of his come. Her face was expressionless. She was damned if she’d let her sadistic boss know that he’d caused her any pain.

“Think you’re smart, don’t you?” Rossi snarled. “Okay, baby, we’ll play it your way. We’re gonna keep this up till you beg me to stop. You take my cock in your mouth and get it hard again.”

That was too much. Her jaws already ached from the first head job.

“Oh, no, please,” she said, “not again. I know I’m fired, Mr. Rossi. Just let me leave, please.”

“Uh-uh,” Rossi said, grinning coldly. “You don’t leave till you’ve been punished. Then I don’t give a shit what you do. But right now you better suck my dick — and fast.”

He raised his arm as if to hit her, and Judy quickly opened her mouth. Her face still ached from Olson’s blows, and she didn’t want any more. Rossi grunted in satisfaction and fitted his limp wet dick into her mouth. Judy began sucking on it again, resigning herself to more discomfort.

“See where it gets you when you piss me off?” Rossi said. “We’re gonna stay here till you learn to obey, and that’s that.”

Judy was so tempted to bite his cock that she could hardly contain herself, but she knew he’d kill her for it. Meekly she sucked faster and faster on his wrinkled little rod, using all the tricks she’d recently learned. Her cheeks were drawn in tight, her tongue busy lashing the sensitive head of his dick, her saliva pooling hotly around his soft meat.

“Yeah, you just keep that up, bitch,” Rossi panted. “Get me hard again. Then I’ll really teach you a lesson.”

What am I doing here? Judy thought.

Here she was on her knees sucking off a sadistic creep, a man she’d come to hate — so that she could keep a job she’d also learned to hate. She wanted no more Rossi’s, no more Olson’s. She wanted the quiet gentle love of her husband. But first she had to satisfy Rossi so she could get out that door.

Finally Rossi’s cock revived and began to grow and stiffen in her mouth. Judy’s jaws ached, but she forced herself to suck even faster and harder on his ballooning meat, just to get the ordeal over with. His cock responded fast, stiffening into seven thick inches of throbbing erection.

“Okay, that’s enough,” Rossi said, stepping back.

His swollen dick snapped up to hug his belly, thick and pale and gleaming with her saliva. Judy gasped for breath and rubbed her aching jaws and throat. She was sure Rossi had some other punishment in mind for her, and she shuddered to think what it was.

“Over to the bed,” he ordered. “Bend over the edge.”

Wearily Judy obeyed, standing at the side of the bed and resting her hands on the edge. Her pert little ass stuck out enticingly. Rossi wandered over to her, his huge hard-on wagging lewdly, and seized her slim hips to steady himself.

“This’ll teach you to do what I say,” he snarled. He pressed the moist hard head of his cock against the tiny tight mouth of her asshole and gave a savage thrust.

“OWWWWWWW,” Judy wailed.

She fought to lurch away from him, but Rossi held her tightly by the hips and brutally forced his thick hard cock deep into her tight little brownie. In one cruel shove he lodged his big cock clear to the tails in her pencil-thin nether hole. The pain was so bad that Judy almost fainted.

“Oh, God, noooo,” she sobbed. “Please, take it out, it’s too BIG.”

“Shut up, bitch,” Rossi panted. “I’m gonna come in your ass whether you like it or not. After this I bet you’ll do whatever I tell you.”

While Judy sobbed and dug her nails into the bed, Rossi balled her little butt furiously, digging his thick meat far into her fiery bowels. He was out to hurt her, and at first he succeeded. But gradually, a welcome numbness came over her, and she stopped whimpering when his rock-hard cock reamed her tiny tight asshole.

Rossi began to change, too. With his achingly swollen dick plunged deep in her snug juicy bumhole, he couldn’t help feeling hot pleasure. He began to pant and whine as he bum-fucked her. He couldn’t be cold and aloof any longer.

“Bitch,” he chanted, “dirty little bitch.”

Big gloss of cock-juice began to bubble from his deep-thrusting prick, making Judy’s tight little asshole a lot slicker. She felt a wicked kind of pleasure now when his thick meat reamed and stuffed her ass. She hated Rossi, but she wasn’t immune to the delicious friction between his cock and her tight little brownie.

“Lousy little cunt,” Rossi gasped, “I hope you never forget this. This is how I punish my girls when they make me mad.”

At that point Judy didn’t care what he said. She felt her whole belly melting with kinky excitement, exploding into orgasm. She whined and clawed the bed as she came, and her boiling-hot brownie gripped Rossi’s dick like a vise. He yelped and started to shoot his load.

“AWWWWWWW,” Rossi bellowed.

Judy didn’t make a sound. She was coming, yes, but it was somehow an empty, pleasureless orgasm — perhaps because she was getting it from a man she despised. When Rossi’s prick went limp and slipped from her drenched little asshole, she stood up with quiet dignity and put on her costume.

Rossi looked smug as he dressed.

“I guess you got my message,” he said. “From now on you do whatever a customer wants, or you’ll get it in the ass, just like now.”

“I’m not going back to work,” Judy said quietly. “I’m just wearing this costume as far as the dressing room. Then I’m going to put on my own clothes and go home.”

Rossi scowled and said, “You silly little bitch, you’ll never get another job that pays like this one.”

“Mr. Rossi,” Judy said sweetly, “you can take your damned job and stick it up your ass. Good night.”

Five minutes later she left the Flamingo wondering how she could face Joe and tell him that she’d lost her job. She’d manage it somehow, because she couldn’t bear the thought of going back to Rossi and his pain and humiliation. But it wouldn’t be easy to tell her husband.


When Judy walked into the apartment, Joe was in the living room — standing! He had a broad grin on his face, and no cast on his leg.

“Surprise,” he said.

Judy ran to him and clung to him.

“Darling,” she laughed, “no wonder you wanted me home early tonight. You devil, why didn’t you tell me your cast was coming off today?”

“I wasn’t sure myself,” Joe said, hugging her hard, “but in any case I wanted to surprise you. Isn’t it great, honey? Now you can quit your job and our life can go back to normal.”

Judy stiffened slightly in his arms. It was great, all right, that she didn’t have to go back to Tony Rossi’s club, but she wasn’t so excited about “normal” life with Joe. That normal life included the dull unsatisfactory sex they’d had for five years.

She didn’t want to go back to seeing other men, but on the other hand, would Joe ever be able to satisfy her in bed? And if he didn’t, what would she do?

“Honey,” Joe said, “what’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” Judy said quickly.

“Like hell there’s nothing wrong,” Joe said with concern. “I know when you’re worried about something. You better tell me what it is.”

Judy didn’t want to hurt his feelings, but the subject had to be brought up sometime. “Joe,” she said uneasily, “have you ever thought our sex life was a little, well, boring?”

“What do you mean, honey?” Joe said.

“I mean, we always do it the same way, every time,” Judy replied. “We never try anything new. Can you really imagine going on like that for years and years?”

Joe frowned, put his hands on her shoulders, and steered her towards the hall.

“Judy,” he said sternly, “you must be overtired from working. You’re talking nonsense. Now go take a nice hot bath and come to bed. You’ll feel better in the morning.”

Numbly Judy obeyed. As she sat in the bathtub she wondered if she could really go on with her marriage. After five years she’d finally had the nerve to tell Joe what was bothering her — and he hadn’t responded at all. Much as she loved him, she couldn’t face a lifetime without decent sex.

When Judy walked into the bedroom wearing nothing but a towel, Joe was lying on the bed nude. He grinned and flashed Judy a lusty look as she dropped the towel in the hamper and walked over to the bed. He had a whopper of a hard-on that pointed at the ceiling, the swollen purple head of his cock leaking big bubbles of juice.

Judy sighed wistfully as she eyed her husband’s handsome seven-inch prick. If only he knew how to use it! She felt awfully horny for him, but she knew from experience that he’d just jump on her, without foreplay, and fuck her so fast she probably wouldn’t even get off. It looked like another night of frustration.

“Hurry up, honey,” Joe said eagerly. “Christ, we haven’t made love in over a month. I can hardly wait.”

Judy wished she could say the same for herself. But there was no point in spoiling Joe’s good mood. She’d ball him one last time, and the next day she’d leave. She was sure she’d never love another man, but she couldn’t endure the dullness and frustration of his love-making.

Judy forced a smile as she climbed onto the bed beside her husband. Joe did what he always did — ignored her big ripe breasts and instead pushed open her legs very wide. He scrambled between her silky thighs, his cock weaving heavily, and Judy prepared herself for another of his jackrabbit fucks.

“I hope you’re as anxious as I am,” Joe said.

“Yes, dear, of course,” Judy lied.

“Great,” Joe said, “because I just can’t wait. I’ve been wanting you for weeks.”

Judy had been wanting him for weeks, too, but not like this. She didn’t miss all those other men she’d been with, but she wished to hell Joe could take lessons from them in how to please a woman. There was more to sex, after all, than just climbing on and rolling off.

“Well, here goes,” Joe said with a grin.

Then to Judy’s utter astonishment he thrust his face right into her crotch.

“JOE,” she gasped.

She couldn’t believe what was happening. Her uptight inhibited husband was actually going down on her. He’d never even touched her pussy before, and now he was eating it. Judy gasped in surprise and delight when she felt his slick hot tongue tickling the horny little nub of her clit.

“Ooooooo, darling, YES,” she squealed.

Joe’s stiff slick tongue tip lashed and tickled and rimmed the sensitive little button of her clit, and lady whimpered with pleasure and clawed the bed.

She could still hardly believe that it was Joe, her puritanical husband, giving her head, but the evidence was right there in her hotly aroused pussy.

Maybe it was just a dream, but she was going to take full advantage of it. Judy let her legs fall open as far as she could, giving Joe plenty of room to eat her snatch. He made loud, lewd snuffling and sucking noises as he licked hungrily on her throbbing little joy button. His tongue moved faster and faster, exciting Judy wildly.

“Oh, yes, darling, yesss,” she moaned.

She couldn’t imagine where Joe had learned to eat pussy or what had changed his mind about foreplay, but it really didn’t matter. The only important thing was that he was finally making love the way she wanted it, with plenty of wild and kinky play before they fucked. Judy moaned blissfully, and her aroused little cunt began to leak hot sticky juice.

“Oh, Joe, darling, that feels so good,” she sighed. “I just love you to lick me there.”

Joe responded to her praise by tonguing even faster on the hot wet bud of her clit. Judy squealed with delight and arched her petite body upward to get even more sweet friction from his tickling tongue. Her little red clit went erect and swollen with arousal, becoming even more sensitive to his tonguing.

“Oh, my God, Joe,” Judy wailed, “it’s so good, I think I’m going to come.”

Joe thrust his flushed cream-soaked face even harder into her steamy little crotch, and his slick tongue tip whizzed around and around her swollen horny joy button. Judy never had her pussy eaten better. In less than a minute a gigantic orgasm exploded in her body, making her wail and writhe.

“Yes, yes, YES,” she screeched, “I’M COMING NOW.”

Joe went right on tonguing furiously on her squirting clit as she came, making her climax even more intense. When her spasms had died down, his tongue was still there, rimming and teasing her soaked little bud. Judy sighed ecstatically. At last her husband had become the lover she wanted.

“Darling,” she said, “that was lovely.”

But Joe wasn’t finished yet. He didn’t even raise his head from her steamy little crotch when she finished coming. Instead he pressed his lips to her hot little clit and started sucking on it. Judy gave a horny little squeal and gushed a big hot load of sticky cunt cream all over his chin.

“Ooooooo,” she squeaked, “yes, suck meeee.”

Although she’d just come, Joe’s busily sucking lips soon had her fully aroused again. Her pretty little face flushed pink with lusty excitement, and her teeth flashed in a horny little grin. Her big blue eyes rolled crazily as her husband sucked ever faster and harder on the super-sensitive lump of her clit.

“Oh, my God, Joe,” she whined, “this is just too much. I love it, darling, I just love it.”

Again her unashamed praise inspired Joe to do even better work. He sucked her little red clit as far as he could into his hot wet mouth, sucked it with increasing speed and pressure. Judy wailed and slammed her pussy right up in his face, wanting all the delicious friction she could get.

“Oh, God, I love it,” she moaned. “Yes, yes, love, suck my clit.”

Joe didn’t need much encouragement. To Judy’s astonishment, he really seemed to love what he was doing. He snuffled and snorted lustily in her steamy pussy and lapped up her fragrant cream as fast as it gushed from her hotly aroused box.

In fact he was a whole new Joe. A month ago he wouldn’t even have put his hand in her crotch, let alone his face. A month ago he would have called oral sex “dirty” or “perverted”. Now he was eating her soaked pussy like he was starved for it.

With her tender little clit trapped between Joe’s busily sucking lips, Judy had never been happier. She let herself go completely, legs spread obscenely wide, hot little cunt spewing a lava-like stream of juice. She wailed her delight and bucked her slim hips in time to his sucking.

“Joe, you devil,” she panted, “you’ve got me so excited, I think I’m gonna come again.”

She wasn’t kidding. As Joe began to suck even faster on her red-hot squirting bud, her body exploded in another dizzying climax. Joe kept right on sucking her clit, and Judy thought she’d faint with pleasure. Only when her little curvy body stopped rocking and writhing did he finally release her clit from his lips.

“Oh, darling, that was beautiful,” Judy sighed. “I just loved it.”

Joe didn’t even raise his head from her snatch to acknowledge her thanks. Instead he burrowed deeper in her soaked molten-hot pussy and began to suck the plump pink lips of her cunt. Usually his love-making bored Judy, but tonight he had an uncanny ability to arouse her. She’d just come twice, but when he started sucking her pussylips she was instantly horny again.

“Good Lord,” she laughed helplessly, “what are you doing to me, Joe Prentiss? You’re getting me excited all over again.”

She thought she heard a muffled chuckle from Joe, but that was all. His thick slippery tongue moved down to rim the drooling little mouth of her cunt, slowly at first, then with increasing speed and pressure. Judy gasped with delight and arched her pussy up to meet his rimming tongue.

“Beautiful,” she whined, “just beautiful. I love everything you’re doing, Joe.”

But secretly she wished he’d quit teasing her with his rimming tongue tip and just stick the whole thing right up her greedy little box. Probably he was still too inhibited to do that. It would be asking an awful lot of her uptight husband to have him shove his tongue up her cunt.

But that was exactly what Joe did next.

“Oooooh,” Judy screamed.

Again she could hardly believe it was her Joe who was doing such a thing, but the evidence was right there between her legs. She felt Joe’s thick wet tongue plunging clear to the root in her greedy gripping little twat, and she screamed with pleasure and gushed a huge load of tasty cream all around his thrusting tongue-meat.

“Oh, yes, lover, YES,” Judy wailed, “stick your tongue up my cunt. YESSSS.”

Judy drew her legs clear back to touch her big heaving tits, allowing Joe to thrust his tongue right to her womb. Fully stuffed with his wet thick tongue-meat, she was breathless with pleasure. Then it got even better as he started to fuck her with his tongue, thrusting the fat meat swiftly up and down her gushing little hole.

“Oh, oh, OHHHH,” Judy moaned.

Joe’s swift hard tongue-fucking made her squeal with pleasure and claw the bed. It was the answer to her years of horny longing. Other men had gone down on her, but none as good as Joe. It was far more thrilling to have her pussy eaten by the man she loved instead of some cold stranger.

“I love it, Joe, I love it,” Judy babbled. “God, yes, fuck me with your tongue.”

She could hardly believe it, but in another second she was coming again, her molten-hot cunt gripping and squeezing Joe’s thrusting tongue. In spite of her tightness, he kept working his tongue in her gushing little box until her delicious climax was over. Judy moaned with satisfaction as his tongue slipped out of her twat.

She expected him to come up for air then, but Joe just gobbled greedily in her pussy, tonguing lower and lower till his slick tongue tip was rimming the tight little mouth of her asshole. Judy gurgled with horny excitement when she felt her husband poking his slippery tongue right up her brownie.

“Oh, Joe, YES,” she squealed, “stick your tongue up my ass.”

A month ago she wouldn’t have dared say such a thing to him, and he certainly wouldn’t have been shoving his tongue deep in her bumhole. But things had changed miraculously since then. Joe skewered her hot little brownie on his long wet tongue and began to bum-fuck her with the slick meat.

“EEEEEEE,” Judy screamed.

Her tiny hot asshole was just as horny as her cunt, and it didn’t take long at all for Joe to bring her to climax again with his swiftly jerking tongue. The violent orgasm left her gasping for breath. Only when she was finished did Joe pop his tongue out of her tight little asshole and raise his cream-drenched face from her crotch.

He was grinning lustily as he wiped her sticky cunt-juice from his face. Judy stared at him in love and gratitude. At last he’d become the lover of her dreams, but how and why? She just had to know what had made this amazing change in her formerly puritanical husband.

“Joe, that just blew my mind,” she sighed. “But, honey, you’re so different tonight. What happened?”

Joe stopped grinning and looked deadly serious. “Judy,” he said, “I’ve been a damned fool. My parents told me sex was dirty and evil, and I just went right on believing them, never thinking for myself. But this last month, when we couldn’t make love, I had time to think. I knew our sex life was boring as hell and that I was losing you because of it.”

Judy reddened. Could he possibly have found out about those other men?

“Losing me?” she said. “How did you know?”

“You stopped trying to get me to fuck you,” Joe said. “I knew you weren’t interested any more. And then the other night, when you tried to suck my cock and I wouldn’t let you. Well, after you left, I could have kicked myself. That really did it. I thought, why in hell should we be missing out on all that fun?”

Judy giggled and said, “You’re so right, my darling. Why should we miss out on anything? It’s nobody’s business but ours what we do in bed.”

“I always wanted to go down on you,” Joe confessed.

“And I always wanted to go down on you,” Judy laughed. “In fact I think I’ll do that right now.”

Joe blushed hotly — he wasn’t completely liberated yet. But he didn’t protest as Judy playfully pushed him onto his back and dived for his erect bubbling prick. With a hungry moan she took the hot silky cock-meat all the way into her mouth and started sucking loudly on it.

“Aw, Jesus, YES,” Joe yelped.

Judy’s saliva pooled heavily around his dick as she ate him. She’d waited years for this moment when Joe would finally allow her to suck and lick endlessly on his handsome tasty cock. She took the big fat head of his prick right into her throat, sucking him in till his furry swollen balls rubbed her chin. Then she sucked his cock like she was starved for it, fast and hard and loud.

“Judy, that’s fantastic,” Joe whined. “Jesus, yes, baby, suck my dick. I’ve wanted you to do that for so long.”

Judy sucked her cheeks in as tight as she could around his delicious hard cock-meat, and she lashed the stiff stalk with her greedy little tongue. As she sucked ever faster and harder on his silky prick, Joe’s delicious cock-juice dripped onto her tongue. The noise of her sucking got lewdly loud and wet, but it only excited Judy and Joe more.

“Yeah, suck my cock, baby,” Joe panted.

“Don’t stop, I love it.”

Judy looked up and saw that her husband’s handsome face was twisted in a horny grin, his teeth flashing. His eyes rolled crazily, and his face was flushed pink with arousal. Mischievously she reached out and cupped his swollen nut sacs, giving them a steady massage while she sucked his cock. Joe yelped with delight.

“You crazy little bitch,” he moaned, “fantastic.”

Judy would have giggled delightedly if her mouth hadn’t been stuffed full of tasty cock. She sucked as fast and hard as she could on Joe’s thick stiff dick, and he began pumping his hips helplessly, thrusting his big hard cock-head right down her throat. Judy didn’t mind a bit. She wanted all the delicious cock she could get.

Her fiery-red head bobbed furiously up and down over Joe’s belly as she blew him. It was getting her so excited that her little cunt was gushing a steady stream of hot sticky juice. Joe was just as aroused, panting and snorting and moaning with pleasure as her tight hot mouth worked his achingly swollen meat.

But finally he gasped, “Honey, that’s enough. I don’t wanta come yet.”

Judy reluctantly let his wet stiff cock slip from her mouth. “I wanted to eat your come,” she pouted.

Joe laughed and said, “Another time, honey. I’d really dig that, but tonight I wanta use this cock-stand for something even better.”

He pushed her onto her back and started to scramble between her legs, but Judy held him off.

“Joe,” she said with a wicked grin, “as long as we’re trying all this new stuff, why don’t we ball in a new position?”

Joe grinned and said, “You’re absolutely right, honey. You choose the way we’ll do it.”

Judy eagerly rolled over onto her hands and knees and stuck her pert little ass up in the air. Joe knelt behind her and seized her curvy little hips.

“So you want it dog-style?” he laughed. “Well, lady, that’s what you’ll get.”

“OHHHHH,” Judy gasped.

Joe had shoved his long thick cock all the way into her juicy little cunt in one hard thrust. She took it joyfully, thrusting her little butt up to meet his plunging cock, creaming hugely around it. This was the final test of their new love-making. Would Joe last long enough to bring her off?

Fifteen minutes later she was wondering if he’d ever quit. Not only had he learned every kind of delicious foreplay, but he’d learned to hold out, to fuck her till she thought she couldn’t come any more. Judy knew she’d never need another man again. Joe had pleased her so much, she decided to give him a very special reward.

“Joe, darling,” she panted, “put your cock in my ass.”

“Did I hear you right?” Joe exclaimed. “Yes, yes, hurry,” Judy moaned.

“You’re sure I won’t hurt you?” Joe said.

“Joe Prentiss,” Judy panted, “I want your cock in my ass, and I want it NOW.”

“Yes, ma’am,” he chuckled.

He whipped his cream-soaked dick out of her cunt and quickly worked the slippery pole right up her tight little asshole. Judy squealed with pleasure. With other men it had hurt to do it that way, but Joe belonged there, and she loved the feel of his thick hard cock thrusting deep into her bowels.

“Judy, you rascal,” Joe panted, “you’re so fuckin’ tight in here. I’m gonna come.”

“Do it, darling,” Judy sighed. “I want to feel you come in my ass.”

She didn’t have long to wait, only a split second. Joe yelped and pumped her tight little asshole full of steamy thick come. Judy came right along with him, screeching with pleasure. At last they rolled apart and then lay panting and satisfied in each other’s arms.

“Honey,” Joe said, “Just one thing is worrying me. Are you going to miss working at the club? I mean all that money and excitement, all those men admiring you?”

“Darling,” Judy interrupted with a happy sigh, “who needs it?”

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Secretary In Bondage

How many of us live through the pressure of monotonous workday, wondering when it will all end? How many hide their secret torments in fear of society’s response? Everyone has dreams of times to come that will bring success, wealth, and the possibility of eternal happiness.

When Elaine Thomas is just on the verge of seeing her dreams come true, all is shattered and broken in an emotional trauma she had own considered. She thought she had arrived at the end of the rainbow only to find a flood where the water ran wild and deep and no life boat was in sight.

Just as Elaine feels all hope is lost forever, the SECRETARY IN BONDAGE finds the truth and happiness we all seek.


“Give it to me, Harry!” the woman cried, as the giant cock went into her waiting red-furred pussy with a squishing sound. The edge of the desk bit into her ass cheeks as she rolled her hips around the advancing prick. “Oh God, let me feel you cram that big prick clear up to my tonsils!”

Harry smiled down at his secretary who was lying on his desk in front of him with her skirt up around her hips. Her long, pale legs were spread wide to open her cunt for his rigid, ready spear of cock. She smiled. The light of lust was shining brightly from her clear green eyes. She was propped on her elbows so that she could look at her employer as he fucked her. The front of her blouse was open, and two pointed, scarlet-tipped tits peeked out.

The big man put his hands on her thighs. “It’s a good thing my office is soundproofed, Elaine,” he chuckled. “Otherwise you’d disturb the rest of my staff when I do… this!” Half of his magnificent eight-inch prick was already embedded in his secretary’s pussy. Now he drove the remaining four inches into her cunt with a single brutal thrust!

“Aiiiiiyaaah!” Elaine screamed, throwing back her head as her pussy was filled with the plunging cock. “Yes, I love it! Fuck me, Harry — fuck me!”

She was in heaven. She couldn’t imagine anything better than to feel her boss’ gigantic prick ramming its way into her cunt like a runaway locomotive. The way his thick cock stretched the walls of her pussy made her muscles tense with delight. The feel of the rock-hard prick sliding over her swollen cunt was simply indescribable!

She shook back her glorious red hair. Her tits seemed to inflate with the passion surging through her body. Her nipples were tautly erect and straining with desire. Her pussy trickled savory sauces around the shaft of Harry’s cock as he stirred his prick slowly in her cunt.

The aroma of hot, wet pussy filled the oak-paneled office. The woman looked around the room, seeing the shelves of heavy legal volumes, the framed diplomas, and the pictures commemorating hard-fought courtroom battles, as if for the first time. There was something special about fucking in her boss’ office. The place was so austere, so conservative.

It was almost like fucking in church!

Her boss started to pull his cock out of her steaming cunt. Her breath hissed through her teeth. The upper surface of the man’s mighty cock was rasping over the tip of her cunt like a file!

Surges of pure joy stabbed Elaine’s pussy. She wagged her hips from side to side, loving the feel of the big cock sliding around inside her cunt. Pussy juices sloshed from her cock-gorged cunt and ran down her ass to stain the desk top.

Harry shook his gleaming black hair out of his eyes. Sweat stood out on his forehead. He longed to wipe his face, but it was as if some magnetic force held his hands to the firm, soft flesh of his loving secretary’s thighs. His fingers tightened, digging deep furrows in the milky skin.

He watched his prick reappear from the depths of Elaine’s cunt. The lips of her pussy clung to his cock, unwilling to let go of the log-like prick between them. He sighed as her cunt lips caressed his cock, leaving shiny tails of cunt grease on his retreating prick.

His cock emerged from her wet cunt until only the cone-shaped cock head remained trapped by the rubbery twat lips. For a moment Harry stood, savoring the feel of oily cunt on the head of his prick. Then he drove his hips forward and rammed his prick balls-deep into the secretary’s needy cunt.

“Ahhhhh!” Elaine’s back arched as she ground her pussy hard on Harry’s cock. Her pussy lips crushed the black, tangled hair of his crotch as she tried to force still more of his massive cock into her cunt. The head of his prick pulsated within her pussy. It seemed halfway to her tonsils. Every beat of the man’s racing heart made his prick swell inside Elaine’s pussy. She felt as if she would explode from sheer delight.

She was the luckiest secretary in the city. Her boss was Harry Windsor, bright young star of the legal profession: brilliant, successful — and hung like a race horse. She was head-over-heels in love with him, and she knew he loved her just as much.

In fact, they were to be “married” soon. They hadn’t set a date as yet, but she knew they couldn’t wait much longer. “As soon as I have time to do it up right,” he told her, “when I can take time off from work to give you the honeymoon you deserve, sweetheart, well do it.”

In the meantime, Elaine had to make do with fucking her horny, handsome boss whenever and wherever circumstances permitted. But there was certainly nothing wrong with that!

She remembered the first time she’d met Harold R. Windsor, attorney-at-law. She was twenty-two years old, fresh out of the paralegal-training program at the local university. She was also a virgin, incredibly enough!

Ever since she was thirteen years old, Elaine Thomas had been turning men’s heads. In early adolescence, she’d been gawky and coltish, all long legs and bright-red ponytails. But then, seemingly overnight, her young tits had blossomed, her hips had filled out, and her legs had changed from stilts to voluptuous columns. She was a tall, lean, lovely young lady with a flaming red thatch over her ripe cunt-mound to match the hair on her head.

But she’d never had a hand laid on her!

By rights she should have been fighting off horny adolescents all through high school and college. But it simply hadn’t turned out that way. Maybe it was her total sexual innocence that shone like a beacon from her luminous sea-green eyes. Or maybe it was that she was so spectacularly beautiful that everyone thought of her as untouchable, like some kind of ancient fertility goddess. She’d dated infrequently, and when she had, her male escorts had, without exception, been complete gentlemen — even the ones with a reputation for stopping at nothing short of rape!

The amazing thing was, she wasn’t at all uptight, just naive.

Nothing in her short, happy life had prepared Elaine for what happened the first time she set eyes on Harry Windsor. He was tall, tan, and athletic, almost Latin looking with his thick black hair and flashing smile — except for his eyes, which were stunningly blue.

His senior partner’s secretary, Madge, a pudgy but attractive brunette, had shown Elaine into Harry’s office. “Hello,” he said warmly, rising from behind his vast desk to grasp Elaine’s hesitant hand. “I understand you’re looking for a job. My name is Harold Windsor. I’m very pleased to meet you, Miss…?”

Elaine looked at his smiling face, gazed deep into his blue, blue eyes and was lost. “Thomas,” she managed to choke out. “E-Elaine Thomas. My pleasure, Mr. Windsor, S-Sir.”

“Call me Harry,” he grinned. “Thank you, Madge.”

Then they’d been alone together. He showed her to a chair and sat down across from her. Numbly, she filled out her application form. She couldn’t seem to take her eyes off Harry. He was beautiful!

He seemed all but oblivious to her existence as a woman. He’d been impressed by her credentials, and despite the fact that she was just out of school, he had given her a job at an astounding figure that had made her feel weak at the knees.

From then on it had been strictly business. To her surprise, Elaine had done well from the very first day at work. She’d moved up until she was Harry Windsor’s personal secretary. She’d also fallen head-over-heels for her dashing, eligible young boss.

Then one day they had had to work late on a difficult case. He had casually asked Elaine to dinner and taken her to the most expensive restaurant in town. She was never sure afterward what they had talked about at dinner. She only recalled that Harry had been incredibly witty and charming, and had made her feel completely at ease despite the fact that she had never been any place as elegant in her life.

They finished dinner, and Harry drove them back to the office in his Maserati. To Elaine’s disappointment, her debonair young escort had changed, as if by magic, back into her considerate, but fully business-like, employer.

Then, two hours later, she came in to lay a thick file of research notes on his desk. Without looking up, he had reached for them and gotten hold of her tit by accident.

Elaine blushed furiously, but her nipple hardened instantly. Her boss started to withdraw his hand, murmuring a heartfelt apology.

Quick as a flash, she grabbed his hand and crushed it against her tit. Her nipple drilled into his palm through blouse and bra alike. He looked up at her — surprise on his face.

She leaned down and kissed him on the lips. His other hand went around her, and he gathered her into his arms. His tongue probed her hot and willing mouth as he massaged the full, firm fruit of her tit. Her arms slid around his shoulders as she sat on his lap. And then she felt his steel-hard cock poking into her ass!

She’d never felt a cock before, erect or otherwise, but her response was immediate. At once the air was thick with a heavy, intoxicating. perfume as her virgin cunt began to moisten with desire. Harry smelled it too; his nostrils flared, and his eyes widened as his tongue twined with hers.

Hesitantly she reached beneath her to squeeze the giant bulge with her hand. A thrill of anticipation ran through her body. Her boss’ cock was big, and hard, and ready for her eager virgin pussy!

Harry’s hand crushed her tit. His other hand moved sensuously down her side. Elaine sucked in a breath around her mouthful of Harry’s tongue. Then his hand closed over the bulge of her pussy.

She felt the wetness begin to flow from her pussy. Her panties were sticking to the slit of her cunt. Then she felt Harry’s hand on her thigh. His touch was warm. Slowly, the hand made its way up inside her skirt.

She was scared and excited. Her tongue moved eagerly with his. Then a finger touched the moist, panty-covered mouth of her pussy. Delight shot up her pussy. Her tit seemed to swell under Harry’s fondling hand.

Then a finger was inside the leg of her panties, stoking the lips of her cunt. “Uhhhmmmm,” she moaned. Harry’s tongue scoured the inside of her mouth.

Elaine breathed in short excited gasps. His finger slipped between the fragile lips of her cunt.

“Uhhhh!” She inhaled with spastic gasps. The feeling, as his finger invaded her pussy, was indescribably delicious!

Her fingers clawed at his broad back. Before she knew it, Harry had slipped her panties from around her hips. His clothes felt rough on the bared cheeks of her ass.

She brought her legs up so that Harry could pull her panties the rest of the way off. At the same time, she fumbled at her boss’ fly. The prick within bucked and jumped beneath her fingers.

Suddenly Harry’s fly was open. His cock shot into the open air. Elaine rolled her eyes down to look at it. She gasped.

His cock was absolutely enormous!

Her body was filled with hunger to have that gigantic cock crammed all the way up her pussy.

At the same time, she felt a little apprehension.

She had never realized men’s cocks grew that large.

Could it really fit into her virgin pussy? There was only one way to find out!

For a moment she tore her mouth away from Harry’s. “Be gentle,” she murmured. Then she locked her lips to his again as she raised herself over the spire of his prick.

The tip of his cock grazed her bare ass. Then it slipped into the furrow between her butt cheeks. It prodded for a moment at her asshole. For a second Elaine feared he would try to stick his cock up her ass. Then the cock head moved, and the tip fit into the opening of her pussy.

She gasped as his cock slid into her pussy. Her cunt lips were wedged apart, and the prick was forging into her virgin cunt tunnel. For a moment, the progress of his cock was halted as the cock-tip came up against her cherry. Harry pushed upward. A mash of anguish escaped his secretary’s lips as pain shot through her pussy.

Then, fierce pain made the red-headed virgin cry out; her voice was muffled by her boss’ mouth and probing tongue. Then Harry’s cock surged into her waiting cunt.

The sensation of having her pussy walls stretched for the first time, the friction of his prick on her inflated cunt, drove her half out of her mind. To her, the cock felt endless in her cunt. Then, it seemed the throbbing cock head was halfway to her tonsils. Elaine felt the hair around the base of Harry’s prick against the smooth skin of her ass. An instant later she was sitting sideways on her boss’ lap, his cock embedded full length in her free-flowing, sweet-smelling pussy.

“Wow!” she breathed, stroking Harry’s face.

He smiled. He kneaded her heavy, sensitive tits. His other hand was inside her skirt, cupping her naked ass.

Then they fucked. The pain from her torn cherry was quickly overcome by the surging pleasure of Harry’s titanic cock plunging in and out of her cunt. He slipped his hand into her blouse and bra, and began to squeeze and roll her nipple between his strong fingers. She sobbed with passion and clung to him.

Slowly she learned the up-and-down rhythm of fucking his massive spear of cock. His prick pumping into her pussy was loud in her ears. The smell of her pussy was strong in her nostrils. Harry’s breath was hot on her throat as he licked her neck and face with horny abandon.

The big cock hurt her delicate pussy. Sometimes it seemed her cunt was too small to hold the oversized prick pistoning in and out of her pussy. But the feeling of fullness that Harry’s cock made her feel was ecstasy, far better than anything Elaine had ever felt before. The slight discomfort from the incredible size of his cock, was far outweighed by the delight she felt when he fucked her cunt!

Elaine’s passion soared to unimagined heights. She caressed the back of Harry’s head as he tore open her blouse to place his mouth like a suction cup over her nipple. As he sucked the end of one pale tit into his mouth, Elaine felt a tremor in the walls of her pussy which were still stretched taut around the shaft of her boss’ prick.

And then her cunt exploded. “Ahhhhhh!” she cried, in shock. “Wh-what’s happening? I-I must be — COMMMMMiinngggg!”

She was. The abrupt contraction of her spasmodic pussy sucked a blast of jism from Harry’s deeply-driven cock. He bit down on the mouthful of succulent tit flesh — not hard enough to cause her pain — just enough to send delightful new sensations flooding into her cunt, setting off a fresh series of orgasmic contractions inside her cunt.

He moved his prick noisily in and out of his secretary’s climaxing pussy. Come leaked from the wide-open lips of Elaine’s pussy, to moisten her boss’ black crotch fur and the fiery-red bush that covered her pussy. In her frenzy of orgasm, she fucked so hard that droplets of come and cunt juice flew from her pussy, spattering her ass and Harry’s fly. He bit at the skin of her tit, driving her crazy with pleasure.

When their orgasms had died away into a warm glow, Elaine let her body slump against Harry’s. She could feel his mighty cock shrink within her cunt she sighed.

She knew then that she’d found the man she loved.

Now she lay on her back on Harry’s desk, legs spread, skirt up around her hips, big tits bared. Harry fucked his huge cock in and out of her ready cunt like a stallion in rut. Sweat beaded on his forehead, and he smiled lewdly down at her. She was so happy she could barely stand it!

“Give it to me!” she cried again. She put her head back so that her fantastic hair fell like a torrent of fire to the polished oak desktop. She let one hand take all her weight the other came up to fondle her tits. Her nipple was small and hard and pointed between her fingers.

Harry gripped her nude thighs. He shifted his hips from side to side as he pumped his cock in and out of her pussy. The red hair that fringed her pink pussy lips was stained dark with aromatic cunt sauces. The same pussy oils coated his big purple prick. They gleamed in the light.

Harry watched in fascination as his loving secretary’s cunt swallowed the pole of his cock. Her pussy lips seemed stretched almost to the point of being torn apart by his mammoth shaft of prick forging between them. He could feel her body drumming with excitement, and he knew from the way she rolled her ass around on his desk that she was hungry for every inch of that enormous prick — and more!

“Ahhhhhh!” Elaine exclaimed.

The tension was growing in her half-naked young body. She could no longer stand having Harry’s big prick jamming her cunt. She had to come!

Her back arched. Her skirt rolled higher on her hips, baring sharp hipbones. She squeezed her naked cunt until it hurt. The pain whetted her lust. She sucked in her trim belly, tightening the walls of her pussy around the stalk of Harry’s withdrawing prick.

“Gaaaaaah!” choked Harry. His cock pulsed, and Elaine felt jism shoot into her cunt tunnel. The first blast of come spattered the entire length of her pussy; the second load filled her cunt channel as his prick rocketed back into her pussy.

The cock head speared deep into her pussy. Harry’s crotch slammed against Elaine’s cunt. His prick throbbed a third time as it fired more sperm into her already-filled cunt. Jism bubbled from the distended lips of her pussy and ran down the cheeks of her ass.

It was too much Elaine opened her mouth, but no sound came out. A giant fist seemed to grip and squeeze her body.

She came. Her pussy tightened, yanking another charge of jism from her boss’ cock. With his hands braced against her widespread thighs, Harry tried to drag his prick free of her clinging coming cunt. The walls of Elaine’s pussy seemed to clutch his cock, tying to prevent the delightful prick from leaving her needy cunt.

His cock slid from her pussy, spitting cum. It came out until only the reddish cock head remained in the secretary’s twat — then Harry hammered it home again! They sighed with total satisfaction as his cock went balls-deep in her pussy and spat another wad of come.

Finally, Harry’s balls had spent their load of come. Elaine’s pussy still pulsated around his cock, and his prick kept vibrating for a few seconds inside her cunt. Then his cock began to go limp. “I love you,” the redhead breathed.


Holding a slender finger to her lips, flame tiptoed past the secretaries in the front office of the law firm. They looked up from their typewriters as she went by. It seemed to the redhead that they kept watching her after she passed.

Let them, she thought. They’re just jealous! The door of Harry Windsor’s office was closed. Just outside, Madge sat typing up a legal brief. She looked up when Elaine came in. A startled look crossed her face.

“Shhh.” Elaine said. “It’s a surprise.”

Madge looked at her for a moment. She opened her mouth is if to speak. Then she rose and walked unsteadily out, her heavy tits jiggling.

What’s wrong with her? Elaine wondered. She was good friends with the plump brunette, but the last few days Madge had been acting peculiarly. It had started just after Harry said something about his sister moving back to town.

Maybe Madge didn’t like Harry’s sister. Elaine shrugged. She had other things on her mind — things like an afternoon of torrid fucking!

She’d had an appointment with the dentist that afternoon, so Harry had given her the afternoon off. His sister might be dropping by to look at his office, he’d said. Elaine made a face at the thought of poor Harry with nothing better to do than show some old-maid sister around the office.

He’d certainly be delighted to see his secretary.

Elaine noticed that Madge had closed the door after her. Good. That would mean they’d have more privacy in the inner office. It wasn’t really that vital — Harry’s inner sanctum was heavily soundproofed. But as high as her voice soared in the throes of ecstasy, as her lover’s giant cock pumped her pussy full of come after come, every bit of soundproofing counted.

On a sudden inspiration she lifted her short yellow skirt and rolled her panties off her white, firm ass cheeks. She slipped the underwear down her legs and over her high-laced sandals, then stepped out of them. Next she unbuttoned her blouse so that her big, bra-less tits were in immediate danger of spilling out. Then, fully prepared, she quietly turned the knob and opened the door, and heard a woman’s voice crying: “Eat me! Oh, Harry, gobble my pussy all up!”

Elaine froze. Her pulse pounded in her ears. Could it be true? Her stomach turned over in horror; she peered cautiously into the office.

Harry Windsor was kneeling on the thick plush carpet before his desk. He was wearing a white shirt, and the end of his tie was thrown carelessly over one shoulder. His back was to Elaine, but she could see he wasn’t wearing anything else.

On the huge oaken desk lay a woman with luxurious cornflower hair spilling around her head. She smiled lasciviously. Huge alabaster tits jutted from her chest, and her pale thighs were widely parted to allow Elaine’s employer to lap hungrily at her flaxen-furred pussy.

Emotions warred in Elaine’s mind. Her first impulse was to rush in and tear the hair out of that pale-skinned slut’s lovely head. Then she felt an overwhelming desire to turn away, shut the door, and go home and kill herself. Her world was crashing down in ruins about her.

Harry slurped noisily at the blonde’s cunt. She emitted a wailing moan of pleasure. She tousled the lawyers jet-black hair. Her other hand went to a swelling tit.

Elaine felt jealousy and resentment. Her tits — now bared somewhat forlornly as a “surprise” for her boss — were big enough to make other women envy her; they were firm and conical, and she thought they were too pointed. The blonde’s tits were sculptured as though set in a mold, big, perfect mounds of softly rounded tit-flesh. Elaine wished her tits looked like that!

The blonde’s tits were now getting a very thorough workout from her own fingers. She pushed a nipple deeply into the cushion of a large tit. Then she let it spring forth like a pink finger. Her scarlet painted nails toyed with the erect nipple. The darker pink circle against the white-pink of her tits seemed to grow on the summit of her tit.

Harry had moved his head away from the blonde’s gaping pussy. A whiff of scent from the chipping cunt reached Elaine’s nose. She bit her lip at the musky, erotic odor of the other woman’s aroused pussy.

Blunt thumbs held the outer lips of the blonde’s cunt far apart. Now Harry stuck his tongue far out. His tongue stiffened in imitation of the massive cock jutting from below the hem of his shirt. He began to tongue her pussy, tasting the pink cunt flesh and the juices that spilled from the hole of her pussy.

“Yesssssss,” the blonde sighed. “Oh, Harry, you sure know how to suck a girl’s pussy!”

Harry pulled her cunt mound farther open and jabbed with his tongue at her clit, which was sticking out like a pink button from the sea of pussy flesh at the upper end of her cunt slash. “Ah!” squealed the blonde, grabbing his head. Her back arched, her flawless ass-cheeks flattening on the unyielding desk top. Yesterday Harry was fucking me on that desk top, Elaine thought bitterly.

It was clearly costing the blonde a fantastic effort not to crush her pussy against Harry’s greedy face. Instead, she rolled her hips in a tight circle. Harry pressed her swollen clit with the tip of his tongue. The circular motion drove the woman wild!

“Oooooooooh!” hissed the blonde. “G-God, lover boy — I can b-barely take it!”

Harry stuck a thumb in her dripping cunt hole and raised his head. “Why take it?” he asked huskily. “GO ahead and come, baby. There’s plenty more where this came from!”

“Oh goody!” the blonde cried. She pulled his face back into her waiting cunt. Elaine watched her magnificent body tense as his cock-imitating tongue fucked deeply into her pussy.

Harry’s tongue swirled powerfully inside the brimming cauldron of the blonde woman’s pussy. She round her cunt against his face. His upper teeth, scarcely, cushioned by his taut lip, crushed her clitoris with savage force.

Ecstasy knifed into her pussy. “You’re about to do it, big stud,” the blonde groaned. “My cunt’s about to explode. Make me come, lover boy!”

Harry pulled his tongue from her oozing cunt. Her pussy lips dug urgently to it as it withdrew. Then he fastened his mouth on her inflated clit and sucked with all his might.

“YeeeAAAIIIII!” shrieked the blonde. Her ass came off the desk top and banged into Harry’s face. Her cunt lips opened to enfold his sharp chin. Foaming cunt juice dripped onto his shirt and the flaring head of his cock.

The blonde’s body thrashed from side to side as he came. Her cries deafened Elaine. She thought about how glad she had been that her beloved’s office was soundproofed. What a brutal irony!

The glorious woman’s tits seemed to balloon. Her nipples looked like cherries on huge scoops of vanilla ice cream. Her eyes were tightly shut, and her hair flew as orgasm after orgasm shook her with frenetic throbs.

Harry felt her pussy lips crawl around on his chin. His cock was pumped full of hot rushing blood. The taste and feel of her climaxing pussy had him so horny he was about to shoot his come all over her ass and the side of his expensive desk!

Cunt juice ran like lava over his hands. His thumbs poked in and out of the pulsating cunt. She howled. Her ass bounced rhythmically on the desk top.

Slowly the fire storm of climax died away within the blonde’s cunt. Harry kept sucking her clit until she moaned and pushed him away. “It hurts,” she gasped. “But it hurts so good! Oh, the way you make my pussy feel!”

Harry leered up at her. His mouth and chin were smeared with the shiny sauces of her pussy. “If you think that made your cunt feel fine,” he said, hungrily eyeing the pink gash of her cunt and the matted pussy fur that surrounded it, “then wait until I get my cock stuffed up your sweet little pussy!”

Elaine felt his words stab her like a knife. That treacherous, double-timing bastard! Yet her anger at him we nothing compared to her fear of losing him. He’d done her wrong, but she loved him still!

Harry got to his feet his cock bobbed eagerly. The blonde moaned with lust and rolled over on her stomach. “From behind, big boy,” she said urgently. “Stuff it up my pussy from behind. I love to feel my tits being squashed on your desk!”

“Perverted bitch,” said Harry, laughing. Her ass-cheeks were two moon-white mounds contrasting with the dark surface of the desk. Her long pale legs, kicked at the air. The pale-gold pussy fur between her thighs flashed provocatively.

The desk was at a slight angle to the door. Elaine could see her boss’ hard cock jutting from his crotch. She could see, as well the pink slash of the blonde’s pussy peeking through her pubic fur. Then the blonde moved her legs wider apart. Her pussy opened like a flower unfolding. A fat drop of cunt honey glittered in the entryway of her twat.

Harry was busily unbuttoning his shirt. He tore it off and threw it into a corner. Beneath it, he was as trim and muscled as an athlete. Despite her anger, Elaine felt a surge of horniness at the sight of her employer standing there, stark naked, with his cock thrusting proudly from his crotch.

The blonde wagged her ass demandingly. “What are you waiting for?” she asked. “Ram that cock into me!”

Harry’s response was, to grab his cock with one hand as the other grabbed a bare buttock. He bent his hard prick down until the heady was pointed right at the wet, yellow-furred pussy. He brought the prick closer until the tip of his cock head was just touching the slack lips of her cunt.

He put the very end of his big prick between the outer pussy lips. The blonde rolled her ass. Harry stirred his huge cock inside the portal of her pussy.

“God!” she cried. “Stop teasing me. Let me feel you fuck that great big cock clear to my tonsils. Hurry and fuck my hungry cunt!”

Her ass jumped into the air as she tried to impale her pussy on the hard rod of Harry’s cock. Gamely, Harry stepped back.

The blonde was practically sobbing with desire. A fresh stream of cunt juice ran from her pussy lips to stain the side of the desk. “Don’t make me wait for it!” she begged. “Please hurry and fuck me! I’m about to die from horniness!”

“What do you want me to do?” Harry asked. He held his cock still within her pussy lips.

The blonde could feel his cock pulsing on the inside of her cunt flaps. His prick was making her pussy crawl with desire. “Fuck me!” she screamed.

“With what?”

“With your cock! With your great big cock!”

“Ask politely.”

“Jesus fucking Christ!” the blonde yelled. “Pretty please with sugar on it — will you, for Christ sake, fuck your prick up my pussy before I pass out?”

“Certainly,” the lawyer said, driving his cock home in the dripping cunt.

The breath rushed from the blonde’s naked body in a great howl of joy. “Yesssssss!” she screamed. “Uhhhh God, your balls slapped into my pussy so hard! Fuck me, fuck me — fuck me!”

Harry did. His prick came barreling out of her pussy with a noise like someone drinking through a straw. His cock dripped cunt juice. Then he fucked back into her golden-hair cunt.

Elaine watched in amazement. She knew very well what it felt like to have her cunt on the receiving end of that kind of an onslaught, but she’d never known how truly brutal such a fucking looked — until now.

She felt a crawly sensation at her crotch. She put a hand on her thigh and ran it up under her dress to touch the mouth of her bare pussy. Her fingers came away wet and full of the odor of hot cunt. She was getting turned on!

The knowledge that her pussy was wet appalled her almost as much as what was going on in her lover’s office. To have to watch her own true love fuck his mighty, meaty cock in and out of some blonde girl’s cunt — and a young girl at that, to judge from the slimness of her build — was bad enough, but to have her own pussy respond to the sight of him fucking the wanton blonde slut from behind was too much! It was perverted — voyeuristic.

But it was undeniably what was happening!

A squelching sound told Elaine her boss had fucked his cock into the blonde’s pussy with unusual force. She glanced up. The power of his forward stroke had raised her ass high in the air. As Elaine watched, the man yanked his cock out of the soggy cunt and the blonde’s hipbones banged on the top of the desk.

As tough a wave were passing over the length of her gleaming body, the blonde’s shoulders came up, and her hair tossed. Elaine caught a glimpse of big, up-tilted tits jiggling frantically, then they were crushed against the desk again.

Small hands drummed on the polished wood. “Oh God, oh God!” cried the blonde as Harry drove his prick furiously back into her pussy in a welter of pussy oils. “It’s so good! Cram my pussy full of cock meat! Fuck me, oh fuck me!”

Elaine’s hand drifted upward to touch hesitantly the point of one exposed tit. The nipple seemed to thrum to the touch. She gasped, and instantly feared the wildly fucking pair had overheard. She needn’t have worried. The only thing the two were aware of was the erotic excitement in the delightful friction of his giant steel-hard cock ramrodding her pink, pale-furred pussy!

One of Elaine’s fingers wormed into her pussy. Hot cunt juice streamed out over her knuckle. “No,” she moaned softly. “Oh, it’s wrong!”

Her body disagreed. Her tits swelled with lust. Her pussy sucked at her finger like an eager mouth sucking a rigid cock. The spectacle of her lover feeding his tremendous cock into that luscious blonde-haired pussy was making her horny as hell!

The blonde squirmed on the desk top as if it had turned red hot. The polished wood thrilled her blood-engorged nipples. Her bare skin rubbed squeakily over the desk as Harry fucked her vigorously.

The matched half-moons of her as pumped rhythmically up and down as Harry Windsor’s titanic cock went into her pussy. She felt cunt juice running from her cunt slit into her pussy fur and evaporating on her thighs. The edge of the table cut the fronts of her flawless legs, but all she really cared about was the erotic totality of sensation. The cool air over her naked ass, her cheek rubbing the desk top, her tits squashed deliciously against her ribs — and most of all, Harry’s eight-inch prick reaming her cunt from behind!

Harry’s fingers made deep furrows in the succulent flesh of her ass. He was having a hard time keeping his hold on the bucking-fucking beauty. And indeed, he was fucking her so rapidly and with such long strokes that, every time he pulled back, his cock was dangerously close to popping right out of her slippery, well-oiled cunt!

Squish-squish-squish went Elaine’s fingers in her scarlet-furred cunt. Her two fingers were covered with her own pussy oils. She rolled a taut nipple between lust-fevered fingers.

Soon two fingers were not enough. She needed more in her cunt! She couldn’t have Harry’s horse-sized cock — the filthy blonde-haired bitch had that delight all to herself — but Elaine did have more fingers. She put another finger into her cunt, then another. The four fingers of her right hand filled her pussy and made her weak in the knees.

She could hear Harry’s harsh breathing, and the liquid sound of his cock fucking the blonde’s oil-filled cunt. She could hear the blonde sliding over the desk top. Louder than all the other sounds, however, was her own pulse hammering in her ears, and the squelching of her own fingers fucking her cunt.

Harry’s fingers slipped forward over the blonde’s exquisite ass until he could hook hit fingers around her hips. Then he began to pull her cunt onto his cock like a man rowing a boat. The ferocity of his cock-strokes lifted her sweaty body into the air with each thrust of his greedy cock.

“Oh! Ah! O!” wailed the blonde. “Do it to me! My pussy needs your cock — needs your come!”

“I — ugh! — I’m about to come, doll,” Harry grunted. “Get your sweet little pussy ready for a steaming load of jism!”

“Yes! Oh yes!”

Elaine could scarcely believe her ears. As loudly and vigorously as she cried out when Harry fucked her, she was never so crude as the blonde. The girl Harry was so enthusiastically fucking on top of his desk had a mouth like a longshoreman, but she did what she wanted!

And Elaine didn’t!

Of course, the fingers pumping in and out of her sopping cunt were making her grind her teeth with nearly unbearable pleasure, and her hand manipulating her tit and swollen nipple was driving her out of her mind, but that wasn’t really what the redhead wanted. What she wanted was a have Harry fucking his magnificent prick into her pussy — and her pussy alone!

Lust-maddened as she was, Elaine could see why Harry would want to fuck the blonde. She had a splendid, lovely young body. And there was something about her — something that exuded animal sexuality — just as Elaine reeked of innocence even when she was sucking her beloved’s huge prick and drinking down load after load of his steaming come.

“Yes! Fuck me hard! Spray your come into my pussy — I can’t wait any more!”

At her impassioned outcry, Harry’s prick spurted a fat wad of jism deep into her pussy. She shrieked with pleasure as the hot come coated her pussy channel. Then she shrieked again, more shrilly this time, as her climax twisted her pussy around the plunging cock!

Elaine could see from the tension in Harry’s powerful body, could hear in the blonde’s shrill voice, that they were coming together in a cataclysmic orgasm. And then Elaine’s pussy seemed to suck up her fingers, and red lights flashed behind her eyes as she came too.

Waves of orgasmic pleasure rippled in her. Her cunt juice dripped over her hand and down her leg. She played with her nipple lustfully.

Jism spewed into the blonde girl’s pussy and began to boil out around Harry’s pistoning cock. She rolled her cunt around the pulsating prick, feeling the added slipperiness of the come that filled her pussy. Her tits seemed about to burst; they were full from sheer joy.

Harry’s a body shook with the power of his orgasm. His cock was blasting off into that blonde-furred pussy like a naval gun. The girl’s pussy was rippling and churning around his cock stalk. She seemed to be milking his cock with her thirsty cunt!

Elaine sank to her knees. She began to rock back and forth, uncontrollably fucking her cunt on stiffened fingers. Her passion was soaring, and since she couldn’t have Harry’s cock to satisfy her needy pussy, she was making do with the best available substitute!

Harry’s balls pumped gallons of jism through his cock, and the blonde’s cunt drank it all down and begged for more. With her pussy walls playing like agile fingers along the length of his cock, he just couldn’t stop coming!

At last his prick fired the last drops of creamy white come into the depths of that golden-hair paradise of cunt. “Ah,” he sighed. “That was just one hell of a fine fuck, baby!”

“Mm,” the blonde replied, rolling her ass lazily in the air and stirring her pussy around the man’s deflating cock. “You sure know how to fuck a girl, Brother dear!”

Elaine screamed.


Harry jumped away from the desk. His limp prick shot from the oozing blonde-furred pussy. “Jesus Christ!” he yelled.

The blonde girl lay for a moment on her belly, as though savoring the mixture of cunt juice and come percolating in her pussy and dripping from the gash of her cunt. Then she rolled over and sat up, brushing back her gleaming yellow hair.

“Harry,” she said wonderingly, “Who’s that?”

Harry Windsor stood with his gooey cock dangling between his legs, glowering down at his miserable secretary. The afterglow of her own orgasm evaporated. She fished her fingers guiltily out of the morass of her cunt and waved them in the air to dry the pussy oils. “I-I’m sorry,” she said. Her bare tits heaved up and down. Cunt sauces dripped from her exposed pussy and soaked into the expensive carpet.

“What in the hell do you think you are doing?” Harry thundered. “You were supposed to have the afternoon off!”

Tears flowed down Elaine’s cheeks. She tugged ineffectually at the hem of her skirt, which stayed up around her waist, exposing her flaming-red bush of pussy fur. “B-but I thought I’d surprise you,” she blubbered.

“You did!” His face was contorted, purple, swollen, as if it were about to burst. Muscles stood out all over his body in tense anger.

Elaine’s shame and embarrassment began to be replaced by righteous anger. “I c-came here to surprise you, and I find you messing around behind my back,” she retorted. “Is-is she really your sister?”

The blonde pushed her ass off the desk top and stood up. With along, relaxed, stride, she walked to the door to stand before Elaine. The red-headed secretary looked up at her. The blonde’s tits seemed even larger at this range. The pale nipples were fat and hard.

“Yes, I am,” she said. The full reek of her sated cunt hit Elaine in the face. She rocked back on her heels. “And who might you be, fire-bush?”

“My secretary,” Harry said hoarsely. “Elaine.”

“Oh, yes, you’ve told me about her.” The blonde girl leaned forward to stroke Elaine’s cheek lightly with the back of her hand. “I’m very pleased to meet you — Miss Thomas, I’m Kathleen Windsor. I hope we become very good friends.”

“I doubt it!” Elaine snapped, before she recognized the irony in the lovely, naked girl’s voice.

Kathleen laughed. She brushed a lock of scarlet hair back from Elaine’s flushed face. “My brother has excellent taste,” she said. “You’re really quite a lovely little piece of ass — and not so little, either, such tasty-looking tits, proud and jutting like that with those delightful dark-red nipples — and your cunt bush, lovely color.” She looked over her shoulder at her brother. “But then Harry’s always had good taste in women. He fucked me first when I was eighteen. He was twenty at the time. Harry’s always been a fast mover.”

“I wasn’t exactly the one responsible for that,” Harry said dryly.

“No, in those days you were something of a prude. I had to catch him coming out of the tower, you see. Before he knew what was happening, I went to my knees and popped the head of his big cock right in my mouth. He came off in a second horny as a wild boar!”

Kathleen straightened and stepped back to look speculatively at her brother’s secretary. Elaine sat with her heels pressing into her ripe ass-cheeks and returned Kathleen’s clear-blue gaze uneasily. “Well, now that she’s here,” Kathleen said, “why don’t we do something with her?”

Harry had picked up his trousers from the floor and was unthreading the thick leather belt from the loops. “I intend to,” he said gruffly. “I’m going to teach the slut a lesson about sneaking into my offices and spying on me?”

“Harry!” Elaine cried in horror.

He pulled the belt the rest of the way out of the loops and swung it experimentally. It whined nastily through the air.

Frightened, Elaine tried to stand up. Kathleen caught her by the arm. The blonde was shorter than Elaine but despite her smaller build, she had a grip of iron.

“Now, don’t try going anywhere?” Kathleen said sweetly. “My brother wants to punish you. I don’t see anything wrong with a little voyeurism, but I like to do a little whipping from time to time, too!”

The blood ran cold in Elaine’s veins. Kathleen dragged her into the room. Elaine screamed and struck at the blonde, who laughed and warded off her blows effortlessly.

“What are you doing?” she shrieked. “How can you do this? Harry, stop this — we’re engaged, we’re going to be married!”

Kathleen had Elaine turned around and was pulling her wrists together behind her back. Kathleen’s tits flattened against the bare skin of the struggling secretary’s back. She looked up at her brother, brows raised.

“I told her we were going to tie the knot,” Harry explained. “It made her happier about fucking me. I don’t want her moping around feeling guilty — either as a piece of ass or as my secretary!”

Kathleen shrugged. Her nipples were very hard against Elaine’s back. The redhead could feel the soft flesh of the other woman’s tits pressing against her skin.

“That’s your business, Brother dear,” said Kathleen. “Why don’t you bring your tie so we can secure the little lady’s hands.”

Harry nodded, went to the crumpled heap of his shirt and pulled out his tie. Elaine stood watching him, emerald eyes wide, shoulders thrown back and tits protruding. Her crimson nipples were stiff with fear and the aftermath of her climax.

She could see Harry’s cock begin to stir with life again. The treacherous bastard, she thought. He’s getting turned on at the thought of whipping me with his belt! Once more she tried to break away. Kathleen held her firmly.

Kathleen turned Elaine so that Harry could tie her hands behind her. Elaine bit her lip, trying to jerk herself free. With a few deft turns, her wrists were secured by the tie.

Harry stepped back. Kathleen gave the captive a shove. Elaine staggered forward and went to her knees, tits bouncing wildly.

Kathleen licked her full red lips. “Hit her, Harry,” she exclaimed. The light of torture-lust gleamed in Kathleen’s eyes. “Whip her hard!”

The belt curved up from Harry’s aide like a striking snake. It landed heavily tight across Elaine’s tits. Blinding pain flashed into her naked tits.

“Aiiiiiii!” she keened. She fell over backwards, legs flying up in the air. Her tits throbbed with incredible pain.

Harry hungrily eyed the red thatch of cunt fur between his secretary’s flashing white thighs. He snapped the belt forward again. The tip of the thick leather strap bit the lips of Elaine’s cunt with cruel force.

“YeeeeeeYAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!” She twisted into the air. It felt as if her fragile pussy lips had been raked by some animal’s claws!

She fell back on the carpet with a muffled thump. Instantly she rolled over on her stomach and pressed her shapely legs tightly together, to protect her cunt and aching tits. “Stop!” she wailed tearfully. “Don’t hit me again! Harry — please!”

Harry laughed. The belt sang through the air. He jerked it back at the last moment so that the tip stung one snowy ass-cheek.

Elaine’s scream of agony mingled with an abandoned cry from her boss’ hot sister. Kathleen Windsor gazed at Elaine’s twitching bare ass, one mound of succulent ass-flesh glowing with the red mark of the belt. Slowly Kathleen moved her hands down her body. She cupped her heavy tits, feeling the hardness and excitement of her cherry-like nipples. Then her hands moved down again, over the gentle dome of her belly, until her fingers found the tangle of yellow hair at her pussy mound. Her finger-tips teased open the lips of her pussy, then she ran two fingers of each hand into the brimming well of her cunt. “God!” she moaned. “Hit her again!”

Harry obeyed. The belt whistled, cracking neatly on the other ass-cheek.

Elaine’s body bent backwards as she convulsed with vicious pain. “God!” she howled. “Stop!”

Elaine Thomas lay on her stomach, gasping for air. Writhing around on the office carpet had grazed her tits until they were painfully mat-burned. Her pussy lips still pulsed with pain, and her ass was ablaze with agony. To her anguished ears came the wet sloshing of Kathleen, plunging her fingers wantonly in and out of her aroused pussy.

She heard the belt. An instant later, the belt landed across the narrow crack of her ass with a sound like a pistol shot.

“Uh, I…” Elaine fought the urge to roll over on her back and spare her tortured ass-cheeks any more abuse. Much as her poor rump hurt from the beating it was getting anything was better than feeling the leather lash stinging her tits — or her soft, tender pussy!

Whack! Another red stripe appeared across the pale hillocks of the captive’s ass. Elaine cried out in a tortured, quivering voice.

The next blow of Harry’s strap landed not on her ass but on the top of a pale thigh.

“Ah!” yelped Elaine. A savage cut at her other thigh made her part her legs involuntarily.

The tightly shut cheeks of her ass came apart. Instantly Harry’s belt slashed down to strike the pink crevice between the spheres of the prisoner’s ass. The leather cut her tender ass-flesh and the tiny pucker of her asshole. It was like having a hot iron touched to her shit-chute. Elaine tried to scream, but the pain in her ass had driven all the air from her lungs. All she could do was grovel on the carpet and gasp like a beached fish.

The sound of Kathleen masturbating was like a rush of running water Elaine’s ears. She was horrified that the other woman was getting such incredible pleasure out of watching her be tortured and degraded. It seemed to make the pain of her flagellated ass that much worse!

She tried to close her ass-cheeks again, but before she could, Harry cracked the belt, like a whip, on her asshole, and the little aperture burst into incandescent agony. Elaine shrieked and jumped into the air.

She landed on her side. “N-no!” she choked. Tears gushed from her eyes. “No more! Oh, dear God, please no more! My ass, my poor ass hurts so much!”

With a violent motion Kathleen drove her fingers to the knuckle in her dripping pussy. She was standing with her legs apart and her hips cocked forward, opening her cunt for her deep-thrusting fingers. Cunt honey streamed down the insides of her silky thighs.

“Beat her some more, Harry!” Kathleen shrieked. “It makes me feel so good to watch her squirm!”

It made Harry feel good too. Elaine could tell that as she gazed up at him from the floor. His cock was hard again, sticking out from his crotch like a lance. The giant spear of his cock seemed to vibrate with lust.

The whip reached out and curled around Elaine’s tits. She cried out in desperate agony as the leather crushed her nipples into her tits. Once more she tried to turn onto her stomach and let her whipped ass bear the brunt of the sadistic punishment.

This time Harry reached down and grabbed her by the shoulder. Her ass pounded with pain as he threw her onto her back.

“Oh,” she groaned. “Let me alone!”

Instead of letting his secretary alone, Harry threw a leg over her supine body and sat down astride her. She cringed as his hairy ass touched the tips of her agonized tits. She squealed in pain as his weight came down, crushing her tits.

She could feel the heat from his raging cock near her face. Dizzy from the beating he’d given her, she was unable to focus her eyes on the burning cockhead bobbing a few inches from her nose. She could smell the rank sauces of his sister’s cunt, drying in a thick film on his massive prick.

He took hold of his cock and brought it down so that its tip grazed her nose. His other hand, still holding his belt by the buckle, went behind her head and drew it forward. The tip of his prick pushed into her lips.

“Suck my cock,” he commanded.

She shook her head. The tip of Harry’s prick was like a rubber baton shoved against her tightly closed mouth. Many a time she’d eagerly parted her lips and let that huge, throbbing cock slide into her hungry mouth. But never under circumstances like this!

Harry switched hands behind her scarlet-haired head. He raised his belt and snapped it behind him. It landed heavily on the bulge of her pussy. The tip of the belt curved around and cut wickedly at her vulnerable pussy lips.

Her body whipped from side to side as pain flooded her cunt. She opened her mouth for a lingering scream of pain. Harry expertly shoved the head of his cock into her screaming mouth.

“Mmmmmmmf!” she exclaimed. The familiar, beefy taste of her employer’s prick was overpowered by the heavy musk of his sister’s cunt.

The flavor of pussy turned her stomach. She wagged her head frantically from side to side, trying to force the pungent tasting cock out of her mouth with the tip of her tongue.

Harry put his head back, eyes closed in ecstasy. “That’s the way,” he murmured approvingly. “Just tongue the tip of my old cock. Shake your head all you want to, sweetheart — it feels great!”

Elaine stopped. She looked up at him. He smiled down at her. The sight of her lying there, with her head propped and his prick rocketed into her ruby-lipped mouth, made his prick squirm with delightful sensations. His lust-speeded pulse made his cockhead throb inside her mouth.

She felt the underside of the prick head, lying heavily on her tongue. The flavor of Kathleen’s pussy was seeping into her taste buds. The secretary repressed a shudder of disgust.

“Hit her again!” Kathleen was barely able to speak for the passion that coursed through her body. Her hands were covered with frothing cunt oils. The insides of her thighs were lathered with pussy sauce. Her tits were like balloons filled with sheer lust. “Lash her cunt some more, big boy. That will make her suck your prick!”

That sounded like a good idea to the attorney. The belt made a rapid arc and landed once more on Elaine’s gaping pussy with a loud smack. She tried to scream, but the noise was muffled by the thick plug of cock in her mouth. She arched her back. In her pain, her strength was enormous. She lifted the big man high into the air as she writhed in agony!

Moaning with pleasure, Harry forced his big cock against his captive’s face. Elaine’s eyes bulged. Her cheeks plumped out as the fat cock pushed between them.

The head of the cock went clear tote back of Elaine’s mouth. Then, it kept on going. Elaine felt a thrill off fear. In all the times she’d sucked her boss’ prick, she’d never swallowed his giant cock before!

But now she had no choice. She felt the huge, pussy-flavored cock sliding inexorably down her throat. “Mm,” she moaned. “Urrrrk!”

“That’s right!” Kathleen sang, fucking another finger of each hand into her insatiable pussy. “Feed it all to her! Make the bitch swallow your beautiful sword of cock!”

Elaine realized that was just what Harry planned to do. She felt the pulsating cockhead going deeper into her throat. Her jaws were stretched so far apart that they threatened to pop out of their joints.

She felt nauseous. Then the gag reflex hit her. Her throat muscles closed around the thick bar of Harry’s cock in a rapid, involuntary spasm.

Harry grunted. It felt as if he’d fucked his rigid prick into a milking machine! The muscles of his lovely captive’s throat worked up and down the length of his prick like strong, agile, fingers as they tried to eject the cock.

“Lord!” he shouted. Elaine felt his prick swelling in her mouth and in the tight sheath of her throat. She gagged again, more powerfully than before.

Harry’s deeply buried cock shot a huge load of jism into the tied woman’s throat.

Jism coated Elaine’s throat-lining. “Urrr! Ukkkk!” she babbled. Her eyes rolled as she felt the cock pulse again and fire more come into her throat.

“Drink it down, baby!” The channel of her throat was completely filled with Harry’s acrid come. Unintentionally she swallowed, gulping down the spewing jism. Her boss’ prick spurted come faster than she could drink it down. Come seethed from her lips, which were wrapped tightly round the shaft of his vibrating prick. The stuff got into her nasal passages. She choked. Jism bubbled front her nostrils.

“Ah! Ah! AIIIIEEEEE!” The ringing coyote yips told her that Harry’s sister was coming too. She thought of that golden-furred pussy, sucking on Kathleen’s greasy fingers the way her pussy had clutched her fingers when she watched Harry and Kathleen fuck. And all from watching him whip me and fuck my face, she thought.

Come ran down both sides of her face. It made white dewdrops in her hair and spilled into her ears. Still, Harry’s jism overflowed her mouth and ran down to mingle with the tears that poured from her eyes.


Warm come leaked from Elaine’s mouth and nose. Harry still held her head in a grip of steel. He was moving his hips back and forth, fucking his cock slowly in and out of her tear-streaked face.

Kathleen Windsor shrieked like a banshee as her fingers fucked come after come into her greedy cunt. She watched her brother whip the naked captive with his belt until her luscious white body was a mass of crisscrossing red bumps. She watched him stick his cock in Elaine’s face and blow his wad gloriously down her throat. What an exquisite turn on. Watching a display like that could have made her come off without using her hands!

Harry’s prick pumped charge after charge of come down his secretary’s throat. He felt her naked body shuddering beneath him. Her tits were soft and springy under his hard ass, and despite her fear and pain — or perhaps because of them — her nipples were hard as marbles.

The last of the jism stored in Harry’s balls surged up the channel of his cock and into Elaine’s throat. She gagged again as the rank tasting come seeped into her stomach. Hairy shook with joy as her throat squeezed his prick.

He let go of her head.

Thankfully, Elaine let her head sink into the carpet. Harry’s prick slithered out of her mouth. His jism, thinned by his captive’s saliva, dripped from his cock onto her chest.

At last the deflated head of the prick slipped from between Elaine’s lips. She shook her head, spitting to clear her mouth of the last foul remnants of his come. The flavor of come and the lingering tang of Kathleen’s pussy was making her ill.

“You don’t like the way my come tastes?”

Harry asked. He stood up. His cock hung loosely.

The tip of his prick leaked jism onto her upturned tits. The acrid strung flag the inflamed tit-flesh.

Elaine moaned and squirmed with discomfort.

“You used to think my come tasted just fine,” Harry said. He shook his head with mock regret.

Kathleen stepped forward. “That’s all right, Brother dear,” she purred, taking his belt from him with cunt-juice-dripping fingers. “If the little bitch doesn’t appreciate your sweet come, maybe she’ll like the flavor of my hot, nasty cunt!”

Elaine’s eyes, which had been drooping with exhaustion, snapped open at the blonde’s words. Surely Kathleen didn’t expect Elaine to eat her pussy! She was in no mood to give Harry’s sister that kind of intense erotic pleasure and the thought of a woman’s cunt touching her mouth repelled her. That was lesbianism!

She saw Kathleen smiling at her with lustfully glowing eyes. “No,” she said primly. “I won’t lick your cunt for you. You can’t make me do it!” Immediately she regretted her last, defiant note.

Kathleen laughed. Her laughter was at once musical and hateful. “Oh, but I can, little darling,” she said sweetly. “When I’m finished with you, you’ll beg for the privilege of lapping at my pussy. And my dripping cunt will taste better than anything you’ve ever put in your mouth before!”

As she spoke, the naked blonde was wrapping her brother’s belt around her hand. Elaine watched her in horror. Kathleen was going to torture her until she willingly devoured her tormentor’s pussy to escape the pain!

She licked dry lips, made a face at the come-flavor still sticking to them. Kathleen sat down beside her. The blonde was wearing some heavy perfume that complemented the musky odor of her greedy cunt. Elaine bit her lip and turned her face away.

Kathleen took her chin and turned Elaine’s face back toward her. She held, up the belt. Only a six-inch tail of leather projected from her dainty fist. “See this?” she asked. “It doesn’t hit as hard this way, but I think you’ll find it stings far worse!”

She reached out and took one of Elaine’s tits between her fingertips. The secretary winced as Kathleen’s touch stung the puffy, reddened skin of her jug. Kathleen squeezed the mound of tit gently.

The tip of Elaine’s tit seemed to swell upward from between the blonde’s fingers. The nipple stood erect. Kathleen bent her head down and kissed the nipple lightly, swirling her tongue around it. Elaine trembled with involuntary pleasure.

Then Kathleen snapped the turgid nipple with the leather strap.

She gave her wrist a quick flick as she struck at her victim’s tit. The belt stung like a wasp’s sting.

Elaine shrieked horribly, eyes wide with horrified pain. It hurt worse than she could have imagined!

“Ah, no!” she babbled. “Not again! No! I can’t stand it! I’ll do anything! NOOOOOOOO!”

Kathleen massaged her captive’s tit-flesh gently. Slowly she worked her fingers to the end of Elaine’s tit, until only the nipple stuck up from her fingers. Then she flicked the tip of the belt against it!

It was like sending an electric, charge through her victim’s body. Elaine howled. Her red hair whipped Kathleen’s big bare tits as she tossed her head in agony.

To the prisoner, it felt almost as if a nail had been driven into her erect nipple. Kathleen sat beside her, smiling lewdly, stoking her other tit with a slender hand. “Uh,” Elaine groaned. “Don’t hit me again!”

The tie held her wrists tightly. It was beginning to feel chafed. Her arms moved constantly in a useless effort to wiggle free of the restraint.

“Don’t give in so easily, darling,” Kathleen said. “I’ve just gotten started.” Again the six-inch end of the belt whipped tit-flesh, this time biting into the softness of her other jug. She wriggled furiously and drummed her heels on the floor.

“No-no more!” she screamed at the top of her lungs. “I can’t stand it! It hurts — my tit hurts!”

Kathleen shook her blonde head, making clucking noises. “Why should I stop? I’m having fun.”

“No! I’ll-I’ll do anything you want.”



The smell of Kathleen’s pussy was strong in both women’s nostrils. The blonde felt pussy sauces oozing from her cunt and running down her thighs and ass. “What will you do to make me stop?” she asked.

“I-I…” Elaine seemed to choke on the words. Her eyes were screwed tightly shut and she shook.

Kathleen tapped her victim’s tit lightly with the belt. “What will you do?” she asked pointedly.

“I’ll eat your pussy!” Elaine screamed. “I’ll lick it, suck it, stick my tongue up it — anything you want! But please don’t hurt me any more!”

Kathleen glanced up at her brother. He was leaning against the desk, watching with undisguised interest. Despite his having come twice, not too much earlier, his cock was rampantly hard, thrusting like a missile from his hairy crotch!

“We-ell,” Kathleen drawled. “If you insist!” She pulled her legs from under her and sat down on her bare ass. She pulled up her knees and spread them wide. Elaine turned her head to see Kathleen’s pink pussy lips in the midst of her cunt bush.

“Dig in!” Kathleen said brightly. Her nipples were very hard.

A wisp of aroma from that gaping, beckoning pussy floated past Elaine’s nose. She winced. How could she stand to taste the concentrated essence of another woman’s randy pussy?

Easily — far more easily than she could stand to have the sadistic blonde cruelly and expertly whipping her aching tits!

She rolled onto her belly. The carpet stung her abused tit. A strand of fire-colored hair fell across the wet mouth of Kathleen’s pussy. The nude blonde sighed.

She must have a fantastically sensitive cunt, Elaine thought. She stared for a moment at Kathleen’s pussy. It was wide open and dripping with shiny cunt grease. The blonde hairs clung to the oozing gash of her pussy.

Kathleen reached down to spread her cunt wide with two fingers. The hand that held Harry’s belt touched Elaine lightly, urgently, on the back of the neck. “Hurry,” Kathleen huskily. “Shove your face right into my pussy. Hurry!”

Slithering forward on her belly like a white skinned serpent, Elaine brought her face closer to the waiting cunt. The smell of needy pussy was overwhelming. How can I do it? How can I kiss this disgusting cunt.

Then she remembered the bite of the belt on her quivering tits. It was far and away the most hideous pain she’d ever felt. She lifted her face and plunged it right into the midst of Kathleen’s cunt.

Oily pussy lips parted to enfold her mouth in a hot, lascivious embrace. Elaine’s nose prodded into the “V” at the upper end of Kathleen’s cunt gash as the blonde’s pussy kissed her juicily on the mouth. Kathleen moaned erotically at the feel of Elaine’s lips on her widely yawning pussy.

Involuntarily, Elaine licked her lips.

“Ah!” cried Kathleen. Her hand clenched a fistful of Elaine’s red hair. Her clit poked out of its hood of flesh and touched Elaine’s nose.

Elaine was too preoccupied to notice. For the first time the pure, undiluted flavor of cunt penetrated her taste buds. It practically made her faint. Never had she dreamed that a pussy could taste so strong — and so rank!

Kathleen rotated her hips, grinding her pussy hard against her captive’s face. Cunt honey cascaded down Elaine’s chin. She moaned in disgust.

The sound vibrated like a dildo on the blonde’s inflated clit. She sucked in a sharp breath. Her free hand, fingers still glistening with the juices of her own cunt, cupped Elaine’s chin, positioning the captive’s mouth more exactly over her pussy.

“Tongue me!” Kathleen shouted. “Chew off my pussy lips! Eat me good!”

The idea of keeping her mouth in contact with the brimming cunt any longer sickened Elaine. Her head was spinning from the powerful stench of the blonde bearded pussy. The feel of Kathleen’s greasy pussy lips on her mouth was awful, slimy, slithery, but Elaine knew what the penalty would be if she disobeyed!

Kathleen squirmed closer. She tugged Elaine’s hair, urging her to bury her face still deeper in the moist bed of her cunt.

Elaine drew her knees under her for leverage and opened her mouth. Instantly her mouth was filled with cunt flaps. She sucked them in. Kathleen cried out and wiggled her hips as her captive’s teeth flayed the exquisitely sensitive cunt curtains.

Elaine began to work her jaws, chewing lightly on the orally imprisoned pussy lips. Her tongue uncoiled to play with the dainty flaps fringing her tormentor’s cunt hole. Kathleen’s cool finger stroked the back of Elaine’s head with feverish passion.

Kathleen’s pussy filled Elaine’s mouth with spicy cunt juices. The secretary’s tongue wallowed in a deep pool of cunt honey as it teased the lips of Kathleen’s pussy. Kathleen kept her legs spread wide, the way she had when her brother was devouring her pussy. Her hands held the prisoner’s head firmly in position before her aching cunt.

The captive could feel the excitement growing in her captor’s delectable white body. She could actually taste it in the woman’s cunt! And with that knowledge came a realization that stunned her: she was getting turned on!

She blinked. The matted pale fur of Kathleen’s pussy filled her vision. Above the curly tangle of cunt hair she could see the other woman’s navel. She tried to dismiss the fact that eating Kathleen’s sopping cunt was making her very horny!

But it couldn’t be denied forever. Kathleen’s hips were moving in a tight circle, wagging her pussy lips around in her prisoner’s mouth. Cunt sauce flowed like wine into Elaine’s mouth, and she no longer found the pussy oils disgusting.

They were delicious!

Her cunt was beginning to water freely. Elaine could feel pussy juice dripping onto her calves. She began to move her own rump in sensuous circles.

The sight of the captive’s whip-marked ass waving around in the air turned Harry Windsor’s lust from smoldering embers to a raging conflagration. He moved behind the bound woman’s upturned ass and went to his knees. He wrapped a hand around his enormous cock and pulled it into position.

Elaine felt a heavy hand on her ass. The contact with the puffy skin sent a twinge of pain into her ass cheeks. Then she realized it was her boss behind her. He was going to fuck her from behind with that fantastic cock of his! Her heart sang for joy.

“Oh yes!” Kathleen called. “Do it! Lick my pussy hard!”

Elaine released the pussy lips from her mouth. She opened her jaws so the length of Kathleen’s cunt slit was between her lips. Then she began to lap the other woman’s dripping pussy with long, fervent dog-like stokes.

Kathleen was practically put of her mind with ecstasy. Harry glanced at his sister. She was leaning well back, her knees high in the air, her arms straight and taut as they held the captive’s face to her dripping pussy. Her own face, framed by long blonde hair, was a beautiful picture of ecstasy.

Elaine cried out into Kathleen’s cunt as she felt Harry’s giant cock slide into her oozing pussy. The blonde shivered and clutched at her head. Elaine ran her tongue frantically up and down the tasty furrow between the blonde’s inner pussy lips as her cunt was gradually filled with Harry’s pulsing, rock-hard cock.

Juices ran from Kathleen’s gaping pussy, pooling in the redhead’s mouth. Elaine moaned into the cunt and rolled her hips so that her own pussy, awash with the sauces of her desire, swirled maddeningly around her employer’s big prick.

She felt the conical cock head wedging apart her pussy walls. Then Harry’s crotch bumped against her upturned ass cheeks. His pubic hair tickled her still-smarting rump. She sighed happily and began to shake her ass from side to side, savoring the feel of that mammoth cock sliding in her cunt.

Kathleen released her grip on Elaine’s head. No longer did she have to worry about the captive balking. Not when the red-headed secretary was devouring the pink meat after cunt as though it were the most delectable feast she’d ever encountered!

Harry pulled his prick out of Elaine’s pussy. Cunt juice dripped from the shanks of the mighty cock as it withdrew. Kathleen turned then to lie full length on her back. With her knees under her and her body at an angle, Elaine, the cunt-lapping secretary, had no difficulty keeping her mouth pressed over the delicious pussy.

Her tongue dipped into the well of Kathleen’s cunt. A fresh wave of flavor greeted her. She could feel the passion rising in the blonde’s body. She could taste the lust that flowed from her pussy!

She felt the rubbery tip of Harry’s cock touch her ass again. His prick slid over the smooth flesh stretched over her ass. Then the cock prodded against her tightly closed asshole!

“Awww!” she yelped.

Kathleen gasped and grabbed her victim’s head with both hands. Elaine was trapped with her face pinned against that juicy cunt and her ass helplessly up in the air. Desperation rose in her stomach.

She’d never been fucked in the ass before!

She tried frantically to hold the portal of her asshole shut. But Harry slid his thumbs down into the crack of her ass and slowly pulled the reluctant asshole open.

“No,” Elaine begged. The sound was muffled by the clinging, fragrant lips of Kathleen’s pussy.

The secretary felt the head of Harry’s prick slip into the cup-like opening in her ass. The cock head felt strange inside the normally tight ring of ass flesh. Elaine wagged her head against Kathleen’s restraining hands, trying to wrest herself free.

It did no good. Kathleen started squealing and I thrashing and pushing her pussy mound into Elaine’s face to fuck her cunt on the redhead’s stiffened tongue. Harry put his hands on Elaine’s stinging ass cheeks and pushed forward with his hips. His big prick began to go into her asshole!

Pain made the redhead’s stole throb. With Kathleen’s pussy pressing into her face demandingly, she had little choice but to keep licking and mouthing the elastic pussy lips. Elaine trembled. Harry’s swollen prick head was fully planted in her ass now — it didn’t hurt too much, but she was afraid of what was to come!

Harry could barely control himself. The feel of his secretary’s tight virgin asshole closing in around his prick was about to drive him crazy! He resisted the wild urge to bury his prick balls-deep in that inviting red-striped ass in one powerful surge. He wanted to savor the feel of his cock going slowly into Elaine’s ass!

“Ah!” Kathleen murmured. “Good, so good. Lap my pussy, sweetheart. Yes!”

Elaine barely heard her. Despite the overwhelming presence of that greedy cunt, the redhead could concentrate on nothing but the enormous shaft of cock forcing its way slowly up her ass. The juices of her hot and horny cunt served to lubricate the vast spar of prick in her rump. Still, the usual friction inside the tunnel of her ass rasped the delicate membranes uncomfortably.

But what was really getting to her was the size of Harry’s cock! Fucking into her pussy it had come near to hurting her. But driving into her asshole, his prick felt as if it were about to burst her wide open!

She heard Harry grunt behind her. She closed her eyes. The cock was beginning to cause sharper pains in her ass channel. It was starting to feel as though a telephone pole was being crammed up her ass.

Harry watched in fascination as his stiff cock was swallowed up by Elaine’s asshole. Inch after rigid inch of his magnificent prick disappeared into her stretched-open asshole until there was no more cock to fuck up the bound woman’s ass. Harry sighed in pleasure at the incredible pressure of his secretary’s virgin ass chute on his cock!

Elaine’s body began to shake with sobs. Tears rolled from her eyes to mingle with the luscious juices leaking from Kathleen’s cunt. Get it out of me! she wanted to cry. It hurts — it really hurts! It seemed that at any moment the cheeks of her ass would be split apart by the giant cock wedged between them. Each beat of her boss’ racing heart caused an agonizing expansion of his cock inside her asshole.

She took a deep breath. The sweet perfume of Kathleen’s soaking cunt filled her nostrils. Somehow the cunt smell seemed to calm her. She brought her tongue deliberately up the slit of Kathleen’s pussy. She heard the blonde’s excited moan and felt the lovely body tense with pleasure. Her pussy gave a twinge of joy as the ripe flavor of Kathleen’s pussy thrilled her taste buds.

She felt the cock in her ass began to withdraw. The backward-flaring cockhead seemed to scrape her sensitive shit chute. The pain in her rectum vied with the sensuous delight she was once again getting from eating Kathleen Windsor’s steaming pussy.

Then suddenly only the head of Harry’s cock remained plugged into her asshole. She relaxed a little. That wasn’t so bad! She slipped her tongue into Kathleen’s cunt hole and felt the spongy walls of her pussy close in about it. The flavor of cunt was strong and succulent.

With a grunt of passion, Harry drove his cock balls-deep in his secretary’s ass. Her scream, partially muffled by his sister’s slavering cunt, was edged with pain and almost unspeakable passion.

He started to fuck the redhead’s ass in earnest. His cock fairly flew in and out of the tight “O” of her asshole. Her shrill cries of pain and pleasure thrilled thunderously into Kathleen’s cunt.

“AaaaaaYAAAAHHHHHH!” Kathleen wailed. Her fingers locked like steel pincers on her captive’s head. Then Elaine felt a noose of oiled silk draw tight around her tongue, deeply buried in the blonde-furred pussy. Kathleen’s cunt felt like it tried to suck Elaine’s tongue into itself. The steady trickle of pussy oils became a torrent. The blonde-haired girl was coming!

Muscles stood out on Elaine’s bound arms as her own body tensed in preparation for the climax she felt building in her cunt. She took a deep, pussy-perfumed breath. The muscles of her ass tightened about the pistoning shaft of Harry’s prick.

A volcano of come erupted into her ass tunnel.

Harry’s cock rammed full-length into her shit chute with a gurgle of jism. The white come seared her asshole like the blast of a flame thrower.

She came.

Her orgasmic screams sent Kathleen off into a wild paroxysm of joy. Her pussy wrenched at the redhead’s probing tongue. The taste and feel and erotic electricity of Kathleen’s orgasm set off a stunning, never-ending series of climaxes in Elaine’s cunt.

She felt Harry’s big prick pumping huge wads of jism in to her now-greedy ass. The stinging acid-feel of the jism in her ass added a delicious edge to her ecstasy. Briefly, fleetingly, she was happy.


Elaine looked up at her boss’ face. It was the face of a stranger. “I-I can’t,” she said.

An angry flush tinged Harry’s tan checks. “You don’t have any choice,” he said tautly.

Elaine hung her head.

“Explain it to her again, Harry darling,” Kathleen said. She was sitting in a leather-upholstered chair. She looked elegant in her knee-length culottes and a filmy, long-sleeved blouse. It was hard to recognize her with her clothes on, Elaine thought sarcastically.

Harry sat down on a corner of his big broad desk and crossed his legs. He clasped his hands over his knee and looked down at his red-headed secretary. She refused to look at him.

“It’s this way,” he said. “You fucked me. You enticed me into fucking you in the ass. You even forced my dear sister into letting you eat her pussy.”

Elaine’s temper flared. “That isn’t true! You know it isn’t!”

Harry smiled. “But it’s Kathleen’s and my word against yours, honey. And I’m a successful, well-respected, young attorney, and Kathleen is my blushing, virgin sister. Who’ll be believed?”

Elaine shook her head. There was nothing to say.

“Now, in our liberated society, these things aren’t against the law any longer,” Harry continued, as if lecturing a class of not-too-bright law students. “But surely you know what attitudes are like in our community. Such things aren’t taken lightly by public opinion in this town, even if no wrong is done in the eyes of the law. You’d be a marked woman if even a hint of this got out.”

It was true. Too true. Elaine knew it. People, would look at her as though she were a cheap hooker when she walked down the street. She’d find that, somehow, no employers were looking for qualifications such as hers. Of course, if Harry’s version of the story got out there’d be a certain amount of scandal, and Harry’s standing might suffer slightly — but only very slightly. He was a young, handsome, available attorney-at-law. How could a healthy young male resist the temptations of a loose-moral seductress?

She was trapped. She sniffled. Her ass still smarted from the brutal treatment it had received the day before. Her asshole was as sore as her ass cheeks. She’d gotten off on having Harry ass fuck her as she ate his sister’s cunt, but the pain in her raw ass was making her pay!

Harry stood up. “Well, baby, it’s getting late,” he said, checking his expensive digital watch. “You’d better run along. You know where to go.”

Kathleen gave Elaine a sweet smile as she walked out. The blonde’s nipples were visible inside her sheer blouse. They were erect against the snowy backdrop of her tits.

“A Miss Thomas to see you, Mr. Wellborn.” The secretary, a tall, willowy woman, opened the door and gestured to Elaine to go into the office. She gave the redhead a cool, studied look and went out. The door closed after her.

Hesitantly, Elaine looked toward the man behind the desk. At least he’s not ugly, she thought. In fact, he was exactly the opposite — if you liked older men.

Bennington Wellborn rose from his swivel chair and extended his hand. “I’m pleased to make your acquaintance, Miss Thomas?” he beamed. “Harry told me a good deal about you.”

Elaine took his hand. It was dry and firm. At the mention of her employer she blushed furiously, but deep inside her she felt a stirring of interest in this tall and slender lawyer.

Wellborn’s hair was silver-gray. His skin was as deeply tanned as Harry’s, and the eyes that looked out of his rugged looking face were a startling blue. His years hadn’t decayed him any. Rather they seemed to have refined him into a fit, self-assured, good-looking man.

At a gesture from a well-manicured hand Elaine sat and primly crossed her legs. “Tell me about yourself,” Wellborn said with a dazzling smile.

It was easy for Elaine to talk to this man. She talked about her girlhood, her innocence in high school and college, how she had come to work for Raeburn, Martin, and Windsor, Harry’s firm.

Throughout, Wellborn listened attentively, from time-to-time nodding his silver head and murmuring words of encouragement. Without meaning to, she blurted out the story of how she and Harry had made love that first time, when she was still a virgin. And then she went on to tell what had happened yesterday with Harry and his sister Kathleen!

Wellborn shook his head, clucking his tongue sympathetically. “Poor child,” he said softly. “You poor, poor child.”

He got up and walked around his desk to stand beside the secretary. Suddenly tears burst from Elaine’s eyes. He patted her on the shoulder and pressed his expensive linen handkerchief into her hands. She took it and blew her nose loudly.

This wasn’t what she had expected. She let her fear and sorrow pour out of her. Mr. Wellborn was a nice man, a strong and kind and fatherly man. He understood what had happened to her, how cruelly she had been tricked and betrayed.

Maybe he could help her get out of Harry’s clutches!

Elaine felt a stirring of hope. She dabbed at her eyes and looked up at the attorney. He was standing with his back to her, looking out the window at the city streets below.

“That’s the problem with the world today,” he said distantly. “There’s just too little discipline. People think they can get away with anything they take into they heads.”

He turned to face the girl, looking down at her as though from a great height. “Far too many young people have gone astray because of a lack of discipline,” he intoned. “But perhaps — just perhaps — I can save you from the abyss into which you are headed.”

Elaine’s heart soared. “Oh yes!” she cried. “Help me! Please, please — help me!”

Wellborn nodded. He walked over to a cabinet, set in a bookcase, filled with thick volumes. He opened it and took something out. His well-dressed body was in Elaine’s way and she couldn’t see what he had in his hand.

“Come here,” he said. He turned to face Elaine, hands held behind him.

Heart pounding, Elaine obeyed. Her heavy tits heaved up and down inside her lacy bra. She was dressed in a sleeveless blouse of a fabric almost as light as Kathleen’s, and her pert ass was encased in an extremely short skirt that left her long, legs strikingly bare.

She still felt hot.

She stopped a few inches in front of the lawyer. She felt his burning gaze on her. He reminded her of some Biblical prophet.

“I will do for you what I can, young lady,” Wellborn said. “Hold out your hands.”

Head down, Elaine raised her hands. There was a double dick, and she felt something encircling her wrists.

Her head snapped up. She was handcuffed! “What…?” she gasped, green eyes wide with horror.

“Young people are afraid to submit to proper discipline,” Wellborn told her. “You may not be strong enough to face up to your punishment. Thank heaven I have these police-issue handcuffs!”

Elaine took a step back. Her mouth was slack in amazement. “W-what do you mean?” she stammered. “I didn’t do anything!”

“You committed lewd and perverted acts,” the lawyer said ponderously. “Each person is solely responsible for his or her own acts and sins! Your employer is not responsible for your actions.”

The room seemed to spin around Elaine. A few moments ago the man had been as soothing and understanding as her father. What had happened?

He reached out and hooked his fingers in the collar of her blouse. Before she could react, he tore the garment from her shoulders and left it hanging in tatters. She cried out in tenor.

His piercing eyes stared at her tits. Her tits were barely contained by the scanty bra. Most of the white, freckled skin stretched over her full tits was exposed to his view.

“You are a lovely young woman,” he said. He was breathing more heavily now. “It would be a great wrong to allow such a beautiful creature to be corrupted by evil!” He ripped her skirt off, leaving her clad in bra and panties and the ruins of her blouse.

He advanced on the cringing girl. She shrank back before him, pressing her manacled wrists over her tits. Her heart hammered. She backed into the desk.

Wellborn took off his coat. A maniacal light burned in his eyes.

He stepped to the side of his desk, leaned over, and opened a wide drawer. His eyes never left, the half-naked redhead. She was shivering uncontrollably in fright.

He pulled out what looked at first to be an extremely thin magic wand, two feet long and off-white. Then Elaine recognized it as a pointer, the kind professors used when they lectured. What’s he going to do with that? she wondered.

Wellborn whacked the thin rod experimentally against his palm and nodded. “In the old days,” he said, half to himself, “discipline was enforced by means of a hickory stick, but I’ve found a simple pointer to be more than effective.”

He stretched out a hand and slipped the bra strap off Elaine’s right shoulder. She tried to pull away. He hooked his fingers into the cups of her bra and pulled them away.

Her big tits bounced free! They jiggled up and down, the nipples dark against the whiteness of her tit flesh. Harsh fingers scraped her belly as they moved down and into the waistband of her panties. Elaine fell the back of Wellborn’s hand on the furry mound of her cunt.

Wellborn twisted his hand in the fabric of her panties. “Are you ready to atone for your misbehavior?” he asked.


With a loud rip he jerked the panties off her hips. Elaine stood naked except for the shredded blouse hanging down from her waist. Patches of milk-white skin and scarlet cunt fur peeked between the strips of cloth.

Wellborn put his hand below Elaine’s tits and pushed. She went up on the balls of her feet and sat on the edge of the desk. He kept pushing. She scooted her bare ass back across the polished wood.

The sun-browned hand crept up to cup a naked, jutting tit. The secretary moaned in involuntary pleasure as Wellborn’s palm pressed her nipple back into the soft tit. Then he shoved her onto her back.

Her legs went up in the air. The fiery thatch covering her pussy flashed between her thighs. Wellborn brought his pointer whistling onto the pallid cheeks of her ass.

“Yeeeeow!” The pain was intense. Elaine kept rolling until it seemed she’d do a backward somersault off the other side of the paper-cluttered desk. Her legs kicked at thin air.

The slim rod moved with a whip-like action when Wellborn swung it. And, thin as it was, it bit her ass far more viciously than Harry’s belt had. It was like being spanked with a switch as a child.

Elaine fell back, lying with her legs dangling over the edge of the desk. “Roll over,” Wellborn commanded.

Elaine shook her head. Her ass hadn’t entirely recovered from the whipping her boss had dealt it. She wasn’t about to let this man abuse it even more!

But her defiance was useless. The pointer whined down. It cut into her tender pussy mound like a knife!

“Ah-AHHHHHH!” shrieked Elaine. Her ass flew off the desk top. Her pussy was on fire!

Her ass thumped back down on the desk. At once she rolled over on her stomach. Her ass felt vulnerable and naked, more naked than it had ever felt before. But anything was better than to feel that rod biting into her cunt again! Or so she thought! With meticulous aim, Wellborn lashed out. The rod whipped between the upward jutting cheeks of Elaine’s ass. The crack of her ass and already-aching asshole burst into agony!


Wellborn struck side-hand. The rod scorched a thin red mark across the white ass cheeks. Elaine screamed again.

The front of Wellborn’s pants was tented out by the rock-hard cock beneath. “See, slut?” he puffed. “I knew YOU wouldn’t have the will power to take your punishment!”

He cut another stripe across Elaine’s ass crack. Her tits squeaked against the wood and her nipples were friction-burned as she thrashed in agony. She couldn’t stand it!

But she had no choice. Wellborn began slashing at her ass like a man beating out a fire with a sack. Her ass became a network of fine crimson lines crisscrossing the alabaster whiteness of her ass cheeks. She shrieked and begged and pleaded until she was hoarse. Still the brutal punishment continued.

The attorney moved to the side of his desk. He turned until he was looking down the girl’s long, naked back at the twin mounds of her rump. He brought the pointer singing down between them.

This time the rod seemed to bite mainly at her asshole. “Unnnnnngaaahhh!” she howled. “My ass! It hurts!”

Wellborn allowed himself a smile. The sweat was streaming down into his eyes. “That’s the object, my dear,” he said. “You must pay for your sins.”

“No — I don’t want to — I — AIEEEEEEEE!”

Another blow had landed along the crimson crevice of her ass. Wellborn cocked his arm again and leaned farther forward. The rod droned through the air.

It landed smack between the brilliant pink lips of the secretary’s pussy. Bent over the desk like this, her cunt mouth was wide open to receive the full savage force of the blow!

“YAAAAAGHHH! OW! AIIIII!” It was as tough a candle flame had been held to her pussy lips. The pain seared her pussy tunnel and twisted her stomach.

“Good, good!” shouted Wellborn. Again Elaine’s cunt flaps felt the cruel bite of her pussy tunnel and twisted her stomach.

“Good! Good!” shouted Wellborn. Again Elaine’s cunt flaps felt the cruel bite of the pointer. It hurt worse than before!

Elaine’s scream was to no avail. Her pussy blazed fiercely with pain. Hot tears gushed from her eyes.

She squirmed on the desk top, begging for mercy. Wellborn showed her none. He kept on whipping her helpless body until her cunt and whole felt as though they’d been stung by a million hornets.

It seemed as if his cock were going to burst free of his fly at any moment. With a hoarse cry he tore down the zipper and yanked his cock out. It quivered like a branch in a stiff wind.

“Such a lovely young slut,” he moaned. “Mustn’t let you be spoiled by perversion. Sucking a woman’s pussy — disgusting. Let me show you what a real man feels like!”

He plunged his throbbing cock full-length into Elaine’s cunt. She howled at the pain from her whipped pussy lips. Then she cried out again as his cock rammed into her ungreased pussy!

Pointer still in hand, Wellborn nabbed his captive’s ass. She wailed as his sweat stung her ass cheeks. He rocked his hips from side to side, stirring his hard cock around in her red-thatched pussy.

Gradually, the attorney pulled his cock out of his groaning victim’s pussy. “Ah!” he cried. “Your cunt is tight and hot!”

Elaine sobbed. The mouth of her pussy pulsed with pain. Wellborn’s cock was like a sword driven deep in her cunt.

The prick seemed to swell and shrink to the rhythm of the silver-haired man’s heartbeat. Elaine felt the bloated prick-head leaving her cunt, and the elastic membranes of her pussy closing in after it. Then her sore twat lips were wrapped around the prick-head alone.

“Uh,” she whimpered. “Let me go! My pussy is sore — leave me alone!”

Wellborn ignored her. “Even in your righteous punishment you are allowed the reward of feeling my cock inside you.” He frowned down at her ass. The tracery of lines his pointer had left seemed to glow against the whiteness of her ass. Her hole, puffy and red from the caress of his rod, seemed to wink at his lust-fevered face.

“You don’t deserve such pleasure.” He announced suddenly. “You must earn the right through suffering!”

“No!” Elaine cried desperately. Just having the cockhead caught between her agonized cunt flaps was making her pussy squirm with pain. “Let me alone, please!”

In reply Wellborn brought his pointer singing down to slash at the ripe cheeks of her ass.

“OHHHHHHHH! OWWWW!” Elaine’s ass jerked on the desk. Her ass cheek pressed into the wood as she screamed. Wellborn’s cock plunged madly inside her pussy.

In and out, the attorney fucked his rigid prick. All the while he rained stinging blows on the woman’s already-tortured ass cheeks. The handcuffed secretary leapt and bucked and thrashed as though she were being electrocuted. Her red hair flew and her tits squeaked like rubber on the surface of the desk. Her pussy surged around Wellborn’s pistoning prick. It felt as though he’d fucked his eager cock into a blender. He gritted his teeth at the intense, pleasure of whipping the lovely woman’s ass and fucking her pussy as she writhed and struggled!

Elaine’s cries were constant and piercing. Wellborn savored each and every shriek of agony, just as he savored the sound of the rod striking her tender ass flesh, the feel of the pointer cutting deeply into the pale ass and the fabulous play of the pussy fit so snugly around his ram-rodding cock.

It was too good to last. “Get ready, slut,” the attorney cried. “My come will — arrrrggghhhh!”

His prick spat jism into the pulsing mouth of Elaine’s pussy. He whacked her ass viciously with his rod as climax shook him. The redhead screamed, agony penetrating her ass and pussy.

He fucked his cock home in her pussy. It shuddered and spewed another charge of creamy jism. Elaine howled as he turned his wrist to slash her asshole with the tip of the pointer.

His balls convulsively pumped their entire load of come into his captive’s unwilling cunt. The fury of his whipping died as his passion spent itself in the red-furred cunt.

A curious calm came over Elaine. Despite her agony and humiliation, her mind was suddenly clear. And from that mental clearness came a fresh resolve.

Harry Windsor would pay for this!


Harry Windsor’s cock pistoned in and out of Elaine’s mouth. His come tilled her throat and mouth. White jism spilled over her lips and rolled down the side of her face.

“Don’t be so greedy, Harry,” Kathleen Windsor said, looking up from her magazine. “That nice Wade Elliot is supposed to be trying our little redhead on for size this afternoon!”

Her brother’s answer was an incoherent babble of ecstasy. His fat prick pulsed and shot another spurt of come into Elaine’s face. The lawyer’s jism was rancid on his secretary’s tongue.

Elaine sat with her jaws aching from being held open for Harry’s big cock. She waited resignedly as his cock pumped the load of come from his balls into her mouth. Nothing lasted forever, she told herself.

If only she could see an end to her torment.

The last drops of Harry’s come trickled onto Elaine’s tongue from the pin-prick hole in the tip of her employer’s cock. The cock began to deflate. It felt like a limp worm, moving across her lips and onto her tongue.

He pulled his cock out of the redhead’s face. Come dribbled down her face and dripped onto her bare, pointed tits. She longed to wipe her face, but Harry’s belt was looped around her arm just above her elbows and behind her back, restricting her freedom of movement. She’d just have to let his nasty come dry on her face and tits, she thought in disgust.

Kathleen yawned and laid aside her magazine. “She doesn’t have to meet Wade for a while now, does she?”

Her brother shook his head, stuffing his cock back into his pants.

The blonde sat back lazily. “Good,” she said. “That means shell have time to lap my pussy a little. Come on over here, beautiful.”

Elaine clambered clumsily to her feet and did as she was told. She had no idea what Kathleen would do to her if she disobeyed, but she certainly didn’t want to find out!

She walked over and knelt before the lovely blonde. Kathleen grinned at her and spread her legs. Her short skirt rode up her thighs. Beneath her skirt, her pussy was bare. The pink cunt mouth smiled at Elaine with moist lips.

Elaine leaned forward, nuzzling and kissing Kathleen’s thighs. The blonde sighed and quivered with delight. Slowly Elaine began to nibble her way toward the exposed cunt.

I’d almost rather eat her cunt than suck her damned brother off, Elaine thought, as she pressed her lips to the lips of Kathleen’s pussy in a prolonged, wet kiss. At least she’s never deceived me!

With something like genuine relish, Elaine began to devour the blonde’s dripping cunt.

Why go on? the redhead asked herself. She lay on her stomach on the sofa in her one-bedroom apartment, toying with a strand of her long red hair and ignoring the soap opera on TV. What’s the use of pretending I can get out of this mess?

She fought back the impulse to check her watch again. She knew she’d looked at it less than five minutes ago, but Harry had said his friend Wade would arrive at around three o’clock. It had been 2:45 when last she’d looked.

Anticipation tingled in the pit of her stomach. What would Wade Elliot be like? She remembered he last friend her boss ad met her up with. She shuddered. Her ass still smarted from the punishment that lecherous old bastard Wellborn had given it!

She’d thought the old fart would never let her go. He’d beat her within an inch of her life, slashing at her tits and cunt then fucking her poor ass. She winced at the memory of the narrow rod biting into the soft meat of her pussy, right between the tender and nerve-rich lips. She’d rather die than go through that again!

She could say one thing for Bennington Wellborn though, the old man was sure as hell not impotent. After blowing his wad of come into her pussy, he’d still had plenty of energy left to fuck her up the as and then, after letting the abused secretary take a breather, he’d made her suck his rank old prick.

When she’d finished, he was back in his finely-tailored clothes, with not a thread out of place. He’d gravely expressed the hope that he’d been able to help her with her problem, then rung for his secretary to show her out. The raucous buzz of the front-door signal startled her. She stared at the intercom on the wall. Her heart was in her throat.

The buzzer sounded again. I won’t answer it, she told herself. Let Wade Elliot buzz until he’s blue in the face. What can Harry and his perverted slut of a sister do to me?

She knew very well what they could do to her. She stood up and walked to the intercom. A slim finger pressed the door-release. She held it for a long time.

She went back and turned off the television. Then she sat on the couch for what seemed like an eternity. A knock sounded at her door.

She rose to answer it. Just in front of the door, she paused. She patted back her brilliant hair and smoothed a few stray wrinkles in her tight pants. She looked down at her tits. Excited anticipation had made the nipples stiff. She could see them clearly through the thin fabric of her blouse. She squeezed her tits once, as if to mold her blouse more closely to them.

I’m a vain little bitch, she thought.

She opened the door. Her breath caught in her throat. Her first impulse was to ask if the man who stood in the hall hadn’t gotten the wrong apartment by mistake.

It looked as though some kind of Greek God had come down from Olympus to visit her. Wade Elliot was tall, fully as tall as Elaine’s boss, but where Harry Windsor was slim, this man was broad and powerful looking. And where Harry was dark, Elliot was fair haired and fair-skinned. Longish blond hair trained a surprisingly young looking face. His eyes were a shade Elaine couldn’t identify. His face was handsome, and he smiled broadly.

“Hi,” he said, almost shyly. “I’m Wade Elliot. You must be Elaine.”

Her lips were suddenly dry. She licked them to moisten them. “Yes,” she said in a small voice. “I’m happy to meet you, Mr.”

“Call me Wade.” He shook the hand she held out to him. She stepped back and nervously invited him in.

Wade sat on the couch. For a moment Elaine stood looking at him. Then she remembered her manners. “Can I get you something to drink?”

“Scotch and water.”

Elaine mixed him his drink, and then made the same for herself. As she prepared the drinks, she kept sneaking looks at him. He is beautiful! She felt like laughing at her earlier fears to what this new friend of Harry’s would be like.

Catering to Wade Elliot’s desires would be no problem at all.

As she walked toward the youthful attorney with their drinks in her hands, Elaine came to a sudden decision. She had no idea what Harry had told Wade to expect, but whatever it was, the handsome blond man was in for a surprise.

Wade accepted his drink with a smile and murmured thanks. His eyes flickered as Elaine sat down next to him. Her hip brushed his arm. Elaine sipped her drink and looked up at him.

Her hand dropped to his arm. “You’re very handsome,” she said. “I didn’t know Harry had friends like you.”

Wade grinned at her uneasily. “I didn’t know he had friends like you,” he said.

The crotch of Elaine’s panties was beginning to feel like a swamp. Her cunt was positively so wet at the thought of fucking Wade Elliot. There’s no time like the present, she told herself.

Her hand dropped to Wade’s crotch and squeezed. His eyes bugged. His cock was instantly hard beneath the secretary’s agile fingers.

The redhead gasped. Wade’s cock felt even bigger than Harry’s! She turned toward him. The feel of the fabric of her blouse over her erect nipples almost made her come.

Wade opened his mouth to speak. Elaine set her drink on the arm of the couch, took his head with both hands, and fastened her mouth to his. Her tongue plunged eagerly into his mouth and began scouring its insides.

Wade’s glass bounced on the carpet, spilling Scotch and water all over the place. He grabbed Elaine’s sides as if to push her away. Her slender hand moved from his face to the bulge of his cock. He crushed her against his massive chest as his tongue tangled hungrily with hers.

She felt her nipples against his chest muscles. As one hand jacked off his oversized cock, her other hand reached down and pulled open her blouse so violently that the buttons shot off in all directions. She pulled her glistening lips away from Wade’s and raised her body thrusting her tits full in his surprised face.

The lawyer stared at the dark reddish nipples, making perfect peaks at the tips of her tits. He reached up, almost hesitantly, and squeezed a tit. The tit was springy and firm. The stiff nipples quivered lustfully flame moaned and rolled her shoulder. Her tits jiggled invitingly.

Her fingers found his cock head and squeezed. With a wild cry the handsome attorney buried his face between her tits. She cradled his head to her tits as he began to tongue furiously over the pale cones.

Trembling fingers fumbled at the fly of Wade’s jeans. Elaine pulled the zipper down and stuck her hand in his pants. His cock throbbed inside his boxer shorts. She pulled out her hand and unbuckled the man’s belt.

Strong lips fastened over the crest of one milky tit. Elaine groaned as he sucked in a mouthful of luscious tit flesh. He put his thumbs into the waist of his trousers and pulled them off.

His cock sprang free as his under shorts slid down his powerful thighs. Elaine looked down.

“My God!” she cried. “Your cock — it’s enormous!”

Wade didn’t answer. He was too busy sucking greedily on her tit. His tongue flicked at her nipple, sending flashes of hot delight through her full, sensitive tit.

Elaine couldn’t take her eyes off Wade’s cock. It was much bigger than Harry’s; it must have been over nine inches long!

She grabbed the rampant prick. The cock meat was solid, pulsing with life and horniness! Her fingers pumped lightly up and down the gigantic tower of prick. Wade growled and bit down on the tit trapped in his mouth. It didn’t hurt, but it was plenty hard enough to make Elaine go crazy with passion.

Still gnawing ravenously on the wealth of her tits, Wade reached down and undid the buttons of her pants. Elaine turned sideways, letting him pull pants and panties off her shapely ass. The man hunched over to keep his oral hold on her succulent tit.

The head of his cock poked Elaine’s bare side. She wrapped her hand around the thick cock shaft and tugged frantically on the prick. She pulled up her legs to let Wade slide pants and panties off over her slender feet. A humid cunt smell came from her aroused pussy.

Elaine removed her blouse one-handed. Wade let her tit come out of his mouth. The tip of her tit was gleaming with his saliva, and the nipple looked like a miniature finger pointing toward the lawyer’s face.

He kissed her firm belly. Her fingers made a tight ring that worked madly up and down the shaft of his prick. His lips slid down the tender flesh.

Leaning sideways, Wade kissed the soft skin just above the flaming wedge of her cunt bush. Elaine shivered with anticipation.

“Yes!” she moaned. “Oh yes!”

His lips moved downward. Wade buried his face in the damp tangle of her cunt fur. Elaine laughed at the sight; he looked as if he had a fiery red beard. He opened his mouth and began to gnaw at her spongy cunt bun.

The now-naked secretary was lying across his lap between his titanic cock and his flat, muscular stomach. His cock was behind her, so that she had to reach back at an odd angle to jack him off. She could feel the heat of his raging cock against her bare skin.

Gradually Wade nibbled his way down the mound of Elaine’s pussy. Then his upper lip touched the dampened fur, at the top of her cunt-slit.

“Uhhhhhhh!” Elaine sighed. Wade kissed the mouth of her pussy, and ecstasy filled her body.

She practically tore Wade’s cock off as his face burrowed into her pussy. His lower lip brushed her clit as his tongue probed between the delicate curtains around her cunt hole. Electric excitement flowed up her pussy tunnel.

She tugged at his thighs. He slurped at her pussy. Then, getting the message, he swung his legs up onto the sofa. Elaine lay down full-length beside him.

The turgid cock loomed large before her eyes. Wade fucked his tongue in and out between her pussy lips with agonizing deliberation. She felt the passion coming to a boil in the depths of her pussy.

At the sight of Wade’s mammoth prick, Elaine’s mouth was watering as extravagantly as her pussy. She was dying to cram that great big cock into her face. She did!

She drew the prick down toward her mouth. She spread her jaws wide and stuck the cock head between them. With her lips over her teeth, she closed her mouth on the swollen purple prick head.

Wade moaned happily into her cunt. His cock pulsated between Elaine’s teeth. The flavor of his cock was fantastically rich and meaty.

She sucked lightly on his cock. Her lips molded themselves to the hooded prick head. She touched the tip of Wade’s cock with her tongue and tasted a salty trace of pre-seminal fluid.

His tongue played deep in her pussy. He wrapped his arms around her pliant ass and brought his fingers in to hold the mouth of her cunt wide open. She drew up one bent leg and laid it on his neck to allow him easier access to the tasty treat of her pussy. He puckered his lips between her cunt flaps and swirled his face around. Her cunt tingled with joy.

It was even harder to fit Wade’s gigantic cock into her mouth than it had been to fit Harry’s, but Elaine was determined to give the handsome young lawyer the blow-job of his life! Somehow, Wade Elliot’s prick felt and tasted far better than Harry’s cock ever had.

Wade drew his head back from the gaping cunt. His tongue licked along Elaine’s pussy slit. Aromatic cunt juices flowed out over his fingers as the redhead’s body began to move to the rhythms of her joy.

Experimentally, Elaine tried taking more of Wade’s cock into her mouth. Her jaws were forced far apart by the incredible girth of his cock. The underside of the prick crushed her tongue down into the bottom of her mouth, filling her head with the concentrated taste of cock meat. She felt his pulse throbbing in the thick veins that curled like vines around the mighty shaft of his cock.

The cheeks of her slim face went hollow as she sucked still harder on the young man’s cock. He stepped up the tempo of his pussy licking. Elaine’s ass began to wag from side to side as the tension built up inside her cunt.

Suddenly Wade grabbed Elaine’s ass with both hands and thrust his tongue deep into her pussy.

“Um!” she said, her exclamation muffled by the cock in her face. Wade’s prick vibrated in her mouth, his excitement matching hers. He began to fuck her dripping pussy with a long rigid tongue.

Elaine felt her body readying itself for the shock of a tremendous orgasm. She began to suck Wade’s cock almost frantically. She wanted to taste his jism as she came!

It became a race against time. With Wade tongue-fucking her pussy fast and furiously, she felt tense as a violin string, on the verge of snapping into orgasm. The feel of the fat plug of cock in her face was turning her on too. Wade’s big prick seemed to pulsate with horny vitality.

A blunt thumb moved over to stab at her swollen clit. Her fingers dug spasmodically into Wade’s hips. She was about to come! Her pussy sloshed hot cunt sauces all over his hand and face.

The head of his prick was clear to the back of her mouth. She knew men loved to have their pricks swallowed, but she also knew that wasn’t the quickest way to make a man come. She wanted results now!

She pulled her head away from Wade’s crotch. The cock was out from between her lips. She moved her mouth until her lips were holding the place what his conical red cock head met the stalk of his prick. The nerves were most thickly gathered there. She snuggled closer to Wade, so that her tits flattened against his hard stomach and her nipples drilled into his flesh. Then she sucked for all she was worth on his rock-hard cock.

The results were immediate. Wade’s cock swelled till it was so huge Elaine was afraid her jaws would pop out of their binges. Then the prick contracted and fired come clear to her tonsils!

The taste of jism filled her mouth. The cock quivered and spat again. Come spattered her tongue. She swirled her tongue around the prick head, relishing the flavor of the jism that spewed out from the prick hole.

Wade’s body shifted and squirmed as he came. Then a velvet bear-trap closed on the tongue that had invaded the red-furred cunt. A fresh torrent of cunt honey gushed from the secretary’s twat. She was coming too!

A billion bright lights burst behind Elaine’s eyes as Wade’s big prick fucked her mouth full of jism. His tongue-lashing made, her pussy tunnel tingle with delight. She couldn’t seem to catch her breath, so powerfully was she coming.

But she didn’t care!

The well-built man’s prick hosed come all over her tongue and the insides of her mouth. She drank the white come down as fast as she could, but even then precious droplets of jism spilled out of her mouth, around the vast girth of the cock.

At the same time, Wade kept pressing the love-button of her cunt. His tongue just seemed to keep sliding into the secretary’s pussy. The flavor of her cunt made him roll his eyes with delight. Her pussy was delicious!

They thrashed and shook, sucking down come and pussy juice with mindless abandon. Eventually, Wade ran out of come, but his huge cock kept jerking under the skillful treatment of Elaine’s lips and tongue.

Her cunt convulsed through a series of orgasms around Wade’s tongue. He fucked it in and out of her pussy. The silky, oily membranes of her cunt seemed to grasp at the sliding, exciting tongue. Her cunt was so engorged with blood that it seemed about to burst.

Finally the fires of her climax died away into a sweet afterglow. It was like a new experience for her. The horror of the last few days had erased her good memories of the times with Harry and had left only the bad memories in her mind.

She raised her head and studied the spit-glossed prick head. Her tongue skillfully scooped up the creamy come that had escaped her greedy mouth. Wade’s jism tasted good.

She could be happy with him, she knew. If only she could stay at his side forever!


Elaine sat in the living room of the split-level home and uneasily sipped her drink. There was something about the couple sitting on the couch across from her that made her terribly nervous. She couldn’t put her finger on what it was, but it made her want to leap up and bolt out the door!

“I understand Harry wants us to drop the Mattson case,” the man said, leaning forward with his elbows on his knees. “Of course, he must realize it’s impossible. I know his reputation, but this thing is airtight. Absolutely airtight.”

Elaine hardly heard him. Her attention, kept wandering to the woman who sat at his side and leaned on his shoulder. The woman’s smoldering brown eyes hadn’t left Elaine since she’d walked in the door.

District Attorney Charles Hardman had a reputation for being what his name implied — a hard man. He was in his late thirties or early forties, his eyes gray, and his hands surprisingly large for his size. He played ceaselessly with his half-full of gin, turning it around and around so that the colorless liquid swirled in the glass.

“But of course,” the black-haired woman at his side said, in a voice like a purring cat, “something could be arranged, given the proper inducement. That is why Harry sent you here isn’t it, dear?” she smiled lasciviously at Elaine. The secretary repressed a shudder.

Hard man gave his companion a reproving glance.

“You needn’t be so blunt, Marda,” he said. She laughed, a sound like tinkling bells.

She stood up and walked toward Elaine. Her floor-length dress clung to her like a sheath. The thin fabric molded itself around every curve of her voluptuous body. And there was certainly a lot to cling to!

Black-haired Marda was an inch or two shorter than Hardman, but she was anything but compact. She was not fat by any stretch of the imagination; she simply had an incredibly ripe figure packed in her none-too-tall frame!

Marda moved with the sure grace of a hunting panther. Her tits — large, with erect nipples and projecting areolas — rode up and down on her ribs. The cloth of her dress was so sheer that the secretary could see the ringlets of cunt fur outlined between the luscious thighs.

Marda stopped in front of the redhead. Big brown eyes studied Elaine over the rim of a glass as the DA’s mistress took a sip of her drink. A bare arm reached out and a scarlet-nailed finger touched Elaine’s cheek.

“Charles doesn’t like to say things straight out,” she explained. “I don’t believe in beating around the bush. We’re going to play with you, beautiful. If you please us enough, we’ll do what your dear boss wants us to. How is he, by the way?”

Elaine didn’t answer. She sat looking at the shag carpet. She had a curious hollow feeling in the pit of her stomach.

The brunette turned away. Elaine’s eyes glanced up to see the crack between Marda’s ass cheeks delineated in the shimmering indigo cloth. She was afraid of what would happen next. She couldn’t restrain a certain catch to her breath. She’d never seen a woman as ripe and lovely as Marda.

Marda paused by a table at the end of the couch.

“You know, Charles dear, I’ve never seen a red-haired pussy before.” She set her drink down. “I wonder what one looks like.”

Without glancing back at the red-headed secretary, Marda reached behind herself and pulled down the zipper of her dress. The opening bared the milky expanse of Marda’s back. She peeled off her dress. The crack of her ass smiled at Elaine. Marda bent to slide the clinging dress down her legs, then stood up, smoothed her midnight hair back, and took a drink from her glass.

Elaine looked from the now-naked brunette to Hardman. The bulge in his crotch gave ample evidence to the interest he was taking in what was going on. He was staring intently at Elaine, ignoring the spectacle of his naked mistress, standing a few feet from him.

Marda opened a drawer in the table and pulled out apiece of rope. “Not yet,” Hardman said suddenly, urgently. Then he bent over and rummaged under the couch with one hand.

When his hand appeared, Elaine gasped. He was holding the handle of a whip!

Like a long black serpent the whip uncoiled from beneath the sofa. Hardman brought his wrist forward swiftly, and eight feet of braided buck leather slithered across the carpet toward Elaine. She dropped her glass and jumped to her feet.

“Wait a minute,” she said nervously. “This is going a little too fast for me. I mean, when Harry asked me to come here, I’m sure he didn’t have anything in mind like…”

The DA had gotten to his feet as Elaine spoke. Now he moved his hand with blinding speed. The end of the whip snapped up between her thighs, under the hem of her skirt, stinging her panty-covered cunt.

Her protest turned to a cry of anguish. She pressed her knees together and threw a hand down to protect her cunt. The lash slid down a slender thigh and fell to the floor.

The blow hadn’t been very hard, and Elaine’s panties had cushioned its impact some. Still, her pussy smarted from the whip-stroke. “O,” Elaine moaned. “I — oh, that hurts!”

“It was meant to!” Marda said with undisguised delight. She had turned full face toward Elaine now. Despite the pain in her cunt, the secretary was impressed by the sight of the naked woman.

Marda’s tits were like balloons, crowned with large nipples. The curves of her body narrowed to a surprisingly small waist, then flared out into lushly padded white hips. The downward pointing triangle of cunt fur between the voluptuous thighs was big and lush. A hint of pink pussy lips showed through the black bush.

Elaine massaged her aching cunt bun. She felt ridiculous bent over like this, but she didn’t want Hardman snapping her poor pussy again!

But Hardman was not to be put off from his sport. The whip moved again. Elaine shrieked wildly as a six inch rip appeared in her blouse above her left tit.

She jerked upright and stepped back so that the chair hit her in the backs of her legs. Then she looked down at herself, feeling foolish for having screamed so loudly. The hissing lash hadn’t touched her!

She stared at Hardman, not understanding. He smiled at her with what looked like genuine warmth. He struck again.

A horizontal tear opened over her other tit. Elaine bit back a panicky cry. What kind of a game was this?

Whatever it was, she didn’t like it!

Marda stepped out of her discarded dress. She still wore her high-heeled shoes, which somehow made her look still more naked. She ran a hand over her jutting tits, tasted her drink, and looked at Elaine with lust glowing in her eyes.

The smell of hot, horny cunt filled the room. Marda was getting turned on. Elaine wondered what part the brunette would play in the DA’s little game.

There was no time for speculation. She hugged her tits instinctively as the whip whistled towards them. It laid open the side of her blouse, baring a large area of untouched white skin.

A few more expert cuts of the whip and the blouse was hanging in shreds from the secretary’s shrinking body. And yet, she had only felt the kiss of the black snake once, on her cunt bun, but that once was more than enough!

Marda’s nipples looked as big as thumb-tips on the ends of her tits. The dark areolas seemed to be expanding over the globes of her tits. A shiny line of cunt juice glistened on her thigh.

Elaine’s skirt flapped as the whip sang. She glanced down to see a strip of cloth hanging down her thigh. Two more lightning-fast blows of the slender lash and the skirt fell away, leaving the shrinking redhead dressed only in shoes, panties, and lacy white bra.

“Ai!” Pain blazed between Elaine’s cunt bun and her hipbone.

“I’m terribly sorry,” Hardman said. “I hadn’t meant to touch you yet. My aim’s a little off. I haven’t practiced in a while.”

His stroke had nevertheless made a tear in Elaine’s yellow panties. The next swing curled the whip around a pert ass cheek, caressing her ass without hurting it. She felt a cool breeze over her ass.

Two more licks of the whip and Marda sang out with glee, “So that’s what red pussy fur looks like! It’s absolutely stunning!”

Elaine pressed her thighs together as though she could somehow conceal her naked pussy by doing so. There was an angry red weal angling up away from her cunt bush. It was an unpleasant reminder of what that long tongue of leather could do to her helpless, tender flesh.

“Now,” Hardman panted, breathless with lust. “We take off the bra.”

Elaine shook her head. She kept her arms huddled over her tits. She couldn’t bare to feel the whip licking at her tits!

The DA’s face was mottled with fury. “Put your arms down, slut!” he roared.


The whip curved around and bit deeply into the cheeks of the secretary’s ass. “Yeeeeeee!” she squealed. She clutched at her rump in agony.

Crack! A flick of the whip sent a cup of her bra cart-wheeling into space. She made a frantic grab to rescue her bra, but the tip of the whip stripped the other cup off her pointed tit. She stood before the pair, like Marda, naked except for her shoes.

“She really has the most lovely cunt I’ve ever seen,” Marda said. “But let’s hear her scream some more.”

Elaine gasped at her words. Her eyes moved to the naked, big-breasted woman, and she missed the whip arcing toward her.

Without warning the whip slashed across her bared tits.

“AIIhhhhhYAAAAAAAAH!” Elaine howled. She slapped her hands to her tits. Her knees buckled at the hideous pain welling from her whipped tits.

She went to her knees on the carpet. The whip slithered across the floor and stung up between her ass cheeks. Whether by accident or an purpose, the tip snapped her shit chute. She shot into the air like a spring uncoiling.

Elaine’s scream filled the sumptuous living room. Marda laughed with joy. She drained her drink and dropped a hand to the black-bearded mouth of her pussy. At the touch of the fingertip, cunt sauces oozed out to fill her palm.

Hardman lashed Elaine’s ass. The cruel blow spun her around. She threw out her arms to steady herself. The whip lashed out and caught the underside of a flying tit. Elaine’s mind exploded in pain.

“No! AAAAAAH!” she wailed, flailing her arms hysterically. “Stop it, stop it, STOP IT! I can’t TAKE it! My tits, my ass, my poor pussy. Oh, GOD!”

Laughing like a madman, Hardman struck out again and again at the pale, naked body. Burning red welts striped the redhead’s ass and tits. When she left her legs apart, the whip came up between them and seared her cunt lips.

The pain was too terrible to be borne, but Elaine had no choice. The whipping kept her dancing, off balance, half-mad with pain. And there was no place to hide. All she could do was ineffectually cover one part of her lovely body while the whip abused the other!

A wicked stroke full along the furrow of her cunt gash brought her to her knees again. Hardman cracked the tip of the whip on a straining nipple as he jerked his shirt open.

“AAAAAAH!” Elaine screamed.

Her nipple seemed about to explode with agony. Through a haze of pain and tears she saw Hardman opening his trousers and tugging them down his legs. His cock popped out of his pants. It was long and thin like the black whip in his hand.

“Down! Onto your back,” Hardman commanded. Elaine blinked at him. Her brain was too fogged, by the agony assaulting her tits and striped ass, to respond at once.

The whip snapped the underside of her left tit. It felt as though it tore a strip of skin off the sensitive tit. Elaine howled and flung herself onto her back.

The next thing she was aware of was something warm and rubbery pressing against her lips. She opened her eyes. Hardman’s cock was like a pale arch between his hairy crotch and her mouth. The tip of Elaine’s nose touched the underside of the DA’s stiff prick.

She kept her mouth tightly shut. Hardman shortened his grip on the whip. It rose and fell hard between Elaine’s pussy lips.

Her ass flew off the carpet.

“UUHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” she cried. Expertly Hardman stuck his cocks into her open mouth as she screamed.

The secretary fought a wild urge to bite the DA’s cock off. As nearly driven insane by agony as she was, she still knew better. There was no telling what would happen to her if she did something like that!

There was no point in resisting any longer. She let Hardman fuck his cock into her mouth, down her throat. Having her mouth raped repeatedly by Harry over the last few days had at least taught her to swallow cock without gagging. Her eyes glared hate at the DA as the head of his prick pushed down toward her stomach.

She sensed Marda bending over her. Strong hands took hold of her wrists and drew them together below her tits. The red-headed secretary lay docilely as her hands were bound with the rope.

Hardman fucked his cock into Elaine’s face, marveling at the way she took his hard-on down her throat. Her throat was like a sock, so snugly did it fit his randy prick. His balls dangled down and draped over her nose.

Her head was well back, so that all she could see was the man’s nuts and hairy crotch. His cock pulsed in her throat. His prick was longer than Harry’s, though much skinnier. It was a great effort not to gag on his prick, despite her enforced training in cock-sucking.

A hardness poked into the crack of her ass. She tensed. The blunt tip of the object, whatever it was, slid down to push insistently against the puckered portal of her asshole!

Twisting her head, she looked down the gleaming pale length of her body. Framed by Elaine’s proud tits, Marda knelt between the secretary’s thighs. She was wearing some kind of harness around her hips. The hard thing shifted, held between the cheeks of Elaine’s ass.

The lengthy cock started to draw out of her face. She realized what was happening. The curvaceous brunette had strapped on a dildo.

And she was trying to fuck Elaine up the asshole with it!

Elaine reached down to try to push the artificial cock away from her asshole. She didn’t know what Marda’s dildo was made of, but she was afraid it would tear up the insides of her shit chute. Marda caught her wrist with one hand while the other steadied the inward pushing dildo. She laughed.

Half Hardman’s prick had left her mouth. The length of the cock glistened with her spit. Hardman moaned and stroked his captive’s face.

Her upper teeth flayed the sensitive underside of the man’s cock.

“Uh,” he groaned.

Her lower teeth were scraping the upper surface of his prick in a wonderful way.

He looked at Marda’s face. She had the opening of her victim’s ass pried open. The tip of her dildo entered Elaine’s ass hole. The redhead gave a cry, muffled by Hardman’s cock.

“Nice, isn’t it?” Marda said. Her nipples were huge and shiny.

Hardman couldn’t answer. The head of his cock was just inside Elaine’s mouth, her lower teeth catching the under edge of the flaring hood of the prick head. It felt fantastic!

The dildo rasped the inside of Elaine’s asshole. No, she wanted to scream. Don’t put that thing inside me! I don’t want it up my ass. But she couldn’t speak with Hardman’s cock plugging her mouth. She heard him sigh, and then he was driving his cock back down her throat. Her tongue retreated as far to the bottom of her mouth as it could. She didn’t want to give his cock any more sensation than she had to!

With a sudden move of her hips, Marda buried an inch of the dildo in the redhead’s ass. Elaine squealed. Her ass rolled around on the floor in a frantic attempt to escape the hard rod impaling it.

The rug burned her whip-welted ass cheeks.

Cock and dildo drove into the secretary’s mouth and asshole relentlessly. It was as if a dowel covered in sandpaper was being forced up her ass. The lining of her shit chute seemed to be flayed by the entry of the phony prick.

She barely noticed as Hardman fucked his cock to the hilt in her mouth and started pulling it out again. Her being we concentrated on the unyielding shaft of hard rubber surging into her rectum. It was not as thick as Harry’s big prick, but it still gave her ass channel an uncomfortable feeling of being too full. And the friction of the ungreased dildo was hell on her asshole!

Still, the dildo came into her ass. It was like a spear, now, being jammed up her asshole. She thought that if anymore of the dildo was fucked into her ass she’d die.

And still more of the dildo entered her agonized asshole!

Still, the dildo came into her ass. It was like a spear, now, being jammed up her asshole. She thought that if any more of the dildo was fucked into her ass she’d die.

And still more of the dildo entered her agonized asshole!

Then the progress of the dildo up her asshole stopped. She felt something strange pressed against her whipped rump, and knew it was the base of the artificial cock. Marda started to pull the artificial prick from her victim’s asshole as Hardman began to fuck his real cock back into Elaine’s mouth!

The cock slid readily down the redhead’s throat. The dildo tore at her asshole like a spike-headed mace crammed up her ass as it withdrew. Hardman’s balls flopped over her nose, and then his cock was leaving her mouth with frantic speed.

Marda pulled the cock from Elaine’s ass until only an inch or so remained crammed up her asshole. Then she fed it all back into the captive’s shit chute. Elaine screamed around the prick pistoning in and out of her wide-open mouth.

Marda gazed down at the naked redhead. Elaine’s pussy gaped between her widely parted legs. The cunt was pink against scarlet pussy fur. The aroma of her cunt was sweet.

Below her cunt mouth, two mounds of ass flesh framed the flesh colored dildo as it disappeared up Elaine’s asshole. Marda rotated her plush hips. Elaine squawked as the motion twisted the dildo cruelly in her ass.

At her sounds and squirms of agony, Hardman was getting incredibly turned on. His cock vibrated like a tuning fork as he fucked her mouth. The head of the prick seemed, to inflate even more as it slid down her throat.

Marda was ass-fucking the lovely captive for real now. The stiff dildo pumped in and out of Elaine’s asshole with sledge-hammer speed. The agony from her violated whole was unbearable now. It was as tough her an had been crammed full of broken glass!

The dildo was tearing her apart. She felt deep humiliation, knowing what a charge Hardman was getting from fucking her face while he watched his secretary rape her ass with a dildo. But there was nothing she could do about it.

The base of the dildo rhythmically crushed the fertile mound of Marda’s black-furred cunt. Each inward stroke of the dildo in Elaine’s ass sent a stab of ecstasy into Marda’s pussy. The sight of the naked redhead writhing on the carpet as she was fucked in the mouth and asshole was a fantastic turn on! And the gaping red-haired pussy was as lovely a sight as Marda had ever seen.

She fucked the dildo home in Elaine’s ass with a surge of lustful energy. Elaine arched her back and wailed around Hardman’s cock. Marda grabbed her giant tits and howled as if in pain. A hand seemed to squeeze her pussy tunnel, then the tightness traveled up her glorious naked body to her brain as she came.

The next stroke of Marda’s dildo lifted the lower half of Elaine’s body clear off the rug. The dildo seemed to lance up the redhead’s shit-chute into her guts. She groaned in horrible pain. The dildo was tearing her apart!

She wanted to shriek. Hardman grabbed her hair with both hands and plunged his prick balls-deep in her face. The cock shuddered and then fired jism right down her throat. She choked as blast after blast of come cascaded into her throat, filled it, overflowed into her mouth and out her lips.

Elaine heard Marda’s orgiastic cries as the brunette fucked the cock mercilessly in and out of her tortured asshole. The odor of the black-bearded pussy reeked in her nostrils. She choked on acrid, foul-tasting come.

She wanted to die.

When would it all end?


The evening was cool. The skies were clear and full of stars. I can’t ever seem to get used to this, Elaine thought, as she walked up the strip of concrete toward the front door of the large, ranch-style house.

She climbed up the stairs to the porch. On either side were two large cast-iron figures of dogs. She looked at them dubiously and pressed the doorbell. From somewhere behind the house came the sound of barking.

After a brief pause, the door opened. A young woman looked out. She was short and slight but pretty in a mousy sort of way. She brushed back a strand of brown hair. “Hello,” she said.

She had the biggest eyes of any person Elaine had ever seen. They were big and hazel and luminous. They turned the woman’s otherwise unspectacular face into a thing of beauty.

“I’m Elaine Thomas,” the tall redhead said. “Harry Windsor sent me.” Even saying her employer’s name sent pain coursing through her.

“Oh.” The woman smiled. She had a lovely smile. “I’m Denise — Denise Mattson. Come in, won’t you?”

The door opened. Elaine stepped into a dimly lit living room. The walls displayed pictures of dogs, and the bookshelves were filled with books.

Elaine looked at Denise. The small brunette wore a simple shirt that flowed freely about her slender body. With the light of a lamp behind her, shining through the fabric of her shirt, Elaine could see that the woman was wearing nothing beneath.

Elaine felt her own nipples hardening with desire. Was part of her current “assignment” to eat the woman’s pussy? She couldn’t mind that at all! The little brown-haired woman was extremely attractive.

It was funny how Elaine had changed.

But then she had to.

Denise led her back into the house, down a corridor lined with pictures of champion show dogs. Blue ribbons hung in clusters. “You raise dogs?” Elaine asked.

“Yes, we’re the top breeders of Great Danes in the Southwest.” She paused before a door with a framed photo of a gigantic black dog on it. A wreath of flowers hung around the animal’s neck. “Go on in.”

Despite Elaine’s recent experiences, which had served to harden the red-headed secretary, Elaine felt a thrill of anxiety. What awaited her inside the room? If it involved licking Denise’s pussy, or fucking the woman’s husband — there was no mistaking the simple gold wedding band encircling the third finger of Denise’s left hand then — fine. But some of the things Harry’s friends and acquaintances had forced her to do had been awful!

James Mattson, Denise’s husband, was on jury duty on a controversial case involving securities fraud. The evidence against Harry’s client was overwhelming. But Elaine’s recent encounter with District Attorney Charles Hardman — and his strange but fabulously lovely mistress — had proven quite successful. As arranged, the DA had dropped the charges after a night of fucking and beating the red-headed secretary. Elaine only wished she could forget that night. Her ass and tits felt as if they’d never be the same.

So now Harry was trying for a hung jury. One juror was all it took. So — a discreet phone call, and then Elaine was sent over to a large suburban home, wearing her scantiest skirt and halter top — and nothing else.

I hope they’re not into whips and chains, she thought. She felt her pussy begin to fill with the sweet oils of lust. I wonder what Mr. Mattson looks like.

The door swung open. She saw Mr. Mattson — all of him!

He was standing in front of a big double bed, stark naked. He was fairly tall, slimly built, brown-haired like his wife. His cock hung limp between his thighs. At the sight of red-headed Elaine, standing and gaping in the doorway of the bedroom, his prick started to harden and grow up from between his legs.

“This is my husband,” said Denise, moving past Elaine into the room.

“I-I’m very pleased to meet you,” stammered Elaine.

The man a cock was at half-mast. Now it stuck out straight from his hairy crotch. It was a nice, tasty-looking prick, not an immense bar of cock meat like Harry’s or Wade’s, but large enough.

“Don’t just stand there,” Mattson said easily.

“Come on in.” He gestured with his hand. His cock was completely hard now, standing up almost straight in front of his flat belly, seeming to quiver in anticipation of fucking Elaine!

Inside her red-furred pussy the secretary felt an answering need. She wanted to fuck Jim Mattson so bad she could hardly stand it. As if in a trance, she walked toward him. She stretched out her arms.

He moved forward and took her in his arms. His embrace was powerful. Elaine felt lust surging through her veins. He kissed her, hard.

Her mouth opened. His tongue moved sinuously between her lips. Her tongue came forth to meet it. They intertwined in the sweet bath of her saliva. Their bodies moved together in a rising intensity of passion.

Strong fingers untied her halter top behind her back. It came undone and fell. Mattson’s chest pressed against her proud tits.

Her nipples tingled with delight. Mattson’s chest felt fantastic crushing her inflamed nipples into the cushions of her tits. Her arms went around him, hands stroking his smooth skin, enjoying the masculine feel of his body.

His cock was throbbing against the mound of her pussy. Mattson put a hand on her thigh. Then it was up clutching the tender cheeks of her ass. His finger went into the crevice between her ass cheeks. They slid down to dip into the moist mouth of her pussy. She writhed against Mattson’s naked body as his fingers invaded her cunt.

Then he had her turned around and was pushing her back toward the bed. The staff of his cock burned against her cunt hotly. Her calves came up against the end of the bed.

Mattson leaned against her. With a muffled scream into his open mouth, she topped backward. He fell on top of her. His weight crushed her deep into the soft mattress.

Her skirt had flipped up in the back so that her ass was bare against the bedspread. Instantly his cock was thrusting at her cunt. The head of his prick stabbed frenetically at her red-haired outer cunt lips.

She rolled her hips. Her pussy waited eagerly for his cock. The tip of Mattson’s prick found the opening of her pussy and pushed inside.

Elaine screamed with joy as the cock filled her cunt. Her long legs dangled over the edge of the bed. Mattson gripped her ass as he plunged his cock urgently into her brimming cunt.

Pussy sauces flew as his balls slapped against her hole.

“Ah!” she cried past the brown-haired man’s shoulder. “Yes! Fill my pussy with your cock! Fuck me hard!”

The big prick sucked out of her pussy. The flared cock head seemed to scrape the walls of her cunt, sending delight into her nerves. Her halter top had gotten lost in the confusion. Her bare tits were flattened by Mattson’s powerful chest. The feel of his pectoral muscles was sheer delight on her blood-engorged nipples.

He fucked his cock back into her pussy. She groaned and arched her back to drive her pussy farther onto the spear of his prick. The cone-shaped head of the cock drove the oiled membranes of her cunt far apart as it surged into her ready pussy tunnel.

It came out again, dripping succulent cunt sauces. The lips of Elaine’s pussy stretched out with the cock as though clinging to the cock, reluctant to let it go. The red fur of her cunt was stained dark and matted with the wantonly flowing juices of her pussy.

He fucked his cock home so hard that his crotch smacked hers with a loud slap.

“Uhhhhnn!” she gasped as his cock plunged hilt-deep in her cunt. She clawed at his back in an erotic fever.

Mattson licked her neck. She moaned and whimpered and nibbled his ear. His cock pumped in and out of the oily well of her pussy with a power that took the redhead’s breath away!

She opened her eyes. She saw his back hunching up and down as he fucked her needy cunt. Beyond him, Elaine could see his wife.

The hem of the shirt was pulled up. Beneath it, Denise was shamelessly nude. Even in the fury of her passion, Elaine could tell the woman was fond of sunbathing in the raw. Her pussy had been shaved, and the succulent skin where her cunt bush had been was warmly tanned. The pink of her pussy lips was almost shocking against the sun-browned skin.

Right now she was holding her pale, pink pussy mouth wide open with two fingers while her other hand fucked in and out of her cunt. Her eyes were glowing with lust. Her lips were moist and parted.

Denise’s husband grunted as he rammed his prick hard into Elaine’s pussy. Her ass sank far into the mattress. He was fucking her so hard it made her crotch sore. And she loved it!

A wild cry drew her attention back to Denise Mattson. The brown haired woman had her head thrown back. Her legs were far apart. Her lips were cocked forward so that her pussy opened up to her probing, fucking fingers. Cunt juice ran freely down her tan thighs as she came.

Elaine was near to coming too. The suddenness of it all took her breath away. She’d hardly been here five minutes and already her cunt was stuffed full of hard, pounding prick and ready to come!

Denise gave a series of sharp yips like a horny coyote. Her fingers sloshed in and out of her cunt as rapidly as her husband’s swollen prick was humping Elaine’s pussy. Denise’s half-naked body seemed to vibrate with the force of her orgasm.

Jim Mattson started to move his hips in a tight circle as he fucked his cock in and out of Elaine’s cunt. The circular motion of the cock in her pussy stretched the walls of the cunt tunnel in a dozen new and delightful ways. Elaine closed her eyes and clung to the wildly fucking man. Her passion threatened to swamp her being.

Jim slowed the tempo of his fucking to a long, deliberate, in-and-out stroking of his cock in Elaine’s pussy. She gasped. Her fingers dug into his back. This slow-burning style of fucking was making her crazier than his hard and fast prick-pistoning.

She opened her eyes. Denise was gone. For a moment Elaine wondered where the small but lovely woman had gone. She’d gotten the idea that part of the “service” she was to perform for the Mattson’s was fucking Jim while his wife looked on.

Then the man raised his body, changing the angle at which his cock entered her pussy. The upper surface of the prick began to rub back and forth over the tip of her clit. Sizzling flashes of joy seared into Elaine’s cunt. She forgot all about the passionate brunette and concentrated on the fabulous feel of the prick in her cunt.

The tension that foretold the coming climax was Jim’s trim body. He could feel the same tension in Elaine’s white body. He lifted himself on muscle-corded arms and gazed down at her. Her pale tits heaved up and down, still firm and peaked even against the pull of gravity. The nipples were very red and very hard.

His cock sucked slowly from her cunt then drove it back in with all his might. Elaine clutched his arms with both hands, arched he back, and came.

Her pussy tunnel collapsed around the spear of Jim’s prick. For a moment, he poised above her with his cock buried in her vibrating pussy. Then he sighed and spewed come into her cunt.

“AHHHHHUHHH!” sang Elaine. “Come in side! Come in my PUSSY! I’m coming so good!”

Her hips started to thrash as another orgasm hammered into her pussy, more violently than the first. Jim’s seething jism scorned to be a kind of magic ingredient that made her come with the force of a major earthquake.

Each pulse of come swelled Jim’s prick inside her pussy. He collapsed on top of her and began fucking his prick in and out of her cunt with frenetic speed. She called out her joy and lust and fulfillment as her coming cunt drank down his jism.

Come filled the channel of her pussy. A contraction of her cunt walls squirted come out and stained the bedspread. Jim fucked his cock home in the jism filled morass of her pussy, relishing the additional slipperiness his come gave her cunt.

Slowly the furious convulsions of climax eased within their interlocked bodies. Jim’s prick gave a final come-spitting surge and was quiet. Elaine’s pussy muscles squeezed the cock lovingly, sucking the final drops of came from the pin-prick hole in the end of the man’s cock.

“Whew!” she said.

Jim said nothing. He lay panting with exertion. His cock softened inside Elaine’s pussy. It was still thick and firm enough to fill her pussy with sweet sensation.

He disentangled the redhead’s arms, and then, taking gentle hold of her wrists, drew them out from his sides. His chest muscles rippled thrillingly over her still-rigid nipples.

She felt someone take her hand and slip something over it. In surprise she opened her eyes to see Denise fitting a loop of cord around her right wrist. The brunette was naked. Her tits weren’t large, but they were exquisitely well formed and the pointed nipples were stiff. The areolas were dark brown against the tanned skin of her tits.

She felt a pang of fear. Jim stirred his deflating cock in her pussy. She relaxed. They’d been good to her so far. She’d play along with what they had in mind. They didn’t look like the sadistic type.

Denise bent down and tossed the coil of cord under the bed. Then she walked around the bed, drew the cord under it and knotted it around the secretary’s other wrist.

“Don’t be afraid,” Jim said. He kissed her ear. His breath sent a delighted chill down her spine. She felt lust returning to her orgasm-sated and come-filled cunt. “Just close your eyes and take it easy. Everything will be all right.”

She did as she was told. Jim raised himself and slid off her body. His cock slipped out of her cunt. She felt the uncorked come and cunt juice flow freely from her slack-lipped pussy until her cunt tunnel was empty of the aromatic mixture.

She felt Jim’s hands holding her thighs apart. After a moment, he put both hands on her right knee. Lighter, smaller fingers touched the satiny skin of her other thigh. She felt Denise’s breath feathering her thighs.

“All right, darling,” she heard Denise say huskily. “Here it is. Get ready for it, sweetheart!”

Elaine trembled with excitement. What did they have for her? She couldn’t wait to find out.

A tongue abruptly lapped up the length of her slobbering pussy slash. Her body made a white arch ecstasy flowed through her cunt. Denise was going to eat her cunt! They didn’t have to tie her up for that!

The tongue licked up her cunt gash again.

“Mm,” she moaned eagerly. “Eat my pussy! Eat it good, baby!”

The tongue began to slurp powerfully and noisily at her oozing cunt. Then the tied-up secretary noticed something wrong.

Suddenly the tongue left her cunt. Her gaping pussy mouth felt cool as spit and cunt juice dried on the cunt lips. Then she heard a scrabbling around and a crushing weight came down on her.

Her eyes snapped open — and looked straight into the big hazel eyes of Denise!

“Ah,” she moaned. “My pussy’s been licked by a hot little slut!” Her stomach rolled with shock and pleasure. Then something stabbed at her outer pussy lips. She screamed again. Denise was trying to fuck her with a fat double-sided dildo — her! She fought madly to slam her knees together. Denise hung on, holding her legs open so her cunt and asshole was exposed to their giant dildo.

The brunette stood up, walked a few steps, and went to her hands and knees, facing the bed at an angle so she could watch the wide spread pussy. Her ass waved invitingly in the air. Jim came over and knelt behind his wife’s shapely ass. The crimson crevice between her tanned ass cheeks smiled at him. Her stole seemed to wink at him. A fat drop of cunt honey gleamed between the dangling lips of her pussy.

“Fuck me, darling,” she gasped. “I need your cock in my pussy so bad I can taste it. Fuck me!”

Jim cocked his hips and drove his prick full-length into his wife’s waiting pussy. She screamed. His balls slapped wetly against the mouth of her cunt as his cock filled her cunt tunnel from one end to the other.

Elaine was dimly aware of the sounds of the married couple fucking. But how she loved the double-sided dildo hanging in her pussy!

She felt the excitement grow in her cunt. As she watched the couple’s fuck feast. Elaine begged for them to pump her hot cunt. It was part of what they liked, just leaving her tied up — forced to watch and unable to cum!


“AIEEEEEE!” shrieked Elaine as a whizzing belt slapped her naked ass. “Stop!”

The rope around her wrists was cutting off circulation. Her arms felt as if they were about to come out of their sockets from supporting her weight. Despite the pain of having her ass beaten with a heavy leather belt. Despite having been hung from the rafters of the country home like a side of beef, her pussy was awash with aromatic, slippery cunt juice.

That damned Harry still knew how to fuck!

The rancher who owned the sprawling house brought his belt whistling forward again. He cracked it on the curve of one white ass cheek. Elaine screamed again. Her ass moved in a tight circle. Her pussy stirred vigorously around Harry Windsor’s cock which was crammed up the red-furred cunt from below.

Harry stood flatfooted on the tile floor, holding Elaine’s thighs with his fingers. He cocked his hips and moved rapidly back and forth, fucking his prick to and from inside his secretary’s pussy. The belt slashed her ass again. She jumped. Her pussy moved maddeningly around his cock.

Kathleen sat by the fireplace. Despite the summer heat outside, a fire was burning brightly.

Several branding irons were stuck into the flames. The heads of the brands glowed whitely.

“Come on, hurry up, you two,” Kathleen urged?

She sat in a wood chair which had a leather covered seat. Her blue jeans and panties lay on the red tile beside her. She was dressed in boots and a cowboy shirt that hung open to bare her big, delectable tits. Her legs were spread far out in front of her. She was busily fucking a tapered black iron bootjack cast in the shape of a stylized cricket. Her pussy lips clung delightfully to the metal. The peculiar shape of the bootjack stretched her cunt walls in ways she’d never felt before!

“I want to help brand the bitch,” she said.

“Yes, this thing feels nice in my cunt!” She fucked the cricket home until only the horn-like antennae of the iron figurine stuck out of her cunt. She took one of the horns in her fingers and played with it, shifting the cricket in the oily depths of her cunt. Pleasure welled from her cunt and she cried out in a sudden frenzy of orgasm as her cunt began to pulse rhythmically around the cold metal.

The rancher hit Elaine one last time on the ass, then threw his belt away. “I’m gonna try her out first,” he said. “I’m paying you all a pretty heap of money for this here little filly.”

“And she’s worth every penny of it,” Harry grunted. He moved his fingers to clutch her reddened, streaked ass. His secretary cried out as his fingers dug into her inflamed ass flesh. “Aren’t you, honey?”

Elaine shrieked. Now that the fiery pain of the belt lashing at her ass was dulled, all she could think about were those irons glowing white-hot in the fire. They were actually going to use one on her! They were going to burn same kind of mark into the delicate skin of her ass.

It would hurt worse than all the tortures she’d been submitted to put together.

The cock slid a few inches out of her pussy. Harry went on tiptoe then to cram almost the entire length of his cock up her cunt. In spite of the pain in her ass and her fear of the burning-hot iron, she moaned with pleasure as his prick filled her pussy, stretching the oily, elastic walls. Like Harry, the rancher was buck naked. His big cock jutted from his crotch like a fence post. It wasn’t long, six inches or so, but it was even thicker than the cock Harry was so expertly plying in and out of the red-headed secretary’s pussy!

He put his thumbs into the furrow between Elaine’s tortured ass cheeks. She squealed at the touch. Harry’s cock rasped out across her inflated clit, and she cried out in pain and pleasure at the same time.

The hard head of Jake’s fat prick touched the portal of Elaine’s asshole. “No!” she yelled. “Your cock, it’s not greased! Don’t stick it in my poor asshole!”

Jake laughed. “That’s what I’m aiming to do right enough, little lady,” he said. “Better get ready for it.”

He was a burly man with a hanging belly, but his arms were thick with muscle. His huge hands fastened like clamps on the woman’s blazing ass. They pried the red-striped ass flesh apart. Then the blunt thumbs began to draw her whole open.

Elaine waited hopelessly as the rancher fit the tip of his prick into the opening of her shit chute.

Harry fucked his cock back up her cunt. How was it possible to feel so much joy and so much agony at the same time?

The rancher grunted and shoved hard with his hips. Pain shot up Elaine’s ass channel as the cock head popped into her ass chute. The wedge shaped prick head felt big as a house inside her ass.

Jake started to shove the cock up the captive’s us. “Stop it,” she begged. “I can’t stand it, I really can’t. Your cock is so huge, and my asshole is so small. Don’t try to stick your prick up my ass. You’ll tear me apart!”

The last was a drawn-out wail as three inches of stubby cock was fucked up her ass with a violent heave. Agony flared in her ass channel. The thick prick seemed to be shredding the delicate membranes inside her ass.

Another inch of cock drove up her rump. “Uh,” she gasped. The rancher chuckled.

“Just a little bit more, little lady,” he said. “Shit howdy, Harry, I can feel your old pecker pumping around inside her little cunt. What’s her pussy feel like?”

“F-fantastic!” the attorney gritted. His secretary was squirming around as though she already could feel the bite of white-hot iron on her naked ass. Suspended from the roof beams as she was, her naked body had complete freedom of movement. The way her pussy slipped and slid around his cock was simply out of this world!

Jake’s cock seemed to peel the lining off Elaine’s ass tunnel. He drove the last half-inch of cock into her reluctant shit chute. Then he stood, looking down at the rounded ass pushing into his crotch. The flawless skin stretched over her ass cheeks was marred by crisscrossing welts from the man’s belt.

His cock throbbed to the racing beat of his heart. Elaine’s ass was impossibly snug around his fat prick. He put his hands on her waist and started to withdraw his tool.

Elaine’s long legs were wrapped around her boss’ waist. He was pistoning his cock in and out of her cunt with merciless abandon. He was teetering on the brink of climax. The red-haired pussy felt delicious seething around his prick and dripping cunt juices down onto his balls. Elaine’s screams and struggles when she was first whipped, and his prick jammed into her ass hole had made him so hot he could scarcely stand up.

But it was the thought of what would happen next that really made him horny. He pictured the heated branding iron searing into his secretary’s lovely ass. His cock pulsated with raging lust!

The fat cock felt far worse coming out of Elaine’s ass hole than it had going in. The redhead wouldn’t have believed it possible, but the flaring rear-edge of the hooded cock head seemed to flay the inside of her already-abused ass channel. It was like having her asshole filled with stinging, biting fire-ants.

The two men began to fuck her madly, up the pussy and asshole. Pain and pleasure waned in her body. She shook her head hysterically. What was happening to her? At least with the two men fucking their pricks into her glorious body from below, all her weight wasn’t on her upward stretched arms.

But the agony in her raped asshole outweighed tat slight relief!

She opened her eyes to see Kathleen Windsor pulling an iron out of the fireplace. She studied the end of the iron. It glowed fiercely.

“Hmm,” the blonde said. “Why don’t I burn the little bitch’s ass while you two guys are plugged into her? Might be entertaining!”

“Little lady,” Jake panted, forcing his cock back up Elaine’s ass. The ungreased stump of cock was like a drill reaming out her asshole. “You go right on ahead. Sounds like fun!”

“No! NOOO!” Elaine howled. The cock throbbed in her ass. Harry fucked her pussy with his eyes closed and his fingers clutching her white thighs. Her cunt still slobbered pussy sauce down the front of his hairy legs.

Kathleen was coming closer. Could Elaine feel the heat of the branding iron? Her green eyes were huge and fearful.

“Get away from me with that,” she warned. “My ass! Don’t touch me with that! Please don’t burn me!”

Kathleen held the glowing iron before her like a fencing foil. Elaine could feel its heat stinging her whipped ass. Jake pulled his monstrous prick out of her ass except for the swollen head, to give the sadistic blonde a clear shot at that naked ass.

“Get ready!” Kathleen shouted exultantly. “Get ready to feel your ass burn, baby! I’m going to brand your ass good!”

“You’re not going to do anything,” a masculine voice drawled. “Just take a step back and put the iron down. And do it fast!”

There was something familiar about the voice. Jake was gobbling in fear, trying to yank his prick free of her. It seemed trapped by the ungreased shit chute. Elaine turned her head.

Wade Elliot stood in the doorway, big and handsome. In one hand he held a super-8 movie camera. In the other hand he held a double-action .44 magnum, cocked and leveled at Elaine’s tormentors!

Harry cried out as his prick spat jism into the red furred cunt. Come surged up her cunt tunnel and washed back the length of his prick. And then Elaine was coming too.

“God,” gasped Elaine. “How I love to feel your cock in me, Wade!”

The blond-haired attorney hunched over her naked body and fucked her like a dog. The bed creaked below the weight of their joyously fucking bodies. Her scarlet-furred cunt was deliciously tight around his thrusting cock.

That day he’d met her, Elliot had no idea why Windsor had sent him to see the red-headed secretary. Elaine’s behavior came as a complete surprise. But he’d been favorably impressed.

“I am, uh, glad I started checking up on you, darling,” Wade groaned. His cock slid gradually from the dripping pussy. Cunt flaps caressed the dick and shiny sides of his prick. “It was that girl in Wellborn’s office who really tipped me off. After that it was merely a matter of waiting for the right moment!”

“I’m so glad you did,” Elaine said heartfully. Her pussy gave his retreating cock a squeeze. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” Elliot said seriously. “That’s why I did all this for you!”

“You still have those movies? Uh, ram your cock up my cunt!”

“Sure do. The money we’ll soak out of that pig Windsor will keep us in pretty high style!”

The secretary thought a minute. Her body jerked as Wade plunged his giant prick back into her pussy. His hipbones smacked her ass.

“Let’s send Kathleen over to play with the Mattsons,” she said. “She’ll love that — will she ever!”

“Anything you want, dearest,” Wade said. “Now shut up and fuck!”

She did!

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Wild Naughty Daughter

Every society is marked by an adolescent stage. A growing-up period. A time when each young member feels he is infinitely more daring and modem than the adults ruling the establishment he often rebels against. Nowhere is this phenomenon more marked than in an open society such as ours.

Many an adult has smiled in nostalgic remembrance of the time he snuck out back to enjoy a forbidden cigarette or beer. The time he challenged another boy to a drag race. The time he threw a firecracker in the school john.

Sally’s story is that of a teenage girl growing up in her own way: breaking the moral code she has been taught, flaunting her body in open rebellion. Reveling in any and every new wanton experience. Indeed, Sally makes a world of her own, where hedonism becomes the standard.

WILD NAUGHTY DAUGHTER — she is growing up, going over the threshold into young adulthood. She is learning to see her parents as people. This is the story of one teenager’s coming of age in our society.


The stores hadn’t even opened on Main Street, and already the early-summer day was sweltering. Sally had to run on tiptoe quickly across the asphalt at each intersection to the relative coolness of the concrete on the next sidewalk, although even the sidewalks were getting too hot to walk on barefooted.

She really should have worn shoes, she knew, but she’d gone barefoot and had worn her tightest, skimpiest shorts and blouse in the hopes that when she reached the First Baptist Church were her mother was waiting, her mother would turn red-faced with shock at her indecent manner of dress and send her straight home again instead of making her stay around to help serve coffee and doughnuts to the women’s group, of which her mother was chairwoman. On her first day of summer of vacation, Sally couldn’t bear the thought of spending the morning catering to a bunch of tittering, gossipy, self-righteous women.

She could already see them looking up and down, appraising her. They’d ask her how school had gone this yew. Had she gotten good grades? Wasn’t her hair getting just a bit too long? Her mother, of course, who’d been complaining about the length of her hair for months now, would send her straight to the salon to get it hacked off church-woman length.

It wasn’t fair. Why shouldn’t she be able to grow her hair any length she wanted to? Her brother Mark could do anything and get away with it. He could grow his hair any length, stay out late at night, take girls to drive-in movies — anything. Dad stuck up for Mark, but he let Mom slave-drive her however she wanted to. It was as if Mark belonged to Dad, and she to Mom. Mark could even skip church and Sunday School half the time.

And Dad even skipped church sometimes. Sally knew Dad didn’t believe all that Baptist crap that Mom was always fantatically trying to live up to, and trying to stuff down her throat. If Mom kept this up, one of these days, Sally was going to run away.

A car passed by slowly, the boys inside whistling and whooping. They asked Sally if she wanted a ride, but she just stuck her tongue out at them and kept walking. They laughed crazily and squealed off.

Dumb boys! Why wouldn’t they ever leave her alone? She couldn’t step out the door and walk two blocks without some boy going by in a car and yelling something dirty at her. All they wanted to do was get into her pants. Even Mark looked at her sometimes like he wanted to get into her pants — her own brother! Well, they could all go jump in the lake. No boy was going to get into her pants until she was good and ready for it.

When will you ever be ready for it? a disturbing voice deep inside herself asked. You know that almost all the other girls at school have had boys between their legs, or so they’ve claimed or implied. Do you want to be the last one to spread your legs for a boy? How much longer are you going to let Mommie’s rules control your life? Do you want to end up a Baptist church-woman, spending your days in a church basement eating coffee and doughnuts and gossiping about all the sinners outside?

Sally’s heart pounded. She started trotting. The sooner she got to the church, barefooted and half-naked, the sooner her mother would blow up and send her back home. Maybe on the way back home those boys in the red car would pass her again — but this time she just might take that offered ride.

A block ahead was Lipman’s Department Store, the largest business in town, and a block beyond Lipman’s was the First Baptist Church. It was appropriate that the biggest store in town should be so close to the largest church, because George Lipman, owner of the store, was not only the church’s major contributor, but head of the Board of Directors of First Baptist as well. The Lipman name was the biggest name in town. There were people in town who might not know the name of the current mayor, but everybody in town — including the five-year olds — knew the name Lipman. And people came from hundreds of miles away to shop at the famed Lipman’s Department Store, which was known throughout the state because of the store’s slick television ads, some of which featured George Lipman himself.

Sally crossed the street in front of Lipman’s, wincing as the softening asphalt stuck to her bare toes. She danced on the sidewalk, cursing under her breath, and was about to continue on a good clip when movement behind the large glass doors at the grand main entrance of Lipman’s caught her eye. A chubby, greasy-looking man was hanging a large sign on the inside of one of the doors. Sally couldn’t believe her eyes. In large bold black letters were printed the words: SALESGIRL WANTED.

Sally froze where she stood, astonished. A job at Lipman’s was every girl’s dream in this town. Every girl’s dream only because George Lipman hired only female salespeople — usually of high school or college age. The wages he paid were the envy of many professional people, and the bonuses were many and generous. The prestige of having a job at Lipman’s was as great as being on the high school cheerleading team. Jobs hardly ever came open, were never advertised in the newspaper, and Lipman’s accepted no advance applications for future jobs that might come open. The rumor was that announcements of openings were passed on by word of mouth from girls who already worked there. Sally stared up at the big sign shaking and almost sick to her stomach. Here was the greatest opportunity she’d ever stumbled onto — a job at Lipman’s. But she was dressed like a slut. They wouldn’t let her in the door this way, let alone allow her to fill out an application. She wished she were dead.

The short, chubby man was staring at her through the glass door. He had his hands on his hips and a slight frown on his face, a frown Sally could make out even though from this distance she couldn’t make out the man’s features too well. From his posture he seemed to be saying: Get away, you dirty little streetwalker!

Sally started to turn away when the man suddenly pushed the door open.

“Interested in the position, young lady?” the man called.

Sally couldn’t speak for a few moments, then managed to stammer, “Well, yes.”

“Come in then, girl, before I wilt in this heat.” The man held the door open as Sally stumbled up the concrete steps and slipped past him into the foyer. He then took down the sign he’d just hung up, and opened the inner glass doors and ushered her into the store, which wouldn’t be open for business for another twenty minutes or so.

“Follow me, darling.”

Sally moved in a daze through the air conditioned store, following none other than the man she now recognized as George Lipman himself. He wore shiny black shoes, black trousers and a white shirt, open at the neck and with the sleeves rolled up to the elbows. He looked fatter, balder, and older than he did on television. Greasy black hairs were combed across his bald scalp on top. He wheezed slightly as he walked and smelled of deodorant. They passed the glittering Jewelry Department, Ladies’ Clothing, and the perfumes. They went around the large fountain at the center of the store. George Lipman led Sally into an elevator. Before the door closed, one of the few other people in the store — a girl Sally recognized as a junior from school — greeted Mr. Lipman.

“Good morning, my dear,” Mr. Lipman said. “I’m glad to see you here so bright-eyed and bushy-tailed on your first full-time day.”

The girl giggled. “I got here a little early just in case you needed me to do a little extra work for you, Mr. Lipman.”

“Why, thank you, my dear, but not this morning. I’m most appreciative of the thought, though.”

On the way up in the elevator, Mr. Lipman stroked Sally’s hair.

“So fine,” he said. “Like spun gold. And you’ve grown it almost to your waist.”

“I’ll get it cut right away,” Sally blurted.

“Cut? You’ll do no such thing, young lady. I mean, it must have taken you years to grow it so long, and it would be a crime to cut it now.” The elevator opened at the top floor, and Mr. Lipman let Sally exit first.

He led her down a carpeted hallway, past several offices, but didn’t enter the large waiting room of the office labeled: George Lipman, President. Instead, he unlocked an unmarked door farther down the hallway, and showed Sally inside. The room was more of a lounge than an office, resembling a well-furnished living room. There was an intercom in it, though, which Mr. Lipman touched.

“Maxine, absolutely no interruptions, please, until I’ve finished some pressing business.”

“Yes, sir,” came Maxine’s reply.

“Shall we be seated, my dear?” Mr. Lipman said, indicating the plush couch.

Sally sat down and felt self-conscious under the eyes of Mr. Lipman, who stood over her. She crossed her bare legs.

“Relax,” Mr. Lipman said. He suddenly dropped down to his knees in front of her. He put his sweaty hands on her knees and uncrossed her legs, spreading spreading them. “There now, don’t you feel more relaxed? I always like my girls to be relaxed. And your name is?”

“Sally Myers.”

“Sally. Now isn’t that a sweet name? I’m George Lipman, if you haven’t guessed. You may have seen me on TV?”

“Oh sure, everybody knows who you are, Mr. Lipman.”

The man smiled. “Yes, they do, unfortunately. Well, Sally, I’d like you to call me George whenever we’re alone together — but only then. At all other times you are to call me Mr. Lipman. We need a salesgirl for the Sporting Goods Department. Full time now, although once school starts again, I realize you’ll have to go to part-time. Have you had any experience with sporting goods or as a sales clerk?”

Sally felt faint. “No, I’m afraid not.”

George gave her a deadpan expression, then started to shake his head. Sally tensed to receive the bad news.

“Fine,” George said. “Can you begin this morning?”

Sally thought she was hearing things. She couldn’t speak.

“You’re hired, my dear. Can you begin this morning?”

“Well, yes,” Sally finally said. “Just as soon as I can run home and change clothes.”

“No need, darling, we have enough clothing in this store to outfit you daily for ten lifetimes. Let’s see, about what size shoe do you wear? No, don’t tell me, let me calculate it.”

He picked up Sally’s left foot and held it as he sat back on his heels. His fingers measured her foot, weighed it, began to caress it and massage it.

“You have beautiful feet, Sally,” he breathed harder, wheezing louder. “So beautifully tanned and dirty.”

He suddenly raised her foot to his lips and kissed it.

Sally squirmed a little, not knowing what the man was going to do next. George Lipman — “the” George Lipman — had just kissed her grubby bare foot. She must be dreaming!

“Relax, darling, I’m going to give you a cursory physical examination. Very quick. Painless. Quite pleasant, as a matter of fact. It’s required of all new female employees, I’m afraid, so just relax.” He started to lick her toes.

Sally was shaking. This couldn’t be happening! She had the disturbing feeling that George Lipman was going to eat her alive.

George wrapped his fat lips around her toes and started to suck on them. Sally gasped.

She was helpless, unable to move, not knowing if she would move if she could. The sensations flooding her feet from George’s hot lips and tongue working on her toes made her want to squeeze her legs together. Her pussylips were puffing up, and the crotch-seam of her tight shorts pulled up between them. Her loins started to throb, and suddenly she wanted desperately to take off her shorts.

George wheezed, his face a bright red, the strands of hair combed over his bald pate falling away and dangling from his temple like limp spaghetti. He lapped at Sally’s bare foot, slithering his tongue between her toes. He kissed her foot, gnawed on it. He took up her other foot and began to do the same to it.

“Nothing’s better than a barefoot teenage girl,” he whispered. “Nothing! Oh, delicious!” He munched on her feet and toes until his spit was dripping off them. Then he started to lick his way up her legs.

“So smooth! You don’t even shave them. Downy. Oh lovely!”

He pushed her legs wide apart, leaning between them so he could lick the insides of her thighs.

Sally’s heart slammed. She was sweating, her face burning up. Her cunt felt like it would explode. Her legs tingled all the way to the tips of her toes. She had no doubts now that George Lipman was seducing her. She had no doubts that she was helpless to stop him. Nor did she want him to stop. He could do whatever he wanted to her.

He mashed his nose to her crotch, inhaling deeply. “Oh, that smell? Teenage cunt! If I could bottle it, I’d be a billionaire overnight.”

He inhaled again and again, as if he’d never get enough of her scent.

Sally was moaning, squirming, wiggling her ass. Her toes wriggled. She didn’t know what to do. She just wanted to shove a few fingers up her crotch and jerk herself off quick, before she lost her mind.

George unsnapped and unzipped her shorts. As he pulled them off her ass, Sally raised up automatically to assist him and she pointed her toes as he slipped the shorts off over her feet. He spread her legs wide, opening up her blonde furred pussy. Sally felt the air-conditioned coolness licking the wet pink meat between her pussylips.

“Quick, the shirt!” George panted, and Sally let him whisk off the blouse so fast that three buttons popped off.

She wasn’t wearing a bra. The air caressed her completely naked body and she’d never felt more naked in her life. Nobody had ever seen her so exposed before. Two impulses fought within herself — one impulse to curl up and hide herself, the other to open up, to spread her legs even farther, to drape her arms over the top of the couch and leave her tits completely vulnerable to attack. The second impulse won. She’d waited too long for this. She wanted to be taken! Completely!

“Oh my angel!” George muttered deliriously. He leaned close, kissing each of her nipples, then sucking on them.

Sally groaned, thrusting her tits deeper into his mouth, rubbing her bare ass against the plush cushion underneath her. The hot pussyjuice bubbled out of her throbbing, burning crotch. The smell of hot pussy rose in the air like musk-scented steam. As George munched on her tits, her cunt contracted again and again. She’d die unless she either squeezed her legs together or shoved a finger inside herself. The fuck-itch in her crotch was maddening.

“Oh, you luscious girl!” George dripped sweat on her as he slobbered over her. His fat lips nipped and sucked, moving all over her tits, down her smooth belly and flanks. He licked up, tasting her armpits. Then he licked his way down and drove his tongue into her navel. “Oh, you delicious little bitch! You’re going to drive me out of my mind!”

Sally was a little shocked by his calling her a bitch, but she was trembling too hard to let the word bother her. She was so worked up that he could have called her every dirty name under the sun and she would have ignored him. He called her a bitch again, talking about how good she smelled, how all teenaged bitches smell alike, and this time she found herself enjoying being called the name, found herself being excited by it. Suddenly George Lipman was licking her crotch, and Sally nearly hit the ceiling.

“Ooooaoh!” she moaned. “Mr. Lipman, oooooh!” She put her hands on his shiny wet scalp, gripping his head tight as she pressed his face between her legs.

The man wheezed, gasped as if he were smothering, growled like a dog, mumbled like a crazy man. He pressed his thumbs into her puffed-up pussy-slabs and pried the slabs apart so he could lick the sizzling red crotchmeat between them. He lapped up and down, slurping up the sweet girl-goo that oozed from deep inside her quivering pleasure-hole.

Sally lost control. She threw her legs up over the man’s shoulders, clamped his head between her thighs, writhed madly as she ground her open crotch in the man’s face. Her heart slammed so hard she could hardly hear herself think.

“Ohhhh, George, lick it, oh God lick it!” She bounced her ass, fucking her cunt in the man’s sucking mouth, feeding him her hot slick juices and her sizzling crotchmeat. The fuck-sensations swarmed in her loins, streamed in all directions through her body, tingling her nipples, prickling her toes.

George Lipman sounded like a man fighting for his last breaths. He was smothering, drowning between her legs. He twisted his head, growling, sucking, eating. He rammed his tongue deep inside her hot teenage crotch, probing all the juicy folds and crevices of her young cunthole. His tongue twisted, wriggled, squirmed, jabbed and Sally saw stars. Never had the sensitive nerves in her fluffy cuntmeat been stimulated like this. Even her asshole streamed inside with hot tingles.

Sally realized that George Lipman had his cock out of his pants and was jerking it off. She knew how men jerked off because she’d more than once spied on her brother Mark as he’d beat off his teenaged cockmeat, and she’d heard the girls at school talk a lot about how boys jerked off. She craned her head to the side, trying to peer under George Lipman’s paunch so she could get a look at what he held in his jerking hand. She glimpsed a big, purplish knob, all shiny, with a clear fluid oozing out of it. As the man’s fist jerked, he worked some loose skin from his cockmeat back and forth over the knob. The loose skin surprised her. Mark’s cock-skin was perfectly tight on his erect cock, but then the skin was tight all over Mark’s muscular body. Mr. Lipman’s skin sagged on his face and belly, and on the rest of him, so she really shouldn’t be surprised to see loose skin on his hard cock. George’s big shiny cock-knob and that loose skin were really kind of ugly, kind of creepy, but for some reason Sally found herself being excited even more by the sight of the man’s fuck-organ.

“Come on, sweetheart,” Mr. Lipman gasped. “Come on, baby! Mmnnnmnnnnn!” He sucked fiercely, eating her up, devouring her pulsating crotchmeat. His tongue stabbed deep inside her, and suddenly Sally was coming.

Her head snapped back. She saw stars. She arched up, driving her cunt into the man’s mouth, feeding him her exploding young fuckhole. Mr. Lipman slurped, guzzling down her hot fuckjuices as her pussy contracted again and again. Sally moaned loudly, abandoning herself to the pleasure. Mr. Lipman’s tongue and teeth felt electrically charged as they licked and gnawed her spasm-wracked crotch.

Sally finally ground her humping to a halt. She went limp, relaxing completely, sighing long as she experienced a tremendous sense of relief from the fuck-tension. Her legs unwrapped from around the man’s head. She was panting hard.

George Lipman pushed himself to his feet. His face was a slimy mess of pussycream and sweat. Some of Sally’s blonde cunt-hairs stuck to his lips. His head looked like a red balloon about to burst. He gasped for breath, pounding his cock as if trying to mutilate it. Placing one hand an the backrest of the couch, he leaned toward Sally, pushing his cock close to her face. His hot fucklube dripped on her tits.

“Open your mouth!” he gasped. “Quick!” Sally responded automatically, opening her mouth without thinking, because she’d been told to do so. She saw George’s pisshole open wide, saw white fluid begin to spurt out. A hot wad of cum splashed against her check, and George stuffed his cock in her mouth before she could do anything to prevent him. His huge wet fucker filled her mouth, pulsating as his cock ejected more cum. Sally choked as the slimy fluid shot against her tonsils.

George was grunting like a bull, moaning as if in pain. “Drink it! Suck it out, little bitch!” Sally had to swallow to keep from choking on the profuse load of thick fuckcream. The man’s cock kept vibrating, kept flexing, kept shooting hot slime down her throat. The taste and aroma of the fluid went to Sally’s head like smelling salts and made her head reel with dizziness. The man’s cock tasted terrible, but before he was done coming, Sally found herself, munching on it as if it were a tasty slab of roast beef. Not only that, she found herself sucking out the last thick drops of man-cum, disappointed that there was no more coming.

George pulled his cock out. He pushed back, standing unsteadily. His eyes closed, his large paunch rising and failing as he sucked in deep breaths. His cock dangled from the fly of his black trousers, long and fat, wet with Sally’s spit, its cockhead nearly covered with a sheath of skin. After several moments, he opened his eyes, then began to unbutton his shirt.

Sally sat there, silent and dumbfounded, but fascinated as he undressed completely in front of her. His body was not only grossly fat, sagging even more than she’d guessed, but covered with black hairs. It would have been enough to scare any girl away, except this wasn’t just any old fat man — this was George Lipman. And he did have a fascinating set of balls — very large, like a bull’s. And his cock hung over his balls, getting longer, swelling. The loose skin over the cockhead started to pull back as the cock stiffened without really standing up. The man had attained a semi-erection, his cock straight and throbbing, but pointed more down than up.

“Lie down, you gorgeous little slut,” George said, then he got onto the couch and started to lower his huge sweating body down on top of her.


Sally feared she’d be crushed, but George took most of his weight on his elbows, and she felt as if she were covered with a heavy pillow of flesh. Her breathing became shallow due to the weight of the man, but all in all, she felt fairly comfortable under his naked bulk. His tremendous body-heat made Sally begin to sweat profusely. It was as if she’d just been covered by a gigantic hot-water bottle. She squirmed under him and felt his hairy skin scratch against her own velvety-smooth skin. His cock was like a long, hot, hard pipe between them, and she could feel it throbbing.

George licked her face, slobbering over it.

“Oh, my gorgeous little girl,” he moaned. “Oh, my darling!”

He kissed her, smooching her all over her face.

Sally had kissed only a few boys in her life, and those kissing sessions hadn’t lasted long because Sally had always twisted away before the boys got too serious and out of control, which had been almost immediately. Well, now she not only had no way of escaping, but she didn’t want to escape. Her loins strained upward against the man as the fuck-itch surged through them. She’d just come, but her entire body throbbed with aching need again. She opened her mouth, letting George Lipman slide his big fat tongue down her throat.

George snorted like a bull, humping against her smooth belly, wheezing as he licked out her throat and inhaled her breath. His cock seemed to grow larger and harder, and a slick, hot fluid ran out of it, lubricating her skin. As he worked his cock between them, belly-fucking Sally, an obscene squishing sound came from between their pressed-together bodies. George’s spit drooled down Sally’s throat. He sucked oh her tongue.

Sally trembled, the feelings rushed through her making her too weak to do anything but lie there and let George Lipman use her in any way he wanted to. Her spread legs raised up automatically and wrapped around George’s loins. Her hot feet caressed his ass, her toenails scratching sensuously. She felt George’s cock throbbing madly between them. Her own eyes rolled dizzily as George sucked the breath out of her.

He broke their kiss, wheezing as he squirmed on top of her, grinding himself against her, pleasuring his flesh against her teenaged body.

“Oh, Sally, I’m crazy about you! Oh, darling, you’re going to give me a heart attack! I must fuck you now!”

Sally felt a rush of panic. All along, she’d known that George was going to fuck her, was going to take her virginity, but until this moment she hadn’t quite believed it. She knew, it was inevitable, she knew she wanted it, and yet she knew she must prevent it.

“Please!” she squeaked. “Oh, please!” She tried to say, “Please don’t”, but she couldn’t get out the “don’t”.

George had lifted up slightly. He reached down, rubbing her crotch.

“Oh, yes, darling, yes! You’re so hot, so wet, so ready for it!”

He slicked up his cock with her cuntjuice, then bent the stiff fucker down and pressed it between her legs, rubbing its hot prickknob up and down her open crotch-hole.

Sally groaned, writhing, twisting her head from side to side. She couldn’t believe his cock was actually rubbing against her cunt. Her loins contracted, aching with such need that she had to stifle a whine. As George rubbed his hot cockhead against her clit, and up and down between her lust-swollen cunt-slabs, electricity shot through her cunt. Her loins were melting inside. Her cunt contracted, sucking at the man’s cock as if trying to devour it.

“Oh, good Jesus, oh God, I’m going to come if I don’t get it in you quick!” George started to push, working his cockhead between her cunt-lips. Her cunt opened, allowing his cockhead to slide in.

Sally thought she’d go insane with pleasure. The stretch sent delicious thrills through her cunt, unlike any she’d ever felt before. George’s cock felt like a burning fist inside her. She wriggled, gasping, cooing, almost laughing. George began to slide his cock in farther. A few more inches of rock-hard cock entered her and then met resistance.

Sally’s mouth opened in a silent gasp of pain. What was happening? She clawed at the man’s back, squirming under him as he continued to force more of his cock into her. He looked puzzled for a moment, then elated. A flicker of cruelty came into his eyes and he bore down, grinding his cock inside her, forcing it in despite her gasps and whimpers of obvious pain.

It was like a dam breaking. Suddenly George’s cock burst through the barrier, and he groaned with a sadistic pleasure as something tore in Sally’s cunt and his cock buried itself to the hilt inside her nubile young body.

“A virgin!” he gasped, panting hard. “Oh sweet Jesus, a virgin!” His tremendous bulk moved and he started pushing his cock in and out.

Sally had to chew her lips to keep from screaming. She was sure she must be bleeding to death. George had broken something inside her. She’d felt it tear — a sharp, excruciating pain. And now George was sliding his cock in and out of her, cauterizing the torn tissue, with his cylindrical branding-iron. She clung to the man, clawing him with her fingernails and toenails, grunting repeatedly as he pumped his huge cock in and out of her.

George’s fat belly made smacking noises with her own as he thrust. He’d taken most of his weight off her so he could thrust more freely. His sweat ran and dripped, all over her face and tits. His face glowed red. He wheezed as he labored, plunging his cock in and out, in and out. His heavy balls flapped against Sally’s crotch as his cock knifed her pussyhole.

Sally thought she’d lose her mind. He was killing her! She squirmed helplessly under him, tears filling her eyes and running down her cheeks. Fluid ran out of her cunt, and she was sure it was blood.

“Please!” she whimpered, gazing up into the man’s lust-red face. “Oh please, please!”

George moaned, fucking faster. “You want it, darling, you want it so bad! Like a mink! Oh baby, take it!”

Sally twisted her head from side to side as the man plowed her cunt. She found her loins moving up and down, humping upward to meet the man’s ramming thrusts. It was as if her loins moved in self-defense, meeting the man’s attack with an attack of their own. They grunted as their humping loins smacked together, as their pubic bones collided. Sally found that by humping hard, the sensation of being stabbed to death disappeared. She began to find her humping pleasurable, and suddenly she realized that her cunt was contracting, sucking at the man’s cock as he plunged it into her and yanked it back out nearly all the way.

“Yes!” George gasped. “Yes, darling! Oh my stars! What a pussy, what a cunt!”

He bore down, plunging his cock even harder, even faster.

“Ohhhhh!” Sally whined, squirming madly, her body humping as if powered by a motor. Her toes curled as the pleasure intensified in her cunt, as the tension mounted moment by moment.

“Fuck me!” she said. “Fuck me, fuck me!”

“Ohhhh, my angel!” George Lipman looked as if he were about to have a stroke. The veins stood out on his temples and forehead. His eyes looked glassy. He wheezed so hard that any medic seeing him would have administered oxygen immediately. His huge bulk pounded Sally, nearly knocking the wind out of her. She would have wailed in fear for her life if the pleasure between her legs hadn’t been the most intense pleasure she’d ever experienced in her life.

Sally clawed the man, writhing under him, screwing her cunt on his knifing cock, trying to get him to fuck her deeper. If only he wasn’t so fat, he might be able to give her a few more inches of hard cock. She felt his burning cockhead jabbing the mouth of her womb, and she strained upward at him, trying to open herself up even more so he’d penetrate her very womb. It was hopeless, though — he was too fat. His cock wasn’t quite long enough to enter her womb. She rubbed her crotch madly against his swollen balls, churned her cunt around and around on his sliding cock, rubbed her tits against his hairy chest. She wanted to feel all of him, both inside of her and out. And she wanted him to feel her — all of her.

George kissed her again, nearly sucking the life out of her. She drooled into his mouth, and he drank her spit as if it were the sweetest wine. His sweat showered her face, trickling like rainwater. As his cock reamed out her sucking pussy, her hot fuck-fluids bubbled out over his balls.

“I’m going to cream you, bitch!” George mumbled. “Baby, oh, baby!”

He started to grunt. His cock flexed crazily inside her. His eyes rolled back as the first spurts of cum splashed in the depths of Sally’s cunthole. He groaned loudly, pouring his fuckcream into her.

Sally thought she’d lose her mind. She gibbered, not knowing what she was saying. All she knew was that she had to voice her pleasure and excitement in some way. She clung to the spasming man, gazing into his pleasure-crazed eyes, feeling his hard cock flexing and spurting inside her. Her cunt worked like a hand, milking the man’s prick. The pleasure that surged through her made her start to whine. As the pleasure exploded in her, as her cunt went into intense spasms, her whining became a series of gasps and whimpers.

“Ooooh, Daddy!” she gibbered. “Ooooh, ooohhh, cream me, shoot me up, oh God!”

She crushed herself against the man, trying to absorb herself into his body. They were melting together, fusing, sharing a pleasure that made Sally want to die. She squirmed against her fucker, crushing him in a fierce embrace of her arms and legs, tearing at him with her fingernails and toenails, grinding her hot tits and all of her smooth young body against him, milking him dry with her wildly contracting pussy. Her crotch streamed inside with a fuck-itch and heat that became so intense she had to gnaw on something, and George Lipman’s neck was convenient. As she gnawed, growling, George shuddered in her anus, gasping as he fired even more cum into her.

She would have clung to him forever, but the moment he was finished shooting, he broke their sexual embrace, pushing up off her with what looked like superhuman effort. His cock slipped out of her cunt, and Sally moaned at its loss. Her cunt gaped wide open for several seconds, cooled by the air, then slowly closed itself. George Lipman started staggering toward an easy-chair, but stopped in the middle of the room and sat down on the carpeted floor. He collapsed after a few moments, lying flat out on his back, his belly heaving as he wheezed. The sweat was pouring down his flushed face.

Sally sat up, alarmed. “Are you all right?”

George shook his head slightly.

“Yes!” he gasped weakly. He wheezed so violently that Sally froze where she sat with panic.

A minute later, the man was breathing more normally. He turned his head toward Sally, eyeing her crotch, from which oozed his own slimy cum.

“Darling, do you think you can pee?”

Sally giggled with self-conscious embarrassment. She’d just been thinking that she had to pee, and pee badly.

“Yes sir.”

“Come here darling, quickly.”

Sally’s tits jiggled as she got up and moved toward the man. For some reason she felt self conscious about her nakedness and she covered her pussymound with her hands.

“Stand over my face, darling. Yes, like that.” He turned his head and kissed her foot. “Now squat, my angel, and hold open your pussy real wide.”

Sally couldn’t imagine where this was all leading, but she surely wasn’t going to question the desires of her new employer just because she was feeling a little self-conscious. She squatted low, hauling her elastic pussylips wide apart. She looked down and saw her pussycream and cum dripping into his open mouth.

“Pee!” George gasped, gazing into her crotch.

“In your mouth?” Sally said, flabbergasted. “Yes,” George said. “Quick, pee, now!” Even though her bladder was bursting, Sally had to strain a little to get her piss-flow going. Her boss’s weird request made her feel slightly sick, even a little afraid. Was he crazy?

The dam broke and her piss gushed out straight into George Lipman’s open mouth. The yellow fluid filled his mouth quickly, but George started to swallow before his mouth overflowed. Then he swallowed rapidly, guzzling down her piss as it hissed from her cunt. As Sally watched, she had the mischievous urge to piss between the man’s eyes, then to rub her piss dripping, slime-oozing crotch all over his face, and to make him suck out her cunt.

As her piss-flow slowed, George lifted his head and plastered his mouth to her open cunthole, sucking the last of her piss directly from her pisshole. His tongue snaked into her cunt and he started to lick her out. Sally went weak all over. She couldn’t prevent herself from sitting on the man’s face with her full weight. As he gnawed on her cunt, she rubbed her crotch in his mouth, moaning, almost growling. His hands came up and started to squeeze her tits.

Sally couldn’t believe it, but she needed to come again. She’d just came twice in quick succession, but her pussy was as hot and itchy as if she hadn’t come at all. She tossed her head from side to side, her long blonde hair tickling her lower back. She’d brought her knees to the floor and was riding the man’s head, grinding her teenaged crotch in his sucking mouth.

“Suck it!” she hissed, feeling slightly cruel. “Eat it up, oh, yessss!”

She growled, humping herself against George Lipman’s face, using his head as she sometimes used a pillow in her bedroom to squeeze between her legs and rub herself off. This was much better than a pillow, though. No pillow had a fat wet tongue to stick up her pussy. No pillow sucked.

“Lick, suck, make me come!”

George pinched her nipples until she nearly screamed. He pulled on them, stretching them, twisting them. Sally’s cunt contracted madly. George choked on the juices that gushed out of her. Sally went crazy, fucking the man’s mouth. Her body filled with tension, prickled in every cell with fuck-itch and heat. Her loins swelled with tightness and heat and the pleasure surged through her crotch. As she began to come, she almost toppled off the man. It was only his grip on her tits that kept her in the saddle of his hard sucking mouth.

“Eat me!” she squeaked. “Oh yes, oh God, oh fuck!” She ground her spasming crotch in the man’s mouth, feeding him her sizzling girlmeat. The fuck-thrills shot all through her body and she quivered from head to toe with each spasm.

George Lipman kept sucking long after her orgasm had throbbed itself out. He couldn’t get enough of her teenage cunt. When he let her go free before he’d sucked her inside-out. He reached out and caught her leg.

“Wait, angel, hold it just like that! Oh my, what an ass!” He forced himself to his hands and knees and started to sniff her ass like a dog. Then he started to lick her asscrack. Suddenly, he slipped his tongue into her asshole.

Sally couldn’t believe it! She’d never imagined anybody doing such a thing — licking out her asshole! As shocked as she was, though, she couldn’t prevent the prickling excitement from running through her asshole, couldn’t stop her ass from wiggling with excited little rotations.

George slipped his tongue out.

“Darling, might you possibly have to shit?”

Sally was speechless.

“Please, darling, if you can shit, please shit for me.”

“I can’t,” Sally managed to stammer, even though she felt so sick to her stomach momentarily that she probably could have easily enough.

“A pity,” George Lipman said. “Some other time.”


The Sporting Goods Department was located in the basement of Lipman’s Department Store. After George Lipman had led Sally to Women’s Clothing to be outfitted for work, he’d left instructions that she be taken down to Sporting Goods and introduced to Cleo for training. George told Sally that he would see her again soon to see how she was getting along. He’d warned her earlier that whatever was said or done when she was with him in private was to be kept absolutely confidential. If she were ever to violate that confidentiality, even with one stray word, she would be immediately fired. He’d then presented her with a check for $500 — a bonus in celebration of her hiring, a sort of “Welcome to the Lipman family,” as he called it.

Sally felt as if she were floating on air as she was led down to Sporting Goods in the elevator. She was wearing a brand-new dress and shoes, and she had a check for $500 clutched in her hand. The dress, which showed off her figure and tits as no other dress she’d ever worn had, was also worth ten times as much as any dress she’d ever owned. And now the dress was hers, a gift of George Lipman’s, as were the expensive shoes she wore on her bare feet. Strangely, they’d outfitted her with a dress and shoes, but not with any underclothing or stockings. She was completely naked under her dress. The high-cut skirt of the dress showed off her legs, and the low-cut top displayed not only much of the flesh of her tits, but supported them in such a way that they looked even more well-developed than they already were. Under her dress, her thighs rubbed together lubriciously as she smiled, slick with George Lipman’s cum, which continued to ooze out of her slowly, drop by drop.

It surprised her that he’d injected her with so much.

Cleo was a college-age woman, wearing a dress much like Sally’s, only blue instead of green. She was a blonde, like Sally, but her hair was hardly shoulder-length, let alone waist-length, as Sally’s was. She was getting married, she said, and would be leaving town shortly. She wondered if she was making the right decision, but it was too late to change her mind now. All the wedding invitations had been sent out, and she and her fiance had already leased an apartment in the city where he was attending graduate school in computer science.

“Where did you meet him?” Sally asked.

Cleo blushed. “Here, as a matter of fact. He kept coming back and coming back, and after a while he had me hooked. Maybe the same thing will happen to you, doll, so watch out!”

Now it was Sally’s turn to blush. She’d never even been out on a real date with a boy, and it would be years before her mother allowed her to marry.

“Don’t worry,” she said. “I’m much too young to get hooked.”

Cleo laughed. “No girl is too young, doll — especially no girl that works in this store.”

She stroked Sally’s hair.

“I can see why old George hired you,” she muttered as if to herself. “Come on, let’s get to work.”

Cleo was a good teacher. By eleven o’clock, Sally had lost her sense of being lost and actually believed she was starting to grasp how to manage this department. There were a thousand and one items, from basketballs to barbells, from fishing rods to jockstraps, but Cleo was able to familiarize Sally with each item quickly, and Sally became confident that within a few days she’d feel right at home. Since Lipman’s discounted most items except for the luxury items in certain departments — jewelry, high-fashion, imported furnishings — most customers came to Lipman’s knowing what they wanted, and needed help usually only in locating it. Sally’s job would be mainly to supervise the changing rooms in the Sporting Goods Department and to ring up sales. She might have to help a few men try on shoes, like football or wrestling shoes, but most of the athletic shoes were sold up in the shoe department.

“Nothing to it,” Cleo said. “By the end of the day, you’ll know as much as I do. You’d better, because tomorrow you’ll be on your own.”

“You mean, today’s your last day?” Sally asked, surprised.

“Uh-huh. Tonight’s my going-away party. Then it’s bye-bye Cleo.” She frowned slightly. “I’ll miss this place. I only hope Jess — my fiance — can make up for what I’m giving up here.”

“Lipman’s is really a special place, huh?”

“Yeah,” Cleo said wistfully, “especially Sporting Goods.” She smiled as if sharing a secret with herself, then looked at Sally. “It’s crazy, but I envy you, girl. Somehow I wish you were the one getting married and leaving this place, and that I was the one just starting here.”

Sally didn’t understand, but she said nothing. “You’ll learn,” Cleo said. “You’ll learn mighty fast. There are things about this job I can’t teach you, things you’ll have to learn on your own.”

The flow of morning customers was light. Two young boys came in for Little League uniforms, which they tried on in the fitting rooms as their mothers waited outside. A man came in and bought three dozen golf balls and a new golf glove. A freckled boy came in and bought a baseball glove. By noon, two-dozen sales had been rung up by Sally as Cleo watched over her, coaching her as needed. Twice during the morning, men had come in to try on sports clothing, and while they’d been in the men’s fitting rooms, Cleo had excused herself to go up the women’s fitting rooms. The men had then left, red-faced and hurriedly, hardly waiting for their change from Sally before striding to the elevator. Sally suspected that the men had been shoplifters, but then Cleo had returned to the floor, as red-faced as the men, and Cleo was certainly no shoplifter. Maybe the fitting rooms were stuffy and hot, Sally decided, remembering how claustrophobic and uncomfortable she’d felt in fitting rooms at times.

“Pretty hot in there, huh?” Sally had said. Cleo had turned even redder. “That’s something of an understatement, doll.”

Sally didn’t understand, but she went on, “Especially when you’re working hard. I heard you bumping around in there.”

“The rooms needed an overhaul,” Cleo said, then reached under the counter and turned up the music, which was already louder than the music in other parts of the store.

At noon, Cleo went to inch, leaving Sally alone. Cleo said that she knew Sally could handle things for an hour, but if an emergency came up Sally should phone the store cafeteria. As soon as she found herself alone, Sally got so excited she felt like masturbating. It was weird, but she found herself sexually excited by being alone and in charge of the Sporting Goods Department. The first thing she did after Cleo had left was to go over and check the jockstraps.

So these were the devices boys used to support their balls, she mused, pulling a jock out of its package. She held it up, inspecting the pouch and the strange connecting straps. She imagined the jock on a boy, and she remembered some of the silly jokes, her girlfriends at school had made about jockstraps. A chime went off, warning her that someone had entered the Sporting Goods Department, and she quickly stuffed the jock back in its box and ran to the cash register.

She saw a blond head moving down the row she’d just come from. The head paused momentarily, then continued on. Suddenly a familiar face appeared from between the high shelves. It was Rick Johnson, the star fullback from school. He was dressed in a yellow tank-top, shabby cutoffs, and worn athletic shoes. He was so tan and muscular that Sally caught her breath. Her heart was slamming. She was going to faint.

“Hey, babe, you’re new here,” Rick said, chewing gum. “I seen you someplace before. Must’ve been school, huh?”

“Yes,” Sally half whispered, her throat so dry she was surprised anything came out.

Rick smiled without stopping his gum-chewing.

“Hey, babe, I need me a new jock. The old one just rotted apart. Mind if I try this one on? I might’ve grown a little since I bought the last one, if you know what I mean.” He pulled the jock out of its box and dangled it in front of Sally, grinning at her.

“In there,” Sally managed to say, pointing toward the men’s fitting rooms.

Rick smiled again, his eyes flickering wickedly. “I was hoping you’d say that, babe. Do a good job now, babe. Cleo always did.”

Sally didn’t quite understand him, so she just giggled. He blew a bubble and swaggered toward the first dressing room. Before he entered and closed the door behind him, he turned toward Sally and winked.

Sally gripped the edge of the counter, her legs shaky, her guts all churned up. Not only had Rick Johnson spoken to her, but he’d said he recognized her from school! She couldn’t wait to tell her girlfriends about this. This was almost as big as getting a job at Lipman’s.

The door of Rick’s fitting room opened a crack. “Hey, babe, ain’t you gonna check out the ladies’ booth next door? I don’t like waiting, you know.”

Before Sally could get a word out to say she was sorry, but she didn’t quite understand, Rick had closed his door again. Sally wandered out from behind the sales counter. She went to the women’s fitting room adjacent the booth Rick was in. This booth had to be what he was talking about. And now she was supposed to “check it out”. What was all this about? She opened the door and entered the booth.

It was just an ordinary fitting room, as far as Sally could tell. A little larger than the standard fitting room, maybe, but ordinary. Mirrors, benches, paneled walls. Then she realized that a floor-length curtain was hanging against one wall. Curious, she drew the curtain aside.

And there she found a plain paneled wall. She stared at the wall, wondering what it was doing with a curtain over it, and suddenly she heard a knocking. It was then she noticed a small, square door, set flush with the wall and made of paneling like the wall itself. The door was mounted on two hinges at about waist-height or slightly lower. The door, hinges, and a tiny knob for pulling open the door, all blended in so well with the wall itself as to be almost unnoticeable. She heard another knock and saw the door move slightly. Completely dumbfounded, she kneeled down in front of the door and used her fingers and thumb to turn the small knob. She swung the door open.

“It’s about time!” Rick Johnson said. “I don’t like being teased, bitch!”

He was on the other side of the door, visible in the next booth — and he had all his clothes off!

Sally kneeled there, her face in the open window that she’d uncovered by opening the door. She gazed in awe-struck disbelief at the stark naked, muscular fullback as he leaned up against the far wall of his own booth, displaying all of himself to her. He was playing with his balls with his left hand as he slowly masturbated with his right hand. A thick clear fluid oozed from the wide-open pisshole of his enormous prickhead. The booth was filled with the sweaty smell of him, and Sally became lightheaded as she inhaled his potent male scent.

He let go of his cock and let it throb in front of her eyes. Sally thought it couldn’t be real. She’d never imagined a boy’s cock could grow that big. And his balls were as big as eggs. They rolled and shifted nervously in their hairy sac as his prick flexed up and down like a heavy billy club, veins bulging all over it, fucklube continuing to bubble out of it and drip to the floor.

He smirked at her. “Don’t stare too hard, you teasing bitch. Your eyes’ll fall out.” Sally licked her lips and swallowed, but not before some spit had trickled from one corner of her mouth.

“Jesus, you’re hungry for it, ain’t you? Well, I don’t know if you deserve it, trying to tease me and all. Maybe I’ll just get dressed again and leave — unless I hear a little begging.”

Sally pressed her face harder to the edges of the opening. The hole wasn’t quite big enough for her to shove her head through. If it had been, she might well have done so. There stood Rick Johnson in all his glory, showing her his huge stud-cock. And it was obvious now that he’d been expecting her to suck on it, and maybe even to drink his hot fuckcream. She’d die if she didn’t get a taste of his cock. If she lost a chance like this, she’d kill herself.

“Please!” she whispered. “Oh please!”

“Please what, bitch?”

“Please let me suck on it!”

“Suck on what?”

“On your cock! On your big juicy cock!” Sally dangled her dripping tongue at him. She was salivating like a hungry dog.

Rick chuckled. He blew, another bubble, then spit out his gum. “Here it is, you lucky little slut!”

He moved toward her, his hands on his hips, his huge cock wagging and throbbing. She strained toward his cockhead with her tongue, but he stopped just an inch away, letting his prick throb and drip. Sally nearly tore the skin off her cheeks as she strained to force her head through the window. Rick leaned a little closer, letting her lick the end of his cock and taste his fucklube. She groaned, turned on by the salty male taste. She lapped wildly, but Rick had pulled back. He lifted his cock up and pressed it to his abdomen. Then he moved closer, offering Sally his naked sweaty balls.

“Give ’em a bath. I ain’t washed ’em in a while.”

He shoved his balls in her face, rubbing them all over her cheeks and nose and mouth, rubbing their musky smell on her flesh.

Sally moaned, drunk on the smell, drunk on desire. Here she was with her nose buried between Rick Johnson’s huge stud-nuts. She wanted to die. She was going to pass out from the excitement. She started to lick, to suck, to nibble, tasting ball-sweat and getting kinky hairs in her mouth. She couldn’t believe how big Rick’s nuts were. She tried to suck one of them into her mouth and just managed it.

“Go easy, baby,” Rick muttered. “You can suck that big thing, but not too hard. Oh yeah, like that! Lick it, mmmm, yeah!”

Rick’s ball quivered in her mouth. She sucked on it gently, using her tongue to tease it. She released it and sucked up his other ball. Rick was breathing like a bull.

Sally kicked off her shoes. She was starting to sweat in this booth. She felt hot fluid dribbling down the insides of her thighs, squeezed from her throbbing pussyhole. She reached under her skirt and rubbed her hand up and down, smearing the slick juices on her smooth skin. She clutched her pussy, found the slabs parted and her cunt open. She rubbed her fingers between her swollen pussylips. The wet raw cuntmeat nearly burned her hand. She twisted on her clit and got so light-headed with the pleasure that she nearly toppled, over.

Rick had lifted up his balls so she could lick under them. She licked not only under his balls, but all around them, cleaning out the salty crevices between his legs. He pulled away then and turned around, showing her his muscular ass. He gripped his asscheeks and hauled them apart, showing her his naked asscrack and his twitching brown asspucker. A few blond hairs grew in the moist flesh between his buttocks. He shoved his ass in her face, nearly impaling his asshole on her nose. The super-musky, slightly shitty aroma nauseated Sally for a few moments.

“Lick it, baby,” Rick growled. “Clean it up.”

Sally’s initial disgust at finding Rick’s smelly ass in her face gave way to lust, to hunger. It was as if the potent male aroma acted like a drug on her. Within seconds she found herself growling like a hungry dog as she lapped up and down Rick’s asscrack, her tongue tingling, her pussy throbbing. Rick assisted her by wiggling his ass, by moving it up and down so she could lick from one end of his asscrack to the other.

“Lick out the hole,” Rick said. “Come on, bitch!”

Sally was becoming delirious. She feared she was losing her mind. All she cared about now was sucking out Rick’s asshole. She kissed his asspucker again and again, felt it suck at her lips as if kissing back. She probed the swollen pucker with her tongue, working it into the crevices. Rick’s asshole began to open slightly and Sally shoved her tongue inside it easily. At the same moment, she stuffed three bunched fingers up her drooling, pulsating pussy. Both she and Rick groaned.

“Ohhhh, yeah, fuck out that asshole!” Rick growled. “Shove that tongue way in there and fuck it out! Oh shit!”

Sally twisted her head, trying to bury her head up Rick’s asshole. She forced her tongue in so deep that she thought it would rip right out of her mouth. As she snaked and fluttered her tongue, licking out all the crevices inside Rick’s asshole, Rick’s asshole contracted rhythmically, sucking her tongue. Rick moaned as if he were being tortured. Something started to swell inside his asshole, throbbing like a miniature heart against Sally’s sliding tongue.

Rick jerked away gasping, “Christ, I almost lost it!”

He turned around, the base of his huge cock gripped tightly in his fist. The fucklube dripped from his pisshole. His cock head had turned nearly purple.

“What a tongue you got, bitch-girl! Goddamn!”

He squatted down and pressed his open mouth to Sally’s. His tongue slid down Sally’s throat. Sally drank his spit. She was in heaven. Her cunt nearly chewed off her sliding fingers as her loins exploded with a sudden orgasm.

“Mmmmnnnn!” she moaned, breathlessly kissing Rick Johnson as the pleasure surged through her body. Her pussycream ran out and frosted her jerking hand. She could feel her eyes rolling in their sockets. She cooed loudly, drooling spit into Rick’s mouth as she drooled pussycream into her hand. She was aware of her toes curling toward the balls of her feet.

Rick broke their kiss, panting. “What a kisser! Jesus! Me and you are gonna go out parking, baby, one of these days!”

He stood up again, waving his huge cock at her. It looked as if it would spilt out of its skin at any moment. Its veins bulged like fat snakes. Its cockhead looked ready to explode. The enormous prick appeared even larger now than it had when she’d first seen it. Still grasping with the last jolts of her orgasm, Sally gazed with renewed lust at Rick’s unreal cock and opened her mouth as wide as she could, letting her tongue dangle and drip.

Rick stuffed his prickhead right in.

Sally couldn’t breathe. It was like swallowing a man’s fist. Her jaws ached from the stretch. And all she had in her mouth was the knob!

“Come on, baby, come on, eat that thing! Take it all!” Rick forced his cock in farther, and Sally gagged and choked, nearly fainting for lack of air. “Suck it, baby, suck it.”

Just when all was going dark, when Sally knew she was going to pass out, her throat relaxed and Rick’s cock sank in to the hilt. His blond pubic hair tickled her nose. He sighed and slipped his cock back out. Sally gulped air. Rick forced his cock back in to the hilt. Its cockhead went deep in her gullet.

“Ohhhh, yeah, suck that big thing! Use your tongue, use your lips! Mmmmm, make it come!”

Rick eased his cock out, allowing her air again before he fucked it back in. His balls mashed against her chin. His pubic bone churned against her nose. As he worked his cock in and out, it felt to Sally like an arm sliding in and out of her mouth and gullet.

Rick put his hands on his hips. He swayed back and forth, sliding his cock in and out, watching it fuck Sally’s mouth. Sally gazed up at him, seeing his expressions of pleasure, watching the muscles of his abdomen ripple. He clasped his hands behind his head and closed his eyes, as if resting his head and reveling in the sensations streaming through his cock as he pleasured it in Sally’s mouth. His biceps flexed and sweat trickled from the blond sprigs of hair under his arms. He put his hands back on his hips and grinned.

“Man, you got the prettiest little mouth, and the hottest, softest throat! I could fuck your face all day, bitch! Use your tongue more, though, and suck a little harder! The faster you suck, the faster you get the cum.”

Sally growled, munching, sucking, licking. She’d never tasted anything more delicious than this stud’s cock. Her head vibrated as Rick’s cock quivered in her mouth. It excited her no end when Rick’s cock flexed, when it throbbed. His fucklube ran down her throat. She’d never felt more orally satisfied in her life. She wanted his cum, though. She craved the taste of his sweet, thick fuck-juice. She’d never hungered for anything more in her life.

Rick looked more delirious by the moment. His face flushed deeply, his eyes became more and more glazed, and he moaned as if someone had stabbed a needle into his ass and was slowly twisting it.

“Oh, baby, munch, suck, make it come!” Sally could just make out Rick’s thick toes curling against the floor. She longed to embrace his legs and ass, to cling to him as she sucked his cock and brought him off, but she’d have to thrust her hands right through the wall to do that, so instead of clutching at Rick, she clutched at herself. She rammed three fingers up her pussy again and started to jerk off in earnest. She was as horny again as if her orgasm of just moments ago had never happened.

Rick pulled his cock out until only the head remained in her mouth.

“Lick the back of the knob!” he gasped. “Oh Christ, yeah, yeahhhh, Goddamn!”

He forced his cock all the way in, and when he pulled it out, he let Sally lap at the rear of his cockknob before he shoved it back in. As she slicked there, his cock stiffened and quivered as if it would explode.

“Lick!” he muttered as he pulled it out, then moaned as he rammed it back in.

Sally’s face ran with sweat. She could hardly breathe, but she worked as she never had in her life, sucking, munching, licking as Rick had told her to. She wanted his cum! She’d die if she didn’t taste his cum!

“Baby, get ready!” Rick gasped. He slipped his cock in and out, his body shaking all over. “Oh, God, oh shit, take it!”

He rammed his cock tall the way down Sally’s gullet and pressed himself to the wall, which he rattled violently as his cock flexed powerfully and ejected his cum.

“Awwwww, man!”

Sally couldn’t believe it! Rick Johnson was feeding her his cum! She had to swallow fast to keep from choking as the hot thick fluid filled her throat again and again. Rick’s cock shook with each ejaculation, and Sally felt pleasure streaming through her mouth and throat and gullet and tits — as if some of Rick’s orgasmic sensations were shooting into Sally’s own flesh. Her head filled with the taste and smell of steaming stud-cum, Sally finger fucked herself to a frenzy of excitement. As she swallowed a fresh round of hot jism, she started to shake and jerk with her own orgasm. She moaned loudly, her young body saturated with pleasure. The pussyjuice gushed from her madly contracting cunt. She wanted to die!

Rick humped at her face, pressing himself hard to the wall until he’d milked out all his cum and fuck-feeling. Then he sighed, sliding his cock out of her throat and mouth. His cock flopped down heavily over his balls, dripping with cum and spit. It resembled the hanging cock of a donkey. He bent over and nipped Sally on the nose with his teeth. Then he straightened up again and quickly slipped on the new jockstrap, curling his cock up so he could stuff it in the pouch.

“Fits,” he said, then picked up his shorts.

Sally watched him dress, wearing the jockstrap underneath his cut-offs. She was still woozy on his taste and smell, and on the pleasure he’d caused her. As soon as he was done dressing, Sally forced herself up, closed the walldoor and curtain as she’d found them, slipped on her shoes, and quickly left the booth.

At the cash register, she rang up the sale for the jockstrap. Rick took his change, then pulled something from his pocket and shoved it into her hands. It was an old yellowed jockstrap, frayed and falling apart. It was also moist and reeking of Rick’s sweaty balls.

“Take care of it,” Rick said, stuffing a square of pink bubblegum into his mouth. “Half the chicks at school would give up one of their tits to have that thing. See you around, baby. One of these nights you and I’ll go out parking.” He leaned over the counter, gave Sally a juicy bubblegum-flavored kiss, then belched and swaggered away.

Sally watched him until the elevator door closed and he was gone. When her head finally cleared, she quickly stuffed Rick’s sweaty jock into a plastic bag and put it with her $500 check from Mr. Lipman. The check was worth a lot, but Rick’s jock was worth ten times more. Heck, it was unbelievable!


Sally arrived home carrying a Lipman’s shopping bag, which contained her prize acquisitions of the day: one fancy new green dress; one fancy new pair of shoes; a check for $500; and Rick Johnson’s dilapidated jockstrap. She was wearing what she’d left home in this morning — tight shorts and a tight blouse and nothing else. As she stepped into the driveway there was a roar behind her — her brother Mark arriving home on his motorcycle. From the look of his sun-bleached hair, his tan, and his scanty dress — just frayed cutoffs and Nike running shoes — it was obvious he’d spent another day out on the river beach.

As he got off the bike, he looked Sally up and down like a tiger appraising potential prey. “Where you been, Sis? The old lady threw a fit this noon cause you didn’t show up at the church dungeon this morning.”

“Tell you at dinner,” Sally said, unable to contain her smile. Nor could she keep her eyes off Mark’s muscles. She looked him over just as shamelessly as he was appraising her. She’d never dared look at him with such obvious interest before, but this evening she felt bold.

He swallowed, and Sally swore she saw the bulge in his shorts swell larger.

“I can’t wait to hear,” he said. He gave her a swat on the ass and walked with her into the house.

In the kitchen, Mom was busy tearing up greens for a salad. She took one look at Sally and her race reddened.

“You’d better have a good explanation for yourself, young lady!” Her eyes flitted to Sally’s bare legs and feet. She looked back to her salad preparations, as if she couldn’t bear to see anymore. “You will go upstairs, young lady, and you will wash and dress yourself. Then you will come back down here and help set the table.”

“Hi, Mom!” Mark butted in. “What’s for supper?” He went to the stove and lifted the lid of a pot, then wafted the steam at his nose. “Split-pea soup. Yummy!”

“Mark, I don’t want you in this kitchen dressed that way. You’re almost as bad as your sister. Go upstairs and shower, please. Then dress for dinner.”

“Just what I was gonna do,” Mark said.

Upstairs, Sally dumped her Lipman’s bag in her room, then slipped back out into the hall, tiptoeing to Mark’s closed bedroom door and kneeled in front of it. Her heart was pounding, as it always did when she spied on her brother, but she felt much less guilty today about what she was doing. After what had happened to her today at Lipman’s, playing peeping Sally wasn’t that big a deal. She peered through the keyhole and saw Mark prying off his left shoe with his right foot, and his right shoe with his left. He was standing at his dresser, unlocking the upper left-hand drawer where he kept his magazines that pictured naked women. He took them out at least twice a day — each morning before breakfast, and each evening before dinner. For all Sally knew, he took them out before bed too, and maybe at some other times during the day, but she’d never had the guts to spy on him at other times, for fear she’d be caught by Mom. When Mom was safely downstairs preparing a meal, Sally felt relatively safe.

Sally caught a glimpse of a naked woman with her legs spread as Mark tossed a magazine on the bed. He pushed down his shorts, bending over and showing Sally his naked ass before he stepped out of them and climbed on the bed. Sally found herself salivating as she remembered the taste and smell of Rick Johnson’s ass. Mark lay face up on the bed, the dirty bottoms of his bare felt staring Sally in the face. He balanced the magazine on his chest, turning its pages with his left hand as he jerked en his rigid cock with his right hand. His cock looked huge, though nowhere near as huge as Rick Johnson’s. Sally heard him moan and saw his toes curl. He strained upward, humping at his hand as he jerked himself off. His balls twisted slowly in his fat ball sac. Sally licked her lips, starving for a taste of her brother’s cock. She clutched her pussy through her shorts and squeezed it to the rhythm of her brother’s cock-pounding.

It took a minute, maybe two, and suddenly Mark was moaning as he spurted thick gobs of white cum on his tanned belly. His toes curled hard, and he himself against the bedspread sensuously as he milked out his load. As the spurts weakened, he dropped the magazine in his face and slowly moved his hand up and down his softening cock. He lay there about a half a minute after it was over, then threw the magazine off, reached for a Kleenex from the nightstand, and wiped himself off.

Sally was on her feet, ready to retreat to her bedroom, but still looking through the keyhole. She saw Mark put on his shorts again and lock up his magazines. As he turned toward the door, she ran on tiptoe to her room. She let him get safely into the bathroom and get the shower water running before she dared leave her room again. Then she moved quickly. In Mark’s room, she dug in the wastebasket for the wadded Kleenex, that dripped with Mark’s fresh cum. Her heart raced as she found it, and moments later she was back in her own room, locking her door, stripping off all her clothes.

She threw herself on her bed, stark-naked, her legs spread, her tits heaving at the ceiling. She pressed the wet Kleenex to her nose, rubbing some of the slimy male fluid into her nostrils, getting drunk on the smell of her brother’s fuck-juice. She smeared some cum on her lips, tasting it. The cum might as well have been shot from Rick Johnson’s cock, because it smelled and tasted identical to Rick’s cum. She anointed her nipples with the slick fluid, then smeared some between her parted cuntlips. She mashed the Kleenex to her upper lip, just under her nose, so she could get high on the aroma of Mark’s cum while she jerked herself off.

She spread her legs so wide that they hung off the sides of the single bed. The pussycream ran out of her, dribbling over her crotch and down her asscrack, moistening her bedspread. She bunched up three fingers of her right hand and forced them up her cunt. She wished her fingers were longer, harder, thicker. She longed to penetrate herself deep, as Mr. Lipman’s cock had done. It was hard to believe she’d actually, finally been fucked. And God, had she! Her pussy was still tender, still slightly sore from the reaming Mr. Lipman’s cock had given it.

She pumped her fingers in and out, getting them gooey and slippery with her fuckjuices. Even with the cum-slimy Kleenex pressed to her nostrils, she could smell her smoldering cunt. She couldn’t think of anything that smelled more potent than her crotch when she got hot then she remembered Rick’s jockstrap.

A half hour later, she was in the kitchen, setting the dinner table while her mother ladled soup into bowls. Her father sat at one end, of the table, reading the front section of the newspaper as Mark sat at the other end, reading the sports section. Sally couldn’t wait another moment to tell the fantastic news.

“I got a job at Lipman’s,” she announced, and for a few moments there was dead silence in the kitchen.

Her mother was the first to speak. “Well, I’ll be! Is that where you were all day, dear? You got a job at Lipman’s? Well, I’ll be!”

The woman appeared almost faint as she plopped bowls of steaming split-pea soup in front of Dad and Mark, who had both lowered their papers and were looking speechlessly at Sally.

“My stars, if I’d known I would have baked a cake,” Mom said. She sat down, fanning her face with her hand. “A job at Lipman’s! Wait till the girls hear about this!”

“How did this come about?” Dad said, sounding slightly suspicious.

Sally started to explain. “I was on my way to the church this morning to help Mom, and I was passing Lipman’s, and there was George himself putting a sign up in the window.”

“George?” Mom said, looking shocked. “It’s disrespectful to refer to a man of Mr. Lipman’s stature by his first name.”

“He’s always saying, ‘Call me George’, on TV,” Mark said.

“I don’t care,” Mom said. “Around this house we will refer to the man as Mr. Lipman.”

“Could we get back to Sally’s story, please?” Dad said.

Sally gave them a sketch of how she’d been hired and how she’d spent her day being trained by Cleo. She left out all the best parts, however — the parts she was sure she’d never dare tell anybody. The moment Sally finished, Mom was on her feet again, quickly putting the rest of the food on the table, then running to the other room to make some quick phone calls.

“Doris, you’ll never believe what my Sally did today!” came the sound of Mom’s bubbling voice from the hallway.

“Sporting goods, huh?” Dad said. He shoved a spoonful of soup into his mouth and burned his tongue, then quickly drank some water.

“Sporting goods,” Mark said, a smirk on his face. “That’s what she said, Dad.”

Dad scowled at him and he started eating his soup.

“How did you end up there,” Dad asked Sally.

“Like I told you Mr. Lipman put me there.”

“I don’t know,” Dad said. “Do you think you can handle that department? I mean, what do you know about sporting goods?”

“All she needs to know,” Mark mumbled as if to himself, and when Dad glared at him, he said, “I mean, George Lipman put her there, didn’t he? And he should know what he’s doing. It’s his store.”

As Dad continued to glare at Mark, Mark’s words trailed off and he crumbled some Ritz crackers into his soup.

“I can handle it, Dad,” Sally said. “I know I can.”

“You’ll be working part-time days, then?” Dad asked.

“No, full-time days,” Sally said.

“Full-time? I don’t know,” Dad said. “That’s a pretty stiff schedule for a girl your age to follow, especially since you’ve never worked before.”

“I’ve worked plenty,” Sally said. “Helping Mom at the church — sometimes all day long.”

“She’s right about that,” Mark said. “If helping Mom at the church ain’t like being on a chain-gang, then I don’t know what is. Besides, Lipman’s ain’t too busy during the day — weekdays, anyway. Evenings is when it gets hot.”

Dad stared at him in silence as if trying to communicate something to him by mental telepathy.

“They got two girls working in Sporting Goods, evenings,” Mark added quickly, then shoved his nose in his soup and started shoveling it down, a silly grin on his face.

Mom re-entered the kitchen. “Doris is sick to death. I could just see her, green with envy on the other end of the phone, just because her Mary Anne isn’t working at Lipman’s too. Some women can be so childish it’s sickening.”

“I was just wondering,” Dad said, “if maybe Sally isn’t a little too young and inexperienced for this job.”

Mom stared at him for a few moments, blinking like an owl, her face blank, as if she were trying to comprehend what he’d just said. Then she became very red.

“Hal Myers, I don’t want to hear another ridiculous statement like that or I’ll have you seeing a psychiatrist! This is the biggest thing that’s ever happened in this family, an you’re having doubts?”

“What about when I made the football team?” Mark said. “That was big, wasn’t it?”

Mom went on talking as if she hadn’t even heard Mark. “My daughter is capable of handling any job. She’ll do whatever is necessary to be the best salesgirl Lipman’s has ever had, and to make us proud of her, and that’s that!” Mom marched out of the kitchen and a few moments later was cooing into the hallway phone, “Martha, you’ll never guess what my Sally did today!”

Dad mulled over his soup bowl without eating, as if he’d lost his appetite.


Sally had to run to the restroom and shit twice after getting to work the next morning. Her excitement and anxiety over her first official day as sales clerk in Sporting Goods had her intestines all squirmy. As she dropped her turds in the toilet, she remembered Mr. Lipman begging her for her shit yesterday morning, and she thought she must have imagined it. In fact, she was beginning to wonder if the shock of getting this job hadn’t made her temporarily insane yesterday so she’d hallucinated all that had happened in Mr. Lipman’s office lounge and maybe even in the fitting room. She did have Rick Johnson’s jockstrap at home though, didn’t she, safely locked away in her dresser drawer? How had she got hold of that if Rick hadn’t given it to her? Still, just to convince herself that she hadn’t imagined everything, she decided to check out the fitting room first thing after she finished up in the restroom.

She didn’t get the chance. The store had officially opened for the day, and a customer came into the Sporting Goods Department just as she was returning there from the restroom.

“May I help you?” she asked, immediately uneasy about the young man. He was dressed in blue denim from neck to ankles, with boots on his feet and a motorcycle helmet over his head. A polaroid visor over the front of the helmet allowed her to see her reflection but not his face. She had a premonition of him pulling a gun on her and demanding all the money in the cash register.

“Yeah,” he grunted, his voice extremely deep. “I wanna try on these duds.” He snatched some tennis shorts off the nearest hanger.

“The fitting rooms are right over there,” Sally said, more uneasy than ever now. The young man was disguising his voice, trying to put on some kind of accent while at the same time keeping the tone unnaturally low.

He nodded, the overhead lights glinting off the shiny black helmet. Before he entered the fitting room Rick Johnson had entered yesterday, he glanced over his shoulder, flashing her with his mirror-like visor.

Sally wasn’t sure what to do. She wished Cleo were here. What would Cleo do in a situation like this? Sally remembered that whenever a male customer went into that fitting room yesterday, Cleo would slip into the adjacent women’s fitting room. Sometimes she would remain in there, sometimes she’d come back out just a few moments later. After Cleo had come back from lunch yesterday, Sally had tried to ask about the fitting rooms in an indirect way, but in a way in which her meaning was clear. Cleo had smiled mysteriously and told Sally that there were things about this job she’d have to learn for herself, and that there were things that were never, never talked about in this store. She told Sally that she must learn to keep her eyes open and her mouth shut.

Sally slipped into the women’s fitting room and lacked the door. Even in here she could hear the music blasting away, much louder than in the other parts of the store. She whisked aside the curtain and spotted the small door at waist height. Her heart was slamming. Dare she open it? Her question was answered for her when she heard three soft knocks on the small door and saw the door move slightly. She dropped to her knees, and turned the tiny knob.

As she swung the door open, she had to jerk her head out of the way to keep from getting rammed in the face by a big naked cock. The cock smelled sweaty and was throbbing. A drop of lube oozed from the pisshole. It wasn’t as huge as Rick Johnson’s cock, but it was big enough to make Sally wide-eyed at its size. Her face flushed with heat and she started to tremble. Moaning, she started to kiss the big cock all over. She kissed the big sweaty balls too. Then she started to lick.

“Ohhhh, mannnn!” sighed the young man. “Suck that cock!” In his excitement, he no longer disguised his voice, and Sally recognized it immediately as the voice of her brother.

She lapped up and down his wiggling cock, her mind whirling with both excitement and indecision. This was Mark’s cock! Her own brother was standing in that other booth, feeding her his fuckmeat through this window! How could he dare do such a thing? How did she dare, knowing now who he was, have sex with him? She thought about what a terrible, sinful criminal thing they were both doing. She thought about all the times she’d watched him through the bedroom keyhole and had salivated when she’d seen the cum spurt out of his big hard cock. Heck, in her imagination she’d been having sex with him for years! This was only the natural, the necessary, next step. She wrapped her hand around his big swollen nut sac, wrapped her lips round his prickhead, and swallowed his cock down to the balls.

“Ohhh, yeahhhhh!” Mark moaned. “Blow that big mother! Mmmnn, use your tongue!” He strained his hips toward the hole, working his stiff fucker in and out of her throat, in and out of her mouth.

Sally slid her swollen, wet lips up and down his cock in a tight ring. She flapped her tongue all over, licking especially hard at the back of Mark’s cockhead, in the place where Rick Johnson had enjoyed getting licked so much. Mark gasped, his cock flexing in her mouth, pumping out small spurts of warm fucklube.

“Mmn, baby, you’re gonna make me come! Stop, huh, so I can fuck you.” He slowly, hesitantly eased his cock out of Sally’s mouth.

Sally could tell he wanted to shoot his cum down her throat almost as badly as he wanted to fuck her. She hungered for his cum, but she wanted to fuck him too. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the tingling in her lips as the last few inches of hot cock were drawn out between them. His prick throbbed up and down, dripping and gleaming with her spit.

“Turn around,” Mark whispered. “Show me your bare ass.”

Sally had no trouble doing that. As yesterday, she wore nothing under her green dress — no bra, no panties and she had only to hitch up the short skirt to present her brother with her completely naked ass.

“Press it to the hole,” he said shakily. “And bend over.”

Sally braced her hands on her knees as she bent over and pressed her naked ass and cunt to the open window. She could hear. Mark breathing like an obscene phone caller. His hot fingers pinched and pulled on her asscheeks. His thumbs spread her puffed-up cunt-flaps.

“Oh shit, oh baby!” Mark groaned as he kissed her ass and cunt. He nuzzled her asscrack and cunt-slit. Then he started to lick, as if she had honey running out of her asshole and cunt. “Mmn, mmmm!”

His long tongue swiped up and down her sexy furrows licking up her sweat and female fluids.

Sally’s eyes rolled with pleasure as she fed her crotch to her brother. She couldn’t help rubbing her ass in tight little circles against the hole. Her face was burning up in her excitement.

“Lick!” she whispered. “Oh lick, suck, oh God!”

Mark slurped, sounding like a pig at a slop trough. He glued his mouth to her asshole and sucked hard. He pressed his lips between her pussylips and sucked again, vacuuming the heat and moisture and female scents out of her body. He shoved his tongue up her crotch and licked her out wildly. Then he quickly moved to her asshole and rammed his tongue up it, growling as he licked out the crevice of her shitter.

Sally had to bite her lips to keep from squealing. Tingles streamed through her loins. The fuckjuice dribbled from her cunt and down her legs. Mark took one last tongue-swipe at her cunt, then rose up behind her and started to rub his searing cockhead up and down her cunt and asscrack.

“Ohbhh!” Sally cooed, ready to go out of her mind, every cell of her body vibrating as Mark’s red-hot cockmeat smeared her fucklube up and down her hot, quivering furrows. “Ohhhh fuck me, God fuck me!”

Her bare toes wriggled in her shoes, and she pried the shoes off. The moment she was barefoot, she could no longer stand having her dress on either, so she pulled it off over her head, letting her naked tits hang freely in the cool air.

Mark forced her cuntlips wide apart with his thumbs and pressed his cockhead between them. Sally wanted to whine, she was so hot. Her cunt kept contracting, trying to suck Mark’s cock inside it.

“Shove it in!” she moaned. “Screw my cunt!”

Mark let her cuntlips close around his cockhead. She braced herself for his thrust. He didn’t thrust, though, just slipped his cock into her to the hilt, let it slide in smoothly, let her hungry crotch devour it. They moaned in unison as their fuckmeat coupled. Mark’s cock throbbed inside her like a hard, cylindrical heart, the tip of it kissing the mouth of her womb. He slid it most of the way back out and plunged it back in. They both moaned again from the itchy friction of their hot, juicy fucking.

Sally felt like dancing, and she did in a way, shifting her weight from one foot to the other as Mark screwed her, wiggling her toes, raising up and down on them. She cooed, the pleasure whirling through her loins as she churned her ass, working her, tight, sucking cunt around Mark’s rapidly thrusting cock. His big prick plunged, sending fuck-tingles to the tips of Sally’s toes and to the hair-roots in her scalp. Each time Mark thrust, his cock was like an electrified prod that sent a current of pleasure into Sally’s body. Her insides were melting. She became drugged on pleasure, helpless to do anything but wiggle her ass and moan as Mark rammed her again and again and again.

The wall between the booths vibrated. Mark grunted as he thrust, carried away by his fucking. He muttered to himself, but Sally couldn’t make out his words, just that their tone was that of pained pleasure. His long cock plunged in and out, its head probing deeper inside her until it was popping in and out of the mouth of her womb. Sally groaned, wishing he could fuck her so deep that his cock would come out of her mouth.

She was getting close. She would be coming at any moment. Her loins felt tight, like a balloon about to burst. Her ass had swelled, and her tits. Her cuntlips felt splitting-tight, and her entire cunthole streamed with fiery tingles.

“Fuck me!” she grunted, churning her ass, grinding her contracting, sucking cunt around and around her brother’s hard-slamming cock.

“Fuck me, oh God, fuck me!”

“Yeahhhhh!” Mark growled. He thrust so hard that his hipbones cracked against the wall. “Yeah, oh fuck yeahhh!”

“Shoot it!” Sally gasped. “Oh please!” Every cell of her body was set to explode with pleasure. Her cunt clutched hard, as if trying to skin Mark’s cock. She felt the first flickers of orgasm in the pit of her cunt. Her entire womb was contracting.

Mark’s cock flexed so hard that it nearly lifted Sally off her feet. His cum streamed into her. He groaned deeply, then gasped, whimpered. “Oh Jesus, oh shut!”

Spurt, spurt, spurt — his hot cum filled her. Sally grabbed her tits and squeezed, writhing as her orgasm gnawed through her crotch, through her loins, through every part of her naked young body. She gasped with each spurt of sizzling cum into her, with each spastic contraction in her loins. She could feel both her cunt and asshole squeezing rhythmically. She churned her ass, vacuuming the cum out of her thrusting, gasping brother.

“Mmmn, ohhhh yessss!” she cooed, feeling the hot jism splash deep inside her. “Oh baby, give it to me!” She worked her ass in tight circles until her spasms began to subside and Mark’s cock softened slightly inside her. As he withdrew his cock, Sally moaned, completely satisfied.

She had to brace herself to keep from collapsing. She felt like stretching flat out on the floor and completely letting go, letting the waves of relaxation and drowsiness overwhelm her. She lowered herself to her knees and turned to face the window. Mark was pulling up his jeans, stuffing his big, cum-frosted cock inside them. He still wore his denim jacket and the black helmet on his head, his face hidden by the polaroid visor.

He brushed his fingertips over Sally’s lips as she pressed her hot face to the hole.

“You’re good,” he mumbled, trying to disguise his voice again. “I’ll be back.”

He unlocked his door and pushed out of it, leaving the tennis shorts hanging in the fitting room.

By the time Sally had put herself and the women’s fitting room back together, Mark was nowhere to be seen. Sally felt self-conscious as she returned to the counter, sure that what she had done with Mark was written all over her face. A mother and her young son were browsing between some shelves, the boy loudly pointing out the merits of various baseballs bats.

They paid no attention to Sally, however, so obviously hadn’t been aware of anything unusual happening. How could they have heard anything, with the music blasting like a rock concert? They paid for their purchases a few minutes later. Sally half-shouted, “Thank you,” and watched the boy carry off his new baseball bat. The moment they were gone, she went to the men’s fitting rooms, to do some exploring.

All the booths were identical, with the exception of the one adjacent the first women’s fitting room. This booth was slightly larger, and had two sturdy wooden pegs set high into the wall with the small window. There was no curtain covering this wall, and the window was detectable upon close inspection. The door that blocked shut the window was set flush with the paneled wall, and so blended in with the wall that a person would have to be looking for it to see it. Sally tried to push open the door from this side, but found it securely latched. She looked up at the pegs above her head, wondering about them for a minute before she figured out that Mark had probably grasped the pegs for balance and for something to hold onto while he’d fucked her. She could still smell Mark’s sexy, sweaty scent in the booth, and she reached up under her dress to give her cunt a squeeze. Some of Mark’s cum oozed out of her and into her hand, and she licked it off. She would have jerked herself off, but she heard the signal-chime outside and quickly went out, carrying the tennis shorts Mark had never tried on.

The bottom nearly feel out of her stomach. Her mother, beaming, was leading five other church-women into the department. All the women were babbling simultaneously, her mother the loudest.

“Here she is, girls, here she is — my very own daughter! How are you, dear? Everything going all right? I’m sure it is.”

Sally stood by helplessly as the women looked her over as if to verify that she was Sally Myers, living and breathing, and not a fake plastic imitation. One of the women commented that Sally’s dress was a little scanty, wasn’t it, whereupon Sally’s mother gave the woman an indignant glance and told her that if she didn’t like Sally’s dress, she should go complain to Mr. Lipman, because he personally had chosen the dress for Sally and had given it to her to wear as her uniform for the job. This shut the woman up as if she’d been charged by the Reverend Rockford himself with blaspheming the Lord. “Can’t you turn down the music a bit, dear?” Mom asked.

“It’s lovely music, but we can hardly hear ourselves speak.”

“No,” Sally lied. “It’s controlled by a computer or something.”

“But it’s not this loud in other parts of the store,” Mom said. “Not in the ladies’ departments anyway. Why so loud in the men’s?”

“The computer sets it different in each department,” Sally said. “Mr. Lipman’s idea, I think. The loud music must help sell baseball bats or something. Men must like loud music.”

“That man’s a genius,” said one of the ladies. “Absolutely.”

“And he never did a wiser thing than hiring my Sally,” Sally’s mother said. “Well dear, we must be running along. Reverend Rockford wants to meet with the ladies’ group this morning. Too bad you can’t be there, but you have your duties here.”

Thank God for that, Sally thought.


For a time during the morning, things got busy. At one point Sally had to contend with a line of five people as they all converged on the sales counter at once. She felt momentarily exhausted after ringing up the last sale of the five. A half-dozen men went to the fitting rooms during the course of the morning, four of them choosing the booth with the window, but Sally received no indication from any of them that they were interested in anything but trying on and purchasing warm-up suits, T-shirts, tennis shorts, and whatnot. Four times, she entered the woman’s fitting room closest the men’s, and four times she waited for a knock or for some indication that the men wanted her to open the window. But nothing happened. Each time, the men went to the cash register a minute later, with no hint of suggestiveness in their expressions as they paid her their money and she made change. By the time noon came along, Sally was feeling tired, hungry, and puzzled. She wondered not only about why no men knocked on the window booth, but also about what she was going to do for lunch. Cleo wasn’t here today to relieve her.

About one minute after twelve, the elevator doors opened and a familiar face appeared. It was the girl who had greeted Mr. Lipman yesterday morning, the girl, Sally recognized from school. The girl came straight toward Sally, a smirk on her face.

“So how’s it going, you lucky bitch?” the girl said. “I don’t know how you got old George to assign you down here right off but whatever it was, I’d like to hear about it.”

“I don’t know what you mean,” Sally said.

“Aw come on, baby, don’t play stupid. Half the girls in this store would take permanent pay cuts for the chance to work Sporting Goods even part-time. You’re brand new, and he puts you down here right off. What’s the catch?”

“Maybe he likes my hair,” Sally said.

“Or the feelings you gave him,” the girl said. “You look kind of like a mink, and I bet you fuck like one too.”

Sally was speechless.

The girl laughed. “Don’t get so uptight, girl. We both know what goes on around here, so why pretend we don’t? I’ve been working here six months and I still can’t get over how everybody is so tight-lipped about everything. We all got jobs here by selling our bodies to that old toad upstairs. He’s a shrewd old bastard. He gets more then pleasure out of those so called job interviews of his. He finds out if we’re suited to working in this glorified whorehouse of his. Any girl who isn’t one-hundred percent cooperative, any girl who isn’t hungry for cock doesn’t get hired. He can smell a willing slut a mile away.”

“Glorified whorehouse?” Sally mumbled.

“Well, what would you call a store that attracts male customers with willing girls? Some of those guys come from the next state to buy a pair of jeans just because there’s a good chance their salesgirl will give them a quick blowjob while they’re trying on their new pants. And even if they don’t get what they’re really after, they always end, up buying something. This is probably the only department store in the country that sells as much to men as it does to women. Old George has got half the men in this state addicted to buying whatever they need in his store, even if they have to drive all day to get here.”

Sally was starting to understand.

“And Sporting Goods is where all the jocks come. How have the jocks been treating you, girl? They been keeping you busy?”

“It’s been a very slow morning,” Sally said. The girl laughed. “Likely story. I’ll bet you’ve sucked off a half-dozen sweaty jock cocks since nine o’clock, and you call it a slow morning. Christ! I’ll bet old George has you working the evening shift by next month. Then you’ll get more than you can handle. You’ll be burping up cum all night. Those evening shifts are something else, especially in Sporting Goods. I worked part-time as a substitute my first six months here, and a couple of those evening shifts down herein Sporting Goods just about wore me out. One night we had four girls working Sporting Goods, and we could hardly handle it.”

Sally listened to all this with fascination and excitement. Her cuntlips swelled up and were throbbing. The wet meat between them tingled with a maddening fuck-itch. She felt like reaching under her skirt and screwing a finger or two up her seething crotch.

The girl had turned red. “Man, just thinking about those evenings down here gets me hot. And you look like you’re getting hot too. What’s your name, girl?”

Sally told her.

“I’m Denise,” the girl said. “I’m the one who’ll be taking over for you down here while you’re at lunch.”

“Oh, I was wondering about that,” Sally said. “Well, I’d better go eat.”

“Not so fast, girl. You’ve got a whole hour. Plenty of time.” She moved close to Sally, staring into Sally’s eyes, and she slipped her hand under Sally’s skirt.

Sally felt faint as Denise squeezed her cunt. “Main, you’re all wet,” Denise breathed. “Just like me. Feel me up, huh?”

Sally’s arm moved mechanically. Her hand slipped under Denise’s skirt. She groped Denise’s hairy, swollen cuntlips. A slimy fluid dripped into her hand, like hot spit.

Denise moaned. “Oh baby!” She worked a finger up into Sally’s cunt.

Panting, the hot juice starting to run down her legs as Denise finger fucked her, Sally shoved a finger up Denise’s cunt.

The two girls gazed into each other’s eyes, pistoning their fingers in their juicy, sucking fuckholes. Sally felt tingles all the way down to her toes.

Denise suddenly pulled her finger out. As she dropped down in front of Sally, Sally’s finger slipped out of her cunt.

“Hold up your skirt,” Denise said, breathing hotly. As Sally hitched up her skirt, Denise plunged her face between Sally’s thighs and started to lick. “Mmm, you taste good!”

She spread Sally’s cuntlips, opening Sally’s cunt completely so she could lap her cunt and fuckhole.

“Mmm, cum!”

She glued her mouth to Sally’s open crotch and sucked rhythmically, vacuuming out Mark’s cum.

Sally had to brace her hands on Denise’s shoulders to keep from falling over. She felt dizzy and weak. Her heart was slamming. She was scared to death of the elevator door suddenly opening and of being caught with Denise. That fear wasn’t quite rational, because she and Denise were hidden behind shelves and would have plenty of time to separate after the warning chime of the elevator. Still, she worried, and her fear increased her excitement, making it race.

“Ohhh, God!” Sally closed her eyes, grinding her crotch in Denise’s face. “Shove your tongue in! Quick!”

Denise rammed her tongue up Sally’s cunt and Sally exploded with pleasure. She gasped, humping at Denise’s mouth as the spasms pulsed through her loins.

“Eat it, oh God, suck it!”

Denise growled, sucking, gnawing, slurping. “Mmmm, you hot little bitch, hot little slut!” she mumbled, sucking down the fluids that ran from Sally’s contracting crotch.

Sally moaned, milking out her pleasure, feeding her raw crotch to Denise. The spasms had no sooner begun to subside than Denise suddenly pulled away and got up. Denise was masturbating frantically. She forced Sally to kneel and held up her skirt as she mashed her dripping cunt to Sally’s mouth.

“Suck it!” Denise moaned. “Eat it up!”

Sally had no choice but to suck, to chew, to lick. The hot pussycream ran down Sally’s chin and neck. Denise’s cunt felt like a huge hairy mouth, belching steamy air, drooling, sucking. Sally worked her tongue up into Denise’s fuckhole and listened to the other girl groan. All at once, Denise’s cunt contracted hard and Denise started to gasp and shake. She whimpered with pleasure as she fed her spasming crotch to Sally.

Sally gnawed on the spongy, hairy cunt-slabs, pistoned her tongue in the clutching sexy hole, drank the hot, tart fluids that drooled from Denise’s madly contracting pussy. The juice tasted tart, sweet, just like her own pussycream.

The elevator chime broke their sexual union. Within seconds, Sally was on her feet, wiping her mouth with her hand. Denise wiped her own mouth and adjusted her dress, although still apparently experiencing the aftershocks of her orgasm. She caught her breath three or four times as she squeezed her legs together. Sally mumbled that she was going to lunch and slipped quietly between some shelves so the customer wouldn’t see her. She waited for the customer to enter Sporting Goods, then made for the elevator without, looking back.

Forty-five minutes later, Sally stepped back out of the elevator, her stomach satisfied with a tuna sandwich and a fruit salad. She spotted Denise behind the sales counter talking to a muscular young man, whom she immediately recognized as Rick Johnson. She marched toward them, her heart pounding, her stomach tightening.

Denise gave her a smirk. “Have a good lunch, girl?”

“Yes,” Sally said, hardly looking at the bitch. “Hello, Rick.”

“Hey babe, where you been? I would have left a long time ago if Denise here hadn’t convinced me to stick around.” He blew a bubble. He was dressed in the same clothing as he’d worn yesterday.

“Glad you stuck around?” Denise said, reaching over the center to caress the boy’s muscular arm.

“At least one part of me is,” Rick said, giving his bulging crotch a squeeze, and Denise giggled.

Sally wanted to slug her. She pictured Rick’s huge cock stretching Denise’s lips, could almost hear Denise growling as she sucked out Rick’s cum.

Rick put his finger on Sally’s lips and stroked them. His finger smelled like cunt. “I’m going out for a ride tonight, hotlips — about eight. I’ll pick you up in front of the store here. Be on time.” He gave her a pat on the cheek and swaggered toward the elevator without another word to either of the two girls.

“Lucky bitch,” Denise said. “I could slug you.”


It was a muggy evening, and a fine sweat misted Sally’s face as she nervously paced the sidewalk in front of Lipman’s Department Store. The streetlights had just come on in the hazy summer twilight, and the cars cruising past were starting to turn on their headlights. More than once Sally was offered a ride by a carful of teenage boys, and once by a man in a big Cadillac. She politely but firmly declined their offers, wondering whether, if she hadn’t been waiting for Rick Johnson, she might not have gone with them. She wondered what it would be like to get felt up by a bunch of hot boys. She already knew what it was like to get pawed and fucked by a middle-aged man.

A motorcycle rumbled to a stop in front of her, and her brother Mark sat there looking her up and down. “What are you doing out here?” He wore jeans, boots, and nothing else.

“Waiting for somebody.”

“Oh yeah? Who?”

“None of your business.”

Mark laughed. “Too bad you’re waiting for somebody, or I’d take you for a ride. You waiting for one of your girlfriends?”

“None of your business.”

“Does Mom know, where you’re going?”

“No, she doesn’t, and if you tell her, I’ll kill you.”

“How can I tell her anything when I don’t even know who you’re waiting for? You sure you don’t wanna go for a ride? It’s a nice night for a ride, maybe out in the country.”

“No thank you,” Sally said. “Now will you please go away and stop bugging me.”

“Must be a hot date,” Mark said, revving his motorcycle. “I think maybe I’ll do some shopping in Lipman’s, since you don’t wanna go for a ride. The job working out alright?”

“Yes,” Sally said. “Now will you please go before…”

“What’s his name?”

“None of your business. Now go!” Sally lunged at Mark to slap him on his bare shoulder, but he roared away, laughing.

She watched him turn the corner and head down the block, then turn into the huge parking lot behind Lipman’s. She realized she was shaking, her guts all tied in knots, her blood surging so fast she could almost feel it. Mark had shaken her up, and in her nervous condition she didn’t need any shaking up. Here she was, about to embark on her first real date, and Mark almost ruins it. If Rick had come along and seen her talking to another guy, he might have got mad and just driven on. Rick could have any girl in town he wanted. He’d find another girl in two minutes. Then again, Rick might have stopped to pick her up right there in front of Mark, and the embarrassment would have been too much for her. She was sure Mark and Rick knew each other, since they were both on the football team. For some reason, she just didn’t want Mark to know she was going out with Rick. She was self-conscious about it, or something. She really didn’t know what her feelings were.

She was all confused, wound up inside, ready to jump out of her skin. And to top things off, she’d fucked Mark this morning, and Mark thought she hadn’t known who he was. It was all too confusing. She felt the insane urge to tear off her ultra-tight shorts, which had pulled up between her cuntlips like a gag, and her low-cut blouse, which she’d tied up so she could show off her bare tanned belly. She felt like ripping off all her clothes and running down Main Street like an escapee from, the local nut house. She couldn’t understand the tension inside her. Maybe it was just the nervousness of going on her first date, but whatever it was, she couldn’t stand much more of it.

The human traffic on the sidewalk and in and out of Lipman’s didn’t help her any. It was as if there was some kind of special sale going on in the store, although there was no sale going on, to her knowledge. Lipman’s became a madhouse evenings. Half the town — especially the men — passed through the store’s glass doors each evening. Sally had already seen a lot of people she knew entering or leaving the store. She’d seen her mailman and Reverend Rockford, and the football coach at school. She’d seen several neighbors, both men and women. And she’d done her best to hide her face as they’d passed by her. Why had Rick insisted on picking her up in front of Lipman’s, for the whole world to see? And why in God’s name had she arrived here to wait for him a half hour early? She must have been crazy.

A convertible came down the street and swerved toward the sidewalk so fast that Sally yelped and jumped out of the way before it jumped the curb and smashed her flat. The red car screeched as it stopped, and the driver, shiftless and blond, blew a bubble as he looked Sally up and down.

“So what are you waiting for, babe? I ain’t gonna get out and open the door for you, if that’s what you’re thinking.”

“Hello, Rick,” Sally said shakily. She had trouble yanking open the door, then slid in clumsily beside Rick, her heart thumping. The door seemed to be made of solid lead as she tried to slam it shut. On her third try, it finally latched.

Rick appraised Sally’s bare legs and feet. “Well, move over here, for Christ’s sake. If you’re gonna sit way over there, you might as well not even be in the car.” Rick spat his bubble gum out on the street, then put his arm around Sally as she sidled close. His biceps bulging against the back of her head, he pressed their mouths together and kissed her so hard he nearly sucked the breath out of her.

Sally’s mind swam. She was aware only of Rick and of the purring of his convertible. Her cunt did flip-flops inside as he kissed her, working his fat tongue in and out of her mouth. His sweaty aroma enveloped her like a cloud.

Suddenly there was some whooping. Rick broke the kiss, glanced toward the carful of boys that pulled up alongside his convertible, and said, “Her mouth’s as hot as her pussy.”

“Let me test,” said the boy hanging out the window of the car. “I’ll kiss ’em both and see.”

Rick threw the convertible into gear. “Like hell, slime-lips! You’ll contaminate ’em.”

Rick squealed off, and the other car squealed off right behind the convertible. Rick kept his right arm around Sally’s neck as he turned corners, screeching his tires, leading the other car in a chase for several blocks. The boys in the car behind kept shouting obscenities and laughing. Finally, after a few minutes, they lost interest and turned back toward downtown.

“Undo my pants and take it out,” Rick said. “You can suck and lick my lollipop while I get us out of this hick town.”

Sally felt sick to her stomach. What if somebody were to see her doing this? Still, she wasn’t going to argue with Rick. She had no doubt that he’d kick her out on the spot if she even hesitated. He knew what he wanted and there were a thousand other girls in this town who’d give him what he wanted if Sally failed to. When you’re out on a date with Rick Johnson, you don’t argue or hesitate.

She lay on the car seat, facing him, unsnapping and unzipping his jeans. His cock snaked out, standing vertical and gluing to his abdomen. The smell of it made her moan. He’d obviously had it stuck up some girl’s pussy not too long ago, because it smelled like pussy as much a it did like cock. He lifted his ass slightly so she could slide his pants down to his thighs and free his balls.

“Shit, take ’em all the way off,” he said. “It feels sexier.”

She got down on the floor and pulled his jeans down his legs. She bumped her head twice on the bottom of the dash board as she got them off over his bare feet. She looked up and saw him slowly messaging his cock as he drove. He was stark naked.

“Now you get naked,” he said.

Sally kept herself well down as she stripped off her clothes. By the trees that were flying past above, she could tell that they were in the country now. She could hear the whir of crickets. It was getting dark fast. The trees were silhouettes against the silver of the sky.

“Don’t get up yet,” Rick said. “Lay on your back on the floor.”

Sally didn’t know what Rick was going to do, but at this point, she didn’t care. She knew she’d willingly do whatever he asked. With her clothes off, she felt unbearably sexy. As she lay on the floor in front of the seat, she imagined herself as a naked slave girl.

Rick took his right foot off the accelerator as he set the cruise control. He laid his foot on her chest and began to play with her boobs. He caught her nipples between his toes and pinched them. Sally moaned, squirming.

“You’re a hot bitch,” Rick said, steering with one hand as he played with his cock. “There’s a lot of hot bitches around, but for some reason you’re extra hot. I don’t know why, but you just really turn me on.”

He stroked her face with his foot.

“Lick my toes, bitch. Suck on ’em.”

His feet were filthy. He must have gone barefoot half the day. But Sally didn’t let that bother her. She moaned with pleasure as she slithered her tongue between the young man’s toes. Then she sucked on them as if they were cocks.

“Shit!” Rick said. “What a feeling.”

He wiggled his toes and squirmed in his seat as she gave his foot a good work over with her hot lips and tongue.

“Better stop,” he said after a minute, “before you make me jerk off. Get back up here on the seat.”

The pussycream was running down Sally’s legs, and her thighs slipped together lubriciously as she slithered her naked and willowy teenage body up on the seat. The smell of hot cunt was strong in the night air, and she heard Rick taking deep breaths of the steamy female scent. He let go of his cock as she lay in his lap and started to play with him.

“Go easy,” he warned, “or you’ll have me shooting all over the place instead of inside you, where I intend to shoot off later.”

Sally could hardly control herself. She lapped at Rick’s balls nuzzling underneath them, nipping them with her lips. She lapped up and down the rigid length of his upright cock, savoring the fucklube that was trickling down the rock-hard prickshaft. She wished she had a ruler to measure Rick’s magnificent fuckrod. It had to be ten inches long. She still couldn’t believe anything but a donkey could grow a cock this huge.

Rick massaged her tits as she licked his cock. He pinched the nipples, twisting and stretching them. Sally worked her slippery thighs against each other, manipulating her swollen pussyslabs between them. A hot pulsation filled her loins and spread throughout her body. She gripped Rick’s cock at the base, bent it toward her wide-open mouth around the knob. Then she slid her mouth down on it, at the same licking, sucking, tasting sweat and fucklube.

“Aw, shit!” Rick put his hand on her head and forced her to swallow his cock till she gagged. “Suck that big mother, hotlips! Oh man, give it a blowjob!”

Sally’s spit ran down his cock as she bobbed her head, taking his cock knob into her gullet and sliding the tight ring of her lips up and down his prickshaft. She growled, sucking, slurping, starving to death for his huge, slab of hard fuckmeat. She played with his huge nuts as she blew him, gently caressing and squeezing them one at a time.

“Oh man, I wanna come!” Rick moaned. “I can’t wait no more. Suck that fucker! Make it blow! Oh yeah!”

He lifted up slightly.

“Shove your finger up my ass.”

Sally was shocked by his request, but she acted without hesitation. If Rick wanted a finger up his asshole, then she’d give him one. She shoved her hand under his balls, between his legs, and shoved her middle finger between his asscheeks. His asspucker kissed her finger like a set of hot lips, and she worked her finger up into it. His asshole swallowed her finger and pulsated around it.

“Finger fuck me!” Rick gasped. “Oh yeah, real quick, like that, yeah! Suck, lick, oh Jesus!” He humped with short thrusts, pumping his cock in Sally’s mouth, wiggling his ass as she finger fucked him.

“Mmmmm, znmmmmm!” Sally growled, munching, sucking, starved to death for the taste of his hot cum, wanting only to go on sucking Rick’s horny fuck rod forever as he shot load alter load of his potent spunk clown her throat. Her spit drenched his balls. She bobbed her head, sucking frantically. At the same time, she was working herself into a state of helpless excitement by sliding her smooth legs up and down against each other. Her toes wiggled and curled and pointed. She wanted to come, needed to come as badly as Rick did.

Rick was gasping. His asshole sucked at Sally’s sliding finger and his cock flexed in her throat. He began to shake all over. Something hot and spongy swelled inside Rick’s asshole and pressed against Sally’s finger, and she could sense electricity surging through his body. His cock vibrated powerfully, spurting cum against Sally’s tonsils. She gagged for a moment, then began to swallow greedily.

“Eat it!” Rick moaned. “Drink it! Oh I’m coming, oh shit!”

Sally felt the car swerving dangerously as Rick tried to steer it while feeding her his cum. For a moment, she realized they might both be killed, but then she completely pushed the thought out of her mind. Her pleasure was too great. It was worth dying for. As she sucked Rick’s flexing, spurting fuckrod, she shimmied her wet thighs together and brought herself off. The pleasure surged through her body in waves and she groaned, squirming naked on the seat, her mouth and throat stuffed with quivering cockmeat, Rick’s hot cum sliding down her gullet.

“Drink it all!” Rick growled. “Oh Jesus, suck that mother!”

Even after he’d finished coming, he allowed her to continue sucking his cock. He made her pull her finger out of his asshole, however. Sally lay there, cooing as she sucked Rick’s half-hard cock, milking every last drop of cum from his pisstube. She continued sliding her thighs against each other, slowly working the itch and heat out of her pussylips and shivering every so often as an aftershock from her orgasm pulsed through her loins.

Sally had no idea where they were going, but she didn’t care, just as long as she was with Rick.

“I gotta piss, babe,” Rick said. “You like to drink a guy’s piss? I bet you do.” He put his hand on her head so she couldn’t pull up off his cock. “Never met a bitch yet who didn’t like a bellyful of man-piss.”

His cock, snaked halfway down her gullet, quivered slightly. Her throat filled with hot piss, and she choked.

“Swallow it! I don’t want my car seat getting all stunk up. Swallow every drop or your ass is grass!”

Sally’s eyes teared and ran over. The acrid fumes of Rick’s piss rushed through her head. She swallowed frantically to keep from choking to death. Rick sighed as he emptied out his bladder. Sally hated him for doing this to her at least at first. By the time he’d finished pissing, she was sucking his pisstube dry, thirsty for more.


Sally had no idea where they were. Rick pulled the car off the road onto an overgrown trail that led into the woods. The weeds on the trail were as tall as the car and they scratched at the undersides of the car as Rick mowed them down. Once the car was well into the trees, and hidden from the road, Rick cut the engine. Only the whirring of crickets disturbed the perfect silence.

“I ain’t been here since about last summer at this time,” Rick said. “Neat place, huh?”

“Yes,” Sally said, looking around into the darkness under the trees.

“I know about a hundred places like this.” He switched on the lights inside the car. His arms wp around her neck and he started kissing her. His hand moved down between her legs and he wiggled his middle finger up her cunt.

Sally groaned, melting. She kissed Rick madly, thrusting her tongue into his mouth. As he twisted and wriggled his finger inside her, she squirmed in his arms. Her hand went to his stiff cock, massaging it.

“Fuck me!” she mumbled. “Oh God fuck me!”

“Sure,” Rick said. “When I’m good and ready. Right now I wanna kiss. I wanna get good and worked up. See how good you can get me worked up.”

From the way Rick’s cock was throbbing and oozing fucklube, Sally couldn’t see how he could get much more worked up. Rick was boss, though, so she did her best to please him. She wiggled against him, purring, cooing, kissing him again and again, drooling into his mouth, feeding him her slippery tongue. Her fingers trailed up and down his cock, teasing it. She greased up her middle finger with his fucklube and pushed it down under his nuts.

She found his asspucker and slipped her finger up his hot asshole. As she finger fucked his shitter, he gasped as if he were being tortured.

“Oh shit, oh baby, Goddamn! Yeah, screw that ass! That gets me hot! Ooooh fuck!” He stared sucking on her tits, all the while drilling her cunt with his finger. His other hand moved around behind her and his fingers found her asscrack. He fingered the sweaty ass-furrow a while, then forced a finger up her asshole. His teeth gnawed her nipples.

Sally thought she’d scream. The pleasure was so intense she wanted to die. She wiggled her ass, going crazy with the sensations as Rick finger fucked her asshole and cunt simultaneously. She started biting his neck, blowing and drooling into his ear, licking his face. And all the while, her finger was sliding in and out of his hot asshole.

Rick trembled, groaning. “Jesus Christ, you’re gonna make me come if you keep this up. Sit on my cock, you little bitch! Oh man, fuck yourself right down on my cock!”

He slipped his fingers out of her and lifted her up as if she weighed nothing.

She straddled his lap, her arms around his neck, her tits in his face. He slobbered all over her tits, sucking and biting them. The cuntjuice was running down her legs. She reached down, getting hold of Rick’s cock so she could guide it at her half-open, pulsating cunt. His prickhead kissed her wet crotch and an electrical shiver went through her.

“Sit on it!” Rick whispered. “Oh baby, fuck that cock!”

Sally thought she was going to split right in half. The stretch was unbelievable as her cunt began to impale itself on Rick’s ten-inch fucker. She slid down on it slowly, devouring it inch by inch with her slick crotch-hole. The pressure was intense. It felt as if her pelvic bones would break apart. Rick’s cock entered her womb-mouth and slid up deep inside. She could feel his cock burning in the heart of her guts. Her ass wiggled against his balls.

Rick crushed her in a hug that nearly broke her back. He kissed her violently, biting her lips, nearly sucking her tongue out. His cock flexed powerfully inside her and her hot cuntjuice dribbled out over his fat balls. Sally quivered all over, every cell of her young body prickling and tense. She was coupled with Rick Johnson. She couldn’t believe it!

“Ride that thing!” he moaned. “Oh shit, ride it, fuck it!” He grabbed her asscheeks and started to slide her up and down on his cock. A slow squishing sound came from her stuffed cunt as Rick’s cockmeat worked against the sucking, juicy folds of her cuntal walls.

Sally crushed her tits to his face, twisting her head from side to side as the intense sensations burned through her cunt. The super-stretch caused by Rick’s donkey-cock intensified her fuck-thrills. Her loins pulsated as the tingles flooded them. Her legs quivered, the sensations streaming all the way to her toes.

“Oh Rick, oh God, Rick!” Sally slipped up and down against her lover, rubbing her tits against his chest and in his hot face. Her clit pressed hard against the sliding shaft of his cock, and the friction produced sensations almost too intense to stand.

Rick let go of her ass, letting her fuck him as she wanted to. He leaned back, moaning, panting, the sweat beading on his face as Sally bounced up and down faster and faster, fucking his cock, drooling cunt-slime all over his balls.

“Yeahhhhh!” he growled. “Oh fuck, ride that thing, make it come, yeahhhh!”

Sally’s blood surged. Her heart slammed to the rhythm of her fucking. Her long blonde hair bounced against her back. Her tits flapped in Rick’s face as his tongue darted at them, lapped at them. The squishing sounds came from her cunt faster. She jerked up and down so fast and hard that the shock absorbers of the convertible creaked like bedsprings.

“Damn, you’re a wild fucking bitch!” Rick gasped. “Oh yeah, oh man, that feels good!”

He squirmed on the seat, twisting his head, his face flushed and delirious. His cock hardened even more inside her, turning to a column of pure granite.

Sally fucked like a machine, her loins so tight and pleasure-filled that she thought they’d explode. The humid air of the warm night held the scent of her steaming cunt, and the sexy smell excited her as much as she was sure it did Rick.

I’m a slut, she thought. I’m a fucking slut! “Yessss!” she hissed, in a fucking frenzy, driving herself and Rick to the brink of ecstasy. “Oooooh yessss! Shoot it in me! Come on, shoot it in me!”

“Goddamnnnnn!” Rick growled, his eyes rolling drunkenly in his tossing head. He squirmed, gasping, humping upward to meet her tight, screwing down-fucks. His cock seemed to grow even more inside her. It quivered like an electric vibrator.

“Please!” she gasped, her pleasure on the verge of exploding. “Now, oh God please!”

Rick arched up powerfully, driving his cock into the depths of her clutching womb. His eyes turned back into his head, becoming only white slits. An expression of pure ecstasy contorted his face as his cock shuddered and his cum streamed into her cunt. “Ohhh Godddd! Uhh, uhhhh!”

Sally thought her head would pop off. The explosions of cum came so powerfully that she gasped, her body jerking. Rick’s cock swelled and contracted inside her, swelled and contracted, pumping out round after round of hot cum that splashed in the depths of her quivering, tingling womb. An electricity pulsed from his flexing, shuddering cock and shot into Sally’s cunt and womb. She came instantly her entire body shaking as if it were an extension of Rick’s spasming cock.

“Awwwww Rick!” she moaned, her vision blurry, her mind swimming as the unbearable pleasure saturated her cunt and flashed through every cell of her naked teenage body. She bounced up and down, her lust-swollen tits like. Water balloons, her loins contracting again and again, her cunt squeezing, sucking, nearly skinning Rick’s cock.

They clung to each other, grunting out their pleasure, their coupled fuck-organs throbbing in unison as Rick shot his cum into her hard milking cunt. Sally thought she’d lose her mind. She writhed in Rick’s arms, almost trying to get away. Finally, their mad fucking slowed as their orgasms subsided, and Sally slid all the way down on Rick’s cock, purring as she rubbed her ass against his cum-slick balls and thrilled to the twitching of Rick’s cock inside her. She gasped as aftershocks shook her cunt.

“Goddamn!” Rick mumbled. “I ain’t been fucked like that in months. Damn, you’re a wild one!”

Sally licked his nose, kissed his lips, clung to him and cooed. His cock was still hard as a rock inside her.

He fell, asleep, his head falling back against the top of the seat’s backrest. As he breathed in and out deeply, his eyes quivering under their lids, Sally started to play with his body, tracing the outlines of his pectoral and abdominal muscles first with her fingertips, then with her tongue. She sucked on his nipples and felt his cock flex inside her. She lifted his heavy arms so she could lick the sweat off his armpits. The manly smell of him made her woozy and excited her. She started to ride up and down on his cock again.

He mumbled in his sleep. After a few moments, his eyes opened.

“Goddamn, where am I?” he muttered. “Oh shit, you got me all horny again!”

He let her ride up and down on his cock for a minute, then grabbed her asscheeks and lifted her off it. Sally groaned as Rick’s cock slipped out of her. For a few seconds, she felt completely empty, hollow inside as the warm air licked the edges of her wide-open crotch-hole.

“Fuck me!” she whined, trying to impale her cunt on Rick’s cock again. “I wanna fuck!”

“Don’t worry, babe, we’re gonna fuck. But I’m getting tired of this position. Get up over the seat. Let me see your ass. We’re gonna do it dog-style.”

Sally’s tits dangled heavily as she leaned over the top of the front seat and rested her hands on the back seat. Her loins pressed to the top of the front-seat backrest and her ass stared Rick in the face as he got up on the seat behind her. She felt completely vulnerable in this position, and the sense of vulnerability excited her. She wiggled her ass, enticing Rick to mount her.

“What an ass?” Rick mumbled. “Shit, what a pretty ass!”

He spread her asscheeks with his thumbs, then leaned over and started to lick, making sounds of satisfaction and hunger.

Sally panted, rubbing her ass in Rick’s face. His tongue lapped up and down her asscrack. She hoped he’d shave his tongue up her asshole and lick it out. He did just that.

“Oh Rick, oh God, yes! Mmmn, that feels so good!”

Rick growled, twisting his tongue in deep, cleaning out her tight little shithole as if it were a honey pot. Sally felt cum and pussycream trickling down her legs. Suddenly Rick slipped his tongue out of her asshole and started licking up the juices that were oozing from her cunt and leaking down her legs. He spread her cuntlips and lapped between them, and Sally wiggled her ass, hoping he’d keep licking till she came again. He didn’t. He did something even better. He straightened up and slipped his cock up her cunt again, fucking her.

Sally arched her back, quivering with pleasure from scalp to toes.

“Mmn, fuck me!” she breathed, wiggling her ass, screwing her cum-filled cunt on his plunging cock.

He fucked her hard and fast for about a minute, but just when Sally was starting to build toward a new climax, he pulled his cock out of her. Before she knew what was happening, she felt his slippery cock sliding, between her asscheeks and his fist-like cockhead grinding against her asspucker. She tightened up, suddenly realizing what he was trying to do, but his cock was like a battering-ram. She couldn’t keep it out. His cockhead forced its way into her asshole and, as her mouth gaped in a silent scream of shock and pain, the rest of his cock followed.

“Ahhhh!” Rick sighed, sliding his ten-inch cock up Sally’s asshole to the hilt. “Tight ass!”

Sally squirmed like a speared fish, gasping, numb with shock. She’d felt a sharp, hot pain when Rick’s cockhead had first entered her, but now that all of his cock was inside her, she felt only a tight, stuffed feeling in her loins. Rick started to slide his cock in and out, moaning with pleasure as he worked his fuckmeat in her tight, clenching shithole, and Sally kept gasping so hard that she hyperventilated and almost blacked out. Rick gave her asscheeks a few hard whacks with the flat of his hand, and Sally got control of her breathing. She realized that she felt no pain. As the numbness she felt receded, she felt hot tingles in her asshole and she began to squirm with excitement and pleasure.

Rick dug his fingers into her ass, pounding his cock in and out, fucking her hard, making his belly smack against her upturned asscheeks. His long cock sliced in and out smoothly, its head scaring her deep in her guts. Her tight asspucker stretched around his cockshaft, being pushed inward and pulled outward like an encircling set of lips.

“Mmmn, what a sexy ass!” he said. “What a bitch! Nothing I like better than screwing a tight bitch asshole! You like my cock up your shithole, babe, huh?”

“Yes,” Sally whispered, breathless, excited, her toes prickling as Rick’s hot fucker buggered her. Her nipples tingled too, hard nubs at the ends of hugely swollen tits. “Feel my boobs, Rick. Pinch my nipples!”

Rick’s big hands closed round her tits, squeezing them, juggling them, feeling them all over. His rough fingers rubbed her cherry bumps, sending thrills whirling through her spongy tits. When he caught her nipples and began to twist on them, to pinch and stretch them, electrical waves went straight to Sally’s loins. Her cunt and asshole contracted in unison, her cunt squeezing out thick cum, her asshole sucking Rick’s sliding cock.

“Goddamn, what an ass!” Rick gasped. “Oh man, I ain’t fucked such a hot, tight ass in months!”

He growled, fucking her harder, deeper, all the while torturing her nipples with his strong fingers. He rammed her so hard that Sally gasped with each thrust, feeling his arm-like cock slamming deep in her guts.

Sally arched her back, tossed her head, rotated her ass and squirmed. Her blonde hair hung along her cheeks and down her arms, tickling her hands, which were still braced on the back seat of the convertible. Her entire body throbbed, quivered, shot full of pleasure by the sliding of Rick’s big prick in and out of her asshole. This was a different kind of pleasure from what she felt while getting cunt fucked, but it was just as intense, just as wonderful — maybe even better.

“Ooooh fuck my ass!” she cooed. “Ram it my deep? Oh yes, oh God, yes!”

“Goddamn mink!” Rick gasped. “Hot sucking asshole! Shit!”

He clawed at her tits, slamming his loins at her ass, driving his cock in again and again and again. His cock felt to Sally as big and hard as the tusk of an elephant. It fucked her so deep that she thought for sure it would pop out of her open mouth like a snake out of its hole.

“I’m gonna come!” Rick growled. “I’m gonna come!” His hands slid down her flanks and gripped her at the waist, his fingers nearly encircling it. He pumped his cock in and out, working it between the hot, slippery, sucking walls of her asshole, working it between the tight, stretched rings of her asspucker. His cock vibrated like a volcano about to erupt. Then it flexed and began to spurt.

Sally listened to Rick’s growl of pleasure. She felt his huge cock jerking and spitting cum inside her. She closed her eyes, concentrating on the sensations mounting in her loins, concentrating on the feel of Rick’s spasming cock in her bowels. Gasping, cooing, she wiggled her ass in tight circles. Before Rick had shot his third round of cum, she was shaking all over as the spasms gnawed through her cunt and asshole.

“Ooooooh Rick!” she moaned. “Give it to me! I’m coming! Oh God!”

She trembled, jerked, the pleasure surging through her body and shaking her to her bones. As Rick’s cock shuddered inside her, as it shot cum, currents of electricity jolted her asshole, shocked her loins. They were currents of ecstatic pleasure, and she wished they could go on forever. They reached a peak of intensity, then began to subside. Sally nearly melted into the back seat as Rick’s cock slipped out of her.


When Sally got home, her brother Mark was waiting for her. He appeared out of the dark garage, a knowing smirk on his face, before Rick’s convertible was even out of sight of the yard. The house was dark except for the night light in the upstairs bathroom. Mark was dressed in a pair of gym trunks and nothing else. In the glow of the yard light, his skin had a sheen to it. The night was humid and warm, and he was sweating even more than Sally was, as if he’d been exercising.

“It’s after ten,” Mark said. “Where you been all this time?”

“None of your business,” Sally said. As she tried to squeeze past him and Dad’s car in the driveway, he blocked her way.

“That was Rick Johnson, wasn’t it?” Mark’s breath smelled of beer.

“None of your business. Let me go, I’ve gotta get inside before Mom discovers I’m just coming home.”

“They already went to bed,” Mark said. “Been sleeping for a half-hour already, with the TV going in their bedroom.”

Thank God, Sally thought. She didn’t want to be interrogated about where she’d been this evening. “Well, I’ve gotta get to bed too. I’m a working girl now.”

Mark didn’t move. “What’s that smell?”

“What smell?”

“You know what smell. You smell like a walking whorehouse, little sister. You fucked him, didn’t you?”

“That’s none of your business.” Sally’s voice rose a bit louder than was safe, and she quickly brought it back down to a half whisper.

“How was it? It’s a wonder you can walk after getting banged with that baseball bat of his. Biggest cock in school. Probably the biggest one in town.”

“Mark, what’s got into you? Will you let me go, please?”

“Sure, right after I show you something in the garage.” He took her hand, pulling her into the shadows of the open garage.

Despite the lack of direct lighting, Sally’s eyes were adjusted enough to the dark that she could see fairly well. Mark’s motorcycle was off to one side. His weight lifting bench sat in the middle of the garage, a barbell resting on the upright supports.

“Watch this,” he said, letting go of her hand. He flopped down on the bench on his back, spread his legs as he braced himself, and pushed the barbell up off the supports. “There’s one fifty on this bar. Watch.”

He lowered the bar to his chest and forced it back up to arm’s length. “One. Two…”

So what’s this supposed to prove? Sally wondered, ready to slip quietly out of the garage and go to bed. She might have left, but she realized that Mark’s cock had snaked out the leg of his trunks and was swelling before her eyes. Within seconds, it stood perfectly erect, throbbing fast as Mark pumped the weights up and down.

“Ten!” Mark gasped, and dropped the bar back on its supports. “That’s more than Rick Johnson can do with one-fifty.”

He looked up at her, the sweat streaming down his face and torso, his cock pounding the air like a club. His chest heaved.

“Whatever Rick Johnson can do, I can do better.”

His cock flexed, as if he were intentionally waving it at her. Some fucklube bubbled from the open pisshole and dribbled down the shaft.

Sally found herself salivating, her loins throbbing. After the workout Rick had given her she’d thought it would be days before she could get turned on again, but now she found herself as hot for cock as if the date with Rick had never happened. Before Mark could make another move, she was on her knees next to the bench, licking his cock as if it were a candy cane.

Mark squirmed, his belly heaving. “Oh baby, yeah!”

Sally got her mouth over his cockhead and slid her lips down the shaft. She swallowed his knob into her throat, then used her tongue as she bobbed her head up and down. She got hold of Mark’s balls, squeezing and tickling them as she sucked his sweaty, bucking cock. He arched up, driving his cock down Sally’s throat, clawing the concrete with his toes. Sally’s spit greased his balls and she massaged it in.

“Oh God, oh fuck!” Mark gasped. His cock quivered in her mouth, hard as stone. His balls swelled in her hand contracting. “I can’t hold it!” he whimpered, and shot his cum into Sally’s mouth.

Sally gagged on the sudden spurts of hot cum. She wasn’t ready for them. It took her a few seconds to realize what was happening, but when she did, she cooed, slurping and sucking, swallowing her brother’s cum greedily. His cock shuddered and contracted in her mouth, squirting cum against her tonsils, against the roof of her mouth. Her senses became saturated with the taste and aroma of fresh cum, and her mind became fuzzy for a few moments, as if she’d taken a whiff of some drug-like vapor.

Mark humped up and down, working his flexing cock between her lips and in her mouth and throat. “Oh man, suck it all out!”

His cock was still throbbing and oozing cum when Sally released it. She quickly slipped out of her shorts and T-shirt, then straddled the bench and Mark’s loins. Reaching between her legs, she grabbed Mark’s jizz-oozing cock and rubbed its head between her throbbing cuntslabs. A mixture of pussycream and Rick Johnson’s cum ran out of her and frosted Mark’s cock.

She let herself down, swallowing Mark’s cock completely with her cunt. Mark’s eyes nearly popped out.

“Christ, give me a break,” he gasped, squirming as Sally began to ride up and down on his cock. “Awww, fuck, it’s too sensitive tight after I come! Jesus, get off!”

No way, Sally thought, giving him a smirk of her own as she rode his cock and felt the wonderful thrills pulsing through her loins. Her tits bounced. She tossed her head. The tips of her hair tickled her ass. An obscene fucking sound came from her juicy cunt as she impaled herself again and again on her brother’s rigid fuckrod.

“Mmmmm, you’ve got such a big hard cock!” she cooed. “I like to fuck it! I’m gonna fuck it right off!”

Mark grabbed the upright supports of the bench. His eyes wobbled. His face contorted as if he were being tortured. He snapped his head from side to side, grunting, moaning.

“Ohhhh, yeahhh, fuck that cock!” he gasped. “Ride that big fucker! Oh shit yeahhh!”

Sally cupped her tits and showed them to her brother. He licked his lips and his cock swelled inside her. She looked down and saw his toes wiggling and clutching, and she feared he’d come again before she’d done all she wanted to do. She lifted up off his cock suddenly, and listened with perverse satisfaction to his groan of frustration.

“Damn you, fuck me!” he said deliriously. Sally turned to face the other way. She wiggled her ass at her brother, then spread her asscheeks with her hands, showing him her hot pucker. Some of Rick’s cum leaked from her itching shithole. She caught Mark’s cock, rubbed it between her asscheeks, then worked her asshole onto its knob, gasping slightly as the fat prickhead stretched open her pucker.

“Oh Jesus Christ!” Mark moaned. “I don’t believe this!” The words were hardly out of his mouth when Sally let herself go, sliding down his slippery fuckrod and swallowing it to his balls with her asshole. “Awwwww shit, God damn!”

He started humping frantically, driving his cock in and out of her asshole with rapid, sharp thrusts.

“Mnnn, I love this!” Sally sighed.

She wiggled her ass and began to ride, making Mark’s cock slide in and out of her with long smooth strokes. His wild humping made his cock quiver and jerk inside her, giving her asshole added pleasure. As she slipped up and down on his cock, she stuffed three fingers up her cunt, finger fucking herself as she ass-fucked her brother.

“I’m gonna come quick,” she whispered. “Oh God!”

Mark leaned forward so he could grab Sally’s ass and feel it as he fucked his cock with it. “Man, what a sight! Look at my cock slide in and out of your asshole! Shit, it’s the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen in my life!”

Sally rotated her ass, screwing it up and down on Mark’s rigid cock. She twisted and jerked her fingers in and out of her cunt, sending a delicious fuck-itch through her loins as Mark’s cock rubbed the same sort of feeling into her asshole and bowels. She grunted as she jerked up and down, her tits flapping, her head tossing from side to side. Cum and pussycream ran from her finger fucked crotch-hole, dripping onto Mark’s balls and the bench.

“What a juicy fucking asshole!” Mark gasped. “Oh shit, I’m gonna make it even juicer!”

He rammed his cock up into her, trying to bring himself off.

Sally was ready to explode. Every cell of her body strained with fuck-tension. Her nipples were about to split open. She felt itchy tingles in her fingers and toes. She jerked up and down, ramming her fingers in and out of her cunt, fucking Mark’s cock again and again and again with her tight, sucking asshole. Mark’s cock shook inside her, began to flex. Sally closed her eyes and felt the spasms beginning in her loins. As the first orgasmic contraction caused her to gasp, Mark gasped with her and shot his first spurt of cum up her asshole. They moaned together, their coupled fuckmeat contracting and quivering with pleasure.

“Shoot it all in me!” Sally moaned. “Oh Mark, oh God!” She screwed her tight asshole up and down around his pulsing, spurting cock, nearly skinning it as her asshole contracted again and again, sucking, clutching.

Mark grunted like a bull, writhing on the bench, humping his cock up into Sally’s asshole and pumping her full of his cum.

“Ohhhhh man, this is it! Fuck!”

Sally rode him until his cock softened inside her, until every throb of orgasmic sensation had been milked out of her loins. Then she slowly got up off him and found her shorts.

Mark lay there with his eyes closed and a smile on his face. By the time he finally opened them, Sally was dressed.

“Where you going, Sis?”

“To bed, so I can go to work in the morning.”

“Before you go look up there on the shelf.” He pointed.

Sally saw two motorcycle helmets, one of them reflecting light from its mirrored visor. “New helmet, huh?”

She left the garage without another word. Behind her, Mark was laughing.


Over the next two weeks, Sally went on two more evening dates with Rick Johnson. On both those dates he took her to the same secluded place in the country and banged her ass good. Instead of fucking her in the car, however, be spread her out face-down on a blanket on the ground and humped her ass savagely, crushing her with his full weight. His wild fucking frightened Sally as much as it excited her, but she always managed to live through his attack, returning home tingling all over — only to find her brother Mark waiting for her so he could bang her asshole again in the garage.

She’d been seeing a lot of Mark lately. Now that she and Mark had openly admitted their lust for each other, Mark wouldn’t leave her alone. He sneaked into her bedroom every night for a blowjob or a quick fuck. Often, before breakfast or supper, the two of them would couple again. Instead of Mark hauling out his girlie magazines and whacking off, he’d haul Sally into his bedroom and work his cock off in her throat, or up her cunt, or up her asshole. At times, Sally felt as if she were being used like some kind of sex toy, but then she always realized that any pleasure she gave to Mark, she got back in return. In fact, half the time it was she who sought out Mark for sex before he came to her. The two of them were becoming more and more daring. They’d slept together three times, returning to separate bedrooms just before dawn. Sometimes Sally thought of them as Romeo and Juliet.

The job at Lipman’s was working out better than anything Sally had ever imagined. Word was slowly spreading about the new daytime salesgirl in Sporting Goods, and slow mornings gave way to mornings so busy that Sally wondered how much longer she could handle them alone. More and more boys from school wandered in, always buying a new jockstrap, or shorts, or an athletic jersey, always something they had to try on before buying it. Sally not only had, her hands full, she had her mouth full, and her cunt, and her ass. A lot of the boys she serviced had had blowjobs before, had fucked cunts, but most of them had never fucked a girl’s asshole, so Sally took pleasure in working her asshole onto their cocks and letting them bugger her. If she was pressed for time, ass-fucking their cocks was a sure way to bring them off almost before they got started humping. She had a hot, tight, hard-sucking asshole, and she was getting more and more talented with it everyday. One day she finished letting a boy bugger her and stepped out of her booth to find three other boys lined up and waiting for her ass. She feared that any day now things would be getting out of hand.

Then, at the beginning of Sally’s third week at Lipman’s, George Lipman showed up one morning, his fat hands on the backs of two new girls, whom he introduced to Sally as Linda and Margie. He wanted her to train them. She’d done such a good job — day sales in Sporting Goods had more than doubled since she’d been hired that more salesgirls would be needed to handle all the new customers. Sally had a magic touch, George Lipman told the new girls, and he hoped some of that magic would rub off on them. During her noon break, Sally was to report to him in his office.

“You wouldn’t believe what happened to us in his office,” said Margie the moment George Lipman was gone. She blushed very red, but it was obvious she was dying to talk about her and Linda’s encounter with Mr. Lipman.

“He told us not to talk about confidential stuff,” Linda said. “Or we’d be fired. Remember?”

Margie turned even redder. “My God, I forgot.”

“There are many things we don’t talk about here at Lipman’s,” Sally said. “And there’s a lot to learn about this job, some of it that you’ll have to find out on your own. Let’s get to work. By the way, nice new dresses you two are wearing.”

“Gifts of Mr. Lipman,” Linda said, beaming.

“We got bonus checks too,” said Margie.

“How much?” said Sally.

“A hundred dollars each,” said Linda. “Can you believe it?”

Sally smiled, pleased with herself. Her own initial bonus check had been five-hundred dollars. Mr. Lipman obviously valued her much more.

Margie and Linda showed what kind of giddy schoolgirls they were when the boys started showing up. Sally had to remind them several times that they’d been hired to work, not to stand around flirting and giggling like a couple of street girls. She let them tend the cash register and straighten the shelves while she went into the women’s fitting room to “tidy things up”, as she told them. By mid-morning Sally had given three blowjobs and had been fucked in the cunt and asshole four times each, and Margie and Linda were getting suspicious.

“What are you always going in the dressing room for?” Linda asked.

“I told you,” Sally said, smirking. “To tidy things up. That room is such a mess. I don’t know when I’ll ever get it back into shape.”

“I think she goes in there to jerk off,” Margie said.

“Come on, girls,” Sally said, ignoring Margie’s comment. “You’ve got lots to learn. Let’s get back to work.”

Noon came, and Denise appeared.

“Take care of these two,” Sally told Denise.

“What about us?” Margie said. “When do we get to eat?”

“As soon as I get back,” Sally said. Or maybe sooner, she thought — if Denise had anything to say about it. She envisioned the two girls down on their knees, munching way on Denise’s pussy and ass.

Upstairs, Mr. Lipman’s secretary was out to lunch, so Sally went straight through the outer office to Mr. Lipman’s office. He was sitting behind his desk, his chubby fingers punching a desk calculator, but he looked up immediately as Sally entered, then looked her up and down like a farmer appraising a prize cow at an auction.

“My dear, you look ravishing, but you are beginning to lose your wonderful tan. We really ought to do something about that. Starting now, I’d like you to begin working a few evenings each week, and by the time school starts I’d like to have you working most evenings. That way, you can work on your tan these summer days and, come school, we can have you working full time evenings.”

Sally didn’t know what to say. George’s proposal — or was it an order — was so sudden and unexpected.

“Well, why don’t we make it four evenings a week then, once school starts, and only every other weekend? How does that sound, darling?”

“I don’t know. I’ll have to think about it.”

“Of course,” George Lipman said, “but I’m sure we can work something out satisfactory to both of us. You will, of course, be fabulously paid at least double what you’ve been earning. And there are fringe benefits. The evening clientele is much more distinguished in general, more the cream of society, shall we say, and they have been known to tip, sometimes quite well.”

As Mr. Lipman spoke, he scribbled in his check book and tore out a check, pushing it across the desk at Sally.

“A little bonus to reward two weeks of very good work, darling.”

The check was for $250, and Sally stared at it, not quite believing it, while at the same time trying to figure out what she was going to do with all this money she was making.

“Before you go to lunch, dear, please step into my lounge for a sip of wine. We must celebrate your promotion. And by the way, I’d like you to begin your evening shifts this very evening. One of the girls has called in sick. Can you do that, darling? You will, of course, be paid time-and-a-half.”

Who could argue with George Lipman? Sally found herself muttering agreements to him as he ushered her into his lounge and locked the door behind them. He poured red wine into two small crystal glasses and gave one glass to Sally. He put his arm around her and toasted her, and they drank. Within two minutes, he’d stripped her naked and had stripped himself too. He positioned her on her hands and knees on the carpet and mounted her from behind like a bull. His cock felt red-hot as it slipped up Sally’s cum oozing cunt.

“Oh my darling, oh my angel?” he moaned, humping, grunting, banging her ass with his paunchy belly. “You’re so wet inside! Oh look, the cum is oozing out of you!” He spread her asscheeks. “And out of your asshole too! Oh my angel, that’s so hot!”

He pulled his cock out of her cunt and guided it between her asscheeks. It sank easily up her asshole, and he started to thrust wildly, his breathing becoming labored.

“What is hotter than a pretty girl’s asshole? A pretty blonde girl’s asshole.”

He caught handfuls of her hair and rubbed it in his face. Then he leaned over and licked her back, all the while screwing his stiff cock in and out of her asshole. He breathed so hard that Sally feared he’d pass out.

She tightened her asshole, squeezing his cock rhythmically with her asshole walls, at the same time wiggling her ass with quick, small rotations. Her loins throbbed inside. Pussycream and cum dribbled from her contracting cunt and ran down her legs. Mr. Lipman’s cock sounded like a toilet plunger in her cum-filled asshole.

“Oh my, oh God!” the man gasped. “I’m going to lose it if I keep this up!” He yanked his cock out of her and fell on his back on the floor. “Sit on my face, darling, quickly!”

Sally was dizzy. She nearly fell over the man as she moved to straddle his head. He was beating his cock fiercely. She pressed her asshole to his mouth and felt his tongue slip inside it. In her excitement, she shoved some fingers up her pussy to jerk herself off. George growled, licking and sucking her hot asshole. Then he twisted his face away, puffing his tongue out of her.

“Shit, my darling!” he gasped. “Please shit, oh please! You’ve got to, angel, you must, oh please! Shit in my mouth! Oh please!” As his hand jerked, his foreskin worked up and down over his shiny, lube-oozing cock knob.

Sally realized that she could skit if she wanted to. She bore down, forcing the shit through her intestines. She heard George Lipman sucking up the fluids that bubbled out of her asshole. He was moaning, masturbating as if he’d rip his cock out at his loins. Sally’s fingers pistoned in her own cunt as she simultaneously tried to shit and bring herself off. She felt her turd slide through her bowels and to the entrance of her gaping whole. Bending forward so she could watch between her legs, she saw her turd slide into George Lipman’s open mouth, her turd frosted with slimy cunt. To her disbelief, George Lipman sucked on her turd, then began to swallow it. As it moved down his throat, his cum shot so forcefully that it hit Sally in the face and tits. Her cunt whirled to a peak of excitement and went into spasms. She moaned, hot cum pelting her face, the pleasure gnawing through her crotch as she jerked herself off. George Lipman swallowed her entire turd, shooting so much cum that Sally wondered if he’d ever stop coming. He moaned and cooed as if he were experiencing the orgasm of his life.

Finally, Sally crawled off him, her tits and face dripping cum. She crouched over him like a cat and lapped the cum off his flabby skin. Then she cleaned herself off. George watched her, wheezing as he tried to catch his breath. Sally got up to start getting dressed.

“Wait,” George said. He struggled up his hands and knees, looking like an old boar, with his flab hanging all over. He crawled behind Sally and licked her ass until it was absolutely clean. Then he crouched down and licked her toes and feet. He licked her legs, moving up to her crotch so he could lick that clean too. “Thank you, darling.”

Having dressed, Sally left him lying on the couch, on the verge of a nap. She went to lunch then, dizzy with visions of what had happened in his office.

Back in Sporting Goods after lunch, she found Denise and the two new girls getting along fine. It was obvious by the looks on their faces that Margie and Linda knew everything now about their new job.


The evening shift was like a different job. The Sporting Goods Department no longer belonged exclusively to Sally, but had to be shared with two other girls, both of whom had been working at Lipman’s for several years. The girls, Rhonda and Olive, were both college girls, and Sally could tell that they thought of her as a know-nothing teeny-bopper, not even worth talking to. They also seemed bored with their work, neither of them getting excited over all the handsome men who walked in. When a man tried to flirt with them, Sally could tell that they weren’t too thrilled. And when that same man went to the fitting room to try on a new warm-up suit, the two women looked at each other, then both of them at Sally. Sally shrugged and went in to take care of the man, which is exactly what she wanted to do.

The man had a big sweaty cock, and Sally sucked it off in less than two minutes. The man didn’t even try on the warm-up suit, just went to the counter and bought it, stumbling out of Sporting Goods in a daze.

“That was sure quick,” Rhonda said to Sally, giving her a suspicious glance.

Sally didn’t have time to think of something clever to say, because suddenly another man had entered the fitting room, and it was obvious that both Rhonda and Olive expected Sally to take care of him too. Sally didn’t mind. In fact, she’d take care of every man who came in tonight if the other two girls didn’t want to. As far as she was concerned, servicing the men was what made this job worth having. The money, the prestige — they were great. But she’d trade them both for the cocks alone.

This new man had loose skin on his cockhead, just like Mr. Lipman did. Sally had fun playing with the loose skin, sliding it up and down over the shiny wet knob, licking underneath it. His cockhead was burning hot, and Sally delighted in sucking on it. She paid so much attention to his swollen cock knob and to the sexy skin on it, that she found her mouth full of cum before she even had a chance to give the man a proper blowjob. She gripped his prickshaft so she could work the skin up and down, helping pump the hot jism out while she munched on the throbbing head. She sloshed the slimy cum around in her mouth before swallowing it, getting a good taste. When the man was done shooting, she peeled his skin back tight and sucked up his entire cock, milking the cum out of the pisstube with tight lips. He shook all over, gasping until she released his cock.

Outside, the two women studied her as she came out of the booth. The man she’d sucked off had made his purchase and was standing at the elevator.

“That was even quicker,” Rhonda said.

“What do you have in there?” Olive said. “Some kind of machine?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know,” Sally said, smiling to herself as she sauntered away to help a man try on some golf shoes.

By the time her dinner break came, Sally had sucked off a dozen men, about as many as she sometimes did during an entire day. But she’d only been working two hours! Rhonda and Olive had let her have all the men, and they seemed to be warming up to her more and more. She was beginning to feel accepted by them, even admired in a way.

During her break, Sally was so caught up in watching the new faces in the cafeteria and with talking to new fellow employees of Lipman’s that she completely forgot to call home and inform her mother she wouldn’t be there for dinner. Mom would throw a fit tomorrow, but Sally knew that one mention of her new promotion would not only quell her mother’s raving, but would send the woman to the telephone to make gloating calls.

When Sally returned to the floor, Sporting Goods was hopping.

“Thank God you’re back,” Olive whispered to Sally as she rang up a sale. “Take over for me. I’m going to supper.”

Sally found herself looking at a line of five people, all waiting to check out. As Sally rang up the fifth purchase, she saw Rhonda come out of the women’s fitting room, her face red. Then, to Sally’s surprise, two men came out of the men’s fitting room. The two men gave Sally a good looking over as Sally checked them out, and one of them asked her if she’d be working evenings regularly from now on.

“A few evenings a week,” Sally said. “Otherwise I work days. Come back again soon.”

“You can count on it,” the man said.

Over and hour later — after both Rhonda and Olive had returned from their supper breaks, and after Sally had serviced five more men — a funny-looking man with a beard and dark glasses came into Sporting Goods. Without even bothering to take clothing along to try on, he slipped into the fitting room. Rhonda and Olive glanced at Sally as if to say, he’s all yours, not that she needed their glance to tell her that. She knew all the men would be hers for the rest of the evening.

The moment Sally opened the small door inside the booth, the man stuck his cock through. He’d pulled both his cock and balls out of his fly and he mumbled that Sally should lick them. Her tongue flapped and the man started to breathe heavily, loudly enough for Sally to hear him even aver the blaring of the music outside. His cock throbbed heavily, starting to drip as Sally sucked on his balls.

“Go down on it, you little bitch!” he muttered, and Sally swallowed his cock, trying to figure out where she’d heard his voice before.

“Mmn, suck that thing, you little slut!”

Sally bobbed her head, sucking, licking, munching. Her mind was working as well as her mouth. The voice was familiar, so familiar that it was shouting the man’s name at her, but she couldn’t make it out.

“Show me your ass, bitch! I want to fuck your pussy!”

Sally’s pussy was dribbling juice as she mashed it to the hole in the wall, and the man leaned over to lick it before he slipped his cock inside her. As his hot cock slid to the hilt up her throbbing cunt, she nearly gasped out the man’s name as she voiced her pleasure. Reverend Rockford! Sally couldn’t believe it! But there was only one voice like his in the world, and Sally had heard it preaching at her since she’d been in diapers, preaching hellfire and damnation, preaching about the evils of the world and the flesh — especially the evils of the flesh. It had always puzzled Sally that a man who condemned sex so much could father children. She’d always been sure his children had been adopted. It seemed impossible that Reverend, Rockford could even possess a cock.

“Ohhhh baby, fuck that thing! Yeah, wiggle that ass! Come on, slut, bring me off!” The reverend rammed his cock in and out, making it swell and harden even more as he pleasured it in Sally’s sucking pussyhole.

Sally tightened her cunt, churned her ass, and suddenly she felt the hot spurts splashing in the depths of her sucking crotch-hole. The reverend let out a pained groan, then gasped again and again as his cum shot into Sally’s cunt. The moment he was done shooting he pulled out.

“Lick it clean, you dirty little tramp!” he said in whispers. “You’re filthy. You ought to be thrown in a washing machine!” He waited for her to lick his cock and balls clean, then stuffed them back in his pants. “Here.” He shoved a twenty dollar bill at her, and then he was gone.

Sally was readjusting the curtain that covered the wall when she heard someone enter the men’s booth and knock on the wall. She whisked aside the curtain, dropped to her knees, and opened the door. The man in the next booth already had his cock out and was jerking it off. She put her face in the window and opened her mouth.

This man was chewing gum. His dark glasses hid his eyes and he had a mustache. He stared down at her through his dark glasses, chewing his cum to the rhythm of his cock-beating. Lube began to drip from his open pisshole, and Sally stuck out her tongue, trying to catch it. The man just watched her, jerking off his cock, not letting her tongue get more than a few inches from his cock knob.

“I’ll suck it, if you want,” Sally said.

The man said nothing, just kept jerking off. “Please,” she said. “Let me suck it, huh?” The man grunted and ejaculated on her face.

Sally closed her eyes, letting him shoot off all over her face and in her mouth. When he was done shooting, he stuffed his cock in her mouth and let her suck the pisstube dry.

Sally cleaned off her face with her fingers, then cleaned off her fingers by licking and sucking them. She could see the man going through his wallet in the other booth. He dropped the wallet and it fell open. The sight of a badge made Sally’s heart stop. The man was a cop, maybe the Chief of Police, for God’s sake! Her heart started again when the man tossed a five dollar bill through the hole.

“Pretty face,” he said. “Real pretty face.” Sally sat there after the man had left, slightly shaken up. She wondered if she could be arrested or something for doing what she was doing. Then she remembered who her employer was, and her fear passed. George Lipman owned this town including the police. And that cop hadn’t arrested her, had he? He’d fed her his cum instead. Her thoughts were interrupted when there was a knock on the wall. Sally opened the window and went to work.

Much later — the store must have been getting near to closing for the night — Sally found herself with a touch of a bellyache. She’d swallowed at least a quart of cum. And both her cunt and asshole were leaking cum too. She hadn’t left the booth since she’d entered it to suck off Reverend Rockford. Men had come in one after another to be pleasured. She’d lost count of them. Rhonda and Olive hadn’t bothered her, obviously happy to let her take care of all the men. She couldn’t figure out those girls.

Sally sighed as another man entered the men’s booth and knocked. She was getting a little tired, and a little sore. She had her job to do, though. She opened the window and, without looking through it, put her ass up to the hole, offering the new man her cunt. She couldn’t swallow any more cum or she might vomit. The man’s hot hands gripped her ass. Instead of entering her cunt, though, he chose to fuck her asshole. His cock was big, and it gave Sally’s asshole a good stretch, penetrating her so deep that Sally felt tingles deep in her bowels. As the man slid this cock in and out, Sally moaned, gyrating her ass. The man moaned too, and he fucked faster.

Sally had long ago discarded her dress and shoes, so she squirmed stark naked in the booth, her tits jiggling, her ass churning against the window as the man buggered her through it, his long, thick cock plunging in and out. She was slimy with cum inside, so his cock made noises inside her, and cum bubbled out of her asshole and out of her pulsating cunt. The sounds excited Sally, made her tighten her asshole and fuck harder. Her ass felt hot and swollen, tight with fuck-tension, its, skin ready to split open as the man dug in with his fingers. He rammed his cock in and out, jolting her, making them both gasp and grunt. Tingles streamed through her asshole and guts. She felt the man’s cock getting bigger, hotter, tighter inside her. He was getting close to coming, and so was she.

“Fuck me!” she gibbered. “Oh fuck me!” The man moaned, slamming his cock harder, faster, deeper up her clutching, sucking asshole. She could feel his heavy balls flapping against her cunt. She ground her ass hard, on the verge of ecstasy. The man started to rattle the wall, and Sally knew his orgasm was on the way. As his cock flexed inside her, as it vibrated, as his cum burst from his cock and shot deep into Sally’s bowels, Sally let out a gasp of pleasure and began to jerk with spasms. She felt as if she were melting inside. Her asshole clutched rhythmically, milking the hot cum out of the man’s bucking cock. The man’s gasps and moans of pleasure increased Sally’s own excitement, and she wiggled her hot ass, her body shaking with streaming tingles and spastic contractions.

Their fucking slowed. Sally let the man work his cock in her asshole until he’d milked out every drop of cum and pleasure. When he pulled out, she turned around and dropped to her knees, her mouth open. She wanted to suck the man’s cock clean. She reached through the hole, giggling as she caught the man’s cock and stuffed it in her mouth. She heard him gasp and she turned her eyes up.

Her dad was looking down at her, his cock dangling down her throat. He looked sick, weak, as if he’d just been slugged in the solar plexus.

“My God!” he whispered.

Her mind in such a state that she couldn’t even think, Sally just sucked. She sucked and sucked and sucked, until her father’s cock became ramrod stiff in her mouth and his expression of shock reddened to an expression of lust.

He stood there passively, letting her suck him off. He came in two minutes, gasping.

“How was I to know you were in here?” he said at last.

Sally finished swallowing his cum and wiped her mouth with her and she kissed his big hanging prick.

“You couldn’t have known,” she said. “But now you do. You’ve got a really good-tasting cock, Daddy. Can I suck it again?”

“No… I mean at least not now, not here.”

“The store closes soon,” Sally said. “I know a place you might like in the country. It’s a great place. Let’s go there. You can pick me up right in front of the store after it closes. Nobody will think a thing. You’re my dad, after all. What do you say, Daddy?” She eyed his cock, licking her lips.

“Hurry,” her dad said. “Don’t be late.” His cock was hard again.

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Horny Family Fun

Today’s middle class Americans maintain a stable outlook which in reality masks the turmoil existing behind drawn blinds.

There is alcoholism, promiscuous sex for the adult and teenager alike and, for some, the breakup of marital relationships as a result of mate-swapping. The children observe their parents’ so-called “mature” lifestyles. The mark is made, the effect lasts a lifetime.

This is the story of a family and its gradual progression toward debauchery where family relationships mean nothing and the satisfaction of the senses means everything. What happens to these parents and their children is a startling revelation of how events can alter personalities, how fate plays with all.

Business as usual is the daily form. Bullshit? Not for the characters in this story — outwardly yes, but in reality no.

HORNY FAMILY FUN — a novel which reveals what is really happening behind the closed doors throughout America.


Patty Cannon looked sheepish, twisting her hands and biting her lip. She acted more like a little girl than a high school senior.

“I’m sorry I’ve been bad, Daddy,” she murmured in a childish voice. “I know I deserve to be punished.”

Her father nodded in agreement. At his side, the fingers of one hand twitched with anticipation. “Well, since we both know you’ve got it coming to you, young lady, let’s get started,” Ed Cannon said to his daughter, licking his lips.

“Okay, Daddy, I guess I’m ready to take my medicine,” Patty said. “Let me have it.”

Patty got into a familiar position. She draped herself over her father’s lap, making her bottom the highest point of what now became her helpless body.

“Yes,” Ed Cannon said approvingly. “Perfect.”

His breath quickening, Ed pulled up Patty’s short skirt. Underneath, she wore childish, white, cotton panties. However, what filled them was far more advanced.

Her ass-cheeks were plump, like a pair of ripe melons straining through the white cotton. And when Ed began inching down her panties, soft, pink flesh showed.

“Mmmmmm…” He chuckled as his daughter’s bare bottom was gradually revealed. “Seems almost a shame that such a sweet ass has to be whipped so hard. Whipped bright red!”

“But I asked for it, Daddy,” Patty readily answered, her breath ragged, too. “Do what you have to do to me, Daddy. What I deserve.”

“All right, then. Get set.”

Ed raised an open hand, and his daughter braced herself. Down came the first stinging slap, the immediate welt it raised spanning between Patty’s squirming ass-cheeks.

Taking in the sight, Ed murmured, “Ahhhh, just look at that! Glowing already!”

“More, Daddy, more!” Patty urged. “I’m only just starting to feel it. You can spank me a whole lot harder than this!”

Yes, he certainly could, Ed enthusiastically agreed. Down his open hand smacked again. Adding to the first one, the mark turned Patty’s ass beet red. However, rather than crying out in pain, the paddled girl reacted with pleasure.

“Oh, Daddy!” Patty moaned. “Keep giving it to me! Down lower, the next time you hit me!”

Her panties had been lowered halfway when the spanking started. Now, her father slipped them all the way to her thighs. Between her battered ass-cheeks was the wispy beard of her teenaged pussy.

With his daughter’s cunt-bush peeking out at him, Ed set himself to deliver another blow. This time she was struck less on her ass and more directly against her cunt. On impact, that crucial part of her body squished aloud.

“Right, Daddy, that’s the way it hurts the best!” Patty yelled. “Don’t stop now!”

Ed quickly whacked her again in the same place. Patty started trembling, pussy-juice leak big down her inner thighs.

“One more time, Daddy!” she urged.

Her father’s open hand rose and fell once more, turning Patty’s cunt into something which now resembled an oozing wound. Ed Cannon’s spanked daughter shuddered from head to toe.

“That did it to me, Daddy!” Patty breathlessly reported. “Did it to me so gooood!”

“Yeah, sure did!” Ed agreed, knowing the telltale signs quite well, after all the private spankings he’d given his little girl.

Patty was cumming.

“Now, do something even better than spanking me, Daddy!” she cried when her orgasm had run its course and she was eager for another one.

Ed responded with his hand flush to her cunt again. But this time, his touch was gentle rather than violent, as he tenderly rubbed the girl’s pussy.

“Now the rest, Daddy!” Patty requested steamily. “The rest of it!”

She swiveled around on her father’s lap. No longer over his knee, she straddled him with her legs while facing away.

Ed unzipped his fly. His prick was so hard as it lodged in the crack of Patty’s ass. At her cunt, Ed had gone from rubbing to finger fucking. His daughter lost no time in having a second climax.

“Just gets better and better!!” she cried. “Every time we do this!”

Ed grunted with agreement, massaging his rigid prick between her ass-cheeks. His balls were starting to churn from the rising tide of jizz that would soon have to erupt.

“Daddy, don’t hold back!” Patty called. “Give it to me as soon as you can!”

She reached back, squeezing her ass-cheeks as tight as she could around her father’s pumping cock for maximum friction. Ed groaned, his hips bucked, and his cock burst.

“Fantastic!” Patty cried, feeling the liquid warmth from her father’s gushing prick abruptly splashing her bare ass. “Shoot your jizz all over me, Daddy!”

Ed’s prick spurted wildly for a long, creamy moment, then slowed to a dribble. His spilled cum had made a sticky mess of his daughter, having splattered her ass-cheeks and trickled down her ass-crack to melt into the groove of her rear-spread cunt.

“Mmmmm, gets me so hot when you cum all over me after a spanking, Daddy!” Patty said. “So hot for so much more!”

She slid off her father’s lap, tumbling in a slow-motion somersault when she hit the floor. She wound up propped on her elbows, looking up at Ed, her legs yawning to showcase her glistening cunt.

“Here I am, Daddy!” Patty beckoned to her father. “Ready for more, as usual. A whole lot more!”

Her father left his chair and landed on his hands and knees before Patty. She smeared his jizz all over her crotch, from thigh to thigh, from clit to asshole.

“Now, lick it up, Daddy!” she commanded. “Lick it up!”

Ed Cannon didn’t hesitate, burying his face between his daughter’s legs. His tongue went to work, lapping Patty’s slimy crotch from top to bottom, starting with her cunt and ending between her ass-cheeks. In the process, she had an orgasm so wet that by the time her father had finished, he was licking up her cunt instead of his.

“Okay, Daddy,” Patty said when he was finished, “it’s time for the big one next. Ready?”

Ed bobbed up, his cock stiffer than ever. He was raring to go.

Patty quickly stripped away the rest of her clothes, while her father did the same with his.

“Fuck me!” Patty said with stark simplicity. “Please, fuck me, Daddy!”

However, her father did not plunge between her inviting thighs, with his jutting prick leading the way toward her waiting cunt; he clasped her hips with his hands and abruptly flipped her over onto all fours.

“Wh-what’s this, Daddy?” Patty gulped with surprise, their routine having become so set since they had discovered the forbidden magic of father-daughter incest.

“Just something a little different tonight,” Ed whispered in her ear, but with an edge to his voice. “Trust me.”

Patty didn’t know what to think. Her father had always been so predictable in the past. That’s what had made her feel safe about having sex with him. A girl could never be sure when she went on a date what might happen — could be anything from zero to rape. But with her own dad, Patty just counted on him having her best interests at heart.

Patty’s seduction of her father had started years ago, when she was a little girl. That’s when he’d spanked her for the standard reasons. And even at that tender age, she’d realized how good it hurt, especially when she felt the hard bulge at Daddy’s crotch while he paddled her bare ass.

Those early days had resulted in Patty’s first orgasm, and a lot of misbehaving on purpose to get spanked on a regular basis. Then, by the time she was in high school and tired of the boys she dated, she’d decided to turn back the clock and recapture the erotic highlight of her childhood.

It had been an instant success. As simple as telling her father, one night when they were alone together, how much she missed the spankings he’d given her when she was younger. Knowing that he’d cared enough back then to make her behave, she’d explained, was something special she could use again.

“Just because I’m older now, doesn’t mean I’m not a bad girl anymore,” she’d said.

Her gulping father had asked her what that meant. Patty had proceeded to tell him how bad she was capable of being.

Her father had been shocked, believing she was still a virgin. Most girls would have begged for forgiveness, but Patty begged for punishment. She had pleaded for a whipping to straighten her out.

She’d planned it perfectly. Once her father had caught a glimpse of those little girl’s cotton panties she’d cleverly worn, he was hooked. When he spanked her, she’d most noticeably cum while rubbing her damp cunt against his uncontrollably hardening cock.

But now, for the first time, Patty didn’t know what to expect from her father. Instead of sinking his prick into her cunt on schedule, he was still concentrating on her ass. While he bent over it and massaged her ass with his probing fingers, his warm breath gusted between her spread asscheeks.

“Ooooh, Daddy, what’re you gonna do to me?” Patty asked, fluttering with curiosity. “Always before, your cock had already be in my cunt. You are gonna fuck me tonight, aren’t you, Daddy?”

Ed Cannon assured his daughter that indeed he planned on fucking her. “But your cunt can wait.”

“Th-then where at?” stammered Patty.

“Where it’s tightest, baby,” Ed answered.

He poked a finger into her asshole. Patty jumped, not sure she wanted to go that far, even with her own father.

“I-I’m still,” she choked in admission, “still…”

“Cherry there?” her father said, a note of triumph in his tone.

“Yes,” Patty murmured.

“That’s what I was counting on,” Ed said. “And I want to be first. You owe me that much!”

Patty had never thought about a debt to her father before, having always figured she was doing him a favor by letting him fuck her. But now, it occurred to her that it wasn’t all gravy for him. The poor guy was risking plenty, in fact. Getting caught screwing your own daughter could land you behind bars until you were too old to get it up for anybody again, Patty realized. There were stories in the paper about it all the time.

“Yeah, Daddy, guess you’re right. Suppose I do owe you. Didn’t sink in until now, but you’ve been taking most of the chances, not me. I’m not the one who’d go to jail if Mom or somebody caught us. If I can still be cherry for you, it’s the least I can let you do to take advantage of it.”

“Then let me hear you ask loud and clear for it,” Ed Cannon said, jabbing with his finger for emphasis. “Not in so many words — straight out.”

Patty took a deep breath. “Okay, Daddy. Fuck me… fuck me in the…” she interrupted herself with another deep breath, then finished speaking the bottom line, “… fuck me in the ass, Daddy!”

“That’s better,” Ed sighed with relief.

Patty realized that if she wanted to change her mind, she could easily get away with it. But now, her cherry asshole had started gurgling at its depths in anticipation of something more than just the finger-fucking her, father had always given her there.

“Will it hurt, Daddy?” she asked, seeking whatever information she could get in advance to prepare her for this new brand of fucking.

“Probably some at first,” her father admitted. Then he added hopefully, “But I think you’ll get used to it. And I’ll go slow. Bring you along until you’re ready.”

“Then I’ll leave it all to you, Daddy,” Patty said. “You know best.”

Ed Cannon was, in truth, more nervous than his daughter. But that pleased Patty, reminding her of the shy way he’d behaved the first time she’d seduced him. Guys her own age acted like animals when they were making their move, but she could still count on her dad to be a gentleman, even when he was about to fuck her where she shit.

Like now, as he withdrew his finger from her asshole and replaced it with his gentle tongue. He went on to give her a rhythmic rim-job, not missing a beat.

“Oh, Daddy, I wasn’t sure at first,” Patty moaned. “Wasn’t sure I really wanted this. But now… oooooh, yes. I’m begging for it, Daddy! Had your finger, then your tongue, and now I’m begging for your cock fucking up my ass!”

Ed Cannon ended the rim-job. But, before he switched to his cock, he rubbed his band against his daughter’s cunt. Maybe her pussy wasn’t going to get his prick in it this time, but there was nothing better than its plentiful nectar to lube his prick for a slippery trip up the narrow passage of Patty’s cherry asshole.

“Mmm nice ‘n’ wet,” Ed whispered, briefly jacking off his hard cock to a slick sheen with a stroking hand greased with fresh pussy juice.

“Daddy, I’ve waited long enough now. Hurry up and give mc your cock in my ass,” Patty said. “I’m even more excited about getting ass fucked the first time, than I was when I lost my cherry in my cunt. That was just to some dumb boy. But in my ass, it’ll be you, Daddy — your loving cock fucking me first.”

“This is it then, little girl,” Ed replied. “Hang on!”

Patty felt the head of his cock against the pucker of her asshole. The sensation of being a virgin all over again made her lightheaded and anxious. But then her father loosened her up by massaging her cunt before giving her an assful of dick. Indeed, his thumb and finger finding and pinching her swollen clit had frigged her to the brink of an orgasm.

“Soon as your cock’s in my ass, Daddy, I’ll cum right away!” Patty said excitedly.

Ed Cannon set his hips, then bucked his crotch and fucked his prick halfway into his teenaged daughter’s virgin asshole. And Patty, true to her word, mightily climaxed on the spot, cherry in no sense any longer.

“Oooooh, what a trip!” she cried. “More, Daddy, more! Deeper, deeper!”

Ed pushed again, treating his daughter to a sharp, muscular pain inside her ass, along with the rest of his surging prick. He’d hilted her asshole to his balls now, with the wiry hair of his crotch scratching against the cheeks of her squirming ass.

“God, I’ve never been so full of anything in my life!” Patty groaned. “Daddy, you just started, and already it’s the best you’ve ever fucked me!”

Ed was moaning, too, holding tightly onto his daughter. For the moment, he only moved his cock a little way in and out of Patty’s asshole, getting used to it as much as she was. But then, even though she was the one who’d been cherry, Patty began stepping up the action’s pace.

Into her cxmt went two of Patty’s fingers, and the wall between her cunt and her asshole was so thin that she could feel everything happening. It was such a turn-on the way she could stroke her father’s ass-fucking cock through the skin of her own pussy.

“Daddy!” she cried. “It’s like I’m almost jacking you off through my cunt at the same time as your prick’s up my ass!”

“Christ, sure as hell is!” Ed Cannon happily agreed. “Keep it up, baby, if you want to shoot more cum for you than I ever have before!”

That sounded like heaven on earth to Patty. To get all the cum possible out of her father’s ass-fucking prick, she added more fingers inside her pussy until her cunt had stretched to take her entire hand. Then she massaged the bulging outline of hiscock in her adjoining shit-pit.

“Oh, Daddy, I’m doing everything I can now to make your prick explode!” she cried. “Cum, stud, cum!”

Ed Cannon grabbed his daughter’s dangling tits for leverage, and jack hammered his prick into her asshole with his deepest thrust yet. Patty responded by managing to grip his ass-hilting cock shaft through her cunt.

“Jesus!” Ed cried with disbelief at how much he was abruptly cuming. Instead of unloading in a series of spurts, his prick gushed with a continuous stream of liquid fire. It was as if Ed were pissing cream into his daughter’s fucked ass.

Patty had trouble believing it, too. She exclaimed, “Daddy, where are you getting it all!”

“I don’t know,” Ed said.

“Well,” Patty declared, “then it must be a miracle. And when you are lucky enough to be on the receiving end of one of those, you just hang on until every drop of jizz you could get swamps your fucked shit-pit.”

Finally, Ed’s prick slowed to a dribble. But the flow hadn’t stopped, only now it went in the opposite direction. For, her insides brought to a boil by her father’s massive flood of molten jizz, Patty had lost control. She was hopelessly shitting all over her father’s cock.

“Oh, Daddy, I’m so sorry!” Patty gasped with a combination of embarrassment and unavoidable pleasure. “It just felt so good to let go, that I couldn’t stop myself.”

Ed Cannon was too woozy from cuming so hard to complain. Nevertheless, his daughter vowed to make her accident up to him.

Patty pulled ass and cock apart with a loud pop. Ed keeled over backward as a result, his strength as drained as his jizz. He wasn’t even fully aware of how his daughter set herself to pounce on his crotch — until, that is, her mouth was full of his filthy cock and she was sucking him clean.

“No,” he groaned, “you don’t have to do this.”

But his instantly revived hard-on was more then eager for the blow job Patty gave it, fresh out of her dirty asshole. So, as Ed Cannon weakly maintained that he should have had enough, he simultaneously fucked his daughter’s mouth with increasing strength.

It ended with yet another load of scalding jizz from Ed’s overworked cock. Patty swallowed every drop. Her father had truly reached the end of his rope. When his hard-on collapsed for good, so did the rest of him for the rest of the evening. Ed had been fucked and sucked until he’d passed out.

Patty was glad her mother was out of town. She guessed that was why she and her father had felt free to go even farther than usual tonight. With the house to themselves, anything went. Just too bad, Patty thought, with her asshole no longer cherry and wonderfully sore from its first fuck, that it couldn’t be like this all the time.

“Maybe something will happen to Mom. Like an accident while she’s driving,” Patty wished aloud in a moment of total selfishness.

The phone rang, leaving Patty afraid to answer with the sense that she’d somehow foretold the future with her careless remark. It was with dread that she managed to force herself across the room and pick up the receiver, which felt like lead in her trembling hand.

“H-hello?” she muttered.


Patty sighed with relief, the burden of guilt leaving her sagging shoulders.

“Darling,” her mother said, “I just called to remind you that you have to make sure your dad catches his plane tomorrow morning. Ten o’clock sharp.”

“Oh, sure, Mom.”

“I knew I could depend on you,” her mother said. “And something else, honey. I might be gone an extra day or so. Okay? So don’t expect me back until after the weekend. No problem with that, is there?”

Patty said there wasn’t, then mechanically talked her way through the rest of the conversation until her mother said goodbye. Once the phone was back on the hook, Patty felt so drained that, within seconds, she’d surrendered to the soft cushions of the sofa, sound asleep.


The morning sun flooded through a living room window, its warming glow angling across sleeping Patty’s face. She drowsily stirred, then bolted up, wide awake, as she realized she’d spent the night on the sofa without doing anything about her father.

He was still sprawled on the floor, snoring lightly. When Patty looked at the clock, she saw that it was eight-thirty, giving her less than two hours to get her dad cleaned up, packed, and on his plane.

Dealing with him was difficult, like trying to sober up a drunk. Patty had to shake him awake, ply him with black coffee, then steer him into the shower. When he staggered back from the bathroom, dripping wet, she had to coax him into the clean clothes she’d laid out for him, as if she were the parent and he a balky child.

“Don’t wanna go,” he whined when he was finally dressed.

“You’ve got to make a living, Daddy,” Patty sharply reminded him, noticing how much she sounded like her nagging mother.

“Aw, who needs it?” Ed Cannon grumbled. “Why can’t you and I just go off somewhere on our own, and let the rest of the world go by?”

Last night, when they were hacking, if her father had said something like that to her, Patty would have thought it very romantic. Now, though, responsible for more than just getting the most out of his cock, Patty was just annoyed.

“C’mon Daddy, we’re already running behind,” she snapped. “Let’s get a move on.”

The ride to the airport, with Patty driving, was mostly silent. There was just enough time for her to get her father on his plane and out of her hair. She kissed him on the cheek, watching him disappear toward the boarding area, then left.

“Never knew Daddy could be such a pain,” she mumbled as she made her way out of the airport. “God, don’t know if I’ll ever get married.”

All Patty wanted to do was get back to the house and get some more sleep in her own bed. Alone, with the place all to herself.

However, when she arrived home, Patty immediately sensed that the unexpected was waiting for her. The lights were on, she saw through the windows, and when she tried the front door, it wasn’t locked as she’d left it.

A burglar? she wondered, breaking into a cold sweat.

Something within her made her go ahead and enter. Just to be on the safe side, she picked up the nearest weapon available — a flower pot. She’d brain the bastard, she thought, deciding that she was sick and tired of being inconvenienced by other people.

It was no burglar that Patty found in the living room, sitting there, drinking beer with his dirty sneakers propped up on the coffee table.

“Hi, Sis,” he drawled.

“N-Nick,” Patty stammered. “What’re you doing here instead of at college?”

Nick Cannon took a swig of beer and laughed. “College and I decided tt go iur separate ways.”

“Y-you dropped out?”

“I was kicked out,” Nick said, grinning like he was very proud of his latest screw-up.

“What for?” Patty asked, curious in spite of herself about how her brother had gotten into trouble again.

“Aw, you don’t wanna know, Sis,” Wick said. “Might be too much for your virgin ears.”

“No, tell me,” Patty said insistently, deciding she definitely wanted to know the facts.

“Thought I’d wait until Mom and Dad are here,” Nick said with a lopsided grin. “So I can watch ’em turn blue when they hear what their bad boy has been up to.”

“Afraid we’re stuck with just each other,” Patty replied. “Mom and Dad are both out of town, so I’m taking care of the house.”

“Hmmmmmm, they never trusted me like that.”

“With good reason,” Patty said. Then, friendlier, she added, “So, c’mon, why don’t you tell me what you did wrong this time? Don’t worry about shocking me. I’m not as innocent as you think.”

“Okay, kiddo, why not? You gotta learn the facts of life sometime. It’s as simple as this yours truly got caught fucking the wrong chick.”

Patty didn’t even blink, boldly asking, “Who, Nick? Who did you fuck?”

“Uh, the dean’s daughter,” Nick hurriedly said, distracted from his story by his sister’s surprising language and attitude. “But, hey, what about you? When did you get so salty, Sis?”

Patty passed over the reference to her self and bluntly quizzed him about the dean’s daughter. “Was she a good piece of ass, Nicky?”

Caught off balance, Nick muttered, “Yeah, sure… all right, I guess.”

“Worth getting kicked out of college?”

Trying to get back on an even keel, Nick wisecracked. “Anything that gets the job done. She wasn’t that great in bed, but college is such pure shit that I’d have done a lot worse to get the hell away from it. Suppose you could say that fucking her so her daddy’d catch us was the easiest way out.”

“Well, that’s about par for the course for you, brother dear — the easiest way out!”

“Forget about me. What about you, Sis? When did you get so interested in fucking?”

“Why should I tell you?” Patty asked. “You’re just my brother — all I can do is talk to you about it. And since actions speak a whole lot louder than words, why waste my time with you when I can get the real thing somewhere else?”

“That supposed to mean you’re not cherry anymore, Sis?” Nick asked, on the edge of his chair.

“What’s it to you?” Patty challenged him, and for the life of her she wasn’t sure exactly why she was steadily painting herself into this corner with her brother.

“Never thought I’d say this,” Nick said. “But, damn, Patty, the way you’re leading me on, if you weren’t my sister, we’d be doing more than only talking.”

Patty issued another challenge, listening to herself as though she were two persons — one recklessly leading Nick on, and another who couldn’t believe what she heard.

“Well, then why don’t you forget who I am,” she said, “and just go after what I am?”

“Wh-what’s that?” asked Nick.

Could she actually bring herself to say it? she wondered. She didn’t know until it was out of her mouth and she’d pushed the situation considerably toward the point of no return.

“What am I besides just your kid sister?” she asked steamily. “The same as any other girl who’s outgrown being a dumb, little virgin-cunt!”

Nick reeled like he’d been punched in the jaw with somebody’s best shot, but he bounced back to counter with his own punch. “Prove it, Sis!” Patty didn’t even pause. Her hands had automatically fallen to her jeans, abruptly pulling them open so her zipper whined on its rapid way down.

Underneath, panties were not part of her attire. She hadn’t put any on while hurriedly dressing this morning to get her father to the airport. And now, the result was her bare cunt’s hairy bush on bristling display before her brother’s popping eyes.

“Wanna see more?” she beckoned, hooked on the effect she was having on Nick, just like the first time she’d seduced her dad.

Nick slowly nodded.

Patty let her jeans go to the floor. Then, as she stepped out of them, she drew her sweat shirt over her head. A bra was missing along with panties, which meant that she was suddenly stark naked.

“Jesus fucking Christ!” Nick blurted in response.

“Your cock hard for me now, brother dear?” Patty asked.

“As hard as it gets, Sis!”

“Then show me, Nicky! Let me see your big, hard cock the same as you’re already looking at my tits and pussy!”

Nick stood, drawn to his feet by his sister’s hypnotic gaze. Then her riveting eyes dropped to his bulging crotch, commanding him to strip.

Nick trembled. Breathless, he sweated like he was in a steam bath. Nevertheless, he managed to unhitch his pants, which slowly sagged to expose his crotch. Underwear wasn’t an item in his wardrobe, either, so, with a surging twang, his jutting prick was on abrupt exhibition.

Seeing how her brother was hung, Patty was certain she was doing exactly the right thing. Nick had a cock so long and thick that any girl would have to be cuntless to pass it up once she’d checked out its throbbing size.

“God, what a monster!” she moaned, more to herself than anything. “Don’t even know if I can suck all of such a huge cock, but I’ll never forgive myself if I don’t give it a try.”

Patty kneeled in front of her brother, wrapping her slender fingers around the barrel of his hard cock, drawing his chunky prick-knob to her opening mouth.

“Oh, salty,” she groaned, slurping a mouthful of his cock-head. “My favorite flavor when I suck a prick. Gets me so thirsty for all the sweet cum I’m gonna get before long?”

“Jeez, Sis, I’m seeing it, feeling it, but I’m still not sure I believe it,” Nick Cannon murmured. “Didn’t think you even knew what head was, let alone could give it like this!”

“But, brother dear, I’m just getting started,” Patty answered. “You won’t find out what kind of head I can really give until I’ve got you totally fucking my mouth!”

Then Patty gobbled well past Nick’s cockhead, forcing it well into her throat as her lips traveled at least halfway down his cock-shaft. She squeezed her brother’s balls, making him buck his hips so he was the one who powered the rest of his prick to the hilt in her mouth.

“Shit, now I believe it!” Nick cried. “Got a buzz right down to my toes! Couldn’t have a wet dream about getting head this good, ’cause the horniest guy in the world couldn’t dream up a fucking mouth like yours, Sis!”

Taking full advantage of Patty’s deep throating suction, her brother began grooving his prick back and forth. In return, she kept squeezing his balls with one hand and started probing his gritty asshole with the middle finger of the other. However, Patty had yet to reach to the bottom of her bag of tricks when it came to oral sex.

Her philosophy was simple. When the sucking got serious, a cock in her mouth ought to be only half the story. After all, a guy had a mouth, and Patty had a plenty suckable pussy between her legs.

Patty, along with the blowjob, began tugging at her brother’s hips. She was stronger and Nick couldn’t keep his balance. His sister pulled him down on top of her. She stretched out beneath him and controlled the action from below.

Patty began jerking Nick’s ass around, so he couldn’t help but figure out what she was after now. Nick may not have been able to back college, but he was a whiz when it came to pinpointing the mathematical formula that led to total head.

“Sixty-nine!” he called out.

He swiveled all the way around on top of his sister, his cock corkscrewing in her fucked mouth, so that he wound up facing down between her spread legs. Patty’s waiting cunt was wide open, its rising fragrance making Nick’s nostrils flare.

He briefly savored her musky pussy-scent, then took the plunge to taste what he’d smelled. Abruptly, his mouth sealed his sister’s cunt, and his tongue was poking inside as deeply as he could travel.

“Mmmmm,” Patty moaned, all she could say with a mouthful of so much cock. She proved again how action spoke louder than words, increasing her suction even more to answer her brother’s squirming tongue up her cunt.

Over the following few minutes, there was such constant slurping by brother and sister between one another’s legs that the living room sounded like a beach at high tide, waves lapping against the shore. Occasionally, though, a gurgled shriek would interrupt the steady rhythm. Patty was crying out in ecstasy from cumming in her brother’s mouth.

Nick Cannon had never tasted such delicious pussy-juice, which was of no small significance since his major at college had been chicks. But none of them had been able to feed him the brand of female cum that his sister could. Damn, he thought as he feasted on her pussy’s matchless flow, the least he could do was return the favor with his cock in her mouth.

Patty made that easy, the way she was sucking her brother off. Once she’d started cumming, the only thing that would satisfy her next was a spurting load of Nick’s jizz.

“Oooooh, I’m cumming now!” Nick moaned into his sister’s cumming cunt.

His cock exploded down Patty’s throat. There was so much jizz shooting so fast that most girls would have gagged on it. But Nick Cannon’s sister gulped down his gushing cum-flow as fast as it arrived. Indeed, by the time his climax had slowed to a dribble, he was the one who was overmatched, with Patty absolutely refusing to relax the oral pressure until she’d milked every last drop of jism.

“God! Enough, is, enough!” Nick cried for mercy. “I don’t have anything left to give.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t be so sure of that,” Patty said, teasing him. She released her brother’s drained cock. “Here, feel this and find out for yourself!”

She took one of her brother’s hands and guided it to his cock. To Nick’s surprise, he still had a crowbar jutting from his crotch in spite of all the jizz he’d just spilled. “Yes, I’d bet my life you still have plenty to give me!” Patty giggled from below. “Or, better yet, to give my cunt.”

She wriggled out from under their completed sixty-nine. Then she showed her brother that Patty Cannon wasn’t a girl who hesitated for a moment when the time arrived to turn sucking into fucking.

Giggling some more, she asked Nick, “Have you ever been raped, brother dear?”

“No, but I think I’m about to be,” Nick murmured.

He couldn’t have reasonably predicted otherwise. His naked sister roiled him onto his back. She kneeled astride his loins, her dipping cunt closing in on his cock.

A drop of pussy-juice fell like a magic potion on Nick’s cock-head, and in the widening shadow of his sister’s lowering cunt, his prick jumped to quivering attention. At a right angle from his crotch, his cock defied gravity. Patty plunged, piercing her cunt with the spike of all that prick.

“Wow, you’re hung!” Patty squealed, rocking in the saddle of her brother’s loins to ride his hilting cock-shaft. “When I first saw your cock, I thought it was huge. Then, when I sucked you off, it seemed even bigger. But now that it’s jammed up my pussy, it feels biggest of all!”

“Maybe that’s ’cause you’ve got the tightest pussy I’ve ever fucked, Sis,” Nick answered, returning the praise. “Balling you’d make any guy feel hung like a horse!”

“But in your case it’s true, you really are! I don’t expect to ever suck and hick a bigger cock than yours, Nicky. It might have got you kicked out of college, but it’s sure letting me welcome you home in style!”

“Then why don’t you celebrate by cumming for me, Sis,” Nick suggested. “I dig it when a chick I’m balling starts cumming and doesn’t quit until after I have finally shot my wad into her pussy.”

“Then why don’t you go ahead and make me cum — on your terms, stud,” Patty said.

Nick got the message, his sister’s invitation for him to take charge spurting him on. Thrusting up from underneath he roiled Patty and himself over so he abruptly wound up on top. Now, instead of her controlling the tempo, he was fucking his massive prick down into her pussy. Patty hooked her legs over his shoulders, making the angle of his brutal cock-thrusts even more severe.

“Well, what about it, Sis?” Nick asked. “Gonna cum for me now?”

“Almost there!” Patty gasped. “Just want a little something extra to push me over the edge with a big bang. Something kinky.”

This was a request Patty was in the habit of making to her father when he fucked her. Would her brother meet her need as well? she wondered.

“God, yes!” Patty cried when Nick made his move. “That’s perfect!”

He’d grabbed her tits, one in each clutching hand, bruising them on wrenching contact. It created the kind of pain that went straight to Patty’s soul, adding explosively to her pussy full of pistoning prick. Her senses were ablaze, as she mightily came.

“Oooooh, I’m cumming even harder than I thought I would… than I thought I could!” Patty shrieked. “Maybe too good for me to stand!”

“Then I guess I’d better go ahead and put you out of your sweet misery, huh, Sis?” Nick asked.

It sure didn’t seem like he was showing any mercy to Patty, though, when he squeezed her tits with increased force and jack hammered her cunt with his huge cock. Patty hysterically begged him to end the torture that had her in the helpless agony of too, much ecstasy.

“You’re fucking me to death!” she yelped, really believing it. “Kill me!”

“Okay, Sis,” Nick said. “You’re home free!” He let go of her mauled tits to grab her ass, grinding her crotch against his after burying his cock in her pussy for one, last stabbing thrust. He let all that friction from his sister’s tight pussy finally take its toll on his big prick.

“Yeah, take it, Sis. Take it!” he screamed, while his prick gushed with a torrent of liquid fire into the depths of Patty’s cunt.

“Ahhhhh, thank you, thank you SOOOO much, Nick?” Patty cried with breathless gratitude as she was swamped with her brother’s flood of jizz. “You’re really giving it to me, stud — the perfect end to the perfect fuck!”

Nick could only agree, but couldn’t honestly take all the credit. Not when his sister had given him the best piece of ass any guy could ever hope for. And something told him that once they recovered from their first fuck, it could only get even better.

His cock dribbling the last of his cum in Patty’s cunt, Nick thanked her in reply. He thanked his horny sister for having made dropping out of college the smartest thing he’d ever done.


Judy Cannon felt like a silly fool. She’d so carefully covered her tracks to get away from her family for a fling. What’s mare, when things seemed even more promising that she’d originally anticipated, she’d bought herself some extra time by calling home and arranging not to return until after the weekend. And now, after all her plans, Judy had been abandoned in a cheap motel room.

“That son of a bitch!” she cursed the young man who’d so raised her hopes, then so cruelly dumped her. “Damn, I should’ve known better.”

He’d been so good-looking, though, she thought as her voice trailed off. She wanted to kick herself for falling for him like she’d been a horny teenager. Yet, recalling how it happened, Judy wasn’t so sure that she’d be able to resist him if she had it to do all over again.

She’d signed up for tennis lessons with him, after he’d come highly recommended with a knowing wink by a good friend. It had been hot the day they’d met and he’d taken off his shirt. Judy had found herself practically drooling at the sight of his tanned, muscular torso, which was set off perfectly by the handsome bulge at his crotch. In short, she wanted him for more than just tennis lessons.

He knew the score before they’d played a set. Indeed, Judy never found out if he really did know that much about tennis. They’d wound up necking in her car like a couple of high school kids. He didn’t fuck her then, but Judy had given him a blowjob that left the taste of his salty cock and sweet cum in her mouth when she went home after the lesson was over.

She’d also gone home with the promise of a whole lot more. They had agreed to meet for a lost weekend, which was why Judy had invented the excuse of having to visit her aunt to explain her absence.

Her first day and night of sin had been beyond her wildest dreams. Judy had cheated before, however, this young stud made her previous lovers seem as boring in bed as her husband. His big, hard cock was tireless, fucking her repeatedly in the mouth and cunt — but, best of all, up the ass, the first time Judy had ever taken a prick in her shitter.

The next morning, though, Judy woke up in bed alone. When she checked the room, all traces of the guy were gone. And so, she discovered to her shock, were all her credit cards and money from her wallet.

After having called her daughter to extend her trip, Judy had no further reason or means to stay on. At least, she saw with relief when she looked out the window, her car hadn’t been stolen. And she remembered filling up the tank just before she’d arrived at the motel, so she probably had enough gas to limp back home.

An hour later, Judy had showered the cum and sweat from her body, dressed, and was on the road. As she drove, though, her ass constantly squirmed. No amount of soap and water had been able to remove the aching reminder of his big prick ramming her where she shit.

“Might as well face it,” Judy said to herself. “It was probably worth it to finally get fucked in my ass, just to find out what it’s like. Expensive, but… mmmm, it hurt sooo gooood!”

The next time she got the chance, Judy knew for sure, she’d take another cock up her horny whole. Of course, she thought, she’d definitely make sure its owner was more reliable than that bastard had turned out to be.

Judy drove into the city limits. Home was only a few miles away, so she switched her focus from sex to thinking up an alibi as to why she was back early.

Fortunately, reasoned Judy, her husband had left on business this morning, so she’d only have to deal with her daughter. And Patty would be the last one to ask any embarrassing questions.

“I’ll just tell her I decided to come back today because I didn’t feel well, or some such thing,” Judy said. “No big deal. Patty’ll buy it.”

She drove nearly the rest of the way with confidence. But then, just blocks from borne, she had a last-minute attack of anxiety. How much more convenient, Judy thought, if she didn’t have to face anybody right away… had time to get a little more back together.

She pulled the car over. Checking her purse, Judy found a stray quarter at the bottom. She used it to call the house. There was no answer, her daughter apparently gone. Able to go home in peace now, Judy started looking forward to a stiff drink or two by herself to settle her nerves.

Within minutes, Judy Cannon had slipped in through the front door, automatically checking — the way people do when they return to familiar surroundings — to make sure things were the way she had left them. And she froze!

Scattered around the living worn floor were two sets of clothes. Not just her daughter’s, who was supposed to be here alone, but male and female attire. And the stains on the carpet were shockingly similar to the ones Judy herself had left behind on the motel room sheets.

A sensual moan drifted from upstairs.

“Oh, do it to me, stud! That’s how I want your big cock now! Only been fucked this way once before, but that was enough to know I love it!”

“P-Patty!” Judy Cannon stammered.

Judy’s mind reeled between the possible courses of action on her part. She could just leave, giving her daughter time to finish with the boy she had upstairs. Or she could march in on them and put a stop to it right now. Or…

Judy sneaked up the stairs, trying to tell herself that she hated herself for giving in to such a sleazy urge, yet listless with anticipation at the prospect of spying on her daughter in bed with a boy.

Judy reached the room in question. The door was slightly ajar. She cautiously nudged it open farther, looked inside, and froze again.

Patty was stark naked. She kneeled on the bed like a bitch in heat. The equally naked boy was turned away so his face was not visible from the doorway, but what he was doing was certainly obvious enough, as he aimed his cock to fuck Patty from behind.

“Unngghh!” he punted in a rumbling tone that couldn’t be recognized by Judy Cannon.

His prick sank with a loud squish into Patty’s cunt. But only for a moment. With another squish, he pulled his cock out, his prick lubed from tip to root with glistening pussy-juice.

“Now that you’re nice ‘n’ slippery, stud,” Patty called back, “put it up to your balls where I’m tightest!”

The boy aimed his cock-head. Looking on, with the memory of her own, similar experience the night before, Judy Cannon was well aware of what kind of sex was about to occur.

“He-he’s going to fuck my little girl in the ass!” Judy stammered under her ragged breath.

The cheeks of the boy’s ass clenched. Then the middle part of his body surged to power his big prick into Patty’s narrow asshole.

“Ooooh, that’s it!” Patty whimpered, her voice frayed by equal portions of agony and ecstasy. “Hurts sooo goooood!”

From afar, Judy Cannon knew exactly how her daughter felt. She’d had the very same reason to being fucked in the ass. Indeed, her own shit-pit sympathetically spas med as she watched Patty getting all that cock where it hurt the best.

“Mmmmm, I envy you, baby!” Judy said quietly. “The cock you’re taking back there is even bigger than the one I got last night! Oh, I’ll bet it has you near cumming already, if your ass is anything like your mother’s!”

Patty, as if on cue, swooned.

“Another few inches of cock and I’ll cum twice as much as I do when I’m getting my cunt screwed!”

The boy’s massive prick was about halfway in.

He corrected that with a bucking thrust, abruptly buried to his balls.

“That did it!” cried Patty. “I’m cumming like it’ll kill me!”

Watching, with her envy mounting, Judy Cannon whispered, “God, I wish it was me getting all that prick where I shit. Lucky Patty, finding somebody to fuck her in the ass who’s that hung. Just wish I had the nerve to catch him on his way out and set up a date for me to try his big cock for size on me.”

“With the fucking this tight, any guy can almost taste his own jizz right from the start! Can’t hold back for much longer than I already have from shooting it!”

Hearing the boy’s voice, immediately Judy tried to convince herself that it was just a coincidence.

“A lot of people sound alike, especially boys who are the same age,” Judy reasoned out loud.

“So what’re you waiting for then, Nick?” Patty urged. “Nothing I want more than an assfull of your hot jizz as soon as I can get it!”

Judy Cannon made a last-ditch attempt to stop the emerging truth, weakly supposing that it could be merely another coincidence that the name was the same.

However, seeing was believing. And, as he announced to Patty that his jizz was on its way, the boy jerked his head so his full profile was on display.

“N-no!” Judy gulped when she saw exactly who was ass-fucking her daughter.

“Yes! Yes!” Patty squealed, suddenly on the verge of an assful of spurting jizz.

Nick Cannon, home from college, came in his sister’s tight asshole while their wide-eyed mother watched in a stunned trance.

“My own N… my own… fucking!” Judy Cannon tonelessly muttered. “My own Nick fucking my own Patty in the ass!”

Judy shuffled back, away from the incestuous scene as if it would physically harm her to remain as a spectator. She wanted to find a dark corner somewhere away from it all, curl up there and slip into a void where her mind was a blank.

But it wasn’t that easy for Judy. She was a helpless prisoner of what she saw and heard with the knowledge that it was sister-brother sex.

“Oooooh, Nicky,” Patty murmured when her brother had pulled his dripping cock out of her swamped asshole, “look what a mess I am!”

“Mmmm, you sure are, gig,” Nick agreed. Patty reached behind herself to yank apart her ass-cheeks so her freshly fucked shit-hole creamily drooled with excess jizz that trickled into the slice of her cunt. “Looking at you this way’s getting me turned on all over again.”

“Figured it would!” Patty said smugly. “But, just in case you need a little more help to get your cock back up, I’ve got something nice ‘n’ dirty in mind that’s guaranteed to put plenty of fresh steel in your prick, if you’ve got the balls to handle it.”

“Just try me, Sis,” Nick said eagerly.

He was overwhelmed. For, springing backward from her knees, Patty bowled over her brother and sat right don on his face with her ass-cheeks spread wide open.

“Yes, Nicky,” she urged from her perch, “eat my ass… Suck your own cum out of me with your tongue, just as good as your cock put it into it.”

Witnessing the kinky turn of events, Judy Cannon tingled with fresh envy at her daughter’s wild behavior. Would she herself be as bold as she is now? she wondered.

So often, Judy recalled, she’d yearned to be the one who followed up a fuck with something that kept the voltage humming without a break. But she’d always counted on the man to force the issue — waiting, always waiting to be dominated, her timid husband slipping away from her in the process, while a sequence of strangers took advantage of her.

Mr. Tennis had hardly been the first Mr. Right who turned out to be Mr. Wrong. Judy had been used and then tossed aside like a cheap whore more times than she cared to remember. And, maybe worse, anybody who did come back for more — like her husband — was usually someone who simply felt comfortable with her, instead of burning with the ongoing passion she wished she could arouse in a member of the opposite sex.

But, Judy could see full well as she witnessed the action in the bedroom, her teenaged daughter had no such problem. Patty definitely made things happen and strictly according to her own desires.

“Tongue, Nicky, tongue!” Patty demanded. “That a boy! Shoot it up my ass the same way you did with your cock!”

Judy could hear Nick’s tongue slurping inside Patty’s narrow shit-channel from all the way across the room. He was swabbing his own jizz out of Patty’s asshole.

“Oh, just look at that beautiful, new hard on Patty’s given her brother!” Judy Cannon sighed. “Wonder what she’ll do with it while Nicky’s sucking her ass.”

Judy guessed that if she were in her daughter’s place, she’d want to lean down and suck Nick’s fine, young prick. But Patty put on an even better show than that. Bending over from her perch on Nick’s face, she brought her tits into play.

Patty didn’t have anywhere near the largest set of tits around, but she knew how to fuck a hard cock with them, as sure as she could with her pussy and asshole. Squeezing her tit-mounds around her brother’s hard-on, she began rubbing his cock-meat with expert rhythm.

Her mother, who’d never fucked anybody with her tits, panted with admiration.

“Patty, oh, Patty! God, how I wish it was the other way around between us. If I was the daughter and could cum to you and ask for advice so you could teach me all the tricks?”

Judy Cannon felt so ordinary watching her daughter, having never tit-fucked. She had never even found the courage to dare fantasize about having sex with her own brother for more than a shamefully fleeting instant at a time.

“Maybe, if I’d been more honest about Hank,” Judy said softly, thinking about her brother who’d been killed in Viet Nam, “I’d have never settled for marrying Ed.”

All Judy could do was try to lessen her personal frustration by taking pride in how much better her daughter had turned out than she had.

“Nicky,” Patty moaned from on top of the unusual ass-eating, tit-fucking sixty-nine, “I’m gonna… but that’s just half the story. ‘Cause, stud, you’re gonna come right along with me. That’s an ordcr!”

She began rubbing her tits even tighter and much faster round her brother’s cock while he reamed her asshole. He and she began twitching together, both below the waist in a telltale fashion.

“Oh, cum, cum!” Judy whispered unheard encouragement from afar. “Cum together, my darling babies!”

Her children didn’t disappoint Judy Cannon. All at once, Patty was cumming, and celebrating the strength of her cum. And with her mouth open to squeal with pleasure, it provided an ideal target. Nick’s cock leaped from between her tits and erupted with a fresh load of cream.

Patty’s reaching tongue was instantly lathered with her brother’s cum. She slurped all the way down on Nick’s gushing prick and took the rest of his jizz with a deep-throating blowjob.

“Yes! Suck it, baby, suck it!” Judy moaned, just wishing that she could actually spur on her daughter in person. “Suck that cock! Suck his jizz!”

Judy knew that when Patty was finished sucking Nick’s cock, his prick would pop up as hard as ever. Judy knew that sister and brother would fuck wildly all over again.

Ending the blowjob, Patty released Nick’s glistening cock from her drooling mouth. Patty thought Nick had seemed to be hung with at least ten inches, but now his prick seemed to be more like twelve inches.

“Oh, baby, you’ve got him harder and bigger than ever!” Judy moaned from her distance. “Fuck him, Patty, fuck him! Fuck him this time just for me! I think that if you fuck him one more time, I might cum just from watching.”

Seeming ta have heard her mother, Patty said, “Nicky, I’m telling you straight out. You’re not off the hook until you fill my cunt with cock. You’ve fucked me everywhere else since we came upstairs — in the mouth, up my ass, between my tits. So now it’s time for the old reliable. I’m just an old-fashioned girl, I guess, but until I get my pussy balled, I just don’t feel all the way fucked!”

“Won’t get any argument out of me, Sis!” Nick said. “I’ve got one last hard-on and one more load of cum in my balls before I have to crash.”

“Then, brother dear, here I am!” Patty called. “All cunt!”

She lay back, her raised knees spread over a foot apart so that her thighs yawned to showcase her cock-hungry pussy. It wasn’t only her brother, though, who drooled at the sight of Patty in her classic pose.

“She’s so beautiful!” Judy Cannon said of her spread-legged daughter. “Almost makes me wish I had a cock so I could fuck her!”

As it was, Judy’s cunt was yearning with arousal as she looked across the room at Patty’s teenaged slice of pussy. She watched Nick’s big cock sink into his sister’s welcoming cunt, saw Patty’s legs wind around her brother to rock him in the cradle of her thigh, and was witness to the flawless example of fucking which followed.

As she looked on, however, Judy Cannon knew that the future held more than just her daughter and son in bed together. While her eyes focused on them fucking, her imagination raced ahead to include a third party to incest… herself!


Judy Cannon had left the house after watching her son fuck her daughter everywhere his big cock could fit. The car still had enough gas in the tank to make it to the nearest bar. Judy’s stolen funds presented no problem when she persuaded the lonely guys sitting on the stools beside her to compete with one another to buy her all she could drink.

It was dusk when she staggered back out onto the street, just drunk enough to be ready for almost anything. Behind the wheel of her car, she cautiously nosed her way back home. A cop started following her, nonetheless.

When she was stopped, Judy knew there was no way she could conceal that she’d had too much to drink. However, the way things worked out, she wound up glad for it. Judy boldly made the cop an offer he couldn’t refuse. Within minutes, she was on her way again, her driving record still clean, and the bittersweet taste of the cop’s cum lingering in her mouth from sucking his prick.

Judy pulled into the driveway for the second time that day, and, when she entered the house, she called out loud and clear that she was home. There’d be no surprise, she decided — except, that is, those of her own making.

Patty greeted her, clearly flustered.

“Gee, Mom! Thought you weren’t, uh, gonna be back till a couple of days from now.”

With enough alcohol in her system to set her tongue in motion before she thought better of it, Judy asked point blank, “Where’s your brother?”

“H-huh?” Patty stammered, stepping back. “I’m waiting for an answer, young lady,” Judy said, making up the distance her daughter had temporarily put between them.

Realizing that she was outgunned, Patty must pretend, “God Morn, how did you know, Nicky was in town?”

Rather than explaining, Judy sharply repeated, “Where’s your brother?”

“Upstairs. Asleep in his old room,” Patty said, telling the truth. “W-want me to wake him up so you can talk to him?”

“No,” Judy said without hesitation. “I want to be alone with you, young lady.”

“Wh-what for, Mom?”

“First, to tell you what I saw today,” Judy said. “Then, to decide what you and I are going to do about it.”

Patty reacted with such sinking feeling that her knees almost buckled. All the color drained from her face, leaving her drawn expression ashen.

“That’s right,” Judy Cannon said, “what I saw today is just what you’re afraid it is, young lady. You… and him. This is the second time I’ve been home today. The first time, you didn’t know I was here.”

“M-me and…” Patty gagged.

Her mother nodded, but pulled no punches. “You and your brother. How else did you think I knew he was home? I saw you both. Saw you… well, why don’t you tell me?”

“F-fucking,” Patty admitted painfully, realizing that she’d been caught. She managed enough courage to add the logical question. “Wh-what’re you gonna do to me, Mom?”

Judy Cannon’s reply was crisp, but not angry. “That depends on you, my dear.”

“I-I don’t understand, Mom,” Patty muttered truthfully.

“Oh, but you will,” her mother mysteriously told her. “And what you do about it will make the difference between getting grounded or having your allowance doubled.”

Patty became hopelessly confused.


“Relax, darling,” Judy purred. “And leave the rest to Mommy.”

Judy Cannon stroked her daughter’s soft, brown hair with one hand and rubbed Patty’s ass with the other. Patty didn’t have any idea how to respond, but when the crucial time came, she performed automatically. Judy and Patty kissed — not a usual mother-daughter kiss, but one flush on the mouth, which demanded that their darting tongues be intertwined.

“Now do you know what this is all about?” Judy Cannon asked when their wet kiss was broken.

Patty breathlessly asked the only question that made any sense.

“Mom, are you… bi?”

“I wasn’t,” her mother answered readily, “until I watched you fucking your brother. I suppose I should’ve been turned on by Nick’s big cock, but, instead, it’s my little girl who’s had my pussy soaking wet ever since.”

She briefly paused, letting the electricity build. “The most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen darling,” she told her daughter with yearning sincerity. “The only girl I could ever imagine that I’d want to do… well… this with?”

Judy kneeled. Her hands were on her daughter’s jeans. She yanked them open, and then pulled the jeans down.

“Mmmmm, no panties in the way!” Judy panted at what she’d uncovered. Instantly, her mouth was on Patty’s exposed.

“Oh, Mom, that fells so good! Suck it, Mom, suck my pussy so I can cum in your mouth!”

Judy Cannon’s tongue surged into Patty’s cunt and wriggled like a make. In return, Patty rolled her hips as if she were being fucked by a cock.

“Yes, I’m gonna cum right away, Mom!” Patty moaned with mounting pleasure. “Just keep it up and you’ll have all my pussy-juice you can swallow.”

Judy’s tongue pumped harder, reaching the depths of her daughters pussy. Patty shuddered from head to toe, and then her senses exploded. “I-I’m cum-cum-cummming!” she cried. Spurred on even more by the flavor of her daughter’s deliciously climaxing cunt, Judy pulled Patty down to her knees. Then she stretched the writhing teenager on the living room floor and dived between her legs for the rest of Patty’s wet orgasm.

“Wow, Mom!” Patty moaned when she’d finished cumming. “You get me off so good; it’s enough to make me forget all about guys!”

“Then let me just make double-sure that you do, sweetheart,” Judy said, looking up from her daughter’s crotch with a sticky grin.

Judy swung around on top of Patty, setting the stage for a lesbian sixty-nine. Patty lifted up her mother’s skirt and drooled at the sight of the woman’s plump ass-cheeks and flexing cunt encased in tight, stained panties.

“Mom,” Patty said, “I wanna eat your cunt as much or more as I ever wanted to suck any cock!”

“So, what’re you waiting for, darling?”

“Not a blessed thing, Mom!” Patty replied, promptly peeling away her mother’s panties.

Her mother’s cunt pressed against Patty’s face, and the girl’s nostrils flared from the naturally perfumed pussy-scent. If her mother’s cunt tasted as good as it smelled, Patty thought, then heaven and earth might be right here between her mother legs.

As Patty’s mouth sealed over her mother’s cunt the welcoming pussy-juice which oozed in like a drug so powerful, that the first taste turned her into an instant addict.

“Mmmm, you love my pussy as much as I do yours!” Judy moaned in response. “I can tell by the way your tongue’s already way up inside me get set for me to cum in your mouth right away, darling.”

Judy sat on her daughter’s face and angled even more of Patty’s tongue up her cunt. She bore down and climaxed immediately.

Patty gulped down her mother’s cum as if her life depended on swallowing every drop. Maybe a sucked cock shot its wad with more spurting force than a pussy delivered its oozing honey, Patty thought, but that same cock could only cum once before it had to recover. A pussy, however, kept right on bubbling for as long as she sucked it, replacing one orgasm with another.

Judy Cannon was cumming nonstop in her daughters mouth. But Patty’s wide-open crotch as there to be feasted upon too. Judy’s tongue angled — not for teenaged pussy — but a notch below.

“Oooooo, Mom!” Patty squealed with surprise, temporarily interrupting her own oral efforts. “How did you know how much I dig it in my ass?”

Judy was too busy beginning the rim-job to answer, but Patty quickly figured out for herself why her mother had targeted her shit-pit. Of course, Patty thought, if her mom had watched the action earlier today, then she had to have seen her ass-fucking with Nick.

Patty’s mind shifted from receiving to giving. Drooling with anticipation, Patty spread her mother’s ass-cheeks. What a delicious sight it was, Patty thought. Her mother’s cunt-hair grew all the way up into her crack, swirling around the dusky pucker of Judy’s shit-hole.

“Mmmmm, I hope it’s as good as it looks!” Patty moaned, then fucked her tongue to take the plunge.

As she began the rim-job in her mother’s irresistible asshole, a bittersweet flavor made Patty’s taste buds tingle with delight. Traces of just enough female shit gave Patty the additional, dirty sensation which she craved.

Swiftly, their ass-reaming sixty-nine got even more exquisitely nasty for both daughter and mother. Together, Patty and Judy Cannon sweetly farted in one another’s sucking mouth. As they swallowed their fumes, they tongue fucked harder and deeper than ever, soon reveling in simultaneous climaxes.

Their cunts were slobbering and pulsing Patty and Judy celebrated their orgasms by ending their rim-jobs and returning their mouths to one another’s syrupy cunt. Every drop of pussy-juice was devoured, before daughter and mother bobbed up to ask each other what was next.

“Just wish I had more bi experience,” Judy sighed. “Then I’d know for sure exactly what more to do to you, darling.”

“Just do what comes naturally, Mom,” Patty said.

“Uh, what I have in mind isn’t so natural,” Judy replied sheepishly.

“Let me be the judge of that, Mom. C’mon, lemme hear it.”

“Well, I was just thinking while I was eating you, how fantastic it’d be if I could,” Judy haltingly said, finishing on a wistful question mark, “… fuck you?”

Patty’s face lit like a Christmas tree.

“Oh, Mom, that’s the same as I was thinking! Us really going all the way! Me ‘n’ you actually fucking without a guy in sight!”

“But,” Judy said with regret, pointedly looking toward the cockless crotches, “I don’t have to tell you what the problem is!”

“Leave me to me, Mom!” Patty said. “One way or another, our cunts were made to get fucked by each other!”

Bounding to her feet, Patty scampered from the living room and disappeared into the kitchen. From the living room, Judy could hear the refrigerator door opening and closing. Patty returned with a grin from car to ear and something hidden behind her back.

“Y-you found something that’ll work, didn’t you, darling?” Judy stammered with hopeful excitement.

“Lay back, spread your legs, close your eyes and feel for yourself, Mom!”

“You mean, like a surprise?”

“The best one I could ever give you, Mom. Guaran-damned-teed!”

Judy Cannon fell back on the carpet, as she raised and parted her knees so her thighs yawned at their crux.

“Oh, that’s it!” Patty said, praising her mother’s centerfold-come-to-life pose. “If ever cunt was ready for a cock, it’s your cunt, wide open for my cock!”

The idea of her daughter being magically hung with a hard-on had Judy Cannon squirming with expectation. Never had she wanted anybody to fuck her more than she wanted Patty to turn into a female stud and ram her to the womb with whatever it took for a daughter to fuck her mother.

“Hurry up, baby, hurry!” Judy cried impatiently, her eyes still shut. “I can’t wait!”

“Mmmmm, neither can I,” Patty answered. “Just give me a sec to set things up.” Patty reached between her legs with an object she’s brought from the kitchen, and jammed half of it up her own cunt while her mother remained sightless. Then, kneeling, the girl fucked the several thick inches jutting from her crotch toward her mother’s pussy.

“Can I look yet, darling?” Judy asked. “When I’ve counted to three Mom.” On the first number, Patty slipped her hips between her mother’s thighs. With the second number, she brushed her mother’s clit and clit-slit with the blunt end of the device she was going to fuck her with.

“Ooooooh!” Patty groaned, abruptly hilting her mother’s pussy so their female crotches smacked together. “Three, Mom, three, three!”

Judy Cannon’s eyes flew open as her clit was jammed, and her senses soared. She found herself face to face with her daughter, who was directly on top of her.

“My God!” Judy moaned with awed delight. “Don’t know how you’re doing it, baby, but somehow, sure enough, you’re actually fucking me! Fucking me so deep!”

“Not any deeper than you’re fucking me back, Mom!” declared Patty. “This is one cock that works both ways!”

“What is it, baby? What’re we fucking each other with? Seems sooo real!”

“Then that’s all you need to know for now, Mom. As long as we’re fucking, just keep telling yourself that it’s as real as it feels.”

Patty pierced her mother’s cunt with a hilting thrust, which in turn jammed her own pussy. Judy Cannon stopped asking questions and start cumming. Patty came right along with her.

“Feel it, Mom? Feel us cumming together?” Patty cried, orgasmically gasping into her mother’s ear.

“Oooooh, do I!” Judy squealed. “It’s like we have the same body… the same cunt!”

“So let’s keep it going for us as long as we can, Mom! Fucking each other… cumming together… harder, harder!” As the hips of mother and daughter rolled in erotic harmony, their shared cock rhythmically see-sawed between their pussies. They pawed one another’s tits to bring their orgasms to an even faster boil.

“I’ve never been fucked this good, cum so much!” Judy Cannon eventually cried. Then she admitted, “Don’t know how long I can take so much of such a good thing.”

“Well, I’ll stretch you to the limit, Mother.” One of Patty’s hands left Judy’s tits and traveled to her mother’s crotch. Into the crack of her mother’s ass her fingers probed. She fucked for her mother’s asshole.

“Oh baby! Baby!” Judy groaned to her daughter. “Don’t know how much more time I have before I fall over the edge, but as long as I last, please don’t stop finger-fucking my asshole while you’re, fucking my cunt and squeezing my tits!”

“I feel exactly the same way, Mom!” Patty cried. “So do everything back to me, just the same as I’m doing to you. If it’s too much for us, then we’ll pass out the way we’ve done everything else this far — together!”

Judy immediately responded, slipping a hand into the split of her daughter’s ass. She snaked a finger into Patty’s asshole.

“That’s it, Mom!” Patty moaned. “That’s the ticket! Now, c’mon, let’s take it to the absolute max!”

Patty added another finger in her mother’s shit-pit. Judy returned the favor, then upped the stakes with a third finger in her daughter’s shithole. Patty abruptly caught up, and weather mother one better. But Judy swiftly answered in kind — and so on, until mother and daughter both had their entire hands lodged in one another’s fantastically stretched asshole.

Their knuckles curled within their tight, but yielding shitters. They began punching to the same brutally erotic rhythm.

“God, we’re practically killing each other, aren’t we, Mom?” Patty yelled with hysterical glee.

“And — ahhhh — what a way to go!” Judy shrieked.

Judy and Patty Cannon reached the peak of lesbian incest.

“I’m shitting!” Judy cried.

“Same here!” Patty moaned.

“And cumming, too, just like I am?”

“Yes, yes, yes! Shitting and cumming, right along with you!”

“How much longer do you think we can stand it?” Judy asked.

“We’ll find out soon enough, won’t we? ‘Cause if I know you like you know me, neither one of us is gonna stop until both of us have had enough!”

“When do you think that’ll be?” The cock connecting Patty and Judy’s cunts suddenly snapped in two because of the thrusting knuckles in their fist-fucked assholes. Judy and Patty Cannon realized it was time to quit before they were unconscious, or they seriously hurt each other or both.

“Oooooh!” Patty moaned, starting to ease her slippery fist out of her mother’s shitty asshole. “If that wasn’t enough fucking and cumming for us, then we just aren’t human!”

“Amen!” whimpered Judy, also beginning to remove her filthy knuckles from Patty’s shitter. “Don’t think I’ll be able to sit down for a week.”

“If you need a nice, soft place, Mom,” Patty said, “you can always try my face!”

“… you dirty, little girl!”

“The dirtiest daughter any mom ever had!” Patty boasted, then turned it around. “Just like you’re the dirtiest mom any daughter ever had.”

“Baby, you talk almost as sweet as you suck and fuck,” Judy said lovingly. “It was all so… so… perfect!”

“But there’s still dessert, Mom!” Patty said with a devilish twinkle in her eye. She chuckled. “That is, if you have a taste for cucumber.”

“Wh-what?” Judy asked in confusion.

“Simple, Mom,” Patty said with a smirk. “What do you think we fucked each other’s cunts with, anyway?”

Judy gulped.

“Y-you mean…”

“Exactly, Mom. Straight out of the refrigerator and straight into our cunts. See for yourself.”

Arching back to flare her crotch, Patty reached into her pussy and pulled out a tell tale hunk that was green on the outside, white on the inside. The cucumber was oozing seeds from the pulpy center where it had broken from too much fucking.

“I-I don’t believe it!” Judy muttered in awe. “See it with my own eyes, but I still can’t believe we really fucked with that!”

“In this case, Mom,” Patty said, kissing her mother. “Feeling is believing. Does your pussy feel fucked?”

“Mmmmm, better than it ever has before,” Judy said dreamily.

“Then reach inside your own cunt and pull out your half of our cock, Mom!”

Judy did it, looking in wonder at what had felt so wonderful while it was jamming to her womb.

“Now, Mom,” Patty said coaxingly, “let’s feed our pussy-soaked halves to each other and have our dessert.”

Mother and daughter ate their cock. For dessert on top of dessert, they licked one another’s chocolate fingers fresh from one another’s fist-fucked assholes. They kissed, cumming one last time from trading their tangy tongues down their deep throats.


“So, I never did find out,” Judy said, smoothing down her rumpled skirt. “Besides getting into your pants, just what is your brother doing back here at home, anyway? Has he flunked out of college?”

Patty sighed in reply that what had happened between her brother and herself had started as a spur of the moment thing. Then she went on to fill in her mother on the story that Nick had told her about why he’d left school.

“Figures,” Judy remarked at the end of Patty’s story. “Now if we could only get Nick to join the Army or something, before your father gets back from his business trip and tries to strangle that boy.”

“Or Nicky strangles Daddy first,” Patty said. “I can tell he’s just itching for a showdown. I know Nicky, so I’m sure that this time he’s gonna have it out once and for all — not just with Daddy, but you, too, Mom.”

“Hmmmmm,” Judy murmured, considering what Patty had just said. “Then, just maybe that’s the answer to what to do about your brother. Yours, truly.”

“Not quite sure I understand what you’re getting at, Mom.”

“Simple. Before your brother has a chance to make your father hit the roof about dropping out of college, he’ll want to try out his act on me first. Right?”

“Sounds like Nick,” Patty said, agreeing with her mother so far.

“Well, then suppose that, instead of him getting to me, I turn the tables and get to him,” Judy said with fucking grin. “Get the poor kid so twisted up in knots that I can talk him into anything by the time I’m finished.”

“Talk him into leaving before Daddy gets back?”

“It can be done,” Judy said confidently to her daughter.

“This I have to see,” Patty said skeptically.

“Oh, you will, honey!” Judy chuckled. “I could never bring it off if I didn’t know you were watching, cheering me on and maybe, even joining in if I need some help.”

Patty was confused again, showing it with a puzzled frown.

“Trust me,” her mother said, grinning like the devil. “You just be ready tonight — for anything!”

Patty nodded in agreement, feeling inside like she was on a roller coaster ride.

Judy was waiting for Nick in the living room when he drowsily stumbled down the stairs after waking up. Expecting to find his sister, he stopped short when he saw Judy instead of Patty, blinking his eyes as if he couldn’t quite believe what he saw.

“Well aren’t you going to say hello?”

Judy called out musically to him, looking up from her long, bare legs which she’d been massaging at the thighs with some lotion.

“Yeah, sure,” Nick Cannon muttered. “Uh, hi, M-Mom.”

Judy noticed that her son’s gaze had fastened on the way her robe had fallen away at her loins. “I just shaved my legs, and I always like to give them a rubdown afterward to keep them nice ‘n’ smooth. I’m through now, though, so why don’t you sit down so we can talk?”

Nick nervously took the chair directly across from his scantily clad mother, unable to help noticing that she did nothing to pull down her robe, even though, she’d finished stroking her glistening thighs. And, he thought, unless his eyes were playing tricks on him, she wore no panties.

“Uh, suppose you wanna know why I’m not at college, huh, Mom?” Nick asked, continuing to mutter.

“Wait, don’t tell me, let me guess!” Judy answered playfully, shifting her legs just enough so her son saw for certain there were no panties. “It had something to do with a girl, I’ll bet.”

Nick squirmed, wondering how she’d figured that out. He didn’t think Patty had told her, not without checking with him first. But, in any case, his mother had hit on the truth. He went ahead and nodded to her that she was right.

“You fucked her, then,” Judy Cannon said evenly.

Nick nodded again, not used to such a conversation with his mother. He’d planned to tell her about getting kicked out of school because of fucking the dean’s daughter, but on his own terms. He was the one who was supposed to be shocking his mother, not the other way around.

“Was your little girlfriend a good piece of ass, Nicky?” Judy Cannon asked her son, her tone as eerily calm as her question was bold.

“God, Mom, what do you expect me to say to you about something like that?” Nick blurted out.

Judy ignored his protest and, calm as ever, tattooed her reeling son with a series of even more startling questions.

“Did she have a hairy pussy, Nicky? Was it tight for your big cock when you fucked her? Juicy? Did she scream when she came?”

As her words overwhelmed Nick, Judy’s body language hypnotized him. Indeed, the hairy pussy he was thinking about didn’t belong to the dean’s daughter but to his mother, as Judy’s robe gave way to her partially spreading thighs. Judy left nothing to Nick’s imagination.

Noting Nick’s ashen face, his mother asked, “What’s the matter, darling? Am I going too far?”

“J-just that,” Nick groaned, “this is kind a embarrassing.”

“Oh, don’t be so modest about me making you out to be too much of a stud, if that’s what’s bothering you,” Judy answered, all but purring. “I know my little boy has grown up, most of all where it matters most. That you’re hung with a cock any mother would be proud of.”

“H-how’re you so sure of that, Mom?” stammered Nick.

“Because,” Judy said without hesitation, and she openly purred while pointedly staring at Nick’s crotch, “I’m looking at you at the same time you’re looking at me. And since your cock is bulging as hard in your jeans as my pussy is wet, we both must like what we see.”

Nick was in a daze. His brain strained to accept that the boring family he’d left when he’d gone off to college was the same one he’d come back home to now.

“You do like what you see, don’t you, son?” his mother asked.

Judy Cannon stood to provide an even better look. Off came her robe, leaving her stark naked. Not a flaw marked her splendid body, which was highlighted by her perfect tits and the bushy triangle of her cunt.

“Now it’s your turn,” Judy cooed to her son, “to, shall we say, let it all… mmmmmm… hang out!”

Judy unzipped his bulging fly, kneeling in front of him to get at his cock.

She had his rigid cock out in the open in just seconds, and she drooled.

“Just looking at this whopper’s not enough for yours truly. Got to suck it!”

Instantly, she had a mouthful of her son’s stiff prick. Nick stared down in awe, his bails churning. Quite simply, if his mother kept sucking his cock, he was definitely going to cum.

As he was deep-throated, Nick Cannon wondered what the odds were that a guy could have both a sister and mother who were so horny to fuck him. Was he the luckiest guy in the world, he wondered, or riding for a fall that would make all the other messes he’d gotten into seem like nothing?

Nick’s hands automatically grasped his mother’s head to guide her suction, increasing the friction between her mouth and his prick.

“Oooooh, shit! Am I gonna shoot a load!” he moaned, giving in to the inevitable.

His prick erupted halfway down his mother’s throat. She swallowed his jizz as fast as it spurted. The only blow job he’d ever gotten to equal it was when his sister had sucked him off.

Nick let his mother keep sucking until he was sure she’d downed every drop of his cum.

“Yeah!” he sighed with relief as he pushed his mother’s face away from his crotch, never so glad to see his prick soft. Then, louder, he said, “Sorry, Mom, but you can see for yourself — you took everything I’ve got!”

Challenging his fuck, his sticky, grinning mother replied, “Fiddlesticks? A boy your age always has mare for the right piece of ass.”

Nick ran his mother’s last, telling phrase over in his mind: “piece of ass”. That could only mean one thing. That she fully expected him to fuck her.

“But, then again,” Judy Cannon wistfully said, “who am I to decide about the right piece of ass for you, Nicky? No mother should be that pushy.”

She looked her son straight in the eye.

“You fuck whoever you want to, darling,” she said, her attitude completely turned around in a matter of seconds. “Don’t think you owe me anything, just because I’m your mother. I’m willing to forget everything that’s happened tonight if you are. It’s probably for the best.”

Judy walked away from her puzzled son toward the stairs. Watching her go, Nick was at a total loss as to what to think say, or do — and he had to admit, feeling disappointment that she had walked out on him.

Nick slumped in a chair, trying to make some kind of sense of his bizarre homecoming. Deep in thought, he completely failed to pick up on the hurried footsteps which followed his mother’s up the stairs.

Patty had watched the whole thing, and she scurried to compare notes with her mom.

“Well, how’m I doing so far?” Judy asked her daughter when the latter appeared in the bedroom doorway.

“Fantastic!” Patty said with approval. “What a blow job! Nobody could suck a cock any better than you did Nicky’s!”

“Except maybe you, darling,” Judy affectionately replied. “But the main thing is, was it good enough to get him upstairs for a shot at my pussy? Did it get him thinking that he has to fuck me, no matter what?”

“He’s only human, Mom,” Patty readily answered. She haltingly added, “What I can’t understand, though, Mom, is why you didn’t just go through with it downstairs. You could’ve given Nicky another hard-on down there if you’d halfway tried. Got him to fuck you easy. But this way — well, by the time he gets here, it’ll be because he thinks he has something to prove. He might get rough.”

“Mmm-hmmm,” Judy agreed. “The rougher the better!”

“Gee, Mom, almost sounds like you want to be raped?”

“Every woman worth her cunt does,” mother told daughter, “no bones about it.”

“Not this girl,” Patty insisted, shaking her heard. “Fact is, if that’s what you’re expecting from Nicky, don’t know if I even want to watch anymore.”

“But you have to, dear,” Judy said. “Somebody has to catch your mother-fucking brother raping poor me. Can’t think of any better way to get him over a barrel than his own sister as an eye-witness, can you?”

“That’s how you’re planning to get Nicky out of the house?” Patty asked, astounded at such cruelty. “By making him think he’ll wind up in jail if he doesn’t go on the run?”

“Trust me.”

“No, Mom, I can’t!” Patty snapped back. “Not anymore!”

“Then let me put it this way,” Judy said. “If you agree to watch, whatever you decide to finally do will be all right with me. If you don’t trust me. I trust you.”

“Forget it, Mother, you’ve gone too far,” Patty said, maintaining her decision. “I’m splitting.”

When she started to leave, though, Patty stopped in her tracks. She heard charging footsteps on the stairs — her brother! She’d run right into him if she went out the door. So, helplessly, she looked for some other route of escape, and wound up being directed by her mother toward the closet. What else could she do? she thought. She went to the closet out of sight just a Nick stormed into the room.

“Okay, Mom, I’ve made up my mind!” he blurted out, displaying a throbbing, hard cock. “I wait your pussy! You’re as good as fucked!”

Judy Cannon’s performance was expert. She shrank away from Nick as if she were a fair maiden and he some sort of monster.

“Hey, what’s the deal, Mom?” Nick blustered. “You know you want it!”

“No… no…” Judy convincingly whimpered. “Please go away. Whatever happened between us before didn’t happen as far as I’m concerned now. Come one step nearer and I’ll scream!”

“Damn!” Nick shouted with frustration. “You Goddamned cock-teaser!”

“I’m warning you…”

Nick took a deep breath, then closed the distance between them. Judy screwed on cue. Uncrossing her arms, which had been hiding her naked body, she now began lashing out at her son, scratching and slapping his face.

Nick was not driven back. Instead, he gained momentum from his mother’s attempt to fight him off.

“Yeah,” he snarled, on a macho roll, “I think I like it better this way. Me making you cum on my terms, bitch! Making you take my big cock in your cunt no matter how much you try and stop it!”

“You pig!” Judy Cannon yelled at her son. She raised her hand to strike him again. Nick blocked her blow with one arm, then looped the other one to slap her across the face, instead. Judy crashed to the floor, thumping on her ass with the impact spreading her legs so her cunt showed.

“Go ahead, Mom, try and stop me!”

Judy kicked at him. He avoided her kick, calling on his youthful reflexes to seize her ankles and make her helpless.

“Bitch, you don’t have a chance!” he yelled.

He bent her legs all the way back over her head. Her ass was the highest part of her jackknifed body, her spread ass-cheeks revealing the hairy wound of her cunt.

“I was born out of that big, old pussy,” Nick mumbled to himself. “And now, all these years later, I’m gonna fuck it. No, better than that! Rape it! Mother-fucking rape the same pussy that squeezed me out into this crazy world with my big, mean cock!”

Judy pleaded for mercy. “You can’t — can’t do something like this to me, Nick!”

Her voice was very shrill. It got on her son’s nerves. Nick decided to shut her up by bringing her as far down as he could.

“This is your last chance to shut the hell up on your son, Mom!” he warned.

“I wish you’d never been born!” Judy Cannon defiantly shrieked.

“You asked for it, bitch!” snarled Nick.

His cock erupted, and that was the end of his mother’s outcries. Abruptly, the only sound from her was a drowning gurgle. With a gushing stream, Nick was pissing straight down into her mouth.

His golden shower backed up in her throat and overflowed, pouring down her chin and spilling all the way to her tits. Seeing her so degraded turned Nick on more than ever, so that, when he let go of his dripping prick, it twanged back up at an even sharper angle from his crotch than it had jutted before he’d pissed on her.

“Now for the best part, Mom,” he said. “I swear, once I’m finished raping you, I think I’ll cum as much in your cunt as I just pissed in your mouth.”

Kneeling, he took aim with his rigid prick again, this time at his mother’s quivering cunt. He taunted her, rubbing his cock-head from her clit all the way down the groove of her pussy lips to her asshole.

Judy’s naked flesh broke out in goose bumps. She sputtered in anticipation of what was about to happen to her, still gagging on her son’s piss. Finally, her wait was over.

“Arrgghh!” Nick blurted, as if he were crying out in pain, the sword of his prick stabbing to the hilt in his mother’s captive cunt with a brutal surge. “Take it, bitch! Take my cock so deep in your pussy you’re sure I’ll split you in two. So you’re scared out of your mind I’ll fuck you to death!”

Judy’s son became a merciless machine, his cock a jack hammering fuck-tool that his body powered with relentless thrusts. He raped his mother’s cunt.

“Oooooh, you’re killing me!” Judy cried. “You bastard!”

“Bastard, Mom?” Nick laughed as his cock pumped nonstop. “That’d mean you and Dad aren’t really married. Ought to come up with a better name than that to call me.”

“Son of a bitch!”

“Then you know what that makes you, Mom,” Nick said, taunting Judy. “C’mon, Mom, why don’t you go ahead and call me what I really am?”

Judy accurately cursed her son.

“Y-you mother-fucker!”

“More like it, Mom,” Nick said proudly. “That’s me, all right — one bad-ass, mother fucking stud!”

Nick repeatedly forced his huge prick into his mother’s raped cunt with pile-driving friction. He could not keep up this furious pace, though, without soon having to shoot his wad.

“Looks like you’ll be lucky to get out of this alive, Mom,” he said. “But no way you’re gonna get out of it without cumming, if I can help it.”

Judy breathlessly gurgled something that was so garbled it didn’t mean anything to Nick. Having only a short time remaining before his cock erupted with jizz in her pussy, Nick was determined to force her to cum along with him.

“Cum, damn you! Cum!” he snarled. “Cum, if you know what’s good for you!”

Judy responded with more gurgling sounds. Nick’s hands found his mother’s tits, each tit grasped in his gouging fingers. He squeezed them, then wrenched her tits round almost double as his means of vicious persuasion.

“Cum, Mom, cum!” he demanded some more. Then he threatened, “I’ll rip your damned tits off, if you don’t cum for me!”

Judy screamed as loud as she could, her naked body shuddering. It was impossible to tell whether it was because of an orgasm or unbearable suffering. Nick’s body abruptly bucked out of control. Nick was cumming, too.

“God, what a load!” he groaned. “What a hot load of jizz I’m shooting into your pussy, Mom! So hot it burns my cock on the way out!”

It took him several seconds for his cock to finish spilling his cream, as he sang the praises of his gushing climax. And when his cum had run its course, as drained as he was, Nick remained keyed up. He impatiently waited for his fucked mother to admit what a stud he’d been.

Judy Cannon, however, slipped into complete silence. What’s more, she went limp as a rag doll, totally unresponsive.

“Damn you, Mom, Goddamn you!” Nick yelled, seething with frustration. “I fucked you with everything I’ve got. You had to feel it!”

He continued to receive no reaction in any form from his speechless, motionless mother, and his blood boiled. He pulled his dripping cock out of Judy’s swamped cunt. Nick had a hard-on that hadn’t surrendered an inch to all that fucking and cumming. When he saw his hard cock, he could only think that fate had given him another chance to prove himself.

“This time, Mom,” he said, holding his jutting cock-shaft the way he would a weapon, “there’s no way out for you. Either you’ll cum like your life depends on it, or you’ll damned well wish you were dead after the way I’m gonna fuck you next!”

Judy said and did nothing.


From the closet where she bid, Patty Cannon watched her brother rape their mother every step and cock-thrust of the way. At first, Patty had been awe struck by the violent poetry in motion, then numbed by her brothers mounting brutality — and now, finally, horrified by what Nick was on the verge of doing.

“No, too much,” Patty whispered with alarm. “I know Mom brought out the worst in Nick on purpose so she could frame him with rape, but now it’s gone too far. She doesn’t even seem to know where she is anymore. He’ll rip her to pieces, if he goes ahead and does this.”

And if anybody was going to stop Nick, Patty knew, it would be have to be herself. Her mother was helplessly being twisted into position so she’d be raped by Nick’s big cock where the fucking was tightest and most dangerous.

“Just can’t stand by and let this happen!” Patty said quietly, breathlessly making her decision. “Can’t let Nick fuck Mom in the ass while she’s this out of it!”

Nick’s cock-head was already poking between the forcibly raised and spread cheeks of Judy’s ass. He was set to ravage, and Patty had to make her move at once.

So out of the closet she burst.

“Hold it right there, Nicky! Just forget all about ass-fucking Mom.”

“Yeah, Sis, well you and who else is gonna stop me?” Nick snarled.

“Just me’ll be enough,” Patty snapped back, talking as tough as she could and praying that she could back it up.

She didn’t scare her brother, but at least she had his attention enough, so that his cock left the target of their mother’s ass when he turned for a glaring face-off with Patty.

“Don’t know what you were doing here to begin with, Sis. But right now, I really don’t give a damn!” Nick yelled. “I’m a lot more interested in finding out how you plan to stop me from fucking Mom where she shits. C’mon, Sis, I’m waiting — daring you to try.”

Patty had to put up or shut up, knowing her mother had placed her in that position by design. But that was with the idea that Nick would permanently flee if faced with an eyewitness who could nail him for rape, and the original script was no longer playable, Patty realized Nick was too far gone to so easily outsmart, with their mother’s reckless fun and games turning into something a lot more like life and death.

Saying it as fast as she could, before she had second thoughts, Patty blurted, “Fuck my ass, instead!”

Nick hadn’t expected this. Catching him off balance gave Patty a few extra seconds to make her case.

“Mom’s so out of it,” she hurriedly said to her brother, “that she wouldn’t even know what you’re doing to her. You’d might as well be fucking a corpse. Dead meat…”

She briefly paused when she heard herself describing her mother in such ghastly terms. But before she had openly cringed, Patty was listening to the desperate sound of her own voice.

“But I’m alive and kicking, Nicky,” she said. “I’ll cum for you the way poor Mom can’t. Cum so hard from your stud’s cock jamming up my ass. Yes, Nicky, just look at how ready my horny asshole is for your big prick. I know you’ll want to fuck me there!”

Nick bit.

“Show me, Sis!”

Patty wasted no time in dropping onto all fours in the classic female position for backdoor sex. Bottom up, she hurriedly unfastened her jeans and pulled them down, along with her panties, to her knees. She showed her brother her asshole, hoping he couldn’t resist, reaching behind to spread her ass-cheeks so her shit-pit puckered in plain sight.

As she showed her inviting asshole, Patty heard her brother’s breath quickening to a ragged tempo. A good sign, Patty thought, so she went for broke.

“I’ll even grease the way for you, Nicky,” she called over her shoulder. “Get myself nice ‘n’ slippery for your big cock, so you can start ass-fucking me to your balls right away.”

One of her hands dipped into her cunt, going after some pussy-juice for a lube job. Her thumbnail fucking her clit aroused all the fresh supply she needed. When her fingers emerged from her pussy and shifted toward her asshole, they were dripping.

She quickly put one, two, three of her fingers into her tight shitter, widening her asshole for the bulk of her brother’s cock. For the first time since she’d decided on this strategy, Patty was actually starting to look forward to getting fucked up the ass in place of her mother.

The only problem with her plan, Patty thought, was that her brother had still not agreed that she would be the one on the receive big end of his rigid prick. He was breathing hard, but until he was safely locked in where she shit, Patty couldn’t take anything for granted.

So, she knew, she had to show Nick even more to get his cock to make up his mind for him. She removed her fingers from her asshole and highlighted how fuckably her shitter was stretched.

Her fingertips snagged the rims, then tugged at either side, wining her ass-channel into a likeness of a miniature cunt, showing inner pink. She could not do any better at convincing Nick that her shit-pit had just taken over from her real cunt as her number one fuck-hole.

“Ye… how can I turn it down? I can smell it from here. Real funky… if ever there was an asshole just waiting for me to fuck the shit out of it, this is the one.”

Hearing him, Patty tingled on the brink of success. Her brother lined up directly behind her, took aim with his prick, set his hips, and fucked Patty’s asshole.

“Ooooh, it hurts soooo gooood!” Patty squealed with a sudden assfull of her brother’s thrusting cock-shaft.

“Your cock’s not even all the way in me yet, and, wow! I’m cumming already!” Patty screeched.

Nick looked down at his crotch while his wriggling sister climaxed. She was right. He still had about three inches of prick in reserve to shove up her ass. But he waited to do it until her first orgasm had nearly run its course. The jolting result was timed perfectly, fueling Patty’s senses so they were ablaze all over again with another, even hotter, cumming frenzy.

As his sister went wild from within, Nick could only wonder if he was locked into too much of a good thing. Her spazing asshole was like a set of jaws around his cock, chewing up his prick.

“Okay, Sis, lighten up a little now,” he told her. “Your horny ass is about to twist my prick off at the root if you don’t let up, or at least, it sure as hell feels that way!”

“Let up? No way! Couldn’t if my life depended on it!” Patty called back. “You’re plugged in for the rest of the ride, brother dear. So all you can do is fight back. Try my tits, why don’t you? They’d just love to be squeezed, pinched, bruised and however else you can make them black and blue!”

Nick ripped her flannel shirt all the way up the back, then yanked both halves so the buttons down the front went flying and the sleeves were torn from Patty’s arms. She wore no bra, so hex tits dangled as she kneeled on all fours. Nick took a spongy tit-mound in each hand with mauling force. Patty’s scream was hair-raising. She was cumming again, harder than ever.

“It hurts toooo goooood. Too good for me to stand!” Patty yelped in one breath. She hollered, “Don’t stop, Nicky, don’t stop what you’re doing, except give me even more. Give mc any less than more and I’ll never forgive you!”

Nick willingly poured it on. His cock was pistoning nonstop up her asshole. Gripping with his fingernails, his clawing hands were doing terrible things to his sister’s tits, which she found wonderful. When Nick drew blood from her mangled tit-flesh, Patty groaned as if it were a new, bright-red form of female cum.

“I can’t stop… can’t stop cumming!” Patty cried. “You could rip my tits and fuck my ass forever, Nicky, and I’d never stop cumming for as long as you were ripping and fucking my tits and ass!”

“Oooooh, Sis!” Nick admitted, reacting to the rising tide at the pit of his loins. “Sorry, but it’s gonna be all over for me pretty damned quick. Can’t hold back. Have to cum so bad I can almost taste my own jizz!”

“If that’s why you’ll have to quit,” Patty readily accepted his excuse, “then, believe me, that’s the one reason I’ll forgive you for. The only one. The best one! My fucked ass full of your hot, thick jizz.”

“Then I should shoot it, Sis?”

“Whenever you’re ready, stud, then so am I!”

Nick reined as much as he could at his peak of passion, the kinks in his crotch loosening as he prepared to go with the natural flow from his thoroughly fucked cock. Then, it seemed to Nick, Patty was making it even more of a one way street by the magical something she was doing to his balls.

“Damn, don’t know what it really is, Sis, but if I didn’t know better, I’d swear you’re somehow sucking my balls!” Nick moaned with pleasure. “Anyway, it’s gonna just make me cum all that much harder!”

“Huh?” Patty answered with confusion. She started to say that she hadn’t touched her brother’s balls, except to have them slap against her cunt while he screwed her ass from behind. But then, all at once, Nick’s cock exploded.

His jizz gushed like molten lava to the scalded depths of his sister’s bowels. As she was flooded by the liquid fire, Patty forgot about everything but how wonderfully his cum burned and how hard she was cumming right along with Nick. Patty’s asshole erupted from within, and their molten flow was in two directions, her fiery shit seeping around the length of Nick’s spurting prick.

Their peak passed, followed by their dreamy afterglow of cumming, as Nick’s prick dribbled with the last of his jizz, and Patty’s shit oozed. It was like floating on a cloud, Patty thought.

“Oooooh, Sis, you’re still doing that same number on my balls!” Nick moaned. “And damn, if it doesn’t feel just as good, now that I’ve finished shooting my wad, as it did when I was getting ready to cum.”

“But,” Patty said, “I’m not touching your balls, Nicky. Haven’t been the whole time.”

“C’mon, Sis, stop kidding around.”

“I swear it!”

To prove what she meant, Patty held her hands out from her sides. And obviously, Nick realized, her mouth couldn’t have been involved since her face was farthest away from her brother’s crotch while she was on all fours.

“Then,” he asked, “what the…”

Cautiously, almost frightened, he reached down. And below, he felt a face which could only belong to one person.

Patty looked over her shoulder and read in Nick’s eyes what he’d discovered. He nodded, reading her mind in reply.

“M-Mom!” they stammered together.

Releasing her oral grasp on her son’s balls, Judy Cannon bobbed up into view and gleefully declared, “God, I hope you kids love the way this is turning out as much as I do! Isn’t how I planned it — but a whole lot better!”

“P-planned? Planned what?” Nick stuttered, bolting to his feet between his mother and sister, swinging his gaze from one to the other. “Sis, you were in on this the whole time, weren’t you?”

“Yes and no,” Patty answered honestly. “Yes, Mom talked me into being here. No, I didn’t know exactly what for, at least in the beginning. Then, I thought I d… but now I’m more confused than ever.”

“Well, then, perhaps yours truly ought to explain,” Judy Cannon said to her children with classic understatement, an equally classic twinkle in her eye.

After she’d spied on Nick fucking Patty, Judy explained, her idea had been to get Nick hot for her, too. That had gone according to schedule, thanks to the blowjob in the living room. Then, getting him ready to fuck her, cock-teasing him was the next step. Enough to lure him upstairs to where she’d infuriated him into raping her, with Patty watching.

“I drew the line,” Patty said, cutting in on her own behalf. “Wasn’t going to let my own mother frame my own brother for rape. And that’s what Mom expected me to do, Nicky. Jump out of the closet and put you on the spot by catching you red-handed. But, I decided, leave me out, Mom was getting just what she deserved.”

“Ah, but I figured I could get around that by upping the stakes,” Judy said cheerfully, resuming her stow. “By turning Nick into such an animal, that my darling daughter would get scared and try to save me. How was I to know what’d really happen?”

“But, Mom,” Patty muttered, automatically defending herself, “I did try and save you.”

“Agreed,” Judy said. “But I didn’t think it’d be by putting your own ass on the line in place of mine. Thought you’d call the police, or hit your brother over the head with something. Whatever it took to get it through his thick skull!”

“What?” Nick blurted. “Get what?”

“Mom set you up to rape her, and set me up to stop you. Anyway, once you were caught in the act, she counted on you doing what you usually do when you’re in a tight spot — running away from it. It was the best way she could think of to get rid of you, but still try on your cock for size in the bargain.”

“Get rid of me?”

“You’re a helluva cocksman, sonny boy,” Judy said affectionately. “Which is exactly why I don’t think your father’s heart could stand having you around doing stud service on your sister and me. Sooner or later, your dad would catch you sucking or fucking with one or both of us, and the poor guy would keel over and probably never move again. And, you know, he does pay the bills around here.”

Nick was clearly shaken by his mother’s cold calculations. He remembered that he’d said it hadn’t worked out as she’d planned, after all, and that she was glad for it. Haltingly, Nick brought this up and asked her what she’d meant.

“Simple,” Judy Cannon said.

She paused dramatically. Patty was back on pins and needles, along with her brother.

“There’s more than one way, to keep your father paying the bills. Should’ve thought of it in the beginning,” Judy Cannon said, then spelling it out father… as American as apple pie. We three stay together, and a judge makes your father pay for it after I cut him loose.

Nick gulped. “Then?”

“You’re not going anywhere, stud!” Judy assured her son. “After tonight, I wouldn’t give up your big cock any more than I would your sister’s sweet pussy. Your dad’s the odd man out in this family. No room for any part of him anymore — except, of course, for his big, fat wallet.”

Her cold-blooded attitude made her children flinch. But then, Judy Cannon moved to heat things back up. She went to her daughter, held her in place, then licked down Patty’s naked front until she was kneeling at crotch-level and sucking teenaged cunt.

Nick had never watched one chick going down on another in the flesh before, and with his own mother and sister being the first pair of bi females he’d ever seen in action, the effect was especially startling.

“Oooooh, Mom!” Patty moaned, swaying with helpless pleasure above her pussy-eating mother. “I know what you’re trying to do, but I can’t fight it. Trying to get me so turned on all over again that I’ll agree to go along with dumping Daddy, aren’t you?”

“Mmmmm, you bet,” Judy Cannon said, readily admitting her bribery with a hairy, juicy faceful of cunt. “It’s the only way.”

Patty didn’t deny it. She couldn’t. All she could do was moan with helpless pleasure as her mother’s talented tongue slipped into her cunt and started tongue-fucking her. Already, the energy of an orgasm had begun to mount in Patty’s rolling loins.

“What about Nick, Mom? Is he supposed to just watch us act like a couple of dykes?”

“He’ll figure out what to do next,” Judy said, her voice fuzzy with pussy. “I’ll make sure he does.”

Her face buried even more solidly between her daughter’s thighs, Judy adjusted her knees so she was posed like a bitch in heat while she ate Patty’s cunt. Painted toward her son was her flexing ass, her plump ass-cheeks seductively parted to showcase her own rear-spread cunt.

“Nick, Mom wants you to dog-fuck her at the same time she’s eating my pussy,” Patty said.

Staring at the hairy female cunt which yawned so invitingly before him, Nick nodded.

“Gonna?” his sister asked. “Gonna dog-fuck Mom, then, Nicky?”

Nick replied by shifting his gaze to his own crotch. He had his cock in his hand, and then slipped his chunky cock-knob just within the gap of his mother’s meaty pussy-lips. Then, before he took the plunge, he summed up the situation with crystal clarity.

“Let’s face it, Sis,” he said soberly to Patty. “Morn’s got us hooked. So long, Dad.”

Nick bucked his crotch to bury his prick to the root in Judy’s welcoming cunt. At the other end of the action, Patty could almost feel his cock-thrust herself, cumming on the spot in her mother’s pussy-sucking mouth.


Patty Cannon felt as guilty as sin. The sin, however, was not incest. Betrayal was the name of the dirty game in which she held one of the three hands.

“I love sucking and fucking with Mom and Nicky,” she sighed, alone in her room and thinking out loud. “But I love Daddy, too.”

If she’d been sure it would straighten her things out, Patty would have gladly told her mother and brother about herself and her dad. But could not predict what their response might be. What really disturbed Patty was her dad’s reaction if he found out he had to share her body with the entire family.

“Daddy can handle me and him,” Patty said, summing it up the way she saw it, “because I’m his very own little girl. His special piece of ass. The rest of the time, though, he’s straight as an arrow. Uptight about almost everything, except fucking me. No, he could never stand coming home to a family where everybody was hopping in and out of bed with everybody else.”

And if she was right, Patty thought, that meant her mother was, too. A divorce was the answer.

Still, Patty rejected the inevitability of that solution. She had to admit it seemed to add up, but she hadn’t given up all hope that there was a missing piece of the puzzle that might reveal a different picture than the one now staring her in the face.

“If only there was somebody I could trust, who I could talk to about this,” she said. “Somebody who could help me decide what I should do about Daddy. Somebody who knows him inside and out, even better than I do.”

There was only one likely candidate, Patty realized. The only problem was that he and her dad had had a falling out over something or other several months ago. But perhaps that would work in her favor, Patty reasoned. Just maybe, whatever had come between her dad and his twin brother was exactly what she needed to get her Uncle Jason to level with her about what really made Ed Cannon tick.

Dr. Jason Cannon was one of the area’s leading psychiatrists. Handsome and never married, there was no more eligible bachelor around town than he. More than one woman had gone into treatment with him because her real motive was adding some spice to her life by being alone with such a charmer.

Dr. Cannon didn’t let them down — if they were young and pretty enough. Fucking his choicest patients was as much a pad of his practice as the leather couch in his office on which those in his care reclined to pour out their problems. Indeed, spread legs and the couch almost always went together.

The afternoon Patty came to his office, the doctor was at his best.

His patient was pretty enough to be an angel, young enough to be his daughter — and groaning with delight as she came from his big, pumping cock in her tight cunt.

“Oh, Doc, Dad,” she cried. “Now you cum, too, before I stop. Fill my thirsty pussy with your jizz, we’re both cumming at the same time!”

“Mmm-hmmm,” Jason whispered hotly in her ear, “just what the doctor had in mind.”

The girl promptly wrapped her legs around him, pulling his large prick even deeper into her spuming cunt. Then she rolled her hips so her bare ass-cheeks squeaked against the leather couch.

“Cum, Doc, cum, cum, cum,” she steamily chanted, rubbing her tits.

And Dr. Cannon earned his fee by unleashing a load of scalding jizz that did more for his thrilled patient than all the standard therapy in the world would have been able to accomplish. She screamed so loud with uncontrollable pleasure that Jason had to clap his hand over her mouth to keep her voice from carrying outside of his office any more than it already had.

“What was that?” Patty asked, her uncle’s nurse as she waited in the outer office.

The middle-aged woman in the starched, white uniform smiled knowingly to herself for a fleeting instant, then resumed her usual frown and said, “The doctor will be free to see you soon. I believe this appointment has been nearly completed.”

Moments later, a dizzily grinning girl only a couple of years older than Patty tripped into view. Seeing Patty waiting there, she said, “Oh, honey, if this is your first time here, let me just tell you that you’ll love the doc to pieces. He’s super. Just glad I got to him today before you did.”

“Uh, we’ll be seeing you next week at your usual time, Miss Martin,” the nurse sourly told the girl. “Run along now. And remind your parents to pay this month’s bill promptly.”

The girl drifted out toward the elevator as if she were on a cloud. As for Patty, whenever she herself behaved that way, it usually after she’d been fucked really good — which made her start to wonder about her uncle’s method of treatment.

“Go in, please,” the nurse snapped. “The doctor doesn’t have much time to spare between his regular appointments.”

Patty got up and went through the door out of which the other girl had just emerged. Her uncle had been expecting her, but clearly not so close on the heels of his previous patient. He was zipping up his fly.

The instant Jason realized that his niece had seen what he was doing, he darted behind his desk. He punched a button on the intercom to apparently chew out the nurse for allowing someone to walk in on him before he was ready. But there was no reply.

Patty glanced back through the doorway, saw no one outside anymore, and said, “I think your nurse has gone to lunch, Uncle Jason. And don’t be angry at her for letting me pop right in.”

She briefly paused, trying to decide if she would say what she really wanted to next.

“Fact is, Uncle Jason,” she told her father’s brother, “I’d already pretty much figured it out for myself. It was written all over that other girl’s face.”

Jason Cannon hemmed and hawed, trying to deny what his niece was talking about. But the truth was written all over his face, which was blushing as red as a beet.

“Don’t be embarrassed, Uncle Jason, I understand completely,” Patty said recklessly, calm on the outside, but with a squadron of butterflies in her stomach — and, most telling, a moist knot between her legs. “She was a very attractive girl. You just did the same as any normal man would naturally do if he had the chance.”

Patty paused again. Her pulse boomed in her ears as she got ready to speak the bottom line, while her glassy-eyed uncle stood there like a zombie.

“Yes, Uncle Jason, any other man would’ve fucked that girl, if he thought he could get away with it!” Patty said.

“Okay, all right, so you’ve got me dead to rights,” he said, then started to weasel to save his career. “But I’ll make it worth your while to forget all about it. Just get my checkbook and I’ll write out any amount you think you deserve to keep your mouth shut about this.”

Patty was sorely tempted. Squeezing a thousand out of her desperate uncle would be no trouble at all. But, once again, she fell into the pattern of not being sure what she’d say until she heard it herself.

“No, Uncle Jason. Money’s not what I want from you.”

“Then name it,” he said. “Anything, Patty, baby, I mean it!”

“Well, you can start by coming out from behind that desk.”

Jason did as he was told, his movements awkward.

“Wh-what do you want?” he stammered.

“You’ll figure it out quick enough,” Patty answered. “And if I can’t get you to give it to me without black mail, then I’m not the jerk I think I am tell you what, Uncle Jason, just think of me as another one of your patients. Same as, uh, your last one.”

Patty began unbuttoning her blouse. As it fell open, her tits swelled in her bra. And so, too, did her uncle’s crotch.

“Mmmmm, glad to see you’re already getting the idea, Uncle Jason,” Patty purred, her eyes pointedly focusing below the belt. “But we still don’t want to leave anything to chance, do we?”

Her blouse slid down her arms to the floor, then Patty went to work on her bra. It was the kind which clasped between the cups in from. Suddenly, her naked tits had jumped out at Jason, while her discarded bra joined her blouse at her feet.

“Do you like my tits, Uncle dear?” she asked, flicking her erect nipples with her fingertips.

It was an unnecessary question. The answer bulged in her uncle’s pants — a hard-on that was as glaring as a neon sign.

“You can see for yourself what kind of shape I’m in,” Jason muttered.

Patty nodded, then added, “But both of us seeing more’ll be even better.”

She wore a wrap-around skirt. Then, within seconds, she wasn’t wearing it anymore, unfastened and swirled it away so she stood before her uncle in just her yellow bikini panties, their crotch stained gold with leaking pussy juice. Rather than peeling them off next, though, she pulled them in the opposite direction, tugging them up into her pussy’s gash so the meaty lips and puffs of her cunt-bush oozed and bristled in exposure.

“And now,” she said as she posed, “the next move is up to you, Uncle Jason. What’s it gonna be? I’ll get dressed and leave if you want me to. My lips sealed. That simple, you won’t owe me anything. Or, if you want me to stay… well, prove it!”

Jason took such a deep breath it seemed as if it might be his last. Then, holding all that air in his lungs, he tried to make up his mind what he should do. But, really, his mind had become a temporarily useless instrument by now — his cock was doing his thinking for him at this point.

Down his hand went, finding the tab of his zipper and yanking at it so the metallic whine of his lowering fly filled the air. Then his hand was quickly in and out of his open pants, emerging with twelve brawny inches of throbbing hard cock in his white-knuckled grasp.

“Mmmm, that’s not only better,” Patty moaned, seeing that her uncle was hung even more than she’d expected — even bigger, it looked, than her brother, “that’s the bat?”

“The couch… the couch!” Jason whispered.

Patty eagerly went there, removing her panties on the way. She stretched out in the nude on the leather cushions, knees raised and thighs apart to offer her teenaged cunt in the classic fucking pose.

Her uncle followed her there. Standing over the couch, he loosened his tie with one hand while dropping his pants and shorts with the other — kicking off his shoes, he stepped out of the puddle of clothing, stripped from the waist down except for his long, black socks.

He was, Patty thought, like a Mr. Right who’d stepped out of every young girl’s fantasy about an older man. So sleek, so handsome — so hung. Indeed, Patty had forgotten all about the other older man in her life — her father, and how she’d originally planned to discuss him with her uncle.

“Oh, you stud!” she said to Jason. “Just seeing your huge cock when it’s hard is almost enough to make me start cumming even before you fuck me!”

Reaching up to touch her uncle’s magnificent cock for the first time, Patty did, in fact, aim. And, as she climaxed, she guided his knobby cock-head to her watering mouth and treated herself to a salty, sucking taste. But she did not turn it into a blow job, having too much of a craving for an immediate cuntful of all that male cock-meat to settle for anything less.

“Now fuck me, Uncle Jason, fuck me!” she cried when her flash orgasm had run its course. “Fuck me just like I’m one of your crazy patients!”

“With pleasure!” the doctor replied, ready for his specialty.

The leather couch was large, nearly the size of a bed. And Jason Cannon had performed his services on it so many times that it was almost like a second home to him, the most familiar part of his office. He expertly climbed aboard, no wasted motion in his smooth approach. And then there was his luck — no matter how many other girls he’d used it on, Patty made herself believe she was the first one to whom it had ever been spoken.

“You’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever fucked,” Jason said to his niece. “And your emit is the most beautiful part of you of all. It’s a privilege for me to do this…”

Patty moaned that the honor was ail hers, as her uncle slipped his big cock deeply into her welcoming cunt. And, once again, she came on the spot.

“Ahhh, I can just tell that this is gonna be one of those fucks where I don’t stop cumming the whole time,” Patty groaned.

To help keep her orgasmic juices boiling, she wrapped her legs around her uncle’s waist to jog him in the cradle of her thighs for maximum friction. The tit between cock and cunt was perfection, and the movement of male and female loins was poetry in motion.

“I feel like we’re fucking on a cloud!” Patty said. “I’ve had it just about every way you can think of — rough and gentle, straight or kinky, like I was a little girl, like I was a whore — but this fuck is in a world of its own!”

“I’ve heard a lot of things on this couch,” Jason Cannon answered, and there was no way Patty could detect that he was being anything but truthful, “but never anything as sexy as what you just said.”

“And flattery will get you everywhere,” Patty murmured. “Especially with your fantastic cock fucking my pussy to go along with it!”

“How about this, too, princess?” Jason asked, lowering his face below his niece’s chin.

“Oh, yes… yes, Uncle Jason,” Patty said, “Suck my tits while you fuck my pussy. Suck me, fuck mc, and make me cum twice as hard for you!”

Jason proved to be every bit as much a master with his mouth as he was with his cock. Squeezing his niece’s teenaged breasts together, he wound up nursing both nipples at the same time. Patty could feel wondrous vibrations all the way down in her cunt, adding mightily to the pressure on her clit from Uncle Jason’s big prick pumping between her legs.

“God, I’m starting to cum almost too good!” Patty declared. “Don’t know how much longer I can take it!”

“Want me to ease up some, then?” her uncle asked.

“Don’t you dare!” Patty yelled. “You’ve already given me as much as I can stand, Uncle Jason — now go even farther!”

Anxious to please her, Jason dropped his mouth back to her tits and experimented with his teeth. It was just what the doctor’s patient had ordered.

“Fantastic! Bite me! Ow, bite me!” Patty squealed with painful pleasure. “Hurts soooo goooood!”

But she still wasn’t finished getting the most out of her uncle. With her tits and cunt accounted for, there was one logical place for him to thrill her more.

Grabbing one of Jason’s wrists, she guided his hand to where she wanted it.

“That’s right, my ass!” urged Patty. “Finger fuck me where I shit.” The doctor’s middle ringer probed into her tight, gritty shit-hole. Patty excitedly farted in reply, widening her narrow shit-channel, so her uncle automatically added a second finger Patty asked for more.

“Two’s company, but three’s a crowd!”

She tuned again. Her uncle responded us she’d hoped he would, with a third finger up her asshole. The trio of fingers in her shitter was like an extra cock to go along with the real one already fucking her cunt.

The dual effect as just as striking for Jason, too. The result, as far as he was concerned, amounted to a sensation of jacking himself off through the thin skin between his niece’s ass and pussy, while he fingered the one hole and fucked the other a notch away. The friction on his cock had been doubled, and no man could stand that for long without answering nature’s call.

“I-I’m cumming!” Jason blurted out, abruptly past the point of no return.

His prick loaded with gushing force into his niece’s cunt, there was too much of his cum for Patty’s cunt to hold it all. As Jason’s prick continued to spurt, though, she immediately called out with a suggestion to keep his dreamy dim from going to waste.

“Hurry,” she said breathlessly, “before your cock’s finished shooting hurry and pull it out of my pussy and finish cumming in my mouth!”

Jason acted on cue. Out of Patty’s swamped pussy and toward her face lurched his squirting prick. Her open mouth surged to swallow every inch of his cock-meat, and his balls were drained the rest of the way by a deep-throating blowjob.

“Oh, baby!” Uncle Jason sighed to his niece when his load of cum was drained. “No man could turn down the kind of sucking and fucking you put out. Now that I’ve had my share, I know that any guy who passed you up would be the one who needed help — no matter who he was.”

There was something about what he said and his wistful tone which snapped Patty out of her orgasmic afterglow and put her on alert. She couldn’t resist going fishing, sensing in her gut that she just might reel in something even bigger in its own way than her uncle’s cock.

“What are you talking about, Uncle Jason,” she said, trying to sound as casual as possible. “You have anybody, uh, particular, in mind?”

Jason’s face was suddenly red again, just as it had been when his niece had first started coming on to him.

He muttered, “Aw, forget it. I was just talking… didn’t mean nothing special by it — except, of course, how special you are.”

Now an absolute siren had gone off for Patty. “Didn’t mean nothing special,” her uncle had just said. And he was a doctor, a man who’d received the finest education money could buy. No way, Patty reasoned, that somebody with that kind of background would use such terrible grammar unless he was uptight as hell about something. Now, how to pry it loose from him? she wondered.

Patty went for broke.

“Uncle Jason, this other guy — are you, by any chance, talking about somebody you know who’s already fucked me?”

Jason didn’t admit anything. But the most telling part of his silence was that he denied nothing either. Patty felt like a bloodhound on the trail of a kill.

“Tell me!” she cried. “Tell me who he is!”

Jason tried to look away. But Patty wouldn’t let him. If her hot body was as irresistible as her uncle bad already indicated, then she’d be a fool not to use it here to get what she wanted. Drawing back her legs, she reached down to seductively spread her rear ass-cheeks.

“It’s as simple as this, Uncle dear,” Patty said. “If you want to fuck me in the ass, tell me what you’re biding!”

Jason helplessly stared at his niece’s inviting shit-pit. Even more helplessly, his hard-on jumped back up to full, massive power.

“I’d die to fuck that ass,” he confessed with continuing helplessness, talking more to himself than Patty.

“The price isn’t that high,” Patty said. “All I want is the truth about Mr. X, in trade for what you want — your big cock up my tight ass. So, who is he?”

Dr. Jason Cannon had made a handsome living by coaxing the secrets from other people’s minds through out his career as a psychiatrist. But now, he was the one on the hot seat. His patients confessed because they’d be wasting a hundred dollars an hour if they didn’t. But in his own case, the stakes were far higher — fucking the sweetest young ass he’d ever seen.

Jason was many things. A respected professional, almost rich, and handsome enough to turn any female head — but, most of all, he was a typical, human male. And, faced with such an exquisite female asshole for his cock to fuck, he was a prisoner of sex, tortured by temptation.


Even more exciting than his huge cock up her ass as the wealth of information her uncle traded Patty beforehand for the chance to ass fuck her. Indeed, the information was what she’d actually been after to begin with — but far more valuable than she’d ever anticipated.

“Your dad,” Jason told his niece, “made an appointment to see me through my nurse about six months ago — didn’t even tell me about it in advance. He just showed up one day like any other new patient. And thank how he said he wanted it, for me to treat him like any other patient instead of my own brother. I wouldn’t take his money, of course, but he was so desperate that I had to listen.”

“And?” asked Patty.

“And then I couldn’t listen, either,” her uncle said. “Even a doctor can only hear so much from a patient before he has to call the police or be guilty himself of letting a criminal run loose.”

“Daddy’s a crook?”

“As sure as if he robbed banks for a living,” Jason said. “Fucking your own daughter will get you behind bars for a long vacation, just as much as stealing other people’s money.”

Patty automatically stood up for her father. “I made him do it. Seduced him — Daddy didn’t have a chance.”

“Yeah, I know that now,” Jason groaned. “After today. But this is now and that was then.”

“So you sent him away?”

“Had to. I was skating on thin enough ice myself, fucking my own patients — couldn’t afford to take on covering up for my brother fucking his own daughter to boot. Told your dad I’d forget what I’d heard if he’d forget he’d told me. And just to be on the safe side, I got a little nasty and warned him to stay as from way from me as possible from then on, or I’d blow the whistle on him.”

“Gee, you rotten bastard!” Patty cursed her uncle. “Your own brother!”

“I know… I know,” Jason muttered, sheepishly accepting the charge or disloyalty. “But there was more to it than what I’ve told you so far. Something I sure as hell couldn’t let your dad know, because I didn’t want to admit it to myself.”

“Such as, Uncle Jason?”

“I was jealous,” Jason said after a long pause. “Jealous of my brother for having a daughter of his own to fuck. I could fuck all of my patients I wanted, but none of them would ever be more than just ordinary pieces of ass, no matter how young they were — never my own flesh and blood.”

He paused again, coming to grips with his inner self.

“I’m a psychiatrist the human mind is my bread and butter,” he said soberly. “So if anybody ought to know, it’s me — that, down deep, every man wishes he had a little girl of his own he can fuck into a woman. Your dad did and I didn’t. I hated his guts for getting the kind of piece of ass I never could.”

“And now?” Patty asked. “Now that you’ve fucked me, too, same as Daddy?”

“Baby,” Jason said with wrenching honesty, “you’re as close to my own little girl as I can get. But in a way, that just makes it worse. Feel like a rat fucking you behind your dad’s back — stealing pussy from my own brother when I’d probably kill him if it was the other way around and you were my daughter.”

Her uncle’s raw emotion cut to Patty’s soul. She’d only experienced anything so moving, so true once before — and that was after the first time her father had fucked her and had poured out his feelings about the great sin he believed he’d committed.

With her father, Patty had reassured him that anything that felt so right could never be wrong. He’d bought it, and the rest was incestuous history. Would her uncle be equally persuaded by the same brand of logic? she wondered.

“Trust me!” she asked of him.

He started to say that the real problem was trusting himself.

“I’ve got all the answers,” Patty told him with ringing conviction. She slyly added, “But you have to go ahead and fuck me in the ass like we agreed on before, or you’ll never get them. Deal?”

Her rear ass-cheeks were spread, showcasing her dusky ass-pucker to dramatically invite her uncle’s hard cock to take the fuck where she was tightest.

“I said it before and it was the God’s honest truth — and I’d be a liar if I didn’t say it again,” Jason said, panting. “I’d die to fuck that ass!”

He had ass-fucked her, as deep and hard as it could be done. To Patty’s squealing delight, the ass-fucking ended with even more jizz shooting into her ass than when her uncle had fucked her cunt.

“Trust me,” Patty had told her uncle, and she’d meant it. So, after he’d fucked her ass, she went back to what he’d told her about her father.

The plan Patty spun off the top of her head was so crazy that it took a psychiatrist to appreciate how much sense it made. Forgetting all logic but hers, Jason bit — hook, line and sinker.

Ed Cannon received the telegram as he was coming out of a business meeting, where he’d just wrapped up an important contract ahead of schedule. Good thing, too, he thought, because the message from home seemed urgent.

“Daddy, you’ve got to get back right any,” it said. “Don’t let me down. Checked the flights there’s one tonight. I’ll be waiting at the airport. Explain when you get here.” It was signed, “Love, Patty.”

Even if he hadn’t sealed that contract, Ed Cannon would have been on the plane. Not just because he was worried, either. His cock had been hard for his little girl ever since he’d left on his trip, making him ready for an excuse to return to her hot, young body.

Ed credited his success on the contract to dumb luck. The whole time he’d been going through the motions of negotiating, his mind had been elsewhere. His mind was not on the contract he was supposed to get signed for his job, but on another one he was determined to break in his personal life.

A divorce that’s what Ed Cannon had decided on. He’d give Judy all the money she wanted in return for ending their marriage, and anything else to get loose of her. All that he’d ask for in return was partial custody of their daughter.

Any reasonable judge, Ed anticipated, would give him weekends with Patty. He’d take an apartment on the other side of town, making it possible for them to live as much like man and wife as a father and daughter could do when they were together.

But, in the meantime, there was the urgency of Patty’s telegram for Ed to consider. Had something happened at home like Daddy was big what he was up to with their daughter? If so, instead of the solution to all his problems, he might be going back to hell on earth. Whatever; fate inevitably called either way. Ed called the airport and made the reservation for that night’s flight.

They were fucking like there was no tomorrow upstairs, so her mother and brother didn’t notice when Patty slipped out of the house to borrow the car without permission. The airport was twenty miles away, and she got there a mile a minute. Another twenty minutes after that, her father was waving in the midst of the other passengers when he spotted her waiting for him.

They embraced and kissed on the mouth when they closed the distance between them, exchanging tongues. Passers-by grinned and winked when they saw Ed and Patty, especially the men who envied this middle-aged guy with what they assumed was his cute, young wife, Patty treating Ed to a crotchful of rubbing knee.

“What about your luggage, Daddy?” Patty whispered into her father’s ear when their kiss had broken.

“Had to send it on another flight to get a ticket on this one at the last minute,” Ed said, panting. “Won’t get here until tomorrow.”

“Good, then I won’t have to wait to get you alone in the car. I’m so horny for your big cock I can’t stand it.”

Patty openly squeezed her, father’s bulging crotch in plain sight. Of those who saw it, most of the men nodded with approval and most women frowned with disgust. Then Patty left them all to their imaginations, grabbing her father’s hand and leading him as fast as she could to the privacy of the car.

“Oh, Daddy, take it out! Take it out!” she cried the instant they were in the front seat. “I wanna suck it soooo bad!”

Ed Cannon still needed to get to the bottom of that telegram, but that seemed a lot less important at the moment than a blowjob from his teenaged daughter. So, no questions asked for now, he unzipped his swollen fly and hauled out his rigid prick for the benefit of Patty’s hungry mouth.

She dove for his cock-meat. A single, slurp and she was deep-throating his cock to his balls. Ed’s hand was inside her blouse as she went down on his prick, massaging her braless tits.

“This long away from you, baby, and you know I’m gonna cum quick,” Ed said, warning Patty. “Hope you’re thirsty.”

Patty sucked even harder to trigger his jiz. Success was instantly hers. Her father’s prick abruptly gushed down her throat. She swallowed his scalding cream as it spurted. She came herself, as thought she owned an oral cut somewhere at the depths of her fucked mouth.

“Ahhh, I needed that!” Ed Cannon sighed when his daughter had licked up the last drop. “Nothing like a blowjob from his own little girl to relax a guy after a long, hard business trip.”

Ed leaned back on his side of the front seat, loosening his tie. In truth, he wasn’t as relaxed as he’d claimed to be. That telegram from Patty simply had to be accounted for.

“Say, uh,” he said, frying to sound casual, “is there something going on at home that made you and send me that wire, baby? Some kind of trouble with your mom or something?”

Patty had, of course, been expecting his question, answering according to plan.

“It’s nothing I can’t wait to tell you until after you’ve fucked me proper, Daddy. My horny cunt’s just dying for every inch of your big, stiff cock and every drop of your next load of hot, thick cum. Here, just feel how hard-up I am.”

She took her father’s hand and guided it under her skirt. No panties were underneath. Ed Canon suddenly had his fingers full of juicy, teenaged cunt-hair and pussy-meat, and his prick was throbbing steel all over again.

“Okay, angel,” Ed readily agreed when he felt her matchless pussy. “Let’s get in the back seat where there’s more room to hick!”

“No, not in the car, Daddy. I’ve got my heart set on you fucking me in a soft, warm place. If I can wait until we get to one, so can you. Just drive where I tell you to.”

Ed guessed she had some motel in mind. While he drove and she gave him directions, Patty kept both him and her red-hot. She treated his unsheathed prick to a hand-job that was carefully kept shy of drawing cum. At the same time, she clutched him at the wrist between her thighs and squirmed from a slow finger-fuck in her cunt. Unlike Ed, Patty could afford to cum all she wanted, it only increased her ability to climax all the more in the nonstop female fashion.

By the time Patty told her father to park the car, her leaking pussy-juice was dripping from his arm all the way up to his elbow, soaking his shirt and jacket. Meanwhile, Ed’s cock was practically glowing in the dark. He was so desperate to get his cock balls-deep into teenaged pussy that he failed to notice the neighborhood to which Patty had led him.

She lovingly put his prick back in his pants, assuring him was only temporary. I had him follow her from the car into a nearby high rise building which also didn’t register with Ed Cannon. It was only when they were in the elevator that it occurred to him that it was not was what she’d expected.

“I thought we were going to a motel,” he said.

“Does it make some difference if we don’t?” Patty purred. She swiftly unzipped her father’s bulging fly to reclaim his rigid cock from his pants, distracting him from the button she pushed with her other hand to stop the elevator.

Her father shifted from one foot to the other for several seconds, mentally grasping at something that was just beyond his mind’s reach. Then he knew.

It was an odd thing to recognize, but suddenly, Ed Cannon blurted out, “I-I’ve been in this elevator before! It stops on the thirteenth floor!”

Patty responded by squeezing his cock. A drop of pre-cum oozed from his purplish prick head. She reached down with her free hand, wiped his liquid pearl away, then licked her sticky fingertip.

The elevator rumbled to a stop and its doors whooshed open on the thirteenth floor.

“J-Jason,” Ed stammered, aware now that he was just up the corridor from his brother’s office.

Patty just stood in that corridor, a few steps away from her father, and took off all her clothes. Then, stark naked with her dimpled ass swaying, she ran to the door with the name plate on it which spelled out, “Dr. Jason Cannon, M.D.” The office wasn’t locked. She disappeared inside, leaving her dad in her eerie wake.

Ed Cannon looked dawn at his jutting prick. It was pointing the rest of him toward the open door. He took one step, then another, and all the serious questions buzzing in his brain were put on hold as he drew nearer.

“Just fuck her now and worry about the rest of it later,” he heard himself say when he was at the threshold, as though he were listening to his horny cock actually speaking.

The door to the inner office was open as well. On the leather couch inside, lay Patty in all her glory. Flat on her back with her knees raised and thighs parted, her cunt was a shining beacon which no normal man could ignore, even under the most extraordinary circumstances.

“Fuck me, Daddy!” she said.

Ed Cannon helplessly went to her. She reached out with her long legs and caught him when he arrived, wrestling him on top of her with a scissor-hold. His cock required no further guidance, automatically finding and sinking into her waiting pussy. Male and female hips started to move to the same rhythm, and — just like that — father was fucking daughter.

Ed could have thought of a dozen reasons why it was the wrong thing to be doing at the wrong time in the wrong place. But for now, he bottled them all up and let his cock have its way. His prick pumped in and out, tugged with every stroke by his daughter’s irresistible cunt.

Patty finally spoke again, moaning, “Oh, Daddy, I’m cummiing now — cumming for you.”

The walls of her orgasming pussy spasmed around the length of her father’s hard-on. The vibrations from her climax entered Ed’s body through his cock and traveled from his head to his toes. But the main impact was on his balls, which began to churn with a batch of cum which would soon have to be released in a gushing torrent. “Baby, whatever else happens, all that’ll ever matter to me in the end is that I got to fuck you as many times as I could. Every time was better than before, and the last time I fuck you will be the sweetest piece of ass of them all.”

“And you think that this might be it, don’t you, Daddy?” Patty said, responding directly now to her father’s anxiety. “Our last fuck — this is a trap, but you’re going ahead with it anyway because you’re already in too far over your head to save yourself?”

“Baby, all that matters tome is fucking you,” Ed said. “You’re the one who brought us here, so you must have a good reason. So, after I cum, I’ll take whatever else comes.”

“Then you trust me?”

“Don’t have any choice the way you make me feel when I fuck you, darling. Fucking you is the only time I’m sure I’m a real man. The rest of the time, I’m just a shell, going through the motions.”

“Well, mmmnm, you’re sure as anything going through some pretty macho motions right now, Daddy,” Patty teased, her father’s cock continuing to rub in the vise of her cunt. “Want me to cum for you again?”

“Nothing would make me happier, baby. The more you cuin for me, the better I’ll wind up cumming for you. The way it’s always been when we fuck.”

“Right on!” Patty sighed with agreement. Then she reached down to the top of her cock filled cunt to give her clit an orgasmic fuck, climaxing on the spot.

“Yeah, sooo gooood!” Ed Cannon cried, panting in response. “Cum, baby, cum. Keep cumming for daddy!”

“Then help me, Daddy, help me! You know how! Something kinky!”

Ed reached automatically for Patty’s tits, one in each hand. He clutched them so hard that her nipples oozed between his fingers, so he could pinch the trapped tit-buds of flesh. In reaction to the welcome pain, Patty squealed with delight, her orgasm reaching a higher plane.

“Now more, Daddy, more!” Patty urged her father. “Do something to my ass along with my tits!”

To honor her request, Ed pulled out all stops. From his daughter’s cunt, his cock abruptly withdrew. Then, a notch below, his cock-head pushed against her puckered asshole for entry. Patty reached down to help, guiding his big prick into her shit-hole. Slippery with pussy juice, his cock surged deeply into her horny shitpit without delay.

“Oh, Daddy, an ass full of your cock does it to me best!” Patty cried. “Fuck, fuck! Fuck my ass until you’re cumming as hard as I already am!”

Her strong thighs rocked her father on top of her, making his prick piston back and forth in her shit-chute. She could feel his cock-meat stiffen even more with every cock-thrust, while his balls were so hot they burned her ass-cheeks every time they rhythmically slapped against them.

“Won’t be long now, will it, Daddy? Until you shoot your wad?” Patty asked. “Of all the times you’ve ever fucked me, I swear your cock’s never felt more like it’s ready to cum inside me than it does now. You must have to cum so bad you can taste it!”

Ed nodded in agreement, then groaned with breathtaking pleasure as his hilted cock erupted into the depths of his daughter’s fucked ass.

“Ahhh, so hot! So much of it!” Patty said, delighting in her father’s gushing jizz. “The hottest and the most you’ve ever cum in me yet, Daddy! And that means the absolute, fucking best!”

Ed’s cock kept spurting the creamy fire long after a normal load of jizz would have been exhausted. Then, when his balls finally were drained, the slimy tide in Patty’s swamped asshole reversed direction and began seeping around Ed’s buried cock-meat.

“Shit, Daddy, shit!” Patty moaned. “When you fucked my ass full of your hot cum, you fucked the shit out of me, too. Now that you’ve cum in my ass, Daddy, I’m shitting all over your cock. Is my hot shit keeping your cock hard, Daddy?”

Ed panted and said that it was.

“Good, Daddy, ’cause I want you hard when you fuck me in the next place,” Patty groaned. “Fuck me in the mouth with your hard cock fresh out of my fucked ass, so I can taste my own shit.”

Ed was helpless to resist. She was so dirty, his Patty. So able to wrap him around her little finger, no matter what she wanted. So very much one of a kind — his own precious daughter for whom he’d do anything, anytime, anywhere, regardless of the consequences.

Without hesitation, Ed pulled his cock out of Patty’s filthy shit-pit and shifted on top of her to fuck her mouth. And she hungrily gobbled his prick down her throat as if it were coated with Dutch chocolate.

While she gave him the kinky blowjob that already had his balls brewing another batch of jizz, Ed Cannon glanced at his surroundings, reminding himself of where his daughter had brought him.

His brother’s office had paneled walls dotted with Jason’s diplomas. And there was the desk behind which Jason had smugly sat several months ago the last time the brothers had seen one another, when Ed had confessed that he was fucking his own daughter and had been told that he was a sick criminal.

As his prick was being slurped by ibis daughter’s mouth, in a way which felt too good to possibly be criminal or bad, Ed suddenly guessed that Jason had really been jealous that he didn’t have a little girl of his own to fuck Jason couldn’t stand for Ed to have something that warn’t available to him, Ed realized.

Jason appeared just as he gave in to Patty’s suction and was cumming in her mouth. And if Jason Cannon still disapproved of his brother’s incestuous behavior. Ed wondered, then why was he unzipping his bulging fly to take over with his hard cock on Patty just as soon as Ed left off?


It had worked out so beautifully. Patty still couldn’t congratulate herself enough for bringing it off.

The expression on her mother’s face bad been priceless when she had been asked for a divorce instead of the other way around. Patty bad been so proud of her dad that day, the way he called the whole family together to break the news that he had to leave home to find his own space. Of course, Patty pretended to be sad that he was leaving, but inside she sang with joy over the way he’d come through for her.

Patty’s morn took it hard at first, not because she was sorry to lose a husband — but because she hadn’t been able to end the marriage on her own scheming terms. But, later, Patty had reminded her that divorce was what she wanted, wasn’t it? And the financial arrangement had certainly been generous enough, hadn’t it?

Judy Cannon had sighed.

“Guess so. As long as I get some money, the house, and you kids to suck and fuck whenever I want to, that’s the bottom line.” Then she shook her head in wonder, though, and added, “But that bastard dumping me before I could do it to him first still rubs me the wrong way. And so he can move in with that bachelor brother of his to chase ass. I hope they both get the clap!”

Hearing that, Patty had smiled to herself. If her dad and Uncle Jason got the clap, she’d be the one who gave them the dose. For hers would be the ass they’d be chasing.

Divorce was the perfect arrangement for a horny girl who wanted all the family-fucking she could get when her parents couldn’t get along. Just keep Dad and Mom across town from each other, away from each other’s throats, Patty thought, and what she’d created was heaven on earth.

When she was at home, Patty slept in the same king-sized bed with her mother and brother in a nightly threesome — except on weekends, that is, when Patty stayed over with her father at Uncle Jason’s apartment as part of her folks’ divorce settlement. Her mother still didn’t like it, but had to go along since she’d agreed to it in court.

And Judy Cannon would have liked it a whole lot less had she been aware of the details of those weekends. But Patty operated on the principle that what her mom didn’t know, wouldn’t hurt her.

“No, Mom,” Patty would say when she was getting ready to leave for the weekend, “how many times do I have to tell you that Uncle Jason’s apartment isn’t crawling with women when I go over there to stay with Daddy. I’m the only one there with them.”

And Judy Cannon would answer, “Well, that better be the way it is. No funny business. I don’t want you exposed to your father’s second childhood. Because God only knows what goes on over there the rest of the time. But, okay, I’ll take your word for what happens when you’re around. Or what doesn’t.”

Then off Patty would go, her mom none the wiser. And once across town, it was the reverse side of the same coin. What her father didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him either…

“Your mother treating you okay, baby?” Ed Cannon would ask. “She hasn’t moved some guy into the house to take my place yet, has, she?”

“No, nothing like that Daddy. It’s all very homey. Mom just doing the best she can, and since Nick’s there, too, he’s helping out all he can. The three of us get along fine. No problems.”

One particular day, Jason overheard the conversation and popped in to say to his brother, “Face it, Eddie. You and Judy are making divorce look good. Everybody’s a lot happier since you untied the knot. If I knew it’d work this well for everybody who’s still married, I’d recommend splitting up to all my patients.”

“That’s easy for you to say, when you’re skimming off all the cream while I’m paying most of the freight,” Ed grumbled to Jason. “Supporting an ex-wife’s as much of a bitch as she is!”

“Ah, but I am letting you live here rent-free,” Jason pointed out. Then he said, “In return for, of course, certain considerations, I admit. Which, I might add, I’m most interested in taking advantage of right about now.”

He casually unzipped his fly. Patty went to him after winking at her father. Jason’s big cock was out by the time she kneeled at his feet to suck it.

“Well,” Jason said as his niece gave him slurping her ass was a smiling at her father about the true nature of her life. “See that another week of being a good, little girl hasn’t left you any less bad for your old man and me once you’re untied from your mama’s apron strings. That is, if your old man is planning to do more than just watch.”

Ed Cannon frowned from the taunt. He and Jason were closer these days than they’d ever been, but Jason still knew how to get under his skin the way brothers do. Indeed, sometimes Jason acted like Patty was his daughter instead of just his niece, getting his cock into him first whenever he had the chance and leaving Ed to play catch-up.

Thinking it over, though, Ed supposed he really didn’t have much of a gripe. After all, Patty always made sure he caught up in style.

“Daddy,” she said impatiently, gurgling with a mouthful of Jason’s prick, “what’re you waiting for, anyway? You’re not really gonna wily watch, are you? I’m too horny for just one cock, you know that, Daddy.”

Ed had to grin. His sexy, little girl definitely had the knack for making sure he didn’t wear a frown for long when she was around. Just as she also had the knack of coaxing his hard cock out in the open to plug into the action, no matter what she was already doing with her uncle.

Patty worked her cock-hardening magic on Ed by scooting back on her knees while continuing to go down on Jason’s prick, raising her plump ass so the seam of her tight jeans ran down between her ass-cheeks to the crux of her thighs, a stitched version of her ass-crack and cunt’s slit.

She popped open her jeans, wriggling them down her sloping hips. With no panties underneath, she was quickly down to the bare facts. Her jeans sagged around her knees, her asshole puckering in plain sight between her parted ass-cheeks, and a notch below, the juicy slice of her rear-spread cunt. Her father had the choice of fucking either fuck-hole.

Trying to decide which fuck-hole suited his fancy, Ed had his cock in jutting readiness. Then he took potluck. Lining up directly behind Patty, he temporarily closed his eyes, aimed his hard-on at a can’t-miss angle, and flexed his crotch toward whichever female fuck-hole his cock-head bumped first.

He immediately recognized the stretching kiss of meaty lips, and knew he was sinking his prick into Patty’s pussy. His loins bucked, her pussy squished out loud, and he was fucking her dog-style.

Jason reacted first to his brother plugging into the action.

“‘Bout time you got cracking Ed. You and I both know that when ever it’s more than one of us she girl gets twice as much of for her job from her once she starts getting fucked, too. Two cocks are always better than one with Patty.”

Ed had to agree. He and Jason ganged up on Patty more often than each fucked her separately. And she always responded to taking both their cocks at once by putting out twice as much as she did when she was just going one-on-one.

Now was no exception. Her mouth fucked her uncle’s prick, and her cunt once again demonstrated its talent for relentless suction on her dad’s cock-shaft. What’s more, although she’d started on Jason before Ed had fucked in, she soon had them on the same timetable. She sucked and fucked them so both of them would cum together when she was ready for their jizz.

However, before her mouth and cunt were swamped by male cum, Patty had her own orgasmic needs to satisfy. It wasn’t very difficult to turn, since her clit was thoroughly activated by her father’s dog-fucking cock in her cunt. Also, she’d recently trained herself to imagine that the cock she sucked had its head rubbing against a phantom, oral clit down her deep throat. Patty began to buzz at both ends of the action, with the vibrations spreading from her fucked mouth and pussy toward a sweet spot within her which she could only identify as her very soul. There, the twin forces would combine, and when they did.

“She’s cumming!” Jason cried.

“You’re telling me!” Ed answered. “God, is she cumming!”

“Then what about us?”

“You have to ask?”

“No, not really. I’m ready if you are. Together?”

“As usual. What the hell else? You know that I can’t hold back now anymore than you can. So…”

“What’re we waiting for?”

“Not a fuckin’ thing!” The Cannon brothers bucked their crotches, and their hilted pricks erupted within a split second of one another, Jason’s creaming wad pouring down Patty’s throat and Ed’s gushing load swamping her cunt. And on the receiving end of an instant bellyful and wombful of scalding jizz, Patty knew who she was — the horniest and luckiest damned girl in the fucking world!

“Ooooh!” she murmured when it was over. “That was soooo goooood that all I can think about is more, more, more!”

She had wriggled loose from all drained pricks of her father and uncle, with their hard cocks having temporarily dipped to half-mast. But Patty knew how to take care of that. Making pricks stand at attention was as natural to her as breathing. And the kinkier her method for getting results, the more she got turned on for continued action along with her male partners.

Jackknifing herself, she drew her freshly fucked cunt directly above her face and let Ed’s dripping jizz slide down the funnel of her tongue into her open mouth.

“Well, Eddie, looks like your cum’s winding up in the same place as mine this time around,” Jason said to his brother. “Damn, if this little girl of yours isn’t one for the books! I’ve had plenty of cunts who were patients hung up on sex, and fucked most of them, but none of them could turn fucking into an art like your Patty does. Just look at my cock now… hell, look at yours, Eddie!”


“Well, the little girl didn’t turn us back into a pair of hung studs again so we could stand around and jerk off while we watch her fly solo,” Jason said. “C’mon — let’s jump her all over again. More is what she told us she wants, so let’s pour it on!”


Then their rigid cocks leading the way, the Cannon brothers poised in on their favorite piece of ass. But Patty jumped up, and, giggling like a schoolgirl, scampered away from her oncoming father and uncle.

The master bedroom was her destination. It was like a miniature palace devoted to raw sex. Over the years, Jason had added on to it until no person could enter without immediately being struck by the urge to suck and fuck.

The ceilings and walls were all mirrors. And the bed was fit for a sultan and his harem. It was so wide, so soft, and its satin sheets so exquisitely erotic, almost capable of causing an orgasm by themselves when bare flesh slid across them. At least, for Patty anway, and that’s where she was when her bare-assed father and uncle caught up with her.

“Hi, boys!” she greeted them. “Thought you’d never get here!”

Then, spreading her legs, she started finger fucking her exposed cunt with one hand while pushing a button beside the bed with the other. The button activated Jason’s sound system. He had once piped in tapes he’d secretly recorded of the moaning patients he’d fucked. But these days, the moans all belonged to Patty herself, collected, of course, with enthusiasm.

“Mmmmm, I love to listen to myself cum,” I moaned, as one of her orgasms from the recent past drifted from the loudspeakers. “I like that one, too. It was the night I got fucked the ass and pussy at the same time!”

“It could happen again, little girl,” her hard cocked dad said.

Patty grinned and immediately switched off the tape.

“That’s what I’m here for!”

She pushed another button, that one to record her newest series of climaxes. Then she roiled over on her belly.

“Come and get it, Daddy and Uncle Jason!” she called.

When they joined her on the huge bed, she pushed herself up on her hands and knees to spread her cunt from the rear. Their nostrils flaring, her father and his brother could smell as well as see her cunt.

“Well, somebody hurry up and go in,” Patty said impatiently. “Give me a cock in my cunt, right now!”

“Be my guest, Eddie,” Jason offered.

“Oh no,” Ed replied suspiciously, “I know your game. You want me to fuck her pussy again so you can fuck her ass. But forget it. Her shit-hole is reserved for my cock.”

“Why, just because she happens to be your daughter?”

“She sure isn’t yours!”

“But this is my apartment.”

“Jeez, will you guys stop fighting over my damned ass?” Patty cut in to pout at her bickering father and uncle. “You make my poor cunt feel like an orphan. Okay, if neither of you want to give me a cuntful of cock, I’ll just use this.”

Reaching back, she clenched her fist just outside her yawning pussy-lips.

“Of course, once I start fist-fucking my own cunt, you boys’ll just be left watching,” she teased.

“Well, on second thought,” Jason said quickly, “guess that tight, young pussy’s just where my cock belongs, after all.”

“Better hurry then,” Patty teased some more, nudging her clustered knuckles just within her cunt’s stretching rims.

Jason got into position without further delay, scooting feet first beneath his niece on his back until his crotch was directly under hers. Satisfied, Patty stopped threatening to fist-fuck herself and reached down, holding Jason’s twelve-inch-cock upright. Then, tilting her hips, she centered her cunt and his prick and dipped to jam her pussy on her uncle’s jutting fuck-tool.

“Ahhhhh,” she sighed whether pussy was clamped down on Jason’s prick to his balls.

“Excuse me, but…”

She came on the spot. Not a long climax, just enough so her seeping pussy-juice soaked her uncle’s hilted prick.

Patty looked over her shoulder toward her father.

“Okay, Daddy, now I’m ready for my second cock!”

Ed grinned with ass-fucking on his mind. Her asshole was throbbing in the fuzzy split of her flared ass-cheeks.

“Gonna fuck the shit out of her tonight,” Ed said to himself under his ragged breath.

But, overhearing him, Patty said, “Maybe later Daddy, but not now.”

Surprised, Ed muttered, “Huh?”

“Forget about ass-fucking me, Daddy,” Patty told him point-blank. “I don’t want your cock in my ass, after all!”

“Huh?” Ed repeated.

Patty read her father’s mind and assured him, “No, Daddy, you don’t have to just watch Uncle Jason fuck me. Don’t worry, I want your cock in me, just as much as his.”

“Then what… where?” Ed muttered in confusion. “Fuck you in the mouth, baby?”

“Nope, not there!”

“Between your tits?”


“Then what… where?” Ed asked.

“In the cunt, Daddy! I want you to fuck my cunt!”

“But your uncle. He’s already…”

“Mmmmm, I know!” Patty moaned, bearing down on Jason’s prick with her squishing cunt. “Which is exactly why I want you to fuck my cunt, too, Daddy. I’ve taken your two cocks at the same time with one at one place and the other somewhere else plenty of times. But never both of them in the same place, rubbing together inside me!”

And her cunt was perfect for it, Patty went on. If a woman could squeeze out a baby, then a horny, young girl ought to be able to squeeze in a pair of pricks. Maybe not every inch of them, but enough to more than make it worth her while — especially when it would wind up with her pussy full of twice as much jizz.

Ed Cannon protested that it was a foolish idea. Then, his daughter countered, he would just have to watch his brother fuck her after all.

“Yeah,” Jason said from below, his bucking crotch powering his prick straight up Patty’s cunt for emphasis. “Neither of us will blame you, though, Eddie, if you have to go ahead and jerk off while we’re giving you a show!”

There was no way Ed was willing to be reduced to the role of mere spectator. So, he decided, why not? Why not call his daughter’s bluff and give her what she claimed she wanted? he asked himself. She’d probably lose her nerve once his added cock started stretching her cunt to the danger point and beg him to switch to her ass.

Ed lined up. His brother even cooperated, withdrawing at least half of his prick from Patty’s cunt to leave a small, but definite, space. Going for it, Ed nudged his cock-head in there.

“Oh, more than that, Daddy,” Patty said. Ed shoved, until half of his prick had joined the half of his brother’s. And Patty not only seemed to be feeling no pain, except the pleasurable kind, but she began rolling her hips to ride the joined cocks within her pussy.

“It’s even better than I thought it’d be!” she moaned. “What kept me from trying this before, I’ll never know!”

Then, aware of where the bidden microphone in the wall was located, she climaxed aloud directly into it so her rapture would be recorded loud and clear.

“Oh, fuck me! Fuck me, you studs!” she moaned. “Fuck my cunt, Uncle Jason! Daddy, fuck my cunt! Both of you fuck my cunt with your big, hard cocks!”

She urged her father and his brother on. Ed and Jason came. It didn’t take long. Their pricks rubbing against one another, in addition to the tightness of Patty’s packed cunt, made sure of that.

When the time arrived for them to shoot their wads, they screamed and yelled with ecstasy. Patty answered them with the female version of ecstasy, as their twin jets of jizz flooded her double-fucked cunt.

Then the peak had been passed. The tape rolled on. But there was one thing it couldn’t capture in the aftermath of the excitement. And that was Patty’s thoughts, her private knowledge that as super as tonight was with her dad and Uncle Jason, just as much awaited her when she got back home to her mother and brother Nicky. They were willing to do anything to her she wanted, too. Seven days a week of sucking and fucking, that’s what Patty had. Nothing could stop her, but herself. And since she was a creature who constantly craved more, with two sides of her family to give it to her, the weekends and weekdays fed each other like gasoline and fire she just hoped she didn’t burn herself out…

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The Preacher's Hot Family

It was Henry David Thoreau, in Walden, who remarked, “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.” This statement appears to be just as true today as it was then. Perhaps it is even more valid today considering the pressures and frequent monotony of today’s world.

The majority of today’s men and women live in boring circumstances, and when the opportunity for change arises, they are often quick to seize the chance. For the characters in this story, the opportunity is one which many would consider perverse and deranged for it is one of incest. But it provides a release and a need. All morals and scruples are cast aside in a moment of madness — a chance to grab pleasure before it is taken away.

THE PREACHER’S HOT FAMILY — a novel about the quiet desperation in so many of us — and the extremes to which it may drive us.


Valarie Warner was a beautiful, but cock crazy redhead of thirty-six. When she was eighteen, and at her parents’ urging, Valarie had married Reverend Carl Warner who was ten years her senior. A year later, Valarie gave birth to their daughter, Tammy, who was now an exceptionally pretty teenaged blonde.

Valarie was a very sensuous young woman by nature, and was soon bored with the restrictive lifestyle of a minister’s wife. In order to maintain her sanity as the years slowly dragged by, the beautiful redhead resorted to having a few discreet affairs with other men.

One morning while she was sitting in the kitchen sipping coffee, the woman was in an exceptionally horny mood. It had been several months since she’d had an affair, and her oozing cunt was crying out for a hard cock. She was just about to pour herself another cup when the doorbell rang.

Answering the door in the brief negligee she was wearing, Valarie was pleased to see Blane Moffat, a neighbor from across the street. Blane and his wife were both members of her husband’s congregation, and while his wife was spending a few weeks with her parents in Ohio, he occasionally dropped by the house in the mornings for coffee with Reverend Warner and Valarie.

“Hi, Blane,” she smiled, opening the door for him. “Come on in.”

“Hello, Valarie,” he gulped, startled to find the preacher’s wife wearing such a revealing dressing gown. “Is your husband here?”

“No,” smiled Valarie. “He had to leave early. But how about a cup of coffee with me?”

“I’d like one, thank you,” said the man, suddenly seeing a big nipple peeking out as the front of her gown partially opened. Until now, the man had never realized that I dazzling figure the usually conservatively dressed woman had.

Seeing the lust in her neighbor’s eyes as she sat down next to him at the table, Valarie made no attempt to close the front of her gown. She was finding it extremely exciting to be alone in her house with this handsome man, and suddenly wondered if she might get him to give her the fuck she needed so badly.

“Gee, Blane,” she said, flashing him a naughty smile as she threw her shoulders back so both nipples became partially visible, “I wish I had a head or doughnut to offer you.”

“This is just fine,” he smiled, unable to take his eyes off her tits.

“I’d really like a sausage,” giggled the pretty redhead.

“What?” gulped the man. “You like sausage with your coffee in the morning?”

“No, silly,” she whispered with a naughty twinkle in her eyes. “I was thinking more about big sausages that dangle between a man’s legs.”

“What?” gasped the neighbor, unable to believe what he was hearing.

“You know what I mean,” she giggled, taking his hand and guiding it up between her bare thighs. “I need the kind of sausage that fucks into hot pussies.”

The stunned man just numbly caressed the warm naked flesh of her inner thighs.

“Oh Blane,” she giggled. “You’re a naughty man, but I sure like it.”

The preacher’s wife shivered with excitement when the man brushed the tip of his finger across her juicy crotch. Feeling the wanton pleasure flowing through her cunt, Valarie was anxious to get him to fuck her.

“What are you thinking?” he huskily asked, seeing the wild lust in her eyes.

“I was thinking how much I’d like you to make love to me,” she whispered.

“Let’s go,” he grinned, rising to his feet and pulling her up with him.

When they entered the bedroom, Valarie sat on the edge of the bed while the neighbor began quickly removing his clothes. As the man took his shirt off, she gazed excitedly at the thick mat of hair on his broad chest.

“Well,” smiled the man, removing his shoes and socks. “Aren’t you going to bed with me?”

“I sure am,” she giggled, untying the sash to her gown as she watched the man lower the zipper on the front of his pants.

When he dropped his pants, Valarie stared excitedly at the huge hard-on that was poking out against his shorts.

“Jesus, Blane,” she whispered as she opened the front of her gown, letting her luscious tits spill out. “I sure need a big cock in my horny pussy.”

“That’s just what you’re gonna get,” he panted, dropping his shorts.

She could feel the juices oozing hotly between her legs when his throbbing cockshaft sprang into view. The horny woman hadn’t thought about much else except cocks for the past several months, and now here was a long thick prick for her to enjoy.

“Why don’t you take your robe off?” he panted.

Suddenly brought back to the world of reality by his remark, she quickly finished taking her robe off, leaving herself naked.

“My God, you’re beautiful,” he gasped, staring at her naked body.

As she sat back down on the bed, he stepped in front of her, his big blue-veined cock throbbing before her eyes. Unable to control her burning fuck-lust, Valarie reached out and grasped the thick hard cockshaft and began lovingly sliding the foreskin back and forth. With her face so close to his drooling cockhead, she was assailed by the pungent aroma of his cock and balls.

“Kiss it,” he whispered to her.


“I said kiss it.”

“I couldn’t do a think like that!”

“Why not?”

“Because it’s perverse,” she answered, grimacing with disgust.

“My God, Valarie!” he gasped. “Haven’t you ever sucked your husband off?”

“Of course not.”

“You mean you’ve never sucked a cock?”

“I told you I haven’t,” she said.

“Then you’re in for a real treat,” he hotly panted.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean you’re gonna give me a nice juicy blow-job,” he lewdly grinned.

“I can’t do a thing like that!”

“You asked for it when you flaunted your pussy in front of me,” the wildly aroused man said. “And whether you like it or not, you’re gonna do it.”

“I just couldn’t put that thing in my mouth,” she whispered.

Valarie had heard that people did things like this, but she had never dreamed of sucking a cock, herself. This was something only filthy depraved people did and she had no intention of performing this perverse act.

“I said suck my cock!” he demanded. “I just can’t,” she whimpered.

“You prick-teaser!” he roared, grasping her hair and pulling her face near his thick hard prick. “I’ve never heard of a woman who didn’t love to suck cocks. My wife blows me all the time…”

“Please, Blane,” she begged. “I can’t do it.”

“Open your Goddamned mouth!” the crazed man roared.

Opening her mouth and trying not to gag, the woman closed her eyes as his big rubbery cock-knob slipped between her parted lips. Valarie gulped and opened her mouth even wider as his hard prick slid over the top of her tongue until his cockhead was nudging at the back of her throat.

Valarie had thought she would throw up when the man put his filthy prick in her mouth, but to her surprise, the texture of the smooth hard prick moving over her tongue was rather exciting and the taste was erotically pleasant. The way his cockhead filled her mouth sent shivers of delight streaking through her loins. The longer his oozing prick was in her mouth, the better she liked it. The taste was faintly salty, and there was a strong bittersweet flavor that wildly excited her.

Closing her lips more tightly around the thick ridge at the base of his cockhead, she remained completely motionless, secretly savoring the depraved excitement she was feeling. Her head was spinning with both shame and rapture. Valarie couldn’t understand why she was actually enjoying the feel and taste of his vile cock, nor could she understand why cock-sucking was arousing her so much.

Her pussy began burning and itching hotly as he held her head between his hands and began guiding her mouth up and down over his throbbing boner. The feel of his big prickshaft slithering in and out of her mouth was one of the most erotic sensations Valarie had ever experienced in her life.

The entire length of his swollen prick was glistening with her sweet warm spit before she began sucking and licking his big hairy balls. His body began jerking violently when the excited woman once more took his bloated fucker back into her hot juicy mouth.

Grasping the sinewy cheeks of his ass, she tugged him closer as she sucked harder and deeper on his cockshaft. The aroused woman could feel his muscular body jerking and lurching as she feverishly sucked on his big slippery fuck-rod.

They were both so engrossed in their activities that neither of them noticed Valarie’s daughter staring at them from the open door to the bedroom. Because Tammy hadn’t felt well, the teacher had excused her from school and sent her home.

Tammy had been stunned by the sight of her mother sucking on Blane Moffat’s cock, but she was finding it strangely exciting. Tammy was a horny blonde teenager with large braless tits that bounced and rolled around under the sweaters that she habitually wore. She had never worn a bra in her life, and the guys at school were enthralled by the nipples that poked out against the soft material of her tight sweaters.

The blonde had never allowed any of the teens to fuck her, but would always obligingly jack them off in return for a fingerfuck. Being an extremely horny girl, she was constantly wet and sticky between her legs, her thoughts always on pricks. There was nothing she enjoyed more than playing with teens’ hard cocks while they fingered and toyed with her dripping cunt. All the teens at school knew how horny she was, and there were always one or two teens waiting around to be jacked off when classes were dismissed.

Now, excitedly watching her mother sucking on Blane Moffat’s big cock, Tammy stepped back into the hall where she could watch without being seen.

The horny blonde was getting hotter and hotter as she watched her mother feverishly sucking on the man’s thick boner.

“Goddamn!” she heard their neighbor pant. “Here comes the jizz, baby! Suck! Suck! Suck!”

The man was trembling frantically as his exploding cock shot a hot stream of cum into the woman’s mouth.

“Suck! Suck! Suck!” Blane mindlessly chanted as he pumped his hot cum-load between Valarie’s feverishly sucking lips.

Loving this delicious new taste-treat, she sucked and sucked until she’d drawn the last drop of jism from his limp wet prick.

“Now would you like a nice tongue-fuck?” he whispered when he’d recovered from his wild climax.

“God, yes!” whimpered the aroused woman.

Spreading her juicy cuntlips apart with his thumbs, he ran his tongue up along the length of her pussy, bringing squeals of delight from the passionately aroused woman. Breathing deeply, he inhaled the heady fragrance of her hot ripe pussy. Rhythmically lapping his tongue up and down between her tasty pussylips, he felt the pressure mounting in his balls, and could feel his cock starting to swell again.

Spread out on the bed with her thighs obscenely drawn back as the man hungrily slobbered on her oozing cunt, Valarie squirmed from the feverish lust she was experiencing. The rapture was spreading put from her pussy to every part of her body.

“Jesus, baby!” he gasped when his big prick suddenly stiffened into a throbbing hard-on. “I’ve just gotta fuck this hot cunt!”

“Oh, yes!” panted Valarie. “That’s what I want! I need a nice hot fuck!”

“Get up on your hands and knees,” he panted. “I want to fuck your pussy from the rear.”

Burning with uncontrollable lust as she crouched on her hands and knees, Valarie felt the smooth head of his hot prick brushing against her inner thighs as the man knelt behind her and gently grasped her hips. Frantically wiggling her hot ass, Valarie could hardly wait to feel his thick boner deeply lodged in her horny pussy. Unable to stand the suspense any longer, the aroused woman reached back and grasped his hard prick, guiding the bloated cockhead between her wet pussylips.

Thrilled by the heat of her cunt when she brushed his prick-knob against it, the man grasped her hips more firmly and forced his thick prick into her hotly squeezing fuck-hole. Her juicy cunt walls spread wider and wider as his huge prick fucked all the way into her slippery pussy.

Listening to Valarie’s squeals of joy, he began fucking his cock in and out at an ever increasing tempo. Half out of her mind with rapture, Valarie began fucking her ass back at him, rhythmically meeting his deep hard fuck plunges. The wildly aroused preacher’s wife began wantonly undulating her hotly squeezing cunt slit around the boner that was fucking into her. Rotating her ass in circles, she was forcing his thick cock to twist and screw around in her wildly aroused pussy.

“Yes! Yes!” she screamed. “Fuck me, baby! Fuck it to me! Give me more of that big hard cock!”

Watching from the hall, Tammy could see Blane Moffat wildly fucking her mother, his panting mouth gaping open as he stared out crazily through his lust-glazed eyes. She could clearly see her mother’s juicy cuntlips sucking and pulling on his plunging prick.

As the woman’s slippery cunt fucked back around his tingling cockshaft, Blane could feel his jizz boiling around in his churning balls. Grasping her hips more tightly in his hands, he began pounding his throbbing cockmeat even deeper into her hotly squeezing fuck-hole. Feeling his ejaculation rapidly approaching, the man could hardly wait to shoot his hot cum-load into her writhing pussy.

“Fuck it to me! Fuck me harder!” she shrieked. “I’m almost there… almost there!”

“Oh, Jesus!” he gasped, feeling his fiery cum racing up through the length of his pounding cock. “I can’t hold back any longer!”

“Let it shoot!” she squealed. “I’m comming too!”

Slamming her bare ass back as she crouched on her knees beneath her wildly fucking neighbor, Valarie suddenly felt his thick hot jizz shooting into her pussy with the force of a fire hose. The hysterically aroused woman had never felt such a torrent of cum in her life, and feeling her own orgasm exploding in her cunt, she feverishly screwed her squirming ass back to receive every drop of cum from his hotly shooting prick. Every muscle in her body was wildly contracting as the unbelievable rapture seared through her loins.

“Oh, fuck! Fuck!” shrieked the beautiful woman, jerking and shaking her pussy all around his cum-spurting prick. “Shoot it to me, honey! I’m coming… coming all over that big hard cock of yours!”

The whole world seemed to be one glorious orgasm as they feverishly ground their naked bodies together. Valarie’s knees suddenly collapsed and she dropped down flat on her belly, the man on top of her, his cock still spewing her cunt full of what seemed to be an endless stream of jizz.

“Jesus Christ,” Valarie whispered later as the exhausted couple lay sprawled out on the bed. “That was the best fuck I’ve ever had.”

Afraid that she would be discovered, Tammy slipped quietly away from the open door.


The next day was Saturday and Tammy was sitting on her front steps, unable to think about anything except what she’d seen in her mother’s bedroom the day before. As she stared across the street at Blane Moffat’s house, the girl’s panties became soaked with the hot juices that were dripping from her pussy. Unable to get the memory of the man’s big cock out of her mind, she suddenly noticed Bill Moore and Tony Marlow walking down the street with their baseball bat and gloves. They were two of Tammy’s friends who lived just around the corner.

“Hi, Tammy,” grinned Bill as they walked up to where she was sitting on the steps.

“Hello,” she smiled, her big tits pushing out against the front of her sweater.

“What are you doing?” asked Tony.


“Do you have time to jack us off?” whispered Bill, thinking this would be more fun than baseball.

“Sure,” she giggled. “As long as you finger-fuck me.”

“Where will we go?” asked Tony.

“My folks are gone,” she said. “So no one could see us out in my back yard.”

Five minutes later, they were in the back yard and the two horny teens were standing bare-assed naked in front of Tammy, their stiff cocks standing out.

“We can’t stay too long,” panted Tony. “We have to go to baseball practice.”

“I’ll hurry,” Tammy giggled, pulling her sweater off as her big full tits spilled out in front of the teens’ excited eyes.

She pulled her jeans down over her slim hips, and then wriggled out of her juice-soaked panties. She was completely naked, and a thin milky stream of hot cunt juice was dribbling down the flesh of her inner thighs.

Tony began unconsciously rubbing his stiff prick as he stared at the slippery juices oozing out from between her passion-swollen cuntlips. He could hardly wait to screw his finger around in her hot pussy.

“Who’s first?” she giggled.

“Me!” they both shouted in unison. “Who was first last time?” she asked. “I was,” grinned Tony. “Okay,” Tammy said. “Then I’ll do Bill first.”

Bill quickly spread himself out on the grass. His hard prick was pointing straight up in the air. Kneeling beside him, Tammy wrapped her soft fingers around his boner, the thrill of feeling his hard cock sending a sudden spurt of pussy juice out of her dripping pussy.

Sliding the foreskin up and down over his quivering cockhead, she could vividly see her mother’s lips sucking on Blane Moffat’s big hard prick. Without even thinking, she lowered her head and flicked the tip of her tongue across Bill’s swollen prick-knob.

“Jesus!” he panted. “What the fuck are you doin’?”

“Licking your cock,” she giggled. “Jeez,” the young man said. “I never heard of anyone doin’ that to a guy’s pisser.”

“Lots of people do it,” Tammy said. “I can even jack you off with my mouth.”

“You can?”

“Sure,” grinned the girl, her pussy itching with excitement. “D’ya want me to jack you off with my mouth?”

“How can you do that?” he asked, completely confused by what the girl was saying and doing.

“I can make you squirt jizz by sucking on your prick,” she explained. “And it even feels better.”

“No shit?” he gasped, having never heard of a blow-job.

“No shit,” Tammy giggled. “Wanta try it?”

“Hell, yes,” he grinned, thinking it might be fun.

Moving down between his legs, she lowered her mouth toward his stiff prick.

“Tony,” she said to the other teen, “why don’t you finger-fuck my pussy while I suck Bill off?”

“Okay,” he said, kneeling behind her upturned ass and thrusting his middle finger deeply into the hot, mushy flesh of her horny cunt.

“Mmmmmmmmm, that feels good,” she whispered. “Now finger-fuck me good.”

Leaning over and brushing her softly parted lips over the head of Bill’s cock, she was thrilled by the pungent male aroma and the taste of his prick. Happy that his prick was a strange but good flavor, she began swirling her hot wet tongue all over the sensitive surface of his cockhead. Seeing the excited expression on Bill’s face, she gave him a naughty smile and began running her tongue up and down the entire length of his tasty cock.

“Jeez, Tammy!” gasped the teen. “I’ve never felt anything so fuckin’ good in my life.”

She could feel his body jerking and his prick swelling and throbbing as she continued teasing her wet tongue around the base of his cockknob. Then, slowly lowering her lips, she took all of his spit-soaked cockhead into her hot mouth. She could hear him whimpering with joy as her soft lips closed over his swollen prick. Tightening her lips around the base of his cock, she kept his cock securely inside her hotly sucking mouth. Now she knew why her mom had enjoyed sucking Blane off so much. There was something about the texture and taste of a prick that was just out of this world.

Sucking excitedly on his cock, the horny girl could hardly wait to find out what his cum would taste like. If the flavor was anything like that of his prick, she knew she would love his jism.

“Oh, shit!” gasped Bill, staring down at his stiff fucker buried in the girl’s hot sucking mouth.

“D’ya like it?” she giggled, momentarily removing her mouth from his prick.

“God, yes!” he panted. “But I’m gonna shoot off in a minute.”

“That’s what I want you to do,” she said. “Give me a nice big mouthful of jizz!”

“Do you really want me to shoot my gooey jizz into your mouth?”

“Sure,” she laughed. “Why do you think. I’m suckin’ your cock?”

“Okay,” he grinned. “If that’s what you want.”

Once more lowering her mouth down over his prick, she could feel Tony’s finger fucking in and out of her tingling cunt slit at an ever increasing speed. The quiet morning air was broken only by the wet slurping sound of her lips sucking noisily on his prick and the squishing of Tony’s finger fucking in and out of her hotly dripping cunt.

Feeling his throbbing cock sliding back and forth over her tongue, Tammy hoped she was doing it right. She knew how disappointed he would be if she couldn’t bring him off in her mouth. Bobbing her head up and down, she was taking his prick deeper and deeper until she could feel his smooth cocktip nudging at the back of her throat. Every time she raised up, her lips sucked and pulled on his sensitive cockshaft, making his cock tingle with excitement.

“Suck, Tammy, suck!” he cried out, almost out of his mind with the intense ecstasy of her wildly sucking mouth working on his cock. Frantically grasping at her tousled blonde hair, he began pumping her head up and down over his quivering prickshaft.

“Suck it, Tammy! Suck it!” he moaned, his lurching hips driving his cock in and out of her mouth. His breath was coming in short hot gasps, and his fingers were curled in her hair, pushing her mouth down tighter over his jerking fuck-rod.

“Suck, for shit’s sake, suck!” he shouted, almost out of his mind from the wild rapture. “I’m almost there! Oh, shit, almost there!”

Tammy was as wildly aroused as he was. Tony’s finger-fucking was bringing her closer and closer to a climax as she continued sucking on Bill’s hot boner.

“Ooooooooh, shiiiiiiit!” cried Bill, grasping her head again and slamming her mouth down over his cum-spurting cockhead. “I’m shootin’! I’m shootin’!”

For the first time in her life, the girl felt hot jizz splattering at the back of her throat. His cum was thick, slippery and stringy, but so good. She sucked and swallowed frantically as spurt after spurt of the delicious cock cream shot out of his jerking prick. Her mouth was still filling up with his cum when the thrilling friction of Tony’s finger-fucking brought her to a wild orgasm.

When the intense climax finally ended, she collapsed on Bill’s limp body, his soft dripping prick still in her mouth.

“Shit,” panted the teen. “That was really neat. How did my jizz taste?”

“I love it,” she grinned, licking the milky film of cum from her slippery lips.

“Is it my turn now?” asked Tony, pulling his juice-soaked finger from the wet hotness of her tight pussy.

“It sure is,” she grinned.

The girl had really enjoyed the way he had finger-fucked her. But after seeing her mother with Blane, Tammy knew she needed something more than a finger in her cunt.

“Tony,” she said excitedly, “have you ever fucked a girl?”

“God, no.”

“Would you like to fuck me?” Tammy asked.

“Gee, I dunno.” He hesitated. “I wouldn’t know… how to do it.”

“Me either,” she giggled, thinking about Blane’s big cock in her mother’s pussy. “But we sure as hell can try.”

“Do you think I should?” Tony asked Bill. “Hell, yes,” grinned Bill, excitedly licking his lips. “I sure would if I had a hard-on.”

“Come on,” whispered Tammy, rolling onto her back as she lewdly opened her legs for him. “It’ll be fun.”

Staring down between her widely spread legs, Tony could see her open cuntlips dripping with pussy juices. Her slippery cunt looked so inviting that he could hardly wait to stick his cock in it.

“Okay,” he grinned, dropping to his knees between her legs.

“Oh, Tony,” she panted, taking his stiff boner in her hand. “I can’t believe we’re really gonna fuck.”

The girl’s trembling fingers guided his throbbing cock toward her dripping cunt slit. She shuddered with excitement when she felt his hard prick against the juicy opening of her slippery cunt.

Bracing his hands on the lawn, Tony eased his hips forward, forcing the head of his cock up between her hot juicy cuntlips.

“Ooooooh, Tony,” she whimpered, feeling his prick fucking into her tight pussy. She hadn’t expected his prick to feel so big and hard in her pussy, and she grasped him tightly in her arms to keep him from fucking in any deeper.

“Don’t move,” she whispered. “Just hold still for a minute.”

Grasping him tightly in her arms, Tammy was hoping the awful pain would go away. When her tense body began to relax, the girl could feel the discomfort slowly fading. Carefully raising her hips, she grasped his taut asscheeks and slowly pulled his cock a bit deeper into her virginal fuck-hole. As his cock slowly worked up through her tight hot cuntal passage, the initial pain of his penetration seemed to disappear completely, leaving her with a delightful feeling of fullness.

“Oh, Tony,” she whispered when her cunt had taken the full length of his throbbing prick. “I think we’re gonna like this.”

Feeling the soft hotness of her juicy pussy squeezing his hard fuck-tool, the teen remained perfectly still, luxuriating in the hot depths of her fuck-hole. With his prick in a girl’s pussy for the first time in his life, the feel of her moist hot cunt flesh squeezing around his boner felt fantastic to the teen. The entire length of his cock was tingling wildly. Tony had often fantasized about fucking when he jacked off, but in his wildest imagination, he had never dreamed that a cunt could feel so fucking good.

The teen thought he would blow his mind when Tammy began rotating her ass beneath him while her cuntlips squeezed and sucked on to base of his deeply buried cockshaft. Unable to control himself, the teen began fucking his stiff cock in and out of the girl’s tight cunt slit.

“Mmmmmmm,” she whimpered, wrapping her legs around his waist. “This feels so good. Jesus, I love to fuck.”

Pounding his brand new hard-on, Bill was excitedly watching his friend as he fucked his cock in and out of Tammy’s slippery pussy. The expressions on their lust-distorted faces told him how much they were enjoying the fucking. Their naked bodies were writhing hotly together as his friend’s hard cock fucked in and out of the squealing girl’s juicy pussy. The nipples of Tammy’s big tits were rubbing against Tony’s bare chest. Bill began beating his meat even harder as he watched the expression on Tammy’s face. Her eyes were rolled back, her soft moist lips parted, and she was moaning passionately as her head flopped from side to side. Bill could hardly wait for his buddy to finish fucking so he could ram his own hard cock up Tammy’s pussy.

Clinging tightly to each other, the teens were fucking up a storm as Tony drove his virile prick in and out of her squeezing, milking cunt slit at an increasing tempo. This being the first time that either of the girls had ever experienced such intense pleasure, they were both squealing with joy. His balls were slapping against the juice-smeared cheeks of her bare ass as his hard prick drove into her tight fuck-hole.

“Oh, Tony!” she squealed as she fucked back at him for all she was worth. “We’re really fuckin’, honey! We’re really fuckin’!”

“I know! I know!” he gasped, fucking his cock harder and deeper into her hot juicy pussy. “I’ve never felt anything so shittin’ good in my life!”

“It’s so good!” she sobbed. “Just keep fuckin’ me forever!”

On and on they fucked, neither of them able to comprehend the intense rapture they were feeling. The ecstasy was so overwhelming that they couldn’t fully understand what was happening to them. With every fuck-thrust of his prick, this newfound ecstasy was building.

“Oh, shit! Oh, fuck!” she shrieked as his driving cock slowly turned her writhing body into a mass of molten lust. “I can’t believe it! I can’t believe it can be so fuckin’ good!”

“You better believe it,” he gasped. “We really are fuckin’.”

“I know! I know!” she squealed, writhing her frothy cunt slit up tighter around the base of his plunging prick. The top ridge of his hard cock was rubbing against her tingling clit, sending sparks of ecstasy to every nerve in her body. The wild fucking was almost more than she could stand, yet she wanted more and more fucking.

Bill was still stroking his hard-on as he watched his friend’s stiff fucker zipping in and out between Tammy’s slippery pussylips. He could see that the aroused blonde was almost out of her mind as she squealed, thrashed and bucked under Tony. God, how Bill wished it was his own cock fucking in and out of her cunt. The entire length of his friend’s boner was coated with the juices that were flowing out of Tammy’s cock-squeezing pussy. Bill could see the girl’s hot juicy cuntlips sucking and grasping at the sensitive flesh of his friend’s prick, and he could vicariously feel her cuntlips squeezing against his own tingling cock.

“Fuck, Tony, fuck!” shrieked Tammy, the intense ecstasy building up in her steaming loins. “Fuck harder, Tony! Don’t ever stop!”

Unaware of what he was doing, the inexperienced teen raised his hips a bit, and his cock set up a friction against her clit that was unbelievable. His cock was sawing deliciously against her hard clit, almost blowing the girl’s mind.

“Oh, God!” she screamed. “Oh, my God! Eeeeeeegggggghhh!”

“Does it hurt? Should I stop?” Tony asked.

“No! No! Don’t stop!” she squealed. “Just keep fuckin’!”

Tony was enjoying his first piece of ass. In his wildest dreams, he had never imagined that fucking could feel this fantastic.

“Fuck, Tony, fuck!” whimpered Tammy, clutching him tighter in her arms. “Fuck me good, Tony! Fuck it to me!”

The unbelievable pleasure was so intense that Tammy felt as if her body might explode. She was so carried away by her wild passions that she didn’t even realize the shrill screams she was hearing were coming from her own throat.

Suddenly, she felt Tony’s hot jizz gushing up into her belly. The strange feel of his hot cum spewing out against the slippery walls of her cunt triggered her very first cock-induced climax.

“I’m coming! I’m coming!” she shrieked, her legs waving crazily in the air. “I’m coming! Oh, God! Oh, God! I’m coming all over your beautiful cock! Ooooooooh, I’m coming! Coming!”

Clutching him tightly in her arms, she was floating on a cloud of ecstasy as his prick continued pumping her pussy full of jizz.

“Oh, Tony,” she whimpered, covering his mouth with her hot open lips as she passionately sucked on his tongue. “That was so fuckin’ good!”

Unable to stand it any longer, Bill pulled his friend off the girl’s naked body.

“Hi,” Tammy giggled when she saw Bill crawling up between her legs. “Are you gonna fuck me, too?”

“You bet I am!” he panted, guiding his throbbing cock toward her cum-drenched pussy.

“That’s good,” she giggled. “I want you to just fuck the shit out of me.”

Placing the head of his cock against her cum-soaked cunt, Bill lunged forward, driving the length of his fuck-tool deep into her scalding pussy.

“Ooooooh. Bill!” she moaned when he began fucking his hard cock in and out. “I think fucking’s the neatest thing in the whole world.”

When the teens had finally gone and Tammy lay exhausted on the back lawn, she glanced up and saw her Uncle Will staring at her through the kitchen window. He was her father’s oldest brother who lived only a few blocks away and often dropped in unannounced.

As Tammy hurriedly put her clothes back on, her uncle walked out into the yard where she was.

“That was the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen,” the man said with perspiration standing out on his bald head. “And you’re the daughter of a fine preacher!”

“I’m sorry,” she whispered, tears of shame welling up in her eyes. “But please don’t tell my father.”

“I don’t know what I’m going to do,” he said, turning to leave. “I’m going to think it over tonight and I want you to come over to my house right after church tomorrow. By then I’ll have made up my mind what to do about it.”


When Tammy arrived at her uncle’s house shortly after church the next day, he greeted her with a stern face. As he led her into the living room, the girl could smell the musky aroma that always filled the house. Since his wife had run away with a younger man several years before, her uncle rarely opened doors or windows to air the place out.

Leading her over to a couch, Will sat down beside her with an evil smile on his face as he stared at the girl’s bare legs below her short skirt. His mind hadn’t been on anything except her cunt since he had seen the two guys fucking her the day before.

“I’m afraid this is a very serious matter,” he finally said, resting his hand on her bare knee.

“I said I was sorry,” she whispered, her lower lip trembling.

“But, Tammy,” he continued, “what you were doing was very naughty.”

“Uncle Will!” she suddenly shouted at him. “You’re nothin’ but a peeping sneak!”

“Now don’t get smart!” he said with an evil grin. “I’m your uncle.”

“So what?” she sneered. “It’s none of your business what I do.”

“Maybe not,” he agreed. “But I’m sure your father won’t be very happy about it when I tell him.”

“You wouldn’t!” she gasped.

“I will,” he said, “if you keep acting so smart with me.”

Tammy knew what would happen if the stern preacher ever found out she was fucking around. He’d skin her alive.

“Please don’t tell him,” she begged in a more humble tone of voice. “I won’t ever do it again.”

“Do you want me to tell him how you sucked on Bill’s prick?” Will continued in the same evil voice.

“Please don’t,” she begged.

“But you did something very naughty,” he continued. “And I’ll have to tell your father unless you do something for me.”

“What do you want me to do?” she asked, afraid the old bastard would tell her dad.

“I want you to suck my cock,” he grinned, licking his thin dry lips.

Tammy just stared at him with a shocked expression on bet face. Uncle Will was a gaunt bald-headed man in his fifties. She’d never seen him smile. He was so sour in his appearance that Tammy had never thought of him as even having a cock, much less wanting to be sucked off.

“Are you crazy?” she gasped.

“Not at all,” he leered, lowering the zipper on his pants. “But you’re going to suck me off, unless you want me to tell your father.”

Tammy could hardly believe her eyes when her uncle yanked his stiff prick out through his open fly. She couldn’t get over the size of his big cock as he obscenely stroked it right in front of her.

“Well?” he asked in a hot excited voice. “Are you gonna give me a blow-job or not?”

When she didn’t answer, he slowly removed his coat and tie, and then the rest of his clothes until he was standing stark naked, his hard cock throbbing up from between his spindly legs. As much as she disliked her miserable uncle, Tammy eyed his big rigid prick with a strange fascination. His prick was much longer and thicker than Bill’s and Tony’s prick. There was a hard thickness about, his cockshaft that made her juicy cunt tingle. She was being forced into this, but deep in her heart the horny girl was quite excited.

He stepped up in front of the couch where Tammy was seated, his stiff hard-on pointing right at her face. As he moved in front of her, the man asked his niece to remove her clothes. She quickly undressed and sat back down again. The man gazed hungrily down at Tammy’s teenaged body with her big tits and soft smooth thighs. He could see the wet inner flesh of her open fuck-hole, as well as the pussy juices that were dripping slowly from between her coral-tinged cuntlips. His throbbing cock was jerking lewdly.

Grasping the base of his cockshaft, Tammy moved her face toward the man’s swollen prick. By concentrating on his boner and not his evil face, she was becoming more aroused by the sight of his hard cock. Reaching between his legs, she gently cupped his balls in her palms. His wrinkled ball-sac was heavy and his pubic hair was like steel wool. She excitedly stared at his big purple cockhead, wondering if his cock would taste as good as her friends’ cocks.

“Come on, Tammy,” he whispered in a more tender voice. “Give your old uncle a nice hot blow-job and your dad will never know what a horny bitch you are.”

Staring at his cock, Tammy suddenly realized what a wonderful organ a man’s prick really was. His prick was thick and hard, engorged with blood, and had a beautiful purple cockhead with a milky white cockshaft that was covered with a network of throbbing veins. Her pussy was dripping from horny excitement as she watched a drop of pre-cum oozing from the slit in the tip of his cockhead, making the smooth surface glisten.

Lowering her head, the girl flicked her tongue out and lapped at the oozing precum. His thick heavy cock began twitching from the electric touch of her sweet wet tongue. Tammy ran her soft tongue over his shiny fat cockhead in a teasing circular pattern, making tighter rings with every revolution until she speared the tip of her tongue against the leaking slit on the end of his cock.

Her quivering uncle stared down excitedly, unable to believe this teenager could give him such pleasure. He had forced the girl into performing this lewd act on him, yet it was more than obvious that she was thoroughly enjoying sucking his cock.

“Oh, Tammy,” he sobbed, half beside himself with joy. “You’re such a sweet girl.”

The horny child didn’t give a shit whether her uncle thought she was a sweet girl or not, but she loved the taste of his big drooling cockhead. Her tongue hungrily lapped along the sensitive flesh as his prick, seemed to swell even bigger. From her experience with the two teens, Tammy knew it wouldn’t take long for him to unload a torrent of cum into her mouth.

Because of his late wife’s prudish lifestyle, he had never experienced a blow-job, but he had almost gone out of his mind when he saw Tammy sucking off Bill. He had never dreamed of molesting his sweet niece, but that scene yesterday had driven him wild. He was violently trembling with excitement as the blonde girl teased his cock with her tongue. Panting heavily, his heart pounding in his chest, he was afraid that if she continued licking his prick, he would shoot his wad too soon.

He gave a sudden lurch when Tammy moved her face down, sucking as much of his thick prick as possible into her mouth as her tongue lapped hotly against the underside, making him shudder even more. He had never dreamed that his niece’s mouth could bring him such intense pleasure. Her pulling, sucking lips and her lapping tongue seemed to be trying to draw his asshole right up through the shaft of his cock. This wildly sucking girl was the ultimate, making him feel as if the top of his bald head were about to blow off. It was as if the precious girl had been brought into the world for the sole purpose of sucking pricks. His niece was giving him the ultimate thrill of his entire lifetime. Her sucking lips were clamped tightly around his cockshaft with a pulling suction that was almost blowing his mind.

Will felt his swollen cockhead pushing against the back of her throat, yet Tammy was taking more and more of his fucker into her mouth. He watched with amazement as her pretty nose moved closer and closer to the hairy base of his cock until it actually pressed into the curly hairs of his belly. The child had taken every inch of his cock into her mouth.

Slowly lifting her head, the girl sucked on the whole length of his slippery prick until it popped out of her mouth.

“D’ya like this?” she smiled up at him.

“God, Tammy,” he panted. “That feels so good, darling.”

“Am I a good cock-sucker?” she asked, her naughty eyes dancing with joy.

“The best.”

“Good,” she giggled. “Because I’m just getting started.”

Lowering her head once more, Tammy opened her mouth widely and took his big cockhead into her mouth again, letting it soak in her warm saliva as she sucked. Looking upward as she sucked on her uncle’s thick prick, she was pleased to see the ecstasy on his face. She had never liked the stern old man, but it was sure fun to suck on his big juicy prick.

Her lips were slithering smoothly over his gnarled cockshaft, riding the slippery film of saliva that her tongue had spread. His boner was stroking her lips as his fat cock slid back and forth over her lapping tongue. Her deep suction on his bloated prick was drawing out the tasty pre-cum from the tip of his prick.

But best of all was the feeling of power she felt over him. The man was no longer her tyrannical uncle who always frightened and dominated her. Thrilled that at last she had the upper hand, the girl sucked more fervently on the thick cock that was fucking in and out between her sucking lips.

Staring down, the man could see her full tits flopping wildly as her head bobbed up and down over his throbbing cockmeat. Looking beneath her belly, he could see her golden pussy hairs glistening with moisture. He suddenly felt a wild urge to fuck his prick.

“Oh, Tammy,” he panted, excitedly lifting her face from his prick. “Will you sit on my cock, darling?”

“Sure,” she giggled, anxious to feel a man sized cock in her steaming cunt.

As he lay back on the couch, she quickly straddled his loins, a knee on either side of him and the tip of his nice big prick tickling her sopping cunt. Trembling with depraved anticipation, the girl’s uncle grinned up at her.

“Go ahead, darling,” he panted. “Try and put my cock in your sweet cunt.”

Reaching down and grasping his cockshaft, Tammy found that his cock was still wet and slippery from her sucking, and it was wildly throbbing, ready to unleash a torrent of cum. Trembling with excitement, and wondering if her pussy could handle such a big prick, she eased his bulbous prick knob between the slippery folds of her pussylips.

Smiling up at his niece’s sweet face, the man began gently squeezing her big tits, heading her turgid nipples between his fingers.

“That’s a sweet girl,” he whispered. “Just stuff that hard cock into your pussy.”

Her cunt began dripping pussy juices down onto the curly hairs around the base of his prick. Trembling with excitement, she stuffed the head of his big boner into the hot opening of her cunt slit. It was a tight fit, and remembering how Tony’s much smaller cock had felt so big when he first fucked her, she hesitated, afraid it might be painful.

“It’s awfully big,” she whispered.

“Don’t worry, darling,” he said. “It will fit fine. Just slide down over my cock.”

With her passion overcoming her fear, she began slowly lowering herself down over his huge cock. It brutally stretched her tight cunt, but as his cock fucked in, Tammy felt fantastic joy.

“Ooooooh!” she whimpered. “It feels so fuckin’ big!”

As Tammy slowly slid down over his thick prick, her grimacing face was a mask of uncontrollable fuck-lust. Her lovely blue eyes were rolled back crazily in their sockets, her nostrils widely flared.

The man had never experienced anything like this in his life. Her hot cunt juices were dripping down his prickshaft from between her cock-squeezing cuntlips. The moist warmth of her snug pussy was pure ecstasy, the tightest, hottest pussy he had ever fucked. As his prick fucked deeper into her cunt, the pleasure became more intense.

“Oh, Uncle Will!” the blonde squealed with joy, “It’s all the way in now… all the way!”

“I know, darling,” he smiled. “Does it hurt?”

“Shit, no,” giggled the horny girl. “It feels neat.”

“Good,” he whispered, reaching out to fondle her full tits.

Raising her pussy until only his fat cockknob remained in her, the girl slammed her cunt back down around his hard cock again.

“Oh, God!” gasped her uncle, feeling his tingling prick fucking back up into her hot pussy.

Crazed with the bigness of his boner, Tammy began bouncing up and down over his throbbing fuck-tool.

“Oh, you sweet darling,” the man panted, feeling the tightness of her cunt milking and sucking on his cockshaft. “You’re just fantastic.”

Staring down between his niece’s legs, the depraved man could see his thick cock fucking in and out of her stretched pussy. Her grasping cuntlips were sucking against his slippery wet prick as the girl’s pussy juices coated the length of his fuck-rod. The wet slurping sound of her hot pussy pumping up and down over his stabbing prick only added to the intense excitement. Crazed with fuck-lust, the man grasped the soft cheeks of her sweet ass and began bouncing her more rapidly up and down over his rigid boner, wildly thrusting his hips up to meet every downward plunge of her sizzling pussy. On and on they fucked, his big prick fucking up into the depths of her tight cunt.

“That’s it, Uncle Will!” she squealed with joy as his thick prick fucked into her hot juicy pussy. “Oh, fuck it to me!”

She couldn’t believe that her old prune faced uncle could give her such a thorough fucking. Beads of perspiration were standing out on his wrinkled brow, but he was slamming his beautiful big cock into her as if he were a stud. Each upward stroke of his hips was driving his magnificent prick deeper and deeper into her pussy.

Riding his lunging cock for all she was worth, Tammy wondered when the man would finally shoot his cum-load. The girl was filled with a mindless joy as she bounced and squealed on top of him. His glorious prick was slamming into her tiny cunt-hole with such force that he was literally knocking the breath out of her. The red-hot friction of his fucking cock was driving her wild as the fury of his assault increased. Her lovely tits were bouncing and jiggling wildly as she rode his lurching cock.

“Oh, Uncle Will!” she shrieked. “I love your big beautiful prick!”

Encouraged by her cries, he increased his efforts, almost bouncing the girl off his belly with every wild fuck thrust.

“Oh, shit!” she screamed. “It’s so fuckin’ good! Oh, God, I’m gonna come!”

Screaming hysterical obscenities, she frantically writhed her cunt around the base of his cockshaft as the violent orgasm washed through her loins. The man continued fucking into her with all his strength until his prick exploded a torrent of white-hot jizz into her climaxing fuck-hole.

“Keep squirting, Uncle Will!” she screamed when she felt her cunt filling up with his spurting cum. “Keep squirting!”

She clung tightly to the man until her wild orgasm had passed and the last drop of jism had leaked out of his slowly shrinking prick.

“Oh, God, Uncle Will,” she whispered to him. “That was so good.”

“I know, darling,” he panted. “Will you let me fuck you again sometime?”

“Anytime you want to,” she beamed. “I pass right by your house every afternoon when school is out.”

“Thank you,” he whispered. “That was a great fuck!”


One night, Valarie Warner was in an exceptionally horny mood as she sat next to her husband on the couch. The preacher was so involved with his church activities that he rarely fucked her anymore, but she was dying for a good fuck. Reaching down, she rested her hand on the front of his pants, hoping to arouse the man. She was soon rewarded by the feel of his cock starting to swell and throb under her touch.

“Oh, Carl,” she whispered to her husband, “I think that thing between your legs wants to have a party with me.”

“I think it does, too,” smiled the preacher, feeling his prick getting harder and harder in his pants.

“Carl,” said his beautiful wife, “let’s go to bed and mess around.”

“That isn’t a bad idea,” the man grinned, seeing the passion in his wife’s eyes.

Taking her hand, he led the lovely redhead up to their room. The man was dog-tired from performing two weddings and conducting a funeral that day on top of all his regular duties, but nothing was going to stop him from fucking his lovely wife. When Valarie stepped into the bathroom, the aroused but weary man quickly undressed and threw himself back on the bed. Stroking his hard cock, the preacher could hardly wait to stuff it into his wife’s hot pussy.

Sitting on the toilet, taking a piss, Valarie was getting hotter by the minute. She needed a fuck so badly! When she left the bathroom, the woman’s pussy juices were dripping from between her legs.

Entering their bedroom, she found Carl spread out nakedly on his back, snoring loudly as he clutched his half-swollen prick. Knowing her husband, she realized the party was over before it had started. She knew that nothing would wake him until dawn.

Restlessly tossing in bed, she was finding it impossible to go to sleep. Reaching down, she finally began fingering her itching cunt, knowing she would never be able to sleep until she’d brought herself off. Not having to worry about waking her husband, she was writhing all over the bed as she urgently rubbed her lust swollen clit.

Finally getting out of bed, Valarie wandered over to the window where, she stared out into the moonlit night. She’d been standing there about five minutes when she saw the light come on in Blane’s window across the street. Slipping into some clothes, the horny woman hurried over to his house and rang the doorbell. Moments later the door was opened by Blane who was dressed in slacks and a sweater.

“Hi,” she grinned. “I couldn’t sleep.”

“Neither could I,” smiled the man as she entered. “I just put on some clothes to take a walk.”

“Oh, Blane,” she whispered. “I need a fuck so bad.”

“So do I,” he said, taking the beautiful woman’s hand and leading her directly up to his room, where they immediately began undressing without saying a word to each other.

“Well,” she said when they were both completely naked, “let’s fuck.”

Walking over to the bed with him, she waited until he was spread out on his back, and then she crawled up between his legs, nuzzling her face against his big heavy balls. Having spent so much of her life with her uncommunicative husband, the sexy woman wasn’t a great conversationalist, but she was the hottest bitch Blane had ever known in his life. She was always ready to fuck — morning, noon or night.

Watching Valarie caressing and licking his balls, he couldn’t get over how beautiful she was. She had creamy white skin that complemented her lovely red hair. She had big firm tits that were capped by the biggest fucking nipples he had ever seen.

“You’re sure a pretty bitch,” he whispered down to her.

“And you’re a fuckin’ prick for calling me a bitch,” she teased, licking his swollen balls. “Do you want me to take my hot cunt and go home?”

“Not on your life,” grinned the handsome man.

With her chin nestling against his asshole, Valarie began licking under his big ball-sac. As always, the crinkly texture of the skin around his balls excited her. Blane’s entire body began trembling when she slowly moved her naughty nibbling lips up the underside of his throbbing cockshaft. Working with loving tenderness, she began moving her tongue up and down the quivering length of his fucker.

Lying on her stomach between his outstretched legs, Valarie swung his thighs over her bare shoulders, raising his ass up in front of her face. Gently caressing his cock and balls with her talented fingers, the beautiful redhead blew her warm breath against his puckered shitter.

“Oh, Goddamn!” he panted, feeling the thumb and forefinger of her free hand parting the cheeks of his ass so her moistly hot breath could more readily caress his lewdly exposed asshole.

This woman had more sexual talent than anyone he had ever known. Valarie had never sucked him off the same way twice.

“Aaaaaghhh!” he gasped when the hot wet tip of her tongue snaked out and began washing his quivering asshole.

Lifting her head a bit, she ran her slavering tongue up from his shitter, over his fat hairy balls and onto the tip of his cock. The wet caresses of her slippery hot tongue on his sensitive cockhead sent sparks dancing up and down the length of his cockshaft.

“Does this feel good?” she whispered, knowing damned well how much he was enjoying it.

“Shit, yes!” he panted, looking down at her teasing eyes peering at him from above his prick.

“Can anyone else give you as much fun as me?”

“No! No!” he groaned, trembling as her tongue continued swirling around his cockknob.

“You’d better remember that,” she playfully teased. “I’m the best fuckin’ cock-sucker you’ll ever find.”

The man couldn’t deny it.

Valarie’s nose and mouth were once more buried between his soft warm asscheeks. The man’s body gave another violent lurch as her tongue obscenely probed into his shitter.

“Christ, honey!” he sighed when the wet muscular tip of her tongue slipped through the tight ring of his asshole. “Shit, that feels good!”

Shaking with excitement, he could feel her slippery tongue darting in and out of his quivering asshole, sending wave after wave of unbelievable pleasure washing through his body.

“Oh, sweet pissin’ angel,” he panted as the cock-crazed redhead feverishly tongued his asshole while her nimble fingers toyed with his prick and balls.

Finally withdrawing her tongue from his quivering shitter, she raised her head and wrapped her hot wet lips around his bloated prick-knob. There was something about the taste of Blane’s big prick that really turned Valarie on. She had sucked her share of cocks during her adulterous life with the preacher, but none had tasted as delicious as Blane’s big juicy boner.

The man was staring at her soft lips as she sucked more and more of his bloated cock into his mouth. The thing that always turned him on was the teasing, naughty expression in her eyes as she licked and slurped and sucked on his slippery prick.

Her eyes were shimmering with excitement as she watched his distorted facial expressions while he writhed and groaned from the intense ecstasy she was giving him. Moving her cock filled mouth up and down more rapidly, she could feel his entire body trembling with pleasure. Increasing the tempo, she moved her head faster, taking more and more of his delicious prick into her throat with every sucking plunge.

“God, you’re fantastic,” he panted, looking down at the raw lust on her beautiful, cock-sucking face.

As she increased the intense suction on his straining prick, Blane could feel the familiar sensations that signaled his inevitable climax.

He was no longer conscious of anything except those soft moist lips ovaled around his cock. Then came the welcome surge of relief as his hot sticky jism rushed up his cockshaft, spewing wildly into her eagerly waiting mouth.

Valarie continued sucking and swallowing cum, not wanting to waste a drop of the slippery spunk she enjoyed so much. The trembling man lay sprawled out on his back until she’d sucked out the last drop of cum from deep within his spent prick. When his flaccid cock finally slipped limply out of her mouth, the woman licked the last of his cum from her lips.

“Well,” she smiled, rolling onto her back, “I’ll bet your wife can’t give you a blow-job like that.”

“I’ll bet she can’t, either,” the man grinned. “Nobody can suck cock like you.”

“I like to fuck, too,” giggled Valarie, grasping his limp prick. “Let’s get this thing hard again.”

Wanting to please the woman as much as she had pleased him, Blane crawled down on the bed grasping her ankles, he spread her legs wide apart and began passionately licking her inner thighs. When they were thoroughly washed, he licked over her calves and clear down to her toes, taking the time to lovingly suck on each pretty toe. Working back up between her thighs again, he licked past her pussy and went directly up to her big lush tits. He spent several minutes sucking deep and hard on her tits, bringing moans of ecstasy from the beautiful redhead.

Finally releasing her hard nipples from his mouth, Blane moved down and buried his face in her crotch. Staring at the hot open lips of her fragrant pussy, he gently forced her soft shapely thighs farther apart.

Shivering with excitement, Valarie felt her illicit lover’s hot moist breath on her juicy cunt, and the smooth wet touch of his thick tongue as he began licking her sensitive clit.

“Oooooooooh, yes!” she squealed. “Lick me good, honey!”

Blane attacked her pussy with his experienced tongue. She was juicing all over his face as the handsome man licked the tasty hard bud of her tingling clit. As his tongue flicked all around the sensitive nub of her clit, the intense pleasure seemed to be melting Valarie’s loins. Moaning softly, she lay back on the bed, thoroughly enjoying the fantastic sensations he was giving her with his talented tongue. She was clenching her teeth as he passionately licked and sucked and slobbered on her wildly aroused clit.

He sucked hard and noisily as the beautiful woman’s streaming cunt wildly, sending another hot flood of pussy juice against his face.

Unable and unwilling to try and control her emotions, the woman was squealing from the intense pleasure that was radiating from between her legs.

Blane fucked his tongue deep into the slick folds of her hot cunt.

“Oh, sweet Blane!” she sobbed with rapture, loving what he was doing to her with his thick wet tongue. “It feels so good!”

Still moaning with joy, Valarie could feel his tongue snaking deeper into her hotly creaming cunt. Wanting her pussy filled with his drooling tongue, she thrust her hips up so he could worm even more of it into her steamy pussy.

Withdrawing his tongue from deep in her hot slick fuck-hole, he again attacked her clit with his lips. Feeling her lover’s hot slippery tongue flicking against her clit felt so wonderful that the insanely aroused woman began screwing out with joy. Her slippery pussy cream was pouring out against his face as the fierce lust built and built in her loins.

Unable to wait any longer, Blane pulled his face from between Valarie’s thighs and moved up on top of her.

“Oh, honey!” he panted. “I just have to fuck you!”

Crawling between her wantonly spread legs, he pressed his hard muscular body against her soft naked flesh.

“Oh, darling,” she whispered, feeling his hard hot cock burning against her inner thighs. “God, how I need a fuck.”

Blane could feel her fingers searching for his prick as her beautiful body writhed excitedly beneath him. He felt her clutch his big stiff cockshaft, guiding his cock toward her steaming hot cunt slit. Blane could feel her trembling with expectation as she moved his cockhead closer and closer to her juice-drenched pussy.

Reaching down and cupping the horny woman’s soft firm ass in his hands, he lifted her hot slippery cunt slit toward his slowly advancing cock. A wild shudder racked his body when his sensitive prick-knob probed between the juice open lips of her overheated pussy.

Mewling softly beneath him, Valarie opened her luscious thighs even wider and arched her hips up, snaking her warm naked legs around his waist, offering up the full length of her hair-fringed cunt slit.

“Do it, honey!” she panted, screwing her cunt up around the head of his cock. “Bang me, baby! Give me that hard cock!”

Clutching frantically at his ass, she drew him toward her, feeling his wonderful boner slithering up through the hot sucking tissues of her cock-hungry cunt.

Blane was shaking with lust as he suddenly gave a mighty thrust and fucked his bloated prick the rest of the way up her fuck-hole with one wild plunge.

“Aaaaaauuggg!” Valarie screamed with joy as his magnificent fucker sliced up through her tingling pussy flesh.

Grasping his ass even tighter, she arched her hips up, pulling his thick meaty prickshaft deeper into her wet fuck-hole. It was only when she felt his big cock-knob pressing against the end of her cunt that she realized his cock had fully penetrated her.

“Oh, God,” Valarie whimpered, relishing the man’s rock-hard prick buried so deeply in her pussy. “Your cock feels so much bigger and harder tonight!”

Moving slowly at first, Blane was fucking his bloated cockrod in and out of her pussy as the fleshy ridges of her clinging cunt walls rubbed against his slithering prick. Fucking his cock in and out at a steady rhythm, he felt a hot stream of cunt juice squishing put of her grasping pussy, saturating her soft sweet ass.

With her mouth hanging open and her long red hair flailing, Valarie was lustily throwing her hips up to meet every glorious fuck-stroke of his plunging cockshaft.

“Oh, you sweet fucker,” she whimpered, covering his lips with her hot open mouth. “Nobody can fuck like you.”

Fucking his hard prick into the moist hotness of her sucking pussy, Blane could feel the woman frantically lurching beneath him. Blane had never known a woman who fucked as passionately as she did. It was always like riding a bucking bronco as she approached her orgasms. The feel of her soft naked thighs wrapped around his waist only added to the flames that were burning in his tingling balls.

Their slippery wet bodies pounded recklessly against each other, and her luscious big nipples were burning into his heaving chest. His big juice-slickened cock was violently fucking into her sucking cunt as the lust-crazed couple rushed toward their inevitable climaxes.

“Fuck, honey, fuck!” Valarie was screaming as the intense ecstasy mounted in her writhing loins.

From the way she was frantically grasping him with her legs and arms, Blane could tell that Valarie was about to explode. Listening to her sque